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File: 1569097327381.jpg (472.98 KB, 1200x700, pnp2.jpg)

No. 871373

PlasticandProud/PlasticnProud/Alice Amor/Ariana McMillan (pnp, Ariana, scorpioasshoe) is a 24 year old plastic surgery addict, ex Instagram “influencer”, and full service sex worker in philly

>Vapid narcissist and obligatory BPDfag, “doesn’t care wat u think” but will have a defensive spergout and be mad for hours over the slightest rustle of jimmies

>has a botched nose job, lip lift and boob job that all have scarring from improper aftercare, had to have boobs redone and are still wonky 

>gets her lips injected to the point of them resembling sausages, posts side by sides showing her progression from normal human being to blow up doll constantly

>quit her steady paying job to be an Instagram influencer, paid for boobs with credit, began prostituting herself shortly after, forces her spineless boyfriend to go along with it, aborts his baby and jokes about it on Snapchat

>shaved her head in a manic episode and regrets it a day later, wears cheap wigs daily

>has a mysterious rash after having unprotected sex in Dominica and calls it psoriasis 

Previous Threads:

Recent milk:

>pnp and doormatt go to dominica as “just friends”, posts pictures of them making out with her anus lips and doormatt’s plaque 

>posts pic of her face down in the sand with some random local next to her, later posts ig stories about how she was raped by him and sells her Snapchat with the intention of telling people about it 

>says doormatt was responsible for not babysitting her, breaks up with him, says she’ll never see him again as she slobbers and cries on snap

>literally gets back together with him two days later 

>continues being an escort before getting tested, gets tested a month later for HIV and is “clean as a whistle”, doesn’t get retested afterwards at any point

>ig gets deleted, moves to twitter to promote her “sex work” which includes low quality videos of her and her prolapsed lips attempting to be sexy with premade and custom videos 

>a mysterious rash appears 

>calls doctor, tells her to get off lamicital, pnp refuses and looks up pictures of psoriasis, convinced that she has it. Begs for money to go to the doctor since she makes no money as an escort and doesn’t have insurance 

>texts a picture of the rash to the bitch who does her lip injections, who sends it to a dermatologist, and “”confirms”” it’s psoriasis. Pnp never sees a doctor about a formal diagnosis or another test for HIV/other std’s

>uses psoriasis as her identity because bpdfag

>continues to fuck Matt and her clients/other sex workers (one pisses on her while she rides the face of a dirty old man) with open sore rash covering her entire body, concentrated around her pubes

>only has one client currently that puts up with her pus pockets, has to rent out living room to her friend to make rent 
>friend moves in to living room and pnp texts her that she needs to move into their shit stained decrepit basement and keep their animals in the basement at all times, friend only needed to stay for 3 months, friend blasts her on ig then removes it to avoid pnp having a sperg out 

>adds a snake and a kitten to her animal horde consisting of her roommate’s two cats and her cat and dog, has admitted she doesn’t walk the dog when she’s depressed (always) when she can’t afford 600 dollars in rent and begs online for a literal dollar 

>Ariana’s rash disappears and never mentions her lifelong psoriasis diagnosis ever again

> cuts open a chipmunk and stuffs it, admits she has dead animals in her freezer for years. 

>Starts using her escort page again, takes pics of her looking like a MTF 

>Only has two clients, admits she “hates working” on snapchat

>Faked eating her friend out when a client paid for her to go down on them

>Is moving with just matt and no roommates, will somehow make rent

> is currently at her family reunion in vermot posting baby pictures and pictures of her grandma next to videos of her slapping her tits and shoving dildos in her ass for sushi money

>Ariana’s IG is back, she posts her sw shit there and loses followers instantly. Does cringe things like tag companies that used to work with her to get them to notice her, however no one does
>Snapchat gets banned, makes private ig account instead, barely updates it like the snap
>Ariana makes an onlyfans that produces horrifyingly bad porn that she makes in her living room while her roommate is home, sells it for 7 bucks
>Bleaches her hair after dying it black, dyes it red, intends on going blonde in a bpd episode
>Barely “works”
>Posts a caption about how her lip injector who she thought was a “friend” used her, most likely cutting Ariana off from free injections in exchange for ig promotion now that pnp is losing followers and posts dirty grimy “sex work” pictures

Social media:
Ig: plasticandproud
Ig (deleted): Plasticnproud 
Twitter: twitter.com/AliceAmorLove
Reddit: Airkilla321
Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/aliceamorlove

No. 871654

File: 1569178712040.png (1.52 MB, 1440x1792, Screenshot_20190921-212745~2.p…)

Back when she was a stripper for a day and quit immediately

No. 871691

File: 1569182707967.jpeg (244.48 KB, 750x1105, 7C02F53E-F12B-4CA5-AD1D-FF0F57…)

looking for her next skinwalk victim

> that sleeve
how could you take a photo with a carpet of animal hair on ur clothes and not even care?? so so so gross

No. 871735

File: 1569185820933.jpeg (11.09 KB, 168x135, 6E541C06-8CB9-4FD2-93BA-08126F…)

Is this bad photoshopping?

No. 871741

That's her nose ring anon

No. 871755

File: 1569188421299.jpeg (444.98 KB, 750x1045, 534AEE2A-8417-46B7-A1D7-10DECE…)

The caption seems shady lol

No. 871843

It looks like a nose ring that's been blurred out of existence by a filter or 4.

No. 871857

File: 1569202063436.png (3.52 MB, 750x1334, CD39BC67-6705-42AF-AC6E-E70EA0…)

No. 871886

The scarring on her nose and lips is horrifying

No. 871896

File: 1569208365702.png (3.33 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190922-210029.png)

More of her ~art~ all her stuff looks rushed and over done

No. 871919

She should maybe look at more references and do a study on snake anatomy. Doing a few rough drafts to get an idea of your subject normally helps with the end goal. Wonder where her fancy animal art book is..

No. 872059

The eyes on that thing make it look like it's crying for help.

No. 872096

Looks like she’s wearing a house arrest anklet.

No. 872130

File: 1569253679043.png (4.33 MB, 828x1792, 4CF3A1B5-C370-4A9A-BCF1-224D7B…)

Oh no

No. 872135

File: 1569254408839.jpeg (309.96 KB, 1156x750, 4C8E712F-0EDB-44FB-90AC-901A48…)

She really was a guinea pig for bucks county.

No. 872149

Whatever happened to the big tea reveal with that other girl about their lips lol.

No. 872154

You could probably start by doing the bare minimum research which will tell you that you can't run a professional tattoo business from a home environment? She'll be giving new kinds of clients syphilis within the week.

No. 872155

The two wanted to reveal all the tea on a live the next day but decided it was best to “get their ducks in a row” since a lot of patients were coming forward with similar complaints. No word of it has been made since embodoe’s announcement. I honestly don’t think they’ll go public about it again for a long time.

No. 872156

File: 1569260067781.png (3.72 MB, 750x1334, 75026020-ED02-4D20-967C-E6A8F1…)

Kek. Was this you?

No. 872158


Nope, but I'm definitely further amused by her confusing an at home studio with her splaying a friend out on her "blanket" on the couch next to Frogger and going to town with a safety pin!

No. 872165

File: 1569260965843.png (1.58 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190923-101438.png)

I think it's called depression bitch. That's what meds and therapist are for

No. 872174

lmao so glad I'm not the only one who remembers the animal book. What ever happened to that, Ari?

No. 872190

You're totally right, girl… Although that tattoo artist "friend" of yours with a home studio isn't very legit, considering he accepts nude photos as payment. But you can totally just buy a machine on Amazon and tattoo people with no knowledge of bloodborne pathogens and, even though dedicated, talented artists take years to get a good job as a tattooer, I'm sure every shop will hit you up to offer you a job once you start posting your un-snobby tattoos. I'm sure people will love getting copied, unfinished tattoos!

No. 872231

syphilis or hiv fatigue perhaps?

No. 872236

File: 1569268894903.png (2.4 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190923-160015.png)

Bitch can't keep herself clean for SW, of course she'll shit on a formal apprenticeship where they'll teach you how to be clean. Disgusting

No. 872264


A.K.A. they realized they had no grounds to stand on and chickened out like pussies.

RIP arianna’s free fillers.

No. 872266

This girl is a walking logical fallacy. She has one life example and takes it as the gospel. Could you imagine showing up to her crack den to pay for a “tattoo” and that butchered chipmunk is on her work desk. Nothing about this bitch seems sanitary.

No. 872271


She will literally do or try anything that enables her laziness. Always looking for the “easy way” to success. Look where that gets you..

No. 872273


So her upper lip ballsack is permanent? Or I guess another surgery to help BUILD DAT CREDIT.

No. 872311

File: 1569284234594.jpeg (71.21 KB, 750x512, 5C5F49EF-6407-4B26-818F-E51BD0…)

This fucking comment on her recent before and after picture sent me

No. 872317

this isn’t the clinic or injector she saw

No. 872321

File: 1569287136257.jpg (590.3 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190923-175752_Sam…)

"I wonder why companies never get back to me after reading the manic, rambling posts I make!" Someone's dream of getting discovered is slowly dying.

No. 872322

I love how right the dude is. This bitch's biggest accomplishment is just having an even better "after" selfie. 4 years has passed and she's still pumping shit into her face in an attempt to have an identity and finally be happy with herself. If she didn't have such a horrific attitude, I'd feel sorry for her. Since she's a self-righteous douche that thinks the world owes her, I'm happy to watch her continue this downward spiral.

No. 872330

This retard holy shit. She asked for help on a topic she clearly knows NOTHING about and now she acts like she knows best? What on earth.
Ariana you need a professional internship. Tattooing people out of your filthy living room is not going to impress anybody but might get you fined or blacklisted from any reputable tattoo parlor. Jesus fucking Christ we’re really about to see her turn into one of those trashy Facebook tattoo scratchers and watch her tout it as a “cAReEr”. Since she knows better than anyone else, right!

No. 872331

i hate ppl who think going about tattooing the proper way makes them a "snob". yes there artists who have done work outside of a shop but that doesn't make it any more safe or sanitary, just that ppl are fortunate nothing bad happened. most reputable shops won't take scratchers no matter how "amazing" they are but yea, it's so annoying to cut corners and put ppl at risk while leaving them with shitty tattoos for whatever reason.

No. 872332

File: 1569290381450.png (1.76 MB, 1125x2001, 7C591BD7-60CF-4953-AB90-DCDAE3…)

whats next? “I hate snobs who say I need to get a professional degree to become a therapist/lawyer!!!! gatekeeping is a bad look !!!!!”
tattooing is a highly skilled profession. you don’t get to do it just because you want to. god forbid her mutated art gets put on someone’s body.
what an idiot.

No. 872336

kek everyone is so sick of her shit and i'm living for it. she doesn't allow comments on any of her posts except maybe her recent because too many people are calling her ass out and she can't take it. she literally asked for advice for tattooing and as soon as she gets a response she doesn't like, they are a "tattoo snob"

she's so far up her own ass it's unbelievable. normal people can take and welcome constructive criticism because they know its not the person coming for them, its a genuine tip to be better. but anything less than rainbows up her ass is a hater. goddamn her attitude is repugnant and she wonders why everyone and their grandma hates her

No. 872343

No, it’s obviously not. However, this clinic highlights a lot of flaws found in pnp’s lips.

No. 872344

File: 1569294077457.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, 4BE1E6C9-D017-4963-AF09-C94E4E…)

(1/2) >you are not important at all

No. 872345

File: 1569294110767.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, C1F93298-53BF-46DB-BEC6-13F110…)

(2/2) >”soak it in bitches” look how important i am

No. 872347

File: 1569294521046.png (5.4 MB, 828x1792, B020B82E-6E37-4584-99AF-1D4505…)

I hope this means she tattooing herself rn lmao

No. 872348

File: 1569294541151.png (144.18 KB, 750x1334, 9CB03D12-5358-4528-A034-31FFE5…)

… and once again rather than actually learn something she expects another useless impulsive purchase to magically solve all her problems.

No. 872349

because they look at your profile and see you have 0 to offer. you're a hooker who is losing followers everyday because of your nasty personality.

No. 872361

I've noticed it's been foreverrrr since she's hung out with Mia

No. 872364

File: 1569297325143.jpeg (520.17 KB, 1125x792, FB156978-58DA-4AEF-B317-D13B7C…)

No. 872365

File: 1569297391371.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1125x1620, B25FA025-A709-4C17-BA1A-20A56F…)

This looks terrible as it is, but can you imagine it as a tattoo? It’d probably look just as good as her bear tattoo.

No. 872366

File: 1569297557718.jpeg (805 KB, 1125x1745, 8FBB1990-56FE-446A-AA1C-8BB726…)

No. 872367

File: 1569297606324.jpg (906.59 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190923-235931_Ins…)

Lmao this girl screenshotted pnps story and added her own question box over it

No. 872380

This is rather confusing to the eye imo
She has a tendency to make things too close when shes only using black and it just jumbles everything up. It would look horrible on skin.

No. 872384

“or my schooling” LMAO

No. 872390

This would be a mess of a tattoo after it’s fully healed and lived it. The lines will just blur into one another

No. 872446

not to blogpost but as someone who does art for a living -
shes really not good at it, at ALL. sure she might be able to draw from reference slightly better than the average person, but to turn it into a career (and a career that involves sticking shit permanently into others’ skin) is just careless and stupid. From an artistic standpoint, her “work” is pretty low-quality and you can very clearly tell she is an amateur. getting a career is good Ari, but you can’t keep deluding yourself into thinking you’re good at something when you’re not.

No. 872457

I wonder what image she's trying and failing to copy

No. 872483

She’s copying generic Americana snake tattoo #53

No. 872484

the saddest part is there is nothing she could go to school for that could make her anymore than what she is. She can't draw or stay unbiased and she is not committed or passionate about anything. What good is she really, other than a hooker?

No. 872491

Why does she ask questions with easily searchable andswers and then get triggered at the responses she gets. Seems so exhausting lke just google it, damn.

It doesn't take an expert to know it's dogshit, anon but thank u for your perspective

No. 872510

File: 1569341228685.png (1011.91 KB, 1203x2048, Screenshot_20190924-100151.png)

She's such a loser

No. 872525

File: 1569342940926.jpeg (1.18 MB, 828x1492, 71A5E1BD-0AD0-473B-BA07-E55435…)

Is she serious? Can’t feel at home? You masturbate in your living room and take selfies in your roommates bedroom but you’re uncomfortable?? Cringe.

No. 872535

File: 1569344369112.jpeg (300.54 KB, 750x1067, CA5CFFF9-D0D6-409D-AEB6-D713C8…)

Wonder if they’ll talk about the bucks county “tea” once embodoe returns from Paris KEK

No. 872560

She could barely sell her shitty connect-the-dots art off her Etsy when she was at her peak. What makes her think people will pay her to get something permanent and equally as vapid.

No. 872564

File: 1569349166990.jpg (398.17 KB, 1080x1092, Screenshot_20190924-141822_Twi…)

LOL she will do anything to prove she's improving. Why not compare with makeup on in both pics other than to seem like she upgraded herself drastically in 1 year.

No. 872571

yea it's tiring that ppl think they all you need is a cheap ass machine and inks and idiots who don't care how shitty their tattoos will be. there's plenty of tattoo shows that put an emphasis on what a good piece should include and what makes someone a quality artist. don't want to derail but considering how little effort she puts into sex work, she thinks that can apply to anything she wants to do.

>i have a few friends in the tattoo community
if that was true they'd tell you how to get a proper apprenticeship and that your attitude already sucks b/c you're getting butthurt over ppl being honest about you wanting to be a scratcher.

No. 872586

File: 1569352700662.jpg (211.05 KB, 1080x1092, um ok.jpg)

Also maybe she should use a less edited photo that isn't clearly shooped lmao

No. 872589

File: 1569352990055.png (3.11 MB, 750x1334, 1E69F7D0-2E6D-41EF-AB96-DADDDE…)

I don’t know man.. I think she just has weird, malnourished looking arms.

No. 872610

File: 1569354954203.jpeg (234.89 KB, 998x719, 5F87969D-53A3-4566-B17A-B5F1FF…)

Reminds me of the Freedom Cobra. It's like she only finished the art piece because of a sunk-time falacy or something. If she did nothing today of value, she at LEAST finished this piece of shit on printer-grade paper using a 0.1mm pen to fill in large portions. I hope she tattoos eventually, it'll add a new level of horror to her stain on society. A sex-worker scratcher with dead rats in the basement, she might actually create a brand-new blood infection!

No. 872619

"When I don't like someone I don't look at them"
Didn't you follow all the kids who used to bully you in school just to check up on what they're doing with their lives now???

No. 872663

File: 1569361430598.png (2.37 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190924-154311.png)

Self portrait Ariana?

No. 872674

File: 1569362113127.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, F03350E4-396F-44C5-BF39-1BA390…)

Messed up a lot more than one scale kek

No. 872676

tbh I like this one, it's much more legible than the snake. Ariana spreads herself far too thin between endeavors but she has a lot of potential in art if she actually applied herself to it full time. I really hope she sticks with something because watching her self destruct is starting to bum me out.

No. 872710

Ohhh it's her tattoo that makes it look weird there, my bad. Hard to say if her arm is edited or not they are weird lol

No. 872731

blog but my arms literally look like this so can vouch they are just malnourished looking arms hahaha(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 872737

File: 1569368206520.jpg (584.42 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190924-162724_Ins…)

She's trying to feel relevant by reposting stories made by insecure girls. I'm sure she believes that as long as people are "obsessed" with her, then she must be beautiful and have a great personality. She could have been pretty, but her personality and hunger for "fans" makes her exactly like the book she read when she was a kid, with people turning ugly from having ugly personalities.

No. 872744

>constantly having breakdowns


No. 872751

I hope so. Embodoe has some milk and I'm hoping it's just all self exposure

No. 872753

kek she does! she's just having mouth diarrhea as usual, anything that she feels makes her look good/better than others. ofc its a lie though, she looks at people who don't like or care about her more than anyone. idk anyone else who systematically follows everyone from high school to "flex" on them. love how she thinks she can flex on anyone in her state. no one is gonna be jealous of a trashy whore with baboon ass lips and a nasty attitude. if anything, they're gonna be laughing at her.

No. 872789

Lmao she just gave up on the right side of the hairline and made it squiggly.

No. 872797

she’s still using the old photos too so others will think she’s actually attractive because she didn’t have a bowl cut lol

No. 872837

File: 1569399487201.jpeg (400.49 KB, 653x1663, A476500E-368A-4514-9511-FE83D3…)

This chick just bumped the old thread with this post, thought it was relevant here

No. 872838

File: 1569399666549.jpeg (201.9 KB, 1063x1132, C22E4DB7-8741-43C8-8277-61DC80…)

And this one too

No. 872840

Where does Ariana keep finding these doormats… She could shit straight on this girls head and she'd still be all "no hard feelings!!"

No. 872851

What makes you think people are her doormats? Just curious! I thought I had explained pretty thoroughly what the situation was and that everything is/was fine?

No. 872852

What is the end result for ya'll here? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you satisfied at the end of the day with these posts?
This corner of the internet is wild and I can't believe people actually spend their time doing this stuff. I don't understand stalking someone and talking about them with strangers for no reason and making up lies about them? I can be bored out of my mind and still think of 1000000 better things to do.
I'm just confused!
This isn't even about being a 'doormat' or being a loyal friend, this is just about… being a normal decent human.
Have some self respect ya'll, don't waste your time being a bully :/ For real, I'm here if anyone needs to talk because they're depressed or having a hard time and this is how they choose try and feel better. Just DM me on IG :))))

No. 872854

Hey doormat. People here laugh at Ariana and watch her because she makes a public mockery and living caricature of herself, on many internet platforms for anyone to see. This is just a group of people who all have something in common: we enjoy talking about and laughing at her. It’s comes with blasting yourself all over the big bad web.
Now take your big heart somewhere else, where it might be taken seriously.

No. 872856

okie no problem! hope you feel better soon!

No. 872860

On a side note, I think you’re actually really sweet and I like the jewelry you make quite a bit.

Imagine a funny meme, and a bunch of people want to comment on it. Cows are kinda like memes, that we’re commenting on and laughing about on this website. It’s usually not personal, and really just silly internet shitposting. It’s why they tell you not to post something online if you don’t want the whole world to see it. Saged of course.

No. 872861

it's y'all, not ya'll

No. 872864

aw thx :))))
(idk how to reply to ppl on here lol)

No. 872866

oops! ty for correcting that!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 872873


You only see the IRL personality Arianna portrays to you, which i guess at the time being is to be your “friend”. Anons here having been following her socials since shes been online (she encourages people following her, doesn’t she?), and have a bit of a better whole picture of the type of person she is. I suggest if you are truly interested in why everyone here thinks shes an absolute piece of shit, go read through her old threads and see the type of person who you are defending. And no, not just the last one.

If you truly still think because this girl treats YOU okay thats she’s a decent human being, than I guess thats more important to you than associating with people who treat EVERYONE with that same respect. Arianna will be sweet as hell to someone she thinks she can benefit from, until she can no longer benefit from them…

None of us here have an actual relationship with this monster, so until she privates her accounts, we will continue to lol at someone shouting from the rooftops how much of a total fuckup they are.

No. 872876


Don’t you think it’s funny how after you two hung out recently, Ari posted all these throw back pictures of her with a shaved head like yours? Almost like she wanted to show off how much better she pulls off your look and aesthetic?

No. 872879

Ariana is a LM and Bbytrash skinwalker, she bullied doorMatt into an open relationship, dragged her actual family on social media, possibly fucked her brother, blamed doorMatt for her getting raped, faked a skin disease to cover up for a STI or STD she got afterwards and never went to the doctor, used said rape to sell her premium Snapchat, also used breaking up with Matt to sell her Snapchat, chucked him by fucking Aaron, ripped off a client by not doing a service he paid for, has emotional relationships with clients (emotional cheating), put an old classmate on blast on IG with face and screen names cus be bullied her once a decade ago… she literally only has one friend and it’s cotte. But keep defending her. What I mentioned is tip of the iceberg. If you really think Ariana is a decent person you got another thing coming lmao. Enjoy that friendship while it lasts.

Also most of us sign in here in the middle of the morning or night when we’re bored as shit because you enormous fuck ups make us feel better about our lives lmao.

No. 872882

enjoy your ban you attention whore, your input is less than useless here

No. 872883

File: 1569410101561.jpg (449.34 KB, 1920x1758, this is online forever.jpg)


Hi Cottedemailles, can you clear up if PlasticandProud asked you permission first before posting this photo of you taking a shit to her almost 60,000 followers? I would be so upset with my friend.

No. 872885

she's posing, anon

No. 872886


And what pose is that? The "I'm sniffing my fresh wipe"? Its a funny drunk photos shared between friends, not posted to someones IG with 58k followers.. If cotted didn't say she could post it before she did, that's a pretty cunty thing to do.

No. 872895

Wouldn’t be surprised at all if this chick was happy to get clout any way she could tbh. “Pics on the can, so down to earth good friends!” also could be a coked up decision bc why else ignore the one at a time rule pretty much every bar has.

No. 872909

lol get off your moral high horse and fuck back off to licking ariana's asshole

No. 872914

She’s awful looking lol even w that wack ass filter

No. 872923

That toilet paper for that nose bleed is definitely a sign it was a coked up decision lol

No. 872927

File: 1569421155679.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, EDFA30EE-1786-454E-942F-A76294…)

Don’t you have something better to do with your time, Cottedemailes? You must not be very happy if you’re reading and posting on your own friend’s ‘hate’ forums in the dead of night. Maybe instead try checking up on her? Her psoriasis related depression is still lingering and you could be supporting her directly instead of white knighting her image on the internet. Ariana is a big girl! This shit doesn’t bother her, right? She’s thriving.. or at least she will be once she moves to another house. KEK

No. 872946

lowkey I hate when people say farmers are "stalking". all milk ever posted is public information that THEY made public themselves. part of being in the public eye is getting critique

No. 872962

File: 1569423866990.jpg (505.81 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190925-080049_Ins…)

Another desperate attempt to get free shit and try to make her feel like she has friends on her month-long birthday.

No. 872963


Does she not realise most people on here read or post when they’re having a shit or on a break in work? We’re not dedicating a large portion of time to “stalk” people. It’s entertainment for when you have time to kill. If anyone is unhappy, it’s Ariana considering what a train wreck she is. Or did she forget she still stalks and skinwalks her ex friends?

No. 872965

Ariana might be the sweetest person on Earth, but her posts make her seem like a self-absorbed, narcissistic, cunt who deserves to get her ass beat. So why would we discuss, not bully, some bitch we don't like? Well, have you ever seen Jersey Shore? Ariana is a one man reality show. If someone no one likes is boasting about being a bad bitch online and has crazy drama, we're going to tune into the show! Where's the popcorn? You might not like the people in Jersey Shore, but I have a good time laughing at the dumb shit they say and do. That's exactly what this know-it-all bitch is like.

No. 872966

She's such a full-of-herself hypocrite shit talker that it's hilarious to see her terrible life. I totally root on her bad life choices. No one online gives a fuck about her. She'd be better off trying to make friends in person if she's such a gem in real life because she portrays herself as a douchebag online.

No. 872968

File: 1569425034837.jpg (574.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190925-082131_Ins…)

It's not an algorithm problem, dumbass… it's just no one is impressed by all your "before, when I looked good" beside the "after, when I look like I'm going to clown school" pictures.

No. 872970

It might actually be the algorithm on top of the crappy posts. If she's shadowbanned, none of her posts will be in the discovery and Instagram recognizes based on previous posts that she's not very advertising-friendly, and won't show up as much for even those who follow her. The instagram algorithm is fucking brilliant

No. 873001

In the words of Ariana “if you don’t like something, don’t look at it!” It’s not like we’re cyber bullying her in her DMs. She acts like she can’t fathom talking shit on someone you don’t like. Wasn’t she just about to put her lip filler chick on blast using her ~platform~ Those bitches seek it out by coming here .

Imagine, the thread would literally die if she just could get the fuck off line. But attention is this bitch’s lifeblood and she has zero self control. Instead, she’ll continue to play the faultless victim and cry to her only two friends.

She’d rather sit around all day clutching her pearls at every negative thing that’s said about her rather than making her life better.

No. 873018

This cow tries to pretend she has friends by reposting other people supporting her on her stories. I clicked on a bunch of profiles to see what her internet "friends" were like and everyone who reposted her is an awkward af female between the ages of 19 and 25. No dudes like her enough to even repost her on their stories. She chased them all away by fucking up her face and being a dirty sewer rat, no offense to sewer rats. Go outside and make some friends instead of hiding in your room and talking to your phone screen all day while slathering on another layer of caked on makeup.

No. 873022

I doubt anyone wants to see her puffy face gracing their Discovery page or read the "intellectual" thoughts of this loser, so if it's really the algorithm, good looking out, Instagram.

No. 873024

she’s had at least three friends post on this thread on her behalf, but never as herself

No. 873026

If you are so concerned about bullying, maybe you should have a chat with your BFF Ariana about how she calls people ugly, makes fun of young girls for being depressed/suicidal & blasts their face & name on the internet, and lashes out at anyone who tries to check-in with her (i.e. after she made posts about Matt cheating and being abusive). These whacked out BPDfags like to use and manipulate stupid people. Anyone smarter than a retard can see that the ppl who’ve stayed in her life are extremely insecure. It’s a shame that you’ve exposed yourself as one of those people.

No. 873051

File: 1569437951175.png (7.08 MB, 1242x2208, 287C0CA8-041F-429E-B91D-5F9A90…)

You think Aaron is aiming this towards pnp? KEK

No. 873068

I’m sure she doesn’t care. She posted a YouTube video saying she pisses in a jar so she doesn’t have to leave her room. But who doesn’t piss in a jar here n there?

No. 873070


do you think everyone on this website is a complete retard? unlike you people know better, the moment someone dmed you about that shit you'd be blasting their face/account all over your Instagram story or sending it to Ariana herself since you're so "buddy buddy" "exposing" anyone who did, no one is that stupid.

No. 873071

"She's the sweetest person in the world"
Sure, THAT'S why there are 9 threads about her on this site…

No. 873075

Her friend just wants the forum to talk about her lol everyone ignore her she already posted on her story abt ppl stalking and shit talking trying to act like pnp she’s just bored and wants attention and probably her own ~hater~ following

No. 873076


birds of a feather flock together

No. 873085

File: 1569445095090.jpeg (568.01 KB, 1125x1128, 0215B52C-1114-4F36-BB28-22E487…)

Who would “need to hear” this long rant that’s all about yourself? Narcissists think this way.

No. 873088


see this is the problem with this girl. Instead of actually putting forth an effort to make herself money she probably sat on her ass for hours with their head in the clouds thinking about all the things she wants people to buy her. It’s truly pathetic .

No. 873093

I love how the same people who want us to accept sex worker as “legitimate work” and to be “forward and modern thinking” are the same people who can’t wrap their heads around people gossiping about people with 60k instagram followers. Arianna would feel irrelevant as shit without people gossiping about her. Being a victim is her life goal.

No. 873097

I love how much she hates Instagram but can’t live without it. She talks so much shit on it, and it’s like just go then. Oh wait, forgot it’s her HuStLe. I seriously wonder how much money she makes off the app. Can’t be much. I can’t imagine being content living off $5 a day. Like go get a goddamn job like the rest of us and stop asking for charity. Jfc she’s almost 25! Wasn’t she looking recently too? That died like the rest of her identities

No. 873107

I hate how much Onision energy this has like it’s just personal bitching and humble bragging, this helps no one, no one’s needs it lol

No. 873121


Shortly before she got her IG back, she had her roommate arin come here sperg on everyone about we’re ruining her IRL job prospects by using her real name. And she was making tweets about how she forgot “resumes were a thing”.

Guess she thought getting her IG back would be her big ticket back but then she gets immediately shadowbanned. It’s pretty funny.

No. 873134

The only thing the algorithm is doing to her is recognizing her shit content for what it is.

No. 873141

Seems a little coincidental that talya found ariana’s thread “accidentally” RIGHT before she moves to say her peace. Except that Ariana has mentioned this site before multiple times online to her followers, so you know she talks about it frequently in real life lol especially with a so-called friend ? tinfoil but seems like cottedemailles is trying to break the chain (lol pun intended), and wants to come off as her friend on here to save face, because she knows ariana reads these. she beeeen knew about these threads, and it’s actually gross as fuck that a former sw would support a sw who doesn’t get tested regularly because they’re too much of a good friend to actually be honest with ariana

No. 873170

File: 1569458590279.png (3.78 MB, 750x1334, C3558F1E-1C5E-4BAC-8D33-487BAA…)

Sperging on about how Instagram owes her a platform. Like you downloaded the app… deal with the consequences?? Wasn’t developed so you could become rich off posting pics of your heinous nipple tats, honey. Tired of hearing her whine about how she’s doing nothing wrong ever in life.

No. 873171

Imagine being that entitled..

No. 873189

It’s crazy to me when people complain about Instagram. It’s a free platform, the creators can do whatever they want. I don’t agree with it but I don’t sit here complaining. People were sex workers before the internet, and before Instagram. Blame yourself for using a platform that isn’t friendly to your work.

No. 873192

File: 1569461726164.png (864.99 KB, 1699x2122, PicsArt_09-25-08.49.58.png)

Kek. She wants ppl to buy her headphones and a new blanket

No. 873195

File: 1569462086727.jpeg (5.2 KB, 199x253, 8B3A80F9-21A0-4877-B78D-C86DE8…)

Imagine selling your body and not being able to afford a $8 pack of fucking pens

No. 873198

B-but anon.. she's thriving.

No. 873222

a “good friend” would just be honest with her.

ban me if armchair, but to me this wishlist demonstrates that Ariana thinks that if she buys enough random art supplies she will become more talented.

No. 873225

Don't forget- dog fucker

No. 873240

the funny thing is if Ariana really didn't deserve any of this, there wouldn't be so many forums about her over the years.
it's not about her being a public IG figure or a sex worker or etc because there's plenty of those on IG who get ignored by lolcow. Hell, Cottedemailles was just complimented on here, cause she seems like a sweet, mature and talented person. Her buddy should take a lesson and stop acting like a bratty ass butthurt child on every platform including her work twitter and snapchat lmao

No. 873241

blog post but i empathize with mental illness and bpd, but i started to get my shit together younger than her with PROFESSIONAL HELP!!! it’s hard to find motivation yeah but when you hit this type of depression you have got to have some sort of personal accountability and put your pride or shame or fear aside and get that help. if she doesn’t she’s truly just going to spiral further. there’s bpd specific therapies that have high success rates, coupled with meds she already supposedly takes she could do better. she really continues to choose not to though and then whines and cries about it and it’s so annoying to see her victimize herself because of mental illness when it’s so obvious and evidence based that she could get so much better quickly and this kind of behavior just perpetuates the idea that mentally ill people are fucked up crazy lost causes. if she’s truly as self aware as she claims she’d fucking realize this.(blog)

No. 873256

File: 1569482102155.png (86.83 KB, 471x647, really great.PNG)

>"Comment what i should draw next!!"
>turns off comments

No. 873259

File: 1569483371009.png (3.09 MB, 750x1334, 9BB0E76C-69B5-44D1-8DD2-220D93…)

Watching her “hot pickle review” was disgusting. She takes one bite and inhales like it’s burning her white trash mouth. Nitpick but this asian filter makes her look so bad.

(Talya aka Cotte aka Anna Mercury, do you really think commenting on these threads are going to change our minds?)

No. 873313

File: 1569504317713.jpeg (590.35 KB, 750x926, 52B97775-95FC-4208-B8D4-3B8019…)

How does a person constantly emanate “trashy, oily lookin woman in tattered clothes going to the BP to pick up another carton of Marlboro menthols” so well

No. 873315


her lips look like a prolapsed arsehole

No. 873321

Yes, Ariana, take a class. Do SOMETHING. She acts like her life is over because she's 25. Lots of people get degrees/certifications later in life. Once she hits 35 and has no job experience/certifications, then she should worry.

No. 873325

begging for art supplies and you want BIC pencils LMAAOOOOO Do better.

No. 873328

File: 1569509309970.png (3.34 MB, 750x1334, A7A8EC45-E21D-41D5-A786-05F59C…)

She’s almost stooped to douchey YouTube food review level. Her open mouth chewing is not good content

No. 873333

Dont forget about the dandruff speckles

No. 873335

File: 1569511497764.jpg (959.42 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190926-081412_Ins…)

She says in her stories how much her "income is affected" by being shadow banned. She also says IG isn't what it used to be because she's not making enough money off IG anymore. I guess the free ride of begging followers to buy her shi is coming to an end. Shitty artist, shitty personality, shitty attitude, shitty content, shitty posts, shitty plastic surgery… And she wonders why people don't "support" her. This kid needs to gtf off social media and take care of business without talking to a phone screen.

No. 873358

File: 1569515930895.jpeg (204.47 KB, 750x1053, BE57A92D-50DF-4540-831A-433721…)

Yikes. Has nothing to do with the fact you’re irrelevant, right ari?

No. 873359


Why is this dumb bitching about income she made years ago before she was locked out her IG for over a year? Is not like this shadowban is SUDDENLY affecting her income. She’s had way over a year to secure a new income source (was IG seriously her main source of income?) so how the fuck does this cunt have any right to be mad at Instagram? She broke the TOS and was a completely miserable asshat to the platform/HER BOSS; and she wonders why she isnt successful

No. 873368

File: 1569517141024.jpg (150.96 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190926-095721_Ins…)

No one even has questions for her anymore because she overshares and most of are sick of her whiny entitled bullshit.

No. 873372

Exactly..not diagnosing but..they just both sound like huge narcissists if they really believe they’re helping other people by posting shit like this.

No. 873373

She "knows for a fact" Dollskill doesn't want her because she's a sex worker, but "Not saying that's why". They don't want a rambling dirtbag to be associated with their clothing, but of course, this entitled cunt assumes it's because of her "sex work" she claims to have been doing since 18. Riiiiight. Stripping once a year isn't really considered a sex worker. This bitch loves having the identity of a sex worker without actually being one. She should just be honest and tell people the truth: That she makes a living doing mostly digital panhandling and every now and then, she does sex work on the side with one client. She definitely has a problem with the truth.

No. 873379


The cow let her SW friend piss on her tits and than grinded her rash infested pussy all over a tied up man’s face. I know she only has one real client but come on man she’s a “real sex worker”. If someone held cash infront of her face she would bend over no doubt.

No. 873380

File: 1569519494500.jpg (695.15 KB, 810x1643, Screenshot_20190926-133807_Ins…)

No. 873381

Underpay? Didn’t they fly her out for free? And receive their clothes for free? This bitch is a spoiled rotten human garbage bag. All she does is prove our points. How fucking retarded can a person get lol

No. 873383

File: 1569520075696.jpg (212.27 KB, 1080x830, Screenshot_20190926-134719_Ins…)

No. 873385

File: 1569520341633.png (8.4 MB, 1242x2208, D49B0668-B309-4805-9F6A-4223DC…)

Talking about how she wants to kill herself bc she can’t stop comparing herself to others on ig. Complaining about her hair and body, things she can fix, but not mentioning her botched ass surgeries that will just get worse the older she gets. I couldn’t stop looking at her top lip when she talks it seems like it’s swollen above where her real lip ends but not in a flattering way and she packed on blush or whatever she doesn’t to make her lips look bigger.

Girl get the F off social media. DELETE IT. Go outside. Work out. Eat healthy. Your body will change how you want it to and your hair will be back in a few months. See a therapist. Going on a rant about how much you want to kill yourself over your appearance to a bunch of orbiters that you talk shit about all the time is going no where. Matt is an enabler. Her friends don’t care enough to reach out and tell her she needs real help. It’s sad.

No. 873386

File: 1569520408426.jpg (655.63 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20190926-135258_Ins…)

Overdrawn top lip is so not cute

No. 873396

File: 1569522830813.png (3.11 MB, 750x1334, 19BEC4DE-20CA-4454-AB3F-1E45C2…)


No. 873402

File: 1569523699900.png (48.01 KB, 220x121, EAB5FE9C-FA4C-4261-A223-582B2E…)

her top lip looks like it's overly chapped and i fucking hate it

No. 873405

"I haven't felt this bad about myself since before my nose job" wow, it's almost like obsessively changing your appearance didn't help at all…

No. 873408

kek. she deserves to feel that bad about herself, the way she treats other people is atrocious. what's that phrase? oh yeah, "what goes around comes around" making fun of depressed and/or suicidal persons for being depressed and/or suicidal is an evil way to act and maybe now she'll see that. i'd be surprised if she's capable of learning from her mistakes though, learning isn't a strong suit of hers.

No. 873409

When your face looks like it’s about to burst at any moment and you’re crying that you need more filler, it’s time for a therapist and meds.

She’s also crying about her hair that SHE shaved and butchered because she was manic and needed…..yes, you guessed it everyone, a therapist and meds. Her friends lurk here, if they’re so much more holier than thou than farmers why aren’t they the ones telling her this? They obviously don’t care about her and I agree with >>873141 , they will defend Ariana to make themselves look like good people, but could really give a fuck. You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved but to enable someone who is clearly mentally ill is fucked up.

No. 873412

File: 1569526581878.jpeg (321.95 KB, 560x607, 04D9D8A8-C5E8-4F2E-8419-7FF3FE…)

brilliant idea

No. 873415

If that's your description of a sex worker, then almost everyone is one since almost everyone has a price… some are just really cheap. If once a month, I advise my dad on his finances, it would be stretching the truth to say I'm an investment advisor. If I full time worked at an animal shelter, it would be truthful to say, "I'm an animal caregiver and I also assist with a family member's finances. It depends what your definition is, but real, full-time sex workers laugh at her and say she doesn't know shit about sex work. She's predominantly a digital panhandler.

No. 873416

File: 1569527966740.png (Spoiler Image, 2.07 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190926-135853.png)

Kek this isn't a good look

No. 873417

did she airbrush the implant scars??? KEK

No. 873418

“Freaky look” this bitch is trying so damn hard to be alternative. It’s gonna be funny watching this basic ass hoe try and look “freaky”

No. 873419

I think it might be the snow app, the whole pic looks like it had a filter on it

No. 873422

File: 1569528483523.jpeg (2.65 KB, 300x168, download.jpeg)

Reminds me of this, I so want her to. She's gonna look so bad lulz

No. 873425

she honestly looks so scared and sad in the eyes. she needs INTENSIVE THERAPY not to “go for a freaky lewk” but she won’t go

No. 873427

File: 1569529770997.jpg (Spoiler Image, 375.94 KB, 1080x1361, Screenshot_20190926-162806_Twi…)

She posted a clip from a custom video she did on Twitter and it's her pretending to be your big sister. She definitely fucked her brother drake at some point.

No. 873445

it's hard to tell if the thong is as filthy as it looks or if it just looks that way on Ariana

No. 873448

why she always filming in her living room it looks so awkward

No. 873452


I don’t get this either. It’s not like there’s a section of that crack den that “looks better” than the other. Why not fucking do this shit behind a closed door and not in a common area?

No. 873454


All her thongs look ratty and bunched up because she literally has no ass to fill the thong with..

No. 873466

File: 1569533855787.jpg (221.01 KB, 2289x1506, PicsArt_09-26-05.29.03.jpg)

She's lost so much hair. If She keeps losing it at this rate she's going to be bald

No. 873467

idk how, but this girl really has not a single curve in her body. just weirdly long rectangle shaped torso, no hips or ass AT ALL, and two uneven meatball shaped tits awkwardly placed on her chest

No. 873468

File: 1569533966953.png (3.5 MB, 750x1334, CCEA0035-71DE-4853-A628-3B03C1…)

Arianna, if you’re reading and I know you are, please go to therapy. Fillers are a temporary fix. You will always have the same face as before. You need to learn to live with it.

No. 873469

Just watched her 40+ rambling stories and Christ! She needs a therapist so bad. I feel physically and emotionally drained after listening to her speak, and she always dumps this shit onto her followers too. I understand this is how some people vent but fuck. People didn’t follow you to sign up for therapy time everyday and listen to you complain (IN DETAIL) about everything that happens in your life. Don’t know how anyone can stand legitimately following her

No. 873474


Remember, she doesn't EVER photoshop… She's just, like, really, really good at makeup.

No. 873481


Why the FUCK is this dumb bitch talking to Instagram so deeply about her psychological issues? Is she hoping for another text message diagnosis?

No. 873486


I'm really giving her the benefit of the doubt about not fucking her brother, but she definitely has some kind of incest fetish. Between her brother's name on her tit and posting the laziest incest solo role play videos (more like short video clips) where she's the big sis, she definitely has a questionable relationship with her brother. She always whines into the phone about how much she loves and misses him, complains they aren't close anymore, yet sees him maybe once a year. Hmmm, I wonder why he doesn't want to be associated with a self-absorbed mess of a person who lacks identity and personality.

No. 873488


In this video she says she’s in a predicament where she’s pressured to be really skinny. “Not just skinny but really skinny” And she says it heavily affects her income.

Does anyone know what she’s talking about? Controlling boyfriend? Picky client? The pressure of competing with IG thots?

She says she’s constantly asking doorMatt permission to eat things.

No. 873490

She said once on snap that her main client has a skinny fetish.

No. 873494


Haha sorry folks I was having a hard time getting through her snaps..

But ya she says her client has a fetish for anorexic chicks and she needs the income he supplies her.

Really messed up stuff..

Its not your hair thats messing with your self esteem Arianna McMillan

No. 873495


That whiny brat has no friends to give her any sympathy because she's a shitty, self-indulgent, entitled, crusty ass bitch. So she talks to her phone to pretend she has friends/fans who give a fuck about her. But no one does, except for other lonely, attention-craving Hot Topic mall "goths" that see themselves in her. If she wasn't such a selfish bitch, I'd feel bad for her. Instead, most of us tune in just to laugh at her and her pathetic life.

No. 873499


This actually is pissing me off. She’s not ugly and has tits, a vagina and a bung hole. If she put forth the slightest amount of effort she could get a line of dudes to pay to fuck her who don’t give a hell about what size she is. Get more clients who aren’t possibly serial killers instead of catering to one who clearly is toxic? Is it the emotional connection with this client that affects her? Cause no money would be enough for me to starve myself if that wasn’t what I wanted. But I guess I’m not a whore…

No. 873504


If she's not cut out for the job and can't handle her 1 client, she needs to stop pretending she's a real sex worker and get a full or part time job. That's like a wannabe beekeeper who's allergic to bees. He can keep doing the job and try really, really, hard to never get stung, but at a certain point, his body just can't handle the possible bee stings and he's fucking stupid if he keeps trying to fight nature. That's funny, our scarred cow has always said how much "deeper" her "emotional relationship" is with the one old dude she suckered into paying for her filthy living quarters, but then worries he'll drop her ass for a thinner sex worker. This bitch has absolutely no sense, which is why it's funny to see how bad her life can get. She could get a job being the poster child of the downward spiral.

No. 873510


She has a shitty personality and it would be difficult for her to trap another dude who would be willing to pay her more than once. From what I've seen of her shitty porn clips, she looks boring, repetitive, and vanilla af… how many people want to pay for that more than once.

And her being "not ugly" is debatable, since men purchase women they can get off to, and this botched cow isn't most men's first choice. So far I haven't seen or heard anyone saying she looks better now in her pathetic before and after pictures. The general consensus is that the nose job was good, but the other surgeries were a major downgrade. She fucked her face and body up by 25. Her last hope is getting a career not centered around her physical appearance, but that's probably never going to happen. Plus she'd just argue with her co-workers and get fired. She might grow up, though, but I wouldn't expect an improvement within the next year… maybe 5 years.

No. 873512

holy fuck that thong is fucking disgusting

No. 873514

She’s losing herself. Hell I’d be scared too! The bitch is clinging to denial and self sabotage just so she doesn’t have to accept that a second chance at therapy could actually help her deluded ass out. Maybe her grandpa could invest into some sessions instead of classes? Would do her some good to talk/cry everything out especially to an unbiased person. I don’t believe her loved ones do anything but enable her poor decisions to avoid upset.

No. 873521

It’s almost impressive that she can contradict herself in one tweet lol

“Know for a fact”

…”not saying that’s why, but”

No. 873523

Lololllll she looks like a 5th grade boy who licked his mouth too much and got chapped lips

No. 873529

Did she really say she’s going to get her grandpa to pay for taxidermy classes?

No. 873539

Tinfoil but I think this manipulative skank is sobbing into her phone so she can set up a way out of sex work. She started her SW days after the abortion spiral, now she barely ever gets out of her bedroom most days. No alcohol, coke, or Xanax to get numb enough to bring herself to the point of fucking some disgusting man that’s just looking for a warm hole for an hour. I think it’s killing her soul but she’s committed harder to this identity than anything else. This outcry is because she realizes she literally has no other options than to be whore since she doesn’t has the willpower or balls to go to school (Or get a real job) and change her life. Even a weak person like Ariana still would put effort towards things their passionate about. She half asses the sex work because it’s too hard for her and she hates it.

No. 873546

Getting sober and going to therapy to realize her self worth etc would really benefit her but instead she'll sit around getting high moaning and groaning and begging others to give her the lifestyle she feels she's entitled to. She seems like a vulnerable/covert narcissist.

No. 873548

File: 1569545461374.jpeg (75.75 KB, 750x335, F9A8BF9B-0C3F-42E9-B6F3-82349E…)

posted 2 hours ago. I can just imagine them on the phone jerking each other off for hours after cotte’s heroism on lolcow.farm.

How can you openly associate with someone who has NINE threads of the repulsive bullshit they do? Like the facts are right here… you can’t lie to yourself and everyone saying she’s a good, valuable human to society.

No. 873550

File: 1569545908058.png (654.42 KB, 804x973, Screenshot_20190926-184925.png)

The real reason she wants to go for the "freaky look."

No. 873558

File: 1569547855186.png (1.07 MB, 1166x2048, Screenshot_20190926-192943.png)


No. 873560

This reads like something someone would write in a journal lol it’s so weird

No. 873562

This is literally the diary of a 3rd grader. She ends every sentence with “lol” and I cringe . Doesn’t she think of herself as some eloquent, talented writer? Damn, I really hope she gets an education.

No. 873564

It’s custom though? So someone requested that lol money is money doesn’t mean she wants to fuck/or has fucked her brother making fun of everything else is fine but her brother doesn’t even make a peep lol should leave him/their relationship alone

No. 873569

Ariana, do you really think standing up for yourself in your threads goes unnoticed? Get better soon


No. 873572

Excellent W.K., but even reputable porn sites discourage incestuous plot lines. Most sexworkers at least feign a STEP sibling situation instead of directly saying brother, sister, mom, etc.

She’s bad at her “job.”

No. 873573

I’ve followed Ariana for so long and it’s just so bad. Doesn’t do anything to help herself besides quick fixes like men, changing her appearance, validation from strangers etc with no long term results. Won’t go to therapy for her bpd because “it doesn’t work for her”. Dbt therapy would actually be helpful but she is too lazy to put in the work. Hey Ariana recovery takes fucking effort and LONG TERM effort.

No. 873578

>p-porn only feigns step-incest and discourages incest content uwu
>incest content literally being one of the biggest categories
Lol wtf? Porn in fact heavily encourages incest (and teens) to be as realistic as possible. Porn isn’t any less degenerate than Ariana.

No. 873582

>Porn isn’t any less degenerate than Ariana.

Why are you derailing this thread to infight about your porn industry knowledge and opinions on the morality of porno themes? No1curr

No. 873588


> making fun of everything else is fine but

kek. hmm, the one thing ariana finally comes here to try to defend. makes you wonder..

No. 873616

He should use that money for therapy instead. Would be much more useful

No. 873618

i feel like she’d be pretty awful at interviews, not to mention anything about her face, hair, body or wardrobe seems like it’d be appealing to a real professional. she’d be stuck in retail or food service for life looking like she currently does.

No. 873695

Pretty sure her shadowban on IG has been lifted? Can we confirm, anons?

No. 873697

File: 1569593744552.jpg (65.59 KB, 346x788, PicsArt_09-27-10.14.29.jpg)

Pancake ass. This bitch is ageing horribly.

No. 873699

This is old and has been posted. Also, it's not milk, sage this shit.

No. 873708

File: 1569597174333.jpg (696.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190927-080759_Ins…)

If she wasn't such a self-righteous bitch, she could garner some sympathy points, but she has to help herself. Crying to a phone is some weak baby shit. Grow tf up. And if you've built your whole life and world around your appearance, don't cry to everyone about how much pressure it is to keep your "income". I really don't feel sorry for a cunt that fell off her high horse.

No. 873713

It’s sad to see her post about talya on her twitter when she told me herself how she feels about pnp. Even the friend she thinks she has isn’t actually her friend.

No. 873719

her ig post says she looks younger in her after pics, but during her ig story sob story, she most definitely said the opposite. she would be much more likable if she maintained those more honest thoughts. people would actually care if she stopped pretending to have it all and was a little nicer. instead she cries about her flaws and then pretends only you think they’re flaws. it’s the weirdest fucking manipulation.

No. 873721


No. 873723

Spill beans. Don’t just sit here and possibly lie about the poor girl’s only friend with no story or evidence to back it up kek

No. 873724

I know her personally and she’s talked about her before. You really think someone that shitty with that many followers wouldn’t have an impact on her life too? Especially since she stays tagging her and stuff. She’s an enigma and you know all her friends have to constantly defend her in their messages, but sometimes you get tired of doing it when you know she’s wrong. It starts to make them look bad, but they choose to be her friend so you can’t feel bad for them either.(rule 5.3)

No. 873725

Unfortunately if I post texts or anything, I wouldn’t be anonymous anymore. They’re too specific

No. 873730

It’s sad that no one can be honest with pnp, not even her friends.

No. 873744

Yesterday Ariana was crying into her phone telling thousands of people how unhappy she is with her appearance and her life.

Today she’s calling people stupid because they’re suggesting her to go to therapy.

This bitch is fucking crazy and it blows my mind she’s airing out her dirty laundry on her business account and making her look absolutely unstable

No. 873747

File: 1569605400096.png (2.21 MB, 750x1334, A1618450-D5EF-4B88-BF70-A18255…)

Is cottedemailes a genuine friend to pnp? I have a hard time believing she won’t completely dump Ariana once she’s moved out of state.

No. 873749

Her brother lives in a trailer park/"pre- manufacturer" looking home, not even in the same state as Ariana. They ain't fucking. Some creep just ordered a custom video (probably the first person to ever buy one so she HAD to post it.)

No. 873750

lol im dead @ her on her instastories saying that she hates therapy because she doesn't like talking to people… okay…

No. 873751

Also that you basically can’t trust a therapist because they are “doing a job.” Uh, what?

No. 873755

but wasn't she talking about wanting to be a therapist a few weeks ago?

No. 873758

I had to document this one. No shit you have a psychiatrist, fuck head. That’s still NOT a psychologist or a dermatologist. KEK at your own ignorance, Ariana. Stop talking to your phone and start talking to a professional. It won’t kill you.


No. 873760

Yeah and so were her injector and surgeons but that didn’t stop her.

No. 873761

Right! With that logic her clients shouldn’t trust her either because they’re paying her to pleasure them with her milk breath

No. 873762

That's honestly sad her brain is so warped. Therapy is actually helpful and comforting. this bitch is so fucking dumb, just get help Arianna DAMN. All she does is talk to people on insta literally blabbing non stop to her phone screen when she could be doing the work with a therapist and working out all her problems she goes on and on about

No. 873763

Therapy would require time and work and I doubt she would be able to out in the effort. She gets triggered whenever someone says something she doesn't like/agree with it so I can't imagine her going to therapy and doing well. As soon as the therapist would point out any of her unhealthy behaviours she would use it as an excuse to drop out because she can't handle the truth about how sad and pathetic her life. Going to therapy would also mean her "haters" were right and she was wrong, and there's no way Ariana will admit that, she always wants to act like she knows everything and is right.

No. 873766

File: 1569608156310.png (7.75 MB, 1242x2208, 9AA60040-9FA3-4065-9169-D7068D…)

“I don’t like therapy bc I don’t like talking to people”
But goes on rants to 50+ thousand ppl about all her mental problems… and how is that working for you?

No. 873770

File: 1569608659521.jpeg (80.69 KB, 542x578, C9D68A6E-36ED-45E2-A1C5-8C9910…)

No. 873777

File: 1569609987870.png (637.21 KB, 765x549, A98CAD19-A8A1-47E3-8378-8A2887…)

Someone tell her to not smile jfc

No. 873781

File: 1569611063074.png (98.5 KB, 224x301, Screenshot_20190927-130037~2.p…)

It's not even overdrawn lips, it looks pus filled… Definitely that little piece is on the left of her lip.

No. 873789

Just because they don't currently live near each other, doesn't mean their relationship has never been creepy. And newsflash, NOBODY is ordering customs from her. She's just making these and hoping that if she pretends other people are ordering customs, then real people will.

No. 873790

doesn’t she know she looks mature because of all the filler she has in her face the Kylie Jenner effect that stuff ages you she’s only 25 she shouldn’t look old

No. 873793

I'm really enjoying how fucking hypocritical this entitled brat is. She's contradicting herself in the same sentence and story after story. Even if didn't want to go to therapy, she could try activities that are relaxing, like yoga. No one can fix her but herself. She'd just argue with a therapist so that would be pointless. But clearly her life is currently fucked in every category (mental, physical, residential…) so I'm looking forward to seeing how far down she goes before she decides to fix herself or seek help… if she's ready to listen. KEK

No. 873797

File: 1569613296148.jpg (596.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190927-123506_Ins…)

She probably wishes she actually had a reality show so she could be famous. And of course, everyone isn't sympathetic or empathetic towards her, but she's never sympathetic or empathetic towards anyone! How is it "looking down" on you when people suggest that she talk to a therapist because she has no friends to talk to? This bitch is a whiny, entitled baby throwing a temper tantrum for attention.

No. 873799


That pus-look definitely wasn't the before. Maybe getting those low grade injections from low grade injectors is starting to show. KeK

No. 873800

Then don’t say some dumb ass shit. The cow is cringy on her own but yall really reaching for the stars to make her look bad just makes the “‘ugly stupid hayturs” reee’s seem warranted
So then chances are, she already knows who you are, might as well show the caps (redact your own info)
PSA: receipts or don’t bother, this isn’t some pnpconfessions. On lolcow it’s proof or didn’t happen.

No. 873804

No. 873806

Arianna livin her best life~

No. 873809

this bitch kek i was really feeling kinda sorry for her when she was crying about hating herself, but now that she's blasting her Instagram with "the iGnOrAnCe, you clearly don't know anything about mental health and I think you're stupid" no wonder none of her 'friends' give a fuck about her

No. 873814

File: 1569616094336.jpeg (127.36 KB, 750x704, E9CF21BC-5852-4A8B-BEE3-E57BF0…)

What doesn’t she hate about her job besides the money and attention?

No. 873825

Even the same smile lol

No. 873842

File: 1569620951881.png (188.47 KB, 484x482, Screenshot_20190927-154718.png)

Kek at her pretending she has an ass by almost breaking her back. Here's a good resemblance

No. 873843

She doesn’t want to do the work in therapy - she wants the world around her to shift into what she believes it should be.

honestly doubt she is self aware or emotionally intelligent enough to even get anything out of it.

No. 873862

File: 1569625841081.jpeg (519.69 KB, 750x987, E71AE238-3FFA-479B-A2DB-A163F2…)

what the fuck omg yesterday she was crying saying she looked old as hell I can’t she tries so hard to prove she loves the way she looks when it couldn’t be farther from the truth

No. 873863

the before looks soooo much better, she is delusional

No. 873864

my god you're just highlighting how you've given yourself a huge man head

No. 873879

Her delusions are intense. She legitimately looks ~19 in the before pic and in her 30s in the after pic

No. 873881

File: 1569630707710.png (425.17 KB, 1125x2436, 4A8CF3BE-FB71-4C50-B59F-9FECA1…)

ariana: lol!!! you guise r so sensitive!!

No. 873883

File: 1569630749128.jpg (23.88 KB, 794x449, il_794xN.1919755659_kyk8.jpg)

this hit the nail on the head that she really fucked her face up. she actually looked hot in the before picture. but the real delusion here is that she thinks the surgery made her age backwards lol she aged herself like CRAZY. she definitely does not look 25 or even close. what 25 year old looks like an oily bloated halloween mask?
and the reason the before and afters are annoying is because NOBODY CARES that you used to be "ugly" and now you're "hot." what are you doing NOW? is that really all you have to show for yourself, that you think you look hot now? is that all the "self improvement" you've done?

No. 873921


Okay butthole lips

No. 873938

They look like they’re gonna turn black and fall off

No. 873972

File: 1569645061094.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 9EC3C424-347B-4CBF-BC32-113D4B…)

i feel like she shows this consistent pattern where she thinks having one good day means she’s cured. she says she’s self aware but it seems like she’s not very aware that life is an array of good and bad days and gray area, and that bad days are inevitable. therapy isn’t going in and making a friend, it IS a professional doing a job but their job is to give you the skills to cope with your life and be your own therapist. she doesn’t get that. she has a preconceived notion about what she thinks it is and she takes it and runs with it and swears up and down she can teach herself how to cope healthily. in reality maybe she could but it could take at least another two decades of trial and error coping skills, versus going to a therapist for 6 goddamn months of your life and learning the healthier coping options immediately. no one thinks therapy eradicates mental illness, it teaches you how to COPE with it. god it’s so fucking dumb how she argues against that like she knows everything. she did the same shit with her psoriasis claiming doctors don’t cure “lifelong diseases.” she’s just afraid and everyone can see right through it.

No. 873974

also sage for same anon but her tendency to chronically overshare for a means of receiving validation is probably why she’s scared of a therapist but the truth is therapists don’t need details, you can say “i struggle with this symptom” and they can say “have you thought of/tried this?” and THATS IT. she’d know this if she ever CONSISTENTLY stuck with therapy. it’s just irritating as fuck to see her belittle something that’s proven to be helpful just because it doesn’t fit her lazy ass comfort zone.

No. 873979

to spread the notion that therapy doesn’t work makes her fucking unsafe to her followers and their own mental health, 58k people that could be getting help. so selfish and irresponsible

No. 873981

She doesn’t want to go to a doctor or a therapist because they’ll both tell her to get out of sex work and stop fucking with her face.

No. 873982

She can thank her mom for this mindset. Using hospitals and therapists as a threat when she was little warped the poor girl’s mind. Now she grasps at whatever light she can after an episode to avoid acknowledging the core of it.

No. 873985

Exactly. She doesn’t want to hear the truth or be held accountable for her actions or behaviour.

No. 873996

>>873982 When was it ever shared that her mom did that?

No. 873997

File: 1569652691956.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, 321C5B8D-8F5E-4DCA-8AE8-6C040E…)

No. 874009

it's going to ruin her completely with her body dysmorphia

No. 874011


No. 874018

It’s so gross how she always takes vague selfie videos making weird kissy faces in the car while Matt is talking to her kek what a narc bitch, poor guy just wants to talk about his day and you’re ignoring him and eye fucking yourself
( sorry for no caps but The video is so short so it’s not even worth screen capping)

No. 874047

Sorry, I know this isn’t a cotted thread but it always cracks me up when basic bitches pretend that bleaching or shaving your brows/hair makes you weird/edgy/alternative when it’s literally been a mainstream trend since 2018. Like even when these girls are trying to ~reject traditional beauty standards~ they just do stuff that’s already trendy or “safe” on Instagram. Not only do you look stupid for being late to the party pretending to be revolutionary, you also look like an inbred transgender troglodyte. Congratulations! I can’t wait for Arianna to follow suit.

No. 874057

You can't expect her to be interested in someone else's day. That's going too far, anon.

No. 874060

she’s definitely said it before pretty sure before or during her whole psoriasis sperg out

No. 874061

It looks like she shaved them shits off most people just bleach i can’t breath

No. 874063


Pretty sure thats photoshop anons

No. 874073

File: 1569687128603.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, D211D5B3-57BD-4BF3-B8A1-4CF8D8…)


Nah. She’s bleached them before. Now she’s going all out!

No. 874078

came here to comment on this. never understood this "aging backwards" thing??? she looks much, much older in the second picture. she looks like a normal teen/young woman in the first, in the second she looks 30+ lmao.

No. 874080


She's a grown ass woman now. She's "adulting". Bitch can't blame anyone but herself for her problems. She probably keeps whining because she thinks she has a "platform".

No. 874081

File: 1569688070199.png (5.03 MB, 1125x2001, 0CF55290-D300-4E7B-9957-55E054…)

Not particularly milky since she’s done this before. But why the fuck would you post a video of you doing nothing else besides hacking and coughing on your story?…..

No. 874084

It's sad she doesn't understand that there's always a market that is into your type. So why tf would you want to be in a market where dudes are only interested in you if you keep maintaining your upkeep? She'll hit 35 and wonder where all the years went. When she has nothing to show for and the looks start to fade, and they always do, no matter how much plastic surgery you get (shoutout Meg Ryan!) she'll wonder why she wasted all her youth despising herself.

No. 874085

File: 1569688444584.jpg (303.73 KB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20190928_183331.jpg)

haha i'm so quirky i don't even drink water haha

No. 874086

and why does someone who smokes weed daily even cough so much lmao it's like she's doing it on purpose

No. 874103

As a weird smoker myself she's probably taking to big off hits. Coughing on the smoke fucking kills your lungs and throat. But she could also being doing it to get higher. Some people believe coughing makes them higher. I don't believe in any of that shit. She's just annoying and she knows it

No. 874153

I was so disgusted when I seen that. You’re crusty if you don’t drink water

No. 874166


“Muh skin conditions make my skin not take to makeup anymore”

Yet this bitch gets her daily water intake from microwaved mac and cheese. She’s just gross. Guys pick up on that “your pussy is probably stank” vibe pretty easily.

No. 874169

Right? She looks older that’s just fact. The filler aged her most 25 yr olds can still pass for teenagers she looks 35

No. 874192

File: 1569696948213.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, C175AA1F-3C97-4EDE-B0E2-FADAAC…)

i feel like after anons posted that cap from aaron’s story about std testing, and then about cotte shit talking to her other friends, her paranoia is gonna go full blast and that’s why she feels like annoying everyone. She needs them to validate her against her own paranoia lol

No. 874236

File: 1569701608816.png (Spoiler Image, 853.43 KB, 750x1334, 8DCB7FBD-0942-467A-B615-35E001…)

lines from her clothes digging into her skin & std rash bumps. how sexy.

No. 874278

I can’t even watch her story with her snorting snot in her nose and coughing. I feel like the germs are coming through the screen.

No. 874284

File: 1569709605892.jpeg (446.8 KB, 1242x1821, 04A47D3D-D986-46D8-8BB8-C40D96…)

no milk but stumbled across this today and found it interesting. I know Ariana claims her lips have always been that way even before fillers but I’m not surprised she just wants to deny her botched lips

No. 874291

File: 1569711542322.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 97C6A98A-9677-4834-A085-A19EE7…)

just gonna leave this gem here…

No. 874322

File: 1569722997620.jpg (641.34 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20190928-220655_Ins…)

It's so pathetic that she actually thinks anyone with a healthy amount if brain cells would purchase her disgusting horribly blended "art". Her color choices make the hideous work even uglier.

No. 874323

File: 1569723056689.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20190928-221034_Ins…)

No. 874325

Wow she ruined one of the only decent things she's drawn. It was best left black and white. These color choices are horrendous.

No. 874331

hahah this looks so bad

honey no like not everyone can monetize their hobbies like make an etsy and sell stuff for $7 if you want. she's like luna tryna sell shitty art for 100 times what it's worth

No. 874349

Wow this clown drawing of hers is evidence she won’t be able to tattoo. She’s only barely capable of 2D. The blending and shading to add dimension looks horrible…. I’m not just trying to hate on her, like it’s truly not good. Unfortunately, just like her unwillingness to seek out therapy, or medical attention for her “psoriasis”, I doubt she’ll ever pursue any legitimate art/tattoo lessons (if that’s what it’s called).

No. 874354

Fuck her technique I'm horrified. These are dark and twisted-looks like perfect representations of what's on the inside

No. 874363

Awh, she drew a portrait of the old dude whose face she rode with that rash. Cute.

No. 874415

File: 1569756091095.png (8.89 MB, 1242x2208, CD4F6A08-DD35-4985-8B8F-82E161…)

“I looked like a filter yesterday” the scar is so bad and her top lip is so busted. I can’t believe she has done both of those things by choice.

No. 874416

File: 1569756522111.jpg (267.28 KB, 1080x1126, Screenshot_20190929_132807.jpg)

better than most professionals!! i mean, look at that blush! who doesn't want to look like an alcoholic

No. 874434

Damn, look at those bottom. Blush lines…. Can't blend blush…

No. 874438


Woowww. I honestly never really got why anons gave her such shit about her lip lift scar until now. Guess she really does photoshop it out of most of her photos. Thats gnarly.

No. 874440


There are so, so many free tutorials and live twitch streams that focus on helping people learn these techniques but that would take away from her snapchat therapy sessions. Also, it's extremely cheap to buy aN online subscription to one of those websites where actual professionals posts hundreds of educational videos/online classes; so you can learn almost anything these days if you ACTUALLY want to. But instead she's waiting until her grandpa visits so they "can discuss" her getting "possibly taxidermy classes".


No. 874444

how much you wanna bet she blocked anyone who replied “no” to this

No. 874447

She the Tuna style copic marker abuse

No. 874451

It's funny because she always brags about how much money she has yet she has to have her grandpa pay for her classes. If she makes so much money why doesn't she invest into some art classes to improve her skill and increase her chances of making money off of her art.

No. 874493


Most sex workers put the money they make into self investments, or ways to make themselves not so dependant on their SW income only.

And then you have Ariana starving herself because the client she sees once a minth thinks anorexic chicks “are totally hot”

No. 874521

File: 1569776234779.jpeg (553.71 KB, 1062x2124, 89FB9146-AF78-4A5B-972C-B83B23…)

Off topic but found this old post of hers from the snap chat days and it made me chuckle. So very, very dumb and arrogant .

No. 874538

“doctors are important and know a vast amount of knowledge”

the way she speaks… it’s so similar to the way a 12 year old child trying to sound smart writes about their class journal prompt. which is good as a 12 year old, they’re exploring words and their meaning and appropriate uses of them. she’s 25 goddamn years old. this is so sad that it’s funny.

No. 874543

Doctors only use their EYES and their EARS ok

No. 874705

File: 1569809810871.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, BD8C15AF-3503-4D5B-8B83-A63D8A…)

she just posted abt die antwoord on her story lol lurking????? also, what is she talking about tattoo for them?

No. 874718

I’m guessing she has a lip tattoo inspired by them and now she wants it covered?

No. 874735

I feel like she is trying to copy chinqpinks style. Bleaching the eyebrows. Getting a lip tattoo. Also she posted a pic of chinqpinks hair the other day in her insta feed and today posted some pink acrylic nails ( chinqpink only ever wears pink nails) even though she hates wearing fake nails lol just my intuition. I could be wrong.

No. 874793

File: 1569860308518.png (2.37 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190930-101522.png)

Lol lm has followed Ariana for months… You know you're toxic when you can keep your friends.

No. 874804

File: 1569862076820.jpg (1.4 MB, 810x2723, Screenshot_20190930-114402_Sto…)

She's posting so many half-assed, poorly drawn things today. Is she hoping someone will want to buy them? Because not one of these are worth it.

And also, she posted A LOT of pictures of her family and it's like girl, do you know how easily it is to find people on the internet? Especially after you post pictures of their faces? The fucking dumb child is going to get herself actually stalked and hurt or a family member. Protect yourself and maybe don't post a picture of your surroundings with the fucking realtor's information on it at this next place? Fucking moron.

No. 874826

File: 1569866476352.png (4.29 MB, 750x1334, B9BB57F8-C88B-4A74-9D31-52A19E…)

No. 874829

File: 1569866743573.jpg (696.56 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20190930-140449_Ins…)

I figure this to show what real artwork looks like. Kek ariana's friends really can't wait to get away from her.

No. 874831

File: 1569866803342.png (2.77 MB, 750x1334, 097E18B3-258E-4491-8114-4EB284…)

Wonder why she’s in aaron’s room getting all nostalgic with her baby photos and old ass art? Can’t she do this in the comfort of her own bedroom?

No. 874835

File: 1569867036146.png (3.17 MB, 750x1334, 9B694CAA-479D-4D13-8AF7-0A475C…)

If you’re going out of your way to point that out, anon, then you should’ve also shown that cottedemailes posted a baby photo earlier today

No. 874848

Confirmed lurker, just like tnd

No. 874849

You mean hasn’t and can’t

No. 874852

File: 1569869698448.jpeg (251.12 KB, 750x1115, 4F8ABFE8-E37D-4210-A09B-DF9BB1…)

Thought this would be a good time to mention Latinamilk was also convinced into seeing the plastics_pa, most likely at the advice of Ariana. Seems LM went only once or twice but then stopped soon after.

No. 874867

File: 1569872207425.jpg (608.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190930-123243_Ins…)

Despite the fact that her "flash" is poorly copied existing Americana designs, I'm still surprised that this looks like 2D snake with a lobster inside/ hugging it.

No. 874870

File: 1569873049836.png (886.43 KB, 750x1334, 5DAFCE3D-3AA0-4890-A0A4-CE2452…)

Lurking possibly?

No. 874871

File: 1569873187364.jpg (525.02 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190930-124743_Ins…)

She's an annoying poseur who only cares about herself. And she wonders why hundreds of people online think she's a fucking idiot with botched plastic surgery scars. That bitch's only friend and her whole life is that phone screen and for a good reason.

No. 874879

No mention of Matt? Did I miss something?

No. 874896

no way she came up with all these on her own. i’ve seen at least half these designs elsewhere

No. 874899

File: 1569876337080.png (3.75 MB, 828x1792, 66B3031C-F935-4274-A405-B8447F…)

That lip though..

No. 874900

File: 1569876699181.png (608.26 KB, 720x1131, Screenshot_20190930-224611~2.p…)

I think her art has potential. She should keep drawing and practicing. It can be a great hobby and way to vent emotions.

No. 874908


95% of her drawings is copied flash. Not this horrible drawing, though. And she can do whatever she wants to "vent" but don't try to sucker people into paying for the shit work put out.

No. 874909

File: 1569877285053.jpg (602.95 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190930-135419_Ins…)

Damn, she's really showing her desperate need for friends.

No. 874914


She needs a new “only friend” now that her chubby clone cottonmallet is moving out of state.

No. 874918


Lol she’s such a user. The only reason she’d miss her grandpa is because once he dies she’s afraid she won’t have someone to fall back on. That is so fucked up that she only sees her grandpa as a backup plan and pay cheque.

Maybe you should be missing your grandfathers ADVICE, LIFE EXPERIENCE, HIS LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING, and HIS COMPANY/HUMOUR ETC. Bitch can’t list off a single actual redeeming quality about her grandpa except she’s afraid when he dies no one will be left to support her.


No. 874922

Her art is okay! But that's it. Okay - nothing special and cool to have for yourself as a hobby. Her seeing it as her job is just awkward because her followers gass her up on how good she is but… not good enough to buy her prints on etsy lol the amount sales on her account are painfull.

No. 874927

File: 1569879570772.jpeg (83.26 KB, 629x468, 8DAC9362-829B-4366-BE90-06360D…)

No. 874939

File: 1569881345506.jpg (840.82 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20190930-180452_Ins…)


It's absolutely pathetic that she can't be responsible enough to ensure she can get her aging dog back into the house after walking her. I'm sure Frogger's legs hurt & she needs a drink of water etc. She mentioned frogger was "being dramatic" recently because she had trouble pooping. This girl has no concept of anything other than her own wants and needs. Ariana, take frogger to the vet if she is constipated & drinking excessive amounts of water. She could have diabetes or lord knows what. She couldn't live without frogger but can live with herself ignoring her dogs health needs. Trash..

No. 874970

Thank god she saved her juul though kek who cares about Frogger’s needs as long as farquad has her juul(emoji)

No. 874975


Ya it’s annoying how social media has made everyone and their uncle think if they put something online that they can expect it to sell. Her fan base is skinwalkers and dudes typing with one hand. If you’re gonna hock some crap off on your fans for quick cash at least make it something they would want. I’ve seen people with less artistic skill (not saying much) than her sell their art because it has meaning or is i dunno.. artistic? No one wants your traced flash tattoo quality sketches with your new Bic pens, Ari. You can barely sell your open asshole and twat for cash online.

No. 874979

There is absolutely no way this girl can possibly think her lips look good

No. 874982

File: 1569887615083.jpeg (318.35 KB, 750x1181, 153EBB77-73A3-4C49-A241-F39572…)

I was just looking at her page and it’s like all selfies with the same boring expression/angle. The wannabe claims to be a makeup artist, an artist in general, and she’s just like everyone else. I wonder if this narcissistic twat will ever realize this asthetic is so canned and…stale. She’s so strapped down by the opinions of others it’s like her creativity is so limited. The best thing for her would be to delete social media and through her phone in the trash

No. 874983

File: 1569888069247.jpeg (439.14 KB, 750x1048, 10B5AED3-8600-4C0A-A0A5-82707B…)

Literally no curves or body shape(nitpick)

No. 874985

Shut up Ariana

No. 875005

When will she learn that hideous Bob and blue eye shadow makes her look like a troon

No. 875038

File: 1569899665331.jpeg (234.15 KB, 750x1094, 21EDB912-9151-4DD5-8DA2-39F1FB…)

Deleted content. The next photo was of her “psoriasis” leg scars.

No. 875045

File: 1569900330027.jpeg (253.95 KB, 1242x2065, 529BE1F0-416C-4328-9E12-5DAD15…)

the quintessential beauty

No. 875057

She looks anorexic af

No. 875101

So now she misses the spots that made her want to kill herself? She must enjoy her own misery..or the attention she gets for it.

No. 875104

Ask the universe and you shall receive, weirdo. Literally wtf is that caption?

No. 875113

Shadowban is back!

No. 875144

File: 1569943493759.jpg (908.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191001-082358_Ins…)

Getting more heavy reading done.

No. 875163

Missing her leopard spots??? Come on Ariana, do u hate your “psoriasis” or love it

No. 875188

File: 1569951598117.jpg (617.03 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20191001-133721_Ins…)

She brushes all of her hair from the back of her head forward and then gives herself bangs.. no wonder it looks 100% like a bowl cut KEK

No. 875189

She has to bc her hair is so sparse and thinning

No. 875192

File: 1569951865424.jpg (104.56 KB, 1186x1001, PicsArt_10-01-01.44.07.jpg)

No. 875206

File: 1569954623028.jpg (588.74 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191001-112524_Ins…)

This bitch has 1 client and at the most a year of sex work. She said herself she stripped once a year a couple of times. Now you're going to speak for sex workers and claim that's why you get hate? Nah, it's because you're a reject douchebag who likes to "gas" herself up when you know deep down you're a loser.
And Pleasers can be worn by anyone. Men, women, sex workers, girls at prom… they have a 2" slipper heel that so many non sex workers own. This kid is talking out of her ass, but she's so sure she's always right when she's usually wrong.

No. 875207

File: 1569954695081.jpg (720.62 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191001-112430_Ins…)

"Confident". Haha.

No. 875208

A sign her anorexia is really catching up with her..

No. 875214

Former EDNOSfag here, most of us who properly went into recovery and eat well and take care of ourselves are able to get dat hair back. I have a thick head of long hair and this bitch is prlly just balding bc she still restricts and has her picking problem. I have absolutely no doubt she compulsively scratches her head just the same she picks her pimples and her lips. She also fucks with it a ton as we have all witnessed. I’m beginning to feel really bad for her bc once her looks and hair go, it’s really gonna be over for her. She really squandered her youth trying to fix her appearance to feel better than others just to end up the grungiest cow on /snow

No. 875215


She's said before that anorexia just gives her an identity and without it she's lost and doesn't know who she is. This is the biggest poseur on the planet. She even admitted going to shows wasn't her thing, but said she's met so many people through the "music community" that she's thankful she used to go to shows. She's just a poseur with an identity crisis who really wishes she had an eating disorder. Don't give her phony, flat, bitch ass too much credit.

No. 875223


Her body and hair loss both show she's definitely not eating enough. She may actually have an eating disorder and be using it as an identity to pretend it's not as bad as it is. She's always in denial of herself.

No. 875241

that’s not hair loss…that’s just her part. when your hair is that short it parts way in the back like that

No. 875244

File: 1569958057677.jpeg (878 KB, 828x1466, 06BDFF32-1884-436C-952F-E46C6D…)

This is such a lie. SG does not reach out to have you join. Maybe a member suggested she join but the site does not contact you personally. You audition through a photoshoot as a Hopeful. Nice try though!

No. 875249

With that balding head of hers she better start buying better wigs lmao

No. 875255

probs the bpd

No. 875256

File: 1569959863130.jpg (970.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191001-125253_Ins…)

She was reached out to by a company with thousands of Suicide Girls already, so many to the point that 95% of SGs only get to do a poorly paid photo set maybe twice a year… Yeah. Kek. She's got a real problem with telling the truth.

No. 875259

File: 1569960016563.jpg (876.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191001-125201_Ins…)

Why is the idiot wannabe sex worker giving advice when she has one client that might drop her if she gains weight?

No. 875264

And yet she still can’t get consistent clients. Lmfao like anyone would listen to a failed botched used up sex dumpster. She’s just in an open relationship at this point. It’s not even sex work.

No. 875271

Her “friend” Latinamilk made a LITERAL step by step guide. And she isn’t plugging it? Way to support fellow sexworkers, moron.

No. 875300

They haven't been friends in months, probably BECAUSE she's an absolute wreck of a sex worker who constantly hates on girls who are more stable and successful than she is.

No. 875320

File: 1569966511294.jpg (757.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191001-144316_Ins…)

She said before she couldn't find a good reference for one of her drawings. So she's implying she's drawing from her head when she's doing flash… which means she's saying she "created" classic Americana tattoo designs, like the "Don't Tread on Me" with the poorly drawn snake and the crying heart that Bert Grimm created like more than 50 years ago. This bitch lies even when the truth is right there.

No. 875325

File: 1569966857833.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191001-144254_Ins…)

So she's saying she treats others how she wants to be treated… So she likes us talking down to her and calling her an ugly idiot all the time and really wants us to get offended over nothing. Got it.

No. 875327

File: 1569967069480.jpg (778.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191001-144310_Ins…)

"I make so much money that I need multiple roommates to pay for an $800/month place, I smoke resin on the reg, and I beg people for sushi and $6 markers." Baller.

No. 875329

File: 1569967156712.jpg (1.16 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191001-144143_Ins…)

This person must not pay attention to what comes out of her goblin butthole mouth.

No. 875331

She's not even a stripper so if she's trying to say that ppl shouldn't wear them…does she realize that includes her? Lol of course not

No. 875333

She's not even a stripper so if she's trying to say that ppl shouldn't wear them…does she realize that includes her? Lol of course not

No. 875335

This bitch probably cant even wear pleasers if she wanted to

No. 875337

The most annoying cows always post their DMs on their public stories for asspats and validation from strangers. But this musty bitch is just trying to gatekeep wearing shoes. What, is it cultural appropriation to wear high heels and not be a stripper or SW? I don't get her argument. She doesn't realize how much of a dumbass she is. Her arguments are always along the lines of "I'm right because I said so. You need to educate yourself. Blocked!"

No. 875343


I highly doubt she pays or has ever paid for another girl’s content to “support another SW”.

Sure she’ll retweet something if they retweet her, but her support of other sex workers is basically “PLS LET ME JOIN UR DOUBLES. I’LL LET U PEE ON MY FACE AND POST IT ONLINE PLS IM DESPERATE FOR WORK!”

Whatever happened to that girl who did a double with her during her STD rash outbreak? Hmm wonder why she isn’t hitting up Ari for more doubles?

No. 875359

Probably caught whatever Ariana had and didn't want to chance it again.

No. 875391

It’s really weird and creepy to me that she only has one client. Like, idk, at least if she had many clients it really would seem more like work, but to just fuck another dude on the side seems so much more like “a meaningful connection” as she puts it lmao. I think it’s even on her Eros account bio of whatever the fuck it’s called.

I think her “gaining weight” is her trying to subconsciously drop that client cause she secretly hates sex work. This bitch is all about self fucking destruction. And laziness. Can’t even handle working once a month kek

No. 875393

Not to give Ariana any good ideas here (cause I know she reads these), but why doesn’t she draw like really explicit sexy shit. Like that would be a good way to marry her “work” and hobby.

Just wait, next week she’ll start drawing dicks and tits

No. 875398

File: 1569977706717.jpeg (686.33 KB, 2048x2048, A1FA3CE6-F4AD-4495-B94B-FB0643…)

I’m just going to leave this here… it was like the third pic down on google. She’s not even smart enough to steal from multiple drawings instead of just copy one on motherfucking Google exactly. Ari is so cute!

No. 875401

Kek! Then she acts like "oh I figured this out for myself" lmao uh huh sure ari

No. 875416

>you're a idiot

No. 875432

Why does it even matter if she references or not? Her art is complete shit. She has no talent and will go nowhere with it since we all know she can’t take anything seriously or put in any real effort.
It would be better if she admitted to using references bc that’s how you improve.

No. 875443

Matters when she claims she doesn’t reference

No. 875492

Are these supposed to look similar or something? I'm not seeing it. They have the same general theme, but beyond that, what?

No. 875532



She's gross but in terms of artistic reference material these two images are nothing alike.

Different eyes, mouth, tongue, stem. No two elements are alike except general concept.

No. 875555


it's just scary pumpkin, they look similar but i don't see it as plagiarism, eyes, tongue - very different.

No. 875569

File: 1570028745638.jpg (1008.3 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191002-080320_Ins…)

She only feels good about herself when she gets fillers and does her makeup… what a pathetic, self-hating reject she is.

No. 875570

File: 1570028892696.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191002-080310_Ins…)

Lazy fucking sewer trash can't even draw for 2 days in a row. She thinks a new home is going to change her mindset, but… Its. Just. Her. Her head will fuck her up anywhere because she's ungrateful, vapid, loser.

No. 875571


I've copied drawings that I didn't know how to do and tweaked it a bit and called it my own… when I was 7. The angle, highlights, shape of mouth eyes and eyebrows, and overall features are clearly copied. Just because you change the ends of the mouth and tongue doesn't make you an artist, bro.
I can't decide if she's more annoying when she thinks she's talented or when she thinks her over-the-top cake face would look good at the corner store.

No. 875574

This bitch had the opportunity to capitalize on all that plastic surgery and cakey makeup by modeling for online stores. She could have pushed herself to hustle in that line of work. Companies don't like working with shitty dirtbags. It's just a real waste that she couldn't pull it together and hustle to make a living.

No. 875575

File: 1570029987079.jpg (781.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191002-082131_Ins…)

Does this liar not realize her own IG post calls her out for being a "sex worker" for no more than a year? Peep the date. She didn't even sugar until after July 2018. And before that made a post about "stripping once a year." This bitch is the biggest poseur, wannabe sex worker to say she isn't new to this and has been a "sex worker" since 18. She has no identity or originality except for trying to emulate other people. What a mall "goth". Kek.

No. 875577

File: 1570030458809.jpeg (30.53 KB, 251x242, 6E6345D0-5963-4E62-AA10-6E2323…)

Oh yeah, the sugaring. She couldn’t even do that right lmao can she fucking do anything correctly??

No. 875581

Wonder if she’s still even seeing that one client that almondmilkhunni also saw and didn’t want to share? Would be hilarious if all that drama was for nothing.

No. 875616

File: 1570037998074.jpg (1012.23 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20191002-133939_Ins…)

No. 875621

I guess she means sexworker as in having a private snapchat and selling stuff on tumblr. She's been doing that way longer before she met matt..

No. 875637

This immature, sexually repulsive pose she always does– with her asshole spread open and legs in the air– matches her disgusting personality so well.

No. 875643

File: 1570041334434.png (1.47 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191002-122935.png)

Still sleeping on an air mattress…

No. 875644

File: 1570041336171.png (1.68 MB, 1164x2048, Screenshot_20191002-123410.png)

Her private snapschats/IG are such a waste of money. She just repeats what she has already said on all of her other platforms. SCAM!!

No. 875646

File: 1570041947054.jpg (528.46 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191002-113957_Ins…)

Dumbass is ranting about a dude who yelled "hey" out of a car window and honked. She's trying to brag in a nonchalant way that she just looks soooooo good without makeup and her body is soooo irresistible that dudes are dying to fuck her. Bro, you're not special. You're just a scantily clad female. Tbh most of us women who live in heavily populated cities get harrassed way worse. Dudes call us bitches and cunts when we ignore their advances, but this dude honked at her. The poor, traumatized, loser.

No. 875649

File: 1570042069493.jpeg (584.38 KB, 750x1099, 2A472889-6BC6-42B4-BB59-3D669E…)

You don’t just get shadowbanned sometimes, you’ve been shadow banned since you rejoined IG and you know it. secondly, in a post about soliciting commissions, shouldn’t you show your actual artwork and properly advertise? $5 in IG adds will boost your platform away from the ban.

Also, whoever overfilled those lips to the heinous proportions they’re at now should not only be fired but arrested. She’s gonna turn into that plastic surgery cat lady soon. JFC she’s so repulsive.

No. 875650

pretty sure 90% of women under 30 have been honked at or accosted by a dude in a car at some point in their lives. they don't even have to be attractive lol men are just dogs.

No. 875651


This chick is blatantly cheating on Doormatt and he just takes it. Like a doormat. Fucking 1 dude once a month that you feel emotionally close to while he helps you out with rent isn't sw, it's just cheating.

No. 875653


She's been a "sex worker" since 18. She's made posts before about how she had a great job walking dogs before she started fucking other dudes. And the dude fucking started no earlier than last year. This skinwalker doesn't even deserve the title of sex worker. Definitely a wannabe sex worker.

No. 875655


The private paid Snapchat lasted less than a year. If you say posting half naked pictures of yourself on your Tumblr counts as sex work, then there's millions of sex workers who don't know they are. Her income wasn't coming from her sexually explicit, wannabe model Tumblr pictures taken by that pimply Where's Waldo-looking dude.

No. 875656

She doesn't deserve to be called a sex worker. The sex worker community doesn't want a poseur that's just in it for the trend. She follows and attempts to copy the online trends so much that she's clearly a normie.

No. 875660

Matt doesn't give a shit about Ariana lol. It's been discussed in past threads that some other girl warned Ariana that Matt told her that he didn't love her at all.

He just likes that she'll do any humiliating sexual act he wants (like that foursome she said was "traumatizing"). He seems to enjoy all this weird shit and get off on it.

Tinfoil: BPD women often attract ASPD men. Maybe Matt has some ASPD characteristics? It's hard to say because he holds down a job an doesn't seem to do anything criminal, but then again, I don't know anything about him. He has all the personality of a wet rag.

No. 875662

“Sex worker” but couldn’t handle a foursome lmao she’s a pathetic poser

No. 875700

Lmao he's from a hick town and county everyone wants to escape from, so he probably thinks having a girl with all that ps is a status symbol. He just needs to brush his teeth and he could score better tbh.

No. 875701


PnP and Doormatt are a classic example of a dead relationship where the two people are together only because they both hate themselves/are depressed.

As soon as one them feels like their life is “doing better” or has a temporary life high/career success, they will leave to find someone better.

They’re basically just roommates/fuck buddies.

No. 875704

>he just needs to brush his teeth

damn anon, destroy him LOL

No. 875708


Sad that it sounds like he used to have some self respect for himself and now he’s just her doormat. I agree with anon above, if youre only fucking one dude and have an emotional connection with him that’s NOT sex work, that’s straight up just her manipulating Matt so she can cheat on him. She’s a fucking filthy human being.

No. 875715

Let me talk through something here. So:

- Arianna has a boyfriend named Matt
- Arianna has an old man she fucks for cash
- The old man won’t fuck her unless she is anorexic skinny
- Scared to live without the old mans income, Arianna starves herself
- Arianna says she talks to matt about her job like its nothing, and has also said she asks Matt if she can eat things because she’s afraid of gaining weight
- Matt clearly knows this is her situation
- Matt still makes her pay rent and pay her own bills even tho to do so she has to fuck above old man
- Matt has taken no action to tell her, if you stop this abusive relationship with the old man, i will support you until you can make legitimate cash.

Conclusion: Matt does not give a FUCK about her whatsoever. Absolutely no man who loves his woman, would be aware of such a situation and not try to help the woman he loves.

No wonder she’s so fucked up in the head. It’s actually sad and explains why she doesn’t give a fuck about him either.

No. 875732


Matt's a dumbass, but not dumb enough to get suckered into supporting the poser's lifestyle. He's happy letting the old dude pay HER HALF of the rent. Which is really no more than $400/ month since her shithole is only $800/ month. She doesn't have to cheat on Matt so it's incorrect to say she has to do this because Matt isn't doing his job. Matt works full time. This bitch talks to her phone all day. No one should subsidize a lazy "partner" who is unwilling to get a job.

No. 875734


That bitch is a grown ass adult woman. She's 25. If you're struggling to pay $400/month and talking to your phone screen all day, delusionally thinking you're "working", you really gotta question what brought you to this pathetic point. A lot of people make more than $400/month just panhandling. She just has to quit throwing her temper tantrums. And claiming BPD is fine and all, but back in the day, it was just called being a fucking asshole. Don't put a fancy title on the fact you're a fucking asshole with no friends.

No. 875738

File: 1570057526688.jpg (437.17 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191002-153326_Ins…)

Her haters… we're so obsessed, right? Maybe, and I'm just throwing this out here, maybe you're just a cunt. By her faulty logic, then all the kids who pick on losers on school just want be the losers. Fuck, she can't even use a word like "projecting" properly. We like putting her down so we're "projecting"? Wait, so all of us are just people that are being put down so we're taking it out on her? Pretending people that don't like her want to be her or that we're "staying mad" is probably part of the reason that no one likes that poser. She fucked up her whole reputation by airing your dirty laundry (and dirty pussy) online. Good luck getting a job with your name and drama filled wannabe sex worker life all over the internet.

No. 875741

File: 1570057741123.jpg (331.61 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191002-153401_Ins…)

"Clients". Kek. More like "The Dude I Cheat On Matt With for Rent." That's really her only income. Begging people to buy you food isn't considered income. That's just called having no self-respect.

No. 875742

File: 1570057943000.jpg (423.24 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191002-153500_Ins…)

The tweens that like her are asking her for life and career advice. Straight up blind leading the blind. Hilarious.

No. 875743

Wow she really does look mtf she’s lucky she has a fem voice or she would have a hard time getting clocked as cis female

No. 875745

If she wasn't such a bitch, I'd feel sorry for her. She's 25 with silicone and fillers like a 40 year old woman and no future options because she's lazy and doesn't understand follow through. She has no friends. She sits home alone all day, and trust me, it gets old and lonely fast. She has a bf that doesn't love her and a pathetically codependent relationship. She doesn't have an identity except wannabe sex worker, which she isn't even good at. With one client and no one inviting you to do doubles and no future prospects, she isn't even successful in her new fake "profession". She wasted money by paying for all these "self-improvements" since she barely makes any money off it. And still she tries desperately to convince herself and anyone who will listen that people want to look like her or be her. What a lonely, delusional child.

No. 875746

File: 1570058808398.jpg (882.22 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191002-162556_Ins…)

She's looking haggard these days. Her body is catching up to her MTF face.

No. 875748


Usually ugly people try to be really nice so people don't want to make fun of them. This MTF goblin really missed the memo.

No. 875756

File: 1570060058910.jpg (224.13 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191002-164606_Chr…)

She isn't even on Eros anymore. Guess checking different apps became too tiresome. What a fucking poser.

No. 875760

File: 1570060776882.jpg (968.69 KB, 1077x1803, Screenshot_20191002-165622_Map…)

She claims to be moving out of her "house" when she really only lives on the ground floor of a shitty tenement apartment building… with piles of garbage outside. She can't even lie properly.

No. 875773

anon this is so weak I can't

No. 875789

Some people live in rural ass America, and it shows.

No. 875806


not to pick up for her but this is totally normal south philly shit lmao. yea they COULD have got a trash bin but that's just expecting way too much for these types (like a lot of people around there). it's just so common to see this kinda loose trashy shit in that area

No. 875811

This is silly. My sister who lives in NYC makes a great living but has trash bags outside of her ex- tenament appt too. Inner city life, no milk(no1curr)

No. 875812

I have an apartment but call it my house too(no1curr)

No. 875826


you don’t know anything about him yet he has the personality of a wet rag? lmao i do get what you’re saying based on whatever content i've seen of him but that comment cracks me up. he just might have some kinda personality lurking deep down but knows that if he really shows it off, Ari will try to shut that shit down and manipulate him in fear that another girl will come along and 'steal' him. but maybe not. whatever the case, i hope they both seek help. i've witnessed these kinda shit storms called 'relationships' way too many times to count and yet i'm here to watch another

No. 875829

She's barely scraping by with the help of old man dick and she tries to list every endeavor she's talked about recently to make it look like she's really on the hustle kek. You're not a business woman, Ariana. You're a pathetic grown woman that lives to seek validation from anyone who's dumb enough to think they'll get something in return. Every opportunity she fucks up is merely a "business move" to her because she can't fathom the fact that she aims high with no motivation or work ethic.

No. 875859

this is actually port richmond. it's around kensington, infamously known as the heroin capital, where people 'legally' go to shoot up heroin, not south philly. scary how i found this out with just a quick search of her name. i'm from philly myself so i was curious as to where this was exactly. she should be more careful this time around and keep her surroundings/home private

No. 875868


what the fuck? arianna CHOOSES to not have a real job. it has nothing to do with matt. you have no idea if matt has encouraged her to find other work, though i assume he has because she has straight up said that at first their relationship with in turmoil over her "sex work". also he is a fucking mailman, why do you think he can afford to support her? why would he want to support someone who sucks as bad as arianna?

you are dumb as hell if you feel bad for her.>>875715

No. 875892

that place is a dump
come on

No. 875981

My god. The plank of wood covering the hole. The disgusting trash bags surrounding the front of the building. And she can’t even make her half of the rent for that? Lmao yeah she’s a ballin hustler alright.

No. 876001

im 90% sure shes making a "picture book" (some kind of adult picture book) and thinks people will buy it. she was posting all those old kids books/illustrations next to her shit art.

No. 876013

File: 1570117819561.jpeg (2.37 MB, 4096x1548, F9592594-5BD8-41A3-B6DF-77998A…)

No. 876032

File: 1570120642483.jpg (664 KB, 1080x1775, 20191003_093418.jpg)

This lonely child is posting 5 pictures of her head at slightly different angles. Since she claims to have shitty parents, I'll tell her on behalf of her parents: Go outside and make some friends!

No. 876036


Some people assume shit and look ignorant af. For anyone who isn't too dumb to miss the point, don't tell people you have a big house that you paid for when it's an apartment. Call it what it is. A lot of us live in major cities and don't lie about what we live in. This bitch wants to be hood rich, where you have nice things to show off to people, but live in a sewer trash apartment.

No. 876039

File: 1570121450963.jpg (770.73 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191003-094906_Ins…)

No, your digital eyelashes don't make your Frankenface look bad.

No. 876041

File: 1570121563874.jpg (752.04 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191003-094821_Ins…)

She's trying to do some weird ghetto/Southern/British accent while telling the world she craves corn muffins. All with her crusty lips.

No. 876042

File: 1570121661074.jpg (638.04 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191003-094812_Ins…)

Scabby sewer rat shit.

No. 876043

File: 1570121846452.jpg (740.03 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191003-094808_Ins…)

Her old pictures compared to now is a drastic difference. When she had blonde hair, she was pretty. But like every other plastic surgery addict, she kept going and foubd more things about herself she didn't like. Some people don't know when to step away. That bitch ruined a good thing. Actually, she's ruined a lot of good things.(samefag /nitpicking)

No. 876056

you can call your apartment a house omg chill out

No. 876058

File: 1570125056672.jpeg (179.57 KB, 750x991, 3F67431F-7061-410A-9846-7A1BB7…)

She’s gonna end up in Aubrey’s situation if she doesn’t get her head on straight. It’s already really damn close to her reality.

No. 876074

File: 1570127779625.jpeg (569.79 KB, 750x1107, 5417FA13-7C21-459E-B89E-1F6941…)

Ariana when she peaked, right after her nose job and just before she started getting fillers and ruined her face.

No. 876145


Agreed. She definitely peaked back then, before she started going ham on her face. A lot of plastic surgery addicts don't see what everyone else sees. I'm sure Michael Jackson thought he looked better with pale skin and a freakishly narrow nose.

No. 876165

her nose job is kinda botched though. they made her nostrils super visible head-on

No. 876182

File: 1570149387395.jpg (112.56 KB, 980x582, amlepore.jpg)

Her nose before was kind of witchy, but it was sort of cute on her. The new nose isn't bad minus the wonky nostril situation. It only got worse after the lip lift.

I get why people get cosmetic surgery, but I'll never understand why so many women go for the full blown troon look.

No. 876188

holy shit her lips are genuinely terrifying

No. 876190

are people really trying to pass that off as an unedited pic LOLOL

No. 876274

died laughing at her breakdown… jesus christ

No. 876311

Who wants to bet DoorMatt never watches her IG stories?

No. 876316

He’s probably right next to her when she films them for ig. Why even bother with double the stress?

No. 876340

File: 1570196720953.png (2.25 MB, 750x1334, A7D87C6F-957D-4993-B8C6-550D02…)

No. 876344

File: 1570197783340.jpeg (218.81 KB, 749x1033, 33BD8AE1-16D7-4104-8EF4-031DE4…)

I mean yeah it probably is edited but the point still stands. Aubrey’s surgeries are extreme and in a lot of people’s eyes unnecessary. Ariana doesn’t seem very far away if she keeps pursuing sex work or any job that revolves around her looks.

No. 876358

File: 1570201659335.jpg (30.53 KB, 620x375, Aubrey-with-necklace-620x375.j…)

here's her actual face since only facetuned pics are being posted for whatever reason

No. 876361

Her stories from overnight are just her legit talking to herself. "I feel like I have to burp." "Why are my cheeks like this? Hahahah!"
What's the point in putting on a full cake face of makeup if you have nowhere to go and no friends to see you? Oh right, she only does that to "document" her makeup for strangers on the internet while she shares her life story. I don't blame her for being depressed… her life sucks, but she's so lazy she'll just whine about it online. If Doormatt decides to quit being a doormat and leaves her, she's really going to struggle to find someone who will put up with shit. Getting dudes to fuck you is easy. Good luck convincing them to stay. Kek

No. 876371

File: 1570202840841.png (1.15 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20191004-092700.png)

Omfg is she a lazy piece of shit

No. 876372

Still proving the point anon

No. 876382

So much to laugh at here. How big is this “couch thing” that two grown men have to drag it on its sides and ruin it? Or are their arms only good for video games? Ariana can’t google an instructable on cleaning upholstery?

That house is full of damn losers.

No. 876392

Anons, when did they first announce them moving? This will help with a timeline for their new place…

No. 876395

File: 1570207035947.jpeg (221.5 KB, 750x1087, ADF74C0F-C8C2-4F35-A974-CEA633…)

I think they announced wanting to move in August but confirmed the location in early September

No. 876397


This shows exactly how much they care about ariana. Beyond disrespectful and pathetic that they dragged her couch like that. Her life really is sad.

No. 876400

Lmfao- they couldn't pay a couple hundred and get movers?

No. 876415

Almost like starving yourself and never working out makes you a weak loser, isn’t it?

No. 876416

don't most people move their own stuff

No. 876419

Nah her client said she was too fat for the monthly fuck session. She a broke ass slut.

No. 876431


First off, ew who buys a used couch? If money is that tight buy a shitty ikea couch to hold you over until you can save or finance something that won't have bed bugs.

Secondly, does it ever occur to her that she can talk to people about these things instead of putting it on snapchat? i'm convinced these people just exist in silence around eachother and only communicate through their phones.

No. 876435


2 out of the 3 of them are too lazy to actually have jobs and make their "millions" rolling around naked in their living room for enough money to eat for the day. or, actually, i think aaron at least keeps his sex work to his room. so yeah, you can't really expect these people to be functional human beings when required.

No. 876442

File: 1570211707180.png (1.16 MB, 1440x2432, 1568212079714.png)


Used couch? Can't afford movers?
What happened to that 3k she had in the bank? She's renting a new apartment and assuming she pays 50% of rent and deposit? How does she have no money right now?

No. 876449

Suuuch a nitpick anon. Yeah, with Ariana she probably just got some curb couch, but people buy used furniture all the time. As for her putting this all on instagram, I'm convinced she just doesn't have the balls to speak to them in person.

No. 876450

File: 1570212707064.png (1020.83 KB, 804x908, Screenshot_20191004-121025.png)

Look at those busted lips. How did she look at this photo and think it was a good photo to post.

No. 876451

her money situation will forever be confusing.
if she was so well off i just don't think she'd be hooking and living in squalor

No. 876452

File: 1570212804703.png (66.29 KB, 248x188, Screenshot_20191004-121025~2.p…)

She took the time to edit a nostril but not her lips lol

No. 876462

It’s sad as fuck Matt got forced to accept her hooking or would have been put in blast online for not supporting sex work. She already posted to 50+ thousand people that he allowed her to be raped. He’s probably more scared of what she will try to do to ruin his reputation than how ruined it is by just staying with her so she doesn’t drag his name even more.

No. 876464

I feel like… if anyone smacked her face or pricked her lips… it would just pop.

No. 876469


At least before when he was in a band this made sense because I guess he thought he had a “reputation”. Funny how staying with has ruined his reputation even worse and solidified him as a doormat cuck. Now he stays I guess out of habit and the years of abuse have finally broken him.

No. 876510

File: 1570221669345.jpeg (641.83 KB, 1920x2560, CA9FECD1-EA42-4929-8501-E0C38A…)

I see no difference.

No. 876533

How stupid do you have to be to allow a broke prostitute to have full control of (you)r relationship so she doesn't say mean things about you to strangers online. These are grown adults here. Can't help but think he deserves it though. They're shitty to and for each other, but they'll keep pretending they live in a fairytale world because he's okay with being cucked.

No. 876563

is it just me or has she talked about getting her lips filled a LOT more than just 4 times??
(even though her math in this post means she's only done it 3 times, not 4 kek)

No. 876566

For someone so obsessed with her appearance, doesn’t she realize going this far is going to age her face and give her wrinkles?? She needs to get them dissolved ASAP

No. 876581

he has a legitimate job and that alone is enough to give someone a reputation, this crazy bitch already calls him at work EVERY DAY, imagine if he tried to leave her and she called his job leaving threatening/psycho messages or showed up/stalked him there, those are all really common bpd behaviors, leaving her could genuinely be dangerous for him. not to mention again because of bpd he’s probably afraid of her threatening to or even attempting kill herself or something. people with bpd are extremely hard and dangerous to leave because of their impulsive and extreme behavior coupled with their abusive and manipulative tactics. matt’s not a saint but the dude is for sure stuck with an awful shitty abusive person and little to no safe space to wiggle out of it.

No. 876604


Every time they naturally dissolve, her lips are left a little more saggy and prune like; so she gets a little more added to balance things out. She’s in a cycle right now that’s gonna end up with her liveleak or something for deadly plastic surgery.

No. 876630

File: 1570243823779.png (3.65 MB, 750x1334, 30468B65-C567-42DF-8688-74E63F…)

From a live earlier today of Ariana and Aaron waiting in the moving truck for Doormatt to return with pnp’s iced lavender chai latte. She could not stop talking about how ugly she was and how people recognize her when she’s this ugly. Then doormat arrived with no ice so she paused the live and made him go back in to fix it.

No. 876654

She always looks like Joffrey from Game of Thrones to me when she goes on live.

No. 876667

File: 1570252005206.png (108.07 KB, 750x1334, 46DF2813-8B31-4406-80B4-507C4E…)

maybe if you said this to them personally instead of vomiting it out on social media for validation they’d actually hang out with you.

No. 876718

File: 1570284153812.jpg (106.09 KB, 1080x645, PicsArt_10-05-10.01.16.jpg)

Lmao as this bitch's page dies

No. 876742

File: 1570291556170.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1837, E0F0D2FD-0E23-42BE-BE8B-57FB8F…)

No. 876746

Lovebombing after others notice how shitty she treats him. That totally makes up for how much of a bitch she is to him.

No. 876752


No. 876761

this is an old post from my deep dive. just thought it was hilarious that she basically had to coerce him into saying “I love you back” lmao

No. 876762

Securing her spot in DoorMatt's new place, I see.

>sOrRy fOR aLwAyS tAlKiNg aBoUt YoU

Spoiled nasty bitch

No. 876763

Oh I see. Still lolling at "thank you" tho

No. 876829

Yea she also gets cheek fillers so she missed that. I think she’s gotten it in her forehead and under eyes also. But idk how often. All I know is the cheek ones start at 1k

No. 876833

has she mentioned cheek fillers? i only remember her talking about lips and botox

No. 876844

File: 1570313793235.jpeg (252.14 KB, 1122x2208, A0500187-BE03-440F-ABF0-C4525D…)

i think she only got it done once or twice

No. 876855

File: 1570316007110.jpeg (330.25 KB, 750x594, 93B3054B-6D83-4A63-9110-33439A…)

i love how it’s always bitches who hate themselves who think publicly announcing that their opinion is the only one that matters is gonna make others stop having opinions or think that she doesn’t actually care about them. she’s clearly bothered by other peoples opinions if she’s posting about it twice a week and ranting in her ig stories about how much she hates herself lmao “my self esteem comes from within” headass

No. 876861

i think its really cool that she developed a coping mechanism that convinces her that if people think she is ugly, they are just jealous and lying. that must be helpful for her when looking in the mirror.

as far as her personality, jeez louise. even her "nice" responses sound shitty. i understand what it is like to be misunderstood, but I do not believe that is the case here. i believe she is a dumb bitch. sure maybe she was diagnosed with BPD but as someone who has also been diagnosed with that, I can tell you it is really just a crock of shit that chicks latch on to to justify being a bitch instead of working on anything.

No. 876872

>developed a coping mechanism that convinces her that if people think she is ugly, they are just jealous and lying.

that’s…. narcissism….

No. 876909

File: 1570323942817.jpeg (1.12 MB, 822x1501, B98EB2B0-94C0-4DF0-B46C-1D5654…)

Why are you in NJ. Please no.

No. 876933

File: 1570328816250.jpeg (473.9 KB, 1242x1206, 908B41FA-F910-4C07-BAD5-35377F…)

Blocked by dollskill? Now who is going to pay her to model on IG?

No. 876946

Well she was just slandering them so what does she expect….? >>873358

No. 876955

preaches blocking people you don’t agree with but only if it’s her. bitch, get offline and talk to a real person it’s so fucking annoying now

No. 876956

File: 1570335526220.png (589.81 KB, 750x1334, 5481EBA8-DEF8-4D6B-A2AF-715CBF…)

LMFAO she wonders why she got bullied as a kid??!

No. 877040

It gets rid of her laugh lines, she definitely still gets cheek injections. Otherwise they’d be back, they were a part of her old face

No. 877087

File: 1570383765153.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, 0B51ABA2-D151-4F7D-BE78-DC8CAB…)

seeing that weird lip flap in action in her story made my skin crawl

No. 877103

File: 1570386907959.jpg (330.34 KB, 2289x1572, PicsArt_10-06-02.34.28.jpg)

No. 877109

Her nails are fucking triggering. Like soak those bitches in some acetone and take them off, they’re disgusting.

No. 877121

i’m glad i’m not the only one who feels this way looking at those makes me physically uncomfortable how does this bitch live

No. 877182

She’s on live talking about how the “hate forum” is her fans and we secretly love her lmao

No. 877186

File: 1570398993264.jpg (855.2 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191006-175133_Ins…)

No. 877187

what the fuck is she trying to do with those eyelashes and that blush she already looked like a male in drag before now she looks like a man in bad drag.

No. 877189

File: 1570399195011.jpg (878.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191006-175915_Ins…)

The line where her natural lip was is so obvious in this lighting.

No. 877221

The fried hair too

No. 877225

I’ve never seen someone get uglier by the day lol

No. 877226

What the fuck is in her hair? A wig? Extensions? Silly string?

No. 877230

Lol she had another ratty blanket wrapped around her

No. 877233

File: 1570405801721.png (3.07 MB, 750x1334, B07FFB7C-BE5A-47BC-806F-240859…)

What is this?

No. 877238

On live she was saying to go shop her wishlist and ppl were like 'it's expensive'. She responded with 'not really it's only…' If it's only $50 then why don't you just buy it your fukn self. Cheap cow. She's fine with asking ppl to buy her $4 panties while she hoards her cash and brags she's never had less than 3 grand in the bank. Lmao

No. 877241

File: 1570407559614.png (1.05 MB, 1209x2048, Screenshot_20191006-181837.png)

No. 877246

>he’s a millionaire
Um excuse me, what?

No. 877248

Yeah Ari we all totally believe you'd rather have the experiences with your gramps and not the cash or gifts-bitch stop lmfao.

No. 877252

>Busy busy busy
my eyes never rolled harder into the back of my head.

No. 877254


She’s a compulsive liar like her psycho mom. She’s also claimed she grew up poor, yet her grandpa is a millionaire. Sure Jan.

No. 877264

That 'he's a millionaire' bullshit… oh wow. Why is she trying to impress a bunch of strangers online? That's not a smart thing to say when you know you're gonna keep begging for things on social media anyway. Nice to see she finally kinda admits that she loves when he's around because he gets her things. Shallow cunt. She had that mental breakdown and dreaded how one day he'll be gone. She'll be a mess when that day comes because her cash pig will be no more- unless he gives her an inheritance- to which she'll pretend to be sad for all of 2 days as she blows all her money on buying a new face.

No. 877268

Is her grandpa the old man she fucks for cash?

No. 877291

What if her mom isn’t even a compulsive liar and it’s just been her projecting her own issues on her mom to the internet for her image of poor girl rising up and “hustling” for a better life

No. 877292

Many days or weeks do y’all think it’ll take before something upsets her about the new place and brings back her depression

No. 877294

File: 1570415894481.jpeg (193.73 KB, 750x1062, 32638C49-57A9-4ADE-B7C8-C097D6…)

moisturized where? I can’t tell if the comment is sarcastic or one of her delusional fans

No. 877300

File: 1570418858382.jpg (475.62 KB, 1060x1391, Screenshot_20191006-222357.jpg)

>smoke free home

No. 877304

File: 1570420256549.jpeg (69.86 KB, 1124x626, EBczN5UX4AE8r8r.jpeg)

No. 877306

File: 1570420698613.jpeg (72.71 KB, 1077x633, EBczN5TXoAARoIa.jpeg)

No. 877314

File: 1570422836098.png (Spoiler Image, 2.87 MB, 750x1334, 6FFFA969-0D80-41EF-B7F8-134294…)

I’m sure it’s just out of shot in this one. They aren’t the type to move things around.

No. 877315

File: 1570422993129.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 111.87 KB, 750x733, 7637D976-A3F8-458D-8E55-7D5E3C…)

Worst of all

No. 877317

>>877315 someone please post this as a comment on her ad on marketplace(cowtipping)

No. 877318

Tbf it's a little different than cigarette smoke, especially since it's leather, but yeah still. I think the worse part is she's had her nasty bare rash vag and ass on it like pictured above lmao

No. 877326

I can't imagine anyone buying that hideous, worn out, bed bug infested trash, smelling like stinky fish and stale smoke-for over half a grand?! Lmao she's fukn crazy

No. 877328

she sells her pussy for less than she sells her furniture LOL

No. 877329

It's listed for $300. I could see her getting $175 out of it.

No. 877407

File: 1570457856319.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 112.41 KB, 749x1084, 1EEBEDC4-DB4D-4ACF-8CF2-D369A7…)

Unrelated but I found this photo of pnp fingering herself in the kitchen.. I think she’s leaning up against the fridge too.

No. 877514

File: 1570469173457.png (1.5 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20191006-214220.png)

Vomit inducing, I wonder how much of doormatt plaque she just ate

No. 877518

File: 1570469404745.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, F9FC4837-DEFB-4FF5-9071-ADB5A7…)

anyone placing any bets?? mental breakdown in 3.. 2.. 1..

No. 877556

She keeps cutting her damn bangs. That’s what is making her look like lord thotquad.
Also, how long before those white shirts are filthy?

No. 877581

File: 1570475103716.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 35DCC21D-4BF0-45A6-90CC-7B8271…)

skinwalking hotelshrimp again (with hairy ass legs) remember when she jumped on hotelshrimps ED recovery to post about her own ED???

No. 877593

You care to stay anonymous, anon?

No. 877600

File: 1570477148833.jpeg (171.51 KB, 705x1166, 1F747361-C1A5-45EF-B817-33788A…)

Are you referring to pnp tattooing “versatile hoe” on herself? Or is there hotelshrimp milk I’m forgetting about

No. 877601

File: 1570477222080.jpeg (130.72 KB, 750x875, C86AD89F-8FF4-4152-A210-C3B352…)

Nah, she’s referring to how she takes photos.

No. 877603


No. 877605

just change your display pic

No. 877607

i did lol. also i’m pretty sure she made a post or at least commented on hotelshrimps IG post that said how inspired she was about her recovery, then posted on her own IG about her own ED like immediately after. and yeah the versatile hoe tattoo thing happened like right after hotelshrimp put that in her bio

No. 877610


But it "wipes clean" so don't worry about the snail trails!

No. 877611

I'm not even interested in her life story or problems anymore, although it's funny to listen to her complain about basic shit. I'm just waiting excitedly to see her life go to shit even more.

No. 877614

Yesterday on live she was telling ppl about this forum, apparently a lot of ppl that were still following didn't know. KEK. She should've kept her mouth shut lmao her page is getting sooo quiet. It dead. RIP

No. 877615

Constantly trying to play the victim can bite you in the ass eventually

No. 877625

File: 1570481995447.png (674.87 KB, 804x852, Screenshot_20191007-145953.png)


No. 877627

File: 1570482086247.png (316.85 KB, 469x554, CRdnaSzW0AA4PVE~2.png)


No. 877634

lol i love when cows cowtip themselves

No. 877637


Who wouldnt want a used couch that she used to scratch her full body rash on. Free skin flakes and pussy drippings included. Oh and dont worry she didn’t SMOKE on it just spend her 20 hours at home smoking a Juul on it. Its VAPE AND ITS DIFFERENT.

No. 877642


She always has these two dark spots in the middle of her lips. Is that the injection hole? Or just nasty chapped lips?

She said once she’s had her lip filler leak from the injection hole before and I cant unsee it.

No. 877643

I think it’s either from picking or because the inside of her lip that isn’t meant to be exposed is now part of her new lips

No. 877644

File: 1570484749874.jpeg (69.17 KB, 720x960, 5DBE742E-0E3A-4A4E-AE4F-20F90D…)

>Wipes clean!

Yet doesn’t/cannot wipe the cum dribbles from the end of the couch.

This useless cunt sits at home all day doing fucking nothing, yet can’t even take a quality photo of her couch or fucking wipe it down when she’s asking for 300 dollars. Dumb bitch can’t even shoo her cat away for 15 seconds to take a photo, not to mention the ratty wig on the table.

Its a used ikea couch that a prostitute use to own. Dump it on the curb for the hobos or fucking burn it and release the souls trapped inside it.

She is literal trash.

No. 877646


You guys…theres a listing for the couch on craigslist….and contact info…
Ariana…come on

No. 877656

Lovebombing Matthew… She would be lovebombing allamericanbadboy if he didn't drop her after getting his use of her. She doesn't love doormatt. They're both scared to be alone it seems.

No. 877658

Bruhhhhhhhh LOL he’s a millionaire yet you have to spell out how expensive things are, calculate when ur buying furniture and begging your followers for money and stuff off ur wishlist. If gramps had that much money I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be living in the slums of philly and wouldn’t have a wishlist cause he would buy you everything and furnish your house. But like she says, tHaTs NoNe oF mY BuSiNeSs Lmao

No. 877662


No. 877669

She lurks here way too often lmaoooo she deleted the ad that fast

No. 877671


No. 877673


Too late Ari.. too late

No. 877675

geez, can't wait for her to cry about her hate forum tracking down her phone number because she's too stupid to not post it on the internet. Don't worry ariana I won't tell anyone what it is

No. 877686


Pretty sure she put Matt’s number on the ad. Poor dudes gonna be getting quotes and telemarketers for months.

No. 877687

Not like we had any doubt, but this is indisputable proof that she is obsessively refreshing this page.

Which is it, do you care about your haters or not? Are we the obsessed ones, or are you?

No. 877688

It said the name was Matthew but it's pretty much a rule of thumb if you're selling shit on Craigslist to use a guys name so you don't get creeps replying. Could be him though idk

No. 877692

yeah when she was live yesterday she said she's "read things we've said on here" and how it's all "lies" kek

No. 877694

File: 1570488611922.jpeg (65.8 KB, 329x253, 15DC5289-9B09-4D1F-8A63-43712A…)

No. 877696

>mfw when an old man calls me skinny

No. 877701

Hahah right… Ariana McMillan really wants to convince her followers that her threads are full of lies when there's photo and video proof of her horrible, wicked self.
she's staying on the down low more now because she's trying really hard not to expose her shitty personality more. She really wants her followers to believe she's the victim.

No. 877747

i bet she reads other cow's threads too.

No. 877758

She definitely does. She was following Shayna at one point

No. 877768

Why is the area around her mouth pale as fuck and the rest of her face is red

No. 877778

She’s just “tHaT gOoD aT mAkEuP”

No. 877838

lol watching this losers life unfold is just too much. she just sinks lower and lower and lower. wonder how far she'll go? one thing is sure; she'll never amount to anything useful. damn if i'd turned out to be a prostitute i'd rather be dead

No. 877866

File: 1570526993781.jpeg (681.67 KB, 828x1122, 81A874BC-C394-4644-9D68-DF5EA1…)

Self portrait?

No. 877873

prostitution is the oldest job on the planet, no1curr what you’d do

No. 877876

lmao if this isn't ariana i give her a day before she repeats what you just said

No. 877932

File: 1570546709444.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 4455F8FC-F90D-4A4E-AAC1-4D096A…)

She’s such a fucking hypocrite. Talking about how she’s scared of people texting and driving where all she does is records herself obnoxiously lip syncing to radio hits the whole time while driving. I’m sincerely concerned for this persons IQ, how can you be so fucking delusional and lack so much self awareness ?

No. 877933

File: 1570547363435.jpeg (278.59 KB, 1024x1820, 4E0E22C0-B4FE-4396-B479-17AADC…)

Why does she refuse to see a mental health professional? She is constantly publicizing her deteriorating mental state…if she really does have a “MiLlIOnAiRe” grandpa couldn’t he cover some intensive therapy for her? it is honestly mind boggling to watch her continuous downslide

No. 877942

File: 1570548998612.jpeg (141.8 KB, 750x663, 74006281-54FE-4266-98DF-006C4B…)

No. 877962

I wonder what it feels like when she smiles and her nasolabial folds are forced to press into the fillers there

No. 878002

This is probably the first time she's actually been tested since her vacation. How disgusting.

She probably hit the pothole because she was on her phone. Hahaha

No. 878003

Lmao yeah she's such a 'hustler' but probably needs 4 new tires. They only pop like that when they're worn completely out. I'm sure she wishes she could add those to her Amazon list lmao. Bitch get a job KeK!

No. 878005

Probably the only reason she actually did it this time was because she found out it can be done for free.
Bringing this back up for reference. She’s cheap, lazy, and afraid of doctors. The worst combination.

No. 878007

Samefag. I meant worst combination for a sex worker.

No. 878027


Wow! It’s almost as if when her entire fucking body was covered with a mysterious rash after being raped, she could have just googled it and found out there were free clinics for her!

But instead, she googled a psoriasis diagnosis, never went to a doctor, continued her sex work (even did a double) and cried when every single person on Reddit yelled at her for not going to a doctor, that the reason she didnt go was it was too expensive.

And there’s photo evidence of all of this in these very threads! Go look for yourselves any new Ari fans!

She is fucking disgusting

No. 878042


I like that now she's touting free healthcare now when a month ago her welfare ass was so dumb she didn't even think free healthcare existed.

No. 878043


Not defending the dirty bitch, but tires don't have to be worn down to have a blow out. They can be overfilled with air and dumbass hits something at the wrong angle/speed. And yeah, tire shops make you buy all 4.(autism)

No. 878044


Considering the huge amount of lies she tells and the fact she's back with Matt after she admits he just couldn't handle her cheating, this "rape" scenario is sounding less and less likely. Posting photos of herself face down in the dirt with her "rapist" beside her proves she's a tall tales, shitty lies kind of person. But we all knew that. From now on, if anyone tells a crazy story that clearly isn't true, it's called pulling a McMillan.

No. 878063

NEW tires? Lmao aren't popping on the hw. If she hit something she would've said that

No. 878068


My guess for her next wrong turn is a meth addiction.

No. 878073

can you guys sage? lol jesus.

No. 878097

It's PA tbh. The entire state is one big pot hole. It's not a big deal or rare for tires to pop

No. 878102

File: 1570583523925.png (10.06 MB, 1242x2208, 2F44610B-FD98-4000-8313-200E90…)

The milk is that she claims these forums are lies but it’s literally a collection of screen shots and recordings of her confessing everything compiled in one place for our viewing kek

No. 878111

File: 1570585081665.png (2.74 MB, 750x1334, EAB2C30F-AF52-44ED-9E9A-9F7C15…)

Next thread pic lol

No. 878140

File: 1570591595123.jpeg (388.91 KB, 1124x1916, 5469FE8A-2759-4B2D-8A35-33FE46…)


No. 878149

These are all dumb posts

No. 878152

File: 1570593090694.jpg (191.3 KB, 1080x1616, PicsArt_10-08-11.50.51.jpg)

Honestly thought this was a joke- it's not

No. 878153

nobody gives a shit about cotte’s bad makeup anon. if she’s not shading pop it’s not really milky

No. 878155

Ari? That you?
It's relevant bc it's pnp's attempt at makeup, honestly it's really awful. LMAO

No. 878164

File: 1570598480498.jpeg (137.42 KB, 750x805, A0E16D04-4949-45DD-B88C-5B263B…)

Damn. Looks like tonight is the farewell party

No. 878238


No one cares about bloodcotte

No. 878241

File: 1570620499054.jpeg (897.17 KB, 828x1552, 29558F93-B181-4D5F-BE44-98CADD…)

Setting powder orrrr ????

No. 878242

How manly and not at all feminine. She really blew it all on plastic surgery smh

No. 878251

Tinfoil but coke binge?

No. 878253

The only time she hangs out with other people is to do drugs. So yes anytime you see her and bloodcotte together they are probably snorting something.

No. 878287

File: 1570634088662.jpeg (180.86 KB, 750x990, 6C2DA4F9-9E02-40AB-85C0-6B6F4E…)

Maybe she finally found a use for her stockpile

No. 878304


She never could sell drugs! She would never stoop to that level! It's much better to cheat on your man with an old dude who pays your cheap rent! She's a career women, not a despicable drug dealer!

No. 878305


You claiming things are dumb is really irrelevant. Stop emulating Ariana and thinking people care about your pointless opinion.

No. 878310

File: 1570638754141.jpg (751.07 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191009-091833_Ins…)

PeeNPee really made this bitch look like a clown. It looks like something a kid playing with Mom's makeup would do. Using a plethora of colors and laying down a thick coat of crooked eyeliner proves she's delusional if she thinks it looks good. If this is the example of her makeup skills, she should just stick to drawing shitty, unproportioned pictures on paper. She's the only person I've ever seen suck so hard (pun intended) at everything, yet continues to think she's the greatest. Her life is a big joke.

No. 878311

The concealer around the brows is gag worthy

No. 878315

File: 1570639553654.jpeg (100.37 KB, 244x527, E04895EC-A73F-400F-A05D-71B370…)

She goes through such great lengths for the lip lift scar.

No. 878344

…Plus so many more…

I don't understand what about these posts makes it milk worthy? Or even post worthy? Recently someone has been shitting up the thread and you honestly sound obsessed. Not everything Ariana posts is worthy of posting here. Post the good shit and just cap everything else until she contradicts herself (because we all know she will). Go read the fucking rules.

I'll take my ban now.

No. 878413


No one cares your opinion. No one cares about their opinion. Post milk on the cow and stop shitting up the thread. Also learn what is means to sage your posts newfag.

No. 878416

File: 1570655401145.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, 5B9F374E-D991-4F75-9A76-D21F91…)

Lol how’d she rope doormatt into a Devil’s Triangle?

No. 878417

File: 1570655402878.png (100.05 KB, 750x1334, DE8F0714-5497-4EF9-9BB6-BE8764…)

so who wants to guess who it’s gonna be lol, aaron?

No. 878420

same anon but wouldn’t it be golden if it was with matt and her one client

No. 878423

I think it’s tow truck guy KEK

No. 878424

File: 1570655829374.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, 1019E41C-579A-4B4B-91FC-9B3D2F…)

No. 878425


Well she did say her grandpa was coming to visit soon.

No. 878427

she’s also doing “big sis” incest porn now too so makes sense

No. 878428

a dirty, predatory tow truck driver taking advantage of a validation starved cheap whore. it’s a trailer trash porn classic

No. 878439

It is very strange to me that she calls is b/b/g and not mmf.

No. 878474

She got it from Latinamilk

No. 878517

Has she recieved her STD results yet? Isn't it a felony to knowingly infect others with sexually transmitted diseases?

No. 878531


I'm 1000% sure it's matt and aaron kek

No. 878579

I hope she has birth control ready for this.

No. 878687

File: 1570726338058.png (1.26 MB, 1440x2440, Screenshot_20191009-202030~2.p…)

No. 878705

File: 1570728413643.jpg (197.22 KB, 1080x758, Screenshot_20191010-132646_Twi…)

No. 878718

no anon she’ll just get an abortion again and use it for clout

No. 878749

Major tinfoil: what if allamericanbadboy makes a comeback for the 3some KEK

No. 878755

i mean i don't think it's aaron if she said they're both 6'4" so maybe you're right

No. 878757

but when matt fucked another girl she was “traumatized”

No. 878759

File: 1570735933431.jpg (1.9 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20191010_122326389.j…)

Finally put my finger on it

No. 878761

I was thinking the exact same thing anon lol

No. 878770

hes not 6’4

No. 878775

It’s closer than Aaron. Pretty sure the only reason she mentioned the guy’s height is because we’re over here gossiping about the possibilities.

No. 878781

File: 1570739204430.jpg (244.35 KB, 1074x933, Screenshot_20191010-162649_Twi…)

No. 878782

can she not go one week without doing hard drugs? jesus, dude.

No. 878793

File: 1570740950507.png (3.3 MB, 750x1334, 88D0541E-19B7-4DD0-A3BC-F8D671…)

This bitch is so weird… if you love animals wouldn’t it be a little more satisfying to see them alive rather than dead and stuffed?

No. 878800

She was legit almost borderline crying on her ig story today because alcohol has been triggering her psoriasis. Now she wants to take molly like it won’t throw her into a heavier depression? What the fuck does she think taking ecstasy will do for her in that moment? Literally cannot do her job without a crutch. During the foursome the group got too fucked up to film much of anything as well. It’s pathetic how often she recycles the same bullshit.

No. 878801

Treating them like her baby blanket.

No. 878815


I’ve honestly never seen someone as stupid as her. She wins the prize.

She says when she does her makeup on IG its gonna be a “great financial decision” for her yet she cant fucking purchase a 15-30 dollar ring light from amazon or ebay? She’s been whining about this fucking ring light for months now yet this broke fucking cunt cant spare 15 dollars for a “business decision”.

No. 878816


Samefag but fuck, I guess she was begging her followers to buy her a 5 pack of bic pens the other week so maybe I’m being too ambitious here about what a professional whore can afford.

No. 878820

don't forget about her millionaire grandpa

No. 878822

Dude i know this was days ago but it’s ridiculous to say she wasn’t raped. She was. She was obviously blacked out… she couldn’t consent. If she were just a little drunk I might see where you’re coming from, but when you’re blacked out..that’s fucked. There’s tons of shitty things about her so there’s really no need to stay hung up on this ..it’s not milky it’s just sad.

No. 878833

You were there?

No. 878839

We have no evidence she even fucked the guy or was even actually alone with him. She also displays no after effects of being assualted. if she even was assualted she shrugged that off pretty easily to me.

No. 878852

File: 1570745961850.jpeg (288.19 KB, 750x716, 112D1CC1-CA68-44B4-82B8-3E0357…)

1. she blocks people who don’t agree with her or call her out for being a shitty person so that retweet is fucking hilarious
2. is it safe to assume from this that matt is bi….? if so, outing your bf on twitter is not cute. yikes.

No. 878862

Jesus christ. If I walked into a new friends house and it was chock-full of taxidermy, I'd be pretty weirded out. I'd assume the person may have issues and in her case, I'd be right. Jeffrey Dahmer also loved taxidermy. Not saying she's a serial killer or anything though. Although I could totally see her murdering someone in a crime of passion, like if she caught doormatt in bed with some chick.

No. 878864

SF. Wouldn't it be crazy if one of our cows went on to murder?? If that did happen I wouldn't be completely surprised if it was Ariana. Bitch is unstable as all hell and really unpredictable.

No. 878874

Either that or she's just making up the fact he's bi because he isn't stereotypically hyper masculine.

No. 878919


Sounds like DoorMatt is having second thoughts about this threesome with her grandpa. This is her version of peer pressure cause she can’t confront people IRL. Already a good start to this trainwreck.

No. 878926

File: 1570759224623.jpeg (232.4 KB, 750x999, 7A309536-0EF7-4168-A395-269AEE…)

No. 878996


This is super weird because she said multiple times how she is very straight and about her " fake eating a girl out" because she just reallly doesn't like girls.

I agree on the theorie of peerpressureing doormatt into being gay for her paycheck.

No. 878999

File: 1570783457026.jpeg (498.74 KB, 750x1334, AFF9C875-60ED-48EB-A08B-D69007…)

there’s a lot going on here, she’s a bitch to people who are just trying to give her solid advice, she seems manic as fuck or definitely on coke with the way she can’t even type right and generally being weirdly hypersexual, and now i’m convinced the third in this gross threesome is aaron seeing as he seems to be her only male “friend”

No. 879007


It’s Aaron. She said it was with another SW, and she got Aaron into sex work and anons found his SW twitter awhile ago.

Now that they’re no longer roommates Ari sees this as a chance to finally fuck Aaron freely because it wont be “weird” after with the three of them all living together.

This is just another way PnP is using “sex work” as a way to manipulate DoorMatt into letting her cheat on him. And he’s only doing it to use it as a bargaining chip to ask for M-F-F threesome in the near future.

No. 879011

>> I love my BESTIE and am going to MISS HER so much but now I have a reason TO TRAVEL derpa der

And BloodCotte was never seen or mentioned again. /fin

No. 879049

File: 1570796360519.png (2.77 MB, 1236x2096, ghost wants the results.png)

Aaron is waiting for Ari to get her results back before he fucks her LOL. Remember how he made this subtle jab directed at her and suddenly she was like "hai guys you can get tested for free" after crying for months she couldnt afford tests.

Thats fucking hilarious that even aaron doesnt believe her psoriasis bullshit. kek

No. 879061

Y'all remember when she was on her drug binge and woke up naked next to Aaron and was crying saying she really fucked up? There's screep caps in a previous thread. She has this weird attachment to him ever since she fucked him from tinder.

No. 879071

having a threesome on drugs with your boyfriend (with whom you have a tempestuous relationship) and your best male friend you’re attracted to and live with is a recipe for disaster

No. 879078

File: 1570806212532.jpeg (212.21 KB, 750x1035, ED80735E-D30A-4DD1-881B-878B6E…)

Still get a kick whenever she uses this phrase.

No. 879083

Ariana “If you give me 20 bucks after, we can fuck and I’ll tell my boyfriend you’re a client” McMillan

What a legend.

No. 879087

File: 1570807922982.jpg (92.38 KB, 1080x492, PicsArt_10-11-11.29.35.jpg)

Smiling while this bitch's page continues it's downward spiral. Lmfaooo

No. 879088

File: 1570807993724.jpeg (225.19 KB, 749x1074, 29586179-81E9-48D4-A9D6-1B67A8…)

Today will possibly be the big reveal

No. 879090

Truly no one gives a fuck Ariana. Just because you tweet it doesn't make it true you imbecile

Look at that poor disgraced creature. I'm sure it will never be cleaned or maintained in any way. Fucking gross

This bitch is definitely already on something. Also is her cat her next taxidermy project? Time will tell on Sick Sad World

No. 879107

When you guys make this fan art I just don't get it.

Like an anon said in a previous thread, stop redistributing these carefully posed and edited pictures that ariana has curated. Use only pictures from lives, videos, etc. This shit isn't a fan thread, the goal is exposing her.

Also, how is this even milk? Like, why did you take time to make this?

No. 879115

Yeah 5 seconds and it's fukn hilarious, her whole life goal is to be insta famous and she's failing miserably. Ari that you?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 879118

Nice sage. Nice "hi cow" comment.
Maybe read the rules and stop shitting up the thread with your "hilarious" fan art. I swear, you all want this thread to be locked again.

No. 879146

File: 1570814201463.jpg (1.15 MB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20191011-131642_Ins…)

No. 879158

well she wasn't lying about the flare-up, but why would you immediately go get a tattoo and decide to take ecstasy with this rash re-emerging?

No. 879181

File: 1570818022096.png (5.5 MB, 1125x2436, 5B9AE1EB-14CE-4BC0-934E-EF0FB9…)

Making herself look like a goddamn clown more and more each day. This makeup is horrific.

No. 879186

I was just about to post this. The BPD is so fucking strong in this one, it’s getting worse. I’m not understanding the reason why she goes so fucking hard on her makeup. Probably 2 hours to look like that.

No. 879197

holy fuck that tattoo is hilarious hahahaha. what edge! how does she not see the cringe?

No. 879203

lol but why the calf muscles look like that on her tattoo, you would think the tattoo artist would at least fix up her sketch to be anatomically correct. i would be so embarrassed to have a tattoo that’s fucked up

No. 879207

ugh this is horrible. hey would you rather get the weird mangled bird or this new one? lol i also hate having to look at her weird long torso its like 4 feet long. nasty

No. 879208


Your whining is worse than PeeNPee's. No one cares if you don't like posts. No one cares if it's not some shit you'd post. Go police some other forum.

No. 879217

Was thinking that too and it's driving me absolutely crazy. So tacky and fuckin terrible looking.

No. 879220


People can discuss things here. Skip whatever you don't want to read. Quit whining.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 879221


Her new tattoo totally "drained" her. Kek. That thing is a small, practically single needle tattoo that took no more than 30 minutes. She really thinks getting lame tattoos that look like picture book sketches will make her look better.

No. 879224


She has 2, nearly identical, shitty sketches of swords going through something, both on her stomach. This bitch is so unoriginal it hurts my eyes. She's always going to be a second-rate version of someone else, but she should at least try to emulate someone with good tattoos.

No. 879225


How much you wanna bet this "fire" content is going to be another shitty amateur video of her making faces in an attempt to look sexy… as she cheats on Mr. Plaque right in front of him with some other equally ugly dude?
I'd watch it more to see Matt's face as he gets cheated on. Kek(Samefag)

No. 879227

Her tattoos are so faded it amazes me. Seriously, they look like they've been there 20 years. I guess it was all the shit she did to get rid of her rash.. kek

No. 879237


It’s fucking insane. A breakdown far worse than the Dominica one is on the way…no doubt

No. 879239

File: 1570827420528.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 109.71 KB, 749x963, 45FC8946-5FD1-4AE6-865D-E39069…)

Wow that looks really bad. What’s with the crooked handle?

No. 879242

No. 879249

lmao this cunt constantly complains about how having a low sex drive makes her "job" difficult yet she's pretending to be super excited about getting railed by TWO guys whilst also going through a psoriasis flare up

pick a face a stick to it dumb bitch

No. 879322

Yeah i showed my boyfriend and we had a good laugh at how terrible this tattoo/drawing is. Hopefully she will realize how terrible this “art” is and get a coverup in the future.(No1curr)

No. 879323

There’s a picture of her face down on the ground retard. It’s pretty obvious.

No. 879326

File: 1570845037214.png (3.04 MB, 750x1334, 4C985040-04BA-403D-841B-41760E…)

KEK. He was probably grabbing her shit.

No. 879411

mediocre tattoo aside, i would not trust nor go to an artist that's willing to work on someone who's skin has these kind of blotches on them.

those elbows though, and why are the boobs pointing upward, wouldn't they have some natural sag?

No. 879416


No. 879428

i think we’re forgetting who drew this… as if she has any realistic concept of female anatomy. i mean she thinks her own face/body make her look better and “younger”

No. 879429

File: 1570903598562.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.75 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20191012_140621314.jpg)

No. 879430

She has no fucking hips whatsoever. And with her giant ball breasts bolted on, it makes her look even less curvy down there. Yikes.(nitpick)

No. 879437

this has already been deleted, unless it’s her private twitter also lol at “mine fucked”

No. 879440

File: 1570906375244.jpg (Spoiler Image, 570.06 KB, 1079x1439, Screenshot_20191012-145209_Twi…)

She reuploaded it

No. 879441

File: 1570906442149.jpg (148.23 KB, 1078x571, Screenshot_20191012-145341_Twi…)

She's so stupid if she doesn't realize that getting tattoos is trauma to your body which will cause a psoriasis flare. Kek

No. 879444

i find it so vile that she has her brother's name tattooed in that spot.
also wash your god damn hands. she's alway got makeup on them and they look so dirty.

No. 879445

Crying laughing at this new caption. It’s either her ED, psoriasis, or how hot she is.

She said this herself at one point.. Honestly I think she’s trying to self sabotage her threesome. It doesn’t make sense to cause all this bodily trauma on top of the drinking she’s admittedly been doing while having the fucking rash back on her chest.

No. 879452

Just because she’s laying on the ground shitfaced doesn’t mean it did happen. Or didn’t. No one knows for sure it’s all speculation. Unless, as the last anon asked, you were there?

No. 879461

God the new tattoo is such an ugly obvious blight (and that’s saying a lot next to the other hideous tats). I wonder if she’s going to get 3 new pieces of her “artwork” done on her. It’ll be hilarious to see her cover her body with the drawings she’s made, theyre all so awful it’s cringe

No. 879462

File: 1570912756101.jpeg (427.97 KB, 1800x1167, 46CF0B7C-75C9-48C2-91D8-5E3CB7…)

I stg every time she posts a nude photo all I can think of are those worm aliens from men in black

No. 879466

i hope if it is another drawing it’s the clown, in full color.

No. 879470

Oof. That tat is bad. It just looks like someone’s practice sketch… because that’s all it ever was. It really stands out against her other tattoos which, while they aren’t my style, at least look well drawn.

No. 879508

File: 1570920237048.jpg (Spoiler Image, 391.9 KB, 810x1374, Screenshot_20191012-184404_Ins…)

No. 879513

just stop


No. 879521

File: 1570924489137.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 419.01 KB, 750x2995, 9D3FFFAC-53B2-4801-8DC5-CD6F0A…)

Some gems from her onlyfans. Rarely posts because she’s ~so busy guys~

No. 879532

As a med student I'm concerned, she appears to have an anal fissure. She needs medicated ointment, an anal exam, and possibly a colonoscopy.(medfag)

No. 879551

Someone photoshop the blown out titty scars onto this

No. 879552

File: 1570931393052.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, DB2ztN5UQAAgN6P.jpg)

No. 879553

I don’t want to nitpick, but honestly it looks like she has two pussies and an asshole????(nitpicking about asshole shape)

No. 879557

I think the bottom part is just dry and stuck together weird or something lmao

No. 879558

Ok "med student" anon and others… it's called a perineum. Some people have more apparent ones than others. Males and females have them. Her's is kinda odd looking because it doesn't go all the way from vag to asshole though so maybe she does just have a long weird vag area kek. My guess is isa taint.(nitpicking about asshole shape)

No. 879570

The anal fissure is shown in the bottom photo where she's bent over in the mirror but go off sis. I obviously know what a perineum is?(nitpicking about asshole shape)

No. 879571

No way, that’s her pus for sure

No. 879584

You're thinking too intellectually here anon, it's probably a dingle berry, it's already clear she has wretched hygiene.

No. 879592

for someone who’s been a SeX wOrKeR for SiX yEaRs she takes nudes like a child trying to look at their genitals in the mirror for the first time. she’s awkward and unsexy as fuck

No. 879596

yall are weird, her vagina is completely normal anatomy wise, the color just makes that particular area more noticeable.

No. 879601

In her fucking slippers with her cat on the bed, mm yes that's what gets people off. Make some effort damn.

No. 879605

Have y'all never seen another woman's anal/vaginal region before
Newsflash: genitals and anuses can look weird as fuck. They have wrinkles, different colorings, various shapes, etc. Just because someone's rectal and genital region doesn't look like a sex doll doesn't mean they have something wrong with them. Imagine being so brainwashed by hentai you think literally any genitals region that doesn't look sculpted or animated must have something wrong with them. Reminds me of anons who attempt to claim girls who don't have Barbie tits have tubular breasts or another deformity

No. 879609

What happened with her and embodee and the Botox place they used to go to? I tried to find it but embodee deleted her IG and the old thread didn’t seem to have anything about what they said on live

No. 879611


Yet this is the “fire content” that makes her a HUSTLER and above all us NORMIES WORKING 9-5.

No. 879648

File: 1570978926555.png (1.45 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20191013-085921.png)

Wasn't she just shitting on dollskill and now she's sucking up to them on IG….also didn't they block her ass on Twitter?

No. 879650


Unless you were there for the "rape", you can't say it happened. She never posted rape kit results or any actual evidence besides a picture of herself passed out drunk with her man and another man around. You think it happened based on what she said, however, her actions, repeated lies and blasé attitude towards this supposed "rape" seem to scream "the liar who cried rape." Sucks for her if it's true, but her unbelievable lying makes it impossible to believe her or even feel bad. She has such a shitty attitude that her misfortunes are well-deserved karma.

No. 879651


She's praying to the God of Shitty Tattoos that she'll be able to get back in Dollskill's good graces so she can feel like she's somebody. She's also trying to let everyone know that once she was successful with her poorly paid single modeling job. It's sad when your best days are behind you at 25. Although it's actually kind of funny when it happens to her.

No. 879652

>Unless you were there for the "rape", you can't say it happened.

Not whiteknighting, but you can't say it didn't happen either since you weren't there.

No. 879654


Newbies who get tattoos of any kind, any style, just to say they have tattoos. Kek

No. 879655


Laziest fucking shave job for someone who even pretends to be a real sex worker.

No. 879658


This is pretty obvious: There is no evidence either way, so there's no argument either way. We're just saying she's typically a liar, so now she's stuck with that label.

No. 879684

Nothing happened. They said they were waiting to expose them so more people could join in to bash the Botox injector but then they deleted all the Instagram stories pertaining to the exposè

No. 879703

File: 1570993324907.jpg (745.82 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20191013-150100_Ins…)

Pos pet owner letting them injure each other. Let's hope she even considers taking her to the vet if the wounds become infected. I wish she was the one injured.

No. 879720

Was about to post. Poor weezy, but she thinks it's so ~cute~ when they attack each other. You can tell weezy doesn't like the other cat tarte. Tarte just needs to be better trained but Ari doesn't know shit on how to be a proper pet owner or how to train an animal

No. 879757

File: 1571008121473.jpeg (208.09 KB, 1125x979, 2A332644-C09B-473A-A88F-6BB094…)

didn't she just post about how much she misses her quirky leopard spots?

No. 879780


Yes she was talking shit about dollskill like a few weeks ago. she tweeted about how they block people they don't like and that as an individual she understands that but as a company it is unprofessional. dunno if the tweet is still there

No. 879781

No. 879791

Did yall see the photo she posted of her snake with the stuck shed all over it and it wasn't even in shed anymore?

No. 879797

um get medication for it then? some of then have like a $5 copay

No. 879805

I truly think We won’t see any “fire” on her OF. I’m curios of the results she got from her screening 5-6 days who.

No. 879807

File: 1571021885585.png (2.91 MB, 750x1334, A95C117C-C584-4405-BB1A-50E8B8…)

I’m cracking up. On her instastories she’s talking about how she’s just now reading about the OJ trial but has always avoided it because she’s “an empath” and gets really emotional and cries all the time about stuff like that and bitch is literally almost in tears talking about the OJ trial and how sad it is that he had his defense stacked lol. Ariana… it happened 25 years ago and is common knowledge. Please watch a documentary about it or something.

No. 879810

"i cry 5 times a day" that doesn't make you an empath ariana that just means you're unstable. this bitch is so dumb jesus

No. 879823

File: 1571027070254.jpeg (195.82 KB, 750x914, 22AD5843-F925-4FBF-A536-FCFEC9…)

It’s kinda weird how every now and again Ariana proves she lives under a rock. Who doesn't know about this case? Especially someone who claims to be interested in law and criminal justice.

No. 879825

I think it’s funny how she’s acting like it’s a groundbreaking unpopular opinion to think he did it. Like… yeah… everyone thinks he did it and there have been jokes made about it for literal decades now.

No. 879841

this bitch gives me the biggest fucking headache trying to look smart and informed on social media about issues that happened decades ago. could you imagine being her client, an old ass man, and listening to her go on about shit she just found about about 20+ years later? dude must be desperate as fuck to grit through that. interacting with her has to be like talking to a kindergartner

No. 879878


Pretty sure that’s exactly what she did. She has nothing to do all day so stumbled upon an OJ documentary or that mini series that was made a few years ago and now she’s got her jimmies all rustled for a few hours. I mean, nothing else interesting ever happens in her life this is probably very exciting for her! I’d call her a boring, gossipy house wife but house wives are usually more productive throughout the day.

No. 879934

File: 1571068163445.jpeg (332.97 KB, 1194x781, 1565645159034.jpeg)

Okay, but which is it Ariana?
Would you be able to handle it and just "dissociate" or are you an "empath" who'll still cry over injustices for the victim's family 25 years later? Pick a lane.
Sage for nothing new, just more of her hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness. As usual.

No. 879941

File: 1571070059185.png (393.17 KB, 750x1334, 8423B567-9B2F-4FE4-92CF-2E6ADA…)

she had “beef” with them, like… 4 days ago. someone’s trying super hard to remain relevant.

No. 880004

File: 1571080741360.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, 4E0CC946-D963-4590-9979-1C3B45…)

can’t afford a dr visit to get a real psoriasis diagnosis or an STD test and follow up tho

No. 880017

File: 1571083685038.png (2.79 MB, 750x1334, DCD673EC-3512-4F2C-B1C3-9E54CD…)

Aaand it didn’t even give her the rush of dopamine she wanted

No. 880035

File: 1571085968880.jpeg (168.62 KB, 750x974, FCD96A2F-86CA-4AFE-8D04-3E520F…)

Deleted content. Wonder what this is about?

No. 880080

File: 1571089900794.jpeg (72.72 KB, 750x387, E9F93A4F-790C-4BD7-8143-5C5A22…)

The irony

No. 880081

Her tits look so lump, what a waste of money

No. 880082

Her top lip is now bigger than the bottom one.

No. 880106

Just return it and stop whining about everything Ariana

No. 880195

File: 1571106731868.png (8.94 MB, 1125x2436, 1C66D5B7-BB3E-431C-B87C-1AA7ED…)

Is it just me or does this mark on Wheezy from Tarte look worse now than it did before?

No. 880196

It looks enflamed and infected.

No. 880202

File: 1571110127164.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 116.85 KB, 750x1077, 69187FF9-500A-4914-93E2-ED9BE9…)

Hahaha why is she standing on a storage container

No. 880203

File: 1571110153234.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 135.94 KB, 749x1034, 74D79AB8-7238-43D3-9F5D-50C6FB…)

The comment

No. 880220

oooooof. who the fuck is paying for this in all honesty. she's bony AND flabby at the same time, probably from just starving herself and not exercising or doing much at all.
that long torso/no hips/wide shoulders combo also reads as "little 13 year old boy"

No. 880254

her terribly shaved landing strip looks like that one skinny piece of pizza you end up with when you fucked up cutting the rest of the pizza.

No. 880280

>No hips
>Big shoulders

Are we looking at the same person? A very thin woman with big tits, flat stomach, and visible hips are definitely not what come to mind when I think "flabby with no hips" what exactly is an ideal female body type to you anon?

No. 880284

Skinny =/= toned
Protruding hip bones =/= curves
Malignant lumps =/= nice breasts

She looks like she eats cat food out of the tin, then punishes her gluttony with starvation.

No. 880289

calm down ar*ana(hi cow)

No. 880303

mmmh, yes, the sw content that people want! lazy nudes posted with a comment about being insecure about her weight

No. 880313

File: 1571143099436.png (4.3 MB, 750x1334, BAF4BC51-7026-45A9-BB32-286BA5…)

No idea where you see these curves anon. She's got no hips ass thighs or anything. Yes she is thin but not toned at all, she's got the prototype body of someone who starved themselves and sits on their ass all day.

Also ft. Ari thinking drunk people at a show engaging with her means she has a lot of friends. Where are these people when you're struggling or broadcasting to the world that you're so lonely? Literally nowhere. They're called acquaintances, and they're not the same as real friends.

No. 880391


Today my Barista smiled at me and made me feel like I exist as a human! I have so many friends! /s

No. 880441


I definitely would not categorize her as "very thin." More like a slender person who isn't toned at all, who stocked up on the injections and silicone to try to appear conventionally "attractive".

No. 880453

Has Ariana ever wondered why there’s a lolcow thread about her? Besides everyone being jealous, bitter, and bored.

There’s no embodoe thread. We could be jealous about her surgeries. There’s no latinamilk thread. We could be bitter she fucks for money while we do it for free. There are so many worthless self-involved instathots, yet Ariana is one of the few with a series of threads.

Really highlights how delusional and narcissistic she is. This thread wouldn’t exist if she wasn’t such a publicly deplorable cow.

No. 880492

no one's saying she's curvy, she doesn't have "no hips" she has hip to waist ratio, it just isn't a lot. I also said she isn't flabby, which she isn't because flabbiness usually refers to loose skin. She just looks like a normal thin girl to me with breast implants. I don't see why everything is black and white to you and saying she isn't a box somehow means I'm saying she's curvy

again, where did I say she was toned or had nice breasts? I said they're big, not nice
your entire comment is based off of things I've never said, therefore until you get good reading comprehension your comment is invalid

No. 880497

she moved into a new apartment three weeks ago with just her and matt and no roommate and she’s already blowing through her credit card on makeup and clothes, HOW is matt not pissed about this bitch who has no job wasting and ruining her credit on this shit instead of taking real accountability and learning a legitimate and health coping skill or two to deal with her body dysmorphia. matt’s an enabler for that.

No. 880512

Just from these threads, I've never gotten the impression that he has much say in the relationship for whatever reason.

No. 880513

I love how this dumb cow completely fucks with her engagement on IG by turning off comments, yet complains almost daily about how IG doesn’t make her money anymore. lol.

You would think someone who makes their “money” online would know how it works

No. 880528

File: 1571178219019.png (52 KB, 804x200, Screenshot_20191015-162018.png)

Looks like her flu like symptoms and "psoriasis" is back. Right on time a couple months later. Looking more like an STD than psoriasis.

No. 880530

Where’s her test results? Must be why she’s depressed.

No. 880536

File: 1571179364798.jpg (342.59 KB, 821x1066, matt is disgusting.jpg)


DoorMatt is fucking gross and not a catch. He is her best client!

No. 880537

Funny how she always gets SiCk right before she makes FiRe CoNtEnT

No. 880570

File: 1571182177401.jpeg (165.43 KB, 750x860, 6A28D9AD-0978-4494-910B-B5EC72…)

Ariana has just about as much curves as her friend Aaron.

No. 880571

Self sabotage is a talent of hers.

No. 880575

Still can't believe she was making videos looking like this. How could she even think that's sexy

No. 880582

Lmao from the thumbnail I actually thought this was her

No. 880673

haha so did i

No. 880711

has anyone else noticed how youtuber atleeeey has kinda ripped ari’s style off a little kek not that either of them are good but I remember when Ari’s green hair was fading and atleeeey dyed her hair a similar color that she claimed she custom made. Her Carrie blood placement is super similar. She used to follow her and has obv noticed she’s lost followers so it wouldn’t surprise me. But just like…. why not rip off the original (babytrash) instead of the trailer trash version kek

No. 880718

No one cares Arianna, no one is lurking her but you. Stop trying to get us to talk about some nobody on youtube so we wont talk about DoorMatt's tiddies.

No. 880722

Yeah, the hotter and more famous chick is copying Arianna. Makes sense.

No. 880747

With the flu like symptoms, and body rash… Maybe she has implant illness?

No. 880756

yuck he's obese now and a disgusting piece of trash just like her. he gets too much sympathy.
is that their apartment or a motel room? getting ready for their threesome or whatever?

No. 880764

This picture is old as fuck! Around the time their engagement started.

No. 880779

File: 1571220424843.png (637.38 KB, 828x1792, 08343E0C-1528-42BB-ACB3-3338E4…)

No. 880783

yeah, or maybe she’s possessed by a demon!!!

anon if you’re going to armchair at least pick real illnesses and not made up internet bullshit that attentionwhores claim to have

No. 880794

File: 1571227759518.gif (1.07 MB, 250x250, 1534969370067.gif)


Ari poppin' off on the haters.

No. 880805

lol she gets so flustered when people are reasonable with her

No. 880806

File: 1571231797309.jpg (81.57 KB, 355x571, pnp.jpg)

Ariana got posted on /r/badMUAs lol

No. 880824


You're right. I was tipsy last night and thought I had a damn break through lmao. The only other "sufferer" of BIL I could think of did a whole "documentary" about it despite the Dr telling her straight up there was nothing wrong with her implants and they weren't making her sick.

To keep it on topic… I'll reiterate her needing to stop being negligent and get herself checked out. New clothes on "psoriasis" and a high credit card bill isn't cute.(blog)

No. 880865

Holy fuck she looks like a non-sexy version Morticia Addams. Thank you for this pre-op Ari

No. 880869

wow she has the face of a goblin. honestly I find it really disturbing when people change their faces with plastic surgery so extremely especially when they do it just for male attention. it's like a literal mask over her old face just to trick men into wanting to fuck her

No. 880871

many people “watch and experience things without reacting strongly” because they have a stable sense of self, healthy coping mechanisms and emotional regulation lol. all things she could learn in therapy if she wasn’t a stubborn lazy bitch. she really acts like mental illness and instability are just normal life for everyone and that stability is some weird foreign concept

No. 880872

File: 1571243263611.png (345.49 KB, 750x1334, 575E544B-83CB-4AC0-8EEF-0053A4…)

what a hero…? “the one who started it all” skskdjsksk

No. 880874

??? She has been dating doormatt the entire time she was getting work done. Pretty sure her PS isn’t about fucking dudes.

No. 880876

File: 1571244369316.jpeg (171.92 KB, 1080x1440, 35D1331A-4D5D-4930-A095-04CDB3…)

Another throwback to Ariana’s old face

No. 880877

exactly, its because she hates herself and couldn't stand to look in the mirror. admittedly, rightly so. she did have a major case of goblin face. too bad she just morphed into a different kind of ugly, and theres the fact that she'll always be a horrible beast on the inside.

No. 880881

I think they meant she started their mass following by promoting them. Now she’s a hero because she is promoting them again regardless of how it could effect her algorithm.

No. 880883

File: 1571244840724.jpeg (203.42 KB, 750x998, 1FC73FF7-CFF7-41CE-B434-5E1836…)

No. 880906

File: 1571248093709.jpeg (443.9 KB, 1192x1279, 44788B56-EB64-4918-AF90-73D5F0…)

“likes me back”…lol

No. 880908

“doesn’t want kids” but she talks about how she does one day???

No. 880912

she looks fine in this, at least she looks human

No. 880916

File: 1571250592966.jpeg (205.98 KB, 1242x888, 08D485C6-148A-4830-BB40-515F6C…)

when you search for ari’s twitter on google this tweet is a top result………embarrassing for doormatt

No. 880918

File: 1571251396992.jpeg (79.85 KB, 620x387, 0586ABD4-0663-4BD2-ABF0-1B04CD…)

No. 880952

File: 1571256955123.png (8.44 MB, 1242x2208, E0A1F42A-B78A-4C9B-9C5B-5DA3A1…)

On live saying her and em stopped going to lip person bc they were rude & talked crap about patients, over charged, and only had a following bc her and em promoted them and they got stingy and dismissive in the end kek so they saw pnps comeback to ig and decided to not let her promote for free injections anymore

No. 880954

also just admitted to not physically seeing a dermatologist, only sent a picture

No. 880960

she needs to stop trying to make the terrible ass bangs happen

No. 880964

File: 1571260407547.png (1.9 MB, 1113x2048, Screenshot_20191016-151245.png)

This is disgusting, at least Ps out that ass boil

No. 880965

is that from her road rash? lmao she facetunes her face religiously but can’t fix the discoloration and on a promotion post no less

No. 880975

>>880964 that's just her "psoriasis"

No. 880977


She definitely tried to blur out somethin gnarly on her ass but was too stupid to remove the discolouration

No. 880978

File: 1571262460901.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.55 KB, 750x1000, gross2.jpg)

More pre-op Ari and Matt. Spoiler because it's NSFL.

No. 880981


lol ariana?

she has been fucking dudes for sushi money the entirety of their relationship. she values the input (and money) of her clients more than that of her own boyfriend or else she wouldn’t put Matt through all this after he clearly made it clear he didnt like it. Now he’s soulless and well, her doormatt.

No. 880983

File: 1571263369420.png (79.99 KB, 804x232, Screenshot_20191015-161607.png)

Having a bad mental health day so she wants to beg people to request customs. She feels validated when someone subscribes to her OF or requests a custom. Also I guess the other man didn't want to have a three some because of the herpes on her ass.

She doesn't even care for him. She just wants to be able to say her boyfriend is in a band so bad. Before she quit her job, she would sperge about how much she loves him and how much she hates other men and could never be attracted to another man. But literally begs men to give her attention.

No. 880987


One vote for changing Matt Copp’s nickname to MattCuck

No. 881003

And he did want to keep the "gemini demon" she aborted. He was happy.

No. 881005

I'm sure the road rash from a while back before the "psoriasis" was always a herpes outbreak but she would never admit that

No. 881009

File: 1571265265308.jpg (696.98 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20191016_183243165.jpg)

God she is so unstable it's ludicrous.

No. 881022

File: 1571266531037.jpeg (167.35 KB, 1233x1006, 69C86A9D-205D-46E7-97F2-470F33…)

Psoriasis is so last seasons cringe, ED is her new soapbox. Kek

No. 881028

>105 lbs

Yeah okay. She looks like a malnourished 105 here >>880794
but she's at least 130 now.

No. 881030

i can’t even watch her stories anymore without thinking how bad her pussy, ass, and feet must smell lmao

No. 881035

Jesus Christ she’s crazy. If you’re that thin-skinned and unstable maybe don’t flood your feed with pictures of your body?

I guess it’s easier to blame an random online than to actually get help

No. 881037

She totally lies about her weight. She’s def 115-120 lbs. Apparently she’s 5’5” and she isn’t emaciated-looking, she’s just an average skinny girl that wears her eating disorder as a fashion statement. Imagine all the little high school girls she’s having a bad influence on.

I’ll believe it once she shows us a scale with her standing on it.

No. 881039

Someone says one negative thing and then the trains off the track and it’s a “bad mental health day” :,(

No. 881040


It’s like her 4 year anniversary with doorMatt is an afterthought. The dude is a nobody but you got to feel at least a little bad for him.

Yes.. this is how she is spending her anniversary. Glamorous.

No. 881041

this bitch does not have an ED, jesus fuck. I dont care if this bothers anyone but she has never been hostiplized, diagnosed by a dr to have an ED, and has never been extremely skelly thin. this bitch will claim she has anything and everything. arianna we all get insecure and try to cut down on what we eat thats not a fucking ED. Yes she is skinny but come on, she has always looked completely healthy (in weight at least).She is always eating and talking abt being hungry what a twit. news flash, 80% of people with an ED refuse to even admit to it. Dont post full, naked body pics to your public 50k insta if you cant handle the thousands of random commemts. make a private personal account if your that fragile.

No. 881043

I can’t wait for her to realize she doesn’t have two men she can emotionally bounce between now that Aaron is gone. No more fall back attention for when Matt abandons her at home all day.

No. 881045

ugh anon

No. 881047

ari tries to act Strong and Together but the second a troll points out how much weight she's gained, she's talking about people killing themselves due to online bullying. okay girl

No. 881048

Exactly. Every girl on the planet feels fat and guilty about what they eat at some point. She doesn’t have a legit eating disorder, she’s just wildly insecure and mentally fragile . She’s one of those people that thinks weakness/ sickness makes them special and interesting. Like help yourself, Bitch! It’s not attractive or make people want to buy your content.

No. 881053

File: 1571269891201.jpg (187.3 KB, 1079x574, Screenshot_20191016-195131_Twi…)

She used to say she was vegan kek

No. 881058

literally just said she was going to starve herself 30 mintues ago. much ED

No. 881066

File: 1571271351404.png (380.49 KB, 750x1334, 2442F9BB-8484-4706-828A-5AA917…)

what the fuck is this, who is she trying to fool LOL

No. 881067

File: 1571271538136.jpeg (101.36 KB, 750x318, 8DD24028-6367-448B-8AD3-B67557…)

her newest OF “content” caption has me cackling like bitch what?!?! can you say broke bitch!!!

No. 881077

She has no shame. Imagine Where you'd have to be in your life and mind to ask ppl to buy you and your man an anniversary dinner. Lmao. That is flat out embarrassing

No. 881103

Who is Freddie that she said her and Matt are in shock over dying? She posted that on her Instagram story

No. 881104

File: 1571278193689.png (2.6 MB, 750x1334, 7E3BB647-E747-47A9-A903-CE1267…)

He’s looking at her, she’s looking at … herself. Sad. Playing on social media at dinner on her own anniversary.

No. 881105

It is just soo irritating to me that she does full drag make up then wears hoodies and garbage
Her fashion rivals @hotelshrimp

No. 881108

File: 1571279265316.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20191016_222645834.jpg)

Ariana seems to be skinwalking this girl on twitter. The hair is utterly identical. This girl actually looks nice though kek.

No. 881109

File: 1571279361119.jpg (522.63 KB, 1080x1639, Screenshot_20191016-222909_Twi…)

This explains the OJ reactions

No. 881112

tinfoil i think she’s possibly pregnant again.

No. 881113

File: 1571279986905.png (942.93 KB, 1440x1874, Screenshot_20191016-203830~2.p…)

She just posted this on her private IG……

No. 881114

File: 1571280048652.png (1.37 MB, 1234x2048, Screenshot_20191016-204048.png)

No. 881115

Any reason why you think that?

No. 881121

the instability, the alcohol affecting her so quickly (she said in her story one drink had her already tipsy), the crying all the time and illness/fatigue. it seems more hormonal instability than pure mental i’m just speculating and have an intuitive feeling though, definitely might not be but i wouldn’t be surprised

No. 881125

What the hell are we looking at, anon?

No. 881127

a video of her ex with frogger

No. 881131

Why is she always trying to convince herself she's a good person? She's objectively NOT a good person because of the way she treats other people, and because of how damn manipulative she is, she will say anything, make up stories, twist whatever she can into lies to make herself the victim. I guess it's impossible to admit the truth when the truth is unacceptable though? Have fun lying to yourself ya wretched whore, most people can see right thru it

No. 881133

Samefag: I've never heard an actual good person have to tell other people on a speakerphone that they are a good, beautiful person. Real good people don't have to, because they show it thru their actions, which speaks louder than empty words. It's a good way to spot a narcissist! All of them are like that kek. Yer not slick Ari. Everything you do raises red flags to stay the fuck away to normal people.

No. 881138

and the thing is… real, good people can validate themselves that they’re good people and don’t need to announce it to the internet to feel validated.

No. 881161

From Skins, UK tv show about trashy teens from over 10 years ago. Again, like the OJ thing, she’s late on the bandwagon and acting like it’s relevant enough to post on social media

No. 881165

Exactly. It's a nice little trick to weed out actual good people from narcissists wanting to be seen as good people.

No. 881180

>being silly with Matt uwu no one can take that away from me
>i got one of these and I am never letting him go
notice the way she talks about him. Sounds like she's posessive, but I think it's more of a wishful thinking. She's trying to convince herself she's got such a catch of a man, because she feels unhappy in the relationship. She's shitty, ok, but Matt isn't much better - just more private, and they're toxic together. I wonder if she would even survive being single tho, something tells me she'd be manic af without someone to suck the life out from

No. 881184

This photo isn’t pre surgery at all, this is post nose job.

When has she ever called herself vegan? All I ever seen her doing is complain about vegans being irritating

No. 881192


Dem titties and lips be looking pretty small.

But damn her anniversary looked pathetic as hell. She wore a giant sweater to her romantic dinner out? Than cried on the way home and sat on Instagram the rest of the night. No flowers, no cards, no gifts? Bitch sat her on her ass all day and couldn’t bake her man some fucking cookies or a warm meal to come home to for your 4 year anniversary??

Relationship Goals..

No. 881217

Not too mention posting a video of her ex while probably laying in bed next to matt

No. 881224

Yes, and…? The photo still isn’t ”pre op” because she already had her nose job done here.

No. 881257

Imagine listening to her manipulate him. Like really imagine her forming lispy sentences about how uwu victimized she is. Imagine how clumsy and desperate she probably sounds when she's making shit up on the fly. It probably sounds extremely stupid. This bitch barely has 2 brain cells to rub together, imagine how retarded he must be to buy all of her bullshit.

No. 881299

File: 1571329116866.jpeg (364.15 KB, 750x914, AAF0520C-E86A-467C-AD7B-3860C8…)

Doormatt used to obsessively fawn over Ariana during every single milestones but now he’s completely silent. Wonder if his thoughts on her have changed since?

No. 881314

She’s said before on her snap that “Matt is slow”. Coming from her….it may very well be that he has a mental/intellectual disability of some kind. Which would explain a lot.

No. 881325

File: 1571332765520.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 135.11 KB, 750x1925, 46767B4E-C0AF-48F9-B0B1-AA9E22…)

Nothing says sexy like out of focus Ariana fingering herself with nail polish missing from two fingers. Happy anniversary, Matt!

No. 881328

File: 1571333284317.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, 1BABC111-9C53-449B-B906-F47B83…)

I find this so insulting

No. 881331

girl, no one wants to see your blurry cervix. what is this angle?

No. 881332

File: 1571333450271.png (396.47 KB, 596x614, 2019-10-17 13_30_27-brittanyon…)

lol if it makes you feel any better that thing and it's suggestions are absurd

No. 881356

Sage for blogpost maybe? Anyways, if she’s still on lamictal - on lamictal if you have like TWO drinks you get blackout and it significantly contributes to weight loss. Pretty sure she’s trying to use her weight loss due to medication to try to say she has an ED for more attention. Idk

No. 881360

Aaand you didn’t sage at all….

No. 881361

My bad lol

No. 881377

File: 1571337525828.jpeg (193.54 KB, 1231x342, 23BF5C0D-131F-4732-8330-9A0D33…)

since when does she refer to matt as daddy?

No. 881382

She doesn’t, just trying to appeal to the ddlg twitter losers

No. 881387

File: 1571339159031.png (344.85 KB, 1080x857, Screenshot_20191017-130350~2.p…)

When you can't facetune videos… What a catfish. No wonder she only has one client. The others didn't come back after they seen her irl.

No. 881390

File: 1571339291134.png (49.78 KB, 321x324, Screenshot_20191017-130350~3.p…)

Looking old and wretched. All the fillers did her dirty.

No. 881395

File: 1571339853632.png (2.85 MB, 750x1334, 34A60592-8F6B-4EF0-925B-733962…)

Can she shut the fuck up about her body issues for five seconds? Like who wants to see this day in and day out? Pretty sure at this point even the pro-ana’s would find it disingenuous.

No. 881401

File: 1571341320201.png (2.74 MB, 1125x2436, B91A26FC-DAEB-46FA-844C-DA158F…)

These tweets are just chefs kiss

No. 881450


I know you were just trolling (sort of), but it's actually kind of weird now that I think about it.

This "Influencer" with 50k IG follows and a "modeling career" can only get one client and that one client is a fetish client?

I feel like any old girl could get 5+ regulars without much effort, yet she only get one older dude who demands she stays anorexic skinny.

Something isn't adding up. Well, it does add up seeing as she's a raging cunt with a gremlin face IRL.

No. 881456


You can't really come back from a failed engagement and abortion.

No. 881460

File: 1571352494689.jpeg (84.36 KB, 750x502, pre surgery.jpeg)


her pussy
dissolved the nail polish


ew she looks like steve buscemi

She used to look human once upon a time.sage for old pic.

No. 881509


It definitely is weird. This might get banned for blog but oh well - my friend and I have sugared/SW’d in a city similar to philly. It’s REALLY not hard to find multiple SDs who pay well and aren’t complete trash. It’s hard work tho. Lots of “splendas” or “salts” to weed through, lots of creeps & assholes, and emotional labor. The fact that she can’t find more than 2 SDs is pretty telling….it’s probably a combo of her trashy/masculine looks, shitty personality, and laziness. From my experience too, actual SDs (not johns) like to support women who actually need help to lead successful future lives (like helping pay off student loans or rent), rather than funding druggies or failed trailer trash bums.

No. 881533

File: 1571356804161.png (100.36 KB, 804x310, Screenshot_20191017-175210.png)

He didn't surprise her… She asked for one and only so Matt would be kind of okay with her new job… She would post sloppy selfies after her dates, but she was always so out of it from the drugs she'd take before the date that she didn't notice her smeared lipstick all around her mouth.

No. 881554

No. 881560

I remember this. She had to get dropped off a block a way from her house and drunkenly snuck through the woods with the PS4. She had lipstick all over her face and posted so many weird and sad drunk selfies, so proud of sucking dick for … PlayStation. Which is uhhhh, idk $300?

No. 881564

File: 1571360888975.jpeg (543.18 KB, 552x1023, A059201A-4307-4B6C-910D-17AC0F…)

Well.. at least she got a snake?

No. 881571

“aging backwards” LOL

No. 881572

She's still sleeping on the air mattress from a year ago. I would post screenshots but I deleted it because everyone knows about her air mattress.

No. 881573

lamictal is different for everyone i guess but i’ve never had issues drinking or with weight fluctuations from it and it’s generwlly considered to have the least side effects of mood stabilizers since its not even traditionally used for that. she’s probably just manic/unstable from inconsistency with it but i legit won’t be surprised if she’s pregnant again now or in the future she’s been reckless as fuck i doubt she’s using proper birth control like condoms or hormone contraceptives either. would have been a good idea to get an IUD post abortion but when has she ever had a legitimately good idea.

No. 881585

i can't believe she sleeps on an air mattress at halfway to 30, kek. if you have money, that's usually the first thing people spend on. unless you're retarded like her and blow it on baboon ass lips. look, i know she's emotionally stunted but that is just pathetic.

No. 881648


Let us not forget the 30k + in debt she went into to improve her looks and she still only has one client.

She’s not a sex worker she’s just cheating on Matt. They both know it and it is why they both didn’t give a fuck about their anniversary.

No. 881655

File: 1571388204015.png (8.1 MB, 1242x2208, C0E8AE0B-2DB4-490E-9646-20072E…)

Why are these dumb cows so convinced they are hated because people are envious of them and have sad lives? I think the majority of people here hate her because she's a nasty, abusive, cruel, narcissistic, lying cunt. She has all of the most undesirable traits a person could have, all in one. Her behavior is gross, her personality is gross, the things she says are gross. THATS why people hate you. Its like a mental block to protect herself from realizing the truth about her own nastiness. Shes gotta know deep down though.

No. 881657

File: 1571388379243.png (201.33 KB, 750x1334, 59D37BD9-D524-472A-BE80-98451C…)

yeah you’re living everyone’s dream; being NEET with seemingly no future prospects or goals or ambition, stuck in a failed relationship and sleeping on an air mattress at 25 lmfao

No. 881668

What stuff is she doing that's enviable? Being a whore that comes from trailer trash heroin junkie parents isn't exactly most peoples idea of lavish living kek. She hasn't accomplished anything of note in her life, other than getting surgery, which anyone with a credit card and low self-esteem can do. She won't ever accomplish anything either, too dumb to do anything than what she is now.

No. 881755

File: 1571420213045.jpeg (278.17 KB, 750x1245, 84DC3E72-13C7-4E2B-AF08-A2666C…)

I thought suicide girls “reached out” to her and she turned them down, now she’s begging them to notice her… she can’t even keep her lies straight

No. 881759

File: 1571420707928.jpeg (225.76 KB, 750x670, 043A1FA1-B3B6-459E-A6E3-3EF8BD…)

Lmao. Suicidegirls is the corniest/most washed up form of Internet porn there is. How embarrassing.

No. 881760

File: 1571421059152.jpeg (264.7 KB, 750x2448, B58318C1-16FA-4C7E-98B4-4EEBC5…)

Her replies on this

Also, did she submit these photos as the set? With her inflamed implant scares on a crusty futon?

No. 881762

They're not going to want her. Just looking at some Suicide girl, many of them are attractive. She on the other hand looks like an underdeveloped boy who decided to become a women.

No. 881771

Lets not act like suicide girls has high standards just because we don't like ariana

No. 881776

File: 1571422882241.png (2.18 MB, 750x1334, F00C65FC-E60D-46DC-9EDE-F243B3…)

Honestly excited to see how this works out

No. 881783

She acts like it’s a huge feat to be a suicide girl or like it’s going to make her successful. Honey, if you never apply actual effort into anything you do, how can you hope to be successful in anything? You can’t even lie on your back properly kekekekek

No. 881787

She’s lying lmao. Suicide girls does not reach out to people. You do not get recruited. You reach out to them, become a hopeful, and if you’re successful you become a suicide girl. No1currrr but My best friend is a very well established suicide girl and SWEARS this bitch is lying. Nobody has ever been “reached out to” by Suicide Girls. Remember when PnP said suicide girls already reached out to her? When someone asked if she’d ever consider doing it? She’s a liar

No. 881793

I'm certain you're absolutely right. I just imagined them "reaching out" to say "please stop tagging us that isn't how this works. Apply with a photoset on our website." Kek

No. 881799

File: 1571425255596.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20191018_145757949.jpg)

They really don't have high standards at all kek. This girl replied to ariana's tweet about becoming a sg saying she is one. Pressing her crotch against a public sink for her onlyfans.

No. 881823

maybe the person who runs their Instagram messaged her saying hi and she's counting that as them reaching out

No. 881854

LOL at @plasticandproud thinking she’s going to be a successful suicide girl. ariana mcmillan of Philadelphia you are dumb as shit if you don’t think everything showcased in these threads won’t be discovered sooner or later.

I’ll chip in $50 towards her “totally real” and “really happening” college fund if she ever goes Pink

No. 881856


Well we all know how professional and high quality this cow’s photoshoots are for her other sites. I honestly can’t wait to see her get crushed by other girls who actual put effort into their work. I bet she’s gonna have an epic falling out and I can’t wait for her tearful IG stories about how she somehow became the victim again.

No. 881857


She’s currently doing the same with Dollskill and sucking up hard to them. But they’ve already blocked her LOL

No. 881901

i wonder if the pics/photo set she’s currently posting on twitter and instagram right now are what she’s submitting to SG because their requirement is you start out fully clothed and end nude, and what she’s posting shows a similar transition, but extremely low quality self timer pics. she’s so fucking lazy if that’s what she’s gonna turn in. isn’t her BeSt FrIeNd aaron a photographer anyway????

No. 881907

File: 1571438547881.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, 2FE67932-580D-4520-90CE-5DB621…)

Off topic. But notice how cottedemaillies has been posting non stop videos/photos of her new place and thrift finds in her new place. And pnp has been living in her new place for 3 weeks now, but just now started posting her decor? When will she ever develop a personality of her own

No. 881909

File: 1571438648847.png (2.89 MB, 750x1334, 5A36CC73-99AF-4E87-BACB-34EBC0…)

I wonder if she filmed her “new content” with that tag still on her bra strap.

No. 881919

I feel like she intentionally left the tag on to brag about being a 32DD cup size, but it’s obvious that it’s way too big for her. If she’s as ~skinny and smoll~ as she says she is, she’s a 30 band size and probably a C cup.

No. 881933

She's only a C cup. That's the size she wanted because anything else she felt was too big for her… She's obvs not a DD and she left the tag on so she can return it after she takes pictures in it. Crusty ass.

No. 881955

File: 1571444393255.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 309.28 KB, 750x2990, 34889A75-85B8-47E5-990D-DC8640…)

More unfocused, filthy content. Not even a video

No. 881960

File: 1571445651079.png (222.21 KB, 438x285, 2019-10-18 20_40_42-Window.png)

lmao does she really think this is sexy

No. 881975

She looks like she's digging for change in the middle pic lmao my sides

No. 881983

She’s so…. unconvincing

No. 881985

Nice snaggle tooth

No. 881987

she has to keep her photos blurry these days because her skin is still fucked up from her undiagnosed rash.

No. 881988

The whole outfit is just so unsexy too lol a nude bra and she didn’t even bother to match the underwear

No. 881991

File: 1571449210643.jpg (133.01 KB, 750x1334, 72733959_1322432114606042_1907…)

Dying at how big that bra is compared to her tits KEK

No. 881993

File: 1571449487229.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 404.91 KB, 750x951, 72D2FF0F-ABC0-4336-A057-A18E44…)

spoil urself

No. 881998

The fucking socks. I can’t

No. 882003

This is just…. sad. Jesus Christ this is pitiful.

No. 882004

don't even hate the bitch, her life is just an entertaining train wreck and these threads are online rubber necking. to say we're all just jealous is honestly laughable.

No. 882067

Why does she always have socks on its genuinely weird?

No. 882111

I love how she called unfocused, unedited pictures of her stretching her pussy in an ill fitting bra a “set” Let alone something to spoil ones self with
Has she seen the effort other sw put into their work ?? Even shayna’s is higher quality

No. 882144

Cus her feet are more grody than her chopped ass finger nails lmao. She never grooms herself fully, let alone her feet.

No. 882256

Probably bc she never cleans. It's a gross feeling to walk barefoot on dirty hardwood floors. Crumbs and cat hair and god knows what else sticking to the bottoms of her feet.

No. 882304

cotted self post lmao

No. 882326



No. 882382

that’s not a self post. literally all you have to do is hold down on an IG story and the name tag will disappear and you can screenshot it.

No. 882386

you can really tell she’s not doing well with her self confidence in her latest IG post which is a video of her. she looks really uncomfortable and awkward. it’s really kind of sad to see because she fights really hard online to seem like she doesn’t care when this post shows she really does and all this negative attention affects her more than she’d admit. it’s hard to hide shitty self esteem irl and the video exposes that so much more than her photos or typed out posts.

No. 882388

Exactly. She’s like a shell of herself. Being around someone with low self esteem starts to make you physically awkward and uncomfortable. Very hard energy to hide. She’s so obsessed with herself I’m sure her inner voice makes it impossible to let go and feel normal/ comfortable. She needs like a heavy mushroom trip lmao

No. 882411

Self post for sure. Who else besides cotted would type out her whole username, and who even cares about her at all. Cotted hates ariana and wants to take part in this board now that she's found it.

No. 882420

fucks sake anon, can you at least spell her name properly if you’re going to half assedly accuse anons of being her? just say cotte. cotted makes no sense and you’re revealing how much you samefag, that’s embarrassing.

No. 882423

nta but everyone calls her cotted here so…

No. 882425

Idk Cotte sounds about right to me. Anyways who cares, doubt it was her. Isn’t she like in Phoenix now cause she couldn’t afford PA any longer anyway? I’m sure pnp won’t be posting about her anymore.

No. 882427

No one cares about your fake name cotted. Imagine thinking everyone here is the same person kek

No. 882444


what does you moving have to do with being able to access the internet? You're a pathetic leach. Like at least pick someone worth leaching off instead of a has-been whore. why dont u try another youtube video? those did so well.. lol

No. 882446


damn, ariana’s only friend is on here trying backstab her. PnP really has no one. No wonder she’s so fucked up.

No. 882447

jfc anon i don’t even live in the same country as these twats. why are so many of you being willfully ignorant about how instagram screenshots work?

No. 882463

Literally no one is talking about screenshots. Cotted is known to self post here because she craves attention. She self promotes by using her own pseudonym and inserts herself into arianas threads to seem relevant..even though there is absolutely nothing interesting about her. Anyone else remember a close friend who has posted in these threads with tips, but can't give details because it would out her? I have a hunch it's always been her. Also, remember she said something like "have fun watching our lives" on the last thread, delusionally insinuating that anyone here is closely following her. I, like other anons, refuse to write and promote her "name", so it's cotted.

No. 882475

re: the tip that would out themselves, I can 100 percent say that was me (a different anon) and not cottedemailles, but not wrong to assume that since they had submitted to the page. Which was weird as fuck to do to be honest right before they move, because you know they’ve known about it longer since pnp has literally posted about it before

No. 882476

Different anon. Honestly thought it was funny that cotte is flaunting her “new” life in Phoenix. While pnp does the same with her apartment. Idk they’re both just flexing on the internet and wasn’t even worth mentioning in the first place. Nothing new. Don’t doubt she’s posted as anon here before though.
God I hope I don’t run into her in town, she’s cringey enough on social media

No. 882477

File: 1571547660751.jpeg (126.07 KB, 750x316, 4E625C57-3384-4E4F-863B-569D8C…)

Sure Ari

Cotted but ok

No. 882480

Can everyone stop talking about that no eyebrow girl no one gives a fuck about her average ass life. No one even mentioned her except for that one time VERY FUCKING briefly when she moved into the basement or w/e. She’s not interesting and it’s getting annoying

No. 882484

Looking at their feed the only qualification you need to be a SG is one tattoo maybe a piercing and not obese

No. 882506

File: 1571557282659.jpeg (242.24 KB, 749x1046, 695AF829-A780-456A-BB17-16422D…)

What is with bringing up stale beef lately?

No. 882521


cotted doesn’t know what it means to sage so her selfposts are so obvious.

No. 882526

File: 1571570293999.png (1.6 MB, 750x1326, ifeelbadforhergrandparents.png)

Imagine having Ariana as your granddaughter? Years of disappointment.

She claims to love and appreciate them but her snap from last year is pretty telling.

No. 882529

Bruh just explain that to them, how hard can it be.

No. 882543

Ari treating the people in her life as a means to an end. Not surprised. Matt is her security blanket, her parents are her trauma scapegoats, and her grandparents are a bank.

No. 882544

Non the anon, but she is kinda boring tbh :/(:/)

No. 882554

omfg stop taking about her then? there was literally one post you all had to hi cow about and now this infighting is dragging on. like just ignore/report the post if you think it's self posting. all you're doing is giving them more attention you dolts.

No. 882555

Ari, they're asking for a drawing like they would a child so they can hang it on the fridge lmao.

They're trying to support your art that you're supposedly so passionate about. They already know you're going to half-ass it or not deliver at all.

Not like they're gonna frame your shit art and put it on their wall.

No. 882563

is this an old post bc it’s not in her story and she has hair here that’s longer and a different color. also her security blanket is disgusting and why does she wrap it around her tits that’s so weird

No. 882569

Yes, very old.

No. 882587

>her snap from last year
Learn to read

No. 882599

it’s not even a snap but go off lol

No. 882604

"Fake personas for clout" sounds familiar

No. 882610

do we think she's talking about latinamilk

No. 882619

She’s talking about @almondmilkhunni.

No. 882623

File: 1571598448152.jpeg (150.73 KB, 750x776, 9AD6C74B-BB7E-4C3F-87EE-6D61D2…)

I think it’s more so about almondmilkhunni

No. 882630

No lie, the whole post could be about herself. Pnp has no self awareness.

No. 882639

File: 1571601604688.png (719.77 KB, 1077x696, PicsArt_10-20-03.58.01.png)

No. 882649

lmao the hilarious part about this is that she’s so obviously jealous of almondmilkhunni’s success otherwise she wouldn’t be trying to “expose” her. she wouldn’t give a fuck enough to tweet about it if she wasn’t jealous.

No. 882651


Wait what’s the backstory with her and almondmilkhunnie?

No. 882654

It starts here

Pnp has beef with another sw, never confirmed it was almond milk although likely

No. 882659

File: 1571606875572.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3464x3464, 02F608D0-AB4A-44C8-ADF0-8DF2A6…)

pnp starting an argument over a photo of a toad. jesus christ this bitch is so miserable

No. 882660

The username she posted it under is literally displayed in the screenshot. If she wanted additional credit to a currently active account she could have said something that people usually do in this circumstance like "Oh hey this is my post from my old Tumblr, so funny to see it pop up! Thanks for sharing!" She sure is rude and stupid.

No. 882670

File: 1571610202444.jpeg (49.83 KB, 750x293, 795ED098-DF12-43F9-A9AC-D8B962…)

God, she’s just so much better than us mere mortals. So self assured !

No. 882672

“That scorpi-whore” Gave me a good laugh

No. 882680

Literally no one believes this omg, she's the most envious/petty person ever. I feel like she is really working hard to convince people she's this kind sweetheart. This bitch is the opposite of that. I get the feeling she enjoys it even when people she does like run into roadbumps in life.

No. 882697

she's just a hopeless case like there's literally no way anything is gonna work out for her