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File: 1591390793569.png (8.88 MB, 2896x2398, image.png)

No. 983802

PlasticandProud / PnP / AliceAmorLove / Ariana McMillan / Psoriasisbutmakeitsexy / ScorpioAssHoe / VersatileHeaux is a 25 year old plastic surgery addict, ex-Instagram “influencer”, animal abuser, and full service sex worker based in Philly

>Insufferable narcissist and obligatory BPDfag, “doesn’t care wat u think” but will have a defensive spergout and be mad for hours over the slightest rustle of jimmies

>has a botched nose job, lip lift and boob job that all have scarring from improper aftercare, had to have boobs redone and are still wonky

>gets her lips injected to the point of them resembling sausages, posts side by sides showing her progression from normal human being to blow up doll constantly

> Constantly brings up how much prettier she is than the people who used to bully her

> Quit her steady paying job to be an Instagram influencer, paid for boobs with credit, began prostituting herself shortly after, forces her spineless boyfriend to go along with it, aborts his baby and jokes about it on Snapchat. Has sugar daddies but would lose her shit if her boyfriend Matt ever looked at another woman

>shaved her head in a manic episode and regretted it a year later

>has a mysterious rash after having unprotected sex in Dominica and calls it psoriasis. Never got tested but continues to do full service sex work 

Previous Threads:

2020 Milk

> Continues to produce shit-tier quality "porn" where she uses her cuck-boyfriend as prop. Doesn't let him use a stage name or share in the profits

> Continues to starve herself to meets the needs of her only SW client she has in New York.
> Continues to give out medical advice about "conquering psoriasis" despite the fact she never went to a doctor when she had a full body rash.
> Went on Tropical vacation with Grandpa and Grandma. Originally was going to bring her cuck boyfriend but last minute he was uninvited
>Anons suspect it was because they spent their entire vacation on a tiny old boat and there wouldn't be room for him
> Others speculate this was their Grandparents attempt to separate them
> Arianna spends entire trip complaining / bragging that the "natives" are obsessed with her because she is white and has tattoos
> Eventually complains her Grandpa is encouraging the locals to sexually harass her
> Spends rest of the trip complaining about her grandpa
> Arianna remember her Grandpa is paying for a community college taxidermy course so she can't express how she's feeling
> Post several horror cow photo of her spread asshole and pussy on her twitter where her father and brother have access

2019 milk:

>pnp and doormatt go to dominica as “just friends”,posts pictures of them making out with her anus lips and doormatt’s plaque

>posts pic of her face down in the sand with some random local next to her, later posts ig stories about how she was raped by him and sells her Snapchat with the intention of telling people about it 
>says doormatt was responsible for not babysitting her, breaks up with him, says she’ll never see him again as she slobbers and cries on snap

>literally gets back together with him two days later

>continues being an escort before getting tested, gets tested a month later for HIV and is “clean as a whistle”, doesn’t get retested afterwards at any point

>ig gets deleted, moves to twitter to promote her “sex work” which includes low quality videos of her and her prolapsed lips attempting to be sexy with premade and custom videos

>a mysterious rash appears

>calls doctor, tells her to get off lamicital, pnp refuses and looks up pictures of psoriasis, convinced that she has it. Begs for money to go to the doctor since she makes no money as an escort and doesn’t have insurance

>texts a picture of the rash to the bitch who does her lip injections, who sends it to a dermatologist, and “”confirms”” it’s psoriasis. Pnp never sees a doctor about a formal diagnosis or another test for HIV/other std’s

>uses psoriasis as her identity because bpdfag

>continues to fuck Matt and her clients/other sex workers (one pisses on her while she rides the face of a dirty old man) with open sore rash covering her entire body, concentrated around her pubes
>only has one client currently that puts up with her pus pockets, has to rent out living room to her friend to make rent

>friend moves in to living room and pnp texts her that she needs to move into their shit stained decrepit basement and keep their animals in the basement at all times, friend only needed to stay for 3 months, friend blasts her on ig then removes it to avoid pnp having a sperg out

>adds a snake and a kitten to her animal horde consisting of her roommate’s two cats and her cat and dog, has admitted she doesn’t walk the dog when she’s depressed (always) when she can’t afford 600 dollars in rent and begs online for a literal dollar 

>Ariana’s rash disappears and never mentions her lifelong psoriasis diagnosis ever again

> cuts open a chipmunk and stuffs it, admits she has dead animals in her freezer for years.

>Starts using her escort page again, takes pics of her looking like a MTF

>Only has two clients, admits she “hates working” on snapchat

>Faked eating her friend out when a client paid for her to go down on them

>Is moving with just matt and no roommates, will somehow make rent

> is currently at her family reunion in vermot posting baby pictures and pictures of her grandma next to videos of her slapping her tits and shoving dildos in her ass for sushi money

>Ariana’s IG is back, she posts her sw shit there and loses followers instantly. Does cringe things like tag companies that used to work with her to get them to notice her, however no one does

>Snapchat gets banned, makes private ig account instead, barely updates it like the snap

>Ariana makes an onlyfans that produces horrifyingly bad porn that she makes in her living room while her roommate is home, sells it for 7 bucks
>Bleaches her hair after dying it black, dyes it red, intends on going blonde in a bpd episode
>Barely “works”
>Posts a caption about how her lip injector who she thought was a “friend” used her, most likely cutting Ariana off from free injections in exchange for ig promotion now that pnp is losing followers and posts dirty grimy “sex work” pictures
>Pnp outs her lip injector after no longer receiving free/discounted injections for bringing business in, because Ariana can’t keep a decent image online to save her life

>Talks shit about Dollskill, gets blocked, immediately tries to save face by posting pics of herself modeling for them

>Wants to become a suicide girl, says they ‘reached out to her’, anons confirmed this is not how the process happens
>Got a “normie job” in retail, unconfirmed where
>Promised a “double creampie” in a threesome with two other guys (possible matt and her only client or matt and aaron), still has not happened yet
>”psoriasis” flaring up
>Skinwalks cotted
>Brings up old beef with other philly sw (possibly almondmilkhunni), latinamilk is no longer following pnp either
>Moves into studio apartment where the train goes by literally every 5 minutes, thriving
>Dyes her hair blonde and hates it immediately
>Does molly on live while looking like a toothless grandma

>Rash is Back

>No word on “normie job”, Ariana continues to stay home all day on ig
>Does a shoot for Spencers, looks ridiculous and is mocked, spergs out on twitter
>Says she would give her psoriasis to a fucking BABY >>891310
>Confirms she got her boobs half off from theplasticspa, talks shit about them
>Isn’t posting new content on onlyfans, her only source of income
>In two back to back tweets claims she’s thriving, the other saying she can’t afford her fillers currently >>895883
>Manically dyes her fried blonde hair pink less than a month after getting it done
>Is already planning getting 12k worth of surgeries when she can’t even afford a 200 dollar doctor visit for her rash
>Rash is still there
>Accidentally dyes her hair pink…because she thought she was toning it
>Sperging about “psoriasis” and how her diet of eating celery juice and sardine helps
>Wants to move to vermont to “finish taxidermy school” that she never started, that she thinks will be close by to her family. No comment on where DoorMatt fits into this
>Makes gross porn with Doormatt, his ~huge weiner is revealed to be average
>Wears 5 dollar shein lingerie for porn after dying hair purple to “tone” it
>Bleaches her straw mess again
>Changes IG name to psoriasisbutmakeitsexy

>Anons dig up (previously unearthed) dirt regarding her neglect of her pet gecko >>914567, and cornering a hamster with a spray bottle >>916322

>Is talking about driving 2 hours one way to Taxidermy School she’s paying 10k upfront for, 7 days a week, when she can’t even keep a consistent OF upload schedule
>Gets her fillers dissolved after sperging about how she has NO FILLERS LEFT!!, gets them refilled a week later by a possibly worse injector, lips look like literal sausages
>Pewdiepie posts a cap of her lips from a botched plastic surgery reddit for a quick ten seconds on his stream, does not mention her name or knows who she is, Ariana proceeds to sperg out about it and cry online bullying
>Posts outrageous photoshopped pictures, claims she doesn’t shoop, gets posted on photoshop reddit
>Bitches at other SW on twitter

>Ariana remains unaware of covid, thinks her taxidermy school is still on

>spends hundreds of dollars on a taxidermied deer
>makes embarissingly bad incest roleplay porn with matt
>gets her ig deleted

Social media
Ig: ScorpioAssHeaux

Ig (deleted): Plasticnproud, versatileheaux, versatileheauxart, scorpioasshoe
Twitter: twitter.com/scorpioassheaux

Reddit: Airkilla321

No. 983804

File: 1591391583185.jpg (168.64 KB, 944x877, lol.JPG)

Have to say I'm loving all the recent Karma she has been receiving.

No. 983819

File: 1591394057507.jpg (280.44 KB, 1079x987, Screenshot_20200605-175442_Twi…)

What a dumb lazy bitch. What normal person loses their car and just doesn't look for it for days kek she deserves it

No. 983829

Love the new collage, anon. Well done for the choice of tweets. Snort.

No. 983833

I second this. Bravo

No. 983854

File: 1591400779629.jpg (2.11 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200605_194703646.jpg)

Meth mom

No. 983858

Her smile is sort of stupidly cute, why is she wearing actual cutting room floor of a sweatshop pieces of fabric as clothing tho what's happening with the skirt? just wear something normal kek, her narcissism shows in the way she dresses beautifully imo

No. 983861

how does she always look so dirty

No. 983862

Looks like a normal skirt, she's just hiked it up (or was oblivious but it doesn't matter)

No. 983864

cute? anon are you blind… looks like huge landslides of cheese caving into her botched face

No. 983870

I dragged her for you for the rest of the reply anon relax

No. 983877

her cheeks in the second one are threatening to block her eyes. she shouldn’t grimace like this because she almost gets a ring of smile lines surrounding her mouth

No. 983878

I agree. It's a genuine smile.

No. 983879

Lookin hella autistic and proud

No. 983888

One of the greatest collages yet, anon.

I…can’t believe what I’m reading. The city “towed” her car without informing her? Are there no signs nearby that state that it is illegal to park in certain areas and that provide a phone number for the towing company? They just drove it to a random one-way street and dumped it? And not a single soul found it and reported it for days on end? How did Ari wind up finding it? Pardon me if I’m misinterpreting the situation; this all seems VERY odd.

No. 983901

i will never get over how all of her plastic surgery and fillers are immediately reversed when she smiles

No. 983924

It’s true. I lived in Philly for most of my life, but only had a car for a short while to commute to NJ. My car disappeared, called the city and they told me it was moved. I had to walk around my neighborhood pressing the alarm hoping to hear my car alarm.

No. 983944

her smile was awkward and kind of ugly but it was more endearing before the surgeries and fillers. now it just makes her face look like a big greasy bloated mess.

No. 983945

the big tits also don't suit her body at. all. her body has no shape or curve at all, and then just big tits that are kind of stuck to the front of her body. if anything they make her look boxier cause she already has a curveless waist and wide shoulders.

No. 983946

Your post is going to stick with her until she's suddenly posting about back alley ass injections done by a random from IG.

No. 983967

her bolt ons look so bad

No. 984079

Right? You’d have to be autistic to get a tattoo that proclaimed your birth year while obviously fearing the signs of aging. 1994 already seems like a long ass time ago kek

No. 984110

I don’t think that’s the worst problem with the tattoo. The worst problem with it is that it appears to say ‘Iggy’, and always will. Kek.

No. 984113

gosh, everytime i see treads about this persona i wanna throw up.
Gosh, the amount of venereal (STD,STI) that she must have

No. 984114

I had thought it said “Iggy” until just now, no lie

No. 984118

her smile lines are unreal… they're insanely deep for someone her age

No. 984122

maybe it is the filler, could that be it?

No. 984124

Agree,no one spoke if she has DTS or something related to her sexual health.
Did she visit any dr yet?

No. 984128

doesn't care about her life in general, much less in her sexual health lol

No. 984129

Her smile lines were bad long before the fillers

No. 984131

Nope she hasn't and won't see a doctor.

No. 984135

File: 1591475522847.jpg (963.56 KB, 1079x1921, Screenshot_20200606-163243_Ins…)

Says the bitch who wants to live alone after her lease is up

No. 984138

It is disgusting how Ariana McMillan aka Alice Amor Love, a prostitute in Philadelphia, refuses to get an STD test and continues to see clients after being raped.

No. 984147

after being raped and showing signs of STI's.*

No. 984148

File: 1591477930349.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1125x2043, 63600C50-D5EE-47BE-89C5-C8FF27…)

No. 984155

lol what is this cringey facial expression she keeps doing

No. 984156

She’s trying to make her lips look bigger and more full since she “doesn’t have fillers anymore”

No. 984159

No. 984160

She’s so terrified of men she can’t go for a walk but she’s fine with meeting up with a strange, drunk client who tried to rip her off. And having all male “friends” (pimps or fuck buddies). Ok

No. 984162

File: 1591479946828.jpeg (85.16 KB, 470x662, D2F74F01-CE9D-4538-9401-29FF2D…)

Oh my god the eyes lmao

No. 984175


Damn, this one will be added to her final “Faces of Meth” downfall image. I mean, ari like progress pics right?

No. 984190

This bitch is really shoving and taunting her cat for no reason on her insta stories

No. 984191

Was she getting them before? If so, i can understand not wanting to be checked after being raped but this is no excuse for not getting sti checks as a literal full-service sex worker

No. 984204

Omg she did the shayna wing-covers-eyelid. Weren't they recently chatting on Twitter too kek

No. 984205

men would be more terrified seeing HER out walking. botched mtf prostitute

No. 984209

she's sucking in her cheeks because she knows how bloated and amorphous her face has become because of her botched fillers

No. 984213

It's not at all understandable. She should be concerned about stis after being raped more than ever.

No. 984412

File: 1591498496652.jpg (469.33 KB, 1079x1920, Screenshot_20200606-225544_Ins…)

Why does matt bother wearing a mask when he's full on retarded about it

No. 984444

From a psychological perspective, it can give you weird fears about your genitals and she could totally have a genuine fucking fear of being like that but be okay with sex work. It's complicated but any woman who has been raped needs to stay out of sex work period

No. 984510


In this video he comes up to the window saying, “Did I ruin your video again?”

MattCuck must be so used to berated for existing when she’s trying to get her perfect IG story

No. 984515

Right? This facial expression is making her look 10x worse than she already does. She’s making it in like every photo.Yikes.

No. 984523

File: 1591546410884.gif (4.66 MB, 315x560, BFB64307-223E-4493-A2AF-2712BB…)

She’s hitting Tarte on live again

No. 984524

what a rancid cunt

No. 984525

File: 1591546698402.gif (5.07 MB, 315x560, E8F755DE-9CDC-4417-8442-914EBE…)

No. 984526

what the fuck? why does she post this?? what part of this would you want to post online for everyone to see… i hate this dumb bitch so much

No. 984528

i wish tarte would fight back and bite the shit out of her veiny hag hands, maybe rip open her ugly plastic face too

No. 984529

Why the fuck would she post this, it's bad enough she hits her cat yet she also films it?? Animals can do wrong things and be annoying so it's not unusual to have been stern with them or lightly pushed them away in frustration but she's straight up abusing this poor cat.

No. 984530

if she's willing to put this out there on a recording i bet when the camera's off she is straight up yeeting this cat across the room when it pisses her off

No. 984531

it’s sad because throughout her story you can see tarte is just doing this for ari to give her attention. DONT GET A CAT IF YOU CANT FUCKING PLAY WITH IT

No. 984535

Below the nose. Great job!

No. 984536

File: 1591548842172.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 93.28 KB, 750x734, 7A8DCC32-DDC2-44BE-95C0-D524A6…)

Sage for no new milk but peeped her twitter and this “teaser” sent me. I’ll never understand how she thinks the weird grabbing she does to her boobs is hot. It just looks painful.

No. 984537

Jesus…this is way too much. Surprised she hasn’t broken its neck.

No. 984539

File: 1591549108689.jpeg (65.8 KB, 720x544, 37580868-5D19-46CC-B03C-ED94D8…)

Straight up Buffalo Bill in the mirror dance.

No. 984544

Does anyone know if pulling them like this could cause her implants to permanently droop more than they already do?

No. 984545

i'm sure this isn't good for them. her implants are most likely low quality and there have been reports of silicone implants tearing open due to friction and the silicone entering the bloodstream. not saying that happens when you grab them like that, but after seeing what this cunt does to her cat i sure wish it upon her

No. 984550

File: 1591551580519.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 401.69 KB, 1125x1930, 3B3E775C-A514-4255-8B19-FEBB99…)

Couldn’t agree more, it’s ridiculous. She’s aaaalways grabbing and tugging on them so fucking aggressively

No. 984551

Wtf how do people see this and not lose their shit?? The cat looks so distressed/confused after she shoves its face. Why would she do that? It was sniffing her and trying to be nice.

No. 984552

File: 1591551950564.jpeg (407.14 KB, 1125x1563, 5D7B68DD-2ED2-4D99-8274-118F45…)

She posted this on twitter. Looking like an absolute greasy grandma

No. 984555

I can’t watch more than 2 slides of her story with that literal animal abuse. I’ve never wanted to punch someone in the face so bad. I fucking hate this cunt

No. 984556

you can not tell me this isn’t a tranny

No. 984557

god her greasy bangs are so disgusting. imagine what her pillow case must smell like
also tartes face

No. 984558

Genuinely starting to think she gets off on the negative attention/ satisfaction of an audience watching her do this cruel shit

No. 984560

File: 1591553115561.jpeg (272.47 KB, 828x555, 5C519D62-B2FA-4B60-80F2-C39C04…)

this psycho should not be allowed near animals

No. 984596

yeah i absolutely try not to sperg about how she treats her animals (tarte especially) but it really upsets me that she hits her around like it's nothing. you don't hit animals like that if/when they misbehave. if you want to train a cat to stop doing bad behaviours try spraying with water or something. tarte biting is just fighting back against being hit. pnp is so vile

No. 984603

This is depressing to watch. Poor cat. I can’t believe she actually thinks Tarte would like this. Does she hit Weezy that way?! I don’t fuckin think so. I hope when Doormatt and Ari go their separate ways, that Matt will love and care for this creature better than she can. This is sick. It’s so sad to watch. She needs to be exposed for this.

No. 984606

Aris whole career as a sex worker could be summed up with “would you fuck me? I’d fuck me.”

No. 984621

That’s not tarte, it’s weezy, the favourite cat because Pnp overfed her into submission

No. 984628

File: 1591564724288.jpeg (53.43 KB, 828x232, 83A74755-9DD3-4718-B724-82D3D7…)

What is up with this uwu I’m so cute and annoying thing?

No. 984638

I’m going to animalsperg like a mother fucker. Every time she pushes the cat away the cat shakes it head. That’s agitation. The more she pushes him the more the cat thinks it’s an aggressive challenge. It’s going to become more violent the more she does this in retaliation. This behavior is childish and disgusting. The grossest part about is she is home all day to tend to these animals. Any normal healthy person with that amount of time can form a great relationship with their animals because that’s the time they need to become fully trained. Most people work and don’t have time to dedicate to their animals but they sure as hell try. This is bitch., The solution to her problem is constantly distracting the cat with something else if she doesn’t want the cat to claw her shitty sofa or any sort of “bad behavior”.

Cat claws sofa, distract with a toy that’s acceptable. Cat claws sofa, show him something else he can do. You keep doing this until the behavior changes. Over and over, even if it takes 100 times and without anger. The cat learns by association not by violent discipline. It’s a cat, it doesn’t fucking understand what you want Ariana.

No. 984641


Yep, I'm calling her going on a manic sperg in about a year when Matt's moved on and him and a new non-psycho girlfriend post about what a great cat tarte actually is when you don't project your own insecurities on it.

No. 984644


nitpick but has she ever mentioned her apartment having in-suite laundry? i can't imagine her filthy ass trying to haul clothes to a shared laundry-mat without bitching about it on social media.

her apartment and clothes always look so grimy and unwashed.

No. 984646


ok wow.. this needs to either be the next thread picture or mentioned in her description. she feels totally justified violently smacking her cat because the cat is untrained. this isn't right.

No. 984649

File: 1591568560416.jpg (Spoiler Image, 355.82 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200608-000735.jpg)

Sage because pnp greasy meth pics are just the norm now but JESUS. If I met her at a bus stop, I would stand 5 feet away from her and hide my phone in my bag thinking she might grab it and run.

No. 984651

the comment hahah

No. 984653

File: 1591568777121.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 51.1 KB, 534x680, EZ75EHdWsAAk2yl.jpeg)

Like, those sunglasses really put her in the "Hollywood 2000's coked out socialite" category.

No. 984655

File: 1591568823435.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 53.8 KB, 531x680, EZ75EBpWoAI581y.jpeg)

No. 984656

File: 1591568961569.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 621.98 KB, 1125x1090, 1D57BC26-02AE-4ECF-A596-167F64…)

Back at it again with the un-sexy boob shit

No. 984665

She sprays the cat with water so often it's probably soaked half the time. It's vile the way she carries the bottle with her everywhere.

No. 984670

Those glasses are somehow too big for her big ass head, it looks like she’s wearing mommys sunglasses. And those ultra greasy bangs? She just look bad. And stinky.

No. 984675

my country's animals protection laws aren't the best but I'm sure someone would lose their shit over this video, post it on animals lovers groups etc and make a big mess with animals protection organizations involved like wtf, do people not react in the US?

No. 984678

File: 1591573565268.jpg (535.14 KB, 640x1136, 20200607184518.jpg)

One of her best looks, so dewy and young and fresh

No. 984680

umm… i'm pretty sure a majority of the comments here condemning it are from americans…

No. 984687

File: 1591575899796.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 160.66 KB, 1242x558, 05E6EC3B-575F-4245-B24A-8E4F2D…)

No. 984689

a warning would've been necessary

No. 984697

pulling off the homeless crack hoe look

No. 984706


I can't tell if that's her hair or the cat clawed her face?

No. 984708

I love how she does all this in her living room where her animals lay on that couch..

No. 984714

Her asshole doesn’t even close anymore, Jesus that’s gross

No. 984717

It had a spoiler kek wtf do you think a spoiler means

No. 984720

it could've been a nipple or the gaping asshole that was there. i was just caught off guard.

No. 984721

i know we've already screamed about the cat, but i cannot fucking stand this. the way that poor baby gives her a look at the end like "why did you hurt me?"
ari is so fucking evil>>984523

No. 984725

That cat looks so scared. it's sick to watch. Why hasnt she been called out for this on social media?

No. 984731

it’s still up on her insta story too. “it doesn’t matter how much so spray her or smack her or scream at her”

poor fucking cat. it needs taking away from her.

No. 984741

File: 1591587701706.jpeg (418.32 KB, 1290x1935, 0DA95CFB-66C4-4449-89B6-7376A0…)

I usually roll my eyes every time there’s pet sperg on here but wow, her narcissism is shining through - she love bombs the GD cat just as bad as she does Matt. Smacking it one minute then showing it with attention the next.
She’s GIDDY in the videos of her flinging it away from her on the sofa; you can hear in her voice how much she’s getting off on causing it pain and stress.
Also that’s obviously not how to train an animal, stop being lazy and sitting on your arse and actually take the cat away to a scratching post when it’s clearly wanting to display it’s natural instinct to scratch .
Imagine being convinced an animal has it in for you, “she’s evil”. No wonder this bitch has no friends, she’s paranoid her own cat is plotting against her

Why does this think this chicken wing arm position is sexy, she like a raw, trussed up turkey with no meat on it

No. 984745

It was so manipulative to talk about rpe/mlestation then post things like this. She’s weird. This creeps me out

No. 984750

No. 984754

Definitely a cat scratch on her face. I'm glad Tarte finally attacked this cunt.

No. 984755

She's gonna be an old bitch shitting her pants way before old age hits after wrecking her asshole like that

No. 984756

thanks anon, I’m technologically challenged.
It’s important to document Ariana McMillan scorpioassheaux from Philadelphia’s animal abuse

No. 984758

I can’t believe she spent all that money only to end up far uglier looking than the average person

No. 984779

Wow shaynas doesn’t even do this

No. 984781

I meant more IRL, or just besides this board. We're all anons with a rule to not cowtip but I meant like a usual instagram user, viewing her story. Possible that her followers are trash themselves though

No. 984836

Botched boob job scars just magically gone

No. 984843

File: 1591634643692.jpeg (330.08 KB, 1242x624, E5611CAD-F0EF-44F4-AFF0-5F6E53…)

Looks like she’s been reading the thread

No. 984848

I think part of her might truly believe tarte likes it. Yes SOME cats can handle a LITTLE rough play, but she’s way too aggressive with that damn cat. It’s hard to watch. Makes me sad.

No. 984854

„hahah“ god i hope her asshole never retracts and she has to sleep in her own shit stained sheets forever

No. 984950

She's setting up her excuses for not buying a house and living alone ALREADY kek. She knows she can't afford it.

No. 984996

Idc If I get banned for cow tipping, I'm sick and tired of this bitch. It was fun watching her downfall for a bit but seeing her treat Tarte like this is disgusting.
She stays at all home day with the animals with no one around, who the fuck knows what she does off camera?
I'm reporting her to PSPCA and I'm using the video that was posted and that gif of her spraying the hamster.
I can't sit here knowing this girl could legit be hurting Tatre.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 985001

She also had a lizard back in tumblr days and it’s jaw broke and hung open bc she malnourished it

No. 985002

You didn't have to tell anyone.

No. 985005

they needed the asspats

No. 985012

That lizard also had stuck shed on its toes. It was so bad that some of the toes had fallen off.

No. 985037

if tarte did leave that scratch on her face, i can only imagine how she reacted and what she did to him in retaliation. especially being off camera. what a garbage person

No. 985047

Tbh this psychopath shouldn't have any pets, shes proven that dozens of times. I was hoping a random follower would report here but I'm glad someone did regardless. You're an asshat for posting about it but I agree it had to happen. I doubt anything will happen (humanity is what it is right now so I doubt people are going door to door doing wellness checks on pets) but if it does I cannot wait for her public meltdown

No. 985058

File: 1591679298647.jpeg (121.63 KB, 731x1582, 638109F6-B1BD-4E5B-AFD9-24FAA2…)

Someone already posted this from her IG but I flipped the image just to make her dysmorphia worse. Ari, your mirror image isn’t what everyone else sees. They see this monstrous Jackson pollock Picasso caricature. You get fucked in the ass so much bc shit on their dick is better than looking at your face

No. 985073

File: 1591685937237.jpeg (569.51 KB, 828x1339, 26712F4C-B24B-41B0-A504-06FC7A…)

Private IG update.

No. 985075

“i’ve been really reclusive lately” easy when you have no friends and other girls don’t want to be friends with a witch

No. 985076

The only person who thinks she’s successful or is proud of her is herself kek. Normal people have others praising them not their own self over and over again.

No. 985081

“Successful adults” don’t save 20k and then immediately blow it on plastic surgery

No. 985086

Of course this bitch made porn in articles of clothing that she just listed on Depop. A true class act.

No. 985095

“And I only get better with time” kek

No. 985102

File: 1591695322206.png (4.35 MB, 1125x2001, 82366F20-C739-4D27-9A9E-B03A0B…)

Angelina is that you

No. 985105


I’ve never seen someone lack complete self awareness of themselves. “If I save I’ll have 10k by October just from selling my body!”

As if this bitch can save money long enough without her squirrel like brain finding some new “must have” item she saw one her skinwalks showing off.

Also, surprise surprise - she’s already giving herself ass pats for having 20k when she grew up “in hotel rooms” - even tho she says it will take until October to obtain.

What exactly HAS she actually accomplished until completion?

No. 985108

really excited about her fucking her face up even more

No. 985109

I kekked at this. It's nearly sad to see her lie to herself about the uncomfortable truth of a sex worker becoming less valuable 'in the market' (vomits) with every passing day.

No. 985113

Literally no one talks about their money. You do stuff with it to make yourself look cool Arianna. Omg take advice from ur ex friends who dodged you. Silent moves stfu

No. 985114


what is sad is all her botched facial surgery has already aged her out of a lot of potential clients. Being as nice as I can about it, she definitely looks 30+

No. 985116

how is her mouth open this wide and yet you still cannot see any of her teeth

No. 985117

>I [have a] boyfriend who . . . is fond of my SD too :)
I'm kekking, but holy shit this is so depressing. Like, it's one thing for Matt cuck to not give a shit, but he's "fond of" her SD too? This is a new level of sad

No. 985120

Ayrt, yes definitely. You can dick about with tattoos as a woman in the business and not lose an overwhelming amount of clients but starting to change her face was a terrible move for someone with such poor judgement. She does, and I'd say nothing if she naturally looked 30+ because hey, aging happens and to some unfairly, but it's something about how she 'did it to herself' and the fact that she refuses to acknowledge how conventionally unattractive she has made herself that annoys people on this thread quite notably.

No. 985121

He’s probably in the closet to be fair ariana looks like a male aids patient in drag

No. 985135

Are those indentations on the upper part of her lips permanent scars from the injections? They never go away unless she puts a filter over her face.

I'm honestly surprised her cuxk still has that post office job, considering how public they both are with the weed smoking.

No. 985139

Pretty sure those are old lip piercing holes, you don't get holes like that from injections of anything.

No. 985155

File: 1591714138514.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 111.04 KB, 451x351, D4588A13-CBFA-4F74-B271-758EE7…)

Sorry everyone but I just think this screenshot of her video she chose is so utterly disgusting and unappealing

No. 985156

wouldn’t it be funny if it was matt secretly going on gay trists that passed the aids-scabs to ari. wishful I know

No. 985165

File: 1591716447898.jpeg (93.14 KB, 828x197, 17CB7AB7-EF0B-4738-96CE-246F56…)

she gets off on staring at her own reflection all day because she’s a narc

No. 985175

Ah, she's that person who comes to the dinner party decked out in fake jewelry and knockoff clothing and flexes her average salary and thinks it must be better than everyone else's, but only because nobody else talks about their salary because it's trashy.

No. 985207

She really thinks we wouldn’t notice she’s using Popeyes mashed potatoes as lube

No. 985224

bet she tweeted this because she knows matt watches porn and she is insecure that he doesn't watch their porn

No. 985229

I would actually hate it if my partner not only said this to me, but said it to the world. no one who's sure of themselves gives a shit if their partner watches porn every once in a while

No. 985247

>no one who's sure of themselves gives a shit if their partner watches porn every once in a while

Nah, dude. Porn is not normal and most women do care if their boyfriends watch that degenerate shit. Problem is, Ariana is a massive hypocrite in all of this.

No. 985251


honestly.. it wouldn't be hard for matt to be keeping up an affair with how often they aren't together. ari's convinced he just works long hours, and probably doesn't care enough as long as he texts her and comes home at night to stare at their tiny tv and play ps3

No. 985253

I think it's hilarious she still has that tweet pinned from when she "went viral". She kept bragging about how her tweet is "almost at a half a million liked" "it's almost at 500k likes!" - it's been sitting under 350k for over a month now. kek

Instead of, i dunno, advertising her sex work platforms she'd rather still try to milk the only thing she's gotten ass pats for in years?

And yet she complains she isn't making money on SW because of the George Floyd protests… right.

No. 985254

She's said she's not on birth control and also lets matt cuck cum inside her.. she must only have 1 brain cell.

No. 985257

You just know Matt has several formal warnings because she won't stop calling him during work hours. Texts won't cut it.

No. 985259

ew,STD's coming soon x

No. 985290

her skin always has a greyish tinge like she just looks fundamentally unhealthy and gross

No. 985302

Yep. Like gone off lunch meat

No. 985340

>"im really proud of the person i've become"
>also abuses her cat on live

yeah pnp you're such a great person

No. 985346

pls sage

No. 985348

Mayonnaise cum is never appealing

No. 985361


“Coming soon”’as if they both don’t already have them kekekekek

No. 985362

I thought she was gonna put off the fat grafting for her dog’s hip surgery??

No. 985377

Why would you post this on your sw twitter? "Only my bf turns me on" isn't exactly good marketing

No. 985383


Looks like she has bacterial vaginitis ahhh go to the doctor noo

No. 985390

it attracts cucks

No. 985392

Soooooo, more then? x

No. 985401

Okay I hate the dumb bitch…but y’all never ovulated? Jesus

No. 985420

can you autists sage your retarded comments already

No. 985443

She isn't buying a house now so she has an excuse to not get her dog the surgery it needs unfortunately

No. 985460

how irresponsible. no child deserves to wind up with her a mother like her. she’s a carbon copy of her mum if not worse.

No. 985462

She doesn’t care about her dog. Stuffing her botched face with fillers and fat is more important than her poor dog in pain.

No. 985464

File: 1591761405050.jpeg (149.7 KB, 828x310, 4F4E536A-4208-4857-9D85-EA9C16…)

No. 985466

Wow she sure is vague about her bitching. Unfortunately this could refer to so many things.
Her animal abuse, her bf, her being a man…

No. 985491

Uhh wasn't that the crazy femcel pig girl ? Or h..have multiple cows done this…

No. 985497

Ariana got there before Alicia. Animal abuse is sadly common with cows.

No. 985570

File: 1591796884919.jpeg (95.85 KB, 828x206, 408944E5-607F-453E-AA95-A4136D…)

No. 985615

File under a list of things that didn’t actually happen to Ari McMillan…oh and if Matt did this you’d be raging you hypocrite

No. 985664

It's actually possible to have unprotected sex and avoid getting pregnant, but that's only if you have more than one brain cell and known how menstrual cycles and fertility work lmao. She ain't bright enough for that shit.

No. 985684

File: 1591819144809.png (243.38 KB, 828x1792, 9082152E-1090-4667-B6E8-EAFC22…)

No. 985686

pretty sure cycle planning still has like a 50% pregnancy rate

No. 985694

Actually it's more like 12-24% (according to planned parenthood). It's still incredibly stupid to only rely on this method if you have easy access to condoms and other forms of birth control.

No. 985698

Definitely not, check put the fertility awareness method. I use the sympto-thermo method to avoid pregnancy, and have for over a year and haven't gotten pregnant yet.

No. 985700

File: 1591822348772.jpeg (67.28 KB, 1125x932, 4E991122-4076-4A8B-BE12-4A6D03…)

No. 985704

Her liberal use of lmfao kills me every time. Just waiting for “matt left me lmfao” “all my animals died lmfao”

No. 985707

Why isn't anyone retweeting my shitty bad angled pics with greasy hair, dirty socks, dirty floors covered with dog hair where I pose on a 20-something yo childhood ratty blanket and dead eyes???

No. 985709


Maybe because you’ve spent years chasing off any supporter that comes your way by being a self-righteous, narcissistic, sour faced bitch who thinks she knows it all?


No. 985710


thousands upon thousands of younger, non-botched faces out there who actually put effort into their content instead of a string of greasy mirror pics with crusty dildos and abused cats in the background.

she really thinks having tits and a cunt is enough. thats why she wants to go move to some hick town where “nobody knows” her.

No. 985712

File: 1591824205979.jpeg (137.02 KB, 740x981, 848879F7-9D8B-4479-8082-97EFEB…)


aaaand its changed already. wonder how many times ari refreshes her thread for tips?

No. 985720

lmfao she's always on sale. imagine selling your body for literally $3 a month. that's so fucking depressing

No. 985728

Anon you cropped out the best part of this picture…her blurred out feet and ass. As if can't just scroll down and see her feet,ass, boobs, and even hard-core uncensored teasers. Wtf is she on???

Honestly she should watch freja noir's youtube video about making money on onlyfans. I watched it and laughed at all the things freja says not to do, because of course poor dumb ari literally does them all

No. 985736

>she really thinks having tits and a cunt is enough
it's true tho. you sound like shayna when she says "omg sex work is hard :("

No. 985768

Bitch, you already got all the honest feedback you’ll get, here on lolcow. You’re unsexy, you don’t know how to move, you botched yourself, you have no natural sexappeal or charisma. It’s not a professiom for you. Just stick to art, and find a normal job. If you improve with art maybe you’ll get somewhere. But with sex work you ain’t going anywhere.

No. 985801

Nobody is retweeting her because she’s unattractive and a terrible person

No. 985802

Her and Shayna should be bffs.

No. 985805

they already give each other ass pats on twitter

No. 985811

File: 1591840796426.jpg (529.96 KB, 2896x1703, 20200610_205834.jpg)

Ariana watches one documentary and suddenly she is telling other people to expand their world view??? Bitch did you just realize that other countries with other problems exist

No. 985814

i think they mean that she doesn't do the bare minimum to look appealing and clean up/pose nicely etc. i would not describe what ari does as difficult but doesn't do basic shit to make the photos and videos she sells not look gross

No. 985824

File: 1591842968992.jpg (280.71 KB, 1080x1710, 20200610_213546.jpg)

Why is "u hate sexworkers" always her response? She's in such denial that she is just gross and people dislike her specifically

No. 985826

Have fun getting pregnant

No. 985828

File: 1591843585210.jpg (463.95 KB, 807x2013, Screenshot_20200610-224649_Twi…)

Kek remember the one time she got acrylic nails and she cut them off a day later.. this will end badly. Can't wait to see her waste money and ugly cry about it

No. 985830

hilarious for her to call others crusty when she is the epitome of crusty and disgusting herself

No. 985832

File: 1591843695907.jpg (259.39 KB, 1078x935, Screenshot_20200610-224921_Twi…)

No. 985834

File: 1591843814259.jpg (349.76 KB, 1079x1195, Screenshot_20200610-225003_Twi…)

No. 985841

I hope matt finds an attractive girl with a normal job

No. 985847

Kek always pretending. She doesn’t even have a house she’s been approved for yet

No. 985854

File: 1591848772422.jpg (274.97 KB, 1080x1757, 20200610_231257.jpg)

No. 985855

Not gonna lie the diy acrylics will probably suit her $3 hoe aesthetic pretty well

No. 985865

NTA and massive derail but as an NHSfag a. learn to sage and b. the fertility tracking method is recommended by health services as it’s 99% effective - assuming those of you misinformed about it are American and your health professionals only recommend services from which they can make money from you/pump your body full of hormones and chemicals

She used to go on about how much she hated having her nails done since she was a dog walker; same as how she’d bang on about never getting her tits done. There’s nothing unique about her, she has to bow down to common trends. She’s only doing her nails so she’s got an excuse as to why she’s not producing one piece of art a week to make it her main source of income like she bragged about. That venture died a death quickly

No. 985869

The colour is so dated but not in a good 90s aesthetic way. It’s just ugly. Sometimes I wonder if this bitch is colourblind, she has no colour coordination with her art/ fashion/ home “decor”/ makeup

No. 985874

File: 1591855345127.jpg (704.28 KB, 1078x1921, Screenshot_20200611-020157_Ins…)

So instead of building up true acrylic nails she just glued some shitty amazon plastic nails on and painted them with gel polish and called that an acrylic manicure KEK

No. 985878

Were playing the i-can’t-wait-until-iblank-and-my-life-will-be-so-much-better game again?

No. 985883

I’ve been following her since the first thread and I swear to god she’s moved into 4 different apartments and every single time it’s all “can’t wait for my life to be better once I move!!!!!” as if all of her bad choices are down to where she’s living

No. 985890

Style? Lmao ? Trailer trash disgusting,dirty,autistic grandma?
"You ain't got no style, muthafucka"

No. 985895

>>985874 that crap job took her 2 hours kek and they look like dog shit just like the rest of her “art”

No. 985898

FAM is one of the least reliable non abstinance methods. your 99% statistic is just plain wrong. if it was that effective, most people would be using it (spoiler alert: its not). the rate of pregnancy is about 24 out of 100 with imperfect use. meaning within a year, 24 out of 100 will have become pregant. no one uses birth control perfectly, every single time, for years on end. you have about a 100% chance of becoming preggers in the next 3 years, since you say youve been using it for a year already.

encouraging this method is fucking retarded and dangerous, thats why im responding, so others dont get any retarded ideas from you.

No. 985914

people should know that if ari is doing something then it’s probably stupid and to do the opposite

No. 985929

She’s already had one abortion and hasn’t learnt from that.

No. 985935

> since you say youve been using it for a year already
What are you talking about where does it say that, it’s not even my choice of birth control. No birth control is effective at all if incorrectly, they’re all of similar effectiveness if used perfectly; it’s not my fault that you and all these cows who get pregnant are also too retarded to remember to take a pill everyday, follow a well set out plan, or know how to put a condom on correctly either. Organised, non lazy, adult women can use tracking very effectively, I’m sorry you think only retarded children are having sex. The whole point in having different options is they're effective for different people.
Anyway, point is no matter what birth control Ariana would be on she’d get pregnant (minus the coil maybe but we all know she’d forget to check it’s still in place) because she’s too stupid to use any of them correctly(derailing)

No. 985947

thats really cool that you somehow know ive gotten pregant, are you psychic? and ive never been pregnant nor ever will be because im not a retard using FAM. have fun with your future unplanned baby/abortion though!

No. 985952

anon you are having a borderline ego trip over taking birth control. being a nhs fag clearly means fuck all if you describe horomones already present in the body as scary chemicals.

she cant shut the fuck up about how much of an "artist" she is. just dont put the nails on if you worry so much. this fucking bitch i swear.

No. 985972

File: 1591883775687.jpeg (164.32 KB, 828x1448, 4DE7408D-B1D8-4D41-AF21-8393D6…)

kek what a mess

No. 985986


why do her nails like cheap, transparent bingo chips?

No. 985988


Does she not see how insufferable she is? Is this why she genuinely asks why no-one RTs or likes her stuff?

Maybe because instead of using your platform to just promote the documentary and its meaning, she has to go be a little cunt about it and tell people they need perspective and to open their minds.

No. 985994

nice forehead wrinkles.

No. 986008

File: 1591891896146.jpg (231.72 KB, 1080x1074, 20200611_110802.jpg)

Did this bitch really retweet a 5 year old tweet…?
Ariana, we get it. You watched a documentary about Ukrainian orphanages. People have known that this is an issue for years, this isn't groundbreaking just because you JUST NOW became aware of it. In like 5 years she'll be tweeting that Jeffrey epstein didn't kill himself

No. 986016

Thank you for acknowledging the issue, privileged white girl #4632, your preachy and patronising retweet and ig story saved the day.

No. 986017

Ariana currently has 20+ instagram stories dedicated to her awful diy nails…cringe. how can such a subpar person have such an enormous ego

No. 986030

She admits she only glued nails on but at the same time claims she did it the professional way kek

No. 986031

"A full set of crylic I guess. The clear nails"

No. 986033

File: 1591897132405.jpg (888.54 KB, 1079x1731, Screenshot_20200611-133925_Twi…)

Charging people for glue ons? What a joke

No. 986034

File: 1591897168563.png (6.08 MB, 1125x2436, 8DEAA100-3761-4599-8913-37254E…)

No. 986035

She is such an idiot. Not only do they look like shit, but they will not last nearly as long as a professional manicure. I give it 3 days tops before one falls off and possibly takes her stubby chewed up little finger nail with it

No. 986036

my god she's delusional. these look terrible

No. 986037

lmao does she seriously not know the difference between glue-ons and an acrylic set? she can't even youtube an acrylic video before saying she's going to "charge" to glue some nails on? spoiler alert whoriana: with acrylics you only glue on the tips.

No. 986038

This is high quality delusion.

No. 986039

….did she glue the nails onto her cuticles instead of trimming her cuticles or am I crazy

No. 986040

They don't even fit her nail bed either

No. 986043

It really looks like it.

No. 986048

File: 1591898266742.gif (3.73 MB, 368x652, 103801714_2661629914080478_197…)

Why is she constantly hitting this cat? It's not even playful, it's just bizarre

No. 986053

there is really no need to be this rough with any animal

No. 986055

The worst part is that you can see tarte trusting her in the beginning of the video while she was scratching her back, then when she randomly starts hitting, tartes whole demeanor changes. She lowers her tail and even gives her a look like "what did I do?". Sad.

No. 986056

Not like this would ever happen but I shudder to think how disgusting and unhygienic this whore's nail tools would be. Not everyone is cool with being an infected cheap bitch Ariana.

No. 986063

File: 1591899667538.jpeg (415.48 KB, 1290x1935, E9275AD3-BC48-419B-849E-5F304F…)

This girl it literally a meme. Even high schoolers know the difference between acrylic and stick on nails. Imagine calling yourself a perfectionist and taking 3 hours to paint these monstrosities. Most girls can do gel polish in minutes

No. 986069

I'm crying. They look just like that meme. This reminds me so much of my little sister its uncanny…she's 12 and constantly uses press-on nails and texts me pictures of them. I'm always like "wow! They look so amazing!! You did those yourself??? You should do mine!!" to make her feel good…and thats literally what Arianas followers do. There's no way they actually think this looks good lol, they're just ass kissing and it's so hilarious that she can't tell

No. 986085

this is going to be hilariously bad, hotdog chipmunk will finally have some misshapen friends to share eternal misery with.

No. 986088

File: 1591903222459.jpg (187.37 KB, 1080x959, 20200611_141658.jpg)

>I hated my life until my mid-20s
…so until right fucking now? Isn't she 25, turning 26 in october??

Also, hilarious that she HAS to post about her amazing life journey and goals every time her post interaction starts to slow down. She knows her dumbass teen followers will flock to the post and give her some "yaaasss queenn!!" "Glow up!" "THRIVING!" type comments. Do you think she ever gets tired of cycling through the same shit day in and day out?

No. 986096

Judging by the current outrageousness of her behaviour I’d be scared to see her off meds jfc

No. 986100

Sober, what a joke. She still smokes weed every waking moment and can't function without it. She's dependent af on it.

No. 986103

Someone who knows where to look should post side by sides of her saying this exact thing 20 times a year for four years.

No. 986105

she touches her animals with the same barbaric strength that she YANKS on her own tits with in her porn. She's like an ape learning to touch for the first time

No. 986107

god this is so fucking funny and it's true, her motor skills suck in every way. she can't move her body in a good looking way, she sucks at giving oral, and she has such a fucked up nature that she shows always even when it comes to touching herself or her poor animals. she just fails in every way to present herself in a likeable manner

No. 986114

File: 1591905960125.jpeg (259.72 KB, 1242x456, C2BB0ABF-1BE8-4A04-8F51-A5A383…)

The next victim…in bf she adopts the puppy before it’s properly weaned, is too lazy to train it and then the abuse starts when it develops behavioural problems

No. 986115

She is a horrible piece of trash. Animal abuser. She can claim her cat likes it all she wants, she’s only fooling herself. What a true psycho. She’s just like her mother, can’t give anything love. She could at least TRY to be a good parent to her pets…

No. 986118

I wonder if Doormatt can even physically say no at this point.

No. 986120

I have read the threads but i still am confused as to why she wants her nose redone? It's genuinely the only thing okay on her face if you ignore the kinda visible lip lift scars, why would she wanna mess that up?

No. 986121

she has trouble breathing properly from it

No. 986122

She constantly facetunes her nose to be smaller and thinner. At this point I think she's going for a Micheal Jackson look. She'll never be happy though, she'll pick herself apart and get more and more surgeries until her nose caves in on itself

No. 986124

File: 1591907513425.jpg (663.17 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200611-163222_Ins…)

She only wants one because matt posted this

No. 986125

Chihuahuas are notorious for bad behavior if not trained well, and we all know she can't train any animals

No. 986126

Feel dumb for missing this, thanks anon. Shit's gonna end up pinched soon enough.

No. 986127

Chihuahuas are difficult to train and house break, and they have very willful temperaments. With how small they are, she may actually kill this one out of anger when it “misbehaves”

No. 986128

Is this someone's dog at a random house that he's delivering mail to? If so, this is highly against the rules. I had a friend who was a mail carrier who got fired for posting videos of some guys horses on his property on her Instagram. The guy saw her filming and reported her, then her supervisor happened to be following her on Instagram and saw the evidence

No. 986131

this girl literally can’t do ANYTHING without trying to find a way to scam people into giving her money for it

No. 986134

Chihuahua sperg has been deleted lol

No. 986135

Why does Matt think he can just film into peoples windows as a government employee, tf??

No. 986136

You can hear it in a lot of her videos. Especially when she’s ranting at Tarte. Sounds like a mouthbreather.

No. 986151

File: 1591910382332.jpg (235.91 KB, 1080x1176, 20200611_161900.jpg)

These tweets are minutes apart. This is the equivalent of an insane person holding a conversation with themselves, change my mind.

No. 986167

File: 1591912887544.jpeg (94.21 KB, 326x480, 5697021E-CB73-4002-A64F-D23BBE…)

This is what her nails remind me of lmfao “gonna start charging guyZzZ”

No. 986170

Lol she already has an ugly dying dog and now she wants a fucking chihuahua? Christ lmfao let your gross dog die first then start slowly killing the worst breed imaginable after for fucks sake. Her pets are disgusting.

No. 986177

>set my pole up
If only this wasn’t a pipe dream, I would love to see that particular disaster.

No. 986178

Haha no anon, you have it bang on. I can almost see the empty cavity that is her skull, and the bluebottle that is her brain is darting around a flickering strip light.

No. 986183

Omg, ladies. I know I'm late to the party but I just figured it out. This dumb bitch squirrled away 20k from her prostituting and cam whoring and thought she could start a mortgage with that.
She has no other collateral, no job, no way to prove she can maintain those payments. Did she really think she could show up with 20k in savings and just make a down payment??? Does this bitch even know how things work? (Rhetorical questions) I'm legit laughing at her. And her egotistical ass couldn't back seat it and let matt with his steady job and (well former) car be the signer, and she co-sign.

No. 986266

File: 1591926900076.gif (3.97 MB, 326x326, 82756262-54E4-4EE2-AA62-087E3A…)

She reminds me of this lady talking shit into the void

No. 986267

Zero percent chance of her getting a license for this, but I'm sure it'll suddenly become her dream and she'll enroll at a shitty beauty school and drop out before she even starts just like the taxidermy.

No. 986271

hahaha love this, anon

No. 986276

Legit hoarding animals at this point. Girl needs a therapist.. not another dog.

No. 986278

File: 1591929097790.jpeg (416.63 KB, 828x1445, 6D1AF7F5-00D3-4BC6-AA7C-46F77A…)

Private IG update.

No. 986290

anon… shes never been a camwhore. and she doesnt have 20k saved. she only whores herself out like once every 2 months, she gets her money then spends it all. everything she says is a lie that she wishes was true. like how she was speaking about how hard going to school would be, speaking about finishing school… when she hadnt even started her trade course. and to this day hasnt started. and never will. shes a broke bitch who projects the image of someone well off because of her self-consciousness of being trailer trash.

No. 986301

The only true/lucid statement in this bizarre crackhead ramble was that her ass is flat

No. 986304

Are we all in agreement that this "slave" is not a real person?

I think she's pretending to have a slave because she thinks it will increase her chances of someone actually wanting to be her slave. This is also the first time I can recall her using the words "online DOM", please correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 986362

File: 1591943162970.jpeg (50.29 KB, 328x568, D81DA9BA-0B1B-47B4-A05A-395948…)

Just… just… bitch why are you so ugly???? Men and slaves of Philadelphia Pennsylvania and New York City New York your DOM / DOMME or BDSM or MISTRESS has a sexually transmitted disease. She will make you sick. SLAVES of PHILLY your FEMDOM is a sleazy cunt do not waste your money. ALICE AMOR SCORPIOASSHEAUX PLASTICNPROUD

No. 986364

I cringed so hard at her describing herself as the “new, alternative girl in a small town”

No. 986380

Anons trying to search engine optimise their vendetta-filled replies here are so cringy

No. 986391

Britfag but cheap, actual acrylic nails from an accredited salon cost like £20-£30 here so I assumed it would be around that in $ in the US…? how can she justify charging that in “mate-rates” for stick on nails, I’m howling.
She obviously knows they’re going to fall off in a few days hence why she’s set up having to remove them for taxidermy- a well done set of acrylics wouldn’t just pop off doing craft work. Her nails are going to be fucked if she keeps gluing new ones on and then ripping them off- we know she’s got the dexterity of a hippo

No. 986440

charging 20-30$ for people she KNOWS? first of all this bitch doesn't have a single friend, whose nails is she gonna do? doormatt's?
and like everyone else already said, that price tag is delusional for press on nails that don't even fit the nail bed and are ugly af
it's extra obnoxious to state that 20-30$ is what she would charge for people she KNOWS, insinuating she'd charge even more from strangers

No. 986446

The bitch wants to charge 20$ for shitty plastic nails but sells her pussy for 2$. Amazing.

No. 986452

Anon you need to redirect your anger. It’s not her pets fault she treats them badly.

No. 986489

>work on the iguana…in my freezer for 6 years
well that's going to be awful, i bet the toes will fall off and she'll come up with an excuse for not doing it.

No. 986492

Wouldn't it has decomposed by now? even if it had been in the fridge. it has been 6 years after all

No. 986498

Probably not decomposed but 100% it's frostbitten like when you keep a steak frozen for too long. It's definitely not going to look pretty

No. 986507

why would someone allow this? it is gross keeping dead animals next to the food you eat/store

No. 986513

This is the same person who thought it was acceptable for her friend to move into her basement which was filled with rotting animal faeces

No. 986515

I know, but why? how can someone be so gross. I am surprised she has not gotten some animal to human disease from all the dead things she messes around with

No. 986525

Also just think about how many times she’s moved/will continue to move these animals in her freezer over the last 6 years and into the future. Gross.

No. 986530

how can anyone call themselves an animal lover then store those poor dead animals for ears without respect for them is beyond me

No. 986537

All you need to know about Ariana McMillan is in the sentence. She literally procrastinates and gets nothing done yet acts like she has already accomplished everything without even starting. 6 years? Really? Todays the day,!I guess! she is so bizarre to me. How can you say something is your passion if you’ve let it sit in your freezer for 6 fucking years. “Taxidermy” is just a buzz word to make her seem more alt and interesting.

No. 986544

File: 1591992106672.jpeg (219.48 KB, 828x1225, FEEF3B37-17CE-4F6C-A9B1-06E0E7…)

No, you need therapy. Ariana will never be happy until she treats the root of the issue.

No. 986545

Samefag but her armpit in this is nauseating

No. 986560

Agreed. I don't understand how she thinks this is attractive or okay to post to the same account where she sells her body. Most people like either clean shaven or a small bush, not scraggly stubble that makes it look like you haven't showered in a few days. Everything about her is gross and half-assed.

No. 986564

It’s more so that it makes her resemble a pterodactyl or flying squirrel. The skin on her arms are so loose.

No. 986565

What am I looking at.. Is this armpit a photoshop fail or….??? Can someone explain to me why she looks like a person who lost 200lbs and suffers from saggy excess skin? Why would she post this? What is attractive about this? Is it possible that she looks so old because she's lying about her age?? How does her skin not have any elasticity, despite her being under 30? I have questions goddammit

No. 986577

She's the epitome of skinny fat,has no muscular tone. Add some bolt-on implants and you got some weird shit going on…

No. 986581


She has to be around 110 pounds and probably can't even do a push up. Her arms have absolutely no muscle.

No. 986586

her bolt ons alone weigh like 5 pounds, i doubt she's just 110 pounds. she's not /that/ skinny let's be real here before she reads this and feels flattered

No. 986602

Nah, she's scrawny as hell

No. 986603

File: 1592002734712.jpeg (365.04 KB, 750x762, ACE6D817-4D6F-4A75-B6F8-BBEAA0…)

How many times and how many people is she gonna cry about making fake accounts to harass her before everyone realizes she’s full of shit and that a lot of people just don’t like her

No. 986606

You must be pretty big if you think she is 110 lol. I am about her height and I am 115, and I'm borderline skeletal. Not bragging, I have a health issue. She is at least 135.
(Inb4 we see her post that she weighs like 105 on Twitter lol)(no one cares)

No. 986610

I'm not even the AYRT but 135? No way in hell. No one cares how extra thin your are either.

No. 986626

File: 1592008255414.png (2.61 MB, 1440x2446, 1533524711449 (1).png)

I…I literally said that I am sick. Thank you for your empathy anon. I was posting my weight because I can use it as a reference point, no one needs to "care how extra thin I am". Idk why you'd respond to me just to say that.
Anyway, I guess we can agree to disagree, but I think this is the last time she looked around 110.

No. 986627

I agree with you anon , she’s 5’5” so she could easily be 120+ …135 lb pre nose surgery lmao. She doesn’t seem as thin as she used to be. Not trying to trigger her cause we all know she’s reads this, but she just seems….puffy these days.

No. 986633

Imo OnlyFans thots are camwhores. They are stripping on camera for money. Just an opinion. She said she had 20k saved for a house. She probably is lying, but since I don't have access to her bank acct, I have to take her at her word.

No. 986637

why are you expecting empathy on an imageboard dedicated to shitting and gossiping on people, sicky? learn to integrate

No. 986644

Not that anon but consider that she has literally no impulse control. The tattoos, hair, surgeries, EFukt-level home porn and general life choices.
If she had 10k let alone 20k it would be injected in her face by now.

No. 986648

Notice how all mention of the surgery Frogger needs to stop being in pain goes out the window as soon as she decides she wants more surgery.
…. Again.

No. 986666

File: 1592015860693.jpeg (576.48 KB, 804x1162, 51E478D1-33C8-4D93-85AA-0B32F0…)

She’s not getting enough clout for her own stupidity so she’s retweeting and begging people to share.. sad

No. 986688

its ariana tho. you cant take her at her word or give her the benefit of the doubt on account of how much she exaggerates/twists the truth/straight up lies. shes just not an honest person, you pretty much have to assume that anything out of her mouth is false. for example, her saying she has 20k would more likely mean she has a credit card with a limit of 20k or perhaps that her grandfather announced hell gift her 20k when he passes. and shes planning on him having an "accident" soon kek.

No. 986690

come on. she’s clearly not anywhere near 135. 5’5 isn’t THAT tall and she wouldn’t look anywhere near as scrawny as she does if she weighed 135 at that height. even 120 is kind of pushing it but it’s at least a little more realistic

No. 986704

File: 1592027494455.jpg (1.62 MB, 2160x2160, 20200613004911.jpg)

No. 986708

I really don't think she's 135 at her height. even factoring in genetic weight distribution, etc. she's thinner than the girl in the other pic. I will say she doesn't look underweight (she'd have to be sub 110 or so at her height to be so), but that's honestly a good thing bc she could use some curvature. my educated guess is she's in the mid 120's

No. 986776

I hate contributing to this tinfoil, but she's probably 112-115. At 5'5, as I am the same height and skinnyfat build, minus bolt ons. It's obviously not flattering. So let's stop with this non milk weight discussion and focus on milk

No. 986857

Makeup weight. Guys, you're forgetting to factor in makeup weight

No. 986928

File: 1592074197995.jpeg (226.26 KB, 828x1267, 5E117ABF-1BD7-4137-A75E-CFA049…)

Old post but I dont remember anyone bringing up that Ari also skinwalks gothcharlotte. How could you even be her friend ? It’s so annoying when people blatantly copy your style, personality, interests, and overall identity!

No. 986935

nobody cares

No. 986936

No. 986940

it’s al ready been mentioned >>910769

No. 986964

File: 1592080873937.jpg (609.22 KB, 1079x1920, Screenshot_20200613-164047_Ins…)

She can barely breathe in this video I can hear her inhales kek

No. 986972

nice underbite ari

No. 987000

As soon as she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue she stopped breathing through her nose. Mouth breather kek

No. 987006

learn to sage your shit

No. 987026

Yeah, she skin walks her bad. Her whole “I restrict people instead of block them so they just scream into the void” was taken word for word from a tweet gothcharlotte made @ her kek

No. 987129

File: 1592110192606.gif (3.31 MB, 368x654, wimJJVET9EyWgtys_1.gif)

Should this be spoilered? its vomit inducing after all

No. 987131

I take back every comment I have ever said about Matt growing a brain and finding a normal girl.
They will be together forever. They are equally sad, gross, trashy, and brain dead. No self respecting girl would ever date him after seeing shit like this anyway.

No. 987132

Doormatt really over here eating her dirty foot like a bean burrito.

No. 987136

She has black shit on multiple parts of her feet. How can she be so filthy all the fucking time??? He can't be sober also. We've been tinfoiling for a while about him maybe using hard drugs and idk about yall but I sorta feel like sticking an obviously dirty foot in your mouth is crackhead behavior.

No. 987137

File: 1592111892354.jpg (389.16 KB, 655x1240, 20200614001605.jpg)

No. 987161

File: 1592118839588.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 279.04 KB, 750x682, 3F51532E-1E9B-4C07-86F5-6C5D48…)

CW her half grown in pubes and spread vagina.

Hilarious her pinned post to her SW profile advertising her OF has blurred crack pussy and soles of her feet but she posts stuff like this and one shortly after of her sucking dick. Lmao Ari, nobody needs to buy your OF when you’re constantly giving out free content like this. Also as another anon said, this three day old grown in pubes look is way nastier than full bush stuff for reasons stated. Like… you can smell this tweet.

No. 987176

File: 1592124276490.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 661.9 KB, 1242x1912, 7DBB186D-6E84-4E3A-92E6-A0D7A9…)

Why won’t she shut the fuck up about her nails? She’s been filming them and talking about them in her stories, twitter for the last 48 hours and now she’s given them a mention in her porn…the level of narcissism I can’t…

No. 987204


Excuse me while I barf thinking about how she just skinned an animal wearing those long fake nails. I bet she isnt sure if she is whiffing dead carcass under her nails or matt’s asshole everytime his cock hits the back of her throat.

No. 987226

Her feet are FUCKING DISGUSTING for so many reasons. Jesus Christ. I’d honestly rather she kept the filthy socks on.

No. 987228

He has to or he’ll be kicked out lmfao. Kidding but seriously his eyes; he looks like he’ll do anything to please her… scary

No. 987290

Says Ari who went

No. 987291

File: 1592153764878.jpeg (402.31 KB, 1242x767, 9B5422A6-0314-4866-91BB-2E58D8…)

^ Sorry pressed send before I typed.
Says Ari who met up with Aaron several times during the peak of covid, full service sex worked during covid, and literally last night posted a photo of her getting ice cream with Doormatt, with his mask down and his nose exposed

No. 987307

File: 1592156962251.gif (7.09 MB, 368x652, 104193329_640944299826797_5041…)

No. 987315

what the fuck… I guess he really is on hard drugs. why tf would she record this and share it online? it's humiliating

No. 987359

but like… what drug makes you do this? is he nodding? opiates?

No. 987388

Is it bad that my initial thought was ‘ari set up her phone to record her giving matt head and he’s trying to look like he enjoys it’ rather than hard drug use

No. 987409

File: 1592176350816.png (2.21 MB, 750x1334, 41E98EBE-EDFD-49B5-8E91-595F96…)

No. 987410

File: 1592176455279.jpeg (240.47 KB, 1125x1970, 2B8541BD-5B81-4AD6-BFC6-84EC5E…)

An absolute makeup queen. The dirty looking nose ”contour” ties everything together perfectly. 10/10 clown.

P.s. She put on all this makeup to go sit in the river all day…

No. 987423

this has already been posted

No. 987441

Are you referring to >>987409 ? It’s not the same screenshot…

No. 987442

no, im referring to >>987402 being the exact same picture as >>987410

No. 987443

Sorry but the post you tagged is deleted, sooo idk

No. 987445

whoops youre right. it didnt show up as deleted for me, my bad

No. 987473

File: 1592182637633.png (7.15 MB, 1125x2436, 8251E837-48FE-4F3F-86D6-61727F…)

nasty. she’s not even in the water. just peeing down her leg probably.

No. 987475

File: 1592182706059.png (7.52 MB, 1125x2436, 65D6C0AD-DE7E-4AAA-93ED-6441E2…)

sage because it’s not that crazy but can someone else laugh at this “blunt” with me?

No. 987494

kek. and those stubby toe fingers

No. 987501

What happened to her super cute, super professional acrylic manicure?

No. 987506

Same thing that happens to her face. Pick pick pick pick pick.

No. 987508

Ari's still sucking any dick, I'm sure she' didn't get tested for HIV/Sti's

No. 987509

that's her bf's dick, anon

No. 987562

His arms and his neck are so scary my god who loses weight this fast, someone find out and tell dolly

No. 987582

Yes, anon. Those may be opiate nods. Benzos can do it, too. My money would be on Xanax or Oxy, which are readily available in a city like Philadelphia. Would also explain the drastic weight loss.

No. 987611

i thought so too, but he looks so out of it. no human does this retard headbanging to convey pleasure

No. 987671

File: 1592232066647.png (2.31 MB, 750x1334, 3ECC5A9E-EBCE-482B-B955-BB40D9…)

I’m not usually on board when a lot of anons say she looks like a MTF trans person but man… here she def looks like a MTF.

No. 987693


So lets see, Matt is = thinner/gaunt, unshaven, doesn’t care enough about his looks anymore that he let Ari give him a hackjob mullet and kept it, frequently looks out of it on drugs, has been taking pictures inside people’s homes as a USPS worker and posting it on his IG, sucking her frito feet…

His downward spiral is about to peak.

tinfoil - patches did get pregnant and abortt last month, but this time he wasnt sure if it was his, aaron’s or the sugardaddies.

No. 987718

File: 1592241530494.jpg (346.61 KB, 2048x2048, InFrame_1592241368796.jpg)

Her true identity. I bet she smells the same.

No. 987720

File: 1592241724115.jpeg (833.23 KB, 1242x1043, C7529993-E46A-4B1F-80DC-D655D7…)

Feeding American cheese slices to frogger…which would be fine if it was every now and then but you just know it’s every day lol. No wonder her pets have health problems

No. 987776

File: 1592247639091.jpg (546.89 KB, 1079x1317, Screenshot_20200615-145957_Twi…)

No. 987777

this is terrifying

No. 987781

File: 1592248473762.jpeg (85.97 KB, 750x629, 65993467-C864-4832-9FF8-FC17B5…)

Imagine that

No. 987786

She acts like taxidermy school is some big thing. You can literally get a certificate in a couple weeks and “graduate” within a month. This isn’t some big accomplishment lol especially if all you do is complain and make excuses as to why you can’t go. Remember right before corona she constantly talked about how long and
annoying the drive/school hours would be? She was lucky the virus came around so she could officially drop out without looking dumb. If she cared AT ALL about actually going to school, she would’ve kept her deposit and just chose to continue after lol. The colleges in my town just announced that in person classes are a thing for the upcoming school year. She could STILL be on track to graduate if she really wanted to

No. 987794

does she mention what sort of bird that is? looks like a (weirdly brown) yellow warbler which is a protected species under the MBTA. I’d be able to be more certain on my ID if she hadn’t mangled the poor thing.

No. 987799

File: 1592250619332.png (2.38 MB, 750x1334, 95E20AD1-EAFC-4ED7-875B-96CC1E…)

Just like how you only care about black lives matter when it’s trending. Ariana you literally went to one protest and basically snitched on black people attending by posting videos and pictures of their faces… while breaking into stores. Protests are still actively happening and the movement isn’t over. She’s the fakest “activist” fucking ever lol

No. 987819

My siiiiides
This has to be part of the next thread pic or I will riot

No. 987820

File: 1592254680388.jpg (33.88 KB, 728x412, XFqHtXEg.jpg)

No. 987842

File: 1592257676586.jpg (177.17 KB, 1080x599, Screenshot_20200615-174744_Twi…)

No. 987849

This is the kind of white trash family where she probably sends her pathetic OF nudes to daddy to see if he approves before she posts them

No. 987855

sage for late and no relevance but I thought this was a screencap of the youngest son from malcolm in the middle

No. 987879

Judging by the beak it's definitely a warbler of some kind, and they're all protected

No. 987887

File: 1592262426261.jpeg (173.01 KB, 828x1126, 7220C63A-EC97-4355-ADE7-C2A899…)

So basically she didn’t need high school bullies to make her hate her own appearance.. her family did the job first.

No. 987901

lesser goldfinch or American goldfinch? Too mangled to tell

No. 987924

wouldn’t have thought so, as >>987879
pointed out it’s definitely a warbler of some kind. She shouldn’t be in possession of it. I’m all for her actually going to taxidermy school if she was actually taught useful things like the MBTA…

No. 987934

Her nose literally looks like Michael Jackson’s here

No. 987970

It looks beyond Facetuned too. Why is the tip of her nose pointing/warping upwards??

No. 987984

you know, i dont give a single shit how much this dumb bitch abuses herself and her body,
but i cant stand looking at her smacking the cat all the time. something needs to be done, some action needs to be taken there.(cowtip suggestion)

No. 987985

i agree with you anon. but what action is even possible?

No. 988058

No action. She is fucking herself up without anyone’s help.

No. 988073

post her tarte videos on r/iamatotalpieceofshit(cowtip suggestion)

No. 988100

you'd have to censor her @ though, sadly

No. 988160

File: 1592327584077.jpeg (534.63 KB, 750x876, 5E4F4FF9-505A-4757-B80A-F708D8…)

No. 988229

File: 1592338880333.jpg (282.46 KB, 1080x916, Screenshot_20200616-161956_Twi…)

She really is just like her mother. This is disgusting. She loves to say she's sober but is obviously very emotionally addicted to weed. She should never have children and this is just another reason why.

No. 988231

who the fuck says this proudly lmao

No. 988244

What the fuck, this is so disturbing. Some doctors recommend tinctures or other edible forms of Marijuana, not smoking! Are you kidding me, she's so idiotic. Have fun giving birth to a 2 pound baby who has to spend weeks in the ICU and use an inhaler their whole life wtf

No. 988245

File: 1592340616463.png (328.32 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-06-16-16-43-20…)

im not surprised she would have this take. remember when she said she would give her "psoriasis" to a baby if she could?

weed during pregnancy may make one more comfortable, but its not healthy for the fetus. ariana only cares about herself though, if she wants to smoke during pregnancy, she will. i sincerely hope she never, ever reproduces. the world already has enough fucked up people with no empathy and you just know she would abuse and neglect the fuck out of any kid she was responsible for… turning it into a carbon copy of her and her mother.

No. 988246

Exhibit A of why one should go to school. I remember learning in high school developmental psych that smoking (both weed and cigarettes) leads to premature birth, defects, and sometimes miscarriage. But go off, ari. You live your life only caring about yourself so why should this be any different.

No. 988251

She better hope that she never gets pregnant. Idk about Pennsylvania, but where I'm from the Office of Children and Family Services doesn't play. Your kids can be taken away for simply having weed around them if someone reports you for child endangerment, and then you have one year to get your act together to get them back. When kids are involved, they take the kids first and ask questions later. On one occasion I witnessed OCFS take a newborn into foster care minutes after the mother gave birth because she came to the hospital with weed on her person, and the nurses felt it wasn't safe for the child to leave with her. Not trying to blogpost, just trying to illustrate that when a child is involved Ariana can't just say "i don't give a shit what someone says!!"

No. 988258

she is truly the dumbest piece of shit there is. i hope this whore never ever reproduces. imagine being born as the child of an addicted bpd whore who sells her pussy for three dollars online and a cuck who probably does oxy and lets the aforementioned whore walk all over him and LICKS HER FEET

No. 988282

Honestly one of the most decent things she’s done is had an abortion granted it was more for her as a baby would be an inconvenience but still

sage for no contribution

No. 988311

File: 1592394536161.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 296.83 KB, 1538x2048, 0DDCC1B8-4D71-46D9-B61E-17F865…)

This actually made me feel sick. I’m so glad it’s censored. Look how crusty and minging her knickers are as well

No. 988312

Ffs sorry I thought I had clicked spoiler

No. 988314

You have time to delete and repost

No. 988320

File: 1592395829812.jpeg (220.13 KB, 1125x419, DB4AE02D-6D3F-4495-9024-067D8F…)

Repeating the same exact shit over and over as usual

No. 988322

File: 1592396389517.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 318.47 KB, 1125x1786, 834EBD2A-B377-41F6-B023-52FB34…)

She’s really posting videos of herself skinning animals and flopping them around on her sw twitter next to closeups of her crusty pussy.
And she wonders why her engagement is so low on her porn…

No. 988346

wow was she purposely trying to make a goatse picture or did this just happen on accident

No. 988351

I’m all for weird hobbies, even taxidermy, but this amateur butchery is so fucked up

No. 988359

christ this is vile. I just cannot fathom her stupidity. Literally "$6 onlyfans" right next to a dead rat. It would take her all of what, 10 minutes? for her to make a linked twitter account for her non sex work stuff…

No. 988362

Jesus fucking Christ, why did I zoom in on her underwear? I don’t even want to know what that black blob is. I legitimately feel nauseous now. She’s fucking foul.

No. 988375

She has her paint brushes right next to the damn thing..

No. 988378

This photo reeks so much, makes me want to gag. Her crusty, piss and shit stained underwear. Can't imagine how anyone voluntarily would touch her

No. 988381

Full on horror cow

No. 988382

Logically, I know it’s her pussy that she’s censored. But I can’t stop seeing it as a goery infected cut.

No. 988384

File: 1592409688742.jpeg (580.56 KB, 828x1496, 3E8E40F4-E49C-43B9-B773-3EF138…)

Private IG update

No. 988385

You’re are so manic and crazy Arianna

No. 988386

her "i'm such a happy person" shtick is boring as fuck. no you're not ariana and you show us all the time. happy people don't need to sell their crusty ass pussy for 3$ online and happy people don't fucking beat their cat around. such a cope

No. 988389

File: 1592410777836.jpeg (621.02 KB, 828x1354, 973C7D2A-5E48-4C9A-B3EA-B06FE1…)

Right on schedule with the Doll’s Kill modeling throwbacks. Ariana is painfully predictable.

No. 988398

so she admits to being miserable and wanting to die as recently as last year? wasnt she still on her "im soo happy" bullshit then too? I cant really remember.

unpopular opinion but i feel for matt. he must be so broken down from being mentally abused by her. you just know she does it on purpose so he wont ever leave. wouldnt surprise me if she was physically abusive to him as well.

ugh, it amazes me that people can be so awful. her insides are truly disgusting. i wonder what her inner life is like, being so evil. probably an endless stream of negative thoughts.

No. 988405


Even if this were someone's belief.. she doesn't have the decency to at least say "i'd use marijuana if i were pregnant"? Why does she have to be so selfish to smoke weed, when there are topical creams, edibles, etc.

She's disgusting.

No. 988416

I had to report and unfollow her on twitter over that nasty taxidermy shit. She didn’t even wear gloves. And I’ve had to take care of babies in the NICU due to the mother smoking during pregnancy because the newborn had sternal retractions and low oxygen sat but she would never look into the harmful effects. Just take vitamin B6 and get LR, antiemetics for morning sickness please don’t smoke(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 988429

They drug test you when you’re pregnant and they will get child protective services involved

No. 988442

her bangs (if you can even call it that) are tragic here

No. 988443

HOLY SHIT that “taxidermy” job is hilarious! FUCK. I found a dead bird at work on Friday. BRB let me find some fishing wire

No. 988447

Yeah because she would go to the doctor. As if.

No. 988465

And yet she’s looks 1000x better here than she does now. Can’t wait for her to botch her face more

No. 988472

File: 1592422932249.jpeg (67.35 KB, 750x739, 9E81495E-ABE3-471D-93DA-FB8705…)

How.. does she think this is the birds natural posture?? She's a fool if she thinks this is gonna make her money

No. 988481

it looks like she combined two separate animals to create one

No. 988486

poor thing would've been better off as a road pancake. she has a real knack for this hotdog shape, how does that happen?

No. 988506

File: 1592426124172.jpg (772.94 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200617-163453_Ins…)

Is she seriously ebegging for dead animals ..

No. 988513

>“What’s the point if it’s in 3 months”

You want to buy a HOUSE? And do it LAST MINUTE. I have a headache, that’s unbelievably stupid. Good luck filing for bankruptcy after you fuck your credit and finances impulse buying a house girl. Thriving!!!

No. 988521

File: 1592427167809.jpg (146.25 KB, 1075x612, Screenshot_20200617-165235_One…)

No. 988527

File: 1592427554526.jpeg (127.5 KB, 700x394, F78A9585-3542-4211-9011-4BFB67…)

That poor animal now looks like mimicking spongebob

No. 988535

Doesn't she have a freezer full of animals? why beg for more

No. 988539

imagine being a pet store worker in philly just doing your job. the door opens, a putrid smell of rotting fish and onions wafts in, and this MTF skeletor looking ass comes in asking for some free animal corpses…

No. 988561

Holy shit KEK how can she be proud of this

No. 988568

At least this might be an indicator that she's aware of her piss poor taxidermy skills needing more practice

No. 988571

how's that? she has always only used roadkill and stuff that died of "natural causes"

No. 988576

Sure, but it'd obviously be way easier to get them sourced from a vet or something if she actually wants to make something good instead of using the occasional roadkill.

No. 988592


Anyone else catch that her client is still making her starve herself? She clearly doesn’t get enough money from this guy to justify being anorexic to fulfill this dude’s fetish. I would feel bad for her, but she has every opportunity in the world to meet new clients who aren’t fucking abusive freaks. And Matt encourages this shit and “love him too”? She thinks she has come so far from her abusive childhood living in vans and hotels, but her life situation is so dire and gross.

No. 988596

File: 1592432817205.png (7 MB, 1125x2436, A80D5FB1-F425-42C2-873D-67A966…)

She’s trying to recreate the one piece of art that got her attention kek

No. 988601

guess someone's manic and will do an all nighter botching this thing like the last piece she did and then abandon her "art" for weeks again
she can't draw for shit the fuck is that thing in the middle, no wonder she put the emoji over it

No. 988625

The rigor mortis has set in the feet lmao. And what the fuck, why are the wings not open all the way like it’s actually in flight? It looks exactly like what it is, a dead animal dangling from a string. I bet her room is going to smell so much more foul than usual in a week. This is comedy

No. 988642

can a talented anon make a collage of her shitty art/taxidermy and her praising herself

That bird absolutely looks like she dug it out of her freezer and she thinks she can get $80??? I swear

No. 988672

File: 1592440064026.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, 2ACAB164-0363-456D-B930-72E2E9…)

The incest is strong in this one

No. 988690

Oh my god. This is literally the most disgusting thing. Please add into the next thread photo

No. 988704

… this would literally never be able to be on a thread pic. sage your autism.

No. 988728

It was saged but aight. Also more meant a cropped version of the underwear stain but chill

No. 988729

Sage this literal reach.

No. 988730

it wasn't tho kek

No. 988731

…where's the sage for that comment exactly? some of you need to check your eyes

No. 988747

amazing work anon i love it

No. 988799

File: 1592460401731.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 364.64 KB, 1125x1873, CE8997D9-ADCF-4123-A225-A9BDB6…)

No. 988830

I mean I haven't really taken a close look at my own but don't assholes usually look tighter and less wrinkled than hers? Is this from all the stretching and gaping? Sage for potential nitpick.

No. 988834

all assholes have wrinkles on it but hers might be looser bc more anal sex

No. 988838

This bitch really needs to make a separate twitter for her art and this shit. This is just sick, why would she think it's okay to post this next to selling her pussy?

No. 988885

KEK ty for this visual

No. 988915

why does her pussy look like some kind of sewn together crab claw

No. 988928



No. 988941

wtffff, i saw shit lentils

No. 989011


No. 989023

Seriously wtf is that I didn’t zoom in but two for those who.. don’t like multiple tiny holes

No. 989031

what a pancake ass. why would you post something this unflattering?

No. 989084

File: 1592511098898.jpeg (635.13 KB, 1125x1883, 96AE240B-BC88-43E2-9529-3D7B96…)

No. 989131

this is unfinished af, what is she selling that for?

No. 989136

File: 1592515139684.jpeg (304.58 KB, 828x1539, E9814AAE-0BC9-4875-9F1B-AD77FC…)

No. 989147

"galaxy fox" bitch where's the galaxy all i see is dead eyes and some sprinkles of cheap red glitter
she didn't even bother to draw some EYES

No. 989183

File: 1592518429334.jpg (931 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20200618-181319_Twi…)

No. 989187

File: 1592518489556.jpg (825.23 KB, 1080x1891, Screenshot_20200618-181336_Twi…)

sage for repost but look at this up close. So many ugly freckles. How does she think this looks good kek

No. 989194

I've criticized her for her makeup a lot in the past, but this is honestly one of her nicer looks this year, sans the freckles.
Also, idk if she facetuned her lips bigger in this one but damn she shouldn't get any more fillers. They did not look as terrible as this in the past few weeks, at least imo

No. 989200

didn't bother to wash her hair though, look at that greasy ass fringe

No. 989203

i think it would be safe to assume every picture she posts is facetuned to some degree

No. 989232

File: 1592521945057.jpeg (49.43 KB, 340x456, 16C7DC27-58FA-480F-B957-84E25C…)

Can’t stop laughing at her nose contour she looks exactly like a drag queen

No. 989271

absolute nitpick but her vag looks like a flesh coloured mcd’s cheeseburger

No. 989286

File: 1592528510645.jpg (448.15 KB, 1080x1314, 20200618195943.jpg)

Her face in photos vs. videos…

No. 989297

hey ari, why the long face?

No. 989315

Of course some retard bought this

No. 989340

This looks like a man in a wig

No. 989349

File: 1592540787297.jpeg (447.57 KB, 750x863, 486D92DC-A4FF-4FAC-8F8A-052F9C…)

No. 989365

File: 1592545654504.jpeg (78.95 KB, 819x476, 801A718E-50C2-4522-9C15-E4E368…)

She’ll never gain back her following. She’ll never be relevant again. Implants, asshole, piss, prostitution… just to end up irrelevant.

No. 989366

File: 1592545861148.jpeg (300.5 KB, 828x842, 2621680F-C747-49C9-AA4F-17CEF3…)

No. 989367

This sounds like a funny way of saying “I’ve publicly talked shit about Dollskill but I’m so desperate for cash/attention that I’ll co-sign their racism and support their brand which steals from other creatives all the time!”

She’s the same though so her + Dollskill are a trash match made in heaven.

No. 989374

this sounds like a fic i‘m like 100% sure even dollskill wants nothing to do with a rat skinning shit lentil showing mtf who abuses her cat. remember when she said suicide girls „reached out to her“ yeah this is the same. she wishes

No. 989377

Didn’t they block her on Twitter?

No. 989475

File: 1592577267020.jpeg (147.9 KB, 750x566, DC6CBEB9-B243-4FDD-B9B4-4FFEAF…)

I thought she was totally straight and not attracted to women in the slightest and now she’s asking for a “Twitter gf”? Fucking insufferable cow

No. 989481

She has been commenting on Shayna’s meltdowns, plz move in together and create the least sexy fake sex worker relationship ever

No. 989483

Everything she posts is a fanfic of how she wishes her life was

No. 989488

I wonder if this “gf” will finally make her get tested

No. 989489

Woah spot on, so sad but so true

No. 989493

File: 1592580168033.jpeg (88.13 KB, 750x260, 788AB9C2-0995-47E8-B0FA-7F4E99…)

She literally has no friends lmao

No. 989497

What if Matt had said this? How would you feel Ari? Shame him and put him on blast for the whole of Twitter to see? Thought so

No. 989508

She should have finished it, it had some potential to turn out decent if she did more. Like make a design in the eyes, give it a body, do a real background. Idk why she gave up on this, sure the anatomy of the snout is a little weird but her followers clearly don't give a fuck. She's so lazy this is worth like 25 dollars MAX not 75.

No. 989523

File: 1592583064321.jpeg (158 KB, 828x846, E5FBD744-DD0C-429D-9EFF-C55E5A…)

No. 989537

File: 1592584932129.jpeg (253.47 KB, 750x1074, 1573577882383.jpeg)

she's probably worried the pics are gonna come out like this and expose her real face again kek

No. 989559


this bitch is going to end up getting her, matt, and their ugly apartment infested with fleas bringing these dead rodents in off the streets. also, is she aware of prion disease? this creepy bitch is going to end up accidentally hurting herself one day. she's sloppy af

i feel so sorry for matt, even though he's a full pilled-out tard

No. 989560


i really doubt this story, anon. no dude is relying on someone else's will power and ED to get his kicks. he'll just go find another mtf-looking loser junky with the body of a 12 year-old boy to dump loads in

she's LYING

No. 989593

File: 1592592166509.gif (59.85 KB, 220x122, tenor.gif)

No. 989628

You fucking nailed it.

No. 989632

File: 1592597720052.jpg (846.95 KB, 1079x1920, Screenshot_20200619-161421_Ins…)

She leaves her rat on the tv stand in the living room and eventually will be mad at tarte when tarte plays with it. She'll definitely blame tarte when it's her own fault.

No. 989645

File: 1592598786528.jpeg (463.41 KB, 1920x1256, 980B17F5-FEDB-4E64-97A6-738189…)

All from the same day

No. 989646

She’s going to be responsible for a whole new Pandemic lmao

No. 989658

it’s like using a slider on a snow filter in real time

No. 989660

You can only get prion diseases from eating the brain or spinal tissue from a member of the same species, so…cannibalism. Not from stuffing roadkill.

No. 989663

This isn't even close to true. Prion diseases can be genetic. They can also happen basically randomly. Mad cow disease is a prion disease.

No. 989672

I meant contracting a prion disease from the outside world, in the case of dealing with dead shit like in Ari's nasty hobby. I'm pretty sure the genetics thing is common knowledge but I guess I could've specified better kek.

No. 989684

i don't understand how you spend 9k on a nose job and still have a big ass nose with a huge bulky nose bridge and gaping nostrils

No. 989688

i hope she gets another one and gets the weird pinched nostrils celebs with multiple nose jobs get

No. 989689

Nose job anon did explain this on the last thread I think, something to do with the ratio of cartilage and bone in your nose I believe; some noses you just can’t decrease the size much without it collapsing. May be wrong.

No. 989696

Prions have nothing to do with cannibalism anon.

No. 989701

sage for derailing but that’s not strictly true. BSE (or mad cow disease) was a pretty big issue in the uk for a bit because cows had eaten animal feed that contained the ground up parts of other cows that were infected with abnormal prions. The cows that had eaten that feed then became infected themselves. BSE can infect humans which then manifests in a different (but fatal) illness. Ari could probably infect herself with the rat equivalent

No. 989713

I LOVE that people are calling her out for her bullshit on twitter right now dragging her its about damn time

No. 989715

Far right looks like that faceapp that makes you a man.

No. 989716

anon how hard it is to take a screenshot

No. 989718

Half-right, there was a case in New Guinea where a community had a high rate of prion disease bc of a tradition of eating the brains of the dead. But obviously that’s not the only way to contract it.

Sorry for cannibalism sperg of all things

No. 989719

This entire conversation just made my stomach churn.
Looking back at the pictures >>988322
of her skinning the animals without GLOVES. lord knows she’s not wearing a facemask either. and since she clearly has a knack for proper hygiene I’m certain her hands and arms, as well as the animal skins/feathers, are thoroughly cleaned as well, right?
Does she not even realize what she’s doing? Especially if she’s going after roadkill and ESPECIALLY rats and birds. There’s no way she doesn’t have cuts all over her hands and fingers too from doing her nails.
This bitch is going to get bird flu or the bubonic plague or become patient 0 for COVID-20. I just sincerely cannot believe she did that without gloves. Does she just go out and scoop up roadkill with her bare hands too?

No. 989720

File: 1592606421230.jpg (1.17 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200619_183924901.jpg)

Not the same anon but here it is

No. 989723

File: 1592606544256.jpg (653.84 KB, 809x2545, Screenshot_20200619-184153_Twi…)

Replies to pnps tweet on the right

No. 989724

samefag with something actually relevant: Pennsylvania happens to have one of the highest rates of deer with prion disease in the country, she really needs to be fucking careful.

No. 989725

File: 1592606626769.jpg (323.78 KB, 809x1188, Screenshot_20200619-184328_Twi…)

She'll sperg about anything for attention.

No. 989726

notice she removed her ugly ass nails and never mentioned them again. Lil miss I'm gonna charge people money for these kek

No. 989727

File: 1592606784142.jpg (766.06 KB, 1847x2289, PicsArt_06-19-11.45.19__01.jpg)

No. 989728

File: 1592606855604.jpg (1.19 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200619_184651282.jpg)

No. 989731

woof I'm loving it. And for once it's not cowtipping anons, it's the resident twitter sjws. Go girls lmao

No. 989732

I'm always amazed she doesn't get more of her bullshit thrown back in her face, but then I remember how boring and repetitive her socials always are.
The only people paying attention are Doormatt, Aaron and people who love a trainwreck.

No. 989737

File: 1592607491735.jpeg (419.16 KB, 750x992, 40AAE52A-3EA0-4615-A829-49707D…)

No. 989740

File: 1592607713082.jpeg (13.73 KB, 220x140, D56A2C58-B61D-49C5-943C-C1B9D9…)

Oh it’s so delicious

No. 989745

Love to see Ariana also failing to promote any black sex workers since she started retweeting other girls stuff.. it’s Juneteenth and she is still whitewashing.

No. 989747

File: 1592608388367.jpeg (656.26 KB, 1452x1936, AF3E39BA-1A26-432E-AA71-D29BB4…)

tried my best to collage this, sorry if there are any reposts. it’s so amazing seeing Aris racist narcissistic BS getting called out

No. 989755

File: 1592609186787.jpg (339.1 KB, 1080x2079, Screenshot_20200620-002551.jpg)


No. 989761

File: 1592609383133.jpg (137.08 KB, 1080x1046, Screenshot_20200620-002858.jpg)

When cows collide

No. 989772


No. 989780

She honestly thinks everyone is as stupid and lacking of critical thinking thinking skills as her. She calls everyone “weird” , that’s like her best diss. It’s funny, must be something the bullies used to call her back in grade school. She’s so bored, it’s obvious by her even posting this to begin with. Whats weird is her constantly posting pointless private things about her life to literal strangers online for ass pats. Ya can’t put the cat back in the bag whenever convenient for you Ari. Anyone whose followed her for any length of time remembers her ripping on DK. She spergs about them at least once a week. Also……. as if she has a long modeling portfolio. We all know she ain’t talking about Spencer’s lmfao.

No. 989781

I love the “use this energy for something good” like it’s such a cop out as if she’s out there donating or saving kittens from man holes.

No. 989783

anyone want to make sure she doesnt ever work for dk? just dm them on ig or comment on their page with a throw away account. Right now they’re doing damage control for the past decade and would love to make sure they are not working with someone who everybody hates. All you have to do is send a few screenshots of her shit talking the brand from past threads or tell them one of many reasons why she shouldn’t work with them (issues with trans people, calling people natives, etc)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 989784

She’s trying so fucking hard to back peddle and salvage. Tryna act like she dOeSnT cArE wHaT u tHiNk but clearly she is so bothered. Might’ve even cried into her crusty AIDs bankie over it.

No. 989786

if it’s not dollskill then it’s probably spencers or goodbye bread. someone find the screenshot talking about how dollskill doesn’t pay their models and stuff. they would love to see that

No. 989797

File: 1592613131841.jpeg (207.99 KB, 828x1199, 113FCB22-C70C-4088-849B-E03259…)

The caption and she turned off the comments lmao girl loves drama

No. 989801

File: 1592613633883.jpeg (182.24 KB, 814x1086, 3CF5E987-1F4E-4619-84B8-F22269…)

So fucking good, Ari already deleted her tweets.

No. 989802

Love too how she reposted a bunch of other sex workers right quick to push those comments down off her wall. Pathetic and spineless worm.

No. 989812

File: 1592615271222.png (1.45 MB, 828x1792, 48F2ED61-872E-4A68-97A1-459601…)

That girl that was dragging her on Twitter posted this message

No. 989815

File: 1592615455280.jpeg (284.92 KB, 750x778, 7D428A71-FF40-4629-BF10-5BD90F…)

I don’t think we covered the backlash to her shitty taxidermy?

No. 989817

File: 1592615533964.jpg (195.72 KB, 1080x1441, 20200619_201106.jpg)

Sounds like privilege to me

No. 989819

File: 1592615639783.jpeg (256.49 KB, 750x1087, FE6F7F5E-2CDB-419F-9FF8-5AD836…)

Taxidermy cont.


No. 989820

File: 1592615661218.jpeg (307.32 KB, 750x1093, F04BA5E7-B96F-421B-B694-5A8C5B…)

No. 989825

Is that her new comeback everything is “thousands of years old” lookin like a plastic road kill duck is the thing its been a thing for “thousand years old” hitting her animals is fine its been around for “thousands of years old” jesus fuckin christ

No. 989830

File: 1592617048852.jpeg (330.13 KB, 1125x1408, B45AF1D7-85AE-4C3C-9E3E-543C45…)

lmao she turned on comments once you pointed it out, she’s watching this thread like a hawk. she can’t even accept what she did wrong what a stupid performative bitch

No. 989841

File: 1592618825983.png (1.8 MB, 2048x1740, AB910295-B7B9-43F1-8AD4-37889F…)

They even share the same stupid top/jacket that they wear wrong.

No. 989844

File: 1592619400538.png (155.89 KB, 360x360, 62973E41-238B-4560-99DF-CF7DC1…)

Sage for no contribution but I’m convinced Ariana is actually Cletus’ daughter

No. 989845


Wow, she stole a black term just so could try to milk any remaining fame from her scorpioasshoe days? Drop the heaux. Or wait, you’re too afraid to use versatilehoe because the chick who has that twitter name told you to back off and you did.

No. 989859

Tough day for wittle Awiana wah

No. 989861

She must be all out of excised if she’s already playing the victim card. Slavery is thousands of years old, how you gohn tell me that’s okay? lol cUz iTs oLd. Make is make sense, is that really a thoughtful point she’s trying to make? I love watching her backed in a corner, she seems panicked. It’s funny bc she’s so weak too, someone pushes back and she can’t handle it. Like her trying to act tough makes her seem so fragile. Time to grow some hair on your sack and admit your wrong bitch

No. 989876

File: 1592622547056.jpeg (303.27 KB, 828x1361, 06BEF9A8-1F38-4AA6-9EB9-359823…)

Does she think we’re 5? Or as fucking retarded as her? As if not stating the brand has ANYTHING to do with it? A. We all know what brand the is and B. As if the brand matters? She admitted it was problematic!

No. 989881

File: 1592622697803.jpeg (74.69 KB, 828x415, 5C14309B-5866-4DFA-B8BE-BBB60B…)

She’s finally getting called out for her fake solidarity and racist ass. Kinda weird how she knew she was gonna get cancelled? Hope she ok.

No. 989883

She only “retracted her comment” because this chick is telling people to unfollow Ariana McMillan and hurt her reputation in the SW community. We all know her rep in the black and brown community… sad how ari only cares once someone threatens her following. She really is a fucking hag, how aptly put.

No. 989884

File: 1592623089161.jpg (156.5 KB, 1125x2000, 104157914_171353867687331_3690…)

….does she think eating tuna tartare makes her seem classy or…? I don't get why she repeats herself constantly about mundane things. Honestly it makes her seem trashier. She reminds me of this kid I knew growing up who was super poor that constantly talked about how he was getting a memory foam mattress like it was the height of luxury. Im still friends with him on fb and he still posts weird brags like that….like he can't go eat sushi without posting it, he can't go to sporting events without talking about it for days, etc. Its just sad honestly because you can tell that these kind of people think everyone else is jealous of them, when in reality, normal people just do these things without announcing it constantly.

No. 989886

She’s the queen of being unbothered by her haters but she’s “so stressed” after being cancelled by twitter accounts with less than 200 followers lmfao alright. She acts like her twitter following wasn’t dropping by hundreds for the past two weeks before this.

No. 989887

What is up with this canned personality of hers? I’m so tired of the repeating weird statements about herself. So precious though that she got the ol jimmies rustled by some pretty minor conflict. What a puss tbh. The epitome of privileged and sheltered

No. 989888

How are still stressed? It happened like hours ago. How is her life so, easy and simple? How is a grown ass human being still stressed! over something so trivial? Gives an insight to what she actually cares about. Internet clout. Poor thing, her life revolves around a hand full of apps.

No. 989896

>black ppl invented this shitty bastardized french word

imagine being the bigger retard in a slap fight with a failed prostitute

No. 989912

"i just met him lol" and yet you literally said you let him into your bed ASSUMING you'd be hooking up. she's really something today.

No. 989918

Totally wasn’t because he had a micro penis.

No. 989935

File: 1592635001808.jpeg (526.64 KB, 1125x1901, DB372A1A-1E79-44D8-8997-E2AC12…)

She’s so weird looking it’s uncomfortable

No. 989943

I know there’s so much ACTUAL milk right now but her fringe !! For fucks sake, it looks like a barcode. She’s so grimy

No. 989945

Lmao…to be fair, one of the Twitter accts calling her out has over 20k followers so…I’m living for it

No. 989966

the way she's staring at herself in every selfie seriously creeps me out her eyes are so empty

No. 989972

File: 1592650302364.jpg (78.34 KB, 768x1024, x7oj8YU.jpg)

The only explanation for the terrible hair is that she’s been watching Beetlejuice lately

No. 989983

Uh she wishes she could look like Lydia don’t insult that character by comparing it to trailer park trash please

No. 990004

And she told Matt she loved him on their first date

No. 990005

Guarantee she’s going to change her @ now to try and get away from the hAtErZ

No. 990041

I’m surprised that she even promotes other sex workers, since she feels like she’s in competition with every other woman out there. It’s hilarious seeing clips of attractive, successful sex workers right above her awful ones.

No. 990057

File: 1592667941544.jpg (121.48 KB, 1080x607, 20200620_104332.jpg)

She's still whining about getting called out. Doesn't she realize how sad it makes her look??? Why would you give people this kind if satisfaction? God shes like a child

No. 990059

File: 1592667988980.jpg (368.82 KB, 1080x1733, 20200620_104135.jpg)

She's so obsessed with herself I'm gagging

No. 990064

Another anon had suggested that she watches freja noir's youtube video that has tips for sexworkers to make more money. You know ari, some of the best advice she receives comes from us, so she definitely took that advice and watched it. The video is all about getting into reposting groups to widen your audience. She's doing it for that reason only.

No. 990066

Why would she talk about her face looking symmetrical if it clearly doesn't? Idk about yall but it just makes me see the imperfections even more because she drew attention to it

No. 990079

I have a really stupid nitpick but she’s constantly spamming like an idiot so: you can’t be queen at something. You can be queen of something. She is so dumb lmao

No. 990080

queen of facetuning myself until my face looks remotely symmetrical

No. 990081

Yeah, I feel like a dogpile of twitter users calling her a racist isn't really milk. This happened in the Shay thread, too.

No. 990100

File: 1592671950962.jpeg (175.23 KB, 828x730, 10EC698B-226A-4813-8BA6-9732FD…)

Wasn’t she just calling out some guy that “tricked her” and Dollskill? Is she literally mentally fucking disabled?
Pic related of the guy I’m talking about

No. 990101

She has the most wonky jawline known to man. She ain’t tricking anyone. Those nasty pustules she calls freckles, just stop, please. For the love of god.

No. 990102

Thank you anon, I was about to post about all the times she has called people out. She literally has posted about getting police officers fired recently (yes I am aware that they should be fired, but that's not the point)…so how can she say that she doesn't want to strip anyone of their income??? She has no self awareness whatsoever

No. 990132

File: 1592678216907.jpg (179.59 KB, 1080x1177, 20200620_133516.jpg)

Omg Ariana first tuna tartare now this! You are so quirky!! Tell us more about the unique idiosyncrasies of your personality!!!

No. 990149

File: 1592680814982.gif (3.86 MB, 368x654, 77209352_700596667394527_82819…)

Aaaannnd she had to prove that she listens to edm (because she's just so goddamn quirky) by posting herself alone, music playing, proudly smiling at herself, with grease dripping from her hair and shit stains above her head.
How can someone be so into themselves, I can't

No. 990163

File: 1592681855615.jpg (1005.49 KB, 1078x1920, Screenshot_20200620-153720_Ins…)

She got a chemical peel

No. 990170

A day in the life of ariana:
>1. Brag about mundane things that will happen in the future on all social media platforms
>2. Brag about mundane things that are happening currently on all social media platforms
>3. Brag about mundane things that already happened on all social media platforms
>4. Brag about being special and happy and better than everyone for doing said things on all social media platforms
>5. Wonder why nobody likes you

No. 990205

File: 1592687386304.jpg (274.27 KB, 1080x1691, 20200620_160829.jpg)

Okay question is English her first language? Genuinely confused lol idk

No. 990206

File: 1592687552432.gif (1.94 MB, 640x360, tenor.gif)

Ariana and this meme kid went to the same school

No. 990225

Would be amazing if this made her psoriasis flare up again lmfao

No. 990238

Yes, this is just how speech-to-text transcribes stoned people’s rambling.

Also, going to get a chemical peel in a fucking pandemic is crazy.

No. 990255

“i wasn’t subtweeting anyone” i hate cross referencing cows but i think this was @ shayna

No. 990257

File: 1592693858095.jpg (289.02 KB, 1080x1490, 20200620_175424.jpg)

Idk I kinda feel like you shouldn't be bashing peoples fetishes on your sexwork twitter Ms. Ariana piss-fetish daddy daughter fetish Mcmillan. What was the purpose of this tweet to begin with

No. 990258

Wasn't she just reenacting something similar to thins in her low effort porn?

No. 990262

File: 1592695337856.png (3.28 MB, 1334x750, 1586526827835.png)

Anon, its okay to act like a child fucking her father, not a baby…duh. Ariana has boundaries!

No. 990265

Oh silly me, I forgot we are in deluded land. Where you can say one thing and it doesn't preclude to yourself

No. 990273

Karen McMillan at it again!!!

No. 990275

She’s gonna break out like crazy. Looks like she got the “perfect peel”, I doubt she’s ready for the purge if her lifetime. Dumbass.

No. 990278

Just did a quick live where she managed to talk about tuna tartare once again. She’s such a broken record.

No. 990284

Doormatt's facial expression in this dumb cap will never not kill me, jesus.

No. 990293

She is such trailer trash that she truly believes eating raw tuna is something to brag about for DAYS. Is she getting more pathetic or am I getting more tired of her bullshit

No. 990364

File: 1592707311077.jpeg (237.58 KB, 750x549, 7E60C734-070D-4277-AEA1-F9AB07…)

Sage cos not really that milky, but once again she’s posting shit that would be so unappealing to potential clients.
> I relate to sex and sexuality being a hard thing…… buy my OF and hire me to blow you

No. 990377


look at this embarrassing bitch on her high horse. you sell your body for money. you gas up male (predators). your audience are gross coomers. FUCK you whore. you are no better. why don't you cancel yourself for fueling human trafficking and sex abuse victims (porn was built on the rape and molestation of women). Your name is posted a hundred times here in the last day so I'm guessing you're reading this, whore.

you're just as trash as ari. just because you have more melanin doesn't give you a pass. go do something productive with your life and stop encouraging disgusting males to be creeps.(autism)

No. 990383

This thread is about Ari. If you feel that strongly about people who are confronting her on Twitter, make a thread about them or write it in your diary. Embarrassing af

No. 990384


Are you the whore in question, or another whore? You're right, the thread is about the embarrassing antics of Ari. So why is this nasty whore's name plastered all over this tread? Why not cross out her name?

You and any other woman who sells her pussy online for burger money are the embarrassing ones. LOL at your lives.

No. 990394

File: 1592711137932.png (3.91 MB, 828x1792, 5C0E1D5A-CDAD-4F6E-805E-FB0031…)

Even her snake is obese…

No. 990399

File: 1592711292080.jpeg (59.62 KB, 640x493, 43AF0341-4A41-4081-9288-BB6A97…)

No. 990406

Lol I hate that this looks like she’s feeding her shitty taxidermy to the poor snake. She probably feeds that thing roadkill she finds rather than paying out of pocket to feed it

No. 990412

>anon: "look at this embarrassing bitch on her high horse"
>also anon: proceeds to write an embarrassing diary entry from atop her high horse
Stop derailing, nobody knows nor cares about this random girl on Twitter, aside from her comments about Ariana. Also you're like a day late on this and your anonymous opinion of this person is valueless to the thread.

Good catch anon. At this point I think it's clear that she either doesn't know what will attract clients, or she just really doesn't care.

No. 990417

I really hate the way some of you guys armchair such random shit. She probably feeds her snake roadkill??? Maybe stick to facts rather than coming up with conspiracy theories. There are enough shitty things about her, you don't need to come up with hypotheses

No. 990421


You're clearly the same whore above, and obviously triggered to be still talking about diaries. This is an Ari thread yet that bitch had her name plastered all over this thread over and over and over and over. It's like when the other whores brigade in the shayna thread and advertise themselves this way, by posting ~~~sick burrnzzz~~~. These spergs are forced milk and the shit is stank. Like your chosen profession. Good job contributing literally nothing here beyond in-fighting. If I get a ban, your ass better get one too.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 990439

You must be autistic kek stfu you useless inbred

No. 990443

File: 1592719914585.jpg (697.89 KB, 1463x811, queen-ath-symmethry.jpg)

Nobody ever wants their fucking face symmetrical… But Ari is just that stupid.

No. 990446

She fears imperfection when that’s what makes a person beautiful.

No. 990448

I hope on reading this right because her tweets look like alphabet soup but…did she just say people who cosplay little girls get reamed by sane people and people who cosplay babies are let off Scott free by the same people? Is the grease on her head and face finally frying her brain? Literally nobody would condemn dressing up as a little girl but not as a baby. What weird pedos is she hanging out with to get this skewed anecdotal shit, she’s so stupid.

No. 990566

The symmetrical version of her is the stuff of nightmares, christ

No. 990573


sage for nitpick but her botched tits look so bad. the shape of her chest looks like she's wearing a padded bra, but she's clearly braless in this shot. they just look so unnatural.

i think thats why she's always grabbing and slapping her botched chest so much in her clips - shes's trying to distract you from how unnatural they look.

No. 990606

File: 1592749427451.jpeg (275.5 KB, 828x1234, 06CBB326-AAB5-4F53-B18D-9626A4…)

Deleted content from last night. I had a feeling she’d trash this one in the morning.

No. 990611

she probably noticed that we can see how heavily he shooped her nose in the first pic

No. 990634

File: 1592754675650.jpeg (250.11 KB, 828x1266, D52C77BB-576D-4AD1-892C-1637D7…)

Deleted content. Dummy posting her whole ass dad alongside her thirst traps.

No. 990635

Makes this post way more jarring. Her father really bullied his daughter for his own genes..

No. 990639

This picture made me realize again what a solitary life she leads. She has no contact to her family, I was even shocked for a second to see her with a sibling before I remembered him from her weird boob tattoo. No friends either. Just a toxic relationship with doormatt and one single friend she sees maybe every fortnight. Would be sad if it wasn't her.

No. 990643

What are you talking about? Ariana and her dad talk about her sex work allll the time. They are very close!

No. 990644

And she talks to her grandpa whenever he offers her a trip or money or begs for her to visit. Totally healthy bonds!

No. 990664

File: 1592759375672.jpg (119.72 KB, 500x636, 1500937204374.jpg)


Off topic but I cannot see Arianas makeup anymore without seeing the cast of Cats the musical. Maybe she she should look into a career in stage makeup.

No. 990706

File: 1592763580536.jpeg (96.6 KB, 750x417, 8E0B1321-CBD5-4D90-9430-EBB18D…)

I don’t even know where to start here. Beginning somewhere with her still harping on high school and ending with selling her pussy for $3 on the internet.

No. 990710

Queen of projection

No. 990717

File: 1592764803878.jpg (143.27 KB, 1080x819, 20200621_133935.jpg)

She already responded to you

No. 990718

I'm unfamiliar with onlyfans but is there a way we can see her sub count? She gets around 20 likes at most per post on there, so she can't have that many. Let's say she has 100 subscribers, its still only $300 per month for hardcore pictures and videos…which she also gives away for free on Twitter. Idk how she expects anyone to believe that she's making a good living by doing this.

No. 990721

File: 1592765254377.jpg (126.01 KB, 1080x731, 20200621_134639.jpg)

Hahahhahahahhahahah oh lord I can't breathe

She did some bullshit online certification thing instead of school and wants asspats omg help

No. 990722

She went from talking about waking up at the crack of dawn to drive to and from school several days a week and spending thousands on her taxidermy education….to this.
Girl, you are "queen at" convincing yourself of delusions.

No. 990724

File: 1592765526127.jpg (374.68 KB, 1079x1645, Screenshot_20200621-135141_Chr…)

Queen at bare minimum

No. 990729

Samefag but lemme get this straight…any moron who wants to say they are a taxidermist and pay the department of agriculture in pa $100 is regarded as a licensed taxidermist?? Ariana why are you acting like you did something prestigious??? Jesus this is just like the tuna tartare bragging I swear

No. 990731

love how she makes a huge deal out of scraping roadkill off the road and putting a video of it skinned next to her pussy online. thriving!!!

No. 990734

This is the dumbest brag she's ever done, I can't fathom how she can live her life like this going from one charade to the next. She has no clue what it feels like to actually work hard and accomplish something.

No. 990738

File: 1592766762097.jpg (336.12 KB, 1080x2050, 20200621_140941.jpg)


No. 990749

I believe you have to renew annually which she isn’t going to do lol

No. 990751

That isn’t even remotely what rats are shaped like, they have almost hunched backs/pear shaped. You’d think she’d know considering she feeds rodents to her snake. Shes honestly like a child with shit macaroni art

No. 990758

all she knows how to do is make them look like tubes lmao

No. 990764

I wonder if there are any laws that state she has to have this license to sell her mounted dead roadkill. That might be the only reason she even bothered kek

No. 990768

File: 1592768990323.jpg (526.82 KB, 1079x2052, Screenshot_20200621-154911_Red…)

Right before she did the rat she said she was going to tackle the iguana in her freezer. I bet she fucked it up and that's why she did the tube rat

No. 990773

File: 1592769161979.jpeg (1.54 MB, 4096x2730, 18DCA055-735C-4E73-B08D-6E79B1…)

i ran her face through a facial feminizer just for fun and the results are… exactly what you would expect lol. i know saying she looks like a mtf tranny is beating a dead horse at this point but it's more and more each day. this AI is very powerful and it still can't fix her bone structure completely.

No. 990774

File: 1592769168411.jpg (1.56 MB, 810x4530, Screenshot_20200621-155224_Red…)

She seriously has no idea how to do taxidermy(old milk)

No. 990784

sage this. it’s old and was discussed at length in past threads.

No. 990807

File: 1592771029965.jpg (231.28 KB, 1080x1006, Screenshot_20200621-162331_Twi…)

Yet she shits herself all the time.kek

No. 990831

hold on… this is only her THIRD mount attempt?? and she did two of them within the past couple weeks… so she had only done that one hotdog looking chipmunk and then wouldn't stop going on about her this is her ~true passion~??? I'm amazed at her level of delusion and laziness

No. 990832

you would have to run her 'real' face through it though, all her pics are beyond photoshopped see >>989286

No. 990847

ot but what changed about her bone structure? it got rid of her stripper makeup, made her nose and lips smaller. reach

No. 990905

File: 1592776100852.jpg (462.52 KB, 1079x1713, Screenshot_20200621-164717_Chr…)

yes bc this is totally still ur body type goddamn delusion queen

No. 990913

File: 1592776496648.jpg (277.38 KB, 1080x1715, 20200621_165409.jpg)

She is really on one today

No. 990916

but can't she all ready afford these bougie shoes? she lives a totally bougie lifestyle you guys

No. 990917

Is there a giant bald patch on the back of its neck? Bitch no one will buy this

No. 990918

Honey you can get these last season Marc Jacobs Nicole heels for like $200 at Nordstrom rack right now. Stop pretending that your rat is even worth that much, and stop pretending that you're so wealthy if you can't even afford heavily discounted designer shoes. Sad.

No. 990919

But ari, surely your totally real sugar daddy could buy you those highschool teacher pumps?

No. 990920

And someone just called her out for these coming from depop, so they're even more discounted than that! How tf are you happy selling your body for money, and then not even having any money to spend on nice things

No. 990922

File: 1592777674760.jpg (425.09 KB, 1536x2048, 20200622_001151.jpg)

wtf she can't be real thinking that this is a good looking piece. bald patches, the skin of the tail is litterly twisted since it isn't correctly stuffed, the feet are in a horrible shape and the rat overall looks like she just stuffed a pair of socks in them, it has no form or movement

No. 990923

File: 1592777720604.png (445.3 KB, 1258x1540, Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 5.14…)

No. 990924

This is so sad. How is she not embarrassed? How can you think you're thriving if you cant afford used shoes? And how can you post on the internet about it, literally ebegging??? I can't

No. 990927

how hard is it to get a normal job, save up, and pay for nice things on a consistent basis.

No. 990928

The bullshit taxidermy license, the awful rat, the inability to buy shoes without ebegging…this has been a pitiful day for Ariana.

No. 990948

File: 1592779777180.jpg (250.9 KB, 1080x1750, 20200621_174634.jpg)

Meanwhile, successful sexworkers are getting gifted designer items worth thousands, vacations, lingerie, etc.
$80 used shoes, thats her worth.

No. 990951

File: 1592779958001.jpeg (526.8 KB, 1125x1898, 1871F76F-32F4-4D46-8CDB-63D182…)

No. 990953

Her taxidermy looks like medieval art where the creature is just loosely described to the artist and they draw some lumpy little tube critter, that gave me a good laugh. Maybe she’ll make those chinsy little mouse taxidermy scenes you see at Bible Belt goodwills.

No. 990954

I want a 12 minute video of her reading her lolcow thread aloud

No. 990971

File: 1592781137924.jpg (71.88 KB, 1125x2000, 104446531_299443087764780_2737…)

More psychotic shoe sperg. She's unstable.

No. 990985

why tf is she going off begging for some basic Marc jacobs Mary janes? she's even more broke that I thought

No. 990990

Shoe sperg = proof that Ariana's "slave" does not exist, just as we thought

No. 990991

whoreiana — these aren’t even cute and they’re completely out of season. please stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 991003

I'm crying over the fact that some random ass follower was considering buying these shoes for her out of pity. Not a man who wanted to gift them to her because she's attractive, no. One of her mindless little asspat zombies looking to please the queen of the braindead bitches. I follow freja noir ever since Ariana was skinwalking her, and its hilarious that she will sometimes post "hmm I wish i had $300" and then hours later she posts that someone gifted it to her. How can Ariana run in the same circle as someone like that, and not be ashamed to act the in the desperate way that she's acting?

No. 991055

Ew these look filthy as fuck, so over priced for some ratty second hand shoes.
Oh my god anon my sides, I will split it with you.

No. 991080

Feels like this rat is going to be completely bald in a matter of months.

No. 991083

How is this even going to be worth her money if she’s planning on moving soon considering she’s said she’d like to move out of state, multiple times?

No. 991097

File: 1592787654264.jpeg (332.11 KB, 1125x2001, 23712E20-6129-49C4-9DB0-77CBA5…)

On this chapter of Arianas fanfic of her life ….
Absolutely delirious. White rat at the bottom is what a rat should look like. Can’t get over how twisted the tail is on hers. How did that even happen.

No. 991113

Why would she try to sell this if
A. It has such awful imperfections
B. It is her "pride and joy"

She's definitely manic today. Like, she's totally out of touch with reality to the point where she's just embarrassing herself.

No. 991124

>“but besides that he’s perfect”
you’d struggle to get a fiver for that if you tried to sell it at a flea market or something. She’s so deluded, I can’t wait for her to try doing anything more complex than a small tube mammal so we can see how bad she actually is.

No. 991131

“Besides the giant bald patch on the major part of its head and neck, it’s perfect!”

Kek at the obese, hot dog body shape.

No. 991135

File: 1592790527849.jpeg (346.61 KB, 828x1510, 67FC4159-5A79-4A29-A6E3-50AAF3…)

Dying bc if you search her @ on Twitter, the dozens of tweets of her getting dragged come up for pages still. Wondering when she will ever change that handle? Oh, but that would mean she would look like she listened to that chick that told her to stop using “heaux”.

No. 991156

File: 1592793439892.jpg (495.21 KB, 2896x2896, 20200621_213517.jpg)

Found the lack of self awareness in this tweet really funny because you can apply it to literally anything she does/says. I made a template so you can make your own Ariana tweet!

No. 991223

aren't these from Ariana's Dollskill set lmao?

No. 991228

yes. from literal years ago.

No. 991293


nothing in the photo is current… the old ass modelling photo, the old ass display pic. she’s turning into one of those girls who only uses years old pics on her socials. she must really hate her face.

No. 991435

I actually can’t believe her life is so boring that she is pulling from things she’s done literal years ago. And that’s not a compliment, like she has accomplished nothing in years. Sad.

No. 991646

Kinda wanna buy the ugly shoes just so she can’t lmao

No. 991669

File: 1592847490037.jpeg (888.83 KB, 828x1632, 87A837D9-A66E-48A0-9250-B8B1BE…)

Good news anon. I’m pretty positive it wasn’t her because she would be bragging about it by now.

No. 991679

Kek i hope it was a farmer

No. 991697


That Dayna girl is Caroline Calloway's new boyfriends ex girlfriend who shared the screen shot of the boyfriend saying Caroline is "sheltered" and "not a keeper" lmao worlds collide.

No. 991721

File: 1592851547881.jpeg (173.7 KB, 750x585, 2DE14E09-A9E1-43A2-900E-49B19C…)

More unnecessary humiliating of Matt. Pretty sure this was to respond to us here breaking down how broke she is.

No. 991724

Uh…I’m pretty sure Matt is the only one with a stable income. Bringing home $3 a month isn’t exactly something to brag about.

No. 991739

File: 1592853222578.jpeg (126.11 KB, 828x689, 309F015F-1965-435D-B8BC-8E7085…)

I fucking KNEW she would delete this one after making her breadwinner poll.

No. 991753

File: 1592854324014.png (159.48 KB, 1212x916, Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 2.31…)

No. 991774

What is she basing her yearly income off of?? Her income is so sporadic and totally dependent on her followers. She has talked about not being paid for a whole month recently. SHE CAN'T AFFORD $80 USED SHOES. How can she compare her financial situation to a steady paycheck with government benefits? She is so out of her mind. Idk how matt or Aaron or anybody else can put up with the shit she spews on a daily basis.

No. 991780


She isn’t comparing apples to apples here. As anon above said, Matt has great benefits. Do you know what having benefits and a steady job means Ari? It means Matt can visit a doctor and get medication without having to gape his asshole to older men. It means if something covid happens again, he can apply for even more benefits because he actually contributes to society. But no, go off about how much bread you make.


Its been pretty clear for awhile now that Matt doesn’t pay attention to her socials at all. I doubt Aaron does either.

No. 991782

This poll 100% has an agenda behind it (she’s actually asked this question on twitter before, like a broken fucking record) and I would guess that it’s to humiliate and control Matt. Like I bet he didn’t even bring up their finances she probably spent his 12 hour shift stewing and hit him with this shit when he got home.

No. 991793

what a shallow question lol how about the relationships where both partners contribute equally? does the concept of equal power balance even compute to her?

No. 991803

wasn't this bitch just begging for money a couple weeks back when matt "ruined" her "art"? wasn't she saying she couldn't make rent or feed herself or something? pick a lane lol.

No. 991817

Why the fuck did she phrase it like this? Can she speak English or nah?

No. 991834

what about same sex couples or nb couples?
she literally only posed this question so she could brag about how much money she supposedly makes, she doesn't care what the answer to the poll is

No. 991837

love the smallest bit of self awareness of having all the curves and sex appeal of a refrigerator

No. 991842

I've thought about this when she posts ads for her porn. Its always directed at men, 100% of the time. She can pretend to be woke all she wants, but she's obviously closed minded, and pretty stupid for not trying to appeal to more people.

She wanted people to tell her "noooo you look so good and not like a refrigerator!!!"

No. 991845

File: 1592864527026.jpeg (299.68 KB, 828x972, B9FCB2A8-C74B-453F-96B4-BBFF24…)

this is so… nasty?

No. 991851

File: 1592864609035.jpg (158.9 KB, 1080x945, 20200622_172117.jpg)

Shoe sperg!! Literally no one likes or cares about you Ariana. You're right, it is good that you're your own sugar daddy….you're a goddamn adult woman. Buy your own shoes.

No. 991854

File: 1592864684438.jpg (299.97 KB, 1080x1381, 20200622_172054.jpg)

How often does she post this same tweet and delete it wtf

No. 991856

File: 1592864815511.jpg (182.5 KB, 1080x1129, 20200622_172129.jpg)

She's the most pathetic human on earth. Good job sucking old man dicks and barely being able to afford to live. Thriving!!

No. 991861

I know most of you here hate her looks, but I actually think she has nice facial proportions and good eyes. On the left, she looks like someone I might pass on the street and think 'oh, they look interesting'. on the right she's a literal walking clown show that only looks passable in facetuned pics on the internet.

No. 991863

You like his dick because its….soft. I mean, at least she acknowledges that Matt's dick is always flaccid, just as we have seen in every video. I wonder why that is!

No. 991868

Here's the thing: she doesn't even look like the picture on the left either! Even that photo is posed with strategic lighting. Take a look at any of her lives and you'll see that she looks like a totally different person in everyday life.

No. 991872

File: 1592866435962.jpg (780.48 KB, 1077x1918, Screenshot_20200622-185203_Ins…)

She told everyone on this live just now that she buys frozen rats to feed to her snake and ended up using this one for taxidermy when we all know full well she buys live rats and asks for the white ones because she feels less bad when she feeds them to her snake. She's such a disgusting liar. She better not have taken a live rat and put it in the freezer to die for her nasty projects.

No. 991878

File: 1592867039736.jpeg (698.37 KB, 1936x1936, 9E6F0FDF-9221-43C3-8AF5-8169BB…)

All I could see when I saw this photo of her was Steve Buscemi so I tried a thing… turns out Steve makes a better woman than her

No. 991893

She’s gotten so many fillers that now it looks like her face is deflating since she hasn’t gotten them in a while, kek. She set herself up to fail by fucking with her face so much.

No. 991902

why does she think customers are looking at her twitter when 90% of her tweets are "muh abusive childhood!! my mom is a narcissist and i definitely am not! i'm gonna get even more surgery but i'm totally not ugly! i'm a slave to money!"
and even then, why would they pay for her onlyfans when there are far better looking and sexier girls with onlyfans?

No. 991947

File: 1592872061343.png (Spoiler Image, 3.22 MB, 750x1334, 56817AC5-0E48-4275-A7A3-FA86A7…)

Random screen grab but she’s complaining that her blade is getting dull and doesn’t want to “waste” a new one … when a new blade is all of what, 25 cents? Can’t even invest the cost of a fresh blade on her project when she’s trying to sell these things for $80+

No. 991950

As a nail biter why the fuck would she not wear gloves

No. 991954

No. 991980

exactly my thoughts. how the fuck do you skin a rodent with bare hands that shit is nasty as fuck. imagine her dead rat hands touching matts flaccid dick. this is horrorcow material

No. 991996

She's idiotic enough to wash her hands with soap and water, then just go about her business. Meanwhile she's got all kinds of bacteria festering in her nail beds, under her nails, etc. An ex of mine got salmonella exactly this way. He was a serious nail biter and prepped chicken with bare hands, washed his hands, later bit his nails, and ended up in the hospital. Even if she doesn't get sick, its just so disgusting.

No. 992002

This clip from her live of her yelling for door matt to get her food is awkward

No. 992009

No one here gives a fuck about your enbee couples

No. 992012

Are those like…eyebrow scissors? Also this bitch is using tape????!

No. 992030

lmfao she’s such a bitch. in the live she asks matt where the tweezers are and he says he doesn’t know and she took his favorite pair of tweezers and used them for her rat mutilation and she just ignores him

No. 992042

Omfg bro that is Smeagol.
Totally it’s be way of trying to seem humble.

No. 992074

did she say “he’s talking to a GIRL”?

No. 992088

File: 1592880556760.jpg (151.06 KB, 1079x612, Screenshot_20200622-214536_Chr…)

I…don't understand. I truly do not, I am at a loss. I dont encourage cowtipping but I just WISH someone (not from here, just one of her followers or something) would call her out on this bullshit. How can she be proud of becoming "licensed" if all it takes is paying the department of agriculture $100? She put no effort into learning this craft in a professional setting. God i hate this bitch and her delusions.

No. 992103

File: 1592881361513.png (2.33 MB, 2873x1913, jfc.png)

shes been going on about this forever and has literally never worked on anything worthwhile. all of her taxidermies look like overstuffed twinkies covered in roadkill hair. drop it or talk about it when you have something to show off.

No. 992104

A taxidermy license is literally just a permit. It's the equivalent of someone bragging that they got a hunting/fishing license…like yeah cool anybody can do that. It takes no effort, it entails no prestige. The fact that she's saying she's "making her dreams come true" by doing this is so pathetic. She's trying soooooooo hard to seem so much better than she actually is. I just hope that people outside this board can see through this facade.

No. 992111

Does…does she think this license will like download taxidermy knowledge into her brain? Is she going to hold it and whisper "make me a taxidermist" and magically have taxidermy talents that people go to school to learn??

No. 992119

“I hate this shit. “This shit pisses me off.” “This happened last time and made me want to fucking kill myself.”
Wow, she’s truly so passionate about taxidermy. Can’t wait to watch her new profession blossom

No. 992142

File: 1592884042603.jpeg (354.05 KB, 750x1009, 2C1E17F0-77F4-4A29-ACC9-DAF801…)

Gonna puke

No. 992144

Yo wtf did I just step into. Ewwwww

No. 992151

oh thank god, another tube rat!

No. 992166

not sure if I heard wrong, but did she seriously just go open a drawer or something and grab tape with her hands covered in dead animal? she's fucking disgusting

No. 992172

File: 1592889251567.jpg (103.14 KB, 1080x640, 20200623_001206.jpg)

This is exactly like the wood plaques, which she gave up making regularly after the mishap with the wood changing color. Any bets on how many more rats she'll make? I'm thinking 2 more.

No. 992178

File: 1592889644225.jpg (1.51 MB, 1152x2048, 20200623001720.jpg)

I can't tell if she is taking too many drugs or not enough. Her judgment lately is that of a crackhead. How can she think this picture makes her look good/attractive/sane

No. 992182

OT but I wonder how the private investigator is doing. I wonder if he caught that one person who's been bullying Ariana all these years. That must be where all of Ariana's shoe money went, to the extensive investigation.

No. 992187

Is that red dot on her inner elbow a needle mark?

No. 992195

File: 1592892465872.jpg (60.15 KB, 1000x1000, Water Wigglers_XL.jpg)

…who does she think is going to buy all of these mediocre water wiggler rats? at least make them interesting enough to buy. they're just…there. all long n' sausage-equse.
There are taxidermy rats on fuckin' Etsy with entire glass displays, fully posed, holding props, or wearing handmade outfits for like 80 bucks. nobody wants your mangled mockery of an animal.

No. 992196

It’s a mole/freckle

No. 992294

lick them dead rat fingers gurl

No. 992302


No. 992303

Exactly what I was thinking lmao. She’s full horrorcow

No. 992323

No. 992325


I would absolutely die if all the investigator did was give her a link to lolcow.

No. 992340


major tinfoil but maybe Matt isn’t as phased about Ari wanting to move out on her own as she hoped. I mean, he’s got a stable and long term job. Ariana leaving would only make his life easier tenfold. So she’s trying to rub in face how much money she apparently brings to the table. Sadly for her all her fortunes are in credit and grampa pimp lol

No. 992385

There’s no way the moving out and living alone thing is gonna happen.

No. 992459

She has some of the ugliest clothes I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

No. 992496

What I don't understand is how is it allowed on instagram? You cannot promote sex work but apparently you can skin dead animals? I dunno man this stuff is off putting, especially considering she's doing it bare hands and it's all antisanitary. I once watched a video of a taxidermist working on rats and damn, you can tell our versatile heaux has no idea what she's doing. Lazy bitch cannot even educate herself in any productive way. Using tape lol. Imho she should take a class on how to make stuffed animals first, it would teach her a lot of basic sewing and stuffing skills. "Taxidermy is my passion, this shit makes me wanna kill myself".

No. 992669

File: 1592934481839.png (294.61 KB, 750x1334, 12A6D058-C823-44B6-AE52-94FE39…)


Sage for shitpost but it also disgusts me that she doesn’t wear gloves (and fake nails!) while “learning the ropes” with taxidemy. Maybe, just MAYBE an experienced taxidermist could take that risk because they know what they’re doing, but as that reddit post showed, she’s not even mixing the correct compounds and basically everything she did was wrong.

I googled “wearing no gloves during taxidermy” and the first result was another experienced taxidermists who was begging people to wear gloves.

She has a damn skin condition that can flare up any moment and she insists on learning taxidermy with no formal training and clearly not even google.

No. 992773

We’re talking about a girl who doesn’t even wear condoms when whoring herself out because if anal can’t cause pregnancy then why bother

No. 992779

Omg kek what if her AIDS rash was caused by handling nasty dead animals

No. 992791

File: 1592943036930.jpeg (516.3 KB, 750x1076, 94C06FCE-C864-4654-8F95-33A2B3…)

Her halfway armpit hair is so nasty. Just grow it out or commit to having is clean shaven. It just makes you look musty when it’s like this.

No. 992795

I'm just legit dying over here. Do you know how damaged her skin must be to be a candidate for a chemical peel and micro needling? That's usually reserved as a preventative measure for women in their mid to late 40s.

No. 992797

her skin just looks greased up in this, not actually soft. I don’t know how a chemical peel works but doesn’t your skin slough off for a few days after - she still looks like she’s in that stage…

No. 992803


She has a compulsive skin picking issue so I wouldn’t be surprised if she picks off the dead skin after a peel even though that’s about the worst thing you can do lol

No. 992809

Plus in taxidermy they use all sorts of chemicals and other agents that could potentially damage your skin. Why doesn’t she wear gloves? Such a fucking retard smdh.

No. 992811

Omg with her picking problem, she probably ripped off SHEETS of her damn skin bc of this peel. It takes way longer than a couple days for a peel to finish naturally, she probably caused so much hyperpigmentation.

No. 992850

looks like the only skin left to peel is on her temples, definitely shouldnt have been that quick to cycle through the peel
We do know she has a weird skewed sense of time due to either being retarded or the fact she does sweet FA every day e.g “I haven’t eaten cheese/smoked/ in 6 months / I’ve been sober for months / I haven’t been manic and angry in years” when the receipts proving her wrong are literally all over her social media. She probably felt she had the chemical peel ages ago and was fed up with waiting for results- it’s her typical “I know best” attitude

No. 992853

File: 1592948333036.jpeg (547.8 KB, 1242x1040, 874E1DB8-1098-4A74-A18A-AD1441…)

How romantic. It’s sad to think they only have intimacy when she needs to film some content

No. 992856

“He’s talking to some girl” bet that’s why she was yelling all obnoxious
Lmao at her bragging about being a pro taxidermist soon but having to take suggestions from randos on her IG live. She has no idea what she’s doing. Also, the rat is halfway on her counter- GROSS.

No. 992858

kek is that really the face she chooses to advertise herself with? how high must she be to think that's attractive

No. 992863

File: 1592948721751.jpeg (150.86 KB, 828x1393, 98EF9045-B000-4207-AFA9-2C37FE…)

This must be on the next thread pic lmfao is she for real with this

No. 992865


when she got it done she tweeted she hoped it was done peeling by thursday. so i wouldnt doubt she picked off skin so she could either whore herself out or stalk her ex some more.


she wears it like a badge of honor that she's just figuring things out on her own. who does that? especially with taxidermy? if you aren't actually studying the art of taxidermy - you're just playing with dead rats on your kitchen table.

No. 992867

This angle makes her look kinda like the girl that got her head knocked off in hereditary. If only a pole would knock some sense into this cow.

No. 992912

how are her teeth still barely visible - it’s a fucking upwards angle. blowup doll with a hole for a mouth style.

No. 992916

File: 1592952241034.jpeg (209.34 KB, 828x684, 7B78BFBC-110F-4718-A657-B3F87C…)

No. 992917

File: 1592952279772.jpeg (243.79 KB, 828x816, D6493CEC-BB46-4E1E-8036-47F6C0…)

No. 992918

File: 1592952399245.jpeg (212.94 KB, 828x646, 7B3CC9BD-4F84-4E7A-846A-62A499…)

No. 992927

>tryna see something
“Trying to make myself feel superior for having a larger limit than the few twitter users who answer this”
God she has nothing going on in her life or no real achievements that she thinks a credit limit is important.

No. 992979

File: 1592958096521.jpeg (282.54 KB, 870x768, B0B756B8-D228-40B0-9BC6-864D12…)

No. 993000

File: 1592959585838.jpeg (72.4 KB, 700x394, DC0D1ED5-8122-4FEC-8B98-76FFD0…)

Ariana looking like that one twitch emote lmfao.

No. 993045

File: 1592963097531.png (176.14 KB, 315x395, mdas.png)

No. 993069

The fact that Aaron didn’t even interact with her reply to this tweet has me dead, the people in her real life are sick of her too

No. 993071

Sage for potential autism but if we do the math, 400 subs x $3 is 1200 a month. Onlyfans takes 20%, so $960. Taxes take about 30%, so $670 ish. She’s only making maybe 8k a year on there… really bringing home the bread … plus her “art” and prostitution there’s no way she’s making more than 20k annually. And I’m being generous.

No. 993072

File: 1592965328297.jpeg (108.73 KB, 750x1136, 777D039F-66FD-4ABA-B210-BCFB47…)

When you look in the mirror after putting yourself in 20k of debt just to end up botching your face beyond repair

No. 993081

File: 1592965687123.jpeg (761.12 KB, 1125x1620, 241A5DF2-E59A-424D-A6A8-571F74…)

private ig post.

No. 993083

File: 1592965782596.jpeg (296.78 KB, 1125x1268, D6A33A8B-4282-4861-94C0-0F2EB9…)

related pic.

No. 993084

Out of all the surgeries she gets, I don’t understand why she doesn’t get her piercing scars sewed up

No. 993094

Looking like a Hartley Hooligan

No. 993095

Her post engagement is SO LOW even a fellow sw called her out for it. Its like 20 max likes on each post. I would not be shocked if she actually has way less than 400 subs

No. 993106

She gets plastic surgery so often because she gets “bored of the way she looks”?? If that’s not extreme body dysmorphia, then idk what is.

No. 993159

You’re right. Another lie

No. 993227

wasn't she just bragging about how she got the things needed to do her dogs nails and that it was better than paying for it? queen of contradicting herself, also maybe trying to make it seem she has money but recently begging for $80 to spend on stupid fucking shoes.

No. 993246

she was also suppose to get a house, her dog's knee fixed, a fat graft, taxidermy school, and etc, etc

No. 993299

does she ever post one of these updates where she doesn‘t blatantly lie about being so happy and THRIVING so hard? like we know she isn’t sober, hates herself and her miserable life, the fuck she thinks she‘s an ~inspiration~ all she is is a broken fucking record

No. 993748

File: 1593018899219.jpeg (305.83 KB, 1125x1715, AFA220D9-8119-470E-A2E9-75077F…)

”…I’m a whore but also a talented artist and taxidermist”


No. 993767

More Ariana fanfic of her own life! The thing is, there’s nothing wrong with not being talented or good at your art of choice and to have hobbies you’re not good at. Women should definitely promote themselves and know their value and big themselves up but you can’t just trick people into thinking your good at stuffing meat sacks that your obese snake couldn’t manage to eat

No. 993806

that "dead inside" look she's talking about is from the puffy, no-definition moonface thing that comes from having too much improperly injected filler

how can she not see that fat grafting is just going to make it wooooorse

No. 993893


The fact she thinks people who follow her for being a whore and giving free gape shots, are going to somehow transfer over to dead rats sales - this bitch is delusional.

I would suggest she just make a separate "personal" twitter for all her non-SW related sperging, like many other farmers have, but she knows no one would follow that shit unless she's posting pics of her pussy in her dusty apartment.

No. 993920

File: 1593029513820.jpeg (173.69 KB, 828x1082, B702E1B3-8323-4751-9A11-930D85…)

Deleted content I forgot to post.

No. 993974

"I've spent my whole life wanting to die!"
>makes fun of and exploits suicidal people
fucking piece of shit

No. 993993

I can never understand what she’s trying to say or what point she’s making. Sometimes I feel bad laughing at her because she’s so obviously mentally retarded - no wonder she was bullied at school, not saying it’s right but she was clearly the dunce of the class, the weird girl who played with dead animals and ate worms

No. 994048

File: 1593038292106.jpg (399.88 KB, 1080x2016, Screenshot_20200624-233031__01…)

She totally looks like Angelina though guys..

No. 994069

>critical thinking skills
I feel you anon

No. 994142

File: 1593047047397.png (3.02 MB, 750x1334, 1572721340405.png)

from an old thread but deserves to be reposted. 40 yr old homeless crackhead vibes

No. 994159

The sunken, sagging cheeks, the hollow jaw, the self-botched bangs, the wide-as-everloving-fuck nose, the distance between the top lip and her nose is so long you could land a goddamn plane. Damn, but that lip lift really did wonders though huh.

No. 994164

File: 1593049043474.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 179.94 KB, 828x1341, BDBC0E0D-2B8F-477A-8C82-E502A0…)

Is holding a bunch of roast beef or

No. 994166

File: 1593049091529.jpeg (174.14 KB, 828x792, 8756219D-EA61-4817-A2AB-7AEF09…)

She always gotta let you know how thriving she is lmfao okay ari we all just jealous haterz I guess huh

No. 994168

I honestly thought her blanket, hand, and pussy were the same thing. It was hard to distinguish one from the other in this picture

No. 994171

why is it so saggy? it looks like she's holding it up. And the weird grime and bumps between her ass cheeks…

No. 994247

File: 1593056387356.jpg (127.41 KB, 1062x516, Screenshot_20200624-223622_Chr…)

Love how half the time she is tweeting things to convince us of her successful life of luxury, and the other half of her tweets are reminiscent of a broke ass crackhead.

No. 994254

you gotta love how she just undermines her own narrative any chance she gets to

No. 994349

File: 1593060772549.jpg (321.55 KB, 765x805, 20200624235133.jpg)

Why is she always dripping in grease

No. 994362

She had to delete a tweet right underneath this one that said “idk how I’m gonna drive 7hrs without caffeine”. She’s a broken record.

No. 994799

Everything is such a chore for her, she complains about every single thing, she must be so draining to be around. The whole live video of her skinning the rat was just her moping about it

No. 994889


drive to a dollar tree and buy a fucking aux cord? or is she saying her piss and dog puke covered car now no longer has a working aux port?

why does this bitch care about fat grafting and buying a house when her car is falling apart?

No. 995077

I've realized that Twitter is the perfect platform for her, for that exact reason. Even if she has nothing to say, she can just retweet herself a hundred times

No. 995084

File: 1593104384359.jpeg (240.19 KB, 1242x552, 654CE4CE-9CAA-4E82-B523-FF5ECA…)

No. 995101

sure, that's why you want to move away from him

No. 995175

What happened to your sex aversion Ariana?

No. 995312

File: 1593120762984.jpeg (262.86 KB, 1125x1460, 077446C8-DB7B-4348-A6A7-081E6E…)

No. 995340

File: 1593122407421.jpg (432.57 KB, 1079x1519, Screenshot_20200625-165906_Chr…)

Pls no ban for repost, I just want to document how fucked up it is that these tweets are right on top of each other

No. 995428

File: 1593126366820.jpeg (303.32 KB, 750x798, 35E5F360-E315-4347-A890-E08BE1…)

Musty queen

No. 995454

ariana needs to make a separate work twitter and a personal twitter because odds are her brother wouldn't want to be spoken about right after she's talking about 'milking' matt.

then again this is the same bitch who flops around a rat carcass right above pictures of her pussy so…what are we to expect?

No. 995521

because their SW twitters are the only ones that get even a hint of attention. otherwise they'd be talking to a void.

No. 995535

File: 1593131562730.jpeg (281.47 KB, 998x1811, A815E230-566A-4695-A6AB-4F6FCD…)

Kek her nose

No. 995547

I don’t give a fuck what the autists here think about “unique vaginas”, hers is objectively gross looking & ugly

No. 995723

I love that she posted this from her family's bathroom. She's so fucking weird. Also, love how she's showing off her brothers name tat below her boob if you open the first picture, while visiting him, then spreading open her vag. Again, fucking weird.

No. 995727

File: 1593140184869.gif (2.46 MB, 368x654, 75235522_1140131353053358_3316…)

Imagine that your daughter/sister/granddaughter drove 7 hours to visit you and then just sat on the couch and just stared at herself in her phone and went in your bathroom to take pictures of her pussy for twitter

No. 995738

her SW tweets get NO engagement even with her joining that retweeting group

No. 995752

File: 1593140995687.jpg (674.98 KB, 1079x1628, Screenshot_20200625-220731_Chr…)

Who does she think she's fooling with this whole limited amount of spots charade?? You're pricing will go back to normal??? It's almost always $3! I'm sorry, actually right now its $3.60…she's moving up in the world

No. 995756

the lysol bottle in the shot is a sexy touch

No. 995761

The internet is an immense place with countless beautiful naked women making porn, and many of them, doing it on platforms where you can see it for free. It takes more than just spreading your vagina and aggressively grabbing your boobs to get a strong following, or paid subscribers. Ariana doesn't understand this, and thats why she will never be successful at it.

No. 995772

Also who would want to interact with her when she is a bitch to everyone? She probably scares a lot of potential clients away with her oversharing too. From what I've learned watching other SW interact with their followers, they share very little details about their personal lives in order to create and maintain their professional image.

No. 995799

When she prostitutes, doesn’t she only have 1 client? And that 1 client forces her to be smol because he has a fetish for children bods?
And lost the other because of her HIV island scabies? In what planet is she even making a living. Who does she even think is jealous of her? I legitimately don’t understand how she even made it this far in life with her intelligence and poor, irrational decision making. Who is she vaguely tweeting at all day and night? This girl is disgusting and sad. I’d fucking off myself if I was her. Jfc what a pathetic life she has.

No. 995861

I am crying over the fact that her tweet about missing Jenna marbles got so much more interaction than pictures of her tits/vag and advertising ALL of her content for three fucking dollars…I've said it before and I'll say it again: How is she not embarrassed????

No. 995913

Why do people constantly do this?

No. 995937

I wonder if this is the same 60 year old, married client who looks like “Jeff goldblum” and basically forces her to take a bunch of coke when they meet up

No. 996003

$3 says it all really. Woeful.

No. 996004


yes its pretty hard to be jealous when her income is so reliant on one person. she acts like she’s this bad bitch but her one client has total power of her. she uses it as an excuse to be anorexic (“if im not skinny i dont get paid!”) and she freaks out if he doesn’t agree to meet with her that month (see saga about her crying she wont make rent last month).

i wouldnt even consider her a sex worker/prostitute. she’s just a botched druggie who is dependent on two toxic and abusive relationships who occasionally posts nudes on the internet while no one watches except us.

No. 996038


mattcuck and incest brother must be bonding over the shared trauma of knowing her.

No. 996266

File: 1593194012014.jpeg (677.63 KB, 1967x1718, 153DC19B-7652-44DF-B646-8C1DFA…)

At least she has pants on and clean hands this time.

No. 996267

Samefag but these are a year apart

No. 996397

File: 1593200690148.jpeg (21.86 KB, 306x282, 16C417A1-D26C-4C91-BB73-331B24…)

Tiny mouth making an appearance. It’s as if her actual face has a labia minora kek(nitpicking)

No. 996478

File: 1593207008684.jpg (1.63 MB, 1124x2000, 20200626160151.jpg)

Look at that baby skin girl! Your chemical peel paid off.

If my family saw me looking like this, they'd have an intervention. The filthy hair, the insane amount of freckles…she reminds me of the old lady in requiem for a dream.

Also, peep the weird pixels around her mouth. Photoshop fail? I saw this, lowered the brightness on the photo, and this is the result. I think she is editing her face then turning up the brightness so it blends in.

No. 996502

File: 1593209328187.jpg (115.43 KB, 1080x659, 20200626_170728.jpg)

Millionaire grandpa pimp lives in a trailer with no ac but also has a mansion in the Caribbean

No. 996504

File: 1593209466716.jpeg (1006.32 KB, 2048x2048, 79DBBF6C-40B2-4D8D-AE4C-9C7354…)

Um. Did she just put ice cream on that horses chin/neck and leave?

No. 996507

File: 1593209652537.gif (4.78 MB, 368x654, 74815706_1143011269405386_3754…)

Okay we need to document this face in motion, its like a horror film

No. 996516

Her favorite insult lately is calling people weird, but bitch YOU ARE WEIRD. Why did she put ice cream on it??? Why can't she wash her hair?? Why does she always look like she got dressed in the dark at a goodwill??? She's a bizarre creature. Also, her face looks super big and bloated in this, can you guys imagine how much of a bobblehead she will look like after fat grafts?

No. 996521

That lip lift scar looks like the perforations on an easy-tear wrapper lmao. Ari you are rank

No. 996527

damn her pre surgery face is JUMPING out

No. 996602


i definitely think shes going over board with the freckles to distract from that dark scarring under nose from her lip lift. her whole face below her nose looks like a melting wax figure.

No. 996622

File: 1593215337874.png (5.82 MB, 1125x2001, 5BD323FE-1B14-4C10-BADA-DDE76E…)

So she’s just left the dog, two cats and a snake in the apartment to fight it out to the death I guess. God their place must just stink of shit and piss. How much we betting her precious taxidermy gets chewed up and she spazzes out at Tarte for it

No. 996627

She has a friend watching them. She posted about it on Twitter.
Sage your posts if you're just speculating. This isn't milk.

No. 996628

She put ice cream on her fingers, then the horse licked it, then she put more & rubbed it on its neck, then goes and eats the ice cream after. She is so fucking disgusting what the fuck is wrong with her.

No. 996630

Her hair is GREASY. omg how can she go out like that

No. 996637

WOW she really is crazy looking in motion. she has a man's face structure- big chin, big nose, big forehead.

No. 996640


Spot on, anon. Overfilled / badly placed / migrated filler has also re-elongated the gap between her nose and lip so there’s not even any aesthetic pay off of the Frankenstein level scarring.

No. 996643

She needs to dissolve the fillers in her face completely. Idc what she says, they aren't completely dissolved. Bitch is out her looking like Jigsaw with those big unnatural cheeks, how can she want more fat pumped in her face? Just stop Ariana. Learn self acceptance or something, before you really do end up looking like donatella versace.

No. 996652

Can't wait for her incoming tweet after she gets home
>"had such a wholesome time with my family!! i pet farm animals and my grandpa offered to let me use his house in the Bahamas and he showed me off to the whole town and my brother and matt spent time together swapping stories about my incest fetishes and my dad said he was proud of my onlyfans follower count and it was just so pure i..:') im so glad to have people who love me!!! but happy to be home with my animals!!! gonna go cut up some rats now cos i cant afford basic necessities lmao"

No. 996685

lmao anon this is spot on. ari is just repeating herself all the time at this point and i‘m waiting for some real milk. i know realistically she isn‘t gonna move but i wish because that would at least provide SOME milk

No. 996768

File: 1593225476576.jpeg (135.81 KB, 720x960, 4F61229C-06F9-4033-B466-540C5D…)

No. 996928

Wowwww I literally thought these were old pictures of her. Her face looks completely pre-surgery wtf

No. 997025

File: 1593271785448.jpeg (740.26 KB, 2048x2048, 4758C857-EA6F-445B-89A5-2DF3A8…)

Ariana’s smile gives way to her natural physique.

No. 997029

Kek she rly spent all that credit card money on fucking nothing. She looks the same.

No. 997044

No idea how someone can be cool with their hair being THAT greasy. What is so damn hard about taking a shower? Like ok, it’s true that you don’t need to wash your hair daily..but holy shit. At least wash it a couple times a week..at least ONCE even. Damn. Please. And use a quality (salon brand) shampoo and conditioner, cuz your hair is fucked. Greasy hair takes A LOT away from your appearance.. especially when it’s THAT greasy. Just makes you look gross, and also gives you acne. Imagine sleeping on a pillow that’s been rubbing against your greasy hair all night?!! Yuck.

No. 997088


b-b-but anon, all that credit she built! You’ll see anon when she goes to buy a house!

Oh wait, she tried and realized her credit is shit and she would need grandpa to co-sign still. The same as most people her who haven’t botched their face and gape for free on twitter.

Lol she’s such a joke

No. 997103

>it was just so pure i..:')
kek anon you could have a real career as an ari impersonator

No. 997113

File: 1593279086019.jpeg (313.17 KB, 1206x1996, 0F34C531-2ADE-45F4-8490-F4B977…)

Uhm wow lmao the longer I stare at this the uglier it gets…(nitpicking)

No. 997149

File: 1593283172163.jpg (149.38 KB, 1125x2000, 106432807_969132060206483_5263…)

So can you guys stop??? What is the point of cowtipping like this? You really think her trashy friends are going to care? They've more than likely already seen these posts when she originally posted them, do what is the goal here? Yet again, it just makes Ariana seem like a victim to some relentless online bully

No. 997177

Kek, fucking cowtipper. There's a reason why she has no pictures with friends

No. 997297


Hi Jasmine, please fuck off forever. This achieves nothing apart from playing into Ari’s narcissistic delusions that we’re fans of her.

No. 997359

She never gives herself enough time to recover from her botched procedures. She was going to visit her grandparents after her boob job and only gave herself a few days to recover to the point that her family canceled so she could rest. Now she gets a chemical peel and days later is wearing a full face of makeup for this trip. I'm sure she peeled it all off herself in a rushed panic because she's too insecure to leave the house without her cake mask of foundation. Pathetic. Her skin is going to be damaged from all of this.

No. 997387

Looks like there’s a cow in our ranks, kek.

No. 997472


Wonder if she’s another onlyfans thot. Anyway, Jasmin: knock it the fuck off.

No. 997532

File: 1593315989254.gif (1.29 MB, 368x654, 76700029_298212174653799_49545…)

Some nightmare fuel part one: face shape-shifting caught on camera

No. 997533

File: 1593316103928.gif (6.48 MB, 368x654, 75804703_369781130676585_64341…)

Nightmare fuel part two: skincare queen and talented makeup artist extraordinaire

No. 997678


Fuckin hell those look like meth sores!

No. 998343

File: 1593408062167.jpeg (346.4 KB, 2048x2048, EBBA7F0E-2CDC-4C29-BE1C-6C5448…)

Not milk, but plenty ugly.

No. 998556

She looks like a burn victim

No. 998657

How the fuck has she been so quiet? Its pretty bizarre how she can go from announcing every move she makes, to posting almost nothing. Its almost as if she's taking our advice and using her social media more appropriately. Either that or something horrible happened that we will be hearing about in her diary…im sorry I mean her "private insta". The last time she was this quiet was when she found out she was pregnant and got the abortion.

Is this a filter or are her pupils just super dilated??

No. 998676

Instagram filter

No. 998698

File: 1593458966856.jpg (258.66 KB, 810x1588, 20200629_142250.jpg)

Okay can the shoe sperg saga end now Ariana??? Also who are you trying to impress by calling them by the designer's name? Call them what they are: goodwill-tier used shoes that you were willing to trade your integrity for, and failed.

No. 998701

Samefag but look how crammed her toes look into these shoes. Great purchase.

No. 998712

They look like a Clarkes back to school special.

No. 998744

How long before she films porn wearing these and then lists them on her depop claiming they're "like new"

No. 998790

she has literally no sense of personal style

No. 998834

Watch her post these ugly shoes on her
Depop in a couple of months after shes used them in her mediocre trailer trash porn

No. 998840

that's literally what >>998744 said. read the thread and sage your shit.

No. 998845

File: 1593472350895.jpg (158.33 KB, 2048x2048, s0302l-bloch-tap-on__17663.142…)

I had these same shoes when I was 5 and took tap dancing lessons kek. She's a psycho for embarrassing herself over these. Such a random style of shoe to be manically wetting herself over

No. 998852

Agreed. Like another anon said, she constantly looks like she got dressed in the dark at a goodwill. Nothing matches. Everything looks dirty/old/ratty/dated There's no rhyme or reason for the way she pairs things. I don't understand what look she's going for, and she obviously doesn't either.

No. 998876

She can shout out the Marc Jacobs label all she wants but if you had no clue she had been begging for the shoes, I think anybody would look at this picture like where????
The outfit is terrible, like she did the tag on TikTok where your friends tell you to stop while randomly shopping in Goodwill and try on a totally shit outfit for laughs.
Also she looks so long and lanky and weird, girl needs to learn how to pose in ways that actually compliment her body. She looks like a squished mosquito eater.

No. 998880

File: 1593476714936.jpeg (224.58 KB, 828x1495, D4C75AC6-9A99-4FFE-8E71-F54317…)

can’t tell if this is a backhanded compliment or an actual compliment. but lol this person is also a twitter SW girl and ari follows her so it’s not just some random person insulting her, maybe she’s actually embarrassed now

No. 998887

If I was a random follower who had no idea how cringey Ariana is, I would be so embarrassed for her for the weird glorification of these shoes. Is this the first designer thing she's ever owned? How trashy to namedrop what brand you're wearing. You're an adult woman Ariana, not a preteen girl who brags to everyone at school because she got a hand-me-down designer purse or something.

No. 998947

Well it's literally exactly what a farmer said, i'd wager it's a sw who hatefollows ari, knows she follows the thread and knew she'd see it was the same 'tap dancing when i was 5' reference. This thread is rife with tippers anyway, she probably wanted her name up. We need to start blacking them out

No. 998957

Is there a goddamn echo in here?? I posted the comment about ari posting the shoes on depop and another anon posted the exact same comment after. I posted the tap shoes comment, and this bitch posts it on Twitter. But yeah I agree anon, she had to have seen it here…its too much of a coincidence

No. 999160

>my Marc Jacobs
fucking kek, this bitch will always be such trailer trash

No. 999415

Another proof of how money cannot buy taste or class. She is the most disease-ridden trailer park trash whore with no taste and no class among the cows. Horrorcow material is an understatement.

No. 999417

She could as well start bragging about using Channel lipstick, but her face and makeup still looks cheap and classless

No. 999436

File: 1593541988224.jpeg (517.39 KB, 750x1187, 2CC866DE-446A-4125-B2A9-671477…)

Sage for nitpicking but she already looks special needs as it is, why does she accentuate it with this dumb face pulling? Ugly, immature cretin

No. 999652

File: 1593552099483.jpeg (156.67 KB, 750x1097, 0D3F9D59-DE93-47A1-BD1A-A06448…)

The ignorance in this tweet. Also can she go a day without talking about her ex?

No. 999889

That means this „Jennifer” had something you never will: a character development.
Why is she so obsessed with her ex? Ariana, you can „remember” this one bad thing this woman did, but said woman probably doesnt even remember you.

No. 1000225

It’s so insanely creepy that she thinks/talks about her ex this often. I bet that he and his fiancé get a huge laugh out of all of her antics. Either that or they’ve completely forgotten that she exists. It’s probably eaten away at her over the years watching him more on with someone beautiful and normal and leave her in the dust.

No. 1000296

File: 1593593628340.jpeg (150.37 KB, 1242x346, 69ED25B1-C58E-4CC2-A6EA-08CAA2…)

Guess she’s feeling particularly bitter and spiteful today?

No. 1000299

File: 1593593933888.jpeg (116.69 KB, 1242x306, 0F604831-AF74-42C4-9DA1-FC5F46…)

Even though she sits on her ass all day she wants Matt to come home from a 12 hour shift and cook for her kek

No. 1000392


It didn’t occur to her that someone yelling nigger at her was racist until she was in her 20s? This story makes absolutely no sense and is clearly just a way for her talk about her ex bf again.

No. 1000438

File: 1593619058253.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2048x2048, B3A2D846-788B-486A-A123-89D379…)

Private IG post. There was a video attached

No. 1000458

man, she's so pathetic and boring now. it feels almost not even worth checking her thread anymore. she just repeats the same shit over and over

No. 1000472

I'm confused about how she would leave a rat for her taxidermy project. Don't you usually feed snakes live rats as part of their enrichment? Does she basically kill one on her own or starve it?

No. 1000492

She fed live mice once and got upset about it a thread or two back so went back to frozen

No. 1000603

A lot of people feed frozen mice/rats because it's safer for the snake cause mice can bite your snake. You just thaw it out in warm water and feed it to the snake with tongs or leave it in their cage.

No. 1000636

File: 1593639118342.png (Spoiler Image, 5.31 MB, 1125x2436, B27C2E3F-9070-456A-9362-D62DC4…)

She’s wearing her engagement ring again KEK

No. 1000644

That’s the wrong hand for an engagement ring…

No. 1000657

Nta but is the photo flipped maybe? That is her engagement ring. She’s so used to seeing herself in a mirror or selfie mode she probably doesn’t recognise herself the other way round. What side are her tattoos?

No. 1000683

The photo is obviously flipped. She’s wearing her engagement ring on her left hand.

No. 1000746

Well we all know that she still obsesses over her ex, and his wedding is only 2 months away. I knew this was coming. I thought it would be closer to the wedding honestly though. Can't wait for her to start calling Matt her fiance again as if nothing happened lol

No. 1000890

File: 1593666194561.jpeg (366.42 KB, 2048x2048, F123CA13-4345-41D5-95B8-9D755A…)

i thought she didn’t use photoshop

No. 1000919

File: 1593671767772.jpeg (822.3 KB, 1536x1572, 95C99A23-5B2D-405A-9D85-3F2928…)

Love bombing

No. 1000920

File: 1593671872674.jpeg (169.5 KB, 910x426, 72CC3849-23EB-448E-A52C-5D2844…)

Lmao, so much for having over 10k In savings

No. 1000925

How old is this pic? Doormatt hasn't looked like this in a long time. Dude looks like a whole husk of his former self.

No. 1000988


Kek how could I ever forget she was "engaged"

No. 1000999

File: 1593696003163.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1920x2560, 05E47EF4-0FA3-49DE-8263-451B9D…)


Definitely going to start up the skinwalking again soon with her ex getting married. She’s been obsessed with her ex’s girlfriend for years now. Sage for old pic from the earlier threads.

No. 1001013

i'm going to assume pretty old, she's hiding her goblin face.

No. 1001020

File: 1593700759374.jpeg (179.48 KB, 828x771, 352DB8E7-87C8-49E1-9854-C1410B…)

It’s from 2016.

No. 1001028

Wasn’t going to say anything but what the hell is going on down there? Her panty line blends into her skin

No. 1001056

Love how she's always like "I wAs PreTTy bEfOre ToO" yet she hides her old face on 99% of her pics

No. 1001061

She wasn't conventionally attractive by any means, but I think she looked WAY better than she does now. At least she looked like a human

No. 1001062

Wow. Matt actually looks… pretty attractive here. Attractive enough that I would actually have a conversation with him if I met him. Funny how pnp makes everyone else around her ugly and disgusting too, not just herself

No. 1001074

I agree that she looked better during this period but remember that her personality was still rotten. She regularly admits to emotionally abusing her ex boyfriend, sad to see Matt looking healthy at the start of their relationship.

No. 1001301


sage for this being old, but i believe that it's a townsend's warbler. beak is too long to be a goldfinch, and townsend's are have similar markings.(newfaggotry)

No. 1001320

You didn’t sage, you need to write sage in email field

No. 1001321

File: 1593738338031.jpeg (212.71 KB, 828x1349, F28B6124-C587-459E-B86C-17CE9F…)

Um, she’s so creepy and weird. Must suck to have to spend 40k bc you’re ugly

No. 1001328

lmfao holy shit if she somehow finds a surgeon that will even do that for her, it's going to look so fucked up. can't wait.

No. 1001344

Wtf this bitch is seriously wanting a facelift at 25 lmfao.
2016 Ariana is stunning in comparison to the overfilled, waxy trainwreck of a face she has now. I’d feel bad if she wasn’t such a garbage person. Please fuck up your face more, Ari kek

No. 1001369

you really said it. imagine finding yourself so ugly that you'll drop $40,000 for just another procedure, this isn't even the end. And she's 25, she's not some old lady looking to regain her youth, but she sure made herself look a lot older

No. 1001396

Forreal, she wants a house right? Stop spending so much on your face and save up to buy yourself a damn house! She can’t stop natural aging; absolutely anything she does to her face is a complete waste of money. she really is just a plastic surgery addict

No. 1001414


pretty sure she has quietly given up on the house buying dream. what with her ex getting married and needing matt as arm candy again, her lack of stable income and below average credit, no mention of it with her visit with grandpa, etc.

just another case of pnp’s wishful thinking.

No. 1001490

She’s probably realized that she doesn’t has any real proof of stable income so no one would write a mortgage for her. It’s different than real professional porn stars.

No. 1001593

File: 1593801145544.jpg (533.51 KB, 810x2649, Screenshot_20200703-112707_Sam…)

Loyalty: Openly crushing on a tattoo artist who has a gf while your bf puts in long hours at work to keep a roof over your head and wanting to go behind his back just to flirt with said tattoo artist. The milk on this bitch is so rancid that I only read lolcow to laugh at the summary of her failures. Her own social media is just too nauseating.

No. 1001607

File: 1593803769957.jpg (1.59 MB, 1920x2560, 20-07-03-15-14-31-914_deco.jpg)

lol I think this is the tattoo artist she is referring to, she only follows like 2 on instagram.

Also if it's him she mistook his daughter for his gf…

No. 1001608

Ugh…how pathetic. It would be hilarious if the artist turned her down after seeing her being a thirst trap. Or if his hot gf happened to show up during the appointment and it made Ari too self-conscious

Just…stop, Ari. The artist isn’t going to be flattered by your stupid crush. He’s going to be disgusted that some busted, 40-something looking whore is trying to flirt with him

No. 1001644

If that’s who she is talking about then that’s pretty pathetic because that’s her friend embodoe on instagram’s boyfriend

No. 1001684

Yikes, that makes it even more suspicious that she's talking about him because she mentioned his gf being extremely hot too? Lol she is so fucking strange.
Imagine wanting to fuck your friend's bf so badly you can't even support his business …

No. 1001685

File: 1593813151661.jpeg (275.95 KB, 1372x1372, AF55D03C-3EE4-4571-8915-516973…)

2 years difference, this shit is really just sad… Honestly not just trying to be mean Ari, you will look so much better and younger if you just stop getting more surgery. Give your face a break and spend the surgery money on therapy, that's the only thing that will seriously ever make you happy.

No. 1001688

File: 1593813481232.jpg (1.49 MB, 1920x2560, 20-07-03-17-57-16-297_deco.jpg)

This is embodoe's bf actually and ari is probably talking about him not the other guy

No. 1001697

File: 1593814846420.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 205.31 KB, 1125x1070, 0F3AA9C1-E386-4825-96C0-72F826…)

What… is going on here

No. 1001705

File: 1593815319237.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 1125x1843, 3C3E00B7-257B-4793-B25F-3089FC…)

Deleted insta pic from the queen of unflattering photos.
Her feet look gigantic, her ~omg so expensive Marc Jacobs~ looks absolutely minging and her underwear is sagging.

Don’t even get me started on the face kek

No. 1001711

That’s not her boyfriend. That is someone she is modeling with. Mike is her boyfriend they live together.

No. 1001720

File: 1593816198111.jpeg (421 KB, 1125x1378, 55876C8C-4ECC-49A3-8322-3BF48F…)

samefag but here is a photo of them together I think they were traveling at the time, they don’t post much on Instagram together because they keep their pages business-oriented but they’ve definitely been a serious couple for years now.

No. 1001723

File: 1593816265284.jpeg (99.92 KB, 427x1042, 4222D573-62C7-49B5-BA68-1554B9…)

I’m confused why she has her own Facebook posts as a border to this photo

No. 1001730

That makes sense.

Makes even more sense that it would be him(mike) since Ari deleted the tweet thread. Embodoe doesn't have a Twitter from what I can tell so that's probably why it was spoken about on twitter.

No. 1001736

nta but I’ve always found it funny how her Facebook pictures average 5 likes

No. 1001745

This pic is giving me "I'm trying to pander to pedos/Lolita" vibes. The frilly socks and church shoes that we all wore when we were younger gives it away.

No. 1001764

Her face was pumped FULL of filler around this time.

No. 1001783

Why the long face, ari?

No. 1001788

File: 1593821634217.png (3.45 MB, 828x1792, 29523F38-B68F-406E-A50E-17BEF0…)

Not trying to nitpick but her face looks so fucking weird? Is this a shoop fail or what bc this is genuinely disturbing

No. 1001793

File: 1593822211291.jpeg (264.48 KB, 558x1029, DA442CC9-A466-4369-96E8-CF7F67…)

I guess she deleted and reposted with her name hidden because it looks like this now. Lol fucking retard doxxing herself

No. 1001796

File: 1593822716686.png (9.04 MB, 1125x2001, 97A39154-2089-4ACD-8F35-368867…)

Cryptids spotted in PA aka Matt and Aaron

God all three of them look like they’re in a house of fun mirror

No. 1001809

File: 1593823577604.png (9.12 MB, 1242x2208, D5DA8873-A14C-4688-9A26-D8D88D…)

Reminds me of this screenshot I have saved in my phone. Her face is just fucking weird

No. 1001820

not to derail, but i'm pretty sure embodoe has a bf but it's not this guy. she deleted pics of this guy from her ig and she referred to herself as single up until recently.
Ari is fucking gross, crushing on a dude even if you're in a relationship is natural, but tweeting about lusting after him, mentioning his gf, and implying wanting to fuck him if you do meet him. i can say with absolute confidence if any girl expressed interest in Matt, he'd leave Arianna in a heartbeat, he's dead ass afraid of never getting anyone else and that's why he pretends he's cool with having a braindead talentless fuckhole for a girlfriend

No. 1001835

File: 1593827111686.png (2.2 MB, 828x1792, 2C62A631-0F9C-491E-8609-4F6E95…)

Embodoe’s boyfriend definitely used to be Myke Chambers. It seems they’ve respectfully broken off.

No. 1001883

She took Matt from this to >>987129 in a matter of a few years. kek

No. 1001892

Embodoe and Myke broke up a while ago. She's dating the new guy. I figured this out easily weeks ago, idk why everyone is so confused.

No. 1001901

File: 1593832394062.jpeg (897.49 KB, 828x1688, 89CFF088-49BD-4806-B7D3-AD26D0…)

So it’s totally ok to take a turtle out of it’s natural habitat, ESPECIALLY when it’s still so small, and put it in a tiny terrarium from petco, but it’s onlllly a bad idea because you’ll get bored of it and it lives longer than you want. Ok Ari….

No. 1001925

File: 1593834599368.jpeg (368.09 KB, 828x1189, F943AEB3-31BC-4849-B208-A4A8CB…)

Relatable private ig update

No. 1001953


It's not even underwear, it's that horribly unflattering peach "bikini" bottom she's been wearing since last season.

No. 1001956

This is why some farmers post her full name on here to maximize search results. Ariana McMillan tries to hide her identity. But anyone who knows her IRL will admit she’s a busted waste of space. Sucks to suck

No. 1001958

okay??? fucking leave nature alone you crazy narc bitch

No. 1002032

And she’s fucked them both kek

No. 1002065

This is giving me “guilty dog being told off for eating it’s own shit” vibes

No. 1002072


i'm honestly shocked she's so obsessed with fixing her face and not with fixing her botched boobjob. she even admitted herself she only got her boob job because they offered 50% off the cost and they already needed to be fixed twice.

i guess she's afraid of being re-botched, but damn, just do your research and get those stones u called tits fixed. sage for nitpick.

No. 1002074


she got herself into crippling debt for years to fix her nose and now the ex she is still in love with is about to marry a chick with a huge nose. if only Ari could go into debt for some confidence.

No. 1002107

Huge nose, anon?
It's not small but it's nowhere near the beak that Ari used to have. I'm assuming you think whoville-esque noses are normal LOL.

Anyway, can't wait for her to get a face lift and be irreversibly botched. The fillers can be dissolved and she can stop pumping so much into her but the face-lift.. wow. Gonna look so good.

No. 1002130

She did go back to get it fixed but I think she said the pain and recovery time put her off getting another

No. 1002132

she refuses to do proper aftercare so it wouldn't matter even if she did get them completely redone. iirc she didn't even wear a compression bra and was taking full on bubble baths within a week after her revision

No. 1002188

File: 1593893678769.png (328.39 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-07-04-22-12-33…)

I have a feeling that she might be buying followers soon.

No. 1002190

File: 1593894495338.jpeg (133.32 KB, 1000x1000, AEF9EE77-ADC0-4C38-9122-E0AD44…)


did i hit a sore spot with you anon? the girl is a major upgrade from ari even with her beak and the point of my comment was you can still be pretty with a huge nose if you have confidence - something pnp has none of.

No. 1002191

nobody cares about your nitpick infight collages

No. 1002199

I saw goblincore on tiktok and immediately thought of her. She better get on tiktok ASAP and claim her spot

No. 1002221

File: 1593901765164.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1125x1683, A0A2F351-74DA-43DB-AA34-1E64CA…)

Yet another piece totally ruined by glitter. It looks so fucking messy. She really needs to get into her head that sometimes less is more

No. 1002250

I like it in bad 70s kitch way. It would look good next to some beaded curtains. Her face is the same way, it's botched and it's obvious why people think she looks gross, but it's a look that has its place. She will never be beautiful in a tasteful sense but she would look hot in a trashy metal video.

No. 1002271

File: 1593908614823.jpg (778.99 KB, 808x2950, Screenshot_20200704-202323_Twi…)

No. 1002272

You must need a pair of glasses kek

No. 1002278

File: 1593909171725.jpg (337.37 KB, 1076x1251, Screenshot_20200704-203251_Twi…)

She's a broken record

No. 1002279

File: 1593909243592.jpg (Spoiler Image, 254.62 KB, 1967x2048, 20200704_203405.jpg)

This made me nauseous

No. 1002286

How is her musty crusty grey clam being sliced in half by her repulsive thong at all in any way attractive? Tell me.

Has she even seen porn? I’ll wait.

No. 1002302


lolol looks like she actually cleaned the bottom of her DeSiGnEr ShOeS after being called out and deleting the first set

No. 1002304


i think she kind of fucked herself with the bolt ons to begin with. doesnt her main client and main source of income love stick thin women? i feel like she’d have a lot more general appeal as a thin/small breasted girl niche than the trailer trash gutter whore niche she currently appeals to.

No. 1002306

File: 1593911435498.jpeg (169.17 KB, 750x1092, ACDD98BA-6CF0-40D6-9F2B-AF85C7…)

Were the pregnancy anons right all along?

No. 1002316

I wish But no it’s another one of her stupid Tim and Eric references

No. 1002359


I always think her tattoo says "Iggy"

No. 1002369

Ngl I wish I hated this but I actually think it’s cute

No. 1002495

File: 1593958759060.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 519.67 KB, 1173x662, 85E9D8A0-CC10-4CC2-A14A-0F44DD…)

New horrendously low effort video of matt whipping gone off lunch meat

No. 1002500

File: 1593960394849.png (3.4 MB, 828x1792, A3DB9BD2-D8A3-4221-A4A9-829479…)

This chick is fucking scary…

No. 1002502

File: 1593960540233.jpeg (125.16 KB, 823x650, 84802FA2-FAD4-426C-830E-64CB6F…)

Didnt she just post a tweet complaining about how annoying it is when people say they’re going to unfollow someone and she’s all like “JUST DOOO ITTTTT” or some shit? She literally makes my head hurt how contradictory she is over everything she says. Like just give her a week, she will completely go back on something, just wait! Pic related.

No. 1002503

She’s so scary like just over there stewing bc someone set her off bc they didn’t like her mediocre art and don’t want to be associated with a trash fire. Ari don’t confuse mutuals and the common niceties people give you to your face with friendship. She’s so black and white too, like it’s either you’re gushing over her or shes done with you. Maybe theyre tired of HER not being there for them?? But she’s not empathetic enough to ever think of other people in that way. Imagine if your problems were this simple, her biggest issue in her life is her fucking social media.

No. 1002506

File: 1593961010660.jpeg (83.74 KB, 828x309, 8DA6F5C3-229F-4BF1-B912-F881C1…)

Her obsession with her meat sack is honestly so creepy to me. Someone said she is the old lady in Requiem for a Dream and I 1000% agree. Just spending all day everyday gazing at her reflection, creepily dancing around in her dresses. Totally removed from fucking reality.

No. 1002518


I'm going to assume in her mind the only way to support someone is to give them your money. We're in the middle of a fucking global pandemic where only maybe half (?) of the workforce is back and she's crying people aren't her friend unless they financially supporting her.


I love how nowhere in this tweet does she say she is going to quit or cut back on weed, you know, the thing she says is making her "fat".

No. 1002523

File: 1593963604659.jpeg (82.4 KB, 211x518, 3EEEF44F-0512-40C3-9D07-CD7A35…)

No. 1002539

File: 1593966418112.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 742.38 KB, 2048x2048, 739A0B6C-FCF3-4410-B899-CDCC72…)

It didn’t make any sense for her to get those breast implants. The body dysmorphia she experiences from it is a tell tale sign. She needs to stop treating her BDD with surgery and start treating it through therapy. These quick fixes will bring her nowhere fast.

No. 1002548

I agree, her small boobs were at least interesting. Her plastic boobs are so far apart…. like they don’t even look soft even when she grabs and slaps them. And don’t get me started on the horrible scar placement.

No. 1002558

I think small tits are cute. They looked good on her.

No. 1002565

I’m sorry but the most jarring change between these before and after pictures is that her head seemed to somehow get taller

No. 1002566

File: 1593970419928.gif (994.54 KB, 500x218, tumblr_lxq81bEkZC1qaxm50o1_500…)

Just went and watched some clips from requiem for a dream on YouTube and the old lady is 100% Ariana. The obsession with fitting into the red dress = "once I blah blah blah its over for you hoes". The obsession with losing weight. The obsession with people finally "liking" her. The delusions of grandeur, telling people that she is going to be on TV = "I'm a licensed taxidermist!" "I'm going to buy a house!" "Suicide girls approached me!!" etc. The way she sits at home all day, talking to herself and drowning in her own delusions…
Mental illness is some scary shit.

No. 1002571

Yes! And there’s something so depressing about watching a completely ordinary person be so, so obsessed with being pretty

No. 1002572

File: 1593971756172.jpg (987.07 KB, 2172x3601, 20200705_125409.jpg)

How can she post the bottom pic on her insta story, then proceed to blast and/or cancel this photographer?? She posted his full name with accusations on a public platform. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that cancel culture?

No. 1002574

File: 1593971993933.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 623.04 KB, 2048x2048, F5F24E44-9191-422C-8E1F-1D0948…)

I agree! Small tits are cute. The implants were such a drastic difference.

No. 1002575

The magic of bangs

No. 1002582

Unrelated but wtf is this hair in the top right photo?

No. 1002594

Spoiler this plz