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File: 1586330589931.png (1.53 MB, 1372x1372, IMG_9612.PNG)

No. 955801

PlasticandProud / PlasticnProud / AliceAmorLove / Ariana McMillan / Psoriasisbutmakeitsexy / ScorpioAssHoe / VersatileHeux is a 25 year old plastic surgery addict, ex-Instagram “influencer”, animal abuser, and full service sex worker based in Philly

>Vapid narcissist and obligatory BPDfag, “doesn’t care wat u think” but will have a defensive spergout and be mad for hours over the slightest rustle of jimmies

>has a botched nose job, lip lift and boob job that all have scarring from improper aftercare, had to have boobs redone and are still wonky

>gets her lips injected to the point of them resembling sausages, posts side by sides showing her progression from normal human being to blow up doll constantly

>quit her steady paying job to be an Instagram influencer, paid for boobs with credit, began prostituting herself shortly after, forces her spineless boyfriend to go along with it, aborts his baby and jokes about it on Snapchat

>shaved her head in a manic episode and regrets it a day later, wears cheap wigs daily

>has a mysterious rash after having unprotected sex in Dominica and calls it psoriasis 

Previous Threads:
>Ariana remains unaware of covid, thinks her taxidermy school is still on
>spends hundreds of dollars on a taxidermied deer
>makes embarissingly bad incest roleplay porn with matt
>gets her ig deleted

2020 Milk

> Continues to produce shit-tier quality "porn" where she uses her cuck-boyfriend as prop. Doesn't let him use a stage name or share in the profits

> Continues to starve herself to meets the needs of her only SW client she has in New York.
> Continues to give out medical advice about "conquering psoriasis" despite the fact she never went to a doctor when she had a full body rash.
> Went on Tropical vacation with Grandpa and Grandma. Originally was going to bring her cuck boyfriend but last minute he was uninvited
>Anons suspect it was because they spent their entire vacation on a tiny old boat and there wouldn't be room for him
> Others speculate this was their Grandparents attempt to separate them
> Arianna spends entire trip complaining / bragging that the "natives" are obsessed with her because she is white and has tattoos
> Eventually complains her Grandpa is encouraging the locals to sexually harass her
> Spends rest of the trip complaining about her grandpa
> Arianna remember her Grandpa is paying for a community college taxidermy course so she can't express how she's feeling
> Post several horror cow photo of her spread asshole and pussy on her twitter where her father and brother have access

2019 milk:

>pnp and doormatt go to dominica as “just friends”,posts pictures of them making out with her anus lips and doormatt’s plaque

>posts pic of her face down in the sand with some random local next to her, later posts ig stories about how she was raped by him and sells her Snapchat with the intention of telling people about it 
>says doormatt was responsible for not babysitting her, breaks up with him, says she’ll never see him again as she slobbers and cries on snap

>literally gets back together with him two days later

>continues being an escort before getting tested, gets tested a month later for HIV and is “clean as a whistle”, doesn’t get retested afterwards at any point

>ig gets deleted, moves to twitter to promote her “sex work” which includes low quality videos of her and her prolapsed lips attempting to be sexy with premade and custom videos

>a mysterious rash appears

>calls doctor, tells her to get off lamicital, pnp refuses and looks up pictures of psoriasis, convinced that she has it. Begs for money to go to the doctor since she makes no money as an escort and doesn’t have insurance

>texts a picture of the rash to the bitch who does her lip injections, who sends it to a dermatologist, and “”confirms”” it’s psoriasis. Pnp never sees a doctor about a formal diagnosis or another test for HIV/other std’s

>uses psoriasis as her identity because bpdfag

>continues to fuck Matt and her clients/other sex workers (one pisses on her while she rides the face of a dirty old man) with open sore rash covering her entire body, concentrated around her pubes
>only has one client currently that puts up with her pus pockets, has to rent out living room to her friend to make rent

>friend moves in to living room and pnp texts her that she needs to move into their shit stained decrepit basement and keep their animals in the basement at all times, friend only needed to stay for 3 months, friend blasts her on ig then removes it to avoid pnp having a sperg out

>adds a snake and a kitten to her animal horde consisting of her roommate’s two cats and her cat and dog, has admitted she doesn’t walk the dog when she’s depressed (always) when she can’t afford 600 dollars in rent and begs online for a literal dollar 

>Ariana’s rash disappears and never mentions her lifelong psoriasis diagnosis ever again

> cuts open a chipmunk and stuffs it, admits she has dead animals in her freezer for years.

>Starts using her escort page again, takes pics of her looking like a MTF

>Only has two clients, admits she “hates working” on snapchat

>Faked eating her friend out when a client paid for her to go down on them

>Is moving with just matt and no roommates, will somehow make rent

> is currently at her family reunion in vermot posting baby pictures and pictures of her grandma next to videos of her slapping her tits and shoving dildos in her ass for sushi money

>Ariana’s IG is back, she posts her sw shit there and loses followers instantly. Does cringe things like tag companies that used to work with her to get them to notice her, however no one does

>Snapchat gets banned, makes private ig account instead, barely updates it like the snap

>Ariana makes an onlyfans that produces horrifyingly bad porn that she makes in her living room while her roommate is home, sells it for 7 bucks
>Bleaches her hair after dying it black, dyes it red, intends on going blonde in a bpd episode
>Barely “works”
>Posts a caption about how her lip injector who she thought was a “friend” used her, most likely cutting Ariana off from free injections in exchange for ig promotion now that pnp is losing followers and posts dirty grimy “sex work” pictures
>Pnp outs her lip injector after no longer receiving free/discounted injections for bringing business in, because Ariana can’t keep a decent image online to save her life

>Talks shit about Dollskill, gets blocked, immediately tries to save face by posting pics of herself modeling for them

>Wants to become a suicide girl, says they ‘reached out to her’, anons confirmed this is not how the process happens
>Got a “normie job” in retail, unconfirmed where
>Promised a “double creampie” in a threesome with two other guys (possible matt and her only client or matt and aaron), still has not happened yet
>”psoriasis” flaring up
>Skinwalks cotted
>Brings up old beef with other philly sw (possibly almondmilkhunni), latinamilk is no longer following pnp either
>Moves into studio apartment where the train goes by literally every 5 minutes, thriving
>Dyes her hair blonde and hates it immediately
>Does molly on live while looking like a toothless grandma

>Rash is Back

>No word on “normie job”, Ariana continues to stay home all day on ig
>Does a shoot for Spencers, looks ridiculous and is mocked, spergs out on twitter
>Says she would give her psoriasis to a fucking BABY >>891310
>Confirms she got her boobs half off from theplasticspa, talks shit about them
>Isn’t posting new content on onlyfans, her only source of income
>In two back to back tweets claims she’s thriving, the other saying she can’t afford her fillers currently >>895883
>Manically dyes her fried blonde hair pink less than a month after getting it done
>Is already planning getting 12k worth of surgeries when she can’t even afford a 200 dollar doctor visit for her rash
>Rash is still there
>Accidentally dyes her hair pink…because she thought she was toning it
>Sperging about “psoriasis” and how her diet of eating celery juice and sardine helps
>Wants to move to vermont to “finish taxidermy school” that she never started, that she thinks will be close by to her family. No comment on where DoorMatt fits into this
>Makes gross porn with Doormatt, his ~huge weiner is revealed to be average
>Wears 5 dollar shein lingerie for porn after dying hair purple to “tone” it
>Bleaches her straw mess again
>Changes IG name to psoriasisbutmakeitsexy

>Anons dig up (previously unearthed) dirt regarding her neglect of her pet gecko >>914567, and cornering a hamster with a spray bottle >>916322
>Is talking about driving 2 hours one way to Taxidermy School she’s paying 10k upfront for, 7 days a week, when she can’t even keep a consistent OF upload schedule
>Gets her fillers dissolved after sperging about how she has NO FILLERS LEFT!!, gets them refilled a week later by a possibly worse injector, lips look like literal sausages
>Pewdiepie posts a cap of her lips from a botched plastic surgery reddit for a quick ten seconds on his stream, does not mention her name or knows who she is, Ariana proceeds to sperg out about it and cry online bullying
>Posts outrageous photoshopped pictures, claims she doesn’t shoop, gets posted on photoshop reddit
>Bitches at other SW on twitter

Social media
Ig: VersatileHeuxart

Ig (deleted): Plasticnproud 

Twitter: twitter.com/AliceAmorLove

Reddit: Airkilla321
Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/aliceamorlove

No. 955803

File: 1586330837664.jpeg (469.97 KB, 750x1392, 22DD5209-D72E-4512-BC3C-0F3F39…)

Private IG

No. 955804

isn't this idiot in massive plastic surgery debt? she wants a dead leopard to put in her living room? incredible priorities.

No. 955805

Previous thread

No. 955807

seems like her and Matt won’t be living together anymore then. I give her 6 months of living in a new place until she’s like “I can’t wait to move again because I miss Matt/I need a room for my art/the lighting will be better/I want to be closer to school (which she won’t be attending)/I can’t afford rent on my own” she’s literally used all of these excuses at some point in her previous places

No. 955810

she's the embodiment of why poor people stay poor

No. 955811

Maybe her and Matt will actually break up this time?

No. 955812

Why the hell is she spending so much on taxidermy? Obviously it's been shown she's shit with money, but you can get wonderful pieces for under 100. Dropping 2 grand on a leopard is gross as fuck

No. 955813

She also obviously doesn't give a fuck about where the animals came from either, like that leopard and deer were almost 100% poached lol

No. 955832

I’m still skeptical that Matt smashed her bong “on accident” after being “startled.” I don’t think she wants to admit that he most likely got mad/upset and smashed in response to her raging over her art piece. but she has a perfect relationship remember?

No. 955838

I love how she always has to mention how good her art looks “in real life” kek

No. 955845

“Focus on myself for once.” She spends all day everyday doing exactly that - at the expense of those around her.

No. 955846

File: 1586347719510.jpeg (398.18 KB, 972x1148, CBF8B4D5-E427-4E2F-A5B0-9686CB…)

I feel like I’ve missed something glaringly obvious but god she is a broken record

No. 955850

I would love to see what that taxidermy looks like, I'm sure it's just as beautiful as the deer. Kek and why doesn't she just rehome tarte? She obviously hates her, and if you can't keep your cat under control/teach it not to do things when you literally are home all fucking day… What does she think is going to happen when/if she goes to school?

Thank you anon for getting this, but I can't imagine other people paying for this and it's just an incoherent rambling mess.

No. 955851

yes let’s spend $2k on an endangered big cat that is often illegally poached whilst we were just complaining about not being able to pay rent???? also i agree with >>955832

No. 955869

“ I don’t have any female friends because girls are too much drama”

No. 955930


Yep, and now threats of moving out on her own (on her Grandpa’s dollar if we remember when in vacation she claimed he’s help her buy a house).

Trouble in paradise for sure.

Matt is stunted and a cuck but at least he’s a functioning adult actually being a productive member of society by being a mail carrier.

All Pnp knows how to do is leech.

No. 955932

she's probably going to move into one of her grandpa's trailers lol

No. 955990

File: 1586376808241.jpeg (182.45 KB, 828x1131, F5C2022C-8D05-40F7-9460-9D5F2C…)

How can she say this when she immediately resorts to blocking on multiple occasions over opinionated bullshit? Absolute hypocrite.

No. 955998

I read that as ‘toilet’ kek.

No. 956049

File: 1586385736517.jpg (351.63 KB, 798x832, 20200408_174114.jpg)

Uhhhh wtf is she on

No. 956052

File: 1586385916972.jpg (218.79 KB, 1125x2000, 92875144_656635651782607_54999…)


No. 956056

Dookie stain on the curtain

No. 956057

File: 1586386355758.png (8.12 MB, 1125x2001, 4D152AB4-6720-43B3-8ED6-F98384…)

>nearly crashes
> continues to use phone while driving

She’s such a selfish liability.
Where the fuck is she going now anyway?? Stay home, bitch! It’s all you managed to do before the pandemic, why are you finding it so hard now?
Also wtf are those cringe, middle aged, cropped leopard print leggings. She even admitted herself they do nothing for her figure

No. 956075

File: 1586387860701.png (3.07 MB, 750x1334, 09E5E2BD-61C6-4E8F-B718-9349EC…)

You mean these, anon?

No. 956088

File: 1586388573618.png (7.56 MB, 1125x2001, A91C2ADB-12B1-480B-BFA5-26FAF1…)

Yes, I did. Awful. No wonder no clothing companies send her free stuff anymore - she’s the most unfashionable “”~~influencer”” I’ve ever seen. People of Walmart level of trash.

No. 956091

Haha you called it. Spot on.

No. 956107

File: 1586390356628.jpg (659.4 KB, 1079x1582, Screenshot_20200408-175903_Ins…)

Why is this so blurry lmao

No. 956122

it’s the light reflecting from the tacky glitter in the resin, it makes the camera focus on the reflection of light not the actual object. she’s done it deliberately because she knows it looks like ass lol

No. 956124

File: 1586391934569.png (1.34 MB, 1125x2000, D34EFE1B-3A3D-4873-B0AF-CEF642…)

of course this grody human being is not physical distancing and hanging out with Aaron despite the global pandemic. Ontop of being sick.

This disgusting rat doesnt care about a single person but herself, yet wants to rely on others to support her “business”? Good luck with that rotten personality hunty

No. 956231


i thought this too, she is absolutely disgusting. many people will die from her stupidity and inability to wash. i do hope she catches the virus herself and suffers badly due to her chronic smoking. at this point i have no sympathy for arron either, this behaviour is abysmal.

No. 956241

ari is one of the most unsympathetic/unlikeable people on this site, its incredible how evil she can be but yet still thinks shes a "sweetheart".

she is also one of the most delusional people… she really thinks shes a good person lmfao. what a joke this girl is. completely useless, a drain on society, trailer trash. and she still wonders why everyone in her life has rejected her. i wonder if shes ever heard the saying that if you run into one asshole, they are an asshole, but if everyone you run into is an asshole, YOU are the asshole.

No. 956259

We KNOW she doesn’t wash her hands from all the makeup she leaves on them

No. 956286

This is really shocking and yet I don’t know why I’m surprised. Is she really so selfish and lacking in empathy that she would risk people’s lives?

No. 956299

I don’t understand why she’d post this, it just looks like her old goblin face

No. 956345

looks like under baked bread lol
if her newest obsession is skincare that’s a bummer bc 25 is a little late to start taking preventative care of your skin - for the first time in her life

No. 956369

can you post a link in the old thread? i'm too much of a newfag to do it myself.

No. 956406

File: 1586445370036.jpeg (480.71 KB, 750x1157, 9E65D91E-1E70-4BD9-A0F7-827585…)

It’s in the OP thread summary…

No. 956412

File: 1586446684519.png (1.74 MB, 1164x1380, Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 11.3…)

whhhyyyyy would anyone post the gross ass dye mess. wth is she thinking

No. 956418

I THINK they’re asking for someone to go and post a link to this thread in the old, locked thread …

No. 956423

yes, that was what I was asking.
i didn't know it was locked. it just sucks when you're going through older threads and the next one isn't linked and you have to go search for it.

No. 956437

they automatically get locked at 1218 posts. use the catalog.

No. 956478

File: 1586455403917.png (4.41 MB, 750x1334, A693075E-524E-48F6-A214-3D4E86…)

Jesus christ what is she feeding it?

No. 956491

That's not Tarte, is it? holy shit

No. 956501

How can you be familiar enough with this cow to know one of the cats by name by not be aware of her older, fatter, favourite one; Weezy

No. 956519

does anyone know why she named her wheezy? it’s ironic that the cat probably now only wheezes due to how obese she is, sadly. also i feel like a couple years ago wheezy wasn’t that big, like has she got that morbidly big recently? >>956478

No. 956528

I’m sorry but the fact that someone thought tarte got that big so quick has me in tears

No. 956536

Ariana found wheezy on the streets as a kitten with what I believe to be was a respiratory infection

No. 956630

File: 1586475634696.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 100.98 KB, 835x893, 41DEFF75-AB6F-465D-8889-DEA351…)

seems old wheeze should be on the cat version of my 600lbs life. spoilered for tall image but weight chart for reference- there’s no illustration for ‘shaped like a fucking ball’

No. 956724

File: 1586501839559.jpeg (535.85 KB, 1242x1013, 645652FF-1447-4552-B85E-42731E…)

Does anyone know if she is moving with DoorMatt? She seems to be hinting that she’s moving by herself but how tf is she gonna afford that

No. 956727

Here >>955803 she seems to be hinting she won’t be living with Matt.
>Can’t wait to have my own place
They don’t have housemates sooo unless she means owning their own place rather than renting…?

Here >>954688 she is more direct and says
>can’t wait to live alone

Not that she can afford to live alone (I’d love for that anon to be right and she moves into one of her granddads trailers). It doesn’t matter if they live separately for 6 months anyway; she’ll spend the whole time whining about how she’s sad she doesn’t get to see Matt enough and they’ll move back in together like happened last time when she moved in with Aaron. She only does it to emotionally manipulate and make Matt think she’s going to leave him

No. 956750

File: 1586516267624.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x1659, 889A4BC8-F070-494A-880C-515AA5…)

>unbothered by trivial things
>screams and cries about a bong getting broken

Bitch where

No. 956774

File: 1586526827835.png (3.28 MB, 1334x750, BCF38171-1CEE-48AC-B5DE-A76C8F…)

They’ll shrug it off like “he’s supposed to be roleplaying he’s not into it”

But damn, DoorMatt’s body language looks repulsed by her Ronald McDonald looking ass.

No. 956775

her profile looks like a haggard witch

No. 956798

File: 1586533231558.jpg (959.97 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200409-182249_Ins…)

Who the fuck just leaves plastic everywhere when you have several animals.

No. 956805

File: 1586534908768.png (4.64 MB, 1125x2436, 986CA9D9-2D08-42A3-924D-CEEC15…)

i feel like this is her subconscious killing tarte.

No. 956826

File: 1586540088351.jpeg (250.25 KB, 1242x481, 93B8B561-5987-4C5E-A133-12D35C…)

I suspect this is a veiled threat towards Matt…also she is delusional if she really thinks she’s a kind person lol

No. 956842

File: 1586543162074.jpeg (38.84 KB, 828x207, 31F2D2F6-77B3-4610-9382-B6A6A5…)

She never mentioned this again. I wonder what she was so worried about. I was hoping it would be milky

No. 956860


Let me guess… Matt asked for rent money? Kek

No. 956863


Tinfoil but I think she was still planning to meet up with her client at that point. Her tweets recently have been “obviously when my month is the most expensive i cant go see my client” as if it she just found out

No. 956889

god she can't strike a pose for shit

who the fuck leaves shit like that everywhere, period? who lives like that?

No. 956900

File: 1586553822873.jpg (728.42 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20200410-221849.jpg)

'juices' is so unsexy

No. 956917

File: 1586555628775.jpeg (567.49 KB, 828x1276, 3E3DC067-2902-4368-A99C-AC3FBD…)

New private IG post

No. 956926

>needs grandpa to co-sign a house because she has no proof of income
>i'M hApPy ThAt i DoN't FeEl DePeNdEnT

She doesn't feel dependent because she's blinded by delusions

No. 956930

I swear she reads here and addresses everything that’s we’ve discussed about her recently on her private ig
>her preference of weezy over Tarte
>her Grampa paying for a house
>the comments about seeing her client >>956863
>spending money on taxidermy

No. 956963

Why am I not even a little surprised that this bitch has brutal animal abuse actually wired into the shallow recesses of her mind

No. 956983

is that one of her cats in the background of the pic of her talking about herself doing unspeakable things to a cat? is it tarte? that dream is definitely her subconscious acting out inner desires to hurt tarte…

why is she like this? she doesnt deserve to have animals, shes too much of an unhinged psycho. that cat deserves to be in a home that loves and cherishes her.

No. 957011

That’s her taxidermy albino deer in the background KEK

No. 957029

File: 1586575087010.jpg (637.99 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200410-211558_Twi…)

Imagine taking feet pictures to sell and make money, only to have your ratty ass security blanket in the shot.

No. 957071

I wonder why she had a confrontation with her client? Tinfoil but I think she was probably pushing for them to meet and even he isn’t gross and stupid enough to meet with a sex worker during a worldwide pandemic, and she probably got all pissy about this

No. 957153

no vet is going to give her pain killers without her taking in her dog for a face to face check up lmfao does she not understand there is an opioid epidemic, just trying to be cheap like always

No. 957170

File: 1586622928124.png (2.72 MB, 828x1792, B48C4F51-8B42-4C67-9561-86067B…)

No. 957173

She’s so triggered every time she goes to the dog park !! It’s always someone else’s fault, not her own for letting her dog get obese

No. 957184

>i'm afraid of the risks even tho they are good

pardon me? doesn't she speak english as a first language? why is she so fucking retarded?

No. 957196

Honestly if Ariana has been aware of Frogger’s hip dysplasia this entire time why the fuck would she let her play with another stranger’s dog? Wresting is always a given especially with younger dogs and no owner would know Frogger’s limitations. It’s Ariana‘a responsibility to set the boundaries to protect her dog and she’s finally realizing spinning the blame on random dog owners isn’t productive to her own dog’s health. At least she’s finally going into debt over something other than plastic surgery. I can even say this reasoning has some sense.

No. 957204

Inb4 she starts a gofundme for froggers surgery

No. 957205


She probably wanted to keep working because she relies so heavily on this one man’s income and he was probably sane enough to tell her no. And we all know how well Ari takes to hearing “no”

No. 957298

She is so addicted to spending money. I get that caring for a pet will be expensive, but it’s almost like she finds things wrong with frogger to spend money. Imagine Tarte having some sort of illness, she wouldn’t give a shit. And if she did know about this prior, like anon said, she shouldn’t have been letting her play with other dogs.

No. 957361

so she’s using the stairs at their place as an excuse to not get the dog’s surgery immediately even if that’s what’s recommended because she would “have to pick her up and she wouldn’t be able to heal properly”. okay bitch, number one — why the fuck did you guys move somewhere with stairs when you’ve KNOWN and been complaining for at least the last year about the dog’s hip? that shit doesn’t just go away and a petshop cocker spaniel will be lucky to live to 12. at 7 she needs to be doing everything she can therapeutically if she actually gives a fuck. number 2 — buy a carrier??? like? no… you shouldn’t be picking her up and putting her down after a surgery but that is the most piss poor excuse she could’ve come up with

No. 957363

File: 1586656024459.png (1.97 MB, 750x1334, 14AC96D8-FAFA-478F-B12D-BE3068…)

i like how she has the same philosophy with her animals’ ailments as her own in that she’d rather spend hundreds of dollars on home remedies that may or may not work before even seeing a doctor face to face

No. 957369

File: 1586656516550.gif (1.3 MB, 368x656, 92922943_104377511160402_41076…)

Toothless granny gifs 1/3

No. 957370

File: 1586656543193.gif (1.33 MB, 368x656, 92999357_121901569458543_63802…)


No. 957371

File: 1586656661430.gif (805.1 KB, 368x656, 92547037_157652309081625_17505…)


No. 957372

File: 1586657051299.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.24 MB, 1536x2048, 20200411_210216.jpg)

Wtf is going on with her boob scars…makeup? shitty editing??

No. 957373

File: 1586657082660.jpg (2.3 MB, 2048x2048, 20200411_210304.jpg)

No. 957374

About the same time last year frogger had issues. This isn't anything new. I think it was >>>/snow/778634 or the thread before when Ariana took her to the dog park and something happened. This is 100% Ariana's fault when she knows her dog is more sensitive and can't handle the regular/tame play with other dogs. She's just a bitch that would rather blame other people than take a look at her choices and how they affect the people/animals around her.

No. 957405

File: 1586666031023.jpg (234.88 KB, 605x725, 20200411233129.jpg)

No. 957407

File: 1586666379043.jpg (130.76 KB, 444x492, 20200411233831.jpg)

No. 957418

I'm pretty sure that's some super shitty raised scarring from improper care

No. 957479

my tinfoil is she's setting the stage to show she "cares" and "did all she could" bc she decided already to put frogger down so she can play fucked-up taxidermist "to keep my bb forever bc i love him so much!!!"

i truly believe her only goal is to kill this dog and fuck with its body "bc taxidermist" (fucking loon)

No. 957490

Kek I would love to see how fucked up her taxidermied frogger would look

No. 957606

File: 1586709850673.jpg (529.36 KB, 2896x2896, 20200412_114347.jpg)

>aging backwards

No. 957609

File: 1586710186850.jpg (648.22 KB, 1080x1348, 20200412114853.jpg)

No. 957617

File: 1586710933182.jpg (Spoiler Image, 721.25 KB, 1080x1879, 20200412_115936.jpg)

Boob scars have magically healed

No. 957621

File: 1586711121812.jpg (117.46 KB, 1080x556, 20200412_120522.jpg)

No. 957660

is the game having lips that look like a blown out asshole, or looking like a wax statue of a tranny - she’s winning at both of those

No. 957717

holy shit her skin is so crusty what the fuck

No. 957757

The only good thing shes ever posted

No. 957819

File: 1586741988753.jpeg (816.75 KB, 750x1076, BDA621AB-FB27-47E1-A064-12EAFB…)

kek this bitch is going to end up with the worst head of hair as she ages


No. 957852

yikes Arianna is looking haggard AF, she looks like my mum at 40 right before she died of a heroin overdose

No. 957863

File: 1586750338897.jpg (681.35 KB, 1080x1576, 20200412_225803.jpg)

She should just switch to grease paint at this point

No. 957867


No amount of "expensive" skin care is gonna help this bitch's skin with the excessive amount of makeup she wears on the daily just to sit around at home and take selfies. Like.. this is her daily go-to look…

No. 957870

She could save time and money by outright switching to an airbrushing machine. Plus it could last a few days, which is what she aims for anyways as a ~versatile makeup artist~. No bravery in repeating the same comfortable look.

No. 957880

File: 1586754518502.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 837.12 KB, 1242x1679, 6C6FB621-2206-4442-AF48-86C5B8…)

sage for off topic but love how she likes other SWers getting hate when she's so pro-sex work or whatever she splurges about either way both cringe

No. 957895

that person is a cow in their own right. she lost an arm from drunk driving.
all the work she has had done has truly aged her, i still forget she's only 25 sometimes. the makeup does not help.

No. 957974

Considering she was still seeing clients after being assaulted-despite no rape kit test or a full panel resulting in a clean screen, or the time she wished her full body “psoriasis” on a baby, or judging by the way she treats her animals and every single one of her relationships, I would say yes, she is completely lacking in empathy and doesn’t care if she negatively impacts anyone. Even when she fails herself she manages to convince herself she’s the victim

No. 957978

More derailing but do you have links/ info on that drunk driving amputee story?

No. 957985

Sages for no milk and derailing but here’s the article about it. What I’m curious about it how much Ari might see and ignore about herself in other people deemed “problematic” like this girl drank and drove, killing someone but Ari has no qualms with infecting her clients or other SWs with her “psoriasis”

No. 957992

No… it’s not.
The girl ari liked the post about lost her arm in a solo moped crash.

No. 958024

Investigators suspect drugs. She sounds like a great cow

No. 958028

people on twitter were saying she admitted to losing it while drink driving on Adam22's podcast but I haven't checked that

seems like she burned through a lot of her goodwill by basically reposting that same pic and sob story every month

No. 958031

File: 1586788151839.jpg (46.36 KB, 750x677, 92892644_2552422875075266_6579…)

sage for samefag and ot but founnd some caps to back that up, definitely seems like a messy kinda bitch

No. 958032

File: 1586788174041.jpg (55.62 KB, 750x393, 93024181_2761390920759186_8756…)

No. 958035

This guy is a cow himself. Can we get back to ari. If people want to then make a separate thread for these two.

No. 958040

File: 1586789230554.png (15.28 KB, 586x142, ok.png)

ok ari. i'm pretty sure a month ago you were just complaining how petty drama is but you just can't escape it, can't you

No. 958045

File: 1586789739189.jpeg (83.65 KB, 750x434, 7F20C8B8-B464-47CC-9CC4-ADB424…)

Idk how it works for you USAfags but… shoulda just got the dog insured and you’d be paying $100 excess max. Also like we’ve covered, the majority of this money is on home ~remedies like CBD oil and that fuckin electrode suit that she doesn’t even know would help Frogger because she hasn’t been to a vet to have this shit diagnosed. I’m calling that she has this poor pup put down before the year is out, once she’s performed efforts to help it first without actually just going to the vet.

No. 958070

just take it to the soundclout thread, it was discussed in 2018 when the tweets were made

No. 958071

yes the dog should be insured already because it’s old and at-risk but that’s not how pet insurance works. you pay a premium and then a deductible and then they reimburse you for a percentage of the bill after you submit a claim. it’s not like people’s health insurance, it’s more like car insurance.

No. 958150

File: 1586802865553.jpg (934.99 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200413-133046_Gal…)

No one posted these, but on Sunday Aaron had his car stolen and this dumb bitch not only tags the Police on Instagram, but her fucking full fledged prostitution Twitter account.

No. 958151

File: 1586802933013.jpg (486.51 KB, 1079x2016, Screenshot_20200413-133111_Gal…)

She's so fucking dumb, I can't believe you would tag the police on your prostitute Twitter.

No. 958157

And philly cops are corrupt af. Dumbass

No. 958159

Wow, this is delicious nourishing milk. Why the fuck would she tag the literal cops on her hoe socials hahahaah what a dumb cunt

No. 958196

I like how the police are pigs ONLY when they’re not being helpful lol

No. 958285

its another social justice stance she's picked up because it sounds cool, not because she has any actual beliefs of her own

No. 958296

true it’s not like they kill black people for sport or anything!!
her neighborhood in philly is historically black and being actively gentrified by people like her. and she has the nerve to say there are “suspects” all around them? racist ass..

No. 958384

File: 1586829536586.jpeg (287.65 KB, 1086x1824, 11AD06C0-B94A-4EBE-A72D-14F877…)

further proof that Ariana should have stopped after her nose job and that she is botched as hell

No. 958407

idk how girls are selling themselves. like this for so cheap??? i send an under5 min video to one person for nothing under $50… damn must suck to sell yourself this short :S sad self esteem(no1curr e-thot)

No. 958431

File: 1586836460489.png (370.99 KB, 1242x2208, 6422B4BA-E59F-4B73-B2FF-336EAD…)

Um what

No. 958438

Her relationship with her client is so fucking weird. She is iso inappropriate to ask him to film with her jfc. He’s a nasty tool too.

No. 958444

Her lip lift scar looks fuckin' nasty here

No. 958517

Wtf this doesn’t even look like her old self. This must be shooped

No. 958531

File: 1586862055660.jpeg (714.66 KB, 1125x1318, F2E85BC2-A6BD-46FE-BA35-ECF7C0…)


No. 958585

File: 1586875529529.jpg (706.82 KB, 1584x966, Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 4.43…)

>aging backwards

No. 958587

File: 1586875746747.jpg (993.09 KB, 1124x2000, 20200414094802.jpg)

No. 958589

File: 1586875889592.jpg (856.97 KB, 1124x2000, 20200414095055.jpg)

No. 958590

File: 1586875976563.gif (2.66 MB, 368x656, 93263470_128358928773862_48523…)

No. 958591

File: 1586876103434.gif (1.23 MB, 368x656, 93769943_307493780222426_91969…)

Nightmare fuel

No. 958592

File: 1586876201397.gif (2.28 MB, 368x656, 93928924_991318074595575_30851…)

Where tf are her teeth 1/2

No. 958593

File: 1586876309299.gif (2.98 MB, 368x656, 93987948_845277939312245_84394…)


No. 958615

File: 1586880171494.jpg (628.14 KB, 1065x1376, 20200414110208.jpg)

No. 958616

has she shopped herself to look more like her drivers license/ID? kek

No. 958618

File: 1586880468532.jpeg (478.99 KB, 2048x2048, 1213DCF3-D4F3-4DFF-9F15-785D51…)

She definitely tried to recreate it with this makeup look. No denying that.

No. 958635

It’s not even a good makeup look. Lol..she’s done way better. Why this

No. 958638

Because the person commenting that she doesn’t look like her ID photo got under her skin, this bitch is so insecure that she’s now desperately trying to recreate the look to prove that she hasn’t botched herself

No. 958647

She really does have a fat egghead. Like bulimia jaw.

No. 958648

File: 1586882963655.jpeg (458.93 KB, 1242x903, 6EFA8A67-2B51-4931-A80E-A6744D…)

Interacting with Ari is like walking on eggs shells(repost)

No. 958708

I’m sorry is no one else livid that this bitch is planning to fuck her client during this pandemic? With a mask on as if that even matters when you’re having sex? Is she that deluded?

No. 958716

We already know how she feels about the natives’.

No. 958717

Zoom in. The forehead. The cake. Oh god.

No. 958722

File: 1586890468982.jpg (393.02 KB, 2896x2896, 20200414_135414.jpg)

No. 958723

It’s actually bad editing from a photo editing app

No. 958724

File: 1586890614481.jpeg (65.08 KB, 828x600, 285F4D84-2B08-46FE-83AC-7C584C…)

Social distancing Queen

No. 958727

File: 1586890945802.jpg (278.7 KB, 1080x1131, 20200414_140134.jpg)

Seeing her client while possibly being exposed to covid-19.
Why am I shocked? She was seeing clients with an undiagnosed full body rash

No. 958728

Samefag but…"lmao"?? Ariana people are dying

No. 958749

I thought she may have meant he was getting a mask to conceal his identity, and would do it after quarantine but I guess I should always assume my first, worst thought is correct.

No. 958768

It makes sense that she's too stupid to comprehend that you can have corona for 14 days before showing symptoms or you can have it with no symptoms at all. She probably thinks she's fine because she doesn't have a fever. She always spergs about her supposed autoimmune disease yet doesn't comprehend that would make her likely to get extremely ill if she got corona. She's also a weed smoker so her lungs are shit and it's another reason she should be worried. There are people who've had no symptoms but still got insane permanent lung damage. She's the reason we have to social distance longer.

No. 958771

God I hope she doesn’t get corona she would never fucking shut up about it

No. 958772

She makes me sick to my stomach, I honestly don’t think there is a cow as vile as she is

No. 958774

File: 1586897384421.jpeg (137.36 KB, 1227x293, 59A6737D-F109-4D3F-ACEA-55A36D…)

No. 958801

This was already posted

No. 958807

I hope someone on the philly police force actually checks this literal RETARD’S tweets about activity practicing prostitution during a pandemic. Arianna, at least wait a week, PLEASE, in between hooker live tweeting and insulting cops directly

No. 958819

I was thinking the same. Just so grim.

No. 958865

File: 1586904656210.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 159.83 KB, 1120x1886, EVmUUBiXgAETm4Q.jpeg)

The longer you stare the weirder her body looks

No. 958879

Please tell me she isn't riding a dildo on her toilet

No. 958903


No. 958905

She definitely is. And that dildo is made of a porous material. Meaning it should be used with a condom because vaginal/anal fluids will be absorbed into the dildo and grow bacteria. Even if cleaned directly after use, it's not possible to remove everything that's been absorbed. I have the same exact one

No. 958943

File: 1586912703741.jpg (918.3 KB, 1096x1316, 20200414200242.jpg)

She cannot shut up about how "good" her skin looks…bitch where?? Looks like the exact same caked on foundation that we've seen for years. Let's see it in natural lighting.

No. 958965

File: 1586914329235.jpg (299.16 KB, 1079x882, Screenshot_20200414-203115_Chr…)

Punctuation? Never heard of her

No. 958971

I feel like she has lost her natural lip line and her mouth is just one swollen mess. It literally looks like she's just drawing lips onto some sort of cyst

No. 958980

This side-by-side is one of the best examples of how badly she’s aged that I’ve seen so far. Astounding.

Why is her hair SATURATED with grease?

> “She has the same hair color as me, so we obviously look alike, lmao!”

The only reason that she stays with Matt is because she knows that no one guy would put up with her weird client relationships.

No. 958981

It's not even considered skin, it's a literal canvas

No. 958994

She's disgusting, that's why her hair is coated in grease. Look at her hair in the gif…jesus >>958590

No. 959051

File: 1586928887164.jpeg (537.72 KB, 1451x2048, 31E8A131-11C4-4F40-B77B-0548A4…)

Her delusions know no end. Ariana is a sad, pillow face excuse of a woman compared to Sybil Buck.
All of her features seem to have been lost in translation. She truly is a Picasso.

No. 959147

File: 1586943958710.jpeg (235.83 KB, 1112x934, 63830E7E-4565-40E6-B053-6BF384…)

what is going on here? She claims it’s not Facetuned, but the colors are super messed up especially by her forehead. I messed around with the lighting to make it more clear-

No. 959189


Not sure what this is trying to show anon, other than she looks like a post op trans.

No. 959191


My question is why the united states postal service only telling Matt to take a week off? I thought people were supposed to quarantine for 2 weeks if exposed?

Not that it matters cause this bitch’s pussy is gonna be a covid-19 hotspot after she fucks another client during lockdown

No. 959194

File: 1586956450311.jpeg (267.32 KB, 711x1083, D94BE380-87D5-441B-95E1-D4FE83…)

25 years old and still doesnt understand the concept that if you bleach your hair it will grow out…

everytime a new colour grows out shes just like “GUESS ILL DYE OVER IT TO COVER MEH ROOTS”

Bitch i thought you were baller? But you cant afford regular touch ups! okur..

No. 959201

I find it so funny that she's made such an obvious effort to look more like that id pic and she still looks so botched and crusty

No. 959265

It's painfully obvious. Her contour makes her look like an old tranny >>957606 so at least she seems to have figured that out in recent pics.
inb4 she gets fillers to mimic that ID pic

No. 959336

Hair salons are closed in Pennsylvania because of the pandemic.

No. 959355

Yeah, her roots will show up with black hair too? So..why? Lol she dumb.

No. 959360

Does it matter? It’s not like the postal service is going to last much longer

No. 959391

interesting to see her commenting with dollskill founder on her current posts and other employees with how much shit she talked about them…wonder if they know

No. 959528

Post caps

No. 959581

File: 1586993014668.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 20.3 KB, 211x287, D37314BD-D528-4AD7-B77C-349C50…)


No. 959585

File: 1586993263214.jpg (38.59 KB, 425x425, 714ocvdpd6L._SX425_.jpg)

Ariana could save a bunch of money on lip fillers and get the same effect from these

No. 959592

File: 1586994738833.jpg (645.64 KB, 1080x1335, 20200415_185038.jpg)

Does she really think this is post-worthy? Looks like a middle school kid drew this in art class

No. 959593

File: 1586994810976.jpg (700.93 KB, 1080x1368, 20200415_185022.jpg)

No. 959599

I really wish she would have tried to dissolve ALL the built up, leftover filler scattered across her face before pumping it back up. Plastics_pa definitely filled this girl up with cheap ass, random shit. Swear on my life there could be silicone migrating all over Ariana’s lips, cheeks, and smile lines as we speak. Who knows what Kaitlyn injected into this poor girl just to keep her satisfied while also staying on a budget. It couldn’t have been easy on the pockets to constantly exchange merchandise for an insta-thots promotional posts.

No. 959651

File: 1587002377943.jpg (576.07 KB, 1124x2000, 20200415_205736.jpg)

No. 959653


That root growth isnt from the month since the pandemic has closed businesses lol

No. 959659

File: 1587003174177.jpeg (443.99 KB, 750x1269, 0C4D8EE9-A94C-4218-B876-769A2F…)

Private IG

No. 959674

Dumb, OT question but I was under the assumption that America had a strict handle on what kind of fillers are used, and that they're all demi-permanent but are ultimately dissolved. Is that not actually what goes on there, like is there a chance she was filled with that permanent, unregulated stuff? Oh lord that'd be too funny

No. 959681

File: 1587005391590.jpeg (535.37 KB, 828x1308, 6B753343-4EAE-452D-8C8C-9F7807…)

Another mindless private ig update on shit everyone already found out from her public accounts. I really do think she’s getting manic and impulsive from not taking her medication consistently.(repost)

No. 959686

Jeffrey Star struggled with silicone in his lips from a botched injector. I’m sure people can mix stuff behind the scenes as a shortcut, especially for those desperate for outrageous results.

No. 959710

wasn’t she just talking about smoking a pack of cigarettes the other day?

No. 959743

Doesn't depend on non prescribed drugs to function. Lemme guess she pretends weed isn't a drug. Not saying weed is bad but it's definitely considered a drug.

No. 959760

File: 1587022450846.jpeg (236.51 KB, 1101x395, 9ACE00F5-0A09-4180-813F-E7A0E8…)

No. 959806

does pnp trace? Some of her work is okay, and some of it (like this) is just bad

No. 959864

America is a huge scary hell-hole with loads of greedy slimey people, with that being said I would not trust anyone to get fillers here unless I’m in LA where freakin Kim K gets hers done. Seriously, does Alabama lip injectors sound like a good idea? I really cannot think of a place in America where things like plastic surgery would be seriously regulated, other than high class rich areas like LA or New York. Our country puts on such a huge front, Id rather go to Korea to get Plastic surgery done. Of course we have good surgeons etc. but you best believe there are people willing to put cement in your lips here too. Ari obviously has chosen the cheapest options as well, so she can continue to afford more.

No. 959881

this pic is seriously so cringy. it reads like a middle aged mom trying to keep up with the kids but not fully getting it

No. 959903

In the past she's mentioned she gets free weed because "power of the pussy"
In this post she talks about how her client gave her weed and edibles. So her client is really just a drug dealer kek

No. 959937

File: 1587056960805.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 2048x1536, 20200416_120857.jpg)

No. 959941

It literally looks like she’s pulling up her gooch and balls(emoji)

No. 959944

How does she ALWAYS look so filthy?? Wtf is that line across her ass cheeks and her gross fingernails and zoom in on her open fish mouth at your own risk. This ain't cute babe

No. 959949

ugh is that her tiny second mouth trying to come out??

No. 959957

File: 1587060185950.png (4.56 MB, 750x1334, B12EB529-A861-4760-9F32-891F74…)

looks like she took some anon advice kek

No. 959973

File: 1587062593289.jpeg (312.3 KB, 1125x1975, 619F8031-0A27-4164-9BD0-644D85…)

Ranting again about her $82 medication at Walmart

No. 960016

This is actually a good look for her. You can't see her toothless granny mouth while she lisps incoherently.

No. 960046


Chicken skin assed dirtbag.

No. 960049

So she’s actually washed her hair but it’s still a total fucking disaster? Just…why?

No. 960050


This inbred really can't pronounce lamictal AND lamotrogine and is too much of a hypocritical douchebag to follow her own advice of just "Google it". If you've been taking the medication for years and STILL can't figure out how to pronounce any part of it correctly, then I shouldn't be surprised that the blowfish doesn't understand the concept of supply chains and why her medication is "expensive". No wonder why she just exists in life but never actually lives it. She really is hopeless and does it to herself.

No. 960054


This reminds me of the popular mushroom cut boys had in elementary school in the '90s. But hers is much sloppier and unkempt.

No. 960059


She really thinks she's diversifying her income and debt in such a lucrative way. Hate to tell her, but just because you get all your government assistance, child support, and dick sucking money on the same day, you're still just hood rich.

No. 960067

this is honestly so depressing to read, she sounds pathetic… she obviously grew up surrounded by only white trash and poverty and truly doesn't understand what it means to be financially independent, but feels the need to show off whatever money she gets to feel better about herself, even if it's just from prostituting and government money. I just get so much secondhand embarrassment from this

No. 960102

File: 1587072713138.png (5.93 MB, 1125x2001, 79781124-47ED-4CCA-BEB7-9EC8BB…)

hey Ariana, don’t twist your mask elastic - it holds the mask open at the sides and makes it ineffective. Although we all know you don’t give a shit about your, or others health, and you’re only wearing it out of vanity because it’s a convenient way to cover your botched lips without having to put 50 layers of makeup on

No. 960112

They’re known as curtains in the UK, and kek, you got it. Was big in the 90s.

No. 960116

Lololol anon yes.
And >>959944 those fingernails are pure filth.

No. 960135

File: 1587074069515.jpg (41.06 KB, 700x467, Turkey_and_salmonella_concept_…)

No. 960212

File: 1587077952553.jpg (396.48 KB, 1616x1440, PicsArt_04-16-04.58.12.jpg)

Fixed it

No. 960218

chef’s kiss a masterpiece! That taxidermy leopard tho

No. 960222

File: 1587079316004.png (4.63 MB, 828x1792, 6EF44DCA-71D5-4DCF-851A-D57469…)

So trashy, the upside down and obviously crooked coat rack.

No. 960224

oh man that's sad, all her rich posturing just to show the world she doesn't own real furniture

No. 960271

The deer hoof thing is an upside down gun rack. kek.

Is that tiny screen their only TV? Doormatt has to bring in a folding lawnchair to sit close enough to see while he games?

Everything looks musty, like she found most of it in an alleyway beside a dumpster.

No. 960301

lmao how’s she gonna call people jealous of her lifestyle and then post a picture of her bf on a lawn chair in the house??? why buy a $500 shitty dead deer? buy some fucking furniture

No. 960308

File: 1587092533460.jpg (494.48 KB, 1124x1410, 20200416_220139.jpg)

Oh god

No. 960312

Honestly this is the most suitable/best hair color shes had in a long time.

No. 960313

Lord Farquaad has returned

No. 960334

She says she has to redo the colour but in reality she needed a treatment done to have the bleached straw hold the black dye. Redoing the dye won't do anything but continue to demolish her hair health

No. 960361

Omg I just discovered this thread, this girl and Taylor Nicole Dean have so much in common

No. 960369

Do you guys not know how human beings look? the "line" across her ass cheeks just looks like her butt crease, her fingernails are completely short and white and clean, the only issue is her shitty lip injections

No. 960371

Idk if this is an optical illusion/lense warp but her head looks huge in this photo?? Like the more I stare the more I'm confused?

No. 960373

It does. I thought it was just me

No. 960382

Nah that line isn't a crease. It's from sitting on the toilet or something kek

No. 960383

100% her head looks long as hell

No. 960387

Can’t wait until she inevitably wants to change her hair color again and it’s a fucking disaster because of the black dye

No. 960405

maybe, usually if you have a deep crease between your thigh and ass it will look like that when you stretch, either way it's not like she's deformed or anything like anons were acting like she is

No. 960428

File: 1587116005588.png (6.02 MB, 1125x2001, 1802244D-39DF-4804-9362-0BE827…)

Cheap shot but kek. Total power couple these two. Between FAS and anus lips McMillian and boss eye Copp they might be able to form one fully functioning human body between them.

No. 960467

There is always that one anon who says this every fucking time ariana changes her hair color. Go tell her how great her hair looks in her Insta comments

Thank you, valiant whiteknights. Please tell us more about how normal and not hideous/filthy ariana is!!

No. 960468

File: 1587129323092.jpg (652.84 KB, 1124x2000, 20200417_081311.jpg)

It looks like a goddamn Halloween wig but nice try

No. 960475


The outdoor folding chair is the epitome of class. It's not like there was a party and they needed more chairs. This is just how they live

No. 960477


It is so so bad. The bright hair at least distracted a bit from her botched lips and clown makeup.

Now she just looks like a Staten Island 40 year old mom trying to relive her glory days.

No. 960478


The crease below her butt is an underwear line from taking off her underwear to take her amateur pictures and not being aware enough to give creases time to smooth back out. Her ass isn't big enough to make a crease that deep and that low.

No. 960481


When your girl gives anal out for free weed but can't buy you a decent TV or chair to game in while you wait.


No. 960483


Nailed the aesthetic.

She really looks as washed up and botched as she really is. Bitch peaked years ago so this mousy color makes her easier to ignore. Bright hair always called too much attention to her busted mug.

No. 960484

Honestly at this point she should just shave her head again. She ruined this hair growth too, as we knew she would.

Does anyone else have any theories on the ass line or can we stop beating this dead horse

No. 960485


Why the hell is she using a dresser in her living room as a TV stand. That TV is Tiny. Her house looks like a Goodwill showcase, Matt is sitting on a FOLDING LAWN CHAIR.

Guess this is how they spend that quality time together she was so excited about.

Here's a fun couples activity: Clean your fucking house

No. 960486

I think she looks at other girls a lot and tries to skin walk them, without realizing that their aesthetic works for them for a reason. I have a hunch that she based this hair on @mssmarielabelle on Twitter. LM, one of ariana's favorite skinwalk victims, constantly posts with that girl and her hair is basically what ari tried to achieve. Only it doesn't work for ariana because her face is old and rubbery and inflamed, while this girl has a soft and pretty face. Just throwing that out there based on stuff I've noticed on Twitter.

No. 960493

Fuck, this made me spray my coffee lolol

No. 960498

File: 1587133279446.jpg (237.35 KB, 646x814, 20200417_091817.jpg)

This was ariana's peak and it's crazy how she's degraded. She needs to dissolve the fillers, leave her hair alone until its healthy, and take her fucking meds.

No. 960503

Jesus. I am convinced she has a touch of Downs.

No. 960505

All she needs to fix is the huge amount of filler in her lips. In this pic there’s only a little and compared to now, her lips seriously look like they are going to fall off. A perfect example of why people really don’t need lip filler, it made her look older and uglier. This girl is so botched now it’s very sad if she wasn’t such a cunt

No. 960507

She honestly looks loads better without the crayola freckles.

Her crippling insecurity and lack of self awareness deluded her to get way too much filler . And nothings changed, she still plans more surgeries and fat grafts (barf). Contrary to what she tries to get everyone to believe, she hasn’t grown or matured at all since high school. She’s the same scared bitch with low self esteem.

No. 960511

I thought the same exact thing

No. 960516


This is a broken man.

Does anyone else feel like like MattCuck has completely given up? He looks homeless in most photos. He used to at least shave once in awhile and put a little product in his hair. PnP has worn him down.

No. 960520

File: 1587137492396.gif (1.49 MB, 368x656, 94306488_324833255158870_57049…)

No. 960524

I’m convinced she has foetal alcohol syndrome - would fit with what we’ve heard about her mother. Explains her pre injection lips and genera retardedness

No. 960535

he looks like he's on drugs honestly

No. 960542

Wow, she looks great here. She’s deteriorated horribly over the years. Her teeth really gross me out for some reason, though. They’re too small and really oddly-shaped.

There is absolutely no way that she’s attracted to him. I don’t understand how anyone could be.

No. 960556

Y'all think all cows are dirty. I've seen anons claim a cow looks filthy while she had freshly clean damp hair, plain white background, a facial mask on, and clean skin. I don't know why you anons most popular insults towards cows is "she looks dirty!/smells bad/etc" even if there's no sign of bad hygiene, but if someone could explain it that would be great

No. 960558

Are you new here?

>Does anyone else have any theories on the ass line
She's dehydrated af

No. 960559

lol k

No. 960563

>no sign of bad hygiene
Here you go >>958590
Literally just one example of thousands where she looks like she hasn't showered in weeks

No. 960571

she’s on live saying she never has had black hair and then right after says “when i had black hair before”

No. 960574

Tinfoil that Matt is an opioid user. Constantly nodding out, terrible hygiene, doesn’t care about his quality of life. Thinks camping equipment is acceptable home decor.

No. 960577

Still laughing.

No. 960586

Nah he’s just slow and has to live with Ariana. No wonder he’s nodding off all the time- she frequently used to show how she’d wake him up in the middle of the night just to be annoying. He’s got too much color in his face and puppy fat to be an opioid user

No. 960591

She just said in her live that she’s going to do a minimalist light makeup. For a youthful, dewy look. Can’t wait to see the result.

No. 960596

He’s just run down. He works a crazy amount of hours to fund Ari’s lifestyle. Then he gets home and Ari can’t even be fucked to shop for groceries or make a home cooked meal, so they eat take out

No. 960600

She’s live talking about cutting her bangs and smoking. Bet she’s cutting it short again soon

No. 960601

I hate how she tried to get a worried reaction out of him by gasping like she probably did when he ruined her artwork. True emotional manipulation at work here. You can see the stress in his eyes whenever he looks over like “what did I do now?”

No. 960607

File: 1587149726999.png (1.93 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200417-120450.png)

Flashing the cash from her "dick appointment" so proudly.

No. 960610

god that's sad. no sane person who's truly content with their financial situation flaunts their money in such a childish and transparent way

No. 960611

Her dick appt money and stimulus check money*

No. 960613

Still acts like a teenager

No. 960624

For real, this is gross. Sucks to be Cuckmatt.

No. 960631

File: 1587152798253.jpeg (306.97 KB, 1125x762, E659B8B4-4FED-43E4-9C02-2F292D…)

Bragging about the most boring shit

No. 960644

Saw her botched face and clear addiction to surgery and knew she would be easy money

No. 960669

It really is sad how big of a target she is. I mean she got addicted to fillers simply to keep up with her own plastic surgery proud persona when in actuality they further ruined and distorted her body dysmorphia/self worth. Even after being “manipulated” by her long term friend and injector she still wants more. She’ll never be satisfied.

No. 960687

File: 1587157102548.jpeg (215.04 KB, 1125x1514, 2294510B-CF07-4B57-8B44-1D136B…)

Her skin looks so crusty

No. 960688

File: 1587157132064.jpeg (181.68 KB, 1124x1410, 622E7CF1-DC7A-4305-9BD6-6230AA…)

No. 960696

And why wouldn’t she screenshot the DM if it was actually anything interesting? Oh, because it didn’t happen. Downs bitch.

No. 960778

File: 1587164166528.jpg (936.85 KB, 1116x1419, 20200417175444.jpg)


No. 960784

File: 1587164652088.gif (997.52 KB, 368x656, 93882601_221410479119562_41993…)

No. 960814


Jesus fuck. Even the thinnest & whitest fucking lips are more aesthetically pleasing than these raw Cumberland chipolata looking cunts.

No. 960815

Why is her top lip a different shade than her bottom lip, and why is there a random black dot on the bottom one?

No. 960818

her bottom lip literally looks like a raw sausage

No. 960834

She insists on leaving foundation on her lips and there's a scab on the bottom

No. 960845

This gif is so awkward i love it

No. 960856

Lol just because she doesn't live in a doctor's office and wear nothing but white business wear doesn't mean she's dirty. It seems you guys think any aspect of how a lot of casual young adults live is "living in pure filth"

No. 960863

She is constantly covered in old makeup, her house is a mess, and she uses Walmart camping gear like furniture. Not exactly the norm, WK. She’s white trash.

No. 960865

Wtf are you going on and on about? You are the only one comparing her living conditions to a dr office and her attire to business wear. She's absolutely gross and you're probably just as disgusting if you think she's not. Go kiss up to her on Instagram

No. 960867

she constantly has stuff everywhere when she takes photos, her feet are dirty, and she has a bunch of dead stuff around the house. of course she is dirty, anyone can see it

No. 960875

File: 1587173393222.jpeg (100.06 KB, 750x635, 0E95C610-8420-484F-A7D1-7566DE…)

I’m assuming you can actually see?

No. 960876

Also her grease drenched hair, her mangy security blanket, her socks are always black on the bottoms, her clothes are always coated with animal hair and makeup, and dont forget SHE SLEEPS ON AN AIR MATTRESS.
Let's also not forget the whole cotted ordeal where ariana was outed for having rats and feces in her basement….but nah we are just mean and she is clean as fuck

No. 960881

Lest we forget The Car.

Remember the car cleaning incident?

And her shitting problems?

No. 960895

the car was fucking egregious and she wasn’t even ashamed about it was the worst part

No. 960910

NTAYRT but if you think she's dirty because of those little black marks on her fingers, those are tattoos

No. 960960

File: 1587184288726.jpg (805.45 KB, 924x1232, 20200417232931.jpg)

scabby bobble head mcmillan

No. 960963

File: 1587184377331.jpg (577.21 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200417-223209_Ins…)

That "moustache" is very unbecoming of you. Very Hitler-esque

No. 960965

File: 1587184723790.jpg (112.42 KB, 417x477, 20200417_233834.jpg)

No. 960966

She looks even older with this haircut

No. 960967

File: 1587184757214.jpg (296.17 KB, 734x829, 20200417_233749.jpg)

You can't convince me that she's not made of cheese

No. 960994

File: 1587188551192.jpg (315.93 KB, 771x813, 20200418_004228.jpg)

No. 961133

Kek I can’t believe she seriously tries to say she doesn’t edit her pics

No. 961147

It’s more the flecks of stuff under her fingernails, anon. I know what a stick and poke ethot tattoo looks like.

No. 961165

fucking ew, she looks like a frog

No. 961182

File: 1587219711057.jpeg (44.19 KB, 618x391, A8C62D21-8FDD-4D70-8502-A62FBC…)

hey, don’t insult frogs like that

No. 961219

possibly my all time favorite pics of ariana. her face has changed so much over time its scary. like her eyes are always swollen looking and her face is puffy, yet flat…? she is like an optical illusion that I cant wrap my head around

No. 961253

She literally looks like an acid trip, like why is her face made of rubber and melting off? Is this supposed to be like ~cute~

No. 961263

You can actually see the lumps in her cheeks and smile lines. Wow.

No. 961264

looks like someone's 65 yr old grandmother after a bad facelift

No. 961305

File: 1587241081684.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200418-161541_Ins…)

A mutual of pnp won her giveaway and here's their post of the artwork. Proves that in real life the artwork is garbage. It looks like absolute trash not even trying to hate it's just fact. And I'm sure that this mutual won because pnp picked them on purpose. She definitely only had a giveaway for clout.

No. 961311

Yeah. That’s terrible. Not gonna artfag on but I can see a number of glaring fuck ups.

No. 961329

File: 1587244660716.jpg (167.12 KB, 1080x665, 20200418_161459.jpg)

ARE YOU NOT A SEX WORKER POSTING ON YOUR SEX WORKER TWITTER??? Why the hell would anybody give her business knowing that she does not enjoy sex? She's such a goddamn idiot

No. 961332

Isn't this super close to the tattoo she has on her thigh? At least the tear coming out like a solid item from the caruncle part of the eye. Very creative.

No. 961380

File: 1587251817433.jpg (964.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200418-161134_Ins…)

Found the idiot spending all her money on this shit. She's also the "daisy duck and finn" account that leaves pathetic dick sucking comments on every photo.

No. 961387

Icon, anon.

Is this the piece that Matt ruined?

No. 961390

ur avi is showing in bottom right corner might want to crop and repost

No. 961391

File: 1587253263651.jpg (588.04 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200418-174103_Ins…)

Is that her ex?!

No. 961392

is that the cupcake tattoo anon again lmaooo

No. 961397

ah right i didn't see that initially, she's a fucking grot

No. 961398

damn I don't want to discourage her from doing art altogether, but she should really just treat her art as a hobby and not a career. This shit is whack and uninspired.

No. 961404

It is, I knew I recognized her from somewhere. Isn't she a sexworker, too? Typical.

No. 961419

Kek and then it all becomes clear…

Seriously though, she screams perennial yeast infection.

No. 961420

Lol. Link…?

No. 961425

looks like a farmhand deleted the posts, it was a few threads back but yes it's the same girl kek

No. 961433

File: 1587259285660.jpeg (378 KB, 1125x1793, C2A9A755-0E83-4EDF-BF05-B9C1FB…)

Didn’t she make a porn like a month ago in these shoes kek

No. 961434

File: 1587259893256.gif (2.75 MB, 368x656, 93407806_2607164236272893_8977…)

No. 961435

The anon that said her face is like an acid trip was SPOT ON.

No. 961441

File: 1587260435932.jpeg (32.06 KB, 675x450, 26F473E0-9009-47F9-BA4E-107862…)

Scary accurate.

No. 961449

File: 1587261346587.jpeg (518.92 KB, 2048x2048, B19D0DC9-35F0-4C77-B944-F61714…)

Wow as I was making this, you posted the same thing. She's reminiscent of terror and fear, what an absolute fright to stare at.

No. 961450

lmao how can she say perfect condition when they look like someone’s worn them with dirty bare feet??

No. 961459

jesus those eyebrows look like someone shaved them off and glued them back together poorly

No. 961494


ya that tends to be what happens to you mentally ari when you let an old dude fuck you ass for rent + weed than you come back to your boyfriend who won't meet your eyes.

No. 961523

Soooooo glad this gif exists because if I just saw a screenshot I would 100% think it was shooped

No. 961548

File: 1587275210174.jpg (498 KB, 2896x2896, 20200419_004606.jpg)

No. 961551

no i don’t think it’s the same girl. wasn’t the cupcake tattoo anon the girl with the huge cupcake chest piece? this girl doesn’t have that

No. 961553

wow she truly thriving, sure showed all us haters kek

No. 961554

But she pretends she's vegan for her thoriathis kek

No. 961579

She should right a trailer trash recipe book: it might be the only thing she’s actually ~qualified to do.

No. 961580

Lol *write soz

No. 961609

File: 1587288379729.jpeg (1008.69 KB, 1202x1511, 73D6BF00-831A-4CFE-8176-411362…)

Lunchables, spam, ramen with milk, stale pretzels, take out…it’s so pathetic that between Ari and Doormatt they can’t prepare a decent meal from scratch

No. 961647

isnt this the girl with “pop tart” tatted across her chest or something

No. 961684

File: 1587309143426.jpg (232.4 KB, 1080x759, 20200419_100919.jpg)

Who talks about themselves like this?? Just grow and be happy bitch! The fact that you have to announce how much you're thriving and how great life is every few days is so cringeworthy. Truly happy people don't do that. Sad people with shitty lives do this in an attempt to make other people envy them.

No. 961698

When your only happiness is the remote chance Someone might envy you. That sure is a simple life Ari…

One of the reasons she is so fucking pathetic and annoying is she just can’t be helped. Like I know you grew up in poverty with shit parents blah blah blah. But you’re an adult now, time to grow up. It’s literally not that hard to throw some vegetables and chicken to roast in the oven for 30 min. You don’t have to eat like a fucking retarded college kid forever! But that’s the thing with ari, she never grows, she never learns, she will just live a shitty pathetic life NO ONE envies for the rest of her life.

No. 961700

People always project their insecurities and this girl does it more than anybody else I know. It’s on her mind so heavy that she has such an *~*amazing*~* life. A lot of people have meaningful lifestyles but they’re not insecure about it and don’t project that. Also growing up she saw her mom struggle with money and men abuse her so she projects financial security and having power over men. When in reality men treat her like a fuck doll

No. 961704


Just because a cow isn't giving much milk doesn't mean you should get distracted by the bird in the tree instead. Focus on the cow at hand, and don't let birds derail you.

No. 961709

the part that gets me is that last sentence about watching her own growth. why must she constantly applaud herself? most of the time, people say "i am so proud of your growth/im grateful to be able to watch you grow" about ANOTHER PERSON.
it is one of the saddest things about ariana that she so desperately craves approval, even from herself. she has to tell herself "wow, i am so amazing" "i am so pretty" "i am thriving" "i am loved" otherwise she might have to admit to herself what her life really is like. she's a friendless botched prostitute whose family is literal trailer trash, living blowjob-to-blowjob with her boyfriend who let her get raped in a foreign country and hasn't had a spark with her since before then, waking up every day just to doodle and stare at herself in the selfie camera of her phone.

No. 961720

Haha very wise, master.

No. 961721

Remove the words ‘weed’, ‘dick’ and ‘money’, then you might have something to be wholesome about. lol.

No. 961758

Ah yes, simple times, filled with millions of dying, losing their jobs and businesses, all concerts and parks closed down. Oh yes so fucking simple and healthy for miss Ari

No. 961762

And to think that she has mentioned several times that her and Doormatt plan to have a baby…it would be so malnourished

No. 961765

She would be posting shit like "hey guys my baby's arm is broken and I feel so bad for it but I just ordered like $900 worth of products from Amazon because it was diagnosed via photo by a derm and I'll list the products I use in my stories later" and then post a series of before and after pics each day saying how it looks so much better

No. 961820

i couldn’t breath for about 2 minutes after this one. it’s like you pulled that from her future instagram, lord.

No. 961825

People would be commenting on her posts to tell her that she needs to take her baby to the doctor and she'd post rants about how drs dont know anything and dead sea salts can treat broken baby arms. Then she'd promote her porn and ask people to subscribe to onlyfans for the sake of her baby

No. 961899

Watch her promote her pregnancy porn or some shit

No. 961952

File: 1587337493908.jpg (407.03 KB, 680x1209, 20200419180429.jpg)

No. 961953

File: 1587337733628.jpg (310.58 KB, 1080x952, 20200419_180607.jpg)

I love when she tweets arguments against NOBODY. Who are you talking to ariana? I think she's just trying to get retweets on hot topics…? She might as well tweet
>if u think the sky is "green" but water is wet, you hate the sky. That's how you really feel but ur not smart enough to realize it lol

No. 961960

She just likes to scream into the void about her pretend arguments towards no one that she wins in her mind.

Someone make it make sense. Shes basically reducing down ANY job to basically “selling yourself”. Okay dumbass, there’s an obvious difference between being a professional tennis player and a porn star. Doesn’t make you a misogynist to know that. She always acts like people hate sex workers or something. it’s 2020 ari, every highschool girl has an only fans, it ain’t “anti” anymore. No1curr

No. 961962

>you hate women
Says the cunt who hates other women bc of her ~mommy issues~.

No. 962006

File: 1587342963867.jpg (736.73 KB, 1080x1342, 20200419193505.jpg)

>sweet n soft

No. 962009

you can really see how bad her skin is here

No. 962010

>sour n crusty

No. 962035

What the fuck is going on with her lips lately holy shit

No. 962044

Damn that’s a big nose

No. 962085

Lmao this is the second time you've posted with your icon showing. In case nobody remembers from the previous threads, this anon is a salty jealous sex worker herself.

No. 962124

File: 1587359123518.png (745.55 KB, 750x1334, 4A82035A-7763-46D2-8840-0EE8A9…)

Tinfoil but do y’all think babytrash is throwing shade at pnp? lmfao

No. 962127

Why would anyanon care about some shitlicker from her comments anyway?? Your right about jealous, I suppose.

No. 962130


OT but I always see something silver in the background of her photos and just realised it’s exposed pipes in her apartment.

I’ve never seen anything like that in a residential building before, is it common in American apartments? It looks like she lives in the back of a factory.

No. 962134

it's semi-common. it's an "industrial" detail that's usually accompanied by exposed wooden ceiling beams, etc. used to be slightly upmarket and "hipster" (maybe gentrified) but now is kind of shoehorned in/can generally be executed pretty poorly by a landlord doing a cheap renovation/update trying to attract younger tenants, just google "exposed ductwork"

No. 962150

File: 1587365213895.jpeg (833.83 KB, 1536x2048, FE7A553C-EC1B-4BCD-84F5-BC9809…)

Her latest “art” ……..

No. 962158


This is Ryan Giordano aka @slampoetry_ on IG of the shitty ass band Mercy Blow. He's been accused of hitting girls, scheming on underage girls, and being a general skeevy creep. Surprise surprise. I don't remember them ever dating but I wouldn't doubt that they fucked. Micro east coast scene shit.

No. 962195

File: 1587382328310.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 03ABB55A-3FCC-439B-9DA8-F4F07F…)

No. 962196

… the toilet?

No. 962202

obviously, because she's shit.

No. 962233

File: 1587393116218.jpeg (139.28 KB, 750x883, 3D62467F-1CBC-4CD6-9E31-635030…)

So rehome Tarte somewhere she’ll actually be…. wanted? Imagine thinking hating your cat is a personality trait

No. 962235

do you think this bitch has like…. ever heard of training a cat?? get a spray bottle or some shit

No. 962236

File: 1587393611281.jpeg (238.79 KB, 1124x1200, D54D09CD-25D6-4157-91D8-DFDD64…)


No. 962238

File: 1587393755095.jpeg (257.57 KB, 1125x1103, 9DF1C75E-6C16-4816-9E27-FE9874…)


No. 962239

Lol aye her cat is deliberately trashing her trashy taxidermy to fucking teach her a lesson, like jesus christ imagine she was saying that about a toddler or something.
Yes the cat is totally capable of scheming against you.

No. 962245

Ugh stupid Pennywise shit?

No. 962247

Imagine thinking that physically working hard as an athlete and inspiring others to do the same is the the same as a porn star who objectifies herself for the male gaze, harming all women in the long run. Yikes

No. 962249

The insides are filthy. this dumb bitch really asking for $75??

No. 962253

The fact she would even type out that a animal is doing something on purpose. Animal lover my ass, this bitch is a vile cunt. The fact she even talks about her cat this way makes me want to punch her in the face and not much makes me livid. She’s just so fucking stupid, it’s a cat. It is doing exactly what is naturally does. But she is oh so knowledgeable and empathic uwu~

No. 962271

I love that she stopped responding when they asked if they're splitting up lol

No. 962274

File: 1587398985618.jpg (295.58 KB, 580x970, 20200420_110546.jpg)

No. 962276

File: 1587399160350.jpg (623.98 KB, 1067x1812, 20200420_110633.jpg)

That's one word for it

No. 962278


No. 962282

File: 1587400072302.jpeg (343.81 KB, 828x1265, B82AC610-E679-4CB7-90AA-C291B6…)

The edges are so sloppy

No. 962283

File: 1587400122770.jpeg (320.31 KB, 828x1118, 3C595FA0-A5E5-4875-B858-9EB3ED…)

No. 962285

I literally thought the blue was painter's tape

No. 962289

oh god she used oils didn’t she? she doesn’t even know how to blend properly since she’s basically an illustrator. does she even know she’ll need turpentine and linseed oil to clean her brushes?
tarte will definitely fuck up anything she makes with oils since they take forever to dry too lol

No. 962290

Why the fuck is her hair so red already when it clearly hasn’t been washed?? Did she dye it with her “super expensive proper artist” acrylic paint?!?

No. 962291

What is this color scheme? it is terrible and tacky, guess it just matches the rest of her "art"

No. 962294

How is this a repost when she just posted it?

No. 962298

because it was already posted here >>962233

No. 962306

So much to unpack here:
Imagine misconstruing normal cat behaviours as malicious
SHE fucking adopted the cat and now she’s….dumping it on DoorMatt?
I am actually worried she is going to harm this poor animal…the rotten bitch

No. 962309

I used to have a few things like that in my apartment plus cement ceilings. It’s something I see in a lot of luxury buildings with high ceilings in my area.

No. 962345

100% how narcissists view the world. They think cats and kids and anyone are out to make their life hell by mAnIpUlAtInG them. It's nauseating.

No. 962349

File: 1587408691274.jpg (729.02 KB, 1080x2053, Screenshot_20200420-145137_Ins…)

Her bangs look so greasy and crusty

No. 962357

Spot on. She doesn’t really need to say anything pointedly nasty to unintentionally reveal how her nasty mind works. It’s all the stuff that falls by the wayside, that she doesn’t realise is an abhorrent thing to say. You’re right to say there’s a lot to unpack - a psych or even just a decent human being could write a thesis on her make-up with only a few words from her.

No. 962376

When does their lease end? I bet she thinks she’s going to move into a house her super rich grandpa buys her, and she will be too good for Matt. Sounds like they are splitting?

No. 962397

She looks strange in the last two selfies without filter. her eyes look so small and the skin around sick and red like she hasn’t slept for days . I’m surprised she posted herself like this

No. 962399

Why does she pretends to love her pets and talk like that about one that doesn’t fit her expectations of how a cat should behave ?! I hope Tarte will move into a loving home soon.

No. 962401

They moved last October so probably around then or before, most likely no later than. It’s just another magic fix-all for her problems, all her shit filled emotional baggage suitcases are gonna follow her wherever she goes, regardless of if she’s alone, lives with people, animals, etc. she needs fucking therapy or she’s gonna keep fucking off to the next new magic problem solving thing eternally. The grass is greener where you water it bitch!!

No. 962409

What a shitty use of space.

Also how the fuck didn't she think her cat would fuck with her taxidermy? Retarded heartless wench.

You can really see how well she's taking care of herself and ~thriving~

No. 962439

File: 1587416671993.jpg (887.47 KB, 1080x1441, 20200420160311.jpg)

No. 962458

You deleted your post calling anon Ariana and now you say this without even saging? Absolutely seething lol, reminder that all sex workers are subhuman trash

No. 962466

I'm not that anon, if it wasn't clear. Now go back to your cocksucking therapy lmao

No. 962468


These gotta be Ari or Ari impersonators if your argument is anyone on here is jealous of an unwashed e-thot that gets misspelled words tattooed on her. Pretty sure most of us are here for the downward spiral shit show. With your logic, everyone must be jealous of The Bachelor contestants if they're in a forum for discussing it.

No. 962471


Start a thread or move on bitch. We're here to milk this specific cow, not blindly throwing insults from left field at an anon whose icon was accidentally showing.

No. 962478

Ok samefag.

No. 962485

We can clearly see that these posts are made by the same person, newfag. Now calm down and stop sperging.

No. 962487


She refers to him as her bf in her response and she probably would have said my ex or Matt if they're breaking up for good. Sounds like a separate but together thing, which is the stage before the actual breakup. Statistically, the majority of couples that break off into separate households don't usually move back in together. Plus she probably just needs more space so she can live in a shack in the woods Vermont and old grandpa can bring his friends as clients and test out their homemade maple syrup lube.

No. 962488


No one cares retardfag.

No. 962490

learn to sage

No. 962497

They lived separately before when she moved in with Aaron last year after the abortion/holiday fiasco and whined the whole time about missing living with Matt so I’m sure that’ll be the case for a while. I’m guessing if she does move to Vermont (is that where her grandparents live?) then they will just break up after a few months of co dependant, toxic LDR

No. 962502

>>Any other anon infighting

I get that we're all bored standing around waiting for the cow to produce more milk, but infighting is just going to get our farm closed. Stfu about each other or go keep ari company by arguing with her in her SMS. No 1curr

No. 962503

No. 962517

fucking schizo lmaoo

No. 962523

File: 1587422019489.jpg (375.62 KB, 1080x1212, Screenshot_20200420-152736_Sam…)

Ari is a proud snitch and is so pathetic that she runs to someone's gf to bitch about a guy she's never met that she could have restricted/ blocked. She really tryna be seen as the other woman, teeheehee. Only insecure girls who want plastic surgery and don't like themselves like her, who are you kidding Ari?

No. 962525


Hi Ari? Still working on infighting with anons? Cool, I'll leave you to it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 962529

the 'hi cow' thingy you've been doing for a while is getting pretty annoying. take a breath, go get a cup of water and come back to the thread

No. 962542

Oh my god they do live in Vermont don’t they? What if she’s going to live on her grandpa’s trailer park KEEEKKK

No. 962566

That’s what happens when you rip a 6 week old kitten from its mother and litter mates without proper weaning. Karma is a bitch.

No. 962602

What a stupid take on something fairly reasonable to do in that situation. I get we hate her in here but lol christ

No. 962670

What a cunt - “I wonder how his gf will feel”.

No. 962680

She’s over here calling guys out for being transphobic, but doesn’t acknowledge her own transphobia? Remember when she went on that rant about people being transgender a trend or fad, and made comments on how trans people must transition fully, etc. No apology.

No. 962696

it's the previous color coming through b/c she likely just plopped a cheap box color on and though that it'd be ok. she has previously bleached hair which makes it porous, so if you don't fill it first, it will suck up the new color and fun things like this happen.

No. 962698

in her case it doesn’t matter anyway because she’s inevitably going to slather more $6 garnier dye on it within a week

No. 962727

File: 1587439124072.jpg (Spoiler Image, 276.92 KB, 1080x1110, 20200420_221524.jpg)

Holy shit how embarrassing. Imagine posting spread/gaping pics of your asshole and vagina on the internet for absolutely NO LIKES. Why do I feel bad for her all of a sudden

No. 962738

File: 1587441231126.jpg (672.33 KB, 1080x1565, Screenshot_20200420-235345_Ins…)

Pathetic/deceptive of her to up the saturation on this post

No. 962757

File: 1587445290006.jpeg (30.12 KB, 818x186, D8F50BC6-3605-448C-9FD5-71C5A1…)

God this bitch is all over the place. You can tell she’s so over Matt . No consideration for their future, if anything, she’s excited for their lack of future. Who could blame her though, he’s a cuck.

No. 962769

File: 1587449945629.jpeg (372.55 KB, 968x1936, 597C7FCB-4866-4358-9FBE-FA0D35…)

Why would anyone willingly post these photos of themselves on the internet unless it was to raise money for your chemo treatment. She looks unwell, haggard, and her skin looks like wax. (Also looks like her eyelashes have thinned from constantly wearing false lashes but that may be a nit pick, but it adds to the cancer patient look - bald, patchy eyebrows…)
That hat(?) is awful. Please don’t tell me this is advertisement for more disgusting porn they’re doing together.

No. 962771

Ari hates women so much that she relishes in their humiliation

No. 962830

Tinfoil: I think she wants to copy embodoe in living in NC.

No. 962845

She got her face reconstructed to only look good with makeup on, so idk why she ever posts no makeup selfies. She has no “natural glow” because her face looks like a wax sculpture. (And when I say “good” I mean dollskill days when she was looked fake af but it worked with makeup)

No. 962881

>Only insecure girls who want plastic surgery and don't like themselves
1) just because you can't afford it it doesn't make it bad
2) learn to sage

No. 962900


Yep women only like cuck men who “support their SW” when it’s convenient/they need financial support.

When push comes to shoves and they actually want to settle down/kids they will look for an actual man. Not a doorMatt who lets their girl take anal for some weed.

No. 962910

File: 1587480737617.png (3.33 MB, 828x1792, 59C76919-B2AD-40A5-B77D-290DFE…)

She’s complaining about how
A drop of water got in the resin and made it all foggy. I just am failing to understand WHY she puts her art in the open air on the bathroom? Why not just put a slightly lifted box over it?? Like duh.

No. 962912

I mean, that is fucked, right? Have a childhood friend whose gf is stripping/dancing - but - brings men home for paid fucks. Was invited to their wedding (already cancelled once now Corona kek) and all I can think is you’re a cuck she’s a whore. Not meaning to derail obvs, just wtf is wrong with these men?(blog)

No. 962935

You should get them embroidered mr & mrs hand towels with ‘cuck’ and ‘whore’

No. 962936

Okay…but literally no one gets plastic surgery or thinks its desirable unless they are insecure kek. No woman who loves her nose and cheekbones is gonna be like "yep let's fuck all this up and change everything"

No. 962939

All I can think about is that "yankee with no brim" meme after seeing this lmao

No. 962955

This is so accurate it hurts. We all have parts of us we love and we have parts of us we hate, it’s not hard to imagine what kind of mindset you have to be in to physically alter your body. And guess what!!!!! You have to really fucking hate something about yourself !!!!! Like a little lip filler, sure yeah just a little plumper. But to actually get your nose cut off, she definitely hated it. She acts as if all her human emotions are so different and enlightened. No bitch. We all feel the same things dummy. We’re the same dumb animals, it’s not hard to figure out why you got your face chopped up.

No. 963062

File: 1587503539554.jpeg (488.31 KB, 1242x1040, 3934871B-F45E-474E-9BC3-3D2D48…)

Yeah and it shows in you Ari because you are destructive to literally everyone in your life, even your fucking cat

No. 963073

Lmao does she think we’re stupid? We know what it means to call someone a narcissist and you’re a textbook example of one

No. 963075

File: 1587505594511.png (344.89 KB, 750x1334, 85B5F0FE-1FEC-465B-8B4E-A11470…)

Who is she to go after someone’s parenting when she called her aborted baby a “Gemini demon” like imagine the things she would say/do if she actually had the child. She’d be on IG live with her screaming baby in the background bitching about how the baby hates her and ruins everything and is a terrible baby like she does with tarte. She’d probably wish her own psoriasis on it too!!!! Vile bitch

No. 963081

File: 1587506501560.jpg (280.48 KB, 1079x1074, Screenshot_20200421-180155_Twi…)

No. 963088

And just imagine her constantly saying in front of her daughter how fat she feels when she's literally a 2x4. Growing up around that toxic self talk would fuck with your brain!

No. 963089

don't worry i don't think you'll be proposed to any time soon lmao

No. 963095

File: 1587507530923.jpeg (170.18 KB, 828x658, 09FEF574-D151-445A-94AC-1B3373…)

Loving this chicks response, it’s like describing Ari to a tee. But ari is too narcissistic to realize it lmao.

No. 963100

File: 1587507784310.jpeg (138.65 KB, 828x594, F050762C-6902-4160-8160-1FF034…)

Totally moved on emotionally from DoorCuck McPoyle.

No. 963101

File: 1587507958357.jpeg (84.41 KB, 828x443, E02085D8-908C-4244-8C8C-4C10E7…)

This girl is picking up on the shit we always say, like who are you referring to ari? The pretend arguments in your mind again? And she’s straight to get defense too, “Um can you read? Like I said….” or “if you actually read what I wrote!” It’s so douchy and rude, she has such a yucky energy. I bet her pussy stank from all the anger, stress, and fast food.

No. 963126

Most people’s engagement rings cost thousands- if she was actually buying herself “nice rings” that were engagement ring standard she’d be bragging about exactly how much she spent/ what caat diamond they were like she does with the taxidermy/plastic surgery. I’m guessing the original one DoorMatt bought her was like $50 so a step up from that would be $100. So spoiled /s

No. 963134

She did the right thing by aborting between her mental illnesses, Matt's learning disorder, and both of their hillbilly inbred genes would have been a disaster of a child that would probably grow up to be a serial killer with PeenPoops taxedermy tools.

Tinfoil but i feel like this post is a vendetta chan named abcds or whatever that stripper moms @ is lol. She frequents these threads and seems triggered everytime pnp posts about kids

No. 963140

Of course a narc would think that a mental illness excuses your abusive and fucked up behavior.

No. 963141

anon I don’t think it would be a stretch to say pnp would be a terrible parent based on her own actions towards her pets/boyfriend, much less a vendetta post

No. 963150

File: 1587514059044.jpg (848.74 KB, 1078x1921, Screenshot_20200421-200700_Ins…)

Her lip filler has migrated so much it's nauseating to watch her talk. I was about to eat but lost my appetite after seeing her rubber face and wax lips. Truly a creature of hell.

No. 963154

File: 1587514329961.jpg (125.87 KB, 1080x546, Screenshot_20200421-201230_Ins…)

No. 963160

Accompanied by hair so greasy it would explode if set on fire, and the raggedy ass aids covered security blanket.

No. 963164

If I remember correctly the engagement ring was actually given to cuckmatt by ari’s grandparents.

No. 963170


you just know this is how her bangs looks all the time when she hasnt had 2 hours to prep and facetune the photo

No. 963189

But…how? She doesn’t even have that much hair to manage. Wtf does this not bother her? Oh right, yeah, cause she grubby af. I can’t deal with this scraggy ass.

No. 963198

*Have an exaggerated sense of self-importance

*Have a sense of entitlement and require constant, excessive admiration

*Expect to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it

*Exaggerate achievements and talents

*Be preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate

*Believe they are superior and can only associate with equally special people

*Monopolize conversations and belittle or look down on people they perceive as inferior

*Expect special favors and unquestioning compliance with their expectations

*Take advantage of others to get what they want

*Have an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others

*Be envious of others and believe others envy them

*Behave in an arrogant or haughty manner, coming across as conceited, boastful and pretentious

*Insist on having the best of everything — for instance, the best car or office

NOT diagnosing her as I am not a mental health professional. But I can think of many instances that match up with these symptoms.(armchairing)

No. 963199


These are the symptoms of NPD

No. 963202

I really want to send her a bottle of dry shampoo. It is soo easy to use just spray it on and you look better. I wouldn’t even be mad if she didn’t rub it in lmao, any thing would be better

No. 963211

File: 1587521053630.jpg (639.99 KB, 1080x1863, 20200421_210037.jpg)

The top tweet has been deleted, but I can't even imagine the low self-esteem, unloved monster that could only feel appreciated and supported by the people they have to get paid by to feel appreciated by? If you're only appreciated by the people that pay to have your physical body, you are a shit person and it's the only way you'll ever been loved. It's so sad.

No. 963219

Wow. I wonder if she is too stupid to realize how sad this is? Probably, but she deserves it. No one deserves to be subjected to someone as evil as her. She likes to pretend she's grown out of the awful traits her junky mother passed on to her but she's in denial of how much of a piece of shit she is. I think she knows deep down though, thats why shes constantly posting about how shes such a great person. She wants people to think shes a good person soooo bad but deep down she knows shes scum. Hope shes serious about her wanting to stay away from other people, that would be best

No. 963275

What happened to her Grandpa? KEK

No. 963300

I feel like she posted this as an aside to MattCuck…given the earlier tweet about asking her bf something and feeling sad at the response

No. 963301

Tinfoil but i wonder if she’s planning on leaving Matt for her client lol

No. 963392

File: 1587563683152.png (3.61 MB, 828x1792, D951D5F9-724E-401B-B32D-9AE7AB…)

I love how this stupid game is hard for her because her brain is mush and vocabulary is like 10 words

No. 963394

File: 1587563922468.png (3.45 MB, 828x1792, 0220FE99-C09A-4C11-BF98-933D1E…)

reminds me of the hamster she cornered and sprayed.

No. 963398

He is honestly looking way thinner and sickly lately.

No. 963410

File: 1587564833417.png (6.51 MB, 1125x2436, 10D91F31-4D03-4ED2-A03B-48706D…)

loool she definitely saw your post bc after she only posted vids covering her botched ass sausages

No. 963414

…with the aids crust blankie.

No. 963415

You forgot to add lmao at the end of that sentence.

No. 963451

if she starts dating him then wouldn’t she have zero clients lol

No. 963485

why is she wearing that cat ear headband like that

No. 963497

Why does her lip filler constantly migrate WAY outside her vermillion border?

No. 963501

Holy crap he looks thin and haggard. Did she really give this man HIV? Or is being around her psychotic ass that bad on his physical health. No wonder theyre moving apart. He looks totally dead inside these days. Like an empty husk powered by an npc

No. 963519


This is the part of personality that makes me laugh when she talks about how good she is at finances.

She has no idea how to think outside of the current moment and will never consider her future or the fact that there is life after you turn 30.

These people who give her so much meaning by making her feel "appreciated" for paying her in weed to fuck her ass won't give a fuck about her the moment she doesn't fit what they find attractive anymore.

Guys are dicks like that where they'll always be attracted to younger "healthy" looking girls (dont wanna say skinny cause thats not always the case but young is)

No. 963522


yall realize the reason she has that spray bottle at the ready is to spray tarte with right?

wish she'd have the balls to just re-home the poor cat to someone with enough patience to nurture the cat, but she's probably too embarrassed to make an adult decision like that.

No. 963525


TINFOIL but i wonder if tweet about asking her bf something, was her asking MattCuck if he'd move away with her.

Bitch he's got a tasty government job. He can get any girl equal to you, and wouldn't be hard to find an upgrade with you look like greasy shrunken head doll. Matt will be fine, LET HIM GO

No. 963580

File: 1587584269722.jpg (195.94 KB, 1078x1352, 20200422_153804.jpg)

She 100% had to have bought a brown hair dye because her roots aren't black. I dye my hair black and it's never that pale. It makes sense because she really is dense. She probably saw the colour of the models hair on the package and assumed it was black without reading the colour name.

No. 963583

She definitely used a brown dye

It looks like after your comment that she bought some because her brown roots look powdery/dry shampoo covered. Kek

No. 963588

File: 1587584755090.jpg (936.88 KB, 1079x1921, Screenshot_20200422-154545_Ins…)

She's tried to claim that her skin is so good now since the 400 bucks she spent on skincare but it looks exactly the same kek

No. 963589

Hasn't she only been using it for a short time? It doesn't work like that, even if it is some bougie makeup

No. 963591

it looks worse honestly

No. 963596

She said in the live she hasn't washed her hair in a week and it looks the way it does because she just blasts dry shampoo everyday. Kek

No. 963598

File: 1587585690382.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, 245FBDF6-713B-4A95-A4CB-FBDD2C…)

This bitch really out here looking like a 40 year old divorced mom….. like honestly how does she age so bad?

No. 963599

My fucking sides, did you catch her sperg about freckles?

No. 963602

File: 1587586088387.jpeg (362.3 KB, 1018x2024, 87180EFE-4867-4DD6-8B4D-59EAD7…)

She asked on her live if it’s racist when people say her fake freckles look like shit because they’re “not white”

No. 963607

If she uses dry shampoo everyday then it is doing more damage to it. It is okay to use every once in a while but if you use it everyday in place of shampoo then the hair can fall out

No. 963612

File: 1587586461493.jpg (2 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200422_161332872.jpg)

People were being ruder than usual today I laughed so hard

No. 963615

File: 1587586537997.jpg (333.88 KB, 1080x1788, 20200422_161542.jpg)

Ik people make faces when doing mascara but her mascara face is hilarious

No. 963616

This was the freckles comment that started her sperg about how it's racist to say they look like mud. I'm still cackling from that live

No. 963650

I don’t even understand how she twisted that into being racist? I literally don’t get how it’s racist whatsoever.

No. 963698

I usually never got what other anons meant when they said she was looking like a mtf but holy shit do I see it now! The right picture is atrocious! Her hair is so greasy it looks like a bad wig and the makeup and jawline look so masculine. Holy shit, how did I never see this before?

Also, that mud splatter comment is chefs kiss

No. 963794

She’s trying to connect the dis on her freckles to the old racist “mud people” bullshit, but she is being idiotic.

No. 963821

What the fuck is going on with her hair colour? Jesus

No. 963824

File: 1587605338664.jpg (1.09 MB, 1079x1920, Screenshot_20200422-212818_Ins…)

I can't believe she drew this after her sperg. She's insane.

No. 963837

File: 1587608397695.jpg (1012.4 KB, 1072x1548, 20200422211827.jpg)

No. 963839

she's stated before how much she hates Gemini's and Jolie is in fact a Gemini lol

No. 963849

File: 1587610171216.jpeg (511.37 KB, 1107x1708, E87A87D4-2E50-403C-9955-282B18…)

I really can’t help but feel sorry for her thinking this is a glow up

No. 963850

Peep Doormatt with a baseball cap on indoors because he’s embarrassed his hairline is receding

No. 963860

Pretty sure she edits her eyes bluer in almost every photo.

Also, her hair is somehow a mixture of pink, brown, white, and black. What a MESS.

No. 963874

She absolutely does, her eyes are a very underwhelming shade of dark gray.

No. 963876

File: 1587613427208.png (5 MB, 828x1792, 0C667CEF-9EC2-4E30-AF8D-7737D3…)

Speaking of a mess

No. 963904

File: 1587617723465.png (5.38 MB, 750x1624, E39E35BF-8B2D-40F5-B5A1-1D84B8…)

I thought her jaw looked abnormally small so I zoomed in and… did she…draw a line on her jaw..to make it look smaller?

No. 963909

That’s where her caked on foundation ends. She has no clue how to blend it into her neck and instead it looks like an actual mask.

No. 963923

lol bummer!! she thinks that a bunch of “anti-aging” serum will reverse all of the damage her caked on foundation does. she probably doesn’t properly cleanse anyway.
it’s pretty obvious now that she lurks here so I’m gonna stop giving any skincare advice to her for free. after all, you’re supposed to pay someone for their advice and time right?

No. 963934

what the fuck is her hair color

No. 963967

nah she's just been lurking the Manson thread and thought she'd try out his jaw-defining technique

No. 964078

We give this bitch free beauty advice on the regular. She should start paying us private consultation fees lmao

No. 964146

I think it's just the lighting angle/reflecting off to create a rimlight. It's very straight/smooth/follows jawline.

What bothers me is the damn foundation in her hairline.

No. 964299

File: 1587672734751.png (2.54 MB, 750x1334, 88899290-0E84-4D79-AC68-F36D1C…)

Her art would look so much better if she took breaks instead of drawing for 11 hours straight. Like, Jesus Christ let it sit for a night so you can come back with a fresh perspective and more focused attention to detail. Instead she just powers out half assed art in 12 hours during her manic episodes like she works in a sweatshop or some shit. Your commissioners are paying for quality shit, give them the grace of real effort and not the products of your nightly manic bullshit.

No. 964315

File: 1587673537802.jpg (337.87 KB, 1074x1910, 20200422_161419.jpg)

Her lips on the bong kek

No. 964358

Wtf why does the amanita stem have holes in it like it’s some kind of fucked up morel hybrid?? Did she even look at a picture of what amanita looks like or is this also just from her imagination?

No. 964359

Totally. What’s the rush? You can tell it lacks inspiration and creativity. Just because she can color in the lines doesn’t make it interesting to look at.

No. 964360

She couldn’t get a scorpion anatomically correct despite having them tattooed on her- of course she didn’t use references for mushrooms. Literally the most stereotypical toadstool that everyone would recognise and she can’t even get it right!

No. 964370

File: 1587680073451.jpeg (431.77 KB, 828x1420, 3C8F679E-9F93-4A86-88E5-5823C7…)

Private IG

No. 964375

File: 1587680415422.jpeg (125.31 KB, 828x793, B29ECB5F-9FAB-4186-B57E-9C8969…)

You can truly see that overfilled cat person mouth at this angle. Thank you Doormatt for the photos!

No. 964376

good point anon.
How is this bitch out here still calling herself an "artist" but is so avoidant to using references? What a nonce.

No. 964377

File: 1587680450955.jpeg (65.07 KB, 800x515, BDE4FAB6-6016-4A8C-91EA-35CE65…)

No. 964378

Again… just because you go to school that doesn’t make you licensed. Or good.
Just because you don’t follow anyone who paints on wood doesn’t make you unique

There’s not a single unique thing about the girl. I used to get excited for the finsta account anon’s updates but even her posts on there aren’t unique ; she blows her own trumpet, creams herself over her SD, slags off her cat and repeat. Imagine charging/paying for that (for reasons other than a good chuckle)

No. 964380

I thought her face may start returning to normal/not looking like an smudged, undefined drawing of a foot during the pandemic and her temporary surgery hiatus but it’s just getting worse! Anons, is this how all filler filled faces end up once it dissolves or did she just pump too much in or has she just aged terribly?

No. 964383

File: 1587681328429.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1242x1902, B11DD89B-09C4-4813-B399-A38445…)

“I’m the only one that does art on wood with resin” butch is soooo delusional. Everyone in high school went down to our local craft store all the time and picked up the same stupid wood plaques to paint on. Her art is so mediocre and she doesn’t even use quality materials to be acting like she’s such a “niche” artist with “uncommon” materials and subject matter. Attached is a pic I saw on my feed the other day with exactly what Ariana is claiming she is so special for.

No. 964387

>and I am delusional
well yes

No. 964389


I bet she is a nightmare to DoorMatt during these manic episodes. Meanwhile, the man works 11 hour days mon-friday and doesn't post about it social media 24/7 like making enough money to pay rent is somehow interesting to other people. No wonder he zones out on his lawn chair with his PS3 playing games.

No. 964409

File: 1587684535533.jpeg (862.55 KB, 2048x2048, F94F6D87-9A81-459C-91F4-A7263A…)

That statement isn’t even true. It’s so easy to uncover her lies. Why the fuck does she always have to be such an original icon?

No. 964427

This shit is blowing up on twitter and it’s embarrassing

No. 964429

Well remember back in her peak, she sold it as juicy details but she literally has the most boring, sad life. Just another area she oversells and rips people off. She barely posts on her OF like she promises. Everything about her is a lie.

No. 964430

File: 1587687330516.png (64.3 KB, 1190x208, Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 5.14…)

No. 964431

I support 100%, fuck that face UP QUEEN. Serve me some Micheal Jackson realness!

No. 964440

$20k for PS but was acting like she couldn’t pay her rent when her wood slab got messed up kek priorities

No. 964455

What’s wrong w her nose?

No. 964460

her twitter username is alice love love huh

No. 964463

She says her last surgeon gave her a deviated septum or some shit idk she’s addicted tbh.

No. 964540

I wonder how it makes Matt feel that she constantly puts him on blast complaining about living with him and their pets and then she talks about her ~super supportive~ client finding her somewhere to live, does this bitch not realise how fucked up that is?
I’m not surprised he’s looking like a crack addict these days

No. 964543

He gets off on the humiliation of everything surrounding Ariana. Live in filth with a swamp witch who makes you take part in her grotty videos, have personal life on blast constantly, unable to save any portion of postal worker salary or Ari melts down if you don't spend it on her.
What a dream.

No. 964547

Plus she uses his phone to post on her private ig. It's disgusting.

No. 964564

Hahahha I thought I was the only one that noticed

No. 964572

File: 1587719820465.jpg (801.6 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20200424-100034.jpg)

How are so many people blind? Also what's with the random shroom up the top

No. 964573

File: 1587719876712.jpg (936.47 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20200423-182702.jpg)

Why doesn't she just wash lmao

No. 964577

20k for a nosejob and fat grafting is a value deal, in some womans basement shit

No. 964607

I'm hoping it's just iso making people appreciate any/all forms of productivity, because those mushrooms do not look like real mushrooms and anyone that has spent any amount of time foraging knows that.

Also I can't imagine being so proud of something that took you 15 hours to do when they don't even look like the real thing I can't-

No. 964615

thought this was pink panther

No. 964623

Mushrooms are trendy right now, that’s all it is. I don’t think it looks as bad as her others, but it’s definitely not $200 good.

No. 964639

I feel you anon - don’t think she could name any type of mushroom apart from ‘magic’ kek

No. 964646

File: 1587737372758.jpeg (315.86 KB, 1500x1500, 57DDD2BA-A5E7-4C75-8A19-B571EB…)

Sorry this isn’t technically milk, but I have to ask…

Does anyone else think that those little black dots she insists on drawing on her face that are supposed to be edgy or whatever look like the pupils from Rick and Morty? They are never equal and rarely round… does she do that on purpose, or does she just give up on symmetry?

No. 964648

how autistic are you?

No. 964651

lol i got so excited when I saw the thumbnail bc I thought it was ari's work n was like wow she improved so much!

No. 964677

How would that make me autistic?

No. 964711

I agree. Her dots are always fucked up and it drives me nuts.

No. 964763

really depends on where you live. that sounds super overpriced to me

No. 964786

File: 1587765912961.png (2.81 MB, 750x1334, 314E9B6E-4412-447E-BB3F-B0BEAD…)

No. 964820

File: 1587769982182.jpeg (708.4 KB, 750x1334, D3E69CBC-F0B2-4319-82B1-487528…)

Was surprised by her last few stories, seems genuinely shocked by how my mushroom daub blew up, and was that a touch of humility I could hear in her voice…but then…Tarte scamps into earshot and meows…cue Ari yelling “DO NOT TALK OVER ME!”

Girl is crazy.

No. 964823

it’s starting to piss me off that you literally never see her teeth when she talks. looks like a toothless crackhead

No. 964831

The toothless granny tranny!

No. 964847

It was honestly so childish and sad of her to react like that to her cat. Tarte is not fucking “talking over” you, Ariana. She’s expressing herself and her needs! I can’t wait for that cat to be free of this retched girl. Ariana seriously only ever learned to love the fat, lazy pets she can smother. God forbid she put some effort into something other than what directly benefits her needs

No. 964864

I think it’s weird that she’s giving some sort of acceptance speech over a viral tweet

No. 964868

Haha yeah when you put it like that…you’re fucking right. Her delusions are so strong. Like it’s a real badge of honour and validation.

No. 964903

File: 1587782354033.jpeg (227.76 KB, 750x1089, 252308D9-C971-406E-B655-23766C…)

Who wants to take guesses on what’ll be? An extension of her bragging about getting retweeted? Her ~SD (is this different from her client?)? Hating Tarte?

No. 964949

File: 1587793127515.jpeg (553.98 KB, 828x1549, 2DFCE1B8-99A9-4B04-8F8F-B5E50B…)

Private IG post

No. 964951

File: 1587793470227.jpeg (616.59 KB, 2048x1568, AE543874-B926-4233-88DF-834B01…)

No. 964952

I started following her when she looked how she does on the left because I thought she looked cute but now I honestly cringe at all the new selfies she posts

No. 964977

From a girl to trans looking mtf
The makeup and lips got to go its too much

No. 964992

did she edit her face back then a lot too? Her face seemed so tiny in comparison to now

No. 965017

God, what a pathetic narcissist. Every time she gets a little attention on social media, she brags about how she’s so special and rich and validated.

Loving art…pfft. She’s cranking these subpar pieces out like she’s in a sweatshop. She can’t go at this pace forever. Putting the cart before the horse again talking about how she’s going to spend all this future money from her super passionate love of art

No. 965019

It’s actually sad that she doesn’t understand how twitter works. Like, posts go viral all of the time, it’s simple and fleeting. She’s acting like she got her big break lmao. You can tell she’s ego high. Probably trembling in her studio apartment with serotonin.

No. 965021


Yep only a matter of days before she starts going into debt again because “IMAGINE IF I PUMPED ONE OF THESE OUT EVERYDAY?”

No. 965048

how bad is she with money that she makes 6k a month and has nothing to show for it

No. 965052

File: 1587822554333.png (216.76 KB, 750x1334, 89F97C2E-3B0E-4103-8114-079B3C…)


No. 965053

File: 1587822702429.png (2.88 MB, 750x1334, BAEE932C-CA7F-4341-97AD-B2AC1E…)

No. 965063

File: 1587823679223.jpg (92.21 KB, 1080x477, Screenshot_20200425_150719.jpg)

Does this answer your question?
Also how is it instant profit? It's not going to gain value

No. 965094

>be cheap e-hooker
>buy stuffed bear

No. 965103

Where the fuck is she going to put a whole ass bear anyway

No. 965106

She deleted this lol

No. 965118

File: 1587832752767.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 354.99 KB, 1125x1729, AF7BE6A7-F254-42E5-9647-B6A255…)

”my instagram is basically all art”

No. 965162


"My grandpa was like screw school just do art but I'm gonna do both" the beginning of her finding a reason to not go to school. We knew she wasn't going to. Plus if her grandfather cared about her education like she claimed he wouldn't say that, he really did only loan her money for school because he felt bad for her nasty ass.

No. 965163

Kek people want to see art without seeing her nasty gaping butthole but she is so blind she probably didn't realize that when replying to this comment

No. 965166

Person who replied to her is actually giving some solid advice. Her wood mushroom piece went viral but the venn diagram of people who want to see her art and her asshole is a very niche subset of that audience. If she wants to be taken seriously as an artist or taxidermist she needs to make a separate account for her SW. Not a lot of people are going to want to recommend their friends/family to buy from a page that goes from handmade art to hardcore porn. It's so ridiculous she thinks the two things can mix especially when her art barely reflects the content she posts. It's not even lewds or nude pictures it's full on spread eagle asscheek pictures kek.

No. 965167

This is just….embarrassing. Thousands of people followed her probably wanted to see more shitty drawings of mushrooms but they get doorMatt’s nasty dong flopping around kek

No. 965168

File: 1587840544396.jpg (853.86 KB, 1080x2053, Screenshot_20200425-144905_Ins…)

But I thought she adored being a cum dumpster kek

No. 965172

Norman Bateman and Jeffrey Dahmer vibes. She's the type of person who loves you so much that she wants to dissect you to see what you look like on the inside kek

She's not "getting an education" as if she'll be working towards a degree at university, its a shitty trade course that is like what, a few weeks long? lol and shes talking about "graduating" as if it would be some huge accomplishment

No. 965173

He probably wanted her to go to real school… a taxidermy course? What’s the point?

She has a “sex aversion” remember? Lmao.

No. 965175

File: 1587842866320.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 151.42 KB, 822x688, 0FCA86D4-1FC5-4D1F-B6DE-6761FC…)

“To celebrate going viral!” Kek

No. 965176

File: 1587843732604.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1125x1942, 70C0A741-208B-468D-A90C-87B599…)

Man I wish she would stop pouring glitter all over her shit. It looked WAY better with just the black background. The glitter just makes it look extra cheap and childish.

No. 965181


Just like with her face, she doesn't know when to stop.

She totally ruined the only work of art that has gone viral for her KEKKERS

No. 965184

The level of interaction on her porn tweets vs literally anything else she posts is hilarious. Ole girl’s posting her gaped asshole and ruining any chance of future employment for 8 likes.

No. 965190


Ot but does Jason Bateman have a creepy brother named Norman that you're referring to or are you trying to say Norman Bates?

No. 965215

Video evidence of her being a cunt to her cat.


Also, the app "story downloader" works for getting her videos from IG. For future reference so people can contribute here.

No. 965250

I know why it seems funny but tbh Lots of people don’t click “like” when they look at Twitter porn, because it’ll show up on their friends twitter feed. Most people don’t want others to see the porn they’re looking at lol. Not an ari fan but it’s just a fact.

No. 965278

Yeah, and that’s totally why Riley Reid doesn’t get any likes too. /s

No. 965339

It’s a little different, idiot. Think of the percentages. Think of the like to follower ratio. You’re stupid lmao. Yeah, someone with a billion followers will get tons of likes, someone with like 8,000 won’t get as many. You need to use your brain kid.

No. 965341

Way to pick the literal most popular porn star lol.

No. 965349

ntayrt but regardless of the reason it’s still funny to see a picture of her spreading her gaping asshole and getting 0-3 likes on it. surely she has enough followers to get more engagement than that

No. 965356

if shayna’s ugly ass can get more than that anyone could

No. 965363

It’s still the concept, kid. With how degenerate twitter and society is in general now, I truly do not believe people aren’t liking her posts because their “embarrassed”. People literally use Riley Reid as a trophy just because she’s a pornstar. Pornstars are used as a popularity tool and Ari can’t even get 100 likes. Next time, at least wait 5 minutes before you samefag >>965341

No. 965375

File: 1587869175763.jpg (442.99 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200425_214635.jpg)

New IG and Twitter user names: scorpioassheaux

The dumb bitch should have kept it as plasticandproud. Easy to remember, easy spelling for the brain dead people following her.

I'm guessing she's trying to keep LC from being the first thing that pops up when people search her. Kek

No. 965385

File: 1587871157393.jpeg (248.99 KB, 823x1209, 83DCFEDB-68A3-4B22-8A84-BC11DA…)


No. 965408


Lmao did this nut actually waste 20+ k on veneers because her front teeth were slightly large, where the fuck did she get all the money for this shit

No. 965409

she had invisalign last year

No. 965414

She’s mentioned wanting vaneers too probably bc all the toothless granny comments kekekek

No. 965432

from witch to bread dough

No. 965468

she must have really struggled for her lips to not disappear while laughing, because normally they look exactly like on the left, like if nothing has changed lol. Probably overdrew the shit out of them

No. 965501


Well she has until next thread until the new batch of followers discovers what a piece of shit scorpioassheaux on twitter and instagram is.

Also media mogul Ariana McMillan decides to change her username a day after a tweet goes viral, making it impossible for people to find her again. Great Job.

No. 965503

File: 1587897764857.jpeg (188.75 KB, 750x1051, 8F4DF384-6EC2-415E-8E4B-6B259C…)


its already the third result for me on google KEK

No. 965550

not coming up at all for me when I google scorpioassheaux
I’m sure most of her new followers will realise soon enough what a delusional, self adsorbed, and, above all, cruel person she is

No. 965582

File: 1587917789978.jpeg (280.07 KB, 1242x494, DD5B3C4D-2CF7-4995-82B1-0C7CA5…)

Then why the fuck are you in a relationship?

No. 965626

File: 1587926078182.jpg (839.52 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200426_143441059.jpg)

Is she truly this stupid? Topkek

No. 965631

LMAO what an idiot

No. 965634


Her reading comprehension is non-existent. It's one sentence to read and comprehend and that's just too hard for Ariana.

No. 965665

This reminds me of when she was literally bawling on her stories about John McCain's death….meanwhile she thought it was joe Biden that died

No. 965668

File: 1587931318008.jpg (441.95 KB, 2896x2896, 20200426_150159.jpg)

No. 965669

No. 965670

Literally just about to post this. I dont endorse cowtipping!!!!!!!!!!….but I smiled just a tad knowing that ariana's art has been tagged with @versatileheaux and it now brings people to this page.

She reeeeaaallly fucked up by changing her handle.

No. 965672

>joe biden
girl the only thing that’s progressive about him is his brain melting dementia lol

No. 965674

okay this is maybe the only cowtipping type activity i’ve ever actually laughed about

No. 965676

this is hilarious

No. 965679

File: 1587932795849.png (31.64 KB, 811x388, udmb.png)


why exactly did she change her user again during the middle of a potential viral tweet? she just broke all the links people were sharing of her work….

No. 965685

File: 1587932979914.png (736.37 KB, 750x562, D8C56B31-E35D-4C6D-BCBD-513CA6…)

my sides

No. 965686

BECAUSE SHE'S A GODDAMN IDIOT. She ruins every potentially good thing every chance she gets. I wonder how she'll blame this on someone else like she always does

No. 965687

File: 1587933049475.png (272.62 KB, 607x391, cowtipped.png)

whoever did this just destroyed any potential her viral tweet had. that is actually mean. PLS DONT COWTIP.

No. 965690

File: 1587933198644.png (232.61 KB, 598x428, ripped off.png)

so the only good piece she's made was a rip off? not surprised. also kek at the name takeover.

No. 965697

oh wah guess she’ll have to suck more old man dick instead of tracing drawings onto wood slabs

No. 965698

I'll agree that was mean and unnecessary. She made the dumb mistake of changing her username and someone with too much time on their hands swooped in

No. 965703

lol fucking pussies

No. 965710

Stfu it was her stupid mistake

No. 965715

Why should anyone care/ feel bad/ or want to help this dumb cow? It's her own fault. This is pnp's destiny, always out to play her own damn self. Maybe if she was a nicer person, bad stuff like this wouldn't happen.

Besides whats the big deal. Its not like its leaked nudes. She put all those hairy clam pics out into the free world all on her own.

No. 965741


I cant wait for her infest her apartment with some sort of mite or something from bringing in these "GREAT DEALS" been sitting in someone's musty basement for years deals.

I get finding a good deal out in the wild where you can see it before you buy it, but who the fuck knows what she is bringing into her home with these shady ebay deals

No. 965750

Oh my god this is hilarious, about time something like this happened. Maybe she won’t change her name over and over again. I mean who really even remembers all those stupid names enough to look her up. The Ari larping with the actual username she just went “viral” with is… chefs kiss. It’s just so damn good. Man she is dumb.

No. 965752

Bruh get the fuck off this site. “Mean” where the fuck do you think you are? Is 20 threads of making fun of her not mean to you?

No. 965784

File: 1587944257150.jpeg (509.87 KB, 750x1052, CB39761B-4A44-4020-BFDC-3D2BA1…)

It’s called a manic episode ari

No. 965785

Imagine thinking you’ve convinced the world you don’t shoop when you put out photos like this and it’s so blatant

No. 965828

I thought the same thing when I saw that pic

No. 965830


Im dying. The @versatileheaux user is linked like 100 times throughout the comments of her viral post. She must be fuming. You know she’s pissed when she’s silent about it lol

probably doesnt want to draw attention to it so more people wont see all those embarassing pics

No. 965858

File: 1587964046981.jpeg (304.96 KB, 1125x1950, 529877BC-C472-40C4-ABCD-E0B19D…)

No. 965929

So when people look up versatileheaux is goes to a troll account, and when they look up scorpioassheaux Google autocorrects go ScopioAssHoe and shows the other girls account (who wont give her the user even tho she’s asked) + old pics when she looked non botched.

round of applause for ari

No. 965938

That glitch is better than any brow she can draw lol

No. 965969

“Yer a stoner, Harry Potter!”

No. 966008

File: 1588005435118.png (2.83 MB, 750x1334, 9B55E200-AF44-4568-97C0-1320B5…)

No. 966013

File: 1588006140882.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, 6500058F-F50B-4035-ADC2-D7EBF1…)

No. 966023

By smelling his nasty plaque ridden teeth?

No. 966104

She wakes her partner up with affection? Groundbreaking /s

Remember Ari doesn’t feel or do things like a normal human - she has elevated emotion and intention in her actions (again more sarcasm)

No. 966110

It’s not even a recent video. This is months old! You can tell by Ariana’s hair length

No. 966112

My first thought, just imagine the smell…

Love how she has to film the “sweet moment” to make her life look happy

No. 966123

Damn I think you’re right looking at Cucks beard and hair too. God how pathetic. Her usual cycle; first she slams him on social media, makes it clear she can’t wait to stop living with him and then publicly love bombs him to keep him around and co-dependant

No. 966133

File: 1588034089853.png (3 MB, 750x1334, 1D525147-8792-45B6-84DD-8F976E…)


>so they’re worth my time

No. 966134

File: 1588034164969.png (2.78 MB, 1610x2112, Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 7.34…)

her prices/rules for commissions

No. 966136

Her narcissism truly ruins everything for her doesn’t it? She could make ok money with her art at her already inflated prices. But that’s not good enough. who the fuck is going to want to put 50 dollars down and have no idea what they’ll end up spending in the end? One day she could be manic as fuck and the next week not do anything art wise.

No. 966137

Also does that 50$ make the final price less? 20$ per hour? makes no sense. This seems more like commission prices for tattoos, not art

No. 966138

File: 1588035265896.jpg (773.4 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200427_194918.jpg)

>>966134 kek She took out the $20/hour.

No. 966143

File: 1588036184867.png (164.91 KB, 1202x472, Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 8.08…)

more butthurt from Ari, I also looked at this girl's ig. She also posts half naked photos of herself too

No. 966150

Oh mygod is she for real with this? This is so unprofessional, she needs to just give a price up front what she’ll do it for. Like, that’s so unfair to the buyer. She knows how long it takes to draw a goddamn crab! This is just going to scare people off, I would roll my eyes into the back of my head if an artist gave me this response. Bitch do you want my money or not? Greedy little goblin bitch.

No. 966175

We're all quarantined, we all have too much time on our hands wym?

No. 966219

tipping makes for spoiled milk. bitch is cringey enough as is, stop ruining it for the rest of us.

No. 966220

File: 1588055860636.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1125x1637, 747FB357-F5F8-4851-8B3A-C379A1…)

I know I’ve sperged about it before but taxidermy restoration and preservation/conservation is not the same as taxidermy (which judging by the sausage shaped chipmunk, she is crap at anyway/will remain bad at after “school”).
Here’s some advice Ari- stop having an over inflated sense of your skill set and wasting money on rotting dead animals you don’t have to equipment or the knowledge to fix. Stick to what you’re good at which is …photoshopping your face and then convincing teenagers it’s natural?

No. 966231

The 'three days to claim' shit is so fucking unfair too. Some people can't check social media all the time. Like why the hell would you fuck around with your clients time and money

No. 966232

Inb4 that fucking deer is coated in craft glitter

No. 966299

Especially when she also makes her customers put down a security deposit. Fucking piece of shit.

No. 966311

Lmao “I’m not going to tell you the full price, and I’m not going to give you a ‘ship-by’ date, but you’re going to have to just be financially ready and responsive in a small window of time, whenever that will be, or it’s going up for sale!” The lack of respect and appreciate she has for the small group of people that 1. Can afford her lame art and 2. Can stomach her shitty personality.

No. 966334

Right? Why on the world wouldn’t she just ship it out after she’s done? Because she knows there will be a few people in the comments going crazy for it and she can try to upsell it to one of them? Watch her begin bitching about people getting refunds from her through PayPal or bank chargebacks after she tries this stupid shit. This is a very good way to make anyone that was interested in her art, take their money elsewhere.
I just can’t believe how dumb she is. She fumbles the bag every time she has even a glimmer of opportunity.

No. 966362

She needs to extend that time to a week. I feel like a week would be a good amount of time. Believe it or not people have a life outside social media, not sure why she can't wrap her head around that. She's really trying to get her customers to not like her.

No. 966366

File: 1588095198835.png (112.27 KB, 804x711, Screenshot_20200428-113206.png)

First thing that shows up when you search her sw name. Kek

No. 966368

File: 1588095398874.jpg (132.68 KB, 1125x2000, 94621905_269271507807225_41614…)

She took out the last part

No. 966369

kek @ the obvious lurking

No. 966378

I love how we are her little editorial staff for things like this. Sad she’ll never admit it.

No. 966383

My exact thoughts. We should start charging her $50.00 for lurking and based on our opinion of the value of content, we will bill her for our time. See how that works?

No. 966389

My money's on her smearing resin on it and then painting the resin stark white with acrylic craft paint and calling it perfect.

No. 966392

File: 1588100688716.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, AD350463-26A8-440F-B562-95B334…)

I’ll never understand why she posts full clips of herself ugly coughing like a fucking horse on Instagram when all it does is make people want to vomit lmfao she’s vile

No. 966393

She does the same thing Tana does when she coughs and they both look like children when they do it. Has anyone taught them to cover their mouths and not cough all their mouth germs everywhere? It doesn't matter if the cough is from weed you're still spreading your bacteria open mouthed coughing into the air like that.

No. 966394

File: 1588101614187.jpeg (182.72 KB, 750x926, 43A7B9AD-852C-4292-B353-2A1000…)

she’s a literal bobble head

No. 966399

She thinks it comes off as cute and quirky not-like-other-girls

No. 966400

It looks like she cut her head out, enlarged it by 20% and then photoshopped it back on.

No. 966401

jesus christ this is so facetuned it barely even looks like her

No. 966409

I mean I’d use face tune if I was this botched and trying to get sex work. Sex work is almost exclusively based on looks unless it’s some fetish shit like being a dominatrix

No. 966411

Lol is the shirt what she copied her scorpion drawing off of? Sparkles and all…

No. 966414

I think it’s even missing a leg just like her drawing lmao

No. 966416

kek good catch, anon.

No. 966433

File: 1588106089495.jpg (1.34 MB, 1362x2046, 20200428153408.jpg)

No. 966436

File: 1588106563151.jpg (230.06 KB, 812x784, 20200428_154110.jpg)

No. 966439

File: 1588107003651.png (376.68 KB, 512x506, Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 1.49…)

umm… this looks horrifying

No. 966440

I love her perforated nose…like you could just pop it right off her face

No. 966445


That's honestly terrifying. Why the hell does her nose look like that? Mrs. Potatohead her idol, or…?

No. 966447

It's from her gross lip lift. She probably couldn't stop sneering enough to let the scars heal properly

No. 966450

>when your features are rotting off your own face

No. 966455

She HAS to be using something harder than weed… This bitch looks high as fuck and the make up looks almost Luna Slater heroin tier… She just keeps making herself uglier

No. 966475

File: 1588111779911.jpg (1.05 MB, 1124x2000, 20200428170854.jpg)

…go to the doctor ariana.

No. 966476

File: 1588111969091.jpg (707.32 KB, 818x1222, 20200428171219.jpg)

No. 966481

Titled: How everyone drew trees, age 7
The glitter grass and mushroom that looks like an emoji definitely mark this as a piece worth hundreds of dollars. At least her other pieces had detail (even if it was messy)

No. 966482

Those drips look like cum.
I wish she would stop with the fucking glitter too

No. 966483

K she need to quit with this glitter, its so…juvenile. It honestly cheapens it.

No. 966487

You can take the girl out the trailer park but you can’t blah blah blah ….
It shows what trash she is, she thinks shiny = expensive = classy. She has no taste and needs to remember that not all that glitters is gold.

No. 966489

The picture isn't that bad honestly, I mean there is much worse stuff being sold out there. The colour choices are dreadful tho. She should pick up a book on color harmony or something, it could be a big improvement for her art.

No. 966497

not even an artfag but this is honestly what bothers me the most about all of her work. the colors she chooses look like vomit together

No. 966500

Agreed! There’s also an extreme lack of depth.

No. 966516

I'm not trying to be hateful but this looks really bad, almost like she started it after being awake for 36 hours and finished it in a single sitting. The drop in quality from her viral drawing to this one is evident. I would be extremely disappointed if this was my commission.

No. 966519

the fact that everything has a black outline makes this look like a kid's drawing

No. 966522

inb4 she sees us talking about how shitty it looks here and decides to give it away or say it wasn’t actually a commission kek

No. 966525

File: 1588121324207.png (2.03 MB, 2016x1508, Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 7.48…)

She all ready did sell it

No. 966527

File: 1588121521706.jpeg (172.97 KB, 750x624, 1F515EA2-47EE-4672-9A80-914A73…)


No. 966529

kaitlyn is retarded

No. 966532

File: 1588121778018.png (4.03 MB, 750x1334, 749C66FD-50AC-47A5-A0E9-2CA648…)

She’s taking her art advice elsewhere. We’ve been fired. Kek.

No. 966534

File: 1588121989864.png (1.97 MB, 2098x1500, Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 7.55…)


This one also sold, note the picture is before she put that glitter shit on it

No. 966547

That random morel in the upper left is so annoying, it really does look like she made up the composition as she went along.

No. 966551

Even more annoying when you look at the glitter background she did and didn’t even bother to fill in the holes with glitter as well

No. 966554

File: 1588125523567.jpeg (76.08 KB, 750x483, 5CAD2C22-FE98-421D-AAD4-A4C816…)

oddly accurate

No. 966614

They sold fast because they are commissions, you can tell by the description saying “for (username)”

No. 966618

yeah this bitch never been outside and looked at a mushroom in her whole life obviously

No. 966741

File: 1588182360664.jpeg (372.8 KB, 1125x1765, E4D142F6-5B75-42DB-B57C-9AD38E…)

Deleted on “accident” because it had her old username kek

No. 966746

File: 1588182734628.png (298.64 KB, 750x1334, B4258877-4315-43F9-B281-BF3C11…)

cow crossover

No. 966787

What a delightful turn of events

No. 966802

File: 1588192278725.jpg (224.15 KB, 1078x846, Screenshot_20200429-163046_Chr…)

No. 966807

love bombing cunt & Matt is just a cuck :/

No. 966809

image trying to get your rocks off to some ewhore and she writes out soppy shit like this… vomit worthy

No. 966820


Is she missing Aaron?

No. 966830

File: 1588196416163.png (288.19 KB, 1080x546, 55A27536-60F9-4CB6-BBB1-8E31D1…)


u know you’ve fallen when dolly is calling out ur shit lol

No. 966831

Looking forward to the fallout from this reply.

No. 966839

>you never get annoyed with each other uwu
wasn't she just few days ago like, I can't wait to live alone with all space to myself with no people around just me and my painting fuck matt? lol

No. 966854

That was my assumption- she said things like this all the time about Aaron when she lived with him

No. 966856

this is in response to a reply to the aforementioned tweet. there won't be fallout

No. 966863

Matt and her broke up but they are still best friends and living together for the moment being

No. 966865


No. 966875

Yeah, I lurked twitter then realised.

No. 966937

File: 1588214263067.jpg (393.27 KB, 1079x1317, Screenshot_20200429-203735_Ins…)

Why is she just holding her tit like that

No. 966939

She has the grace of a 12 year old boy, what else is new.

The better question is: why the fuck does she look more and more cockeyed as time passes? I've noticed it lately more than ever.
Not medfagging, but she needs to go get some blood work done or something. She keeps getting more sick looking….especially here >>966475

No. 966940

File: 1588214612043.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 151.59 KB, 750x1179, 98B32847-2911-477D-A1D8-705168…)

Holy fuck did her tit ever bottom out or what? It's almost fully consumed her brotherlove tattoo, like part of the word was written on the tit and part is still on her 2D as fuck ribcage. Yucky shit

No. 966941

He awkwardly violent boob-clutching doesn't help either. You'd think with all the other sexworkers she skinwalks she'd pick up some posing techniques. Latinamilk/freja noir was one of her biggest skinwalk victims and she has the grace of a goddamn butterfly

No. 966964

It’s so unsexy how you can tell she gazes at herself into on the phone screen. Her boring, vapid expression but also you can tell she’s very impressed with herself. Idk, id imagine if you’re buying her content, you’d want it to seem like she’s present looking at YOU, not her own reflection. Her common sense is so nonexistent, watching her fuck herself is my favorite comedy. (Proverbial, no pun intended).

No. 966965

I’ve noticed Doormatt’s been looking a lot thinner lately too. Her cheeks are looking more sunken in. Either they’re on drugs or the undiagnosed HIV is finally catching up. Like anon said >>966455 ; she is looking low key wrecked

No. 967018

It’s crazy to think where Doormatt might be, if he hasn’t met Ari

No. 967020

Dating some other loser that walks all over him. Don’t wk Matt just because he’s not ari

No. 967024

This woman look more and more like Joan Cusack with each passing year

No. 967035

File: 1588237949820.jpeg (419.6 KB, 1124x1428, A14E84B7-D459-4080-837A-C61B2D…)

>iM bEtTEr ThAN mOsT maKeUP aRtIsTs
>can’t tight-line
>eyeliner is translucent, watery black
>gunky eyeliner in corner of eye

Her hair may as well be bright red still too. Smdh it’s faded so badly despite the fact she seems to have only washed it once since dying it “black”

No. 967104

where is the proof of this? don’t just talk out of your ass. it messes with the validity of the thread

No. 967120

so true it's uncanny. but not a "young Joan Cusack," she resembles the fully aged version. she'll start to get more wrinkles soon enough >>966475

No. 967163

File: 1588263775903.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, 8AEE46EE-B49A-4073-BE8B-7CE77E…)

No one asked for it, but here comes health advice time…

No. 967167

That pose w the leg up is just so goddamn stupid. Why does she do it

No. 967178

Lmao I thought your posts said “John Cusack” instead and I was really struggling to see the resemblance

No. 967179

File: 1588265726241.jpeg (82.66 KB, 828x319, 00E39D49-A284-401C-8FD2-9220E6…)

If you can get all your chores done by 10am, you have a simple life. Ain’t worth bragging about?? Washing the dishes and cleaning the litter box is just called LIVING. ari..

No. 967180

File: 1588265799122.jpeg (87.89 KB, 828x560, 307E8D63-7DE4-47B1-A0F3-A5D0BB…)

No. 967198

>get good at pole dancing
Goals kek

Goal number 2 is never gonna happen, sorry.

No. 967239

How sad is it that simply "getting work" is a life goal for her? Like not even "learn to love myself" or "become more comfortable in my own skin" but just straight up getting plastic surgery. She really is an addict.

No. 967247

Looking at these goals, she’s really outgrown doormatt

No. 967273

Poor Doormatt just wanted to be in a touring band and now look at him.. left in the dirt at the feet of this narcissistic, bimbo. Imagine how many states he could have traveled to and played in if she actually supported his life dream? There were so many opportunities where they could’ve worked together to promote the band when it was popular and when she had a huge following but no. Ariana is insecure and can’t have her man accomplishing big things without her. Now she’s finally got a big head and is deciding to leave him behind with nothing!

No. 967278

I’m not negating you’re point, he definitely is manipulated and walked on by ari and that horrible co-dependent relationship, But he really has no ambition or drive. like if he wanted to tour and make a career out of his “passion”, who would be able to stop him? It’s not 100% on the bimbo, they’re both just lazy losers that don’t push each other to be great. He likes to lay around and play video games when he’s not delivering mail, and she just sleeps and takes photos of herself. Their twenties are slipping away and they’ve achieved nothing. At the end of the day, if you’re not happy with your life , it’s your fault for not making the change. That’s no one responsibility. So while i agree they’re horrible for each other, it’s not completely fair to say it’s all on her . That’s all I’m saying.

No. 967342

File: 1588288427726.jpg (755.74 KB, 1080x2043, Screenshot_20200430-180351_Chr…)

Can't wait to see her aggressively respond to anyone who gives her advice

No. 967343

File: 1588288710706.jpeg (102.55 KB, 828x606, 942D7EC6-7FAD-48EC-99CA-2A68D5…)


No. 967344

Good thing she got over those horrible dependency issues and now only fucks a handful of men off escort sites

No. 967351

She’s taking her yearly bath, I see.

No. 967352

I mean isn’t she just talking backwards nonsense?? Surely having a series of one night stands and living alone shows LESS dependency than her current situation of being stuck in a dead end relationship because she’s co dependant and only having one client for her FSSW because she’s emotionally attached to him

No. 967354

Not going to wash her hair tho, is she.

No. 967356

Ariana, hun, I gave you advice a few days ago and we know you read here; take it to a conservator. Restoration is a highly skilled job people train in for years. Kek at that anon saying she’s going to end up covering it in glitter - I honestly think we’re getting closer to that happening

No. 967359

That’s biannual.

No. 967407

DoorMat is a walking postman. Which would explain why he looks thin. He’s lost weight via his job.

No. 967419

Imagine being almost 30 and blasting how many people you've fucked all over social media. That doesn't scream mental issues at all… nope.

Also, 17? That's A LOT. I wonder if she's ever been tested for STDs in her life? I don't think our hEaLtHy qween ever got tested after that mysterious rash showed up. She seems quite averse to going to the Dr for some reason… like if she doesn't get diagnosed, its not real. So irresponsible. Thought process of a fucking child.

Blech, hope this walking STD gets a grip and stops putting other people at risk. (x) Doubt to that though, too much of a narc sociopath to give a shit about anyone else

No. 967427

File: 1588298278701.jpeg (501.24 KB, 750x1066, 56D7C0F0-D7BE-4A7F-BA9A-8DF250…)

I wonder if the remaining finger is going to put in appearance, or if this will be Scorpion 2.0?

No. 967429

PREACH. This is all spot on. All you need to know about this dirt bag is she claims she was raped while her unconscious, never got tested or reported the rape to a doctor, and continued to have sex with her boyfriend and clients…. I mean…. she has no soul.

No. 967435

he’s had that job for years

No. 967439

File: 1588300039895.jpeg (352.03 KB, 1108x1557, AEC0D3B5-790B-4A1E-ACBC-C63AF7…)

Ok crimson chin

No. 967441

So if she fucked 17 people in that time frame, how many people has she fucked in her whole life jesus.

No. 967449

File: 1588301080747.jpeg (12.56 KB, 142x215, D9EB1100-7443-4796-AA67-77173B…)

No. 967455

Says the bitch who has no idea what she looks like kek. I've never known someone who toots their own horn constantly like she does… "I'm so pretty! I'm so rich! I'm such a good person!"

anyone who is any of those things don't yell about it all the fucking time. Its such a pathetic cope.

No. 967457

When you have 2 left feet, the most embarrassingly awkward "sexy poses", and can't even twerk your couch-potato ass without bouncing up and down on the balls of your feet or using the bounce of a bed, you will never be good at pole dancing. She really needs to pick some attainable goals.

No. 967459


He also has to accept the fact that his band sucks and his relationship drama overshadowed everything related to his music. The funniest part is anyone can be in a "touring band". 10 yr olds tour across the country. If the dude couldn't tour, then he has no one to blame but his own weak-minded self.

No. 967483

This face must haunt her, I mean no wonder she hates herself.

No. 967486

File: 1588310585777.jpeg (107 KB, 808x542, 6B0D0FB4-79BC-444A-9D73-8AD2D0…)

God here we go again with the die antwoord lyrics. Cheesy.

No. 967505

I think we can safely say that for Doormatt it’s a mix of his own lack of ambition and being manipulated and gaslit by Ari.
As for “touring” there’s no way in hell she would let him do that, as he’d likely be meeting girls at gigs kek

No. 967507

does she think this quote applies to her? she's one of the most transparently try hard people I see online

No. 967574

I honestly think she is so deluded, when she puts her make up on, dresses slutty and the BPD is strong, I think the persona she embodies in her mind is someone who doesn’t have to try, but in reality she literally tries so hard that this is comical.

No. 967587

BPD bingo anyone?

No. 967592

ari i am begging you to put some fucking lipstick on so we don’t have to see how disgusting and scabby your lips are

No. 967594

She has spent THOUSANDS on elective surgeries for her appearance and plans to spend even more. I literally can't think of a more difficult way to make yourself "pretty"…but yes Ariana your beauty comes so easily to you

No. 967596

This was meant in reply to >>967486

No. 967597

Every day that passes, I'm more convinced her mom did drugs/alcohol while pregnant with Ariana. It would explain alot of shit

No. 967604

File: 1588345449039.jpeg (201.7 KB, 1242x545, D5B5029E-FFE9-4931-AD39-B63C3B…)

Reference to lolcow?

No. 967613

File: 1588347630205.png (216.19 KB, 750x1334, 4677B8D6-A7B9-4900-A464-B86899…)

I don’t even know what to say. She is a fucking waste of space.

No. 967615


I bet she has convinced herself that living separate from her "bf" after they had almost had a baby together, were engaged and were excited for a new apartment /life together is her LIVING, THRIVING, BOSS BITCH BEHAVIOUR.

I feel awful for her..

No. 967616

what a fucking disgusting person

No. 967620

She just ping pongs back and forth between a million things. “Once I get a new apartment, once I move, once I etc etc etc…”

It’s a constant tragic loop that she can’t recognize,

No. 967623

I think she displays the scabs/injection point scarring as a point of pride because she thinks it makes it more obvious she’s had work done - she doesn’t do aftercare after filler for the same reason I’m assuming

No. 967628

Massive tinfoil/armchair but she’s got lots of foetal alcohol syndrome traits
>Abnormal facial features- thin upper lip, wide set eyes
>Low body weight
>Poor coordination (obvious in her dancing gifs/videos)
>Hyperactive behavior
>Difficulty with attention
>Poor memory (forgets she eats cheese then says she hasn’t eaten dairy in months may just be a fucking liar)
>Difficulty in school (especially with math)
>Learning disabilities
>Speech and language delays
>Intellectual disability or low IQ
>Poor reasoning and judgment skills

No. 967633

I hate this open mouth tongue thing she's doing so much now in her pics, it grosses me out to look at

No. 967656

File: 1588352709527.jpg (321.8 KB, 1080x1921, 20200501_130530.jpg)

No. 967662

Can't get over how awful her thin janky bangs look, like why even bother? Pin it back girl.

No. 967664

they are so thin and limp, at least style them

No. 967667

Your ridiculous life is payment, Ari. Lol.

No. 967668

File: 1588354071551.png (3.97 MB, 828x1792, 913F15AA-4454-43AF-9668-DAE06A…)

She says the baby blanket isn’t dirty but it’s straight up chilling on the ground

No. 967670


that's the only lyric she knows by them im convinced. she's been quoting that for YEARS. what about it do you think looks easy, ari? your full-body rashes? your struggle taxidermy? your art that could be approaching a passable level of decency if not for the fact that you dump glitter all over it every time? your daily IG live makeup sessions that take forever? give me a break

No. 967704

I’ve said this so many times, whatever it is, this girl has some sort of mental disability whether it’s a little Downs, Aspergers… idk bc I’m not a doctor. But she def seems like she has some form of retardation.

No. 967721

File: 1588360297499.jpg (380.31 KB, 1080x2053, Screenshot_20200501-151023_Ins…)

Looks like she took some of our advice about separating her art and porn social media but didn't implement it properly. Art and porn on one ig and taxidermy on the other? Kek

No. 967735

>ethically sourced
meanwhile she's buying cheap very obviously unethically made taxidermy for her place

No. 967774

Tinfoil but >>967613 plus >>967343 makes me think one of the reasons she's getting her own place is so she can invite clients to her house

No. 967776

File: 1588369195137.jpeg (526.69 KB, 1936x1936, A9331C00-C086-4BC3-BF94-D75F7B…)

What’s more annoying? Scoliosis back to make it look like she has an ass or the fact she couldn’t be bothered to tuck the label in

No. 967790

she’s posed like a grandma wearing a diaper

No. 967792

I make so much money making old guys pay for ari’s pictures that she doesn’t bother censoring, thanks ari you’re paying my student loans! Please keep up the freebies!

No. 967793

Clever. I think you’re right.

Gotta be that label for me. She’s a fucking goon.

No. 967796

“Ethically sourced” aka roadkill or the back door of a pet shop .

No. 967799

Don’t give her any tips, I love that she’s dumb enough to post free content of her fully naked body and spread ass hole.

No. 967800

File: 1588373041037.jpeg (823.71 KB, 750x1141, F7CE966D-CCF9-4EDA-A3CC-135EBC…)

The caption had me screaming…she was given free creative reign, but was asked to incorporate mushrooms?

Draws only mushrooms.

No. 967803

File: 1588373124634.jpeg (248.22 KB, 828x1235, 9AE36F5F-0E67-4EB9-9F9B-D32F10…)

“Basically anything I think is appropriate”… um.

No. 967805

File: 1588373161003.jpeg (256.33 KB, 828x1254, B1304B1F-5391-47F7-8F35-8087F0…)

This nasty shit I can smell it form here

No. 967809

File: 1588373288048.jpeg (45.96 KB, 828x202, 7E72A50B-7CFC-4290-BA04-4C7E7E…)

No. 967810

File: 1588373412932.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 121.53 KB, 828x666, EB828473-ACB4-48D5-8F3E-EF5DDE…)

No. 967811

Hahaha…line of the night.

True, this looks mangy as fuck. I don’t think she has mummified it, just picked it up off the street, decided it’s mummified and stick it on a stand. It’s rancid.

No. 967812

The art of the tease. lol.

No. 967815

Yeah lmao she said she found it like that, someone's dead, dusty cat, glued on a stick and sold

No. 967819

Imagine the state it’s in now. I’d love to see that. Lol.

No. 967820

Is it just me or does the resin on the wood bark look nasty

No. 967823

It’s not just you. It shows a total lack of finesse.

No. 967826

she’s truly a gutter level e-whore, love it

No. 967827

Strange she hasn’t picked up any anatomy to incorporate into her drawings when she has been an artist for 10 years and an avid bone collector for 15

No. 967831

Really leaving little to imagination… she really has zero game, just throw it all out there- no need to like, pay for it!!!

No. 967832

Agreed. I don’t know why she puts the resin on the bark, it looks weird. Probably because she’s not skilled enough to keep it from dripping down the sides so she just does the whole thing. I’d love to see what the back side looks like…

No. 967844

File: 1588378279367.jpeg (134.42 KB, 1125x830, D3F69EC6-D113-4FB2-B675-E3CBEE…)

so edgy ariana

No. 967845

File: 1588378456490.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 336.46 KB, 1125x1678, 33A70D83-D51A-4159-9621-1F2866…)

lmao what the fuck is this

No. 967846

No. 967859

File: 1588381227308.jpeg (552.72 KB, 828x1391, 3C029416-16F2-473A-8193-A25C64…)

Private ig post from yesterday

No. 967873

My favorite part has got to be
>"I don't have time for other people if they're not paying MY bills or contributing to MY happiness"
in other words…
She's such a self centered bitch. Can't wait til she ends up totally alone. She's getting good at talking to herself, so I doubt she'll even notice

No. 967874

Man I wonder if Matt knows she’s so excited to get tf away from him. You can tell their relationship is so dead, I bet he’s excited to get away from her too.

No. 967876

If you look back at his old sappy posts, he seems like the type of guy who loves to be in love. He used to post all the time about his "bean" and how proud he was of her, how pretty she was (even pre-surgery), how much he loved being with her, etc. He proposed to this crazy bitch! I'm sure he would love to feel that again.
So yes, I'm sure he's excited to get away from her too. Even if this isn't a breakup, it's definitely a strong step toward one.

No. 967882

it's wild to think that around this time last year she was still going out with friends and that one guy she was hooking up w. nowadays the quarantine hasn't forced her to change her lifestyle at all. pretty sad, and the "i'm so happy" mantra is getting less convincing

she was using his phone to make posts on the private account, so maybe he can still read all of these captions

No. 967884

Barely let’s say hm 5 months ago?? She was saying she paid off all her credit completely and now it’s 3 whole credit cards left? Her lies are too much sometimes. How in debt is this bitch, that’s not normal especially since she has nothing to show for it. No home, no degree or schooling, no job, nice car, or even a single piece of furniture. She spent it all on her face which will inevitably be altered by age anyways. What’s the fucking point, she’s so weird. She just sounds dumb and like every other dumb white bitch that takes out 10,000 credit cards. What white Becky doesn’t have 6 maxed out cards, kek WHY IS SHE BRAGGING ABT THAT

No. 967885

Excuse me, I mean 2 left to pay kekekek

No. 967896

Well, remember anon, she’s sO gOoD wItH mOnEy. Doesn’t ever blow it on stupid shit that holds no value !

No. 967898

He’s one of those “hopeless romantics”. It’s got to be so depressing at their house together . Two people going no where that hate themselves, each other, and their lives. We all know how horrible it is to be around someone you no longer have feelings for , you just went to get away. It makes your skin crawl, you begin to resent them.

No. 967900

File: 1588386070085.jpeg (101.07 KB, 815x536, C65E7A52-A198-4FAF-AA1D-8DC06B…)

Posting bc of the caption. Lol, keep tryin beb.

No. 967913

File: 1588387683201.jpg (106.96 KB, 324x486, 20200501214717.jpg)

Thank you for this Ariana

No. 967923

This is absolutely terrifying. I actually can’t look very long, there is something so creepy about her waxy alien head.

No. 967930

Her eyes look so soulless and terrifying. Seriously got the chills after seeing this.

No. 967939

what the fuck is this? it looks like her teeth are cardboard cutouts with her tongue like that

No. 967940

File: 1588392978092.png (4.44 MB, 828x1792, 316C5286-DB2C-4239-8FC4-95061D…)

Why is her art so…boring

No. 967941

File: 1588393096959.jpeg (100.91 KB, 828x218, 0499FB05-4FFC-495C-8792-EACD8A…)

Is she going to fake eat her out or what?

No. 967942

File: 1588393147725.jpeg (146.6 KB, 828x623, 5841E7C4-9F23-431B-BB66-47DA3C…)

What’s up with glitter shit

No. 967943

Praying that this girl is smart enough to make sure Ariana has been tested before making content with her but somehow I doubt it

No. 967945

There are no teeth there, as usual. That’s tongue.

No. 967947

That index finger doesn’t look right.

No. 967951

yeah i said that

No. 967966

Tbh I don’t think Matt was ever that into Ariana in the first place. She basically lovebombed him until he gave in. I can’t find the insta post because her account was deleted but there was a photo of them and a caption about how Matt wasn’t sure if he wanted a relationship with her and when she told him she loved him he wouldn’t say it back kek

No. 967971

The fingers look like weird spider legs and the index finger is turned to the side wtf is going on ??

No. 967972

ethically sourced my ass, remember when she was stealing dead animals from her shop to practice her horror taxidermy on?? NO WAY is she sourcing them ethically, this bitch is impervious to change

No. 967973

she's got those cracked out luna slater eyes, the end is nigh

No. 967975

I wish she would stop with the glitter, I've seen people add a little bit of glitter to their resin and top their art that way and it's looked nice but she just globs glitter on in random places. It could MAYBE even look decent if she just put black glitter on whatever that black liquid shit is but even then idk. but the mushroom one was ruined by the glitter, same with the Scorpio one. The red glitter around the scorpion was so tacky she has no idea what she's doing.
Sage for being an artfag but god her art just bothers the fuck outta me.

No. 967984

She basically has to look at her hands as she draws and yet she still can’t get the anatomy right. Good job she checks here regularly and read the anons comment about her missing the pinky fingers time to add one in

No. 967994

Try to pose your hand in this way. Actual pain. Kek.

No. 967998

File: 1588418453373.jpeg (504.42 KB, 750x1155, C8FFEDCC-AD8E-4B7F-9C16-445E43…)

No. 968002

File: 1588420448004.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 724.59 KB, 1322x851, FF1299D6-76E0-41D8-B614-94C39A…)

Does Matt just sit awkwardly in another room playing video games while she does this stuff…?

No. 968007

kek I can’t unsee it

No. 968022

This should be front and center in the next thread pic collage.

No. 968026

Yes please lol

No. 968053

She has the cold, lifeless face of one of those sex robots called Real Dolls. Maybe her teeth retract whenever she opens her mouth to make room for a dick.

No. 968056

File: 1588431245048.jpeg (115.53 KB, 818x587, 27D8389B-BF86-45CB-89BB-E8DAA5…)

Could she make it any more obvious that she lurks

No. 968093

File: 1588434521353.jpeg (70.33 KB, 828x572, E53ADAB8-3B6A-4E18-BB48-78EE07…)

Why she never post a pic of her credit score if it’s so good ? mid 700’s is my guess.

No. 968098

Your head looks big because it is. Plus you exaggerate the features like a clown. Compared to your small ass and thin and flabby chicken body.

No. 968108

I hope her urethra only looks blue/grey because of lighting. She yanks at her pussy so hard that her urethra looks all messed up kek

No. 968167

File: 1588446360126.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 216.5 KB, 1500x1976, FEB107ED-1082-4197-9C40-CF07C5…)

uhh.. why is there such a visible hole on her urethra? seriously it looks like she has a metal washer shoved in her twat. never seem something like that

No. 968177

gonna guess that things downstairs probably don't feel so good when you're dry fucking yourself with dildo everyday. Its probably the lighting making it look weird tho imo

Side note why do SW cows always claim they have an "aversion to sex" like Shay and PNP? I mean I'd believe it with how mechanical and transaction based their sexuality/sex lives are but how can they claim their "aversion" is normal when they're also spreading their asshole to anyone who stumbles on their twitter? She needs to stick with art. Even if anons here think its guady trash she's obviously making more money and enjoying herself more than with her SW videos without having to degrade herself to strangers. Honestly I think she doesn't stop or separate her art from her porn because it's how she receives most of her validation. She can't separate being naked and getting complimented by horny men with compliments from people who actually like her for more than her physical body which judging by PNP might be the only thing she actually cares about people liking her for.

No. 968183

File: 1588448071985.jpeg (37.84 KB, 320x240, 6DDFBDBD-05DB-4EB5-92D1-F1E0EC…)

Ari gives me “Dixie from Mad TV” vibes.

No. 968188

I personally think it’s because they are, for the lack of a better word, raping themselves. They originally over stepped their own boundaries and now they have damaged themselves and their sex drives, opinions on sex, mental health etc.

No. 968194

"i have zero motivation to seek human contact"…ok that's good since there's kind of a pandemic going on

No. 968198


The first sentence reads as if she's been a "25 yr old artist" "for a decade now", not that she's a 25 yr old who has been an artist for a decade.

No. 968199


She was in debt with over 5 credit cards earlier this year? While she was bragging about how good her credit was and spouting “you need credit to build credit dumbasses” to excuse herself?

Hahaha the truth always comes out doesn’t it , Ari?

No. 968203

Please elaborate anon

No. 968206

File: 1588453456319.png (20.93 KB, 547x173, lurk.PNG)

caption on insta post

No. 968208

File: 1588453788872.jpeg (392.58 KB, 750x1002, B6A915CA-BE0C-44DB-88A1-93D1CE…)

That’s right. You’re a lolcow

No. 968218

File: 1588455848507.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 130.55 KB, 1125x750, E8BCD2DF-8B8B-4998-B248-72D799…)

why does this idiot always grab her boobs so aggressively?

No. 968219

Probably because it's the only way she can feel anything after her shitty boob job.

No. 968221

I don’t understand how her angel bite scars get more and more pronounced as time goes on? She’s got gaping holes in her face and she not had piercings in there for years and years. So much for ~muh super, fast healing, overload immune system

No. 968224

Idk if she has, but it looks like one is a 'freckle' it's the same tone as the marks on her cheeks

No. 968232

Ari, I know you'll read this so please listen to me when I say: stop drawing your eyeliner on like that! It makes your eyes look closer together and oddly shaped! It's not a good look! Seriously, just don't draw the bottom part at all and you'll improve your looks so much!

No. 968235

>>968093 mid 700s isn't bad, 701-760 is good. 761-850 is excellent and 621-700 is average if you guess mid 700s then that's good

No. 968254

Don’t give her any ideas to quit sex work anon, it’s too funny watching her spread her actual asshole and slap her titties around to the world.

No. 968256

Perfectly said. They’ve tainted their own idea of what sex is and ruined it for themselves.

No. 968257

She’s practically illiterate

No. 968258

Those bangs were so poorly cut

No. 968260

Yeah and the point is hers is probably just average-good instead of “excellent” being what she claims .

No. 968261

Why go out in public like this. Screaming insecurity with all the distracting eyeliner. Her makeup is probably the biggest thing that angers me.
If this doesn’t sage when I put it in the subject line then idk why it it’s too working.

No. 968263

I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean, but to sage a post you have to put the 'sage' in the email field.

No. 968278

File: 1588467030960.jpg (646.01 KB, 2896x2322, 20200502_194622.jpg)

I'm only slightly older than Ariana and this seems like such a juvenile thing to think about. Crazy that she's worried about which sub-culture to charade as when she's this fucking old.

No. 968279

Not to wk at all, I think this is just an extension of her internal struggle with identity because BPDfag.

No. 968282

File: 1588468545547.jpg (226.35 KB, 1079x866, Screenshot_20200502-201531_Chr…)

Feeling a little manic tonight Ariana?

No. 968291

lol “punk/goth” what a loser

No. 968333

File: 1588483816625.jpg (565.64 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200502-221354_Sam…)

Straight up skinwalking, poser shit. I don't think anyone thinks someone decked out in all Urban Outfitters shit looks good, let alone looking like a "baddie". They just are people who try to keep up with whatever is currently fashionable in the fast fashion industry. No punks would like her because she stands for absolutely nothing punk and would get fucked with and called out by real punks. Maybe goth or industrial, but her tattoos scream that she knows nothing about tattoos. Her wannabe stereotypical slut routine / persona is clearly not goth or industrial. Her tattoos look like some kid traced a bunch of random shit from various pinterest boards or freehanded junior high sketches and, due to lack of knowledge and talent, ended up making muddled blob tattoos. And this idiot is thinking a back tattoo would go with the rest of the muddled blobs with no cohesive idea, meaning, placement, or style. Sure, Asshole, drop "a couple grand" on a back tattoo to go with the rest of the tattoos that make you look like a fool struggling to keep up with trends.(repost)

No. 968357

This is the most surreal statement coming from someone over the age of 19. She has really bad arrested development. You have an identity Arianna, and it’s redneck, swamp trash, mess. This is in the same vein as her being obsessed with people she went to school with, actual adults don’t give a fuck about fitting in with subcultures, especially when they’re a self proclaimed introvert who said can’t stop banging on about how she prefers who own company and doesn’t want friends.

No. 968446

File: 1588517597157.png (7.44 MB, 1242x2208, C2CA22B3-AC70-4D94-8C12-0147EA…)

I almost feel sorry for her watching this live right now. As ever, there’s something she hates, and just keeps whining (literally), repeating “something is off, something is offff…fuck you” at her own face. Depressing as fuck. She’s ruining her face with all this shit. Which is her prerogative I guess, but it’s so bleak.

No. 968455

Well, she has a sad, meaningless life. Nothing fulfills her. It is pretty fucking depressing.

No. 968456

File: 1588519323571.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 263.48 KB, 820x1086, DC219C47-237B-4DCB-8223-1000CB…)

Ol Bobblehead McMillan

No. 968471

the fucking socks, why

No. 968481

That, and literally only using sex as a tool to get things you want

No. 968485

How she gonna censor her nipples but leave her pussy visible?

No. 968498

>normal eyeliner
thank god she’s lurking and taking our makeup advice kek

No. 968512

Its honestly bewildering how she has like zero sex appeal. Like her surgery all looks kinda weird but same for many porn stars who still make it work. Idg how she’s so charmless

No. 968516

incredible how different her bangs look in that picture versus the live. not only does she take advice about her makeup but she also cuts her bangs when they're mentioned here lol.

No. 968521

All her tattoos are poorly done and fading so bad already. Everything she does is a waste of money

No. 968523

Seriously. At this point it’d be better for her to just get the angel bites repierced to fill in the holes. At least then it’d be something to distract from her awful lips.

No. 968526

Armpit boobs, why are they running anyway all the time lol?

No. 968534

File: 1588532351463.jpg (210.76 KB, 1080x805, 20200503_135835.jpg)

Manic tweeting 1/2

No. 968535

File: 1588532402767.jpg (185.01 KB, 1080x1164, 20200503_135813.jpg)


No. 968536

File: 1588532524551.jpg (247.7 KB, 1080x863, Screenshot_20200503-140208_Chr…)

Pics or it didn't happen Ariana

No. 968538

I was going to say the exact same thing, but felt it almost didn’t need saying lol. She is a robot, and, honestly, at her least erotic when naked.

No. 968540

File: 1588533225152.gif (2.02 MB, 368x652, 95475664_3076329452434831_5320…)

Yes, rub your filthy blanket on your face as you mouth breathe into the camera.

No. 968542

Talking about how she feels uglier after spending 2 hours to apply her 100$ worth of makeup

No. 968552

methinks someone's stimulus money was well spent on some hard drugs. manic as fuck. bet she justified as it as "i can stay up later to do art"

either that, or her SD gave her something harder than weed for letting him fuck her ass. anyoen remember back when she said it "sucked" that her only client only wanted to meet up with her to do drugs and have a "coke buddy" or something?

No. 968560

>3 a.m.
>my sleep paralysis demon

No. 968572

File: 1588539082860.png (3.02 MB, 750x1334, 31672C9B-2F3F-4532-A2D3-178F97…)

Gaah her car stories are killing me kek. She is literally the ‘I don’t understand bitch’ meme.

This filter is a gift when it glitches on her mouth.

No. 968589

File: 1588540587921.jpg (213.56 KB, 1079x1374, 20200503_160539.jpg)

Newsflash! If you filed your goddamn taxes you'd be getting over $700 per week right now. The government raised unemployment so nonessential workers can stay home. Just because you're an idiot with a confirmation bias from your followers, doesn't mean your right.

No. 968596

Lmao bro everyone I know who got laid off is making bank off unemployment rn. Like this is the best time out of any to be getting laid off, this bitch is mad bc she’s a fucking prostitute and that’s the most unstable position to be in right now. She wants to be able to post about “working” again and she’s getting ready to play victim if called out

No. 968599

Why is she even browsing tinder? She’s in a relationship…

No. 968604

File: 1588543608750.png (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20200503-230337~2.p…)


No. 968618

She's definitely planning to use tinder under the guise of "im looking for new clients!!!"…but I think we all know that after Matt isn't living with her anymore, their relationship is over. I think she is looking for a new bf preemptively so she won't be alone when Matt is gone. We all know how codependent she is. Also another clue, she keeps asking her Twitter followers if they'd date a sexworker.

No. 968620

File: 1588546988283.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, 9E9B9934-723D-4F9B-BEB8-D1E605…)

Spot on anon, I thought exactly the same.

That filter still giving the gold…

No. 968623

Seriously , she looks at all these things as investments but honestly, the taxidermy, the plastic surgery, the tattoos, the taxidermy course, even her fast fashion and excess make up, skincare, and “natural remedies”….all trash.

No. 968626

Just an update on this…she posted this on reddit twice and received absolutely no responses after 3-4 days. I think its safe to say that the albino deer was a lost cause and cannot be easily restored like she believes. The people on r/taxidermy probably thought she was an idiot

No. 968627

File: 1588548884331.png (2.76 MB, 828x1792, A3A25CED-B42A-4A56-8C08-B8D517…)

Lol this is how I picture her sorry ass at home with a full cake face and her white tube socks like just sedentary on her phone all day gloating about how wonderful her life is and how we’re all jus jealous.

No. 968628

She’s so codependent, she’s already planning a next relationship for when she moves out. Does she actually try to act like she’s going to stick to the “I just love my own company!” Bullshit.

No. 968633

Lol anon yessss

No. 968635

File: 1588551260513.jpg (375.65 KB, 1080x975, Screenshot_20200503-191214_Chr…)


she's such an idiot, my God. Yes $600 is less than some peoples rent…its a weekly allowance. Its about $3000 a month total you dumb bitch. I love how she acts like the authority on things that she has no clue about.

No. 968636

What a weird way to flex how much money you make. “I make too much money to even consider accepting unemployment” “it’s a fucking BANDAID”. Like, ew… turning her nose up. Probably because she doesn’t even qualify for anymore bc she hasn’t filed for years or claims very little. I wonder if she’s away that’s it’s $600 a week for the federal stimulus. And it if she filed correctly she could make up to $500ish a week on regular unemployment. That’s a lot of money for most people… just bc she claims she makes a lot of money, her bills aren’t any different than ares. Lives on a 1 bedroom, paid off a car, allegey paid off her credit cards… she doesn’t need that much to live anyway. But oh wait, she’s a retard with money and wants to blow thousand on a back piece and taxidermy

No. 968637

….I was literally making $800+ a WEEK with unemployment/Covid allowance asfdk going back to work is literally a payCUT right now. She doesn’t even understand what’s going on!(no1curr)

No. 968639

File: 1588552495446.jpeg (97.69 KB, 828x694, 5855A8D7-CAAD-4BB5-AF62-AC93D5…)

Alice Amor Love~ Porn features rape, incest, physical abuse.

No. 968641

File: 1588552613944.jpeg (104.83 KB, 828x451, 1EE9E629-2F7A-4D04-B25A-47AC56…)

Lives in the worst part of philly, but is sOoOoOo good with money and is so rich! What is the worst part, Kensington ?

No. 968644

File: 1588552957844.jpg (161.04 KB, 1080x824, 20200503_193952.jpg)

Aaaaand she's still arguing out of her ass.
The government loosened the qualifications for gaining unemployment so no one would be denied unless you can't properly fill out an online form. Even if you don't have access to a computer, you can call and have someone apply for you. If she actually knows someone who has not gotten money from applying, they just need to correct their form because they did something wrong.

Ariana, you are an idiot. Accept it.

No. 968646

Also "shamed"?????
There is a global pandemic and in arianas mind the victims are not the people at risk for getting sick, the victims are the people who want to go to work before its safe to do so

No. 968650

Okay I really cannot with this bitch, anon is 100% correct, it’s way too easy to get unemployment right now. She is seriously just pissed now because she’s a prostitute and she’s taking it personally. It was her choice to work completely illegally and not contribute to the community/herself by paying taxes. She sits on her ass all day, what does she fucking mean, she doesn’t fucking have a job! She can’t say shit lmao.

No. 968653

So you can’t afford to not work / be on unemployment or you have so much money… which one is it?

No. 968654

Samefag, but how is she going to make chore lists on twitter and congratulate herself for changing her underwear, but than insinuate that hard working people don’t deserve the unemployment they worked for

No. 968657

1000% agree.

I know it’s been hard for gig workers to access their unemployment rn, but it is approved by the gov. You don’t even need to be looking for work and they’ll accept you! She’s trying so hard to be the victim and she doesn’t even know that she probably qualifies. They’re even giving money to the homeless and illegal immigrants in some states. It’s a sign of a very stupid person when they speak on things they don’t know shit about. To quote Ari, “gOoGLe iT”.

No. 968663

File: 1588555248004.jpg (85.51 KB, 1080x451, 20200503_201733.jpg)

I'm so sure Ariana. Your trashy friends living in the hood of Pennsylvania (BTW since when do you have friends???) Make double what unemployment is giving, which would be about $72,000 a year

No. 968670

She just can’t be wrong. She doesn’t understand money so she won’t understand that YES more people are better off on unemployment.

No. 968682

This stupid sack of shit doesn’t have a single fucking friend, and if Aron is on unemployment he won’t call her out for lying about it anyways. She’s a straight up liar, Blog-y but I’m on unemployment; it’s literally more than I was getting paid. I’m sorry I just can’t deal with her lying it’s so obnoxious. Especially when I know for a fucking fact she is talking out of her ass

No. 968705

yea she lives in Kensington. how is she sitting here trying to "advocate" for poor people while she's living in her gentrification apartment? lol
"hope my car doesn't get stolen -sent from my iphone"

No. 968706

She claimed she has to wait until she moves to be able to get frogger her hip surgery because they live in a walk up with lots of stairs but here she clearly lets it slide that she lives on the main floor. What a god damn c*nt liar. She probably just can't afford the surgery but after sperging about frogger she had to give some form of excuse that makes her seem thoughtful instead of unable.

No. 968720

She can prob pay it with credit but she'd rather fill her botched face with fat than make sure her dog is well taken care of
I bet this bitch hits her cat

No. 968748

It’s like why tbh. Philly is known as a blue collar area still and rent isn’t crazy in other areas. I hope it never becomes a NYC. Probably in a new building. The land was probably seized by lame mostly out of state and greedy developers who are running poor people out of their homes and zip codes.This trashy bitch can honestly shut the fuck up. Why purposely move to this neighborhood and complain when there are so many options.

No. 968783

File: 1588599167091.png (3.29 MB, 750x1334, 714CEBCF-9B06-46FA-A613-A95D9F…)

No. 968786

Omg @ “why do you hate your cat so much” sksksksksk

No. 968789

god why does she always film from these horrible angles? it's infuriating how lazy she is

No. 968808

She’s probably talking about like Goth Charlotte, real sex workers that make real money.

No. 968814

File: 1588607221326.jpeg (271.53 KB, 1242x832, B43DB823-92A3-4402-8BA2-CD4D80…)

No. 968816

File: 1588607882930.jpg (914.9 KB, 1074x1760, Screenshot_20200504-083209_Ins…)

The feed of her former "art account" features the same poses (open mouth with tongue flopping around, or hunched over to give the illusion she has a round ass), but the most recent few look like she's got her head up her own ass. She faces one way to give the illusion of a butt, then in the photo right above, she's facing the other way and pretending she has an ass as well. The positioning of the photos look like she's trying to ram her head up her own ass. But she's such an aRtIste that I'm sure she considered the layout and still wanted it to look like she's eating her own ass.

No. 968817

god the shoop on that first pic… she has never had such a pronounced cheekbone in any of her pics/vids

No. 968828

instead of bitching on twitter why don't you, you know, donate?? local food banks, reach out to your "friends," give back to your community? nah you paid off 5 out of 7 of the credit cards spent on your face.
my thoughts exactly

No. 968832

Her hair is so crusty and white from days and days of dry shampoo. My god.. I retched

No. 968835

She is so unsexy holy fuck. Watch a posing tutorial dear god.

No. 968839

File: 1588612133516.jpg (89.68 KB, 357x357, 1531880434671.jpg)

All her photos are very shopped. She never posts candids of herself because the difference is very jarring. Let's take a moment to appreciate Kaitlyn getting the best photo of what Ariana looks like pre Photoshop and makeup. Au natural kek

No. 968842

Is there anything she posts that isn’t a lie to make her narc ass feel better

No. 968857

kek at her wide ass nose bridge

No. 968870

File: 1588615520439.jpg (2.53 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200504_140546443.jpg)

No. 968871

File: 1588615748060.jpeg (260.76 KB, 750x1034, A46A79EC-EA90-4524-9977-66A891…)

No. 968874

File: 1588616000231.jpeg (70.08 KB, 750x990, 9B779B54-2103-467A-9E98-9EB002…)


Damn this bitch is delusional. You look nothing like her. THERE IS ZERO RESEMBLANCE

No. 968876

I'm convinced that she posted this because of us talking about:

No. 968877

Immediately defensive. No one even got the chance to comment yet. I swear she already knows she doesn’t look enough like Angelina to post confidently. The only similarity they have is they’ve both had extreme amounts of work done to their face kek

No. 968878

Someone had commented saying it doesn’t look like Jolie and she deleted it

No. 968879

To be fair, this side by side invariantly revealed why she still looks so busted even after spending thousands in surgeries: she has weak facial structure pretty much overall. Time for those silicone implants bb

No. 968881

She must really care about proving this point then. Can’t even have a differing opinion around without panicking. But what else is new?

No. 968884

LMAO this has to be a joke

also kek @ >>968874, like why do you have to look like angelina to be able to say anything? anyone with vision can see they look nothing alike

No. 968885

someone please cap the comments

No. 968886

File: 1588617200152.jpeg (113.66 KB, 828x441, 00D51544-CD1C-4E84-AF63-2C8E7A…)

No. 968887

I can't believe how delusional she is. seeing them side by side only accentuates how botched and fucked up looking she is

No. 968893

File: 1588617781086.jpg (209.35 KB, 1077x762, Screenshot_20200504-144323_One…)

I love it when she talks about us

No. 968894

File: 1588617967300.jpg (1.62 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200504_144636099.jpg)

No. 968897

Yet here she is.. talking shit about people talking shit KEK

No. 968901

File: 1588619615126.jpeg (719.54 KB, 2048x2048, 1B19B41B-D106-46A2-8D3A-488881…)


she’s SO bothered after seeing that candid of her, must eat her up inside knowing she can’t facetune and shoop her real face away

here’s some more realistic comparisons for posterity kek

No. 968903

anon she’s going to go fucking mental kek. I’m not sure why she’s so set on comparing herself to a middle aged celebrity when she’s meant to be ‘ageing in reverse’. I cannot wait to see her actually get to angelina’s age and look like jocelyn wildenstein

No. 968906

File: 1588621016006.jpg (1.01 MB, 1122x1950, 20200504143200.jpg)

No. 968909

lol wow love the look of lines on the stomach and under the tits from ill-fitting pants and bras. so sexy.

No. 968914

File: 1588621773240.jpeg (893.95 KB, 1920x2560, F2B74506-44C5-43D4-8E9D-251F16…)


No. 968919

Here's the thing, even with her facetune she does not look like Angelina Jolie. They both have big lips, they are both white, they both have eyes, they are both human beings….like what other similarities are there??? She's so fucking delusional and her stupid followers constantly make her feel validated

No. 968922

File: 1588622677847.jpg (304 KB, 1082x653, pnp.jpg)

No. 968927

File: 1588623282381.png (663.15 KB, 682x888, Screenshot at May 04 16-14-49.…)

tweet she immediately deleted

No. 968932

Sad because even if she does all this she’s still going to look weird and disproportionate. Imagine her getting that tiny little nose just to have huge, cavernous nostrils still. I feel like her having a smaller nose also just makes her look more bug-eyed and like her eyes are a thousand miles apart. And then those fucking lips. How does she not understand that the more she fucks with her face the more she’s going to keep throwing everything off?

No. 968934

This is her third nose job. Obviously she’s never going to be happy with it but her nose is just going to end up more botched… Michael Jackson nose. Her breathing isn’t going to get better it’s going to get worst with this, there’s only so much to work with at this point.

No. 968938

File: 1588624059020.jpeg (363.62 KB, 1242x921, 3730EBE9-D156-48E4-9D26-67A183…)

Maybe because, as we’ve said here a thousand times, you’re not actually attractive/sexy in any way and any little bit of attraction dudes might feel toward your content is instantly ruined by your shit personality and weird ass tweets that don’t belong on a FSSW/e-whore’s Twitter. All of her followers are young girls because they’re insecurity matches hers.

No. 968939

Beauty is intricate imperfections like A Jolie’s face, and more surgery isn’t going to recreate this. I can’t wait.

No. 968940

File: 1588624165062.png (1.28 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200504-142636.png)

No. 968943

File: 1588624316413.jpeg (590.13 KB, 1242x1330, C1974493-1505-4921-9428-A4901F…)

how many times is she going to try to make people believe this actually happened? even if this did happen, all they’re saying is that they can see your monstrous lips from a mile away

No. 968945

if this actually happened, he was most likely lowkey making fun of her

No. 968955

ari they’re not just …. going to be able to make your nose smaller? like the basic structure of her nose is always going to be big with a wide bridge. but by all means i hope she gets into more debt to get even more botched

No. 968957

File: 1588625948481.jpeg (215.09 KB, 1242x338, 7A9DCBEE-3CFA-487A-851B-A77C90…)

This sounds utterly revolting, can’t wait to cringe at the manyvids preview

No. 968958

The fact that she refuses to say who this "famous" person was shows that its totally untrue. He was sooooooo famous but she didn't know who he was?? She was at his concert and didn't know who he was????

No. 968959

I mean…maybe Matt will actually stay hard for once since he won’t be having to have sex with her lol

No. 968960

Lol but she claims that she doesn't know how to use facetune

No. 968961

is she going to get another lip lift? because nothing looks worse than a tiny ass nose and a long ass philtrum

No. 968962

Notice how she is taking it to heart that we've pointed out that SHE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE ANGELINA JOLIE. She's sitting her photoshopping pictures of herself with a more Angelina-esque nose. What a sad, sad, pitiful person

No. 968971

She’s so fucking rude…at this point her teen fans should leave in droves with middle fingers raised high. What a cunt.

No. 968972

why tf did she have to use the word 'milking' eww