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File: 1607884349104.png (2.49 MB, 2000x1600, botched.png)

No. 1106584

SUMMARY: ScorpioAssHeaux / AliceAmoreLove / PickledPetShop / Ariana McMillan is a 25 year old plastic surgery addict, ex-Instagram “influencer”, animal abuser, and full service sex worker based in Philly.


>Has a botched nose job, lip lift and boob job that all have scarring from improper aftercare, had to have boobs redone and are still wonky; constantly talks about needing more surgery to feel better about herself.

>Posts before and after pics of her surgery nonstop, unable to see her own obvious physical decline and downward spiral despite spending hours staring at own face.
>Previously obsessed with fillers, but just got a facial fat-transfer despite her face already looking a catcher’s mitt. Begged a plastic surgeon to just “take her money” when he declined to do the procedure, got her way.
>Has a history of animal abuse: most notably a video of her spraying her hamster with water while it is backed into a corner in a cage >>1034430, and letting a pet gecko get so malnurished that gecko's jaw broke. Instead of taking it to the vet, PnP posted pictures of the Gecko to tumblr asking what she should do much to everyone's dismay. Currently owns a cat she hates and constantly posts videos of her "aggressively" playing with on Snapchat. Posted on tumblr she was going to spend money on her dog's much needed hip surgery, but never mentioned it again after annoucing her fat-facial grafting surgery.

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1081838
First Thread: >>>/snow/638649




>still recovering from her third nosejob, coincidentally still looks the exact same as before from the front

>posted on her socials about randomly shaving both of her cats with clippers for no reason
>wants a xanax prescription
>still posting about disturbing sexual assault dreams on her sexwork twitter
>just like before - still unable to come to terms with her real face and continues to fall back on beauty filters
>lovebombing doormatt and trying to convince him to propose/marry her
>claims she is an empath
>mentioned another psoriasis flareup but nothing ever came of it
>claimed she would be doing content with someone that "wasn't her boyfriend" but never happened


Instagram: PlasticandProud, Plasticnproud, ScorpioAssHoe, PsoriasisandProud, VersatileHeaux, VersatileHeauxArt
Twitter: PlasticandProud, VersatleHeaux, PsoriasisandProud
Tumblr: inippleny, scorpioasshoe


instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scorpioassheaux/
twitter: https://twitter.com/scorpioassheaux
onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/scorpioassheaux
manyvids: https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/1003297752/AliceAmorLove/Store/Videos/
reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Airkilla321
etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Pickledpetshop
depop: https://www.depop.com/scorpioasshoe/

No. 1106591

File: 1607884728843.png (338.57 KB, 588x719, 2020-12-13 13_39_20-Window.png)

she didn't even do a good job. i-


No. 1106593

File: 1607884771013.jpeg (309.85 KB, 640x812, 7A3249AB-C0A3-41CF-84A0-72C383…)

People are pointing out on Twitter now that she’s lying about just shaving “a line” into her cats back and more people are piling in to this mess

No. 1106602

every single thread i am amazed at this retard's ability to prove how big of a white trash piece of shit she is. who the fuck shaves their animal like that? i don't know anyone who does that to their dogs let alone a cat

No. 1106603

She’s so stubborn, she hasn’t even deleted the story on insta yet. I can’t believe this shit lmao

No. 1106604

>just a line

fuck you Ariana. I almost feel like she's jealous of the cats so decided to shave their fur? Like when an abusive parent shaves their daughter's hair as punishment (iirc a girl killed herself after that happened to her)

Absolutely unhinged behavior.

No. 1106605

File: 1607885323664.jpeg (381.33 KB, 750x825, C7B9A77E-3481-433C-A130-0FF1A4…)

Just when I thought the milk had run dry, this crackers bitch shaves her fucking cats because
>I couldn’t stop myself

It’s the lack of agency or consent that’s the issue. You’re allowed to have a pet, it’s assumed that you’ll treat them with respect.

No. 1106607

Don’t forget anon, at least one of her cats is horrible to her on purpose, so she’s just showing them who’s boss.

No. 1106610

Next thread, can we update the summary post to say she’s 26? Sage for OT nitpick

No. 1106611

Yeah that's what I think it is, a pathetic power move against her pets by someone who desperately needs to get a life.

No. 1106616

File: 1607885853475.webm (2.77 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-scorpioassheaux…)

For archival purposes her is the vid

No. 1106619

Ariana, you stupid ass bitch, it IS abuse

No. 1106620

yeah my bad, i was in a hurry to get this one up because of the fresh milk and messed a couple things up.

No. 1106624

I was thinking it was more of an impulse to shave her own hair and she instead took it out on her cats because they can’t defend themselves against it and she’s insane

No. 1106625

That cat probably just put on it's winter coat, too. What a bitch

No. 1106628

What the fuck?? Shaving a cat messes with their ability to regulate their body temperature. It's absolutely abuse. I hope her cats get rescued and put into loving homes that won't abuse them.

No. 1106629

File: 1607886661594.jpg (668.68 KB, 2160x3840, 20201213_131056.jpg)

>this is cute

No. 1106633

If yall are gonna talk about how abusive this is SOMEONE REPORT HER talking shit here isnt gonna save those poor cats you dumb fucks

No. 1106634

File: 1607887066096.jpg (145.8 KB, 611x394, lafawnduhsweaty.jpg)

No. 1106635

shut the fuck up and sage

No. 1106636

Imagine spending all this money to look "good"…but there's a catch. If you make ANY facial movements including smiling or talking, you instantly look like 58 year old Joan cusack or a crackhead at a gas station. Tragic

No. 1106639


people can literally report while posting here, just because you don't have the brain capacity to do two things at once doesn't mean everyone else does also sage your useless shit


notice how she posted that + some random art shit after saying she was going to get off of twitter and stop entertaining people (rightfully) calling her out for the cat situation she's so blatantly desperate for attention

No. 1106640

File: 1607887541780.jpeg (1.14 MB, 2447x3263, C2D89CC3-B514-4363-B8FB-E60960…)

nightmare fuel

No. 1106642

If her nose gets any smaller she's really going to look like the crimson chin. Her face looks so unnatural.

No. 1106646

File: 1607887978582.jpg (693.35 KB, 1079x1550, Screenshot_20201213-133215_Chr…)

Just wanted to post this sad sad caption before she deletes

No. 1106647

Wow. Her lunacy is glowing.

No. 1106649


This shows her character to the T. She doesn’t care about anything but herself. This has makes me want to rage quit her threads, I hope twitter fucking massacres her. Is anyone even defending her? How can she act like this like it’s ~quirky~ and ~funny~. Shave your own damn head, birch, if you cat help yourself.

No. 1106650

Literally someone going through a mental health crisis and live-Tweeting/gramming it

No. 1106651

File: 1607888350783.jpeg (581.24 KB, 828x1477, CF72BC99-B763-4F35-8D26-5263C2…)

It’s absolutely insane that she’s still showing off the shaved cats after so much backlash

No. 1106652

Shaving a cat can be incredibly dangerous if the cat is older, and has skin conditions, or is aggressive. Shaving any cat, however, is dangerous. You're messing up their coat, their ability to clean themselves properly, and running the risk of cutting them with the clippers. Cats have sensitive skin. She, of course, doesn't give a fuck about her animals and decided to do something sadistic to entertain herself. She doesn't deserve to have any pets, but I'm pretty sure we all already knew that. I really hope she is never able to get pregnant again.

No. 1106654

She thinks all attention is good attention.

No. 1106655

she's desperate to show that she's ~unbothered~ and that she didn't do anything wrong. She thinks showing them more will maker her haters cry because she's soooooo powerful hehe

No. 1106657

Not a single person defending her. Some great insults at her, including ‘double lipped bitch’, which I’m assuming is by a farmer. Kek.

No. 1106658

File: 1607888815622.png (3.73 MB, 750x1334, C1BCBA99-9E61-4933-BA11-045FBC…)

Poor thing is sniffing at it’s fur all over the ground

No. 1106659


omg… it brought a smile to my face to see in these pictures how ugly she is. she really botched herself permanently. what a truly, truly ugly greasy mug

No. 1106660

That mtf ass forehead

No. 1106661

she could've easily hurt the cat. do you remember the video of her and the hamster? it really breaks my heart how she treats her animals.

No. 1106662

this is next level, WHO SHAVES THEIR CAT? I have never ever shaved any of my cats all my life?!?

This is why Matt won’t marry her she’s unstable and that’s not attractive

No. 1106663

File: 1607889293781.jpeg (251.37 KB, 1132x1200, 88816F18-0432-45E2-B0C8-89847E…)

I love that she keeps making this retarded face like she’s feeling herself so hard when this is the ugliest she’s looked

No. 1106664

It makes me think she shaved her cat to get a reaction from the internet, from us. You’re not hurting us you’re just hurting your cat. it’s pathetic. It’s not like she shaved them into a grooming design she just shaved half their backs and left it all patchy. Dude take your fucking meds.

No. 1106665

File: 1607889450820.png (2.31 MB, 750x1334, 44782BAC-AA73-4F4E-AA36-604BFC…)

makes posts like this feel ironic as fuck
(from friday)

No. 1106666

Wtf there is no need to shave a cat unless their fur is severly matted which I have only ever seen in long-hair cats and hers is a shorthair?
Cats are usually scared of the noise shavers make as well.

No. 1106671

I seriously pity ariana so much. She's so clearly unstable, lonely, and delusional. Nobody in her life cares enough to get her the help she needs to be a normally functioning adult. I'm in no way WKing her, I just feel really sorry for her unhealthy life. Only someone who is seriously disturbed would do the things she does and not see any problems with it. Digging herself into tens of thousands of dollars of debt due to her horrible self esteem, torturing her animals because she's bored, pretending to laugh in a series of photos alone in her home, having sex with random men for money, selling her porn for pennies, begging for food on the internet, the constant talking to herself, her obvious lack of hygiene…Jesus

No. 1106673

she just needs therapy. there’s nothing to feel bad for. she’s a raging narc with impulse issues.

No. 1106674

File: 1607890483718.jpeg (364.28 KB, 1125x1942, B455680F-6EEF-4508-B6D2-DBC231…)

No. 1106676

if she wanted to shave her animals so badly why would she not just shave her dog? i honestly do not understand this weird fucking manic episode at all. is she like actively on drugs or just this psychotic?

No. 1106679

I would bet money she stopped her lamotrigine and started xans again. Or she’s just entirely unmedicated and fried off dabs all the time. All that butane finally rotting what was left of her prefrontal cortex

No. 1106680

If Matt sees this and is okay with we will both know that they are truly pieces of shit made for each other, yo Matt FYI there are chicks who would bang the fuck outta you nd they wont pretend to love animals as much as you do to manipulate your affection.

No. 1106681


Looks like she went in hard with the clippers. A miracle those cats didn’t get hurt. Matt should leave her ass and take the pets with him.

No. 1106682

Is that the cat she hates and would smack around?

No. 1106683

She shaved both of their cats.

No. 1106684

Bitch I didn’t ask that, I asked if that’s the cat she hates and would smack around.

No. 1106686

Ntayrt but yes it is

No. 1106695

File: 1607891723586.jpeg (240.97 KB, 1242x739, 9B697CA5-C8C7-4804-99F4-72F94C…)

she’s wondering why her Animal Rights Activist Vegan Best Friend isn’t texting her back kek

No. 1106696

even if the cats had fleas she has no reason to do this. i hate this bitch. she doesn't deserve those babies. someone should shave her fucking Rubber Johnny ass head and see how she likes it. GOD SHE JUST GETS WORSE EVERY DAY

No. 1106699

Glad she likes the way her cats feel now because that's all that matters/s.
I think she just did this to them to satisfy her curiosity and because she was bored, treating them like toys.
She considers her animals to either be an extension of herself, or she thinks of them as objects rather than independant living creatures.

No. 1106701

Vetfag here to mention how shaving a cat is a dumbass idea for ACTUAL reasons because it affects the hair follicles so they won’t grow back the same AND the cats fur is meant to contain certain amounts of air flow through it to regulate their temperatures.
She’s fucking stupid trash.

No. 1106703

Can you imagine how annoying it would be to be her only friend. Like you can't even avoid her or she'll call you out on twitter.

No. 1106705

You can't damage hair follicles unless you cut into layers of the skin deeper than the stratum corneum (top dead layer of the epidermis), in which case the cats would be bleeding but yeah it will mess with their thermoregulation and she's a fucking stupid bitch.

No. 1106706

it's always funny to me that as soon as she posts anything that gets backlash, she IMMEDIATELY shrieks that it's not their business. you dumb trailer trash goblin, putting your retarded antics out there is literally making it other peoples business. what an absolute mongoloid.

No. 1106708

File: 1607893693859.jpg (6 KB, 183x275, psychopath.jpg)

same energy

No. 1106716

File: 1607894356528.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 631.55 KB, 1242x1159, 40A84CE9-495B-4E55-ABE5-3111C9…)

Why did she tag his sex work twitter lmao

No. 1106717

absolutely unhinged. and wtf at that eyeliner, why isn't it all the way to the lashline. great toning on that hair too.

No. 1106719

That’s not true. Animal with double layer coats like some breeds of dog : husky, pomeranian, chow chow etc

If you shave them down to the skin the hair will be damaged forever and never grow back the same. Always grow back thin. Sorry for spelling errors

It’s bad to shave animal like cats because they can’t regulate their temperature properly

No. 1106723

File: 1607895030724.gif (1000.67 KB, 245x147, tumblr_mjjw17PPjm1r4auljo4_250…)

No. 1106728

File: 1607895519632.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 818.25 KB, 1242x1427, D954FDCE-E706-441E-B5CB-6D3ECB…)

Her “best friend” is a degenerate

No. 1106731

okay we can stop posting his weird string bean body and bare dick now

No. 1106734

this vile, painfully ugly, filth-covered, self-obsessed, greasy, ratty, inbred hillbilly, Baba-Yaga-cum-Gollum-lookin-ass, BPD motherfucker needs be permanently kept away from animals. instead of mutilating roadkill and humiliating her own pets so her sad, deflated, bony ass get get some kicks, she should institutionalize herself

No. 1106735

That's not true about mammals with double layer coats, it's just a myth/old wifes tale and her cats don't have double layer coats anyway.

All mammals (including humans) have very similar structure to their skin and if cutting your hair doesn't fuck it forever, neither will cutting any other animals fur, hair follicles are deep down in the dermis, you can't damage them without causing bleeding.

If you look at the histology of a feline hair follicle and a human hair follicle you can see how similar they are and why cutting the hair above the stratum corneum (top cornified layer of epidermis) will make no difference.

No. 1106742

it absolutely is true about huskies at least. No one asked for your blog, sperg.

No. 1106743

Is she having yet another psychotic episode? This bitch is severely mentally ill and needs help.

No. 1106745

what’s weird too is that anyone who has been around cats knows they don’t like loud noises… or vibrations…. or being held down…. but she did that to BOTH cats?
even if it wasn’t an unnecessary risk to her cats health, she still held them down and traumatized small animals because she was bored.
this bitch is straight up sadistic.

No. 1106780

Exactly. She’s lying when she says they didn’t mind it. I think Tarte pissed her off and she shaved him in “revenge”. Basically tortured it (she has said in the past that she feels the cat tortures her, right?). Makes sense she would feel justified to do that since she’s a psychotic evil cunt. Maybe she liked the feeling so much she did it to the other cat? I’m not sure, who knows what goes on in that fucked up head of hers.

That video of her spraying the hamster was clearly torture - this is probably behaviour that isn’t new to her. She puts it out in the open and defends it too… who knows what she does to animals behind closed doors when no one is looking…

No. 1106789

The worst part about this is she clearly does NOT care about how she makes her animals feel. Cats can be high maintenance, but that's what you sign up for when you get ANY animal. It's work, it's not just cuddle and lovey love for instagram likes. She really doesn't view her animals AS animals, only toys and/property. She is a lunatic. Also, it says a LOT about Matt that he just let her fucking do that to their cats, when they literally have a dog she could've shaved.

No. 1106796

File: 1607901289910.jpeg (146.2 KB, 750x1312, FE3E57F3-B6CD-4883-9734-19EA17…)


No. 1106800

She was using the excuse that “groomers shave dogs” yeah bitch we do but not fucking double coated dogs who need their fur to regulate heat and cold, just like cats. They don’t shave cats unless it’s a fucking medical reason or matting which usually happens to old/long hair cats that can’t groom themselves anymore. I’m sooo pressed.

No. 1106801

As you should be. We are all witnessing literal abuse. It's repulsive.

No. 1106805

She did it to the cats because they probably bother her more than the dog. Tinfoil but I agree with anons when they say she probably did it as a weird power move at Tarte and then when her BPD mania settled she probably realized how bad it looked and shaved the other so she could say "teehee I was bored". Theyre only half shaved because the only parts she could reach and grab easily while they tried to wriggle away is their backs/behinds and it would make sense considering how poorly they were even shaved. We know she thinks Tarte legitimately gives her PTSD on /purpose/. I dont put it past her to think its just "harmless revenge". After the pics of her Gecko surfaced and seeing she was just going to sell the thing for weed after people were begging her to get the poor thing with its jaw half off to a vet really cemented her hatred of animals to me. Not to mention she literally stuffs dead rats so there's definitely a weird red flag there in combination with how she treats her living breathing pets.

I know people love to go on about how people with BPD "are the most empathetic people out there" but they also tend to forget its black and white empathy. I think she truly thinks her pets are evil when they make her upset.

No. 1106808

How can she not differentiate a professional groomer who is shaving a cat with intention…from herself, bored, having a manic episode where she destroys her cats' coats FOR NO FUCKING REASON

Incoming: she's going to post about how her cats had _____ (insert problem here) and now that their backs are shaved they feel so much better

No. 1106812

Yeah I mean I find it hard to beleive any cat would be 100% okay with being shaved like that unless you had gotten them used to the noise and feel of clippers from a very young age.

Rescue cats with severe mats often need to be sedated because being shaved stresses them out so much.

No. 1106816

She’s really serving up some Sean Penn in I Am Sam.

No. 1106819

“My cats are indoor cats they won’t get cold” …bitch have you never been cold inside? It’s like having clothes (in this case fur) helps with that

No. 1106820

Pathetic that she's posting shit like this to try and normalize her deciding to randomly shave her cats backs haphhazarly because she was bored.
Like her just swiping at her cats fur with the clippers she probably uses for matts hair is in any way similar to this professional grooming.

No. 1106823

File: 1607903587154.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1242x2436, 68896E39-3220-45FD-951D-A761D4…)

Her armpit looks just like her grey meat cavern

No. 1106824

Sorry for the blog post but this thing about shaving Tarte makes me so upset I'm crying. Years ago, we had a Persian that needed to be sharing underneath when she got old because she got matted fur. She made the most upset noises and my Mom couldn't take it, she had to leave the room. The people at the vet were very kind and being reassuring. THIS IS NOT SHIT YOU JUST SMILE AND DO TO YOUR CAT IT'S FUCKING ABUSE YOU SICK BITCH. You had to PIN HER DOWN to shave her. THAT'S ABUSE. I'm so livid.(blog, sperg)

No. 1106830

EXACTLY. I had to have a cat shaved (professionally) because she had very long hair and had developed a matte on her back. She was so scared that she peed herself during. It upset me so much and literally traumatized me as much as her. The fact that she did this to her pet ~just for kicks~ is sociopathic. WHY would she enjoy that?! Other than the fact that she enjoys making others suffer?! She seems to be experiencing some emotional distress after her surgeries, maybe because she’s realizing she’s STILL not happy AND *still ugly?

No. 1106834

Samefag big of course she’s doubling down on her shit behaviour. I have a question… has anyone ever seen her apologize for anything? I don’t think I have and I’ve read all the threads. She will just double down on her nasty behaviour and insist it’s everyone else who is wrong. NEVER her.

No. 1106837

Didn’t she post a tweet about how she had an urge as a kid to capture things and dissect them or had dreams about it as a kid or something? I might not be remembering exactly what she said but that coupled with her loving to put her grubby hands inside dead animals and this >>1106745 100% makes her sound like an absolute psychopath. And alllll the trauma she’s put animals through in the past either by just being fucking evil or absolutely neglectful…
I hope Matt gets her dabbed tf up tonight and shaves the whole crown area of her head.

No. 1106845

He’ll probably just smack her hard in the face “accidentally” again

No. 1106856

The only difference between Ariana and Joan Cusack is talent and that Joan is actually 58 while Ariana just looks it.

No. 1106858

File: 1607905441077.jpeg (607.86 KB, 1242x1276, 3FF0B67B-4AF6-42C8-A9CE-7F831F…)

This is obviously a farmer but whewwww…I hope more people see this.

No. 1106859

File: 1607905464922.jpeg (781.81 KB, 1242x1689, 09B2BCAB-3410-4120-A9BD-05363C…)

No. 1106867

What a coward ass bitch. She resposted the picture of her cat with the line shaved out of its back scared hiding in its tree and turned off comments so people couldn't call her out for being a botched animal abusing whore. Maybe all the comments ripping on her hair and lips actually got to her kek.

No. 1106878

Ari needs her own turtlemom account like JC but for her stupid ass antics so she can finally lose all her followers for real.

No. 1106882

half her followers are just like her and excuse her behavior

No. 1106884

I hoped this would be the turning point for matt & aaron to leave her in the dust and kick her to the curb but it seems they just continue to enable her psychotic ass at the expense of those animals. They’re all gross af

No. 1106885

Mattcuck won’t say shit about it. Aran looks like a fucking creep and won’t give a shit.

No. 1106889

all these shitheads creep me out so much, her, matt and that fucken ugly cunt aaron.
they seem like the type of people who would form a cult and shoot up a school.

No. 1106910

they’re all fucked in the head and everyone here just needs to come to terms with the fact that the people she surrounds herself are just as bad as she is

No. 1106956

Inbred white trash is inbred white trash. They’re the family from Wrong Turn.

No. 1106966

You are so right. I used to feel bad for MattCuck but he enables this behavior. He chooses her. The Cuck and Aaron are just as morally deficient as Ariana McMillan (a prostitute) of Pennsylvania.

No. 1106971


She better stay hidden in her house because I guarantee a large number of people will gladly punch her in her smug, botched face if they ever see her.

No. 1106973

File: 1607914590017.png (2.85 MB, 1242x2688, 6A09DD3C-8BA2-471F-B12C-998A30…)

She either got deleted or deactivated, not sure but Twitter stopped loading within the last 10 mins

No. 1106976

“There is no need to be mean to me, someone is already doing that”
The fucking ~victim~ complex of this useless whore

No. 1106977

for me it was briefly only showing the tweets she made on june 21st, but now it's blank. did she change usernames or something? or maybe she's just cleaning off another account.

No. 1106978

the rest of the meme is "me". so not really but good effort.

No. 1106980

File: 1607915353938.png (74.44 KB, 591x959, 2020-12-13 22_09_47-Window.png)

looks like she's deleting all her tweets or soemthing. i'm only seeing replies from march as of now.

No. 1106984


I'm sure she's trying to hide evidence of people calling her out. She needs to learn to not fuck with cats, or any animals for that matter.

No. 1106986

her media is empty and it just says she hasn’t tweeted yet, maybe she’s using one of those mass tweet deleters?
definitely not deactivated tho, it would show 0 following/followers after reactivating it. also doubt she would’ve done that before suicide baiting.

maybe matt/aaron actually did call her out, she deleted the tweet at aaron and classic BPD ari would take it to the extreme and delete everything to pretend it never happened.

No. 1106988

File: 1607916155475.jpeg (289.04 KB, 750x667, 7094B29D-77EF-40D9-8131-47161D…)

She’s deleting all her tweets but honey gotta make sure to rep that OF tho.

inb4 some ramblings about how she is trying to use her twitter strictly for sex work

No. 1106989


Bitch knows she fucked up and showed how disgusting she really is and is not trying to hide all the evidence

No. 1106993

File: 1607916765552.jpeg (237.65 KB, 748x1179, C76CBD20-A9FB-44AE-8EBC-87F527…)

“This tweet has been deleted.” Too bad you can still view it from the retweets it got.

No. 1106995

File: 1607917006600.jpeg (192.94 KB, 1136x1177, 0B21008C-39B4-4D5B-9AD4-4AF38D…)

Screenshot from her IG story. Aaron is trying to pet her cat and the cat turns their head towards him and you can see these horrible chunks where she completely fucked this shave job. It looks horrible and like, what happened Ari? Looks like your cat didn’t fucking like it and you probably couldn’t “fix” it to make it look better because your poor cat was probably terrified. She’s a fucking nut.

No. 1106996

File: 1607917008415.jpeg (230.81 KB, 1242x2208, CF21F110-0C83-4618-A590-EA0EEA…)

She also deleted her story and all but one post

No. 1107000

The cat acted upset about him touching its back too. Surely it felt terrified after being in Aris grip. Just leave the cats alone.

No. 1107002

Hilarious that a person could be so ugly both on the outside and the inside. Good thinking deleting everything, Ari, I'm sure you won't mess up again in future you grotesque animal abuser.

No. 1107003

kek she turned comments off on that one post way to show how unbothered you are ari

No. 1107004

My first thought too, imagine coming home to your botched gf cackling in a pile of cat hair she’s fucking insane

No. 1107006

love that just as she was drying up and everyone was nitpicking about her appearance the milk flows forth

No. 1107014

it’s like she goes out of her way to prove her lolcow status. bizarre.

No. 1107015

Yeah I'd be getting her involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric facility/302'd ASAP. I'm starting to really think she needs inpatient mental health care. She's a bad person though, I'd feel bad for the people in there with her.

No. 1107025

What a fucking loser and a coward. She is not capable of owning up to her mistakes whatsoever. Its totally mature to just stand your ground when you're cleary wrong, and then quietly delete all evidence of what you've done lmao. Shes such trash

No. 1107034

they’d just tell her to get on her mood stabilizers and go home

No. 1107035

I saw one person who clearly knew what they were talking about from a professional standpoint tweet at her. She could have used that to be like “thank you for educating me I didn’t know” but a narc like Ari would never.

No. 1107038

Yeah, I give her too much credit trying to blame her personality and bad decisions even partly on her mental illness. She's not delusional, she's just a bad person. All she needs is a one way ticket to hell, and I'm pretty sure she's already had that for years.

No. 1107062

Bpdfag here, I can say with near absolute certainty that this is exactly what triggered her meltdown. Although she relishes in arguing with strangers online, she's simply not mentally equipped to handle criticism coming from her loved ones. To a volatile narcissist like her, the pain would be nearly unbearable. But instead of seeking help and getting medication, she's a coward who tries to elicit compassion by deleting everything and hoping someone reaches out. Newsflash, dipshit: you're nearly 30 and you need learn how to admit when you're wrong. The reason no one is reaching out to you is because you're profoundly unlikeable.(no1curr Dr. Phil)

No. 1107065

jesus christ her cheeks are PUMPED

No. 1107067

If someone close to her did call her out on it, I'd bet it wasn't even a huge scolding, just a "hey maybe you shouldn't do it again"

I can totally imagine her recoiling, lashing out and sobbing like a toddler lmfao.

No. 1107069

Obviously her face looks like shit, but my god what the actual fuck is going on with her fair?? It’s in the worst state I’ve seen it in a while

No. 1107070

nobody gives a fuck that you have bpd and you sound like a redditor

No. 1107071

I get the chills when I imagine her having a baby some day. I don’t even want to think about the stuff she would do to a little human being that probably also „triggers her psd“. She is dangerous and just like her crazy ass mom.

No. 1107073

>"nearly 30"
>Ariana is 25
Shit like this is the reason women have complexes about their age jfc

No. 1107078

She is 26 (but that’s still not ”nearly 30”)

No. 1107079

My bad, it still says 25 in the OP post. But yeah that is still way too young to say someone's pushing 30, its not hard to say mid-20s.

No. 1107082

File: 1607929772408.jpeg (287.5 KB, 1125x1362, 8D9B4677-52F1-4431-8690-3A7913…)

This reply is problably one of the reasons that she deleted her tweets - so no one would go back and check the tweets about her dogs hip operation

No. 1107085

File: 1607930413469.jpeg (53.68 KB, 828x245, 5C866818-2927-408B-9271-B9B8D4…)

pepperidge farm remembers >>978346

No. 1107088

Anon my sides, they really all do look like school shooters

No. 1107092

it’s the middle of fucking winter and she’s in what jersey or some bullshit?????? why doesn’t she shave her own dented head again leave the defenseless animals the fuck alone. i literally have no feelings towards her until i see how she treats animals. just leave the animals alone it’s not that hard go to a hospital if you clearly need to be restrained that badly. i could forest gump myself all the way to her crack den to rehome her animals, what are their gumby fuck asses gonna do.

No. 1107103

>Acts like a madwoman around pets
>The internet: that's bad actually
>Ariana: lol
>Ariana: I'm being attacked uwu

No. 1107107

Wht the fuck is she holding tarte's face still between her finger and thumb?! You can literally see the animal's discomfort from being held in place and it trying to get free.

No. 1107124

what a nitpick when she’s literally just shaved two entire cats. she’s clearly not putting pressure on it’s face and cats rub their cheeks against extended objects. it’s this kind of comment that makes her think the internet is over reacting. Focus on her actual nutty, abusive behaviour

No. 1107128

i also don’t think she’s pinching his face, but the cat does look uncomfortable. there’s not enough information to tell though so i agree with your point.

also the cat probably didn’t “not mind it at all” it probably went into freeze mode and just let it happen because it’s already been struck and tormented by her. the cat is going to remain uncomfortable until it reaches a limit, all this does is put stress on an animal that will have enough and ariana will likely cause real damage to the cat if/when it does. this is just fucking disturbing, she does so much disgusting things to and with animals i’m so over it. i wonder how her dog’s hip is doing..

No. 1107131

File: 1607946545708.jpg (481.9 KB, 2048x2048, 20201214_064912.jpg)

This has def. Been posted before but we need to revel in it

No. 1107137

So what does the future hold for her? We all know botched surgery and manic episodes, but how will she go out? Will she just slowly lose relavancy, or go out in a manic DFE blow out?

No. 1107151


she is absolutely fucking disgusting for doing this. im glad she’s running scared now and deleting everything. imagine looking at your botched, balloon face every day in the morning knowing you could have brought some relief to your pets pain instead?

No. 1107156

Underrated comment.

No. 1107176

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was caused by xanax, benzos are hard drugs even if she thinks she needs it.
She has nothing. She is so useless.
I wouldn’t trust her walking my groceries to my car…

No. 1107178

File: 1607958942565.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 177.57 KB, 640x442, 547CB797-D03B-4B32-84E5-9D53D1…)

She deleted everything on her Twitter except a rather Ironic retweet showing her complete lack of awareness and her nasty ass nudes where she’s still wearing that thong that’s so old and dirty its gone gray

No. 1107179

File: 1607958968738.jpeg (93.44 KB, 640x287, 8108BF74-B4F2-4193-9786-58F627…)

No. 1107181

It’s so weird that she thinks other people would get enjoyment out of this.
Like, is she actually maybe retarded? Or maybe she wasn’t socialized as a kid and her parents kept her goblin ass locked in the attic? She seems to not have the impulse control that almost every functioning human has. She cheats without thinking, she hurts animals for fun, lets them die because she’d like to, lets them suffer because she wants to spend her pennies on botched surgery for her droopy doughy grandma face…I’ve never seen someone with an IQ over 100 do the shit she does. Having zero self control while doing weird ass shit that makes you feel good sounds like actual junkie behavior.

No. 1107189

Unfortunately it’s not easy to involuntarily commit someone and even if it was, it’s not like the cuck or the string bean would actually follow through when they’ve both proven time and time again to enable her behaviors.

No. 1107225

Look at the genetics of her mother, father, and brother. Clearly something is wrong with her brain genetically and based on the environment she grew up in, it didn’t do her any favors

No. 1107229

Jesus, I forgot she used to line her mouth like the fucking joker. Wtf was she thinking with that

No. 1107407

I live in her area in philly. If I come across her I’ll fucking film her getting jumped

No. 1107423

File: 1608051109098.jpeg (234.23 KB, 1200x727, FF4C8ACB-5ABF-44C4-8B96-5C8589…)

How ari looks vs how she LOOKS

No. 1107438

I thought she still lived in Kensington

No. 1107508

File: 1608056647999.gif (3.69 MB, 480x368, E979CD4B-D0EC-4647-8814-99A484…)

She’s really mirroring freaky fred lately

No. 1107537

don't worry, anon who mentioned her having a baby one day. she is an example for other women on what NOT to be. she might be with matt but even he's not retarded enough to impregnante this disgusting pig. she'll end up alone and childless, sucking greasy hairy old man balls and being bitter that she never got the chance to reproduce or get married. and thank god! love seeing idiots cancel themselves out of the gene pool. she's what they call a… cum bucket.

No. 1107562

Unfortunately, he already did impregnate her once. He really wanted the baby but she chose to abort it. One of the most responsible choices she’s ever made.

No. 1107583

File: 1608061105247.jpeg (140.46 KB, 1125x303, 7416D993-6C5D-40A5-B86A-CBBDCE…)

Lol she just tweeted this. People calling her out for her bs about the cats really got to her huh? Let’s see for how long she will keep herself from oversharing

No. 1107585

File: 1608061151673.jpg (347.19 KB, 1080x1729, Screenshot_20201215-143842_Twi…)

Funny how she's not calling it "the h word" anymore.

No. 1107590

Pretty sure that baby could have been made by three different men. Based on her timeline, which definitely seemed to further the need for abortion.

No. 1107594

File: 1608061557863.webm (162.45 KB, 1080x1198, InShot_20201215_140814699.webm)

The video didn't post so I'm reposting. Her face in motion is so grotesque, sad that she spent so much money to still look like a with lol.

No. 1107604

damn, if someone said that this is a male drag queen I'd 100% believe that

No. 1107647

She’s finally shutting the fuck UP. Bless! Maybe she’ll actually make more money this way lol

No. 1107667

Honestly I still can't get over her shaving her cat. Thats the weirdest most fucked up blatant display of animal abuse I've seen thats been publically posted like a joke. It was almost shitpost level of crazy how she possibly thinks that would be "funny". I wish she got more backlash honestly. She deserves to feel horrible about what she did and be embarrassed.

Still hope someone in Philly holds her down and shaves a line in her head since its so funny right?

No. 1107693

yeah i feel bad for the cats if this just gets swept under the rug like all of the other shitty things she’s done to them.

No. 1107694

It won’t last

No. 1107710

File: 1608069615387.jpeg (692.78 KB, 828x1032, 192A22CB-3A25-46C9-A711-81C1F9…)

No commentary needed

No. 1107711

File: 1608069715336.jpeg (59.4 KB, 477x480, F657F49F-5C10-4E33-824D-1F4C92…)

>don’t know what you’re missing 💋

No. 1107723

File: 1608070750131.jpeg (25.22 KB, 206x275, 1547340786172.jpeg)

Just found this horrid idiot on the site after following another cow and until the cat shaving, i didnt get why she was so hated. I get it now…
Anyway, to chime in bc im deep diving thru all the old threads, i second it wont last. From a year ago

No. 1107729

you are the 'nut job on here', sweaty

No. 1107734

She’s the kind of person to put “big things coming, so excited! watch this space” on her Instagram story every few weeks until she dies a greasy, bloated crone on her sofa with nary an actual accomplishment to her name.

No. 1107747

…… pretty sure anon was talking to ariana, calm tf down defensive-chan

No. 1107749

I'm honestly horrified. Thought she was insecure and addicted to plastic surgery. But shes a fucking abusive, nut job piece of white trash garbage.

No. 1107775

File: 1608073433349.jpeg (43.96 KB, 275x223, 1574681392155.jpeg)


No. 1107813

Faggot-chan read the picture.

No. 1107818

…they did…?

No. 1107821

She must really hate how she looks right now if all she is posting are old pics and vids

No. 1107828

I can't either. That's one of the most unhinged things I've seen a cow do on here. Truly insane shit
I wonder what matt said to her about it

No. 1107853

It's just shocking behaviour, like it's so fucked up that she basically did this on a whim because she was bored, who the hell does that?

No. 1107957

i cant wait to see the cat shaving get posted on the trashy subreddit. she’s silly if she thinks she can hide behind her bolt ons after shaving a damn cat and trying to act like it was no biggie and her getting picked on.

No. 1108007

File: 1608094898997.jpg (337.72 KB, 1079x1238, Screenshot_20201215-230100_Chr…)

Although it would be so satisfying to see ariana actually stick to posting only sexwork on her sexwork account with little to no interaction on her vomit-inducing posts as she fades away from any internet fame she once had…I know that it won't last. She would never admit it, but she thrives on the attention that she gets from this board. It makes her feel important. I give it 3 days max before she's oversharing again.

No. 1108059

File: 1608102029695.jpeg (430.42 KB, 1125x1963, BA970ECC-E4FA-40E9-B140-C803AC…)

Looks like Matt is no longer in his band

No. 1108072

I guarantee Ariana had something to do with him no longer being in his band.

No. 1108079

That would make sense. She makes him call out of his job just to spend time with her because she's lonely and won't seek therapy.

No. 1108097

Wonder if it’s bc of the female band mate

No. 1108124

it's the crux of the cow. their mental illness won't ever make them stop seeking negative attention kek

No. 1108143

She 100% manipulated him into quitting

ALSO what happened to that "video with someone new" she was so excited about? It's the 2nd time already that she's bailing

No. 1108266

I bet there was never a 2nd person. She was lying for attention and probably to piss Matt off. Like a true narc

No. 1108271

She always does this. Promises that “big things are coming!!” when absolutely NOTHING is happening in her life.

No. 1108283

It doesn’t make sense that he would quit of his own accord- it seems like his social life/hobbies revolved entirely around the band and he was always posting about it on his socials.
Ariana has clearly manipulated him into leaving, probably because she wants to keep him isolated from friends that might notice red flags in their relationship and point it out, plus she won’t want him having any contact with other girls AND he waits on her hand and foot/ As much as I dislike him for enabling dough face, the level of emotional abuse truly sad to see.

No. 1108285

File: 1608138669619.jpeg (175.8 KB, 1242x352, E88EB042-597D-40BA-AE6A-6C10ED…)

No. 1108286

This shit is so bizarre to see her tweet when she constantly says she has an aversion to sex

No. 1108315

File: 1608141048414.jpg (842.65 KB, 1079x1922, Screenshot_20201216-125028_Ins…)

This is so ugly wtf

No. 1108330

Sage because artfag but sweet jesus this is the worst. Design totally incongruous with materials, totally out of place with itself even. WTF even is that awkward space to the left.

But you know, must be hard to be that hot and talented all day every day. Kek.

No. 1108332


"Pictures DO NOT DO THIS JUSTICE! So detailed and sparkly irl!!!!!!"

No. 1108334

lol anon this in 3…2…1..

No. 1108338


She doesn't even know how to market herself. Her teenage followers don't care about her low quality "porn" and are nice enough to buy most of her art, but most of them seem to enjoy her drama. Sounds like her posts will get even less engagement than they already do.

No. 1108342

File: 1608142533924.jpg (29.36 KB, 307x409, grateful_dead.jpg)

Why the Grateful Dead skull? This has to be a gift for her grandad or something

No. 1108345

File: 1608142799858.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1125x1838, F84E164B-6E04-4CDF-9D90-870D09…)


No. 1108351


i get this is a grateful dead reference but it feels so added in last minute. ari is totally the type of person who forgets christmas is coming in so just gives people work she forgot about months ago and decided to gift. not saying you need to buy gifts, but if youre begging followers/bf for money for clothes after surgery, cant afford needed surgeries for your pets, dont have the luxury of buying cute things for the ones you love (not pricy but meaningful) - why the hell are you getting unnecessary plastic surgery on your face. she didnt even have the money for the surgery and put it all on credit. the way this girl consistently lives way out of her means, then bitches about it and makes out like she has to do sex work and is a martyr when her taxes are hard….drives me nuts. how do grown ass people live like this and survive?

No. 1108401


Not that I care how badly she butchers the Grateful Dead's logo since they suck anyway, but her proportions are all off. I know I should expect that she'll botch everything (including her own face), but it's still hilarious for someone who claims to be an artist fuck up copying a basic logo. I'm sure Ariana's grandpa/dad/whole family fit in perfectly at Deadhead shows since their typical fan base is old, white, and smells like shit.

No. 1108411

lmao she looks like a fuckin wendigo.

No. 1108431

File: 1608149420937.jpg (488.91 KB, 2160x3840, 20201216_141000.jpg)

To whoever is cowtipping so hard, what do you seek to gain from this? You tagged an inactive unofficial account for the Philly police, you tagged some random person instead of Aaron, you have awful grammar, and you're coming off as an obsessive fan account. Take your meds.

No. 1108449

cowtippers like this have the same exact attention-seeking bpd behaviors as ariana but they just manifest themselves differently. embarrassing.

No. 1108456

This smells like someone discovered the lolcow threads after cat shaving gate and is trying to be an edgelord

No. 1108458

She claimed she was going to be a doctor. She claimed she was buying a shop for taxidermy. She claimed she was doing all these grandiose things and none of them ever happened.

No. 1108459


OMG I forgot about the short lived doctor "aspirations" she had lmaoooo the delusion

No. 1108465

>not using condom with clientS
>has literally 1 client
Lol @ unhinged cow tipper spewing contradictions. At least be consistent if you're pretending to out someone to the police lmao

No. 1108481

We need a full list of all the ridiculous things she was going to do/be. Those you mentioned and supposedly buying a house, going to “school” (I can’t get over how she was talking about “graduating” when she hadn’t even started KEK + made it sound like it was an actual degree program at a university instead of just some niche class that anyone could pay for and finish), etc.

No. 1108482

i remember her saying she was gonna go back to school and her grandpa was gonna pay for it or something, but i don't remember what for. for some reason i feel like it was mortuary school or whatever tf you call it?

No. 1108485

Oh and getting married! Which will obviously never happen. I think Matt is completely retarded but he’s at least not retarded enough to lock himself into marriage with her. She’s not wife material and even he can see that

No. 1108497


Ugh every alt/goth e-girl wants to be a mortician

No. 1108499

Taxidermy school!!! But she settled on being “a licensed taxidermist” when she just bought the license it for like 40 bucks

No. 1108505

She was bragging about buying a house for a while. Supposedly her big baller trailer park granpappy was going to finance it kek

No. 1108508

The best part is that u have to interact with grieving families as part of the job and they think uwu I’ll get to work w dead ppl bc I hate everyone

No. 1108515

don’t forget she was “writing a book”

No. 1108551


yes she was bragging hard about how putting so many surgeries and purchases on credit card was actually really good because her credit score was going to be so amazing and she would get instantly approved. There was a twitter poll asking if any other sex workers ever had trouble getting approved for a mortgage. Then we never heard of it again. Topkek.

And one more - saying she didnt care about being ugly and was using her savings to get her dog Frogger much needed hip surgery instead of facial fat grafting. Her face bloat and dog barely being able to walk shows how that turned out.

No. 1108627

The original logo is from above as much as it is from the front. Ariana basically just copied a skull from the front and deformed its brain cavity. More "realistic" isn't always better, Ari!

No. 1108654

File: 1608165582638.jpeg (461.26 KB, 828x1091, 5CE0EA61-B6CE-4FDC-BC02-C8AD70…)

You called it

No. 1108661

Yes! Argh can’t remember the descriptions of the desired property but it was breasts like daggers level. Will have to dig that up.

No. 1108662

Would that be the home that never asked for this trash to be displayed in?

No. 1108695

She honestly needs Matt for his stable, documented job history/income (pretending she had the money, ofc)

No. 1108705

Anon, I found one, where she’s listing her criteria

And that she’s going to buy a house rather than get more surgery. Good job Ariana.

No. 1108743

Crazy how she completely did not revolve fuck shit around her dog’s health either

No. 1108748

In the second link she says she’s not going to buy a new face for her birthday so she could get Frogger’s surgery. She ended up just buying herself a new face for MATT’S birthday.

No. 1108858

Did she even attempt to explain why she chose surgeries over helping her elderly dog? Her recent uptick in animal abuse has made me develop a visceral disgust for her.

No. 1108872

Remember when she claimed she was going to move back to Vermont too? Or when she wanted to move to North Carolina so she could “stand out” in some bumfuck town

No. 1108884

didn't she talk about how she was smart enough to become a lawyer too? lmao

No. 1108885

Anon, we all know she's never going to address it even if someone asks her about it directly. The next time we hear about Frogger's hip will be an exact repeat of this. "Was going to get my tits redone and a BBL and botox in my elbows but my doggy neeeeeeeds me! … Surgery consult tomorrow I'm so excited!"

No. 1108971

File: 1608205839676.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 729.92 KB, 2048x2048, FDFFAED9-2418-4748-9457-BC74A4…)

When I look at her twitter now I can’t stop thinking about how it just looks like it’s one of those porn bot accounts, lol

No. 1109045


Weird she isnt putting out new content? She posted her face a lot in selfies. I get maybe her thighs are still tender maybe? But she said she fucked doormatt on shrooms.

Guess MattCuck isnt even getting laid while shes “offline” hiding from shaving her cats. Matt sucks but even he has to see how unhinged that was. I wouldnt want to fuck her either.

No. 1109096

I mean, she’s been advertising new content on her IG stories.

No. 1109272

File: 1608240101170.jpeg (271.24 KB, 828x1431, 29A93700-7F4A-404D-8853-DFB7B4…)

Found this comment thread under a post on Ariana’s art twitter. Aaron is actually defending her. What a simp! He even agrees that it’s animal abuse but makes excuses for her. Ariana must be ashamed for her wrongdoings if she has to have other people defend her own battles. What she did revealed how truly unhinged she is. That’s why she is hiding and refuses to make a comment on her actions. She’ll die trying to cover up her faults before admitting she’s wrong. How sad.

No. 1109301

File: 1608242613694.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.38 KB, 871x1728, 20201217_170306.jpg)

Knobby knees

No. 1109311

pointy elbows, would not fuck

No. 1109316

inb4 storage lid collapses

No. 1109317

She actually has the body of a crackwhore

No. 1109322


You can see her botched boob job scars through her bra kek

Also WHY is she standing on a container lid?? Lmao this is the most bizarre shit

MTF crackwhore realness.

No. 1109325

Nitpick but is this disgusting grey bra part of a ~matching set~ with the ratty grey thong?

No. 1109334

>why does it matter lmao

Aaron has no personality of his own so he's riding off that one personality trait he could steal from Ariana.

No. 1109359

Kek the fucking container lid, my god.

This is in the same league as kicking the rubbish out of shot then treading on the squeaky dog toy. Anyone else remember?

>perennial grey thong

>container lid
>shitting in trash can (will never not think she did this in the middle if the street)

Absolute top of the class.

No. 1109361

File: 1608247183362.jpg (294.66 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20201217-231730__01…)

She's also hiding the comments so people won't see them.

No. 1109363

Shes hoping to sweep this drama under the rug along with the pile of shaved cat fur

No. 1109418

She also thought she’d be a great lawyer

No. 1109420

File: 1608251972012.jpg (Spoiler Image, 376.46 KB, 964x911, SmartSelect_20201217-193537_Tw…)

Why do all of her panties look so old and crusty? You can smell this picture.
She expends all of this money and effort into surgery after surgery but not into buying underwear or even good looking lingerie… lmao

No. 1109422

Yeah she's one of those people who thinks they're perfectly logical because they're smarter than their stupid friends. Also thinks they're good at arguing because they get into so many confrontations. Sad and pathetic.

No. 1109424

Imagine her in a courtroom. “Whatever your honor, they’re all just jealous”

No. 1109479

Don’t forget

No. 1109480

She spent all her money on flash poster tattoos and botched surgery, meanwhile her clothes and undergarments look like shit and so does her hair and makeup. Talk about misplaced priorities.

No. 1109485

Yeah a lot of her underwear looks old and faded, like she's just chucked them in the wash with a pair of black jeans.

Like spending some money on quality underwear would probably be worth it for her if she learned how to look after it. Her thongs look too well worn.

No. 1109492

Do you think her shoulders get wider everytime she lies, like Pinocchio's nose growing longer?

No. 1109499

She needs to ditch the implants, they do nothing for her

No. 1109549


This is an old picture, as I specifically remember laughing at her standing on the plastic storage bin before. Nothing about her or her life has improved since then. She's always going to be the filthy slob with non-visible teeth and plastic surgery scarring.

No. 1109563

yeah it was pre-igg4 tattoo as well

No. 1109574


Pre-igg4, major kek

No. 1109597

all her panties look caked with lint and discharge yikes
maybe the WAP she keeps saying she has is just a yeast infection from her filthy house and hygiene habits

No. 1109601

I feel like she's going to get a face tattoo at some point.

No. 1109686

File: 1608293565641.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 452.92 KB, 1125x759, CA46FC13-0F70-41F9-9371-4992A3…)

6 hours later - only one retweet hahah. Sad

No. 1109759


Recycle her garbage ass if you want to fuck? No thank you.

No. 1109772

Just because her scarred face and the dumb shit she says ages so well, here's that video where she says she did ¼ of a Xanax bar and passed out and it's a "reminder" how she just wastes her day on it and doesn't like it. So the big bag of Xans that magically appeared in her house, she ended up giving away and she's done and will never touch it again!
Fast forward to now and her drug-seeking mind is tryna think of how to get her psych to prescribe it to her because it's "sooo helpful."

No. 1109864

scroll up, already been discussed

No. 1109876


can 100% see her getting a tat above the eyebrow to try to fit into a scene at some point in her life for sure.

No. 1109967

File: 1608325642975.jpeg (605.24 KB, 750x990, F14D7EE9-6898-4D7A-B379-DFBC3D…)

Let’s not forget when she went through a “thrifting” phase and thought she could flip a bunch of ugly shit on depop. Now she just sells her own nasty clothes and markets them as nwot or “worn once” . You can literally dig through old threads and find her wearing these “nwot” tops on multiple occasions… What a liar/scammer.

No. 1109968

File: 1608325690591.jpeg (480.64 KB, 750x994, 8DA12DBC-61E0-48B9-A3B5-4F7F2C…)

No. 1109973


The best is when she sells stuff she wore for OF shoots. Barf!

No. 1110042

Advertising used clothing with photos of you wearing them with no bra/panties on underneath. Big brain move.

No. 1110071

advertising your used clothes wearing no panties underneath is one thing but i fail to see how not wearing a bra underneath is an issue? unless your nipples are leaking or something weird lol

No. 1110077

Nobody wants to see crusty ass nipples while they're clothes shopping especially when youre buying used and yeah some women do have discharge from there similarly to vaginal discharge due to hormones (but obviously not the same consistency/frequency). Its fucking gross shes not wearing something underneath her clothes shes trying to sell to people. Shes not going to sell more by not wearing underwear kek.

No. 1110090

…you’re discharging from your nipples anon?

No. 1110124

File: 1608336142421.jpg (550.83 KB, 1078x1214, Screenshot_20201218-185843_Sam…)

Bitch looking retarded with her hand awkwardly hiding in her sleeve. She is so awkward and uncomfortable. If Matt left her, there really wouldn't be anyone who would find her attractive. In all honesty, even Matt doesn't find her attractive. His dick is always so flaccid whenever Ariana is around.

No. 1110128

But anon, it'll make your booty pop! /s

No. 1110132

File: 1608336453422.jpg (111.97 KB, 1080x313, Screenshot_20201218-190600_Sam…)

No, he's always so soft that he doesn't even want to fuck it. I actually feel really sorry for him that he has to deal with her 24/7.

No. 1110138

I don't know if this was made to look like that but it looks like it's worn and super faded old af gross. Why would anyone want that?

No. 1110158


This reminds me of those embarrassingly awkward Spencer's Xmas pictures from last year aka the last time she'll ever get hired for of their $200 "modeling" jobs.

No. 1110165

File: 1608338373451.png (Spoiler Image, 3.54 MB, 750x1624, 29D213C6-8BA9-443C-9493-7E5DA4…)

uwu retarded baby!!!

No. 1110168

Who the fuck wants to think about someone’s nipples rubbing all over a used clothing article they’re considering buying?

You’re retarded. UwU free the nippleth

No. 1110195

Is saying some crusty SW not wearing a bra is gross for a lot of reasons admitting to having leaking nipples anon?

No. 1110196

The last thing I want to do is defend this bitch’s botched tits but this is such a reach you’re either super young or a serious prude or maybe projecting? like crusty nipples wtf??

No. 1110198

The smartest thing she could do rn is dedicate herself to tiktok and make stupid plastic surgery video POVs or whatever and gain a new young audience. Insecurity always appeals to youth and ig/twitter are not her platform anymore

No. 1110280

Why is her one titty so high up. I seen this posted on her insta and was wondering why she kept it up when they're so wonky. I mean, I thought she was all about only good angles and photoshop.

No. 1110288

It could be because of one implant being bigger than the other. The doctor tried to “balance” her out without consent apparently.

No. 1110377

yeah everything is “without her consent” apparently. the truth of the matter is that she made zero effort to care for them properly after her surgery and revision (no surprise tbh)

No. 1110421

She’s just confirming her IQ is low when she comes up with these stories about “they didn’t tell me/without my consent” as she obviously didn’t understand the procedures when they were explained to her by her surgeons

No. 1110513

She could have one of her arms raised and one crossed over her head. Titties will look wonky if you don't have your arms up the exact same way. Not to say hers aren't wonky, but this happens to a good chunk of women.

No. 1110631


I still can't believe she shaved BOTH her cats in a manic episode for NO reason and is still trying to act like it's no big deal because they're indoor cats. The anon who compared it to them being naked is correct, it helps regulate their temperature so they can remain COMFORTABLE, especially during winter months. Unless this bitch plans to remain naked all winter in her shitty apartment, then fuck off with your excuses ariana and your lacky dog aaron.

And what if they need to go to the vet during the winter, or escape somehow? She has a million reasons why her fucked up behavior should be justified, but absolutely no reason for why she actually did it. It was truly animal abuse.

No. 1110634

Wanna post it one more time just to nail that point down?

No. 1110768

God, her hair looks so dry and dead. Also, I feel like she took the photo in front of the snake enclosure on purpose

No. 1110783

File: 1608414390808.jpeg (260.39 KB, 1124x1761, AAE16584-7F34-41E6-8022-3D95DE…)

She’s constantly losing followers after the whole manic cat shaving incident.

No. 1110790

She looks like shes storing nuts in her cheeks for the winter shes so overly puffy

No. 1110793

the length of her philtrum makes her look like a fucking who

No. 1110807

I was trying to figure out who (no pun intended) she resembled and I think you hit the nail on the head

No. 1110811


our unbothered queen nukes her socials to show us how little she cares about people being disgusted by her shaving two cats for funsies. at least we wont see her smacking around tarte in her IG stories for awhile, so small victories anons.

No. 1110812

Imagine going through this much trouble instead of just apologizing and admitting is was dumb to do kek matt must have to do backflips for her to admit she's wrong about anything

No. 1110816

>cats get groomed all the time
They don't though? You don't groom cats like you do with dogs. You just fucking don't and its so dumb that they keep pretending this is at all normal

No. 1110823


Aaron really is a colossal idiot/druggie. Now Ari can bring Aaron into the drama when the cat shaving vid hits the right crowd. First he fucks her while pretending to be a friend to Matt, doesn’t do the right thing by leaving Ari and Matt alone if they’re trying to work things out, agrees to go on the trip with her when Ari forgot about Matt’s bday to go get plastic surgery, and now he’s inserting himself in her drama when even Matt knows better. Aaron is just as evil and twisted as she is.

No. 1110826

Totally, what an idiot. I also didn't realize this was the same guy she went to Texas with, wow

No. 1110870

Scrolled through her art ig for the first time in months and the nasty pussy art is nowhere to be found kek

No. 1110912

Maybe long-haired cats that are prone to matting or hair balls, but definitely not cats with short fur. I don’t know what made her think she’d be able to shave their whole bodies without them freaking out. I can’t see any cat letting you take an electric buzzer to their belly willingly. This screams lack of impulse control.

No. 1111004

Bit of a tinfoil but sometimes short haired cats can have matted knots of fur if they’re too obese to clean themselves. I’m wondering if her older cat had one or multiple and was hissing and shit at her because they are painful sometimes. So she took her annoyance out by shaving her cat and blaming it on mania over social media. I understand it’s a weird reach but she’s crazy and stupid, it’s easy enough to believe

No. 1111041

I like how she blurred out her bear tattoo on her upper arm

No. 1111073

Just paid $200 to get my long haired cat sedated and shaved. They did blood work and a heart test before, she gets so stressed so she needs to be sedated. Shaving a cat is serious stuff(blogging)

No. 1111075

>Paying $200 when you could've just got Ariana to do it for free

safety wink

No. 1111122

He’s a piece of shit. He recently got a puppy and then it disappeared like 2 weeks later with no mention of it again. Birds of a feather

No. 1111123

File: 1608452507125.jpeg (126.64 KB, 1242x244, 40C84833-873D-4A74-A8A1-5AEC5B…)

The desperation

No. 1111130

I totally forgot about the dog and arianna said she was going to train it and everything. Holy shit big yikes. Treating animals like toys, disgusting

No. 1111167

File: 1608465019257.jpeg (145.31 KB, 750x745, 8020271C-27FB-4355-B361-D90F2E…)

Anon who said she paid money to look like a fat girl was right. There is no way she actually thinks this looks good.

No. 1111170

ok i've been asking this a couple of times now but are her eyes still swollen or will they just look this squinty and tiny forever? she really fucked up her face, and the way she poses in her selfies now (45 degree angle) makes it so obvious she hates how her nose looks front facing

No. 1111186

Her terrible eyebrows add to the crackhead look. She shaves the ends so she can draw them on with makeup but it just looks patchy when she leaves them, definitely not a good look for a “skin care only bitch”

No. 1111196

funny thing is she's way too much of a narc to be a "skin care only bitch"
she would never be able to stop contouring her nose, no matter how many times she shaves it down (which she will definitely do again- i'd bet good money on it)

No. 1111214

File: 1608476280840.jpeg (543.72 KB, 1638x2048, CA14DCC7-B45E-49AB-98C4-A3B0B8…)

Her newest piece…what is it with Ariana’s interest in seeing animals suffering?

No. 1111218

>iT lOoKs BeTtEr In PeRsOn!!!1111

she's going to leave it unfinished i bet with the rat unpainted and the snake ~glitter~

No. 1111220

plz excuse the ignorance, i’m aware most photos posted to social media these days are fairly edited, or at least have a “filter”. is that what’s going on in this photo? everything looks so like… white. her hair is not that platinum nor is her skin that fair

No. 1111221

no way her skin looks like that irl

No. 1111224

she 100% used snow to edit this

No. 1111283

Snakes don’t have teeth like that.. you’d think she’d be aware of that while owning a snake herself

No. 1111284

File: 1608486867447.png (5.56 MB, 1242x2208, E97BA4F1-9AC8-446F-AD6E-3B7525…)

she clearly doesn’t understand that “oof” is not complimentary and doesn’t see the irony of her calling her own “art” bad

No. 1111285

The pinhead on this thing is hysterical.

No. 1111292

It’s closer to a neanderthal skull than a modern human kek. Then again so is ari

No. 1111299

Hahahah wow she’s such a fucking knobhead. Embarrassing. Watch for her to change the caption or delete now

No. 1111313

File: 1608489754249.jpeg (343.82 KB, 828x731, 8820A7E7-5EFC-4BA6-9DDB-A6C9DF…)

It’s a diorama of her cro-magnon skull

No. 1111384

The face Arianna makes right before she holds you down against your will, shaves a line of hair off your back then posts on her social media how "~*velvety*~" your skin is underneath

No. 1111487

Might just be swelling, might be permanent from the fat transfer. We'll know which in a few months after everything's settled, but it's hard to say right now. I know people who have the same look from overfilling the undereye/cheek area with fillers though, so it's not out of the question.

No. 1111505

what the fuck. She looks like Renee Zellweger from Bridget jones' diary.

No. 1111507

File: 1608508541009.png (5.12 MB, 1242x2208, 9F8544BB-0680-4EED-A200-12C744…)

Kek she still has this stupid fucking shirt on her Etsy

No. 1111586

Back when she was still somehow able to trick people into thinking she was physically attractive

No. 1111646

Yeah what changed? Being more botched? She looks so much worse than she used to but i can’t really figure out what it is

No. 1111669

Geez if that was the look she was going for she could've just gotten an rx for prednisone, it's a much cheaper way to achieve a moon face

No. 1111673

her personality is actively rotting her from the inside out

No. 1111685

I think a big part of it has to do with migrating filler

No. 1111716

Her body is fucking ugly. This nasty anorexic whore is trying to sell her shit? Learn how to shave your armpits and wash your pussy. Stop mistreating your pets and tweeting all the day and get a job that isn't have sex with some scrotes and take photos of yourself naked. You have the face of a 56 year old prostitute that lives in the streets and inhales cocaine. Your entire body smells like muzzarella. She's truly one of the worst cows…

No. 1111758

Holy fuck she has Renee zelweggers new face

No. 1111787

> muzzarella

No. 1111795

Methanfetamines-chan leaving a mark.

No. 1111824

File: 1608553335054.jpg (120.51 KB, 1080x699, Screenshot_20201221-071915_Sam…)

She can't even convince the "mystery guy" of either pre-pubescent-looking Aaron or old sugar daddy to fuck her for free on camera. You know she refuses to pick real male talent that would request being paid.

No. 1111829

Paid? No their reward will be getting to fuck Ari’s gorilla grip pussy

No. 1111831

File: 1608554414216.jpg (413.42 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1608553616755.jpg)

Even her OF is losing followers every month. Summertime she was getting 35-50 likes on her OF posts and now she's getting 3-8 likes on average.
She's asking for $12/month now, which seems like a stupid business decision considering no one wants to sub when she's on sale for only $3/month. She costs less than ugly people on 90 Day Fiance who have OF accounts. I know she's not business savvy at all, but she can't figure out why people don't like her shit on Twitter, IG, OF or buy any of her low-quality ManyVids, yet she continuously does and says things to drive away any decent person.

No. 1111832


She chases away every money-making opportunity she has and somehow convinces herself she makes more money than Matt because she makes more money per hour during the couple of hours a month she works, yet Matt has a steady job with benefits, paid vacation, a 401(k), paid breaks and makes more money per month. She says it's so great to sit around at home with no job and smoking weed all day, but tbh, most of us have had to experience that due to the pandemic and staying home all day with no real schedule (even while we collect free unemployment and don't have to suck old man balls) is depressing and monotonous. I guarantee Matt loves escaping from Ariana to work long hours and prefers that to being stuck at home with her tiresome shit all day.

No. 1111836

File: 1608554890851.jpg (390.6 KB, 1080x1611, Screenshot_20201218-065717_Sam…)

Sage for autism, but Ariana and Doormatt missed out on the chance to collaborate on making and selling this Gorilla Grip Doormat on PickledShitShop.

I guarantee even after it's used repeatedly, the Gorilla Grip Doormat will STILL be cleaner and smell better than both Ariana and Matt.

No. 1111837


At least the Gorilla Grip Doormat can advertise itself as being natural.

The only thing natural about Ariana McMillan is her pancake ass, psycho behavior, and ugliness.

No. 1111869

Nitpick I know, but why the fuck is she censoring the word ”horny” on her onlyfans…?

No. 1111890

Bc she thinks it’s quirky and endearing

No. 1111903

can someone please post a photo of her double lip so i can show my injector rq(emoji)

No. 1111933

No. 1111935


sage for armchair that the former wild, bass player for a metal band jumped into a stable, safe job looking for the stability and safety he wasnt finding in his relationship. i agree he uses his job as an escape from that tiny apartment with a woman who shaves her cats because she's just that bored.

No. 1112169

File: 1608586705768.jpeg (268.31 KB, 828x987, F81F6F05-4F51-438B-A88E-A41CFD…)

Just when you thought she couldn’t have fewer pictures. For a moment a thought I was blocked or she went private, but nope.

No. 1112181

She’s also still dropping followers. Before she posted her shaving her cat I believe she was in the 70’s so she’s lost 50 followers at least

No. 1112196

File: 1608587971645.jpg (324.93 KB, 972x4243, Screenshot_20201221-164653_Sam…)

Comedy gold: An analysis of her Twitter shows her "best friend" is her own PickledShitShop. And Donald Trump's Twitter account made her list of besties. So when she says how wEiRd everyone is for discussing what a dirty inbred rat she is when she claims to spend all her time and energy on things she enjoys, I guess she really just outed herself as a huge fan of Trump. And since she likes to remind everyone that her "sexual aversion" is fake and she loves sucking old man balls as long as they have money, sounds like Trump is the man of her dreams.

I know Matt doesn't have a Twitter, but it's pretty funny that Donald Trump is on her list of social media besties and Matt will never make that list. Ever.

No. 1112202

File: 1608588267594.jpg (281.18 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201221-170039_Sam…)

She talks to herself an average 64% of the time and tweets approximately 16x a day on average.

No. 1112203

Shayna is 3rd wtf?

No. 1112204

File: 1608588337560.jpg (344.44 KB, 1080x1938, Screenshot_20201221-170312_Sam…)

Proof that the only people that converse with her are females. Aaron counts as a female.

No. 1112214

File: 1608589058251.jpg (122.95 KB, 972x2132, Screenshot_20201221-170158_Sam…)

Less than 2% of people she mentions or talks about on her page don't return the favor, which makes sense because she's so embarrassing that most people are probably content pretending they don't know her.

Considering the extremely low number of likes on her page (usually less than 30 despite having "17.7k" followers) it's clear her followers are predominantly bots and spam accounts. That's literally 2% of her "followers" who even like her posts. Even less people comment.

She really should give up on the social media. This is really embarrassing how desperate she is for attention, asking why people are ignoring her and not reposting her bullshit, constantly asking to be "gassed up" (which just brings to mind how she always looks like she smells like shit), asks her retard bf to write about how great she is so for her to repost, begging unsuccessfully for people to buy her used shoes in exchange for her porn, constantly talking about shooting porn that no one even buys or subs to… this is really sad. Talk about killing the poor ugly kid's self-esteem.

No. 1112301

They've been mutuals on tumblr before Ari was a cow… sage for blogsperg

No. 1112398

she got more engagement on insta when she made her main page like a spam dump. it brought in follows and comments from teen-early twenties girls/women and also the occasional male who found her attractive. now w it just being her SW insta the girls who carried her aren’t rly interested and her nasty male followers don’t care to interact because she doesn’t interact back. she’s really fucked herself.

No. 1112403

File: 1608608317716.jpeg (323.06 KB, 828x1414, A8EC49EB-5D29-4C9C-B526-8A79E7…)

What IS this pose? WHY is she butt ass naked on her living room couch? Truly do not understand the appeal here.

No. 1112405

She looks like she has some sort of degenerative/ muscle wasting disease here. It’s like she exudes the opposite of sex appeal

No. 1112410

Holy fuck she looks puffy. I get the swelling is supposed to go down but if she got a fat graft in her cheeks is she going to be puffy like that around the eyes forever? She looks like she had an allergic reaction after getting stung by a bee. None of her features even stand out its just one big puffy face.

No wonder she manicly shaved her cat. She was probably wanted to shave her head but realized shaving Tarte would relieve that BDD itch and distract her without compromising her fried mop.

No. 1112412

No. 1112423

lmao besides aaron, shaytard is her follower who interacts most. When Cows Collide™

No. 1112430

>>1112403 her face is so punchable. Her lips look like a prolapsed anus and her entire face is collapsed because the filler. Botched mess in real life.

No. 1112461

This picture really emphasizes how horrible her bolt-ons make her look.

No. 1112463

She needs to cross her arm way over to hide her uneven boob job.

No. 1112493

Just scroll up a tiny bit instead of asking the same question over and over

No. 1112497

Is it just me or does her nose not look as mega-sloped as it does in all of her other selfies?

No. 1112570

why do her lips always have that disgusting blister on them, it looks like they're about to burst

No. 1112590

Herpes, maybe?

No. 1112608

She picks the skin on her lips

No. 1113134

>>1112570 herpes or picking her lips because the anxiety. And filler.

No. 1113240

What an embarrassing list. That Mia girl is awful, as well. I remember coming across her Tumblr back in the day and thinking she was a total cow.

No. 1113330

I guess she is embarassed to show her new fat girl with an allergic reaction-face. Plus the cat abuse case..

No. 1113360

File: 1608739929849.jpeg (41.59 KB, 500x182, F1C9844C-CE6D-4042-A676-9B2BD5…)

Saw these books and immediately thought of Ari’s tube-shaped atrocities.

No. 1113432

File: 1608746103109.jpeg (236.7 KB, 1125x542, 2BF620AE-98DF-478D-BCA0-9AC898…)

She’s playing herself by restricting the comments on her posts hahah

No. 1113478

I wonder when is the next time she’s going to post her cats on social media

No. 1113583


I don't usually read the Belle Delphine thread but noticed that between the dressing up like a cat, ahegao face, and wannabe skateboard ramp nose, Ariana seems to really want to skinwalk Belle these days. The only difference is Belle is young, successful, attractive with or without makeup, has a real business, and understands marketing while Ariana is aging herself out of the SW industry, botched with or without makeup, has no business or financial savvy, and has an equally ugly personality to match with her ugly exterior.
Or she's just so basic that she looks like a low-quality, saggy-faced, try hard, trailer trash version of trendy young kids.

No. 1113601

That’s kinda a reach.

No. 1113606

Like the ahegao face has been a thing for years (decades in manga) belle doesn’t own it, dressing up like a cat is something every sex worker does, and it’s just a nose job. Does anyone who gets a nose job trying to be Bella now. None of that stuff is skinwalking. If she was dressing like her, copying her mannerisms, makeup and hair, I would get it, but like she isn’t.

No. 1113705

>The only difference is Belle is young, successful, attractive with or without makeup,
I would accuse you of being Belle for this but her English skill is below yours.

Imo ariana is a lot prettier than Belle and uses less filters. Also not seeing the similarities, there's so many more obvious skinwalkers like rusty.fawkes or even lori.

No. 1113714

>ariana is a lot prettier than Belle and uses less filters
Lmao let’s not get carried away now

No. 1113721

Prettier? Uses less filters? Might want to get your eyes check, anon!

No. 1113729


Ariana isn't prettier than anyone these days. And she filters and white washes all her pictures. And more than 200,000 people seem to agree that Belle is more attractive so that's not even a comparison.

No. 1113855

Please, Ariana is barely prettier than a troll under a bridge. She’s among the top handful of ugliest people I’ve ever seen.

No. 1113947

File: 1608786514984.jpeg (1.31 MB, 4096x2304, C1BE881E-25AE-44CD-9369-592084…)

No. 1114077

File: 1608812206593.png (2.52 MB, 828x1792, 83985D95-D6C6-428F-BAFB-8E81E5…)

Somehow came across a girl who also got her nose done by Ari’s surgeon and these comments sound familiar

No. 1114165

She really does look like a bridge troll. She's always so puffy and bloated looking

No. 1114662

I still can't believe she posted these in full confidence.

No. 1114725

File: 1608907800058.jpeg (590.52 KB, 750x1092, 55D855AC-C716-4473-94B7-B942F4…)

“They usually sell out within minutes” sure ari sure

No. 1114744

Why are they all going ass to mouth kek

No. 1114751

lmao i was just gonna say. it looked kinda cool from the thumbnail but when i opened it the first thing i thought was human centipede

No. 1114762

File: 1608913716910.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.15 MB, 1827x2112, ratz.jpg)


nobody wants rat king art ari

No. 1114765

Why would she do this? Such a disgusting concept for a piece of art.

No. 1114766

can’t wait for it to be more sparkly irl because pictures don’t do it justice

No. 1114862

who is this?

No. 1114975

File: 1608942455384.jpeg (378.94 KB, 1242x2208, 7F151D9D-81D8-4449-BCA2-908E5F…)

Gotta get just the right angle to attempt to make her nose look decent. Can’t wait till she Michael Jacksons that shit

No. 1115020

what do you mean anon her nose is already so chopped up it resembles most ps-victims noses. she will inevitably get another nose job but it‘s not like it isn‘t already mj levels of botched

No. 1115075

File: 1608956360360.jpeg (1.42 MB, 3464x3464, 5964BDD5-C6CD-4353-8B60-D3DFCD…)

Sometimes I genuinely wonder if ari is trans. came across this mtf pornstar that collabs with gothcharlotte often, and aris features are so similar. same waist, hips, jawline, etc. It’d be the biggest plot twist ever it she actually ended up being trans for real

No. 1115077

Lydia Black is a CIS woman but ok sperg

No. 1115093

can we focus on the real reasons she sucks and not dumbass shit like this? thanks

No. 1115104

Nobody will buy your disgusting pieces of shit. The lack of talent of this whore, she can't do nothing to earn money, only sell her ugly flat nasty body to scrotes. She will end so bad…

No. 1115118

Nta but calling women "CIS" is just as spergy as ayrt.

No. 1115159

It's a rat king, a weird phenomenon. Her work is always malformed and bland though so it'll look like shit instead of actually captivating.

No. 1115187

I hate how I think I would actually really like this but she insists on putting all of her “art” on tacky ass wood slabs that just ruin the aesthetic of it. something like this just painted then put in a decorative frame would be much more appealing and more likely to sell

No. 1115218


I wonder if she knows nobody likes her. I know thats a playground insult, but I really think she’s hit her stride in burning so many bridges that she has to have recognized her absolutely shitty, narc attitude has completely robbed every opportunity she’s been given. I mean girl, you had to bomb your socials to avoid criticism this time. Guess her only fan/fuck buddy, Aaron, wasnt enough of a cheerleading squad this time to make her feel like shit-take on cat shaving was worth defending. I think she’s actually worse than shaytard in terms of people actually finding her tolerable and interacting with her.

No. 1115220


samefag but my shayna comparison just made me realize ive never seen a single wanker simp for ari, ever. aaron doesnt count because i doubt he pays her anything except the mutual onlyfans follow. but not once have I seen a repeat customer come back for more.

No. 1115223

It's not internet but there's just the mystery sugar daddy we used to hear vague stories about. He might be an infrequent series of risky incall men, knowing Ariana.

No. 1115330

But how? Anon was claiming this Lydia person is mtf trans. So if she's not, how is clarifying she's a cis woman spergy?

No. 1115364

….she’s literally shown her entire biological pussy close up hundreds of times

No. 1115397

File: 1609007798750.png (10.5 MB, 1242x2208, A8409FA9-0CCE-4E40-8528-650B04…)

Stop sperging about mtf shit again, it’s not interesting or milky at all.

Anyway….she’s been more active on Instagram today so hopefully this will be the start of her slowly returning back to her usual oversharing self after the cat shaving incident

No. 1115427

Random thought but isn’t it crazy how she’s managed to gain a negative reputation on every major social media she’s been active on? I remember call out posts on tumblr over her treatment of her gecko, then she got herself blacklisted from all the brands she worked with on IG because of her trashy behaviour and now this recent calling out of her shaving her cats on Twitter. Everywhere she goes, people quickly catch on to how shitty she is… yet she still manages to think of herself as this “pure” person. No, it’s not her that’s wrong - it’s everyone else. So delusional.

No. 1115557

File: 1609027696600.jpg (1.26 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1609027449621.jpg)

Ariana and her face and overly contoured nose are so off putting. This is such a bad look and more reminiscent of a troll than a "Lil elf".

No. 1115605

imagine getting three whole ass nose jobs and getting in debt over it and still contouring your nose to hell and back kek

No. 1115768

File: 1609060027220.jpeg (15.35 KB, 358x311, 82A48CAD-4ECA-4180-B9D1-CF026D…)

Her nose looks like it was sewn on. And that’s with foundation & powder covering the scar? Yikes

No. 1115781

well in her defense it was sewn on lmao

No. 1115822

File: 1609075963185.jpeg (134.47 KB, 769x688, 7EE83FF2-96B9-4C84-B7F9-434545…)

You missed the worst one (imo). She looks like a younger Jocelyn Wildenstein.. y’know, the plastic surgery addicted woman who looks like a cat? Insane.

No. 1115831


Wow, she really does.

No. 1115917

i’m going to assume you’ve never seen a neovag but ari definitely does not have one. as crusty as her pussy looks it’s actually real.

No. 1115922

File: 1609089234385.png (6.85 MB, 1242x2208, C870D1BE-950F-4C7E-A4C5-250BD9…)

“Idk what my drawing style is lol” it’s bad. Your drawings are bad.

No. 1115969

her grandma will treasure this diseased crackhead toothfairy, i'm sure

No. 1116003

File: 1609097433642.png (1.61 MB, 828x1792, 6DD10CEE-9B03-4283-A70D-2C30D8…)

So she’s been this vile since at LEAST 2011? How do you not realize there’s cat shit in your shoe

No. 1116040

She actually posted her shaved cats on Facebook… wtf

No. 1116046

Looks like a self portrait of herself lmao

No. 1116060


this looks so juvenile and amateur. middle school art class level. no knowledge of composition, realistic anatomy (the arms and torso), the crappy cartoony face and hair

No. 1116065

File: 1609103934331.jpeg (687.96 KB, 960x958, 18CE16EE-7D7A-4409-9B4A-0C0428…)

replying for reference… let's play a game. Where's Waldo but we're trying to find her within this collage.

No. 1116066

yes it does. she’s not even capable of making a shitty drawing that doesn’t inject her narcissism directly into it.

No. 1116072

File: 1609104486453.jpeg (594.48 KB, 953x954, 988E83F1-2DC9-407A-B712-AB5FBA…)

[last one] when you spend tens of thousands of dollars to look like Sahar Luna but come out looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein

No. 1116077

Wow she posted the cat shaving on all three of her social medias? That's nuts. She must have really thought people would find that funny…? Its honestly frightening how disconnected from reality she is.

Ari get some friends that isn't a SW fuckbuddy weirdo. I know your raging personality disorder will make it impossible to have other female friends but at least normal ones might stop you from posting your manic abusing of your animals on your social media next to your gaping asshole kek

No. 1116213


Uh, was this supposed to be a xmas gift? Did she not finish it until boxing day? And now still has to send the “gift” to her grandparents? Damn they must feel real special to be getting some last minute leftovers. But no, no - her grandpa is her whole world and the only person who really cares! Sure ari..

No. 1116243

You know it’s possible for her to post a picture after it’s finished and given away, right?

No. 1116280

because people don't give enough of a shit about her

No. 1116589


and you know youre in an ari thread right, anon? yes, she perfectly planned these very thoughtful gifts and spent the money to ship these last minute to arrive before xmas lol…

No. 1116654

File: 1609175059347.jpg (321.56 KB, 1080x1592, Screenshot_20201228-115943_Ins…)


Why would anyone's grandmother want a cracked out fairy with a plastic surgery ski slope nose sitting on a generic mushroom while holding a glittering ball of shit?! Ariana definitely is drawing what she wishes she looked like, from the shaggy copper hair to the skinny body, but in reality, the only accurate detail is the all-over stubble.

No. 1116656

File: 1609175220425.jpg (258.3 KB, 1080x1566, Screenshot_20201228-115951_Ins…)


Pic of awkward half-shaven "Lil elf" is definitely what Ariana wishes she looked like. No wonder why she looks so bad… this is what she's striving for.

No. 1116663


She gave this botched elf the same bloated face shape and over-filled lips too. Everything she draws is a fanfic of what she wishes she looked like. I know this has been mentioned in other threads but it's so sad that she sits around all day drawing what she wishes she looked like or posing at an angle that she wishes she could always be viewed at.

No. 1116673


Ariana is the opposite of a fragile little fairy elf. She's a loud, screeching, lumbering, uncoordinated, hairy bridge troll with lordosis and a distended stomach. Her dirty gray underwear and bra are just as colorless and boring as her life.

No. 1116676


This monstrosity of a children's drawing even has irregular-shaped fake nails which just reminds me of Ariana and her translucent bingo chip nails she wanted to charge people to do. And the corner of the mouth is just like joker lip outline she used to do.

No. 1116725

File: 1609182381319.jpg (41.24 KB, 615x409, 2_Good-Morning-Britain-TV-show…)

I'm thinking Danniella Westbrook with that folded over nose and grandma mouth

No. 1116854

File: 1609193317009.jpeg (124.32 KB, 1125x811, 68033879-3EB6-462A-8587-285078…)

She cannot stop posting the same thing over and over about being ”hot and talented”

No. 1116863

File: 1609193649431.jpeg (487.82 KB, 1242x1439, E211A904-9B24-444B-90C8-40960C…)

She paid for this nose. Not too sure exactly how long it’s been since the surgery, but you would think the majority of the swelling would be gone by now. It literally looks worse from the front, it’s just a potato nose. Ever since she got her surgeries, she’s quit posting photos head on and I think it’s because you can tell it was a huge waste of money because she looks the same, if not worse. Straight on photos used to be her favourite angle. This is one of the few she’s posted, glad I caught it because she’ll probably delete

No. 1116866

File: 1609193886834.jpeg (274.68 KB, 1242x635, 8982CEDA-B9F6-4CFD-BCA1-45A186…)

She changed the caption

No. 1116869

This is a little exaggerative. All the e-thots and wannabes that photoshop themselves draw these ugly creatures that they strive to be, but this is one of the first fanfic drawings Ariana has posted. The part about her posing in desperation to prove that she isn’t ugly was bang-on though.

No. 1116870

Delusion: Convince Yourself™

No. 1116873

>B-but, I don’t care! IG is useless! I don’t wear makeup!
She looks like spongebob when he tied the belt around his face to imitate squidward.

No. 1116880

She's really out there trying to convince herself that she no longer cares what she looks like. The delusion.
Also, calls internet toxic because she gets dragged for being abusive to her pets & takes no accountability.. again. Right.

No. 1116885

R.I.P. that modeling career

No. 1116889

Has she rebleached her hair or is it just looking even more fried than usual? If she could just stop fucking with herself and left her face/body alone after the initial nose job maybe she wouldn’t have ended up so botched.

No. 1116893

She really does look like a caveman or something, this picture makes her look especially slow too with her vacant stare

No. 1116894


“After missing my boyfriend and financial supporter’s birthday to get an unnecessary nose job that put me into debt… I no longer care about my appearance and life is more than looks.” - Ariana 2020

No. 1116896


I think she just has officially refried all the regrowth from when she shaved her head. Even with professional help, this is the reality of the state of her straw-cap.

No. 1116902

>if it’s not benefitting me i’m really not interested!
isn’t that pretty much her outlook on everything in life kek

No. 1116906

Well we will know for sure in probably a year with the swelling but I think we all know she won’t be satisfied even when it does go down

Looks like it’s bleached again, how much longer until she dyes it red or black with box dye again?

No. 1116935

Okay, so it really is wild that she paid so much money for the nose. But I don’t think it’s that horrible. What is so much worse is the fat grafting on a fucking 26 year old. It is just so unnecessary and makes her look like a puffer fish … if she was not such a reprehensible human, I would feel bad. But damn. She really wasted her money. Could have paid to find a good therapist and a career and shit. What a waste.

No. 1116937

I love how this is all a misdirect from her sweeping the shaved cat fur under the rug

No. 1116942

File: 1609200981740.jpeg (752.13 KB, 952x940, 9E5F516D-2426-440C-82A3-2DBA48…)

No. 1116943

imagine paying for surgery just to end up looking like a bloated noah cyrus

No. 1116946

File: 1609201623599.jpg (226.11 KB, 742x983, 20201228_161959.jpg)

Her hair literally has an additional inch of "volume" to it lmfao too bad its just bleach induced frizz and breakage though. her hair probably snaps even if she brushes it with half a bottle of conditioner in it

No. 1116947

agree 100% she aged herself a good 10 years. she looks well into her mid 30s with the facial fat grafting whereas before she could pass for maybe early 20s. big woof

No. 1116953

Ari, you need more surgery now to fix the previous surgeries! I know, you know, and everyone else knows you’re not satisfied with the results…. maybe you should get more fillers?

No. 1116961

how much do we wanna bet the next thing she'll go into debt over is jaw correction surgery to fix her fugly witch moon face? iIt would also confirm she lurks lolcow, I honestly feel like she is constantly just refreshing this forum.

No. 1116996

Jeez her face has absolutely no definition at all now.

No. 1117002


I get the whole "major surgery can take up to a whole year before you see the final results" bullshit but considering she had to beg her twitter following for a ride to the plastic surgeon, scheduled on her bf's bday, was too broke to buy new clothes when in Texas, and is most certainly back in debt over this (havent seen her brag about paying bills like an adult in awhile) - that she did her nose job and fat grafting on a total whim. Why the fuck would someone who relies on their face to make an income, not:

1) save up money so she didnt have drive hours and stay in a rancid hotel with her fuck buddy before doing it
2) make sure she had good savings (not credit) to hold her over the year because now she's too insecure with her Goonies sloth face to produce SW/modeling content until her face settles down (if it does)

Yet another case of her mania showing its ugly rat face.

No. 1117008

File: 1609206783554.jpeg (37.02 KB, 445x338, BA1D02C0-2780-4CD2-8A63-FEAC35…)

She’s literally so ugly that it’s jarring. She got half of her philtrum lopped off yet here it is a mile long and drooping off her face. Don’t even get me started on that smashed in nose.

No. 1117016

File: 1609207609170.png (2.1 MB, 1280x720, Her Face Got Big.png)

the side by side she'd never post

No. 1117017

It kills me that she basically reversed her lip lift with all the other procedures.

No. 1117028

File: 1609209331577.jpg (68.28 KB, 693x900, i can make babies laugh.jpg)

face on the left reminded me of this, its the eyes

No. 1117029

File: 1609209331831.jpg (36.41 KB, 600x750, MB1005_600x_crop_center.jpg)

She really out here looking like a whole latex mask. Should've stopped after the first nose job.

No. 1117054

and to think that noah cyrus' face is bloated af to begin with thanks to her own plastic surgery addiction

No. 1117088

The noise I produced when I saw this comparison

No. 1117194

she looks like a man, not even mtf, just straight up like a man. not a good look

No. 1117207

>>1116863 Can someone dip this bitch in Olaplex ffs. Wastes thousands on a botched nose but cannot fix that hair for the life of her.

No. 1117260

I just don’t understand how it makes sense to go into debt over plastic surgery when you’re not even a model? Like she could have bought a house or even went to college and paid tuition. I guess she’s just really stunted in growth and development

No. 1117265

File: 1609254348797.png (1.96 MB, 750x1334, 0BE272FC-4BB3-4B5E-A25D-32B0FB…)

1/2 this piece of art is stolen it’s unoriginal and while that isn’t surprising at all, I do feel she should be called out for stealing other people art.

No. 1117268

File: 1609254541330.png (3.73 MB, 750x1334, CDE522C3-806F-44E9-A3EE-DBC399…)

2/2 this is the original artist and piece that Ariana literally just /copied/ and claimed as her own lol (top left)
People who steal and profit off other people’s art are a different kind of sleazy

No. 1117273

not to wk (trust me, i hate ariana) but artwork of rat kings aren’t that uncommon. i don’t even think ariana follows this tattoo artist. i’m sure she copied it off something, but i don’t think this is it.

No. 1117311

File: 1609259307009.jpeg (587.8 KB, 750x1264, 6252AA14-2FCB-4B03-8E3F-B82929…)

You’re right anon. And you taught me a new thing. Rat kings.

No. 1117312

It's Philly, it's saturated with edgy tattoo artists. This kind of 'dark art' is a dime a dozen in tattoo imagery. She's incredibly uninspired and unoriginal but it's hardly a new concept to begin with. Just call her art ugly and go

No. 1117331

it was already mentioned a while ago >>1114762

No. 1117425

File: 1609267535280.jpeg (463.79 KB, 1125x1987, 2FA8397D-76B3-48C9-AA82-8307C3…)

No. 1117427

jesus christ what a rip off. I can’t believe she thinks it’s worth half a grand

No. 1117444

it looks okay? Better than her other stuff but that's a high price tag how soon will this be on sale?

No. 1117454

525??!!! Oh my god she's delusional. The rats aren't even colored in ffs

No. 1117457

sage for plastic surgery ot but she had some seriously deep nasolabial folds before the fat grafting that seem to have smoothed out a lot. i'm sure she edits them too but just something i noticed.

No. 1117474

Don't be silly anon, theres like $200's worth of gold leaf glued to the edges!

No. 1117478

nah she still has them >>1101542

No. 1117480


The price tag just screams how desperate she is for money. She isn't able to sell porn, she can't escort because no one wants her, no one ever buys her taxidermy even though she paid the $100 for a state license, and she has to make payments on her bad MJ-lookalike surgery. She couldn't even buy her dear grandparents a present. While she's delusional for thinking her teenage followers will spend that much on her shit, she really must be hurting for money to ask that much for such a bad drawing.

No. 1117496


have to agree that it must have been easier for her to bomb her socials and take a "break" right now while her life is probably pretty bleak post-surgery in all aspects (money, work, relationship, etc)

No. 1117503

i think this might her highest priced art item on etsy to date? yet it looks like one of the pieces she put the least amount of effort into - unoriginal “edgy” image, basically just redrew the same rat 6 times in a circle. colored in the background. followed by what looks like a breeze accidentally blew bits of garbage into the resin while it was still wet.

what does she think is remotely worth $500+ ?

No. 1117550

File: 1609278609778.png (89.6 KB, 1202x444, 924873247.png)

ah yes, i'm sure tiktok is just the platform to peddle your ripped off art

No. 1117564


No. 1117582

Nitpick but I hate how the tails aren’t even drawn actually knotted. She’s so lazy

No. 1117611

There's a major flaw in the resin coating lower right. It's in all the photos too so it's not just a weird reflection.

No. 1117614

sage for artist sperg but she was working on this for like, what, 2 days max? i'd price a decent painting that would take weeks of work at less

No. 1117649

yes she shits these manic doodles out during an 8 hour period and wants to charge hundreds for them

No. 1117728

There are so many things she could do with her current art skill that would sell better than these tacky wood stumps. How long until this becomes a "$500 present I gave to Aaron/Matt/My Brother".

No. 1117960


She can't escort because she's a lazy bitch, scrotes will fuck anything lol

Ari half asses everything she does, she probably thought guys would be throwing themselves at her, not considering that being a prostitute is a job with heavy heavy competition. I mean there are street walkers selling gummy bjs for a tenner. Ari was just too lazy to find her niche (which is not high class escort, let's be honest, but that would be too much of a blow to her ego) and then never put any effort into marketing herself.

Same she does with her ~art and porn, her npd tells her she's a gift to the people around her so she never bothers to properly invest time and research to carve out or find a unique niche to fit in. Her followers should appreciate it! That's what they're there for right, constant external validation?
And then when no one buys her half assed art/porn it's obviously everyone else's fault. Why don't they support her? Why don't they appreciate the gift that Ari is in their lifes?

Sage for ramble

No. 1117978


Yo SAME. It looks so dumb like… the tails aren’t knotted so it’s just some rats hanging out in a circle for no reason. Retarded.

No. 1117993

File: 1609327917176.jpg (405.22 KB, 1080x1187, Screenshot_20201230-063045_Sam…)

Wow, I like her 13 year old art way better!!! Her style was much better and cleaner back then. Just shows how far she's fallen.

No. 1118058


I love how she was bragging all her art instantly sells out as soon as its posted back before the cat-shaving when she was complaining about “time wasters” inquiring about customs.

No. 1118062

Lol remember when Ari thought she was a high end escort with that Jeff goldbloom lookalike. She used to take selfie’s in posh bathrooms wearing a creased roll neck top with that cheap nickle-based necklace with all the crosses & think she was Victoria beckham

No. 1118199

KEK I remember this era. She really thought she was hot shit

No. 1118220

File: 1609360389029.jpeg (1.73 MB, 2400x1920, 02E023E0-6D25-4986-9F17-C7BB87…)

I miss this era lmao

No. 1118222

Being pissed on by an old ass man lmao, ~thriving

No. 1118252

what is up with her smile? it's weird because it has this "i'm full of myself" thing to it but also reveals what her face used to look like, which is kind of ironic. also despite the invisalign her mouth is still so weird

No. 1118342

File: 1609373623675.png (6.93 MB, 1242x2208, FED5D2D1-329D-48E6-9D7C-40A8F6…)

No. 1118354

Girl tone it down with the binky the clown makeup. You’re not a big titty goth gf Ari

No. 1118402

Jesus that's an unflattering picture of her body.

No. 1118622

File: 1609401137089.jpeg (188.74 KB, 1242x369, 46FFD939-F82C-445E-AD49-454F71…)

Like a broken record

No. 1118709

File: 1609415869320.jpg (591.74 KB, 972x4865, Screenshot_20201231-065403_Sam…)

Why am I not surprised she can't even inspire herself to make art and has to ask Twitter for life advice?

No. 1118710

File: 1609415986331.jpg (1.22 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1609415927538.jpg)

I'm sure it looks better irl and is sooo sPaRkLy because in pictures it looks just as pathetic and unwanted as Ariana.

No. 1118890

File: 1609436771777.png (Spoiler Image, 4.45 MB, 1242x2208, AC067131-2603-4D4B-8E05-B98DB3…)

I plug my nose, avert my eyes, and ask “when was the last time you bathed or did laundry?”

No. 1118914

I wish she would either commit to a bush or trim that fucking stubble she lets grow out to her thighs. This looks so disgusting for someone trying to market their body

No. 1118933

Seriously does she own any other underwear than this grey, musty pair?

No. 1118982


God it looks like that ratty walmart thong is hiding the sand monster from star wars, Sarlacc

No. 1118984

File: 1609441228639.gif (766.03 KB, 601x317, 2A6C2E40-B806-40F3-8F53-1AE6C1…)


matt going in for his monthly fuck

No. 1119022

File: 1609443429887.jpeg (625.06 KB, 1125x1923, 240F2AE0-AD0D-4404-B5A5-11B6FA…)

Lol ok

No. 1119037

probably just thinking about steve irwin again

No. 1119038

File: 1609444622136.jpg (984.84 KB, 1080x2010, Screenshot_20201231-145558_Ins…)

Lmao this bitch just recently was taking xanax after her surgery but because it was prescribed I guess she's pretending it doesn't count.

No. 1119054

xanax and shrooms kek

No. 1119078

How many times has she made this statement?

No. 1119087

She can’t be serious kek

No. 1119091

But you still manage to shit into a garbage can in 2020? Huh!

No. 1119092

i know this has been mentioned previously, but, fuck, her artwork would look infinitely more professional if she stopped putting unneeded glitter and slapdash gold leaf on fucking everything. it'll still look amateur no matter what, but at least it won't look like it was crafted by the child of a single mother who was left outside a tattoo shop with only a bottle of glitter glue and a slab of wood.

No. 1119125

Seriously Ari? Because you've been obnoxiously bragging about thriving for years. I mean we all know you're full of it but pick a lane.

No. 1119133

File: 1609452127941.jpeg (193.19 KB, 1188x1474, 014DC5F9-A5E6-40CA-9012-ADA223…)

Just had to post this photo from awhile ago because GODDAMN. You know how you can tell someone is a nasty person just from their looks/shitty expressions? This bitch is one of them. Also you would think she was a methhead or crackhead or something, jesus.

No. 1119306

File: 1609469665512.jpeg (125 KB, 1000x1000, 425CF09C-82FE-4E0F-A62E-63B62B…)

No. 1119345

File: 1609475688936.png (6.8 MB, 1242x2208, 4F8C5F07-CC05-49DA-9F6C-7C14B9…)

She’s so ridiculous. This is just gonna be the same thing she did with her nose job pics where she’s not actually gonna post, she’s gonna send it to her subs with the provision that they pay for it.

No. 1119462

File: 1609500678220.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x2009, B9A184E7-F1E7-4BAB-9BB6-B5C744…)

“Alcohol free”

No. 1119463

File: 1609501093778.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 690.97 KB, 1242x718, EC2EFFEF-47F6-4026-839F-5F2ECB…)

There’s a new horrifically awkward sex video

No. 1119465

File: 1609501396154.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 652.19 KB, 1242x1395, DEEFAE06-CC63-456C-BAF4-619A5B…)

Aaron retweeting videos of Ariana tugging on her tits like an teenage boy

No. 1119506

His stance…. Why

No. 1119527


i love how she doesnt even pretend mattcuck has the “most perfect giant cock” anymore now that everyone has seen it in more than just conveniently angled photos.

No. 1119533

She really outs Matt “pencil dick” cuck in their porn videos lmao. All this talk of him having a big dick

No. 1119534


Tattoo artists make fun of people who get tattoos all on the front of their body and hardly any on the back of their body because they clearly just want to try to look cool for pictures. Not that we didn't know already, but Ariana is officially one of those people that artists make fun of. She is literally made fun of in every alt culture, from her bad tattoos, to her subpar "porn".

No. 1119535


His lumpy, misshapen pencil dick and her botched body… definitely something nobody wants to see for free, let alone sub to.

No. 1119537

File: 1609512289561.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 377.2 KB, 1242x1116, E9B71000-2481-46A6-B945-CDE909…)

Aaron named this his “top photo of 2020”

No. 1119538

File: 1609512315038.jpg (Spoiler Image, 345.93 KB, 1078x615, Screenshot_20210101-094348_Sam…)

Her "Why God?!" hands really makes this look so enjoyable and desirable. Keep posting this on your "SW" Twitter and see how many people you can turn off.

No. 1119539


He's curvier than Ariana at least. What an ideal group of ugly friends.

No. 1119542

File: 1609512550257.jpg (Spoiler Image, 300.17 KB, 972x2007, Screenshot_20210101-094727_Sam…)

Perfectly scarred, crooked, and botched! Only a few spots left to see stubble on Ariana's stank puthy.

No. 1119545

He… Looks like a bug

No. 1119550

This was apple juice.

No. 1119551

She was and is not prescribed Xanax. She said she wanted a prescription because it actually helps her anxiety, Xanax is a hard drug. She is a liar

No. 1119560

How do you know? It came out of a corked glass bottle that looked suspiciously like alcohol kek

No. 1119566

Plot twist: it’s Matt’s piss.

No. 1119567

>If u want the vid for free make sure ur subbed
>subscription is $6

How is that ”free”, Ariana?

No. 1119571

File: 1609516234511.jpeg (219.18 KB, 1125x1759, 725EE8A8-C7F5-4F6D-AABE-2470A3…)


I mean we all know she’s a stupid idiot and is lying about being ”one year sober”, but I still don’t think she would post herself crying over being proud she’s alcohol free and the next second be posting stories of her drinking alcohol. It looks like the bottle says ”sparkling cider”.

No. 1119578


i’m not one to wk for these cows but the brand is martinelli’s, they sell apple juice and non-alcoholic ciders. so she’s not drinking alcohol in this snapshot.

off-camera is a different story, i’ve found the people who shout the loudest about their sobriety are usually fiending

No. 1119580

That’s what I was saying

No. 1119583

It’s the $6 to sub + whatever she’s charging for “sending it out” to her subs. Like a 3-4 minute video for like $15-20 just to watch her freak out for getting cum on her hands.

No. 1119586

some of her tattoos are actually very cool, shame they’re such a creepy botched corpse

No. 1119640

Omg I never noticed this before. It looks ridiculous from the side

No. 1119658

Jesus Christ, if I wanted to see ugly filthy strangers fucking I could just stop by the nearest meth park

No. 1119661

Which ones? They all look like garbage to me. Just a bunch of random scribbles all over.

No. 1119684

File: 1609527771726.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 630.52 KB, 1536x742, 84313DEC-9A06-4312-9856-944F25…)

No. 1119706

Damn you can really see how shrunken and Michael Jacksony her new nose looks compared to her new fat face.

No. 1119775

Holy shit is she PREGNANT? I've never seen her this fat before..>>1119684

No. 1119789

Fucking tard. Her legs are blocking her stomach what are you even talking about

No. 1119791

File: 1609539617050.png (436.56 KB, 1242x2208, A83B7626-C90D-42DE-940D-63BD64…)

No. 1119925

anachan ….? everything okay at home ..?

No. 1120160

File: 1609592995897.jpeg (191.04 KB, 1242x362, 5288254C-549E-4952-AA7E-248EBB…)

No. 1120263


because you block/delete/call out/are a cunt to anyone who gives you suggestions or constructive criticism on what they actually want to see unless they are in one of your useless twitter polls.

No. 1120283

File: 1609606160519.jpeg (98.37 KB, 1242x613, 785C4B9F-02E5-46F5-8D27-CC92E4…)

From her OF kek

No. 1120319

File: 1609609405813.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 690.45 KB, 1242x1299, CC79C6F8-0A8E-474C-AE81-9C51E2…)

Mattcuck and Ariana look so awkward when they have sex. Also her pre surgery face coming out again when she smiles at an angle that isn’t heavily posed or filtered kek.

No. 1120332

Jesus christ that chin is fucking huge

No. 1120464

File: 1609624352804.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 163.62 KB, 750x980, 0B4E2039-B76A-4BF5-92B3-429AB3…)

“I have fat tits” ….??? Not really.

No. 1120485

File: 1609625939299.png (3.76 MB, 828x1792, B3CDB231-E57C-4391-9234-15C74F…)

Still posting pictures of her shaved cats on social media

No. 1120489

how is she not embarrassed by this…?

No. 1120505

Oh no this poor cat. It was obviously done so haphazardly. This makes me sad as hell

No. 1120516

Can someone please post that to r/trashy… wow. Why is everything this girl does…. so trashy?!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1120518

File: 1609628361316.jpeg (70.84 KB, 570x672, 1AB5593D-9C07-4161-A86A-561B61…)

It’s so much better this way round.

No. 1120519

File: 1609628400025.png (1.33 MB, 1076x693, delete this.png)


its the jay leno chin for me

No. 1120524

I love how she posts these pics with her boobs subtly out on FB for her whole family to see

No. 1120541

File: 1609629413279.png (4.6 MB, 2244x1255, Who shaves a cat - Ariana McMi…)

Here's a collection of the cat shaving

No. 1120545

Thanks for the collage anon.
She shaved so much of one of them man, looks like she got close to the cats armpits which have a lot of delicate loose skin that could easily be knicked by the shaver.

No. 1120547

File: 1609630002917.jpg (82.32 KB, 1024x683, todd.jpg)

late but

No. 1120557

Of course she’s the kind of person that use innocent things (her cat) as a punching bag when she runs out of ideas to fuck herself up!

No. 1120568

She is trash for this. To me, this is worse than all her botched surgeries and tone deaf shit she's said. I hope she gets called the fuck out for this on reddit.

No. 1120569

oh my god anon lmfao

No. 1120669

>>1120519 Next thread pic IMO

I still can't believe this bitch shaved her cats. Nuked her social media to get awy from it…then kept posting pics of them lmao.

No. 1120687

File: 1609641908941.png (Spoiler Image, 7.99 MB, 1242x2208, DB39BD7C-DAA6-407A-84CB-58C34A…)

No. 1120692

I will never understand how Ariana manages to look so dirty in every picture. You can smell every picture in this thread

No. 1120722

wow so sexy to give yourself a wedgie

who tf taught this bitch to take photos?

No. 1120724

a second pair of underpants has hit the tower

No. 1120747

Omfg anon this took me out

No. 1120764


Her pussy looks both deflated and waterlogged at the same time

No. 1120765

File: 1609652032918.jpeg (205.33 KB, 741x1182, 1A651B85-A9CF-4030-A601-B63EE1…)

So what exactly is ethically sourced at the Pickled Pet Shop? The feeder rats she gets from petco and stores in the freezer for over a year? Or is it the Michaels dime-a-dozen wood stumps?

No. 1120771

File: 1609652665936.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 236.32 KB, 745x1270, AE3EB4DC-D6B0-428A-AE9A-C73D4F…)

Any basic human functioning, really.

No. 1120776

Talented ? How ?

No. 1120788

She just put it there as a buzzword, without thinking whether she actually fits the bill. God I hate her.

No. 1120803

… get her cuck bf to marry her kek

No. 1120847

File: 1609673048241.jpeg (50.65 KB, 220x257, 3B38AD63-0062-4561-A09D-A64626…)

I really don’t understand why she keeps doing drag/clown make up, it looks awful

No. 1120904


There's nothing fLeXiBle about bending at your waist with your knees bent. That's not flexible at all.

She should change her Twitter title to "I have a fat face follow me"

No. 1120908

File: 1609684615516.jpg (80.96 KB, 1080x323, Screenshot_20210103-093449_Sam…)

How much you wanna bet that nobody subbed and she's just saying that to save face after begging for someone to talk to her.

I've never met a woman who has to beg for male attention, especially when it's a naked female. Ariana continues to prove her lack of talent and sexuality. No wonder why she's going so hard on trying to sell art. No one subs to her anymore.

No. 1120942


When you spend probably $10,000+ on your face and body and still have a failed onlyfans career. Damn. Bleak.

No. 1120966

File: 1609690930508.jpeg (590.83 KB, 1125x1213, 74E3FADC-77FA-4AF6-8EFF-392FA5…)

>Come see what everyone’s talking about for yourself


No. 1120969

“Come see what lolcow is talking about”

No. 1121031


Gotta be 25k-30k+ by now. If she’s financing the surgeries with credit she’s paying another 10k in interest over time. 40k to sell $3 nudes that get reposted on a forum probably seen by more people than subscribe to her onlyfans

No. 1121088

File: 1609700373201.png (Spoiler Image, 8.37 MB, 1242x2208, 842D7C98-BAA6-43F0-88FE-0A7FE5…)

No. 1121116


"Engagement helps my fragile ego a ton!"
You know what helps even more, Ariana? Subs. Subs equal money.
You know what helps get subs? Having a good personality.

You'd think that she'd try something different, considering this persona clearly isn't working for her. But she keeps doing the same thing over and over and wonders why nobody finds her attractive or engages with her.

Her shit personality, droopy, lumpy face and body, and obnoxious voice show why she's destined to be single and unwanted forever. She can pour all her time and money into plastic surgery to try to hate herself less, but she's always going to be the same level of white trash because of who she is on the inside. She just can't seem to get her shit together and seek real mental help to actually change herself into an attractive person.

No. 1121158

Is it me or are her boobs looking suspiciously puffy?

No. 1121161


She looks like she gained weight actually

No. 1121369

File: 1609720872564.jpg (109.88 KB, 1080x509, Screenshot_20210103-194016_Sam…)

No wonder why she's always dry fucking herself… she can't get wet because she can't get anyone hard. Not even flaccid DoorMatt.

No. 1121448

he's presenting

Man Ejaculates on Whiny Fridge (2021)

No. 1121633

haha i said the same thing & got called an anachan. She looks chunky. And I've never thought that about her. Not sorry

No. 1121644

Derail but how does the fat distribute when you have implants? Does it just appear around them?

No. 1121652

She looks like a normal weight, rather than her usual bony self. The puffiness around her boobs could be PMS. But all the talk of getting married or pregnant recently and her desperation to trap Doormatt kek…just saying

No. 1121670


She spends all day at home and still can't workout and get some tone and curves? If she just worked out in between all her social media ranting, she'd look so much better. She could even give herself an ass.

No. 1121672


She does look like she gained about 10 lbs more than she usually weighs. I also can't tell if a lot of the weight gain appears that way because of her new fat girl face.

No. 1121845

She gained weight but is by no means 'chunky'… Probably got called an anachan for for good reason

No. 1121862

File: 1609783215753.jpg (378.55 KB, 1080x2052, Screenshot_20210104-130016_Twi…)

During a pandemic

No. 1121864


I honestly think it's disgusting Matt supports her full-service sex work, but I get that's just my opinion.

However, trying to find a sugar daddy at the same time you are actively posting about wanting to get pregnant and married is just rightfully fucking demented.

No. 1121875

File: 1609784245698.png (509.36 KB, 812x599, FE94930E-2BF6-4F4D-96CA-0346C0…)

sage for no milk but was lurking through old threads and found this gem. personally, i think this is when she peaked, still looks super trashy and ridiculous but at least she had a teensy bit of self-awareness

No. 1121879

File: 1609784609226.jpeg (725.67 KB, 2048x2048, 871F4283-9602-41A5-8914-62750A…)

actually sad that two, going on three years later she still couldn't manage to find/keep a consistent sugar daddy (not at all surprised) but you would think after spending thousands on surgeries and putting yourself in debt that even some creepy wanker would cave… just goes to show how greasy and stinky irl she prob is

No. 1121882

File: 1609784676233.jpeg (496.72 KB, 750x1180, BA5323FD-50F2-4062-9467-ECCB85…)

2-3 years ago… lol what a broken record. i feel bad for matt, he's probably dead inside.

No. 1121894

What? I have never heard of any of my tattoo artist friends make fun of people for having blank backs. What if someone is saving up for a huge back piece? This seems like a major generalization

No. 1121902

I think other anon got confused and was thinking about people who get face/neck/hand tattoos without having any other significant ones. No tattoo artist will laugh at a blank back; it’s the best tattoo estate.

No. 1121933

I wonder what happened to the ~Jeff goldblum~ SD who supplied her with coke and made her starve herself?

Salaried job, due to get married, wanting to buy a house, wanting to graduate….so basically getting into sex work and using this to fund her surgeries stopped her from achieving anything…

No. 1121941

File: 1609788570129.jpg (667.16 KB, 971x2514, Screenshot_20210104-142934_Twi…)

No. 1121956

QUICK before my mania wears off!

No. 1121973


Kek I thought that said she was looking for rare germs.

This proves she can't support herself through a few wood stump aRt pieces and subpar porn that no one subs to. If you're looking for a rare gem of a SD on Twitter during a pandemic, you most certainly aren't thriving.

No. 1121995


It doesn't matter if your back is tattooed, but leaving the backs of legs and arms bare and just putting everything on the front is made fun of by most tattoo artists. Just like a "Warped Tour Tattoo" is heavily ridiculed by tattooers, which is when people tattoo hands/neck/face with bare arms.

Tbh, not just tattooers, but most people make fun of wannabe trendy idiot douchebags that are trying to look cool/get tattooed to create an "aesthetic". We called them posers back in the day. Basically, Ariana.

No. 1122030

File: 1609793852566.jpeg (262.31 KB, 750x1243, C53094B6-96A8-4BAF-A8C1-E67335…)


Still unsold. Priced way too high.

No. 1122037


Why does she act like these are one of kind art pieces. Like Im going to help you out here Ari: because these clearly don't have very long turn around times - JUST MAKE TWO AND PRICE AT $250. Or just stop with flash art and just sell your weird mushrooms as a reasonable price. She had no idea how to market or sell herself. Like, take a cheap business course online.

No. 1122043

File: 1609794641327.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1242x1863, 4532EB9E-B87C-4251-8F41-39E5C4…)

Skinwalking cotted?

No. 1122061

You guys have to stop posting this stuff, there are thousands of alt girls with the same exact look and style

No. 1122096

her nose piercing looks like a giant booger

No. 1122170

it’s literally her self posting about herself lmao she never stops and sprinkles herself in once and awhile just ignore it

No. 1122197

Even if she is skin walking you, it's weird you keep coming here to talk about it. That's like if we kept bringing up her obsession with babytrash and that random twitter prostitute with bangs

No. 1122219

>get tattooed to create an "aesthetic"
I don't care about pnp and don't have tattoos, but this is such a nitpick. Why do people get tattoos if not for the aesthetic?

No. 1122228

You’re only not a poser if you have prison tats and they’re all on your backside

No. 1122279

File: 1609815856150.png (2.55 MB, 828x1792, F1013E86-A699-4B0D-B6DE-35EED0…)

It’s pretty hilarious that miss Cotted is an obvious farmer.. what a “friend”

No. 1122314

I thought they hadn’t been friends since the basement ordeal.

No. 1122324

They were friends until Cotted settled in a new state. Ariana kept going on and on about how excited she was to start visiting Cotted and that it would be the perfect excuse to travel.. but obviously neither of them had any intention of seeing one another again.

No. 1122327

Samefag. Cotted actually went out of her way to defend Ariana and explain to everyone on her platform that she was “totally completely fine” with the basement situation.

No. 1122334

Here is Cotted defending Ariana on lolcow. >>872835
It’s kinda sad that all of her “close friends” have come to this forum to say something but she can’t show face at all.

No. 1122422

Apart from making jewellery and thrifting cotted seems to have a similar life style to Ariana of sitting on her ass all day on Insta and eating junk, she probably visits this thread regularly out of boredom

No. 1122527


Wow, this sounds like something Ariana would say. Please get back to Ariana milk and thanks for staying away from tattoos so you don't contribute to the poser community tattooers make fun of.

No. 1122538

NTAYRT but there is literally nothing wrong with getting tattoos for the aesthetic and you’re just a pretentious asshole.

No. 1122551


Sure, and those are the same people that are totally fine with being made fun of by tattooers once they walk out of a tattoo shop. Back to the milk please.

No. 1122553

File: 1609856806280.jpg (165.7 KB, 1080x776, Screenshot_20210105-092529_Sam…)

I purposefully put Ariana's bad aRt in my Etsy cart because I know it gives her anxiety when her shit is in people's carts and not being bought.

No. 1122558


No. 1122604

lol the check mark on "yes", did you vote in this? if so, thanks for encouraging the mess (genuinely lmao)

No. 1122680

Yeah I agree, that was a little cringe. Tattoos in general are pretty cringe but it’s so much worse when you try to gatekeep someone’s right to have stupid little pictures drawn in different places of their body than you would.

Remember when there would be 50 stories of her in the car at this angle bitching about her job of cleaning up dogshit?

No. 1122764

>Tattoos in general are pretty cringe
Oh grow up

No. 1122870


Call it gatekeeping if you want, but stating a fact about what tattooers talk about when posers leave the shop with their Pinterest printouts is just the truth. People who don't tattoo or aren't part of the tattooing community simply aren't aware and don't understand the history of tattoos and how tattoos were earned traditionally. I'm sure to you and Ariana it's just silly pictures on a body and should be aesthetic and on-trend, but realize that to real tattooers who don't tattoo out of a basement with an Amazon machine, tattoos are steeped in hundreds of years of tradition and not ever meant to fit a social media aesthetic. Just because you don't constantly hear from other tattooers who hate these trendy Pinterest tattoos and the posers that get them doesn't mean it's not a constant topic of conversation for people in the tattoo community.

Sperging about a topic you know nothing about is some Ariana shit.

No. 1122876

File: 1609876142453.jpg (422.07 KB, 1080x1280, Screenshot_20210105-144639_Sam…)

That's great you're pretending to anyone that'll listen that you think you're pretty, but no one else finds you attractive and we all know you hate how you look. If Mack 2Nite wore clown makeup, he'd look exactly like Ariana does here.

No. 1122880

This made me curious now. Is there a tattoo thread on one of the boards with people who have expertise in practice and in getting them/experience with the more in-depth culture? That would be really cool.

No. 1122884


Ariana got that Eric Draven makeup and she thinks it looks good major kek.

No. 1122904


I don't think so. Tbh, most tattooers don't discuss this kind of stuff with non-tattooers because all tattooers understand there's the type of tattoos you HAVE to do to make money and pay your bills (Pinterest and trendy single needle shit, most walk ins, generic mandalas and unalome bullshit for the "spiritual" bitches, etc), and the shit the artist is actually into. Most tattooers begrudgingly do the trendy shit, but once those people leave the shop, they text their friends and make fun of them. Some even sneak in things like dicks and balls to subtly fuck with shitty clients. Most non-tattooers consider it being pretentious, but it's honestly just a very traditional industry and real tattooers even point out that they'll still be around once the trendy kids move on.

No. 1122908


She constantly does this thing where she'll keep the ugliest fucking twitter picture forever, while taking selfies daily that are way better quality and make her look less shit. She looks like a dough-boy in her DP. Is it to spite the forums?

No. 1122920


She's looking like a dough boy in all of the recent pictures she's been posting.

Just like how she's been her entire life, she's unknowingly sabotaging any chance at improving her life and looks.

No. 1122929


Kek at her and all these 45 degree angled shots attempting to hide her wide bell bottom nose. No matter what angle she tries, the truth is you can't hide your wide nose and Jay Leno chin, Ariana.

No. 1122978

> Some even sneak in things like dicks and balls to subtly fuck with shitty clients

Not saying this doesn't happen at sketchy places but I highly doubt any tattoo artist who actually gives a fuck about their reputation would do this. It would only take one client to notice (or their friends after they posted it on social media) in order for that to destroy their rep. Who would want to go to someone if there's a chance they might "hate" your dumb tattoo design and try to sabotage it just for the sake of… being a dickhead? Its extremely taboo for tattoo artists to openly talk about purposely fucking up a clients tattoo just because they don't like them.

I dont care how cringe a trendy tattoo, its a business. Any tattoo artist who willingly takes money then disfigures a clients tattoo by drawing "dicks and balls" on something that's permanently on another humans body (and is extremely painful and expensive to remove) is a shit artist. You dont get to play pretentious "too good for tumbkr infinity tattoos" when you're working with other peoples fucking skin.

No. 1123010

File: 1609881159897.png (Spoiler Image, 8.67 MB, 1242x2208, D959835C-9B33-4F48-8ED6-78D1B5…)

No. 1123012


Your innocence is adorable. You'd be surprised how many subtle things have been slipped into shitty clients' tattoos and they have absolutely no knowledge at all, even after the client and artist posts it all over social media. I get that you don't want to believe it happens all the time at professional and well-known shops, but it does. All the time.

No. 1123032


She's recently said hi to her "new subs" on OF and thanked people for all the "likes" and "engaging" with her posts, but clearly no one's recently subbed and the maximum 16 likes on her recent posts show no one engages with her. She's begging for a new SD because apparently Matt isn't doing enough to support her and overpricing her unwanted art because she can't make a living doing anything else. Her life continues to go downhill, even though I'm sure she thought this 3rd nose job would improve her life somehow or get her minimum wage mOdElInG gigs. Her life is so depressing and sad that I'm really surprised she hasn't killed herself yet. Her lack of talent, personality, a job, and a promising future is enough to cause severe depression in anyone. The drugs she uses recreationally are probably the only things she finds worth living for.

No. 1123042

not the OP but only a scumbag would do that. it is not common

No. 1123057

100% agree. No real tattoo artist would sneak in shit like this, at worst they would refuse the tattoo.

No. 1123064

Can all you tattoo spergs shut the fuck up now, yeah?

No. 1123066

tattoo sperg plz start a retarded thread for this shit

No. 1123079

You went on an entire diatribe to a single sentence yet referred to one sentence about it as “sperging” you psycho. A hell of a lot of tattoo artists have tattoos just as stupid and pointless as Ariana. Stfu.

Her face doesn’t even look like this holy facetune

No. 1123084

Hahaha it’s hilarious that she now only takes selfies from that specific angle. “Bell bottomed nose” is spot on. I wonder if she’ll eventually go for a 4th nose job? I’m sure she will in due time… her nose still looks fat af from the front, the most important angle.

No. 1123103

ntayrt but you seem like the one that needs to move tf on the most here. Stfu already

No. 1123105


I knew she could never be a "skincare and eyelashes only" bitch. She wears just as much clown stage makeup as before and still either extremely contours her collapsing bell bottom nose or does the same 45 degree angle in every picture. She makes herself look worse and worse with every surgery and tbh, she deserves it. It's karma for being a POS, just like having no friends and being made fun of by everyone on the internet at the ripe old age of 26.

No. 1123110


Will you guys shut the fuck. This isn't reddit, take your autism somewhere else

No. 1123220

File: 1609891522265.png (Spoiler Image, 3.64 MB, 1242x2208, 36949ABA-9E17-443A-8315-B6C3BA…)

Those are called hemorrhoids Ariana.

No. 1123258

File: 1609894129371.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x1636, 4F474176-03E4-4976-9799-BD8202…)

Like a broken record - part 938758

No. 1123272

She does deserve it. She openly admits she’s been bullied her entire life. Bullying during high school is normal…. but maybe if people have actively hated and bullied you your entire life - the problem is you. We know with Ariana that’s definitely true. Her whole “angel” act is a cope. She was born with a witch face because she is a witch. I could totally imagine her eating babies, weird, but seriously, she is that vile.

No. 1123440

she picked a really flattering pic on the before and looks worlds better there imo. not sure who she’s trying to convince otherwise. like yeah the hook nose was bad but she posed it the same way she does her new nose so what difference did it really make?

No. 1123491

The blown out lips and filler mustache get me every time..that top lip is atrocious
She worked the old nose really well. A shame she had to shave it off

No. 1123496


(inb4 anons mad instead of just scrolling)

Shitty aesthetic pop art graphic style collage type tattoos are tacky as fuck. Every cow has them, and every basic bitch has them.

Don’t pretend like paying for shitty mismatched art is ok just because it’s on your own canvas.

No. 1123534

I agree. She used to have very interesting features, now she just looks like a blowup doll.
I wonder what exactly does she see when she looks in the mirror.

No. 1123606

File: 1609924767329.jpeg (261.39 KB, 1087x1143, B630EE09-573C-4006-80D9-FBC818…)

Her followers are sO bAd At InTeRaCtiNg with her that she has to give herself compliments because no one else is doing it lol

No. 1123650

File: 1609931881986.jpeg (175.88 KB, 750x1189, C08AAF5F-D185-4B48-9D13-492950…)

For someone who spends so much time online she really has no idea how social media works. She’s killing her IG by constantly deleting anything that doesnt get enough likes to stroke her ego. Honestly shocked she’s not the tik tok train.

anon, >>1123496 no one here gives a fuck about your blogpost about tattoos. move the fuck on. when people “just scroll past” you encourage more anons like >>1122876 who dont read the thread and repost old milk like yourself >>1123606

No. 1123660

Ahh fuck, sorry, I’m >>1123606. I totally missed the first post, probably because of all the tattoo sperging. I normally read everything that’s posted. Makes your point to >>1123496 even stronger haha

No. 1123665


She looked better before imo too. The witch face suited her crazy and annoying personality better. Her attempt to act dainty and sO pReTtY is really destroyed once she moves from her 45 degree angle and starts talking and emoting.


Looks like she has no clue how to take care of her asshole during and after anal because that is one fucked up asshole. There's a lumpy ring around her butthole that makes me want to vomit.

No. 1123673

File: 1609933356697.jpg (447.92 KB, 1080x1730, Screenshot_20210106-063746_Sam…)

Some recent posts she's liked that confirm what I already assumed about her: 1) She cries over everything (911 calls), and 2) She thinks Matt is ugly.

No. 1123679

Off topic, but does anybody remember when she said she hired a lawyer or private investigator to help get rid of her ‘stalker’ who has been harassing her for years on social media allegedly? Another thing she blurts out without it coming to fruition

No. 1123769

And she’s apparently homophobic

No. 1123859

That’s clearly a joke, stop reaching.

No. 1123920

Ntsa but is it a joke? It was a “joke” when she shaved her cats. I think her sense of humor is actually based on hatred so I don’t think it makes sense to try and decide what’s a “joke” and what’s not to her

No. 1123997

People can like tweets they find funny without it meaning anything. It’s not that deep.

I don’t think it make sense for you to decide whether or not she’s homophobic when she has a shit ton of other problematic behaviors we know about for certain.

No. 1124018

anon that was sarcasm

No. 1124062

File: 1609964037234.jpeg (76.24 KB, 750x548, 877E1261-61BC-43D2-968F-0487AD…)

More sexy and appealing language

No. 1124065

She hears some lame ass trend term that's already played out and then says it hundreds of times in a week. She did this with the "and I oop" shit too.

No. 1124127

Every time she talks about her sex life it reminds me of those girls in hs who just started fooling around with guys and needs to constantly talk about it because they think it's valuable to be seen as a cum dumpster since that's their only link to feeling attractive

No. 1124198

Didn’t Shayna just do a porn makeup tutorial?

No. 1124303

y’all i have to say it…the new nose do be looking kinda good doe…at least from the last few pics she’s posted recently

No. 1124320

anon it literally looks like someone took an ice cream scooper (or fist) to her face). it looks fucking awful and only makes her skull look deformed >>1119684

No. 1124322

I have to agree with you, like it’s a cute slope and nose. I don’t think it’s the best fit for her particular face and large chin. But on a normal chinned girl the nose job is amazing.

No. 1124325

that picture is posed, caked in makeup and facetuned tho lmao

No. 1124352

It’s called Facetune and contour

No. 1124484

Not to mention that her huge gaping nostrils permanently look like she has them flared open as wide as she possibly can manage lol so even if the shape of the nose looks alright, the fact that she looks like she is in a constant state of deep inhalation fucks what little good there could possibly be, because jt just looks ridiculous lol why get a small dainty nose just to keep the same nostrils from 3 noses ago when she still had a witches beak

No. 1124537

This. The nose job is fine, but all it does on her face is accentuate her huge chin. And tbh, from the front, it looks just like her last nose.

No. 1124569

File: 1610024544813.png (1.15 MB, 619x1100, pnp.PNG)

I'm dying bc when u Google peepee's name, THIS is the 3rd image u see. All of them are hilarious! So proud

No. 1124592

File: 1610027333231.jpg (114.97 KB, 972x790, Screenshot_20210107-083939_Sam…)

"Covered in tattoos"? It's not rare or amazing to get tattooed so this statement just sounds like she's trying to convince herself she's sooo alternative and edgy. And let's be real: the front of her body is dotted, not "covered", with awkwardly spaced, muddled, trendy tattoos.

No. 1124607

File: 1610028418595.jpg (219.46 KB, 1080x1538, Screenshot_20210107-083920_Sam…)

The irony of saying "I'm the best hole" when you can't get a SD, can't find paying clients for your fake "SW job", can't convince anyone to sub to your low quality porn, struggle to get likes, engagement, and positive comments on any pictures let alone nudes, can't get your own bf hard, can't even convince your own bf to marry you despite all the begging and hints and threats, can't get anyone to compliment you so you're stuck complimenting yourself and fishing for compliments, can't even get males to interact with you on social media and rely solely on your insecure female followers to "gas you up"… If you can't even get a compliment as a nude female when nude obese women on Twitter are getting way more engagement, give it up. The SW industry is incredibly oversaturated and everyone and their mothers has an OF account now. Ariana doesn't know how to market herself and is just failing so miserably at being naked and being sexy that I'm honestly so embarrassed for her. Why would she continue to make a fool or herself and lower her sense of self-worth for no money?

And she continues to spend money on rapidly deteriorating her looks and youth while making no money from it. For a sElF-eMpLoYeD bUsInEsS wOmAN, she really doesn't understand return on investment.

No. 1124623


"I always make sure Daddy is cheated on and try to convince him that I'm the breadwinner, even though he actually makes more money per month and has a good steady government job with benefits. I do all the ordering from Uber Eats, which counts as cooking because the food arrives cooked. I'm home all day ranting on social media and constantly text and pester my bf while he's working, but I think I'm hot so it's so endearing when I'm annoying. I also do all the cleaning, as you can tell from my clothes and dog toys all over the floor, dirty, stained clothing, and the snail trail of vaginal discharge all over my couch and baby blanket. I'm such a good housewife!"

No. 1124707

File: 1610040377285.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x2046, A587142A-E9B9-4E74-BD96-03DFC1…)

Using her snake as a prop….nice

No. 1124790

bragging about her measly 18k who never interact with her bare ass pussy while simultaneously begging for more followers kek

No. 1124869

This has now been deleted

No. 1124903

Her hair looks almost good here, probably because the roots aren’t in the shot

No. 1124916

Except that her ends and the roots that are showing, are so much brassier than her mids lmao

No. 1124953

At least we know it’s still alive now.

No. 1124963

Exactly. She’s a skinwalker and has no original personality. She just steals. Right now being a sex worker/whore is a thing so she’s all in for it. It’ll change in a year or two. She can’t survive off of $1 a month for that long.

No. 1124978

i love how one of the comments is about what happened to her severely neglected gecko

No. 1124982

File: 1610057563541.jpeg (361.24 KB, 1199x1665, 25510B48-5B3D-4926-BF82-FDBECE…)

A boring bitch.

No. 1124991

Pretty sure cotted reads this thread as she deleted the story about plastic surgery and now her Instagram is now private kek

No. 1125002

Ot but why do people say cotted and not cotte?

No. 1125026

File: 1610060806644.jpeg (344.38 KB, 1125x1539, 95B85EE1-6116-4C94-A7D3-E3C43B…)

No. 1125032

this looks comedically bad

No. 1125033

Not sure the best way to explain this, but you can still tell she’s not a pretty girl in profile especially from her eyes. I’ve noticed that with a lot of inbred-looking people, they still have these kinds of mismatched, unattractive look in their eyes from profile. Like you can easily spot these people with aggressive ps because it doesn’t automatically transform their other features and they still have eyes that went with a ginormous toucan beak. Like the eye sockets are so completely out of harmony with everything else that it looks off.

No. 1125035

Comments still off so no one can tell her how shitty this looks

No. 1125065


how long until her whole head is covered in black box dye?

No. 1125071

Lol. It looks like she’s trying to just skin walk an egirl or even Lilith levisis, so fucking boring and why can’t she trim that shit

No. 1125075

because Cotted would make arguments about how it's Cotte De Mailes not Cotted E Mailes

No. 1125083

This is so terrible. It looks like she’s placed a blond hard front wig on top of her head

No. 1125091

File: 1610065916481.jpeg (240.96 KB, 1125x1992, 1572A181-F510-4D8D-9E36-C76FDC…)

No. 1125099

oh wow she really didn't think this through lmao
the jet black bangs make her cheeks look even puffier

No. 1125105

File: 1610066520965.png (899.57 KB, 846x830, Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 12.42…)

No. 1125106

this is so fucking trailer park it's hilarious. just wait until it's in it's natural unwashed greasy state.

No. 1125113

that's what's even worse. it's probably just been washed but it already looks stringy. yuck.

No. 1125128


Why wouldn’t she just buy clip on bangs. Looks so bad.

No. 1125138

File: 1610068783028.jpeg (609.63 KB, 1242x1143, 1605562986175.jpeg)

No. 1125146

all I have to say is ew lol;
if you zoom in, her nose looks so weird. still posting photos at a side angle bc she hates her new face.

No. 1125211

Shame she fixed the blonde with this

No. 1125213

God her face looks so swollen here, she really did not need that extra volume from the fat graft.
Her surgeon should have told her to come back for the graft once she was actually losing volume in her face from aging, he's just given her a procedure that was totally inappropriate.

No. 1125231

she is skinwalking badmoodrude who is another nobody from Hooterville with a false sense of importance.

No. 1125232

i can't even begin to understand this level of insane nitpicking

No. 1125295

her face looks fine in profile imo now
but it's very telling she only films her front with a filter on now lmao
also i love that she fried her hair beyond repair to a gummy unevenly toned mess, and THEN dyed the front black again. it's a count down till she dyes it all black, then bleaches again, then has to shave again all because she thinks the problem is her hair, when it's really the whole picture.

No. 1125299

>it's a count down till she dyes it all black, then bleaches again, then has to shave again
nightmare fuel

No. 1125314

She looks weird to me, super anatomically incorrect as to be expected of a botched person. This maybe looks “fine” if you’re a zoomer that’s already so overexposed to these ridiculous features that it’s normal to you.

She looks fucked. It’s hardly nitpicking. Trying to do an entire face transplant on yourself doesn’t work when your skin doesn’t match your skeleton. The bitch looks like she’s melting. This will never be normal.

No. 1125475

Ok Dr autism

No. 1125502

She really thought she was about to reinvent hairstyles as we know it.. and it turned out like this. Oh lord hunny.

No. 1125509

Nta but they’re right tho

No. 1125606


This looks horrifically done. These 4 tones of blond don't even blend well with the black. And her nose now has this speedbump looking hump in the middle of the ice cream scoop dip. Combined with the Mack 2Nite chin and the crusty, scabby botched lips, I'm honestly wondering how much worse could she possibly make herself look. She really can't help herself from destroying everything.

No. 1125627

File: 1610121399204.jpg (474.74 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210108-104751_Sam…)

She's made herself into a scary, puffy nightmare. I really think she's hoping to gain followers by trying out a "new" style of wannabe edgy, cutesy Hot Topic egirl. The problem is she's not a dainty cutesy girl. She's a sloppy, clumsy, awkward, unsexy, unfunny, annoying, dirty trailer park slob. That's her real vibe, that's who she is. She might get some inbred Trump supporters who are into her trashy, unfashionable look because she's realistically very attainable for those kinds of guys. Bitch needs to realize what her actual aesthetic and audience is. She's the ho at the gas station always asking you for $2 and a cigarette in exchange for a bj, not a high class ho. Come on Ariana, let's be real here. That bad diy hair really fits in with her slob aesthetic, too.

No. 1125628

File: 1610121472289.jpg (465.79 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210108-104749_Sam…)

No. 1125632

File: 1610121719605.jpg (69.78 KB, 800x1067, Screenshot_20210108-104753_Sam…)

The infected upper lip bubble, scabby lower lip, and bloated face combined with the bell bottom nose… it just gets worse and worse with every surgery, every year. And I really think it's going to keep getting worse.

No. 1125634


James Charles, is that you?!!

No. 1125640

File: 1610122129294.jpg (1.1 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1610121935692.jpg)

I noticed the filter flickered off in the video and screen captured the difference between the shiny filtered face and her non-filtered face… And holy shit, the bubble around her lips is extremely prominent and noticeable without the filter. The filter helps hide it so she just looks like she has infected lips, but without the filter, her filler shows up entirely outside of her vermillion border. This is truly a badly botched filler placement.

No. 1125642


Top row is filtered, bottom row is when the filter flickered off

No. 1125643

The hair…..it looks like she’s wearing a hoodie in this picture

No. 1125646

File: 1610122356398.jpg (953.48 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1610122350746.jpg)

Talk about a bell curve

No. 1125652

File: 1610122593871.jpg (815.39 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1610122550670.jpg)


And here's her actual lips. Notice the huge filler bubbles above and below her lips. I'm horrified.

No. 1125655


Agreed. Like her lopsided black bangs and stringy hair is sticking out from under a yellow hood.

No. 1125660

File: 1610123261321.jpg (534.06 KB, 1080x1801, Screenshot_20210108-112610_Sam…)

This recent post Ariana liked says a lot about who she wishes she could be. You know she'd leave Matt in a heartbeat if she had the opportunity to get married to an old rich guy.

No. 1125842

File: 1610137399923.jpeg (406.65 KB, 1125x2144, 48E71D99-F099-443B-82E5-53CA4F…)

the scar under her nose looks gross still

No. 1125878

File: 1610140629861.jpeg (59.04 KB, 640x640, 78772925-C89E-4827-A5F8-FF87E2…)

she can‘t even edit the nose scar away, and this picture is edited to hell and back. who the fuck shoops their eye whites whiter?

No. 1125917

File: 1610143043284.jpeg (66.43 KB, 260x275, 2F478D23-18FA-4A4A-B756-0E733D…)

She just looks the same as herself circa 2 years ago but more botched

No. 1125962


Except she didn’t look like that 2 years ago and doesn’t look like that now because dysmorphic levels of facetune use have been consistent throughout.

No. 1126036

I’m so sorry that you have no facial recognition, which is funnily enough a symptom of autism! My my.

Can’t wait til the novelty wears off for her in approx two days and we get to see it in a greasy helmet around her face for the next month

No. 1126055

I really like this hair, ngl(no1curr)

No. 1126316

File: 1610169210206.jpeg (159.6 KB, 750x1299, 64EB146E-9FC7-4C15-A74B-ABC44F…)

the way her jaw juts out when she speaks and you can only see her lower teeth. Actual neanderthal shit lmao

No. 1126402

>>1125842 Her nose looks like it was glued on with that crazy scar

No. 1126457

File: 1610172781872.png (1.81 MB, 1207x1202, Screen Shot 2021-01-09 at 1.10…)

hairy armpits lose their feminist charm next to a face that has so much makeup on.

Its just so try hard.

No. 1126580


the armpits are a nod to her real (biological) gender

this is an okay-looking mtf (compared to the ones in the mtf general thread)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1126689

Are you new? Ariana is a bio woman, even though she looks trans

No. 1126699

Nta but do you unironically have the 'tism…

No. 1126752


The rolled up cheap thongs with no elastic is incredibly pathetic. You mean with all the dumb cheap fast fashion shit she buys on Amazon and the fact she sits at home all day, she can't even buy underwear that fits right?! She's really at a Luna Slater level of disgusting and that says a lot.

No. 1126780

Ugh this picture just looks like her breath stinks. Why does she always look so gross?

No. 1126828

File: 1610210448992.jpeg (226.61 KB, 1242x1464, 7BCC6F47-6FE5-4766-9938-5D6654…)

Omg I didn’t even notice the thongs at first. Wtf why wouldn’t you just untwist it for the photo? This is why she gets no engagement, because everything she puts out is just incredibly sloppy

No. 1126830

File: 1610210581666.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x1663, 321ECFD7-0A9D-449E-8B40-260506…)

No. 1126868

The eyeliner is atrocious…just like everything else about her.

No. 1126888

File: 1610216460617.jpeg (663.15 KB, 1125x2028, D1388592-6039-452D-867B-968FF1…)

more trash for sale

No. 1126906

File: 1610217807504.jpg (588.47 KB, 1078x1903, Screenshot_20210109-134256_Ins…)

Lol she posted this just now. So cringe

No. 1126914

lmao she totally watches this thread.

No. 1127026

File: 1610225966597.jpg (350.53 KB, 970x1138, Screenshot_20210109-155423_Sam…)


Same fag but this really fits her dirty vibe. Cheap, twisted 10 for $1 gray-tinged underwear, scraggly unshowered armpits and body, pancake ass, bad scarring, botched and lopsided plastic surgery, bloated face and underbite… she sounds like a inbred Trump supporter's trailer park kween. Just stick to what you know Ariana, and corner the inbred racist scumbag market. Your dad and grandpa will probably sub!

No. 1127056

Ari if you’re reading, just buy a cheap multipack of thongs from Walmart and bin these ancient crusts of fabric

No. 1127122

why did you take the time to do this

No. 1127164

Ntayrt but I don’t think you have to worry about time being wasted on that post lol, looks like anon made it in two seconds

No. 1127251

She dyed her hair like this because of ig user @eunxx__

No. 1127288

oh another nobody rent-an-egirl

No. 1127322

Looks like shays from her older tumblr days

No. 1127323

File: 1610250536004.png (Spoiler Image, 5.25 MB, 1242x2208, 348B0DB4-44A4-4ED5-80CE-E4E45B…)

No. 1127324

File: 1610250594435.png (6.99 MB, 1242x2208, 842CFE24-D521-430C-A23E-A93176…)


No. 1127354

>likely tip total: $0

No. 1127403

This looks like she’s taking a dump for OnlyFans hahahah

No. 1127439

A spoiler was not nearly enough warning for this tard porn

No. 1127454

can’t help but imagine this is what she looked like shitting her brains out over a trash can. yuck.

No. 1127464

To me her body just screams “skinny fat”……thin but totally flat, flabby and shapeless, also the shadow on her pussy literally makes it look like she is shitting.

No. 1127548

Because nothing says sexy like an item of furniture mostly found in carpeted vans …

No. 1127622


Agree with the anon that pointed out Ariana as the epitome of skinny fat. She spends so much time sitting on her ass at home that it explains the drooping flat butt and ripples, but spending just 10 minutes following an at-home workout on YouTube would make such a huge difference on her body. It's crazy how much she could improve on her looks with small, simple changes, but she chooses not to.

If you have to e-beg for $3 as proof that someone wants to "do more" than kiss you, and that this current sad state of affairs is helping you not kill yourself, then you really need to re-evaluate your life. Her level of self-delusion is equivalent to a QAnon believer/follower.

If Ariana wasn't too old for Onision, I'd encourage them to move in together and drive each other crazy so they don't have to subject the rest of the world to their internal and external ugliness.

No. 1127635

File: 1610300591884.jpg (1.22 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1610300139328.jpg)

I just read an article about proper posture and your shoulders are supposed to be directly above your hips when standing up. This bitch wants to pretend she has an ass soooo badly that her hips are jutting out at least 5 inches behind her shoulders. We all know Ariana is lazy, but for someone that wants people to pay her for being sexually attractive, she really fails miserably. I also noticed all her recent posts are attempts to beg for attention.

No wonder why Matt didn't want to marry her. She's supposedly in a happy "monogamous" relationship, but fucks other men with no condoms and no testing, begs for a SD on Twitter, and constantly begs for men to notice her and talk to her and compliment her. For anyone who's seen 90 Day Fiance, this is Darcy Silva level of plastic surgery nightmare, man-hungry patheticness, except the non-couture brands, trailer park version.(autism)

No. 1127647

File: 1610301478488.jpg (405.89 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1610301281725.jpg)


Pic related.

It's sad that a grown woman can't even figure out how to stand straight for a picture and somehow thinks literally blowing out her back with the pressure on her spine is attractive. Yes Ariana, you're more likely to blow out your back with your bad posture than with Matt's flaccid, sad penis.

No. 1127648

It’s called “crackhead body”. She looks like a lot lizard who lives off black velvet whisky, Pall Mall cigs and a shit ton of crack/meth. That’ll make a skinny body sag and flap around like her sad excuse for an ass.(nitpick)

No. 1127649

File: 1610301547837.jpeg (694.44 KB, 828x1324, 455B5A13-2427-45D1-B216-21DF3F…)

No. 1127651


I don't know how many crack and meth heads you've actually seen up close, but every single one I've ever seen looks waaaay more toned than Ariana because stimulant addicts are actually are very active. Stimulant addicts have lean, ropey muscles from racing around all the time and are honestly way more fit, toned, and in better shape than Ariana. It's sad to say, but I'd put my money on ANY crackhead or meth addict beating Ariana in a fitness test.

No. 1127657

why would she do herself dirty like this? it's so unevenly done, it looks like she did it herself.

No. 1127658


I'm counting over 7 shades of blonde/yellow in her hair, plus the comical early 2000s black box dye fringe. That bad dye job is like a cross between an outdated outcast from the early 2000s that listened to Avril Lavigne and thought that was punk and Nicole Richie's stringy black/blonde extension look from when she was fat during The Simple Life.

And I know a lot of Gen Z kids think unnatural Michael Jackson-esque plastic surgery noses that look like the warped wall on American Ninja Warrior is a good look, but I can assure you that your opinion will change when the trends do.

No. 1127661

File: 1610302525997.jpeg (586.21 KB, 828x1170, F69401B4-9BF7-4B77-8188-3B4D1E…)

No. 1127662

She added to the caption before she deleted the whole post. It was (or if u don’t) or something along those lines lol

No. 1127668

Okay crackhead

No. 1127670

File: 1610303032386.jpeg (478.97 KB, 828x1307, EBC1F904-7DA7-44A0-92E6-07FB6F…)

Guess she didn’t like my screenshots!

No. 1127676

ntayrt but I agree with them - if you live in a shitty part of a large urban city you’ll interact with crackheads even if you’re an upstanding citizen. However I could see ari falling in with the local alkies over the crackheads and they’re fatter on average. She should do an only fans shoot drinking a bottle of wine on a park bench, really take advantage of her aesthetic.

No. 1127684

Instagram removed the ability to see how many people liked pictures, when I go to her page I don't see how many likes she has. Self post?

No. 1127688

I can still see number of likes on her and other accounts. I think instagram is rolling out hidden likes, not everyone changed over at once

No. 1127689

if your account has a really low follower count it shows you the number of likes, so they probably just used their spam acc

No. 1127691

Gotcha. My bad.

No. 1127706

Yikes this color combo makes her already thin hair look even thinner. She just looks like she barely has a few strands in the front…

No. 1127733

i'm pretty sure she's just popping her ass out so that it looks bigger in the pictures. a lot of girls do that

No. 1127765

I think she should dye some more strips black and go more towards the xtina style of this rather than the moneypiece e girl adaption bc it would make it look less like a slipping wig and she could target the brassy pieces with black

No. 1127774

her hair is clumped with greasiness, yet still looks so dry lol i swear i can smell her pictures sometimes

No. 1127817

File: 1610316832254.png (4.25 MB, 1125x2436, 00BDA13C-82C0-4707-AC6E-0C9ACE…)

lmao remember this “investment”?

No. 1127876

That's just gonna make her look like a dollar store Cait Marks.

No. 1127895

>>1127817 Jesus Christ, I had no idea she was keeping pieces this big in her house. Thought it was just the stinky freezer rats. Good god.

No. 1127989

Her nose and chin don’t look like this at all hello facetune

No. 1127995

it's an albino deer she bought almost a year ago for $700 kek

No. 1128067

File: 1610333715451.jpeg (232.62 KB, 1372x1372, 12722468-4497-4071-8158-9553B8…)

completely different chins!! her real witch chin overextends past her lips by at least a solid 1/2 inch lmao. the nose is photoshopped to hell too, you can't even see the tell tale speed bump. it's a shame she only posts photos from the side now bc her chin will always be fucking huge kek

No. 1128141

I still haven’t moved on from her posting al those pics of her pretending to engage joyously with someone while laughing and she was really just taking selfies while staring at the wall because she was desperate to see if she’d look cute

No. 1128187

File: 1610350878941.jpeg (653.65 KB, 1242x1614, 6FEF69CB-B99E-4031-81DE-D26B20…)

No. 1128199

isn't this the point of having a boyfriend or a fiance, with the latter being what Ariana insists Matt is? i guess Matt isn't spoiling his literal crackwhore enough on his mailman's salary. wooden slabs and craft glitter are expensive luxury mediums, afterall.

the distorted mirror in the back is also a giveaway

No. 1128308

File: 1610370020304.jpg (533.11 KB, 1079x1725, Screenshot_20210111-074906_Sam…)


Same fag but every recent post is begging for even just 1 simp. "Puuh-lease give me money so I can make myself feel good which will make me so appreciative that you can fuck my hemorrhoid asshole!" She could never be someone's trophy wife even if she managed to get rid of her fucked up jaw/chin because her desperation for male attention is extremely unattractive. It's clear she's been ugly her whole life because she bases her self-worth and self-esteem on whether a man, any man besides Matt, tells her he wants to fuck her. And since no man ever says that to her or compliments her, she's stuck trying to "gas" herself up or fishing for compliments from other insecure young girls who hate their faces and see plastic surgery as a "glow up".

No. 1128332

Underneath her nose is blurry in two separate areas. Thousands of dollars later, she resorts to photoshopping her nose. She's so insecure it's painful.

No. 1128468


This is relatively tame but still such a low for her. Begging for a simp?

I still would love to see her try myfreecams or something similar just to watch her have to interact with the type of people paying her bills.

No. 1128704

File: 1610395347647.jpeg (419.43 KB, 828x1234, C85039DD-ED02-4B82-88A1-1C1C71…)

What’s this line?

No. 1128725

I’m just confused because I have a friend who started free cams, she’s beautiful but pretty awkward & can make hundreds of dollars for a few hours……. why doesn’t she do this ??? Instead of doing all these videos for $3? & trying to sell dead rats?

No. 1128760

File: 1610398006626.png (Spoiler Image, 7.65 MB, 1242x2208, 37381934-474B-4359-BF92-97A72D…)

No. 1128772

she’s so creepy looking

No. 1128801

probably because she knows how botched and awkward she is live and in motion

No. 1128812

Because she knows she’s ugly irl and in motion. She’s way too self conscious. And lazy. I wish she’d do it though, seeing her live is always a fucking trip. She’s that shocking kind of ugly, like it’s literally shocking to see KEK

No. 1128821

makes me feel like i'm being cornered in a dive bar by a drunk Ariana who's demanding that I compliment her bedrock tits

No. 1128832

Just her philtrum ??

No. 1128838

File: 1610403136810.jpeg (339.46 KB, 1125x1846, E140698D-2704-413D-9FFE-ACFAD4…)


No. 1128852


Does she mean “addition”? Because what “edition” could she be on about? Illiterate ass.

No. 1128871

File: 1610404728541.jpeg (636.2 KB, 828x1206, A89489BA-0865-4BA8-9016-86193D…)

No. 1128947

She deleted it lol. Can’t keep anything up on her IG anymore

No. 1129098

File: 1610421927867.png (3.56 MB, 1170x2532, 11A69578-278F-41AC-B741-A55B5B…)

I don’t know if I’m late but this is hilarious(old, not milk)

No. 1129101

>looks like a hard-face 20-something in the before pic
>looks like a botched 40yo plastic surgery addict in the after
Aging backwards? kek

No. 1129125

Lmao my bad it looked kinda drawn on

No. 1129142

no bitch you just aged. accelerated, even

No. 1129181

The Police lyrics are sending me to orbit for some reason

No. 1129196

As funny as this is, it’s from April of last year, so… yeah, you’re late, bud (unless I’m missing something and she reposted it)

No. 1129209

unpopular opinion i like her hair but please for the love of god girl stop wearing ratty old panties when your job is to be sexy…

No. 1129221

yeah no shit, this is hell old and pretty sure this is that joke account made by a farmer

No. 1129245

Yeah you’re correct. It’s an old, very obvious joke account, idk how >>1129098 missed that lol

No. 1129271


Why would she use a ring light to backlight herself so her face and front of her body is completely in shadow and the bright light behind her is the focal point?! I'm thankful to not have to see her botched face clearly, but for someone who grew up idolizing America's Next Top Model and has a scrawny ugly photographer friend like Aaron, she doesn't understand how to take a picture.

No. 1129272


The awkward, nonsensical caption made me literally laugh out loud. She has to know deep down that no one is jealous of her lifestyle or her repeated botched plastic surgery. It really just sounds like she's trying to convince herself that her life isn't as pathetic as she knows it is.

No. 1129274

nothing she does makes any fucking sense. the drag makeup looks awful, her thong, her lips……

No. 1129331

When was the last time this rancid ass bitch changed her underwear?

No. 1129365


I hard agree with anons who say something about her just makes you think she fucking stinks.

No. 1129368


Probably because she admits she'll go as long as possible without showering like a scumbag.

She could probably make a really good gutter punk if she wasn't such a poser. The begging and dirt aesthetic would help her fit in somewhere finally.

No. 1129371


She was actually doing pretty good during her dogwalking/IG fame days and actually had something to brag about. It's just sad when she tries to keep up that persona when she can't even afford new panties and is begging for a simp on twitter and saying she'll do anything for them…. that's now how simps work Ari lol. She's a shell of her former self and for what, a good nose she's in debt over? Rough.

No. 1129463

It’s a lyric from a Police song,

No. 1129509

Legit would have been a perfect fit for her. She’s too botched and up her own ass to do it now though

No. 1129581

well for starters i feel that your bolt-ons are lopsided.

No. 1129720

I’ve always thought this, if she listened to real punk, she would probably seem more authentic. She could get away with not shaving her pits. I could go on about this but I’m afraid if I divulge and If I where to list some crust punk band names she would immediately latch on to them and start skin walking street and crust punks. We don’t want her animal abusing ass.

No. 1129805

Anon did you just out yourself as crust punk, please love yourself

No. 1129881

File: 1610497230987.jpeg (212.16 KB, 1122x1316, E4C8FEEE-B1B1-4579-85B4-25592F…)

Deleted tweet, kek

No. 1130002

File: 1610506240681.jpeg (305.36 KB, 1125x1563, 3FE50B13-E0C9-4A5A-A4CB-F58CA9…)

No. 1130012

it would be truly fascinating if she actually developed a personality that didn't revolve her botched nose and lips. i cannot imagine how painful it must be to hold a conversation with this self-obsessed husk of a human.

No. 1130107

I missed capping it but she posted a story about some other ethot saying she was a “trumpster and whorephobic” then deleted it ten minutes later. Sorry for no caps. Not sure what the girl did to piss her off

No. 1130182

Wow, seeing the old nosejob next to the new one really highlights how poorly the new one suits her face. You shouldn’t get a tiny baby nose when the rest of your face looks like a mtf witch

No. 1130218

It’s been so long since we’ve heard about a rash. Remember when you couldn’t escape the photos and the patches anon? Also NTA but she really does look like she’s skinwalking badmooddude down to the fucking new nose and profile wow

No. 1130255


She's dirty, begs, has epically bad mismatched tattoos that look like they were done with an Amazon tattoo machine (like the bear head), and abuses substances enough to be a gutter punk, but couldn't even fit in with crust drunk punks since she's the opposite of the punk ethos. Ariana is so hungry for acceptance and attention that she'd be ridiculed by actual gutter punks and laughed out of the scene with her surgeries. Remember her attempt to try to fit the "punk aesthetic" when she dyed her hair black and cut Matt's hair which made him look even more like an AIDS patient? She could probably larp as a crust punk with relative success if she didn't have all the obvious surgery and didn't talk and share her opinions.

No. 1130257


Ntayrt, but I'd rather be a crust punk any day than whatever Ariana is. And liking any sub genre of punk doesn't mean you don't love yourself… if anything it just means you probably think for yourself and don't follow trends.


Let's just tell her about The Casualties and Anti-Flag so actual punks know she's a poser who supports bands that fuck underage girls.

No. 1130261


You're right, the new nose was executed well by Dr. Rohrich, but it looks goofy af combined with her pointy witch chin, long face, and the filler exploding outside of her vermillion border. And from the front, she looks exactly the same with the same bell bottom shaped nose as before. When she talks, her botched lips accentuate her jaw jutting out and make it look like she's toothless. Her nose doesn't fit her facial features at all and looks like it was sewed on thanks to the bad scarring under her nose. Giving yourself the nose of a dainty lady and trying to pose in ways to highlight the sharp tip when the rest of you screams sloppy, wild ogre is hilarious. Crazy is not knowing that you're batshit insane and I really think Ariana is legit crazy since I'm sure she thinks her thoughts and ideas are rational when they're anything but. She just makes 1 bad decision after another and spends what little money she has on dead animal heads for the walls of her cheap apartment.

Remember when she was saying she couldn't wait to live alone and "buy" a house with a room for art, a room for taxidermy, a room for her bad porn and ring light, and set up her pole so she could learn to pole dance and work in a strip club as a rArE alternative girl with tattoos? We all knew it was a manic pipe dream, but Ariana was so convinced it would happen and she'd make a killing as the "new alt girl" at the club.

No. 1130267

File: 1610542386978.jpg (142.48 KB, 1080x1055, Screenshot_20210113-075102_Sam…)


Samefag but she posted this nightmarish transformation on Twitter with what I'm assuming she thinks is an emoji of a chameleon… and then right under it makes a pathetic pick-me post about wanting to choke on dick. And she doesn't even say Matt's dick since apparently he's not the simp she's desperately begging for.

No. 1130290


How is it possible that she's spent so much money trying to fix her ugliness yet just manages to look uglier with each procedure?!! She's honestly the biggest reason why I'll never get botox, filler, or ps. For someone who sits at home on social media and the internet all day, you'd think she'd do a little research on skincare and learn about easy, painless, and more natural methods of getting rid of wrinkles that yield better results than botox. Even my 75 year old mom has better skin and less wrinkles than Ariana and she's never had any procedures done. Ariana's horizontal forehead wrinkles are truly some of the deepest lines I've ever seen on anyone under 60, even compared to men who don't use skincare products.

No. 1130306

I like how she calls other people normies but at best her and Matt live a very pop punk lifestyle. It’s very baseline. I’d die laughing if Ariana started listening to The crass or some shit.

No. 1130311

Hit the nail on the head

No. 1130388

Has anyone else noticed how whenever she talks about something sexual she makes it sound as repulsive, disgusting or violent as possible? I wonder if it’s her misguided attempt to sound sexy/appeal to scrotes or just her “sexual aversion” coming out unconsciously

No. 1130599

Yes, everyone has noticed that, it’s mentioned everywhere in these threads

No. 1130855


I’ve never seen someone pay so much of their own money have absolute no success… she can’t be making more than a $2,000 a week and has no savings or.. anything really to show for it except burned bridges, lost followers and nuked social media accounts.

No. 1130938

I'm late but the Shayna level eyeliner wing on the recent picture is sending me. Why would she choose THIS one to side by side. Like girl no.

No. 1131026

File: 1610594996461.png (7.15 MB, 1242x2208, F1C42E95-DEB6-4F62-98EF-B7AAD2…)

No. 1131027

File: 1610595045062.png (Spoiler Image, 6.93 MB, 1242x2208, 75F53F54-CD43-46B4-BA95-06AC6C…)

No. 1131028

i am begging this bitch to buy a hanes 5 pack oh my god

No. 1131048

yeah i don't get it. like congratulations you got a nose job, so does every other suburban white girl.

No. 1131053

Serving up MTF bussy looks

No. 1131187

why does she always have the same underwear on, what the fuck its so disgusting

No. 1131241

File: 1610624560382.jpg (270.5 KB, 1080x738, Screenshot_20210114-063343_Sam…)

I noticed she started blurring out her armpits because last week 1 guy on Twitter said something like "I might have to sub again now that you're not shaving." Since then she's posted several pictures blurring out her armpit, as if he didn't sub and she's trying to convince him to. This is as comical as her blurring out the soles of her feet. How does a fully naked female manage to disinterest every single man and woman?

This is exactly what I mean about her appealing to similarly dirty dudes. Just accept that you have a scummy vibe and go with it. No regular dude wants you and your rolled up dollar store panties. I went to her armpit commenter's page and he was a scrawny guy with pictures of his pencil thin dick all over his profile. She almost got a sub from her armpit, but can't with her pussy. Thriving as a sw!!

No. 1131288

File: 1610631033830.jpg (683.11 KB, 1079x1826, Screenshot_20210114-082912_Sam…)

I'm literally laughing out loud at Ariana calling these pants "professional" when they're baggy floods that wouldn't flatter anyone. Saying these are professional is just as truthful as saying they'll "make your booty POP"

No. 1131291

File: 1610631244230.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210114-083230_Sam…)

I just saw her likes on Depop and I'm glad she's following our advice and embracing her white trash filthy side by liking men's Carhartt jackets. She's so basic it's hilarious.

No. 1131293

File: 1610631530019.jpg (137.27 KB, 961x1808, Screenshot_20210114-083603_Sam…)

Recent Twitter stats showing how her whole day is spent talking to herself on Twitter with less than 1% of her "followers" (that actually don't follow her) interacting with her.

No. 1131296

File: 1610631694232.jpg (190.94 KB, 1069x1779, Screenshot_20210114-084038_Sam…)


And still, only women talk to her. You're not a full-service sworker if no one is actually willing to pay you for sex.

No. 1131311

> she can’t be making more than a $2,000 a week
That seems like a lot to me ? I thought she was making like $200 a week tops. Maybe gets up in the thousands when she’s on a manic art kick

No. 1131332

I’m much more interested in those ugly vintage wedding dresses - is she just going to force matt into marrying her by springing a surprise wedding on him?

No. 1131342


Ariana is what Farrah Abraham would be like if she was never famous and was broke. At least Farrah can afford better surgeries and procedures than Ariana and her ps on credit.

And if Ariana ever had kids, she'd be even worse than Farrah.

No. 1131345


She can't be making more than $1500/ month, even with her wannabe sw attempts and bad porn. Most of it probably comes from selling bad art and dirty clothes.

No. 1131413


Anon your referring to, my bad, I meant $2000 a month. I was trying to factor in her OF payout, Poshmark sales and whatever stump sales she gets. Definitely not making that much weekly.

No. 1131416


Yeah at first it was a thread in-joke but she actually only wears these same panties every day seemingly. I don't know if she's pulling a shay, and trying to show the haters she doesn't a give a fuck by wearing the same panties everyday? For some reason I cannot picture her or Matt ever doing laundry. If the guy sucks her dirty feet on IG he probably has her convinced that he likes her natural musk.

No. 1131428

wait is there something wrong with carhartt jackets? they're warm and comfortable.

No. 1131501


No, it's fine for blue collar workers (which is what the company is all about), truckers and train hoppers love the overalls. But it's very basic and mainstream and not the edgy/sexy/goff/blow up doll aesthetic Ariana so badly wants to identify with.

I'm just pointing out Ariana fits the basic bitch, I-stole-my-blue-collar-bf's-dusty-Carhartt vibe more so than her attempts at appearing dainty and pretty.

She's crusty and dirty enough to be a blue collar worker, but lacks the actual hard work ethics blue collar workers who wear Carhartts are known for.

No. 1131505

Carhartt jackets and beanies are very trendy right now is the actual answer

No. 1131515


That's what "it's very basic and mainstream" means.

No. 1131606

File: 1610657359245.jpeg (498.52 KB, 828x991, 4A0BF995-573B-45CF-9590-E3F703…)

She’s really stretching this one set of pictures out

No. 1131624

File: 1610658102299.png (6.04 MB, 1242x2208, 239B7235-2EC8-4672-BC10-F3049A…)

Was thinking the same damn thing

No. 1131668

so she doesn't actually wear the same panties every day, she just keeps posting pictures from the same day.

No. 1131672

for fucks sakes, she is one goddamn boring sex worker. It is the same poses, same underwear, same location, same face, same positions, same camera angles, same basic shit. Why pay for a subscription when whatever new content will most likely look like old content? Her creativity as a sex worker is the equivalent to missionary with socks on. She is what she hates most: basic.

No. 1131708

File: 1610662796083.jpeg (818.86 KB, 828x1469, DCBEE01A-E0D1-4A19-9C83-504DF6…)

No. 1131751

File: 1610664624178.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 442.19 KB, 1125x2042, 638AF1B5-FF74-4862-A242-E433C9…)

No. 1131783

what the fuck? does she think giving herself a wedgie is cute? admitting either of these is shameful so watch this get 3 likes kek she is delusional

No. 1131804

File: 1610666801053.jpeg (361.2 KB, 1125x1471, A7F33A25-2054-4890-B16D-71DCEA…)

WHY did she think this was a good photo to post?

No. 1131808

oh lord her face looks so fat…
slightly ot but does anyone know why the fuck she has a mom tattoo? i thought she was a trailer park hooker doing drugs and fucking johns in front of her children, not exactly the kind of mom a sane person would get a tattoo for

No. 1131896

What in the Bai Ling hell is happening with the face

No. 1131926

That fat transfer was a really poor choice. She should have taken no for an answer the first time she asked the surgeon.

No. 1131946

that makeup is atrocious

No. 1131947

the fat grafting has her looking so painfully average now. i never found her to be particularly beautiful in the first place but i’ll at least admit that i considered her to have sort of a “unique” face in a way. now she just looks kind of….bland. it’s like she wanted to make her face as forgettable as possible

No. 1131948


wow ive never seen her with a double chin before. i bet her weird anorexic-loving sugar daddy is hating this.

No. 1131994

File: 1610677876025.jpeg (214.27 KB, 750x1195, 2BD7CCCF-C210-4EA1-AA9D-AE9D43…)

Her nose scar looks even worse than before. and those sausage lips….. she would look infinitely better if she toned that shit down even by a little bit. I can't even imagine how she looks in person.

No. 1132032

>>1131994 I'm sorry but what in the actual fuck is that eyeliner lmao. Girl is def on the xannies.

No. 1132078

Damn.. Unpopular opinion here ik but I used to find her so attractive back before she shaved her head, it's been steadily downhill since then. She seriously looks botched now, Ari if you're reading this ditch the lips and spend the money you would have spent on them on fat removal… you will seriously be doing yourself a favor

No. 1132111

Her bottom lip has its own shadow. Cute.

No. 1132128

her feet in the background took me out LOL i was so confused about the orientation of her body in this pic. for someone who stares into her face in her phone all day, she sure pays absolutely no attention to her surroundings, like at all

No. 1132151

Zoomed in to look at wtf was going on under her bottom lip and saw white powder in her nose? Or is it just boogers and dust

No. 1132166

>>1131994 good god, her injections have jumped ship past the border of her vermilion. The fuck man. How do they think this shit is cute?

No. 1132187

What are all of the red dots on her bottom lip?

No. 1132214


She also has been wearing the same gray rolled up underwear with dried discharge crusted on for the past year.

Remember when she tried to sell her used underwear and no one wanted it? Kek

No. 1132220

No. 1132221

File: 1610711151201.jpg (369.8 KB, 1079x1071, Screenshot_20210115-064353_Sam…)

No. 1132222

File: 1610711177765.jpg (224.27 KB, 1080x818, Screenshot_20210115-064009_Sam…)

No. 1132223

File: 1610711202347.jpg (200.3 KB, 1080x778, Screenshot_20210115-063945_Sam…)

No. 1132225


Anyone would flip you over girl… your nude photos are literally an appetite suppressant because of how nauseating your face and body is

No. 1132227


As sexy and talented as Luna Slater. Ariana is nowhere near as fat, but on the same level of filth, stench, laziness, e-begging, and trashiness. And that says a lot

No. 1132229


Nobody wants your lopsided tits or your bloated face or your shitty life.

No. 1132239

File: 1610713568493.jpg (326.9 KB, 1080x1902, Screenshot_20210115-071623.jpg)

She's literally begging for simps I don't understand why she thinks anyone would pay for her onlyfans just to be able to message her lol.

No. 1132240


The blonde seriously looks like a wig. Can't believe how fast she ruined her regrowth.

No. 1132413

It’s both

No. 1132678

File: 1610750228654.jpeg (140.98 KB, 600x873, 97E5615D-CEB8-4179-B399-120FAC…)

No. 1132717

Even the nose looks fatter than ever, lol

No. 1132891

Is she really using the black emojis or is that because whoever took the screenshot has it as their default?

No. 1133125

It’s not a black one for me when I look at her post

No. 1133207

is her nose that off-center/wobbly by surgery or by photoshop?

No. 1133248

“Gets creamy so fast”
girl you’re just yeasty

No. 1133278


Anon that posted the screenshot- I didn't even know I could set a default for how other people's emojis show up. This is just how hers came up for me. But I was wondering the same thing and couldn't figure out why she's using black emojis, however if no one else sees black emojis on her Twitter, it might just be how my Android is interpreting the emojis. I have no idea how or why it's showing for me like that. I checked other Twitter accounts and no one else is showing black emojis like that so I don't know how or why that's happening.

No. 1133419

File: 1610831878460.png (Spoiler Image, 8.1 MB, 1242x2208, 4188BB4A-8649-4FCA-8852-B687C8…)

No. 1133523

No, because you’re disgusting. Our cum deserves better than that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1133530

File: 1610840124990.jpeg (619.18 KB, 828x1182, 23B7BA09-7136-454F-A6C0-409CB9…)

No. 1133667

kek at that james charles nose and male jaw

No. 1133893

File: 1610881083975.jpeg (241.42 KB, 1101x1609, F97A356B-3C6B-4934-ABD2-2CF157…)


No. 1133894

File: 1610881137148.jpeg (368.44 KB, 2048x2048, 3279970A-6C01-40EB-BFBB-4B0489…)


Girl… what the fuck

No. 1133896

File: 1610881372614.jpeg (61.61 KB, 1111x305, 3D2D0192-48B1-412D-9DCB-E5E051…)

Samefag but LOL I missed that she posted this 4 hours later. Free armpit content wasn't as popular as you thought it would be?

No. 1133970


The way her upper lip is almost touching her nose is making me gag. Her upper lip looks stank.

No. 1134154

File: 1610909502541.jpeg (695.3 KB, 828x1364, 0C76980A-34D0-4D08-8FBC-07ADD9…)

No. 1134160

File: 1610909784741.jpg (395.49 KB, 971x1758, Screenshot_20210117-135621_Twi…)

No. 1134161

File: 1610909817110.jpeg (538.99 KB, 828x1090, 3A2A2C21-76AE-4BDD-A1EA-04115E…)


No. 1134184


How does shayna from the other thread have more men after her than ari, who is far more in shape and I would say more conventionally attractive than shay even with the botched surgery.

its disgusting that guys like damien harm and jason womnack from shays thread, have these ethots chasing after them for coffee money.

No. 1134206

File: 1610912516016.jpg (71.75 KB, 1080x488, 20210117_144159.jpg)

She's a broken record

No. 1134211

A "nice body" is ruined if you cover it entirely with tattoos. I think most men would prefer a slightly pudgy woman with pure skin over an in-shape woman with ink doodles all over. The ones on her tits are especially repulsive.

No. 1134214

If it’s shitty tattoos like hers, I’ll agree. But I think tattoos are a preference and I’ve known men on both sides of the spectrum and in between.
Plus men will fuck anything; see Ariana

No. 1134225

File: 1610913400156.jpg (557.32 KB, 1080x1669, Screenshot_20210117-145509_Twi…)

Meanwhile she hates the idea of sex with women lol

No. 1134235


Her face is exactly the same as her pre surgery face when she smiles…..also I’m dying inside at the amount of photos she’s posting from the same photo set with the same underwear kek she’s so lazy

No. 1134242

Wasn't she begging for shrooms after she got out of surgery in texas, though? Does that somehow not qualify as hard drugs?

No. 1134284

My sides anon

No. 1134312

Ariana only has a "crush" on this woman because they look similar. Bad fake boobs, bad fake lips… Botched faces. Also, Ariana's eyebrows are atrocious.

No. 1134315

Long time lurker, she’s pretty from certain angles in my opinion, I do like her smile. But in most selfies this bitch truly looks like she stank. It’s the musty underwear and botched titties for me, but also the ugly personality. You can’t buy that kek. She’s just not feminine, like she wants to be. And she could start by changing herself inside. Slight Ot but on twitter I had complimented one of her mushroom art and didn’t even realize it was her until she liked the reply, I didn’t notice it was her pickled pet shit account. But it surprised me that I actually found one of her pieces to be nice and cottagecore-esque. She truly is the cow I love to hate.

No. 1134387

shrooms AND xanax that she’s not prescribed

No. 1134433

File: 1610926172875.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 383.43 KB, 2048x2048, BCF420E8-39F5-4BE6-8A77-7E1F51…)


No. 1134434

File: 1610926198971.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 419.36 KB, 2048x2048, BA51F4F2-6CA3-4811-AA60-DAFD12…)


No. 1134491

File: 1610930048582.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 593.79 KB, 1125x1524, DCC73F7B-58FA-4A26-8F3D-19DDF4…)

And don’t forget that Ariana use to fantisize about having a dick, kek

No. 1134510

Shit i didn’t realize it had a dick

No. 1134532

Shes just trying to pander to the troon crowd cuz she know she looks like one

No. 1134602

Fucking disgusting. An abomination. It must be delusional if it thinks this is hot in any way.

No. 1134713

Thats almost a believable shoop at first glance

No. 1134751

oh my god she is literally doomed to be ugly

No. 1134814


This is the guy I mentioned a week ago when Ariana posted a pic of her armpit and he said he might sub again since she's not shaving. Now she's going all out chasing the literally ONLY male that's shown her attention in over a year. This is honestly extremely pathetic for a wannabe sw. Her armpit is more attractive than her face and she can get 1 sub from her hairy armpit but none from her being naked. Sounds about right for a scumbag and her scummy single sub.
Anyone else who subs to her I'm pretty sure is a farmer.

No. 1134816

File: 1610972750810.jpg (100.03 KB, 1080x315, Screenshot_20210118-072323_Sam…)

"Puh-lease give me money so I can pay someone to wax this sloppy hole!!"

Pretty sure she read the comment here the other day asking why she shaves her vag since she's over the age of 14 and should know to wax (especially when showing your pussy daily to the internet). Since she just learned from us how to keep her pussy a little less musty-looking, now she's begging Twitter to help her pay for a wax.

No. 1134987

Keke! Don’t be shy, Ariana, DIY. Who knows maybe someone might actually pay to watch it over you’re actually content.

No. 1135049


Right?! This trashy scum is clearly broke af and she needs to just learn to wax her own gnarly puss.

No. 1135104

There’s even shaving power for under $10 on Amazon. But Idk if Matt will survive that one. The smell of bad perm and Ariana’s natural grease my stench combined might actually kill him

No. 1135229

I don’t think it has anything to do with her tattoos, I honestly think that’s just your personal preference. I think Shanya has more fans because her personality is way more welcoming than Ariana. Ari is just rude to everyone and acts entitled. Like she is on some above everyone, and she can be downright mean to her fans. She scares everyone away with her shit personality. There is no surgery to fix her attitude.

No. 1135346

Shes a lazy SW…wtf wouldn’t she just get laser hair removal. No waxing or shaving.

No. 1135349

File: 1611018657475.jpg (256.97 KB, 1080x1181, Screenshot_20210118-201053_Twi…)

During a pandemic .. disgusting.

No. 1135357

Kek isn’t all her other porn just “raw and real” because it never looks planned or put together.

No. 1135411

File: 1611024100662.jpeg (665.33 KB, 828x1285, 5D07206B-30D0-41FC-94ED-C7F6A6…)

No. 1135412

File: 1611024246338.jpeg (237.05 KB, 1125x1420, 79E5EC3E-B00A-4927-B746-89AB70…)

did she blur out her nostril?

No. 1135465

She edited her ass too. You can see the smudge/blurring on her right cheek.

No. 1135467

Also her chin and jawline. Obvs bulging side of her phone

No. 1135475

Sad that she thinks this looks cute but she a