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File: 1541867398869.png (1.21 MB, 1074x1230, Screenshot_20181110-111903~2.p…)

No. 730033

PlasticandProud (pnp, Ariana, scorpioasshoe) is a 24 year old instagram "influencer" and plastic surgery addict.

Previous Threads:

Recent Milk:
>Moved closer to the city of Philly and depended on her SD for the entirety of rentm
> Supposedly dumped her main SD when he got too needy, suddenly stopped speaking about him and sugaring as a whole.
>Continues to have BPD manic depressive swings, recently was seen hitting herself on her snap.
>Posted a 'sexy' video featuring her dancing in cheap old underwear and a knife. This caused IG to freeze her account.
>Puts off camming and dancing because her body will be too sore but continues to eat like shit.
>Made a new account and lurks these threads.

She's been less milky these days. Please read the rules and learn how to sage and not derail.

https://www.instagram.com/plasticandproud (old)

No. 730107

File: 1541880648661.jpeg (188.59 KB, 750x1087, C4E61A1C-C5E6-404D-B2CD-30A9E6…)

Hi Ariana, you spend a lot of time lurking these threads you absolutely don’t care about, don’t you?

Also, who fucked the title of this thread up again? Kek

No. 730132

yeahhh I'm gonna go ahead and cancel this bitch and stop contributing to the threads
We should've let the last one die

She likes the negative attention too much and isn't milky

Begone thot

No. 730134


Agreed. It’s time to cut her off.

No. 730140

Agreed this is too much of an ego boost for her, it’s not worth our personal entertainment. I’m out.

No. 730149

If we let this thread die she probably start behaving milkier than usual just to get the attention she’s craving so bad back (even if it’s negative, attention is obviously what she lives for).
Anyway, I agree, let’s let this thread die at least until she’s back to aborting babies, sniffing coke on Snapchat or smth like that.

No. 730192

Thank you God. Bitch milked herself dry finally.

No. 730219

Pretty sure she’s referencing doja cats song but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was towards this thread as well

No. 730234

I don't think that she GENUINELY likes the negative attention. She just pretends to, in order to keep her whole ~Insta baddie~ persona going. She always reads these threads and makes subtle changes about herself.

No. 730288

Agreed this is too boring let her fade into oblivion, her true nightmare.

And mirrors, if I were her I would be terrified of mirrors.

No. 730374

What is with all the 'cancel the thread' posts? Time has proven they are generally made by cows anyway.

No. 730426

Sounds like Ariana stans to me. I personally think she's still entertaining/milky. Even the thread seems like it was created by a fan, it doesn't even mention the recent abortion drama

No. 730427

Wow i didn’t know this song but I think you’re right. Don’t know if this makes it better or worse though lol

No. 730448

not at all lmao i contributed to all of her threads and actually enjoyed the milk at it's peak (such as the dumbass blowup doll shirts she had made). i don't see her really doing much until she gets her follower count back up though. i think it was a giant blow to her ego.

No. 730470

On the contrary, the posts begging desperately for another thread and baiting discussion about this dry heifer are sus
Post milk of gtfo

No. 730480

You do see the irony in your post?

No. 730506

Definitely not a stan and I don’t like Ariana on a personal level, have contributed milk here, and just know her well enough to know that these threads feed her ego. Even if she does subtly bend to the criticisms here, that doesn’t mean that she’s not getting off on this with her bpd brain. As much as individual things being said may bother her, the fact that there’s a thread discussing her here validates her feelings of importance.

No. 730562

and? lol are we going to stop just to spite her? I don't give a fuck, she is entertaining, she's a trainwreck, she produces milk (not that much now, but it's a matter of time imo), that's enough. We're not on some mission here, if she gets an ego boost from the threads - fine, we'll get more keks from it. I think some of you got too involved. It ain't that deep.

No. 730581

Her followers are increasing pretty fast so I wouldn’t be surprised if her ego starts to swell up again soon. She’s back posting her before and after pics and they seem like they’ve been drawing in a lot of traffic to her account.

No. 730582

Since nobody linked this thread in the previous one I doubt she’ll find this seeing how fucking dumb she is

No. 730586

i completely agree i bet she’s panicked

No. 730672

I actually tried but it had already reached post limit.

No. 730765

Well she’s been “busy and dead all day” according to her nonexciting snapchat

No. 730833

File: 1542002181648.jpeg (57.12 KB, 432x436, 21780EDA-9781-4D24-B93B-AC3BB7…)

Honestly why does she even bother doing freckles anymore when they look like this

No. 730839

Wow this cross eyed bitch

No. 730841

File: 1542004480481.jpg (533.17 KB, 2048x2048, Image-1(66).jpg)

Sry double post but is this dead eyed thing a self portrait? Would love to see thus next to whatever shes copying

No. 730846

She keeps deleting and reposting with a damn near identical photo. Just finish the damn thing first if you’re gonna nitpick it’s presentation from the beginning till the end!

No. 730847

Samefag. Now she’s reaching for validation by making a post out of the images..

No. 730894

looks like if she ran through some puddles and got those little splatters of mud on her face lol.
also guys, I mean we all know it but you don't have to sage when you contribute something new… finding this thread wasn't that easy lol

No. 730900

Nobody contributed any milk. Therefore it is all saged.

No. 730927

File: 1542032155038.jpg (568.83 KB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_20181112-081133_Ins…)

Finally fell to 69k followers. I wonder if she obsessively goes to her old account and sees how fast it's falling.

Kinda glad you couldn't link it, maybe this way all her followers will lose interest and not clutter up the thread.

No. 730936

File: 1542035745797.jpg (35.34 KB, 800x411, 000-caracal.jpg)

Lol for whatever reason I knew exactly what animal she was copying. Damn that is off

No. 731146

File: 1542064415499.png (3.52 MB, 750x1334, BE68BB38-BB8B-4C6C-B836-02CA39…)

How is she going to say she likes pitbulls when not too long ago she was saying she’d shoot one in the head and wouldn’t care if she did lmfao wtf

No. 731151

didn't she say she'd do that if it attacked her?

I'm impressed anon lol

No. 731153

She said she would if it was off leash.

No. 731224

File: 1542073306385.jpeg (106.52 KB, 750x1150, 885A8B94-1A73-49B3-A6AA-F4C3FB…)

Looks like another fan page has popped up, except it’s ran by a 16 year old who looks up to pnp. Tragic.

No. 731225

File: 1542073345252.jpeg (214.82 KB, 750x1086, A32F2BAC-9989-46C4-83E7-A67B05…)

Jesus Christ lmfao what even is this

No. 731226

File: 1542073385084.jpeg (23.06 KB, 218x195, DAD36D49-D62B-4388-B2CA-2E8631…)

No. 731248

File: 1542075513810.jpg (185.94 KB, 696x1043, 100917-kaia-gerber-versace.jpg)


Really bad edit of Kaia Gerber

No. 731277

File: 1542078887375.jpeg (155.84 KB, 749x1035, 9FB60050-7BB9-493C-A1CD-F3A7A7…)

God these are so bad. What’s even funnier is that Arianna removed these tagged photos from her profile lmao

No. 731326

File: 1542084827261.jpg (542.42 KB, 1080x1844, Screenshot_20181112-235409_Ins…)

This is gross lmao why would she post it

No. 731332


This has to be the anon from the last thread who made all the shitty Photoshop edits no one wanted or asked for. Not real milky though.

No. 731365

she kinda looks like a dude holding his dick behind his thighs.

No. 731372

File: 1542088808485.jpg (656.8 KB, 1080x1751, Screenshot_20181113-010026_Ins…)


No. 731377

That's exactly what I thought lol

No. 731382

stop embarrassing yourself now pls

No. 731402

File: 1542096462260.jpeg (66.75 KB, 750x419, DD2115B5-62E8-44FD-A08E-7B952A…)

No. 731403

File: 1542096931233.jpeg (157.18 KB, 1229x1185, 0C1A76DF-1ED3-4C80-B273-2428BD…)

Saw this post about Tyler Grosso on the tp/SoundClout thread lmao
Honestly these two might be soulmates

No. 731411

Dont even want to imagine the emotional mess of those 2 together

No. 731419


gotta be her SURELY. guys idgaf if this isnt milk im having a lol let this keep happening

No. 731478

Did she delete this or do i just don’t find it?

No. 731534

File: 1542128138471.jpeg (183.39 KB, 750x1036, BAA22124-6DD2-418F-9EBD-F05D06…)

That jolabetty page quickly changed into something else, I’m assuming the angelbabieface person ran that account because theirs multiple comments on the original fan account from both jolabetty & angelbabieface. Not milky so saged, but she really does have some weird ass stans lmao. I think that person deleted all their posts and changed their user because Ariana kept removing the tagged posts from her profile, also wouldn’t be surprised if they stalked this thread to.

No. 731544

Hahahaha this is the best thing I've seen from lolcow in a minute

Wow I never realized how unshapely she really is

No. 731653

File: 1542142131574.jpeg (78.62 KB, 750x1177, 75B6C5FE-38DF-40FF-846C-983E83…)

What do you mean? That jolabetty page is still there

No. 731654

Watching her try to cover up her uneven tit job is hilarious. Also why is her crotch red?? Lol

No. 731656

Get out of here Jolabetty, you posted that pic 12 minutes ago. Nobody is going to follow you.

No. 731663

Her boob job totally threw her figure's proportions off. Now she's got the figure of a board.

No. 731675

Kek, defo not jolabetty, posted that pic because anon before said the page changed name and deleted their post.
Didn’t see that pic was only a few minutes old.

No. 731677

Because of her random shitty tattoos, her naked self reminds me of a doodle bear in the worst way. Sometimes people look really punk with a bunch of sticker-like tattoos but she has such poor taste and there’s no flow between pieces, she can’t pull it off.

No. 731678

Make the carpet match the drapes?

No. 731703

she was shooting videos of some homeless guy fucked up on drugs on her snap but deleted them quickly after

No. 731745

I guess they changed their user name again. I watched it go from jolabetty to ummidontknow and I guess it’s back to jolabetty again. Also they deleted all the previous pictures after they changed the user.

No. 731748

File: 1542152810426.jpeg (181.43 KB, 750x1060, 0AB00F89-D80F-43DE-B676-2545F3…)

This is the same comment section from the earlier screenshot but the user is changed

No. 731751

Lmao on her story she’s talking about how she wants to go to school for taxidermy.. as if she already isn’t in debt and needs a job in an unreliable field like that jfc

No. 731767

can you stop posting this unrelated account? we really don't need to see what they're doing.

maybe she just discovered Julia deVille.

No. 731778

That’s why it’s saged calm down

No. 731804

File: 1542159319670.jpeg (152.76 KB, 750x1334, 604B3794-3021-421B-8E13-58DC71…)

This is an image board.

No. 731809

Sorry lol didn’t want her to get notified but thanks for doing God’s work

No. 731827

…IG doesnt send alerts for screen capping stop being lazy

No. 731838

You already posted the cap let’s move on now

No. 731944

so it's her ~passion~ but she doesn't even know where to acquire specimens from besides hunting? oof ok

No. 731981

File: 1542202173333.jpeg (231.7 KB, 750x1173, 69E59590-6AD9-4F8F-A24D-DB5229…)

Her Etsy references almost all refer to taxidermied animals sold by her.
In the „article“ descriptions she says she‘s done them herself and got them eg by pet shops so she should actually have some connections to get dead animals?
Pic for reference

No. 732072

She used to work in a pet shop. This was covered in an older thread.

No. 732112

File: 1542222875278.jpg (698.53 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20181114_131006.jpg)

This girl is just straight up retarded. She's complaining about the dry air in her apartment, so she wants to get a device that will remove even more humidity/water from the air?

No. 732124

I want her to pursue her dream just so we can hear her say "spehtiminths" over and over

No. 732181

File: 1542230966901.jpeg (230.78 KB, 750x1334, FF6C648F-932E-49D2-A9C5-964B4D…)

It’s been confirmed that she never got that mattress she talked so much about and instead has been sleeping on a blowup mattress inside their Bluetooth frame.

No. 732191

Ugh, that herpes sore lip…

No. 732195

Is that shredded thing supposed to be a blanket?

No. 732210

Lol I heard she lived very white trash from someone who visited her house and god these threads really are exposing it. if this is what it looks like when she’s “living her best life” how could she think anyone is jealous of her”

No. 732234

Ew, fucking sick bedding.

No. 732254

Lmfao 70k a year and her "fancy" new apartment and she sleeps on an air mattress
Why is it so bright in there if Matt is trying to sleep? Oh yeah she doesn't give a shit about him.

No. 732282

He had the blanket on his face until she told him to “reveal himself” then she proceeded to take videos and pictures of the “happy family”

No. 732319

Bothering the shit out of her partner who likely has to wake up at 4am every day because he is a postal worker while she sits at home, anxious and retarded, forcing him to bring her food because she is “2 dEpRessEd” to leave the house. Dysfunctional ass family

No. 732368

File: 1542256112297.jpeg (56.83 KB, 600x375, 103EF0DC-D687-4BD0-9B5E-AE4EE7…)

Literally yawning. She’s so boring now, just like a basic ass boring jobless slug. If you remove the botched tiddies and whatever the hell she did to her face, she’s just like any other random trash person you bump into in a Walmart parking lot trying to bum a cig with her nasty toothless looking face.

No. 732543

File: 1542294697148.jpg (Spoiler Image, 417.42 KB, 1080x1064, Screenshot_20181104-151519_You…)

No milk just a pic from her snap of her boob job. Just funny to look at lol

No. 732544

Has already been posted here. Also aint nothing interesting about her boobs

No. 732559

If you say yourself it’s no milk then why don’t sage it. Kek

No. 732571

File: 1542298344769.jpg (587.02 KB, 1080x1544, 20181115_101126.jpg)

The scar under her fucking nose… Does she normally shop it out?

No. 732584

jfc it looks like it's made out of clay

No. 732617

Looks like its gonna detach from her skin at any moment.. yikes

No. 732672

File: 1542311415230.jpg (810.87 KB, 1080x1920, 20181115_134908.jpg)

Arianna just post enough to figure out her fucking address. This bitch is so stupid it hurts.

No. 732673

File: 1542311502898.jpg (715.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181115-134143_Vid…)

Ops. First pic is of the leasing agent/website/phone number and across the street.

No. 732674

File: 1542311559618.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x1859, 20181115_134819.jpg)

The shop across the street via Google maps

No. 732677

File: 1542311634921.jpg (993.05 KB, 1080x1839, 20181115_134806.jpg)

And her building

No. 732683

Damn, put all these pics together and you can even tell which room she posted it from, soooo creepy, I would fucking move now if I was her. I would constantly worry about someone from the internet peeking in my window or something yikes.

No. 732702

Oh my god I can’t believe she really is that stupid. I have no words.

No. 732714

she's shaped like a fridge lmao

No. 732725

File: 1542317041692.jpg (375.61 KB, 1080x1678, 20181115_152247.jpg)

This is a different unit for rent in her building, and it actually looks clean and well kept. So her saying the floors/walls are dirty aren't her fault is just another lie. Also. This 1/bed 1/bath is $800 and if they can barely afford that with two people's income than clearly there's only one income.

Didn't she say in the past their old rent was like half or a third less than what they're paying right now?

No. 732873

She said the rent at her last place was 700 and the new place is 1200. Still can’t believe she didn’t clean at all before moving her shit in and then took close to a month to clean the dirty ass floors.

No. 732933

LMAOOO this place looks like a D U M P hahahahahah

No. 732956


It's a normal Philly rowhome. You must live in the burbs.

No. 732983

>Living in the city means accepting a dump as normal

Speak for yourself that shit is a straight up tenement

No. 732984

I did find another listing for a 2bed/2bath that listed it at that price, so she wasn't lying.

I also don't think, from the pictures, it was a dump. It was made into one by the current tenants.

No. 733222

Have you ever been to Philadelphia? Almost all of the rowhomes look like this.

No. 733284

Been there and looks like a shitty neighborhood tbh..

No. 733327

Well there's five registered sex offenders within a few blocks of her. When I have time to look at other crimes I'll let you know.The Google maps and general pictures from that area look shady, but I don't know what I can or can't post in relation to it. I'm not a local but I would be very uncomfortable living almost next to a few sex offenders.

No. 733354

5 within a few blocks isn’t that abnormal these days unfortunately and isn’t necessarily an indicator that she lives in a crime-ridden or trashy area. not trying to defend her or anything, by all the photos it’s obvious she does a good job of making her personal area trashy all on her own

No. 733361

True, crime happens everywhere but where it's most prevalent should be considered shady. Ik people who live in shady parts of Philly and there are a bunch. Also, 1200 for a 2br/2b apt isnt that bad but if you can't afford it, why even rent there? The place looked really nice when she first moved in but now it looks like her old apartment so it's her, not the building

No. 733365

Blogpost but I live near a few and my area is pretty quiet. Why did you even look that up?

No. 733405

File: 1542404850705.jpeg (442.47 KB, 750x1091, E77FCF31-3741-4BB5-B7B7-04C95D…)

Pick a lane Ariana. Do you want to be an IG hoe or not

No. 733463

Because >>733284 said it looked like a shitty neighborhood so I went to a crimemap and besides one robbery, it's just a bunch of sex offenders. I was curious because from the video she posted on her IG story it looked kinda run down around them. But unless their crimemap is outdated, there not a lot going on around them.

No. 733699

She never announced the winner for the giveaway. What a shocker.

No. 733735

Who wants that trash anyway tho

No. 733743

Probably no one, which is why it was never announced! Kek

She just wanted people to sign up for that stupid app so she could get her referral fee. I'm hoping people are smart enough to realize it is a shady scheme and never gave that app their credit cards.

No. 733751

She said she didn’t know how to choose the winner because the people she was going to choose from only had their full names on the Dosh app instead of an instagram user name

No. 734174

File: 1542549534328.png (1.92 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181118-085741.png)

She announced the winner. Guess they're back to being engaged.

Lol she's been v quiet and I wonder if it's because she can't find this thread to respond to…

No. 734182

File: 1542550654873.png (2.53 MB, 750x1334, 03D1DC1D-E4D5-4777-B35D-293022…)

Slept with her makeup on and wonders why her skin is bad.

No. 734258

No one cares anon

No. 734261

I care. Lol

No. 734268

The post is literally deleted what do you even know what it was about lol

No. 734302

File: 1542567106444.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, 593BC425-D56D-4746-A8D0-1E0280…)


No. 734305

So cringey, really can’t stand going out where there are possibly people who would outshine her so she has to get annihlated lol.

Anyone notice in the last recent snaps she was all the way in the back, taking a video of Matt socializing with the band?

No. 734307

No cause most of us dont have her snap. Post caps, this is an image board

No. 734315

Honestly worried about her alcohol consumption mixing with her meds. She just started taking them regularly again and is grabbing for tequila everytime she leaves the house or sees someone out of the norm.

No. 734338

I meant Instagram and it was 2 days ago so nope hope of that happening lol. I’m sure you’ll live

No. 734569

On snap she was talking about how as soon as she gets drunk she overshares and it's embarrassing. Also how she called Matt at 2 am and woke him up so he could come pick her up and get her food.

It's not being spoiled it's being a shit partner

No. 734607

Don’t forget the not quite so subtle humble bragging about every guy she’s ever curved at the club. We get it. People still find you attractive. Woohoo!

No. 734690

File: 1542630833543.jpeg (219.4 KB, 750x1003, 0D37314F-3F0C-450F-8495-5BB5E9…)

Pretty sure nobody told her this or one singular person did and she has to make a whole ass post in defense of herself so her followers could suck her ass in the comment section

No. 734694

File: 1542631063197.jpeg (140.64 KB, 649x485, 7AB5D210-4CB6-4859-BAB6-EE9166…)

Apparently being trans is in any way comparable to having bpd and getting plastic surgery. Her fans are so fucking delusional

No. 734696

Notice how as her followers increase she starts acting more like her typical insufferable self instead of the fake wholesome persona she put on to gain followers back lmao

No. 734699

Social media must be like a drug to her tbh. She even said it herself that she can’t just have a normal private Instagram because she NEEDS the attention from strangers online

No. 734763

She’s selling her snap for $5 today. This must be a new low/desperate attempt to make any sort of income

No. 734767

She’s said before that she doesn’t like going on live with such a small amount of viewers cause it makes her nervous. I truly believe it’s because she isn’t getting the exposure she acquires to boost that ego of hers. She’s more at risk of “haters” without that 70k army to keep her on her soapbox so she gives excuses instead. Her mood centers itself around the attention she gets. If she isn’t getting blasted with a million compliments relating to her she wont be happy. Therefore, it isn’t fun to her anymore.

No. 734778

She may be trying to get extra cash for her new obsession: bite correction. On snap she’s discussing how “defeated” she feels over how much the surgery costs and that she can’t finance it at all. The general cost she was given is around 55k-100k.

No. 734807

If only she used the money spent on her tits to fix her fucked up jaw.. this girl has no sense of priorities

No. 734816

Thing is I’m pretty sure she used credit for her tits. Technically she didn’t even have the money for those either kek

No. 734827

I know she mentioned using credit cards for her surgeries/fillers before but I think she paid for her boob job out of pocket or atleat paid for most of it up front. If I remember correctly she was talking about how she had enough in her account to get her boobs done but her grandma (who she was supposed to go see but never did because she had to recover from surgery) would be mad if she found out that she bought boobs while not having a job or some shit like that. No caps because it was awhile ago but still, priorities are all outta wack

No. 734892

She says all her fillers are gone but fillers last 6-8 months and I KNOW she hasn’t gone that long without them. She continues to lie to her followers. Her lips are still plump and look nothing like they did pre-fillers

No. 734901

File: 1542659475943.jpeg (536.56 KB, 750x1097, 3D26498A-F7E5-4065-9F28-1F5455…)

She tried to say she was posing weird in all her old pictures and her lips were never small…

No. 734902

File: 1542659529554.png (497.22 KB, 899x555, 7J3kVCr.png)

No. 734922

File: 1542663131369.png (977.68 KB, 1080x1462, Screenshot_20181119-162909~2.p…)

Your artist did cryptic blackwork shit. You live in Philly. You are 2 hours away from NYC. You live in a pretty fucking ideal place as far as variety of very good tattoo artists being within your reach. Too bad you're an idiot who cant find other artists and doesn't want to pay good tattoo prices either.

Keep getting that online validation tho-you are your own sleepy, depressed best friend.

No. 734924

The shape of her lower tit + those scars are ew

No. 734925

She means she can’t find an artist who will trade nudes for tattoos like her last one did kek. not even speculation, she used to brag about it on tumblr not long before she deleted.

No. 734926

File: 1542663860700.png (3.58 MB, 750x1334, E2D25653-0047-4168-90AA-AF609E…)

Kek if she continues like that she's gonna get banned again

No. 734930

Oh that's disgusting. Noted that slimesociety is scummy.

Wait do you think she traded nudes for the tattoo he gave Matt? LMFAO

No. 734932

no one is naturally born with disgusting liver lips like yours ariana

No. 734933

I want to see her post a pic without makeup and in that same pose

(Pic related) Is twitter more compatible with her content? I don’t use it

No. 734934

File: 1542665065508.png (2.66 MB, 750x1334, D84378C9-0B50-4407-83FF-11C3C9…)


No. 734939

Yes people post uncensored hardcore porn on twitter and it doesn’t get removed.

No. 734979

File: 1542669694311.png (3.04 MB, 750x1334, 766AE250-2E71-41E9-A889-347883…)

"Hated the attention" lmao sure boo. Keep lurking

No. 735007

“I’ve been on my meds for over a year now”
“I wasn’t on my meds so I was super feisty”

Didn’t she JUST start taking her meds again anyway ? Bitch pick a story

No. 735013

She didn’t even have her following a year ago. She didn’t “blow up” or have a following until after her disgusting foursome because babytrash posted her so much in that time and that was only halloween 2017. she’s delusional.

No. 735016

Holy fuck those scars look horrendous. I’d be pissed as hell for being botched like that.

No. 735055

she's trying to giveaway more of her dirty clothes by making people give her 1$ on paypal to enter… what kind of fuckery

No. 735068

it's not even that, it's just that she 'looks easy'. she'll get attention when she's actually old just because she's plastic and would likely do some weird shit.

this is likely exactly how she felt before prostituting herself for a small nose and lip fillers. her personality is the ugliest thing i have ever experienced.

No. 735072

they're really bad but her idea of aftercare is getting high and taking selfies
Not sure the doc should get full blame for this

No. 735093

>>734892 some fillers like the ones shes used for under eyes can last up to 2 years unless the person has a fast metabolism/does HIIT-style workouts…which we all know she doesnt do anything out side of scamming and begging

No. 735192

File: 1542711952923.jpeg (183.54 KB, 738x910, F4396448-1FAA-4C97-9968-41914D…)

She deleted it because of the comments she got. A lot of people called her out about how she still has a lot of filler in her face.
Sadly couldn’t grab more caps.
And doesn’t she contradict her own caption with saying that fillers build up over time?

No. 735195


why is this bitch lying about the fillers she got in her cheeks and her nasolabial folds /let ALONE/ her lip fillers that aren't even half a year old and are /clearly/ still intact.


No. 735235

>I've been on meds for over a year now
that's a massive lie. Caps of her saying how she doesn't take her meds/can't afford it/doesn't want to are in previous threads.
That's a weird thing to lie about…

I think she may genuinely believe her fillers dissolved and this is how she looks like without them. Girl has serious self-image issues.

No. 735301

She's on her snap crying about how her abortion made her depressed because surprise she didn't deal with the gravity of the situation emotionally and is too stupid to realize that y'know your body is confused.

No. 735443

I can't. She's on the live talking about how she pays for surgeries with money and that's how you pay for everything. Lol what's credit?
Bitch ok don't you have thousands in credit card debt?
She makes 'bank' by hustling.
Air mattress kween!

No. 735455

File: 1542748540289.jpeg (179.66 KB, 750x964, 534CE635-73EA-4632-8DF7-CD4A78…)

No. 735456

File: 1542748647938.jpeg (146.61 KB, 749x966, 3B051EDF-0299-46EB-B3FB-1DC3E4…)

These are all the caps I got

No. 735459

“I know my face”
BITCH YOU ADMITTEDLY HAVE BDD you do not know your face which is probably why you think your goddamn filler has dissolved too.

No. 735464

>doesn’t work right anymore
Wondering what she means by this. Is loss of function a common side effect to rhinoplasty?

No. 735475

She’s said that she had a shitty surgeon that fucked up her nose and it’s hard for her to breathe with it now

No. 735477

She’s confessed it’s hard to breath out of one side now. I think her additional cocaine habit didn’t help with that either.
I agree completely. On live when she’s doing her makeup she seems semi-unaware of her surroundings and totally entranced in fixing the mess that is her face. She’s begun to live her life solely over this obsession to repair or enhance her looks so she can feel/appear normal or desirable. The only way she can do that is to heal and fix her MIND. She’ll never truly be aware of who she is if she can’t get past surface.

No. 735548

File: 1542760836955.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1487, Screenshot_20181120-171154~2.p…)

This shit is really the nicest jewelery you've ever had? Every time she posts I get secondhand embarrassed

(First time poster hope I did it right)

No. 735552

Leave the name field blank.
This jewelry company promos with a lot of heavily tattooed edgy girls in Philly with a following.

No. 735556

Her foundation still doesn’t match.

No. 735573

She tried to play off the seriousness of the abortion by saying she “got rid of the Gemini demon” but now the emotional impact is really starting to catch up to her because she tried to pretend it was no big deal at first

No. 735602

File: 1542769735062.jpg (640.67 KB, 1080x1565, 20181120_210637.jpg)

Her jaw is HUGE. No wonder she never posts from this angle.

No. 735636

A clown

No. 735649

File: 1542781874953.jpeg (192.43 KB, 750x1334, 8FB7F807-8A0B-4E47-89F0-E083E6…)

>”I’m a hustler”

No. 735672

File: 1542786764858.jpg (275.06 KB, 720x1220, 20181121_023746.jpg)

Tinfoil hat on here, but I believe she has been obsessed with emulating this person's SW lifestyle and other style points. Not sure if she is still wanting to do the whole domme thing but that's what this person does, also they used to be in a relationship with slimesociety and has all kinds of tattoos by him. Anyway, she often seen commenting on both of this person's IG accounts.

Just some thoughts since she whined about slimesociety's departure from the USA.

No. 735783

File: 1542813932612.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, A7E21470-B11A-445E-8B8E-1FCBE0…)

Posted a vid of herself puking on her IG story. What the actual fuck is wrong with her

No. 735787

Yuck. She even pukes on the toilet seat.
What's going on with her?

No. 735791

she’s been shoved up my ASS for two days now getting pissy at me cause i tried to get her snap 4 the milk and i asked when i would be added. it’s literally been her trying to insult me and failing continuously. would post pictures but got banned for that last time i did

No. 735792

added to the last one: this is about me lol she’s so immature she has to post indirects to feel big how sad

No. 735819

Her snap is also filled with this wonderful content. FYI Ariana you’re not just hungover you’re sick from mixing alchol and psychiatric medicine!

No. 735840

She seriously can’t do anything without filming herself, it’s concerning. Especially when she’s driving. Does she really think she’s that interesting/important that 10k people need to see her screech at the camera & announce that she threw up ??

No. 735892

She's on snap puking and spitting. She even stuffed her fingers down her throat in an attempt to help herself puke. Fucking gross.
She's also going on about how she came across one of the guys who fell in love with her during her ho phase. Apparently she let this then 30 year old face fuck her when she was 20 and filmed it. She's pretty delighted that she gets to come across and 'reject' people…

No. 735918

abortion round 2?

No. 736042

That’s the nicest jewelry she’s ever gotten? What about her emerald engagement ring?

No. 736051

File: 1542850188198.png (2.09 MB, 750x1334, E38201C4-07D9-40F0-B42E-E6E1C8…)

Bro can this girl make up her mind on what she wants, she wanted a ferret and now she wants another cat. Personally I think she shouldn’t be allowed to have any animals..

No. 736081

On her IG today she was bragging about how she finally has enough energy to walk her dog. WTF was she doing before?? Not walking the dog??

No. 736095

She NOW has the energy to?? I would hope that her “fiancé” was walking the dog.. how are they going to live in an apartment and not walk their dog. Wouldn’t surprise me if she let the dog shit everywhere with how grossly she lives

No. 736098

What do you think the air freshener she bought is for lol

No. 736142

File: 1542864841081.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181122-003104.png)

Damn even with a cake face that lift lip scar is gnarly.

No. 736158

Oh my god look at underneath her nose! What the actual fuck, her surgeons literally fucked up every part of her face and body, it's beyond hilarious because of how much a cunt she is.

No. 736206


Philly anon here. This jewelry designer is an ex's ex, we met a few times and my skin is fucking crawling thinking that I'm now one degree away from pnp. Designer girl wasn't the total worst so I'm disappointed if they're "friends". Sage for no milk.

No. 736242

File: 1542896355335.png (5.25 MB, 1242x2208, 605142F3-E0E1-4AEB-9559-445533…)

Fucking nasty

No. 736280

File: 1542902149939.jpeg (185.35 KB, 750x1039, E48C2F21-E640-4B01-A05C-B38C32…)

Deleted content

No. 736283

Imagine how vile she is irl

No. 736305

Ariana's number one flaw IMO is the fact that she will do anything to make herself feel like an authority over people. She likes to talk publicly about being on meds (whether she is/was or not) because it means, in her mind, that she is better than other people who don't take care of themselves. So even when she knows it's a fucking lie she can convince herself it's not to justify the fact that she is a terrible person through and through lol

No. 736307

has posts on her original instagram where she says it's "weird" to not really know what you look like/where you belong.

pick a fucking lane, you delusional cunt

No. 736344

File: 1542911057084.jpeg (118.48 KB, 390x361, 3B03CC91-643C-4BA7-BFE8-205520…)

>”I don’t edit my pics”
>honestly it’s just the filters on IG that’s it
>my makeup is so good it looks face tuned

That’s weird! Your one earring is totally bent!

No. 736365

File: 1542913815863.png (3.17 MB, 750x1334, 9D4ACF19-D075-431E-BDC8-C70B55…)


No. 736375

Her nose job scars are even worse in this picture. Jesus.

No. 736416

Those are lip lift scars, where they stitched her lip back up to her nose. they truly are horrible though.

No. 736590

File: 1542936587388.png (3.37 MB, 750x1334, 592D58CC-1393-4E77-BA39-27E1CA…)

A close up of an old pic

No. 736611

File: 1542940324992.png (3.11 MB, 750x1334, 98666DA6-BA1B-4929-897F-2EF9C1…)

Samefag. Here are more close ups with better lighting and a bare face. You can see the remaining flat keloid scar bordering her nostrils. Seems like a bullhorn lip lift 1/2

No. 736612

File: 1542940457837.png (2.98 MB, 750x1334, 5DF0B928-8FEC-4778-B7E4-E9F0AC…)

No. 736664

File: 1542948974656.jpeg (104.89 KB, 750x1058, 259C6EB8-A2DD-43DF-AFD2-6FC9B0…)

I think the old account finally got deleted

No. 736845

I just checked and got the same thing. Christmas came early. Kek

No. 737017

File: 1543018702503.jpeg (67.39 KB, 1091x640, 6A0A4A08-D747-4F87-8032-0F12EC…)

Imagine this happening to her lmao

No. 737070

First person on "also followed by" is quite the drama queen herself. Resisted posting her here because she seems like a nice person though. Second one has a thread here (Mary)

No. 737225

File: 1543069573603.png (3.16 MB, 750x1334, 59136425-AE37-4B07-897A-AE3259…)


No. 737243

Cows need herds.

No. 737244

File: 1543074396821.jpg (600.93 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181124-104557_Vid…)

Does she even bathe?

No. 737245

She’s not showering because she wants to keep the red, but goddamn does it show in her hair. Her bangs are hovering over her forehead, and you can see the grease. Cold water won’t hurt you, PnP

No. 737246

Cold water + shower caps lmao like you can shower without wetting or washing your hair. This girl is such a dirty hick

No. 737248

Insufferable lol

No. 737250

I understand that you'd sleep with mascara on but this is lowkey disgusting

No. 737252

You might be onto something.

No. 737260

She's such a mess. She literally has one job for 1000 bucks and almost fucks it up.

No. 737266

File: 1543076333685.png (930.44 KB, 1080x1534, Screenshot_20181124-091639~2.p…)

She's whining about losing the pictures, as if screenshots are so hard? What an idiot. And if the company is so demented why keep using it kek

No. 737308

kek i fucking lost it at 0:18
"for breakfathst"

No. 737371

File: 1543087055855.jpg (767.56 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181124-141647_Ins…)


No. 737372

File: 1543087096247.jpg (813.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181124-141715_Ins…)

Her dirty ass comforter set makes me so nauseous.

No. 737514

>so inhumane and wrong

People have war in their countries. How can people be so out of touch with reality? Pnp and her fans live in a fantasy land where layers of filth on your teeth is fine, pumping your face full of fillers is fine, being a lazy slob with no goals or prospects is great and mild inconvenience is inhumane.

No. 737536

File: 1543100679851.jpeg (202.69 KB, 750x957, 582ABE28-A2E6-4A7A-8865-8C2E05…)

Bitch you just settled from your move last month. So impulsive.

No. 737543

It's probably because someone figured out her address when she posted this >>732672. And if one person figured it out, a bunch of people figured it out.

No. 737573

File: 1543103122171.png (2.53 MB, 750x1334, 9F6688A9-894C-4C39-B9B1-80767C…)

Maybe drama? 1/2

No. 737574

File: 1543103144271.png (2.42 MB, 750x1334, 8787CB6A-F684-4435-81E7-57A1F2…)


No. 737591

very likely she’s talking about Matt because who else is she “forced to be around”

No. 737617


Looking like the love child of a jawbreaker that was dropped on a hairy carpet and Chucky

No. 737620

Lol she immediately deleted these off her story. Guess she has to save her Snapchat to talk shit about him since she can’t communicate like a normal adult

No. 737635

Lately she’s barely used her snap. Some times you won’t see anything posted for a few days then other times it’ll be nonstop venting or overeacting to mundane bullshit.

No. 737644

Even if she doesn’t want to shower DRY SHAMPOO EXISTS

No. 737652

She probably is talking about Matt seeing how she has “nothing in pa holding me back”… ya know, unlike a one year lease with your finance and his job

No. 737654

File: 1543109736071.jpeg (244.13 KB, 724x1089, 234CEBB1-834A-4B43-8FC9-665E76…)

That is the complete opposite of self awareness

No. 737658

bpd my dude

No. 737680

She did have her first escort job today.. Talked about it on snap I believe

No. 737683

I don’t get why it’s such a hard concept to grasp that some people, especially significant others may not always agree/feel comfortable with their partner performing sex acts or going on dates with another people. It should be a mutual understanding where both people are comfortable not one person completely disregarding the others feelings about it.

No. 737685


No. 737689

“Fuck you if you don’t support people you claim to love”

What does she even do for Matt? Fuck around with other men? She can’t even support the only thing he seems passionate about; his band

No. 737707

thanks for providing absolutely nothing

No. 737759

File: 1543121128126.png (2.54 MB, 750x1334, D17D25AA-2009-4EA3-BCF9-668F54…)

In a hotel?

No. 737776

Classic sex worker selfie in the dudes hotel shot … smh cringe

No. 737816

File: 1543128069185.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, 89448F48-4120-4CFD-9359-0E6132…)

Sorry for the blur but she couldn’t even wait to get home to flash her escort cash online

No. 737856

>she only got 600 dollars
thats hilarious

No. 737960

Is this seriously what she wore to her first escort gig?????? Giiiiirl

No. 737980

I'm just waiting for the IRS to get involved. Girls gonna be fucked because one Google search and it's all saved here. Kek

No. 738025

If Matt actually is uncomfortable with her sex work, how is 600 dollars worth fucking up your relationship. I understand if you weren’t happy w your man and you were the kind of escort getting paid a few thousand to spend a weekend in another country in a swank hotel room while being taken out shopping and fine dining where you get to wear nice dresses and jewelry. But no, this girl is hurting her man (someone she claims to love) to go on a date shitty enough to wear an ugly outfit to, to take a hotel bathroom selfie for SW points, to make no more than $1000. kek

No. 738059

File: 1543172492493.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2220, 20181125_130028.jpg)

Girl, take a fucking shower and wash your makeup off.

No. 738060

File: 1543172552245.png (3.64 MB, 750x1334, 316034A0-621E-4F4A-ABE9-0CA20A…)

She took Xanax again and sipped wine before her escort job. Apparently she did nothing but eat her friend out and “hang” for 1000$. Then she smoked a blunt on the way home and that’s where she blacked out. It was also pointed out on snap that Matt did have an issue with her escorting and now that it’s over with it’s totally “chill” cause nothing really happened!

No. 738064

Also was said she plans to do escorting from now on and looks forward to her next job

No. 738068

Where's the caps?

No. 738073

I’m not tech savvy and iPhones are ass so I’m sorry I can’t provide proper milk. If any anons who’ve screenrecorded before could help me out and catch it on snap that’d be sweet! I don’t wanna risk wasting money to this cow sorry.

No. 738082

I think she’s lying … she fucked the dude … or at least sucked his dick … im sure she told Matt “I swear I just ate my friend out! We only ate each other out!!” … yeah right

No. 738099

All she’s posted on her snap today was money shots and talking about how xanax is too much for her lol. She didn’t mention anything about last night except for the money and drugs…nothing about the actual job. Where’d you get this info?

No. 738103


Her private / paid snap

No. 738106

Kek she deleted em

No. 738110

Here’s some tinfoil: the escort friend she’s working with is @ latinamilk

No. 738112

Clearly lol

No. 738117

You can tell where she cut out snaps to get rid of her talking about the actual job and how “we” handled it (referring to Matt). I apologize for getting milk terminated without getting the proper caps. I watched it a few times, however, so there’s no doubt it existed just not any proof sadly.

No. 738131

You "waste money" to follow her snap already. Where is the great moral distinction. Use a second device to take a pic of your phone if you're that afraid of her.

This thread is becoming second hand anecdotes that even you anons can't agree on.

No. 738134

Why would it be her? On her if story she said 'receive egg' most likely referring to egg girl/Mia

No. 738191

File: 1543190884539.jpeg (153.75 KB, 750x1045, D85AE2DD-774D-4F8B-808C-311B98…)

She’s honestly so mentally abusive towards Matt, she can pubically humiliate him, force him to be okay with sex work even though he’s clearly not comfortable with it (understandably because BOUNDRIES) and makes it seems like HE is the problem and she’s right no matter what. Anything to get her way. She always starts posting pictures of him when they get into a fight I’m assuming to “make up for” her constant shitty and hurtful actions/decisions

No. 738195

Kek that's the most she can do for him? Sex and a post?
Also that smile on Matt is so forced

No. 738200

Why does the fact that she apparently didn’t do anything with the man make it fine?? Having sex with another girl, another PERSON would make most people uncomfortable.

No. 738207

I think if the snap anons aren't going to provide milk (screenshots/recordings) they should just not post. This IS an image board after all…

No. 738222

She’s too awkward to be a stripper so resorts to preforming sex acts for money instead. Stripping isn’t that bad because they’re not not even allowed to touch you but she’s straight up eating pussy and fucking around with other men and wonders why Matt has an issue ?

No. 738255

Heard. No more milk from Snapchat anymore anons! They don’t wanna hear it

No. 738262

File: 1543198058585.jpeg (667.13 KB, 1241x1958, 73A53A46-17F6-450B-BDB4-67FBF9…)

No. 738264

You understand that people can make up anything right? it's important to be accurate.

No. 738265

>fix urself first!
Implying everyone else is as much of a messy bitch as her

She should just admit she’s too lazy and egotistical to change

No. 738266

Doublepost but agreed, it’s important to actually document these things esp bc the threads get archived. There’s a tutorial posted on how to record snaps without notification in thread before this iirc

No. 738292

I really dont like this guy hes a cuck and a coward but this pic makes me really sad…he looks sad…

No. 738299

You can get 15-30% of the recovered tax amount for reporting tax fraud to the IRS. If a premium Snap user makes $10 / mo. with 500 users, they take home $60,000 / yr., $12,915.50 of which is due to the Federal government for federal income tax, Social Security, and Medicare. If the IRS recovers all $12,915.50, you get almost $2k for reporting it.

All you'd need is a handful of THOTs per month to have a pretty comfortable income.

No. 738302

Ironic that she doesn’t realize her whole post is caught up in other people’s behavior

No. 738318

benzos + alcohol = blackout.

it really is that easy. its not that xanax arent for you, it's just that you're stupid.

No. 738390

I heard in order to be eligible for that in particular you'd need to also provide their SSN?

No. 738418

No not at all, like who knows other people’s SSNs? That doesn’t even make sense. That would be a deterrent to people coming forward to report tax fraud and you know the IRS just wants to get paid.

No. 738431

This girl is going down a DARK path. Every time I look at this thread I think her life can’t hey worse but somehow it does. Holy hell. None of this is going to end well

No. 738443

I really don’t want to feel bad for Matt because he could leave if he wanted, but she is the perfect example of a manipulative and abusive partner who does anything to make sure the person stays/feels bad for ever disagreeing with them.

No. 738458

“Judge my every move” you mean every aspect of your life that you out on the internet for thousands of people to see ? You aren’t exempt from critique just like any other problematic “influencer” on the Internet. Idiot.

No. 738477

File: 1543248242775.jpeg (120.66 KB, 750x1334, 7B3F7FB9-CFEB-4EBC-9C1F-47A816…)

No. 738478

File: 1543248277312.jpeg (148.54 KB, 750x1334, C68AEFAC-CC73-4F44-BDF0-FA9C7E…)

No. 738480

So you mean she regrets botching herself but is too stubborn and embarrassed to admit it! I’m cackling

No. 738496

File: 1543250211035.png (7.77 MB, 1242x2208, 2F085BAF-E8E5-4D01-AFAB-126A24…)

No. 738524

Proof? Examples?

No. 738542

If you've followed this thread there's been plenty of examples.

No. 738554

If I had to summarize, she invalidates his opinions if they differ from hers, and she’ll accuse him of being “unsupportive” or closed minded if he has a problem with something. It’s abusive behavior in a relationship. From what I’ve gathered, he has some issues with her sleeping with other people, to which she accuses him of not supporting Her/ she also calls him slow, not intelligent and bad with money, while she controls all of his money that he makes.

No. 738564

She’s also states that she’s feels “forced” to be around him in an earlier post which is so fucked up considering how much of her shit he has to deal with on the regular. Unfortunately he’s too blind sided to ever leave or stand up for himself. That’s why he’ll forever be know as doormatt because she walks all over him.

No. 738570

Additionally, we see her antagonize him constantly- making fun of him on snap, poking and prodding him when he is asleep, and basically it seems like he runs himself ragged to bring her food every day and take care of her. I can’t imagine what he gets from this arrangement

No. 738596

And you can’t just force your partner to be okay with sex work. It’s not for everybody and not everybody is gonna be comfortable letting their partner fuck around with somebody else. Especially when you were in a monogamous relationship with boundries. Boundaries that she has clearly over stepped and has no regret of, even if it hurts the only person who actually gives enough of a fuck to keep a roof over her head. On her story she said “we’re more open minded than most couples”… when Matt was clearly upset over the escorting shit, she makes him believe what she thinks is right and that’s it. She gives him absolutely no room to express his feelings, she just makes it all about herself and only herself. A true narcissist with abusive tendenies that she blames on her bpd while not getting actual help. Taking meds is not a cure all thing, she definetly needs therapy in conjunction with medication, which many people have reccomended but she’s “too lazy” to go get help

No. 738602

She also love-bombs him after the argument when he finally gives up and lets her have it her way. "thank you for being my best friend" "the best person in the world" etc etc after every fight, spammed everywhere. this is abusers' tactic.

(^not to kill your vibe anon because I agree but you could have wrote all that in one post)

No. 738620

File: 1543263706687.jpg (250.24 KB, 1080x1784, 20181126_151956_rmscr~2.jpg)

You're drinking too much/smoking way too much weed if coke just makes you feel sober.

You're already accepting money for sexwork, it's only a matter of time before you're sucking dick for drugs.

No. 738633

Two different anons

No. 738635

Plasticnproud, teaching younger more impressionable girls to have low standards for both men and cocaine

No. 738685

Yeahhh won't someone PLEASE think of the children???

No. 738690

On her snap she claims her latest trick is offering 5 grand for a “sleepover”…

She’s stoked !!!

No. 738696

Somewhat OT but there was a study in a city near my hometown where they tested drugs from dealers at parties and ~90% of the coke they tested actually tested as meth, and the other ~10% tested as unidentifiable.

No. 738709

Spending the night pretty much implies fucking when you're in the "sw business"

No. 738710


Blogpost but yeah… I’m a former coke head / crack head and somewhere in the last 8 years all the coke became pure meth . The cartels were able to manufacture meth much easier .

No. 738733

She probably doesn’t care, she used to openly talk about drugs that she’s used on her old tumblr and the list was long and some of the drugs were grimey, which is why I was shocked that she JUST recently tried something as popular as Xanax.

No. 738749


If it was all meth how would you successfully cook it into crack…makes no sense

No. 738750

File: 1543276344344.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, DC89F7B4-01DB-42A2-BD74-9563D9…)

She doesn’t respect him at all, it’s insane. And with her logic you can cheat on your partner and they shouldn’t get upset because it’s “your body”

No. 738756

“he doesn’t like my sex work so I guess I’ll continue until he is ok with it” Jesus Christ

No. 738757


she's vile, I wonder if doorMatt will ever leave her greasy ass

No. 738765

god this is like the same logic as people who equate the right to free speech with being able to say whatever they want with no criticism whatsoever.

I know the word gets thrown around a lot but it's like incel tier one way entitlement. It's no wonder them and ig thots are mortal enemies. Both interpret going out of your way for your partner as either being cucked or oppressed (in pnp's case losing your bodily autonomy somehow?), but both expect their partners to make constant compromises for them otherwise they're immoral thots brainwashed by feminism/ typical toxic domineering males.

Plus plenty of greasy guys truly genuinely don't give a fuck that their gf does sex work. Some even seem to prefer it for the lack of convention. Doormatt reeeally doesn't need to sacrifice his sanity because his girlfriend cried muh rights as if she's forced to be in a relationship with him.

No. 738776

Doormatt has no boundaries nor a spine wow being respectful and supportive of sex work and sex workers rights does not mean one HAS to be okay with their partner suddenly fucking for coke bux you vile narcissistic cunt. She does not give a single shit about the politics outside of bullying her poor cockless bitch boy into staying in this Raven Sparks tier cuckery #pray4doormatt

No. 738809

File: 1543280531156.jpg (1.18 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20181126-165925_Ins…)


buuuut she can fuck old men with egg girl

No. 738820

God i wish he’d just scream at her ass about all the shit she’s put him through so her feelings maybe get hurt enough to realize how fucking horrible she is to the person she “loves” but she lacks any self awareness and Matt can’t assert himself so that’ll never happen

No. 738876

Lol it’s so funny that he fucked babytrash

No. 738934

File: 1543291685386.jpeg (40.07 KB, 628x314, F77339B0-32CA-4357-BDBD-2C437E…)

(Megan Mullaly is a gem) Jamm and Tammy is basically their relationship lmao
Lowkey want babytrash or some other thot to seduce and rescue her soybf just to watch Pnp get thrown out on the streets to narc rage and suicide bait for a whole week tbh

No. 738979

Ot but Aaron is desperate as fuck if doormatt left he had to know Aaron would pick her up immediately it’s probably why he puts up with all her shit

No. 738996

File: 1543302241248.jpeg (61.07 KB, 640x480, EA8C1B18-D968-476F-BA62-2AA390…)

Not sure if this picture was shown yet but it’s a good visual example of the life she used to live. Honestly, there isn’t much of a difference. This was found posted on Facebook.

No. 739111

File: 1543332369919.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 07A7F97E-AC7A-4763-A8F6-E4EAD0…)

Sure Jan

No. 739133

Yet she openly admitted she was jealous as hell when Matt fucked Kaycee and posted about how upset she was for a week

No. 739139

And the point of them fucking was supposedly to make content to sell aka sex work and she truly lost her marbles over it. Total hypocrite.

No. 739404

So on her snap she claims her latest John is asking to see her on short notice tonight . She turned him down and said she needs 24 hour notice and a deposit . The dude doesn’t want to give her a deposit .

Just like with sugaring she acts like she’s this big know it all but is already burning bridges in her chosen profession .

Her last sugar daddy dropped her because she was demanding / messy / canceled dates etc

It sounds like her sex work career isn’t going any better

No. 739436

She has $600 from the other night and probably doesn't have the capacity to think past that $600.

As soon as it's gone (especially with rent being due soon) she'll be begging in no time.

No. 739437

Yeah any kind of sex work will not provide you with financial success if you aren't willing to work and think you deserve significantly more than you're worth. Not that she shouldn't be asking for a lot of money to compensate her doing whatever it is she does but???? A deposit???? Why would he even??? He could probably just find another escort

No. 739486

I’m dying how she’s always bitching about money and being in debt and asking for handouts but doesn’t take a literal hand out from her John

No. 739491

Also she claims she got 1000 not 600 the other night but says she already spent the entire 1000 on clothes for her and other gifts for Matt (I guess so he feels better about what she does ??) …

She’s so impulsive

No. 739526

As a sex worker I just have to say , making 1k in a booking isn’t crazy, and taking a deposit (especially when travelling multiple hours to a client) is standard in the industry.

No. 739532

File: 1543371357113.png (1.82 MB, 750x1334, 24E975BC-E23D-40F9-BA6C-142527…)

Is the other girl Latina milk lol

No. 739537

File: 1543371938942.png (6.64 MB, 1242x2208, 104D96F5-B408-40F6-9CBD-5C8EF0…)

No. 739541

No that’s cottedemailles

No. 739550

File: 1543373815201.jpeg (201.18 KB, 750x1011, A2C2E163-254A-463F-8005-38413D…)

No. 739552

I'm sure doorMatt will be so happy to see her kissing other people.

No. 739553

Did not know deposits were standard. Why wouldn't he just go for it though?

No. 739581


Just like if you were doing custom art work for someone you’d take a deposit. It discourages clients from cancelling last minute or no showing, especially if you’re travelling and have someone noshow or cancel now you’re out time and money and it’s a big risk.

No. 739583

Whoops , a lot of people don’t want to cause they’re worried about being scammed and having a girl run off with thme deposit

No. 739599

God I’ve never heard a more uglier laugh than this, I sincerely hope that isn’t her actual laugh..

No. 739601

Sorry meant to add the video to the comment above

No. 739608

She’s seeing them Friday to get fillers. Will post snap caps soon

No. 739612

File: 1543379998297.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, 42338D0E-8D76-44E0-A99C-DD83BE…)

No. 739613

File: 1543380045972.png (2.39 MB, 750x1334, 3AE4046E-65E9-467F-8DE8-877601…)

No. 739614

Yikes no amount of filler can fix that nasolabial crease/cheek profile. Very witch like

No. 739615

File: 1543380134337.png (1.91 MB, 750x1334, 27E4F1DC-9021-4663-B3AF-C1F5C3…)

Doormatt is there with her

No. 739622

File: 1543380421838.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181127-234624.png)

No. 739623

File: 1543380425910.png (2.53 MB, 750x1334, CBF5B234-913A-4F2B-9107-98CE6D…)

Here’s a throwback

No. 739655

Tinfoil but in this pic they’re clearly in a bathroom + Snow White emoji. Maybe a hint they’re doing coke tonight? I don’t understand why these IG thots think they need to try to discreetly announce it any time they’re using.

No. 739691


god, matt looks like a fuckin bouncer

No. 739739

I don't think that's even tinfoil, that's the message they were trying to get across

No. 739748

crescent moon face

No. 739761

She's so ugly irl, i cant understand how she looks so different on ig

No. 739765

Matt constantly dresses like a severely depressed man slob.
Good lord this bitch is crusty. Such an unfortunate resting face even with all that plastic in it. Talk about getting fucked by genetics.

No. 739799

Huge fucking pupils.

How embarrassing that she cries about not having friends and then shows off when she's actually hanging out with someone. And you KNOW she'll only hang out with other insta-thots and no regular or uggos

No. 739803

Do you think she's responding to her haterz on ig in this pic

No. 739857

like… she probably IS doing drugs, but also your pupils enlarge when you're in the dark and they're clearly in a dark room and she's looking away from the flash

No. 739862

File: 1543427100582.png (695.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181128-124410.png)

As a stoner…I'm so upset by the black, opaque bong…like damn I let that shit go for a bit but not to that degree

No. 739881

Man can she take a picture or a video of her doing ANYTHING without that damn Kylie filter over it? She knows she needs a little help even after all her enhancements.

No. 739884

I think the only good jacket she has right now for the cold is the one that belongs to Kaycee/Babytrash

No. 739889

"Matt can you film me smoking weed please? I'm trying to look edgy for the gram"

No. 739897

That’s babytrash’s jacket? How do you know?

No. 739916

I don’t have caps but she mentioned it one time when she almost lost it. Said it belonged to Kaycee and is worth a lot of money.

No. 739923

It was hers I remember Babytrash used to post in that jacket a lot along with other clothing from the same brand like she promoted for them.

No. 739933

This was the saddest smoking video I’ve ever seen

No. 739972

File: 1543436831860.png (1.98 MB, 750x1334, CA12D0E0-4EDA-4D36-8A26-3B6DC5…)

Pretty sure she's throwing shade at that chick she called out a while ago

No. 739975

File: 1543437225502.png (521.27 KB, 750x1334, A304DEE0-2584-4770-8643-08B544…)

Maybe? But could easily be about somebody else. What is there to even copy pnp over that’s worth while anyways?

No. 739978

File: 1543437385717.jpeg (440.71 KB, 750x1087, 21220B06-F30F-4605-ABFD-0DABDF…)

Yup she stole that jacket haha

No. 739979

The way she legit hocks up a lung after smoking every single time is ridiculous

No. 739980

If her post is about abcdezz chick that would mean she’s probably been stalking her Instagram lmao

No. 739985

I think it’s so funny how she actually showers for these random men she sees but will be nasty as fuck and not shower for days around Matt. That pussy is probably rancid by the time he gets around to it.

No. 739991

File: 1543438282607.jpeg (126.6 KB, 750x1128, BD1FD50D-842B-44EB-A364-59818F…)

Found the website that made this jacket.

No. 739995

File: 1543438776858.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, CF645292-D639-44AB-930B-1554E4…)

Also the cokewhore bit

No. 739999

Stop posting about this chick, not here for her.
I wouldn't be surprised if it is a self post but that chick seems too stupid to do that

No. 740036

Here are the caps. I skipped some of her rants cause it’s all shit we’ve heard before.


No. 740056

Jesus her snap is so fucking boring, i feel bad for people who paid $10 for actual advice

No. 740122

Thank u anon
God she has the most annoying voice

No. 740131

Pretty sure she’s referring to babytrash. She has an eyelash giveaway posted 3 days ago.

No. 740133

Well, y’all called it. She is headed to NY tonight to “work” and like clockwork she makes a relationship post about Matt on insta. It’s becoming very predictable when she makes them.

No. 740135

Babytrash always has giveaways though, not very relevant to ariana. I doubt that’s who she is referring to.

No. 740137

File: 1543450465121.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, 15884B11-380B-4820-A5A2-662231…)

Why take a video of yourself smoking weed if you look like you’re going to vomit the second your lips leave the bong

No. 740145

It’s so funny how she knows her tits are fucked up and has to get them corrected. Wouldn’t have to do that if you weren’t so fucking impulsive and let them heal correctly.

No. 740159

File: 1543452548600.jpeg (529.41 KB, 750x1102, D53BBF3A-98F9-4E96-8BC3-4BD139…)

Is this reaching?

No. 740178

What is this even relevant to ? The copying thing ?? If so yes, that’s a reach

No. 740200

I assume it’s a giveaway related to dosh sign ups like she did before … anyone else doing that ?

No. 740206

More caps. First section is where I cut off her whining about the giveaway idea.


No. 740209

>engage with you via the shipping process


No. 740218

Someone posted a screenshot of ccryme’s giveaway and said that’s what she’s referring to and I think they hit the nail on the head. They deleted the post from here for some reason though.

No. 740275

File: 1543468803153.png (1 MB, 750x1009, Image-1(6).png)

I guess this is what she's referring too but I don't think its copying?? This girl seems to already have clout/following I don't know why she would copy PNP, arianna is just desthparate to be relevant

No. 740276

File: 1543469094691.jpg (222.97 KB, 750x1036, Image-2(1).jpg)

Arianna is trying to claim she invented giveaways?

Lol @ dollskill though for having all their models publicly sell the free products they send them

No. 740278

How are these raffles legal? Not a USfag, we have laws governing them where I am. Giveaway for a follow, share or comment is one thing but asking people to send $$ is hell dodgy.

No. 740283

It's not legal, you can't run online raffles in any state in the US, and as far as I know only non-profit organizations are allowed to hold raffles. She could be really fucked for doing this if she got caught. Even more so if she actually mails the items to the winner.

No. 740293

File: 1543471873367.png (2.95 MB, 750x1334, 8CED8888-1293-48FE-AE3D-B79DCE…)

This poor cuck of a man is seemingly forced to feed this gremlin everyday of her life

No. 740294

they're both in the wrong. Matt doesn't have a spine and can't end it with her - I dunno why, he's not that ugly and there's plenty of girls out there astronomically better than Ariana both mentally and physically. Ariana is emotionally abusive no doubt, if Matt posted about fucking 20+ women and sending dick pics to girls over snapchat for money, you KNOW she wouldn't take that, she'd probably kill him.

No. 740297


No. 740299

Imagine having to resort to this petty shit as your business …cant relate. I would love to see most "influencers" credit rating tbh

No. 740312

File: 1543475452597.jpg (247.29 KB, 720x1216, 20181129_020619.jpg)

No. 740355

The snap was deleted before I could catch it but she was flashing her 2hrs worth of work from tonight’s John. Even acknowledged she knew it was bragging to be flaunting her money like this but made it clear she didn’t care too much. She was flexing possibly 2k on that air mattress of hers and made a point to show the 100s.

No. 740423

thank god. now she has plenty of coke and chipotle money.

No. 740428

Isn't she posting this same thing like every single day? "Why do people talk about my life, leave me alone, blah blah blah". We get it. Either get off the internet or shut up about this already, it's tiresome.

No. 740456

She has a post up on the Snap saying that she doesn’t want any more advice on how to do her taxes…because she pays her taxes. How is she going to report Instagram and escort earnings? She’s not even set up as a legit business.

No. 740484

She was so excited to say 'shmoney' and be an real life uwu sex worker
Ty for your efforts snapchat anon(s)!

Yeah, like this bitch really knows how to report her heux earnings to the irs. There would be 3 days of bitching about learning how to do it posted to her snapchat first

No. 740490

File: 1543506685029.jpeg (514.76 KB, 750x1091, E4ECE20E-6A8D-4C71-9089-F51B58…)


No. 740526

shes definetly talking about ccryme, shes liked a bunch of her pics and used to follow her. now shes unfollowed and subposting

No. 740534

jeez could you imagine what their baby would have looked like?

No. 740564

Tranny Comforts Autistic Boy

No. 740580

File: 1543513649799.png (1013.54 KB, 750x1334, EE1DD552-2A85-493B-BB12-71EED5…)

No. 740581

File: 1543513679240.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, B6444D86-25F6-47FF-97FF-D72128…)

No. 740583

What's so remarkable original about you?

No. 740587

File: 1543515379404.png (7.58 MB, 1242x2208, D57825A9-3193-425E-A05D-39A771…)

No. 740589

accuses ccryme of copying her but went red shorty after she did

No. 740613

it's seriously always the most basic hoes that complain about people "copying" them and how "original" they are. bitch, you don't even have your original face.

No. 740629

"You don't even have an original face"
Bahahaha fucking deadddddddddddd

Also, I'm assuming PNP is the one who stole a bunch of Kaycee's clothes? I remember her mentioning something about it on tumblr

No. 740646

Kaycee made that post pretty recently and said a friend stole her clothes. I don’t think she has considered her a friend for a long time so I don’t think it’s safe to assume it’s about Ariana.

No. 740874


Caps of her talking about last nights job on snap. No wonder Doormatt is worried kek

No. 740876

Anon you’re amazing for uploading this but I’m currently unable to see anything

No. 740895

It's fine. Download the app if you're on mobile or use firefox.

No. 740928

Accidentally saged this post so this one will be unsaged for the sake of bumping the thread

No. 740973

Low-key feel like she's Abt to give up on Matt. Like these "dates" are her scoping out her options. Iirc she did say she wanted to move since she has nothing holding her back. Maybe that was a hush code for her Johns to make her an offer.

No. 741007

her jaw looks normal….not everyone is a weeb vying for v-line surgery like you

No. 741018

Nta but you're seriously responding to this 9 days later??

No. 741038

File: 1543548094713.png (3.62 MB, 750x1334, AAE7A0FB-5BF5-4012-A7F5-8E4375…)


No. 741050

Sounds like methy paranoia setting in

No. 741070

File: 1543551392933.jpeg (250.19 KB, 749x1093, 21046DA8-7CC3-4B54-8F87-F7B159…)

No. 741124


Holy shit . Dude is like a cult member being brainwashed . I can only imagine she has been telling him “being mad at me for sex work Is life being a pro lifer!! You’re telling a woman what to do with her body !!!”…

Something like that . Doormatt is right . He’s totally under her manipulative spell

No. 741208

I feel like he saw >>740973 and is now super paranoid lmao

No. 741231

File: 1543583068173.jpeg (71.64 KB, 634x427, F0614B01-629C-4C85-85B7-41BC58…)

here we go again….

No. 741243

If you’re gonna make a fake account to comment shit at least don’t use abcdezz chick as a scapegoat, after all that shit you think she’s gonna use another account with her name in it?
Plus, I feel like Matt lurks these threads every once in awhile. I mean who wouldn’t after seeing all the shit your gf keeps away from you ?

No. 741256

Jesus Christ she looks like she fucking hates him. This post is an absolutely desperate last claw to keep her. My guess is that he is sacrificing everything he believes just to keep her around. Why is he not realizing that there’s NO reason to keep someone like this around? What could he possibly be getting from this relationship?

No. 741257

this thread serious brings the most cringe selfposting and cowtipping
kys if you're going to be this retarded and obvious

No. 741260

File: 1543588047859.jpeg (218.36 KB, 750x978, 612A8AEF-22E7-44CA-BE2A-8E2040…)

Full pic

No. 741263

not only does he most likely lurk, why would he not be able to see her snapchat? lol

No. 741278

God those fucking sausage lips….

No. 741283

This whole thread is cringe and embarrassing lol

No. 741286

Idk if I would say she was “happy” or excited about the John wanting her to move in. She always has that same nervous tic that’s laughing or smiling like a clown

No. 741289

Seems like she’s more so scoping out her possibilities. She cares about money more than her partners mental health so I wouldn’t be surprised if she chose that over him.

No. 741290

anon who posted that screen cap here, definitely not a self post but definitely clearly another farmer and yes, very embarrassing. i hope people don’t actually attack this abcdezzz girl over some idiot using her name

No. 741296

It’s already been established on previous threads that she talks shit about her boyfriend on snap because he doesn’t have access to it.

No. 741297

Literally who are you trying to fool

No. 741300

figured i'd say my piece, you can believe whatever the hell you want at this point jesus

No. 741311

File: 1543596266170.png (2.47 MB, 750x1334, 3BB32B5D-59AE-4718-82D2-82CA4A…)

“Four months of rent” from sw
>gets fillers

No. 741316

This also means she’ll be getting her breast examined and consulted. I’m actually curious to see if the doctor will admit they’ve bottomed out or will claim something else.

No. 741319

that doesn't mean things don't change. just saying i don't think people itt are as slick as they think they are most of the time lol. we don't see everything and he's obviously fine being cucked so i think people need to just stop trying to make him do something about it.

No. 741322

I agree. Doormatt is too deeply invested in this “love” of his to consider leaving. Only something truly traumatic could sever this bond I’m afraid. Just enjoy the show!

No. 741325

File: 1543597642990.jpeg (236.64 KB, 750x1190, FD308DED-45B0-447E-8DB2-F543D5…)

Well this is fucking cringe

No. 741328

For a time I thought this thread was dying, but I knew she would self destruct eventually. It’s happening much more rapidly than I anticipated… also, plz correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t full-on sw like this illegal in the US? Wasn’t sure

No. 741331

I thought you died

No. 741336

We all know good and well that if/when Ariana is offered a free ride through life by a John she'd take it. Of course she'd stage it to make it look like Matt was the reason she left and then claim her new SD so kindly took her in in her time of need. And since she's already made Matt look like an ass to her Snapchat followers , no one would question it. Especially since Matt doesn't have a platform to defend himself.

No. 741367

I'm waiting for her to be on Botched. We all know she's not going to stop with the plastic surgerys. She was trying to 'work out' and put on weight but I think we can all agree she'll just get her butt and hips done instead of building muscle from working out.

Why are you posting old milk?

Why are you not saging your milkless posts?

No. 741374

Lmao y’all need to chill out. I peeped the Luna thread and saw all y’all were addicts. Hating on a 18 year old’s fan page is low. Pnp does have good qualities about her, she doesn’t let guys push her around, she doesn’t mope when she’s sad, she shows other young girls how to be strong. Sorry u guys can’t relate

No. 741377

Hi Ariana. Try not to make it so obvious it's you

No. 741378

Yeah, there's something really strong about changing your entire appearance because you hate the way you look and mocking young girls who ask you questions by being a total cunt. I hope Matt breaks up with you, Ariana, no one should sink low enough to date garbage like you.

No. 741382

>Hating on a 18 year old’s fan page is low
pnp has sperged on kids much younger than her just because they dared to not lick her asshole in her comments

>she doesn’t mope when she’s sad

…this is too easy

>she shows other young girls how to be strong

she has the most fragile ego in the world lmao

I can't relate to seeing any redeemable qualities in Ariana xoxoxo

No. 741383

the egregious use of "yall" gave it away

No. 741386

I have an inkling that Matt can't really financially support himself were he to try to make it on his own. I feel like that, in part, has something to do with why he would stay with such a repugnant narcissist. And why they sleep on an air mattress…

And it seems like she's bringing up her SW a lot to drive a wedge and force the relationship to its conclusion. Hope the boy has a support system.

No. 741394

eh postal workers aren't making 6 figures or anything but as a single man he could def support himself. i think he's out here trying to support both of them and she's not actually making what she says she is or is in a lot more debt than she says she is because the math does not work out with 2 salaries to begin with.

No. 741396

Something tells me Doormatt pays for all of their living expenses–there's no way that Ariana pays for anything except her own pointless shit.

No. 741402

Lol I get the feeling she only pays for clothes, weed, garbage food and surgeries. I’m sure that if she was asked to pay a bill she would cry “you can’t control me or my MONEY I’m a Woman and I can do what I want with my body and finances”

No. 741405

It was stated they split it $600 per person. I think she’d at least help with that since this whole move was hanging on pnp’s initial sugar daddy handing her the monthly rent.

No. 741410

Ariana is already losing it on her snap . She claims “she tells Matt everything before social media!” And she of course let Matt know the John offered to take care of her .

Lol yeah right

No. 741412

post caps

No. 741413

File: 1543607832609.png (57.8 KB, 276x371, Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 2.56…)

No. 741414

Her followers are so naive and speak out of their asses equally as much as pnp does

No. 741415

File: 1543608131017.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, C12CC34E-CFC2-4435-8319-88F890…)

That’s what happens when you suck on those bitches like a pacifier 24/7

No. 741416

lol she actually looks miserable

No. 741418

what is the point of saying "18 year old"; she is a legal adult and therefore can safely be made fun of lol

No. 741419

she left the house? no way

No. 741421

File: 1543609007104.jpeg (198.52 KB, 750x1117, 8FA0E22B-93F6-4A56-8353-DD98F1…)

This other influencer girl promotes bucks county plastics often and Im tinfoiling that she really pushed pnp to take a second glance at her own breasts by posting this

No. 741422

File: 1543609056793.jpeg (341.35 KB, 750x1107, F698EA53-0C71-4967-BBB9-6333C9…)


No. 741429

Eh I believe it. I also believe Matt has very little identity outside of being a band member and Ari's man. It contributes to staying in an unhealthy relationship and this strange blowing up of Ari's ego.
She thinks it's only 1 Anon on snap..when there's evidence of at least 3 different snap anons contributing in various ways. You're pretty easy to find entertaining, Ari, because my life is pretty stable.

No. 741435

Kek she never checked her bite like this before it got brought up in a thread.

No. 741436

File: 1543610927566.gif (975.31 KB, 400x227, ezgif-5-f578aa5e3807.gif)

No. 741440

lol she basically said what i said in >>741319 stay lurking, lispy!

No. 741502

Anyone else notice how she doesn’t advertise her snap as 18+ despite the fact that she posts nudes?

No. 741531

Thank you all the snap anons who deliver. Finally! You could possibly also record snaps if you use it as a camera source in OBS (broadcasting software) and then you can record the whole screen of the phone. Honestly I didn't test it with notifications tho, just fyi.

No. 741536

If you have no secrets with your fiancé…. why would you make a post trying to discourage people from blasting your secrets with your shitty reverse psychology

No. 741552

She’s the type to use her astrology sign as a defense in an argument

No. 741569

She has said before it’s “just nudity” or “just boobs” or something like that and that she doesn’t think people under 18 need to be censored from that. I don’t have any kind of screencap but she has addressed that before. I think it’s pretty fucked but she honestly only cares about her money

No. 741640

File: 1543630273919.jpeg (514.29 KB, 750x1034, E23E68E4-7FBB-4E91-B1D3-8DADDE…)

No. 741661

File: 1543631177692.jpeg (143.92 KB, 750x1334, 91D6F3E6-5C6F-4633-B061-52804C…)


No. 741664

File: 1543631281669.png (3.26 MB, 750x1334, B88E7474-93F5-43A8-A800-DD4467…)


No. 741702

Her lips were already huge before. This bitch lol

No. 741705

Wait sorry, why did she get deleted again?? Subject aside this is actually so shitty..

No. 741712

It was her fault she kept posting a cringe as fuck tryhard video of her “sexy” dancing with a knife in ratty ass underwear. it kept getting deleted and she kept obsessively reposting it so instagram locked her out of her account, then deleted it.

No. 741758

She’s on live

No. 741764

In her live she said she decided against getting a ferret. Whew.

No. 741816

File: 1543657273070.jpg (823.86 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181201-043652_Ins…)

Everyday she gets uglier

No. 741823

File: 1543658674615.png (2.81 MB, 750x1334, E2DF821A-D69C-4BAB-89DB-83FD0A…)

No. 741824

File: 1543658722893.png (3.75 MB, 750x1334, 567F31E2-B131-43E8-8E4B-52F151…)

No. 741825

File: 1543658778719.png (3.21 MB, 750x1334, A06E1A86-B930-4BAC-AED1-0AA0D7…)

No. 741839

She straight up looks like a contestant on rupaul's drag race

No. 741883


Don't insult the Queen's like that

No. 741885

File: 1543674786612.jpg (123.67 KB, 1076x860, IMG_20181201_093051.jpg)

Breasts aren't supposed to look this way. Maybe if she gets enough followers she'll get invited to be on botched.

No. 741914

It looks like the skin between her ribcage/under her titties is creasing too bc she's pushing them so hard together kek

No. 741920

File: 1543682605251.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181201-113813.png)

Tfw you have no identity outside of performative femininity and commodification of self.

Straight up looks like bimbofication. Her lip lift scar will never not crack me up

No. 741929

File: 1543684433784.jpeg (4.73 MB, 1242x2077, 95050544-9087-4AF2-AB6B-BA0415…)

perfect summary of PnP, anon

and you’re right, her lip lift scar looks especially terrible here. it looks like her nose has been torn off and stiched back on poorly.

also holy BDD, overlining already overfilled lips. this and >>741435 show how desperately she needs psychiatric help for alllllll of her mental problems instead of glorifying them on social media

No. 741939

same with the bangs LOL

No. 741942

Considering how much she fills her lips I hope she is ready to enjoy getting severe joker lines down the road cause going from 0lip to 100 means that filler will migrate like a motherfucker. Gonna get harsh nasolabial folds like 90% of the plastic thots before you're even friggin 30.

No. 741943

She said on the earlier live that she’s having her tits redone to be closer together then later on said she’s getting Invisalign for five grand

No. 741948

sometimes i think she just doesn't follow through with proper post-care and that's why her surgeries end up looking weird and she wants them redone.

No. 741953

That’s exactly why her impulsiveness gets the best of her… literally sucking her bong and Juul for an hour on live last night continuously… all post lip filler. She’s just BDD personified. Self aware my ass lol

Inb4 no pics, she literally can’t stop posting what she does every minute so you’ll see it again

No. 741965

File: 1543691684093.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, F9176993-AB03-4D73-AD92-39F366…)

Groceries is a huge step in gaining weight…? No it’s a normal human taking care of themselves. It’s not like she’s severely - if at all underweight. Wtf

No. 741967

She’s 5’5 and she’s 100 lbs. She’s underweight.

No. 741971

When has her exact weight been mentioned?

No. 741979

She talks about this shit all the time. The old profile even had a picture of her scale.

If you don’t think she’s grossly thin…I don’t know what you’re looking at. Her elbows are literally protruding from her arms.

Gotta pay attention to the tea.

No. 741982

File: 1543694368583.jpg (859.57 KB, 1067x1672, SmartSelect_20181201-145900_In…)

She posted the gross picture from earlier on her account and edited tf out of her boob area hahaha

No. 741988

Cap or shut up and sage, fattie

No. 741989

File: 1543694588913.png (3.34 MB, 750x1334, D564EEFF-0C71-4BEB-BD82-5F6116…)

No. 741994

Already posted, keep up newfag

No. 741997

Lmaooo stfu, who is even proud of being an oldfag? Also, not new, just pointing out the boobie edit, moron

No. 742020

File: 1543696618967.jpeg (213.31 KB, 750x843, 2A7C4CC1-2F33-4C1B-88F1-C7E48D…)


No. 742021

File: 1543696655784.jpeg (322.88 KB, 750x1049, DBF6CC9C-0911-4CED-9607-987B85…)

No. 742029

Lol the hotelshrimp shoutout is so awkward. Also ariana, coke is not going to help your eating disorder.

No. 742031

Nor is constantly sucking on that juul. That's a lot of nicotine. That has to affect surface healing and her appetite.

No. 742062

Fuck off bitch. How’s that for your fucking sage.

How does someone cap something from the past? Fuckin EDUCATE me then. Stupid bitch.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 742063

I mean if it's common knowledge or from a past thread you could link it? Not sure what has you so mad tbh

No. 742096

ntayrt buuut prob mad at the fact they did call them a fattie. I mean, that's 1. an assumption and 2. a stretch considering 100 lbs is 16% BMI at her height, so anyone that might be saying that she is underweight isn't necessarily a fattie but mayyyybe healthier and recognizes underweight when they see it. Idk what's up with you anachans sometimes..

No. 742100

I don't think it's that deep

No. 742103

very much agreed, sage your sperging "stupid bitch"

No. 742110


Oh shit. Got me.

No. 742116


Oh shit. Got me.

No. 742119

she really isnt underweight imo, and shes constantly posting pictures of the junk she forces matt to buy her. she eats alot and honestly is just another "tick" she wants to flaunt. she does not have an ED

No. 742121

I think part of it is that she just naturally has a really narrow, boyish figure

No. 742122

Quit clogging the thread with bickering.
Binging at night consistently is kind of a mild E.D.

No. 742124

File: 1543706672297.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181201-182300.jpg)

You're welcome for the teeth advice.. Prob never would have even considered getting it fixed if she hadn't been roasted so hard on here.

No. 742127

I agree. She appears malnourished and lacking in muscle. Not exactly underweight.

No. 742131

I really don't think ariana is contributing much if anything financially, any money she gets seems to go to fillers and drugs and makeup.. he is probably paying for most if not all of their groceries, rent, gas, bills… plus think of all of their credit card debt… he is a federal employee so he gets decent benefits. tbh they should get married so she can get health insurance thru the federal plan.

No. 742133

"a couple veneers" dear god, she's going to have 4 big white teeth and then the rest will be little yellow chiclets

No. 742135

how does she cope knowing her whole facial shape can dissolve? i feel bad for her. feels like living a lie, and she's unfortunately not wealthy enough to keep up the kylie ruse

No. 742175

That CHIN!!!

No. 742206

I think it’s really sad that whenever anybody says anything negative about pnp, she does something to change it, like her teeth/jaw. If nobody here was so petty to point out her flaws I bet she wouldn’t even want to change them

No. 742212

She doesn’t care about what any of us little cockroaches say, right? She says so all the time.
Nah sounds more like she has extremely low self esteem on top of narcissism.

No. 742242

She has borderline personality disorder. She’s on the borderline to psychoses and neuroses. And people here abuse her. Somebody with mental illness that acts like this to mask her low self esteem. We know it and she knows it. It’s kinda cruel. Look at what she’s doing to herself she’s on a downward spiral like crazy because since Instagram she gets her self esteem from people like us. People online passing our judgement

No. 742253

>people here abuse her
lmao I'm fucking done

No. 742263

If somebody was suicidal would you egg them on? Say they’re worthless? She’s BORDERLINE she is impulsive and delusional and all of you EGG HER ON ADMIT IT dude like duh????(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 742277

How is it that she still looks like a witch after all that?

Eh, some fillers last longer than others, like up to a year or longer for the ones you typically put in your nose, cheeks, or chin, while lips last like three months. Depending on how much she gets for each part, she might not be shelling out too much per year.

Girl, can you integrate or leave? When you don't sage or reply to posts, it's obvious you don't go here.

No. 742279

Being borderline does not mean you aren't accountable for your actions.
Yeah it's hilarious to watch her self-sabotage and turn around and say she's doing so well!!!

No. 742287

she knows she has BPD and has $800 to blow on more lip injections and not a therapist. a mental illness is still an illness, one that she chooses not to treat

No. 742305

Yes, yes, and duh.
Watching her crash and burn is pure entertainment—and she’s doing it to herself. It’s not like she is going places or worth anything, her own self worth is based upon a bunch of randoms on the internet. She’s a hilarious dumpster fire shitshow.

Swear to god she’s just got an unfortunately shaped skull or some shit. No amount of filler can fix that crescent moon face of hers.

No. 742362

to be frank she doesn't look like she has an overbite. That would show in positioning of the lips, she would have major problems with teeth also. I think it's just her bones structure, and I'm saying this as someone who had braces for crooked teeth and to correct the bite; my teeth are straight, my bite is fine, yet it still doesn't look like a "normal" bite - and it won't.
From what I can tell, she's the same.

No. 742369

File: 1543746511235.jpeg (478.81 KB, 1242x1559, 66A09A1B-2481-46A8-ABC3-FE74D5…)

Couple hours old but saged, I just had to point out they literally look like donkey and shrek

No. 742476

File: 1543773324844.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, CE680ED1-49C3-4D02-9011-ED1DC2…)

IG story sperge incoming

No. 742477

File: 1543773348401.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, D108A55A-E941-405A-971B-10FBCB…)

No. 742478

File: 1543773378131.png (1.74 MB, 750x1334, 8CE32488-5106-4271-8B3F-7DCA9D…)

Queen of positive thinking

No. 742486

she spends so much time agonizing over what other people have to say that i’d wager she’s accumulated twice as many viewing hours on this thread as anyone else.

No. 742528

File: 1543779861044.jpeg (287.58 KB, 750x739, 564EE46D-869B-4A89-A26C-35539C…)

No. 742529

File: 1543779897085.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, 95EAE4ED-EF10-4BFB-A125-E7A7F4…)

U good bro

No. 742539

No. 742548

Is it dying or something??

No. 742580

File: 1543785391625.png (3.62 MB, 750x1334, 4751386F-9DDB-4900-ADBD-3371C2…)

You still have debts tho

No. 742588

Why don't you just message her your little witty commentaries instead of blogging about them anon?(cowtipping)

No. 742600

nta but the dumb bitch reads her threads anyways so it's only a matter of time before she sees the comments. get over it, anon.

No. 742616

We're not the same anons posting this but ok go off

No. 742663

So she wants to fuck men for money? Cool.

No. 742668

High aspirations here

No. 742850

the crazy thing is, her instant gratification bpd shit makes her THINK she's earning more cos she's getting payed in chunks . over a period of time though - a steady job would be earning her exactly the same if not more. she's so stupid.

No. 742916


That has nothing to do with bpd but okay

No. 742950

File: 1543845994345.png (1.76 MB, 1384x2048, Screenshot_20181203-090249.png)

Usually people have achieved a little more than just maturing into their looks/developing a style by this time after highschool.

No. 742955

Well if it wasnt for plastic surgery she wouldn't have had a "gLow uP" either, congrats on having surgeries as your only achievement in life

No. 743002

>assuming I follow her instead of just coming here for milk

No. 743015

Not to mention she ripped her entire style off of another insta thot lol just slightly over a year ago her idea of style was hipster crop tops from target and cheap denim shorts, the same stuff she was probably wearing in high school.

No. 743042

This! Also when in a few years she'll be botched and worn out she wont be able to make decent money from sw anymore so she's just gonna be broke in a dumpster anyway. Can't wait!

No. 743145

File: 1543871204583.png (2.91 MB, 750x1334, 9F6EDD4E-6F80-4EC3-9285-0CCDDF…)

The bitch really is getting dumber and dumber each day.. doesnt even know the difference between vegan ans veggie. Do some research before you wanna start your bullshit "weight gain" diet

No. 743147

jfc… first of all a fish is an animal so that's not included in vegetarian or vegan lol

No. 743148

File: 1543871374693.png (2.13 MB, 750x1334, 88EEC7FA-0D5D-450C-9BD9-9E6A27…)

Also how fucking lazy of her to make Matt do all the groceries, shopping, walking the dog,.. while she is literally at home all day doing n-o-t-h-i-n-g. Can't understand how he copes with her jeez

No. 743150

she gets tired out from fucking dudes to pay her rent

No. 743166

She literally lives across the street from a grocery place… >>732674 she's either lying to try and project she can afford to have sushi brought to her at 3am, or she is just a lazy bitch.

No. 743178

To be fair a lot of Philly corner stores have those sort of banners but not a lot of fresh foods inside. Also she's in Philly finding a nearby grocery store/food market isn't the hardest though it may not be as cheap as the suburbs grocery.
If this bitch can haul ass to NYC for a 1 hour job (which takes 5 hours to complete) she should be able to figure out a grocery trip or a grocery service.

No. 743220

File: 1543878836772.jpg (661.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181203-181258.jpg)

I'm done.. Did she mean fowl?

No. 743223

File: 1543878943417.jpg (801.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181203-181317.jpg)

>cant stand people who celebrate people's deaths even if they were awful
So…. Even hitler? Bin laden?

No. 743235

can't stand to read more than two lines of that bullshit

No. 743249

File: 1543881816788.jpeg (129.82 KB, 750x519, 4350705F-028F-420C-8C74-C6BF11…)

No. 743253

lmao i thought the same thing anon but not only that wouldn’t it be poultry? isn’t fowl..wild bird? i could be wrong

No. 743254

Thought she just said she can't stand aggressive people?
All I gathered is that she can't stand if you have a hard opinion..

No. 743256

File: 1543882569604.png (2.82 MB, 750x1334, 5271B92F-44EC-43F0-AC58-B9EBC7…)

20 minute nose contour…. i checked back after a bit and she was still contouring her nose lol

No. 743258

what is the point of ASKING for peoples opinions and retaliating when they respond? holy shit she really is mentally ill. what a heinous bitch.

No. 743266

She’s freaking out over her nose countour

No. 743302

File: 1543886658625.jpeg (806.54 KB, 750x1334, 4FB14484-6703-4091-8F7D-2EAA36…)

Which one of you fuckers is this lmaoooo

No. 743310

File: 1543887057134.png (6.97 MB, 1242x2208, 29ABD7B1-CA4E-465B-9989-BE9D7D…)

No. 743315

File: 1543887257252.jpg (630.42 KB, 1080x1666, 20181203_193205.jpg)

She posted this but deleted it.

No. 743341


Her lives today…. did her nose contour for an hour just to wash it off then comes back on live saying how much she needs to take a shit and how drinking is making her stomach hurt yet forcing herself to drink while obsessing w her make up… you’re having a full blown dysmorphia attack on the live girl. And she’s making Matt take her to a bar after he said he worked 13 hours straight and has things to do… have some decency

No. 743349

And she freaked out over some girl stealing her scammy scheme idea, but right after said how she'll have a great idea, then Matt will point out that it's been done before.

No. 743421

File: 1543898161125.jpg (317.49 KB, 720x1088, 20181203_233237.jpg)

Always getting wrecked before going to socialize.

No. 743451

File: 1543902723723.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, E596ADD0-7B4F-4F9E-B151-4F7832…)

That last part… she’s talking to herself isn’t she? She can’t really think she’s in the position to ask people to be less aggressive? Kek

No. 743458

Imagine spending thousands of dollars on your face and still looking like this. She should sue

No. 743461

File: 1543905888519.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 3CD714B3-2FB4-4C63-AC92-622DCE…)

This girl really out here puking on her ig story the personification of a train wreck

No. 743463

The Juul in hand kek

No. 743472

File: 1543907937199.jpg (535.78 KB, 960x1280, 18-12-04-02-16-47-273_deco.jpg)

Snap update! YW

No. 743479


Add juul

No. 743490


what do you think all the symptoms of bpd like cutting, starving, drinking etc. all have in common? instant gratification as a means of emotional regulation. but go off.

No. 743494

File: 1543913844760.jpg (526.47 KB, 960x1280, Superimposed1543913818586.jpg)

No. 743503

i'm dying lol. too good.

No. 743510

Anyone notice she haven't had her engagemant ring on for month's?? Lol

No. 743513


I agree. Impulsivity is a symptom. So is insomnia/nightmares, anger/panic/dissociative episodes, substance abuse, switching between hypersexuality/being repulsed by sex and not being able to keep long term friends or hold a job. She needs to spend her money on therapy first before more surgery. I know people bash BPD and say recovery isn't possible but I have it and I got help. I highly reccomend DBT and TFP (Transference-Focused Psychotherapy.

No. 743515

old news, and sage your nonmilk

No. 743527

Why is she filming this… Really an attention whore extraordinaire.

No. 743533

why is she puking on a daily basis now? lol. filming it is a whole nother issue.

No. 743534

She’s been drinking a lot probably because she knows she will throw up and she’s afraid of gaining weight

No. 743539

File: 1543927613924.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, AE78001B-D63B-48A6-8797-B962BC…)

She deleted it.

No. 743572

File: 1543935660458.jpg (863.98 KB, 1080x1517, 20181204_085901.jpg)

She always talks this big game, but any photos/videos of her out with people and she is always so awkward looking.

No. 743574

I can't wait to see how terribly she will manage invisalign. It requires you to be diligent and self aware about what you put in your mouth, cleaning it, and keeping track of the retainer.

You are also not supposed to vape or smoke with it in and clean your mouth before reinserting.

Arianas executive function is sooooo low i seriously doubt she will wear it for the required time or manage to resist sucking on her juul. That's assuming she doesn't lose it in her trash hovel of a house.

Also it's gonna amplify her lisp 10x.

No. 743601

Haha Right, Invisaligns discolor and get yellow when you smoke while having them in your mouth, can’t wait for that.

No. 743621

invisalign is fucking brutally unforgiving if you neglect to wear them properly. my sister had it, she fell asleep a few times without the retainers on and paid the price trying to wrestle them back on in the morning.

No. 743635

File: 1543947941338.png (3.61 MB, 750x1334, 4DBB9500-E7E8-42AB-A883-F430F4…)

No. 743639

File: 1543948388895.png (4.86 MB, 750x1334, 8996CFDD-7A1F-4429-B9D3-E0AB87…)

No. 743640

File: 1543948446232.png (2.99 MB, 750x1334, 16F0EFD5-7FEA-428A-A0E7-40DE71…)

No. 743650

Katchup and mustered anyone? Kek What is with the ugly yellow tracksuit? And slippers with socks… This girl is so trashy and awkward. In the videos she's in she's so timid and unlike what she tries to portray herself as.

No. 743658

File: 1543949961412.jpeg (298.91 KB, 670x713, 6F0B2B10-5BE9-435E-8DC7-3D78B5…)

I bet she hates smiling for photos

No. 743661

File: 1543951183853.jpeg (180.09 KB, 750x1068, 12FD22C9-1B04-4E6F-BF8A-D54CFF…)

She will never learn.

No. 743665

File: 1543951943338.png (3.11 MB, 750x1334, F2807D51-067C-4B2F-ACC9-995416…)

No. 743670

File: 1543953921391.jpeg (246.81 KB, 750x1101, BF016248-8E74-4B55-8044-AB0770…)

Haha yeah, nevermind the liplift, the Botox in forehead, the fillers in tear trough and cheeks…

No. 743672

Daaaat chiiin. This is glorious thank you Anon.

No. 743682

all she needed to do was get her nose fixed like nothing else has really made a difference and her makeup always looks so bad like its too over the top all the damn time. how long before she looks like the cat man tho

No. 743684

She has her live saved which she talks about how she has to wear a bra no constantly because her boobs almost bottomed out.
Anyone remember her bitching at anyone inquiring as to why she didn't have much after care? She bit the head off anyone who even approached her politely.

No. 743691

Haha exactly, she was like „I don’t have to wear a bra constantly, every body is different“ and now she got what everyone warned her about

No. 743699

ngl she looked cuter before without the bad makeup and the nose job doesn't fit her face

No. 743745

I don’t know if this was mentioned before but she was kicked off of seeking arrangements. No caps cause it was from an old snap.

No. 743760

Crimson Chin who?

No. 743773

Kek there goes her only source of income

No. 743837

For what ?

No. 743854

I hope she saves up for a chin job next

No. 743870

Didn’t mention just that she’s struggling to find clients now without a proper platform

No. 743899

Curious as to how to get kicked off that site … maybe she was using escort terminology or something ..

No. 743902

File: 1543975949687.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2220, 20181204_201219.jpg)

No. 743903

File: 1543976041131.jpg (758.21 KB, 1080x2220, 20181204_201205.jpg)

Didn't she say she was cutting back smoking so she could get Christmas gifts? Kek that lasted a week.

No. 743908

File: 1543976725091.jpeg (177.16 KB, 750x1334, C8C59F1D-9F89-4308-988B-5DDC42…)

Her side profile!!

No. 743956

File: 1543980382147.png (2.92 MB, 750x1334, 97218D8D-32C8-4B2B-B073-4A28F6…)

There’s that wand again.

No. 743959

File: 1543980570194.png (2.85 MB, 750x1334, B144FBA7-B9ED-492D-832E-126572…)

No. 743960

File: 1543980721585.png (3.04 MB, 750x1334, B7053BCB-1C68-430A-9BF9-C6CAB7…)

She really does not want to eat her meal.

No. 743994

No. 744006

File: 1543986136624.jpeg (14.07 KB, 250x234, 22143CEB-D674-4583-BDA9-28D773…)

No. 744026

File: 1543988948124.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, 9E51D81F-2FA3-4B7E-8D7F-9DAD4A…)

Is she fucking serious, this is disgusting for both of them.

Anyway, I love how a month ago this thread was about to die but now she’s back to being her old milky self again.
Let the milk flow!

No. 744031


No. 744078

File: 1544000010034.png (2.68 MB, 750x1334, 7EC8A6F7-1AF1-4164-A0E8-2229D7…)

Doormatt legit crashes like this every night

No. 744079

File: 1544000058984.png (3.43 MB, 750x1334, AD68BFDA-9BF0-44F0-92B3-5D9661…)

His neck has to hurt

No. 744094

their shared pics remind me so much of Luna and Lurch. They have a very similar dynamic (with a difference of Matt being a functionating person with a job)

No. 744107

How have they not bought a new bedspread at this point????? Like… if you spend all fucking day in bed, only leaving it to fuck rando men for money, why wouldn't you just buy yourself some nice fresh sheets and a comforter set maybe??? She just buys clothes, drugs and food lmao

No. 744111

How have they not bought a new bedspread at this point????? Like… if you spend all fucking day in bed, only leaving it to fuck rando men for money, why wouldn't you just buy yourself some nice fresh sheets and a comforter set maybe??? She just buys clothes, drugs and food lmao

No. 744115

File: 1544008677029.jpg (736.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181205-061722_Ins…)

Lol what the fuck

No. 744119

Or maybe some of her clients reported her because she didn't fulfil what she promised or was scamming them in some way. Wouldn't be surprised.

No. 744126

Wow i wouldn’t take this as a compliment

No. 744246

Be patient. They don’t even have a real mattress yet kek

No. 744256

Are they sleeping on an air mattress?? Lmfaooooo what a rich bitch

No. 744258

She's probably waiting for her "friends" to buy her one. As a house warming gift.

No. 744265

Her original sugar daddy was supposed to help get a nice one when she moved in but it was put off so much that they parted ways before it ever came to be.

No. 744270

File: 1544038678779.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, 1F56E1CB-4CB6-48A7-A7A9-1BCFEB…)

Sorry but I cannot get over sleeping Doormatt. He seriously looks dead

No. 744283

lmao she even bothers to add the Kylie filter over a video when she’s puking bitch wtf

No. 744299

that's how you look when you have ariana sucking the soul out of you 24/7

No. 744313

File: 1544041957430.jpeg (205.86 KB, 749x1297, F4055992-66CA-45B3-989F-DF78E3…)

No. 744315

File: 1544042467416.jpg (759.93 KB, 1080x1738, Screenshot_20181205-153832_Ins…)

Lol full post…

No. 744316

File: 1544042496101.jpg (39.1 KB, 238x206, SmartSelect_20181205-153850_In…)

No. 744326

Does she have a date tn? Only reason she publicly shows affection for him is to compensate for what she does for “a living”

No. 744331

File: 1544044067350.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 8948353F-206C-41A7-8297-767DD1…)

She had a bad dream. Probably about him cheating publicly again.

No. 744359

File: 1544046839608.jpeg (283.68 KB, 750x1064, 9E7F26E3-2C60-4597-9B22-9CCF81…)

Does anybody think it’s funny how she uses one of the most tedious techniques to shade when she barley has a basic understand of art? Then wonders why she breaks down over it but instead of learning new techniques she just decides to “up her rates” because surprise, pieces like this actually require a lot of skill and time

No. 744370

File: 1544048452436.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 9EC7DDE1-6CC5-4209-91A7-E58DCB…)

does she understand what having a job is?

No. 744372

File: 1544048599849.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, 4193FF8E-1B30-4C16-9313-84359A…)

Same fag here but what the fuck lol you HAVE GOTTEN AND ACTIVELY ALTER YOUR APPETANCE WITH NON CRITICAL SURGERY. never mind the fact she calls people ugly! That’s called focusing on appearance!

No. 744379

Bitch way to devalue working artists. The whole amazing feature of stippling is the sheer amount of time and focus it takes…

No. 744381

File: 1544050352584.png (2.08 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181205-175035.png)

She barely posts on snap. She posted herself staring at her that repeating a line of "Hoarders". She can't stop obsessing over her bite/whatever tangible flaw she can throw money at.
Too bad real character change requires a lot of insight, vulnerability, and hard work Ari. Keep wasting your youth trying to preserve it.

No. 744392

File: 1544052330884.png (2.2 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181205-182346.png)

Ok so some people are super easy to cry/hormonal/etc. But she clearly goes through cycles of swinging between way too much empathy to none. Like I also was watching Hoarders and sobbing at the peak of my issues with BPD, especially when I had less self awareness and was very lost. Sorry for blog

No. 744400

Well, first of all, no one cares.
Secondly, we all know she needs help, she just won't get it. Third, it doesn't really make me feel bad for her when she only sympathizes with people she can relate to in order to validate her own feelings. Much like people with BPD do. Go somewhere.

No. 744402

File: 1544053158043.png (2.05 MB, 750x1334, FB6AAADC-6A46-4E90-BE43-B7DF8B…)

No. 744444

File: 1544059103047.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181205-181631.png)

You choose this job, you doorknob. I'm sure the Johns are surprised when your face moves.

No. 744453

File: 1544060876048.png (5.92 MB, 1242x2208, 3F778B92-237A-4EF1-A17B-5A7E9C…)

No. 744458

Wasn't trying to get you to sympathize, was trying to say as someone who has been there it takes a hell of a lot of self -delusion to continue/justify such actions.

No. 744459

File: 1544061750171.png (2.68 MB, 750x1334, D60A5E76-356D-4940-B4CF-E87928…)

It’s funny cause it seems she can’t think it could ever be the other way around. I wonder has she ever been worked as hard as a customer service worker in the food industry has? A lot of people get hooked on drugs to keep up with the fast pace lifestyle of work. Just take your food and stop whining! It’s not that serious.

No. 744467

Just sounds like she got her feelings hurt by somebody who has an actual job

No. 744468

File: 1544062670945.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, 2DA05D8B-AD30-4344-84B7-A4D705…)

Someone get this girl a goddamn job. Also every day that passes she reminds me more and more of shayna lol:

No. 744484

File: 1544064634292.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, 42C5C4E9-1999-4D26-8A74-8C62B4…)

Weird flex but ok…. driving to make a meal for yourself would probably cost lesst than the delivery free + Grubhub fee + useless carbs ur going to eat.

No. 744486

She doesn’t go shopping. Not for groceries at least.

No. 744499

File: 1544066769488.png (3.68 MB, 750x1334, 8E35D553-7FA0-436C-AB45-CF9523…)

So you lurk?

No. 744501

She does lurk she constantly checks this, that’s why she’s been sperging the past 20 minutes lol

No. 744521

This is such an alien concept for her…that people could want to talk about her without being a “fan” because she’s milky af all over the internet. why wouldn’t we pay attention?

Ariana, you’re like a car wreck and we’re all rubbernecking. Not sure how you could take that in a positive way.

No. 744533

She enjoys Hoarders, etc. it shouldn’t be that difficult of a concept kek

No. 744540

can someone please tell her that you can get groceries delivered, she's so pathetic omfg

No. 744549

File: 1544072020652.jpeg (308.78 KB, 749x1285, E79F5525-8DEB-4727-8F28-6F3C17…)

Does talking during injection affect anything?

No. 744554

I’m sure someone will post snap caps but she says she finally convinced her regular John to send her a deposit . But he talked her down to 900 an hour / session . She also claims she told him she would “give him a deal” after 5 sessions .

She also claimed he said her refused to do overnights because it was too much for him . That he was trying to save money .

No. 744571

Wtf she thinks this is normal?

No. 744673

Also on snap she said she’s not having sex w the John (yet) but they do other stuff winkwink*

No. 744824

I noticed she looked down at possibly Matt when she said this. Total tinfoil however.

No. 744830

I don’t know how @the_plastics_pa isn’t embarrassed about associating with Arianna. I also think it’s kinda unethical that the pa continues to do procedures on her knowing she has BDD and BPD. I guess money just matters more to this woman.

No. 744839

It’s also uncomfortable as a business owner to say “if you have diagnosed depression and personality disorders we won’t treat you or offer you our services” because it’s discrimanatory lol

No. 744841

Well, she’s not the business owner since she’s a Physician Assistant there. I totally get what you’re saying though. It just bothers me. I think it’s fucked up. Lol

No. 744844

At the very least I think they're posting her online sheerly for media attention without any care as to how it affects her as a patient. To sort of show off so much in what should be a clinical setting makes me wary.

No. 744848

Exactly! This is what bothers me the most! It seems like almost every two weeks, the pa and Arianna are giving each other shoutouts. They are definitely just using her to advertise.

No. 745002

File: 1544148805210.jpeg (219.48 KB, 749x1042, 24A6ACEE-F9E2-4C18-8E92-E8F00E…)

No. 745003

File: 1544148827781.jpeg (114.33 KB, 750x559, 9608AC2A-442D-4D43-B9E3-A0452C…)

No. 745006

File: 1544149188052.jpeg (181.77 KB, 1390x1800, F859DADB-0B1C-4CEB-878F-F1AD47…)

No. 745029

File: 1544153436205.png (2.85 MB, 750x1334, F9689ACD-DC62-4893-A195-E6FCEE…)

Doormatt literally dead inside

No. 745034

I’ve noticed her lipstick almost always disappears or fades after seeing a client

No. 745037

Either from smoking, drinking, or she has said they do “other things” besides have sex. Hinting at other sexual actions probably. Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s given him a blowjob at the minimum.

No. 745040


Thats what hookers do guys

No. 745041

When you make your boyfriend drive you to newyork so you can fuck around with another man

No. 745042

She claims she just hangs out with them, that’s the point of saying her lipstick disappears for someone who just hangs out.

No. 745043

What’s the point of getting lip lift if you fucking ruin it. Sigh

No. 745044


Shes a self proclaimed sex worker they obviously dont play scrabble ?? tf

No. 745045

She had lipstick on in the car and then in the next post she didn’t. She probably just took it off. Wearing lipstick for more than couple hours causes it to fade anyways for multiple reasons. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was sucking off her rando dudes. No way she’s making 1k from just “hanging out”.

No. 745047

No shit that’s my point? Anyways I’m trying to upload soon her snap of her getting done with the job.

No. 745051

I guess this is Matt’s life now. Lol brutal. I give this sexworker gig another month max.

No. 745053

No. 745054

Lmao love how when Matt comes back in the car at the end and she immediately stops talking

No. 745055

How do you end up sticking your finger in someone’s ass and nothing else? Amazing.

No. 745056

But “he knows everything” right ?

No. 745067

File: 1544159243759.png (3.44 MB, 750x1334, BFEB66C1-042D-47AC-A37C-C6E580…)

She feels bad

No. 745071

oof new low Matt. Kissing your lady after she just sucked another man’s dick…

No. 745096

File: 1544162979351.jpeg (203.56 KB, 750x1084, E5DF03D2-BEE5-4E7C-8C9E-39F4E4…)

No. 745101

Love bombing right on schedule

No. 745103

Did anyone else feel like this video was just an excuse for her to repeat all the compliments she got from him lol

No. 745112

I love his expressions

No. 745165

And all the compliments towards her bimbofication. Oops excuse me… aesthetic. BDD fuel

No. 745183

Ew literally ew. I’m a sw and get 500-1000 for hanging out, and I don’t put my fingers tongue or lips anywhere other than round a knife and fork at dinner! guess that’s what she’ll do for money .. kek(blogging)

No. 745200

nobody cares

No. 745214

This seems so wrong. Has never heard the expression don’t shit where you eat?

No. 745225

Wtf that Jesus and Mary above the toilet, lol.

No. 745242

>drawing a picture of a dog from a photo
>taking weeks because she needs to wait until her "passion comes out"

Uh huh

No. 745248

I'm really hoping she leaves Matt for Richie rich. Just for the milk tbh, even better if Matt would grow a pair and actually expose her.

No. 745249

Matt would be better off without her tbh

No. 745253

oh matt, have some self respect jfc

No. 745254

File: 1544195539368.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181207-101109.png)

That blanket…

No. 745259

Lol she spends all of her money on alcohol but can't buy a new blanket

No. 745274

File: 1544200047962.jpeg (459.78 KB, 750x948, 6F087F71-E33F-4788-B56D-726548…)

No. 745275

lmao ummmmm i'm dying this is so embarrassing for matt. can someone please explain to me how she would end up putting a finger in his ass but he "doesn't want sex"? how do you get from point a to point b???

No. 745276

he honest to god looks like he's contemplating all the different ways he could kill himself right now

No. 745277

Matt can’t cheat on your in your dreams, but it’s totally cool to have him drive you to nyc to cheat on him in real life. Great logic Ariana.

No. 745284

She really is cheating on Matt, I mean she can play it off as "it's not cheating if he knows, porn stars do it." Does she not realize that most sex workers are in open relationships or are dating other sex workers??? Also it's cheating when you lie that you're not having sex with the guy, and she knows better than to tell snap bc we all know some snapfag will run straight to Matt with it.

No. 745299

It would be the plottwist of the century if Matt one day really cheats on her.

No. 745303

The irony is piercing

No. 745307

File: 1544206141146.jpeg (97.91 KB, 750x434, 71933E56-0702-4851-B329-6782CB…)

No. 745314

Damn my parter dreams of me cheating on him …

No. 745315

File: 1544207640930.jpeg (247.59 KB, 750x951, F85972C0-CBD6-4E7E-956C-C01158…)

No. 745317

File: 1544207794360.jpeg (296.31 KB, 750x1126, DC37CAF9-3601-4DCC-8696-4AD583…)

No. 745319

File: 1544208125632.jpg (36.54 KB, 600x451, IMG_6678.JPG)

No. 745340

This bitch really thinks the John is in love with her and sincerely complimenting her when he just sounds like your standard sub who’s into worshiping and having they ass fingered. That’s why he pays her well, it’s the humiliation of spending on a busted bitch like Pnp. Men like that don’t usually want to penetrate a vagina anyway, especially not Ariana’s rubber socket. DOESN’T MEAN IT WASN’T SEX. God she the type to claim it’s not cheating if it’s anal or some shit.

No. 745345

I don’t like this girl either guys but the cheating this is a bit much. Matt has to know something’s up if he’s driving her and she calls herself a sex worker. They’ve had a foursome together. Clearly they’ve discussed boundaries before.

No. 745422

I bet if Arianna did leave DoorMatt for the John, that the John would end up breaking it off with her after a bit. She says she’s mostly quiet and awkward around him—just wait till she opens up and starts talking and exposes her shitty personality. There’s no way she would last living with him! The John will end up finding a much less annoying and needy hooker to finger his bumhole.

No. 745501

She’s going up there again tonight via snap. Just one image I’m sure someone will post

No. 745631

She said he INVITED her over again tonight. She didn’t say she was going.

No. 745655

File: 1544249362363.jpeg (150.33 KB, 750x1014, 17DAE3EB-2A85-4FF3-8AAE-8FF43A…)

No. 745656

File: 1544249577651.jpeg (182.39 KB, 750x1016, 2E9A7F7C-3749-4221-BA0C-C9BB5F…)

No. 745658

File: 1544249651148.jpeg (202.53 KB, 750x1036, 1510A2A6-8CF6-40FA-AC0B-A15E45…)

No. 745693

Her body is so average… why does she think she has a bunch of jealous haters? She isnt amazing looking anyway

No. 745755

she really didn't get any nice features at all huh like how long is her torso? bitch looks like trevor from trailer park boys

No. 745775

Her figure/face suited the skinny Tumblr girl look. Trying to go for the IG thot look is really not working well for her body type.

No. 745781

Too bad she was worried her face was going to get fat because boy did it lol

No. 745785

I think she looked better before the plastic surgery but she doesnt look that bad as everyone says, her lips are the only ridiculous part in my opinion and if she didnt have those tattoos I think she would be actually hot

No. 745798

she has this effect on people where she thinks she's a lot hotter than everyone else does, bringing your opinion of her even lower. also the clown makeup isn't helping her.

No. 745809

please make this the next thread pic

No. 745853

Her makeup is awful, she looks emaciated. Her breasts are weird as fuck. Larger breasts on small frames don't even look like that, they're perkier haha. Most people I know wouldn't think she's that great looking. She is the only one who holds that opinion of herself besides horny dudes. She isn't repulsive but she got so much work done that she's really boring to look at. Especially with those sausage lips and obvious malnourishment…. she has the opposite features of what is considered biologically attractive. Her hair is thin and greasy, her hips are very narrow, most of her attractive features were bought, she doesnt want kids, she doesnt eat enough to be healthy looking, her breasts are sagging regardless of getting them done a few months ago, she sucks on a juul like it's an inhaler, she looks tired all the time, drinks too much and cant handle it because she doesnt eat when she drinks lol

No. 745871

Big boobs sag whether or not you’re skinny it’s called gravity lol

No. 745875

Is it just me or is her belly button like… too far up?

No. 745879

I think it's the shape of the underwear that creates that illusion but i was thinking the same thing! Maybe it's both

No. 746162

File: 1544343804660.jpeg (209.95 KB, 749x1046, B43839E9-C25D-4C5A-AF7B-3AAE38…)

No. 746194

he looks like a youth pastor

No. 746240

>she doesnt want kids
In case of Ariana, that's a good thing (can you imagine her bringing a kid into her messy life)? Also, this trait doesn't really fit among all the other negative stuff you listed.

No. 746241

Its like for everyday her lips get bigger, eyeliner gets thicker until she is just gonna be a pair of sausage lips and false lashes by new years s2g.
You know somebody is mentally deficient when they permanently modify their body to fit a kink/fetish.

No. 746253

Did she draw two singular freckles on like that? What is her obsession with symmetry right now, she is too literal and dumb to make it work.

No. 746269

It’s funny she is only gaining weight in her stomach from all the drinking, she looks bloated af w little twig limbs

No. 746270

She definitely was talking about kids some months ago. This was back before sugaring and when she had been engaged with Matt. She at least spoke of the possibility.

No. 746271

Yeah when she was pregnant and got an abortion lol

No. 746275

I'm talking previously to that. She was thinking of planning for kids post marriage but I guess that's when the engagement was going well.

No. 746314

File: 1544370780996.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, 223A85D9-E95C-4E2F-9DDD-6D057A…)

Yep you’re right anon, that was like a few months before that abortion thing happened. She was like „I’m not planning anything but we’re not using protection and if it happened i‘d be happy“.

Also puking on her story again right now.

No. 746324


no wonder her face is so bloated in >>745655

No. 746328

File: 1544373112010.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181209-100317.png)

Full farquaad

No. 746355

Those fucking baboon ass looking lips i cant

No. 746358

File: 1544377279131.png (4.02 MB, 750x1334, 0230A2D8-D9F0-4770-8FC9-D73D5C…)

No. 746376

Wtf is going on here???

No. 746458

You may be on to something. People who puke frequently (whether it is an ED or just drinks too fucking much) the sides of your cheeks/inside of your neck swell up, permanently lol. Presenting a frog like resemblance like on our snowflake here.

No. 746482

Hard to keep it business? I thought you were good at separating that, unlike Matt.

No. 746493

Oops I saged

No. 746504

Major tinfoil: her new plan is to move in on this first client of hers in a “pretty woman” like scenario and ditch DoorMatt Bc this dude is offering her a more “glamorous” lifestyle

No. 746544

I'm glad this greasy bitch is finally sitting in a tub. Can you imagine how gross that water was?

No. 746621

File: 1544407157825.jpg (61.32 KB, 720x540, Trailer park boys_cfad23_57564…)


No. 746626

were all of you bullied as children ? are you all still children ? where are all your parents ? or did you not have parents to teach you any better ? in that case I feel bad for you please get some therapy if bullying people is how you get off. get a hobby, get a job, get a fucking puppy, go get laid or something, anything to add some worth to your bitter lives instead of criticizing a HUMAN BEING you don't even know. pathetic(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 746629

Um, where are your parents, arianna? Why are you such a bully? Why are you so mean?

No. 746630


Oh shit here we go. We are days from her staying overnight and fucking him non-business time and breaking up with matt.

No. 746632

I'm a fan lol. you guys triggered though I see

No. 746636

when you see a person struggling with body image issues, emotion issues, etc maybe try offering love and support instead of spewing hate? if not maybe try shutting the fuck up.

No. 746639

but we dont care about her struggles.
we arent obligated to support her just because she "has struggles"
we don't have to be extra gentle with people who "struggle"

No. 746641

then why feel the need to make someone feel bad about themselves ? why say anything at all ?

No. 746642

fyi you can dislike a person on the internet without posting mean shit on an anonymous hate site.

No. 746643

its called being grown

No. 746644

that's why I assumed you were all children(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 746645

she put her self out there. she wants to be an instagram thot. she agreed to it.

No. 746669

Nobody is forcing her to read what’s posted on this website lol

No. 746690

File: 1544415322695.jpeg (2.02 MB, 2292x4030, F74495CF-6A50-463F-9732-27D5EF…)

Sorry for the shit quality I wanted to cap it before she could take it down.

No. 746691

To further elaborate, she just got done with another job in NYC with her butthole boy.

No. 746704

File: 1544417679896.jpg (946.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181209-235258.jpg)

So Matt drove her up to NY to suck dick? Weird flex but okay

No. 746710

This time she went alone via bus and took Xanax on the way which led to her “passing out”. I think DoorMatt just drove her to the stop.

No. 746716

Matt looks like he's ready to leave the grease pile

No. 746724

Thotaudit aside, prostitution is actually illegal. Most full-service sw's use coded language for a reason and don't connect their activities to their actual identities. She's walking a really fine line talking about this stuff publicly on her social media

No. 746756

she’s on live right now with Matt

No. 746771

File: 1544430143015.png (3.54 MB, 750x1334, 20BD67AC-44D5-4A0F-8372-F82DAD…)

No. 746781

You mean we should all be pathetic enablers. Have you ever been to therapy? If you have, you'll know that true growth comes from being questioned and challenged, not put in a hug box and having all your shitty behavior praised.

No. 746826


Such a fucking classic abuse tactic by cluster b people. Gaslight matt by saying she "blacked out" and "doesn't remember"

No. 746840

File: 1544455337790.png (505.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181210-102145.png)

Thanks for reading honey

No. 746841

File: 1544455372740.png (544.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181210-102205.png)

No. 746842

File: 1544455476176.png (253.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181210-102151.png)

Well nobody is. But most people don't shamelessly post their life on the internet and bite the heads off people who show anything less than undying praise. God forbid any idea of yours is challenged

No. 746914

File: 1544466864937.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1574, Screenshot_20181210-133240.png)

A fuckin steak knife?

No. 746916

lmao what a bad bitch

No. 746917

didn't she lose her last account for posting herself w a knife or whatever?

No. 746942

Does somebody know if Matt smokes so much weed too? Just curious

No. 746943

She did indeed. How funny would it be if that happens again.

No. 746947

Anyone know why she was slapped in the face a few days ago?

No. 746953

I think she said she can’t remember why just that she got slapped

No. 746971

No afterwards she said she remembered but didn’t share the story with us

No. 746973


calling the Xanax addiction NOW

No. 746977

No afterwards she said she remembered but didn’t share the story with us

No. 747126

No caps yet but she’s hanging with @ latinamilk right now.

No. 747164

File: 1544484793274.jpeg (148.74 KB, 750x1334, 159FEC2B-43B0-4854-BFA5-AF6774…)

No one really cares but here are the caps. Still convinced @ latinamilk is pnp’s “sex I work mom” and was the sw who got her into escorting officially. 1/2

No. 747165

File: 1544484817034.jpeg (88.04 KB, 750x1334, 4F1F714B-3C8A-4189-A59B-C64AEE…)

No. 747169

File: 1544485272679.jpg (717.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181210-182959.jpg)

No. 747179

Wonder if she ever got groceries kek

No. 747218

These are not the same the length between the rod and the curtain is different

No. 747232

Angles and it’s dark outside?

No. 747241

its the same room. but who cares

No. 747245

Samefag from op. Literally no one cares. I made sure to say that too. Now please sage your bs like I did with mine.

No. 747263

File: 1544494994596.png (2.7 MB, 750x1334, B10E82BF-7F86-435B-99FF-144F6C…)

No. 747285

File: 1544497234638.jpeg (457.14 KB, 750x1073, 60A2921D-8B64-4274-A6C6-A66EAD…)

I really don’t understand how she has the balls to post on Instagram in a jacket that she stole from someone else?

No. 747300

Eyebrow and eyeliner crossed.

No. 747332

File: 1544505499238.png (834.27 KB, 750x1334, B4998C6A-842B-428A-A8A0-8AA3B1…)

Wow! I noticed her post wasn’t up anymore so I went to the company’s account out of curiousity and saw this

No. 747334

lmfao, is this supposed to be sincere?

No. 747348

File: 1544509412936.jpeg (157.9 KB, 745x707, 3981E6BA-2CAA-4495-A158-2FAEC4…)

No. 747350

File: 1544510432797.jpeg (300.82 KB, 750x1004, 1FDC0CFD-8EC0-44DD-9BA6-9B49A2…)

No. 747351

File: 1544510454080.jpeg (270.54 KB, 750x959, 7782B59E-DD98-4544-8D56-48A1B1…)

No. 747355

She doesn’t realize it’s not just about her face..

No. 747367

I see she is fond of deleting the responses and keeping her own up. What is even the point of that? Is she that threatened by their assumingly empty statements? She states otherwise but this behavior is absolutely sus

No. 747368

File: 1544512870001.jpeg (142.39 KB, 750x932, 320B68D3-35EC-4C2F-9189-DD7BC9…)

So what is it?

No. 747464

File: 1544541831819.jpeg (408.16 KB, 750x887, A415CAA9-4669-4A70-9040-52807B…)

No. 747468


Emotionally abusing your boyfriend into accepting your "sex work" is as honest and loyal as it gets. Cluster b delusion is real.

No. 747474

jesus she's manic

No. 747479

such a delusional bitch. she has to make sure everyone knows shes "thriving"! everyone wakes up and does what they want ariana, i dont fucking get why she is on the "my life is freeier than yours" kick. like you dumb fucking bitch everytime you go to new york for a client you say how you hate goinf there omg. oh and so you WANT to stick your finger in an old mans butt? yeah. id honestly rather flip burgers.

No. 747485

She wakes up and does whatever she wants (contouring her nose for 4 hours) because she has to wait for the cover of darkness to go out and finger buttholes

No. 747486

LMAO i don't even have anything to contribute other than laughing at this

No. 747495

File: 1544545237734.png (2 MB, 750x1334, 430E65D6-B968-4308-8A95-B4769E…)

No. 747514

You can just say delusions not all cluster b personalities have delusions as as s/s refer to Townsend for more info

No. 747589

Did she do shrooms or what is she trying to say

No. 747628

Yes she took shrooms at latinamilk’s and posted a pic on snap that looked like a micro dose also it was said she took a couple more Xanax along with smoking weed that night so she was “zooted”

No. 747640

She’s such an idiot. People like her are the reason doctors don’t like prescribing benzos. I can’t stand this bitch and her “friend” Latina Milk who is so basic and boring af.

No. 747742

File: 1544574791894.png (2.6 MB, 750x1334, 52D2F9EE-04E6-48C3-803F-3A8899…)

It isn’t just Ariana having posts deleted due to knives

No. 747762

File: 1544576597940.png (418.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181211-194846.png)

Feel worthless unless you drop a few stacks every few months?

No. 747872

Benzo dependency is a rough fuckin ride. She’s in for a reeeeally bad time if she becomes physically addicted. Im all for laughing at this pathetic cow and her miserable life, but she’s legitimately going to kill herself if she keeps drinking and taking Xanax. She clearly has no self control/self-awareness when it comes to substances, and zero knowledge of how drugs interact with each other.

No. 747888

Can’t benzo withdrawal trigger seizures and shit?

No. 747895

You didn’t deserve it u worked hard for it by fingering dirty old man asshole. The way she wastes money is fucking insane for someone that has to stoop to those depths to earn money in the first place. Like buy a mattress and a blanket you actual rat… she probably could’ve gotten dupes for her purchases so she could prioritize, spending this much makes her look dumb as hell not a rich girl like she wishes. Did she grow up spoiled or is legitimately this incompetent

This. She’s the last person who needs benzos and alcohol fucking up her highly limited mental capacities. Xanax is highly addictive and mixing gives you even greater withdrawal symptoms. I wouldn’t wish this on anybody and agree she will kill herself. She is likely already addicted that’s how much it’s not a joke, and there is no easy way through the withdrawal.

Also her starting to take it to see johns when she probably is getting actually traumatized and used drugs to suppress it is really fucked up. Like bitch you could learn to make websites instead of fingering assholes after you get violently high, or control your shitty brand enough to get sponsorship deals, there are options. She’s so young it’s insulting she doesn’t try another career before defaulting to sex work like women don’t have other options.

All she does is glorify prostitution and her “transformation” to a young audience, because the only people dumb enough to follow her are insecure children who wish they could do the same and may sell themselves for it now too. Coupled with the glorifying Xanax/mixing she is super fucked up. I wish she would stop talking about her destructive fucking life as if it doesn’t affect others in more vulnerable situations. Grow the fuck up you stupid whore.

No. 747897

You didn’t deserve it u worked hard for it by fingering dirty old man asshole. The way she wastes money is fucking insane for someone that has to stoop to those depths to earn money in the first place. Like buy a mattress and a blanket you actual rat… she probably could’ve gotten dupes for her purchases so she could prioritize, spending this much makes her look dumb as hell not a rich girl like she wishes. Did she grow up spoiled or is legitimately this incompetent

This. She’s the last person who needs benzos and alcohol fucking up her highly limited mental capacities. Xanax is highly addictive and mixing gives you even greater withdrawal symptoms. I wouldn’t wish this on anybody and agree she will kill herself. She is likely already addicted that’s how much it’s not a joke, and there is no easy way through the withdrawal.

Also her starting to take it to see johns when she probably is getting actually traumatized and used drugs to suppress it is really fucked up. Like bitch you could learn to make websites instead of fingering assholes after you get violently high, or control your shitty brand enough to get sponsorship deals, there are options. She’s so young it’s insulting she doesn’t try another career before defaulting to sex work like women don’t have other options.

All she does is glorify prostitution and her “transformation” to a young audience, because the only people dumb enough to follow her are insecure children who wish they could do the same and may sell themselves for it now too. Coupled with the glorifying Xanax/mixing she is super fucked up. I wish she would stop talking about her destructive fucking life as if it doesn’t affect others in more vulnerable situations. Grow the fuck up you stupid whore.

No. 747898

Her living space in general is pretty bleak. Somehow the lack of furniture/color/decoration just makes it look even dingier. You'd think she'd at least invest into giving the apartment some personality considering she's in it all the time.

No. 747907

>"I have friends for the first time in my life"
lmao I'm calling bullshit and I'd love to hear some stories from her old friends. Just based on the dynamic between her and Matt you know there had to have been friends that genuinely cared for her until she sucked the life out of them with gaslighting and manipulation and burnt the bridge entirely

No. 747928

Yep, and you can die if you don’t do it under medical supervision. It’s the most dangerous withdrawal along with alcohol detox. But if you drink enough on Xanax, your brain basically just forgets to tell your lungs to keep breathing. If she were in that situation with a John I doubt he’d call for help, especially if he’s married or has any reputation he wants to protect.

No. 748023

Not to mention a lot of xans are cut with shit.
Know a kid who got addicted after only taking it for a few weeks and when he stopped he had multiple seizures, even one while driving.

No. 748046

you can become dependent after something like 3 days of consecutive use. it's a slippery slope even for those prescribed to it.

No. 748074

Laughing at the fact that when the inevitable happens and she does get addicted, at least when she has to suck dick for drugs it'll be like, business as usual. She's already selling herself for what…makeup? Jesus.
Another funny thing, I'm dog-sitting my parents' dog and you know that thing where they're about to poop and their butthole does this pooching out thing like the turtle head starting to poke out, his butthole legit looked like her mouth.

No. 748082


Using xanax will be a great gaslighting tool on matt. Whoops, had a drink while on xanax at my clients house. Don't remember how I got herpes Matt, why don't you support my choices.

No. 748085


We are dealing with a cluster b who is delusional in this thread so your point is moot

No. 748134

Really didn’t need that visual anon

No. 748136

File: 1544641218811.jpeg (416.22 KB, 750x814, D1B2C575-C147-4750-86B7-9988F3…)


No. 748179

Today she still seems to be on Xanax … slurring her words etc

No. 748192

Considering how much of an edgelord she is I expected her to pick Clockwork Orange or Eyes Wide Shut but instead she picks the most popular ones. It's almost as if she is not a real Kubrick fan…

No. 748194

File: 1544646854871.png (724.67 KB, 487x906, 2018-12-12 15_13_07-Stories • …)

speaking of edgelord

No. 748197

Whenever I’m upset about getting a B in my classes or some “first world problem” I always look thru this thread and this girls insta lol it makes me feel so much better about my life.
It’s honwstly…like pathetic and disheartening watching her post and react to peoples comments about how much better she is, how she’s a good person who “doesn’t care about looks”, living her best life, etc. I wonder if she believes any of that at all. I honestly am a little jealous that she can live a typical poor white-trash lifestyle and still convince herself that she’s living a good life. It must be a coping mechanism I guess for trauma and growing up in a tough environment and never truly getting out of the weeds. I mean it’s p obvious a lot of her grandiosity online is overcompensation but idk I’m sure she believes it at times. Just fascinating how she’s so unbelievably deluded into believing that she’s better than everyone and that her life is actually good, when it’s like. I’d rather chop of my left nut than have to live and be like her or Matt. Absurd

Sage for blogpost(no one cares)

No. 748318

File: 1544661842297.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 0B671125-167F-4891-B864-775314…)

Tinfoil that she’s planning on moving in w this guy instead of Matt lol

No. 748327


so far she's only given him a finger up the ass and a BJ. bet once she actually bangs him he'll be over her and onto the next hoe. just like her sugar daddy

No. 748330


Honestly dont get this theory and it's been pointed out a few times. I've been following her for a while and Matt kind of represents the only constant in her life. I'm sure shes wrapped a lot of self worth in maintaining this relationship so long regardless of what she does to him. Based on other stuff shes said herself, I truly think she wants Matt but she wants a version of him that supplies her with endless love, devotion, AND materialistic wealth and he cant provide all of that. It's like a sugar daddy + matt = a whole package. The only thing I see happening is him leaving her if he ever thinks to value himself. Dont really know what she would have to do at this point, though.

No. 748342

What if she goes poly? On one of her ig Q&A’s she didn’t know poly = polyamarous. Then went on to talk as if it hasn’t happened yet? Possibly hinting they’ve discussed the idea before. Could’ve been when they were close with babytrash and her husband? I agree she desires financial support in ways Matt just can’t provide at the moment. It’ll be easy for her to get caught up in the money seeing as she hasn’t had any especially in childhood. She needs to build a foundation before investing into cosmetic upgrades and fawning over sparkly trinkets. One client ain’t gonna cut it

No. 748353

Yikes to her already smoking while wearing Invisalign lmao

No. 748359

i see matt leaving her, i agree that matt seems to be the only thing holding her together at this point. >>748342
thats exactly what i was thinking, if she wants to actually make it a job, she needs more than 2 clients. one client is honestly… just a weird relationship. she has no clue what shes doing. hey ariana, if you wanna be a rich bitch, go contact a porn company , thats the best job out there for her

No. 748387

Why did she even get Invisalign when her teeth are straight? Is it supposed to fix her wonky jaw!

No. 748399

A Poly relationship would be the kiss of death for this already strange and codependent mess tbh. A one time foursome caused such a big drama, so can you imagine? This girl cant even wear a bra after surgery or follow her invisalign treatment after having it a few hours. It takes incredible maturity and finesse to make a dynamic like that work and it still rarely does.

No. 748405

File: 1544675236817.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, 7F182A97-B60E-4F6C-8FFC-3C2D04…)

No. 748410

Wow wtf? She gonna fuck it up faster than I thought

No. 748436

File: 1544681449609.jpeg (94.13 KB, 750x449, 6E923C6B-7723-4400-A05E-903586…)

One google search.

No. 748475

Why spend thousands of dollars on services from professionals if you’re not even going to listen to them…smh

No. 748505

I mean she did it with her tits, why not her teeth too?

No. 748507

Gonna add finfoil to add to our aluminium pile but everyone remembers the snapchat in which she complains about being in a relationship where she is the breadwinner (she never mentioned matt by name i think just vagued about her relationship dynamic) how she was tired of being the only one dealing with the bills etc, now shes mentioning one of her johns financially supporting her outside of fixed rate bussiness hours.
Matt is getting cucked while she justifies cheating with being a breadwinner and claiming shes honest and communicative lmao.
Cant wait for her to realise being some new tart you get to dip your fingers in doesnt last forever, food has an expiration date and when that happens you have already curved most of your clientele because you thought "whats the point this one john pays me enough to survive(for now)"

No. 748539

File: 1544711085583.png (3.21 MB, 750x1334, 1832C30C-6D0F-4525-999D-3EDBD1…)

No. 748558

What a dumb fucking bitch.

No. 748574

First her boobs, then her teeth which were OK lol. The farm just pushed the cow to this dumbass decision folks, and she’s still fucking it up herself. A good morning Kek for me.

No. 748588

another simple google search:

>If you change out your trays too fast and thereby move your teeth too fast, it can create significant complications – like gum recession, bone loss, and even resorption of your tooth roots. It may adversely affect the overall treatment outcome and require further correction at the end. So please follow the instructions and wear the aligners for 20-22 hours a day, for 2 weeks at a time.

No. 748622

File: 1544723051488.png (4.99 MB, 750x1334, E147275C-1B5B-410A-8F24-A80B4F…)

No. 748623

File: 1544723116043.png (Spoiler Image, 2.5 MB, 750x1334, 8C3EC97C-DE9B-425B-A825-CB42AB…)

Posted to her story. Idk what she’s referring to

No. 748630

The foursome she had

No. 748634


Whats wrong with her ass ew

No. 748637

This is so disgusting, how is she not ashamed of but actively sharing this story?!

No. 748649


Haven't you noticed by now she has no shame? Top tier bovinity!

No. 748661

File: 1544725529434.jpeg (188.65 KB, 750x1073, 28F725BA-A7C5-4266-9BCC-1FD3CF…)


Own a piece of history.

No. 748668

lmao jesus fucking christ, that's disgusting

No. 748701

Just when you start to sort of forget how disgusting this trailer trash Appalachia bitch really is…

Like how can you look at that sweet dog's face and laugh bc it ate your excrement? Excrement of excrement. Poor doggy.

No. 748709

File: 1544728469743.png (7.28 MB, 1242x2208, E2791902-BB1E-48C1-A0BD-22DA50…)

The fucking crevice under her lips is fucking grosssssss lol

No. 748714

i got some nitpicks for this bitch,
why didnt she put the pics on her story in month order? its all over the place and looks dumb.
also she got SO MANY sugeries and treatments in a span of one fucking year. not to mention the countless times shes gotten her lips done when your really only supposed to TWICE A YEAR. this bitch got her lips filled i swear more than 5x in one year. AND WHY DOES SHE SIT IN HER BED AND TALK TO HER PHONE LIKE ANYONE CARES. girl you reaaalllyy need to rethink your life, no one NO ONE not even your "fans" want to her you blabber on abt nothing for 20 vids jesus christ

No. 748716

She wore this when she dressed like an angel with babytrash and her husband lol criiiiiinge

No. 748737

File: 1544730799109.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181213-145040_Ins…)

This looks pretty bad… Not as professional as the price she is charging for her comissions. I also don't know why she has already started the background. What doesn't make any sense is how long she is taking to finish this piece. A good artist focuses on work they're being paid to do and can finish a piece in a peofwssionaland timely manner. She's posting this person's paid commission over and over with hardly any progress to it… what a great, hard working breadwinner

No. 748754

Lol I don’t like the girl either, but this really isn’t bad so far. I do think she’ll fuck it up somehow in the end (or her lazy ass will never finish) but it’s clearly not done yet and it’s way better than those scrotum hands she did before.

No. 748781

It’s not great. And I can’t believe she’s posting about it when it’s been like 3 weeks and it still looks not even half done.

No. 748782

It’s really not that bad, however I would be pretty embarrassed posting a WIP that looked like THAT. Should’ve done clean linework on a final piece of paper instead of right over top a loose and poorly defined sketch.Not on a professional level at all. And also I just think it’s funny how she has 0 patience but chose one of the most time consuming methods of art. The whole thing just looks really messy and chaotic

No. 748933

File: 1544757376643.jpg (549.31 KB, 721x893, SmartSelect_20181213-221431_In…)


No. 748934

File: 1544757414426.jpg (71.42 KB, 344x240, SmartSelect_20181213-221442_In…)

Same anon, lol last one

No. 748936

File: 1544757699301.jpg (1.45 MB, 2560x1920, 18-12-13-22-21-14-300_deco.jpg)

I can't believe she thinks this looks better lol

No. 748944

Is she holding the dog while it's urinating?

No. 748975

Be specific. There is more than one cluster b personality disorder and they don’t all have delusions why the fuck can’t u grasp that…(derail)

No. 749000

no one fucking cares what personality cluster she's in, sage your shit unless you're contributing actual milk.

No. 749007

File: 1544769582620.jpeg (220.95 KB, 750x657, 8349C37B-B6F4-499D-95B1-DDC76E…)

No. 749036

Does anyone else find this whole "Goodbyebread style" trend to be extremely gross/unflattering? Black beanies, oversized T-shirts with clunky chain necklaces, tube tops, patterned mini skirts, chunky platforms, lots of flames and edgy phrases…It all looks so trashy when combined. Ari is obviously the worst offender. She always looks like a walking grimy thrift store from the early 2000s (and not in a corny-cute Britney Spears way).

No. 749044

tbh i don't think ari's style is of her own choosing. i don't think she buys many clothes on her own…she has them sent to her and her whole wardrobe is clothes fromomighty goodbyebread dollskill (their clothes overlap) etc. she wears what they want her to wear. don't think shed have a style outside of their clothes besides trashy

No. 749096

File: 1544793449723.jpg (662.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181214-071537_Ins…)

This girl just made a fool of herself for hours. And then of course had to be on her phone then entire time.

No. 749102

File: 1544794635176.png (3.84 MB, 750x1334, 2A137CA8-AF43-4740-AF4A-75CD7E…)

She can fill her lips all she wants, but in the end they're always gonna look small as fuck when she laughs/talks/.. lol

No. 749114

honestly the thin lips here look better to me than her normal prolapsed version

No. 749154

File: 1544801565498.jpg (189.57 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(72).jpg)

I suppose she's joking but this is still fucked up

No. 749157

is she barfin? her jaw looks really swollen

No. 749159

i mean she's been openly vomiting on her instagram stories lately so who knows

No. 749200

File: 1544814028406.png (591.13 KB, 926x597, 2018-12-14 13_28_33-@plasticnp…)

yep. since this anon gave zero context she was hanging out with aaron all night (that's him rolling the joint)

No. 749226

her outfit looks like its trying to be his outfit

No. 749228

Why does this look like more of a couples' picture than any of the recent pics she's taken with doormatt? lmao

No. 749428

It might be a fun experiment to start posting about some random and totally benign feature on her face/body, then watch as she starts obsessing over it.

No. 749434

BDD makeup

No. 749456

File: 1544855612867.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181215-012056_Ins…)

Lol someone on here called her out for being a fake fan so she Had to prove us wrong. Sooo transparent

No. 749475

Lol werewolf in London. Sounds like a tight movie.

No. 749480

Late and sorry blogspot but I had Invisalign and you have to wear that shit of the rest of your life. It’s such a scam and wish I got braces. Just wanted to shed some light on how dumb she and her dentist are, you could take one look at this girl and know she wouldn’t be the right, responsible candidate for this at all.

No. 749489

I think she means An American Werewolf in London, which is pretty decent but not like some cinematic masterpiece or anything lol

No. 749519

Anyone can Google a list of movies lmao

No. 749520

File: 1544883618708.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, 88201F09-215D-4842-926F-EADF80…)

Lol turns off „lip kit by Kylie Jenner“ one single time…

No. 749521

These are just movie. Several of the them aren’t Kubrick

No. 749523

I also have it and I only have to wear it at night, much like a retainer for regular braces.
Not sure what you're going on about.

No. 749536

File: 1544887317468.png (1.82 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181215-102013.png)

She openly hates pc sjw types but does she not realize those are the ones actively defending sexwork and being concerned about fosta/sesta?
She just can't handle being called out on anything else…

No. 749564

Her idea of sugaring (in the beginning at least) was being paid for her company alone. And remember when she wanted to start “camming” and said she’d just sit there in her underwear and smoke…
Jfc if stripping/escorting is so dangerous and hard then get a regular job instead of complaining about it, you have all the time in the world and it would show your “husband” some respect.

No. 749573

Whatever she can do to seem oppressed for the Instagram ass pats lol

No. 749579

File: 1544894697940.jpg (842.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181215-122346.jpg)

you won't believe this amazing transformation from human to clown doll

No. 749589

because of her cabbage patch doll head shape she can never look that different, she just got fat lips now

No. 749597


wow who is that adorable girl on the left???

No. 749598


is that other girl her cute cousin or sister or what? what's her insta

No. 749604

File: 1544900619774.jpg (1.17 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181215-135859_Ins…)

Lol her main insult is ugly because she values appearances so much that she believes the worst thing someone could be is unattractive. Sad

No. 749632

Imagine not accepting yourself as you are. Yikes

Kek anon this is cold as ice

No. 749639

Yeah, comedy/tragedy mask emoji is right. She might have looked a little funny before, but now her face is tragic.

I absolutely hate when she trots out these endless comparisons. She's such a one-note. Girl, get a hobby.

No. 749660

File: 1544910207379.jpeg (1021.88 KB, 1242x1217, E8274DD8-E85E-4BCB-969B-7B76AE…)

Her lip lift makes her look like she had cleft lip LOL she’s fucking hideous

No. 749672

File: 1544912276944.png (2.62 MB, 750x1334, 5C8E091E-BD29-420B-A4F0-F44E3E…)

but posing with knives is totally cool? lol okay

No. 749673

Ok sage but why does this girl always take dumbass pictures of 1/12 of her face and a wall to make text posts. Does she not know you can just post text with no photo?

No. 749675

I'm pretty sure she's literally that obsessed with herself that she needs to include greasy pics of the corner of her face 24/7

No. 749713

File: 1544920344320.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, FFF82FAE-2B82-42A7-86B8-1D3AC1…)

Ariana’s life is so pathetic that she really sits around checking up on what people from her high school are doing ??? Isn’t she 24? Why is this something she’d publicly say? Idiot

No. 749742

I think one of my favorite things that makes her such a fucking cow is the fact she has no self awareness whatsoever jesus christ she does the exact same shit with knives and weed

No. 749803

File: 1544944328867.jpg (262.56 KB, 665x861, 20181215_230251.jpg)

Why is everything she owns disgusting and pilling all over? Like legit what causes that?

This shirt is fucking gross. Someone upthread called her an actual rat and I can't convince myself otherwise kek

Look how puffy she is by comparison. She looks like a marshmallow in the pic attached too. Fillers: not more than once

No. 749810

Her shit's ratty cause it's cheap and she didn't wash it properly. She can't even throw trash out or go grocery shopping, you think she'd separate her clothes and use the proper wash cycles?

No. 749814

File: 1544951105710.jpg (158.46 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(73).jpg)

I'm so sure

No. 749815

File: 1544951160210.jpg (176.59 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(74).jpg)

Is this sarcasm or gloating?

No. 749822

She hates people that question her lifestyle… then spends her time questioning other people’s lifestyles. Lol ok plz keep convincing your delusional ass that you’re so much better and above everyone

No. 750074

File: 1545006419287.jpeg (249.54 KB, 750x885, FA0A4AA6-E586-4FA1-9282-7D5D1F…)

No. 750078

File: 1545007535872.jpg (154.37 KB, 750x852, IMG_20181210_195313.jpg)

I saw this on twitter and it reminded me of her

No. 750083

This is accurate as fuck

No. 750098

File: 1545010338028.jpg (439.68 KB, 750x852, nastyasshoe.jpg)

Fixed it

No. 750105

File: 1545011312606.jpeg (56.03 KB, 750x376, 1E1648D9-3240-4350-8879-1F839B…)

No. 750162


No. 750194

File: 1545053238860.jpeg (113.19 KB, 750x1222, 31AA5C23-ADB2-4BC0-B11B-1CE4DB…)

Bruh that hairy back

No. 750212

File: 1545057524529.jpeg (135.95 KB, 750x890, E82F4878-473E-4C88-9C87-274E5B…)

We stan a defensive queen!

No. 750214

File: 1545057802584.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, 19CD8709-1DC4-477E-B18B-E4A356…)

What is with that cats belly? It’s been like this for months at least, it doesn’t look normal and it keeps licking it excessively

No. 750216

File: 1545057867414.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 22129A92-C82B-40AC-A726-7F6795…)

Yeah Ariana, cause wearing the next tray earlier because you lost the last or because you’re too impatient is exactly the same.
She’s like a literal child.

No. 750219

Overgrooming due to anxiety.

No. 750228

File: 1545060389790.jpg (222.99 KB, 750x1138, IMG_0879.jpg)

This is horrifying and encourages me not to look at my phone first thing when I wake up (I think she posted this at 6 am) what is this horrifying look?? She tries so hard and not at all at the same time

How do you lose that???? Where?? Did you leave it on the back of the toilet you were doing shitty coke off of?

No. 750231

Double post but don't talk like that you sound like Cass/hotelshrimp
>inb4 Cass actually runs this whole thread

No. 750257

she wants to make this pose work so bad lol you're not a cute girl hun!

No. 750260

File: 1545063916463.png (2.24 MB, 750x1334, 120AE81F-CB9B-47A0-9F45-86C5D6…)

She was on live last night talking about her how surgeon botched her boobs and they’re fixing them because “she had never seen scars so red or so up high and they were slipping into her arm pits”

No. 750268

On live she also talked about how she eventually wants to get a face lift

No. 750270

not >>750212 but its just drag lingo that's been appropriated by white girls en masse. i suppose it's appropriate since pnp styles herself like a drag queen

don't know what look she was going for but this is only mildly worse than her day-to-day fake freckles and typical makeup. also it's always "crackhead mode" for this girl, lbr

No. 750271

A facelift? Seriously?
Her bdd may be worse than I thought.

No. 750275

wow she keeps proving she reads this thread religiously
Those are literally farmers' words.

No. 750277

Kek did she say that she fucked them up herself by not wearing that special bra?

No. 750279

She actually did, after she blamed the surgeon. But she made excuses like, she never wore a bra and wasn’t used to wearing one, and they were close to bottoming out but “she liked the look”

No. 750283

must've really stuck with her >>690506

No. 750293

maybe because shrooms arent a recreational substance dumbass. shrooms force u to introspect, ofc thats traumatizing when ur a literal piece of shit sent from hell. take them again tho!! the fungi will do ur ego good, ariana! ya sad saggy sack

No. 750304

Can we just address the fact that she's acting like she even HAS a schedule? Didn't she just recently say she could do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted with her current job. Bitch, sleeping in until 4pm is your choice. It's your own fault if "your schedule doesn't line up with anyone else's." Try reasonable sleep schedule, you're not 18 anymore, damn.

No. 750309

File: 1545071261894.png (2.66 MB, 750x1334, E287CD0B-6945-433A-A2FC-445FBF…)

Is anyone going to mention the literal goblin that appeared in this thread

No. 750343

File: 1545075989315.png (651.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181217-102422.png)

She won't stop picking at her lips. She can't stop picking because she's not addressing the root anxiety.

No. 750348

lmao yeahhh she looks extra rough here

No. 750358


Her “drake” tattoo is straight up ON her titty now.

No. 750389

File: 1545084961253.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, C8DB700A-C2C7-4ACE-9579-FF0326…)

Why won’t this girl go to a fucking therapist? Seriously. I don’t understand WHY she refuses to go to a therapist. She has the money and the time. Would be super interested to hear farmers theories on it.

No. 750400

The next thing I expect to see from her is her used tampons. Come on Ari, you can do that.

No. 750421

She can’t handle the truth.

Seriously though, a therapist would would bring up her obsession with plastic surgery is toxic to her BPD and BDD and that she’s hurting her relationship with Matt by insisting she wants to be an escort instead of getting a normal job. She would fly into a rage about therapists judging her and letting people live their own life.

She knows she fucked up. All of this started when she rage quit her job on the spot and now has no references, when she blew 4 grand on an impulsive boob job that left her with hideous scars, that her “platform” was deleted and her reach is now limited. Her relationship with Matt is strained because she’s sticking her fingers in a guys ass for money while he works a 10 hour a day government job to support both of them.

I can’t imagine her reacting well to hearing all this and how she’s such a toxic person and her BPD is getting worse.

No. 750454

thats so true, i guess the idea of someone offering their unbiased and professionally informed insight into her cow behavior is terrifying to her lol

No. 750459

I honestly didn't think each and every one of her decisions were going to reach these levels of dankness this quickly.

No. 750497

She's not a willing person who wants to change her character at all she already thinks she's always right and cannot handle the slightest helpful suggestion she would complain about it and be nasty and I cannot see her keeping it up unless its court ordered…

No. 750517

Claims she is disgusted that she was treated better once she “fixed” her face but follows all the people who bullied her in high school to flex? She’s an idiot. Also she went out of her way to harass someone who was mean to her 7 yrs ago in high school while saying she doesn’t condone bullying, but justifying it cause she’s drunk and “it feels good”. She is a literal dumpster fire.

No. 750522

File: 1545136969270.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, A802EB71-DDD2-456A-A911-CF7CD3…)

So yeah she went off on her story for hours about how she feels so good because her former bully feels triggered by her putting his pics into her story and how he’s sooo ugly and shit. (Not that he looks any worse than Matt)

Then goes on saying „i feel like i accomplished something today“. Yeah, mainly that you are nowhere better then your bullies we‘re back than but even worse because they were teenagers, you are an adult.

She’s so consequent in her „all positive, no bullying, let everyone live their life“ lifestyle kek

No. 750537

Yeah, I wanted to say the same thing. Wasn't she so proudly showing off her boobs a few months ago - but now she's "suddenly" noticed the scars after we've commented about them here. Surprise.

No. 750539

So is she now drunk like every night of the week? Seems so from what's been posted here recently.

No. 750542

File: 1545140149421.png (2.96 MB, 750x1334, 9ECABA79-2304-4805-8B28-286250…)

Does she even realize that that desciption perfectly fits her as well or..?

No. 750554

What's her fucking obsession with people from high school? Girl. You're as close to high school as you are 30. Get a grip.

No. 750561

She said she went through and followed a bunch of ppl from high school so they can see how well she is doing…. girl your just roasting yourself tho your life is a mess

No. 750573

File: 1545145794692.jpg (886.03 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181217-204343_Ins…)

This is an image board.

No. 750579

File: 1545146717165.png (2.31 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181218-092122.png)

Holy fuck upthread someone said her nose looks like poorly sculpted clay and wow yeah this actually freaks me the fuck out. She looks so crusty and just the place where her nose attaches is just beyond fucked.. I will never understand where her false confidence comes from.

No. 750593

Definetly flexing on her old high school peers here

No. 750595

File: 1545149059381.jpeg (43.35 KB, 716x332, B7980554-4F60-4EA3-98A0-2AC714…)

All of her high school classmates when they see toucan sam show up in their notifications trying to “flex”

No. 750596

No. 750602

File: 1545150240006.jpg (706.41 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181218-101916_You…)

Thank you anon for grabbing it!

Ariana is so trashy. I think she's honestly stuck in the metal capacity of a 16 year old.

No. 750603

pretty much, she has nothing else to do

No. 750605

she looks soooo BOTCHED

No. 750612

File: 1545152139786.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, FA8D9A52-C19F-427A-96E2-0FEC08…)

Regrets from reading this thread obsessively

No. 750613

File: 1545152197863.png (2.8 MB, 750x1334, 116ECE2C-497D-470A-879B-724470…)

Samefag sorry
Look at her fake face on top of her real face

No. 750614

lmaooo this tattoo is soooo ugly and terrible oh my GOD i can't imagine having something this gross on me i would literally rip my skin off

No. 750616

That random blank space is bothering me so much

No. 750645

It's been like 2 days and she directly contradicts herself. Also the only thing sadder than someone peaking in highschool and gloating is someone having to compare their current self to someone's past just to feel accomplished.

Like that's next level pathetic.

No. 750650

Maybe her high school "bully" was calling her a troll not because of how she looked, but because of how she acted.

No. 750663

No. 750665

Video of her getting drunk then bullying her bully

No. 750666

Talkin about being a prostitute

No. 750667

Her friends story where she's puking in the background… probably from only eating one hot pocket in two days while also drinking too much

No. 750668

File: 1545160091313.jpg (566.6 KB, 1079x1745, Screenshot_20181218-040737_Ins…)

Jawline for years.

No. 750672

File: 1545160389970.jpg (840.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181218-141256_Ins…)

No. 750696

File: 1545162597480.jpeg (83.36 KB, 547x545, 5EC26D83-FDA2-4122-92E3-8A3313…)

No. 750701

File: 1545163234537.png (2.99 MB, 750x1334, C37DDFB5-0375-42B8-A0AC-574665…)

What a meal

No. 750711

Idk what this makes me feel

No. 750717

Nice collage!
Would you mind making one out of all the pics we have of her puking? That would be glorious.

No. 750740

File: 1545168230688.jpeg (153.79 KB, 750x1296, 98E48543-1145-4E4C-B2A2-7B1B6D…)

These are all I could find but I’m sure there’s been more

No. 750780

nemu and her would get along

No. 750807

Is that her freaking invisalign sitting on the napkin? What is all the green shit on it?

No. 750823

Saddened. Disgusted. Confused. Glad my label found this through google. We were recommended to approach Arianna from people at dolls kill and otherwise but, after doing a bg check on her and seeing all this I am glad we won’t be contacting her. It’s too bad when people support someone who supports such toxic behaviour.(bait)

No. 750824

Good that you are at least doing research! Dolskill should've known better

No. 750833

Lmao seems fake but ok

No. 750853

File: 1545182258524.jpeg (57.84 KB, 750x384, D2B683E5-F382-4D7F-A5EC-524402…)

Forgot to post but this comment was deleted soon after

No. 750862

Jesus imagine what her camera roll looks like. Nightmares

No. 750933

I want to hurl after looking at this photoset

No. 750947

File: 1545195019891.jpeg (141.59 KB, 750x1334, 2294C294-508A-490D-8B81-65CB8C…)

Damn Ariana please go outside and talk to people

Next thread picture please lol
I wish this was real but it most definitely is not lol

No. 751001

Dollskill isn’t reputable either, makes sense that they would be “hiring” people like Ariana. Aside from sporadic agency model hires, they only pay people in flights and minimal store credit

No. 751046

Haha wonderful anon thank you! This made my day!

No. 751110

File: 1545232238679.png (231.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181219-100855.png)

Her last post is definitely a clear face check, particularly her profile since we pointed it out. Except she'd sticking out her top lip a little (modern duckface) also angled it lower from the camera. She responds so immediately

No. 751115

File: 1545232586837.png (703.64 KB, 856x1024, Screenshot_20181219-101157~2.p…)

Mouth open or not..
She truncated her nose and upper lip that it threw her profile off so much. It is reminiscent of how faces start to sink inwards due to old age

No. 751124

File: 1545234350938.jpeg (507.93 KB, 2048x2048, 26F521C4-5191-4DBA-A402-074BDC…)

No. 751167

File: 1545240843830.jpeg (221.53 KB, 750x1207, D4B908E3-E3B9-40A6-8B87-44866B…)

Funny how awhile back she was hating on people doing portraits of her when when she had her big following but now she's acting all sweet about it

No. 751194

File: 1545245400798.jpg (846.02 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181219-104539_Ins…)

Oh god, there's no unseeing this. I think the only thing she's ever slightly good at is taking misleading pictures. And then she goes live and holy shit, a trainwreck. Kek

She "edited" a picture of herself for an ad, and I find it really amusing she didn't change the background or at least blur out her disgusting room, didn't smooth her flyaways, or manly arm hair. But she made her eyes bigger, fixed her lips/nose, and changed her lipstick color.

No. 751198

File: 1545246169822.jpeg (27.96 KB, 320x180, F11D1A81-B904-4DA3-B109-260790…)

No. 751207

File: 1545247288907.jpg (3.25 MB, 3413x1920, inCollage_20181219_111511052.j…)

>goes out to drink and vomits every time on purpose
>outs her insecurities about her childhood bully
>he messages her the same insults that broke her years ago
>she immediately goes into how she's just so hot that people pay her to finger their assholes

How can she be so transparent? This is embarrassing. It would be better to talk to friends about this embarrassing petty bullshit but she doesn't have any that actually care.

Look at her dumb smug face. She just proved she really is goblin-like and not just aesthetically lmao

No. 751211

She legit thinks she's so cool doing that bc she thought her bullies were cool when they did it to her but it doesn't really hurt unless you have a group of friends laughing with you and backing you up kek kek kek Still a lonely loser.

No. 751214

kinda feel bad for her idk she really just needs some therapy and to do something w her life like does she think trying to make yourself hot so people will like you will mean you'll then like yourself? you gotta get over it girl sometimes you're just ugly

No. 751224

>editing the 2 things she's had surgery on

No. 751255

File: 1545256006296.png (397.56 KB, 750x1334, 605C2907-5656-409A-938E-BBBA38…)


No. 751256

File: 1545256043238.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, 5A3FA4C4-758A-4A98-A3BB-FFD53F…)

And then Ariana was proven