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File: 1588810124135.jpg (518.92 KB, 2048x2048, ariscream.jpg)

No. 970102

PlasticandProud/PlasticnProud/Alice Amor/Ariana McMillan/Psoriasisbutmakeitsexy/scorpioassheux/versatileheaux (pnp, Ariana, scorpioasshoe) is a 25 year old plastic surgery addict, ex Instagram “influencer”, animal abuser, and full service sex worker in philly

>Vapid narcissist and obligatory BPDfag, “doesn’t care wat u think” but will have a defensive spergout and be mad for hours over the slightest rustle of jimmies

>has a botched nose job, lip lift and boob job that all have scarring from improper aftercare, had to have boobs redone and are still wonky, now wants fat grafting and another nose job

Previous Threads:

> art goes “viral”, changes her twitter handle in the middle of it with thousands of people linking her art, anon scoops up old handle so it goes to an account linking lolcow
>Wants to stop living with Matt so she can “have her own space”, has no idea where she’s moving
>still wants to “finish taxidermy school” despite not even starting
>sperging about “facial fat grafting” so she doesn’t have to get fillers anymore, and a second nose job
>photoshops even more than before, completely blurs out her red inflamed boob scars
>hates her kitten that she bought when it was too young for being “destructive”
>cries about how she gave a homeless person 5 dollars
>thinks world war 2 ended in 1968

Social media
Ig: scorpioassheaux
Ig: pickledpetshop (art)
Ig: (deleted) plasticandproud

Ig (deleted): Plasticnproud 

Twitter: twitter.com/AliceAmorLove

Reddit: Airkilla321
Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/aliceamorlove

No. 970109

Anon you used the wrong twitter account.

The new one is scorpioassheaux

No. 970153

What I'd love to know is: where is the fat for the facial fat grafts going to come from when she isn't willing to gain any, and why she calls this procedure permanent when she will stay skinny and just lose any weight they transfer to her face. Kek

No. 970161


same with the only fans link

No. 970168

File: 1588816998692.gif (3.04 MB, 368x652, 95464024_344904243154065_87390…)

I don't understand how she can post these stories and still believe that she looks like her facetuned pictures

No. 970176

File: 1588818654299.jpg (143.66 KB, 1125x2000, 95662963_226969208605167_36663…)

She posts this exact same thing about her grandpa and frogger like once a month wtf is she on

No. 970180

Samefag but this whole "my dad is permanent in his thirties" thing is exactly like her delusion about her blanket still being brightly colored. Wtf type of mental disability causes this type of thinking

No. 970204

Slightly disappointed in this thread pic. There were so many gems to choose from.

No. 970210

Same. I was hoping for a quality collage.

No. 970214

Finally someone said it.

No. 970217

the whole thing sucks and we still had 60 posts to go smh

No. 970251

who cares just get on with the milk. it's a gossip thread not an award winning hobby

No. 970265

I went and downloaded her "WW2 ended in '68" story since it gave me 2 min laughing fit yesterday evening. To good to not safe.

No. 970277

Thank you anon. This is priceless.

For what it’s worth, collage anon, I appreciate your effort.

Now let’s milk the cow.

No. 970301

This thread is as botched as she is. There are entire missing threads op forgot to link to when listing older threads, didn't include any kind of overview of old milk, included the wrong Twitter and IG handle and made the lamest thread pic I've ever seen. Someone please make a new one, there's so much to work with

No. 970316

I'm the anon who made the collage, but not the thread and I'm sorry. It was just made to show you guys what her faceshape reminded me of. I can't wait to see what's chosen for the thread after this one!
And holy shit, the video of her answering trivia on instagram has me in stitches. It's almost cartoonishly stupid, like she's pulling our collective leg with Poe's Law.

No. 970318

agreed. wish anons who won't take the time to make a good thread would just let someone else do it.

No. 970328

File: 1588863852662.jpg (223.75 KB, 1080x1170, 20200507_080306.jpg)

She definitely lurks and takes shit personal. Yall have called her out on mixing random opinions, awkward porn, and crappy art for a minute.

No. 970414

File: 1588877962463.jpeg (170.41 KB, 828x749, 1E4988F4-AC69-49A1-87A7-D0D085…)

She needs to seek therapy ASAP. Sexual trauma like the kind Ariana has experienced takes a serious toll on your mind and body. If she is working via sex work she’s only risking the possibility of triggering an episode. She needs to talk to someone professionally. It’s only going to get worse until she deals with the root of the issue.

No. 970437

what the fuck is wrong with this bitch. stop doing sex work if this is the case??????

No. 970445

File: 1588880974905.jpeg (80.69 KB, 750x183, 961BF420-04B9-4C4A-A062-60E4F6…)

Ah, yes.

No. 970458

File: 1588882285152.jpg (Spoiler Image, 865.66 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200507-141121_Twi…)

She's about as attractive as a potato

No. 970459

File: 1588882326729.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200507-141114_Twi…)

Saged for same image, but the fuck is up with her nipple.

No. 970465

File: 1588883518542.jpeg (178.2 KB, 1242x341, 008CA854-B5D2-4FBC-9479-CC7777…)

Then posting this immediately after kek

No. 970473

File: 1588885172649.jpeg (147.61 KB, 1125x956, 61840381-CE81-4A06-9109-46455A…)

assuming this is about matt, isn't he working right now? and didn't she just talk about not responding to people

No. 970476

ironically this comes from a person who frequently gets zero likes when tweeting her gaping asshole

No. 970526

File: 1588893720912.png (Spoiler Image, 5.76 MB, 1125x2436, 7E304FC4-644D-4141-841E-6DE863…)

this bitch is so trashy

No. 970528

She’d be better off with it suction cupped to the floor..

No. 970529

File: 1588893835473.jpeg (152.21 KB, 827x834, 3373B1B2-CA9D-48BC-9592-0DE638…)

No. 970536


she doesnt give a fuck about matt, she's talking about the client she's emotionally attached to.

she can barely get the guy to fuck her every couple months.

No. 970537

BPD completed.

That nipple, desperate to leave her body.

No. 970539

Agree. It’s her SD. She’s feeling the need for validation. He’s obviously not seen it or cba to reply, and she’s feeling rejected. Way to set yourself up for immediate high value reward then fail.

No. 970542

File: 1588895275284.jpeg (329.88 KB, 750x960, 55FA696E-326E-4B10-B33C-B085D5…)

Old tweet but never saw it posted here

No. 970556

Deleted lol

No. 970558

“I hate sex. I have sexual aversion” goes right to fucking herself dry with a dildo… very on brand for this trash bag

No. 970582

File: 1588899362485.jpg (143.99 KB, 1125x2000, 96219689_878029152703686_17089…)

About to dump some pics from 6-7 months ago that prove otherwise, all corroborated by past threads. Either you're a pathological liar or you are in complete denial Ariana

No. 970583

File: 1588899414857.png (1.42 MB, 1440x2349, 1567997186091.png)

(Proof of drug use)

No. 970585

File: 1588899450116.png (4.95 MB, 750x1334, 1568988574640.png)


No. 970586

File: 1588899482522.png (1.37 MB, 1440x2426, 1568895601714.png)

More drugs

No. 970587

File: 1588899489982.jpeg (236.31 KB, 1125x1586, D1325EEE-2B17-4195-8028-93A632…)


No. 970588

File: 1588899541863.png (2.77 MB, 750x1334, 1571969264031.png)


No. 970591

File: 1588899647697.png (779.75 KB, 1440x2433, 1571623983941.png)

Talking about needing to ditch alcohol only 6 months ago

No. 970592

I love a good throw back. This was one of my all time fav lewks, so many good screenshots.

No. 970601

File: 1588900896562.jpg (720.77 KB, 1080x2077, 1572311034222.jpg)

6 months ago…her getaway with the SD

No. 970602

File: 1588900971159.png (1.05 MB, 1440x2432, 1572480086937.png)

>once October's finished
November was only 6 months ago Ariana

No. 970603

File: 1588901036510.png (4.53 MB, 750x1334, 1572197129689.png)

Here you go, she's rolling hard in this one

No. 970604

Is that you Angelina?

No. 970605

Here's the thing about documenting every aspect of your life, ariana: its really fucking hard to lie and have it go unnoticed.

No. 970617

If this doesn’t make Cuckmatt’s stomach lurch then is he even human?

No. 970621

Just take a minute here…so many laughs were had as I read this through twice.

No. 970627

File: 1588903704016.png (4.93 MB, 750x1334, 1575080744252.png)

Thanksgiving..spot the brandy by the plate

No. 970629

File: 1588903876281.jpg (590.9 KB, 2896x2896, 20200507_211106.jpg)

More lies. The pictures on the right are from 5 months ago

No. 970648

She’s just grabbing at straws, trying to go viral again for anything she possibly can.

No. 970655

File: 1588907030149.jpeg (324.72 KB, 1242x825, 2E80A19A-136B-44E1-ADBB-2594F1…)

No. 970663

I’m cackling anon omg

No. 970709

That Bush's baked beans and Thanksgiving dinner combo was a choice

No. 970749

Hadn’t seen it posted, thanks. We all called it!! She could have just let them keep her deposit and moved closer to the school and attended in the autumn if it was her dream but any excuse. Also looks like she’s keeping the deposit… didn’t her grandad pay it or am I misremembering?

No. 970785


Now will she return the 10,000 to her grampa pimp or has she already spent it on roadkill and anti wrinkle cream?

No. 970819

whoever made this thread is a retard

No. 970871


She also claimed it was $10,000 originally and then now it's "$1000" of what was supposedly her grandpa's money but now it's hEr dEposit.

No. 970885

File: 1588953033885.jpg (176.86 KB, 1080x934, 20200508_105006.jpg)

Yes please take a break from all these things that normal people do as hobbies

No. 970898

File: 1588954676890.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 390.6 KB, 1935x1290, 7299E961-4B32-4C5B-881E-2BB1A0…)

Cryptid sighting, PA.
Possibly a swamp hag.

I’m so sorry for being eternally triggered by her not tucking labels in but bitch, you say taking photos of yourself is your job; can you at least try??

No. 970899

File: 1588954819055.jpeg (691.73 KB, 1501x2048, 261E6BE6-C6FF-426F-939A-0D9A4A…)

Is it just me or does this look really messy?

No. 970902

Youre not the only one. Where are your eyes supposed to go? Her way of shading with the dots combined with the splotchy, ugly glitter and the stripe on the snake make this whole fucking thing look like t.v. static to me. It's so busy it looks like how she dresses: No sense of color hormony with 4 clashing patterns thrown on together.

I also just noticed the snakes had practically disappears into the background kek

No. 970909

definitely not just you. looks like a first attempt at stippling. overdone to the point of looking completely flat

No. 970911

I actually like that colour for the background but why does she smear glitter all over, it absolutely looks like she doesn't know when to stop. You can't even see the hands/nails so well

No. 970913

I love the hate these little sloppy details about her. It speaks volumes. It’s just fucking dopey and zero attention to detail.

Already said by various anons for keen eyed reasons, yes she’s ruined this. Totally.

No. 970914

That snake’s anatomy is awful - very thin ‘neck’ and then a wildly varying body size after that. Did she own snakes at some point or am i confusing cows? surely she knows enough to know that looks wrong

No. 970915

It is not just you, it does look messy. And the glitter juxtaposed with the black nails just blends in. It gets lost when put beside one another

No. 970916

She also has a book about animals although it is an old book it still depicts them. Yes she owns a snake

No. 970926

her hair looks REVOLTING…..how can she pay tens of thousands for cosmetic surgery and be this sloppy??? it's just insane

No. 970927

i think she just showered and took pictures to prove us that she does wash her hair

No. 970940

File: 1588959553277.jpeg (1.18 MB, 828x1792, 4C39F198-8619-411D-AD2A-874294…)

Couldn’t stop herself from adding that gold leafing. She really is a goldfish.

No. 970943

absolutely horrible

No. 970949

The glitter. The fucking ugly ass glitter. That is seriously a $5 piece right there.

No. 970950

Has anyone else noticed she’s been losing followers remarkably fast ever since she took the art off her main account and replaced them with photos of her naked body?

No. 970961

is the gold from the middle fingers nail bleeding into the resin? absolutely sloppy work

No. 970965

No? The yellow colour near the middle finger is imperfection in the wood

No. 970967

it’s sad because you know some idiot is going to purchase this and ~validate~ how good her art is when it’s really not..

No. 971036

Why does she NEVER mention that snake? Usually people love showing them off. I highly doubt that it’s properly cared for.

That bra is not only filthy/pilly, but also downright ugly. Are you supposed to let your nipples stick out when wearing it?

I legit can’t check this thread while eating. It makes me nauseous every single time and completely ruins my meal. She’s without a doubt the grimiest human on the planet.

No. 971041

She does every couple of weeks; spoke about it loads just over a month ago when she changed up from feeding it mice to rats and she filmed the whole tank refit. It doesn’t like being handled apparently which is believable and it’s not like snakes do much that’s worth posting about

No. 971053

She doesn’t do much worth posting about either but that never stops her

No. 971055

Pahaha touché, anon, very good

No. 971164


this is the type of shit you'll see buried in a bin in a goodwill in a year. fugly.

No. 971215

At first i thought she was just wearing ill-fitting bras but then i realized this is the same ratty lingerie she's had for years. It dawned on me that the reason they don't fit anymore is because her implants have dropped so much that the bras kind of "settle" on the bottom half of her boobs and leave her nipples exposed at the top. Her implants are literally sliding down her chest and leaving her nips behind. Fucking grim.

No. 971250

Well the snake is in an enclosure that is too small, has inadequate bedding and not enough hides. They also need a heat gradient and appropriate humidity to help with digesting food and shedding - somehow I cannot imagine Ari checking temps twice a day and misting the enclosure when needed.
Poor snake, they are sturdy and will take a lot of neglect, it’s looking at another 15 years or abuse.

No. 971296

As much as I like talking shit about this cow, there are some parts of her life that genuinely just make me sad.
She needs some good therapy, to stop smoking weed and a stable job, but she's never gonna help herself, is she. She's just gonna move on to destroy her face & body even further.

No. 971328


wasnt this cunt going to redye over the nasty pink/purple that didnt dye the first time? this stoner is horrible with time management. its been weeks now and she cant find time to slather some dye on her head so she looks less ghetto. i bet she fits in perfectly in her crappy neighborhood

No. 971356

File: 1589036903905.png (Spoiler Image, 7.22 MB, 1242x2208, ED15A6D5-44A0-4119-97B1-D302C6…)

No. 971357

Deleting social media would solve 80% of her problems. It seems to have an especially negative affect on her, maybe it’s bc she has a low IQ and EQ. Not trying to be rude, but I honestly think since she’s not the brightest that she’s more susceptible to getting wrapped up in all the social media bullshit. It can’t be fulfilling having your phone glued to your hand taking pictures of yourself all day all to get very little sweet, sweet validation by followers. I know having social media is all part of her “line of work”, but making some major life changes would make her grow out of the cow she is.

No. 971359

Your post could be copy pasta'd into every thread and be true for over 90% of the time. Thank god they have no self control and share the world wide web with us to watch! She's an absolute monster.

No. 971360

File: 1589037987654.jpg (736.94 KB, 1080x1719, Screenshot_20200509-082548_Ins…)

"I think I'm going to skinwalk someone else for a bit bc I don't have an identity and I'm clearly dissatisfied with myself."

No. 971374

She thinks she's an internet celeb and she'd argue that she needs the internet for her income.
In reality, she could sell all her same shit and not constantly air out her drama online

No. 971382

it's the vicious circle of being a cow. they need the internet for validation and it's their only income, yet it makes them miserable and ruins their mental health and in the long run their lives

No. 971406

If I was Ariana's friend I would tell her this:
Delete everything and start fresh. Clear out all of your old tweets, change your username, and STRICTLY post ONLY whats appropriate for each account. Post only nudes and ads on your SW account, post only art on your art account, and create a private Instagram of only REAL LIFE friends to share intimate details and life events with. Keep it professional on your accounts that are for income, ie no talking about shitting, puking, psoriasis, sexual aversion, unpopular opinions, haterz, etc. Treat your business profiles as business profiles.

She'll never do this though because she's a goddamn idiot with mental issues. She will forever be a side-show trainwreck with an audience who wants her to perpetually crash and burn…all because she allows strangers to know every aspect of her trash fire life.

No. 971419

I just think its funny that she is supposedly trying to take down an internet bully, like that will somehow solve these problems. Ariana is her own worst enemy. Ariana continuously exposes herself to thousands of strangers. Ariana gives people ammunition to use against her.
I hope this private investigator is like "uhhh stop sharing intimate details on public platforms if you don't want people to use them against you…??"

No. 971435

File: 1589048641973.jpg (362.98 KB, 2172x3862, 20200509_132054.jpg)

I see u ari.

More skinwalking of latinamilk/frejanoir's friends. A couple threads ago an anon pointed out that Ariana copied the 1994 tat from a friend of LM, and LM had shared a pic of that friend and commented about the date tat the same day ari was trying to pick a tattoo.
Can you be your own person for like 5 minutes??

No. 971479

She claims she's not eating dairy (which is a lie obviously) for her skin issues, but has no problem pouring it directly onto her skin? She's retarded

No. 971486

Ummm?!? (Regardless of the fact she’s lying about not eating dairy) do you think people who are lactose intolerant can’t touch milk or they’ll have a reaction or s/t? Milk is anecdotally good for dry skin, even if you’re sensitive to ingesting it. Kek you dumb.

No. 971487

This post was about the skinwalking but nitpick about (literal) milk, sure

No. 971490

File: 1589056874780.jpeg (981.71 KB, 1242x1380, 624625D9-6CDF-4881-AC34-028A2D…)

Sage for no milk but yes she has the same exact tattoo as @ vulgarartist

No. 971497

File: 1589057633010.jpg (355.64 KB, 2896x2896, 20200509_155250.jpg)

Pretty sure her brain stopped maturing at age 14

No. 971506

Did you really need to post the name, especially because this has already been discussed? Smells like a self post. Also learn 2 sage

No. 971510

>"Sage for no milk"
>didn't fucking sage

No. 971523

File: 1589060721087.jpg (709.12 KB, 1054x1440, 20200509164433.jpg)

Why does she constantly say the same shit multiple times on different platforms

No. 971524

Also has anyone else noticed that this spray bottle is in like 90% of her photos somewhere in the background? I swear you could play wheres Waldo with it

No. 971542

Is fucking sadistic when you know she uses it to abuse her cat and the fact that its always within reaching distance of her shows how much she uses it

Here's hoping Tarte fucks up more of her rotting taxidermy because lord knows this cunt deserves it

No. 971570

Not trying to wk but not everyone follows her on multiple platforms…

No. 971581

Not trying to mini mod BUT SAGE YOUR SHIT.
also, she just has to brag about knowing nice people for every group of her followers?? What you said doesn't make her seem any less sad and idiotic

No. 971640


She has nothing actually happening to her, just the crazy thoughts and warped perceptions, so of course she has nothing to talk about. Her social media is her way of showing the world how she's sO sUCceSSfuL which is really just lies she feeds herself to keep going and feel better about her sad life. The hopelessness of her life is definitely enough to make anyone suicidal so it explains why she's constantly trying to pretend like her life doesn't suck. She's really just trying to create a happy, beautiful image and having strangers validate her is how she survives everyday in her botched body.

No. 971840


Yuppers puppers, the bottle is everywhere because she is constantly spraying her cat instead of actually trying to train it. Lazy pet owner.


Its sad that if she didn't have twitter/IG, not even she would believe she likes her life anymore.

No. 971842

File: 1589121170586.jpg (95.52 KB, 1079x297, Screenshot_20200510-073040_Sam…)


Things to say when you have nothing happening in your life and have no friends other than your soon to be ex and frail best friend that looks like an ugly fag.

No. 971844

File: 1589121881539.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 833.91 KB, 1242x1580, D1C9A615-01D7-4F50-8E8E-9B4EC9…)

I honestly thought Aaron was gay but I looked at his twitter and his only fans content seems to only involve girls, as well as constantly retweeting naked women (including Ari)…if I was Matt I’d be uncomfortable with their friendship

No. 971848

lol if I was Matt I’d be uncomfortable with her entire life. She has a SD, her gaping asshole is there for anyone with a Twitter account to see. This is the least of his problems. Plus, he is DoorMatt for a reason.

No. 971857



she already has no friends and shes pushing matt away. does she seriously think she'll be happy with just her SD who doesnt even respond to her nudes?

tinfoil, but i have a feeling shes banking on fucking aaron for only fans + sugar daddy

No. 971893

File: 1589134567239.jpg (950.55 KB, 1079x1749, Screenshot_20200510-141618_Ins…)

She wrecks the resin coating every damn time and has to redo it kek

No. 971894

it looks like someone took a piss on this. just terrible

No. 971902

File: 1589135621884.jpg (149.54 KB, 1080x618, Screenshot_20200510-143220_You…)

No. 971907

I've been following this thread for a while now and am almost certain she met Aaron via tinder and they fucked for abit before she met Doormatt, then their relatonship became platonic and they became roomates?
Correct me if i'm wrong pls

No. 971911

This is her worst piece by far. Absolutely headache inducing if you stare at it for too long.

I feel like she could use polyurethane if she wanted to cut cost of supplies? It works well with wood, and the execution might look better because sometimes that ultra glossy look from the resin takes away from her drawings.

No. 971931


Lol when you need to explain why your art looks as botched as your lips

I think Ari met Aaron on one of her many breaks from Matt Cuck. Famously there was a snapchat/Instastory of her in Aaron’s bed saying “I fucked up”. Aaron is one of the many reasons Matt is considered a cuck. Dude let the man live with them..

No. 971936

Artfag, sorry, but there’s literally zero point in using natural materials as a base if you’re going to coat the whole thing - including the sides - in resin. Leave the sides unfinished. Fucking dolt.

No. 971941


Matt's a cuck so he's comfortable with anyone fucking his dirtbag future guest on the show Botched. And Aaron still could be gay since dudes in the closet sometimes overcompensate by being promiscuous to appear straight. Aaron strikes me as someone obsessed with his image/ aesthetic/ persona so of course he posts pictures that make him look straight. We don't know how many guys he fucks that he doesn't share online.

No. 971949


You can buy resin on Amazon for $14 that would easily cover 2 of these shit art projects plus a few of her infamous fuck ups with letting it cure. She complains about money so much and shit being expensive (when she usually just pretends she paid a lot when it was cheap as shit) then claims she has a lot… then accidentally admits she needed to sell a painting to pay rent. Botched and broke when she used to be pretty. She's just like her compulsive liar Mom. Like scummy mother, like scummy daughter.

No. 971951

Samefag. Oh no I agree with leaving the sides unfinished. She is obviously coating the whole thing because either she is lazy or she lacks common sense to look up how to avoid the resin from oozing all over the place (i.e. she is lazy). If she opted for a topcoat that requires to be brushed on, that would allow her to have control over where it settles. But in all honesty, her bitching about how costly and time consuming the resin is to use is her way to justify her ridiculous pricing kek

No. 971952

File: 1589142590564.png (4.98 MB, 828x1792, 664D34FF-6583-4141-84B7-1DAAA0…)

Why did it bleed like that! I thought it was a imperfection in the wood but you can see before she poured resin that yellow mark was NOT there. I don’t hate her art as much as a lot of you guys do, but damn this price is bad

No. 971956

>>971952 *piece not price can’t type today damn

No. 971962

She needs to learn to edit. It would have looked so much better if she didn't go for a completely black background with glitter dumped all over it. The glitter looks like crushed up Takis dust btw

No. 971976

File: 1589145454164.jpg (64.94 KB, 656x651, ig1.JPG)

Saw this and was reminded of our cow. Is malar edema what gave Ari those gross lines on her cheeks in the Hot Topic photoshoot?

No. 971982

replying to the thread as usual kek >>970961

No. 971992

they matched on tinder and that's how they became friends, so i have no idea how matt doesn't get at least a little uncomfortable about it

No. 972014

File: 1589151119926.jpg (227.96 KB, 1080x1968, 20200510_184842.jpg)

She went live and did her makeup on her new art account for some reason

No. 972016

File: 1589151148991.jpg (301.21 KB, 1080x1975, 20200510_184812.jpg)

No. 972017

File: 1589151178585.jpg (317.77 KB, 1080x1968, 20200510_184828.jpg)

No. 972018

File: 1589151201847.jpg (326.06 KB, 1080x1921, 20200510_184948.jpg)

No. 972021

File: 1589151631772.jpeg (1.83 MB, 883x1708, 92F724BC-B3C6-46EB-8A3C-12B298…)

Idk if fotoforensics is actually legit but you don’t need a programme to tell you her eyes are shoopped to fuck. How can she so brazenly say she doesn’t photoshop when that’s not what humans look like, and it’s especially not what she looks like

No. 972030

File: 1589152688480.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 1584x2048, 20200510181752.jpg)

No. 972034

she’s upped the saturation and contrast (to make her tattoos not looked faded to shit presumably??) so much that her legs look rash riddle again, left areola is…not okay, boob job scars are fluorescent, and her lip piercing hole has its own gravitational pull.

Looking like a whole trailer trash wine mom and vodka aunt rolled into one

No. 972035

wtf is wrong with her leg

No. 972036

Zooming in on her areola was a mistake

No. 972037

File: 1589153349035.jpg (Spoiler Image, 539.92 KB, 2048x1390, 20200510_182210.jpg)

Nice shirt Ariana. LM posted this just days ago, and Ariana has to skinwalk her. Still not over the allamericanbadboy thing, huh?

No. 972039

She is 100% putting concealer on her boob scars

No. 972044

New drinking game: take a shot every time Ariana posts a nude with her baby blanket or spray bottle somewhere in the frame

No. 972048

Her makeup looks so cakey and heavy. You shouldn't look like you just rolled in a dust pile right after finishing your makeup, Ari. It also looks like she really is trying to hide her lack of jawline with that harsh contour. I'm aure it looks even trashier irl.

No. 972055

File: 1589155188155.jpeg (289.11 KB, 750x692, 73099207-DC48-40E6-8A41-1D4AE4…)

She edits so heavily that her pupils aren’t even round but all wavy and messed up. The artificial blue she adds also looks terrible. It’s sad that she has spent so much money on plastic surgery yet sits on her phone editing her face.

No. 972056

yikes her forehead wrinkles

No. 972075

I’m pretty sure Aaron is openly bi? I think that was mentioned in a really old thread. Sorry if I’m mistaken.

No. 972076

uhhh??? is she in the throes of another psoriasis outbreak? her legs look like she’s been fucking scratching a poison ivy rash to the point of it bleeding

No. 972077

i put money on matts next girlfriend being a natural type who doesnt wear much, if any makeup. years of fucking a clown must wear one down.

No. 972079

oh shit! her legs!
man this split/move with matt is gonna trigger an outbreak worse than last time and she’s gonna be alone in a new city on grandpas dime. shits gonna be wild and i cannot wait.

No. 972081

I could see that, but I could also see him getting with a unique looking, naturally pretty, edgy girl like Ariana used to be. Also kinda like Arianas ex's fiancée.

No. 972125

why does she have bleeding spots all over her legs?? is she having a flare up but not talking about it?

No. 972146

File: 1589172998276.jpeg (464.6 KB, 1827x1827, A597EC20-5D4F-463B-B5C5-D9F2EE…)

Posted in wrong thread, I searched through the recent couple threads and couldn’t find a better pic of aris masterpiece but here’s the exact same thing made by an actual taxidermist sold at an oddities shop

No. 972148


Bc she's delusional enough to consider how she does her make up as "art" when it's actually just basic makeup she copied from the actual hoes she idolizes/ skinwalks.

No. 972149


That deep valley in the center of her top lIp thing could easily be an obstacle on the X-Games. Even Tony Hawk would have struggled to clear that gap!

No. 972152


It's a different shirt, but sure, they're both e thots that like black long sleeve/ 3/4 length shirts that button down the front so they have the option to feel slutty if they wanna. It's a very basic look for basic bitches.

No. 972154


He'd probably actually be with someone who supports his music and actually likes his shitty doom band rather than a skinwalking clown who likes embarrassing electronic music.

No. 972274

I wonder if her next stupid surgery is to get those eye color changing implants that make you go blind

No. 972306

She consistently skin walks lm and her friends within days of their posts, but sure, chalk it up to coincidence.

No. 972310

File: 1589205868855.jpg (569.38 KB, 2896x2896, 20200511_090226.jpg)

Caption was "some morning cheese for you". I know what she meant, but all I can think about is how much she looks like she's made of cheese/how much she probably smells like cheese and its grossing me out

No. 972314

she has one of the ugliest smiles I've seen in a while. does she seriously think this looks normal?

No. 972326

Nitpick- wondering if she actually did some oral hygiene or if she just edited the thrush

No. 972333

Her nose contour looks like when you pan fry a sausage too long without turning it

No. 972343

sure, her makeup is still cakey as fuck, but her eye makeup looks so much better when she doesn't do the stupid stuff in the inner eye corner and under the eye

No. 972400

are her fillers dissolving or is she just stretching her lips over her teeth a LOT? also putting "morning cheese" as a caption just makes me associate that white gunk on her tongue with cheese

No. 972405

both lol you can see how hard she’s trying to contort her top lip so it doesn’t disappear like it normally does when she smiles

No. 972409


Morning cheese makes me think she kissed Matt Cuck too long and got some of his cheesy plaque on her chiclet teeth.

No. 972410


That perforated nose is gnarly to look at. I'd love to see Frankenface irl just to see what that thing really looks like.

No. 972466

living with her must be like living in a scene out of Black Mirror. i can imagine her despondently shuffling through her filthy, empty apartment that she solely rented out for better selfie lighting. in between the sparse furniture, it's riddled with pet hair, stray glitter and dirt that's been on the floor since she moved in. she walks up to the window and flashes a smile like a lunatic at her phone camera. she checks the picture, erases it, and smiles again while contorting her lips-cum-boils and squinting her eyes to look as if she's not entirely dead on the inside. she does this a hundred times in silence before she chooses two of these to facetune meticulously. she posts them on various platforms and spends the rest of the day, alone, rotating through each one to check how many Validation Points she's earned. euphoria begins to rush over her as likes roll in. relief– "the surgeries were worth it," she thinks to herself. "finally, people like me." she checks this thread to see what her ~haters~ have to say, and makes notes on what to improve in between sobs and bong rips. she sighs and gets ready to film herself shoving a musty dildo up her snatch before Matt comes home. they'll sit on opposite ends of their dirty couch, mostly in silence, while he plays video games and she keeps checking her selfies. even when her phone screen isn't lit up, she stares at it, obsessed with her own reflection and feeling equal parts disgust and delusional admiration. another fulfilling day for Ariana. tomorrow she'll do the same.

No. 972476

lol what is this fanfic

No. 972492

this is so creepy but i am crying at how accurate it seems. anon, you are either spending a lil bit too much time thinking about her, or you have a promising future in creative writing.

No. 972494

To be fair this is pretty accurate. It’s so depressing to think of someone staring at themselves all day, taking endless photos of their own face.

No. 972498

I love this

No. 972504

This is brilliant.

No. 972505

I know this is waaayyy early but, whoever makes the new thread should put this first thing as the description

No. 972519

File: 1589233165583.jpg (351.97 KB, 1080x1846, 20200511_163251.jpg)

Imagine fucking up your merchandise and selling it anyway. I feel bad for the chump who bought this.

Incoming, 1/3

No. 972520

File: 1589233237160.jpg (546.7 KB, 1063x1883, 20200511_164110.jpg)


No. 972523

File: 1589233318784.jpg (366.88 KB, 1080x2012, 20200511_163305.jpg)

Oops I can't count, 3/4

No. 972525

File: 1589233354635.jpg (132.78 KB, 1080x931, 20200511_163320.jpg)


No. 972528


This is what happens when you buy cheap materials. Waiting for the incoming “WOODS TOO EXPENSIVE TO CONTINUE” post

No. 972532

This guy literally says "there are ways to seal it" and she replies "so do you think I could do anything differently"…???
Her comprehension skills (or lack thereof) kill me

No. 972538

Also, not to woodfag but I'm fairly sure seasoned wood can also shrink. You'd have thought she would've looked into the properties and longevity of her materials before charging for her work lol, it's just incredibly sloppy

No. 972540

She's a scammer. She has always been a scammer. Whether its "accepting donations" for random made-up shit, or selling her private insta/snap with "daily posts", or selling "never worn" clothes on depop…she's always been dishonest in her money earning schemes at the expense of her horde of teen followers. Of course she would blatantly say that something went wrong to mess up her drawing and then sell it full price anyway

No. 972568

wood that’s properly seasoned shrinks from to smaller than it’s green size due to loss of water content, so you’re right that there’s opportunity for it to warp and release impurities into the resin like that. if she was so totally set on painting on wood slabs she could go to her local timber yard and buy seasoned panels - even if that’s not something the yard typically offered she could probably work something out with the workers. but that would require her not to look like a clown bimbo and speak coherently so they could take her seriously kek. also i’m stealing woodfag, i love it.

No. 972572

This smile looks so uncomfortable

No. 972581

Trying her absolute hardest not to look like a toothless granny

No. 972582

You’re right and they person literally told her the wood could still be wet and is probably leaching out sap, moisture, and minerals. Cheap wood slabs from michaels are not going to be processed anymore than just cut and lightly sanded. Batches could differ vastly. She should honestly put it in the oven on the low for a few hours to dry it out first. deciding to work with raw materials are a huge variable to add to your art. A simple google search before hand and she would have actually been providing a quality product that she advertises. Anyone who buys her work is a chump, she produces shit.

No. 972588

She doesn’t know how to smile because there’s no warmth or goodness to her and it shows.

No. 972611

File: 1589242246564.gif (1.76 MB, 368x652, 97512960_271396344041373_68097…)

Just watched Arianas ig story and I couldn't help but feel like I've seen this show before….(cont.)

No. 972612

File: 1589242278402.jpg (11.27 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 972615

Kinda feeling like her and Matt have been on harder drugs lately.

No. 972637

But she’s soOoOoOo sober kekekekek

No. 972638

Is “bewildered” the only “big” word she knows? So tired of hearing her use it in every other sentence.

No. 972640

Anon her adult career is spreading her asshole for starbucks cheese she isn’t exactly intelligent or thriving in life.

No. 972671

Anon, you’re reading my mind. My eyes rolled into my brain when I read ~bewildered~ it’s not even a good word choice for what she’s trying to describe, but that’s a nitpick.

………”morning cheese”……. Um, ok ari,
Her cheese breath made me dry heave. If I were to guess what she smells like, I would guess “morning cheese”.

No. 972681

More like dick cheese

No. 972694


This is like that Amy Winehouse video where her and Blake play with mice in a weird night vision looking scene and she swore she wasn't on drugs… then later it comes out she was literally cracked tf out. This video is Ari's fucked up version of that embarrassing video.

No. 972726

File: 1589265397653.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 747.9 KB, 2048x2048, D268D172-E987-4E59-BCD9-E4F0A0…)

The quality difference in these are astonishing.

No. 972769

I seriously wish she'd invest some money into tattoo removal. My top candidates would be the boob ones and the green turd on her leg.

No. 972775

The nipple tattoos genuinely make me feel disgusted they are awful.

No. 972783

You’re forgetting the “bear” on her arm that is just a big, wobbly, grey oval

No. 972803


Not sure she could realistically get rid of the boob tats without leaving some bad scarring. But i agree, they look like shit.

No. 972809

File: 1589286133570.jpeg (235.51 KB, 726x1088, 0666014A-9677-40AC-8E0F-0A2334…)

by cheese does she mean the white yeast all over her tongue?

gross bitch brush better(repost)

No. 972817

File: 1589288473668.jpg (190.73 KB, 1080x551, Screenshot_20200512-055959_Sam…)


Here's the poor kid that got suckered into paying money for "art" that Botched n Bloated admits to fucking up

No. 972836

* admits fucking it up on Reddit, not on any of her platforms that have followings. She’s a such a dishonest cow

No. 972906

To be honest, the tattoo's on her boobs are the only ones I find well done and pretty. But we've never really seen close-up shots of them (or I haven't been lurking long enough) so we never know if they are a shitty job like the rest of her collection of permanent doodles.

No. 972990

Can Matt be on hard drugs if he works in postal service? Wouldn't he get tested for being on drugs?

No. 973007

you can definitely do hard drugs without people noticing right away. tinfoil but amphetamines like speed or meth would explain her 14 hour "art" sessions and would synergize with matts job aswell. also explains their bad dental hygiene lol

No. 973011

Well he smokes weed all the time so he must not get tested. Maybe they only test during the hiring process? I guess i don’t know.

No. 973123

File: 1589329445874.jpg (547.15 KB, 2896x2896, 20200512_192300.jpg)

Just making observations but doesn't it seem like she's missing this dude judging by her tweets or…?
Her and Matt are over I'm sure of it.

No. 973126


The only people that think this even looks decent knows shit about tattoos. You don't have to zoom in to see that they're truly done poorly. You can tell from the lack of consistency in the thickness of the outline and the horrific shading job. This shitty tAttOoEr can't even hold the machine at the correct angle, and those lines show the confidence and quality of an apprentice at best. Not to mention the fact that it's a mandala, something that this non-spiritual idiot doesn't even know the meaning of. She probably just read the wikipedia definition and latched on to the concept without understanding it. Plus you can tell she just wanted to fit in with the pseudo-spiritual imagery that was popular with basic bitches at the time. She's a sheep.

No. 973131


No, they don't test. Not when you get hired and not throughout the course of your career. It's a low-paying job for uneducated people so they wouldn't have any workers if they drug tested.

No. 973166

Our mail is funded by the government, you classist ignorant fuck. Of course a gov job would test, especially around sensitive mail articles. He prob got a pre test. I think they’ll only test you again if you fuck up majorly

No. 973176

I know for a fact that they test upon hire. My ex used to be a postal worker. I’m not sure about being tested throughout their job..but they’re definitely tested before they’re hired. Don’t act like something is a fact when you don’t know shit, makes you look ignorant sweetie.

No. 973186

File: 1589337412067.png (43.33 KB, 300x226, 628F67FD-C134-48F7-920E-74A741…)

>wake up sheeple

No. 973236


They don't test in my city. My friend is currently one and I can confirm he's been a heroin addict since before he was hired. Many federal jobs say that you "may" be subject to drug testing but they don't unless they have a reason to suspect you're on drugs.

No. 973240


They don't test unless they have a reason to think you're using drugs.

And it's not classist to say postal workers are uneducated. Do a Google search on the highest level of education most postal workers have and then get back to me if it's not high school/ GED or less. But keep using big words you don't know the meaning to. That's some Ari shit.

No. 973242

File: 1589349743183.jpg (883.97 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200512-230146_Sam…)

Some white ankle socks to fantasize about

No. 973267

File: 1589358682935.png (5.95 MB, 1125x2001, D20973AA-BAF3-4CFC-B64D-AFB712…)

Such a creative she runs out of things to draw after a few months of deciding she’s an artist.
She used to espouse “my time is money” and charging people to ask her advice but now she’s wanted free ideas from people

No. 973400

Hmm, my bad then. I didn’t realize it was different depending on the city/state. Thanks

No. 973411

File: 1589384488068.jpg (693.68 KB, 1080x1388, 20200513104054.jpg)

No. 973429

Honey, no you don’t.

No. 973447

Those lips! I’m cracking up.

No. 973453

wow i think these eyebrows really suit her, they look good

No. 973457

are you on crack? she looks like a deformed fish that's been swimming in atomic waste

No. 973463

She looks constipated with those lips. With those eyebrows she looks angry that she’s constipated.

No. 973497

Does this have weird effects from editing or is her skin really that bad?

No. 973498

I want to believe she is doing an extra pout with her mouth but I can't be assured by her eyebrows.

No. 973501

File: 1589399303269.jpg (388.17 KB, 2896x2896, 20200513_144758.jpg)

No. 973507

anon, that's literally how skin looks. Her face is covered in a ton of foundation and powder, making it look dry, but her skin is by no means bad (in this picture, at least). Her gaping asshole lips, however…

No. 973510

File: 1589399973108.jpg (663.71 KB, 2896x1448, 20200513_150007.jpg)

I fixed it for her

No. 973514

100% spot on anon

No. 973524

How tall is she? Because those kind of eyebrows look like little horns when you look at people from above lmao

No. 973527

Okay so there's a lot wrong with the 4 that she picked, but the thing that bothers me the most is that 3 out of 4 of these people have tiny little baby noses…and the fourth doesn't even have a nose.
Shes delusional. No amount of makeup or facetune will convince people that your nose is small and dainty.

No. 973531

Sasha grey….my sides. She really thinks she has sex appeal huh

No. 973537

The longer I stare at this the more confused I get. I’m not digitally minded enough to know if this is bad photoshop or if he body is just built like a reptile

No. 973557

File: 1589404508318.jpeg (32.76 KB, 706x343, 60BF79DD-B791-4F4D-839A-43E767…)

Just caught up with the Ariana threads and I’m… y’all remember this scene in oitnb?
>I call her Ang cuz she looks like Angelina Jolie

No. 973564

C'mon arianna. You are close. You are so very very close to figure it out and to expand your brain capacity. Just one little more push.

No. 973567

File: 1589405579018.png (3.32 MB, 828x1792, CE124637-996E-495B-BF74-E2C191…)

Currently live. Admitted to being manic right now. Confirmed she’s moving out alone, but says she’s still with doorMatt. Sperging about her narcissistic mother and the irreparable damage she’s suffered lol.

No. 973570

angelina looks different here

No. 973576

I genuinely feel sorry for her she has such a meaningless embarrassing life. She has no identity and nothing sentimental to show for two and a half decades.

No. 973584

wym thats lord farquad

No. 973587

It sounds like she turned into her mother tbh

No. 973593


Don't zoom in unless you wanna see horrible bumpy skin with enlarged pores. And those misshapen lips… Major kek.

No. 973595


The weird puckering of the skin around her nose is a dead giveaway she's pulling some sort of weird face to achieve the constipated look.

No. 973596


Most women don't have the skin of a middle aged woman at 25. There's wrinkles and lumpy and bumpy spots in places that are just not normal. She has skin that looks like braille.

No. 973600

calm down anon fuck. your hate boner is showing. she ugly but not like that damn

No. 973601

That lamotrigine/lamictal doesn’t seem to help her regulate her manic cycles at all. If she even takes it kek

What a mess

No. 973610

File: 1589411880568.jpg (253.15 KB, 1080x1306, 20200513_181745.jpg)

No. 973614

File: 1589412223792.jpg (40.86 KB, 500x703, 5e6512ccf48cc78c63755c6335c532…)

Reminiscent of Tim curry in rocky horror but at least he had sex appeal

No. 973620

I've seen a lot of people with bumpy skin because of acne scars. She has maybe a couple of bumps, but you're blowing it outta proportion. If you wanna say something about her skin talk about her legs in >>972726 or her gross fucked up boob scars or even the scars around her nose.

No. 973625

File: 1589414438416.jpeg (113.86 KB, 863x828, A30F2630-D71F-4995-8C56-7D6017…)

Resemblance is uncanny

No. 973626

Her liner wing is so thick, it’s absolutely horrid. She really has no makeup skills idk why anyone hypes her up, looks like an 11 year old going through an emo phase. It’s not even a triangle what is that shape.

How does she not see how bad it is, she looks like a cartoon

No. 973637

File: 1589416033209.jpeg (470.04 KB, 750x865, 92439509-6894-48A2-861E-815917…)

Nice try.

No. 973640

THANK YOU FOR THIS ANON. Every time I post some LM/Freja skinwalk evidence there's always someone pretending like its a coincidence. Ariana is obsessed and I kinda don't blame her lol. She's everything Ariana aspires to be so its understandable.

No. 973644

She IS stunning. But that hair is a mistake

No. 973645

File: 1589416891563.jpg (1.5 MB, 1536x2048, 20200513194015.jpg)

She was obviously feeling herself today…yet couldn't bother to wash the dye stains off her neck

No. 973646


The perforated nose and the scars next to her mouth and that weird bump on her nose are hilarious

No. 973648

I'm aware this thread is not about her, but I feel compelled to disagree. I think she pulls off any look effortlessly. Ya know Arianas favorite quote "I make it look easy cos it is to me"? That would be way more appropriate applied to this girl.

No. 973649

File: 1589417771914.jpg (Spoiler Image, 322.59 KB, 1080x1787, 20200513_195504.jpg)

I love that she felt the need to clarify. Just wash your damn hands before posting to your SW business account!!! Are you trying to seem attractive or…??

No. 973654

why is she making that dumb ass face

No. 973664

File: 1589419863923.jpg (229.11 KB, 1080x926, Screenshot_20200513-203036_Chr…)

Its the cameras fault

No. 973666

taking a note out of her new bestie shayna's book of retard faces maybe

No. 973679

Absolutely cursed image. Banshee face. Who do you think gets boners from this

No. 973698

They don't. That's why she has 2 likes per pussy pic on Twitter.

No. 973700

File: 1589427092762.jpeg (255.6 KB, 1107x1115, 959335DC-62A2-45F3-95C3-71873A…)

there’s something so off about her

No. 973702

she looks like a human sex doll because her face is tuned to hell and literally made of plastic

No. 973709

File: 1589428794476.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 33.09 KB, 600x343, 14BF8ECB-6492-4CD6-BC84-1221D6…)

ari and her sugardaddy

No. 973716

You left out the best part of this pic, the caption
>"does anyone else have no fucking idea what they actually look like"

Thats what obsessively and compulsively changing your appearance will do to you

No. 973717

Samefag but also skinwalking can't be good for her body dysmorphia

No. 973720

She deleted this and uploaded this >>973700


No. 973725

File: 1589430130167.jpg (596.95 KB, 2896x2896, 20200513_232208.jpg)

Mods please don't ban me for reposting we need to just take a moment for a side by side comparison.

No. 973736

Ariana looks like LM’s 45 year old washed up botched mother kek

No. 973747

this is the first time i've seen a cow shoop their eyes smaller, kek. can you imagine having to facetune emotion into your face because you're that much of an empty husk of a human?

No. 973780

i'm convinced she immediately lurked after posting the first one, read this >>973646 and edited the fuck out of that picture. she edited specifically her nose and the piercing scars

No. 973785

And her eyes both in the bedroom effect of the droop and the unnatural alien coloring of the eyes.

What I’m curious about is why she edits her skin to look so gray hued

No. 973788

unpopular opinion but her makeup is probably the thing she does best (even if she edits the shit out of her face)
not tryna wk but this thread is pretty nitpicky about weird stuff like her piercing scars and her pretty normal skin
again, don't get me wrong, this chick is a big ol bitch

No. 973790

I think her makeup ideas are kinda rad but I think they’re poorly executed because she doesn’t take her time to learn skills, similar to her art. It’s not that it’s excruciatingly bad per se (although not good either), but it’s very amateur. Everything she does is like the bare minimum of effort- imagine if she actually put forth real effort

No. 973807

yeah her caked on drag makeup looks sooo good lol

No. 973814

She’s drawn on lower lashes with eyeliner, unless you’re a drag queen and you’re doing stage makeup to be seen from far away it looks awful.

No. 973831

Can you read? Lmao that’s not what that says kekekekek did you go to the same schools as Ari here?

No. 973835

File: 1589462151923.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 507.32 KB, 2048x2048, 89C9274D-8A2C-4BBF-B1C5-FBE2AA…)

No. 973847

File: 1589464361470.jpeg (126.52 KB, 366x575, E94DFD2A-BC8C-4FCD-8321-C3B667…)

Nightmare fuel…does she really think the eyes rolling into the back of the head is sexy?

No. 973852

imagine spending thousands of dollars to look like a bimbo plastic fuckdoll and still having to edit every single picture you post online and have the sexappeal of a shitting cow. i don't think there's a single man on earth who thinks she's desireable. she's a fucking trainwreck. and the worst thing about it all is that the only reward for putting her snatch online for everyone to see is a handful of likes (on a good day!!). what a sad sad existence

No. 973858

I can't stand the faces she makes. it's so transparently fake and just generally unattractive

No. 973870

Her gash is nauseating

No. 973875

Can someone pleeassssee go save her intro video from Twitter and post it here? I'm an idiot and idk how to download a video from Twitter but that video is too good for us to not document.

No. 973879

it's one thing to pose naked with some cute socks/stockings on, but why these nasty cheap ankle socks? who tf is this supposed to appeal to

No. 973882

holy fuck not only does it look like she has no teeth, she also speaks like that. the video is top level cringe. is she trying to act all cute and ddlg with her plushy and the weird ass moves? i hate it

No. 973886

I just watched it and…. jeez, it was a whole ass mess. Awkward as hell, she looks grimy with that weird line on her ass? It’s like she couldn’t decided if she wanted to be nude for it or not too with that stuffed animal lmao

No. 973896

File: 1589474636808.png (3.7 MB, 750x1334, C23BBA2A-353F-4D7A-A8CF-1EBD68…)

It almost seems like her nose is getting bigger …

No. 973898

I mean she likely has had filler injected into her nose in the past, very common form of "non-surgical" nose job these days.

No. 973899

File: 1589474902853.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.67 MB, 368x652, PaUhIjWjB_G4h2Z5_1.gif)

Self harm maybe? Idk what that line is

No. 973900

File: 1589474959195.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.51 MB, 368x652, PaUhIjWjB_G4h2Z5_2.gif)

No. 973901

Her nose isn't getting bigger, you're just looking at it before she edits the fuck out of it in a photo.
She's also on live claiming she doesn't know how to edit even though her photos are a catfish of her actual face

No. 973902

she says it's from dyeing her hair but how do you get hair dye on your asscheek like what??

No. 973903

I would if i wasn’t a tard sorry anon- but I just watched it and the way she said ‘make ya cum’ with lispy disinterest was maybe the least attractive thing i’ve ever seen. And when she turned around to present us with he butthole like a cat did she mention she dyed her hair because she’d somehow gotten it on her ass? Couldn’t tell if that was what the line was…

No. 973912

Arianna’s makeup is hot shit. It’s horrible. Like I mentioned above, her “winged” liner is crazy thick and wonky. She can’t even draw a thin straight line on her face. Any basic Instagram makeup page does a better “simple” look than PNP’s full drag. You can tell she’s kind of following IG trends and trying, but it’s not well done makeup imo

No. 973914

File: 1589475700759.jpg (2.12 MB, 2160x2160, 20200514120131.jpg)

What is this

No. 973915

she’s also saying in her live that the “double dots” on her eyes is “her thing” and that she’s claiming it lmfao. also saying how she doesn’t like the concept of a therapist because they act like there’s only one traumatic thing that happened and she has soooooo many things that have happened.

No. 973917

here you go lol
she literally sounds like she’s wearing dentures


No. 973921

Also treating Matt and her dumb cat like dog shit. Plus talking about getting fucked by 17 people in a couple month period with him like two feet away. lol

No. 973928

what the fuck is that rank ass sore on her upper lip?

No. 973930

"just dyed my hair sorry"

how do you get hair dye on your ass lol

No. 973931

those brows really emphasize her botched face. they make it look like she's had a fucked facelift

No. 973945

File: 1589477702471.jpeg (105.88 KB, 750x958, B45E3D29-5176-4643-BD91-DD558D…)

No. 973948

File: 1589477906467.jpg (290.57 KB, 1920x1089, PhotoCollage_20200514_11373478…)

Lmao the real color of her eyes

No. 973951

God, shes so painfully average. I do think shes alright at makeup though (unpopular opinion eek) like she'd be a F but her makeup makes her a d-. But really shes just awful I'm not trying to give her much credit

No. 973955

File: 1589478705219.jpg (362.91 KB, 1920x1305, PhotoCollage_20200514_11483851…)

Who did it better kek

No. 973960

She thinks she’s quirky for liking the 70s vintage stuff when in reality it just makes her like every other girl in their 20s, such a basic bitch. Literally a carbon copy of every other cow

No. 973962

She spends all this money on her face and she doesn’t even look good with natural makeup/ no makeup. Real models get work done to look beautiful naturally. She still has to pile pounds of makeup on with her new face to feel attractive.

No. 973965

During a live she literally repeated to herself “I look like a drag queen but it’s fine. Fuck them.”

No. 973973

yikes man…not even she can convince herself she doesn't look like a travesty

No. 973982

It’s from overfilling her lips. The interior part of your mouth that isn’t supposed to be exposed will flip up and dry out.

No. 973997

Her nose probably appears larger as her cheek fillers dissolve.

No. 974002

I fucking hate how she is applying more eyeshadow after shes done her eyeliner ffs like girl why are you ruining the blackness of your eyeliner like that

No. 974010

File: 1589483821539.jpg (213.18 KB, 580x676, 20200514141700.jpg)

No. 974014


No. 974015

File: 1589484080035.jpg (308.61 KB, 680x680, 20200514142006.jpg)

The fact that she's been posting all these selfies WITH DYE ON HER NECK is hilarious. She did the same thing with dye all over her head when she dyed her hair pink. All it takes is a little more effort and you could look like less of a slob.

No. 974018

Holy shit. She should have deleted this video as soon as she made it, even her accent is weird I don’t even know how to describe it but whatever it is, it’s not sexy at all. She’s so crass

No. 974020

File: 1589484400927.png (6.33 MB, 1125x2436, CA9F123E-8B45-45AF-A014-99F75F…)

“Her thing” lol nothing she does is original

No. 974021

They both look like Lord Farquaad.

No. 974023

File: 1589484505251.jpeg (359.18 KB, 557x1004, 12DBA361-F0FA-4F03-A806-A489AE…)

It's all over her nasty ass fingers, too. For someone who cares so much about appearance, she sure always appears grimy. She probably sees these things in her photos and tells herself she'll post it anyway to stick it to us, but to the average ig user or her followers that aren't on here, she probably just comes off as dirty lmfao. Nice one, Ari! You're really showing us!

No. 974024


She only ever has interesting makeup which is why insecure teen girls follow her. There is no sex appeal on her, especially to men.

And to clarify? it's not her piercing scars that fuck up her face. She has a weird pock mark looking spot to the left of her mouth in the "before" pic. And the bumps on her skin look like when someone wears heavy makeup all the time and their pores absorb the face and makeup oil. Then their pores tighten with the makeup still under the skin and leave bumps. For someone who brags about having great skin, she really should have an esthetician extract the bacteria swimming under all those bumps.

No. 974029


The line is probably from her aggressively grabbing her ass like she's trying to claw it with her uneven bitten nubby nails

No. 974034

This hair color and cut is so hideous on her , it does not suit her whatsoever. I never usually jump on the “she looks 40 years
Old” train, but holy shit she really looks so much fucking older. It’s like a sad, lonely middle aged woman trying to look “hip” with fading fading tattoos and bloated cheese face. Also, you can totally tell she bumps the blue hue up to make her hair look glossier and her eyes bluer. And glad her lip piercing scar is finally getting some hate, they’re so atrocious I always wondered why it wasn’t mentioned often.

No. 974067

File: 1589487347845.jpeg (193.43 KB, 745x973, D05416C8-133C-4922-90AA-D562AC…)

How is that … a “regret” .. ?

No. 974069

she is so goddamn stupid. owns one vintage jacket and suddenly believes she was ~born in the wrong era~

No. 974075

She is so sloppy with every single aspect of her appearance and none of it is executed. With her haircut, it looks like she’s trying to go for a more modern 50s haircut which would and does look cute on a lot of cuter girls. That jacket doesn’t go with her hair cut at all nor does the rest of the fit. Like this bitch couldn’t pull a cool period (50s,60s,70s etc) piece look if she was paid to. She looks like a rejected rockabilly girl with a botched face and people who listen to Young the Giant Tattoos who then wandered throughout the generations in total confusion and sanity

No. 974076

And her version of sanity doesn’t read as “cool” it reads as dirty, depressed, and empty

No. 974099

>this bitch couldn’t pull a cool period (50s,60s,70s etc) piece look if she was paid to
fucking this. i've studied fashion history for years and this kind of shit is just pure cringe to me

No. 974103

Ohhhh I guess this is her “reinventing her image”

No. 974108

This vision of the future is horrific.

No. 974120

those deep ass creases by her nose/cheeks always make her look simultaneously 60 years old and like she's smelling something vile, lmfao

if she's really in the mood for surgery, PLEASE fix that shit instead of further botching that poor abused beak

No. 974132

File: 1589493367936.jpeg (722.63 KB, 639x1155, 70A8E731-5BF9-465D-BA65-0D31B0…)

No. 974137

File: 1589493874442.gif (7.83 MB, 368x652, zEGaXJp01Y-03saz_1.gif)

Matt looks like he weighs 100lbs

No. 974140

File: 1589494272778.jpg (1.16 MB, 1080x1571, 20200514171037.jpg)

Can she ever go to the dog park without complaining about other dogs

No. 974145

File: 1589494571856.jpeg (5.73 KB, 201x251, images.jpeg)

Her makeup and waxy bloated face remind me of these masks

No. 974152

Who tf goes out in public with make up like that?? And her perforated nose is so bad. The wounds are so deep her beauty blender can’t reach the foundation in there.

No. 974154

The make ups the same…. the chin is the same…. the clip in teeth are the same…. I see no difference.

No. 974157

Well if it isn’t ye olde granny tranny. Pure nightmare fuel. She should get a facelift above everything else tbh. Her face is literally drooping off, the nasallabial folds are so deep they go down to her fucking chin.

No. 974161

File: 1589495499432.png (Spoiler Image, 374.43 KB, 2487x852, pigwithstuffedanimal.png)

Lmao when she gets pissed at the stuffed pig for falling over

No. 974165

File: 1589495606266.png (Spoiler Image, 152.11 KB, 223x349, Capture3.PNG)


No. 974168

holy shit KEK I'm just now getting to watching this, what the fuuck was she thinking

No. 974175

Step 1: be a dumb bitch lel

No. 974184

File: 1589496792275.png (81.71 KB, 1190x198, Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 12.5…)

lol this will never happen

No. 974186

I was confused watching it because she’s posted incessantly about “my MASSIVE bf/fiancé uwu”. As if he’s some human giant and she’s a tiny frail little fairy. They look like they’re the exact same size here….

But also, Matt used to be a little chubby from my memory. Maybe the stress caused by ari made him lose weight? Drugs? Who knows.

No. 974188

slurps up dentures

No. 974190

Thought the same thing. They look the same exact size. No way he’s 6’4”, her feet look bigger than his.

No. 974200

revenge porn, nice job faggot

No. 974202

Lol I think this would be good for her for a while but I bet my left tit she will start doing everything else under the sun to cope with the boredom.

She should stick with just weed, which isn’t nearly as damaging to the body as other drugs or alcohol. Ari if you’re reading ween off slowly and build some willpower by only smoking at night instead of making impulsive decisions you won’t keep. Babby steps…

No. 974209

Typical of this bitch. She said she wouldn't take frogger to the dog park anymore because of her bad hip and the risk of injury but she wants to so she does it regardless of how much it could hurt her dog..

No. 974222

File: 1589502267925.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1242x1893, FD0A1632-E2F7-43F9-A790-A9A01C…)

I used to work at the club she tried to dance at and I’m 99% sure she either didn’t make the cut for night shift or got fired after 2 days.
Sage for unrelated but if you guys find this girl entertaining @caseycherries is a gold mine. Former stripper/escort/botched episode now on of with her tweaker boyfriend. Pic related this girl is 22..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 974224

File: 1589502957871.jpeg (2.23 MB, 1242x1947, E3F93051-AD71-4D14-8FE0-A27DD2…)

No. 974226

File: 1589503453296.jpeg (236.83 KB, 1242x658, A2BA393C-1D4C-4E3C-8DC0-A71E65…)

No. 974227

can you stop self-posting and sage, you disinteresting bitch?

No. 974259


Angelina's got so much shit packed onto her eyelids that you can't see her already small eyes. And that harsh bridge contour must look horrendous irl. Bitch definitely looks like there is something wrong with her and shows her low self esteem in pathetic ways.

No. 974266

Why do you losers feel the need to constantly give advice to cows when neither us or them cares? If you want to be her life coach, slide in her dms or something. Guaranteed she'll cuss you out though. (dont do it btw thats cow tipping)

Just enjoy the show. No one wants to read your shitty ideas about how you think they should fix their life, it clogs up the threads… its a gossip forum not a self help forum for psychos. These people never change anyway. Its like some anons have a hero complex or something. If anyone deserves to be helped, its definitely not Ariana McMillan of Philadelphia.

No. 974268


Her hair is just a shitty overgrown, uneven bob- you know, the favorite hairstyles of soccer moms.

She's actually making herself look older with her ugly 70s jacket. But her poses are like the poses you do as a joke and to look like an ignorant child.

No. 974274

You can always tell how hideous irl the ridge eyeliner and crayola freckles are in candids and non selfie photos like the one with her and frogger at the dog park from today.

No. 974275


Those jeans just highlight how dirty this scumbag is. They don't look good on anyone, especially not a trailer park skank. She just looks like she couldn't find her pants and borrowed pants from Homeless Steve down the street. Matt is looking tore up too, like he's barely hanging onto a dying relationship.

No. 974276


We really don't have any real evidence that she wasn't born a dude or a hermaphrodite. But this picture sure supports the theory that she's a mtf.

No. 974280


It looks like the lines down to her mouth are caused by putting so much filler in that the front of her face is puffy and she can barely move her mouth without it looking like a contorted struggle. And once she gets her "new face" she'll just be permanently stuffed, like her beloved taxidermy. Maybe that's why she's so into taxidermy, bc things can be changed to look the way the taxidermist wants it to look. Cut and paste face wildebeest.

No. 974281


Michael Jackson is still alive and masquerading under the name of Ariana McMillan!!! He's pretending to be a "successful" dollar store ho, yet she doesn't even know how to spell ho based on her shit mini tattoo.

No. 974286

File: 1589512190396.jpg (480.22 KB, 1080x1429, Screenshot_20200514-200853_Sam…)

Life as a discount cam girl. Her lack of sexiness requires her to reel in "fans" with cheap prices. Quantity over quality is her trademark.

No. 974313

File: 1589517701365.jpeg (448.04 KB, 1242x979, D4605DF1-C7D2-4136-8900-293397…)

Is she ever not saying something mean about Matt unless it’s about the size of his dick? She really can’t stand him, she’s just dependent as fuck.

No. 974316

yes we do. it's called our eyes

No. 974318

File: 1589519434994.jpeg (55.41 KB, 828x248, 1A1600A8-B179-49DB-A04D-0EC191…)

Ok this is stupid and cringey, even for Ariana.

No. 974319

selling herself for less than a price of a mcdonald’s burger. absolutely thriving.

No. 974324

File: 1589520690986.jpeg (558.19 KB, 828x1225, 45939DF2-76CA-406F-B842-0B7E75…)

Private IG update. Nothing new.

No. 974325

File: 1589521022184.jpeg (191.44 KB, 750x462, D7BFFA81-62D3-4449-AECF-84EB05…)

>of course my own failure is my boyfriends fault

No. 974326

File: 1589521130790.jpeg (340.08 KB, 750x698, 3DC86BA7-EA45-4662-9974-FE59B1…)

This selfie is probably the scariest to look at yet… (1/2)

No. 974327

File: 1589521151461.jpeg (586.1 KB, 2048x2048, C8DD6979-A281-4FCA-A4F5-6F026F…)


No. 974328

I can't even be bothered to point out just how many fucked up and retarded shit she just vomited into this post. this is exactly the type of untreated mental illness that just grows on top of itself until inevitably she snaps and does some fucked up shit later in life

No. 974329

Instagram posts bitching about her pet to leave her alone so she can do her makeup to take photos of herself? Asking strangers on the internet how to try on personas? I cannot believe she’s in her mid twenties and not embarrassed by her life.

No. 974330

The level of body dysmorphia to butcher and age yourself with plastic surgery only to wind up looking this bad and unable to see what everyone else does is just depressing.

No. 974336

I started following this cow years ago when she still had the dog sitting job and felt entertained by her stupid rants. Oh how she has fallen, it’s shocking. I used to feel sorry for her because she’s obviously sick but now her life is like the biggest shit show ever. I literally cringe at everything she does and whenever she’s live it just seems like she is completely cracked out. Honestly, I kinda get the feeling that she’s about to die soon. Something is terribly wrong with her but Arianas head is so far up her own ass that she’s never gonna change. I can’t even look at her face for too long because it’s just so grotesque.

No. 974340

He lost weight so fucking fast. HIV, drugs, no money for food, who knows. But he lost so much weight. She’s looking very thin as well; despite some anons thinking otherwise, her cheeks are more sunken in than before

No. 974346

It’s appreciated anon, even if you couldn’t be bothered to unpack it, lol. This is pure brain fart, I love seeing her manic cogs jamming and steaming.

No. 974347

Why does she even try anymore

No. 974364

File: 1589529676351.jpeg (874.96 KB, 2048x2048, 307FEA80-79E7-49E0-8C5F-D5CEB9…)

No. 974370

The one on the bottom looks so cute the f she really messed up bad,she looks like that girls mom now

No. 974373

she always says her lip lift is her favorite thing she’s had done but that’s the procedure that really fucked up her face. she should invest in laser treatment for that nasty scar

No. 974378

it genuinely upsets me she could have waited a few years and got the new lip filler technique that flips your lips up and not outwards instead of her lip lift and botched fillers cos she was genuinely gorgeous in the bottom pic and that's all she would have needed

No. 974379

proof that lip enhancement isn't for every thin-lipped person and face structure and harmony plays a huge role in everything

No. 974401


Sorry if this question is dumb but how tf did she pay for so many plastic surgeries at her age???? I don’t really follow this cow specifically but I feel like she’s had more work done then some middle aged women

No. 974402

credit cards

No. 974408

Credit cards, being a prostitute and letting her grandpa pimp her out to the local natives

No. 974413

This sounds like the diary post of a third grader. The punk portion was so cringey that I almost had to stop reading.

I really don’t think I’ve ever seen her look worse. She has a terrible lazy eye going on.

No. 974414

in the right photos she actually looks her age and her eyes have confidence. On the left, she looks like a blow up doll from a horror movie. She might not have been conventionally “hot” before her procedures, but at least she looked unique and human, not like molded plastic with nothing inside.

No. 974423

File: 1589549992245.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1533, 05411C01-4B30-4240-84F2-6BE1FF…)

It freaks me whenever you see her looking into the front facing camera she can’t take her eyes off herself for a second, a true narc

No. 974440

have you not seen pics from her actual ana days a few years back? she’s nowhere near her lowest weight and looks a hell of a lot healthier than doormatt

No. 974449


This bitch is as far from punk as Donald Trump. You wanna know how to be a poser to try to fit into a scene that doesn't want you? Don't be Ariana Mcmillan.

No. 974450


Sorry Ariana, your greasy uneven hair doesn't look punk, despite what you think.

No. 974455

File: 1589556973345.jpg (390.62 KB, 1080x1123, Screenshot_20200515-083053_Sam…)

All those zippers make her look like a middle school kid who just watched The Craft and dug through the discount bin at Hot Topic. Throwing a 70s jacket on top of that mess is just making her look like more of an identity lacking joke, moreso than she already is.

No. 974456

This bitch is the worsttt she reminds me of randos I went to high school with. The fact she had gauges says it all for me. She has no taste and no knowledge and it’s actually so embossing. Most “punks” don’t even look “punk”. She’s the type of bitch to Stan MGK or some shit and think he looked “punk” or better yet she reminds me of those e girls on tik tok who try to make videos looking “goth” or “punk” but still just look e-girl the only difference is this bitch is approaching 30 and still has to identify surf? She has no coherent looks whatsoever and her makeup color schemes make me wanna vomit. For someone who’s soooo creative and has an ig dedicated to her “art” she is artistically chronically constipated

No. 974457

Perioddddd. It’s funny bc the jacket isn’t even that cool and does not look good with that fit at all the stark black w the warm toned 70s jacket. Plz bitch. Just stick to ur cheap Ali express clothing or whatever romwe ass site u shop from. Bodysuits and Ill fitting jeans suit u, with random Ross combat boots. She’s so wack it’s insane she has a following.

No. 974461

Holy pillow face, Batman!

No. 974463

Back when she actually looked like a human. Now she just looks like one of the creepy sex robots with the very human looking eyes peeking out.

No. 974473

File: 1589561075336.jpeg (105.61 KB, 853x1280, D2B08CEE-A75C-4A2E-AFEA-A31B97…)

She truly fucked her face up, I don’t think she’s ever looked better than she did around this period

No. 974475

Prolly cause you and Matt are rapidly dropping weight dumb ass. Rapid weight loss causes really pronounced under eye bags. Go to a doctor for fucks sake. This bitch is truly about to drop dead, I’m seconding the anon that said they think she’s going to die soon.

No. 974494

the hiv must be running it’s course

No. 974506

File: 1589567525072.jpeg (663.79 KB, 2048x2048, DD03589A-D322-4B10-9571-358F78…)

It went downhill FAST.

No. 974508

It kills me she was bleaching her hair white from red only 4 months ago and now it’s pitch black. RIP her head

No. 974515

that first pic really embodies her energy. she looks like a hateful bitch. she really must have stopped mentally developing in her teens

No. 974522

File: 1589569576660.jpg (384.38 KB, 1080x1114, 20200515_210605.jpg)

oof your eyeliner really should not look like it's trying to immigrate to your eyebrows

No. 974524

File: 1589569760760.jpeg (79.83 KB, 675x717, F081929C-52BA-42DE-B971-28AFB4…)

No. 974526

File: 1589569861488.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, E6143DD2-5AE1-4C4F-9400-26FE19…)

I wonder what she would look like if she never got the lip lift. Her upper lip is so pumped full of fillers that it’s drooping and heavy… imagine if she never got the lift to prop them up lol

No. 974533

her face is such a tragic train wreck

No. 974539

File: 1589571632664.jpeg (239.33 KB, 828x1472, BC28B19B-E2CE-4120-A049-2704A0…)

One of these things is not like the other.

No. 974544

All the lift lip lift provided is now def gone due to over filling her lips for years. They look saggier than before. A good lip injector would’ve stopped her and told her this, but ari goes to cheap places like the dirt bag Kaitlyn@the_plastics_pa

No. 974547

She was freaking out the whole live calling herself a “baboon” and saying things like “if I saw myself on the street I’d avoid that scary drag queen”. She was obsessing over her imperfections when Doormatt scared her as he came home. She told him “I’m on live so don’t be a pervert”? Soon after the live ended abruptly with her exclaiming “I hate it!”. She was doing all this to simply.. go outside.

No. 974548

that nose contour in the bottom right is fooling no one…

No. 974556

The whole point of a lip lift is to get some tooth show… I’ve literally never seen her teeth while talking . Only time you see her teeth is when she has them clipped in and is contorting her face to create a semblance of a smile.

No. 974596

Wow she looked like this…It’s truly horrowcow level with how much her physical appearance has degraded.

Imagine how miserable this cow is reading our comments, seeing reality in the mirror and obsessing on how to fix it despite being irreversible . That’s some purgatory torture.

No. 974630

File: 1589581223551.jpg (130.76 KB, 461x486, 20200515_180617.jpg)

is it just me or does she have a legit lazy eye in this pic? ive seen other anons say it but this is the only pic ive noticed it in… like one eye is drifting out…

No. 974631

File: 1589581448703.jpg (708.86 KB, 748x900, 20200515172343.jpg)

Wtf am I looking at

No. 974636

Her new ~ pUnK IdEnItY ~

No. 974647

Aging backwards

No. 974659

How is it her cheeks are so lumpy when she hasn’t had filler injected there in forever?

No. 974663

this poor baby. seriously this is a much worse horrorcow than luna slater ever will be to me. she seems to be genuinely a bit slow and she's clearly very mentally ill and it's sort of weirdly heartbreaking to see her live such a terrible life while pretending she's getting bills paid and has never looked better. like she has a strange sense of pride that a lot of cows don't and i know she can be shitty with her cat but oh my god.

No. 974664

I could totally be wrong but I think her false lashes make her look that way. Idk what she’s doing wrong but they’re always so droopy on the outer edge of her eyes. Maybe she doesn’t trim them? Maybe that’s what gives her the lazy eye effect. Honestly i think her lashes are what make her makeup look so bad. I’m glad she stopped putting liner on her inner corner tho..that was ruining it too. We need to fix this lash situation.

No. 974665

Sorry to Samefag but i just noticed she does have liner on her inner corners in this picture!!! Yuck! That doesn’t do her any favors!

No. 974669

File: 1589588548839.png (1.5 MB, 828x1792, C7B88CCA-C2E2-46FD-A1D1-E6E9F3…)

Bitch said “shoes”

No. 974673

she really should avoid filters that plump your lips…. they look like a wound

No. 974694


No. 974701

Kek this is the new identity she’s assuming now that she’s talking about moving away from doormatt. Her new identity to cuck Matt with yet again.

No. 974705

File: 1589592515657.png (6.13 MB, 1125x2001, AE92C369-F5B2-402E-9B84-C10774…)

>I’m finally quitting

No. 974706

Fucking lol. The concentration.

No. 974712

File: 1589593464926.jpg (364.13 KB, 661x905, 20200515204425.jpg)

No. 974713

File: 1589593557975.jpg (517.39 KB, 1079x1148, Screenshot_20200515-204622_Chr…)


No. 974714

did she shoop her neck or is it actually that crooked wtf?

No. 974718

Genuine, honest-to-god nightmare fuel.

No. 974726

File: 1589595279964.jpeg (28.14 KB, 440x335, 2DC002C4-E4D8-49B0-AF05-AF389D…)

The nose is tragic.

No. 974735

She uses the same 3 phrases and it really drives home how much of an unoriginal simpleton she is

“Screaming into the void”
“As a treat?”

No. 974737

That's the problem though. A lot of the things she does could be "reversed" if she stopped accentuating the parts of her she tried fixing to fit the Instagram baddie look like her lips. Shes also fried her hair which would look much nicer if she just gave it a break. The makeup is overdone too but it's all to fit that Instagram model style which doesn't look good on everyone.

Honestly I think the thing that makes her "ugly" isn't even just the shit anons her nitpick. If she was a nice person no one would give a fuck what she looked like. Its the fact she's nasty and publicly horrible that reflects on her outward appearance. There's no associating beauty with someone that said they wanted to give their skin disease to a baby because they hated it so much.

No. 974746

that ain’t a baby it’s tranny granny!!!

No. 974750

File: 1589599070558.jpeg (165.25 KB, 1125x922, 62630931-4013-4961-8B2F-7E1648…)

So much for “quitting”

No. 974756

Now she’s going off about “fuck fake friends” all because they watch her stories but won’t give her a weed plug..

No. 974757

is there any illegal activity she won't post publicly about?

No. 974761

whilst smoking a joint

No. 974766

File: 1589601026086.jpeg (85.25 KB, 828x809, 739566B0-3875-4287-A6E0-6382D1…)

She really can’t shut the fuck up.

No. 974780

File: 1589602754333.jpeg (220.28 KB, 766x1111, E660D746-7827-4E45-8E7F-E4D60E…)

She’s either super manic or actually on drugs right now. And she edited the shit out of her nose perforation scars. Why tf is she such a dumb destructive cunt?

No. 974783

jfc this is such obvious shoop. she's really losing it today huh

No. 974786

File: 1589603087715.jpeg (354.72 KB, 750x1922, D4506AC9-F530-4B3A-9073-972125…)

Don’t forget to post the other one, which may even be worse
How soon do you think she’ll delete these

No. 974788

Her face does not match her neck.

No. 974789

Howwwww does her nose look so small/pointy/upturned at the tip and so convex in shape in the second pic compared to the top pic lmao what the fuck

No. 974792

bitch have you never heard of discord? I'm sure there's plenty of apps for weed in the US
for someone who is self proclaimed as a "hustler" and acts as egotistical as her, she is really outing herself as having no connections, friends or general know-how with tweets like this (also suggests there really is an issue with matt because he would be helping her find bud if they were good)
also lmao yeah call everyone in your town evil that'll help you make connections, damn she dim

No. 974798

Matt bought the weed she’s smoking right now but it doesn’t get her high. That’s why she’s throwing this fit about her friends.

No. 974805

bad shoop in both

No. 974808

She posted this on Twitter and claims her skin looks good because of a new makeup technique.
Are you sure its not because these photos are intentionally potato quality to mask your awful skin, wrinkles, caked on foundation, and perforated nose?? Post high quality natural lighting pics, then we'll believe that your skin looks good.

No. 974809

File: 1589607286449.jpg (341.41 KB, 2896x2896, 20200516_003520.jpg)

No. 974810

File: 1589607593242.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, 079438DD-BB7D-47B6-8EF0-4532B3…)

She’s fucking off it in her recent stories. I’m guessing xanax by the way she’s talking. That skimpy regs blunt should not make her like this. She’s obviously not high from weed though cause she literally said I just wanna get high. Lmao & How long has she lived in philly? And she still doesn’t have a connect. That just shows how much no one likes her.

No. 974818

File: 1589610093668.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.33 MB, 654x368, kRj7VVyKDQEk9Klt_1.gif)

Please watch at your own risk.

No. 974819

File: 1589610367413.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.04 MB, 654x368, kRj7VVyKDQEk9Klt_2.gif)

Tweaking + extra teeth

No. 974821

File: 1589610467744.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 68.8 KB, 828x473, 75350A4B-42C0-4338-8154-E5A043…)

Doormatt is extremely into it

No. 974829

she recently liked someones comment about only using older iphones because the quality is worse, making selfies look better. this literally looks like it was taken on a 5c.

No. 974832

i wonder just how far she goes down before realizing that the only way for her to get better is to stop. i feel bad too partly but she treats her bf and cat like shit and is so negative that i stopped feeling bad lol

No. 974833

id be soft too if my gf wanted to fuck her FRIENDS sugar daddy… cuck level +5

No. 974839

File: 1589614011941.jpeg (292.51 KB, 1242x611, 4A38C0DB-5470-4E70-A0E5-DD4101…)

Why does she always use the word “milk” for having sex…it’s absolutely repulsive

No. 974840

File: 1589614138058.jpeg (404.67 KB, 1224x780, BA5AE455-6D3F-47BB-B635-40FEA9…)

She’s been missing her BPD meds which would explain the erratic behaviour

No. 974842

File: 1589616240247.jpeg (48.2 KB, 750x217, 8BF8128E-A75E-49DF-BA39-13CFC9…)

I'm so profoundly embarrassed for her. What the everloving fuck was going on tonight

No. 974844

for some reason i want to believe it was because matt and her got into a fight over him reading this
one can only dream

No. 974851

Her eyes are so down turned if you look at this pic upside down and cover the nose + brows, her eyes look more like eyes lol

No. 974853

Truly why would you post this, its so stiff and awkward

No. 974854

She’s quirky

No. 974855

File: 1589619042384.jpeg (92.16 KB, 828x571, A930F8A6-738E-43C5-84C0-3B4302…)

Deleted content.

No. 974863

She is obsessed with her ex and clearly never got over him or the fact that he is happier with his upgrade.

No. 974864

Why does his dick look like it’s about to fall off his body

No. 974869

Why would you not delete pics of you and your ex off social media?

No. 974870

File: 1589625895190.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 66.3 KB, 750x414, 8C543C61-5665-4E59-A26B-18232E…)

She looks pre surgery ugly when she makes this face

No. 974877

Imagine never being able to have an intimate moment with your girlfriend without it being filmed and broadcast to thousands of people on twitter…I’m truly speechless

No. 974881

Her ex and his partner must be laughing at her and what she has become. I would be so creeped out if my fiancé’s ex from a lifetime ago kept talking about him on social media not to mention her stalking him at gigs like previously mentioned.

No. 974887

Ari, you have 0 sex appeal. That’s why nobody is interacting with your porn. You’re just gross.

Jesus Christ, my sides, she has no idea how to do a blow job. And she posted it publicly. Imagine telling on yourself like that.

No. 974893

Why does she pretend to have a sex aversion when she posts this shit non stop?

No. 974903

Even photoshopped her loose butthole earlobes shut too

No. 974918

She’s 10000% manic, just look at the amount of eyeliner wings this lunatic drew. she looks older than ever.

No. 974919

lol good catch - compare it to her ears here >>973896 another thing that the queen of the botched hates about her body then

No. 974926

why doesn’t she just get them sewn up

No. 974936

The fact that’s she’s sitting there with a dick in her mouth just winking at herself in the camera….I feel sick.

No. 974938

It kills me that she's staring into her own eyes through her selfie camera while doing this. At least have Matt film POV or prop up the phone or something. But nah, making erratic facial expressions at yourself with a soft duck in your mouth is super sexy, Ariana.

No. 974939

Lol I literally was just typing that out in this comment before I read yours >>974938

No. 974941

Strong crackhead energy, how long before she deletes?

I can’t tell if she’s having a manic attack or if she is on drugs. Stop it get some help.

No. 974942

Also *dick

No. 974954

Imagine having to contort your face this hard for your teeth to show

No. 974965

This entire video made me nauseous. Its so weird and not sexual at all, I swear it’s like watching that black mirror where the guy had to fuck a pig. There’s absolutely no sexual chemistry between them, you can tell they’re just biding their time before the split.

No. 975003

“Milked him until he came with him just chillin in me” what language is this.

No. 975005

Imagine having this psycho doing this to your genitals though. What’s this weird dude thinking in his head watching this happen to him like??? That definitely doesn’t feel good, you need to actually suck normally for it to “work”. She’s just full blown manic crazy psycho rubbing his parts on her gums and making super weird faces. I’d be scared she might kill me in my sleep, holy shit this girl has to be nuts or snorting meth

No. 975010

File: 1589654403558.png (Spoiler Image, 1.22 MB, 1792x828, 88A40D8D-41E7-4B89-8C40-E6894C…)

The slurping sounds
If you really want to get nauseous listen to it with the sound on. When she goes “get back here” to the dick. I think she actually looks at the camera one time and it’s for a second at the very end. Whole time just vapidly gazing into her reflection.

No. 975016

And she wonders why men don't follow her. Bitch they're scared!! You look like some kind of sleep paralysis demon about to chew they're flacid dick off!

She tweeted recently that Matt is gross for making noises while he eats. The irony! They're both nauseating.

No. 975028

this shit is so depressing. in her head, she justifies doing shit like this as 'sex work', but in actuality, posting nudes/porn is probably the easiest way to get attention/shallow affirmation online and that's what she's addicted to. and now that her ig with a following is deleted, this kind of behavior is just sad. she barely gets any kind of engagement even though she's exploiting the fuck out herself to get it. ig fame ruined her and if she wasn't such a disgusting person on the inside, I'd feel sorry for her

No. 975030

Seriously though what the fuck is this video?

No. 975034

I think it’s her and doormatt’s monthly fuck and she’s drugged out on NyQuil bc she couldn’t find weed lmao

No. 975116

File: 1589670054930.jpg (568.05 KB, 2896x2896, 20200516_180055.jpg)

So I just realized why she's so jealous of LM/Freja….

No. 975120

Omg she’s like almost prettier too

No. 975123

I have never - in my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE - seen a worse blowjob video. Why is she staring at herself and not the “audience?“ Why is she using teeth?! Why is she LAUGHING?! What is up with all of the revolting slurping noises? One in particular sounded like a giant wet fart. I don’t think that a single man on the planet would find this sexy. She should be humiliated. I feel terrible for Matt if this is what he’s been receiving the entire relationship. No wonder he looks miserable.

No. 975124

Agreed! Its clear why she can't keep regularclients now also. Why would someone pay for that once, much less MULTIPLE TIMES? Does she realize that posting the video on her SW account is essentially an ad for her services? Fucking embarrassing.

No. 975129

God, this Angelina obsession and the almost daily LM skinwalking thing plus
these gifs/the video
would be enough to make me take a social media break. Cringey is an understatement…its all pretty depressing.

No. 975138

File: 1589672250010.jpg (190.33 KB, 1125x2000, 97321341_657859298125861_63103…)

This filter is her go-to now because it hides all real features of her face.

No. 975139

There’s a bit where she actually laughs at herself she’s that terrible. I’d tell matt to run but ari looks primed to bite his dick off

No. 975174

bit late but you know what, I think you’re right. I saw a lazy eye until I read your comment and took a second look and zoomed in. The lash is blending into her eye in a weird way.

No. 975300

Now deleted off twitter … oh Ari

No. 975305

File: 1589730654042.jpg (180.93 KB, 1065x1517, 20200517_104748.jpg)

What will we be filming today??
A. An attempt at copying other sexworkers videos/ideas
B. Something so cringey and bizarre that she gets a meager handful of likes and later deletes it

No. 975322

File: 1589735450287.jpg (51.04 KB, 1080x324, 20200517_121057.jpg)

>3 hours later

No. 975331

File: 1589737269253.png (2.58 MB, 828x1792, A51F04DF-8E14-476B-BF41-281291…)

She’s complaining in her story that some girl didn’t hold the door open for her and Matt when they were bringing groceries in.

If it was the door to her building, then Ariana you are once again showing how empty-headed you are. It’s a security risk to not let the door of your building close and lock behind you. If someone needs to get in, they will have a key. Especially since she says she lives in the shitty part of Philly. Shouldn’t she know that?

Plus both she and Matt look disgusting. I would lock my fucking car doors if I saw a botched prostitute and her doughy dirty man approaching.

No. 975345

such a narc entitled bitch, who the fuck goes on a public rant about someone not holding the door for them? and she really doesn‘t self reflects in any way, this just comes of as such hateful and bitter behaviour. did she really wish for that girl to get hurt in the end or did i misunderstand that part? how can anyone seriously follow her on ig and support her?

No. 975348

File: 1589740371483.jpg (404.71 KB, 809x1785, Screenshot_20200517-143214_Twi…)

She's such a bitch to everyone. She's so obsessed with this whole holding the door thing it's ridiculous.

No. 975349

File: 1589740426313.png (896.37 KB, 828x1792, 8D8FE82C-0063-4993-93ED-64C5F8…)

Alright she finally gave us proof of her credit score. Not trying to nitpick here but simply point out she always claims her credit is sOoOo great (her score is good but it’s not excellent). Posting it here for posterity is all.

No. 975351

I hope this stupid narc realizes nooo one is on board with her on this one. Fucking lunatic. Who gives a fuck anyway, move along dirty whore.

No. 975353

File: 1589740699326.jpg (137.61 KB, 1080x1405, 20200517_133853.jpg)

Did she really have to post this on multiple platforms???
Good job? Still lower than mine and I have $20,000 of student debt. Not trying to blog post, just making a point that healthy credit scores just mean that you're paying your bills. You ain't special, you're literally doing bare minimum as a functioning human adult.

No. 975354

Yerp. This obsession with basic manners is so flawed - it’s all black and white with her. Plus she goes on to wish harm on someone, which really does show her for what she is. A total narc cunt.

No. 975356

Her whole existence revolves around getting asspats for her sad small "accomplishments", and getting support for nonexistent "injustices" done to her. She needs mental help.

No. 975357

File: 1589741139343.jpeg (331.98 KB, 750x1081, B39FCE34-4942-4395-9DA2-6D46DE…)

Lol. Everyone notices it.

Looks like she’s found us though - in another tweet she mentions that she’s found lots of threads about PnP online.

No. 975359

File: 1589741254474.jpg (284.64 KB, 1080x2036, 20200517_134650.jpg)

Just wanna make a point that her posts don't prove anything. She literally could've Googled this and used it. She's just sad for even posting it though.

No. 975360

Asspats are high value, short term reward for her go-to BPD brain. Girl needs major therapy.

No. 975362

just saw this too, immediately noticed it‘s an acacia ot acc so i had to lurk. funny how everyone who interacts with her just immediately dislikes her and convenient that you just have to google pnps username and you get to alllll the threads about her. she deserves it

No. 975365

File: 1589742018874.jpg (158.2 KB, 1080x1634, 20200517_135829.jpg)

Okay now I see why she thinks she's hot shit. Aaron, why the fuck would you be friends with someone this insufferable? He's posting his credit score on his twitter, and instead of congratulating him, she just HAS to one-up him…? She craves praise so goddamn much, yet she doesn't give any to anyone. God she is such trash.

No. 975369

File: 1589742398704.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 399.64 KB, 750x764, 159670F7-0408-4A6A-9BFD-50FF26…)

I haven't opened Twitter all day and the first thing I am confront with… Just why. This is absolutely not sexy.

No. 975384

The last thing Tarte sees before PnP finally snaps and she somehow ‘disappears’.

No. 975393

"theres a literal pandemic occurring and this lady didnt want to stand 10 inches from my filthy stray bulldog looking ass while i waddled up to the door! WAAAAH THIS IS AFFECTING ME DEEPLY"

what a fucking braindead moron, lmfao. she looks diseased upon first glance, no shit she didnt want to get close enough to her to hold a door for her, though i'd be more afraid of getting some sort of brain atrophying disease than covid from ari considering how stupid she is

No. 975402

shes live and says "her bitch of a cat… just kidding heehee" …

No. 975403

File: 1589748943249.png (7.61 MB, 1125x2436, 10E32E21-D996-4F19-9D3C-AB1340…)

she has no fucking personality or social skills. people try talking to her in her live but she ignores all of them unless they’re complimenting her or asking a question she WANTS to answer.

No. 975407

god sometimes I think you guys are reaching when you say she looks like an unhinged retarded tranny but I guess the proof is right here

No. 975408

She just said on her live something like ”It’s so stressful to have people expecting stuff from you at all times”.

You mean like you expect everyone to hold doors for you and shit at all times…?

No. 975411

File: 1589749159847.jpeg (290.39 KB, 750x662, 999495BD-0EB7-4BA3-A416-D0DAE7…)

She’s big mad lol. Bitch GO TO THERAPY. dbt has the highest success rate SPECIFICALLY for bpd. Instead she just lurks and hurts her own feelings. She’s not getting validation from her old influencer friends cause they realize what a cunt she is, now all her engagement comes from the teenage girls she said she doesn’t care about in the old thread (>>968938). Get help instead of blaming lolcow for YOU airing out all YOUR dirty personal laundry, like?? All of the content here are things YOU put online. Shut the fuck up and just do better, my god.

No. 975421

File: 1589750961393.png (3.17 MB, 750x1334, 70B9C712-5BF2-405A-834A-A362AE…)


No. 975424

God they are both just so fucking embarrassing. I’m sure all the more successful adults think it’s so impressive and cool when you post your personal financial info on your hooker Twitter, everyone is so impressed by your maturity and riches!!! It just looks so childish and embarrassing like what the fuck is even interesting or “adult” about doing that

No. 975426

File: 1589752154815.jpg (322.54 KB, 1080x1734, Screenshot_20200517-223457__01…)

Her live had me howling. She attempted to do her 'signature' dots & were really uneven. Instead of wiping away with a qtip she kept making them bigger so they'd be even. When that didn't work shethen started drawing shapes & added glitter. Clearly the same process when she makes her $300 'art'

No. 975427

BPD is the most shallow personality disorder there is, bitch needs to shut the fuck up about how “hard” it is. Like girl bpdfags only have a higher suicide rate because they use it as an attention seeking and manipulation tactic, she is so dumb. Bpd is like an thin veil, it’s not a truly deep running disorder, it’s a personality defect. That’s why it’s a joke Ari, because you CAN control what you do and fix yourself but she loves the destruction and attention.

No. 975432

Nobody cares about this post. Smells like a selfpost. Please gtfo with this irrelevant shit.

No. 975434

Slightly OT but as a recovered BPDfag, you're right. Literally all she'd need to do to start fixing her life is go to therapy, make conscious decisions to be a better person, and stop self destructing all the damn time. But she's lazy, and as you said, her life revolves around attention and validation.

No. 975435

So whatever happened with the private investigator and her stalker? I’m guessing the PI told her she has nothing since she’s a prostitute who asks for plugs on social media

No. 975437

File: 1589753902412.jpeg (93.52 KB, 827x533, 9360C138-730E-4F68-B3DF-BE5804…)

This aged nicely.

No. 975445

Fuck I missed the live. So much black …. you wonder why she can’t be friends with femme girls…. she can’t compete at all poor thing

No. 975450

Not to mention with how stupid inconsistent her income is- half of her on time payments are probably thanks to Matt helping her keep up with her bills.

No. 975453

literal clown makeup

No. 975456

File: 1589758727313.jpg (Spoiler Image, 991.32 KB, 1124x1982, 20200517183735.jpg)

Who does this appeal to

No. 975457

She looks like a greasy frog

No. 975459

That bear tattoo looks like a giant patch of mould on her arm

No. 975461

File: 1589759363400.jpeg (420.57 KB, 750x1039, FCD07427-01E6-4C27-84D2-7632AD…)

Hahaha…just…chef’s kiss


No. 975462

She forgot to wipe her ass looks caked and shitty barfs

No. 975467

I zoomed in (forgive me lord) and came to the conclusion it’s a fuckton of stubble she cba to shave. Outcome is the same, boak.

No. 975469

She should ask her pathetic cuck of a boyfriend to get in there and shave for her if shes gonna be posing like that lmao learn to use a razor

No. 975474

Those greasy, uneven bangs, those asymmetrical lumpy eyeliner wings, those piercing holes…Blech

No. 975477

then why doesn’t she get up off her crusty ass and help others. do something charitable for once in her life instead of staring into her own reflection all day. self obsessed nasty human.

No. 975479

File: 1589761454746.jpeg (138.45 KB, 750x925, 18D3554D-C812-42C8-98BA-5CCD92…)

The chunky uneven eyeliner and weird dots make me wanna die

No. 975482

File: 1589762061896.png (Spoiler Image, 4.83 MB, 828x1792, 79635C57-D7C0-45ED-AB89-B5BA68…)

Loving the close up of her rotting gooch. And did she edit out her nipple tattoos because someone on here recently talked shit on them?

No. 975483

File: 1589762153645.jpg (81.9 KB, 1080x587, 20200517_193556.jpg)

Ariana is this really how you plan to gain male followers

No. 975485

That is some cheap and nasty lingerie.

No. 975513

I recognize that bra from the bottom of the bin of the at victoria's secret's semiannual sale. Not surprising at all that she'd be wearing shitty discount v-day lingerie

No. 975514

She has to be on meth, those face dots look so ridiculous; only meth can supply that amount of unawareness

No. 975518

File: 1589767744731.gif (1.4 MB, 480x270, 11926762-554E-43B3-9C7F-7024CE…)

How do you complain about bad manners while you publically wish harm upon someone? Not very „good manners“ is it?!

No. 975521

File: 1589768138732.jpg (Spoiler Image, 234.82 KB, 1080x1328, 20200517_211515.jpg)

Her post engagement is sooooooo low its comical. Why are you even trying

No. 975523

Isn’t this the same dildo that she stuck to her toilet a few weeks ago? I’m not surprised that she’s sticking that nasty thing in her mouth.

No. 975525

>only 50 slots!
Bold of you to think that 50 fucking people want to see more of this crackhead shit

No. 975527

OoooOOooohhhh a $5 sale!!!

Lol just wait a few days and it'll be back down to $3 with only 70 slots available

No. 975529

File: 1589769108579.jpg (1007.8 KB, 1124x2000, 20200517212958.jpg)

DID THE QUARANTINE EVEN AFFECT YOUR SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE??? seems like she's been doing the same shit she always has

No. 975530

File: 1589769161503.jpg (236.04 KB, 1125x2000, 97263235_245565149880720_28377…)

Glad she's following her own clean eating psoriasis diet advice

No. 975538

She’s such an ignorant bitch, girls that say they’re sOoOo fat when in fact they are not is so triggering for people that actually HAVE an ED and weight issues…

No. 975539

Her diet is so poor and it shows in her skin and all her bloat

No. 975554

File: 1589773334122.jpg (70.13 KB, 1080x491, 20200517_224208.jpg)

I hope these 2 likes are paying your bills Ariana

No. 975561

File: 1589773979699.jpg (2.21 MB, 2160x2160, 20200517225252.jpg)

No. 975585

File: 1589780946236.jpeg (101.81 KB, 828x499, 7AEF6845-8161-4B68-9CD8-8CEB13…)

No. 975592

cannot fucking believe this. thought you lot were tinfoiling about the meth thing but she has to be cracked out to have taken this photo and thought "yep, looks great" and just gone with it

No. 975593

tranny granny sucking on her dirty chipped nails

No. 975597

File: 1589786016779.jpeg (173.42 KB, 1242x341, C47B0110-583A-4A5B-82BF-B861E3…)

No. 975598

I've seen her using hard drugs brought up a lot recently, but do we have any proof on this beyond her deluded and manic behavior? The only proof I recall seeing is of her smoking weed and popping pills occasionally.

No. 975643

She did blow too on a few occasions, there's her ig posts about it in this thread. Other drugs than that, not too sure.

No. 975647

most cocaine is apparently mixed with meth these days, so it’s not a terribly far off assumption. considering the fact she also has no irl friends besides aaron and matt, i doubt she has any trustworthy connections (or tests her stash)

No. 975655

This photo very much highlights her VERY wonky eye.

No. 975659

she must genuinely be the only person out there doing a full face of makeup every day during lockdown

probably because doing applying makeup is basically the only time when it's socially acceptable to stare at your own face for a straight hour

No. 975679

File: 1589812944327.jpeg (165.05 KB, 1242x298, EC804B69-7BD1-4018-917A-D2C38B…)

How is she going afford a 2 bed apartment? We already know Matt foots the bill to live in their 1 bed and she’s made it quite clear she no longer wants to live with him

No. 975694

File: 1589817311559.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.93 MB, 2160x2160, 20200518105439.jpg)

>yep, looks great

No. 975702

Probably with granddaddy pimp’s money. Let’s not forget she announced she was “buying a house” when she was on vacation with him. Pretty easy to put two and two together, especially considering he allegedly paid for her taxidermy school that she’ll never attend

No. 975707

What a dumbass blurring out your ugly ass feet people know what fuckin feet look like especially her dirty ass ones

No. 975710

lmao at first i thought anon blurred her feet out because they're disgusting to look at

No. 975729

File: 1589822857433.jpg (37.15 KB, 564x752, 858c27f3c1c68dd090fa3134488805…)

Pierrot lookin ass

No. 975754

File: 1589826005667.jpg (328.53 KB, 1079x1183, Screenshot_20200518-142009_Twi…)

This bitch needs to social distance this pisses me off. I haven't seen anyone in months but people with 0 regard for others doing this shit means I'll be missing my loved ones even longer. What a cunt.

No. 975759

And yet she’s fondly reminiscing about how much fun she’s had traveling with him in the past and looks forward to doing more. She needs to get her shit straight

No. 975762

I could be wrong, but didn’t she specifically ask another sw if manyvids allowed smoking videos and was told no?

No. 975763

She’s reminiscing about travelling with her SD, not Matt lol

No. 975769

Onlyfans is the platform that doesn't allow it

No. 975780

File: 1589828935140.jpg (778.35 KB, 1078x1920, Screenshot_20200518-150919_Ins…)

Says the girl who won't eat enough to do so

No. 975791

Yes kek she asked fucking Shayna, and ofc Shay knew the answer

No. 975793

This is it guys. This is the post that has pushed me over the edge. Her narcissism is so revolting that I am starting to legitimately and passionately hate her. Her trainwreck life used to be fun to watch, but her delusions of grandeur are completely sickening at this point. Am I the only one starting to feel like this?? Like, I'm more nauseated at her posts than entertained now because of how sad and mentally ill she is.

No. 975796

But Shay said you CAN post smoking vids on manyvids, sorry just checked.

No. 975801

You’re not alone in that. She’s a revolting person

No. 975802

Ikr this made me laugh so much.

No. 975803

lol. It drives me nuts that people think this is all cool, and their partners should accept and have no feelings about it because sex worker. It’s a fucking joke.

No. 975804

Seconded, you’re not alone >>975793.
She’s an absolutely vile person. Although I do love to hate her. This statement “mark my words”, she’s such a fucking Jan. Mark my words lol gtfo.

No. 975805

That and “when so and so happens it’s over for you bitches!”

No. 975812

She says this every time and no matter where she moves to, she cannot escape her awful self and her shitty non existent life.

No. 975814

Everyone here hates her. She’s a repulsive terrible excuse for a human being.

No. 975815

that's so true. have we ever had a single wk for her?

No. 975821

if she even has a relationship in the next couple months miss “I can’t wait to live on my own!!!!!”

No. 975822

In her very first thread there was only a couple
>y’all are so pathetic blah blah
everyone was like ok ari kek

No. 975833

she never even looked like this in the first place because shes wearing a wig in this pic. under that wig is one of her most raggedy crackhead hairstyles yet. but ok ari, you’re your own goals

No. 975852

File: 1589837007023.jpeg (203.25 KB, 828x1088, B19D47D3-59B2-44A4-BF6B-732412…)

“A crumb of confidence” How bleak.

No. 975860

Not only that, but back then she STILL complained that she was fat. Wasn't this around the same time as the full body rash too?? She is such a "grass is greener on the other side" person…never happy with the here and now. She's always either looking back at how "great" she thinks things used to be, or bragging about how amazing she thinks things will be in the future. Sad, sad little person.

No. 975874

File: 1589838565368.jpeg (543.12 KB, 2048x1531, 016B7C78-18F5-4473-AB13-9FCE2F…)

No. 975877

File: 1589838792947.jpeg (141.51 KB, 827x972, B63F3E48-6556-430D-BCAE-A9314F…)

No. 975889

She doesn’t even have an ass in that pic in fact her figure looks exactly the same right now that she’s gained a few lbs in quarantine jfc this bitch needs therapy for her bdd so bad.

No. 975931

File: 1589844333621.jpeg (278.34 KB, 1125x1435, B325220E-D94C-430A-BAB7-B56C9C…)

daily matt insult!

No. 975952

They really do have the most miserable relationship nobody would want

No. 975981

File: 1589848929480.jpg (113 KB, 1080x645, 20200518_194130.jpg)

Ariana lurked, got hurt, and responded to you 45 minutes ago.
Also LOL at her covering Matt's face..??

No. 975988

This may have been a picture of Matt where we called him out on his visible teeth crud

No. 975999

holy shit, how embarrassed, shallow and narcissistic do you have to be to censor out your partner's smiling face just so you can PrOvE ThE HaTeRs wrong.

the fact that she's posted uncensored pictures of his face and his dick while he miserably has sex with this vapid, black hole of a human being in order to make porn for her to sell and profit off of goes to show she really doesn't give a fuck about him. it's all about her and what she can do to scrounge up a handful of measly likes on the internet so that she can pretend to have self-esteem for sixty seconds.

No. 976020

Haha, to quote our cow, “screaming into the void.” Lol.

No. 976026

File: 1589854939509.jpg (68.95 KB, 1080x568, 20200518_212122.jpg)

Wasn't she just arguing with someone about how unemployment doesn't give you that much money??? Bitch we are well into May and you haven't been paid? You could literally be making almost $800 per week but youre too fucking dense

No. 976029

File: 1589855077457.jpg (89.92 KB, 1080x603, 20200518_212112.jpg)

This has me cackling. Are you sure he stopped you so you could "cum together" or because he was in pain from you chewing on his dick like a goddamn crackhead???? We all saw that video ariana!!

No. 976034

her life is somehow always both the best and worst it's ever been. she's schrödinger's whore

No. 976049

She’s never had an ass. She’s just wearing a tight dress, arching her back, and doing the stupid Instagram leg pose in this picture. She’s delusional.

No. 976052


I fully agree. I'd say over the past month my actual hatred for this evil bitch increased exponentially, but this past week and particularly this post are some of the many reasons I recently quit visiting her social media entirely. You're right, it's not even entertaining at this point. Now I'm watching the spiral only on here instead of reading her gross words and contributing to her own arrogance when she sees someone watched her stories. You guys are really doing God's work by weeding through her shit for the extra laughable and horrific moments.

No. 976058

File: 1589862762896.jpg (550.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200518-212901_Sam…)

Even someone that presumably likes her on Twitter was confused about her caption regarding "uncensored screenshots" on OF. Like wait, did you really censor your gross feet so you could try to charge money for people to see it?! Delusional bitch is disgusting on all levels, from her physical appearance to her ugly personality monstrosity.

No. 976062

People can literally just scroll down her feed and see her feet, vag, asshole, and even Matt's dick so idk what the point of this was. She is so bizarre.

No. 976064

Zooming in on her face in these pictures all I can think is: does she think she looks pretty like this? Does she think that she looks her best?
Truly, honestly, does she look at the face paint that she's plastered on and think that she looks beautiful? I just…don't understand. It's as if she's an alien who has a loose grasp of the way humans apply makeup and present themselves. I would say its like drag makeup but at least queens don't try to pass off these kind of looks as daytime makeup.

No. 976068

File: 1589867590983.jpg (Spoiler Image, 600.45 KB, 2896x2896, 20200519_005052.jpg)

All I think she needs to do is try more natural makeup looks. If she went back to posting ethereal, pretty, artsy nudes it would probably get her a solid following. At least she seemed interesting instead of cheap and gross. Pic related

No. 976070

holy shit can a screenshot of this comment please be part of the next thread pic? I'm in stitches

No. 976071

But even with a natural makeup look her face is still botched in comparison to these pictures.

No. 976079

How is soaking her pussy in nasty swamp water considered ethereal, pretty, or artsy? I can smell that picture. I can imagine the nasty germs in that bog water. Just no.

No. 976080

She’s miserable in her relationship but for some reason wants the internet to believe she’s so happy with him

No. 976081

Same. I used to visit her page to laugh at the train wreck but her nasty toxic self has become too much for me.

No. 976083

I see where you're coming from but I've gotta agree with bog water anon. That and she's never been conventionally attractive, even prior to surgery (imo) and now she's just straight up botched. I don't think this trainwreck could ever get back on the rails, not even trying to be malicious.

No. 976168

In her eyes he does nothing, even though he works 9-5 (suspecting earlier hours, bc post office.) the dude is fucking tired. Then he comes home to her ; constant nagging, phone spergs, and all her other antics.

Ari he works. He’s fucking tired. Leave him like you said you would and spare him.

No. 976182

I think you're all focusing really hard on your hatred for her and not what anon is saying.
These pictures look objectively artistic, in comparison to the self timer photos where she stares into her own lifeless eyes on her phone screen. I don't think this comment/suggestion was applauding Ariana for what she used to do or look like. I think it was saying that if she switched gears and posted stuff like this again, people might actually be inclined to follow her and find her attractive.

No. 976188

Not the anons your replying to, but I don’t think she could do anything to make herself seem more marketable. At the end of the day she’s a psycho cunt and to ask her to pretend to be any different would be wrong, kek. She wouldn’t be able to shut her trap long enough or reframe from fighting with randoms in the comments, she could put nicer photos up but she’d still drive people away by being rude and entitled. This girl is really fucking mentally ill, she cannot curate an image she’s too far gone in her head. She’s literally drawing Amanda Byrnes hearts on her face, she’s not right inside the head at all.

No. 976203

she could do a 180 on her posts but at the end of the day people will still dislike her because she is a horrible person

No. 976212

File: 1589905807777.jpeg (466.12 KB, 750x1395, 90F1EFFF-716D-4A29-A6FC-3A69E1…)

Private ig

No. 976213

Why does her pretend house need to be renovated?? Is her ideal house old? Why not just buy a newly built imaginary house??? I have questions

No. 976215

At least she openly admits that she can't compete with strippers in a normal area. She has to move to the middle of nowhere so she can stand out for having the most teeth out of all the other strippers

No. 976216

Afford a giant house on what salary?

No. 976217

It's so clear why she has never had a real job and failed at school. Her mind is so simple and slow. She can't even feed herself without writing out what to eat. How is she not embarrassed to be almost 26 and struggling this much to do daily tasks

No. 976219

As much as I dislike her, it’s not weird to like old houses

No. 976221

…who said it was weird to like old houses?? Why the fuck would a hypothetical house need to be renovated? She hasn't even found a house yet, and is saying that it needs to be renovated.

No. 976225

I chuckled at “renovated” too. In her redneck mind I think that it just means “fancy” . It’s like something a 5th grader says to sound smart, I wouldn’t read too much into this words of this reprobate. She’s barely coherent.

No. 976235

File: 1589908663979.jpg (575.48 KB, 810x2222, Screenshot_20200519-101647_Sam…)


No. 976237

File: 1589908727584.jpg (392.21 KB, 1077x1122, Screenshot_20200519-101748_Sam…)


This bitch really out here thinking she isn't the spitting image/personality of her mother?!

No. 976240

I love the part about her and Matt's schedules. What relationship goals! I'm sure Matt loves it too because he avoids listening to her incoherently lisping about herself 24/7 and still gets to have free sex with prostitute.

No. 976242

I love that she posts something nearly identical to this every six months.

No. 976245

I was just going to post this.
I don't understand how or why she constantly cycles through the same few thoughts and acts like they are epiphanies every fucking time. You're not a Saint Ariana. Yiu haven't accomplished shit. You're slightly closer to being a normally functioning person, if anything.

No. 976246


I'm pretty sure the "I'm proud of _" routine is probably due to the fact that she thrives on praise to do everything but no one is noticing the things she does since to everyone else, the things she does isn't praise worthy. There's a disconnect between what she thinks she needs and deserves vs reality.

No. 976251

Her and her mom are so different anon!
Arianas mom: (according to ari's posts)
>had sex for drugs
>mentally ill

….oh wait

No. 976254

File: 1589910065847.jpg (616.37 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200519-103653_Sam…)

This is how she's "paying" for the house. It's going to be based off grandpa's income and finances since he's responsible for the house as the cosigner. She's not owning anything herself. Imagine being almost 26 and needing your 70+ yr old grandpa to manage your life while pretending you can do this on your own. She can't even figure out what paperwork is involved without Grandpa holding her incompetent hand. Major kek.

No. 976256

File: 1589910323800.jpg (203.09 KB, 1078x958, Screenshot_20200519-104345_Sam…)

It's so hard transitioning from renting an apartment to renting a house with your grandpa as the landlord.

No. 976259

File: 1589910536733.jpg (119.32 KB, 1079x389, Screenshot_20200519-104911_Sam…)

I'm dying to see her stiff moves that she's 'always' practicing

No. 976260

File: 1589910546059.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, 1531794396699.png)

I love how she sees her mom as evil and her dad is a reputable source of advice. Remember this trip to see your dad, Ariana?

No. 976262

Also millionaire grandpa can't afford air conditioning

No. 976269


No. 976278

Lmao I almost forgot that Matt used to be her fiancé, btw Ari you are STILL an abuser, you manipulate, bully and use your partner.

No. 976279

I don’t get how she’s any different now, how bad was she to this guy? She talks shit about Matt all the time on social media, aborted his baby he seemed somewhat excited about, and got into prostitution which he was clearly uncomfortable with. What could she have done to this previous guy to warrant how she treats Matt being considered as “growth”?

No. 976281

Not to mention she has cheated on him twice, but when he started speaking to a girl on Instagram she put him on blast for it

No. 976296

File: 1589913815440.jpg (677.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200519-114209_Ins…)

Ari trying to talk girls out of OF since she can't compete with all these prettier girls. "Once it's out there, it's OUT there."

But she's soooo happy sex work is "normalized in the media now."

No. 976302

File: 1589914390893.jpg (666.86 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200519-114939_Ins…)

She's arguing with random people that her fillers were completely dissolved and she KNOWS hers didn't migrate since her "smile lines are so bad". She's saying if we ask injectors, they'll tell you how natural juviderm is. Of course they're going to say that. They're trying to get paid like everyone else. She's saying anyone else who disagrees with her is wrong. Delusional

No. 976304

She can say it but have her “friends”?

No. 976306


She thinks "ethnic nose jobs" work. Not everyone wants to change their face to fit in with Western ideals.

No. 976307

File: 1589914860572.jpg (719.3 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200519-115932_Ins…)

"Yeah I know pole tricks… uh, you know, the basic ones everyone knows like hanging upside down and shit… You know I HAVE 2 poles… but the ceiling is too high here and I'm worried Matt will break the ceiling again trying to swing on a pole."

No. 976310

File: 1589915575936.jpg (713.96 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200519-121132_Ins…)

"Fat grafting doesn't ever go away, but it can like recede, but fat never GOES AWAY."

Botch yourself more bitch!

No. 976314

Seriously what does being in your 20s have to do with owning a home, so she wants a 20 year olds advice but not a 30 year old? So when your 30 you’re just too old and successful to understand or something? There’s not much difference between 20 and 30 realistically. 30 year olds are still giant babies. God she’s going to have a very hard time getting older.

What she’s really asking is; are there any people who didn’t know shit & had no money, job, or savings that somehow managed to trick a loan officer into giving them a fat chunk of cash? No Ari, there’s not.

No. 976315

File: 1589915930606.jpg (771.33 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200519-121703_Ins…)

She's freaking out bc her $30 light isn't working rn, even though she's "getting a new one tomorrow".

She's always in a state of crisis. Everything is the end of the world and causes her to yell "DUUUUUUDE!" She needs to calm her mind tf down and quit singing/talking to herself to self soothe, since it's clearly not working.

No. 976317

File: 1589916180947.jpg (700.5 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200519-122147_Ins…)

She doesn't believe in the Bible bc it says fUcK wHorEs, "but Jesus was friends with whores! And the Bible also says fuck shrimp but I'm not going to fuck shrimp, you know?"

Nobody cares bitch. We all know you're not religious or spiritual and that you wear the only 2 necklaces you own that aren't from Claire's.

No. 976318

File: 1589916272717.jpg (783.8 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200519-122448_Ins…)

"My dad's a nihilist. That's probably why I'm one too."

No. 976321

just another label to help her feel a sense of identity

No. 976322


She already IS having a hard time getting older. I agree though, she's going to be fighting her self-loathing feelings for a long time if she doesn't start making some positive changes.

No. 976324

She can’t pretend she’s so woke all she likes but between this comment and her weird insistence of calling locals ‘natives’ she’s really showing her way of thinking

No. 976327

If you want to hear Ariana explain why she got Tarte, here it is!


No. 976331

"I would rather me than somebody else."
Bless you anon

No. 976337

File: 1589919696706.jpg (455.11 KB, 1080x1371, Screenshot_20200519-132127_Sam…)

I haven't seen these posted yet. My favorite is when she writes "puthy". You know she pronounces it that way too. Kek

No. 976353

Ariana is only "woke" when it concerns her being an actual two-bit whore both online and irl. she doesn't give a shit about anything else.

>being above the age of 21 and describing yourself as a nihilist
the faux-intellectual's way of being a fedora tipping atheist in 2020

No. 976359

she should ask shayna who claims to own a house after being in a shitty apartment lol.

No. 976369

File: 1589924442316.jpeg (108.98 KB, 828x627, 5C05AF83-D06A-4841-883E-63E15B…)

Deleted content.

No. 976373

Inb4 nose job, fillers, and veneers.

No. 976375

Not doing it because elective surgery and cosmetic dental procedures aren’t happening right now because of COVID. We’ll see what happens when things open back up.

No. 976378

File: 1589926437106.jpeg (455.47 KB, 1107x1732, F254F170-D711-4A45-9853-228DDD…)

No. 976385

She has completely normal teeth, why the hell would she get veneers

No. 976387

i will never understand why she draws all these fake freckles on. they don‘t suit her in any way, a blind person could see that they‘re badly drawn on. they look splotchy, she just puts them anywhere on her face to distract from her botched ass lip lift, piercing scars, migrated fillers, you name it there‘s literally so much gone wrong on her face. but the freckles just make it all look so much more grotesque. it simply doesn‘t fit her „aesthetic“ which is surgery addicted whore. all it fits is her terrible untreated bpd

No. 976390

She’s such a bitch on lives to her followers, for almost anything they say and ask, because she’s so paranoid. She thinks anyone that hits a cord with her is from here. She truly loves to self sabotage every chance she gets. She says she would never do YouTube because she needs to converse with someone. Yet she basically talks about herself and to herself the entire live. Most onlyfans girls help others because having someone use their referral code helps them make more money. Her insecurities stop her everytime. Why is everything a competition for her? It’s like she wants to fail or something. Zero self awareness.

No. 976393

by “means” she is referring to the ability to get in even more debt over her face which is not at all impressive

she draws the fake freckles over skin imperfections to try to distract from them. they look horrible, but she’d rather have black dots all over her face than even the slightest bump showing

No. 976396

you must be joking kek

No. 976397

she can't succeed via conventional paths so she's trying to "succeed" by making herself as attractive as she can and setting that as her goal. she feels she can actually aspire to and complete that. very sad. beauty is a nice thing that happens sometimes to you in life but it's too fleeting and wishy washy to be anyone's serious main goal. really interested to see how she ages

No. 976398


She has chiclet teeth because her lips are fucked. She treats her face like how she treats the dots under her eyes. She's making everything bigger and more exaggerated to try to look normal and balance how big some of her looks. She made her boobs bigger bc she thought it would balance her hips, and she's fucking with her face so much and changing every detail to try to achieve some kind of physical harmony. She looks like a clownish, puffy faced version of what she looked like when she was younger.

No. 976399

I mean you can't see them most of the time so why would it matter lmao

No. 976401

File: 1589930637808.jpg (280.97 KB, 1080x951, Screenshot_20200519-162344_Sam…)

What a cunt she is. She deserves to live her life alone.

No. 976402

https://vimeo.com/420486667 her dancing makes me extremely uncomfortable

No. 976404

File: 1589930693441.jpeg (567.99 KB, 750x1216, D2DF4CE2-7D41-4EDF-BFDF-FD6994…)

ranting on her ig how she looked so much better with fillers and when she was „skinny with a big butt“… girl you looked like a mess back then just as much as you do now. her body dysmorphia is having a field day. how about washing your hair, that‘s something about your horrendous appearance you can fix right now!

No. 976410

You can definitely get fillers now, though. At least in my state.

No. 976417

Don’t forget blamed him for rape and cheating

No. 976422

she is going to completely destroy her relationship with her grandpa by having him co-sign if she does go through with buying a cheap house.

if this was any other person i'd say sure, go for it if you can, but I give it about 6 months before her grandpa is suddenly as much of an "evil monster" as she claims her mom was.

No. 976425


30s are around the age people start to realize how hard to were on themselves in their late teens/20s. Realizing they weren't as ugly and fat as they felt back then.

She is going to lose it when she looks in the mirror one day and realizes she totally messed up any natural good looks she had.

Whenever I see a blonde pic of her in her prime im literally shocked by how bad she looks how. that was only a few years ago..

No. 976429

wow she looks retarded in this - also sad that she has literally jump up and down to get her plank ass to move

No. 976434

I honestly think she got dropped on her head or stopped maturing in high school because of all the drugs. She lives life on these loops of “once I move out I’ll be so much happier!” “Once I get my facial fat graft I’ll be sooo much prettier!” “Once I go to taxidermy school, once I get a camera, once I get a ring light, once my hair grows long, once I get a house….” you get it. And the loops of “I used to be sooo skinny and my but was soooo big” like her body dysmorphia is more out of control that her “ED”, but it’s not as glamorous I guess.

No. 976459

This this this.
I wish someone in her life would try to make her aware of how obsessive and erratic she sounds. Can you imagine the amount of time that she spends thinking about her appearance? She talks about her appearance in almost every post, so I'd bet she spends almost every waking minute thinking about it. Will she ever realize that this isn't normal behavior? She's literally like a broken record, just constantly talking to herself about her appearance, her money, her personality, her talents, her supporters, her haters, her achievements, her dreams, her her her her her….like does anything or anyone else even cross her mind? Even when she talks about her grandpa or Matt or whoever else she thinks loves her that day, its always that she loves them because of what they do/have done for HER.

No. 976472

It also just reflects on her so poorly. The majority of her followers only see what she posts online, so they're inclined to make judgements of her character based on that…so why would she choose to portray herself as a self obsessed narcissist? Congratulating yourself for every little aspect of your life is actually really sad, and she's totally blind to that. Sometimes when her teen followers or other SW chime in to congratulate her too, I can sense the pity in their replies and it truly makes me embarrassed for her.

No. 976599

File: 1589980345085.jpeg (279.71 KB, 1125x786, 17466D2E-FB49-4B3A-8985-11D95D…)

No. 976601

Yes at a trailer park talent show

No. 976617

Her ex used to call her this…obsessive!

No. 976618

Her nose is so fucking big jfc

No. 976620

and no nose job in the world can fix that. love that for her

No. 976624

I knew I had seen her mention that nickname before! She really can’t stop thinking about her past, huh

No. 976636

Her smile lines confuse me. Look how protruding it is even in an 1/3 profile. This how we know she photoshops them out. They are… like out. Haha

No. 976680

File: 1589991882246.png (6.58 MB, 1125x2436, 977E5B53-8311-406A-B6C4-6AB27F…)

It’s hilarious to see how much her incest brother tattoo has migrated from her ribs onto her bolts ons

No. 976682

Mmmm face looks like cottage cheese

No. 976683

File: 1589992796867.png (7.82 MB, 1242x2688, 50559D9D-5781-4588-8339-F3C5EC…)

No. 976686

File: 1589993080463.png (7.2 MB, 1242x2688, CBFCF77B-D9F2-49C5-AFCF-BC7A74…)

No. 976688

File: 1589993340599.png (7.08 MB, 1242x2688, 431179C2-2B04-4EB5-855C-951D32…)

Just sperging about Blair white. Seriously it’s annoying. Trying to seem trans friendly

No. 976693

File: 1589994673685.png (6.58 MB, 1125x2436, 62BB19DF-DD2F-4DF2-B0B7-18B5E1…)

No. 976694

She can't control how botched her face looks, but she can at least control her hygiene. Wtf is wrong with her that she can take an hour to do clown makeup but can't take 10 minutes to wash her hair

No. 976695

File: 1589994876913.jpeg (94.42 KB, 568x707, 523456DF-E486-4151-9484-4024BA…)

I just… can’t believe how fucking ugly she is when her lighting and pose isn’t perfectly controlled. She could play the Wicked Witch of the West in a drag queen parody of Wizard of Oz.

No. 976696

looking like Bullwinkle J. Moose

No. 976698

File: 1589995053421.jpg (82.3 KB, 820x820, bullwinkle-j-moose-rocky-the-f…)

No. 976701

File: 1589995295109.jpg (84.8 KB, 1080x582, 20200520_121727.jpg)

She is so goddamn trashy and pitiful for continuously posting about her meager finances. Nobody is impressed, other than your teen fans who make minimum wage. Successful, normal adults (sex worker or not!) do not announce every fucking time they make money. Again, Ariana is taking normal adult milestones like increasing their finances, and turning it into an excuse for attention.

No. 976703

File: 1589995492331.jpg (153.8 KB, 1080x732, 20200520_122445.jpg)

>teenage me
Wondering if she's underage in these???

No. 976706

File: 1589995682448.png (455.88 KB, 768x538, 1AFCDF09-5F9E-42AE-A2DA-D69CD9…)

Is there no surgery that could fix her giant nose? What the fuck did the surgeon even do the first time, like could they not have removed another half-pound of that thing during the first rhinoplasty? It's seriously the same width as her mouth while her face is resting. I saw a tweet using pic related and it reminds me of her nose, except luckily this nose is due to photoshop. Can someone explain why she never really shrunk her nose? Is it possible?

No. 976713

She got surgery to fix the huge hump she had on her nose bridge, and kind of normalize the nostrils. Her old nose was so fucked, I always forget how bad it was till I see a picture. She got a very good nose job imo, the size doesn’t matter she has a normal looking nose now compared to the god awful honker she was born with. I think it comes off more natural when they do minimal surgery to just “normalize” the nose more than just chopping it off. I don’t think she needs another nose job, she needs to leave her face the fuck alone. It looks fine compared to her old one, I don’t think she was trying to make it smaller. Just more normal looking kek

No. 976715

Idk I think its pretty awful. The underside nostril area looks flat like a pig snout. Front facing, her nose is like a wide pyramid shape. While its better than the hooked toucan nose she had, its still an ugly ass nose. Its also super harsh and masculine looking. Imo she needs a Dr to make it look smaller, softer, and more feminine

No. 976717

The difference in her nose size/shape is astounding

No. 976718

File: 1589997988003.jpg (850.88 KB, 2896x2398, 20200520_130700.jpg)

This is jarring

No. 976720

How can she say she looks like Angelina…bitch you don't even look like you!!

No. 976721

The thing with thick skin and cartilage-heavy noses is that you can’t really remove too much without it becoming structurally unsound. Surgeons are good with bony beaky noses bc bone is easier to sculpt but I think bulbous, cartilage heavy ones are more unwieldy and unpredictable in terms of results. I think that’s why a lot of black people end up with terrible nose jobs- they tend to have more nose cartilage and the surgeon gets too ambitious with how much they can remove and then if they’re unlucky it collapses and they end up looking like michael jackson. There’s a lot of like turkish and persian surgeons on ig that post really dramatic transformations of bulbous noses but it’s truly a gamble- I bet there’s a good percentage of their results that they don’t post because the fucking nose collapsed.
t. Nose job haver
Sorry for wall of text.

No. 976724

Don't apologize, this is a great answer. Thank you for the info. I just couldn't understand why they fixed the profile of her nose but not the width, and that makes sense!

No. 976729

There’s nothing wrong with being ugly or having a huge nose, something this narc needs to learn. You can’t just continually fix your face, her nose is going to fall the fuck off.

No. 976730

Anon this is one of my favourite comparisons. Unless she can get surgery to make everybody see her at her static selfie angle she always uses then she’ll always be ugly

No. 976737


Next thread image please.

No. 976756

It’s just so weird that she announces this stuff. She’s just projecting her insecurities she has regarding her finances in general. She has to reassure us. What other sex worker does that? (That’s not a cow)

No. 976786

I was thinking the same thing when she posted this on insta..weird weird.

No. 976856

I'm not a major animalfag but the way she talks about her cat makes my blood boil. She says "I'd rather me than someone else" re:ripping her kitten away from its mom when it was 4 weeks old, implying she's some kind of saint for "saving" the cat from a worse life… even though the cat is currently suffering, it's hated by its owners, and it's emotionally stunted as a result of Ariana's actions. There are plenty of animal experts out there who know how to train & deal with a kitten who wasn't weaned properly. Ariana is not one of them, yet she won't take an ounce of responsibility and acts like she's so much better than someone who would've just bought Tarte because she's cute. She's totally woke and she knows it's immoral and damaging to separate a kitten from its mother and its littermates that young, but like, she did it for the right reasons so it's totally okay! Even though she is exactly the type of person she claims she was trying to "save" Tarte from. What a narcissistic cunt.

No. 976863

Yikes that side profile. Her lips are horrific. Surely people must stare at her when she goes out into public?

No. 976865

No one is admiring you for being a prostitute to pay the bills yikes

No. 976869

yes because they're dumbfounded that they're seeing angelina jolie irl!!

No. 976872

kek she has some sort of reverse body dysmorphia i swear

No. 976874

Her face always looks like she smelling her own farts, and she like it.

No. 976878

I think it’s interesting that she got offended when someone asked about the dog going with her but openly says the cat is staying with Matt. She treats the only people that don’t hate her like trash im surprised she still has followers. She was offended obviously because she knows she’s not staying together with Matt so saying she could leave the dog meant abandoning it with Matt in her mind. Even though she tells everyone they’re still together and living apart doesn’t mean anything. For all they know Matt will meet back up with her in the future. It’s mind blowing that she doesn’t even realize shes projecting. Guess it’s clear now shes abandoning the cat that she hates and did this to. even though it loves her more supposedly. How cruel is that. She said she bought it herself so why’s Matt the one being burdened with her mistakes? Nobody would even care if she just admitted they were breaking up. It’d be clear they were dividing the pets but her love for being perfect leads to her trying to project the perfect relationship.

No. 976884

Omfg this had me cackling. Everything in the pic on the right goes up and everything in the pic on the left goes down. It’s a stark comparison. She has to be fuming.

No. 976893

i don‘t get it either. wash your fucking hair you nasty bitch

No. 976906

File: 1590026040489.jpeg (336.67 KB, 828x2039, 885A347E-E674-48AB-B61C-46AF05…)

Omg I can’t stand the fact she thinks her art is so fucking original and no ones ever thought of it before. Like, it’s really not, there’s pics on threads here of other creators on wood and these two pieces of art by some random fucking person on instagrams explore page. Hop off that horse, this is such “not like other girls!!1!” behavior and it’s getting old and irritating. (1/2)

No. 976908

File: 1590026068299.jpeg (877.99 KB, 2048x1904, 1B372A66-F89F-4D0C-B472-8DC5BA…)


No. 976909

File: 1590026286992.jpeg (257.77 KB, 750x698, 1A6331C1-C91D-4760-9630-DE6682…)

Sorry for Samefag but what the fuck has this “sweet slave” shit been on her twitter lately? I guess she could have her slave Cuck boyfriend tag along too, it’ll be just like her old dog walking job but with her own grotesque prostitute twist.

No. 976926

File: 1590029576935.png (4.35 MB, 828x1792, 8742DCF1-E254-4925-B426-05088B…)

Why is the spray bottle in this picture?

No. 976927

I feel sorry for all the non consenting bystanders that would have to witness this atrocity

No. 976932

What about allll the times she’s copied other people’s work… like that drawing of the alien girl with threes eyes and the side shave.

No. 976933

It’s a goddamn mushroom!?? Or a fucking praying mantis! What is so original?? I didn’t know she had those items copyright, she must be very rich.

No. 976934

Oh that’s just the spray bottle she used to abuse her hamster in the past with and now uses on Tarte. It’s literally in the background of every photo.

No. 976937

File: 1590032339685.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 253.85 KB, 828x1062, 50A9AA1E-FDC3-4957-9147-DF7959…)

Wow, those under boob scars are. so. fucking. angry. She edits the shit out then usually.

No. 976943

Yeah it's called delusion lel

No. 976944

Why would you pay to look like this

No. 976989

>nipple tattoos

No. 976990

sage because semi-old milk at this point but “before tattoos” as she literally has a tattoo in the pic kek is she okay?

No. 976996

This is an old photo from during her boob job “recovery”. You can tell because she’s missing a few stomach tattoos

No. 977011

And she says “frogger and weezy are fat as fuck” as if that’s something completely out of her control and she isn’t the one who feeds them

No. 977012

as someone with bpd & bdd i feel bad for her. yeah she's said and done some really shitty things but im not trying to wk when i say mental illness can really fuck you up and turn you into a horrible person especially when you're surrounded by mentally ill people all your life who encourage your behavior. i honestly think she looked cute before she shaved her head and went crazy with filler. i think she started going overboard with filler because she probably felt insecure from her shaved head and wanted to make up for it. i went thru something similar and it's probably the worst feeling to know you come across as vain to other people but you can't help but obsess. bdd & bpd are a deadly pair because they feed into each other… manic episode leads to impulsive change in appearance leads to more bdd leads to more mania etc.
anyway yeah i dont really like her, but i dont really think it's fair for me to hate her because i dont think she ever really got the chance to form a personality outside of her mental illness(blog)

No. 977014

File: 1590045970791.jpg (Spoiler Image, 503.47 KB, 1079x1752, Screenshot_20200521-002305_Sam…)


I zoomed in and I'm appalled… She's soooo good at keeping her house neat, but that is definitely a pile of junky shit thrown onto shelves and on the floor. Right behind her decimated nipples.

No. 977016

Then she should have sought (and stayed in) therapy. She is aware of the fact that she has disorders, yet refuses any help. She saw a therapist once or twice before and, because the doc suggested refraining from getting surgery, she blew them off. I know plenty of people with mental illnesses (myself included), and not one of them acts as psychotic as Ariana. It is NEVER okay to be a complete piece of shit human being and blame it all on your illnesses. It’s not cool to excuse abusers’ behavior for that reason either.

No. 977019

i would not say shes mentally ill… mentally retarded perhaps, theres a difference

No. 977025

Good catch anon. It really is one rule for her and another for everybody else

No. 977030

She's diagnosed–aka she should know she needs more than just meds. I don't have sympathy since she's aware enough to need medication/get a full diagnosis/in Philly where there's clinics and access to a lot more mental health services (even if you're low income/no insurance).

No. 977048

I kinda feel bad that she somehow made herself uglier than her original face. Like it has to hurt to look at yourself in the mirror every day and know that you did this to yourself. It also has to be really uncomfortable to have a shit ton of filler floating around your face and breast implants that are too large.

I don’t feel bad for all the other shit bc she’s a garbage person, but I always feel pity for someone who is this damn ugly. And did it to themselves as well

No. 977070

Why is the left side of her groin/hip all wavy and wrinkly? I’ve tried figuring out why that area looks so weird but I can’t get.

No. 977074

A couple days ago, was this post on the botched surgeries sub reddit where this cosmetic surgeon explained that lip fillers don’t metabolize nearly as fast as believed, and that they actually migrate from the lips into other areas in the lower parts of the face.

She claims that here’s dissolve faster because of her high metabolism, but at the rate she was getting refilled, there’s no way they could have completely metabolized, and she just kept adding more and more filler.

Even though she says she dissolved her fillers a couple months ago, I don’t think they were dissolved completely. And within days she went to another (seemingly worse) injector and pumped her face back up again. It’s sad, really, because she will forever be stuck in this endless cycle of chasing what she believes is perfection by continuously filling and butchering her face.

I wonder if she’ll get all her fillers dissolved before going through with the facial fat grafts. And that’s another thing, where will they get the fat? She barely has any fat on her as is.

No. 977075


Hipbone / fat. Nothing too crazy.

No. 977079

she’s literally diagnosed bipolar, also pls learn to sage

No. 977088

She’s diagnosed with BPD, which is pretty accurate I’d say (mentalhealthworker fag)

No. 977089

Breast like daggers

No. 977092

A good surgeon would have her fully dissolve her filler first before fat grafting. But ari is notorious for taking short cuts and going to dodgy surgeons. Also they don’t really use as much fat as you think. they usually take from the buttocks or the stomach region.

No. 977093

I wonder if it drives her crazy that her photos keep winding up on that subreddit and exploding in popularity.

No. 977107

I'm genuinely curious: does "fat-grafting" really work? I'm doubtful just bc when you spot-train to reduce fat in certain areas of the body, or get liposuction on say, just your stomach area, fat always finds a way of migrating based on genetic factors. won't her body essentially resorb the fat from her face and redistribute?? sure it won't get metabolized like hyaluronic acid fillers (unless you lose weight.)
also curious how it's going to work with her constantly yo-yoing weight.

No. 977109

But was she ever actually diagnosed? There are so many people who self diagnose, especially young people, because they think it’s edgy and they are so “different”… I’m sure some of her young female following have done this because they want to be like her… and I’m pretty sure she said during one of her recent lives that the reason she didn’t return to one of the therapists was because she told them she had bpd and they weren’t sure she actually did.

No. 977110

At this point there’s no if and buts about BDD, either. Right?

No. 977114

Sage your blogpost next time newfag. Not a single person gives a fuck about your personal opinion or mental illness. no milk, don’t post idiots. Take it to OT next time

No. 977116

Wouldn't a surgeon suggest of do a fat grafting before filler? since she her original facial structure is weak

No. 977122

Sorry for blog post, but to answer your question with my personal experience, my mom got facial fat grafting probably 6 years ago in her lips and cheeks and she still looks like a complete pillow face. Some of the fat is metabolized by the body up front and slowly over time, but for the most part it is permanent results. She was really thin like ari and so the result was drastic and traumatic. It’s strange to me why ari wants to get it done because that’s usually what people do when theyre older and have lost a lot of their youthful fullness. I think it’ll be a huge mistake. The recovery is brutal too. But let the milk floweth!

No. 977127

I think bc filler is attractive to women that want to enchanted features, not completely change them. Also, filler is not a life long commitment. If you hate it, it can be dissolved. Filler can be injected in 15 minutes with almost no down time and it’s relatively inexpensive compared to. With Fat grafting there is no going back and you’re actually put under general anesthesia. Most young women don’t need a bunch more fat in their faces, maybe just a little *umph here or there.

IMO ari already has fat as fuck cheeks around her mouth and the lower part of her face (you can tell when she smiles). if she adds more fat to the top half of her face, she would really need to add a lot of fat for it not to just look like a big round, bloated, moon face.

No. 977131

And fat grafting is still quite unpredictable. Fillers are not so much bc it’s a smaller, more controllable quantity.

Ari probably doesn’t know this, but most women who have had fat grafting done still gets filler bc fat settles often very uneven and lumpy. But don’t forget, iTs An iNvEsTmEnT

No. 977143

Not sure how it works in the US, but in the UK if you are hospitalised (which Ari claims she was, twice) you need to receive at least a working diagnosis in order to determine the right treatment. Not to armchair but in my experience of working with personality disorder she definitely fits BPD more than bipolar. That doesn’t mean she should as an excuse for her shitty and abusive behaviour though (which she does)

No. 977161

I miss Ariana’s “creative” writing

No. 977178

File: 1590085220322.jpeg (678.3 KB, 1242x1570, F2C81A22-14E0-447A-BF73-B392FC…)

Why do I feel like another abortion is coming, also she isn’t on the pill and judging from her porn she doesn’t use condoms, what the fuck is wrong with this bitch

No. 977196

Inb4 "read the threads", I've been following Ari's downward spiral since the first thread, but I don't recall her trying her hand at writing? What's that about?

Holy hell imagine Ari as a mother. What a trainwreck that'd be. Straight up tragedy porn.

No. 977205

it's where the "breasts like daggers" reference comes from. she was trying to write short stories or something a few months back and it was hilarious.

No. 977222

Here you go >> 891332
>the moon …with its pathetic disappointing light
Apostrophes and commas, please Ariana D-

No. 977225

Fuck sake, sorry I’ll try again. Working link >>891332

No. 977312

Once again, how is she not more concerned and how does she not take precautionary steps if she’s already been through the abortion process before?
Lists multiple things that sound like pregnancy- “BUT IM NOT PREGNANT”
I haven’t paid that much attention to when she last saw clients but if anyone has tabs on it does it seem like maybe she could be trying to rule out pregnancy for her speculators because she’s unsure who’s it would be?

No. 977341

probably just the HIV running it's course
it can start to affect your hormones and periods

No. 977343

She did this last time…overly ambiguous, denying she was pregnant and then suddenly revealed she was aborting the “Gemini demon”

No. 977367

LMAO she should be lucky someone would even wanna do a BETTER version of “her art” mushrooms aren’t an original thing to fuckin draw.. lol

No. 977369

do you guys think she would have matured if she had birthed the gemini demon?

No. 977371

No, where do people get this idea that having a child will magically make someone become responsible?

No. 977372

Not for a second. She would have destroyed that poor child's life if she kept it. Ari is the same as her mother.

No. 977373


Absolutely not. She would've just treated that poor child the way she treats Tarte.

"The Gemini Demon keeps crying during my lives!! Stop talking over me!! The other babies at daycare are so badly raised… etc etc"

No. 977376

yeah she couldn't even handle a kitten kek imagine a baby

No. 977377

I thought her client (not clients) only fucked her in the ass or mouth. Probably Matt’s demon baby if anyone’s

No. 977393

there's no demon baby, she's just bored and bpd in quarantine and stirring up anything she can.

No. 977411

I feel like no one else is gonna say it, because it’s a major tinfoil but… a he’s definitely pregnant kek. If she actually had proof, I.e a negative pregnancy test, she’d be posting the stick she peed on to her twitter to prove her hAtErZ wrong. She probably hasn’t taken one yet because she doesn’t wanna face the truth that she’d need another abortion.

No. 977413

File: 1590102950972.jpeg (1023.78 KB, 1125x1662, 82D6B136-9E02-4C9B-9FC2-E3EE67…)

Your wine aunt waiting by the bar at 4am or a 50 year old autogynophile

No. 977420

Can you be an AGP when you’re a woman? When like her you’re a disgusting gremlins resembling a young boy rather than a woman, and you’re going all narcissistic and delusional about the idea of becoming a sexually desirable woman?

No. 977430

ntayrt but fucking lol and more lol. This is priceless. Thank you anon.

No. 977442

Man, I'm not normally one to pity Doormatt since he's choosing to stay with her, but she's really gonna do this to him again?

No. 977483

Does she seriously think this looks cute? For someone who only cares about her physical appearance, she has absolutely no fashion sense

No. 977494

read the damn thread instead of asking to be spoonfed. yes obviously she’s really been diagnosed, she’s been on lamictal for years.

No. 977509

Lamictal isn’t strictly for BPD fuckwad. Family practice doctors that are lazy can start anyone on that if they are too lazy to send someone to a psychiatrist. And when does she EVER mention psychiatrist appointments? Never. I keep up with this shit and was aware she’s on lamictal you twat.

No. 977512

i swear all of you guys have bpd

No. 977514

Absolutely not. She has turned out to be a mirror image of her own mother who has done a terrible job raising an evil, selfish narcissist into the world.

No. 977516

She’s just seeking attention as per usual. No life

No. 977518

A psychiatrist/gp wouldn't medicate without a mental diagnosis. Stfu.

No. 977522

File: 1590116866443.jpeg (170.18 KB, 1125x879, 52CBCF83-D770-4A5D-A8C6-CC6467…)

can’t wait to watch this happen just like her taxidermy school

No. 977532

I can’t wait til she applies for a mortgage and gets denied because her proof of income shows that it’s all random cash deposits and pay pal transactions from Etsy bimonthly

No. 977546

She should just get her new face first if she really wants it bc once she gets locked into a mortgage she will have no choice but to be “responsible” and probably never be able to afford anything more.

No. 977557

Wasn't she just complaining that she didn't get paid this month?
"W-what's that? All of my paychecks are in $5 dollar tips, are completely inconsistent, and look like they're coming in whenever they'd like, even if that means the end of the month? It's ok! Just give me a house, heehee!"

inb4 she gets rejected for being a failure of a human and goes on another sperg about people not bending to her ever whim. scared to see her mental state when the landlord doesn't scramble hold the door for her, kek

No. 977558

You can tell she's really struggling not to blow her money on more face bullshit by how much she's patting her own ass for it

No. 977563

>if time allows it
She is already laying the groundwork for it not happening. She literally does this with ever new responsible "plan" that she makes because she knows deep down that it will not happen. She doesn't follow through with anything that takes time and effort.

No. 977573

I think we all know granddaddy pimp will pay the deposit and sign for the actual contract in his name.

No. 977620

She will never be responsible for a mortgage. It's going to be a property she rents from her grandpa. She will just lie and say she bought it with her hard earned cash as a super successful artist/taxidermist/cum dumpster

No. 977630

That’s not correct. Psychiatrists and GPS medicate without confirmed diagnosis. A whiff of MH intervention is enough.

No. 977632

She ain’t buying a house. One months expense includes mortgage, water, garbage, electricity, internet, than personal expenses like food, cell phone services. She doesn’t have that kind of money period. She can still rent a house and than pretend she bought it kek.

No. 977642

Anyone got her vids?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 977658

File: 1590157230562.png (1.47 MB, 828x1792, E0B7B5B9-5732-4C66-AC48-244BB1…)

Kek, found some old messages. sage for blogpost but I thought it was funny to see that Ari has not progressed in almost 3 years, other than getting aggressively uglier and more botched.

No. 977659

File: 1590157388996.jpeg (71.52 KB, 426x575, 3E3297D2-9EE3-4AED-9B66-BA3AD8…)

there genuinely was a time that she had some appeal.

No. 977663

yeah she had a kind of… almost romani look about her? the ig thot look doesn't suit her at all but she found out way too late

No. 977664

i remember this exact post from her, saw this on my explore and that caption is truly ugly and toxic. imagine drawing strength from believing other people are jealous of you. funny how she makes her before/afters to fit her narratives. she mostly chooses exceptionally bad befores but here she chose one to prove "she's always been cute". the only redeeming quality about her face back then was that it was HERS. now she walks around with that ugly ass face hidden under fillers and a botched lip lift. imagine what her life would be like now if she started therapy back then and didn't get all those surgeries… maybe she would be able to accept herself for what she really is

No. 977677


Lol, so let me guess, she got jealous that this person's art was better than her version?

it doesn't sound like this person was intending to make any sort of profit off it and was just inspired by it (much like all of ari's art is), and even shared it with her.

she is psycho and shit like this is why she can't keep anyone around.

No. 977692

Lol the first time I showed this cow to a friend, they thought she was a MTF trans person and said her transition looked great

No. 977719

Was anyone able to find a picture of the art that “copied” her mushroom piece? I wanna see how significantly better the other artist made it.

No. 977722

No. 977729

No, that’s not it… That post was just an example of how unoriginal her work is, read >>976906 again

No. 977741

feeling dumb now

No. 977758

Yeah I showed my bf her picture without saying anything and he asked if she was a man lol.

Also why doesn’t she get fat grafting/ a house and THEN AFTER THE FACT talk about it? Anybody can say they’re going to do something. I’m going to walk on the moon. Nobody gives a fuck unless they SEE it. Most people don’t brag about things until after they’re accomplished

No. 977760

Nah. A family practitioner can put patients on low risk medications like your standard antihistamine sedatives and prozac but a good practitioner would suggest a specialist for drugs that carry more of a risk like benzos and mood stabilizers

No. 977796

it's literally a way to cope with her inability to lead a normal, stable life. just like her bragging about how hot she is, how much her boyfriend loves her, how great her life is. we all know it's not like that and so does she. but to cope with her terrible, sad excuse of a life, she has to post about her plans in life, even if they are not realistic/will fail. besides asspats from strangers online, which she rarely gets, it's the only way for her to get some gratification. many cows show this exact behaviour aswell

No. 977799

i remember having this exact same conversation with a friend as well. i followed her years ago because i thought that in a sea of IG e-thots getting plastic surgery, it was really refreshing to see someone be open and candid about it.
i ended up unfollowing her shortly after because her entire personality and feed revolved around "look! here's my old face!!!! i had plastic surgery and i'm totally hot now, haturrrrz! die mad about it!!!!!!!111" i wasn't surprised at all when i saw a thread about her pop up here. there's embracing being open about getting work done, and then there's being a nasty cunt whose entire life revolves around how much filler you can get shoved in your face to spite your high school bullies. clearly, she's devolved into the latter.
like most cows, she had potential to be successful. she could have leveraged her looks and her candor, but now she's just a botched, floundering prostitute with a digital papertrail of all the ways she's been unbelievably shitty.

No. 977816

File: 1590180882160.jpeg (159.12 KB, 1125x2000, EYpbkCBXsAEoKa9.jpeg)

She doesn't know how to use facetune

No. 977822

Love how the ribbed tank top is just totally smooth where she tried to edit her shitty tit job KEK

No. 977826

This is particularly bad.

No. 977831

her nose and lower lip are particularly butchered in this. how long before she claims she shooped it deliberately and it’s how she’s going to look after surgery?

No. 977933

File: 1590198202160.gif (6.31 MB, 368x652, 100084536_560678704644024_5394…)

Meanwhile, in real life, her facial structure looks like this

No. 978051

File: 1590241349763.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1772, C4CF66AA-608E-4D14-8A23-7595A4…)

bloody hell she really doesn’t understand the situation that the world is in right now….. or maybe she just doesn’t care because she got zero respect for other people

No. 978060


Hold up… minorities like sw?! You don't have to be a PCfag to laugh at her sheer, utter stupidity.

No. 978063

File: 1590243530087.jpg (523.7 KB, 1080x1485, Screenshot_20200523-071829_Ins…)

It looks like this is the face she wants to bUy (get on credit)

No. 978065

She sits on her ass all day tf. Stupid bitch. The country is literally opening up, what is she even complaining about. She gives me such low key trump vibes, she might not like him but all her opinions line up with his. If her grandpa dies from covid, she’s going to be like “You should have stayed home like ME, savages!” Kek

No. 978068


I think she's basically saying that she needs to meet up with her client for sex to make ends meet. The whole country is in lockdown and she's arguing that she "needs" to go out, have sex, and get paid. People have probably told her how stupid this is, so she justifies that it's her job to have sex with random men who might not be quarantined. If you don't understand you're shaming her!!! /s

Most of her work is remote so this is the only thing that makes sense. She can update only fans and sell her art from home.

No. 978071

right, so i guess youre "putting yourself in someone elses shoes" by risking the lives of everyone around you for a bang buck? is that what it is? pure raw dripping empathy to tell other people who you could be infecting that they simply dont understand they should die so YOU can live? id be mad if i was this stupid too.

No. 978074

I really cannot get over her crying “minorities” like her racist ass didn’t call non white people on an island “natives.” She’s one of those white bitches that wants to be oppressed so bad because she needs pity to feel validated and for her pasty ass to be claiming to be a minority is a bad look. No wonder her engagement is shit, she’s pushing away literally every group possible with her bullshit.

Now to sit and wait for her retweets of black people and drawings of brown skin people to prove she’s not racist after she reads this.

No. 978076

Yikes she looks like a 40 year old trailer park mum

No. 978081

Strong Michael Jackson vibes here. I guess she's been having fun with whatever editing app she supposedly doesn't know how to use.

No. 978086

Minorities….as if sex work (especially online) isn’t completely oversaturated

No. 978090

botch edit on the nose and right eye
her nostrils look very different

No. 978101

this shoop is so fucking bad, is she for real??

No. 978106


This lazy bitch hasnt even TRIED ONCE camming for sex. There is a MILLION ways she can still be a whore and make money if she truly believes thats all she has to offer the world.

What is she saying here is she is butthurt people on twitter make her feel bad that she the easiest way she knows how to survive (laying on her back) is currently frowned upon because its a FUCKING GLOBAL PANDEMIC.

She is insufferable.

No. 978111

File: 1590254635983.jpg (103.17 KB, 309x250, sure.jpg)

No. 978121

“Minorities like sex workers” is such an insane concept, sounds like someone’s salty they aren’t making $600+ a week on unemployment because of lack of recent job history lol

No. 978124

She still refuses to acknowledge the fact that she didn't file unemployment out of sheer laziness. $3,200 monthly is probably more than she makes "working", and she gets paid under the table anyway so she doesn't even have to stop doing anything she's already doing. She's 100% mentally challenged.

No. 978125

The government has removed all restrictions until July for unemployment. They aren't denying anyone, job history or not

No. 978126

And all that bs she talked about her friends who still haven't gotten their unemployment is ridiculous. I only know 1 person who didn't get theirs within a week of filing and its because he kept putting in his social security number wrong. Then he fixed it, and got 3 weeks of backpay all at once.

No. 978129

File: 1590258035988.jpg (237.28 KB, 1280x1280, 20200523_132034.jpg)

No. 978131

All this needs is Arianas crying face shopped over kims

No. 978136

File: 1590258663800.png (457.88 KB, 750x805, 20200523_133146.png)

No. 978140

God I love that Spencer’s shoot. Could you imagine if your “model” showed up and looked like this?? The make up was a complete mistake, the freckles look like pimples and the eyeliner looks so fucking weird. Combine that with her brassy, fried unstyled hair and sagging cheeks kek. But oh it was just a bit of bad lighting is all.

No. 978141

File: 1590259213662.jpg (214.58 KB, 1079x661, Screenshot_20200523-134009_Chr…)

But it's totally fine to get rid of your cat for selfish reasons

No. 978147

File: 1590259526574.jpeg (490.66 KB, 750x1097, 1535199735135.jpeg)

Somewhat related but wtf ever happened to this dog??

No. 978150

And she wonders why she only got paid $200 LMAO

No. 978174

File: 1590263954518.jpeg (302.92 KB, 750x867, 674A7C03-EFEA-4FBC-93D5-A906C5…)

Truly unreal the way she talks about Matt

No. 978179

File: 1590265627656.png (7.6 MB, 1125x2436, DC831D09-4251-405E-8947-39D6AC…)

No. 978181

>taking precautions
That's rich coming from this AIDS rash infested unexamined by a doctor literal whore

No. 978187

liza minelli looks different here

No. 978189

File: 1590268436979.png (6.86 MB, 1125x2436, 8D9E4307-A4BE-43EA-8AD2-553966…)

No. 978191

i would be so embarrassed to be with someone who talks about me this way

No. 978192

File: 1590269047463.png (7.91 MB, 1125x2436, C0E791FA-2371-42E1-BF3F-4BBABA…)

No. 978197

I hope matt would choose the animals over her crusty ass

No. 978202

File: 1590271346050.gif (8.97 MB, 640x640, 328097AA-5C11-40F0-9A6F-45C0EF…)

poor weezy is so overweight

No. 978208

if you're not gifing/screen recording or at least summarising what happened with a screenshot can you stop posting nothing but still images of her sitting in her room? it's not interesting at all.

No. 978210

Someone asked her if there are any animals she doesn't like and she said "Tarte. JK I like all animals."

No. 978217

File: 1590273229924.png (6.62 MB, 1125x2436, F7838B5A-BE37-428C-9797-786C72…)

Genuinely one of the most disgusting humans I’ve ever seen/heard of/learned about via internet. Horrifying goblin inside and out.(nitpicking)

No. 978223

Nahh, they funny

No. 978225

I was mind blown at the sheer cognitive dissonance considering she’s leaving Tarte behind with matt when they split, but then I took note of the wording. “Their dog” “your most cherished pet” not just cats or pets in general. Bitch is so terminally online she’s begun sub-tweeting her own cat. she needs help.

No. 978235

File: 1590275280204.jpeg (617.36 KB, 2048x2048, 87551628-837F-4CA7-AC7A-9025CB…)

They couldn’t train Koi so they passed him off to a friend.

No. 978238

Bless you anon.
So tarte isn't the first instance of these losers failing to be proper pet owners

No. 978240

why would you ever need to train a small dog with a shock collar? what the fuck is wrong with these people, it’s like they go out of their way to abuse animals

No. 978243

File: 1590277226393.jpeg (71.04 KB, 828x323, 1D5C7242-466C-4922-95D1-20830D…)

This is the strangest thing to virtue signal about… no one cares…. and if you’re really considering your old as fuck / obese dog as to what house you can buy, thennnnn you’re stupid.

No. 978261

Also…many people choose not to let their dogs upstairs. So doesn’t really rule out that two story ‘renovation’. Kek. She’s so fucking dumb.

No. 978263

Yeah, because it’s actually Angelina Jolie. Get your eyes checked

No. 978269

wrong anon it’s granny tranny!!

No. 978273

Anyone else notice that Ariana has only posted poor quality or heavily edited pictures lately? I'm sad that we might have seen the last of her perforated nose

No. 978277

Now we have michael jackson ariana

No. 978332

>>978243 the dog she cares so much about even tho she still takes it to the dog park after the vet told her to keep away from further injuring it, on top of not paying for a surgery already??

No. 978334

File: 1590294850688.jpg (498.33 KB, 2896x2896, 20200523_233415.jpg)

These captions wtf

No. 978338

she's not losing it, this is as bad as she gets. only a certain kind of person can actually hit traditional "rock bottom", ariana will keep coasting along like this until she doesn't

No. 978346

File: 1590296095206.jpeg (59.42 KB, 828x245, 05EB3D07-C516-4163-93C0-3164A7…)

Guess she has changed her mind and will be getting her dog a new hip before her surgery

No. 978347

what the fuck is going on with her bangs

No. 978348

Yeah because she realized that facetune is only like $2.99 and she gets the same effect

No. 978349

Look at how they stick up in her lives. They are totally coated in oils and grease because she doesn't bathe. I assume she just combs them down after she does her makeup and the oils make them clump together.

No. 978351

Sooooo glad this is documented because I totally think she's going back on her word. She's going to pretend that frogger can't get her hip fixed for reasons that are out of her control, and then we will never hear about it again…just like every other "responsible" thing that she says she's going to do.

Also, how shitty is it that her elderly trailerpark grandpa was going to pay for her school, but she has thousands of dollars lying around reserved for elective cosmetic procedures???

No. 978354

ah, so she finally agrees that she’s ugly as fuck

No. 978360

She acts like she's such an animal lover bragging about this but this wouldn't even be something to contemplate to anybody with basic human decency.
Sorry, but you're not getting asspats for putting your elective botched renovations on hold (GASP! Such a hero…so considerate!) to save your dog girl

No. 978377

She just wants ass pets. She doesn’t follow through on many things so we will see. She’s bored and needs validation.

No. 978385

File: 1590313288616.jpeg (758.71 KB, 2048x2048, D2B57AE7-E221-42CA-ABED-5607D3…)

No. 978387


Kinda baffled that she shits on about fillers, surgeries and veneers, yet she hasn't gotten laser hair removal? Or dosn't put more effort into idk not having hairy arms in her insta pics? Like, shes so hairy she has admited to shaving her fucking face in the past…

No. 978389

File: 1590314272040.jpeg (777.32 KB, 2048x2048, 34CC2795-107B-4D25-B674-C649DA…)

No. 978391

She’s turned into the cat woman surgery addict.

No. 978393

File: 1590315374714.jpeg (695.15 KB, 2048x2048, 06F933E8-7FA2-4377-A3C9-A35839…)

Wonder what she’d look like now if she’d stopped here?

No. 978466

she still looked like a witch and 10 yrs older

No. 978467

File: 1590334489273.jpg (109.05 KB, 1080x676, 20200524_103202.jpg)

>i think I'm looking at a house
>wants it so bad even though she's never seen it and this is the first house she's looking at
>wants it over with even though she just decided that she's buying a house less than a week ago

Shes a child. A literal child masquerading as an adult woman.

No. 978470

Why can't she ever just….do things. Why must she announce every crazy goddamn plan that enters her tiny brain and brag?? You look like an idiot when it doesn't pan out Ariana! Just do the thing, then brag about it once its accomplished if you must.
But, I guess I know the answer to my own question. She'd never have anything to brag about because she doesn't follow through with anything.

No. 978487

Impulse buying a house… the first house you even look at. Look out, it’s the queen of responsibility and adulthood!

No. 978493

File: 1590340130188.jpg (126.18 KB, 1080x722, 20200524_120629.jpg)

There's a 50/50 chance that this actually happened and if it did…oof.
This girl was obviously trying to bait Ariana for more information. I guarantee that Ariana is seen as some kind of sideshow freak by her ex classmates, so of course they are wondering if she's actually fucking old men for money.

No. 978496

File: 1590340586656.jpg (Spoiler Image, 500.25 KB, 1080x1248, 20200524121438.jpg)

Is…gag…is…is this…oh god…is this…Matt's…piss…

No. 978503

Please spoiler possible piss pictures.

No. 978505

What the fuck even is instagram if this is allowed to be posted? I hope her necklaces are made from a nice material or that acidic pee is gonna ruin the finish

No. 978513

…we don't even know if that's what it is. Why would someone spoiler images for the possibility of it being inappropriate??

No. 978514

she's a radfem anon

No. 978523

File: 1590345581621.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 237.33 KB, 750x551, E2AABC33-4848-4884-B946-624470…)

Actually anon we do know that it’s in fact Matt’s piss

No. 978525

don't be stupid, that clearly needs a spoiler no matter what the liquid is but it's obviously pee.

and your joke wasn't funny

No. 978531

How do you NOT know that is piss? Either you’re extremely prudish and stupid or you think a shower has a single stream of water

No. 978532

her old nose was clearly not conventionally attractive but it did a lot to harmonize the features on her face, and give her a unique appearance. by making her nose smaller, she made her jaw and chin appear larger. she clearly tried to correct that by then making her lips bigger, but everything still looks off. all the filler she keeps on adding to her face is doing the exact opposite of what she thinks it is– she's losing all definition and her face is just turning into an amorphous, bloated blob.

posting pictures of getting yourself getting pissed on is definitely what a financially and emotionally secure person does. keep on telling yourself you're both of those, Ariana. hope the likes are worth it!

No. 978535

Jesus christ, no one actually believes that it isn't piss. The point is, if there is simply a stream of liquid in the picture and no genitals showing, there's technically nothing inappropriate about the picture. Not sure why the name calling is necessary, unless you're trying to get banned for infighting.

No. 978539

yes, it was not conventional and i can understand the comments about looking witchy but it really worked for her. she could have leaned into a light goth/occulty theme. she reminds me of toopoor in that first video. women with unusual noses are so beautiful, this pains me

No. 978542

I guess Matthew Copp is extremely secure in his job with the United States Postal Service, and has a solid future and has nothing to lose by urinating on Ariana McMillan (a prostitute) in a publicly posted pornographic video. Matt Copp, USPS mail carrier, is lucky to be able to engage in sex work multiple times, on camera, without consequences, or worries that these actions are documented and might follow him for years to come. I wish I could live so freely!!

No. 978543

It’s not up for debate. If it’s NSFW use the spoiler.

No. 978548

But it isn't NSFW. Thanks for minimodding though. Maybe you should work for lolcow if you're this passionate about the content other people's posts.

No. 978552

How is this >>975369 not spoilered when a whole nipple is showing, yet people are upset that an instagram-appropriate picture showing no genitals is posted without a spoiler?? The implication of a sex act is NSFW apparently

No. 978553

File: 1590350512724.jpg (277.04 KB, 1080x1732, 20200524_150118.jpg)

Two things:
Why is she such a condescending bitch to every person that disagrees with her

We've all seen your dirty feet and socks Ariana, you're not fooling anyone

No. 978555

>i clean my floors
anyone have the pic from one of the older threads of her disgusting dirty bathroom tho?

No. 978563

File: 1590352240337.png (Spoiler Image, 2.16 MB, 828x1792, 6454ACD2-9DA2-4C57-9354-7B3538…)

>first golden shower

Imaging your life being so dire that being pissed on isn’t a significant enough
event to remember.
Or more likely she’s just lying as usual because she just can’t help herself

No. 978564

File: 1590352261644.jpg (308.25 KB, 1536x1004, 20200524_153033.jpg)

Always showing off that matching tattoo from her ex

No. 978565


why do her arms look so weird here? bad photoshop or just flabby?

No. 978568

Thank you for this. I think her brain is fried from whatever disease she's been carrying that causes her rashes. I really think she loses track of reality because of her lies, drug use, and tendency to twist the narratives of past events.

No. 978570

what’s going on with the black line under her lip? Is it flash related or has she drawn it in as some kind of extreme contouring ??

No. 978573

It's on her cupids bow too. I'm sure it's just shitty over lining. Her sausage lips will never be big enough

No. 978577

At that age (and I am her age), the skinny fat starts to sag. Aging is unforgiving when you treat your body like trash.

No. 978580

her socks are always filthy, wtf is she on about

No. 978581

Pissing on her little brother’s necklace. Classy.

No. 978596

You IDIOT. Exposed tits are NSFW thanks for the laugh though

No. 978601

I don't see any exposed tits in this picture. So cleavage is NSFW? First its the possibility of urine, now its the tops of breasts? If that was the case, 90% of photos here should be spoilered.
Again with the namecalling.
Just because we have seen the full photo on Twitter, doesn't mean the cropped photo is NSFW.

No. 978607

File: 1590356879648.jpeg (42.92 KB, 828x206, 851871BD-7915-49E1-9465-F93E00…)

Here we go again with her flexing on one day buying a house.

No. 978609

Give it up already.

No. 978613

Just trying to understand.
I've contributed countless private posts to this thread and idk why all of a sudden it seems that I have a different understanding of the rules than others.

No. 978631

If you don't think about it you're doing the opposite of planning,you're being the impulsive bitch you've always been kek

No. 978652

completely off topic but she's shaped so weird, like a mozzarella stick or something
she's straight on the sides, no curves, but is still cylindrical or bloated looking

No. 978680

File: 1590366026420.jpeg (118.53 KB, 828x574, D8170CA1-F69B-4353-B4D0-8A9BF4…)

Oh the irony…

No. 978693

She’s looking extra manly here and kek at getting pissed on for pennies. What an absolute loser. Her ex classmates are probably having a field day laughing about her.

No. 978697

File: 1590370691900.png (372.15 KB, 350x950, mozzarellanproud.png)

>completely off topic but she's shaped so weird, like a mozzarella stick or something
topkek, anon. enjoy my contribution.

No. 978701

kek, not normally a fan of edits but it's the perfect screenshot of her face. the tattoo is hilarious too fair play anon

No. 978705

This needs to make it onto the next thread pic 100%

No. 978712

looks like she went full picasso in an editing app after >>978387 pointed out her arm hair

No. 978744

Lol she looks like the redscare girl

No. 978774

Everyone was too busy arguing about the piss and no one noticed how tiny Matt’s dick is it’s practically dwarfed by his hand looool

No. 978789

It seems unfair that she has managed to save all this money whilst living with Matt, I can only imagine he’s been paying the majority of the bills? She literally just uses everyone in her life, I don’t think there’s been a cow quite as rotten and awful as Ariana

No. 978838

ariana doesn't have a quarter million in savings. ariana WISHES she had savings at all, that's why she has to brag about buying a house and shit online all day. the only way "she" is buying a house is her grandpa buying her one

No. 978848

File: 1590413461424.jpeg (260.51 KB, 1242x561, 2F7FFCCA-8DC5-4759-B048-30AA39…)

After weeks of devaluation the lovebombing and idealisation stage comes in 3..2…1

No. 978859

“I have $5,000 for fat grafts” means “I can get $5,000 on CareCredit.”

“I’m going to spend $250,000 on a house” means “Grandpa will co-sign a mortgage for up to $250,000.”

Like many brokeass people, she thinks of credit as money that she can spend freely. She hasn’t saved jack or shit.

No. 978861

Why does she need a 250k house for her and her pets? My first house was 104k and it just just me and my puppy. She’s so bad with money. She’s going to use credit to spend 250k, she doesn’t have that much money. Never in her life. She needs to learn a trade and get a real job

No. 978872

If waking up to your bf is so great, why is she so stoked to move out? Does not add up

No. 978874

Ok psycho. I wish Matt would post an ig story with that same deranged poll from before and then say that he’d dump her for Tarte. Oops teehee.

No. 978876

Because she’s a narcissist like her mother. Cycling through the abuse stages

No. 978883

File: 1590419920152.jpeg (71.23 KB, 828x260, 610E3F29-9786-4215-94E3-7B0BAC…)

Horror cow

No. 978888


wonder how many years she has had these animals, wouldn't they have decomposed by now? Even if they have bee frozen

No. 978893

for someone who's ~so passionate~ about taxidermy, she never practices

No. 978894

Has she ever taxidermied anything at all? She’s going to have the shock of her life when she does. Kek.
Love that her art slab work has completely dropped off the radar.

No. 978898

the only taxidermy ive seen her do is that horrible cylindrical squirrel or whatever it was

No. 978900

or her wet specimens that she just picked up and put in a container to later sell

No. 978940

hopefully none of those birds are species protected under the migratory bird treaty act, if you’re found in possession of anything you can get some sizeable fines, and we all know ari has no savings kek

No. 978967

File: 1590435239245.jpeg (783.6 KB, 1125x1738, 93085FD1-B3B4-4275-A57A-B66F51…)

> frogger is so well trained
> growls at a puppy

No. 978969

this, although ppl don't care and pick up birds/parts to sell them and nothing happens. if anyone pointed it out she'd probably have some dumb argument about how she had permission or it's ok b/c she found it etc.

No. 978973

10€ that's not a late period but a drug-induced miscarriage. "Two weeks late and with a vengeance" yeah right.

No. 978977

I like how this aaron dude she met on TINDER is literally the only friend she has and she cucks matt by letting him hang around in thier apt and being the only other person she mentions in her life. She doesnt have a single girl-friend. Also bet she doesnt use a separate freezer for her food and her soon to be shish kabob animals kekek

No. 978978

drug induced miscarriage? sorry to derail here but that's really not how it works. you can shoot up heroin your whole pregnancy and still give birth

No. 978983

NTA but they probably meant like abortion pills. Early pregnancies can be terminated with prescription drugs. Usually have to go to a clinic to get them though, which we all know Ariana wouldn’t do without announcing it on Twitter.

No. 979045

File: 1590447176378.jpg (829.67 KB, 1079x1921, Screenshot_20200525-172258_Ins…)

No. 979050

“they really examine everything” yeah to see if you’re a normal human being with a decent income and not a scabby prostitute kek

No. 979052

She genuinely has the most boring life

No. 979054

Ariana hates other women because she is jealous and insecure and above all self obsessed.

No. 979098

it's hilarious that she has to blogpost menial shit like this on a finsta because she has no irl friends to chat with. turns out plastic surgery can't make you any less insufferable and insecure.

No. 979150

File: 1590470954730.jpeg (104.2 KB, 714x839, 9A0CD7E4-A604-4E06-938A-75EA3C…)

Just saw her post this.. I wonder wtf happened. And is this bitch sewing new clients during quarantine?

No. 979152

*seeing. My bad, posted this on mobile

No. 979154

Yeeeah after seeing her getting pissed on I finally needed to close this chapter and move on/unfollow this crazy bih lmao

No. 979178

File: 1590479631524.png (2.71 MB, 750x1334, 7E81111A-6E90-4969-BC3B-3213D9…)

Cool photoshop

No. 979181


See the things with passions are, you are passionate about them. You find time to do them because it makes you feel good.

Art and taxidermy arent even slightly this girl’s passion. This girl’s passion is trying to make it through life on easy street.

Her passion is getting fucked for rent until she’s “crying and shaking”.

“Lmao” right ari? Hope you like fucking johns until that “quarter million” is paid off .

No. 979187

whenever she posts obvious face edits like this, it always makes me wonder how she can feel comfortable going on so many ig lives looking like a completely different person. is she really delusional enough to actually believe she looks like her edits?

No. 979193


and she wonders why she has no desire to go out and socialize.

bitch cause you subconsciously know you aren't the person you put out online.

No. 979195

her recent make up looks were all without splotchy freckles… we see you lurkin ari

No. 979213

The attention seeking continues.

No. 979214

Same here. Seeing someone value their self so little that they would let people piss on them is a new low.

No. 979246

lol where were you guys months ago when her other sw’er friend pissed all over her psoriasis rash at a client’s place??

No. 979249

her right pupil is super messed up, it seems as if she is trying new editing apps as of late

No. 979274

I love how immediately after this she tweets a selfie >>979178 like girl please give it a break

No. 979301

After she posted this she had about 10 replies in her tweets asking her if she’s ok and she didn’t reply to any of them lol

No. 979314

Now just wait for the post where she finds a way to blame Doormatt for whatever happened

No. 979400

lmao what kind of blatant attention whoring is this to just not elaborate whatsoever?

No. 979460

File: 1590526004432.jpg (96.87 KB, 1080x621, 20200526_154511.jpg)

Doesn't she ever get bored reminiscing on the same shit every few months?

No. 979478

Samefag but I've never encountered another human who spends this much time living in the past.

No. 979652

File: 1590544183451.jpg (393.2 KB, 809x1524, Screenshot_20200526-215015_Twi…)