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File: 1536783341296.png (581.47 KB, 924x519, pnp.png)

No. 686753

PlasticandProud / ScorpioAssHoe / Ariana McMillan #3

PlasticandProud (pnp, Ariana) is an almost 24 year old instagram "influencer" and plastic surgery addict.

Recent milk:

>Ariana continues to have no ambition beyond gazing at herself in selfie camera all day.

>PnP gets another round of lip injections, yielding hilarious candid photos at the plastic surgeon and an oozing, bleeding lip wound.
>Breast implants continue to drift further apart, scars fail to heal.
>Spergs out following a meeting with her sugar daddy, dramaposting "This is the worst day of my life" and "I want to kill myself".
> Following her "mistake", posts over the top displays of love for Matt Copp, cuck boyfriend with poor dental hygeine.
> Currently Ariana and Matt are in the throes of a dramatic public breakup, displaying typically abusive patterns by rembounding and creating a scene.

PLEASE DON'T CLUTTER UP OR DERAIL THE THREAD WITH BICKERING. THIS IS AN IMAGEBOARD. If you must post commentary, sage goes in the email field.

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No. 686758

File: 1536783630603.png (676.01 KB, 1125x2436, 79BE90A0-8EDB-4663-A340-F9EDFA…)

Just posted in old threat but Ariana fb currently is single. It went from engaged to Matt to single

No. 686759

Her and Matt are also not fb friends anymore

No. 686771

You forgot her social media links

Links: https://www.instagram.com/plasticandproud/
"ASMR w/ PlasticAndProud | Dolls Kill"

No. 686794

File: 1536787152951.png (215.14 KB, 1660x462, Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 5.18…)

She's off the farquard.

No. 686796

That’s been for a week now anon

No. 686800

i’m mobile so i can’t link the post, but an anon asked in the last thread why matt didn’t delete their photos but did unfollow her. he probably didn’t unfollow, but instead was blocked by her. facebook doesn’t work the same way though, if she changes her status to single, his will just say in a relationship but with no profile attached. he has to set that to single manually iirc, could be different these days though.

No. 686818

She hasn’t posted anything to her snap or IG in the past few hours . I’m gonna take a guess and assume her and Matt and having a fight .

No. 686826

she said matt was getting her starbucks because he owed her one. was posted in the last thread

No. 686830

That was hours ago. Things change.

No. 686881

I think she said Aaron was getting her Starbucks? Not Matt but idk didn’t hear closely

No. 686885

File: 1536795476339.png (5.41 MB, 1125x2436, 640EEB26-EEFF-4AEE-A960-D210C5…)

Just posted this on fb. A memory of her and Matt she wants to revisit??? Who knows

No. 686908

Classic ping pong break up / get back together … I’m guessing it’s gonna take a few more sugar daddy sex sessions for Matt to actually leave .

No. 686973

Who tf made this thread? Can you just delete and start over lmao

No. 686984

The rules don’t say i cant use emojis. I literally used it once in a reply and i got reported which is kinda sad.
Friggin nazis i swear

No. 687020

File: 1536808854881.jpg (91.59 KB, 1059x471, SmartSelect_20180912-232026_Ch…)

They do though

No. 687036

SAGE YOUR POSTS. Write “sage” in the email field. If you don’t, it bumps the damn thread. If you’re new, read the rules. It’s right by “Lite” on mobile. No blogposting, no emojifagging, no namefagging, no bpdfagging, and ignore trolls.

Don’t fuck up this thread like the last one.

No. 687038

Its not hard to not use emjois..dont be dumb

No. 687051

Learn to integrate Ariana

No. 687107

i'm guessing arianna made some deal where she promised to not use her phone or social media all day to prove herself to matt. of course we all know by tomorrow this will be reversed.

No. 687184

On her snap she said her and Matt are finally moving

No. 687185

File: 1536834586266.png (805.9 KB, 750x1334, 558703CE-17A7-47F0-946E-68616A…)

It’s important while we wait to for her next round of insanity to remember she has an ig and just a year ago she was literally a hideous monster for real - I can see why being a blowup milf sexdoll is a better look in her mind

No. 687192

I don’t think she was hideous. I think she looked her best with her natural face, sure some angles were hideous but it was really just the nose. She had a distinct, unique look that she could’ve paired with her strong personality in a positive way. I understand the nose job, but not the rest.
Poor girl seemed so much happier before the surgeries and instagram attention. Going back on her IG is so sad. She used to have a seemingly fulfilling life.

No. 687208

Should remember to cut pictures so the avatars arent included, hope it isnt you anon lmao

No. 687218

I'm almost 100% sure I've seen that anon take a screenshot of something else where she forgot to crop her pic.

No. 687233

>distinct unique look
really? I think she's just ugly. Her nose still is a terrible feature and what's worse is the shape of her head, its like an inverted pentagon, the second she raises her head up a little you see her old face again

I don't think she was ever gonna be beautiful but she could have just fixed her nose and been a nice person lol

No. 687245

File: 1536847579900.jpeg (231.4 KB, 750x1048, 1178B681-F446-47E4-840E-F9B9E7…)


No. 687246

That’s not…taking…a break…

No. 687261

>i would liek to announce that i am taking a social media break by not taking a social media break whatsoever

No. 687272

She looks kinda dead in the eyes, Christ

No. 687275

File: 1536851179874.png (942.69 KB, 1080x1794, 2018_09_13_11_03_16.png)

The screen grab app I use is super finicky but I managed to grab this. Same shit differerent scenery.

No. 687285

this like the new home version of a bandaid baby

No. 687289

So yeah she’s not on IG to “help her relationship” and admitted she’s on IG 24/7

Her and matt went out and got drunk so probably had makeup sex and were like “let’s move and start over when only one of us is working”
Wonder how she’ll make money without the SD? I assume matt didn’t want that to continue?

No. 687290

File: 1536853177108.jpg (103.3 KB, 1113x720, FB_IMG_1536852966459.jpg)

No. 687319

I’ve been out of the loop for awhile, but it seems like she cheated on him or maybe Matt was tired of letting the sugar daddy issue slide? I wonder why they split

No. 687337

So her and Matt probably broke up due to her social media addiction but now are back together after she agreed to lay off and are gonna move somewhere together. She also admitted she keeps her animals locked in her bedroom 24/7 which is disgusting and it prob smells sooo bad between a cat a dog and those two nasty ass humans

No. 687345

All she needs is a gigantic, bloated, humongous ass on top of some toothpick ana-chan legs. Also, where can I find such HQ pics? These are amazing, another one of my favorites is the "strick my buttocks father" pic.

No. 687363

Strike, I meant. I enjoy saging (sageing?).

No. 687370

Man can you believe that anons in here think they’re so edgy for being on a board but they don’t know how to get caps/receipts to go with that sweet milk?
Farquad obviously lurks and yall just make it so easy for her to deny everything. The last thread is unreadable. Get learned damn.

No. 687374

Tried to post a 7 min video but it was too big I guess … will try to break it up

No. 687378

use dropbox

No. 687389

File: 1536862341206.jpg (242.14 KB, 1624x1011, 20180913_131055.jpg)

The last two days her following has been dropping like crazy.

No. 687441

File: 1536867394977.jpeg (2.38 MB, 4032x3024, 6EDEA51F-3A4F-4FF5-8E7A-3010FF…)

She’s picking again

No. 687444

File: 1536867709330.jpeg (3.17 MB, 4032x3024, B7463231-E212-4015-8B85-5A48E1…)

No. 687454

She said she’s seeing her Sd this weekend and they are going to the casino . She said she thinks she might be an alchoholic

No. 687462

On her snap she said she’s breaking out at the exact site of if her filler injections, yikes.

No. 687469

She is. If you drink until you black out, can’t drink in moderation, you have a problem.

No. 687478

Omfg she needs to leave her skin alone at the injection site. This girl doesnt deserve these procedures if she can't do basic after-care.

No. 687492

she might as well just shave her head at this point too, that mop is never going to get better after this mess

No. 687514


A lot of what has gone wrong with her procedures seems to be due to shitty aftercare. Like the excessive scarring can definitely be caused by not taking care of the wounds lol and the bleeding from her lip and the breakouts. If she actually got the surgeries to improve her self image and confidence she would maintain herself accordingly. .

She got all of this work done so she can look as good as she feels. Which is better than everyone else. That's why she calls all of her haters bitter envious goblins. She is so close minded she can't fathom anyone would have a problem with her unless they were in some way percieved as lesser than her. Her entire sense of self worth and value comes from looking "perfect" and making her followers "envious" of her "perfect" life lmao

It's clear deep down she knows she is stupid, vain, annoying, unattractive, lazy, sloppy and boring but she needs hair dye, cosmetic procedures, makeup, expensive clothes, trendy job, doting fiance, exaggerated talents, tolerant friends, constant social media updates, all to project the fantasy of the kind of girl she wishes she was.

Ariana, you're laughable and not worth shit outside of your crappy ig posts lol

No. 687516

That stylist did her DIRTYYYY.

It's what she deserves tho

No. 687522

she still has that bubble across the top of her lip. smh. this girl needs a GOOD therapist. but it’d probably be wasted on her since she doesn’t listen to anyone or take any advice. She needs to go to an AA meeting or something.

No. 687523

right, her hair looks sooo fried

No. 687524

Hahahahahahahhahahaha this fuckin bitch says she’s taking a break from the internet, yet tells everyone she’s still taking DMs about her Snapchat. She can’t even get off the internet to save her god damn relationship. Imagine being so addicted to attention that you need to direct your followers to another platform while you “take a break” from the current one

No. 687529


Wow you can really see how her nose is stitched onto her face skin here after being broken in surgery.

With the infected wounds and taut, hard lip skin she's looking like a real frankenstein.

Those fried, flaccid excuses for hair will be falling out on the daily.

No. 687530

She’s makes no sense at all. She’s “taking a break” yet she’s going to constantly check her DM’s, you already she’s gonna scroll down her feed forever and stare emotionless at her own feed until her “break” is over and she can continue to post and reply to shitty comments on her posts

No. 687540

No way a stylist did that. The brassy ends with hot orange roots is exactly what happens when overconfident cheapskates try to do their own color correction. She just took one bleach formula and applied it in a single process, and didn’t tone.

It makes no sense that she spends so much money on surgeries but won’t invest in her teeth or hair. I understand the skin thing - it’s retarded but it’s a form of OCD and you can’t “just stop.” Meds and therapy help - probably the two things she could invest in that would actually make her more attractive, to.

No. 687544

She is still doing promotions on her Instagram too

No. 687692

She said her and Matt read the sugar daddy’s text messages and say they are “so sweet” … i’m SO sure Matt thinks the SD is a super sweet nice guy lol

No. 687695

File: 1536879701433.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, 778C2EB2-2F98-45B7-900A-3C76B4…)

Her in 2017……. she looks like an entirely different person

No. 687697

I can see why she shaves her face now

No. 687698

That's the lip lift scar under her nose. How long ago did she get the lift? It does leave a nasty scar, but it should fade… eventually

No. 687701

So basically prior to dating matt she was single for 6 months and fucked 17 people

No. 687702

Per her Snapchat ^^

No. 687703

She probably never stopped. It's a compulsive thing. If there's some sort of blemish on her face then she's going to pick at it unless she manages to fix it with therapy.
How the hell do all of the alcoholics featured here stay thin?

No. 687705

File: 1536880928552.jpeg (93.44 KB, 750x1334, E411263C-128F-4367-A336-D9FF4E…)

These need to be here. Animal abuser

No. 687706

File: 1536880996149.jpeg (222.7 KB, 750x1334, 9CA8B56B-EF60-46A6-A255-9C8AC1…)

No. 687707

File: 1536881021430.jpeg (195.42 KB, 750x1334, AA4097D5-3812-4BB7-A7B4-EF80CD…)

No. 687771

Lol she did get it done professionally, she was snapping pics at the salon

No. 687818

Um im not ariana retard
And that makes no sense(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 687833

w o w I stand corrected. She could have gotten the same results with a $15 trip to wal-mart and an hour of free time. I haven’t seen a dye job this bad since cosmetology school. And that’s saying something.

No. 687890

If I recall correctly she went and dyed her hair green at the salon and then went and re-dyed it at home herself. So with that in mind…

No. 687906


she was putting dish soap in it to get the green out which made it look yellow and really light then she got all excited to get her hair done and talked about her girl/the owner only charged her 150ish? and the last girl she went to (because her regular girl was gone) charged her $200+ lol……so yaaa thats a pro job..

No. 687917

She got her hair dyed green and black @ a salon and it faded fast so a few weeks later she bought arctic fox dye (one green one yellow) and dyed the green ends more green. Then she dyed over it with the green she bought and recently she used the yellow dye over her previously faded green. Then she used dish soap to get the yellow to fade out and now she has orange/blonde hair.

No. 687966

I wonder the same thing. When I was heavily drinking, I packed on a good 10-15 lbs.. my only guess is that she just continues her habit of not eating after getting trashed.

No. 687968

She also does tons of blow too

No. 688049

When I was drinking heavily (everyday) because of my alcoholism I didn’t gain any weight. I just don’t eat a lot and alcohol stayed the main calories I guess.

No. 688078

I lost 40 pounds in 2-3 months because I was drinking for my meals, never snacked, and worked on my feet for 10-12 hours. In her case if all she does is drink, I’d imagine she isn’t eating either, because she isn’t very physical (ie. job, work out, go outside)

No. 688085

Noone cares anachan sage ur blog

No. 688144

Wow that’s an insane amount of weight. My stomach hurts just reading this!

No. 688170

On Snapchat lisping about how Matt choked her so hard during sex she passed out and started convulsing???? No wonder she’s retarded

No. 688175

matt should do that more often so she gets brain dead n stops posting

No. 688180

Why is no one still recording these Snapchats? Do you realize that now any troll can make up whatever they want, right?

No. 688182

From the Snapchat “it’s hard to pass up thousands and thousands of dollars” referring to her sugar daddy and sex . Then she claimed Matt made her “pass out and convulse because he choked her so hard during sex” … I’m guessing she pretended to pass out and seize up to make him feel better about her going to fuck the SD at a casino tomorrow …

Apologies for posting on old thread

No. 688183

I’ve been recording but don’t have a way to post long videos … what’s an anonymous way to link them

No. 688186

you can use dropbox & post the link to it

No. 688190

lmao you can legit get brain damage or go brain dead from that if you're not careful they're both idiots

No. 688191

She talked about how she doesn't need to keep up IG posting as much because she has a diverse stream of income. Cited at least $70/day for Snapchat money and then her SD.
3 streams of income (including her Etsy) but none of them are stable and 2 of them rely on internet marketing.
LOL this sounds stable

No. 688197

for real these snapchat anons are useless as fuck. honestly considering paying for her snapchat just to get the milk flowing but i hate the idea of giving this hoe money.

No. 688208


LOL Matt coming in strong with the resentful hate fuck. Cuck boy doesn't have the huevos to leave so he takes his pent up hatred out on her plastic "fuck doll" body.

I bet she gets off to it, because deep down she knows she's a whore.

No. 688217

did an incel write this

No. 688220

File: 1536949636225.jpeg (583.13 KB, 2048x2048, 3DC766E5-1572-4CED-A9BF-AEA210…)

she calls her haters goblins because she was bullied growing up and they’d call her a goblin because of her looks. seems to have struck a nerve considering she uses it as one of her biggest insults, but who is the real goblin?

No. 688221

File: 1536949748722.jpeg (155.79 KB, 750x420, 50C2CEB2-9701-4750-84D5-06143D…)

>taking a much needed break from the internet!!!

No. 688222

please make this the next thread pic lol

No. 688267

You pay for it then.

No. 688288

(sage bc ot but real talk)

Why do so many people on the PaP threads have no idea how to sage.

No. 688298

Can only assume it’s an influx of newfags

No. 688325

File: 1536958800755.jpeg (200.76 KB, 750x1089, C46808F9-AC12-45F2-8225-A74AC1…)

No. 688370

File: 1536961800391.png (3.66 MB, 1242x2208, AC905C93-1268-4995-AA15-768CE6…)

Knew this dog looked familiar. She drew the exact same thing in 2016. Bitch killed off all her braincells and can’t seem to think up any new ideas!

No. 688433

I'm pretty sure she said on live she never finished the drawing, and only finished it recently.

No. 688441

You obviously cared enough to respond plus someone did care because they asked, and I simply answered their question. Keeping in mind this was years ago before I had my daughter, but I still had personal knowledge on the matter. Don’t get so butthurt hun.

No. 688442

Lol I think her makeup in this before pic so much nicer than her ‘pro level’ makeup now. Her lips look nicer too! She overdoes everything in her makeup now, like she overdoes her injections. She’s actually making herself look more like a goblin than she used to look like.

No. 688471

File: 1536971372048.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, 082B45E0-4EDC-4C7D-B767-34A004…)

lol this isn’t milky but still funny

No. 688474

So much for taking a break.

No. 688482

Not the same anon but having personal knowledge of something doesn't mean ypu can blog about it here.

No. 688486

no offense anon but blogging means no talking about your life

yeah I think she looks nice with mascara and eyeliner, the rest is just overkill for hanging out in your bedroom

No. 688488

File: 1536973039605.png (2.62 MB, 1242x2208, FB76845B-163F-423E-A55B-7E870D…)


She’s soooo creative

No. 688521

Jesus. She looks great in the first picture. I'm actually envious of how she looks in the first picture. The second picture is just terrifying and gross to me. Why would anyone do that to themselves?

No. 688545

She said on snap that she's only gonna be posting for like clothing companies that send her stuff/promo stuff. Makes me wonder if she's getting a deal with her plastic surgeon/injector.

No. 688563

She’s definitely getting a deal with the_plastics_pa. She’s always been very secretive about her surgeons and she wouldn’t give out their names unless you bought her snapchat.

No. 688570

File: 1536984381030.png (684.38 KB, 750x750, pap.png)

not the best shoop in the world, but i was curious what she'd look like if she had her current work done minus the lips. it's astounding how better she looks. the liver lips fuck her up more than anything else tenfold.

No. 688573

Still looks like this >>687290

No. 688796

Am I the only one here who thinks she looks good? I think the lips and tits are ridiculously overdone and awful, but beyond that I think she does look good. She could always dissolve her lip fillers.
Is there no new milk? Hope she’s getting the help she needs tbh

No. 688813

File: 1537024321094.jpg (Spoiler Image, 512.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180915-090857_Ins…)

it's funny she asks her followers these kind of questions & then completely ignores their response - she gave the choice between invisalign (a solid move for her weird teeth) or fake tits. she should have had lash extensions the whole time.

barely milk but this is the last thing she posted, doormatt all of 12hrs ago.

No. 688819

I think the before pic is super cute and she looks good in a unique way there. Like she’s doing the whole edgy thing and I’ve always that’s a good look for people with prominent noses for some reason.

She looks like a sex doll on the right. Which isn’t like… ugly or anything. It’s just not how most girls want to look. Everyone wants to look beautiful but not in a way that their face looks like a human fleshlight.

It’s probably the lips and the makeup though.

No. 688845

I think she looks good in most of her selfies but whenever she moves you can see her old face and how separate it looks from all the implants and injections.

No. 688886

I am the third anon, I also agree with you she looks good, minus ass lips and silicone tits. And bloody chewed-on fingers. Honestly, I still hope a little bit for her becoming a cam girl, but it's unlikely. Just wanna see how fast she will outgrow her current relationships and deal with her customers real time. Plus: taking perfect angled selfies is one thing, but being on cam is a different story.

No. 689045

On live someone commented “thought you were taking a break” and she said “yeah I thought so too, I think I was taking a break for other people though because it’s just so much, but oh well I’m addicted”

No. 689106

AKA i tried to take a break to save my relationship because my fiancé wanted me to stay off the internet but I’d rather have attention from thousands of strangers than have a fulfilling relationship “

No. 689131

No. 689167

File: 1537066154751.png (697.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180915-194806.png)

Not wearing her engangemet ring and not answering questions about it

No. 689170

File: 1537066306228.jpeg (481.56 KB, 733x827, DF044999-8F94-4B03-98BE-F02268…)

Clearly trashed after going out to the casino with her sugar daddy.

No. 689194

File: 1537070411454.jpg (240.63 KB, 911x855, SmartSelect_20180915-235650_In…)

No. 689195

File: 1537070717095.png (680.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180915-183933.png)

A nose job but the crook is still there. She looks completely different in motion.

No. 689197

File: 1537071028096.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1794, 2018_09_16_00_10_18.png)

No. 689198

File: 1537071087593.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1794, 2018_09_16_00_09_18.png)


No. 689209

Ewwww, is that old weed laying on that crappy wooden plaque

Also lmaoooo @ artwork on it because it looks as if it will remain unfinished. So much for being an amazing freehand artist

"I think it's impressive I freehand with microns)

Also microns prolly shouldn't be used on wood lmao she probably ruined the whole set

No. 689229

File: 1537075155873.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, 268F44AF-C786-481E-917A-79D107…)

What the hell happened to her arm…?

No. 689235

probably just using it as a palette again

No. 689252

File: 1537077640515.jpeg (36.24 KB, 556x556, 976DF68C-33C3-497F-B6BA-B4225C…)

This was her outfit apparently - I don’t know what person would want to sugar her - her dead bleached hair/smelly satin bra outfit/junkie bony body splattered with random tattoos all over the place and her face smudged with awful fake freckle dirt spots , scabs plastered over with makeup (she said she face was all scabby but she hid it) and blowup doll tranny plastic surgery features. There is no part of her appearance that doesn’t scream sidewalk prostitute these days. SHE GOT THAT MONEY THO??? She is so busted for a 23 yo my mind is blown.

No. 689259

whenever lolcows blatantly show off bruises it is to either (1) show how uguuu fragile they are or (2) show how ~~very hardcore and kinky they are because they had ~*~rough sex~*~. i’m guessing it’s the latter.

No. 689267

She openly admitted it was makeup, not bruised, just being a dirty cust again

No. 689268

I cant imagine having to share your “sugaring” experiences and show off your money every time you “sugar” means you’re doing well lol…………

No. 689270

Many women are on actual sites like seeking arrangements and they tell nobody, they keep it private because well why would you want to tell people? She glamorizes this lifestyle of her being paraded around by and sleeping with a man her fathers age for money. She had such a fulfilling job with the animals. Something she could at least feel somewhat good about what she’s doing with her life. This constant cry for attention just shows how truly unhappy she is

No. 689282

bless u snap anon. finally someone who’s smart enough to screenshot something

No. 689300

PnP has failed at most things in her life, but one of her biggest failures has been becoming her parents. She hates her mom because she’s a compulsive liar, and has criticized her dad many times for his alcoholism. Sound familiar?

She’s such a pathological liar she believes her own lies. I.e. When she hasn’t gotten fillers in a while & her nasty plasties have shrunken she’s back to her “these are my natural lips”. Bitch no. Your lips were invisible. That’s like Kylie saying her lips are natural because she got the filler taken out.. Don’t flatter yourself Ari! You were ugly before and you’re uglier now

No. 689454

File: 1537112126276.jpeg (643.35 KB, 750x1025, 302A98FE-2A9D-4C4A-BFEB-BDE037…)

Such class. Such grace.

Come someone from the Philly area please sacrifice for the good of the milk and hang out with her for a night?!(read the rules)

No. 689519

File: 1537117376339.jpeg (392.54 KB, 2048x2048, DA51126C-D29F-453B-9BD6-4D04BC…)

Well that was fast.
Too bad the weddings off.

No. 689624

Anyone know what the Facebook status is?

No. 689627

File: 1537125925878.png (688.83 KB, 1125x2436, A79FCE9B-97A9-4CC5-9ADA-5A49B7…)

No. 689658

Love how it says she's into men and women but always says she's fully straight after the babytrash foursome

No. 689740

I can smell this…

No. 689794


doormatt has one foot out the door finally. Hopefully the glorified blowup doll fucks up just a bit more so he can finally get the grapes to leave her.

No. 689975

File: 1537157781829.jpeg (146.18 KB, 854x1262, B1E2D28E-7624-49CD-A919-1567B1…)

But she was totally cool with the way that she looked before plastic surgery.

No. 689986

Dry milk

No. 690000

File: 1537161116585.jpg (487.38 KB, 1076x1809, Screenshot_20180917-011039_Ins…)

An accurate caption!!

No. 690028

Whatever she did to her chin looks awful.

No. 690041

did she get her ears lobes sewn?

No. 690058

Her nose looks gross before and after…especially after look at those huge flared nostrils…puke.

Her nose is literally sewn on. Zoom in and you can see the fucking nose job scar which is gross. Is it like permanent because of all those botched nose jobs she’s had? I can’t believe she didn’t cover it up with makeup…or is she that stupid? She’s making the Spencer’s brand look really bad.

No. 690067

She's had one nosejob and the scar under her nose is not from the rhino, it's from the lip lift. If she would've taken better care of the wound, it probably wouldn't have scarred like that.

No. 690080

No wonder this bitch got crippling issues. God I bet the kids at school were fucking brutal lmao. Her before face made her the jealous insecure attention starved cunt she is today. No amount of surgery will make that go away…

No. 690103


Oh shit, she's in Philly? I didn't know that we had any internet cows here, other than Audrey Kitching, who pretends that she doesn't live here. This one seems like Delco trash (I bet she has the accent). Sage for Phillyness.

No. 690111

>>690103 she lives in Norristown

No. 690155

that underbite jawline look

No. 690192

look how harsh the shadows are in the before picture. Without the harsh lighting her profile wouldn’t look bad. These companies intentionally use bad lighting/angles for before pictures (for anything, hair, acne products, makeup, etc). If they used the same lighting as in the after pic, her before pic would look much nicer. It’s just bullshit mind tricks.

No. 690229

either the stuff she got done to her face made the nose look better, or it swelled down because the current shape/size of it now doesn't look like that anymore?

No. 690232

File: 1537198945092.jpeg (87.13 KB, 750x219, 6DF2C3DE-DAB2-4026-B2AB-96B7FD…)

I’m curious, what skin tips is she giving on Snapchat? Going into a dirty river with a full face of makeup? Or getting drunk and falling asleep without removing makeup?

No. 690253

File: 1537201207669.jpeg (464.01 KB, 750x1063, 3E29050C-6B69-4702-8A55-DB5808…)

Unbothered kween

No. 690259

nothing screams insecurity like talking about your critics’ opinions. constantly. dare i say its a typical scorpio trait to lack self awareness.

No. 690306

Her skin tips are using disgusting drug store shitty exfoliant and sunscreen LMAO she talks as if she has a regiment and is an expert and literally uses WALGREENS BRAND shitty products

No. 690310

Can snap anons please post screenshots or screen recordings

No. 690312

can you newfags learn to sage

No. 690369

it's so funny when people with caked on heavy makeup and tons of PS brag about ~no filter~ like that means they're a natural beauty now. we know you really look like that when you do your blue steel, but you sure don't when you're in motion with no makeup

No. 690411

File: 1537215828105.jpeg (396.79 KB, 750x1027, 325D2149-FF63-4FEC-9C5C-63A370…)

shayna?! Is that you?!!

No. 690413

File: 1537215980526.jpeg (169.12 KB, 546x440, B0373C98-A664-4695-A799-FDC94C…)

that dirty AF towel tho

No. 690436

File: 1537217169078.jpeg (127.13 KB, 741x1024, 51060761-6889-4EFA-9A10-8E85C8…)

I’m so over this “I’m gonna fuck your dad” shit. Why would you respond like this after someone told you their dad passed away? Know when to quit talking, Ariana.

No. 690440


Did this dumb ass thot really just reply with ‘don’t insult your grandpa like that’ because they said their dad was dead? what the fuck lol

No. 690442

Her response is disgusting. That attitude makes me wanna throw up in my mouth

No. 690444

File: 1537217600386.jpg (382.47 KB, 1074x1663, Screenshot_20180917-165205_Ins…)

No. 690446

File: 1537217626893.jpg (298.08 KB, 1075x1633, Screenshot_20180917-165246_Ins…)

No. 690448

File: 1537217731274.jpeg (277.25 KB, 750x913, 1EBDEEB4-A0AC-4518-8DE3-2EAAE1…)

No. 690450

Ewwwwww what is wrong with her? She acts like a snobby little pig

No. 690451

File: 1537217860464.jpg (361.56 KB, 1078x1664, Screenshot_20180917-165716_Ins…)

No. 690456

File: 1537217973976.jpeg (244.37 KB, 750x820, 871F24E2-F432-4D0A-BB35-88CC8A…)

This is hilarious lmao why is she acting like she isn’t a prostitute tho?? Her company alone isn’t what’s getting her money ….

No. 690457

File: 1537218049747.jpeg (200.39 KB, 750x706, 582F54E3-36BF-4C43-A285-B1ED99…)

No. 690458

File: 1537218073872.jpeg (95.93 KB, 750x269, CB87C82F-1B4B-4626-9169-B6BA57…)

Lol can she stop talking about this kids dead grandpa pls

No. 690459

File: 1537218121848.jpg (368.45 KB, 1072x1716, Screenshot_20180917-170134_Ins…)

Ok. I threw up in my mouth

No. 690460

File: 1537218227009.jpeg (90.26 KB, 250x277, C72108FA-1253-4D79-ABB8-D8C4A0…)

What the fuck is this color match girl.
She needs to ask her sugar daddy for foundation money. I think that equivalents to 1 blowjob Arianna. Get. To. Work. Hunty.

No. 690462

File: 1537218337588.jpg (357.51 KB, 1073x1704, Screenshot_20180917-170514_Ins…)

No. 690471

File: 1537218655233.jpeg (114.92 KB, 750x374, 2B8C686E-C7C5-41C1-A771-60B882…)

No. 690474

Her eyes are crossed but her tits aren't even on speaking terms

No. 690478

i cant wait until she fucks her face up so bad with surgeries/injections and she won’t be able to get modeling jobs or a sugar daddy. her arrogance is so rage inducing.

No. 690488

she doesn’t need 40 hours, she’s miserable 24/7. she showed new levels of disgusting going after that kids dead dad/grandpa like that. karma needs to hit this chick hard.

No. 690489

Honestly am I the only one bored? This girl doesn’t even do enough to stay mad, all she does is sit in her smelly dirty apartment like the troll she is and then fucks her life up on the weekends - but even that’s all the same and a formula by now. Drugs, booze, fuck someone other than matt (for money or not who cares at this point) cut wrists or talk about how she’s sad/hatesherself, then starts her week of sitting on her ass all over again. Her selfies are all the same, she never has new clothes or different makeup or an opinion on anything or interests or even does anything worth milk.

Above being botched or vain or a shitty person or a druggie alcho whore she’s just so goddamn boring. Her life must feel so shitty to have to live and then project total self satisfaction…ug

No. 690492

File: 1537219816001.jpg (69.79 KB, 964x343, SmartSelect_20180917-172826_In…)

You know you won an argument when you block the person after repeatedly trying to personally insult/humiliate them!! What a Genius skinny legend kween

No. 690496

I noticed she recovered her follower count fairly quick. Any thoughts?

No. 690499

File: 1537220202530.jpg (204.38 KB, 1076x903, SmartSelect_20180917-173439_In…)

Pnp literally posts shirtless pics and fucks around with old, bald guys… her fans are more delulu than her

No. 690501

File: 1537220346447.jpg (391.54 KB, 1078x1563, Screenshot_20180917-173752_Ins…)

Ok… what in the actual fuck?

No. 690506

File: 1537220569258.png (Spoiler Image, 2.55 MB, 1434x2163, Screenshot_20180917-164017.png)

OK YUCK them tiddys really up under her armpit oof

No. 690511

hmmm something seems off about her placement lol i feel like this is what boobs look like when you're laying down without a bra, not standing up

No. 690514

Those titty implants are gonna be armpit implants in a month

No. 690520

your username/pic is visible dude

No. 690523

File: 1537222192050.jpeg (411.62 KB, 1242x1977, D68140A1-7643-4745-AB6B-ED0F66…)

Repost coz forgot to crop

No. 690524

File: 1537222236491.jpeg (436.98 KB, 1234x1836, E0359DFB-0FFA-4780-AAD8-151306…)

No. 690529

the scars look so fucking bad lmao

No. 690533

lol that guy is a piece of shit but way to reinforce his point by making yourself look neurotic as shit
"you're a whore"

No. 690541

how do they look so saggy and far apart? smh she should’ve just left them alone!

No. 690551

i still dont understand these 'inframammary scars'. will the scar drop when they do or?? did the surgeon not go down far enough to adjust for the way the skin would lift with the implant in?

dont most doctors do peri-areolar placement now anyways?

No. 690559


Her breasts are showing signs of bottoming out. The attempt to drop them faster by not wearing a bra is backfiring horribly. If she doesn’t keep up with the push up bra, like the doctor recommended, I honestly believe she may need corrective surgery just like with her nose.

No. 690592

This is the worst I’ve seen them look. Honestly this is just sad… her tiny breasts were pretty…

No. 690593

File: 1537227773088.png (Spoiler Image, 2.3 MB, 1440x1868, Screenshot_20180917-184147.png)

uh her lips look plastered on

No. 690605

She claims everyone around her is her “ride or die” and is so unbothered when they are mysteriously gone from her life. What a mess

No. 690626

File: 1537229901548.jpeg (593.29 KB, 1119x1855, 66DEF21F-6FF3-4CF0-84F0-F5CEFD…)

she posted this and then deleted it a few minutes later. ok

No. 690627

Okay and?

No. 690646


If she did that today it’s pretty funny

No. 690653

they're a grand canyon apart

No. 690658

File: 1537234677126.jpg (89.59 KB, 498x500, pLaStIc N pRoUd.jpg)

No. 690659

Prob bc he took it n sent it to her so she was obligated to post it but she didn't frame, pose, and edit the photo herself so she deleted immediately after

No. 690660


No. 690667

Anyone notice how she grew out her farquad bangs and started doing her brows more normally since this thread blew up?
Too bad she can’t take our advice on being less of a hateful thot…

No. 690672

File: 1537236301273.jpeg (206.64 KB, 750x551, 148FCA72-6E8F-44FD-AFD2-5E494D…)

No. 690724


None bc all she does is cry to herself all day, smoke weed, and fuck her sugar daddy, just here to watch the trainwreck

No. 690740

I don't have the screenshots because I deleted them a long time ago, but I remember on tumblr while she was still working as a dog nanny she couldn't run inside because she's a lazy bitch so she shat behind a tree. Her work dogs (one which had white fur) followed her and like… Ate her feces and had it smeared all over their faces which she found to be the funniest thing on the planet.

No. 690743

These look pretty bad and I usually don’t hate on fake boobs

No. 690747


it's kind of depressing that she doesn't realize a lot of people actually derive joy from their jobs and enjoy working. but I guess u can't relate when your job is ????blowing old men for money???? (jury's still out on what exactly her job where she makes 3x an engineer's salary is lololol)

No. 690749


multiple times on her insta story (before she got a private snap) she would post about having to take a shit and then 5 mins later say she pulled over and shit behind a tree… out in public. multiple times this happened
like bitch find a BATHROOM!
she would be cracking up saying omg does anyone else do that?! i can't hold it!
no. we live in a society
she also posted about actually shitting her pants and laughing about it.. all this was like 6 months ago

No. 690750

Hasn’t posted on snap since yesterday or fb and old snaps timed out since they’re over 24 hours old but ima screen record her next lithhhhssp rant on snap

No. 690752

File: 1537245001210.jpg (192.56 KB, 525x593, SmartSelect_20180918-002959_Ch…)

No. 690753

I hope she carries toilet paper with her or else her ass is as messy as the rest of her life. Jfc that's nasty.

No. 690755

Please tell more about her shitting her pants

No. 690757

Matt posted on fb that Ariana got so drunk she shit her pants. Her shitting herself is like very frequent apparently.. she is such an embarrassment. This. This is the kinda girl who thinks everyone is jealous of her

No. 690758

What if he was just joking tho? It would be funny if she really did but he might have been jk

No. 690763

She commented on the post lol seemed legit

No. 690764

it looks like she has two different eye makeups. that lazy eye game strong.

No. 690765

File: 1537246731100.jpg (149.75 KB, 1080x703, SmartSelect_20180918-005807_Fa…)

No. 690766

File: 1537246751812.jpg (463.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180918-005840_Fac…)

No. 690771

She gave herself that brand of incontinence through her ED u guise

No. 690881

What do you mean? I wanted to comment that not being able to hold it and having to shit in public doesn't seem normal health-wise. People are normally able to hold it until they're able to find a bathroom, unless it's a really bad stomach flu or food poisoning.

No. 690922

She can’t even remember to shower. Do you seriously think this girl brings toilet paper around with her? Her underwear must look like it got run over by a Jeep

No. 690935

She speaks like those stereotypical mean girls from high school movies. Nobody speaks like that in real life… well, unless it's someone very detached from reality who lacks of any personality.

No. 690936

fuck the toilet paper she needs WET WIPES. i doubt she doesnt wipe at all but toilet paper would be just as bad as twigs and leaves. just ask shayna and her crusty pilling asshole

No. 690951

not to blog but laxative abuse is very common amongst those with EDs and a lot of people in the binge/purge cycle can cause irreparable damage to their GI so basically you can give yourself an inability to hold your shit. Google bulimia and fecal incontinence, theres a good study that was done that links the 2.

No. 690966

It's true. She drinks prune juice (natural laxative) like it's water

No. 690967

No. 690969

So she’s going to ruin her relationship w her first sugar daddy by hunting for new sources of income….she could also just get a job???

No. 690977

Ah, that explains it then. I didn't know she also uses laxatives, I thought she mostly "just" restricts.

No. 690985

FINALLY someone learned to record, even though it's just a short snippet. Thanks, anon.

No. 690991

Lol I got you. Nothing else milky to record today. Just sperging about her grandpa saying he’ll co-sign for her and Matt to get the house she toured today. She prob won’t even get approved either way so lol

No. 690993

why does she try so hard to talk like a brain dead kylie jenner? whatever comes out of her mouth just sounds retarded.

No. 691018

She looks, acts, talks, etc like she’s fucked up all the time. I doubt any man would be able to just go to dinner with her or hang out with her and think her company was worth shelling out money.

No. 691023

She's said a lot that she makes 70k/yr, and Matt probably makes 30-50 with his mailman job… Why would you need a cosigner to get a house if you make at least 100k/yr? Sounds like she doesn't make shit and this just adds to her lies.

Can you guys picture the state the house will be in after a year?

No. 691024

File: 1537288747104.png (3.22 MB, 750x1334, 31839BAF-1626-4E96-B861-FFBA45…)

Or maybe you can buy your own shit with your 3x engineer salary

No. 691025

File: 1537288834172.png (495.04 KB, 1522x825, ppseeking1.png)

not very original / not a good job of trying to keep her privacy intact tbh if she is worried about that lol

No. 691026

File: 1537288857471.png (254.38 KB, 1508x875, ppseeking2.png)

second img, profile is always the best part

No. 691029

get a fucking JOB

No. 691032

Check her wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/baby-reg/VNI06AO500K8

Obvs she needs Britney Spears' parfum or a fucking rhinestone bra, or a $50 Sephora gift card. She's fucking delusional.

No. 691037

According to snap she said she only has 7 grand in the bank

No. 691038

She has like $10 items on her wishlist lmao.. if she really made any amount of money she would have just bought most of that stuff by now. "7k" in the bank…. doubt

No. 691040

I honestly think her SD dropped her after the casino night . She spilled a drink on him and probably didn’t put out like the other night . She even said the next day he was being short with her during texts ..

No. 691041

File: 1537290482951.jpg (166.75 KB, 1061x643, SmartSelect_20180918-130543_In…)

I don't feel bad for anyone dumb enough to buy an e-thot a $15 pack of extension cords in a vain attempt to suck her nonexistent ass. On a bad say Pnp would 100%rip this girl to shreds… lmao wonder how this girl feels about dickriding and financially supporting someone who likely considers her uglier and beneath her..

No. 691042

She gets shitfaced every time she sees him so he probably got tired of beinh seen with a trashy, greasy drunk prostitute. Anyone who saw them irl together probably knew exactly what was up lol

No. 691044

File: 1537290674425.jpg (46.24 KB, 347x217, SmartSelect_20180918-131100_In…)

Lip update: still bad

No. 691047

She puts so much color on her nose that she makes it look bigger

No. 691048

“Just got my girls done and anxious to show them off”
“Don’t message me unless you’re just going to throw money at me”
I’m confused, why even mention your water balloons if you’re trying to play it off like you won’t fuck for cash?

No. 691065

She has a .69 cent g-strings on her fucking wishlist. KEK

No. 691066

File: 1537293818055.png (662.07 KB, 1080x1671, 9h8W5fA.png)

No. 691067

File: 1537293850443.png (262.65 KB, 1080x1539, 1Zz0VeI.png)

No. 691073

She looks like a prostitute in these photos. The type of girl who you'd pay to fuck and that's it.

No. 691080

File: 1537294377028.jpg (1.19 MB, 810x7095, Screenshot_20180918-130228_Ins…)

She's so self centered. All these nasty Amazon undies for her, not one thing for DoorMat. Nothing on this list even remotely seems like it would be for him.

No. 691085

this is the saddest fucking amazon wishlist i've seen in my life, jfc.

No. 691088

Ooofff it looks like she deleted those comments now, I don’t see them. yikeeeee

No. 691089


what does any of this have to do with MOVING?
also why is it listed as a baby registry?

No. 691096

I wondered the same thing when they were “moving” to a house a few months ago and she did the same shit saying she needed money immediately to do the down payment on the house and we’re short. And then the next day stopped even mentioning the house and that whole moving idea….and nobody questioned where they’re money went?

No. 691101

Arm hair long enough to braid

No. 691126

LMAO why is this dumb bitch's first line of defense always "you're just jealous!!"

why would anyone be jealous of someone who can't afford .69 cent underwear from Amazon and needs her teenage following to spot her money? if you're so smart with money ariana use that 7k and stop asking for handouts, you worm

No. 691134

Glad someone screenshot that bc I saw but didn’t snap it before she inevitably deleted it lmaoooo. The jealousy comeback makes literally no sense in this scenario but it’s her go to every single time and it’s so stale

No. 691145

This looks like the low tier wishlist of online sugar babies.

No. 691153

File: 1537298120038.png (461.2 KB, 750x1334, B93851D5-EF68-4173-BC4D-5F632A…)

No. 691157

Your username is showing

No. 691162

File: 1537298538179.jpg (52.37 KB, 540x960, gross1.jpg)

never seen anyone with such a repulsive attitude

No. 691164

File: 1537298565443.jpg (59.62 KB, 540x960, gross2.jpg)

No. 691166

File: 1537298611055.jpg (53.99 KB, 540x960, gross3.jpg)

No. 691177

i feel so bad for her followers. how could anyone look at her and think she's someone worth liking? even remotely? one look at her and i thought she was absolutely horrendous, disgusting, cretinous.

No. 691180

Oh my god. Using plasticandproud as her seeking arrangements username is retarded as fuck. Most older men dont want someone whose name reminds them of a trashy prostitute and/or being completely fake.

No. 691188

"For privacy reasons" but she calls Matt by his actual first name constantly? Also calls Aaron and Mia by their names???

Also shes getting more injections for what looks like the second time this month.

How can someone just. Not see that they contradict themselves

No. 691194

Her follower count went down again, so at least people are seeing her showing her bad attitude and tapping out

No. 691195

File: 1537300162176.png (131.21 KB, 720x970, Screenshot_2018-09-18-14-47-01…)

"You need to sort out your priorities"

"You dont know how credit cards work you're just bitter and jealous"

No. 691208

I remember when she was first considering getting her boobs done she said something along the lines of “I have enough money in my bank account to get my boobs done” and that her grandma that she was supposed to go see would freak out because she doesn’t have a job but paid for yet another surgery. Looks like she didn’t even the money in the first place so she had to put them on credit.

No. 691211

>you must not understand how credit card work

Apparently, neither does she.
Is she seriously that retarded? She’s been even more of a bitch in her comments since her tit job.

>also people can help whoever the fuck they want

That comment didn’t even mention her e-begging of sex work. Just shows how defensive she gets about her e-begging, because she knows if her followers had known before hand that she’d waste her money on a tit job and more tattoos, they probably wouldn’t have “helped” her.

No. 691212

She hates the boob job but won't admit it so she's narc raging

No. 691216

How is she affording more injections? Lips are around $800 and the eyes must have been around that, now she’s getting something else? Even if she has a deal they don’t give you shit for free. Does she just spend her sb money as fast as she gets it?

No. 691220

No. 691221

She’s getting more fillers and Botox as she begs on social media for money and JUST got them done????

No. 691231


I remember her stating that they didn't inject enough where she wanted (or something along those lines) and was told she could come back for a free re-up.

No. 691234

File: 1537302726310.jpeg (202.92 KB, 750x1066, F7F236EF-FEB1-4FF0-A6DA-66E74D…)

No. 691236

No. 691240

She got her eyes, lips and cheeks done though. Those are all different areas of the face. Maybe she didn’t get enough in the eyes. But that snap shows she got them in her nasolabial folds and forehead as well

No. 691250

I have never seen any person - even online - be so shameless about their shiftiness. Getting injections while you can’t pay for extension chords or pots and pans? Now she’s coming out admitting the house she asked for money for , that went to her rent? Like she admitted it. She’s now admitting her surgeries were on credit cards but she couldn’t use one for that shit frogger needed?

And her followers are worse, “her boob job was priority if it made her feel good” uh, no. That’s not what qualifies something as a priority while you Beg and start literally whoring yourself out and then look for multiple sugar daddies

WHERE IS MATT IN ALL THIS??? Dude I’d be so fucking embarrassed

No. 691252


Botox was injected into her forehead so she'll no longer be able to deny she has never had Botox. Her face will literally tell for her.

No. 691262

File: 1537304334292.jpeg (599.5 KB, 2048x2048, 10ECA0DF-0C79-436D-B324-E8679C…)

No. 691267

I posted a question about her use of money, it had three likes before She deleted and blocked me.

No. 691274

I literally thought the same. It's sad that she labeled herself as an influencer, when she literally influences nothing, promotes nothing and does nothing. Then she tries to compare this wish list of hers like a wedding registry. Sorry boo, but registries are for friends, not random strangers you are begging $$ for.

No. 691275

great, another morgan joyce

No. 691276

File: 1537305189129.png (6.13 MB, 1242x2208, 13EF0CF0-731E-42B0-A047-D6D2E1…)

my reaction when she tries to compare a WEDDING REGISTRY to her amazon wishlist. truly have never encountered someone so dense

No. 691284

File: 1537305691665.jpeg (204.19 KB, 750x560, 4046BE42-0F5A-414C-93F1-6773AE…)

the whiteknights in her comments are hilarious “money doesn’t just come around the corner every week” ..it literally does when you have a fucking job??

No. 691288

File: 1537305960114.jpeg (96.94 KB, 750x576, 9BBD39B2-956B-4205-A38E-8C0BA2…)

Another defend from the same user

No. 691290

Sorry if i'm being ignorant but why wouldn't they be able to bring stuff with them? It's not like they're moving to another country. FFS

No. 691292

Stop treating your followers like piggy banks, Ariana. Get your shit together! You shouldn’t have to depend on others income for your own. What happens when no one “cares” about you?

No. 691294

File: 1537306312068.png (236.76 KB, 364x676, ucM9h6n.png)

No. 691296

That is just sad.

No. 691298

File: 1537306609707.jpeg (76.45 KB, 750x280, 4742CBCD-C581-40F0-90BD-D9FA03…)

begs for money, fucks for money, no job, addicted to expensive plastic surgery but looks disgusting, lives in filth, has no real friends, relationship barely hanging on by a thread, talentless, pathological liar

we’re all just soooo jEaLoUs of her

No. 691300

File: 1537306794953.png (5.13 MB, 1242x2208, AEE7DB33-1C72-46C8-B613-1E9CCE…)

She is dropping a lot of money on filler and Botox, Farkkk in that video definitely upwards of 1k (even if she got the second lot for free). Theyre literally BOTCHING her for publicity. Cant imagine many surgeons being proud of this. Also, she got her lips done again already.

No. 691303

She looks like someone having an allergic reaction that make you all puffed in the face for like 3 days. The lips especially

No. 691304

File: 1537306933134.jpeg (334.58 KB, 1242x2208, 154B9AF1-12E6-43D2-8424-EE6550…)

> nicely suggests a way to save money

girl cmon

No. 691305

She’s so deluded to think anyone is jealous of her Frankenstein’s monster appearance and serious debt. Also I know we discussed up in the thread but I feel like it’s pretty obvious the money she scammed from last time went straight towards her tits, not to rent or not to the house they wanted so desperately.

No. 691306

Sis trust we worrying bout your lips exploding too. LOL. This is so bad, it’s good. She’s lost the plot.

No. 691307

I would be angry too if I didn’t know what I really looked like or where I really fit in or belong in the world heheheheh

No. 691308

So in the video that got drop boxed of her getting the injection she appears to ask the dr about her awful reaction and her doctor questions if it wasn’t the injects that broke her out but — the dr whispers it. I keep trying to hear and I can’t - then pp says “ idkkkk maybe it was just a coincidence”

No. 691311

File: 1537307238804.jpeg (378.74 KB, 1242x1681, 867C6D1F-A194-41A7-BE8F-81B668…)

God her white knights are even worse still. Lmao

No. 691313

i like her sperging out about people assuming she's poor while she drives around in her grimy ass mini van lmao

No. 691315

I'm actually fucking livid shes comparing this shit to a wedding registry. Putting on a wedding is one of the most expensive and stressful things a person can do. And it's so friends and family have the benefit of a cool party and food. Her followers get NO benefit from donating this shit to her save for a "thank you babe!" comment. She wont even know their names. Shes doing it because she knows her followers are dumb teenagers. Her and Matt probably laugh about how her followers will do anything for fleeting approval from her. She adds no value at all. Her account honestly proves my biggest fears about how far down the tubes this generation is going down because of social media. This bitch does nothing for her followers. Why not offer a free shoutout or a drawing for donating? Sorry for the rant.

No. 691324

File: 1537307968830.jpg (323.46 KB, 1074x1720, IMG_20180918_175843.jpg)

No. 691326

“I get nobody gave you a housewarming gift or helped you out but it’s prolly cause you’re a jealous bitter ass bitch. Maybe he nicer and a better person.” - prolapsed and proud, 2018

No. 691327

File: 1537307995056.jpeg (59.68 KB, 364x676, AF88B203-DDC2-43D9-9CE4-06317D…)

Yeah… NO BISH, if you were a successful Sugar Baby you wouldn’t be asking your followers to buy you sht that isn’t even for your new house (a sephora gift card?). She end 1.5k on fillers a couple of weeks ago.
She isn’t successful cuz she is just trash. She looks like a tramp. Sudar daddies pay for arm candies when you are educated and you look classy. If you look like a junkie who has not showered in 3 days covered in shitty tattoos with your nails and hair ratchet af, guys aren’t gonna pay you unless it is to fck and that is it. Not to mention if you get wasted during your date.
Just sad. She has no chance at being a sb. This coming from a former sugar baby. And yeah fyi sugaring is glorified prostitution. No matter how you put it unless you look like a model (long lengs, nice teeth, hair, nails, ofc a fresh face) and you are educated in which case some older men may take you on trips but it is Not your case.

No. 691328

Auyyy openly admitted in th comments she got her fillers for free, no wonder she’s so jacked the fuck up

No. 691332

Also, a housewarming gift usually comes with the promise that you get to, you know, go to the persons house and enjoy their company. This shit really proves that she has no concept of how real life works and what is considered tactless and scrubby.

No. 691333

How is she calling these house warming gifts when she A.) doesn’t even have a house and prob hasn’t even been approoved yet B.) doesn’t even fucking KNOWWWW these people

No. 691334

Successful girls that sugar or strip (that I know anyway) are girls with full time jobs and nearly completed or complete degrees. Glorified escorting yea but hey I’m college debt free LOL. She gives sex workers a bad name, she thinks just because she claims it and it’s niche and hard no one can give her shit for her laziness. Try harder boo.

No. 691337

If your sugar daddy won’t even buy you $10 underwear you’re doing it wrong. That man should be paying your rent.

No. 691338

Apparently none of it was theirs to begin with. So I guess she’s just been using someone else’s thong this whole time sense that’s all that’s on her wishlist

No. 691341

File: 1537308466093.png (6.8 MB, 1242x2208, DD542DE4-688C-4BF9-A880-011CFE…)

Those lips

No. 691342

Nah she is lying she told everyone on a live stream she paid 1.5k. I will upload the vid. She is contradicting herself. Sure she gets a discount for the promo but I highly doubt she got those for free.

No. 691343

Probably lived in a rent apartment that was already furnished, lol.

No. 691349

File: 1537309031954.jpg (231.63 KB, 1079x1475, IMG_20180918_181511.jpg)

No. 691350

File: 1537309039383.jpg (14.38 KB, 300x300, s-l300.jpg)


surprised she hasn't gotten veneers yet tbh

No. 691356

Her Instagram story rant seems like she’s going through some sort of deluded hypomania. This bitch keeps lying through her teeth several times a day now. Also - “Plz help moving is too expensive” then “just because friends want to buy me gifts doesn’t mean I can’t afford it”

No. 691363

she's on such a downward spiral. + unrelated but ariana since you read this why don't you do findom? even though you're submissive (basing this on ur odp) you're good at manipulating stupid people into giving you money

No. 691367

Wow what? She got more lip fillers?!
That is insane. Her friends or someone around her should help her seek help.

No. 691371

She is too stupid and ignorant to do findom. That is why she is escorting that requires no effort. Only teenage girls with low self-esteem give her money because they are easy to manipulate.

No. 691373

her lips are so uneven now its freaky

No. 691374

File: 1537310662392.jpeg (69.18 KB, 613x818, 08271C29-9AE5-4FB7-8472-A38A8A…)

No. 691377

She spurged on Instagram more than she did on her Snapchat. Just goes to show she’s trying to prove a point publicly.

No. 691382

Unrelated but my god does this bitch listen to shitty fucking music oh my god

No. 691406

What I don’t understand is her constantly calling her followers her “friends”. Half the time she refers to her followers as either “sad teenagers” or “bitter adults” which is it? People ask her where the money goes, and to her that’s assuming. Maybe people are just genuinely wondering where your “house” money went last time, before they donate again? If I donated to somebody and they didn’t follow through, you know I would be either asking for a refund or never donating again, but say she has a valid excuse- what if your followers want to know if you have a “house fund”? A savings plan? Maybe some reassurance of where their money is going?

No. 691407

>how can someone not see that they contradict themselves

Ikr? Why doesn't this Appalachia bitch stop answering? Like really why is she even addressing these """haterz""" holy fuck

No. 691414

This is the product of having mentally handicapped heroin addict parents. Her dad literally lives in his parents basement and thinks it’s approptiate to say Ariana is sexy and show her scantily photos off to friends. And her mother is a jobless schizo heroin addict….so the hopes of her not being a retarded bimbo sperg were very low

No. 691416

Sthmarro my lipth are gonna ethpolde!! spits everywhere

dropbox anon coming thru bless~ Can we pay you lil $ tips for bringing forth the milk? Kek jk kek

No. 691418

it really is quite sad though. she didn't have a chance, on top of not being pretty. i feel bad for her.

No. 691421

Lol yeah you can all chip in a dollar to make up for me paying $10 to this idiot

No. 691423

Lol sick ass burn

No. 691443

Oh, so both of her parents are heroin addicts? First time I'm reading that. I know she mentioned having some issues with her parents, but I don't think she said anything about heroin addiction. Just that both her parents (especially the mother) have some mental health problems and the relationship with them is strained.

No. 691447

She blocked me on Instagram for no reason lol

No. 691448

I love how she disabled the comments on any photo she posts of her and matt

No. 691455

Yeah her mom for sure. Her dad I think is just white trash and actually autistic/mentally handicapped. She ran away from home as a teenager and has most of her issues cuz her mom didnt love her as a kid and kept her in a ratty motel doing heroin most of her childhood. And her moms current bf recently died of an OD/infection stemming from needles or some shit. Her mom also has no job and is a mental case that Ariana desperately still seeks validation from even tho her mom doesn’t love or care about her

No. 691461

kinda cringey to see so many anons posting their own comments on this thread….
the "31s" "3s" give it away

No. 691463

Thank God someone else noticed. Makes my ears bleed.

No. 691472

Anybody remember that best friend she posted photos of that “she doesn’t fuck with no more”??? It’s because Ariana fucked that girls boyfriend. I went to high school with them and just found this thread after reading all the other ones. This is amazing.

No. 691477

More milk then?

No. 691479

File: 1537316913607.jpeg (887.66 KB, 1125x1101, C02318D7-4B24-47B7-8BD4-49C1B0…)

My first thought was this

No. 691487

my thoughts exactly. cringe af and posting your lame ass arguments with ariana aren't milky

No. 691491

Her BPD shit is so cringe when she found out her “millionaire grandpa” is going to co-sign her lease she went on a whole rant about how he’s such a great person and so wonderful and kind and the nicest person in the world you know if he doesn’t come through she’ll go on a rant about how she hates him

Her splitting is so severe

No. 691497

Trying to find our yearbook as we speak

No. 691498

File: 1537318415808.jpeg (388.04 KB, 1242x1862, 0FA98138-7AAE-489E-9E51-193D6D…)

Comments are turned off..

No. 691522

Because PNP knows they are only her friends for the clout

No. 691544

>they're only seen as sexual and immoral because they're sexualized by society
"society" including the escort who makes a living off of bimbo (i.e. hypersexual) fetishists. I wish the people who parrot dumb shit like this actually thought about what they were typing.
She looks like a toothless grandma in a lot of her unedited pics and videos. Probs should have put that lip filler money towards getting a better boob job
Has she ever mentioned anything about her background/family? She definitely gives off a 'grew up poor and stumbled into a middle-class income' vibes
Yeah, from what's been posted on lolcow, it seems like she's snapped over the past day or so. For a cow she seemed at least somewhat laid-back and able to make fun of herself, but it's like a flip has been switched.

No. 691554

She grew up dirt poor and living in motels and trailer parks thanks to her crackhead parents

No. 691555

she said she grew up in florida with her mom who would take her and her brother from motel to motel fucking numerous guys in front of ariana along with heroin and other drugs im sure

No. 691556

File: 1537323118072.png (7.72 MB, 1242x2208, CB0E681E-71D5-49F3-9283-F79C57…)

No. 691563

File: 1537323870662.png (3.24 MB, 1242x2208, B2348DEE-3214-4562-91C2-C5A353…)

considering this girl is also from philly is there anything else we need to know about her

No. 691564

Well that's just sad, no wonder she is the way she is. How the fuck did she end up in the Philly suburbs from Florida, though?

No. 691565

File: 1537323906222.png (961.14 KB, 750x1334, 5FD20E69-C2AD-4060-88EF-14AD51…)

No. 691567

File: 1537323934814.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, 37062390-BD5A-4623-BDF9-5C117E…)

No. 691572

PNP is just mad this girl pulls off the 2 edgy look more than she ever could lol

No. 691575

lol the only person being toxic here is pnp… is she really that deluded

No. 691583

File: 1537325311427.jpg (484.51 KB, 979x1248, SmartSelect_20180918-224755_In…)

The couple that propositions you for a threesome after staribg at you from across the bar all night

No. 691588

File: 1537325927395.png (1.33 MB, 1242x2208, 6FD9FF5A-0747-4B0A-B630-9FE3FC…)

No. 691589

File: 1537325944476.png (1.48 MB, 1242x2208, B27895D3-1DF1-4FC5-AE25-E9C491…)

No. 691590

Her "stalker bully" is only 18 kek

No. 691593

This girl is 24 sending her followers after a fucking 18 year old. Jesus

No. 691596

someone needs to invite this "stalker bully" to this forum lmao

No. 691599

Tbh pnp is probably a huge pussy in real life I bet she’d literally shit her pants if somebody actually confronted her or she would have called the police/gone on a 20 minute rant about how she was harassed lmfao

No. 691612


I knew her in Florida. So basically what happened was her mom was moving away to Vermont while she was still in high school and she didn’t want to go because she had a bf and friends in Florida so she stayed there and moved in with her best friend’s family. They had a huge falling out so she moved to Vermont and her bf moved to Philly because he had family there. She finished high school in Vermont and then moved to Philly to live with her bf. They had a long, shitty, incredibly codependent relationship. At one point she was basically institutionalized for like a month because she had a complete breakdown and then they eventually broke up and she just ended up staying in Philly.

No. 691627

Any other milk you can provide about your time with her in Florida, anon? What was she like in school? Her ex moved on super quickly and started dating a (naturally) pretty girl that I think Ari was jealous of. I believe she started drama with her at one point.

No. 691647

File: 1537331377145.png (115.26 KB, 204x432, 20180918_212916.png)

No. 691660

who was her ex?

No. 691677

That caption anon. Too real.

No. 691687

File: 1537335397030.jpeg (172.71 KB, 640x912, 8088CF23-85C4-42B8-BBB1-5DA453…)

You can find a bunch of pictures of him if you scroll down a good amount on her page.

No. 691720

File: 1537343938220.png (4.16 MB, 1242x2208, F2CB0F63-4822-4C53-B7EF-ED2C89…)

No. 691731

File: 1537347781178.jpeg (598.65 KB, 1242x2004, F66A8978-8BC0-47A8-BDCB-A3F51F…)

His name is Tim. His old IG handle was @hoagie_man but idk what the new one is.

A few weeks before she was dating @slampoetry_ … still follows him!

No. 691754

I seriously think that her old face was way prettier. At least she looked human and not like a swollen frog.

No. 691756

File: 1537353418091.png (Spoiler Image, 2.31 MB, 1242x2208, 2FECB743-46F6-4EF9-B771-216017…)

No. 691759


Philly anon here. So Norristown is indeed 45 minutes outside of the city and is a crime-ridden low-income trash hole. It's it's own city, not really considered a Philly suburb. Being from Florida she probably felt right at home.

No. 691770

Tims handle is @witchesblood

No. 691776

File: 1537356504183.jpeg (191.58 KB, 750x950, 5AD68B03-A5D4-4E00-A10E-B9AB1E…)

Wow he traded up

No. 691781


I can’t believe she actually swims in the goddamn Schuylkill River, which is the 5th most polluted in the entire country.

No. 691791

>>691776 good for him

No. 691796

File: 1537359455616.jpg (99.68 KB, 648x1019, 0919180812.jpg)

Apparently her SD is paying for the new place she hasn't even been approved for yet. Where's she going to have all those big box Amazon wishlist purchases sent to?

No. 691798

wonder how many more times she's gonna have to sleep with him for that?

No. 691799

She’s most likely not getting approved. In her snap she mentioned they have a very strict no pets profile. She acts like she has the place already

No. 691800

Pets policy. Sorry

No. 691808

So that's why she never answers when people from PA ask her where she swims haha

No. 691809

OT but his new girlfriend is legitimately so stunning. I creeped her page and wow… That must've been why Ariana was so insecure. The girl has beautiful features, well done makeup, dresses cutely and seems happy/active

No. 691813

File: 1537361947875.png (886.43 KB, 720x1003, 20180919_055639.png)

She legit still looks the same

No. 691823

I have never seen a picture where I thought she was pretty until now.. man, she ruined herself.

No. 691825

File: 1537365929419.jpeg (84.36 KB, 750x502, A118E49A-397D-4DED-B119-5773A5…)


This is my favorite picture of her.

No. 691828

are you high anon she literally looks like a cross between a bridge troll and witch

No. 691833

Wow to the bitch tits.

No. 691836

um so he can come round for sex whenever probs? i guess matt will just go get in his cage under the stairs

No. 691840

I really, really doubt their relationship is platonic lmao especially if he is paying all of her rent

No. 691841

File: 1537367621809.jpg (724.63 KB, 1080x1443, SmartSelect_20180919-103224_In…)

Does she ever stop talking about the haters lmao..

No. 691843

File: 1537367770665.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1794, 2018_09_19_10_11_46.png)

No. 691844

File: 1537367903363.jpg (1.21 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180919-103433_Ins…)

Her life seems to revolve around lying in her bed, fucking fat old looking dudes, doing drugs and staring at herself.. all while responding to the anonymous "hate" thread(that she isnt forced to read) and 2 comments that disagree with her on IG … i am so jealous

No. 691861

File: 1537369744614.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180919-110849_Ins…)

No. 691862

File: 1537369765704.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180919-110857_Ins…)

No. 691863

File: 1537369777511.jpg (964.97 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180919-110902_Ins…)

No. 691867

She was talking on snap about getting another one. Part of me wonders if she can tell he's getting distant. Also she's creeping closer to the whole "bimbofication" fetish thing.

No. 691868

Going through her insta even made me feel bad lol that sucks for ari

No. 691900

How does Matt live with himself, another man paying rent at the house he lives in?! Assuming this is true. And I am skeptical.

No. 691904

“People are so entitled” “no one owes you anything” expects her followers to buy her shit, expects free things from anyone she can hustle it out of

She is so delusional. She keeps saying her followers buy her things because they care for her. No. They buy her shit because they idolize her and she knows it which is why she’s taking advantage of them.

No. 691910

“Who raises all these insecure ass babies”
As far as anyone can see, you’re one in the same Ariana only you’ve actually broadcasted your insecurities to the entire world..

No. 691913

“My followers are my FRIENDS” “people can buy gifts for FIRNEDS” “I don’t owe any of you my time” “I don’t owe any of you a reply” “you’re all insecure babies obsessed with me”

No. 691914

File: 1537373881970.jpeg (307.77 KB, 1125x1788, 41047D58-6998-4540-9A43-989E0B…)

saw pnp actually liked one of her posts from a while ago

No. 691963


Yeah so I wasn't really her close friend in high school but I had close friends that were part of her friend group. I would say she's pretty on point with the way she describes herself as a teen lol she was shy af, didn't really hang out with anyone outside of her immediate friend group and was the biggest push over. She got made fun of A LOT and never stood up for herself. Which is why I think she developed this holier than thou personality she has now.

She started to get bullied in high school because her first bf (Tyler) actually broke up with his gf for her and that caused a lot of tension within that friend group. They all viciously made fun of her for a couple years after that whole situation. All the taunts were about the way she looked, which I think also contributed to this obsession with her face now.

Anyway, since I wasn't very close to her I can't say much about any personal interactions with her but everyone that knew of her back then knows that she’s always been pretty manipulative with her significant others and she definitely has a type.

Her first bf was very similar to her current one. He had absolutely no backbone, which is something he always got made fun of for too (like Matt). At one point, he actually dropped out of high school and reenrolled so that they’d be in the same grade together (he was one year ahead of her) LOL. I’m not sure who came up with the idea but knowing her, she definitely didn’t try to stop him from doing it and probably encouraged it…

After he reenrolled, she ended up dumping him for that boy she eventually followed to Philly. So she’s never really lived her life without a codependent significant other to manipulate. She briefly lived alone in that time between Timmy (guy she moved to Philly for) and Matt but really, not enough time to mature and develop into a truly independent adult.

When her recent ex (Timmy) started dating the girl he's currently with, Ariana expected to stay BFFs with him but that obviously did not end well. Her rationale on staying friends was that they dated for 4, 5, or however many years it was and that she basically didn't want to throw all that time away. Which didn't make sense to probably anyone who followed her on Tumblr back then because she went on a whole campaign against him for "raping" her while they were dating. It could have happened, it could not have happened, who really knows but it seemed weird that she would want to stay friends with someone she claimed was physically and emotionally abusive.

She started to post regularly on Tumblr about how jealous she was because his new gf was actually pretty and put together LOL. She also started to get jealous of the fact that he wouldn't talk to her as frequently and all this other petty shit.

I can't remember if they Ariana and Timmy's current gf ended having direct drama with each other but I know, for sure, that it caused yet another riff between her and Timmy. I don't even think they talk anymore.

No. 691967

File: 1537379556901.jpeg (228.44 KB, 750x1194, BC0C0EAB-2520-499A-B306-3E031D…)

Just going back in her IG…is this a symptom of BPD or is something else wrong with her?

No. 691977

not really bpd specific, but damn she needs a therapist

No. 692025

She needs a therapist but she openly admits to not listening to her therapists. One told her to lay off the injections for a while, she got injections, posted about it on tumblr, then posted about how she was canceling her therapy appointment because she didn’t want her therapist to know. There’s no helping these types of people until they actually break mentally and they’re institutionalized. I don’t see her listening to actual help unless she is literally forced and monitored.

No. 692027


she should've saved money to have her chin shaved and gotten cheek bone implants or something to get rid of those gnarly folds.

everytime she grins, her nose/nasolabial folds/chin/lips just reveal what her actual face looked like.

(side note, i'm wondering if it's the shitty quality injection/service she gets or if she's SO ugly even plastic surgery can't fix it)

No. 692033

File: 1537384458031.png (1.2 MB, 1596x896, puk.png)

July 2016.

When did ariana get her rhinoplasty again?

No. 692034

Damn, thanks for coming through, Anon. That was a very interesting read. I'm dumbfounded that her one ex dropped out of school and reenrolled for her. Insanity.

No. 692047

Matt posted a pic of her in August 2016 “new nose, new girl” so around that same time lol

No. 692064

And this girl's makeup is pretty insta-thotty, just how Ariana started to paint her face…
What a plot twist it is

No. 692078

>another bullied girl turned bad girl story
no, i'm fucking sick of this. i was made fun of for my looks too, people avoided me like the plague, but i didn't turn into a horrendous piece of shit when i started to look attractive.

No. 692114

Thanks for the insight anon. So question: was she ever truly made fun of before that guy dumped his GF for her? Or was it just by the people in that group? Because they way she describes it she was called toucan Sam and all this shit for no reason at all

No. 692117


It definitely does not excuse her behavior lol I was just explaining what my observations of her were in high school.

She was no saint in high school either. I think she always had pretty dubious morals (i.e. talking to that boy while he was already dating someone else).

She was also always gross and grimy so that hasn't changed/probably got worse. I still know a lot of people that knew her and apparently, when she was living in Vermont, she became best friends with a girl who also used to live in our town in Florida. That girl said that Ariana made her own dog lick her vagina…she also said that she was really into watching animals fuck each other…

These are obviously really gross and disturbing accusations that I really have no way of corroborating BUT I honestly don't doubt that she would do something that gross and weird and I don't think anyone would lie about something that specific and strange.

No. 692121


Not sure. I didn't know anything about her before high school so I can't say for a fact if she did or not. But I don't doubt it lol she really did have a big nose and kids are pretty ruthless. Still no excuse to turn into a a self-righteous narcissist

No. 692136

I can believe that, she has her dog on her bed with her vibrator constantly. She is such a nasty bitch.

No. 692141

the way she treats animals is so gross, its def believable she forces her dog to lick her vagina

No. 692146

>These are obviously really gross and disturbing accusations that I really have no way of corroborating BUT I honestly don't doubt that she would do something that gross and weird and I don't think anyone would lie about something that specific and strange.

idk this does sound like a typical weird hs rumor to me. like at my school there was a girl who supposedly put hot dogs up her vag and a girl who supposedly put string cheese up her vag, both false. i don't want to wk and she's gross enough to really do that, but if that's a hs rumor i wouldn't be surprised if it was made up. after hs though nobody really makes up shit like that for no reason.

No. 692148

That hot dog rumor is one that went around every high school!

No. 692150


This wasn't in high school which was the disturbing part. This was after high school. Her former best friend is also a few years older than her.

No. 692155

LMAO really!? it's like the marilyn manson rib removal or S symbol then as another inexplicable universal school meme.

OK that definitely makes it more believable then.

No. 692157

as someone who knew her personally i dont doubt that she actually had her dog lick her vagina because we had a conversation about kink before and she said she was into videos of dogs fucking girls because “taboo is hot”

No. 692159

The fact that she used to work as a dog nanny makes this so much more unsettling… and believable

No. 692161

ive read many lolcow threads but this one specifically is so cringe i know that id literally have to go dig my own grave and bury myself if these were things being discussed about me. how mortifying, too bad you can’t change internets the way people change schools when shit gets rough

No. 692163

As someone who also knew her before the internet “fame”, all this shit is true lol and not made up rumors. This is something that legit only some people knew about and wasn’t a rumor from high school either. And came from sources close to her that really have no reason to make shit up. This dumbass makes herself look bad no need for people to make things up

No. 692169

You post on this site tho.. js.

No. 692205

File: 1537396146080.jpg (295.29 KB, 834x821, 20180919_152857.jpg)

No. 692214

>too bad you can’t change internets the way people change schools when shit gets rough


Can I take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate farmers and lolcow? I am thoroughly entertained kek

No. 692225

File: 1537397980685.png (749.36 KB, 779x455, ariana mcmillan.png)

No. 692235

The lighting in the first pic is nice at least… lol

No. 692236

whats going on with her lip in the second pic? i'm so confused

No. 692240

she comes from a long dynasty of crackheads

No. 692244

she has a small flap of lip skin underneath her top lip that seems to never respond to her filler, it looks like extra skin that doesn’t belong and is always flapping around while she speaks which is another thing you don’t see in her blue steel selfies

No. 692290

Like even if all this bestiality shit is fake it's still a testament to your irl and online personality that it's believable. Kek I'm sooo jealous Ari

No. 692301

I think she deleted her most recent because of a dog fucker comment. Not positive but it seems too coincidental

No. 692302

Wish you got a cap. Deleting a whole picture over an "untrue" comment seems rather sus to me but maybe I'm reaching.

No. 692305

File: 1537408313413.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 720.75 KB, 750x950, 4BE58DED-E789-4BE7-B31F-9C9481…)


No. 692310

While posing naked with a pet isnt something I'd do personally this doesnt really prove anything to me. I dont think there will be any proof unless someone comes forward with texts or DMS from her. Probably wont happen.

No. 692314

File: 1537409540233.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 332x332, 29590FA6-B861-4DA8-8698-05B8D4…)

Lots of deleted nsfw content can be found on aarons tumblr. won’t post all of it but these pics/gifs were particularly musty

No. 692316

File: 1537409586532.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 48.7 KB, 640x481, EC2B0D1B-8837-48C9-98C0-0F903B…)

No. 692317

File: 1537409650330.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 332x332, 7D7B37AC-39BD-4947-B650-C78103…)

No. 692321

She heavily promoted her as a sex worker when she was on tumblr. Constantly selling a private Snapchat and promoted it extra when she met up with babytrash. She also made babytrash make a private Snapchat just for the occasion….. loves the attention even when it’s not her getting paid for it.

No. 692323

What is Aaron’s tumblr name

No. 692324

i think it's because her whole mouth is like, recessed into her face. it's probably something that can be ameliorated with orthodontics (but there's no glamour or instant gratification with that so prob wont happen lol)

No. 692326


No. 692329


Ew comes off as a sex pervert. Can’t imagine Matt’s comfortable with him being her bff

No. 692334

she seems equally obsessed with her face. he has a type it would seem.

No. 692343

File: 1537412319550.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 100.61 KB, 750x741, 57F8628F-6E59-44A2-8207-7A363B…)

No. 692344

File: 1537412402544.jpeg (80.94 KB, 750x527, 3B3072F7-D8AC-400F-8625-6F1C15…)

No. 692351

File: 1537413197421.jpeg (39.69 KB, 743x279, E7E50E71-426D-47DE-9BE4-023A8F…)

No. 692355

double gross this is vile
its really sus. comes down to if it walks like a duck talks like a duck its a duck more than likely… its believable, she has history of animal abuse, she completely deletes the post after mentions of such.

No. 692359

File: 1537414049387.jpg (248.2 KB, 1204x862, PNP.jpg)

felt inspired

No. 692362

File: 1537414081039.jpeg (328.24 KB, 750x1192, FF8BDE80-DB9D-44DE-ADE9-1F8692…)

This is fucking gold! 1/2

No. 692364

File: 1537414175435.jpeg (166.62 KB, 750x1098, 2298E927-BAB8-4230-B411-11804D…)

Not surprised at all if I’m being honest 2/2

No. 692373


how old is this? I didn't think shay had any friends.

No. 692381

File: 1537415026879.jpeg (201.78 KB, 750x714, 83C42B34-0071-4894-8F00-719477…)

No. 692384

File: 1537415110285.jpeg (147.68 KB, 750x711, BB47189D-9D9C-4FFF-BD0C-53E395…)

No. 692391

File: 1537415423470.jpeg (62.7 KB, 750x428, 80D7ACC6-CAE1-4407-991E-B34564…)

No. 692400

well she ain't wrong

No. 692401

Her face before the nosejob wasnt conventionally attractive but at least her features were in balance. Like once she got the nose job she was left with all this space between her nose and lips, after the lip lift shes left with space between her lips and teeth. You drastically change one feature and it's like a domino effect.

No. 692541

File: 1537439626130.png (Spoiler Image, 2.07 MB, 1078x1490, Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 12.2…)

Imagine DoorMatt being ok with Ari participating in bondage sessions with her creep necrophile friend. Also found photos of Skye Purdon on Aaron's blog, ew, fucking ew dude. Those people with no taste or dignity, I just can't.

No. 692559


He is punching so hard

No. 692561

She constantly shit talks Aaron saying he’s super creepy with the girls he photographs. Matt has also been there during some photo shoots…..

No. 692573

How do we find posts from her deactivated tumblr

No. 692582

File: 1537448010135.png (Spoiler Image, 1.66 MB, 750x1334, 80E97468-6007-4BFA-BF92-F0D8CC…)

Rly out here puttin her bare pus on a dirty river rock

No. 692598


Because he's a mega-cuck

No. 692672

Where has she said he’s creepy? Sounds like she really talks him up on IG

No. 692694

File: 1537460356619.jpeg (130.49 KB, 1242x888, 3BE65738-806A-4BB9-9BC9-1F42B5…)

Damn what happened to her 70k/yr !?

No. 692699

File: 1537460821135.png (415.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180920-122613.png)

Ari is on insta shitting on 18 year olds who are "attacking" her. She made fun of one kid for having "hot topic princess" in their bio. Biiitch you actually worked for them stfu

No. 692701

How can you say you’re aging like fine wine when literally nothing about how you’re “aging” is organic? She’s aging like a Real Housewife.

No. 692703

Is this her?!

No. 692705

File: 1537461216227.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 135.09 KB, 750x1077, F15726F0-99F1-4704-9EC5-5256BC…)

No. 692707

File: 1537461307020.jpeg (171.42 KB, 750x649, 2B667DC0-EC7F-4188-BDED-ED30D9…)

No. 692717


To go from no debt to good ol' fashioned American debt? That's the way to do it.

No. 692733

does this mean that her tumblr is just deactivated, not actually deleted and thats how you can still see it?

No. 692741

she just said that people who tell her not to change her appearance are TRANSPHOBIC… holy fuck she’s stupid

No. 692742

I have a tumblr account and still can’t find hers.. and I followed her on tumblr. Come thru anon

No. 692743

deactivated=deleted on tumblr but reblogged posts of deactivated blogs still show up on the tumblr that they were reblogged onto

No. 692745

go to aarons blog “dreadfulbug” and search scorpioasshoe

No. 692757


yeah ariana cause, getting multiple cosmetic procedures done because you were insecure and unhappy with how you looked and wanted to appeal to your trashthot fantasy

is the same as trans people with actual medical issues/a disorder getting TREATMENT and surgery
she's probably just thinks changing how you look and getting a sex change is all there is to being trans. ignorant af herself.

she did a nice job throwing trans people under the bus just to protect yourself from all criticism. Not that she actually cares pfft

No. 692759

No. 692761


you can tell by all the grammatical errors that I was still in shock after she said that transphobia shit, in shock that someone could be such a full blown retard

No. 692766

No. 692774

She sounds like a broken record. She gives the same spiel every fricken day. She keeps saying the haters don’t bother her but that’s literally the only thing she talks about.

No. 692778

she’s such a fucking dumb hick.

also lol at her for making fun of furries when this bitch is into bestiality. also if putting ig commenters on blast is “entertaining” for her…that’s even sadder and really hammers in the fact she lives a pathetic life

No. 692787

File: 1537468648250.png (4.11 MB, 1125x2001, 6C9CE0E9-1FE6-4B9A-AC25-7F1D73…)

Her fucking SKIN makes me dry heave

No. 692794


Literally just today she said her "stalking obsessed haters" should make a "butthurt support group" and that is exactly the same phrasing she used to called out lolcow

No. 692814

File: 1537469689133.png (9.33 MB, 1125x2436, CDF60D6C-8B36-42CE-9638-20A24D…)

No. 692815

She doesn’t care about her haters but probably stalks this thread everyday lmao

No. 692820

Don’t understand how she thinks you’d get clout when you post anonymously…

No. 692833


It's very telling that in the initial photo her face is 'natural' and her skin is fine, and then after all her surgery to make her face 'perfect' she's picked half the skin off her face.

Like something from Palahniuk.

No. 692891

“OMG guys let me adress the terrible things being said about me in a way that manipulates you into thinking I’m so cool that people make up rumors about me to gain popularity for themselves when in reality they gain absolutely nothing because they’re ANON”

Also, a lot of us aren’t claiming to know her from high school, just that we know her personally or have known her since before “efame” there have been maybe 2 people who have claimed to know her since high school?

No. 692895

really wish kaycee would come through and just spill the fucking milk already

No. 692907

Right? Maybe ariana has dirt on kaycee tho

No. 692910

not to derail the thread but trannyism isn't real, anon. Its okay. You don't need to wk them on lolcow.

No. 692911

they look like two vienna sausages…why is her skin so terrible also? picking?

No. 692925

“Don’t let anyone fuck up your face”

You think we don’t see your tumerous sausage lips and weird skin flap or something ??

No. 692928

File: 1537476265169.gif (1.06 MB, 259x179, U3NbZJz.gif)

No. 692929

OT but this girl really reminds me of Gail the snail from always sunny

No. 692931

File: 1537476432294.png (7.6 KB, 296x125, Vzee4M4.png)

No. 692933

File: 1537476455568.png (482.29 KB, 592x598, KtuIWqw.png)

No. 692949

whatever this new thing she's trying with her freckles is, it's not working. literally looks like a splatter of shit across her face.

No. 692962

File: 1537477333413.jpeg (165.84 KB, 1242x644, 38844027-F68D-4C2F-93B6-A3340F…)

“filled with negativity & bitterness”

No. 692979

who tf uses their wrist as a palette when they do they’re makeup? hand, sure. but inner wrist?

No. 692983

File: 1537478519435.jpeg (181.31 KB, 750x1112, E10446AF-68E7-4FD8-B554-55773C…)

Old milk

No. 692986

File: 1537478637391.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, B0E7CF29-43DE-40F5-AB82-65E243…)

No. 692997

I’m gonna go ahead and call bullshit on those being makeup smudges. They legit look like finger bruises.

No. 693002

You see her do this to her wrist anytime she does her makeup on live. I use the back of my hand normally. But I’m not disgusting and wash it off when I’m done.

No. 693019

No. 693027


that part of the lip that never seems to respond to filler is so gross and it's even worse when we're just forced to stare at it when she's screeching and recording from a low angle

looks like swollen vagina flaps.

No. 693036

her lips are the vulva and the skin flap is the labia, she has a face labia

No. 693054

File: 1537483589059.png (20.45 KB, 463x139, Capture _2018-09-20-17-42-22.p…)

She is really telling people that going into debt for cosmetic surgery is "good" so long as you keep up with it? Its better to save up and NOT be in debt.

No. 693065

Please remember to spoiler images that are NSFW.

No. 693066

She said she got the apartment … that the realtor told her to just pretend she doesn’t have a cat because the landlord only allows one pet not two … I guess we’ll see how they keep up paying the rent since it’s double what they pay now .. this should hopefully bring in some milk as the months pass … will she have to suck more SD dick to pay the rent ?

No. 693067

sad to see that a girl who’s actually attractive naturally thinks this troll’s blown up fish face & anus lips is goals. Not only is she gonna fuck up her face but she’s also gonna take irresponsible advice from this dumbass who thinks it’s okay to b in debt for some indulgences.

No. 693073

File: 1537485807156.png (169.05 KB, 325x325, plastic.png)

question - what is it about smiling that blatantly reveals how much work someone's had done? i was watching a youtuber (pictured) and the second she smiled you could notice that she'd had her lips and chin done, and maybe fillers around her cheeks/nasolabial folds. this is also extremely apparent when PNP smiles. does smiling just reveal your true facial structure or something?

No. 693079

This is common online, they'll eventually turn themselves into Gangnam unnie monsters once they get the money and become IG famous.

Not only that, but it looks like at a certain point their skin literally looks like plastic, it just becomes so abnormally shiny they end up looking like blow up dolls.

No. 693146

SNAP ANONS. SCREEN RECORD. how many times do we have to say this?

No. 693150

don’t get bossy with screen records of the private snap otherwise we’ll stop posting :) pay if you wanna see so bad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 693151

ok thanks ariana

No. 693158

I have a smaller version of her extra skin lip thing because of a car accident and I had to get stiches on my lip and nose. I think hers is probably scar tissue from her lip lift surgery. Hers is pretty unfortunate.

No. 693159

Yes. I have my chin and lips done also fillers on my cheeks. My face totally changes when I smile. LOL.

No. 693185

She ranted on ig for like ever and admitted to us all that she is in fact anorexic

No. 693193

No. 693206

File: 1537496696957.gif (834.29 KB, 200x200, ED37123A-4FF1-4D4D-8D4A-5BBC66…)

No. 693208

File: 1537496809736.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 249.58 KB, 750x1101, DD9F2754-2718-4CFB-9C14-5D564D…)

No. 693211

As she uses her arms to distort their wideset placement by smashing them together, something I’ve never seen people with augmented breasts do in that they’re usually proud of the way they look and lift their arms in photos or have their arms and shoulders back to show them off lol

No. 693218

Anorexic with a blown up face and tits who wants a kardashian river horse ass. Rrrrright…
What exactly did she say?

Her brain must be fried, it's painful to watch her attempts to string a sentence but it's so difficult for her to find words, she makes those mouth sounds like an African tribe nigger… It's probably due to her retardation the only arguments she comes up with are "yall jealous masafakas". Kindergarten level argumentation and persuasion.

Stupidity is the new black.(racebait)

No. 693224

Holy unnecessary racebaiting anon.

No. 693230

Keep this shit off here or don’t bother commenting

No. 693249

all white&boring girls try to sound black cuz they dont have any clout. she wanna be ghetto but dont wanna be ghetto

No. 693312

based anon

No. 693402

I’m fucking DYING you couldn’t be more spot-on


No. 693485

HS/Florida anon wanna find an image of PnP in the yearbook to dispell this? It's hilarious how she responds to this thread on IG. She sure spends a lot of time addressing the haters!

Also newfags need to learn how to sage better.

No. 693489

Bleh, what is that nasty thing on her thigh?

No. 693520

Kek it kills me how some people on here will engage these threads, but are somehow sjw’s at the same time. Body shaming and bullying are cool but we draw the line at racism guys!!

No. 693524

systematic oppression of an entire race and any language that might encourage that is on an entirely different level than picking at an individuals appearance and lifestyle that they chose to have.

No. 693527

According to her, her sugar daddy is paying her rent lol not sure if she means her half of just once or what but yeah she mentioned it once on the private snap

No. 693528

I keep all my yearbooks at my parents house who I don’t live with anymore rip

No. 693537

We didn't all come from ignorant, drug-ridden uneducated backwater towns in Florida like pnp did anon sorry that makes u feel bad

No. 693547

I almost got offended but you’re not wrong

No. 693562

Maybe you should re-read the rules before you post actual word vomit on this thread and derail the subject

No. 693589

how is an anon pointing out sjw newfaggotry derailing?? its the newfags that write paragraphs about how trannies deserve plastic surgery more than pnp kek

No. 693590

Jesus fucking christ you are all so mean to each other it’s sad, can’t we all remember what we’re here for? Hating the same bitch?

No. 693603

apparently ariana got approved for the house. There are so many more deserving people than someone who lives in a pigsty, puts her vagina on everything and is in debt cause she's an irresponsible credit card user.

how long till she spergs on her instagram about how the owner is just "jealous and bitter" when they kick her out for living like a washed up mutt

No. 693615

File: 1537548374391.jpeg (488.04 KB, 750x1100, 80A18A41-E2AB-47A7-8F89-F4C2E5…)

This is honestly so sad. She seriously looks like a blow up doll.

No. 693633

File: 1537549623611.gif (607.55 KB, 500x280, giphy-downsized.gif)

No. 693656


In my opinion, she has definitely lost her defining anatomic landmarks.

No. 693663

She can get the fillers dissolved and they are only temporal.

No. 693686

The nosejob was definitely good for her, but what she did to her lips… nah.

No. 693694

…yes, we all know how fillers work, anon. That's not the point of >>693656

I think she looks good in both. But she only looks good on the right when she's carefully posing. You see her talking or just her face in motion in general and the appeal is gone. This is a face for selfies only. She must experience the worst dysmorphia when she's seeing her candid pics.

No. 693732


Are you kidding that comment seemed to just be a frame for the poster to use the hard r and seem edgy. If you want to post the N word so badly go find an alt right forum to sperg on.

No. 693763

File: 1537564912095.png (933.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180921-141304.png)


No. 693781

>> 693763

Aren't you suppose to let your lips heal for a while before you start putting makeup on them? Won't putting lipstick or makeup in general on your face hinder the healing process

No. 693826

File: 1537570171459.jpeg (154.42 KB, 750x601, 7137E20D-3F24-43FD-933C-82E956…)

Does anybody else feel like she lies constantly about not editing her pictures?

No. 693830

yes because she IS lying

No. 693837

File: 1537571530807.jpg (388.42 KB, 989x989, 20180921_180946.jpg)

I like how ONE person publicly stated that and she used it as an opportunity to brag about how shes just great at makeup.

No. 693845

says she hasn’t eaten for 48 hours and is abnormally tired, googles her symptoms and says the first thing that popped up is pregnancy..how..delusional can you get

No. 693849

No. 693853


ok. just wondering, i do not know anything about plastic surgery

No. 693875

Nah but I wish more of you would admit that we’re all indulging something dark and fucked up by bullying people that are clearly mentally ill lmfao.

No. 693877

No one's being a bully, Ariana. If you want people to stop talking about you then stop being a bitch all the time

No. 693879

We don't cowtip here, at least. I like discussing trainwrecks who broadcast their lives on social media and connecting the dots w other farmers. Sorry it hurts your feefees but it's inevitable that jackassery will attract negative and unwanted attention ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 693882

Why are you still talking about this

No. 693883

you think this is dark and fucked up? damn I want your life anon

No. 693887

when people are assholes you call them out for it, it’s what should be done. people with mental illness don’t get excused from that and won’t ever be excused from that. everybody is held to the same standard and pnp is one of the nastiest bitches with a foul attitude and beyond that the image she puts out there is just toxic- she deserves to have her shit talked about and also dished right back to her

No. 693890

no one would talk about her if she wasn't a horrendous bitch. millions of people botch their faces/photshop their pictures, the difference is she does that AND she's a cunt.

No. 694021

No whiteknight, I really can't stand this unhinged cunt, but if you're being accused of letting a dog lick you out, wouldn't you respond too?
I'm suspicious of those anons because, for one, they integrated a little too quickly. Their posting format was like a regular farmer. Why wait this long to come forward? I have a hard time believing all these randoms just came here, integrated, and then decided to post about Ariana. That's never how it works realistically.
Sounds like a couple farmers trying to stir and tell us what we want to hear.

No. 694023

Nah, it's totally believable, given her disgusting history of animal abuse.

No. 694031

I think you're just hearing what you want to hear.
I can come in to this thread and larp about how I knew Ariana in HS and say pretty obvious stuff about how she was bullied for her looks and then add in some stuff meant to sound oddly specific so you guys will take the bait, and so can anyone else.

I don't know what happened to some of you as to where you can't keep yourself unbiased enough to be impartial to trolling and role playing. You just sound so fucking gullible.

History of animal abuse or no, not taking care of your pets does not equate to being a fucking furry. At least have some dignity, jesus.

No. 694034

It doesn’t hurt my feelings dude, I enjoy it too. It’s fun and entertaining. But I’m comfortable admitting that this isn’t a healthy thing to engage lmao

No. 694038

Nah if the other anons are like myself we just learned to integrate and have been following the ariana thread for a while and finally spoke up. someone mentioned her dog licking her out and i was the anon that said it was believable because she admitted to being into beastiality porn while we were discussing kinks. i finally spoke up about it because as you can imagine it was an “oh my god” moment

No. 694072

she sounds like felice fawn when she got called out for pretending she wasn’t wearing makeup already lolol

No. 694074

okay, we are so gullible, you are so logical and smart, now move on because you're derailing.

No. 694123

Sounds like someone's defensive because they make their dog lick their vagina too

No. 694182

It's not that hard to integrate into this posting format. I just read the rules and was familiar with imageboard site formats from the earlier ages of the internet. While the HS rumors seem outlandish it's also ridiculous to assume people are 'out to get her'. Let's face it, if the milk runs dry then there's always another cow like her.

No. 694211

File: 1537633100722.jpeg (476.35 KB, 796x1041, scorpion woman.JPEG)

It just proves that Ariana is the girl who gets the dog-fucking rumors pushed onto her and idk anons, for me, that's enough kek

No. 694232

Why does she think the world wants to see 10 videos of her just making faces at the camera while listening to songs she doesn’t seem to actually know the words too? God and she won’t stop touching her Vienna sausage lips the whole time- her narcissism has gone off the rails. The last video on her story she’s listening to the same song she was playing earlier in her story like she had to go back and listen to it over and over until she kind of got some words down to look cool. Ariana, you try so hard and still look like a fool.

No. 694237

File: 1537635359673.jpeg (117.41 KB, 771x1036, 0DE96D5B-E350-41B1-BFFA-AD2706…)

Lmao her insecurity showing so hard rn…toward the end of those clips she peels back her upper lip to definititively prove she actually has teeth hiding back there. Too bad her white trash genes can’t be fixed with surgery. Just no Ariana there’s no fixing that Appalachian underbite of yours.

No. 694242

There is but it would cost the most out of every surgery she has depending on how severe her bite problem is. Her and I have like the same smile and I've been researching like crazy on solutions. Shit sucks.

No. 694244

File: 1537635859609.jpg (128.02 KB, 1086x966, 18118811171716.jpg)

Screenshot isn't exactly milk but it's just to prove some legitimacy here because we've actually known her/about her for the last 9-10 years…

How else would we know she dated Tyler? Got called a goblin and that his whole group of friends had an inside joke where they would say "midnight" around her because her side profile looks like a crescent moon? Or that Liz was her BFF in Vermont and is the source of this dog licking story? Or that Kylie (the girl she posted old pictures with on her IG story, saying they had a huge falling out) let Ariana live with her in high school and her family kicked her out for being a complete brat?

She knows all of this is 1000000% truth which is why she's getting all riled up and accusing us of lying. When I originally posted the dog licking story, I acknowledged that I couldn't prove it but can we all realistically say we doubt it? lol

Me and another anon found this forum because she pointed it out on IG so we checked it out and everything you guys have been saying about her is spot on so we chimed in.

Again, this is not bait…

I have more screenshots of her interacting with all these people including Liz.

No. 694245

You left your icon in

No. 694250


Deleted and re-uploaded

I think it's gone now (I hope..)

No. 694260

File: 1537637158440.jpeg (533.51 KB, 1242x1674, 8DF93316-9B73-4B79-9468-0DC909…)

i have so much second hand embarrassment at this point lmfao

No. 694287

File: 1537639895525.png (Spoiler Image, 1.7 MB, 640x1136, 97FE3073-9FC9-4199-BA30-CC8632…)


No. 694341

File: 1537647241481.png (155.52 KB, 331x413, toothless wonder.png)

she's doomed to live a toothless life

No. 694411

So she says her SD is paying both her and Matt’s rent each month … 1,200 …I’m guessing that was Matt’s price aka You can fuck the SD regularly if my rent gets paid . She said the SD was “low key hot” ..

I wonder if that’s why Matt posted “Rage fury irritation humiliation” on his Ig story today …

No. 694474

I feel like I've hit peak lolcow with this thread and this chick. I feel bad for contributing here because it's like stealing candy from a baby milking this cow tbh

No. 694531

they both love spongebob and it’s a quote from the show

No. 694624

File: 1537669271551.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 160.01 KB, 750x1201, BD919098-CB94-45BF-ADFB-F699C3…)

Don’t think these have been posted here

No. 694626

File: 1537669310292.png (Spoiler Image, 1.95 MB, 750x1334, FE85E37F-086F-489A-9969-59F117…)

No. 694627

File: 1537669365917.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 156.95 KB, 750x1190, E3C3A450-AD99-4FB0-9FB7-5ADDD1…)

No. 694628

File: 1537669382680.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 102.07 KB, 750x675, D3A3BE23-9C64-4C6C-9EEE-8B1834…)

No. 694629

File: 1537669407331.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 89.29 KB, 750x739, A2160414-3084-41FA-B196-729C7A…)

Sorry I didn’t spoiler the first 2

No. 694633

imagine being ariana and her 2 remaining brain cells, literally whoring herself out on tumblr then claiming she's not a sex worker on instagram lol

No. 694641

why do they need to be posted??

No. 694647

File: 1537670681176.jpeg (203.41 KB, 750x1073, 170AB348-F041-412C-B0A7-D2AC15…)

Another example of her asking internet strangers for help

No. 694657

Because she avidly claims she isn’t a sex worker, never has done so and claims she doesn’t ask for money fuck out of here dumbass

No. 694666

honestly not very milky and add a spoiler next time

No. 694688

Where the fuck is she going to and from that it's going to cost her $500 in gas? I've driven halfway across the country before and it barely cost me $250. Does she drive a hummer?

No. 694692

close, a mini van i’m pretty sure lmao

No. 694755

This bitch is crying around on her snapchat about how her ego is hurt cause she hasn't been able to sell dances this week. And how guys don't want to pay her for lapdances. She's always complaining about not making much money. She should just get a normal job! Stop the complaining!

No. 694775

Lmaoo knew she'd be a shitty stripper.

No. 694820

wrong thread? the last thing she posted on her snapchat was her bitching about snapchat filters making noise and not being able to figure out how to mute it, lol.

No. 694874

I know this isn’t milky but why does she need an automatic trash can that costs $75? It’s one of her items on her Amazon Wishlist, you’d be stupid to buy her that smh

No. 694888

Please, save the melodrama.

Yeah, the procedure for that actually moves your bones to fix an under or over bite is called sliding genioplasty and it's roughly 8k give or take. Plus, it's also considerably dangerous and has a few extra risks, but it can work wonders on your bone structure.
It's rumored among surgeons' circles that this is what Angelina Jolie got done.

No. 694910

Hey lefort 1 osteotomy fag here. I had the surgery done. I had problrms with my jaw that caused pain etc. The surgery is expensive but if u have actual issues insurance will usually cover atleast half. If not more. Also you need orthodontics. Which depending on your insurance they can cover it. All in all it’s expensive. Takes time and dedication and for after care you need to keep your mouth clean and etc. so. I doubt pnp can manage that. Does she even have insurance with her having no job?

No. 694915

i don’t think she had insurance with her last job either

No. 694950

File: 1537712522693.jpeg (115.27 KB, 730x682, 00A0D78F-E3A2-4C73-B6CD-E58EFE…)

This fan art is out of control

No. 695029

Lmao holy shit

No. 695053

File: 1537721242847.jpg (1.24 MB, 1920x2560, 18-09-23-12-46-55-383_deco.jpg)

She looks scary up close lol

No. 695055

File: 1537721268250.jpg (705.59 KB, 980x1344, SmartSelect_20180923-124514_In…)

No. 695062

Her lipstick looks so bad on top of her already awful inflated lips

No. 695067

File: 1537721770098.jpg (962.7 KB, 1080x1080, SmartSelect_20180923-125448_In…)

I really this this artist's style but they way they drew her lips is too funny not to post

No. 695070

File: 1537721961955.jpg (540.68 KB, 1080x1019, SmartSelect_20180923-125806_In…)

Her fans really do her dirty. Can you imagine gaining e-fame and followers/fans then they just completely shit all over the way you were born and used to look?

No. 695079

Is the left side of her top lip just fucked up looking because of bad Photoshop or fucked up lipstick application??

No. 695091

this style is nice but yeah it looks like someone going thru an allergic reaction

No. 695098

Sage for unrelated but thanks for sharing so I can add that to my research. And looking at photos holy shit that's an intense surgery. Did you have a similar jaw structure to PNP? Did the surgery help your teeth/jaw move forward?

No. 695152

File: 1537727052095.png (3.4 MB, 750x1334, 8479E025-73B1-4F1D-92CF-AD561A…)

No. 695185

Súper OT sorry everyone. My jaw structure was like hers, it just wasnt as noticeable. It was more the inside of my mouth that was fucked. The surgery totally helped everything and the healing wasn’t as bad as you’d expect. Id suggest you Talk to an orthodontist first though because maybe you just need braces or something,, and if not they usually can direct you to a surgeon. Best of Luck

No. 695199

I am pretty sure she got a chin implant. That is exactly how your chin looks like when you have one.

No. 695241

File: 1537731706580.jpeg (1.5 MB, 2048x2855, 3190A9AD-E25F-429F-A0BF-6E24FA…)

Some of her fan art is very well done and flattering but, holy hell I cant imagine how the majority of this shit doesnt just completely destroy her ego.

No. 695264

File: 1537734191488.jpeg (457.74 KB, 750x943, ADDA6151-230C-499C-ACB0-7D5C27…)

She needs to go back to her OLD freckles makeup, whatever she’s doing now looks so obviously fake and not blended

No. 695284

she is covering the scabs from her picking dissorder. You can see how bad her skin looks without the kylie filter.

No. 695315

Thanks anon! Apologies for the OT as well.

No. 695370

wtf is going on with her nostril/septum?

No. 695432


photoshop, made it look off and not anatomically correct top the eye

No. 695527

File: 1537753772686.png (3.33 MB, 750x1334, FF13C36F-B9FC-4CCF-9C40-6183ED…)

Are you talking about that gnarly lip lift scar? She’s so hacked up it’s disgusting.

No. 695541

she’s said before her nose surgeon fucked up her septum while doing the surgery which is why she got a second one from the same guy for free hoping it’d fix it but he made it worse. the blurring under the nose could be her lip lift scar/her trying to hide how noticeable the scar is

No. 695654

File: 1537770891019.jpeg (247.35 KB, 1229x1488, 20528A3A-0D98-44FD-8170-9BF6B0…)

I found this in her tagged photos and she actually looked really good here with darker hair, less tryhard instathotty makeup, and minus giant balloon lips. Wonder if she could ever get back to here.

No. 695709

That's not a chin implant babe, that's just really unfortunate genetics.

Does she remind anyone else of Joan Cusack? Especially when she smiles, the way they talk and their chins move are identical.

No. 695717

Oh my god yes!!!!!!! I couldn’t put my finger on it until you said something lol

No. 695761

that bottom lip is still a balloon

No. 695795

File: 1537794780924.jpg (22.79 KB, 300x300, v1.jpg)

Omg you're right

No. 695802

Why is her nostril tucked behind her septum?

No. 695820

because she's a sewn up freak that got multiple botched nose jobs

No. 695916

This freaking idiot is now complaining about how she wakes up with horrible heart burn because her and her doormat order a shit ton of food late at night cuz they r stoned. Does she not know that eating late then sleeping causes that? Also she started laughing telling how she threw up? Her stories r pointless and embarrassing.

No. 695932

>fings are gonna be tight for us because moving costs founsands of dollafs lol help us!!!
>rants on Snap about her SD paying their rent

Bitch pick a lane and stop scamming people

No. 695937

Perhaps it varies from apartment to apartment, but don't landlords generally want their tenants to have a steady income? I find it hard to believe that Ariana's new one is fine with her relying on a sugar daddy to pay the rent, on sex work to make money, and her thousands of dollars of debt.

Also, aren't her current landlords going to be PISSED about the condition of their house right now? Filthy with smoke stains on the walls? Ariana thinks it's all quite hilarious.

No. 695942


doormatt has a job. it's insurance enough for some landlords.

No. 695947

What happened to her Instagram??

No. 695949

I'm just baffled as to how they can afford rent (if the SD bails), utilities, phone bills, internet/television bill, car payments, car insurance, gas, possible car repairs, health insurance (although I don't believe she has that at the moment), groceries, pet care, vet bills, clothing (and salon appointments/makeup), and other such necessities on one person's small mailman salary (plus a couple of bucks from selling her Snapchat). Not to mention pay off all of her debt. They must have a money tree growing in their new backyard.

No. 695967

>>695947 her instagram is still there, i don't know what you are asking

No. 695972

File: 1537810503718.jpg (667.83 KB, 1080x1533, 20180924_123105.jpg)

I think they just live in a really shitty area, or move into shitty apartments. The trim that should be around the door is just missing? Other users have shown how dirty they keep things too. In her story she was saying how the landlord in the current place would just come into their apartment, which makes me think they either know the landlord, or have a very shady landlord and probably never had a real lease. In my state, the landlord MUST notify you if they need to get into the unit (unless it is an absolute emergency).

No. 695977

sometimes you just get a shitty landlord, i had one and a lease and he still invited himself into every ones apartment when he felt like it until he got caught and almost arrested for it (blog aside)

what the actual fuck is going on with that floor and back wall? it looks disgusting, literally disgusting. the shower and the brink wall is nice then you peer out and see… do they just sling shit at the door? are they animals? like holy shit ive never seen a wall that dirty before, that door looks ready to break into pieces if you pushed it the wrong way, if thats how they treat their home im honestly not surprised they had their landlord show up unannounced probably wanted to see how much money they had to pay in to fix the place

No. 695986

I’m pretty sure they live in a duplex and their landlord lives in the unit attached to them. She’s mentioned that he leaves the door unlocked and that she would have anxiety attacks about somebody robbing her/her pets getting out.

No. 695990

Edit: So I’m assume that they live in a duplex or house with their landlord who owns the property. There was probably never an official lease.

No. 695999

Her new house/apartment whatever is definitely in the hood. She showed her “yard” on Snapchat and it’s a disgusting cement brick small space with weeds and missing bricks everywhere….she also clearly trashed her current place she’s renting with those gross smoke stained walls and dirty ass bathroom. I can only imagine the rest of the area and how dirty it is

No. 696061

She seriously left boxes of old ass animal bones lying around…. bones used for decoration are NOT CHEW TOYS FOR DOGS.
her scummy looking dog got into the box and ate them. i doubt she took the necessary steps to clean them. essentially eating fucking old ass road kill.

No. 696063


on her insta live a vet was saying how it's so dangerous for dogs to eat bones like that because they can splinter and cause issues or death and she was like "LOL SHES A DOG!!!! my old dog used to eat old rats all the time and was fine"
like girl what?
now she's just ranting about lolcow and her haters instead of caring for her dog

No. 696081

Part of her live

No. 696085

File: 1537820707265.jpeg (412.92 KB, 750x737, 8616ADFB-9962-4ED3-922B-5057B4…)

Holy. Fuck. Those walls.

No. 696093

this bitch seriously thinks people care enough that she should WRITE A BOOK??? dude. delusional.

No. 696105

wtf, is freddy krueger behind those walls??

No. 696116

It looks like something used to be hung up on the wall (like a canopy) and it got dirty all around it. Ratchet.

No. 696119

they had a tapestry hanging there. it's from her smoking weed 24/7 in a tiny ass room

No. 696130

I-I thought it was something hanging there already, nasty as hell.

No. 696180

>scummy looking dog

Hey now… Frogger is innocent!

No. 696212

she looks even more horrendous when she talks/moves her face at all. i've seriously never seen a more disgusting jaw and mouth area in my life. her teeth and chin look like ass when she speaks.

No. 696226

Honestly what gets me more than anything is her voice. She has this nasally, white trash speaking voice and I swear to God it makes her look even look uglier when she talks.

No. 696252

No. 696255

No. 696291

Face tune and dissolve the effing fillers
she got a chin implant i am sure or perm fillers

No. 696295

File: 1537838132510.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 545.24 KB, 750x930, 0875937D-AF1B-4A0B-A0D3-765C8F…)


No. 696296

File: 1537838166488.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 424.46 KB, 750x936, 6BB89B7B-FC5E-4C72-B60A-111FB6…)

Kek part II

No. 696300

Holy shit… Photoshop???

No. 696302

File: 1537838714846.jpg (587.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180924-195606_Ins…)

Makes 70k a year, but this is all the things they own. Kek

No. 696305

What the fuck is going on in these photos, are they recent ??

No. 696308

They were taken right after her lip lift, she was swollen from surgery.

No. 696309

No. These are after her lip lift. It's weird because usually they dont go all the way around the nostril.

No. 696317

File: 1537840469571.png (3.36 MB, 1800x1199, B9F71F4D-922A-46B4-8990-F55162…)

It’s sad cause like, she did succeed with her first two surgeries. She made herself much more conventionally attractive but her bdd just thought up new things to pick out so she got fillers and Botox and here we are now. These pics aren’t even a year old. Saging for nothing new but it’s just jarring imo.

No. 696321

She said on snap she's trying to throw out like half her belongings.

She also went on a rant about how Matt and her binge eat at night. She said they got Panera, Domino's, Cheesecake factory, and couldn't remember the rest. She then has heartburn daily from this horrible food and threw it all up early in the morning. She laughs each time she mentions she throws up. Just because you didn't shove a finger down your throat doesn't mean you didn't incur a binge/purge session…especially since she's mentioned this before but with Cheetos. How do you not see the patterns or keep your illness in check is beyond me.

Would record but my app is horrible for sound for some reason.

No. 696327

Someone already posted a video of this
Catch up on the thread before you post

No. 696330

I thought that was her trash
Grimy wench

No. 696337

File: 1537843363695.jpeg (148.57 KB, 750x917, 2BD298E0-6E82-42AA-81C3-6F38DF…)

No. 696380

>smear eyeshadow to make lips bigger

oh my fucking god do people actually do this?!

No. 696384

yup. all her firsts were ok. if she just had the first nose job, first light lip injections and the cheek implants MAX she would've stayed really cute. how can she call herself proud of her plastic surgery when evidently none of them were good for her that she needs to turn herself into a mina-morgan joyce hybrid?!

No. 696391

Makes 70k a year but can afford moving boxes

No. 696394

if she didn't just completely get the 70k estimate out of nowhere (likely), she probably made more money than usual one day during her first week of scamming and thought "oh shit! if i make this every day that's 70k a year!!!" and then it only happened that one time. such a badass street smart ig queen

No. 696402

how much surgery did she have done here?

No. 696449

I can’t find her Instagram on my account. Idk why she’d block me all I’ve ever done is lurk lol

No. 696500


I think this is her pre surgery but I’m not completely sure.

No. 696502

at least lip injections
her natural lips are literally invisible

No. 696503

doublepost but i can't see side profile to tell whether this was after first nosejob or not

No. 696528

Pre surgery. Her new nose doesnt gave that thin nasal bridge with the slight asymmetry.

No. 696537

One of the grossest things shes posted yet imo

No. 696545

File: 1537886011579.jpg (331.09 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180925-103337_You…)

No. 696546

Wait what was this? I clicked the link and it said error 404

No. 696549

Patting a little bit of a blush tone around the top lip line and cupids bow is a pretty good technique to make lips look bigger. Pnp just describes things in a very limited and sloppy way.

No. 696560

Can you repost it somewhere else (Youtube, Dropbox, etc.)? Your link doesn't work.

No. 696561


No. 696586

I mean, I find this amusing.

No. 696591

Lmfao anon
>"you're 23 going on 24!"

No. 696606

File: 1537895498190.jpeg (260.39 KB, 750x1180, D23D4F53-13C5-4FC6-B47D-19B509…)

This is…. so sad….

No. 696608

That's Ariana's second account.

No. 696651

She’s going to dinner with her sugar daddy on Thursday and she said he asked her to not wear underwear for 400… also in October she’s staying with him for two days in Atlantic City

No. 696734

File: 1537908163111.jpeg (204.88 KB, 750x1055, D1E6C16E-B3FE-48A8-AA14-BE017C…)

No. 696742

Girl, wtf. This sounds like some Ginger Bronson shit.

No. 696751

Please download a screen recording app, they are super easy to use. DU recorder is free.

Download the app, record her stories. Otherwise idk what youre doing

No. 696756

File: 1537909684371.jpg (588.17 KB, 1073x1537, SmartSelect_20180925-170741_In…)

Lol… "straight up goddess color"

No. 696783

This app alerts the person that you are screen recording/screen shotting on Snapchat

No. 696813

Okay? So find another. There are so many lol

No. 696832

fucking kek even her #1 fan is mostly posting older pics from before she conpletely wrecked her face

No. 696833

If the Shayna thread can figure it out, I'm sure you can.

No. 696839

Engagement ring is back on, that didn’t last long

No. 696907

File: 1537920908383.png (6.5 MB, 1242x2208, 6846197A-5FB1-4BA2-883F-129894…)

Yoooo I don’t care if you’re moving or not, when I moved my house didn’t look like an actual dumpster. So dirty and two animals running around it must smell… so bad

No. 696911

No. 696940

does all she do is suck on her musty bong all day?

No. 696964

ignorantly showing off her lateral implant malposition kek

No. 697025

It's especially apparent when she smiles and talks. I can't watch a single episode of Shameless now without thinking about these two interchangeably. Their intonations are even the same.

No. 697048

File: 1537934351503.jpg (449.32 KB, 1024x874, Superimposed1537932179984.jpg)

Ariana in her new apartment

No. 697082

File: 1537938269775.jpg (161.73 KB, 1074x928, IMG_20180926_010326.jpg)

I'm surprised no one has made this comparison yet.

No. 697086

No. 697088

Matt cringe

No. 697167

File: 1537946426595.jpeg (652.53 KB, 2400x1600, 2116620C-2C37-439F-B69B-44F8FE…)

No. 697168

File: 1537946543409.jpeg (650.66 KB, 2400x1800, D6D7D4F6-88AE-4955-91A6-17E3D3…)

No. 697169

File: 1537946638154.jpeg (396.21 KB, 2400x1600, 36FF5F18-B080-4F27-B8B1-975E9E…)

No. 697172

anon wtf is the point of these. you think ariana should get bigger eyes and a weird underdeveloped anime jaw?

No. 697188

Anon… wtf are you doing? If you think making these weird edits makes sense, you might have bdd yourself lol

No. 697190

File: 1537948968262.jpeg (435.29 KB, 980x1344, 8F702ECD-7104-4CEE-AE8F-5185E2…)

Go hve your period in a shark tank. I am booored
The milk is dryyy

No. 697194

File: 1537949342453.jpeg (215.71 KB, 750x876, 0119B12B-93D1-484D-9171-050A61…)

You like big chins and lips tranny

No. 697197

I'm fucking dead lmaoooooo

No. 697198

File: 1537949590865.jpg (517.83 KB, 944x1076, 2018-09-26-04-12-22-296.jpg)

She should go for this

No. 697203


irl kek

No. 697207

File: 1537950190657.jpg (488.13 KB, 946x1064, 2018-09-26-04-22-38-260.jpg)

No. 697209

Asian sex doll tbh

No. 697217

File: 1537951088097.jpeg (129.68 KB, 750x750, 77CA947E-A8DF-48CC-9295-FDCDBB…)

No. 697223

File: 1537951728516.jpeg (129.81 KB, 750x750, 1849AAE8-AF26-4086-815E-79CAEF…)

No. 697225

File: 1537951916372.jpg (490.14 KB, 946x940, 2018-09-26-04-49-25-439.jpg)

She could've been soo hot lol

No. 697228

This person wouldn't even be able to open and close their mouth properly lol

No. 697229

Really needs that purple toner tbh

No. 697239

Actually blue cuz her hair is orange

No. 697241

U right

No. 697243

You sound mad. Take a nap, anon they're edits. No one is hurt

No. 697244

these edits look scary and alien-esque, missing half of your jaw and a nose you can't breathe through that's melting into your skin texture is not kawaii

No. 697250

File: 1537955084415.jpg (2.81 MB, 2560x2560, 18-09-26-05-44-18-989_deco.jpg)

Her trashy style and excessivr bdd really fucked her looks up lol

No. 697311

This looks so much like theproserpina’s editing

No. 697318

Bottom right is really cute there.

No. 697396


Anon fucking stop

No. 697526

Can a mod delete those stupid edits … taking up space

No. 697530

What is even the point of these? Nobody cares if you’re bored just keep them to yourself… for whatever reason you made these

No. 697545

You guys complain about the edits but this thread is pure cringe, discussing her appearance is all you do.
And what’s the point of reposting her instagram videos?
Where is the milk?

The point of the edits is too see how shed look if she toned down her makeup, had less lip fillers, and toned her hair. Some are better some are worse. Also hide saged posts and you don’t have to see dem.
Stop complaining so much.

No. 697549

I agree completely. This is like another plastic surgery thread rather than a plasticandproud thread. Also her story videos can be pretty boring, I bet the snapchat ones would add milk but somehow these anons cant figure out how to screem record lol

I like all the edits, proves what we all know

No. 697553

Lmao what ?? Those edits are ridiculous and barley look like an actual person. Seems like the person who made them just wanted to “fix” her into what they would prefer to see

No. 697554

If you guys want to see her Snapchat so bad buy it or stop bitching about the people who actually do have it and provide the sweet milk.

No. 697556

One of the anons who made the edits here… sorry if it was annoying, that's why I used sage. Can't delete them now anyway so no use in complaining.

All I edited was her lip size and makeup style. Stuff people complained about. No one edited her into anything besides what she could possibly look like. She still looks the same to me

Stfu, the snapchat anons do not provide "sweet milk". They are legitimate jealous teens who spent their parents money buying her snap and still can't figure out screen recording apps. I have yet to see the snap anons add any real milk…

No. 697557

If this thread is so dry that all people can think to post is edits, maybe just leave it alone

No. 697558

Then buy it yourself ! There have been plently of anons who have screen recorded off her Snapchat in previous threads. Beggars can’t be choosers anon

No. 697560

SHE, herself barely looks like an actual person. That’s the main issue. She went overboard with the fillers, but we already established that.
Also when you edit a picture that has already been edited it does not look natural. She uses facetune and way too much make up on top of the fillers, she already looks weird in her pictures.

No. 697563

Lmao. How do you know I don't have her snapchat?

Also, why tf do these corny snapchat anons think they're so big and bad. I'm not begging for you to record her snaps lol… i'm making fun of you idiots who can't figure out a simple app….

You can lead a horse to water should really be you can lead an idiot to knowledge but can't make him think.

Not everyone who complains is mad they didnt get what they want. Even if y'all recorded her snapchat, it still wouldn't be milky because she is a vain burnout and this thread is pointless without REAL milk. Which is not paragraphs describing what she is doing in bed all day…

No one wants your stale, powdered milk, snapchat retards. I've found more on her without it.

No. 697590

God dammit this thread isn't about you or your shops.

No. 697594

You newfags need to stop telling people to pay for her snapchat and learn to sage your nonmilk

No. 697598

And you must be either a snaptard or a newfag.

No. 697601

I posted drop box links multiple times to long ass recordings are her videos and literally nobody even responded so….maybe instead of going back and forth arguing about it you should pay attention to people dropping links and video

No. 697611

If you have her Snapchat why don’t you just screen record and post it instead of complaining

No. 697659

>ONE of the anons
As if there are multiple people in here wasting their time on these shitpost edits
>jealous teens

No. 697686

File: 1537994770712.jpeg (36.25 KB, 612x407, F01CA7C7-5080-4ED2-AFAB-358337…)

While you were arguing the milk has gone bad. Please have a sip. Congrats.
rolls eyes

No. 697696

idk the milk hasn’t gone bad per se, imo she’s just gotten a bit more guarded about how she shares the milk she’s obviously unable to avoid. She’s a hot mess, literally and figuratively, mentally unstable, narcissistic, completely dependent on attention and validation from randos online, bragging about living her “best life” which is honestly the saddest worst life…giving blowies to old dirty men and bdd and whatnot. Her lifestyle is completely unsustainable and we’d love to watch her crash and burn, but it’s like dependent on her inability to censor herself online. She’s being more careful now. Maybe some self awareness going on there? Idk. anyway enough other cows to entertain us in the meantime until she craves that sweet attention again and lets something else slip

No. 697715

Plot twist the annoying and weirdly self-centered anon who's blog/drunkposting and making the edits is Ariana lol

No. 697743

She learned how to type? kek

No. 697766

File: 1538001043134.jpg (671.04 KB, 1080x1075, SmartSelect_20180926-182944_In…)

No. 697769

File: 1538001139037.jpg (461.48 KB, 1080x1077, Screenshot_20180926-182857_Ins…)

She probably thought these looked so good when she took them lol

No. 697770

File: 1538001157389.jpg (404.67 KB, 1069x1045, SmartSelect_20180926-182955_In…)

No. 697805

I think she's just busy moving because she doesn't have friends to help her, so she actually has to do it herself while Matt works. I've moved a lot, and never needed to hire people. If she wasn't such a bitch she'd actually have good connections with people who would offer to help. But she's clearly a shitty, broke, girl who probably just said she was hiring movers, but is actually doing it all herself. (Ten garbage bags full of crap can't be that hard!) Maybe she realized she'll never get her security deposit back with the place looking like a dump so she's cleaning and moving the few things that they do own.

No. 697838


God bless you anon

No. 697998

The best part about this thread is how actively this person is lurking here, like someone breathing on your anon neck. What a time to be alive

No. 698076

I noticed she deleted the one set of throwbacks that gave some good shots of her “old face”.

No. 698372

This cow literally has no milk. Yall are reaching. All you are doing is feeding her delusions of grandeur.

No. 698387

sage ur shit dumbass. she literally milks herself but she's being more cautious on what she's putting out there. why come to a thread to bitch?

No. 698409

there have been a lot of threads like that…

No. 698432

File: 1538053983911.jpg (497.77 KB, 1080x1808, Screenshot_20180927-091159_Ins…)

I'd suggest the change she is referring to as being scary is her finally taking a shower but I think we can all smell this picture through our phone's so I guess this is just about them moving

No. 698434

There is milk when she has a BPD/BDD spazz out. Just gotta wait for her to start feeling impulsive or manic

No. 698461

WKing isn’t gonna make her care about you anon

No. 698554

Anyone know what meds shes on? In my state is really difficult to get meds without seeing a therapist consistently- I'm betting when money gets tight meds will be the first thing she gives up since she so clearly doesnt care about taking care of herself.

Sage for no milk

No. 698621

She actually just mentioned on snap that her health insurance lapsed and it went from $7 to now $75 so yeah…definitely giving that up lol and she takes lamictal I believe

No. 698622

Did she mention anything about her „date“ with the sd?

No. 698645

File: 1538073080111.png (9.46 MB, 1242x2208, 0E6AE2D3-22DB-486C-B8E7-04922C…)

“hustle” more like beg for handouts lmao

No. 698668

File: 1538074158551.jpg (1.25 MB, 2560x1920, 18-09-27-14-47-23-895_deco.jpg)

So, Ariana just posted a pic of a girl with under 2k followers onto her story. The only thing that makes it worth mentioning is the low follow count and that babytrash aka Kaycee follows and is followed back by said girl. Seems like PnP lurks more than just the thread.

No. 698671

File: 1538074274860.jpg (1.87 MB, 2560x1920, 18-09-27-14-51-18-149_deco.jpg)

No. 698720

Nah nothing aside from that she has to shower for once because she’s going tonight and she hates showering. And that she’s not wearing underwear on the date for an extra $100 lol

No. 698734

she looks like a 12 year old hispanic girl.

No. 698763

Anyone can pay her for shoutouts, I really don’t think that one is that deep.

No. 698764

I don't understand what your point is

No. 698765


she said here she's hustling for furniture but also said yesterday her sugar daddy's taking her shopping at ikea sometime

No. 698766

File: 1538079935161.png (369.27 KB, 454x590, aY7ibW4.png)

No. 698767

File: 1538079943180.png (4.2 KB, 239x47, hot powerful bitch.png)

No. 698774

File: 1538081291485.png (2.64 MB, 750x1334, B33DD5E3-31FC-44B2-82EC-5D6EC7…)

No. 698781

This hair color and cut….she looks like an orange. だせw

No. 698786

wow what a power move

No. 698815

Doodooo pants

No. 698817

File: 1538085432804.jpg (441.56 KB, 1080x1831, Screenshot_20180927-175648_Ins…)

So this was the wk in the thread yesterday lmao

No. 698852

Powerful and hot… bitch where?
Has no friends, no life goal, spends all day in bed smoking, has to sleep with an old fart to pay rent, spends all her income on plastic surgery yet looks grimy, ugly hair, no mani or pedi, covered in shitty tattoos, oh and has an ugly cuck bf. Yeah ok. Living her best life.

No. 698864

The bitch does shout outs for $10 this isn’t milk stop

No. 698867

Wouldn’t she have to prove that she’s isn’t wearing them? Doesn’t sound like “nothing” to me, sounds like a blow job in his car after dinner lol

No. 698874

File: 1538088490255.jpg (799.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180927-184724.jpg)

How tf you have that much work done and still have no lips when you smile??

No. 698888

That happens to everyone who has lip injections. It's one of life's joys to see a picture of one of these people smiling and their lips have vanished again. That's why most instathots always post pouting pictures only. The injection doesn't fill your lip with substance, it is a poison which irritates the surface leading to swelling. Smiling stretches the skin hence negating most of the swelling.

No. 698889

File: 1538088870692.png (2.95 MB, 750x1334, 5667C71D-5FE2-402C-9FD9-9BD1FA…)

No. 698895


She’s honestly so underweight and malnourished. I wish she would take control of her eating disorder better, but we all know that’s unlikely since she doesn’t know who she is if she isn’t skinny or “smol”.

No. 698900

Not true I have lip injections and I don’t have that problem. If you have bad teeth or bad bone structure your face may look different when you talk or smile. Also wth lip fillers are not poison, they cause swelling the first 24 hours… I hope that was a joke.

No. 698906

She’s on live talking about being open/proud to do sex work & owning her own body etc while refusing to answer if she would be ok with Matt doing what she does kek she’s such a hypocrite

No. 698909

LOL WHAT fillers are made of hyaluronic acid which naturally occurs in your body.

No. 698914

File: 1538090567106.jpg (710.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180928-092018_Ins…)

is she drunk or high or what? she literally looks like this on live with her eyes squinty and her makeup falling off her face and slurring all over the place. this bitch is a mess.

No. 698939

This hair NEEDS TO GO

No. 698941

She's drunk. She was talking about drinking margaritas with her SD.

No. 698946


That lamotrigine she’s on doesn’t mix well with more than one drink I’m sure.

No. 698947


No. 698948

File: 1538092547698.jpeg (117.56 KB, 750x894, 0AD932B8-0BE2-4C64-8A15-A1B20E…)

No. 698953

She should just shave it off

No. 698963

>a bunch of jealous broke ass teenagers
holy shit CONFIRMED ariana runs this "fan page" hahahahahhaha

No. 698968

File: 1538094084935.jpg (107.4 KB, 1080x767, 2moo.jpg)

When cows collide

No. 698970

I don't usually waste a whole reply on just 'lol anon' but

Lolllll anon

No. 698972

She at least had to show him lol

No. 698974

Kinda ot: but what sd pays 3-500 per meetup plus date expenses amd gifts without getting actual "sugar" she definitely had sexual contact with him and i love how she always insists she "does nothing"

Stop lying to yourself, it doesn't make being a prostitute easier

No. 698976

File: 1538094632911.jpg (1.72 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20180927_173024552.j…)

No. 698977

eh $300-500 is going rate for dinner dates and stuff usually. if you look good…but you have to look good.

No. 698990

I kinda feel bad for her cus she can't get away from that ugly witch face lol like it must really suck to put so much money and ego into a look that disappears when you turn your face the wrong way or smile

No. 698993

Ot but you probably had lips to start with. Every instathot I've seen smiling looks like that pic, maybe they all just go to crappy doctors though.

No. 698997

god I just started following this thread and actually watching this girls stories to see her in motion surprised me wtf how does she have such a bitter beer face hahaha

No. 699049

In her recent Instagram story her cuck bf is naked and holding himself.. she didn’t even attempt to censor it

No. 699051

it’s so weird to me when people are butt ass naked around their animals

No. 699071

File: 1538102931951.jpg (545 KB, 1080x1468, SmartSelect_20180927-224857_In…)


No. 699077

Funny how she would get so defensive when people called Matt her boyfriend after they got engaged and used the fact that he was her finance when people asked if he was okay with what she doing. But I guess after whatever the fuck happened between them he’s been devoted back down to boyfriend.

No. 699080

That pic is from last year. Sorry, I cropped the date out

No. 699094

Ew there’s nothing sexual about it if you’re not fucking your pet.

No. 699106

Matt genuinely makes me feel ill. He looks like he stinks like shit and tonsil stones. If someone had a gun to my head and told me to sniff their bed sheets or die I'd beg them to kill me

No. 699164

No it’s animals that are butt ass naked around you, don’t look at them you pervert.

No. 699172

File: 1538111652043.jpg (50.15 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1538111578588.jpg)

Matt cringe

No. 699174

File: 1538111677105.jpg (118.12 KB, 607x454, SmartSelect_20180928-011330_Fa…)

No. 699180

No. 699182

File: 1538112119219.jpg (82.4 KB, 384x500, addams-family-values-lg.jpg)

PNP with her sugar daddy

(Although Joan looks pretty good here tbh)

No. 699202

File: 1538113979855.jpg (715.43 KB, 1024x1333, Superimposed1538113983684.jpg)

No. 699214

File: 1538115434245.jpg (90.17 KB, 1080x583, SmartSelect_20180928-012255_Tu…)

No. 699221

File: 1538116028549.gif (Spoiler Image, 12.11 MB, 634x640, SmartSelect_20180928-022704_Tu…)

No. 699229

File: 1538116893003.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.46 MB, 640x630, SmartSelect_20180928-024021_Tu…)


No. 699230

File: 1538116915153.gif (Spoiler Image, 13.64 MB, 640x625, SmartSelect_20180928-024044_Tu…)

No. 699261

same especially weird that she has this pic of her being completely naked, cuddling her cat (posted in the previous thread I believe)
Like okay, that doesn't have to be sexual-weird but it's still weird-weird. Somehow unnerving

No. 699271

The only thing about animals is that cats walk on their piss any put their nose in it and lick their balls and assholes and then lick themselves everywhere. Dogs do the same but also eat their poop and walk outside. When she’s naked hugging her flea bags all that bacteria goes everywhere on her body. Hello anon, wake up. There are no other reasons.

No. 699283

To be honest, I don't think making fun of peoples mental disorder episodes is something that should be milk. Just makes you a terrible person.

No. 699285

The fact that she gotta constantly say she doin nothing means she doin the most lmao

No. 699288

This made me puke in my mouth

No. 699290

I'm on that too. It's so baffling to me how she doesn't make any effort to get better, live a more stable and fulfilling life and just be at peace with herself.

Girl ask your SD to pay for a therapist. This shit is MANAGEABLE. Do yourself some good for once.

No. 699344

why does he have the stomach pudge of a mother of 2??

No. 699416

When your guy has more love handles and soft curves than you do…
Maybe you guys wouldn't feel like shit if you didn't eat like shit

No. 699418

She said on snap that she has a credit of 7k on one card, 8k in another with 2k of debt on each.
4k debt…

No. 699456

Dogs don't normally eat their poop, anon. Wtf?

No. 699458

LOL the way she brags about putting everything on credit you think she would have higher credit limits

No. 699551


No. 699590

No, I have injections and they do not disappear into my face when I smile. I didn’t have thin lips before them tho.

No. 699627

It's a sign of vitamin deficiencies iirc.

No. 699631

She just doesn't fucking know how to smile, which is surprising given her fixation with her appearance. You're not supposed to snarl like an angry dog, Ariana.

Can't believe she paid money to have sausage lips and a ~perfect face that only work at a single very specific angle.

No. 699634

she said on snap that she has 9,400 in her bank account and said thats the most she's seen in her bank account and thats only because the 3800 check for the new apartment hasn't been cashed yet so its gonna be like 5600 after and she said her goal is to have 10,000 in the bank not to mention being 4k in debt

No. 699674

people with 10k in the bank usually don't live in the type of absolute filth she and doormatt do

No. 699677

Isn't part of that money from her Suagar Daddy? She said he was going to be paying her rent

No. 699713

File: 1538170354266.jpeg (810.89 KB, 2048x3642, FE14AA67-2AB3-4BD6-816E-4B3F93…)


No. 699748

tbh every single one of these edits look bizarre. mostly because they change her bone structure too much? I honestly dont think she facetunes her eyes larger or anything. Like another anon mentioned–her rhinoplasty made the rest of her face unbalanced. She has large eyes but she fucked the rest of her face…

also these edits are horrible, dont reveal a 'truth' and aren't milky

No. 699750

why are you doing this?

No. 699861

these edits are literally pointless and not milky so pls at least sage them if you feel that you HAVE to post them

No. 699881

She said something about Matt using all his savings so I doubt that was all hers

No. 699884

File: 1538181757744.png (481.4 KB, 582x578, tWZ6EaO.png)

No. 699885

File: 1538181764975.png (5.96 KB, 280x117, cRVE5ZM.png)

No. 699918

The edits didn't seem relevant before, but now they somehow are eerily very relevant because PnP's most recent self-indulgent selfies look like they are similarly edited…??

No. 699986

I know everyone gets mad about not sharing the snap videos but try to deal with some text milk :

She claims she is “sad” and “can’t tell us why” and that she “only shares a very small part of her life online” … clearly Matt is still butthurt and mad because she is going to stay overnight with the SD in Atlantic City this weekend… I’m sure no matter how much she tries to convince Matt it’s worth fucking the SD for free rent he’s probably still super mad …

No. 700013

Okay, weird you say that because I noticed it too and thought I was going crazy. Still seems like a bit of a reachh but who knows

No. 700029

I actually think she looks cute when she smiles in pictures. It's the videos of her talking that gross me out. I think it's just her white trash voice though.

No. 700074

File: 1538207180943.jpg (95.19 KB, 364x449, SmartSelect_20180929-034118_In…)

Her makeup makes her look 10x worse. Especially the muddy eyeshadow and smudged lips. I think overlining lips can actially be flattering but why would you spend all of that effort/money getting lip injections only to use cheap makeup tricks to make your lips appear bigger. Also I don't understand the way she does freckles. I kinda like certain looks by other muas but as someone with real freckles, hers 1. Don't look even close to real 2. Don't look good even for fake freckles 3. Make her face look dirty and covered in pimples. She fights to have glass skin but covers it in dark brown(not a typical white person freckle color). Everything she does is to become more attractive in her own eyes rather than attempting to alleviate body dysphoria with surgery and a well maintained appearance. Weird. Sorry for the rant.

No. 700082

File: 1538207907955.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, E2E6B1AF-6EC2-45F1-969B-B34C19…)

I feel so sorry for her pets. Look at her cats belly, it looks horrible and is probably itchy and infected. She doesn’t even care for the only creatures in her life that actually like her…

No. 700089

fucking kek this is something straight outta Luna Slater's thread. I thought it was Lurch.

No. 700091

Poor moggie, the belly doesn't look normal at all.

No. 700100

Wow poor cat. Looks like a yeast or bacterial infection :|

No. 700116

File: 1538216059780.png (3.23 MB, 750x1334, 7F723F75-CD71-42BB-B4CA-118E07…)

Literally how does she look at her lips and think "hey this looks fine"

No. 700118

wow, her top lip is very lumpy. a sign of poorly done injections. I guess that's what you get for free, huh?
Also, compare her face with >>700074
she definitely started editing (or editing more) especially her skin. It ain't porcelain. She looks airbrushed to the oblivion

No. 700128

Why would you embarrass yourself daily several times a day for all your followers to see and then call yourself your best friend?! Wtf, this is now how “friendship” works.

And what’s wrong with her tongue, it looks so huge and doesn’t fit in her mouth almost. Was she always lisping to such an extraordinary degree or is it a progressing desease and in the end she will die of choking on her tongue?

No. 700193

She’s such a bad person but like how do nice people like her??? Like that kxrlymxrie profile and badmoodrude are both nice accounts I follow that follow her and I follow babytrash too and she’s nice so idk how she gets nice friends lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 700195

at least she's not peddling the shitty art anymore, amirite?

No. 700199

File: 1538230509279.jpeg (188.86 KB, 750x783, 9F0ADA65-E4AB-4001-B602-82F0AD…)

Was wondering the same. i also noticed Arzaylea, Toopoor and even sophie turner are following her. Just blows my mind how people wanna follow someone who just shittalks 24/7, it's just boring

No. 700200

File: 1538230657033.png (299.37 KB, 1242x2208, 05E52D08-2E2F-41A2-AA59-6DE072…)

No. 700206

Fuck you’d think the last thing somebody would want is somebody who has 3 lolcow threads running their social media

No. 700211

Well popular accounts love to follow a good shitshow too

No. 700215

No previous experience, fell into fame, doesn’t know how to handle her own following to leverage an income but let me ruin your business because I can’t bear the thought of getting a “normal” j

No. 700218

Snap: said she's going to Atlantic City with the SD but she's a secret as in "the other woman". Loves feeling like a secret ho.

Girl address your BPD

No. 700219

File: 1538233123680.jpg (1.87 MB, 2881x1920, inCollage_20180929_075835343.j…)

No. 700221

This is a good point

I'd love to see a Layla/Ariana crossover kek

No. 700222

"uh oh lolcows talking about how ugly my smile is. better post a pic 2 prov da hatersth wrong!"

No. 700228

They're all the same tbh, PnP is just like them. Also reminds me that chick who was spamming one of the previous threads had a Toopoor fan account on facebook, lmao.

No. 700237

Yeah same, I think pnp would get big if she lived in la and would be able to meet up with all of the other instahoes

No. 700265

File: 1538240488762.png (8.48 MB, 1242x2208, 9EB7FAAD-B911-47F3-BFD5-47140B…)

Do you think this thread made her want to do this?

No. 700274


No. 700295

anyone notice ariana deleted her comment here?

No. 700296

sorry nvm, tim posted that same pic like 3 times lol, was looking at a recent one.

No. 700324

File: 1538246880374.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, 432007F3-52EF-4872-A3BD-B83469…)

No. 700325

File: 1538246890758.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 60805286-F4BA-419D-82EE-F006EA…)

No. 700328

So I’ve noticed since a couple weeks ago when she went out with Aaron and had a crazy ass night then cut herself and had a meltdown she hasn’t talked to any friends or mentioned anyone…..and has multiple times expressed being sad over having no friends. I wonder if she burned a bridge with Aaron or had to stop being friends with him for something that happened that night

No. 700329

So botched plastic surgery is worth the money but getting your fucked up jaw and lisp fixed is too much money and not worth it? Especially if down the line you’ll have actual real health issues….

No. 700344

File: 1538248697478.png (6.53 MB, 1125x2001, 94DD9AD5-61B3-4F65-96EE-FEDB38…)

wasn’t it just yesterday that she was saying her skin is flawless and has never looked better kek

No. 700354

She actually did hangout with her egg friend and taylor(?) and Aaron like a week after I think but since then she has been begging her followers to hang out with her and then claiming she is her own best friend/frogger is her only friend. She also was going to go out with one of her friends a few days ago but she bailed so no wonder no one wants to hang out anymore she’s seems super flaky

No. 700401

Why are you editing one more eyebrow so much higher than the other? Kind of weird.

She keeps claiming she has an open bite but when she shows her jaw clamped, which is how it is naturally be but she has to pose her face at all times, it's just a severe overbite. She only has her tongue between her teeth because she's a narcissist who desperately wants her bone structure to look better than it really is at all times.

No. 700466

File: 1538256050077.jpeg (312.46 KB, 1123x1849, A0A1B17C-1A53-4DE8-A6ED-19FEC4…)

I think I fixed her.

No. 700486

Off topic but aaron blocked me for literally no reason? I never even interacted with him so idgi

No. 700506

I feel like if you put her and Pumpy in one room and lock them up in there to hang out, either they would kill each other like spiders or become besties. What do you guys think? Somehow they give the same vibes. That came on my mind after >>700237 comment.

No. 700574

She said on her snap she was never bothered by her bite before but feels the need to address it b/c it's a 'condition'. She says she feels obligated.
Leave Gritty out of this he's pure

No. 700576

Prob fake being besties for likes and followers. Anyways it's not like pnp can afford to go to la lmao, and i dont think layla could be bothered to go to ariana's shithole. It will probably stay an online mutual following

No. 700578

Also I think her and hotelshrimp would be a better match. Both gross as fuck and both in a cringy on-off relationship.

No. 700615

You are seriously in the wrong place. Doesn't your hypocrisy keep your kind up at night? Or are you some black with an inferiority complex who likes to pick on crazy white women to feel better about the shit in your community?
yeah it fucking sucks. Women farmhands have really let this board go to shit. It's full of the tumblertier people in cgl that we tried to flee from. Ugh.. gotta just wait until this site implodes I guess.

No. 700629

Maybe I'm remembering a different site, similar to the great LCF. It was at one point, a few years ago, LCF used to read a lot like a female /pol/. We aren't big meanies as we used to be, I've seen the made up words "fatphobic/fat-shaming" used on this board unironically. Anons apologizing for dumb ass shit, and don't forget the weirdos who all reply to one post that mass triggers them.

No. 700634

Gritty is better than this, anon. PnP doesn't deserve to see out of his beautiful, soulful eyes.

No. 700635

Can you go complain somewhere else and not clog up the thread over something that was posted 8 days ago

No. 700648

First off, kudos on derailing for an old ass comment. Second, I would say its because the board in general gets more attention from the cows themselves directing traffic here. If people come on here and see useless comments like "she sounds like a nig nog" it makes everyone look like unreasonable trash. Excessive nitpicking, race baiting, and a-logging really shit up threads quickly. Its wild to me when some anons cant grasp that.

No. 700704

I feel you anon. I would move somewhere else like OG lolcow in a heartbeat, where anons who flood from cowtipping get banned and no one cares about how the board looks to strangers who come through and see “nigger” because that’s entirely the point of being memetically racist in the first place. To identify sensitive newfags and ban them. New admin is a faggot and farmhands are just as bad now, if not worse. Inb4 ~derailing~ y’all sperged over seeing “nigger” for like 20 posts.

No. 700712

>memetically racist

No. 700753

she def noticed her jaw problem from here, she said she just discovered it by looking it up and was calling dentists immediatley even though it was a saturday lol

and on her snap she said i might have to get braces or invisaline because she needs a bite correction…….how does she think invisaline will help a jaw…..lol

No. 700763

LMFAO i was going to post the same thing anon

No. 700773

what a bizarre lie…like her flat ass can squat 230 pounds when she literally never does anything remotely close to exercise except for when she hikes out .2 miles to lurch around like gollum in a filthy river filled with parking lot runoff for her monthly bath

No. 700793

Nothing you said remotely makes sense. This guy explains it https://youtu.be/0Wh6xAEp8KE

No. 700891

She talked on Snap last week about moving to Philly and how a “friend” was trying to pressure her into moving into their second bedroom. And how it was causing tension. That’s the egg girl. Confirmed by egg girl posting stories looking for roommates.

That’s why they’re not hanging out or up each others ass on IG rn.

No. 700937

Who is egg girl?

No. 700954

“Racism” (and homophobia) in the form of slurs on image boards has always been a meme, both anons are right about you guys sounding really PULL tier.

No. 701002

But… you're the ones who are replying to one old post and getting triggered by it?

Go rant to meta about this and stop derailing.

No. 701009

File: 1538325734308.jpeg (72.95 KB, 750x251, 7D076CD7-C40C-45DB-A4B9-C7EE7B…)

If only Ariana had the mental capacity to understand this

No. 701011


No. 701062

No. 701080

Like 2 people cared lmao not everyone

If you don't like the thread you don't need to comment. Farmhands approved her and there is no amount of complaining or edgy racist jokes that will change it.

Also lmao at "memetically" racist.. why did you create a word to explain you're an edgelord? I hardly saw anyone offended, you just seemed dumb.

Anyway, I just have to edit the clip a bit but I have her live from yesterday recorded. She basically admitted to having sex with her SD. Saying that older people who judge her never had a hoe phase and dont know how to fuck with no emotions like her. Also matt called her, she paused the live, then came back of and said matt ruins everything lol

No. 701081

She looks cute with teefs.

No. 701089

Thank u anon!

No. 701114

no for some reason she looks like shayna

No. 701133

Fuck I thought her “hoe phase” was back when she fucked 17 people before she met Matt

No. 701161

This isn’t milk but I need to rant about this fucking bitch, she will spend her money on weed tattoos eating out thotty clothes and you’re telling me this bitch doesn’t have any fucking furniture, what an idiot who lacks so much insight she constantly complained about wanting to move then when it
happens she is completely unprepared yet she think she’s such an adult who knows so much about real life adulting shit (she’s complaining on IG)

No. 701260

who cares if the site looks like unreasonable trash, it's a place to watch dramatic trainwrecks not virtue signal and smite ewhores with ejustice. i'd take shitted up threads over dead threads having 5 posts a day because everyone's too scared their comment is slightly offtopic.

No. 701317

File: 1538349979624.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 171.1 KB, 750x1205, 7B362E78-EF46-4D1E-9DC3-128938…)

So who was this

No. 701344

Imagine if someone sent screenbrecordings of her talking badly about Matt to his DMs or tagged him in a post of it or something. Honestly I’d be surprised if he actually broke up with her

No. 701354

Was just about to post this! Which one of you are cowtipping? Don’t post the milk, just keep obtaining it to share here. Don’t try to trigger the cows.

No. 701358

File: 1538352992373.gif (4.45 MB, 480x600, bf3a80be6.gif)

No. 701378

Why are you posting this? Lol milk or reason?

No. 701380

My guess is it’s probably their only follower. It’s clearly a troll account and who wouldn’t follow their own to see updates/replies/etc from their main account?

I’d bet money it’s their only follower

No. 701382

Cowtipper is IG name maegur, failed “sex worker” who just got one of her foot fetish pics taken down on IG and has had a thing out for pnp for the past couple of months, pretends she knew her IRL

No. 701397

Post proof. This is an imageboard after all.

No. 701412

How is it cowtipping? Are they contacting Ariana or spamming her Instagram comments with this? These images are nothing new, they have already been shared in this thread several times.

No. 701456

File: 1538359341027.jpeg (549.04 KB, 750x1083, 7A7EE118-B9A5-4202-AFC5-9AC4E7…)

Does anyone else find this weird?
kinda skeeves me out thinkin bout Ariana being friends with a younger girl like this lol

No. 701464

File: 1538360245919.png (263.57 KB, 750x1334, AC2D172D-8239-4B76-BD3D-AAE16C…)

Pnp page has milk

No. 701465

File: 1538360284713.png (272.07 KB, 750x1334, 1580263A-D828-401C-8D06-3FD6BB…)

Fuck forgot the other part

No. 701466

So you post a SS if your message to a fan page, lol. This is dry and boring.

No. 701471

File: 1538360516232.png (Spoiler Image, 263.85 KB, 750x1334, 78E33EDB-BECF-4C0D-B543-A23194…)

Anyone know why PNP and babytraah are not friends anymore nor following eachother on social media?

No. 701472

Are you fucking serious?!oh my god, literally everyyyy thread explained why they aren't friends anymore, you guys are unbelievable sometimes.

No. 701594

File: 1538384586959.jpg (1014.37 KB, 1080x1835, Screenshot_20181001-041813_Ins…)

Tinfoil: Ariana lives forever in the shadow of her past relationship, acting only to redeem the self esteem she lost by being an ugly, bullied kid her whole life

Her ex and his gf are moving

No. 701774

i'm new to this thread and her so forgive my ignorance. even though a lip lift is an in office procedure, you're right, it leaves a nasty scar that actually doesn't really fade unless you do scar therapy like peels and lasers because as the lift heals you (obviously) talk/smile and it's always pulling on the scar.

it shouldn't really be done unless you're really old or an excessively long upper lip runs in your family. i have no idea why this girl would do this to herself (never mind the sugar babying to pay for it) to get such a minimal result, though that seems to be common with all of her procedures. i am so confused.

No. 701775

She already has a lip lift.

No. 701838

File: 1538418560371.jpeg (243.32 KB, 750x1017, D8E5F7DA-B815-40C1-971B-686BC5…)

Lmao sorry but this made me laugh so hard. It’s just the little shitty things like this that seem to bite her in the ass for being such a cunt 24/7

No. 701841

File: 1538418803875.jpeg (136.85 KB, 749x979, 66B23D8E-B4A0-4AB9-9519-8C9628…)

Saw multiple comments (most are deleted) saying she killed it. Does anybody know something?

No. 701844

File: 1538419003009.jpeg (254.43 KB, 749x1154, 337EB781-CC1B-4204-9886-79DEA9…)

Thought it was shopped at first

No. 701870

nobody said she didn't?

No. 701900

the anon said she got one because the person talking about it made it seem like she didn’t get one already/paid for it by sugaring. she paid for it prior to sugaring and it actually made a pretty big difference in her face

No. 701967

Her story is her going off about how people are trying to look better than her by shitting on her for killing that butterfly. She compared it to a roach or something landing on her.

No. 701988

she looks great here what the fuck

No. 701992

File: 1538432638853.jpeg (92.56 KB, 750x635, C5A01F65-D89E-4C0B-8A74-F1F8C7…)

No. 701996

Indeed, way better than that over dramatic makeup that makes her look like a ho

No. 701998

File: 1538433038592.jpeg (162.14 KB, 750x892, 47ACECFB-3422-488D-B9A7-C73806…)

I bet if somebody confronted her in real life she’d shit her pants instantly

No. 702004

she didn’t kill the butterfly. she made her story in regards to someone posting a comment saying they hate people who kill bugs and she said she kills them all the time. plenty of other people kill bugs. really grasping at straws here for milk, lol.

No. 702012

I hate it when she's being rude to people who support her. I mean to me it's a miracle she already has that following when you look at how she acts like a "edgy" 14 years old going through puberty.

No. 702025

just like getting yourself into debt fixing your face cus people called you ugly?

No. 702082

File: 1538439567369.jpeg (133.11 KB, 750x354, 9E4D99B7-CD52-4ED5-BF56-8DAA10…)

No. 702083

File: 1538439682684.jpg (1.28 MB, 2560x1920, 18-10-01-19-40-08-211_deco.jpg)

No. 702084

File: 1538439704194.jpg (1.6 MB, 1920x2560, 18-10-01-19-41-45-826_deco.jpg)

No. 702184

File: 1538448557956.jpeg (409.02 KB, 750x1034, 11019F58-5890-4149-8B24-57F81C…)

No. 702189

she has no toiletpaper roll holder. That primate.

No. 702192

I just gagged

No. 702203

She legit looks pregnant.

No. 702204

>>702184 his fucking back hair. you wanna have that instagram aesthetic….. SHAVE YOUR MANS BACK. or ditch him in…..

No. 702205

File: 1538449944026.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1889, AFF8DDED-0B07-4733-A3FF-BE4244…)

No. 702206

Why does she think anyone wants to see Matt’s hog body? And her implants look atrocious here. The gap…

No. 702207

Eww… I can legit see her tampon string sticking out of her ratty underwear. Can’t believe they didn’t clean that floor before they moved everything in…how much you want to bet this place is crawling with roaches and bedbugs?

No. 702209

Why would anyone post this? The only options are: a.) her house is filthy, b.) she doesn’t shower, or c.) both, she’s just a filthy fucking person. My money is on c.

No. 702214

i know. i'm saying it did not make a difference at all, and especially to be worth a scar like that. getting her literally heinous teeth would make sense and be worth fucking some old guy, not a waste of money like a lip lift at 23 this girl is insane.

No. 702222


OK that's fucking hilarious

god bless that cat

No. 702224


Cursed image. Everything about this is wrong

No. 702243

Matt's pimply ass and giant doughy body are going to give me nightmares. Not to mention the unflatterimg haircut. Along with Ariana's wonky tits and ed bloated body covered only in seemingly dirty underwear, hair wet with grease, I feel physically ill

No. 702249

To be fair they both look pergante. And DoorMatt’s tits are bigger than hers.

You don’t have a gap between the bewbs? Just wondering. Can somebody post a picture of fake tits her size that look good and should be taken as a reference?

No. 702250


Yeah, idk what these anons think fake boobs or boobs in general that aren't squashed into skimpy shit actually look like when they're off.

No. 702253

File: 1538454795059.jpg (953.27 KB, 1920x2560, 18-10-02-00-31-33-549_deco.jpg)

No. 702255

they both have bodies like the grinch what in the world….those boobs really messed up her proportions, she looks like how people look in a funhouse mirror

No. 702267

I just saw this on r/trashy on reddit kek

No. 702276

File: 1538456329305.jpeg (111.59 KB, 750x538, 8863F6A6-4004-4B13-87AB-9817F6…)

No. 702296

yeah, everyone's jealous of your man's doughy body and your lopsided teddies

No. 702322


the irony, this girl is gorgeous af and pnp is like a puddle of stale water

No. 702377

Does anyone know if any of her “writing” is floating around the internet somewhere? She always misuses words on her Instagram and I just want to know if she actually has shit for brains.

No. 702383

No. 702424


She deleted kek

No. 702434

My eyes… WHY?!

No. 702477

>>702184 they both look like pregnant bulimics.. matt's hitler hair, ariana's 7 year old undies, tampon string, two tits of the same pole trying their hardest to repel one another.. the filthy bathroom. idk whats more shocking.

>>702205 if her feet look like that just imagine the cooch

two most disgusting hillbillies in america congrats you two

No. 702521


Wonder if they cleaned the part of the floor where the couch was supposed to go.

No. 702566

Does she ever have any original comebacks? She’s a broken record. Guess it matches her intelligence.

No. 702610

Why would she not clean before moving in? Also she’s going to start stripping again

No. 702640

I love how she was boosting the shit out of this house “omg I’m gonna have a house with a jacuzzi tub” that athropm looks like the size of my closet and looks as dirty as a public bathroom

No. 702641


No. 702642

The stains on the toilet seat

No. 702709

File: 1538507451154.jpeg (155.45 KB, 750x1069, DDF06633-B353-40D8-AC96-4EC08F…)

I really don’t understand how she’s so oblivious to why people think she comes off as rude when she replies sarcastically to every comment that’s not tongue kissing her asshole

No. 702727

No. 702734

Anyone notice she canceled the trip to Atlantic City with the sugar daddy ?? I’m guessing Matt begged her not to go .

No. 702736

Why isn’t she nicer to people that literally support her. She would have to be sucking way more old dick if it weren’t for her followers money/gifts.

No. 702749

i don’t think it’s supposed to happen for another week or so

No. 702755

This is soooo ugly why can’t she just either not answer or just fucking answer the question? The girl was so nice she couldn’t even say anything back lol…

No. 702762

File: 1538512549216.jpg (166.73 KB, 1265x647, AbbeyBominableLookinAssBitch.j…)

No. 702766

Video where Ariana basically admits through implication that she fucks for money

No. 702820

This could have been edited way down. I didn’t really get that she fucks people for money from what she said in the vid. Kind of a reach

No. 702849

I don't see how that's a reach just because the clip is edited. In the beginning of the live show (not the clip) she said she is a sex worker.

No. 702865

File: 1538522588658.jpg (659.53 KB, 1080x1670, SmartSelect_20181002-191243_In…)

No. 702867

File: 1538522723718.jpg (42.02 KB, 323x270, SmartSelect_20181002-191233_In…)

No. 702868

No. 702874

So she puts blush on her lips to make them look so inflamed? gg

No. 702878

Those freckles. Whyyyyyyyyyy?

No. 702930

File: 1538529944744.jpeg (1 MB, 1035x1600, 35D442B5-BA55-4DBF-8E1A-9E16D0…)

No. 702984

Oh god, you're back.

This edit sucks, I actually liked the others better

No. 702986

File: 1538536814087.jpg (934.33 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181002-232009_Ins…)

I just threw up in my mouth. Look at that blanket lol

No. 703185

jesus christ i thought i was in /pt and this was one of luna’s “found” blankets

No. 703188

I just meant we didn’t need to watch all of that, especially since nothing relevant was said. Maybe a little bit at the very end. You could have shortened it or told us what time to watch

No. 703238

Doesn't being a sugar baby fall under the umbrella term of "sex work", even if you don't actually have sex with people? Not that most people are able to avoid sex in this line of work, of course. I just wouldn't see this as her admitting that she sleeps with the guy.

No. 703258

File: 1538580665309.jpeg (204.35 KB, 750x1062, 1009F250-DC92-464B-91CE-A7BD79…)

Why does pnp brag about being an ~adult~ constantly and use “child” as an insult when she can’t even reply to people without making herself look like an angry 14 yr old herself

No. 703569

File: 1538605796128.jpeg (231.45 KB, 750x680, 2B2A9FC7-0DDE-4766-8436-5F2FE6…)

No. 703570

File: 1538605875579.jpeg (240.85 KB, 731x1025, 920D548F-605A-4EFB-9DB1-D3E5AE…)

No. 703588

commenter is being adult and shes just like uhhh emojis

No. 703591

Idk why she just doesn’t sell her porn like she was doing before since she wants to be a sex worker so bad lol… she tries so hard to deny the fact that she has any type of sexual relations with her sugar daddies but is SO quick to grasp onto the label because she doesn’t have a legitimate job.
Not saying sex work isn’t a real job but she hardly makes an income from her one or two sugar daddies

No. 703596

She acts like multiple people were out to get her but it was literally just that one person. But according to her everybody else is “over dramatic”

No. 703638

still looks like shit, even worse than the original. What was the point of this exactly?

No. 703644

File: 1538612987744.jpeg (218.87 KB, 749x962, 20503611-E0A6-40AE-8F16-B68A41…)

The accuracy

No. 703660

You’re all so obsessed with me.

No. 703661

>get in your place :)
Sounds a bit uppity for someone who sells their holes for a living

No. 703665

Is that arianna??

No. 703669

no, its most likely just bait

No. 703674


It would be “yall”

No. 703690

dyyyyyyyying that she got her hair done and was bragging on her insta story about how great her hair dresser is and they had her leaving with wet hair! the fuck?

No. 703699

remember when she would flip out when people would call her a sex worker?? and deny it all day. now she's out here acting like shes loud and proud?

No. 703700

File: 1538617839437.png (2.94 MB, 1242x2208, B8CF693D-437E-42E0-89F9-4382DA…)

Hmmmm relevant?

No. 703710