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File: 1580178833686.jpg (295.72 KB, 1313x1363, pnp.JPG)

No. 924837

PlasticandProud/PlasticnProud/Alice Amor/Ariana McMillan/Psoriasisbutmakeitsexy (pnp, Ariana, scorpioasshoe) is a 25 year old plastic surgery addict, ex Instagram “influencer”, animal abuser, and full service sex worker in philly

>Vapid narcissist and obligatory BPDfag, “doesn’t care wat u think” but will have a defensive spergout and be mad for hours over the slightest rustle of jimmies

>has a botched nose job, lip lift and boob job that all have scarring from improper aftercare, had to have boobs redone and are still wonky

>gets her lips injected to the point of them resembling sausages, posts side by sides showing her progression from normal human being to blow up doll constantly

>quit her steady paying job to be an Instagram influencer, paid for boobs with credit, began prostituting herself shortly after, forces her spineless boyfriend to go along with it, aborts his baby and jokes about it on Snapchat

>shaved her head in a manic episode and regrets it a day later, wears cheap wigs daily

>has a mysterious rash after having unprotected sex in Dominica and calls it psoriasis 

Previous Threads:

2019 milk:

>pnp and doormatt go to dominica as “just friends”,posts pictures of them making out with her anus lips and doormatt’s plaque

>posts pic of her face down in the sand with some random local next to her, later posts ig stories about how she was raped by him and sells her Snapchat with the intention of telling people about it 
>says doormatt was responsible for not babysitting her, breaks up with him, says she’ll never see him again as she slobbers and cries on snap

>literally gets back together with him two days later

>continues being an escort before getting tested, gets tested a month later for HIV and is “clean as a whistle”, doesn’t get retested afterwards at any point

>ig gets deleted, moves to twitter to promote her “sex work” which includes low quality videos of her and her prolapsed lips attempting to be sexy with premade and custom videos

>a mysterious rash appears

>calls doctor, tells her to get off lamicital, pnp refuses and looks up pictures of psoriasis, convinced that she has it. Begs for money to go to the doctor since she makes no money as an escort and doesn’t have insurance

>texts a picture of the rash to the bitch who does her lip injections, who sends it to a dermatologist, and “”confirms”” it’s psoriasis. Pnp never sees a doctor about a formal diagnosis or another test for HIV/other std’s

>uses psoriasis as her identity because bpdfag

>continues to fuck Matt and her clients/other sex workers (one pisses on her while she rides the face of a dirty old man) with open sore rash covering her entire body, concentrated around her pubes
>only has one client currently that puts up with her pus pockets, has to rent out living room to her friend to make rent

>friend moves in to living room and pnp texts her that she needs to move into their shit stained decrepit basement and keep their animals in the basement at all times, friend only needed to stay for 3 months, friend blasts her on ig then removes it to avoid pnp having a sperg out

>adds a snake and a kitten to her animal horde consisting of her roommate’s two cats and her cat and dog, has admitted she doesn’t walk the dog when she’s depressed (always) when she can’t afford 600 dollars in rent and begs online for a literal dollar 

>Ariana’s rash disappears and never mentions her lifelong psoriasis diagnosis ever again

> cuts open a chipmunk and stuffs it, admits she has dead animals in her freezer for years.

>Starts using her escort page again, takes pics of her looking like a MTF

>Only has two clients, admits she “hates working” on snapchat

>Faked eating her friend out when a client paid for her to go down on them

>Is moving with just matt and no roommates, will somehow make rent

> is currently at her family reunion in vermot posting baby pictures and pictures of her grandma next to videos of her slapping her tits and shoving dildos in her ass for sushi money

>Ariana’s IG is back, she posts her sw shit there and loses followers instantly. Does cringe things like tag companies that used to work with her to get them to notice her, however no one does

>Snapchat gets banned, makes private ig account instead, barely updates it like the snap

>Ariana makes an onlyfans that produces horrifyingly bad porn that she makes in her living room while her roommate is home, sells it for 7 bucks

>Bleaches her hair after dying it black, dyes it red, intends on going blonde in a bpd episode

>Barely “works”

>Posts a caption about how her lip injector who she thought was a “friend” used her, most likely cutting Ariana off from free injections in exchange for ig promotion now that pnp is losing followers and posts dirty grimy “sex work” pictures

>Pnp outs her lip injector after no longer receiving free/discounted injections for bringing business in, because Ariana can’t keep a decent image online to save her life

>Talks shit about Dollskill, gets blocked, immediately tries to save face by posting pics of herself modeling for them

>Wants to become a suicide girl, says they ‘reached out to her’, anons confirmed this is not how the process happens

>Got a “normie job” in retail, unconfirmed where

>Promised a “double creampie” in a threesome with two other guys (possible matt and her only client or matt and aaron), still has not happened yet

>”psoriasis” flaring up

>Skinwalks cotted

>Brings up old beef with other philly sw (possibly almondmilkhunni), latinamilk is no longer following pnp either

>Moves into studio apartment where the train goes by literally every 5 minutes, thriving

>Dyes her hair blonde and hates it immediately

>Does molly on live while looking like a toothless grandma

>Rash is Back

>No word on “normie job”, Ariana continues to stay home all day on ig
>Does a shoot for Spencers, looks ridiculous and is mocked, spergs out on twitter
>Says she would give her psoriasis to a fucking BABY >>891310
>Confirms she got her boobs half off from theplasticspa, talks shit about them
>Isn’t posting new content on onlyfans, her only source of income
>In two back to back tweets claims she’s thriving, the other saying she can’t afford her fillers currently >>895883
>Manically dyes her fried blonde hair pink less than a month after getting it done
>Is already planning getting 12k worth of surgeries when she can’t even afford a 200 dollar doctor visit for her rash
>Rash is still there
>Accidentally dyes her hair pink…because she thought she was toning it
>Sperging about “psoriasis” and how her diet of eating celery juice and sardine helps
>Wants to move to vermont to “finish taxidermy school” that she never started, that she thinks will be close by to her family. No comment on where DoorMatt fits into this
>Makes gross porn with Doormatt, his ~huge weiner is revealed to be average
>Wears 5 dollar shein lingerie for porn after dying hair purple to “tone” it
>Bleaches her straw mess again
>Changes IG name to psoriasisbutmakeitsexy

>Anons dig up (previously unearthed) dirt regarding her neglect of her pet gecko >>914567, and cornering a hamster with a spray bottle >>916322
>Is talking about driving 2 hours one way to Taxidermy School she’s paying 10k upfront for, 7 days a week, when she can’t even keep a consistent OF upload schedule
>Gets her fillers dissolved after sperging about how she has NO FILLERS LEFT!!, gets them refilled a week later by a possibly worse injector, lips look like literal sausages
>Pewdiepie posts a cap of her lips from a botched plastic surgery reddit for a quick ten seconds on his stream, does not mention her name or knows who she is, Ariana proceeds to sperg out about it and cry online bullying
>Posts outrageous photoshopped pictures, claims she doesn’t shoop, gets posted on photoshop reddit
>Bitches at other SW on twitter

Social media
Ig: psoriasisbutmakeitsexy

Ig (deleted): Plasticnproud 

Twitter: twitter.com/AliceAmorLove

Reddit: Airkilla321
Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/aliceamorlove

No. 924839


previous thread

No. 924842

Whoops, this is the previous thread:

No. 924852

No. 924942

File: 1580211839647.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 333.19 KB, 1124x1561, 4B987E8C-BD45-412C-ADEC-E0D0FE…)


No. 924977

File: 1580223991315.png (Spoiler Image, 2.77 MB, 1334x750, DAAB7FBD-6E93-4967-89A3-223719…)

No. 924978


Nitpick but that is the UGLIEST dick I've ever seen jesus..

No. 924986

If this was the thumbnail of her porno, just scrolling by I would assume it was pissporn. Downright sad/scary

No. 924988

I know she addresses it in the tweet: but there’s literally no cum shot in this vid - she’s choking on it and then suddenly he’s limp and she’s just rubbing her face around it like this. Revolting. I paid for laughs and was just sickened by everything she posts on her “porn” acct

No. 924991

File: 1580226592944.png (7.85 MB, 1242x2208, BA556EE7-E71B-44A9-ADC7-F0AA3B…)

Why would you think it’s funny to admit you are truly THAT disgusting. I imagine it smells like roadkill and washed up prostitute …

No. 924992

she said her cat pissed and shit in it when she took it to the vet the other day

No. 924997

Yoooo, lol wtf is that still from the porno? Like I can’t stop laughing. Also, I’m sorry but I travel regularly with my cat and dog and have never had my car in such a state that someone told me they can’t help me with it. Like I can literally only imagine the smell of that car and to a degree I’m assuming it confirms her smell because otherwise wtf? That’s like some shit I’ve seen on intervention.

No. 925002

In previous threads someone pointed out that she only wears the bomber jacket babytrash gave her as if it’s the only jacket she owns. Must be true because it’s still the only jacket she ever wears but she’s reversed it so that it’s facing orange side out as if we wouldn’t notice.

No. 925007

Don’t forget cat piss

No. 925010

I sympathize with Mat, can’t imagine a loser that would get hard to this trainwreck, she’s the most unsexy thing I’ve ever seen.

No. 925012

File: 1580229123875.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, DA54CD2F-FF5B-428E-BC56-7A0F70…)

So heartbreaking that she posts about it 2 days later. Any excuse to offer the crocodile tears for sympathy and attention though

No. 925021

lol how are you sympathetic to him when he’s the one participating in it…?

No. 925025

That face she is making is god awful she looks like a fucking evil smug gremlin. She seems like one of those girls who are down right disgusting and don’t care/ she thinks it makes her different or some shit. The makeup on her hand, The constant state of her hair etc like she is one of those nasty bitches that wipes her lipstick off with her shirt and keeps wearing the shirt.
This looks so fucking awkward what the fuck was she doing before this still was taken. The makeup on her hand looks like shit, Men aren’t going to know it’s makeup

No. 925034

File: 1580234268778.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 560.67 KB, 1242x693, 4EA0AB50-59FE-4F81-BF09-B4BBFF…)

wtf this is one of the worst “porn” videos yet…and the video she posted on her Twitter is so awkward and stilted, can’t imagine how bad their sex life is

No. 925051

nice cock though

No. 925052

She’s not going to follow through. That’s 4 hours of her day ( not sure if it’s 4 hours there and back? Still, two hours is plenty of a commute ) she’s going to lose, she will suddenly have a change of heart and stay in philly. This is a perfect excuse for money begging though, wahhh I’m collegeeee student, like every other SW now!!!

No. 925055

Matt has a bigger ass than Ariana

No. 925063

his hips are ten times wider and more womanly than hers too but it’s mostly because he’s a tubby fuck

No. 925066

You know what’s pathetic on Matt’s part? Not only did she bully him into being okay with her “sex work”, but now he’s a part of it… for free. I highly, highly doubt she gives him a cut of whatever small amount she makes from her “porn” if that’s what she wants to call it. I would demand a cut if she was going to put my dick all over the internet. But not little cucky Matt kek

No. 925070

This image is the saddest, most heinous composition. Dread to think what the rest of the porn is like

No. 925076

damnnnn anon i never even thought of this but you’re probably 100% correct. even though he’s a willing participant, it feels exploitative on her part to allow her partner’s genitals and face to be permanently emblazoned across the internet with not even a dollar to speak of for it. i wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be completely true and she ends up twitter sperging later about it.

No. 925089

It’s an average as fuck cock though, there are way bigger dicks out there. Good for him, he’s an average as fuck white dude mailman. He doesn’t seem to know how to use it via Ari’s onlyfans.
I think it’s just super embarrassing. I wonder if he even knows this thread exists, or even cares if HIS family finds out about his porn “career”. Anyway he seems incredibly dumb to me, he doesn’t seem to have a thought in his big dumb head.

No. 925100

What makes me laugh every time I visit Ariana’s threads is how she is so unbelievably bad at everything in her life, even at being a trashy hoe which is what she’s supposedly proud of. She’s a sex worker who isn’t even good at sex. I guess because she grew up in the gutters of society, her willingness to whore her body is all she had going for her and therefore by default she must think she’s good at it but it ain’t the case. She doesn’t have any clients save for one that may be a figment of her imagination, can’t and won’t do girl on girl, and can’t even pleasure her own man like wtf? Why bother at all with this shit? It’s so awkward and gross and she’s embarrassing herself for zero gain.

No. 925102

This was the cringiest teaser, her baby talk made me dry heave. Just imagining her directing him before they filmed it, sounds so scripted and stale

No. 925104

ew lmao i hadn’t seen the clip until you mentioned it and their dialogue makes me want to kill myself https://mobile.twitter.com/AliceAmorLove/status/1222017192725745664

No. 925134

File: 1580250749396.jpeg (333.87 KB, 750x1046, BA671CFE-2F17-49EE-9BE5-5EED34…)

What is going on with this makeup? Her whole face just looks odd

No. 925141

File: 1580250989971.jpeg (523.13 KB, 2048x2048, E605F5AD-093C-43DC-8331-C59FA8…)

She agreed. I don’t know why she doesn’t just post on the threads at this point.

No. 925144

how did she manage to make herself look like an asian man in full drag makeup?

No. 925202

I don’t have pics but she has said before that he doesn’t get any cut of the money she makes off of them.

No. 925231

File: 1580256009523.png (Spoiler Image, 127.04 KB, 284x328, michaelalig.png)

No. 925232

She looks like she's in cirque du soleil with that makeup, minus the talent/dedication.

No. 925233

File: 1580256524650.jpeg (332.49 KB, 1125x1612, AC7214F9-183D-4F5F-93CE-8B8D22…)

In her stories she says she’s ”depreth” because her makeup doesn’t ”look good in photos” but she also posted this on ig saying it looks cool… Then she deleted it kek

No. 925237

File: 1580257036802.jpg (780.01 KB, 1079x1927, Screenshot_20200128-191541_Ins…)

No. 925265

Nitpick as hell but I love how there’s no bubbles in the bath, just dingy water and then what looks like shaving cream just haphazardly smeared across her chest
also, even scripted they make Matt out to be totally unamused at her attempts to be provactative.
“Can I make you cum?”
“Uh…I guess so”
Lmaoooo that entire clip had the sex appeal of pocket lint.

No. 925276

roblox lookin ass

No. 925311

File: 1580272734323.jpeg (80.48 KB, 750x334, 7E8C7767-48C6-44C4-99A4-E68499…)

I don’t even know where to start

No. 925333

this actually made me kind of sad. it’s so clearly all a facade she’s trying to keep up. but then i remember she’s a bad person and i don’t feel sad anymore.

No. 925398

This shit made me bust out laughing. “Thriving” k. Yep. We all know this bitter little gremlin is hunched up on her couch with her blankie, not having left her cave for days on end.

No. 925441

Out here looking like To Wong Foo

No. 925478

File: 1580317961008.png (3.15 MB, 750x1334, 9380990A-EAFD-464E-9AEE-C7C135…)

HOW?!?!?! How can it really cost $1100 to have your car cleaned? Is that even a real thing? Are they entirely stripping the interior and replacing it orrrrrr….?!?!

No. 925486

File: 1580318726023.png (3.02 MB, 750x1334, 8587BF89-CB8D-45BD-B419-248B2B…)

Must just be lurking at the car place, too. Posted minutes after the last pic.

No. 925488

File: 1580320010094.jpeg (161.31 KB, 750x1120, BF046F46-A9C5-46D1-98F5-674879…)

She literally just likened herself to an actual goddamn gremlin. Jfc

No. 925503

he's a skeleton anon

No. 925504

File: 1580323175976.jpeg (845.68 KB, 2048x2048, 5E334C5F-CE7D-45D0-9E6B-E6ADD5…)

Living her best life and thriving kekekekek and how stupid do her followers have to be to pay her $10 to be featured in a story for a day when she’s been losing followers steadily.

No. 925509

She doesn’t take care of anything properly kek why does she expect the best for herself when she only ever puts out the worst

No. 925545

Nothing on her face looks like it aligns properly - like the tip of her nose is crooked, her lips are looking lumpy, and her jaw looks like it’s skewed to one side. I know this is pure nitpicking but she chose to do this to her face

No. 925546

File: 1580327161002.jpeg (109.28 KB, 750x643, 52382B26-AD57-40D1-BF3F-7BE224…)

Manically gatekeeping sex work even though she is brand new to it too.

No. 925584

File: 1580330927205.jpeg (35.18 KB, 333x249, B46190FD-B1F0-4F5B-A384-03EC8D…)

She actually looks like the drag gremlin.

No. 925594

File: 1580332371769.jpg (582.66 KB, 1079x1625, Screenshot_20200129-161139_Twi…)

Aborted her "gemini demon" and then posts this. She's psycho.

No. 925598

what the actual fuck, how can she think that talking about semen above a picture of a mother and child is in any way okay ?? does she have any empathy for this random woman let alone any class ??

No. 925605

lmao this retard says she’s going to school when she hasn’t even attended a single fucking day yet. incredible

No. 925607

how the fuck is matt a skeleton? get your eyes checked, he’s literally fat

No. 925609

Definition of a skinny fat. for someone that walks 8+ hours a day, he is flabby as fuck. Never trust a man whose hips are wider than his shoulders.

No. 925611

he probably emotionally eats or boredom eats because his useless gf cheats on him as a “job” and he thinks he can’t do any better. it’s almost sad but then again he’s a grown man with a REAL income who could leave and do better for himself at any time (especially if he picked up a fucking toothbrush ha)

No. 925612

File: 1580334877185.jpg (1.57 MB, 1078x1920, Screenshot_20200129-165342_Ins…)

Her fairly new animal book already looks like trash because she's a trash human who can't keep anything looking nice, and it's sad because it looks like this after barely any use.

No. 925617

File: 1580335579835.jpeg (763.03 KB, 750x1142, 2F65ABFE-CF39-44EE-A30E-7338CE…)

no wonder her shit looks goofy as hell then if this is her main reference book, wtf is this

No. 925623

File: 1580336536188.png (4.03 MB, 750x1334, D94B3A70-2048-4D15-825D-EC43FE…)

My manic rant senses are tingling

No. 925662

File: 1580342295208.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 340.09 KB, 1034x2048, BC85FB76-1BB3-4E15-BA21-CCD07F…)

She looks like a whole boiled chicken. Definitely sticks out from the rest.. not in a good way.

No. 925665

lmao what is that pose?

No. 925693

No seriously what the FUCK is that pose, how is she even standing in the tub like that?! She cracks me up so bad like wtf is happening here?! Her sexuality and porn is just so off key

No. 925710

Nicpik but all those animals are very shittly drawn. None of the proportions are correct and they all look stuff as hell and very unrealistic

No. 925714

wtf has she ever bothered to watch porn or look at herself in a mirror from these angles? not all asses are worth sharing.

No. 925718

how do you not know there's a headlight out.

it's so pathetic that she has nothing saved up for things like this and pretty much begs for ppl to help her out. like why, she's not likable and doesn't do anything for anyone else, but buy her onlyfans and shitty art so she can take care of basic adult stuff.

No. 925725

no anon she clearly has thousands in savings and credit lol /s

No. 925733

She's getting pucked if she's paying 1100 for all of that. How does she not have any mechanically inclined friends…brakes are stupid easy to do. Her tires shouldnt cost more than 300. I'm assuming she's driving a simple sedan. An alignment shouldn't cost more than 200. And she shouldn't only need a replacement bulb which are like 25 bucks at Walmart. What a ditz.

No. 925734

This is what happens when you and your man are completely clueless and can't even change a basic ass lightbulb or tire.

Also LOL she talks about how it's a used car "before she bought it"…oh so it was shit and you were too dumb to know what basic shit it needed done then yikes. She is a scamming mechanics dream!

No. 925743

I would feel bad if she wasn’t such a demon, but she’s such a perfect poster child for shitty, neglectful parents. She never learned how to take of a car let alone her own damb self! She acts like she’s this boss, independent bitch but in reality she’s just gone through life so naively. Example, getting a boob job on a whim bc it’s on sale… she’s not thriving, just existing sitting on her dumb, flat ass all day.

No. 925773

He is always eating take out on her stories, so he probably does walk a lot but his diet is pure junk food…remember that Ari is home all day every day, she could easily go out and buy groceries so she/he could make a healthier, home cooked meal…

No. 925787

File: 1580371955106.jpeg (463.43 KB, 1125x1359, D2E2D632-3D59-45E0-AF89-7ECDFA…)

No. 925799

File: 1580377688248.jpeg (183.65 KB, 750x744, E44A34B0-38FA-44DD-9F39-84F4AA…)

…cool nickname

No. 925916


So she says her non stop queefing was because “Some reason that happened????” but in the same breath says has “learned since how to stop it from happening”. If you learned how to stop it than you know why it happened before for “some reason”.

What is it Patches? Did you fix your queefing or is your pussy still flapping in the wind when you get fucked, you gross bitch.

No. 925924

She’s not a very bright individual, let’s not expect her to make much sense when she spergs

No. 925959

Slightly OT, but is there actually a way to prevent queefing?

No. 925962

Ok it shouldn’t/probably doesn’t every time you have sex but it’s definitely normal especially in certain positions. No need to nitpick a natural bodily function. That’s like making fun of someone for having a period or taking a shit.

Although I don’t think there’s a way to prevent it other than to change positions. I think it happens when air gets trapped in there during certain positions? But I’m not sure.

No. 925967

What a dumb fucking idiot. Bro, your pussy queefing has NOTHING to do with how loose or tight you are. It’s just sounds a vagina makes when air is being pushed in and out quickly in certain angles. What the fuck, is everyone like 12?

No. 925985

File: 1580420600297.png (3.43 MB, 750x1334, F8FCD2AA-E640-4B42-B792-ED2BE4…)

welp, as if her tattoos couldn’t be any more trashy.

No. 925986

File: 1580420637031.png (2.7 MB, 750x1334, 99F303CD-425D-40F0-839D-D066EB…)

In case she forgets what year she was born

No. 925987

I thought it said Iggy lol

No. 925993

I can smell the psoriasis forming.

No. 926005

File: 1580423298773.jpeg (45.1 KB, 497x497, 0CAC558D-C024-48C3-B3D9-A62D3A…)

No. 926008


No. 926009

Kek that's what I immediately thought. Wait till she's on IG crying cause her aids rash came back again

No. 926017

>>926005 "1gg4"

No. 926020

This bitch does not look 25. I can imagine her clients seeing this tattoo when she takes her clothes off… “is that the year your child was born?”

No. 926024

A whole boiled chicken that’s sorted my laughter out for the night hhahaha

No. 926028

File: 1580426633627.jpeg (207.85 KB, 817x1342, 66300F09-7C83-4F46-8378-0EB503…)

I’m pretty sure she’s going with red ink too.

No. 926044

Patches anon always sperging. Relax.

No. 926060

File: 1580431276230.jpg (655.19 KB, 1080x1096, Screenshot_20200130-184057_Twi…)

Confirmed in red. Looks like the 9's are 'g's.

No. 926068

1gg4 is right

No. 926070

Could they seriously not line up the 1 and the 4???? Its bad enough the 9s already look like g’s since they are lower….

No. 926071

Yeah that tattoo really, uh, ties the whole thing together.

Who are these scratchers? It’s the fucking font from those S’s you’d draw in your notebook in middle school. The red looks so bad…

No. 926074

anyone know what the see you in september tattoo is referencing? she’s had it for ages

No. 926083

it's a song her ex wrote about/for her and i'm pretty sure it's matching with one he has

No. 926091

She really had to angle her shirt in such a way so that you could see all of her tattoos including her weird ass brother titty tattoo huh

No. 926099

it looks like her std rash either never fully went away or is already getting ready to flare up again.

No. 926120

does this bitch ever remember to wash the makeup off her hands before taking pics

No. 926143

Her face is too strong and manly to match her face. Less in tense eyebrows and causes she so into filler/fat graftin, she needs some in her cheeks to make them fuller. She'll look younger and more feminine
Sage for obvious nitpick

No. 926145

Not only did she not wash her hands after completing her makeup but she sat through a whole tattoo session with them like that.

No. 926270

her new phase as an 1gg4 Azalea stan begins now

No. 926353

File: 1580495216784.jpg (446.09 KB, 1080x1802, 20200131_122403.jpg)

Kek, even other people think it says Igg4.

(The account that mentioned it has been around since 2009 and has regular engagement with other accounts. Not a blank throwaway so I'm assuming not someone from here cowtipping.)

No. 926385

what is it about low class/low intelligence people that makes them all get their birth year tattooed on them? its like some sort of secret code these hillbillies get so that they can recognize each other in the wild

No. 926432

Imagine completely ruining your face and body in the pursuit of eternal youth, then tattooing your birth year across your stomach so you can't lie about your age when you have a midlife crisis a year from now. My fucking sides

No. 926462

File: 1580511814389.png (1.39 MB, 828x1792, 8F7F06D2-CA43-40EE-9D73-95C6FF…)

her face and body don’t match.

No. 926465

she definitely doesn't look great but what do you mean they don't match?

No. 926469

Nta but it’s like her facial features are exaggerated, too large and unnaturally smooth vs crusty body with sharp edges and knees sticking out. Nitpick but that’s how I see it.

No. 926470

I think what anon is trying to say, it's like her face is from another person and same with her body. Like those mix and match games…. Which head belongs to which person type of thing

No. 926479

Honest to god if I did not know who Ariana McMillan was, I would automatically think this is a MtF trans person.

No. 926480

sharp edges? I have no idea what this mismatched head/body thing you guys are on about, but if by sharp edges you mean she looks thin, i disagree. Looks like she's gained a significant amount on her bone broth only diet or wtf ever cue her bullshitting on her IG story that she still fits into her size 24 jeans

No. 926489

Id most definitely believe she fits into a 24. She’s not as skinny as she was a couple years ago but she’s still thinner than average. Lol. I bet you just said that to trigger her since we know she reads this.

No. 926496

Wtf is with all the nitpicking about her body? Her face is fucked from surgery, and wasn’t a nice thing to look at before. But her body is fine, aside from botched boob job. She’s always been thin, still is. Her body looks better now than a couple years ago. And again, just don’t get why we are focusing on her body instead of her absurd sausage lips and shitty manic personality.

No. 926503

I meant it seems as if someone else’s facial features were pasted on top of a blank face.

No. 926504

god this round of fillers was the biggest fucking mistake lol

No. 926505

She can’t even be bothered to move the dog chew toy out of shot

No. 926509

File: 1580519508159.jpeg (137.89 KB, 1242x432, A624CA5F-4148-4F5C-81C1-15CA89…)

New IG name versatileheaux

No. 926513

lmao glad she finally realized psoriasisbutmakeitsexy is a fucking embarrassing handle

No. 926524

File: 1580521467932.jpg (359.55 KB, 1080x1755, Screenshot_20200131-194159.jpg)

No. 926525

File: 1580521489953.jpg (352.18 KB, 1074x1846, Screenshot_20200131-194215.jpg)

No. 926526

File: 1580521511039.jpg (358.96 KB, 1068x1766, Screenshot_20200131-194229.jpg)

No. 926527

File: 1580521534941.jpg (408.45 KB, 1072x1752, Screenshot_20200131-194241.jpg)

No. 926528

File: 1580521558495.jpg (344.36 KB, 1072x1506, Screenshot_20200131-194253.jpg)

No. 926532

File: 1580522393072.jpeg (316.05 KB, 1835x1835, EPpfZjwWsAEx5AA.jpeg)

Again, too lazy to move the goddamn dog toy

No. 926534

Imagine if you were also named "Ariana Mcmillan" and having all this pop up when people try to Google you. Poor souls

No. 926535

>that thing
lmao guy seems retarded but i stan

No. 926536

That guy is cringeworthy as fuck and Ariana is even worse for interacting with him in the first place. I'd be so embarrassed if I were Matt

No. 926538

I honestly couldn't decide what was the cringiest aspect of the exchange. Trash all around

No. 926539

the cringiest part was ariana carrying on a full fucking conversation with that obvious idiot when they could’ve just ignored the first comment knowing the dude was an idiot and not feeding into it. we all know she can’t resist an opportunity to fling insults at people though (even if it ends up making her look stupid).

No. 926547

so does anyone know if there are any stipulations about having a government job and also participating in porn? she sure does love boasting about his mailman job, so she doesn't seem worried.
Matthew Copp of Pennsylvania, U.S. Government Employee, Mail Carrier, and his gf's porn prop

No. 926555

it’s probably not against the rules, but embarrassing if a coworker or boss found out for sure

No. 926560

they replied because they're idiots too. to them, they probably thought they were having some sort of intellectual debate. Im sure ariana was very proud to get the final word, and Im sure simple matt gave her a pat on the back

No. 926569

looks like it says igga

No. 926679

Unless he's making porn in his uniform he can do what he wants.

No. 926741

"Amazing government job" topkek. Hate to burst your bubble Ari, 45k a year is not "amazing" especially considering you are a 2 person household. Yikes.
Shes so embarrassing. So is doormatt.

No. 926749

File: 1580576796971.jpg (70.67 KB, 592x679, Less than 40k.JPG)


You were being generous Anon:

$18.56 an hour x 40 Hours a week = $742.40

$742.40 x 52 weeks in a year = $38, 604.80 yearly gross earnings a year.

Less than 40k pre-tax deductions is nothing to be bragging about online about. Good for him for having a steady job, which is more than she can say, but he probably cringed hard when he saw her saying that.

I mean, even if the guy has benefits, they clearly aren't good enough to help his common law partner Ari go to a fucking doctor when she was covered in mysterious rash. She had to go to the free STD clinic for her diagnosis (apparently).

No. 926780

File: 1580585598422.png (627.7 KB, 1125x2436, B2675FAE-FE6B-41F2-921F-B85E4A…)

um what?

No. 926782

File: 1580585981130.png (700.52 KB, 750x1334, 7B4F100B-64CF-4435-BE2E-8C2E4A…)

Except you obsessively read these threads kek

Hi Ari

No. 926784

File: 1580586218111.jpg (219.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200201-134256_Ins…)

I don't know which part of Florida this is in but you definitely do still take a driver's test

No. 926793

yea that doesn't sound right at all. like, you can take and pass the written test in hs but you'd still need to take and pass the actual driving test. her lies are so stupid.

No. 926801

isnt that just how you get a learner's permit?

No. 926807

File: 1580591432062.jpeg (157.98 KB, 536x942, 90856BCC-4E72-4F4B-9CE7-B4DC92…)

Someone get this girl a Klonopin

No. 926808

File: 1580591505978.jpeg (213.98 KB, 737x1048, C09C31A8-BF1F-40C1-B031-887501…)

She’s really on one today. I think her “ask me anything! :))” got under her rashy skin

No. 926812

When you turn 16 then yes you have a learners permit and you have to drive for a year with parental supervision. Even If you are 18 and haven't gotten a learner's permit, you still start out with one then you need to take a driver's test. After you pass that test then you get your license to drive. This depend on if you chose to pursue it at 16 after you have taken and passed a driver's ed class in high school

No. 926818

File: 1580593302022.jpeg (216.08 KB, 750x1227, 718336AB-BF0F-46B8-B3A5-5FE7D3…)

No. 926820

Lol, Tag a picture of her in st lucia with Doormatt plucking starfish and sea urchins and frogs and snakes …. k.

No. 926821

Idk how malicious she thinks people on the internet are but definitely no one from lolcow/reddit/YouTube/Instagram is going fucking assault her or try to physically stalk her. Literally no one cares about her like that. You’re a laughing stock Ari, not a hit target, you actual schizo. At least she seems aware that it’s delusional I guess.

Side note, she has no idea who any of us are, the insertion that our lives suck is so projective it hurts. She totally doesn’t care about the drama though guyz!! Like you’re obviously butthurt when you constantly post insults to nobody. It’s boring and she repeats the same lines over and over.

No. 926829

Jeez I wonder if all that weed is maybe a bad idea for both her and her dad then…fucking idiot

No. 926833

She’s so… in awe of herself. It’s gross. The whole “yeah I’m sure school was easy for you!” Bitch, High school is objectively a difficult / weird time for everyone . Wah wah wah grow up and move on.

No. 926834

What the fuck does “every noise makes me pale face”? See a doctor Ari, you have a myriad of physical , mental and emotional issues

No. 926837

She still doesn't seem to understand that teen yrs and your whole 20's really are a weird time. And people have issues at different times and maybe those who breezed through will go through hell in their 30's and 40's or even when they're older than that. Her envy is really showing when she says shit like that. It weirds me out that she talks about herself like that too and that she is ultimately so clueless about the world.

No. 926849

File: 1580603754242.jpg (455.39 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200201_183235782.jpg)

Kek imagine this rashed infested transvestite crawl into your dms asking to buy your fucking username lol

No. 926866

i wonder if shes going to be bitching about high school for the rest of her natural life? its almost been a decade loser, get over it. a lot of people are bullied but you dont hear them bitching about it every other day. fucking get over yourself and grow the fuck up ya little goblin faced hag.

No. 927016

File: 1580624225220.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, B8F2EAD8-2FBF-4C36-9B6E-EA062C…)

What exactly is versatile about her? She will take it in the butt then the pussy? The frequent hair coloring? Her inability to commit and follow through?

No. 927017

Maybe it’s her BDP/ multiple personality disorder

No. 927023

Not to mention -eaux makes a word plural. Exactly how many heaux is she?

No. 927027

This is honestly so sad. Her mental illness is through the roof and she's experienced zero growth since high school. How can she not see what's so glaringly obvious to everyone else..?

No. 927057

File: 1580636281992.jpeg (115.09 KB, 750x1280, 6BCC42E4-ABE1-4383-B9DA-106D6E…)

Does this look like another potential flare up? Definitely doesn’t look normal

No. 927140

File: 1580650023473.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1231x965, E94EE0EA-1440-4E2A-984F-4B328B…)

No. 927146

Totally not going to debate the accuracy of a word that was made up in the first place, but yeah, I think the word she’s looking for is “heau.” Watch her creep this thread then change her username cause right now it’s “versatile hoes.” /s

No. 927157

she could be plural heaux, hdu try to shame her identity!

No. 927164

File: 1580652098783.jpeg (156.26 KB, 828x402, 4A5BA018-AEF0-4A90-AC78-33A454…)

No. 927165

File: 1580652120510.jpeg (306.74 KB, 828x721, 96BAFC0F-7FD6-4FD3-98F8-7C3A12…)

No. 927188

she won't change it because it's meant to be "heaux" you boomers. stop taking meme words seriously

No. 927196

Actually it's not a lie. I'm a Floridian and took Drivers Ed as a summer class during high school, so I'm speaking from experience. You have a final driving test that you must pass. If you pass, you are given a certificate to bring to the DMV and you are issued a license. Let's nitpick actual lies here, there are plenty to choose from.

No. 927217


Ya you “BOOMERS”! Let her copy a 16 year old’s (bhad babies) “meme” song title in piece!

Its cute how some anons give her stupidity the benefit of the doubt. Then again, Ari posts here more than some anons so shrugs

No. 927222


I wonder if she had a big-brain moment and thought going red would hide the tattoo rejecting more?

Also why the fuck would she convince herself to get a (hideous) tattoo a few weeks before her vacation? This chick has no foresight whatsoever. She’s gonna spend the whole trip crying about being covered in a HIV rash. Maybe the rash will keep the locals away this time.

No. 927230

File: 1580659008069.jpeg (146.6 KB, 750x809, 3A59D8EB-C887-4154-A5B8-50D273…)


Yet she couldnt handle a well-planned and discussed threesome. Sure, Jan.

Photo to archive the type the morons she surrounds herself with on Twitter.

No. 927242

Oh yep. There it is. Shocker when you stretch your body to its limit. It may be past scarring from the last flare up, but there’s definitely something there.

It’s like 1+1, you got a tattoo - your whole body reacted to the area - what exactly do you think is going to happen now?

No. 927334

File: 1580666139330.png (8.85 MB, 1242x2208, 37216955-51FD-4A70-9A20-FAD4D1…)

Your $6 artist loft paints are soOoooOoO expensive and nice.

No. 927335

i thought this too. was she talking about the reeves oil paints? as “expensive”?! she grew up in such poverty that her sense of what’s expensive and what’s a lot of money in the bank is downright wrong

No. 927346

Exactly. This is the same person that thinks having $3k in the bank is a lot. Or having a government job. She is literally considered low-income.

No. 927352

File: 1580668319380.jpeg (79.23 KB, 750x934, 122D77F0-D1EE-49E3-A85C-2D0050…)

cute jawline did ya get it from FaceTune pencil feature

No. 927370

wow, the mental gymnastics of these sex workers tryna convince themselves that they aren’t complicit in their clients’ cheating. their cognitive dissonance is showing!

No. 927374

you do realize that crying "facetune!" just boosts her ego right? its obviously a shadow from the flash of a camera. Also if you're going to nitpick, at least sage.

No. 927411

That line is not a shaddow anon

No. 927461

If that line was a shadow then the shadow should appear the same along her ear too, which it doesn't.

No. 927515

Not necessarily. The ear is closer to the wall than the jaw making the shadows different colors. Why would photoshop make a dark outline? Plus we all know this bitch has a manly jawline.

No. 927548

The fact that you think she would draw a line to enhance her jaw is ridiculous because a) she has no attention to detail and b) she can't fix her obviously wonky eyes or crooked lips, so why would she DRAW A GODDDAMN LINE ON HER JAW.
Also, why can't you sage?

No. 927564

File: 1580703469033.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, 68DE1784-E5F3-4336-8FD1-D06C4E…)

What’s the purpose of a matte background if she’s just gonna coat it in resin/gloss anyway

No. 927567

The more I think about this the funnier it is. Why even mention that it was matte once if you’ve just put a glossy finish over top.

No. 927569

Is this legitimately her work? While the matte thing is straight autism, her actual art seems to have improved recently. Is she copying some existing work or did she actually get better?

No. 927572

It’s literally just a spider

No. 927577

Hi, you are clearly new here. Unless you have exciting new information that is worthy of bumping the thread, you should be typing the word "sage" in the email field. Also, thank you for telling us that's a picture of a spider. 10/10 post.

No. 927628

It doesn't seem like it's directly stolen based on the fact that it still isn't great, it just seems like she googled "spider with prey" or "european garden spider" and made.. that.

No. 927752

File: 1580758205284.jpg (638.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200203-142727_Ins…)

Yes Ariana, announcing that you're dirty and that you have a UTI will surely make people want to buy your clothes and content.

No. 927759

Having a UTI doesn’t make you dirty. I really hope you get one, quit the nitpick. You should’ve saged ur BS post.

No. 927763

Having a UTI doesn’t make her dirty, but that bathtub sex is probably how she got it, which makes her stupid.

No. 927764

Her artwork seems to have improved (at least since the hands, lmao). Insects are easier to draw since there’s more freedom to “mess up” with their anatomy and stylize them…..human anatomy isn’t the same in that regard. I think she did a good job with these pieces. It would be nice to see her turning a new leaf to do artwork for income instead, and maybe becoming a better person along the way. But these insect pieces take her 3-4 days to finish which is crazy, most artists would take a few hours to do something like this. So it’s not sustainable and she’ll probably quit again in a few days.

No. 927766

File: 1580762142332.jpg (456.75 KB, 1079x1924, Screenshot_20200203-153523_Ins…)

She's so fucking cocky and annoying. Obviously not everyone can afford to spend hundreds on a piece and selling smaller ones for less would be considered affordable. She's dense.

No. 927770

A few hours? You must not know any artists. It’s a good piece working on it for a couple days isn’t bad at all.. why rush and make mistakes and not enjoy the work and detail? Stop nitpicking

No. 927771

No. 927777

literally why tf does she think anyone gives a shit about her uti

No. 927786

I think a couple of days is decent (but then I don't have much time to work on art)
However, I think they're pretty overpriced tbh

No. 927787

Well, considering Ari has nothing but time on her dirty hands you’d think she would pump out more of these. I think that might’ve been the implication of the comment

No. 927788

Agreed. She is def over priced imo. However things are worth whatever people are willing to pay. So we will see.

No. 927790

File: 1580766237071.png (3.29 MB, 750x1334, DEABF846-35DE-48E0-8475-318E4B…)

God I can only imagine how absolutely miserable she must’ve been like to be around . If she’s admitting it’s bad, you know it’s BAD.

No. 927806

If I know our girl ari, I know she saw some shit while stalking her ex or his fiancee and upset herself. Last time she posted something like this, her ex had just gotten engaged.

No. 927813

Who the fuck is she trying to fool, she is still obviously abusive. The way she treats Tarte, DoorMatt, and the rude bitter way she speaks to her followers… she has not changed at all except now she’s such a gross depressed lump she gets UTIs from being too lazy to get up from her hunch to go pee. She doesn’t work, contributes nothing. Who is she kidding.

No. 927827

File: 1580771093167.jpeg (30.71 KB, 731x182, 8FC8FB4E-1269-4FE0-A557-A8CF32…)

Loving the real “versatilehoe” left her on read but still likes her pics

No. 927828

It's not a shadow, shadows don't work that way. It's most likely a halo from being sloppy in Photoshop

No. 927830

I mean just in her driving vlogs she's constantly reiterating how "nice" she is a an "amazing driver" doing that "if you know anything about me you know I'm nice" thing. But if you have to say it that much you really aren't and it's often while rambling about having just been a rude bitch to people who she sees as less than her (retail employees usually) even though they probably make more than she does for full service sex work

No. 927872

art is one of my jobs lol we could replicate this piece in about an hour. I complimented your art ari no need to get so defensive about how long it takes you.

No. 927876

Nah I’ve seen art students take a whole semester to produce maybe three works of art that size, but cute nice try maybe visit an art institute and talk to some artists

No. 927877

ariana has learned to sage….its over for us hoes

No. 927879

Nah I don’t like the girl she’s obviously toxic but she does have talent and I rather see art than her asshole let’s stick to milk and not nitpicking

No. 927885


Top keks all around.

Only our resident bridge troll would call herself talented

No. 927887

She is truly a versatile ~*~*heaux

No. 927891

If it took them a semester to create those…they shouldn’t be in art school. I do think the artwork is good but cmon..a semester for 3 of those??? Laughable.

No. 927898

yeah and some people take yrs. That rarely will make a living tho. Ari has also mentioned that she won't make art if she's not 100% into it yet she's begging for commissions on her stories…which could be anything aka she won't do them or it'll take forever. because she's not ~in the mood~

No. 927900

Mate, good art schools expect more than three works of art like this one to even get into the school.
That thing should not take anyone more than 10 hours to create, and that's being generous.

No. 927904

File: 1580784794088.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 4764A395-2808-498F-B418-36C45C…)

Most artists work with peoples budgets… like tattoo artists do it. If she wants to make actual money on this, she needs to understand her target audience is high school girls that have no money, they’re not going to be able to buy something $150 even though they want to support her. She’s too arrogant and finds it insulting when someone asks if she would do less expensive work and she’s turning away followers! Seriously, what a dumbass. Could you ever imagine turning away a potential customer for asking for something of less value???? ARI YOURE NO FUCKING PICASSO. No wonder she’s so poor, she doesn’t understand business or how to properly monetize. Shes has been around for a good minute now… most influencers have figured out to build a real following and get paid.

No. 927905

one of my favorite things in the world is when she says stuff like "said piece" and thinks she sounds smart

No. 927910

Much like TND she thinks if she just believes that her target audience is adult teens and early 20's women it'll happen. When you're right it's teens who admire her and know nothing about adult life

No. 927912

Her handle keeps getting more and more cringy and stupid. She should’ve just kept plasticandproud, people still refer to her as that. It was her icon. It makes no sense, now she just gets lost and no one knows how to find her. Her online persona is diluted. Only thing I could think of is she’s trying to distance herself from the her threads on here lollll

No. 927919

is this cotted returning to lowkey wk again lol? you don’t know what you’re talking about girl your community college art school friends aren’t gonna do so well if they spend 4 days on a shitty drawing of a bug

No. 927922

File: 1580788842258.png (3.75 MB, 750x1334, EEDA8D63-873D-4B74-84A1-88F416…)


Wouldn't doubt it. Looks like she's opening a store in AZ, wonder if ari is gonna sperg in jealousy.

No. 927938

My biggest wonder is if Ariana will ever visit.

No. 927941

File: 1580795781574.jpeg (293.98 KB, 750x572, 6AEEE8AB-CC63-4262-B747-F7A5AB…)

I’ll take pics when it opens.
Run down part of the city, but good for her I guess?
She can’t even afford cheese.

No. 927962

I really feel like 3 days isn't a whole lot of time to pay the full price. Not everyone is on social media every hour of every day. I know that's kind of a nitpick, but still imo it should be a full week or something.

No. 928053

this is creepy

No. 928064

File: 1580830062455.jpg (692.78 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20200204-152725.jpg)

Idk if I'm nitpicking but that is fucking expensive

No. 928066

Yeah it's $300 here and I'm just really shocked. That's v high

No. 928069

It is a good piece. The wood and resin looks cool. But idk how she can say that's affordable??

No. 928072

It's nicely done but it reminds me of something that's been sitting in someone's garage for like 60 years, it's not something I'd want on display in my house

No. 928084

File: 1580833168615.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 56.49 KB, 649x612, 6BC42E0C-4323-4B1D-90E2-6D4F7F…)

Wtf are those holes on her lip

No. 928086

It's a store. It's literally public information. Calm down anon.

No. 928095

Sites of injection?? Didn't realise they scarred tho

No. 928105


No. 928107

I think everyone is missing one giant, glaring, reason why her art is bound to fail.

She has to drive a total of 4 hours a day to get to her school. Plus I'm assuming 7-8 hours of actual class. She keeps talking about how if she does two of these a week it'll pay for her gas to get there and back.

So she's going to go to classes fiveish days a week, drive 4 hours, work on her art, be a hoe, eat/sleep/smoke, all at the same time? Don't think so. I still don't give her going to this school longer than two weeks.

She's making this artwork thing into such a huge deal when she's literally made TWO. If she's still doing this in month from now, two sin months from now, then she can start to tut her own horn.

No. 928120

Lmao this bitch is so fucking botched

No. 928133

It is not nicely done, the anatomy of the spider is terrible, it's mostly fantasy.

No. 928134

who even cares is the point

No. 928139

I know art is subjective but… This is bad, not terrible, not good. You can buy all the expensive materials you want but you can’t fake talent. She put zero effort into making this into a nice composition. She’s charging over $300 for literally a slab of wood with some paint and doodles on it. But I mean, hey, it’s “affordable”. Everything about this girl screams minimal effort

No. 928153

Y’all calling this a good piece have absolutely no taste. This is terrible. There’s no shading. There’s absolutely no realism once so ever. It’s basic. Any junior schooler could recreate this easy. Not worth 300$ it’s garbage. And she did it in what, one day? You can tell. Can y’all white knight someone else? I think you’re in the wrong thread.

No. 928171

Not all art includes realism…? I think it’s a good piece of art. Not a fan of Ariana. I don’t think it’s EXTRAORDINARY, but i think it’s good. You’re dumb as fuck if you think all art needs to be realistic/shaded realistically. Sorry bout it!

No. 928177

can the autistic artfags please dismiss themselves? we don’t need 100 posts discussing the quality of her art. it’s trash, she’s trash. move on. it’s not even one of her milkier qualities.

No. 928193

this is bad. end of story. move on.

i would've thought this was done as a high school art project without context

No. 928234

Because you decide what’s bad and good when something is completely subjective. That makes sense. You lunatic. You act like Ariana. But anon is right, her art isn’t milky. Talk about something interesting instead, thanks !

No. 928247

It’s relevant because she’s trying to sell her shitty art for 300$ and calling it “affordable” how is 300$ affordable for something that basic?

No. 928284

Her art is as trash as her blown up, plastic face.

No. 928310

I like her art and I think this whole art direction she is going for is more sensible way of her earning money online rather than her OF trash. Thumbs are up from me Ari, Keep it up.

No. 928311

kiss her ass on her instagram comments, not here.

No. 928313

Listen you it’s a free imageboard. Like my god. Only have to say one thing that you like about cows and you get all shirty. Calm your nerves down anon.

No. 928316

That's pretty fucking steep…

No. 928356

LOL at “the last meal” what a stupid name that doesn’t even make sense


looks like ari is back to wk herself

No. 928357

agreed. it's been like this from the start. some of the threads are 75% useless because of all the infighting

No. 928395

From her mom’s Facebook…(3.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.)

No. 928397

That’s her mom and I’m guessing boyfriend

No. 928398

No. 928531

I agree with that part, it’s definitely overpriced. But if someone is stupid enough to buy it that’s their problem.

No. 928640

File: 1580950094611.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, 597C5B84-4002-455D-9551-A22E64…)

I find it really creepy she posts these before and afters. This women looks like a different person, and the fact that Ariana finds that desirable is really….sad.

No. 928652

Tbh, that woman's results are really well done? It only really goes to show how absolutely botched Ariana's face is.

No. 928658

She's gonna have a really, REALLY hard time as she ages. The normal process of getting older and changing, that everyone and everything living goes through … it's gonna be horribly traumatic for her because she's so shallow.

No. 928666

Do you all realize that she's literally only posting this as an ad in exchange for money/services…? What a weird nitpick. I get that it's a slow milk day, but geez

No. 928705

How do you know? I thought she posted those as inspiration seeing as she doesn’t go to those people. I’m not the anon who originally posted about this, but I’m curious. You seem to know a whole lot more about Ariana’s life than others. Hmm…Also, I think Ari’s art is pretty awesome! I know that will probably enrage you! Come at me, bro! Lol

No. 928707

k, not the anon who posted it, but it really does show how botched she is in comparison. Especially if she intends to get more done. At this point she needs to just head over to that "botched" show and see if there's anything they can do about her extra lip and bad nosejob/lip lift situation.

No. 928710

File: 1580960907531.png (2.04 MB, 1125x2436, 638BF9A9-07EE-433F-B33E-DC5B26…)

private ig post… she’s delusional

No. 928718

>Hoping my NY client hits me up soon love seeing him
she's in an emotional and sexual relationship with another man but it's totez not cheating, it's real work!!!

>considers a friend like blood

>asks him to film her performing sex acts
girl, you're Appalachia is showing

i'm really looking forward to these bitches fat grafts she insists on getting.

No. 928719

why do all her long rant/blog posts sound like a middle schoolers diary???

No. 928736

>You seem to know a whole lot more about Ariana’s life than others.
Waaaahhh you guys don't know everything about my life!!!!
>Hmm…Also, I think Ari’s art is pretty awesome!
K make it less obvious next time cow

No. 928873

The thing ari always fails to understand is if she’s working freelance, money is not going to come in the same every week like it did when she had an actual job. She did this same thing when she started selling her snap, people bought it the first week it was out and she thought that was going to be a standard paycheck for her every week.

For someone who ~would never have a 9-5 again she certainly can’t seem to grasp this

No. 928930

File: 1581017865233.jpg (353.12 KB, 1080x1344, Screenshot_20200206-143803_Twi…)

What a psycho. if he can't remember then just keep an eye on the room and take care of your stupid art yourself.

No. 928934

ari stop being a fucking retard and just build a bubble around them. literal first week baby-assed art and design students and even some trades learn this. get a tarp and get crafty, you useless tard. can’t wait to see her improperly cured, full of bubbles garbage resin pours

No. 928938

Exactly! She'll probably blame matt for any imperfections when taking care of her art is her responsibility. She's a disgusting person who puts everything on others rather than owning up to it.

No. 928957

File: 1581023169787.png (2.93 MB, 1242x2208, 540905E5-DFF1-44E5-A844-EA0B5D…)

am i the only one who finds this pricing insane?

No. 928959

I definitely agree. It's insanely overpriced and she calls that "affordable". In Canada it's almost 450.00 which is nauseating.

No. 928961

This one is the worst too. That spider web looks like a five year old child drew it.

No. 928968

Yeah, the price is insane bc the shit is fkn boringggg. Tbh her shit is basic with barely any detail. Adding a shiny coating doesn’t automatically make it super expensive. I don’t understand her logic.

No. 928972

that's gold leaf on the borders i wager, you can get a few sheets for maybe 15 dollars. a 32 ounce tub of clear epoxy resin on amazon costs about 35 dollars. a piece of wood, maybe 20 bucks. i would say 170 dollars is already bordering on a high price for that piece.

No. 928973

Does this bitch really think she’s famous enough that just because her name is attached she can charge 325$ for something that basic and anatomically wonky? Please tell me she can’t think her art is good enough to charge that much. No way.

No. 928974

Definitely way over priced at this point. She doesn’t know when to stop, that’s her biggest fault. $150 was reasonable, yes expensive as shit for poorly done sketches slapped onto a piece of cheap wood, but reasonable. $325 Is pure insanity. I don’t know why she does this, like non of her followers are rich enough people with good jobs to spend that big of a hunk of cash. Does her brain not process how much money that really is?? I really need to know who is buying these.

No. 928976

File: 1581026205489.png (774.2 KB, 640x1136, 278F07F7-DEB6-4262-9747-2CF883…)

She honestly thinks that just because it’s “one of a kind” that it makes It so special. Anyone can make a one of a kind painting.. kek

No. 928977

Hoping y'all realize that the art sperging is going to be the death of this thread.
-Yes it is overly priced.
-Yes she is delusional.
-No one cares about your nitpicky opinions on what is good and bad.
-Art doesn't need to be anatomically correct or true to life.

Can we move on now?

No. 928983

No one cares about your mini-modding either newfag

No. 929010

File: 1581031263267.jpeg (174.53 KB, 1125x615, DDC185DA-EF38-4EBE-B651-5DECFF…)

No. 929012

Shes actually such a stupid individual and that's what drives me the craziest about her. She thinks the new instagram username is a french translation. It's not French at all lmao. It was made up by the english to look edgy.. they took the french word for water "eaux" and added an H. Most, if not all, French people find it SUPER cringy. I know she lurks here, I hope she reads this.
Its constant things like this that make it incredibly hard to give her any credit for anything. Shes a dumbass.

No. 929013

Oh shit Ari spill your tea, I wanna know what DoorMatt does that’s crazy. This is like the first mention by her the DoorMatt has a mental illness hm

No. 929020

Omg you are so cringey for typing this out and sperging so hard, please crawl back under the rock you came from. Have you heard of Cajun slang? Have you heard of louisiana? Geaux Google it. Sure, ariana isn't from there so idk why she's adopting it, but it ain't that deep babe

No. 929021


vous avez l'autisme

No. 929033

Ngl, it's almost funnier to me that her pieces are selling for what they are. Has some of these anons so heated to the point of sperging out. kek.

Ari is an absolute trash person and her face/porn is a horror show, but the art shit ain't that milky. At least it's not another bit of mangy roadkill or something?

Wouldn't surprise me if the dude is just stressing from having her as his SO. I mean, just imagine.

No. 929048

I don’t think our Ol Pal Ari cares about what the French think, no one does. laughs in American

It’s just a horrible IG handle.

No. 929050

You’re a disgusting person. Karma will get you, dumb American douche.

No. 929053

File: 1581039616129.jpeg (11.24 KB, 214x235, download.jpeg)

>Sacre Bleu!!!

No. 929054


at least sage your retardation, frenchfag

No. 929061

K, are you 12? it was meant as a bad joke. No one hates the French, even though you might be changing that. Her handle sucks because it’s cringy, not because her French is grammatically incorrect. Sorry to hurt Le Feelings.

And you’re on an anonymous shit-talking site, maybe don’t bring up karma.

No. 929063


No. 929064

Dkdkffndnejekxjssnsndmd sjsnsidndnsksnsnxnxnxndmdnndndndndndjdkekerjrjdjejejeekekekrkekekeekekekek

No. 929068

All I have to say is “mhmmmmm yeah, yeah, mhmmmmmm, yeah, yeah. Boom boom baaaaaaada. Boom Boom baaaaadaaaaa.”(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 929069

As a french, I apologise for the sorry specimen you encountered above. Ignore them please.

This cow is cringey as fuck. Those blown up lips and botoxed, dramatically-arched brows look almost comical.

No. 929071


No. 929075

Imagine being so self centred that your SO's problems are all about you, you, you…
"My man is mentally sick but omg what about meeeeeeee"

No. 929083

"Omg you're so cringy for typing this" says the one who brought up nothing that corralates to what I said. I dont give a shit about Cajun slang lmao i was talking about the FRENCH language. Nothing in this thread is deep, "babe". I only pointed it out because she was bragging (on twitter) about "jacking the handle by using a french word, heehee haha so clever". As a french person, that was cringy. End of story. So please ignore the "apology" given by the fellow Frenchman. I was speaking in general terms. Not speaking for the ENTIRE french community. "Her handle sucks because its cringy" lol exactly as I said. I also never said anyone hated the damn French. Sit your sanctimonious asses down.
Remember, this shit ain't deep babes.

No. 929089

I deadass thought it said „peel“. Wtf.

No. 929091

JFC that's her birthdate? She looks like she's 40. What a trainwreck.

No. 929093

wow i can’t unsee it

No. 929107

damn bitch get that baguette out of your ass you sound hella pressed

No. 929176

File: 1581060668471.jpg (682.81 KB, 809x1716, Screenshot_20200207-023148_Twi…)

No. 929177

File: 1581060694840.jpg (434.47 KB, 1080x1072, Screenshot_20200207-023159_Twi…)

No. 929257

Omg you are still so cringey for typing this. Who hurt you?

No. 929271

I’m actually not shocked at the price. Resin gets expensive fast before you start turning a profit… but 200 would be more reasonable for sure.

No. 929294

When you charge more to paint a spider than you do to suck a dick ???

No. 929300

Maybe she is better at art than she is at sucking dick kekekek I don’t imagine her being particularly talented at either

No. 929396

Cajuns speak the FRENCH language.

Imagine living in a whole other continent and being this upset about someone's username semantics. I'll pray for you!

No. 929397

File: 1581109291870.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, AD2A377F-DBAC-4BD3-80F8-D321CB…)

She has the weirdest smile it literally looks frozen. Fillers have been/always will DO HER DIRTY. She’s smoking on her instagram right now and it’s nauseating to watch. She can’t even inhale a hit of a joint without doing that weird cough. It doesn’t even seem like she enjoys it? Like many things, she thinks smoking weed is a personality trait.

No. 929412

Those fillers are a massive fail. Her entire face looks swollen and gives her the "pillow face" look. She looks well into her 40s, still shocked she was born in the 90s, very hard to believe.

No. 929424

File: 1581114557453.png (875.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200207-162856.png)

Here comes the crimson chin

No. 929439

Man I fucking hate the french

No. 929567

File: 1581138208933.png (3.68 MB, 750x1334, 1926B07B-2E4F-4CE4-96B4-B43D88…)

Jesus Mary and Joseph…

No. 929569

lmao what is this? an artistic representation of her psoriasis?

No. 929571

doormatt's humiliation fetish confirmed

No. 929585

File: 1581143918847.jpg (7.13 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

she's literally this

No. 929592

for someone who smokes as often as she does, there is NO reason for her to be coughing as much as she does. even going a long time doesn’t make me do that, i coughed like that when i took my first hit lol. she’s probably one of those people that thinks coughing makes it hit harder because of lung surface area expansion, such a myth lol

No. 929594

File: 1581147035454.png (497.76 KB, 663x713, Screenshot_20200207-233010(1).…)

No. 929595

Tbh if probably become insanely depressed if I was dating Ariana. These threads have probably ruined any chance of DoorMatt dating anyone remotely normal … Not to mention the possible HIV infection from VersatileDisease. I'm shocked he hasn't anhero'd yet from all her verbal abuse. Some one as selfish as her would see his depression as an attack on herself or competition in the oppression Olympics.

No. 929784

File: 1581196204562.jpeg (475.66 KB, 1242x1825, 76B29A3D-F306-423B-B2F9-6E0371…)

That caption is so creepy especially with her brothers name on her tit… I wonder why her brother doesn’t get to go on any of the trips? Such a weird family

No. 929793

I read the caption of this post of hers and actively gagged while saying "ew what the fuck!"

No. 929810

She's the definition of trash

No. 929835

No. 929849

File: 1581205671119.jpeg (275.6 KB, 1115x1747, 6A292A94-CE90-49D9-BC32-D5E3FE…)

No. 929858

Why though? Wasn’t the theme of the last trip based around the idea that she was the only “fair skinned, tattooed girl” in the area so every local was yelling the nickname “tattoo” at her. She really just loves to instigate and imply she’s a problematic, misunderstood snowflake. Her grandpa could probably care less what she does with her body especially now with how open she is about her line of work/sexual liberation.

No. 929861

lmao exactly. i doubt her grandpa cares about a tattoo when she’s out here sucking old man dick for starbucks cheese platters.

No. 929888

Yeah they fucking hate you too you retard.

No. 929916

"Over your heart" uhm no bitch that's under your titty. My mom has my name on her heart and its on her chest way above her boob. Ari is insane and gross.

No. 929919

Her grandpa probably is a weirdo perv and only wants her there. The whole family is fucking weird.

No. 929926

Her brother ISN'T dead? Who the fuck gets a tattoo of their living brother's name 'over their heart' anyway?

No. 929934

appalachia incest siblings

No. 929957

yeah like after she got this tattoo she presumably showed her brother, right? yikes

No. 929973

yeah those two are fucking weird…. theyre like those siblings who are really close but theres a weird vibe between them like somethings going on and you get creepy vibes from them. i wouldnt be surprised if theyve had sexual contact as kids, maybe eveb teenagers. shes really obsessed with him, never met anyone in my life who was THAT crazy about their sibling. she knew the tattoo wasnt on her heart but knew that that would be the perfect way to explain it. idk man, i get crazy incestuous vibes from them.

No. 930076

File: 1581276812498.png (3.27 MB, 750x1334, 66326595-7283-4FEF-B870-E6A966…)

Is that a scratch mark on his arm?

No. 930077

File: 1581276862341.png (675.16 KB, 750x1334, E2D3A353-EF00-4488-9D60-8E074B…)

Also, she is so annoying when he tries to sleep. That shit would drive me nuts, just shows how desperate he is.

No. 930080

Looks more like paint/marker to me anon.

No. 930101

It actually looks like new stretch marks based on the placement and shape

No. 930142

File: 1581285192460.png (6.88 MB, 1242x2208, 5BB833BE-3F86-4358-B56A-20A21E…)

Agreed it looks like stretch marks

No. 930163

File: 1581287480937.jpeg (399.98 KB, 1125x1637, 0E8C4035-CAA5-4ABD-8EAE-432A7E…)

No. 930181

sHeS sO qUiRkY that caption fuckin tee hee Ari…

No. 930214

my brain first registered it as some kind of deformed lipstick mark from ari's fucked up sausage lips

No. 930544

Her newest art piece isn’t really selling. Doesn’t look that good tbh. The glitter and everything just doesn’t go.

No. 930563

Do you guys know why she would block people out of nowhere? I've been following her briefly but haven't really engaged in her content or even commented on her shit lol…I'm just kinda confused not salty.(namefag)

No. 930566


I don't believe for a second that anyone actually purchased the last two she claimed to have sold. She has zero ratings on her shop since 2018, no one outside her ultra stans would ever purchase that for the price she's charging and you know she'd be boastfully sharing any purchase pics said stans would be posting if they actually bought them.

No. 930578

she blocked me for liking a negative comment about her on someone else’s post. so… she’s always lurking and blocking.

No. 930581

Yea this chick's problem is that her life is such a fuckup that anytime something actually goes right for one she gets overly excited to the point of overdoing it. Like her rant about "Omgolly if I sell 2 of these week I can pay for gas for school!" Yet she had barely sold one at this point. Go back to your daily chore lists Ari, because at least eating and having shower are attainable goals. lol.

No. 930582

I wonder if Ari has seen a drop of in new followers since once again changing her username to something the typical user would find difficult to spell.

First she puts psoriasis in her user, now versatileheaux? all these years and she still doesn't understand social media marketing. Isn't that her uh, job?

No. 930601

Her follower count has been dropping

No. 930632


Unlikely since karma doesn't exist. I suppose if you haven't observed her actual online behavior and engagement with her followers you might think she isn't that bad. Not to even mention how poorly she treats those close to her. Part and parcel to borderline personality disorder - even if it isn't her fault that she has it, it is her responsibility to seek therapy and be better.

No. 930651

File: 1581384705151.png (6.69 MB, 1242x2208, A1E79660-2BFE-44C3-88B1-6546C2…)

Ick. Wonder if her “psoriasis” will flare up again

No. 930655

File: 1581385610064.jpeg (861.17 KB, 828x1458, 614B73E1-C6FA-40BE-A60A-8EBD36…)

Someone on insta pointed out how red that tattoo looks.

artist claims it’s healed.
But on the comment they say it’s not normal for it to stay red after healing.

I sense a flare up.
No milk today, this will do.

No. 930656

File: 1581385631187.jpeg (133.2 KB, 813x469, B4FB1749-B7B5-417A-90AB-ECA256…)

No. 930664


That post is over a week old. It is normal for a tattoo to have redness around it, abnormal to take a picture before it has completely healed but it is Ariana we are talking about.

No. 930666

Even the artist said it’s not normal, maybe it is a flare flare up? But who knows, it’s been a week.

No. 930667

it already looks like there’s a rash forming all over her stomach but the filter makes it less noticeable

No. 930668

lol I like how she answered this as if this person was talking about themselves and not about her. I'm also betting she will have another flare up and all we'll hear about is how her vacation will be ~ruined

No. 930670

anon they’re saying the tattoos around the fresh tattoo are healed (as well as by different artists) that’s a pic when it was freshly done

No. 930686

sage for no milk.
Different anon.
So the artist is stating the surrounding tattoos are healed, not the one that was just posted? Ok I guess that makes sense.
Just by the initial post I would have assumed they meant the 1gg4 as the healed tattoo also.


She’ll end up documenting the whole thing, so we’ll see

No. 930692

"sAgE fOr No MiLk" says the idiot who doesn't sage

No. 930714

She really doesn't have even the slightest curve to her waist. A literal wood board.

No. 930715

File: 1581396163172.jpg (614.98 KB, 1079x1586, Screenshot_20200210-234328_Ins…)

She's just "that good at makeup" KEK

No. 930716

File: 1581396245594.jpg (1.11 MB, 1078x1920, Screenshot_20200210-234457_Ins…)

She's a monster

No. 930730

Ah look she did her circus makeup for the circus kek. Ik that's not a circus ad or whatever but I first I really thought they were standing in front of a carnival food stand and I was tickled at the thought of her trashy self in such a setting lol

No. 930748

they show up in the sales on her shop, would you suggest she "bought" them herself?

No. 930815

File: 1581425735686.jpeg (413.44 KB, 1242x944, ACED7329-BE0A-44EC-A9FC-1D7E14…)

You can manually mark an item as sold on Depop but I don’t use Etsy so looked it up - and you cannot mark an item as sold, so she really did sell those travesties

No. 930872

File: 1581437055382.jpeg (203.27 KB, 1125x1447, E9E7AA58-F112-43EA-8D23-E63FC2…)

Kek I think she might be fully shadowbanned once again. Tried searching for her from multiple accounts and even if I follow her, her profile doesn’t pop up anywhere until I write in the full handle. Good job, Ariana!

No. 930909

File: 1581442577656.jpeg (194.93 KB, 812x812, 47A64F28-4E86-43BE-A1D1-C35217…)

Flipped the image just to remind Ariana she’s nothing more than a discount Picasso nightmare

No. 931030

File: 1581458173813.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 250.63 KB, 1125x1380, 0806C699-F799-463F-83FD-F4C5BC…)


No. 931051

If you’re gonna do that pose at least clean your fucking feet.

No. 931066

File: 1581460423038.jpg (587.95 KB, 809x1887, Screenshot_20200211-173406_Ins…)

"Trying to fight my liar brain" = trying to prove to everyone how "real" her fake ed is

No. 931075

Or she’s thirst trapping her followers AND begging for pity points cause she isn’t at 70k which makes her feel ugly/fat.

No. 931084

lmao right? there's fucking shit stuck to the bottom of them jfc

No. 931093

File: 1581463070901.jpeg (326.05 KB, 1039x1926, 46554224-48C9-4E41-BE53-6A088A…)

What even is this filter

No. 931101

The way her fake blue eyes kept phasing in and out made me so uncomfortable. This bitch literally never takes a video or picture for her story without a filter on. Can’t believe she ever said she was going to stop KEK

No. 931108

File: 1581464507389.jpeg (205.82 KB, 750x861, 91E526CE-ABB7-49D9-B0FC-1A6E76…)


That’s a big ew from me. Her floors must be filthy for her bare feet to pick up that much dirt.

Also kekking at this interaction on IG. She is such a cunt to her followers “sunscreen exists”. Wow.

No. 931119

She looks like a Thunderbirds puppet here

No. 931125

Hearing her try not to lisp sounds worse than the lisp itself.

No. 931148

File: 1581466950035.png (4.17 MB, 1125x2436, 85B8ADBD-DD01-4781-BF0D-725D29…)

No. 931149

she lurks so fucking hard, she literally said she has “70k followers between instagram and twitter” when anon mentioned she doesn’t have 70k (>>931075) LMAO ari honey you are transparent as fuck!!

No. 931160

kek, anons gotta stop unknowingly helping her dumb ass out by teaching her how instagram works. however, it’ll probably be milky in the coming weeks with her begging people for shoutouts like it’s fucking 2012 and getting triggered when her shadow ban isn’t lifted/she’s not gaining followers. god ari you’re so retarded i love it

No. 931166

Ari plz wash you hair it’s so fucking gross and just a pile of grease on you head. I hate how she doesn’t style it she looks so trashy. Also love how she cakes on makeup and wears lingerie just to lay in her bed… caked in makeup. How fucking sad. She is so vain yet so dirty and doesn’t leave her bed it’s so weird. How are you going to be so obsessed with appearance yet leave your hair an actual mess and never leave the house

No. 931167

Remember when she used to tell people off when they'd ask for shoutouts for free when she was charging $5 a pop???

No. 931169

File: 1581469636947.png (Spoiler Image, 778.66 KB, 750x1334, 9B74C851-9343-4D63-81BA-D25608…)

her attempts at moaning and twerking in this preview she posted on twitter are the clingiest shit.

No. 931173

samefag i meant cringiest not clingiest

No. 931229

File: 1581480323206.jpg (835.24 KB, 1079x1920, Screenshot_20200211-230541_Ins…)

She wants us all to believe she has all this money but can't spend less than 100 bucks on a roaming add on for her expensive new iphone kek

No. 931285

File: 1581496446135.png (432.81 KB, 750x1334, C0F0C5E1-5CA0-4470-A0D4-FC49E9…)

what the fuck? most 25 year olds who are okay with DYING aren’t “living their best life” ari. that’s a weird fuckin way of trying to make the internet haterz think you’re happy. this is so unstable

No. 931290

always trying do hard to prove to strangers how happy she is with her pathetic life. it's really so sad. :(

No. 931330

Is that her prolapsed inner lip or her tongue?

No. 931340

Omg, who the fuck complains about something like that anyway?? Like you’re going on vacation for free to a beautiful destination. Maybe idk, live in the moment? You’ll come home and get to be on your phone 24/7 yet again

No. 931341

I mean yeah her lip flap is horrible but it’s pretty obvious that it’s just her tounge in this photo, anon…

No. 931359

AKA “ I’m terrified of it all falling apart in an instant because nothing seems certain. I’d rather die now than live to see the possibility of it changing. My friends and family even agree this is as good as it’ll get for me.”

No. 931445

Isn’t makeup one of her many versatile skills? She could have at least blocked off the ends of her eyebrows so she doesn’t have 4 eyebrow tails. Hell she may as well have gotten out the glue stick bc this is fucking drag makeup anyway.

I can’t imagine how cakey and bumpy this looks irl. She went IN with the freckles so you know she has a lot of blemishes right now.

No. 931476

I'm sure she does have a lot of blemishes under those freckles because she got a tattoo and caused a "thoriathith" flare up.

No. 931504

File: 1581544594518.jpeg (884.45 KB, 750x1072, FF6DED25-5BDA-44E5-9BD2-4388E2…)

Homeless drug addict look

No. 931510

File: 1581545777709.jpg (434.46 KB, 808x1874, Screenshot_20200212-171715_Twi…)

No. 931511

Finally admitting to aborting what she lovingly called a Gemini demon

No. 931516

Did she ever deny it?

No. 931518

im not sure somebody with actual trauma would be thanking the mindset that trauma causes???

No. 931522

we’re a month and a half into the year there’s still plenty of time for her to have another abortion or overdose or something

No. 931527

File: 1581548909136.jpeg (75.71 KB, 741x336, 9E37F263-DB13-4D5A-B71A-3E862B…)

Yeah now she’s added “make the bed, order sushi and take a bath” to the list. Even that was hard for me to think, making the bed might be stretch. She’s literally the laziest, most uninspiring person I’ve ever seen.

No. 931529

Still don’t get how someone who was raped less than a year ago is excited to go to a similar country as where she was assaulted. Js as someone who suffers from that trauma I get it, she’s never suffered from any side effects or emotionally problems (other than her normal shit) but still makes this serious fucking claim.

It’s something you never get over and effects you so bad I don’t get how she’s just fine with it like???? And posted all that bs on Instagram l

No. 931531

File: 1581549732958.png (3.37 MB, 750x1334, 6555F3B2-2C72-48EB-8468-AA2199…)

Bout as white trash as it gets. Call it a nitpick but cmon, 1st period pizza..?

No. 931533

File: 1581550220325.png (3.26 MB, 750x1334, 72C07384-6A66-47A7-B693-551C3E…)

Hey Scorpiasshole, this is not normal. Your fake empathy is not perceived as virtuous. Being overly “empathetic” comes off as disingenuous bc all your ACTIONS point toward you being a raging cunt. Your FEELINGS actually don’t matter. It’s how you ACT that people judge you by. You can’t convince me otherwise that someone with 12 threads is actually just a misunderstood softy that has experienced trauma. You’re unstable, unhealthy, and weak. Get help.

No. 931540

Idk why she keeps bragging about shitty BPD “empathy.” They take on the emotions of others around them, but they don’t actually know how/why others feel the way they do.

Hasn’t she been getting treatment for her BPD for years? How is she still lack so much insight?

No. 931543

I like how she listed having an abortion after being assaulted to make it seem like her rapist impregnated her instead of her and Doormatt just being dumb and irresponsible.

No. 931560

i noticed that too lol it’s gross

No. 931568

File: 1581560657671.jpg (1.13 MB, 1079x1921, Screenshot_20200212-212503_Ins…)

Her scorpion is missing the tips of it's right legs kek

No. 931580

And why does it only have two right legs and four left legs

No. 931586

If you Google "scorpion drawing" literally every result looks just like what she drew. People who are buying this shit blow my mind. She's always been a scammer, even with her "art"

No. 931591

I thought you were exaggerating but wow she’s literally using this guide from the first result on google images

No. 931626

i think she alway says this kind of stuff because she trying to convince HERSELF of it. others too, but mostly herself. its painfully obvious that she doesn’t believe what she’s saying

No. 931628

File: 1581578963260.jpg (90.31 KB, 489x457, Screenshot_20200213_082901.jpg)

Should have sticked to the guide.
This is bad.

No. 931629

i feel like with everything ari says, you can say the exact opposite and it would be true. she says getting old is “cool” but it’s obvious af that she’s terrified of aging. forget high school her, she IS scared to be that old. once again, the exact opposite of what she says is the real deal

No. 931630

Tbh i hope the vacation is milky or she does something actually interesting soon. These threads have been boring tf out of me recently. Feels like it's barely powdered milk.

No. 931643

She’s believes this would sell yeah? yuck!No colour in it, laughing at any idiot who thinks buying this for $300 is acceptable.

No. 931649

She did color the previous ones though. The picture is probably just a WIP

No. 931650

Been following her before she became a SW because I liked her style at some point and she had some funny IG stories.
Never would have expected that trainwreck that unfolded last year. She seems like a toxic and horrible person. Yet again I cant help to think that there are certain lines crossed when calling someone like her out…she obviously is mentally ill. I am conflicted. She proved again and again that she is prone to act on impulse and I think nobody wants her to be suicidal.

No. 931671

kek it's amazing how much money she spent on surgeries and fillers and when she smiles, her old face completely reveals itself anyways

No. 931676

wtf is going on with the human eyes on it??? She’s done the same eye shape that she wishes she had i.e what the stupid IG story filters give her

No. 931679

File: 1581595656535.jpeg (579.41 KB, 1125x1983, 81802871-F963-4ACD-BABD-30750F…)

It’s not a WIP, she is leaving it uncoloured

No. 931686

File: 1581597893382.jpeg (188.36 KB, 949x750, 8C0D1F55-56E9-4F11-80A0-68FE98…)

But but but….. All her artwork is original and came from her head kekekekek her only “creative” adjustments were the missing legs and the weak excuse for fangs

No. 931701

just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean she doesn’t have “actual trauma”. her life is a fucking domino effect of traumatic events that’s why she acts so insane

No. 931706

how can she look at it and not realise it's missing two legs???

No. 931721

The glitter makes it look so much more amateur.

No. 931730

it's clear she has very little artistic talent, saying it x50 for each shitty "piece" she does contributes nothing

No. 931754

File: 1581614485260.jpg (35.11 KB, 500x500, 6tZ1YEB.jpg)

i know her depop has been discussed but i didn't realize how bad all the clothes were until i went to the page myself.

these shorts are the most egregious pos i could find. her clothes sell so is it pervs buying it or do non psycho women wear this stuff?

No. 931769

File: 1581618029297.jpeg (51.94 KB, 280x222, B2ACAEB5-FE5D-4D93-85BE-AB8D25…)

Deleted photo of these deflated beauties..

No. 931772

It looks like she took actual acrylic paint and painted on skin and lips

No. 931785

yeah why does this look more like a bad acrylic painting than an actual face? kek

No. 931794

Omg this is bad filler placement! Probably site of injection got infected and she had to get some burst out which has left this mark yikes! This is a really bad job bad for “designer fillers”.

No. 931812

File: 1581624170075.jpg (254.62 KB, 1080x815, Screenshot_20200213-150312_Twi…)

Mattcuck and his ugly cheating whore.

No. 931817

Damn now that’s super fucked. It’s a JOB Arianna, way to degrade your man and inappropriately blur boundaries all at once!!!!

No. 931819

File: 1581625187561.jpeg (467.7 KB, 1087x2212, 428FA093-C4AE-4954-97F6-994773…)

No. 931821

Disgusting. It's horrifying that she drives around with mold and cat piss and shit in her car, but it makes sense since she's so disgusting and dirty that her vehicle would be horrid as well. She pretends her life is so damn bougie but it's actual filth. She grew up in filth with her mother and never became a better person or learned from the experience at all.. sad as fuck but I don't pity the dumb bitch. Her poor fucking animals, that's the only thing I feel bad about is them living in squalor.

No. 931826

how is she not dying of embarrassment from having mold in her car? that's pretty gross.

No. 931832

I can see her taking shortcuts more and more frequently just for these quick few hundred bucks. The quality has gone down with each attempt.
Those are the shorts she wore during her foursome vacation with BabyTrash in Seattle.

No. 931866

damn that’s got to be humiliating for Matt

No. 931869

File: 1581633470017.png (2.91 MB, 750x1334, D97DD27B-3BD5-48D3-82B5-42D54B…)

How dirty is her car that this idiot she’s paying is taking this long?

Cackling if she gets scammed

No. 931872

calling them dates implies a personal connection, which by her own metric is cheating, but i’ll tinfoil here and say she’s calling them ‘dates’ because it’s nicer than saying she’s getting railed by desperate paying OAPs

No. 931887

Yeah she is all around stupid anyways. She shouldn’t be blasting her prostitution adventures all over social media. She doesn’t even get clients from twitter. no one should even know she does this shit, she has no good reason to over share all her dirty secrets. She’s not even depicting a convincing way to be a sex work she’s just oversharing every gross detail of her life. No ones jealous of this sad bitch, it’s crazy she can’t keep her own trap shut.

No. 931890

File: 1581637684311.jpg (456.21 KB, 1079x1551, Screenshot_20200213-184903_Twi…)

No. 931892

File: 1581638121302.jpg (384.36 KB, 1080x1351, Screenshot_20200213-185609_Twi…)

If she was ashamed why would she post it? She's insane

No. 931893

uhhh when a professional says something like that you don't laugh about it. that's straight embarrassing.

No. 931900


>haven't cleaned it in four years

four years isn't enough time for a normal person to destroy a car like that, she is gnarly.

No. 931907

Additional tinfoil, but I don't think she's just saying that to be cute– her johns read her twitter and she knows her entire garbage clientele wants to feel like they're dating her instead of throwing money at some random loser. That's why she says shit like "any cute boys wanna take me on an online dinner date?" when she's really just begging for money to buy sushi and has zero desire to interact with them. Ariana is willing to soothe their egos and make them feel like ballers at the expense of her own "soulmate", pretending to feel empowered when she's 100% at their mercy. That's probably why plays up her imaginary eating disorder when she knows full well it's dollar store Jeff Blumberg who told her to lose weight. What a genuinely sad existence

No. 931914

Jeff Blumberg

No. 931925

lmfao i’m dead

No. 931947

File: 1581651883251.png (4.32 MB, 1242x2208, 3E6D3177-8F7C-4C0C-A279-892E0D…)

Doing her art in the bathroom is kind of gross if you think about the bathroom particles drying with the resin lmao

No. 931953

Wtf are those stars

No. 931974

File: 1581662829598.jpeg (123.18 KB, 1124x833, E093D887-483E-4035-A3B1-CF3372…)

Lmao she changed her profile on ig. “Companion” bitch to who? You’re insufferable just via the internet. No John spends more than an hour with her. She “works” twice a month in between her std rash outbreaks

No. 931991

Ok, I actually thought this was cute at first but the halfassed stars and poorly applied glitter totally ruined it. Its not even good enough to sell as a b-grade item.

No. 931992

File: 1581669169428.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x1638, 8B876E82-B8A6-4F2E-8A76-4FD2C5…)

It sold … because people are stupid

No. 931994

Did you see how much it went for?

No. 931996

File: 1581671249493.png (2.5 MB, 750x1334, 2F1CAC32-D9E4-41FB-8530-76ECC2…)

Looks like she decided to go red after all. All that bleaching just to dye it a color that’s extremely hard to remove. Yikes.

No. 932000

No. 932011

That thing is missing its two right legs, someone please tell me where the other two legs went? Why the fuck didn't she add them, i'm seriously baffled by her decision to not draw them in.
Paying full price for A crippled scorpion missing two legs. People really are retarded.

No. 932029

All that bleaching just to dye it the same color it was before she bleached it this girl is a constant manic episode

No. 932037

File: 1581690173257.png (1.04 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200214-072219.png)

Babytrash's jacket but she wouldn't admit that

No. 932038

didn’t she just steal a bunch of stuff from michael’s like recently?

No. 932050

File: 1581692921949.jpeg (620.27 KB, 2048x2048, 42F6D949-59DB-41BF-B2F6-A5F096…)

September 2019 to today in 2020. What a waste of healthy, virgin hair..

No. 932055

A tiger can’t change its stripes. She will literally never change. Are we really surprised at this point?

No. 932072

File: 1581696237608.jpeg (406.83 KB, 1125x1975, 63DD0F4D-AAA6-4936-8F8D-FE196C…)

Looking like a clown again

No. 932085

File: 1581697333596.jpeg (108.72 KB, 1114x655, 3930F2B6-5E20-42FF-B02F-4232AF…)

Companion is censored now kek

No. 932107

She said she took one of those metal straw cleaners out of a pack and told the cashier she just found it laying around and the cashier let her take it. Don’t know why someone who brags about how much money they make would need to steal something so small. It makes no sense.

No. 932130

She is the poster child for mania. Sad she is too self absorbed with her fake online persona and doesn’t take time to reflect on who she really is and make the changes she needs to truly thrive, not just accomplish one thing and brag online. I just can’t believe she thinks she is smarter than actual doctors bc she takes 30 mins to google what she thinks she has and diagnose herself

No. 932141

File: 1581707298858.jpeg (351.54 KB, 1018x2002, 441D942A-3D0D-4B76-BD65-B7192B…)

How does someone so obsessed with their appearance go out in public looking like this

No. 932144

The amount of makeup she cakes on her face genuinely makes me sad. And the over lining of the already over filled lips ugh

No. 932147

File: 1581708682603.jpeg (682.5 KB, 1242x1775, E442B7F2-ECB5-40B4-913A-3B741D…)

Says she spent “hours on end” kekekek waiting for the resin to dry doesn’t count ya twat

No. 932148

Same fag- I would be so embarrassed to admit if I spent hours “slaving away“ on something that still looks so sub par.

No. 932152

whoever bought this is an absolute cuck

No. 932155

Does anyone know her actual birthday? I remember it's October something but can't find in previous threads the day.

Confused why she didn't give it the other legs on the left, it looks really off balance

No. 932160


she didn't make the scorpion small enough, that is why it does not fit or have an equal amount of legs. There is no perspective in this piece. That is why it looks off

No. 932183

October 24th

No. 932206

File: 1581718432402.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 316.39 KB, 750x715, 7606CBCB-2CEB-4754-A4C2-713F26…)

Sage cause probably a joke, but like please get your bowels checked

No. 932207

Samefag, didn’t mean to spoiler it

No. 932215

File: 1581720215991.jpg (122.11 KB, 1079x548, Screenshot_20200214-174405_One…)

She probably used laxatives for today's plans.

No. 932219

File: 1581720817415.jpeg (211.03 KB, 1125x1555, 80C6C077-3616-42A1-B96C-6727F7…)

the secondhand embarrassment of this clown dancing is real

No. 932227

the way you can SEE her lisp when she’s lipsyncing is horrible, it makes me so fucking uncomfortable

No. 932228

File: 1581721975136.jpg (930.15 KB, 1079x1921, Screenshot_20200214-181343_Ins…)

No. 932238

Kek this dumb ass bitch don’t look sexy AT ALL doing these awkward booty pops

No. 932241

File: 1581723664775.png (3.31 MB, 828x1792, 8B7037EE-A3F7-4B5B-9362-0994D2…)

What is that sticking out of her coochie

No. 932259

File: 1581725268242.jpeg (144.17 KB, 750x1112, F5BF2F1B-152C-4D3B-9C79-96E513…)

She is literally dances like a plank

No. 932260

Also, that’s called confirmation bias. Literally googling any disease will convince you that you have it. How does she not know this? That’s why seeing the doctor is important bc it’s an unbiased professional opinion. She’s such a pinhead.

No. 932261

Either a tag, hygiene strip that they put on in the store for trying on, or a tampon. Probably the latter

No. 932286

File: 1581729611112.jpeg (118.21 KB, 742x578, CF72C565-F041-40AE-9AB6-76A5CA…)

…whatever helps you cope with your unambitious, poor life choices. Loser.

Bet a 100k a year income sounds like a scam too. Lol.

No. 932301


And she’s staring at herself the entire video. Very attractive and natural!

No. 932324

File: 1581738143510.jpg (636.59 KB, 1079x1920, Screenshot_20200214-224316_Ins…)

That armhair tho

No. 932332

it’s weird as fuck that she thinks people will be excited that she’s using their money for gas to school, unless she keeps saying that to cover her ass so when she spends all that money on weed and her FaT gRaPhS she can have another pity party excused

No. 932339

Normally thatd be an unfair nitpick but she alters her appearance so extremely it's weird she's cool with body hair

No. 932340

she posted on her story that her uber driver saw her, drove by and canceled after seeing her probably because she "looked like a whooore" lmao. then she ordered another one and explained to the driver what happened. she said that it was probably because of her hair??? i live in philly and have never had an uber cancel on me because of my hair color (which is literally the same color she just slopped on and i'm pissed about it but whatev lol) so yeah maybe it is because you're a whore. not saying it makes it right buuuuut perhaps they sensed that you were one of those mean, vile, stank ass whores. you live in kensington girl. good night

No. 932353

It’s still a dumb nitpick, sorry.
Who gives a duck about arm hair, truly?

No. 932367

File: 1581754382957.jpg (523.54 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20200215_001314.jpg)

No. 932368

I bought a fucking dress from her on depop before I found this place, and fuck, now I’m so worried about getting a disease from this bitch

No. 932379

File: 1581758376280.gif (5.84 MB, 400x225, 0DE30131-B2BB-4B59-B4E8-694687…)

lmao how was she a stripper? she looked like a worm wiggling around

No. 932382

It's much cooler to have debts because of shitty plastic surgery done, then paying credit cards off with shame inducing "porn", whoring yourself out, hurting your loved ones than having actual goals, go to university/school and learn an actual profession. SHE'S GOT IT ALL FIGRUED OUT/s

No. 932389

What are all of those black smears and smudges on her face?

No. 932417

"Y'all got scammed" Ari believe it or not some people wanna be doctors or architects or engineers or literally anything that isn't a prostitute…

No. 932438

ok so some people do wear her ugly ass skank clothing kek. you bought a prostitute's clothes. did you really think they would be clean?

No. 932445

File: 1581780967585.jpeg (147.57 KB, 1242x354, 1E345900-0BF7-4513-9E16-B583C9…)

This is so disgusting…does anyone know who she is referring to? Did she have a “dick appointment” and then come home and have anal sex with Matt?

No. 932458

we all know she didn’t use protection with either of them. disgusting!

No. 932459

This stupid bitch is going to get HIV if she doesn’t have it already

No. 932462

Read the past boards- she probably already has it kek

No. 932467

File: 1581786329872.jpeg (154.26 KB, 750x389, 03CD4F01-17B6-4CAF-A0AD-E6AC95…)

We don’t even need an armchair, this tweet is fucked up…

No. 932468

File: 1581786375165.jpeg (132.88 KB, 822x713, FC7B1D1C-3E10-48C7-B89E-77F009…)

This wreaks of sexual abuse from her father. What dad makes their daughter dress up in different outfits FOR them? And to bring it up after talking about her SD??

No. 932474

I’m curious about that experience. Was it packaged nicely? Did it smell freshly washed? Was there a handwritten note? I just envision a soggy box showing up on your doorstep with smelly clothing balled up inside.

No. 932475


i literally retched what the fuck ariana

it’s so weird to bring up childhood memories of your father while talking about fucking sex work

what the actual fuck is wrong with her???

No. 932490

File: 1581791895934.jpg (293.05 KB, 1080x701, Screenshot_20200215-133849_Twi…)

Ari your uber is here

No. 932491

File: 1581792018057.jpg (304.86 KB, 1080x991, Screenshot_20200215-134111_Twi…)

We see you lurking pnp

No. 932496

She has to be on something again. No dick appt and fake confidence (the awkward dancing etc) without drugs xd

No. 932501

Arianna some people “hate” on you because you are supporting things like sex trafficking with your prostitution and pornsick abuse with your weird homemade videos. You’re also making the teenage girls who follow you devalue their bodies and view themselves as objects and commodities. You’re pushing industries harmful and degrading to all woman you stupid fuck, you are literally abusing yourself all day there’s no way you’re genuinely happy

No. 932511

Bipolar fag here, it also reeks of manic episode

No. 932515

People who are genuinely happy and content with their life do not sperg about all their mistakes and bad choices online on multiple accounts, trying to turn it around that they are thriving and successful. Only losers live on the internet. This girl's profile is a warning sign.

No. 932532

different bipolar fag here, it’s definitely a full blown manic episode. it’s nuts to watch her spiral into it so deep too, she is text book delusional. the mania is strong

No. 932545

Sounds like the “two weiners” were her SD and then Matt I’m guessing. Utterly vile that she blurs both of them together in that way, don’t know how Matt can be comfortable with that

No. 932547

File: 1581802743606.jpeg (365 KB, 1242x718, D74CFF4F-8BC9-4C53-8C3A-CFC0DA…)

Disturbing that she posted these two tweets together

No. 932575

File: 1581809055859.png (131.94 KB, 750x1334, 21E19928-A84B-49FB-87ED-37B3FD…)

didn’t she literally go on a tangent a couple months ago about how a lot of people only claim transgender as a “trend”? and that they’re hopping on a bandwagon? and she got a ton of hate for it on twitter lol she can never keep her opinions/values straight

No. 932583

Lmaaaaooo I read that tweet too and died. If she doesn’t see herself as a woman why the fuck did she get huge fake boobs????

No. 932584

This reads more as a “not like other girls” humblebrag

No. 932591

it’s definitely a brag. just saying it’s ironic she would say this even tho a couple months ago she was basically bashing the entire topic

No. 932597

well that's funny considering she looks so much like a man in drag

No. 932612

Well that’s ironic considering the mass amounts off FFS shes gotten.

No. 932642

File: 1581819667548.jpeg (1017.86 KB, 1125x1597, E707222B-2321-4F9F-8343-37AD95…)

And yet she referred to herself as ”she” yesterday… Ok

No. 932645

a lot of times, excessive hair growth on arms can be indicative of lack of nutrients, found often in people with ED’s

No. 932661

Shes spamming memories from 2018 on her story and it's weird cause she doesn't have that creepy second lip thing when she smiles. She went so overboard on fillers she should have stopped increasing the amount in her lips so long ago.

No. 932668

File: 1581825771649.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1125x1487, EE6ED234-6296-4039-9041-3A9A09…)

ariana your penis is showing

No. 932671

She has a normal amount of hair on her arms. Lanugo has no pigment and is caused by very low body fat % Ari looks maybe bordering on underweight but probably has a relatively high bf % ratio because she has no muscle tone and eats crap. Ari doesn’t have an ED she just uses “I feel so fat” comments to fish for compliments and justify her indulging in her high fat, high sugar diet.

No. 932672

I don’t have an issue with people leaving their hair however they please, but there is something just kinda grody about her arm hair in particular for some reason, I’ve always thought that. As the other anon mentioned, for someone who is so obsessed with her image it’s it’s surprising she’s not more weird about her body hair. (And not saying body hair = being dirty).

No. 932676

OOP, how telling. what a dumb bitch.

No. 932697

That’s literally a buttcheek

No. 932698

File: 1581832256110.png (3.07 MB, 1242x2208, 5279CD1E-04F1-49F2-95E2-27A059…)

No. 932699

File: 1581832319942.png (1.53 MB, 1242x2208, 5018A434-6A7B-4658-AFDD-F78447…)

No. 932706

She's literally only posting the fashion throwbacks bc baby trash posted once lmao

No. 932707


She posted one on her story earlier

No. 932708

File: 1581834990679.jpeg (29.69 KB, 480x360, 7A01CA71-7D31-43CC-ADC5-46F52A…)


No. 932716

I honestly think it’s because her arms just look… dirty idk. Like she never truly looks clean.

No. 932761

File: 1581866024003.png (990.09 KB, 750x1334, 63BFEB0C-DBC7-4A87-99C6-2620A9…)

If you’re gonna stick your tongue out in a video, fucking brush it first(emoji)

No. 932779

File: 1581872407968.png (711.66 KB, 960x540, Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 17.5…)

sort of OT but i feel like this sort of popular instagrammer/youtuber (that i'm not going to name in case ariana's fantards harass her) is EXACTLY how ariana wishes she looked like naturally. they have similar bone structure except this girl is actually pretty

No. 932785

idk who this is but she looks just as backwoods hillbilly as ariana

No. 932791

i don't know much about her but she's way, way younger than ari and as far as i can tell not even 5% as fucked in the head

No. 932811

Who fucking cares faggot stop self posting

No. 932812

don't start with the schizophrenic self posting accusations, you sound like a salty cow

No. 932822

nta but it reeks of a self-post just based on expecting us to know who this nobody is kek

No. 932823

File: 1581883778033.jpeg (457.63 KB, 604x915, 6656AD01-54D7-4363-BC9E-1C1321…)


No. 932825

File: 1581884009332.jpg (846.58 KB, 1079x1920, Screenshot_20200216-151425_Ins…)

No. 932826

File: 1581884143397.jpg (867.06 KB, 1079x1582, Screenshot_20200216-151408_Ins…)

No. 932827

i wasn't many people or honestly anyone to know her lol i just said i wasn't going to name her in case people wanted to harass her. maybe i wasn't so far off given the amount of crazy any time someone other than ari is mentioned or, god forbid, compared to her. i just observed how they look alike, that's it.
just end this weird projecting here because it wasn't that deep in the first place.

No. 932828

janet from the dmv on her way to the lynyrd skynyrd cover band at the local bar

No. 932897

File: 1581904277255.png (4.88 MB, 1125x2436, E96D1A69-CED5-486B-A4E1-2C3EF5…)

What is going on in this room behind her? It looks like where she pushes all of her clutter out of her way so she can try to take decent pictures even though there’s always a dog toy by her gremlin foot

No. 932904

lol yeah she pushed her hoard into the other room but forgot to crop it

No. 932916

File: 1581907627224.png (3.85 MB, 750x1334, 94A00F4F-C16A-478F-B8E5-9602C0…)

Wait, I thought he was going with her… this is going to be fuckin milky.

No. 932930

Watch Matt move all her things out of their flat into a storage unit while she's gone. Kek

No. 932963


Also she blamed the rape on matt not watching out for her. Who's going to watch her when she gets blackout drunk this time?

No. 932971

Her grandpa!

No. 932973

Of course, knowing her weird family dynamic he'd be filming it!

No. 932974

She absolutely looks more unstable than usual today.

No. 933003

That’s a bum check nonce

No. 933052

File: 1581946421941.jpeg (48.23 KB, 750x245, F9742B7F-7B31-4746-A6AD-596CF8…)


She originally planned to..

(October refers to her being excited when they were gonna move out, and there hasn’t been any trips since the last one where she was assaulted, so this tweet is definitely referring to this trip)

No. 933053

File: 1581946486361.jpeg (86.08 KB, 750x341, FC807E1B-D100-48AA-85E9-F3E52C…)

samefagging but yes this will be milky

No. 933058

File: 1581947197082.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 47.46 KB, 854x480, 4F0FB2BB-F469-4BD6-99CD-3C0CF8…)

Jesus christ. Spoiled pic is her spread eagle with a fully gaped asshole. Its the first thing you see when you go to her manyfans page. Barf. Like, why isn’t the fucking “money shot” behind a paywall? We all suspect her brother and dad know her sex work socials too…

No. 933060

File: 1581947585206.jpeg (65.92 KB, 743x298, 18420FB8-76C6-4E74-B9CF-1B729B…)


Sorry meant manyvids* here’s another lulsy tweet for my fuckup about her current vacation. Thanks Grandpa for helping me be a whore with a random man out of country! Keepin’ her real safe there Matt and Gramps!

Can I say Matt seemed on edge in her IG stories on the car ride where shes singing “going on a trip and gonna suck some dick!” than kisses up to him.

No. 933064

lmao her "multimillionaire" grandpa prob couldn't afford to take them both, and ari and matt can't afford his ticket plus the boarding for their multiple pets.

No. 933067

True. They don’t have a roommate to stay at home this time.

No. 933102

This is full horror cow

No. 933114

Wait, she’s got a dick apt on her vacation?

No. 933160

File: 1581973534908.jpeg (64.57 KB, 750x848, 3E15998E-5F97-4ED7-A5DD-A537B0…)

When did she delete her twitter?

No. 933165

She's rebranding. It's @versatileheaux now.

No. 933176

read the thread before posting

No. 933230

Medfag here but those hemmeroids are nasty

No. 933232

I assumed she was talking about sucking Matt's dick until realizing he's not going. Who's dick she suckin, grandpas? Kek

No. 933235

I sage for tinfoil but this “vacation” is a work trip with a client(namefag)

No. 933249

She has one of the ugliest coochies I’ve ever seen. Disgusting. Also no wonder she has shit problems, with that spread asshole.
Combined with her unfortunate and unsexy face this is truly a grim image.

No. 933256

File: 1581990058103.jpeg (320.34 KB, 1125x549, FA5F1B02-5248-406A-A0E2-FF3DA3…)

She’s not a girl now? Lol.

No. 933257

it’s from shoving dry dirty dildos up her ass lmao disgusting

No. 933265

this is a nitpick but i love how before she moved into this apartment she talked nonstop about how excited she was to decorate and finally have a place that felt like home and here she is months later…walls bare, shit still in bags like she hasn’t unpacked, everything thrown haphazardly into a pile & shoved into a closet. literally the only “decorations” she’s put up has been those cheap ass curtains

No. 933268

Sage but can anyone tell me her ethnic background? New to this cow, her befores strongly remind me of the lesser attractive Eastern European/Jewish/Armenian girls I knew as a kid

No. 933271

Kek and how she has those stupid lights that are wrapped around the industrial vents. It’s just strewn up with an extension cord. Can totally tell this cow has no home making abilities and grew up in motel rooms

No. 933272

Her last name is Scottish and her moms is French. She is 100% Appalachian hill billy though

No. 933273

jesus christ type sage in the email and stop bumping this thread with your nitpicks

No. 933274

read the thread before posting, this has been discussed

No. 933288

Why do people tattoo dots under their fingernails? I see this often on Instagram. Does it have some significant meaning?

No. 933289

I think it’s people that think they’re being unique and different but in reality they’re all just subconsciously copying each other. Tbh I don’t know why you would ever want to do that bc it adds no aesthetic value unless you like black blobs that bleed immediately . Maybe it’s just broke bitches that can’t afford actual art but want the edgy look of hand tattoos?

No. 933299

eh realistically they’re her least offensive tattoos. she should’ve stuck with small shit like that, instead now she’s got “Igg4” (kek) and that god awful seppuku stick figure lady that got mad infected with her rash. all her big tattoos are a damn travesty.

No. 933301

Don’t forget her brother’s name on her tit, poor Matt, cucked again by incest.

No. 933302

I did and I missed it anyway. Shit happens, can't dedicate my entire life to this cow kek

Thanks anon

No. 933310

File: 1582015457119.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 327.51 KB, 1242x1840, 436F70C1-0BCE-422F-BFD8-81C5A5…)

shes sooo bothered by this website and the fact that she can’t attempt to tear us down. THATS why people make blanks ari, you’re a scary narcissistic sociopath who will dox, make up lies and of course, go after their appearance (because you’re so shallow that you think that everyone is hurt by jabs at their appearance. unfortunately it’s not the most important thing to a lot of people like it is to you, you absolute wanker).

i wonder if she ever wonders why she has so many people who hate her or if she truly believes they’re all “just jealous”? she is in such hard denial that her soul is literally rotten to the core. no class, no grace, no intelligence, no manners, no future, no education, rude af, mean to the max, and the type of appearance that makes men’s dicks recoil up inside themselves because its so obvious just from how she looks that she’s insanely insecure and crazy. its truly ironic that in her pursuit of perfect beauty she became a monster.

i just really hope she never reproduces. her bloodline needs to die with her because i have no doubt she’d fuck any child she had just as much as her mother and father fucked her up. she’d probably be abusive too, i could totally see her shaking her baby.

the type of bullying she’s gone through her entire life will never stop, because she will never stop being an evil person. also for someone who “doesn’t care” so much, she sure never shuts up about her “haters” and “stalkers”. its obvious it eats her up inside.

No. 933315

she does not look eastern european at all you dip. and learn to sage newfag

No. 933317

i hope he finally cheats on her stupid old dude dick suckin ass

No. 933330

File: 1582026374767.jpeg (340.07 KB, 2048x2048, 1BC5E215-C139-46BD-BD1B-57C885…)

Lmao did that anon strike a nerve, EE-chan? She definitely used to look like a Romanian mail order bride.

No. 933362

Why is her head so big compared to her body? And look at the size of those nostrils. Has she been flaring those open wide for dick too? Could fit a few dicks in there lmao
Oh god, she really does look mtf.

No. 933371

lol you obviously don't know a thing about eastern euro phenotypes. she looks like every other ugly american mutt. and if you want to talk about her "witch face", that's based on jewish caricatures, not eastern euro.

No. 933377


god, can you guys shut the fuck up?

it's crazy that even with a boob job, her profile has NO shape what so ever.

No. 933419

File: 1582049149671.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, 066C40AD-1D01-41F2-84C3-472AD1…)

can’t wait for the milk flow lol, I bet she will go nuts after a few days „by herself“.

No. 933438

File: 1582053724081.jpeg (292.33 KB, 828x1278, 09DECF7B-5269-4CBF-91E0-0C2F88…)

Deleted content.

No. 933469

bitch that's a filter and we all know it

No. 933490

File: 1582064126372.jpg (967.36 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200218-141403_Ins…)


No. 933493

You obviously don’t understand what this thread is about if you’re posting something unrelated to Ariana.

But this is pretty funny and I can’t tell if cotted is joking or not..because her thumb looks crazy, but i can’t see any warping around it.

No. 933513

The card the earrings are on is clearly warped on the bottom left

No. 933517

She's a "friend" of aris that came here to white knight. The same "friend" that Ari offered her rat infested and shit smeared basement too

No. 933518

lmao have you even read any of the past threads?

No. 933533

She has to be trolling. I just screenshot so many shots of her thumbs lol ….she trollin

No. 933540

Ari’s reminding me more of Shayna with each passing day

No. 933543

This is not a cotted thread. She's a boring attention whore who has a history of self posting in these threads. Move along.

No. 933602

agreed. she def looks romanian before she botched her shit up to look like…..that. tbh the scottish/irish/french mix explains so much. take that how y'all will

lots of eastern european women look like this though. my EE friend looks almost identical to her here. Ari's 'witch face' (nose specifically) absolutely resemble that of a 'gypsy's' more than a jewish caricature i think but whatev(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 933615

This is literally the dumbest shit. What is the point in hypothesizing ariana's genetics over the span of two days. No one cares what you think she looks like, nor do they care about your friend

No. 933622

damn…because it was brought up? don't see why you're so heated up over just this one little thing. this is a fucking gossip site. everybody just adds their two cents here so it's really whatever(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 933689

Yes I’ve read every thread. That’s why i know they’re about Ariana and not cotted. Thanks!

No. 933865

File: 1582154319136.png (4.28 MB, 750x1334, 07703ABE-5001-4C30-95DB-43306A…)

Add this to Ari’s list of things that she says happened but in fact, didn’t.

No. 933866


She’s baiting matt with this. Little does he know he’s free to do whatever the fuck he wants for 2 weeks. Be careful playing your little games Ari, especially when you’re not there to just spread your legs and make things “better again”

No. 933899

I have never seen an adult this obsessed with proving herself to people from high school. Ariana, they can Google you and read these threads to have a good laugh, then they'll go back to their real lives and forget you existed again. No one is jealous of your vacation. South American and carribean vacations are dirt cheap.
Also, how sad is it that she always needs to brag that men hit on her?? It happens to almost every girl on this earth, it's sad that she thinks she's special

No. 933904

Just looked at her stories, the tour guide looks like every creepy guy who hits on tourists at every resort ive been to kek

No. 933907

he’s only hitting on her like that because he thinks she a dumb american whore who is his ticket to a green card coz she seems stupid and desperate enough to go for it. in this case he would be correct about his assumptions though.

No. 933910

File: 1582159533844.jpeg (206.18 KB, 750x1071, BBC75BB8-7B09-49FF-89D4-7E41AF…)


Thats a hilarious point anon. A new thread will be made with @versatileheaux in the title that will being up all these threads and other sites archiving all her fucked up behavior, animal abuse, filth and hemmeroid’d gaped anus and she’lll be living up to everything they thought she’d be. Its hilarious how she thinks she’s anything to envy’d.

Added an-old pic of her calling her mom a monster to her IG back when she had a decent following, to make up for my shit post. She’s actually a piece of shit

No. 933937

Wasn’t she bragging about compliments like this right before she was raped on her last vacation?

No. 933962

Exactly. She’s acts like she’s vacationing in Monaco or Dubai. Bitch, you’re in a third world country on your grandpas dime.

No. 933974

File: 1582165602703.jpg (227.75 KB, 807x556, Screenshot_20200219-212630_Twi…)

No. 933975

File: 1582165632894.jpg (151.35 KB, 900x900, IMG_20200219_212615.jpg)

She claims she doesn't edit her pics but in this one her under eye bags are awful kek(Repost)

No. 933977

Yep. Here's the old thread for anyone wanting a refresher on the last trip, including screenshots of blaming matt for the rape

No. 933996

I can't believe this dumbfuck stayed with her after blaming him for something like that. There's no one to blame here but the rapist.

No. 934126

File: 1582200497860.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1715, 6DC801B3-2280-4C51-BCCA-C0ADA8…)

Saw this from the SW that went viral and made me think of PNP… with all the googling she does how has ari not associated what she’s even going thru w her bolt ins??? how has she still not gone to a doctor???(offtopic)

No. 934132

Because of the timeline dumbass

No. 934175

oh great it’s the return of ‘breast implant illness’ anon, please just leave

No. 934181

File: 1582215523101.png (3.82 MB, 750x1334, 1B135EE9-9609-40C4-B3E8-0CBEF0…)

This lipstick makes her lips look like a literal prolapsed anus

No. 934182

her lips really are so fucking terrible now and that hair is doing her no favors

No. 934208

They were always terrible when they were filled.

No. 934239

No. 934243

File: 1582224087294.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 652.93 KB, 1242x922, FBED5718-102C-4C9A-9A60-F80C75…)


No. 934249

File: 1582224798298.png (1.69 MB, 1620x2160, F09E7087-DA0E-47CE-A9D0-2776C6…)

when you think you’re special

No. 934256

lil b dm'd her for pics……. riiiiiight. probably for a laugh, he wants to know how horrible her bolt on tits look

No. 934258

Lil B dms every insta thot, she ain't special. Just like the ghoste DM that nothing ever came about from it

No. 934263

File: 1582226632148.png (3.77 MB, 750x1334, C1184422-2E36-47B2-AF8E-AFC44E…)

She rly thinks she’s special bc the creeps who hit on every American female that they encounter are hitting on her AND ITS BC OF HER TATTOOS AND BRIGHT HAIR HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OK ARI

Literally they hit on EVERY ONE.

No. 934268

Looks like her spots are permanent.

No. 934273

File: 1582227786396.jpeg (114.26 KB, 749x491, 6DC86C0B-0DE2-4E09-9FB2-6F9CD4…)

Not to mention…

No. 934285

She means people native to the area. What's the problem.

No. 934293

ummm ariana welcome to 2012. lil b has been doing this for ages with nobodies…

No. 934294

ARIANA HAVE YOU EVER SEEN 90 DAY FIANCE?? any American is attractive to people in third world countries. Literally any. She's so completely stupid and deprived of attention, I really can't grasp how she can brag about this

No. 934301

Where I’m from, saying that would reveal a lot about your mindset. Maybe lost in translation.

No. 934306

Who the fuck is Lil B kek. Weird flex

No. 934324

i think it sounds weird too, especially with her whole thing about how they love her sooooo much bc there's totally no one who looks like her there. condescending as shit imho

No. 934328

Isn’t this extra weird of her to say considering that last time she was there one of the locals raped her??

No. 934337

I thought the same thing lol

No. 934354

Yep. Exactly that.

No. 934370

Watch her sell him pics, tho…

No. 934373

File: 1582236633905.jpg (282.42 KB, 1080x1036, Screenshot_20200220-170948_Twi…)

Why would someone who's been raped before want to roleplay being raped?

No. 934375

jesus christ. and she makes it sound as crude and disgusting as possible on top of that.

No. 934379

This is so nasty, esp for a supposed rape victim

No. 934380

Lil B is a rapper who is basically a lolcow to 4chan /mu/ users. He made a song called Wonton Soup back in 2010 that had it's own "cooking" dance and all of his other songs are just him mostly repeating the same phrase and a backing track where his mic audio clips the entire time. His other antics are from his Twitter, where he'll either re-post photos of fans who write "I love Lil B" on their bodies, re-post foot fetish photos, or make his own "memes" where it's a random picture with the words "Thank You Based God" on it.
He's mostly irrelevant now.

No. 934382


Actually a lot of girls do stuff like that to cope I guess? Idk it's weird af I don't really get it, but a lot of the people whoa re into that kinda thing have been sexually abused in their past.

No. 934384

within less than a year tho? that's a really recent trauma

No. 934386


That's true, but we all know that she was posting half naked pictures and her boobs right after it happened.

No. 934394

File: 1582239111492.png (4.54 MB, 1125x2436, 1551480061276.png)

This was posted literally the night after…

No. 934397

File: 1582239180599.jpg (1.11 MB, 1564x1564, 1550857445972.jpg)

She's sooooo proud of this, she's mimicking her last trip. Pic from last time

No. 934405

File: 1582239720245.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, 0A4235E1-67E0-4559-A37F-2C4566…)


It’s sad how she’s on vacation with her family and all she can concentrate on is how she looks to others. Like, put the fucking phone down and spend some quality time with your grandpa who paid for this trip and who will probably die soon. All she cares about is flexing on her socials and trying to make DoorMatt jealous. Old cap of her being a cunt for nomilk.

No. 934407

it’s an old post, sage and read

No. 934409

$70k a year but begging for sushi and starbucks? doubt

No. 934411

It's so sad how she keeps going on about being hit on, not just on this trip but all the fucking time. I'm not even here to call her ugly, it's just legitimately sad to see someone with such an empty life and zero self worth

No. 934421


All she cares about is being validated by men. She has some serious daddy issues as evidenced in this thread. The only time she feels pretty and comfortable with her looks is when guys treat her like an object, it’s pretty sad.

No. 934423

File: 1582241669131.jpeg (261.94 KB, 1074x1997, B5F09123-4129-4C00-898F-B302A0…)

She stays lurking even on holiday

No. 934426

She wishes she looked like that.

No. 934429

She looks like a rubber Halloween mask of this girl

No. 934438

I still have a hard time believing she was ever assaulted but than I also can see how it did happen and how she’s gotten more fucked up since than. But she could also just be more of a whore because she’s older, couldn’t stand her old job etc. it’s just so difficult to understand how she basically live streamed her own rape and posted nudes afterwards.

No. 934439

she has to try and convince everyone she looks like a 19 year old girl cause she hates that everyone realizes she looks a botched 45 year old prostitute with 3 kids in state custody at her best lmao

No. 934447

She claims she was completely blacked out and pieced it together. She doesn’t even remember it . So maybe the “idea” of it is traumatic to her, but it’s not like a violent vivid memory for her. So maybe that’s why she’s able to rape-fetish

No. 934454

Honestly you know she dyed her hair Devil-dick red so she could get ever MORE attention from the “natives” on this trip. Male attention is her life blood and it’s honestly sad .

No. 934463

this girl’s mom maybe

No. 934468

Does she think none of us are wealthy?!?!?
I don’t understand this.

No. 934469

yes lol she and every other cow for some reason think everyone on gossip websites or “haters” are just homeless people on free wifi at mcdonald’s for some reason. to make themselves feel better i suppose.

No. 934474

is this the "sort of popular instagrammer/ youtuber" from >>932779 ?
like I know we know she lurks here but this is so blatant

No. 934485

Why does she get a porn moniker to mask her shame but she uses Matt’s real name??

No. 934492

Not only did she live steam her rape publicly but she actively tried to SELL a more detailed description of the event to her followers. Girl needs a therapist.

No. 934541

This is going to be Ari’s next skinwalking target, for sure. She’s younger, prettier, and far more popular; Ari’s got to be seething with jealousy.

I don’t understand why this girl has so many followers, though. She’s apparently 19, but looks like she’s no older than 12. She uploads poor quality photos and doesn’t offer anything new as far as content goes.

No. 934548

File: 1582261158167.jpeg (128.93 KB, 750x750, C82A4502-A2F5-405E-A856-1C6224…)

Pnp is definitely follow her now, if she wasn’t before. Weird how a 6 year difference looks so drastic.

No. 934552

Holy shit it's PNP but not botched. This girl clearly had a better base to work with kek. And she's more delusional about her appearance than I thought, how shady to imply that woman looks like her when like >>934429 said she's literally the rubber Halloween mask version.

No. 934556

File: 1582262756209.jpeg (500.15 KB, 750x1063, 417C74CE-C55C-463E-AC0E-9786F8…)

19 y/o pnp still looks old as fuck.

No. 934572

She used to be beautiful. Her body dysmorphia is honestly astounding if she thinks the way she looks now is better in any way.

No. 934574

she always looked like a foot and had the personality of one

No. 934585

seriously. idk why people claim she used to be “cute” pre surgery. she was one of the ugliest chicks ever pre surgery. there was a small period of time she was attractive, after she got the nose job and had blonde hair. even then, i’m sure irl she still wasn’t too much of a looker just because she is pretty good at taking flattering selfies. like, the first time i saw her in video i was shocked. but then she went crazy with the surgeries and fillers and now she stays ugly inside and out, just in a different way than before.

she’s peaked, she will never be attractive again. and it will get worse as she gets older, she’s one of those women who is terrified to lose her youth and she’s losing it and you can tell it’s really scaring her. i doubt she actually takes care of her skin so she can age nicely, she’ll just keep getting fillers but there really is a limit as to how much plastic surgery you can get before you start to look freakish and she’s pretty much there.

No. 934647

Looks absolutely nothing like pnp

No. 934652

lmao we get it you're pretty stop self-posting

No. 934654

yes it's the same girl from a few days back. this is the most blatant lurking i have ever seen holy shit

No. 934680

Honestly I don’t get what’s wrong with chicks like her or Pumpy or Shayna. Why do they care so much about caking makeup on their faces and injecting their lips, while they never wash their hair and it looks like this. Pnp’s hair pre surgery looks like a wig in comparison to nowadays. Sorry for the hair sperg, but I really don’t understand. Every time I see a photo of pnp I think it’s some kind of a inside joke, but then They probably just don’t see how they look as a whole.

No. 934683

Highly doubt pnp is even in her radar for her to lurk here.
It’s just a side by side anon.

No. 934686

i feel so bad for getting this girl involved in this pnp mess. i never should've posted her here in the first place, i was just pointing out how pnp looked like a horrible version of her. i should have guessed pnp is a psycho that lurks here.

No. 934687

Everything's a self post on this site keke, never forget anons

No. 934694

File: 1582294580074.jpg (872.27 KB, 1079x1925, Screenshot_20200221-091520_Ins…)

The place she's staying in looks like crap and no offense to anyone in the thread but pink and red don't go together unless it's valentine's day kek.

No. 934695

it's been evidenced that she lurks here on a daily basis, so you're either new or just not paying attention

No. 934719

She’s staying in the wheelhouse of a boat

No. 934757

Probably bought her followers. Wouldn’t be surprised if Ari did the same tbh. Would make sense why her follower count has never made sense with her like/comment ratio per pic (obv aside from Ari deleting comments that aren’t bullshit worship of her lil minions)

No. 934857

she's a youtuber, i've had her videos come up in my recommended and they're pretty well viewed

No. 934860

File: 1582307517992.jpg (128.79 KB, 1080x482, Screenshot_20200221-125114_Twi…)

God damn pnp be an adult for once and take care of yourself! Take a damn laxative you hemmeroid filled fuck

No. 934863

She’s such a weirdo, she posts so much random personal information. Now she has IBS too kek. But we know nothing about her life!!!!!! Seriously though this bitch needs to go to a hospital, that’s not normal. There is something really wrong with her health if one minute she’s about to shit herself in an Uber and now she hasn’t pooped for a week. This girl is gon die

No. 934870

why are you hating on this girl and making stupid accusations just because some anon posted her here? and learn to sage

No. 934891

Kek, I’m sorry for a fucking stupid nitpick but omg please ”hemmeroid”-anon, stop spelling it like that. It's hemorrhoid

No. 934925

Anyone else notice that matt hasn't posted anything on insta since the last trip?

No. 934944


I'm pretty sure that she was gonna shit in the uber cause she took a lax before doing anal lmao

No. 934947

I had heard of his band and requested Matt a long ass time ago on fb. (Before I knew of pnp) Not only did he not approve the request, but I’m no longer able to send a friend request. He’s just a prisoner living under pnp insecurity. He probably feels stupid and just avoids posting on his socials. I can only imagine all the shit the hardcore scene has to say about them.(no1curr, don't brag about cowtipping)

No. 934958

Or maybe he just doesn’t want friend requests from random people…?

No. 934959

Sounds like a common intestinal issue, having diarrhea one day and then being constipated the next week isn't a big deal. Stop giving her ideas lol. This being said, it would be pretty funny if she started posting about her "IBS" journey like she did for her psoriasis.

No. 934962

yeah lol it’s not that weird that he blocked a random ass friend request

No. 934966

Kek I’m talking about both her and pnp dumb fuck

No. 934969

Anon go to the doctor, that not normal or healthy in the slightest.

No. 934971

File: 1582321276999.png (642.57 KB, 1242x2208, CF51F437-0346-46EE-84F4-8E2B4E…)

Woof she’s talking to her grandpa about her sexwork?

No. 934974

Not random, we have mutual friends.
It’s normal in the music scene to connect with other musicians

No. 934986

anon not everything is a conspiracy, sometimes people just don’t want to be your friend

No. 934995


I love how she can’t tell when people are just “being nice” to her. Like, you’re living in a tiny boat on vacation with your grandma and overweight grandpa, who knows how many others are jammed in there. No shit she is gonna not make a scene with you about your SW when y’all stuck together for another week.

I’m just picturing this woman gently smiling and nodding as Ari shares how she makes a sushi money for posting gaped asshole pictures of twitter.

I’m sure you really make them proud PnP. Kek.

No. 934996


Gives money to every homeless person he sees but cant afford to bring Matt on the trip when that was the original plan….. right.

No. 934997

This exactly. She is socially inept from being in her home 24/7 talking to herself on her phone. Also, it's so odd the top things she posts are always weird flexes.
Top 3 ariana brags include:
>"someone was nice to me!! :')"
>"a guy catcalled me because I'm special~"
>I have so much money!!! So much more than anyone will ever have!!!

No. 935000

>I'm thriving!!! I do what I want all day long!! No one else does, just me!!!

No. 935003

Fb isn’t just for friends, musicians connect and promote. Makes sense as to why his band is going no where!

No. 935004

He also lacks social skills so…I’m sure there’s many reasons why his band is going no where.

No. 935017

File: 1582327441595.jpeg (186.99 KB, 636x647, 80CDE449-D61B-4D8B-9F56-E04C8E…)

So this is going to be a bit of a reach but hear me out. Ya ever think pnp dyed her hair red to like nostalgically relive how she felt when her and Matt when on the trip before the last nightmare trip (when she was allegedly raped). Because that trip I’m talking I’m talking about was I think when Doormatt proposed to her. She is even wearing the same red dress in the pic. Idk, could be nothing. But she’s also that fucked up and sad I think deep down. Shits gotta be depressing when you’re reminded of how you’re worse off than you were 2 years ago.

No. 935022

Uh..it’s definitely a normal thing for people to get constipated on vacation. Please use google. Just because it hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean it isn’t something that happens often, stop being so egocentric (like a child’s undeveloped brain). Stop nitpicking this boring ass shit.

No. 935024

She’s constantly talking about her urge to go. Pretty sure Matt made a post once about how she shit herself. Not normal. Different anon too.

No. 935025

lolcow has been flooded with arbiters of discussion lately but this is the weirdest fucking hill to die on

No. 935027

lurk more, poopchan. ari has pulled over on the side of the road to shit into a bag multiple times, and nearly shat herself in her uber last week as she ever so elegantly documented on her ig stories. it’s all been posted here. she’s all fucked up down there kek

No. 935033


Laxative abuse can cause loss of control of the bowels.

Sage for tinfoil/armchair/no1curr

No. 935036

Woah it’s like exactly two years ago too. Gotta be sad thinking how last time she was there her and Matt got engaged… fucking depressing being on a trip with your nanny and grampy at 25, no longer engaged, being a low-grade sex worker, and far more ugly.

No. 935037

Yeah it’s just more gross that she’s so public with her bowel movements, not so much that she’s constipated. Although the constantly almost shitting herself is a little strange, but I think she just drinks her prune juice and laxatives a lot more often than she shares.

No. 935045

tinfoil but is this abuse of laxatives a weight loss thing? I guess shitting on the side of the road because you’re popping pills is more difficult to glamourise than the typical ‘I haven’t eaten for weeks’ waify proana attention whore

No. 935055

Yes, laxative abuse is a weight loss/anorexic thing.

No. 935076

I don't blame him. The girl said he cheated on her and blamed him for her rape. His messages and comments are probably full of bullshit from her asslickers.

No. 935090

Is that the exact same dress? I agree with another anon that she dyed her hair just to get more attention, but this is definitely interesting to compare

No. 935091

i assumed matt stayed home so someone could make real money to pay the rent on their shithole apartment now that they don’t have a roommate to piggyback on.

No. 935092

she probably only owns one vacation dress cause she’s white trash with poor hygiene and goes on the same tropical vacation once a year, shit probably hasn’t been washed since that vacation photo with matt LMAO

No. 935093

This was already posted about, read the thread.

No. 935128

Cant she just for once skip an evening with lolcow and wash her damn hair

No. 935130

no because she’s a mentally ill narcissist

No. 935132

I was telling them why she was nearly shitting herself in an uber.

No. 935189

You really need to read. Lol.

No. 935225

And like the other anon said it's already been said higher up in the thread. Learn to read before posting.

No. 935231

All this infighting is really gay

No. 935236

File: 1582357699769.jpeg (49.41 KB, 738x337, 7A47336C-8CB4-4B41-A59B-774F63…)


Jesus fucking Christ, if you’re going minimod at least fucking learn how to sage your posts. Maybe read the thread yourself and learn to ignore posts instead contributing to infighting.

Adding a cap of DoorMatt missing his barbie so I can contribute more than >>935189

No. 935265

File: 1582363707329.jpeg (171.57 KB, 1242x378, 988FBB3C-4ED9-403B-89DC-15117E…)

Could this be about Matt?

No. 935305

File: 1582376361431.jpeg (252.45 KB, 1125x637, A9463245-339B-4955-8960-6B7A90…)

No. 935311

What magic bank would offer a mortgage loan to her? Since prostitution is illegal in her state, what will she submit as proof of employment? Unless grandpa is gonna fork over the full amount.

No. 935313

Maybe grandpa is giving her one of his trailers

No. 935314

there’s absolutely no way it’s anything other than her “millionaire grandpa” doing this for her seeing as there was no mention of it before this vacation. she’s gonna go on instagram after she lurks here too to brag about how she’s self made and earned it herself, or it’ll fall through like everything else and she’ll look like an idiot again cause she can’t learn to move in silence.

No. 935317

it creeps me out that she’s the only one to consistently go on vacations with them. like why doesn’t her brother ever go? any cousins? nope, just the pustule prostitute who’s asshole is as inflated as her lips.

No. 935324

Can’t wait for Matt and Ari to buy a house together and then inevitably break up

No. 935337

Yeah we’ll see kekekek shes just so good at keeping her goals

No. 935394

File: 1582392886237.jpg (472.87 KB, 1080x1647, Screenshot_20200222-123359_Twi…)

No. 935395

i just do not understand why she has to flex people being attracted to her, literally everyone gets hit on ari and they're only being sexual with you because you look like you'd suck their dick lmao! actual women with class don't get sexually propositioned they get taken on dates. she's so fucking pathetic

No. 935396

"actual women with class don't get sexually propositioned they get taken on dates." i laughed at how retarded this is

No. 935400

Omg. So just because you are white and getting hit on, it’s a race thing? Trailer park doesn’t wash off.. if a cute Asian girl was walking around I’m sure it’d be the same thing. >gets hit on >is white > I’m being fetishized

Sage because I just can’t believe she narc’d so hard it turned to a race factor, def trying to gain traction on her IG and discourse so more ppl will talk about her lmao. She does the same thing on twitter.

No. 935402

I was onboard with you until the women with class statement. Men are dogs. Ariana's problem is that she takes their advances seriously and pretends that she has some kind of beauty that they've never been exposed to

No. 935403


No. 935418

Laughing cause I was just waaaaiting for her racist ass to finally slip and just say it. “Cuz I’m a white women!”

No. 935421

Oh my god it’s been like 3 out of the 14 days she’s going to be gone and they’re already crying over each other. They’ve got to be faking it so everything seems happy and fine. There’s no way they actually miss each other, depressing-ass relationship.

No. 935422

File: 1582397790809.jpg (2.7 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200222_135615194.jpg)

No. 935424

File: 1582397829813.jpg (981.69 KB, 1079x1925, Screenshot_20200222-135540_Ins…)

She flexes the dumbest shit. It's not hard to braid without a mirror ari.

No. 935425

File: 1582397880938.jpg (704.25 KB, 1079x1921, Screenshot_20200222-135556_Ins…)

No. 935426

Yes this. I’ve been waiting since “the natives…”

No. 935461

File: 1582401071444.jpg (220.43 KB, 1076x912, Screenshot_20200222-145050_Twi…)


No. 935462

Ugh that filler mustache

No. 935466

He didn't give her any nail polish to paint with? The indignity!

No. 935474

>goes to foreign country
>gets upset that foreigners act differently than scummy philadelphia white dudes

No. 935485

Calling them “the natives” just sounds so racist cuz it’s like a step away from her calling them “savages” or something. Like it’s so … distasteful. If she visited Italy, she wouldn’t call the Italians “the natives” kekekek. Ari, your white supremacy is showing. Lmao.

Also, no wonder they follow Ari around. Apparently her grandpa gives them all money like their homeless or something. Don’t flatter yourself beb.

No. 935486

Just call them “locals” you uncultured swine! Jfc does she literally operate on two brain cells ?

No. 935498

File: 1582405172731.jpg (490.77 KB, 1080x1744, Screenshot_20200222-155850_Twi…)

Flexing that a literal child is into her. Wtf

No. 935502

Im starting to think that this is all for matt. Her sad attempts to make him jealous know no bounds

No. 935507

Thank you. That’s exactly why I picked up on it in the first place.
So accurate.

No. 935509


She's really insufferable. Just enjoy your damn trip with your family and stop focusing on the locals coming up to you at a resort. You are in primo vacationing zone, this is just what locals do to prime targets. She really thinks she's special lol It's like going to Jamaica and thinking the locals think "you're cool" because they try to sell you weed.

Make some memories with your goddamn family pnp that aren't superficial.

No. 935513

I suspect the reason Matt got uninvited to this trip was because there wasn't enough room on the boat. Is she seriously spending the trip in a boat and not a hotel? Maybe she wouldn't be being harassed by creepers preying on vacationers if she was in an actual higher class resort and not a tiny boat with two elderly people. So much for her Millionaire Grandpa.

No. 935521

This is so insufferable lmao. Literally any American looking woman gets hit on in the Caribbean, the locals do it to poke fun/make you smile most of the time. Idk about where she’s at but in South America, men just assume all American women are whores & will put out (even “classy” ones @ that one anon). Since our ari is the epitome of loud obnoxious whiteness/american-ness, it makes sense they’d be like this.
Idk why she sees it as a compliment and has to live-tweet. She must not get hit on a lot. This is a reality for most women above a 5 IRL, we don’t go weirdly boasting about catcalls every day…..

No. 935522

Laughing too because she literally has RED HAIR and is covered in tattoos. Everything about her screams “I love male attention!” If you were a guy, the one that looks like a desperate whore might be the first you would try if you’re looking to get laid. Idk idk.

No. 935524

File: 1582410377840.jpg (1.31 MB, 1080x2053, Screenshot_20200222-172548_Ins…)

She boasted about it on ig too

No. 935525

Well she is a literally whore, idk why she’s complaining. She should’ve printed off some price sheets with her Manyvids handle and a butthole pic to get some work hours in on her vacation KEK.

No. 935527

Is this a weird play on her ego to let everyone know she looks young enough to pass as a teenager or something? She flexes on the weirdest shit. Like a granny tellin’ the kidz she’s still got it! She’s going to have a tough time when she no longer looks like a prepubescent boy and more like a 50 y/o chain smoker

No. 935528

Yeah, maybe she could pick up some new clients on her vacay! Let’s get that bread, Ari!!

No. 935529

imagine the highlight of your vacation being the locals hitting on you

No. 935532

It’s not to make him jealous lol it probably turns him on. He is a cuck.

No. 935541

Just picture her taking selfies with her bolt-ons in a Dollskill bikini next to her grandparents.

No. 935548

nitpick but wow those ends are looking rough, she should really stop dying her hair

No. 935553

Idk I find it pretty fucked in the head to brag about a 15 yo wanting to fuck you. Like if a man spoke about a 15 yo girl wanting to fuck him the way she is writing it would be sus af

No. 935555

File: 1582415057137.jpeg (145.57 KB, 1125x777, 686CE43F-9A67-46D2-AD79-3CA3A0…)

Before blocking me because I think she’s a fucked in the head pervert who shouldn’t be proud of a 15yo wanting to fuck her. Like wtf to the normalization of sexualization of minors(cowtipping)

No. 935557

maybe don't cowtip?

No. 935558

ignoring the cowtip she is so fucking annoying with how she tries to argue with the obnoxious sarcasm/fake confidence/“babe”. how is she 25, she sounds 15

No. 935560

She stopped maturing mentally in high school. She argues like a child that tries to sound mature and ~intellectual~

No. 935563

this is implying she doesn’t already have the face of a 50 year old chain smoker kek

No. 935634

File: 1582422803135.jpg (300.15 KB, 1062x1108, Screenshot_20200222-194745.jpg)

I truly love this image because you can physically see how much ariana has drained the life out of matt.

Also note the blurring near her misshapen arm.

No. 935641

File: 1582423588426.jpg (365.37 KB, 1080x769, Screenshot_20200222-200240.jpg)

Matt, do you remember life before this crazy bitch?

No. 935659

File: 1582425351678.jpg (674.37 KB, 1079x1655, Screenshot_20200222-213543_Ins…)

No. 935682

anon he looks like an unwashed frat bro here, just because he’s smiling doesn’t mean he was some kinda prize kek. no matter how shitty ari treats him he doesn’t care because he thinks (or used to think) she’s some kinda arm candy.

No. 935683

Who said he was a prize? This is about arianas obvious effect on his well-being. In the current picture he looks sickly. He looks like he doesn't leave the house. He looks like he's forcing a smile. At least in the old picture he looked like he had a soul!

No. 935688

some of you guys are way too concerned about matt and it’s weird

No. 935690

I think we can all agree that Ariana is a shitty person, and it's gross to see how she manipulates the people around her. That includes matt. I don't think it's weird at all for him to be a subject of discussion

No. 935691

To me it's weirder when people choose to discuss arianas genetics for 3 days straight or her implant disease a thousand times or laxatives for like 20 comments in a row…but what do I know

No. 935712

maybe just tell the thread what it's allowed to discuss so we can avoid rustling your jimmies

No. 935754

The only people more insufferable than Ariana herself are her anons, this thread is a dumpster, fetch milk or stfu

No. 935830

i don't wanna "hi cow" but ????? what the fuck do you care, it just goes to show how shitty she is and how much her shittyness impacts the people around her

No. 935836

File: 1582470141220.jpeg (179.19 KB, 450x521, FA55CD3D-8292-45AB-A7BD-A54873…)

Off a new Twitter post. Aging in reverse yall!

No. 935841

lol i'm not pnp. matt's just a retarded cuck so i don't understand why people cape for him so hard. he could have left a long time ago instead of choosing to financially and emotionally support this swamp goblin.

No. 935844

File: 1582472951767.jpeg (119.7 KB, 726x614, 2093464E-970D-4BC0-819F-B62BB2…)

Day 6

No. 935855

File: 1582476168260.png (2.37 MB, 750x1334, D0884679-DBAE-4242-B086-A620A0…)

is it just me or does this look like an obvious abuse of facetune blur effect?

No. 935857

Which is it bitch

No. 935862

nah it is. you can tell around her bangs

No. 935873

File: 1582478236252.jpg (433.27 KB, 1080x1727, Screenshot_20200223-114814_Twi…)

Sorry that your humor is as dry as your asshole when you shove buttplugs in it kek

No. 935881

Not surprising. I strongly believe that she cant get into the office and friends because she can't relate to the themes due to her social ineptness. How can a person who has never made real, deep, human connections relate to tv shows that center around that theme?

No. 935888

shes been getting a little too wild with the facetune lately. almost every picture is obviously sloppily edited

No. 935891

those shows are shit tbh, but this is super off topic and this tweet >>935873 isn’t even milky or a hot take. plenty of people dislike both of those shows kek

No. 935895

oh thank god the subject matter police is here to tell us what isn't relevant and add their opinion on what tv shows are shit. Thanks for the contribution, we all appreciate you!

No. 935900

Not to mention her tit tattoos peeking out of her bikini tops: >>935855

No. 935928

Completely true that Matt could and should have shown Ariana the door a LONG time ago, but also remember he’s stuck in an abusive relationship and Ari will likely be keeping him in a cycle of devaluation and love bombing

No. 935932

this is what I'm saying. It is possible to feel bad for people who put themselves in horrible situations. Matt's situation is sad. He's a grown man and can do what he wants, sure. But how can he do that with someone like ariana emotionally manipulating him at every turn? It's sad and I wish he had a friend who cared to help him get out of this. Can you guys imagine only having ariana to lean on for love/advice/support?? what a goddamn nightmare

No. 935943

i’m actually under the impression that he’s just braindead and for some reason does think she’s some kind of prize. it’s possible he’s just deluded and is convinced everyone are just haturzzz

No. 935945

It's been mentioned before that he's most likely a little bit slower than the average person and isn't smart enough to comprehend what's fully going on in his shit-uation

No. 935959

Probably a combination of being a bit slow and having incredibly low self-esteem.
It’s hard to imagine why else he would put up with her aborting his baby and joking about it on snapchat, cheating on him with at least two male friends (Aaron and cute), continues to cheat on him under the guise of “sex work”, pressures him to engage in sex work, blames him for her rape and broadcasts this all over twitter/insta, solely relies on him as the breadwinner while she lies around the apartment all day and expects him to wait on her hand and foot

No. 935975

I think he just has a bimbo fetish. Not sure it’s much deeper than that. He doesn’t mind Ari getting railed by other dudes because he gets off on her being degraded

No. 935980

File: 1582491062315.png (3.82 MB, 750x1334, 71AE5E60-3E42-4BC7-AF67-1D4A35…)

Wah wah wahhhh

No. 935982

Her dry ass skin covered in those now permanent white spots coupled with her unshaved shins. Barf.

No. 935984

File: 1582491380705.jpeg (97.54 KB, 733x819, A0DB73FC-92FD-48A7-AE3F-C61CD4…)

Bitch, you ain’t a prize.

No. 935993

>how I affect people
Stay lurking ari!! This is a response to the matt discussion, 100%

No. 935999

imagine being on a free vacation in a beautiful foreign country and all you do is lay around crying in a houseboat, making weird racist comments about the people living in the country, and obsessively reading anonymous discussion about your life

never change ari lmao

No. 936001

I didn’t get a screenshot but I think it’s in response to a girl who commented on her most recent picture when the caption was “be grateful bc everything and everyone you love could be gone tomorrow” and a girl was saying how that triggers her and makes her hyper aware of the fact that her loved ones will die (much like pnp) and that she wishes pnp would change her wording to just “be grateful”. It was a mess but the girl or ari deleted her comment

No. 936009

Seriously. she's so gross.

No. 936016

And the barely legal dude last nye at LM’s party

No. 936020


No. 936056

File: 1582504081497.png (2.12 MB, 1125x2436, 28F76D27-13CE-4DC6-8C23-4A055E…)

No. 936066

?????? I mean at least she admits she needs therapy. How can someone be on vacation and still spend 24/7 whining into their phone? She's such a sad, gross human being

No. 936067

She seriously has the worst tattoos I’ve ever seen. Her whole body looks like a child’s coloring book. I have never seen a messier looking person in my life.

Also, does she have toothpaste smeared on her leg?

No. 936098

Bro, get over it. We’re meant to die. What’s the big fucking deal? Enjoy the ride!

She’s horrible *~nihilist~* lmao.

No. 936104

spending her vacation whining into her phone AND lurking on threads where anonymous people talk about how awful she is, no less. she DEFINITELY needs to go to therapy.

No. 936105

File: 1582509923604.png (2.09 MB, 750x1334, 8178301F-6C36-4219-9293-B09D84…)

POV: old english man scorns the camera while drinking his morning tea.(repost)

No. 936120

File: 1582512363958.jpeg (526.92 KB, 750x1064, 6A029436-8C0F-42C5-B294-E424F0…)

you should work on how to use that blur effect better. lookin real mtf out here.

No. 936137

I don’t understand why she got her lip filler dissolved when the result is the same botched, blown out Cupid’s bow. It’s like a shelf.

No. 936146

LMAO I love you that's the best caption I've seen for a picture yet.

No. 936159

me neither. I noticed she went to someone who wasn't a derm or plastic sergeon (I think they were an RN) and I was not surprised to see them looking so botched again. You have to actually pay to get quality work. They're not going to discount you for shoutouts lol

No. 936187

File: 1582519085251.png (3.08 MB, 750x1334, AA0D2C28-A3CD-4ED5-A525-B80FAE…)

I love the candids of her, the true man face comes out.

No. 936237

Sure, ariana does not edit her pictures…clearly she just fucking shapeshifts. you cannot convince me that these are both pictures of the exact same girl

No. 936289


It must suck having to read through your lolcow thread with no where to go cause you’re stuck on boat with your grandparents.

PnP is cracking and this sure looks like a wonderful trip all parties kek Seriously though, I hope she doesn’t make her poor grandpa cut his trip short because she cant handle it.

No. 936362

File: 1582557438735.jpeg (561.98 KB, 750x1173, 99E439CA-E986-41BD-9853-CE4E7E…)

Why would anyone post a picture from this angle? Nobody wants to see up your nose. And why does she keep doing this with the side of her lips? She looks like a clown

No. 936366

she's turned into nightmare fuel. she doesn't register as a human female to my eyes any longer.

No. 936371

sad kekekekek tries to look “edgy” but looks like a clown and her actual clown makeup at Halloween just made her look retarded

No. 936464

raggedy anne looking mf

No. 936468

File: 1582571240500.jpg (255.67 KB, 1079x890, Screenshot_20200224-140646_Twi…)

Stfu peenpee

No. 936469

she just has to constantly tell everyone how the "spooky backwards natives" think shes oh so sexy lmfao give it a rest ari, go do something productive

No. 936471

is she really that flabbergasted that these men are treating her like a prostitute when she looks like and literally IS one??? am i missing something here?

No. 936474

I know right? Kek like that 15 y/o boy could probably tell she was a prostitute and he wanted a quick and easy way to lose his virginity

No. 936481

A literal PROSTITUTE feels objectified after being propositioned for sex?????????????????????
Are you a proud sex worker or are you offended that people think you are a sex worker? pick one babe

No. 936493

File: 1582575671177.jpeg (28.44 KB, 188x199, 23B7D4BF-51CA-4D5E-8F0E-CB7CF9…)

No. 936512

This is proof that her sex work is more than just work and to her it's emotional. All of the sex workers I've seen advertise when they're out of the country so they can get some work in while they're there. What, ariana? Did the Natives not look like Jeff Goldblum??
How can you be shocked that they think you look like a prostitute, and naturally your Grandpa would be your pimp? Aside from this, isn't it a little insensitive to the sex worker community to be offended by any of this?

No. 936522

Sure Jan.gif file under things that didn't happen

No. 936537

Arianna: sells sex for money
Also Arianna: “I hate when men try to buy sex from me!”
Literally what the fuck

No. 936543

just because you have an occasional job doesn't mean you need to be hustling every second, especially on a family holiday. some anons just sounding a bit bothered on the dumbest take here

No. 936545

Yeah. Why would anyone expect her to work? She’s not a real SW. She lets a weed dealer fuck her butt once a month in New York. Hardly a hustle.

No. 936552

No it's not an 'occasional job', she literally adores the fact that she's perceived as a blow up doll but it seems like she only likes it on her own terms which is retarded imo if that's her brand she shouldn't be surprised that foreigners think she's a whore

No. 936556

she only tries to own the title of sex worker when its convenient and edgy. No one said she needs to hustle even on a family vacation. the point is that she is literally getting upset when people are asking for her services that she claims to do as a job. Why bitch about it? If I walk around wearing a shirt that says "I SELL APPLES" and someone comes up to me wanting to buy apples, does it make sense for me to be somehow offended?

No. 936559

Maybe she should tell them to fuck off instead of pretending it’s flattering to her ego. Does she even know what boundaries are? Jesus girl just stand up for yourself. You’d think that with her attitude online she’d naturally be able to tell these slime balls off. Isn’t it her job to properly communicate to men and discuss what their sexual needs are? Where are those skills now? She could easily tell these men and BOYS that their attempts are repulsive and teach them it’s not okay to approach a woman like that. Maybe it could help the next girl being verbally assaulted? But no. Ariana will simply continue to tweet and bring no real change to the world or her life.

No. 936563

File: 1582584196068.jpeg (252.59 KB, 1266x648, E749D798-CDD4-48C7-899B-51EA9A…)

No. 936564

File: 1582584263944.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1280x1280, 2E675FD7-4EE0-4E06-8147-E11E3D…)

Kek couldn’t decide which was better

No. 936566

It’s not the fact she’s not doing it. She is acting offended that someone would offer her money for sex which is retarded because she is LITERALLY A PROSTITUTE. What’s with the stupid ass whiteknights that come in this thread all the time, this doesn’t make any sense to try and defend unless you’re also a prostitute

No. 936572

Where did she say he offered her money??

No. 936579

I will not say hi to you because I don't want to get a ban but….make it less obvious sweetie.

No. 936582

File: 1582586684011.jpg (799.05 KB, 1079x1691, Screenshot_20200224-182236_Ins…)

I just imagine her and her family walking past a toad in the grass of a someone's front lawn and her grubby gangly ass yells "wait!" & climbs across the grass like a half retarded gremlin and clasps her monster hands around this poor toad and shouts "I got tit! Take a picthure! I'm stheve." and her family rolls their eyes and takes the pic.

No. 936583

File: 1582586764214.jpeg (210.58 KB, 750x1253, C5FF1693-54FC-42E8-AA02-B25921…)

Answers on a postcard…

No. 936584

Lmao exactly this.
Did you see the poor thing gtf away from her…0-60 in two seconds flat.

No. 936587

She only likes it if it’s from hot guys that are rich and look like jeff Goldblum

No. 936590

Holy shit I’m crying, THIS. She is such an animal abuser. Wouldn’t be a proper trip unless Ari harassed and abused the wildlife. Poor thing. I got douche chills just reading her caption.

No. 936592

Damn she already deleted this post, but there was a comment from someone that said “you look like Muriel when she got possessed”, and pnp was like “idk who that is…” now she’s actin like she came up with that shit in her caption! Also claims to of been raised on “Courage the Cowardly Dog”, bitch always frontin on the stupidest things.

No. 936594

The amount of “hi cows” in this thread is obnoxious. I was legit just trying to figure out how a man asking HER GRANDPA if he could have sex with her offends sex workers??
Are we just assuming the dude would’ve paid her?? She didn’t say he offered her or her grandpa money. Seems like he thought she was just free game.

I agree with >>936559 because I would think even most SW have boundaries and there’s nothing wrong with that?? She could speak up for her self but instead just cries to twitter looking for validation.

No. 936597

Jfc you’re autistic.

No. 936626

lol i love this

No. 936632

File: 1582593447841.jpg (268.71 KB, 1080x1121, Screenshot_20200224-201649_Twi…)

Obviously just said this to keep mattcuck happy

No. 936648

Ariana I thought you didn’t enjoy sex and could go your entire life without it. Where’s your sex aversion lol

No. 936649

No. 936651

Gets ass fucked by her client and matt in the same day. Almost shits the uber.
"Anal, which I NEVER do."

No. 936666

Her lack of grammatical skills hurts my head. Is she saying that she never does anal? Is she saying that she never goes on vacation? Is she saying that she never does anal before she goes on vacation?

No. 936674

What's with these literal prostitutes like her and Shaytard thinking they're special snowflakes for liking anal? Surely being ~sex workers~ they understand that women receiving, and gasp, even liking anal is a really commonplace thing now.

No. 936911

File: 1582656569550.jpeg (436.23 KB, 1242x1647, 3A789066-1121-4F3B-A31C-3B714B…)

Well, that only lasted a week. She wants it to be long but will not stop destroying it.

No. 936916

this photo is literally the worst she has ever looked with a full face on

No. 936917

The fact that anyone would argue that this is the standard of beauty right now for women makes me so sick and uneasy. She literally looks like a man. What an actual goblin.

No. 936921

File: 1582659341886.jpeg (1003.97 KB, 1125x1446, A7F4F642-D873-4291-BF17-A8C9C3…)

Oh my god what the actual fuck is that blush?! Makes it look like she has a weird sunburn going on. She really doesn’t know how to apply makeup kek

No. 936923

She really dyed her hair red just to get more attention from men on her vacation Jesus fuck that is so depressing. Growing up ugly and shallow really fucked her brain up huh. I’m living for it though, yes Ari dye your hair jet black this time!!!!!

No. 936929

Who the fuck would argue that? The only people that find her attractive are BDD teen girls and skeletal flat-ass fetishists.

No. 936934

jesus her lips are lumpier than ever

No. 936939

THIS. wtf is going on there? Messy Photoshop or fucked up fillers?

No. 936959

It’s the fillers. She’s the queen of fucked fillers after all

No. 936961

File: 1582664590067.jpeg (79.61 KB, 750x334, 9CC8DA6B-6F4C-42E2-ABB2-014D9B…)

"resisting getting fillers"..? lmfao

No. 936980

nose REdone? that would be, what, the third time? there won't be much nose to work with if she keeps fucking with it

No. 936983

She has only got her nose done once, why is that so incredibly hard for everyone to understand, kek

No. 936984

File: 1582667274708.png (1013.01 KB, 1125x2001, 08CB84E2-2881-4313-9D7A-0193BA…)

not incredibly milky, but funny. idt she intended this to be read this way but it certainly reads as if she’s always wanted to sell porn and prostitute herself since she was a child.

and as a side note - all of these “hustles” undoubtedly take a lot of time and must be incredible draining (it’s mostly physical and emotional labor). Why can’t she just admit that’s it’s better to be working in a standard, fulfilling career with benefits & a comfortable income?
and whatever happened to that job of hers? lol

No. 937000

Girl is for sure spoiling herself. Ruining herself, really.

No. 937015

>I wanna start camming too

Curious as to why she hasn’t done this before? Couples make the most and she’s already got doormatt sooo…. (my guess is laziness but someone correct me if she’s given other excuses in the past)

No. 937025

Nose redone? Christ. Don't get this face close to an open flame.

No. 937051

She’s on vacation with all that on??? My god, she just looks dirty and grimy.

No. 937052

“I’m not gonna touch my hair til it’s long and healthy! It’s over 4 u hoes!!!” Her hair is probably dust at this point. Is she just going to pretend she never said that? Smh she can never commit to anything she sets her mind to.

No. 937053

Omfg weak people always say “I’m going to spoil myself tee hee!” Thinking that it makes her lack of self of control and impulsive behavior okay.

No. 937056

File: 1582677222440.jpeg (56.32 KB, 749x282, 1E62D73E-F7FA-486F-8AF0-5A4DD5…)

Huh…? Bitch you are so mean! Tf you talking about?

No. 937092

>never unprovoked

No. 937116

File: 1582685582132.png (1012.16 KB, 750x1334, E266FF63-B25E-4333-AF21-A42003…)

No. 937123

File: 1582687572653.jpg (314.2 KB, 2896x2896, 20200226_032546.jpg)

No. 937155

File: 1582692585280.jpg (833.2 KB, 1079x1920, Screenshot_20200225-211428_Ins…)

"Helllppppp meeeeeee"

No. 937163

you just know she didn't wash her hands after handling the frog. What's everyone betting for her next psoriasis flare up? I give it 2 weeks

No. 937175

Ugh her obvious nail biting problem just makes her grodiness so much fucking worse

No. 937203

File: 1582698494204.jpg (205.64 KB, 1080x791, Screenshot_20200226-012755_Twi…)

True intimacy is disgusting to peenpee

No. 937212

She's 100% right on this, that shit is nasty and not 'intimate' except for grubby weirdos

No. 937216

File: 1582701633508.jpeg (177.56 KB, 1080x1080, D851F241-0CBE-4357-8271-D1504B…)

Damn she really really destroyed her appearance, photo for comparison

No. 937240

if that's 'true intimacy' I dont want any of that and I'll happily agree with pnp

No. 937318

File: 1582728309157.png (4.1 MB, 828x1792, 9EDC8AB2-CFAA-4DA2-9405-0B559A…)

A big ole mighty KEK! The cycle truly does repeat itself. Next thing you know she’ll be shaving it all off again.

No. 937328

I thought she was wearing a hoodie in this picture. Nothing about it looks like hair.

I really dont think this is going to turn out like she wants. Her hair is so porous from the constant bleaching black is going to look lifeless and stiff when applied over her bright red fried to a crisp hair. Plus when she died it purple a few months ago she went to a salon that didnt even dry her hair to see how the color came out. If she dies it black that's not only permanent (she cant just hate it and go back like with the other colors shes done) but it's probably going to be botched just due to the fact she doesnt want to spend money on a stylist who knows what their doing with the condition that her hair is in.

Hair isnt like clothing where you can change your style every other week if you feel like it. It's like she wants it to fall out and never grow past her jawline.

No. 937350

It’s going to be black for a week before she decides to bleach it all out again because she ~LoOKs BeST aS a BloNdE~

No. 937359

File: 1582736605786.jpg (228.63 KB, 1080x773, Screenshot_20200226-120227_Twi…)

She went on for weeks and weeks about how her life was changed and she was amazing for going to school when she wasn't even accepted yet kek

No. 937364

File: 1582737394455.jpg (216.76 KB, 1078x768, Screenshot_20200226-121604_Twi…)

She lurk

No. 937367

1. You're not a thomboy
2. You have no ass

No. 937390

File: 1582740344800.jpeg (218.39 KB, 725x1215, 7ADE38A1-7D2F-4674-876B-2D43DC…)

i find it impossible to believe that shes “comfy in her own skin” when shes already planning another nose job, fat grafts, and more fillers. u were insecure and ur insecure now, no amount of plastic surgery gonna fix that.

No. 937400

so she's not using gloves when she's handling dead carcasses…

No. 937403

Gloves are for OTHER gIRLZ, anon

No. 937424

File: 1582745772156.jpg (816.93 KB, 1079x1921, Screenshot_20200226-142349_Ins…)

No. 937425

File: 1582746844892.jpg (541.81 KB, 810x1656, Screenshot_20200226-145336_Twi…)


No. 937429

File: 1582747222542.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1125x1905, F3047EFA-1E9C-4B36-A613-0012AE…)

No. 937432

File: 1582747364276.jpg (170.99 KB, 1080x607, Screenshot_20200226-150216_Twi…)

So she wasn't taking it seriously before? Kek she sounds dumb

No. 937445

She still shops at dollskill? She's dumber than I thought but what do I expect? She's selfish(namefag)

No. 937475

Writing "anon" in the name field once is not namefagging retard(Newfag)

No. 937479

The newfag autism here, holy shit

No. 937497

File: 1582755248024.jpg (1.21 MB, 1079x1927, Screenshot_20200226-171324_Ins…)

She really needs to stfu

No. 937499

writing anything in the name field is considered namefagging lol also learn to sage before you start policing

No. 937500

someone seriously needs to tally the number of times she posted about men hitting on her during this trip. it's got to be in the double digits at this point.

No. 937501

File: 1582755686929.jpg (459.52 KB, 1079x1735, Screenshot_20200226-171659_Twi…)

One min she's so happy to be on a vacation the next she can't wait for it to end. Just as miserable as she is at home.

No. 937505

If she hates it so much, why does she keep dwelling on it. She probably looks forward to the next guy who hits on her so she can talk about how desirable she is for the 5th time or some weird attention seeking behavior.

No. 937507


>Agrees to go on 2 week trip alone with grandparents where they stay in a small boat instead of a hotel, even though Matt got uninvited due to not enough space

>Complains a week in that her grandparents aren’t entertaining her enough even though she rarely sees them and they support her financially

Granddaughter of the year right here folks. She clearly went on this vacation so she could brag on her socials. Now she’s “bored”. Vapid whore.

No. 937512


Guess her grandma pissed her off or stopped showing interest in her SW talk because all she talks about is her grandpa.

No. 937518

Back when her lips actually looked okay still.
You always think her looks can't get worse, then she does something new to her face or body and you start missing her older versions.

No. 937534

Pretty sure she keeps making these "a man said he wants to marry me because I'm a goddess" posts because she's actually not getting any attention there- other than the occasional disgusted looks from strangers when they pinpoint the source of the putrid smell wafting in the air.

No. 937538

i know she can't resist fucking w her hair but come on, if she wanted dark hair she should've just left it alone and wore wigs when she was having the urge to rock different colors. instead she's going to have a dark dye put over her fried mess and then want to go a different color in like two weeks. whatever, just more to laugh at.

this, she's so fucking ungrateful but will be praising her grandpa after she comes back and saying how supportive he is.

No. 937549

File: 1582762570395.jpeg (197.7 KB, 1125x539, DCD20D98-21DD-4C61-AF15-723699…)

she. stays. lurking.

No. 937564

File: 1582763991812.jpg (118.31 KB, 1078x442, Screenshot_20200226-193916_Twi…)

Imagine how mad she would be if matt posted this

No. 937567

damn yall fucking rude. Go get some vitamin C it's good for you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 937571

Why can I smell her grandpa’s breath

No. 937599

File: 1582768643194.jpeg (646.14 KB, 2048x2048, B124A5ED-1544-4BE9-9198-84B1AC…)

I see a boogie hidden in that cave of hers.
Feb 2018-2020. Both taken at St. Lucia

No. 937637

this period was the best she has ever looked in her entire life. how come she never does throwbacks to this instead of the boring ancient photos pre nose job that everyone's seen 10000 times?

No. 937676

File: 1582777396113.jpeg (213.57 KB, 1125x1036, A2397F0A-81A0-4109-B739-C9AB31…)

imagine never shutting the fuck up. she says the same shit over and over again

No. 937679


Our favorite versatileheaux could never handle seeing people tell her en masse that she busted her face. I mean, she said PewDiePie was bullying her, like.. kek

No. 937695

File: 1582782133009.jpeg (222.72 KB, 827x1416, 731234D9-496F-4DCD-A439-8809BF…)

No. 937700

File: 1582783629882.png (382.64 KB, 750x1334, F20ED27A-92FE-4AD2-9418-9CED62…)

“Master my one true passion”

No. 937706

at this point, it's a lot of words for something she'll drop out of in two months or less

No. 937713

File: 1582788154267.png (2.84 MB, 1242x2208, 5136FCFF-958D-4D65-9F51-7CD9EC…)

I don’t think anyone posted this - her skin is going to hate her if she gets a large scale tattoo. Also her tattoos don’t have a theme/matching style at all throughout her entire body. Might not be a huge deal if they were nicely done but it’s going to look so bad

No. 937743

If she takes her fillers out can she go back to this shape?genuenly curious

No. 937745

I love how she pretends that she has haters on twitter she she litteraly gets 0 engagment

No. 937751

her twitter is gone?

No. 937757

the most similar style to what she has would be greyscale traditional, excluding maybe the low def eye tattoo and igg4?

No. 937764

No, it’s not

No. 937792

File: 1582810687648.jpeg (525.26 KB, 750x992, E29F27CF-3BD1-4E12-A0C6-07CF2D…)


She's so busted now compared to just two years ago lmfao.

No. 937797

she says she ages in reverse thanks to fillers but it really looks like she aged 20 years

No. 937819

Imagine getting into massive debt to butcher your face and take selfies that only prove that her hair and face were infinitely better before spending all that money. Rip, she was ugly only when making expressive faces, now she’s perma ugly.

No. 937825

If she would just stop doing her eyeliner in the inner corner of her eye like that it would be an improvement. I don’t know why she insists on doing it for every makeup look it’s so harsh and ugly

No. 937826

Jesus Christ she's so delusional if she thinks this is a glow up, she looked worlds better in the first two pictures

No. 937840

She probably hates vacation because she doesn't work. What is it a vacation from? Hoeing?

No. 937841

I genuinely thought that she was really beautiful pre-surgery. I know that opinion isn’t shared by most of the anons here.

Her lips in the second photo are a bit much, but she still looks decent enough.

Nowadays, she looks seriously frightening - like some kind of stiff, deformed creature. Imagine experiencing sleep paralysis and spotting her lurking in the corner of your room.

No. 937843

File: 1582823881715.jpeg (253.25 KB, 750x1163, 6C3247A2-8B4A-47A9-B722-D3DF7E…)

This uneducated hillbilly seriously buys into and perpetuates the dumbest pseudoscience bullshit.

No. 937845

File: 1582823984594.jpeg (226.43 KB, 750x1105, 9B50E2C3-2060-41DC-9266-6B9F2D…)

Related photo that she posted with the caption.

She’s in the comments telling someone with actual psoriasis that she never tried medicine and to go to Lush and get a soap bar

You’re a plague to humanity, Ariana.

No. 937848

I actually can’t with her dumb narcissistic bullshit. Psoriasis is SO hard to treat and oftentimes people have it all the time to a small extent, not in bursts of random outbreaks (like eczema). Steroids are more often than not the only option. If you’re curing it with eating a clove of garlic and drinking juice it’s not psoriasis you moron, and then the incessant holier than thou attitude of a woke health queen over people who have had to suffer with it their entire lives.

No. 937856

Tbf all these things are decent suggestions for anyone with ai, a lot of doctors do recommend shit like this. But it's just funny for the fact she has never been to a doctor for this and she's giving false hope to people who are suffering.
Kek if it's syphilis tho

No. 937858

yeah sure i mean what she's promoting isn't inherently unhealthy and a good diet is generally the basis of all treatment (having had skin issues like that in the past cutting down dairy etc definitely helps - but it doesnt cure it) but to claim it will literally cure an outburst of it past calming it down with conjunction with medicine is just galaxy brain material.
hiv is also an extremely common precursor of psoriasis so the tinfoils of the past hold value lmao

No. 937861

Syphilis makes more sense. Especially for someone that suffered 'their whole life' yet never had one pic up until last year

No. 937862

So who did she copy this from? keck

No. 937863

She’s promoting false medical advice to people, wow. Her rash could be anything from soap allergies to a fungal infection, she never went to the doctor and got diagnosed with anything. Yet here she is giving other people medical advice and telling them not to use actual medication. I really hope no one takes serious advice from a dirty Instagram hooker, yikes.

No. 937878

First picture, would have just needed other lipstick and blonde hair. Voila. Wouldn't have needed to do anything else until maybe some fillers in her 40s if she's into that. Instead she aged herself 15 years and looks like a botched blow up doll.

No. 937881

I’m so torn between betting on it she’s going to cancel the whole thing a week before, or do it for a couple of classes and drop out because of the driving/teachers critiquing her work

No. 937889

File: 1582830420175.jpg (117.31 KB, 1079x465, Screenshot_20200227-140535_Twi…)

Says the girl who isn't attracted to women and fake fucks them and lets them pee on her open wounds for old men. She needs to stop spreading her hiv to others.

No. 937897

File: 1582831814502.jpg (208.28 KB, 1080x802, Screenshot_20200227-142924_Mes…)

No wonder she was so easily left alone to get raped last time. Her grandparents don't give a shit if she's safe.

No. 937902

She's the one that couldn't stop discussing her sw with them. They probably think they're doing her a favor

No. 937903

old people are dumb but why did she even go back on this type of trip alone if she’s so traumatized by her rape by a “native”. it was a bad decision on her part.

No. 937906

Vitamin G (for garlic)

No. 937915

if this is true, they're all retarded. her grandparents for doing that and her for humble bragging about how much tHe NaTivEs wanna fuck her…than saying she's sooo traumatized bc of a native. fuck off

No. 937918

Are her grandparents trying to get rid of Doormatt or something? It seems even her family, who witnessed the engagement, do not believe it’s a real commitment. Why else would they not bring Matt along and then immediately push her off to every single strange man they see? It’s either that or like anon said >>937902 they think they’re helping Ariana’s sex work “business”

No. 937923

100% they are just being old people talking about their vacation stay to locals and being like “look at our granddaughter she came too!” And she’s blowing it out of proportion. Remember when she went to her dads and had a mental breakdown until they took her out to drink?? She’s just choosing the wording for her benefit and literally just complaining. I do think they don’t want Matt there though. She had to have told them why she wanted to leave when she was raped and why the fuck would they want him to come with them again after all that shit.

No. 937924

File: 1582834720979.jpeg (291.87 KB, 828x1373, 98A88194-7C13-491A-9692-2C0F6E…)

EW. Grandpa Mcmillan is a pimp.

No. 937928

Isn't this the same cunt who wished her psoriasis would jump to some innocent baby instead a few threads ago??

No. 937930

Safe to say her grandpa is a creep and not as innocently clueless as she thinks. Her grandpa obviously gets some kind of satisfaction from seeing men lusting after her. I'm getting some seriously predatory gross vibes from this.

No. 937935

Same creeper vibe I got when after seeing her SD she decided to reminisce and tweet about her love of dressing up for her father in new outfits that he picked out for her when she was a little girl >>932468

No. 937949

File: 1582837759603.png (5.41 MB, 1125x2436, BEF92EA0-1B1F-45B6-AB6F-39EDC7…)

Can’t wait to see how this turns out

No. 937962

Goes from I was raped uwu to I'm gonna get beat up by matt in .2 seconds

No. 937973

topkek at suggesting that people with skin disorders get "as much sun as possible". what an absolute tard.

for someone who likes to masquerade as a SJW, she sure is tone deaf re: her usage of the term native. she's using "native" as a very obvious dog whistle for non-white lmao

>don't want to talk to these men who talk about like meat I feel sick

I don't understand these dumbasses who are literally hoeing themselves out both irl and online and are overtly cultivating a "bimbo" image acting shocked that men treat them solely like sex objects.

no surprise her grandpa is a weirdo. from everything she's described, the whole family reeks of weird pseudo-incest.

how long til she claims that matt is abooosive, they break up messily and inevitably get back together in three weeks.

No. 938015


How much you wanna bet she hasn’t expressed any of these concerns to her actual grandparents? Instead cries to twitter.

Funny how she has no problem telling everyone on her socials that she was raped, but can’t seem to tell her own grandfather and grandmother? Who are actively making her uncomfortable?

Like you’re stuck on a tiny boat with them and have expressed how bored you are. Maybe try having an actual, genuine conversation with them? Like you have all the time in the world.

If at THAT point her Grandpa still is trying to “show her off to the locals” than sure, her grandpa is a fucking creep. But again, I’d put money on guessing she hasn’t said anything IRL. They just see her half dressed, clown makeup on, smoking weed and taking selfies. They have no idea.

No. 938019

File: 1582843448355.jpg (56.39 KB, 640x480, SvIwK8vaKYX_OiC6It2Ice97DguVPD…)

All I can think of when I see the latest tattoo monstrosity.

No. 938076

File: 1582848565003.png (8.86 MB, 1125x2436, C75A82BD-1351-45E3-A3F9-A2EB6C…)

No. 938085

It’s so weird when people covered in tattoos say this because whom the fuck????

No. 938093

100% result of her lurking here and seeing everyone say how she looks like she’s in her 40s kek

No. 938103

File: 1582851400825.jpeg (534.31 KB, 1242x2208, 7807920A-E29A-4897-85D3-8BD0E3…)

Why does she need that much of her arm in the selfie kek it looks so disproportionate(Nitpicking)

No. 938114

she looks progressively more sad in the photos. like her eyes just get deader and deader. i almost feel bad for her.

No. 938120

File: 1582854218954.jpeg (332.99 KB, 1125x795, E2765457-AC95-41A1-9674-B71D4E…)

ahahahahahaha this cow fucking posts where she will be and specifies that she’ll be alone but nooooo her grandparents are making her feel unsafe!!

No. 938136

Stop lying Ari. Pretty sure your awful tattoos and plastic surgery let everyone know that you're not in hs. Keep wishing ppl really did think you looked that young

No. 938161

she deleted this and it was posted here two hours ago. i can’t imagine going on an island vacation as an adult and sitting on my phone lurking this hard, i really can’t imagine being this miserable. she had such a glorious chance to unplug and live in the moment and she wasted it away lmao she’s gonna be miserable forever if she keeps it up

No. 938231

“I wouldn’t wish it on anyone because it’s so debilitating.”
Literally wished it on a baby
Ooook lady

No. 938244

No. 938245

File: 1582879302087.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 308.59 KB, 1242x595, 57173844-F6E0-4CE9-A677-0A9128…)

why does she come so uncomfortably close to conflating her rape/feeling unsafe around “natives” to then wanting to fuck Doormatt

No. 938250

File: 1582880888334.png (534.61 KB, 1125x2436, 7BFFDAAC-E6DA-4CBC-A15F-4415CD…)

finally says she needs therapy (doubtful she'll actually go) but her death anxiety has always been a shit show. she's posted multiple times about her just sobbing uncontrollably because she was thinking about her grandfather dying

No. 938270

I'm pretty sure not so long ago she claimed she doesn't actually need/like sex and could do without it? lol sure. Why even lie about a thing like this

No. 938284

File: 1582890225472.png (563.45 KB, 1242x2208, 21F74B53-A361-4F02-927E-DE6E69…)


No. 938285

File: 1582890295769.png (3.35 MB, 1242x2208, C4C94ED0-89BB-4AF0-A0E8-D47E53…)

She really didn’t even try to hide his number kek like come on Ari

No. 938292

if you’re expecting anyone here to feel bad for a pornsick scrote, you are lost.

No. 938323

File: 1582903636448.jpg (781.31 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200228-072615_Chr…)

She has to be trolling… that's what half of her opinions on twitter come off as. The irony.

No. 938329

No. 938446

File: 1582919504282.jpg (123.37 KB, 1079x448, Screenshot_20200228-144902_Twi…)

No. 938452

Her grandpa gave her the money for school then

No. 938455

she posts herself sobbing thinking about her ugly deteriorating dog and fat ass cat dying lmao her death anxiety is a whole weird ass mess

No. 938458

File: 1582920268505.jpg (544.11 KB, 809x2282, Screenshot_20200228-150315_Twi…)

Sounds like her bpd is still going strong but she's playing the uwu I am baby card

No. 938464

File: 1582920485280.jpg (1 MB, 1079x1926, Screenshot_20200228-150757_Ins…)


No. 938488


Jesus fucking christ. ''Every native here is lusting over me as the godess i am teheee xD'' to ''these men makes me feel SICK i was RAPED!'' Also, calling them natives over locals sounds racist.

No. 938491

File: 1582924492762.jpg (114.89 KB, 1079x553, Screenshot_20200228-161046_Twi…)

The queen of eat healthy for your psoriasis is such a dumb bitch

No. 938506

If someone can find a single post from ariana-just one, thats all I'm asking for- that does not pertain to the following humblebrags, please let me know. Im wondering if it's possible for her to post about anything other than how amazing she thinks she is.
>I'm attractive!!
>I have money!!
>People care about me!
>I am a victim/damaged but still better than you!! (This includes haterz, psoriasis, bullying, bpd, ED, rape, etc.)
>My life is perfect and I'm living my dream!!!

No. 938510

File: 1582925739587.jpg (2.15 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200228_163456773.jpg)

She looks disgusting and it's horrible to spread the message to her young fanbase that this is normal

No. 938515

She’s trying to anachan so hard with these thinspo angles lmao pathetic

No. 938516

5 digits in your account dont mean shit if you got 5 digits in debt kek
She probably doesnt realize (bc shes dumb as rock) that people her age with "normie" non-retail jobs and careers have 6+ digits at all times with their retirement funds alone..not including IRAs and individual savings. What a fkn bozo