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File: 1565660678830.jpg (1.85 MB, 2048x2048, pnp.jpg)

No. 852243

PlasticandProud/PlasticnProud/Alice Amor/Ariana McMillan (pnp, Ariana, scorpioasshoe) is a 24 year old plastic surgery addict, ex Instagram “influencer”, and full service sex worker in philly
>Vapid narcissist and obligatory BPDfag, “doesn’t care wat u think” but will have a defensive spergout and be mad for hours over the slightest rustle of jimmies
>has a botched nose job, lip lift and boob job that all have scarring from improper aftercare, had to have boobs redone and are still wonky
>gets her lips injected to the point of them resembling sausages, posts side by sides showing her progression from normal human being to blow up doll constantly
>quit her steady paying job to be an Instagram influencer, paid for boobs with credit, began prostituting herself shortly after, forces her spineless boyfriend to go along with it, aborts his baby and jokes about it on Snapchat
>shaved her head in a manic episode and regrets it a day later, wears cheap wigs daily
>has a mysterious rash after having unprotected sex in Dominica and calls it psoriasis

Previous Threads:

Recent milk:
>pnp and doormatt go to dominica as “just friends”, posts pictures of them making out with her anus lips and doormatt’s plaque
>posts pic of her face down in the sand with some random local next to her, later posts ig stories about how she was raped by him and sells her Snapchat with the intention of telling people about it
>says doormatt was responsible for not babysitting her, breaks up with him, says she’ll never see him again as she slobbers and cries on snap
>literally gets back together with him two days later
>continues being an escort before getting tested, gets tested a month later for HIV and is “clean as a whistle”, doesn’t get retested afterwards at any point
>ig gets deleted, moves to twitter to promote her “sex work” which includes low quality videos of her and her prolapsed lips attempting to be sexy with premade and custom videos
>a mysterious rash appears
>calls doctor, tells her to get off lamicital, pnp refuses and looks up pictures of psoriasis, convinced that she has it. Begs for money to go to the doctor since she makes no money as an escort and doesn’t have insurance
>texts a picture of the rash to the bitch who does her lip injections, who sends it to a dermatologist, and “”confirms”” it’s psoriasis. Pnp never sees a doctor about a formal diagnosis or another test for HIV/other std’s

>uses psoriasis as her identity because bpdfag

>continues to fuck Matt and her clients/other sex workers (one pisses on her while she rides the face of a dirty old man) with open sore rash covering her entire body, concentrated around her pubes
>only has one client currently that puts up with her pus pockets, has to rent out living room to her friend to make rent
>friend moves in to living room and pnp texts her that she needs to move into their shit stained decrepit basement and keep their animals in the basement at all times, friend only needed to stay for 3 months, friend blasts her on ig then removes it to avoid pnp having a sperg out
>adds a snake and a kitten to her animal horde consisting of her roommate’s two cats and her cat and dog, has admitted she doesn’t walk the dog when she’s depressed (always) when she can’t afford 600 dollars in rent and begs online for a literal dollar

>Ariana’s rash disappears and never mentions her lifelong psoriasis diagnosis ever again
> cuts open a chipmunk and stuffs it, admits she has dead animals in her freezer for years.
>Starts using her escort page again, takes pics of her looking like a MTF
>Only has two clients, admits she “hates working” on snapchat
>Faked eating her friend out when a client paid for her to go down on them
>Is moving with just matt and no roommates, will somehow make rent
> is currently at her family reunion in vermot posting baby pictures and pictures of her grandma next to videos of her slapping her tits and shoving dildos in her ass for sushi money

Social media:
Ig (up, locked out): plasticandproud
Ig (deleted): Plasticnproud
Twitter: twitter.com/AliceAmorLove
Reddit: Airkilla321

No. 852246

No. 852247

File: 1565660857108.jpeg (663.37 KB, 750x1000, 2DE29C77-3F7B-4B8C-8BDD-A7CE10…)

No. 852248


Previous thread

No. 852263

File: 1565662803294.jpeg (195.09 KB, 352x639, 492F435A-D25D-44EB-9A64-4E8033…)

Never forget

No. 852265

thank you, OP, for your efforts. You're a keeper

No. 852300

She couldve just gotten the nose job and be done with it. How sad.

No. 852400

Even just getting rid of her septum piercing would have helped. Not to WK but she looked a lot better before these surgeries. Her nose wasn’t the smallest, but it definitely wasn’t like a toucan sam nose lol. It really wasn’t that bad. It’s kind of sad actually.

No. 852431

i honestly don't mind this nose. it had a lot more character and she was prettier overall

No. 852447

she at least looked like a human woman

No. 852501

File: 1565712875754.png (168.15 KB, 1256x746, arianajackson.png)

Here she is drawing clear parallels between her and MJ, both kind souls and geniuses who were ostracized for their looks and that alone.

lmfaoooo I came here to post that lawyer status but ya got me bitch. Great start to the thread, anon.

No. 852537

File: 1565718475077.jpeg (174.26 KB, 747x790, B3E0FB28-4DB6-4424-94AA-44881F…)

The cycle of neglect continues. Gifting someone with a puppy, their FIRST puppy, as a surprise? She gave her grandma a cat too last year. Clearly just taking animals without any planning is a family trait.

I agree anon. It was the first thing I thought when I saw her posting about mj. Of course she would sympathize with someone who had plastic surgery even despite the fact he faced dozens of csa allegations and a documentary was made 10 years after he died discussing those allegations but nah, he’s innocent and a tortured soul. Also she would make a great lawyer because she can defend mj on Twitter after he’s dead !

No. 852544

She bought her mom a puppy too. She gets all these animals from pet stores which is quite a shitty way to go about getting a puppy/kitten.

No. 852582

File: 1565722471634.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, B9828E80-51EE-4642-901D-20C434…)

The frying begins

No. 852583

People with money who treat animals like bracelets and other accessories to just toss onto family members are actually disgusting

No. 852616

Is she implying that she's a natural blonde?

No. 852622

This grossed me out… a real life prostitute defending a real life pedophile…

No. 852623

I think she means not a wig.

No. 852638


It’s really sad how she feels the need to impress her family by buying them shit. It’s like she’s trying to impress them with all her whore-money so they won’t be ashamed of her.

Don’t worry Ari, regardless of how many accessory animals you try to buy them - they’ll always lie to their friends about what your real job is and what you did to get those gifts.


No. 852643


Pnp is seriously the dumbest bitch.

She wants a platform to express her opinions but doesn’t want anyone to be allowed to debate her opinion or give theirs. Whats the point? Go talk to yourself infront of mirror in a bubble where no one can hurt your fee-fees if you’re that sensitive to criticism. Better yet, get the fuck offline.

No. 852681

Here's a recap and things she's been talking about on snap today: She wants to get microneedling and fillers again but doesn't want to be broke after she moves and pays the deposit (kek at all of that money she has). She hates the house they're in right now. She brought Matt to the emergency room yesterday because he was having what sounds like an asthma attack but she said he's "allergic to hair". She also went on about how she got the cats a new litter box so now they only has one instead of two (even though you're supposed to have AT LEAST 1 litter box per cat, and you know damn well she doesn't clean it everyday).

No. 852711

File: 1565746829461.png (4.44 MB, 1242x2208, 1A7B2C80-650B-4D9F-8EA9-3C80E8…)

And the juul is back

No. 852718

Them dirty bigfoot feet

No. 852719

imagine having been born with a vagina and a uterus and the whole pack and still look like a transgender woman

No. 852720

File: 1565748207463.jpeg (62.6 KB, 217x388, 04CE772D-AF92-4A31-AF85-BC424D…)

No. 852727

LMAO what is this???

No. 852729

I can’t stop laughing at this wtf!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 852735

Chill with the transphobia. Seriously.(>>>tumblr)

No. 852746

shut the fuck up you unsaged tranny

No. 852756

Holy fuck this bitch looks more like a tranny every day, BDD is a hell of a drug

No. 852759

File: 1565755925747.jpeg (186.53 KB, 750x1085, 7F661735-ED87-4658-8A2D-649023…)

No. 852762

imagine having to upkeep a high maintenance, expensive, and fake face in order to recognise yourself lmfao

No. 852767

Lmao well this ain’t it, sis

No. 852770


ew her pictures always look so scummy

No. 852771

She has no awareness of her appearance so she cannot adhere to it. Everything comes off wrong cause it’s disingenuous. Ariana lacks substance!

No. 852775

That chin is cartoonish.

No. 852791

Her hair literally looks like it hasn't been washed in weeks… Absolute filth

No. 852855

File: 1565784984463.jpeg (583.43 KB, 750x1105, 17FCFBD8-48E5-4628-96D8-704CA7…)

First her "gilf" grandma and now her cat. Why does she need to sexualize everything?

No. 852899

File: 1565792019710.jpeg (81.84 KB, 750x554, 8D71743E-015F-4B20-AAA1-BD6D55…)

It's because she feels devoid of any value other than her sexual appeal. She talks about feeling basically inhuman when she doesn't have her face on (despite having countless procedures) and buys makeup/clothes when she needs comfort. Yeah she was always gross, but getting this much plastic surgery truly opened the floodgates for her to give in to all her worst impulses. It emphasized her learned helplessness and completely eliminated any semblance of self-soothing behavior she may have cultivated in the past. Cuz hey, I'm so cute!! Everyone's gonna comfort me!!

Pic related: this is a thought most people might have at one point or another. The difference is they keep it to themselves instead of airing it nonstop in desperate hope of asspats

No. 852960

Anyone wanna bet she's gonna start complaining about her chin because anon made fun of it? Kek

No. 852982

File: 1565804269040.jpg (255.84 KB, 1078x1375, Screenshot_20190814-133815_Twi…)

No. 852985

“I’m bored and need shit to fill my time” reads a lot like “I’m broke, depressed and unstable and need money, a sense of structure and routine.”

No. 852988

yeah i think she's saying "bored" and actually means "broke as fuck"
but what about her "uwu i could never do a stupid ~vanilla job~ because i love doing whatever i want every day"

No. 852993

sage for blog post but when I was unemployed (just NEET, not a whore) I originally thought that’s how it’d be too but when you have a mental illness that’s not actively being treated and also lack that kind of discipline that comes with a daily routine and just do whatever you want all day it’s a one way ticket to misery town and deep depression/destabilization, she’s probably too full of her weird bpd ego to ever backpedal and admit this though so I’m super excited to see what she has to say about it lol

No. 852994

yeah i never agreed with her, it's a stupid line of thinking

No. 852996

File: 1565806679685.jpeg (88.38 KB, 750x394, 1D46B6A2-BCFB-455D-98FB-AFC965…)

They’re probably just in shock

No. 853001

File: 1565806863900.jpg (219.57 KB, 1536x2048, EB5IYx-XYAU1Itp.jpg)

imagine coming face to face with this cryptid at walmart or something. i'd be wondering why this tranny was wandering around with a full face on in the middle of the day too.

No. 853004

File: 1565806983561.png (37.23 KB, 590x346, 2019-08-14 14_23_17-Plastic an…)

woe is me! the mean wymyns are just jealous of my beauty! how cruel!

No. 853009

lmao, some talented anon please make an image compilation of all the times she called people ugly

No. 853036

File: 1565810878062.jpg (861.78 KB, 3464x3464, unnamed.jpg)

this is just from a search of the word ugly in her tweets

No. 853065

Bless u anon

No. 853096

Not only is she a hypocrite but shes a delusional hypocrite. Good grief.
Hm, wonder how that resume is gonna look…? I mean honestly, what skills or education could she possibly put on it? Shes probably just gonna hope they hire her because shes ~disAbLed~ thanks to a (non existent) psoriasis diagnoses

No. 853105

my fucking sides

No. 853120

File: 1565822056252.jpeg (90.84 KB, 750x1030, 827957F0-C747-49B3-8343-27CB94…)

nitpick, but how bad does your body dysmorphia have to be to think this is a good profile picture? kek

No. 853126

File: 1565822667131.jpeg (132.74 KB, 750x1073, C2C3280A-F57B-4C04-9A91-AFAEEF…)

No. 853129

Good luck finding a vanilla job with all the porn on your twitter

No. 853141

the same level as thinking >>852720 is okay i guess lmao

No. 853153

File: 1565825107999.png (223.89 KB, 679x640, 2019-08-14 19_17_46-ariana mcm…)

don't worry ariana, they totally won't google your full name

No. 853184

File: 1565828726487.jpeg (165.58 KB, 1125x580, BCBE7F62-DB28-4E28-ADD3-5A6315…)

Might be nitpicking, but how does she direct the attention to her? She didn't have to specify how close it is to her?

No. 853189

Reminds me of the people that tried to pretend they were in the middle of 9/11 when it happened

No. 853317

File: 1565847894949.png (144.21 KB, 750x1334, 9FF6A9C2-385D-4834-99D6-E0D34B…)

This is so weird and gross, who in the fuck knows someone irl and would be like “I jerk off to you?” Is she expecting to like sext these people or something? I wonder how she’s manipulating Matt into thinking that this and her “meaningful connections” aren’t cheating at all, or just manipulating him into going along with it regardless of what he thinks. She’s so gross for this behavior and for not seeking help for her clearly unstable behavior, everyone knows it hurts Matt. I hope he gives her a taste of this shit one day. She was talking not too long ago about how much she hated seeing Matt fuck someone else during their weird ass foursome, and then she does this insane shit. Just absolute garbage.

No. 853321

I wonder how long they will last at their place.

No. 853331

girl with childhood trauma struggling through life with self-taught coping mechanisms: shares her life on the internet to feel connected/accepted/understood

internet strangers with no concept of empathy: DiD yOu sEe shE breAtheD wronG in ThAt piCture hOw darE shE eXist aNd stRugGle anD nOt be PerfeCt sainTs like uS

No. 853333

Hey Ariana, your self taught coping mechanisms won’t work forever

No. 853334

Ok Ariana, “self taught coping mechanisms” don’t make them any less abusive and harmful, and also don’t dismiss anyone from taking accountability, getting help and changing toxic behavior. Leaning on your trauma and mental illness as an excuse is just that — an excuse and deflection. Learn to validate and accept and connect with your damn self

No. 853335

im a friend. and who are you to judge that. let her live(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 853336

You just posted on Twitter

No. 853337

Pointed out how she’s essentially cheating on Matt and now she’s pulling the classic narcissistic/cyclical abuse “love bomb” on Twitter. Make your lurking less obvious.

No. 853338

saying really fucked up damaging
shit to someone who is already struggling makes you just as fucked up.

No. 853339

>compares manipulating and abusing your partner to criticism on the Internet after airing out your shit online

No. 853340

stalking a stranger on the internet for the sole purpose of bullying them makes you worse than anything she could do. she's not "cheating" on you so calm down lol. her partner is a grown man.

No. 853341

Not even on the same spectrum

No. 853342

He’s a doormatt

No. 853343

LMAO worse than anything you could ever do is hilarious. How the fuck is it stalking when you voluntarily and publicly put it out there it’s not hard to find. Your manipulation tactics here are so transparent.

No. 853344

just saying I can't imagine being so hateful towards another person that you don't ever know just to validate yourself amongst other people who are just as vapid. grown ass people don't do that unless they are also fucked up.

No. 853345

Validate ourselves?? Hon this isn't Tumblr, we're all anon here so there's no clout to be had. Your friend just does dumbass things constantly.

No. 853346

if he (a grown ass man) is a "doormat" then how is that YOUR problem ? if you were in a healthy relationship yourself maybe you wouldn't need to obsess over another's.

No. 853347

then let her do dumb shit and go on with your life .. ? why the hate ?

No. 853348

So are you ever gonna day or come up with something original or just continue to try and use other people’s arguments and words and flip/manipulate them to sound like your own

No. 853349

He’s definitely not my problem, oof

No. 853350

“If you were in a healthy relationship yourself” Ah yes cause you (Ariana) are in such a healthy relationship

No. 853351

everyone here cheers each other on every time one of you posts a pic at a bad angle or zooms in and nit picks, how is that not validation ? whoever gets the worst pic wins ?

No. 853352

oof ? are you12 ?

No. 853353

She’s not doing dumb shit she’s doing harmful shit and touting herself as a kind and polite person, that’s why people are angry. It’s awful to watch someone abuse people and then get praise from other validation starved people just like her.

No. 853354

Nothing in that relationship screams healthy. And I thought ariana didn’t have any close friends anymore

No. 853355

the difference between you and her is that she is just living, making mistakes sometimes but living her life, and you are intentionally seeking out a target to bully. shame when you could be actually supporting the people you do like instead of trying to tear down a stranger who is already struggling.

No. 853356

Yea once they said they are a friend of hers I called bs

No. 853357

Well said


No. 853358

you are all here for validation amongst each other..

No. 853359

yeah !! well said !! you go fellow bully !! yeah !! you go you !! sad.

No. 853360

I do it for the lolz

No. 853361

you can lolz but this is someone's mental health and you are not helping. lolz

No. 853362

The difference between me and you is that I have accountability for my behavior, you’re just ~*living ur life*~ in denial of being a shitty person

No. 853363

“You’re not helping” neither are you by continuing to not seek out treatment

No. 853364

Why would I need to help her
She’s not my problem

She’s doormats problem

No. 853365

how does her being a shitty person affect you ? did she fuck your man or steal your wallet ? if not why go out of your way to single her out ?

No. 853366

if she's not your problem WHY ARE YOU HERE SPREADING HATE on someone you don't even personally know ??(>ban evades to post more autistic spam)

No. 853367

For the lolz

No. 853368

I almost spit my fucking drink out laughing at this

No. 853369

for you its entertainment. haha funny lolz. for another person it may be damaging them further. why be that, to ANYone ?

No. 853370

We are not responsible for her actions and mental health.

No. 853371

Says the one abusing her boyfriend

No. 853372

She actively seeks out her own hate forums instead of ignoring them and acts like they’re responsible for her awful mental health lmao

No. 853373

Notice how she stopped posting on twitter as soon as someone mentioned it!?

No. 853375

you are not responsible for anyone's mental health but why be the kind of person to go out of your way to make someone feel even worse ?

No. 853376

She’s too busy whiteknighting herself here

No. 853377

She’d rather find someone else to blame than herself
Apparently its what helps her sleep at night.

No. 853379

again. her boyfriend is a GROWN. MAN. is he your boyfriend ? why so worried about another man. lolz

No. 853380

You seem to be pretty worried about a grown woman abusing her grown doormatt

No. 853381

Because grown men can still be abused and the abusers need to be held accountable

No. 853382

no one is saying this forum is responsible for her mental health. I'm sure it doesn't make her feel better either

No. 853383

but he is not your man. he has free will. maybe spend the energy worrying about your relationship ?

No. 853384

Why would anyone make someone feel better about their abusive behavior

No. 853385

She could always not look at and ignore it like she does with everything else in her life

Isn’t that how cyber bulling is stopped anyway, just walk from the computer screen yo

No. 853386

I'm standing up for a friend. if he felt abused he would leave.

No. 853388

why would anyone publically anonymously obsess over a stranger and their relationship either ? you tell me

No. 853389

Hes being abused, not all victims feel abused in the midst of it and leaving an abuser is way fucking harder than that

No. 853390

How blind sided of you to assume that’s how abuse works

Ariana, just stop

No. 853391


No. 853392

all I'm saying is you could use your energy to support someone you actually like ?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 853393

The whole music scene thinks he’s a joke.
It’s pretty sad honestly.
I feel bad for the guy.

No. 853394

Your BPD Black & White thought process is showing, people can spread their energy across multiple things, you act like because someone spends energy on one thing means they don’t do anything else all day or have lives outside of it. Sorry you don’t exist outside of the internet. Most of us do

No. 853395

one more time for the people in the back, he is a GROWN MAN. not your man. him being "abused" by being in an open relationship doesn't concern you, stranger.

No. 853397

An open relationship where he’s not allowed to fuck or be with anyone else but his abuser can fuck anyone she wants. Not how that works

No. 853398

notb your business eitherbyet here you are

No. 853399

Then her life shouldn’t concern you either

No. 853400

>overshares personal business online, publicly
>not your business!!1

No. 853401

there's no need to defend shitty behavior by telling me you do other things through out the day too thanks

No. 853402

if he was a woman who was openly being treated this way by a man i guarantee you would have a different opinion. saying “he’s a grown man he can leave if he wants” is ignorant

No. 853403

i doubt his band is any good anyways.
Anyone heard any of their stuff by any chance?

No. 853404

like I said. standing up for a friend. a person. one with feelings. try not to be a sick.

No. 853405


No. 853406

You should put that same energy into defending doormatt from Ariana

No. 853407

Yet here you are defending your own shitty behavior

No. 853408

No one is defending her behavior. yes she is not perfect but there's no need to point that out in horrible cruel ways let her live

No. 853409


Standing up for a friend who probably doesn’t even like you nor care about you, how sad. Wait until you get dumped in the trash when you’re no longer useful too.

No. 853410

Is it really your business too though?
Yet here you are

No. 853412

This is some hardcore fucking denial, “she is not perfect, let her live.” Let her continue to hurt, abuse and manipulate people without judgment or urging her to take accountability is what you’re really saying, which is in turn defending her shitty behavior. No ones perfect but most people are not abusers in extreme denial

No. 853413

the status of our friendship is irrelevant. just sucks to see a person who is already dealing with a lot be picked apart by strangers. anyway carry on.(autistic spam)

No. 853414


Maybe she shouldn’t be a piece of shit and embarrass herself online and maybe she wouldn’t be “picked apart” like strangers. Just a thought.

No. 853415

Sucks to see a man be abused and the abuser take zero accountability or even remotely try to get help to change their behavior

No. 853420

Ariana, sis, no one is forcing you to look here???? go get some help. You’re an asshole so we call it out. Work on yourself.

No. 853429

notice how Ariana's entire demeanor changes when she can no longer block people and everyone's anon so she can't call them ugly. Truly the toppest of keks

No. 853432

File: 1565863679261.jpeg (230.77 KB, 1130x805, 682AC60D-3D11-4A21-A3EA-721393…)

Ariana coming to her hate threads to whiteknight herself

No. 853437

I’m not convinced it was Ariana, I don’t think she could control herself to argue so calmly. My money is on Aaron.

No. 853462

My guess is Aaron too..could be an ex friend who still cares tho. Does not sound like pnp at all ..too intelligent to be Ariana..not enough spelling errors lol.

No. 853469

i thought her life was so perfect cuz she gets to wake up and do whatever she wants all day and she's uwu so much hotter than everyone else? isn't that what life is all about???

No. 853470

this is the number one thing cows can never conceptualize

No. 853485

Apparently your friendship IS irrelevant if you felt the need to come to a site with a defending mentality that you know you’re gonna lose with. Why can’t she fend for herself? Why the fuck she need you to do it? Why did you search for the link for the newest thread on her? You got issues too buddy. Seriously, click the catalog link and just take a look at the types of people that get “torn apart” here. They warrant it by either viral animal abuse, scamming people, being a narcissistic asshole, manipulating people, contradicting actions, the fucking list goes on. There’s a reason why she’s on here.
If she ever owns up to her responsibilities and idk fucking tries to be a benevolent human being, it would stop. No one wants to fucking talk about someone doing good shit.

No. 853520

If ariana was really being mentally affected by her forums she would delete her online profiles and start living an actual life in the real world. No one is making post online and share so much abt herself. its the fucking internet turn it off, delete your shit but obviously she loves the high of all the stranges on here talking abt her.

also i dont think this person is ari or knows her at all, just another orbiter from insta looking for her new profiles and stumbled in her forum imo

No. 853532

File: 1565888078247.jpeg (58.92 KB, 960x542, 67A155E8-0B8E-4607-BF88-C2517A…)

No. 853546

Get this shit out of the thread. Irrelevant.

No. 853559

Is Doormat's band local? I'm from the area and I wanna see if I heard of them

No. 853568

yeah it's called ratgod or some dumb shit like that
ironic since they probably have actual rats in their house

No. 853593

Oh Jesus Christ get off you’re podium.
>> You got issues too buddy.
Lol imagine saying that
Take this paragraph and repeat to yourself in the mirror and realize if you vocalized exactly what you said you would be a fucking weirdo creep defending weirdo creep actions. You’re all ego. Everyone on this forum is a weirdo creep. They crap on these girls but their lives I can guarantee are pretty baseless and if you spent the same amount of time critiquing themselves than random strangers online. They wouldn’t have time to be on these forums. It’s just fucking hilarious. I come on here to laugh at what I would def call incels. And no I’m not Ariana. That’s another thing that’s funny, everyone who defends Ariana on here is Ariana what a meme.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 853594

I just think it ultimately hilarious because all these forums do is have mainstream people rushing to lolcows defenses when these threads become public and the lolcow will profit off the hate like Kiki cannibal and Audrey kitching. Because no matter how problematic they are it’s always out weighed about how fucking weird keeping detailed tabs on random strangers is. It’s like you guys made them a lot of money from giving them negative attention, you’re all still just here still in here, talking shit, not progressing your lives. It’s cosmically funny.

No. 853596

File: 1565895714139.jpeg (31.13 KB, 680x658, B7785CE3-B2CD-498B-BE74-B8347D…)

No. 853597

ITT: everyone who secretly wishes they had a thread dedicated to their lives and are angreh clean up your rooms I bet one of you has a piss jug !!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 853610

Yeah Kiki really profited from her lolcow days LMAO she essentially wiped her entire persona from the internet after she went completely off the rails and posted here incessantly. Whew lawd.

No. 853618

Actually it is relevant, it’s literally us, they’re comparing what we see Ariana’s bs as

No. 853647

Am I understanding her tweet about taxed income correctly? She thinks that a john’s money is post-taxes, so she doesn’t need to pay hers?

No. 853648

why do all these cows think you can't have a life because you look at this forum kek it takes me 5 minutes to scroll through the dumb shit ariana vomits onto her twitter account, 10 if there is new milk. calm down white knights, it ain't that deep

No. 853656

because they only have the capacity to focus/obsess about one thing at a time so they assume that's how normal people operate too

No. 853658

The whole world is fucked up, if you haven't seen the news lately. Watching a rude bitch fuck herself over is like watching a drama-filled reality show, except we're doing the opposite of rooting for the main character. It's satisfying watching an asshole make a fool of themselves. If you were such a good friend, you'd be attending to your friend instead of talking to people online that laugh at your friend's ridiculous created persona. Let Ariana keep living in a delusional world and let us enjoy our entertainment.

No. 853660


Thirding or Fourthing this is Aaron.

My tinfoil is the resume/google your name Ariana set her off bad and she complained to him how this site is gonna prevent her from getting a job.

Honey, all we’re doing is reporting what you put out there. Guess that hooker life ain’t all “bad bitch vibes” huh?

No. 853662


She doesnt even need to delete everything. She could legit just become less of a problematic, abusive, attention whore and lolcow would lose interest pretty quickly other than the occasional “this is what shes upto” posts.

She lives her life on display. We’re all watching cause its fucking hilarious. If it bothers her, its in her control. Has she ever even been cowtipped before other than by herself?

No. 853697

> ?
> ?
> !!
The space before the punctuation should be a relatively easy tic to identify.

No. 853780

They're called Stargazer. Unrelated to pnp but they're actually not bad if you like prog/djenty stuff. Doormat's vocals could use some work though.

Shame, imagine where he could be if he didn't have Ari holding him back.

No. 853795

Is she still going to the gym? She hasnt posted about it in a while so I am guessing not

No. 853817

Stargazer is tolerable.
RatGod however just sounds like basic Metalcore. Or as pnp would call them, “normies”
Probably why she hates the hardcore scene

No. 853864

File: 1565949383349.jpeg (Spoiler Image,315.32 KB, 750x873, 9497F6E3-16CF-468D-B6C2-2B9D0B…)

Sage for blog but I'm from NYC and despite being a big city, the entire northeast metal and hardcore scene are incredibly small townish. We talk trash about all these local internet famous stars all the time. People I know irl who I'm almost certain don't know this site exist have made jokes at the expense of pnp. Matt is a known cuck and Arianna a vapid bitch. For wks to come here and say that the farm is the cause of all of this bullying is almost willfully ignorant. Aaron, Matt, Arianna: all of NYC, NJ, PA, CT, and even RI scene is onto your bullshit. 60k followers on the old ig and you didn't expect that? Seriously?

Also spoilered bc dick pic but look at how many likes and retweets lol. Must suck to emotionally abuse your bf into letting you put his penis on your public Twitter to only get five likes. It's as if even her followers know this is weird as shit. I wonder what kinda trash his band mates talk about him.

No. 853865

Goddamnit I neither saged nor spoilered. Ban me, mods.

No. 853866

You can delete and repost within 30 minutes you know

No. 853871

All I can think is: pencil dick

No. 853887


Ya PnP would never let DoorMatt go on tour without there being major drama each time. It’s crazy how many guys you can leash in if don’t care about their looks/personality. Aaron, I’m looking at you.

No. 853888

File: 1565958368231.jpeg (79.09 KB, 720x833, 6233373C-3AF2-40BE-AB80-AA4DE3…)

(no contribution)

No. 853906

>853864 k but has anyone else noticed her fucking gross ass security blanket there?

No. 854001

and she's back…

No. 854002

File: 1565979082963.jpeg (351.3 KB, 1241x1876, 8C5481A7-7D19-4366-950B-181E0A…)

Looks like she got her Instagram back

No. 854021

i can’t find her instagram ?? did she change the @?

No. 854023

unless you're blocked it's literally in >>854002

No. 854037

I like how she's been saying she's so "over instagram" and doesn't even want it back. She's been saying that she just wants it deleted. But here we are.

No. 854048

yeah thank you anon, no1curr but she literally blocked me for no reason ? i’ve never commented on her instagram lol

No. 854060

Now her twitter name is “scorpio baby” I wonder if she’s going to try and distance her instagram “platform” from her failed “sex work” twitter lol, I wonder how this whole sex work awful porn thing is gonna transfer over to Instagram in general, I doubt she’s smart enough to have learned her lesson and even try to follow the rules.

No. 854061

she was actually telling people to report it a while back to get it fully taken down, so it would be kind of funny if it randomly gets taken down now that she has access again

No. 854066

File: 1565984936626.jpeg (896.63 KB, 1242x2092, C81AC7D4-FC44-45D3-BB8F-762C3C…)

This return to insta can only be bad for her.

No. 854070

File: 1565985278528.gif (892.13 KB, 300x300, thinking.gif)


>that rash scarring on her leg

No. 854071

Did she lose followers when she came back? I remember she had like 61k when she asked someone from twitter to check now she has like 59k lol yikes

No. 854098


I know Instagram sometimes does a mass delete of inactive, spam or bot accounts so that could possibly be why she lost so many followers.

No. 854135

File: 1565993677800.png (1.91 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-08-16-15-12-27…)

>this break from instagram has been so humbling
>the internet isn't everything
>i don't even know if I'm happy right now

Sure jan. That's why you posted 4 stories of your nostrils and gummy prolapsed lips. Incoming manic episode. She's gonna go live. I cannot wait for the milk to spill.

No. 854138

Oh praise the lord and let the rains of milk begin. This is great news.

I’m also interested to see if she’s going to try hide being a sex worker from her IG.

No. 854208

she looks like a real life Dale Gribble

No. 854251

File: 1566011268953.png (4.54 MB, 1125x2436, D20C2BEF-73B6-477C-9B5B-9910AB…)

sage bc useless but like……. gross………

No. 854259

File: 1566012493386.png (3.06 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-08-16-20-28-05…)

Why tho? You already look like a greasy bloated fish

No. 854270

You didn’t sage though

No. 854274

Most likely because she has a platform again. Now she can promote effectively to an audience so her “girl” Kaitlyn is probably giving her some free syringes. Kek. Ariana apparently said she was going to save up for something more permanent which makes me think she wouldn’t actually get fillers unless they were a handout.

No. 854309

File: 1566021265239.png (5.77 MB, 1242x2208, 1E1AE663-514A-409A-AD51-E77880…)

Can y’all believe this was her???

No. 854313

Mistakes were made.

No. 854314

She was better looking but probably still a huge bitch lol. Didn’t she admit being a bitch to her ex or something not too long ago?

No. 854323

pretty sure she's been a toxic cunt for many years.

No. 854333

File: 1566033553578.jpg (65.38 KB, 649x960, 1533673958291.jpg)

Repost of something from the first thread, but I can't believe how much she's destroyed her appearance with all the shit she's done

No. 854334

File: 1566034215818.jpeg (Spoiler Image,357.12 KB, 1084x1928, 3EE316A5-6382-4D32-ACF7-0DE202…)

Does she only own one pair of underwear or is this nasty, ratty thing another “security blanket” situation? Either way, disgusting kek I can smell this picture

No. 854341

File: 1566039905746.jpg (42.29 KB, 1014x214, Screenshot_20190817_125428.jpg)

>>854274 that's definitely why lol, just the other day she posted this

No. 854347

she looked so hot in here, too bad she has always been a fucking moron and no one can't stand her

No. 854349

That picture also makes her look hot because of angle and lighting tho, she looked better pre-surgeries but let’s be real, she was never super hot irl to begin with

No. 854352

Wow. I wasn’t around during her Insta-height but she actually is more tolerable when you can see her versus reading her awful tweets and poorly choosen selfies

No. 854363

File: 1566047883452.jpg (2.66 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190817_150931501.j…)

just went through her fan art and i just think it's funny how she spends so much time trying to create the illusion of a slim nose with makeup (oh, and the nose job) and her fans will still draw it as it is

No. 854385

I find it funny she does that leg pop out thing cus the last thread pic had one of her laying down flat getting pissed on and you can clearly see she has absolutely no figure. She's literally built like pubescent boy, which is why she was so proud of her weight gain for like two weeks.

How can someone so appearance obsessed still manage to look so gross all the time?

No. 854404

hasn't she been sperging about her ED constantly for like the last month?
suddenly she's so proud of her weight gain? lol. it's hilarious how differently she is already trying to present herself on IG.

No. 854425

File: 1566059976608.jpeg (441.58 KB, 1197x2048, A07D88D4-A11F-4949-85D0-A6861B…)

A grease fire waiting to happen

No. 854426

pumpkin pie haircut lookin ass

No. 854433

this whole picture is so trashy….i don’t understand how she can look at it and feel comfortable posting it

No. 854434

That's exactly what I thought. She literally looks filthy. Get a load of those grody feet.

Can't wait to see if she tries to milk ig for clients/sex work because she has a bunch of irls on that profile.

No. 854436

File: 1566062021456.jpeg (Spoiler Image,242.49 KB, 1125x1175, 700FD06B-3870-4BE5-8800-5F38FB…)

She really loves to glamorize her ED.

No. 854465

Her toes hanging over the edge of her sandals is the worst part about this picture

No. 854467

Her finger toes do look pretty creepy, but it's gotta be her greasy, juicy slug lips.

No. 854474

Oh my god, she has Steven Tyler feet, amazing

No. 854478

File: 1566071096422.png (3.38 MB, 750x1334, AF96A047-55DB-4A3C-AA6D-3368AE…)

I got an unflattering angle but just watching her face on her live, you can see her fillers are dissolving and making her cheeks hollow and saggy looking. No wonder she was talking about fillers for her bday on Twitter not too long ago. Sage for new milk and nitpick

No. 854479

She's live. She just said "no it's not breast implant illness, I was diagnosed by the skin lady" and I quote.

No. 854482

File: 1566071850841.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3464x3464, F56FFFD4-5B99-4DFC-BB3D-485349…)

To add to this, she also claimed that psoriasis runs in her family lmao.

Also, love that people are hate commenting and trying to bait her to say what she's been doing for "work" in her time off. Also mad ppl asking for her Twitter and she's ignoring all of this. Golden.

No. 854484

fuck sorry for no caps, but I just hopped on her live and the questions were slowing down and someone asked "are you going to talk about SW on here" and she said "no because Instagram is weird and it's hurting my head. Gotta go" and then got off.

No. 854488

lmao i remember in the beginning threads when she said to not call her a sexworker because all she was doing was "sugaring". now the bitch is full-service and won't discuss it. classic.

No. 854489

I seriously hate seeing the way her face contorts when she speaks, it's ugly as fuck

No. 854497

She looks like a cross between Michael Jackson and kris Jenner

No. 854501

This fucking hair. I can't. She looks like a goddamn petrified artichoke

No. 854522

File: 1566079135760.png (2.99 MB, 750x1334, C52C53EA-634C-4327-A1B1-E0870E…)

Wasn’t she just saying she finished her Invisalign a while back or am I missing something..?

No. 854529

Why does she insist on cutting the regrowth from the Great Shavening into a fucking bowlcut?! She could do a pixie or something face framing while it grows out? It’s disturbing how she is a full time hooker but has a little choir boy’s haircut. She’s so insecure but every change she makes to her appearance just makes her look worse. That’s gotta be some heavy self hatred.

No. 854549

Honestly, I think the hollow cheeks are a vast improvement from that pillowface the fillers were giving her.

No. 854550

Pretty trashy that she’s letting her kitten chew on her juul in her insta story. She’s showing her that it’s a toy and encouraging her to chew on it. There’s been many reported incidents of pets getting nicotine poisoning from chewing on those things

No. 854585

File: 1566086921734.png (3.27 MB, 750x1334, 93A7A3C6-7607-4650-85E1-190E26…)

>Pretty trashy that she’s letting her kitten chew on her juul in her insta story.
she has no regard for anything besides herself and even that’s debatable

No. 854656

She's trying to be fantasy so bad still it's wild she looks like a malfunctioning trans clone

No. 854666

File: 1566099325865.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, FC90F875-E954-44B0-BC5B-DF4CE6…)

Confirmed she no longer goes to the gym every day and that it was a short lived impulsive waste of money lmao

No. 854679

File: 1566102422581.png (2.25 MB, 1440x1895, Screenshot_2019-08-17-21-24-49…)

I can't believe she thinks this is an improvement. She looked so much better before

No. 854680

she went from cute alt girl to white trash mom who wants to speak to the manager about her lip injections

No. 854682

wow, I'm kinda new to the PnP threads and had never seen a side-by-side before-and-after before. she was so beautifully interesting looking before, now she looks like a busted blow-up doll. even her eyebrows have become wtf

No. 854687

File: 1566104105753.png (2.47 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-08-17-21-53-46…)

Shes letting her new kitten terrorize poor Weezy. She looks miserable. Also her house is fucking filthy. I feel so bad for her pets.

No. 854690

File: 1566104217769.png (1.69 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-08-17-21-53-56…)

Couldnt grab a screen fast enough, but dirty plates on the floor, pure filth. Frogger & Weezy look miserable with a new kitten.

No. 854700

File: 1566105557967.png (3.05 MB, 1242x2208, Photo 17-08-2019, 14 49 13.png)

whereas in reality she looks like this, she can edit and cake on as much makeup as she likes, she always was and still is ugly asf

No. 854706

Why is her legal name attached to this, all you guys do is bitch at her for not having a job and then fuck her out of having one. It just justifies other people who have abused her and a victim complex. Tf did you expect

No. 854708

She’s fucking herself out of a real job.

No. 854709

Babby’s First lolcow

No. 854713

File: 1566108350115.png (2.51 MB, 750x1334, 3EBBE563-417B-41B5-9D2F-506B33…)

Yeah I hate to nitpick on her appearance as there's loads of other shit she is horrible for that aren't her appearance, but… You're right. Her un-made up eyes, brows and smile give it up. She still looks like her old self despite all the surgery. All it seems to have done is make her more of an outward bitch.

No. 854720

>all you guys do is bitch at her for not having a job

Out of all the things this retard is culpable of, not having a job is really a non issue.
Her name is her name and she does what she does, cry harder fag.

No. 854727

She's responsible for her own reputation. Not lolcow. She puts this information out there and has chosen to publicize her lifestyle.

If she was smart, all she has to do is call herself "Aria McMillan" or "Ana McMillan" or "Ari McMillan" on a resume lol.

No. 854731

File: 1566112855085.png (293.48 KB, 1242x2208, E46F2DE8-05A2-4A9E-8A26-7F31C4…)

Anyone notice cotte doesn’t follow Ariana on Instagram anymore, nor does that girl Freya who got her into SW this time around

No. 854734


Honestly prlly just cus she made a new account and the one she's on now has been inactive for a year, not because they don't like anyone. Everyone insta popular likes to moderate who they follow – there's no milk here.

No. 854743

File: 1566114925281.jpeg (77.66 KB, 946x2048, 0FA50AF4-91EF-4EBB-A00D-654D20…)

>message marked as seen
“My HuSbAnD aCkNoWlEdGeD mE”

She’s really that desperate

No. 854806

File: 1566134454496.png (3.28 MB, 750x1334, D9B5E0AE-2F6D-4D97-8151-3ADE23…)

aaron just posted this on his story

No. 854849

File: 1566142010926.png (10.36 MB, 1242x2208, 901ED7F1-8320-43A4-B0B1-A8DC14…)

She looks like something from a horror movie about to possess the boy

No. 854895

>please have a job/steady income

No. 854911

she looks completely pre surgery in this lmao

No. 854977

File: 1566160414318.png (2.21 MB, 1440x2111, Screenshot_2019-08-18-13-32-31…)

>autoimmune disease

Kek totally not syphillis

No. 854997

ARIANA go get tested ffs you have 1/4 of probabilities to relapse on your secondary stage of syphilis

No. 854998

File: 1566163311603.jpeg (72.88 KB, 750x400, C04B4891-2AC6-4504-9531-454E5D…)

Why.. is she writing "survivor" like she has cancer or something? Cant keep up with this bitch

No. 855007

LMAO "auto immune disease survivor"???? wow…. i'm fucking deceased right now.
her entire bio reads like a middle aged facebook mlm mom.

No. 855008

Do you realize how stupid this statement is? How is it anyone’s fault besides her own?

No. 855013

Imagine thinking you’re a “survivor” of your self diagnosed psoriasis that’s probably an STI when there are people who have lupus and type 1 diabetes and thyroid diseases who are actually surviving day to day what a stupid self righteous cunt

No. 855016

File: 1566166005284.png (296.14 KB, 750x1334, B599936A-D5AE-4868-9995-4688D0…)

No. 855022

she posted all her business about being a sex worker out there but, sure, it's our fault.

No. 855026

Where can I find that video you talked about when someone was pissing and she was riding an old guy’s face?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 855031

We are not your helpers for jacking your ding-dong. Get out

No. 855035

Out of curiosity I checked different medical websites and Psoriasis.org and while rare, it is possible to get psoriasis on your genitals. The kicker is that only two types of it have been observed there (plaque and inverse) and neither of them look like or could ever be mistaken for guttate. But keep telling yourself that’s what it is, Ariana “public health enemy number one” McMillan

No. 855038

God im just baffled her denial is going to most likely end up on a) serious body and brain damage b) straight up death.

Bitch you have fucking syphilis. Go To a Hospital.

No. 855041

I’m a girl haha I just enjoy laughing at her videos but I’m pretty sure you have to buy it right? Or did someone leak it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 855044

Does she think she’s getting ahead of the story by bringing all this shit back up to IG or is she just this desperate for every drop of attention/sympathy? Also

Go away obvious scrote newfag. Nobody is leaking her porn here.

No. 855046

Ariana you know namefagging isnt allowed here?

No. 855049

Depends on where on your genitals. Inverse can look a lot like guttate when it first forms (small splotches with flaking build up), but because the skin constantly rubs it forms a sheen, smooth surface. It forms where the skin folds (so under the breasts, armpits and near the leg/genitals, under the scrotum and sometimes even in the labia. Guttate psoriasis can form on the mound (in females) and on the shaft (in males). It can cover the entire body. It can last for years (a flare-up). It normally lasts longer if you're sick, stressed, etc. because of a weakened immune system. So, if she does have an STD (which is likely) it could cause a psoriasis flare to last forever, as long as she doesn't get it taken care of.

Honestly, to me, it does look like psoriasis. Doesn't take away from the fact she's nasty. But I'm merely being objective here.

No. 855102

File: 1566182155499.jpeg (527.2 KB, 750x922, 7CF10D89-5358-4B03-B5F7-D6A885…)

"I'm so good at makeup, better than professional"

No. 855111

Holy fuck….this is just……SO MUCH to unpack……
The allusion to the abortion in her bio, “autoimmune survivor” (I’m cringing so fucking hard she wants to be disabled so badly)….the whole bio is just referencing every element of her latching onto whichever oPpReSsEd identity she can. I’m….she had to have been on drugs when she made that bio?!

No. 855114


> “Ppl are stupid for telling me to see a doctor LMAO!!!”

>“I survived a debilitating autoimmune disorder!!!1!1”

Ariana you can’t define your life with this “autoimmune disability” status and then shrug off modern medicine and doctors in the same thought. Anyone smarter than a retard can see right through your self-satisfying victim complex bullshit

No. 855115

File: 1566184238120.jpeg (65.89 KB, 576x1024, 4E977BEE-05C1-4321-953F-6B5FA5…)

No. 855128

ayrt and I saw what you described about the inverse psoriasis and how it starts off and then gets worse in those creases. She’s always just had the bumps they never turned into the smooth red patches but who knows. No one because bitch won’t see a professional anyway. the situation sounds like it’s uncommon even if it’s possible to get just the guttate psoriasis bumps in the vaginal region. Definitely something I would want confirmed!

regardless, there’s countless medications and prescriptions that are successful, she didn’t treat it “WHOLISTICALLY” (kek) by choice… but rather because she’s fucking stupid and is too scared an actual professional might open up the possibility of it being something different than what she wants it to be.

And >>855114 yes she’s latching onto this shit as another personality trait yet has never been in the care of a doctor for “muh auto immune disease”, what the fuck. How can you be defining yourself by something you don’t even know you have?

No. 855143

Did anyone else notice how she claimed doctors can’t cure life long illnesses, said she cleared hers with her bullshit “wholistic” (doubt she even knows what the word really means) approach, then says it’s important to discuss both options WITH. A. DOCTOR. looooll pick a side idiot

No. 855144

What pisses me off the most is that she's claiming to have completely cured it. While she actively shows she eats like shit and the only exercise she gets is the occasional client. She's not even doing the bare minimum to treat an auto immune disease.

No. 855145

Sage for same anon but I’m pretty sure she thinks the word holistic is synonymous with natural, versus holistic being a concept that all parts of the body work together. You can take a holistic approach with medication too lmfao what an IDIOT

No. 855151

Also, I have an automimmune disease, it is something that needs to be confirmed with blood drawn it will show if you have your own cells attacking you. Im pretty sure a blood drawn is quite ok with (wholistic) approach, it just how you get diagnostic for sure. Immune disease could be suspected by just the eye (aka the afamous friend dermatologist who saw her pictures) but that’s even more reason to get tested on an auto immune disease, its a very easy diagnostic if you check the blood. But that would sure go in the way of her delusional beliefs and put her face to face with reality. And please Ari, no «  I don’t have the money to spend on a diagnosis », one it’s a super easy one and you know the day after if you have an auto immune disease two: I am pretty sure you can afford it. Or maybe skip sushis for a few days and beg for something relevant?

No. 855153

>this was super hard for me to accept and put out there
>goes on snap and says “I wAs RiGhT!!1!1!1” after self diagnosing her infection
>seems to have accepted it as psoriasis pretty fuckin easily
>literally never stops putting it out there on twitter, reddit and posts pictures and tweets about it as if her life depended on it

sure. sounds like it was so hard for u

No. 855169


Jesus Aaron is a pathetic clinger. The fact DoorMatt isnt threatened by him whatsoever is pretty telling about the type of “man” he is.

I just hate this dudes face.

No. 855232

so i'm pretty sure ariana is reading and posting. someone just necro'd the last thread and it sounds exactly like her. i guess she was too dopey to figure out how to post on the most recent thread. i wonder when this bitch is going to realize we ain't mad, this is top tier entertainment.

No. 855236

File: 1566234006149.png (2.14 MB, 750x1334, E7942130-328C-4771-81D1-DED21F…)

Is she really that confused as to why people didn’t want to keep up with her prostitution twitter….?

No. 855256

File: 1566238591695.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, 9DEE3EED-D317-4D82-A11D-3CF93D…)

Her boob job looks super wonky in this pic, and that makeup… I imagine looking at this picture and thinking it was good to post.

No. 855307


Goes both ways Arianna. You didn't try to keep up with them either while you on Twitter. So why expect them to? This girl will never be satisfied.

Also its funny how she thinks 60k on IG is some huge platform. Maybe 5 years ago, but everyone and their mama got a following these days.

No. 855308

File: 1566250175324.png (3.22 MB, 750x1334, DA6639F5-0EA6-4F0B-B3F1-6854A6…)

Uhh narcissism??

No. 855330

How does she not realize that referring to it as "an autoimmune disease" every time instead of calling it by name immediately makes people think it's either AIDS or something minor and normal/boring like celiac.

No. 855370

File: 1566260486191.jpeg (118.81 KB, 750x628, D49FB869-D551-4FEB-9D87-ACF99C…)

Hmm.. Tweets go from August 5th to 18th? Seems like she deleted a lot of tweets now that her IG is back.

No. 855385

uhhh anon, that's a tweet from the 5th that she retweeted… scroll down further

No. 855408

With all this auto immune warrior talk I wonder how long it’ll take her to claim she has fibromyalgia

No. 855447

Fuck she’s ugly

No. 855448

Anyone notice her labia majoras (the outside labia) are deflated and look like long sagging pieces of flesh similar to that of a 60 year old woman when she bend over and shakes her “ass”?(nitpicking)

No. 855451

File: 1566269962437.jpeg (92.68 KB, 750x214, 22157FBB-8108-426A-AF5F-9C38D9…)

I mean isn’t that what normal people do? They work. Maybe if she got over herself and realized she’s getting too old to be doing sex work she could actually become something productive and you know, work.

No. 855460

it's not an autoimmune condition

No. 855472

Her labia look weird as fuck

No. 855473

Imagine how Doormatt feels, jeez. The codependency is real strong with this one. I’d absolutely hate coming home to this insufferable bitch every. single. day. I mean, seriously, imagine it.. Ariana willingly works a few hours just every two months by offering only her sexual services and then will feel utterly comfortable spending the rest of her time either: boasting about how great/easy life is since sex work, spending all said sex work money on debt and instant gratification, seeking out opinionated arguments that won’t go anywhere on controversial topics for a quick ego boost, casually contradicting her own statements left and right, and/or complaining to her “platform” that she hates everything she creates and feels utterly alone quite often. It’s sad, honestly. Not a life I’d be proud of.

Ariana. Please. Just. Get. A. Therapist.
It’s a normal, healthy activity every person should do with their free time. Spending money on sessions is not a waste. Please. Do yourself a favor and try it again!

No. 855482

If she worked, he wouldn't have to work as much to cover her frivolous shit.
As if that would stop her.

No. 855524

File: 1566283343947.png (2.13 MB, 750x1334, 7665BAEB-4554-4F47-A113-79B61B…)

sage for nitpick but how the fuck do u say this dumb shit knowing that drawings are literally just fucking lines on paper

No. 855545

>weird you can make a whole picture just makin lines111 wow111

weird, you can just make whole coherent sentences by just using the alphabet!

No. 855546

File: 1566289565928.jpeg (819.69 KB, 906x1142, 10D94D65-541D-4DD7-818B-24484A…)

At least dust the dandruff of your shoulders.

No. 855560

File: 1566294406592.jpeg (4.25 MB, 3000x3000, 767CEBC4-5FD7-4CC8-BA0F-2BAAE7…)

I’m sorry but I couldn’t resist

No. 855574


Dont forget undermining your boyfriend by posting all over social media how shes the “breadwinner” in the relationship and bragging she makes more money than him cause she lets wrinkled balls powder her face.

She doesnt deserve Matt

No. 855576

Woman with Lipfillers and Trashpile (2019)

No. 855614

The bangs…. the eyebrows….. the soulless eyes…. bravo! This made me chuckle because its so on point.

No. 855618

No, she doesn't deserve Matt at all. He's probably so beaten down by all the emotional abuse though that he thinks shes the best he could ever get. She probably beat it into his head so often along with demeaning him so that he truly believes it. Poor dude has gotta have like, non-existent self-esteem. Bet she loves the power she exerts over him because she too has low self-esteem along with intense self-hatred. Toxic ass couple.

No. 855632

File: 1566311326546.png (9.03 MB, 1125x2436, 6F4D3F5F-0B6B-4E48-B617-120F7A…)

When you think she can’t go any lower, she starts talking about eating roadkill….

No. 855637

Well a 72 hour work week isn’t exactly a typical work week so technically he does work more than the average joe. But that’s life..it’s the job he chose so..get used to it!

No. 855641

As a mail guy working for USPS he should have baller benefits. I wonder why he isn’t going ahead and marrying her so she can use health insurance.

No. 855655

How disgusting. She's lower than human, she belongs in the sewer with all the other rats.

No. 855657

Matt might be dumb for staying with her or just a seriously abused and manipulated man, but I genuinely hope he is smart enough to not legally bind himself to an unstable diseased whore.

No. 855659

Maybe this is what she’s been saving dead animals in her freezer for KEK

No. 855662

I wouldn't have high hopes for him. He's been dumb enough to stay with her even after her constant cheating. Thats what it is, because Matt cant sleep around so its not an open relationship. She even seems to have feelings for her clients… which isn't too surprising. Then theres the emotional abuse. And the fact that shes an awful person. If hes stayed after all of that, I dont think he'll ever leave. She can happily walk all over him for the rest of his life.

No. 855663

That’s honestly a really depressing and sickening reality, I just wish someone could make it click in his head and help him leave because nobody should have to go through this shit she puts him through.

No. 855667

File: 1566316054146.jpg (709 KB, 808x1788, 20190820_104616.jpg)

I don't think he's working for USPS anymore. Arianna made a comment a while ago on twitter that he was trying to get back to working for USPS, so I think he either was laid off or seasonal. Also… Did she not forget about trying to make her "friend" and her animals live in her infested basement? Or having to have all these roommates period? Because for someone trying to come off as rich, she has had a lot of roommates..

No. 855669

lol why is she trying to act like she's not still manic and doing drugs?

No. 855670

>>855560 that is Spock on

No. 855739

File: 1566326210885.jpeg (235.72 KB, 750x1181, B9849929-58FF-43D1-AD4B-259BB1…)

Noticed pnp deleted all her highlighted promos besides Buck’s County Plastic Surgery. Seems she’s going to be promoting @skinsavior very soon. Honestly that could be the more permanent alternative to fillers she was discussing saving up for?

Another thing to notice is the steady decline in followers since posting regularly. Not very important but still funny knowing she cares.

No. 855744

File: 1566326553252.jpeg (164.96 KB, 750x1197, C8CA3F90-070A-4DF4-9343-64580C…)

Kek this got deleted so fast

No. 855748

File: 1566326867411.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, 7486D7E2-0FFE-44EA-9E91-E6717E…)

This bitch eats road kill

No. 855750

The meat is fucking spoiled.. it may be okay hypothetically but realistically? Fuck no.

No. 855767

Her hair looks like the fucked up bowl cut of a first grade boy.

No. 855771

File: 1566330120429.png (3.26 MB, 750x1334, 2E479CB9-BB17-4090-B56E-352D1B…)

It looks like she's trying to slowly get come out as a sex worker. Admitting you're a full blown prostitute to your 60k ish fans, friends and family would be incredibly jarring. It's probably also why she's steadily losing followers.

Pic - she saying making sw accounts on these sites. Also lmao didn't she recently rail on people who list basic shit they do as if it's something to be proud of? Self awareness is at 0 with Ariana.

No. 855780

File: 1566330538169.jpeg (510.32 KB, 1195x1918, A07B33AB-76D5-4868-8D61-2C5124…)

old but god this whore is disgusting

No. 855804

File: 1566332291427.png (600.39 KB, 750x1334, E64357D8-3DB4-44ED-BAE1-D71F7D…)

terrifying realities now that she’s back posting video.

No. 855809

She’s been pretending to be a sex worker on Instagram for literally years now.

No. 855810

File: 1566333147904.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, D3E5839D-BCD9-422B-84E3-9C1915…)

I still think that ‘rash’ is HIV

No. 855811


lmao he aint making that mistake again

No. 855812

File: 1566333393585.png (3.22 MB, 750x1334, E99AA442-8D7D-45E5-8C9E-FAD63D…)

Gotta love the vibrator out right next to the dog and dog toys

No. 855817


Ew the head of that vibrator is probably covered in cat/dog fur sticking to her syphilis infused pussy juice.

I wouldnt be surprised if she gave frogger something rubbing her diseased skin all over him. he seems to be more sickly lately.

No. 855836

Yeah but not as a full blown cheap hooker lmao

No. 855841

File: 1566337658800.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, 16DCCBAF-C0E0-48AD-8EF0-E2883D…)

No. 855869

File: 1566341752305.png (2.83 MB, 750x1334, A3EADCBA-DF99-4BAA-82C7-BBF190…)

Letting her cats full on attack each other. Reminds me of Phoebe Tickner who let her new cat get ravaged by the young one into an early grave. I'm so tired of these stupid bitches letting their animals hurt each other and thinking it's cute.

No. 855871

File: 1566342465680.jpeg (460.79 KB, 750x724, 627C482F-DF79-44D0-8BDB-A470CC…)

The video of her singing DGD earlier was truly haunting. Kek.

Ari if you’re reading this, things will never be like they used to between Matt and you!

The manipulation does serious damage to a person. Highly doubtful that he’ll ever want to show you off like this again. Especially in the local scene where everyone disapproves of you guys. Oh well!

No. 855873

File: 1566343124634.jpeg (20.88 KB, 140x148, 129BFB7B-AF1F-4D59-BB44-99EC1B…)

remember when she tried to sell a footjob video

No. 855876

File: 1566343204785.jpeg (250.78 KB, 750x1113, F7A0EA8C-5316-42DC-AE0E-384889…)

5k more in debt…also it’s probably just her BDD kicking in and not actually noticeable to anyone but her

No. 855880

For someone so obsessed with their appearance it doesnt seem like she cared/noticed the underarm hair. Not that body hair is ineherently wrong but she seems like the type of girl who freaks out when they have the slightest bit of hair on their body.

No. 855885

File: 1566343472992.jpeg (87.67 KB, 738x748, 800076DC-2670-4839-B1AD-EF771B…)

So her return to Instagram is going great! Kek.

No. 855886

Nah she flaunts that shit for sjw points

No. 855887

File: 1566343601581.jpeg (75.12 KB, 750x627, 9C418A51-0E31-40F6-8794-47D42B…)

More spectacular stats

No. 855889


Very unfortunate, I thought my disappointment of her couldnt go any lower but it seems there are no bounds.

No. 855892


She had a Instagram story yesterday where she specifically zoomed in on it repeatedly with no comment. Also she’s hanging out with Cotted tomorrow who is known for her unshaved aesthetic - so obviously she cant let someone else get more attention than her.

No. 855895

Okay, I dub her, Ariana McMillan, the royal queen of repugnancy. I hope she feels honored when she lurks this.

No. 855905

Yep wouldn't be surprised at this point if this disgusting horrorcow gave her animals diseases

No. 855910

File: 1566348635204.jpg (371.98 KB, 1079x1791, Screenshot_20190820-204944_You…)

Not sure if this was posted in a previous thread but I just found these videos from dollskill of pnp lisp-ering asmr and I am choked laughing I had no idea this existed. They posted it july 9th 2018

No. 855914

Unpopular opinion perhaps, but if I had only ever seen this, not knowing her deplorable lifestyle/personality, I’d kinda like her dgaf attitude and weird look. However…everything else…

No. 855919

It was fine til she let the dog lick her mouth

No. 855927

Is this bitch really using that disgusting pic of her with a cock in her mouth as her display on ig?? Stop.

No. 855981

It’s crazy that PNP shits all over DoorMatt constantly yet he looks better than she does and more importantly, seems like a way better person than she does. It makes me wonder if he even sees half the shit she posts. How can he stay with someone who fucks other people openly but can’t do the same without being called a cheater? How does that work Ari?

No. 855982

i mean out of all the horrifying shit she does, armpit hair is definitely the least disgusting. meh.

No. 855990

I wonder if any skin disorders are passed from dogs to humans. That's all. smh dumb bitch gave herself scabbies.

No. 855994

idk maybe it's just me, but matt seems like a dirtbag as well. just with a job and (probably) not as repulsive as pnp. could be wrong but i think anons give him more sympathy than he deserves.

No. 855996

let's not whiteknight matt just because ari is bad.
there was an inside anon in one thread who said he's comfortable with all of this because he basically wanted a blow-up doll girlfriend to fuck. Let's not forget that he basically allowed her rape - we can dislike her, but that's pretty irredeemable. he's not a "better person" at all

No. 856009

We honestly have so little information about this situation other than that she was black out drunk and had sex with a man and Matt didn’t stop it. Now, that’s dude totally took advantage of her, there’s no argument there. “Consent” cannot come from someone in no control of their body. This is entirely speculation, but what if she was a huge bitch to Matt before it happened? What if they got in a fight, or she somehow made it seem like she was ok with it? What if he was black out drunk too? Idk I just feel like there’s so much more context needed before saying Matt passively let her get raped. We know she is manipulative, anything really could have happened that night. He’s not a great guy, but blaming him for not stopping a rape when we have little context and can’t say for certain how true that is isn’t enough to prove that.

No. 856010

File: 1566382785368.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, 885A4F26-AFFC-450F-95EC-3D99D5…)

Posting this kind of shit totally makes people wanna hang out with you…

No. 856013

File: 1566383859258.jpeg (213.75 KB, 655x540, E4817827-4647-48CB-A4FF-3B7806…)

Sage for nitpick but no wonder she always has socks or shoes on in her nudes. Her feet are grody as shit and would def spoil whatever potential sexiness there was to any pic.

No. 856034


quit white knighting him, they’re both trash. He probably gets turned on when other dudes use his blow up doll.

No. 856035

>What if she was a huge bitch to him right before it happened?

I was with you up til then anon. What?

No. 856038

I think anon means that they had some stupid drunken fight and when she walked off with that guy he was like “whatever, fuck that bitch.” Regardless of how that went down, I don’t think holding another drunk person responsible for saving you is very fair. Either way they’re both garbage people.

No. 856042

Yeah I wasn’t trying to say it was still her fault I just meant like what if there’s way more too it, along the lines of some sort of fight or altercation that left either or both of them to not bother caring about the other in the situation, and then she’s just manipulating her audience to believe it was some super passive thing.

No. 856043

File: 1566391432472.png (402.09 KB, 446x514, 62399837de0ad27929b8f0d8ea6a60…)

i know we all know but damn.
it gets me everytime how ugly she still looks IRL, how her face in motion ALWAYS is "a bad angle/shot/moment".

ariana, you should've owned being a big nosed, square faced IDGAF hoe because now you look like a a MTF gone bad.(nitpicking)

No. 856048

File: 1566391884165.jpg (2.16 MB, 3416x1920, hmmmmmmmm.jpg)

not milky but lol

No. 856051

Her eyebrows are so fucking terrible like that especially because you can tell by her videos and things that when she doesn’t raise her eyebrows for pictures, they’re actually pretty deep set and that paired with the way she does them straight instead of arched looks SO bad. Like really.

No. 856057

I don't think she looks nearly as bad here as she does now. Had she stopped here most of that shit would have dissolved and she'd look more normal now…. Also, that asmr was good lol. She's pretty funny in this video. If I didn't know what a trash fire human she was, this may have made me a fan

No. 856089

File: 1566400949868.png (28.86 KB, 157x140, 59A7988E-F509-4740-AB5C-D9F3F3…)

Everything about this woman is an extended bruh.

No. 856093

Truth is as someone who has seen her around town, she still looks like that video in RL now. She just uses more filters and angles to cover up that fact. And no matter how much she injects, she still has this exact same face. >>856043

No. 856141

Seeing all these makeup content creators that I follow and look up to comment how much they missed her on her IG is making me nauseous. How is this community so quick to cancel anyone for anything but welcomes back Ariana like she’s some shining star despite all her wack ass behavior and the weird shit she does that she posts online for everyone to be aware of?

No. 856142

Arianna last posted from home six hours ago and Cottedemailles like fourteen hours ago. If either of these narcissistic girls were on their way to or at six flags, they'd have posted it already. Lmao.

No. 856195

I’m sure they probably are going there why would you lie about going to an amusement park lol

No. 856254


Something tells me her plans fell flat. No snaps from either of their stories about being at Six Flags? Fishy coming from the queen of attention whores..

Also she posted an IG saying her dog is her best friend.

If that dog could talk he would definitely somehow end up blocked.

No. 856257


Dont think anon means she lied, just that something happened to stop them going.

No. 856265

File: 1566423589997.jpeg (453.21 KB, 1242x1223, D61E81F6-0BDE-44E1-A620-45FACB…)

Despite all that money funnelled into her face, she still looks exactly like this when she smiles. Poor thing, I'd hate myself too if I had this goblin ass lookin face kek.
I agree with everyone else that she didn't end up going to the park, maybe she cancelled at the last moment coz she's a bitch like that? Idk why that girl is still friends with her, she has to know how much of a trashbag she is

No. 856305

Tbh she looks way cuter in this pic than she does now with her bloated lips and drug addict hooker look

No. 856316

Of all the shit to say about this chick, insulting her old face is such a reach. Just wait for the milk jfc.

No. 856349

Im not digusted by the pit hair, Im disgusted that she wants to prop them up to be considered woke or what the heck ever lmao.

No. 856357

File: 1566436538887.gif (6.04 MB, 333x640, SmartSelect_20190821-201144_In…)

Confirmed- she was with cotted. You gotta be pretty fucked up to want to hang out with the girl who wanted you to live in the shit and fly infested basement.

No. 856408

File: 1566441575512.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1124x1846, 66C65223-6BEB-4F0C-836B-F70F6F…)

She posted this on Saturday and I forgot to post this here, but it made me so angry! Who the hell walks their dog in 89 degree weather!? she treats her animals like shit and exposes it herself to the internet. After 85 degrees, a dogs paws will literally burn walking on a sidewalk like that. This makes me so angry. She does not deserve her animals.

No. 856410

not to mention she bought the dog some damn booties and didn’t bother to put them on before walking them on the hot ass sidewalk

No. 856416

File: 1566442324629.jpeg (252.39 KB, 750x1228, 811908F8-740B-49A7-8015-84577B…)

she just posted this 27 minutes ago and deleted quickly. i went to her page and it’s not there anymore lol

No. 856422


Giving off serious "IT'S MA'AM" vibes

No. 856423

What was the first photo?
I feel like this is an old pic. I could be wrong though. She wears the same outfits all the time, and always does the same makeup look..

No. 856424


Women calling themselves "pet moms" online have a 100% chance of enraging you with their animal abuse

No. 856426

File: 1566443295765.jpeg (237.47 KB, 750x1197, C7E600B1-B3A3-4C64-9518-985E39…)

this was the first photo

No. 856431

Pretty sure she is lying about six flags, you know this over-sharer would be over-sharing about what she did and posting story updates while she was there. Why lie to her followers?

No. 856432

Because, anon, she has no actual friends. End of day is here and I think the point is proved. Not sure why Cottee would even make plans with her just to bail, but there it is. Oh well.

No. 856457

File: 1566449087301.jpeg (186.15 KB, 749x1010, CC841CC5-2BCE-4139-BFE5-BF23E0…)

Most of the photos she’s posted on IG are old. Maybe one or two recents? The one you’re referring to at the moment was taken in June. Seems she had an appointment being someone’s escort on a very hot day.

No. 856463

Cotte may not be this petty but if she pulled that living situation bullshit on me I’d make plans and bail just to piss her off. But pnp posted cotte on her story so I’m assuming she isn’t that petty

No. 856489

Am I missing something? 89°F is 31°C right? That's hot but not unbearably hot…

No. 856517

If it's 77 degrees outside, pavement that's been sitting in sun can potentially be up to 125-degrees. When the temperature gets up to 87, that asphalt temperature grows to a paw-burning 143 degrees.

No. 856543

Thankfully nobody but PnP is psycho enough to walk their dog outside in 77 degree weather.

No. 856573

Agreed, this is a reach. Let's quit dog sperging

No. 856649

What? 77 degrees is like, barely warm out

No. 856683

You are 100% confusing the sidewalk with asphalt (aka black top). Asphalt absorbs heat and gets too hot for dogs starting at 77 F. Can we stop talking about this now?

No. 856742

File: 1566504527830.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, 0B4970A3-07D4-4622-AEB3-32E3E8…)

“dirty white rag” proof she still lurks kek

No. 856797

baby blanket or not it still looks disgusting

No. 856803

Ariana is so fucking weird. She posted 5 full minutes of her just lipsyncing with her fat sausage lisp and then goes to to a creek to catch snakes? Why does she try to collect animals? To kill them? To keep them? For fun? Ariana, stop grabbing random snakes. Natural selection is coming for you

No. 856878

Fuck not to nitpick but how hard is it to wash your fucking hair? It would take what? 5 fucking minutes? Lmfao.

No. 856925

File: 1566536240293.jpeg (872.25 KB, 828x1311, 5B37FDA4-ACAF-4D32-A77C-5B2492…)

she actually posted the chipmunk stuffed with a sausage link kek

No. 856965

dry shampoo is like $5 a can and takes even less time than that

No. 857059

File: 1566578298390.png (11.13 MB, 1242x2208, 2F2BDA52-7752-416F-8F6F-B555CA…)

She describes herself really well here! Bravo, for the little bit of introspection that must have taken. Unfortunately, she loses all respect immediately by claiming its not who she is anymore. Nah, thats exactly who you are and always will be, and thats why we're all here, as you say, "a piece of shit"

No. 857080

File: 1566582210140.png (3.7 MB, 750x1334, 79BD3C06-C5A2-49E7-A5F0-834784…)

She’s live on Instagram right now wearing a wig that looks like it was dug out of a dumpster after Halloween

No. 857081

Did she happen to post the process of this? I wouldn’t be surprised if she just shoved a tube of foam into this poor chipmunk & called it good.

No. 857084

She literally called herself the center of the universe lmao.

No. 857085

she did on reddit, i think it was in the last thread

No. 857087

File: 1566584127248.png (3.94 MB, 750x1334, D1570E0B-04A8-495A-A91D-8BACEB…)

No. 857091

Her face looks so uneven without photoshop. The lips, the eyes. Nothing like in her good angled pics.

No. 857093

File: 1566584936469.jpeg (556.24 KB, 750x4002, 7FEE0FAA-2259-4596-B214-7F009B…)

Her new face on top of her old face always freaks me out when it’s visible

No. 857100

File: 1566586043794.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 78F6F5D2-1004-432D-936E-ED2101…)

This might be the most botched she’s looked

No. 857113

File: 1566586620040.jpeg (222.55 KB, 750x1106, 135A2FA5-AFC5-41CE-B461-75DECE…)

Oof. It’s an ad.

No. 857116

Her lips look so busted here god. She should at least put some color on them or something, instead of the weird smudged foundation shit?

No. 857118

File: 1566587341362.png (23.95 KB, 1440x249, Screenshot_20190823-130208~2.p…)

One of the comments from her recent post

No. 857171

Love Aaron's comment. Seems he's tried of having a dumpster fire in his room

No. 857174

File: 1566594275988.png (3.47 MB, 1242x2208, 1555E8AA-E6FA-4538-BAE0-EB72D6…)

She keeps talking about how bored she is on her story….perhaps go to the doctor one day this week

No. 857178

File: 1566594948284.jpg (732.82 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190823-171538_Ins…)

shes on ig live rn. Covered aarons keyboard in makeup then sprayed it with canned air and whispered "he'll never know" hah

No. 857213

Honestly so super weird she constantly hangs out in his room and rolls around on his bed, unshowered and barefoot walking around that dirty house, taking half naked pics all day. Maybe invest in nice things and decorate your own space so you don't have to take up others

That's pretty low class. She could have at least filtered it, edited out her gross skin, brushed the fucking wig, maybe made it look worth their time at all.

Also find it goofy how she always resorts to this spread leg "pose" to make it look like she has hips or ass, kek

No. 857214

She seems like she’s on Xanax or opiates .. I know she’s drinking too but on the last live she did she had the same droopy / zonked eyes

No. 857249

Def Xanax. Her pupils aren't that pinned and if you have a low tolerance a pretty low mg of Xanax can fuck you up. She looks pretty out of it

No. 857261

File: 1566606569355.jpeg (100.35 KB, 750x681, C8A7D4DA-F8E0-4ED3-BA3B-7543CA…)

Finally admitting she’s MTF trans

No. 857324

Matt won’t be around with her for long

No. 857327

We honestly don't even know that. He's a loser and a cuck. He's gonna stay with her.

No. 857368

My guess is on Xanax too, her pupils look pretty small so could be opiates but maybe not a big dose. But with her history prob Xanax.

No. 857369

File: 1566626522725.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, 148C5360-DA50-4EB6-849E-5AFA09…)

same anon but I know there’s sunlight in her face here but this definitely looks opiate fucked up to me. There both similar types of effects to me tho so it’s hard to tell unless it’s a video or in person tbh

No. 857380

File: 1566628576869.png (3.77 MB, 750x1334, F714416C-CBB5-4A00-AF44-967A4D…)

Anyone notice how whenever someone says anything remotely negative Ariana insults their appearance? She’s very insecure and still has deep seeded issues from being bullied in school. It’s kinda sad. She’s pushing 30 and this is how she responds to criticism?

No. 857426

is 24 really pushing 30 lmfao?

No. 857444

Agreed. I’d be pretty pissed if a friend did that. It’s one thing if you’re clean (putting aside the obvious lack of respect she has for him to wipe her feet all over his bed). But she has admitted that she doesn’t shower a lot. I mean from pictures alone, her hair is sopping wet with grease and her feet are like cut up and dirty. That’s something that a can of fabreeze doesn’t fix lol. She’s probably spreading athletes foot all over his room, bed, and the rest of the apartment.

No. 857451

no it's not, but anons on this site think everything after 21 is a death sentence

No. 857492

File: 1566660839362.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1125x1531, C1759314-FBA2-4A60-8BB8-9261BF…)

No. 857496

what the hell is this

No. 857502

Her trying to get her follower count back up.

No. 857527

You guys are really nitpicking she does not look like she’s on opiates lol. Just laughable. She’s probably just smoking too much bud…

No. 857532

Shrek‘s daughter

No. 857539

File: 1566674144671.jpeg (193.97 KB, 750x1334, 93433A3E-0FDC-49F6-BEF7-FA896C…)

No. 857542

She just said on her instastory that she hit the car in front of her while parking lol “but didn’t leave a mark”

No. 857556

File: 1566675953010.jpeg (57.42 KB, 800x450, B8528936-CCF8-45F7-A9BC-FB4541…)

it's almost like she has zero concept of being the bigger person. also, love the helmet hair ariana. literally looks like this

No. 857559

Ariana hits a car.. not surprising.https://streamable.com/rlf44

No. 857576

File: 1566679706047.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1125x1632, 74E6FDCF-3EEA-4833-B6C1-ACD104…)

Why does her highlight look like that?

No. 857615

File: 1566682824586.png (1.16 MB, 640x1136, E12CD590-1DCE-4B0A-999F-C59688…)

why would she say excuse the cat hair when she could just clean it off? like if she’s aware of it she could just get a lint roller…

No. 857658

Nitpick lmao

No. 857674

looks like a FaceTune error certain features like the color choosing feature can fuck up patches like that if you don’t choose the right color area.

No. 857676

why are you whiteknighting someone who’s openly admitted to abusing benzos and percs lmao

No. 857739

>>857737 anon your icon is showing, delete this and repost. You might get banned. This is cowtipping and it's not allowed here

No. 857740


Cow tipping, crop your damn display picture out and crop your ego out, coming here looking for asspats ffs

No. 857741

girl. this is fucking cringe.

No. 857742

Why you so mad ? Lol them roasts were great

No. 857743

File: 1566710268876.jpg (834.4 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190824-215415_Ins…)

Seeing her lips in freeze frame mid sentence is so disgusting. You can see where her lips actually are and where they've been stretched too. Plus she overdraws her lips, she looks like something from a horror film

No. 857745

Chill out, it might be their first time posting or something

No. 857746

It's cringey as fuck, that's why.

No. 857747

File: 1566711006800.jpeg (33.98 KB, 364x272, 4025F77E-A132-4BC8-9D56-E573B5…)

No. 857748

Wait I missed it. What did they say?

No. 857749

so? newfags should read the rules. and you learn to sage, dumbfuck.
besides what she posted wasnt even milk, it was cringey and gave me major secondhand embarrassment.

just some cringe edgy idiot posting what she commented on one of pnp's pictures

No. 857751

your bad attitude is cringey as fuck

No. 857752

Nailed it. Kek'd and checked

No. 857875

File: 1566750753065.jpg (31.45 KB, 620x350, pnpfuture.jpg)

lol she's really starting to remind me of the surgery-addicted character from the movie Brazil

here's what you have to look forward to

No. 857974

Not WKing LOL she just doesn’t look like she’s using opiates.. and when she DOES use drugs she’s bragging about it because her logic seems to be “did i really even pop pills if i don’t post about it online?”
Get real dude.

No. 857990

File: 1566767095371.jpeg (778.46 KB, 1836x3264, F25DE5D9-18D1-48A6-B0BE-E8BB9C…)

Some caps from her IG live just now. Not much milk, she was just annoying per usual.

No. 858007

File: 1566769064888.jpeg (141.06 KB, 750x906, 349F70B2-9739-451C-B992-5AD2F2…)

Deleted content.

Body dysmorphia is a serious issue. Seek help. Not. Fillers.

No. 858077

I've been noticing a pattern where Matt didn't post to his stories while Ariana didn't have Instagram and now that she's back he's also back, it makes sense that Ariana would toxically Force Matt to not post because she can't and it's not FaIr

No. 858081


what the FUCK is happening to her face?? It’s so busted omg

No. 858087

Dirty apartment, dirty clothes, and a confirmed dirty and trash filled car. https://streamable.com/ndu9y

For someone who "works" twice a month, if that, she doesn't take very good care of her belongings or people in her life with all that free time.

No. 858106

I looked at his IG about a week before she got hers back and he had story posts up. You could still be on to something though…I have wondered if he looks at her obnoxious tweets and actually cares about their gross sex videos being posted

No. 858150

File: 1566790665994.png (654.92 KB, 640x1136, 976CA518-3424-416B-818B-6B6E45…)

Anyone else find this weird? Ari, Aaron, and Doormatt all posted the same story watching this video. Ari and Aaron are on the bed i guess and Matt’s sitting next to the bed? Check the next two pictures for reference.

No. 858151

File: 1566790687800.png (784.77 KB, 640x1136, 40E128AB-3A23-408B-AA97-F0753C…)

No. 858154

File: 1566790751543.png (856.86 KB, 640x1136, 8F58D036-8BEF-4884-8F5E-E2D083…)

If you look at DoorMatt’s story at like the first like .03 seconds, you can see him sitting in like a chair i think? Next to the bed..?

No. 858172

No. 858174

Wow that is really weird. You're right matt is in a chair beside the bed

No. 858183

Yeah that’s… why wouldn’t he be recording the video on his own phone? What is happening here? Why are they posting to his story for him. Just weird

No. 858226

File: 1566799458755.png (1.94 MB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20190826-020011~2.p…)

Deleted content

No. 858227

Her face always looks so weirdly flat whenever she’s moving it. I don’t mind a flat face but her sausage lips and the puffy injected cheekbones on top of it are just horrifying

No. 858231

File: 1566801283911.png (10.15 MB, 1242x2208, 6F8CD5F7-BE64-48BF-8EB0-096BED…)

I honestly think the nose job worked
For her, but everything else looked better before

No. 858237

File: 1566805303418.jpeg (347.61 KB, 750x729, 1F866ED9-5ED9-4CD4-A99B-332187…)

Even with some more work she looked better even just around a year ago. She's destroying her face

No. 858240

She's getting really ugly. That book told her she would but she didn't listen. (Referencing book that says good people can't be ugly, and if you're ugly on the inside it will make you ugly)

No. 858247

the picture of dorian gray?

No. 858256

File: 1566813373156.jpg (62.87 KB, 500x561, DUkYjUyXUAAndI7.jpg)

The Roald Dahl quote?

No. 858268

Even here her makeup looked better.

No. 858286

a dermatologist looked at it, but they didn't fucking diagnose you ariana, and you know this, or you wouldn't be so vague about it lol why don't you tell your followers that you only had a dermatologist look at a picture?

No. 858295

I don’t think they posted that video to his story for him. I posted the three pics because it seems like Ari and Aaron are on the bed and Matt’s sitting on a chair next to the bed (it seems like). It’s just kind of odd to me considering they have apparently fucked before. I just don’t get how Matt is cool with that. Idk maybe i’m nitpicking.

No. 858299

i think this is a huge reach because Matt is apparently cool with her posting videos of her riding fat dudes faces with a vaginal rash and posting his dick all over the internet and having emotional attachments to old men she fucks for money even tho it’s “just work” …. so yeah I think it’s weird to be nitpicking about him sitting in a chair next to the bed.

No. 858317

Is it normal for her breasts to be resting like that in this dress? I feel like they’re bottoming out on her again.

No. 858340

she really looked in the mirror wearing that dress and that hair and decided it was a good look for a shoot

No. 858354

imagine going into tens of thousands of dollars of debt for body modifications to not even take care of them and end up just looking scarred and busted. You’d think someone with such awful dysmorphia would make it a point to take care of the things they’ve had done to “enhance” their appearance

No. 858408

File: 1566846893224.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 1079x10054, ZomboDroid 26082019141300.jpg)

i find it funny how she advertised her instagram on her sw twitter using all old photos where she actually looked like a female kek

No. 858413

I hope “knowing better than doctors” and not listening to anyone’s advice was worth all of that scarring she is stuck with. A doctor would have given her prescription topicals and some steroids and she would have never had to worry about how bad her whole body looks now. She’s constantly biting off her nose to spite her face or however the saying goes, she’s her own worst enemy. She’s so worried with how she looks but now she’s going to appear permanently diseased and it could have been so easily avoided.

No. 858415

On her "recap" she posted to her snapchat, she was saying she didn't not like her nose and that she got it to that her makeup would look better…….

No. 858473

File: 1566858217656.jpg (83.82 KB, 361x343, Screenshot_20190826-152154_Ins…)

Clown makeup FTW

No. 858477

Even just zooming in to her face shows a few thick layers of every kind of makeup… She's like a Monet- She looks fine from a distance, but is messy af up close. That is a lot of fucking makeup for daylight wear. Like clown status. Even professional dancers on stage don't wear that much makeup. She literally covers her entire face with makeup. Between the low self esteem and lack of confidence in her internal and external beauty, she's my favorite mess. It's like reality TV, but better. Bitch better hang on to Matt because it'll be hard to find another obedient man-boy.

No. 858482

You nailed it.

No. 858495


i dont understand how she says shes going to get lip filler wednesday (on her snapstory). like what? to make them bigger? theyre already inhuman. to even out the lumpy bottom? can any lip filler anons FILL me in here? Is she just that mad of a lad?

No. 858500


yepp. matt is only with her because of their history and he knew her pre surgery when she was a human being. she just seems like a shell of a human or some weird mutant trying imitate arianna. if doormatt bails shes gonna have a hard time finding someone who wont fuck and chuck her.

No. 858538

File: 1566866368549.png (8.38 MB, 1125x2436, EF64128E-D360-43F7-A52B-E5C341…)

Yall seen this?

No. 858545

Jesus Christ

No. 858565

File: 1566870492428.jpeg (226.85 KB, 750x965, 6E4C5873-19C2-4AFC-B3CD-1CEF2C…)

Deleted content with a good angle of her old nose.

No. 858589

File: 1566874005205.jpeg (236.8 KB, 750x919, 3ECC19A8-ACCF-4B1A-B5D1-FE6AC8…)

Older deleted ad like content from today.

No. 858592

She definitely deleted this because facetune or snow messed up on her eye. Same as it did for >>857576

No. 858614

I feel like if she would’ve just updated the way she did her makeup, she would’ve been fine. She looks really pretty in her before picture, her makeup is just really flat. If you pasted her brows, lashes, and highlight from the recent pic onto the old one, it’d look so nice. I feel like back in the time the older photo was from, she just went straight to worrying about changing herself physically instead of finding ways to work with the unique features she had had.
Yes, her lips were small before but they had a way nicer shape to them and no upper lip bubble in the philtrum area. Her nose was bigger, but it suited her face. Now her nose looks wider and too short.
Saged because my opinion doesn’t matter but it does make me a little sad for her because as other anons have stated, it seems like she’s a shell of who she used to be and I wonder what she’d be like had she just tried to work with what she naturally had.

No. 858650

I actually really like her original lips, before any filler. they werent "thin" and had a nice shape she really just needed a little help with the nose. sad.

No. 858683

File: 1566890681192.jpeg (386.81 KB, 1242x2208, 49A0C2D3-2BF9-4058-8358-513B49…)

Scrolling on reddit and came across this gem, not sure if I should blur out the username since it’s definitely a farmer who did this seeing how they used pictures from this thread. Just thought it was funny reading some of the comments, one person didn’t even realize all those pics were of the same person kek

No. 858686

I can't get over how bad she looks in the middle row pic, with that ratty black mop she calls a wig. Her face truly is busted now.

No. 858688

Dunno why she even got work done if she was just gonna photoshop her nose smaller and overdraw her lips.

No. 858778

After watching her snap story —

Why is she advertising her OnlyFans in the same breath she lists off her chores for yhr day like walking her dog and cleaning.

Does she really think those two fanbases overlap? like kek… youre a literal whore Arianna. Men buy this shit off you to get away from hearing this shit from their boring wives.

Like does Matt not fulfill her or something? Not enough friends IRL?

No. 858966

Honestly the only "friend" she ever posts is Cotte so no, I doubt she has any other irl friends so no, prlly not.

No. 859008

File: 1566942094153.png (5.55 MB, 1125x2436, 843E93AD-CE40-41C7-A830-E40F18…)

nightmare fuel

No. 859020

File: 1566942604823.png (2.91 MB, 750x1334, 54F6E5C7-C5F5-4A2C-9F38-B7FA5A…)

Granny teeth making a strong comeback

No. 859023

Can someone in the know about plastic surgery on explain why there's that weird fold between her injected lip and her gums that covers the top of her teeth? It's just so extremely unattractive and I was contemplating getting my lips done, whatever issue that caused this is something I'd love to avoid at all costs.

No. 859039

File: 1566943383424.jpeg (140.97 KB, 750x1002, 68EBD3E7-60CD-4C07-89D7-82178B…)

Pnp has been on a deleting spree! 4/5 pictures posted in a day will get deleted.

No. 859057

I’m probably nitpicking but all of her videos are from that unflattering lower angle, even if she’s lying in bed she has the camera around her chest (I assume) and has a double chin. It just seems so lazy. All she has to do is lift the camera a little higher and she’ll look drastically better. It’s weird that she seems to care so much about her looks but has no problem posting videos from angles that would be unflattering to anyone.

No. 859065

well she keeps it low when she's driving because it's illegal to be on your cell phone while driving in pennsylvania lol

No. 859075

The only other time I’ve seen or even heard of this happening is when people get fillers for cheap. Sketchy places will use a silicone substance instead of juvaderm bc it’s cheaper. This silicone settles and always results in that nasty gummy thing inside of the lips. Silicone doesn’t dissolve like fillers do so this would also explain why her lips never return to their original shape or size no matter how long she goes without getting fillers. She always talks about how her fillers are “mostly dissolved” but if they were, even taking the lip lift into account, they’d be as small as they used to be

No. 859111

This seems to be present in all her pics even pre any surgery/fillers with her teeth showing whilst laughing or smiling, it's something to do with the fact that she has a goblin mouth and teeth that look far too small. I've never seen this as a result from lip filler and have my lips done myself.

No. 859192

File: 1566950996276.jpeg (89.42 KB, 749x890, 52447279-48D8-4A9C-9E39-49FA42…)


Holy fuck! Something is very wrong here.

No. 859213

Just another sign that she's in manic mode. Almost noticed that she's super inactive on her Twitter now and hasn't made any new "content" in a bit. Pnp is a disaster since she got her ig back.

No. 859224

She goes to a legitimate place, they aren’t using silicone.

No. 859228

Horrifying tbh. I imagine this shit gets in the way of chewing/biting food? I wonder if she's prone to biting the inside of her upper lip due to how it overlaps so much of her front teeth.

No. 859247

Her and matt are in her insta story watching her new kitten beat the crap out of her older cat and they think it's funny.. disgusting. I can't imagine how unhappy her older cat is being stuck in a bedroom with that terror kitten. One day they're going to severely hurt eachother and she may not even be home to help… sickening truly

No. 859250

She did say recently on snap that she once went to a cheap place before Kaitlyn and hated it so maybe they did fuck her over?

No. 859274

File: 1566956850989.jpeg (278.29 KB, 1242x1755, 86904E00-8E4B-4668-90DA-87FEAB…)

Incredibly awkward being in a live insta chat with 17 other people as Ari uses her fake Scottish accident to talk about her bowels

No. 859281

File: 1566957719245.png (3.28 MB, 750x1334, 4FE7D189-593E-4CE7-876F-30F76C…)

Her living room is so sad. You’ve lived there for how long now?

No. 859303

Ah thanks I didn’t know that. Maybe? Kaitlyn would definitely be able to tell if she had something else in her lips I think. But maybe Ariana wouldn’t reveal it.

No. 859327

She just went on a ramble on snap about how she hates her mousy brown hair and how she's contemplating tape-ins. Then in the same breath is trying to sell her NSFW snap and her xxx content. It's just very all over the place. She also was like "buy my content too if you want to see MATT'S DICK" and he was in the room so he clearly knows how much she's putting it out there.

No. 859655

File: 1567008979023.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, 8509D4D5-1C01-435F-9496-443FDD…)

I really doubt she’s ever done consistent therapy or sought any specific form of treatment for her bOrDeRLiNe, DBT therapy was designed to specifically treat BPD, is evidence based and has a really high success rate. She’s just too lazy to put in the work and get better.

No. 859690

File: 1567012386012.jpg (1.24 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190828-111058_Ins…)

Is sex worker, won't let boyfriend pay for a sex worker, and isnt comfortable paying for a sex worker for herself. Hmm.

No. 859691

File: 1567012465210.png (6.57 MB, 1242x2208, 58A8CB6A-EB6E-455A-9B43-69E650…)

Isn’t there caps of her admitting he cheated on her in previous threads?

No. 859709

File: 1567015067078.jpeg (379.75 KB, 1125x2041, 40F310C5-67F4-4DC3-BA04-D6A3BA…)

No. 859710

I absolutely love this “ask me controversial questions” thing she did, it’s making it so obvious how clearly contradictory and unstable she is to her Instagram followers who probably missed a lot of it on twitter. She really just loves shoving her own dirty scab covered foot in her mouth lmao

No. 859712

Wasn’t it speculated that he was just talking to some other chick about how he doesn’t actually love her at all? I mean that clearly comes off as he cheated though but I thought people said he never actually did.

No. 859713

This is so confusing lmao. Paying a sex worker.. for sex… outside of your relationship is definitely cheating. And she clearly thinks it’s cheating since she’s not comfortable with it. And Matt clearly thinks she’s cheating at her “job” since he wouldn’t be comfortable with her paying someone for sex? This answer is a mess

No. 859728

Regardless of what happened how do you have the guts to post that to your 50,000 or whatever followers and then expect them not to questions? You put it out into the world hunny

No. 859760

File: 1567020408550.jpg (700.86 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190828-121846_Ins…)

She has a video on her IG (sorry, for the screenshots and not screen caps) where you get to see up her nose as she tells you that "because I have an autoimmune disease…like my cells keep going and going… So basically I heal really fast…"
This bitch is a total joke. She's so delusional that it's hilarious.

No. 859761

>”my cells keep going and going”

Uh bitch isn’t that CANCER???

>”basically I heal really fast”

Autoimmune response is not healing, it’s your immune system attacking foreign things. So it makes you SICK.

She such a dumbass, she acts like because she reads healthline articles on google that she’s a fucking expert on an autoimmune disease she doesn’t even have.

No. 859772

File: 1567022756696.jpg (598.8 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190828-125047_Ins…)

Doormatt definitely sits on a chair next to the bed. I'm on his side, I wouldn't want to sit next to that Versatile Garden Tool either.

No. 859778

File: 1567023014809.jpg (772.24 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190828-125411_Ins…)

I love how she was just ranting about wanting tape in extensions and fillers because "Uhhhhhhg,how can I not look SO UGLYYY?!" No dude, no issues at all… you miserable mess of caked on makeup.

No. 859782

She doesn't even have to be married to him and he can hook her up with insurance. But he doesn't.

No. 859792

NTA but autoimmune is your body attacking itself.

And she's an idiot.

No. 859793

File: 1567025695631.jpg (562.38 KB, 1080x1403, Screenshot_20190828-154539_Chr…)

Ariana got both her Snapchats banned.

She's going to make a private Twitter only those who paid get access to and maybe a private instagram for those who got her non- prostitute Snapchat. Here's a video from her instagram (might still be uploading so give it a minute.) https://streamable.com/75pve

No. 859808

idk why I confused allergies with autoimmune for a second but thank you for clarifying that

No. 859852

To clarify: she is denying ever having posted this??? Lmfao

I get so jumbled in the Ariana saga.

No. 859861

And she even gave credit in one of her
stories to the girl who messaged her and told her Matt cheated kek

No. 859872

Yes. She is. Lmao the delusion is strong.

No. 859924

File: 1567044309062.jpeg (339.22 KB, 1222x1207, 3B80118F-134F-4DAA-AF55-A39D7A…)

She looked so much better pre lip lift and fillers. I feel like she would get so much more work if she stayed with just a nose job. She looks more “sexy”

No. 859926

well yeah, she only needed to fix her nose that was the one thing that really changed her face

No. 859937

File: 1567045821426.jpg (326.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190828-223107_Ins…)

No. 859949

Her lips weren't even that small and the definition in her face she covered up with filled just gave her personality. Not to wk but she was actually beautiful when she fixed her nose, but her obviously terrible and toxic attitude have taken a toll on her face, to say nothing of those cheap fillers. PS can only do so much, this modern ugly face is def the product of years of hatefulness and self loathing.

No. 859964


Not to be a boomer but damn that looks like a sad relationship. Doormatt on his phone, not sharing a bed, headphones in and hood up. Not saying you gotta do everything with your ex or never have downtime but I doubt these two could hold a conversation. Why not listen music together? Watch something together? Sage for nitpick but its obvious theyre together for sex and habit.

No. 859973

generally only people high in narcissism hate therapy & don’t respond to it, but we already knew this. sad

No. 859985

Oh wow. She looks really nice in that before Picture! Also what is that chest tattoo she has now?!

No. 859989

That’s just a print on her skin-toned shirt

No. 860047

Yes Ariana but as a full service sex worker blood tests are important. Not to mention the whole saga she had on her holiday right before the (probably std related) rash appeared.

No. 860075

No it's her nipple tattoos

No. 860106

They're talking about the after pic. The shirt she's wearing has a print on the chest area

No. 860136

What an idiot they check your blood for autoantibodies

No. 860137

File: 1567086556020.jpg (592.79 KB, 1080x1879, Screenshot_20190829-084826_Chr…)

She has an onlyfans now

No. 860138

Does anyone know what can get you banned from Snapchat because I wasn’t even aware that was a possibility

No. 860140

pretty sure nudity and selling services is bannable
shayna's had about 10 snapchats banned now

No. 860142

With all of her old pics haha wow imagine the disappointment when you expect content from the way she used to look vs how she actually looks

No. 860247


A biopsy is when a portion of your liver is taken out and studied/tested, often to check damage due to liver diseases. But the Versatile Tool knows everything about psoriasis and according to her, docs diagnose it by pulling out a section of your liver. We have no knowledge of the subject. Only she does.

That reject needs to start a wikipedia of all the dumb shit she makes up and believes in. No bitch, throwing out big words doesn't put a smoke screen in front of your stupidity.

No. 860252

File: 1567100639686.jpg (974.02 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190829-101324_Ins…)

I can imagine the exact thought process she was having when she wrote this shit. "Everyone hates me because I'm beautiful and they're ugly! They're jealous because my job is so great that I get paid to be ravaged by men that struck out with normal women! I have soooo much money, but I only beg for someone to buy me a Happy Meal on IG and Twitter because I know people really want to do things for me! They have to think I look good like this! After all, I have to be beautiful after going into debt for plastic surgeries! I love the visible scars from my surgery! They must all have no lives and be ugly!"

No. 860253

File: 1567100763763.jpg (993.31 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190829-101318_Ins…)

(Part 1 of previous image)

No. 860259

I love how she talks to her phone like it's her only friend. She's sooo "loved" that her schedule must be packed with all those people that want to see her, and not just the reject dude she tricked into giving her money in exchange for a warm hole. Sucks she can't just pay for a better personality with credit like she can with boobs.

No. 860292

Because it is her only friend. Even her ex, fiancé, cuck boyfie, whatever the fuck he is, doesn’t even love her. He just puts up with her. Ghostemane ghosted her ass for ticket revenue lol, and her gay prophet guy doesn’t even seem to like her either. Feel like he just hangs with her for a weed session. She’s utterly alone and no matter how many fucking cats she buys will fix that.

No. 860295

>>860247 she means a skin biopsy im pretty sure which to be fair is accurate for psoriasis diagnoses. We all know she didnt get one though after her whole 'healthcare isnt accessible to everyone' shtick even though she says she has 3k in the bank at all times kek. Sending a pic to your lip/skin lady isnt the same as getting an actual examination done in office ariana.

No. 860298

No matter how many animals she buys and neglects, no matter how many surgeries she gets or idiots she convinces to fuck her, she'll always be a goblin-faced white trash loser. You can take the bitch out of Florida, but you can't take the Florida out of that bitch.

No. 860302

“bewildering” is this fucking felice fawn version 2

No. 860381

god i hope so. i miss felice so much.

No. 860442

File: 1567122205572.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190829-164308_Ins…)

All of this sage advice is more of a pep talk to herself than anyone else. Poor kid.

No. 860470

lmao nice a folding camping chair indoors

they have like no furniture still

No. 860507

File: 1567132598804.png (7.59 MB, 1242x2208, C22C00D3-DA28-4F09-AEEC-F562D5…)

Meant to post this yesterday but I really can’t stand when she describes herself as a nihilist. If she knew how to use google she’d know that nihilism isn’t about rejecting the idea of life after death it’s about rejecting all morals and believing life is truly meaningless. She isn’t a nihilist, if she was, she wouldn’t give a fuck about anything and wouldn’t feel the need to rant everyday about how people need to be kinder and stop “projecting”. She just wants to be edgy so bad

No. 860517

True. She’s just a “normie” like everyone else in the hardcore scene with her failed of a musician boyfriend. Always trying to come off as different or hard. They literally fit the stereotypes of addicts and co dependency.

No. 860591

A biopsy is just tissue sample? It can be from anywhere, not only your liver.

No. 860669


Its so hilarious all her insults JUST HAPPEN to be all the things anons have previously called her out on in these threads.

Damn, lolcow cut her deep my dudes

No. 860670

File: 1567161004539.jpeg (25.4 KB, 327x338, 7F1D7764-A41F-4101-9A97-8F9E9C…)

people are so afraid of looking like themselves these days and PnP is a classic example. I was scrolling online and thought this Kylie picture was PnP from the side. Same overuse of fillers making them all look like blobs when they attempt any form of emotion.

No. 860701

File: 1567169720519.jpeg (29.07 KB, 254x254, 10861E2D-580B-401A-A067-D14227…)

No. 860704

This is a reach, the kardashians/Jenner’s have far better surgeons and don’t look like busted diseased whores. Do you need glasses? This doesn’t look like her at all. Get out.

No. 860713

Ntayrt but I get where that Anon is coming from. Whenever they emote their faces stretch similarly around the mouth from the injections freezing their muscles

No. 860797

File: 1567188635227.jpeg (204.07 KB, 554x1298, DA959AB2-02A6-4122-83C5-D27672…)

Always acting like someone struck a nerve.

No. 860803

Maybe very vaguely, but PnP has that grotesquely overfilled upper lip >>859008
and a nose easily twice this size.

>says she misses having a job and thinks it might be easier on her
>snaps at rando who said she sounded like she was happier when she had a job
She was hoping she'd get asspats and "nooo, please stay" comments I guess, huh? Bitch is still manic.

No. 860828

File: 1567192792457.jpg (478.67 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190830-121539_Sam…)

Another example of this tool (she's not even legit enough to be called a ho) getting pissed at people who don't agree with her delusions.

No. 860830

The bitch isn't even in the scene. She's a straight up poseur. She copped to it when she posted how grateful she was to the "music community" who she credits with helping her meet people, but says it wasn't her "scene" and it never was. She went to shows to try to land a bf and succeeded by securing a failed musician with plaque-covered teeth.

No. 860862

More like Only 1 Fan amirite

No. 860886

File: 1567202046599.jpg (1.57 MB, 1440x2560, 20190830_225327.jpg)

Imagine thinking tattoo's will help you feel better about yourself instead of actual therapy

No. 860887

Nah, she now has a whopping 11 fans that will forever have pictures of her sloppy pussy, long after she's spent all that money snorting low grade blow. She doesn't want to get a "normie" job because she wants to believe she's in the Cool Kids Club, but bitch is as normie and ordinary as trashy bitches from FL get. Your generic ho look doesn't work on anyone here, girl.

No. 860910

Lol she’s never gonna be satisfied this way, it’s a vicious cycle and she’s way too deep. I really can’t believe her boyfriend and like two friends don’t encourage her to go to therapy either, then again I can’t even imagine the venom she’d spit out at someone near her who suggested she stop being a lazy miserable idiot and do something beneficial for herself

No. 860912

her tattoos make me l-o-l. versatile hoe? goosebumps logo? barbed wire heart? good thing that huge bear thing is hidden. she can get all the plastic surgery in the world, but covering up those tattoos when she's 40 is going to be terrible.

No. 860990

Nitpick, they're normal tattoos lmao

No. 861001

Not really. Most of them are really poorly done and only look “okay” because they fit into her trashy aesthetic. (It seems like “trashy but rich hood hoe” is an actual look that girls go for, but pnp is just actual trash). Doesn’t help most of them are cringe as fuck and skinwalking [babytrash]

No. 861114

They’re trendy tattoos and poorly done. They’ll age horribly lmao

No. 861233

i feel sorry for your eyes

No. 861245

File: 1567253629056.jpeg (355.45 KB, 750x736, A9DDA6CE-8AAF-4C2C-88AE-4BD86C…)

Did a semi deep dive and found some really nice pics of her per surgery. The mind boggles how she thinks this weird flat face she has now is better. She used to be so pretty even just a couple years ago, she looks like a completely different person now.

No. 861306

She used to be prettier but old pics with bad angles are almost just as ugly as she is now. She's all angles en lightning

No. 861379

Ariana is a good example of why you can't take the uggo out of an uggo. You give these ugly people ""good"" faces and their personality spins out of control kek

No. 861455

File: 1567276439602.jpeg (174.47 KB, 562x1267, 122AB2FF-6E39-4C0C-BBD5-5B023C…)

No. 861527

File: 1567282087001.jpg (466.88 KB, 1080x1230, Screenshot_20190831_220846.jpg)

the lips ….

No. 861536

This is a perfect example of how horrible her injection girl is. No one should be filling her lips if they’re leaking lmao but hey her injection girl is also a genius for hustling her kek

No. 861571

this is so fucking disgusting

No. 861601

File: 1567292832006.jpeg (234.68 KB, 1440x1439, EDU9Hz2UYAMw67j.jpeg)


No. 861642

File: 1567298469197.png (442.91 KB, 1125x2436, 934A3298-30C5-4755-B0F8-FBC8D8…)

No. 861650

Bruhhhh she’s so full of shit LOL she tries way too hard to convince herself of bullshit it’s hilarious

No. 861653

File: 1567299376859.jpeg (585.51 KB, 1242x2208, B80A6B83-4A15-43F4-B2C7-59D92C…)

this chicks roasts were hilarious. I’m dead

No. 861665

File: 1567300646410.jpeg (236.75 KB, 750x1118, E1EB4660-BD0E-4E41-A051-52D984…)

Sure jan

No. 861678

lmao she really had to post this on both platforms too

No. 861701

>”big concert, huge band”
>doesn’t name the band, probably intentionally because this didn’t happen

I’m ctfu

No. 861702

I mixed the two up but whatever still never happened

No. 861707

also super convenient she was with some anonymous client so there’s no way anyone can contest

No. 861733

She's the epitome of "Damn bitch, you live like this?" I don't understand how someone could sink so much money into turning into a Purge halloween mask, yet can never find the funds to at least hire a maid. This is gross and embarrassing. It's like she automatically spawns garbage and gunk around everything within a 5 ft. radius of her.

No. 861741

wut lol

ah yes the Big Concert for That Band

No. 861752

I think she turned comments off on a lot of photos since this

No. 861759

It literally looks like she lives with squatters

No. 861794

File: 1567311252817.jpg (1.21 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190831-221405_Ins…)

Angelina Jolie on meth maybe

No. 861798

Icon anon

No. 861818

Damn and it's a pic of them too. That's unfortunate kek

No. 861931

Ugh now she’s gonna double down on her “haters”being “ugly.” This was already posted too, what a disservice to the farm.

No. 861964

File: 1567343830189.jpeg (149.67 KB, 750x394, 02D6A8B7-0802-4220-BC8E-BEFF31…)

I have no idea what band it was. But they are very famous and important.

No. 861976

and then everybody clapped

No. 861983


More like a gasp in horror in the disfigurement of the thing standing before them.

No. 862020

Ntayrt, but they were saying Ariana has bad bone structure and it shows in unflattering lighting and/or angles.

No. 862022

“Just some huge concert I went to with a band whose name I can’t remember. Don’t worry about it. It happened.”

Absolute top kek

No. 862029

File: 1567356843985.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, 8A659605-E7F4-437A-922F-93CD2F…)

Her makeup brushes lying all over her dirty ass floor makes me wanna puke she rubs that shit all over her face, she can’t even put a goddamn towel down

No. 862032

eeeew my skin breaks out from looking at this

No. 862033

who told her that nike shorts and granny shoes together is a good look

No. 862036

Wonder if it was the same person who told her anus sausage lips and a bowl cut were a good look

No. 862063

Jesus Christ those walls are fucking disgusting. How can somebody be so willing expose themselves as such a god damn slob??? Ew, it's honestly so unsettling, she's gotta be the most disgusting person I've ever come across on the internet. She's so fucking gross.

No. 862085

Abcdezz is talking about pnp’s rash and irresponsible sex work on insta stories right now ha. Couldn’t get caps, have no idea how.

No. 862096

File: 1567362691512.png (234.77 KB, 485x929, Part 1.png)

Here you go

No. 862097

File: 1567362733080.png (239.32 KB, 493x942, part 2.png)

No. 862098

File: 1567362845273.png (459.69 KB, 750x1334, 41962EF1-4E41-488F-ADD3-8D0D02…)

I bet Ariana is screaming right now lmfao

No. 862103

I really just wanna know which STD/STI it probably is.
If we get lucky Ari will get tested out if spite and we can watch the milk flow from the breakdown of realizing she doesnt actually have psoriasis.

No. 862106


That's implying she wouldn't just pretend it never happened

No. 862125

Eh that abcdezzz chick is just some weirdo who self posted and clearly reads this thread. She’s no better than pnp

No. 862134

Now she’s gonna be conflicted between proving the other instathot wrong by ignoring her and proving lolcow wrong by not ignoring her because she can’t just ignore anything and validate herself lol

No. 862136

if she’s not fucking random old dudes and her bf with an undiagnosed full body and genital rash then I’d go on a limb and say she’s at least a little better than pnp…

No. 862147

She's still bitter about pnp calling her out months ago kek. Her life ain't a bit better, stripper methhead with a kid acting irresponsible all the time. She's just posting this to stay relevant

No. 862158

this isn’t even her own room, it’s aarons bedroom which makes it more gross. i don’t know how he lives with her

No. 862187

File: 1567370609374.png (1.04 MB, 704x1054, Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 3.42…)

Isn't it kinda odd PNP gets like 2 comments in the span of 3 hours but has a bunch of likes? Why do I feel she just buys majority of her likes and comments?

No. 862190

maybe people just don't have anything nice to say

No. 862191

I agree. She’s pretty cringe and weird. She actually has been obsessed with pnp for a long time..kinda creepy. She’s just as dumb as pnp too..if not worse .

No. 862208

the likes on this post hovered around 800 for two hours and then I noticed like less than an hour later it hit 1100 so I wouldn’t doubt this tbh

No. 862217

Prob trying to get her followers back up

No. 862289

File: 1567380531286.jpeg (76.47 KB, 750x567, 283D3845-A87D-4B57-9B5E-A7A39E…)

Today on things that didn't happen part 2.
Wasn't her mom a compulsive liar? Would explain why she lies about her "psoriaris" and all the other bullshit she's been sperging for clout

No. 862290

Anybody who has been following her for more than like a month can see that she's just vicious to anybody who does anything less than gas her up. And even then she doesn't really respond or interact with her audience. So like what's the point of commenting ? She's just…really shitty at being an influencer-type…lol

No. 862372

Did anyone manage to get screenshots of PnP’s instastory about this? I saw it earlier and just went to go grab it, but now it’s gone lmao.

No. 862373

What was it? Did not catch it

No. 862375

Yea she is super creepy obsessed, not even milky just cringey af. Tinfoil but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the regular anon cowtipper.

No. 862377

Her usual dumb reply tbh. Called her a mosquito, said something along the lines of how do you have time to give a shit about me when you have a kid?.. it was like three slides and multiple paragraphs, but I kinda just skimmed it cause I didn’t think she’d delete it so fast.

No. 862397

File: 1567410890006.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, F0BD8DAA-E866-440D-9BE4-36FB09…)

She's so weird. 3:30ish am when she posted this, is she just sitting up on her phone obsessing over her selfies, staring at her own face? Narcissism levels thru the roof

No. 862437

in what world is this hair "almost cute"? bitch is blind

No. 862451

I don't understand why she didn't just get it cut into a more flattering pixie or something? this current hair is a mess and makes her look more like a man

No. 862458

Definitely deleted them so fast to erase any accountability against her claims. As dumb as she is she knows she has no valid proof to backup her “diagnosis” and can’t handle anyone questioning her because she’s a coward

No. 862494

Oh god, now she’s going to bring her filth into another apartment and destroy that one too. She hasn’t been able to decorate her last two places? Lmao. She can’t even dust let alone decorate! She’s never lived anywhere without turning it into a contaminated looking heroin den, and her idea of “decorating” is hanging up cheap Christmas lights and old dirty sheets over her smoke stained walls and grimy floors. Her little delusions make me laugh so hard.

>>862029 case in point. Those makeup brushes are making my skin crawl.

No. 862554

File: 1567449438263.png (Spoiler Image,3.73 MB, 1125x2436, 2C414DFB-6B07-46A7-AA94-661863…)

She posted this and then very quickly deleted it. I wonder why?

No. 862562

Pimpled ass, it looks like she's taking a shit, it's super visually uninteresting… This is such lame content. She really should look to Latinamilk again for how to make good content people will buy. You need to put some effort into the content you make cus this amateur quality shit of you fucking yourself in the ass on what looks like a bathroom floor is something anyone can find for free on porn hub, Ariana.

No. 862566

Can u spoiler next time

No. 862584

File: 1567453677330.png (1.38 MB, 1440x2242, Screenshot_20190902-134022~2.p…)

From her new private insta

No. 862616

that comment is so obnoxious too. why cant people who get pets realize you need to pay extra for everything? if you cant afford it, dont get pets. People who rent out houses dont want to deal with that mess. Even in my condo, we pay pet fees per month.

No. 862645

"plasticscorpioasshoe" god she really does have only one identity huh

No. 862655

"alternate rock" kek

No. 862725

Thank you old snap/new instagram Anon for posting and future posts! I'm excited her snapchats were deleted, it's much easier to get caps on Instagram and Twitter.

No. 863073

Sage for OT but through all of her threads to this day, I still can't understand the dots she purposely draws on her face.

No. 863075

fake freckles, to pretend she goes outside.

No. 863112

I don't understand the fake freckles with this chick. Doesn't she have real freckles under all that heap of makeup? Why not just let (what's left of) her face breathe for a bit? It looks like she just puts shit in a blender and holds her face above the blender to apply it.

No. 863128


She draws dots on her blemishes. Pimples or scars. And probably just to follow the trend

No. 863161

No she doesn’t have real freckles

No. 863183

File: 1567527337138.jpeg (514.91 KB, 750x1244, B5B731F4-8422-4E1D-B583-A4FCB5…)

this entire fucking caption is retarded but i can’t wait to see what disaster her hair looks like after

No. 863269

Glad to see that her BPD got her an early birthday gift.

No. 863353

File: 1567542044740.jpg (Spoiler Image,201.09 KB, 1080x1737, PicsArt_09-03-04.15.44.jpg)

Her bday is 2 months away and she can't stop talking about it. Kek. You might want to focus on that receding hair line and layoff the hard drugs

No. 863361

File: 1567542684293.jpeg (218.23 KB, 750x1093, 93F0989C-4B5E-4790-A805-0348EC…)

Double header: pnp being ana chan and also lying to her fans. We all know she can't do anything adult like or healthy without documenting it. Also she verrrrry recently said in Twitter that she had fallen off working out, lol.

No. 863373

Her insta stories are her bitching about this dog owner in a pet shop being a bad dog owner but admits that Frogger is really bad around other dogs and then she let Frogger slip it’s lead, and it approached the other dogs. All the while bitching about the other people? YOU are the one in the wrong here, no need to blame other people. Just accept you messed up and be better next time. It ain’t that hard.

No. 863378

File: 1567544153447.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, 22243464-3B2D-4B7A-86E2-8383E1…)

this dye is not a true black dye, it’s just a mix of a verrrry dark blue and something else that looks black until you wash it and then it starts to look green/blue lol she’s definitely not gonna get the results she wants with this

No. 863381

This is ridiculous. All black hair? It's gonna look like she's wearing a helmet lmao

No. 863382

i can't wait honestly lol

No. 863385

When is she going to stop skin walking babytrash lol

No. 863386

Or lord farquaad smh

No. 863387

she just posted on her insta story bitching about how someone DM’d her and said that dye turned their hair blue and how she suddenly remembered how much she hates arctic fox hair dye.

No. 863389

She also just remembered that her tub doesn't drain properly so now all that dye is just sitting here and she's pissed because she has an inspection soon xD I can't with her(xD)

No. 863393

as if anyone needed more proof that she never bathes, she FORGETS her tub doesn’t drain “properly.” I put quotes because if you watch the story the tub isn’t draining AT ALL, it’s a complete stand still. How the fuck do you forget that??? unless you… never use it??? that’s beyond fucking gross lmao

No. 863399

File: 1567547048705.jpeg (839.54 KB, 3464x3464, B3285B86-617F-48C5-A392-294F0A…)

Lmao I’m ded. She’s covered in it.

No. 863419

File: 1567548983335.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, 539295D2-1524-4841-8EB5-83CC00…)

when buying an animal that’s too young to leave its mom to use as medication for your trauma and to fill the bottomless void in your soul doesn’t go quite as you’d planned

No. 863422

this fucking cunt. young animals like kittens and puppies are babies. they are gonna be high energy and wreck shit if you dont pay attention to them. i hate this bitch

No. 863442

This is an old as hell photo. Old apartment and less tattoos.

No. 863459

>>863442 she reposted it today

No. 863480


When you're proud of yourself for not getting a disease by age 25…. hooker life.

No. 863482


Wasn't she pining all last month for her blonde hair back and contemplating bleaching it every other day? And then she goes and puts black hair dye on it. Good luck ever getting that 'natural blonde' back without destroying your hair. kek. Nobody sabotages PnP better than PnP.

No. 863504

This kitten issue is really fucked up, you aren’t supposed to spray them with water or take them from their mothers so soon, that’s literally what makes cats aggressive because they aren’t weened properly. Inb4 she ‘just has to’ rehome this kitten ‘for mental health reasons’

No. 863511

File: 1567558842471.png (1.07 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190903-210007.png)

Having basic kitten issues…but she's so knowledgeable about all animals right?

No. 863514


Maybe clean your fucking house and don't have "liquids" laying around that the cat can knock over? What a dumb bitch.

No. 863533

File: 1567561463612.jpeg (572.54 KB, 1125x1740, 12D7B398-DB6D-41CB-B3C5-E9D7B8…)

Is she really that stupid that she doesn't understand how someone misunderstood this?

No. 863538

File: 1567561805707.png (6.13 MB, 1242x2208, 7DCA2B35-4119-4B55-82DF-BA25B5…)


No. 863572

I laughed at this a lot. I find it so ironic. It’s YOU Ariana that looks like you need money. Probably due to lack of bathing. If this woman offering her $200 obviously she can afford it, yet Ariana still turns it around that the women somehow looked worse than her. She’s begging all the time on Twitter, I’m surprised she didn’t take it. This is all assuming this even ever happened of course.

No. 863613

Imagine being Matt and coming home from a 12 hour work day to support your lazyass escort girlfriend and seeing this a month before you move and inspection is coming up

No. 863614

It’s almost as if her kitten needs a friend too… kek. News flash! Playing with litter mates while under mom’s supervision is an important part of a kitten’s development. Poor tarte literally does not know how to be a cat yet. Ariana is simply going to have to deal with the behavioral issues she enabled by getting a 6 week old kitten. She brought this torment upon herself by being selfish. This is what she deserves.

No. 863621

but she knows everything about animals!! she would never do something stupid or irrational!! and heaven forbid she suffer any consequences if she did!!

No. 863685

I just hope she won't hurt her out of frustration or lock her up something… maybe she should find a good exprrienced new owner

No. 863763

She is totally setting up giving away Tarte. First the post about needing deposits for their animals causing them issues while finding an apartment, and now Tarte is “destroying the place”.

Once they move that cat is definitely going to get rehomed.

No. 863773

>>863399 i love it when people who once cut off all their hair up ends up dyeing and destroying it again, when it has barely grown out. it's just so entertaining to me. please never learn ariana, please go for that blonde hair you talked about, i'd love to see it!

No. 863783

Hope so! Would be a shame if tarte gets as obese as her other sad cat.

No. 863794

File: 1567600958684.jpeg (215.1 KB, 750x1125, 18B1F575-E9A2-4B04-867D-F7FBA2…)

funny thing is she literally tweeted this like two weeks ago.. she’s a walking contradiction

No. 863803

this is amazing KEK

No. 863820

File: 1567607784551.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, FBEF8900-4968-4BE2-A72D-2370B7…)

she’s going on some transphobic bullshit on her story but this made me laugh, so does putting “autoimmune disease survivor” in your bio make your delusional diagnosis real? lmao

No. 863829

Ari..just because you modify your body to alleviate BDD doesn't make you an authority on how trans people modify their body…

For being someone who is a SWer, heavily tattooed, etc she's not nearly as left leaning as I'd expect. Idk who else is supposed to support her ideals…

No. 863832

Out of everything to bitch on pnp for ‘transphobia’ is not one of them kek

No. 863836

Of course she’s not left leaning. She’s pure white trash that grew up in Florida and Vermont.

No. 863841

she right tho lol

No. 863842


>crying about transphobia on lolcow.farm of all places


No. 863871

NTA but not all users of lolcow are terfs lol. you can hate trans people, but that anon is right, she thinks she can self-diagnose an autoimmune disease but wants to police what gender people can present themselves as lol that's hypocritical

No. 863877

the whole point of my post was her hypocrisy on how writing shit in your bio doesn’t mean it’s real and you guys wanna jump on the fact i said “transphobic” tbh i never said what she was saying was transphobic

No. 863918

She's on her story complaining about how tarte might have stolen her juul, and then goes straight back to filming and laughing at the kitten terrorizing the other cat like it's nothing. This bitch makes me mad

No. 863959

This bitch really has no idea how disgusting looks, does she? That lady took one look at her and was compelled to help Ariana's rat ass out. BIG yikes.

Lack of empathy for living things. Why does this bitch even get animals if she doesn't bond with them? They just make her hovel somehow more disgusting (which is Ariana's fault, not the animals')

No. 863960

Matt's stupid ass probably just smiles and unzips his pants at this point tbh

No. 863962

She reminds me of the type of cold, unfeeling white trash that would allow her daughters to be molested and then blame her daughters and be jealous. Or like trade their bodies for drugs. Idk something about the way she regards the animals…

Sage for pure speculation

No. 863977

She won't have to rehome her kitten if it dies from nicotine poisoning first! Absolutely infuriating.

No. 863991

She wants to police? What she said is not transphobic lmao, she’s calling out on transtrenders. Idk if you hate her that much you just spit on whatever bullshit she can say, or if you’re one of those dumbasses who screams TERF each time someone says aaaaanything not praising trans folks(infighting)

No. 864013

File: 1567627831382.jpg (108.06 KB, 1080x1926, PicsArt_09-04-04.10.42.jpg)

She doesn't deserve this kitten.

No. 864023

File: 1567629320225.jpeg (343.82 KB, 750x943, 3E36511B-1C0C-4257-8896-73FB17…)

The bulk of what was said during the trans discourse on Twitter, if anyone cares.

No. 864033

never thought I’d agree with any opinion this cow has but shes totally right

No. 864041

Once again, a self proclaimed “nihilist” ironically giving way too much of a fuck about social constructs and morals

No. 864061

Same tbh. I know this is a really hot take but I have no idea how a born cis presenting hetero person can identify as trans, like Phoebe Tickner for example. If someone can break this down for me please do.

Also she’s on live now but I can’t watch I’m at work.

No. 864117

I understand what she’s saying and agree with most of it but calling it a mental illness does seem fucked up to me ..sounds like something my white baby boomer dad would say.

No. 864128


I’m hoping what she meant is that people pre-transition experience real mental illness from not being in the right body; so she feels trans dysphoria is a mental illness?

And hoping she didnt mean being post trans means your have some sort of mental illness because thats cunty as fuck

either way another case of dis bitch has no real friends to discuss this sort of shit with so sticks her bait where she shouldnt than gets defensive when she gets some nibbles

No. 864129

gender dysphoria was actually listed in the DSM until current day politics and sensitivity around classifying it as a disorder meant it was revoked.
there's a reason why trans suicide rates remain alarmingly high despite physical transition, because it's a mental ailment with a biological reality and should be treated as such, ariana actually has a point for the first time.(derailing)

No. 864131


I love how she has a freudien slip and says you have to have “dysmorphia” to be trans. You mean Dysphoria Arianna. Body dysmorphic disorder is what you have honey and why you cant stop fucking with your face.

No. 864135

Lol “current day politics” .. you think you know better than the American Psychiatric Association? Maybe you should write the DSM-6 !

No. 864140

There was no other reason to revoke it other than the fact that it came to be regarded as an identity and therefore classifying it as a disorder was insensitive. How does me stating this mean i'm a know-it-all? did i touch a nerve?

No. 864144

Tbh if she rehomes the kitten it will be incredibly lucky. She doesn’t deserve any pets let alone a kitten that was taken from its mother too young

No. 864147

She must have really botched her hair. She hasnt shown it since the dye job and is wearing her hoodie up.

I bet that tub is still trying to drain lol

No. 864175

She prob knew the tub was busted but just didn't care bc her raging identity issues are more important than the security deposit

No. 864186

File: 1567657664885.jpeg (129.04 KB, 740x355, 654A8FD9-3471-4B32-8BB4-2E277E…)

poor aaron is really trying to get out of pnp’s nasty living situation

No. 864189

Oh shit, isn’t there only one bathroom there? That pnp conveniently clogged the bathtub in?

No. 864219

So she's truscum. It's better than spineless mogai retards like cows tend to be.

No. 864250

imagine thinking the APA is infallible/ not at the mercy of idpol kek

No. 864295

Between her calling out TND a while ago and this, I feel like my personal tinfoil that this thread turned Ari into a farmer (albeit a newfag and annoying one) is correct. Baby’s first gender critical thread… they grow up so fast!

No. 864331

she's 100% a farmer. she posts about /snow/ cows all the time on twitter.

No. 864341

She’s moving out so that’s probably why aaron is looking for a new place too

No. 864347

No. 864362

File: 1567696558211.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, BE0EBDA5-D46E-4903-B071-CE8E7F…)

i’m aware that there are plenty of awful pictures of her out there but holy shit, she looks straight up alien-like in this picture. it makes me uncomfortable.

No. 864372

i can't believe she worries so much about lighting when the lighting is fine??? worry about the trash and grime visible in the background in half your photos, your bowl cut and bloated face instead

No. 864398


Okay but what happened to the other half of her eyebrows?

There's like wispy shit-brown hair there that matches her natural color, what happened?

No. 864402

File: 1567702263267.png (3.48 MB, 750x1334, A37DD849-A8D9-48EC-8086-2F5616…)

No. 864405

File: 1567702744714.png (3.45 MB, 750x1334, AAF8596C-D9CD-45D3-8D96-D97CC1…)

No. 864408

File: 1567702796634.png (2.75 MB, 750x1334, A365936A-0BA9-4D2B-A7E2-791FB9…)

The comment haha

No. 864409

File: 1567702842595.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, AF7E26D6-4A2A-445D-B19F-514FB1…)

No. 864410

File: 1567702865419.png (1.96 MB, 750x1334, 9ACFB500-778A-4B0F-986B-1AAA45…)

No. 864414

i was waiting for her to find this face filter…it upturns your eyes, increases your lip size, and gives really exaggerated cheekbones. basically the dysmorphic filter of her dreams

No. 864415

File: 1567703368407.jpg (217.62 KB, 1295x1310, il_fullxfull.1070158001_gyqw.j…)

No. 864416

File: 1567703374317.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, 4BC645BC-F344-45EE-9487-33B0A8…)

Hitting rips with baby Tarte

No. 864417

She shaved them

No. 864455

"The lighting is so bad!"
> Proceeds to take pictures and videos in filth and grime

No. 864463

File: 1567710567524.jpeg (835.47 KB, 2048x2024, 8D9FF99A-D725-454E-9742-562324…)

No. 864472

She posted "thanks for 10k!" On Twitter 1 day ago and immediately people unfollowed her LMFAO.

No. 864500

File: 1567713610545.jpeg (110.47 KB, 750x1183, F96DF624-1A03-49F7-B671-F618B0…)


No. 864517

Dropped down to 58.4k followers right after she posted this lol

No. 864518

kek i’d love to see her die inside if she gets a permaban on ig

No. 864525

Anybody remember how she constantly went on about her “picking disorder” and now it hasn’t been mentioned in ages to make room for her new “autoimmune disease” this bitch has absolutely no identity whatsoever

No. 864534

shes pretty ballsy posting all this sex work info openly on her instagram when she JUST got it back. bitch has a permaban comin. CANT WAIT!!

No. 864536

sage for samefag but she’s already shadowbanned kek

No. 864537

I don't understand how someone with teeth can look like they have no teeth when they smile

No. 864577

File: 1567723583843.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, C056C060-CA1C-43BF-B453-8C1360…)

she’s going to ruin her fucking hair again lmao. if she were smart she would just bleach it and be done. any color she does is going to be hard to get out when she’s sick of it because we know she will be in like 3 weeks tops. red is especially a bitch to remove. i wish this bitch would learn that she’s never gonna be satisfied with her appearance until she truly accepts herself, gets a goddamn hobby, healthy social supports, routine and t h e r a p y. she clearly craves constant change to her appearance because she feels stuck and bored and out of control of her life/environment/situation and that’s one thing she can “safely” control without ever leaving her disgusting grime filled comfort hole.

No. 864611

File: 1567726195261.jpg (913.38 KB, 1073x1495, Screenshot_20190905-182157_Ins…)

She posted this but quickly removed it. I'm assuming the gross picture of her and Matt was deleted?

No. 864622


Damn her hair is looking pretty damn dry post dye-job. And its hilarious cause thats the only thing that looks different, you can barely notice the colour change. She fucked her virgin hair for no reason. Oops time to shave it and start over

No. 864629

File: 1567728345445.jpeg (160.85 KB, 750x399, 43D48FD3-97D1-4EA2-BB71-2B5BA2…)

no contribution but i saw this tweet and it made me think of how she has so many girls kiss her ass and all she talks about is her haters lol. (she obviously doesn’t have millions of fans i just feel this shoe fit her well)

No. 864643

The dryness actually looks kinda good in comparison to her nasty stuck to the forehead grease.

No. 864672

File: 1567737005506.png (2.08 MB, 1247x2048, Screenshot_20190905-202434.png)

She needs help! Actual help! Fillers and a hairstylist ain't gonna cut it

No. 864682

seriously though. she is constantly saying “once this is done.. once i have this… once i do that…” the ONLY way you’re going to get better is by healing your trauma and getting help. there is no cure for your issues outside of yourself! TALK TO A PROFESSIONAL. god it physically hurts to see

No. 864684

>gonna fill my face as much as possible

Wow that's a fucked up way to put it. Is this a form of self-mutilation or something similar? God damn

No. 864689

File: 1567741269922.jpg (3.56 MB, 1080x5465, Screenshot_20190905-213859_Ins…)

Not entirely related, but look what happens when you shave your head and actually get haircuts to make your grow out stages look less like a bowl cut. I mean, it also helps that this girl isnt a gremlin but ‍♀️(off-topic/emoji)

No. 864698


nice selfpost. that haircut still looks like shit by the way lmao

No. 864703

lol for her thinking she could remove that blue based black and then go to this. she would probably do it herself b/c she's cheap but has so much money, and she doesn't know how to hair but i'd like to see her try, fail and cry about it.

No. 864706

This girl looks exactly like her. Shitty bangs and bowl cut on a girl with less make up still looks shitty.

*I take that back. I must be blind. This chicks wearing the same drag make up and plastic false lashes.

Might as well be skinwalking each other.

No. 864734

The pic of her and Matt is not deleted

No. 864736

gross. he's just as fucking disgusting as she is tbh imo.

No. 864737

thanks for the finsta milk, but be careful anon! she only has 85 followers on there

No. 864944

File: 1567794975739.jpeg (225.84 KB, 750x1096, EBA34130-7F2D-4311-B2DF-ECAAFC…)

Deleted content

No. 864968

File: 1567799918136.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, C26FAA22-B380-4DB4-AE5E-5ECB2B…)

No. 864969

File: 1567799965041.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, 573D0C6E-50BC-444E-94FD-A56602…)

and she’s ruined her hair again! can’t wait for her next impulsive head shave

No. 865025

and she was saying shes growing it out to be long and natural, this bitch is never going to have actual hair again. cant seem to commit to anything long enough for results

No. 865031

File: 1567806355703.jpg (1.01 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190906_164619.jpg)

Looks like a pumpkin, just in time for Halloween!

No. 865038

File: 1567806663866.jpg (31.02 KB, 400x300, LOL.JPG)

bro this bitch looks so dumb i'm howling

No. 865039

Is this supposed to be an upgrade? It looks worse than her wigs…

No. 865040

I don't know why she just didn't lighten her hair to a gingery brown (which can be done with cheap box dye with minimal damage) and then style in a way similar to this pic with all her hair pushed back, the baby bangs make her look horrific

No. 865051

this is the funniest thing i've seen in my life

No. 865057

the bangs are what breaks this entire haircut. it wouldn’t look so much like a bowl helmet without them, and she could have just pinned the front hairs back. but again, needs control that’s within her safe/comfort zone…

No. 865079

File: 1567812307616.jpg (763 KB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_20190906-182436_Ins…)

At least she knows. Kek

No. 865080

I can never really tell the difference in her lips anymore.. seems the money would’ve been better spent on filling those eye bags!

No. 865089

File: 1567814255143.jpg (158.89 KB, 1080x1785, PicsArt_09-06-07.57.21.jpg)

How can she talk about anyone looking weird. Is she fukn serious?

No. 865096

this angle is making her hair look like a straight up helmet

No. 865119

File: 1567819533039.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, 38C9B4FF-60E7-46D7-AB47-49169C…)

That lip flap…kek

No. 865138


I get my lips done, and last time I showed the doctor that I go to a few of arians old pics with this flap present and even she was like “oh god, that’s from some bad injections!” Lmaooooo it’s common in people getting them for cheap/not using premium filler/ not an experienced injector for SURE(blogging)

No. 865246

The way she goes from talking about how much she loves her new hair and lips to doing a complete 180 and ranting about haters on Instagram is so weird. Are her mood swings that bad or is she always just boiling under the surface, coming up with lame clapbacks to internet fights she had several days/hours ago?

No. 865283

Regardless of her looks and opinions, this chick comes off as such a miserable person. It doesn’t surprise me the only people you see willingly around her are either being paid to be or getting free pussy.

No. 865290

I’ve been thinking this for a while but was hesitant on posting it because it has nothing to do with the milk… but does anyone else think DoorMatt looks like Mac from it’s Always Sunny lol

No. 865297

Ok abcdezzz

No. 865299

File: 1567870948590.png (1.27 MB, 1440x2440, Screenshot_20190906-214036~2.p…)

I hope one day her lips pop and she's left with ball sack lips

No. 865305

no… he looks like a homeless peewee herman

No. 865316

File: 1567874699984.jpg (807.47 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190907-124523_Ins…)

The lip lift scar is so bad.. and what's happening with that highlight?

No. 865318

File: 1567874846353.jpeg (251.45 KB, 750x1105, 4CA03696-9E47-4C7B-AD51-993B42…)

She really can’t stop using snow or exposing herself kek

No. 865319

Deleted in record time. Having fun sweaty?

No. 865351

i think this has been said before but it looks like a facetune error.

No. 865358

Her bangs.. They transition from pink to orange. The dye already looking faded before the first wash..

No. 865360

sage but did she dye her hair black bleach it ginger and then get it professionally bleached only to have it dyed ginger again? I thought she shaved it bc of the damage and she did all that in the space of a few days? jfc

No. 865372

Because she has BPD and refuses to get therapy for her manic episodes and constant mood swings lmao

No. 865396

File: 1567881834059.jpg (232.36 KB, 1080x1829, PicsArt_09-07-02.41.28.jpg)

Those implants have aged her. She looks mid 30's at least. And her hair has gotten so thin

No. 865400

lmao all those posts about “aging backwards” just for her to look like the trailer park mom of 3 kids who whores out for money.

No. 865401

I just dont understand that hair. if she wanted red hair, she could have gotten a nice human hair wig while her real damaged hair grew out

No. 865420

Her real brown haircolour makes her feel like a "normie" so she rather wants it damaged. I feel like she is a normie because she is a alt-instathot trendfollower. With zero individuality, even her "art" is like every hip basic insta tattoo artist and her clothing style is just everything dollskill or other ripoff brands sell.

No. 865455

Yeah she’s a normie and doesn’t even realize it lol which is hilarious because she’s harping on about them 25/8

No. 865557


No, she dyed her hair black on a whim, tried to wash it out, clogged and stained her bathtub, then posted a pic of her edited red a few days later. Then she went and got it professionally bleached then dyed copper. All within like a week.

No. 865559

File: 1567898326825.jpg (354.28 KB, 1074x1096, Screenshot_20190907-191636_Ins…)

Pnp is actually insane and completely stupid.. 1st, frogger is going to injure her throat. Secondly, put a harness on your dog, she needs it. A collar isn't working. Thirdly, TRAIN your damn dog. She embarrassed YOU? More like you've embarrassed yourself. Disgusting that she can't be bothered to train her dog then blames the animal and is embarrassed because of the misplaced blame??? She's got no brain cells.

No. 865560

When her dog has tracheal collapse she will act so upset like how could her baby infant child be unhealthy??? She needs that dog to be healthy but doesn't bother doing anything properly.

No. 865565

This is why you use a harness instead of attaching the leash to the dogs collar. What a fucking asshole.

No. 865575

this is like dog-walking 101…? didn't she used to walk dogs?

No. 865587

>she tugs harder on a harness

yeah probably bc she's not fuckin choking when she does lol

No. 865721

File: 1567912509629.jpeg (306.54 KB, 750x1202, 90BFB893-E97D-451E-8193-F699EB…)

Top comparison is from her recent post on Twitter and the bottom is mine. I believe her ‘before’ is post microneedling/pre refilled lips and mine is pre microneedling/pre refilled lips.

No. 865733

File: 1567914185856.jpg (23.7 KB, 475x499, kylie-minogue-plastic-surgery-…)

She's already getting that strange waxy complexion people get from extreme skin resurfacing treatments. Except it's usually older women who have this skin not girls in their 20s like PnP. All these fillers and microneedling are unnecessary at her age. I wish I could have a time machine so I can see what sort of monstrosity she becomes in 20 years

No. 865772

she looks like she’s wearing a literal rag or burlap sack in that post-microneedling pic… how fitting

No. 865791

KEK. That’s her security blanket wrapped around her tits.

No. 865792

File: 1567920089538.jpeg (142.76 KB, 750x764, 6335CA34-579F-434D-A8D5-40968E…)

More comparisons from twitter ft. boasting about her ‘nice’ clients

No. 865844

File: 1567931169804.png (2.96 MB, 750x1334, BDCC08AA-D485-466B-A433-159DE8…)

a kitten acting like a kitten after being placed in a shit environment at too young of an age? nope she’s just an asshole who’s out to get you

she just made herself look more like a gta hooker

No. 865856

That top left pic looks like she was just found stranded on a desert island. All she needs is Wilson.

No. 865876

i hope she doesn’t lash out at this poor cat jfc she reminds me of brook houts or whatever

No. 865885

How is she so dense that she really thinks a new baby kitten is doing things it “knows not to do” like…. it’s not trained and it just has a little peanut brain. All kittens act like maniacs for a while before they chill. Who knows what she’s doing to punish it based on how often she talks about how it’s such an “asshole”. Like bro it’s a kitten, get it some toys and clean your house and move on with it.

No. 865895

File: 1567943620077.png (544.21 KB, 1080x490, PicsArt_09-08-07.53.30.png)

Spends $1000 in a few hours- can't afford a dime sack

No. 865896

jfbgldld how delusional is she?? don't get a fucking kitten if you're not prepared to train and raise it. who the fuck says "i can't stand her" about a fucking KITTEN? evil fucking bitch. no one is going to read this and think ohh nooo poor woman and her weed!! what a stupid kitten!

No. 865912

File: 1567947088777.jpeg (139.53 KB, 750x996, A5AB9FDB-0438-49DA-9F8C-FF7DE0…)

Samefag. If her clients are so great why does she still have to beg for a $300-$400 jacket? Haven't these clients been around in those 2yrs? Pnp needs to work on that hustle.

No. 865917

File: 1567947460400.jpeg (172.66 KB, 750x559, BEE591CC-BBF0-48B4-BBA8-C2BE62…)


No. 865934

My thoughts exactly. I can see her swatting this kitten off her bed/across the room easily

No. 865985

so much cuter on the left. the mental illness is palpable.

No. 866036

not to be mad on the internet but exposure to cannabis/cannabis smoke can actually kill cats, and tarte is a very small kitten, I'm praying she gets rehomed at this point. fuck ariana she is a lazy careless bitch

No. 866148

I'm honestly surprised she doesn't get back alley lip injections

No. 866323

I'm 100% convinced the girl injecting her is still learning how and is using ariana as a guinea pig + getting promo ahahah

No. 866324

File: 1567991070073.jpeg (209.17 KB, 750x976, C92A4A8C-58A3-49DF-A33E-BDE060…)

Deleted content. I think she forgot she FaceTuned that pic a bit too much kek

No. 866325

File: 1567991323423.png (362.65 KB, 600x445, LEF-with-Boomerang-1692-600x44…)

No. 866347

her nostrils are so fucking botched. she’s the only person i’ve ever seen whose nose actually looks BIGGER from the front after rhinoplasty.

No. 866354

File: 1567997186091.png (1.42 MB, 1440x2349, Screenshot_20190908-204247~2.p…)

Does anyone know what the "K" she is talking about

No. 866355

You're so cute, anon. She means ketamine, it's a type of dissociative hallucinogen used during surgeries but is usually abused by teens and idiots at raves. Super damaging to the bladder and probably other organs.

No. 866356


No. 866363

File: 1568000222781.jpg (199.71 KB, 1080x559, Screenshot_20190908-233719_Goo…)

Of course ariana would use a drug that causes dissociation. She can't face reality ever.

No. 866364

A lot of you guys sound like you’re just mad you want plastic surgery and Ariana has it? Not that you want the same results but girl is a NEET/prostitute possibly with hiv who has absolutely no prospects, has a mental illness that clearly disabled her, and has been to the psych ward. I’m not defending her literally in any way or saying people should feel sorry, I mean she’s just really nobody and if she wasn’t posted about she’d probably spiral and be forced to get real help idfk guys y’all p much exclusively talk about her face like when will it be enough lmao(k)

No. 866367

File: 1568000538272.jpg (838.18 KB, 1077x1607, Screenshot_20190908-234248_Ins…)

She is only vegan when it suits her

No. 866368

Ok wow if you’re going to google it google ‘ketamine depression’ and discover the ways ketamine is used as a rapid antidepressant with a remarkable full on remission rate. Obviously it’s not perfect for everyone and this is street grade vs medical setting, grade, and through an IV but Ariana getting ketamine infusions would be a good thing if her dumb ass found a way to put that on a credit card instead.

No. 866372

I HIGHLY doubt that ketamine (being a dissociative/hallucinogen) would everrrr help someone with body dysmorphia. Laughable.

No. 866373

She needs heavy trauma therapy for her toxic upbringing. Not drugs vets mostly use.

No. 866379

she refused to see a dr about a full body rash so i doubt she’ll ever see a dr to get real treatment for her mental illness, ketamine or not

No. 866380

I'm willing to bet a lot of money that she got the ketamine from her vet for froggers knee.

No. 866384

I went from "maybe I should get some fillers" to "I'm never getting fillers" thanks to Ariana. So no.
At this point it's just entertainment to me, not some sort of projecting, but nice wk

No. 866385


No. 866396

she won't bother rehoming. she'll just dump the poor thing on the street and never mention her again.

No. 866402

no one cares this isn't your blog

No. 866409

i mean.
have you ever heard of hallucinogenic assisted speech therapy.

have you ever consumed a hallucinogenic yourself.

all of y'all need to stop sperging about her drug use as though she was trying to self medicate.

she did a line of [drug]. because she was out with friends, as she's known to do. the only milk /would be/ if she crossed her use with medication, which she isn't on.

No. 866418

I thought she was on meds? She refused to go off them when the dr said to (due to rash) and she recently said on Insta she didn’t want to be on more meds.

No. 866436

Taking ketamine and posting about it on instagram in a desperate attempt
to appear edgy and cool will always be milky regardless of whether or not she’s mixing it with antidepressants. I know this is pnp and it’s just standard fare for her to be a trashy junkie who broadcasts all her addictions and self-esteem issues online, but still.

No. 866444

She is. She’s spoken ad nauseum about being on lamictal. Anons are just talking out of their asses.

No. 866476

File: 1568040517610.png (2.79 MB, 750x1334, 635498DD-3E8E-46FF-BE76-8F3705…)


No. 866491

File: 1568045299494.jpeg (146.41 KB, 750x323, 295488E8-455C-4109-B560-5B36C1…)

Hey Ari, in case you haven’t learned from years of drug abuse, depression is part of the come down! Go to the gym, sit in a sauna and sulk in your own misery instead of seeking validation! You’ll feel better afterwards.

No. 866497

imagine having such little concept of relationship boundaries that you just air out your boyfriends mental health struggles on your “sex work” account too

No. 866525

She’s on lamictal? That can actually cause a really bad rash with some people. I just googled “lamictal rash” and it looks just like PNP’s… which would make her refusal to go to a doctor that much more fucking stupid holy shit

No. 866526

File: 1568050634957.jpeg (543.88 KB, 1478x2148, 62CF5B61-7333-4962-B3D8-9F502D…)

Wtf is this angle??

No. 866532

i've noticed the same exact thing!! before her nose was actually pretty thin looking from the front, apart from the bulbous tip. now her bridge is extremely wide when viewed from the front. weird.

No. 866537

this has been talked about extensively. check the other threads.

No. 866554

That can happen from swelling but it's supposed to disappear in under a year, and most of the swelling should be gone in like 3-6 months. I'd guess her bridge projecting more made it come to more of a thin shape but the thin part has been shaved off leaving the thicker part underneath, plus her nose is now shorter which messes with the appearance of its dimensions further. Rhinoplasty is very finicky in that way with most results being pretty crappy looking.

No. 866557

File: 1568054201719.png (2.61 MB, 750x1334, D2B3E0DE-2F0E-4907-B1EA-51FD58…)

See also: drug use/drinking, trash diet, two hair color changes, micro needling, and fillers. She is traumatizing her body all over again in every way possible.

No. 866562

File: 1568054621929.jpeg (149.15 KB, 750x864, 4B3B642B-03D3-46EE-B968-972E4C…)

Probably that ketamine she impulsively took last night. Absolute loon. SEEK HELP! Stop self diagnosing and medicating. It’s grossly disgusting how ignorant she is to her own self sabotage. How can one person be this oblivious of what they put into their body?

No. 866581

this is the most unsexy picture i have ever seen lmfao WHAT was she thinking

No. 866602

File: 1568058982155.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, 6D1FEBBE-0D86-4508-ACEB-526FEF…)

yikes, this is where trying to self medicate with tranquilizers gets you mentally

No. 866608

Her hair is so faded already and we all know it can't be because she's showering.

No. 866624

File: 1568061041131.png (3.24 MB, 750x1334, 9FDEA4E0-6ADD-441E-AC32-0C833D…)

Wow. This is kinda sad.

No. 866643


So many women suck at sex work and PnP is a classic example. Too concerned with what she thinks is “sexy” which to her = thin. NEWS ALERT - dudes like tits and ass and the only guys Ive seen into stick thin women are abusive or fucked in the head.

No. 866648

it's her grandpa that's paying
doormatt don't give a fuck about her education lmao

No. 866653


“this is something ive had my whole life”

BITCH WHAT? You literally just googled it like 4 months ago for the first time and could barely spell it on your twitter. Not to mention YOUVE NEVER BEEN DIAGNOSED BY A DOCTOR.

She really latches onto this kinda shit thinking it makes her interesting, huh?

No. 866656

so she understands that her dad is placing his new gf before her? excuse me, but how do you understand and forgive that? no decent father puts his girlfriend, not to mention NEW gf, above his daughter. no good father does that. no good father will ignore his daughter for the flavour of the week. sounds like a stereotypical absent father to me. i guess she's used to it though judging by her reaction. ugh, i just can't imagine a dad doing that…. no wonder she has no self esteem. her parents are both trash in their own way, and they created trash. she had no chance.

No. 866657


dont forget her actual doctor told her to stop taking the meds immediately when she flared but she basically dismissed him because she wanted Psoriasis instead just like her daddy. She trusts a text message diagnosis from her friends derm over her actual doctor’s advice because it suits her better. Shes a lost cause.

No. 866661

kekekek at the idea of her thinking she can succeed in school. bitch, you can't even excel in sex work because you are so lazy. even if she was able to get into school, she'd drop out after the first semester. i can't see her doing well in any field…. it would simply be too much for her little brain.

No. 866662


I’d love to hear what PnP talked to her father about “daily for the last 10 years”. How much cock she’s sucked and her current rates? How much weed she smoked that day? How many vids she sold with a dildo up her ass?

No. 866669

>>866624 I hope she does, I would like to see her turn it around honestly. Imagine her actually glowing up. I’m taking the white pill for pnp I’m also a softie for grandparents

No. 866678

the best thing she could ever do to get her revenge on her “haters” is go to school and get a real education, go to therapy and get her mental health right and glow the fuck up and prove everyone wrong. i’m honestly pro-glow up so i think it’d be amazing to see her put her money where her mouth is and legitimately prove everyone who drags her wrong. it’s in her hands though and her track record isn’t great but who knows??? she seems on the verge of a huge breaking point with these posts. and her life in general. she could use rock bottom to her advantage or sink lower, time will tell.

No. 866703

I'm p sure she only likes this photo because it makes her look "thicc".

No. 866757

that's charitable anon, to me she looked like a half deflated blow-up doll

No. 866775

So does anyone have her only fans and see how fucking disgusting her videos are my sick curiosity got the best of me and just wow this bitch is nasty. Half the videos she has her pets/raggedy ass baby blanket right near her and half the videos I’m thinking of her poor roommate dealing with her screaming and filming videos in their communal living room(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 866776

Post caps.

No. 866779

File: 1568092330308.png (Spoiler Image,3 MB, 1125x2436, ED295887-2C79-4EDE-92B8-38FBA0…)

This is literally in the living room on her nasty ass floor…Aaron must lock himself in his room all day to avoid this

No. 866793

File: 1568096669421.jpeg (Spoiler Image,185 KB, 749x1192, C21C9507-A199-4557-9488-F31F15…)

I almost didn’t click the spoiler box by accident

No. 866819

These balls look so sad and deflated

No. 866845

This is really gnar. I would hate having to live with someone knowing they were shoving thing up their butt on camera in our living room, on top of taking half naked selfies on my bed all day. Actually gag worthy.

No. 866846

Her roommate has an only fans and does this shit too, the entire house probably glows in the dark with a black light

No. 866854


Is she blowing a 70-year-old? Those balls need a bra, Jesus.

No. 866856


Her lips are longer than her nose kek

No. 866882

File: 1568117834085.png (1.86 MB, 1216x2048, Screenshot_20190910-061537.png)

Didn't she already sell her furniture when she moved into this place and then went to beg people for money for new furniture?

No. 866886


You remember correct Anon.

No. 866918

File: 1568124564523.png (Spoiler Image,7.81 MB, 1125x2436, F1DBEFD0-006F-403E-BECE-92AF46…)

Over her crusty ass baby blanket that she doesn’t understand why people say it looks disgusting. She literally said to her it still look bright and colorful and soft…

No. 866919

Omg that’s nasty I never knew he had one also…. he seems sketchy too though

No. 866924

she uses her baby blanket as a cum rag?!?! GROSS

No. 866925

she has short stumpy legs and it makes this position look weird

No. 866940

Maybe she needed some comfort? KEK. I hope and pray that isn’t actually what she uses it for.

Thank you anon! It’s interesting to see the content she produces for profit. Wondering for how long it will be new or rehashed clips of hers.. So far all of these vids/pics on her onlyfans were advertised for sale on twitter or posted onto her xxx snap last month.

No. 866942

Realizing they’re in the living room for this one too. No wonder she didn’t want cottedemailles moving in. So gross.

No. 866948

Yeah like everything posted on only fans I’ve noticed is stuff she’s offered for sale at one point. She also only posts like 30 second clips unless people “tip” her on only fans? Like she’ll post “tip this clip $50 and I’ll release the 5 minute video”. She also does nasty ass unsafe stuff like going from her ass to her vag so I can only imagine what type of crusty was infections she has. It’s honestly disturbing to watch as someone who claims to be a professional at sex and does it as her job…. she does unsafe wack ass shit

No. 866953

Didn’t she quit her old job because she had to keep the dogs on a leash? How does she plan on going through college when she can’t even handle a dog sitting job

No. 866964

I thought she quit cause her boss told her she was stupid for getting her tits done (before getting them done) plus they hired a professional that exposed Pnp for how shitty she was at her job

No. 867045

File: 1568143447052.jpeg (202.3 KB, 750x1334, B1D6983A-9EC8-4405-8EF3-F1D2F0…)

No wonder why her mental health is so shit.
I might have confabulated anon so you might be right. Either way I still think she wouldn’t be able to handle the demands college would put on her.

No. 867048

Not to mention ..If you forget to take lamotrigine for awhile and then start up again at your regular dose..you can get the rash! LOL!

No. 867087


Ban if this is a derail, but what are your guys opinions on male sex workers? Do you think it makes them gay/bisexual if they make content generally for men? Because Im assuming her roommate isnt getting a ton of requests from hot alt girls… lol

If PnP only fucked old women clients, would she be a dyke?

Im always interested when men get into sex work and claim to be straight…(derailing)

No. 867093

Not the place

No. 867102

you're literally retarded, anon

No. 867105

Yep and the professional wanted her to leash one of the dogs that became problematic and pnp lost her shit. I remember watching the stories, she was incredibly irrational, lots of tears and yelling. Saying literally impossible to leash one dog and have the others off the leash. (On private property mind you) lol

No. 867142

wow didn’t she just flip shit on her ig story about people not leashing their problematic dogs? lmfao

No. 867327

File: 1568202616490.jpg (1.94 MB, 1394x2589, 20190911_044816.jpg)

im guessing this is about araon, holy fuck no wonder this bitch doesnt have friends. why post this on insta at all

No. 867333

It’s a Tim and Eric reference

No. 867337


Great Job!

(Sorry for detail but I had to!)

No. 867366

File: 1568212079714.png (1.16 MB, 1440x2432, Screenshot_20190911-060616~2.p…)

What a waste of money. All of her surgeries were botched

No. 867417


It’s hilarious that she thinks putting a $30,000 investment into plastic surgery makes her “good with money”.

$30,000 down the drain on a deteriorating body just so she can be a prostitute…

People who are “good with money” invest that type of money into: their education, a down payment on a house, purchasing a car, THEIR HEALTH.

This is the same complete dumbass who just last month or so was crying on reddit that she cant afford to see a doctor because her body is covered in a “debilitating rash”. Yet she cant remember she didnt have less than 3k in the bank?

Sure, Jan.

No. 867423

I think it’s safe to say at this point that she is just a complete retard.

No. 867431

File: 1568225510142.jpeg (88.77 KB, 750x1334, 4A2DE945-8A37-483E-B12F-2DF3D4…)

She’s criticizing people for thinking they’re better than people who have debt while acting like she’s better than people that don’t have debt.

She went into debt over plastic surgery but thinks it’s worth bragging about because now she has good credit. She spent 30k, went into debt, and still isn’t even happy with her looks. Would have been better of investing that money into getting some intensive therapy for all her issues.

P.s: Goodluck paying for a house when you don’t have a stable job/income.

No. 867432

"I'm really good with money" is she fukn serious? Yeah You're sooo great with it. That's why You're constantly begging for a dollar. Then she tries to justify it by saying she never has less than 3000. What a manipulative hypocrite

No. 867445

If this is true, it is actually not too bad though (I mean the fact that she almost is out of debt). But how does she pay it off? With her one customer?

No. 867448

$3k for someone her age is nothing to brag about lol especially if u spent that much on botched surgeries. Id be impressed if she had that 30k in the bank but let’s be real… she never will

No. 867451

3k is usually the ideal minimum… it’s enough to cover an emergency expense (car trouble, losing a job and still needing to pay bills, emergency vet bill, etc). It’s safety net savings lol 30k in savings would be actually impressive

No. 867458

File: 1568235020039.jpeg (Spoiler Image,177.79 KB, 750x1107, 1659B3F6-E434-46CE-9B9A-FA60B0…)

She’s trying to get her Instagram deleted lol

No. 867459

File: 1568235363900.png (4.6 MB, 750x1334, 6F331B30-B99E-49F2-ACFB-E076B5…)

Not as much as you love boasting about it.. or ignoring that pile of laundry.

No. 867467


I think youre missing the fact she has nothing to really show for all that money. She pays rent in a crackhouse like den that she shares with roommates, doesnt have an actual business or career build up to live on when dudes stop paying to use her body, no real clientele build up for her sex work, pretty sure she drives her boyfriends car, is about to sell her furniture so she can move out.

She has nothing to show for that 30k except for some botched surgeries that come with an expiry date…

Choose how you wanna live but she looks pretty stupid bragging about it

No. 867469


All this tells me is shes had the same amount of cash in her bank for months and months now. All she is doing is maintaining her less-than-ideal lifestyle that she complains about daily and desperately wants to change. Um, impressive how?

No. 867475

File: 1568238371702.jpg (183.07 KB, 1080x1767, PicsArt_09-11-05.44.51.jpg)

She always posts sexual shit when her popularity wanes. She's so desperate for ppl to follow her and interact.

No. 867509

File: 1568246106926.png (2.89 MB, 1440x2059, Screenshot_20190911-174506~2.p…)

Didn't she say this about the last house? Arianna maybe you are the problem and not the house(s)

No. 867511

ugh, imagine the mess that the landlord will have to clean up…

No. 867512

File: 1568247232669.jpg (Spoiler Image,50.09 KB, 554x1199, EEM-o6PW4AA2PgU.jpg)

Ew she posted another full image of that sex tape she made with Doormatt including vag shot.

No one wants this video Pnp.

No. 867526

you can see her cheap wigs hanging on the door lmfao

No. 867537

File: 1568252742021.png (1.64 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190911-194357.png)

The real reason she wants that WIA jacket

No. 867540

Lmao she’s shameless

No. 867542

Her man looks pregnant and has zero ass. What an unfortunate angle for him, but she probably isn't too concerned about him looking good as long as she thinks she does.

No. 867547

File: 1568254781524.jpeg (18.91 KB, 225x225, 417C51A4-8F37-4E1D-B096-4C91B2…)

No. 867557

She has turned off all comments on her insta after posting this.

No. 867563

She is hot, the dick is absolutely disgusting

No. 867564

Phonefags should be shot

No. 867576

Not everyone has a computer, chill

No. 867577

Poorfags should be shot too.

No. 867593

why are you sperging about a 23 days old post lmao shoot yourself instead

No. 867600

No. 867607

File: 1568273674477.png (135.61 KB, 240x256, d19ce52b247281ca1bc77a740897c3…)

>American idiocy culture of tens of thousands of debt being normal for education, housing, just life

>is in debt up to her lip lift scars for said lip lift scars and a host of other non-essential plastic surgery

>knows she has BPD and extreme body dysmorphia but still feeds into it

>implies getting /further/ into debt for questionable real estate is a Big Brain move

"pEoPlE wHo ThInK tHeY'rE sMarTer"

No. 867634

isn't she just implying you're gonna have to go into debt just like everyone else to buy said house?

No. 867636


I think she's trying to imply that you need to go into debt to build you credit, which having good credit is needed to apply for mortgage.

However, she's just grasping to justify wasting 30k on plastic surgery just so she could end up a prostitute…

No. 867653

yeah well she's always been grasping about that

No. 867717

File: 1568306953722.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 779C3B60-DB1E-4E17-9285-16E384…)

posting about her body dysmorphia and then immediately advertising her sex work. is she like actively trying to attract gross creeps who are into girls with no self esteem??? or she’s just obliviously unaware

No. 867718

File: 1568306993004.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, A60EEE8B-D343-4601-B9C3-8EAF53…)

2nd part her onlyfans advertising immediately following the other story post

No. 867722

File: 1568307337577.jpeg (145.29 KB, 750x1100, 908D1400-CDB7-48E9-AF29-D51CEE…)

Deleted content.

No. 867725

File: 1568307966059.jpeg (259.41 KB, 750x1102, FD314CB6-E41D-4879-91A7-9EA5BF…)

Another deleted thirst trap this morning.

No. 867752

File: 1568311656627.jpeg (113.38 KB, 750x393, 9E81D96F-847B-42DC-8096-6E52D7…)

Instagram “hates women”?
Aight. What an outlandish spew of bullshit. Pretty sure if you don’t treat IG as Pornhub, your account will be fine.

No. 867785

File: 1568314732886.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, 0FBFCCFC-9097-4869-A7D7-38B293…)

Remember, we’re all just jealous of her!

No. 867811

Lmfao "I got a big butt" Kek. Don't think so Ari

No. 867927

File: 1568331028564.jpg (27.14 KB, 345x345, where dey at doe.jpg)

>big butt

No. 867966

The fucking irony of this….damn she’s not just oblivious she’s gone full blown retard

No. 867986

File: 1568340363459.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, CA89C659-13EF-4A34-8581-F09A36…)

yikes if you know anything about wigs you can see how badly she trimmed the lace and didn’t blend it either.

No. 867987

she also posted in her story earlier how she doesn’t regret shaving her head… i’m sorry but your 20 wigs and the fact you say “i’m never doing that again i miss my hair so much” really contradict that lmao

No. 868103

File: 1568384244778.jpeg (204.69 KB, 750x1055, DD5ECC4A-8527-443B-86F7-ADEC4D…)

She stays lurking.

No. 868107

She looks like a dude

No. 868112

Wow this is masculine as fuck. But like masculine trying to be feminine. Gross

No. 868114

This whole insta thot plastic surgery addiction for women to look like men is so ridiculous. She ruined all her feminine features to look like weird MTF. The chiseled square jaw line doesn't suit her one bit and no amount of shooping is going to make her look feminine again. She needs to lay off the surgery and fillers but I doubt thats ever gonna happen.

No. 868117

Clearly there is no way to actually learn a new skill, so obvs she’s stuck with looking shitty in wigs forever.

No. 868145

File: 1568393185694.jpg (113.69 KB, 750x1333, 69877200_2469550466417162_5064…)

No. 868177

for the love of god please keep this woman out of social work until she heals herself. i fucking hate when people with mental illness think they can be therapists because they’re interested in psychology, that career requires so much self-care, empathy and discernment.

No. 868227

File: 1568403225141.jpg (123.83 KB, 967x872, PicsArt_09-13-03.34.10.jpg)


No. 868253

That same white thong again

No. 868254

She looks so dead behind the eyes

No. 868275

she's live on insta talking about how she has "tea" about the girl she's been seeing that gives her injections but that she'll "get to it in detail at a later time" and was saying to not go to her and she no longer recommends her lol

No. 868277

Have a feeling ari’s revengeful because she was probably billed for her fillers

No. 868285

I think it’s more connected to pnp’s and embodoe’s botched bolt ons and the mispractice conducted in their “office”.

No. 868317

File: 1568413376018.jpg (779.82 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190913-165840_Ins…)

She looks so awful after getting more fillers recently. She also stated that the girl who does her fillers pretended to be her friend and it turned out to only be a business relationship.

No. 868318

Ugh her face looks so lumpy. she seriously looks disgusting

No. 868323

She doesn’t have the intelligence to get a PhD so don’t worry lol

No. 868329

File: 1568415151238.png (1013.13 KB, 750x1334, 1B895876-EE02-4479-B0D3-18DF62…)

No. 868337

she should be lumpy space princess for halloween!

No. 868338

Wow I’m surprised it took this long for the “business relationship” to go sour. They would have assumed 80k Instagram followers was a good advertising opportunity but wouldn’t have realised how much of a mess pnp is. Perhaps they tried to end the free injections for promo and pnp is pissed.

No. 868343

I personally think it’s about not using high quality fillers, hence pnp’s lip flap. I know she’s said she once went to a sketchy place for fillers when she first started but I have a feeling it’s kaitlynn. Tinfoil obviously but it just started being speculated on lolcow that her lip flap is filler related and we know she reads here so I’m guessing she did some research.

No. 868372

File: 1568421639831.png (8.47 MB, 1242x2208, 2B5EE853-A2C9-4A57-BA5B-7A4099…)

is she really still trying to blame the same girl from the last thread for all the hate she receives? she can't be that delusional? if she truly believes this, she needs to check herself in to the mental hospital asap. however, i have a feeling she just wants to blame one person so she doesn't look so bad. having to explain why hundreds of people don't like you is not as easy as explaining why 1 person doesn't like you.

No. 868378

Maybe her injector finally put her foot down and told her she wouldn’t inject so much who knows. I guess we will hear pnp’s side soon.

No. 868380

we won't be able to believe anything she says though, she lies and twists the truth in such a way that makes her look blameless. i'd be interested in hearing what her injector has to say, she's representing a business and probably isn't as crazy as pnp.

No. 868381

File: 1568424094030.png (11.94 MB, 1242x2208, B3007A47-189A-42D0-B8C6-457A3C…)

She is the last person who should be talking about bullies. She's literally bullied girls for being depressed and suicidal. And she wants to be a therapist? I would never trust anyone I love in her care. Thanks to online records (such as lolcow with her legal name), her lack of intelligence, non-existent work ethic and trashiness, no one will be subjected to being her patient. She can't even help herself, she is absolutely deranged to think she could help anyone else, let alone get accepted into school AND graduate.

No. 868388

Actually if they do this live and go off about this injector, the woman is a professional and might sue for defamation. This might be really fucking great to watch.

No. 868390

File: 1568424567954.jpg (709.42 KB, 809x1514, Screenshot_20190913-180958_Ins…)

Since it's been deleted… I think she's talking about her old injection girl, it the_plastics_pa.

No. 868401

>turned out to be a business only relationship

is she that fucking stupid how was it not obvious she was being used for promotion

No. 868402

It’s already been established multiple times that that is who she’s talking about

No. 868408

going through the injectors instagram it looks like all photos of ariana are gone lmao i wouldn’t want my business associated with her either. funny how she brags about being so successful and happy and stable while everyone can clearly see her life and now even “influencer” status crumble

No. 868414


Her way of speaking is killing me. EVERY SINGLE sentence in that longass caption starts with "it sucks" "it's disappointing" "it's sad" or "it's annoying." She speaks at the emotional level of a 3rd grader

No. 868416

what did she think was gonna happen? She isnt going to get any IG promotion jobs with her plummeting to 50k followers soon and constant nudity/porn pics. Even if she posts and deletes (like a dumbass) they’re watching this shit.

No. 868433

Can definitely see why her injector wouldn't wanna be associated with her sloppy ass. Not even because shes a sex worker, because a lot of sex workers are fans of injectables, but because shes so sloppy, trashy, classless, and erratic all over social media.
But also fishy because this injector has the gall to let Ariana leave her office looking the way she does. No professional should let their patient be walking around with those flappy sausage lips hanging off the teeth and looking like a cheap MTF transformation

No. 868434

yeah i can totally see PnP being like “she hates sex workers she’s jealous of me!!” when in reality she’s just a trashy unprofessional sex worker who has an actual picture of her sucking dick on her profile. what kind of successful business outside of the adult industry wants to have that kind of person as advertisement?

No. 868438

File: 1568431486082.png (3.25 MB, 1242x2208, 11BFA69D-4846-4741-9372-A3560E…)

No. 868439

File: 1568431511751.png (1.84 MB, 1242x2208, EB2C9B4F-4223-4CEE-82DD-A82937…)

Her poor snake

No. 868440

File: 1568431548808.png (5.33 MB, 1125x2436, 5F3111D0-75A3-45B5-8BF0-E4D390…)

honestly…. what is this nose makeup

No. 868441

File: 1568431579784.png (4.51 MB, 1125x2436, 3B114072-44CC-49B9-B060-067191…)

No. 868443

Someone forgot to dust off the powder for their nose contour lmfao

No. 868449

she and embodoe both deleted this pic from their stories

No. 868457

Tinfoil: they caught wind of her faking the psoriasis diagnosis, which honestly DOES make them look like a chop shop, so they cut ties.

No. 868488

I don't really have any ideas or opinions of what this is about, but goddamn, I really fucking hope that's it. It'd be fucking beautiful if they actually called out this shit. Ariana for sure wouldn't give up the psoriasis thing even if she did get called out, which would make for some good milk when she tries to backtrack on her bullshit and preserve her sob story.

No. 868511

Pretty sure she was just baking…

No. 868580

The boemdoe girl posted that her and Ariana are waiting to talk about what happen because soo many people have contacted them and they just want to get their dicks in a row. Which I think means boemdoe is getting people telling her to be weary of anything having to do with Ariana.


No. 868608

This bitch has no idea how to speak or articulate herself. "It's annoying, it's sad, it's disappointing, it's sad, it's embarrassing, it's annoying, it sucks, it's annoying" all while taking zero ownership or admitting you had any hand in making your current situation shitty.

No. 868609

This bitch has no idea how to speak or articulate herself. "It's annoying, it's sad, it's disappointing, it's sad, it's embarrassing, it's annoying, it sucks, it's annoying" all while taking zero ownership or admitting you had any hand in making your current situation shitty.

No. 868610

File: 1568477079900.jpg (146.41 KB, 1069x1424, PicsArt_09-14-12.04.57.jpg)

She high

No. 868611

I can't believe she's so stupid not to realize what a business relationship is. You get free injections = more views and followers for them. Business's want recurring customers not a friend. She's never going to survive in this world.

No. 868613

to be fair she’s a low end whore who thinks her clients actually value her perceived “emotional connection” with them so i’m not too surprised.

No. 868622

>when someone holds something nice over your head acting like you weren't returning the favor
>someone saw you as a paycheck
>used and discarded
>invalidated with zero interest of resolving the issue
lmao this is peak idiocy. Ariana thought she gets free injections because the injector LIKES HER AS A FRIEND. Oh my God. From what she said, sounds like the girl was angry/disappointed with how Ariana handles promotion ("not returning the favor") and told her it's the end of the arrangement, and Ari is outraged because in her mind there was no arrangement, just… friendship, and free botox out of I guess sympathy… I can't, this is legit so funny

No. 868668

It’s funny yet seriously sad that everything predicted in pnp’s threads by farmers eventually comes to light in her reality. Nativity and denial truly won’t get you far.

No. 868714

File: 1568497122801.jpeg (349.99 KB, 1336x1336, F6E6B73E-6D78-47B0-AD1A-AAEA8D…)

left is just now and right is an insta story post from 2 (two) days ago. no one buys this “comfortable in your skin” bullshit, and the way she says things in such a condescending way and with this sense of false positivity like she’s some sweet innocent girl being bullied and not just a narcissist trying to humble brag and shade everyone who criticizes her is so fucking transparent to anyone who’s maturity level is beyond middle school. do better bitch you look bad

No. 868722


this moron got a much needed nose job (cause that nose was HIDEOUS) and then kept going and botched her lips

No. 868723


this moron got a much needed nose job (cause that nose was HIDEOUS) and then kept going and botched her lips

No. 868730

File: 1568499967962.jpeg (120.79 KB, 750x583, 3B5282A1-FAAB-48D4-B80D-1D91AA…)

Throwing out my own comparison that I made of pnp a while ago. Tried to find an old picture that matched up. The pre op photo has been seen before but I wanted to get ariana’s own personal angles in play.

No. 868762

File: 1568507119126.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, A29C4E89-F099-4A10-B709-A22017…)

lol is she gonna flip on foxwigs because she thought they were her fRiEnDs but it turns out she’s just a paycheck??? (also they chose a terrible person to promote their wigs, the girls on their profile look good and her wig looks like she bought it at spirit halloween)

No. 868775

File: 1568511211133.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, 8901E377-58A6-4E5C-BEF7-282E5A…)

preaching about ~letting go~ of things as she lurks her hate threads

No. 868780

honestly what is it with cows that think you can't simultaneously browse lc and instagram/twitter while doing other things lol? nobody cares that much.

No. 868781

Because they like to think theyre important enough to be actively hated instead of someone people laugh at while theyre bored and have nothing else to look at.
It bugs me the most the Ariana lurks here but doesnt take any advice like going to therapy again.

No. 868784

she’s projecting her own insecurity, she hates herself for being obsessed with negativity like lolcow. she also posted not too long ago about an ex of hers, who is engaged and happy and very likely not even thought of her at all, even though she’s been with doormatt for years. it just seems like obvious projection, she doesn’t want to admit to her followers that she hates herself so she hates on others for doing the things she does.

No. 868787

File: 1568513124194.png (236.66 KB, 804x1056, Screenshot_20190914-200446.png)

This is most likely why she got shadow banned.

No. 868801

am I the only one that didn't mind her old nose? It balanced out her chin.

No. 868805

i agree. her whole face actually looked more symmetrical and balanced pre-surgery. she just chooses the most god awful pics of her old self to compare to

No. 868810

sry if she's specified before, i've been reading her threads for months and i cant remember but did she get jaw fillers or does her jaw look significantly more square bc her old nose kinda balanced it out?

No. 868813

I agree with you. Big noses are gorgeous and she missed her shot on showcasing that. She chose to conform and enable her standards of comfortability at the disregard of her therapist’s advice. She became a cow for the brand that is plastic. Pnp got betrayed by the very folks a psychologist warned her about and it’s not a coincidence we agreed.

No. 868821

She’s said she hasn’t gotten jaw fillers, I think her softer (artificial) features just bring out the absolute squareness of it more

No. 868844

What a normie. Kek

No. 868935

File: 1568557486707.png (4.69 MB, 1242x2208, EB35D266-E82C-4E4C-9264-CDFF21…)

She just posted a video of her ex too… how does she not realize how weird/ hurtful to Matt that could be. It’s been over a decade girl let it go

No. 868937

jesus christ why does she still have videos even of her exes and then have the audacity to preach about letting shit go???

No. 869002

I wonder how pnp’s ex and his fiancé feel..

No. 869010

You guys are reaching— who cares she posted a video of her ex. She posted it because of her dog. It’s not like she posted. A video of the two of them fucking. No milk

No. 869107


learn to sage, but i think its pretty weird. she didn't take any "puppy frogger" pictures without her ex being in it? seems like she's reminiscing about more than just her dog's youth.