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No it doesn't. A lot of people here saw the cow for what she is and are unhappy about the thread being wrongly locked. The fact that they locked their accounts down proves that they were lurking here and possibly posting, and there are screenshots of the convo and pictures to back every thing up as much as was possible, but others saw more on their pages but didn't get a chance to screencap before the lock down. Kiwifarms are retarded for ignoring all the proof that was posted.

No. 684647

I think the mod has a hard on for gayboy/poly/snowflake raven 2.0

No. 683706

Baby Craven stealing yet another page from Gravys book kek
Why don't you go get some more of her shitty tattoo's, or get back to cucking?

No. 683704

She doesn't get starved the way anons pretend she is. You can hardly do anything without seeing her name come up. She doesn't even need her thread to be active to have to see her stupid name mentioned every time someone uses a font, or words things similarly, or another cow she might know is mentioned. Imo her trash should be kept in her own thread but you can't get away from it shrugs

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Hi Isa! Welcome back!(hi [cow])

No. 683596

I wish there was a way to know for sure if Gravy is lurking. So far all we have are accusations and finger pointing but no solid proof. The silence on her end is aggravating and I hate thinking we're giving her attention that she doesn't deserve. Eagerly awaiting the inevitable meltdown

No. 683548

She also posted a screencap of a text convo between her and Dorian and in doing so, gave out his phone number. She's not as clever as she likes to think she is.

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File: 1536370684860.jpg (1.9 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180907-213654_Fac…)


No. 683523

Just have an admin delete it

No. 683501

Proof they're all lurking here. They should know that changing their names /urls won't stop them from being found

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No. 683470

Sorry but I don't see the option anywhere

No. 683444

She'll probably come here now and say none of it was her trying to cover her splerge kek

No. 683434

Not if they've moved I'd think

No. 683416

I have a screenshot of her comments to her mum showing its the 3 of them, but I'm one of those people who uses a speshul font on my phone and I don't feel like being accused of being Hagraven just because of it

No. 683324

It was mentioned that she felt she had a certain immunity by posting and being accepted by us

No. 683159

I've tried to but I can't get to him with her in the way. He's too scared to lose her and maybe be alone again. He knows that I'm always here for him

No. 683108

Except she thinks she's a guy now. Bitch is fucked in the head

No. 683078

I'm not going to give you what you want. This is illegal and I'll be looking into my rights

No. 683068

Sage for double posting but she also got married a day after Gravy. In response to the post wondering who chose the date first, Gravy mentioned marrying on their anniversary earlier on so I believe the original date was hers and Isa copied. She's trying to be a Gravy skinwalker and that's a terrifying thought

No. 683066

Why the hell is she copying her tattoo's? It's like shes trying to be raven 2. She has her son, ex husband, and tattoos. Next shes gonna gain 300 pounds. She already has shitty goff makeup when she tries to wear it. Too bad some idiot tipped her or else I could share the pic

No. 683051

FUCK you mate

No. 683045

He's not abused he knows exactly what's going on, you people don't have any right to violate our privacy! I'm not going to tell you again you better take down all of my information

No. 683008

You have no right to talk about me or any of my relationships! What goes on in our house has nothing to do with any of you. If Dorian wasn't happy he'd leave, now leave us alone!

No. 682996

I'm a rl ex friend of dorian's and I can shed some light on at least some of this. We stopped talking when he moved out of his mums house because Isa took over his social media enough that he had no privacy. We spoke here and there and he was really into her in the beginning but I get the feeling that it was more because of his self esteem. With his mum the way she was and his dad absent he never had much of a family and by the time raven tried to make it right (the last few years she did try to be more supportive and a real mum to him) it was too late. He always felt alone and worthless and we all thought he'd kill himself one day if he kept going on like that. Then he met Isa and being a fellow American who was a child enough to emotionally connect to him it got in his head that this was what he wanted and basically was all he'd ever get. She used to brag to him how she was a cam whore before she was 16 and had sex with a lot of people and in a roundabout way it made him feel special that she wanted to be with him. He definitely never wanted to be in a poly relationship. He's jealous and tried to tell her that it hurt him but she gave him what amounts to an ultimatum. It was either he deal with it or she leaves because she was unwilling to change for him. Hes cried in my arms in the start of the relationship because he was so lost and didn't know what to do. He started flirting with people online maybe to do to her what she was doing to him and his mum and her big mouth got involved and warned Isa saying that she was trying to help but it just hurt the relationship. Isa said that she didn't believe anything she was told but she did and got all dorian's logins and that's why he's not online much and cut off most of his female friends. Me and him used to be really close and he might have even had a thing for me in the past and I hate her for taking away our friendship. I lost one of my best friends but it's ok for her to be with Logan? And no dorian didn't have a thing for Logan he just looked up to him but Isa had her eye on him from the first day they met and she used her control over dorian to make him agree to the poly thing. He really needs to get out of there and away from her. He doesn't know what real love is and he thinks this is it but the amount of crying he's done over her isn't love. Logan should never have agreed either but he's never cared about dorian's feelings even when they were "related". Also Logan's the one who made fun of dorian's skPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 682866

That's already been discussed, and I think the general consensus is that she wouldn't be able to control herself thinking about Logan with someone else so this most likely isn't her, but we're all waiting for her to show herself

No. 682824

Can't handle being on the other side? Kek

No. 682814

File: 1536289385851.jpg (1.28 MB, 1439x2526, Skank.jpg)

She was tipped

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No. 682432

If you're talking to me I only said that once. I'm not the original person who mentioned it, I just remembered reading about it. A cow is a cow because of their actions but if they had a horrible or traumatic childhood, why lie and pretend they didn't just to keep them at the bottom? Admitting they had a rough life doesn't make them any less of a cow so I personally don't see the harm in agreeing with the person/people who remember that her past was indeed backed up by her own sister eyeroll

No. 682321

That was posted on her Facebook around 3 or 4 years ago. I don't like to give cows any sympathy but when I see evidence of abuse or a reason why they are the way they are it gives me pause. That still doesn't excuse their refusal to improve their lives or break free from their situations (which is why they're cows) but some of them have had pretty messed up lives, and go on to mess up lives.

No. 682199

How do you or anyone else know for sure? I remember it differently and I remember it clearly because it's the only time that I had any sympathy for that bitch, and it was most assuredly supported by her sister

No. 682107

Thank you anon! Goldmine of cringe. I can't wait for the thread and to see what milk will flow from this calf

No. 681792

Ibf just uploaded ANOTHER haul. Jesus christ give it a break

No. 681762

File: 1536180403749.jpg (470.26 KB, 1439x1431, lol.jpg)

His "art" looks like kindergarten scribbles, and by "hanging out with his peers", you really mean fucking his stepsons wife kek

No. 681738

I agree. All that will matter to her is that Logan has moved on and with someone she hates. It might be enough to finally make her step forward and give us the rage we know is coming

No. 681555

Sorry but no one knows that for sure, and people who knew her irl have corroborated her stories. Remember a few years ago when she reconnected with a younger sister and her sister had become the one to take her place and got abused once she was sent off. I know we all don't want to give that cow the benefit of any doubt but facing facts she's just the product of her past too. Her problem is she's over 40 years old and should have done something by now to be a better person and do something with her life but she doesn't have any interest in bettering her situations. It's a viscous circle that her son has been caught up in and he shows no signs of wanting to better himself either, and now being married to a Mini-Raven that kid doesn't stand a chance. I hope that he doesn't have any children with Isa/Issac because that baby will be twice as fucked.

No. 681547

File: 1536165561542.jpg (1.07 MB, 1440x2960, Tacky.jpg)

She's a narcissistic attention whore, covering herself quickly in tacky tattoos, has poor fashion sense, and is taking advantage of guys that aren't equipped to make the right choice in life.
Raven 2.0 kek

No. 681529

File: 1536164116250.jpg (634.16 KB, 1431x1616, Screenshot_20180905-121314_Ins…)

Logan is a mess

No. 681525

File: 1536163786073.jpg (1.07 MB, 1436x1576, Screenshot_20180905-120558_Fac…)

He does not look happy with his life. She looks like she's 12! What's the appeal? Maybe she decided to be a boy because she can't cut it as a girl kek

No. 681515

I watched all of her life story videos before she removed them, and her childhood was unbelievably messed up. It's almost inevitable that she turned out the way she is, and also why she's a perpetual child. There's something about her that rubs me the wrong way though, and I feel the same way about her son. Even so, it's interesting to see someone else acknowledge that on here.

No. 680982

File: 1536099479979.jpg (932.62 KB, 1434x2528, Screenshot_20180904-181531_Ins…)

This bitch is a borderline cow herself. "Gay boy"? Get over yourself and grow up, "Isaac". Stop pretending to be a gay guy you attention whore.

No. 680975

Yeah anon, because it's perfectly normal to be having sex with your ex stepsons wife. There's at least 7-8 years between them, not too much but considering Dorian was in his 20s and dating a 16 year old who is now dating his ex stepdad it's wrong on many levels. They were family for over 5 years. Notice they got married 2 days after Cravens wedding, I think there's also milk there. I sense a lot of untapped drama here

No. 678824

I'm over him and have been since he blocked me but I see him on Instagram where he didn't block me and he only popped up because he was on my recommended people. He's just as twisted as Diana but the opposite way no way do I want to be involved in this dirty triangle

No. 678572

File: 1535904903534.jpg (1.06 MB, 1439x1960, Screenshot_20180902-121214_Ins…)

Well theres this. Her fb is https://www.facebook.com/IsaDenneyStrother and this pic has her insta name. His is lunaxrot or something like that. She's listed as poly. Going on dates with him. He verified it. Dorian is a doormat.

No. 678571

Why don't you ask him then? It's all over her page. I'm so sick of people ruining good gossip by pretending it's made-up. Someone please contact him to verify.

No. 678559

She might be 17-18 now. She was 16 when raven left


That's exactly what that means kek

No. 678508

let's see. july 24th makeup and miniskirts. july 30th suddenly decides to go by "he" and pretend to be a gay boy. i wonder if logan and dorian are fucking each other too, ya know, since they're all bois in the house

No. 678503

File: 1535898940843.jpg (935.53 KB, 1439x2302, Screenshot_20180902-103305_Ins…)

Adoras makeup is really bad when you look at it closely. I don't understand how a grown woman is comfortable scribbling on her face and gluing random crap to her forehead

No. 678463

File: 1535895454978.jpg (1.11 MB, 1432x2544, Screenshot_20180902-092927_Fac…)

This girl must have a magic vagina or something because she's not attractive, and her attitude sucks. Her pretending to be a gay male pisses me off. I've seen a lot of people bullied to wanting to take their own lives just because they were gay and she thinks it's a joke. I hate people like that.

No. 678451

The poor kid is miserable. Look at his eyes in every picture. He looks like he's barely holding on

No. 678354

Lovely gf ain't so lovely now. Even if she's really poly (which I doubt), you don't go after your partners best friend

No. 678348

File: 1535873352438.jpg (437.54 KB, 1439x1864, Screenshot_20180902-032542_Fac…)

I'm so tired of these kids pretending to be trans. You don't just wake up one day and decide that you want to be known as the opposite sex. Those of us who are actually living and struggling with their sexual identity don't deserve to see it being used as the trend of the day. It's a real struggle and a nightmare of a life that no one should have to suffer through!

No. 678341

Even that idiot isn't stupid enough to post about Logan's transgressions here. All that does is tell us that he was probably interested in lovely gf and she in him, the entire time. Maybe they were already plotting to get together behind her back, because with the porn and now this it's obvious he wasn't happy in that marriage and was already looking elsewhere. We used to think he was interested in that girl she tried to adopt and maybe we were right. Maybe this is the real reason why she turned on Dorian in the end and why she hated Isa so much. I doubt this is something that she would want us to know, so thanks anon for the info. I've been missing my Raven milk, and this at least gives me something to lol at. She lost her entire family to one girl! That must be killing her!

No. 678334

I wonder how he's handling this, poor guy. I remember from her screenshot video he had issues with his gf wanting to get too close to her male friends back then. He can't be enjoying having to live like that.

There are roses in this picture and goff queen Craven wouldn't be caught dead with anything flowery, remember? They're not dark and evil enough (I remember her bitching about that in one of her tattoo videos saying she would NEVER EVER GET A ROSE TATTOO BECAUSE gasp! ROSES AND FLOWERS ARE SO CLICHE AND GAY

No. 678267

File: 1535865244412.jpg (640.98 KB, 1439x719, Screenshot_20180902-011151_Set…)

I liked the font after anon named it so I bought it. I'm not Diana. My name online is Kit and that's all I'm going to say. I used to post when me and Logan were friends and was trying to get info from him for the site

No. 678263

They all live together so I assume so. I follow her on Instagram and she posts pics with them both and I got curious and asked him. I was afraid to write him in case he blocked me again but he didn't. I know Dorian is a jealous person and he never approved of her wanting to screw around so I wonder how he's handling having to share her in his own home with the guy who was married to his mom

No. 678261

File: 1535864865779.jpg (662.81 KB, 1435x1400, Screenshot_20180902-010650_Ins…)

Eh. He looks like a douche now

No. 678246

File: 1535862939247.jpg (163.43 KB, 1439x1228, Screenshot_20180902-002136_Ins…)

I can't post this on the Raven thread because it's reached its limit and I don't want to make a new one but I had to share this.
Omg so it turns out that Logan is fucking Dorian's gf. That whole family is fucked up! Logan was Dorian's stepdad for all intents and purposes (even though that marriage was a sham and wrong on all levels) for 5 years and now they're sharing the same girl that wants to be a boy (she goes by Issac and "he" now but I think it's just for attention)? I used to like him but this is wrong on so many levels. They were family for 5 years and now they're sharing a boy/girl. I'm the anon who used to talk to him when Gravy first left Nz until she got him to block me. Now you couldn't pay me to touch him.

No. 678239

Yes they did, it was posted in the last thread but now it's gone

No. 677989

I agree. Adora is over the top slutty nowadays.

No. 677770

I thought we were supposed to be posting on the new thread?

No. 677158

When is this thread going to be used?

No. 676943

Emily is so cringe herself. She does absolutely nothing worthwhile and her content is the same boring stuff. At least when she had all her piercings she seemed more interesting and involved. Now all she cares about is shopping and her stupid extensions

No. 675717

I think if I ever met her friend in person I wouldn't be able to keep my cool. She's annoying in everything and Emily changes the way she acts when they're together. I hate seeing that huge horsemouth always gaping open as she constantly causes a scene.

No. 667684

I use that font too it's called alleycat from the Samsung shop. My sister uses it and it's a pretty good font(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 667373

This site has gone to shit. I'm not a fan of either Ashley or Emily but I like Freja. Does that mean that I'm Raven? I've been lurking on Ash Sangres Facebook and I've seen mention of the boyfriend and his infidelity, hell just a few days ago she was posting her usual passive aggressive memes about being taken for granted and not appreciated. It's a shame that hatred for one cow excuses another and were supposed to instantly dismiss anything posted against anyone Ravens had issues with in the past? I don't agree with letting Ashley get away like that, next thing every cow is gonna come here accusing it of being Raven and oh I use a similar font on my phone so that's just reaching and sucking all the fun out of this site(ban evasion)

No. 667149

This is the anon who posted that. It's so easy to lie on here and blame others, any post could be her but any post might not be. Emily, Ashley, Kayla, Drac, Kat have more than one person in all of the world who does not like them so stop being a pussy and trying to take the focus off you. I would die a happy man if I never had to read the name raven sparks again kek
Just suck it up and realize that other people can dislike you too and from the pics I seen I see why! You are a cow from what I seen and heard and it's not your lying about using filters that makes you one.

No. 667148

This is Raven thank you for bringing me up and keeping me relevant, I was so upset when you closed my thread so I come here to stir up some drama so I don't get forgotten. Ashley and me used to be real good friends and she would come to my place and I would go to her place and then one day she hated me so I had to get revenge since then. I love to see that you still think about me and talk about me allways every time you see a post of someone who I don't get along with so thank you everyone for remembering me.

No. 667016

I watched that droning video and she didn't say anything like this. I wish people would stop defending cows just because someone accuses another cow of posting. Where's the proof? We're all anon here and this speculation and Gravy-blame has gotten old. I want milk, I don't want to see a cow off the hook just because they try to turn the focus on someone else

No. 666966

Kek she's def lurking here. She's hidden everything that was public on her fb and did damage control on her insta. Hey ash how about you do some damage control on your face instead of trying to cover your tracks?

No. 666931

I've never been happier to cut a cow out of my life. Wish I had thought to screencap things I saw when I saw them but I know some people who keep her around for the lol so I'll have them keep an eye out.

I'm so sick of every few posts being accused of being that bitch! I don't follow her thread anymore because I was sick of her and even on other threads I still have to see her stupid name come up.

No. 666870

Yes she's on another cow's thread (Raven Sparks). When the focus turned in her she quickly threw everyone she could under the bus to save herself.
I actually know this cow irl and trust me, she deserves a thread of her own. However she's notorious for hiding and deleting anything that can be used against her so there's not much physical evidence that can be posted for lulz.
She's a fat ass that says she's disabled to garner sympathy from people and to try to excuse her weight. All she does is sit online and stalk people, mostly the girls her bf Shawn is fucking behind her fat ass. She will never post a full body picture and all of her pictures are carefully screened, positioned, and edited to make her look 1/4 the size she really is. We used to be friends until she tried to accuse me of wanting her mongoloid boyfriend. He hates her and only uses her for sex. Nowhere online will you see him tell her he loves her, there's only overly sexual comments and possession on both sides, but no love. He's worse than Jake imo.
She prides herself on her awful makeup "skills" and insists eyebrows belong in the middle of her forehead. I don't know how much she actually believes that she's that good because she spends 90% of her life high on the pills she says she needs for her "anxiety". She rarely bathes and the stench that came from her almost made me throw up. It's no wonder all the rest of her friends cut her off, except for a few guys she fucks on the side. I can't see how they can stand it but hey she's got big tits, and we all know that even Julie Terryberry got laid!
On top of her size, attitude, lies, and everything else she does, she's a goth elitist who thinks she's the spookiest and most Gothic woman out there and everyone else is beneath her and a poser. I couldn't stand seeing her flick around fb scowling at every other woman and calling them out for being fake. She has a lot of sockpuppet accounts that she uses to get close to people and harass them. She is very quick to bash and call others out for lying but really she's just scared her own lies are going to catch up with her. If you look at her profile she always posts memes directed at people but she never names them or goes into detail. These are the people who she's currently bullying from her fake pages and her memes are the way she pretends that she's telling them how she feels aboutPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 666824

no cow is irrelevant on this site

No. 666788

File: 1534477365867.jpg (1.08 MB, 1438x2207, Screenshot_20180816-233951_Ins…)

Ok Ashley. Suuuure we all believe that this is how you really look. Faceapp blurs and darkens eyeglasses. Who is this cow trying to fool? Sowwy ya fat sow but no app in the world can save those eyebrows kek

No. 665833

emily boo always looks retarded. she thinks thats part of her charm