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File: 1675319402505.jpg (275.07 KB, 1195x1600, cow2.jpg)

No. 1488379

A thread for funny screencaps across lolcow. Refrain from posting scrotal or painfully unfunny screenshots. Humor is subjective but try keeping quality in mind. We can tell when you selfpost.
Have fun and remember not to infight.
Last thread >>>/ot/1340724

No. 1488409

Did someone get outed for self posting?

No. 1488428

I guess when it's unfunny caps posted withing a few mins of the og post being posted people think it's self posting. I don't think it always is though, I have posted caps with couple mins just because the posts were funny and I happened to see them fast

No. 1488768

File: 1675359412771.png (16.62 KB, 630x94, Screenshot.png)

No. 1488872

File: 1675363695275.jpeg (343.12 KB, 1245x681, 53FC09CE-AD75-467C-A1B8-89EB95…)

Yeah i would post things and anons would reply like “that’s not funny at all,kys!” I chuckled..

No. 1488925

File: 1675366228237.jpeg (282.69 KB, 1064x1482, FA2FF6B9-BA5B-471F-AB27-5E6DD4…)

No. 1488927

File: 1675366313462.png (11.97 KB, 940x176, stacy needs to mind her own bu…)

No. 1488942

the shaychan medallion

No. 1488943


No. 1488944

File: 1675367517600.png (77.1 KB, 2724x202, Screen Shot 2023-02-01 at 9.35…)

No. 1488993

File: 1675369414595.jpeg (513.29 KB, 750x1134, E0CFB8A5-E088-4F14-805D-7884AD…)

No. 1489036

File: 1675372702464.png (162.78 KB, 1509x345, Screenshot_4690.png)

Forever in my heart, dadfucker-dono.

No. 1489080

>NSFW fnaf art
>incest fetish
This is an Aiden

No. 1489785

File: 1675454284642.png (119.23 KB, 706x468, Screen Shot 2023-02-03 at 1.56…)

No. 1489795

File: 1675455033731.jpeg (372.29 KB, 1640x404, 2CC17265-701E-4BB2-B099-D8B2E1…)

The moid thread has me audibly laughing .

No. 1489834

The entire thread belongs in here tbh, it's fucking hilarious.

No. 1490249

kek where is this from?

No. 1490285

Does anyone have the cap from a Shay thread of a farmer arguing with a sex worker entirely in glitter text?

No. 1490334

fuck I am glad I'm not the only one who busted up laughing at this when I saw it (combination of the retarded posts and the farmhand's redtext). I could image the farmhand sighing and banning.

No. 1490476

File: 1675520912603.jpeg (697.05 KB, 675x1400, 5A6FE510-6470-43E7-B6A9-B8C89B…)

the earnestness of op and the reply sent me. god bless lolcow.

No. 1490496

This made my day so much better

No. 1490953

File: 1675546111126.jpg (260.67 KB, 1033x1436, 1655589465258.jpg)

Here you go nonnie

No. 1490962

File: 1675546594663.png (174.86 KB, 400x475, littlelittle.png)

No. 1490975

Go out and fat to the extreme!

No. 1490981

This sounds like the moot picture

No. 1491078

Lmao what thread?

No. 1491348

Thank you!

No. 1491965

File: 1675647156992.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x3951, part 1.jpg)

No. 1491967

File: 1675647293044.jpg (240.53 KB, 1080x1206, part 2.jpg)

No. 1491976

Nonnies will shit on other anons for having real life moid problems then admit things like this.

No. 1492364

tell me nona what woman on this earth does not have real life moid problems

No. 1492390

File: 1675705152349.jpg (4.27 MB, 4096x9118, GridArt_20230206_093803083.jpg)

From post like a moid thread

No. 1492392

It’s unreal how much that thread triggers me kek I have accident reported several posts

No. 1492532

File: 1675717240689.png (417.2 KB, 968x622, 345346346363.png)

No. 1492534

Kek the reply.
Honestly the OP seems like she spends too much time on the internet.

No. 1492545

Even though the internet brought a lot of good and bad things, it's still a time sink

No. 1492958

File: 1675776040873.png (95.22 KB, 917x814, pica.png)

No. 1492974

ke, what thread

No. 1493148

File: 1675790856083.jpg (53.71 KB, 1080x366, Screenshot_20230207_192624_org…)

No. 1493175

File: 1675791783400.png (382.53 KB, 592x688, youvegotmail!.PNG)

No. 1493205


No. 1493211

No. 1493364

who's purple frock anon? i read the linked thread but want to know how he got the name

No. 1493375

Because purple frock anon posted a text conversation about his cow friend of a decade and the friend took a random candid photo of purple frock anon and he was wearing, you guessed it, a frumpy purple frock kek.

No. 1493623

File: 1675815851688.jpg (540.16 KB, 1080x1830, sliced ham.jpg)

No. 1493632

File: 1675816499890.png (5.62 KB, 871x78, ep.PNG)

No. 1493716

File: 1675826542166.png (256.21 KB, 1732x644, kek.png)

No. 1493797

Kek I didn't expect that

No. 1494723

File: 1675904746668.png (150.11 KB, 1291x332, sanic.png)

No. 1494728

She is based and correct

No. 1494788

File: 1675911895839.png (1.24 MB, 1476x4709, Bleach Bather the Bagpoop Smas…)

Bleach Bather the Bagpoop Smasher

No. 1494802

This is old right? I think I've seen it before.

No. 1494804

Sorta stale milk >>>/OT/1476934

No. 1495599

File: 1675993763866.png (61.98 KB, 854x259, Screenshot 2023-02-09 204512.p…)

This has to be the funniest case of new faggetory i have ever seen. This children have so much nerve to just post without ever bothering to read the rule. I swear at this point the admins need to add some next or something near the new reply/thread option in bright red writing for these retards. On second thoughts, i like that the farm hands just red text them and keep it pushing.

No. 1496023

File: 1676042698399.png (940.27 KB, 810x398, Screenshot_20230210-092409.png)

No. 1496133

File: 1676052370800.jpg (128.04 KB, 1080x696, Putin.jpg)

No. 1496640

File: 1676097602367.jpg (343.74 KB, 1039x1235, Screenshot_20230211_003931_Sam…)

No. 1497017

File: 1676140682501.jpg (263.43 KB, 1663x1084, moooowooo.jpg)

No. 1497051

File: 1676142531269.jpg (250.52 KB, 735x1586, Picsart_23-02-11_11-57-19-863.…)

No. 1497128

File: 1676146896872.png (314.36 KB, 1291x950, sanic.png)

Now that we've established that sanic is gaining power and sentience as nonnies pray to him, is he a trickster spirit or a good spirit considering the person who created him? Nonnies discuss

No. 1497315

File: 1676159729392.png (711.57 KB, 1276x1080, america.png)

lets goooo usa

No. 1497342

File: 1676163622737.png (378.15 KB, 519x448, sam-smith1.png)

No. 1497362

could have done with a spoiler

No. 1497369

File: 1676167093594.jpeg (250.82 KB, 1067x568, 2A116859-C021-410A-9D75-9C0A73…)

No. 1497475

File: 1676186711978.png (6.17 KB, 1245x63, Yes she worked at Bojangles.PN…)

Nemu deep lore

No. 1497494

Happy to see an ancient post of mine make it here lol

No. 1497978

File: 1676232919450.png (13.48 KB, 723x200, thumbs down.png)

No. 1497985

that was cringy

No. 1497997

File: 1676234321084.jpg (35.15 KB, 740x117, 00360.jpg)

nta but idk considering that the original post said this…

No. 1498016

File: 1676236260859.png (6.49 KB, 665x97, 1047.png)

No. 1498062

damn i ran to post this too kek. i know the poster was a dumb troll but i still found the interaction really funny lmao

No. 1498095

nta but how is that worse that reply is so nasty kek i'm not even being prude but she literally just said someone looks like she's got a smelly vagina that's all

No. 1498380

keking that my first ever feature involved me being shaken to the core

No. 1499119

File: 1676324183010.png (18.37 KB, 521x127, male pringleposting.png)

No. 1500162

File: 1676418519153.jpg (83.25 KB, 1080x527, 202x.jpg)

No. 1500179

Omg I keep thinking it's 2024 too. A few weeks ago I got upset cause some food item only had 2024 as the expiration date and I couldn't tell if it was expired or not, because I forgot that it's 2023

No. 1500241

File: 1676425887998.jpeg (308.76 KB, 828x950, 14CE6B27-3466-47A4-B227-1E6E03…)

for some reason this sent me

No. 1500358

File: 1676437075000.png (624.72 KB, 559x1289, RIP big pigeon jpeg.png)

No. 1500453

File: 1676442555373.png (167.98 KB, 866x383, ex-roach.png)

No. 1501489

File: 1676528044277.jpeg (56.57 KB, 750x390, 7C2E2361-32B6-43BC-BFB5-9F0EE4…)

No. 1501602

shaytards are truly unhinged wtf is wrong with y'all

No. 1502204

File: 1676594709655.jpeg (65.32 KB, 963x341, 4BACBB3D-307B-45CB-804E-B8150B…)

i came here to just post picrel but speaking of shaytards, this comment was in response to one of them i think kek

No. 1502260

File: 1676598067341.jpg (225.14 KB, 1080x1103, lucinda.jpg)

No. 1502613

I found what the nonna was looking for, and it quite literally seems exactly like her description. But it was a troon who acted like he was pewdiepie. But yes, the image was exactly like that. I wish i could show the nonna this image that she wanted so much.

No. 1503348

I never sage. I like seeing my stupidity front and center in the catalogue.

No. 1503350

It's literally a rule to sage non milk in cow boards

No. 1503361

I know

No. 1503445

File: 1676737385199.png (460.46 KB, 596x718, mangamads.png)

No. 1503568

File: 1676751721778.png (34.93 KB, 1839x161, victorianon.PNG)

I know she's a staple already, but I've searched for her post high and low to no awail just to find her randomly again, so I'm posting her here to never lose her again.

No. 1503590

kek i love this. the out of nowhere reee at the end, plus the subtle implication that she's actually a dumbass bc her report cards suck, the purple prose & the undeniable fact that anon is down bad. out of curiosity, what kind of replies did she get to this?

No. 1503616

She speaks like those weird fandom people on Tumblr, it's so cringey.

No. 1503963

File: 1676776310470.jpg (293.44 KB, 1080x1947, cookies.jpg)

No. 1504012


No. 1504144

File: 1676801128504.png (98.25 KB, 1218x416, readytocommitmoidicide.png)

I shouldn't cackle but yet, I cackle

No. 1504148

Same, I contributed to a husbando thread once, and kept clapping like an autist when nonas were replying to me nicely. On the other hand, I posted in the fetishes thread, and an anon told me to kms, I'd never been happier.

No. 1504151

It's an Aiden.

No. 1504159

Kek the second post is mine! I firmly believe some schizos have it figured out in some weird way..

No. 1504762

File: 1676873552599.png (271.16 KB, 988x412, nipnop.png)

No. 1504921

File: 1676906369004.png (90.31 KB, 572x285, screenshot.png)

No. 1505907

File: 1677015163465.png (224.23 KB, 733x727, gottaletloose.png)

The original post is here >>>/ot/1490095

No. 1505910

File: 1677015273287.png (331.41 KB, 721x612, badmeal.png)

No. 1506006

He's ugly af too I saw a guy on there who had silver hair on ig who was a fitness bro and he looked like a DMC character plus there are ways cuter buff guys who aren't manlets

No. 1506012

You could have at least dropped a link to his page, don't be greedy.

No. 1506018

as a certified manlet enthusiast, 5'7 is NOT manlet. manlets are 5'5 or under. 5'9+ is normal so I guess 5'7 could be a pseudo-manlet but they are not full fledged.

No. 1506059

which thread is this from?

No. 1506144

File: 1677043496815.png (43.98 KB, 1458x212, Screen Shot 2023-02-21 at 10.2…)

No. 1506240

Depends on where you live. My work collegue is made fun of for being short, he is 172 cm.

No. 1506280

File: 1677064258655.jpeg (113.49 KB, 704x272, 10507931-DE77-4430-A59D-E4380C…)

No. 1506282

always weird to see your own work itt. just so everyone knows im finally going back on my antipsychotics after two years

No. 1506356

File: 1677077671332.jpg (112.43 KB, 706x455, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1506374

File: 1677078984348.png (26.75 KB, 948x203, lol.png)

No. 1506402

This has already been posted here. >>>/ot/1493716

No. 1506445

No. 1506848

File: 1677122740147.jpg (71.48 KB, 1080x349, Screenshot_20230223-142348__01…)

An anon describing Andrew Tate

No. 1506863

File: 1677123906323.png (290.34 KB, 496x570, mmm.PNG)

this had me incapacitated for some reason

No. 1506878

File: 1677124857362.png (211.48 KB, 1371x329, new mods.png)

No. 1506884

The circle is complete

No. 1506885

Her john travolta looking ass probably eats those bone dry starbucks croissant sandwiches that clog your arteries so bad you have a hard time breathing after.

good for her

No. 1506902

File: 1677127049863.png (17.6 KB, 1840x95, weekly parent fucking.png)

No. 1507012

File: 1677142018348.jpeg (607.93 KB, 1170x1882, 0845572A-264D-4F5B-9D0D-1D0862…)

Idk why but this made me lol

No. 1507099

Aww, where was this posted?

No. 1507146

File: 1677162231605.jpg (73.9 KB, 1285x343, the gazzette .jpg)

No. 1507737

File: 1677216385520.png (9.06 KB, 720x27, rating.png)

No. 1507753

File: 1677219838726.png (233.75 KB, 697x951, m-media.png)

No. 1507754

KEK i fucking love this, this meme is so dear to me, this is like seeing the finale to a beloved series

No. 1507755

anon…. what fucking thread. what fucking thread.

No. 1507765

No. 1507850

>comically attractive
I cackled uncontrollably at this idk why

No. 1508039

I'm just imagining a total bishounen metalhead with a head of silky curly blonde hair flowing in the wind at all times with an aura of roses and sparkles around him and when he winks at a girl, fountains of blood spout from her nostrils and she faints.

No. 1508847

File: 1677331244716.png (1.61 MB, 1242x2688, E89E69C5-8DB0-4646-AB3F-EC7569…)

No. 1508980

the fujo thread

No. 1509354

What thread?

No. 1509367

The unhinged femdom nonnie appears.

No. 1509368

File: 1677370159525.png (231.71 KB, 918x1257, Screenshot_20230225-180544~2.p…)

No. 1509391

File: 1677372608831.png (148.94 KB, 605x341, BS lettuce.PNG)

anon has strong feelings about lettuce

No. 1509405

File: 1677373381665.png (96.41 KB, 1293x495, yes.png)

Fixed because the uncroppedness was bothering me

No. 1509451

File: 1677377043491.png (132.46 KB, 655x428, 563636363.png)

No. 1509533

was that reply written by a guinea pig

No. 1509538

This fat lana is cute I can already see her as a cute old lady if I look hard enough

No. 1509667

Unfunny. Unironically git gud anon.

No. 1510020

File: 1677429977796.jpg (84.76 KB, 1031x314, whole pussy's out.jpg)

No. 1510027

File: 1677430082399.png (5.44 KB, 336x142, clown.png)

No. 1510382

File: 1677462516804.jpg (63.37 KB, 750x191, C779235F-13CD-4E3B-B531-09141F…)

It's funny to me at least. Still don't know what she was trying to say, kek.

No. 1510610

File: 1677484667792.png (634.63 KB, 940x534, iujytgrfewrubytrg5.png)

No. 1510684

File: 1677495304808.jpg (606.08 KB, 1080x2068, Collage_20230227.jpg)

No. 1510690

Aella is Bella if she got out of her basement

No. 1510838

File: 1677516573201.png (236.21 KB, 1712x797, newfaggotry.png)

No. 1511075

File: 1677538611682.png (6.99 KB, 605x113, scrotes sleep like.PNG)

I haven't laughed this hard at a post in a long while

No. 1511111

My sides demand to know where this post is.

No. 1511165

true oldfags think nazis and other violent moids are sexy, everyone else is a newfag without cultured 4chan roots. please laugh

No. 1511211

No you dipshit it's because this website literally originated on 4chan. You need to get a grip and learn how anonymous image boards work. You are not the morality police. Hide the thread.

No. 1511281

kek selfpost confirmed

No. 1511359

>everyone who thinks I'm a retard must be the same person

No. 1511483

File: 1677598774209.png (40.15 KB, 1541x543, Himbos.png)

No. 1511673

File: 1677612740469.jpg (21.62 KB, 716x163, Screenshot_20230227-124230_Chr…)

No. 1512118

File: 1677665250090.png (75.4 KB, 619x372, stick and hoop.png)

No. 1512710

File: 1677727664727.png (23.99 KB, 893x169, lol.png)

No. 1512978

File: 1677759661655.png (682.18 KB, 1200x584, jntdmhgdt.png)

No. 1513084

File: 1677774403941.jpg (169.33 KB, 1000x930, birdman.jpg)

No. 1513748

File: 1677839022610.jpeg (167.86 KB, 674x405, 0917801E-6531-4290-8E89-B68FAA…)

No. 1513751

>justifying hitting DW
Actual subhuman

No. 1513767

File: 1677843920121.jpg (31.37 KB, 595x347, 900965.JPG)

No. 1513824

File: 1677851398238.jpg (102.72 KB, 1218x718, past_life_fag.jpg)

No. 1513825

I feel the first nonny. Last time I said I liked anal here everyone got upset and called me a scrote. PIV just hurts too much, at least I'm used to relaxing my anus with the big phat dumps I take.

No. 1513827

File: 1677851669804.png (636.32 KB, 726x1216, kek.png)

I think about this often and I cackle. Sorry for phone tier screenshot, I was at bus when I took this

No. 1513833

Anal increases incontinence look it up. Enjoy your diaper

No. 1513842

Does anybody know the movie

No. 1513845

iirc, Doctor Strange.

No. 1513866

No thanks ddgl freak.

No. 1514157

File: 1677878711604.gif (31.2 KB, 96x96, pepepoint-pepe.gif)

No. 1514188

So basically oldfags are tainted by 4chan scrotism? Why should anyone integrate into that? Maybe oldfags should stop being so scrote-like instead.

No. 1514257

Dear God, I have never regretted making a post so much in my life. I'm sorry. Please stop trying to make me infight over a garbage thread that I have hidden. I am not an infighter. I'm a funposter. I promise to never call anyone a newfag ever again. I should have just hidden the thread. Amen.

No. 1514459

>Anyone that has the boring basick bagina sex must be into ddlg.
Argues the adult diaper wearer. Go change it.

No. 1514462

Nonna tell your Nigel to learn how to do foreplay

No. 1514645

File: 1677933346497.png (9.14 KB, 1151x76, kek.png)

re: andrew tate
fuck I love you nonas. I'm fucking cackling at your reactions to this you absolute stacies kekkkk

No. 1514870

File: 1677958511703.png (98.05 KB, 1879x217, Screenshot_5039.png)

How the fuck are literal kids finding out about this website?

No. 1514874

File: 1677958766675.png (950.47 KB, 2048x970, smash or pass.png)

No. 1514881

this actually made me laugh irl KEK, all the replies

No. 1514916

The fact that she appeared to deny the allegations, kek

No. 1514919

How is it not painful unless you're a man with a g spot in your ass? I'm genuinely curious, I tried it and it literally burned and then I never did it again and yes I used lube and had him stick his fingers in then his disgusting little chode. He is my ex now and I bet you he has accepted that he likes dudes. Anuses are yucky and hairy and shitty and not self cleaning like a bagina

No. 1514927

i mean not all women experience pleasure in the same way nta but for me i like it because my bf is too big for normal vaginal sex, it feels like its scraping against my pelvis when we try but anal is yucky i agree so i pretty much just abstain

No. 1514934

I love the feeling of a huge cock ramming into my cervix hnggggg that’s why I’m a size queen, little dicks can’t do that and dildos just can’t replicate the feeling of a massive raw cock knocking against my cervix

No. 1514987

I heard it was through tiktok. Twitter kids are bad, but at least somewhat manageable. But tiktok? Makes me wanna go apeshit.

No. 1515001

Same anon, I'll be bleeding and wanting more

No. 1515003

I refuse to be libeled.

No. 1515048

/g/ is that way

No. 1515105

these almost sound worse than the anal posts jesus

No. 1515235

File: 1678001820421.jpg (148.18 KB, 1080x569, 1.jpg)

Nonnas discuss pakichan

No. 1515236

File: 1678001858280.jpg (157.53 KB, 1080x702, 2.jpg)

No. 1515256

didnt pakichan post a picture with her grandmother? she's a woman, autistic as fuck, but female

No. 1515270

you're the one talking about diapers retard, keep projecting

No. 1515278

File: 1678010879775.png (26.03 KB, 1863x164, 2xcap.png)

The entire post was unhinged

No. 1515289

File: 1678013227914.png (102.11 KB, 894x626, DEAD FACE.png)

No. 1515303

I didn't know we had unironic female "wizards" on lc… I thought they were only old incel men

No. 1515307

The Reddit spacing really sells the conspiracy kek

No. 1515364

I sort of agree with her tbh.

No. 1515833

File: 1678071148880.png (127.71 KB, 915x580, slatheringiton.png)

No. 1515920

File: 1678079406945.png (164.66 KB, 1388x629, cringe but free.png)

No. 1515944

File: 1678083116209.jpg (122.88 KB, 602x720, i prefer to not use wizardry.j…)

9 years to wizardom, cant wait

No. 1515964

File: 1678086271082.png (270.67 KB, 646x432, e-munks.png)

No. 1516019

File: 1678097007391.png (9.27 KB, 518x139, shadow realm.png)

She didn't give deets

No. 1516074

File: 1678103692396.png (11.42 KB, 373x178, kek.png)

fucking lmao

No. 1516140

File: 1678115193122.png (5.99 KB, 420x23, kek.png)

No. 1516341

I reached wizard status last year and am female. we exist here i promise.

No. 1516343

File: 1678130734680.png (790.63 KB, 1358x1556, Screenshot_20230306-032726~2.p…)

No. 1516366

I have a 5 minute break from studying and I'm reading this. What am I doing with my life.

No. 1516379

I didn't mean it as a good thing, in fact I was horrified

No. 1516397

horrified why?

No. 1516856

this is so good. that's so good. i love her.

No. 1517130

this is literally the belle delphine and bella thorn face

No. 1517132

File: 1678197132429.png (136.6 KB, 424x534, Untitled.png)

why the fuck is this on tumblr

No. 1517143

File: 1678197746396.png (2.24 MB, 1276x1936, 1671908842904.png)

What the fuck? At least whoever posted that isn't an actual farmer because no real farmer would post lolcow screencaps offsite.
Perfect opportunity to post pic related. This is why 'recuiting' users from tumblr or other sites is a horrible idea. Actually, recruiting users from anywhere. Anons who find lolcow independently are the anons who actually integrate.

No. 1517149

File: 1678198096160.png (135.3 KB, 1000x420, Untitled.png)

No. 1517151

>At least whoever posted that isn't an actual farmer because no real farmer would post lolcow screencaps offsite
>she hasn't seen the lc screencaps blog
oh nonny..
i forgot the exact name of the url but i remember around last year in /meta/ the creator of it got really defensive when other anons pointed out how dumb it was

No. 1517193

oh no no no you're wrong about that and I wish you weren't. There was an anon bragging in /meta/ about running an LC screencaps tumblr (don't remember the exact url) and got pissed when anons called her out for unnecessarily drawing attention to the website.

No. 1517440

File: 1678222738857.png (566 KB, 1628x1020, ok.png)

went digging on tumblr and found these

No. 1517459

thorne is the disney actress, i think you mean poarch. not that it matters much kek

No. 1517466

File: 1678224389356.jpeg (363.3 KB, 828x1054, CD270370-D887-4C1D-96A3-044D6E…)

this one made me chuckle a bit

No. 1517710

>bragging in /meta/
incorrect, she was bragging in /m/ i think and made a thread I believe? My memory is hazy. I think it was the "putoutopasture" blog in >>1517440

Anyway, I run the blog that posted >>1517132 and I never advertised it here like a attention starved retard, it's mostly to collect things i thought were funny in case the site ever disappears. Anons discovered it organically and took to whining on meta about it and it blew up into a huge debate so i gave my 2 cents. I also wound up agreeing with a lot of the critiques and modified the blog to remove any overt references to the website. As of right now everyone who reblogs the caps thinks they're from 4chan (they tag it as such), which… I've got feelings about but it's whatever. Only real nonnies will know the secret, which is how I want it to be. Not gonna respond to any hysterics about this btw, I'm only posting to clear up the lore.

No. 1517714

hm, samefag, never mind. Looks like >>1517132 is actually posted by someone else, so that's not my blog. I just recognized it as something I also posted back in the day.

No. 1517718

>Anons discovered it organically and took to whining on meta about it and it blew up into a huge debate so i gave my 2 cents
ah so you're the retard i was thinking of >>1517151

No. 1517730

most likely yes ♥ great to see you again nona

No. 1517898

File: 1678261246762.jpg (8.79 KB, 307x85, Screenshot 2023-03-07 233321.j…)

No. 1517915

definitely correct, just because she or someone else also ranted in /m/ doesn't mean there wasn't a discussion about it in /meta/. I also think it was a different blog because that one wasn't about funny bans.

No. 1517934

File: 1678265850663.jpg (161.6 KB, 1670x680, megatron_waifu.jpg)

No. 1518082

I don’t think you fully read the post you replied to

No. 1518183

File: 1678297229793.jpeg (44.78 KB, 999x221, 2AC529EC-689D-4B7C-958A-9EB87A…)

No. 1518240

>it's mostly to collect things i thought were funny
Have you ever thought that you could just… save it onto your computer instead of bringing lolcow to tumblr retards? Or post it in this thread and archive it?

No. 1518537

robosexual anon i support you wherever you are…

No. 1518800

No. 1518928

File: 1678357118604.jpg (101.16 KB, 1638x280, no_cap_25hp.jpg)

Nonna go brrrbrrr

No. 1518931

File: 1678357426215.jpg (35.69 KB, 1638x176, yiffy_crew.jpg)

No. 1518940

Which thread

No. 1519043

File: 1678370759299.png (26.31 KB, 942x84, icespice.png)

No. 1519113

Maybe she should RP Sandy getting fucked by the sponge? What the fuck am I even saying??

No. 1519794

File: 1678428274180.png (19.96 KB, 1698x88, Relationship-Advice-19.png)

She has risen

No. 1520447

File: 1678481369258.jpg (176.9 KB, 1080x794, schizochan.jpg)

No. 1520455

She's right there are some mockingbirds here. I'll use some very very very unusual phrase or word and immediately see it repeated 10-20 minutes later in somebody else's post. Sometimes it creeps me out

No. 1520476

Pretty sure that is just subconsciously/unintentional, had it happen to me too and caight myself doing it. Take it as flattery, your post somewhat stayed in someone's mind.

No. 1520478

I notice it a lot (mostly with mundane phrases though), I don't think it's intentional at all. People just read a post and the words get stuck in their head subconsciously.

No. 1520482

It happened once to me. I thought it was cool because the phrase wasn’t common and it was directly translated into English, so it was kinda cool seeing an awkward phrase being thrown around like that tbh. It’s cute.

No. 1520561

File: 1678490254598.jpg (129.96 KB, 569x763, Screenshot_20230310-181330_Chr…)

No. 1520564

In my experience this means you used the phrase or word very effectively and it makes an impression on others who use it themselves to hammer their point home.

No. 1520967

I feel like this happened with “grasping at straws” a couple of years back lol. Meanwhile that one anon keeps trying to get nothing burger to catch on in the most obnoxiously transparent way, I hate nothing burger anon

No. 1521083

File: 1678560306331.jpg (89.6 KB, 1080x790, wId99G4.jpg)

Anon posts in the wrong thread

No. 1521125

File: 1678562648572.png (1.23 MB, 1244x2048, Screenshot_20230310-172827.png)

No. 1521653

File: 1678608225932.png (247.15 KB, 1821x703, no, yes.png)

No. 1521655

File: 1678608273222.jpg (19.09 KB, 748x155, 03-59-21-093.jpg)

No. 1521664

File: 1678608684580.gif (4.67 MB, 540x520, 1678599920914.gif)

you have to show the gif they posted for the full effect
did you relate or was it just the barbie example i chose?

No. 1522692

File: 1678716350092.png (360.74 KB, 634x1025, anon does maths.png)

No. 1522708


No. 1522722

File: 1678720291820.jpeg (185.39 KB, 958x1548, 5315FD21-3763-4F1C-8FAD-6CA1A7…)

I can’t imagine this character existing outside of a cartoon/sitcom, it’s too hilariously absurd.

No. 1522733


No. 1522744

File: 1678722549042.png (47.41 KB, 524x346, 343232432.png)

No. 1522852

Sorry I’m regarded. Bad neighbors thread.

No. 1522893

File: 1678731421400.png (60.25 KB, 1832x444, radfem elaine.png)

No. 1522973

File: 1678736726949.jpeg (503.71 KB, 1921x4160, 92C16ACA-2562-4472-B5AC-A7E835…)

I’m sorry anon but all I could think is this and it made Kek

No. 1522991

that tranny tiktoker definitely googles his own name all the time. also all of these girls look like the exact type of retard who would post about lc on tiktok.

No. 1523917

fucking kek

No. 1523924

File: 1678848013941.png (23.19 KB, 1255x280, badsex.png)

This randomly pops into my head every few months and it makes me laugh out loud every time.

No. 1523933

4 years left <3(.<3)

No. 1523966

probably the NEET-chans

No. 1524017

That post is 10 days old you freaks

No. 1524531

Linus tech tips moment

No. 1524579

File: 1678916391271.jpg (80.26 KB, 1080x678, ANOMALOUS.jpg)

No. 1524581

The ANOMALOUS name is killing me. She also included her email, in all caps of course. Bless her vengeful soul

No. 1524585

ANOMALOUS really hates Grimes.

No. 1524587

I wonder if these types of lurkers are the kind to throw a fit about lolcow being filled with degens and wierdos who don't want to read mainstream mangas with them.

No. 1524589

who cares, the board is dead, it could be six years old and you still shouldn't care

No. 1524601

File: 1678918146863.jpg (253.49 KB, 938x1927, Screenshot_20230315_180911_Fir…)

No. 1525758

File: 1679032547037.png (195.75 KB, 615x1129, adam_sandler_is_themonk.png)

No. 1526174

File: 1679083952675.png (32.75 KB, 575x349, read my mind.png)

No. 1526176

File: 1679084071407.png (59.87 KB, 1181x765, 1663535521114.png)

No. 1526232

File: 1679089064464.png (5.4 KB, 306x119, no.PNG)

No. 1526234

File: 1679089156485.png (9.78 KB, 577x147, WHERE is melanies TMZ page.PNG)

No. 1526249

Kek the osmosis jones anon. I swear i've seen her on another website before, but i can't remember which.

No. 1526273

leave my queen alone

No. 1526625

File: 1679133476921.png (48.36 KB, 712x274, 9.png)

No. 1527785

File: 1679201137350.png (65.57 KB, 1385x340, ayn rand reborn.png)

No. 1527791

I have never met a single modern men who does that though. With each generation they become uglier and more useless.

No. 1527825

where funny?

No. 1527827

Can anons please stop for a moment and think, is this worth posting? will other people find this funny? Most of the posts ITT are just plain unfunny. I'd rather this thread get 1 post a week than be flooded with the boring screencaps it has now

No. 1527829

start a random screenie thread because we clearly need one

No. 1527833

no fuck that. less quantity more quality.

No. 1527834

I don't think anons are going to pay attention to that. The fact that this thread is 99% garbage has been brought up a few times but the garbage keeps flowing. I'm going to make a random lolcow screencap thread

No. 1527836

File: 1679205596766.png (4.41 KB, 421x132, absolutelymate.png)

No. 1527837

File: 1679205766063.png (46.25 KB, 705x505, kat.png)

No. 1527838

File: 1679205903842.png (50.72 KB, 1198x505, bwrink.png)

No. 1527843

I'm not going to make another thread until enough anons agree we need a second one. What do you guys say? Because I'm tired of seeing the same boring ass screencaps wasting the post count every thread. I know humor is subjective but I think we can all agree a good amount of the posts ITT aren't humor from any perspective.
This thread is for random lolcow screencaps of any variety. Slightly funny, interesting, thought-provoking, etc.
Actually funny and/or memorable screencaps go here >>>/ot/1488379
>how do I know if my screencap belongs in this thread or in lolcow's own caps?
If in doubt, post it here and test anon's reaction. If it's funny enough, it goes in lolcow's own caps. (think hall & oates, pig-punching stacy, lolcor, who cowtipped koopa guy, shaytaan…)
Use this thread to post anything you come across on lolcow.

No. 1527929

What's the point of this stuff

No. 1527944

kek this is so cute

No. 1528009

File: 1679230270987.jpg (176.29 KB, 3472x771, lulul.jpg)

No. 1528043

File: 1679233960605.jpeg (119.83 KB, 1242x745, FF749FF3-0908-4C96-AE80-907199…)

the entire ana thread ought to be here, my god that's one dumb moid

No. 1528596

Does anyone have the whole anachan troll saga kek i got there late and all the moid replies were gone sadly

No. 1528620

File: 1679279043931.png (2.88 KB, 488x88, youtried.png)

No. 1529696

File: 1679413816787.jpg (264.04 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230321_084754_Sam…)

"I reported your comment for transphobia"
kek, "lost handmaiden" is an understatement.

No. 1529791

how the fuck do they find their way here anyway? it's been an year since CreepshowArtgate.

No. 1529964

File: 1679438692038.jpg (27.95 KB, 530x467, mermaidfetishizer.jpg)

No. 1529992

is there a joke i'm missing

No. 1530009

thirsty anons r funny.

No. 1530014

? you may as well post all of /g/ and like half of /m/ in that case
did you read the thread description?

No. 1530290

File: 1679483474332.png (2.35 KB, 738x46, ouiouisoleilbaguette.png)

No. 1530298

Not really, no. Unless they are like >>1526176

No. 1530821

File: 1679533895824.jpeg (96.21 KB, 1649x443, C206E974-CBBE-4218-A9EA-BF9D5E…)

No. 1530880

File: 1679540614720.jpg (35.45 KB, 786x313, fuckingkek.JPG)

this made me kek aloud

No. 1530885

What's this supposed to be from?

No. 1530889

nta but it's a cap from tonight's movie showing of Labyrinth, not that funny without the visual context of the baby crawling around the escher stair room kek

No. 1531369

File: 1679595102042.png (3.17 KB, 829x88, lol.PNG)

No. 1531383

true basically.

No. 1531384

File: 1679596012276.png (31.96 KB, 448x484, zabomafoo.png)

>zabomafoo brained bitch

No. 1531423

File: 1679598856811.png (8.18 KB, 876x224, shayna #131.png)

this didn't make me laugh as much as it made me cheer because I TRY TO TELL PEOPLE THIS and no one cares and they deserved to be redtexted for being so wrong lmao

No. 1531442

Sorry my bf was too busy playing football to teach me WOW lore

No. 1531446

KEK I am tempted to add this into my vocabulary but I don’t want to insult zaboomafoo because I harbor great affection for him

No. 1531466

It's ok, I'm old and you're probably a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her (although maybe not if your boyfriend plays WoW).
It used to be very cringe to use "kek" because it marked you as a WoW-playing faggot and most likely underage virgin. The moment "kek" became acceptable to use was the moment my imageboard culture died. (And by that I mean I got older and the userbase turned over and no one cared anymore because they all played WoW themselves, but I can still be an oldfag and have a pet peeve about internet slang. Also fuck WoW.)

No. 1531638

File: 1679612291047.png (2.86 KB, 532x72, Screen Shot 2022-10-02 at 9.57…)

I can't remember what post this redtext was taken from, but it's one of my favorites.

No. 1532189

File: 1679688300937.jpg (483.76 KB, 2400x3000, 6193.jpg)

>Wish there was, but there's not.
I, too, wish the same kek.

No. 1532191

File: 1679688407257.png (257.3 KB, 1080x1204, image_2023-03-24_140542434.png)

No. 1532199

Topkek, where is it from? I want to see some entertaining infighting.

No. 1532201

File: 1679689370010.jpg (282.38 KB, 2000x2000, 1663912754518.jpg)

That Megan Rose Ruiz / Misia Illustrator girl who drew the porn bunnies in tiktok.
It does not surprise me she says she's nonbinary now.

No. 1532206

The bunnies made me feel physically sick. It’s like weird furry porn but with a cutsey art style . Also this girl posts herself crying and talking about her mental breakdowns and being am autist so I’m not surprised she’s trying to be an enby.

No. 1532220

already posted >>1448962
i'm starting to notice like a third of the caps ITT are reposts from previous threads kek

No. 1532274

File: 1679696313955.jpeg (51.12 KB, 1036x489, 10A978FA-D5F6-4636-B93E-933A7E…)

No. 1532319

File: 1679706820793.png (87.62 KB, 2030x674, Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 21.13…)

No. 1532515

>Refrain from posting scrotal or painfully unfunny screenshots

No. 1532664

File: 1679761594284.png (195.52 KB, 631x415, fiendishly delighted.png)

No. 1532683

File: 1679763833429.jpeg (37.71 KB, 828x326, 63C93BCC-8312-43C5-86E9-2E3CCF…)

No. 1532686

Im the anon who asked Sanic and I'm laughing my ass off at this, maybe today will be good after all

No. 1532900

What's with the self-hate. I don't find self-deprecation funny. If anon doesn't like using lc she can leave.

No. 1532930


No. 1532965

File: 1679792055766.jpg (89.54 KB, 635x978, restinpeace.jpg)

No. 1532970

Fuck I feel bad for laughing kek

No. 1532981

No. 1533023

moid hands typed this

No. 1533070

majima is so hot

No. 1533316

Nah it's true

No. 1533409

File: 1679851746733.png (149.61 KB, 555x526, stoner thread.PNG)

No. 1533591

File: 1679867079774.png (4.08 KB, 488x88, g_ - girl talk.png)

No. 1533680

File: 1679875591549.png (12.41 KB, 681x283, grimes.png)

No. 1533703

File: 1679878403646.jpg (44.91 KB, 628x534, Screenshot_20230326_175144_Pic…)

No. 1534129

File: 1679936764289.png (10.92 KB, 1834x136, xcqussy.png)

No. 1535045

File: 1680021765924.jpg (25.06 KB, 720x276, Screenshot_20230327-112924_Ope…)

No. 1535048

Omg another Szalet nona, we will inherit the earth

No. 1535163

File: 1680032654934.jpeg (107.87 KB, 1170x1492, A474EE31-5A4D-4CC0-84E4-60C798…)

Seeing this with no context made me lol

No. 1535658

File: 1680079634969.jpeg (88.59 KB, 1170x686, B919A28B-969B-44AE-924C-CB0BE9…)

It’s less the post and more so the number of replies for me kek.

No. 1535678

This post is like the perfect illustration of the state of a heterosexual woman in the patriarchy. Literally eating moid's shit hole.

No. 1535695

i wonder if he refuses to kiss her after

No. 1535701

Of course he refuses

No. 1535719

File: 1680088844249.png (32.62 KB, 385x183, 2x4locos.PNG)

No. 1535731

I love deranged anons so much.

No. 1535978

File: 1680112598942.png (20.28 KB, 684x568, wipetheshitoutofhim.png)

Sorry for the shitty formatting but I kek'd irl.

No. 1536071

File: 1680120152671.jpg (80.54 KB, 859x586, Screenshot_20230329_230125_Chr…)

then you're probably gonna love this

No. 1536080

Kek, who are they talking about?

No. 1536295

This reminds me how I wanted to put my sperm covered fingers into a guy's mouth after I jerked him off and he literally slapped my hand and screamed YUCK but wanted me to suck his dick kek

No. 1536303

No. 1536315

File: 1680132395235.jpeg (45.87 KB, 1545x294, AB322C09-CE65-45F7-AC29-A7689F…)

The vomit bucket kek I ate a man’s ass in my doormat days and he indeed turned out to be a flamin homo, it’s kinda funny cause he’s 6’5” but he said he’d wanna be the bottom

No. 1536337

File: 1680134928713.png (31.83 KB, 688x316, joker.png)

No. 1536393

File: 1680142952292.png (5.5 KB, 645x89, ot - Best of the Housing Crisi…)

No. 1536488

where even is the merman dick anatomically

No. 1536491

By its anus and it's not useful penetratively as your merman bf would just eject a cloud of sperm into the water when it comes time to get freaky cause fish don't fuck. I guess mermaid sex is pretty dependent on titty play and kissing

No. 1536492

>titty play and kissing
mermen don't eat pussy? fail.

No. 1536495

I mean I know male artists used to depict mermaids with scales conveniently starting just below the vagina to make the ~fantasy~ just sliiightly more logistically sound but if there's no need for a vagina and she's half fish and she's only depositing her eggs onto the seafloor, why would there be a need for a humanlike vagina? How would her eggs even come out if we assume her vagina is in roughly the same place as ours, with fused legs and a tail? And how would one even eat her out if her legs are fused together? Maybe there'd be some ability for clitoral access but still likely very uncomfortable and limiting. How do you even fuck a fish creature that has its legs fused together so insertion isn't even really possible? The vagina, would, at best, need to be placed much further back to be accessible for sex. I guess digital insertion might be sort of possible but still probably uncomfortable and awkward

No. 1536504

makes me sad as a mermaidfag. or a mermaiddyke i mean. still would

No. 1536526

File: 1680163404143.jpg (647.51 KB, 700x6626, kirbyanonquitstherapy.jpg)

LC's favorite resident autist hits a snag in therapy.

No. 1536530

This just made me pissed off at the anon being coy about her midget story. Like you might as well just not mention it at all if you won't give the actual details. Faggot

No. 1536538

File: 1680164575612.jpg (26.48 KB, 319x340, 1659323565868.jpg)

kek this post sent me literally dry heaving on the floor. ily kirbynona

No. 1536542

any more of her stories?

No. 1536642

File: 1680179317502.jpg (23.13 KB, 500x333, 1549094757028.jpg)

This post is truly something else, you really can't get entertainement like that from any other website, godbless. I hope that kirbyanon can remember that the shame will pass with time, I feel bad for her but this is just too funny.

No. 1537088

>I swear, I'm not an autist.
I'd have more respect for her if she just embraced being autistic instead of denying it

No. 1537237

File: 1680219125856.jpg (49.61 KB, 1080x432, foreign grandmas.jpg)

No. 1537309

like she or anyone else cares what you respect

No. 1537352

File: 1680229589156.png (30.29 KB, 2663x247, horse.PNG)

I am a certified lolcow autist aficionado and expert

No. 1537357

File: 1680229701787.jpg (363.43 KB, 1080x3922, Screenshot_20230330_222629_Fir…)

Just nabbed this exchange in celebricows kek

No. 1537471

kek some anons are so deranged

No. 1537519

File: 1680239493021.png (2.83 KB, 563x79, andwig.png)

wish i could read the post this was replying to but it was deleted kek

No. 1538410

File: 1680351134700.png (9.77 KB, 932x289, cute as a button.png)

>she doesn't know

No. 1538522

KEK that was the kirbyfag? Of course it fucking was, who else could be this autistic

No. 1538526

Did she ever tell what happened

No. 1538649

>they don't have dolphin-anatomy mermaids…

No. 1539575

I've somehow managed not to notice Kirbyanon despite being here for a few years

Who is she?

No. 1539728

File: 1680481748985.jpeg (73.28 KB, 1125x788, 572A7758-9AF5-406A-8B62-D4EA87…)

I wish I had collected the screenshots if some of her posts so I could fill you in, the only one I have is this one from one of the cc bunker threads. She’s known for writing multiple paragraph manifesto response essays to anons poking fun at her about why Kirby is NOT a boy and has a pussy or why Kirby is NOT a baby according to XYZABC canon sources and other equally hilarious topics. She also wants to fuck the fat penguin as in picrel

No. 1539868

File: 1680501444419.png (12.23 KB, 641x260, SO MANLY.png)

the last reply killed me I don't know why

No. 1539885

File: 1680504672932.jpg (182.87 KB, 1080x1504, IMG_20230403_121954.jpg)

This made me cackle like a witch.

No. 1539908

She’s great. Literally she is the person anonymous image boards are for. She likes Kirby and Kirby universe characters. Her art is honestly good, cute and faithful to the original art, and she’s never been crass enough to post nsfw Kirby art here (to my knowledge) because it’s against the site rules although apparently she has drawn it. She upsets a lot of people but I like her.

No. 1539913

I want to see what she showed her therapist, so so bad. I have an image in my mind of what the "erotica" looked like but i honestly have no clue if I'm even on the right track because my mind can't put together a coherent image involving a pink circle and a penguin having coitus

No. 1539955

from the military thread >>>/m/286307

No. 1540018

Does anyone have a cap of the random names being posted? And anon would reply like
>Jack Koff
>Amanda Hugandkiss
>Ben Dover

No. 1540686

File: 1680615985349.png (45.49 KB, 1177x354, chavs or slavs.png)

No. 1540715

So stupid. Sports are about vicious competition, the irrationally strong will to win and leaving it all out on the field. These ladymen don’t have any of those things, they just wanna play football ~because it makes me happy! Teehee!~ Any true football, hell, ANY SPORT, fan would recognize that this is not sport. That picture must have been taken when they walked out onto the field before the match even started. I swear to God…

No. 1541145

What if merfolk don't have fish anatomy but rather marine mammal genitals? Then they'd have penises and vaginas. I also don't see why they couldn't have some weird hybrid between dolphin and human genitals, they're half-human after all, why would they have fully fish-like anatomy where both human and animal parts merge?

No. 1541168

No. 1541363

Do they have gills on the human half or just like like a marine mammal? If just lungs then it stands to reason that the bottom half also just has fish cloaca and lays eggs.

No. 1541677

File: 1680731969102.jpeg (222.85 KB, 1028x2167, IMG_1893.jpeg)


No. 1541698

File: 1680733654854.jpg (6.58 KB, 349x103, Leo Donardo.JPG)

I can't

No. 1541699

File: 1680734056623.jpg (26.58 KB, 749x453, f8ba93adb746ba795eeb3b59f5d81e…)

No. 1541702

as far as we know, it's lungs. i've yet to see one depicted with gills and presumably we'd be able to see them if they had them. mammals like dolphins and whales have blowholes to breathe, and i've yet to see a merperson with a blowhole…

they appear to always have scales on their bottom halves, which no non-fish species (afaik), has. a dolphin isn't a fish, and merfolk are said to be specifically fish, anyways. i guess it could be that they have a slit that houses a penis or vagina, but then the vagina would be totally turned and not like ours, but i'm going by the original description anyways which is that they are part fish, proper.

No. 1541756

NTA but fuck you this was funny

No. 1541856

File: 1680756976347.jpg (75.08 KB, 911x1110, Screenshot_20230405_235618_Sam…)

No. 1541862


No. 1541868

This had me laughing out loud in public, fuck

No. 1541869

Whoa. Ancient artifact lol, haven’t seen this in a few years

No. 1542395

How about, mermaids are make-believe and they can have any genitalia I want

No. 1542739

Who called the fun police

No. 1542918

File: 1680895285921.jpg (211.47 KB, 1080x1717, 1.jpg)

No. 1542919

File: 1680895400554.jpg (180.77 KB, 1080x1743, 2.jpg)

No. 1542921

File: 1680895513065.jpg (148.38 KB, 1080x1344, 3.jpg)

No. 1542923

File: 1680895608458.jpg (167.3 KB, 1080x1726, 4.jpg)

No. 1542927

Is this the male-anon or another random mentally ill nona

No. 1542929

Idk who the male-anon is

No. 1542934

anon..the one in the caps you posted literally admitted to being male

No. 1542956

its an incestuous poop reviewing schizophrenic scrote poster from the relationship advice thread

No. 1543233

File: 1680927784962.png (48.56 KB, 1295x650, Screenshot 2023-04-07 at 21-22…)

The irony of this is so funny

No. 1543246

File: 1680930930406.png (7.52 KB, 749x184, fatality.PNG)

No. 1543247

File: 1680930942542.png (122.39 KB, 1390x1104, that's lolcow.png)

No. 1543337

File: 1680938390920.jpg (92.7 KB, 989x632, Blackpill.jpg)

Blackpill feminist turns into a blackpill incel, calls straight women prostitutes, cleaners and breeders.

No. 1543345

Did you not read the thread description?
>thread for funny screencaps across lolcow
I guess you got so assblasted from blackpillchan that you had to try to induce sperging about it somewhere else since no one itt was coddling you. Sad!

No. 1543386

Thought it was funny for a self preclaimed feminist to call women prostitute breeders, sorry for upsetting you anon.

No. 1543391

Don't worry anon I was laughing at you. So you did in an indirect way contribute to the thread

No. 1543392

It's not.

No. 1543609

This shit is so disgusting to read

No. 1543615

How did you think that? It's the kind of thing that might be funny to misogynist males but I just find it depressing.

No. 1543624

I thought it was too absurd to be genuine which made it funny. Like if someone told me they were a hardcore feminist and then called women prostitute breeders in their next sentence I'd laugh at the absurdity of this interaction.

No. 1543782

You're the only one laughing here

No. 1544281

where? am i missing something there's no admission and i even went to the thread to see if there was anything i had missed or if the poster's theme colors were messing up my reading capabilities kek sorry for my retard dyslexia

No. 1544282

where? am i missing something there's no admission and i even went to the thread to see if there was anything i had missed or if the poster's theme colors were messing up my reading capabilities kek sorry for my retard dyslexia

No. 1544383

he mentions it here
and in the reply after the second post. highly doubt it's a different anon in the caps since he said "since by the looks of it I am still here" (this was before the ban), clearly knowing that he's not allowed, right before that saying he's "doing it as a conversation starter here before mod eventually decides to stop me" and the typing being exactly the same.

No. 1544539

File: 1681059125237.jpg (41.22 KB, 1023x534, 77484842.jpg)

No. 1544563

Anon who posted the caps here, didn't see that one. The "anon" was mentioned on another thread, and I went there and searched keywords then left lol

No. 1544916

File: 1681083932040.jpeg (9.09 KB, 510x133, IMG_3280.jpeg)

this response to a wall of text actually made me laugh out loud

No. 1545985

File: 1681189817992.png (11.12 KB, 420x279, tbh.png)

No. 1545989

>Ariana grande reaction pic

Omg it was not giving yass slay cunt sis

No. 1545993

File: 1681191031446.jpeg (Spoiler Image,25.89 KB, 292x685, 927BCEC1-2F06-463F-9850-33416A…)

The bad art thread is amazing

No. 1546050

kek old women do that shit all the time in hammams to scrub under their boobs. It never ceases to shock me.

No. 1546090

That’s scary, reminds me of the Klumps when the grandma said she got out of the shower and accidentally stepped on her boob

No. 1546104

I thought this was a 69ing scenario where the upside down partner has a weirdly pudgey lower body.

No. 1546209

can someone please explain what the fuck is going on with that pic?

No. 1546215

you have to be 18 to post here

No. 1546225

No. 1546229

The woman’s tits are so cylindrically huge that they are able to just flop her tits over her shoulders. Idk if that explanation makes sense

No. 1546272

you must be very young (or very stupid ig) to not be able to figure it out from the other comments about it

No. 1546297

File: 1681233769084.png (19.91 KB, 1296x333, autistic grape.PNG)

No. 1546323

File: 1681236006933.png (8.68 KB, 657x146, economics of god.png)

No. 1546549

ngl it's probably as bad as it sounds, she has a blog that is now private but before it was I saw that she wrote lots of horny sex headcanons there of how girl Kirby masturbates and that she "goes into heat" and other things involving DeDeDe and Meta Knight.

No. 1546571

File: 1681260597266.jpeg (25.84 KB, 640x559, 1670376643780.jpeg)

She is my favourite anon on this site

No. 1546580

To be fair, that therapist must be ultra shit to not diagnose her with autism right away. I mean she's anonymous here and yet even to us the tism shines brightly through her posts.

No. 1546585

Nothing beats the slow realization that happened in that thread over several hours. It was like a horror comedy unfolding before our eyes. i'm sorry kirbynon, i do truly feel bad for you, but it's so funny from an outside perspective.

No. 1546586

Therapists can't normally make any diagnosis at all and especially not autism which requires more involved and specific testing than "hmm this seems like a sperg to me". At best they can give their impression to someone who is qualified to diagnose.

No. 1546587

>autistic grape
kek, justice for poor spider being fatshamed by anon, she's probably just very good at hunting or pregnart.

No. 1546589

>Kirby "goes into heat"
i'm fucking crying. i am sobbing.

No. 1547025

File: 1681296700391.jpg (62.45 KB, 1037x547, farmhands pls help them.JPG)

I love the Celebricows thread

No. 1547027

GOD I wish I could read her blog, there must be untold horrors in there

No. 1547029

>farmhands pls help them
this is a site-wide bug that has been showing up for a while

No. 1547031

File: 1681297319641.png (3.59 KB, 356x346, kek.png)

I hope they fix this issue soon.

No. 1547113

File: 1681305059850.png (16.14 KB, 1140x385, brie cheese.png)

tales from the lc bunker thread

No. 1547114

is there still an active bunker thread? if yes, why?

No. 1547117

kek no, it's old. sorry, should've specified.

No. 1547128

queen shit

No. 1547162

File: 1681307766701.jpg (885.74 KB, 2330x5629, help.jpg)

No. 1547302

brie is pretty much what I would have expected smegma to taste like, so wtf does it taste like?

No. 1547735

File: 1681338115512.jpg (305.35 KB, 1080x2787, pakichan1.jpg)

No. 1547736

File: 1681338155013.jpg (192.04 KB, 1080x1714, pakichan2.jpg)

No. 1547738

File: 1681338202492.jpg (128.58 KB, 1080x1184, pakichan3.jpg)

No. 1547741

Leave Pakichan alone. I like her because my ancestors toiled in the mountains while invaders came and went, just like hers.
Also, thinking about that one time I told her she's got no right to shit on British imperialism for erasing her culture as it brought a less mysoginistic one, and her response was to pretended she is Welsh

No. 1547744

Smegma most definitely does not have the buttery, mushroom-like addictive taste that brie cheese has. No I have never consumed smegma I'm just a brie-head.

No. 1547799

>I’ve never consumed smegma
Then how do you know

No. 1547801

Because nothing that comes from a moid's disgusting body could ever taste as delicious as brie cheese, fucking end of!

No. 1547804

No. 1547921

File: 1681352680189.jpg (112.54 KB, 1080x1180, iykyk.jpg)

No. 1547924

Dick cheese is gross but rectal smegm (the kind produced from stretching your anus not like shit or build up) is both tasteless and odorless

No. 1547926

Unironically yes

No. 1547928

wait are you saying humans have anal glands like dogs?

No. 1547935

No, she's saying she has experience in anus-stretching.

No. 1547936

No like if your anus is stretched past its usual it will create odorless rectal discharge, kind of like when you stretch your ears except not disgusting.

No. 1547941

>anal discharge
>not disgusting

No. 1547942

>not disgusting.
I'm not opposed to anal but be real

No. 1547945

STOP! put down your keyboards immediately or go to the proper thread >>>/ot/1544074

No. 1547952

I discovered it at 16?17? I think and I was amazed that it was truly just clean. Awestruck, really. That's why I never forgot. I have never tasted dick cheese however but I have smelled it and would rather die.

No. 1548151

>anal discharge is tasteless

No. 1548161

File: 1681384342481.jpg (8.18 KB, 502x86, the french way.JPG)

original post: >>1547532

No. 1548319

File: 1681402070791.png (456.58 KB, 747x930, 7.png)

the most important question is, why are you tasting butt discharge in the first place? what lead you to this? you're like an evil komadea-chan

No. 1548325

>you're like an evil komadea-chan

No. 1548344

File: 1681404859155.jpeg (24.77 KB, 1028x364, 0123089F-1E47-4B61-B195-976A05…)

No. 1548349

reminds me of retard-chan >>1510382

No. 1548405

File: 1681410393185.png (49.78 KB, 738x364, infights in a nutshell.png)

No. 1548411


No. 1548493

File: 1681418123992.jpg (56.26 KB, 909x534, wat.jpg)

No. 1548494

That situation happened 23 minutes ago, how is the screenshot this grainy already

No. 1548498

jpg will do that

No. 1548516

nta who posted it but it looks clear to me

No. 1548627

File: 1681430910574.jpg (7.04 KB, 302x104, $95.JPG)


No. 1548630

friend you do know it gets bigger if you click on it right

No. 1549186

File: 1681500167035.png (93.27 KB, 1404x604, Enter Heaven.png)

This makes me laugh everytime

No. 1549278

i don't get it

No. 1549302

File: 1681507988864.jpg (Spoiler Image,141.06 KB, 1010x1513, anon.jpg)

No. 1549303

File: 1681508018501.png (141.08 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230414-173327.png)

The shaynatorium was a mistake

No. 1549306

I am so glad I decided to get high tonight, this is the best entertainment ever

No. 1549307

Kek wtf is going on in the shayna board?? Tinfoil that it's the same anon who posted her boobs on new years eve two (?) years ago

No. 1549310

Anymore info on that?
I was ready to post these, you guys beat me kek. This is so deranged for her to randomly post her very visibly obese body in such an unflattering angle.

No. 1549311

the file name kek

No. 1549315

what the hell has been going on in there today? I don't want to find out

No. 1549318

This girl is obsessively defending licking man-ass and posted her sagging pancakes on lolcow, she is actively experiencing some sort of actual medical emergency

No. 1549322

Yeah, my bet is whatever happened to gabby hannah is happening on a small scale here

No. 1549332

File: 1681509801885.jpg (Spoiler Image,385.58 KB, 2448x2146, breasta.jpg)

Same anon??

No. 1549336

Someone baker act this bitch

No. 1549341

I was in the thread when this was posted and I thought someone had posted close up of a dick and balls before realising it was a woman's body.

No. 1549342

Holy shit, it’s def her down to editing to black and white.

No. 1549343

File: 1681510256287.png (Spoiler Image,44.47 KB, 929x924, welp there it is.PNG)

No. 1549344

File: 1681510266185.png (3.9 KB, 617x72, kek.png)

oh my god the replies

No. 1549348

Woooow you guys have gone so far with saying that anons are men, now people are posting their pussy

No. 1549353

Anon who finds it funny is probably a fattie who thinks portion control = ED

No. 1549356

I'm thinking this is done weird moid larping with lewds of the girls who's OF he's subscribed too. I refuse to believe two different women are degenerate enough to post nudes in order to prove a point about ass eating. I refuse.

No. 1549362

Why’s her belly button so far up

No. 1549373

This stuff is 100% going to end up on kf

No. 1549374

File: 1681512195677.png (Spoiler Image,282 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230414-184312.png)

We got another one… The full moon was last Thursday wtf is going on

No. 1549376

File: 1681512379437.jpg (296.9 KB, 2976x1900, 2535b7832b5534cf687da337073a12…)

so weirdly saggy, almost tube tits-y. Looks unhealthy

No. 1549377

Meh, some women just have tubular boobs. What's unhealthy is posting them unprovoked on lolcow.

No. 1549379

File: 1681512593413.png (Spoiler Image,237.67 KB, 744x845, another one.png)

Seriously shayna rots their brains. Another one.

No. 1549381

this is an edit

No. 1549382

This is such a ridiculous scrote post. Yes, she's fat. That's bad. But having weirdly shaped boobs (or saggy boobs if you're older) is not some medical problem.

No. 1549387

Making fun of their bodies is retarded, they all look normal.
They should be made fun of for posting their fucking breasts and genitals on lolcow of all places, which says more about them than their physique. It's not surprising that they're also the kind of woman to eat man ass.
It's so retarded that I'm not sure they're actually selfposting, or if it's just men pretending to be female posters by posting random women's photos from porn sites.

No. 1549391

Is she missing a nipple? Gross. Also the dog collar tag. These are definitely just random OF thots and not actual farmers.

No. 1549394

At least these tits are almost nice. Areolas are too large.

No. 1549403

Idk I zoomed in and it looks like her nipple is catching the light of the camera or something and has faded out, very unfortunate

No. 1549404

she has nice boobs to be fair. still doesn't negate the fact that she likes to degrade herself into eating a man's literal anus

No. 1549408

Why did this have to remind me that I want to get my belly pierced

No. 1549412

File: 1681514352475.png (Spoiler Image,552.68 KB, 1288x1112, Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 16-17…)

Oh MY FUCKING GOD i can't even believe this! I knew ass eaters were retarded but not this retarded! What is this, the 5th boob pic? All to prove that ass eaters… are not deranged? Yeah great job proving that point, jesus christ

No. 1549414

It's like that event where people danced in the streets to death for no reason

No. 1549416

And only 1/5 of these ass eater anons have even somewhat nice tits (still had pierced nips which is gross). They are doing a good job proving only fatties with ugly titties and/or people stupid enough to get their nips pierced are willing to eat ass.

No. 1549417

You and the ass-eaters are having a battle for who can be the most retarded

No. 1549419

File: 1681514937285.jpeg (47.36 KB, 600x586, ABD335E2-6725-48A7-B4AD-FB9891…)

According to the poll there were 5 ass eaters lurking an hour ago. 5 boob pictures, and now they're time stamping. If this ain't a spank bank being posted all 5 ass eaters proved they're mentally ill and lack self respect.

No. 1549422

Can’t really call it a battle when I’m clearly being slaughtered

No. 1549424

almost tempted to post boobs because I had revenge porn leaked years ago and already know I've been in scrote's fap folders in the past

I will abstain though

No. 1549425

Also proved they’re fat and have ugly boobs

No. 1549426

I think they were trying to prove that they're not male. Too bad they ended up proving that they're mentally challenged pickmes with no self respect instead.

No. 1549427

Are you an ass water too?

No. 1549429

I'll have to agree with >>1549417

No. 1549430

I haven't been in a relationship or had real sexual contact besides my hands or a sex toy in 3 years


No. 1549431

Yeah that's why they did it. But since they're retarded from huffing moid booty particles they forgot that troons will hide their hands, feet and necks because those areas are very clockable. They literally just needed to post their hands next to a ruler or remote. Even a foot pic would have been better than tits and pussy.

No. 1549432

You're putting up a pretty good fight anon

No. 1549436

Doesn’t really answer my question. Would you ever be willing to eat an asshole? Have you ever? If yes to either you’re an ass eater.

No. 1549438

I think this lady posts herself in /soc/. I could be wrong.

No. 1549439

Do you have tubular titties? It’s okay to have ugly boobies just don’t post them online and expect people not to be like ew.

No. 1549440

I plead the fifth until such time as my celebrity husbando sucks my boobs

No. 1549442

Okay so you are an ass eater in my book. Yeah you should post your titties too so we can see if you’re fat or if you have oversized areolas and/or tube tits. For science!

No. 1549447

Is having oversized areolas common?

No. 1549448

confirmed scrote

No. 1549450

Scrotes think all titties are nice kek. Im a very particular bi woman.

No. 1549451

Ew, you're a disgrace to bisexual women.

No. 1549452

This is a gossip site, we're going to nitpick your boobs.

No. 1549454

Unfortunately yes. Ruins many otherwise nice titties like >>1549379 I think normal/small areolas are probably less common than big salami lookin ones. So maybe oversized is normal and abnormal petite cute pink areolas are sadly the outliers.

No. 1549455

This is a gossip site, we're going to tell you you're retarded for nitpicking boobs. btw, nitpicking is literally a banable offence here so…

No. 1549456

the way you guys obsess over other women's boobs is scrotey as fuck though.

No. 1549459

You’re arguing with more than one nonnie here kek. Also this is /ot/ this is the designated nitpicking board. We’re not alogging or racebaiting or even really infighting I’d say, then again I’m not getting worked up and am just sperging about my elite taste in tits.

No. 1549462

>You’re arguing with more than one nonnie here kek
I know that. What does that have to do with what I said?
>this is the designated nitpicking board'
Since fucking when KEK

No. 1549464

Since always? Nitpicks about cows are meant to be discussed here, for example.

No. 1549465

I wouldn't be surprised if tiny areolas are rarer than "oversized" ones and beauty standards have skewed people's idea of what's a "normal" nipple. It's not like there's just one "normal" type of breast or nipple anyway.
Scrotes make fun of women's bodies even if they'd fuck any woman, because they have extremely unrealistic standards based on what they see in porn. You see it all the time on moid imageboards, how they shit on woman's appearances and body parts.

No. 1549471

I have big areolas but they're not very dark, not helped by small nipples, but they're both very pink

I don't know, it's never really bothered me

when I was hooking up nobody ever complained about the state of my boobs, although I'm self conscious about them

someone liked my boobs enough to spread revenge porn of me years ago. godspeed(no1curr)

No. 1549480

Nonny probably ran into a bunch of deranged moids larping as women

No. 1549481

File: 1681517971091.jpg (38.7 KB, 587x265, image0.jpg)

>I have big areolas but they're not very dark, not helped by small nipples, but they're both very pink

No. 1549483

I don’t eat ass and I have perfect titties, I’ve never seen titties I liked more than my own. I would never post my titties on an imageboard, nobody who would see them would be worthy of being graced by such adorable, perky, perfectly proportioned boobies. Most people who have had the pleasure to see them already were unworthy, so I’ve done enough charity work as is, before you call me greedy.

I’m no prude. I’ve done nasty sex shit, but nothing so heinous as licking an anus. That’s next level horror, it’s not normal or cool. Get some goddamn self respect, leave imageboards forever because they’ve clearly rotten your brains to the core. Or maybe it’s the c diff in your guts fucking up your microbiomes and making you insanely retarded? It is a mystery. Do better.(get back on topic)

No. 1549485

You also sound retarded.(get back on topic)

No. 1549540

Scrotes definitely nitpick the fuck out of boobs. See when doja cat posted hers from that naked birthday party and scrotes complained about them being saggy and tubular.

No. 1549548

What the fuck is this

No. 1549552

File: 1681523700299.jpg (48.56 KB, 1771x156, Screenshot 2023-04-14 185538.j…)

No. 1549554

No. 1549587

She is a queen.

No. 1549686

I'm %99 sure this is unfortunately a sex worker she has too nice of a body to be this deranged.
Literally disgusting. How can someone with this tits post a picture online? If she posted this to 4chan she'd get eaten up and made fun of so hard, doesn't she know she has tubular breast deformity?

No. 1549769

I think i give up on this website.
There's probably like 12 max posters in shaynas threads these days, 5/12 are boob posting idiots +1 anon itt that said she was tempted so i'm counting it as 6/12, or 50% pure pickme retardation.
Then itt there's at least 4 or 5 posters nitpicking the boob pics like scrotes, and I bet there's even less than 12 anons itt.
So between the pickme retards that post boobs and the misogynistic retards that mock boobs, that's probably like 70% of the userbase being unsalvageable retards. Then of course you have to add pakichan and tifkun on top of that as both are very prolific posters, it probably goes up to like 75%.
And then finally there's me doing calculations on the ratio of retards to non-retards on lolcow, which is inherently retarded, so let's say a final calculation of 78% retarded, conservatively.
I think this website has to be put down. I've lost all hope.

No. 1549773

Same, but still this board is better than most chans out there. I hate all social media, so imageboards are the only types of websites I use to talk to people. Yeah, most posters are even more retarded than your average insta user, but I just prefer anonymity and the culture of boards. No matter how many times I tell myself that I done with you morons, I still keep crawling back after some time.

No. 1549776

The /shay/ voting poll got 373 votes, there's way more anons than 12

No. 1549777


No. 1549800

Why don't you leave instead of wishing the site to be shut down just because some anons insulted tits that resemble yours?

No. 1549807

Lol good for her

No. 1549821

File: 1681554910445.jpg (15.96 KB, 924x186, Femcel.jpg)

Anon isn't in a good mood.

No. 1549825

This thread is for funny screencaps

No. 1549828

see you tomorrow retard

No. 1549842

She's probably still posting now.

No. 1549909

I've gotten jaded overtime but I genuinely invested far more time in this place than I'd ever care to admit. There was a time where this site did help me swim upwards from ocean rock bottom, comforted knowing I was semi anonymous. The anonymous nature of being able to confess my gross sins thinking I was safely anon encouraged me to be a mindful person, enriched my real life. I guess that's not healthy for a multitude of reasons, but it did help me. Nowadays idk, I've worsened

I was comfortable in my skin, I was proud of most the decisions I made… and now I'm just kind of wracked like I have misshapen insides and a malformed train of neurons crashing in a pileup. Anyways, see yall tomorrow as well, hard for an addictive personality to quit

No. 1550031

>autistically unable to tell when things are jokes
>thinks the only reason one would be opposed to making fun of women’s body parts is if the insult applied to them personally
I change my mind no more jokes. Xi Jinping, put us down

No. 1550493

File: 1681598476878.png (33.98 KB, 1080x511, teeth.png)

No. 1550791

File: 1681616150855.png (68.87 KB, 1832x434, based kirbyfag.png)

oh my god even the queen herself arrived. that thread is magical, what else will happen next?

No. 1550802

how is she like this. it's simply unbelievable. im just sitting here with my mouth open

No. 1550804

I want an AMA

No. 1550811

>To answer your question, no.
Kek, I love when she does this

No. 1550867

It's over. Everybody stop arguing she's won

No. 1550868

Why tf do you call her based she’s fucking vile and sick in the head

No. 1550883

she had a point on her stance on ass eating tbf

No. 1551203

Please can someone link the post like a moid thread? I can't find it anywhere

No. 1551609

File: 1681698199544.jpeg (59.58 KB, 750x583, 9F59EB06-1B8B-4A19-ACDB-A21591…)

No. 1551833

File: 1681708888091.jpg (290.65 KB, 1080x1983, venus anon.jpg)

No. 1551856

I'm late but the /shay/ background being that shade of pink really adds to the Kirbyverse sex physiology discussion kek

No. 1551871


No. 1551950

omfg and no one capped anything? I NEED TO SEEEEEE

No. 1552007

Can someone link kirbyfags blog? I might be able to find stuff even if it's locked.

No. 1552021

I don't know what blog she's talking about, the blog I know of isn't private.

No. 1552028

Spill it

No. 1552369

Is the moid posting thread gone?

No. 1552613

File: 1681774233587.png (57.37 KB, 702x519, west virginia.png)

No. 1553513

kf doesn't even care about our actually funny spergs like kirbyanon or pakichan, they're not gonna give a shit about a random chick sharing her pussy dw

No. 1553550

They cared about random anons posting their bodies in the kibbe threads though and reposted them.

No. 1553555

they're scrotes, of course they're going to care more about pussy pics than spergfests

No. 1553556

They don't care about the funny spergs because they're scrotes and obviously care more about nudes

No. 1553564

Josh literally mentioned reading a story about some nonnie saying a scrote bit her or something on a date. They don't care about the weird niche "Anons" but they 100% will try to find weirdos, so they can justify whatever weird feelings/hate they have towards women/women who use lolcow

No. 1553571

If you're dumb enough to think it was really a woman and not a scrote larping to try to get anons to post more, sure

No. 1553572


No. 1553579

or posting that to screenshot it right after then go to his scrote sites to "dunk on those lolcow foids" using his own bait as an example of "foid cringe"

No. 1553599

Literally that. Anyone who believes it is naive. That was a faggot.

No. 1553608

the stupid questions

No. 1553619

Bitch, don’t blame lolcow. Some people just want to show what they gots.

No. 1553626

>even a foot pic
Say you have a fetish and go.

No. 1553643

File: 1681862718085.png (417.17 KB, 1557x2674, 1EC2F9C8-2D27-4ECD-B90A-D303C0…)

I apologize if this has been posted before. I just recently remembered it and had to archive it.

No. 1553654

File: 1681864057720.png (48.95 KB, 936x556, Screenshot_20230418-073559.png)

No. 1553656

Kek so true

No. 1553699

>gargantuan wall of text about Earthworm Jim
I can already tell this is gonna be good.

No. 1553729

This feels like something from 2013 tumblr, vintage

No. 1553750

Thank you for this fucking gift

No. 1553832

File: 1681891401919.png (41.59 KB, 483x269, the mascot.PNG)

kekkk I was just thinking of this the other night but I had forgotten how insane the details were. I'm wheezing but I hope she's okay. The timing of the thread locking announcement made it so perfect.

No. 1553837


No. 1553879

I agree it's painfully unfunny.

No. 1554248

File: 1681929848545.jpeg (77.46 KB, 1080x692, 93616563-8FC9-462A-8B8E-E789F6…)

No. 1554296

File: 1681932983592.png (9.69 KB, 781x193, lost newfag.png)

No. 1554375

File: 1681938058286.png (194.14 KB, 1984x1428, 1681936275096.png)

Selfposter is revealed as a gendie furry and has a hilarious meltdown >>>/snow/1811473

No. 1554409

File: 1681941061620.png (2.14 KB, 362x98, tardcore.png)

No. 1554422

why is this making me choke kekkkkk

No. 1554451

You sound like a scrote

No. 1554458

i imagined wario the entire time b4 getting to the spoiler and almost cried. bless you nonnie

No. 1554462

Anons nitpick and tinfoil about Shay's tits for threads at a time. She's not a moid, she's just an average shaytard.

No. 1554467

bless kirbanon

but when will midgetnonnie drop her story???

No. 1554519

>thinking the average shaytard is really a woman and not a man pretending to be a woman because he found a comfy place to degrade his special interest with no backlash

No. 1554744

i'm really sorry for ever mentioning it. I was just trying to offer comfort but I recognize now it was a poor choice to mention it if I couldn't elaborate. The reason i can't is it would read like a classic greentext story and I'm scared it would get capped and spread and my dad would eventually come across it in the wild with an ifunny logo in the corner, and of course I'd be disowned.

No. 1554991

holyshit I remeber you. Glad you're still here.

No. 1555213

File: 1682014391501.png (197.54 KB, 656x519, anons dreams.PNG)

No. 1555265

I'm glad you nonnies got a laugh out of my turbo autism

No. 1555714

a million poets could try for a million years and still describe but three-eighths of your autism. anon, i salute you

No. 1555793

File: 1682052344138.png (8.12 KB, 1837x145, pinkpilledcuban.png)

No. 1555803

This place is poetry.

No. 1555811

File: 1682054685553.png (7 KB, 1015x121, hi calf.png)

No. 1555853

File: 1682061895346.jpg (31.02 KB, 971x460, eyeball.jpg)

No. 1555892

Some "people" just LARP by taking nudes from random camgirls and OF girls (I'm sure the slimier ones even post revenge porn) and also samefag to stir shit.

No. 1555909

File: 1682070869426.jpg (16.9 KB, 717x222, The mystery of bread.jpg)

And she will never know

No. 1556278

Wasn’t there an anon who said her mom browses the shayna thread?

No. 1556390

File: 1682114442001.png (51.51 KB, 720x752, you are here.png)


No. 1557031

File: 1682191227546.jpeg (Spoiler Image,50.19 KB, 640x608, FE510312-4B61-4AE5-AC48-E623F3…)

Spoilered for Shaynafagging

No. 1557054

File: 1682193255997.png (21.31 KB, 1809x215, Screenshot_1.png)

made me kek

No. 1557058

Good mod response.

No. 1557067

Why was she banned thats clearly a joke lol

No. 1557080

No. 1557094

not all redtexts are bans

No. 1557128

File: 1682199117299.png (8.04 KB, 430x168, felt.png)

No. 1557141

be honest woman or y-thing

No. 1557144

No. 1557146

i hope he dies and i hope you grow a brain

No. 1557150

this is so lame. you really posted this here

No. 1557153

I agree hes coomerish but this is a bit harsh dont you think?

Lets end the argument here. I dont want to derail.

No. 1557155

delete this and save yourself the shame. i'll delete my post as well

No. 1557156

I agree hes coomerish but this is a bit harsh dont you think?

Lets end the argument here. I dont want to derail.

No. 1557157

delete this and save yourself the shame. i'll delete my post as well

No. 1557164


Not funny

No. 1557183

Anons what was there?

No. 1557189


No. 1557190

Yeah can somebody explain?

No. 1557192

let the poster take back embarrassing stuff they did so such grace may be extended to your own shame one day

No. 1557198

anon posted a text message of her moid friend reacting to >>1553832, moid in the message said he wanted to fuck the Wendy's girl

No. 1557350

File: 1682221215665.png (6.08 KB, 846x111, senior citizen slay.png)

No. 1557369

No. 1557389

File: 1682228907286.jpg (120.93 KB, 1080x849, stinkyanon.jpg)

No. 1557834

File: 1682287754270.jpeg (17.4 KB, 695x220, 61C438F3-075E-47C0-9AE1-BFC76C…)

No. 1557840

The filled up urethra got me acting up

No. 1559142

File: 1682424441454.png (223.32 KB, 379x534, uggotroon.png)

No. 1559473

>calls rimming degenerate
>immediately proceed to write in detail about kirby characters genitals

No. 1559503

File: 1682454210326.jpg (4.16 KB, 417x21, shaylol.jpg)

No. 1559510

File: 1682454620425.png (142.88 KB, 658x1097, Anti_fingering_nonnie.png)

No. 1559515

File: 1682455273902.png (54.1 KB, 1344x414, all's well that ends well.png)

No. 1559537

my rich husband is totally real. you just haven't met him because he's from canada. he works for a tech company from one of those acronyms. whichever one is more impressive, idk

No. 1559607

both degenerate activities, happy now?

No. 1559637

I would tell you more but I’ve got a flight to catch, to France, for our honeymoon.

No. 1559643

I believe her. And her name? Taylor R 1488 Hong Kong Model

No. 1559644

No. 1559663

At least she admitted her husband is ugly >>1559472

No. 1559882

Where's that one post where nonna posted Andrew tate and adin Ross together and said they are "soulmates"

No. 1559950

would love to read the post history of this anon

No. 1559967

File: 1682505426839.jpeg (92.86 KB, 909x1243, 10C45698-7BED-45AD-B3AB-D8BC46…)

No. 1559980

KEK, I love the post duplicating glitch, is so effortlessly funny.

No. 1560038

File: 1682517744596.jpeg (102.23 KB, 1075x1792, 1682517306284.jpeg)

(you tried)

No. 1560085

This is not a LC cap.

No. 1560670

File: 1682570729538.png (1.05 KB, 326x22, chihuahua.png)

No. 1560679

File: 1682571256475.png (50.06 KB, 1290x355, black pilled.png)

No. 1560686

>no one who’s a dick sucker is a good person anyway
Lesbian autism

No. 1560698

before LC I thought lesbians would never spout crazy misogynist shit like gay men do. how wrong I was.

No. 1560704

>"uhuhuhy you must be a moid!!"
okay that one made me kek

No. 1560907

And some anons still deny that femcels exist…

No. 1560932

File: 1682602538710.jpg (100.33 KB, 1080x1340, 20230427-153510.jpg)

No. 1560933

>female brain
What in the tif

No. 1560936

Lol wut? Did a human being actually write this? the sentences are like 85% formed but they’re not all the way there

No. 1560938

No. 1560974

If women who don't want to sleep with men are femcels then all nuns are femcels. How is being voluntarily celibate or just choosing to not have sex with men a bad thing? Femcel is a silly word that means nothing.

No. 1560979

It's the insanity that separates a femcel from a volcel.

No. 1560991

While I agree that femcel is a non-term that doesn't have a defined meaning, the poster in the screencap is mentally unwell and has now derailed several threads to call straight women "cock breath", "prostitute", "whore", "dick obsessed", "dick cheese eater" and other moid-tier insults. Femcel works in this context because she acts exactly like an incel. She hates both straight women and lesbians.

There's two newfags on /2X/ that are very noticeable by their cow like behaviour and inability to integrate. The "black pilled feminist" that is unable to shut up about how much she hates other women is one of them.

No. 1561018

I don't visit 2x much but I guess you are talking about https://lolcow.farm/2X/res/4319.html#q14270
>>maybe you're the one LARPing as a feminist
>I don't even want to associate msyelf with feminists because most of them are cock suckers unfortunately.
Absolute fucking kek

No. 1561037

Kek do you seriously think a woman who keeps calling all women cock whore prostitutes can have any sort of healthy relationship with either men or women? She's %100 single and friendsless because of her behavior, not by choice. Femcels do exist, there are socially retarded and mentally ill women like this that can't get relationships even if they want to because of their behavior m

No. 1561041

I always think womenhater anons like this must not be friends with any women or even go outside at all. I can't imagine ever enjoying the company of someone like this, especially if they think they're better than me because they're NLOG. Sad life.

No. 1561047

I doubt they behave like this irl but if they did, who would be their friends? Celibate women or lesbians who aren't bothered by the obvious plain misogyny, that's a pretty small pool.

No. 1561049

Yeah definitely not, I can't imagine seeing women as cockwhores, dickbreath, foreskinwhatevers, it just seems insane. It's just the same as incels who see all women as 'walking holes' or whatever. Future TIF mentality. Current TIF mentality, even.

No. 1561051

They definitely have no friends but I also doubt they even go outside. It's like their only perception of women stems from porn, that's why they assume any woman who disagrees with them is a whore addicted to sucking men off.

No. 1561063

File: 1682613876856.png (7.96 KB, 1462x88, 2x.png)

holy cringe

No. 1561067

> you piglike disgusting whores
> cock sucking
> cock suckers
> You talk about sucking off dicks every place the internet!
> Go suck men
They've posted watered down versions of this in other threads before.

No. 1561070

That just sounds like a moid having a break down on LC.

No. 1561074

Why is she so obsessed with dicks?

No. 1561078

Not their first breakdown. They've been in ot threads before with their 10 references to cock sucking per paragraph ranting shit

No. 1561196

i wanna put this on a tshirt and wear it around kek. she's so right in the funniest way possible

No. 1561276

KEK. Chobani is an expensive brand so at least she has taste I guess.

No. 1561293

The lezcels are so creepy lmao but I think its just 1-2 super vocal ones making it seem like there are more people with psychotic views like them then there really is here

No. 1561318

they dont, women arent lame enough to go shoot up a college dorm because a 10/10 hottie didnt acknowledge them sadly

No. 1561330

Well, we can acknowledge that "femcels" might be real, but at the same time make it clear that they're different from their male counterparts because they're not violent like males are.

Kek I noticed that too, it's really telling of the way they see women, as inherently inferior, retarded, worthless, etc. While "she" is a super special snowflake of a woman who is enlightened and has a "non-female" (male?) brain by nature

No. 1561452

File: 1682655179870.png (11.48 KB, 1010x325, kek.png)

No. 1561483

File: 1682658082718.jpg (243.1 KB, 1080x1963, newfag.jpg)

No. 1561488

File: 1682658346372.jpg (162.07 KB, 963x2022, pt2.jpg)

No. 1561494

That's not a newfag, this anon posted the same man several times before. I wish you didn't post the one with girls picture though, she didn't deserve getting posted here.

No. 1561495

KEK is she ok? He looks like a retard

No. 1561499

she's way cuter than him but neither of them are attractive- op if you're here you don't want to belong with him because he looks like he asks "where's my hug?" whenever a woman he vaguely recognizes walks by him

No. 1561502

The thread got deleted so I have to say it again, but this guy has the face of a 15 year old, a thick neck like someone on steroids, and skinny little bird arms that don't match his chest or shoulders. His body is just so out of whack and horribly proportioned.

No. 1561581

File: 1682671269976.png (19.58 KB, 663x431, clownsanddeathmetal.png)

Metalheads discussing what improves a man's look

No. 1561693

that and in some older posts in the vent threads she literally admitted that this man harassed her for anal and is a porn addict..yet still wants to be with him

No. 1561738

File: 1682695046016.jpg (78.76 KB, 637x872, 023401.jpg)

Nonna's reply took me out she was so genuine. Proud to be a part of this thread, have another great cap.

No. 1561801

Why can't we just call her a misogynist? What do we even know about her sex life? The notable feature of incels is that they are obsessed with getting to have sex. The notable feature of this anon is that "she" hates women. Why use a nonsense word when we already have a word to describe this?

No. 1561805

NTA but while I get your point "she" read the same to me in the sense of: sublimated rage that "she" was not having successful romantic relations or sexual congress with women (the same as how male incels express themselves).

No. 1561811

Trying to desperately cling to young looks rather then allowing your self to age and matrue naturally

No. 1561812

She's a femcel because she's hating on women because of her own failure to find a relationship or friendship. Most blackpills admit they're %100 straight and attracted to men yet they obviously can't get normal men so they hate on the women who seem to be in ok relationship and wish ill on them, tell them it's their fault if they get abused, etc.
If you mean the "lesbians" in the blackpill thread, you should realize that most of them are straight women who are larping so they won't get made fun of. Literally none of them have ever dated or could ever date a woman because of their own lunacy and you can't be sure you're a lesbian if you've never had a gf.

No. 1562091

>blackpills admit they're %100[sic] straight and attracted to men yet they obviously can't get normal men so they hate on the women who seem to be in ok relationship (demonstrably false)
>If you mean the "lesbians" in the blackpill thread, you should realize that most of them are straight women (just pulling complete nonsense out of your ass, possibly to avoid the accusation of being homophobic)
>Literally none of them have ever dated or could ever date a woman (demonstrably false)
kek you're always going on about this trying to spin up some misogynistic caricature of blackpills who are just "jealous women mad they can't get a good man." Your dedication to the bit is impressive.

No. 1562150

File: 1682731832287.png (88.69 KB, 1822x754, neverforget.png)

No. 1562182

They need to pick a side, they have said we're both straight and lying and that we're predatory lesbains lol

No. 1562199

>female brain
Totally written by a real women and not the psyoping tranny who posts dykehate and then samefags himself to try and turn women off being gay or not liking men for any reason because scrotes think it's a choice and wome can be turned into lesbians through shitting on scrotes on lc, who has been posting for months as explained in meta >>>/meta/34387
A negative thing about certain boards being unhidden is that newfags who have recently joined the site do not know much about it's history of invading deranged scrotes.

No. 1562204

anytime a self-proclaimed lesbian says something controversial on lc she's accused of being straight. "they're straight and lying!!" is prob just a way to be able to criticize bps without sounding lesbophobic. and i kinda get it because debates in the bp thread did let to lesbophobia accusations

No. 1562210

File: 1682739085123.jpg (85.28 KB, 1126x533, Untitled.jpg)

it might be bc im high but im crying at this

No. 1562217

File: 1682740086647.png (3.43 KB, 612x216, whoreforcheezits.png)

No. 1562226

Honestly the ”lookalike” looks better than Dano, at least he has some lips unlike no-lip Dano

No. 1562255

Kekk. I like the one where he is smiling.
It is true. I remember my disappointment when I saw the Kiss guys without makeup, I was a kid back then and I knew it already men simply look better when their faces are covered.

No. 1562348

it's because you're high

No. 1562375

File: 1682769683595.png (46.22 KB, 2494x413, anons brother.png)

No. 1562502

File: 1682782689153.png (397.56 KB, 651x872, anal_anon's_past_life.png)

No. 1562598

Give any ratty man long thin spindly hair and they cream

No. 1562785

yeah, we only laugh at reddit-tier jokes here

No. 1563070

KEKK fuck I can't stop laughing at this one

No. 1563089


No. 1563523

File: 1682877001238.jpeg (66.08 KB, 713x798, 3F39B3F8-38BA-43FB-8CC8-8ADDF4…)

Apologies if this was already posted, I’m catching up on the Celebricow threads and the responses to Trump-chan are so funny

No. 1563622

File: 1682883682295.jpg (51.54 KB, 748x329, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1564017

File: 1682897482386.jpg (123.94 KB, 1080x1388, lol.jpg)

No. 1564149

painfully unfunny stop responding to the troon and just report you sperg

No. 1564177

kek, so that's why they're called trump chan. I get it now.

No. 1564233

They type like a 40 year old gay man who stumbled across celebricows after losing their way from datalounge. Incidentally, Trump also types like that.

I hate seeing their face omg I really do. Are they still posting?

No. 1564236

and stop talking about the troon, he strokes his dick to it.

No. 1564320

I didn't respond to him at all just took a screenshot

No. 1565701

File: 1683013451373.png (83.78 KB, 1264x488, peter pan milking fanfic.png)

No. 1565729

File: 1683015848822.jpg (50.22 KB, 1080x456, Screenshot_20230502_182432.jpg)

No. 1565756

embarrassing self-post

No. 1566075

i feel like i'm pretty generous with stuff posted in this thread but this isn't even like "non-sequitur haha" it's just an out-of-context snippet of a normal conversation?

No. 1566508

File: 1683076161676.png (57.6 KB, 686x490, lil romeo.png)

No. 1566524

I chuckled

No. 1566619

It's from the Grimes thread in /snow/ and if you know the thread the post is kinda sus

No. 1566623

File: 1683086972473.png (20.04 KB, 684x308, big romeo.PNG)

had to look this up
looks like bow wow is still lil kek

No. 1566669

If you think Grimez is self posting just say so

No. 1566916

File: 1683133084521.jpg (108.24 KB, 883x1100, Screenshot_20230503_123601_Chr…)

No. 1566932

File: 1683133819840.jpg (54.38 KB, 564x422, 105f7715f27ff607b352afa14dc47b…)

bump for gore

No. 1566936

File: 1683133935382.jpg (1.89 MB, 5106x3422, 8b879638d1fb25bd8610ec864b6052…)

No. 1566978

File: 1683135431276.jpeg (6.84 KB, 320x360, 1664236594300.jpeg)


No. 1567066

File: 1683140160918.png (130.03 KB, 1202x1194, whata boob.png)

No. 1570143

File: 1683471440864.png (493.56 KB, 1824x706, have fun nonnington.png)

Anon has a date with Sanic-sama

No. 1570378

File: 1683484921565.jpeg (53.84 KB, 1000x683, IMG_4035.jpeg)

No. 1570563

File: 1683503501167.jpeg (69.13 KB, 701x849, EE5BC9FB-771B-4393-A57B-D048C7…)

No. 1571133

File: 1683549289746.png (2.73 KB, 883x80, hankhill.png)

No. 1571221

File: 1683559546321.jpg (11.88 KB, 1011x72, depressed.jpg)

No. 1571286

kek AB manages to be hilarious even in someone else's dream.

No. 1571288

giving him a hwat

No. 1571525

File: 1683583019900.png (2.51 KB, 413x174, Screenshot_5772.png)

On the fucking french thread

No. 1571926

File: 1683631252474.png (69.39 KB, 1380x386, dumb but free.png)

No. 1571927

File: 1683631351479.png (19.47 KB, 760x403, Based- A true story.PNG)

No. 1571930

This is why I come here

No. 1572085

greatest post since the clap and phase around in my room nonnie

No. 1573203

File: 1683736193469.png (3.53 KB, 1121x67, yummy.PNG)

No. 1573300

File: 1683745088392.png (72.57 KB, 1818x314, nonnie love.png)

No. 1573331

File: 1683746973211.jpeg (131.02 KB, 1169x1515, IMG_0219.jpeg)

This person was shitting up the thread with images but my god the searches.

No. 1573341

isn't "eugenia cooney healthy" also a search of hers kek

No. 1573343

Nta but yes they're all from her search history kek.
And then below there are trending searches

No. 1573733

aaw thank u for feating me, I tried to choose names from different cultures to try and reach nonnies worldwide. ♥

No. 1573779

File: 1683799381813.png (15.49 KB, 1080x340, gross.png)

No. 1573813

do i need to tap the sign lil zoomie?

No. 1573815

Take a shower, hag

No. 1573819

stop posting unfunny shit and integrate

No. 1574143

Who does though, unless your hair is 85% hairspray

No. 1574279

File: 1683841671776.png (84.05 KB, 1348x676, rance-chan.png)

rance-chan, my beloved

No. 1574283

>A thread for funny screencaps across lolcow.

No. 1574290

it made me laugh…
I think of it at at archive of rance-chan

No. 1574298

it made me laugh…
I think of it at at archive of rance-chan

No. 1574303

File: 1683842530873.png (2.27 KB, 407x79, calloutsock.PNG)

No. 1574387

You can imagine my shock when this turned out to not be a suicide letter.

No. 1575646

File: 1683930954465.png (181.4 KB, 1080x1297, kek.png)

No. 1575834

File: 1683942619667.png (8.44 KB, 626x182, Untitl.png)

posted within 2 minutes of each other in the confessions thread. like pottery

No. 1576159

Are kirbyfag and rancefag the same person

No. 1576161

I do, I use hairclips to get my bangs away from my face and my hair is an oily piece of shit, if you're not washing everything that goes in contact with your hair (including brushes, combs, etc), your hair probably looks gross

No. 1576248

Makes sense, I wash my brushes and headscarves twice a week but hairclips I usually see as a last resort to have something stay in place so idk. sage 4 no1curr

No. 1576355

thats my post, for real dylan should have become a figure drawing model instead of a cringe troon.

No. 1576426

stacy yumejo vs becky 3dpd fornicator

No. 1576496

>>1574279(stop reposting rancefag's nudes)

No. 1576550

File: 1683999165794.png (Spoiler Image,414.69 KB, 1080x1667, notanegg.png)

No. 1576561

Why do we have such an influx of women posting their nudes to prove a point?

No. 1576566

what in the absolute fuck did I miss?? what is happening on LC

No. 1576570

I'm the anon on the bottom and I'm also a yumejo so…suck the fart out my butt

No. 1576571

lmao, where was this posted?

No. 1576576

confessions thread

No. 1576577

I cannot even comprehend the severity of brain rot, how does one reach this level…

No. 1576579

Confessions thread

No. 1576588

[rancefag nudes redacted]

No. 1576607

where funny?

No. 1576609

File: 1684000846743.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1904, rape.png)

No. 1576622

File: 1684001202792.png (21.61 KB, 1080x507, racefag against kirbyfag.png)

No. 1576634

she's banned, now delete this it's unfunny and fucking weird to repost nudes

No. 1576641

and if she is, why has she just threatened to strangle a nona with shoelaces?

No. 1576642

that was me nonny not her

No. 1576644

No ♥

No. 1576658

I have nothing against kirbyanon and have openyl said i think she's funny, i just think the turtlefucker is weird

No. 1576661

your husbando choice is lame at least turtles are more interesting

No. 1576678

NTA. You are no better than a scrote.

No. 1576694

do you want all the nudes in cow threads to be taken down too?

No. 1576716

>nudes from sex workers
>nudes posted during a mental episode
yeah tots the same

No. 1576728

Anons are responsible for what they post themselves. It would be nice if nudes always got deleted, but you can't be mad if someone reposts them to laugh at it. Jannies aren't even obligated to delete the nudes either.

No. 1576747

I agree it's not funny, but how come there's absolute crickets when >>1549303
were posted. Pretty sure the nudes from the celebricows anon was also reposted here as it was happening.

No. 1576754

i'm active in the husbando's thread, not the shaynatorium. Seems like yumejoshi are nicer than anons obsessed with a camgirl

No. 1576763

agreed, they showed 0 compassion to someone who clearly has trauma and expresses through loving that character.

No. 1576796

>muh trauma
Rancefag was more of an attentionwhore than anything

No. 1576939

NTA but as I recall, Rancefag has said she was abused when she was younger. Someone A-logged her and told her to get raped again just because of her choice of husbando in that Dumbass Shit thread with the husbando infight so clearly it's not just her fault, it's also those anons who have a hateboner for her

No. 1576986

NTA, I'm not advocating straight up a-logging her but wtf is with all of the anons egging her on with responses or talking about muh compassion towards her? Other retards on this site who say things about how their degenerate woman degrading fetishes are based? Rightfully told to shut the fuck up and fuck off. Rancefag sperging about her rapist anime scrote, fighting with anons, personalityfagging in the dumbass shit thread, posting nudes of herself? "Nooooo don't be mean to her!!! She's been abused! Tell us more about your husbando nonnie!" Stop doing this shit, she needs to fuck off permanently back to 4chan

No. 1577031

yeah idk i think it's either her or some bleeding heart but they have been wking her all day it's so odd

No. 1577063

I know right? Why are users of a site meant for gossiping about weird people white knighting for someone who won't stop shitting up threads with degeneracy.

No. 1577106

I don't mean to sound like one of those anons who think they know who everyone is, but I have noticed a particular anon who shows up to fangirl over and sometimes wk Rancefag. I first noticed her during the husbando showdown a few days ago and now she sticks out to me like a sore thumb.

No. 1577118

Does she have a cross carved into her puthy or is that just a weird smudge of dirt that looks like her minge got ash wednesdayed

No. 1577119

>paying a low-grade OF thot for her nudes holding a sign for $5 a picture on cashapp so you can own teh lulcows

No. 1577195

Me reading rancefag telling everyone it's illegal to make fun of her shit pictures and rape kink while she's pretending to be a concerned anon
Like bitch, be serious. Where tf were the "concerned anon" when she was sending nudes? Where tf were the "concerned anons" when other women sent nudes here?
Stop posting rancefag. Just go outside.

No. 1577290

Those are pubes…

No. 1577297

I wondered if that was what was going on (especially here where everyone screenshots things on farmer instinct) because it was way out of proportion for the argument she was having. but people have been known to snap and do some shit on here so unless you can find the OF woman I'm gonna assume it's really just rancewife

No. 1577300

Btw how long has rancefag been posting for? She said she's only eighteen but I suspect she's been posting for longer. I think she's lying about her age to make anons feel bad like she's lying about having a trauma. She's also a shotafag(posted an image of her husbando and the filename says 13year old)if the husbando-chans are right so her lying about her age for her shota obsession to seem more normal could make sense.
Her body and behavior remind me of 25+ NEET behavior who's not had irl human interaction for a long while(romani), not some teen girl who's got an active friend group and normal life. She's obviously very detached and I don't believe someone can be this detached from reality if they're just done with actively going to highschool and interacting with peers.

No. 1577330

I have the hypothesis that she’s Komaeda-chan but with another husbando.

No. 1577357

Yeah I believe this. It'd explain her meltdown too since all of this have been piling on her and she finally lost her mind. She's definitely been around for much longer and is much older than she says she is. She's probably a NEET mentally disturbed anorexic woman who's spending her days masturbating to weird cartoons in her parwnts house, it's actually sad when you think about it.
She did ban evade so she's probably a vpn-chan, I wouldn't be surprised if she's komaedachan while using another ip.

No. 1577372

I'm a normal girl who has a relatively normal life outside of mental illness and aspergers. And i'm not ko chan, i hardly even like danganronpa, it'd be uncharacteristic of her as fuck to simp over Rance anyway(ban evading)

No. 1577374

You fucking people making me defend rance fag, what the fuck would be a 25+ NEET body and why would hers fit the bill? I don't understand why you can't just accept she's thin, it's so fucking weird.

No. 1577376

Nta but could you post some kind of proof? (censored ofc)

No. 1577379

Lmao what kind of proof? My discharge? And i'm not on my period rn so i can't provide period blood pics either

No. 1577383

Proof of age/employment/social life

No. 1577395

Yeah send us your CV.

No. 1577402

Don't listen to the other anons, post the front and back of your credit card. That'll really prove your age.

No. 1577410

Yes, i'm gonna reveal personal information to disprove some anon's tinfoil. Kys

No. 1577434

File: 1684079103250.png (48.85 KB, 1356x547, not now mommy's cyberbullying.…)

No. 1577441

>like she's lying about having a trauma
You can't just accuse people of this without proof, the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 1577520

File: 1684085236589.png (250.92 KB, 1080x1524, rancefag.png)

No. 1577524

File: 1684085417942.png (59.72 KB, 1527x476, i speak for the trees the tree…)

No. 1577526

File: 1684085495695.png (Spoiler Image,324.77 KB, 1080x1607, rancefag2.png)

No. 1577527

please for the love of god link the post

No. 1577530

No. 1577532

Does she go around her house with a random male name written on her thigh? Doesn't her mother/roommate see it? Weird.

No. 1577541

It's my husbando, he's not a real moid…

No. 1577600

I wonder how many threads have this as a backstory, I'm not going to lie. A lot of cows just seem too off putting and uninteresting to not have a degree of personal investment.

No. 1577645

AYRT I just don't condone telling some random shitposter and avatarfag who has a degenerate fetish to get raped again (who deserves to be raped for shitting up a thread? Deranged shit). I've disliked her since the beginning, but the correct response should've been to just report and ignore her for being disruptive (before she posted her nudes).
Let's be real here, both her haters AND her WKs are making things worse. Just stop
>She said she's only eighteen but I suspect she's been posting for longer
When I was younger and retarded I posted on 4chan even though I was still a minor. You think that rule magically stops teenagers and kids from using imageboards? lmao

No. 1577956

I thought that was an arm

No. 1578867

File: 1684212491097.png (29.04 KB, 861x372, chicken striplet.PNG)

absolute banger from the stoner thread

No. 1578906

I do respect just eating it and saying sorry, that was cool

No. 1579527

File: 1684272542223.png (14.48 KB, 1816x428, schnozchan.png)

This website isn't real

No. 1579553

File: 1684275526506.png (13.79 KB, 1754x195, centipedetraps..PNG)

No. 1580096

File: 1684336295180.png (59.08 KB, 909x451, retardputin.png)

No. 1580098

this is amazing

No. 1580127


No. 1580429

Kek what thread

No. 1580569

fetishes you're ashamed of thread 7 >>>/g/319903 you'll never guess why a nonna replied like that.

No. 1581333

You bitches need to step up and start being actually funny again or else

No. 1581336

Or else what?

No. 1581338

Or else.

No. 1582654

File: 1684605699346.png (14.76 KB, 1080x328, ban evading rancefag.png)

No. 1582827

File: 1684622493906.jpg (92.37 KB, 1080x682, kirby uncut cock.jpg)

No. 1582832

Is this Kirby nona or is this a pretender? I don’t know who else would think about it this much but she’s not often that explicit

No. 1582842

Have you ever seen her NSFW art?

No. 1582846

No but now I do. For farming purposes of course.

No. 1582848

No actually. I’ve only been here a few years. Did she actually post NSFW in the past? Last time I was in a thread with her she refused to post it because it’s against the rules

No. 1582856

She never posts and would never post that shit here, she says so herself. Unless you go out of your way to find her Pixiv account or something there's no way you could've seen it.
She often goes into detail about how "erotic" she finds Kirby characters in the husbando hornyposting thread. And her first infamous post was of a similar nature (the slit)

No. 1582858

>Shes not often that explicit

No. 1582861

>doesn't know about the slit

No. 1582866

whats her art blog? her art is so cute

No. 1583020

No. 1583454

File: 1684690180137.png (33.1 KB, 395x500, lesbian leafy.png)

No. 1583859

File: 1684716750682.jpg (45.23 KB, 750x709, IMG_9836.jpg)

No. 1584703

File: 1684812291698.jpg (25.75 KB, 623x336, lewis vuten.JPG)

louis vuitton evil twin brother lewis vuten

No. 1584705

I don't get it, she was correct

No. 1584707

It's a Mariah Carey reference.

No. 1584814

File: 1684825536307.jpg (48.59 KB, 971x476, Screenshot_20230523_030412_Chr…)

No. 1585427

File: 1684888429236.png (7.15 KB, 796x226, ryfhTDGeizKajsieHSH9hjf.png)

kek but also if we can't be retarded in sage posts i don't know what will happen to us

No. 1585433

kek I took this as a reference to Kanadaijin

No. 1585537

No. 1585877

File: 1684943712553.png (135.51 KB, 1094x593, duality of woman.png)

No. 1586178

File: 1684960466374.jpg (73.19 KB, 1043x670, bloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…)

"sage for blog" posts are usually annoying but this one made me giggle

No. 1586387

File: 1684968342466.png (388.15 KB, 459x612, E99391E5-9FFD-484B-BE6F-B84AAE…)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH one of the best posts I’ve ever seen.

No. 1586402

File: 1684968776951.jpeg (61.83 KB, 2025x264, 3E73CAE2-0A65-4A96-9722-CDBD4A…)

Sanest shaytard.
(more of a weird one than a funny one tbh but I felt it should be highlighted)

No. 1587212

File: 1685044767992.png (70.3 KB, 1080x1145, meth.png)

No. 1587256

Men who look butch are superior

No. 1587268

File: 1685047677232.jpg (79.98 KB, 720x740, 20230525_174814.jpg)

No. 1587273

File: 1685048239402.jpg (102.62 KB, 1080x830, Screenshot_20230526_022708_Chr…)

Reminds me of picrel from the vent thread kek. Some janny had too many glasses.

No. 1587274

That's clearly not meant to be a smiley. With that and the vent thread bans, are the new farmhands autistic?

No. 1587282

The farmhands have been autistic and bad at being mods since at least 2016.

No. 1587529

I like to believe they have a quirky sense of humor

No. 1588130

File: 1685116266170.jpg (11.58 KB, 854x80, furrap.jpg)

No. 1588938

File: 1685157850860.jpeg (84.62 KB, 828x726, IMG_4040.jpeg)


No. 1588954

Am I supposed to be seeing something? I don't get it

No. 1588963

Their mouths maybe?

No. 1589063

File: 1685174548774.jpg (198.06 KB, 1080x1558, IMG_20230527_100251.jpg)

No. 1589120

Kek, poor girl

No. 1589142

only shayna thread post that actually made me laugh

No. 1589264

That (what looks to be AI generated) pic is so creepy. Their faces..

No. 1589267

Just a few deformed children in a cave.

No. 1589277

It's obviously AI generated, I wish people stopped posting AI shit

No. 1589305

I fucking hate shaytards

No. 1589701

And there are anons that fully believe that the majority of shayfags are women.

No. 1589709

that poster is fucking creepy, he was all over /meta/ repeatedly asking questions about lc being transphobic while pretending it was for school. prob a troon

No. 1589720

I know, right? So fucking disgusting. If it is for a project (doubtful), the poster is underage and it's horrifying that a school would ever suggest a project to harass women on sites like this

No. 1589740

File: 1685238198111.jpg (21.45 KB, 712x219, 60637.jpg)

spit up water irl reading this

No. 1589777

one of the posts mentioned an existing prep school in britain but i doubt any school, no matter how woke, gave preteens an assignment to look up fringe websites. that's begging for a lawsuit.
the same anon repeatedly mentioned transphobia in particular and someone is coincidentally posting pro trans propaganda in /meta/
so it's def some troon or handmaiden. maybe the retarded tif personalityfag

No. 1589846

Nope, wasn't me who was spamming that bullshit. I was actually the anon you're replying to. Been trying to tone it down but it actually fucking annoys me when trannies spam the site or try to cram their opinions down women's throats. I get disagreeing but don't fucking spam links and tranny AI shit especially unsaged

No. 1590381

I thought it was funny as shit and I’m not a scrote lol

No. 1591762

File: 1685423661383.jpg (49.78 KB, 545x474, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1593490

File: 1685583750385.png (86.41 KB, 1080x1145, celebricows.png)

No. 1594038

File: 1685619762378.png (16.2 KB, 1375x331, just a nonnie.png)

No. 1594041

She sounds really boring tbh

No. 1594900

File: 1685680004352.png (8.84 KB, 818x369, homer.PNG)

No. 1594901

I’m wheezing

No. 1594902

Homer simon a, otherwise known as horrible Simpson,

No. 1594903

STOP IT KEKKK i'm gonna piss my god damn pants

No. 1594908

File: 1685681328193.png (2.13 KB, 327x87, 1000percent.PNG)

No. 1595054

File: 1685707267214.png (33.29 KB, 1822x219, 45647.png)

No. 1595076

i saw this pasta elsewhere too, sadly

No. 1595175

still could have been originated here.

No. 1595435

File: 1685750401308.png (13.8 KB, 1896x165, Screenshot_6140.png)

No. 1595452

What the fuk

No. 1596524

File: 1685864729840.png (38.4 KB, 1053x269, down low.png)

some great posts in the pride thread

No. 1596525

File: 1685864849259.png (5.17 KB, 1822x73, stuck in closet.png)

No. 1597996

File: 1685980893502.png (42.21 KB, 791x431, transbye.png)

No. 1598064

File: 1685989243644.png (9.54 KB, 853x199, every fujo fanfic.png)

No. 1598221

File: 1686004139535.png (9.85 KB, 1808x89, hornycatnoises.png)

No. 1598227

This is making me laugh like the first time I read that hall post

No. 1598503

For context, this post was about the book Song of Achilles which makes it funnier.

No. 1599059

File: 1686089492770.jpg (41.39 KB, 720x451, IMG_20230607_001055.jpg)

From /g/ I present to you the best dressed person at every funeral

No. 1599376

File: 1686110620333.jpg (26.07 KB, 667x414, aw.jpg)

So polite

No. 1599508

Holy shit no way, I wrote this in the pride 2023 thread in reply to a moid who was saying women are weak because men used to fight in wars. Where else is it being used?

No. 1599561

Nta, it's a pretty epic post nona, I like the part when you bring up that even dogs know how to eat without dying.

No. 1599654

File: 1686136483109.png (42.3 KB, 753x896, jkhgfdrftgyhuijkjhg.png)

Kek ty, that was my favorite part too. I know we're not supposed to reply to moids and I don't usually but he had been shitting up multiple threads for hours and there weren't any mods around to give him a ban. And him using terms like "we" to refer to himself and the men who fought in ww2 as if there the same thing was just too funny for me to ignore. I think the mod even liked it a little because she only gave me a one hour ban as opposed to 12 hours. I'm happy that people liked it enough to use it elsewhere too, I'm so curious where the other nonnas have seen it being posted.

No. 1600450

File: 1686202321876.jpeg (52.65 KB, 997x638, IMG_4376.jpeg)

No. 1600546

File: 1686215068639.png (121.49 KB, 549x574, fashion advise.png)

No. 1600556

> him using terms like "we" to refer to himself and the men who fought in ww2
Men are so fucking delusional and full of stolen valor it's insane. And they won't even give their own mothers credit for still supporting them like babies at age 35. I hope my health holds out and I can see generation worthless faggot son living on the street in 10-20 years.

No. 1600613

They really on self identifying as important to justify their insane desire to control women to ensure coom success kek.

No. 1600715

File: 1686232002995.jpg (20.11 KB, 622x170, super mario looking ass.JPG)

No. 1600717

nona has dyslexia

No. 1600972

Stupid people are so annoying, fuck, like do something about it. Stupid fatty farting like a dumbass all over everyone over and over

No. 1601289

>Stupid people are so annoying
>saying this without reading the thread it was from
she doesn't know what's causing it, weirdo

No. 1601302

File: 1686270731581.png (268.78 KB, 1080x1917, ritard.png)

No. 1601558

Stinky anon spotted

No. 1601871

File: 1686322459054.jpeg (128.53 KB, 804x1330, 560B2A85-3D4F-49EF-A974-389C24…)

No. 1601899

I read all his lines in his flat nasal voice and it sounds so realistic

No. 1602326

i posted the screen cap itt, i haven't seen it anywhere but the pride thread 2023

No. 1602503

File: 1686370772918.jpg (66 KB, 674x834, 8u92274.jpg)

the dumbass shit threads are so relatable.

No. 1602508

What the hell is this reaction? Go outside lol

No. 1602545

File: 1686374588340.png (62.16 KB, 1080x938, anon.png)

No. 1602561


No. 1602591

I actually LOVE it when anons blogpost in Shayna's threads because it's always something weird as fuck. Shayna's threads are like the local trailer park istg.

No. 1602598

>If I smell like trash, imagine how horrible Shayna smells

No. 1602630

File: 1686384397733.png (63.85 KB, 1371x461, Creation of men.png)

No. 1602729

This is just a pretentious, pseudo-intellectual way of saying that men are soulless and we don't need them. Baby's first misandrist thought.

No. 1603020

File: 1686421846721.png (40.02 KB, 1329x409, Conflict.png)

No. 1603121

This thread is for funny caps, not run of the mill manifestos

No. 1603133

File: 1686428969072.jpeg (82.22 KB, 828x1072, 34B68AA5-28E6-47EC-A0B4-F77144…)

No. 1603160

Sonic's last reply brutal as usual

No. 1603398

File: 1686453262353.png (42.64 KB, 562x750, 17t2r4712.png)

No. 1603399

File: 1686453353166.png (218.58 KB, 596x392, larry stacy.png)

i love her

No. 1603414

I feel kind of bad but kek

No. 1603629

Same for me, I'm seriously about to buy this kusoge just for Larry.

No. 1604158

File: 1686533624921.png (70.42 KB, 1080x964, blog.png)

No. 1604162

Oh my god this is the anon who tried to say Lana del Rey is a heroin addict because she's fat

No. 1604165

this same anon comes into the luna thread all the time and i have such a hatred for her… she blogged about being on meth a few weeks ago too… always saying shes skinnier and prettier than luna as if thats hard.

No. 1605748

File: 1686682364055.png (18.5 KB, 2192x314, Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 19.51…)

No. 1605752

Embarrassing. I think she’s even worse than the cows precisely because she’s ”self-aware”.

No. 1605781

“I’m prettier”

No. 1606196

yeah why do people think being self aware somehow makes it better if you're a fuck up. it makes it worse. insane people are blessed by god they can't help themselves if they're fuck ups, they just don't understand. kinda the same way you won't blame a shark for shredding some seal apart but dolphins are actually psychos for toying with puffer fish because they get it. they know, sharks just swim and think nothing.

No. 1606722

File: 1686776018830.png (7.19 KB, 611x201, no bible studies in the farm.p…)

No. 1606831

File: 1686783528939.png (7.24 KB, 893x214, Screenshot_20230615-004810.png)

No. 1606965

File: 1686791467435.jpg (101.58 KB, 838x919, farms.jpg)

No. 1607112

File: 1686796919706.png (39.04 KB, 422x309, WHAT AHAHAHAHA.png)

this is old but i had it saved and laughed upon seeing it again. im pretty sure it was in a husbandos thread

No. 1607128

Never thought there was anyone weirder than Jamesfags but this sure is something. Good for her(??).

No. 1607211

File: 1686798718883.jpeg (143.81 KB, 1125x1223, 8A5492BA-039E-485E-B558-0396A0…)

Celebricow nonna shares her thoughts on The Idol.
>and his Boyega birthing hips

Nonna if you’re here, I’ve had a shitty past couple of weeks and the way you so eloquently shit on The Weeknd and Sam Levinson gave me a very hearty kek, such a way with words. Thank you for your service.

No. 1607354

i loved this too.

No. 1607753

File: 1686834454243.jpg (26.75 KB, 528x314, Untitled.jpg)

farmhand redtexts are always funniest to me

No. 1607762

this one really isn't

No. 1607996

the unexpected capitalisation makes it funny

No. 1608128

File: 1686859494402.png (147.73 KB, 1382x919, On Husbandofagging.png)

No. 1608160

No. 1608169

Honestly sometimes I wish there was a separate female only imageboard where the husbando threads are allowed to thrive more than they do here, without LC's restrictions, and without the inactivity on CC. I enjoy the imageboard format more too, and that's one of the reasons I prefer to post on it instead of a Discord dedicated to the same thing. Fujos got fujochan and they made a yume board but it's clearly inactive or just got weird vibes and it was soon populated by Vtuber simps. I don't know how it is nowadays, it's been a year since I visited it.

No. 1608185

File: 1686862137777.png (55.86 KB, 595x343, mental instability.PNG)

No. 1608194

This is why I kind of wish I had the skills to make my own female otaku imageboard, I think I've talked about it before but it would be an all encompassing board for yumejos, shippers, fujos, etc. etc.

No. 1608196

there’s anons who whine if Shayna is mentioned anywhere outside her thread ever but the fake husband gals discuss their shit at length in pretty much every ot thread reeeeee should I make Brahms my husbando? will I finally understand it?

No. 1608509

File: 1686884431305.gif (9.96 MB, 540x480, tumblr_6492569a6f31a0d95437f8a…)


No. 1608514

What the fuck is this Second Life-looking monstrosity

No. 1608522

just another abusive moid.

No. 1608526

Top tier husbando who would do whatever he's told

No. 1608531

No. 1608535

File: 1686886323014.png (22.53 KB, 1800x249, kektrurghdfdghgjutwryr797.png)

No. 1608538

>no social security number
>lives in your walls
>never cheats
Literally why were they so afraid of him

No. 1608540

People with adhd can't do fucking anything

No. 1608717

File: 1686898538590.png (18.96 KB, 956x561, lemonhusband.png)

Love me some good husbando caps

No. 1608727

File: 1686899020147.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.65 MB, 2414x3000, il_fullxfull.4108836407_ok6o.j…)

Bring him to the husbando thread so we can discuss him together nonnie, I want to gossip and chat about him being a lap dog.
Sorry forgot to sage don't kill me, also spoiler for off topic have a nice day ladies

No. 1608746

File: 1686901295472.jpg (16.52 KB, 492x492, 1596669468393.jpg)

this is not how I expected being added in the hall of fame. take it back.

No. 1608783

this is very delicious, thank you nonna

No. 1609545

File: 1686963206600.png (6.36 KB, 1380x181, KEK.PNG)

No. 1609812

File: 1686996226622.png (501.49 KB, 1339x1152, Lovely Cats.png)

No. 1609885

Latereply but oh my god poor anon kek

No. 1610011

?? Do you guys not understand the purpose of this thread or what?

No. 1610012

File: 1687016854793.png (34.66 KB, 1367x415, belongs in a cave wearing skin…)

No. 1610269

wondering the same thing, it's supposed to be stuff that's hilarious, at least >>1610012 is funny… i cap a lot of stuff here but keep in my folder unless i think it's funny enough to be posted here. i honestly didn't understand why those caps you referenced were posted here either

No. 1610412

File: 1687048639892.jpeg (110.07 KB, 1179x1072, IMG_9294.jpeg)

No. 1610415

btw i'm still open to suggestions! if you even care.

No. 1610481

File: 1687055910771.jpeg (35.33 KB, 942x319, IMG_0903.jpeg)

No. 1610492

The word dildo inspired me to look for one of the best posts of all time, homemade-dildo anon. I can't share screenshots right now but while looking for it I found an anon posting a pic of a period blood clot with a makeup brush for scale >>1449409 which is horrifying. So if anyone would like to link makeshift dildo anon that would be great, one of the best posts

No. 1610833

No. 1610859

>an anon posting a pic of a period blood clot
based. i was just going to post on the confessions thread that i take pics of my blood clots if they come out in impressive sizes. never posted or sent any pictures to anyone anywhere though they're just for me to gawk at. like, i birthed that!

No. 1611623

File: 1687149895562.png (114.76 KB, 1080x648, IMG_20230618_214339.png)

No. 1611710

File: 1687158914921.png (12.59 KB, 619x290, Screenshot 2023-06-19 2.57.22 …)

No. 1611727

File: 1687161316019.png (6 KB, 465x254, hwat.png)

No. 1611846

Harry styles has 4 entire nipples

No. 1611917

How do you know? Because he’s British and he need to register his Nipple License for each new nipple?

No. 1611930

File: 1687178267699.png (100.91 KB, 1080x1011, watch.png)

No. 1611937

Yes, actually he's been saving up money for a new one after all in fact of course

No. 1612762

File: 1687257687023.png (23.39 KB, 220x285, IMG_7894.png)

>should I make Brahms my husbando
Yes, he's sexy and his music highkey slaps.

No. 1612777

I missed the blood clot post. Would have posted some of my big chewy ones to flex on her.

No. 1612976

File: 1687275972619.png (15.83 KB, 1080x309, anonscaps.png)

No. 1612995

File: 1687276976327.jpeg (50.59 KB, 970x544, IMG_7889.jpeg)

No. 1613007

references to this thread aren't automatically meta humor

No. 1613169

woah, what theme is that?

No. 1613301


No. 1613344

more like eyeroll

No. 1613705

File: 1687358503124.png (67.13 KB, 1834x352, gayshit.png)

No. 1613744

File: 1687361961897.png (9.41 KB, 1278x247, Its not.png)

No. 1613767

File: 1687363826523.png (118.4 KB, 561x347, luigi shou7ld be bald.png)

I feel like I've gone through the whole list and can't find it, I'd like to know too!

pic unrelated

No. 1614153

This was in unconventional attractions kek

No. 1614275

Thank you for not posting young Brahms! Everyone has the hots for baby face Brahms but I like hairy scary Brahms. He will never love me like he loved Clara Schumann!

No. 1615920

File: 1687567344201.png (3.97 KB, 669x141, no u.png)

It always cracks me up when an anon gets redtexted for something they accuse someone else of doing. Pottery.

No. 1616330

File: 1687609369713.png (63.39 KB, 1292x908, sonic.PNG)

i love lolcow kek

No. 1616349

i don't understand nonnies that say this website is dead. like do they think it's only fucker whos talking to herself in every single thread and board? kek all that aside i hope lolcow lives on forever. love ya nonnies

No. 1616427

it unironically does feel like there's only 3 people on every board though kek

No. 1617018

File: 1687673850314.png (5.84 KB, 442x112, meta.png)

No. 1617044

File: 1687681399990.jpeg (32 KB, 679x600, CWC.jpeg)