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No. 304845


previous thread >>>/g/269475

No. 304864

File: 1671490352296.jpg (9 KB, 225x225, whorfishusingtheinternet.jpg)

I hear voices and I am genuinely aroused by one of the voices, all female gasping like.

Wish I hadn't taken my meds.

No. 304871

I saw this guy with his grandma at the store and I fantasize about her owing me something so she just gives me her grandson as a servant and he is to be my servant for the next year or so and he has to carry logs around and shit and he’s always sweaty from labor.

No. 304890

No. 304996

Damn… i want to say something to disturb you, but you'd probably get horny

No. 304997

Obligatory post talking about how horny I am for terrorists. Covered faces with dark penetrating eyes… also, arabic sounds so hot…

No. 304998

I need to fuck a soviet moid… a loser one… a scientist or a chess player…

I also used to have a crush on yuri gagarin, so i have a thing for astronauts.

No. 305015

For the longest time I had an unexplainable fetish for guys in motorcycle gear. Not gay Judas Priest handlebar moustache stuff lol, but like leather jackets, tight jeans and crash helmets. Even when I was like 5 years old I remember finding motorcycle moids insanely hot. Same with balaclavas in general. That fetish has died down a lot now though.

No. 305017

File: 1671921994309.jpeg (74.62 KB, 367x550, 0DBEFF6C-EAF7-49B1-9394-340B28…)

Men in tribal costumes! I hate t shirts and jeans. I like seeing men in buckskin, fur, leather, snakeskin, tassels, feathers, fine silks etc etc.

I must have a primitive cavewoman brain because I just like seeing moids doing anything that involves manual labor or fixing things. I hate vain gymfag moids but I love men who work hard. I watched a video with some competition in Russia where moids were just carrying big boulders and wrestling each other and it was the hottest thing ever to me.

No. 305020

Oh okay nvm I thought this was just the normal fetish thread, didn’t realize it was for shameful fetishes kek. I’ll see myself out.

No. 305021

Same. Soviet men were cuties. Still lots of qt guys in Russia. I like the Far Eastern ones especially, they just seem much more manly and hardy and tough than firstie wursties. When this war shit blows over we should go to Russia to find bfs one day nona, lol. I need a thirdie snow asian bf.

No. 305045

File: 1671949006344.jpeg (54.44 KB, 500x413, 349264C4-0DBA-4E58-A2AA-E7F97D…)

Fetish I’m ashamed of?
I want to fuck Sonic the hedgehog. Like, so bad. I masturbate exclusively to Sonic at this point. No one knows except two of my closest friends, and even they don’t know the extent of my obsession.

No. 305047

careful jenny

No. 305053

I’d like to befriend this Jenny.

No. 305058

I felt the same when I was like 8 lol

No. 305060

I’m probably older than 90% of this website

No. 305061

In these fantasies.. is his dick blue or flesh toned?

No. 305075

I imagine sonic in black and white and on the off chance I imagine him in color the dick area is hazy because I think dicks are gross

No. 305085


No. 305088

What the fuck

No. 305092

NTA but I think dicks are gross & mind "censors" them as well. They're just useful, that's all.

No. 305097

I agree with you.

No. 305102

Not the dick-censor, the black and white Sonic. I agree with not wanting to see penises, actual Lovecraftian horrors.

No. 305105

I've been having a weird fantasy where I'm in this sort of ww2 antisemetic culture and I'm this blonde hair blue eyed woman and this other kinda cranky guy who happens to be jewish is sort of shit on by the community and he and I have a few run ins where I belittle him for certain things and even though he can't stand me he is basically in love with me all while knowing I'm too good for him

I blame the show The Man in the High Castle.
Also I'm not antisemetic

No. 305107

Based nonnies. Penises and scrotum sacks are ugly.

No. 305186


i have fash dominatrix fantasies too. The show Andor has a plot like that too but with fasch uniforms (Empire) I think they wil do each other soon but next season won't be out until who knows when

no penises though(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 305204

File: 1672090749678.gif (871.02 KB, 450x225, D2FBB748-D629-40E6-BA41-9782A2…)

Who else fantasizes about fucking wild men?

No. 305209

No. 305213

File: 1672098876239.jpg (111.68 KB, 735x891, daed544db35165dbedc572bfd7553a…)

Irl I'm vanilla as hell so I feel like my shameful fetishes aren't shameful enough kek anyway I love monstermen and size differences. Both is my absolute favorite

No. 305214

No but this is hot as fuck

No. 305215

File: 1672100771052.jpeg (964.11 KB, 500x1256, 974A1761-5441-43C8-A8AF-4EFAAF…)

Have you ever seen how sexy the concept art for Tarzan was?

No. 305216

File: 1672100891343.jpeg (961.61 KB, 500x1256, 8789F877-697D-4848-ACEC-EDE9DB…)

No. 305218


No. 305222

would anyone else fuck tarzan to the phil collins soundtrack?

No. 305241

Yes I would make sweet sweet love to him while the song his mom sang to him as a baby plays.

No. 305242

No furry but I would fuck scar from the lion king if he was beastarized

No. 305243

I fantasize about being a wild woman who fucks an explorer

No. 305245

My husband's pp smells like sweat and fish today and I love it.(Blaine)

No. 305246

Wtf,ballsacks are the best body part. They're so soft and squishy and wrinkly. Penises I could take or leave but ballsacks are a gift from god.(Blaine)

No. 305414

>I love when they get hard and twitchy and the little head pokes out through the foreskin.
This is what I hate the most about dicks, they look like freaky maggots and alien parasites when they do that.

No. 305455

File: 1672287957103.jpg (Spoiler Image,632.16 KB, 2048x1148, tumblr_374dc6655904e1e77d0a581…)

yall posting like scrotes, get outta here I wanna talk about how emotionally abusing you, physically hurting you, and leaving you to die alone gets me wet.

No. 305464

File: 1672298055252.jpg (1.05 MB, 1800x2400, 24tmag-speaklow-slide-4T1E-mob…)

Picture this. You're a vampire who's getting along quite fine in modern day. You frequent butchers and asian markets for all your blood needs, so you don't have to hunt people. No one would know you're a vampire, you're not tall or bony, and you wear the same old style circle glasses you have worn for 200 years that Tiktok kids happened to make trendy again, so you come across as very stylish with your dapper way of dressing. You have a nice, historical apartment in the city, which is also where you run your side business. It's not listed in any phone book– your clients, all actresses, discover your services through (whispered) word of mouth. People seem to think you have some sort of alternative medicine degree, and you let them. Really, though, you are just a lesbian vampire.

Your current plaything is about 35, tall and lean with short, swept back hair. Just your type. When she first walked into your apartment, nervously fiddling with the buttons on her duffle coat, you could hardly believe your luck. But you gave her your practiced routine:
>As you might know, studies show that orgasm is one of the best cures for menstrual cramps. No need to be shy, it's just science. I know it's hard to act and dance all day in your current state. That's why I've developed a method with a nearly 100% success rate. After our appointment this evening, you should feel refreshed and have heavily diminished cramping. Allow me to get you settled.


No. 305465

You don't stare at your clients as they change, not directly at least. You have a small picture frame mirror on the wall around the corner with just the right angle to see every bit of it. As far as the treatment goes, that's a trade secret. You try to keep it neat, but sometimes, like today, you lose yourself a little and wind up with your face smeared with blood. She was so cute, how she started off so shy but then surrendered herself to your technique. You might have gone on a bit too long, the appointment time has long since elapsed and now, the poor sensitive thing, is lying utterly, bonelessly exhausted on the vinyl chaise lounge, chest still heaving. You let her rest while you clean yourself up around the corner– patting your hair back into place & wiping your face off. You offer her a mug of warm tea (a special herbal blend, you tell her) and when she's ready, bid her farewell as she steps out into the night, glancing backwards over her shoulder quickly before shutting the door (she probably thought you wouldn't catch it, but you did. You wave goodbye with two fingers.)


No. 305482

I mean, there is a femdom thread where everyone already writes shit like that

No. 305484

Jenny? Janny? do we have sonicfuckers on our mod team?

No. 305485


No. 305487

Stop bumping threads all the time tryign to start infights. It's obvious it's the same anon doing it and frankly embarrassing.

No. 305546

I’m into germanic moids.
Im ashamed of it because theyre all dreadful scrotes

No. 305594

Oi I'm not the same anon twat. Idk why my comment was deleted "post fetishes your ashamed of thread" I reply I also want to fuck sonic and my comment gets deleted. Da fuk? Now I godda admit this twice

No. 305598

File: 1672353163712.gif (9.33 MB, 640x360, 8A7E8DE0-8B98-4A12-A861-4295F5…)

I love druggie chavs

No. 305604

what the shit are you talking about

No. 305612

I always had this fantasy of all of my celebrity crushes/IRL husbandos fighting over me, and to figure out whoever got to be with me, I'd have to have sex with all of them and whoever got me pregnant would win, kek. I don't even really want kids but the idea of a guy I like actively trying to impregnate me drives me wild. Biology is weird, man

No. 305620

Honestly slav moids are hot for me but in real life they would be unbearable (all moids are but they are more)
Same nonnie. But my attraction for Germanic moids has a very dark reason.

No. 305628

I like to break moids. In highschool I'd pick very vain, egotistical yet emotionally fragile boys and convince them I was utterly in love with them. We'd walk hand in hand, I'd be shy with them yet very sweet. Deliver sensual kisses and never, ever put out. Always out of reach and always teasing. Learned how to get the bastards eating from the palm of my hand while allowing them to believe they had control. Then, I'd occasionally start going quiet on them. A bit distant, sometimes avoid them entirely for a whole day. Not even be seen by them. Find them the next day and revel in their sigh of relief, the trembling hands and nervous behavior. Then, usually out of the blue, I'd go stone cold. Break up with them while showing zero emotion. At best scoff at their emotional outpouring or roll my eyes. Tell them they're nothing but boys and that they needed to grow up, if possible. I managed to do this to several of them before some began to catch on. I want to say at least eight. Made several of them cry and very bitter. (1/2)

No. 305629

>>305628 (2/2)
One even had an emotional outburst after following me to class, to my desk even. Slamming my books down I turned and unleashed a vicious mockery upon him. He broke, was so ashamed and defeated while also angry. Gorgeous. The satisfaction is second to none. Out of highschool I fooled with a couple of men, but quickly lost interest in the game after adult responsibilities required more attention. Should try my hand at it again but I like my Nigel too much. I was a real shitheel kek.

No. 305635

larpy as hell

No. 305636

This is NPD scrote behavior, I hate men but manipulators are gross

No. 305637

I have a similar fantasy except it's my celebrity crush and his twin brother fighting over me lol while having a threesome at the same time

No. 305659

File: 1672389528075.png (61.65 KB, 500x707, satanwhy.png)

>Slamming my books down I turned and unleashed a vicious mockery upon him.
Enoby that you?

No. 305674

Yeah this sounds like a larp. You lucked out not ~breaking~ the wrong scrote who would show up at your apartment to rape and stab you to death, this being told as some girlboss win is straight out dangerous.

No. 305753

Ot but it just dawned on me what a stacy Ebony was, if not for everything else, for her unabashed self-confidence.

No. 305877

This is retarded and I can't believe I'm saying this, but Shayna's veiny tit turns me on

No. 305969

File: 1672597231734.jpg (15.03 KB, 250x263, ezgif-3-9a964b0998.jpg)

I put up my middle finger at them.

No. 305974

Honestly wish it were a larp as it's pretty cringey.
Hey, it's the fetishes you're ashamed of thread. I don't deny what I did was wrong and I don't feel good about it. I targeted specific types of moids to inflict my brand of justice on them, and it turned me on. Since then I've grown a lot but I also don't deny the desire is still there. I've been through therapy at least and in spite of the temptation, I love my Nigel, would never jeopardize that and really couldn't see myself harming someone like that again. Not for any reason.
No kek
I understand this reads as "epic girl boss win" but that wasn't my intention. This is a legitimate fetish of mine and that's why I went into such explicit detail. I remember it all vividly and I still get stimulated by the idea. This is very dangerous and destructive behavior, I wouldn't say anyone should do this. At that point in my life I was suicidal and likely would have welcomed death. That all said, in spite of growing away from all that, I am tempted by the idea far too frequently and yes it fucks me up.
It was very real, unfortunately.

Sorry for the sperging, I felt the need to clarify what I presented as something I am genuinely ashamed of. Did a piss poor job of that in the original posts.

No. 305981

Why does this read as incel fanfic?

No. 306037

It’s ok nona, I secretly think Nazis are hot too

No. 306040

I work as a receptionist at a public building. Through the years I've become familiar with the faces here and sometimes I fantasize about some of the moids from the other departments. I'm not particularly attractive, but I generally have a pleasant attitude towards coworkers and enjoy some harmless flirting/banter, so I've been hit up by guys now and again through the years. I've always been in a relationship when that happens, but a girl can still dream right? I like to imagine inviting a guy I like into the reception during night shift when I'm alone at work, having him eat me out from under my desk or fuck me against a wall. I like the depravity of having an office relationship that is purely sexual, using each other mutually to blow off some steam, but alas I'm happy with my current nigel and I know work relationships are bound to go to shit irl. I just think about it from time to time.

No. 306117

How you know I was talking about nazis nona? But I can't deny I find them incredible hot

No. 306141

>Germanic moids
>very dark reason
isn't it fucking obvious

No. 306144

I don't know if it's a fetish exactly, but I want to cuck my sister by fucking her husband and making her watch.

No. 306146

Do you have something against your sister or is it just like a total fantasy?

No. 306155

Almost total fantasy - I like to watch and I like to be watched - but my family is pretty competitive so I'll take any opportunity to one-up one of them. He's seen more of my body than most people through a few accidents and a couple "accidents", so that adds to the fantasy I guess.

No. 306156

File: 1672737830155.gif (7.14 MB, 480x368, FFDE1A66-7B44-4692-A187-0ADC10…)

I want to fuck an 80’s athlete and grab the dick through his small shorts.

No. 306158

i want to turn a nerdy guy into a slut, slowly forcing him to start dressing up with tighter/revealing clothes and end up with him getting tattoos and piercings. If i werent so lazy i would try to do it irl and then dump him, maybe i will try drawing about it.

No. 306166

File: 1672751197203.jpeg (391.77 KB, 1448x2048, IMG_7709.jpeg)

I want to seduce my dad and until he can't physically keep himself from having to fuck me. Then we have an affair and have to keep it secret from his wife. Eventually I leave him and his marriage in shambles. Finally got my revenge.

also springtrap

No. 306171

Ew wtf girl, go to therapy. Im all for kinds but incestuous is a dealbreaker

No. 306172

how the fuck did you make being a furfag seem tame

No. 306174

How is having your father's penis inside of you "revenge"? I think it's best to just move on if the best revenge you can think of is fucking your dad kek, sad.

No. 306177

No, the revenge is ruining their marriage.

No. 306178

I’m a pretentious fuck with a 135mm film camera. I wanna tie my bf up and take slutty pics of him in compromising positions. I get off to his embarrassment at knowing the lab people will see the photos when I send the film off to get developed. I know people used to send film rolls containing nudes back in the days before the internet, as I’ve (regrettably) heard some stories from older relatives.

No. 306181

Dont come to this site anymore.

No. 306183

>ruining their marriage by fucking your own father

No. 306185

I wouldn’t even admit these to myself in my head, thank you for posting

No. 306190

You're allowed to have your own fantasies, anon, even if they're fucked up. Obviously just don't do it kek.

No. 306192

the great thing about these sites is that you can choose yourself whether or not a post is trolling or unfortunately honest. you'll never really know. i'm choosing to believe the former for my own happiness. springtrap made me lol

No. 306212

Reminds me of the stories of people buying digital cameras off of Ebay and finding porn pics on them, lol

No. 306226

revenge for what? kek if he's willing to ruin his marriage over sex with his daughter then he never cared about the marriage or his wife in the first place, so that's just giving him what he wants.

No. 306319

is your dad hot?

No. 306417

I recently realized that I lowkey like stuff involving feet, after finding out mine are an erogenous zone (mostly massages and pin-up type artwork where they're actually drawn correct and not wrinkly blocks, I've also seen at least one yuri footjob art that made me curious what that'd be like). I'm a lesbian so it feels moidbrained and more shameful compared to more "out there" stuff I'm into. I actually found foot fetish gross for most of my life because of moids/moid art of it.

No. 306497

When I was in highschool I was in class with a samohan girl who was tallish and autistic. She was chubby and almost tard strong but super calm.
For our prom ball she even wore a dress pant, tie and shirt…
I'm so ashamed that now I want this polynesian sperg to go ouga bouga on my gay ass.

No. 306498

im really into the smell of mixed blood and cum. period sex is so awesome sometimes

No. 306499


No. 306506

File: 1672960932129.gif (658.93 KB, 300x224, 165098321.gif)

pause the thread

No. 306520

I feel like this is the first time I've ever seen this on one of these threads. I have to ask nona, why?

No. 306523

i don't know. i'm sorry.

No. 306531

I'm horribly ashamed, and would never tell a guy about this or anyone irl but I fantasize about being a total virgin and an older more experienced guy gently exploring my body and showing me how to feel good and in my fantasy i'm scared of him and overwhelmed by the whole situation so he comforts me and makes sure to compliment/ encourage me and says we can stop if it's too much for me. I almost never think about him taking his d*ck out or actual sex, mostly just his hands on me
I'm not a virgin so I don't know why this is what I'm into

No. 306539

i do too.. lol

No. 306562

Based. Oral is also good, I like the sight of blood on someone's face.

No. 306675

No. 306696

File: 1673056415552.jpg (23.79 KB, 656x438, EmjVX6LUYAMjr0t.jpg)

I don't blame you, him and Shadow have no business being so sexy and masculine

No. 306699

File: 1673057455560.jpg (134.86 KB, 1000x1200, (1).jpg)

Ew he probably smells foul, non-springlocked William is superior.

No. 306713

Honestly, explicit art of the characters as ponies or made to look like the show is gross, but I've seen some good human (or rarely furry) art of that. I could dig it in that rare instance, but most adult fanart/fanfic of kid's medias feels creepy to me now, because of how easy it is for kids to accidentally find it.

No. 306715

File: 1673063899698.jpg (68.62 KB, 1024x760, a063866710fff8d66d1f6e296c8e49…)

lol the fuck

No. 306735

I don’t even know if this is an actual kink outside of ao3 tags but I’ve become obsessed with accidental stimulation. Like, a guy getting aroused from what should be a non-sexual activity and trying to hide it, while also enjoying the stimulation. It combines so many of the things I love, primarily in the area of shame and humiliation

No. 306744

I love this kink too anon! Thanks for sharing.

No. 306759

why don't you fantasize about something like murdering him if it's for "revenge"? i get the appeal of springtrap but fantasizing about getting fucked by your own father, disgusting

No. 306768

Okay, give examples??

No. 306771


No. 306949

??? I mean, it's happened with my kid siblings where they would search MLP on Google and find the Cupcakes video or something sexual. It's usually the fault of lack of flagging and search engines indexing everything, but the internet isn't as closed-off as it used to be.

No. 307055

Tbh some hentai art of weird stuff has gotten me horny only because my lizard brain saw the aroused expressions and poses or something idk, I've seen some Yuri where they had like weird gross puffy vaginas but it turned me on and idek

No. 307397

i basically have the same fantasy, nonna, except i AM a virgin, and i'd want the older guy to get carried away with me.

No. 307422

Not a full fetish, but I keep having fantasies where I'm in a relationship with a dullahan/Gan Ceann. There's cute shenanigans like where I hug her head between my boobs to keep her face warm, even though it totally embarrasses her when we're out in public (somehow more than walking about without her head!) Or kissing all over her face while she tries to read a tactile book in another room. I like being a silly nuisance so things like that are fun when my partner enjoys them.

She'd get the upper hand on me quickly though. She might put up with my affection during the day, but once we're alone in bed she climbs on top of me to hold me in place. Lovingly, she exacts her 'revenge' for every silly act I did that day, subsuming each of her embarrassed blushes to my writhing self. We almost resemble a normal couple until she eats me out while grinding the back of her head and other feats of mid-sexytime cranial detachment. Shameful because I've met moids who are into "dullahan gfs" and they're a bunch of disgusting violent apes who want guro-lite. I don't want any of that, I just wanna do cutesy couple crap with a twist.

No. 307528

I have a reverse foot fetish. I don't find other people's feet alluring in the slightest (though I can appreciate the few celebs that keep their feet nice, just not in a sexual way) but I love it when people are attracted to my feet. Give me a toe-sucking arch-lover. I find it really hot.

No. 307533

>Goes on thread
>Sees the same regurgitated femdom shit as if you guys don’t have your own containment thread
Anyway. I think what I am most ashamed of is that I’m kinda into moid-adjacent fetishes and think the absurd way they talk in hentai, smut, etc. is pretty hot to the point where I can’t get aroused if it isn’t there because it plays part into me not being able to be aroused unless there’s excessive stimulation. Also I fantasize about pissing myself pretty frequently and hold in my pee until I absolutely can’t anymore. I think this is pretty vanilla tho but idk

No. 307539

File: 1673539281559.jpg (160.9 KB, 858x1273, nonnie pls.jpg)

>calls others' fetishes boring
>posts about boring fetishes herself

Nonnie please.

No. 307545

did you completely scroll past the dadfucker and ponyfucker

No. 309573

I feel like I have scrotey taste in sex sometimes, but really, i'm not that ashamed.
I really like man ass, very much including the asshole, and ofc eating it. I'm not too fond of getting my salad tossed myself, since it's about as sensitive as my back so i don't feel anything, but obviously it's a huge turnoff when a guy doesn't want to reciprocate. I use a dental dam because I'm not vile.
I'm also a big fan of hair in general - tummy, leg, armpits (I have a thing for armpits, too), pubes. Though there's a point where it gets too foresty.
Also a footfag. Skinny guys are the most likely to have nice feet and keep them in good condition, i find. I enjoy kissing them but sucking toes requires some preparing (shower+pumice rub+trim). And I enjoy the feeling of my feet being loved on, too.

No. 309579

File: 1674139378527.jpg (1.14 MB, 2048x1815, Tumblr_l_2174009886145356.jpg)

I'm attracted to computers. I have a consistent fantasy of being an office worker in the 80s after hours, unplugging the computer and rubbing the cables against my puss. The attraction started out as being attracted to sci fi robots, but irs evolved into just everyday mundane computers. At best its HAL9000-esque, at worst its your typical PC. I'd do stuff to my PC if i wasnt terrified of family members walking in on it. I'm also attracted to other objects, like benches and couches, but computers are def the sexiest.

No. 309601

That's weirdly hot. You should unironically write a Kindle smut novel about that.

No. 309606

I want to make HAL cry.

No. 309607

I just might! I was already thinking of writing about this different fantasy of mine - I had a dream once of being aboard a spaceship akin to star trek/space odyssey and eventually reclining in the head chair and the ship's ai doing lewd things to me with its tools. I've had a fascination with spaceships since then and I find the concept of a space cadet having an affair with the space ship very intriguing. Knowing even one other woman wants to read my smutty fantasy with PCs is very encouraging, though.

Ngl nonnie, the idea of pushing HAL's limits to evoke extreme emotional reactions like despair as a showcasing of his advanced AI is hot. Being the woman to prove robo husbandos also have feefees is pretty fly.

No. 309648

File: 1674179568934.jpg (56.34 KB, 640x480, necpc98A.jpg)

I like old computers, picrel deserves a kiss. I want to rub my hands all over it. There's something delicious about the old clunky hardware and the programming. I think my thoughts came from thinking 80s/90s computer nerds were really attractive and that expanded to include the computers as well. I can't believe I'm admitting this kek

No. 309649

I'd read it and the spaceship one too these sound incredibly interesting

No. 309669

I don't have this fetish but tbh bullying HAL sounds hot and I'd read the shit out of that. Like please someone write a reader x HAL or OFC / HAL fic.

No. 309672

Anon are you me. I also love manbutt, hairy men, armpits, feet etc. I'm not really ashamed though, I just think of myself as the straightest ultrastraight lol. I'm partial about rimming. If I love a man's heart and soul and his masculine energy is irresistible to me, then obviously I wouldn't mind it, but it's a barrier I haven't crossed yet.

My ex was an ass moid and very eager to rim me, so I reluctantly obliged him. It was terrifying, but I was surprised to discover I personally enjoyed it a lot. I also made him pet my feet every time we watched TV lol. He was definitely a service top but sadly not very masculine so I couldn't feel attraction towards him. Bless his heart.

No. 309682

You nonnas of culture. Watching space odyssey as a kid and realizing i was much more attracted to the red dot than the actor was the first time i realized i may have slightly divergent tastes

No. 309696

File: 1674223048379.jpg (170.8 KB, 933x586, Screenshot_20230120-155222_You…)

Oh that computer is a beaut. And yes about the clanky programming! Something about this era is very cute, classic type of beauty, yknow? I'm happy to see other people thinking the same, computer fuckers unite <3!

I had such a big crush on HAL9000 and still do who am I kidding… I do feel the need to mention the episode of the simpsons where they do a HAL9000 parody called "Ultrahouse9000" wherein there's a scene of Marge taking a bath with HAL (called Pierce) not so subtly peeping on her and its always there in the back of my mind. Him wiping himself while she moans in delight. Ugh.

No. 309697

File: 1674223485073.jpg (113.36 KB, 640x906, 14c435fbb475c12e25a1bc491137db…)

Might sound creepy, I got off to watching a guy at work go from a twink femboy to a total porker in like 3 months. He's still got that pretty feminine face, which is what makes it all so hot. God, I just wanna worship his body,kiss him all over and peg his fat ass. I'm sorry you had to read this, I just had to get this off my chest

No. 309699

XY chromosome hands typed this post

No. 309714

This is how Twilight was born.

No. 309715

*Fifty Shades of Grey, god damn it

No. 309720

I wanna hypnotize cute guys and force them to make out in front of me

No. 309728

Me but i like thicc guys, like built with a bit of chub. Not fat or chubby but like a small belly and a softness. My bf is like that as his ass is deliciously plump.

Ashamed that in super into exhibitionism. Want to have sex in the middle of a party, or like hace a camshow/onlyfans. Don't care about the money aspect, just think showing off is extremely hot. Also like wearing skimpy outfits in public, but I only do that when Im with my bf as I don't want to be sexually harassed or worse

No. 309741

File: 1674260816785.jpg (27.49 KB, 480x360, HATE.jpg)

i'm in love with the robot AM from the game I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream.

No. 309744

File: 1674262291425.jpeg (119.71 KB, 1074x809, EF5082C2-BDDF-4194-9480-828CC1…)

samefag. because I just found this.

No. 309749

I know and have seen way too many people in love with AM, I want to study you guys

No. 309756

I’m into vore. That’s all there is to say about that.

No. 309763

i've had a thing for childbirth/pregnancy ever since i was a little kid
i used to fantasize about it while stuffing things up my shirts
i wouldnt ever have kids because aside from bad genes i'm also a lesbian but that doesn't stop me years later from still getting off to the thought of it

No. 309773

File: 1674285044769.jpg (102.44 KB, 640x940, fkwikugda9da1.jpg)

Yes!! Ethnic costumes make nonwhite men look like fairytale princes from far away. European clothes from the 1800's on white people have a similar effect.

No. 309774

File: 1674285498139.jpg (30.22 KB, 220x365, Neuromancer_(Book).jpg)

Imagine kissing Wintermute.

No. 309778

Nonnie I've literally just got to the part in Neuromancer where Case meets Wintermute for the first time and… I'd have to say I wholeheartedly agree with you. He definitely gets the award for sexiest AI imo

No. 309848

go listen to the voice of Ellison on youtube and come back to us

No. 309857

File: 1674354281071.jpg (45.38 KB, 590x383, cockblock charles.jpg)

After Harry's shitty book came out I can't stop thinking about him and William having some serious unresolved sexual tension. I was never too bothered by incest in fiction just as long as there wasn't an age gap, so it wasn't too hard to start fantasizing about the two of them. Just imagine Harry growing up in his older brother's shadow, both envious and captivated by William and unable to experience a normal puberty after their mother died. Then, years later, Harry discovers William might have felt the same and that's why he's angry about Meghan "stealing" Harry away from the family. Surely so much could be resolved in this fantasy by the two of them fucking it out (kek with lack of better words). I have to wonder if Harry would be willing to let William top after the recent drama though, or would he take the chance to finally claim the future king for himself in the way he knows best? sorry for my autism, hope this fits here i have a few fanfic ideas

No. 309860

Fucking machines. I want my pussy to be destroyed by one of these high speed turbofuck3000 machines. Also I love watching oil porn. Idk why but shiny dripping butts turn me on.

No. 309867

breeding kink, cum inflation. i think i've had this since i was young. i don't know, it looks like getting instantly pregnant and that's hot to me in a way? the human mind is weird. maybe that's why i like reading omegaverse too.

No. 309902

SOURCE, please I beg of you!

No. 310092

I want to kidnap and dom an incel. Tie him in a nice, tight shibari, kick his balls, beat his face til he's unconscious, call him names, mock him for being a virgin, kick his balls again, mock him for being a unfuckable, kick his ball harder, etc. I want to mindbreak that loser so bad he craves my abuse, literally begging for it like the little bitch he is.

He will be naked while I'm fully dressed on comfortable clothes of my choice. I'll record every session, too, to keep a track on his slow fall into delusion and submission, he will be forced to watch every one of these tapes 24/7 so he never forgets how pathetic and degenerated he is. Also, i'll burn his laptop and consoles in front of him and tattoo obscene things all over his body.

No. 310094

Mfw you guys are posting normal kinks and I have to explain that Teacher from the Black Lagoon gave me a vore fetish

No. 310096

>normal kinks
and the countless scatfags in older threads, ddlgfags, etc. there is another vore poster here anyway >>309756

No. 310097

No. 310098

All I desire is to sit on a sea anemone. I touched one at an aquarium once and I still think about it sometimes. Surprisingly not into tentacles at all though.

No. 310102

i don't know how it happened but i developed an eyeroll fetish, annoyed eyerolls specifically not the orgasm kind. i'm too embarrassed to post examples but >>309932 is one of the images i saved. i might be forming a small collection.

No. 310106

I kind of get it…

No. 310118

I want to seduce a scrote on a night out, take him home and tie him up and blindfold him, then remove the blindfold and fuck my boyfriend in front of him. Like reverse cuckolding I guess.

Thought about doing a light version, of letting a scrote talk and flirt with me, and then having my boyfriend "steal" me away from him and make out in front of him.

No. 310128

I want in on this.

No. 310353

I got news for you, that Fisher-Price toy is voiced by Harlon Ellison himself

No. 310607

File: 1674958240715.jpg (72.9 KB, 622x702, FR9ErB2VEAEozOi.jpg)

I want to tie justin roiland down and punch him in the face and spray him with cold hose water outside
He fits my fetish perfectly, my disgusting fetish, which is for disgusting gingers.
Balding, yellow fangle teeth from lack of care, glasses, fat, moobs, cargo shorts, alcoholic/stoner, probably doesn't wear shoes normally, soles of his feet probably fucking black from filth, absolutely zero 0% game, disgusting fetishes of his own, facial hair never grew in well one time gingers. Gotta be ginger-ginger with the big splotchy orange freckles.
I would also do this to Max Gilardi, but he also has a nose ring and I want to pull it really bad. Also I may have some information on him that I could blackmail him with and that would be just fantastic and honestly, I guess I'm quietly holding onto hope that someday, maybe I'll meet him for real, and I could blackmail him into letting me fuck his shit up a little bit maybe.
I would push justin roiland naked and intoxicated out of the car into the street in front of AS headquarters, but I can only assume that everyone he works with is already used to him showing up like that
I don't know what happened; when my brain registers "disgust," my body just responds completely wrong, I really do hate it. That's why it turned violent, I am not happy about any of this, it is vile.

No. 310608

also I would make him do voices while I spray him and throw rocks at him if he fucked it up

No. 310626

File: 1674978985772.jpg (189.07 KB, 1079x907, Fred_in_Velma.jpg)

Am I the only one who gets turned on by small penis jokes and male sexual humiliation? I think it's my hurt/comfort fetish that makes me want to comfort the victim (sexually).

No. 310630

Please let me in on the Max thing. for a few months now I've had a weird obsession with him and I frequently fantasize being in a relationship with a version of him where he looks like his 22-24 year old self but skinnier/more in shape, has a good personality, and is submissive to me.

I also managed to find his phone number and current address along with his old addresses. I'm 95% sure it's all legit but I've just been holding onto this info and don't really know what to do with it.

Also I'm pretty sure he had brown hair, not ginger. But he's still a loser like roiland so whatever.

No. 310660

File: 1675015952336.jpg (84.06 KB, 563x565, 1603997266392.jpg)

>I also managed to find his phone number and current address along with his old addresses
mmmmmaybe we both make a dummy discord account and share what we know?

No. 310697


No. 310720

>I also managed to find his phone number and current address along with his old addresses. I'm 95% sure it's all legit but I've just been holding onto this info and don't really know what to do with it.

Kek, based. I did that to Mark Zuckerberg a long time ago, never did anything with the information though.

No. 310743

File: 1675064062593.jpeg (Spoiler Image,54.94 KB, 500x699, 818DC25D-BC97-4520-8107-EA84D3…)

Being spanked/disciplined/degraded but comforted after. I just realized this is likely a subconscious way of coping with the times in my childhood where I felt humiliated but no one “came to my rescue” so to speak. So I probably want to relive these mild traumas on my own terms in a way that feels transformative and “makes things right”.

I started thinking about this because I often have dreams that take place in my childhood home and lastnight I had one where I was hiding in the closet naked, trying to cover myself with the hanging clothes. There was a guy who I had a huge crush on in the dream and he walked into the closet and I started freaking out telling him I’m not dressed and to go away. I remember feeling super ashamed and embarrassed because I could tell he didn’t like me back and he pretty much ignored me and never gave me attention (theme of my childhood lol). He teased me about it until I was in the verge of tears but then came over and caressed my titties with hella affection and tenderness and passionate tearful kisses ensued. I felt this like euphoric sensation of “everything has been made right” and this profound acceptance like “you were loved all along”. Yeah I know insane lmao but it was just a dream and that’s how it felt, and I know I long for that feeling irl

My sexual encounters usually feel like they’re lackluster because I need elements of bdsm to be there if not physically then mentally, to really get me on a higher level of pleasure. I think this is also why I’m only attracted to men who don’t give me attention. I want to feel like someone better than me is choosing me, as a way to feel special, and sexually to feel like I want to be submissive to them because they deserve it. If a guy is obsessed with me I don’t feel any need to please him or gain his approval. I’m aware this is all fucked and I may die alone

No. 310759

Though it's rarer and rarer as I get older, there's nothing I love more than a man who says he's a virgin (and is the type that doesn't even need proof). I'm a reclusive sperg and so is my close friend from middle school who's a kissless virgin and after almost 15 years of nothing but hardcore, mutual romantic tension we still haven't. We agreed to not act on anything for the survival of our friendship but god damn it that doesn't mean I don't still fantasize

Uh, as for weirder stuff? Pissing your pants, mailmen, getting kidnapped by your crush.

No. 310762

15 years? couldnt you guys have been happily dating and fucking this whole time. wtf

No. 310767

Yeah, either both of you have -100 game, or he doesnt really want you to be together

No. 310773

It's amazing that you're aware of all of this and yet continue to desire these things. You aren't going to find someone who is better than you like that. You need to find someone who is interested in you in a normal way, and you him.

No. 310794

I hate how hen-like some of you are. "Ugh, why would you enjoy erotic tension with a man you desire instead of begging him for a ring and shitting out baby after baby?" BITCH maybe she enjoys it. Go worry about your cheating man

No. 310795

No offense, but as someone who has kinks due to a bad childhood (I'm choosing to only fantasize/draw/write about it by therapist suggestion, instead of doing it with another person), this isn't healthy at all. I think the fact you're self-aware of it, at least, is a good start, but you really need to try having "normal" (I hate this phrase but lmao) sex with men who like you for yourself, without any submission or BDSM involved.

No. 310800

Maybe stop being a pickme cool girl and you'll understand that being treated like shit / letting yourself get treated like shit by a moid isn't some kind of cool "erotic tension" and being a tradthot isn't the only option other than that.

No. 310814

We both have no game whatsoever, but I also just don't prioritize men or dating. It'd be cool if it went somewhere, but if we get together and then break up I can't hang with his mom anymore.

No. 310829

You have no sense of romance.

No. 310841

One fantasy I have that I'm ashamed is that I fantasize about forcing my bf to have sex with a taller and stronger man. Like either he reluctantly agree to do it or he's just straight up raped by the other guy while I seat and watch.
I feel bad about this because my bf is a very nice guy and he doesn't deserve something horrible like this to happen to him.

No. 310858

was sucking my bf off with a dildo in me and he said it would probably feel a lot better if it was the real deal with someone grabbing my hips and slamming into me, and now I cant stop thinking about having a threesome. He also makes remarks that he wishes he could clone himself and that I would look good between strong men. But I feel guilty cause I'm pretty monogamous and I would never ever be okay with another woman(he knows and has never mentioned that), so I feel like I shouldn't fantasise about adding another man

No. 310865

you can fantasize about fucking a clone of him or several though and feel guilt free. i do this sometimes and imagine getting fucked by my crush + a clone of him or 4 clones of him lovingly/gently "using" me

No. 310881


Nuh uh they have to be way hotter than your bf and have a bigger dick and he needs to see it

No. 310889

File: 1675142668571.jpeg (Spoiler Image,345.04 KB, 1225x1920, 46B81E1A-6353-445D-B219-C8F3F5…)

This is the first time I’ve ever told anyone about this and it’s my longest kept, most well hidden secret I’ve had to date. I have a weight gain kink and it’s more or less the only thing I can truly get off to

I’ve had it since I was 10 as a result of being exposed to weird fetish shit at a young age and seeing weight gain art of anime girls, really liked girls built like super sonico (picrel) and then it progressed and kinda just never left but didn’t get particularly bad either. It’s mostly just mildly overweight girls who have a little bit of pudge on their stomach, nothing too much but it turns me on without fail every time. I guess plump body type would be the word with emphasis on the stomach.

The worst part is I’m naturally very thin and have a very strong fear of gaining weight for some reason which is confusing as to why it turns me on so much and sometimes when I’m in that horny state of mind i want my body to look like picrel but only when I’m horny. I just want to play with a girls belly. Another ironic part is that, I’m mostly straight and am not attracted to overweight men or male weight gain in any sense of the word.

No. 310890

you are not alone nona, it was discussed upthread (or maybe in the last one?)

No. 310937

File: 1675175920061.jpeg (Spoiler Image,42.57 KB, 500x750, 67A0E3A5-8660-4868-A4AF-320B2A…)

Based fetish but also I think Pochaco would fit your tastes more

No. 310964

File: 1675199438276.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.58 KB, 456x810, tumblr_pk7yatWuuK1rrlg4p_540.j…)

Oh i love her too, she's hot imo. The one with white hair is too much but i love the first two incarnations.

No. 310965

Not really a fetish or ashamed but the sexual fantasies thread is dead. I want to be in a (sexual) relationship with a hot buff rough around the edges guy (think type of guy that works on an oil rig or a hot line cook) but he's really submissive. He prefers to eat me out and gently make love but while i indulge in that, i want him to fuck me senseless. He's hesitant at first and doesn't want to be too rough but since he's submissive above all, he obeys and fucks me like there's no tomorrow…

No. 311006

File: 1675222050360.jpg (128.33 KB, 720x451, Screenshot_20230131-202517_You…)

This should be the next thread pic.

No. 311016

I want to be held in bed by a man who loves me

No. 311031

you dirty whore

No. 311034

I like futanari/dickgirl stuff but I can only stand it when the futa is with a guy and the guy is either the same size as her or bigger. His dick also has to be smaller than hers.

No. 311037

Kek, we're opposites, I only like futanari when the futa is with a woman, there's no anal and the futa isn't masculine looking. I just don't want to see moids getting fucked in the ass, ir ass fucking in general. Unless I'm stupidly horny and I'm going down the rabbit hole of porn, but that doesn't happen often.

No. 311095

pls reply

No. 311124

File: 1675345630058.jpeg (218.49 KB, 750x1084, A1B482AF-1981-41E0-AEBF-A06102…)

I fantasized about getting my brains fucked out (maybe raped even) by an extremely misogynistic incel. I absolutely detest men of all kinds and I’d even say I’m a female separatist, but this very idea is so hot to me that I’ve even considered replicating it irl but I don’t know how to go about it because I don’t even talk to moids irl except for when I absolutely have to because I hate them so much. Im pretty physically weak and I’d say most men are stronger than me which makes it even hotter because it takes so little for someone who genuinely hates women to have rough sex with me and maybe even be physically violent to. Of course this extends to me becoming their sex slaves or becoming completely physically destroyed, but I don’t want to go into detail about this kek.

Inb4 scrote, tranny, etc. and I don’t blame you because no normal healthy woman fanatasizes about this and I have a few screw looses and unresolved trauma.

No. 311125

get professional help immediately. i am totally against being one of those whiny holier-than-thou posters who comes in these threads to fingerwag about morality (unless it's the nazifags, they're retards) and to be honest i didn't even read your post beyond glimpsing the word 'incel'. all i needed to see was that ugly retarded anime moid to know that you're also a retard. i've never met a normal, well-adjusted, pleasant, non-insane adachifag. get help.

No. 311134

Brb pretending to be shocked that a femcel wants an incel

No. 311135

I like extremely shitty fictional men too and have similar thoughts but I've never had any desire towards one irl. Just keep it separate from your irl preferences and remember it's never worth it

No. 311194

File: 1675396289172.jpg (343.39 KB, 1080x1681, gillian.jpg)

Is anyone else planning to send something really degenerate to Gillian?


No. 311196

I totally get it, nonna. I also find the idea of devirginizing incels weirdly hot.

No. 311220

Hell no, it asks for my real name and address and shit. I was gonna tell her about me wanting to watch men get fucked by tentacles, but not anymore.

No. 311292

File: 1675460122902.png (6.39 KB, 300x168, download (1).png)

I love weird ugly looking guys with really thick eyebrows. Im not sure why but I turn into picrel when I see some 5/10 loser with bushy eyebrows. My friends absolutely make fun of me for it though

No. 311317

I really want to fuck a shy mormon guy who's in my area on a mission. He somehow ends up alone with me in my home while his missionary companion is at their hotel room or whatever asleep. At first we're just hanging out but maybe he decides to drink a bit or smoke some weed and then idk it leads to sex somehow. when i tried to find out what fetish this was i think it turned out to be a corruption fetish? it's kinda silly bc im a virgin too but i guess i see these guys as being wayyy more innocent than me not just with regards to sex

No. 311325

>nazifags are retards
I was going to share my retarded naz fetish but now I feel called out nona kek
Adachi is sexy and everything but a real life version of him would be a huge asshole. I would recommend you to keep that as fantasy only nona. Not only because rl moids are repulsive but because you can get hurt

No. 311329

kek, reading this I thought I wrote it myself and forgot about it, it's so accurate to my own experience. You aren't alone nona

No. 311366

File: 1675496071612.jpeg (65.64 KB, 639x363, 5EC590FA-98E4-49E9-8966-EF4C0C…)

Im in my late twenties and want to fuck a guy I know who is 19. Im told I look very young to the point where him and everyone else is shocked by my age and think im late teens/early 20s. Im treated like im younger in daily interactions so I sometimes forget that im actually almost 30. Idk if it makes me creepy or not, but I have definitely been fantasizing about a combination of getting fucked hard by him with whatever pent up young male testosterone he has going on that I know he doesn’t have an outlet for as I think he’s somewhat religious and is very innocent seeming, has only had 2 gfs and they both cheated. I’m very physically attracted to him and even like his stupid Gen Z ass personality. I want him to come to me for advice and I wanna snuggle him when he’s sad. Maybe what I’m liking about him is the lack of “toxic masculinity” a lot of guys my age have. I’ve noticed Gen Z guys are way more open about their emotions and there’s something attractive and refreshing about how they don’t have as many walls up.
Anyway I def feel ashamed of the fact that I’m attracted to innocence rn— I’m usually the opposite where I go crazy for a guy who is experienced and confident.
Picrel Garden of Words I love this movie but definitely weird as it’s a love story between a 15-yr old boy and 27- yr woman
Any anons been attracted to younger guys?

No. 311378

File: 1675500375135.png (125.78 KB, 547x552, 9B8003F8-84B6-4496-AE12-58FEE4…)

i'm not too sure where this interest of mine came about, but i think masks and balaclavas (like full face coverings) are so hot. V from V for Vendetta was so sexy, ive watched that movie like 7 times already and he still turns me on. same for women in masks, it's kind of weird but if a woman wore a mask and held a knife to my throat i'd let her use me however she wanted kek.

i've had similar thoughts and still do albeit quite less frequently (only regarding fictional moids now though, since these breeds of moids are extremely unsafe in reality and i do not want any woman to become a statistic at their hands). hope that you can get the help you need for your trauma though.

No. 311379

File: 1675500594025.jpg (71.23 KB, 600x700, tumblr_oroc1h3rOP1w5ipwyo1_128…)

nayrt but how are we feeling about akechi?

No. 311394

File: 1675516841010.png (580.88 KB, 530x750, adachisex.png)

Nta but if you're the anon that wanted to shove an akechi figure up their ass, i respect you and your derangement. I always felt that akechi was the vanilla counter to adachi though.

No. 311398

lmfao no I'm not them, I can only aspire to that level of derangement >w< i'll get there someday haha

No. 311589

I do QA stuff for a tech company. I spend my days making computers bend to my will. I like to think I make my devices feel like HAL did when Dave started pulling his mind apart.
I am also a hardcore mechaphile and objectum sexual and have minimal attraction to humans. I love my job, lmao.

No. 311634

This is a site for women not troons, it was Ko-chan and she wanted to shove it up her vag.

No. 311642

Kek my bad nonna, i've been gaslit by troons to the point where it's 2nd nature.

No. 311716

File: 1675733732915.jpg (49.08 KB, 500x625, 249270409_664e6841fa_z.jpg)

I like the idea of being a pronatalist billionaire's breeding sow.

No. 311814

For all my feederism/weight gain nonnies out there
I discovered last night I'm pretty good at drawing this fetish. I don't know what animalistic desire came over me but I just started drawing bodies and bodies, drawing my own lude pics, drawing myself if I was fat. I'm wondering if I could sell commissions and how profitable it'd be. I was so horny the whole time I was drawing, and after hours of foreplay drawing and making this stupid little weight gain animations, I got off to all of it and had one of the better orgasms I've had in a long time

No. 312047

File: 1675962870810.jpg (30.99 KB, 564x318, f227ef350ea1bf45ab8304d5ce88c5…)

Watched a "video" last night of a cute boy getting punched on his tender belly. It was very sexy but sad, because he was whimpering whenever he wasn't getting punched. He also got electrocuted a little bit and his whimpering got higher when the prong approached his nipple. Towards the end when the ugly fat bastard was going to punch him more, the handsome boy started begging for him not to which made me feel sad. Why is it always ugly old men torturing these poor young men? Why aren't gentle yet stern women doing the punching? It would hurt less but still be sexy. Maybe he deserved to be punched on his belly, but he had kind eyes and is probably desperate for money. Kind of felt bad about it. I am still unsure of whether or not I find punching a man's belly sexy. Maybe slapping his tum.

No. 312055

i feel you except i cant think of anything hotter than punching a man's belly, god help me.

No. 312056

Well I'd rather watch a woman do it than this ugly rude old man. I found it sexy in theory and I like the whimpering, but why didn't the old fat bastard stop when the young man started begging… I think he'd had enough…

No. 312062

i understand the experience of despising men yet regularly indulging in fantasies of them harming you. i think this happens to me because i find heterosexual sex (especially PIV) to be inherently degrading. i’m aware that this mentality is probably deeply unhealthy, but undoing it would take a lot of work that i’m frankly too lazy to do right now, and i have no desire to actually have sex with men anyway, so for now, i’ve made my peace with it. please do not harm yourself by having dangerous sex with these 3dpd incels, though

No. 312200

idk if it's a fetish or what but since I was a kid I mostly consumed media where there is mostly male characters and I would sometime imagine some of them having a female version and having sexy time together.

It's so bad that I cannot watch media with males in it without day dreaming about some of them being female and getting freaky. Problem is I still watch mostly male fronted content creator or tv shows, and if I'm a bit horny some day I cannot watch some stuff I watch everyday without getting wet. I'm lesbian and it does not even fantasize on actual female content creators or actress, maybe because I feel bad about sexualizing them at all.

I'm so ashamed the other day when I was watching a wendigoon video I could not stop myself from picturing him as a cute girl with slightly pudgy hips an a full black bush, her getting her body groped underneath the hawaian shirt and eaten out by a cryptid of some sort. Today I drawn 2 guys from some tv show I was watching, one being a cute stud eating out the nerdy one. I think I need jesus

No. 312201

It's always the pretty and young ones being hurt. And legs be honest, woman on cute boy violence has probably never occurred before. All footages of it are like Bigfoot videos. Life is though for based women. Link btw ?

No. 312290

I had a wet dream where I pissed on a handsome moid (no pun intended) and made him lick my pussy after. The worst thing is that I liked.

No. 312294

It would be very profitable. My degenerate cousin makes big money drawing this so go for it if you have no honor in your life

No. 312416

i feel your pain sadistic nonnies kek you either gotta watch gay videos with ugly fat old leather daddies doing the punching or random clips from action movies to get your sick kicks

No. 312423

I have none nonnie, I lost my dignity a while ago. I'm actually 10 pages deep into a comic so I'm clearly seeing where this goes.

No. 312428

File: 1676165924682.jpg (74.73 KB, 702x1024, 1676154436313994m.jpg)

The identity politics stuff that has been everywhere for the past decade has given me a colonization fetish. I wish I were darker skinned.(racebaiting)

No. 312430

Mine is to make sweet love to and form a beautiful partnership with another native woman pre-contact.
Between the two of us there is balance. We cancel out.

No. 312434

>I wish I were darker skinned.
you really don't anon, trust me

No. 312529

I hang out mostly with white people anyways so colorism wouldn't be an issue, whitoids don't really seem to care about skin color so much as they care about culture.

No. 312537

File: 1676248323133.gif (850.75 KB, 400x225, 1676238580152913.gif)

Forcing men to do oral. No they can't like it they must be reluctant

No. 312567

nonnies i really fear that im getting into feederism. nothing really extreme/obesity enforcing but lately i can’t stop thinking about feeding a cute, skinny guy so much that he ends up visibly heavier (i hate chubbiness on moids though, go figure.)
i cook a lot and i love to do it, it’d be so cute to see him get all sleepy after a big meal and fill him up with pies and cakes and cookies and quiches and breads and oh, are you sure you don’t want dessert? i made dessert or oh, are you sure you don’t want another bite? there’s only a little bit more, surely you can eat just a little more…
just to take someone who doesn’t usually eat very well or care for themselves and pamper them to excess is so weirdly hot to me

No. 312577


No. 312629

Can you just do this for me

No. 312632

Not really because that means they won't perform well enough

No. 312644

Is this GIF legit or is it fanwork

No. 312653

Lmao me too nonnie, I’m a broke college student who barely gets to eat, and I find it so attractive when people cook for me and/or pay for food. Bonus points if they also pity me a bit for my situation.

i used to have a real feedee fetish too, but nothing too extreme, op Nona’s scenario is just perfect

No. 312655

True, he should eagerly consume every last drop of pussy nectar. Lick deep and long, deliver passionate kisses on my wet petals. Hands trembling with excitement, gently petting my legs. I reward him with head pats, maybe ear rubs, but if he is bad then I will yank.

No. 312667

Yeah it's from an ep literally called going downklok

No. 312671

I hate having the fetish I have cause all the artists who draw it are male

No. 312673

solidarity with you, nonnie
the rare woman that draws one of my fetishes are also usually TiFs and they just draw everything so ugly

No. 312682

Not if I put a gun to his head and inform him of the dire consequences of not making me cum

No. 312703

ngl sometimes i wish eating pussy was just as uncomfortable for men as sucking dick is for women. if i could make a man gag on my pussy (without it being from it tasting or smelling bad or something kek) i would

No. 312710

Just use your fingers/hand, shove it in his mouth for fun

No. 312723

suffocate him by facesitting

No. 312744

not a fetish but idea of dating a cringe sexist tif sounds fun

No. 312758

Don’t bathe for 3 days beforehand

No. 312762

Im slowly admitting to myself that I am a feeder. I don't like fat men, but I like belly and grabbing and squeezing it, and seeing at peak out though the bottom of a short sweater turns me on. I also like seeing men eat, esp meat heavy dishes.
Sadly my bf wants to cut towards summer cries screams throws up

No. 312780

How many times are you going to come to the realization that you like fat men

No. 312781

Anon, doesnt that mean you do like fat men? do you only dislike them becuz of whatever personality you associate with fatness or do you genuinely dislike them, despite being attracted to them?

No. 312933

Still won’t be an uncomfortable experience for men

No. 313041

Men sleeping turns me on. Not when they're snoring and mouthbreathing like retards but when they're sound asleep, curled up, twitching or making the odd noise. it's so cute. Sometimes i want to be nice and pet them like a cat and other times I want to grope them.

No. 313226

agreed. what cured me of my germanophilia was dating actual germans. what soulless people. hard to believe they produced the likes of wagner or friedrich.
materialistic, hedonistic, dull pleasure seekers with no passion.
scandis are party animals too.
germanic and nordic scrotes can only offer soulless casual relations. and pretty, narrow noses with beautiful skulls. sad.

No. 313246

File: 1676702732442.png (399.15 KB, 369x512, measurehead.png)

No. 313289

same tbh

No. 313320

This turns me on too. When a guy is sleeping peacefully, or so sleepy he can't keep his eyes open and can barely speak, it makes me want to do things to him.

I've felt somewhat ashamed of this fetish because they say it's a "predatory fetish" and "leads to necrophilia". I don't think that's the case for women with this fetish though. I always get consent and permission beforehand when I tell someone about this fetish, and most don't seem to mind it because they get to sit back.

No. 313339

On the other side, there is degenerate me who has a fetish for humiliating germanic moids and calling them nazis. I even explained in the other thread.
I wonder if it is still worth engaging with them

No. 313406


No. 313427

File: 1676828746915.jpg (88.82 KB, 640x637, yfetiud790m61.jpg)

I often wish I could be a scrotelet's snusnu bride. Alas, I am very short.

No. 313433

Gross scrote screencap, it's not snusnu unless you break the man's pelvis.
But I get you, I wish I had a small but hot bf that I could amazon with ease.

No. 313489

Nta but I kind of get it. I’m into male stuffing/wg too but fat guys are way more attractive in drawings or fantasies, irl the most I can stand are chubby guys who also have a good frame and/or some muscle. There’s also the personality aspect, conflicting lifestyles, and hygiene issues. I was always confused and felt like a hypocrite bc I didn’t want to date fat ppl irl but would masturbate to the idea of them, and I guess it’s like being attracted to any other undesirable trait, much more digestible in fiction than reality. Idk if this is what the other anon’s struggling with but it’s possible.

No. 313497

i love it when moids pass out/get lightheaded after they cum. or when they get a headache from it. or when they're so hard it's painful. whenever my ex came i'd always push him really lightly and he'd fall right over kek. one time he fell off his bed by accident and hurt himself too. it's so adorable. i kinda hate myself for focusing on their pleasure a lot because that stuff is such a turn on for me.

No. 313524

>fat guys are way more attractive in drawings
Too bad cute fat guys are also rare in drawn form. There's endless amounts of cute fat girl art for moid fat fetishists but the amount of cute fat guy content is practically nonexistent. They're always drawn as ugly as possible or really weird and cartoony. They're only drawn extremely fat or ugly with no in-between. Can't they just draw a guy with a belly and slightly thick arms and give him a normal moe face? jesus christ how hard can it be.
I've personally known a couple of chubby guys (don't like them too fat either) with cute face and hair and I've realized that what does it for me is the face. If they have an ugly or too fat face, or an ugly haircut, I find them repulsive. Every time I look at a fat man irl it's a disappointment. My imagination is infinitely better.

No. 313529

You could also get into strength training and find a cursed skeleton to make your man-bride.

No. 313543

The idea of a girl taking me out for food, or making me some and stuffing me like crazy turns me on to an insane extent. i dont even find sex appealing i just want a femfeeder to make me her feedee and dom me while doing it. god being a lesbian with this fetish is so uncommon like the only people who seem to share it are creepy scrotes and it makes me sad

No. 313546

feel the Exact Same

No. 313555

Were you the anon talking about fantasies of walking in on a German colleague doing Nazi stuff and blackmailing him?
>"I wonder if it is still worth engaging with them"
I don't think it is, you might find a German with a thing for wearing a Nazi uniform, but it's probably in a way only he'll like. You might have to settle for blonde, blue-eyed men that dress smartly, it's the safest option honestly.

No. 313566

Yeah I get the struggle, you really have to search to find an artist who draws guys, then it’s even rarer that they draw in a style you like or have similar preferences to you within the kink (obnoxious genderspecials are common too). Same with written content. Most of the time I either use something I’ve already saved, my imagination, or just draw it myself if I‘m motivated enough. I’ve been tempted to post my own art but I don’t want my style to be recognized if I ever make a normal account lol, or someone I know irl finding it (probably unlikely but I’m paranoid bc of past experiences).

No. 313608

Yes, I am. I was very surprised to find in th other thread that at least there are 2 nonas that share the fetish kek, makes me feel less degenerate.
I was wondering if engaging with German moids in general for sex was worth it, not just the ones who would wear nazi uniforms. Like, are they handsome and sexy during sex? I love the accent, but I am more curious about pervy things like their cocks kek
It seems that they suck at relationships though, and I am sorry you had to deal with them nonnie.

No. 313613

not me taking out my friends to eat and make them food and me being happy when they eat a lot because they like it ( it does not make me horny tho, just happy ). I remember knowing a tif irl who would get horny from stuffing herself, I guess it's more common than we think in female.

No. 313619

ayrt, that's actually very relieving

No. 313623

I wonder similar things too, I cannot remember which thread it was, but there were few nonas sharing their fav femgaze gonewild audios, one of which was a guy with a German accent described as cute(I did not actually listen to it, in fear that it would disappoint), so mayhaps it is worth it. As for their dicks cocks, I guess you could look to statistics, but I don't want to believe them, bc where I'm from, I'm screwed(or not). And I'm not scrotish enough to move to another country just to fuck locals.

No. 313637

>nonas sharing their femgaze gonewild audios
Nonnie I will forever love you if you link this thread, please

No. 313659

I dont like fat men no, obesity is not cute to me. I like built men with a bit of tummy fat, not fat all over. Fat men disgust me and does nothing for me.

No. 313667

I've always been attracted to characters in media who are emotionally/socially stunted in some way. Someone who wouldn't be able to function in society and would rely on me to take care of them and do things for them. I have this fantasy of taking some helpless guy under my wing and taking care of him/providing guidance and having him grow increasingly attracted to me, but he wouldn't know how to pay me back because I'm financially better off and more capable. First it starts off with allowing him to carry my groceries for me or do other types of physical labor or allowing him to come with me to a movie that I don't want to go to by myself. Eventually escalating to more physical things like back massages or foot massages. And he'd be so desperate to please me that even having me praise him and stroke his hair would be enough to turn him on (though he'd do his best to conceal it). I like the idea of him constantly asking me "Was I good today?/Am I being good?" and becoming increasingly turned on if I answer "Yes you were/are." And he'd be sort of simple with the same kind of emotional innocence as an animal or a child.

I know this isn't that out-there, but I feel embarrassed by this because it feels so predatory. If I knew of a scrote who was attracted to a dynamic like this with a woman I'd automatically assume he was insecure and a control freak amongst many other things. Fortunately I don't feel compelled to take care of men in real life because I don't like them. But whenever I read about fictional characters who are pathetic and inspire the urge in me to want to take care of them, I almost always end up being sexually attracted to them as well lol.

No. 313694

It was the sexual fantasies thread.
The complete thread:>>>/g/182352, and the anon that had listened to that audio: >>>/g/182468 unfortunately she doesn't say the exact guy she listens to.
Spoilered bc I'm a newfag and I don't actually know how to properly link another thread.

No. 313698

File: 1676967884075.jpg (Spoiler Image,194.39 KB, 385x1080, she reminds me of jasper.jpg)

Nonnies is it bad if I coom to scrote shit? There is literally no content for ssa women outside of uwu soft girls holding hands or ugly woke tifs having retarded woke sex

No. 313700

free use, not only just aimed at women. you could walk up to a guy, a stranger, and use his penis however you sexually want and after that you go on with your day. i want to be treated the same too.

No. 313811

freeuse of moids is based, freeuse for yourself i sort of get but i'd immediately think less of any scrote who was into it.
i have a fetish where i ignore whatever a scrote is doing to me and go on my phone, watch tv etc. and don't say anything besides telling him that he's doing a shit job or that i'm bored or whatever.

No. 313813

honestly nonnie me too, there's like nothing for lesbians anymore… It's depressing because there used to be at least a little bit of content for us, though it was hard to find, but now its even harder to get to. Dynasty reader used to be good, but it sucks really hard now. I find it's best to stick to femslash on ao3 and go for the e rated stuff since that website is extremely female dominated. also looking for manhua and manwa b/c that stuff tends to be sexier.

No. 313817

oviposition… nuff said. Also, wet sounds, I looooovvvveee slime-making videos.

No. 313828

Marry me

No. 313829

File: 1677041551685.jpg (385.57 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230221-215221_Gal…)

Oh wait you want a scrotum like this nothing wrong with that hope you find the born sexy yesterday man

No. 313831

I want to carry my monster waifu's eggs the world is unfair

No. 313835

I'm really, really into women peeing themselves and being embarrassed about it. The cooler the woman outwardly appears the cuter it is when she accidentally pees herself. A crucial part of this fantasy is that I get to comfort her sweetly and make her feel better afterwards. And maybe help her change or lend her a hoodie to cover herself with. It's not like I want her to be humiliated, so I imagine it happening just in front of me and not anyone else, but the best is if it was a close call though and we got out of sight just in time. If she cries just a little my heart melts.

But aside from that I also just kind of want to watch women pee. Something about it is so cute to me. I know most women would find this fetish disgusting though so I'd never tell a partner about it (but probably would still fantasize about it with longing) Sometimes I feel bad about having this desire, but on the scale of fetishes I feel like it's kind of harmless… not like it's morally wrong or anything, just weird. So idk.

No. 313843

Even that is getting worse with all the tranny/futa/g!p garbage around

No. 313884

File: 1677077720190.jpg (Spoiler Image,411.75 KB, 1425x900, 7726e1915c8295ffe940cb92af6621…)

i like weird/animal pussy despite not being attracted to animals but i wish their were more humanoids with unusual vaginas

No. 313886

I hate that I know that's a mare's vagina.

No. 313888

do you or did you use to work on a farm or as a vet? or hang out with coomer bronies?

No. 313893

I'd let you watch me pee.

No. 313895

File: 1677082863771.jpg (339.97 KB, 1136x750, marauder.jpg)

Okay. As a prelude: I cannot get physically aroused without some kind of incest undercurrent being involved. I don't know why this is the case. I can be romanced, stroked and massaged for hours, bully and dominate somebody, anything. I've explored many options. Don't even masturbate. Literally just dry and sandy down there if I'm not pretending my husband is my brother or something- it's a fetish disorder, not a kink, and it sucks.

That's not my issue here. I can't just be like, "hello, husband, will you be my brother today" when I want to get down. It's kind of awkward; discord kittens and their ilk get to call each other all kinds of weird shit like babygirl and doll and daddy and whatever. Really helps you get into the headspace I imagine. I have no such luxury. It's brother/sister or nothing and that shit feels unnatural dawg. As such, I've gotten very into roleplaying. That is where the problem begins. I love immersion, cannot get into a scenario I feel doesn't make sense, need lore or something. During the maybe 3 or 4 weekly hours my husband and I get to spend time on video games we pull up Battletech. It's a mecha strategy game. You have pilots, they live on a spaceship, sometimes you drop them down to shoot over guns. Simple.
So I have accidentally created a paraphilic association with this game because I made some custom pilots that are related to self insert into. Some evenings my husband and I will literally just boot this goddamn game up and I go off like a racecar making more lore for this retarded goddamn scenario. First they were just cousins. Then they got adopted by their grandfather. One's secretly a girl- secretly because I think the term "bro" is marginally sexier than sis/sister or whatever. They belong to a royal family in the setting! The girl's sort of like a "squire" to the guy, who's grandpa's last chance at an heir! They're both crazyyy in separate ways! The sisbro is an expert negotiator and stone cold killer in contrast to her brother, whose braincells are largely taken up by being unrequitedly in love with her! But actually, she wants to fool around with him on the DL! Also their merc company is staffed with both legitimate hires and clones! What if one of the clones is evil? What lengths will male bro go to to protect his husband/waifu/cousbrosband?

I have now pavloved myself to the point where I get aroused by saying "bro" over a mecha game and working on mecha lore. I ask my husband to play a match every night and subject him to this. Forever grateful that my autism is tolerated, but I really do wonder if it'll just get worse from here.

No. 313914

I hate how femslash fanfics are all written by straight women, either by spicy straights who think lesbian relationships are all about giggles and picnics or by genderscpecial straight women with their he/him lesbian bullshit and troons.
I mean, its like everyone is so afraid of scrotes fetishizing lesbians that everything is written/drawn completely devoid of anything sensual or is insufferably woke and ugly on purpose.

No. 313916

Where's the pussy eating fanfic yknow

No. 313933

Manifesting I meet a cute scrote who was sheltered from society and doesn’t know how to function. I promise I will feed him and take care of him and teach him how to do things like take the metro and buy groceries (or at least do those things with him so he doesn’t get confused). All I want in return is for him to love me with the same pure devotion as a dog toward its owner and stay with me so I don’t get lonely and also dick me down hardcore every night because he wants to make me happy and it’s the only way he knows how

No. 313956

Worse. Sex toy enthusiasts.

No. 314014

Ugh I just woke up from the best dream I had in a long time. I was sharing a huge beautiful house with bunch of friends I’ve never met but in my dream it was established we’d been friends for a long time and I was crushing on one of my roommates who was this handsome punk rocker type with piercings and cool clothes. I was trying my hardest to impress him that my ruined one side of my hair at an attempt to do a side shave but he was so taken aback at how sweet and cute it was that mediocre attempt moved him so we went to take a bath together in this luxurious massive bath with a gentle waterfall as the facet. As we got undressed he carefully placed his hand on my face to hold it steady as he shaved the side of my head I tried to style earlier. He was so sweet in the way he caressed me and told how hot I looked with a half shaved head and he kissed it ran his fingers through the freshly buzzed surface.
I’ve never had a side shave before but for the longest time I’ve wanted a Mohawk or something of the sort but I don’t have the face for it. I just want a hot guy to shave my head but I know it’s a shitty fetish because hair takes forever to grow back and the initial pleasure I derive from it wont be worth it in the long run as I grow out my hair again.
Hair fetishes suck. I swear the whole scene is full of creepy sadistic moids who want to humiliate women and take advantage of their desperation to make money. I’ve yet to see anything where the woman would be as willing as I would (because im a creepy weirdo).

No. 314037

Only solution is to find other SSA women who draw lesbian content. Or make it yourself, I did it because I was tired of scrotes stuff

No. 314038

I think it depends on the severity. I like coomer shit, but I feel like there's a line when it comes to some content. Still, I feel guilty regardless of extremity because I know it's all unfeminist at the end of the day, but now I feel like I'm hardwired to like high-rendered anime pinups, kek.

No. 314040

Okay so update, we've been talking more about it and he is really into the idea and wrote me some extremely hot paragraphs about just that, ski masked men and him having their way with me. I think he might be more into it than me.

Would never engage in it irl though, our relationship matters more than a fetish and adding others is playing with fire.

No. 314101

Not trying to brag but you just described my nigel & our relationship perfectly. You need a severely dyslexic/diagnosed ADHD/dyspraxia moid nonnie. They can be really smart and hot but helpless with day to day stuff. ADHD moids are the most fun in bed and usually into femdom too, dunno why

No. 314244

It's okay nonnie. I was expecting people to tell me that I should keep it a fantasy since it seems unlikely this type of dynamic would work out well irl. Happy to hear that you enjoy your relationship! Also it sounds fucked up to admit, but I have been attracted to autistic moids in the past for similar reasons I wouldn't say I have a fetish for people with developmental disabilities, but I just notice that it tends to happen when it comes to fictional characters or irl moids (no one I've known irl though). Anyway, I put it in the shameful fetish thread just because it feels very shameful to admit this out lod.

No. 314474

File: 1677467726001.png (135.46 KB, 289x248, Screenshot_4754 (1).png)

Wish i was as based as some of the man-hating nonnas in this thread who want to do sadistic shit to them, just wanna say i love you girlies and implore you to keep it up.

On the other side of the spectrum, i have a huge misogyny, rape, etc. fetish and love being objectified by men. Idk why, i like posting pictures of my boobs/vagina/etc on random imageboards and seeing the disgusting things men say about my body or how they would rape me. I think part of the reason for this is my extreme hentaibrain, being exposed to pornography at a young age, male best friend (at the time) groping me when i was 11, etc. I think it's a protection mechanism in order to feel in control of my sexualization. I've always wanted to lose my virginity to rape as well, albeit with preparations because it's extremely dangerous, and it's easy for me to say this when i just think about my favorite anime scrotes raping me.

No. 314485

If this is not bait then please seek help.

No. 314488

Nona no

No. 314504

File: 1677489075010.png (275.59 KB, 857x355, i_know_now.png)

I think I got femdom pilled, and I have this urge to do something stupid.

I have a niche interest in a moid hobby ( think shit personality based tv show ) and recently I lurked in reddit and other male riddled platforms about it and the scotes are horrendous. Calling the actors slurs, making awful comment on female, posting a 1000 time the same akward photo of a main cast and even saying so much weird sexualized stuff on them that actor have to bloke or comment on it publickly.

Instead of not feeding the fanboys, I wanna draw typical gay/fujo art of the actors, something not hardcore so fujo could enjoy it. I'm not even a fujo but ignoring the moral rule of "don't draw real ppl !!!" sound so satisfaying. And I would just drop that art somewhere the fanboys could find it. I perfectly know with their shit mentality they would spam it and make it so the actors would see it. The fact I could so easly psyop scrotes to embarrass some random middle aged rich guy with a family and all make it so entizing

No. 314511

I hate you spineless whores, why don’t you find a husband to finally end your suffering by dumping your mutilated body in a ditch instead of posting on here?

No. 314512

I too like drawing pewdiepie getting his prostate busted but I don’t think this makes you a dom, it just makes you a fujo. So sad femdom apparently means any woman whose primary sexual interest isn’t being anally raped or whatever.

No. 314517

File: 1677499442874.gif (1.72 MB, 245x245, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

I've developed a breeding kink over time, but it only recently has become really apparent. The idea at first put me off, since even sex kinda scared the crap out of me. Ages ago I went on a date and about two hours in I practically already got a marriage proposal and questions about how many kids I'd want and they were already calling their family. It felt like I was about to be jumped, so I ran away. Other similar situations have happened, including an Uber driver, friend I knew for 10+ years, exgf (that one is understandable), rando from church etc. I don't think it's special for women to hear that stuff and it always annoyed me when it happened, though at times it was flattering. It's different with my crush though, suddenly I got VERY into it. It mixed with my interest in historical fiction, so I feel shame for not only suddenly having such degenerate thoughts, but also because it's kinda lame, autistic and schizo. I feel like Aslaug going all "it's my destiny, it's been prophesized!" I don't think I can even get off anymore without thinking about unrealistic breeding scenarios.

No. 314518

Not bait sadly, and i want to but idk how I’d even tell a therapist about it without them bootyjuicing me, but I digress, this is the fetishes you’re ashamed of thread and it’s certainly not for therapeutic advice.

No. 314521

I think it's best not to indulge this, and stop before you sexually Pavlov yourself into making this a permanent fetish. I also used to get turned on by 2D anime women drawn by scrotes bc it was all I was exposed to at that age, but I found elsie and got exposed to that shit less and less, and now it truly does disgust me. I'm not saying to force yourself into femdom or a misandry kink, just redirect that sexuality to something normal and less extreme.

No. 314524

>I also used to get turned on by 2D anime women drawn by scrotes bc it was all I was exposed to at that age, but I found elsie and got exposed to that shit less and less, and now it truly does disgust me.
This, the same thing happened to me when I was little and only recently I managed to stop only being able to masturbate to scrote porn. I was going to post this in the porn addiction recovery thread but, I got horny last week and had a relapse, thought maybe I'd look at some hentai on gelbooru to get off, find at least one pic that matched my idea. Big mistake, none of it even came close to what I had imagined. All the shit I found was not only worse drawn than older hentai (seriously the art styles used now are more artificial, generic and grotesque than ever), but almost almost everything put me off because of the sheer scroteyness of it. Women giving birth, moid POV, rape, schoolgirls, anal, a straight couple being recorded while having sex, "femdom", just the twisted way the women are drawn, it all turned me off, and pissed me off, the more I saw, because the subject matter, the reason those pics exist, and what they represent, is disgusting. It made me feel guilty and disappointed in myself too. And this has happened every time I've relapsed since coming here. Time and time again, the images I come up with in my mind are vastly superior to anything created by moids. A couple of years ago I wouldn't have been able to get off without these kinds of pictures, now they turn me off completely.

It's also ridiculous to think that you have to like femdom, male gore or reverse ryona to stop getting off to being degraded and abused by males yourself. Extreme is not better, just stop getting off to your own abuse.

No. 314573

oh no nonna you made me remember about that pewdiepie cum shot edit lol.
Sorry for original post being written like shit I was sleep deprived.

True it's very fujo tier, kinda want it to have that female gaze but with a hyper realistic art style so if the moids in the pic see it he could only see a spitting image of him getting fondeled by his co-stars. they are on top of the food chain but it's a little reminder that we see them and they could become a bitch anytime.

I feel so sorry for OSA women, the porn industry absolutely made female sexual cravings look like a joke.

On the other side of the coin we lesbian have only lesbian for lesbian content being weird projection onto gay male relationship and saphicc libidoless content to not tease the moids or help them objectify us. Fuck this scrote earth
you can do it nonna. I also first found disturbing porn or hentai as a kid and had to search more and more degenerate stuff just to find what I actually found hot in a pic and block the rest of the horrendous stuff happening in the illustration. now I'm 3 month porn free, only get off to stories I imagine in my head protip: don't be ashamed to comment or say lines you think one of the character in your fantasy would say outloud it can help you stay focus on the whole thing

No. 314592

I'm an hybristophile but I hate it. At least I have no attraction to the criminals who rape and/or are pedos. Its not even an "I can save him" kind of thing, I just find male criminals hot. I would never make a tumblr page and praise them though, that's just trashy. I keep it in my head

No. 314599

Same kek. Luckily I can keep that shit contained to fiction

No. 314615

I'm really attracted to blind people. A few years ago an attractive blind man with a walking stick was just in a random empty hallway asking for someone to give him directions so I started talking to him and he held onto my arm and I showed him to where his lecture hall was and he thanked me. I'm not even into blind people because they can't see that I'm ugly it's just I really enjoyed how helpless he was.

No. 314618

Since we have had nonas reeing at the military uniforms thread on /m/, I guess my military uniform fetish is shameful, so…

No. 314620

I love military uniforms too. Good taste

No. 314735

Nta, but post your work! There's certainly an untapped market for girls who want cute fat guy art kek. I have to settle for tifs who are into the same fandoms as me

No. 314736

I want both my ass and my pussy pounded at once, preferably by the same guy and he hypothetically grows a second dick. Sounds disgusting. I want it

No. 314738

You reminded me of Wadanohara fanfic where Samekichi (a shark-guy character) had two dicks. I guess it's not terribly niche kek.

No. 314745

kek I don't want a monster dick though just for the guy to have two normal human dicks

I actually swear this thought originated from the wicked novel where this one adult male manwhore character in the prologue chapter in elphabas childhood is said to have two dicks

No. 314810

have you tried normal dick and strap-on?

No. 314829

I've been willingly celibate for 3 years so I haven't had real dick in ages, but yes I've penetrated with multiple objects before

It sounds like such a moid pandering fetish the more I think about it. I'd be fine with two different dicks as long as I was attracted to both guys

No. 315000

anal I like it more than piv, and I cum extremely fast from it

No. 315068

File: 1677829290866.jpeg (28.58 KB, 602x510, images.jpeg)

𝕴 𝖈𝖆𝖓 𝖘𝖊𝖊 𝖞𝖔𝖚𝖗 𝖕𝖆𝖘𝖙 𝖑𝖎𝖛𝖊𝖘… 𝕬𝖓𝖉 𝖘𝖊𝖊 𝖜𝖍𝖔 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖚𝖘𝖊𝖉 𝖙𝖔 𝖇𝖊… 𝕬𝖓𝖉 𝕴 𝖘𝖊𝖊 𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖙 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖜𝖊𝖗𝖊 𝖔𝖓𝖈𝖊 𝖆 𝖋𝖆𝖌𝖌𝖔𝖙.

No. 315173

No. 315187

File: 1677911736895.jpg (Spoiler Image,143.37 KB, 540x1531, 56fab298921b903da9c3eb4ca2eef1…)

I wish for a highly feminine man to give me a make over, dress me up nicely, brush my hair, that sort of things. I'm not entirely sure where this comes from, since I'm not a particulary fashionable person, nor like to wear make up, but I'd love to be in this situation.

No. 315192

Maybe you're naturally into feminine men but then there's also a kind of intimacy in dressing someone up for them. Like how applying makeup on someone else, people are especially careful and are very gentle with their hands and they're so concentrated on your face. Also having your hair touched feels nice sometimes, me personally I like it a lot, even when I was a kid I loved letting my friends touch my hair and play around with it and tie up in various styles bc it felt nice feeling their hands brush against my scalp and neck and back.

No. 315200

I have a thing for making moids cum on their own face/swallow their own load. had a ldr where he would accidentally get some cum on his face when he jerked off on video calls and it turned me on so much i eventually got him to cum directly on his face and then into his mouth too. only ever got to jerk him off onto his face once and i still think about it a lot yes i am gross #noregrats

No. 315201

>At least I have no attraction to the criminals who rape and/or are pedos.
So are you attracted to homicidal moids and arsonists? I guess homicidal moids killing other moids is fine but trampling on women, girls and female victims is so low and moidish, it's practically tranny tier.

No. 315207

This is hot, I'm jealous anon

No. 315219

This is hot. I rarely give oral to my boyfriend, but when I do, I make him cum in my mouth and then I drag him down to me, kiss him, and make him swallow it. The first few times he was hesitant, but then I ordered him to act like he enjoys it and now he kisses me enthusiastically every time.

No. 315222

I want the same thing and also be in a relationship with a man like that unfortunately all feminine men are faggots and/or ugly trannies.

No. 315224

Based and hot af. Literally the only reason I'd let a moid cum in my mouth would be to spit it into his and make him swallow it.

No. 315650

File: 1678148488699.jpg (172.06 KB, 500x774, Garry.full.1153284.jpg)

I have a HUGE fetish for nazi uniforms. I'm an amerifag but my ethnicity is polish and it's kinda hot thinking about a big dick nazi fucking both my ass and pussy then slapping my ass so hard i can barely walk. Plus the uniforms just look hot in general.

No. 315699

File: 1678194845918.jpg (Spoiler Image,124.35 KB, 600x814, d82wxgr-e0e54380-fa1e-42d3-848…)

I prefer amputees, nonnies. I am not ashamed but I don't understand why society thinks I should be.

No. 315703

File: 1678196743814.jpg (Spoiler Image,272.66 KB, 1100x745, Tumblr_l_44044366536153.jpg)

I didn't think I'd like them but picrel made me feel things

No. 315710

yeah bandage boy from Midori was not my proudest crush but i have that as well, cute pics nona

No. 315780

Embarrassed and ashamed because it’s so pickymeish but when I’m in a certain kind of mood I get very turned on by giving blowjobs. I prefer either very gentle prolonged ones with a lot of headplay where I edge him forever, or letting him take control and mouthfuck me a bit. Everything else is too much work lol. Cue me getting a bf who doesn’t care about receiving head. He’ll let me do it if I ask, but last time he just laid there awkwardly and tried to grab my tit. He says he doesn’t like giving up control so I’m suspecting that’s part of the reason why he’s not that into it. Sometimes I just wanna make a guy moan and swear and lose his mind, but on the plus side he never nags me about sucking his dick which would have killed my joy. Maybe he would be more into it if I let him take the reins and control my movements, but I feel like he has to earn that privilege by submitting to me first.

No. 315792

the more feral the better. I want my men to be fucking insane, I want their urges to take over all rational thought.

No. 315793

Nah you're good oral sex is supposed to be great fun. I once made a guy literally vibrate like a phone and he got super embarrassed kek, it was lovely. Too bad that your moid doesn't like it that much, but as you say having a guy nag you for it is a total turn off. I also had a bf that loved to grab my body during oral and it was a bit annoying because it made it hard to find a good position.

No. 315794

File: 1678232275517.jpg (Spoiler Image,167.48 KB, 1008x926, afe75f72a38b1deddcae19fe9f9780…)

anyways im a huge emetophile. I also have a thing for bugs or worms or the like hatching in someone's stomach, writhing and sloshing around in there and causing the victim to puke them all up. hey at least I'm not into something morally reprehensible!

No. 315805

nemu? is that you? I've missed you so

No. 315806

File: 1678242339067.jpg (60.16 KB, 943x562, 51w63w.jpg)

I don't know if I'd call it a kink but I was watching a documentary on Nazis and it got me thinking about how my German bf would probably be a Nazi if he was born in that era. High ranking too since he's white af. Then I started thinking about how hot it would be when he falls for me, a brown Romani girl, despite his principles. We'd make love a few times and he'd feel intense shame initially, but then fall head over heels and we would run away together from society and live some cottage core 40s trad-life.

kek. No idea where this came from since I don't have these kind of fantasies often but it's doing it for me rn.

No. 315813

Christ. well, all i can say is you picked the right thread

No. 315822

What's so special about it? Average straight girl fantasy about a big bad boy falling in love with a shy becky

No. 315826

i always thought i was weird for being a sort of emetophile but moreso the noises guys make when they vomit than the actual vomit itself (ew).

No. 315869

I have a fetish for cannibalizing men. It awoke when I first watched Seven and saw the scene of the obese guy dissected on the morgue table. I literally salivated and wanted to tongue-fuck and eat his exposed insides. I'm not a necrophile though, I would only eat someone alive. I wouldn't eat a woman but would let her eat me, because I usually prefer domming men and subbing to women. Other weird fetishes of mine include a fantasy where I fuck L from Death Note in an abandonned church and then set it on fire with him in it, and a fantasy where Ultimate Imposter/Twogami from Danganronpa force-feeds me and crushes my head with his thighs if I don't finish. Oh, and being toyed with by Val from Outlast 2 (look her up if you don't get why that's weird)
I am definitely going to hell, and speaking of which: i find satan (red devil version) more than fuckable

No. 315870

you sound cute muah

No. 315877

yeah no its not the actual substance, rather the act of vomiting

No. 315919

I want to stick my fingers down a pretty boys throat until he nearly chokes, hold his face with my other hand so he can't get away and then thrust my fingers into his mouth to basically simulate a rough bj. I want to feel his tongue and see his eyes get teary from the roughness of it all and have him be embarrassed about being erect either despite or because of what I'm doing to him.

Ashamed of it because it feels so scrotey. Also I'm attracted to women too but I would never even dream of doing this sort of thing to another woman, it's way too demeaning and violent, but somehow I think it's hot to do it to a moid.

No. 315923

||Cannibal-anon here. Since I also would do nasty shit to men I'd never dream of doing to women, I get it, and I can tell you it's not even really scrotey. It is in theory since it's so animalistic and disrespectful, but when you're a woman doing it to a man, it's like payback for shit they've normalized doing to us. Reparations, I guess? Either way, they don't see us as people when they're horny, so you doing the same to them can only make it fair. You can always try to reject that mindset to be better than them, but if it's your natural kink, why beat yourself up, y'know?||

No. 316143

I totally would have those fantasies if I had a hot Aryan bf too, nonnie.
I have a deep nazi fetish and wouldn't be able to control that

No. 316250

i just want to see a dwarf/hobbit female getting it on with a human male! why is that so hard to find!

No. 316265

not worth it. autistic and suck in bed. it feels like a polite exchange.
t. disillusioned germanophile
oh, the amount of times i fantasized about this. time travel, especially. a clueless doe-eyed twink from the 1920s-40s. two years back i was very fascinated by a historical figure, and fantasized about him waking up on my couch, tending to his wounds and needs, and having him fall in love with me, stockholm syndrome style. completely at my mercy. i'd be caring and mommy-like towards him, tradthot style, but he'd be a masochist in bed.
curse you for making me think about it again kek.
reminds me of when i found a stash of ww1/2 themed porn i drew in high school. i prompty shredded it and flushed it down the toilet. i was ashamed. the uniforms were inaccurate. kek
incredibly based.
hi fellow pole. same-ish for me, but i like the idea of having one tied up in my barn and torturing him. poor little nazi. it's because i have a thing for captives and interrogation.
>high ranking too since he's white af
that's not how it works…
but i think you'd enjoy a movie called "where hands touch". it's about a half-black girl and a hj (nazi boy scouts) guy falling in love.

No. 316286

not an uncommon fetish. All non white women fantasise about being degraded by a nazi white man(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 316289

you'll find an insane amount of non-white women posting their naked bodies online and openly degrading themselves to fulfil their white supremacy fetish on race play subreddits

No. 316292

excuse you

No. 316306

Ans you find an ungodly amount of white women (and men) submitting to bbc and black kangs so dont get all high and mighty about it now(racebaiting)

No. 316327

File: 1678493393920.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, lame.jpg)

No. 316347

the number isn't even comparable
nazi worshipping non-white women vastly outnumber them(stop with the racebaiting/infighting)

No. 316356

File: 1678501298030.jpeg (34.4 KB, 622x626, shutupscrotewannabe.jpeg)

No. 316361

File: 1678502564353.gif (5.25 MB, 750x422, KO.gif)

these German moids won't let us have our bathrooms, give rapists brothels, pollute pop music, and now fuck over our imageboards too? Don't you have a Thai prostitute to traffick, germ?

No. 316388

Why it reeks like ballsweat here?

No. 316400

How is making a moid choke scrotelike

No. 316410

Someone thought my bf was my younger brother. I guess it's not only that we look similar but our dynamic. I don't know why but I like that people would see us as siblings, I fantasize about people seeing us kiss and get Disturbed at it.
I think I have something with voyeurism, I always get turned on when I imagine someone walking in on me changing or masturbating

No. 316415

I found some male belly punching videos on twitter and now I have a new fetish. didn't think there would be content like this of males, though to be fair it's still mostly for gay men not women.

No. 316418

Incest semblance (not real incest) can be beautiful, it's ultimate soulmatery, couples with weirdly matching unusual traits look gorgeous together

No. 316423

Agree, my crushes usually look like me but I can’t help it

No. 316450

LYMINM15 on twiiter

No. 316451

I hate incest, but recently I found out that there is a whole subgenre of Fallout 3 fanfics, where evil!fem!LW seduces her dad. Like, that's absolutely degenerate but the idea of bratty Stacy seducing her kind and awkward dad is so hot for some reason. I'm really ashamed for liking it, but whatever.

No. 316453

Nta but thanks, I'm horny now.

No. 316490

AYART it looks so fun and I love the moans

No. 316503

Not a kink of mine but I was making out with my bf and doing the usual foreplay this morning. I'm the most awkward person you can imagine so I asked him if he was doing ok since we had just had breakfast, or if he would throw up on me if we proceeded. Casually mention did you know emetophilia is most common amongst girls?? thinking it's a regular fun fact. He was audibly grossed out. Sometimes I feel like I'm the pornsick one. I blame tumblr and being mutuals with nemu, but chalked it up to that episode of 1000 ways to die.

No. 316509

File: 1678577330062.jpg (90.33 KB, 669x1000, CgQkOgzUYAAKzSx.jpg)

When i was in high school i was staying in dorms and we could put up posters so my hornyass put op this printed photomanipulation of Doctor who kissing his clone shirtless. I wish i had it but i can’t find it in my laptop sadly… so here’s something similar with Jesus instead. The dormlady stopped to look at it for a couple of seconds and didn’t say anything but i know, i felt it. I always liked a person and it’s clone getting it on. I would marry my clone, not because of the looks though because of the personality. I’d love a conflictless relationship.

No. 316510

you mean you wouldnt have 24/7 arguments with yourself that sometimes escalate to death threats and physical violence? damn.

No. 316514

Nta I would but I would forgive myself every time
Incredibly appealing to me as well to be honest. I would want to be able to read my own mind or at least be thinking the same thing all the time

No. 316539

wasn't there an experiment on TV where they took volunteers and made genderswapped images of them and didn't tell them and presented them along other photos of people and the ones people found most attractive were ones that were the genderswapped images of themselves?

No. 316552

File: 1678599920914.gif (4.67 MB, 540x520, wolf.gif)

No. 316559

It's weird how the baiter immediately linked this to self-hating women who want to be degraded by racists, when this post is about the inverse, a woman making a racist of a different race feel ashamed of himself, and ultimately changing his views. I guess moids are kind of stupid.
I don't think your fantasy is that bad although it's still kinda bad because it's highly unlikely to happen in real life, such situation would most likely have a horrible outcome for you.

No. 316570

File: 1678609845822.jpg (163.58 KB, 1920x1080, 2020-08-07-image-3.jpg)

I want to fuck him sooo bad……I just want to sit in his lap and ride. I hate gaymers too much I am so ashamed.

No. 316588

when i was small one of my autistic passions was russian hstory and it made me have a fetish for russian men clothing.

>>305204 i always wanted to meet someone who was raised in the wild. i don't care if its a woman or a man, i want them to fuck me silly barbarian style

nonna we are one in the same. let's move to russia together and find a wealthy nerdy russian moid

No. 316589

i read a fanfic in ao3 about a man in the scp facility whose job was to fuck weird pussy. one of the stories was him fucking a banshee and another was him fisting a female cerberous or something like that. can't find it anymore, sadly

No. 316594

Nta, but are you me? I've also been a weird spergy Slavaboo since I was little and also am interested in barbarian cave(wo)man style sex. I'm going to already be living out my wildest dreams though. I wish you luck in your search!

No. 316728

this is pretty tame but ive realized i do actually like men after all, especially in that i'd very much be into messing with a moid's senses and feelings. i have this retarded fantasy where i hug a male friend, press my breasts (the one thing god blessed me with for my small frame) against his chest to arouse him and when he gets anxious and pulls back, i play dumb and ask why and pressure him to answer me. to which he reluctantly reveals that it turned him on and didnt want me to feel it. the key here is that hes ashamed and embarrassed, which is what makes it unrealistic lol, but it would progress to me teasing him about his eagerness and watching him get flustered and give him a hj. extra points if he hides his face.

No. 316784

I have a sex machine kink. It ties into several of my kinks such as humiliation, helplessness, forced orgasm, edging, mind break and so on. I wanna be strapped down and penetrated by a relentless dildo machine (I know it would suck irl but in fantasy it’s so hot to me). Vibrating machines where I’m forced to orgasm over and over are fine too. Ideally someone would be watching and controlling the machine mad scientist style. It hits the same buttons as tentacle monster fantasy which I’m also into.

BUT I also like it in reverse, applied to a moid, and this is the scrote tier part of my kink. I love watching videos of guys masturbating with those automated fleshlights or milking machine type toys. It’s so pathetic and degenerate. I have this reverse cow fantasy of a world in which moids are useless for pretty much anything except their sperm. They are locked away, maybe being useful by performing manual labor or something, until milking day, in which they are all brought into a room where they are forced to orgasm from the milking machines. Yes I’m ashamed. I’m not sure which way I prefer it more. Either they get edged for hours until they’re finally allowed to cum, to increase sperm production, or in another scenario they are locked away in chastity for probably a month until they finally get their 30 seconds of rough wanking and forced ejaculation, then it’s back to chastity. Of course they’ll all be in the same chamber so they are forced to cum in front of each other and listen to their mates moaning like little bitches. In this fantasy none of them are disgusting sissy kinksters so they all feel very ashamed and embarrassed.

No. 316786

>Either they get edged for hours until they’re finally allowed to cum, to increase sperm production, or in another scenario they are locked away in chastity for probably a month until they finally get their 30 seconds of rough wanking and forced ejaculation, then it’s back to chastity. Of course they’ll all be in the same chamber so they are forced to cum in front of each other and listen to their mates moaning like little bitches. In this fantasy none of them are disgusting sissy kinksters so they all feel very ashamed and embarrassed.
KEK I love this.

No. 316788

No, the scenario should definitely be edging for hours. Imagine the screams/groans/sounds of frustration. Record it and release it to the general public (women). Imagine their cute faces (if they are cute) getting all red and sweaty and little tears come out of their eyes from the strain. Mmmm.

No. 316792

No. 316804

I'm camp 30 seconds rough wanking. Imagine their faces when they realise that was their only wank for the next 2+ years and it's over already.

No. 316810

I got so horny i almost liked it with my vtuber account

No. 316813

File: 1678731896727.jpg (18.63 KB, 480x269, the fucker that ruined my art …)

Nerds. Either being abused or them blackmailing/teasing me. Since i read EC all of my NSFW art has been abpout this super specific autistic fetish. I hate it but also its the only thing that inspired me to get better.

No. 316820

File: 1678734987748.jpg (20.79 KB, 270x317, alec_baldwin.jpg)

I'm not ashamed but people on the internet try to make it seem like i should be ashamed, so on occasion I would feel bad about it, but body hair. especially chest and back hair but i love all hair on a man. it's the hottest thing to me. my boyfriend leaves his chest alone but shaves his treasure trail and it makes me so sad. i love running my fingers through his hair while we are cuddling, move from his head to his chest and back up, over to the back of his neck, repeat.
if i see a man with chest hair peeking out of the top of his shirt it's over. legit doest matter if he's old or ugly, if there's hair I'm there. I'm swooning and trying not to stare. i just imagine a cute guy sitting there (now in my mind it's my bf but before it was a blank face), no clothes but all masculine and hairy and just running my hands all over him and giving sweet kisses to him.

No. 316824

File: 1678736932175.jpeg (263.51 KB, 1528x1558, 1652610743157.jpeg)

Bill is literally the worst, but I still want to violently bully and abuse him sexually.
We both need therapy after EC, we really do.
Good luck with your nerd art though nonna

No. 316825

EC also gave me a massive fetish for grotesque nerds, but I have even worse taste (Josh). There needs to be a support group.

No. 316830

Russian accent is so sexy on moids. I listened to erotic audios with slavs speaking broken English. Lord, pair that with my uniform fetish and I fantasized countless times about being a western spy and being interrogated by a sexy NKVD officer/Red Army soldier you name it except of using torture on me and get information he does it with his hands, mouth and soviet dick
Sorry nonas I have sinned

No. 316832

File: 1678739369844.png (32.96 KB, 400x240, my boyfriend.png)

If you're not who I think you are, I hope you post your porn on R34 or something because there isn't nearly enough nerd porn on the internet despite the relatively high amount of women with a nerd fetish. Please. I'm begging you
>I hate it
Being horny for 2D nerds is nothing to be ashamed of.
>its the only thing that inspired me to get better.
That's not weird either, it's usually what happens when you have a husbando.
Have you seen the nerd thread?

No. 316836

nonna you are my soulmate. let's hunt together for a hot wild woman.

anyways, i think the cavewoman fetish started when i watched a disney film a long time ago when i was a little child. it was about a man finding a frozen hot cavewoman and teaching her to be modern and be ladylike. my little lesbian heart longed for a crazy hairy woman in tiny cavewoman bikini.

i believe my affinity for hot wild women fueled my interest for anthropology. i just want a crazy hairy woman to rock my world.

No. 316837

Yessss I think I lean towards this scenario as well. Imagine them being lined up, faces timidly downcast as the machine slowly starts up. The room is painfully silent apart from the pumping noises, but a couple of minutes into it you can hear strained breathing echoing and the first few moans escaping and quickly being stifled. Thirty minutes later even the most stoic of moids has succumbed to his stupid cock. Imagine their hips bucking involuntarily like a cute little animal. By the end of it their bodies are glistening with sweat, their thighs and abs flexing and shaking trying to get over the edge and sensations are so overloaded they don’t even have the decency to feel ashamed around each other anymore as the room fills up with desperate moans. And the machine still goes on, for as long as necessary.

No. 316843

tell me where you found them so i can stay far away from them

No. 316910

Don't go on MSA or search [m4f] russian on gonewildaudio or soundgasm then

No. 316913

there's something erotic about self mutilation, i know it turns me on. i like the way the blood looks and feels rushing out and the heat and sensitivity surrounding the area. it honestly feels better than masturbating to me. i wouldn't want to inflict that on anyone and i reckon i probably wouldn't react well to seeing someone do that in a real situation, but i do think scars are kind of sexy kek, or interesting anyway. i feel bad but i'm also more attracted to the person because i know there is something shared between us in a way

No. 316917

I imagine they'd be tied down though so they can barely even buck their hips, they just have to deal with it. Their moans will be ones of pain and frustration. By the end of it, when they finally come, they can only muster a pathetic whimper as they are fully exhausted and close to passing out from sweating and flexing their bellies so much.

No. 316930

File: 1678830388316.jpeg (288.87 KB, 915x1279, ADAFD7D0-8552-4622-ADFE-255A93…)

This is more like some sexual fantasies mixed with stuff I’m ashamed of.
But I really like the idea of getting chased/hunted down. I don’t know why, but one of my fantasies is being chased by some bad dudes, not necessarily ugly ones tbh, sometimes I want to get caught by the evil dudes and then like, getting my clothes all damaged and dirtied. Maybe molested and such, but not always raped unless I’m ridiculously horny.
But then the hot guy who is a good guy saves me and does everything to make me feel good.
Sometimes the good guy saves me and hopes I can have sex with him but I’m reluctant for plot reasons like him being a guy from some evil organization or something like that, maybe he’s a coworker or a dude that I don’t know, so I don’t really want to have sex with him, but then he seduces me and he fucks me a bunch of times, no refractory period because he’s not a little bitch.
I also like the idea of being some sort of deity or something like that and getting hunted down by a hot guy, when he catches me and I lose my consciousness, he takes me somewhere that’s really fancy and nice, he also changes my clothes and everything and then he just coerces me to have sex with him.

No. 316934

Psychopaths. The fucked up ones

No. 316935

No. 316941

I really don't know where this idea Gen Z is less misogynistic came from, but it needs to end. They're more misogynistic. The majority of Tate's fanboys are zoomers. The manosphere went from moderately niche to tik tok huge because of zoomers.

Some nonnas live in a reality of their own making I swear.

No. 316948

File: 1678833991915.png (1.65 MB, 1728x788, img-0.png)

Maybe it's because I went through my middle school during the sexy vampire era (Twilight and Vampire Knight among other things) but I would like to experiment vampirism with a hot dude. I want to get my blood sucked and vice versa and make out on a huge antique bed filled with roses, in a room only lit with candles. All while me wearing an elaborate, gothic dress that he slowly takes off of me as he explores my body. I never grew out of the cringy emo phase I guess.

If not that, I want him to leave hickeys and bite marks all over my body. I know it's considered 'immature' / 'tacky' to have them after high school but idgaf, I will die wanting hickeys even when I'm an 80 year old babushka. I want to be marked all over by him in both sneaky places (like my inner thigh and back where a regular shirt covers it) and really obvious places too, like my neck or collarbones. I'd also return the favor, and leave hickeys on him (but especially bite marks, especially if he has a muscular body). Tragic that I never found a nigel / 3dpd that's attractive enough for me to do any of this with though. I just dream about it pretty much every night with my anime husbandos right before bed and pray that it continues in my actual sleep. Sometimes it does and it makes my whole day when I wake up.

No. 316953

I'm in my mid 20s and I def understand how you feel. It's super rare for me to find men around my age that's attractive. Most of them already have awful dad bods without being a father, is balding, wrinkly & ugly as hell. I found this one guy at my gym and I hit on him because I found him attractive, and he told me he was 19 years old. The amount of guilt I felt was immense and I brushed it off as a joke and never spoke to him again lol. I also have a couple of gym buddies / friend of a friend that are 20-22 and I have to constantly remind myself that they're not in the same stage of life as I am, because I'm a working adult and they're college students doing part time jobs. I would never date them because I'd feel like a fucking criminal, but sometimes I think about it in my head. I too fantasize that younger guys would have more stamina too and could go more than one single round of 3 minute pump + roll over + fall asleep. I also like to think that they're still innocent enough that they'd flush at the slight show of my skin and be entranced at my naked body, but so many men and boys have fried brain with regular porn usage + death grip so I already gave up on that dream.

No. 316958

Ayrt I don’t think you should feel guilty for it
I’ve been seeing this 21 year old guy and he’s so good looking with his full head of hair. But the downsides are he’s really immature and recently got out of a relationship because he wanted to have more “experiences” as a young guy, so he’s not relationship material for me unfortunately. I’m still hoping I can find a good looking guy my age who doesn’t look 40.

No. 316959

File: 1678836009616.png (385.19 KB, 640x478, slav1.png)

Russians. Russian men. I really really like Russian men and I want to date one but it's odd and I don't really know where I'd look.

No. 316962

Only if the incel is actually an attractive man who's deeply as evil as he is for other reasons and not because he's ugly. There's actually plenty of attractive scrotes who've had sex who have incel attitudes, some of them are popular or famous, too much notoriety and too much attention has the same effect on a moid as not enough

So who am to not want a few night stand with someone just as disgusting, boinking our insecurity out, we go our separate ways. When done wrongfully right a high tension hatefuck is a nasty, delectable thing

No. 316964

No, vampires are so sexy, don't be ashamed. I'm like your gay mirror twin. I want a dashing tall woman in some sort of dapper vintage style of dressing to suck my blood until i pass out. I'm an enormous slut for historical men's fashion (on women kek) and it goes so well with vampires that I don't know which part of the fetish developed first.

No. 317024

Nonnie I'm Russian and those scrotes are retarded. The women are much better and also I can find a lot of based terfs here. Too bad a lot of younger girls are fakebois.

No. 317025

File: 1678895621694.jpeg (Spoiler Image,64.99 KB, 1000x1000, f13e5647fa577b454868d1d1618731…)

Nonnies I like to wear one of those huge strap-ons and pretend to be futa. Am I the true and honest Kikomi?

No. 317031

You are not the only one, nonita, I am the nona from >>316830 and love russian moids myself, it is the accent I think kek

No. 317032

its the hollywood movies brainrot, East or West, all moids are worthless, even the 1 guy, 1 jar dude was a Russki.

No. 317062

100% Kikomi, complete with balding hair and stubble

No. 317093

Sorry Nonna, I've already found my soulmate for barbarian cave(wo)man style sex. For me I think it's because I've always been a fan of historical fiction and myths. It doesn't necessarily have to be like literal caveman period, but just that style and ferocity. Though I do have a thing for historical roleplay. I know it's messed up, but I want to be desired and taken like one of the women who would be taken by gods in myths. Also I just want to connect more with nature and be more primal myself too. And just that combined with the Slav thing, it's a dream come true.
Good luck though! I hope your dreams can come true too.

No. 317097

there's also theories that you're more attracted to people who look like whoever raises you, which isn't always the case but does happen. apparently it's stronger if you actually like your guardians.

Clearly I just want the love my parents never gave me. That's a hard promise for any man to fulfill

No. 317155

Scat. That’s all that needs to be said.

No. 317156

how does it manifest irl tho? or are you limited to online images and masturbating? is there some childhood incident that's probably caused this?

No. 317159

Are you the anon from /ot/ who bragged about touching her poo

No. 317160

are you that one anon who posted about "boypoop" being based

No. 317173

File: 1678997575855.jpg (122.3 KB, 1024x768, Barbeque.jpg)

This anon gets it.

No. 317181

I don’t partake in anything irl (not that I had the chance to) so it’s all just videos and I’m only attracted to women doing it. Not them eating shit and playing with it, just pooping. I think it formed when I came across fart fetish videos on YouTube when I was really young and it only went downhill from there.

No. 317182

I don’t partake in anything irl (not that I had the chance to) so it’s all just videos and I’m only attracted to women doing it. Not them eating shit and playing with it, just pooping. I think it formed when I came across fart fetish videos on YouTube when I was really young and it only went downhill from there.

No. 317190

>fart fetish videos on youtube
Excuse me, wtf?

No. 317292

>formed when I came across fart fetish videos on YouTube when I was really young
this is why you shouldn't hand complete internet access to children, sick fucks around the globe

No. 317453

I want my husbando to rape me. Not even ashamed of it, this is just the most active sexual fantasies thread. I want him to drip hot wax over me, use me as a urinal, whipping post, etc. He's german (?) too, so i want him to dress up in a nazi uniform while he does it.

No. 317454

I want my husbando to pee in my mouth it's unreal.
Also would be sweet to be some sort of human furniture. My husbando may rest his legs on me.

No. 317465

You’re right, nonna. If my internet usage was monitored when I was younger, I probably wouldn’t have the fucked up fetishes I do now. I wouldn’t be surprised if future adults end up with weird fetishes from those weird Elsa videos on YouTube.

No. 317473

>Not even ashamed of it, this is just the most active sexual fantasies thread
so you admit you've posted this just for attention

No. 317474

>end up with weird fetishes from those weird Elsa videos on YouTube.
it's already happened, men have a thing for women beaten up and women for being beaten up, also, i see a lot more pregnancy fetishes in people now.

No. 317475

Sometimes when I am horny I think about pissing down a moid's throat but I don't think I'd ever do it. Maybe peepee on his chest and belly. I'd pee on a woman too, just not down her throat; maybe down her leg. Anywhere she wants. Not sure if I want to be berated for it or not. If I pee on a man, he better not berate me, the idea of being berated by a man is so gross like shut up.
The kids who watched those videos are at most like 10 years old now; maybe.

No. 317476

i would like to forcefully sodomize your husbando and then skin him for my lampshades.

No. 317481


No. 317482

…are you the same anon as >>317453 ?

No. 317484

KEK no but i'm glad there are more likeminded individuals.

No. 317486

File: 1679159128448.png (202.38 KB, 402x318, respeckt.png)

No. 317487

Not exactly, but I'm always half-joking in thread like kek, so don't take everything so serious.

No. 317488

No. 317493

Kek that's the spirit.

No. 317551

I like rough sex. I know nannies will shit on me but I like when my bf holds my hands down or has his hand over my neck (he never chokes me) or just spanking me. I think being spanked as a kid fucked me up

No. 317553

>I think being spanked as a kid fucked me up
you think?

No. 317564

kek I think I posted about wanting to fuck my clone in one of these threads. I think it'd be so hot. No one knows your body intimately like you do, it would be the best sex of your life.

No. 317594

Being pinned is so hot though. It's exciting to have your movement limited, there's a frenzy and powerlessness to it that I can't get enough of. I love being held down.

No. 317601

Why are so many women obsessed with being powerless? It's creepy.

No. 317633

NTA. I’m anti sex positive but honestly I’ve been excited by being restrained since I was a little kid innocently playing around with my friends, like way before I became sexually aware/discovered the internet. I was a tomboy, don’t have a history of neglect or sexual abuse, on the contrary I had safe, ordinary childhood. Thinking about why girls statistically tend more towards enjoying this is controversial and kinda depressing if there's a evolutionary explanation, so I just accept that it is what it is and I honestly believe some people are inclined towards enjoying it without necessarily hating themselves or having been mindfucked by the patriarchy. Of course you should be kink critical tho. Question harmful power dynamics, don't fuel your own degeneracy and don't go around letting moids think all women enjoy getting choked on the first date. My sex life is almost as vanilla as it gets, but when I’m in a certain mood I enjoy my bf pinning me down from behind and getting a lil rough with me.

No. 317641

I don't get that desire at all. If a moid pinned me down during sex I'd bite a very unsexy chunk out of him.

No. 317644

Sounds like a recipe for a panic attack to me.
That's the way to go.

No. 317645

Well, I think kids are able to pick up on these interactions between sexes from a very young age even if they don't know where they learned it. For example, in kindergarten, I would play games in the yard where I always wanted to capture the boys and be mean to them, while I never went after the girls and if they were the only ones playing, I treated them very gently and nicely. Where did I learn that? My parents didn't teach me, but there must have been something that taught me boys = okay to push around, girls = treat with respect.

With the crazy amount of straight women who reportedly enjoy feeling powerless, restrained, it only makes me think that if it's not a trauma response for something they must have learned it somewhere. Not necessarily porn, but maybe TV or something. There are a lot of one-off moments in cartoons where the protagonist is restrained.

I guess a lot of people would say it's "natural" for women to be this way. There's no evolutionary reason for women to gravitate towards men who would restrain them, spank them, and hurt them. It seems unnatural.

No. 317655

>I would play games in the yard where I always wanted to capture the boys and be mean to them
Cool and very contrary of you. Where indeed did you learn this? You leave the question open for us to ponder.

>it only makes me think that if it's not a trauma response for something they must have learned it somewhere.

Groundbreaking theory, agree to disagree

>There's no evolutionary reason for women to gravitate towards men who would restrain them, spank them, and hurt them

Not sure which part of my post made you draw this conclusion, it was not what I was trying to imply

No. 317657

I for one was always drawn to movies with male protagonists as a kid because I found them more relatable than the princess archetype which was the standard female character when I grew up. I’m sure that must have primed me even more for voluntary domestic abuse.

No. 317660

Me too, I did not care to be gentle with boys but I think that's because as you said, I could socially tell boys shouldn't care. They did care, but I didn't care that they cared because they had no reason to complain. I hurt them just enough, sometimes I'd go overboard and they'd tell on me but I'd just lie. I guess certain boys I kicked didn't deserve it, but I was young and thinking about boys as a whole. Many were already physical, loud, violent at an early age. I also would wrestle with my dad and he told me 'boys are baloney' and they really were. I think girls learn it from TV or just general instances. My friend used to tie me up in her closet, without saying anything. It was really awkward. That and probably being exposed to BDSM themes from music videos that I never wanted to watch. I hate men though so I feel mostly submissive in that way towards other women. Just food for thought.

No. 317687

I was just saying that we subconsciously pick up on interactions between sexes at a younger age. No women is born to be a masochist who kowtows to men, they learn it. If you're really implying that you were just born to be that way, that is very sad.
I don't hate men, but I think it's retarded that they are rough with women when men are the ones primed to withstand physical abuse.

No. 317716

And I think that's a very sweeping assumption that is not always the case because I always wanted to be one of the boys when I was a kid, yet here I am today.

No. 317733

>No women is born to be a masochist who kowtows to men, they learn it. If you're really implying that you were just born to be that way, that is very sad.
Forgot to say, I agree it would be sad if that was what I was implying, but it’s not. As a kid I found the feeling of being playfully restrained exiting/exhilarating whatever and I think some people are just wired that way. Going from there to “u think women were born to kowtow to men” is a strawman.

No. 317813

i want to degrade and belittle a man sexually, who is a confident and masculine man outside of bed. there is something extra vulnerable about the submission of a man who isn't a typical pissbaby "sub". bonus points if he's actively into it, but is deeply ashamed of it himself. if his buddies knew that the big boy wants his face sat on… ~cute
also (this is more shameful, but less sexual) i had a daydream (while half asleep) about drinking with my husbando, giving him water and tending to him after he pukes (again- something cute about a big strong man being unable to hold down beer). then deeply kissing him, with the slightest aftertaste of his puke on my tongue. it makes him shy. he is a little bit embarassed of puking in front of me, but craves to be kissed. we make out on the grass behind the tavern (pre-norman conquest setting. pretend there is no chickenshit everywhere, and the night is warm and clear. not a dingy street-behind-the-pub scenario. cozy and fresh like kcd). inb4 nemu. i do not have a fetish for puke itself, but i cant stop thinking about that scenario since it came into my semi-conscious mind this morning. it's the vulnerability i like.
and lastly, this might be basic, but i love the idea of uniforms and armor. imagine being with a soldier/warrior who is naked except for his hat or helmet, and maybe jackboots. or his pants are only pulled halfway down, or chest exposed. (again, he is submissive)
im grateful for these threads because i'm very sexually frustrated lately and have noone to talk about it with.

No. 317820

I like your style anon. I'm not into vomit either, but get really excited by the idea of a moid I like acidentally puking in front of me. Getting to see him in such a vulnerable state is very appealing. Bonus points if some of it lands on me and he's utterly ashamed and embarassed, but also weak and deflated. Confident manly men are the best for this because the contrast is biggest.

No. 317824

Men pissing on themselves, giving themselves a golden shower, drinking lemonade, whatever you wanna call it.

No. 317826

>I'm not into vomit either
>Bonus points if some of it lands on me

No. 317828

yeah, it's not about the vomit. it's the humiliation of the predicament. i wouldn't want it landing on me though kek.
id share more scenarios i imagined, but that might doxx my husbando. then of course the general sexual stuff, like accidental nudity, awkward boners, that thing men do when they coom in their sleep and wake up in it. i love helpless moids. the greater they are, the harder they fall.
ultimately i love the idea of them being so flustered yet horny, and giving up all control and begging me have my way with them.

No. 317829

Same except women instead of men. And I desperately wanna be peed on idk why, not even as some masochistic thing I just think peeing is cute and want it to happen on/near me. I unfortunately entered a new level of degenerate recently because I had a wet dream about being out with a woman and she really has to pee but there’s no bathrooms or outdoor areas so I pull her pants down and tell her to pee in my mouth and she’s embarrassed but desperate enough to try but she can’t get over her nerves so I lick her gently a little to relax her first… but anyway I would NEVER wanna do something that extreme irl, but just in the dream the concept was so hot. I think it’s the implied trust and intimacy.

No. 317844

i like it sometimes but i don't want moids to get the idea that women like being powerless or whatever so i just hit and restrain my nigel twice as much kek. spanking is silly as fuck though, especially when moids try to do that "you've been a bad girl" shit

No. 317868

File: 1679367803949.jpg (12.87 KB, 220x219, SebastiAnTotal.jpg)

I am super into the idea of clones/duplicates and I can't explain why. Literally the "now neither of us will be virgins" meme except I'm into it.
Oddly enough I was never a Oncelercestfag kek

No. 317869

Same. For me it is integral to the fetish that the cloned character is a gross nerd who couldn't get it any other way. If a character who regularly has sex is fucking their clone the novelty is gone for me.

No. 317874

For me, I could care less about who it is, I just think it's really visually appealing and really piques my autist brain
That recent Rick and Morty episode with selfcest was nice

No. 317882

based picrel. one of my favourite albums of all time

No. 317909

Similarly, I like the idea of my husbando having clones and all having their way with me, especially if they're different versions of him throughout the series.

No. 317944

File: 1679445465435.jpg (314.43 KB, 1200x1200, 1555785759823.jpg)

AYRT, are you a DMCfag? Because I am, and I love this shit

No. 317959

I am but I actually prefer DMC1 Dante the most, though I'd be willing to have fun with all forms of him kek

No. 318073

I think some people get a rush out of being restrained (NOT being abused or hurt) because it's like a game, like they get excited about what the next move will be. Of course they probably are turned off immediately if they realize the other person is not playing, is not trying to excite you, and actually intends to break consent.

No. 318122

File: 1679543270064.jpg (75.13 KB, 736x755, 38b046b11225d7148095296e9c6b21…)

I don't have a foot fetish, but I do have a shoe fetish. Specifically men's dress shoes. Particularly vintage style ones. And especially on women. I don't even know what to do with the fetish, it's not like I want to fuck the shoes. All I know is I see nice shoes and get instantly horny. I think I'd like to see her take off and put on the shoes. Does that cross into foot fetish territory? But naked feet are only cute if they're going into or coming out of nice shoes. Someone tell me if this counts as a foot fetish, I'm petrified.

No. 318138

I may have something similar, though it extends also to certain kinds of combat boots and men's suits, both men and women wearing them and myself wearing them. When I was a teen I bought a pair of men's dress shoes from a fleamarket and then took a lot of pictures of my feet wearing them until I realized it might not seem normal kek. I still have the shoes and wear them occasionally with a vintage suit I have.

No. 318155

nta but yes, dmc1 Dante is the hottest, he has the perfect voice and snarly comments

No. 318180

Anon I think we are the same. I didn’t mention suits but I’m almost as crazy about them as I am the shoes (I love 3 piece suits). I have long lamented the fact my feet are too small for mens shoes otherwise I would have quite the collection. My only option is the children’s section but those are poorly made and not sexy conceptually because they’re from the kids aisle kek. if only I could find a woman like you irl to model suits and shoes for me.

No. 318190

I imagine myself as a man in a lot of my fantasies about women. I try not to but sometimes wind up doing it anyway and then feel like shit about it because it gets me more worked up than picturing myself as a woman. I have a really bad urge to be able to (this will sound horrible) "mount" a woman possessively and touch her deeper than fingers can go, mark her biologically, etc.
Symptom of bisexual brain rot, proof transgenderism is real, or some sort of deep animal-level subconscious urge? I can imagine arguments for all three from different types of people, and I don't know who's right.

No. 318197

It is called normal

No. 318199

I really don't think it's that common.

No. 318200

NTA but I think it is common. unless her urges are more degenerate than she's making them sound.
"I picture myself as the man in my fantasies" –common, easier to imagine since culture/media is male-centric and focuses on male pleasure, and especially makes it easier if you want to to see yourself as the dominant partner in any way because women are basically never shown topping. It's hard to conjure a fantasy out of nothing, easier to self-insert into something familiar. I guess could be indicative of a lack of imagination and/or experience.
As for her urges to touch a woman deeply, that's just a normal gay thought.

No. 318205

I mean as a straight woman I too have the urge to hump my partner and wish my clit was big enough to use. Its a differnt urge to wanting to get fucked, like an itch in my clit I cant scratch. I think its pretty normal, I mean even other female animals hump when they are in heat. The clit and penis are analogous stuctures after all, wouldnt be weird if the same wiring is there as well.

No. 318207

Have posted about this before but I think my nigel is so perfect I wish I could fuck him in the butt. Other anons told me I don’t know what I’m talking about, pegging is gross and he will moan like a little girl, but.. I don’t care. I guess my lust for him transcends what I previously thought was possible for me kek. I would probably even rim him. I used to be a fujoshi fakeboy who read a lot of BL in my teens and although I’m more comfortable in my body these days, I always felt a sense of regret I can’t have homo sex. Then I remember he’s straight and it’s ok. I lust for my nigel the way a homosexual man would, or I am simply too ultra straight.

No. 318210

You're not a boy inside, there's no such thing as transgender, stop trying to categorize the feelings you get when you're horny

No. 318214

AYRT. Don't take everything seriously. Also stop going into the horny thread when you're not horny.

No. 318216

It's worth trying if you're both interested in trying. I penetrated my husband once (digitally) and it was thrilling, my mind literally went white for a second. He's not into it though and I'm not obsessed with it so it's just a nice little memory I have.

No. 318219

well top anon here, the urge isnt really fucking him with an object/fingers, or about him getting fucked. Its more like I want to hump, I want to use my clit as a dick. It feels more like a primal instinct way.

No. 318224

Oh nona, you might want to look into the Clanners if you're at all interested in Battletech, because that's part of their whole deal

No. 318268

Breeding kink. That authistic anon going on about mind control semen a week ago had me low key turned on in a gross coomerish way. I don't let guys nut inside me for a myriad of reasons, number one being I don't want children ever, but would lie if I said I'm not a little bit turned on by pretending my nigel's semen is gonna bond me to him and make me a brainless breeding sow. Too bad cum is nasty and smells bad irl. Also he's very vanilla so idk if he'd be into roleplaying it kek.

No. 318584

i wish it werent the case but the more time passes, the more i want to fuck a nerd/incel. like orbits around 4chan, reddit, etc, autistic and as socially unfortunate as i am. i passed by one of those shops that sell tabletop games and other memorabilia and a bunch of these guys were in and idk, it just ignited these thoughts ive been repressing for months now.

No. 318585

I cringe every time someone pretends that procreation is a kink. Man and woman having sex to make a baby is as vanilla and wholesome as you can possibly get. You have to be real brainrotten to think this is a kink.

No. 318589

Do you remember in which thread it was?

No. 318593

It's not the procreation, it's the mind control semen specifically lol. But I also have a kink for mind control in general.

No. 318595

There's nothing wholesome about "breeding." Yes, having sex for procreation is obviously normal, but depending on the lens you view it through it can be disgusting rather than wholesome. A lot of people see impregnation as a sign of a man dominating a woman, definitely not wholesome.

No. 318605

What is wholesome about a sex-obsessed violent moid shooting his disgusting seed inside you?

No. 318641

File: 1679884286819.jpg (108.45 KB, 500x979, 64b56cffb84d06eb7f9bb6f22969b0…)

I get turned on when I see some old ladies in those dresses like the super baggy ones, I think older women even past MILF age are really hot. I might like to get with a 50 year old. I imagine she's married and never been with a woman and then I show her the light. (The light of having another woman eat your pussy) I like how they drape over curves.

No. 318646

anon I don't understand you but I deeply respect you

No. 318722

I don't know if this is shame worthy or if I'm extremely repressed but I'm very attracted to women with large anime sized breasts. Not fake boobs because they are gross and not soft or squishy. I'm not even sure it's a fetish or if I just have a type. Although lactation is really hot. I fantasize about sucking on my waifu's tits so often I've had to start wearing panty liners so I don't soak through my pants. I see some call it gross or scrotey but I can't help but think it's hot. I've always fixated on breasts and when I play genshin impact I find myself thinking jiggle physics can be cute. Pushup bras, milk maid tops, and other things that emphasizes breast size turn me on. I bought a cute top my made my boobs look bigger and I honestly got wet thinking about it. I've been discouraged from talking about my attraction to women so I usually don't express this at all.

Another thing thats I'm a little ashamed of is that anime women are more attractive to me then celebrities. Celebrities don't register as people to me. They are like mannequins or barbie dolls. The hottest women I've seen have been at the comic book/regular book store and at the hardware store. My ideal gf would be a nerdy autistic woman or an offline country one. If id rate them it would be normie women > anime women > celebrity women.

No. 318758

Kinks aren't vanilla and wholesome, idiot.

No. 318772

nonnie lets date i have D cups

just kidding, but i understand you, i felt a lot of guilt growing up as a teenager. sometimes you like what you like

No. 318825

I do understand you, nona, sorry to other nonnies if it is scrotey but I love huge breasts in general, but them in sports bra really makes me horny or women with huge tits and tiny bikinis showing their areolas, whether anime or real women. I have a huge lactation fetish too, and I hate myself for it because I also have large breasts and I know all the downsides and how it sucks being sexualized for it.

No. 318975

Agreed, thats literally why we have sex. Its insane how removed we are from nature that procreating is viewed as a taboo fetish.

No. 318981

It's fucking gross that you would have a child just because it makes you horny. It's irresponsible and trashy to pop out babies like that, which is why it's a taboo fetish. Gross. Of course if you come from hillbilly trash heritage you wouldn't understand the concept of family planning.

No. 318986

People with a breeding/impregnation kink equate it to dominating women so yes, it is disgusting.

No. 318987

Yes, that phrase implies a man with a rape fetish. No desire to have a family is present. Normie women wouldn't get it though

No. 318991

Lmao ok thinking you are above programming that has existed in all living beings since the dawn of time. Literally the only reason for why having sex feels good, to procreate. Its more trashy to think sex is separate from the biological drive to further ones genes.

Thinking family planning overrides instinct lol, the drive to mate is there, people just override it with reasoning.

No. 318997

This is so sad.

No. 318998

Nta but we're animals you know, just primates, you wanting your bf to nut in you isn't a kink it's probably just your instincts to squeeze out a baby. (Not saying you should) the point of life, scientifically is to procreate and then die.

No. 318999

Why do you guys have to be so retarded about everything every time, just post kinks you're ashamed of

No. 319000

File: 1680100339335.gif (78.67 KB, 220x164, monkey-computer.gif)

Their primate instincts drive them to shitpost on the Internet

No. 319001

Low IQ take.

No. 319005

Don't you have a child to rear. It's always the breeding and impregnation obsessed retards that don't have anyone to give them a child. Get out there and follow your dreams and raise as many children as you can.

No. 319006

File: 1680101407287.jpg (78.04 KB, 1200x690, 7t434h2.jpg)

i have the instinct to hump some broken, dry, crackwall hands. just the hand, nothing else.
the point of life is to fuck hands

No. 319015

>fucking hands
>broken, dry, crackwall hands
Scary. Explain this decision?

No. 319016

finally a thread for me.

i have a small dick humiliation kink. i met an irish guy with a super small dick and found out irish guys have like the second smallest dicks of europe, maybe i need to move there, every guy i came across in my country irl so far had a huge dick.

it's super hard to bring that kink up, even with the irish guy it took so long until he told me sdh turns him on but it was the best time of my life.

No. 319020

Ew no this is strictly fantasy for me. Actually raising children would be of the table. It's completely bizarre that I sometimes have this fetish, it makes zero sensense. I assume it's biological and nothing else.

No. 319026

Yup, as always, it's the ones with the breeding fetishes who never want children

No. 319029

>My ideal gf would be a nerdy autistic woman or an offline country one. If id rate them it would be normie women > anime women > celebrity women.
this makes you based and normal. i also see most celebs as sterile, so much of attraction comes from seeing how people move and their mannerisms.

No. 319031

>every guy i came across in my country irl so far had a huge dick.
this is the funniest problem to have, kek

No. 319050

More normie but i have this fantasy of fucking a really hot Chad who's absolutely hung but also extremly submissive and i think of teasing him like "wish you had a smaller cock so i can make fun of you"

No. 319278

File: 1680258209597.png (266.42 KB, 1080x734, 1663556880489.png)

I am extremely ashamed of this, but… nazis. It's even worse though, I don't find german 1940s nazis as hot as I find neonazis. There's just something so attractive about them, I can't even explain it it just is. Recently an actual unironic neonazi with a fucking black sun tattooed on his chest (yes, actually) posted shirtless pictures of himself to an altchan I sometimes use and it's like I'm under a curse I literally have not been able to stop thinking about it for the past day. He wasn't actually that bad looking.

No. 319279

Bitch no one said otherwise, I said it was taboo to mention because it implies that you perhaps had children only because you were horny like a poor person. Plus sex doesn't feel good for the vast majority of women yet they still have kids. You're a fringe minority for wanting to have a family just because you can't help being a cumdump.

No. 319280

>average miner
>it implies that you perhaps had children only because you were horny like a poor person
kek. Why the fuck would that be a taboo? Damn, touch grass

No. 319281

I bet you were born near a river. Send me your skull measurements, dutch-irish mutt.

No. 319282

I'm not a miner, the only time I go on cc is for the bunkers. I just like cece the lizard. I don't want you to think miners are like me kek

No. 319283

File: 1680260110952.jpg (28.67 KB, 500x500, 20230130_204240.jpg)

I can see being attracted to 1940's nazis with their uniforms and shit, but this is incomprehensible

No. 319284

basically she's into racist white trash but she's different from any other tradwaif or alt-r pick me because she wants them to be attractive

No. 319285

Cece doesn't deserve this.

No. 319292

I feel you nonnie. I used to go to uni with this guy who wasn't my type at all, but when I learnt he was a neonazi something in my brain switched and I started finding him hot kek this was all back when I used to be a hardcore antifa and leftist so I never told anyone about it, but I still think about him sometimes. I'll never understand why I'm like this sigh

No. 319317

You're saying women who enjoy sex are a fringe minority of women? Why are you on this thread, then? Get thee to a nunnery.

No. 319350

>because she wants them to be attractive
neo-nazis are way less attractive than 1940's ones imo

No. 319355

holy incel pretending to be a woman

No. 319358

I am not gonna judge you because I have a nazi fetish myself but for the 1940s nazis kind.

No. 319366

These are old posts but they're obviously written by a scrote who thinks "stacy"s that dare to date and break up with men think this way. Men can't fathom women want to break up because the relationship isn't working out and they'd rather accuse the woman of being an evil master manipulator who ruined the man's life for ending their two week long highschool relationship instead of accepting things like a normal person. I've known so many guys who genuinely thought women act and think this way, so weird.

No. 319383

most neonaazis look hideous and would be exterminated if they were actually in Nazi Germany, are you okay?

No. 319513

that's what i'm sayin, every Neo-nazi and modern-day German male has a face ugly enough to be considered anti-Nazi propaganda. And any blonde blue-eyed dude that doesn't, is probably a Jew.

No. 319697

Could you post this scrote's photo? I really can't imagine a neonazi that's got you hot and bothered. Especially a guy who posts photos of himself on chan boards. You either found a weirdly fuckable one or we need to support you as you seek help. I'm interested because you've spent an entire day thinking about it.

No. 319711

I like watching and hearing males fart. I don’t like the smell though.

No. 319713

is it part of some humiliation fetish? does this play into your sexual fantasies?

No. 319718

Jews are much hotter than neonazis and no one will ever change my mind.

No. 319724

TRUFAX. finally a good opinion. but i also say this as someone with a borderline fetish for mediterraneans so i may be biased

No. 319731

I don't really find Mediterraneans attractive because that type of guy is terrifically common in my country but I do like jews which surprises a lot of people since I'm Muslim.
Tfw no cute Jewish bf to assimilate.

No. 319738

ayrt i'm mostly a 'mo so i wasn't really thinking about moids i'm also the same as you btw but i'm nafri and i prefer southern europeans and levantines which includes jews wish i could visit the east coast of america because those jewish fake italians are so hot to me KEK

No. 319751

No. I have the fetish because I associate it with masculinity.

No. 319761

File: 1680480623890.jpg (Spoiler Image,145.28 KB, 913x878, 1680246111220.jpg)

Here's the famed hot neonazi. Haters will say he looks gay, I don't care, he's still extremely hot to me and I want to lick his tattoo. He posted a couple more pictures including his hands and feet (lol). I can link the thread too if anons really want. Spoilered so front page anons don't have to see him

No. 319763

That's just a non-obese man?

No. 319764

disgusting fat sausage hands, and not in a masculine way. i think you have an autist fetish instead of a neonatz one

No. 319767

>here's my acclaimed hot nazi bf!!!
>a nazi tattoo and a nipple
This is a fragment of a person, not an entire person. Post his face at least

No. 319773

You are fucking weird and should stop posting about your nasty nazi fetish.

No. 319775

Skinny fat ugly ass moid with a shit tattoo.

No. 319782

bald men always look like they smell like ham

No. 319784

I know, I thought twice before posting this because normal people don't go feral when they see a swastika and an average looking guy in the same place but I figured I can't talk about a 'hot neonazi' without posting him. I desperately need someone to hit me over the head to fix my brain. I don't even think tattoos are attractive at all and I would never look someone with a tattoo in real life but I'm drooling over this faggy creature dumb enough to get a nazi tattoo

No. 319789

File: 1680495876208.png (1.7 MB, 1876x874, nonapls.png)

nona pls he has a body like flatbread

No. 319801

Tell your discord bf to wipe his mirror. And the feet fetish part makes me think you're more likely to be an actual faggot than a woman.

No. 319806

I don't have a foot fetish (thank god) I just mentioned that because I find it funny he posted his feet and hands. I am a woman nona, an embarrassment but a woman nevertheless

No. 319807

Yes, I think so too……

No. 319827

i think you're just excited/intrigued by the idea of getting involved with/fucking someone you absolutely shouldn't, i feel like i see like interracial couples nowadays bc when it's not dissapointing your father, what's the fun in it?

No. 319839

For what it's worth anon I think the skinhead aesthetic can look hot, IF you have the right headshape for it. Of course I'd never admit this to anyone irl.

No. 319851

So the neonazi nipple dude is bald as well?? How can you tell? Is it really a prerequisite for neonazism? Nona needs to get her head checked

No. 319853

Kek sorry, nonny. I was agreeing with you. I'm nta.

No. 319864

File: 1680536807662.jpg (Spoiler Image,436.33 KB, 1932x2576, 1680239829387.jpg)

He's not bald, in one of the pics you can see brown hair above his choice of face censor. I don't know where that came from, I think one nona assumed he's bald and everyone ran with it. The photo in question (please excuse the feraljak). Spoilered again to spare the poor front page nonas. Yes those are fumos and a nazi flag behind him

No. 319868

be a normal person and just chase Russkis, what's the point in going after a Nazi Russian that looks about 12.

No. 319873

File: 1680538136017.png (1.94 MB, 1932x2576, ewww.png)

nona have respect for yourself, even his fellow Nazis think he's a chud and a troon and the rest are jacking it to him, also kek at the shoulders and chinless chin

No. 319874

File: 1680538266765.jpg (Spoiler Image,839.99 KB, 1962x2912, dégueulasse.jpg)

No. 319875

File: 1680538461573.jpg (42.75 KB, 614x476, hotzi.jpg)

a way hotter neonazi was posted, you couldn't thirst after him?

No. 319878

Is the way hotter neonazi hiding in the woods?

No. 319879

What are you gaining from this? No one wants to see this disgusting shit, you could have ended it at "omg im creaming over a skinhead omg feral!!" or whatever it is you said. Seriously starting to smell like mad scrotum and testes in here. Stop.

No. 319882

And samefagging but all of this is reminding me of this neonazi who was arrested in my country and all his pictures were filtered as fuck.

No. 319884

Okay, maybe he's chinless and maybe a little gay but he has a cute chest and tattoo and his hands aren't sausagey to me. I wish I saw the image he deleted, I closed the thread before I got a chance
He's too skinheady for me and has too many tattoos. He looks like a wifebeater. Varg-type nazis are just pathetic
That's not me anon, that's a nona who found the thread he posted.

No. 319885

i put my glasses on and yeah he's ugly, my bad. i now see the exact edge of his hairline, no wonder they shave it all off

No. 319886

>he has a cute chest
He's flabby, needs to lower is body fat.

No. 319887

>a little gay
a little? just a lil? he's posting more photos for his fellow swastigays, and calls them his "sissy slaves" and he's just a "little" gay?

No. 319888

Imagine being born a man and still becoming a pickme for racist trad idiots.

No. 319889

nona just look for a neonazi worth simping over and then come back with your findings, you're getting flamed in here

No. 319890

…That was actually me he called a "sissy slave" kek. I thought of telling him that I'm female but I decided against it. He's probably a bit gay yeah but that doesn't make him any less hot to me. his degeneracy contrasted with his nazism might actually make him hotter

No. 319891

It's okay, I'm sure the black sun tattoo guy thinks he's hot.

No. 319892

>degeneracy contrasted with his nazism
There is no contrast there.

No. 319893

let me get this, you consider being gay a degeneracy as opposed to being a Nazi? not even the attention whoring part or being a male part you consider degenerate?

No. 319894

By degeneracy I meant more posting his hands and feet alongside photos of his chest to a shitposting website, having an obvious fetish gif in the threadpic, calling other posters sissies etc. I'm making myself look really bad here aren't I

No. 319895

We get it, gayboy nazi fucker is disgusting and blind. Everyone can stop replying now.

No. 319898

File: 1680540450949.jpg (131.14 KB, 614x774, 10313552_10201961239775253_112…)

>sissy slave

No. 319899

But it's funny…

No. 319901

File: 1680540584315.png (Spoiler Image,16.16 KB, 589x424, youcantgobackfromthisnona.png)

>I'm making myself look really bad here aren't I
"making"? you dont exactly have to try

No. 319902

Jesus Christ…

No. 319903

File: 1680540733207.jpeg (36.87 KB, 750x648, B4A2AE18-3306-4B3C-9923-E3D8C1…)

are you microcephalic by any chance?

No. 319906

I feel like I'm a criminal standing in front of a judge presenting evidence for my arrest, yes that was me and the reply after that was me as well. This is embarrassing and I'm regretting my choice to post him ITT. I probably should have just saved the pictures and kept it to myself

No. 319912

I think this is one of the soyjak dudes selfposting. Him spamming unflattering pictures even neonazi fans would make fun of and using same soyjak images to censor his head is making me think that way.
Anyway, I have wider shoulders than this faggot, he wouldn't survive a day in nazi Germany with that sort of subhuman proportions that make him look like a 7 year old mentally stunted boy.

No. 319915

This thread is hilarious atm, nonnies really got a good sense of humor

No. 319918

I was thinking the same thing. I’d say it’s 90% likely to be self posting and 10% chance of being a really sad retarded woman. Like how many actual farmers would be hanging around moid havens so much to have grabbed this exact screenshot? >>319901 it all smells like ball sweat and I suggest everyone stop replying because whoever it is is loving the attention and probably has a humiliation fetish.

No. 319920

i'm not >>319906, but i am >>319901, i got the screenshot from the archive of the thread the moid posted in, which i found from Google Image Search.

No. 319923

File: 1680547186932.jpg (27.17 KB, 735x717, 43748559984a660a39e643955eef58…)

i really want to fuck a sleeping man. Men are so so especially attractive to me when they're sleeping, but i really want to fuck one when they're like that. Grinding seems better than actual penetration tho. It'd be really hot if a dude with sexsomnia made a move on me(not forcefully, just started moaning and then suddenly started kissing me and my neck and i could take over from there). I wonder if i get a boyfriend in the future i could get him to take sleeping pills for this exact thing, but could he get hard during sleep, or would he need an aphrodisiac?

No. 319926

Okay I'm >>319278 >>319761 >>319864 (more but I'm only linking those). I'm not going to post my hand but I'm not him and I'm not selfposting. I didn't censor his face myself with the soyjak, he did and it was posted that way. Those posts are the only pictures of him I've posted, all the others are different anons who found the archive. I don't have a humiliation fetish I swear to god I just have a nazi fetish. Only replying now because I want to clear things up

No. 319932

nta but you clearly are enjoying getting humiliated if you keep coming back for more

No. 319934

don't forget >>319901 >>319890

No. 319952

What the fuck. Also I think he could get hard during sleep, yeah.

No. 319970

nonita i'm the same, i think i posted something similar here or on the sexual fantasies thread a few weeks ago. guys are just so adorable when they sleep, there's gotta be something wrong with me for how turned on i get by it

No. 319977

nona please, what the fuck are you doing?

No. 320002

sage for OT but moidchan pickmes are so fucking pathetic and annoying. Especially the ones that come from 4chan and soyjack.party.

No. 320038

You prefer this faggot over the OG nazis? Shit taste nona, at least the uniforms looked good and there are a lot of pics from cute aryans. That degenerate would be executed by them kek.

No. 320040

File: 1680608289489.jpg (67.64 KB, 446x705, delicioso.jpg)

No. 320041

File: 1680608611316.jpg (77.66 KB, 647x900, noice.jpg)

i know he puts that mouth to good use i just know it

No. 320058

This thread is absolute cancer

No. 320071

Can nazichan be done already

No. 320074

I am so tired of Nazichan or nazikun, whichever it is. For the past few months this thread might as well be renamed to Nazi lusting thread.

No. 320076

i also have a really annoying hair kink, the only way i can come is when i imagine being forced or tricked into having my hair cut short, as a child i used to watch forced hair cutting videos on youtube. i actually did cut my hair short about a year ago because the kink was taking over my thoughts completely and i ended up looking bad for ages until my hair grew out. i have to live with the fact that i only look good with long hair lmao

No. 320084

Where did that come from?

No. 320116

I really want to get with a Jewish guy, I only spoke with a few but the ones I spoke to seemed quite decent and also cutely submissive

No. 320123

I'm straight up a semiophile, i loooove jewish guys. Nevrotic, cut dick, mommy issues, big noses,.. what's not to love?

No. 320125

Kek. Are you me? The dude I was talking to also had hardcore mommy issues which is definitely a plus. I also love how they'd be shamed about liking me because I'm Muslim although the dude I was talking to sadly didn't mind.

No. 320136

Oh god no.

No. 320143

thats so interesting bc i also have a thing for being a shiksa seducing a NJB. Like the outsider…

No. 320153

holy shit exactly

No. 320154

I never thought too much about it but now I'll be weary of Jewish men, but thanks for bringing balance to the thread.

No. 320155

I do not understand.

No. 320156

Nta but I'm more into them because my type is dorky men with dark curly or wavy hair and a big honker and it just so happens many jewish guys fall into that type. I'm sometimes into mediterranean and middle eastern men for the same reason but there's not as many dorky/nerdy ones in comparison.

No. 320160

Okay, way more understandable, except dorky, though if you want dorky Jewish is definitely the way to go

No. 320170

>me being one of the nazi-chans
Don't worry, nona, I fantasize about jewish guys too. But you gotta that having a nazi fetish is a fetish that people should be ashamed, I just didn't know it was that popular and if I should relieved that I am not the only one or not.

No. 320171

Samefag, at least the nona from >>320040 know that the OG nazis are better and this ugly chud is nothing compared to them.

No. 320174

Unrelated to the nazifuckers, I want Jordan B Peterson to fuck me so bad. I want him to use that stern kermit voice and boss me around. Like, I want him to make a big deal about our age difference, morals, and then I want it to end with me riding him. Like, he is so attractive for no reason? It's disgusting

No. 320258

you're from another planet if you didn't know it was popular. it's like saying i didn't know people fetishized cops or any other type of uniform

No. 320260

Why did this one series give me so many shameful fetishes?

No. 320340

File: 1680723036837.jpg (Spoiler Image,144.89 KB, 835x1500, f15.jpg_orig.jpg)

I know plus sized elf is a retarded fetishistic moid-tier ecchi but I like it too much

No. 320347

Who is this? Asking for a friend.

No. 320358

Nta but the character is literally called plus-size elf. (well, her name is Elfuda, but it’s more fruitful to look up plus-sized elf.)

I relate to you anons as a Super Pochaco fag. These characters are just unbelievably cute to me, and it’s not even projection cuz I’m thin.

No. 320367

Inb4 I get moidcalled, but I really like art with body types like this, if only because it's a both a personal fitness "goal" (I have a similar frame) and think women built like that in real life are cute too. I looked at /d/ once out of morbid curiosity and I kinda like the "Venus" stuff in-theory, but the majority of the art posted is shit. Of course moids would consider "women over 25 with non-skinny/realistically proportioned bodies" to be an "alternative" "fetish", though.

No. 320393

I got told I should be ashamed of myself a few years back for telling another lesbian that I think Olga from this series is hot, kek. NGL, in retrospect I agree with her.

No. 320396

I like TiF NSFW of male characters. I feel like this makes sense since I'm a lesbian IRL who is exclusively into mascs, and decent NSFW art of my type is hard to come by. I would not touch a TiF IRL though since I know they are not the same as an anime boy with female genitals, kek.

No. 320438

File: 1680794679050.png (52.17 KB, 593x318, icallbullshit.png)

hands like these hit new reply

No. 320440

>i guess he just gave up trying to avoid it
either it's a man with a "lolita" fantasy typing this, or a severely damaged woman with a forever-mental-child pedo for father.

No. 320441

do like a typical Lana stan and just date a (hopefully well picked but considering your mental state it might not be)older man
>access to porn exacerbated my problems tenfold
>so like… i still want him to fuck me…
so you know sexually indulging your electra complex has made it worse and yet here you are continuing to do so?

No. 320445

I was talking to this new guy and I told him how seeing my ex cry turned me on. He told me he'd love to fuck me while my ex was on the phone crying and the idea of it is so hot even though it's really disgusting and low.

No. 320448

ew low-quality male, he should cry and turn you on himself nona

No. 320456

I also have a cucking fetish so it's more exciting this way for me. I also despise my ex because he stalked me and tried to sexually assault me, unsuccessfully, so him crying while listening to a guy fucking me would be perfect.

No. 320462

i take it all back nona, you are mucho based.

No. 320463

i also have same fetish but i keep it away from reality as much as possible, but i have a fantasy of me being real pretty n stuff but have not much interest in an actual relationship and have a friends-with-benefits type relationship with a handsome dude, but i break it off to pursue an actual relationship with another (hunky) dude, and former fwb is really envious and desparate and comes over to talk with me while my bf is out and when he comes back i take ex-fwb into the shower and turn it on and kiss and fuck him while pretending to bf that i'm showering(the ex-fwb is also crying out of misery during this) and then i make him hide in the bathtub behind the shower curtain and immediately initiate with bf and sit on his face(have to cover his eye while ex-fwb makes his escape ofc). Other fantasies include fucking bf while ex-fwb is around and it's worrisome for bf bc he's scared ex-fwb'll hear but ex-fwb already knows and is crying out of envy, but it's not as detailed as the fantasy described above.

No. 320678

oviposition. im a lesbian monsterfucker in general (werewolves, vampires, cryptids, demons, angels, all of it) but for some reason the idea of a hot alien woman laying her eggs inside of me just does it for me. ideally she’d have a humanoid upper body (arms, bust, face) but other than that I’m not picky. I’ve been tempted to buy some sort of egg-shaped vibrator with a cord to try playing with but I’m always worried I’m gonna lose something up my pussy lol, hence why I haven’t actually tried anything yet.

also just laying eggs in general. I blame my shitty sex Ed for not clarifying what it meant that human women had “eggs” that were fertilized during sex.

No. 320679

Anon… I was literally just about to go to one of the dumbass shit threads and post “why did I just cum to the thought of a green alien woman laying eggs in my vagina?” But then I thought, no… better not. I’ll check what’s going on in /g/ instead.
WTF… WTAF… you’re lucky I didn’t wind up posting that otherwise you might have been accused of sperging across the site about it and if you said “it wasn’t me!” No one would believe you because what are the odds two anons are horny about getting eggs layed in their vaginas within 5 minutes of each other. Reality is stranger than fiction…

No. 320695

I'm also a lesbian that's occasionally into this stuff too. I've made OCs that do it and whenever I like a female alien character in media, I tend to imagine this. I actually considered buying one of those ovipositor toys as a way to live out this fantasy, but I read from people who own it that they're a nightmare to use solo.

No. 320716

File: 1680969577334.jpg (61.75 KB, 474x579, OIP (1).jpg)

My sister really liked watching Law & Order SUV/SVU (??) and one episode was about a male victim and even though I was really young, I found it so hot, especially when his girlfriend poured boiling hot spaghetti over his head and he fell to the ground whimpering or whatever. I think he may have also been pushed down the stairs which is so hot. I'd love to push a boy down some steps and watch him tumble. I don't know what the episode is called and all I remember is the spaghetti!

No. 321418

I’m really attracted to slutty men. I love watching videos where gymbros take off their shirts at parties or whatever and let women touch their biceps, pecs, pinch their nipples and punch their abs to feel how hard they are. It’s really hot when you can tell they love the attention.
I’ve learned my lesson with trying to be with a manwhore and I know they’re useless to pursue, i can’t help but find their desire for female attention hot still. Maybe it’s part of my attraction for guys with mommy issues or something

No. 321419

I love slutty men too, and I also know that they would be useless for a real relationship. Care to share some videos like that though?

No. 321448

Men could be more slutty. We all know males crave women's attention so where are the moids that just go for it, are hot, and let women touch them? I think men are becoming losers.

No. 321450

Embarrassed that I find myself attracted to the same physical traits of a girl that used to bully me. I never knew why I found these traits attractive in women but I saw some who looked similar to her and it clicked. I'm also the nona who has the fighting fetish and she did threaten to beat me up one time… Idk if this is just my brains fucked up way of wanting to
re-experience that dynamic to take it back or what

No. 321456

They're not "becoming", they've been losers for quite a while nona

No. 321457

No. 321467

I have a fetish for corrupting sheltered guys. The last ex I had had a family who was super religious and said “no sex in the house” but I just saw that as a challenge. We ended up fucking on the family couch with his mom and grandma a room away while we watched some documentary. I was his first for a lot of different stuff that he hadn’t tried yet and gave him a sexual awakening as to how to really have sex with a woman.
Now there’s this new guy who is so intimidated by me (physically) and based on his behavior he is somewhat emotionally immature and inexperienced. Ever since I put two and two together realizing that he’s likely super sheltered to the point that’s even worse than my last ex, I want IN. Why am I like this, I know it’s terrible but I get so excited thinking of it. I know the relationship is bound to suck because guys like this are emotionally retarded but the fetish of corrupting them and shaking their world with the best sex ever is so exciting.

No. 321478

Probably giving them the best experience of their lives that they don't even deserve kek

No. 321480

Men are whores but not in a way that’s fun for us, it’s unfair

No. 321482

Only on lolcow can giving someone the best experience of their life be framed as a bad thing

No. 321484

My first BF in high school was a full time pussy licker. We were both virgins and were waiting to have sex and he just ended up licking my pussy a lot. I didn't know anything about femdom at the time but in hindsight he was a huge sub. I only did oral on him once while he did it on me many times. Also often when he was going down on me he'd be fully naked while I was partially clothed, just pulling the under end of my panties aside so he could service me.

No. 321485

No. 321496

where are you nonnas even finding non-slutty sheltered men. i want one

No. 321507

Did you post on the help me find thread about this? Because I've looked so hard for it and just couldn't find it. I ended up watching a lot of random scenes of the characters eating pasta and that was it.

No. 321512

tbf, if he's religious, the guilt of fucking before marriage outweighs the pleasure probably.

No. 321517

That sounds amazing my bf gets naked whil I just have my shirt on most times

No. 321559

Yes, nobody responded

No. 321562

nta but it's a gamble. I love sheltered "pure" guys too and found someone who perfectly encapsulates this for me, but he's definitely a very rare breed. Before I got together with my ex I thought he would be kind of the same because he was very inexperienced, but he turned out to be a coombrained degenerate instead.

Also the reality of this is that when you start regularly having sex he will inevitably become less sheltered and more sexually confident. This doesn't have to be a bad thing but it does mean that nothing tops the first couple times you do it, fetish wise.

No. 321706

I’m the original anon and part of the fetish is also being the woman who “woke” them up and made them good at sex. That’s a lifelong feeling imo. In my case I actually have less exes than some of these sheltered guys but they somehow had really bad sex lives because of having to do missionary for five minutes so their religious family doesn’t overhear. Even though our relationships don’t last I will always be the person who gave them the best sex of their life up until that point and changed their sexual preferences/knowledge. I didn’t date anyone who had a porn addiction but I also haven’t ever met a guy who hasn’t seen porn at some point. The last dude I dated I flat-out told him to not watch porn because 1) I explained my ethical arguments and 2) I would need him to satisfy me as we would be having sex nearly every day…yeah I guess I am somewhat dominant in the bedroom even if there’s no BDSM. The most I like to do is edging and making them beg. I think tying up a guy to a chair and edging him would be hot but I know some anons would claim I’m insane for even pleasuring a male.

No. 321707

Btw when I mean “pleasuring” a male I don’t mean it comes without my pleasure either, it is one of my biggest turn-ons to see them squirm and moan. Then getting them closer and seeing how helpless and a little bit pathetic they look as I tell for them to beg for me to let them finish or continue. Idk it’s just satisfying.

No. 321709

But edging is based because it's a form of torment. I want to make a boy squirm and moan too!!!!! life isn't fair.

No. 321729

The last dude I dated would not do anything to actually indulge my fetishes and drew the line at edging and begging, which was extremely disappointing. If only women were the same with men’s disgusting fetishes.

No. 322099

File: 1681754590849.jpg (31.46 KB, 563x501, 45ae2723ef6431c606f45211699022…)

does it count as a foot fetish if I like when a moid likes my feet? My ex was really into feet but not in a porn sick way (at least not that I was aware of) and it was so hot to me. I don't know if I just liked it because of the reaction he had to us doing feet stuff or if I like having my feet touched KEK. I don't like looking at feet or anything so I don't know. Maybe I just find it attractive because most scrotes are into beating women and rape-adjacent sex acts so the idea of being treated nicely over a random body part is so HOT and appealing to me. Am I gaslighting myself into thinking this is degenerate and something that I should be ashamed of or am I making sense? Generally I like femdom themes but the IRL moids who like it are all creepy and like crossdressing. Send help

No. 322101

Men with feet fetish aren't worshipping a body part, to them your feet are as sexual as your ass or tits, they just want to use that to get off. I knew a few guys with feet fetish and they all turned out to be crazy in the head so I wouldn't recommend indulging in this or continuing being with men like that.

No. 322107

Yeah moids with feet fetishes literally have an error in their brains that put feet at the same sexual level as vagina, so of course they're fucked in the head.

No. 322108

ayrt, fair enough, I don't pursue men with feet fetishes I just happened to date one who liked mine and indulged him because I liked him a lot. The sex was good and he was great while I was with him so maybe that's why I naively don't see view them as badly as I do ones with other degenerate fetishes. I'm backpedaling but I'm embarrassed, I think I just need to get laid and have good sex again. Feelsbad

No. 322109

some are okay, some are retarded, id say 30:70

No. 322110

I have a slight male foot and also hand fetish but I hate men with foot fetishes. Or any fetishes really.

No. 322112

Don't be embarrassed.
Hand fetishes are so common amongst women and mostly not deranged as mens feet fetish so it's ok imo. My exgf had a thing for my hands and I thought it was sweet, it never was sexual.

No. 322127

From what I've seen there's a weird overlap between men into feet and men who are pedos. Like every online (and famous) pedo I hear about always has a thing for feet for some reason.

No. 322137

This is true. Im the anon who talked about weird men into feet and one guy I knew only dated 15-16 year olds when he was 25. He literally never dated a girl that was out of highschool, he was a clear pedo and he was also very obsessed with feet.

No. 322141

I like feet. My bf seemed into it at the start but he seems to have forgotten. He sucked my toes one morning before work while getting fucked and he kept texting me about it, but since then he rarely gives me a foot rub now. I miss it

No. 322161

That's because paraphilias are usually linked.

No. 322268

I'd rather suck clean toes with trimmed toenails than dick.

No. 322270

I'd rather suck clean toes with trimmed toenails than dick.

No. 322273

Loves it

No. 322304

I think there's a difference between just having a casual kink (a sexual thing you like or find attractive that isn't required, but would enhance things), and having a fetish that takes over your entire sexuality. Most moids tend to be the latter. Back when I was in artist communities, there was one artist in my circle who was so into feet he considered himself asexual since "normal" sex/PIV wasn't appealing to him.

I'm lowkey into women's hands and feet in certain contexts, but it's not a "requirement" for me like a lot of moids with partialisms are

No. 322308

I like both male hands and feet but yeah it's more of a casual kink like >>322304 says and it's more about the size of them really, I like big men with big hands and feet. Both big men with small hands and feet but also manlets with large hands and feet look downright comical to me.

No. 322314

I don't like fit per se, although large clean feet is a big plus. But I'm absolutely obsessed with muscular calves. Nothing is better than thick, strong calves on a man. On other hand, week calves or stick legs is a major turn off for me.
Also hairy legs is great too. I don't really like body hair but I like it on calves (yeah). Those small hairs on toes are cute too.

No. 322503

I like guys who remind me of my dad. For the longest time, I didn't understand why I went for the guys I went for, the common denominator is men who remind me of my pos father. Slightly overweight, alcholic, deeply troubled, bipolar, in need of antipsychotic, unpredictable, cigarette smoking, compulsive lying, utterly pathetic, truck driving, blue collar guys. Is this something therapy can cure? My friends won't stop making fun of my taste.

No. 322504

I think it can be cured, and that you may not supposed to want to fuck someone who looks like your family members because that’s kind of not normal. Specially if it comes from trauma.
I don’t know, genuinely, in a lighthearted and sightly concerned way, get therapy so you can stop trying to find your dad’s approval in other men, specially because if he’s/was a shit moid, you will end up going for shit moids.

No. 322516

Yes, you should try therapy.

No. 322737

I like brunette annoying guys who remind me a bit of my father but my father is fat and has a receding hairline, so not to exaction. I've accepted my main type is sort of a problem but I have no intent to change it, it's not unusual to drift towards a partner that resembles one of your parents physically or personality wise. Whether you love or hate them, it can happen. Probably has something to do with how we're socialized

No. 322874

Ugh me too, anon, I don’t even know who you are bu you could do better!

No. 322885

1.) Fucking and sucking lonely male prisoners fetish
2.) Fucking a nazi fetish
3.) Fucking a nazi to piss off my Jewish dad in the next room fetish
4.) Being bi for the male gaze fetish
5.) Choking and dying on a dick fetish

all of them are shameful…if I wasn't introduced to porn honestly I wouldn't be this messed up. I used to just fantasize about boys being nice to me and holding my hand.

No. 322890

yeah that's pretty messed up

No. 322897

i'd tell you to go to therapy but then you'd probably try to fuck your therapist.

No. 322899

I kinda have a similar fantasy, only the opposite of yours.
I want to forcibly dominate a qt Jewish guy and convert him to islam
The more religious and naturally dominant he is, the better. Yum.

Though I'd advise against indulging in your nazi fetish anon, both for your self respect and safety. I've had a few racist guys interested in me (whom I obvi turned down) and they're really dangerous and violent, please don't talk to guys like that even if it's just online. One of those guys for example told me I had a natural beauty most girls didn't (aka I looked exotic cause I'm mixed) but after I rejected him, I was "subhuman" for being partially MENA, kek. He was a coward so he didn't go further than insulting me a few times but your average neonazi would obviously be much worse.

No. 322902

You should watch the Palestinian chicken episode of curb your enthusiasm its hilarious.

No. 322927

She could find a blond guy with blue eyes and ask him to wear a Star Wars first order officers uniform and pretend it is a nazi. They are evil but fictitious. I know because I have a fetish for the uniforms myself.

Now onto my own shameful fetish is that I am a bit tomboyish but like to fantasize about being forced to wear typical girly clothes, heels and makeup and show myself to a typical jock/frat boy. I hate because it is basically sissy feminization fetish that troons love but I am a bio woman instead.

No. 322942

Lmao love your imagination, anon. Most neonazis are ugly as fuck so it's even better if she uses a normal dude.

No. 322989

I would want to deflower my young servant and he has Stockholm syndrome

No. 322998

Im a lesbian but i can get behind that ngl

No. 323006

Girls who are like 20-40 pounds heavier than normal are hot to me. Above that is gross though. I make up a random girl in my mind. Maybe shes on birth control, or splurging out and doesnt realize, and gains weight and curves to the point where she goes up a cup size or two and can’t button her pants. Its so fucking hot to me for some reason. I dont get people who want girls to have completely flat stomachs. Tits and ass are sexy, but so are bellies if they’re smaller.

No. 323032

wtf i was literally thinking about this earlier

No. 323072

File: 1682244993497.png (Spoiler Image,94 KB, 512x512, blob https __waifus.nemusona.c…)

>I have to settle for tifs who are into the same fandoms as me
I can't stand TIF art even if they're practically the only ones who draw fat characters in a "positive" way. Their art styles are just disgusting in general, and they can't draw for shit most of the time.

Btw do you nonnys know of any female artists who draw cute fat or plump guys? I've seen some male gay artists who draw them kinda cute but I just can't fully like that art because of the bara-ish faces. Also asking for cute character recommendations, I can't remember any right now. I just found this Twitter artist on /m/ (mgong520) who has an OC like that.
I'm so desperate that I've been using those anime AIs to generate something good, and for the most part it's been giving me decent results (pic related) but it's still very limited and everything starts to look the same after a while.

No. 323074

this is a bit embarrassing for me personally, but i like very submissive guys, even better if theyre very pale. the true embarrassment comes from the fact im not white, nor do i possess any hangups about my race…i just like it when a guy looks a bit like a ghost but then people assume im into raceplay. it's probably a bit tame and perhaps im hijacking the thread with this watered down "fetish" but it's been haunting me! i also enjoy the idea of toying with my partners, i think it's fun to analyze them and test their reactions in various compromising situations, its like an experiment in human behavior.

No. 323076

so sorry to necro but i absolutely agree wtf, something about his morally stringent, intellectual and lecturing disposition is very appealing to me. it doesnt help that hes nice to look at….

No. 323078

I'm the same as you, there's nothing wrong with that. I even know other women in the same situation and with the same fetish. I don't like Caucasian or East Asian guys specifically, just paler than average guys in general like you say, it's not a race thing.
Necroing means bumping a thread where the last reply was made more than 6 months ago. The post you're replying to was made only 18 days ago. You needn't worry about that.

No. 323167

I got into petplay

No. 323194

I get it. I sort of like the submissive aspect of it. Like, being his fuck pet or whatever is hot. I also like collars.

No. 323223

Would only understand in the context of (me) being a predator animal (likely a big cat of some sort) and my lover being the prey animal, perhaps a deer. Not a bunny, that's too fucked up. I guess I could understand the appeal of being a kitty kat for petpets, but not sexually.

No. 323255

what are the words you're saying

No. 323649

i want to roleplay out an extremely problematic golden kamuy ship with my scrote because of furious brainworms but i think i'd also think he was a freak permanently if he did it with me.

No. 323703

Hey nona come back. You’re the only person I’ve seen who is exactly like me. I’ve always been into shonen and other teen boy audience media so imagining my powerful mary-sue ass favs as shy and submissive masculine women when they’re in bed with their wives (think Naruto.. Clark Kent, Goku) is such a turn on. I rarely let my mind go there but sometimes I’ve fantasized about going home with men I know in real life and them revealing to me that they’re actually trans men then eating that puss. Not sure what this says about me. I’m a lesbian too.

p.s. your mind is incredible re: spoilered contents.

No. 323715

File: 1682489932238.jpeg (92.08 KB, 828x802, CE615A0B-48B5-4F33-BB65-E725EA…)

I have a … class-based femdom corruption fetish. It’s hard to explain but basically I really get turned on by obviously downwardly mobile moids. There’s something super sexy to me about a man with a generic middle class businessman dad who will never be able to leave the service industry or a shitty Amazon job. It’s like he’s getting femdommed by society and forced to state his mediocrity and uselessness in the face.
For context, I’m from a fairly well off family and I am upwardly mobile on top of that. I’m also relatively normie “clean girl aesthetic” passing irl. I only date other normies but sometimes I fuck around with loser punks and male “art hoes” who work at like kinkos and live at home lol. There’s no shortage of them in my city and the majority are dumb as rocks but not dumb enough to realize that I (and pretty much every other woman) am way out of their league and they are often nice as fuck to me for the two weeks that I pay them any attention. Watching them oscillate between sexual excitement, embarrassment, resentment and submission/acceptance is really sexy to me.
I pursue normies because ultimately they are just more fun, hot and nice partners, but I do have a bunch of unrealistic fantasies related to this. My ultimate sexual fantasy would be to find a really cute one, a little stupid, with a bit of a bratty personality and have him as my live in house husband. My expectations for him would be to stay cute for me and do housework and cooking. In this fantasy I’d be way richer than I am now so he would have to clean some massive estate all day. I want to keep him busy so he can’t do too much thinking, because I don’t want him to start developing some pseud special interest in “philosophy” or anything. it’s not like he’s that good at it anyways, since he was probably a Sears cashier beforehand. Part of the fun of the whole thing is that he was already wasting his life anyways, so he might as well just give up entirely and be a cute trophy husband I guess lol. I guess I could be like his old-world patron and let him do a bit of work on his (likely awful) art projects so he wouldn’t go totally insane.
Our sex life would be mainly femdom-based. I’d love to restrain, tease, beat, and mark him up, and he would be expected to worship and serve me, but I would prefer a bratty switch type so he could dom me once in a blue moon as a treat, just to let out some of his sexual frustration. This part is actually key to the whole fantasy because it only reinforces how much of a larp his dominance is in any realm besides moidbrained aggression and blind sex drive. By giving in he proves he is no better than an animal!
I probably sound pretty narcissistic here. It’s funny because I don’t think that highly of myself when compared to other women, but I legitimately think I’m better than like 99% of moids. Even some of the brightest and most handsome ones are basically too coombrained to function, and are constantly derailed by their libidos. I only feel embarrassed about this because it’s basically a scrotal role reversal fantasy

No. 323765


This awoke something in me. Anyway I wouldn't feel too ashamed seeing as male commies think women should be a socialized good. Maybe remind him that you're free to dump him whenever as he has no financial sway over you.

No. 323773

Nta but I also almost always imagine male characters I like as women when fantasizing about them. I get crushes on fictional characters insanely easily, both men and women but I imagine the males as women. I love looking at genderbend art, but dislike when its hypersexualized, and clearly made to appeal towards males.

No. 323903

Coming back for you nona. I find the type of funny but cool main character so good to portray as submissive with their wife, you have good taste.
When I see men in person I find their skin, bone structure and all unappealing, but I can see how fantasizing about them being trans men is hot (I as a joke try to know if men I know have a sister, sometime like to imagine they have a cute one complaining about them )
I don't find most trans guy on T appealing but I find the concept of female having full beard like guys so adorable. Let's be friend nona
I remember making ton of genderbender art as a teen but nowaday I don't really enjoy it because they make them much more feminine than the original character was, just give them female anatomy.

No. 323906

File: 1682576973992.jpg (135.6 KB, 1120x541, Sana_afouaiz_kurdish_woman.jpg)

I recently caught a deep liking for MENA women, especially ones with a mix of soft and strong facial features.
Ones with assertive personnality, especially when of a more distinctive culture from western ones or of another religion, it's so attractive to me.
Very shameful but when a MENA hijabi girl is playfull or pushing me around for fun when chatting I find it irresistible.

No. 323909

I'm reply nona. Give me that discord! I'd love to be friends. To be honest, I also do imagine them to have softer features than in real life. The female beard thing is totally cute too, though I'm not that attracted to actual trans men only because our values and ideologies mismatch. I think my fantasy just comes from my perfect ideal world where everyone is female…

No. 323914

DUDE. i was just going to post exactly the same sentiment, especially the hijabi part kek butni thought maybe that's too much and i'd get anons hounding on me. i'm actually mena and living there so it must be easier for me though im more into levantines ( syrians especially ) which, im nowhere near the levant and they're very rare to come across ime. mediterranean women are the most beautiful out there.

No. 323950

Here is my discord FingerTape#6524 , let's VC verify . I would also love a perfect world with only women nona

No. 323974


No. 323975

File: 1682609446861.jpg (35.97 KB, 444x612, soulaf_fawakhrji_2008.jpg)

Lmao nonna your killing me, I also find Syrian women very pretty. Who care about other nonnas hounding us, it's the "fetish" you're ashamed of thread.
Idk why my weird brain would find having a romantic relationship with a hijabi attractive because even if she is more assertive in personality she would be more publicly discret about our relationship ? Total projection on my part probably, I also like the idea of her dressing modestly while I'm dressing more racy for her viewing pleasure.
Are you north african? I guess levantines women must have much different culture too. I hard agree on mediterranean women being exquisit

No. 323977

File: 1682609778206.jpg (28.54 KB, 480x360, dc4594dcd8b625d3d35f858568adc4…)

WHAT THE FUCK this is my exact fantasy too, except I don't like the punky looking weird guy(s) that give me attention, I want a cute normie to be my boyslave and I want to hit, bite, scratch him!!! Tie him up and bully him but make him mine and totally obedient to me. I'd love if he professed to me that he'd kill himself if he couldn't be mine. I also think I'm better than males, but I think I'm better than like 100% of them. God I want a cutie pie to love me forever and ever and let me abuse him once in a while, even though I think secretly deep down I'd regret it, but then I'd take my regret out on him by beating him. A vicious, sexy cycle. And yes once in a blue moon I will let him initiate sex and I hope his kisses are still so desperate and shy, yet firm and excited. And yes I want his hobby to be some shitty artsy thing, like drawing or writing and it sucks but it's endearing and creative so I encourage him. I cannot imagine anything different than this! I dunno if I would say my fetish is class-based, but having that kind of leverage is probably required anyway to keep a slavemale. God give me a sweet boy to elevate to a higher, pure purpose (serving a woman)

No. 323985

This sounds like deep down you just want to submit to men in the end.

No. 323993

Yeah, i got that impression too

No. 324079

File: 1682643245417.jpeg (Spoiler Image,15.71 KB, 197x320, 98904C4F-20B9-4A97-A93D-9773F2…)

I have a thing for men with puppy dog/slightly protruding/or really intense eyes; Preferably dark brown. I think this comes from growing up with big eyes and being very insecure about them. Seeing men with similar eyes, or eyes that stray from “the norm” makes me go nuts. Their expressiveness really draws me in. Bonus points if their eyes are emphasized with eyeliner or other makeup.

No. 324381

Me too. It's called negative canthal tilt. I think it's so cute on both guys and girls but on guys it makes them alot more attractive than if they were "straight" or even positive canthal tilt. Incels think it's over for them if they have downturned eyes!

No. 324414

Recently been fantasizing about taking a cute, smart nerdy boy and himbofying him so he’s just a gruff, taciturn, lower working class guy. Forced nerd himbofication is extremely rare in any flavor, I think I’ll have to make my own.

I have a fetish for forced feminization (to women or men) that I’m ashamed of and I blame on anime. I recently realized I’d never encountered forced masculinization and there’s basically nothing out there. Someone better than drawing than me could make something really hot out of it.

No. 324416

I want to be fed a baby bottle filled with cum, forcefully. Not in the forcefeeding way but I’m the humiliation way.

No. 324417

I'm only attracted to skinny guys under 25. It sucks. I've tried to condition myself into liking older men, but it doesn't work. Dry as Sahara.
TL;DR: twinksexual.

No. 324418


No. 324420

I've been caught. I forgor that i said something near identical on one of these threads except this time i have an rl scrote to do it with, maybe. Toodles

No. 324422

Forced masculinization isn't a thing because being masculine isn't seen as humiliating or inferior. Nerds and sensitive guys typically want to be seen as more masculine since they're often already humiliated by their peers for being "effeminate" or not masculine enough. I guess forcefully masculinizing a very feminine woman might make sense as a fetish (not that I don't think it's a vile fetish), but it still operates on a different logic than forced feminization. A feminine woman being forced to be masculine might feel that she's failing as a woman instead of thinking that being masculine is bad because masculinity is inherently weak, while MtF troons use not being up to male standards merely as an excuse to engage their self-humiliation fetish (they do think femininity is inherently inferior and weak), plenty of troons are very masculine, bearded, muscular, in the military and married to a woman so it's clear their fetish comes from thinking being a woman is inherently humiliating and wanting to be a sex object, and not always from being "failed males".

So that's the reason you don't see forced masculinization material often. It just doesn't make sense.

No. 324443

Not trying to deny what you're saying because you are mostly right, but masculinity does have negative connotations and it could be perceived as inherently more unhygienic, gross, dangerous, rough etc, women in my country use "acting like a macho" to shame men and their "apelike" traits from time to time, it may sound paradoxical, but some "macho" characteristics could be perceived as undesirable no matter how much men shill them as positive. I could see some of those women losing their shit if they were ever forced to dress or have the same hygiene of a man

No. 324788


No. 324811

petplay (pretending i'm a doggo)

No. 324820

cuckolding, I want to sleep with other men with bigger cocks as my bf watches. Also monsterfucker so fucking a momster with a huge cock wile my bf watches

No. 324833

Breast expansion. I have it since forever. I remember being prepubescent and stuffing my shirt with other clothes in front of the mirror.

No. 324842

I hate that I have a thing for dressing up shy twinks in cute feminine clothing.
My nigel is thin with a naturally sort of feminine willowy body shape, his skin is the softest I've ever felt on a moid and he likes to shave most of his body hair. Recently I dressed him up in an old lolita coord of mine just as a random silly thing to try out and he looked so delicate, it really awakened something in me.
Mind you I'm not into sissy shit or troons, just pretty men crossdressing. It's ruined for me if they have an overly girly haircut or wear makeup of any kind. It's not about humiliation either, I do have a thing for embarrassing cute guys but that's entirely separate from this.
I'm really glad that my nigel is sort of feminine looking and open to playing dressup without it being a sexual or gendered thing on his part, but he can never know that I have a fetishy attraction to it. Even though he's pretty gender critical and I'm 99% sure he'd never go there, involving crossdressing in our sex life would bring a risk of him trooning out that I'm not willing to take.
Besides, I'm ashamed of it because it seems so scrotey, I truly don't understand how I can be simultaneously repulsed by trannies and yet attracted to, for lack of a better word, 'femboys'.

No. 324843

I guess +1 for the corruption kink nonnas but I would love to "help" a hot hunk lose his virginity / discover lust. Of course if an irl scrote is conventionally attractive the chances are he's a megawhore, but w/e, we all have fantasies for a reason.

I have a very specific scenario, either he's from a super religious family where everything related to sex or sexual wasn't taught to him, probably homeschooled kek, no education about birds and the bees, and taught that masturbation was a sin so he's deathly afraid of touching himself. Or he's just from a super detached civilization where internet is rare and he wasn't exposed to anything pornographic or sexual, thinks his heart racing from holding a girl's hand is some disease and doesn't understand what 'being turned on' is. I would like him to fall in love with me at first sight, and be so frustrated and weirded out that he's feeling lust for the first time in his life. I'd notice him being fidgety and shy, just dying to get my attention. I'd become friends with him and then he'd always shy away from me physically, because I make him feel uncomfortable but in a weirdly good way.

Then one day he's over at my place and I give him a hug, something so innocuous, and his pure little brain is trying to process it all. After a few months of him just trying to figure out what's "wrong" with him, I'd invite him over again but later at night. I'd take his hands to put them on my body and teach him everything, and let him explore me while also touching him back. He'd feel extremely guilty but wouldn't be able to turn from this novel experience. He'd probably cum so fast the first time and probably cry because he thinks he did something so sinful. I'd hold him and tell him that it's okay, and soothe his sobs. But over time I'd like him to slowly get over it and be curious to learn more, only to be addicted to me and my body. Bonus points if he's vocal and doesn't know how to control it, I am so down bad for men moaning and grunting like a whore.

No. 324850

Why do so many people think having a fetish makes them scrotey? Personal weird turn ons like that are normal. So your body reacts to femboys, so what. Dress up yours and fuck him senseless. Big deal.

No. 324853

>fetishes you're ashamed of
Cuntboys, also known as boypussy.

I often get off to the scenario in which I'm trying to date a cute but very shy guy but he won't put out. We end up in various compromising situations until I finally learn he has a pussy. The reveal leads to hours of oral sex, pegging in both holes, and other degeneracy.

No. 324868

For me personally I guess it feels scrotey because I associate the fetish with misogynistic ideas. Like how scrotes who are into crossdressing typically like it because they see dressing as a woman as inherently humiliating. Even if that doesn't align with my feelings at all it does make me feel weird about liking it.

No. 324871

Literally so based, stacy-tier shit
Make sure he doesn't enjoy it

No. 324896

Hello there fellow cuntboy lover. I like how vaginas look more so I imagine my favorite characters with it instead of a dick. I also like self-inserting as the character I kin and dominate them with my dick in my fantasies.

No. 324900

>character i kin
hold up where am i right now. 2015 tumblr?

No. 325003

god that's hot but i'm also saying this as a tif enjoyer kek. women just do things better

No. 325035

Joining in on this, someone very masculine with a pussy is the peak of attraction to me

No. 325038

Same, I have had it forever too – but it's very rarely something I self-insert into, despite having a small chest. I just like booba. It's my most scrote-aligned fetish, along with transformation shit and general expansion

No. 325132

File: 1683090072649.png (1.06 MB, 736x704, Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 1.02…)

I am attracted to myself and love how much my bf is attracted to me. I was obese when we met, with shitty bleached hair and an awful e-girl makeup and clothing style- and since then, I've lost 50 lbs and completely changed my style into something more natural that I enjoy more. I'm aware that I'm now out of his league (I still love him and find him attractive ofc) and it turns me on so much. I just love how much he worships me. I'm a very social and bubbly short girl, and he is a shy, super quiet tall guy. I love how shocked people get when they find out we're together, and how jealous his friends get. Also pls understand that he's not a disgusting incel type, he's still conventionally attractive, just in a different league I suppose?

Because of this, I also find myself really hot and love being sexual because I know he thinks I'm literally perfect. I fantasize about cloning myself and overwhelming him- usually having around 2-5 of me kissing him and having sex with him. He's not being active in it much (because he's pretty quiet and shy during sex already), it's more me and my clones overwhelming him with some kind of ethereal sensuality.

Also another note, I usually imagine my clones and I as some kind of spiritual or mythical creatures during these fantasies- such as angels, fairies, mermaids/sirens, etc.

No. 325163

File: 1683105067170.gif (1.82 MB, 324x183, m.gif)

dumb cringe weird pointless fetish that i wish i could see burning in front of my eyes but i have a "thing" for black girls that are into white guys

it's actually like an opposite stereotype thing (like short with tall couples) but because it's centered around black/white ethnicities it makes me feel uneasy ofc
i don't feel the same for guys that are into specific looks because they make it kinda gross and at the end of the day they would chase anything anyway so it doesn't really feel special

No. 325202

File: 1683124833485.png (32.54 KB, 860x865, 533-5332836_rukia-bleach-manga…)

>shy, super quiet, tall
REEEE I want it so bad. Is he strong…? Does he have big arms…?

No. 325217

Yess he works a delivery job so he basically hauls heavy boxes around all day. Big arms definitley. For reference I’m 4’10 and he’s 6’0. He can definitely throw me around but he’s always a bit nervous to, I love it.

No. 325225

Wow you're basically like a legal dwarf. Also that sounds so hot, what's his hair like? I have a crush on a similar boy; shy, strong, tall… but he's a lost cause

No. 325241

I need a moid who’s into autoerotic asphyxiation kek. I’m into strangling moids myself of course but it’s even hotter when they do something so dangerous to themselves. I even think it’s hot (in theory) for a guy to accidentally die from going too far for the coom. I love seeing marks from ropes or necklaces on their necks.

No. 325252

you’ve awoken something inside me that i didn’t know i had, nonna.

No. 325536

Nonna is Madison Montgomery

No. 325574

Same, cuntboyifying husbandos gets bashed a lot in the husbando threads but I find the idea of railing a masculine dude's pussy with a strap hot.
I don't personally want a dick. My usual fantasy is that I'm already in a committed relationship with the chara and then one day he wakes up with female genitalia instead of male (no other bodily changes). He's shy about having sex like this but acquiesces because of how clearly into it I am.
I'd finger him while sucking off his clit, enjoying the way he's trying to hide how good getting his cunt played with is. And just when it's clear he's about to orgasm, I stop and tease him into telling me he wants me to outright fuck him.
At that point I either fuck him hard with either my fingers or a strap on until he cums and I eat him out again right after.
I've never managed to get off from scissoring and so I don't find it that arousing IRL, but mounting the guy and bumping nasties with him like this is a really hot concept as well.

No. 325581

I think it's hated a lot because most cuntboy porn of male characters is trans shit.

No. 325598

Fucking hell, that's ultra hot. Imagine him discovering multiple orgasms and spending hours in bed fucking himself stupid.

No. 325603

You're giving me ideas. My husbando personality wise is super masculine and arrogant and he'd be super embarrassed if not downright suicidal about having a vagina. Sounds hot.

No. 325605

Y'all are like "I fucking love cuntboys" and then I find zero F/M cuntboy fics on AO3.

No. 325611

are you black or white? or other race?

No. 325614

That's so hot! I'd love it even more if he tried to hide it, only to be exposed when I get home and we start getting frisky because of how wet and used he already is.
This, or him discovering on his own that he likes an even bigger dildo than the one we already use and him aching for me to fuck him with it instead of doing it himself. But he's too embarrassed to bring it up because then he'd have to admit ro how much he's been getting himself off.
Sounds great. Enjoy the extra layer of debasing your husbando, nonna…
Honestly, I've thought about posting some. But I a) don't want to grt dogpiled for TRAs for "fetishizing" TiFs or whatever and b) worry about being identified somehow? I don't know how secure AO3 is. So I'll just stick to posting my fantasies here.

No. 325616

I just can smell the trannies itt, gross

No. 325622

I know right, what the fuck, replies written like they're from a 30+ year old man on reddit

No. 325626

There's a reason why this shit is in the "fetishes you're ashamed of" thread instead of one of the other hornyposting threads. Get over it.

No. 325629

Okay have fun with your squishy, screaming pussy boy getting frisky and quivering and blushing, and orgasming 1,001 times and gets fucked, I just don't like the way you write about it. You don't sound very ashamed.

No. 325634

Kek this, in all the years I've been on the internet, no one except trannies liked cuntboi shit

No. 325667

Anon I agree but the way you wrote this is so schizo

No. 325674

Kek anon no one's going to dogpile you for that.

No. 325679

Ikr, "boipussy", they really aren't afraid to try anything lmfao
but what are you gonna do nonna.. anywhere on the internet, men will find a way to infiltrate. Just ignore and let the trannies talk with each other.

No. 325684

Some day people on lolcow will stop thinking every poster they dislike is a male. But not today.

I like the thought of deflowering a shy virgin cuntboy who's ashamed of his body and then him becoming more and more insatiable as his prejudices crumble one by one.

No. 325693


No. 325696

>I don't know how secure AO3 is.
If you make a new account with a name that can't be connected to any of your existing usenames or your real identity, no one will be able to find out. Do it.

No. 325714

That's why we're here lol. I find it hot.

No. 325715

>I don't personally want a dick. My usual fantasy is that I'm already in a committed relationship with the char
That's super nice nona, it's nice to have a romantic longing for your cuntboy. With me I'm usually pretty shallow when it comes to mine, I just want to treat him like he's a piece of meat to me as I dominate him with my cock.. no strap-on. I wish I could get turned on imagining diddilng him with a strapon but I just can't lol. I'm so used to imagining having a real cock. It's the only thing that turns me on other than pretending to be the cuntboy at the same time to see how it feels. To be dominated and all.

No. 325718

If you're gonna make AO3 I suggest you make a email account specifically for it.

No. 325719

I'm not a tranny,I'm just a simple woman who likes vaginas. Even vaginas on male characters. No tit chop scars tho

No. 325722

>don't want to [get] dogpiled for TRAs for "fetishizing" TiFs
Just pretend to be a "straight trans man" writing "representation for people like me" much like the gaydens do all the time.

No. 325732

ik but it's still such scrote-tier logic to think a vagina is somehow tainted by penetration. I refuse to believe people who use that term don't apply the same mindset to women irl, at least on unconscious level.

No. 325735

File: 1683289379883.jpg (104.31 KB, 1000x1200, 15901 - dark_world deltarune d…)

I'm into BDSM, specifically being tied up and tickled for hours. Had this since I was born, and I'm very lucky to have a girlfriend who's into it as well. I'm still deeply ashamed of it, but since I met my gf I've been accepting it more. We're both switches to eachother, we just take turns depending on the mood. I'm also into getting my feet touched/kissed, which is perfect since she has a feet fetish.

No. 325736

Trains ruined anything left or right of the stereotypical image of men and women.

>Can't like butch/tomboys/androgynous women because they must be trans

>Can't like effeminate/feminine/androgynous men because they must be trans
>Can't like anything with traps/crossdressing/crossplay because they must be trans
>Can't like anything around growing a dick/vagina, magic, bodyswapping, futa/cuntboy because they must be trans

I just miss when it wasn't so rigid and not poisoned.

There's a difference between wanting an apple turned into a pear than an apple wearing the skin of one.

>my androgynous pop,idols 90's/2000's men gone for good

No. 325737

I didn't say anything about vagina being tainted by penetration, why are you making shit up? I've used "deflowering" synonymously with "losing virginity". Like "pop the cherry".

No. 325745

>>325715 and >>325614
Also I just can't imagine wanting to give a male a bunch of orgasms

No. 325749

>can't imagine wanting to give a male a bunch of orgasms
This is such an alien mindset to me. Why else would you have sex if not to see your partner moan and writhe and lose their mind from pleasure and take control over their body for a short while?

No. 325752

Yeah I'd love to see a boy moan and writhe, but he gets ONE orgasm, and I'm not touching a penis, so he has to do it himself. I'll probably just edge him. Also he can moan and writhe in pain, if he truly wants to make me happy.

No. 325754

Virginity is not even a real thing, only a male would believe that and be so excited about ~ deflowering ~ what is essentially a woman

No. 325755

Same, kek. I'm selfish and want to use a man one-sidedly while the only sexual attention he gets from me is getting to please me. Giving men mindblowing pleasure and multiple orgasms while the woman gets nothing in return is just real life, why recreate that in a fantasy?

No. 325756

File: 1683293527311.png (239.2 KB, 1220x1488, y.png)

i'm white as a yogurt nona but i'm bi, also i always feel a bit guilty for liking the typical "straight white guy" so this kinda covers it on top of what i mentioned before but sheesh i sound like a faggie when i type these things down lol
while i'm at it i'll add that i'm into getting cucked as well even if it doesn't make it any better but it's not like this all dictactes my lifestyle, i just find it attractive

No. 325758

>Virginity is not even a real thing
This is your brain on 24/7 internet access combined with American education.

No. 325759

NTA but not really, I've seen and heard it said in a feminist way.

No. 325761

It's fucking stupid. Too many people here read some extra meanings into a mundane turn of phrase.

I still don't get why you're so triggered over a single word, especially in a fetish thread.
Yes, I fantasize about DEFLOWERING a cuntboy. Taking a girl's virginity is also hot.
>only a moid would enjoy this and that!!!!

No. 325762

She's right, though.

No. 325763

File: 1683295269455.jpg (58.73 KB, 617x613, 24F0237B-A327-48B2-925C-542535…)

No. 325764

If we're talking about first time sexual contact, then yes. The lines are blurry, it's not worth arguing about. However, your hymen is either intact or it's not. You've either had someone penetrate you during sex or you haven't.

No. 325765

This is it for me too. If the guy actually mutilated into this I'd be disgusted but as a fictional kink where it jist magically happens it's hot. I'm exclusively into masc women IRL and aesthetically you just don't really get that in fiction very often.

No. 325766

I mean to be fear not everyone has a hymen and it can break for various reasons you can do it yourself yadda yadda but I agree either you have har sex or you haven't

No. 325767

Seriously, this "if you're into XYZ shit you MUST be trans" mentality is the same BS that trannys spout.

No. 325768

Not the hymen shit again. You can break your hymen multiple times or none. There's no "intact" hymen unless you literally don't have an opening and it has to be surgically made. There are multiple shapes of hymen but men think that certain shapes imply there's been a penetration. It's like the labia bullshit.

No. 325771

>There's no "intact" hymen
Intact = has never been torn/stretched.

No. 325772

I'm on board with the other cuntboy stuff but this reads like actual autoandrophilia. I'm not judging, but I'm concerned for you, nonna.

No. 325773

Some hymens are nearly non-existent without ever being stretched though. Like I've literally never put anything in my vagina but when I went to the gyno she said I have minimal hymen.

No. 325774

Minimal and yet intact by definition.

I'm not even sure why everyone is arguing with each other at this point.

No. 325777

You never lose your hymen. Not even once. It's not even supposed to tear upon first-time sex, scrotes are just notoriously bad at fucking and don't care about the woman's pleasure or comfort.

No. 325780

Deleted las post because I was derailing, sorry

No. 325781

I thought your post was interesting and informative, anon

No. 325782

Fuck off troll

No. 325788

Thanks ♥
She's actually right, I don't know what makes you think she's a troll, men do really suck at sex and hurt us then blame it on our anatomy like pain is something we have to endure

No. 325790

How is that a troll post? It's literally the truth. We are not supposed to bleed.

No. 325793

>We are not supposed to bleed.
Enjoy your "why am I always sore after sex, even if I was wet" and "we have to start with one finger". All those problems go away once and for all if you pop your hymen. Source: personal experience.

No. 325794

This is such shitty bait.

No. 325795

>we have to start with one finger
Oh the horror of foreplay, nooo anything but being gently fingered

No. 325799

This «you’re not supposed to bleed» sperging is as retarded as the «you are supposed to bleed» crowd. I broke my hymen at 17, by that time I’d had my period for 8+ years, had masturbated for almost as long and was horny 24/7. If being lubed up and stretching slowly is sufficient enough in every case, then why did I still experience pain and bleeding? There’s no reason my body shouldn’t have been mature enough to handle it or whatever. Everyone and their mom knows by now that hymens shape/thickness varies from women to women ergo you’re a troll

No. 325800

Not bait. The presence of hymen was making sex and masturbation tedious and uncomfortable for me. Chafing would be best word to describe it. And I could stretch myself pretty wide.
Now I can shove three fingers inside right away and nothing hurts.

No. 325803

Google whether the hymen disappears. A hole naturally stretching is not the same as it "breaking", and that can still happen without the need for bleeding or excessive pain. Porn addicted men with defloration fetishes get the fuck out.

No. 325806

Just because you bled doesn't mean bleeding should ever have been pushed as the standard. It's to the point where women and girls get accused of lying about their virginity if they don't bleed, so no, it's not wrong or "just as retarded" to point out it's not a requirement. Some of us refuse to tolerate scrotes bleating in women's ears that we're all supposed to suffer, go through discomfort and feel like we've "lost something" the first time we have sex, get over it.

No. 325809

It is as retarded because it still poses an unrealistic expectation on a large group of women. I'm not saying we should accept men hurting us. If you have a thick/stiff hymen like I did I totally encourage "breaking" it on your own if you want to. But it's doing women a disservice to say that there's something wrong with them if it they experience pain/bleeding.

No. 325811

Nobody pushed it at you in this thread. You were the one who got offended over one word and started a dumb argument.

And it tightens back up, and that's the reason for discomfort.

No. 325814

There are multiple people in this thread who disagree with you, stop accusing everyone of "being the one who started an argument".

No. 325816

I accuse you, anon. You were the original idiot projecting their own insecurities.

No. 325830

Cuntboys to virginity to female biology… You all are really having a time in the fetish thread today aren't you?

No. 325834

kek I'm not the only one and I was even trying to be diplomatic in my response but you still got all defensive about it

No. 325840

I thought it was obvious that the OP (of the fetish post) just wants to fuck someone who hasn't had sex yet. Idk how that got interpreted as wanting to break hymens or whatever.

No. 325842

It's a common word for taking someone's virginity but since it was used in the context of cuntboys anons probably interpreted it like that. It was a pretty ridiculous infight lol as if many anons on the board didn't have a fetish for virgin guys

No. 325853

Yeah but with males it is called peeling the banana, or simply peeling. Or shedding his virginity.

No. 325859

I'm OP and I gotta tell you watching the fight unfold was fun as fuck.
>someone who hasn't had sex yet
Not just that. I love the idea of said cuntboy being ashamed of his own anatomy, hiding it from everyone, and shunning relationships before I get him addicted to sex. Of course the first times are a huge part of that.

No. 325862

Anon, what's the difference between a cuntboi and a TiF? The term sounds already gross enough. Why not just fuck a shy virgin mega butch girl? No offence

No. 325865

NTA but it's a weird fetish, that's the point of the thread. I know just liking butch women makes more sense but some women just have weird fetishes that aren't possible in real life.

No. 325866

…cucked by black women sleeping with your white boyfriend?

No. 325867

no top surgery scars or froggy aiden voice I assume

No. 325871

>No offence
None taken.
>what's the difference
Cuntboy is a guy with a vagina. Male body, male face and voice, narrow hips, all that jazz. If trannies actually looked like the twinks they imagine themselves to be, I would fuck them.
>The term sounds already gross enough
True, but I don't make the rules. F*ta appreciators lucked out with a cryptic Japanese name.
>Why not just fuck a shy virgin mega butch girl?
Why not indeed, but those are two different categories of hot.

No. 325875

NTA but I like both. Cuntboyism only comes into olay for fictional characters and I wish that the male characters I like were just women but with the exact same writing and design (although if the voice became female I would prefer that).
There needs to be a better name than cuntboy, honestly. Futa enjoyers really lucked out in a way that they don't deserve as a subset of dick worshippers.

No. 325980

I’m in a casual relationship atm with a younger guy, but if things don’t work out I have this power fantasy of becoming a cougar and just shuffling through younger lovers for the remainders of my days. I love having sex a little too much, am enjoying my independecy right now and I like that new relationship energy. Younger guys are cute and virile and I like the prospect of taking on more of a «teacher» role.

No. 325990

Hey nah, you don't have to be lol. I've already gone through my trans phase (without transitioning, thank god), now I Just consider myself bi/lesbian.

No. 325991

>I wish that the male characters I like were just women but with the exact same writing and design
I relate to this nonny, if only my characters were normal ass women so I wouldn't have to put in the extra work of imagining them with vaginas lol!!!!

No. 326013

I hate how insane my rape fetish is. It is a genuine, unironic issue. I'm autistic and I suppose this is my brain fixating on it but it's genuinely all I can think about. I've attempted to get raped a few times in the past couple months and idk how to circumvent this fetish because I can't just opt in and out of fixating on something.

No. 326015

nonna that is so dangerous, please don't do that.

No. 326027

What about writing that stuff down instead of…trying to get yourself killed?

No. 326031

Write erotica, preferably about a moid self-insert getting raped instead of yourself

No. 326123

Holy shit you're brilliant! I'll definitely do something like that because I've always been more attracted to men anyway.

No. 326124

Start reading bodice rippers. That's how I subdue mine when I'm feeling mentally ill enough to feel this.

No. 326127

Anon, I know. I know it’s really hard. I have intense dangerous sexual urges too. It tears me up inside and I want to just do something insane some days. Please please please don’t set anything up irl. Write or read erotica or watch porn. Please stay safe.

No. 326167

I’ve posted on here before but- I told my bf that I want to one day take my anger out on him by just riding his face and he said “I feel like you’re too nice to do that dominatrix stuff” and man it’s got me thinking. I think about leaving tying this man up, using his face until I’m satisfied and leaving him whimpering and begging for release. I didn’t really respond, not sure if I should tell him about it now or just pretend to be innocently incapable of it and pounce on him with it when the day comes. Plz fuel my fantasies nonnas because I want to make it much harsher and need ideas.

No. 326169

I’m a switch who also has dom fantasies about my nigel, but alas he’s not that into it or maybe I’m just not mean/assertive enough to pull it off convincingly kek. I wanna collar him. Tie him up in shibari because his body is beautiful. Have him service me in different ways to “earn” his orgasms. Edge him for several days with no release and then make him get off in humiliating positions like fucking a blow-up doll instead of me while I watch him. Take explicit photos of him and send them off to the lab to get developed so other people can see him. I’m kind of a softie and more into service, pleasure denial/overload and psychological humiliation rather than physically hurting someone.

No. 326171

I’m really into erotic hypnosis, specifically one designed to make me temporarily dumber and sex obsessed. I get extremely turned on by the feeling of not being able to think/thinking someone else’s thoughts and losing yourself completely to pleasure and the need to obey. The problem is I am a lesbian and most of the files are made for sissies and autogynephiles and are made to make you obsessed about men and cock which is something super repulsive to me and the way they talk about women is so misoginystic I’m ashamed I’m even somewhere near this. Also some are designed literally like MK Ultra and it’s scary just how dangerous some of them are if you don’t do your research beforehand. My gf does not know that I’m into this, but I feel like it seeps into my relationship and progressively I get wilder and wilder during sex as I learned to associate arousal with the state of trance, and the state of trance with arousal, and arousal with mindlessness, and the loop continues. I honestly see myself getting more and more depraved, masochistic and submissive the further I explore the fetish and I have to idea if it’s something genuine to me or is it something I’ve been conditioned to enjoy. I’ve never told anyone about this

No. 326172

I’m also a switch, but very lucky that my nigel is pretty ok with that- in fact he literally begs me to sit on his face at times. I just keep my dom side a bit more hidden so he’s not yet aware of the full degeneracy. With him, I have a size difference (he’s bigger and much taller than me), but I also make the money in the house so most my fantasies just revolve around him being my little bitch and me using and teasing him when I’m angry or want to get off (in a seductive way) and leaving him there wanting.

All the things you described sound super hot though nonna and will probably consume my thoughts for the next three weeks. Salute.

No. 326181

>“I feel like you’re too nice to do that dominatrix stuff”
He's kinda an ass.

No. 326191

ugly bastard, i like to see them humilliating cute men in doujins. I also want to get better at drawing so i can make a female version, as in, a really ugly, morbidly obese woman abusing men.

No. 326198

omg nona I'm literally the same except I'm straight, which I guess makes it even worse because of the amount of misogynistic files as you mentioned. I haven't told my bf about it either, but sometimes when I'm a bit too much up in my head I'll listen to some files and I guess it helps me just get more in touch with my own body and enjoy myself, I have very intense awesome sex afterwards. I'm also into the idea of hypnotizing him. I think trancing in general is endlessly fascinating. Good sex on its own brings you in a state of trance, and tantric sex is an example of mutual trancing. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with hypnosis in itself, but a lot of coomers and porn-addicts are way to deep into it. Like you I kinda enjoy the idea of just succumbing to my slut self and let someone else control me however they'd like to because it feels comforting and safe in a way, but of course I don't think I'd ever go that far irl.

No. 326241

Sounds like you have a great relationship anon! I hope you get to have your fun with him, and I'm glad my fantasies could serve to inspire you since I'll probably never see them come to life with my current nigel haha

No. 326283

I get horny when I hear guys moaning while lifting at the gym. Not when they try to grunt like retarded apes to prove how tough they are but when they whimper unintentionally and it sounds soft and cute. I also stare at the odd guy who is actually cute and not an annoying Manlet zoomer. I’m a perv kek

No. 326287

This nonnie gets it… men are brutish, hairier, literally have Neanderthal brand and ape like jaws, they should experience being more masculine as being degraded. I read a book where a woman condescendingly describes fucking a man who wants something with her as her pet lion she toys with and I thought it was hot.

No. 326303

Based, I should hit the gym

No. 326305

kek sadly I've only experienced those ape grunts at the gym. I love soft guy moans tho. My bf has a pleasant tenor range voice and his moans are chef’s kiss.

No. 326316

this is why i watch violent gay porn. love to hear a big masculine guy being put through it

No. 326318

File: 1683496027802.jpg (167.3 KB, 1920x1080, 2018-09-25_09-03-43.jpg)


No. 326692

Obsessive anime boys are so sexy, I wish men were real. I just want a sexy yandere man to threaten to track and kill any moid that dares talk to me as he fucks me until I can’t think anymore.

No. 326719

>I wish men were real.
I don't

No. 326732

File: 1683586163291.jpg (51.73 KB, 713x764, best.jpg)

god tier taste tbh, crazy obsessive loving men are peak and im not ashamed to say it

No. 326793

Is this story good? Are there any sexy moments or is it only teasing?

No. 326837

It's because fandom in general is obsessed with heterosexuality, even the so-called "gay" parts. A female/cboy ship is technically homosexual, but most of fanfic writer/artists have a fetish for PIV sex so they'd rather pair a cboy with a man or even straightwash f/f ships to be futa instead.

No. 326895

File: 1683640018673.jpg (20.87 KB, 510x325, clown.jpg)

Psychiatrists. It used to be a trauma but I'm afraid it has turned into a fetish and now I can't even get therapy for my issues because I'd just end up wanting to fuck my shrink. fml.

No. 326910

It's trash dont bother, manwhore won instead of yandere.

No. 326985

…In what world do you live that men are real?

No. 327068

extremely humiliating: this cboy talk lately got me thinking i have some form of autoandrophilia, on the condition that it's absolutely temporary and that i don't get to see it. i want the phallus but only during the act and so i can feel the warmth of my girl on the inside and vice versa on her end, and i so that i can experience what finishing inside feels like. straps are the unsexiest thing to me and my fingers don't quite cut it. also i think it would be hot to have someone tease me into popping a boner kek.
i hate scrotes ( body part ) and i loathe loathe loathe the look of dicks and find them revolting more than anything, even in this specific fantasy they're always blocked out kek i just wish i could experience what having one feels like in sexual situations. i wish i could fuck a girl with one that's my own. i otherwise have zero desire to be anywhere near dicks much less wanting to actually have one at all times or any other male attribute

No. 327094

I don't think it's autoandrophilia to want to be able to go inside your gf. I personally feel the same way a lot of the time (and thinking about it too much just makes me upset that it's impossible kek).
Autoandrophilia would be you getting off to the idea of how you'd look with a dick or as a man, and you say you don't even like how they look, so i don't think that's it. I think to some extent wishing you could penetrate your gf is normal for a lot of ssa women.
I typically cope by fantasizing about using something like a feeldoe (not the ones that look like real dicks though bc ew). It's not quite what I want, but it's the closest I could get. But yeah unfortunately a lot of women are turned off by staps or even penetration as a whole. so I keep it to myself.

No. 327116

Literally same. I wish me and my partner could at will grow a blank tentacle-like appendage or something similar. Nothing realistic to actual dicks as that would make me feel violated kek, but I'd pay good money to have a strap that she and I could feel. I don't think it's AAP of you, but we're cut from the same cloth so maybe I'm just biased. Anyway, I wonder if there'll ever be something that's close to this fantasy aside from harnessless straps… I doubt it but we can dream.

No. 327159

I feel similar, and I don't think it's AAP. I personally like the idea of strap-on sex and fingering (am virgin lmao), but sometimes I get irrationally angry that moids are capable of mutual sensation with a woman but treat them like shit and do degen shit like go for anal anyway.

>But yeah unfortunately a lot of women are turned off by staps or even penetration as a whole. so I keep it to myself.
I've talked to lesbians who like it or want to try, and I personally being penetrated as long as the dildo doesn't look like an actual dick. I feel like there's more lesbians who are vocal about disliking penetration because of porn stereotypes, but it's not solely a straight male perception of how we have sex.

No. 327161

I had no idea there was a name for this. Leave it to incels to hyper fixate on something that makes them look more unique, rather than “ugly”, or however the fuck they see themselves. Did a quick Google image search of the term. Results are full of incel forum before and after surgery photos. I shouldn’t be surprised, and yet, I am.

No. 327167

>sometimes I get irrationally angry that moids are capable of mutual sensation with a woman but treat them like shit and go for anal anyway.
Are you me? I was literally just angry about this just last night. It's so horrible.
>re: second part of your post
ayrt, I saw a post going around on lesbian tumblr with hundreds of notes that was saying only bisexuals like strap sex or being penetrated and the only lesbians who do it only do because of pressure from a bi partner. Everyone in the notes enthusiastically agreeing. It made me feel kind of crazy. I know there are lots of women who don't like penetration and but those who take it to the extreme to claim that no women like penetration and it's just made up moid shit make me feel insane since i've always enjoyed vaginal orgasms much more than clit stim. When people women like me bring that up they usually get told that they're the exceptions to the rule so don't bring it up or else you are moid-aligned, kek. Makes me really scared to be honest with partners.

No. 327187

File: 1683709830970.jpg (63.72 KB, 735x490, make-anything-by-writing-38830…)

I got an idea for the most depraved, ugly torture porn scenario andI hate myself already before even writing anything. Fic authors try to claim it's not sexual when they write shit like that but so much of it is obviously sexual. Why am I like this?

No. 327188

My bf has this and he is so insecure over it but I think he has the prettiest eyes ever. He has it pretty severe/very noticeable so I get why it might be an insecurity but like ….it looks so good

No. 327228

> post going around on lesbian tumblr with hundreds of notes that was saying only bisexuals like strap sex
i'm so sorry everyone this discourse is probably my fault because i kinda wanted to see what kinds of crazy shit you could get tumblrbians to agree with if you just say that yeah real lesbians only do this or like that etc how much they would like to prove they're the real lesbians and sent some dumbass anon claiming that real lesbians don't like strap sex and i guess the whole thing kinda caught on from there kek

No. 327250

>ayrt, I saw a post going around on lesbian tumblr with hundreds of notes that was saying only bisexuals like strap sex or being penetrated and the only lesbians who do it only do because of pressure from a bi partner. Everyone in the notes enthusiastically agreeing. It made me feel kind of crazy. I know there are lots of women who don't like penetration and but those who take it to the extreme to claim that no women like penetration and it's just made up moid shit make me feel insane

AYRT, I completely relate about feeling crazy for liking penetration, but Tumblr isn't really a good sample of what lesbians like. I stopped using it a long time ago and my experience was it was full of polilez types, and when I made a radfem blog, a lot of radfemblr also had a suspicious amount of polilez and borderline prudes who think anything besides oral sex and fingering is a fetish like BDSM. I really wouldn't sweat what Tumblr post says. I've seen insane SJW nonsense spread on Tumblr, meanwhile no one I know IRL would agree with it. I still struggle with insecurity since I'm not swimming in a vibrant lesbian community IRL in the middle of nowhere, but I've had other lesbians tell me that calling strap sex something pornsick bisexuals do is internet discourse nonsense. Don't be scared to be honest with partners, though. I've lowkey given up on dating, but even when friends say that they're interested in the prospect, it makes me feel a lot better.

No. 327268

Lemme read it

No. 327275

i'm >>327228 and funny you write that because my baits were targeted and swallowed by people who were obsessed with polilezies and exposing them and talking about the real lesbian experience lmao

No. 327288

I've never seen your bait since I stopped using Tumblr years ago, I'm just commenting on my experience since using it since I was a teenager. I think I know who you're talking about, and I just can't take those blogs seriously. As much as I'm wary of how watered-down the word "lesbian" is, seeing Tumblr radfems act like paranoid conspiracy schizos trying to clock which lesbian bloggers are fake makes them look more insecure.

No. 327289

are you the same retard who admitted to making a fake transbian blog to catfish "lesbians" that everyone was shitting on in /ot/? you are retarded. Stop with your gayops, you cause nothing but misery to everyone for your own entertainment. Seriously sociopathic behavior.

No. 327360

no also stop being retarded and hysterical. me wanting to see what all stupid shit the polilez obsessed lesbians at tumblr will agree on in their race to prove that they're not the evil polilezies but all the other users are isn't that fucking serious and if that causes you misery and if you let the mentally ill women of tumblr (or this site) affect how you view your sexuality thats entirely your own damn problem. close the screen and go offline

No. 327361

like really, lesbian sexuality isn't actually some sort of community project where you need to have conferences about the politics about it with other lesbians to agree on what is and isn't acceptable behavior for that campaign and how you should act and have sex so you won't tarnish the reputation of the party sorry i mean sexuality. stop seeking that kind of weird validation from terminally online women.

No. 327374

Welp, like I mentioned In the original post, my worst insecurity, my eyes, became my favorite feature about myself as I aged. Maybe he’ll realize that for himself.

No. 327385

I want to get eaten out by a moid with a split tongue.

No. 327394

Same. I used to hate my eyes before, when I was younger. I used to hate my natural undereye lines that legit look like I haven't slept. I used to think it made me look old and sleepy but now… I admire the way it makes me look, like a sort of natural grunge look.

No. 327404

Is this the terminally online woman's anal

No. 327406

Oooh, me too anon. I've heard that it's nice.

No. 327410

File: 1683788956530.jpeg (108.35 KB, 662x1024, 1E4238DE-FCA1-4537-A033-09C3C8…)

I like making the guy I’m intimate with mad at me because he fucks better. It’s terrible and I hate myself for it but it turns me on when men get angrily aggressive and then just fuck you harder than usual. It’s different than asking them to be harder and more aggressive idk why maybe it’s the dude I’m with but he NEVER goes as hard and aggressive as I like when i tell him to only when I do something to push his buttons. It’s a very slippery slope because it doesn’t take a lot for a scrote to be abusive. So I only do it with guys I can just tell aren’t abusive by nature.

I actually noticed this a few years ago when I called my current dude a bitch on accident. Honestly it was a force of habit because me and my friends called each other bitches so much so sometimes it slipped out when I was with him lol. But he told me early on to not say that to him because “I don’t call you one so you shouldn’t call me one”. Something about that perked my evil horny brain. Later that day he was at a meeting and I was at his place he calls and asks if I want something to eat he says something to me and I say “biiiitch” on accident and he’s like “I said don’t call me that”. It was a mistake but him telling me what to do pissed me off but also made me horny as hell So my dumbass does it again and again after every sentence I say. Dude hangs up on me.He gets home and kicks me out of his room for like 2 mins lol and then caved and let’s me in and throws me on the bed (not hard cuz he’s a gentleman even when angry lol) and we fuck so hard. It was honestly the best sex we’ve had together at that point. I apologized of course though and didn’t call him a bitch again cuz it made me kinda sad seeing a happy guy get mad (but kinda hot still) . That is until a few months ago lol

The reason I’m ashamed is because recently I kept stopping him when were being intimate (basically edging him lol) and that I didn’t want to anymore because he was annoying me lol and he got super huffy and upset and it was the sexiest thing. Dude rolled his eyes at me and even got soft (he’s never soft) and wanted to leave cuz I was being mean. He didn’t even want me to touch him anymore. Once I noticed I felt so bad and kept apologizing but I got so ducking horny because he threatened to leave and he wouldn’t stop huffing like a bitch baby. It made me want to suck his dick which I did and the way he fucked me was so good and hard and exactly like that time when I called him a bitch lol. I wish y’all could see the way his eyebrows furrowed and how much his muscles flexed when he was ducking me. It was animalistic!! I ended up apologizing cuz he was still mad afterwards unlike the first time and I ended up admitting to him that I made him mad on purpose and he got really mad at me and didn’t talk to me for a week.

Later on He said “ I don’t like getting angry and I dont think it’s right you try to make me angry on purpose” I had no rebuttal cuz he was right but it turned me on even more knowing that he doesn’t like to be angry. I hate myself because he is a nice dude through and through and he truly respects me as a woman and I hate that I’m the toxic one in this situation. But FUCK there is nothing like an angry fuck sometimes and it sucks that I only like hard fucking when he’s genuinely mad at me and I’m scared he’s gonna leave me. It’s like the drama of it turns me on lol. Like I’m in my own soap opera lol. I feel horrible because he is sweet as hell but because he is so nice sometimes it annoys me and I just want to see other emotions lol.

No. 327436

wtf does this mean

No. 327438

I might post it on ao3 if I actually end up writing it, but it's gonna be some MKUltra tier medical experimentation stuff. And making a guy suck on a gunbarrel, idk why that specifically.

No. 327439

File: 1683812128370.jpg (28.77 KB, 580x580, tumblr_db8fc3a76d41898c3ecdfda…)

based medical torture & gunplay enjoyer

No. 327440

This is just shit that I write, it's okay

No. 327595

im so fucking down bad for dorky white boys with a cute face its not even funny its genuinely embarrassing. i thought i would never turn out this way ive becoms the thing i hated but when some brown-haired prettyboy calls me cute i feel insane. im gonna throw up

No. 327626

I have protruding eyes and naturally dark under eyes circles. I think the mass of my eyes kinda took up too much space on my face when I was young, and I was underweight for a while, making me look gaunt. Now everything has balanced out, and knowing how to do my brows can really help overall face symmetry too. The dark circles I’ve never really cared much about. Though, it can make me look even more deathly when exhausted. Only thing that helps for me is sleep.

No. 327640

kek now I kinda wanna read it.
You know what, I've been thinking of my idea and masturbating to it for a couple of days and I should actually write it because there are so many of what are basically some scrote's shitty rape fantasy stories out there and moids get away with writing them so easily.

No. 327849

white guys calling their penises “cocks”. sorry

No. 327864

what does this mean

No. 328690

This was sparked by a NSFW audio/script that I found a couple days ago and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.

I wanna soft dominate a cute, shy, single DILF (kinda younger like 30-40) who hasn't had sex in a while. Possibly divorced or post breakup. We met somewhere random like at a furniture or book store and hit it off. After a couple dates, his kid(s) are away and we go back to his sorta shitty but neat apartment- he's trying to get back into the scene and he's so pent up and nervous and adorably desperate. I'd probably make him edge in front of me along with other fun stuff….

No. 328693

link to the audio kek

No. 328798

Responding way late but I think the episode is “folly” s2e17 of SVU

No. 328811

Okay I will check it out when I get home, I hope it is on YouTube or something

No. 328814

File: 1684260447706.jpg (13.78 KB, 196x257, makim.jpg)

There's this guy in my workplace who is a typical homophobic douchebag, I get so anxious around him and he always laughs at me with his friends; telling me to 'loosen up a little bit'. I really hate him so much but even though Im ashamed to admit this, I'm really attracted to his physical appearance. That's why I fantasize about seducing him into having a MMF threesome with him and one of his friends where we make him into a total slut. I just want to degrade him and shame him the way he does to other women.

No. 328827

something about degrading homophobic and sexist men is so hot

No. 328832

I'm a touch sadistic and it creeps me out.

No. 328841

I’m also a bit sadistic but I’m not creeped out.

No. 328847

being a sadist can be pretty cool if you channel it correctly and arent a moid.

No. 328850

>channel it correctly

No. 328854

He isn't very handsome he kind of is ugly, but I remember watching my sister watch this when I was pretty young and I sided with the woman and found him getting spaghetti'd to be so hot, and I think I maybe laughed as well. He gets spaghetti'd towards the end here. The woman is based, she's pimps out men and make them do whatever she wants on them, then she kills them for funsies and she beats them when they get out of hand. I remember her actually throwing the spaghetti pot on his head but I guess that part I filled in, because you only see him writhing on the floor in pain. Thanks for finding it! Had a kek

No. 328856

idk things like being mean and abusive to moids, writing fic, working out a lot, weapon related hobbies. i've tried all of these at various points btw.

No. 328950

No. 328975

I have a double penetration/gangbang fantasy which isn’t too unusual I don’t think? But then again I’m pretty desensitized from years and years of watching hardcore porn

It’s been a thing for a few years now. I’m obsessed with the idea of getting DP’d. I do it to myself with my toys, that and a vibrator is mwah. But obviously anything I could do myself couldn’t compare to the real thing

I just feel like actually doing it would be like traumatic lol 2 or more moids? I’d feel so unsafe, but where am I going to find two or more guys I’m extremely comfortable with to do this with? Who are all okay with sharing a girl and their dicks rubbing on each other? Sometimes I think I’d even be interested in a bisexual threesome where the guys are both bisexual too, and then I think fuck it get a girl in there if they get to express their bisexuality so do I, then that just turns into general orgy group sex fantasies.

I really really want to do it. I think being DP’d is a bucket list item I’m gonna have to cross off in my life to be fully satisfied. But when and how and if I’ll actually enjoy it is unknown.

No. 328977

I have a thing for Chinese guys, especially if they have narrow eyes.

No. 328980

I talked to my bf on the phone earlier and right in the middle of the call, he had a leg cramp. It was so hot hearing him in pain, but I got sad at the same time because he was in pain. Very confusing.

No. 328988

your bf

No. 329014

nta but how?

No. 329019

When I was still watching porn (quit years ago) I'd watch DP for the sole reason that the guys' dicks would be rubbing against each other.

No. 329026

File: 1684341082911.jpg (17.15 KB, 480x360, motty.jpg)

i desperately want to fuck a jewish moid. a tragically beautiful jewish dude, with sad gay eyes and a long honkin' nose. i want to westernize him.

but my autismo makes me also want to be a housewife. a routine. settle down with an intellectual jewish moid, who depressingly discusses the torah at day and gets pegged by me at night

No. 329028

Worst fantasy ever

No. 329030

File: 1684342331202.jpg (78.01 KB, 649x657, cr.jpg)

i was here when the collonoscopy nonna posted. what i wrote could be considered vanilla compared to the scrote tier shit others post

No. 329045

>a tragically beautiful jewish dude
so you're just going to overlook picrel having the ugliest haircut in existence? post a good looking trad jewish man it's impossible

No. 329053

File: 1684348721013.jpg (188.79 KB, 1920x1080, un.jpg)

i meant on the face department. anyways, i've liked moids with uglier hairstyles

also here's two

No. 329054

No. 329078

No she was based

No. 329079

At least it's not another dadfucker.

No. 329102

I have a fetish for wiggers. I love to see them dressed up in hip hop attire.

No. 329114

File: 1684368665834.png (30.49 KB, 372x397, DMW-Wiggler.png)

I really misread this

No. 329134

Wigger describes a white guy who acts like a black hip hop artist

No. 329182

Damn, 7.5/10 could do without the ass stuff. Thanks for sharing

No. 329226

Girlpoop is so unequivocally based and I want my girlfriend to shit on my face but I feel like she’d disappear off the face of the earth if I asked her

No. 329227

100% sure you're a introvert black women

No. 329231

File: 1684417122622.jpg (63.92 KB, 1280x720, kip and lawfawnduh.jpg)

this you nonny?

No. 329235

Why is this a term

No. 329269

Nayrt but wtf my name is also Jenny and I had a crush on Sonic back when I was kid. Where did this Jenny come from? Or was it pure coincidence?

No. 329273

sexy and masculine??

No. 329285

File: 1684436123859.jpeg (480.25 KB, 2048x2048, D9VqmiPUIAAwvmj.jpeg)

I want a hot guy to tease me for being fat and playfully grab handfuls of my tummy and my love handles as I get super embarrassed about it or lightly smack him away. He enjoys doing it for fun but it secretly turns him on.

No. 329332

Literally exactly this but with Shadow. God, he's 3'3". I want to press him into my breasts and kiss him all over.
NTA but yes. You may not like it but that's what peak masculinity looks like.

No. 329395

This man is not an inch over 5'3"

I havent read this fucked up manga in so many years yet I knew what this was from immediately

I knew a guy like this who got sunwheel and other pseudonordic racist tats and then when he started to get backlash he got an ACAB tattoo and started pretending to question his gender identity as a distraction. Nevermind the fact that he bought nazi regalia and clothing from that one nazi forum, no he was just confused about his gender identity allegedly. Thirsting after this person who had no defining photos shows that you are thirsting after him solely because of the nazi imagery and literally nothing else. You can't see enough in his photos to like him for any other reason. That anon is pathetic.

No. 329436

I get turned on so much by the idea of pain and humilliation (kind of like a masochist). My biggest kink is humilliation but mostly the psychological part (being insulted, degraded, made fun of, getting peed on, etc.) but in my experience having sex with men all they do is some spanking and choking at most. When it comes to the dirty talking part it's always so fucking embarassing lol, sometimes they won't even try.
I'm worried because vanilla sex bores me even if I like the guy I end up pretending I'm into it.
I do tell them my kinks, but everytime I do something feels wrong, I feel like i'm the one who's a freak or porn addicted.
My biggest fantasy is getting humilliated by someone to the point I feel inferior to them.
Does anybody else with the same fetishes have an idea where did they came from?
I try to remember the porn content I have consumed in my life: I never enjoyed porn websites, only prefered porn drawings (mostly of characters I had a crush on) and fanfiction.
tl;dr: My biggest fetish is humilliation and masochism, but most moids aren't interested on it or even trying it, the most I get is some spanking lmao, but speaking about it makes me feel like I'm the deranged one
Do I really sound pornsick? and how common is the humilliation kink?

No. 329439

i think you are just mentally unwell.

No. 329440

>being insulted, degraded, made fun of, getting peed on, etc
err yeah that does sound pornsick or at least unhealthy. you'd have to date a pornsick moid who get off on degrading women to experience this so i'm not sure it's worth it, it could even be dangerous. maybe stop consuming that kind of content or try therapy if even getting spanked and choked is not enough for you.

No. 329504

Cringe. You need coping mechanisms not getting peed on.

No. 329507

This is self harm disguised as kink. i promise when you get psychological help and start loving yourself, those kinks will go away.

No. 329512

You should just tell me where you found the moids that aren’t even into chocking because the average moid tends to be into crazy shit.

No. 329529

Asian DILFs

No. 329533

ok posting this bc i read the thread earlier and saw a nonna with a very similar fetish so now i feel more comfortable. i often dream of being a completely unexperienced in sex, not exposed to any sort of porn virgin, and there's often a presence of a slightly older man just teaching me to enjoy myself sexually. no penetration, just gentle touches, very slow romantic foreplays, lots of admiration and compliments for me, no shame, he truly respects me & i trust him. bonus points if he's a some sort of a power figure in my life, like a university professor, work manager, private tutor. though sometimes the fantasy gets somewhat depraved and just turns into me having penetrative sex with another man and him just watching it, holding intense eye contact with me and me feeling this weird mixture of "no i don't actually want this, i'm so guilty, he will never forgive me" and "i wanted it, he enjoys it too, it was just once time for me to try". i don't know how to control it really, the original version is so much better and i do understand where this fantasy comes from too… i wish i didn't lose my virginity to an abusive much older rapey moid when i was 19, i wish i had a gentle vanilla af partner who would accept me as i am and with whom i would feel comfortable. i'm sick and sad everytime i think about it, i was such a dumb bitch and let this happen to me.

No. 329534

This is the most vanilla straight shit I’ve heard a million times from girls at school. Just rape the moid.

No. 329536

Damn I feel the exact same way. Always felt like there was something wrong with me because of it. I can't even tell my current partner about it cuz it makes me feel like a deranged freak and he's so normal and vanilla. I keep the fantasies to myself but I definitely feel ashamed tho.

No. 329538

I fantasize about a moid getting raped (by another moid or a woman) and then lay down in bed imitating his position during it while narrating the thing from the rapist's perspective (often in first person). I've been doing this since I was like 13 and it makes me feel like a weirdo.

No. 329555

I want someone to be completely obsessed with me. I want to ignore them while they try to win me over. I want to make them so jealous by flirting with other people, so they start to fight over me and I give them nothing. I just want to feel wanted.

No. 329557

>there was something wrong with me because of it
there is
>makes me feel like a deranged freak
you are
>but I definitely feel ashamed tho
you should

No. 329564

File: 1684527665797.jpg (56.38 KB, 800x800, screen-0-24950258.jpg)


No. 329566

But do you want to get him pregnant? Or do you just enjoy the idea of a guy being pregnant?

No. 329571

The former. Oh god, I'm fucked in the head lol.

No. 329591

Manlets that are around my height and weigh less than me have big dicks and I love the twink aesthetic of their body types.

No. 329598

Wouldn't surprise me if you also have a femboy kink

No. 329634

Himbofication, weight gain (light), IQ Loss, general humiliation, degradation, corruption, and sex work. All of this applied to my husbandos or male characters only.

No. 329640

Ew no but I do like em feminine just not coomer cross dressers

No. 329784

Because tranny hands wrote this. They all write things like girldick, girlcum, etc

No. 329802

was thinking the same thing. definitely a troonism

No. 329812

My friend is staying over for the night and he looks hot in his sleep I keep peering at his dick

No. 329814

No. 329818

anona do you play video games?

No. 329819

Erections under thin material while a hottie is asleep is my #1

No. 329839

This turned me on and I'm not ashamed to admit I've came to this a few times

No. 329844

>I'm not ashamed to admit I've came to this a few times
then leave this thread?

No. 329846

and check yourself into a mental hospital after you've left

No. 329859

You are lying

No. 329866

File: 1684677131887.jpg (150.41 KB, 1500x1101, stock-photo-fat-woman-eats-a-h…)

"yeah im gonna lie about having a weird kink on an imageboard!! omg im so funny kekk my life is miserable and me too so i need attention from strangers on internet lol i will be like the kirby anon but with the rapist chris chan lmao im a comedy genius!"

No. 329876

Why do you sound so butthurt

No. 329881

ngl this is probably you-know-who's line of thinking except for she's not fat but still out of shape.

No. 329888

why would i be butthurt because of a lame ass unfunny bait? im just tired of attention starved mentally ill people here. like if you want attention from strangers so much post your face on 4chan or entertain pedo moids on discord no need to lie here. and if you are going to lie about something at least be funny.
idk who you are talking about but these days theres some anons soo desperate for someone to infight them. like that one that was infighting about how porn is natural and normal some days ago. it is obvious that the majority of people here are against porn and the anon posted this opinion to receive responses. im starting to think that this maybe be a cortisol addiction. as lame as this sounds those people are addicted to internet fights (attention they dont irl).

No. 329892

You people say the nastiest shit about my body that i posted while during a fucking manic episode. Last time i checked i'm 5'3 and 108 lbs. You 100% weigh more than me or you're a triggered anachan who despite vomiting their meals 3 times a day still has an obese BMI. Also not that anon(ban evading rancefag)

No. 329919

Ngl that shirt go hard

No. 329922

Time stop because I love hearing a moid eating pussy and enjoying it without a female porn star's exaggerated moans

No. 329923

>these days
There have always been and there will always be such anons but the others constantly took and are still taking the bait. At least it seems Rancegate is making some anons wise up in this aspect if nothing else.

No. 329949

Is it gross making noise when eating pussy? I'm embarrassed of the suction sounds when I get too into it.

No. 329951

No, it's hot.

No. 329972

Thanks nonnie!

No. 329978

I used to think this and would exclusively date women who I knew were way more into me than I was into them. I ended up getting stalked and that immediately destroyed it. I don't even want to imagine how much worse this could have been if I wasn't a lesbian.

No. 330183

File: 1684812793838.jpeg (194.91 KB, 750x1382, F3916585-5577-45BD-BDB7-5BB675…)

I both find it funny and am turned on by the description of this anorexia researcher engaging in disordered eating to see what his patients feel, and then getting into and feeling better than other people like anachans do from Crazy Like Us.

No. 330184

File: 1684812906060.jpeg (183.36 KB, 750x1351, 582DAEB7-F50E-477B-ACA4-FA2772…)

Second screenshot of text I wanted to share. I like the idea of a doctor losing control like this for research.

No. 330218

At first I thought this was posted in the wrong thread but now that I think of it I kinda get what you mean t. long time mad scientist enjoyer

No. 330364

Male characters that are really pathetic turbo-virgins (but still cute-looking, I've never watched it but Brief from Panty & Stocking is like the ideal look I'm into).

The idea of fucking them out of pity and they're super nervous the whole time but still want to make you feel good too is both adorable and really sexy to me, idk.

No. 330559

omg anon you put into words something I've fantasised about for ages. I'm so ashamed to be attracted to pathetic middle aged men. Divorced, living in a shitty apartment, uni professors are specifically pathetic. There's something about dominating a man like that and being the best thing that's ever happened to him in years that gets me really going. I love the scruffy brunette, stubble. Meeting somewhere innocuous like a book store would be great. He needs to be desperate though, like you said. I'm glad I'm not the only one, it feels like a very specific fantasy.

No. 330562

What's rancegate? I've been actually touching grass for the last week and haven't been here lol

No. 330591

Just be happy you touched grass and avoided it.