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File: 1595696833954.jpg (84.97 KB, 1000x750, 6cda54bf8a744c84d16a0e690655a0…)

No. 590016

yea uhhhhhh ahhh i'll have one bad take, hold the mayo. oh and a side extra dumbass please.

previous thread

No. 590030

were's threadpic from? I recognize it but I just can't remember what it's from!

No. 590040

File: 1595698542468.jpeg (75.41 KB, 316x316, A00CBE16-74E1-48D3-A381-455510…)

the mouse from bear in the big blue house

No. 590062

My bf is a drug dealer send help

No. 590073

This could be a good title name for a mahnwa

No. 590074

Send weed pls

No. 590075

take some of his drug money and run

No. 590081

This. Last thing I did prior to formally ending a relationship with my really shitty ex was steals shit out of his house.

No. 590086

I bought the hope about modafinil and got some. Turns out, it doesn't help me and it's not a magical cure all that'll help me do tons of work I want to do. It does give me a low grade fever and stanky sweat, tho…

No. 590115

Found a sub called r/bigdickproblems (or something v similar) the other day and I saw so many commenting on how when they shit their dick touches the inside of the toilet bowl and even gets splashed by toilet water when their log drops.. apparently they can't just tuck their dick up on top because like us sometimes shitting makes them pee a little.

I am disturbed. They all sounded so proud to talk about it. Just think about the poor women blowing them. I wish I could unread the whole discussion but instead I'm here to spread the pain.

No. 590123

yikes you should post some of their content in the reddit hate thread

No. 590128

File: 1595705469377.jpeg (206.03 KB, 750x866, C83DBD74-C743-475A-BADC-62843A…)

Why are men so goddamn gross

Also what a coincidence that you guys were just talking about men on reddit being disgusting and I stumbled upon this in the Sopranos subreddit lol

No. 590164

File: 1595707906203.gif (45.23 KB, 450x450, giphy_s.gif)

Sometimes, I just want to be a skeleton. Society is just one materialistic bunch clump together, it's about appearance, wealth, and very vanity driven every single time you have a look. Just be a skeleton, you don't have to worry about having bad skin, how your hair looks and you don't even have to think about what to wear in the morning. You're just bones…
Rattle rattle my dude.

No. 590169

tbf skeletons do look cool.
I think I'm with you on this one, anon.

No. 590180

oooh thanks anon! I remember now, he's so cute.

No. 590189

> worry about how your hair looks, don't even have to think about what to wear in the morning
I keep my hair real short and all my clothes are black and similar, not quite as carefree as being a skeleton though

No. 590190

I remember wanting a plush of Tutter, now that I'm reminded of him I kinda still want one

No. 590246

just looked up prices on tutter plushies and they are in the 75-100$ price range. all the cheap ones are so ugly. fuck my life

No. 590253

Is that the fucking mouse from Between the Lions???

No. 590256

File: 1595716042974.jpeg (7.99 KB, 480x360, beady eyed looking mf.jpeg)

nvm, spoke too soon. >>590040
>tfw mixed up two different mouse puppets
My bad

No. 590301

But then dogs will start gnawing on you for that delicious marrow.

No. 590315

Oh boy here we go again with the german language earworms. How do I get myself into these messes. Half hour streak on listening to austrian folk music, let's gooo.

No. 590348

Hell I wish mine was a dealer instead of a bus driver. we really struggle right now, like a lot of people though. But just reconnected with a guy from college and he's pulling £2000 a week dealing and yeah I'm pretty jealous.

No. 590357

morphe eyeshadow is so unbelievably bad quality and it scares me to think that all these beauty gurus swear by it simply because they're getting brand deals/collabs with them. It's SOOOOO chalky and hard to blend, wet n wild eyeshadow is better than this shit.

No. 590360

Based and pinkpilled

No. 590363

I was eating m&ms during my break at work and I had to take out my earbud to talk to someone and I put it in the hand with the m&ms in it and then when I resumed eating I…I put the earbud in my mouth…I didn't even realize what if done right away I was like wow what a freakishly large m&m. I took a bite anons..

No. 590365

No. 590368

Based thread pic

No. 590378

File: 1595732142781.jpeg (97.24 KB, 728x1080, 992B34B6-A5E5-4A9D-9120-9630D0…)

I hate my protruding eyes. I look alright from the front but really weird and bulgy from the side. I’ve been reading up on looksmaxxing and I don’t know if obsessing over the small details of my face is the best for my health but I want to improve myself so bad

No. 590403


Not worth fussing over. You look totally normal, if that’s you in the pic.

No. 590411

doubt that's them kek. Side note, I think people on here who post themselves even with their face blurred out are fucking weird. Stop breaking the 4th wall.

No. 590414

I'm convinced mental illness gets really bad during puberty and during your early 20's. My brain produced really fucked up thoughts as a 13 year old and it's going back to that now at 23.

No. 590420

I love sitting somewhere in my apartment in silence, then suddenly hearing the pitter patter of my dog’s feet and looking up to see her appear. She is the love of my life. I’m going to be sad when our time together is up and I won’t be able to hear her footsteps and see her anymore.

No. 590424

this is so wholesome. you seem lovely, anon

No. 590432

File: 1595745170710.jpg (5.9 KB, 328x154, download (2).jpg)

The pull thread is so amazing right now. Who woulda thought the best milk of the year so far would be spilled in a non-cow board.
Tbh I feel like this could be fixed by balancing out the rest of the face to fit the eyes. For example, the lady in the pic could get chin fillers, jaw fillers, and forehead implants/fillers to enhance her profile and the eyes wouldn't be as noticeable. Not saying you or her need ps btw. Just saying the areas around the eyes might be the issue, not the eyes itself

No. 590471

i had a realization a few days ago that i look like a sheep and now i can't unsee it help

No. 590472

File: 1595754473512.jpg (95.75 KB, 640x640, slide012.jpg)

someone posted about these plushies in the toy thread in /m/ a while ago, and I can't stop thinking about them. I'm not even into toys or plushies, but these are so cute and pretty! I want one.

No. 590473

File: 1595755309207.jpg (9.12 KB, 263x192, images.jpg)

I've avoided going to the beach for a very long time now. It's been like 12 years. I've been really insecure about my looks, even though I've gained some weight only recently, and before that I was perfectly fine. Also I'm a hairy cavewoman and I always worry that my skin doesn't look smooth and nice enough. I'm very pale and now I'm also unfit and have some visible cellulite. But I'm going on a vacation in few days and I'll be near the sea, so I decided to relax and just swim already. I just hope I won't get anxious when I'll be there. I realize that no one really cares about you and how do you look, but still… it's, like, something NEW for me, lol. And it's pretty ridiculous

No. 590475

I've been feeling like shit lately and none of my friends have checked on me to see if I'm ok so when I just got a notification I literally jumped cause I thought its one of them but nope, just an ad. This is so sad but I'm literally laughing at myself for being so pathetic lol.

No. 590487

I talked about this once because an anon said she was straight but thought dicks were gross, and a bunch of anons were calling her a closet lesbian. they accused me of making it up & coping as a closet lesbian when i brought it up kek. I hope they all turbo-sucked the shit right out of their bfs urethras

No. 590502

I used to live in Sweden, where there was a lot of talk about choosing to become a lesbian (in feminist groups, circa 2015). I didn’t think too hard about it at the time, but… Do you guys think that it’s possible to condition yourself to become a lesbian? I hate men and want nothing to do with them anymore.

No. 590507

Political lesbianism used to be a thing in the 70s I think. Some feminist groups argued that it is a choice which I don't think it is. My guess is that most of these women were/are traumatised by men to the point of only wanting to interact with women or they were lesbian/bi without having realized it yet.

I don't want anything from men either but that doesn't mean we have to force ourselves to like the same sex.

No. 590509

I've always thought that those who managed to 'become lesbians' just have suppressed their bisexuality before. I don't think you can do it if you've never been attracted to women tbh.

No. 590514

File: 1595763215214.jpeg (23.35 KB, 220x220, E047A188-7532-4619-88DE-4EAC3A…)

Oh my god Tutter is my spirit animal guys. Best thread pic, literally have a side by side of thread pic and me at the pool kek.

Also the current thread pic for Vent looks like me freshman/sophomore year of hs.

No. 590515

Cool anon, but you forgot to sage.

No. 590521

you don't have to sage in ot and this is literally the dumbass shit thread, why would you sage your dumbass shit, nothing could be more relevant

No. 590533

So what’s your plan, to live in celibacy?

No. 590544

Oh I thought this was a bad takes thread, like op said


No. 590556

File: 1595771580873.png (565.24 KB, 604x598, 312CC526-B3F6-4C5E-A402-36FB2D…)

Your doggy thinks the same thing about you, anon.

No. 590634

this is rly relaxing to listen to

No. 590637

bruh are you me

i love my friends but none of them really make any effort to reach out to me, it's exhausting having to be the one who initiates every convo all the time

i guess that means they don't really care and i have to choose between shallow one-sided friendships or nothing at all kms

No. 590646

Good thing you're on the farms kek

No. 590673

File: 1595788053454.jpg (7.35 KB, 230x219, euro.jpg)

In the past few days, I've been noticing one specific anon posting exact copies of posts from 4chan (particularly from, but not limited to, the FPH threads in /fit/) in various /snow/ threads. Same pictures, posted in the same order, with the text copied and pasted word for word, across multiple threads. At least, they seem to be copied from 4chan, but I haven't checked the timestamps so it's possible that someone's copying posts from here and posting them there.

It makes me wonder how many posts here weren't actually written out of a place of original thought or commentary, but were copied from another imageboard with the intent to bait someone into engaging with it. It's like the lolcow equivalent of searching "cringe pic" on Google Images and then posting what you find back-to-back on r/SuperCringeHilariousFunnyImagesSubreddit to farm karma, sustaining yourself on getting (You)s over content you didn't create, through posts that you have no intention to reply to.

I don't have any other comment to make on it, I just thought that was funny.

No. 590689

wow, screenshot it next time anon
This also makes me think what if we have a bigger population of scrotes than what we originally think we have? I assume lolcow is like 87% female, but what if it's more of a 70%?

No. 590697

I shudder at the thought of a moid having replied to any of my posts here…

No. 590699

Im 100% that transracial will be accepted in a decade just like how the trans movement happened. The people who are claiming to be transracial just using the same arguments as trans people soooo yeah im pretty sure transracial will be accepted on twitter soon and people will cancel you on twitter if you say that a white girl cant be asian.

Im gonna sage because this post is kind of a sperg

No. 590703

I don't believe you anon but you should screenshot this just in case.

No. 590704

If it happens, it'll be real fun digging up tweets from now of tranners saying transracial is stupid and then getting cancelled kek

No. 590714

I hope it happens, just so I can watch annoying SJWs try to browbeat non-white people to accept them, and get absolutely BTFO.
Imagine Kai from Minnesota, who found out she was a Korean twink trapped in the body of a chubby white girl when she watched a BTS music video, invading spaces like r/asianmasculinity and posting about Asian pride. It'll be fucking funny.

No. 590718

Seeing how this timeline has been turning into fullblown clownery in the past decade I don't have a hard time believing that this could become true. We already have white as snow middle class american teenagers claiming they're "POC" because their grandpa was a Mexican immigrant or black because they inherited curly hair from their great grandmother. I could see this movement happening after some influential figure is outed to be a race faker and they write some sob story about their transracialism and people start defending them and adopting the ideology.

However I also believe that the woke culture will collapse on itself in the 2020's. It's a rehash of the hippie movement in the 1960's, all you need is a new Manson family case to make headlines and people will be scared off for good. History repeats itself and goes in cycles all the time, nothing ever lasts.

No. 590725

File: 1595792148841.png (1.45 MB, 2704x3072, crosspostin'.png)

>screenshot it next time anon
Decided to go ahead and screenshot the ones I immediately remembered. I apologize for my terrible MS Paint collaging skills.

>This also makes me think what if we have a bigger population of scrotes than what we originally think we have? I assume lolcow is like 87% female, but what if it's more of a 70%?

Honestly? It seems to me that lolcow's male population is higher than we may expect (particularly the MtF troon population - lately I've seen more and more obvious /lgbt/ troon migrants getting called out) in the same way that 4chan's female population is higher than the male users expect, thanks to their age-old "women don't know how to imageboard" mantra.

No. 590736

Calling it now, the most common get out of jail free card for this will be them claiming that they were actually transracial all along and what was speaking was their internalized transracism

No. 590739

File: 1595793293074.jpeg (130.99 KB, 828x642, 75C147F2-25BE-45C9-84BD-F4CC3C…)

I was scrolling through youtube and saw this thumbnail, is it just me or does the troon from 100gecs look like that one incel kek

No. 590740

File: 1595793335766.png (628.26 KB, 633x833, A7ABE39B-0FB2-4136-A493-64D55D…)

pic related is the incel in question

No. 590743

Not really. The main features that stand out to me about the incel are the huge lips, eyes and thick eyebrows which laura doesn’t really have.

No. 590766

File: 1595795540341.png (497.47 KB, 1062x409, defbed.png)

A few days ago I found this youtube channel that's almost entirely animations like this and I'm-

No. 590803

I've seen images of fat cows get cross posted between here and /fph/ for years. I've never noticed that actual posts were being cross posted though. I always just assumed that there were other farmers on /fit/ because it's one of the boards on 4chan with a higher population of women.

No. 590807

>I've seen images of fat cows get cross posted between here and /fph/ for years
Of course, that's understandable. Most /fph/ images are recycled thread after thread anyway. The only thing that made me suspicious was the way the posts were copied and pasted word for word, except for the removal of some terms that'd give away where the post initially came from. I wouldn't be shocked if plenty of farmers were also on /fit/, but either 1. a farmer is posting whatever they post here on 4chan as well or 2. a male from 4chan comes here to harvest content with little to no effort.

No. 590816

Is this one of those Russian bot generated cartoon channels?

No. 590825

File: 1595803058872.png (523.43 KB, 476x594, Screenshot from 2020-07-26 18-…)

I follow this wig shop on ig and really like their wigs, but man I fucking hate seeing this model of theirs lmao

No. 590826

No way. Transgender took off because nobody cares to defend women, not even most women. The number of pickme women who are socialized to let men walk all over them faaaaaaaar outnumber the number of uncle toms.

No. 590874

File: 1595810247281.jpeg (18.5 KB, 275x223, 1593438424219.jpeg)

no woke points are worth associating with that

No. 590902

File: 1595813056429.jpeg (887.86 KB, 2576x1932, LG_enV2_(VX9100).jpeg)

This phone made me feel like a hacker

No. 590905

File: 1595813950527.jpeg (37.37 KB, 320x214, 8B3116D8-B864-4540-84BB-3076AC…)

Of course I bought this super bougie rich people ice cream as it was on sale and it is really good. Not too sweet, not too plain, it is perfect. I wish it tasted like shit so I wouldn’t tempted.

No. 590912

holy shit same, this gives me flashbacks, I felt like such a badass with -teeny slide out keys-

No. 590922

Suspecting someone to be a farmer is so funny, there’s a tumblr user who is fairly popular in her social circles who will post things about Nika or Erin Painter and it’s like! Girl! I know! Would be so sexy if a girl could come out as a farmer on main.

No. 590923

since when is being a farmer a good thing lmao

No. 590924

Cause we’re like a cult. It’s fucking funny to see someone else into the same fucked up Internet personalities?

No. 590931

I guess what I meant is that it's not exactly something a person would want to openly associate with

No. 590936

I in all honesty have never met a lesbian that wasn't bat shit crazy or had anger issues or felt the need to mention being a lesbian 24 7. Not saying all lesbians are like this but literally every single one I've met was…

No. 590937

>about to reply "I'm a lesbian and"
>remembers that I'm batshit crazy
>in the process of telling you that I'm a lesbian
…Point made.

No. 590938

I'm 23 and when my mom was my age she had 2 kids and a husband of 4 years…. I've never even had a serious boyfriend…….

No. 590943

that sounds fucking terrible is your mom okay? like jesus she gave up some of the best years of her life for marriage and kids

you're normal anon, don't worry. i didn't have my first serious bf until i was 21. ffs my current bf didn't even lose his virginity until he was 27

No. 590947

Kek, I know the feel. I'm 19 and all of the women currently alive in my family had at least one child before this age.

No. 590948

Absolutely, that’s why I made a JOKE about her coming out as a farmer lmao.

No. 590955

She grew up in a different time anon. It's nothing but a good thing women are no longer expected to bear children and be stuck with a husband in their late teens/early twenties. You have the freedom to pursue whatever you desire instead of becoming a housewife without much choice in the matter, that's great.

No. 590964

My mom had me at 23 and I honestly think it scared me off from having kids very young. I'm 28 and while I want to have kids, I definitely don't plan on having them anytime soon. Do what makes you happy and what also makes sense, anon!

No. 590978

Wowwwww love to sit down for a rest and have the security guard sit down beside me when the place is empty hopefully you can see my typing this weirdo

No. 590979

Samefag I am in a small plaza and just grabbed a drink from a store

No. 590980

I thought the pandemic would put a stop to those magnet-people that like to stick to you even when there's plenty of space. But noooo, Mr and Mrs Velcro are here in full protective gear, mask and gloves, yet still come to breathe down my neck and shove elbows when we're the only people in the store. Sigh.

No. 590981

My grumpy misanthropic ass thought this too. I try to give people space because it is just respectful? Like I am really not social and I really don’t fucking care if you are “lonely”, I just want to get my shit and go. The last time I dared to go in Walmart people were literally walking right on my ass, ugh.

No. 590983

I love stumbling upon kinda old blogs or forums and reading through them, even if the topics don't interest me. I miss when you could do that so easily online, and it's nice to get back that feeling of just chilling and talking about random shit

No. 590985

What else are you supposed to do with those years? I'm from a pretty well-off family so I've gotten to travel all over the world ever since I was in elementary school. After you get a employable degree you might as well.

That's usually what people say they want to do at like 25 and I guess it's because they were stuck in one place all their life and feel like they have to "catch up".

No. 590989

>What else are you supposed to do with those years?
literally anything besides create and grow a human. "what else are you supp–" shut the fuck up anon. shut up. millions of children are alive and miserable because of that mindset and they aren't even legally allowed to comfortably send their lives back to the shops.

No. 590994

Ntayrt but you do realize that women who do not come from well-off families and decide to have kids early don't get to travel the world, or even pursue a degree for lack of money that goes into raising their kids? You're talking from an extremely privileged perspective. Most people in their 20s are working jobs, wrangling independence, and traveling because most average people don't have a mom and dad who can give them those things just like that. They're balancing figuring out their lives with the last years of freedom they have sans marriage and kids because the typical person's life only becomes more restrictive and complicated after that. That's what these years are for.

You just sound bored with your life, and babies aren't solutions for boredom. Have you tried expensive hobbies yet?

No. 591010

It just sounds strange to me when people have this resentful competition between family life and personal materialism, when those kind of experiences for me are inherently tied to my family. And it's not like they just sent me the money, we went together and rather than a burden, it was quite useful to have me along as a translator for my grandparents.

Those experiences were wonderful and didn't shut each other out but it seems like some people have this attitude where even as a parent, they'd prefer to leave their family behind to "get away from it all" and that sounds horrible, my own childhood probably would have been horrible if my parents thought that.

No. 591013

your experience is very rare.. most people who were raised in either middle class or minority families never got to experience life outside of going to the local waterpark or going back to their homeland with their family to sit in a 90 degree house all summer. I say minority families because a lot of ethnic groups are very controlling and sheltering and don't allow their daughters to breathe or discover themselves. I wasn't allowed to take walks alone until senior year of highschool and wasn't allowed to have friends outside of our family friend group.. and now that I'm 22 my parents really expect me to be ready to find a man and settle down. Bitch I can barely talk to other girls without getting nervous, I am in no position to bring in new people into this world even though every bone in my body is pressuring me to be at that point in life because it's considered a normal milestone to hit in your mid 20s in my culture. You also have to realize that so many women decide to settle down and have children in their mid 20's because it's all they've ever known. It's the only example they've seen in women around them.

No. 591016

What's their @? This wig looks nice ngl
I mean anon that's nice but not everyone has a family or life like that. Most people don't have well off families that can afford to take them on vacations at a young age. It makes more sense to do all of that fun crazy shit when you're young, cause when you have kids you have to sacrifice a lot of aspects of your life to take care of them.

Also, a lot of women don't get help taking care of their kids, even if they're married, so sometimes they do want to 'get away from them'. It's not leaving your family behind, it's just being stressed out due to having kids.

No. 591020

I can't imagine going through life feeling like this…. I'm jealous.

No. 591022

I need to shit but I like holding it in…thoughts?

No. 591024

doesn't the idea of being fulla poop kinda gross you out? i always want to get rid of it asap, and feel frustrated when i cant get the last little diddly bits out that i know are still stuck up there

No. 591026

I would like to know why

No. 591033

thanks for asking! To start off, I like the feeling of pooping.. you know when you haven't shit in days and you finally get to birth one out? In a strange way it's like the reverse feeling of shitting it out. I usually only hold it for like 5 minutes until I realize I have to move on with my day. It's a very specific type of poop though. Not diarrhea poop,or even normal regular poop, more like, anyone got any prune juice or a nutrigrain bar type of poop.

No. 591036

Nta but that thing just happened to me anon, I can feel some poop still up there but it just wouldn't get out and now I gotta live with it till the next poo sesh. Frustrated.

No. 591039

our fleeting sisterhood over incomplete poop sessions made me laugh, godspeed to yourself and your bowels anon

No. 591042

I think you just wanna be featured in the new funny posts thread

No. 591046

I don't think they are. I can sense that most people on that thread are selfposting, but I guess no anons can talk about dumbass shit anymore, even in the dumbass shit thread because of it now kek.

No. 591050

you realize anyone who leads a sad enough life to want to make it on there can just..post themselves on there right?

No. 591053

this is the dumbass shit thread…for dumbass shit

No. 591054

Ya know what? This never even occured to me that someone might do this. I believe anons shit holding behavior a little more

No. 591058

Oh I didn't mean like that, having a babysitter when you need one would be nice. That's more everyday life, I meant like dumping them at your relative's house so you can fly off to see the pyramids by yourself and get wasted on the same trip, as they would be in your way of doing that.

I've seen that too, and you do have a point in that it's almost always men living like they're still single even with a family. It just isn't a lifestyle I've ever wanted that much, let alone felt like I have to make sacrifices for it.

No. 591076

File: 1595841643786.gif (92.53 KB, 390x614, nsser.gif)

I feel like everything from 2000s internet (2000-2009) is getting permanently deleted.

Tried accessing my old neopets account, but I needed my old yahoo email for it. Turns out yahoo completely erased it and it simply doesn't exist anymore.
My IMVU account also doesn't exist anymore as it was too old and inactive for a long time.

All that's left is my maplestory account, a character that I have since 2006.

I really wanted to access my middle school internet memories.

No. 591083

Hell yeah I feel this. I wanted to revisit the old fansite I made on freewebs in 2006 only to find out that freewebs (now just webs) deletes accounts that haven't been logged into in over a year. My baby attempts at CSS, HTML, and Photoshop, all gone. And now that support of Flash Player is ending this year, think of all the classic flash games that might disappear forever. Shit's sad, man.

No. 591098

Stop making me sad, it’s making me angry.

No. 591124

Rushed out of the house because it’s the first day at my new job and my shirt is on inside out… pray for me girls

No. 591125

Feel like pure shit just wanna show off my sims characters to someone but can't start a blog because I'm terrified someone will ask "omg can u plz put them on the gallery???" and I can't do that because I downloaded the game illegally and I would get banned forever everywhere

No. 591127

File: 1595851148609.jpg (378.24 KB, 1280x1280, skoj.jpg)

I wonder if I'll ever be able to afford a vacation. My friends are travellig all over Europe and I'm stuck in the same country for years.

No. 591133

Good news anon! Holidays are more affordable now than ever, thanks to the risk of infection that come with them.
If your friends are still traveling right now they're idiots

No. 591149

I’m forever jealous of people with nice smiles. I have an unfortunate tooth to gum ratio so I look jacked up when I smile, and my face shape is similar to the moon emoji so smiling with closed lips looks just as hideous.

No. 591150

Thanks! Well, I know a lot of people in their 20s who move from country to country to do volunteer work and such. This is not for me since I'm too much of a pussy to stay in another country for several months or a year. They haven't been travelling the last couple of months but it's slowly starting again and I feel like I'm wasting my 20s by being a homebody.

No. 591152

don't be so dramatic

No. 591174

how was anon being dramatic though? it is fucking moronic to travel right now due there being a pandemic going on. save up money and you'll be able to travel after this shit goes away.

No. 591181

Life's short anon, smile while you still have teeth.

No. 591190

I'm the same way. I love travelling but I don't have the spare money needed for it. Days go by way too fast when you're just on the internet or whatever all day and yet it's hard to change that.
That being said, the other anon is right. France, Spain and quite some other countries in western Europe are experiencing the start of a second wave right now and are beginning to go back to stricter lockdown and travel bans again. I wouldn't count on your friends even being able to travel much right now and in the coming months.

No. 591198

File: 1595859613204.png (460.37 KB, 1366x768, 07-27-20_10-07-57 AM.png)

Share them anon! This is the dumbass shit thread after all, it shouldn't bother anyone unless you start spamming them like AI-Generated faces anon. Pic is a alien sim I made.

No. 591204

I like finding schizoposters.
I don't like following schizo cows but finding them under random tweets and newspaper articles kinda makes my day.
Just scrolling through their feed, absolutely confused and fascinated, seeing them ramble on and on about everything at once.

No. 591220

Can any kind anon recommend me good media about csa survivors that not harrowing to read/watch? I think reading other people's experiences in their childhood would help me be at peace with mine but I'm just not willing to google it because I'm a pussy and I'm afraid I'll get some disgusting things recommended. I'd like stuff where the person is happy at the end of the story.

No. 591227

Ok farmers, time to introduce you my new man

>10 y older than me

>good job
>owns his own house
>looks good
>sexy af voice and accent
>stated multiple times that I can continue being NEET and just do gardening
>8/10 sex
>he adores me

I hope I will not vent as much about him as I did about my ex kek

No. 591230


What's the drawback?

No. 591232

There are soo many books out there written by csa survivors where they go into detail about their abuse and I just..wonder who exactly reads them all? I don't know if I'm really slow in my own healing but it always opens up an emotional can of worms for me when I expose myself to either documentaries or books on the subject.

A couple books that I did manage to read were more true crime based, two different women who had the experience of being kidnapped as a kid/teen and locked up as sex slaves for old men for literal years. It's amazing how fragile the mind is but how resiliant it is at the same time.

No. 591234

This sounds weirdly like my ex, the same age gap, neet-allowing and all that. I won't go into detail on how that went lol

No. 591235

how did you meet?

No. 591240

So, does he want a stay home mom or something?

No. 591244

If u got lyme and fucked off to the states he is the man

No. 591245

I can't believe a tiny lion lives in my fucking house!!! What the fuck!! How do domestic cats even exist? What crazy caveman ancestor do I have to thank for this delightful little beast that shits in my kitchen and bites my ankles for fun. She is stinky and mean and I love her.

No. 591248

There are easy to spot red flags there

No. 591249

File: 1595866026356.png (302.14 KB, 466x520, 09-09-18_6-22-36 PM.png)

Thanks anon your sim is so pretty! I love her eye shape it's like a dagger. I was thinking real hard about which photo to post
>tfw you finally work up the courage to ask the professor a question after gathering it for 3 minutes but someone interrupts you

If you wanna… we could make a google document or something to share photos with everyone, I'm sure there are more people who want to share theirs and look at others' photos, just kidding… unless?

No. 591254

Yes! Same! I cannot read the ones where people describe what went on, their state of mind. It's seriously 'triggering', it makes me forcibly vomit and a lot of other things. I was thinking something like growing and healing, where it tells how the person became a happy and healthy human. Just to kniw that I can be happy and healthy too.

No. 591268

I think we could have a sims 4 thread in /m/ actually? Kind of like the doll dressup games thread. We had a general sims thread before but it was super slow. The new one could be for sharing photos and cc.

The red head sim is so cute btw! Giving me Pippi longstocking vibes lol.

No. 591280

I don't know why lesbians WOULDN'T be angry. It fucking sucks to be one in most societies and LGBT circles are all about sucking trannydick and nonbinaries so there's no place to belong to, and you have to be open about being a lesbian so scrotes don't waste your time.

No. 591301

I regret not getting the socials of this group of cows in my anthoropology classes I took last year. They were super milky in their own way, generally abusive weirdos who frequently had outbursts in class, with one girl admitting she drank piss and made soap in her bathtub and the other being a softcore white supremacist who dressed up in a sari and a bindi but went on and on about his "Scottish heritage" and how his family wanted him to move to Australia to farm their land. They were all a bunch of upper middle class snowflakes and it was hilarious to see them trying to larp as bohemian poorfags and then admitting that they lived in some of the wealthiest areas in my state.

I avoided them because they were militant assholes and just unpleasant to be around.

No. 591307

I have an acquaintance who is an extremely pretty and traditionally feminine acting/looking lesbian, and I don't blame her at all for being angry. Hell even I didn't fully believe her when she told me she was 100% gay. I can't imagine how annoying it must be to have to constantly fend off thirsty men. I think her needing to mention often that she's a lesbian isn't exactly a choice.

No. 591312

My mum just called me for 48 minutes straight to tell me that she thinks I have autism and that she wishes I could be less "quirky". She is so lucky that I have an unwavering love for her because she says some pretty mean things. I always try to take them like she just wants the best for me, despite using some pretty ugly language at times. I don't react, I'm just thankful she cares enough to always wish better for me. I literally look like a stereotypical librarian, or like Velma with longer hair. I don't know how anyone could even bitch, I blend so hard into a crowd I might as well be nameless. How can she bitch about my eyeliner style? It's already so understated. She told me that she doesn't like how I look because I resemble her mother, but outside of stylistic choices that isn't really my fault. Life is weird.
One day I'll feel comfortable but I'll probably look like a crazy middle aged lonely woman by the time I break out of this shell

No. 591313

> she doesn't like how I look because I resemble her mother
How badly did her mom fuck her up for her to feel that way? Sorry about how she's making you feel anon, moms should really be the ones lifting you up, not this.

No. 591321

Her mum fuuuuuucked her up, terribly. I'm pretty sure she's the one who found her body as well, so I don't get upset at her for it. I couldn't imagine how terribly I'd act compared to her. She's otherwise very nice just not about my looks or social behaviour kek
Parenting seems like the hardest fucking thing in the world

No. 591335

File: 1595875860478.jpeg (75.33 KB, 1200x900, 96392611-61B7-4416-8B25-303BA0…)

You’re lucky you don’t have the opposite like I do: naturally sunken eyes that make you look perpetually tired and age you 5 - 10 yrs (pic related isn’t me obv kek)

No. 591347

nta but now i need a romance novel/manga/anything about a girl with bulging eyes and girl with sunken eyes falling in love and completing each other

No. 591348

Ah shit anon, that just reminded me of all the hours I wasted on that game. So addicting but so pointless.

No. 591351

bought a cheap figurine off of zen market a few months ago, still haven't got it yet. Idk why though, it was pretty cheap so at least I didn't lose much. Now I know that I probably shouldn't use it

No. 591377

File: 1595881851368.jpeg (152.02 KB, 1921x1280, 1568129907653.jpeg)

>mfw my coworker points out I'm in a better mood than normal at work and says "lol you must be well rested for once"
>mfw it's because I've been daydrinking
this is really the type of bitch i've become huh

No. 591386

I love caffeine. Energy drinks give me life. My kidneys are probably dead, but fuck it, my mind is alive.

No. 591392

I don't leave my house but I wish I had a friend to do crafts with. I wish I could purchase a friend or something, I'd pay hourly to just sit with me. Don't even need to say much, but knowing good books would be a plus. They shut down quite a lot of community programs long before quarantine hit due to low popularity and now I have no idea what to do besides do public crafts on a street corner. I don't know. Just babbling here

No. 591400

Me too, anon. The silver monster energy will kill me but I don't care, it makes me go fast.

No. 591402

Why not join one of the dicords in the friend finder thread? There are plenty that have craft channels and will be interested.

No. 591403

It's pretty bad for me too. At it's worst I probably drink more of them in a day than water so I switched to those supposdely healthier sugarfree BCAA ones that they market for athletes but, of course, they cost double. My lowest point was probably driving 15 miles to a 24/7 at 4am to get my fix.

No. 591404

How do you bitches drink energy drinks and go “MMMMM” they taste like battery acid!!!
Though people say the same shit to me when they see me chugging coffee

No. 591406

Anons I think I’m starting to think I think I’m ugly without makeup. A year ago I never wore makeup or cared for it and now I really feel the need to wear at least mascara and concealer and do my eyebrows. Sad.

No. 591407

Trying to take my mind off of some irl "failure" with a guy made me go to Omegle and I ended up talking to a guy who liked the convo enough to ask me to connect elsewhere kek.idk how i feel about that i barely make friends even online.

I'll just see i guess

No. 591409

I have a big forehead but that's where I make my big thinks.

No. 591411

I don’t have a five head (I can only fit 4 fingers on my forehead) yet I just feel like it’s still way too big for my face. I have a really small head and face yet my forehead takes up most of it.

No. 591412

>I can only fit 4 fingers on my forehead
lol fivehead isn't meant to imply you can fit 5 fingers, it's just a step up from a 'fore'(4)head

No. 591417

that was rude as hell of that person to say that, sounds like it came from a place of insecurity and jealously.
i'm similarly thrifty/good at find good stuff in cheap stores like primark and have had snide comments from my parents about how i clearly have more money than i make out i do, when i hardly spend money on clothes i just know how to rotate and style the pieces i manage to afford

No. 591423

There's a lot of variation in taste between brands, some taste just like what you described and some taste way too sugary. I just find a brand that's good and always buy it.

I also drink strong black coffee and then put some ice cold water in it so I can drink it like water instead of waiting for it to cool.

No. 591424

Weird, I'm pretty minimalist (90% of my clothes came from thrift stores) and I don't really care what others wear. Seems like maybe she liked your clothes upon seeing them but it reminded her that she'd have to spend more money than usual if she wanted to get them, and then that upset her.

No. 591425

>I can only fit 4 fingers on my forehead
anon you are adorable, don't ever change

No. 591426

File: 1595888292239.gif (741.96 KB, 390x219, 1595882416688.gif)

Found this on 4chan and it mesmerized me, hope y'all don't mind me sharing it here. If you look at the faces while the gif plays, they look perfectly normal, but if you keep your eyes on the cross the faces look deformed.

No. 591429

omg that's bizarre lol, like a magic eye made of faces

No. 591430

Pretty cool, thanks for sharing

No. 591446

I hate this but i cant stop watching. I love optical illusions.

No. 591449

Idk if I’m just in the wrong threads but I feel like people are severely overestimating the amount of PULL users migrating here. I also feel like there was probably already quite a lot of overlap?

No. 591467

My coworker thought a video of a baby with a third eye on its forehead (a filter) was real.

No. 591469

File: 1595893794086.jpg (98.45 KB, 1000x650, sad-bowie.jpg)

I was listening to a news program today and they started playing David Bowie and I went "why are they playing Bowie, did he die???" and went to Google his name and his wiki came up

>David Robert Jones (8 January 1947 – 10 January 2016)

and I didn't understand, is this another person?
Complete confusion until I finally remembered reality and it made me sad

No. 591471


He was an overrated, degenerate pedo cunt. Nothing of value was lost lol

No. 591493

I hate how it's "cool" to smoke again. Everyone in my circle vapes or does hookah (especially hookah, arab here) and although I don't think I'm better for not smoking, I think it's so lame how people quite literally do it to fit in. Hookah is 10 times worse than cigarettes but people minimize that. I will take a puff or two out of curiosity (not pressure) when I'm around people, but then I'll pass it because I genuinely don't find enjoyment out of it and refuse to do something just because others are.

No. 591520

File: 1595899761403.jpeg (406.48 KB, 917x1963, A34DFAF0-92AB-4DA5-B345-550FF4…)

>be me
>clean out emails that go back nearly a decade
>see this in my inbox from when I was 13 years old

I was actually retarded. This is why children shouldn’t be allowed on the internet.

No. 591564

You should've given her outfit a look and said "I can tell" lmao I hate insecure people who can't keep it to themselves like that

No. 591617

File: 1595913272245.png (476.3 KB, 495x495, C0D43369-9D96-401B-995C-31C795…)

lol this post made me go buy one, I'm addicted to them too

also it's 11:00pm and the store clerk said "you're early today!" fml

No. 591618

File: 1595914268899.jpg (31.71 KB, 400x400, monster-energy-rehab-white-dra…)

I could drink these in particular all dayyyy

No. 591621

I'm in an ldr rn and my boyfriend is getting mad at me for choice I made at a get together w/friends and a drinking card game.

I kept him in the know for the raunchy choices I did bc he wasnt here, but now after a week and a half he's mad at the cad draw that resulted in the guy to the left of me licking my bra. I felt nothing bc of padding. and it took him over a week to bring it up when I told him then and there, I did it, bc I don't want to lose.

I do like that he igore me going cowgirl on my boss' wife as a card and was focused on this. I was, even when drunk, honest with what I did. I had no reason to keep him in th know,,, but I did.

and now he's mad.

No. 591622

god these are so good for a hangover, saves me every time

No. 591623

Realistically I think a lot of men would be uncomfortable with this and I think you wouldn’t be keen on your boyfriend licking some other girl’s bra either. Keeping your partner in the know often isn’t enough. LDRs are hard mode to begin with and stuff like this doesn’t help. Personally I’m not very optimistic for the future of your relationship. Maybe you really are that competitive but I think the distance is getting to you and you should reevaluate your relationship with this guy.

No. 591626

I'm jealous of you both. I tried these and they didn't work for me at all.
Oooh I hear of the myth of drinks that give you an extra pip in your step

I can't be the only one that isn't effected by these right?

No. 591629

I think about texting this guy just to alleviate the anxiety of thinking about him but at the same time i think that texting him a "hey wassup" now will be retarded as i have asked for his socials days ago but i really didn't feel well and thought too much about it

Should i do it or nah?i still got a couple of days staying in the place he is at.maybe i can at least make a good connection

No. 591633

Kek I fell down while dancing and being dumb in my room. My foot got caught on my mat and I like bent my toes while simultaneously putting all my weight on them before falling onto one of my knees. Pretty sure I sprained two of my toes pretty bad. I would be able to tell if it was a break, right? I can't put any weight on that foot at all. I guess I will keep an eye on swelling etc

No. 591642

I want someone to connect tamagotchi V4 with. My lineage is admirable and my baby needs to breed

No. 591653

This is big relate

No. 591658

File: 1595923886677.png (348.41 KB, 342x800, 4579e149555ac9c949733afdc4b9a0…)

god why haven't i seen any of these fun ones! most exotic one we have is pic related and while it tastes ok it's not like gr8. overall ultra sunshine best, change my mind

No. 591660

File: 1595924488525.gif (3.02 MB, 400x225, E4769EA3-227E-4487-B131-BD5002…)

I shower a lot because I feel dirty everyday when I wake up and it's just sort of my routine, this can really aggravate my skin because I have eczema. My mom recommended that I get thermal water spray so I bought some yesterday and it's so amazing, already my skin feels less inflamed and more hydrated, I spray it on my face, neck, arms, and legs.

No. 591662

This 16 year old girl comes into our neighbourhood to sell clothes she sews and she got married 4 months ago to some dude her age from her village. Anyways, she is already pregnant and I'm just absolutely shocked why the family thought it was a good idea to get her pregnant when they are dirt poor right now and possibly homeless in a month. I feel bad for her, usually I offer her to drink some tea and eat some toast at our place and hear her talk and it really fucks me up. She has no education and will just have to put up with whatever the men of her fam decide for her

No. 591670

Are they some sort of amishes or something… I am so surprised over people who live their lives like that. I'd imagine those people living somewhere deep in the woods, is your neighborhood more farm-y or modern7

Poor kid.

No. 591675

I live in the a cosmopolitan city and this girl is from some village where early marriages, no education, etc is common. She came here because her teen husband works in the city. They're just regular muslims. I feel real sad, she's a cool girl and I like her. I like to give some of whatever I meal I make to her so she doesn't gotta go home to work even more because she's pregnant. Wish I could do something. Her bros and husband really just own her and the money she makes

No. 591680

>Her bros and husband really just own her and the money she makes
>They're just regular muslims
this is the most terrifying part

No. 591682

Last night my night light was shining in my face and I moved the monstera on the bedside table so that one of the leaves was blocking the light. Now there’s a big dark brown burn spot on the leaf right where it touched the lamp. How do any of my plants even survive? I also managed to burn a prayer plant leaf by lighting a candle right underneath it once.

No. 591688

Just had a dream that I had a wonderful girlfriend and we were cuddling together.

Now I'm awake and I just want her back….

No. 591689

>regularly leave things touching bulbs and close to open flames
Never mind your plants, how are you and your neighbours still alive? You're going to start a fire at this rate, cut it out

No. 591693

I recently had an eye exam, and the optometrist looking at my eye suddenly went: 'I am not sure if anyone has ever told you, but you have a beautiful, rose-shaped pattern in your iris. It's quite unique'. It sent me into a giggling fit

No. 591694

Damn, my country takes forever to get stuff like this, like two years from now I might see this in a store.

No. 591710

File: 1595933870731.jpeg (50.31 KB, 583x120, 2D4508C5-5F46-4C1F-BDB1-E827BD…)

saw this in a news article lol

No. 591722

File: 1595936174784.jpg (105.85 KB, 838x918, IMG_20200728_133603_698.JPG)

I saw some "STOP 5G" graffiti in the city but also I saw some "START 7G" graffiti
also look at my cat

No. 591724

I’m so glad Kim Jong Un declared the world peace, he’s such a nice fatty man.

No. 591725


No. 591727

File: 1595937256288.jpg (693.5 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_20200728_135152.jpg)

Oh you like that huh? Feast your eyes on this

No. 591728

File: 1595937319960.jpeg (12.17 KB, 275x247, E48B3AEB-0BD2-410E-8E35-9A9D37…)


No. 591734

File: 1595937726761.gif (883.78 KB, 500x374, S5r7.gif)

I wanna suck… an extremely handsome, gorgeous, pretty man's dick…

No. 591737

File: 1595937939134.jpg (3.12 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20200728_140531.jpg)

My prince is asleep

No. 591739

Wow… I also had a gray-white cat, I think those are the most beautiful, he is so pretty

No. 591750

File: 1595940051086.jpg (92.65 KB, 720x1280, Selmi.jpg)

Would let him fuck my girl/10

No. 591809

No. 591863

I don’t get why people with big foreheads act like it’s a bad trait. Almost every model has a huge forehead? It’s maybe the most consistent trait amongst women considered beautiful. I feel like it’s a flattering facial feature that makes people look youthful.

No. 591875

i honestly think it's another one of those "fake insecurity" trends that catches on so people can humblebrag about having some attractive feature while acting like they hate it. every girl complains about having a big forehead now even when they don't actually have one. it's hard to explain but it's kinda like when people complain about their jeans having the lower back gap because they have a small waist with a big ass. i would say that happens for everyone who isn't a landwhale or a plank but the people who bitch about it nonstop seem like they're trying to prove something.

No. 591887

File: 1595954714092.png (339.08 KB, 811x720, IMG_9210.PNG)

>be 48kg at the start of quarantine (I'm 5'1 so it's a healthy weight)
>decided to weigh myself on a whim today

How the fuck did I lose that much without noticing? Now I'm eating an ice cream

No. 591892

what.. I have a big forehead (not quite a 5head, but large nontheless) and I've been insecure about it all my life. I feel like the focal point of my face is my dumb forehead and I hate it. Since when has a large forehead been considered beautiful/attractive/flattering. I've literally never heard anyone say this. Models aren't considered beautiful because of their foreheads, they have striking faces and gorgeous bodies.

No. 591897

Don't be racist anon there are plenty of normal Muslims who don't do that

No. 591899

Really? Why? Because I genuinely always feel like people are humble bragging when they say they’re insecure about it. Literally every woman considered beautiful has a big forehead. If anything I feel like it would make more sense for people with small foreheads to be insecure because you rarely ever see it in women considered beautiful and most women considered unattractive have low hairlines/small foreheads.

No. 591901

As someone who has a lot of issues with islam, this just shows you guys have no idea wtf ya'll are talking about and that's what I hate about the anonymity of this site. Learn to differentiate scripture from corrupt culture. Islam heavily promotes a woman's money being her own and the man's money being hers as well. A woman can take a man's money, but a man is not allowed to touch a woman's income. Anyone who doesn't follow that isn't following the religion properly. Just like christians who drink and have sex before marriage.

No. 591904

i agree. i've never thought large foreheads were ugly and i actually pluck my hairline to make mine look bigger

No. 591905

Get that ice cream anon!
Btw how did you not notice? I lost a whole lot of weight last year, went from 50kgs to 42kgs and I'm 5'5, so I look sickly now because I can't seem to gain it back. It sucks looking at myself and feeling bad.

No. 591906

Same! I’ve never known someone else who does it lmao

No. 591908

Maybe since you had to be stuck at home and spent les energy moving around you ate less than usual without noticing? Plus, it's summer and if it's hot where you are you also probably don't eat as much as usual.

No. 591913

Thinking back to last semester when I was charging my phone in the study lounge at my university and a random fucking girl approaches me and goes "hey are you still using that outlet" which I obviously was because I was charging my phone. I said sorry and that I still needed it. She sat next to me and 10 minutes later goes "Do you think I could use it now" Bitch FUCK OFF we go to a HUGE university go literally anywhere else and leave me the fuck alone. I straight up went "It's not my problem your phone is about to die" and she for some reason continued to sit next to me but didn't speak to me again. Some people are so entitled it's insane.

No. 591921

Been crushing on a minor celeb for the last couple of years and I just realised my 'crushy-feelings' switched off overnight. Can't even expalin why.

What pics am I meant to browse in my spare time now? Hell what do I masturbate to??

No. 591922

File: 1595956243172.jpeg (66.04 KB, 540x537, BB5C3FEE-3919-4E6F-8ECE-DC0179…)

I bought a synthesizer cause I wanted one for years and now that I finally have it I’m remembering that I have 0 musical talent so it’s kind of pointless

No. 591925

you could give it to me, anon. I have plenty of musical talent. haha, no, I'm actually lying

No. 591927

How about you come over and we can have a jam session instead?

No. 591928

I went to a coffee shop and ordered a black coffee and the barista said “oh so you LIKE coffee” and the way she said it had me cackling. Every time i think about it i start laughing again. Some people are so damn funny

No. 591929

File: 1595956664903.jpg (123.88 KB, 740x1180, b4bf2f68b3036a95d43265dfb07d7c…)

I wanna dress slutty but I live with my grandparents. It'd be too awkward after living in baggy clothes all of high school. I could wear a big jacket and take it off when I'm out maybe.

No. 591935

Same, anon. Which one did you get? I bought a MiniLab MK2 the other day then promptly realized that my piano skills are garbage.


Also please give the music composition thread some love, fam. Need more discussion.


No. 591940

That's what I do lol, hoodie + loose skirt til I get in the car

No. 591946

I also got the Minilab mk2!! Based anon. Will check the thread out rn

No. 591947

I can't stop thinking about poop lately. I was pooping earlier and all I could think about was like a membrane of poop in your colon and how weird that would be. A poop hymen.

No. 591952

I feel like there’s been so many poop posts recently are they all coming from you? If so can you stop ♥

No. 591955

File: 1595958580996.png (1.3 MB, 767x887, uh.png)

I bleached my bangs here are my thoughts:
1) I feel so cool like a rockstar
2) it's totally yellow and looks unnatural
3) that's ok because I'm going for diy punk girl instead of top model beauty
4) my family is making fun of me
5) I feel like jolyne cujoh and ready to conquer the world
6) I look even more like my mom now which is great because she is so beautiful
7) I hope cute metalhead guys will somehow magically become interested in me (probably not going to happen tho)
8) I might regret it in a few days but I hope not

No. 591956

> can't stop thinking about poop lately
Just girly things

No. 591958

File: 1595958717306.gif (40.78 KB, 275x207, 1592695900290.gif)

I had one other poop post anon, the others are some other creature

No. 591970

If you already feel cool immediately after you'll definitely not regret it! Go conquer the world, get that metalhead bf

No. 591980

Pooping is genuinely one of the joys of my life that has always been there for me

No. 591997

File: 1595962379709.jpeg (23.91 KB, 622x622, EabAxzdXQAI7RDb.jpeg)

Anon, don't go and steal my posts that were reposted on the funny lolcow posts, i won't hesitate to sue

No. 591998

Garcia and Grisman were the ultimate duo. I hate death

No. 592008

I am starting to notice my grandfather has manic bipolar phases where he is extremely up, loud, and overactive and then two days later he is angry and wants to punch babies.

Yeah, my family is crazy.

No. 592009

File: 1595963548256.jpg (229.46 KB, 674x674, 1321799987001.jpg)

New poop anon here. Pooping feels great and it's a sign of good health. Y'all know this to be true. Plus I have digestive issues and taking a nice big poop that comes out smoothly with no undigested food particles is a sign that everything is actually working down there for once.

No. 592010

I know I'm being nit-picky but vague mood swings like that aren't necessarily indicative of bipolar. Still sounds like he's got some issues either way.

No. 592012

It is ok anon. It doesn’t sound as bad when you write it down but like Friday he was snapping at me and getting triggered, and now he is having a running hyper monologue with my mom about Donald Trump and other bullshit and how people are just so great, blah blah blah.

Mental illness runs on his side of the family. It is usually schizophrenia.

No. 592021

File: 1595964480984.gif (466.08 KB, 334x288, F9C5E9E9-E646-4779-B93E-02D867…)

My favorite part of the work day is having my first coffee at the office and pooping cuz damn good coffee makes me poop. I’m the only woman whose in office regularly so 99% of the time i have the toilet entirely to myself kek

No. 592031

File: 1595965124460.png (68.62 KB, 192x224, 6803.png)

Dude I love coffee poops. So fucking refreshing. First thing I get to experience every morning.

No. 592033

I remember seeing a new story about a boss firing an employee for posting that exact gif on Facebook. I think he sued his boss, can't remember the outcome.

No. 592035

thanks so much, I hope that one guy with the mgla shirt notices me

No. 592039

if you block someone on fb, does it wipe your message history? checking if I need to take time to screenshot before doing so.

No. 592040

File: 1595965886654.jpeg (624.88 KB, 851x1192, 68F79E37-85CD-4370-B0AB-23D497…)

I miss this aesthetic so much so I’m not sure if I just want to go back to it myself or want to find someone who’s into it now so I can live vicariously through them and pray they ask me for advice on an outfit someday

No. 592046

goddamn yes, I can't wait for autumn. I'm sick of trying to look cute and forest fairy-like in this humid weather.

Why aren't you in this, anon?

No. 592048

I recently looked at AtelierHeidi's clothing shop, Forest Girl Creations, and she sells mostly clothes with this aesthetic and I want all of them

No. 592059

Some threads on /g/ and /m/ really make me go "the world's beauty is in its variety"

No. 592068

Thinking about commenting on my estranged father's face-book about how he barely knows me, announced that he was abandoning me on my 13th birthday, and only claims the children that he has with his wife just to be petty, but also because I'm still a little mad at him.

No. 592071

Honestly anon maybe it's just me, but I think your boyfriend has a right to be upset. It's possible he was upset with you the entire time but was just hiding it to save face, and just because you were keeping him in the loop and honest with him that it happened doesn't make it right or unreasonable for him to be upset. If my girlfriend/boyfriend played a raunchy game and it ended up with someone doing something sexual to my so, I'd be pretty hurt. And if it were me in your position, I wouldn't have partaken in that game at all.

I really feel for you because I went through something similar, but I don't think you'd get the reaction you'd be hoping for. You'd probably feel really good for a little while and then regret it because it might have made you come across as petty, but only you can make that decision. I hope the best for you!

No. 592075

don't do it anon. The best revenge for you is to distance yourself from him entirely and live your life to its fullest. A piece of shit like that is beneath your attention in every way.

No. 592078

I've been watching a ton of shows about people with debts and loans these days.
Some of them are genuinely sad but others are just so fucking retarded.

Man spends up to 400 bux on his hobby per month. Wife believes that because she became a housewife, she shouldn't handle anything to do with money, so her husband ends up making the budget… so he can overdraft their account then take money out of their savings to buy dumb plastic planes. The man fixes electronics for a living but when his TV broke he took a loan to buy a brand new TV, then threw a tantrum when he was told he should just fix the extra TV and sell it.

Another woman is a stay at home mom with a third child on the way. Husband works all the time. They can't make ends meet… Neither of them ever keeps a budget or even keep track of their spending. They overdraft their bank account every single month, and give checks that are bound to bounce, which only makes their bank take out even more fees from their account. Woman cries every time she has to face their money issues that she is partially responsible for. Man thinks his life is over because he had to cancel his purchase of a motorbike. Over 20k in debt.

I'm amazed how people will live above their means because they seem to think that there's only one way to live. Why do they feel the need to have 2+ kids, have one parent never work and think their financial issues are somehow going to fix themselves?

No. 592079

My bf and I keep finding small coincidences that link us together before we even met. Things like his mom working at my grandparent's business before he was born, our cousins being childhood friends, his family buying a house across the street from my childhood babysitter's house before we met, stuff like that. Even after we first met we kept running into each other in random places. We live in a pretty big city.

This one is extra weird, his grandpa is a small time actor and had a bit in a movie I watched a bunch as a kid. He had maybe like 3 lines in this movie but my brother and I would say one of the lines to each other all the time growing up.

Sometimes it kinda freaks me out ngl lol

No. 592080

I dressed like this for most of my teens and I’m kind of over it. I still have a lot of the pieces but I feel juvenile when I wear them. I’m thinking now that’s just in my head though

No. 592081

Hate to admit it but I'm with you on this one

No. 592093

Honestly it's pretty cool! Even though crosses the line of what we would usually accept as funny coincidence.

No. 592094

I love stuff like this! I tend to think it’s a good sign but it probably is just wishful thinking.

No. 592095

Exactly! I don't believe in destiny but with stuff like this, I do a little bit.

No. 592097

File: 1595972138927.jpg (20.68 KB, 318x118, kekaroonidoody.jpg)

does anybody know where this screenshot came from? did this person ever have a thread here? there is an extremely good chance its someone i used to know in person and i would fucking die laughing if that were the case

No. 592098

it's probably important to add that if this is who i think it is, i am possibly single-handedly responsible for this person's fear that someone is out there "capping" them

No. 592100

File: 1595972471263.png (787.81 KB, 1600x900, 116181962_2713184359008866_865…)

Sarah Z made a video about Dashcon and it made me nostalgic about all the cringe the 2010s tumblr was. No other place online had such a sense of community, even if it was pretty toxic. I miss it though I know I'm too old to ever invest myself into anything like that even if it was possible (though I think nowadays people care too much about clout and personal brands to ever form a community like that anyway)

No. 592102

Tbh it works on me because I have the face/body of a minor but even then I blend it with my normie clothes. I miss the lace and layering, and hiding my neck.

No. 592105

Just saw a vid on insta of a man twisting, pinching and playing with a cats nipples then panning to show the cats grumpy face… hilarious, not at all creepy. I really wanted to see such a thing.

No. 592106

File: 1595972893737.gif (193.07 KB, 480x291, 1395771816242.gif)

>tfw student loans

I was on the fence about kids but reality's been hitting me recently that there's so few pros compared to the never-ending list of cons. At least I know what birth control is.

No. 592107

it's Asherbee, she still has a thread but it's not very active

No. 592112

god that's so fucking weird. the person i knew also went by axel and had the exact same perpetual victim complex and typing style. not the same person though. shame!

No. 592114

I think you could still have a kid or two, just don't be like those women who seem to think they can be stay at home moms, borrow infinite money, buy brand new items they don't need and never restrict their food budget all while having a shit ton of loans/debt…
If you can keep your finances straight it's feasible!

No. 592132

My neighbors are absolute slice and they are bringing in possums and raccoons that eventually decide to live in my backyard bc I grow a lot of fruits and vegetables and bushes. I was sitting at night with my cat when I hear rustling and all of a sudden see a giant raccoon who decided to lock eyes with us while I tried for dear life to hold my cat down who was ready to go ham on it. I can’t fucking relax in my own home now

No. 592133


No. 592142

My stupid brain never wants to wear certain clothing items I own because they're really cute or nice and I always think "it's not a special enough day for them" or "I won't be seen by a lot of people so it's not worth wearing" and I pull that excuse all the time and end up almost never wearing some of my really cute dresses and I'm so frustrated at my own self. Like, just fucking wear them!! Who cares who will see you wearing that shit or not!! Wear the shit you paid money for and let your nice clothes see the light of day!! You bought that shit so YOU could feel nice wearing them!!! As if wearing the same cute dress more than once a month makes it any less cute!!

I'm just wasting my own fucking money by never wearing them.

No. 592147

This is the only male celeb I like atm

No. 592166

Long hair is so fucking vile thing to have, I don't even have the thickest hair yet it was miserable to live with it past my shoulder blades. It does look nice, some people look better with long hair but it is just not wooooooooooooooorth it ugh ew.

No. 592211

"have faith in god. Things will get better soon"

Bro god literally made me ugly, dumb, and gave me social anxiety I'm pretty sure he's trying to kill me without having to use his own two hands.

No. 592212

Define long. Like to your ass long? I prefer short hair but I have hair just past my shoulder blades and it looks really nice. But I have thick curly hair so I hate having to wash or brush it. Straightening it? Forget about it.

No. 592216

File: 1595983735071.gif (1.62 MB, 640x360, 1395983617427.gif)

I look so good with long hair but it was such a pain to care for, especially when I worked. Shedding EVERYWHERE, getting sweaty easily, tangles every few minutes like it was its job… I lopped it off to this length and no regrets. Sometimes I do miss the hairdos, but I feel so much more alive.

No. 592217

I've never been on 4chan before but found myself on /pol/ because I was curious. Read part of two threads, don't need to read anymore. Now I'm wondering how many dudes sit on there all day shitposting about their hatred for everyone else…

No. 592218

I have a weird sensory type phobia around long hair, I had Bob length hair as a kid and once I was old enough I went super short. I only date women with short hair too. Can't explain it.

No. 592223

Used to have long hair for like 2 years and it only got so long (under my tits) because I was too nervous to go to a hairdresser because all the previous ones always fucked up my hair. I looked pretty good with long hair, but most days I had no reason to dress it up or go through the hassle of making it look cute. I finally found a hairdresser that I love and return to every 3 months to keep my hair from getting below shoulder level and I get the bottom inch of the back shaved. Short hair is significantly easier to deal with and looks effortlessly cute all the time. I have pretty fine hair too so short hair works out best for me. My hair is getting past my shoulders and I fucking hate it with my whole being, especially now that it's summer and I'm too much of a pussy to go to a hairdresser in middle of covid (though I really want to give my hairdresser business).

Sometimes I miss long hair but I've been debating getting a decent wig in the future so I can wear that whenever the urge strikes.

No. 592231

Anytime I’ve ever visited 4chan or any of the like, I get nauseously furious about how horrible men are

No. 592239

I have this compulsion to repeat whatever someone’s says, if they say it strangely or in an unusual way. It only happens sometimes, but I have this memory of being in high school and walking behind & overhearing two older girls in front of me, and I unconsciously repeated what one of them had said. They gave me weird looks and away they went. Rightly so, it totally must have sounded like I was mocking them. Maybe it’s just a personal tic of sorts.

No. 592245

>dudes sit on there all day shitposting about their hatred for everyone else
Lolcow has more in common with 4chan than the layout, it seems

No. 592246

I do the same damn thing and it’s made me look like such a bitch before.

No. 592253

this. i would love it if there wasn't so much negative shit attached into being a lesbian but everyone keeps being so annoying about it. there's the tranny dicks, poser chicks, homphobes, thirsty males, couples begging for threesomes and then some gal asks you why are you so insane (we didn't start the fire)

No. 592254

File: 1595988221535.gif (440.89 KB, 148x269, 078662D8-0EA8-43E1-AF0E-1D9851…)

No. 592266

I honestly think tiktok reminds me of it a little but it’s definitely not to the same extent

No. 592305

This makes me so sad. She was so cute back then. She looked like winona ryder a little bit.

No. 592308

the fact that she modified herself to look like a 40 year old blowup doll clone of kim will never not be a tragedy. can girls pls stop following influencer ps trends and injecting their lips to look like swollen anuses

No. 592310

File: 1596001002041.jpg (25.3 KB, 500x501, 31ezdV2.jpg)

>Be young me
>Find fan-comic of a series I like on DeviantArt
>Get interested in comic
>Follows it by a couple of months
>Artist stops posting for a while
>Artist dissapears, without a warning
>Fastforward many years later
>Decide to look if artist has done something
>Artist either made a last post cancelling fan-comic or is just gone

I even remember one time an artist moved accounts because she didn´t like the traction that the comic got, the new account is also dead now tho.

I always wonder where are now all those artists of back then, I hope they keep drawing.

No. 592316

So, I was going through some old fringe Youtube channels I liked and one woman I followed has completely jumped onto the QAnon propaganda train. She has a video up of her “prison walk” around Hyde Park, where she’s having a freak out over placenta masks and other shit taken out of context. Apparently she thinks babies are literally being taken from their parents and cut up to be made into pills…

No. 592319

I feel like there’s been quite a few posters trying hard to get mentioned in the funny posts of lolcow thread recently

No. 592321

I agree which is sad. When the thread was created I thought it was for posts from at least a month back that people screenshotted/remember. People keep posting things that were posted minutes ago and it's like…sis I don't need you to repost what I just finished seeing in another thread.

No. 592324

It really just hit me that we fucking bleed excessively for days from our vaginas and men don't. They just don't. It's so normal for us meanwhile they have no equivalent. Funny thing is I think most of them think it's like a few blood spots on our pad once a day. They have noooo ideaaaa what kind of blood bath is happening 2 ft away from them.

No. 592327

We really got fucked over by biology. Periods are like being mildly to moderately ill for a week, every month for like 1/3 your life.

No. 592338

I always think about how we have extra organs that shed bloody tissue every month, yet men cannot fathmon why that might be uncomfortable or why women just don't have 100% flat stomaches.

No. 592340

lol, I remember some dude once saying "Yeah but guys have spontaneus erections, it's uncomfortable too" as it compares in any way shape or form

No. 592344

You should totally wear them anyway, I wear pretty blouses almost all the time, I threw away all my boring shirts because why would I wear them when I have this pretty stuff around? Maybe you could do that too or at least put away all your boring clothes in the depths of some closet you don't use for a while. It's really fun to be able to dress up whenever you go anywhere, I don't care if I'm going to the grocery store I'm putting on my pretty dress. And also I get adoring comments from girls sometimes which just makes my day even better. 1000% recommend

No. 592345

I hate this bitch so much. She's actually vile and insufferable to listen to. I can't believe she has a job it's not even worth having her on any talk show or team for the "drama" and the viewership it brings. I don't watch the view but this hoe keeps showing up on my socials.

No. 592366

how do i see every single post i made on lolcow from my computer?
i lied a couple of times, made up stories etc. when i first joined lolcow. i kinda wanna take them back.

No. 592376

You can't. If you mean 'take them back' as in delete them, if they've been there for a while you won't be able to do that either.
Don't worry about it though, even if your posts are still going to be buried in the catalog/old threads for a while, the nice thing about anonymity is that nobody will connect them to you.

No. 592396

I always hate this so much. If you talk about the pain of childbirth so many guys will respond that it hurts to get kicked in the nuts. It hurts to get kicked in the vagina too, how is that in any way comparable?!
The amount of times having a cripplingly painful period has ruined an opportunity for me is so common that I can't even remember specific events

No. 592403

I have vented a ton on here just as a place to word vomit my issues and I really genuinely appreciate everyone who has ever taken the time to respond with anything positive. It takes a lot to respond to a random person on the internet with kindness or advice, knowing you won't get anything in return considering the anonymity on this site, so to see it happen pretty regularly to me and other anons makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside and also makes me think not everyone here is an autist after all.

No. 592417

My cat doesn't give a shit about me anymore and I don't know why. She used to be obsessed with me and used to sleep on me or above my head every night and now she literally couldn't care less. Feeling betrayed , I called her a bitch just now and I'm not ashamed of it.

No. 592418

File: 1596022458385.png (546.33 KB, 543x643, 5655f168e1a24b6.png)

I love sphynx cats so much! They're so cute with their big ol ears and little grumpy face. I recently got a little pin of a sphynx from shein. I'll probably wont get one just because I know they take way more maintenance than non-hairless cats, so sadly I have to admire them from afar. I hope I can meet one one day tho.

Shame on you anon.

No. 592422

Try singing the text I'm the real Hammurabi but to the tune of I'm blue dabadidabadabi, it's really good (help it's been stuck in my head the whole day)
I love them too and everyone says ew they look like a rat, so what about it, every cat looks like that without its hair

No. 592438

I wish I could use the friend finder thread but I’ve never used discord before and I don’t really get how it works.

No. 592440

Same! But whenever I hear discord, it's always because some drama happening in some channel or grooming going on and I don't really wanna be a part of that noise. I honestly thought it was for gamers at first.

No. 592446

in the end it's just an app, what happens on separate channels depends on the channels and is no different than forums or so. You don't even have to download the app to try it out, it's available in a browser, so go ahead and give it a shot.

No. 592455

same, I actually have a discord and redownloaded it to use to chat with some gals there, but I just keep forgetting to use it. I wish I could just text but internet stranger danger and all, I really hate using chat apps, they're not intuitive for me to check at all even with notifs on.

No. 592469

The lack of privacy is already a good reason to not use it.

No. 592535

I have a sneaking suspicion one of my friends secretly uses this site simply by the fact I can almost always peg them by the memes they use. I kinda want to ask but I rather leave it a mystery. If I'm right then bitch you can't escape the bbc we're in this shit until menopause

No. 592538

it is for gamers, it's just that other people use it too. You can choose for yourself what kind of servers you go into. If you just want to use it to dm with lolcow users, you can totally do that and never even touch a server and stay out of any drama completely.

it's very user-friendly and easy to "get". Why not just create an account?

No. 592571

File: 1596044383863.jpg (31.21 KB, 640x492, 49syjp.jpg)

I just find it kinda amusing how the anons who tear cows to shreds and nitpick them to death on the cow-related boards are probably the same anons who comfort, cheer up, and give sisterly advice to other anons on the more general boards. Lord knows I've done that

No. 592572

I'm about to get my period and fuck I'm hungry and horny 24/7 and it's killing me lol

No. 592574

Not to mention the same ones who nitpick as the same as us sad bitches on here who are addicts, BPD-chans, ana-chans, NEEts and self-conscious as fuck lmao.

No. 592576

I don't really nitpick over looks, but I do let anons know when they're displaying cow behavior.

No. 592577

It seems so fake. I know these people wouldn't have a problem nitpicking me.

No. 592579

Something I often think about is how many of these anons would be okay if other people nitpicked them the way they nitpick cows?
I'm not really self conscious about my looks, but I do have some features I'm insecure about, and when I see cows being made fun of for the same features as me, it does make me way more self conscious

No. 592582

They probably have been nitpicked the way cows have been nitpicked if they're women and exist around males…

No. 592587

Lady gaga is kind of a little bitch for straight up just trying to copy rihanna's success in the makeup industry. She literally ordered her packaging off of ali express for slave prices and filled them with the most neutral and basic ass colors.

No. 592588

It comes back to cows being cows because they display their behavior so publicly. I don't nitpick looks, but their actions? Oof, deserved, at least for the cows I follow. I will say that when I post an IG story and immediately delete it, I'm so happy that no one is around to screenshot it, kek.

No. 592589

when you look at the "cow yourself" thread, i think most of them already get shit irl.
benzo-chans and ana-chans know they shouldn't do what they do so they take their anger out on cows. same for all insecurities and things that personally get our goat.

No. 592601

My brother likes to watch the kissing booth, lol what a faggot

No. 592603

More like if they’re women who exist around women. I feel like in schools girls were way more likely to do that. Random men don’t really nitpick women’s appearance unless you’re talking about incels online which it seems like is a lot of the women here’s only exposure to men.

No. 592611

i agree. i think nitpicing is more of a woman and gay man thing. especially when it comes to makeup and fashion.

No. 592620

I always wanted to be smart and intelligent and I was super bitter that my sis scored high on the iq test and I didn't. But then it hits me that it doesn't matter at all. I can just be my dumbest me and be happy as I don't have a career or so where it's maybe necessary to be smart but what do I know

No. 592623

File: 1596049961583.jpg (52.1 KB, 568x436, bootymeat.jpg)

i fucking can't with fashion nova models and their laughably fake asses

No. 592626

The whole skinny girl/big ass thing is beyond laughable at this point, when will it pass already?

No. 592627

Would anyone be interested in a zero waste/sustainability thread?

No. 592635

I'm so done with fast fashion btw. It's fucking crap. Fuck fashion nova and their ilk

No. 592636

seriously, it just looks so fucking ridiculous and unattractive. these bitches look like they're wearing diapers and just took a fat dump in their pants

i'm all for big asses, but build that shit the natural way along with a ~*~thicc~*~ set of thighs. you just look dumpy and disproportional otherwise

No. 592638

Me. Idk if I could contribute tho

No. 592641

God, yes please. I was trying to look for this in the catalogs the other day

No. 592661

Why don’t they just embrace the tiny ass life? People with regular buttcheeks can layer a lot, wear dresses that are not skin tight, paper bag pants/shorts/skirts and everything cozy, they will look cute and quite hot as well. Also anything thigh high will look cool/cute/hot and not stumpy and awkward.

Having a huge ass isn’t that wonderful.

No. 592664

>Why don’t they just embrace the tiny ass life?

that, or just start weight training if you really want a bigger ass. spending a ton of money on a fake ass is a level of lazy i will never understand. butt pads are less offensive, but they just look fucking goofy and i laugh every time i see someone who looks like this in the wild.

No. 592681

this is the SIXTEENTH shit porn video this RETARD has sent me today

No. 592692


No. 592695

please elaborate i'm already laughing

No. 592700

I genuinely love it when anons just proudly announce something completely wrong (generally about psychology) as if it should be obvious kek. Gives me a hearty chuckle

No. 592702

can you be more specific? i agree with you but at the same time i acknowledge that psychology is such a soft science that i think it's genuinely difficult to be objectively right/wrong a lot of the time

No. 592706

what shows are these? i love watching train wrecks

No. 592715

If you're referring to that recent post in the mental illnesses you can't stand thread saying how HPD isn't in the DSM anymore, that was me and I am a dumbass. I think there was talk of removing it and it just never happened. Not sure how I ended up so misinformed on that but I am ashamed lmao

No. 592727

I'd give anything to burrow my face into a soft tummy rn. One day I'll figure out why I'm so crazy about chubby guys but for now, I'll just embrace it.

No. 592730

>Why do they feel the need to have 2+ kids, have one parent never work and think their financial issues are somehow going to fix themselves?
One time while browsing /adv/ I saw some guy who was completely emotionally stunted by his dad talking about how he didn't like his life and thought that lovelessly having kids would, and I shit you not, cure his depression and fix his life problems. I think the best reply in that whole thread was "yeah, and how well did that work out for your dad?".

The nuclear family lifestyle is not for everyone even though it was shilled to boomers really hard, to the point that they think it's still good advice for millenials and zoomers even though dual income families and self-supporting childless women are becoming more of a thing.

No. 592733

KEK anon honestly I didn't see that! I would have to go find specific examples but I guess saying "completely wrong" is unfair. I just see some armchairs that just have no basis in reality and I love reading them

No. 592763

File: 1596063677060.jpg (133.5 KB, 250x250, IMG_9378.JPG)

I feel like I need to be grateful for having a white boyfriend just because he's white (since I'm south East Asian) I know it's fairly dumb to feel this way, but how common is this?

No. 592771

lol I feel the opposite, like he should be grateful to have an asian girlfriend. We pass white boy/asian girl couples all the time in our neighborhood and I find it funny that he gets hyper aware of them.

Is this feeling because of future babies?

No. 592781

Might be cultural specific, because I don't feel like that as a white girl with a white bf.

No. 592787

You mean it seems like you're dating up in terms of class?

No. 592795

Any man should be grateful for you.

No. 592797

I get the same thing anon but it’s kind of a subconscious thing. I was bullied pretty bad and ostracised by the white kids when I was younger and generally just race stuff makes you think like that even if you don’t want to. It’s definitely not uncommon but it is an unhealthy way to think about things.

No. 592798

File: 1596067316174.jpeg (230.19 KB, 1109x1486, 3EB4EF70-A773-4F92-984B-308F35…)

Is this a new pua thing guys are doing? Pretending they have got other girls lined up?

I don’t get why you’d match with someone and message them just tell them you’ve got someone else. This isn’t the first time this has happened.

No. 592800

File: 1596067456695.png (13.38 KB, 174x163, CB3906BB-D945-496D-8D06-B393CB…)


No. 592802

File: 1596067499664.png (16.24 KB, 226x176, unknown (1).png)

Hello. How are you? I'm vegetable.

No. 592804

File: 1596067584129.jpeg (55.55 KB, 540x540, 47CE6232-0C3E-4E46-A48F-49DA2D…)

hello anon how you doin

No. 592806

File: 1596067738120.jpg (8.83 KB, 201x182, 01.jpg)

How dare you talk to MY vegetable?

No. 592812

File: 1596068458233.png (60.64 KB, 1016x586, D5E36BAA-5489-469F-BEBE-CBBD49…)

No. 592815

I only ever dated guys from different races before and tbh I really liked the special treatment being white awarded me with the guys and their families. I know that’s fucked to enjoy, but I dated trashy guys so I guess I valued it because it was one of the few ways I was made to feel special.

No. 592819

File: 1596069686546.jpeg (117.62 KB, 564x637, A4FB8495-B73D-4632-9F68-2FC99A…)

hello anon

No. 592827

>Hates that everyone thinks I'm either miserable or angry all the time because of my resting bitch face
> Realizes it's due to having straight eyebrows and go down at the ends
> Orders an eyebrow lamination kit from amazon and laminates my brows to make them stick up straight instead of down
> does wonders
> looks in the mirror
> realizes that I still look like a miserable and angry bitch, just one with really nice eyebrows

No. 592828

lol what. Every white girl any of my ethnic male friends brought home was secretly shit on by their whole family. Sometimes not even secretly.

No. 592830

I ordered food online and just spent 10 minutes looking up pictures of the dish and fantasizing about eating it lol. It's almost here!

No. 592831

There is more than one ethnic group anon, some really like white girls for their uwu white skin or whatever but mine shits on them because they’re ‘degenerate whores!!!’. Guys in my ethic group see white girls as sex objects and us as virgin waifu material which is retarded but we all know men be retarded.

No. 592832

Idk if anyone’s going to have any idea what I’m talking about but I feel like with women subconsciously people use the terms young and beautiful as if they’re interchangeable. Like with beautiful female celebrities who are over 40, I feel like you always see people constantly say they look so young for their age but most of the time they really don’t look younger than their age, they just look beautiful but it’s like people can’t fathom someone being older and being pretty so they say that.

No. 592833

Maybe they liked white trash then. Ime their families would fawn over a white girl who has things going for her, unless they’re jealous.

No. 592837

What did you get, anon? I'm currently barring myself from takeout and I need to live through you

No. 592839

People expect women to turn into old hags the moment they hit 30 so if they don't, they get praised for looking young. It even starts in your late 20s, like if a 28 year old gets told she looks 22, I'm just like ?? wtf is the difference between a 22 and 28 year old meant to look like? She looks young because she IS young, not because she has beaten the clock and retained early 20s youthfulness.

No. 592843

File: 1596073458100.jpg (54.33 KB, 720x960, giusy-ferreri-2015.jpg)

It's because older = wrinkly and saggy to men (because they're dumb and shit at telling how old someone is), and also because women are insecure about aging (because men think and say these things out loud, ergo for the same reason).

Older women look so regal and beautiful, especially since for many of them their bone structure really starts to show as they age. Women of some Mediterranean ethnicities get unfairly called "ugly", "manly" and "hairy" a lot online because they look comparably more plain in their teens, but as they get older they just keep getting more gorgeous even though they look obviously older.

No. 592846

Seeing joji put together and taking part in a regular conversation and not in a FF video or interview actually makes him … really endearing to me. I hate myself.

No. 592848

Finnish food is the most bleak, disgusting food on the planet, and tastes as gross as it looks. Mexican food is supreme.

No. 592856

I agree on the first one, though Mexican food is good but it doesn't come close to Indian food.

No. 592864

nta but wow that woman is hot.

>Mexican food is supreme.

No. 592869

People say that I need to talk more but when I do talk I feel like I've said too much even though I think about what I'm going to say/not say beforehand.

No. 592870

why are there so many neopets anons, is it the same one?

No. 592874

File: 1596076793768.png (337.32 KB, 640x344, Ootori.png)

I like them

No. 592892

File: 1596078211220.jpeg (135.95 KB, 1242x523, 5D472587-816F-4EED-A0EF-6F536C…)

Oh, hi anon.

No. 592914

File: 1596081239658.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 326.88 KB, 828x860, 12116E3B-1718-4514-86B3-F6984B…)

I was scrolling through tags for my city and I discovered that we have a few characters living in our midst….

No. 592933

whenever guys i don't want to date keep pestering me i start telling them in great detail all about how i want to fuck someone else who is not them topkek.

No. 592982

Wow that shyyt juicy

No. 593004

File: 1596091005989.gif (290.68 KB, 320x320, 1e43af9ddcab6c2e022b8562404483…)

i'm so in love i can't focus on anything AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

No. 593007

File: 1596091088157.jpeg (80.55 KB, 719x349, 7401F689-C6C7-4153-9ACB-FAE54D…)

Anons this post is sending me

No. 593008

I guess it might be funny in hindsight but I'd rather the meta thread not devolve to two anons bickering.

No. 593010

Phat papi ass

No. 593011

i cannot even parse what they are fighting about to begin with lmao

No. 593013

Sometimes I fantasize about starting my own religion.

No. 593015

I've attempted to do this while drunk.

No. 593017

Does the alcohol give you prophet power or just more ideas?

No. 593021

who remembers wastetimechasingcars. Idk where this bitch went but I just went back to his channel and he deleted almost all of his videos. My middle school ass was in love with him… If he stuck around he could've been a huge youtuber at this point. He already was. Dumb ass. RIP in peace I guess

No. 593066

Streaming Eric Nam's new album, but the song "Paradise" he just released the mv for is not that great to me. Maybe it'll grow on me but so far I only like 3 songs out of 5. I'm not a big kpop person but discovered Eric thanks to spotify and think his background is interesting, and I love his personality. He's Korean-American but had to go to Korea just to break into the music scene since Asians becoming popstars in the US is rare (well I can't think of any "big" Asian pop artists who got started here). Also he's 31!

No. 593067

Wild how we literally never asked to be born yet we are by default forced to survive which in this society means going to school for 22 years, working, socializing with people you don't want to, and trying not to off yourself throughout all of it. It would be so much easier to just not exist!!!

No. 593104

Today I finally decided to go full tomboy.
I couldn’t care more about being feminine, I love feminine girls but I can’t keep up with being so myself. Too much effort, too much money for me isn’t worth it. I wasted so much money on skin products but I haven’t had my face as clear as when I decided to quit all this bullshit, and I couldn’t find my to-go eyeliner at the store which made me realize I didn’t care enough to try and look elsewhere. I hate shopping and the woman section just doesn’t appeal to me, half of my closet is from the male department or gifted dresses I never use.
I’ll just keep my hair growing until I get tired of them and cut them shorter.

No. 593132

Idk but this guy sounds super yucky and immature, like how mentally weak do you have to be to say "I can't help cheating on you if I still have my Tinder account open" like what the actual fuck?

No. 593133


Just finished reading an essay by John Lewis written shortly before his death, set to be published on the day of his funeral. It makes me angry, sad, and… hopeful? idk I’m a emotional mess lol

No. 593134

File: 1596112125795.jpg (806.1 KB, 2358x2948, IMG_9676.JPG)

I dislike how women's beauty has been dictated by male sexuality. classiness and style have been substituted with pornography and 'thicc'

No. 593137

I feel the exact same way, but at the same time it feels like men are destroying themselves now more than ever. Everytime I visit 4chinz there's always at least 1 thread about masturbation addiction or "how to i commit sudoku?".

Coomers are cancer.

No. 593138

Anon, who do you think was dictating what was beautiful back then?

No. 593151

Womens beauty standards are just all round shitty imo. Like let me remove every hair on my body but then I'll go out, buy and then glue fake hairs to my lashes because that's the good hair!

It has always been about hiding/minimising certain features and exaggerating others, whether you're doing it with make up or ass implants. It's just varying levels of BS.

No. 593152

I'd rather have female sexuality celebrated - even thought it's not free of it's own problems- than repressed and paired with glorification of purity and modesty.

No. 593188

Assholes are always so entertaining in their contradictions. I avoid and no longer acknowledge the existence of my next door neighbors now as I am over the shit they have put my family through, and for some reason this upsets them lmfao. Even though they have spent the past 15+ years apparently wishing we would move out of the house my family has owned for nearly 50, info we found out through old neighbors who told us the nasty shit they would say about us to them. I mean, I don’t get why I would want to be friends with people whose kids used to give me the finger just because I opened the shutters to the window that happens to overlook the side of their house, or the dad actually sneaking onto our property when we had it gutted a few years ago, getting caught in the process by my grandfather, and then getting angry at him because of it. And that’s only half of the retarded and racist shit they’ve done over the years. I thought I was doing them a favor but now they are really triggered? Lmao make it make sense.

No. 593208

Im afraid to loose weight cuz my tits will get smaller. Ive successfully gone from a B to almost a D in a few years span…Even though losing weight my health will be vastly improved but my stupid ass seem to never like the idea of my tits gone small.

No. 593212

Male sexuality is such a meme. I get so much joy out of laughing at what retarded scrotes get off to.

No. 593225

I hate how a lot of them have no shame around the weird shit they get off to. I feel like even ten years ago (I'm an oldfag) men would hide their weird kinks from their gfs. Now I have friends asking whether or not they should 'just go along' with the bizarre fetishes their new bfs have told them about. We've gone from being saved from having to even hear about their depraved tastes to now being nudged into going along with any old shit they can think of.

No. 593240

I’ve been very nostalgic for my childhood and teenage years lately but one thing I really miss is the way it felt to have a crush on someone.
I work outdoor markets and last week there was a new vendor at our market, an older couple and their teenage grandson. The grandson obviously took a shine to me, he kept coming up to ask me stuff or say some random shit to make me laugh. The way he was acting didn’t at all ‘woo’ me (considering I’m in my 20’s and this is a teenager) but it reminded me of the feelings that I held in my youth, and I know if I was still a teenager I would’ve probably been smitten by this kid.
By college I no longer experienced crushes and if I liked someone i never felt the degree of passion or longing for that person as I did in high school. I suppose it’s not necessarily a bad thing that I no longer feel those things, considering it leaves more energy to put towards myself or other things, but damn I miss the butterflies.

No. 593243

I need a dick report on Blake Anderson

No. 593248

Anon are you me?? My thirst for him is literally immeasurable, he’s literally my only celebrity crush and it’s BAD.

No. 593250

I’m gonna have to have one as well thank you

No. 593251

now i'm curious, is there a site that rates and estimates the size of celebridongs?

No. 593273

I hate it when racist fucks scream about eugenics and shit but tell me why the fuck can I almost always guess if someone is even remotely from my country. I think it's muricans who keep up this "all white people are the same" when in a positive way you can tell at least some times where about someone might be but that shit makes me feel somehow racist lmao

No. 593279

File: 1596129344398.jpeg (284.69 KB, 1271x1907, 5F3F240C-AE28-4259-8D20-049510…)

I want to make a thirst thread of women athletes because they butter my croissant but decide against it every time because it’ll probably attract scrotes and their 1000 pics of zoomed in asses sigh

No. 593282

File: 1596129573792.jpg (19.87 KB, 370x370, sonicsad.jpg)

i'm SO BAD at saving money. i feel like ppl my age (24) either have a lot of money saved/invested (crypto or stocks) or they are living from pay check to pay check and have tons of debt. i'm somewhere in the middle i think. i barely have money saved up, but i only have student debt (which is pretty chill in my country tbh).

i graduate next spring with a masters degree and know i'll get a job that will allow me to save at least $1k a month while living comfortably. because of this, i feel like i can spend the last year as a student living my life and not focus on saving a lot of money. if i were to try to save a lot atm, it would mean that i'd have to live less comfortably. why do that to myself as i won't even be able to save up much, especially compared to how much i will be able to save after i have graduated?

i think i'm going to try to save a little bit, just to get used to saving money and build up an emergency fund, but i really want to buy a switch and animal crossing and cute clothes……. why deprive myself of those things? anons, are you good at saving money? or do you yolo every pay check you get?

No. 593288

i'm good at saving money because i dropped out of college when i couldn't afford it

No. 593297

I'm neither, not in debt but not investing in retard stocks either.

Also I really don't like ppl like you that think everyone knows exactly what they want to do right out of the gate at 18 and will never ever need to change majors for any reason lol. I'm 25 and most of the people I'm in class with are 32+ trying to get a better job, I'm actually one of the younger people.

Congrats on your masters tho.

No. 593299

kek how tf did u come to that conclusion? the majority of my fellow students are 30+, many are 50 and changing careers.

thank u for the congratulations.

No. 593301

i like trolling

No. 593305

What average 24-year old has tons of stocks or crypto? Do you hang around some nouveau riche tech guys or something? Most people under 30 have maybe $5,000 in savings or so what the hell

No. 593308

I currently live in an apartment with two (furry) pets and I don't think I'm anywhere near moving into a home, but whenever I do, I'll be getting my final pet which is a snake. I daydream of it often, and I already love the little noodle.

No. 593310

listening to news about exclusive deals for tiktok creators with platforms and i wonder if social media entertainers will eventually unionize and be employees of these companies.

No. 593311

No. 593317

there was talk about it from a workers union in germany, because youtube has a shit system for ads and stuff and they wanted to make it more transparent. but theres no recent news aout it afaik

No. 593321

File: 1596133177587.jpg (45.07 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Same anon…
They're very good workout inspiration too!

tfw her pose reminds me of pic related

No. 593323

I was thinking the same line as >>593305 bc the only way you're gonna have a lot of stocks/investments at 24 is if someone told you about that shit earlier on in life, particularly business majors. Most 20 y/os these days are pretty dysfunctional adults whose parents really didn't teach them anything about handling bills, taxes, loans, checks, etc.

No. 593335

I found my cow cousin’s socials. Shit hasn’t changed - she’s still a spoilt grifter with blue hair and 10 million unnecessary pets at 31. I was hoping she would grow up but she is still stuck on being a teenager. Why lol.

No. 593338

saaaame sis

No. 593351

File: 1596136356414.png (32.5 KB, 246x236, 8a2hjvtfml0cg00kwsskc04o4.png)

Could y'all imagine… if we had a rule declaring that any poster who accuses another poster of being a "fatty" had to post their height, weight, and BMI and include a timestamped image of them standing on the scale? I feel like threads would start get derailed over weight discussion way less often.

No. 593365

Did someone call you a fatty, hon

No. 593370

Not me, but seeing threads get derailed every so often solely for the accusations (today it was the Shayna thread) planted the idea in my mind.

No. 593376

It was a rhetorical question fatty

No. 593385

ok fatty

No. 593391

File: 1596141066831.jpeg (100.6 KB, 500x500, 6C606F33-E261-49DE-812B-D79036…)

No. 593399

Us anachans literally want these opportunities to flex, you wouldn’t understand

No. 593400

File: 1596141992783.jpg (45.79 KB, 640x480, 1568853516633.jpg)

You say flex but all i hear is bones rattling

No. 593402

File: 1596142404945.png (184.14 KB, 326x319, Im so desensitized through ty …)

Anon I-
My sides

No. 593404

File: 1596142478104.jpeg (122.27 KB, 657x800, BB4921D0-7C02-4921-95F1-5D9755…)

I took a chance and read a webtoon and just spent the past 6ish hours reading it from beginning to end, and it was a yaoi. One of those gay comics. I think I’ve completed my brain rotting journey. I was never one to read this kind of thing before. It’s completely slush and sludge up there. And now I’m gonna read some more…

No. 593405

File: 1596142480309.jpeg (49.66 KB, 840x496, DA8BF911-880A-4B14-8F45-60DAF7…)

Kek it’s true

No. 593407

File: 1596142528353.jpeg (129.27 KB, 1019x1100, 45CA60F6-E8A0-487C-BAD7-99805E…)

This whole exchange got me rattling

No. 593414

that pic brought me straight back to 2015 tumblr

No. 593420

I keep drawing gay porn (from vids/photos) as warm ups before I do work and no one will ever see it but these are honestly pretty good

No. 593426

i wish i could draw good gay porn so i could make money and get a good following

No. 593430

You'll get there, anon! I wish I had the energy to maintain my social medias, I have a decent following on both my art twitter and instagram but I detest social media so much that I deleted all of my personal accounts years ago and barely even check my art accounts now, it's just so tiring for some reason. Also twitter in particular is full of really annoying people, or at least people who talk really annoyingly.

No. 593439

Every time I watch this movie and they come on screen I have a sperg out about how cute they are

No. 593443

Don't be shy anon, give us the title

No. 593456

Ahhhh I wish I knew how to correct people without feeling like a dick. My (half-Mexican) co-worker keeps referring to May has Hispanic Heritage Month, and at first I didn't think much about it. But then I remembered that I'm 99% sure it's actually in October, not May. I mentioned this to her and she insisted it was May, and our other co-workers agreed with her. But I googled it and I was right, it's from September 15th to October 15th. May is actually Asian-Pacific Heritage Month…I wanted to show them the results and be like "see! I know what I'm talking about, you guys are incorrect" but I just dropped it cause I hate coming across as confrontational and it seemed rude to correct them.

What baffles me is how did they all come to this wrong conclusion? I tried find any reference to Hispanic Heritage/History Month being in May to see if I was missing something and found nothing. Do they just know something I don't? Are they living in some weird alternate universe where that's the correct month? None of this matters but I feel like I'm going crazy lol

No. 593463

Lol what the fuck, these people probably believe Cinco de Mayo is Mexico's independence day. That's probably why they thought that.

Were your other coworkers Mexican too or just the half Mexican?

No. 593466

Fucking same. Always wanted to draw out the horny situations of my fave fanfics tbh
I'd love to do it for money, but it takes a shitton of effort.Especially to deal with the possible drama.

No. 593467

I feel like this person I've had no interaction with at all knows that I like them and dislikes me. I don't even know why I have a crush, I've never been close enough to actually see their face. I don't even know if it's even considered a crush but I do realize that my eyes follow them when they pass by.

No. 593471

It's trippy to see how there's lip shape trends, I guess there's always been like in the 20s and shit like that but that was painted on. Now bitches out here talking about cherry lips and kappa lips, the hell.

No. 593474

Holy shit anon I didn't even make the connection to Cinco de Mayo! You're totally right, they probably somehow got confused and started associating May with hispanic heritage…which seems even more offensive than just simply getting the month wrong kek

The other co-workers were white–I think that's why they automatically agreed with the half Mexican because they assumed she would be an expert in her own culture. Tbh that's partly why I was so hesitate to correct her since I figured she had more authority on the subject than me. For someone she says she proud of her heritage I'm so surprised she made such a ridiculous mistake!

No. 593478

I’m most likely not gonna do this but I’m tempted to go Disneyworld myself for a few days while it’s deserted because of Covid. And then isolate myself for two weeks once I get back. Probably not gonna do it because it’s selfish and I need to save money but still.

No. 593480

ding a ding a ding a ding a ding a

No. 593485

I love you so fucking much for this post, it's incredible. Cannot describe.

No. 593488

Isn’t it actually pretty full of people?? Not like pre-covid level crowds but I saw lots of pics floating from soon after reopening and there were still lots of people from the looks of it…

No. 593510

File: 1596157251214.jpeg (196.87 KB, 1400x700, ECE01B70-A185-41D0-9E63-7C32DD…)

Just rewatched Monsters University & it made me so happy, such a good film and prequel. I love when animation has actual laugh out loud moments, & the story ties up so nicely!

No. 593515

after watching this, i wish i had a female bff who i was so tight with we'd have a podcast together.

No. 593531

File: 1596159575505.png (147.72 KB, 165x319, 1.PNG)

>be me
>had a bisexual friend in high school, we messed around a few times
>last i heard of her she was "straight", had a bf, they were going steady
>get curious
>search her name on google (in quotes for precision)
>first result is a mugshot from july 2019
>second and third result are obituary pages for her bf who died a few months prior

No. 593543

My right boob hurts and I hope that the left one starts to hurt too in case I get uneven breast growth

But in any case I am well past puberty and my boobs stopped growing when I was 16. Rip bewb growth

No. 593584

File: 1596165033362.jpeg (64.87 KB, 400x400, GUEST_93bfb451-4d55-49b2-83c8-…)

These are hands down the best chips ever.

No. 593589

Who will do the wuthering heights dance in a field with me?

No. 593603

Now I remember why I hated trying to date. Trying to figure out if they like me or just want to fuck the "weird girl".

No. 593609

Consider they genuinely like you for being the weird girl instead of just wanting to fuck you

No. 593621


No. 593622

This is so accurate and not up for debate.

No. 593623

It scares me that I could wake up tomorrow and decide I want a dick and just… get one. Even scarier that people can just get vaginas like it's a new accessory. Do they even look realistic and act realistic in comparison to real vaginas?

No. 593624

Did you mean to reply to >>593603

No. 593626

Take it to asherahsgarden or the mtf thread or something

No. 593633

no i want to be the one to dance to wuthering heights in a field with anon lmao

i forgot pickme is a thing now

No. 593637

File: 1596168661733.jpeg (74.92 KB, 512x249, D3A34338-1E14-4946-986A-89D14B…)

lmao anon I thought you were calling me a pickme I was like wut?? Anyway you are welcome to dance in the field with me

No. 593640

omg no, no kate bush fan could ever be remotely capable of being a pickme. i'll bring the fog machine <3

No. 593642

No. 593643

I always wondered why there isn't a selfie thread here. It just seems like it would be an inevitable thing but I know most farmers here are ugly hypocritical roaches but what if some are drop dead gorgeous and just a terrible person inside?

I'm just curious what farmers look like.

No. 593646

Really? You thought a selfie thread would be inevitable, here? Like, on an anonymous image board where the whole point of existing is to be able to talk shit anonymously?

Also, I miss the Phoebe Tickner threads. Hope she makes a comeback someday.

No. 593647

File: 1596169839185.jpeg (108.08 KB, 786x960, D1702052-5DD3-48E3-B2A3-D6863C…)

I want to fuck Lil Pump so bad

No. 593648

im so glad women with an undercut is not as popular any more. it was so fuckin ugly

sometimes someone will come on and drop their selfie or post a pic of an old boyfriend or something and its so embarrassing.

No. 593650

File: 1596169981611.jpg (35.63 KB, 397x399, tumblr_oggffsEjJJ1vho0g2o1_400…)

the selfies would be immediately be used as cow material in themselves

No. 593653

kek, farmers avoid posting their art, i doubt they'd post selfies unless they're old or vendetta

No. 593664

He looks like he's got a lil pump

No. 593670

File: 1596172870688.jpeg (30.46 KB, 317x267, ECBE3CB9-651C-4F84-8FF8-7500F1…)

kek anon

No. 593677

People on here are so fucking retarded that if we had a selfie thread people would take photos of random girls on instagram and try to pass it off as them for anonymous clout.

No. 593680

I like that we’re all that level of pathetic and retarded makes me feel better about myself.

No. 593687

File: 1596174329061.jpg (222.99 KB, 776x540, catti2.jpg)

the best posts thread is seething with meta sperg energy. i fucking love this site

No. 593688

My neighbours made the mistake of partying on a Thursday night because they're welfare junkies. I have a concert-grade bass amp and a penchant for avant-garde 60s jazz. They never stood a chance! I MOVE OUT TOMORROW! FUCK YEAH
I am at 1/10 volume and it's shaking the floor so badly that both of my cats went into the bedroom. At 4/10 volume you can hear my music note-for-damn-note down the street and at 6/10 you can hear it at the end of the street in a car. His google home-esque speaker can't even be heard in his own home, I guarantee it. I feel good.

No. 593691

Why would we ever have a selfie thread even hypothetically, farmers would never entertain that faggot ass normalfag shit

No. 593696

because someone literally right before anon's post asked why there wasn't a selfie thread? kek

No. 593697

File: 1596175211738.jpg (26.01 KB, 370x604, hide.jpg)

would any of u kiss a farmer

No. 593701

All attention whore newfags who need to get the fuck off my board reeeeEEe

No. 593705

On god the Waifu generator thread is literally just the WaifuLabs autist himself and like one other scrote

No. 593716

I don't think anyone sane would want their face associated with this website. I do remember that recurring stripper anon with the deadbeat boyfriend, though, so maybe newfags and people who discovered this place from the more cancerous threads would go for it.
I can also imagine someone starting a selfie thread and posting the face of some girl they hate, just to "expose" her to their normie/IRL friends as a frequent user on an evil cyberbullying website.
They could even attribute a bunch of fucked up or incendiary posts to that person and convince people it was them. Easy character assassination.

No. 593717

why do you think so?

No. 593718

I fuck with this anon. Leftfield jazz on big sound systems for life

No. 593722

God Bless You and Yours

No. 593723

I have to hold myself back from posting pictures of my cats everywhere including here lol no offense but your cats aren’t as cute as mine
Also my adhd medication is hitting really good today, I think I’ll have a good day

No. 593729

IDK if you realized this but posting a picture doesn't automatically link you to any other posts on here. you'd post a pic of yourself and then no one would ever know who you were in any other thread ever again unless you added some oddly specific details about yourself/face

No. 593733

farmhands and admin can see everything tho

No. 593735

File: 1596178570890.jpg (72.73 KB, 540x960, dontbeshy.jpg)

NTA, but why not just make the thread, then, anon? Don't forget to post your face first, too.

No. 593748


A webtoon on Lezhin called Sign. It’s about a guy turned on by the voice of his deaf boss, and his deaf boss who gets horny every time the guy does sign language… When I took a shower in the morning I looked up at the bright sun and smiled thinking about the main couple being happy together. And then later I read Painter of the Night on the same website. That shit was even worse. Don’t read it if your mental state is something you hold dear. There’s no fluff anywhere whatsoever. It’s so fucking volatile, and not to mention just flat out ridiculous, but I’m still waiting for the next chapter.

No. 593750

Hopefully someone can relate to this and it doesn't sound cocky, but I just realized that I am two completely different people online vs in real life in terms of likeableness. I literally have 1 friend in real life because I'm extremely insecure and socially awkward, yet online I always end up being the , and I hate to use the word but I don't know of an alternative one to use, popular one within a group. Every online game I'm played in I end up being the ringleader because people I guess like my humor, "confidence", and personality. Even on forums and imageboards, even on anonymous ones like these, I always get quite a lot of positive responses. On reddit (yes, I use it for some reason) my posts will gain 1000-4000 upvotes, and I rarely post and never comment on other posts.

It's fucking weird. No one likes me in real life and It's my own fault because I literally never let my personality show.

No. 593752

File: 1596182848628.png (1.3 MB, 1280x720, 1588220441884.png)

Welcome to the special ed table, anon. Pic related is me.
For kiss practice, maybe. And I'd only send nudes for second opinions on plastic surgery and assessing my bodytype and what clothes would look good on me.

No. 593762

nta but he has been posting it everywhere to try to get people to buy his shitty merch.

No. 593764

I have bought so many pretty things thanks to all of these designer sales happening. If there's been one silver lining throughout all of this, it's been the sales.

No. 593769

this picture made me ugly laugh at 4am I hate it

No. 593772

I know there are exceptions but if you really think about it, really pretty girls end up with successful men , either ugly or handsome. They have kids and those kids are not only born into wealth, they have a higher chance of being good looking, and a higher chance of having good genes as far as natural intelligence. If they aren't naturally intelligent, they have the resources to either get smart or stay dumb but stable.

Like what. I was born ugly, dumb, poor, and socially awkward (due to being poor now that I think about it) and you mean to tell me people are going to compare me and my accomplishments to Jessica ?! Jessica would have hung herself if she lived even a day of my childhood but ok, we started the race of life at the same time so we are pinned against each other.

No. 593774

I forgot to add that I went to a rich private school on a scholarship (for being poor kek, not smart) and I was surrounded by really pretty rich kids and always wondered why they were so much better in every way. Then I went to their houses and it clicked. So I kind of have a inherit hatred for rich people , especially ones with bad attitudes/superiority complex's. I'm working on it though.

No. 593776

No need to work on it, rich people are the worst.

No. 593778

Tbh I feel like as if rich people are really petty ones. Because the ones that I've seen (part of my family) are recklessly rude (they would brag about doing such shady things as installing their own camera in someone else's kitchen/ etc, thats the thing about this certain person that creeps me out the most) and his wife is a complete Karen who plays fakenice in front of people while still throwing snakey eyes at everyone, and always making sure she doesn't want anyone to be there, yet complains to her husband only behind the scenes.

No. 593796

I work with kids. Just found out someone I work with was caught having sexual relations with one of the 16 year old girls, and that's why he stopped showing up for the last 3 months before covid closed our place down…

This shit is sick.

No. 593797

It's so disgusting how commonplace it is. Did you ever talk to that man? Did he seem unhinged or just regular ol'?

No. 593810

It’s not really about money though, sometimes people are just dumb or useless no matter what kind of upbringing they had. And yeah, the fact that you never hung yourself but Jessica would, is basically natural selection, not everyone is strong enough to survive a shitty childhood, if everyone was rich, social, mentally strong or smart, life would be just an utopian paradise, and even then, people would still kill themselves.
The thing is, that money does help sometimes, but it doesn’t really do all of the work, sometimes the pretty rich people are just dumb as fuck and will throw everything away, specially their dignity.

No. 593812

Stay seething. I have never met an unsupportive, rude rich person while poor people nearly always turned out to be abusive pricks or/and had inferiority complexes with a healthy dose of a crab mentality.

No. 593821

This. Back when I was working in customer service the rudest and most obnoxious customers were always middle-aged lower income people. In my experience the actually well off people are mostly well-behaved and don't have to get their daily fix of feeling superior from bullying some wage slaving college student. The impolite, rich bastards that are up their ass are always those who aren't actually rich but like to act like they are by piling up the debt to keep their facade up.

No. 593832

I've met plenty that fit this description, racist too. I'm a poor immigrant in a rich Northern European country and the richest ones really like to dunk on us despite many of them being petty gold diggers with barely any education and their only achievement being "I bagged an engineer/architect/doctor". Even the educated ones can't point out where they went on holiday on a map.
And it really hurts them when you tell them this because they think they're better than everyone just because they have more money.

It rubs off on their offspring as well, I've had a few boyfriends from rich families who held similar views and insulted my parents to their face when I took them to see my home, all of them were absolute deadbeats who only survived thanks to their parents' money too.

But I'm sure your sugar daddy is not like those other fat cats, since you're caping for them so hard :)

No. 593841

I think the issue here is that you’re an immigrant with barely any remarkable qualities, just another person that everyone will assume is trying to profit off social services and such.
Discrimination against immigrants is something that happens everywhere, if you could stop being so bitter and tried to do something about your inferiority complex, things would be less shitty for you.

No. 593847

How did you even get all this from that post kek

No. 593848

I speak 5 languages including the local one that I've studied for 5 years, have 2 Master's degrees and am well employed with a good salary, at the very least I'm significantly more remarkable than most of the people who look down on me.
But whatever makes you sleep at night.

No. 593860

Then why are you so bitter about whether they’re rich or not? Shouldn’t you be showing them you’re better?

No. 593899

…Who said I'm bitter about whether they're rich or not? I literally said rich people can be and are often awful in my experience because you claimed otherwise.
I care because it is wrong and unlike you, I have compassion and think poor people don't deserve to be treated like they are now.

No. 593901

File: 1596204068291.jpg (133.12 KB, 690x500, Shutup.jpg)

I've been playing animal crossing and I'm sick of Isabelle's useless morning announcements - I just wanna start the game, not skip through dialogue about some boring shit. I don't care what tv show you were watching. How about only having announcements when there's something important?


No. 593909

You came off super bitter. (Ntayrt)

No. 593923

It's called being sick of being treated like shit for being South Asian. Perfectly normal to feel this way, nothing "bitter" about it.

No. 593924

File: 1596206995107.jpg (9.69 KB, 448x336, mk6kylTadz1s7oinco1.jpg)

i just wish everyone could be nice to each other

No. 593928

It’s as if rich people are less bitter and angry because of their easy mode lives
filled with oversea vacations. Their politeness means fuck all to me when everyone else is fighting over crumbs all around them. They don’t give a fuck about you, bootlickers.

No. 593936

File: 1596208904212.jpg (88.34 KB, 1024x1024, ECKewZEUIAEwDKu.jpg)

Someone has seen Parasite.

No. 593938

Always kek at people who whine about how poor they are - while on the internet…

No. 593940

Poor people treat each other like trash tbqh, there's an extremely amount of sexual and physical abuse and theft within poor communities.

No. 593941

Its genuinely not that hard to climb the ladder to at least lower middle class, most poor people stay poor because of other issues they have, be it social, mental or a family dragging them down.

Before anyone says shit, my grandparents are poor, like genuinely, and they have said they don’t want a different life because they are comfortable with the way they live, my grandma has said “oh this rich people stuff is not for me, i could never” about going to a slightly more modern supermarket instead of the bumfuck gross one they go to.

No. 593943

God i'm watching stationary hauls and i want it ALL

No. 593944

Someone please give me the motivation to finish the books I've started and start with the ones I got from the library. I was so excited but now I'm just not feeling it.

No. 593945

You can do it anon! Just think about all the cool stuff you’re missing out, the plots, the twists, the character development and drama. I’m sure those book must be pretty interesting, what are they about?

No. 593950

File: 1596211002479.jpeg (425.42 KB, 1500x1500, 30E18BA8-1AC0-4234-BDC4-DDD95A…)

God i love stationary and office supplies so much. I low-key hoard these and really like gifting friends things from my carefully selected pile too. Yesterday I gave a friend a pencil board/shitaijiki for smooth writing. I had to stop myself from giving her more stuff… but she really liked the shitajiki so thats good…

No. 593978

If your taste in office supplies is evidenced at all by the pic you posted, I wish I was your friend so we could trade!!! I love vintage style stationery- muted reds blues and yellow with brown, crochet lace and clovers. Food themed things like the Rilakkuma egg series. Ahh! I have to keep myself from buying too much because I tend to go crazy when a collection that really speaks to me is released

No. 593981

then don't read them until you feel like reading again

No. 594021

Retarded men on seeking arrangement be like "I want to be more than an ATM, if you want money than look away" like boy do you know where you are lmaooooo

No. 594047

i love my snakes. get a ball python

No. 594055

is SA worth it nowadays?

No. 594081

Thank you anon, I’m gonna read a page or two this evening as a goal. It’s some books about the basics of economics and fair trading etc. Really interesting in theory

No. 594238

All 30 min are tattooed into my brain

No. 594257

kek same anon
jaba, jababadu. jubjhishbaba.

No. 594279

I'm so hot now…like unarguably attractive. I was so ugly all throughout elementary and high school and now I've grown into my face, can afford dressing the way I want, and I'm good at makeup. Too bad my crippling insecurity from being ugly and shy for years is still embeded within my personality. People approach me because of my appearance and then are like woah this girl a hot mess and not in an exciting or good way.


No. 594283

No. 594288

Whenever I start to get upset/mad about something in my life I just have to think that I could literally die tomorrow and none of that would matter. One day I will die and that embarrassing thing I did will not matter. Nothing fucking matters. But not in the negative way, like in the positive way- I have my entire life to do what I want and it’s nobody’s business so I shouldn’t care what people think. Who gives a shit if some 13 year old is better than me at something, at least I’m trying and I’m having fun doing said thing. I’m not in competition with anyone. I’ll just try my best, for myself, to live a healthy and fulfilling happy life.

No. 594289

Are you a bad person if you think really bad things but don't act out on them? I can't go on instagram anymore because I'm so fucking judgmental. On holidays when everyone is posting photos of themselves, I literally can't stop my brain from thinking "They're fat, they take bad photos, their outfit is ugly. The photo I posted is better" I HATE IT. I hate it so much. But I'm not an outwardly mean person. I don't talk about people , I have a strong need to make sure everyone in the room feels included/payed attention to. I don't know where the disconnect is and why I have it.

No. 594290

It really is, I wish I could fully understand economics, it’s really useful.

No. 594297

not at all. people who say they "dont judge" are liars because our brains are constantly thinking automatic thoughts (judgments for example). naturally, people will always judge when we see something or another person even if its positive. i have struggled with this a lot of my life too but overtime i came to thsi conclusion and realized that the people around me thought the same but some people usually wouldnt want to admit/show it

No. 594317

Ive recently been watching sellling sunset and i don’t know why but i am totally invested and i cant wait for season 3. None of my IRL’s watch it and the music choice is absolute horrendous but its so addicting to watch and see all the architecture and fancy restaurants where they eat.

No. 594324

I was fine…. literally 5 minutes ago…and now I'm feeling suicidal? I just need my brain to commit.

No. 594327

should i buy a wig ladies? is it worth it? i barely go outside right now but im bored with my hair

No. 594332

File: 1596253254435.jpg (64.68 KB, 736x1420, a174c5e65e3e27f07e6547d0ac095a…)

I keep seeing clothes on illustrations I wish I could buy.

Look at this fabulous bitch, never mind the weapon. High waisted leggings pants with a notched capri style and that tasteful little stripe. I want it. Not whatever crap Google's pathetic search algorithm thinks will appease me. Let me 3d print apparel. Now.

No. 594336

think about your grandma. Think about what she used to probably do at your age. Now think, when you're her age, old and grey, you're going to be an old lady that used to play mmorpgs and go on image boards, when old ladies today were tap dancing and baking pies. Blows my mind…

No. 594348

I hate today, it's Eid a holy day in islam, here we celebrate Ibrahams attempted sacrifice of his own son cause his God told him to(which is super fucked up) but the thing that makes the Islamic tradition worse is that we comerate abraham/Ibrahim being a psychotic prick by sacrificing a goat and Cow in place

The streets are litteed with cow carcass for days and are often slaughtered in the open, the city smells horrible and blood and shit gets everywhere

No. 594350

Holy shit that sounds literally terrifying. I'm sorry anon

No. 594355

this giant particle of food was trapped at the back of my throat and i have been trying to dislodge it all day. finally did and it still feels like it's in there. ugh

No. 594356

File: 1596259481027.jpg (584.44 KB, 1079x1223, 1596149057277.jpg)

Cigarette butts

No. 594360

I'm losing weight because I'm always sleeping and I can't be bothered to eat or cook and have zero appetite and my body is like the one thing I like yet it's becoming skinnier and less feminine by the day.

No. 594378

An incel I used to be friends with slightly makes me feel bad about my sexuality.

I am a virgin and I've never had a boyfriend. I do masturbate frequently and usually think about men I like. I don't feel ashamed of my sexuality and I was on good terms with myself, I knew I had nothing to be ashamed of

But this incel I used to know was some pornsick cross dresser who has made porn videos of himself and has seen a hooker. He was considering seeing a tranny hooker too.

This same guy suddenly became a Christ sperg and keeps talking about how he wants a "pure" girl. He's on Nofap because he can't get off without tranny porn. Now he's trying to guilt me and girls in our circle for having any sexual urges at all and says it's "primitive".

I know this is all so retarded but he used to be my friend so I feel a tad bit bad when I'm horny now because it makes me think "am I really doing something wrong or being shallow". I want to get over this retarded thought

No. 594380

This is retarded and idk what you want people to say other than ‘grow up’

No. 594381

I just want friends that I can invite over and make elaborate cheese boards for and paint with and make homemade pizza with and watch shitty horror movies with and then end the night playing mario party. Sad.

No. 594397

this truly belongs in this thread, what a fucking dumbass thing to complain about.

No. 594398

I'm reading through all this and I'm wondering why you're friends with him at all? Sounds like a freak.

No. 594401

It's dumb that anon is clearly depressed/going through something and losing weight when they don't want to?

Ok fatty

No. 594405

I met him when I was dumber and barely had any friends. It took me a while to realize he's fucked in the head

No. 594408

>clearly depressed
fucking lol

for clarification, I don't think this belongs here because it's dumb she regrets losing weight, which you seem to believe going by your fatty comment, I think it belongs here because the solution is easier than complaining and feeling like shit about it. It's literally as easy as standing up and eating something. She can even opt for cheap, easy fast food calories if she doesn't want to cook. What a truly dumb thing to complain about.

No. 594409

File: 1596277993965.jpeg (75.3 KB, 352x500, 3A027DAB-C9E7-4B3B-A33B-1A6C1C…)

I read a comic that’s really great to understanding the absolute basics. It’s called economix and goes through a history of how we got to where we are today. It focuses on the us a lot but it’s still interesting. If you’re not put off by the medium I highly suggest it

No. 594410

You realize that's equivalent to telling someone who binge eats because they're depressed to just stop eating. Usually eating when you don't have an appetite results in feeling physically sick..

No. 594411

> Just eat

Gee I wonder why they didn't come up with that solution on their own.

No. 594412

Same anon

No. 594413

It is, I hate this stupid Arab supremacist POS religion

No. 594414

Can you go away. This is the second thread you've spoken about islam being an "arab-supremacist religion" literally no one cares. Ex muslims and athiests on here are like predictable broken records.

No. 594415

You realize you're mad at me for agreeing with op that what she posted belongs here?

No. 594418

Haha I thought it was.

No. 594426

I just woke up from a dream where my friend platonicly ate my ass and it felt so real and amazing and I wish I could have that right now.

No. 594432

Oh God yes. Sex dreams like this are literally the best because you can just fucking feel it.

No. 594433

Nobody has enough common sense to clean up their mess? I'm relatively lucky, I don't live in a muslim countries and whenever I had to see my extended family abroad in a muslim country during ramadan/eid (because it was during holidays in my own country) I never had to see any of this.

No. 594434

It definitely is a relic of the pre-Islamic culture, the Jews weren't known for sacrificing animals at the time but Sacrifice of a animals as a form of worship was common in the near east at the time

No. 594439

Why does everyone want to get their ass eaten? I‘m not grossed out or anything, I just don‘t get the appeal.

No. 594440

Because it feels good. Next question.

No. 594442

Try it some time if you get the chance anon. I wouldn't be having sex dreams about it that left me yearning if it didn't feel good as fuck.

No. 594450

Nta but what's wrong with venting. Religion is a huge influence on someone's life and can cause major problems if your wants don't align with those of literally everyone around you.

No. 594454

I was watching this show on Netflix yesterday and in the second episode the camera lingers on the full frontal nude corpse of the underage victim and I feel like I need to complain to the manager or something

No. 594457

what show? was it love death and robots?

No. 594459

I experienced something like that years ago when I went to Pakistan during Eid. I remember seeing water-y blood leaking out of a neighbors door and a cow's decapitated head near the rubbish heap near my house that the whole community put their rubbish in. I honestly wasn't phased by it tbh

No. 594460

he's trying to make you feel bad because you are a real virgin girl which is something he never will be or never could be

No. 594461

File: 1596291218979.jpg (603.81 KB, 1093x2048, 1800s.jpg)

After looking at the lolcow humor thread, I was wondering what theme do anons here use? I exclusively used Girltalk 2

No. 594470

Nta, but in what episode of LDR would that have happened? It's been a while since I watched it

No. 594471

Controversial but on pc and pc only I use Wasabi, maybe because the colors are fucked on it tho cause it's unbearable on phone

No. 594473

I just took 600mg anti-convulsants, an anti-acid, a proton-pump inhibitor, two T3s, 25mg amitriptyline, a gravol and a regular ibuprofin. I feel so gross I hope this all helps because my liver should recognize when it's her turn to carry some of the fucking load. I wish I could torture the sick parts of me ONLY because I would torture them to literal death

No. 594475

I haven't watched LDR but I've heard that in one episode a corpse is sexualised, and I was wondering if it the show anon was talking about was LDR

No. 594483

Every now and then I daydream about having a rich husband and being a stay-at-home mom. Mostly because of the current shitty circumstances and my low career prospects. I wouldn't say being a mom is always easy, but if the husband pays for everything and you get to stay your ass at home then that would be the life for me. In reality I don't want to get pregnant anytime soon until I am financially ready and feel secure with my partner. "Influencers" like Acacia Brinley piss me off because both her and her husband don't have real jobs yet she's loaded and is going to have 3 kids under 22 years old. (or she's 21, idk).

No. 594484

there's a pro- trump/police rally going on in my city and the turnout is so pathetically low that it's funny. ~the silent majority~

No. 594491

File: 1596296115481.jpg (32.63 KB, 474x346, 20200727_002903.jpg)

I will never forgive white people for Andrew Hussie. My fiance wants to name our new kitten Vriska so now I have to live with this little ass head named after that shitty webcomic. Why does everything from my teen years come back to haunt me.

No. 594493

It scares me how much ghislaine maxwell and winona ryder look alike

No. 594499

I don't feel like saying which show in case any lurking scrotes immediately tune in to get their rocks off but it's not LDR, it's a live action show

No. 594501

Im confused are you non-white and your fiance is white ? But you hate white people

No. 594504

NTA, but Jesus Christ anon, are you actually autistic? She's clearly not serious about hating white people

No. 594514

I love dreams that have the part where I look in a mirror. I’d always see myself as some straight up demonic gremlin (like with cat eyes and spiky teeth and shit) but my thoughts would be like Damn I’m cute. Then I’d feel bad waking up cuz I’ll never be as cute as I feel in my dreams.

No. 594516

Actually he's asian but yes I do.

No. 594517

im sorry but you have to leave your fiance

No. 594530

get another cat and name her terezi and when they fight be like "it's a scratch!" haha i'm so sorry.

No. 594534

i hope one day you can become your dream self anon

No. 594537

just found out a friend of mine hardcore stans azealia banks. I didn't realize anyone unironically liked her and I'm having a really hard time not judging him tbh

No. 594543

He's a man of taste and culture, anon.

No. 594544

kek I can't believe I'm shopping for chest binders. I'm not a troon, I just for some reason dislike anything feminine about me. I'm getting my hair cut short and I just want to be as androgynous as possible. I can't even eat because I want to be as thin as possible without any curves. Why do I hate my body this much? idk

No. 594546

Part of the reason I posted that is because I wanted to know why people like her. Why do you?

No. 594548

NTAYT but i like her music and the mental illness is a cherry on top

No. 594555

I like her music, and think her internet shitposts aren't as big a deal as people make them out to be. She pulls no punches and spares absolutely no person or group when she's on a rant, but at the same time, she doesn't hold grudges or wish true evil on people. I think taking her "beefs" and insults at face value is a complete mistake. Even she doesn't take it all seriously, she basically just does what we're all doing on Lolcow (and what all celebrities do), but on main. Plus, she's legitimately funny at times.
It's also dumb IMO how men can be actual shitty people - domestic abusers, pedophiles, drug dealers, rapists, etc and still thrive (and even go on to occupy political seats of power), while all a woman has to do is be mean on the internet and it's over for her.

No. 594557

Not trying to sound catty here but to me it sounds like you might need therapy or some other type of professional help, not chest binders. It's not normal to feel such a disconnect from your natural body.

No. 594565

I hate the word 'shit-eating grin'. Makes no fucking sense.

No. 594572

Gotcha. I've never been a big fan of her music and her rants just come across as typical grade-school tier bullying to me. They're not really all that creative or interesting imo, but to each their own.

>It's also dumb IMO how men can be actual shitty people - domestic abusers, pedophiles, drug dealers, rapists, etc and still thrive (and even go on to occupy political seats of power), while all a woman has to do is be mean on the internet and it's over for her.

Agree with you here.

No. 594581

I think it’s like a dog reference or something, gross

No. 594588

Say "Whiska" instead of Vriska when you talk to the kitten, so then later when your fiance outgrows his hamsteak autism you can tell your friends your cat's name is Whisker.

Also why the fuck do people still like Homestuck? Especially after the Scamstarter drama.

No. 594592

Why am I so unnecessary loud when I don't want to and incredibly quiet when there is sth to be said?

No. 594601

Does anyone own a Jeep Wrangler or know someone who does? I have always wanted one since I was little and my dad who helped me with getting my car (not a Jeep) wouldn’t let me get one because he said they were dangerous ? Thoughts ?

No. 594613

I always find it weird how east and southeast asians are so quick to change their names to white names. I don't get the whole "it's difficult to pronounce" thing. People from the Middle east and other regions have difficult ass names as well but i don't see them call themselves the most basic white names? And i also find it interesting how they literally take most stereotypical names from the country they're in. Like "laura" in germany or "svetlana" in russia. Pls don't take this as racebait, it's just something i've been noticing cause i don't see this with other immigrants.

No. 594615

My dad had a similar car and tipped it onto it's side when we were driving on a icy road when I was a kid. Those kind of narrow, tall, short cars roll over really easily, especially at highway speeds, they weren't made for driving on the highway.

The older ones from your childhood probably didn't have a lot of safety luxuries like airbags either since it's a barebones kind of outdoor car. So if it would have been your only car he wanted something that's safer to crash in everyday traffic, not something that can climb rocky hills and turn neatly between trees.

No. 594617

She makes good music and is far from the worst celebrity out there, it could have been worse. Imagine if he were a Chris Brown or R Kelly fan.

No. 594624

my bf is reading one of my short stories and I am dreading hearing what he thinks because I'm pretty sure it sucks. just fucking kill me

No. 594630

I have a '97 Jeep Cherokee and it's a steel box, I'd be more worried about getting in a wreck with one than in one. It was statistically shown that the other driver was more likely to be injured or die.

No. 594657

I woke up at 5:00am today cause I thought a bug had crawled into my fucking ear canal and it was making the worst sound possible. Like an awful scratching, rustling noise. My house currently has an infestation and I heard the exact same noise before when a bug actually got in my ears. I poured oil and water into my ear but idk if I even really had a anything up there or if it was just my ear acting weird. Sleeping with tissue in my ears from now on though.

Urggh I can't wait to move out.

No. 594658

File: 1596314880763.png (2.9 MB, 1462x2048, Screenshot_20200801-134652.png)

y'all really be out here photoshopping a bitch's shadow smfh

No. 594667

Just woke up now, it worked beautifully. Highly recommended for people who just pulled an all-nighter moving who have bodies made out of spare, broken pieces. God Bless Drugs

No. 594671

When you're eating watermelon and it falls on its side on the dirty plate

No. 594679

this woman's life is unreal
I know it's a vlog so it's idealized, but still lol. Watching her videos makes me wanna pack up and move to Sweden.

No. 594680

Do you mind sharing why you have all those drugs on hand? Not judging, maybe mildly jealous at best. That's cool it worked out

No. 594685

They're all legitimate prescriptions, I have them for a combination of mastocytosis and ehler's danlos but I come from a background of medicine, especially within the family, so bullying a doctor around for some meds I looked up online holds weight to her kek. As long as you sound super confident and always dress like it's an interview, doctors are pretty easy to bend. (Not opioids, though. Or addictive sleeping pills) They love when someone does their work for them imo, and have no issue with prescribing something for a secondary use if you can present it that way too.

No. 594690

Thanks for the answer. I like folks like you. Very pragmatic.

No. 594692

sometimes i look in the mirror and feel like i’m not that big but then i look at my clothing size and sigh

No. 594698

update: he loved it, just said my grammar sucks in some parts. I have imposter syndrome

No. 594711

I know that feel anon, it sucks.

No. 594720

>mast cell
>dr boolie

please give me your sickstagram. i like a good munchie

No. 594726

Would you guys say that most of your intelligence is due to upbringing or just natural brain power?

No. 594740

I don't think intelligence has much to do with genetics, unless we're talking about literal chromosomal disorders that involve a low IQ. People who have come from literal trailer trash have gone on to get PhDs and become experts in their field. I think that anyone can be intelligent, it just involves being aware of any faults you have that make you less likely to engage in activities that help you constantly grow and develop your perspectives, beliefs, etc. I think a lot of people sort of plateau in this area, unfortunately. A lot of "dumb" people just stopped trying at a certain point. The younger that happened, the more retarded they act and sound.

For me, my main issue is that I'm just fucking lazy and impatient. I don't always take the time to really make sure I know what I'm talking about. I can seem intelligent because I know the basics on a lot of niche topics, but if you really press me, eventually it becomes clear that I'm not an expert on almost anything lmao. Increasing my intelligence in this regard involves me actually taking the time to research whatever topic I'm talking about as opposed to just impulsively saying shit.

No. 594749

>They love when someone does their work for them imo

NTA but I've had the exact opposite experience with my doctors. They seem annoyed with me if I make it clear that I've done my own research and actually encourage me not to do that and just follow their recommendations without question. I'm pretty fearful and distrustful of do doctors in general though, so I may not come across as confident in what I'm talking about. I also have bottom of the barrel insurance and it doesn't seem like the physicians and specialists under this plan have much respect for their patients, period.

No. 594754

My parents changed their names to basic white people names because they wanted to become fully American. Also to avoid racism. I think other folks don't because they dgaf or their names have religious attachments.

Also, rant on the ungodly amount of mispronunciations by other people.. their East Asian names are phonetically spelled out, so it's super easy to pronounce if white people just tried. Slight-doxing myself, let's say my surname is Joi.. 9/10 school teachers and white people do an Ethnic Pause and pronounce it Jo. Where the fuck did the 'I' go? I was always told to "sound it out" when I was in primary school but as I grew older I realized that almost no adult does this anyway.

No. 594769

It is pretty interesting, I had a friend in highschool add a -son to their Cantonese last name because of that exact reason.

No. 594776

>People who have come from literal trailer trash have gone on to get PhDs and become experts in their field.

No. 594791

I was about to say this literally proves that intelligence is influenced by genetics. I work in education and you won’t believe how many kids have learning disabilities that even hours of tutoring won’t make disappear. I also know kids who are smart but lazy and uninspired and don’t come from families that promote education or care enough to make their kids work hard.

No. 594810

Both of the examples you gave can be traced to environment though? The latter is more obvious, but learning disabilities can also be symptomatic of a traumatic home environment. Constantly being on edge and living in survival mode isn't remotely conducive to learning and memorization.

Either way, common learning disabilities like dyslexia and ADHD are by no means indicative of low intelligence.

No. 594813

Finally just deleted twitter because I'm tired of hot takes from both liberals and conservatives.

No. 594814

Congrats on your good judgement!

No. 594834

Those aren’t the only two learning disabilities that exist … and some people come from perfectly loving families and still have math or reading comprehension disabilities

No. 594860

smart move

No. 594866

Imagine being tall and being able to eat extra calories? That's the dream

No. 594871

I just realized the guy that I’m fucking doesn’t like missionary not because I’m ugly like I originally thought but because I have a big Butt and he can’t see it during missionary. I also could just be ugly too either way I hate it here.

No. 594875

I can't be with a guy who is hung up on one position/body part. Dealt with a guy who obsessed with my big titties and I eventually just felt gross.

No. 594877

Im getting that vibe now too he’s like obsessed with my ass it’s weird and you pointing out how gross that guy obsessing over your titties was is putting things into perspective for me. Thank you anon!

No. 594881

File: 1596335380860.png (22.12 KB, 610x503, images (5).png)

I don't know which thread I am supposed to post this so I guess I'll try this one lol

Does anyone have the full Bunpo app? Like a crack or something? I can't afford it rn. Pic related.

No. 594882

anyone got cute and sweet songs to send to your s/o. i know it's sappy lol

No. 594893

I got a playlist for this shit

No. 594896

No. 594898

No. 594904

No. 594919

finna spam you anon

No. 594923

No. 594924

No. 594926

i wish i could see my own post history here. sadly the only way to do that is to become a cow and get outed for selfposting KEK.
i've been here since like 2013/2014, it would be very interesting to see how my takes have changed over the years lol

No. 594927

No. 594929

one of my all time fave love songs of recent years

No. 594931

not a rock girl but this song GIRL

No. 594933

i lied im lowkey a rock girl lol

No. 594935

okay last one before admins ban me for being annoying. Im high key jealous of anyone who hears this song for the first time. it gives me chills. im mad i recently found out about anita baker and her beautiful music and voice.

No. 594940

im a liar this the official last song from me

No. 594944

Last one from me, I'm a sucker for qt songs

No. 594945

Why was commercials for anti-depressants a thing growing up… like who thought that was a good thing. Honestly why are there commercials for any medication? If you feel symptoms go to a doctor and get suggested a medication. Don't "ask your doctor about _____". I know the answer as to why they exist, but still. No wonder no one takes mental health seriously.

No. 594947

um girl the 1975 are definitely not rock

No. 594949

Oh shit Meekakitty! Good for her, this was pretty chill.

No. 594951

Yeah! She really grew her vocal skills, I didn't think she'd make good music when she first started.

No. 594958

vid related

No. 594960

There's not in my country. Replace pharmaceuticals with gambling and you've got Australia kek.

No. 594961

File: 1596348899048.png (35.89 KB, 570x310, kek.png)

im on this weird mixture of thinking this is funny as shit and also a little maddening, i have lost an hour seeing all the black ppl telling latam folks are racist, and all the latams telling gringos are annoying i honestly think quarantine is making us get more prissy about dumb shit.

No. 594963

Why are American blacks like this, I have seen them try to claim Egyptians, North African, middle eastern, Indian and even pre-columbian American history

When they do have interest in African history it's always related to Ethiopia or Egypt, like west Africa has a great and epic history why not focus on that

No. 594967

Not to be that person who shits on people doing what they want with their time and money, but travelers like this really piss me off. You're in New York and you're going to the same 3 places and restaurants that are not even exclusive to NY to begin with?? Why are you going to starbucks and whole foods….multiple times…when you have both back home? When I travel I make extensive lists of places I want to go to because I want to get my money's worth and actually experience a new place.

No. 594972

File: 1596351326540.jpeg (29.05 KB, 640x305, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

i predict that due to my newfound oldfound love of the occult, my ex is going to go through a good christian boi phase.

No. 594977

I want to post a photo I took to instagram but I'm depressed as shit and I know that once the instant gratification of receiving likes and comments goes away, I'll go back to feeling depressed again and probably even more so. On top of that people equate posting on social media to being happy and in the mood in to socialize and I can't have people trying to talk to me rn…

No. 594978

now I’m curious, how is it “suppose” to be spelled/said?

No. 594979

cheelay. duh!

No. 594987

Not Shure where else to put this. I just heard about it.

>the Bechdel–Wallace test is a measure of the representation of women in fiction. It asks whether a work features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man. The requirement that the two women must be named is sometimes added.

>About half of all films meet these criteria, according to user-edited databases and the media industry press. Passing or failing the test is not necessarily indicative of how well women are represented in any specific work. Rather, the test is used as an indicator for the active presence of women in the entire field of film and other fiction, and to call attention to gender inequality in fiction. Media industry studies indicate that films that pass the test perform better financially than those that do not.


No. 595001

you sound like a pulltard complaining about kenna's audacity to eat hamburgers in japan

No. 595002

Trailer trash didn't come to America from trailer trash island, they're not their own genetic or ethnic group lol. I think you'd have to take a blood sample from them first and compare them to rich people who they are closest to.

No. 595003

File: 1596358102176.jpg (35.91 KB, 300x394, IMG_20190628_192225.jpg)

What is a good horror podcast to listen to while drawing?

No. 595008

that example and what anon is talking about isn't even remotely similar. Kenna was living there for a year and trying hamburgers made in Japan. Starbucks and whole foods are literally everywhere. Why would you go multiple times on a short trip, especially in the food capital of the world?

No. 595014

Welcome to Night Vale, Alice Isn't Dead, Knifepoint Horror with the emphasis on the first one if by some miracle you haven't tried it yet.

No. 595016

still the exact same holier-than-thou attitude tho

No. 595017

no.. It's really not. They posted it in the dumbass shit thread for a reason.

No. 595020

lol well I don't agree

No. 595023

I wish this girl I knew in high school had a blog or twitter where she vents. I heard she made her wedding small and private, meanwhile the sister she had a weird inferiority/sister complex about got engaged, posted about it on facebook, and got tons of congratulations from their relatives with some of them praising her for being the first one to get engaged.

She and her husband live in one small room in her parents house while her sister has her own apartment

No. 595026

this is a really dumb thing to get angry about but i hate how emo/goth fashion got popular again. not because i don't like it. i've been dressing like that for around 7 years. but now whenever i meet new people they tell me i look like an e-girl or assume i'm just following a trend and i hate it. hope the hipster fashion comes back again so i'll go back to liking an outdated style.

No. 595032

Thank you Anon! I was asking because I finished listening to Night Vale and wondered if there was something similar!

No. 595033

i have no dog in this fight seeing as how i dont REALLY care but they arent trying to claim a country with this. A lot of shit that stan twitter (or honestly most people raised on the internet) says they got from the way black americans speak IRL and on twitter. We've always had a unique way of talking. Like any other culture but because of slavery black americans (please dont say blacks it makes me cringe) had to adopt our own way of speaking due to survival/being stripped of our mother languages. Its just kinda off putting now because since black people kinda rule twitter and set trends with the way we speak people have latched on to the phrases we say. Its always been that way since before the internet but now since we are more globalized it happens at a rapid rate. Not that there is anything wrong with that per say. but black people are upset because little kids and non black people who dont know any better are claiming that its just "internet speak" when its more nuanced than that. By just calling it "internet speak" it erases the unique shared history a lot of black americans had growing up. I know to most its stupid but it just feels like we cant have anything without it being watered down and repurposed and everyone else reaping the benefits but us and then them discarding it once it no longer serves them (on fleek comes to mind). (i know said i dont care but i guess i do with this long ass post lol)Like another example would be "deadass" this originates in nyc by black new yorkers who have their own unique way of talking like an example would be "yo,its deadass mad brick outside" meaning "its cold as fuck!". Now everyone uses it. I as a black new yorker have been saying deadass since at least 10 years ago. white, latino etc new yorkers say it too if they grew up around black people but its so weird to hear a dude from idaho say it and use it weirdly. Anyway let me get off my soap box before someone is like "its just words get over it"but to a lot of black americans its our culture and history and we are watching it be erased in real time. Shit is unnerving as fuck.
its basically "child" but minus the d a lot of us heard our black aunties, moms, grandmas etc say this constantly so its like keeping the cute way they speak passed down through generations like they have.

No. 595034

Then DEFINITELY Alice Isn't Dead will work for you. Also, I've seen a lot of people who like WTNV enjoy The Magnus Archives, I haven't tried it yet but apparently it takes some inspiration from SCP Foundation, which also is a top tier horror. I've only read the SCP wiki but there are podcast versions of SCP wiki entries, you could give it a try too because some of these are really really good.

No. 595039

isabelle was never good or cute

No. 595040

File: 1596366644117.png (61.76 KB, 1176x602, twitterretardation.png)

ntayrt, but this is how the internet and trends work. imo this is like japanese (and japanese american?) people being mad that parts of their language is ~appropriated~ on this site. i know that gatekeeping is good and important sometimes, but this is such a first world problem. like boohoo, someone makes some of your expressions trendy and "water them down". i get that it's annoying, but i've seen some twitter users act extremely entitled about it. i honestly don't see how mass adaption = erasure. don't get me wrong though, i understand that language is important and a big part of ones identity, but the way some popular black twitter users go about it makes it really hard for me to feel sympathetic.

you are fully entitled to be upset about tweens on twitter claiming it's stan culture/stan language. but forbidding everyone from saying it, like some twitter users are, is cringe. pic attached is an example of this. if you grew up speaking a certain way you should be able to continue doing so as an adult, tf lol.

No. 595042

I’m not American, but our language has gotten a lot of slang word from Arabic, Slovakian and other languages which are so common that it is now considered part of the native language and grammatically correct to use in more academic texts. This whole “chile” thing is just a form of more slang and borrowed words becoming part of the mainstream vocabulary, though it’s def disrespectful to claim twitter stans invented it. There’s a word in English which is directly stolen from my language and I find it more interesting than it being disrespectful but that’s just my view on it

No. 595043

Ultimately, if someone has to ask to use certain words or to speak a certain way, it shows they have low self-esteem and are cringe and probably autistic. Black or not, genuinely speaking aave (or even pidgin) develops over time if you weren't born in a household or surrounded by people who used aave phrases and words. Tons of non-black people regularly use aave and it's very obvious when it isn't forced and they're not acting like they're walking on eggshells while talking.

IDK just bottom line, if you have to ask, don't bother trying.

No. 595045

File: 1596367553708.png (549.27 KB, 757x584, Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 6.26…)

The only two things my life revolves around right now are drinking coffee and putting together cute outfits.

No. 595092

>if someone has to ask to use certain words or to speak a certain way, it shows they have low self-esteem and are cringe and probably autistic
This. People that ask for permission and want to copy someone and people who treat it as some sort of privilege are both off-putting, creepy losers and I find the interactions between those two types of people especially uncomfortable to look at or listen to. Like opening a can of worms, you just want to close the lid on it and go back to people who "just are", comfortable with themselves and others.

No. 595099

File: 1596376540627.jpeg (257.82 KB, 1237x1125, 25408BDC-BDAD-43DA-9F61-AB820D…)

This is what I get read with my own two eyes for a) using tumblr and b) looking at the notes on any post with more than a few.

No. 595103

File: 1596377259557.jpeg (72.68 KB, 680x604, EeYhP1WXkAAFrA-.jpeg)

Listen chileans n latam arent mad about that lol theyre mad that 1 tweet said we should spell Chile as Chilé unless we speak aave, another made fun of what pinochet did, theres also the one saying mestizos are white and if your grandma is indigenious then you arent cause ur 25% only. Theres much more but I hope you get the gist.

All in all black folks have been rlly condecending and callous about this, and when ppl respond back theyre told theyre racist lol

No. 595108

Imagine living in a first world country and being this retarded oh my god, i pity these people.

No. 595111

My anxiety saves me so much money because it makes going out to do anything a chore. Like I really want to go get a Popeye's chicken sandwich but I'm afraid the employees are going to be rude to me, so I just don't go. Genius.

No. 595112

I kinda want this to catch on to see if mras reclaim pink

No. 595116

It’s great, I walked into a cafe that was only taking orders by phone but since I was wearing a mask no one could see my face and I didn’t spend $5 on coffee

No. 595119

The way it's written is so-so, a bit colorized, but main message is true - pink used to be a color for boys and blue for girls. Just because it's tumblr doesn't mean it's wrong.

No. 595121

>Learn to spell Brazil if you're from there.
Imagine telling a person how to spell the name of the country they are from. Crazy. And they probably just spelled it Brasil.

Also, are they saying Canada isn't an American country?

No. 595123

American exceptionalism
exceptional as in retarded

No. 595124

People will go to places they’re familiar with because it’s convenient for them? In NYC if you want to eat at a restaurant you can get a reservation/wait an hour or two to sit down, or you can spend 15 minutes at Starbucks already knowing what they have along with access to a bathroom/wifi/ready-to-eat food.

No. 595126

Same but now that everything has switched to online orders I just do that because it saves me the awkwardness of having to choose on the spot and talking to people and I'm just one of many online order pickuppers

No. 595127

im sorry but eating at starbucks?? now thats some dumbass shit

also ive been to new york once and theres so many restaurants its not that tough to get in when you have so many options

No. 595141

I know eBay has a lot of fees but my stuff sells so much faster on it compared to other selling sites. I put a couple listings up and they all sold in less than a day whereas they’d probably sit or get haggled to death on poshmark and mercari

Not everyone traveling to NYC wants to sit down in a restaurant, some prefer to get their food quick and move on to the next thing they want to do. All the times I’ve been to NYC I preferred packing my own food so I could spend more time walking or visiting museums. When I went to a restaurant with a friend we had an hour wait and there was a minimum spending amount for the food, so we wound up with leftovers we didn’t even want to eat

No. 595145

File: 1596382119124.png (388.52 KB, 715x872, Screenshot (11).png)

lmao, I'm not surprised

No. 595154

File: 1596383238067.png (472.5 KB, 1397x1421, 2020-08-02 20.45.13.png)

Saw this review left on an AI app by some dude…
His name and face attached.

No. 595159

You should've left his name in. He obviously doesn't care.

No. 595166

people on here/kf kiss this girls ass and I do not get it. She's stupid as fuck. She's like June, all of her input on any topic is someone elses recycled ideas that she didn't 100% understand

No. 595173

The popeyes chicken sandwhich shit was around a year ago now. What The Fuck. This year has seemed so long yet so short.

No. 595179

same, i remember my family brought a bunch of bagels and stuff so we always had a breakfast/lunch, but at dinner we always went to try a restaurant. many of them were not very nice and had no wait but the food was really good! however, my main point: starbucks food is nasty i cant believe ppl actually buy it

No. 595195

She exactly looks like what I expect the average farmer to look like with a bonus fetal alcohol syndrome face; an overweight cow with tragic makeup and fashion tastes, larping as an uwu and witty girl
Didn't she make a whole vid on June despite being exactly the same?
Imagine feeling threatened by a horse looking girl because you know deep down that you look like Sid

No. 595228

I reaaally didn't get it and I still don't. It's just their regular chicken between two buns?? Was the hype just a meme?

No. 595232

Yes because those conditions are fake and don't really exist in real life

No. 595248

anon is talking about manipulating a dr into giving her meds ( even though she doesn't realize she's the one being played)

No. 595253

>people on here/kf kiss this girls ass
Lmao. Those posts are her whiteknighting herself and trying to spam her own YouTube content. She fucking wishes we did.

No. 595254

one of us one of us one of us one of us

No. 595264

File: 1596390452167.jpg (95.37 KB, 750x1004, jceivvcefth31.jpg)

I think it started with the Chick fil a vs Popeyes thing that they had on twitter, where the brand accounts went back and forth. Thats why when people were talking about it, they also make comparisons to the chick fil a sandwich. Then Popeyes dropped the new sandwich and I guess the hype around a new menu item, the twitter "beef", and the viral tweets made it into a meme.

According to the people who tried it though, the sandwich was nothing crazy. Just spicy chicken with pickles. And it's overpriced so…

No. 595273

I can't stop thinking about a tutor I had in my teens. He was some hippy dude with a huge beard and always kinda smelled like BO but I had the biggest crush on him. He would bring cookies and juice for me to our sessions and let me borrow his books all the time.

It was a really small town and one time I saw him kissing a woman in a park and was devastated lol

No. 595276

if you go to her kiwi thread they are all calling her hot. i don't get it

No. 595286

That's really wholesome anon

No. 595310

File: 1596394305310.jpg (46.53 KB, 870x565, iStock-486352318.jpg)

I hate the kraft macaroni noodle shape. Sauce is supposed to go inside a macaroni noodle but what fucking sauce is getting inside these

No. 595311

File: 1596394327854.jpg (12.3 KB, 224x224, images.jpg)

also wtf is this

No. 595330

Great, now I'm hungry even though I just ate a block of cheese. Thanks, anon!

No. 595331

either wait or eat some low calorie veggies to get rid of the urge maybe?

No. 595333

File: 1596396934997.jpeg (40.25 KB, 236x481, 8D4A2FAD-9B9E-4472-8293-A7B945…)

If I have to be eating that garbage I try to reach for the spirals or character shapes. The texture is a lot more interesting and appealing overall. Elbows are also inferior

No. 595335

My voice sounds like shit but I can't stop straining and making it worse

No. 595337

just stop talking

No. 595353

File: 1596398910661.png (20.82 KB, 136x102, 1594633606814.png)

apex lel

No. 595355

anon are you me? i love those character shaped pastas

No. 595360

File: 1596399660788.png (28.57 KB, 300x250, tTOB7EErkk-6.png)

I just constructed a DIY dildo out of paper towels, masking tape and a latex glove and made it hands-free by mounting it on a rolled-up towel with some belts, all just because I was being h*rny

It took me less time to cum than to build the damn thing

No. 595361

This is the worst post I have ever seen on this board. Please buy a real dildo next time jfc

No. 595364

the absolute genius of it anon. elon musk is quaking in his spaceboots

No. 595366

pls post a picture of that monstrosity anon

No. 595369

Sounds like a real shitty dildo.
Pics or it didnt happen

No. 595370

I feel like a neanderthal still using my fingers and imagination. Someday I hope to reach your level of ingeniousness.

No. 595373

Plz post pics anon I’m begging

No. 595376

Until you post pictures I don’t believe you

No. 595382

you should take better care of your vag, how was it not uncomfortable?

No. 595387

jfc that sounds painful just use your hands lmao.

No. 595399

File: 1596402548510.png (Spoiler Image, 657.78 KB, 600x800, pussydestroyer.png)

Ask and ye shall receive

I already took apart the belt contraption though and removed the glove, since it was… used

No. 595403

can you sell it on etsy?

No. 595404

Holy shit it’s real

No. 595405

anon why are you doing this to yourself…
I will give you points for creativity tho

No. 595406

Damn, impressive work.

No. 595407

fuckin madwoman

No. 595408

File: 1596403004321.jpg (43.88 KB, 635x515, EYjsU6RU4AAv8sf.jpg)

anon i-

No. 595412

Straight to the best of thread you go you legend

No. 595416

Disgusting as fuck

No. 595417

Anon I swear to God, did you use the glove to cover this?

No. 595423

Give us a step by step tutorial on how to make this Queen.

No. 595426

It's a ribbon I used to attach the belts onto the base
I know
I needed something to cover it with, didn't have any condoms, used the next best thing
I got the idea from this video

No. 595427

This looks so fucking creepy and I don’t know why.

No. 595432

filename made me blow air out of my nose vigorously

No. 595462

the lefthots thread has been giving me fucking life recently lol

No. 595469

The left thots thread seems to be full of women within a small community dragging on each other for not being leftist enough

No. 595470

I’m a dog person, have owned a dog for over a decade, and get along and love meeting new dogs. But cats?? I don’t not like them, I’m just indifferent to them, but I have no idea how the fuck to be around them lol. My cousin has a cat and I’ll pat and play with him a little since he’s really friendly, but I feel so awkward because I don’t know how to read a cat’s body language. I was rubbing his head and he leaned into my hand so I thought he liked it but I looked up for a second when my aunt called me and he immediately bit me… so I’m not sure what I did to get bit??? I want to like cats since all my friends do and I might room with them in the future so they’ll probably get a cat but I feel so fucking dumb around them lol

No. 595471

Sometimes they bite as play, it if its just a nibble and not really painful the kitty is probably just playing with you, it sounds like that one in particularly was asking for you stay longer!
if they are close to you, they feel comfortable and safe, if a cat doesn’t like someone you can forget about petting lol, but tbh I find them to be very individual creatures, they all have different personalities so body language varies from cat to cat.

No. 595474

Oooh, good to know! Thanks anon. I guess the other times he’s bit my hand can be considered play bites? This is the first time it left a cut in my arm haha so I thought maybe I really did something wrong today. I’m fearful of getting scratched too so I keep my pats to a minimum and it amazes me to see my cousin just pick him up and toss him about so casually and he just flops and takes it lol.

No. 595475

Be chill, let them pet you anon, if they nibble or paw at you too hard, yelp at them like another cat would. All my kitties would learn how hard they can play with me this way.

No. 595486

File: 1596412461349.jpg (23.7 KB, 500x282, c70eb0d0bf110386ae289881fa3a34…)

You should google cat body language, they are mysterious creatures.

No. 595500

Any time admin posts, there's one anon that goes in and says "thank you admin-sama!"
Kiss assery is so annoying. I was just waiting for her to do it after this last admin post. My tinfoil is that it's a farmhand since I seen farmhand post the exact same tone and admin-sama shit before.

No. 595507

File: 1596414413722.jpg (41.63 KB, 680x512, original (1).jpg)

imagine respecting admins

No. 595508

You'd think ppl wouldn't care about this shit in an anonymous site

No. 595518

For those of you who learned English and live in a country that requires you to speak it, what language do you THINK in? Like if you immigrated from Mexico and learned English and speak it most of the time, are you still thinking in spanish?

No. 595529

Sometimes cats get overstimulated and nip, mine does this when he's in a really cuddly mood and I've been petting him intensely for a while. This could especially happen if you pet them like you would pet a dog, cats are a bit more sensitive.

A really good rule of thumb for judging a cat's mood is to watch their tail. You can always tell when a cat is getting annoyed with you if, when you're petting it, its tail starts twitching. When it gets twitchy, it's time to stop. If it's full on wagging, get outta there asap, lol.

Cats actually don't have many facial muscles, unlike dogs and humans, so it can be harder for people unfamiliar with them to read their moods, but you will pick up on it the more time you spend observing them. Good luck!!

No. 595532

is the acting in twin peaks supposed to be bad? Like is this intentional.

No. 595534

are all boys shit at keeping up a back and forth conversation via text, or is it just this fucking dude. I’m asking all the questions and I’m getting nothing asked back, yet he initiated the conversation everytime, ffs.

No. 595535

File: 1596418859244.png (224.62 KB, 575x323, 1518741091080.png)

>shitpost on cgl with unrelated shit
>nothing happens
>call out anon for posting a legitimate pedo
>gets banned immediately

this board I s2g

No. 595536

Are you asking questions related to how he started the conversation?

No. 595542

It depends on the cat. Some cats just make no noise at all and go in for the bite when they want you to stop petting them. My grandma's cats were really nice and never clawed or bit, they would meow loudly in a sad voice if they didn't want you disturbing their nap or if you tried to pick them up and they didn't want to. Usually the cats that give you warning bites instead of making a noise don't tend to meow a lot at all in my experience.

I don't know if you can teach a cat to be a vocal communicator like that or if it's a born temperament thing. They were farm cats that hunted outside but they were a lot gentler than many housecats.

No. 595545

Who was the pedo, anon? /cgl/'s mods are fucking moronic at times. Constantly allowing scrote bait, but when people try to discuss the community and those in it, they get banned for "gossip".

No. 595555

It starts with him saying hi, me replying back, exchanging ‘how are you/what have you been up to?’ And then I carry the entire conversation because he never asks me anything. I shouldn’t bother but I’m also lonely soooo yeah!

No. 595558

Does he at least want to go and do stuff with you? If he doesn't want to talk to you or hang out with you then it's probably not worth your time.

No. 595567

Thinking of how I used to be a Stacy with a ketamine addiction and a stable customer service job and now i’m fat and draw porn for a living.

No. 595573

if it were a farmhand that would be fucking hilarious

No. 595579

I would love to draw porn to survive, anon
Please teach me your ways

No. 595583

If you're in the European Union, German online food stores might have stuff like this in stock, the deliveries cost next to nothing, you just order a bigger amount at once

The delivery drivers might not get to you now though with all the travel bans.

No. 595584

men really cannot see 2 or more women without giving their unsolicited opinion on who their dick prefers huh

No. 595585

Kek omg I want to hug you

No. 595633

My brother sent me a bunch of old pictures from 1998-2002 (I'm 30) and how was I such a weeb??? Lol I didn't have internet access or any friends who liked anime. All the pics are me giving peace signs and showing off my terrible art and he mentioned there are a couple clips of me speaking really bad Japanese that I learned from a book I got from the library. I'm just surprised how much I fit the stereotype without any outside influence.

I guess the tipping point was my mom getting her hands on a bunch of weird OVAs at a pawn shop for me. Before that I only had Sailor Moon and CCS. Good times anons

No. 595644

my vice is soda. i wish i could fucking stop. but the sugar. the caffeine. the sugar.

No. 595653

Same, I haven't enjoyed a cow thread so much in years tbh

No. 595690

File: 1596451678642.jpg (37 KB, 1200x845, 390302.jpg)

Everytime I shower and wash my face I expect someone to be looking at me through the glass pane when I reopen my eyes kek. As if a thief had nothing better to do than watch me soaping my pug face in the shower.
Also when I go to the bathroom at night I actively avoid looking in my mirrors, not because I'm scared of seeing someone, but because I'm scared of my own reflection doing weird shit

No. 595696

i dont live in an english speaking country but i go to an english speaking college so 90% of my interactions are in english.
most of the time (like 70%) i think in english. but if im daydreaming about for example i guy i like or so it's in my native language.

No. 595703

I won’t post it in the funny posts thread bc it’s not really a post but I can’t stop laughing whenever I think of the ‘to the anon who said I was to fat to get into heaven, have a fat voice and will never be loved by anyone’ thing

No. 595730

That's an overactive imagination for ya, I do the same stuff. Somehow when I close my eyes in the shower it feels like there's gonna be some jumpscare when I open them again. I wonder if it's influenced by horror media, since bathroom horror scenes are such a common trope. Maybe it's the other way around though, and horror media uses the sense of vulnerability we get in the shower or bathroom to make scenes scarier.
I used to have a similar thing with going to sleep, when lying in bed with my eyes closed I'd expect some creepy nightmare thing to be there when I open them. I could also never sleep with my back facing the room since the sense of something standing there/coming up to me from behind was too strong.

No. 595747

Had a coffee about an hour ago and I've been on the shitter ever since. Why is my body like this.

This is the only reason I'm glad I'm working from home. Every morning was hell trying to make it to work before everyone else so I could shit up a storm without getting scared that someone is keeping time.

No. 595748

Sometimes when I post on here it hits me that half the shit I post in the dumbass shit and vent thread are things I should be texting my friends if I still had them and didn't push them all away kek.

No. 595755

File: 1596465459846.png (329.84 KB, 349x597, Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 9.26…)

Someone posted this as their review of a dress on amazon… kek

No. 595756

You really should not make fun of people with tumors anon

No. 595757

File: 1596466297708.jpeg (1.85 MB, 860x480, F056EE40-0BEF-4EE5-AAAE-FD3A17…)

How do people deal with having no bidet shower/bidet? I wish they were more common like in my home country, it is annoying to carry baby wipes in my bag when travelling or have to clean myself in the shower just to feel clean after pooping. They also great if you don’t have time to shower before sex etc.

No. 595759

Was too chickenshit to get my haircut because of covid but I can’t stand the summers in my city with even shoulder length hair so I just got it cut today. Short hair is the best, especially with the back shaved a little bit. My hairdresser is so cheap so I have her a 100% tip. Honestly, I hope she’ll make it out of covid alright, I don’t know who I’d ever go to to get my hair cut if not her. A lot of businesses in my neighborhood are small, immigrant run businesses and they’re fucking amazing and I’m going to be so fucking sad if covid forces them to close. I want to give them business but can only do so much on a minimum wage job and having to support my family too.

No. 595761

I just have my daily poop right before my daily shower, been in that habit for years

No. 595767

why are so many dumbasses blowing money traveling, getting pregnant, etc all while having shitty and low paying jobs? it seems like everyone wants to travel lately even though you can't do 90% of things and if you do every single thing is going to be crowded

No. 595780

You only poop once a day, well then that is reasonable. Bc I do it 3 times a day(-ish, sometimes more) and only shower in the morning and night.

No. 595784

Nta but also once a day. I put in an effort to poop everything out. Other people just wait until it sloops out on its own, but I've got good control of my muscles lol.

No. 595792

I poop twice a week…

No. 595793

File: 1596469771670.jpg (29.29 KB, 626x417, bidet-shower-bidet-spray-toile…)

I have one of those but I don't understand how to use it. I mean, the thing is way too big to fit it under your butt while you're still sitting on the toilet but if you hover over the toilet you will just get water everywhere! I also don't know how to wash my ass without the dirty ass water running down my coochie.

No. 595803

Do you have ibs? I had issues like that years ago and got diagnosed. I just felt gross no matter what fancy stuff I wiped with. I cut down my stress levels over the years and thankfully got back to once a day shitting. It's hard to feel sexy when you're shitting 3 or 4 times a day, I remember that lol

No. 595810

what should i do to not feel guilty for sexualizing males i dont know? id never bother them irl obviously but i fantasize about them

No. 595814

Thats not really sexualizing males though? Theres nothing wrong with having fantasies with people. Literally everyone does it. As long as you don't do anything weird irl unless they want it it's fine

No. 595817

I see women posting this everywhere lately and I can't tell if it's a joke

No. 595820

Mods ban my ass from this website it's taking too much of my time please and thank you. I'll remember you all in therapy.

No. 595822

No. 595826

i am not joking. a lot of the older males in my life are very slutshaming and they keep calling women whores for anything.

i know they are just sexist but it makes me somewhat feel ashamed of my sexual urges. i dream about being in a relationship where we are both sexually committed to each other and comfortably talk about what we're into. i am worried i'll never find a man who won't look down on me for being sexual. it feels like most have a madonna whore complex

No. 595842

WE are not the gender with all these sex addiction issues, we're not the ones guilty of objectifying and reducing people down to being holes.

Men can fuck off projecting their shame onto young women. That's their guilt to carry.

No. 595858

can relate but opposite

No. 595868

No, I don’t think so bc my stool is always “ideal” (by stool charts anyway). My doctor says it’s fine.


Just sit slightly closer to the edge of the toilet maybe? I usually clean my butt first, and then my coochie, to make sure there is no ”cross contamination”.

No. 595877

You use it at an angle, you don't spray it directly into your asshole anon, and you don't lean forward so the dirty water doesn't drip down into your vag.
First wash from the front, then the back, then again for safe measure, dry with tp.

No. 595900

Female socialization is a hell of a drug lol you know they’re just sexist but you believe them anyway. Remind yourself that you are a human being capable of existing completely separated from men’s useless thoughts and opinions. You are who you are, not who men say you are. You are not the same as a man, your “sexualization” is not the same as a man’s. You will stop self policing, self repression and self guilt. Remember to always behold yourself through the eyes of a compassionate woman, and never through twisted scrote-filters. Xoxo

No. 595944

thank you anons. i am surrounded with people that shame and hate on women over literally anything. i feel pressured to be some kind of innocent non sexual being to be respected as a person.

it feels nice to hear your perspective.

No. 595983

Wanting to have sex with a scrote is disgusting

No. 595995


No. 596009

Anon, these men you fantasise about don’t care. It’s literally fantasies IN YOUR HEAD these men you don’t even know don’t know or care what you’re thinking about. This is something everyone does, it’s normal, stop listening to the worthless men in your life who think that having fantasies makes you a slut. There’s nothing wrong with fantasies as long as you don’t actually do something weird about them irl.

You think men don’t do this? Because they do it too, but 100x worse because so many of them actually end up trying to act their messed up fantasies out irl.

No. 596012

The fantasy is better than the reality. A dildo is better too.

No. 596020

Thanks to Shayna and TND, I fucking hate the word "thriving" now

No. 596028

Years ago the only time I heard it used was 'the baby that was born very prematurely is now thriving' or 'the severely disabled nonverbal autistic kid learned sign language and is thriving'

Shayna had a smoothie today guyz! Thriiiiving. It's that stupid 'pat yourself on the back for nothing' shit.

No. 596040

artist-chans who do realistic portraits, where do you find (on internet) people to draw? i want to find like an archive of models with unconventional features like big noses etc. because most celebrities fit a certain beauty ideal. tumblr and pinterest is nice, but is there a more organized website for specifically unconventional models? also every single model is like 20, but i wanna study older faces too, especially for women.

also unrelated but i keep drawing guys that i think are cute and just realized they all kinda look the same so i have "0" variety of features when it comes to men.

No. 596045


I like to do at least one of these a day, sometimes a 10 second sketch and sometimes more in depth depending on my mood

They used to have a tumblr which was nice because you could randomize the face you got but it's gone now rip

No. 596059

i mean its twitter everyone is hella dramatic on there. but also im glad that they are speaking up for themselves and nipping the shit in the bud. these phrases mostly come from poor black kids who dont receive shit for being so innovative. these non black people who use it become popular as fuck get brand deals and money. More than that though its just a mockery at this point it feels really gross when you see a nonblack person turning on their blaccent when they want to express anger or are trying to be funny. Its gross as hell. And quite frankly off putting. Its literally like watching a modern day minstrel show. It gives me white guys saying "they have a sassy black woman in them" And the topic of japanese im pretty sure a lot are disgusted by people on image boards and anywhere else bastardizing their language but im not japanese so i cant speak for them. If they dont want to speak up on it thats on them and if they or any other race accepts their words being bastardized again thats on them. But black kids see the decades of how the shit we do is labeled as "ghetto, ugly etc"but when on lighter faces its all of a sudden quirky cute and cool. We have to mask how we talk and speak certain ways to even get hired at jobs its really gross. I would say actually listen to why these people are upset instead of being like "boohoo its just words" because yeah its just words to you but not to other people. And people have a right to be angry. I know languages borrow words but the way black americans speak has always been villianized and satirized and its disgusting. You guys can call me a baby, tell me to go back to twitter etc i dont care. Again i am happy that black people are finally putting their foot down. People are going to use it regardless but its cringey as hell and quite frankly ugly. I hope i dont come off as rude because I am not trying to I just want people to understand why so many people are angry and more than anything offended by this because at the end of the day its offensive. leaves soap box

No. 596064

File: 1596493942350.gif (828.95 KB, 360x203, InsignificantWarmheartedGoshaw…)

i found my old ds the other day and played some super mario bros and the ending scene in gif related made me happy because I'm taller than most men in my country. boys, this could be us but you playin

No. 596069

If more men were like Mario then the world would be a better place.

No. 596070

deviantart desu.

No. 596077

File: 1596496465820.jpg (8.24 KB, 689x256, ok.jpg)

No. 596079

Imo any kid that talks like that is annoying as fuck

No. 596082

USPS is a fucking joke. 3 days now my tracking on a package has said that they "tried to deliver a package but couldn't access the house" bitch what? Why not? I was outside my house when during the time it says they tried to deliver. I didn't see a mailman anywhere. My house is fully accessible.

No. 596085

File: 1596497735416.jpg (231.12 KB, 1200x1800, chow-mein-4.jpg)

I went to my local Chinese restaurant a while ago and ordered chow mein. They told me they were out of noodles and offered to replace the noodles with cabbage. I decided to do it and holy shit, I am so glad I did. It tasted 100x better than it would have with noodles, it was honestly the best chow mein I've ever had. I'm sad because I've tried making it myself with a couple different recipes but I just cant recreate it. Plus the restaurant is closed because of Corona so I cant go get some either fUCK

No. 596086

if he cares about u, as a person, he should be interested in your life. he should at least do the bare minimum and ask about something related to it. like how much of a self-centred retard do you have to be to not throw in a simple "how has your day been?"? it's literally 'how to hold a convo 101' basics.

my close male friends always ask me stuff about my life and holding a convo with them is easy. i know that these men see me as a person with a life of my own. guys who never ask you anything don't see you as a person, they see you as a woman whose sole purpose in life is to validate them. or they have the social (and emotional?) intelligence of a wet shoe. either way plz don't waste your time on men like this.

i'm sure you'll be able to find a man who can hold a convo with you and takes interest in your life, anon!

No. 596094

I was thinking about an ex-friend who I didn't even like that much in retrospect, but put up with for 5 years because I was really good friends with her partner. One thing that really pissed me off was that she called me standoffish, when I would always try to keep the convo going and always responded. I remember that she was actually admitted to a mental hospital but I didn't find out until way later. I can understand not opening up about that right away, but then she blamed me for not knowing what was going on. I felt like after that and me moving to college we weren't that close, especially because she was only a few years older than me but gave me unsolicited advice. When I mentioned her ignoring me and other behavior in our last falling out she was just like "I WAS DEPRESSED" like that excuses all of her shitty behavior towards me. Then she told me to get on meds since I clearly have anxiety (just because I had problems with her).

There were also just minor things that irked me like her "hating white people" even tho she was 100% white, and just general "woke" behavior making me feel like I had to keep my opinions to myself. I have other friends but no one in my hometown now, but that whole experience made me feel like relationships are such a pain. I'm not perfect either but she was a real cunt to me in retrospect.

No. 596107

Does anyone else have sensitive spots on their head? I have one on the top of my head and it's tender to touch. I don't really think it's a health issue tho, It's probably been like this for years and I just noticed it now cause I shaved my head recently. Idk if it's really normal to have sensitive spots on the head for no reason tho. The same spot on my head is also pretty flat so maybe that has something to do with it.

No. 596114

religion sucks but most have cool aesthetics

No. 596119

I have sensitive scalp in spots often, but it’s because I suffer from a chronic illness with that symptom

No. 596122

File: 1596502598381.jpeg (120.15 KB, 599x906, 51EE7833-6CB0-48D0-8381-A5CF65…)

catholicism is my favourite

No. 596125

Agreed. Also I just really fucking love reading about religion. I didn't grow up in a religious household so I'm not really religious as a result, but sometimes I go down long research rabbit holes about various religions. One time it was about Judaism and Jewish converts/the process of it, and the other day I was just reading about the Hajj (the history, the logistics, all of that).

No. 596126

File: 1596503080539.jpg (151.86 KB, 598x800, a660a1ab21a0a56215e52217651467…)

I agree, Orthodox priests always look like bangin wizards with their beards, robes and magic staves

No. 596127

File: 1596503162553.jpg (1.49 MB, 1600x1150, 120.jpg)

This photo has +1000 magic defence and +1000 elemental damage bonus

No. 596129

File: 1596503786733.png (2.83 MB, 1437x1348, 1545588362667.png)

+10000. I'm a fedora wearing atheist but if there's one thing I appreciate from religion, it's all the gorgeous art, architecture and imagery in general. I even like religious concepts in writing and so on, it's just next level mystery and intimidating in a cool af way.

I recommend the Young Pope if anyone wants some nice catholic visuals.

No. 596131

That young one is a qt, but the purple one has the best coord.

No. 596134

File: 1596504471550.jpg (86.82 KB, 840x467, 32-325869_wizard-thief-wizard-…)

I wish I was a wizard sometimes tbh

No. 596140

Pregnancy grosses me out so much. The whole idea of having a parasitic being inside me makes me feel ill. I’m not even an antinatalist or anything but the idea of pregnancy, childbirth and the whole concept of breeding makes me want to die.

No. 596148

any anons know where i can find an ethical hacker? specifically for facebook?

No. 596158

Thinking about when a cop asked if the mess in my room was because of a fight with my boyfriend. Without thinking I said "no it's because I'm depressed you fucking retard" he genuinely looked taken aback and started stuttering a little lol

(There was no fight, my panic attack was mistaken as a domestic abuse situation)

No. 596165

This is so fucking funny, oh my god

No. 596169

ok but what a dumb question to ask? Why would you ask why someone's room is messy. Most rooms are. It doesn't even matter in the case of possible domestic abuse either…. the clothes don't have feelings.

No. 596170

The bruises on my body are getting out of control. My legs are covered for no reason. Every day I have 4-5 new ones.

No. 596172

I feel this. I love kids. I don't want any kids, but I certainly don't mind them being around me and I'll even volunteer to babysit for my friends. The thought of actually having one makes me feel just pure dread. I do not like it. I do not like thinking about it. It's just very wrong.

My dumbass contribution is that I applied for this job I thought I was way underqualified for and now there is a really good chance I'll get it so I will be very sad if I don't. Even though I did not care what happened when I first applied. Why am I like this?

No. 596174

idk but he was asking me all sorts of weirdly phrased questions like he was trying to get me to admit my bf had been abusing me in some way.

No. 596177

Guess you need some ethical hacking done huh

Vitamin k deficiency. Eat broccoli, spinach, liver (lamb, calf, cow) and/or supplement

No. 596186

That happens when you go on a bender

No. 596189

Can someone lecture or ridicule me please. I just ordered 200 dollars worth of clothing and one of the things I bought was a fancy dress that I literally can't wear anywhere besides a wedding… I'm going to take a picture in it and then return it but still… I've been spending a lot of money. I know I'm a piece of shit but I need someone with no affiliation with me to let me know as well.

No. 596193

There is literally nothing more sad than your favourite perfume being discontinued. I just found my old bottle of my favourite high school perfume and it’s overwhelming how much scents are tied to memories it felt like I went back in time. I haven’t found a perfume I love so much since, I wish they would bring it back.

No. 596194

File: 1596512503983.jpeg (37.81 KB, 600x600, 1595121771156.jpeg)

Don't spend your money so carelessly! You made cat sad.

No. 596196

>feels like we cant have anything without it being watered down and repurposed and everyone else reaping the benefits but us
This but for the whole of western civilization. You know, like not just for five words but like every word in the English language plus all institutions, technology, infrastructure, land, culture, etc.

>its our culture and history and we are watching it be erased in real time. Shit is unnerving as fuck.

Yep, that's the feeling.

No. 596205

Do you genuinely believe western civilization is being erased lmao? What does this mean or am I falling for /pol/ bait?

No. 596206


No. 596207

I swear, only westerners can manage to colonize most of the known world, continually leech resources and money from former colonies to this day, deliberately politically (and often literally) destroy them to benefit themselves, force their BS tranny politics on everyone, punish us with Homestuck and FNAF, and then complain about being erased.

No. 596208

i'm just trying to get caps of a convo i deleted from someone's account. not unethical.

No. 596209

Someone's account?

No. 596212

Western birthrates are below replacement while immigrants are coming in so fast population growth is higher than ever. When towns go from 80% white to 20% that is erasure. It's more than cultural appropriation, it's even more than nation appropriation since it's happening everywhere. It's civilization appropriation (before inevitable civilizational collapse of course).

No. 596214

Get off an imageboard and go make some white babies then instead of bitching, lol.

No. 596215

File: 1596515291174.jpg (15.89 KB, 275x192, 1583364600994.jpg)

>second confirmed covid case among the employees at the store I work at
>surrounded by idiot customers not wearing masks despite it being required in public places where I live because this is burgerland and burgers gonna burger
>work crush lives with immunocompromised roommates and has stopped showing up in fear for their safety
>tfw I miss him and our dumb vidya discussions
>tfw I finally watched a dumb movie he was trying to convince me to watch and now I don't get to talk about it with him
I'm mad for all the wrong reasons

No. 596216

sucks to be a minority doesn't it

No. 596221

File: 1596515533915.png (237.3 KB, 1079x1281, croppedImage.png)

It's a civilization level problem. There won't be any white kids for my white kids to live with.

The problem is white women are unique in that they won't breed without financial security. It basically regulates the population without regular famines. Look up the "Hajnal line" that's what pic related is about. With a shrinking population house prices should fall but the massive amounts of immigration puts prices way up.

No. 596225

what the fuck is this nazi shit

No. 596226

When it's not a choice, yeah. There are still countries for Indians, Africans, Arabs to live among their own people exclusively. Not so for whites.

No. 596227

that's why you have fucking 10 kids you dolt lmao. Why do you think us dirty brown people have so much people to come and dilute your pure white blood/culture.

White people can have their ethno states for all I care, go have your little white inbred enclaves. Please just don't try and genocide people in the meantime. The USA doesn't count however because the original people weren't white so we get to stay mixed and shitty.

No. 596228

I mean, this is the dumbass shit thread, and that's definitely both extremely dumb and total shit, so…

No. 596232

Must suck to be in spot that you shoved native americans in huh

Retards like you have literally no right to complain about Oh No!! The Brown People are Invading My Land and Destroying my Culture!! Its called karma lol

No. 596235

>There won't be any white kids for my white kids to live with.
Why do I feel this anon doesn't have children yet but is so sure they're gonna be pure white? Bet racist-chan doesn't mess with any other races

No. 596236

Ironically whites are far less inbred than these immigrants which drives thinking like this>>596230

Whites consistent outbreeding led to far less clannishness and more egalitarianism since genetic relatedness was much less strongly defined outside of the immediate family.


White egalitarianism worked well when it was confined within northwest Europe where it was reciprocated. Now the world is mxing up so fast, hyper clannish people are being transplanted en masse into egalitarian societies and exploiting the people. Hajnal whites appear to have no defence for this. They will give and give until they are extinct.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 596238

The most annoying thing is that they are still doing it. They love to interfere in other countries for their own gain, and then they'll cry crocodile tears and insist they're the true victims because they choose not to have as many kids (and that's everyone else's fault, I guess).
If you're serious about this, Racist-chan, get your government to pull out of all the countries they've ravaged and actually committed genocide on the natives of. Also, pull out of all the countries you've been drooling over for gold and other resources, return all stolen artifacts and ill-gotten gains in general, stop creating situations that force people to become immigrants, tell your men to stop trafficking women and children for sex. Live in Europe, close your borders, live like you're in Midsommar, mind your own business. Leave everyone alone.
No one will be bothered, promise. But no, their insatiable greed won't allow for it.

No. 596239

File: 1596517533167.jpeg (33.52 KB, 459x668, D521314E-B95F-4CF9-A881-04F165…)

I get genuinely depressed over the lack of wondrous things in real life, oh god what wouldn’t I give to live in a world where magic, or strange creatures, or sentient aliens or anything of that sort that only exists in fiction to be real.
Books and Movies fucked up my brain and now the real world just seems so bland and uninteresting, all there’s to do is see some sights and eat food in a different country, no amazing adventure, or great mysteries waiting for me anywhere.
I get so sad when I think my life will just be having a job and a routine, big accomplishments just being learning a new mundane skill like crochet and buying a house, I crave so much more, something fantastical and beyond our reality.

No. 596241

File: 1596517820763.gif (246.76 KB, 220x313, alien.gif)

>wordpress pseudo science dressed up in pretty jargon
go cope on 4chan, inbred kun

No. 596244

I’m done with men! What have they ever done except for being gross assholes that act like they’re King Dick for doing the bare minimum

No. 596249

My post stands on its own. The link is just extra if you're interested. Here's another

No. 596251

Isn't there some sort of rule against self-advertising?

No. 596253

Well it's not my blog if that's what you think

No. 596254

don't you have a dog to go fuck?

No. 596255

i want to get in a person's account to get caps of our conversation to bring to a hearing.

No. 596260

Right. So then the convo, in the person’s perspective, can’t be used in court.

This was either a lame excuse you thought of quickly because you’re pussy or you’re actually retarded.

No. 596266

Anon real life is not boring and nonenchanted. Try LSD.

No. 596268

NTA, but if the hacker sends anon the screencaps from the person's account, can't she just say "They literally sent me this themselves. What do you mean "hacked"? Are you crazy? Anyway, if that's what happened, how is it even my business and why can't I submit them? I didn't do anything, I just received the caps"?

No. 596274

I wouldn't mind a zombie apocalypse instead of this boring quarantine

Stop coping. Anon is talking about a fantasy setting not about tripping your way out of responsabilities.

No. 596281

i've resorted to calling this covid fiasco "the chill zombie apocalypse", end me. hold the mayhem and chaos, give me a side of boring home isolation

No. 596284

File: 1596524312686.jpg (110.52 KB, 1024x576, IMG_20200804_025820.jpg)

Brown girls are seething(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 596286

I swear there's been an uptick in obvious scrote bait lately.
First the "sexism doesn't matter you useless whores" shit across multiple threads, now the racebait autist in this thread.

No. 596287

I love cheese so much. All I ever want to eat is cheese but I have it so rarely because calories and no self-control. I wish it was socially acceptable to just eat a block of cheese for dinner or order cheese platters at restaurants. I love it soooo much. It scares me that some people think cheese tastes bad. The fuck is wrong with you?

No. 596289

Psilocybin is my go to suggestion

No. 596305

I think it’s so fucking funny that these 4chan muh white bloodline tards throw around the word “white extinction” as if race is real lol. It’s like if grey squirrels started sorting themselves based on level of greyness and lamenting every time a mid-grey squirrel mated with a dark grey squirrel. You’re all just a bunch of fucking squirrels

No. 596313

>I could also never sleep with my back facing the room since the sense of something standing there/coming up to me from behind was too strong

Kek, yes. I think one of my biggest fear is seeing someone's head peaking through my room's doorway.
My cat doesn't help either as he keeps staring at random corners in my room like an absolute asshole

No. 596322

I would never ever date someone whos personal scent I wasn’t attracted to. My guilty pleasure is reading relationship advice related stuff, and very often women will complain that they find the way their boyfriend smells (even after showering) gross. I could not deal with that in the long run. I once had a holiday fling with this guy, and even when we woke up after getting really drunk and he stank like old liquor and sweat, I could still smell his good natural scent under that.

No. 596330

Edward cullen sounding ass

No. 596333

File: 1596535191879.jpg (41.46 KB, 436x382, wine_bottle_face-436x382.jpg)

>Imagine being named after a red wine grand cru and not even liking wine

I fucking hate wine, it tastes like what I imagine bug spray tastes like. My dad made me taste a local (yellow) wine once, I hated it so much. The worst kind wine I ever tasted is vin de paille/straw wine and even just recalling the taste makes me GAG

No. 596335

it's just basic biology

No. 596370

Agreed, wine is gross. It tastes too much like rotten fruit. I mean, I know that's exactly what it is, but it has no business tasting this awful.

No. 596379

I’ve unfortunately had that happen in real life, I was chillin playing my DS at age 14, and when i look up there’s this skinny tall man with bloodshot eyed and a gun in my bedroom door.

When the situation is real your brain kinda shuts down the jumpscare and you just go “wait what the fuck”, short story some random crackheads robbed my house and i was unlucky enough to be there, they didn’t do anything except scream and wave a gun around so it wasn’t too traumatizing.
Still miss my DS tho.

No. 596394

they took your fucking DS what a bunch of cunts

No. 596396

damn you got lucky in a way

No. 596412

I wish I was a squirrel these days anon, I wish a was a squirrel these days…

No. 596417

These dresses give me life. I hope I can wear a sequin gown some day.

No. 596418

My mom lied about having a master's degree and a bachelor's degree for at least 24 years (and still, i'm the only person to figure it out so far. So, it works I guess.

No. 596420

How far did the lie go? Was she faking it to get jobs and stuff?

No. 596421

To randos or to employers?

No. 596431

All of her jobs were entry level so she might not have lied on her resume. But for sure to her family and friends, my father had no idea.
She ended up working her way up the ladder at a local business so she's like 2nd in command, I don't even know what you would call her job title (she tells strangers she owns the company) but she makes ~100k.

No. 596433

She said that her degree was in print journalism so no one questioned the call center jobs

No. 596438

File: 1596551278039.webm (18.86 MB, 640x360, timesnewroman.webm)

No. 596472

Radfems are the biggest hypocrites on Earth. One second they'll be telling you gender standards are shit (which I agree) and the next second they'll tell you males posting on makeup subreddits are invading female spaces and girls posting in vidya subreddits are pickmes. Because clearly makeup is only for girls and vidya is only for boys /s
So which one, dumbfucks?(bait)

No. 596493

it was like one of the most expensive things we had and i had exchange two years of birthday and Christmas gifts for it, i fee like an anime character filled with the desire of revenge everytime i think about it and my spiky eared pichu
The cartel would skin these guys alive (like literally) if they laid a hand on a 13 year old girl, sometimes living in latin america aint that bad.

No. 596494

Told my bf I wanted to take a break from sex for personal reasons and he was so casual about it like "oh well I hope you're doing ok and I hope this helps you" and then asked if I was still ok with hugging/kissing. I guess I was bracing for it to be a big deal? I hate that basic respect like this still surprises me in this relationship after all my shitty ones before

No. 596497

No. 596500

I once went on a Tinder date with this korean guy. Every once in a while I'd get this scent from him and it wasnt pleasant at all.. Days later I realized it was kimchi.

No. 596509

i feel so voilated. a coworker keeps tapping/briefly putting his hand on my shoulder and i feel SO uncomfortable. he doesn't do it often but when he does it, i always step back to but he keeps closing the space to continue the conversation. i feel ridiculous but i felt like crying afterwards. hopefully i have the courage next time to tell him to not touch me.

No. 596515

tell the bitch off anon i believe in you

No. 596519

tell him to knock it off, that way if he does it again you can tell your boss or whoever that he refuses to stop

No. 596521

anon im so sorry, the same thing happened to me but as a child. one of the adults working at a cooking class would put his hands on my shoulders and rub and massage them. i still cant eat ham and cheese croissants because i associate the taste with the sicked violated feeling i felt in his presence. please say something next time, youll feel better

No. 596523

Every time something annoys me or puts me into a bad mood, I feel compelled to call a friend to hang out with. Even if I have stuff to do at home, even if I was planning to have a me day and relax and probably need one, I just feel like if one shitty thing happens, I immediately feel a compulsion to distract from it with a person. It's exhausting. I usually don't have issues being alone/am an introvert, this is kinda a new thing.

No. 596536

I'm curious how many other anons on here work white collar jobs?

No. 596539

File: 1596563178549.gif (5.53 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

There's way too many amazing things in this world, you just have to learn about them or stop to think about it. For example if you shine a laser on a thin wire or hair you will see a long dashed line of light on the wall somehow. And when you think about it how cool are clouds, they are just water floating in the sky for some reason and they have such different textures. And how cool is it that we have computers that can create human faces by themselves. And have you ever seen those bugs that look just like flowers or leaves or tree bark, how is that not amazing, how long must it have taken for series of mutations to make bugs look like that. I think we take too many things for granted. I mean I am literally typing words on a box and you will read them from the other side of the world, how is that not magic. And look at this gif and tell me it's not magic.

No. 596541

Not corporate, but administrative/office work in a hospital if that counts? Good money, going back to grad school to do more clinical-side stuff. Also have a second job, though, but that's just for fun and extra dough.

No. 596545

File: 1596563402975.png (17.52 KB, 198x234, 1552092192037.png)

Last year, my bf put in a lot of money and time to plan a birthday party for me and this girl ruined it by being passive aggressive and trying to piss me off the whole time. I am a petty bitch. Her birthday is in 2 days and I hope she has a shitty time and drops her cake or something else petty and shitty like that. Amen.

No. 596547

if he does it again, stab him

No. 596548

Typical Leo behaviour

No. 596550

>wake up at 4:30 am
>get to work at 6am
>work in office alone, no human contact besides mail/chat until 3pm
>bus ride home until 4:45pm
>come home at 7pm
>parents are at work or too busy to talk
>go to bed at 8pm

I'll turn into a mute

No. 596557

how do you manage to sleep at 8 pm anon… I sleep 9pm-5am and I fucking hate trying to sleep while I hear my kid neighbour playing outside, makes me feel like utter shit tbh

No. 596563

I'm lucky to live in a quiet neighbourhood so the only thing I hear is some traffic

No. 596564

File: 1596564744453.jpeg (261.67 KB, 1124x1187, him.JPEG)

I tried bibimbap for the first time yesterday and holy fuck it was delicious.

No. 596581

i know this pretty rave girl, always think about her

and when she says hi to me, butterflies go right through me

No. 596586

I wish both of you the best of luck. Maybe one day there'll be more between you two

No. 596588


No. 596599

Hey, thanks for reminding me about this song, my brain will proceed to play this on loop instead of bad bunny.

No. 596600

I feel like the tranny threat to lolcow is growing. Girls, I fear we are being compromised.

No. 596603

I can always tell.

No. 596617

File: 1596568812636.gif (2.88 MB, 498x280, 0432972341.gif)

anons i'm glad you all exist.

i mostly only use /ot/ /g/ and /m/ here, i'm not too active on the drama boards. after having to hang out in such retarded misogynistic majority male environments i feel better being in female spaces.

No. 596622

File: 1596569201689.jpg (43.87 KB, 659x567, 907eb72e6f703189e2ca6563641401…)

love you too sis

No. 596624

>adults working at a cooking class would put his hands on my shoulders and rub and massage them.
Sounds like Biden.
Why does a 2 party system dominate our system? They're both assholes.

No. 596626

File: 1596569594008.jpeg (265.35 KB, 1242x1257, 95A9214E-30AE-4A73-9E3A-EAA2EB…)

I love you too, anon.

No. 596635

Right? It's part of the reason I don't vote. (The other bigger part is more suited for the trauma thread unfortunately)

No. 596637

anon. please be my friend so we can binge over the garden wall together ever halloween.

No. 596667

keep spotting my posts in the funny posts thread and it's making my night, i am pathetic.

No. 596672

So this girl who happens to be Dina's model in TLOU2 talked about that one video that is recommended on youtube everywhere about dressing with modesty, and all sides of the argument against/pro that video always go to extremes, but hearing her out finally lets my thoughts on it be into place

No. 596680

File: 1596572977596.jpg (96.05 KB, 680x680, Ebm6S3FXkAc26Er.jpg)

No. 596687

File: 1596573290571.jpg (62.88 KB, 550x849, eng_pl_Red-Cat-Mascot-Gothic-B…)

My least favorite aesthetic is consoomer gothic (like Heather or jude bishop or 80% of other "goth" people) so I hate goth shop websites too but I was looking for something else and found this cat backpack… Why is it so cute? It's useless as a backpack but it's so cute as a stuffed animal. It looks really nice in customer photos too. Little fat grumpy demon kitten, I love him. I wish he was a normal stuffed animal and cheaper… it was not meant to be for us…

No. 596693

I hate working from home. My boss keeps calling me while I'm on the toilet

No. 596706

i am not sure if you're a) making fun of me or b) are in the same boat so you can choose your own adventure.
b) ily anon, have a nice day.

No. 596722

how can you even interpret that as making fun of you?

No. 596724

i managed to twist being happy about people finding my shit funny to me being pathetic so anything is possible here

No. 596732

I have a really big matted knot in my hair and I can't get it out

No. 596733

Which is worse, people making up ~unique~ names for their kids or people who name their kids something normal sounding but spell it in the stupidest way possible

No. 596744

You're telling me that I could order 100 dollars worth of products… the mailman loses the package and can't find it, and there's nothing I can do about it?? W..T..F!!!!

No. 596749

Spelling normal names in dumb ways is dumber, at least with made up names you know you're not gonna be able to spell it right so you can ask them to spell it for you but with normal sounding names you're gonna think oh I got this but get it wrong anyway and then they're gonna screech at you or something

No. 596752

Tbh if it's matted you might as well just cut it >>596733
The second one. As a person with a normal-but-spelled-weird name the second option is kinda stupid sometimes. Like, choosing to spell Mackenzie, Mahckeighnzay or some shit is awful. But it can be nice in some cases.

Unique names can be beautiful imo. Especially if they are old people/antiquated names (Ophelia, Freya, Araminta) or "foreign" names, as long as it's not super obvious it's foreign. Like naming your Indian child Bjorn.

No. 596773

I know a lady named karynn and ever since I learned how she spelled her name I lost hope for humanity

No. 596787

I feel so bad whenever I talk about how sad I’m going to be when my dog passes (she’s old) because I have friends who have had their seemingly healthy, young pets suddenly just pass. I feel like it’s a luxury that I even get to prepare stuff for her passing, and that I get to see her grow old and spend all this time with her. Like, I feel guilty about feeling sad about my dog’s inevitably passing lmao

No. 596793

With unique names I meant something more like https://www.popsugar.com/family/best-unique-baby-names-47076000 which sound more like surnames or fantasy characters

I think older names can be quite classy if you pull them off correctly

No. 596797


Tbh nothing is worse than having a super generic name, i had issues with college applications and my phone number because my name is some generic shit like Mary Smith because my parents didn't know what to name me.

No. 596802

Yesterday I was watching the full moon with the guy I've been seeing and suddenly asked me "so how many months since we watched our first full moon together? 6? Happy 6 months anon".
So guess I have a boyfriend???

No. 596813

aw this is cute. make sure he agrees that y'all are a couple though.

No. 596822


Yeah I have a unique first name and while it was tough being a young kid it’s been much more of a blessing as I grew into it.
People remember me when I go networking and boys would think I was worldly and mysterious

No. 596830

File: 1596581936599.jpg (75.82 KB, 466x556, b32.jpg)

Just cried because of a shoujo-ai manga, how pathetic. Fuck I just want a girlfriend

No. 596835

Drop the title please, I want to cry too

No. 596844

I can't deal with people wishing obama a happy birthday and then posting prayers for lebanon immediately after. I can't…

No. 596851

It's almost like you can care about two things at once or something

No. 596859

Not really cry-worthy but I'm in the mood for sweet sulky lesbian feels

No. 596861

This is so ignorant. Do you even get the connection between wishing obama a happy birthday and feeling sad about the bombing? Do you get why those two specific things can't coincide? If you don't, you need to learn before running your mouth.

No. 596868

Obama bombed half the middle east using drone strikes during his presidency and people didn't care at all.. Lebanon being one of the main victims

No. 596881

You can totally be sad about Lebanon but there are other things happening in the world too

When your pet dies it's really sad but what are you going to do, call off work for it?

No. 596883

Same, I have one in there and I feel like a kekgod

No. 596884

NTA but what? This is a very specific issue anon has. It's that you shouldn't wish prayers for a group of people who were just accidentally bombed and then wish a happy birthday to a man who purposefully bombed hospitals and refugee camps within that very same country for four years straight. It looks real bad.

No one here knows how to read or critically think apparently.

No. 596887

I think you're not listening to me? I'm not saying that you can't be upset about Lebanon nor do I make any excuses for Barack's behavior but it's not the end of the world to send someone a quick happy birthday tweet. It's simple multitasking

No. 596890

Bernadette Banner is so fucking annoying

No. 596891

multitasking giving prayers over a bombing in lebanon while wishing a happy birthday to a man who bombed lebanon on purpose multiple times.

You're BIG dumb.

No. 596893

Is this bait?

No. 596897

You're missing the point. They weren't saying you can't wish someone a happy birthday or go watch netflix after talking about an incident. It's about who you're wishing a happy birthday TO.

No. 596899


I really don't know what you want from me, maybe multitasking is the wrong word for it. But Obama had nothing to do with this bombing so I don't know why you condemn him for it? If anything shouldn't you be mad at Trump because he is the current president?

Also people can tweet whatever they want about multiple different subjects at one time if they so desire to, dem's the rules

No. 596900

I think we want you to stop missing the point… kekkk.

No. 596902

No one is condemning him for this bombing Dumbass. We are condemning him for the thousands of bombs he DID drop on these very same people and didn’t apologize for it. We’re condemning the people lacking the self awareness to not show concern over a bombing while also wishing happy birthday to a war criminal. They aren’t two different subjects, they are completely synonymous. Trump has nothing to do with situation. It ain’t his birthday.

>also people can tweet whatever they want about multiple different subjects

Literally who is arguing against this? No one. Not a single anon has said this yet you keep using it as an argument. You seem mentally challenged and I say that with all seriousness .

No. 596907

>Obama had nothing to do with this bombing
>shouldn't you be mad at Trump because he is the current president
what the fuck isn't clicking anon??? how much simpler can this be explained to you?????

No. 596908

It irritates me how people will cancel everything including your damn dog for xyzabc but no one ever thinks to cancel Twitter for letting disgusting shit stay on up on their site? I just ran into another openly racist account, not including all the gross pedo shit you can find on there. So dumb.

No. 596914

me pls

No. 596916

Do you really expect every politician to make youtuber-style apology videos? That's all they'd ever do if that were the case. Trump and Obama have both done terrible things but it isn't the end of the world to drop a quick happy birthday, it takes like ten seconds, you're making this into a way bigger deal than it needs to be.

There is nothing to explain, we are having a debate.

No. 596917

ok how do u like pussy?

No. 596921

I've witnessed what is I think 4 anons trying to understand your stupidity at this point. You "debate" like a 12th grade senior who did their research 15 minutes before class.

No. 596922

Clearly there is since multiple anons are having to explain the same thing to you over and over. It's not a debate, it's you being a dumbass.

The point is, it's insulting to the people who were murdered to wish happy birthday to the person who murdered them and then pretend like you care about them.

Imagine somebody killed your parents, would you wish them a happy birthday? no you wouldn't.

Did that break it down enough for you sweetie?

No. 596924

omg this is literally a real life depiction of the saying "You can't win against a dumb person"

No. 596925

all of you need a girlfriend lol

No. 596926

File: 1596588110289.gif (279.65 KB, 220x220, tenor (1).gif)

Imagine thinking I am concerned about how long it takes to drop a quick happy birthday. Imagine thinking that's the issue here.

Sianara, I'm about to send myself down the river for even entertaining this discussion in the first place.

No. 596929

Let’s binge watch over the garden wall, anon, it will be fun.

No. 596930

I'm going to eat pussy I'm hungry

No. 596931

How? Literally how. Explain it to me. Because I've explained myself countless times and no one is paying attention to what I'm saying.

>Imagine somebody killed your parents, would you wish them a happy birthday?
But that's the thing. Obama had nothing to do with this bombing. Barack Obama killed Lebanese people and that's a bad thing, but you really think he'd kill someone on his birthday? He doesn't even have the power to anymore, so if anything you should be mad at Trump for having the power to stop the bombing and not doing anything about it. But to be mad at someone wishing someone else a happy birthday is pants on head stupid.

Bye bitch and also it's spelled Sayonara or 左様なら

No. 596932

gay nigga

No. 596933

No. 596935

No. 596936

> Do you really think he'd kill someone on his birthday

I'm wheezing.

No. 596937

>but you really think he'd kill someone on his birthdaY
you'd think we were explaining astrophysics to this bitch

No. 596938

before we continue this "debate" are you autistic? I just want to be able to accommodate from here on out.

No. 596939

No. 596940


No. 596942

File: 1596588678962.jpg (60.23 KB, 480x640, SilentGrandSchemaMonks(ValamoM…)

Silent grand schema monks looked even more "magic" back in the days.

No. 596945

File: 1596588817379.png (699.23 KB, 680x616, b70.png)


No. 596959

File: 1596589630528.jpg (272.55 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault (4).jpg)


No. 596963

File: 1596590279300.jpg (5.14 KB, 238x212, index.jpg)


No. 596965

I'm not fucking autistic but I graduated #17 in my class and went to an ivy league school for political science before realizing that my passion is mechanical engineering. So I know exactly what I mean when I say that this isn't the big deal you're making it out to be.

Barack Obama killed people. That is horrible and I do not condone it. But 1) he isn't in power anymore, he has no ability to kill anyone else, and 2) he is a human being and deserves happiness like anyone else. Millions of people in the world die every single day, and this includes your birthday, too. On your birthday are you going to refuse any birthday wishes you get because people are dying? If you do then I will haul my ass over to Target or Kohl's, buy a hat, and eat it.

At the end of the day innocent people are dead, and Barack Obama is another year older, and you're arguing with a stranger on an anonymous image board.

No. 596968

File: 1596590599449.png (42.97 KB, 946x291, mctnsblx1x5y.png)

>I'm not fucking autistic but I graduated #17 in my class and went to an ivy league school for political science before realizing that my passion is mechanical engineering. So I know exactly what I mean when I say that this isn't the big deal you're making it out to be.

No. 596972

>he isn't in power anymore, he has no ability to kill anyone else
so because he can't kill anyone anymore that means it's ok he killed people and it completely erases what he did
>you're arguing with a strangers on an anonymous image board.
So are you
>On your birthday are you going to refuse any birthday wishes you get because people are dying
The fact it was his birthday has nothing to do with this dumbass. The point is it's hypocritical to give well wishes to someone who bombed Lebanon and then preach on social media about how horrible what happened in Lebanon is.

I feel awful for the poor teachers and employers who have to deal with you and explain basic concepts to you.

No. 596973

That degree you almost got in p.s was a close call anon.

>Would you refuse any birthday wishes because people are dying

I like how you keep proving you're not understanding by asking weird questions that don't parallel to anything anyone has said on here. . It's been explained so straight forward to you to the point where people are laughing about you in the funny thread.

No. 596974

File: 1596590923156.jpg (32.87 KB, 358x361, 1363716791002.jpg)

>I'm not fucking autistic but I graduated #17 in my class and went to an ivy league school for political science before realizing that my passion is mechanical engineering. So I know exactly what I mean when I say that this isn't the big deal you're making it out to be


No. 596980

File: 1596591234663.png (10.92 KB, 476x558, 1357716676001.png)

>I'm not fucking autistic but I graduated #17 in my class and went to an ivy league school for political science before realizing that my passion is mechanical engineering.
>I'm not fucking autistic but I graduated #17 in my class and went to an ivy league school for political science before realizing that my passion is mechanical engineering.
>I'm not fucking autistic but I graduated #17 in my class and went to an ivy league school for political science before realizing that my passion is mechanical engineering.
>I'm not fucking autistic but I graduated #17 in my class and went to an ivy league school for political science before realizing that my passion is mechanical engineering.
>I'm not fucking autistic but I graduated #17 in my class and went to an ivy league school for political science before realizing that my passion is mechanical engineering.
>I'm not fucking autistic but I graduated #17 in my class and went to an ivy league school for political science before realizing that my passion is mechanical engineering.
>I'm not fucking autistic but I graduated #17 in my class and went to an ivy league school for political science before realizing that my passion is mechanical engineering.
>I'm not fucking autistic but I graduated #17 in my class and went to an ivy league school for political science before realizing that my passion is mechanical engineering.

No. 596981

Post your diploma's or shut the fuck up you dirty liar

No. 596983

File: 1596591400914.gif (374.85 KB, 472x331, WdcSZbf.gif)

Oh how the mighty have fallen. My work here is done

No. 596984

Just to show how many times anons have repeated the same thing to birthday-bomb anon
>Do you even get the connection between wishing obama a happy birthday and feeling sad about the bombing? Do you get why those two specific things can't coincide?
>Obama bombed half the middle east using drone strikes during his presidency and people didn't care at all.. Lebanon being one of the main victims
> It's that you shouldn't wish prayers for a group of people who were just accidentally bombed and then wish a happy birthday to a man who purposefully bombed hospitals and refugee camps within that very same country for four years straight.
>multitasking giving prayers over a bombing in lebanon while wishing a happy birthday to a man who bombed lebanon on purpose multiple times.
>You're missing the point. They weren't saying you can't wish someone a happy birthday or go watch netflix after talking about an incident.
>We are condemning him for the thousands of bombs he DID drop