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File: 1646761113549.jpg (103.49 KB, 1200x900, 1_CD6061239ROBERT-MAUDSLEYfram…)

No. 4319

the holy mother goddesses has erased all human males from the face of the planet however tasks you the choice to spare any male or group of males(you have to choose at least one)

My choice is Robert Maudsley
he had a childhood where he was constantly was physically and sexually abused and worked as a teen callboy, he murdered a client who had a collection of child smut porn almost immediately after he showed him, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and so murdered 3 more human cockroaches in there(2 Pedophile rapists and a wife beater who beat his wife to death)
imo he's a better man then 99% of scrotes on this planet

No. 4323

Chester Bennington, if he werent already dead. RIP Angel

No. 4327

perhaps cringe but my dad. supports me and my mom in our endeavors, gender critical, does the majority of the housework and cooking without bitching about it or making himself out to be a martyr

No. 4331

literally none of them.

No. 4336

Slightly off-topic but I can't help but think Maudsley needs better treatment in prison. It's astonishing that they won't even allow him a television or books while in solitary confinement when all he did was take out the trash. There are people that did far worse deeds than him that get better treatment.

No. 4337

The reason they built the whole glass cage for him, was cause the prison was "deeply concerned" that he might kill other prisoners, he probably could have been let into a more free form of solitary confinement if he had lied, see throughout his 40 years in confinement he's claimed that he has never regretted killing those men, which apparently makes him a threat to other inmates

No. 4343

Why did we have to discuss men in here. This could have been on any other board

No. 4538

Lundy Bancroft

No. 4558

>perhaps cringe

No. 5475

Your precious dad most likely watches teen porn, glares even at a ten year olds budding breasts and would stomp your mothers skull flat for the chance of cooming into a supermodels snatch.

No. 5532

Nah, he’s an abuser too. He ran a “retreat” for vulnerable abused women and tried to sleep with them.

No. 5967

Why does a scrote need to be sexually abused and traumatized before he gives a shit about women? Who knows, that could be why women are so empathetic. People who experience more severe adversity are more empathic. Men, as they come, do not give a fuck about anyone but themselves. The key is to make men suffer as much as they possibly can. That's the only way we can co-exist. If only we had social power to do so.

No. 5969

Yeah I’ve been feeling this too and it really sucks. I feel a bit wrong for thinking all men need to be abused, but why should I when they clearly have zero empathy? There was a screenshot in one of these threads of a man who suddenly understood how bad rape was…after seeing another man get raped in a movie. No matter what they say, I really do think all scrotes view rape as “just sex”. They don’t understand that it’s torture.

No. 5970

I mean I don't wanna say that's true either, but I look at my own nigel who was abused by his father and he's the most decent man I know and its hard not to see a correlation, but there are plenty of shitty men who were abused and raped and they just repeated the same thing instead of learning to emphasize with people, look at every serial killer most had shit other people

No. 5971

Yeah they could very well just continue the cycle of abuse, there’s no way to fix scrotes or make sure they aren’t fuck ups, the Y chromosome dooms them.

No. 5974

This anon >>5967. I genuinely just want to coexist with other humans. Jumping through these mental hoops to survive is genuinely exhausting. If they're abused, they'll hurt people and if they're not abused they still will. You can't reason with them either. I don't even want to be this blackpilled but it genuinely sucks to not feel like can trust 50% of the population whilst your own half can often be complicit/afraid of speaking out.

No. 5979

File: 1655498314006.jpeg (195.81 KB, 735x701, 3EB34C2B-5E88-438C-A3DC-45C871…)

Well, since the thread was bumped I’ll throw in Derrick Jensen, like we were discussing, he was horribly abused by his father as a child. I tried to read one of his books but it was just too much for me emotionally, so I’ve been listening to his podcast, he’s mostly an environmentalist but from some of what I’ve read he tries to work feminism into that since he understands that males and masculinity are evil.

No. 5982

None of them, let them all burn in the fiery pits of their sin

No. 6002

My dad and i'd say grandad but he ded already, i'm lucky in that they're the only men who've never been abusive or cruel towards me and they're both good husbands/fathers.

No. 6003

NTA but I also would only save my dad in the scrote purge, you sound salty it's a better answer than "muh nigul" or some random scrote you don't even know one little bit like every other answer in here…

No. 6005

It sounds like anon wouldn't want to save any male though?

You're describing my dad, but he manages to be even worse by having a drug addiction, taking advantage of retarded women and being on a watch list in my community. Let the purge take them.

No. 6220

this doesn't even work they just get worse if they get kiddy diddled
source: my ex who used soft, therapist type communication but was the worlds biggest coomer and polytard

No. 6221

that's really disappointing. id heard of van Der kolk being a problem but not Lundy.
they really can't be trusted

No. 6620

But if all the men were gone what would we need the pedo-killer for?

No. 6822

Conan obrien

No. 6840

Ego-driven pedo-lover, no thanks

No. 7862

This may sound riciculous (you can make fun of me if you want) but I'm semi into prepping, as in I have emergency water purification, lots of MREs, and backup generators. It's for natural disasters and potential long-term power outages. But also there's that part of me that wonders about society falling apart and people getting desperate and violent. So, I also have guns and know how to use them. I want to stress that this is just one of the many things I'm into and it doesn't constitute any of of my personality whatsoever, like it does with many moids. Most people I know irl don't even know this about me. Also, I'm not a righty, if that helps.

To get to the point, I'm also married and the more I think about it, I would probably abandon my husband if the "shit" really were to "hit the fan." Pretty dead serious about this.

He gets too emotional and confrontational, and would never have the emotional control to talk his way out of a bad situation. He can only escalate. He would lose his head and get himself – or me – killed if we were confronted by hostile people who wanted to steal from our garden or take our stuff. This might not even apply to a hypothetical "purge" situation. If we were to get threatened or find ourselves in a dangerous situation anywhere, even today, he would only make things worse by being defensive and reactive.

He is big, and knows how to fight, and I am not big, nor I don't know how to fight. So I would be losing a potential protector. However, the risk of being tied to someone with bad people skills is far more risky imo than being on my own, with my socially-functioning brain.

In a "purge" (lol) I would be holding his hand the whole time to prevent breakdowns and outbursts. If I were with a group of levelheaded women, we could prevail together.

So, in answer to the thread question, there is no man I would save. Not even my own husband. I'd slip off into the night quietly, leave him with ample supplies, mourn to myself, and try to find women with skills.

No. 7873

Oh shut the fuck up. Just because you have daddy issues doesn’t mean other women do. There’s plenty of good fathers and father figures that deserve to be spared in a hypothetical purge.

No. 7882

You think because your daddy was nice to you that he is nice to other women and girls too?
Also "daddy issues" is a misogynistic term. The majority of fathers are abusive or absent parents many of them even molest their children. But of course a pickme dick lover like you thinks it's the childs fault and she deserves to be shamed for it.

No. 7883

"Isn't it soo funny and embarrassing (for the children, of course) that they got molested by their fathers?"
-Bravest warrior of lolcow

No. 7887

>Daddy issues
Nta but you mean having anincompotent scrote for a dad blamed on the daughter? Fuck off with scrote logic, void brain, misogynistic, pickme bullshit.

I've never seen a Radfem adjacent here unironically cite made up moid shit like 'daddy issues'.

No. 7888

Your “daddy” probably watched porn and made your mother want to kill her herself, but a sexist blaming abusive fathers on little girls probably isn’t ready to hear that.

No. 7899

File: 1673814372545.png (Spoiler Image, 532.91 KB, 552x634, reportoftheweek.PNG)

i'm unrepentant.

No. 7941

Based choice

No. 7973

only good choice

No. 9596


No. 9629

Muh Nigel, my brother and my grandpa. The rest can perish. I’d miss a lot of the make artists whose works I enjoy but they’re probably awful to women in their private lives anyway.

No. 9676

Hirohiko araki and my dad. Rest can kill themselves.

No. 9733

>Hirohiko araki
Good idea, we can force him to draw jojo yaoi until he carks it.

No. 9739

keanu reeves

No. 9769

Maybe I would let my male friends live but if I did they'd have to play some sort of gladiators game for my entertainment. They'd have to earn it and they'd really need to fear for their lives so they don't end up even more entitled because they have been the chosen ones. They should be grateful.

No. 9845

Lol no, somebody post that quote he said about women secretly enjoying rape or rough sex or whatever that was

No. 9848

>let them live.
thats sweet because your male friends would never do that for you.

No. 9849

I don't hate men as hard as most anons do but I honestly wouldn't spare any man.

No. 9856

Lol yeah but I’m a hardcore man hater. I’d be out there blowing out y’all’s brothers and fathers brains. You spared him, not me

No. 10396

How is Conan O'Brien a pedo-lover?

No. 10397

I agree with this, here's a video of him keeping quiet about his sex life with Lisa Kudrow. While Howard Stern keeps pressing him about it. He's a very respectful person.

No. 10402

>I’d be out there blowing out y’all’s brothers and fathers brains
i was going to say none, but now thinking of the hypothetical as "who would you spare so you could take out yourself"

No. 10661

File: 1677191799263.png (239.42 KB, 540x450, tumblr_ovvkh4M1Ej1s73bqmo1_540…)

No. 10694

did you know you can retrieve viable sperm after death? up to something like 36 hours. that's how disposable they are.
anyway, I don't need them alive to dabble in warm necrophilia with the ones that have pretty body parts.

No. 11649

Sheldon Cooper

No. 11802

File: 1678779241711.jpeg (45.92 KB, 640x427, 68e16a4a2a5e29ed93995f74d79ae8…)

Brendan Fraser and his qt redhead son. Purely sexual

No. 11805

File: 1678780295932.jpg (46.7 KB, 828x492, Fi7dxmiUUAAuBEo.jpg)

his sons are hot, also Brendan Fraser is like six feet tall so his boys must be even taller, I want to keep their sperm for breeding purposes

No. 11817

Holy shit, why do we see his retarded lardy ass more than his gorgeous baby? This society is RACIST against qt boys. So sad!

No. 11820

redhead men are typically ugly but his son is the exception for that

No. 11821

File: 1678804574554.jpg (48.91 KB, 870x870, 1651284317861.jpg)

weak bitches, i bet you would be the first ones to spare a moid in the gender-war if he was cute

No. 11828

File: 1678817793134.jpg (72.25 KB, 791x542, Brendan-Fraser-Sons.jpg)

16 and 18 years old
hopefully their life is better than their dads

No. 11901

I got gay vibes from the ginger but I could be wrong. He could def be a model

No. 12078

i smell a ballsack in this therad, it got weird quick with the necro- and pedoposting.
/2x/ should've never been "un-secreted" and put on the main page.

No. 12273

Damn, they're fucking giants despite being just a couple of teenagers.

No. 12291

File: 1679788304413.jpg (152.42 KB, 1024x1332, brendan-fraser-003.jpg)

Don't forget Brendan has three sons, the oldest one is 20, autistic and obese. Kinda "brave" of them to make another two, I would be too scared to have more kids if my first was born autistic (well I wouldn't have kids at all but just hypothetically speaking)

No. 12352

Derrick Jensen, annoying queer theorists, supporting radfems, I would take him ower any libtarded porn supporting woman

No. 12353

well he was raped by his own father and hates all forms of human sexuality and believes all forms its oppressive and disgusting

No. 12354

He's kinda right imo

No. 12355

I completely understand where his trauma comes from(his rich lawyer father abused him, his sailings and his mother and got away with it) but you can't condemn all of human sexuality and civilization its self because of your personal experiences

No. 12356

The wast majority of human sexuality is abusive and gross though, by the majority I mean heterosexual and between gay men.

No. 12357

File: 1679859193925.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.85 KB, 775x775, 00-GQ1122_Dano_02.jpg)

i just think he's neat

No. 12373

I think you were told to go back to containment in a thread in /g/ earlier too weren't you, kek? This whole thread is retarded but deciding to save a rich celeb man you think is hot is even more retarded. Go use your containment thread, your pudding faced husbando isn't even attractive.

No. 12386

what about his hatred of civilization, you gotta admit that's retarded

No. 12400

I'd shoot him twice because of you

No. 12477

I would save my moid

No. 12485

you are mentally ill

No. 12503

The world is mentally ill, sex is connected to breeding which is connected to natalism and bringing new beings into existence, which is evil. Also your reproductive organs are right next to your shit hole. Like it's designed to be degrading and disgusting.

No. 12504

He's unironically funny

No. 12562

I wouldn't call a women utterly repulsed and blackpilled by moidal porn and what they've turned sex into, mentally ill. I wouldn't disregard a woman's opinion like a moid. It's the natural and expected consequence of hundreds to thousands of years of recorded degradation and dehumanization. To call the modern generations concept of sex anything but bleak is a bold face, pickme lie.

No. 12577

tbh I would willingly sacrifice the few men I like and care about if that was the only way to guarantee a world liberated from moid cruelty.

No. 13412

It's funny seeing some famous moids posted here (even a few who are known for saying/doing something fucked up) when all that fame and power just rots their brains even further than the average brain-rotted male. I had to learn the hard way that appearing "nice" and handsome doesn't mean shit.

No. 13806


whats with the violent moid coded language in these posts

No. 14184

>All the women in this thread saving their nigels
Has it ever occured to you that you aren't a radfem and just a larping libfem instead? You can't have cockbreath while claiming you're a radfem

No. 14185


No. 14195

I think your father needs to be purged for raising up a misogynistic child.

No. 14201

File: 1682494810480.jpg (8.93 KB, 250x223, FuKh4CQakAEBZDw.jpg)

No. 14206

samefag I would press the button without a second thought if there was such a thing

No. 14230

>"huuhh duuuh, cockbreath"

Imagine being so bitter because normal people are leading normal lives instead of being some schizo dyke whose entire personality involves being a annoying idpol militant and fearing the bogeyman. Log off, go to therapy and touch some grass.

>thinks it's the childs fault and she deserves to be shamed for it
>blaming abusive fathers on little girls

NTA and i hate the phrase "daddy issues" but no one is blaming the (imaginary) child, retards. They're at most blaming the adult version of them for directing their anger at strangers who have nothing to do with it.

No. 14233

You are literally dating your oppressor LMAO

I'm straight you retard, you can't be a feminist and date a moid. Imagine being so dickbrained that you think simply not dating a rape ape isn't a "normal life"

No. 14238

I'm not dating a man.

No. 14243

So, you are hypocrite, since you are sexually attracted to scrotes and perhaps have had sex with them in the past, lmao.
If you think other OSA women should follow the same path as you, it would be more productive to point out the risks of engaging with men rather than attacking them in a misogynistic way, that just makes you look like a edgy NLOG.
BTW, I don't even have or want a nigel, and the "normal part" is about living your own life in peace instead of reeeing at random women not being "true radfems™", like fundies when they see gays.

No. 14246

notice how they immediately call you a dyke lmao, these "radical feminists" hate lesbians more than they hate scrotes. Theyre so cock brained that theyll whine about lesbians trying to turn them gay whenever separatism is even slightly mentioned to them

"buh buh muh natural instincts straight women are bound to date men!!"
this is why 6b4T feminists think western feminists are pathetic

No ones saying moid daters have to feminists, just dont larp as one

No. 14250

File: 1682536632414.jpg (316.19 KB, 1400x1400, b9dbq.jpg)

No. 14251

>Cock brained
Go use 3-in-1 shampoo.

No. 14254


Calling a random woman a dyke is more scrotey than calling a straight woman cock brained

The day you osa women stop being lesbo-phobic is the day ill stop calling you all mean names

>This is getting off-topic now so ill move this topic to the blackpill thread for now because i saw people discussing this there

No. 14262

Pretend like it's not ~lesbian~ separatists who started this discourse and are the ones who most defend it today, lmao. Even among non-separatists you see crazies obsessed with who has or has not been "tainted by dick", like goldstars and the "no bi rule" ones (no one is obligated to date anyone, but saying degrading shit is other thing). BTW, radical feminism is not is not the only one that exists, it wasn't even the first to exist.

>Calling a random woman a dyke is more scrotey than calling a straight woman cock brained
What do you base this on, you personal fee-fees? Because you are “muh OpReSsEd” so everyone else owes you reparation?

>The day you osa women stop being lesbo-phobic is the day ill stop calling you all mean names

A lot of you are always saying sexually degrading things against het & bi women, bodyshaming and making “zipper tits” kind of memes about TIFs and calling gay men pedophiles, but dare someone call you the d-word back, lmao.

No. 14265

Nta but what's degrading about calling you cock suckers? Most het women suck cocks.

No. 14267

File: 1682557132365.png (360.76 KB, 460x856, E1el4JqUcAA4glu.png)

I didn't call you a dyke, I called you a scrote. "3-in-1 shampoo," is common joke about men.

Also, nice Reddit spacing and misuse of greentext, bait-kun.

If you don't know why it's fucked up to call women "cock breath," then maybe you're the one LARPing as a feminist.

No. 14269

Ntayrt bur you just used Reddit spacing

No. 14270

>maybe you're the one LARPing as a feminist
I don't even want to associate msyelf with feminists because most of them are cock suckers unfortunately.

No. 14271

Imagine living through the only life you will ever live forbidding yourself from experiencing a natural activity such as sexual pleasure, which is literally coded into your DNA to be the most fulfilling act beyond eating or sleeping, all to gain acceptance points among other people who would hate you regardless for all of the other unfeminist activities you do in your daily life

No. 14272

are you dumb? like seriously dumb? i never said i needed reparations or shit like that i’m saying you can’t treat lesbians like shit for decades and expect them not to snap back
osas will never go through anything for liking scrotes, the word “cocksucker” has no material effect on them other than hurt feelings.

No. 14273

Lizard brain take. It's like saying making more babies in the decaying, late stage capitalism world is good because "muh genes". You're totally male identified and I hope you won't get yourself killed by a scrote just because your meme genes told you the dick is worth the risk kek.

No. 14274

someone called someone else a dyke which is why i was replying to people defending what i said lol

No. 14275

it’s the equivalent to saying women somehow need men to survive. they’re so defensive about “muh genes” too, they’ll be on board about everything feminist except considering the fact that their poor nigel isn’t the exception. other separatist movements currently exist in many countries and heterosexual women there are not having any issues concerning their “natural instincts” so why is it so hard for so many radical feminists to give up men? they know how bad they are? it’s sad to watch.

No. 14279

It's not about sucking or not, dumbass, it's about hypersexualising a woman and then slut-shaming her. Would you harass random SSA people talking about their partners to call them "buttfuckers" or "scissor sisters"?

> can’t treat lesbians like shit for decades and expect them not to snap back
I respect everyone up to the moment i feel disrespected. And it's usually you all who attack bi women first anyway.

>has no material effect on them other than hurt feelings

Just like any shit I say here??? It's a word not a punch after all.

Whatever, i'm getting tired of this shit, bye.

No. 14283

File: 1682569881575.jpeg (170.62 KB, 1170x1139, 43B10C0B-F7DF-4B76-A364-84D481…)

>i respect everyone up to the moment i feel disrespected
so why the fuck do you not understand why lesbians feel that way? hypocrite.
again osa women don’t go through shit for liking men
> And it's usually you all who attack bi women first anyway.
how? by telling you guys not to date men? the stereotype that all lesbians are violent and predatory towards bi women is so fucking stupid. it’s perpetuated by tiktokfags and twitterfags who have never picked up a book.
the only reason lesbians shit talk you guys is because of how bad you guys treat us. and it’s not even because you’re bi it’s because you’re not a lesbian. You guys see us as men and it shows. To you guys we’re predatory, we constantly go after the innocent osas. and want to “convert” them to lesbianism. Like you osas assume everyone who is pro separatism is suddenly a lesbian. (proof: the person calling the opposite sex attracted separatist a dyke). you all get aggressive towards every single person who brings up separatism in a way that is fucking weird towards the lesbian community. because you all see us as predatory men. yet then you tell us we somehow started it?


> Just like any shit I say here??? It's a word not a punch after all.

Except the word dyke has historical context, it’s a violent word towards lesbians, it portrays them as violent, mean, aggressive. it is used to actually cause harm to our community. it literally the shortened version of the word “bulldyke” (literally look at some of the definitions of that word, especially how people on urban dictionary describe masculine lesbians) unlike the word cockbrained and words like it. it doesn’t have historical context, it’s recent. “it sexualizes women” no it criticizes how obsessed they are with putting men over women. You all need to cope with the fact that osas will never experience any sort of bigotry relating to their attraction to men

No. 14285

File: 1682570600192.jpg (73.01 KB, 1080x1080, download (3).jpg)

My baby

No. 14304

Nta but
>Words = violence
is literally a tranny talking point. And it doesn't matter anyway because you came in here calling women disgusting shit long before someone clapped back by calling you a dyke. Like >>14279 said, you're slutshaming women and reducing them to sexual objects for male fulfillment, and that's inexcusable regardless of how delusional you are about how your sexuality makes you a superior feminist.

Yeah all the anons in here sticking up for their nigels and celebrity crushes are being cringe, but you 100% deserve to be clowned on for taking the thread to seriously and coming at everyone with your scrotebrained, misogynistic insults. Idk where the hell you came from, but please go back.

No. 14310

>you're slutshaming women and reducing them to sexual objects for male fulfillment
Nta but women are reducing themselves to sexual objects lmao. I'm not a lesbian and I don't give a fuck if you call me a dyke or a femcel or a man or something else. Call me whatever you want. A woman who lets herself getting fucked by a moid has no self respect.

No. 14326

NTA, it's not about being "predatory" (it's usually straight women who think like that), it's because it's not so uncommon for some lesbians to bully bi women specifically 4 dating men (and sometimes, late blooming lesbians for dating them in the past), I don't judge nonny for thinking that was the case here.

Okay, tradcath.

No. 14328

what made you start thinking that having sex with a man means you have no self respect? I'm a filthy sex haver but genuinely curious if you have had bad relationships with men or seeing how your mother was treated to feel like this, or whether it's seeing how men treat women completely unrelated to you via the internet, friends etc

No. 14330

Just reading and analyzing stuff and then seeing lots of that happening in real life. Luckily I got blackpilled early enough, in my late teens, before I even touched a scrote, and it sealed it for me. I will never touch a scrote in my life despite not being a lesbian. I have scrotes showing interest me, so I'm not an unwanted femcel like you would like me to be, although even if I was, that still wouldn't change the fact that I'm right. I will never reciprocate that male interest because I know male nature. They're not capable of seeing you as a human, they will never see you as a human, and het relationships are almost always just prostitution in disguise. Being with men will never help abolish the patriarchy.

No. 14332

I didn't call you an unwanted femcel, I was just wondering. Ofcourse any woman can have interest and sex, having a healthy relationship for a woman though is as hard as it is for a man to have sex with an attractive woman.
You say you were blackpilled in your late teens, what age range are you now?

No. 14337

Nta but femcel isn't a woman that can't get laid, she's a woman who can't get a man that treats her right, which is what you are. Even the ugliest most autistic woman can get a bf but he'll be a weird abusive ugly autistic man which she obviously wouldn't date, that'd make her a femcel.

No. 14338

Ntayrt but woman (clean) would never want male (filthy) if god (cruel) didn’t make it necessary for reproduction. You only think otherwise because you’re mentally ill (heterosexual)

No. 14339

Then the majority of women are autistic femcels because men don't treat them right at all, they don't do 50/50 at home, they're shit at taking care of kids, in a case of cancer diagnosis they leave their wives 8 times more often than vice versa (are all those female cancer patients autistic femcels?), they're shit at sex, almost all of them watch porn even while married. Even men who pretend to support feminism and be anti porn are often watching porn, even here you had women who discovered their scrotes watched porn after 2 years of keeping the anti-porn facade kek. I could go on for hours. You sound delusional. You would have to admit the wast majority of women are autistic femcels and at that point it's just cope

No. 14342

Stop replying to the schizo, they're clearly baiting.

No. 14345

Why are you even on this board if you think most men are le good lol, go to /ot/ or somewhere where women still want unicorn boyfriends and vent about their shitty partners raping them for medicine. Why are you in the thread about the purge when it's clear you wouldn't want an actual purge at all lol

No. 14347

So going by your definition, if a woman is in a relationship with, or married to an abusive man, because she couldn't get a non-abusive one, that's a femcel too.
That would be silly.

No. 14359

File: 1682626149231.jpg (47.51 KB, 600x713, YMO Prologue.jpg)

These 3 mother fuckers, 2 of them are already out but I would keep them as crazy beat producing grandpas in a special grandpa tower. If they want to go outside they would have to run around with techno party lasers and sound boards bolted on them to make everybody know they are out in the streets.

No. 14492

No. 14943

Sorry ladies, I would save my nigel. It doesn't matter how good or feminist some random celebrimoid appears to be. You never know them well enough to discern the covert misogynists. At least I can say the one I know personally is good to me, and that's what really counts. Saving a moid you don't know personally only makes sense if you think their contributions to humanity as a whole outweigh their inherent male sociopathy.

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