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File: 1675380953686.jpg (45.01 KB, 807x527, zbbBn.jpg)

No. 1489133

No. 1489149

Should I feel bad for laughing at this:

No. 1489154

My SIL Is so fucking jealous of any woman doing anything better than her. She also gossips like a highschooler and is incredibly insecure.
How do I bite back a little? Im not good at being a bitch but she doesnt deserve an ounce of patience or kindness moving forward.
Petty bitches, step up and share the secret to success. thank you

No. 1489176

Is it wrong to push your bf into changing his body for you? He's so loving, caring, and dreamy, but he'd be so much hotter if he was fit. I saw pictures of him when he was younger and skinnier, and he was so much more physically attractive. I'm still extremely attracted to him, even though I thought chubby guys were repulsive before him. I guess I want to have my cake and eat it too, how vapid am I?

No. 1489196

File: 1675385861823.jpg (119.47 KB, 1225x690, best-videogame-cats-yakuza.jpg)

What's with Japanese people and cat buttholes?

No. 1489200

how stupid am i for feeling like less of a woman for having never worn false lashes? at the age of 21. the other day i was talking to a few women on discord and they made it out like i was weird for never having worn them

No. 1489203

Men demand change for less so just do it nonna. Also it's not like him getting fit would be bad for him, he'd probably feel better too.

No. 1489219

Nah those women are the weird ones. The vast majority of women I know rarely if ever wear false lashes and if they do it's for their wedding or some event where they're being heavily photographed. Eyelash extensions are probably more popular at this point but those are way more natural looking.

No. 1489229

I wore them once when I was 25 with a Halloween costume. All the photos from the night are me with one set of eyelashes missing. Never even noticed. They're hassle imo and look dumb in hindsight. I never see stupidly exaggerated eyelashes these days.

No. 1489257

Whenever she tears down another woman for being better, say “I think it’s cool that she’s good with xyz so idk why you’re upset” or “Personally she doesn’t bother me enough to pay that much attention, does she bother you?”. Honesty works too, a very neutral and straightforward “That’s a bitchy/mean thing to say” checks them pretty good.

No. 1489260

Nta but I see a lot of over done eyelash extensions and I'm the odd ball out for not having them. I dont care though I refuse to have something stuck on my eye area when mascara can be washed off. Also the expense must be decent compared to a tube of mascara or 1 set of glue ons. This economy is too fucked to have stupid expenses.

No. 1489286

Is fast metabolism true or is it a cope for fatties?

No. 1489297

what is this unexplained feeling of dread that i'm experiencing these past few months, like i'm forgetting something very important in my life but i don't know what it is? how do i find out what's causing it?

No. 1489312

Please help. What does it mean if a form says "Resident at:"? Country? State? City?

No. 1489321

Write down stream of conscious everything that’s bothering you. Take a long time to do it. Then write a “top ten” which is the top ten things you want in your life or to do (not necessarily normal goals, can be like “fully engaged with hobby”). That should help give you clarity on life direction.

No. 1489324

If it's an older person there is some actual truth to it since you gain 1lb every year when you get older and you have to do more work to mitigate this. But if they are in their 20s they are coping, even though i do believe everyone has varying metabolisms.

No. 1489330

depends on the document but for some reason resident sounds to me like it means just your home adress

No. 1489337

I have no idea and i've wondered the same thing, why do they always accentuate them to be "cute" or funny? Japanese have the weirdest sense of humor

No. 1489349

Burnout? I had this same feeling but it went away when I graduated.

No. 1489358

File: 1675406220181.jpeg (353.43 KB, 1536x2048, FgZ1D99XwAI2SOc.jpeg)

Does anyone use trolleys? Picrel is similiar to what I got as a gift. It's just I never seen one of these before and I don't really know what I'm supposed use it for beside going to the grocery shops from what I gather. Like is that the only function of it?

No. 1489361

Yes that's what it's for. It's so much more convenient that carrying bags of groceries and then walking back home and you can hold more things, but it's useless if you only go to the supermarket by car.

No. 1489371

I remember someone stating in some thread that Einstein stole some of his ideas from a female scientist, is this true or not ?

No. 1489377

I received a Pluralsight membership, what should I study?

No. 1489382

File: 1675409634225.png (47.29 KB, 801x397, men ain't shit.png)

Not just any female scientist but his first wife too, Mileva Marić.

No. 1489389

didn't he treat his son shitty as well and threw him in a asylum ?

No. 1489392

>Eduard Einstein (28 July 1910 – 25 October 1965) was born in Zürich, Switzerland, the second son of physicist Albert Einstein from his first wife Mileva Marić. Albert Einstein and his family moved to Berlin in 1914. Shortly thereafter the parents separated, and Marić returned to Zürich, taking Eduard and his older brother Hans Albert with her. His father remarried in 1919 and in 1933 emigrated to the United States .
>Eduard was a good student and had musical talent. After gymnasium, he started to study medicine to become a psychiatrist, but by the age of twenty one he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He was institutionalized two years later for the first of several times. Biographers of his father have speculated that the drugs and "cures" of the time damaged rather than aided the young Einstein.[30] His brother Hans Albert Einstein believed that his memory and cognitive abilities had been deeply affected by electroconvulsive therapy treatments Eduard received while institutionalized.[31]
>After a breakdown, Eduard had told his father Albert that he hated him, and after the father's emigration to the United States they never saw each other again.
>Eduard lived most of the time at the psychiatric clinic Burghölzli in Zurich, where he died in 1965 of a stroke at age 55. He is buried at Hönggerberg Cemetery in Zurich.

Her husband cheated on her with his own cousin, her daughter died and her youngest son became a schizoid, fucking hell

No. 1489457

File: 1675419248232.png (55.55 KB, 1294x645, discord.png)

somebody used my email and it looks like they're turkish, what can i do about this? is this legit? i'm tech illiterate and i mindlessly clicked the link i really hope it's not spyware again and that this is real. i'm so stupid. should i be worried?

No. 1489462

it is. dont click the ip authorization. contact the discord services and change your emails password, check if its been compromised in the settings

No. 1489488

Is it rude to knock on an adjoining wall to let the neighbors know they’re waking me up with their loud sex? I texted a friend about it and she told me it was rude and sex shaming. Idk I am kinda a prude and hearing people have sex is super gross to me

No. 1489489

Nah, you're absolutely right to call it out if it's making you uncomfortable. Sex shaming is fake unless it comes from religion or your parents and even then….

No. 1489504

This happened to me in a hotel once. We were rocking the bed and the next room knocked. We took it to the floor to minimise the noise lok

No. 1489519

Even that only happens when you reach your 60s though. Your metabolism doesn't slow down before that; people just get more sedentary.

No. 1489539

Yeah, see you’d be a good neighbor. I don’t want to ruin people’s sex lives, it’s just hard to sleep with a headboard banging right near my head and porno noises

No. 1489543

If you were ever fat or buff and are now skelly or vice versa, do you see your past self as almost a different person? Like does it feel alien to you that you used to be that way? Can you not remember or imagine what it was like? Especially if you’re buff now and capable of so much more, or went from fat to skinny??

Also if you are really fat can you feel your rolls overlapping?

No. 1489603

File: 1675439111652.jpg (203.97 KB, 1060x1057, tumblr_oqa7uwRgDx1v17msto7_128…)

How do I animate a legitimately fat, senior aged, lazy cat that doesn't like me to move around more? She won't chase anything, I don't think I've seen her jump higher than like a foot in literal years (when she was younger she was like an athlete, I actually feared for my face), which is understandable, considering how fat she is, and if you play with her she grows tired of it after like five minutes. I already don't feed her at all (though honestly, I think that she flat-out refuses to drink anything that isn't milk is the main cause here) and tell my parents to ignore her crying, but they say they can't refuse their baby anything and that a short life liven in abundance is better than a long ascetic one, but thinking about how hyped she used to be as a kitten seriously makes me cry lol. The only thing keeping me at bay is the fact that, despite her weight and age, she doesn't seem to have any health problems, aside from a little snoring.

No. 1489604

This threadpic makes me laugh every time I see it

No. 1489608

Do any of you have relatives or kids of friends who grew up watching Elsagate bullshit on youtube? I am curious how that generation will grow up

No. 1489618

Since she’s old and fat, it could be arthritis slowing her down. She might be more motivated to play for treats, like learning tricks or playing hide and seek. I’m not sure what else to say since her losing weight would be the best thing for her. But I understand, my parents overfed several cats into the grave and were fucking weird about just feeding them less

No. 1489628

What was the name of that one lesbian girl on YouTube who had green(?) hair, weird makeup, wore a brown tunic dress thing that covered her whole body and had it up to her chin? She had a video about her ex girlfriend or something? Also had a video about talking about her sexual assault trauma ? I can’t remember her name

No. 1489630

Emilia fart

No. 1489694

How do I post clips from TikTok on here using my phone?

No. 1489707

File: 1675446147771.jpg (235.49 KB, 680x966, 1671786574664.jpg)

I don't know if this belongs here, but could someone whose good at editing/art have the girl in picrel have dark hair

No. 1489731

File: 1675448710800.jpg (4.04 KB, 78x110, 1675446147771_28109945993650.j…)

did i do gud?

No. 1489746

Please nonnies I’ve been wondering this since I was 8 years old but never had the guys to ask

No. 1489748

File: 1675450614320.jpg (5.18 KB, 300x168, 880y8hujs.jpg)

nice picture for ants.

No. 1489750

Bruh you didn’t even do her eyebrows either

No. 1489760

File: 1675451903946.jpg (45.19 KB, 750x691, EAmr-PAWsAEoiWR.jpg)

No. 1489783

If it’s 4:45 and I punch out at 5:30. How many minutes is that all together?

No. 1489786

45 mins

No. 1489787

Ty big brain

No. 1489817

My ex said it meant a lot that I sent a Birthday text, does it mean anything?

No. 1489842

I buy into the roombas are tools to spy on your home life and blueprint tinfoil but I want one. Are all roombas connected to the internet?

No. 1489852

Yes, a lot

No. 1489864

I went from fat to skelly. Felt the same. Granted I have zero body awareness and it's hard for me to 'see' what I look like, so maybe that plays a part. Physically I felt the best when I was active, regardless of weight. Being sedentary starts to literally hurt after a while, idk how neets do it. Being skelly made me feel kind of high at times. I had this weird manic energy.

No. 1489875

File: 1675460132540.jpeg (75.26 KB, 651x651, 2952F367-D720-4ECC-9F60-080686…)


No. 1489918

No, i am the same person. The only difference was my relationship with food.

No. 1489945

Thank you for sharing your experiences! Would love to hear more from other anons

No. 1489966

Depends on how you're relationship ended. If it ended fairly amicably and are still in contact wishing them a hbd means as much as two acquaintances wishing each other a happy birthday

No. 1489994

File: 1675471282323.png (365.54 KB, 843x419, pastelkawaiibarbie.PNG)

I don't get it. What's so milky about picrel? That she's ugly? Is that it? If this girl chose some other lame aesthetic that was more normie would she still be milky?
>inb4 she wears ill-fitting clothes
Her and every other fatty, kek. Big whoop.

No. 1490013

She actually dresses well imo, it's just that it doesn't look good on her body type. I recall what made her cowish was her obsession with wanting to be a j-fashion influencer when it's something that is barely profitable and very niche and the fact that she is overweight with horrible fat distribution means her dreams will never come true. Such a profession is heavily appearance based so of course people are going to nitpick the way she looks, whether it's fair or not.

No. 1490025

The answer is literally within the first posts of the thread, her behavior. Just say you identify with her because she's ugly and built like a fridge too.

No. 1490035

How common is it for a scrote to get off to pictures of you when they have a crush on you? I was remembering a guy that had a crush on me online and how he had this complex where he was both pious/religious and very vulgar and perverted and he seemed ashamed of the latter. It dawned on me that he may have done that but I sort of don't want to believe it

No. 1490053

Ended badly, not with anger but with a lot of sadness and confusion. Sent him a ‘no hard feelings’ text and went back to really hot and cold behavior. Saw him a few times in person and kept acting like my boyfriend but rebuffed any rekindling. Took some space for two months and then he sent a NYE text and we’ve talked twice since then.

No. 1490095

File: 1675479620881.jpeg (155.55 KB, 1200x800, Screen_Shot_2020_10_22_at_6.24…)

Bizarre question, but I remember seeing a screenshot of a pewdiepie rp with TIF, who included an actual picture of him in his little gamer chair, with his gamer headphones on and barebottomed with his little cock out, having cummed all over himself. Does anyone know the origin of the picture? Like was he recording a onlyfans video like that Mark guy? Scandal with his underage? fan? Wanking it with the boys? Picrel is the ugly mug.

No. 1490105

File: 1675480002028.png (633.09 KB, 1322x786, 1672141070167.png)


No. 1490107

File: 1675480020952.jpg (44.08 KB, 674x679, q6jr8xzayr271.jpg)

Really retarded English grammar question coming up:
>"You don't find me attractive?"
If I say "Yes" that should mean I'm in agreeance with that statement, right? Or should I say "No" to reiterate that "No, I don't find you attractive"? Or would saying "No" mean "No, you're wrong. I DO find you attractive"?

No. 1490118

"No, I don't find you attractive" sounds the best to me. It's better to be specific when responding to questions like that instead of a simple "yes" or "no". For example if you only respond with "yes" then you might get a "do you mean 'yes' as in 'yes you find me attractive', or 'yes I don't find you attractive'?" response

No. 1490120

I think I know what screenshot you're talking about but I don't think that was actually PDP was it?

No. 1490128

I don't have the picture sadly as I just remember being weirded out by seeing it but he had the same chair and headphones on and he was wearing zipperless hoodie I think

No. 1490175

What is the difference between ‘fucking’ and ‘making love’?

No. 1490179

emotional connection. which, despite what some anons say, does exist.

No. 1490260

File: 1675493143226.jpg (72.62 KB, 960x830, shoilet.jpg)

I eat my spinach every week, ate my broccoli, ate my protein bars, drank my juice, am always drinking water everyday, SO WHY CAN'T I POOP THIS WEEK? Every time it feels like it's about to happen, only farts come out

No. 1490261

Also I drank tea too since I thought something hot would help. Nope, nothing.

No. 1490275

You gotta get enough activity. Are you moving around plenty every day? Half hour of walking? Squats?

No. 1490290

has someone gotten their palm read online?

No. 1490296

i'll get back to you in 6 months as i'm again starting my diet on monday

No. 1490297

Being active does more for my digestion than anything else.

No. 1490302

Good luck nonnie. View it as a life style change, not a diet. Do it for health and happiness, not a number on the scale. Losing weight won't make you love yourself.

No. 1490335

How do you separate artist from art? In cases where the art is actually exceptional but everything points to the artist being a serial abuser?

No. 1490348

File: 1675506553428.png (3.63 MB, 1441x2048, Kirinji Gate - Dark Hair Edit …)


attempt 1

No. 1490349

File: 1675506683068.png (3.49 MB, 1441x2048, Kirinji Gate - Dark Hair Edit …)

No. 1490366

why are all skirts made out of polyester or viscose?? i have such a hard time finding cute skirts made out of cotton… it's the only clothing item i struggle with

No. 1490398

Cotten wrinkles like a mfer. But eshakti sells cotton skirts

No. 1490411

to be a faggot and quote someone else, "separate the artist from the art, but if that art's about the person you can't pull them apart"

No. 1490445

i don't and i don't see why anyone would have to

No. 1490471

Are messy buns outdated?

No. 1490544

I've had multiple men say they've jerked off to my photos so I deleted all social media lmao.

No. 1490547

I think people now just use a claw clip instead of an elastic for messy buns.

No. 1490670

File: 1675529822054.jpg (352.18 KB, 1200x1599, 1610209243387.jpg)

What extremely embarrassing things do you used to like and have since realized were cringe? I used to really love Epic Rap Battles and Channel Awesome in my late teens/early 20s, I thought this was the funniest shit ever.

No. 1490688

i think some people are more able to separate it than other people. for me i have a really hard time enjoying something if i know that whoever made it is a truly horrible person, because i'll just keep thinking about that thing whenever im trying to enjoy that peice of media. but on the otherh hand, fields like the music industry are so full of bad people that you have to be able to separate it to some degree. like i could never enjoy chris brown or lost prophets bc the mental image is too horrific, but i'm still able to enjoy musicians like david bowie even though he's done some bad things. its complicated.

No. 1490698

Any keyboard playing anons have keyboard recs?

No. 1490707

are you just starting out? i bought a yamaha p-45 as my first decent keyboard after practicing on a shitty cheap one for years, i highly recommend it. sounds great and the keys have a nice weight to them

No. 1490709

samefag sorry i should add its more like a digital piano, so its not great if you want lots of voice or synth options

No. 1490718

I've played on and off! i want something with organ opions

No. 1490835

the p45 has 2 organ options (out of 10 voices). i'd still recommend it as a great choice if you want a solid and not too expensive keyboard though (the key weighting is really, really nice and feels realistic asf compared to other similar priced keyboards.)
for another choice i just did some quick googling, and it looks like people recommend the yamaha tyros line for a more affordable keyboard that still has some great organ sounds. obviously if money isnt an issue for you there are some really nice keyboards out there, but they can get pretty pricey

No. 1490910

I wanna watch BCS but it's been years since I last watched BB. Is a re-watch needed or can I watch it just like that?

No. 1490912

It’s a prequel to BB so you’ll be fine if you just start

No. 1490913

Nah, you'll be fine. The recurring characters all meet each other for the first time so it'll be like getting a primer on who everyone is. You really only need to know Saul, Mike, and Gus.

No. 1490925

Thank u sm!!

No. 1490941

I undercooked a burger and when I took a bite some of the inside was still pink. I obviously spat it out but I had chewed already and must have swallowed some of the juice. Are my chances of food poisoning very low?

No. 1490945

Thank you both

No. 1490952

You'll be fine. I've done this so many times before

No. 1490970

Late, but thank you! I was very bewildered when I saw the trolley, I thought my nigel had bought me a baby stroller at first KEK
You don't need to connect your roomba to wifi unless you want to connect it tour mobile
Vast improvement from >>1489731 My favourite is the darker haired one.

No. 1490973

I've eaten plenty of medium-well burgers and never had a problem

No. 1490976

You'll most likely be ok! Some people purposefully cook burgers with some pink

No. 1490977

>Undercooked a burger
No such thing.

No. 1490978

Why don't we have a malecow thread? The pinkpill thread is too angry and serious, I just want to laugh at moids. We need make fun of moids more.

No. 1490998

This. If you eat your burger well done you might as well just eat cardboard

No. 1491005

You're crazy anon, well done burgers are good.

No. 1491011

As the anon she quoted, no they're not I'm sorry but meat loses flavor at certain points and I'm happy you enjoy it well cooked, I won't say you're wrong to think that as all good meat is still good burger but I shant sit here and do nothing while you call her crazy for having an opinion backed by kitchen science.

No. 1491020

I still like youtube poops and think theyre hilarious. I don't really care about cringe or whatever but I definitely don't go around telling that to people kek

No. 1491021

Only if you eat disgustingly thick burgers that take a long time to cook, and then dry out. Smash burgers literally sear and cook in several seconds and they're not cardboard.
Meat has very little flavor to begin with, the especially ground meat used for burgers. That's why we sear the outsides and use seasoning.

No. 1491027

you are not going to win this debate here nonnie. there are many esl chans here who are from asia type places where it is normal to eat raw insect, uncooked egg or literally fried mouse. the laws of hygiene and common sense do not apply to these types of people. it's their culture.

No. 1491029

>Meat has little flavor to begin with.
Okay just letting you be wrong.

No. 1491030

But it's factually not true nonny! Some of the most delicious juicy tender burgers I've ever had were well done. Granted, I haven't had many beef burgers because I didn't eat meat for a long time..

No. 1491034

Ultimately happy cows give the best meat regardless so it really doesn't matter if ya cook it well and I enjoy that you've found your love for meat after so long.

No. 1491060

Ok, then next time don't add seasoning and don't sear it. See how much "flavor" it has.

No. 1491068

Explain broth.

No. 1491071

Ayrt, I do all the time because I never use frozen burgers.

No. 1491086

Isn't most broth made with seasoning and herbs though?
So you eat burgers with no seasoning and you don't even brown them. Let me guess, you eat them rare too. Gross.

No. 1491092

are there any female gaze/husbando image boorus?

No. 1491097

Who ever said I don't brown them you troll?

No. 1491111

you really don't see why some people don't want to support abusers/rapists/pedos etc

No. 1491117

Is the anon who keeps sperging about lesbians being incels all the same person? I've seen "her" in a few different threads now, the fujo cringe one this week and recently the Grimes one and iirc the TIF one. Pretty sure it's a troon baiting

No. 1491126

This is so dumb and not really important. But I was writing something for fun, and I was trying to remember the name of this disease. It's an well known disease, and I think it was known for making you cough? The disease I was thinking of had a historical name, like something everyone back in the day called it, but it's called something different in modern medicine. Does anyone have any ideas? I tried to google it but I couldn't really get anything I wanted to come up.

No. 1491130

Consumption? (AKA Tuberculosis)

No. 1491137

File: 1675562162492.gif (727.6 KB, 500x281, bunbun.gif)

Thank you, In exchange I'll give you give this bunny pic

No. 1491140

Yes, this was it exactly!! Thank you so much, I don't know why this was bothering me so much.

No. 1491154

Is it even physically possible for women to feel pleasure from anal? Whenever I google this I just get answers like "Anyone can find anal enjoyable if you do it right" blah blah blah. I really just want a clear answer because I cant imagine women have any nerve ending there that would make it pleasurable, it only seems painful and pointless because the vagina would feel infinitely better anyway.

No. 1491239

File: 1675569336058.jpg (92.34 KB, 500x376, 1670664284860761.jpg)

So where do most of the cp/moid raid comes from and why can't they end them, shouldn't a simple IP ban be enough be enough to stop them ?

No. 1491244

Someone else explained it in more detail/was probably more correct, but for women who genuinely enjoy anal and aren't just sex positivity poisoned, it has to do with the fact that the clitoris extends internally beyond just the external part and depending on your anatomy it can be pleasured through anal. So I guess the answer is still "no, it cannot be enjoyable for everyone," but not every woman who says she likes it is necessarily being a pickme.

No. 1491246

VPNs. They just switch countries and keep posting. I don't know where or who the racebait is coming from, but I feel like it's one person trying to advertise his website (there is no way I'm clicking that link).

No. 1491252

okay but can't VPNs addresses be banned as well

No. 1491255

Most of the free ones are.

No. 1491260

Yes, and admin said that the VPN IPs cp/gore/porn is posted on get permabanned, but there are countless VPN IPs belonging to hundreds of different companies. I use a (paid) VPN sometimes and a lot of the countries are banned (usually for moidposts) but there are still a few that are unbanned. The racebaiter is probably using ones that aren't banned and then switching when they do get banned.

No. 1491264

File: 1675571486086.jpg (37.25 KB, 600x500, 15182822_p0.jpg)


thank you nona! i felt like the first one wasn't dark enough but posted it in case someone wanted a lighter option

i accept this payment! happy postings!

No. 1491265

but how much would this cost, like who has this much free time and money to waste, buying as many IP's as he can, going through all of them and using some other site just to spam cp and gore

No. 1491267

VPNs aren't the only way to ban evade, they might be using a proxy or tor which are both free. There's no way to explain it, it's just XY insanity and you'll go crazy trying to find an answer. Just report and wait for the janinas to deal with it

No. 1491272

there's a chance that they could be reseting their router or using mobile data to keep getting new ips

No. 1491281

I don't care about the psychology just the method, cause its clearly 2-3 moids doing this and if we can somehow truly find a way to stop them, no more cp or gore spam

No. 1491331

Can someone link me to the article that debunked the high rate of domestic abuse between lesbians?

No. 1491333

I'm not sure what can be done now besides permabanning vpns it's posted with but admins are still going through with the update. Iirc on nucow all vpns are banned and there's a captcha so that stops the vpn hopping and bot spam.

No. 1491342

I dont have an article but I did save a post about it
>The survey found that same-sex cohabitants reported significantly more intimate partner violence than did opposite-sex cohabitants. Among women, 39.2 percent of the same-sex cohabitants and 21.7 percent of the opposite sex cohabitants reported being raped, physically assaulted, and/or stalked by a marital/cohabiting partner at some time in their lifetime. Among men, the comparable figures are 23.1 percent and 7.4 percent (exhibit 8). At first glance, these findings suggest that both male and female same-sex couples experience more intimate partner violence than do opposite sex couples. However, a comparison of intimate partner victimization rates among same-sex and opposite-sex cohabitants by perpetrator gender produced some interesting findings: 30.4 percent of same-sex cohabiting women reported being victimized by a male partner, whereas 11.4 percent reported being victimized by a female partner. Thus, same-sex cohabiting women were nearly three times more likely to report being victimized by a male partner than by a female partner. Moreover, opposite-sex cohabiting women were nearly twice as likely to report being victimized by a male partner than were same-sex cohabiting women by a female partner(20.3 percent and 11.4 percent)

>Dishonest Journalists have spun this study to suggest that lesbian relationships are more violent than heterosexual or gay male relationships because 39.2% of women who have lived with women have experienced domestic violence. However, 11.4% report being victimized by a female partner, and 30.4% of women who have lived with women report being victimized by a male partner. The difference (20.3% vs 30.4%) suggests that either bisexual women are more likely to experience violence, OR, bisexual women who experience violence are more likely to date women then a bisexual women who has not experienced violence.

Quoted from: https://web.archive.org/web/20221116224755/https://auntiewanda.tumblr.com/post/154007193526/are-lesbians-inherently-more-abusive-i-keep-on

Source used for the "Lesbians = extreme DV" claim: https://www.ojp.gov/pdffiles1/nij/181867.pdf

No. 1491416

File: 1675598192023.png (11.24 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_8910.png)

is this line on the left a positive or just an evaporation line? I'm panicking that my bc failed now

No. 1491434

What's with the hate towards schizoids here? I'm not trying to start a debate, I'm just confused: isn't that personality disorder clinically introverted? How can you develop hate towards someone that doesn't even interact with people? Lif you know they are schizoid its quite obvious things will never go nowhere romantically so why even try and get angry at the lack of results?

No. 1491436

They are still stuck in elementary school and think it means they are uppity

No. 1491438

Does that AI voice clip generator also work with non-English languages? If yes, does it work with Japanese?

No. 1491460

I'd say positive but take another test to be sure.

No. 1491480

Might be false positive or there is not enough of the pregnancy hormone in your urine to show a clear line. Take another test first thing tomorrow morning! Morning urine has the most of the hormone afaik.


No. 1491482

Why does it feel like there are no therapists/psychologists/whatever open to taking appointments on weekends? Is it because I'm not in a big city? Or is it just thought all across the board in this industry that hours like 9-4 Monday to Thursday and then 9-2 on Fridays, weekends always off, are good and not severely limiting for people who work/do other things during those days? Wouldn't a weekends-only mental health professional's office make a lot of money and business because of the demand and (what I perceive to be) a lack of competition?

No. 1491502

Can a relationship work where you talk once a week at most and are mostly focused on your own individual careers and hobbies and don't really adapt it to fit the other person, and they are also the same?

No. 1491504

Maybe, but I can’t imagine one or both parties wouldn’t get lonely after a while.

No. 1491522

> Wouldn't a weekends-only mental health professional's office make a lot of money and business…?
I think this is not much motivation as they are already making a lot of money. Private therapy is expensive as it is, adding a weekend surcharge large enough to make it worth a therapists time probably won’t attract much more business. There might be some that work weekends - I do agree it’s a good idea, and could suit part-time therapists too - but if it’s not really happening in the private sector, it’s likely because it’s not profitable enough.

Public healthcare therapy is the same though (at least in my country). Therapists work the traditional 9-5 or something similar, it’s standard for all public healthcare jobs aside from hospital/emergency care staff.

No. 1491528

Who wants to work weekends?

No. 1491532

Can it? Sure, if that's what both parties want. But it will be a very shallow and pointless relationship.

No. 1491533

Me, I get paid extra and get some days of during the week to make up for it.

No. 1491535

Like above anon said, it would be a shallow and pointless relationship. What would be the point? What would you (or whoever) be getting out of being in it?

No. 1491578

How do I tell this guy to wash his fucking sheets

No. 1491579

Why would it be shallow? You'd have someone you know you can trust, you can help each other out whenever a situation arises. Isn't it perfect?

No. 1491590

Straight up do it if you are gonna suffer.
When I see posts like this I hope do any God you are young.

No. 1491591

I wouldn’t have deep trust in a partner I “talk to once a week at most”.

No. 1491595

File: 1675618117469.jpg (49.11 KB, 325x500, ugly as fuck.jpg)

I'm considering buying and reading physical copies of Harry Potter in English but the first volume of the current edition has that big, ugly logo that signals it's a 25th anniversary edition. It's not even a sticker, it's part of the cover. Does anyone knows if the collector box with the entire series has the first volume without the logo? It's dumb but I hate that shit so much I'm ready to wait until the book gets printed without it but I want to know just in case.

No. 1491597

Fair point.

No. 1491598

File: 1675618214900.jpeg (2.1 MB, 4032x3024, 8DD33B0A-55C7-41B1-9004-869C34…)

oh no… I took another one right after waking up and this is the result, looks negative? I really hope the other was false positive or evap lines

No. 1491599

Do another one if you want to be at peace. That's what I did when something similar happened to me.

No. 1491607

thanks nona, I'm going to wait a few days and test again

No. 1491616

Why do so few men have beards that connect? it seems only middle eastern and white guys have beards that connect for some reason

No. 1491623

At that point, it's just a relationship of convenience. You can't truly know, trust, or love someone you talk to a week at most. If that's all it took, many people would be in happy and successful relationships.

No. 1491648

What do you suggest for someone who dislikes having someone around all the time? I like being alone most of the time. I talk all day at work so when I'm home, I don't want to talk at all, nor listen to someone. I thought a weekly thing would be reasonable, but I'm seeing what anons are saying. The obvious choice would be to not get in a relationship, but I want someone I can share my life with.

No. 1491649

Not trying to be rude, but do you have friends? It sounds like close friendship is what you might be seeking, if you want a strong emotional connection and support without the commitments or expectations of a romantic relationship.

No. 1491662

That's not rude. I have friends but none of my friendships are 'deep', we hang out when schedules align and our conversations are fine, but kind of superficial. I don't know if I'd like sharing non-superficial things with someone, friend or partner. But to have a stronger bond, you need to be vulnerable like that, right?
Maybe I'm not ready/mature enough for a relationship. One day, I'll just magically find the idea of having someone around everyday appealing, and not exhausting.

No. 1491777

If the person is right it won't be exhausting.

No. 1491792

Are you sure they're actually mad at schizoids and not just doing the chan thing where you add "-oid" to a word to make it refer to a person, and using schizo colloquially to just mean someone chaotic?

No. 1491799

They're getting it confused with 'schizo' (as in schizophrenia).

No. 1491828

NTA but sometimes it really is an internal issue that needs to be worked on. Problems with true vulnerability can be really intense in romantic relationships because the fear of rejection is more acute than friendships. Sorry but I’m just tired of people saying the right person will somehow magically fix all of their issues.

No. 1491833

It doesn't necessarily sounds like an internal issue for OP. It's just her interests and personality. A huge part of relationship success is compatibility. Saying finding the right person is pretty much the same thing as finding an optimally compatible person.
There's nothing wrong with not wanting to settle if the other person doesn't have what you are looking for.

No. 1491836

But like a relationship that has depth usually requires way more contact than just once a week? I get not wanting to be attached at the hip with an SO but what she’s looking for is pretty contradictory for most people. Vulnerability is hard. It’s not impossible but chances you can find someone who is willing to get close emotionally but stay apart for extended periods of time is pretty slim.

No. 1491840

Oh yeah I agree with you on OP's situation and that a once a week contact relationship isn't possible for a serious romantic relationship. But I think she just hasn't met the right/compatible person yet rather than it being something she needs to work on for herself.
>maybe I'm just projecting

No. 1491866

Anons with image/file hoards, how do you organize them? Do you store on cloud service, local drive, or hard drive? I'm curious

No. 1491868

hard drives, flash drives and external drives.

No. 1491874

I have two 2TB external drives that I put my stuff on. They're sorted into folders labeled movies, music, images (includes videos, reaction images, wallpapers etc), and documents with a bunch of subfolders inside those ones. My movies are sorted by movies, tv shows, and anime; my music is sorted by genre and podcasts by date, images sorted by type of image/use, documents are sorted by subject then order of importance

No. 1491951

I agree the right people make things a lot easier but ultimately they still can’t fully fix you. My last relationship felt very right in a lot of ways but unfortunately our internal issues still got in the way and things crumbled. The right person won’t punish or reject you for your issues but they still can’t fix them either.

No. 1491966

what does a moot picture mean?

No. 1491968

File: 1675647430241.png (24.77 KB, 687x277, 2023-02-06_02-37-11.png)

Without context it's hard to tell.

No. 1491970

File: 1675647627239.jpg (217.56 KB, 1342x1451, 71awKYpDjML.jpg)

If you buy a single book then there is more of a chance you'll get the ugly sticker included along with the set that includes volume 1-3 for poorfags. If I were you I would look for other editions of the complete box set as there is a lot of variety of because it's Harry Potter Also paperback sucks

No. 1491971

christopher poole?

No. 1491972

Can you try to buy it in a brick and mortar store?

No. 1491974

It's from here >>>/ot/1490981 anon referenced it to pewdiepie dick pic speculation

No. 1491980

God this is lore from 15 years ago so please don't take what I say as granite, but I feel like Christopher "Moot" Poole, the founder of 4chan, has a picture of himself sitting in a chair (fully clothed) with cat ear headphones on or something, and I think that may be the reference, but this is a highly fractured memory, maybe I can stimulate someone else's memory to give a more precise answer.

No. 1491985

File: 1675649034161.jpg (66.04 KB, 799x600, chrisfuck.jpg)

>Christopher "Moot" Poole, the founder of 4chan, has a picture of himself sitting in a chair (fully clothed) with cat ear headphones on
I can't believe that I managed to erase his antics from my mind, fuck I'm old. I remember when someone shooped his face on a gay pornstar jacking it and there so many debates whether or not it was real. He used to be so cute…

No. 1491989

Ah, that's not in a chair but close enough, as I said my memory is hazy. Thanks for digging it up.

No. 1491996

File: 1675650210500.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 191.71 KB, 648x1000, Gay_moot_is_gay_2.jpeg)

Probably gonna get banned but I think you remembered this picture which matches the context of "This sounds like the moot picture" Still can't believe that I forgot all about him and I don't if that's good thing or not

No. 1491997

Oh, I had completely forgotten that exists and now I remember it as starkly as anything else. The mind works in mysterious ways.

No. 1492070

Any nonnas take SSRIs for chronic pain? Is it actually effective or is it just doctors writing women’s pain off as hysteria, as usual? Me joints hurt

No. 1492071

File: 1675658738373.jpg (50.67 KB, 1280x896, menstruation.jpg)

Anyone know that picture of a cum rag, where the rag has grown mold? Like literal mushrooms growing out of it. Well, how can I do that with my period blood? Any sciencey nonnies here? I got some period blood clots in a plastic container and want to see if anything comes from it.

No. 1492074

Bitch just because you want to be a moid doesn't mean you need to act like one

No. 1492075

"Comedian fart" level reply.

No. 1492076

have you not seen those videos of the science chick swabbing metro seats and wallets to try and grow bacteria in a petry dish from? that shit is entertaining

No. 1492100

File: 1675662066202.jpg (Spoiler Image, 126.74 KB, 1507x818, homemadeshrooms.jpg)

If you figure it out please update I'm mildly curious and disgusted at the same time.
Also is this the post you're talking about? Repost for added spoiler.

No. 1492116

are you komaeda period anon

No. 1492127

I have found old tampon in dark dank corner of the house assuming it was dug out of the trash by my cat, there was no mold on it, just dried out. I think cum actually has sugar in it and is more nutritious for mold.

No. 1492129

I only found French editions in that kind of stores because I'm in France. I think the few people here who bother with the English editions are dedicated fans who don't want to get rid of the books.

No. 1492132

I know what you're talking about. The OP on Reddit said the cumrag thing was a joke and it was just a mushroom grow project. I know this because I frequent mycology-related subreddits LOL.

No. 1492133

Samefag but this is a different photo than the one I was thinking of. This, I don't know about.

No. 1492156

File: 1675676231319.jpeg (126.13 KB, 495x776, 8F150376-7E55-4D79-8EF3-FA5B2F…)

There are those editions without the fake sticker on ebay so they do exist, not sure if they ship to France though. Or if you’re not set on those particular editions, there are probably the older ones being sold secondhand in pristine condition.

No. 1492157

File: 1675677084324.jpg (332.24 KB, 600x517, harry-potter-box-set-the-compl…)

if it doesn't have to be that exact same edition, someone recommended this set to me and I find it really beautiful, maybe that would be something for you, as the cover of the first book is exactly the same. ISBN is 978-1408856789

No. 1492159

how to stop feeling guilty for eating

No. 1492167

Guys I feel like I am having a brain aneurism or something because I am not understanding this statement: "The competent veterinary authority (approved veterinarian) of your state/county has to sign the form at the earliest 10 days before entering the country"
Does that mean that I have to get the form signed 10 or MORE days before entering the country or 10 or LESS days? (as in 10 or 9 days before, or 8 days before, or 2 days before etc?)

No. 1492169

Ten or less, the concern is that the paperwork is current.

No. 1492170

that makes sense, thank you SO much!!!

No. 1492172

Good luck with your travels.

No. 1492178

Are addicts always manipulative and dangerous in relationships?

No. 1492182

Dae has this thing that when you have a cold, your hearing suddenly becomes really bad?

No. 1492187

I think that’s normal yeah your ears, nose, and throat are very connected

No. 1492188

No. 1492189

Not always dangerous but always manipulative, either willingly or unwillingly. Addicts prioritize the subject of their addiction above everything else and go great length at making sure that the habit of addiction is maintained. This usually means a lot of lying, secrecy and playing mindgames with the people closest to them

No. 1492206

Yes, but keep an eye on it, if it lasts for too long it can damage your hearing. I don't know how long is safe and I don't want to give medical advice anyway (should be days at least).

No. 1492243

Damn kek, you've crushed my dreams. I guess no cool period mushrooms, then.

No. 1492294

Why do some people think feet are the grossest thing? It's just a retarded palm on your leg. Is it because some people's feet smell sometimes? Genitals are pretty smelly, mouths are pretty smelly too and the amount of people grossed out by that is way less than by feet. Or what else makes them gross? People always say it but never give reason.

No. 1492308

File: 1675698474020.gif (3.23 MB, 640x640, awkward-side-eye.gif)

No. 1492310

I have the old versions in hardcover and paperbook, but these new covers are so freakin cute. I definitely want to get my hands on them. I've been re-reading the books again before Hogwarts legacy comes out.

No. 1492311

To me because they are often cold and humid, but I also find gross lots of other things, like the mouth and breath (even nose breathing stinks sometimes). I believe most of the stigma is because of footfags, though.

No. 1492312

If you are entitled to money and you have no account to receive it and no way to open an account, so you give permission to receive money through the account of someone you know personally, how long should the bank take to approve that? They won't even give me an answer.

No. 1492313

nonna it's been troubeling my mind since i first visited intenational internet and nobody gave me an answer, nobody.

No. 1492316

so people would rather say they think it's gross because somebody finds something sexual in it…so they don't seem to others like there's even the tiniest possibility of them being connected to some fetish? It seems very paranoid to me.
Humid things i get that must be nasty, but i never encountered anybody with humid feet, always seemed dry like hands, or sweaty like hands are sweaty.

No. 1492341

mom nonnas/ kid caretakers can you help?
I have a little brother, age 9, who is a good, sheltered child. (Church, polos, only religious cds) One of his cousins thought it was funny to teach him how to moan like a porno. But the lil bro has zero access to anything besides minecraft bros on youtube. No cell, no tiktok. My dad doesnt look at videos like that… he even mutes/ changed channels during a sex scene on cable. (And then rants about porn sick media etc).
When he showed me the “new noise” he found, I pulled him aside. I told him he can make that noise in private, but not in public. He seemed confused, and Im sure its because he doesnt know why its wrong. I didnt berate him, but I would like some guidance in how to move forward.
I am 30, so the age gap is big and I just want to educate him appropriately if possible. I dont want to be the sex educator, but Im not letting him grow up into a jock jerk if i can help it. Such a weird thing to navigate. Idk what to do.
Thank you for helping.

No. 1492383

Ugh gotta say I don’t have any experience with kids whatsoever. I think telling him it’s not appropriate in public is the right move. I don’t think he needs to be explained much more than that at his age, considering religious upbringing he’s probably used to going with the flow on why things are. I would let the parents of that other child know that they’re teaching other kids weird shit. I think it’s better to consult experts about how to navigate sex ed when the kid lives in heavily religious and shame-based home.

No. 1492401

IMO I think you took the right approach by saying it’s a private noise. Maybe you can explain it’s disrespectful. That those noises are private sounds and people who do that in public are mocking others and trying to make them uncomfortable. Like when you make gross fart sounds. Etc if you want to help him explain better but want to keep it non sexual. If you think the other kids parents aren’t pricks I’d tell them their kid is into something weird. Be careful though because some people don’t like to believe their kids are the bad influence.

No. 1492416

who’s a good (actual) feminist writer for beginners?

No. 1492527

Anons, what's a good platonic valentines day gift? I need to figure something out quickly! Maybe I can crochet something up…

No. 1492530

Anything the other person likes? if they like crochet stuff, crochet away, idk I find it funny to even see a question like this, in my country it's literally a friend's day.

No. 1492550

How cringe would it be for me to repost a reply I made in the previous vent thread but got no attention because it was right before it locked?

No. 1492553

File: 1675719309819.jpg (26.24 KB, 399x612, gettyimages-76727623-612x612.j…)

Do it, whose gonna complain you?

No. 1492554

I hate when my reply is on the tail end of a full thread I consider it acceptable to repost in that circumstance

No. 1492575

Someone keeps leaving half eaten food on my porch at night. It usually happens once a month. What does this mean?

No. 1492576

>It usually happens once a month
You have a werewolf in your neighborhood.

No. 1492647

What is a normal amount for a woman to be able to lift?

No. 1492665

Why is Beyonce considered to have "good" music? Is it because she hires so many writers that no one wants to speak badly about it? Or is it really good? Is it good because of how it pushes the genre or because it's original, or is it because of the lyrical content/themes? Lastly, is she an actual song-writer or more like a contributer? I'm trying to decide if it is worth listening to her music.

No. 1492671

I know what thread this is, but tbh I don't understand asking these type of questions to decide if you want to listen to someone's music. These questions won't tell you how the songs actually sound and if it will be appealing to your ears. And some of these are too broad anyway, stuff like this,
>Is it good because of how it pushes the genre or because it's original, or is it because of the lyrical content/themes?
depends on the album. Just listen to her yourself.

No. 1492675

My one time I got really really high on acid and so took a pound of kiwis out of my fridge and walked to a neighbor's house and left them on their front porch.

No. 1492699

I'm saying all this as a Beyonce fan
>Why is Beyonce considered to have "good" music? Is it because she hires so many writers that no one wants to speak badly about it? Or is it really good?
Its a lot of factors: her name, talent and brand sells definitely but as she's not a songwriter herself the quality of her music variates greatly from hits to weak songs, there's not "consistency" on that matter. Some of her singles are pretty weak but her performance and singing abilities make up for it, her best albums are also not very popular sadly. I would recommend Black is King, imo its her best album with the best producers, performances and visuals
>Is it good because of how it pushes the genre or because it's original, or is it because of the lyrical content/themes?
As I said before, quality variates. The good stuff is hidden into random albums, her main stuff is usually "ok"
>Lastly, is she an actual song-writer or more like a contributer?

Contributer, she's not a producer, she sometimes gets involved to choose themes or change things here and there but she's not a full songwriter like Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga

No. 1492700

File: 1675736175573.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 129.56 KB, 819x772, 9696B245-D850-43FE-9C81-61206E…)

spoilering cuz eyeball and i know some people get grossed out by eyeballs

wtf is my eye color? my license says green bc i asked the lady to just write down what color she thought they were but i wouldn’t really call them green personally, more greyish than anything but they’re not really grey either. also any eyeshadow color suggestions to make them look less boring?
i usually just wear shiny nudes which is rather bland but i don’t want to look like a clown either kek

No. 1492702

File: 1675736412137.jpg (77.73 KB, 691x1178, 5d7d75d397da1c5db446f3a2fe6b87…)

Are folk costumes cringe? (Toned down and/or at certain occasions of course) I think they're beautiful but I only wear them inside kek

No. 1492703

Will I come across as weird if I dont have social media to new people I meet?

No. 1492704

feets are dirtier and can grow fungus (tho i also think dicks are equally as gross) and many people don't clean their toenails or won't even trim them

No. 1492711

Nonna I wish I could give you an answer but this is truly dependent on a lot of factors and differs for everybody…

No. 1492712

File: 1675737160122.png (125.17 KB, 360x474, 1633384340010.png)

Wtf why did old console games get so expensive?? I sold my ps2 games 8 years ago and now they sell for ~6 times as much. Why didn't the price go down, considering the CDs get worn down too?

No. 1492714

depends on where you live. In China there currently is a subculture of young people wearing folk inspired clothes on the street. Personally I would love to see more folk costumes because they are beautiful. I think some people will find it odd but not cringe. There is also going to be many who will like it

No. 1492715

Some people might find it weird but if they are worth talking to they won't care so much. If they ask, explain why you don't have any, they'll understand and if they don't it says more about them than it does about you.

No. 1492721

The average floor isn't clean. A great deal of people only let water run over their feet without soap or scrubbing. Do you not find the sight of a person clamping their hand to their foot like a lost lover come back for one final confession of passion while sitting in the middle of a public area disgusting?

No. 1492730

soymoid video game collectors that just buy every possible game they can + scalpers that buy up reasonably priced listings to supply said soymoids and jack up the price + mid gen emulation for ps2 games was shitty for a long time

No. 1492738

I thought these soymoids were still busy with buying scalped pokemon cards abd funko pops. This sucks.

No. 1492750

>A great deal of people only let water run over their feet without soap or scrubbing
nta but i find it so strange people don't even bother to wash their feet or even their legs (knew some guys who didn't do that ick) and let water flow over as if water on its own will clean off any gunk or gross stuff accumulated since the last time they washed. i try to wash every part of my body that i can because i can't stand feeling dirty.

No. 1492758

I guess I just want input here because you have to realize, nearly all music discussion just either bashes her if it's muh pretentious Captain Beefheart and Kid A crowd, and if it's stan Twitter/popheads they just say she's good with no real reasoning. I feel like she's popular enough that it's a dumb question as to why.

Okay, got it, that makes sense. Thank you for the recommendation and for answering all my questions! I will be sure to listen to that album of hers.

No. 1492797

Okay, I have a plagiarism question. I had a class that I took last year and dropped. Now I am taking the same class again this year and there is an assignment I have to do, which I had done last year and submitted but never got a grade back since I dropped out of the class. So I just resubmitted the same paper again. We also have to use a plagiarism checker (called Turnitin) which references known papers and past submitted papers to see if you've plagiarized from somewhere. Now, it is saying I am plagiarizing a paper from "a student from X University" which is obviously me because the paper has been in the database. Should I send my instructor an email and come clean about it or should I just not say anything unless I am asked about it? Lol, I didn't realize it could have referenced my own paper and now I feel kinda stupid.

No. 1492807


I would send the email and explain you noticed in case they think you copied someone else your uni. Technically you aren't supposed to return in work even if you retake a class but unless your teacher is an ass or seems super strict if you explain the situation they will most likely not care.

No. 1492891

what's the current kiwi farms url? please

No. 1492927

is it worth watching evangelion? or is it more a moid animu?

No. 1492932

No. 1492936

Opinions vary, I think it absolutely is worth watching, I love the story, how emotionally charged it is and all the symbolism

No. 1492945

Its very fucked up, and it has some fanservice. If you don't mind then watch it

No. 1492971

It has a lot of fucked up moments and will make you feel quite existential, but as a non-weeb, vaguely interested in religion and someone who likes complicated lore and #deep media I enjoyed it. Has some fanservice that can get super annoying but it's the heaviest in the first few episodes. Also now I understand the memes. I'd reccomend.

No. 1492995

I want to make a Stardew/Moon-type farm-sim game that's pretty homophobic/transphobic with a dash of racism.
I don't think I have much of an online presence but where would be the best place to release a problematic game anonymously but have people actually play it?

No. 1493014

What causes someone’s singing voice to sound bad even though they’re hitting the right notes? My neighbor is an opera student, and I fucking hate her voice. I initially thought it was just annoyance at noise disturbance or her being so close (adjoining wall) when opera is meant for a big stage. But I asked my boyfriend about it and he said she sounds like someone doing a ridiculous impression of an opera singer. I’ve heard other students come over and sing with her, and they all sound much better imo. Part of the issue must be too much vibrato, but her voice just sounds…bad. Like a hollow caricature. She’s a soprano if that helps. (I like opera btw but I’m not a singer by any means)

No. 1493036

No. 1493037

It’s ok. It’s a piece of cultural significance but you don’t have to feel any type of way about it.

No. 1493039

Not cringe, I love folk costumes and I want one for myself.

No. 1493040

Imagine trying to soft launch ur dogshit game on lolcow.farm

No. 1493045

maybe her voice sounds strained while singing high notes, that makes the audience feel discomfort/wince on behalf of the singer. I'm not a singer and i can't explain it but the tone of her voice can sound very tryhard, like she's hitting the right notes but it doesn't come naturally to her, or she's making an impression. It's a head voice vs chest voice - chest voice singing sounds complex and deeper, while head voice singing can sound flat and off-key. My mom sings A LOT around the house, and although i love her very much, I think she has the same problem and i really dislike her singing because of it (even though everyone else loves it).

No. 1493050

Normies rather get nodules and destroy their vocal chords than stop tryharding high notes that sound like shit, its actually insane

No. 1493064

Don't feel guity for ordering takeout or especially prepackaged meals, especially if you were on your feet or moving the whole time, they were invented for the 1000s of people who had jobs like you. I'd say to buy the fancier items just to get more nutritional value out of them. Im not your mom but you WILL feel like oily tired garbage if you dont eat veggies. But if you're so strapped for $ that you can't afford time-saving luxuries and feel exhausted after work so much you can't make a good, tasty meal for yourself, it's not a good job.
I never meal prepped but i did often bring veg and fruit to work and chopped it up there (worked at a barista in a slow specialty shop).

No. 1493070

File: 1675786015398.png (279.61 KB, 574x654, 6665675757.png)

I would play it, I really liked Elsie and Hayley though they were mostly just mean or classist and Lon'qu was a favourite despite hating women Gynophobia but can cure that in the game. I would like to play a game where you can slowly romance someone who's homophobic e.g. Yosuke from persona 4 or were you can get rejected from someone because you're larping as a woman who's a "lesbian" and everyone in town hates you for it until you're run out of town because your a freak of nature.

No. 1493080

the only people who are going to give you the time of day for a racist homophobic game are /pol/tards, and i highly doubt theyre looking for a stardew valley clone bc theyre too busy playing crusader kings or w/e the fuck. youre honestly better off making a sdv mod and putting it online anonymously - but again, the target audience for sdv/similar games is vastly different to what youre proposing

also anon if this isn't bait youre fucking weird

No. 1493093

There’s this autistic moid in my department who finds me attractive but goes out of his way to “play it cool” which comes off as purposefully avoiding me and being an inconsiderate asshole who doesn’t hold doors for people. He always tries to get away from me whenever I’m near him. Whenever I am alone with him he gets visibly nervous and tries to get away as soon as possible so I’ve started trying to walk faster to catch up to him and observe his reactions. It makes me fucking laugh because he has to be an incel who has never interacted with a pretty girl in his life wtf.
Am I insane for going out of my way to bother this autist for amusement? I know I’m fucked up and weird for prodding at socially retarded men for funsies but I’m at least attractive and have some social skills where I can talk to all types of scrotes.

No. 1493104

I think the one who’s autistic is you. You’re not like nagatoro-core girlboss bulli, get a hold of yourself.

No. 1493111

Do not feed stray dogs anon for your own safety.

No. 1493113

I’m not claiming to girlboss but ok, you sound like a moid. I don’t think I’m bullying him either because he has no idea that I know what he’s doing. He probably thinks I’m some tranny caricature of a woman. I don’t feel bad for him, he’s likely porn addicted and that’s why he can’t even manage a conversation or to be in the same room as a pretty woman. Might be one of those incels who complains about no state-mandated gf.

No. 1493115

Struck a nerve uh? Kek

No. 1493116

True, he could be insane, but even if I ignore it and don’t bother him he’s still going to fixate on me since he already has felt so strongly about me to run tf away every time I’m around.

No. 1493117

Is a bun a protective hairstyle? It's my favorite way to wear it and I'm trying to grow it really long so I hope it is kek. I just twist my hair a little bit and put a scrunchie in it.

Why are you doing this to begin with? The most it will do is make him think you like him, autistic moids are retarded so you might find yourself in trouble after a while. Just stop for your own sake, it's not worth it.

No. 1493120

I don't give a shit about that moid's feelings I'm mostly worried about your safety. Teasing men is not fun irl, they will eventually ruin it with their violence and obsessive behavior

No. 1493121

True, I will stop then. Do you think he already seems weirdly fixated since he’s been avoiding me and purposefully going out of his way to get away from me? It’s bizarre because I don’t even know him, we’re just in the same department.

No. 1493123

He's probably unhealthily obsessed already, so its safer to not make it worse and avoid interactions. These type of men cope horribly with their romantic feelings as you can see

No. 1493124

Nta anon but You probably are just interested in knowing him/bothering him because he’s avoiding you and not tripping over himself to talk to you like most scrotes and your ego is subconsciously bruised. What you’re dealing with right now is “pretty girl syndrome”.

No. 1493125

Tbh I was doing it to begin with because I found it really amusing/perplexing. Like why is this random dude that I don’t know running away and even going to work late just to avoid being around me? Those have been the questions I’ve been wondering. If it were me I might get shy but I wouldn’t purposefully avoid someone I liked or change my route to work and be late to not see then, so it defies logic/common sense and I guess I was intrigued by what motivates such a response. Ik I sound like a freak, I’ve always been a natural field social scientist who is oddly curious about peoples reactions whether it be online or irl. I’ve been like this my entire life, not sure if it suggests I’m autistic myself or what lol.

No. 1493126

If you're so attractive, why does this behavior amuse you? You sound lame, literally chasing after a moid for no reason. If you're just doing it to affect him, that's really cringe and shows that he is affecting you as much as you like to think you're affecting him. Like, he's staying away from you, there's no crime in that, and wouldn't you rather have a guy ignore you than be weird and creepy? You also sound kind of delusional believing that someone ignoring you means they think you're attractive.

No. 1493129

>I was just bothering him as an experiment
Girl stop with the non sense. You’re becoming infatuated because he’s probably a cute scrote who is playing hard to get.

No. 1493133

I can see your point, I am lowkey fascinated by it but men don’t really dawn over me like you describe. Scrotes get nervous around me and say it’s hard to approach me at first but they also don’t go to the extreme of fucking running away, avoid looking at me at all costs, or walking some weird nonsensical route to get away from me kek.

Thanks for everyone who is concerned for my safety, he’s a man that I see irl so I should probably not prod and mess with him. I will cut it out. I guess now I’m wondering if I’m a psycho or autist myself for wanting to bother him kek.

No. 1493137

He’s probably just trying to come in and work and go home. This is why I’m glad i work from home now because I don’t have to deal with coworkers trying to force me to socialize with them.

No. 1493140

He’s not cute, I just find his behavior funny. And I’m attractive but I have an unfortunate personality where I’m too risk averse and intellectually motivated to be a Stacy-lite.
He’s not cute by my standards and I have no intention of dating or pursuing him. I genuinely do like testing people just to see their reactions.

No. 1493143

>Stupid Stacy all women are the same you're SO used to getting your way with betas I bet your ego is BRUISED by this random autist ignoring you

No. 1493144

Ayrt, I can honestly see where you're coming from as in how do other people work and why but real life is not the experimentation ground for this. You could get yourself into some real trouble especially when dealing with moids. If you're so interested in human behavior, why not study it? Whether it's online or an actual degree, whatever you have the money and time for. If you're concerned about your mental health please go to the doctor and explain your situation, if it's 'bad' enough she/he will give you a referral to a psychologist. It doesn't sound like very healthy behavior but it sounds like something I would have done when I didn't know yet I had the 'tism. Take care nonna.

No. 1493145

You understand how creepy you sound? Imagine a scrote acting like this.

No. 1493147

Not all women are pretty. I don’t get interested in men ignoring me because that’s what I’m used to. Sometimes pretty women subconsciously cannot handle when every guy at work isn’t giving them attention. I’ve seen it in real life.

No. 1493149

File: 1675790879489.jpg (20.84 KB, 519x492, FNDa6osXsAAGRTW.jpg)

No. 1493153

How do you know he is attracted to you?

No. 1493155

Because she’s not interested in human behavior she is just pissed off that he doesn’t talk to her and hold the door open for her lol she already said that. It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here.

No. 1493157

The racism would come from part of the backstory where their are "native" peoples who were evil and cursed the land so I figure I would get some backlash for it. Also that I'm not supporting multiple skintones simply becasue im lazy and the cast is intended to be a homogeneous ethnic group. The homophobia is because I refuse to allow gay marriage. The transphobia is because there is a tranny that kills himself.
>women can only act how I deem is acceptable
I didn't expect this kind of sexism from this site
Is it shilling if it's just a vaporware idea concept? I plan out way too much ahead of time so my projects take years to finish, my release date is like 2038.

No. 1493158

Thanks anon, I’m gonna stop doing it. I appreciate you all caring and being concerned for my safety. Take care nonas.

No. 1493159

You wish it was you

No. 1493161

Anon, he's late and ignores her! That means he's head over heels!!!

I stg, like if you're such a uwu ~ Stacy in looks, autistic in the head ~ person, why would you trust your own judgements of other people? You're an autist.

No. 1493163

I mean you do have a strong effect on someone if they’re changing their normal behavior and routine just because of you.

No. 1493164

Ayrt, it's okay to have problems nonna. Don't listen too much to pissed nonnies calling you this and that, everyone does stupid things sometimes. At least you're aware of it now, it'll be fine.

No. 1493167

I've changed my normal behaviour and routine many times because of people I found creepy or weird and didn't want to interact with.

No. 1493168

>he's not cute
I never insinuated he was cute?
>I have an unfortunate personality where I’m too risk averse and intellectually motivated to be a Stacy-lite.
Whew, stand back for the Stacy who isn't a Stacy because of her intellectual interests, girls!

No. 1493170

She's assuming he comes in late because of her. That's just insanity and mega main character syndrome.

No. 1493171

No, if a weird ugly man is ignoring me I would be happy about it. Anon is embarrassing herself and it’s better for someone to tell her the truth instead of saying “he’s totally in love with you he’s just hiding it”.

No. 1493172

This actually sounds a lot like my moid friend. Has had pretty girls fawning over him and freaking out when he recoils from their attention his whole life. He's just autistic and asexual and literally has no interest. It also makes him uncomfortable so he avoids them, which makes them pursue him way more jej.

No. 1493173

Idk if you’re the same person but whew you sound so bitter, imagine defending a moid. Couldn’t be me. Ik it’s hard to believe but a lot of women are above average because we don’t have leeway to not be meticulous about our looks like moids do. I’m not a Stacy and never will be. You hardly see sorority girls in fields like mine and that’s because autists are attracted to the graduate studies in this profession kek.

No. 1493177

Nta but I’m not defending the scrote but he’s not doing anything to you. He’s doing what scrotes should do, leaving women alone. What’s the problem here?

No. 1493179

No I watch him take a totally nonsensical route because we used to walk to work at the same time. He purposefully avoids me. Idk why you all act like I must be lying that some autist is bothered by my presence when he purposefully avoids eye contact and doesn’t hold doors. Shit y’all can have him.

No. 1493180

Why are you so salty? Oh nooo the moid is getting harassed by a pretty girl! Creepy!!! Kek fuck off

No. 1493182

Why do you think he's attracted to you? Are you just assuming or what?

No. 1493183

How is it defending the moid to say that someone avoiding you is not necessarily a sign they are attracted to you and more likely a sign that they don't want to be around you?

No. 1493186

Because this is lolcow and you are a moid for disagreeing with her uwu

No. 1493190

>He's doing the right thing, he's a good boy for ignoring you, you hoe
Men statistically masturbate to rape, chances are he's fapping to videos of actresses that look like every woman he knows, tone it down a little

No. 1493191

>shit y’all can have him
Girl, you have a crush because why would you even say this?kek

No. 1493192

>he’s probably going home to masturbate to women who look like me

Wishful thinking

No. 1493194

I'm not even OP you fucking cartoon

No. 1493201

Why are you so obsessed with saying someone has a crush on a moid that they’ve called ugly and said they have no intention of dating/pursuing? Are you the incel matchmaker or something? Must be Blaine

No. 1493203

>You wish you were this random moid's fap material!!!
Male moment

No. 1493206

Nta but it's just really weird and obsessive behaviour about someone she claims not to care about / finds ugly

No. 1493208

Men masturbate to all kinds of women including ugly and obese women, why do you think that’s unlikely? I think this is the schizo tranny who is infighting

No. 1493209

How am I even defending the moid in this post? I ask where I insinuated he's cute, because I never asked and I think he's ugly because imo all moids are ugly.

Then I draw attention to how you're into a weird Stacy mindset as some sort of cope.

None of this is related to the moid. I don't know what field you're studying, but it's frightening how low your reading comprehension levels are.

No. 1493210

I personally would not care if a scrote I find ugly and weird didn’t hold the door open for me, ignored me or avoided me. If that’s makes me a tranny or a scrote then I guess I am then kek

No. 1493212

>why is a person avoiding me hard-core?
Probably because they dislike you. It's okay to be disliked or ignored, this isn't kindergarten and honestly unless you either want to befriend or romance a person, getting ignored by them shouldn't matter this much.

No. 1493216

How do you know that the reason you cannot smell anything is because you caught COVID or because your nose is blocked?

No. 1493219

Did you try to unblock your nose?

No. 1493222

I don't get how it isn't weird to imagine someone is so into you because they avoid you. It reminds me of frat guy behavior. Reminds me of when I was in college and guys would pursue me because I ignored them and I would leave quickly and change my routes so I could escape them. It says a lot more about the fact she is pursuing him than the fact he's ignoring her. Like, it isn't even necessarily personal that a person ignores another, some just don't like being around other people.

No. 1493224

There's a man at my work that could think I'm avoiding him because I like him but I hate him with every fibre of my being. Other people have told me the shit he's said about me and he's basically insinuating I'm different with him because I fancy him and its like no. It's cause you're full of yourself, extremely arrogant and every interaction I have with him leaves me biting my tongue because I don't want to get fired for putting him in his place so for the most part I avoid him. Will find a different route if I can to avoid passing him and if I do have to pass him without having to say anything I will make sure to never look at him.

No. 1493225

A lot of people, mostly unattractive and socially stunted ones, think rejection is just someone "playing hard to get"

No. 1493227

Have any of you been rejected by a man before? I have never asked a man out so I'm clueless.

No. 1493230

Never directly. But there was an emo boy in my class that just would not talk to me and I tried to add him on MySpace and he denied me and he had over a 1000 friends so I took that personally lol. English class was absolute torture because we sat opposite each other and we both knew he did not accept my friend request.

No. 1493232

I am surprised there are any women here at all who are defending someone who is aggressively and creepily pursuing someone who is so uncomfortable around them that they have to change their commute and do anything they can to avoid them. Is that not a universal experience for women?

No. 1493238

Ahahah that seems fair, it probably was because you didn't look as depressing enough for his aesthetic edgy myspace rather than anything personal.

No. 1493241

I agree but I feel like it could be just one or two anons that are defending OP and even then, they're probably too immature to understand that the man in question is creeped out instead of simply shy.

No. 1493243

This is an online space with a lot of socially awkward / stunted weirdos so it's not a surprise

No. 1493244

You’re so dramatic, all I did was speed up a little in my walk to catch up to him so I could see if he would talk to me in the elevator about the class. Maybe I made it sound worse in the OP but I don’t really mess with him too much aside trying to make small talk. I guess I enjoyed seeing how far he would go to avoid me. I wish I was as creepy as you make me out to be so scrotes would avoid me by default but alas they do not.

No. 1493247

I’ve been rejected by almost every man I’ve asked out or has asked me out kek these days I only bother with a man if he’s really trying hard to talk to me.

No. 1493249

You all just love looking down on someone and trying to shit on a woman you’d probably resent irl because she’s attractive and knows it. Attractive people know that they are attractive.

No. 1493251

Nta well you’ve finally met a scrote who isn’t attracted to you and you’re not handling it well.

No. 1493253

>NOOOO poor moid

No. 1493257

>weird bitch following me around, I’m literally just a random moid, there is not a single thing interesting about me, I need to get home to my dog, please leave me tf alone
Lol it must be bc I’m omega hot and not bc I’m projecting like crazy about wanting to be perceived as mysterious and fascinating and manic pixie by a random man. Holy shit are you Vicky Bella Mort Shingles?

No. 1493261

I don't think nonnies are so pathetic to the point of getting jealous of an anon ~harrasing~ a random moid. I will assume instead there's a tranny itt

No. 1493262

> all I did was speed up a little in my walk to catch up to him so I could see if he would talk to me in the elevator about the class.

So, you started speed walking to catch him in the elevator and you don’t think he noticed?

No. 1493265

Attractive women don't stalk people.

No. 1493267

I'm always cutting it close in the morning to work or running a little late if I sensed someone speeding up to chat in the morning I am 100% going to try and avoid and get through the entrance to wherever ASAP. Some people don't want small chat first thing they're sad about leaving bed.

No. 1493270

Even if you're attractive, the fact that you're insecure over some autistic moid not chasing you is beyond pathetic. Get some sense of worth that isn't based on what subhuman moids think of you.

No. 1493272

>trying to shit on a woman you’d probably resent irl because she’s attractive and knows it.
What? Attractive or not, people just think it's weird to pursue someone who is actively avoiding you. You sound misogynist yourself assuming that the root cause of women disliking something about another woman is due to "muh female jelusyyy"

No. 1493273

No one is jealous

No. 1493274

They definitely do, just like attractive men stalk people. Being attractive doesn't magically transform some one into a good person and it doesn't negate creepiness.

No. 1493275

Of course it turns into the “you’re just jealous of my beauty” insult because everyone can see that you’re retarded and coping about a single man avoiding you irl.
Every time you try to twist it into “defending moid” gaslight you sound a little more insane and delusional. It’s just embarrassing to invent a whole story in your head with background stories and motives about a scrote in an elevator lmao

No. 1493279

Girls she’s clearly in love with him and is just tsundere

No. 1493281

It is a bit of a vague question, it really depends on where you live (and the socializing culture there), and your interests and temperament. I live in a pretty small place but there are a lot of meet up groups for different activities (hiking, board games, drinking, drawing etc) that you can find on meetup.com. There are also workshops and classes for specific interests. Where I live it's really abnormal to just start talking to someone you don't know in a public place outside of things like that, but I think that might be different for Americans. You could also try bumble BFF or maybe even other dating apps if you specify that you are just looking for friends.

No. 1493282

She sounds like an insecure unattractive weirdo. I can't imagine a normal average woman being creepy enough to make a dude avoid her, kek. Men also wouldn't avoid a beautiful woman even if she was psycho, if you see women men avoid they're usually ugly.

No. 1493283

The way you guys talk about this situation you would think anon was staring menacingly at him and then grabbed his dick and balls while pointing a gun at him kek

No. 1493285

Op asked for other anon's opinions on what she was doing though. Don't do that if you just want people to tell you you're right and to kiss your ass.
My personal opinion is that, if OP doesn't actually know if the dude is attracted to her then there's a chance she's just following around some random guy who doesn't actually like her.

No. 1493287

Anon you’re right I did exactly that!

No. 1493292

I am 100% certain he is attracted to me because I am highly attractive and 90% of moids are attracted to me, idk what to tell you. Moids are also attracted to animals and children, it’s not really a flex.

No. 1493294

Anon is following a random dude around who is trying to avoid her. That is like the peak definition of creepy behavior.

No. 1493295

Nah she was just transparent as fuck, she thought we’d gas her up for LARPing stacy boolying moids irl like wow so based and slay

No. 1493297

You will never get me to care about a moid never. Nobody gives a shit. Only reason anon should stop its for her own safety, that poor lil moid could drop dead for all I care

No. 1493299

You all make me want to actually stalk him and take pictures, I love how concerned you are for this porn brained moid who doesn’t give a shit about you kek.

No. 1493300

If you're ok with spending money on it, then I say take some kind of IRL hobby class. Like a painting class or something. It's easy because you already have something in common with the other people there and those environments encourage social activity.

No. 1493301

Anon should stop because she is being a creep and because she is embarrassing herself. She doesn't want to end up with a thread on /snow/.

No. 1493303

Why do you care so much if this man finds you attractive or not? He could be gay with social anxiety for all we know. Does he not talk to any coworkers or is it just you?

No. 1493304

I'm sure nonnies are just entertaining themselves trolling because I know you most of you are autistic and familiar with the experience of just not wanting to interact with someone who is overbearing and acting in a strange way. And you've all probably literally ran away or changed routes to avoid this type of person too. It doesn't have to be that deep like he's secretly in love or terrified of her.

No. 1493306

Who gives a fuck, booohoo

No. 1493307

I didn’t go into detail about my attractiveness until someone started pointing out how I can’t possibly know if he’s attracted to me. That’s just retarded. At a certain level of attractiveness and enough experiences with males you just start assuming by default that they are attracted to you. Im sure other people can relate, like I said men will fuck anything.

No. 1493309

Some anons are pretty socially maladjusted though and don't know how to behave in public.

No. 1493311

How do you know he’s not gay? How do you even know he’s autistic? You’ve never spoken to this man and just are making up a story in your head.

No. 1493312

Ok and same? I don’t even act overbearing, I just walked my normal route to work and then HE started acting fucking weird. He acts like that scene in Twilight with Edward trying to avoid smelling Bella’s blood or something. Way to turn me into the weirdo when all I did was try to find some humor in it and revel in it a bit.

No. 1493314

Being physically attractive doesn't meant that everyone is automatically attracted to you. Even men. I don't even want to be mean but you genuinely sound like you have autism. I'll stop now because I'm pretty sure I'm feeding a troll, but if not then you really shouldn't have asked for opinions if you're going to get mad when anons give you their honest thoughts.

No. 1493317


No. 1493318

Yeah you should leave him alone before hr gets involved and you’re fired. Just get your validation from all the other scrotes at your job and leave him alone.

No. 1493320

Inb4 extreme seething

No. 1493321

Op shouldn't try to date in her workplace if she gets this intense. Maybe she can download tinder or some other dating app instead.

No. 1493322

Don't be a creep. It is fairly easy and most women can manage that just fine.

No. 1493323

File: 1675795956389.jpg (134.07 KB, 750x734, tumblr_p0ygpxcvz01ur0mh8o2_128…)

That's where her hating me comes into play - she won't get bribed by treats if it's me giving them out lol. Thanks for the arthritis pointer though, I'll try looking into it.
Anyone knows if cats are like humans in the way that a bad diet outweighs any exercise? Seems to be the most logical for me, but I also read that us burning fat so inefficiently is a feature of being human, so idk.

No. 1493324

It seems very important to you to assert that youre hot even though you admit if you were a chicken nugget it would have the same effect.
FUCKING DO IT let’s go?? Show us the scrote rent free in your head. Fuck him too so you can prove to us that he does find you good enough for a quick wank.

No. 1493325

Hey anon if you're going to stalk that scrote bring a gun (for safety) and a nice camera with you, don't forget taking pics of his bulge, he better have a big dick we all know that's all men are good for

No. 1493328

Also make sure he has nice abs, HD 360 pics please

No. 1493329

You sounded like a normal person and tsundere-chan is insane, so it's more amusing to reply to her. Talk to the scrote, you are not doing anything wrong.

No. 1493330

I’d only stalk a hot scrote with a nice dick and body and even that is pushing it

No. 1493332

Missing the point this hard, no wonder you miss social cues. Low IQ tiktok bimbos would have their main character syndrome checked and think they’re owning men. The bitch who is literally chasing men down for a crumb of attention.

No. 1493338

No. 1493339

Nta but how is it main character syndrome to assume moids are attracted to you if you’re a pretty woman? Men are despicable creatures that will fuck anything.

No. 1493340

Thank you noni and yeah her reactions are pretty funny but her chasing after random men is probably going to be dangerous for her in the future, especially if she does it in her workplace often.

No. 1493342

Saying it's pathetic to be this desperate for moid attention makes you one? Ok

No. 1493343

>men will fuck anyone
But this one is not bothering her and she’s trying get a reaction out of him because he’s making her feel insecure

No. 1493344

ntayrt but some men are just plain ol homos

No. 1493345

I actually don't think men fuck anyone, if they really did anon would've gotten fucked by now but it's obviously not that easy. Maybe he's a fag.

No. 1493347

It’s called pretty privilege, the moid is just autistic

No. 1493349

Some of us aren’t sexual degenerates who fuck men in our department and workplace, wtf is wrong with you.

No. 1493352

Then she should be happy that it’s just one less scrote trying to bother her and move on before he reports her to hr then she’s really going to be mad kek

No. 1493353

Do men's faces get host fat when they have beards?

No. 1493354

Pretty privilege isn't men wanting to fuck you, it's people treating you better and you getting more opportunities to be successful because of your looks. I doubt a socially awkward girl who's working in a shitty office job stalking a man is benefitting from pretty privilege.

No. 1493355

Samefsg *fast hoot

No. 1493359

How do I stop being lazy I called off work today because i had to shower but i didnt want to get up earlier. I slept through morning and then i ate leftover mash potato and gravy from kfc, like a ton. Now im in bed again just scrolling through my phone when i know i can be using this free time to clean my hoarder room. I want to get rid of this behavior but i dont know how it’s been years now

No. 1493360

No. 1493365

Talking about low iq bimbo bitches getting totally owned by scrotes is moid behavior

No. 1493369

Is the autistic man cute at least?

No. 1493371

Because women is just a big gay orgy of endless positivity and ass kissing? Go back to Twitter for that. Pick-me’s get shit on as they should.

No. 1493382

She's desperate for a moid's attention. I've never heard anyone be so unhinged in reaction to men not paying attention to them. She also keeps in asserting how she's super attractive (but not a Stacy) and all men will fuck anything, but she believes this guy MUST want her. It's pickmeism in an obvious form….she said you can't be a Stacy if you aren't in a sorority or a basic bitch major….like, cope, cope, cope

No. 1493383

She literally called him ugly like 50 times kek

No. 1493387

Why are troons seething about that Sirona Ryan characters name? I can see the Sir part, but what about the -ona Ryan? Sir on a Ryan? Is it my ESLism?

No. 1493391

It's just the Sir part lol.

No. 1493393

"ona" is also a girl in some languages apparently so it's "Mr. Girl" according to troons idk

No. 1493394

Just because a male finds you technically fuckable (and he is not picky) doesn’t necessarily means he finds you worthy of the energy and resources possibly needed to pursue you. If he thought you worth the calculated risk, he would have made it known. Some men simply wait for insecure chicks who will instead chase him to prove themselves desirable, even if she doesn’t find him attractive. Tactic old as time really. The nondescript male in anons apartment building playing chess and she’s playing with crayons.

No. 1493412

Stfu and stop seething so much, you sound deranged

No. 1493417

You sound like one of the popular chollas at my school that would constantly pursue me and harass me because I was an "ugly bitch"
That's not a good thing, nonna

No. 1493427

I’m not the one getting “ratio’d”

No. 1493429


No. 1493432

Nta asking about a Stardew valley clone game but if I were to make a game where you kill trannies, where should I post it? I’m pretty sure itchio would take it down.

No. 1493434

I don't think you should do it. It just makes TERFs look deranged and give ammo against us. Plus it's kinda unhinged anyway

No. 1493436

Ntayrt but if they dress it up in mood coomer nonsense then it wouldn't be considered a terf game, just le edgy moid game

No. 1493438

But why

No. 1493439

Why do my periods always start on a full moon? Is it a sign of something?

No. 1493445

Shit you’re right. I think even if I used real crimes by real trannies it might still be seen as deranged. Maybe instead of killing, trying to get them in the proper prison?

No. 1493448

Make the game about orc or goblin trannies or something so you have the plausible deniability

No. 1493449

COVID anosmia is different. i had it without any congestion. with a stuffed nose you can smell and taste a tiny bit still, like salt. with anosmia everything is completely gone. no matter how strong the smell or flavor is you will not perceive it. straight peppermint oil in your nose? nothing. cant even taste salt. can't taste vinegar. everything tastes like chewing on paper. cant even taste the inside of your mouth, which believe it or not has a mineraly taste that you never notice until its totally gone. anosmia was actually pretty scary.

No. 1493456

Average menstrual cycle is 28 days, there’s a full moon every 29.5 days. It’s just a coincidence.

No. 1493466

Just make game about killing men, broaden ur horizon

No. 1493467

ok what can i say to the doctor that will get them to believe me and not just say “oh youre depressed” or “youre under stress” when im not both those things

No. 1493468

>bragging about being regular
must be nice

No. 1493477

File: 1675804533423.gif (2.18 MB, 305x200, 1611b4b3f5b9bfb87b0714c68bd122…)

No. 1493479

I speak retardanonese and can translate: hot with a beard (not hit with bread)

No. 1493486

Just use some deep symbolism for it and give it a good story.

Moida never give a shit about their deranges games, why should she?

No. 1493487

FUCK It's genuinely just embarrassing at this point. I want to know if it's FASTER for men's faces to get HOT with BEARDS. I'm sorry, I worte those in a weird position and my brain is foggy right now.

No. 1493491

Oh nonny, bless you

No. 1493492

Faster compared to what? non bearded scrotes? Idk whenever I shave my head I do get chillier ans my hair always felt hot as hell during the summers so maybe they do get hot with beards.

No. 1493511

this got me kek

No. 1493519

Is Pokemon Masters a good mobage if I just want to collect my husbandos from the main games? I'm currently doing this with FEH but the art is inconsistant.

No. 1493528

Yes, compared to un-beared people. I was also bald and one point but I don't remember their eing a noticeable different in temperature. I wonder how beared men work out without getting uncomfortable.

No. 1493539

How do I stop being so angry and bitter?? I had a bad run in with someone who did me dirty last year and my life has slowed down enough for me to process it and it has had me fuming for months. I am genuinely going crazy because of the rage and I know I sound retarded with a whole "the rage is consuming me" statement but that's genuinely how I feel lately and it's making me miserable. Please someone help, do I just ask my therapist to see me more often?? How do I move forward from this beyond talking to a therapist??

No. 1493553

All that height talk got me wondering: if I (5'2) have kids with a tall man, are they going to grown up to be tall too? How do genetics work in that case? I'm not white so my whole family is on the shorter side, I do wonder if that could affect my kid's height, not that I care a lot specially if I have a girl but I don't want to birth a manlet

No. 1493564

Do you apply for a job even if you don't meet the educational and experience qualifications?

No. 1493572

How do you form good habits? Grow to love yourself wholeheartedly? I want to completely change my lifestyle and become less of a self-deprecating miserable zoomie

No. 1493573

What are those things called where you buy the pages, dividers, cover etc for a journal and then assemble it yourself? I want to make my own planner with those pages you can put in according to your own order with dividers etc. Idk what to type in online to find where I can buy it though.

No. 1493578

A binder?

No. 1493589

take your percentile in height and average it with the fathers. Then take that percentile and apply it to male height chart

No. 1493611

It is similar, but not what I am talking about. It is like an "assemble your own journal/notebook" station… I saw this at a store once

No. 1493616


No. 1493620

File: 1675815815921.jpeg (50.47 KB, 410x430, F3CBB6FC-7D53-4783-ACB4-E3E065…)

Do you feel like LC has been way more active than last year?

No. 1493643

What's your favorite Excel function?

No. 1493656

I would apply anyway, I don’t think it would hurt. At most your application would probably just be tossed.

No. 1493674

It depends. If it's qualified work that you don't have the qualifications for (for example they want a lab technician but you never even worked in a lab before) then not, but if it's something in your field or they just want more experience or list like 5 things and you only hit 3 or 4, then yes, absolutely.
Job listings are the ideal candidate and if they don't find someone absolutely perfect, they will hire someone who is good enough and train them to standard, and that could be you.

No. 1493695

It’s my favorite anime ever. I watched it when I was a teen who was traumatized and suicidal and it made me see that life is worth living. Watch it nona

No. 1493696

literally the opposite

No. 1493700

does anyone remember a site dedicated to Miley Cyrus's clothing? I think it was DressLikeMiley but I could be misremembering. Please help me anons!

No. 1493711

File: 1675826167984.jpg (143.19 KB, 640x635, fatty.jpg)

Start slowly with whatever you want to do e.g. try to sleep and wake up on time, as completely changing your lifestyle won't work in the long run. The most important thing is to remember that it's okay to relapse, as you will definitely relapse at some point. But keep trying and don't stop. Over time, you will see the progress you've made, and you may realize that you are seeing things from a different perspective than when you started. You might even be able to love yourself more, but remember changes don't happen overnight.

No. 1493719

File: 1675827558476.jpeg (137.17 KB, 1170x516, E9C7295F-3076-4CB8-8B6A-2609AB…)

Is this letterboxd bio sarcasm? I can't tell

No. 1493722

it's whatever, middle school-tier 2deep4me ideas, but some scenes are cool from an artistic point of way.

No. 1493726

when I watched it as a teen it made me even more suicidal. something about the show and movie felt very depressing idk why. couldn't rewatch it again until years later

No. 1493728

Is it childish to block a guy for not messaging you enough?im looking for a man on the same level of clingyness who texts me everyday and sees me once a week

>met him like a month ago

>hasn’t asked to chill with me again since
>always busy with friends or work
>I messaged him yesterday at 10pm and he hasn’t texted me back since

I blocked him on TikTok yesterday and he confronted me about it so I added him back. I just now blocked him on TikTok and over text again because I’m getting too old to play this hot and cold shit. I decided for 2023 anyone who makes me feel ugly or like a loser rather it’s a scrote or a female friend they are getting blocked but he was pretty nice so I feel kinda bad.

No. 1493739

Nah fuck him, it’s not even clingy to see someone once a week? That’s normal?

No. 1493740

Are you 19 because this is very much a 19 year old behavior

No. 1493741

How is it 19 year old behavior? Just curious
I’ve spent most of my dating years dealing with guys who only want to come around once a month, barely talk to me and then act shocked when they discover they have been blocked

No. 1493747

well.. the tiktok blocking part and need for constant attention from someone
don't take this too personally but you shouldn't depend on someone for validation. of course you should have high standards but that's not in the form of "love-bomb me or you're not good enough and think I'm ugly" it's better to take things slow

No. 1493750

First of all don’t date men who use tiktok

No. 1493752

I like blocking people I don’t want to deal with because I instantly forget them and it’s like they are dead. Also I have dated enough people to know the difference between love bombing and someone whose going to waste my time and make me feel like shit.

No. 1493774

fuck that guy nony, what would you be losing if you blocked him? If you're running into trouble right now then I can't see this working out long term, friendship or bf. Plus people will always make time for others they really want to be with, "friends and work" is showing how low of a priority you are. Are you not 'friends'?

No. 1493839

Wanting to hang out once a week isn’t lovebombing behavior kek. It’s a basic standard

No. 1493876

File: 1675842170251.jpg (118.39 KB, 1080x658, FmjwskxWAAAKfgh.jpg)

Which of these are the best

No. 1493883

the lil grey dudes obviously

No. 1493949

What's the point in being in a relationship if they're not going to give you attention and care? Might as well be single. And that's what she did.

No. 1493979

File: 1675851348503.jpeg (174.45 KB, 1080x1776, 76A7A95D-F691-4871-93FF-557C18…)

Is this true?

No. 1494009

File: 1675854141305.jpg (120.64 KB, 800x450, textbooks.jpg)

sometime back a nonnie shared some great resources in how to properly homeschool your kids, it would be appreciated if someone could share those assets

No. 1494078

What are signs you're being treated like shit because of your looks?

No. 1494079

if people straight up ignore what youre saying but pay attention to more conventially attractive people in the room, or are overall dismissive with your ideas. especially if its a scrote. if a scrote is ignoring you its usually because he doesnt find you attractive, and youre thus invisible to him - iirc theres been research into this exact thing.
what kind of behaviour have you noticed anon? also im sorry this is happening to you - i have to deal with it a lot too and i fucking hate it

No. 1494087

If they tell you. Usually people have no problem letting you know if they don’t like something about your look, even as an adult.

No. 1494089

I've noticed people are generally instantly rude to me for no reason, way before getting to know me. Like they're actually pissed at me beforehand and I don't get it, complete strangers too

No. 1494093

Being disrespected and also being given "advice" by your friends to reach your "potential" such as to lose weight, get better skincare/see a derm etc.

No. 1494095

How can someone, who has been infantilized constantly by their parents and has grown up to be a passive, helpless adult, change and be an assertive person who values herself?

No. 1494097

Sometimes it’s hard to know if people find you ugly or if they are just racist if you are poc because I’ve heard of some cute and average black or Asian women being treated like this.For example sometimes I have a hard time knowing if I’m truly ugly or are people just rude because I’m black. If you are white I would say these things do mean you might actually be unattractive tho.

No. 1494102

Samefag for example when I’m around scrotes who aren’t interested in black women they usually ignore me or some men ignore me because they think I wouldn’t like them because I’m black. Men who aren’t scared of black women or racist usually listen to me and talk to me. So I don’t think these rules of ugly apply to poc women but they do apply to white women.

No. 1494105

people flat out calling you ugly, a freak, scary, being compared to beasts and trolls, things like that. and yes getting ignored or treated rudely out of nowhere as well.

No. 1494139

Are you supposed to comb curly hair in the shower? If so, is it while conditioner is in or something else?

No. 1494140

File: 1675869697606.jpg (21.23 KB, 553x456, 1648284870960.jpg)

This is stupid but if earrings say 100 zinc, is there nickel in it?

No. 1494141

100% goddamit, 100% zinc

No. 1494151

You're supposed to get it wet and than slather so much conditioner in it that it feels slimy and slippery, and then use a wide toothed comb to gently untangle it.

No. 1494152

If it's truly 100% zinc, then it will contain no nickle. However, if it's cheap and from China, it's likely to not be 100% zinc and much more likely to be a zinc/nickle alloy.

No. 1494163

Thank you, I tried googling and was hoping some nona would be more helpful. I bought it a big fast fashion retailer (lol) and it says 100% recycled zinc

No. 1494194

around where I live those are associated with mentally ill (usually asian) people. I'm assuming because they walk around a lot and have stuff to carry

No. 1494360

File: 1675883018321.jpeg (1.83 MB, 3465x3465, C6633F69-193C-48B4-92F0-0872C8…)

So let's say I want to knit a sweater, but I don't know how to knit, and I want it to look kind of like pic related, would it be too difficult to do as a first timer knitter? I just can't seem to find a sweater like how I'm imagining it with neutral colors since I need something that I can wear with everything.(I just miss my color block coat and nothing store bought will ever replace it)

No. 1494365

girl, yes, that would be way too difficult. i'm sure you could make it eventually if you REALLY wanted but you're probably severely underestimating the time and effort it would take to make a sweater that looks good enough to wear.

No. 1494381

What should I do to start practicing? Now I know why my friend told me that it would take her 30 years to finish a sweater.

No. 1494394

Not a knitter, but as a crocheter that would definitely be too difficult and take too long for a beginner. Also could be expensive depending on what yarn you use. I recommend try something small. When you first learn you'll most likely make a "dishcloth" (a square), and then after that you could do something like a scarf, beanie, fingerless gloves. Just google "beginner knitting projects" or look that up on the knitting subreddit for ideas.

No. 1494396

Samefag but also as a beginner you likely wouldn't be able to freehand a sweater like that so make sure you find a pattern on YouTube or learn how to read patterns.

No. 1494397

Can putting my hair in braids stimulate growth?

No. 1494400

Why would braiding your hair do anything to the growth cycle?

No. 1494439

File: 1675886095496.jpg (87.97 KB, 1200x900, tomek.jpg)

I have a three page biography assignment. Who should I write about?

No. 1494440

i had a crush on this moid but he said something rude to me so i shat on him and he was shocked

now he added me on one of the social media why

No. 1494459

Write about people that died at least by the time they were 70 or 80 years old, so you have a lot to write.

No. 1494485

lmao i talked shit to him (back)

No. 1494488

>You mean like you talked shit to him or do you mean you literally shat on him?? I really don't know these days
I hate this timeline

No. 1494500

Wasn't there an anon who shat on her sub or made him like her toilet or something and posted a picture of it

No. 1494503

*Lick. Also, sub as in submissive male, not a very long sandwich.

No. 1494530

File: 1675889820363.png (1.55 MB, 1280x824, Takumi_SS_SR4 .png)

Please give me name inspo for a punky/delinquent girl character?

No. 1494543

>Eighmber (pronounced like Ember)
>Deryck (bring back unisex names)

No. 1494558

Should I buy an oven and an airfryer or just one of the two ?

No. 1494561

Airfryers are dumb imo, it's basically just a convection oven with an extra fan. I'd go with the oven

No. 1494568

Air fryers are better for single people who just want to make a single meal

No. 1494573

Just an air fryer would do if you’re living alone, not planning on cooking much for guests / batch cooking.

No. 1494580

You're an idiot who has never used one. They cook the food differently and faster.

No. 1494627

What does it mean when a moid cries after you are fed up with his shit and you call him out unapologetically?

No. 1494634

It means he hasn’t emotionally developed and expects you to pander to him and act like his mother. Standard moid.

No. 1494638

If he then permanently changes his behavior, it means that he felt bad and cried at the actions he had done. If he doesn't permanently change his behavior, it means that he feels bad that you showed others his actions because that could get him socially ostracized and he fears that.

No. 1494691

Convection ovens are better than air fryers, they actually crisp stuff up

No. 1494709

It means he’s about to start beating your ass. If a man isn’t insane he will just sit down and have a conversation with you but if he’s unhinged and violent it starts with tears.

No. 1494712

I can make a baked potato in an air fryer in 20 minutes. Oven takes 50. I pick air fryer.

No. 1494722

Right, you wouldn't want nonas to think of that Spyro Subway drawing now, would you?

No. 1494725

My family has something that's both an airfryer/oven and it works as both without any issues. Sometimes you just have a need for both.

No. 1494729

File: 1675905409760.gif (429.37 KB, 275x207, m-5.gif)

should I (soft)block all my trans mutuals on tumblr? I recently became more gender critical and I know that they don't want gender critical women to follow them so it's about respecting their boundaries tbh because I don't mind following trans people even if I do disagree with them.
Or would it be better if I just started reblogging gender crit posts to let them now where I stand? I don't post about politics or social issues on my blog so doing that would be weird. I run an aesthetic blog and just want to only have pictures on it plus there is a small chance that I can get harassed for doing that

No. 1494730

I had this feeling last autumn that the person I was meant to love forever died. I know there is no one else in the world now. Does anyone have an idea what this is? Is this the basis for ghost marriages?

No. 1494732

File: 1675905978744.jpeg (41.99 KB, 808x900, 5399F105-B143-4ABD-9744-AF758E…)

I’m pretty sure I walk like the virgin irl how do I walk like chad???

No. 1494733

Nonni, I think that is just called coping for how shit males are (unless you’re a lesbean)

No. 1494735

Delete your Tumblr entirely

No. 1494741

I put so much worm into my blog so I would be upset if I where to delete it

No. 1494743

is this related to that twin flames thing i see mentioned all over the place now.

No. 1494748

File: 1675907329844.png (723.71 KB, 4508x1024, 1496629644973.png)

I got u fam

No. 1494757

KEK ily

No. 1494759

I don't think I would have cared if I found out they were male or female, just that we had each other
I need to read up on this, this sounds interesting, thank you :)

No. 1494760

Just lift your head and shoulders.

No. 1494783

File: 1675911273686.jpeg (80.24 KB, 543x828, 64356995-7740-4881-BAA4-69B10F…)

Done, now what?

No. 1494790

File: 1675911966558.gif (1.04 MB, 290x189, R1I2aQ5.gif)

No. 1494878

File: 1675917397501.jpg (91.93 KB, 944x960, 329213683_567013272131464_7803…)

do only narcissistic build-a-bitch men see potential?
they see the potential in me being their doormat kek

No. 1495018

Whats a believable reason for not attending with seminars/lectures? My uni is apparently keeping track of this now.

No. 1495025

COVID paranoia/"just making sure/being safe" if that's still a concern in your area. You can also cite family problems just be prepared to cough up proof or paperwork

No. 1495130

Just soft block them. Troons are pretty crazy and they might mass report you and get your blog deleted if they find out you've become gender critical.

No. 1495134

illness, death of a relative, dentist/gyno/any other doctor appointment

No. 1495228

Update from OP: I confirmed in fact that this dude has a massive crush on me, bordering on obsession. Thanks for all the anons who told me to stay away, he started following me the past two days and I’m extremely weirded out. The path he took to “get away” from me actually turned out to be a way to get behind me so he could watch me walk to work. I’ll just leave it at that, hope other anons don’t hate me for updating the post and confirming what I already suspected. Trust your intuition nonas.

No. 1495236

Most believable bait written by an autist.

No. 1495245

Well you got what you deserved

No. 1495249

Is he following you or is he walking to work?

No. 1495267

Imagine anon asking him why he's avoiding her and he says he's been following her to work. Very believable if you ask me!

No. 1495270

She said he’s been walking in the same direction as her to work but this time he’s behind her. She never said he said anything to her. I think at this point she should just straight up ask him if he’s interested.

No. 1495277

The trick is to make us unsure where the made up autism ends and the irl autism begins.

No. 1495281

ummm im pretty sure you just molested that guy and are just making up random nonsense, everyone should think of the poor moid and how she deserves to be stalked because shes obviously a liar!
(predicting what the triggered trannies say this time to derail for an entire day)

No. 1495309

Walking to work in the same direction as someone does not mean he has a crush

No. 1495310

Yes now I will go grope him and then we will ride off into the sunset, newly married and in love forever and ever.
He talked to me in the elevator and sounded like he was imitating an anime character.

No. 1495311

So he still hasn’t said he likes you at all?

No. 1495312

why do some say an unhoused person instead of homeless person? Is it a political statement about property or does homeless sound rude? I am an esl-chan

No. 1495315


No. 1495322

It’s just politically correct speech. Performative words created to give an illusion of giving a fuck or something. I’m sure condescending ass nicknames is the last thing on the fucking bums’ priorities.

No. 1495330

Because people are stupid. They hear the term homeless and think, "Being homeless is bad. But thinking being homeless is bad, is bad because no one deserves to be homeless. Therefore, I have to change the word so people will not think I'm bad for saying that the homeless are homeless."
To give you an idea of how bad it's gotten, in academic circles, it is bad to use the word liar. You are corrected and told that their reality and malfunctioning habits are a result of their bad childhood and you're not checking your privilege if you call someone a liar for knowingly lying. Ladies, vet your therapists really really carefully. They are absolutely insane and are so detached from the real world that they will give you advice that they know will hurt you, as long as it aligns with their academic training and brings prestige within their community. Try to find an older woman who has been in the field for at least ten years.

No. 1495331

they say it because even if a bum doesn't have a house, they technically still have a home. Even if that "home" is a tent under a bridge or a cardboard box. It's just more useless language policing. tbh if I was a bum I'd get offended by it, what a useless distinction

No. 1495361

How would I go about 'vetting' a therapist? I'm seeing one for the first time in my life right now and I have no idea how to figure out if she'll be any good for me

No. 1495362

What did he say exactly?

No. 1495389

Look at her website. Personally, I want someone who understands me, so I only see older women with years of experience, so I make sure there's a picture of her and then I check the dates she graduated. Ideally, you'd actually get someone the same race as you. There are so many cultural differences between the races that although therapists are trained to act like they understand, some of them don't actually get it because they've just lived an entirely different life.

Next, check the university she went to. In person is better, but I have seen a few gems come from online college. A lot of online colleges are more concerned with money and graduation rates, so they'll push people through the program even if they aren't up to standards. If you really want to know more, look into what the university specializes in when it comes to their counseling degree. Some colleges will be known for their trauma therapy approach, while other really only churn out academics who go on to teach at other universities.

Then, check her blurb under her picture on a website. She'll mention her specialty and anything she thinks is relevant. Someone saying that they're LGBTQ+ trained is a warning sign unless you are specifically looking to transition. I find these women often slightly push butches and gender non-conforming women to transition, believing that we'll be happier that way. Some of them will also drop you as a client if you tell them outright that transitioning is bullshit and mocks women.

Christianity/spiritual training can also be a warning sign depending on the guidance you're looking for. When I went in for grief counseling about the death of my husband, I dropped a really well respected counselor because her constant pushing of the belief that ghosts are real. It really rubbed me the wrong way since I had told her that one of the things I was struggling with was the realization that he was gone forever. Therapists should always respect your boundaries. However, if you are religious, these types of counselors can be good for you as they guide you within your faith and unlock realizations that help you accept your trauma.

And finally, therapists should help you move towards your goals. If you don't have a direct plan on how to do that, they should create one for you. Say you want to move past a bad break up that left you doubting yourself. The therapist should be a safe place to talk and vent your frustrations, while also giving you the mental tools to stop your thoughts from circling when you get stuck on it at home. She also shouldn't be afraid to tell you that she feels you've gone as far as possible with her and to refer you to another counselor.

Ultimately, talk therapy and CBT is really good to help people vent and grieve, and to help break through into realizations you've missed. However, if you've tried those and you felt that it didn't work as expected, or that your problems are more extreme/physically traumatic than that, I strongly recommend EMDR therapy. It's specialized and requires extra training, so it's pricey, but it rewires your brain as you process trauma and lets you move on.

No. 1495391


No. 1495400

why do people keep needing to go to therapists year in and year out, and switch therapists and everything else? I don't get it doesn't that mean you aren't doing the work to get better? I have a couple of friends who have seen therapists for years and are exactly the same so what's the point? Just to have someome to complain to?

No. 1495417

It's a combination of things. Some therapists are bad, they never give you the tools you need to be self sufficient. They don't care if you see them for years because each time you come back, you pay them.
Some patients are bad. You can equip them with all the mental tools and realizations that ten years and a doctorate got you, but they'll never use them and instead will come back next week and complain about the exact same thing they complained about last week.
And sometimes the trauma is too bad for anything but the strongest, most professionally guided EMDR therapy to even begin to fix. You see this a lot with child abuse and CSA.
And sometimes people just want to vent and they're willing to pay $150 an hour to do so. So it varies wildly. But if you have seen a therapist for six sessions, and you fell like you haven't made any progress, you should see a different therapist.

No. 1495426

ayrt, this is very helpful nonny thank you!

No. 1495486

File: 1675983390866.png (310.35 KB, 1198x626, periodcry.png)

I have pretty fucking terrible PMS (I suspect I might have PMDD, not sure) but I always feel SO sad, overwhelmed, and terrible leading up to my period…and then as soon as my period starts, I almost immediately feel better. Like, my bloating and pain and physical symptoms are all there of course, but I mentally feel so much better once the actual period hits. Is this weird, can anyone else relate? I'm assuming it has to do with my hormones or something

No. 1495489

Not even the anon that asked but this is so helpful and articulate, thanks anon. I hope your grieving has mostly passed.

No. 1495505

Does anyone remember a cow that was posted to snow probably around late 2019/early 2020? She was sympathetic to incels and I don’t know if she was actually a 4chan girl but she seemed to be a product of r9k. She was kind of chubby and I think she was 16, she self posted a lot I think? She had a very whirl kind of goth style. I just remembered her and I can’t remember her name at all.

No. 1495506

Super common. You feel doomed, like nobody likes you, and that nothing you've ever done has meant anything. Lot of women go through this, let me know if you guys find a cure.

No. 1495508

*e-girl not whirl

No. 1495553

This probably sounds really selfish but I recently met my bf on a dating app a couple weeks ago and time we’ve spent together has been great so far, but one issue I have is that I plan on emigrating in the next year or two (it’s been a lifelong dream of mine) and I honestly feel bad since I ended up doing it out of desperation due to wanting to have more experience along with the fact that I intend for it to be short-term. I highly doubt I could even bring him with me since he isn’t from there either. I did tell him that I want to move out of this country at one point and he told me that he understands since I’m still young and have many goals and ambitions that could change in the future (he’s a lot older than me), but I still feel guilty. Any advice? (yes, I know it would’ve been better that I waited until moving but I also can’t cope with being single for a period of time)

No. 1495576

You’ve known him for a few weeks relax lol there’s no need to feel guilty about anything, if the relationship makes it past a year and a half then start thinking about it
>he’s a lot older than me
But it might not come to that, he’s already doubting you about pursuing your goals kek don’t take any man that serious nonny

No. 1495578

Why are home sellers always massive douchebags?

No. 1495588

File: 1675992997313.jpeg (536.81 KB, 1179x889, 12FD4BAD-5BDB-4BD6-AADD-A11FA9…)

Do scotes really not know how to unhook a bra? Or is it just a meme?

No. 1495596

Why are home sellers always massive douchebags?

No. 1495607

Realtors or the sellers themselves? Realtors are pushy as all hell, the worst ones are basically car salesmen for homes

No. 1495686

No the normal ppl selling the house. They’re always hiding some shit or unresponsive and douchey when you go to view they house they put up for sale

No. 1495781

File: 1676012572455.png (481.12 KB, 692x700, Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 11.0…)

Has anyone ever tried this? Is it any good?

No. 1495827

Everybody is hiding some shit when they sell their house because otherwise they wouldn't sell it. I bought a perfect looking house and a year later everything that could break broke because it was broken before but very badly fixed. Honestly if i decide to move away from this hellhouse, if in a year new things get broken out of nowhere, i will hide the problems as well. I fixed so much shit but i just don't have the money to fix it properly anymore.

No. 1495829

how difficult would it be to sculpt anime figures in blender if I have absolutely zero knowledge and experience? how long will it take me to learn? I want to make models then 3D print and sell them but it looks a bit tricky…

No. 1495831

none of the guys I've been with knew how kek so I assume most don't
it's decent, if you don't like rosemary and nutmeg it may be a bit much

No. 1495876

Do most lesbians care about body hair on women? I assume yes because most women are brainwashed by patriarchal beauty Standards, but I'm not sure.

No. 1495880

Fwiw I don't know either and I at least put one on a few times

No. 1495881

i find armpit hair on anyone disgusting and uni brow is a no go. i guess pubes would need to be shaved or trimmed.

No. 1495890

If I get a complete 0 in an assignment worth 30% of this class, how much do I need to score on the exam to pass at 60%?

No. 1495903

personally i'd say i prefer soft "furry" arms i don't like bumpy or otherwise bald arms. not shaving your legs is also based there's no need imo and armpits but i can't lie and say it wasn't shocking to me for the first few years (which is to say that you're right about the patriarchy brainwashing thing). bushes are hot but i can do with or without.

No. 1495905

What's your grade on the other ten percent? Because it sounds like you need a 100% on the final to get a D.

No. 1495906

that's fucking sad to hear from a woman. I like hairless armpit but it's not disgusting, if my gf decide not to shave for months i wouldn't care. And pubes must stay, i feels like a pedo otherwise, and it just feels better

No. 1495909

I don’t mind. It’s not like they’re men who are completely covered in hair. Even my friend with pcos doesn’t have as much hair as a guy.

No. 1495922

The exam is worth 70% of the grade but I’m trying to pass at 60% (of the answers) if that makes sense
30 assignment
70 exam
pass grade is at 60% of total scores

No. 1495927

Okay. In that case, the lowest you can get on the final is 86%, which will give you a 60% grade overall. Though, have you asked for partial credit? My best friend is a professor and she's just so tired by this time of year that she'll give partial credit if you email her and ask to redo it.

No. 1495931

yeah it's kind of sad, at least she said on both men and women but still. It's just hair. I used to think it's disgusting too but since I stopped shaving all the time I got so used to it, now I kind of appreciate it and don't find it disgusting at all. I also never really liked it on men but I didn't think of it as disgusting like women's armpit hair.

No. 1495933

Anon is about to get baby trapped by an old moid and she’s not moving out of town and she doesn’t even see it yet

No. 1495935


No. 1495938

What doctor was it again that you go to if you want to get rid of your accent? A speech therapist?

No. 1495944

Not a lesbian, just strong preference for women. Idc about most body hair, including happy trails or fuzzy back. But I prefer medium length pubes, not freshly trimmed, simply because too short or too long is a sensory issue for me during sex. That’s not to say I’m completely unhooked from beauty indoctrination though. I do find neckbeards and chest hair gross on those TiFs who go out of their way to look like a basement goblin, I’m grossed out by them as a whole even if they’re relatively hairless.
Probably a voice/accent coach like for actors and such. Nothing technically wrong with your speech to warrant a doctor.

No. 1495945

How do you choose who to date? I'm casually seeing two scrotes and it's slowly coming to a situation where I'm gonna have to choose one and drop the other but idk how to choose. They both have good and bad qualities. Plus my brain is telling me to pick one while my heart is telling me to pick the other. A pros/cons list? Sit them down and talk to them about it? Ask my friends' opinions? What kind of qualities should I even be looking for in a long term relationship? At this point being single seems like the most appealing choice….

No. 1495967

Its hard to feel like anyone is a winner in these situations. Even if you decide which one is a 'keeper' its messy to try and start a serious relationship from here. Hey remember that time when I wasn't sure if I wanted you or this other person.. it was a really hard choice between you two! Kinda taints things.

No. 1496041

File: 1676044135169.jpg (85.96 KB, 736x981, 849e37fe33889a749236210dbe8d44…)

/g is fucking dead so I'll ask here

How do I achieve this hairstyle with a straightener? I have a bob and I want to give it more "shape"

No. 1496048

do you know how to curl hair with a straightener? similar principle, except you dont make a full curl. when you straighten your hair, and get closer to the ends, twist it upwards, almost like you were curling it, instead of going straight down.
its super hard to explain but its really easy.

No. 1496056

Press the straightenter together and rotate your wrist upwards while going down the hair shaft to make it stick up like that. Then set with hairspray once you've got the perfect shape. With the straightener you have to actually shape the curl. Like other anon said it's a little hard to explain but it's super easy to execute.

No. 1496084

If they have bad qualities then pick neither. Or just continue casually seeing them both until they get sick of it.

No. 1496107

Anyone here never get crushes because they know there’s a slim chance the person will like them back? The last time I’ve had a crush on a guy I was 8 years old and now I’m 31. I just think I can’t develop those kinds of feelings because I feel it’s a waste of time for me to be crushing on someone who doesn’t like me. I think this is one of the down falls of growing up undesirable. I’ll never be able to develop relationships naturally.

No. 1496114

Write a list of what you need and what you want out of a relationship, make a pro/con list for each moid, then compare and see which one aligns with your needs the most.

No. 1496182

What's the story behind the purple frock(?) anon meme?

No. 1496217

Is a vpn enough to not get into trouble torrenting?

No. 1496234

No. 1496237

NTA but even when it's just the Opera one?

No. 1496239

You need a VPN to torrent shit??

No. 1496249

How have you not been caught? Yes, you absolutely, 100% need a VPN when pirating stuff. Your internet provider knows what you're doing, and depending on your country, they could wait to charge you until they have enough evidence to send you to jail.

No. 1496250

Go with your brain, heart is retarded and does not know how to pick long term partners. Though, it's always been said that if you're torn between two guys, it's because the third right guy hasn't come along yet.

No. 1496253

Yes, but if you're that worried, you can also look for direct download links instead.

No. 1496256

Why would lesbians choose to adopt a son?

No. 1496265

no fucking idea, I always think it has to be a case where they are offered a child and they feel like they can't say no OR they aren't insanely anti men like my mentally ill ass is

No. 1496270

No. Get a paid one.

No. 1496293

I'm dumb and meant this as like when adoption agencies put you on a list and you just get notified of any younger children and if that kid happens to be a boy and you refuse, you never know when your next chance might be

No. 1496301

Never used browser vpn personally, it’s probably fine, your dl speed might get throttled into the ground though idk.
I’ve gotten a few threats from big meanie American mainstream movie distributors and AAA games when I’m slackin on vpn. Non-American right holders don’t seem as obsessed. Gotta say I’ve never heard anyone actually going to jail lol

No. 1496310

What?? So many people I knew torrented without vpns and no one has been fined or thrown into jail kek. I remember a lot of download sites were taken down at some point but like… no one was going after the people downloading stuff, just the ones distributing them. I guess I will stop because I don't use torrents that much and I don't understand this vpn shit but damn, I didn't realize things were this strict.

No. 1496328

Wtf do you eat with soup dumplings? Would rice be good?

No. 1496337

Yes but you need to put the killswitch on, this means you connect your torrent client to your vpn so it only downloads when the vpn is on.

Every person I know who's too scared to pirate stuff comes up with this one person they know who got in real trouble for it. It's just hearsay imo. The ones that got caught and fined were probably idiots downloading music from a site that asked you to fill out a form with your address. Some people are that stupid. I have pirated and torrented since I got internet and many years without a vpn, nothing ever happened. It really isn't as dangerous as most people say. But I'd still recommend a vpn just in case.

No. 1496350

Let's say you usually hang out at your SO's place but you don't have keys yet and that's say you sometimes hang out with your friends and come home late. After said hanging out, would you
>go to your SO's place, even if it's late and they're probably asleep and you'd have to ring them and wake them and would have to be let in
>go to the place you rent even though most of your stuff - clothes, toothbrush, whatever - is at your SO's place, just so you don't wake them up?

No. 1496356

Whichever option involves the fewest roommates that'd be annoyed by you stumbling in

No. 1496359

File: 1676071101307.jpeg (33.06 KB, 515x613, 61f78ca51978b.jpeg)

So how do I stop crushing on someone? It is a person I barely see (every few months) and know but the constant daydreaming about them is taking over my life, I feel like I am limerent about them.

I know the best answer would be to visit my therapist but since I am really tight on money this month, I will be able to afford it in a month or so..I am looking for a temprorary solution if anyone has it because I am literally getting intrusive thoughts about a person I don't even know or communicate with.

No. 1496361

What actually is the difference between downloading through a service like qbittorrent vs just downloading straight to your computer?

No. 1496366

i used to be really bad about feelings of limerance (still lind of am) so ik how you feel anon. I know you said you barely see them, but do you follow them on socials at all? whenever I was really obsessed with someone, i would look for behaviour from them that broke the perfect image they had of themselves in my head, if that makes sense. if you can pinpoint one thing they say or do that you don't like, or otherwise doesn't fit in with the image you've built up around them, the feelings should be easier to clear up

No. 1496376

They don't have socials other than linkedin and seem like a private person. Probably why it is so easy for me to project onto them

No. 1496387

What's an easy way to remove hair aside from shaving? Shavings irritates my skin and waxing is too tedious.

No. 1496390

hm ok, do they do anything bad or have any kind of flaw whatsoevrr you could focus in on? sounds bad but i used to find the smallest things about my crushes that bothered me and id fixate on disliking them for it, because it made me feel slightly more in control of my obsessive feelings

No. 1496406

I will try…I kind of feel bad about it but oh well…thank you nonnie!

No. 1496408

Laser hair removal or IPL? Although it requires shaving beforehand…

No. 1496410

Thanks anon but I don't like the idea of permanent removal. I've heard stories of women who got permanent hair removal and felt uncomfortable in their bodies afterwards.

No. 1496417

File: 1676074282413.jpeg (83.04 KB, 640x611, B875514C-66F5-49B8-A847-5BC13D…)

Do you mean like difference between torrenting and direct dl?
Torrents are files you get from other users while direct dl are files hosted on a website. So depending on what material you’re looking for, it could be sketchy and unsafe either way.
For things like new games it could be safer to direct dl from trusted website of reputable cracker directly to avoid fake torrents. For things like movies or softwares, depending on popularity, well seeded torrents make downloading huge files like the entirety of a tv show very fast and reliable. Whereas downloading 20GB of movies or photoshop.exe from an prussian website full of ads is sus and slow and they get corrupted half way through. Generally torrents are better organized and easier to find. On the other hand, I have had instances where a niche thing was not getting seeded by a single person on earth but there was ddl available on some guy’s google drive. “Safe” direct dl file hosting sites can be gatekeepy, they may be paywalled. Both methods have their place and time and varied degrees of convenience.

No. 1496508

I'm in my 20s, and found a random strand of gray hair. How abnormal is that?

No. 1496510

Is it really weird to repeat the sounds that I like from series, movies, songs and such? I always do it, it's subconsciously even because I only notice I'm doing so if I'm with someone telling me that I'm repeating stuff.

No. 1496513

It's normal, as far as I know, I've known girls in highschool that had lots of gray hairs, same while at college, there were girls with gray hairs, and these girls were like 19.

No. 1496514

Good to know. I was worried I may have some sort of weird illness I didn't know about.

No. 1496532

In regards to what the other nonnie was asking? When you torrent something, you connect to a public tracker and receive/send pieces of the file directly to other people. You can see the IP addresses who is downloading or seeding in the peer list, which is why it's easy to get caught torrenting mainstream media unless you use a VPN.

Direct downloads are safer because you download from a privately-owned server. Your IP isn't publicly available. If you don't have a VPN and you're overly worried about getting caught, direct downloads are the way to go.

No. 1496568

I found my first grey in my early twenties and some of my sisters did too. Also just because you find your first early doesn't mean you'll go fully grey faster then anyone else.

No. 1496571

Thank for explaining anons.

No. 1496646

what are some things that i can do to feel more comfortable in my body? i feel like a stranger to myself.

No. 1496653

This is fearmongering. The worst that can happen is you get a warning from your ISP.

No. 1496686

i never had problem with any kind of piracy and i had multiple providers. Provider wants your money, he won't snitch. As >>1496653 said, you can get a warning but they don't track your piracy every day.

No. 1496722

I got my internet shut off once because it was a smaller local company.

No. 1496743

Nonnies I have some frozen chicken wraps that expired 3 days ago, do I risk it?

No. 1496744

I like my face better with short hair, it's actually the only time I've actually liked my face. Why do people still insist that long hair would suit me better? Their evidence is the most unflattering school photo ever of me when I was like 11. I got kinda a pear shaped face and longer hair takes all the volume from the top by weighing it down so much.

No. 1496753

Too late, I ate it. Tasted fine but fingers crossed I don’t shit myself later.

No. 1496784

Is your face long or short?

No. 1496785

I live by the headcanon that frozen food never expires

No. 1496790

It does, the scientist that tried frozen mammoth meat can confirm that it expires after 10000 years at least.

No. 1496807

Nonas who successfully taught themselves another language: How did you do it? What were some materials you used?

No. 1496809

what language do you want to learn anon? also it doesn't quite answer your q but theres a language learning thread here that might be able to help if you have any qs about resources

No. 1496811

Portuguese! English is the only language I know so I'm a bit behind from the people in my classes who already know Spanish lol

No. 1496853

Consuming media in that language. Ideally you find something you are very into, so it keeps you hooked naturally.

No. 1496855

Besides formal studybooks, immerse yourself in the language. Speak with native speakers if you can, if not, read, watch and listen to native media and browse the Portugese internet. If you don't know what media specifically you can probably get recommendations from natives on Portugese subreddits (assuming there are any.) I learnt so much from just reading and participating in discussions on internet boards and watching tv shows in my target language. You probably do need to already have the basics down for this to be effective though unless you want to read/watch media for very young children.

No. 1496858

Does Adele have good music? I only know Rolling in The Deep which I enjoyed

No. 1496870

My midface is a tad on the long side, but the overall length of my face is normal. I feel like long hair makes my face look longer than it is and makes my head look pointy if I don't keep it out of my face at all times.

No. 1496877

File: 1676128046267.jpeg (385.89 KB, 944x581, 75CDC515-B03B-4011-A66B-BC2DEB…)

Yeah long hair depends on how it frames can def drag your face down, I think chin length or all the way short with some volume can both look good. As long as it’s not cutting off around your cheeks like this lol

No. 1496879

File: 1676128165605.png (19.9 KB, 1517x842, would-i-look-good-with-short-h…)

Same, my face is medium-slightly long and my head kinda pointy, I used to like short hair but everyone insisted long hair suited me better, I gave it a chance and never went back. I used to believe long hair would make my face look longer but with bangs the length is not noticeable

No. 1496904

File: 1676130377034.jpg (54.29 KB, 550x740, 0cacf958abcfa30d3d186edc43030b…)

It kinda looks like this atm, but I don't have a cute face, more feminized Chad face kek.
Can't do bangs with long hair, makes my nose look disproportionally big. I'd consider the image on the left to still be long hair. I have very fine, limp hair, like TiM hair, which is a bad combo with the already more masculine face. It really doesn't look good and getting any volume in it when it has any length is a Herculean task.

No. 1496905

Just get your favorite hairstyle. You're mogging 50% of the population in terms of beauty by simply being a woman already.

No. 1496907

Nta but kek, true.

No. 1496912

File: 1676131155142.jpeg (7.01 KB, 194x259, descarga.jpeg)

Don't worry anon, if you have a long-ish face, you can have short hair as long as it covers your neck. Kinda like picrel

No. 1496924

>Just get your favorite hairstyle.
I guess, but I also want to be attractive. I just don't know if people around me hate short hair on me because they think women aren't supposed to have short hair or because they think it looks too gay. Or because it genuinely looks bad. It's just that the alternative wouldn't be any better, because the limp long straw hair would make me look like a tranny.
>You're mogging 50% of the population in terms of beauty by simply being a woman already.
I'm really not anywhere on the spectrum of feminine beauty. At most I might be handsome, for a woman.
I have a long ass giraffe neck, so that is enough to weigh my hair down kek. I really can't get volume at the top with any length. No matter how hard hair dressers have tried in the past.

No. 1496927

>I'm really not anywhere on the spectrum of feminine beauty. At most I might be handsome, for a woman.
nta but that doesn't matter at all, look at the average man and compare that to how the average woman looks. I wish more women would be aware of that and be less self-conscious about their style and what they like. Tbh a lot of people don't like short hair on women because they're conditioned to but you should do it anyways, you can't please everyone. It would be sad if you didn't do it just for that reason.

No. 1496929

I'm going to be honest with you, a hairstyle can't make you hot if you're not. You should just have fun if you can, and don't overthink it. And hey, men literally have neanderthal skulls and their sweat is yellow. Never doubt your inherent beauty.

No. 1496932

Society hates very short hair on women, I got very awful stares from people after I got a cute pixie, but I got the most compliments on long, but extremely damaged hair. They really don't care about what looks good or healthy, just stereotypical feminine things

No. 1496939

it depends where you are and who you're around, i get much more compliments with short hair (the peak was when i had a pixie cut) but i'm practically invisible when my hair is long

No. 1496947

Can you tell if glasses have built in blue filter in them? I noticed some have a yellow tint to them but is that always the case?

No. 1496953

>look at the average man and compare that to how the average woman looks
Definitely , I don't look like the average woman though, sadly enough.
>It would be sad if you didn't do it just for that reason.
Well yeah I wouldn't do it if it's just because people hate short hair on women by principle. It just matters to me what genuinely looks good on me.
>I'm going to be honest with you, a hairstyle can't make you hot if you're not.
I'm pretty damn ugly if I'm supposed to be hot in a feminine way, since that gives me the tranny look. I feel like I've got male Chad genetics while being female. When I went short again as an adult, older women at work said I looked like a model and I was asked to appear on a "queer" dating show (didn't do it due to fear of TiMs showing up). My family members though can't shut up about how fugly I am with short hair and just random men and women commenting how it's sad I have short hair. It just seems like my hair is a very divisive topic, which goes from either extremely positive to acting like I'm an ogre.
People only ever started complimenting the straw looking long hair retroactively when it's short. Just like how they claim I looked the best when I was overweight or underweight, but they hate me being at a healthy weight with muscle.

No. 1496970

Where in the USA/online (ships to usa) can one purchase the nicest stationary? Or at least best price to quality ratio? I know stationary is sold at even places like rite aid and Walmart but also michaels, hence my question.

No. 1497012

why do i never see as much hatred for anal on here as there is for blowjobs? anal is usually seen as bad here but there isn't so much intense hatred for women who do it as there is with women who give men head (resorting to moidy nicknames like cock gargler/cock breath etc), actually doing anal with a guy is way worse in many regards

No. 1497018

lol there's definitely people on here who despise anal, it's just right now the topics been blowjobs so more people are talking about it. try saying something like 'i enjoy anal' in the unpopular opinions thread and you'll get a bunch of criticism

No. 1497021

Huh, it's so weird you get such comments from random people, nonna. When I had short hair, some people really hated it only because women are allegedly supposed to wear it long, and I'd get called a fucking lunatic at my school by some guys (even though I had just a regular pixie). At the same time, many people loved it and thought it suited me better. I got a few negative comments long after school only when I got a rather high undercut, and yeah, it wasn't the best cut I had. Btw I'm a bit of a chad too kek, and I feel like long hair drags my face down so when it's long I just wear it in a ponytail most of the time. I feel like some people just don't have an eye for it, so to say, and depend on meaningless standards too much, like outdated ideas about "femininity". Also some people think that if you have a wide face you should "hide" it and therefore it's better to have as much hair as possible, even though it makes no sense and your face won't magically shrink. I mean, surely you can create certain visual effect to "change" the shape but it's not that simple.
I think it all depends on a hairstyle itself, maybe you can modify yours a bit if you have doubts about it? There are lots of celebrities with wide jaws that wore/wear short hair, you could look for their photos for inspiration. Are you sure you need volume on top, maybe it'd be enough to just open your face?

No. 1497135

File: 1676147604433.jpg (24.76 KB, 335x312, what_it_feels_like.jpg)

In my culture nobody has a filter and they just say what's on their mind. So people will give their opinion on how other people look unprompted all of the time. Like when I had long hair and dressed femininish for a bit, people would ask me whether I have a disease, intersex or whether I'm a TiM. Which isn't just related to my face, moreso my body and body language. I've never seen any other woman with my bodytype, except in paintings and statues, but those are reportedly really just men with boobs, because their skeleton is apparently too broad for a woman and they're too muscular, so that doesn't make me feel any better.
With short hair people basically go "you could be so pretty if you tried and grew your hair out!". Or blatantly "you ruined yourself".
>Also some people think that if you have a wide face you should "hide" it and therefore it's better to have as much hair as possible, even though it makes no sense and your face won't magically shrink. I mean, surely you can create certain visual effect to "change" the shape but it's not that simple.
>I think it all depends on a hairstyle itself, maybe you can modify yours a bit if you have doubts about it? There are lots of celebrities with wide jaws that wore/wear short hair, you could look for their photos for inspiration. Are you sure you need volume on top, maybe it'd be enough to just open your face?
I like my jaw and don't mind it looking big, I prefer it even, if I'm not trying to be feminine or pretty. The problem is that the big jaw is in combination with a highish narrow forehead, creating the Anisa pearshape (picrel). I definitely need volume on top, opening up my face isn't enough. The top of my head is just too small to handle limp tranny hair accentuating it in any way shape or form. I look like I have less hair the longer it is.
I like my face with the haircut I have now, but yes admittedly I don't look like a pretty woman. I don't look beautiful and maybe that's just impossible. No make up, hair or feminine clothes in the world could make me look like a pretty feminine or sexy woman. I will have to settle for handsome, because masculine stuff just looks more natural on me. Just the only people who seem to be attracted to masculine women are bi men and weird gymbros (makes me feel revolting) or finally the rare woman but who will always be like 5 years younger than me and thinks I'm an enbie transmasc who would be great for their TikTok.
It's just fucking with my head that people seem to think that if I'd just slap some make up on, put on a dress and got limp tranny hair I would suddenly be a bombshell. When that would just make me feel like irl Kikomi and people would still point that out too.

No. 1497191

you sound new here lol

No. 1497195

Why are white Americans generally not called European-Americans as often as black Americans are called African-Americans?

No. 1497197

Retarded newfag

No. 1497204

Where the fuck are you new shit faggots coming from???

No. 1497208

idk but I've had this thought too, literally never heard white Americans called that. Are black people in Canada called African Canadians? What about in the UK?

No. 1497212

This hair cut is so adorable and notice how no matter the hair length, women will look like women.
based short haired women unite.

No. 1497216

iirc in the UK they're Black British, oftentimes also differentiated as African or Caribbean, on another note while Asian-American usually refers to East (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese) and South East (Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian etc) Asians, British Asian usually refers to South Asians (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan).

No. 1497236

pretty much >>1497216, we usually just say black or if we want to be specific, caribbean etc. using a term like 'african british' would be straight up incorrect bc a lot of black people here don't have african heritage

No. 1497244

Technically it is African heritage, but culturally (and even genetically to some extent) they're so far removed from mainland Africans it makes better sense to treat them as different groups.

No. 1497260

Nta but I really relate to a lot of the stuff you're saying. I also went from long hair to short hair and then all of a sudden people started commenting about how it was a shame I cut my hair even though I looked awful with long hair and short hair suited me much better. I have masculine facial features for a woman (strong jaw, long face, big nose) so I look terrible in feminine styles and people used to tell me that all the time, but then suddenly got mad when I start styling myself in a masculine way. Honestly if you like your hair and think you look better with it then definitely keep it, some people are genuinely just retards who get irrationally upset when they notice a woman isn't following standards of femininity, even when it's something as simple as a regular short haircut.

No. 1497267

I'm in the uk and don't have an adhd dx (currently on a years long waiting list for an assessment lmao), how can I realistically get access to adhd meds without having to go through a doctor

No. 1497274

It’s so strange to me how obsessed Indians-American are with having people calling them Asians lol it’s pretty common throughout the world that Asians is predominantly used in reference to the east and even in the middle east we refer to south asians as desi I never understood that fixation

No. 1497288

File: 1676156973302.jpg (111.88 KB, 649x620, 1656491325254.jpg)

How does a person build an art portfolio? I've drawn my own characters and ideas so much that I'm sick of it, it's given me such awful art block. I would rather draw other people's characters but have never put myself out there. I've thought about making a Twitter, opening requests but I know I'd get swarmed with too many. Cheap commissions? I'm genuinely at a loss. Art nonnies help.

No. 1497299

start asking friends if they know any drug dealers i guess

No. 1497304

i wish i was well connected and had friends i could ask lmao. ive read a few things talking about how you can order this kinda shit online but tbh i don't know if i could trust a service like that

No. 1497305

What's your goal for your folio? To get a studio job? Get clients? Funnel visitors to your shop? Figure that out then look up portfolios that are similar to that goal. Look at how many cases studies or pieces they list, study the way they build their case studies, think about how they tell the story behind each piece (if they do at all), and figure out how you can apply that to your own work. I work in a different field than illustration or animation, but that's what pretty much what I did.

No. 1497353

Comcast dropped me as a customer and banned me from ever signing up with them in the future when I downloaded a marvel movie when it first came out. So embarrassing.

No. 1497356

Get clients, mostly. I'm not skilled enough for anything super professional. I also want to post my stuff on social media but I've always been too scared to. I've looked at other artists like me and they have tons of stuff up and I can only assume they have social media and discord servers and all that. So I might just have to do that to start out.

No. 1497400

How many images can be dumped in /m/ threads before it's considered spam?

No. 1497439

Do libertarians get married?

No. 1497478


No. 1497581

How do you know if a pair of black glasses 'wash you out' or 'overpower your face'?

No. 1497586

No. 1497645

Is there any reason why sneakers, or shoes in general I suppose, are separated in male and female? As in an actual reason, not just marketing.

No. 1497669

File: 1676213311479.jpeg (97.06 KB, 800x642, 6BB93EE4-2C40-4DE6-89F9-632197…)

Moid feet are gigantic.

No. 1497673

Oh my fucking God that's disgusting, men are mutants

No. 1497675

men on average have larger feet, like its something very easily noticeable

No. 1497685

Well, I just bought a pair of sneakers labelled "male", luckly I have duck feet.

No. 1497696

If you look at shoe measurements in cm you can usually tell which pairs will fit, it’s also like how some people buy the largest kids sizes because they’re adult size but a little cheaper

No. 1497701

i had a dream where i won a lot of money at bingo. ive never played bingo before - is it actually profitable/worth playing?

No. 1497703

No. They lure people with the jackpot but you'll never win big. Also the old ladies will kick the shit out of you behind the lot if you do win after they've been camping faithfully for weeks rubbing their good luck trolls and dobbing 12 sheets at a time. JK. Bingo is fun you should go I like going with my mom. They even have machines at the nicer places so you don't even have to dob. The most my mom has won playing was like $250 but the jackpot gets in the thousands at some halls

No. 1497706

It's fun but I don't think you could get rich from playing bingo, if you could, then my grandmas would've been rich too, since it was like 3 of my grandmas playing almost daily, but they would only come home with small prizes or regular prizes that they would spend on random stuff like booze, food or sweets.
So think about it, if three people never got the jackpot in at least 5 years, are you going to be lucky enough to win the jackpot at least once?

No. 1497708

I've only ever known people who play it to get out of the house for a bit and meet other old people.

No. 1497713

File: 1676215565377.jpg (30.11 KB, 563x576, download.jpg)

What website do I use now that z-lib is gone? Thanks for nothing worthless burger government.

No. 1497717

Take a look at this list, nonna, it may help you. Z-lib was the best, though.

No. 1497721

I would say Libgen, still, z-lib being gone makes me so sad and angry, I miss that website.

No. 1497722

Thanks, sweet pirate nonnie

No. 1497736

You shouldn't have answered this because spoonfeeding normies piracy info is exactly how zlib got taken down and why libgen is still up (for now).

No. 1497752

Nonna already knew about Z-lib, so i guess it's safer?

No. 1497759

I've never been so flattered

No. 1497760

Why do so many Americans talk about the British as if they are almost a completely talk different "civilization/people"?(I don't know if there are better terms to use) like in my country the word for American and Englishmen is the same, and from the perspective of foreigners its easy to get you mixed up, your both mostly protestant english speaking nations who invaded a large fuck ton of the world

No. 1497766

well… we do have different cultures. sure we share a language and many surface level similarities, but speaking as someone from the uk who's visited the US a few times there are honestly a lot of massive cultural differences between us. but yeah i can see how a lot of the world sees brits and americans in the same light

No. 1497776

Because we are different people. It's two different countries on different continents with different cultures, even if other people see us as the same.

No. 1497782

Is it just me growing up sheltered or is it really not advisable for someone to date someone who regularly took hard drugs and still does so occasionally?

No. 1497792

Not really. I have bought sneakers from the male teen's section which were the same as the ones from the adult female section, but cheaper.

No. 1497806

I admittedly grew up sheltered too but I was tempted to give a guy a chance last year. An 'ex addict' who still described sometimes dabbling..? I didn't go there but I've stood back and seen him lose his mind in the last year. He has long term psychosis from his usage. Dodged some serious shit there.

No. 1497814

Isn't that just having self preservation instinct?

No. 1497815

Do you think men have feelings? I didn't think they did, most men I know lack empathy so severely and never help out women who are in bad situations that I assumed they didn't know how being sad and shit felt and that's why they couldn't understand.

No. 1497821

No, they’re subhuman.

No. 1497828

It's a terrible idea to date someone who took hard drugs. I know one "normal" guy who did it for parties without being an addict, and I can still tell he has some cognitive issues from it. I spotted it before he even told me about it.

Do you want someone who takes hard drugs to be the father of your children? Or if it's a friend dating the guy, would you trust that guy around your kids? Their own kids?

No. 1497832

This is a gross question but why do men take so long to shit and spend like an hour in the toilet every time? I know people answer "for alone time" but I still don't get it becuase it seems they are literally sitting and shitting while doing it? Like they just sit there for an hour with shit all over their ass as the room starts to stink more and more? How the fuck is that your desired "alone time"??? Not to sound like a 2010s millenial, but I just fucking can't

No. 1497843

but you are though, there might be some superficial differences but most of the world would consider americans and english the same people
the foundations of your nation are the same, you mostly consume the same media, you speak the same language, you are the same people from my perspective and most of the world

No. 1497848

I'm going to an appointment tomorrow because I have a day off, I'll get ultrasound for my bladder to check if there's any issue and the doctors said that I need to drink like 75cl of water 1 hour before the appointment. Does that mean I could probably drink that amount of water even like 2 or 3 hours before that during lunch of it has to specifically be 1h before?

No. 1497850

an hour before, you need a full bladder for the ultrasound so don't go to toilet until after the doctors appointment

No. 1497851

Ok so if my bladder is already full like 3 hours beforehand I don't need to drink that amount of water on top of that?

No. 1497852

More men than women have poor diets that lack fiber so it takes them longer to squeeze out their shits. Ik a lot of men in my life that don't drink water either so imagine eating a lot crap and being dehydrated at the same time. This is why, often more than not, they have chapped lips, stinky dry breath, ashy skin, oily face, and a very leathery skin texture.

No. 1497857

You're more likely to piss yourself if you do that since the doctor will be pressing against your bladder. take a piss, drink the water and go to the appointment

No. 1497869

z-lib is still here, i use it through tor though

No. 1497953

Anyone know how to deal with tajin (lemon, salt, pepper) that's gotten a bit too wet? I can't get it in my country

Rice for oxidation? Please help me save my spices

No. 1497957

I'll never forget the time that an anon came on here and admitted that after apparently bragging about her incredibly antiporn nigel for years (he was well versed on all the reasons why its bad, harmful etc) .. well we know what he was doing during his hour long toilet sessions

No. 1497959

I don't get it, why should we care about how other countries see us? We live here so we know our own country, and the difference and similarities between us and another country. Our course people will see us as the same if we both speak English but that doesn't mean we are.

No. 1497972

What >>1497869 said, plus annas-archive.org is a good compilation search of libgen/zlib links and more.

No. 1497976

Depends on the country, but you usually just win the smallest win (<20€ in my country, the ticket is about 3€). My grandparents have been playing bingo every weekend with 2-3 tickets for 11 years and won the smallest jackpot memtioned above about 6 times and one time they got picked for the in-studio candidate thing which my mom went to and won a car.

No. 1497986

I might come across as a moid but I’m trying to figure something out…

I know none of us here are sorority girls or anything, but a male coworker was talking about going to a bar with a ton of drunk college girls and being swarmed by them because he is of working age and could buy drinks. Apparently the girls would say something like “just buy me this one drink and then we could get out of here and have a good time…” mind you this guy is like 5’3 and of average-below average looks.

He ended up not taking any of them up on the offer, but like… is it normal to sleep with someone a lil ugly just for a drink, or do you think they were trying to scam him?

No. 1497990

Your coworker is a fucking liar. 5’3? KEK.

No. 1497996

KEK sounds like he’s a delusional loser who thinks things like this happen in real life. Even attractive people don’t have swarms of strangers bluntly asking to fuck.

No. 1497999

I can just picture how he told you this story

No. 1498066

ok, so i've been told multiple times in my life that my homosexuality is due to satan possessing me. Can anyone explain to me what does satan gain from it ?

No. 1498072

File: 1676239861469.jpg (56.95 KB, 680x510, 38d099bf251e860c2f02a872867a51…)

Your love and affection towards others

No. 1498080

If the story is true my guess is that they were going to trick him out of the drinks. I've never been a sorority girl and I never will be but my sister is a sorority-girl-in-training and it's something she's done before. They pretend to be into the guy so he'll get hopeful and buy them drinks and food and stuff while they're at the bar/club. Then when it's time to go home they sneak out before he notices or if he does notice, they'll say something like 'omg my mom died I need to go to the hospital to see her!' and it's a sort of game, they try to get away with a bigger excuse each time lol. It sounds kind of fun to be honest.

No. 1498081

I see, the reason why I need to go to the appointment is because I always feel like I'm gonna piss myself. Another question, since the appointment will be during the afternoon I'll be busy outside hours before that, should I just stick to water or can I drink other things as well like hot chocolate or soda or whatever restaurants have?

No. 1498098

i guess the idea would be that satan possesses you and makes you do 'immoral' things bc he wants to lead you into temptation and sin, so that you go to hell or w/e tf. bearing in mind im not a christian. im sorry that people say such things to you though anon, just know that you truly don't deserve it. fuck those people.

No. 1498105

As long as you go to the toilet like one to two hours before the appointment to empty your bladder and then drink the required amount of water then you should be okay

No. 1498141

Is it inappropriate to ask my phsychiatrist for a dose of Xanax or other acute anxiety medication for an upcoming concert I'm attending? I can't enjoy myself at events like this because of my stupid anxiety but every time I try to self-medicate I fuck it up.

No. 1498151

Sounds fun, wish I can scam moids off their money for free shit lmao

No. 1498177

i'd just not mention any medication by name, coming in and straight up asking for xanax might see you denied as a drug seeker. just go in and explain your issues then ask if they have anything that could help in that situation.

No. 1498192

Do you let your dog on the couch/bed?

No. 1498195

why are some women so insistent about the guy always paying on dates? struggling to see why this matters if you're genuinely interested in each other, splitting the bill just makes more sense

No. 1498217

I know it depends on the click between you and your therapist, but in general, is therapy worth it? I have no direction in life, trauma that gets in the way of personal relationships and depression that keeps me from even climbing out of my bed a lot of the time. I talked to my friends, they gave some advice but also told me if I was feeling that bad I should see someone. It has never worked for me but I had my last therapist when I was 15 and didn't try to actually work on myself so that's a big factor. I want to give it a try but 95% of the work is done by you and I can just talk to friends or family if I feel like I need some outside perspective. Plus it's expensive and takes up time. Are there any nonna's with similar problems who went to therapy, did it help?

It's based on sexism, the man is seen as the 'provider' in a relationship so some women buy into that and expect the guy to pay, even if they're not in a relationship. If a man insists to pay he either has old manners or wants a reason for you to hook up with him (most likely the latter). I like it when guys pay for meals but mostly because I'm cheap kek, only if he offers to though.

No. 1498219

Most women will pay more on make up, a nice outfit, shoes, etc… to look good for a date. Men roll up expecting to be ass kissed just because he took a shower. The least he could do is pay for the meal.

No. 1498226

Both are disgusting. No way in hell should a dog be in your bed. My couch reeks of dog piss (it's not my dog) and now only a small spot is usable.

No. 1498230

Simply put: while not every scrote who always pays for anything his woman wants/needs when she’s in his presence is not a good guy, you will never find a good scrote who doesn’t always pay.

Retarded. It’s not always based on sexism, it’s based on the reality that men as a class still make more money than women and that their lives are easier. Any decent man will recognize that fact and pay for his woman.

No. 1498248

>It’s based on the reality that men as a class still make more money than women and that their lives are easier.
Ayrt, this is true but I don't think that's generally on people's minds, where I live anyway. Every time a man paid for my food it was out of politeness, because we were getting along well or he just wanted sex. Also,
>implying that men care about wage gaps
Do you really think they care or even think about it? They're just being polite.

No. 1498250

File: 1676251991947.jpg (173.27 KB, 720x928, Screenshot_20230212-193145_Twi…)

What the fuck is 988twt??? I know 88 is a dog whistle

No. 1498267

Itayrt; faith in humanity restored. Next time I hope he fucks around and finds out

No. 1498274

>do you really think men care about wage gaps
That’s why I said what I said did you even read the post?

No. 1498278


No. 1498314

I don't think it's referencing the 88 dog whistle actually, 988 is the mental health hotline in the US

No. 1498386

What does winter smells like? Is it just the smell of ordinary cold air that can be found everywhere? And if I stuck my head into a refrigerator and took a breath, would I be able to get an idea of this 'scent of winter'?

Also please pardon my retardation, I know this question is too weird and stupid even for this thread, and the fact I don't even know how to word my question properly makes it even worse. I've been just wondering because I heard a girl I like say that she loves how winter smells like, but I don't think I've ever noticed winter have a special smell or anything.

No. 1498403

YMMV but where I live, winter smells the scent of pine trees carried on an icy breeze. The air tastes pure and crisp, almost like rain.

No. 1498409

it rains more here so for me it smells like rainy dirt and then being slapped by cold wind on my face

No. 1498412

File: 1676269535601.jpeg (140.1 KB, 1125x1128, FnN-rgsX0AEY8BS.jpeg)

Thanks nonnas!

No. 1498499

For me it's pine trees, and the faint smell of my neighbours burning wood, and a lack of interfering plant smells. No apples or flowers etc. The cold makes everything feel "sharp" when you breathe it in, but in a refreshing way

No. 1498609

Why tf did windows automatically increase the volume to 40% after updating and restarting? I fixed it but still. Weirdos

No. 1498616

Is there any way in which I could ask someone to hug me that would not make me seem weird AF?

No. 1498622

I don’t think it’s much weird to say “I could really use a hug” unless hugging isn’t a thing in your culture

No. 1498673

Figure out why you want a degree in the first place. You said you don't need it, is it for the extra experience, connections etc that you'd get? Or do you feel like you need one just because everyone else has a degree?

No. 1498716

I apparently can scroll indefinitely on Twitter now, has their been any information about this?

No. 1498730

has anyone ever won (or known anyone who won) money/giftcards etc from surveys that offer prizes as incentives?

No. 1498841

What are you allowed to wear to a water park? Like bathing suits wise. I was planning on wearing this halter swim bra top but with shorts and maybe those beach cardigan thingies over it idk if that's allowed though. It is right??? I haven't gone in awhile.

No. 1498844

You can wear anything to a water park Nona and I live in Canada. Lots of people wear bikinis or simply just Tshirts and shorts. You'll be okay nonnie

No. 1498858

File: 1676308694233.jpeg (158.31 KB, 828x1256, 454D-4C68-B614-726A9.jpeg)

can someone who goes to the leftcows threads explain the appeal of them ?
it seems not much eve happens there expect someone making a dumb tweet, being unfashionable or going to a party

No. 1498869

Tons of water parks prohibit items made out of cotton, because the chlorine in the water breaks down the fabrics, it clogs the drains, and you end up with holy clothes. If you're wearing shorts, make sure they're made for swimming. Nylon, polyester, and spandex clothing are perfectly fine and you're less likely to get stopped by a lifeguard to "change".

No. 1498873

Okay good, I haven't worn a bikini in public before so not gonna lie I'm kinda nervous even though it's just the top

No. 1498904

How does one find happiness within themselves? I try to find hobbies and do things I enjoy but I feel so damn empty all the time. I'm doing quite well at work currently but I just feel like I never look forward to anything.

No. 1498921

Has anyone here loyalty tested their boyfriends on social media? If so how do you find women to help you with that?

No. 1498933

my bf doesn't use social media but just make a catfish account.

No. 1498936

Do you have any goals you want to work towards? Anything short term and long term? I think creating goals and keeping them in mind during your day to day life can help you feel some motivation.
Even if the goal is something stupid, it's something you go to sleep and wake up for to slowly create progress into achieving. A tiny goal I create for myself every week is basically my shopping list. I have taught myself to feel grateful for finding such item. I felt happiness yesterday because I bought some $2 dill flavored dip that tastes like the sauce they put in gyros.
Maybe another good idea would be to make a daily journal for 3 good things that happened that day, any more than 3 is a plus. Even if it's small stuff, focusing on little details can get you into a mindset to continuously be reminded that happiness is out there, we're just sometimes ignorant of knowing where to look for it.

No. 1498960

I've been to a few different waterparks across the states and I've never heard this cotton distinction, is it a common non-burger rule? The only restriction I have ever heard at a waterpark is simply that it needs to be family friendly i.e. no micro bikinis and no thongs. Otherwise you're pretty much good to go. They might stop you if metal fixings or something on your clothes might damage a slide or hurt you, etc.
Cotton is always pretty rampant when I go, T shirts are on like every other person.

No. 1498962

How do you make a catfish account without looking suspicious?

No. 1498963

You are not mature enough to have a relationship.

No. 1498965

Ask a friend outside of your circle to use her account
But honestly if he's not trustworthy then don't waste your time dating him in the first place

No. 1498977

Does anyone have that youtube video where a guy proves that most "family/kids channels" are mostly watched by single adult men, more then any other demographic

No. 1498997

Should i block my ex colleagues on my insta? How do i make them unfollow me?? I don’t want them to see my shit i want to be anonymous and feel free

No. 1499021

Stfu moid

No. 1499034

cry harder newfag, do you like being tested in relationships? If you're looking to test a man like this you know the answer already, he's worthless. You're wasting your time.

No. 1499051

Oh no, someone is getting cheated on

No. 1499067

File: 1676321527788.png (164.33 KB, 339x374, 2.png)

>cry harder newfag
>doesn't know how to reply

No. 1499084

You never know if your moid will cheat unless you test him

No. 1499091

I would leave my partner if they played retard games like this with me.

No. 1499259

Can some nonnies help with my curiosities and maybe a current problem?

Currently I live in a 3 bedroom 1100 sqft flat with my boyfriend, our dog and two roommates. My bf and I have the biggest room in the house and that comes with our own private bathroom. Technically minus the bathroom it's not much bigger than one of the bedrooms and of course there is 2 of us occupying the space. Our landlord is increasing the rent by 70 (which is what's allowed) so it's not a big deal. Currently our situation is everyone pays a grand but thats starting to become a bit of a problem. As if we were paying a grand each that means the whole place is shared and we equally do the same amount of things in our apartment (chores, etc) and right now as of I'd say 6 months I'm the only one doing it since one of our last roommates moved out and the new one just doesn't do shit. Fair enough I have a dog but there are other things I'd appreciate people cleaning and even taking care of. Is it fair that I asked if the two other roommates could split the 70 between them since they already don't do much and 2000 for one bedroom shared as a couple in a flat is actually quite high. I'm not crying over having to pay that split 4 ways either, I just figured it would be fair maybe in the situation I'm in. I feel like someone's fucking mom because my roommates are all men and they can't pick up after themselves unless I point it out to them.

No. 1499261

It's shady, but if the mere concept of this angers you, it's probably because you'd get caught.

No. 1499270

hmm well it doesnt quite answer your question, but i do a lot of prolific surveys which pay me, and a lot of them also put you in for a bonus prize draw for shit like amazon gift cards. ive yet to win one of those

No. 1499274

not really…? if a relationship is built upon distrust of eachother and/or worrying about 'getting caught' (wtf) then it's not healthy to begin with, and no test is gonna fix that. if i found out my partner was doing tests like that on me, id be disappointed because it makes me think they don't trust me. i think it's healthier to accept that theres a possibility that anyone can cheat, but you trust your partner enough not to: and if they do betray that expectation, you can immediately leave their ass

No. 1499313

>if my partner did that to me-
You're a woman, that's different. Don't project your human (read: female) feelings on a moid
>i think it's healthier to accept that theres a possibility that anyone can cheat, but you trust your partner enough not to
You shouldn't trust moids or give them the same benefit of the doubt you would a woman, don't be naive and don't treat them like equals, they're not

No. 1499316

i get what you mean, but if i didn't trust a moid not to cheat on me then i just wouldn't be in a relationship with him. it seems like you're setting yourself up for pain and hardship if you go into relationships with this mindset that he's gonna cheat. i will say though that i don't think its a bad idea to keep tabs on your partners social media activity etc if them cheating is something that worries you – this is something that a lot of women tend to do anyway

No. 1499319

Like I said, it's shady, but there's nothing objectively wrong with checking in (at least in the initial stages) if it's a man. It doesn't hurt the man, and it can save the woman a massive waste of time and heartbreak. When women are always told not to trust their instincts and to give men the benefit of the doubt, then end up getting betrayed over and over again because there were "no real signs", "no proof" or "he'd never do that", this sort of thing can no longer be considered crazy behavior in good faith. Even statistics reflect that they cheat more, sadly. The bad, manipulative moids make even the innocent ones look untrustworthy, so I don't fault women for not trusting.
Now, if you find yourself constantly "testing" him or wanting to do so, it's best to just choose another guy and/or question yourself.

No. 1499341

i uploaded an unlisted video to youtube the other day just to record a snippet of something that was playing on tv for like 1 min, and within the next 2 days it received 2 copyright claims. my question is how can the copyright bots access unlisted videos - are they literally just sweeping every single upload on the site? if so, why is it that they can sweep unlisted videos that aren't being filmed for any malicious purposes but youtube will let porn and unsafe content remain up for days until it gets manually reported?

No. 1499364

File: 1676344142236.jpeg (136.02 KB, 750x640, 4BE8191C-D944-45F1-8173-683107…)

Why would you drink this shit? Like what is the actual reason? It’s nasty and what you think you’re doing with the 100 carbs shit? Are you just drinking one??? Why not just drink water instead? A normal beer isn’t even that many more calories

No. 1499373

Idk why so many people hate on seltzers, they’re just a fruity sparkling water with a bit of alcohol, very inoffensive. I never liked shit like la croix but they’re probably geared toward those people who want a lighter or sweeter drink.

No. 1499390

i drink 6 and get drunk enough to piss my bed

No. 1499396

when i first started drinking i'd get very drunk on 4-6 cans of seltzer, they were good because i don't like the taste of alcohol
but i've since moved on to vodka and juice

No. 1499455

File: 1676349917523.jpg (214.76 KB, 1600x900, isakei.jpg)

why does anyone read/watch isekai? As a genre it's the has the highest concentration of garbage I've ever seen. The only ones that I've come across that were even remotely entertaining were Konosuba and that Putin fantasy isekai.

No. 1499471

Why are you people so offended when people eat / drink something you do not personally like, always the ”just drink water / ’hot choccy’ instead!!”. People drink them because they like the taste and it brings them pleasure. End of story.

No. 1499472

It tastes like Splenda and aspartame anon

No. 1499490

Nonnies, should I buy tickets from this website for a concert that is happening in april?? I just checked the official artist's twitter who's performing and I clicked the link where they're selling their tickets and it says SALE CLOSED. I'm wondering if I should buy tickets from this other site, would it be safe to???? Will I just get scammed or would I actually get seats

No. 1499504

read the website's reviews on trustpilot also try to search the website's name on reddit and see if there is a thread where people discuss their experience buying from there

No. 1499506

Only buy from a reputable website like ticketmaster or wherever. Also check the venue website for links/purchase. What's the site?

No. 1499509

Because life is so miserable for the target audience that death and rebirth in a power fantasy is all they got to keep existing.
It’s really depressing that these people’s existence is so horrible to pray the afterlife will be more merciful

No. 1499514

A-anons I've a question: why did grown males liked My little pony so much??? I was reading lots of articles, documentaries and explanations yet I don't fucking understand it, it was nice show but it wasn't a masterpiece why were these adult males so utterly obsessed with sparkly, girly ponies? Such a massive fandom too, why?? There was something sinister going on there, a bunch of men liking little girls stuff and buying pinky toys, its so creepy

No. 1499518

Does anyone have any coconut flour recipes that aren't necessarily a healthy or alternative diet recipe?

No. 1499529

they wanted to fuck the ponies

No. 1499540

Alright I actually checked it (again, even though I checked eariler) and it looks like they're selling from the same website that I was talking about, so yea its probably legit. I didn't even notice until now that you've mentioned it even though I had looked it over a few times in the day and a few times more within the last hour. I feel so stupid for freaking out over this lolololo
I think the wl thing is just for directing from another website. I looked up the seetickets.us website on google and primarily got results for seetickets.com which I guess is their main website. it got a lot of good reviews on this review website even though recently it got bad or neutral reviews, they were quick to respond it seemed.
Anyways, thank you nonny for reminding me to check the official venue website! otherwise I would've been racking my head over whether or not to buy from it because I was paranoid it was a scam but turns out it's the page you get directed to after clicking on the buy tickets button on the venue site. youre a godsent for my retarded ass.

No. 1499545

yea I saw trustpilot, they got a lot of good reviews on there. theres recently negative and neutral reviews but the support people seem to be fast on them. Thankfully reddit says that theyre reliable so its no biggie, and another nonny >>1499506 had told me to check the venue site for purchase and I did and it redirected me to the site I had originally wanted to buy the tickets from but was suspicious of. I've confirmed it to be official so now I can buy from it, thanks to that nonna.

No. 1499557

It's definitely a sex thing. I'll never get it but male autists have the ability to look at fnaf characters of all things and somehow see that as sexual too.

No. 1499560

File: 1676366119626.png (2.72 MB, 2048x1800, Yuri starter pack.png)

the men who watched MLP were the same men who usually watch Yuri, MLP really does fit into that mold: cutesy, girly show with an over abundance of female characters and no threatening males to draw their interest.

No. 1499565

started as 4chan ironyposting then at some point the irony got lost because male autism

No. 1499568

Who turgled

No. 1499570

Suggest me a movie to watch with my friend please. Sexual scenes and such are ok but nothing too romantic.

No. 1499579

turgle turgle

No. 1499581

No. 1499599

File: 1676371801908.jpg (541.42 KB, 1716x2500, 7496eddcc263de9796c594f8400129…)

The Twelve Kingdoms is actually good anon, and it's a faithfully animated series of a bunch of books written by a woman. It only has a passing resemblance to isekai. If you're interested in a good fantasy novel I definitely recommend them, they're great

No. 1499602

Can i embroider a puffer jacket or will it destroy it

No. 1499615

Can meds make me emotionless?

No. 1499617

Remove the 12 Kingdoms from that picture right now or we're gonna fight.

No. 1499620

Beer is revolting moid juice

No. 1499625

kek sorry, I found it on google images and didn't think too much of it

No. 1499627

Beer is good nonnie

No. 1499632

Totally, it's relatively common actually

No. 1499683

I used to think beer was gross until I had good, flavored beer from a distillary itself. You'd be surprised nonnie

No. 1499808

Is it wrong to give an honest opinion in casual conversation? I've been told I'm too harsh sometimes. Knowing not to be combative or make a light talk heavy is something I understand, what to say when asked about their tastes or told complaints when I don't agree I do not.

No. 1499816

i can't remember what it was but i remember watching a deep dive on the brony fandom, i want to say it was a jenny nicholson video? but as >>1499565 said, it started out as a 4chan irony thing and spiralled from there

No. 1499857

I might be misremembering but I swear there was a thread about growing shrooms, if it's real does anyone remember what board it was on?

No. 1499862

they were discussing it recently in one of the threads about mental health, maybe the treating symptoms of depression thread

No. 1499867

Do men secretly like to settle with women they’re not as interested in?

No. 1499871

If they're getting something in return like sex, food, living in her house rentfree, etc. then yes. I've had guys admit they went from girls they weren't attracted to. Same happens with women though, relationships aren't always %100 pure love.

No. 1499903

This but also more in the way of actual deep emotional connections require work and viler ability that they run away from to a more surface level relationship

No. 1500130

is there a name for when you confront a man with an issue that involves or is caused by him, and his response is to get frustrated/defensive/upset and then come up with such an extreme idea to “resolve” the issue even though that’s not what you want and you’re getting annoyed telling him that’s not the actual solution to the problem.

example being: i firmly asked a guy to stop saying weird ass shit and he got huffy and said “fine i’ll shut up” like i didn’t ask you to stop talking altogether because nothing else you say has been a problem, i just asked you to stop saying that stuff because that’s the part that’s making everyone uncomfortable.

like is it malicious compliance or something else? surely there’s a name for this phenomenon because i’ve experienced this shit with my ex and other guys i’ve known for long enough and it’s incredibly annoying.

No. 1500132


No. 1500134

sounds like basic passive aggression

No. 1500148

thanks nonna. i don’t understand why on earth mainly guys seem to be prone to this shit. like how hard could it possibly be to come to a reasonable resolution, especially if it’s so obvious

No. 1500190

When you get a box of chocolates, do you eat the fruit flavors? I feel like no one likes the fruit ones.

No. 1500195

I actually really love the strawberry, orange, raspberry, mint ones. I always gave the nut ones to my mom who would trade me the fruity ones. Actually bought myself some dark chocolate orange bars because they were on a vday sale. If they had dairy free raspberry I would've got that too.

No. 1500210

no. if I wanted fruit I'd eat fruit. I was chocolate filled chocolate dipped in chocolate and drizzled with chocolate.

No. 1500219

My nice answer is that society simultaneously gives moids no safe space to share their emotions that isn’t forcing a female significant other of theirs to be their therapist while simultaneously coddling them for their low temp EQs so they become so painfully stunted they can barely function in emotional situations. Dated a moid who continuously pulled this shit and got nastier as time went on because he would both mock me for my own emotions but get frustrated at my lack of communication later on.

No. 1500227

Ok, ok, ok. Anons. Hear me out. Whiskey with picrel as a mixer. Should I?

No. 1500233

Those are my favorite, I don't really like caramel/nut/nougat. Though I will usually eat all of them anyway because chocolate is chocolate.

No. 1500256

There's a moid in the draw threads who draws mr. pringle faces over nonnie's artwork and nonnies are tired of seeing pringles every few days for months on end. He's currently shitting up the thread.

No. 1500285

How can I develop confidence when depraved people post their weird arguments? I’m usually pretty good at debating but for some reason when people post incredibly debased arguments in favor of having 13 yo romance in vidya because “muh freedom”, somehow I lose the confidence to respond. Should I argue against the idea of libertarianism first?

No. 1500308

if in doubt, there's nothing wrong with questioning their morals and/or throwing a subtle pedo accusation their way. i mean honestly most people online these days aren't looking for an actual logical debate, unfortunately, which is why so much of twitter discourse is just shit flinging

No. 1500326

nonnas who are in a relationship, how did you meet your nigel?

No. 1500335

I’m buying Chelsea boots! Thursday Duchess or Kenneth Cole Salt?

No. 1500583

File: 1676453335406.jpg (11.14 KB, 274x342, 7846a88f8efa7f880b5b9abea.jpg)

people who spend their days on tumblr and 4chan are rightfully called losers who have warped realities of the world, why isn't the same principle applied for people on twitter and snapchat ?

No. 1500595

Wait why would snapchat give you a warped view of the world? Do people use it for more than just a messaging app?

No. 1500616

People assume since twitter and snapchat are fast paced apps/sites with short content that they're not actually on there all day

No. 1500624

>13 yo romance in vidya
Idk what you mean by this? If it's a 13 yo romancing another 13-ish yo, content made for that age group with just age appropriate romance (nothing sexual) then that's perfectly fine, even if made by an adult. Because all content for kids is made by adults.

But since you say "depraved people" it sounds like they have more going on and that's worth questioning. If it's a 13 yo with an adult then fuck that pedo shit, it's never ok. People meme the "won't somebody please think of the children" but absolutely think of the children, that's one of the number one most important things in all of our society. If an adult is making 13 yo romance content because they themselves have a weird interest in watching it that is sus as well.

No. 1500625

Too many normies on them who think people use the site like they do.

No. 1500662

Says the one on lolcow! Haha wait…

No. 1500694

If I'm not supposed to brush curly hair once its dry then how the hell do I style if it gets messy?

No. 1500712

You can brush it if it’s dry. That’s just stupid curly girl dogma. But if a brush makes your hair too poofy, you can use a wide tooth comb or even your fingers to restyle

No. 1500742

A scrote was trying to send me a dick pic but accidentally sent me his tax forms with his social security number on it. What fun can I have with this?

No. 1500748

fun in jail

No. 1500768

If you got those does that mean the person who does his taxes has the dick pic?

No. 1500778

Is it reasonable to assume that, if someone's knowledgeable about art, they're good at producing their own, too?

No. 1500779

Confession and question

I have never touched a baby
Never held one, never played with one, at most I talked and made faces with them and they usually smile or giggle, but I have never had skin to skin contact with a kid under like 2. And I am considering jobs with babies if necessary, so now I am researching how to feed babies and how to change a diaper and how to hold them and like… maybe I shouldn't be left with a baby. Okay I know hold the head, don't shake or drop or throw them. I practice with my cats, and kitten. This kitten is like baby training I swear I had to teach it everything, and it's super clingy. I have toddler experience so you know helping them peepee and poopoo on their baby toilets, but no baby babies. And when I started working with kids I and no idea what I was doing I just asked them are you hungry? What do you want? And copied what the mother was doing, just keep them alive, fed, and free of poops.

Also another random confession I like eating baby food, like in the jars, it's good. I ate it as a snack through my early teens and like I's eat it again I think.

So anyone here know babies well?

No. 1500791

What kind of art?

If someone is knowledgable about technique they certainly have experience but they might be the best at teaching and not at crafting, or they are retired. Like for artistic sports and dance their body might not be up to shape but they know their shit. For physical arts they can probably still draw or paint or act you know?

I hate to say "those who can't do, teach" bevause it's both true and false. Those who can do, do it, retire and teach high level. Those who can't bitterly teach low level. Olympians and ballerinas are taught by experts, public schools are taught by failures sorry to say. But you do have people who know their art form that excel at running it and not participating at times, like an olympic judge usually never was an olympian but they know the sport.

Sorry I suck at like painting and pottery and all that so I don't know, I am more of a performing arts person

No. 1500793

Twitter is just tumblr unleashed into the wild. Social media people are chronically online and insane, the internet has changed.

No. 1500892

Can i eat my skin tags? Like if i have them removed can i swallow them?

No. 1500900

I've never understood the urge to eat boogers or scabs. Do you feel some attachment to it because it came out of your body and you don't want to let it go? Do you have trouble letting other things go? Yes you can it's from your fucking body it won't do anything to you. Fucking duh?

No. 1500936

Is it normal to feel really cold sensations in your hands and feet when the temperature is like 50°F? Idk if it's me being extra sensitive to the temp or if this is normal.

No. 1500945

Did pakianon ever have a bf?

No. 1501010

Who gives a shit, this is not highschool

No. 1501058

File: 1676487637466.jpeg (26.25 KB, 244x360, E2464730-66D2-437F-83C0-1B5BD6…)

I thought those fans in the bathroom were for venting the steam from the shower, but I keep meeting people who use it as a shit-smell dissipater. So which is it? And is it even effective and sucking up the poop particle?

No. 1501092

I think they're for both, they exchange the air for whatever purpose you want.

No. 1501208

File: 1676502437537.jpg (69.61 KB, 828x875, 73441f30731ccafb4e2db6890ca159…)

I have a lot of hair but is weightless so it puffs quickly like picrel, very fluffy. I really don't know what to with it, any suggestions?

No. 1501330

so many people are like
>but gay men can have wives and children too!
so in that case, how do you tell the difference between them and actual straight men with a wife and family? Honestly I still don't get the concept, wouldn't that make those 'gay' men bisexual?

No. 1501336

These gay men on straight relationship are often desperate to keep an image, they will do anything, even having unfulfilling sex and kids

No. 1501343

what kind of bat is the bat who's in the header image for the vent thread

No. 1501354

File: 1676513687417.jpg (88.4 KB, 600x600, bbb.jpg)

big brown bat

No. 1501357

I like big bats I can not lie

No. 1501371

do you think they'll taste good?

No. 1501377

File: 1676517391942.jpeg (53.74 KB, 480x468, 62fe2fbaf7d5df148eae1bb2_480_4…)

How do I throw away my shame and finally write erotic fiction? I feel too icky to actually write it down and I really only ever do word-vomit-summary type writings. My fetishes are very vanilla and true-love soul mate type stuff, but also misunderstandings from mistaken identity and the like. I just can't get down to writing it because I feel too embarrassed.

No. 1501405

so i googled big and the fact that there's both a little and a big brown bat makes me laugh

No. 1501477

something that helped me was looking at popular erotic fiction, it's shameless yet horribly written most of the time. seeing hack writers with a lack of shame (and quality control) made me realize I shouldn't judge myself so harshly

No. 1501487

nonny you're just like me let's make a pledge to write some smut!

No. 1501513

Is sneezing uncontrollably the moment you enter a room (and it stops after you leave) a sign of mold?
The moment I go in my bathroom I start sneezing over and over to the point it’s painful, when I go back to my room it stops after about a minute. There’s not any products in there I can think of that could cause this. My bathroom has a pretty bad moisture problem but I don’t see any visible signs of mold, however I’ve heard it can start from behind the wall and not show until it’s really bad.
Plz help nonnas I’m tired of being miserable every time I go pee.

No. 1501534

I feel like my best works of fiction (mostly stupid erotica) are the ones I felt ashamed about writing tbh. It's the 'ew can I really say that' feeling that tells me I'm on the right track.

No. 1501686

whats a good gentle food to eat when your stomach is still recovering from vomiting? or just a general comforting sickness food?

No. 1501689

Toast, crackers, jelly, rice, potatoes, chicken soup. Drinks: coconut water, tea, plain water. If you're still kinda nauseous suck on a ice cube to slowly get hydrated

Please avoid anything spicy, fried, sugary and lactose

No. 1501706

How do I improve a very bland pad thai rice? I used a not so great pre made sauce and also accidentally made too much rice and so there's not enough flavor

No. 1501714

>BRATs: Bread, Rice, Apple, Toast.
So toast, gently soups with chicken or veggie broth, apple sauce, cracker maybe with a little peanut or almond butter. Etc

No. 1501716

fish sauce, soy sauce, brown sugar, rice vinegar (or tamarind paste), Sriracha, and peanut butter is pad Thai sauce base. Add in a little star anise, Thai basil, salt, chili pepper, garlic, or black better if you want too.

No. 1501719

Would tomato puree work? I feel like it would add more body to the sauce, right now it's slightly sweet, slightly sour

No. 1501722

Plain mashed potatoes, rice, toast, banana, soup broth

No. 1501770

does wearing a sports bra regularly make your tits sag like binders do

No. 1501772

I don'think so? A sports bra is for supporting the breasts and back for physical activity whereas a binder's only purpose is to create the appearance of a flat chest so I'm pretty sure they are much more compressing than your average sports bra.

No. 1501778

No, binders are harmful because they squash the body to the point that wearers have trouble breathing. Sports bras just give support for your bust.

No. 1501808

We joke a lot about men who are coomers being naturally culled from the gene pool but is it just me or are the majority of people reproducing nowadays generally of lower intelligence and lower risk aversion anyways? Human society as it stands puts so many obstacles to being a parent that only someone who is ignorant or chooses to ignore all the manmade downsides of being a parent would choose to be one. Plus even for genuinely kind people who plan to be parents and people who can provide financially, adults work insane hours and kids are raised on the internet and other children who are watching porn, thereby being exposed to porn and sociopathic behavior of other children (their peers, who they are more influenced by than their parents sadly). I feel like overall the human race is going to regress even more. Even if your husband doesn’t have some weird fetish then your kid is more likely than ever to turn out like Shayna.
Not trying to shame people who want to be parents or are parents either, I just think it’s kind of hopeless because for every good couple out there, there are five children of overworked single moms that are being influenced by porn and sexualized media that are going to influence your kid more than you can.

No. 1501822

File: 1676570594414.png (825.16 KB, 1182x1420, Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 9.57…)

I absolutely agree with you. I know it's a meme to say "IDIOCRACY WAS RIGHT" but..it really kind of was. Also maybe this is just me, but I feel like the parents I see in public now are kind of retarded? Like the lights are on, but nobody's home. I'll see them in grocery stores, letting their kids scream and fight and slam into people or shelves, knocking things over and they just keep drifting along with blank eyes like an NPC. I genuinely don't remember seeing that so often, even 10 years ago.

No. 1501839

binders makes the tits sagging ? goddamn i understand better why mines are like that (sadly used to do that in middleschool)

No. 1501846

If gov had free/low cost daycare that was good quality it wouldn't be a problem. Plus any woman with an IQ above room temp and self-esteem that isn't in the shitter realizes that society hates women and children and there's no point to having children unless you're rich or Amish. Children aren't their parents anymore they're the govs, written in law and socially.

No. 1501997

Is scandi-chan still a thing in the relationship thread? She's the reason I stopped reading it a few moons ago

No. 1502002

What's the logic of women who sleep with underage boys? Like in a fucked up way I can understand why men rape children, cause male sexuality is inherently predatory(they will rape literally monkey's for sexual pleasure) but why would any woman sleep with a young boy, it makes no sense

What could possibly be the appeal of a snot nosed boy

No. 1502023

What did JK Rowling do to piss the trannies off so much? Sometimes it’s just saying she talked about biology, and others say she donated to bad organizations, but others say the donating part never happened, I keep getting different answers that seemingly always portray her as a bad guy.

No. 1502035

a lot of my clothes unfortunately have gotten ballpoint pen ink stains on them in the wash. i remember looking up ways to get rid of them in the past but having little success. do any nonnies have any tips or product recommendations?

No. 1502038

I haven't come across a lot of things I wasn't able to get rid of with ox gall soap. It's cheap too.

No. 1502040

oo i haven't heard of that, it looks super affordable. ill see if i can get hold of some, thank you anon!!!

No. 1502046

I started writing this, but it got way too long, so here's the cut version.
So the original thing was she tweeted a response to a company calling women "people who menstruate." saying, "wasn't there a word for this? woomahn? wimon?" This got her a lot of push back so she tweeted "If sex isn’t real, there’s no same-sex attraction. If sex isn’t real, the lived reality of women globally is erased. I know and love trans people, but erasing the concept of sex removes the ability of many to meaningfully discuss their lives. It isn’t hate to speak the truth. This was all back in 2020.

She tweeted a bunch of other stuff supporting trans people but holding the firm line that women are oppressed. And she kept getting more and more push back, but she kept saying basically the same thing: sex is real and it influences your life, and therefore there is a difference between the sexes, no matter what gender you identify as. So over time, she starts taking a more explicit stance, though she doesn't come out directly and say it, that trans women are not women. Starts going to brunches with other leftists who have anti-trans stances.

She donates to Allison Elaine Bailey's legal fund, who is suing the trans lobby Stonewall, but that's the only time I've ever been able to find a donation that is directly linked to anything anti-trans.

And then by late 2022, she's gotten so many death and rape threats from troons that she just starts trolling people and tweets shit like "Merry Terfmas" and that's pretty much where we are. She remains one of the richest women on earth, trans people keep trying to cancel her but everyone loves Harry Potter and doesn't actually think trans women are women, so she continues to be uncancelled.

No. 1502080

not op but drinking any liquids after vomiting always made me vomit even more ime, especially tea

No. 1502094

File: 1676583897480.png (190.03 KB, 468x285, WOW.png)

Is it possible to get someone to understand your sense of humor? My bf is extremely offline thank god, but doesn't seem to understand any sort of sarcasm or most memes unless they're really straight forward. Even something like the thread pic, he'd understand that it's a captcha joke but I can't imagine him laughing or just understanding why it's funny. I had to adapt to his sense of humor which is a lot more normie and kind of front page reddit 'cat slipping in a bathtub' videos or "explicitly funny" (as in, doing an impression or making a funny voice) and that's totally fun and cute and I enjoy that, but like, I feel like I'm constantly being cringe by trying to get him to understand my humor. I'm not even attempting to get him into internet humor, I'm not trying to corrupt him.

Essentially my brain is filled with soyjaks and gigachad memes and esoteric internet references, but I'm willing to bring myself up to surface level humor, but even that is going over his head. I really love him and it's not a huge deal in our relationship since we always have a good time together but, any advice? I don't really believe in just flat out incompatibility since in so many relationships I've adapted or my partner has adapted.

Anyway how do you get someone to enjoy the depth and nuance of memes.

No. 1502097

He probably has no sense of humour. Literally.

No. 1502109

Why does my clit go numb during penetration?

No. 1502122

Many people find it difficult to orgasm if they have 2 types of stimulation going on such as clit and penetration, bodies are weird

No. 1502128

I genuinely don't understand this picture. What are we supposed to be laughing at?

No. 1502131

this meme sucks. What is supposed to be funny?

No. 1502132

File: 1676587772900.jpeg (101.45 KB, 680x962, 289D2582-94DF-4519-8797-D0D8B8…)

No. 1502136

Sorry to say but it's still not very good. The art style is more amusing then the text.

No. 1502137

No. 1502166

I had similar situation with my ex and we broke up… not because of that kek but I don't really think you can make someone understand certain type of humor tho. Also I believe that you wouldn't find a lot of memes funny if you weren't used to them so to say. You have to be immersed in the internet culture to be able to instantly recognize various references, and you also have to understand how memes get born in general I guess. Moreover, they get more and more absurd, so it's not really surprising when offline people don't get them at all. They're just like a weird inside joke. I don't think it makes you two incompatible, it's just a little difference.

No. 1502183

I like the dong ding, not sure about the rest

No. 1502203


No. 1502272

File: 1676598479535.jpg (20.63 KB, 500x281, catdog90.jpg)

What percentage of cats do you think would be terfs and what percentage would be TRAs? Also same question for dogs

No. 1502279

well a lot of dogs are wary of men and bark at them, which many trannies have lamented on the internet when their dogs still bark at them after they transition kek. so i reckon a lot of dogs would be terfs, or at the very least they wouldn't accept transgenderism bc they wouldn't see any biological difference between men and trannies

No. 1502422

Any place I can hire someone to hack a bird app account? Not a joke question

No. 1502432

Type one diabetic
For 15 years, I always got ketones if my blood sugar went over 300
I recently had to ration my insulin for a couple of days, and ran over 500 and never got ketones
Obviously I'm grateful, but I'm also extremely curious as to why this time, no ketones? I usually feel like absolute shit at 250, but I was weirdly fine at over 500 for two days and never got ketones from it
I recently started zoloft and I'm closer to 30 than 20, if that's relevant

No. 1502487

As a 32 year old woman living in western europe what should I have accomplished by this point? Emotionally, financially, romantically, accommodations wise etc?

And don’t give me that shit about everyone developing at their own pace, what are the general expectations?

Ive been in love 3x, am single and childless (and currently fine with it), lived in 3 different countries and haven’t had a job contract longer than 9 months and all external, no long term financial stability but enough savings right now to get me by for a year on no extra income if I’m careful. Also no close in person friends, only two from different countries, but i could arrange a social meet with people at least 2x a week. Sometimes i think about it and I’m just not sure if I’m a loser or super cool or an underdeveloped hot mess or what.

No. 1502491

Actually I’ll add to this that sometimes i feel like I give the impression I’m someone from a well off background who’s failed to launch, but I’m from a poor background thats kind of worked up to this point, if you know what i mean.

No. 1502549

Animals don't know about made up human social constructs but they can tell what sex a human is, often based on smell alone. But even birds who have a shit sense of smell can tell what sex a person is and will often protect their owner from the opposite sex. So, all animals are terfs by default kek

No. 1502575

I think general expectation at this point for a woman your age (I'd know since I'm also a woman your age) is to have some savings (which you do), and a stable relationship, ideally you should be in one but if you have at least one long term experience (2 years or more) it would also count. It doesn't seem like anyone nowadays expects people our age to own a flat / car or have a child, every time such thing happens to a person around my age in my environment it's considered… well, maybe not unusual, but it's definitely noticed as an "event" and not taken for granted as something that should have occured at that point in life. Job hopping is very common too, so while I know a lot of people with stable jobs, it doesn't seem unusual to change often like you do. So I think it seems like you're relatively fine when it comes to where you are in life right now and going at a typical pace.

No. 1502598

I'd say the only "weird" thing here is that you don't have a stable financial situation but that's it. It's not that weird for a 32yo woman here to not be married yet and childless depending on your career and life goals as long as you at least had some romantic experience before. I'm 28 anw I know that if I told anyone I never ever did anything with anyone I'll be treated like a total weirdo to be avoided at all costs.

No. 1502644

File: 1676645153600.jpeg (242.39 KB, 1284x1685, 75123492-CA8A-4D83-96C3-433041…)

I saw this on zillow
Why is there a tiny faucet on the back of this toilet???

No. 1502654

for self waterboarding whilst you're on your spicy food shits, you need to learn

No. 1502668

Its one of those water saving things isn't it? The water runs down into the toilets tank afterwards

No. 1502669

The water you wash your hands with is drained into the toilet tank so that's the water you flush with.

No. 1502674

It's an improvised bidet

No. 1502679

File: 1676649635080.jpg (178.05 KB, 553x500, 1633779811472.jpg)

I know an anon here talked about how the Industrial music scene is 99% pedos a LONG time ago. I know that Throbbing Gristle's D.o.A album cover is pedo shit, but hasn't anyone else talked about this? like, is it an open secret that throbbing gristle are borderline pedos?

No. 1502680

I'm the laziest piece of shit imaginable but my fetish for male plastic surgery is getting out of hand. Should I try studymaxxing so I can get into med school? Is it that hard? I have connections in the advertising industry and talent but I'm so horny it's driving me insane. Is there some other way to live out my fantasies as a boy butcher? I'm into male bimbofication + only attracted to gay PS addicts. Serious answers only please

No. 1502682

this has to be bait

No. 1502683

What the fuck is this post

No. 1502684

Live your dreams girlboss

No. 1502708

people don't want to tarnish the name of their precious troon genesis p. orridge

No. 1502742

kek someone post this in the lolcow caps thread. legit though nonna don't become a surgeon just because you have a fetish, that's disgusting on so many levels. im sure if you're desperate enough and have money to spare you can commission someone to make a vr simulator game for you weird male ps fetish

No. 1502817

Do you think it would be worth giving up easily accessible luxuries such as heat/air conditioning, washing machines, modern plumbing etc in exchange for the much simpler day to day life of the olden days?

No. 1502822

>heat/air conditioning
some people can flat out die without this so no
>modern plumbing
no. i do not want to see or smell shit/piss in the streets

No. 1502831

Now, is this time traveling and I retain all my knowledge so I know how bad it is here, or am I just born in that time?

No. 1502845

genesis p. orridge is not a trans icon is he? he very openly had an obsessive romantic fetishistic thing going with his wife where they were getting surgeries to look like eachother. I would have thought TRAs hated him for making it a freaky thing.

No. 1502852

I think I'm experiencing something similar to floaters, but I don't know what it is or if it's normal. I see something that looks like a tear running down at the corner of my eye occasionally.
What is this thing? Please tell me I'm not alone with it

No. 1502857

Hate to say it but Coil were pedos. Video for “Love’s Secret Domain” is filmed with thai children dancing sexually. Peter Christopherson died in Thailand. Its really obvious once you put the pieces together - sucks because the music was pretty damn great. Glad theyre both dead. Then of course Peter Sotos, obvious pedo. For all Genesis’s faults and perversions he is one of the less offensive ones imo, the artwork on DoA is gross but “edgy”, Sotos straight up defends pedophilia. Coil members actively chose to live in an area where child prostitution was available. Porridge married an adult woman and tried to transform into her but…

No. 1502889

File: 1676664992226.jpeg (53.98 KB, 1080x928, 647F8B4E-1D5A-43B8-9FAC-F5BD67…)

Should I tell my therapist I’m sexually attracted to him? I want to be open, but I’m not sure if this is relevant to bring up. Then again I always ramble… so what makes this any less relevant than the time when I told him that I hug my pillow with my vibrator inside and pretend it’s a purring cat?

No. 1502892

Yeah but it’s about you personally, not other people.
Hmm, idk. Could be either I suppose. Are you saying that you would take the deal if your knowledge of the ‘future’ was erased?

No. 1502893

No, absolutely not. You will not only cross a boundary (your mind doctor does not want to hear how you lust after him) but you're going to feel terrible when he firmly shuts that shit down and rejects you.

No. 1502897

Oh and ok how about like the 50s or 60s then? When a lot of those conveniences existed but before computers were big?

No. 1502898

No way, the opposite so I can wake up appreciate that there's no microplastics in my blood every day. It will really take away the sting of not being able to vote.
Plus, with my knowledge of the future, I would create a manual washing machine, so it would be faster than a scrubbing board, but still fit in.

No. 1502899

Anons that live with SOs, do either of you poop with the bathroom door open and how long into living together did that start?

No. 1502901

I told nonas here I can see my husband when he poops every morning and they made fun of me like I had some kind of pooping fetish.
so no, I've never seen him poop. I'm normal I swear.

No. 1502902

With it closed, and it's been four years. I didn't with my husband either, and that was seven years.

No. 1502904

you should tell him and make him recommend a new therapist to you

No. 1502905

>Yeah but it’s about you personally, not other people.
but the question said "Do you think". tho i highly doubt other people want piss and shit in the streets either
idk, wouldn't be able to open a bank account, martial rape was legal, some of the racial issues might affect me personally. if it weren't for those things, maybe

No. 1502906

Ayrt kek I almost wrote not a fetish but thought it would be too hit dog hollering. Just wondering if there’s x amount of time that would make that a normal thing to do.

No. 1502907

I am very inexperienced and never dated so maybe I just don't get it, but why would anyone, with or without a SO poop with the bathroom door open? For what purpose? To stink up the house?

No. 1502908

I think women only accept that because the bar for men is in hell. And they try to cope by acting like they think it’s cute or funny or totes normal, when we all know that any sense of mystery or attraction has disintegrated. My boyfriend would never and he would think I was batshit if I left the door open.

No. 1502909

Is it harder for people with dark skin to get a tattoo with vivid colors? If so, is it just because it’s harder to get the values of the colors to look right? I was watching a tattoo show and some of the artists were saying they didn’t want to tattoo the person who had dark skin because it’s harder but I can’t tell if they’re being honest or just racist/lazy.

No. 1502911

Oh I meant about dying without AC. Like I have a condition but it’s untreatable anyway so living like that wouldn’t affect me too much, so it wouldn’t have much weight on my decision.

Being able to have bank accounts and loans is so new too. And marital rape was still legal even in the 90s and let’s be real no one really takes it seriously now either so idk if those would factor in my opinion either.

No. 1502913

Thank you anon I bought them and I love them. They kind of look like short riding boots but I think that adds a lil to their cuteness.

No. 1502915

Thank you, you’re right. I was trying to convince myself that it would lead to a breakthrough, but, in reality, I’m searching for validation again

No. 1502916

I grew up one of 7 kids with one bathroom between us and our parents. the bathroom door stayed open because you had to be able to walk in and look your sibling in the eye and say "I have to shit and you have to get off the toilet right now", or pee in the tub or whatever, so it's normal to me. bathroom door is always open in my house. my husband didn't like it but he adjusted.

No. 1502917

File: 1676666846253.jpeg (97.34 KB, 1200x495, BA5DBAFB-510D-43B2-8A4C-1DA426…)

I remembered this stupid move the Change-Up where Leslie Mann blows up the toilet with the door open and wasn’t sure if that’s like the pinnacle of marital bliss or just men’s projection as usual. Or a fetish!

No. 1502918

Yes. Honestly if you're black or darker skinned, you should go to a tattoo artist who specializes in tattooing black skin. Otherwise an inexperienced artist might pick colors that will fade too quickly, or that don't look good with your color.

No. 1502923

Anon wtf. I grew up similarly but we just held our piss in for the 2 extra minutes it takes. Do you all just wait until you’re literally about to shut yourself to go?

No. 1502943

my dad used to wake us all up at the same time so you would be holding your pee a lot longer than two minutes if you weren't willing to pee in the tub or something. my brothers usually did their morning piss outside. it's some american homeschool family shit, it wasn't normal.
as for my current bathroom door policy… I don't know. I know I'm the weird one. our cats freak out when we close the bathroom door so it was easy to convince the husband to keep the door open. I think I just like it better this way because habit.

No. 1502945

To let the cats roam free, I cannot close the door for them

No. 1502946

File: 1676669104073.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 47.56 KB, 794x586, 2318A30C-C6CC-4A31-9B93-6BA000…)

Should I tell him I miss him?

No. 1502948

T. Butt Lover

No. 1502949

Smack his ass

No. 1502950

My cat won’t stop spraying and he has been fixed. Where can I get rid of him? I can’t keep him.

No. 1502957

I don't have a problem with peeing with the doors open but when I poop I don't want the stink the spread and neither does my husband. However, in our current rented place the bedroom is connected to the bathroom with doors that don't close easily and the bathroom has a tiny window into the toilet room that can't be closed open - so we can always hear each other shit… I've gotten used to it kek

No. 1502958

Shelter, friends, Craigslist, barn, elaborate Kahoot game with him as the prize, other such methods…

No. 1502962

I don’t trust Craigslist with the freaks in there

No. 1503082

Isn't /pt/ for infamous cows ? Why isn't Shayna in here now ?

No. 1503084

??? you're posting in /ot/ not /pt/

No. 1503085

in here meanning in there (/pt/) becose i'm dumb and cannt spel

No. 1503089

Why would my ex be afraid of a “real” relationship with me even though he had already asked me to be his girlfriend AND he’s was already in a 5 year relationship before me?

No. 1503093

Would you rather be caught by your peers or loved ones browsing Reddit or lolcow?

No. 1503109

why do schools bother to teach functional skills like excel use if theyre not gonna give you some kind of usable certification? sorry if that sounds retarded, im just thinking like we did a bunch of excel at school, but if i wrote that on my CV it wouldn't be as impressive as someone who has an actual certification from an equivalent course that they've taken in their free time, even though we've both learnt the same thing. school leavers are already poorly equipped, it'd be nice if they had more things to pad out their cvs

No. 1503111

People have been asking for her to be in /pt/ for a long time now, but she is the queen of /snow/ just like venus is the queen of /w/. She sets a standard for what a minor lolcow should be. But honestly, because she is such a nobody, if she stopped posting, she would eventually be lost to time and buried, maybe that's why she is still there. A lot of nonnies don't understand why she is considered cringe when she is a run of the mill sex worker and believe only other sex workers with superiority complexes post on her thread.

No. 1503115

Reddit, and I hope that I'm caught browsing some normie shit for cute animals

No. 1503118

Reddit is pretty normie-tier nowdays, so that one. LC is more likely to be mistaken for 4chan by the uninitiated.

No. 1503272

are you that gay scrote, cause the male looks underage

No. 1503304

The reason my grandma didn't go back to her home country with her first fiancé was because she didn't wanna give up her washing machine and go back to washing things by hand, and I never visited the country because my father always talks about having to bundle up in sixteen layers to piss in the outhouse if you have to pee at night.

No. 1503328

File: 1676722915032.png (11.58 KB, 648x486, hotwaterbottlekotatsu.png)

I guess it depends on where you live. I like to imagine a society that structurally uses low technology. Instead of heating/ac, we could use water bottles like picrel.


Hooded furniture, folding screens, beds with canopies are all no-tech ways to control climate. https://href.li/?https://www.lowtechmagazine.com/2015/02/heating-people-not-spaces.html

No. 1503329

File: 1676723179283.png (1.3 MB, 1084x602, terracotta-air-conditioner.png)

samefag, these terracotta pipe honeycomb things can be used for air conditioning by pouring water over the structure. Not sure how realistic it actually is, but I think it's neat.

No. 1503335

Men are stupid

No. 1503353

File: 1676726834912.jpg (Spoiler Image, 184.4 KB, 1080x1398, Screenshot_20230218_071416_Pre…)

I've been trying to get pregnant for a few years and finally am. I was using this app premom to track my ovulation days. My last period was Dec 16-22, but I ovulated on Dec 31 and I know for a fact that the 31 was day I conceived so why did this app claim conception started imidiatly after my period? I'm only 8weeks 2 days but the app says it's 9weeks 2days and it's driving me up the wall becasue I feel bad for m I swing all the cute little images and information they have on it.

No. 1503358

I’d say manually input the data into a separate app, so you could see the cute images ahead of time. Still, personally, I’d feel odd giving data about my pregnancy/period to any company.

Though I’m hella paranoid.

No. 1503393

Another good way of heating, if you have a gas stove, is to just let a large pot of water boil all day. It probably doesn't work as well in a really small room because then the air's moisture would become too much. Heat/air conditioning I think is probably the easiest to replace with low technology solutions. Not sure about AC, except opening the windows at night if you have cold nights in the summer, then closing them and the blinds during the day. Anyway I don't know if you need a gas stove, but electric stoves use electricity and not a flame (I think?).

No. 1503418

File: 1676734271352.jpeg (15.03 KB, 500x333, pexels-photo-1105666.jpeg)

Nonnas, i am going to my first concert and I wonder if you can give me some (especially safety) tips.
I will be in one of the seated places but I still worry about it, as my friends told me that its common for people to steal your stuff at a concert.
What should I grab? I was thinking between my small bag that will always be on me or even go as sillt as just a grab a fannypack on me which is even smaller. Generally any tips about your concert exp are appreciated, thanks a lot!

No. 1503419

I know I've had relatives feel confused when by docs refer to the conception as being earlier than they reported but apparently they just concentrate on the period date and not the actual date. Maybe the app is going by the same thing
>Pregnancy is counted from the first day of the woman's last period, not the date of conception which generally occurs 2 weeks later

No. 1503420

I hate the cold. I love going outside 1st thing in morning for a walk or to sit and drink coffee. How do I balance the desperate need of sunlight to start my day (or it just feels wrong and off and bad) with how cold it is outside. I feel like I need to run or walk or move around somehow but the cold is keeping me inside and I hate it.

No. 1503438

I'd say go with the bumbag. Less chance of someone swiping it from off your shoulder or you leaving it somewhere if it's physically attached to you. Will ensure you only take essentials with you too. Otherwise, stay alert. Make note of any exits/fire doors. If you purchase a drink there, keep it in sight and do not set it down anywhere. Even beneath your seat isn't safe. People like to spike drinks and ruin what is meant to be a good night out. Also, stay hydrated, make sure you've had a snack and maybe get yourself some ear plugs. Other than that, have a great time!

No. 1503443

File: 1676737161498.jpg (12.92 KB, 540x540, 154246.jpg)

Thank you nonna!! Will earplugs from a pharmacy like pic related be good enough? They are pretty cheap and made out of foam. I know the place also offers them for free, but I want to make sure to have them with me too, just in case.

I also heard that sometimes (or all the time, I am not sure) there is a chance to buy the merch from a band. Probably not worth it, unless it's their farewell concert or something.

Not going to drink, will grab water and a snack for me for sure. I am gonna travel far just to see the concert and go back home, thankfully. I thought it would be nice to try finding a new friend or two, but I feel like finding someone there would be too risky.

No. 1503471

Do you get hornier when menstruating or ovulating? Personally ovulation is more like a booster pill to me, I'f I'm naturally horny it will be amplified. But it won't create the horny if you know what I mean. Menstruation has an inherent horniness aspect to it, and will make me consistently horny. Everyone online is always talking about ovulation horniness as if it's the strongest one but it seems like a meme to me, because people weren't talking that much about it a couple years ago. Logically, menstruation causing an increase in testosterone would make you much more hornier than ovulation which is.. an estrogen increase?
I definitely lose my mind when ovulating sometimes but it seems to me the meme-ification of ovulation horniness started on Tumblr a couple years ago and jumped to Twitter. My personal tinfoil is that when some women are thirst trapping they lie and say they're "ovulation horny" to not gross scrotes away with the implication of s-s-scawy period blood

No. 1503473

I don't even know. I wish someone would stop me. the leftcow thread is so bad.

No. 1503475

File: 1676739822034.png (426.33 KB, 548x539, 1663348020481.png)

can someone who goes to the leftcows and ShoE0nhead threads explain the appeal of them ?
it seems not much ever happens in the former expect someone making a dumb tweet, being unfashionable or going to a party and ShoE has been in the exact same space for half a decade now

No. 1503476

Tell him all of your fantasies, male doctors are always unethical. You might get a hookup out of it. Live free.

No. 1503479

People are insanely jealous of Dasha and Anna(especially Dasha) which you can tell from the endless nitpicking rage seen in that thread, idk about shoe

No. 1503481

Dasha, pushing 40, has admitted to dressing up "like a 14 year old" and crawling on the floor crying to entertain his men. We nitpick because she's a fucking repulsive beast.

No. 1503482

I get period horny. Its the only time I full on crave penetrative stuff which seems kind of backwards in terms of what nature should be urging you to do.. but I'm ok with it. I don't want kids anyway.

No. 1503485

exhibit A

No. 1503491

I usually get super horny right after my period, and right before it. I do get horny regularly though, but these are the times when I'm the most likely to start thinking about something sexual out of nowhere

No. 1503496

Sh0e is just the classic cow and people miss her milkier times, there are some anons who still hope that she will either 'fix herself' or bring some milk, and then hang onto that idea. No clue about leftcows as i don't care for anyone who makes politics and pandering towards a certain politics their personality.

Sh0e is still a cow for pandering to uwu men, but lately, she's been having opinions that made her fanbase try canceling her, which is i guess interesting. But really, her threads been milkless for a long time.
I am insane during periods, always end up spending them on AO3 and reading NSFW otome games.

No. 1503523

>pushing 40
>has admitted to dressing up
>to entertain his men
??? lol

No. 1503524

LMAO wait that was Anna. Or was it Dasha? The brunette Armenian one said it.

No. 1503541

File: 1676749086506.jpg (78.73 KB, 640x892, -6TmZlDsS7iA.jpg)

is it worth it making faceless let's play videos on youtube in the year 2023? I think watching streams is dreadful and I dislike when gamers show their faces or uses vtuber avatars. For me let's plays that are edited to be under 20 minutes and are devided into several episodes, where the gamer talks while playing but doesn't show their face is pure comfy. I want to make videos like that where I play nostalgic games from early-mid 00's but will I get any views if I did that? I don't expect to make it big but if I could get something around 100 views then I would be satisfied. Is it possible or are these type of videos completely dead?

No. 1503542

Tf is a fatsoc

No. 1503543

Really? I rather be caught browsing lc, I would just say it’s a female only shitposting site. I think I would kms if anyone thought I was a redditor kek.

No. 1503544

Is there any actual medical evidence that changes in testosterone affect women the same way as men? Like what if because we are women more estrogen can increase libido?? Anyway I am constantly horny at all parts of my cycle so idk

No. 1503546

I follow a bunch of women who do exactly that, and there is always an audience for this exact type of let's plays. Especially if its something nostalgic like barbie or whatever. Id say go for it

No. 1503552

I got my hair cut professionally for the first time in almost a decade because the layers I had cut were way too choppy and I didn't want to hack it anymore, but now that I'm looking at it, it seriously needs more layers. It kinda looks like two lenghts, and I wanted a very messy looking shag and I feel like I'm almost at the same point as before, just more even all around and shorter but it took a lot in me to even find this lady and salon and now I feel silly. Would it be weird to go back next month and say I want more layers, I feel so goddamn stupid I don't know. I showed the stylist a lot of photos and explained what I wanted but my hair get wavy and I think it needs way more layers for me to be able to make it look better

No. 1503564

>I would just say it’s a female only shitposting site.
yeah but what about when one of the nsfw banners show up or when raiders spam cp

No. 1503572

Well. That one's on me for browsing in public

No. 1503573

Yes testosterone makes everyone hornier.

No. 1503596

What does "dating" mean to you? My boyfriend got upset I said we were dating; he said the word is way to casual to him, but to me, 'dating' means you are boyfriend and girlfriend. It can mean exclusive but it can also mean not exclusive.

No. 1503604

Ayrt and despite being on here way too much for over 5 years I have never been unlucky enough to see the cp so I wouldn’t worry about that. There’s worse stuff than the banners all over Reddit and general online so idk

No. 1503607

interchangeable with "together", "in a relationship", "boyfriend and girlfriend" etc. I've never dated non-exclusively so it's all the same to me… actually, to me, if you're not exclusive you're not dating you're just fucking or flirting or hanging out (I know other people don't use it that way though)

No. 1503623

To normies anything that's an imageboard is 4chan. That's why altchans are always called '4chan but female' '4chan but slow' '4chan but worse' '4chan but…' etc

No. 1503626

it was the same way for me until 2021, either cp posting ramped way up since then or ive just gotten unlucky with my timing bc now its a pretty common occurrence for me to open up lc on the middle of a cp raid. im extremely cautious about browsing lc in public now and i keep my screen brightness way down, just in case anything does pop up.
i would say that your average normal would think nothing about you browsing reddit in public unless it was literally porn subs, but browsing lc could easily be misconstrued as something malicious

No. 1503637

Is it possible that the lingering eyepain I had was not from eyestrain but a low grade sinusitis?

Roughly a month ago, my eyepain that I was having on and off was getting unbearable, it was a throbbing kind of pain starting behind my eyes and sometimes changing into a full blown headache stretching from my forehead to my cheekbones. I always assumed that it was from working long hours in front of the computer and even if I woke up with eyepain in the morning I just assumed that 8 hours of sleep was somehow not enough to make it go away. A few weeks ago I got a sinus infection, sore throat, can't breathe, and my eye pain became 10x worse, could barely keep them open, they were also swollen. I started doing steam inhalation sessions and noticed that it completely cured my headache and my eyepain and suddenly I can look at screens again. I've been doing that on a daily basis and I can work now painfree and can also watch movies afterwards without wanting to claw my eyes out. Is it feasible that what I thought was eyestrain induced migraine was actually a sinus buildup that was pressing against my eyes?