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File: 1685034470691.png (484.97 KB, 993x557, ggghost.png)

No. 1834322

AKA Heather Sparkles / Heather Michelle / Heather Explores / Kitty Ravage

1st Thread >>738758
2nd Thread >>836614
3rd Thread >>871951
4th Thread >>892447
5th Thread >>929121
6th Thread >>967636
7th Thread >>1031322
8th Thread >>1087783
9th Thread >>1148062
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11th Thread >>1421281 (locked)
12th Thread >>1611223 (locked)
13th Thread >>1732879

IG: @haunted_butterfly
@graydayscurio (online shop, still to take off)
@heather_explores (old account)
TT: @heather_explores
YT: heatherexplores19

Heather Steele is a former retro toy collecting and Fairy Kei fashion Youtuber who, at the end of 2018, decided to have a major meltdown and turned all her social media into a public diary. She began cheating on her allegedly abusive husband, and re-wrote herself as some sort of pop Victorian goth and witchy explorer. She got incredibly defensive of her sudden change. In her defensiveness – which she vaguely admitted was to win the affections of a man– she threw a lot of her supporters under the bus, has been unreasonably cocky and aggressive with a lot of people including former friends, and distorted the criticisms (which were towards her overall behavior) into a narrative claiming everyone is just attacking her for her fashion and hobby choices.

She has a history of incredibly self-focused and self-destructive behavior. Over the past few years, she has wildly flipped between “I’m a strong woman and I don’t need to validate myself” to having public meltdowns on social media, only to delete them within an hour. Despite this, she denies she’s mentally ill and attacks the mere notion she needs help, once again using the “people hate me because I’m goth now” narrative.

Heather has alienated herself from all her old friends, but continues to act like everyone was just a bad person and she’s a victim who fled from an “abusive husband” and terrible life. She used and manipulated several people in her life, and spent her 20s being a homebody mooch, then went on to claim she was “living in a hellhole with an abusive husband” in order to garner pity for a Gofundme and claim she was going to be homeless. She was living back at home with her parents for a couple of years, in which she managed to acquire a job and a car (then another, with a lot of help from mommy, after she “totalled” the first).

She finally moved out from mommy’s house, to a new home in a new city, all for the love of Ryan 14 but, as the curse of Heather never runs smoothly, was unceremoniously dumped by her Ryan as soon as she got there. She found a new job, as a Target merchandising manager, and, after a lot of handwringing and lamenting, decided to stay in her new place.

Day-to-day, Our Gal Heather continues all her usual crazy and continues putting ALL her energy towards seeking approval from “boys” and her followers. Her persecution complex, constant negativity, obsession with trying to regain her "influencer" status on social media and frantic love-bombing behavior continues to alienate everyone around her.

Cast of Characters in the Hagther Saga:

>Adam: Heather’s ex husband. Not a stellar person himself, cheated and lied too, but Heather seems to exaggerate the “abuse”. Funded her and bought her gifts. Dating since 2012, engaged 2016, divorced 2019.

>Adam’s new gf: “Hates Heather”, according to Heather. Heather used the new girlfriend’s visit to springboard into a breakdown about how she was in danger and going to be homeless.
>Juliet/Dera: Former friend who put Heather on a pedestal. Heather took advantage of this and used Heather to stalk Ryan 2 Jan 2019. Car ended up in a ditch and they’re not longer friends. Juliet has come out to explain what happened and reflect on it.
>Sisters: Younger and older. Moved out to Cali where she met Adam at the start of the last decade under claims her elder sister was trying to kill her.
>Parents: Claimed her parents wouldn’t take her in because they voted Trump. Finally admitted to living with her mom. Says her family didn’t accept her dark aesthetic so she adopted the pastel aesthetic to be accepted by them.

All the “Ryans” in order:
>Ryan 1: Motivational Youtuber. Heather latched onto him and he apparently tried to help the dysfunctional couple by suggesting Heather seek therapy. Eventually they both threw him to the dogs.
>Ryan 2: Ryan Z. Urbex’er whom Heather latched onto and physically stalked several times by using other people for rides. Met up again Oct 2019, Heather posted some cutesy things, and in less than a day those posts were removed and she put him on blast.
>Ryan 3: Short-lived gamer boy met through Tinder.
>Damian: On-off Urbex boyfriend. Eventually put him on blast after their 500th breakup.
>Ryan 4: Craig. Graveyard photographer Heather briefly dated, but they appear to still be friends.
>Ryan 5: Clay. Ex-boyfriend who broke up with her because she was negative. Tried to lure him back by being negative on her instagram stories.
>Ryan 6: ChaseRyan. Dated for like 2 weeks LDR and were supposed to meet IRL but he changed his mind after he realised she’s batshit.
>Ryan 7: Femryan. Stated dating the second time they met irl. After multiple breakups, Heather decided to end things for good because he wanted to go to a party on Halloween instead of going to the cemetery like all of their other dates.
>Ryan 8: ChaseRyan round 2. They finally met in person but he was also seeing someone else and ultimately chose her instead.
>Ryan 9: CharmRyan/GhostRyan. He got the measure of Hag pretty quick, and confessed to ghosting her cause she was still using Tinder and living her life on social media.
>Ryan 10: BomberRyan, which sparked and fizzled within a week. >>1186214
>Ryan 11: OldRyan, ryanectomy performed in less than 48 hours of this one being on the scene.
>Ryan 12: Revengeryan / Ryanhumrevenge -@Rumhamrevenge, older alt photographer who's been hanging out with Heather. Not a true ryan because he's not a spoopy boy she wants to fuck, but comes in and out of the picture like the other ryans. Their relationship is weird and they've shared hotel rooms, but Heather doesn’t think he's a keeper for some reason. >>1288115 >>1288582 >>1289256
>Ryan 13: PapeRyan. An old friend who she lost touch with ‘because of muh stalkers’. 13, unlucky for some, certainly unlucky for him. It seemed like she had finally found a decent match but it lasted mere weeks, Hag blaming their break up on his religious beliefs.
>Ryan 14: BloodRyan aka Lurch. Heather met her match with this one- just as impulsive, insane, childish and melodramatic as she is. He promised the world, but after she quit her job and moved cities to be with him, he booted her out of his home after only a week…is he to blame? Is she? Heather claims the split was due to her plant collecting hobby, which Lurch was jealous of.
>Ryan 15: BrianRyan aka BRyan. After an initial pre-Christmas date, Hag was sneaking pics and declaring love for this new Ryan. Off-the-peg forest and sigil tattoos, painted nails, thinning hair and 2012 piercings. Heather refers to him as a "psycho" and claims she was too caught up in physical attraction to recognize his "toxic behavior."
>Ryan 16: ClockRyan. A resident of Long Island who she met over an app when he was visiting her area. She fell immediately in "love" and followed him back home, visiting NY with him over a weekend. He broke it off after about a week, apparently due to getting back with his ex.

In the last thread:
>Heather takes a bunch of cringy glamor shots of BRyan, unable to stop gushing about how hot he is >>1736542
>Within days, cracks begin to show >>1739116
>Crying over BRyan >>1742397
>Breadcrumbing the reason behind the their problems >>1744299
>The relationship limps on (crying in the bathtub) >>1746526
>Heather spills the beans >>1750052
>Crying on the kitchen floor >>1750798
>But she doesn't even miss him >>1750969 >>1753737
>Heather is a bisexual martyr >>1755969
>A BIG ANNOUCEMENT! She's going to be herself and follow her passions >>1758150
>Spooky Plant Mommy GF >>1760139
>Update on the toy collection >>1760604
>Heather has Opinions about the price of eggs >>1762092
>Reminscing about Lurch >>1765085
>Ghost BF >>1766253
>Offering to pay someone to be her boyfriend >>1766810
>Tearing up over someone putting a baby on a cannon >>1769678
>Heather explains why she's too real to watch movies >>1770142
>Admitting again that she doesn't read >>1770519
>Exposing thirsty dudes in her DMs - "This is why I have major trust issues" >>1770732
>Immediately posts lingerie pictures >>1770822
>Reminiscing about Damian >>1771492
>Shaming thirsty dudes pt 2 directly after posting lingerie pics >>1771748
>Reminiscing about Ryan Z >>1772261
>Went to the gym (spoiler, she didn't go a few times a week) >>1775810
>Incel whining >>1777904
>Reminiscing about Lurch pt 2 >>1777968
>Falling asleep has cost her two relationships >>1779959
>Reminiscing about living in CA >>1784327
>Heather is a dom >>1788837
>A moment of self-awareness >>1791256
>Getting solicited >>1807606
>Reminiscing about Lurch pt 3 >>1810495
>A hint of a new Ryan??? >>1816249
>Confirmed. Welcome, ClockRyan! >>1819782
>Her plants are dying so she's continually buying more to replace them >>1819809
>Travelling to visit ClockRyan >>1819855
>It's over with ClockRyan (shoutout to Rumham) >>1825168
>Reminiscing about Lurch pt 4 >>1825415
>Crying over ClockRyan >>1826083
>No wait actually she don't need no man >>1827406
>Just kidding she's still crying over ClockRyan >>1827844
>"I'm bi but all I want is a man" >>1830036
>We're back in the lingerie part of the ryancycle >>1830059
>Baby fever >>1830555
>Offering feet pics >>1830626
>She wrote ClockRyan a poem >>1830736

No. 1834324

Here it is as last, sorry for the delay sweet nonnies. This is only my second time making a thread so please let me know if I've screwed anything up.

No. 1834344

Nona! Thank you so much for the thread. Let the HagGames commence!

No. 1834391

File: 1685042920820.png (1.05 MB, 1373x817, Screenshot 2023-05-25 202807.p…)

so she went to paracon and looks like made some new friends. how long til she complains about being lonely, lol

No. 1834394

File: 1685043358845.jpeg (328.57 KB, 1080x1919, aHR0cHM6Ly9pbnN0YWdyYW0uZmV3cj…)

No. 1834395

thank you, nonna, you did good!

No. 1834396

Thank you so much nona! The picture is amazing kek. Did anyone happen to grab the completely deranged outfit story she posted before she left? She was squealing and grinning all wide-eyed saying "this outfit is EVERYTHINGGGG" and gushing over herself.

No. 1834403

It was a matter of hours kek. The next day she was back to ranting in her car and ranting in her room. I couldn’t screen record at the time but she did this deranged rant from behind a flowerpot. Was immaculate.

No. 1834434

Thank you anon! I'm curious tho, but why isn't Damian considered a Ryan too? Going down the list of Ryans kind of reads like some unhinged visual novel dating game or something tbh. kek

No. 1834442

File: 1685049204288.jpg (302.85 KB, 1080x1919, c3RwPWRzdC1qcGdfZTM1X3AxMDgweD…)

He 100% did not say that.

No. 1834446

i didn't grab it but she posted about how depressed and lonely her life is on THE RIDE HOME from paracon. so she was happy for about 20 minutes.

No. 1834449

No. 1834451

Appreciate you nonalita!

She looks like a fish out of water in that group pic. Run "homies" run!

No. 1834457

oh, he was Dr. Seuss? Can't she just be happy that she met some new people that welcomed her into their circle and might be interested to still know her in the future?

No. 1834488

God, her lockjaw underbite and lisp situation is maddening.

No. 1834525

You know, I'm not sure. I copied and pasted the older portion of that list and I didn't even notice the discrepancy. My guess is maybe because we actually knew his real name from the beginning (he came right into the thread and introduced himself) so he never earned a "Ryan" moniker?

No. 1834909

File: 1685104298526.png (1.39 MB, 1004x1783, heartbroken.png)

No. 1834912

File: 1685104672713.png (11.62 KB, 275x160, 1677388855243.png)

Thank you very much nonette, you did a great job.
Let's the endless Heather cycle continues !

No. 1834959

File: 1685112538744.jpg (167.82 KB, 1080x1816, Screenshot_20230522-180852_Ins…)

from a short video in which she was squealing in a painful pitch about how her new babydoll squeaks / cries

No. 1834966

This is a nitpick but, it drives me crazy how she keeps pronouncing "corps" as corpse rather than core. She posts so often about watching Gettysburg documentaries, you'd think she'd have heard it said a few times. If she wants to be taken seriously as someone who makes civil war content, she should probably make an effort to learn how to say the relevant words.
Separately, I'm delighted to see her talking about this guy. This is the ghost boyfriend and I'm rooting for them lol.

No. 1835011

File: 1685120076869.jpg (160.27 KB, 1080x1920, iwillnotworkonmyself.jpg)

>good enough
Kek it's like saying eh, it's not the best but it'll do. Also bullshit she worked on herself for a year, she's never worked on herself in her life.

No. 1835013

File: 1685120272439.jpeg (143.64 KB, 828x1460, AA8DBB87-5A6C-47E5-9DDD-1942F9…)

Appreciate your nitpick. Essentially she’s a moron who does very little study about anything she professes to have a major interest in. Making a pronunciation mistake is fine, whatever, but when you sell yourself on your big love of something but don’t acquaint yourself with the basics, it’s lame.
>ban number two
Nonalitas, how do we think this latest Love Ban has come about? Picrel.

No. 1835040

Can't she just… Ban evade lol

No. 1835049

She’s non the brightest spark. I’m dying to know what she did to be banned from two dating sites. Wtf?
>LGBTQIA+ kween
Did anyone cap that story she did about setting up her new Target merchandising stand?

No. 1835063

File: 1685124665710.jpg (395.25 KB, 1284x2282, 349127564_271509658601323_2063…)

Here you go nona. I thought she was bi, why is she giving this allyship speech if she's supposedly part of the community?

No. 1835065

File: 1685124759155.jpg (385.9 KB, 1284x2282, 349321829_202460648905746_8057…)


No. 1835069

>For no reason
I wonder what she keeps doing to get banned? These apps are trying to stage an intervention and I'm here for it. Considering men use apps like bots (swipe and fave everyone, spam message everyone) it can't be her excessive usage so I wonder what it is.

Also it's not the finding or meeting people that's the problem, it's managing to keep a lid on her declarations of eternal love (literally) ten minutes after meeting and scaring them all away

No. 1835085

I imagine her falling for guys quickly in DMs and then if they back off she harrasses them with nudes to show them what they're missing, until they report her.

No. 1835088


She literally has the most basic ass visual
merchandising job it’s hilarious she acts like it’s so hard. They literally give you a complete plan-o-gram layout with pictures and everything telling you where every single item goes. There’s almost no creative freedom there.

No. 1835091

>I’ll never forget how happy the community was to rush in to buy it
Fucking KEK. Thank you nona.

No. 1835121

Looking mentally stunted as usual.

No. 1835160

File: 1685133035286.jpeg (225.16 KB, 828x1442, 1708460E-ADA3-4F8E-817A-24B174…)

Who the fuck thought it would be a good idea for Hag to ever be anywhere near another human being romantically, let alone marry someone? These fucking people. Honestly. Her family, Adam, her friends, Hag herself (okay she hasn’t a clue despite the ‘year of introspection’).
>truly loved
The fuck? Didn’t she ‘really love’ every single Ryan she’s ever met, and a Damien too? How does she not see a great strategy would be to get in touch with the loser friends she made at Paranerdoidcom and see when she can meet up again soon, get to know them, and maybe their friends too. How can anyone be this useless in their strategies to find new prey, sorry, I mean a boyfriend.

No. 1835188

Not a week after declaring she is OVER that toxic boy, she's back to pining.
kek I don't think she made any friends there though, just popped into a couple pictures with people. She definitely seemed to be spending the whole time alone. Laughing and shrieking maniacally into her phone about YOU GUYTH, only I could be in a themetery with a perfect view of a nuclear power plant!!

No. 1835191

i wouldn't be surprised if she goes psycho on the guys who stop responding to her. she doesnt handle rejection well.

No. 1835204

This is such an uncomfortable photo lol. Hover handing 2 women while she self-consciously poses the same way she always does. The other people might as well be waxwork, it reminds me of the plant selfies but with human props.
Everyone else making goofy faces while Heather makes sure the guy taking the pic gets her Good Side, cocking her leg and eye fucking the camera is freaking me out.

No. 1835209

She was banned from FB dating 2 weeks ago and she's been banned again today? She signed up to Bumble because FB banned her, and I think that means she can't use tinder either? Post from last thread >>1825218

I've never used Facebook dating but I assume the bans tend to be 7-14 days? What is she doing to get banned so quickly after her last ban?

No. 1835255


I she might be changing her location too much - fb dating isn’t available everywhere - maybe she keeps getting caught switching towns or whatever

No. 1835343

Same anon but this just keeps crossing my mind. Clearly she reads here, and I genuinely don’t get it. Like there are now THIRTEEN threads about her, it’s fully because she’s a whole ass cow (getting worse by the hour). How does she not realize that shitposting her crying desperation a million times a day is WHY she is here. Just stop, figure some shit out for real. Not trying to blogpost but if I meet someone I absolutely google them right away, if something like this came up for them, I would also run. It’s not a fucking mystery Heather. Get your shit together, stop being a cow, and we won’t have anything to talk about. It’s not because she’s so much too spooky or her interests or even her boring ass makeup or anything, it’s 100% personality-based and she just gets worse and worse. Get a fucking clue.

No. 1835356

I can’t add them, but man some unhinged stories are up on her page now.

No. 1835358

ClockRyan told her what we have been saying " you need therapy" and Heather being Heather said she doesn't need it!!!!

No. 1835361

File: 1685156270758.jpeg (62.88 KB, 516x924, 98CDF364-9680-4C3B-8D36-32A293…)

Holy shit this is unhinged



>imagine dumping this zooms in on tits because you’re a little boy who’s afraid of commitment and you’re in love with a girl who never loved you back

>you lost the game
>you have watched my story every fucking day but you won’t text me, you won’t reply, but you’ll watch my story everyday
>and then the one time you did reply was to say “I want you to go to therapy”
>you’re the one who needs fucking therapy!

No. 1835365

>you're in love with a girl who never loved you back
Hilarious that she's trying to use this as a burn when obsessing over people who don't want her is literally her whole life.

No. 1835373

It's sad that she sees therapy as a punishment and thinks that the emotions she's experiencing are totally fine and normal. She really needs help.

No. 1835375

It’s so telling, how defensive she is about therapy and how she views it as a punishment.
Telling someone to seek therapy can be pretty condescending but the way she’s prattling on and on about refusing to seek it at all is just unhinged. No one who is this therapy averse is mentally stable.

No. 1835406

Are those links not opening for anyone else?

No. 1835422

I can't open them either

No. 1835465

File: 1685177520106.png (460.54 KB, 828x1792, B55D0E19-9F4D-4691-BA41-435F5E…)

The face of sanity

No. 1835486

Long press and then click download link

No. 1835542

wasn't Heather sectioned? involuntary mental hold I think at one point, I'm sure they had her attend therapy sessions while she was there so she probably relates the two experiences

so like I GET it, but Heather everyone needs therapy, it's not a punishment man they're not going to give you "personality-changing drugs" they're going to give you healthy coping mechanisms

she's afraid therapists will "erase her personality" so I don't think the therapist arc will ever happen voluntarily unless she makes a friend who already actively goes to therapy

No. 1835582

She is actually getting very scary. I could see her taking a train and showing up at his house to confront him. Telling someone to get therapy is of course an unkind thing to say, but if I went on a few dates with someone and ended it then saw them posting 20 stories a day about how much they loved and missed me I’d probably say the same thing. But I’m not retarded and I use an anonymous story viewer… I don’t want to side with moids but I kind of wish ClockRyan would find this thread and tell us what happened and then leave forever.

No. 1835600

File: 1685202875013.jpeg (262.93 KB, 1080x1919, c3RwPWRzdC1qcGdfZTM1X3AxMDgweD…)

No. 1835603

She's been crying about this for longer than the actual relationship lasted now

No. 1835625

The dead eyes are out in full force. I normally think Heather is pretty enough but wow, this is a hideous picture. The inner ugliness is leaking out.

No. 1835743

I’ve been following Heather for at least two years. She’s been that comfort cow I visit in between Shay, PNP, and fakebois. I always thought she was just saying she was so weird and extreme and being silly - that nothing was really off or wrong about her

But my god…. The behavior of the past two weeks has completely changed my mind. I full on see her as a totally unhinged stalker with major emotional issues.

I also thought her aesthetic for vintage was whatever and don’t find that stuff scary. But when she did her room makeover a few days ago and wa showing the haunted items and the clocks were chiming - I offically had a moment of thinking “fuck she IS scary n creepy. This WOULD be an issue for me if I saw this all IRL”

Sorry blog post but holy hell she’s off the deep end lately unless I’ve been blind

No. 1835774

File: 1685228201464.jpg (347.88 KB, 1284x2282, 350478876_820007966324304_7173…)

Gee, if it's not your looks, I wonder what the problem could possibly be!

No. 1835836

File: 1685236407354.jpeg (260.14 KB, 1241x1080, 8F3025D5-6D5B-44D5-A4E0-A1D634…)

The crazy eyes really sell it

No. 1835837

Why do scary unstable people always think therapy is like jail or something

No. 1835840

lordy, it's a bit obvious he's watching her stories because she keeps posting about him and he wants to see what she says. I do believe he acted like all moids do and lied to her, probably a lot since she's really gone off the deep end compared to her usual reaction, and he has a cheek suggesting therapy when he was the one who basically intentionally took advantage of a crazy girl for sex and then dumped her.
But she needs some sort of sudden realisation/bolt of lightning/wisdom stat, unfortunately most people will not look kindly upon this situation and she could straight up get institutionalised if she messes with the wrong scrote. She should keep her elaborate romantic fantasies in her head and stop touching the poop (men) because she gets more insane with every new Ryan.
I feel like even a scrap of media literacy, like reading some books, watching movies, like engaging with anything other than her imagination would give her some much needed perspective.

No. 1835885

So she gets used (sexually) by every Ryan she meets. I wonder, does she sleep with them on the first date?

No. 1835887

She doesn't realize the way she interprets things isn't how most other people see things, and her warped thought processes (and why men want her to go to therapy) is what's standing in her own way of finding love, and why she only attracts crazy insecure men who tolerates her crazy long enough for sex. Even if she had a few friends they could help untangle her messed up views on love.
>men want women who don't want them, but I'm ready to love
Actually men want women who have things going on in their lives. They see it as self confidence and value. Her mentally unstable codependency is seen as a burden on men and it's extremely unattractive unless the man is abusive or insecure/unstable himself.
>this, this was real love
Actually Heather, this was self absorbed love. You were obsessed about a man, at the cost of his own comfort and sanity. If you really loved a guy, you would understand and respect how he feels, instead of being clingy, demanding, CONTROLLING and obsessive. Which puts a huge burden on him to manage your emotions, which as an adult you need to find a way to deal with instead of lashing out and venting on social media.
>need a man to stop me from pity parties
If you believe in love, it's self absorbed to want someone to rescue you, to sacrifice himself for you. Would YOU want to take out moldy leftover food from the clearance aisle because it demands that you feel bad for it? No! If you value and love yourself, you want the best for yourself. So what kind of message do you send a man if you say "have pity on me, I have nothing going for me, somethings wrong with me." If you love a man you want what's best for him. For him to feel comfortable and that he won a prize. /end pickme logic to fight pickme logic

No. 1835893

Took advantage of her? She's a grown woman who spends all of her free time on dating apps and posting pics of her tits all over social media. And he's right, she desperately needs therapy. You're really gonna go and call all of the guys she's dated shit? Not saying all of her ex's are perfect by any means but clearly Hag is the problem here.

No. 1835897

Considering she drops the L word typically within a week of dating a new guy, I'd bet the answer to your question is yes. She has a documented pattern of going from 0-600 with relationships.

No. 1835904

>You're really gonna go and call all of the guys she's dated shit? Not saying all of her ex's are perfect by any means
Outed a Heather ex in the thread, only a man would read a comment about a specific person and think I was talking about all men #notallryans

No. 1835917

Not to defend Heather, but she has things going for her - job, house, her photography and collecting hobbies. The only problem she has and that we all seem to agree on is that she's too emotional.

No. 1835925

I think the skinwalking the Ryans’ hobbies is probably a turnoff

No. 1835935

I'll give you the job, but she rents the house and her hobbies are an iffy because she refuses to compromise and accommodate anyone else's (see: all the times she's taken dudes on cemetary/antique mall/Target dates). I don't personally think that's enough to offset the desperation, obsession, narcissism and neediness.

No. 1836070

She’s not emotional she’s unmediated.

No. 1836125

Exactly. Plenty of people have very strong emotions, we just know how to handle them without acting psychotic and driving off all other humans in the vicinity.
Too bad Hags views therapy as a terrifying Victorian torture sanatorium. She's going to be stuck in this loop forever unless she gets help.

No. 1836140

I couldn’t save it on my phone but did anyone see the video where she opened up the little silver keepsake box and said when she gets a boyfriend she wants to put a lock of his hair inside? It’s so weird hearing her talk about boyfriends, she doesn’t want a specific person or have anything to offer, she just wants to say she has a boyfriend to play out all of her Taylor Swift video fantasies. I’m starting to think she might actually be retarded.

No. 1836144

that's posted in one of the links a bit up, but what's interesting is that she's added "or maybe some cemetery dirt idk" clearly as an extra bit because people have told her that's just psycho behavior lol

not the first time she's brought up keeping a lock of hair and won't be the last

No. 1836232

File: 1685304740257.jpeg (144.35 KB, 1080x1920, aHR0cHM6Ly9zY29udGVudC1sZ2EzLT…)

No. 1836281

She needs to hang out with a therapist

No. 1836311

We all said it before at one point, but she reminds me of my narc mother, you can tell those people they need therapy, but they will never get any form of help and then whine about how no one is helping them and how horrible their life is. What I think would help her is for everyone to just leave her alone, no messages, no interaction and then she would have a reason to cry about being alone and no one trying to be her friend. And maybe after that feeling she would be willing to work on herself and change.

No. 1836365

File: 1685318545948.jpeg (293.31 KB, 1080x1919, 350339680_751722079984729_6013…)

Hard to believe. Incoming 1/7

No. 1836367

File: 1685318587882.jpeg (272.04 KB, 1080x1919, 350226001_171000012604184_5560…)


No. 1836370

File: 1685318789250.jpeg (235.72 KB, 1080x1919, 350096665_242686031786165_2445…)


No. 1836371

File: 1685318943510.jpeg (254.33 KB, 1080x1919, 350241805_196428116223604_4053…)


No. 1836375

File: 1685319055654.jpeg (219.75 KB, 1080x1919, 349463846_564980379150249_5559…)


No. 1836379

File: 1685319188810.jpeg (240.68 KB, 1080x1919, 350090312_6487429604641386_413…)


No. 1836380

File: 1685319323050.jpeg (232.47 KB, 1080x1919, 350088156_187774940516632_6770…)


No. 1836386

Jesus Christ Heather. He clearly is lurking because you bring him up in all these crazy rants. You lasted >2 weeks. Let it go.

No. 1836391

just BLOCK HIM, jesus

did you think all these obsessive stories would bring him back?? they have him running for the hills faster than ever before

No. 1836411

>holding onto
>one day
The phrasing suggests a long time has passed, it was one week relationship followed by one week of pining on Instagram.
maybe heather is living in some hellworld dimension where every day lasts months, something that lasts a week for everyone else feels like 7 months to her, it's the only explanation. She should be studied by science.
Please Heather, this skinny white nerd doesn't deserve the ridiculous ego boost watching your stories will give him. Bet he's showing his ex all of them like look how amazing I am!!! girls fall in love at first sight! even though Heather is simply mentally ill and would be a perfect candidate for a robot boyfriend, were they to exist

No. 1836413

Not to wk a moid but he had met her through Bumble while he was traveling. It's really not that serious, and is obvious why he ran for the hills/ghosted.

The other day she was saying "you lost the game" and claimed he went back to someone who never loved him. Now she's pining and saying she was replaced by someone better. Heather can't cope without moid attention. It'd be sad, if it weren't so predictable.

No. 1836415

But think of the mEmOrIeS Nonnie!

It's just all so fucking cringe I can't.

No. 1836448

Just when I think Heather's reached maximum pathetic, she amps it up like clockwork. Right down to the desperate captions shamelessly placed near her tits in failed hopes to reel in a moid. She's done all but livestream herself begging him to take her back while she's banging on his back door late at night. And I'm sure that's only because she doesn't know where he lives.
I like to believe any nonitas that can still manage to root for this shitshow are just optimistic by nature and not delusional. Because this is just hard to watch- let alone cheer on and give honestly helpful advice that'll go right to the void because you're not a spoopy Ryan that only lives to validate her.

No. 1836466

Anyone care to weaponize their autism and find this dude's social media? I'm dying to see what kind of normie has triggered Heather so badly. I was digging myself but had no luck.

No. 1836470

>1836448 clockwork

be careful you might trigger her, rip clockryan

No. 1836472

Same, I was looking through her last dozen instagram follows, and recent likes on her posts since if they're watching each other's stories, he's likely to be in her likes pre breakup, or they may still follow each other. (Or is she manually checking his page?)
No leads though, maybe he's there and I just missed it though.
it's funny how her Instagram feed seems relatively normal and she keeps most of the unhinged ryanposting for her Stories.

No. 1836553

Same. Been digging but nothing. A couple of potentials but I don’t think I’ve got it yet. Surely our collective autism can overcome?

No. 1836582

File: 1685361013696.jpeg (306.54 KB, 1283x2012, C635E087-EC52-4B4D-AE21-B01321…)

He publicly tagged her in a post on Facebook, and the link to his instagram is on his page.

No. 1836590

File: 1685362356779.png (1.41 MB, 1044x1986, Screenshot_20230529-081120.png)

Great find nonna!! This dude is just like Heather kek.

No. 1836597

If she gets on the right medication she'll snap right out of this, it has to be some kind of OCD. She literally is the exact same as incels that obsess over how their slightly asymmetrical nose stops them from getting a girlfriend.

No. 1836609

Yesss noness, he was one of my potentials. I thought it might be him. Excellent work.

No. 1836610

File: 1685365446591.png (9.17 KB, 142x82, Screen Shot 2023-05-29 at 7.05…)

Amazing work Nonna! That is him, he has the same shoes featured in Heather's pictures.

No. 1836615

Oh he’s gross. They are perfect for each other.

No. 1836630

Literally how does he not see he and Heather are a match made in heaven omg. They’re 100% perfect for each other

No. 1836650

He has his own female Ryaness that he can't get fucking over lol. Yeah Heather couldn't even become a quick rebound for this dude.

No. 1836653

I wonder if the girl that appears in his tagged pictures is the one Heather is jealous of and no, I won't post her here, she's got nothing to do with this and you all will be able to look for yourself. After all he reminds me of one of my ex boyfriends and I would say, that makes him a perfect match for Heather and everyone else should run.

No. 1836658

my god, he's ugly. appreciate heather confirming her town though, i spent way too long trying to figure that out a few months ago.

No. 1836661

I expected some gorgeous Ryan.. I would almost venture to say he's worse than Lurch.. looks like a total creepy train guy

No. 1836662

I saw that too. I was thinking it might be. She seems innocent compared to deranged Heather.

No. 1836666

File: 1685373742127.jpeg (229.95 KB, 1170x1901, E35660E9-B000-4D4C-A4B1-B6B8BD…)

As soon as she said he was train obsessed i knew he was likely very autistic. Confirmed via his tagged photos.

No. 1836671

Although I did wonder if she’s exaggerating about him being in ‘her town’ and he’s just close by. Close being a radius of 100 miles kek.

No. 1836681

Oh this is too funny, even a retarded guy knew to run for the hills

No. 1836714

Thank you so much nonny! Great work. I took a peek at Heather's followers/followed and he's still following her. Why doesn't she block him if she's so bothered to see him watching her stories??

No. 1836721

File: 1685381270724.jpg (179.15 KB, 1080x1281, ryan.jpg)

Ikr. Here's another cringy caption

No. 1836746

Autists deserve love too, but goddamn. With the way Heather obsessed over him, you'd think he was some ChadRyan or something kek.

No. 1836774

I can't help but feel bad for the guy, heather is A Lot

but at the same time he really should have blocked her after seeing how she's acting or at LEAST unfollowed, despite the sideshow she's putting on for him

calling him uglier than lurch though? that's a bit much nonnies kek

No. 1836793

Agreed. Lurch is a goon, this guy's just some dork who's taken a while to figure out his look. The more recent photos with glasses/shorter hair/beard are much nicer than his earlier ones.

No. 1836850

She probably thinks it means there’s hope. If she had any self respect at all she would block him or unfollow but we all know that’s not going to happen.

No. 1836887

And who's to say that he's actually reading and watching her stories? When you finish all the stories from 1 user, it automatically goes on to the next recent story of another user. He could be "viewing" these without intent and she's embarrassing herself writing novels to him in public. He's either unbelievably oblivious or getting a powertrip watching her unravel herself.

No. 1836900

File: 1685402274578.webm (805.35 KB, 720x1280, aHR0cHM6Ly9zY29udGVudC1sZ2EzLT…)

No. 1836901

File: 1685402303552.webm (600.26 KB, 720x1280, aHR0cHM6Ly9zY29udGVudC1sZ2EzLT…)

No. 1836902

File: 1685402341298.webm (209.51 KB, 720x1280, aHR0cHM6Ly9zY29udGVudC1sZ2EzLT…)

No. 1836954

Him being an autist and rejecting her makes a ton of sense. He has probably has had one girlfriend his entire life, and his spergery probably drove her away. Imagine the sensory overload he must have had dealing with Heather. All her trinkets, the constant need for validation. He was probably stimming up a storm around her.

No. 1836966

File: 1685407728091.jpg (290.63 KB, 1080x1928, those trains.jpg)

No. 1836971

Kek she really doesn't know when to stop. " Those trains" STFU Heather.

No. 1837034

File: 1685409839826.jpg (52.94 KB, 595x394, 1496708867600.jpg)

>those trains

No. 1837062

So much for this >>1836365

No. 1837116

>spending a week crying on main over this
Definitely not her most handsome ryan, but he does seem to be deranged in the same way which explains why he hasn't blocked her >>1836721 >>1836590

No. 1837125

After finding out he is a literal train autist I'm now thinking this campaign of Heather's might even work

No. 1837152

File: 1685413403445.jpeg (275.71 KB, 1219x1080, 244D50F8-B651-44C1-8856-022155…)

Good lord Heather

No. 1837159

I would get a restraining order if I were Clock/Train Ryan. She is scary.

No. 1837172

oh my fucking god KEK heather you absolute loon

if you were to ask, you'd think she lost a husband of 40 years or some shit, not a 2 week bumble fling

No. 1837215

File: 1685415153385.jpeg (213.8 KB, 1183x1080, 08768A65-6451-4840-8BD9-905A40…)

We are truly witnessing a trainwreck

No. 1837218

I'm DYING at the thought of HIM saying
>You're not going to fall so in love with me that you steal my hair for a shrine right

is somehow a red flag TO HER?

>oh no he already sees my true intent and is already laughing about it, how dare he, red flag

heather he wasn't even WRONG, and no one is going to think that's normal, ever

No. 1837226

aw nonnie why did you take out "my friends"? I'll be your trainfriend <3(<3)

No. 1837230

Heather's calling in life is apparently to give 3/10 autistic moids the ego boost of their life

No. 1837241

Isn't spazz a derogatory term now? Way to be tone deaf about your ex's autism, Heather.

No. 1837242

It’s so crazy to me, especially since this woman has literally been married before. She’s one of the worst cases of arrested development I’ve ever seen when it comes to relationships

No. 1837271

A bunch of crap in a candy dish, what a legacy.

No. 1837291

File: 1685420974541.jpg (248.89 KB, 1080x2039, Screenshot_2023-05-30-00-27-11…)

No. 1837308

No. 1837465

File: 1685459538706.jpg (311.73 KB, 1080x1919, download (1).jpg)

This is the person who keeps teasing feet pics? Fucking BARF. Clip your nasty ass toenails, damn.

No. 1837502

Does she not have any older family they visit, the sort who have items that make you scared to be there and lead you to think "damn we're going to need a dumpster when they die, maybe a cleansing fire". Their own children and grandchildren didn't want this junk, that's how it ends up at rummage/"antique" stores.

No. 1837522

Barf indeed, she does not have pretty feet

No. 1837588

File: 1685472067117.png (885.93 KB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20230530-143510.png)

No one can handle Heathers extreme alternative lifestyle which includes swiping on dating apps for 6 hours, go to historical locations and have her take your photo while she imagines your a civil war soilder, visit antique shops to continue to horde in her apartment and visit the gas station for french fries!

No. 1837592

>extreme alternative lifestyle
SURELY she is fucking with us now? Could she actually be retarded enough to believe that she lives an extremely alternative lifestyle? She does what I'm sure thousands of people in her area do, works at Target, listens to Taylor Swift, absolutely NOTHING about her life is alternative. What a crock of shit.

No. 1837693

this screenshot in particular reads like an anon writing a parody of heather and not even herself, she's getting that bad. wow.

No. 1837698

File: 1685479955337.jpg (116.54 KB, 1080x1223, Screenshot_20230530_164505_Fac…)

Yup, she's just too extreme on all the social media.

No. 1837720

It's not enough to go antiquing with Heather for a couple hours. You need to want to do it all fucking weekend without complaint.

No. 1837764

such extreme lifestyle, I would do all of this and know a lot of people that would love to do something like that as well. But guess what, most people would also enjoy watching a movie at home while eating pizza, or reading a book and talking about and not being told that you love them after 30 minutes of the first ever meeting.

No. 1837798

File: 1685486992635.jpg (219.03 KB, 1080x1916, heather.jpg)

No. 1837895

Why in the world did she think it was a good idea to film herself bending over in the ugliest, frumpiest dress and then post it to sm? This along with her nasty feet pic like jfc wtf is she thinking?! And yet some dingbat a dozen comments above thinks Hag's photography is something to brag about..

No. 1838149

Actual lunacy. Jolene plays in background. At this point it’s just stalking and fantasy land. I’m not surprised he’s peeping her stories - trying to make sure she’s not outside his house with a ticking clock and train set in the middle of the night. Again, Jolene playing in background.

No. 1838234

The fucking hair toss again. What era/ look does she think she’s capturing with a Party America mask and Target potato sack? If she’s so obsessed with antiques can she not spring for an actual Victorian dress and hat or something, or at least a replica that makes sense?

No. 1838397

File: 1685555580815.jpg (231.42 KB, 1080x1919, 793b45d-4513.jpg)

She says… after another series of stories crying in her car over AutistRyan and before another video carrying on about her outfit and stroking her hair like an absolute loon…

No. 1838407

I think she might be hamming it up because he hasn’t blocked her - something I assume all other Ryans do promptly. I want to believe she’s not actually this insane. I mean she is this insane, but she wouldn’t be acting like this if she didn’t feel taunted by him indulging her by watching her meltdowns. I’m assuming he’s literally retarded so SpedRyan if you’re reading this you should definitely fuck off, for her sake.

No. 1838412

Sometimes I get the feeling she lives in an assisted living community for the mentally deranged and these little walks and tours she goes on are accompanied by a nurse who's just there to let her get some fresh air and make sure she doesn't hurt herself while she giggles and hops around doing Heather shit.

No. 1838432

100% the only reason she's still going is because he's still watching and its the only "contact" she has

No. 1838515

File: 1685566926618.jpeg (122.99 KB, 828x1344, 41E0EF2E-8244-47C9-9968-3C06B3…)

More unhinged car crying and ranting



>I think the worst part about this breakup is that this was a person I actually saw a future with

>it’s really rare that I’m interested in anyone and it’s really hard for me to fall in love
>this was the person I could take care of and love and have babies with
>he watches my Instagram story everyday but he won’t talk to me
>if they don’t have feelings for me then quit watching because it makes me spiral knowing I wasn’t good enough for this person that I love so fucking much starts crying
>and there’s nothing I can be do to be good enough because I’m not like this other girl

No. 1838529

>it's really rare that I'm interested
>it's really hard for me to fall in love
the 17 past Ryans in just a few years would say differently.

No. 1838546

kek, I wanted to write the same.

>and have babies with
please, no, never. She needs to get her mental health in order before she even thinks about having children or the children will suffer and go no contact as soon as they can.

No. 1838560

She's seriously been averaging something like four new "true loves" a year. kek

Really hope she never has kids. Isn't she 36 now? She's already considered AMA. Between possible birth complications and her raging personality disorder the kid would be doomed.

No. 1838564

Her being in her mid 30s is probably a big reason why she’s pushing for a baby right now. Seems like she’s panicking because she’s not where she thought she’d be in life by now.

No. 1838566

I believe she is 30-32

No. 1838568

File: 1685571457866.jpg (68.38 KB, 1080x861, crossover.jpg)

Heather follows Venus lol

No. 1838577

My bad, I googled it and the only hit for her name roughly around her age and location was 36. Judging by the old thread she's at least 32 by now.

No. 1838589

Do you guys think she talks about her personal life to her coworkers?

No. 1838603

She does to some extent. We once had an angry Target co-worker from her old location come WKing for her here calling us stalkers. She was straight up telling them she was scared to go to her car at night in the parking lot and stuff. I can't remember which thread that was now though.

No. 1838605

File: 1685573695760.jpg (158.63 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230531_185617_Gal…)

This might be a nitpick but I fucking hate how she always uses the word blouse. The only other person I know who used that word was my 87 year old grandma.

No. 1838637

File: 1685576108472.png (28.14 KB, 582x472, 1543476747054.png)


Found this in the first thread (just discovered this one)
she is 33

No. 1838800

File: 1685593441419.jpeg (207.78 KB, 1302x1080, 7FCDD1EA-B6D2-4702-B237-F213B3…)


No. 1838804

15lbs in 2 weeks? That's so unhealthy!

No. 1838806

>your best friend
>guy you just met that month
She's honestly too young to be this crazy and far gone, imo only female friends could save this since she refuses therapy, but she's so focused on finding "love" she misses everything else that matters in life

No. 1838831

>but she's so focused on finding "love" she misses everything else that matters in life
Usually in that situation I'd be like 'she needs a fucking hobby' but she has hobbies and they seem to be half the problem lmao. I'm not even sure female friends would help her, she'd just go crazy over them instead if they didn't give her enough attention or go to graveyards with her enough.

She's an unusual cow imo because her life is pretty normal and functional but she invents problems for herself by being overly invested in random ryans and relationships in general. It's literally all in her mind, it's not material problems or her living situation.

No. 1838837

She's definitely expressed before how insecure she is about other women, which would ultimately cause issues with her having or keeping any female friends too. She pretty obviously sees other women as competition given her deep obsession with this "other girl" clock ryan isn't over despite her obviously not being over multiple of her own exs. And there was that ridiculous "now I know why I have no luck on these apps, all the girls are fit and girly wah wah wah".

No. 1838854

File: 1685603191091.jpg (63.6 KB, 563x471, efa5d6dbe3eec00b703ab33b3be9a0…)


No. 1838890

I tortured myself by reading all 12 previous threads because I couldn’t figure out what was so entrancing about this cow, holy shit, she’s legitimately crazy. Like textbook bpd cycler…but not only that, she’s stupid, too. It’s funny reading the first few threads when anons had hope for her.

No. 1838908

Well to be fair the only other person that would wear that blouse is someones 87 yo grandma

No. 1838998

I can't take anything she says seriously when she calls all of her Ryans "boy". Or ever.

No. 1839016

This makes me wonder what ClockRyan's new gf wears, the one who Hags got "dumped" for. Chances are high that Hags has been stalking her social media, and this is an attempt at skinwalking.

No. 1839058


Assuming it’s the girl in his tagged photos, she wears pretty stereotypical Zoomer fashion. I think this is just Heather’s standard old Karen attire.

No. 1839059

His insta name is ol_jerryjewels so I think that might be his surname. Speaking of which, Google blessed me with this video after searching his name. Looks like he explores a bit himself.

No. 1839060

File: 1685640273726.jpg (309.59 KB, 1284x1712, 345461387_1264713567473111_254…)

He's still got her up on his Facebook. His name is Jerry Carmine.

No. 1839063

File: 1685640412308.jpg (47.53 KB, 674x674, 240062944_1290171711399395_380…)

And this is the girl he went back to.

No. 1839064

File: 1685640672271.jpg (1.44 MB, 1964x1500, 676432513241411-789143-2.jpg)

Samefag but blouse skinwalking confirmed. I hope she dyes her hair darker and gets black glasses next.

No. 1839079

File: 1685641688532.jpg (374.85 KB, 1080x1919, 15989433.1362.jpg)

And out of nowhere, she's wearing eyeliner, just like ClockRyan's girl.

No. 1839187

File: 1685655092034.png (634.38 KB, 714x1046, Screen Shot 2023-06-01 at 3.31…)

This is exactly what she said before Paracon yet she still spent the last week crying over Ryan.

No. 1839191

File: 1685655390449.jpeg (74.92 KB, 828x1527, C70A8AC0-D751-4359-BA3C-F927C6…)

And this is what ClockRyan aka AutismRyan aka JerryRyan was saying

No. 1839203

The retardation of both of these nerds. Fucking block each other. Boo hoo SpectrumRyan nobody is forcing you to watch this shit. I wonder if she's texting him all the time as well as the unhinged story posting.

No. 1839210

he certainly has a type

No. 1839423

>When will it end
Just walk away from the screen bro, this is hilarious

No. 1839442

File: 1685678525992.jpg (77.77 KB, 1080x728, Screenshot_20230602_000037_Fac…)

I guess this is where it ends kek

No. 1839443

File: 1685678465368.jpg (77.77 KB, 1080x728, Screenshot_20230602_000037_Fac…)

I guess this is where it ends kek

No. 1839459

more annoyed that she didn't block him first tbh, what a circus

No. 1839466

File: 1685682280154.jpeg (36.69 KB, 726x542, hj.jpeg)

they are still friends on Facebook. He is still seeing her insanity.

No. 1839474

I’m pretty sure he’s been watching her stories the last couple weeks for the same reason we have

No. 1839481

All that for a train enthusiast autist she knew for a week. It’s crazy how quick she went from a comfort cow to a horrorcow for me.

No. 1839490

As a friend of his, he isn't full blown tistic as you may think, just a tad bit. He's run a couple organizations and helps out with railcars at others.>>1839474
She got a little too crazy for him and that's why he left. They were actually never officially together either

No. 1839494

how long did they know each other? how long were they “dating” and to what extent? did he say anything else about her? … how did you find this thread?!

thanks in advance and make sure you read the rules so you don’t get banned https://lolcow.farm/rules

No. 1839500

They talked for about a month, but they only really saw each other in person twice. They were in what he called the 'Getting to know each other" phase before he called it off. He said that he was ok with being her friend, but she refused.
He didn't really say much about her other than she was really nice and appreciative of him buying dinners and such. Later after he stopped talking to her, he said she'd become a little obsessive but that's all.

He found this thread and shared it in a group chat. I've been going to town on this thread and now I understand why he called it off

No. 1839501

Type "sage" in the email field to avoid a temp ban, newfriend. So he didn't dump her for his ex then?

No. 1839502

lord, i wonder if he found the thread before or after he called it off. and i wonder what he’s thinking now, watching her spiral publicly like this. he dodged a bullet for sure. imagine if he’d stuck it out any longer.

ClockRyan needn’t worry too much. she’ll cool off as soon as she meets a new Ryan, although she’ll probably write vague posts referencing trains and clocks for the next few years.

No. 1839507

No he didn't dump her for his ex. He explained that to her multiple times, but she wouldn't listen. The girl you guys found is actually his ex(They broke up almost a year ago now. Another girl that really connected with him about a year ago screwed him over and emotionally destroyed him(hence those corny sad boy poems). He's trying to get back on his feet after that and this didn't exactly help. He's trying to move to PA and was hanging out with a mutual friend of ours that lives there when they matched

If you guys want, I can ask questions. He's ok with it as long as they aren't too personal. He's a cool dude actually.

No. 1839514

Any actual proof you know him?

No. 1839518

File: 1685689798661.png (37.38 KB, 1080x657, Screenshot_20230602-030313.png)

I know him about 6 years now. I pose as a traffic cone on Facebook for laughs(though it's been a while since I shared anything). What other proof you want? I can post photos of us working on railcars if you want.
Btw, I'm new here so I have no idea how to directly reply. Obviously don't really use this website that often

No. 1839555

Is it true what Heather said that he confessed his love to her and promised a relationship?
oh, and how he felt when she was running around train tracks and stone cirlcle like a retarded child? lol

No. 1839571

The fact she tried to write this sassy post about being blocked after making countless insane stories about how she will always love [ryan she knew for one calender week] like…she was absolutely begging to be blocked with her batshit behaviour, I think this is the most concentrated crazy we've seen from her. At least with Bloodryan it was a few months of a relationship, this was a week. Absolutely no reason to act the way she has about it all.

No. 1839602

Umm why are mods banning potential milk?

No. 1839604

Obviously these threads are a factor contributing to Heather's failed romantic life, because every time these ryans find the threads, they cut ties with her. It's a vicious cycle. If she was smart, she would tell the ryans a fake name so they couldn't find her threads, and keep communication with them private on telegram/ whatsapp or signal. She could also create a private insta seperate from her main insta, where she only adds people she really knows, and the ryans. It's clear to me these threads play a part in her wilting romantic life. If a relationship is to succeed, she needs to be much more private when it comes to ryans. If she really needs ryans in her insta stories to use them for her reality tv show, she should get a decoy ryan just for that purpose and have a ryan she's serious about kept private out of sight. If she could get a ryan who doesn't use the internet much or have any socials, it might fair better for her.

No. 1839634

Literally the exact same thing she did to Ryan Z. In both cases they were never actually together, explained they weren’t interested and weren’t dumping her for another girl, ect. and she then adopted their hobbies and made them her entire personality. It really isn’t an exaggeration to say she’s delusional. She is 100%. Poor ClockRyan

No. 1839645

because the dingus traffic cone didn't put "sage" in the email field, it's a temp so they can come back

No. 1839663

Celebrating the "end" of a relationship by announcing she's been blocked. Lmfao Heather…

No. 1839695

they hung out TWICE?? shes fucking nuts. let this man post.

No. 1839710

Because there is no proof poster knows the autism ryan. Can you all stop being so gullible.

No. 1839731


Posted proof they’re friends on Facebook and offered to post pictures of them together. What more do you want?

No. 1839786

The guy didn't sage the first time. Second time he did but he put the reply number of the post in the name field instead of the comment, so he namefagged. Should've read the rules with how banhappy mods are getting. Hopefully he comes back if he has something of value after the ban is up.

No. 1839825

Please, it’s now Traffic Cone. That is his name. I hope he returns after the temp ban, this is the best insight into Behind the Hag Scenes in a long while.
That figures. The sadboi posting was about a brown eyed girl. The other ex has blue eyes. My autism is showing. Thanks for the milk, Traffic Cone. Your ban will wear off in a bit and you’ll be able to post again. Just make sure you write sage in the email field.

No. 1839855

Traffic Cone, what does he think of her calling him "her ex" and all the love stuff? Did it scare him?

I'm curious about both of things too kek

No. 1839865

I noticed earlier that ClockRyan wasn’t following her anymore and scooted right over here to see the fallout. I can’t wait for inevitable story spill later tonight.
Traffic Cone! The mods have removed your ban, I think? Please tell me, does ClockRyan actually like clocks and their inner workings, or did he just mention they were cool when they went antiquing, so she casually bought THREE of the fuckers then went full-on clock fan? Btw we totally understand exactly what the issue was, her insane love obsession.

No. 1839898

Ok, trying to answer everyone's questions here.
First, just to prove I am a friend of his, if you all go to the Oyster Bay Railroad Museums Facebook page tomorrow night, you'll see him working on train cars. Telling you this now because I plan on going with him(not gonna say which person I am because I'd rather keep it that way) and it will prove that we are infact friends.

He did not "Confess his love." Infact, he told her he wanted to take it slow because of what the other girl did to him. Also, he said he didn't pay much mind to it, you all know that the general population of train fans other than my group of friends is either missing chromosomes or has the intelligence of a Jelly fish, so you kinda become numb to that kind of stuff unless their behavior is blatantly unsafe.

For the "Love" stuff, his actual ex didn't stop bothering him for months and caused a lot of fallout, so he doesn't really care. I mean, it's not like she's going after him physically (yes, that has happened). To put it in his words "I've seen and been through some fucked up shit, a crazy chick with an obsession over me is not that scary."

He was following her still just to see what she was saying out of curiosity. No ego trip or anything like what was mentioned earlier. He does care about her still as a human being and wishes the best for her, but she clearly isn't ready for that yet.

Yea he is into clocks. Clocks, trains and vintage cameras. He likes tinkering with clocks and model trains, working on real trains and he actually shoots 8mm film cameras. He actually bought her two clocks and gave her a third as a nice gesture. He said he felt bad for her because her room was "So quiet you could hear a pin drop."(this is an imageboard)

No. 1839916

Honestly between him paying for her dinners and buying her gifts like the old clocks, etc. I can see how she'd be obsessed with him more than other Ryans. She's usually the one love bombing the tinder matches with weird gifts to get them to stick around for a bit, but it's rare to see a Ryan treat her. She probably thought she finally found another provider like her ex husband.

No. 1839920

Yea, it was kinda sad honestly. He really did like her, but she started getting to be a bit too much. The jealousy really started showing when she got mad about him texting a friend of his(Who is married and now having a kid). Also, she got really annoyed when he had a small depressive episode when something reminded him of brown eyes instead of being supportive. He said that really was the tipping point there, but he didn't wanna just abandon her. She made him choose between her and brown eyes. Obviously he chose her because they were in person and he knew she'd lose it. He ended up sticking with their plan(She comes to NY for the weekend, then he drives her back to PA and stays a couple days) simply because he felt bad and didn't want to just leave her high and dry.

No. 1839935

That is exactly how I imagined her. Jealous and controlling and frighteningly borderline. Did he "break up" with her on the rock over the parking lot they were sitting on together?

No. 1839951

No, he said that he left her the morning that he left. He really didn't want to get into detail with it because he feels bad that she's losing it, though he sees that she's got a history. He's one of those people that can't help but feel bad for people like her

No. 1839988

damn.. thanks for all the info, Traffic Cone
i feel bad for your friend having to put up with heather, sounds like he was actually kind towards her
also you can reply to posts by pressing the post number, or adding >> in front of the post number inside of your reply

No. 1840012

So did he learn of this page after? When he saw her freak out post-breakup? Understandable to look into her for that.
Do you know if she mentioned her past, social media experience, or lolcow fame to him?

No. 1840039

Yea, he's not exactly the abusive type. He's nuts, but has a kind heart. He really thought that it would work out at first

He learned of it only a few days ago, though I'm not sure how.
He didn't really say much about her past, just how she's been through abusive relationships and stuff like that. As for her internet fame, he did say that she talked a bit about people being out there to ruin her, especially after she went from cosplay to what she's into now. Sounded like a sob story, but he felt bad for her until now. Especially seeing that she's got a bit of a history.

No. 1840083

Did he have sex with her the weekend she came over, knowing he was going to end things with her?

Because if so, that's pretty shitty and I'm not surprised Heather chimped out afterwards.

No. 1840087

So much of this is giving female novelist.

No. 1840099


That I do not know. He isn't really the type to brag or even talk about stuff like that. Again, knowing him though, I don't think he would have had sex with her if he knew he was going to end it.(sage your shit)

No. 1840100

And my dumb ass forgot to write sage again, see you guys in a day or two

No. 1840143

It's okay, at least you're making an effort to learn and figured out how to reply. I appreciate the insight you're delivering so thanks for that.

No. 1840212

Next time that happens, just delete the comment real quick and rewrite it with sage.

No. 1840220

>He does care about her still as a human being and wishes the best for her,
He seems like he's quite kind, probably why Heather liked him, it's interesting how he apparently wanted to be friends but Heather was like no, love only!! like, if you like this man so much what'a the harm of staying friends? She does have some male friends too so I don't see the problem, isn't it better to be part of someone's life in some way, even if not tru luv uwu if you like them. Doesn't make sense to me why it has to be relationship dialed up to 1000 or nothing, especially if this guy has some relationship trauma and isn't ready for that

No. 1840248

File: 1685801945060.png (582.15 KB, 1186x976, Screen Shot 2023-06-03 at 8.10…)

and just like that, heather moves on. the fact that she instantly stopped pining after she was blocked plus the friend milk that contradicts her story has convinced me. she doesn't believe she shit she writes, its all for attention. ryan attention obviously, but when she loses that she immediately pivots to saddest sad girl bravely recovering from the greatest heartbreak in history so her simps will validate her. i cant believe anybody in this thread takes what she says at face value.

No. 1840252

I don’t understand why everyone here is taking the side of a scrote just because he has some ridiculous sob story. I wouldn’t be surprised if Heather was victimized still and has so much trauma from being manipulated in her relationships

No. 1840256

File: 1685803277381.png (40.22 KB, 998x588, ss.png)

The drummer from poison is still thirsting.

No. 1840259

this ain’t it
when did this dude have time to “manipulate” her in two weeks?

No. 1840266

Thank you, Traffic Cone, for clearing up some details. Hope ClockRyan… or, Jerry, moves on and gets a bit more stable as well. He clearly dodged a bullet here.

No. 1840280

heather has the same "ridiculous sob story" that paints her as the helpess victim for each ryan. do you really think every guy she goes on a couple dates with is declaring his undying love for her just to get laid? even dumb guys aren't that dumb.

No. 1840285

File: 1685806504212.jpeg (208.67 KB, 828x1507, 20219F2D-3CAF-418A-9E9D-EF506D…)

Gearing up to swoop.

No. 1840292

I wonder if the thread is her fallback for her Ryans not working out. Like, she can always blame someone else instead of criticizing her role in the matter. I think its a part of why she doesn't cover her tracks dating wise, and also why shes so quick to post them on her social media. She gets to blame her obsessed haters instead of her own undoing.
I think if she really wanted a match to work out, she would use an alias online or a separate account. But, no, shes quick to perform for the next round. I think she thinks shes in some wacky rom com, and forgets shes dealing with real people who are flawed and still becoming who they aspire to be.

No. 1840329

That is the thing I will never understand. On the face of it, considering her insta feed is her personality, as she’s so terminally online and that will never change, some of her tchotchkes and curios are pretty cool. She looks viable as a collector of antiquarian shit. Then her overwhelming need to seek approval, adulation and acceptance starts seeping in and it’s really just like…separate the personal and the private ffs. Hag will never not post her childish drama and neediness online because, let’s face it, when she spent a couple of months a while back (when she changed account maybe?) keeping her personal life private, it was all dry as fuck. The interests she adorns her true self - basic reality show drama girl - with are just that, adornments. Will the real Karen Hag please come through?

No. 1840330

I pity the fool who goes on a date with Heather like 1 day after she was declaring eternal love for clockryan kek

No. 1840333

Yeah I'm not on his side, if anything it seems like he and Heather have the same issues and were not able to empathize with each other regardless of having similar experiences, based on traffic cone's story. >>1839920
Like clockryan was pining after an ex while on a date with Heather and she naturally (for her) flipped, obviously someone who has worked through their issues would have reacted better, but they are both making the same mistakes. I can see a future girlfriend of clockryan being put off by the pining the same way Heather's pining is offputting.

No. 1840334

>he had a small depressive episode when something reminded him of brown eyes
Fucking kek. Every time we get IRL tourists ITT we gain a new cow.

No. 1840337

You think Hag has been manipulated by every Ryan on this thread? You need help. Seek therapy.

No. 1840347

These two were clearly a disaster waiting to happen. He's not mentally stable, a sadnboi and weird romantic. Heather is off the deep end and I'm sure they played off each other a bit. However, I'm inclined to believe most of what the Cone says since ClockRyan was so quick to break it off.
KEK I wish he had enough material to start his own thread. I'm insanely curious about this dude I will admit. Seems to be a bit milky.

No. 1840359

i dont totally understand the speculation on whether or not clockryan has any responsibility in her crazy reaction to him calling things off. Whether he did something shitty or was a perfect angel, things will always end this way because she expects a man to be her everything and vice versa. it makes her a target for the absolute worst type of guy and she gives them a leg up because she's already socially isolated. her dream ryan is a completely codependent shitshow of a relationship. she's honestly a bit lucky to be dodging that bullet so far, though probably her ex husband fit this profile. she needs to heal her pickmeism and learn to make some female friends. she's so stunted.

No. 1840366

it sounds like he sussed out quickly that he wasnt ready for a relationship (and definitely not the type of relationship heather wants) and decided not to pursue further. thats pretty reasonable. he made a judgment error, thats not malicious or manipulative or abusive. hanging out with someone a few times isnt making some grand commitment to them, despite heather's delusions.

No. 1840415

that's just it, most people don't know if someone will be their partner for the rest of their life after one or two dates. She has this expectation that she goes on a date, they both have heart eyes and will live happily ever after. After all he tried to stay friends with her and she should have taken that offer, maybe they would have worked as a couple some time later, it's not unheard of friends becoming partners.

No. 1840418

Her male friends are only "friends" because she deems them undatable unlike this train-ryan who she was already fantasizing having babies with just a week or two into their "relationship". I stand by my earlier comment that her obsession took off due to his more nurturing and providing nature in comparison to the other Ryans of past. She's looking for a new provider and someone she deems "father" material which is deeply concerning considering how clearly unwell she is. She'd make a terrible and deeply emotionally manipulative mother.

It's like her entire mood hinges on whether or not she has a date planned or a ryan in her pocket. Totally not unhinged behavior.

You are too old for her Richard, you will never be Heather's perfect little spoopy boy. Hilarious this washed up old cock rock dude is still all over her comments and DMs though.

No. 1840688

She stayed for a weekend sleepover at his house and you don't think they had sex simply because you (another male) find him nice?

All of you in here stop kissing the Anon's ass and also stop trying to defend TismRyan. He's a shitty man who knew he didn't want to date Heather and still had her over for a sex weekend and dumped her right after.

No. 1840727

Hmm I dunno anon. At what point - after he’s already told her it’s a ‘getting to know you’ stage or whatever the fuck plus red flag city with sadboi ‘depressive episode’ about ‘brown eyes’ kek - do you think that it might not be for you. Surely, I mean, absolutely surely, you might think this scrote is a Scrote and I’m not going to fuck him. Or do you think, as I assume it went down, Hag thought ‘I’ll fuck him and he’ll like me more’. Yeah it’s a shame but that’s on her. It’s unfortunate but TismRyan (also a freak) isn’t responsible for her own retardation and arrested development

No. 1840743

you know, people can have sleepovers without having sex. Even though Heather seems to be the person to try to bind a man offering sex, but there are adults who turn down such offers or don't even think about stuff like that while meeting someone. And I'm not kissing his ass, I just see Heather as the more insane person in this situation and in the end, she doesn't seem to suffer anymore, as she found a new date.

No. 1840769

File: 1685887741633.jpeg (195.25 KB, 719x1157, 818FEAC9-256A-42EF-AB15-41AFB2…)

Speaking of which…

No. 1840773

One date "He's a real keeper!"

No. 1840774

Kekek even though Hag is a totally frustrating person with an idiotic brain I’m rooting for her with this one, as she’s my comfort cow. What would be great is if they hit it off, are both as milky as each other, unite against tEh HaTeRs and give us loads to laugh about.

No. 1840777

let me tell you how date two will go:
>"I love him"
>"He will be the father of my children"
>"I've never met anyone that fit more and he is the most amazing boy in the whole world"

and after date three:
>"Look at my new stones (owls, plants, clocks, whatever hobby that guy has), they are the only one keeping me company"
>"He left me because of the stones, I'm too weird for him, I will always be alone, they just can't handle someone as weird as I am"

No. 1840778

Hush nona, no. Although this is the likeliest outcome I don’t want it to go this way. I’m praying, Hag, don’t fuck this up. Be chill and supply us with milk for months. Please.

No. 1840783

she went on a date and managed not to post creep shots of him? is this growth? very excited for the new ryancycle

No. 1840789

She's gonna need to post a shot of his feet or something otherwise this just sounds like she's making it up, has she ever described a ryan in this way before? Kinda sounds like a kid describing her boyfriend who "goes to another school"

No. 1840791

kek, okay, you shall have your milk, only hope they break up before she will get pregnant. I give her right before Halloween, then the break-up drama will start again.

No. 1840795

Good call. The Halloween Tragedy.
I think growth is practically impossible but she may have computed that to act too quickly is to lose a Ryan. A self fulfilling prophecy. Ryan go poof!

No. 1840796

i was thinking the same thing, her posts sound very forced. "we're the perfect height for each other and he has the cutest dog! thank god i got dumped by whatever that guys name is !" i think she knows trainryan is probably still watching her stories so shes hamming it up big time.

No. 1840809

Maybe all the "men want to be tortured" and "men hate if you like them" rants will translate into her pretending to be more chill with this one.

No. 1840825

Pure, uncut tinfoil, but I've decided that this >>1755718 ask was the Poison guy too lmao. I love the idea of our Heather shooting down this old weirdo over and over.

No. 1840830

Oh nonita, I am with you on that tinfoil. Especially since he gave some clue that he’s been pestering her about being ‘on television’. She’s like an antihero, but not sharp.

No. 1840912

File: 1685909657160.jpg (109.55 KB, 1080x876, Screenshot_20230604_161225_Fac…)

I'm not sure how much it could have been dragged out at this point… but alas again

No. 1840915

now I'm sad for the nona that hoped for a longer relationship, hope she finds someone better very soon, so nona gets her fresh milk and I get my Halloween drama.

No. 1840916

if she always does this after a first date she'll never have a boyfriend.

No. 1840925

This is the guy she just went on a date with?

No. 1840934

Like clockwork. The Ryans have been tapping out quicker lately. Wonder what he was lying about- was he just acting like he was interested in her the whole time? That sounds laborious, especially with a character like Heather. Can't blame the moid, at least he cut things off fast before she started talks about moving in together, marriage and kids on date 2. I'd rather see her doing things for herself, even if it is solely to try to flex on the ex Ryans, so I hope she doesn't give this one too much energy.

No. 1840938

Why does she spend so much time crying in her car? She said it’s her day off so it’s not like she’s hiding from coworkers. Like why not just cry in the house.

No. 1840939

I’m that anon. Woe is me. Fingers crossed for a new candidate and your Halloween drama.

No. 1840943

File: 1685912446180.jpeg (345.95 KB, 1080x1919, 351046966_1293025321616339_693…)

KEK! She should spend her time crying while sitting behind her 800 plants.

No. 1840946

File: 1685912544942.jpeg (371.4 KB, 1080x1919, 351240642_937830614093187_8917…)

I wonder what made him change his mind.

No. 1840954

>we made plans
Like, lifetime goals? After one date? I suspect the conversation may have been more of a one-way thing.

No. 1840957

She drives me crazy. They met ONE TIME why does it have to be this dramatic? Or maybe he was like “sorry I can’t make it today” and would reschedule and she’s taking it like a “break up”. She is absolutely scaring these dudes away.

No. 1840960

File: 1685913621867.jpeg (327.07 KB, 1234x1080, 738E4C30-2D5A-4C73-91BD-699389…)

No. 1841015

one of these dudes should tell her that it is absolutely her that’s the problem

No. 1841022

I think she means the second date plans for today, but knowing Heather the life plans were definitely implied.

No. 1841045

File: 1685922302963.jpg (39.28 KB, 528x720, e79c3ce4f844e3507c32fb7db2daca…)

>Heather on the first date

No. 1841064

File: 1685923409222.jpg (376.03 KB, 1080x1923, 1.jpg)

No. 1841065

File: 1685923434489.jpg (415.63 KB, 1080x1909, 2.jpg)

No. 1841066

File: 1685923457368.jpg (173.5 KB, 1080x1927, 3.jpg)

No. 1841080

charitable answer: she's doing errands on a day off and driving can really allow your mind and feelings to wander freely. it's the one place you can't easily divert yourself with screens or most other media. similar to how people often dig deeper and cry in the shower.

triple that if a love song comes on the radio which of course is almost every song on the radio. she could have had a crying fit while driving. pulled over (hopefully) and journaled it (good). but then posted what should have stayed a draft as another sad and insane looking public post on her story (not good).

i'm glad she's writing it down when flooded with intense emotions while in a crisis, irrational or not. but this is hurt the world does not need to know about girl

uncharitable answer: selfie lighting in the front seat of a car can be amazing. bizarrely one of the most flattering selfie locations in my experience

No. 1841088

Isn't this where her and clockryan went? Maybe this really is just another ploy to get his attention.

No. 1841090

How much do you want to bet she's going to go straight back to pining over TrainRyan

No. 1841119

She was never into cosplay. She abused almost every guy she's been.She finds dudes who she thinks are slightly successful, latches onto them so they'll pay for her hobbies. She doesn't own her house, her jobs not that great but a jobs a job. Her family has money. She had to drop the goth back in the day because her uncle was going to kick her off the will. That's what her ex told me, but who knows she spews so much bull for attention it's hard to find what's true or not.
She also used to send every guy she knew before all this nudes and if called out on it would lie and say she photoshopped herself into someone else for jokes.

She's 34-36 not younger or older(Sage)

No. 1841129

Sage your autism.

She was into furries for a few years before the breakdown of her marriage. She attended a couple anthrocons with Adam. I remember she had someone help her design a fur suit head. Back in her lispy cringy Heather Sparkles days..

No. 1841132

Yea, ClockRyan blocked her on everything finally a few days ago. He kinda got tired of her attention seeking in her stories, plus he agreed with you guys that he would be better off blocking her for her own sake.

No. 1841142

So the Heather Steele that shows up in her area's whitepages aged 36 is her then?

No. 1841160

What a weird thing to look up. And no, she was born in 1990. She is 33.

No. 1841173

Dude, being a furry isn't cosplaying. There is a difference and I apologize for the age mix up, when I knew her she said she was older. Again, she lies a lot.

No. 1841179


Yep, she posted her license or something at one point (with pertinent stuff blacked out) and she was def born in 1990.

So she invited him to her house? On the second date? I guess he thought she was moving fast in a few different ways. The shorter Ryancycles are making me sad, though. She used to at least be able to get a guy to the mutual crush phase but now they're getting spooked early on.

No. 1841231

sorry nonnie, I apparently missed the drivers license that was posted and couldn't find confirmation on her age otherwise, just estimations so I googled her name. Weird that there seems to be another Heather Steele around her area just a couple years older though, I wouldn't have taken that as a common name.

No. 1841247

Well the anon who said the Ryan cycles are getting shorter and shorter sure was right.

No. 1841420

So why did he bail??

…I wonder if he googled her and found this thread, kek.

No. 1841434

File: 1685986488666.jpg (180.59 KB, 1080x1911, ig.jpg)

No. 1841503

not this shit again

No. 1841541

Has she given any more info yet? I'm blocked on her socials, kek

No. 1841570

No she hasn’t elaborated on that one

No. 1841623

File: 1686011368214.jpeg (330.66 KB, 1080x1919, c3RwPWRzdC1qcGdfZTM1X3AxMDgweD…)

No. 1841650

Jfc this is depressing but I can't feel sorry for you because this is all your own doing. You could have friends if you tried and made an effort. People don't have to be into every single thing you're into. Just one or two common interests is enough. What happened to the people in the group photo you posted at paracon? Why don't you focus some of your time putting in an effort with potential friends rather than spending so much time obsessing over finding the next Ryan. Oh that's right because you'd rather cry and complain endlessly about how you're just too extreme for anyone.

Heather, you haven't had a stable relationship for more than several months in years. Your family has had to set boundaries with you. And you have no friends. This kind of isolation is not healthy. Maybe it's time to put on your big girl panties and set yourself some priorities in finding some real friends before you end up in a very dark place.

No. 1841673

>I wish I could have friends
>goes batshit when train-ryan asks if they can be friends

No. 1841677

Imagine developing a friendship with her until she has a new ryan and you are immediately nothing(learn2sage)

No. 1841734

late but do save link as, or copy the link and paste without anony.link
bless heather for all this content

No. 1841767

Literally if she dedicated even 10% of the time she dedicates for searching for, thinking and planning about, meeting, crying and posting about Ryans to one or two female friends she could have a couple of besties. Girls don't ask for much, Heather could throw a few messages a week and meet up once a month and it would eventually make a world of difference to her mental health.
Dedicating literally 100% of your emotional energy to stranger moids who owe you (and thus will give you) nothing is how you turn out like Heather, slowly going more insane by the day

No. 1841832

it's all a pity party to her, it's extremely clear she doesn't want friends or anything at all except for a ryan who will dote on her and be obsessed with her. that's why she's alone.
maybe if she quit wishing for the impossible and put actual focus on the things she likes (minus a moid) and started going out more to meet people it would naturally come, but instead she cries over herself on social media when she's the one creating the problems

it's exactly like >>1841673, trainryan asked to be friends and now she's crying she has no friends. she makes it hard to feel bad for her

No. 1841834

I don't understand why everyone here thinks it's a good idea for Heather to be friends with Trainryan. They will never have a real friendship if she wants him to be her boyfriend. That would cause more issues and mental stress. It's better to find friends she doesn't want to be with romantically.

No. 1841857

Nonas were using it as an example of Heather not even wanting friendship with a moid, let alone other women. They weren't suggesting it happpen.

No. 1841895

File: 1686066866469.jpeg (30.35 KB, 402x446, 11172.jpeg)

Then she shoots down someone who literally says he'll participate? What does this bitch WANT!

No. 1841914

A moid to cater to and finance her every whim.

No. 1841926

Every. single. week. All she wants to do is go to gettysburg, and antiquing. she must beso fucking boring to date.

No. 1841978

File: 1686083368608.jpg (353.79 KB, 1080x1935, stupid boys.jpg)

No. 1841985

He literally said he'd be happy to go even though it wouldnt' be his first choice. Can Heather even read?

No. 1841999

>"immersing myself"
she will be back real soon

No. 1842018

insert the clip of her saying "let me clarify what goodbye means" topkek

No. 1842039

will she finally read a book or watch a movie?

No. 1842105

I’d be impressed if this was true, but we all know she’s gearing up for a CivilWarRyan saga.

No. 1842142

File: 1686105738908.gif (4.27 MB, 270x480, 7F35CC20-A4D3-457D-9FCE-F04056…)

No. 1842164

no, she’ll buy stuff and take battlefield selfies
that is the only way she relates to the world

No. 1842278

Kek nonita the classic Hag. Love you.
I give it a week, tops.

No. 1842329

Appreciate you nonnie!

No. 1842478

File: 1686168787367.jpeg (140.46 KB, 828x1057, IMG_3104.jpeg)

Still desperate for Train/ClockRyan

No. 1842479

File: 1686168821096.png (402.83 KB, 828x1792, IMG_3107.png)

No. 1842483

File: 1686169234950.jpeg (39.13 KB, 828x809, IMG_3108.jpeg)


Liked by a Ryan lol

No. 1842513

kek she's so obvious. what does she think is gonna happen? "wow i know i had to block you because you were obsessively posting about me, but you saw a train at a museum and that totally changed my mind. will you marry me?"

No. 1842607

File: 1686184886736.jpeg (398.13 KB, 1080x1919, aHR0cHM6Ly9zY29udGVudC1sZ2EzLT…)

No. 1842611

This is definitely her pulling a "look what you're missing out on!" posting. Similar to when she spams us with her ugly lewds and weird cleavage shots directly after striking out with a ryan.

Wow, she's wearing winged eyeliner AND her old killstar clothes? Trainryan really did do a number on her.

No. 1842677

File: 1686197748990.jpg (356.73 KB, 1080x1787, heathersingle.jpg)

No. 1842707

what a fucking drama queen, what happened to immersing herself

a used cemetery sign! the epitome of weird!

No. 1842826

How many times has she brought up the sign? Jfc. And why is she trying to NLOG herself towards a future Spooky Ryan, who would be used to this kind of interest of oddities? Makes no sense, Heather.

No. 1842827

I was thinking the same thing. She brings up this boring cemetery sign as often as she posts about being a goth in high school.

No. 1842859

File: 1686241324870.jpg (94.75 KB, 1284x2282, 352261574_1742531009515425_798…)

What a conversationalist Heather is.

No. 1842868

she should show the other side of the conversation, where she shoots down all his date ideas because she doesnt like movies, restaurants, bars, shows, games, sports, literally anything besides buying shit at the antique store.

of course she expects the guy to do all the work. youre not pretty enough to be this arrogant heather.

No. 1842992

it's a fucking sign, if it was a used tombstone or a used coffin, that would be "spooky", but not a stupid sign. I'm still so sad that she isn't German, we have the perfect dating platform for her and the milk would be so good.

No. 1843148

File: 1686270297759.jpeg (340.37 KB, 1080x1919, aHR0cHM6Ly9pbnN0YWdyYW0uZmV3cj…)

No. 1843171

Why is she obtuse and stupid? She’s not going to give up dating apps it’s half her identity. She’s not going to “meet someone” as in an immediate boyfriend visiting Gettysburg twice a week, most people are already with someone. Her best chance is to run into an actually retarded man (“boy”) on a day trip with mental hospital staff who is autistic enough to think he really found something. Dude Heather is a predator at this point. I completely agree with anons who call her a horror cow and entirely do not understand anons who call her a comfort cow.

No. 1843172

I’m so intrigued, please tell more kraut nonnie. What is this site for Heather types?

No. 1843187

Holy fuck she's legitimately retarded. Does she remember what it's like to perform 1 single task without expecting attention from a moid? Even Chris had other things to occupy his life outside of being in a relationship.

No. 1843191

holy fuck. the first two were extremely level headed. the third went completely off the rails. 0 to 60

No. 1843193

kek, love you for calling me kraut. It's "Schwarzes Glück", an online dating platform only for goths and weird people. I haven't been on there for years but the people you meet there are all goths with weird hobbies, some nice people, some creeps, she would find the perfect partner, except she wouldn't, because she would be too weird for all of them. Guess it's time for her to learn some German and find another Ryan here.

No. 1843279

kek. Love that she puts down the camera in the third one, says "ok bye" in the fourth one, and then still goes on to ramble in another two.

No. 1843308

At this point I think she’s fully autistic and her special interest is ugly dating app moids.

No. 1843410

She can’t be for real omg what kind of dating requirements are these??? Who wants a partner and then lists a bunch of basic hobbies? She is so desperate for a boyfriend but she has absolutely no idea what a real relationship/marriage is. Interests change, she needs to get over this whole ‘go antiquing’ bullshit and learn that the things you look for in a partner aren’t what they are into but what they are like, are they good people, do they make you feel good, would they be a good father? She is so immature. Nobody gives a shit about how spoopy you are, you’re in your 30’s girl. And literally what she’s describing is a friend, not a boyfriend.

No. 1843435

Absolutely this. She has some fucked up unrealistic view on relationships. She essentially wants a tall dude with zero personality following her around letting her buy more for her hoard. He better not have any interests other than Heather.

No. 1843479

>following her around
Just realised what she actually needs is a dog (sincerely)

No. 1843484

No one wants to be treated as an accessory and she acts so much like a moid in that her view of relationships are 100% self serving. The ideal man for her doesn’t have ambition, doesn’t had his own identity or interests, isn’t a real person for that matter. She just wants a simp that follows her around while SHE does what she wants to do and he’s just there for company and to give her attention. It’s blaringly obvious why she is single and why EVERY guy runs for the hills. I know she lurks here, Heather, men don’t exist just to cater to your loneliness. Flesh out your expectations of a boyfriend/spouse beyond HE LIKES WHAT I DO. What kind of person are you even looking for?? What is their professional life like, their life habits, social habits, interests outside of YOU. YOU are the common denominator in your failed relationships.

No. 1843677

She's a comfort cow because she's consistently insane and predictable. Same reason they keep making Scream movies.

No. 1843888

"I've broadened my horizons….im on all these apps, I pay for premium". Heather, I don't think you know what that term means. You need to be open for new experiences and accept you won't find someone exactly like you.
She even says "there's no one like me". Well there ya go, branch out (even though there are a million basic people like her. She's just unlikeable). I can't.

No. 1843952

She needs therapy, LOTS of it, not a pet.

No. 1844304

Nonnies I went through the first two threads out of sheer curiosity and holy shit, she's always been this insane. Absolutely batshit. I don't know if I can read through the rest kek.

No. 1844394

File: 1686443722450.jpeg (208.89 KB, 828x1439, 67277D6E-E092-45FA-9A68-C775A2…)

No. 1844410

The life cycle of Heather is a wild ride. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

I've followed her since her toy collecting on yt. She thinks she's grown and changed sooo much but despite her having a stable job and renting her own apartment she's still just as immature and emotionally stunted as she was during her "balla jointed dolls" days.

No. 1844419

File: 1686445787828.jpeg (108.5 KB, 828x1175, 81CD400F-1A35-4E02-8D53-44EAC0…)

Yes she made this herself

No. 1844458

kek, thanks for providing us with the next thread pic Heather.

No. 1844461

File: 1686450796497.jpeg (231.71 KB, 1228x1080, FD1C8DB5-CD24-4C3C-BBAE-4CA489…)


No. 1844463

She must be trying to get the attention of a new Ryan. She always acts manic and sexual when she has her eyes set on someone new.

No. 1844495

Showed up too late to actually attend the civil war event she kept talking about, so instead she's at home taking selfies on all fours for Instagram losers.

No. 1844496

File: 1686456616712.jpg (170.46 KB, 720x1280, 6E42AE25F59FC8F382F1B76257062E…)

Dropped the pic.

No. 1844644

You're not wrong. I'm morbidly curious about what's happened between the present and past… but I find myself having to mentally prep to delve back in kek. I've followed a lot of cows on her, Lucinda scares me less than Heather. Truly it is incredible how little she's grown or changed. Mind-boggling.

No. 1844793

File: 1686515867417.jpg (395.83 KB, 1080x1934, bjd.jpg)

No. 1844794

>that community
if you keep smelling shit everywhere you go, try checking your own shoe

No. 1844809

How interesting that she hasn't mentioned bjds in YEARS and yet I brought it up yesterday on this board and she posts this today…

No. 1844957

Legitimately ridiculous. Imagine the process of posing, taking this picture, thinking of a caption and uploading it. Her life is so sad. She as a person is really sad and empty.

No. 1845168

I have to say about Heather, for all of her personality flaws I feel like her house always looks really nice and clean kek. Cluttered with all the dumb antique shit, yes, but I guess the bar is low since I'm used to cows like Luna and Shayna living in squalor.

No. 1845257

Spot on.

And this shit just proves it. There is absolutely no reason for this picture other than trying to catch the eye of a new BumbleRyan. She must be crushing on someone who is more of an actual goth-type to be announcing that she is goth so much again.

No. 1845488

File: 1686609790743.jpg (242.54 KB, 1080x1737, Screenshot_20230612_184411_Fac…)

Whaaaaaaa? Is… is this possible growth?

No. 1845492

File: 1686610274856.jpg (190.41 KB, 1080x1932, heather.jpg)

No. 1845494

It took her 30+ years to realize common sense things lol

No. 1845564

File: 1686618523489.jpeg (135.13 KB, 828x1459, B3E8377C-BCD5-4992-B413-035592…)

She actually went to the gym too instead of just talking about it, crazy

No. 1845588

Did Heather just take that one nonna's advice?!

No. 1845599

she’ll either stop the moment she hooks a new Ryan or she’ll stop when she doesn’t catch one

No. 1845631

There are several instances that she's gone once and then never followed through on making it a routine. I'll believe it when I see it.

No. 1845653

I for one really want the gymrat with rage arc kek. Sobbing about Ryan's while she lifts her problems away… It'd be an upgrade from the boring spooky heather arc we've been stuck in.

No. 1845655

I for one really want the gymrat with rage arc kek. Sobbing about Ryan's while she lifts her problems away… It'd be an upgrade from the boring spooky heather arc we've been stuck in.

No. 1845658

I for one really want the gymrat with rage arc kek. Sobbing about Ryan's while she lifts her problems away… It'd be an upgrade from the boring spooky heather arc we've been stuck in.

No. 1845759


What are the odds she is talking to a Gym Bro Ryan?

No. 1845774

so personal growth, gym AND an etsy shop to sell her antique stuff?
ok, I give her one month max but on the other hand, I am kinda rooting for her

No. 1845796

I’m dying to know what led to these sudden common sense revelations. But, you do you girl.

No. 1845824

The stuff about good qualities is pretty exactly what an anon said recently, Heather probably checked the thread after finding out ClockRyan's friend was posting and accidentally caught some good advice.
However I'm not holding my breath because Heather always gets very sensible and sane when she's in the talking stage, I think that moment of securing a date is when she's happiest. But it would be good if she really learned that hobbies and interests doesn't = connection, it gives you something to talk about but character is all that actually matters

No. 1845874

This video was short but so fucking creepy. There's no way any of this will last. I want to have hope for her but she's proven time and again that she doesn't stick to anything and this will be over by next week. She'll be right back to crying in her car, bitching about dating apps, and eating fried food on her floor until she blacks out. What a life.

No. 1845950

I have a Heather-like person in my life, though she is around her Ryans long enough to engage in far more substantive mirroring (she got heavily into weightlifting for one, even converted to Islam to attract and keep a Bosnian Muslim guy). But in the early stages she's just like this.

What's different about Heather is she seems to believe the other person needs to do this too. She steals half of your personality, you are obligated to make weekly visits to spoopy Gettysburg to steal half of hers. Very transactional!

No. 1846042

Second this. Don't forget the obligatory tit pics alongside the I don't need a man but please date me novels later on.
It's always 1 step forward and 5 steps back for her. I'll be surprised if this lasts a week. Not to say I hope she falls back on her old ways but she'll wax poet about self improvement until her targeted Ryan quickly loses interest in her. Then she'll go back to her pity party. She's one of the most self aware yet unaware cows.

No. 1846102

File: 1686694052484.jpg (141.32 KB, 720x1280, 9E4036BC1A5AD8EBBCDA71B941E9D0…)

Does it still count as a treat if it's literally every day?

No. 1846303

Treating herself to Target pajamas. What a treat.

No. 1846545

File: 1686762222805.jpg (317.78 KB, 1080x1919, 1119543258699.jpg)

My god. I gave her a week and she didn't even make it a day.

No. 1846550

Heather, you can still go later. Or go tomorrow. Missing one day isn't the end of the world

No. 1846556

Do you think when she says "doom scrolling" she actually means self-harming by scrolling through tons of bad news (the actual meaning of doomscrolling), or is she repurposing that phrase to just describe basic phone scrolling so it sounds more intense?
No, nonny, of course one setback means it's over forever.

No. 1846559

I would be very surprised if she follows news of any kind. I would think that would extend too far past her personal bubble.
>the curse
The fucking dramatics.

No. 1846724

wasnt today the date with the normal guy?

No. 1846770


Big Guess that she thinks swiping dating apps as doomscrolling

No. 1846842

I hope we've learned something here. The only time Heather has positively changed her life is when it happened by accident, usually in failed pursuit of a boy.

No. 1846921

What's funny about this (slight samefag as I've already replied to this post here >>1845824 ) is she has tried to make a moid go to her house on their second date(!) twice now and it went wrong both times (clockryan and the one we never saw) so, rhetorically because it's Heather and she never learns from her mistakes, why would she aim to this a third time since it clearly spooks the moids.
Second date at their home is wild, isn't accepted dating advice for the first 3 dates to be in a public place?

No. 1846969

Her bedroom looks like a spare bedroom at a grandma’s house, or a display room in an antique store and not in a cute way. Like spread the antiques over the house, decorate, have a theme. Her living room is just Target art and a love seat. Her dining table is in the corner so it basically only seats one because she’s covered the rest of it with plants. She has a TWIN bed in her bedroom that faces cheap bookshelves full of antiques that may well be interesting and cool, but it’s not… homey. She doesn’t even have a TV! It would be so quiet and uncomfortable there, it would send me running also. Nobody gives a shit about the cemetery sign Heather, it’s 100% you.

No. 1847106

Gym Heather unlocked

No. 1847150

It's absolutely this. There's absolutely no warmth or "lived in" feeling to the place, just cold hard collections shoved into different corners of the place. It's really no wonder clockryan bought her a few clocks because he found it eerily silent.

No. 1847166


Your exactly describing her personality kek.

No. 1847179

How else is she supposed to show them the locket where she plans to store a sample of their hair/DNA? >>1836140

If you have a better plan than luring them into her Grey Gardens starter cave she's all ears!

No. 1847183

kek, you aren't wrong nonna. Ngl, she gives me "split" vibes, "Patricia" is ironically a better dresser though.

No. 1847186

if she would bring them back home and they would cook together and maybe watch a movie, it would be a nice date, but she can't cook and she has no TV, so that won't happen. I somehow feel, like other nonas, that she brings them home to talk about her "collection" and after that tries to convince them to stay and be her Forever-Ryan with sex. It also appears to me that she feels like her time is running out and if she can't secure a Ryan in the next few weeks, she will never have a white picket fence, a husband and/or children.

No. 1847187

Just imagine entering her place just be be shown her corner of dying plants and then her other corner of musty old dolls and photogaphs. Then for her to try to beckon you to her tiny twin bed in the final corner of her "home". Grim.

Her erratic rambling all over social media about how badly she wants to have babies and collect bits of her lovers hair for a locket really isn't helping either. She's a very low-key horror cow at this point.

No. 1847221

File: 1686871171413.jpg (43.34 KB, 1080x581, Screenshot_20230615_191953_Fac…)

Start the clock

No. 1847225

it's summer, so she can be a summer girlfriend for a Ryan, I give them 6 weeks. Except she finally learned something and deleted those apps without having a Ryan around, ah, well, no.

No. 1847248


I must say, summer is summer, but 6 months is mighty ambitious for our girl's recent track record.

No. 1847304

that's why I wrote 6 weeks, nona, I was thinking about writing 3 months but felt the same like you do about 6 months. Even though I'm still waiting for that Halloween break-up milk, kek.

No. 1847328

I'm giving them two weeks. I'll be shocked if she finds any relationship that lasts longer than that in her current state

No. 1847356

Shit I haven’t checked these threads since Ryan 15. I was rooting for that one, lol. She will never change.

No. 1847380

File: 1686897533543.webm (7.91 MB, 1080x1920, themostboringsignever.webm)

kek, the cemetery sign is so spooky and goth.

No. 1847385

I swear she tries to use this ugly boring old sign for "spooky" clout every other day at this point. It isn't even a nice looking sign? It's literally just some boring old sheet metal sign someone pulled out of the trash? super spooky.

No. 1847392

we should open a poll every time there is a new Ryan so nonas can guess how long it might last

oh, come on, buy a used coffin, that would be impressive or dig up a skull on a graveyard. The sign is ugly and boring and probably not even really old. Did she ever visit a graveyard in the middle of the night like most teenage goths did at one point?

No. 1847398


oops I wrote 6 months RIP it's been a long week

6 weeks still seems like so long for her at this point kek

No. 1847413

She's the kind of person who gives themselves a "cool" nickname.

No. 1847492


like "Heather Sparkles"? kek

No. 1847523

Throwing in my hat for one week. There is no way she will still be in this "relationship" next Friday.

No. 1847567

Notice how she said WE instead of I(notice how tayrt saged and you didn't)

No. 1847591

as a fellow cemetery enthusiast i consider it pretty lame that she bought the sign at an antique store or some shit instead of stealing/taking it. i have lots of random stuff from cemeteries (don't worry i'm not talking about taking things from actual graves) and this might be the first time i've ever mentioned them in my life. she's just the absolute definition of a poser.

No. 1847635

Good God just when I think she can't possibly get any more cringe

No. 1847638

Has she posted anything about her alleged meetup with NormieRyan from Weds?

No. 1847640

If they hang out this weekend, I give it until Monday.

No. 1847675

Her fucking lisp. To take, thelfies with!

No. 1847715

File: 1686948723455.jpeg (129.79 KB, 828x1447, 526B157B-85D3-40B4-BBA2-C87757…)

Wow people are going to find out you wear all black outfits like every other basic bitch does sometimes

No. 1847751

A-log inspo. Aside from very, very obviously not being goth, she really has no style at all.

No. 1847769

if anything she looks like a hairdresser

No. 1847774

i'm obsessed with how she insists that she's goth, not just because she obviously isn't but because at one point she really was alternative–i'm talking about her doll collecting/pink phase. so it's not like she has no idea what being alternative is or has an excuse for thinking a black t-shirt = goth.

No. 1847794

it's okay, nona, hope you can relax on the weekend and you will be right, I guess, 6 weeks might be too long, kek

she can't claim to be goth if she doesn't even listen to goth music and as far as I know, she doesn't even listen to alternative music. I also don't think that she watched any movies or read any books that are popular among goths or knows the history behind the goth subculture. She is just a woman wearing black with a very annoying hole in her trousers.

No. 1847805

What a weird pose. Is she pretending to cup normoryans bum?

No. 1847812

Sometimes when I'm too lazy to put together a real outfit I just wear all black. Kinda like what Heather is wearing kek

No. 1847829

I wonder if there's a new hire at work that is a gen z goth, and that's why she's using "goth" and "spooky" a lot lately.

No. 1847872

I’m not goth, but this actually pisses me off. She is the furthest from goth. She is an average everyday boring white woman. I think if she realized that it’s totally fine to just be…. Average and boring she’d be a lot more tolerable.

No. 1847910

I absolutely love the idea that she thinks her co-workers seeing her in a black top instead of a red one is going to blow their minds. I'm sure some kind soul will tell her she looks nice or something and she'll crow on Instagram about how her team finally learned she was a big titty goth gf.

No. 1847938

I for one can't wait to hear about how "traumatic" the work event was. Or that she got lost on the way there and didn't even go.

No. 1847979

Anon it isn't a brag to be stealing from cemeteries, from the graves or otherwise. Her cemetery sign is cringe, but so are you.

kek. This isn't even killstar tier "goth".

No. 1847981

nonnie this made me snort thank you

No. 1848010

File: 1686993212876.jpg (196.34 KB, 1080x1931, ig.jpg)

No. 1848074

File: 1687007352669.jpg (217.38 KB, 1079x1981, SmartSelect_20230617_081047_In…)

No. 1848106

I give it 2 days

No. 1848120

I predict a shapeless Target pilgrim shirt, the black ripped jeans, the flower Docs, four selfies looking absolutely fucking manic, and one sneaky shot of her putting her hand on his while he’s driving. Tomorrow will be four hours of crying in her car. Monday morning she will be a strong independent woman who only needs her very unique interests and no man, and by lunch she’ll be back on dating apps.

No. 1848143

wake up babe a new Ryan just dropped

No. 1848145

i've never stolen anything from a cemetery, i thought that was made clear with my disclaimer but since you're an obtuse fuck, lemme spell it out for you. i dumpster dive at the cemeteries. it's really easy to find lots of cool stuff that they just throw away. signs, crumbling grave markers, old decorations that are still useful. if heather went to lots of cemeteries frequently she could easily find all this stuff too. i even live in her area so i'm speaking from a place of knowledge here. apologies for the blog, at least it's partially relevant.(not your personalo blog)

No. 1848172

nobody cares, dumpsterdive-anon

No. 1848186

File: 1687021598915.jpg (102.99 KB, 720x1280, F4466519181A8A0083F15D96240C3C…)

Solid predictions, nonny. Here's the look she went with.

No. 1848195

She went to the gym once and now she feels compelled to show everyone her sloppy bagel belly

No. 1848213

I always forget how chonky and fridge shaped she is because she only posts face or cleavage pics

No. 1848219

hahahah Heather nooooo. if her personality doesn’t scare him off on the first date, her spare tire will.

No. 1848277

She should lose the glasses they just make her look cat ladyish and masculine

No. 1848306

Of all the times not to wear eyeliner

No. 1848354

File: 1687042506474.jpeg (317.62 KB, 1080x1919, IMG_8869.jpeg)

I was right about the jeans and hands but wrong about the location and the boots. She took new Ryan to the exact same spot as Ryans past. It could literally be the same picture, so fucking creepy. Nothing is special to her, she’s just trying to replace the memory.

No. 1848357

The most awkward hand hold ever.

No. 1848391

File: 1687046900530.jpeg (204.81 KB, 695x1325, IMG_1811.jpeg)

Holy shit this is how she premiered clockryan a month ago >>>/snow/1816476 how fucking weird

No. 1848394

what IS that place that apparently makes it "first date" material? just looks like a tower

No. 1848395

I was the one saying 6 weeks, but I guess I was very wrong and give it 10 days now. Is this their first date? Do you hold hands on first dates? And that it's nearly the same picture at the same place is creepy. I can't wait to see his face before he leaves and she starts crying in her car again.

No. 1848399

this is so creepy. imagine this guy finding the thread and seeing that she took an identical picture in the same spot as the last guy. i thought maybe she was growing but she is NOT. this is all just part of heather's fantasy.

No. 1848408

is there a horror movie where an extremely plain jane but manic and obsessive woman unsuccessfully stages the exact same date over and over again, getting progressively more desperate and scary as it goes on? and she thinks she’s scaring them off with her milquetoast hobbies and interests, but actually she’s just fucking scary? because there absolutely should be

No. 1848432

I would love a compilation of all her cringe hand holding pics

No. 1848442


I'd love a local anon to ID this place, I wonder if it leads up to something interesting or not. She's holding hands with ReboundRyan, so he's moving faster than ClockRyan I guess. (Just judging picture to picture kek)

No. 1848443

It’s Gettysburg, obviously, the only place she ever talks about

No. 1848453

File: 1687056184124.jpeg (83.74 KB, 640x480, IMG_3702.jpeg)


It’s this boring ass tower in Gettysburg. Not exciting at all. Been there plenty of times, and it’s even less exciting than it looks. It’s the Culp’s Hill Observation Tower / The Longstreet Tower

No. 1848454

not a local, but the only thing I could find that looks a lot like that is the Longstreet Tower in Gettysburg. If it's that, it's a very normal looking environment, it's mainly fields and some trees. If you are interested in Gettysburg and history surrounding that it might be interesting, if not, it's pretty boring.

No. 1848456

They're even in the exact same spots wtf, this is literally horror flick material

No. 1848507

It's like a widow asking a boy on the first date to wear her husband's clothes.

Maybe the real ghost bf was the ryans she scared to death along the way

No. 1848526

She hasn't posted in hours, congrats normieryan on getting laid.

No. 1848557

Does this woman ever not look like a potato?

No. 1848580

File: 1687083679344.jpg (303.85 KB, 1080x1914, ryan reveal.jpg)

No. 1848586

He looks like Onision

No. 1848595

There is something wrong with him. Maybe it's just me, because he reminds me of a guy I knew who would harass girls at conventions, but his smile creeps me out. Well, her smile, too, so it seems to be a perfect match, kek.

No. 1848602

File: 1687090336189.webm (6.12 MB, 1080x1920, OnisiRyan.webm)

This one seems cute but there's definitely some sus onision vibes too. He seems happy to be on camera where clock and perfect height were barely and never seen, respectively

No. 1848606

File: 1687090648605.jpg (309.76 KB, 1284x2282, 354225472_763008822492286_7717…)

Not that Heather isn't creepy, but I've known guys to take girls to the exact same spots in the exact same places that they have gone to before. Guys like to repeat tried and tested locations and techniques, Heather is very moidy in several ways and this is one of them. As well as expecting their romantic partners to be doting pets with no personality or interests of their own.
Another one of OnisiRyan:

No. 1848607

He looks much younger than her. I bet she's already told him she loves him.

No. 1848616

There is something so unsettling about acting this way with a kid you met for the first time.

No. 1848617

i wonder if she even asks them if they're okay with her posting their pics on her socials or if she just does it anyway

ngl i feel kinda bad for all these guys that get caught up in her web3 and end up with their pics on here. imagine going on a couple dates with someone and finding out that your face is posted on a site like this that you have no control over

No. 1848632

File: 1687095776759.jpeg (131.88 KB, 1170x1123, IMG_2566.jpeg)

Already put her status to in a relationship

No. 1848639

Wow, that was fast. That's a bad sign haha

No. 1848652

I feel like she updates these while she's naked in bed next to the guy, girl has no comprehension of hookups and men saying whatever you want to hear in order to attain free sex. Every new man is a new LTR which starts yesterday.

No. 1848654

Holy groundhog day. She needs to stop this madness. You're NOT in a relationship after one date.
She has no one to tell her this fact, or call her out on her other sick behaviors, because she won't let anyone sensible into her life.

No. 1848664

>>1848616 saw this message before I caught up and for a second, I thought there was a literal child involved. Like she was going on a date with a single dad lol could you imagine?

She would be a nightmare stepmother, especially to a daughter. Could you imagine the heightened level of pickme-ism, especially if Mom was still affably involved? Wew lad.

Thankfully Heather is just dating a 20 year old!

No. 1848670

Pushing her tits onto him. She's had that same grin when taking her lewd selfies on the floor. She definitely slept with him on the first date.

No. 1848675

even though hes kinda goony, this is one of her better looking ryans. maybe because he's a "normie". but hes dressed in all black so by heather's standards = goth? i was gonna say don't blow it girl, but she's already changed her profile status. i give it a week.

No. 1848677

File: 1687101707304.jpeg (162.35 KB, 828x1451, IMG_1818.jpeg)

He does look young

No. 1848686

File: 1687103116798.jpeg (173.72 KB, 1098x1991, IMG_8875.jpeg)

She is already strangling this situation to death.

No. 1848693

have we found his social media accounts yet? He looks strangely young while also looking old, if anyone gets what I want to say, kek.

amazing goth music, never listened to a musician more goth than that

No. 1848725

Will she never grow tf up?! Stg she'll be in her 40s still pulling this shit. It's embarrassing.

No. 1848728

File: 1687108007365.jpg (370.69 KB, 1284x2282, 355055770_840244207631578_6999…)


No. 1848729

No. 1848731

Is it just me or does he have a boner here? That or his pants are really tight. He looks kinda sleazy

No. 1848735

File: 1687108324686.png (825.14 KB, 1170x1235, possibleryan.png)

Apologies if I’m face blind but..?

No. 1848738

Not many people have that floppy boyband hair so it is him I think, so he's 27 which might explain the young/old appearance

No. 1848740

I was gonna say this guy is actually cute but this picture proves otherwise lol

No. 1848748

I think he's cute tbh but he's only 27. Heather really likes them young huh.

No. 1848751

He’s a weeb and a gamer, Heather’s not gonna like that

No. 1848755

> where clock and perfect height were barely and never seen, respectively
What? Am i having a stroke or does this sentence make no sense to anyone else?

No. 1848760

File: 1687110390644.jpeg (92.79 KB, 828x1089, IMG_1832.jpeg)

That’s definitely him, Matt Walsh kek

No. 1848767

they’re referring to two Ryans, ClockRyan and PerfectHeightRyan

same, woof

Heather is what, 33? it kinda makes sense to me that she goes after way younger guys, she’s developmentally disabled and mentally around age 13. that doesn’t make it any less icky though.

No. 1848773

Does she just walk around with her phone permanently held up taking constant pics and vids?

No. 1848775

Shes gotta constantly provide proof 4 tha haterz

No. 1848823

Heather chases away anyone willing to give her advice.
She chases away anyone who brown-noses her either.
She chases away all friends, family, and Ryans.
Have you noticed even “enemies” of hers want nothing to do with her?
That’s an untreated personality disorder for you!

No. 1848839

several failed relationships and she can't possibly try, for once, taking it slow/be chill? She's always so… scary. If that was a guy acting like that, I'd say he's a serial woman-killer.

No. 1848879

pretty much, one of her defining traits is that she can’t enjoy anything, not hobbies, dates, nothing unless she has a camera on her so she can show everyone. Girl has no idea how to just do things for the sake of it, it’s almost sad.

No. 1848884

Cue Heather getting into gaming and anime in 3, 2, …

No. 1848900

File: 1687124682515.jpeg (101.76 KB, 828x1309, IMG_1833.jpeg)

She’s going to scare this one away so fast, unless he’s insane

No. 1848903

This is deeply troubling.

No. 1848905

I'm so certain she just enjoys the high of attaining a potential Ryan, a date, attention etc and doesn't actually want a boyfriend because there's no way she thinks this is a normal, non terrifying thing to post after meeting someone for the first or second time (think it might be the second since she posted about the second date being in Gettysburg)

No. 1848925

File: 1687128315736.gif (290.52 KB, 520x302, Yb5xBP1oFDEY.gif)

No. 1848928

OT but does anyone know where that pic is from?

No. 1848930

The Tv show Peep Show

No. 1848936

Kek does indeed look like a boner

No. 1848942

File: 1687131059078.jpg (328 KB, 1500x1125, 1500_55DSL_04.jpg)

this photo >>1848900 is from a 2006 55DSL ad campaign https://www.pierrickguenneugues.com/55dsl

No. 1849089

I will give it til next weekend when they meet up again.

No. 1849139

wonder what they talk about, she won't get a single reference he might make about movies, games, etc.

I'm waiting for her to buy Japanese language books and learning one or two Kanji

No. 1849272

You never know, could it be a slight return to Heather Sparkles meets Kitty Ravage and make it gOtH? Don’t forget she was in the toy collecting community, used to stream herself gaming, and liked to customise MLP etc. Kind of aligns with ReboundRyan’s prop making and weeb interests. What I’m saying is, there’s some crossover. I hope they make it to Halloween so Halloween Milk nonna gets her drama.

No. 1849363

I too want Halloween milk, but you'll forgive me for thinking there's no way in hell they will last that long. I'll be surprised if they're still together on July 1.

No. 1849418

I'm wondering if it's already over. Usually by now she's posted a half-naked "good mourning" (barf) post and a bunch of wild-eyed lunatic selfies to peacock at her new Ryan.

No. 1849460

We know she can go the distance but what's been her longest rylationship? Damian? They're all blurring together for me, I can't actually even remember who he was.

No. 1849535

I feel like it was Clay. The gun-slinging man with neck tattoos. I think it was three months long & it lasted a while because they could only see each other once a week.

No. 1849544

Lurch was 3 months as well. If I have time later I'll go see if I can check out the dates for Clay.

No. 1849592

File: 1687212323813.jpg (79.38 KB, 398x727, SonRyan.jpg)

She really looks like she could be his mother.

No. 1849633

File: 1687217687945.jpg (225.45 KB, 1080x1610, Screenshot_20230619_193539.jpg)

She already loves him

No. 1849647

This picture is so ugly.

No. 1849668

File: 1687220505472.jpeg (145.74 KB, 1246x1080, IMG_1856.jpeg)

No. 1849681

Called it

No. 1849756

holy kek she’s known this man for less than a week >>1845488

No. 1849773

File: 1687229731510.jpg (140.61 KB, 1080x1919, 1.jpg)

No. 1849774

File: 1687229770449.jpg (441.82 KB, 1080x1920, 2.jpg)

No. 1849817

Same anon as >>1849544
Clay was ~Jan 22, 2020 - March 17, 2020. Lurch was Apr 10, 2022 - Jul 25,2022. I think Lurch might actually have been the longest since her husband, so I guess it's not that surprising that she thought it was something special.

No. 1849869

it's absolutely absurd to me her longest relationships are only a couple months long at most. It's honestly incredible she and her husband even made it to marriage.

No. 1849922

I cannot comprehend how anyone's brain could do this to them, like how does your brain run this through all its lived experience and knowledge and think posting I have always believed in you and I wished for you about a guy you have known for one week makes sense and is a good thing to do

I assume he likes memes since she hasn't really posted them before but is now bringing out all the goth memes in conjunction with Taylor Swift lyrics (which, again, this girl's brain is mush, how can you believe you are a goff at the same time as stanning for Taylor Swift, the most basic of all basic music artists with all the edge and darkness of a puppy?)

No. 1849929

it's so nice that you care so much for my Halloween milk, but I fear that >>1849363 could be right and we will have to wait for a new Ryan for the Halloween milk then. But, maybe we are lucky, it's only 133 days until Halloween and she can make it.

Must be mental illness, but I've met other people that just couldn't be alone and every new partner was the love of their life. I still don't understand why she labels herself as goth, she doesn't have the style and doesn't even listen to one or two goth bands.

No. 1849938

Does…she actually believe blowing on a dandelion will grant you wishes?? I really cannot wait for this unhinged behavior to *~manifest (lol) itself in BabyRyan doing his greatest magic trick of all and disappearing. Does she realize he can see this craziness? She posted she wants to taste his blood and wear his skin if I was a man I would have left states, changed my number and cut my hair by now. Holy shit she has really lost her marbles at this point. Pray to whatever god you believe in no man ever accidentally knocks her up, he would be trapped forever.

No. 1849957

He’s gotta be an edge lord with how diStIrBiNg those memes are she’s posting

No. 1849982

On the contrary, I'm of the opinion that he's sending her the batshit craziest memes hoping she laughs and they have a "Just kidding! It's my quirky schtick to use dark, over-the-top humor to break the ice, now let's go to on some normal dates!" moment and she's doing the internet equivalent of breathing heavy while staring intently through his bedroom window at 3am like "… yes. You understand. You are the ChosenRyan."

Her only personality trait is Fucking Crazy and a lot of moids, especially inexperienced(young) ones, confuse that with actually being interesting. For about three months, mileage may vary.

No. 1849983

Thanks for doing the math! So she'd be close to a record if this lasted until Halloween. I believe you can do it Heather!

No. 1850041

Not to mention that less than two weeks prior to this she was still so heartbroken over ClockRyan, saying how “it’s hard for her to fall in love.” She is not well.

No. 1850191

I like the name BabyRyan, they look like mother and son.
like this one sounds like something a mother would say about her precious baby she wanted for so long lol

No. 1850300

File: 1687298583477.jpg (339.65 KB, 1733x1500, babyryanhorrorcow.jpg)

He must be a horror fan because she's bending over backwards trying to show how "spooky" she is. But this is just over the top, like it's gross not cool. Pump the breaks Heather.

No. 1850579

The guys that settle on her have to be exceptionally more desperate than the average moid if they're still sticking around after Hag says she loves them on the first day of meeting and a week of talking. Maybe she found out her only chances are either with men missing a chromosome or younger moids that'll appreciate simply having their ego stroked by a women with no life willing to cater to them. How long til she's pushing BabyRyan to move in and start a family? She already looks like the guy's embarrassingly clingy mother.

No. 1850585

File: 1687352982732.jpg (151.51 KB, 1042x1352, Screenshot_20230621_090911_Sam…)

BabyRyan is a short film producer, ladies. Listed right on his LinkedIn page. Horror film fanatic confirmed.

No. 1850612


Hmm. I have met a lot of horror bros and honestly they could maybe think Heather was an actual goth gurl whatever if she's taking then to cemeteries and showing her juggalette mask pics and stuff, but soon he will realize she worships Target and truckstop sushi and he will starting feeling holier than thou.

No. 1850616

Uh oh, he might want her to watch movies. We all know she can't sit through a movie without great distress because it's approx. 2 hrs of a Ryan's attention being directed at not Heather.

No. 1850635

This is painfully accurate. Admittedly from the pictures he seems very "interested" in her, but also seems to really enjoy that camera being on him. I wonder if he's a diva with a mommy complex. I tried finding his short films on YouTube but no luck.
She'll just cling to him the entire time thinking it'll make her more endearing to him.

No. 1850649

Lol so he's one of those moids with delusions of talent. He and Heather are made for each other, so much cringe.

No. 1850685

"The Memoir" Trailer

"Fever Dream" Short Film

or, he is looking for a mother figure, the age difference is not huge, but he is still in the age range where a mother would do anything for him and Heather would do that, too, at the start of the relationship. Like nona >>1850635 wrote, mommy complex.

No. 1850769

Nonna you're incredible. Those were underwhelming. I'm really hoping this Ryan sticks around and we get some really impressive milk. If these two are of the same pod, we could be in for a wild ride.

No. 1850825

She described him as a normie, normies don't make short horror movies Heather. But explains why she's posting all these "spooky" memes now.

Didn't an anon just suggest someone should make a movie about someone like Heather? >>1848408
What if he is dating her for research for a character? Wouldn't put it past a moid to do that.
what if BabyRyan wrote that post

No. 1850840

Kek anon, BabyRyan with the viral marketing skills, drumming up an audience for his next flick while he's "researching" it by dating Heather.

No. 1850869

Thanks for the find! Sweet jesus though, these look like movie projects a group of teenage homeschoolers would make

No. 1850950

File: 1687397052832.webm (3.98 MB, 1080x1920, ZWZnPWV5SjJaVzVqYjJSbFgzUmhaeU…)

No. 1851119

Pretty sure these were made for a college course tbh? He graduated in 2019 and hasn't made a "short film" since.

love how she's officially dating him, but still somehow manages to give off stalker vibes.

No. 1851204

i want this to happen now

No. 1851717

Welp, it's Friday, and today is the day I predicted it would end. I'm still feeling lucky. We'll see.

No. 1851908

And here I thought the new relationship would bring about a plethora of milk. Cmon… post something, Heather.
Stupid mobile phone not loading the file. Dumb.

No. 1851988

File: 1687564784329.jpeg (244.31 KB, 1179x1980, IMG_4732.jpeg)

Holy shit Heather SHUT THE FUCK UP she posts like 7 stories about this fucking turd.

No. 1852023

File: 1687568106338.jpeg (210.32 KB, 741x1280, IMG_1912.jpeg)


No. 1852025


I dunno I kinda feel like this is one of the most sane/least cringe Instarants she’s ever posted.

No. 1852048

A little cringe but not much else. Saying that she's old fashioned for "having the mindset that people can get along regardless of opinions" is HILARIOUS though. Girl go state some opinions to the average old person and report back.

No. 1852140

Agree, at least this isn't a 'weeping in the car' instarant. I didn't think Heather was the sort of person to bother reading the news at all. Wonder if BabyRyan talked to her about it, thus these stories

No. 1852269

That's exactly my thought. I've never know her to ever pay attention to anything that would qualify as a "current event." Gotta be new Ryan inspired.

No. 1852338

This is the first time I've seen her post about a topic which is not her or a Ryan, is this growth??
Also didn't the kid die in the sub with his dad, hence a lot of the controversy? She implies there is a kid still alive, there's only a retarded stepson afaik

No. 1852347

Different guy, different kid. There was a father and son on board who both died, but that's not who this is referring to.
My theory is that because this is spooky-haunted-ship-explore related she feels like it's her lane.

No. 1852349

Post about it fine, but 10 stories about this?! acting like she is deep and emotionally mature is annoying as hell.

No. 1852566

what do you mean it's not about her? every one of those posts is I I I me me me

No. 1852633

File: 1687656894424.webm (4.36 MB, 1080x1920, 352189095_783854796546097_5620…)

Nonnies: for your consideration

No. 1852703

File: 1687679251245.jpg (223.43 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20230625_084559_Ins…)

It seems to be repeating.
This was followed by a video her leaning over her phone where the sandbags were on full display but I think she deleted it…. Could it be true that she scared off another spookyboi?

No. 1852776

This was the cringest shit she ever posted. Why does she stay bending over her saggy tits for a min. He must not be giving her attention 24/7.

No. 1852778

I don't think she's ever posted stuff like this while actively dating a Ryan before, has she? But surely if it was over with BabyRyan she would be sobbing since she loves and adores him (gag), right?

No. 1852836

Maybe he has actual hobbies, a job, friends, and doesn't have the time for Heather 24/7

No. 1852840

Sometimes it seems like she's an alien wearing a human suit. This alien believes that humans must attract a life-mate through building a nest and stocking the nest with interesting objects, which will act as lures to the right human male. With no concept of what connection is, she keeps showing her accumulated objects to different men and then retreating to hiss in the corner when they reject mating for life. There's something human missing from her behavior (and her eyes), it creeps me out.

No. 1852841

so, she wants to show us the picture she puts in her shelf but all I get to see is her breasts and face? Did I miss something? And why is she playing Creep from Radiohead to that bullshit, she isn't a creep, she isn't weird, she is just mentally unwell.

hope they didn't break up. Like some nonna before, I want to see the movie he makes about her, kek. And it's only 128 days until Halloween, can she keep her shit together until then, please?

No. 1852882

this sums it up so well. she’s genuinely unsettling. it’s no wonder she has no friends, but it’s not for the reasons she thinks.
kek I thought the same, I bet she sees herself exactly like the explorer Hamish Harding and she thinks this is somehow relevant to her EXTREME lifestyle.

No. 1852918

I could be wrong, but I feel like she posts shit like this whenever her current Ryan has something to do that doesn't involve her. She probably expected him to devote his whole weekend to her but he had plans with friends or something.

No. 1852943

Yeah, red flags for heather include: not being at the other end of the phone 24/7, she dumped FemRyan for attending a Halloween party without her, despite him otherwise tolerating everything else about her

No. 1853061

Holy shit iirc didn't she go on a tirade talking about how she deserves better after the FemRyan breakup? And that's the thing that set her off? I guess she was excited to finally be the one to cut things off first. You'd think someone so intolerable would learn to have some leeway for future partners when they consistently get broken up with for being overbearing in general. Never change Heather, it's all going so well for you.

No. 1853139

File: 1687735109114.jpeg (149.84 KB, 828x1385, C30EC72C-A194-4D36-918A-C859FA…)

Love how she think the UK is going to exhume Queen Victoria and other royals to send Prince Alemayehu back to Ethiopia when we can’t even send half the trinkets that we stole home. Hey but now Hag is on the case…kek.

No. 1853145

File: 1687736197011.jpg (310.7 KB, 1079x1918, Screenshot_20230624-204813_Ins…)

another story from last night that got deleted in short order

No. 1853175

I wonder if she REALLY thinks she was “locked up in a psychiatric hospital” for her spoopy interests? because that would actually be fucking insane. what does she think happens with the other hundreds of thousands of people with identical interests? some have even made it their livelihood, studied it academically. girl, just, what

No. 1853198

Will she ever stop spewing the same story over and over again? It is exhausting. She seems to do it randomly. Perhaps when she is fishing for attention.

No. 1853203

Okay, this has been driving me crazy, but wasn't the term "big titty goth" originally applied to the more obese goth women? As a sort of backhanded compliment, like yeah, she's portly, but her breasts doth heave in her black gothic corset? Bit of a self-own to keep calling yourself that…

No. 1853212

File: 1687743437478.jpg (358.52 KB, 1284x2282, 356037003_3502362070041408_680…)

This bitch has no imagination. What kind of human being has no curiosity about anything outside of shithole burgerland?

No. 1853218

One of the more infuriating things about Hags is her belief that she's exceptional for liking "goth" clothing and old curios. Like how does she think hot topic and antique stores stay in business if she's the only lonely soul in the whole wide world who enjoys those things

No. 1853225

File: 1687744690869.jpeg (251.1 KB, 1260x1080, IMG_1954.jpeg)

Her and Ryan-San are long distance. Also she calls him her “baby boy,” gross

No. 1853227

File: 1687744770917.png (609.63 KB, 828x1792, IMG_1953.png)

No. 1853229

Oooooof, you've got to have a hell of a personality disorder if you're claiming everyone in your life "made up" your personality disorder to pick on you. How can she write stuff like this and not see she needs help for real

No. 1853242

>I came out to my audience that I had an interest in urbex and cemeteries
lol add a new letter to the acronym, LGBTQH(eather) now

No. 1853247

I love when she does these q&a cause you know it’s just her on her other account asking all the questions.

No. 1853249

>that was made clear with my disclaimer but since you're an obtuse fuck, lemme spell it out for you.
Do you want a cookie? Heather is a poser but did you have to go on about how kewl you are for dumpster diving at graveyards?(infighting)

No. 1853252

Samefag. Ugh how can you try and larp as a goth and post this publicly

No. 1853407

and Europe has so many nice graveyards, she is just boring and afraid to really explore things. Sure, there is a lot to see in the USA, but I can't imagine her visiting Alaska or Hawaii or anything else that is far away.

No. 1853448

For someone who claims she's so unique and has a huge imagination,she's so fucking dull. Her black and white thinking can't think of another country just to see their unique cemeteries like the Catacombs in France?

No. 1853449

Wait if she calls him baby boy does that mean she agrees with his Ryan nickname of BabyRyan?

Even though this story sounds insane, based on things I've seen like creepshow's decade-long harassment campaign against her boyfriend's ex gf, and the furry tranny who posted a "heather looking bad" complilation on Youtube and linked it here fairly recently (last year iirc), I believe like 99% of the harassment she was getting was from sockpuppets of her ex and his friends.
Nobody in the doll community nor goths get the kind of interaction she describes, it's unfortunate she doesn't see it for what it is.

No. 1853453

Yeah she'll never travel outside of the US. Probably will be to scared to get on a plane. Unless she dates an autistic kid who loves planes.

No. 1853500

Hey Heather, Pepperidge Farm remembers the real reason you were harassed back then and it wasn't because you changed interests. You treated your community who had supported you for years terribly, lied about the purpose of your original GoFundMe, broke promises about what would happen to your old collection, flipped the script on your friends at the time who tried to help you, and have NEVER taken ANY accountability for any of it. Always the victim. Pepperidge Farm remembers.

No. 1853515

Which community are you talking about because not once have I seen Heather mentioned by anyone in the doll community, nobody gives a fuck about this or even remembers her username.

No. 1853525

I just know she was really nasty to the vintage toy collectors. She said everyone is a loser or weirdo and she going to burn her whole vintage toy collection. Speaking of which wonder where she's hiding her horde that she claimed she would sell eventually.

No. 1853527

I appreciate that we're all so used to Heather moving fast, since the fact that she's already saying "I love you" to her new BabyRyan has been overlooked. She used to be a comfort cow, but the way she jumps in and out of "in love" so rapidly and severely is giving me secondhand stress for her kek. And she broadcasts it all as if people reading her posts don't have the memory of the 4 or 5 times she's been "in love" with a different PotentialRyan each month. It's bonkers that she has no actual concept or even willingness to put in the work for the words and concepts she overuses. Embarrassing behavior for a woman in her 30s.

No. 1853531

File: 1687790698069.jpg (279.48 KB, 1284x2283, 356620926_197254372944303_5248…)

>I don't take getting into a relationship lightly.
And yet you're automatically in love with anybody who agrees to a second date…
Also nitpick but this is an unbelievably ugly picture of her, I'm surprised she can stand to see it constantly as her phone bg.

No. 1853547

Nta but yeah I remember from the early threads. She was a massive bitch. She calmed down a lot so it almost seems like she's not a cow anymore to people who don't know. But she's still nasty just in more subtle ways. Sage for rambling

No. 1853555

File: 1687793635565.jpg (209.28 KB, 1080x1919, download (1).jpg)

EW even she calls him BabyRyan. Fucking sick.

No. 1853583


she is really, next-level delusional. her shit behavior and history revisionism is archived for posterity on earlier threads, and people who used to follow her in her YT toy/bjd days know the truth as well. it's pretty bold of her to connect all these discrete points in her life to each other and to "muh hobbies".

but! I think she believes her version of reality, because she's an actual full blown retard with narc tendencies / possible personality disorder who can't grasp (or accept?) that she is only a victim of her own dumbassery and nothing else.

No. 1853643

File: 1687803895543.jpeg (162.45 KB, 828x1463, IMG_1961.jpeg)

No. 1853661

How can someone so self obsessed take such bad selfies idgi

No. 1853666

wow, her "haters" would be thrilled to knowheather is still so fixated on them she cant even receive a compliment without bringing them up.

No. 1853671

…and how is this an answer to the question?

No. 1853807

are the haters in the room with us right now, Heather?

No. 1853831

File: 1687820955487.jpg (47.6 KB, 1080x532, Screenshot_20230626_191002_Fac…)

No. 1853833

Oh fuck no, she’s going to baby trap Baby Ryan holy shit

No. 1853842

If there were ever a need for the wide-eyed shocked emoji in this thread…Heather we know you don't have any female friends, and if you did they would use Google instead of asking you to ask your followers.

No. 1853849

holy shit she's been seeing this guy for what? two weeks? there's no fucking way this is his kid (if she is pregnant), right? she has to be just fishing for attention. i refuse to believe this.

No. 1853850

Noooo a pregnancy arc would turn Heather from lolcow to horrorcow.
Although that was only like 9 days ago, even if she got pregnant on the first try isn't that way too early to tell??

No. 1853851

lol I went back in the thread to check and 11 days ago she said "we deleted our dating apps" >>1847221
and 9 days ago is when they first met up >>1848074

No. 1853852

Way too early to tell. You wouldn’t feel the symptoms of morning sickness for 2 weeks after your missed period. There’s no way she would even be detectable on a urine test. maybe a blood test 1 week after her missed period but there’s no way she would be pregnant and symptomatic by right now

T. I am currently pregnant with my third(sage your shit)

No. 1853853

Suspicious that this comes so soon after the "when my mom was my age she had a few kids already" post.

No. 1853857

BabyRyan RUN. Women know you don't get symptoms within literal days of pregnancy. And even if you didn't know, you wouldn't be posting this shit on social media. She's just acting out because she's not getting enough attention. She's is getting truly psychotic, though I would be SHOCKED if she hadn't pulled the fake pregnancy scare card with these dudes before.

No. 1853858

God I hope this scares babyryan away for good. Heather has absolutely no business having children.

No. 1853859

I don't think she's pregnant but she seems to be putting out on the first date anyways. Wouldn't be surprised because she's so desperate to make moids stay with her at any cost. This is probably just another one of her ploys for attention mixed with a little munchie since she probably does feel sick but jumped to this conclusion like the rational and level headed person she is.

No. 1853861

I had a hunch I was pregnant at 4 weeks (missed period + tender breasts)!and when I had the confirming Dr appt, I was told that 4 weeks is about as early as you can tell from symptoms alone.

No. 1853863

taking these two facts together means that, if she is correct, there is absolutely no chance it's babyryans. i hope she realizes that and drops the subject quickly.

No. 1853866

This is truly some fucked up shit from a 30 something year old woman to post. It’s been 9 DAYS.

No. 1853873

Anon please share the comments

No. 1853883

God, what if Heather became like Sammie Violet Bushart…the eternal pregnancy faker with like 20 fake babbies
I wanna know too

No. 1853884

Technically, it could be TrainRyan's potential baby (If she's not lying).

No. 1853892

the COMMENTS, oh my god I need to know

No. 1853893

there isn't even the possibility that she ate something wrong? No, she thinks that she might be pregnant. That poor future child, she is mentally in no place to raise a child.

wonder if she tries to get him to move in with her, she isn't made for long distance relationships and being pregnant would trap BabyRyan to get closer to her

No. 1853896

my thought too! I went back and checked, they broke up around May 11th (46 days ago). IF she’s pregnant (she’s not), it could only be TrainRyan’s. KEK

No. 1853904

Heather you do not want to have a kid. Aside from the fact that you shouldn't have a kid because of your immaturity, what are you going to do when you have a baby who needs you 24/7? Are you going to drag your baby to graveyards? Are you going to drag them to antique stores? Guess what, kids are EXPENSIVE. All the money you blow on clothes and antiques? Those days will be over. You are completely self obsessed and kids need their parents to be selfless. I really don't know where the sudden need to have a kid is even coming from because until this year you e been very outspoken about never wanting kids (which is the best possible outcome for you. Kids put a strain on your relationship, which needs to be strong if you want a partner to help support you in parenthood. I think you have this delusional fairytale of what it would be like to have your dream guy and dream baby but you need a serious dose of reality. I cannot think of a person less suited to have a kid than you. They deserve to have their own room. They deserve to have their mother be able to watch TV/movies with them. They deserve selfless parents. They deserve unconditional love. They deserve emotionally mature parents. Frankly Heather, they deserve better than you.

No. 1853906

I can see her keeping/having the baby to own the haters, or previous Ryans. I'm beyond scared for that potential child.

No. 1853911

There is no way. She is baiting for his attention. 1,000%, I know I'm right.

No. 1853915

it's a crime that Sammie doesn't have a thread here btw.

No. 1853953

I can’t believe she’s doing this 9 days into meeting him kek. I think you’re right too. She’s so unhinged and getting worse

No. 1853982

Couldn't just google that? So embarrassing to advertise that tbh. Have to wonder if its calculated or just more sheer attention seeking.

No. 1854007

OP photo was a prophecy

No. 1854042

File: 1687851797448.jpg (815.15 KB, 4096x4096, Photo Collage Maker_2023_06_27…)

Still new-ish to posting despite reading through these for about a year now. Buuuuut for whomever was asking for the comments. Best I could do. Lol

No. 1854050

this psycho really is hoping she babytrapped babyRyan after a one week long relationship. She's getting more desperate and unhinged with every failRyan.

No. 1854107

How does this 33 year old woman not know how her menstruation cycle work…

No. 1854113

Embarrassing. Grow up heather.

No. 1854119

I'm not trying to judge too harshly, but it's weird that Heather is so attached to the idea of having kids, at her age and in her situation. She's in her 30s, has a very new relationship, she can't really afford children… Relationships take time (years) to the point of getting married and having children. By that point Heather would be in her late 30s - 40s. I wonder how the babytrap strategy will turn out. Will they have a shotgun wedding kek

No. 1854154

if I was a guy dating her, I wouldn't have sex with her until I'm sterilised so she can't babytrap me. Being 33 and not knowing how to use Google or your menstrual cycle is so typical for her. I really hope she changes her mind and won't become a mother, the poor child would never be allowed to do anything on it's own and if it starts having different interests she would act like her child is betraying her. Imagine her interacting with other parents, how she would cry in the car that they don't like her because she is too weird.

No. 1854157

Where would it even sleep? Imagine future Ryans coming over and discovering she sleeps in a twin bed in a room she shares with a child. She couldn’t stand to have a baby, there’s no way. Baby sounds would disturb the deafening silence of her boring ass apartment. Serious Eraserhead situation.

No. 1854166


You already know she'll park it on a shelf betwixt dusty ephemera, shaded by a cemetery sign, nonna.

No. 1854168

i don't think she's pregnant (i also hope she isn't) but that would be a surefire way for her life to spiral so far down, i can think of all the wrong ways it would go.
i can't think of any positive outcome for it. people like heather should never have children, even if she was financially stable enough to have one. i don't even want to think of it

No. 1854176

File: 1687873746905.png (186.46 KB, 724x814, Screen Shot 2023-06-27 at 7.49…)

from her stories. all this drama after a WEEK. at this point a ryan would have to be literally retarded to not see the red flags.

No. 1854195

Ryan hardly looks old enough to drink. Maybe baby boy hasn’t heard of not sticking your dick in crazy because at this point heather isn’t a red flag she is a blaring tornado siren.

No. 1854201

Is this shooped or did she really post this? there's no way she wouldn't see this is bunny boiler behaviour, this post would be iffy even in a longer relationship but to post this after meeting a guy two weeks ago is beyond unhinged. use protection ffs

No. 1854208

wrap that rascal, bbRyan

No. 1854221

Hoooooly shit she’s escalating fast. She went from venting about her sudden baby fever, to hinting at a pregnancy scare with one of at least two possible men she knew for around a week each, to everyone she knows, all in the span of maybe a month?

No. 1854253

Her insanity is spiraling so fast I wonder if she'll murder a Ryan one of these days and keep his rotting corpse in her apartment, talking to him daily and dressing him up like one of her haunted antique dolls. If a man goes missing in the Gettysburg area after a Tinder date I'm pointing fingers, just saying.

No. 1854275

File: 1687884203222.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20230627-124256.png)

This is so totally fucking random but I saw that Heather follows this other cow who does bimbo modifications and is clearly mentally ill. What is Heather complimenting her for.

No. 1854323

File: 1687887769990.jpg (61.59 KB, 1080x752, collage.jpg)

This made me look at who she follows, here are more accounts

No. 1854401

A few of us have speculated that she's going to wind up on Deadly Women or the like very soon. It's not even a joke, it's extremely likely at this rate. In fact nothing else would seem to make sense.

KEK what in the mother fuck is she following Mary Magdalene and Eugenia for? She must be on this site all the time.

No. 1854491

She's so mentally ill it's not funny. Doesn't she state that she has endometriosis? Doesn't that show these symptoms? I wouldn't be surprised if she pokes holes in all her condoms. She would be a terrible mother with how obsessed she is with herself.

Also, theory…. A lot of the women she hates on recently had kids, maybe because they're thriving and she's stalking them she's trying to rush a baby just to hit up her past Ryan's and be all "look at me in a mommy love me' idk tho.

No. 1854501

File: 1687902136896.jpg (111.58 KB, 1080x1919, 88823042301184.jpg)

BabyRyan must listen to metal.

No. 1854502

File: 1687902222958.jpg (55.9 KB, 647x1008, taylor_swift_black_metal_t_shi…)

Samefag but this is the closest to metal she's ever come…

No. 1854529

Maybe Damian or Ryan Z had a kid, or maybe Lurch's gf is pregnant or something.

No. 1854543

File: 1687905346851.jpeg (142.62 KB, 828x1009, IMG_1975.jpeg)

This reminded me of Heather

No. 1854557

The girl Nina that one of the Ryan's left heather for fot pregnant and had a kid. I followed her for a while, she seems to be raising the kid by herself. Giving off mega strong single mother vibes which is what it seems Heather is trying to go for and shed failing miserably because there's no way she'd be be a strong independent woman unfortunately.

No. 1854620

Oh wow, what a wild crossover. What are the chances two of the most insane attention-seeking cows around would find each other.

No. 1854663

No. 1854960

File: 1687976023366.jpg (197.54 KB, 1080x1919, 185990853443.jpg)

I've seen her refer to flipping items a few times now and it's so ridiculous. That may be her intention but all she does is hoard shit to display on her cheap Target pressboard book shelves.

No. 1855543

File: 1688068727160.jpg (54.89 KB, 1080x625, Screenshot_20230629_155919_Fac…)

The saga continues. Nightmare confirmation or lots of stories about the loss of a child she never really had

No. 1855557

christ. I wonder if BabyRyan can see this? what are the comments saying?

I can't wait to hear about Heather's haunted womb

No. 1855583

File: 1688073296223.jpg (109.66 KB, 1080x1124, Screenshot_20230629_171615_Fac…)

I understand cycles can be unpredictable but holy predictable lack of self awareness batman

No. 1855587

How is that bad news

No. 1855594

Wasn’t this retard born in 1990 why is she announcing this on Facebook

No. 1855595

Anon what is your pfp

No. 1855598

his name is terry. i knew this thread was full of scrotes.

No. 1855607

>bad news

No. 1855615

I know right. She has no friends to talk about this shit and her mom would probably call her a retard.

No. 1855617

Thanks for the screenshot Terry but what are you doing here bro. Did you try to get in her pants and she rejected you like the others?

No. 1855632

She should run courses on how to be as subtly terrifying to men as possible, imagine dating a woman for two weeks and she is posting about taking pregnancy tests, followed by "whoops I forgot my period is not actually late and happens at the same time every month"

No. 1855639

please Heather, if you are reading this, get a period tracking app on your smartphone, you have it in your hand 24/7, so this app would be very, very helpful for you. It's something women like you need, women that have no idea when their period is to be expected and when their most fertile days are.

somehow I feel like BabyRyan asked her what is going on and she didn't want to scare him away completely. Still, I can't understand how men can have sex without real protection, it's not like no woman ever tried to bind a guy with a child and then there is the child that will have no father and an obsessive mother in this case.

No. 1855687

when BabyRyan becomes BabyDaddyRyan

No. 1855698

My theory, this was just her way of making it clear to everyone they are sexually intimate. Kek i dont have a theory on the motive other than she is crazy and it sounds like something she would do. She knew she wasnt pregnant the whole time.

No. 1855719

kek. Really have to wonder how many of her orbiter scrotes either lurk or post here.

Plus the fact that she labeled not getting pregnant a week or two into a brand new relationship as "bad news". Her red flags couldn't get any redder.

No. 1855721

Imagine breaking the news about having a new boyfriend and a week later you're publicly posting about a pregnancy scare. Trashy at its finest. Heather track your periods better and stop using scare tactics to keep a scrote in your life. You can't even stand to be in your own company for more than a day, no need to bring an innocent child into your shitshow.

No. 1855755

I hate to be that person but the video of Heather with pink hair complaining about exploring (posted by an ex) came to my head. Can anyone link that meltdown? I've tried and can't find it

No. 1855763

No. 1855765

I think it was unlisted but speaking of exes lurking, it took only 20 minutes for the link to resurface

No. 1855766

I used my autism to find it. Two threads ago. Not unlisted.

No. 1855772

None of this is true. I seriously doubt she has zero knowledge of how periods work. She's over 30. It's just ridiculous look-at-me shit. They're "long distance." She can't handle it, so she is manufacturing soap-opera style melodrama in an effort to get his attention and maintain it 24/7.

No. 1855906

How did I miss that gem..she's the worst! Not saying Adam is a saint by any means but how he put up with her for so long I'll never understand.

No. 1855940

You sound like one of Adam's gross little cronies. Go away.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1855942

She’s doing exactly this. Now deleted and didn’t cap at the time but last night she had series of stories that started with
>the last few days have been hell
Then goes on to express her terminally boring desire to set up an Etsy shop for her excellent flipping skills. Doesn’t want to fail. Needs a plan etc and is thinking
>the self employed life is for me
Fucking kek this absolute disaster. I bet she’s going down this road because she wanted time off for LDR road trips and target said no. So the impulse is wah I’m going to become self employed so I can see babyboy. All deleted now of course.
The pregnancy scare arc is interesting though. And to admit she’s still a week off her period? The chaos. I love it. I’m sure BabyRyan was liking her posts a week or so again, but those likes have since disappeared. Wonder what that’s about.

No. 1855962


I would love to see her try and launch an Etsy. One bad package sent out and she’s out of pocket for the cost and shipping and she won’t know how to handle the insurance claims . It takes a long time to build up a vintage online sales following and she does not know a single fucking thing about what’s actually collectible.

No. 1855976

I saved them but they're just really long and boring. I did like the end when she said she needs some sleep and she needs a vacation. For sure, Heather.

No. 1856054

Ahh gwan nona, post them for posterity, love you forever!
So much this. She’ll flop at fLiPpInG. It’s all too cringe. She thinks everything is a walk in the part. Has no idea the shit she buys, which is to her personal taste, isn’t exactly flying in the mid-century obsessed trends that are currently taking over everything.

No. 1856193

File: 1688165183929.jpg (312.07 KB, 1080x1919, 829996157331955.jpg)

Stop calling a fucking boy you ugly pedo. She looks more like the bespectacled llama in this picture than ever before!

No. 1856208

his smile still looks "wrong" to me, I can't explain why, but there is something not right and both of them together give me the signal "run". And yes, you are right nonna, can she please stop calling him boy or baby? My guess is, that the pregnancy scare was her attempt to get him to move closer to her.

No. 1856275

File: 1688174877369.jpg (26.14 KB, 493x543, 1.jpg)

No. 1856277

She used to have a depop account in the Heather Sparkles days. She sold a tiny amount of MLP, fairy kei clothes, and other kawaii items that she found dumpster diving at Goodwill outlets. She was terrible at it because she broke a lot of promises, always showing her thrift hauls and pointing out what she was planning on selling but never following through. It's a pattern she's had for years. I wouldn't be shocked if she did open another online shop and flip a few antiques but I would be shocked if she sticks with it.

Is BabyRyan not able to see her Facebook posts? She's unhinged with this pregnancy stuff and not knowing how her own damn menstrual cycle works.

No. 1856288

File: 1688176544459.jpeg (224.22 KB, 1391x1080, IMG_2003.jpeg)

Is it over already? She deleted this >>1856193 as well as her Instagram highlights of him

No. 1856293

I'm starting to believe Heather is playing 5D chess with her "haters" I refuse to believe she's this insane and that this is all a ploy. I can't believe its over already, and the usual heather pattern, it's going to be his fault

No. 1856315

bbRyan didn’t want to be a bbdaddy, I guess

No. 1856316

>in rebound LDR for only two weeks
>omg guys am I gregnant?!
>jk my period isn't till next week
>what terrible news tho!
>ittybittybabyRyan finally realizes she isn't just some quirky manic pixie girl and dips
Who could have foreseen such a thing. Truly shocking.

No. 1856333

KEK. Honestly she could just be spiraling over something stupid like him going to bed early. But otherwise that "pregnancy" announcement finally made him see how batshit crazy Heather is. There's no way she wasn't bombarding him with manic texts the entire time. Way to scare off another one Heather. That's what you get for trying to manipulate a moid into being invested in a melodramatic relationship.

Wondering how she'll spin this one into somehow making this his fault. So far it seems like his only offense is looking like the good ending Onision and making shitty short films for school.

No. 1856337

This post is gone now too, >>1849633
all mention of BabyRyan has been deleted off of Instagram. Sayonara Ryan-San

No. 1856375

File: 1688192622062.png (190.78 KB, 750x1334, A5AAD218-EAD9-4DD2-A2ED-070504…)

Yep, looks like BabyRyan is history. How many days was that…?

No. 1856396

At this point Heather should give up on Ryans.
Or maybe not give up, but take a break, go to therapy, and try to date again when she's healed. Otherwise she will repeat the pattern forever.

No. 1856453

She will never do this. Shes let everyone know on her IG stories she's not mentally ill and will never go to therapy. She's a lost cause.

No. 1856483

For some reason I'm unable to post screenshots. Giving me a "failed to resize image" notice.

But yes, according to her FB he broke up with her "because of the
'pregnancy scare'. He wants me
to find someone who shares the
same idea for their future
even though I'm perfectly
content with not having kids,I
was just ready to step up to the
responsibility if it happened was
all. Because that's just who I am."

Copy/pasted from her comment. Sorry.

No. 1856490

she is such a fucking idiot
first of all, nobody wants their girlfriend to broadcast pregnancy scares on socials
second of all, she couldn’t have been getting pregnancy symptoms from sex with bbRyan that quickly, so it would have have to have been from ClockRyan, which implies she rawdogs every dude
third of all, bbRyan was smart enough to figure that one out but Heather apparently wasn’t
I mean, imagine you just start dating some chick, she goes off on IG about “oh might be preg” by some other dude
any moid would run screaming

No. 1856492

Thanks for sharing nona.
Also if you get the error in the future, you can post the image on imgur and upload it here using the imgur url (in the file section).

No. 1856497

Please upload to imgur and post the link here! This is insanely juicy.
Thank you, though!
She's so fucking insane. I hope she doesn't keep this baby for it's sake. Pregnancy scares so early on scare useless scrotes.(Sage goes in the email field )

No. 1856500

FFS Heather there was no pregnancy scare. She had sex with him a week ago and started making coy posts before her period was even late. I cant imagine what she was texting him throughout. It sounds like she was trying to get him to commit to raising a baby and he was like…the fuck are you talking about. This is next level insanity. Its only a matter time before she starts poking holes in condoms, if she doesnt already.

No. 1856519

This busted Target version of Alex Forrest tried to copy a guys life and baby trap him. YET she's trying to make herself the good guy/victim. I wonder if this was a LDR because she's posted on local "date warning" groups.

No. 1856521

Content on not having children? Didn't she start spamming her IG with how badly she wanted a baby………

No. 1856526

she's absolutely gonna keep harping on how he didnt support her/ dumped her during her bullshit pregnancy scare for sympathy

No. 1856546

File: 1688225906064.jpg (735.91 KB, 1440x1800, Collage_2023-07-01_11_39_07.jp…)

Made a collage of the juicy stuff. Hopefully it's all legible.

No. 1856559

Imagine my shock when she lands a guy she started dating two weeks ago with an orchestrated pregnancy scare (if your period happens at the same time every month you aren't gonna get it that wrong) and it scares him off. She literally only is interested in catching guys and throwing them back, like a hobby fisherman. She absolutely does this shit on purpose to scare them off, same as with clockryan who she could have remained friends with but opted for declaring undying love (which was swiftly forgotten once he bailed for good)
She absolutely has no interest in having a boyfried, simply the ego rush of the courting stage over and over.

No. 1856570

What are the odds that she was the one who refused to use condoms? Even so, neither of them is looking like the good guy here.

No. 1856576

Good woman.
What a nasty, crazy bitch.
She's literally admitting to having unprotected sex with a guy she knew less than a fucking month!! Even her friend calls her out for that.

No. 1856587

>it's not my fault he didn't wear a condom!

Heather what the fuck, that's what makes this consensual
you clearly didn't MIND him not wearing a condom, maybe even said it was fine

oh my god the urge to a-long

No. 1856591

I'm not following the train of logic from "I drove a few hours to see him" directly into "so it's not my fault he never used condoms." This is a new level for Heather.
Incidentally, I'm the anon who said I'd be surprised if they were still together on July 1, and I'm extremely proud of how accurate my prediction was kek.

No. 1856592

if you want to be childfree you have to act like someone who wants to be childfree, which means either doubling up on contraception or being open to termination
nobody who wants to be childfree would be comfortable with a woman’s “the life that I helped create” talk, especially if they weren’t the dude that could have gotten her pregnant
her batshit could fertilize a whole entire farm

No. 1856598


She is literally at the level of trying to trap a forever Ryan/baby boy via pregnancy.

FB anon, did she reply back to the friend who said it was also her responsibility for birth control?

No. 1856600

She’s absolutely lost it oh my god
>invents a pregnancy scare when her period isn’t even late
>starts planning for a future and how she’ll “step up to the responsibility”
>moid is obviously scared off

Girl you literally just made up a problem to drive him away. Why would you do that? I thought she was just histrionic but now I think she’s legitimately sick. She needs to get off dating apps so bad, I think she thinks that because these dudes are LDRs she can just say “oh well on to the next one!” without having to face any sort of consequences for her actions, not realizing that she’s not learning her lesson and is bringing this compounding insanity from one fling to the next.

No. 1856606

Not to mention the statistics of domestic violence and murder for pregnant women. Try that baby trap shit with the wrong moid and it could be the last thing you do.

That she is publicly posting this on social media (like she's some victim) over the age of 30 is disturbing.

No. 1856612

Agreed 100% nonny. The over exaggerated love bombing doesn't fool me. She says she's no longer a toy collector, I call bullshit on that.

No. 1856624

how stupid can one be to have sex with a stranger without a condom or any other form of protection and I call them both stupid, not only Heather. There aren't any diseases that you could get, no, never. She really thinks that she can hold a guy with a baby? She needs therapy more than anything else at the moment, no new Ryan, no Etsy store, no child, just therapy to find out why she acts like a stupid teenager.

No. 1856635

>invents a pregnancy scare when her period isn’t even late
>starts planning for a future and how she’ll “step up to the responsibility”

This is all just terrifying. She created this whole situation in her mind and thinks he's the bad guy for not playing along and being like, "sure babe, i'd love to raise a child with a chick i met on tinder 2 weeks ago". She's so fucking crazy and so willing to broadcast that publicly. This is gonna keep ramping up the older and more desperate she gets.

No. 1856684

Once again victim mentality. She keeps stating she did nothing wrong. I'm sorry but I am not rooting for her to get over this because she's far too old to be keeping this up. She's well over 30 and still acting like a victim and refuses to take any responsibility. No wonder why her relationships never last.

No. 1856686


"its not my fault he didn't use condoms" dumbest bitches alive. I hope they learned a lesson, my fear is the lesson heather learned was: next time, actually be pregnant.

No. 1856688

man theres something deeply wrong with her mentally (and spiritually). the problem is, i don't think theres a way to fix it. no amount of therapy, meds or soul searching will change her, nor give her a moment of clarity. if she ever traps a guy with baby, lord have mercy

No. 1856703

Girl couldn’t even keep a spider alive and she’s already taking the moral high ground of “taking responsibility if she has to” kek ok heather

No. 1856731

File: 1688251345750.jpg (558.8 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230701_184411_Fac…)

She did, just doubled down on the "I'm not the problem here, he is" shtick and about only wanting to be the responsible one and thanked her for agreeing BabyRyan was immature. Completely ignored where she pointed out that it was as much her responsibility to use protection as his. I should've screen shot earlier but took a nap and forgot…and now she's deleted all of it and posted this. Fuckin' lul.

No. 1856782

Kek. Who needs enemies when you have friends like that. Who in their right mind would agree that BabyRyan is immature? He saw the writing on the wall. She's trying to backtrack with the moral high ground of "i would if i had to (not that i want to)" as if she wasn't publicly thirsting to be a mother just a week prior.

No. 1856788

She doesn’t deserve a relationship, she’s way too insane. She manages to blow every single one up in a week or two with her deranged antics. Her refusal to get therapy isn’t even milky at this point, just weird and sad.

No. 1856801

I can’t help but wonder if her and babyryan were ever really together. Was reading through old threads and watched some old vids of her crying over losing Ryan z. I remember someone posted they were a mutual of his and that Ryan z never asked her out and they were never together. It’s extra disturbing watching the old vids knowing that. And tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if babyryan and her were never actually together either and the pregnancy scare was a ploy to make him relent and just be official, and to trap him. Might be a stretch but I just wonder if she’s ever actually official with all the Ryans or if it’s all in her head with most of them (lurch being one of the exceptions, there’s other exceptions but I don’t care to remember them all rn)

No. 1856816

mental vacation = furiously scrolling through the dating apps that she hasn't been banned from every spare second of her day

No. 1856872

I really can't get over the fact that she lets strangers raw dog her when she isn't on any kind of contraceptive. Pure fucking insanity. She needs to be stopped for the sake of mankind.

No. 1856902

File: 1688278202973.jpeg (339.21 KB, 828x1465, IMG_2009.jpeg)

No. 1856904

>more make-up than usual
>"reasons to date me" post immediately after a break-up
She is desperate

No. 1856965

This is beyond pick me criteria into some really sad desperation. Basically any and all her free time is for some moid to cook and clean for (strange we never see her cooking for herself and who cleans for a near stranger when they start dating??) but she fails to grasp what men even want in a partner, just what she thinks is valuable.

No. 1856978

She fucking sucks. Then don't post shit heather and expect people not to give adult responses. She's such a liar she definitely wants children. She literally posted baby toys on her story a few weeks ago. >>1856902
Just date a old fucking man who needs a young woman to take care of him. That's all you have to offer. She keeps picking these young guys that she scares away within a week.

No. 1856986

Seriously, it feels like she never dates anyone her own age or older. She expects a bunch of scrotes in their twenties to want to settle down. She is a divorcee in her thirties. She has already lived the married life and experienced the trials that come with that. Go on one of those divorce support group forums and meet some dude in his forties who has adult baggage and a beer gut and stop trying to date twinks out of your league, Heather.

I have no doubt every dude she dates gets sent this thread also. So they can see she has unprotected sex with any guy she dates immediately, does the same "I love you, soulmate" song and dance with every single one. She is incapable of loving anyone besides herself. The infatuation she feels for any man who gives her the time of day is just endorphins to boost her overinflated ego.

No. 1856996

> will drive hours to see you
why do women see this as a flex? youre not showing independence, youre displaying desperation. A man should be driving hours to see you instead. pickme women stay retarded

No. 1856999

If Heather was a man, you wouldn't tell her to date 40 year olds.

No. 1857003

Psycho levels of desperation

No. 1857012

Eww. “You’re dating out of your league, try crusty decrepit old men instead!” is such moid logic. Obviously the men she’s dating are in her league or they wouldn’t be dating her, but her personality disorder drives them away. Any 40-something man desperate enough to put up with all that just to have access to a mentally ill younger woman is a loser anyway. Heather doesn’t need a man, she needs a therapist.

No. 1857017

this is lolcow farm, if there was a man like Heather, we wouldn’t tell him to date any woman or even to keep existing

No. 1857019

File: 1688308192460.jpg (433.46 KB, 1073x1909, Screenshot_20230701-225517_Ins…)

she posted this right before

No. 1857021

File: 1688308432138.jpg (383 KB, 1080x1735, Screenshot_20230702-092050_Ins…)

those previous stories are now deleted, and these are up instead:

No. 1857022

>Obviously the men she’s dating are in her league or they wouldn’t be dating her, but her personality disorder drives them away
Right, Heather is actually pretty but as proven in the last month, her personality disorder is ruining her life big time. These guys seem to really like her until she intentionally escalates things and then acts surprised when they bail.
The "problem" of both parties being too dumb to use contraception is easily solved, but she opted for setting fire to the whole thing as per usual.
If she started dating old moids the same things would happen anyway, it's not like her level of crazy is tolerable even to the most desperate moid. She will literally fabricate problems in order to end things, I can imagine her booking house viewings and then complaining her two week moid didn't want to "be responsible" and become a homeowner with a woman he just met kek

No. 1857023

File: 1688308456155.jpg (414.84 KB, 1080x1765, Screenshot_20230702-092058_Ins…)

No. 1857034

Obviously she needs therapy but she's not getting it because she keeps saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. She might as well date an old fuck because she has no self worth or respect and wants a moid to tell her good job honey! Now make me a microwavable lunch! She would be happy with that life.

No. 1857035

Toxic dating from a woman who brings Single White Female and Fatal Attraction to life for all of social media to see.

She's lucky she isn't dating moids her age. Her baby trap antics are a good way to end up a domestic violence statistic.
Baby boy twinks just ghost her.

No. 1857038

Who is saying you need to embrace hookup culture heather?! NO ONE!

Entire communities of people exist in the realms of your interests. You went to paracon and met people, what happened to them? You claimed you were socially exiled by the entire urbex community, why?

18 Ryans in 4 years, zero friends, zero family, but we're supposed to believe you're not the problem, right? Grow tf up and work on yourself.

No. 1857046

Actually she doesn't have a league. Her herself, she's completely unbecoming and her looks honestly are just subpar. She emitts big titty trophy wife energy but in reality she's not, she relies on filters and dating younger guys because younger men are more gullible. She's honestly a plain Jane and nothing wrong with that, except she sees something wrong with it and is doing everything in her power to not be it instead of embracing it, kicking ass in the real world and getting what she wants. She has this need to be the center of the world wether it's positive or negative attention because she's desperate.

No. 1857047

>won’t embrace hookup culture
>raw dogging strangers on the first date
Okayyyyy kek Heather you’re literally on a hot streak of one and two-night stands

No. 1857049

If Heather was a man I'd tell him to end himself. My advice is specifically for Heather who wants a moid desperate enough to stick around.

No. 1857051

this is the ultimate explanation, thank you ufologist nonnie
she doesn't smile with her eyes is my guess. the emptiness and soullessness of the faux smile is in jarring contrast with the grippy hands and vigorous tit slam, which indicate excitement and enthusiasm.
she's way crazier than i thought and it's even worse that this is over nothing. she did say she wanted children, the baby trapping saga is about to begin
yeah any hope of self awareness grows further out of reach with every ryan, this is actually sad

No. 1857056

I agree, her smiles all just look like she’s dead inside. She’s never experiencing true joy, it’s so off-putting. I don’t know who she thinks she’s fooling either. At this point I’m sure everyone she knows is aware of the mental breakdown they’re witnessing.

No. 1857076

Yes I would? You think we would call 40-year-old women decrepit and tell the man to chase younger women instead? Idk how to tell you all that when you get to your 30s, 40-something isn’t that far off. And dating idiots in their 20s seriously loses its appeal.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure her next move will be to get pregnant for real.

No. 1857077

>This one will be difficult to get over
Don't lie, Heather. The second someone else agrees to meeting up you'll forget BabyRyan ever existed. Every Ryan is a generic source of attention and validation to her, they're interchangeable.
It's ironic that she thinks his reaction is immature. She basically told him in no uncertain terms that if they do have an "accident" and she gets pregnant for real, she will be keeping the baby. It doesn't matter that this specific incident was a false alarm, she made it clear that her decision would be incompatible with what he wants, so he decided to take that lesson and move on. I don't like to give much credit to men, but it doesn't seem like he's the immature one here.

No. 1857109

He might have also known how time works & assumed she was trying to potentially trap him with another man's baby, but her brain just doesn't have enough folds to comprehend the optics of her histrionics.

Pretty sure at this point she's realized no man wants to stick around, so her next best bet for long-term attention and emotional validation is to have a kid. Guaranteed 18-year relationship, she has full control, it has to love her, etc. I pray that she is infertile.

No. 1857130

File: 1688322396442.jpg (353.25 KB, 1284x2282, 357642526_1130330518370061_660…)

Teasing us today with her endgame Ryan, CivilWarGhostCaptainRyan (the nickname needs some work).

No. 1857154

File: 1688327719556.png (1.01 MB, 850x951, davidryan.png)

of all the dead civil war guys to pick she chooses this goober?

No. 1857169

My boy didn’t die of (probably) gangrene for this

No. 1857171

Nonna I can't believe I never thought of that. He absolutely could have thought this random crazy woman was trying to pin someone else's baby on him. Even the most degen scrotes would be skeptical after hooking up on the first date then immediately be bombarded with psychotic pregnancy texts just a few days later. On her end, I could see her just trying to get some validation from expecting BabyRyan to "step up" and dedicate more of his time to her until she gets the chance to pull that "oopsy I was wrong, I did actually get my period lol. This experience made us so much closer though, right?" Her plan backfired so bad. This is one of the most smooth brain stunts she's pulled in regards of dating. And she still finds a way to 100% be the victim here.

No. 1857196

His marker indicates he was 22 years old, so tbh it tracks for her.

Ayrt I reread all her early threads & came to the conclusion that she is definitely a victim… of her own retardation. It's truly impressive how she manages to do this kind of shit repeatedly with zero introspection or growth.

Honestly though, there are plenty of mentally challenged codependent scrotes that might be into it (an Onision-level retard for example) and her persistence in dating every angsty / nerdy bro within 200 miles definitely raises the odds of her finally meeting someone stupider, clingier, and crazier than she is.

No. 1857213

>hookup culture
I would call what she is doing exactly that, these aren't relationships, she is having sex ones or twice with those guys and then they leave.

Her "mistake" is, she isn't looking for a guy her age or older. The younger ones think that there could be something better out there, while someone in his 40s, being the way you described him, would just settle for her as soon as he secured a relationship with her, after all she would be like a second mother for him.

No. 1857379

File: 1688369977767.png (551.3 KB, 360x627, davidarcheson.png)

Literally this. It's crazy that she thinks she's above "hook-up culture" when she's boned like 15+ guys she's met off dating apps in the past few years or so, mostly just after the first date too.

Ngl he definitely looks her type. And with him only being 22, he can both be her baby boy ryan and spooky ghost ryan. kek

No. 1857412

> She says she's no longer a toy collector, I call bullshit on that
lol underrated

From her confessional above it also sounds like she initiated a deep talk about abortion which is just crazy!

Like map out how this whole discussion went, after a first date, and then all of the handholding photos, and then fucking without birth control, then pregnancy ("asking for a friend!") when it's way too early for that, and finally a heart-to-heart about abortion and the sanctity of life.

And it ends with "haha I forgot when I menstruate oops"

Maybe Heather is doing a service, i have a hard time believing this moid will fuck anyone again for a long time.

No. 1857496

>she really promises she's worth it
i honestly think 99.9% of the time she just says anything. like there's actually 0 thoughts behind any of her words.

No. 1857613

True, I didn't consider her weird obsession with the big titty goth mommy gf identity fantasy (and all her romantic adolescent delusion).

Maybe when she gets bored of that identity we'll finally get sugar baby trophy wife Heather and she can meet the empty, dependent scrote of her dreams.

No. 1857618

File: 1688414226736.jpeg (828.45 KB, 1284x1040, IMG_9071.jpeg)

Side thought, does she ever put her hair up, even just in a messy bun or something? It always looks the exact same. Which isn’t surprising considering her cyclical tendencies in every other part of her life. Just curious.

No. 1857624

>Maybe Heather is doing a service, i have a hard time believing this moid will fuck anyone again for a long time.
I've been thinking this, she's straight up traumatising these men at this point but tbh most men deserve it

No. 1857712

File: 1688426370256.jpeg (404.72 KB, 1080x1868, IMG_2023.jpeg)

What a sad life

No. 1857729

Why is it that the top layer of her hair is always so frizzy kek. Nitpick but it looks like she's going for a bedroom look and ends up looking like she doesn't brush her hair.

No. 1857758

I know she thinks she's being clever here, but the comparison to an employer is both apt and damning. If an employer can't keep any staff member for more than two weeks you know the place is a hellhole.

No. 1857766

Never understood why some people think she is attractive. She has the same boring basic face shaynus has imo. Especially when expressing any emotion (which she always exaggerates and makes even worse) Then her personality just amplifies it and radiates off her. She icky. Poor thing.

No. 1857767

Probably trying to tease it but it just looks like she stuck her fingers in a socket


No. 1858121

For me it’s the ‘you’re ugly because I hate you’ effect, if I just passed her on the street I would think she’s fine looking, but knowing what lies beneath…yeah she always looks like a sleepy rat.

No. 1858122

same here, she's not bad looking but her personality makes me notice her face in a negative way.

No. 1858199

for me, she looks like the typical (american) suburban mum with a white picket fence, bringing her children to school with her SUV and then going home to drink and be miserable, while telling everyone how amazing she and her life is. She looks like the stereotype of a boring, exhausting woman with serious mental illness hidden beneath her fake hair and teeth. Even if I wouldn't know her personality, I would feel about her that way, because she actually looks like that for me.

No. 1858200

File: 1688499933409.jpeg (36.06 KB, 300x420, 0262B680-5258-49C3-A2AB-10C2D3…)


Dead black eyes, thin lips, and bulbous nose…she reminds me of these guys kek

No. 1858228

File: 1688503444114.png (417.57 KB, 469x639, kat-dennings-darcy-lewis.png)

She definitely has that look right down to the damaged and limp bleach blonde hair, ugly patterned target blouses, etc. which is why it's so mind boggling she still tries to larp as a "big tiddy goth gf". I feel like she could look cute in a kind of plain faced way if she knew how to style herself. She kind of reminds me of when kat dennings is looking her worst? kek

No. 1858236

She looks like Ms. Doubtfire

No. 1858271

File: 1688508953559.jpeg (177.55 KB, 1080x1919, 358164331_585652763685700_5276…)

>ugly patterned target blouses

Ugly? Speak for yourself, Nonna. Although this one doesn't have a pattern it is still giving ugly kek

No. 1858326

File: 1688516172524.jpeg (429.97 KB, 1284x1565, IMG_9092.jpeg)

This is what Heather’s type of “goth” attracts.

No. 1858484

Karen the receptionist from the waist up, gay construction worker costume from the waist down?

No. 1858577

Heather be like ‘I want a spooky bf’ and then dresses like >>1858271

No. 1858602

File: 1688566350333.png (13.56 KB, 365x301, brushyourhair.png)

Why won't she brush her hair at the top, ever?

No. 1858622

At this point I just want her to prove that she's not a total fucking autist and put her hair up once. ONCE.

No. 1858702

File: 1688576687771.jpg (113.5 KB, 413x731, thisweekonintervention.jpg)

Aaaand we've come full circle back to this again. Frizz top hair, the one tits shirt she always wears when she's attempting to thirst trap, hours of swiping and crying.

No. 1858768

File: 1688583493719.jpeg (1.16 MB, 828x1443, IMG_2032.jpeg)

No. 1858769

Name ONE person who has dumped you over the "creepy old stuff" and not your personality disorder(s). This is absolutely maddening.

No. 1858777

For fucks sake she’s single already? I just discovered this cow and started reading on her. I am in shock that she cycles through boyfriends that quickly. Idk what personality disorder this is, I’m guessing BPD. I don’t understand the compulsiveness to get in a relationship. I love how she says she’s “against hookup culture” when her “relationships” don’t even count as dating at that point, she’s just hooking up with someone for a week and calls it “dating.” You actually have to be committed to someone and not change boyfriends every time you get your period. BPD may be a reason but it’s not an excuse. I know a lot of girls with BPD who are perfectly fine in relationships and functional. She won’t even admit that she has a problem it’s just so pathetic she can’t be serious

No. 1858781

Have you been to central PA nonna? She's pretty much an 8 there due to the opioid crisis. She's no supermodel, but I have no trouble believing she looks decent enough to reel in the scrotes of Gettysburg before her raging personality disorder scares them away.

No. 1858783

I think she’s very average. Her personality does not fit her style at all. I don’t know why she doesn’t just wear actual goth clothes or at least just a different style. Whatever she wears to try to look as normal as possible is super aging, and in my opinion makes her uglier. She’s not fat but the way she dresses does not flatter her body type whatsoever.

No. 1858784

I live like 30 minutes away from Gettysburg. Idk what you’re on about but she is certainly not an 8. She’s a 6 at best, and that’s when her hair is actually brushed and she’s wearing clothing that’s somewhat flattering

No. 1858788

She is like a broken record. I truly wonder what she hears when people talk to her, because it isn't what they're actually saying

No. 1858791

Omg seriously she's so infuriating with the way she sees things. I don't think anyone gave a shit about her hobbies. I think they only commented how obsessive she is with them and I don't blame these dudes. Bitch only does and talks about the same shit everyday. No wonder she got along with the autistic Train Ryan.

No. 1858813

I lived in that area for years and rarely ever saw an attractive person.(derailing)

No. 1858823

I think she's cute but I also take her age in consideration, all 30-something year olds are going to be a bit ugly. For her age she's ok. (also NTA)(you must be 18+ to post here)

No. 1858827

you sound like an r/amiugly mod

No. 1858830

Seriously, I almost choked at "8". Nona, all her selfies are taken from the exact same angle. Filtered, head turned to the same side, above her head. Look at pictures of her that aren't carefully posed and tell me she is an 8. Get out of your white trash bubble.


I know it's said a lot, but it's unbelievable how she always chooses the worst looks for herself. The blonde is so dull and lifeless. The glasses look too small on her face and the color is awful. Literally any warm color glasses would look a thousand times better. She is short and stocky and dresses in ill fitting blouses that make her look even stockier.

No. 1858839

>all 30-something year olds are going to be a bit ugly
You're either a scrote or projecting, sorry you're ugly I guess tho

No. 1858844

>Get out of your white trash bubble
Actually it's the opposite, I've lived all over the world and some of the least attractive people I've ever seen were in Central PA. Heather isn't cute in any major US city, but to rural PA scrotes? She's above average.

No. 1858860

Didn't you get the memo? As soon as you reach 30, you start building a layer of mold on your body and become a bit ugly. How sad it has to be, to think with 30 your life and looks only go downwards.

No. 1858867

I don’t know who’s more mentally stunted, Heather for existing in the way that she does, or us for thinking she will ever change. It’s so unbearable but I can’t stop myself coming back to this comfort-horror cow.
What makes her sO uNiqUeLy HeAtHeR is her untreated mental illness combined with the superpower of complete delulu immersion.

No. 1858877

Okay scrote. Women don’t expire at 30, sorry.
I’m sorry you’re butt hurt I don’t think heather is an 8/10. If that’s an 8 to you, I can’t imagine how ugly you must be nonna.
>you sound like an r/ amiugly mod
And I’m sure you’d be very familiar with that subreddit, fuck right off back to Reddit please
I said 6/10, is that not slightly above average? She has a really plain looking face and an average body. All she has is big tits and blonde hair. The way she dresses and Carrie’s herself does not help her out at all. She’s obviously not as ugly as Shayna though(infighting)

No. 1858880

File: 1688591979670.jpg (300.22 KB, 1284x2282, 358175081_987075919158952_3523…)

>my future daughter Eliza
But don't worry boys, she's fine with not having kids and definitely won't be poking holes in condoms (if you even have the sense to use them).

No. 1858886

I was being a little facetious with the 8, but my point was that her looks aren't remotely the problem. Much uglier women than her are happily dating or married. The problem is that she's fucking crazy.

No. 1858888

I 100% wish she would follow through with this and give up her antique collecting and graveyard strolls. Not because there's anything offputting or even remotely unique about those things. I would just love to see her "throw it all away" and still get dumped all the time because she's a fucking nut job and it's never had anything to do with her hobbies. Not the 80s toys, not the stupid fucking cemetery sign - they run because she's psycho and makes it very apparent almost immediately. Go on Heather, have a big yard sale!

No. 1858895

Heather literally acts like the deranged child of Hedra Carlson & Alex Forrest. The admitted raw dogging shows exactly what she is trying to do. Fucking grim if it does happen.

No. 1858982

You are entirely correct, she will never change.

I spent awhile reading back through the past several threads today and The Heather Cycle never changes.

She blames every single community she's been a part of for all of her problems and having no friends. The toy community. The urbex community. The paranormal community. She blames the ENTIRE LGBTQIA+ community for not being able to be bi. They silenced her for being fake. The entire community.

She falls in love with and bangs every guy she meets in person after 1 date and proudly proclaims "he's the one!" and is absolutely devastated after she inevitably gets dumped days/weeks/a few months later. "I don't know what happened fam, I really thought this guy was my endgame, it's not fair!"

Followed by sadness, woe is me I'll never be good enough for anyone, I guess I need to give up all my eXtRemE hobbies to find someone, but wait no I don't want to and the person who's worth it won't want me to, I'm a strong independent woman who buys good groceries, pleeeeeease someone date meeeeee

Boob pics, feet pic teases, declarations of more content to be created, dollar tree boudoir fashion pics, more begging, "I'm so lonely I'm going cry in my car, why can't I make friends, why can't I find a boy?!"

Rinse and fucking repeat her whole goddamn life away.(reddit spacing)

No. 1859035

All of this, 100% the CYCLE. It escalates a little more each time. We are now entering her Killer Women documentary era.

No. 1859059

Nonna you missed not a single detail. She really is this easy to read. And it's been YEARS of this miserable routine. Of all the cows to root for, Heather's gotta be one of the very last choices. As long as she integrates her unchecked mental issues into the otherwise nothingness of a personality she has, it'll be the same song and dance. Though that fake pregnancy stunt is a new level of crazy. Knowing she's out here having unprotected sex the first time she's meeting a guy is insane.
She only lives for instant gratification from scrotes. Her entire existence is centered around trying to feel desired while simultaneously scaring off every man that takes the bait. Bleak.

No. 1859079

Up until the "pregnancy scare" with a guy she met two weeks ago and was rawdogging, shortly after her previous two week fling clockryan who she swore to love forever (instantly forgotten) I actually believed that she believed her hobbies were driving people away. But the sheer bunnyboiler madness of the pregnancy thing, and the fact she made a point not to mention the obvious real reason on Instagram despite everyone on Facebook seeing it, she knows. She knows she's crazy and it's the crazy driving men away, she knows exactly what she's doing and lives for the drama. There is no way you could do something as crazy as seriously suggest raising an (imaginary) accidental pregnancy with a man you just met and not be 100% aware this is insane behaviour.
She will always fall back on "hobbies" as an excuse but I think she went too far with this one and blew her cover story apart.

No. 1859090

Yes, and after all these years of misery, one would think she might say to herself, I am clearly lost and miserable, perhaps I really should seek just a tiny piece of professional advice. But no, not Heather. She believes going to therapy is the lowest possible thing imaginable and she'll never do it. It's frustrating and fascinating because it will never end.

No. 1859113

The irony being that she’s now probably rawdogged her way through more people than any of the pump and dump fuckboys she claims to want to avoid. One of my favourite Hag horrors is her insane ability to totally overlook any hypocrisy or wrongdoing that comes from her own tiny pea brain. She often harks back to the ‘abusive boyfriend had me sectioned saga’. Not to WK scrote Adam but IIRC the reason for his freak out that led to the very temporary hospitalisation wasn’t anything to do with her new found dress sense or that her hobby interests had changed, but because she was acting like a deranged nut job who ultimately ended up blatantly fucking another guy and over sharing her lunacy online.

No. 1859123

How many different boys has she claimed to be "in love" with this year alone? For some reason that freaks me out the most.

Despite documenting literally everything she never seems to notice. Her life is Groundhog Day but she just wakes up at 6 am in Punxsutawney like it's the first time every time.

No. 1859124

her legs and calves are actually nice. She’s not as far gone as Shayna is, especially considering she’s older. She could be a solid 6/10 if she had any self awareness at all

No. 1859208

the two brain cells left in Hag's head everyday: strike up the music, the band has begun, the Pennsylvania polka!

No. 1859289

File: 1688664176635.png (1.96 MB, 828x1792, 21C48DEA-5635-4EA5-8142-FD75D7…)

Stay classy Heather

No. 1859291

>not into hookup culture
>trying to rope in a Ryan with sex
Make it make sense.

No. 1859307

I agree, her agenda with every guy she dates seems to be to find any reason possible to freak out so he'll have to pay attention to/comfort her. Maybe its because of her codependent marriage where her husband let her remain a child she she would be reliant on him. But she keeps trying it on dudes she barely knows and they get tired quickly of tending to an unstable woman. It reminds me of after Lurch dumped her, she claimed shed started having hysterical night terrors every night (which of course were never mentioned again) and he wasnt there for her or something. I'm sure he was the first or second time, but as it continues even the dumbest dude is gonna know something's up. I'd be really fucking surprised if she hadnt dipped her toes into the pregnancy scare before. Because then he HAS to pay attention to you right? She definitely thought she could drag out the drama for awhile. And when he told her he didnt want a kid with her she walked it back pretty quickly and suddenly remembered her period wasnt even due yet haha bonehead heather! But the damage was done. Its morbid curiosity at this point because I do really want to see how she's gonna try to escalate things next.

No. 1859319

File: 1688670350742.jpg (155.89 KB, 1080x1920, IMG1933572511.jpg)

It's pretty fucking pathetic. Her family must be so embarrassed by her.

No. 1859394

Why is she equating a fake pregnancy scare to rope in a Ryan as "being dumped like it's nothing". Heather is a horror cow because she feigns innocence over her increasingly erratic behavior.

No. 1859429

Why doesn't she just google local goth or alt clubs? You don't even have to drink, just go there and vibe. Surely some desperate man will approach you eventually.

No. 1859476

Because it's a place that isn't the cemetery or the antique store. More serious answer, I think on some level she's terrified of meeting real goths because some of them would be way spookier than her and she would be forced to admit that she isn't alone because she's 2spooky, she's alone because of her personality.

No. 1859488

Bc heather has never googled anything in her life, she just asks insta and scrotes on dating apps

No. 1859490

yeah, i think this is honestly the root of her problem. she wants social interaction but is so deeply insecure and unsure of herself that any actual connection with another person results in self-sabotage.

No. 1859521

Imagine her consternation when she walks in and discovers that other goths don't listen to Taylor Swift…

No. 1859526

>her codependent marriage where her husband let her remain a child so she would be reliant on him.
I think this is why she won’t deviate from her pattern; it worked once.

No. 1859580

kek, just imagine >>1858271 wandering through a goth or alt bar. I would think she's a mother there to pick up her kid.

No. 1859731

File: 1688739944401.jpg (714.15 KB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20230406-194834_Ins…)

this "daughter named Eliza" kick is one she's been on since at least the beginning of April; the above screenshot is from then and I don't think was previously posted, but it shows the depths of how unhinged she is about it (chosing a kid's name off of a random gravestone…?) and that she's been thinking about it for a while now. honestly, the most terrifying development of her cowhood yet imo is the possibility she'd have a kid.

No. 1859772

We have the title for the thriller-horror movie about Heather, a daughter named Eliza it's all coming together

Her wishes are very pedestrian if she could keep her mental illness in check which she clearly cannot

No. 1859782

>mutually in love
It's hilarious that she actually has to say this. If anyone else said they were in love you would just naturally assume the person they love also loves them back. But Heather knows that her immediate way-too-intense obsession that she calls "love" is not frequently reciprocated.

No. 1859783

>mutually in love
It's hilarious that she actually has to say this. If anyone else said they were in love you would just naturally assume the person they love also loves them back. But Heather knows that her immediate way-too-intense obsession that she calls "love" is not frequently reciprocated.

No. 1859802

She literally asks this fucking question twice a month and she gets good feedback and she always says "no that is not going to work because of xyz reason." Deep down she is hoping a new Ryan will appear out of the blue and say we can raw dog underneath the Eliza gravestone my goth queen.

No. 1859806

She's always been codependent.
She manipulated the guy she was dating before Adam to fly her out to San Francisco. Showed up with nothing but a PS3 so he had to go out and buy her clothing. She refused to get a job or leave the apartment because "the land lord would kick her out if seen" so she couldn't get a job or "do" anything. She forced him to spend every check on her, taking her to anime stores and China town and he would bring Adam over because they were best friends. One day he left to go to work, came back and found her and Adam screwing on his bed and then she flat told him she's been cheating on him with his best friend. His friend and her then tormented him till she moved out. Adams family kicked them out because they did not like her and that's how she moved back to Pennsylvania and then the whole Adam the abuser saga began when in reality she used to beat up her ex before Adam just got talking to other girls.

No. 1859828

Bump for CP in the caitlin doughty thread don't scroll!!

No. 1859834

Do we ever know why she was hospitalized? It’s pretty hard to hospitalize someone against their will in the US unless the authorities believe they are actively a threat to themselves or others. I bet Heather was making suicidal threats.

No. 1859851

real. she may not stand out to me but she's absolutely got the mainstream cute pretty girl looks most white guys are very into. her body and weight is normal to thin & attractive for an american over 25. most men don't need gorgeous, theyre happy to be with a girl who's just pretty, which she is. at least in the way i know small town white guys define it. the dealbreakers she runs into are truly everything else. which really speaks to her behavior patterns being really selfish and overwhelming or off putting. i don't think that's a life sentence btw i feel cruel to insist the situation is unfixable. if she really tries it is, but she's in dire need of dbt therapy for one thing

No. 1859855

i fully suspect she was threatening to hurt herself. possibly melting down from genuine bpd panic at feeling devastated and abandoned when her relationship was falling apart. it just seems like she acts on her emotional extremes without question if it's fair to others or if she can self soothe to a lower level of distress before she does or says something she regrets. i think she allowed herself to stay at total meltdown because she doesn't have a sense of responsibility over her reactions to her emotions. she talks about others like "if you make me feel this bad then i'm going to let it out unfiltered, and that's your doing not mine" even if the situation was actually appropriate and fair for her to feel bad in the moment and if her choices warranted (nonviolent) anger or rejection from a loved one, like after she cheated!

No. 1859858

Conceived in Gettysburg, goth capital of the world!

No. 1859878

Y'all need to stop making these assumptions. She's never even once hinted about self harm. The 10 hour hospital stay was part of the original Ryan and Adam saga and was detailed in the first thread. It has nothing to do with what you're recklessly speculating about.

No. 1859902

I mean it’s not easy to get someone into a medical hold. She must have been displaying crazy behavior if people agreed to it. You can’t just call the police and get someone sent to the hospital.

No. 1859911

‘I suspect’ and ‘I bet’ aren’t declarations of fact, just speculation, you can unclench.

No. 1859975

File: 1688778035233.jpg (513.71 KB, 1284x2282, 358526612_1741931109574277_860…)

No. 1859977

File: 1688778189740.jpg (267.64 KB, 980x1753, Screenshot_20230708-020458_Chr…)

No. 1859986

wow what a responsible adult. girlfriend material for any Ryans that are interested.

No. 1859991

that's actually really fucking cheap.

No. 1860003

Right lmao she’s at fuckin Aldi paying a very reasonable price for a full cart.

No. 1860029

Ah yes, the familiar part of the cycle where she pretends like she's putting in effort to improve her life immediately after publicly spiraling from being dumped. The only part of the cycle that lasts shorter than any of her relationships.

No. 1860068

I bet she’s gonna kill a Ryan.

No. 1860113

I’d put money on that. But an accidental killing via overreacting to some mundane Ryan-error which she will then seek out advice for in her Twitter.
“Does anyone know how long before people can smell a dead body in an apartment building? Asking for a friend.”

No. 1860193

Way more likely that one of the scrotes she's known for 5 minutes will off her on the first date

No. 1860218

Heather finally taking notice of worldwide inflation, amazing to see her pay attention to anything but RyanQuest

No. 1860373

I think this is why she pre-vets via those hours on dating apps every night looking for Ryans, versus just picking up a random in a bar, the end result where she jumps into a stranger's arms/bed/home is the same, but she has a papertrail, has them added online, knows their name and judging by her stories and posts she has many hours of phone calls down before the leaping into bed begins.
So that offers her some protection since only a very confident murderer is gonna do it with the lengthy papertrails she creates, and I think this is why she mysteriously can't find anyone irl ever, only online.
Doesn't protect her completely, she could well still end up in someone's basement but if she did irl hookups she'd be dead already tbqh

No. 1860756

File: 1688876259201.jpeg (460.88 KB, 1080x1960, IMG_2067.jpeg)

No. 1860757

File: 1688876283011.jpeg (449.88 KB, 1080x1960, IMG_2068.jpeg)

No. 1860759

Lol she’s such an idiot. How is she unaware symptoms of pregnancy don’t appear in 2 weeks? They teach that in middle school.

No. 1860764

Dumbass. If this health issue has been lifelong, wouldn't she fucking KNOW her symptoms by now? I don't remember her talking about a "reproductive health condition" before…is it endo or something else?

No. 1860777

People called me out for raw dogging & acting like Fatal Attraction…here is my piss poor excuse.

No. 1860785

I have to say she has a way with words, she manages to spin the most batshit thing she's done yet as a completely normal and reasonable situation…omitting the context that this is a man she had known for 2 weeks and literally any man on the planet would react the same way, it's impossible to be planning futures that early in. And the way she tried to throw something so serious on a total stranger is so inappropriate and manipulative it even got me feeling sorry for her Ryans.
The real translation:
>I want a marriage and babies now and will manipulate every dumb guy who crosses my path to try and get it
Like, good luck gurl but none of this is healthy in the slighest and the absolute maximum any relationship would last with her current state of mind, given the man is completely insane and desperate, is 2 years, which means she is guaranteed to be a single mom. Then we'll really see the whining and self victimisation start since that is a genuinely gruelling task which she is absolutely not equipped to handle.

No. 1860793


how does time work in PA? i'm so confused because she makes it seem like this was a long relationship that ended over a guy being afraid of commitment or whatever. "and we've not talked in awhile". if you even added up all the time (in the real world) from the moment they matched until right now it wouldn't even total awhile, and she's saying they've not spoken in awhile (since the breakup, like a week ago?????)

also, it has been said over and over but it's wild that she would pull the pregnancy card with him and act as if it is his baby when they had just met and had sex. that's….not how pregnancy works. like???? does she have some mental disorder where she processes time differently, like 2 weeks is 2 years in her world? this is all SO BIZARRE!

No. 1860797

> after it became a topic of discussion
> after I posted about it on Facebook

No. 1860836

this is legit weird. heather has always been a comfort cow, but her BPD has ramped up a lot in this last year. her loneliness and desperation for a companion is getting more depressing because now she’s doing the whole “i can have a baby who will never leave me because they’re forced to be with me” thing. girl therapy is cheaper than a baby and will make you happier. hopefully she won’t go the sperm bank route, although her shopping for spooky goth ryans in a donor catalog would be top tier comedy

No. 1860838

Wish she would just get a dog, but I guess she can't really because she works all day

No. 1860843

>does she have some mental disorder where she processes time differently, like 2 weeks is 2 years in her world?
She has the most fucked perception of time I've ever witnessed in another human. This would all make sense if we one day find out she sleeps 2 hours a night, like a day for Heather is 100 days for the rest of us. Where is all this extra time she is experiencing coming from.

No. 1860861


saged for armchairing but a warped experience of time actually isn't unheard of with cluster b personality disorders. heather very much exhibits untreated bpd, and the instability in identity and emotions found in bpd affect how you experience time passing. "time flies when you're having fun", well, with a strong enough emotional response a bpd person can feel what to them basically amounts to two years of emotional worth in two weeks, and thus their perception of time gets distorted. they don't notice it because it's their normal, but comes off as unhinged to others. it's also not uncommon to have gaps in memory or false memories because you're so affected by your shifting emotions that it warps your memory and perception of things, both current and past. diagnosis or no, heather exhibits a lot of bpd symptoms and these things would make sense to her whereas it comes off as crazy to everyone else.

No. 1860866

Her perception of time has always been not normal.
"I have a rare day off!"

No. 1860907

>looked for any excuse to break up with me
he doesnt need an excuse to break up with you! any reason is valid when you decide not to see a person you've know for 2 fucking weeks. she sees things as transactional the way an incel does, "i did xyz so I'm owed sex" except its "i did xyz so i'm owed a longterm committed relationship".

No. 1860914

>>I’m actually proud of myself

The delusion is real. I hope she gets banned from all her remaining dating apps, because she’s certifiably insane. Further back in the thread, another anon says she’s been posted on local dating groups as someone to avoid - the worst of the madness isn’t even happening where we can see it. What a thought.

No. 1860939

won't give up on love yet she's not willing to sacrifice anything for it, refusing to change, learn or grow. persistence without any sort of effort or thought… that's just belligerence and her efforts will always go to waste because she does not know what it even means to love.
yet, she "won't give up on finding it" and then makes herself the victim by saying no one thinks she deserves it.
i dunno, maybe you shouldn't be asking someone right away if they wanna have kids and maybe first determine if they are even the right person to be the father in the first place. a public fake pregnancy scare to initiate the conversation, nonetheless.
ridiculous! she scares off everyone, maybe she should look at herself, but of course cluster Bs could never.

No. 1860963

>it changed him
Heather you did not even know him oh my god, how can you say he “changed” when you knew him for a week? She could honestly be promoted to /pt/, her fucked up perception of time has her on a daily milk delivery schedule.

No. 1860966

What changed is he realized he was dating someone insane enough to want to raise a baby from a tinder hookup and shit got real scary real fast.
>even if i had to do it alone. I would take care of the entire situation.
Kekkkkk pull my other leg Heather. She has to find an actual retard if she wants someone to believe this mess.

No. 1860971

This makes sense, she flips from one strong emotion to the next and fully rides the emotion and acts it out (I'm worried about nausea - let's do the whole thing where we have a talk about pregnancy and jettison my relationship into the sun)
Possibly medication or therapy could help her to chill and just let emotions pass rather than grabbing each one, immersing herself in the emotion and acting on it to its fullest (see also crying in her car for hours very often) but, well I don't think that is gonna happen anytime soon

No. 1861002


A single woman with a “career” - what part of that even remotely seems logical enough to justify having a baby. Target and career do not go together heather you are an employee ID number to them.

It really feels like she speaking directly to lol cow at this point. I wonder what her followers think when they see her talk as if people are gossiping about her

No. 1861009

>ropes in younger Ryan with promises of sex
>rawdogs him on first date
>fakes pregnancy scare two weeks later, publicly, on Facebook.
>ryan is understandabley concerned about getting baby trapped
>jk, she just forgot when her period happens
>Heather calls it" bad news" that she isn't pregnant
>Ryan is understandabley put off by her weird behavior
>Heather rewrites entire situation for pity points when he ultimately breaks up with her
Does she forget that she already publicly said that her period wasn't late, just that she forgot when it was happening and it was still a week out in the comments of the fb post? Did she forget she called this "bad news"? She's a walking red flag at this point.

No. 1861012

Samefag, but I want to clarify I might seem sympathetic towards babyryan, but he's still a retarded moid for rawdogging a deranged woman he met off a dating app on the first date. He's probably lucky she has "reproduction issues" or he very well could've become babydaddyryan.

No. 1861348

>someone insane enough to want to raise a baby from a tinder hookup
from a tinder hookup with someone else! if she had really been having pregnancy nausea, it would almost certainly have to have been from sex with ClockRyan four weeks previously

No. 1861355

Not to mention, even if you are a single woman with an actual career, having a baby is going to completely torpedo that. Farewell career, hello solo childcare.

No. 1861357

She thought the humblebrag would paint her as "responsible" rather than completely insane kek.

No. 1861375

File: 1688964627701.jpeg (362.07 KB, 828x1433, IMG_2093.jpeg)

30 fucking dollars a week

No. 1861378

>Posts all her unopened responses
This woman is so fucking predictable, it's sad.

No. 1861383

I was thinking about this, actually. Can that anon provide us with some screenshots? It souds hilarious.

No. 1861418

>paying for a dating app
Her desperation is so off-putting to me. And I think it's for off-putting Ryans too. She would have more success in dating if she at least pretended she wasn't desperate.

No. 1861475

why didn't she read any of the messages? That are normal first words to start a conversation, I've had worse first messages on social media from moids. She could at least have a look, talk a little bit with them and if they don't fit, tell them. So much money a week to not even take every chance that she can get?

No. 1861479

what is wrong with any of these? is she just looking for someone to be as crazy as her on the first contact? “oh spooky goth princess, I feel we are soulmates, &c &c”

No. 1861506

KEK HEATHER YOU FUCKING LIAR! If she's had this lifelong RH condition, why did she hop on FB and say these symptoms were "bizarre symptoms I've never had"? Did she never experience any symptoms at all until now when it's convenient for her? Her periods are clearly regular since she was able to suddenly realize she was still within the normal cycle after BabyRyan didn't receive the news well. Not to mention these are still period symptoms and too early to be from pregnancy, which she would have known. I want to believe she isn't flatout lying about reproductive issues just to hide the fact that she lied about the pregnancy in the first place but it's not looking too good. It is Heather afterall. Glad these couple of idiots didn't reproduce together.

No. 1861543

To pretend she's really selective and it's just so hard to find the perfect man. Right after taking the screenshot, she would've been opening and responding to every single one.

No. 1861636

>30 fucking dollars a week
this is exactly what she means when she says she "won't give up" on finding love
just throwing money at dating apps and throwing herself at ryans. she thinks she's actually doing something kek
she needs to fix herself first but she doesn't wanna have that conversation

100% this

No. 1861804

File: 1689031080731.jpeg (1.92 MB, 1179x2100, IMG_5044.jpeg)

Goth queen

No. 1861820

She looks like she belongs in Alabama. She might hav better luck marrying her cousin anyway.

No. 1861838

It’s such a nitpick but I can’t stand when she just says “hi” and “good mourning”. You’re vain as fuck, obviously you just want to post a selfie, just post the selfie.

No. 1861847

File: 1689034045163.jpeg (272.04 KB, 1284x2282, h.jpeg)

Shut the fuck up about the sign

No. 1861856

File: 1689034941591.jpeg (895.61 KB, 828x1514, IMG_2103.jpeg)

No. 1861891

oh, that fucking boring sign again… and why cuddle next to the sign, shall he lie on the floor or what?

yeah, you will find a boyfriend in the next few weeks, you will fuck him without protection, you will fake a pregnancy scare, you will be alone again and maybe, this time, you will be pregnant and a single mother, without friends, money and a brain.

No. 1861939

i want to believe she's doing a little trolling at this point because the way she worded that is so funny it feels ironic on purpose but idk if that's giving too much grace. what if we cuddled under the fucking sign again and we were both girls

No. 1861940

File: 1689040708983.jpeg (399.73 KB, 1284x2282, h2.jpeg)

so quirky

No. 1861956

oooh this arrangement is actually gorgeous to me. those clocks are lovely and really cool. a lot of her displays and collections look cluttered but this is nice. a simple "one of my favorite displays!" or "my doll and clock collection, love how his space came out (smile emoji)" would go such a long way in portraying a confident and happy self assured person deeply enjoying her hobby and having a positive attitude about herself and others. there is so so much insecurity in displaying your creativity or passion and immediately, repeatedly talking about how misunderstood it is and you are. it's so sad to me. there's a reason that kind of "you wouldnt get it" talk is so associated with unhappy angsty teens who haven't learned to like themselves yet and feel defensive constantly

No. 1861961

Yeah I agree it looks OK. But I think it's clean and simplified because it represents a recent relationship and not her own cluttered interest. It's her shrine to him. Eventually she'll cover it up with plants or owls or trains or pocket watches or w.e. when she actually gets over him

No. 1861972

Ngl absolutely love the weird little basket of babies, I just wish she'd shut up about males and imagine the great female friendships she could have

No. 1861990

This whole arrangement is just gorgeous to me. She's good at staging for photos. I second what nonna said >>1861972 if she'd ease up on the desperation, she'd probably have a few genuine friends to appreciate the antiques with. Minus her insufferable ass personality of course. Such a nice collection for someone so miserable and terminally online.

No. 1862008

I see what you’re saying but isn’t this in her bedroom, though? This 33 year old woman has like 40 antique dolls propped up and staring directly at her bed. Collecting antiques isn’t creepy but I do believe the men she brings home would tell her it makes them uncomfortable.

No. 1862015

I think it looks nice for an antique store display or something, but not just arranged this way for her bedroom. Like put the clocks in different parts of the house, hang some of the pictures, hang the stupid fucking cemetery sign even. Don’t just set them up facing the twin bed she sleeps in like they’re for sale.

No. 1862027

those are nice clocks
didn’t ClockRyan give her at least one of those?
have we seen any signs of life from the houseplant jungle lately?

No. 1862033

At this point she's just a white cisgendered closeted bi goth bad girl looking for an of age, consenting alive human male….and she has a very clear option if you catch my drift. Just has to be crazy enough to move to Casper Wyoming on a love mission, which she is so

No. 1862044

I do not catch your drift, who do you mean?

No. 1862047

Despite her U-Haul lesbian LARP Heather would never be able to stomach pussy.

No. 1862058

She means Heather needs to break kingcobrajfs' five year dry spell. It's a rocking good time that's most definitely what's up, toobz.

No. 1862070

Agreed. It's a decent collection, but it's kind of soulless looking to me. I feel like I'm looking at a stall in an antique mall, not someone's bedroom. The cheap white target shelves and empty white walls in >>1861847 really aren't helping either.

No. 1862203

I don’t think three giant clocks together looks nice for a room at all. Her collection could be cool if she toned it down and had less of it. One cool clock, a few dolls, etc. but it’s a big ass hoarded mess.

No. 1862215

agree. but she absolutely has to cram it all into one space so she can take a pic for IG and cry about how weird she is

No. 1862386

but on the plus side she gets to re-enact those holding hands pics in Gettysburg for the (third?) time.

No. 1862482

Kek I hope so. Same stairway, same overlook, same ripped black jeans and Journeys flower Docs, same death grip on NewRyan's unsuspecting limp hand.

No. 1862658

Sorry to the anons that love this arrangement, but it’s giving me claustrophobia. This might look cute in an antique shop window, but it would creep me out a little if my Tinder hookup’s bedroom looked like this. Not because of the spooky goffik ghosts or whatever, but because it looks…obsessive. Oddly sterile & lifeless. It looks like the bedroom of someone who never leaves their house and rearranges their toys all day in lieu of meaningful human relationships, which is exactly what Heather is and does. She’s right that she needs to find someone equally as obsessive as her, normie guys won’t be into this vibe for more than a novelty fling. She’d be a great partner for someone like ClockRyan if she wasn’t so batshit insane.

No. 1862663

I could really root for Heather if she was trolling, or at least displayed a bit of self awareness. On paper an unhinged antique hoarding Target manager who traumatizes random Tinder scrotes by forcing them to re-enact the same toxic relationship over & over (down to identical IG photo shoots) sounds kinda funny and based. She could be an irl Lifetime Movie Channel villain, but then you cut to her crying alone in her car for hours and it’s just sad.

No. 1862786

it does look obsessive, but in an "untreated BPD" way and not a spergy autism way. deep down, heather is a basic bitch. it's been said before, but she engages with all her hobbies in such a superficial way. she's not out there reading up on civil war history or finding out how clock mechanics work, she's just buying and hoarding shit she thinks looks goffic.

I think she would get bored/annoyed with any of those special interest autist ryans real quick if her flings lasted longer than a week kek. because at the end of the day, her dream ryan should have only one obsession, and that's her.

No. 1862787

adding to the last sentence, I think it's very interesting that she doesn't really seem to be into cluster B men who WOULD be that obsessive about her. she only seems to date these harmless dweebs that get scared off quick, which is very unlike a lot of fellow BPD women who seek out men that are equally as unhinged. i don't know if it's an unconscious self-preservation instinct (because those men are actually dangerous) or if it's because she's worried that she won't be able to manipulate and mold them to her wishes so she seeks out guys who are kinda shy and passive.

No. 1862794

I dont know, she seems pretty autistic to me. I know a lot of autistc girls who act the same way, their special interest is mediocre moids that they scare away with a lack of social skills and obsessive behaviour.(armchairing)

No. 1862854

Nta but people aren't "special interests" but with BPD they have this thing called "favorite person." For Heather her fps are the Ryans. And there are other things that point to BPD such as the fear of abandoment, playing the victim, extreme clinginess i.e. she tried to baby trap Ryan etc…

No. 1862903

File: 1689172101872.png (1009.34 KB, 1080x1055, Screenshot_20230712-102528~2.p…)

Just like everyone said, she posts those thirst trap tit pictures for specific Ryan's.

No. 1862905

File: 1689172215711.png (1.84 MB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20230712-102551~2.p…)

These pictures are not it. Especially the one in her blue prairie target dress looking like a corpse

No. 1862908

she carries on about her pictures but does nothing about actually improving her appearance
and then again, her appearance isn’t a problem compared to her totally insane personality

No. 1862948

Mormon aesthetic. Honestly with this collection of pictures BabyRyan shouldn't have even been surprised by the pregnancy talk, this screams boring mental disorder.