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No. 1488831

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Thank you.

Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.
Last thread: >>1445826

No. 1488835

File: 1675361845671.jpeg (324.44 KB, 1024x1024, 3AB13854-4797-4104-ACDE-FFB966…)

To get this thread started I just wanted to share that I hate how the vitamin isle looks like a candy shop. Gummy vitamins are fine if you’re pregnant or can’t swallow vitamins but I can’t stand how companies think we need candy first thing in the morning.

No. 1488845

I get your gripe, but I love gummies because I am so sick of swallowing pills first thing in the morning too. I have gummies, a spray and oil drops, anything different tbh. I think spray is the best method.

No. 1488898

I have a friend who cant swallow pills at all, those could be good for someone like her. I have only seen one type of gummy in my country, most vitamins are only available as pills.

No. 1488901

the sugar helps you absorb the vitamins more quickly since your body processes sugars first.

No. 1488909

>Gummy vitamins
I didn't know this was a thing. Amerifat moment.

No. 1488924

Babe, that's corn syrup solids

No. 1488941

so that's what it's supposed to do? i never noticed a single change when eating these things lol, felt like glorified candy to me.

No. 1488966

90% of them are made of glucose syrup and gelatin. try again.

No. 1488968

yep. it's also more gentle on sensitive stomachs than the capsules.

No. 1489053

If you look at the ingredients you can see they have sugar.

No. 1489061

Fucking vultures. Oh yes, this young girl got brutally killed by her ex, subscribe to true scent to get perfumes every moneth.

This is not a thing where I live, I wonder if they have regulations against making it look like candy.

No. 1489083

I love the nonas always coming through with the vintage borzoi threadpics, love to see it

No. 1489088

I fucking hate that too, the one I hate the most is that podcast "My Favorite Murder". I hate the title alone as it is, but also imagine your family member or loved one is murdered, and then you find out that two women are making money off of talking about their death, and ending their segment with the 'quirky' catchphrase, "Stay sexy, and don't get murdered!!~" It's just so wrong.

No. 1489093

File: 1675377352260.jpg (49.13 KB, 869x519, ugwl95aml8271.jpg)

I think they literally parodied them in the show "Close Enough". Tl;dr woman loves true crime and her friend disappears (she was detoxing from her smartphone addiction), her idols from the podcast insert themselves into the investigation and she is hyped that word will be spread, but they just blame her and her family for murdering the friend without proof. Their catchphrase is "be a babe and don't get snatched".

No. 1489094

No. 1489106

No. 1489108

the whole genre's exploitative but youtube and podcasters really took it to the next level
I still can't believe people have the gall to do cutsey makeup videos while narrating stories of men brutalizing women and children.

No. 1489135

I hate when a food has a month/year expiration date instead of a month/day/year expiration date. I have something that says it expires by "02/2024". Wtf, can I get a day so I can know if I have a few more days to eat it or if it's already bad?

No. 1489146

Samefag, I just realized it's 2023 not 2024…I think.

No. 1489151

Lmao, on spotify one of the ads I keep getting is for a true crime podcast (from my non-Anglo country),and they have dumb nickname for their listeners/fans, the ad starts with something like "Hello, crimers!". Gross and cringe

No. 1489263

File: 1675393533817.gif (1.5 MB, 400x198, violence.gif)


No. 1489274

File: 1675394737589.jpg (82.67 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Last Podcast on the Left is much better than any of that (this opinion is only half due to my crush on Marcus Parks)

No. 1489276

Spotify or youtube attempting to push podcasts on me because I dislike them. I am not on either of them for podcasts.

No. 1489277

LPOTL is one of the worst offenders in this department but they're funny so I give them a pass. They also don't do exclusively true crime, which helps

No. 1489279

ahh ratboy. quite the cutie.
to be on topic i hate when my bed isn't lined up against the wall. nothing worse than lying back in bed and realizing i'm at an angle, it feels wrong

No. 1489285

I wanna lick his face

No. 1489288

Close Enough is actually kinda based

No. 1489310

File: 1675399390013.png (340.54 KB, 372x652, tt.png)

Speaking of podcasts I hate podcast video clips. They have horrible design especially with that ugly cartoon font. I feel like I'm developing ADHD watching them as only 1-2 words appear on screen at a time and every few seconds they're doing cuts and zooms on different faces. Sometimes half the screen is just a video game clip.

No. 1489338

was this the JG quintel show? I loved Regular Show back when it was on tv, maybe I should give it a shot

No. 1489359

Its okay, a more mature(without being raunchy) version of regular show, though its not for everyone as the show is clearly made by and for 30+ year old millennials

No. 1489362

God I can't escape the Calarts noodle art style

No. 1489425

Job interviews. Fuck.

No. 1489709

>le sigh
I want redditors to leave.

No. 1489765

I hate stupid, reckless stunts. Especially when guys do it. It's probably the biggest turn off is some moid doing something reckless. It pisses me off even I'm just seeing some viral clip of it. I think it's a side effect of growing up with idiot brother and step brothers and being held responsible for their retardation

No. 1489926

Even jackass?

No. 1490079

File: 1675478637215.jpeg (67.99 KB, 828x318, 2332A93D-5D95-494C-90B7-01A009…)

Using LGBT(etc) as a blanket term in contexts where it’s clearly imprecise and contextually inappropriate, such as in picrel from an article about a gay guy who fled Russia for Canada. You know, as if “two spirit” people are being persecuted by the Russian government. Just say gay/lesbian ffs

No. 1490386

right? i don't care about the podcasts, they need to stop shoving them at me when all i do on spotify is listen to music

No. 1490389

has anyone else gotten annoyed by this thing i'm noticing recently where multiple celebrities i see on instagram are just reposting reels or tiktoks? not even to their stories like most regular people do, but their actual page. i had to remove the ones i do follow because random videos that were originally from people i don't follow or care about are not what i feel like seeing. i miss when all they did online was promote stuff they took part in.

No. 1490396

ah yes im sure putin is rounding up asexuals as we speak

No. 1490408

Wait, there's a 2 in the acronym now?

No. 1490420

File: 1675517126676.jpg (406.82 KB, 2000x1333, prosvjednici-protiv-molitve-kr…)

I hate it when there's a protest for women's rights and then jackasses like this come in and stay in the front row to get photographed

No. 1490565

File: 1675524314875.jpg (420.01 KB, 1080x1350, MV5BZGJkMDRiOWUtZTMzZC00YzYzLW…)

I hated how Bly Manor interpreted the story The Turn Of The Screw. Despite the original author insisting it's just a ghost story, I really enjoyed the interpritation that it was a psychological thing and I was actually really upset that it was just ghosts in the Bly Manor adaptation. The background ghosts weren't even good in this one compared to Hill House. I feel like too many of the cast got a happy ending and it was mostly the characters I didn't like and felt didn't deserve it but I may be letting my bias misjudge my memory. I absolutely hate it when someone inserts queershit into a non-queershit story. I mean it's fine if someone makes an adaptation into a queer story but I want that shit labeled from day 1 like manga so i can avoid it, thank you.
The well/crack lady's thing was fun but that was literally the only enjoyable part.
I liked the Turning more although it also had some hiccups.

No. 1490632

File: 1675527682877.jpg (39.17 KB, 600x525, 860cadaea3a8aabbd6aba95706c7f8…)

Do I need to say anything?

No. 1490649

Saw one at my boyfriends house and immediately got triggered. I bought him nice pens too reeee

No. 1490659

So now they're mixing mental illness into sexuality??

No. 1490660

Two-Spirit is a native American thing I think that can get you double cancled on twitter.

No. 1490665

I hate the word hubby so fucking much, probably because it's mostly used by tradfags/boymoms.

No. 1490666

feel indifferent to them for writing love them for drawing

No. 1490667

Also reddit pick-mes

No. 1490679

When people say " men can be victims of domestic violence and rape too ", as if it's some sort of privilege that violence against women is more talked about, and not just a consequence of how common it is.

No. 1490683

People only do that to try and silence women, to make them stop talking about serious issues.

No. 1490686

They don't understand optics. Now all the right leaning news outlets can use them as amazing proof of female decadence or whatever because of a handful of queerio larping teens with aliexpress elf ears that wanted to be on the frontline. It's so embarrassing for us.
I wish there was an actual radfem organization in our country that was active, I'd join. Afaik one was started up two years ago or so but nothing came out of it?

No. 1490719

It’s not even a real Native American thing, it was invented by a white guy in like 1990

No. 1490736

I would fight for our rights if I stayed, but I had so many shitty experiences with gynecologists and doctors that I'm gonna move to another country. I know it's a loser's attitude and pessimistic, but to change anything you have to be rich and lick everyone's ass in politics.

No. 1490744

Related, I hate people who try to force American concepts onto other countries. For example, Americans and non-Americans alike using the term BIPOC in reference to European countries. Indigenous Europeans are overwhelmingly white so it just sounds retarded. It’s bizarre to see people who claim to want to constantly educate themselves about these issues being so blatantly fucking ignorant and lazy.

No. 1490747

It's super retarded to talk about white privilege when you have eastern european countries that are 99% white but were opressed by others and used as slaves. There's also Italy and Spain who they don't know whether to call white but their countries have rich histories, the whole skin color debate is basically stupid here.

No. 1490772

scrotum havers

No. 1490796

Who is the one doing the forcing/expecting it? Not being rude genuinely curious

My related hate is when people bash Americans for talking about race politics in our country within our own context. Like no ofc us taking about reparations for black people or the way certain brown people get treated with racism isn’t going to make sense if your country didn’t deal with that. You constantly shouting about American’s idea of race not making sense does not actually help poc, it just sounds like you’re trying to shut down conversations that we need to have. You sound like the level of ignorant you are always accusing burgers of being.

No. 1490814

NTA but I never saw somebody applying that logic to POC in America, because it's obvious your issues are still present in the system.

As for the rest of the world- America basically controlls the mainstream Internet and English became the lingua franca online. We are constantly seeing American and UK politics on social media and the pop culture industry is 99% American as well. Young people see the messages you discuss in your movies and songs all the time and we form opinions on them, but it takes maturity to form your own stances and not just parrot others. The hip modern culture here is listening to all those messages, and even in south eastern asia you will see teens talk on twitter about trans talking points they learned on the English internet.

So tl;dr: boomers see zoomers parroting everything they see on netflix and think they have no brain of their own

No. 1490818

Just learned about the phrase "queer platonic" and i fucking hate it. why does everything have to have some shitty label? What is the end game? you arent special for being gay and having a gay friend. even though i doubt anyone that uses that phrase is actually gay

No. 1490822

>Indigenous Europeans are overwhelmingly white
You mean they're exclusively white, by definition, right? What's funny is that to Americans, "Asians" seems to only refer to "East and South East Asians", they think all Africans look exactly like West Africans but call White people with one Black great-grandparent Black, yet they don't get that people like Moroccans or Sudanese people are also native, indigenous Africans for the most part. They legit don't know how to read a map and apparently most don't know that the word "hamburger" comes from the German city of Hamburg and isn't a reference to ham. They think languages that evolved for centuries or even millenias are racist because they either have only a neutral grammatical gender (like Finnish or Chinese) or because they have strict rules and only two grammatical genders (like French or Spanish). I don't want to hear about the country that elected braindead TV celebrities as their presidents fucking twice.

No. 1490823

Kinda related but I hate how ACAB has made its way in our language when we've had our own fuck the cops for decades lol.

No. 1490877

File: 1675541739993.webm (7.16 MB, 576x1024, huh.webm)

I hate how autism is a trend and how doing normal things is now considered stimming

No. 1490883

I hate how most of the men I find attractive are gay but it’s only because they actually put in the bare minimum effort into their looks.

No. 1490891

I'm not western but my eyes roll anytime I see "western women" basically become the social media buzzword to villianize women. The funniest part is that people who do this contradict themselves greatly, they'll glorify Eastern European women for requiring more from their relationships but shit on western women for doing the same or mock them for having no standards after they were just negged to lowering their standards on the floor. They hate western women for "sleeping around" then glorify countries where prostitution is through the roof or women there are just as slutty. They hate western single moms then go to the Philippines or something to pick up single moms

No. 1490892

Oh don't worry, they hate all women. "Are you from Russia" is codeword for "are you a whore" in Asia when they ask white women. A lot of those chud types think eastern european women are poor blow up dolls that will stay for money and be treated like shit.

No. 1490893

Lol this. When I was in high school the guy who was considered the hot one was literally just the only guy who dressed nice and didn't wear cargo shorts, basketball shorts or sweatpants to school. He had terrible acne and was out of shape. Is it truly that hard for them to just put on something flattering?

No. 1490903

File: 1675543454545.jpeg (50.63 KB, 826x344, 988DA5D8-ACEB-4BF3-969D-268FF7…)

women who show no female solidarity for women who have experienced infidelity are blessedly privileged to be unburdened by the act and need to show some respect instead of immediately assuming vindication should be afforded to the other woman

>she probably didn’t know

>it’s not her responsibility
>she doesn’t owe you anything

no one ever says this shjt when a man takes issue with another man for fuckinf his wife and everyone is happy to call him a scumbag but somehow women who knowingly destroy lo bf term unions are harmless fairies who simply did not know better ~uwu

oh so you’re gonna tell me she didn’t see my dressing table? the framed fuckinf pictures of us? or more importantly the immaculate state of my house?

fuck off she is just as much of a despicable delusional cuntress as he is. why am i not allowed to be mad at her for literally ruining my house and making it so i had to abandon and sell my own house? it’s called home wrecking for a reason

No. 1490906

by extension why do you dumb shitforbrains smugretard assume that i’m NOT mad at HIM or holding him accountable? you don’t KNOW me

No. 1490911

…because we know how it is in reality…

No. 1490926

I've been on both sides and I agree. The worst one are people to assume there's something wrong with the woman being cheated on
>Maybe she had a bad personality though??
>Should've lost weight of course her man wants something new
>Well she chose him anyway, she should take accountability on why she didn't see red flags
>Did she have sex with him enough though?
It's so bizarre to me people see women in a rough spot and it almost seems like second nature to make her out to be like there's something wrong with her or how she's the bad one meanwhile people will justify women literally being murdered if she cheated on a man on the past. No one will ever justify women's cheating like how they rather die than hold men accountable

No. 1490928


No. 1490929

you misunderstood the post. this is not about women getting blamed for being cheated on, this is about people not blaming women enough for homewrecking while only putting the blame on the boyfriend/husband

No. 1490942

I completely agree with you on this. a few months ago I had a conversation with one of my friends about this subject and she said something like "it's not the woman's fault even if she knows it because it's the guy who owes loyalty". okay i understand the guy is more to blame but if you flirt with a man who is committed you are not a good person either (and has very low self-esteem). After that conversation I was never able to see her the same way again.

No. 1490946

"Assessments" when applying for jobs. I get that it's weeding out the retards (general insult) but still. Fuck off Target. It's not that serious and most Target employees look at you like they wish you would kill yourself in front of them so like what's the point of hammering home the "BE KIND AND GRACIOUS TO CUSTOMERS" thing. I had a Target employee literally cut me off and tell me she "didn't need to hear all that" (KEK) when I was asking for an exchange. The retard did a return instead. Those assessments sure do seem to be working!!

No. 1490947

i have the lowest moral character of anyone i know and i still wouldn’t fuck someone else’s husband/bf because who the fuck DOES THAT

No. 1490955

As they should. Other women can definitely be snakes though. Although it's funny when men end up dating the other woman and it blows up in both of their face as if it's a great idea to date someone who fucks around with other girls or fucks men who know are in relationships

No. 1490958

Every store that does this is understaffed as hell. My local CVS has an application alone of like 3-5 hours, all which unpaid and you're not even guaranteed a job, not even an interview or call back I think either. Any "understaffed" chain 100% did it to themselves

No. 1490959

If a woman somehow makes your Nigel cheat on you she's doing you a favor by exposing him as a scrote that will inevitably cheat one day. Don't settle for unloyal scrotes.

No. 1490960

Nta but I was briefly unknowingly “the other woman” (I was naive and he was a compulsive liar). When I found out, I became immediately repulsed by the guy. Not because I’m so moral, more like an instinctive disgust. Same feeling when I found out my boyfriend had a side chick. All attraction instantly gone. Mind blowing that some people must feel the total opposite.

No. 1490963

i know? this woman walked into my house? saw my dressing table and framed pics of us? and fucked the love of my life in my fuckinf house? she is a whore who should be shot

No. 1490964

I knew a girl from work who was absolutely delusional in thinking she's some femme fatale and men simply ~can't help falling for her~. Babe, it's flirting. You're flirting with them, and some are trashy enough to see it as an invitation to cheat. She complained that girls hate her because she's just soooo pretty and can't help it that they're all jealous of her lmao.

I made the mistake of asking my bf to bring me something to work once and she just kept trying to get his attention. It didn't work obviously, but it's humiliating enough to me that I didn't do it again. Women don't hate you because they're threatened, they hate you because you're a bitch who clearly doesn't care about other people's boundaries or feelings as long as you get yours. Reminds me of pickmes who hide behind feminism when they're called out on being snakes.

Is the man to blame if he cheats? For sure, hang him by the balls for all I care, but there's no brand of glue on this planet that will have me defending shitty women like this for any reason.

No. 1490966

kek thats exaclty what my friend said >>1490942 by that logic if you were on the street and I killed you I would be doing the world a favor because you are so innocent and fragile that you were going to be killed anyway someday. natural selection! Im pretty sure darwin supported home wreckers

No. 1490971

I was just watching a video about a lady, Penelope Jackson and her husbands were total pieces of shit and aggressive, and she got every one by making them cheat, one even disowned his children and his son killed himself

Never get together with a cheater, I was about to say she had it coming but she actually stabbed her last husband to death because he was rude, kinda based ngl

No. 1490992

I knew a girl who'd blast homewrecker by marina and diamonds on repeat and took pride in fucking men in relationships. She was convinced she just had some magic in her pussy or something when she did majority of effort to get with these men, including driving to them. She had an STD scare every other week and lost majority of her friend group and was surprised when none of these moids wanted to be serious with her. It's so fucking tragic moids glamorized being "the other woman" while complaining about women not wanting relationships anymore. Although I do envy the women who are able to detach themselves from sexual partners that easily because moids simply aren't worth being attached to anymore.

No. 1491006

explain? i used these pens all the time

No. 1491007

I'm laughing so hard at the spoilered part.

No. 1491008

Idk about other nonas but I think they suck. They're so thick and cheap and shitty and the ink smears and smells weird. I only like .38 size pens honestly

No. 1491017

They get clogged over nothing and their life is really short, the ones with that polygonal shape are not comfortable to hold.

No. 1491018

File: 1675551106841.jpg (159.69 KB, 1000x665, fountainpen_181026392.jpg)

All pens suck, fountain pen is the only way to go.

No. 1491055

My mom got with a guy she met while she was married to her ex husband and he was married too, they cheat on each other and he threw her out of a moving truck on the rez. At night.

No. 1491081

File: 1675556634917.jpg (45.8 KB, 425x574, 81YWamV0JmL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

Not all ballpoint pens are made equal. I use picrel and i will never use anything else. Just a dollar too.

No. 1491088

These are the best for drawing. t. drawn in pen for hours everyday for most of my life.

No. 1491108

Yessss I love drawing with ball point pens, they’re so much fun.

No. 1491112

File: 1675559477211.jpg (163.88 KB, 691x691, cute-couple-in-romance-illustr…)

I hate how influencers have to share their relationships. It looks stupid when they break up and almost ALWAYS they involve themselves too much in each others content. Most of the time one of them is obviously a clout chaser who's riding on their partners coattails.
Specific detail is when the one with less subs draws their OCs hugging together and insists that their partner use their fan art in their pfp.

Absolutely no identity other than "Partner of famous influencer"
I don't mind if they say "I'm dating" or "married" but anything more than that will always be a lil cringy unless it's a relationship blog

No. 1491114

File: 1675559737570.jpeg (276.19 KB, 707x686, CE319855-C640-4ED4-99B7-DACDBE…)

This style of makeup

No. 1491116

Christ anon, put a spoiler on this jumpscare next time. I almost thought this was one of those weak ass "why don't you femoid looks like this" threads.

No. 1491119

I don’t even like when regular non-influencer ppl do that. 9 out of 10 times when they post way too much about their relationship it’s just overcompensating for how unhealthy it is irl. I assume it’s like 10x worse with “famous” couples.

No. 1491128

People who watched specific cartoons in their youth and are insufferable about it, like 90s Batman or Avatar.

No. 1491134

Right? I notice the people with the more healthy and stable relationships don't say much about it because they don't feel the need to do so. That and having a life outside their partner so they don't really have time to advertise as "So and so's" partner

No. 1491139

Reminds me of every Persian woman living in Hollywood/Beverly Hills ever

No. 1491147

Why? She looks cute

No. 1491153

nta but it looks like that shitty e-girl/belle delphine style

No. 1491157

samefag but that reminds me: i fucking hate the oval lipstick trend. what ever happened to cupid's bow?

No. 1491235

File: 1675568820863.jpg (10.06 KB, 482x492, 41oeaphM EL._AC_SY780_.jpg)

if it's not a 0.7mm pilot g2 why even bother?

No. 1491240

seconded. They're my favorite.

No. 1491245

I hate banks and going to the bank. Actually, I hate anything that reminds me that I have responsibilities.

No. 1491262

On a similar note, I hate going to the post office.

No. 1491284

I hate the fetish dinosaur in /m/

No. 1491290

The what now

No. 1491293

No. 1491297

File: 1675575063151.jpg (Spoiler Image, 913.55 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230205-022759_Chr…)

No. 1491308

File: 1675579210592.jpg (54.03 KB, 640x358, 1628362483475.jpg)

I hate how fucking expensive everything is getting

No. 1491311

Excluding small town bigots, tribes in Africa or niche places, women are the only group that gets so much widespread hate. I've seen so many women post or do the most innocent things on the internet or even IRL and get an unreasonable amount of hate in reaction to it. I've never seen this sort of reaction for disabled people, gays, or other races. Even then if you're black/Arab/Latino/etc you can easily get on redneck white people's side by acting sophisticated/snooty or just fitting in with them, as someone who is Arab myself. There's absolutely zero winning with women, everyone always has something to complain about women over. Meanwhile it's perfectly fine to discuss alive and well racism even though non white people in the western world have all their rights but people magically can't understand why we aren't allowed to discuss sexism because women have all their rights

No. 1491320

Women are the class that scrotes benefit the most from oppressing and it's a universally acknowledged benefit (free labour, miniature kingdom to rule/take out their control and aggression issues on so they do not contest and try to take the resources of moids in higher positions, etc.). For history they have coped that their treatment of women is somehow justified because to realise that it isn't is to shatter the myth of their specialness/superiority/right to rule.

No. 1491368

I thought it was weird when I first came across it, but it's grown on me. I can put it on the other monitor while I do other things, but I also have something to look at if I do want to focus on the video.

I think the concept itself is kind of hilarious, especially with the sponsorships and advertisements. It's such a contrast between the content that is being covered and the way the coverage looks I can't help but smile.

That's usually on foods that have long shelf life. I'd guess they do it because +- a few weeks doesn't really matter. Shelf life isn't "after day X this is poison", it's more "under the stated storage conditions this will last AT LEAST until this date", and that's not a very precise estimate to begin with.

No. 1491371

File: 1675592584825.png (217.83 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20230205-015020.png)

I hate schizophrania and think- aloud schizophrenia ensuring I'll always be in human slavery.

Because I made a whole Instagram post saying someone schizophranically told me my dad didn't draw Clarissa and now they are, once again, saying that he did.

I wouldn't wear green fabric for Trey Parkers nigger wife to feel better or to have better job opportunities. She might have dug her hole on raising girls to follow the human centipede. I don't want to wear semen. I don't like life at all. And she would kill me if I was a cute cat. Probably for meth.

He's not ravenclaw so meth could mean not paralysis. I did not raise this man and I am a Gryffindor myself. Stealing coffee and slavelabor and selling tapes and people cutting our limbs off I can see why he might have labeled me a lost cause at 9. I look large am just sick and hate everything.

I'm already in slavery to Nigerians whether they came to America illegally or DID fucking hurt a toddlers/girl/bunch/animals on the side because people are evil and pay for it cough Hydra L'Oreal (they already made a lot of money maybe more then Mr comedy) (YouTube lawsuit, fuck it some rich Americans do nothing)

I'm not going out on the cross to be Trey Parkers wife and I think my cats is a whole lot less to feed if we are cloning our own meat and wearing clothing from universal studios.

No. 1491374

i swear to god, it's crazy.

No. 1491376

File: 1675592842696.gif (33.63 KB, 500x397, 1673364211296.gif)

SCHIZOANON YOU'RE BACK! I love you! I hope you're doing alright, and I hope you find help and have good food now without the liquid fart. Try not to dox yourself, alright? It'll just get you banned again.

No. 1491381

File: 1675593487459.png (220.68 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20230205-022534.png)

Anyways the Bertie botts beans and Unilever there was fart in everything and so much poisoned water I'm told by schizophrania I'm in a neighborhood where they roast things alive AND too reach out and try to delegate without really liking anyone or anything with out the right caffeine and sleeping pills which could be 4h according to Disney??? Can somebody reach the Clintons?? ASPCA or google should reach out to my abuse case

I wish you all animal rights nightmares and celibacy (this might lead to bombs)

I can see where paralysis and anger get you. It's just hate. How many of you science girls were told to memorize the formula for yourself.

I was told nothing but to learn math and to try to save man I was often disgusted by. He was a retard. One retard man and his fucking wife on how much attention she "might need". I look at their photos and don't trust the safety of their child/children.

I don't see myself equal to Trey Parker and hope he loves her and the Google accusations at the lawsuit.

If he doesn't love her his child OR life… Shit I don't love anything either. He looks retarded and the kind of people God made that way to seem submissive is a slavey lesson and I hate it.

No. 1491383

Thank you, can't post to much.

I don't trust the local lawyer with the billboards and he might have counted on Sarah Lynn money meaning he never got his fantasy

No. 1491385

I get that you have schizophrenia but you should know that you will get banned again if you keep posting wordsalads and doxxing yourself and your social media accounts… you could make a containment thread on /ot/ where you just post your rants or something because I can imagine that the janinas will ban you if you post here. I really hope you get help schizoanon, it's been a while. Do your parents try to contact you? Are they aware of things?

No. 1491387

> if you keep posting wordsalads and doxxing yourself and your social media accounts
KEK sorry this is a very sad situation to witness, but the way you put that is just so cute.

No. 1491414

Sorry that I have it ON THE BOOKS that I won't be raised for Jacobs fantasy if they filled California for people who like limbless sex dolls or women who are infinitely sick otherwise.

Sorry that I have valid concerns that run local lol

I hate slavey life and I think that's a bit more relevant to reality then ummmmm….. Saying the purge should not involve humane euthanasia but they'll deliver fake pills.

I've added up enough points at the hospital to not care if I think Matt stone swallows mice or owns the Seaquarium.

If either of them get roasted alive it's for not supporting humane death or giving a child a phone for the personal visit. Or that he never thought we should "make formula fun" or stand up to do it.

The lawyers won't help me. Nobody helps me I just want to die in the most humane way. There is nothing for the life but slavey and men and women I hate.

He might just die on the unkind note. Probably with the thought that smart women would infinitly hurt his "disability man".

I'd let it happen for humane death with a permanent pause on how much I hear this retard screwed up and is screaming that he isn't evil and doesn't know the formula for science in useful.

With body dysphoria why wouldn't the human model for happiness look like uhhh Sarah Lynn who can stand up and go to the gym. Other woman are victims too look at the speaking I can do.

No. 1491420

Your replies sound like someone put all lolcow posts on an artifical intelligence robot and then told the bot to make believable posts using the info

No. 1491435

shut up or go back to the tinfoil thread schizo

No. 1491542

File: 1675611866543.jpg (108.92 KB, 720x960, 20230205_124418.jpg)

I hate when Europeans (it's almost always euros) put me in a position where I feel I must argue in favour of burgers. Normally I hold very anti american sentiments and mock them for the littlest things. Most commonly, it happens with racial discussions in which they'll basically go "but what about the oppressed europeans?", sometimes things aren't about you. As an outsider from both perspectives, it can so hard to take euros seriously. Like seeing them criticizing burgers for considering a mixed person black because of their looks, as if that person wouldn't be seen as black or even discriminated in europe, you dont ask people their racial makeup, you just look at them and go on automatic. I could go on about this, but the main point is I just want to shit on the usa for being imperialist pigs with garbage media and fat, stop making me defend them. I hate gringos.

No. 1491544

Usually I consider most of the takes in this thread valid but
>I hate these people but have to defend them!
Anon, this is unhealthy seething. Just have your own opinion independent of shit.

No. 1491546

No, hating americans is a civic duty. But so is hating euros.

No. 1491553

File: 1675613152326.jpeg (33.93 KB, 500x285, D88DFDB3-DE73-4823-B7B4-B4530A…)

No. 1491565

I hate America as a concept but not Americans(expect American liberals)

No. 1491576

I HATE when people face tragedy and one of their first thoughts is to turn it into some lavish social media bit.
A long time mutual of mine's cat got diagnosed with a fatal disease and immediately she went over the top on his journey to being cured, just for social media. She's placing cameras in this cat's face while getting shots. She's posing for the camera with this cat after he's getting shots. She's got cutesy music to go along with her videos. She made a binder to journal everything and made it "cute" so it looks all put together for social media. It pisses me off so much. Even more than her bragging about how much Botox saved her life because she didn't like the way her chin looked. Her chin looks so static now, you can tell it's not of her own natural body. Social media is a fucking disease.

No. 1491608

I hate washing my hair so much. It takes around an hour, I have a lot of wavy hair that need shampoo, conditioner, brushing, mousse and a really long time drying with a diffuser and then a minor retouch with a straightener. It’s boring as shit because I can’t even watch YouTube during it because I can’t hear it because of the noise. I can’t air-dry because it takes me literal hours and I hate the feeling of wet hair. I hate it so much, hate getting up an hour earlier and then be barely on time.

No. 1491630

File: 1675620964232.png (527.52 KB, 759x604, mangaplots.PNG)

Manga that has no substance beyond fetish and coom like pic related.

No. 1491634

Went to a con. Half of the cosplay were that retard power from csm.i fucking hate new anime

No. 1491660

What? What was that? I hope that waste of space of a manga is only 2 pages long.

No. 1491689

File: 1675626556377.gif (2.06 MB, 500x281, 1662137873144873.gif)

I hate when a sex novel gets a fucking T for Teens rated adaptation. Like who the fuck thinks the novel got popular for its not-sex plot? I hate it so fucking much.
One example is this korean webcomic i cant remeber the name of, has a scene where
>Female lead breaks into stepbrother Male lead's room
>finds his diary about how he's almost certain she caused their parent's deaths
>he comes in and starts wacking it to her underwear calling out her name, etc.
>this developes into an inappropriate romance
But the adaptation had
>Female lead breaks into stepbrother Male lead's room
>finds his diary about how he's almost certain she caused their parent's deaths
>he comes in and starts kissing a sword calling out her name
And I stopped reading right there be ause that was such a stupid change I refused to continue, so I have no idea if they ever tied it up in the end or how the fuck they did if they removed all the sex.
A similar thing is when the adaptation just skips the fucking sex scenes. Like
>yup this couple sure is having a bunch of exciting sex very often
>too bad you can't see it though cuz kts always offscreen lol
I hate it so much

No. 1491753

I hate new anime so much. I feel like I haven't seen anime in general in years. Even my friends who are in their 30s only watch new anime and I'm the only one who doesnt, so it's weird now. It's all coom fodder now or crappy remakes no one asked for.

No. 1491757

I hate people who listen to music in public buses or trains without headphones.

No. 1491804

It's to mimic Bratz lips, or a blow-up doll.

No. 1491811

File: 1675635089504.jpeg (15.71 KB, 647x607, 1670102136372769.jpeg)

No. 1491827

Schizo minds pretty much disintegrate over the course of their illness. It looks funny/goofy, but it's actually very depressing if you know what's behind that word salad.

No. 1491830

I hate it when LC glitches when I try to reply and makes an entirely new thread and I look like a retard. It’s happened several times now when I’ve never had this problem in 4 years.

No. 1491837

Same, this site hasn't been working well for a while. It's taking me 5 minutes to load a 500kB webm the fuck

No. 1491843

limelips ? kek

No. 1491845

File: 1675637788302.png (131.87 KB, 281x348, 1629392297005.png)

Reminder that this is what Lucinda wants to larp as.

No. 1491849

File: 1675638303330.jpeg (108.41 KB, 736x981, F90298CA-7E32-46F8-BC61-20DB28…)

I was in this thread I swear!!!!!! This art style still sucks though.

No. 1491850

The duality of ftms
> I'm actually a sensitive man, and there's nothing wrong with that, break down the gender stereotypes that tell men its wrong to be sensitive or to cry or to like certain things! Boys are pretty, boys can cry. Fuck the rules
> Somebody thought they were complimenting me but see they used the wrong word. You can only compliment me by calling me handsome, using any other word is too feminine and it invalidates muh..

No. 1491853

I use mangadex too and it's front page has become garbage ever since the redesign, less because of mangadex itself and more because of the garbage userbase. I wonder if I am viewing the past with rose coloured glasses, because it does feel like there used to be less coomer manga trending years ago (and I mean in manga websites in general, not just mangadex) and the coomer manga that were popular didn't seem to be as ugly and derivative.

No. 1491856

I thought she was an actual schizo, didn't she get a diagnosis and shit?

No. 1491862

>synopsis: Eroko-san, a 25 year old pervert who can't tell delusion from reality chases after unsuspecting highschooler who she strips naked on first meeting

No. 1491883

this is a shitty one shot doujin, not a real published manga.

No. 1491925

This. It also wouldn't surprise me if femicide or other forms of female oppression was our future in the west that would be brushed under the rug because ~the law says we have all our rights and men go to prison more~ or some stupid shit like that

No. 1491990

You've got to be the first person in my life I've seen complaining about there not being enough sex scenes in movies kek

No. 1491995

My last ex was 3 years younger than me and people made me feel like a creep even though we met in college. I’m 27 for fuck’s sakes, my mom asked me if I liked younger men but if I was a moid no one would’ve ever bat an eye.

No. 1491998

Feels like a moid post tbh

No. 1492005

Moids aren't the only people who enjoy sex.

No. 1492025

I read smut novels for the sex scenes nonna and hearing they neutered the smut in an adaptation is like hearing they made a lame live action adaptation of a comic with beautiful art

No. 1492045

File: 1675655620147.jpeg (120.8 KB, 720x1280, C0CE27ED-0407-4F42-B8E4-D93557…)

What tik tok considers “alt”
Its all so ugly and cheap looking

No. 1492048

It's all an "identity" now, not a hobby.

No. 1492056

My boyfriend chews with his mouth open when he eats and it drives me absolutely insane. I've tried to bring it up subtly to not be mean about it, but he forgets and just goes back to doing it. I think I have misophonia or something

No. 1492060

I think it's best to have an open conversation about it with him, so he understands what the issue is. Otherwise he'll just get annoyed because you constantly nag him about something that as far as he knows doesn't matter.

No. 1492064

They don't even go outside like this either, i've seen zoomers in pinterest comments admit to this. Consoomerism has officially ruined the alt community.

No. 1492066

I know I sound like a boomr but idk, it's honestly both tragic and hilarious how tiktokers completely miss the point of the alt cultures they try to mimic. People who wore jfashions did it to express themselves and not impress internet randoms for likes and jump on every trend. There are some zoomers who unironically dress and call themselves mall goths and idolize it, not realizing that it used to be a description for obnoxious teenage "posers" who just consume.

No. 1492067

whyyyyy are all images taking so long to load on lolcow? This started to happen to me within the past month or so and I'm finally cracking. What the fuck is happening nonas?

No. 1492077

It drives me nuts too. Forever to expand a pic so I can read the tiny text for ants and even longer to load video. Cut my life into pieces.

No. 1492083

This is too funny, I’m surprised being an “unironic poser” isn’t a subculture yet

No. 1492085

Everything you ever love will eventually be bastardised into cringe by a teenager and so the important thing is to never love anything.

Honestly interested to see what's new in the future because everything just repeats now, piercings and tattoos are mainstream, so where do we go from here? I guess trooning out is the new alt lifestyle trend. Or that weird bleached eyebrow thing.

No. 1492088

I have to choose the pics I want to see with so much caution. Loading a 400 kb photo? Woah, it better be worth it!

So it's not just me, thanks for the reassurance, beautiful. Now I'm even more pissed.

No. 1492097

Yeah that started after the site came back I think. The newmins acknowledged it exists, but apparently they can't do anything about it right now.

No. 1492117

did the new admin switch hosts??

cut my life into pieces this is my last resort

No. 1492296

I found opening the image in a new tab loads it way faster somehow

No. 1492298

File: 1675697804330.jpg (1.1 MB, 1158x1718, Nara.jpg)

yoshitomo nara and his art

No. 1492303

They cant afford anything of quality and continue to shop on Shien. I saw this person posting how she was going to transform her niece into a goth for a day, but her entire look and wardrobe was tik tok tier polyester garbage. These idiots dont know quality over quantity.

No. 1492305

None of these bitches would have the guts to do outside in alt. I used to get bullied on my way to the goth club in alt wear, but nah, now they are taking photos inside their weeb rooms and then taking it off after they are done. I have more respect for mall goths.

No. 1492320

Ita has always existed, Anon.

No. 1492323

same tbh. never got the hype

No. 1492332

such a waste of oxygen and water to sustain this trash

No. 1492345

i don't like people who get offended when you talk about the picture of their food they posted into a food group. You don't even have to say something mean or even constructively criticize. They get offended when they post something chceesy and you say "this food is good without cheese as well", just an example, and they flip out and start to say that you are envious of their food and you yourself can't say that some food is good and some isn't, because you aren't the ultimate food authority! Like bitch of course it's a fucking OPINION but why should i speak like a robot and say "in my opinion… that doesn't matter to anybody.. so don't get offended pls…". WTF. Why are they so sensitive about food? if i post something i love and somebody says it looks disgusting why should i worry? i know it's good for me.

No. 1492370

>alright nonners, I’ll be there at 3pm!
>shows up 30min to an hour early

No. 1492371

I hate the fact that when i watch youtube on my phone i get bombarded with temu ads. I should really stop watching youtube on my phone.

No. 1492380

use youtube revanced it's ad free

No. 1492387

I don't get people who throw a heap of cheese onto just about any meal you can think of. I like cheese but damn.

No. 1492443

Congrats to all the Hogwards Legacy buyers who made it a political point to buy a game that features a mtf troon Butterbeer.

No. 1492558

File: 1675719675366.jpeg (93.77 KB, 1000x1000, 2599E487-8EBB-452F-AF16-EBF7C4…)

These earrings are very cute and I like the uncut style but they’re fucking $238 dollars still? I’d be willing to drop around a hundred at most for barely processed stones.

No. 1492565

…What are they supposed to be? A starfish gripping a piece of glass?

No. 1492571

File: 1675720354534.jpeg (109.65 KB, 1366x768, BCDF6633-846B-4D7F-B34A-E409D4…)

The brand just has more organic looking jewelry versus traditionally cut gemstones which I really like the look of but hate the price

No. 1492587


No. 1492588

Wait what lmao

No. 1492591

I had one do that yesterday and it fucking hurt. It's the worst.

No. 1492597

The way I see it, I'm grateful she caught his attention because she revealed how weak and disloyal he is, and saved me from wasting more time on him. But I also look down on her for knowingly homewrecking in the first place. I can acknowledge that my bf is worse for being disloyal while still having no respect for the other woman as a human being.

No. 1492610

File: 1675723868616.jpeg (298.59 KB, 1200x1200, 9785ECC0-A60C-4226-9367-697935…)

They fall off so easily and I’ve lost keychains because of them. It sucks because they can LOOK cute but they’re not secure REEEEEEE

No. 1492618

No. 1492637

Coconut water is just gross. I had never tired some before so i bought a little bottle to try it out in a smoothie and I hate it. I pissed my smoothie doesn't taste as good as it typically does and it seems to be pacifying the taste of the pineapple.

No. 1492643

I love coconut water, but I guess it's only good if it's fresh. The couple of times I bought it bottled, it tasted vile. Fresh ones can be hit or miss because you can't know how sweet it'll be, but even when it's tasteless, it doesn't taste horrible like bottled ones.

No. 1492651

I was a firm coconut hater until it clicked the 3rd or 4th time I gave it a try and now I love it.

No. 1492652

The color ones are pretty, I wasn't really feeling the clear ones. Those are like gemstones.

No. 1492653

>Sirona is literally voiced by a male
My fucking sides

No. 1492656

No. 1492698

I dont feel strongly enough about and of this for it to really be hate per se but there is nary a single thimbleful of charisma between Sam Smith and Kim Petras combined and any time I see them perform it just reminds me of how we are overinflating mediocrity and laying the groundwork to have really shit loweffort music for the next decade. Also Sam Smith moves like a re-animated set of five ham hocks slowly rotating on conjoined toothpicks and I hate it so much, he moves slower and stiffer than Mariah Carey and has none of the talent or iconic energy. None of this means anything but the celebrities thread is at limit and I keep seeing those two underwhelming broads and on top of that watching Harry styles constantly look so pleased with himself for doing the bare minimum is making me roll my eyes.

No. 1492709

Doesn't matter anyway troons hate it and probably see it the correct way, pandering but not the pandering they like because the game is connected to JKR. It could be all tranny characters and they'd for once see pandering towards them and how empty it all is.
Buying the game makes them rage so Troon character or not, I think it's much bigger imo. We also know the devs just wanted to throw trannys a bone because they were probably scared troons would cause them to flop. Which it didn't because I see the game got good reviews so far and it's q Harry Potter game. Even people whining about transphobia online probably brought it in real life. The whole thing has become much bigger then a tranny character.

No. 1492710

File: 1675736943068.jpg (102.87 KB, 1080x475, Screenshot_2023-02-07-03-21-46…)

I hate the internet's obsession with using bigger words. It's no longer pretty it's "aesthetically appealing", it's no longer child it's "minor", it's no longer parody it's "satire", saying "[blank] culture" when you want to describe a specific phenomenon. In the case of aesthetic and satire it's almost used wrong too. What is the goal with this?

No. 1492783

Most of the words you posted aren't "big" words. Minor is a broader term than child and I think that's why it is used. Many people don't view a 16 year old as a child. I think it's just part of language evolution. People are way more specific with aesthetics nowadays so it makes sense they're not satisfied calling something only "pretty" even if that word would suffice. I remember when everything was needlessly abbreviated on the internet so it's a welcome change even if true. It is annoying seeing people misuse words and use incorrect grammar when they're obviously trying not to, though.

we used 2 type lik dis even about srs subjects lol. u kno? the abrevations almost created distance b/t thought and user in a way.

No. 1492786

Men only come out the woodwork to talk about how much they like small or saggy boobs/butt when it's women using it as a reason to not sexualize them or calling themselves unattractive. If women feel good about their body while having "small" breasts or butt they feel like it's their life mission to bring them down over it

No. 1492794

File: 1675743248863.jpg (137.98 KB, 1439x1034, Screenshot_20230206_221340_You…)

This poll for multiple reasons

No. 1492814

I hate that the new way to "compliment" women is to basically beat around the bush out of everything but calling her beautiful. "Stay focused boys" = she has a nice body. "She has good form" = she's beautiful. Or the very weird sexual comments like just spamming "mommy". Or when everyone acts like there's something wrong about wanting to feel happy about your physical appearance

No. 1492817

Same. I think this use of language went hand in hand with everything getting political.

No. 1492821

I don't see what you mean. From my observation the only thing that has changed about the internet is that people type how they talk nowadays and there is less abbreviated speech. Those words are part of the vocabulary of most English speakers, at least those who use English as their primary language in person.

No. 1492826

2010-2015 had the absolute worst top 40 pop music. Idk if it's even better now.

No. 1492830

File: 1675747873099.jpeg (150.63 KB, 1200x1200, E654C55E-B51C-47C2-9C84-AB547A…)

I hate women’s wallet so much I hate that they’re designed so impractically that most of the time they’re the size of a footlong sandwich you can’t fit in your pockets but when they’re small enough, they always have stupid zippers or an ugly button
I use billfold wallets why should men get all the convenience

No. 1492831

imo it's gotten atrocious lately if you are talking specifically about top 40s stuff. There is so little variety, it's the same couple of songs that will stay in the top 40 charts for 5 fucking years because normies will pay for streaming apps only to listen to 5 songs. On top of that, it's become increasingly hard for artists to crack mainstream music, most artists on the billboards are already established artists who have been around for the past decade. Even the supposed newer artists are not new at all, they have also been in the industry for a long time unless they are nepo babies. This is more personal, but i also feel like popular music has become disgustingly homogenized. When you watch award shows from the early 2000s or 90s there was so much variety. You had rappers, rock and metal bands, country singers, it was very diverse. Sure it was always the most basic and accessible material from the genre, but they served as good gateways to learning more about that genre. Such bands don't really exist anymore. I also feel like the only genre in pop music Mainstream pop music feels very stagnant in the fact that it seems so behind on the curve when you realize they just profit off old trends from 5 years ago or are forced to do throwback shit like the whole pop-punk stuff or the over-abundance of trap production.

No. 1492840

i own 2 mens jackets and both have so many pockets i dont need a purse its truly magical. giant leather bags are so impractical i dont give a shit if it was 10 or 100000 hermes bag. purses are too inconvenient if you dont have a kid or are traveling.

No. 1492851

I used to carry a huge ass wallet and I don't even know why. Now I use a wooden minimalist wallet and I'm never going back

No. 1492853

File: 1675753624059.png (1.18 MB, 979x944, H737b52f5267.png)

I hate wallets in general, they feel pretty useless now since I barely carry cash. I like stuff I carry around daily to be lightweight and small, and I've never found a wallet that seems to make good use of space. The big ones you're referring to are obviously awful, but the small ones are hard to use with tiny card slots and coin sections. Finding one for travel (ie fits a passport, larger bills, more change) is even harder.

I ended up just getting one of these cheap things from aliexpress, I use one section for all my cards and leave the most used ones at the front so they're easy to find, the other two are for the rare occasions I have coins or bills. It's small enough to fit in any little sling bag and as light as I can hope for considering how much I can fit in it.

No. 1492855

File: 1675754635829.jpg (14.83 KB, 269x254, 1672208841136652.jpg)

The hogwarts legacy reactionaries have me worried. I feel like a bunch of big streamers like penguinz or the LTT podcast will finally come out and say that JKR is a total bitch or something and I will forever feel disgust when I see them on youtube.

No. 1492863

I actually watched some hogwarts legacy streams yesterday and the game is amazing. You can tell the developers put a lot of passion into it.

No. 1492864

There's currently a huge wave to harass people who stream it on twitch, they made girlfriend reviews cry

No. 1492872

minor sounds "legal". 5 years ago people mostly used it when talking about laws. It just feels weird seeing someone call a 12 year old a minor. Technically yeah they are a minor but it feels weird to avoid calling them a child

No. 1492877

Nta but minor and child aren't necessarily hope that word isn't too big for you nonna the same thing. Like that anon said, you can be a minor without really being considered a child. If everyone started calling people that are like 16 children then that would open a whole different can of worms.

No. 1492887

and yet they are the ones to claim that this game is evil because of JKR? i am watching a streamer play it on youtube and even she made her chat subscribers-only. these people are deranged, because the developers put a lot of work and passion into it.

No. 1492896

Parody and satire aren't the same. The goal is to select the word that actually means what people intend to say. If this has actually increased recently, maybe people have figured out that on the internet you can instantly look words up and so they get lulled into a false sense of not having to dumb everything down into prolespeak.

No. 1492988

Eh, it makes sense, nobody has heard substantial amounts of pop music from times they weren't alive for, and most people just vote anyway because there's a natural drive in humans to answer questions even if you don't have an answer.

No. 1492992

Additionally there's a tendency to just use the same word for everything it can apply to. For example I keep using "they" for people I know the sex of because I talk a lot about people I don't know the sex of. Sometimes there is no deeper meaning, just (brain)muscle memory.

No. 1493015

File: 1675780991993.jpg (551.25 KB, 720x1280, jt2gu0yxqrs31.jpg)

Stores that put these on the shopping carts so you can't take them outside. It's fucking annoying especially if you get lots of heavy stuff. What am I supposed to do make multiple trips? Ask a worker to watch my cart? Do multiple separate transactions? What the fuck?

No. 1493226

>If everyone started calling people that are like 16 children then that would open a whole different can of worms
How so? I call everyone <18 a child and I haven't had anyone complain yet.

No. 1493293

File: 1675795349484.png (177.36 KB, 383x500, cornel-note-taking.png)

Cornell Notes. In school multiple teachers tried to force us to write notes in this format and I hated it so much.

No. 1493426

If daisy keech and other influencers hadn't posted her own plastic surgery videos, moids and die hard fans would be defending her like crazy about how natural she is and how "they totally know multiple women with this body"

I don't agree with plastic surgery but women who get it should be encouraged to be honest about it because too many moids get false ideas about how women's bodies need to look

No. 1493480

What did you hate about it, anon? From the picture, it looks like a structured way of notekeeping

No. 1493494

File: 1675805450502.png (122.14 KB, 500x285, image (1).png)

I don't like dividing the page into sections, especially the summary at the bottom I would just remove entirely. Also in the note section they would force us to use symbols and make each sentence very short. It was distracting to follow these rules during a live lecture.

No. 1493537

People using the word schizoid as some kind of funny way of saying schizo, when the two words don't really have anything to do with each other.

No. 1493678

I hate fat people at work who are perfectly capable of getting shit themselves but prefer to park their ass in a chair and make me run around getting stuff for them instead, lazy mfs

No. 1493950

people who act like a miscarriage is a death

i was friends with this one girl who YEARS LATER couldnt stfu about her miscarriage she had when she was 17 and kept making tribute posts like you were gonna keep that shit anyway stfu

No. 1493961

Hope you know that miscarriages can alter your hormones the same way a pregnancy can. Women can feel grief despite not wanting the child because it’s still a traumatic event to go through. Even women who go through an induced miscarriage through abortion pills say it felt horrifying having to throw up constantlu and bleed heavily for a week. The same way your hormones makes you love giving birth and having babies are the same hormones that make you grieve for a miscarriage even if you didn’t want the baby

No. 1493963

I hate when I park in a nearly empty car park and someone just has to park right next to me instead of in the millions of other spots, or even just one spot along so I can fit my trolley here you fucking weirdo. I bet they do this with toilet cubicles too.

Congrats, you're a sociopath.

No. 1493964

If i see one more fucking “people who can get pregnant” i’m going to stab someone in the eyeball. WOMEN the word is WOMEN

No. 1494080

i hate when people treat children as though they have no personhood. and i'm not a person who really likes kids. i do understand them though. when i see other adults interacting with children, they don't treat them like they're people, they act like they don't remember what it was like to be a child themselves. do all adults forget what it was to be a child? i'm in my 20s and even people my age act like they can't remember being a child. the idea of forgetting how human i was is scary.

No. 1494082

Are you even a woman?

No. 1494101

tbh the only adults i've met who remember being a kid are other autistic women. maybe others remember and push it out of their minds because they hate the thought of being vulnerable. it's still sad that this makes them treat kids like they're lesser instead of like tiny people who are growing into themselves.
you could have talked about how annoying people are on social media and nonnas would've backed you up. instead you mald like a moid over miscarriage. incredible.

No. 1494284

File: 1675879588506.gif (21.37 KB, 112x112, 1619120965436.gif)

I hate this retarded anon >>1493950

No. 1494451

I was worried I'm just subconsciously salty or something, but nope, I can say with 101% confidence that sitting anywhere near couples in public is the worst thing ever; the whisperly giggling, smooch smooch smooch, her nibbling on his ear, his hand creeping up her leg, them feeling each other up, stop kissing and start kysing.

No. 1494455

I realised a while back that I don't remember being a kid. I thought I had some memories and then I realised those 'memories' were just me piecing shit together based on pics I'd seen and stories I'd been told. I've no straight up firsthand memories of anything before 11.

No. 1494520

OMG, same, I don't remember anything before 12 and few things in the first years after that.

No. 1494523

I don't know why but hearing this irritates me. My brothers say this all the time. I think it's because they had such an easy boring childhood. Meanwhile I remember everything crystal clear

No. 1494526

I can't remember a lot from my childhood either and I used to think it was because of abuse and not being allowed to do much, but I still have trouble remembering shit that happened not too long ago so I think my memory is just truly terrible.

No. 1494546

Nta but I didn't have a shit childhood but I remember most of it.

No. 1494550

>stop kissing and start kysing
lmao anon

No. 1494566

I’ve read that ‘childhood amnesia’ is a thing and most people don’t remember much before age 7 due to the way the brain develops.

I have very few memories before my teens, and those I do have are vague. I was neglected and abused a lot so not a good case study though. Listening to my ex talk about detailed memories of his childhood always made me feel weird because he could pinpoint the dates so well and cross-reference with larger events. He could write a whole book about it whereas I would struggle to write a page.

No. 1494582

People who get too many pets because "omg this puppy/kitten is so cute!" But dont do shit to train them & then suddenly dont like the poor animal as much once its grown up. My Bestfriend is one of these people. Living at her Dads place with her mans, mans' kid (8yo), her 2 cousins & they already got 6 dogs & a cat. This dumb bitch got FOUR rabbits on a whim when she had an apartment because "bunnies are so cute, I've always wanted one!" But then had to take the surviving 3 (one died suddenly & I'm pretty sure its bc they smoke cigarettes in the house) to a bunny sanctuary. Now this bitch just got a pitbull puppy. Like giiiirl, you are such white trash. 2 of those 6 dogs are hers that she & her mans never bothered to train so theyre little assholes. Yeah, get a dog that is known to be aggressive to other animals & needs hella training to be a 'good dog'. Also this bitch is 300lbs & you got a dog that needs an active family. Wtf is wrong with her? I know I'm talking alot of shit, but as time goes on my 'bestfriend' seems to get dumber & trashier as the years go by. In the 13yrs weve been friends shes gotten 3 mice (which got eaten by her cat), teddy bear hamster (escaped its cage, never seen again), 2 cats (one of which she just completely abandoned & then threw him outside never to be seen again, RIP Pickles), 3 dogs, & 4 rabbits. Why do people do that shit??

No. 1494625

oh good, another thing to put on the “I must be autistic” list

No. 1494642

I'm the one who doesn't remember anything before 12 and my childhood was filled with abuse and neglect. I have some other abused people in my social circle and it's pretty common among us folks to not remember large parts of our childhood.

No. 1494644

Low intelligence, inability to think about the future, let alone plan for it, no impulse control, no empathy.

Monkey see, monkey want, monkey get, monkey forget. Repeat.

No. 1494649

don’t think I could just /not/ go off at this person to their face. I have to know what people who do that shit are thinking but they always skirt around polite questions

No. 1494656

I blame lack of impulse control, rationality and social media. I've watched so many animal videos online where people are like 'omg so cute. i want one. where do i buy?' and then following with 'Are they hard to take care of?' because it doesn't matter to them. Pets are not alive to them. They are accessories for views.

No. 1494660

>people who act like a miscarriage is a death
Over the past few years I’ve been noticing more and more women (especially in trad circles) online act like their first trimester miscarriage is the same thing as a stillbirth or having a living, breathing baby die after being born. And then they expect everyone around them to treat their miscarriage as the death of a baby too. I understand that miscarriage can be emotionally devastating but at the end of the day a foetus that early on is barely anything yet and treating it like it’s a full grown baby is weird. I feel like this way of thinking is partially caused by the rise of trad and anti-abortion ideology. Also lol at anons itt going on about ~womanly hormones~ that make you ~love having babies~ real subtle.

No. 1494671

Only a retard on this site would think that mourning a miscarriage and saying that pregnancy affects your hormones is something an anti-abortion tradtard would say.

No. 1494687

Nta but while those reasons make sense I still cannot fully understand how these people are so dumb. Making the mistake once, maybe twice, I can get, but over and over endlessly? Lab rats are more capable of learning from their mistakes.

No. 1494690

You could say that about lots of people tbh

No. 1494724

Yeah, that makes sense honestly. Especially the lack of empathy crap. Like dont take on animals that you arent gonna want for the rest of their lives & wont bother training.

Lol that's why my post read so mad was because her & I got into it about the puppy. She just kept being "dont give me shit about the fucking dog, I dont want to hear it. & its MY life & responsibility so why are you so pressed?" Maybe because I've seen how you take care of animals dumbass. & how are you gonna cry on the phone to me about how overworked & stressed you are & get a demanding lil puppy that needs training & exercise? Dumb as hell I swear!

No. 1494738

no dude. it's clearly and noticeably become a trend in recent years to make a much bigger deal out of it than people used to. it's one thing to mourn and another to act like you lost a fucking baby and people are doing the latter even in cultures that never did this before, probably spread socially through ttc communities on the internet

No. 1494921

I love future funk, I won't lie. But I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE whenever a song or a vid just randomly has a loli on it, or some little anime girl. Or worse, when there's a song with a random anime girl gasping and moaning. What the fuck? Is future funk a magnet for pedophiles or what? I just want to listen to trumpet sections and heavy drums and slapping basses, not fucking pedo shit.

No. 1495066

File: 1675947299082.jpg (45.89 KB, 522x588, coverup.jpg)

I hate shit like this, “Handsome” means something specific and if you’re obese you probably aren’t attractive. Defiantly shouting “I’m hot!” won’t change your material condition.

No. 1495069

If you’re a MAN with stretch marks you need to be stoned to death. Holy shit, how fucking obese does a MAN have to be to get the results of lifelong hormone replacement therapy? I swear to god this generation of men has been coddled as princes since the day they were born by their daddies. We need to start piling them up in concentration camps and starving them back to a LEAN weight. Absolutely disgusting. One day I will have enough and kill a FAT MAN in broad daylight. God I fucking hate these retarded pigs, butterball heirloom turkey ass niggas. Wax statues carved out of whale blubber.

No. 1495072

Men get stretchmarks during puberty just like women do. A lot of weightlifters get them too on their biceps. It's just that men are never criticized for this, only women are shamed for stretchmarks.

No. 1495075

Wow, so it’s that common? We should create teams of freedom fighters who supervise communities looking for STRETCHED, MARKED MALES and shoot them on sight. Getting a little too chunky? BANG. Growing taller a little too fast? BAANG. Overdosing on steroids? BANG BANG BANG

No. 1495077

UWU valid fatty shrunken dick in sunk into a mound of fat, disgusting huge cellulite thighs that chafe, makes me wonder where do the balls go?
Women hold onto fat more because we were meant to survive during famines (because we are indispensable) and also at least an overweight woman still looks like a woman, a fat man LOSES his masculine features and they are buried in the soft fatness and he grows boobs which men aren't meant to have. Fatties in general are gross but fat men are the most audacious and disgusting.

No. 1495079

Fat women are symbols of the Divine Female, and have been worshipped since the dawn of time. Imagine: a cavewoman who spends 11 hours a day chasing mammoths took time to depict something, and the most meaningful figure to her was a fat woman. Peak human performance.
FAT MEN however are literally subhuman, undesirable and unlovable. They lack all sexual dimorphism that makes a man attractive and can only reproduce through rape. Everyone is inherently disgusted by their existence as fat men can only exist in god-hating societies. Children must starve so men can be as greedy as they want. It’s the sign of a BAD PERSON. A moral failing.

No. 1495089

I wish I had money so I could buy the wizard bideo game. It was my special interest as a child, it would be such a special moment lol.

No. 1495099

was this drawn by a TIF ?

No. 1495376

Ntayrt but mourning a miscarriage =/= going crazy with grief and asking everyone else to too. I'm sure it sucks but no one really cares after a week or so. Just get pregnant again, you probably already had a miscarriage before but it was so early you didn't even notice.
You phrased this in a disgusting way. Obviously women are capable of feeling unconditional love, which is a magical bond that only exists between mother and child, something no man could ever comprehend. But COUNTLESS women kill their babies after birth. "Inherent love for babies" isn't a thing and you'll learn a very sad lesson when you walk into the real world.

No. 1495385

Telling someone that they said something in a disgusting way and that they need to walk into the real world after that bullshit you wrote is funny. And regardless of how they mourn, none of that shit makes anyone a tradthot. Most women who kill their babies do it because of PPD, some other mental illness, or because they are in an unfortunate situation, not because they hate their babies right out of the womb or something. It is true that pregnant women and mothers have hormones that affect how they feel towards giving birth and their children.

No. 1495393

File: 1675973728733.png (475.92 KB, 686x412, 4546464.png)

No, she just panders a lot with her relatable comics

No. 1495398

File: 1675974235745.jpg (328.97 KB, 700x548, couple-weight-loss-success.jpg)

You know I genuinely don't like insulting people for their bodies or other features, but coddling fat people (especially fat men) is so damn pathetic, like Jesus Christ why not support fat men by encouraging them to exercise and get fit, draw a comic where a fat man wants to improve himself and live a healthier life and loses weight and become's more handsome, healthy and happy

No. 1495401

File: 1675974820758.jpeg (61.64 KB, 680x680, FVOjQ5sVsAAucXT.jpeg)

The people that are often drawing the fat acceptance comics are often overweight themself. Because it's totally normal to struggle to walk up a couple stairs and get out breath and breathing heavily after a mild exertion.

No. 1495605

It pisses me off so much that Walmart doesn't accept cash at self checkout but also never has people working as cashiers.

No. 1495625

im literally shivering with rage for Sam Smith.

No. 1495683

File: 1675999678520.jpg (93.83 KB, 621x552, aaaaaaaa.jpg)

I hate it when people say shit like
>you have to invest hours of time into this content and then it gets good
It's bullshit, you're just brainwashing yourself into enjoying it becasue you sunk so much time and effort into it already.
And I'm using this dumb reddit post image from the otome isekai board but I hate this shit mentality when you apply it to anything
>no you just need to listen to this shitty song a bunch and then it'll sound good!
>it doesn't taste like shit, you just need to drink/eat a bunch of it and then it'll taste good!
>this TV show isn't boring, you just need to waste hours of your life you'll never get back to get to the good part!
>this game isn't unfun with bad controls, you just need to "develope the skills" to "play it correctly" and it's a really fun game!
I just hate this dumb as fuck mentality! Especially when they try and frame it like that last one to try and spin it as positive self-improvement nonsense.

No. 1495687

I do believe there are some things that are an acquired taste, but your post and image made me instantly think of Homestuck and how I was never successful in getting into it which made browsing tumblr a miserable experience. Fuck Homestuck.

No. 1495689

Idk, some shows and movies have build-up so that the interesting parts and reveals become more exciting, it depends on how long it is.

No. 1495725

File: 1676004148981.gif (3.23 MB, 498x280, umbrella-academy-meme.gif)

Idk if anyone else has this issue, but I find it so irritating that when you make a new sim in Sims 4, it'll spawn the sim in the same world as your most recent save instead of creating an entirely new save/world. Picrel was me the first few times I saw my other households walking around in "new" saves.

No. 1495728

I hate looking at a man's Adam's apple. The most prominent ones always come from skinny lanky dudes for some reason. It looks so grotesque, like some kind of boil that's about to pop at any moment

No. 1495760

That's exactly how I feel about so many things. "just invest all your time and money and you'll like it," NO I WON'T. on that topic: TV shows/franchises that are unnecessarily long and lore based. I am a firm believer that any good piece of media should be jump in-able, you should be able to start it at any random point, and a) find it decently enjoyable, b) have the episode/movie/whatever work decently on its own with no knowledge of the lore and c) have the enjoyment enhanced by learning the lore. For instance, you can watch a random episode of Psych from any season and it'll be able to stand on its own because it's a good show. Comparatively, shows that go on for way too long like Supernatural end up building off of its own lore to the point where you'll have no idea what's going on if you haven't already seen seasons 1-10. Obviously this doesn't apply to dramas where the entire point is the development of the plot throughout multiple seasons. This is all more about shitty shows/movies/franchises that won't die

No. 1495764

That's a retarded take, just start from episode 1 like everyone else. Why would you need to jump in and start mid series when every episode is available simultaneously? That might have made sense when we only had tv but now we can choose which episode to watch.

No. 1495765

Nothing can describe how much I hate these moids. All of them just scream porn addict vibes or they have a bunch of chubby 14 yr olds they do ddlg with and emotionally abused on discord or something. Especially when they have that stereotypical SoundCloud rapper style with the awful broccoli hair and bonus points if it's dyed some horrendous color box dye they stole from CVS

No. 1495878

>>1495725 check out the mod sim spawn overhaul by lotharihoe, it limits sims in one world to that world and only allow other sims to come to lots if there isnt enough in the world (which i personally fix by creating townies for each world that fits)

No. 1495994

Fat men. They cause global warming by eating too much. All they know is Fleshlight, Doritos and twitter.

No. 1495996

Anyway no one cares about the slightly oversized blood clot you passed last week.

No. 1496053

Nice try anon, I've never been pregnant.

No. 1496073

You're right, I don't get why someone got mad at you.
These sorts of discussions always end up in a weird place. Don't have kids if you don't want them. Just treat other women like human beings, let them mourn and grieve if they wanted their child. They don't have to have the same mindset re: babies or make the same decisions as you. Unless you are literally in their shoes, living in their bodies, shut the fuck up.

No. 1496080

Some child-free people just seem to think that not wanting children means they need to start hating mothers (not fathers) and literal babies.

No. 1496087

This is such a moid comment

No. 1496282

>Just get pregnant again, you probably already had a miscarriage before but it was so early you didn't even notice.
Absolutely disgusting. Getting pregnant isn't easy for some.

No. 1496308

I think they’re a young woman with very little life experience. Probably also absorbed a lot of liberal pro-choice rhetoric full of science based cold-blooded facts and logical arguments that absolutely don’t matter to a real person compared to how their hormones make them feel (I’m radically pro choice and I don’t think fetuses have souls or anything I just don’t like it when pro-choice messaging tells people how to feel, that’s not how feelings work and it’s dumb).
could definitely be a moid though, yeah.

No. 1496313

File: 1676067268333.jpg (37.97 KB, 400x303, 1588007720422.jpg)

Every time I go into that damn baby monkey torture thread on kiwifarms it makes me lose more and more hope for baby boomers and gen x. I wish they'd get therapy to figure out why they want to hurt children so bad or find the closest analogues for human child abuse. But noooo, I have to hit muh kids because that's all I know. I'm 60 and have the emotional intelligence of a firecracker, and I need to beat children to feel alive, hurr hurr. Some old lady even recorded a video with her whole face saying "fuck karens" and that she's a proud monkey hater. If I found out my grandma/grandpa, aunt/uncle liked to watch baby monkeys get tortured I'd fucking disown them.

I'm sorry. I don't hate the older generation that much. I think they need to stop pretending to be the generation without mental illness and seek help. I don't want to live in a world in which a bunch of boomers (according to the doxes) sit around and pay third worlders to beat monkeys. wtf

No. 1496322

I feel you, anon. Knowing those people exist makes me sick and sad, but at least KF and some imageboards are unmasking those people and having many of them arrested/shut down.

No. 1496440

Bless you anon, I appreciate the rec but I don't think it will help for the issue I'm having. I'll download it anyway and check it out, thank you.

No. 1496456

>pear, apple, mushroom
Love how this implicitly implies that hourglass is the ideal figure by rebranding it exclusively

No. 1496466

I would've thought the same thing if they hadn't just dismissed everything the anon said to insult/silence them by making up something the anon didn't even imply. It just seems like a weird moid thing to do, similar how they think random women they disagree with are single moms just because someone called out their irrational hatred for mothers

No. 1496550

i saw the comment from null saying he observed intelligent animal torture and pedophilia go hand in hand. animal torture is just easier to post online and that's how pedos find each other. absolutely sickening.

No. 1496563

>walk into living room
>pbs newshour is on
>"something something protect our democracy"
I hate politics and I literally do not want to hear the word democracy ever again. I cannot fathom why anyone willingly listens to the same people freak out about [buzzword of week] every night. the next time someone says something about saving democracy or the state of democracy or whatever I'm going to do something violent and undemocratic

No. 1496565

File: 1676086116379.jpg (465.61 KB, 3195x2400, 20230211_142612-COLLAGE.jpg)

I fucking this haircut. I get wolf cuts but this version of it looks like a penis. It looks like they fell asleep up at a party and woke up to Oliver Tree cutting their hair. It actively distracts me from listening to these people talk.

No. 1496570

Lmao i hate it too. I casually have watched some of their videos and i don't remember the blonde lady's name but her hair is the worst offender on this. I will never be able to not see the penis hair now. They both need side pieces.

No. 1496572

Why the fuck do you go to KF, let alone such a thread, if you think you're not one of those degenerates? Did you just want to make sure everyone here is aware that such a thread exists? I have no sympathy for you at all.

No. 1496576

File: 1676086813902.jpeg (17.74 KB, 400x400, images (7).jpeg)

Blonde chick is munecat and I like her content but this fucking hair oh my god. I think it's looking better since that pic, longer so it looks like a regular wolf cut but I then went to watch Strange Aeons today and screamed to the heavens as I saw she has penisified her hair too

No. 1496580

Wow that video, great use of editing to make a point well

No. 1496621

I've purposely avoided that thread because I know it'll make me lose my hope in humanity and feel disgusted.
>Why the fuck do you go to KF, let alone such a thread, if you think you're not one of those degenerates?
>kiwifarms users are into baby monkey torture
I don't know what to tell you nonny but that's a real fucking stupid thing to say.

No. 1496627

que estupida

No. 1496631

Are you retarded, or just one of those pieces of shit raging that we even know about your degeneracy here? Low-IQ boomers and scrotes tend to do this exact kind of thing, trying to reverse uno because they assume we're all as stupid as themselves. Animal abuse will never be accepted in society, seethe forever.

No. 1496644

Incest. Also why are the japanese so obsessed with it? They LOVE the cousin or adopted daughter or siblings by marriage "loophole". I know the answer is that scrotes are gonna scrote but it's so fucking needless. I was reading an interesting horror manga (Insect Princess) and an incest plot came out of nowhere it just pisses me off. Added nothing to the story

No. 1496715

Why were so many of them older women with kids? Wtf

No. 1496719

I went to this thread when it got featured on the front page and it made me so fucking depressed I couldn't read more than two pages, I went back immediately to the troon threads, at least they make me laugh.

No. 1496723

Jesus christ i didn't even know such thread was on there, that's horrible. These people are so fucking subhuman.

No. 1496734

>reading comic book called “incest princess”
>surprised when there is, in fact, incest in the story

No. 1496736

my life was better before I read this post

No. 1496741

INSECT Princess nonna. Like bugs, not buggering.

No. 1497184

File: 1676151253807.jpeg (216.91 KB, 750x918, 0D375023-3591-468F-8BB8-C635BB…)

This tweet from some Twitter thread related to Aellagirl. Something is wrong with her and is disturbs me deeply. But this tweet reads like a copypasta plus the profile picture gave me a good kek before I considered men who look like this, think like this.

No. 1497218

I'm puking

No. 1497221

I really hate how normalized sex work and sexualization of women has become. The fucking gall of some moid to ask random women on the streets "oh do you do OnlyFans?" or mentioning to their female friends "you should do an OnlyFans!" FUCK OFFFFF

No. 1497227

>ask random women on the streets "oh do you do OnlyFans?"
Does that really happen??

No. 1497235

Yeah there was this Youtube Shorts I was recommended of this guy who asks random people what they do for a living. He was asking this woman in a con what she did for a living, and she answered something like "being an influencer" or whatever and then he asked "IS IT ONLYFANS." Granted she did say yes but if it happened to me I would be so insulted. It's not even just online either even my normie friends casually mentioning about onlyfans.

No. 1497247

hopefully it was scripted

No. 1497254

I hate it when you write something longer than a sentence and people don't read it properly. No one has any reading comprehension nowadays

No. 1497256

I remember that anon who said she preferred it when men dressed "like heterosexuals" and she gave Fred Durst as an example.

No. 1497286

File: 1676156912225.jpg (63.82 KB, 500x552, sans cringe compilation.jpg)

>erotic fiction "for women" supposedly written by women
>gratuitous overly detailed physical description of the female protagonist in first person
>piv right after
>clitoris not even once mentioned
larping man or pornsick woman? waste of time either way but at least it was short

No. 1497297

File: 1676157545986.jpg (87.21 KB, 559x800, AdvertYoungsTheHatterVictorian…)

Anon, it's disgusting but made me laugh out loud

No. 1497327

one time I edited this gif so that Aiden Gallagher's face was "Elliot's" so it was like Ellen Page was looking at herself in the future with a horrified expression, I made myself kek and posted it once and it got buried/went unnoticed and now I can't, for the life of me find what I did with the original file.
That's my thing I hate for today

No. 1497841

I hate that online advice (e.g. reddit posts, youtube videos) to improve creative skills usually has a section basically telling people to give up if they’re frustrated, not having fun, or not improving quickly enough.
>Maybe it’s just not for you!
It’s useless because if someone is looking at ways to get better or get out of a rut, they’re obviously interested and want to learn. Then they get told to abandon art or music because they’re not good enough. It seems like a weird form of gatekeeping and bitterness.

No. 1498089

Kiwifarms. Had a great idea to check the tranny thread again, those fags can’t stop blogposting about muh family values, muh minorities, muh wahmen bad, muh null. Jesus christ.

No. 1498099

You'd think there'd be less blogposting there because the posters are identifiable, it's annoying because it's hard to find the actual interesting bits.

No. 1498113

Whenever a woman mentions how shit dating is for women and how poorly most men treat women, and all the handmaidens come in chanting "not all men!!" and complaining about misandry. It's so pathetic.

No. 1498119

Even in the beauty parlor, the supposed female space (don't make me laugh), you'll find shit like that. I stay clear of any thread related to women in any way because you'll find that garbage everywhere instead of the actual quality discussion you're there for. Lolcow's MTF threads are infinitely better. Nobody wants to read about how feeemales should stay in the kitchen, or your fictional sister who got an abortion, or how feeemales will never be happy until they get a husband and they know that because they're males and they know everything. The family values thing is funny to me because for some reason it's always the forever alone moids parroting that (like null, lol.) Speaking of null, the way he's idolized there is ridiculous. He's just a fat dysfunctional tard who pretends like he knows what he's doing and still wants to own lolcow but because he didn't listen to the trannies (ODD, anyone?) the lonely, fatherless kiwi moids want him to be their new papa.

No. 1498179

or whining about terves and blaming feminism and "misandry" for trannies

No. 1498203

Moids will literally rant about family values while they're the exact type to have zero involvement in a child's nurturing because all they care about is sitting on their asses in front of their computer screens while eating Doritos

No. 1498225

File: 1676250373331.jpg (62.21 KB, 564x839, 3ad0ac456a0f8b15799859cb26562a…)

This shit. I don't know what makes me more mad, the retarded way they type, or simply the fact that they follow stereotypes as if they really were like that. They say those things, post those things as if they really were like that, when in reality they are not, or else they would not post this retardaded shit. Also, it's clearly people making themselves look like an aesthetic encarnated, and clearly something that is made to attract man or any other thing they come to feel attracted to. Fuck, i hate this shit so much, it's so fake, disingenuous, i hate it. I feel extreme disrespect for any woman that puts that facade.

No. 1498252

the idea of xy kiwifarms posters espousing 'family values' is so infuriatingly stupid, like instead of gawking at perverts on the internet, maybe go put on a tie or build a shed or something if you want to reflect muh traditional amurrican values. It's even worse than 4chan because they have retarded little usernames and icons and everything. Fuck I hate kiwifarms scrotes so much.

No. 1498258

Fuck this scripted ass sport bullshit and the satanic false-idol worship.

No. 1498290

hard agree. do people even still like Rihanna anymore after she worked with Depp for some fashion show or did they conveniently "forget" like when every other celeb does something shitty

No. 1498292

Nta but fucking same. I also hate the loser pickmes insisting that it's actually not all that bad!!!!!! Despite nigger being every other word and the constant sperging about le femoids like spare me the fucking lies. That place sucks. You can also spot kiwitards in the wild because of their uber autistic typing styles and constant powerleveling. Every post on kiwifarms is a fucking powerlevel, it's genuinely hilarious how they cower before everyone like "I'm so SORRY for my powerlevel UWU FORGIVE ME but [ten paragraphs of how their dad died of cancer when they were seven years old and blah blah blah they're traumatized forever yet BRAVELY still living on]" genuinely autism and not the funny entertaining kind like the farmers on lolcow.

No. 1498520

Elective plastic surgery. Elective cosmetic surgery. Elective whatever-the-fuck-people-are-calling-injectbales-and-body-altering-procedues. Natural is king; always has been, always will be. Stop letting idiots with extreme insecurities alter your fucking brains.

No. 1498598

It happens even here, somebody mentions that she's given up on dating and celibacy is ultimately healthier, and some hetty betty has to go "not me I love dick way too much, I'm sorry you haven't found your Nigel".

No. 1498680

Hate how the highlights are always “powerlevel I knew a obese troon” or replies to actual milk

No. 1498687

When a tiktok is like just a person pointing at text, and then they’re like “PLURAL THINGS THAT ARE THIS OR THAT” but then it’s just one thing.

No. 1498742

I hate how it baffles some people that making changes to your body is going to lead to more health problems later on. Like damn I get wanting to reconstruct your face after a fire fucked it up but not a pointless cosmetic thing

No. 1498750

I hate cosmetic surgery so much because I had to have reconstructive surgery on my face as a babby anon. Few people who go under the knife for vanity know what they're signing up for.

No. 1498771

File: 1676302527002.jpg (517.01 KB, 1079x1201, 101.jpg)

I kinda hate wizard101 for thinking they are somehow a superior platform than hogwarts legacy. Not them with their new main concept artist being a trans girldick loving furry who cannot draw humans without the uncanny valley to save his life! Don't even get me started on their genderspecial dev team who thinks adding pride emojis is a win when you can catch a ban for saying lgbt to begin with. At least hogwarts legacy LOOKS like a 2023 game when so many parts of wizard101 still look stuck in 2003. Like please sit down and know your your place when the game is often advertised as being inspired by HP and heavily reference it time to time. They owe a good chunk of their success to JK.

No. 1498774

I think some people just don’t think about the nitty gritty step-by-step shit you have to go through. Maybe I’m wrong but it sure seems like that’s the case. even some of the vain famous people I follow won’t get anything much more serious than veneers or Botox because the upkeep is too much, and they absolutely have the money. (Veneers are crazy to me though because you have the get new ones like every ten years!!)

No. 1498779

File: 1676303250231.jpeg (67.78 KB, 737x737, 4DF72DDA-F10C-4EF2-AD71-184F52…)

this repugnant sauce needs to be banned everywhere in the world i'm fuming eating my taco rn having to bare this because my order wrong and i'm too far to change it. seriously the worst. mildly spicy in the most annoying way tastes like fake oil or something I HATE IT.

No. 1498784

Many who opt for cosmetic surgery haven't been through intensive medical procedures before and really don't know just how much post-surgical recovery sucks.

No. 1498802

NOOOOO I LOVE WIZARD101 I knew they had furries on the team given the game art but troons too? Why did they tweet that given they took inspiration from Harry Potter to begin with? So dumb. What the fuck. My fire wizard will protest outside Ambrose’s house. Falmea wouldnt agree with this!!!

No. 1498834

>it's genuinely hilarious how they cower before everyone like "I'm so SORRY for my powerlevel UWU FORGIVE ME but [ten paragraphs of how their dad died of cancer when they were seven years old and blah blah blah they're traumatized forever yet BRAVELY still living on]"
The main reason why I never got into Kiwifarms, the little scrote bitches there can't make a post without making it about themselves and blogging about their own life. It's like a male version of PULL. The threads are literally unreadable because of the powerleveling autism and not even skipping from highlight to highlight helps because it's 80% unfunny quips or edgy slurposting and not actual happenings or milk.

No. 1499352

with regard to the sims 4 and trannies (the gif): i hate that i go to play the sims and have to update, its annoying whatever BUT THEN… i finally open up the game and what's on the home screen, fucking TRANNIES. these fucks have even invaded my world of imaginary pixel people. i feel so violated.

No. 1499358

File: 1676343659946.jpeg (16.88 KB, 320x158, DDA20602-3EB5-4B0B-9351-C6F71A…)

I hate my butt dents, they’re so comically bad. I’ve seen pictures where it looks good but mine are just awful. I’m not even overweight and most of my body is fine, I just have perpetual love handles and a gunt. The only time I haven’t had them after puberty was when I was anachan skinny after sports season in high school.

No. 1499398

I've been playing less since the update and they will not ever get my money now. I'm so pissed. I want a way to never see that disgusting shit update. I hate EA so much

No. 1499548

I'm already so annoyed by AI and this shit only just started. I know it'll dominate the next decade(s) because it's the most recent important technical development and I hate it. After so many years of seeing how social media is mostly used for corporate interests I know AI will hardly be used for anything good and is only there to be exploited by greedy companies to make money, fuck people over and make their lives hell. The most evil and lazy pieces of shit moids will profit off it. It'll make it harder to prove crimes because evidence could be AI-generated (like voice messages).
The worst is the deepfake porn, it's already so bad and I don't want to be on the planet anymore when it gets easier, more accessible and more realistic.

No. 1499563

I feel you so hard. As if the future didn't look shit enough, AI HAD to get into the mix. Don't forget that "Anti-AI" measures will also give another excuse to further control the internet. All it takes is for certain platforms to acknowledge the already existing amount of bots used for mischievous purposes. After all, if you can't tell apart chatbots and real people anymore and requiring emails and phone numbers to your account doesn't stop them from flooding the internet, guess how we're going to identify humans from non-humans.
The only arguably good thing that might come out of it is that even normal people could deem this as too dreadful and we all slowly return to the real life.

No. 1499659

I hate that there isn't any extra punisment when the person in court makes it seem like they are the victim when they are the abuser. There was a case in my country where a father raped his teen daughetr and got only 5 years for it. He blamed her and said she wanted it. This should be punished and her mother and brother sided with the father, they should be punished as well.

No. 1499946

File: 1676402677600.jpg (122.87 KB, 720x1019, FkuMBXkaYAMO8DR.jpg)

everything relating to surrogacy

No. 1499948

>Human traffickers

No. 1499949

That shit is human trafficking, plain and simple. If I ever hear anyone I know irl trying to argue with me that it's not I'll pretend they don't exist anymore.

No. 1499952

God this made me so sad, it's utterly heart breaking and I hate people, especially men, who use surrogacy but disrespect the real mother who carried the baby.

No. 1499960

Why did she expect to hold the baby and for her kids to meet them? I thought the whole point of surrogacy was that you don't really have a relationship with the baby. It sounds like they treated her horribly but I am confused on those two points.

No. 1499964

I’ve gotten to the point I call them human traffickers. It’s fucking vile. You tell me you consider surrogacy and I instantly think you’re a bottomless pit of garbage.

No. 1499966

I wouldn't be surprised if she was lied to, so she could be convinced to go through the pregnancy. I'm not sure how strict contracts are though and if it's even possible to lie about it. Maybe the fake parents changed their minds at the last minute and said fuck it, we don't want the child we're kidnapping to get attached to that random lady who happened to birth it.

No. 1499967

The surrogacy company told her those things and lied. They do it all the time anon. They groom women into this shit for a profit.

No. 1499980

I think these two points have a lot to do with postpartum.
You carry and care for this fetus for nine months, it's with you and your family for nine months, you grow an attachment to it and it's a part of you.
When the baby is ripped away, it shows that: no, this was never a part of you. It's been someone else's family the whole time.

tho the part about expecting spending the holidays together is strange, it's almost as though the birth mother thought she was friends with the adoptive parents. that all "her" children would grow up together, which is not how it works. But I guess that's a part of the grooming process.

No. 1500021

Poor woman was groomed. She was used as an incubator for some privileged woman and scrote.

No. 1500031

The baby will never be able to bond with fake-mommy and the partition probably already traumatized the baby. Also mothers milk isn't essential but the first milk is essential and it gives the baby a special immune protection, that most likely won't be given to the baby either so both the baby and the real mother will be hurt.

No. 1500041

Yeah, a baby is bond for 9 months and the womb has a connection to their baby. that's why a woman's bond is unbreakable. People who use women as surrogates are causing pain to both mother and baby. It's been proven there is a bond for babies as they grow inside a woman.

No. 1500053

File: 1676408581016.png (376.58 KB, 573x498, why.png)

This is just embarrassing to see.

No. 1500074

Girls who mention their tits on twitter and discord are totally horny-baiting. It's disguised as quirky and relatable but it's actually:
>oh no, my MASSIVE tits would get in the way of that door boys, winky wink

No. 1500153

File: 1676418290149.png (904.65 KB, 640x960, 3c1.png)

I hate toxic positivity. I'm going through a lot of shit rn and I just want people to let me be miserable for a bit instead of throwing shit like "Just live your best life and keep your head up high! Take a walk! Meditate! Try journalling!" at me.

No. 1500336

File: 1676434577927.png (2.82 MB, 1439x2367, 1676413605112.png)

the anon who keeps defending this ugly moid in celebricows

No. 1500455

I hate how facebook marketplace is one of the main ways to sell/buy used stuff online. I got banned from facebook because they thought my account was suspicious and told me to upload my passport to verify my id which I'll never do. The other local buy/sell sites are dead or filled with spam.

No. 1500479

File: 1676444905297.webm (2.26 MB, 320x568, LLKqJ9wRFg2A_tlf.webm)

Why the hell do western liberals corelate "drag" with social activism? like these 4 are people with Down's syndrome who are manipulated to dress in misognystic caricatures of women cause its "brave and stunning"

No. 1500493

This feels like it's also making fun of the people with DS

No. 1500878

I ebay not an option for you? It probably won't have any local stuff but you don't have to pay a fee unless you sell like 250 items a month

No. 1500884

This has been going on for a long time. Rememeber the "cripple poetry slam" that went viral like 15 years ago? They had some retarded scrote with cerebral palsy + more that they dressed up in drag and coached into saying he wanted to be a woman

No. 1500889

People online who lack communication skills dropping “learn to read” the moment conversations naturally go from one point to another. Seen an uptick of this recently really everywhere across the web. It’s like they expect everyone to keep to the exact topic with the same opinion and not further discussions like civilized humans. Reading comprehension is definitely missing online but these idiots are calling out the wrong people.

No. 1500918

WTF man, that guy is fucking retarded and it seems like a cruel prank, I don't get how the youtube comments aren't taking this seriously

No. 1500922

This came out in a different era before pc shit was mainstream people just thought this was cringe and funny

No. 1500933

When people use variations of pregnant like preggo or preggers, maybe it's because I'm ESL but it sounds moidish to me.

No. 1500983

Is the cripple trolling? He sounds like he's in on the bit. His facial expressions and slight laughs tell me he wrote the poem because it sounds ridiculous.

No. 1501015

File: 1676485396478.webm (2.32 MB, 260x480, carmoid.webm)

Moids that drive like this
They can scream from the roof tops about women drivers but everyone knows that moids cause fatal car accidents all the time with their reckless impulsive driving

No. 1501020

It seems immature, underage and moid-like to me to shorten the word pregnant. And kind of creepy to be honest.

No. 1501023

I almost got into a car accident because of a moid who did a similar maneuver was literally 10 cm away from me and i ended up losing control of my car so a bit. Thankfully the highway was empty but it pissed me off so much. I want to get a dash cam because of it, but it's probably not worth it if i can't get a good picture of the license plate.

No. 1501029

Man, this dude's throwing money down the drain driving that fast. Not surprised he drives a Tesla too. The most energy efficient speed is 25mph lol.

No. 1501030

I used to work at one of EA’s studios and we had not one but THREE troons there. I had never met one irl before and then suddenly was working with 3 of them kek

No. 1501397

I have no interest in these AI tools tbh, I groan thinking about how soon they will be used widespread and I will be forced to learn about them to keep up especially for job opportunities and to avoid scams/fake news. I'm already like a boomer who didn't want to move on to the current era of technology.

No. 1501415

I fucking hate moid drivers so much. I have a baby and almost got into a wreck with two today, one was some old moid who tried to get over without a blinker and during crowded traffic. Another went at a stop light when it was my turn. Scrotes entitlement even comes out in their driving that they believe they can do whatever and just expect everyone around them to break, let them in, and watch for them

No. 1501418

Or the god awful disproportionate breastplates people like fatlover69 used. It's even worse when they do everything possible to make their proportions look like dolly parton. Or the girls who aren't even that curvy but find every chance possible to act as if they have dolly parton tits, a Kim k ass and 20 inch waist like Mrs Midwest kek

No. 1501481

I HATE THE DRIVERS IN MY CITY holy fuck. It's not even just scrotes who are terrible, it's also women, young people, old people, fucking everyone. NOBODY uses their turn signal, people plow through red lights, there are hit-and-runs daily and I feel like I'm risking my life every time I'm on the fucking road. I've lived all over this state and this place is the absolute worst I've seen. I feel like I'm taking crazypills because this is just normal and accepted here.

No. 1501488

File: 1676528010978.jpg (64.33 KB, 640x563, 9c6e6c49dd4548dbeb320fd429f301…)

They're fucking fat. A skinny girl with big boobs is still a skinny girl and can wear anything and look good.

No. 1501535

Was the pic supposed to prove your point?

No. 1501545

Even a skinny girl with big boobs (natural ones, not gravity defying implants) can't wear the bras in your pic or strapless bras wdym

No. 1501547

Go back scrote.

No. 1501557

Bras aren't all about looking good. A 'skinny girl with big boobs' isn't going to be wearing bralettes that are held together by a string.. for practical reasons. Someone with boobs would get this

No. 1501577

>g’raha tia pfp
how to know you’re about to meet the most insufferable twitter user ever..but what’s wrong this specific tweet?

No. 1501698

What's happening on the Twitter cartoon comunity anymore?

No. 1501710

Where do you live? that sounds terrifying. Stay safe

No. 1501713

idk but published erotica sucks. Youre always better off reading something from ao3

No. 1501725

NTAYRT, unfortunately there still are plenty of moid-esque smut on ao3 too, but I still agree ao3 is overall superior, I like to remove tags for blowjobs and anal when searching for straight smut and that typically filters out the vast majority of moid-porn influenced fics

No. 1502003

File: 1676578012132.png (179.54 KB, 452x445, ykctyukctyu.PNG)

Nintendo making so many of these goddamn consoles and making them all slightly different. Trying to find parts for the specific one I have is HELL

No. 1502051

Aren't all DS and 3DS styluses compatible with each other, though?

No. 1502054

Nta they are but a regular DS stylus doesn't fit inside of a 3DS XL stylus holder so it'd be annoying to have a differently sized stylus because you'd have to be very careful where you put it so it wouldn't get lost.
T. Someone who lost her 3DS XL stylus and has to use a regular DS stylus.

No. 1502072

Nope. As you can see in the pic they are all different sizes. I have a New 3DS which has the skinniest stylus and no other stylus fits reee

No. 1502090

and autists still buy these systems just to whine about it. gee if only nintendo didn’t make a fuck of on money cuz y’all keep buying these overpriced underperforming systems, they’d knock it off.

No. 1502098

Who's still buying any kind of DS from nintendo kek you get that shit secondhand.

No. 1502144

retards bought the nintendo switch, which had issues in its initial iteration and got cucked into buying the OLED as well due to drift in the controllers in the original. nintendo fans will never learn. pay over and over again for the same shit that’s going to get ~*proved*~ four years down the line

No. 1502151

Okay well I do not possess a nintendo switch so you can take me off your autist nintendo shitlist pls and thank you.

No. 1502291

File: 1676599670731.jpeg (97.64 KB, 749x843, 0E5D7A1E-D9AD-4965-8123-74DB1A…)

I hate these memes in general, but I particularly hate this meme the most.

No. 1502295

File: 1676600274681.png (80.9 KB, 600x523, 37B499E8-07E9-433C-A427-BFDB78…)

When people say that fluttershy is rainbow dash’s best friend just because they were in the same class

No. 1502318

a literal 12 year old made this though, its not worth being upset over

No. 1502339

maybe I'm overreacting but I get so worried whenever I see 12 year olds using baby stuff as accessories

No. 1502354

lol nona it sounds like we live in the same city. It's so bad that I'm too fucking anxious to drive anywhere because every day I hear about these horrible, literal final destination-type fatalities caused by retarded drivers. The amount of hit and runs, accidents, and actual dead people on the road from crashes that I've witnessed is crazy. Living in a car centric city like this makes me wanna kms tbh I feel so trapped, I can't even walk or bike anywhere safely

No. 1502387

File: 1676610233496.jpg (16.01 KB, 350x379, Kuromitongueout.jpg)

I hate Kuromi. I cant escape her. She's everywhere. So annoying,I dont understand why people cant seem to resist this little RAT of a character. My melody too but to a lesser degree. I dont care if I seem bitter. There are so many other more adorable Sanrio characters. They only like it because its the funny tiktok character ugh.

No. 1502392

she's just a funny little jester

No. 1502395

She can jester her way straight to hell imo

No. 1502411

I tried to expose Hello Kitty and got virtually tarred and feathered. They won't listen.

No. 1502425

When you give birth theres so much oxytocin and love hormones, it’s almost like a drug, all that love you feel. She probably wanted to see the baby was at least ok.

No. 1502440

File: 1676615432600.jpeg (564.27 KB, 960x2699, 1675346692165.jpeg)

Serial Experiments Lain is an okay anime as far as anime goes, I like it mostly for its trippy aesthetics because the plot was nonsensical to me but I always feel resentful when I think about how trannies stole it.

No. 1502452

this is entirely untrue.

No. 1502517

disgusting. isnt lain like 10-15? basically saying "if only I had a shut in, possibly abused, easily impressionable CHILD to groom into my perfect weeb loli shut in, that I could have raped, then I never would've tried to skinwalk her or become a strangeaeons (goth alt sterotype) clone" then they would dump her after reaching maturity hopefully getting away from these pedophilic psychos, to move onto another until hopefully an arrest happens. men always have the most retarded excuses for doing freak of nature shit. then when you press them they try to say it all in a roundabout way.

No. 1502542

I don't think it's about pedophilia as much as it's about males wanting to be their ideal hikikomori neet computer goddess to escape the reality that they're an unwashed overweight pornsick weeb. Lain is a kid but I don't think this brand of tranny necessarily cares about that as much as AGPs do.

No. 1502550

> or become a strangeaeons
Literally my first thought. The skinwalking is so creepy, especially when it's real people. It's like they go out of their way to confirm all "stereotypes".

No. 1502558

I've noticed that trannies that aren't hons tend to pick a specific stereotype which they personally find attractive to conform to. Most often it's the 'big titty goth gf' but sometimes it's normie sorority girl or an anime character. Makes sense that they'd base their personality and aesthetic on stereotypes when their entire ideology relies on stereotypes to exist.

No. 1502559

I don't get Sanrio mascots in general, they are not even real characters and people buy a fuckton of merch just because they are printed on it? It's like vocaloids, but at least you can associate songs with them.

No. 1502562

they're just cute lil characters anon, thats why people like them. admittedly im not a big fan of sanrio when san x is right there and rilakkuma is superior on literally every conceivable level, but idk. some people are into hello kitty and kuromi guess.

No. 1502571

zoomers really think sucking dick was always a part of having normal sex and not just a kinky thing that became popularized thanks to media… women are doomed, i don't want to be part of women anymore

No. 1502577

i keep seeing this but is it really true ? i'm like almost certain i've seen multiple ancient egyptian and classical roman(?) illustrations of this act. i don't think i can believe it was popularized by a movie ( or multiple ) as recently released as the 70s. i mean, i'm against doing it if it involves a penis but it seems like it would be a natural progression of thought when you're in that mood for some people considering mouths are erogenous zones. i'm thinking it died down at some point due to the idea of acts not for the sake of procreation were shunned, but obviously not everyone is going to abide, like even in victorian times there were terms for it. yeah it was and is still a taboo ( albeit much much less than it was before ) but i don't think it needed any popularization necessarily

No. 1502578

I mean, eating pussy wasn't either but I'm glad it increasingly is now. Porn normalizes way more harmful shit than oral sex.

No. 1502581

>I don't think is about pedophilia

No. 1502602

I just think it's fucked up because while the men is cringe and overused, a literal 12 years old shouldn't be "age regressing" in the comments there were lots of kids being like "I'm 12 too and I age regress!!" Or pedos being like "well! Acktchually! Age regression is a normal thing to do!!" I hate the internet so much, like it's not age regression, they're literal children acting like children, fuck this shit.

No. 1502631

I hate people who bitch about holidays. Like people who will complain about Valentines day, how it's all stupid or how uwu alone they feel so no one should celebrate it. Just let people enjoy their day ffs! You don't have to pay attention to it.

No. 1502639

People who don't disable the keyboard tapping sound on their smartphone, perfect way to annoy everybody around you.

No. 1502657

people saying they are certain anime characters in real life and nobody else… when they have zero resemblance at all. Picrel is a perfect example. @kudfetti on instagram. She is "kud wafter" in real life but looks like a fucking caveman.(please don't post photos of minors uncensored here, removed image.)

No. 1502661

that i see people say "could care less" more often than "couldn't care less"

No. 1502664

They had classes?

No. 1502666

Kuromi rondo is a bop though do you still say bop?

No. 1502667

Literally my moid of a father kek.

No. 1502681

File: 1676650185328.jpg (71.52 KB, 736x736, bb74e6e77db7d16a7935bbc9212cb4…)

Shit like picrel. Mfs really need to stop screaming "wlw!!" everytime they see female friendships, is very creepy specially considering these two are literal kids

No. 1502729

leave out the "specially considering these two are literal kids" and we agree

No. 1502738

I hate the way my brother sets up his nendoroids, they are just standing there awkwardly holding their accessories.

No. 1502745

I know they aren't real, but shipping kiddy characters like that is weird

No. 1502811

men are incapable of relating to women fictional or not. Whenever they see a relatable female character they decide to troom out instead of considering that mayhaps girls and women are actual human beings who are capable of feeling emotions. Their moid brains can't comprehend that they find a girl relatable because they think only girls can relate to girls. so they jump to the conclusion that the reason a girl is relatable is because they (the moids) themselves are girls. Ask yourself how many not-troon men do you know that relate to female characters? Then ask yourself how many men decided to became trans because they related to a female character?

No. 1502863

File: 1676663306353.jpeg (81.81 KB, 750x863, 5092BA25-6000-4F60-9130-4943D1…)

Yeah fluttershy was an emo anachan with freakishly long legs and couldn’t fly so rainbow dash had to save her retarded ass when they were in flight school

No. 1502880

I'm gonna have to start making LAIN and yume nikki anti-tranny art. I'm so sick of seeing these things everywhere

No. 1502912

Please do it anon. Why do trannies have the right to take over female protagonists in media, and why are so many of us ready to let them have it? We need to fight back

No. 1502928

File: 1676667991860.jpeg (29.43 KB, 446x371, E0110D25-7BA4-467B-97EA-B347FF…)

>man, I haven’t been on ovarit in a while! I wonder what they’re talking about these days—
>It is FREAKISH and CREEPY for women to carry pads/tampons just in case other women need one!!1!
>carrying extra pads is so fucking WEIRD and abnormal it’s like peak female socialization of women being at service for each other !
>closes ovarit

No. 1502935

Do they not go outside at all and interact with other women

No. 1502936

Kekkkk wtf?? They think women carry extra pads and tampons solely for other women??? Do these retards not bleed every month? The fuck? I carry extra pads and tampons for ME and if a woman needs one then sure I'll give her an extra but like. I'm not keeping extras to do some charitable act kek it's for me. Ovarit is fucking cancer how'd it get so bad.

No. 1502939

No most of them are saying that it’s not weird to have extra for yourself but to specifically carry extra is creepy. I mean I always have extra for myself but I throw in 2 more in case any woman needs them. Guess that makes me a predator kek. I think they’re doing a retarded knee jerk trying to distance themselves from TIMs when they could just say that TIMs having tampons is creepy because they’re men and doing it for fetish reasons unlike women who just care about each other.

No. 1502941

Samefag but also in what universe is women supporting women peak female socialization and patriarchal?

No. 1502953

You don't get it anon. The feminist thing to do is to tell a woman asking you for a pad "No" And then make her walk around with an uncomfortable, full pad in public. Real stacies don't ask other women for extra hygiene products, they just stuff toilet paper in their underwear and suffer.

No. 1502960

i started carrying them when i'm not on my period b/c one time a friend asked me for one and i didn't have any to give her and i felt bad. so yeah some of us are doing that ig

No. 1502961

every time someone proclaims their love for kuromi, i assume that bitch has bpd. kuromi is the bpd mascot.

No. 1502964

File: 1676670347414.jpg (15.58 KB, 408x406, 1651700478021.jpg)

Oh shit is that why I like Kuromi

No. 1502968

I like her because she's cute and goofy…

No. 1502970

I’m a bpdfag and I’m wearing kuromi socks right now. You might be onto something…

No. 1502971

File: 1676670496205.png (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 1202x657, periods and trannies.png)

They're so wrapped up in shitting on troons that they've transcended common sense. Of course women can give each other pads or tampons. That's not freakish. And yes, it's still fucking creepy for some man in a dress to hoard them and walk around handing them out because it's coming out of a fucked up gender fixation and/or deranged fetish.

No. 1502975

i hate ppl who act like women can't be friends without being gay but please don't be one of those puritans who act like children can't be gay or who say that being gay is inherently sexual

No. 1502976

I've seen this in the mtf thread on /snow/ once in a while too also.
I don't like it when people treat websites like some kind of team sport thing.
Like crystal cafe has a lolcow hate thread and it's like… why? If you hate us using your website as a bunker just ban the threads?

No. 1502983

>I don't like it when people treat websites like some kind of team sport thing.
Nta but i do. some sites are worse than others and lc is clearly the winner here.

No. 1502984

Nta but a kid being gay is different from someone saying "these kids are gay" imo.

No. 1502991

i never admitted it on the internet but i'm wrong, you have a point

No. 1503012

KEK, I don't like to admit when I'm wrong either

No. 1503158

File: 1676692074221.jpg (440.77 KB, 1707x1080, Creek.jpg)

This shit is the exact reason I hated the Creek episode in South Park, why I never 100% the second game, and probably why I overall lost interest in the series in general. It just nasty, and a big missed opportunity for the return of Crab People.

No. 1503190

>South Park
Kek cmon that episode was funny as fuck

No. 1503204

I hate that no matter how clean I keep my mouth, I constantly get tonsil stones!! Wish I got my tonsils taken out as a kid.

No. 1503206

I have ADHD and depression

No. 1503234

Thanks this makes sense

No. 1503334

File: 1676724163535.jpeg (22.6 KB, 735x412, FpOA7jMXwAICwX6.jpeg)

picrel is the culmination of everything I hate about stan twitter, like how can anyone see this and not feet utter disgust

No. 1503336

I thought it was cute, they show Hetero relationships between the cast as well.

No. 1503337

Avoid eating dairy products anon

No. 1503340

I hate how hard it is too remove them now. Apparently they used to give out surgeries Willy-nilly in the early 2000s, but there were issues of excessive bleeding, so now they make you do a whole FBI tonsillectomy background check. Tonsil stones aren’t reason enough, you need to be damn near death over several years to even be considered to remove those bastards. I UNDERSTAND THE RISKS, IF YOU CAN GIVE mastectomies TO 18 YEAR OLDS YOU CAN REMOVE MY TONSILS!

No. 1503342

This looks funny, but like, in a fucked up way. Twitter is still a cesspool though.

No. 1503343

used to be if you catch tonsilitis a couple times they were getting yanked

No. 1503346

Now it’s consistent debilitating strep/tonsillitis over 4+ years. That’s what I was told when I wanted them out.

They do anything to keep them in. It’s a last resort.

No. 1503356

I know this is old but I don't get why taking vitamins has to be a masochistic action? If you can have a good tasting vitamin with all the same shit in it why wouldn't you?

No. 1503363

I can’t imagine nona is advocating self-flagellation, but it’s not good to eat processed garbo first thing in the morning. Still, live your life. I’ve bought entire containers just to eat when bored, IDGAF if it bloats me. Tastes good.

No. 1503366

Vitamins =/= processed garbo
Please just buy a pack of normal gummies

No. 1503375

have you considered…lying to your doctor to get what you want? or begging? usually there's some additional factors they'll consider like if it's affecting your quality of life / sleep / work attendance. basically tell them it is debilitating to you. easier said than done probably.

sorry, nona, that sucks!

No. 1503386

File: 1676730709139.png (36.26 KB, 1388x314, rvb.png)

What the fuck is wrong with certain radfems? like imagine being so utterly vile that you would rather all women suffer then admit that the west is slightly less misognystic then the muslim world

No. 1503397

If you can afford a daily multi vitamin you shouldn't need them. If you are vegan or have some kind of chronic deficiency there might be reason to take a supplement of some specific nutrient but otherwise you can get everything you need from even a slightly varied normal human diet.

No. 1503398

The green text doesn’t correlate. What are you mad at? It looks like a conversation about how Muslim men are creating problems for all women including asylum seekers and that people who are “pro immigration” aren’t doing it for the women in either countries because then they’d be focused just on the women and children not on everybody (primarily men who are harming all the women involved).

No. 1503406

Theres a few different bulking agents in regular old vitamin pills that are dodgy too. Its only in the last couple years that the european food safety authority finally admitted that titanium dioxide (a carcinogen) shouldn't be used in supplements anymore. This is the shit being put in peoples 'gotta look after my health' pills.
>EFSA reported uncertainties concerning the safety of TiO2 nanoparticles, which meant it could no longer be considered safe. The scientific opinion also highlighted the potential of TiO2 to directly damage DNA and genetic material inside cells, known as genotoxic effects.
>The FDA maintains that titanium dioxide is safe for human consumption

No. 1503553

it's just pakichan mad about an argument in the rightwing feminism thread. she tried dragging the argument with screencaps in the dumbass shit thread too

No. 1503592

Paki-chan, you come to every thread on /ot/ to cry about being btfo'd because you can't handle how huwhite men aren't the blessed knights in shining armor who will rescue you but savages like everyone other moid.

No. 1503885

Lisa Michele had a faggot ass MALE on her livestream. Disgusting. To make it worse, she definitely acted different because a man was present.

No. 1503899

I see red whenever someone keyboard smashes like DSHRSOTSDSHDFS. It's an exclusively twitter thing and it's so annoying.

No. 1503952

people who are always oversharing, particularly online. like going on a public server and casually ranting about something that really isn't that much of a big deal but kind of inconvenienced them. or talking about a mundane interaction they just had in detail (nobody cares, nobody ever responds to these kinds of posts). or just constantly treating these spaces as their diary. these people are usually also very mentally unstable and a lot that i've come across have been absolutely awful to befriend, they really cannot stop inserting themselves into everything and must have everything revolve around themselves. it might also be that i just never overshare myself, i keep a lot about myself private and would absolutely never vent to a bunch of random people with my identity attached so i see it as very odd.

No. 1503957

Excuse you, my friends and I were akjsgdjkas'ing back before twitter even existed.

No. 1503962

Seriously. I got irrationally heated in my head seeing them call it a twitter thing.
I couldn’t find it but I swear there are comics from the early 20th century if not sooner where incomprehensible emotions or screaming are depicted as random letter mashes. It’s an old thing.

No. 1504126

You sound overly secretive

No. 1504331

If I have to read or hear "it's giving" one more time I'm going to explode

No. 1504361

Damn nonnie, chill out! It's giving "needs to take her meds" energy.

No. 1504385

nta I just hate it when tumblr/twitter kids call it a "gay"/"bottom" thing. just because you're a gayaboo doesn't mean every-fucking-thing you do is "gay culture"

No. 1504386

I have mixed feelings about that kind of thing. I don’t mind people venting about interactions or regular life stuff, or even deeper stuff if the group is more closely knit. But if it’s constant or goes on and on and into stuff that I don’t know or care about it starts getting annoying.

No. 1504387

Never used public servers for anything other than emoji collections and never understood those who do.

No. 1504395

I'm going to explode and take you out with me

No. 1504486

Same. Twitter needs to leave.

No. 1504507

File: 1676842439637.jpg (202.13 KB, 1421x791, pic.jpg)

using filters on already beautiful retro celebs pictures trend (this supposed to be elizabeth taylor wtf)

No. 1504508

File: 1676842465964.jpg (118.04 KB, 804x574, pic (2).jpg)

No. 1504511

File: 1676842619065.jpg (174.57 KB, 1200x2000, pic (3).jpg)

No. 1504521

this is a crime lmao

No. 1504537

I dearly hope this is a parody by the images' OPs because if someone actually thinks these are improvements, then it's fresh and ripe mental illness

No. 1504540

File: 1676846532766.jpg (271.23 KB, 627x708, 8cd.jpg)

These remind me of this image kek

No. 1504541

I hate that my wired Switch controller won't work with games outside of Steam!

No. 1504544

Don't know this game and the character but that guy turned her into a Lebanese singer.

No. 1504566

>barely no curves or rough non feminine features
Please someone tell me this is just bad grammar and I'm not going insane.

No. 1504591

>Vitamins =/= processed garbo
ntayrt but hard disagree, most of them don't really do anything to improve your health, or do anything at all lol. especially not the gummie ones, you could eat regular gummie candy and it'll have the same effect

No. 1504594

i hate that roku tv's dont have a twitch app to download

No. 1504595

When people say yt instead of white. I always think they're talking about youtube. If you have the time to leave your retarded comment on lolcow, you have the time to write white.

No. 1504601

Wait, you're seeing anons saying 'yt' on lolcow?

No. 1504605

wait you mean they don't mean youtube??

No. 1504627

Twitterfags use yt along with what we sadly have now tiktokfags
in my country it's highly recommend by doctors around the country and we have done multiple studies on why we should take in more D and Fish oil. we don't really get the sun until summer

No. 1504681

Exchanging an item with someone and trying to figure out when to let it go

No. 1504919

File: 1676906107550.jpeg (21.68 KB, 400x400, 1667953307372.jpeg)

Audio messages!!! God I fucking hate them and my friends always send them

No. 1504925

The worst one is “wypipo” for me. It sounds so weird and childish, like baby speak, but used as an insult.

No. 1504933

I've only seen this one used in racist caricatures

No. 1504934

Not supporting attention whores or anything but it's so bizarre to me that men are happy to openly sexualize uncomfortable and unconsenting women but bash/ignore women who blantantly want to be sexualized. Why is it okay to sexualize random girls on the street or in their job but when there's women who are actively looking to be sexualized they don't want that

No. 1504940

I fucking hate people who “upcycle” lovely old wooden furniture by cutting it up and painting it opaque white, grey or black. Especially if they add “shading” which just makes it look grimy 100% of the time. Even a lot of vintage/antique furniture stores in my area have started doing this.

The violation is part of the thrill.

No. 1504942

Because they’re rapists, pure and simple. Men don’t want a consenting woman because it ruins their rape fantasies. Willingly giving consent inherently means it can be revoked at anytime and given that these types of men are usually some breed of narcissist/anti-social, they are hypersensitive to rejection and/or generally resent any type of authority.

No. 1504962

Can i add on and say that women who have done anything porn or were past victims related get ruined in society while pimps and men who have raped prostitutes gets no consequence? I hate that men like snoop dog are allowed in children's spaces and media and any woman so much as done playboy 50 years ago are villainzed as evil corrupting whores. Even justin timberlake faced absolutely ZERO backlash for ripping janet jackson's bra. I don't even care if it was fabricated or not because janet's career was ruined by being a victim in this scenario. I hate the way men dictate what's child friendly. A woman beating rapist who's been in and out of jail is okay for children to look up to, but not a woman who wears is known to dress like a hicktown hooker.

No. 1504968

Madonna/Whore complex is the simplest answer, men want what they don't have. They want to degrade the unobtainable virginal, pure Madonna and then throw her away as a tainted whore after they used her.

No. 1505061

A man once explained it to me as conquering the unobtainable. It strokes their ego more to convert a disinterested women than an interested one. The fantasy isn't exactly rape, it's being so good at sex that you make the unwilling willing.

No. 1505086

The word 'panties'. I have never heard anybody in real life use that word to refer to underwear, ever. It sounds simultaneously porny and juvenile to me and I don't know who decided to call underwear pants but it should stop being used.

No. 1505090

I hate the Artist salt thread so much. Years ago it actually had competent artists posting and the pettiest it got was whining about some youtuber using expensive art tools "they don't deserve", now it's filled with hateful /beg/s who want to nitpick everything that makes them feel insecure and scrotes who are too threatened by /ic/ sperging about how feminism is ruining the west, everything women like is degenerate, pedo artists did nothing wrong, Japan is superior for "being anti-woke" and AI art hustle is based because cryptobros on reddit told them so. I try reading the posts once in a while and I have to close the thread after two minutes to avoid brain damage. It's not as bad and deranged as the celebrity gossip thread but it's a good runner up.

No. 1505091

Pan-tees is a retarded word but pannys feels neutral

No. 1505095

Panny??? That sounds even more perverted like ”cunny”

No. 1505098

Panties feels porny and pannys feels like something hicks say and porny.

No. 1505102

I'm ESL so I will keep using it because I don't want people to misunderstand me and I don't want to make mistakes when talking about clothes. It's also why I almost always say "trousers" and not "pants".

No. 1505114

Years ago I got one of the styluses with a hole in the top and tied it with a piece of string through the hole you put little charms through on the DS because I lose everything. I'm not sure if they have that on newer models though.

No. 1505119

panties sounds hilarious to me for some reason but i rarely ever hear/see anyone use it. i really hate the word knickers. i'm british and can't stand it, it makes me grimace, such an incredibly ugly word

No. 1505200

For real. The weebs especially drive me batshit with the nippon worship. I can’t believe that I miss when the art thread was full of redlining.

No. 1505210

i honestly prefer the current retardation, even if most posters are crabs and mongoloids. for like a year a majority of the discussion was twitter screencaps of tracing drama and if you told them to fuck off they'd accuse you of being a cow. at least the current art salt is interesting, albeit neurotic and stupid

No. 1505225

the newest incel invention: "passport-bro" movement

those moids sounds so unhinged and scary, constantly either larping as rich chad or as western women who totally agrees and vows to better herself.
and the sad thing is that some asian women seem so insecure or desperate for money that they actually cater to them, this channel is full of videos of asian women calling out western women, telling to just be uwu nice to poor western men…

No. 1505235

lol let them have each other, who cares

No. 1505241

tradfags also always pull kids into their shit

No. 1505357

File: 1676955189859.png (791.6 KB, 1046x614, 767676.png)

I absolutely hate the forced male lead archetype(the one that killed/abused the female lead MC in the previous timeline but she ends up with him somehow)
But then people post stories where this archetype of just some asshole of a different flavor is the male lead. And yeah sure they are a billion times better than the actual trash of the first kind, but they are still shit and I hate them so damn much.

>Miss Not So Sidekick
>I'm No Heroine/Politely Decline the Male Lead

No. 1505358

Some men like Asian girls more and that's why they travel there to hopefully find their perfect animu gf, lmao. Those men are usually weebs addicted to hentai and anime, it's not that deep.

No. 1505359

>I'm ESL so I will keep using it because I don't want people to misunderstand me
Just say underwear.

No. 1505361

She can use panties, it doesn't matter.

No. 1505392

File: 1676959002841.gif (935.97 KB, 200x190, rage.gif)

when people try to wave off bullying by saying shit like "Maybe the bully has a bad home life" "Perhaps they are jealous of you" and "you'll be far greater than they could ever be." But all of that isn't true most of my bullies were well off and had friends
I was bullied just cause I had an accent and I always said hi to the school cleaner. It followed all thru the school system into secondary year(high school for burgers). Kids with more money and social skills saw me as a target, but after I threw punches back after a fight no one every tried violence again though the social bullying continued. It made me more sympathetic to bigotry and bullying of others, more liberal, more empathetic because I used it to learn to be a better, braver person. I never did have many friends but the ones I do have are good people and I would rather be alone than kowtow to that kind of society.

No. 1505405

It depends. The popular kids were usually better off and seemed to bully as a group, but the losers with a stick up their ass would bully other losers alone. In my experience the latter was more personal, because we were likely "friends".

No. 1505413

I think this might be more of an Asian phenomenon, as social status is a bigger deal here

No. 1505416

I had a group of bitches bully me in highschool and it was purely jealously. I'm attractive,it's not conceited to state this I'm in my 30s now I've got lived experience knowing I make heads turn. Yet at school I was abused at home by my family so at school I was always "on" making jokes trying to you know have fun outside of the home. Being smart and funny puts a target on your back. The fact that I've been picked on by women of all ages throughout my life has had the opposite effect on me it has embiggened me to feel like I am worth something since so many cunts have taken an affront to me and I know I am not mean spirited and carry myself well. Bullies are just pathetic. Some bitch at a bar recently just randomly targeted me and started bad mouthing loudly to her group and what I assumed was her boyfriend or date so I just blew him a kiss and then they had a fight lol

No. 1505424

It's such a mystery why people would bully a perfect individual like yourself

No. 1505425

The narc bpd vibes iradiating of this post could kill a horse.

No. 1505428

wow anon you sound like a totally normal and well adjusted human being.

No. 1505435

>I am smart and funny
well, you're one of those things

No. 1505439

Might be just me, but being beautiful as a young woman was the one thing that could keep you safe from serious bullying. Every bully girl I've encountered was above average and the kind that "made heads turn". I was bullied for existing and being ugly by pretty girls who didn't have anything to be jealous of. Inb4 "pretty girls get treated badly too!!" yeah that's possible, and every girl is going to face misogyny, but being ugly as a woman is seen as an insult because women are considered valuable based on their beauty.

No. 1505473

People who get offended over the slightest criticism, I told my coworker not to leave food scraps in the sink because that's disgusting and she got pissy and left the office without saying goodbye. My mom is the same, she would get super angry whenever we disagreed with her.

No. 1505479

Do you always say goodbye to everyone at the office? Asking because while I don’t work in an office, I have to sneak out of work if I don’t want multiple people bidding me adieu.

No. 1505495

>>1505416 you deserve to be bullied

No. 1505524

Your post offends me.

No. 1505544

Ayrt and unless you hate your coworkers' guts you always say goodbye, you look like an asshole otherwise.

No. 1505551

Nta, but it could be a difference in culture.

No. 1505559

File: 1676984153910.jpg (84.65 KB, 453x439, 1669118267732309.jpg)

>wah it's so hot!
>its 80°F

No. 1505562

This radiates “I’m not like other girls, I’m better”.

I’d probably bully you too, nona.

No. 1505565

Imagine being old enough to go to a bar and still getting into petty fights with random women.

No. 1505572

Imagine a woman knowing she's funny, is smart by the standards tested and know she's attractive. I got bullied but also had a very good support group of friends growing up, being bullied by insecure women is par for the course. I'm not walking around with my head up my arse friendless I've had people call out my bullies too.

No. 1505573

The extent of my interaction with her was listening to her drunk tirade and blowing a kiss at her friend group as she was being obnoxious.

No. 1505575

I'm sure that's exactly what happened.

No. 1505576

I know what you mean I swear some insecure women walk around with terminator vision they either see you as inferior to them (prey) or competition (rivals) either way they are on the attack unless there is something they can get from you (in the past it was homework answers etc). Nothing worse than interacting with another woman and I can tell she's sizing me up deciding how cunty to act towards me. Even existing isn't safe "look at how she walks she thinks she's so much better than everyone else" I had to hear it from randoms people thought I was a stuck up bitch. Like who the fuck even are you people

No. 1505577

You should try it. It also annoys people that tailgate on the road.

No. 1505583

I hate that society emboldens, rewards, accepts, and encourages self-destructive attention-seeking behavior.
Worse when they claim
>no, see I'm doing this for myself, not begging for attention!
No you are not, you are seeking approval from others otherwise you wouldn't have put your body at risk for it because staying healthy easily is was more important than this bullshit your pulling.

No. 1505586

The filth desire to drag all to their level, don't let them, they bully themselves in their own thoughts every day and must soothe their insecurities with it. They're beneath you and you know it, it's much like thinking about a big infestation, it shouldn't bother you but it does.

No. 1505688

File: 1676999472083.png (359.85 KB, 566x328, 1667504514513.png)

>this entire post

No. 1505689

When your cat is doing something cute so you run to get your phone and he holds that pose…. Until the absolute moment you push the capture button

No. 1505693

It's not helpful when people say that, that's why I personally find it annoying, but it's true though. People like that often have bad relationships with their parents or just generally insecure for whatever reason. Some of them might realize they're not good for anything (not smart, not creative, etc.), they're also too dependent on what others think about them, obsessed with "normalcy" and conformity, so they feel threatened by those who stand out in any way. There can be lots of reasons to feel insecure, and some people try to cope by putting someone down. It happens among adults too, just in subtler ways. The problem is, as I said, it doesn't really help to just realize it, especially as a child/teen. You still have to experience it and you don't know what to do about it. I think it's more important to realize you don't deserve such treatment and you can allow yourself some amount of aggression, too. But even that might not be enough, and it sucks that adults just don't want to get involved, teachers and parents alike. Still, I think many bullies deserve a good beating (at least slap in the face) and it's a pity their victims are often taught to be above that.

No. 1505732

Too hot for me yes. I get dizzy and feel faint at that point. Alternatively
>wah it's so cold!
>its 50°

No. 1505757

File: 1677004546861.jpeg (60.78 KB, 560x690, 1BDEB3E6-EB08-4A70-AF5C-F1267F…)

>be trying to meal plan, organize, craft, or etc.
>remember that Pinterest exists
>get excited
>download app
>look up thing ideas
>it’s all the same 5 things I saw 10 years ago

No. 1505763

Personally I didn’t find attractiveness to have any effect on whether I got bullied or not. When I was younger I was ugly as fuck and I got bullied. In high school I went ugly duckling and became hot, people always telling me I’m gorgeous and model tier. But I still got bullied kek. It was probably just because I was poor and kinda weird. I was weird in a cute harmless way, like always reading nonfiction books and for our introduce yourself to the class paper in HS I wrote that I liked going into the woods and foraging mushrooms which got me mocked and bullied mercilessly. Fuck them, if this was a couple years in the future I would have been worshipped as a cottage core waif.
What do you think is what separates mean insecure women and normal ones? I’m insanely insecure — including impulsively wanting male approval — but I’ve never bullied anyone or been rude to another woman. Idk this theory doesn’t make sense for me.

No. 1505764

File: 1677005547387.jpg (18.65 KB, 480x480, cornball.jpg)

Not everyone wants to work for themselves and be an "entrepreneur" or business owner. I hate that people act like it's something you should/have to want and if you don't then something is wrong with you. And always act like it's something that's easy to start doing. The hustle grind lifestyle is not for everyone.

No. 1505776

I kek'd at the filename, it's SO corny. This bothers me too, I wish there was a name for it. Kind of like "toxic positivity" but like "toxic girlboss" fake motivational shit. Also the women I know who post those things on social media are always selling MLM stuff and calling themselves a "business owner" kek

No. 1505782

Let's not call it toxic girlboss, men are way worse at that shit

No. 1505787

that's true, idk "toxic GRINDSET" or whatever the fuck kek

No. 1505791

I was going to start my own business making some stuff but after hearing my neighbor say he sells his own stuff, gets taxed on that income, then taxed again when transferring it to his personal bank I'm not sure anymore. I might have taxes taken from my shitty job but I'm not the boss in charge of everything and won't be double taxed on all my efforts.

No. 1505865

"hustle culture"?

No. 1505963

The fact that my coworker has been working with me for 7 years and she still asks “what’s that noise” at basic alert noises we hear in the department (we work in healthcare)
You hear it every day how can you forget what the sound is

No. 1505982

Maybe she stupid

No. 1505990

Same, but I also can't even get into something as simple as commision based art I don't think I can make it in the business industry and I sure don't like paying extra in taxes

No. 1505991

Maybe it's out of habit at this point.

No. 1506009

File: 1677028150047.jpg (323.2 KB, 1080x1545, Screenshot_20210901-101326_Gal…)

I hate it with every fiber of my being when a story has a good male lead and a good romance with the female lead, and then they introduce a 2nd male lead who is just there to waste time and pad out the story with filler drama because at this point you know who female lead will end up with and you are not rooting for the asshole character who showed up just to fuck up the cute couple moments.
Like if you gave me a story, with two versions
>a love triangle will-they-won't-they drama
>a cute comfy story about a couple being lovey dovey
I would slam dunk that first into a volcano, that shit is fucking trash

No. 1506141

It does to me.

No. 1506155

Misogyny and pedophilia psychops to turn moids worse than they already are. I keep getting crap promoting arranged marriages as a "gotcha" to women who don't date men who want to date them because "gotcha I'll get my parents to arrange a marriage with a baddie, completely consensual though". It just seems like mental gymnastics to slowly start taking away rights from women. It wouldn't surprise me if they'd start trying to advocate for FGM in western countries

No. 1506161

i hate webp files. let me download my jpgs you miserly fucks

No. 1506162

I hate them too I need to screenshot it and crop it

No. 1506165

just use webp to jpg

No. 1506167

Hate how moids cough, sneeze and grunt and clear their throats so loud stfu

No. 1506168

The lolita thread
I literally don’t care about the comm drama

No. 1506171

Getting called in on my day off. Hire more people reee.

No. 1506181

i've been doing the old 'open in edge browser then use internet explorer mode to force it to show me the jpg version' trick. but a wepb to jpg conversion tool sounds way more convenient tbh. thanks nonny

No. 1506199

File: 1677052871939.png (128.8 KB, 387x371, retard activated.png)

Bumping for cp

No. 1506219

I hate random horror, gore, or sad history advertisements. YouTube keeps trying to give me various horror content or history tragedies and my own tv had a junji ito ad between all the light hearted new show previews. Life is already morbid I dont want more sad content. More reasons to be freaked out in the dark when moids are walking nightmares already.

No. 1506376

Null. Watching his streams is unbearable. He can’t help himself whining about muh jews muh darkies muh wahmen. I have not watched him in a long time, decided to check out the 10 year anniversary stream but what did I expect. It’s retarded because he thinks he’s some fucking terf ally saving gc spaces

No. 1506378

File: 1677079239428.png (89.66 KB, 496x735, 9843754.png)

>join discord
>15min timeout before you can post
>assign roles though babys first script discord bot that works 60% of the time
>go to new users channel to request chat priviledge
>get confirmed 4 hours later
>active users have wall of roles like picrel
>not allowed to ask questions, get directed to "info" channel thats 2 years out of date
>every channel full of moids one upping each others degeneracy

Forums weren't perfect, but how is this the evolution.

No. 1506387

watch out you'll summon the josh fangirls saying he's "changed" or some bs

No. 1506420

I tried to tolerate his streams because I'm somewhat interested in IBS and chantal and don't have time to read their threads but any topic devolves into him ranting about his 'politics' and it's so exhausting to have to listen to.

No. 1506421

A creator I like posted an edit I made uncredited and got a bunch of attention for it… like my joke was stolen by a creator… im shook

No. 1506464

File: 1677088034526.jpg (50.13 KB, 736x460, ugly.jpg)

Never thought there'd come a day where I'm getting nostalgic for eroge-going-anime and kyoani pudding face tier animation, but here we are.

No. 1506467

Damn nonna, I’m sorry. I’ve had that happen before too and it sucks. By the time a friend showed me what happened to mine it had hundreds of thousands of likes and RTs. I felt pretty pissed, but there was nothing I could really do. It was also a shitpost and that’s how the internet is but it still sucks.

No. 1506468

Not crediting people is just such trash behavior. A drag queen stole a photo of me and my wife and it got hundreds of likes and RTs. When i called them out on it, the fans attacked me. Like bro, that's my photo.

No. 1506469

Love triangles are the worst, especially when you know the other male exists only for run time and 'drama.' I hate people who support this shit.

No. 1506511

I hate the Rumiko Takahashi artstyle, all the characters have the same face and they look like they have FAS.

No. 1506514

now that you say it, the eyes on her characters are a little too far apart..

No. 1506542

There's somebody that keeps using nona on 4chan it gives me tranny pretending to be a woman vibes

No. 1506553

I know nicknames are beloved on here and I know those anons aren't troons, for the most part that is, but I always get the same ones even on here, too

No. 1506557

Just another reason why nonnie is superior. Scrotes seem to vastly prefer nona/nonna for their larp posts.

No. 1506561

is dancing like a tard considered stimming?

No. 1506581

I like to mix it up for absolutely no reason, nona/nonny, throw in a bonita or whatever sometimes. I don't think it's that deep.

No. 1506616

Yeah, I don't get why they have to act like old farts with tuberculosis that are about to die. Disgusting
I sneeze crazy loud though because it's more satisfying, suppressing it makes me feel like my head explodes

No. 1506617

File: 1677100352626.jpeg (130.41 KB, 828x1183, 5991BEE9-F18B-44DF-A81A-82CDD8…)

Aidens shut the fuck up about Mana-sama

No. 1506624

I hate matte lipstick and anybody who thinks poop colored lipstick looks good.

No. 1506626

I'm convinced fakeboism is just the biggest humblebrag in the world

No. 1506627

File: 1677100888118.jpg (59.6 KB, 1440x1078, im-looking-for-a-brown-nude-th…)

samefag and before anybody gets uppity, i mean on very light skin where it looks jarring

No. 1506633

well excuse me for not wanting to look wet all the time
bottom right looks ok imo

No. 1506656

seeing anything about vk on tiktok is so wild

No. 1506686

aidenism aside how does Lois Family Guy in that screenshot look like Mana?

No. 1506693

These idiots just say words but don't know what any of them mean.

No. 1506745

I don't think there's any relation, Mana was just brought up because he is a very androgynous guy and so hyperfeminine TIFs "relate" to him I guess.

No. 1506761

File: 1677111731581.png (16.51 KB, 100x100, bou.png)

Aidens thinking a cis man dressing feminine is the same as them LARPING as men while still dressing feminine. Sometimes it feels like these women want the attention men get when they dress feminine.
>inb4 they start labeling Mana as trans

No. 1506762

seconded, my brain is not able to process seeing mana outside of livejournal screenshots

No. 1506780

File: 1677115014714.jpg (149.81 KB, 1024x774, 5635513442_644bfcb5ef_b.jpg)

i hate self checkout kiosks, mainly because being recorded so intimately makes me incredibly uncomfortable. i know you are recorded throughout the store in general, but there is something much more unsettling to have a camera shoved in your face while you're trying to buy your shit. i know its to prevent potential theft, but it is also just so blatantly dystopian to see that i will willing wait in a line of people to buy my stuff instead regardless of how much longer it takes compared to the kiosks.

No. 1506782

I steal right in front of this camera and they do nothing

No. 1506879

I love self checkout, it's a godsend. Where I live they don't use cameras or at least no cameras that are visible to customers. They just have a few employees walking around and doing random checks to deter theft. It doesn't work that well though, I still regularly steal groceries and only got caught once because I was drunk and being a retard.

No. 1507245

What have you managed to steal so far, anon? The only thing I've ever stolen is a lemon, and it was completely unintentional, I just put it in my pocket and forgot to put a sticker on it. Love self checkouts too btw, they're just like you describe where I live, only there's only one employee.

No. 1507280

I’m amazed it hasn’t started happening already. The trans crowd abhors gender nonconformity if the person is comfortable with their sex and body.

No. 1507336

File: 1677180068959.png (561.69 KB, 626x796, huhh.png)

I hate it this shit especially because I know for a fact that OP is a white woman who LARPS as a man
As if you're any better KEK

No. 1507347

File: 1677180367467.jpg (420.57 KB, 1536x2048, muhhethey.jpg)

Vtubers aside, like girl who are you trying to fool right now. You're literally a white westerner trying to hide behind being your pronouns, just like all the others who think being a tranny is some kind of valid defense. Fuck right off with trying to turn it into a race thing.

No. 1507361

>see moids profile who is either ripping a woman's appearance apart or complaining about how stressed his wife is
>Follows 18 yr olds onlyfans pages
WHY are they always like this

No. 1507362

>d-don’t worry, I’m not like other evil privileged whites, I have special pronouns and I dress up in blue collar cosplay

No. 1507363

The best way to steal is to avoid self checkout all together. Just use those disposable bags, fill em up and waltz on out

No. 1507393

Adding onto this self checkout usually has the most cameras, pocket before purchase is the better option by far.

No. 1507410

what even is she trying to go for here

No. 1507474

Straight dating is so fucking tiring. It seems like almost all moids expect you to be 24 hour text bots or else you ain't interested or fucking everyone you see. How do women even put up with this crap?

No. 1507495

Every time I see a lesbian ship, or lesbian ship headcanon one of the characters is always bi.

No. 1507513

File: 1677191126716.jpeg (219.45 KB, 1000x520, 8F9C138B-FA93-4369-81A0-05F9A1…)

This colossal retard. The concept of race-mixing very much does exist outside of America. Thread reached reply limit so I can’t reply there.

No. 1507514

File: 1677191195569.png (910.11 KB, 800x530, food-distributor-frozen-vegeta…)

Fuck cauliflower tbh. Last time I buy the "California mix" vegetables because the cauliflower ruins everything.

No. 1507524

Cauliflower is good but those bags of frozen ones are nasty

No. 1507531

The economy is fucked but I can't feel bad for Americans addicted to consoomerism while complaining about barely scraping by. This is coming from someone who has financial struggles myself. If you claim to struggle financially and you go on multiple vacations yearly, drink every weekend and have a home full of consumerist crap I don't feel bad. This isn't about the "stop buying avocado toast" type deal because no one can afford a home now anyway but why be stupid and spend money on junk while demanding more and more ?

No. 1507534

I've never seen such unhinged retardation. Honestly though, only a moid would be this retarded or need to fight somebody so hard on such a topic, they are one step away from crying about liberalism ruining women.

No. 1507538

for me that mix sucks because of the carrots. the frozen carrots suck, they get this weird fake sweet taste and a rubbery texture. i avoid any frozen mix with carrots now, it's just not worth it, but the cauliflower on it's own is delicious.

No. 1507559

people who are financially bad off and addicted to buying shit just make me sad. not even because they're spending their money, but because a lot of people i know who are like this think shit will make them happy when deep down inside they are utterly miserable.

sage for semi blogpost

No. 1507675

Cauliflower tastes like nothing

No. 1507677

>t. tastebud deficient

No. 1507692

idk the context of this screencap but reading it is giving me an aneurysm. there are so many countries where applying this racial classification ("if someone isn't x then they must be y/z/etc") would not make ANY sense, like they would not fathom the idea that there ethnicities that literally cannot fit into these categories. i just know it's the type of person who asks "are people from X country white/black/whatever?" on quora i can feel it

No. 1507707

That or they're über obsessed with showing off to their peers. Like oh yeah you're 10k in credit card debt alone but at least you can show off to your old high school friends about your fancy new car. It's even worse when those same people look down on others for not having fancy things like a big home or nice car when they are ruining their financial future just to say they have it. It's pathetic and sad

No. 1507713

I hate the sadness that comes with menstruation. I'm listening to music and crying like crazy despite it just being cool drums and mandolin, I feel absolutely hollow for about four days like how people describe the lows of the days following a drug binge. Just horrible, I can barely muster up the energy to talk about anything worth hearing. I hate how it's every. single. month.

No. 1507733

I know 2 moids like this. fucking kek at their fancy cars they cannot afford and will be making payments forever. my car may be shit but it does the minimum I need and is paid off. thrifted clothes have gotten me by. Nice but cheap etsy stuff gets more compliments than the few gifted designer things I own.

No. 1507744

Always fucking dumbass moids. People like to shit on poor women for shit like nails which cost less than 50 if you know where you go. Meanwhile I know some moid who is in his mind 20s and never lived on his own and lives with his obese teenagers girlfriends parents but bragged about get a brand new truck that had to be at least a 1k monthly payment with a new phone every year. Another has a family and can barely pay bills but refuses to trade in his expensive car for something cheaper. Anytime I see a moid driving a brand new fancy car, drinking often or has a shit ton of expensive gaming gear but can't find a decent place to live I absolutely cringe. At least women who live with their parents don't like to blow every last cent they have just to show off. It's even worse when moids want to act like women are after them because of their car when in reality most women don't give a shit about cars and the women who do would laugh and ghost them as soon as they go to their shit tier section 8 apartment or parents homes. Anything to be on their high horse

No. 1507748

Linkedin. I do noooot want to talk to all you people, and I haaate the little stupid "inspiring" posts!

No. 1507768

Men shouldn't be trusted to buy new cars until they're like, 10 years into adulthood at least. They should be banned from getting car loans because they will always buy something wasteful and get themselves into way more debt than any young person should be for what is essential a fucking fancy toy.

If it only affected the moid's finances I wouldn't care but I know so many women who end up paying off their deadbeat bfs debt. Eg I know one girl who got a 20k loan to pay off her bfs speeding fines, one who was left with 50k debt to pay off her ex bfs cars, bikes and boats, etc. I'd literally die before paying off a man's dumb ass decisions.

No. 1507780

I hate having seizures. I hate that I know when they’re coming and even if I use rescue medication, sure I’ll live, but I’m still powerless to stop it. My body regularly goes into a catatonic state just because I’m obsessive. I knew you always had to be willing to die to even do this job.

No. 1507781

I hate having seizures. I hate that I know when they’re coming and even if I use rescue medication, sure I’ll live, but I’m still powerless to stop it. My body regularly goes into a catatonic state just because I’m obsessive. I knew you always had to be willing to die to even do this job.

No. 1507938

Rescue medication? I have epilepsy but it's the first time I'm hearing about something like that. Are you on any regular medication otherwise?
All questions aside, I feel for you anon, the powerless feeling when you know the seizure is coming is just awful. I was lucky to not have any in public in recent years, it was only safely at home, but still felt pathetic and vunerable. Hope you're doing ok otherwise.

No. 1507948

It could be responding to itself but yeah. If you're new: Do not respond to bait threads, report them instead.

No. 1508130

I hate whenever I see a man doing that thing where they hold their dick and shake or wave it around. It's so vile. I cannot describe the feeling, it makes me feel like I'm going to be sexually assaulted or something. I just saw a video of a dude doing that to a lady who was sucking dick at a Mardi Gras celebration for beads.

No. 1508157

I hate having to live near degenerate human beings in some poorly built anthill that costs me my entire cheque every month to have shelter. I'm full of shrapnel and manure but I have no explosion.

No. 1508183

I use to work with a moid who was ex military (go figure), he use to wreck his car constantly, only work tip based jobs so he wouldn't have to pay child support, bragged about bullying women he had sex with, would brag about spending 100s on whiskey and shit and ended up getting a teenager pregnant and ofc left and kicked her out when the baby was a newborn. His sister had to pay his insurance because of how high it was too. I don't even know why his family bothered with him, it's so bizarre to me how many chances men get with people around them but so many things are considered unforgivable as women

No. 1508195

>His sister had to pay his insurance because of how high it was too. I don't even know why his family bothered with him, it's so bizarre to me how many chances men get with people around them but so many things are considered unforgivable as women
Everyone knows deep down men are genetic retards who may fly into a tardrage anytime they aren't catered towards. Also so many sisters exist just to fucking soak up the male bullshit in the family, if you dare put one boundary or say no or talk about how he hit/sexually harassed/etc you, everyone literally turns into a fucking demon hoard dragging you back into the sister dumpster pit. It's suck fucking bullshit. Sisters need to distance themselves and only do the bare minimum, literally expected to act like a mother without any of the tiny protection/benefits.

No. 1508276

I take keppra and there’s also benzos and different nasal sprays they give me when I start staring and stop responding to anyone

No. 1508277

haha such an epic pwn bro
why are men

No. 1508343

I hate how the word "mid" caught on. It's just a retarded zoomerspeak way of saying average, except now it's needlessly passive-aggressive because god forbid you say something is ordinary without acting like it's beneath you. Just fucking say average you spergs.

No. 1508365

Mid means below average but serviceable (so palatable/fuckable/rapeable, in acceptably scrotish speak)

No. 1508368

File: 1677275890019.png (20.24 KB, 326x87, 2324324.png)

I hate anons that call other anons with it/its pronouns. I'm a woman and would a fucking man post in this degenerative thread. Also hate anons that responds to bait and anons who think they are holier-than-thou attitudes most of them are pearl clutching newfags ofcourse.

No. 1508370

samefag, but I would also point out that the cap isn't the only instance were I've seen or been referenced with those dumb pronouns bs

No. 1508374

So you got butthurt on another thread?

No. 1508375

You must've posted something real nasty anon

No. 1508378

>So you got butthurt
No, not really. If I did then I would have never stuck with the farms. But seeing the it/its pronouns just really ticks me off, been seeing it as of late and wonder about the uptake of the usage of it.

No. 1508383

File: 1677277092294.jpeg (64.68 KB, 800x555, 6a00d8358081ff69e201b8d0eb6c80…)

I hate lettuce, it feel rubbery and tastes like plastic.

No. 1508385

Oh my god, I want to a-log you. This is BS.

No. 1508387

That poster who got called it is an attention whore in /g/ who posts about piss and rapey moid shit, claims that women are naturally submissive and doesn't spoiler gross pics.

No. 1508401

File: 1677278577885.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 243.1 KB, 498x600, 1677266872084.jpeg)

I'm that it poster and I just point out the fact that the hornyposting and shitposting thread was created for that degenerative so that anons would stop posting about on /ot/. I'm not the
>attention whore in /g/ who posts about piss and rapey moid shit, claims that women are naturally submissive and doesn't spoiler gross pics.
If I was then all that shit wouldn't have been posted since thread #4 as I stopped posting in that thread by then and only recently started to check again. Also stop being a pussy regarding gross pics that are mostly just suggestive by normal standards, picrel is the pic she's talking about and am only spoilering since the topic at hand is getting out of control.
>posts rapey moid shit and claims that women are naturally submissive
Anon plenty of other anons wants to beat/hurt scrotes and then fuck them and I got to ask just how does that relate to being naturally submissive.

No. 1508403

Uh oh, it's getting mad.

No. 1508405

No. 1508406

File: 1677279293515.jpg (392.15 KB, 1600x900, l-intro-1623521030.jpg)

I also hate raw vegetables in general as they are often to hard to bite and the flavour is too strong for me. It's steamed or nothing. I basically want to eat bland or not strongly flavoured/seasoned food that aren't hard to chew like the elderly. INB4 I can't eat food that are too fatty or salty since I'll just get diarrhea.

No. 1508416

File: 1677280280947.gif (3.87 MB, 320x240, eat-watermelon.gif)

Men that refuse to perform cunnilingus. Kicked one out last night because of it and he sent me a text asking what did he do to make me so angry that I kicked him out. You didn't eat my fucking pussy.

No. 1508422

Well done.

No. 1508430

Tbh don't even feel bad, ignore the clootchers raging. There's literally nothing wrong with being a woman and wanting to beat up and fuck men.

No. 1508432

Correct, the opposite is wrong though

No. 1508494

I think straight and bi women should refuse intimacy with men more often unless said men are willing to eat them out. Too many men make pleasure all about themselves and nothing is worth sleeping with a man who wont at the very least go down on you. Best advice is not to sleep with men at all but at least have standards and make them do something. Good job nonnie.

No. 1508523

Unrelated but nonny your gif made me lol

No. 1508664

File: 1677300114727.jpg (Spoiler Image, 144.04 KB, 619x795, Screenshot_20230224-233748_Ins…)

I hate ugly, mediocre men in cosplay. People hype men up in cosplay who look like shit and this is proof.
extra annoyed when ugly men have the audacity to cosplay my husbando

No. 1508666

Based. Men who refuse to do oral are weak faggots.

No. 1508692

Based. We shouldn't have kids with men who don't eat pussy, it's a disservice to humanity.

No. 1508704

It's just been a way for low tier moids to kick down attractive women's confidence. They usually resort to this if the woman truly has no unattractive features or they see other men calling her attractive and don't want her to feel good about herself. A truly average or ugly woman men would just ignore or let her get the attention out of pity/assume her content that's either sexual or just posting a selfie or whatever was humor/just a normie post. Anytime I see men cry about a woman being mid you know she's going to be cute it's just men can't stand seeing women feel good about their appearance

No. 1508715

File: 1677308741277.jpeg (11.18 KB, 480x360, images (11).jpeg)

Does anyone else find that when they're wearing wide leg pyjama pants that they keep catching their big toe in the opposite pant leg when they walk and tripping over? Or am I the only gumby in here? Whatever, I fucking hate it.

No. 1508716

Based hero.

No. 1508722

Yes and it has nearly killed me several times.

No. 1508727

I know I should let it go but I'm still pissed someone in /g/ unironically defended child rape with "but the girl enjoyed it" excuse. it's one thing to find an immoral singer attractive, I get posting shitty men is the point of that thread, you know the one, but trying to actually justify what happened is sick

No. 1508768

I was in a help group for people with depression years ago, weekly meetings. It was eye opening seeing people twice my age only connecting the dots then. Their lives had been dysfunctional for decades, depression, addiction, unstable relationships, hypersexuality that they thought was just them loving sex.. they never connected the dots but shit like that went down when they were kids or teens. It was brushed off and buried under layers of coping mechanisms. You can be in denial about it but it'll still fuck your life up.

No. 1508784

it's not that hard for me to trip over baggy pants when I trip over my own two feet. I did the same with long sweatpants the other day

No. 1508922

Women who call other women thots and names like that. Why do it?

No. 1508992

This is all true about women who hate pink.

No. 1508999

File: 1677342385008.png (30.44 KB, 275x275, 1664601855097.png)

No. 1509007

It's not bait, fuck off. You don't know what I'm talking about and that's fine, but don't respond to me with your dumb picture.

No. 1509010

It's interesting you mention this because it ironically aligns with a lot of the NLOGs I grew up with in a highly Christian community. They considered themselves "above" men, but they used this to feel superior to other women. A large part of this was feeling like they wouldn't be manipulated, they would still be virgins and were following God, etc.

It is interesting how the pendulum swings.

No. 1509028

I took it as she meant all women that hated pink as like your example and not just as color preference that some women have which some may take it as such and start to infight in thus threadlike in the unpopular opinions thread, hence the bait pic.

No. 1509060

There was a dumb infight a few days ago about the color pink and battlestations or something, anon probably thought the pinkchan wanted to bring it back.

No. 1509093

Ok so I am the anon who posted the stuff about battlestations but that was a regular discussion not an infight, and I was trying to make a valid and on-topic point in relation to the stuff these posts >>1508991 were talking about. You guys are stretching it.

No. 1509095

Sorry I have severe dyslexia and I often take up to 10-15 mins to formulate a coherent post for others as otherwise it's just a jumbled mess.

No. 1509123

I hate over-informative trailers. I saw this yesterday and I feel like I watched this whole movie.

No. 1509127

>don't let others misinterpretations bother you! I think some anons are just feeling a little defensive lately,
You're right, after reading anons explanation I see why she may have posted it.
Sorry for telling you to fuck off nonna.

No. 1509161

It’s so tryhard to me. One of my best friends is a zoomer while I’m a millennial and usually the generational divide between us doesn’t ever come up but when she says that word I find it so grating.

No. 1509211

Kek I just saw this because redditors were losing it over how she got “owned”. I still don’t get it, I think the girl is cute. The guy is obviously insecure and him insulting her about her weight while he’s a landwhale is telling. Men are obsessed with trying to have the upper hand

No. 1509213

File: 1677354743475.jpeg (133.7 KB, 828x792, 26B9375A-9A79-48DC-8821-113B70…)

I hate special needs kids primarily the moids. Recently saw a news story that one had beaten a teacher unconscious, he was a big kid. I also have a sister who had one autistic boy bite her on the arm and throw things at her. These kids should have been aborted. A lot of the parents seem so sick of it too, like they drop their kids off at school just to get away from them.

No. 1509215

File: 1677354974260.jpg (45.01 KB, 1000x1000, fdsf.jpg)

Seems very wrong to me to have your legs so far from the core of your body when you're supposed to be resting.

No. 1509220

File: 1677355710709.png (206.58 KB, 314x314, dfvgdf.PNG)

I honestly hate people who go around policing and saying that, Normal people, SHOULDN'T own exotic animals… EXAMPLES: Crocodilians, Bird's, Reptiles, ETC, I feel like If you have done your own research and have the money / time to take care of and own a animal, I think it's fine… Sick of people like, Gabby Nikolle, Who goes around saying nobody should own any exotic animals but yet she and her boyfriend, Chris, Got a Armadillo, and lots of different bird's, and on top of all that, She Support's Seaworld even though she claims she's vegetarian and against factor farming and stuff like that exploits animals, But yet she wants to shit on people who own wild animals or wildlife

No. 1509221

File: 1677355729086.jpeg (73.56 KB, 568x421, 2305535E-20BC-4A92-8C03-E15633…)

I always sit like an autistic and very unladylike sometimes I forget and sit like this in public kek. People always ask me how it can be comfortable and think I’m weird.

No. 1509223

File: 1677355968993.jpg (129.98 KB, 443x598, vganbooty (1).jpg)

People who claim they are, Vegan and claim they care about the health and wellbeing of animal's, But yet go around with horrible terrible anti-Vaxxer bad takes such as, Freelee the Banana Girl & Tash Peterson aka VganBooty, Like… REALLY

No. 1509230

File: 1677356724094.png (19.46 KB, 651x232, sadshit.png)

how did you even make that correlation? if anything, the covid vaccine is anything BUT vegan https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/article/covid-vaccine-needs-horseshoe-crab-blood

No. 1509233

I hate it when I'm reminded of Jay-Z's existence. He's so goddamn ugly. Solange should have beat him to death in the elevator.

No. 1509235

File: 1677357055081.jpg (234.79 KB, 998x740, 20230225202328.jpg)

I hate when coomers sexualise non-specialised characters, especially when they're children. I avoid looking at fan art of female characters, so I don't get pissed

No. 1509236

Or make them look like models

No. 1509237

stacy stance

No. 1509243

File: 1677357823346.jpg (21.6 KB, 260x466, cvxvcx.jpg)

They're the weirdos, anon, tainted by century long chair abuse, you're doing everything correctly, just like our ancestors would've wanted for us.

No. 1509244

File: 1677357916016.jpg (105.81 KB, 1000x1096, fdsf.jpg)

I sit similarly to picrel. However my bum is on the chair too.

No. 1509246

His chair is wrong and I hate it.

No. 1509247

I chose that pic specifically to illustrate that you should strive to sit like that everywhere, not matter the ground.

No. 1509248

>I hate special needs kids primarily the moids
Try having one as an older brother. My parents are incompetent when it comes to taking care of him and do nothing but let him sit at home and spoil him even though he lives in squalor and has a hair-trigger temper. There's no way he could function in the real world and I am clueless as to what will happen to him once they're gone and it terrifies me, especially since I don't want to be the one who has to deal with him.

No. 1509254

100% agree, I don't even register as humans anymore after some of the crazy shit I've seen or heard about. They're a waste of time, energy and resources and it should be strictly illegal to make them go to school with normal kids. The specific reason why I decided to not become a teacher was after going to a "prestigious" middle school with two autistic kids in my class for three years in a row.

>Recently saw a news story that one had beaten a teacher unconscious, he was a big kid

Is it just me or are they usually way bigger than average kids their age? It was the case for the two classmates I had, and it was also the case for an autist I had classes with in uni and one other type of retard in my very first retail job.

No. 1509259

plus people always let them get away with molesting other kids and jerking off in front of others

No. 1509288

>Is it just me or are they usually way bigger than average kids their age?
Nta but I noticed this too. I had many special needs moids in my classes growing up. I was always made to sit next to them/play with them (because I was a quiet girl and I could "teach" them) and not only were they fucking annoying, they were also big as fuck and I was always nervous around them since they were also emotionally unstable/spoiled. I think it's because their parents spoil them so they let them get mildly obese, but then I see that they're generally way taller too.
The one I had in my elementary class once smashed me against a wall while chasing me, but no one could say anything to him because otherwise the poor moid would start bawling to avoid punishment. The brother of a classmate was also special ed, he was taller than his own mother and everyone knew that he had physically attacked his father several times but he was still allowed around children.

No. 1509307

>I was always made to sit next to them/play with them (because I was a quiet girl and I could "teach" them)
Why is it always the same thing? Teachers trying to actively ruin a good female student's education with their bullshit and trying to force them to socialize either with their unruly or even violent bullies or with violent developmentally delayed kids.

>but no one could say anything to him because otherwise the poor moid would start bawling to avoid punishment

Let me guess, the kids who would have rightfully complained would have been punished for it? It happened to me when boys in primary school were violent with me or racist when I defended myself and was the only one who got punished. Seriously this specific type of mentally ill kids need to have their own schools and be actively prevented from ruining things for others. The two autists in my class in middle school weren't the same, one spent 2 years in therapy as a small kid and was older than everyone else and he was only obsessed with DS games, but the girl was very tall and kind of chubby and would routinely beat the fuck out of someone and I was cursed enough to have her take an interest in me and try to befriend me nonstop. The thing about parents spoiling them makes sense in her case, I met them and they thought making her a vegetarian and making her go to a private catholic school would cure her kek. But then again I just remembered a cousin of mine who's most likely autistic and who's nearly 2m tall while almost everyone else in our family is way shorter than average so I doubt it's just that.

No. 1509338

File: 1677367708216.jpeg (162.99 KB, 1098x731, 88E5FFCB-0C7C-4C38-B9FC-6B6963…)

The “kid” who beat his teacher unconscious for confiscating his switch had a a lot of people defending him on Twitter. The worst ones were from moids who say they’d do the same thing if a teacher took their property during class. I swear to god moids look for literally any reason to justify their violent urges.

No. 1509379

Wasn't that long ago that a fucking 5 year old with unspecified 'behavioral issues' shot his teacher in front of the class. One of his parents used to attend class with him all day? And the first day that they didn't.. he shot her. If you're by his side all day having to watch him like a hawk.. just homeschool him and save others the risk of having to be near him. He had a history of putting ropes around peoples necks.

No. 1509418

>He had a history of putting ropes around peoples necks.
WTF happened to burger grade schools? I remember one girl who got in school suspended for squeezing the local bully's wrist but they just let scrotelets walk around the hallways with ropes now!? Sure they mainstreamed retards but anyone violent was sequestered away from other kids, and if they couldn't keep their hands to themselves they were expelled from school or the whole district if what they did was bad enough.

No. 1509528

Wtf happened to American schools in the past 20 years? It used to be that if you got caught with a gameboy, music player, or cell phone out in class, it was forfeit and the school literally just threw it away.

No. 1509601

My neighbor is an Andrew Tate stan and nitpicks everything I do. He tried to claim I was cheating because the maintenance guy came over, when I wasn't even home btw. From there just keeps trying to nitpick my every move into something malicious

No. 1509647


why is your incel neighbor keeping track of your movements?? you are in danger. get irl help about this before his stalking escalates

No. 1509680

OT but I sit like this kinda, with one leg underneath and one leg in that position. I used to primarily sit like this in the library in college and I think it’s because it helps me stay alert and leaning forward gives me better attention/focus on whatever I was doing.

No. 1509712

According to the news that kid was reported many times by many kids and teachers to the administration because of how violent he is, and the principal never gave a shit and always found excuses. Some kids and teachers knew he had bullets, and then a gun the next day at school, reported it and someone from the administration said something like "that can't be true because he has small pockets" as if he didn't have a whole backpack. So they issue seems different than from the ones in this post >>1509418 and this one >>1509528

No. 1509721

TIFs on this imageboard. I know they're women, but they are literally the most obnoxious and retarded kind of woman. I don't want to share this imageboard with literal clinical retards.

No. 1509725

Where do they usually post? I haven't seen any outing themselves.

No. 1509727

nta but some retard replied to me in the confession thread and said she's autistic and a TIF as if it had anything to do with my post.

No. 1509729

File: 1677404003551.png (6.82 KB, 661x118, real trans people.png)

They're either like pic related which hears about lolcow from tumblr or whatever and posts once or twice to complain about the TIF and TIM threads, or they're a psychotic trutrans who desperately needs to be on meds and will insist that they're "not like the other fakebois!!!" because unlike aidens they hate themselves and have been molested as a child after being bullied for being lesbian or something
There was a self-hating lesbian TIF in the confessions thread basically posting about how she hates herself and her body like that means you should mutilate yourself beyond repair, who even knows. Whiteglove posts every so often and is open about being TIF and well… we all know how she is

No. 1509736

Samefag actually now that i think about it i wouldn't be surprised if those posts were made by whiteglove. it's very like her to powerlevel extensively out of the blue

No. 1509772

File: 1677408099754.png (175.49 KB, 720x369, Screenshot_20230209e.png)

most of the time in the vent thread (not the current one yet but the last few ones), the vocaloid thread and once in a previous stupid questions thread

No. 1509798

File: 1677412180498.jpg (99.2 KB, 1080x1087, FSrnAyaUEAASSNS.jpg)

Weird stream of fake tweets, usually posted on other social media platforms. It often involves a woman overreacting to something man did or claiming some shit like she's a single unemployed mom demanding 6'5 buff rich men. Ofc the comments are filled with incel shit using it as "proof" women are evil, bad, demanding everything while not being shit and why all men need to get Russian wives or something. It just makes me feel so bad that simply just existing as a woman on the internet will get loads of misogyny even if you stay away from any possible side of the internet that would get you hate

No. 1509799

For reference, this tweet never happened. This picture was posted by a Tennessee hair salon years ago

No. 1509811

People who are absolutely anal about traditions. I respect traditions, for cultural or practical purposes like art, music, food and specific customs, that's okay in my books but I really dislike those type of people that are like, weirdly obsessed and emotionally invested in traditions, to the point they will fight you or declare you a bad person just because you didn't perform an hyperspecific norm or simply dislike a particularly useless or harmful custom

No. 1509878

Ironic thing is Russian wives do actually expect a rich husband, so the incel gotcha is useless.

No. 1509934

File: 1677424338068.png (1013.38 KB, 1080x5834, Screenshot_20230226-160819.png)

I hate women who defend their creep husbands til they're blue in the face. If you're willing to film someone undressing and you're "sooo drunk" you're clearly fucked in the head even when sober.

No. 1509992

Wtf call the cops and make the report. Request a copy of the papers sent to you. Contact a lawyer and have help filing a protection order. Don’t let the slime ball get away with it he’s testing boundaries to see how much the wife will defend. Wtf

No. 1510044

Can My Melody be an autism mascot?

No. 1510077

Cucks are so embarrassing. I would beat the shit out of my husband and blame it on drunken skirmish. And then I would kick him out.

No. 1510094

Perfect. They are BPD gf and autistic gf

No. 1510113

which mental illness is pompompurin

No. 1510117

Pompompurin is a male autist (one of the mythical harmless ones)

No. 1510141

I always use to laugh at anfisa on 90 day fiance because we all know damn well Jorge was probably online talking big game about how much better Russian women are

No. 1510151

But pompompurin's main appeal is his asshole, are you sure he isn't a degenerate male autist?

No. 1510185

I hate the P4G and P5R opening videos, they're awful compared to the original ones.

No. 1510192

File: 1677444663275.jpg (7.9 KB, 368x78, asamoid.jpg)

No. 1510214

I hate the phrase "touching the poo" so much. It sounds so gross and juvenile. Why can't people just say cowtipping?

No. 1510221

it's a kiwi farms phrase

No. 1510227

I know and I hate it. It's disgusting. They really couldn't think of something that doesn't make you imagine disgusting things?

No. 1510228

I think it's funny, cowtipping is as shameful as touching poop

No. 1510234

I think it's funny when the cows claim anything is cowtipping.

No. 1510411

I hate the anons who derailed Jillian's thread by saying that lolicon and ddlg fetish aren't pedophilia.

No. 1510447

Same, I hate them so much. Not surprised since I've encountered DDGL and loli loving freaks on the friend finder thread before.

No. 1510467

File: 1677469936500.png (15.54 KB, 240x240, 8E893ED3-539D-4858-B95E-F27F7F…)

Pompom is binge eating disorder.

No. 1510549

File: 1677478033622.jpg (8.07 KB, 236x260, pom.jpg)

Pompom purin is so fat and obsessed with food that he might be sanrio's equivalent of nikocado. Down to showing his ass whenever he can.

In all seriousness though maybe I would be able to like him more maybe if he didn't have that fucking butthole. Imagine if all sanrio characters had one. Terrible.

No. 1510552

Well I am imagining it and I hate it, thank you.

No. 1510558

Wtf who is seriously defending that shit?

No. 1510565

These look stupid as hell and you're stupid for wanting them

No. 1510583

>use bumble to try to find local friends
>turn off dating and all that
>specify friends only
>unattractive girl matches me with her extremely ugly bf in pic
>"we're looking for a hot girl to watch us fuck!"
every fucking time.

No. 1510591

Anyone else get a wave of sadness that consumes me at night and why is it hitting so hard lately? I can't even sleep at night cause I'm so distraught I just think of everything and break down when everyone else falls asleep and there's nothing or nobody to distract me from the sinking feeling.

No. 1510606

Fucking gross

No. 1510608

when people in stores bump their carts into you even though there's a WHOLE FIELD OF SPACE NEXT TO THEM. i'm convinced they're doing it on purpose at this point.

No. 1510611

I almost ran into a lady with my cart as I was exiting an aisle a few days ago and I feel so bad about it kek. She barely even acknowledged me.

No. 1510618

Exactly. If you're going to pocket do it and leave as soon as possible. I only got caught because I checked out normally lol.

No. 1510619

Seriously why is this specific mix so gross? I buy cauli and Broccoli separately and have never had this issue.

No. 1510621

No. 1510813

When people self censor themselves on the internet on a forum where it's not against the rules to swear
I assume they are either underaged or a completely fucking buffoon
Your ahe roommate HMMM I wonder what that fucking means who knows good golly. Blow it out your fucking ass, faggot

No. 1510824

File: 1677515721042.png (2.67 MB, 1284x3357, DB19196A-8589-4ADB-BFC8-2A8E26…)

Why are moids so fucking pointless? I hope his wife is enjoying her eternal rest away from this waste of space and I hope he dies lonely as fuck. I know saying I hate men is low-hanging fruit nonnies but I really do hate them.

No. 1510826

They can't handle not being the center of attention even if it's their dead wife "stealing the spotlight" from them. Classic abusive narc mindset.

No. 1510833

Will the parents take responsibility?! This is horrifying that any teacher, none the less a woman has to be scared of her own students. I used to go to school when tamagotchis were popular and they were taken away and given back at the end of the day because they were distracting. If your auistic son cant function without a switch, think of a late term abortion.

No. 1510841

>learning how to operate the washing machine
I hate married moids and the women who enable them to be so useless wow.

No. 1510868

I heard in America they put violent retards and general imbeciles in the same classroom as students who would benefit from school, is that true?

No. 1510870

Yeah, I don't get that generation. I have cases where the husband asks the wife to do less and let him take over housework and she adamantly refuses. I just don't understand it. Or shit like "I need to go inpatient treatment but my husband would have to live alone" and I said "He loves you and pushes you to go and improve your health and he can absolutely live on his own, why do you insist on not going" and the answer I get is "He wouldn't do things as well as I would and his cooking sucks". Well, okay then.

No. 1510874

Yes, they call it "mainstreaming". It only helps a fraction of disabled students mingle with their peers, the rest is retard moidlets who disrupt class and threaten teachers

No. 1510889

It’s really weird to me too. Are they just brainwashed? I sometimes really can’t comprehend how our mothers and grandmothers just put up with the bad behavior of their husbands and made excuses for it. Why would anyone want to be a slave to something like that? Maybe in the past it was more because of finances since women couldn’t get credit cards or were discouraged from working outside the home. Still stupid though, and it’s not like that’s the case anymore.

No. 1510890

Very true. There were so many times in my burger elementary school where we would have to evacuate the classroom because some retard kid started freaking out and throwing chairs.

No. 1510910

This reminds me of when women on reddit complain about how their husband does nothing around the house and people bang on about how he just needs you to take lots of time out to give him step by step instructions on performing simple tasks (so more work for the woman before she even begins to maybe get a break) Its not that complicated. They act like cleaning is something you need to take classes on.

No. 1510912

File: 1677523623202.png (3.89 KB, 233x216, download (8).png)

When people go on safari's in Africa and then a predator catches it's prey and The people in the vehicles start crying loudly and yelling when people are recording it on their phones and it ruins the video it's nature get over it

No. 1510927

Not American, but I'd also like to know if that's widespread or just happened in some specific periods of time because of legislations. That shit should be illegal.

No. 1510931

I think it's called weaponized incompetence. The men clearly know how to do a task, or can learn if they don't, especially if they claim to be so intelligent. They often will do domestic tasks wrong so that the female partner will get frustrated and say "oh no, that's not right, I'll do it instead". Then they gripe about their wife nagging or whatever when they were the ones trying to get out of the work.

No. 1510934

File: 1677525959857.jpg (66.89 KB, 567x567, Fp6_n0eWIAEzBBD.jpg)

one of my mutuals unironically posted this

No. 1510939

A lot of vtubers are actually asian and speak multiple languages. What an incredibly retarded take. God I never thought I'd be defending vtubers but here I am.

No. 1510945

I think she thinks she looks like Orville Peck, kek

No. 1510948

I hate fetishization of sassy (tsundere, kuudere) women/girls in general because it trivializes and sexualizes discomfort and annoyance, which are signs of not consenting. And so with the demonization of “easy” women (aka consenting women), men looooove the “challenge” and think we’ll come around. But no, most of the time we just don’t like you, so fuck off.

No. 1510982

File: 1677529646748.jpeg (83.33 KB, 464x697, 8990427A-0FB7-4461-B8CB-8703E2…)

Whitewashed nagatoro. Which is something I hate, I hate nagatoro and all of these coomer characters.

No. 1511061

time to unfollow that mutual

No. 1511072

I hate how it saves money to cook your own food when I already work more than one job. The labor of coming home just to cook or use my free time to make food is annoying. My feet hurt.

No. 1511081

dats y i meal prep honey

No. 1511091

Shes tanned anyway

No. 1511176

File: 1677551609601.webm (6.78 MB, 720x932, JY3iL4baxaofN_K1 (1).webm)

Boymoms. The last part of this video floored me.

No. 1511191

File: 1677553556522.png (844.46 KB, 973x629, Screen Shot 2023-02-27 at 8.53…)

i fucking hate the movie clueless. the main girl is just pretty, the movie is not in the level of something like legally blonde or mean girls. people insist that its just as good just because of their nostalgia glasses. the end of the movie is why i actively despise it. having her fall in love with his brother is fucking weird.
i saw so many people insist that it wasn't creepy because they weren't blood-related. the dynamic and way they were raised was as brothers. so no, i would not date my step brother even if we weren't blood-related. very weird shit to defend for a mid fucking movie. while the same people insist that umbrella academy has "incest". i mostly read the comics and only watched some of the show. but the kids were taken from different parts of the world and spent some time as kids together but most of their life they had no contact till they were in their 30s. so no i don't think the story with a talking monkey guy should be taken with that focus.

No. 1511210

>if my son rapes you daughter when she is older it's not my problem
Some women just can't be saved or redeemed. She is definitely going to fight her sons girlfriends when he gets older or if he gets married she would probably make the day miserable for the both of them. I think the ultimate punishment for boy moms is their sons realising that they are toxic and cutting them off for good.

No. 1511226

TW:Grape, unaliving, p3dophillia, twansphobia, not respecting they/them pronouns

No. 1511246

I fucking hate fujoshis for ruining my favorite M/F ship and bullying the female character fans for shipping them together (of course it’s always the girl they bully). Their ship is so fucking ugly too, it’s from a video game and the 2 characters basically look like a lazy redesigns of each other with the same body shapes, facial hair and everything. Literally just watch any gay porn it’s the same thing and get the fuck away from my hetero ship that barely had any content in the first place.

No. 1511289

bro how can they ruin a ship. just look away

No. 1511303

agreed. i finally got around to watching it last year because people around me wouldn't shut up about how godly this classic is, and i couldn't even finish it. the main character has such a punchable personality and an attitude that isn't backed up by any specific talents or redeeming qualities. the weird tension with the brother was one of the things that creeped me out of watching the rest of the movie. just seems like lazy writing.

No. 1511326

which pairing is it?

No. 1511333

Clueless is a modern adaptations of Jane Austen’s novel Emma. It was trendy in the 90s to do modern remakes of classical literature.

No. 1511347

Just don't follow people who ship that ship lmao

No. 1511354

File: 1677572844266.jpeg (162.42 KB, 510x680, ED274527-77FA-4855-8B6E-AC2FFF…)

I am a fujo but I do really hate it when they try and force a gay relationship onto characters who only look at eachother for a sec and try to push it as canon. The absolute worst ones are the ones that try and push that a male character hates women/would never touch one. It’s fucking annoying like just say you’re horny and like to draw gay ships and go. Shipping is supposed to be a dumb fun thing but these fucking tifs and autists gotta make into something weird and uncomfortable. I like straight ships too but they also try to make it into something controversial despite most fujos being straight women or diet straight women (aidens and enbies).

Also I hate the term “mlm” . No one gives a shit about “fetishization” of faggots except retarded Aidens.

No. 1511372

File: 1677578986541.png (28.84 KB, 167x133, disgusting.png)

People with this haircut need to be bullied again. I hate how there's this trend of trying to "bring it back", some things die for a reason.

No. 1511382

File: 1677580628508.gif (3.18 MB, 434x251, Staying Alive.gif)

Just forget about those movies and watch Romy and Michele's High School Reunion instead.

No. 1511384

Kek, how does yarichin bitch club has CP? These kids are retarded.

No. 1511416

>pearl clutching over a swimsuit
>throws f-bombs in front of her toddler son
Kek white trash moms are all the same.

No. 1511457

I hate post wall men so much. Even seeing one repulses me. You know the ones, they have mild hair recession, shit smelly beard, shit skin, beginning of a beer gut, the disgusting personality of a man-child and they think they're hot. They're not hot, they're fucking ugly.

No. 1511604

Because it's high schoolers probably

No. 1511607

How can reviews be so, SO vastly different that I constantly feel like I’m living in an alternate reality? Like I get it for some things like a product I love that has low reviews because retards won’t RTFM. But like there’s this pho place in town (one of many) that has almost 5 star reviews and reading them they rave about how to pho is the BEST in the entire area and… that’s just a complete crock of shit. Like not even subjectively at this point, they are just objectively wrong. The vegetable tempura was doughy and soggy, the bahn mi was just ok, the boba was sickly sweet and The tapioca pearls were definitely not made with tapioca, and the pho is painfully mid. Seriously the pho is stock standard meanwhile there are 2 places with actually amazing and different pho. I’m not even Vietnamese or a pho connoisseur these people are just out of it

No. 1511621

I hate it when YouTubers fall into that cycle of making these vague and long as hell "guys I'm not doing well" vids. Nothing happened, I'm just kinda low y'know.. once they make one vid like that it's like the offloading never stops.

No. 1511726

spotify still showing me artists i blocked on the main page and not being able to report bugs. look i blocked halsey for a reason and that's because she's annoying and pretentious, you dumbass app, i don't care about listening to her new album.

No. 1511762

But Jane Austen had the sense to not add an incest subplot

No. 1511772

Kek I hate halsey for the same reasons too. My friend loves her and I can’t understand it but we have opposite taste in music anyways

No. 1511780

File: 1677619306408.png (486.74 KB, 1285x1287, FqAWjPpaQAEvkxY.png)

I hate "femcel" art made by trannies. I also hate trannies in general and them trying to LARP as an uwu femcel NEET gun expert.

No. 1511794

Even before seeing anything in the background I clocked it as a tranny kek.

No. 1511811

no offence nonna but i hope your friend gets better soon kek. i'm glad someone agrees though, i can't even place how (i know she's had a lot of milk) but she just comes off as being extremely up herself for someone who makes such average music

No. 1511931

Right as I saw this image I thought "troon", kek

No. 1512026

as if most trannies wouldn't kill themselves in an hour if they had accesses to a firearm

No. 1512043

so true nonna!

No. 1512079

You can't leave legit bad reviews anymore the businesses very easily get them removed. But it works by shadow banning your review so you think it's still up. Google has done this to me with like 5 places. It's borderline worthless

No. 1512080

I hate it but I assume a large portion of reviews are paid for

No. 1512150

I left a positive review trashing the customers and got shadowbanned, fuck those guys

No. 1512178

I recently had two reviews shadowbanned by Google immediately after posting. Like they weren't even up for some time, they've only ever been visible to me on my own account. It sucks since these were elaborate reviews that I put quite a bit of effort into. It couldn't have been the businesses themselves seeing the reviews and getting them removed. The only reason I can think of is that some sentences were a little tongue in cheek and sarcastically written and Google is no fun allowed apparently so their bots automatically detect and shadowban reviews that seem unusual. I think they've changed their system for this somewhere in the past couple years because I have some old reviews that were definitely not written in a serious tone at all and those are still up with tons of views.
I'm pretty sad about it because writing silly reviews was a pretty entertaining pastime for me for a while, but according to some online discourse about the shadowbanning this is quite common and nothing can really be done about it.

No. 1512569

has anyone else here been seeing this new rhetoric of being afraid of people with dwarfism not classifying as a phobia? it pisses me off. yes i know in a big part it has to do with or rather is rooted in ableism but phobias inherently are irrational. they're like you can't be afraid of dwarfs are you afraid of children too as if it's the height that's the problem. to put it bluntly it's because you are deformed, the reason why you are disabled because of your deformity and you know it. it's the same exact reason people freak out at any other deformity, it's strange. normal children are not deformed or strange. it's not a person with dwarfism's fault to be dehumanized and harrassed and they shouldn't, but phobias literally can't be helped and you can't choose whether or not they're real kek i mean i have a legitimate phobia of men that i've had since i was a baby that drives me to involuntary separatism and seclusion even from my own family members. blogpost i've just had a panic attack this week because i had to speak to one at uni. i would say it's irrational but honestly it's not.

No. 1512662

File: 1677722593005.png (869.56 KB, 891x1501, smarch-calendar.png)

God I fucking hate March for the most dumbass reason too, its that I always forget it's between February and April. I thought i missed some very important events already this year because they were scheduled in March and not last month

No. 1512709

No. I have not seen anything about dwarfism and phobia legitimacy. Kinda curious where you hang out on the internet besides here…

No. 1512779

KEK i realize how weird that is i don't know why but dwarfism content is constantly being pushed on my dashboard despite never interacting much less following people who make content about that. i don't know anyone with dwarfism either. it's a learning opportunity so i'm fine with it now i know some history and things i'd have never thought of

No. 1513133

People who take selfies or post pictures of themselves. Doing it with a friend or on vacation or something is one thing but I can't imagine making a 'set', putting on makeup, doing your hair and taking 500 photos in order to upload 1 of them to your maybe 1000 followers. It's just the epitome of narcissism to me.

No. 1513158

Yeah idk why we normalized that over time? At first it was "yeah empowering" and now it's pretty cringe to me.

No. 1513163

I just hate people who constantly take selfies 24/7, I'm a teacher and the students are constantly taking selfies as if the school uniform wasn't the ugliest set of clothing that anyone could ever wear.
It wouldn't be such a big deal if they could do that during the recess and not while I'm trying to teach them important shit.

No. 1513173

Heavy marketing is what normalised it. How to make even more money from cell phones - create a desire for fancy phone cameras and filter apps. Otherwise you'd just take a regular camera on vacation and keep your old phone instead of buying a new one with 16 front and back facing cameras with a resolution that lets you see mitochondria in your skin cells.
Basically the answer to most "why we do this modern thing" questions is it brings someone money. Then marketing uses an existing need (to be liked) and turns it into a specific want (to post selfies) that brings them money.

No. 1513198

I take selfies occasionally but I cringe when I see other people do it kek. Especially when people video themselves to record their outfit or whatever, I just imagine how retarded they looked walking down the street like that.

No. 1513201

The term "tickle your fancy". It's corny, cringe, redditor tier and it sounds overly sexual

No. 1513252

Remember when it was seen as cringy being seen taking a selfie? lol

No. 1513294

wish there was a letterboxd hate thread but i know there's likely not enough anons interested and it'll just be another one of those specific threads that gets forgotten after a week max but there's just so much i hate about the userbase of that website. right now i wish they'd stop labelling fucking everything as trans especially child characters holy shit and i hate that one tranny that's in every woman centered movie as if that fat retard knows anything about that

No. 1513330

Isn't it still? I always think it looks retarded when I see someone doing it but what do I know kek

No. 1513368

The way the colour fyoosha is spelled.

No. 1513476

I'd be interested in reading, nonny, though I don't use letterboxd kek. I love reading about other little communities on different websites

No. 1513501

File: 1677808231851.png (346.48 KB, 596x589, mfw washing da mixing bowl.png)

Highly reflective stainless steel cookware. I don't need to see myself that way.

No. 1513512

this is killing me especially with picrel

No. 1513518

filename made me snort, bless you

No. 1513538

File: 1677811328854.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 71.13 KB, 275x263, 28297392839.jpeg)

Reminds me of when I had this job that made us take pictures to validate the timecard for some reason but the camera was on a desk facing upward & made me take the worst selfies I've ever seen and I wanted to kms every time I clocked in

No. 1513546

kekkk holy shit that picrel took me out, I'm glad we all shared in this moment of levity

No. 1513553

When adults get twin beds for themselves. At least get a full. Unless you have a small bedroom where a bigger bed can't fit I think you're automatically a weirdo.

No. 1513640

I had a twin bed when I had my first apartment and that house was a shithole. I left the bathroom window open one night and moths came in all over I freaked out!

No. 1513738

File: 1677837550921.jpeg (44.15 KB, 540x519, 9A70DE74-4EC0-4ED6-8FBF-9EA24A…)

Trannies with retarded arguments

No. 1513743

it's literally still made out of wood from a tree, it's a tree corpse at best

No. 1513769

Businesses on instagram whining about "da algowythm" and begging for likes/comments. Your product sucks that's why you get no engagement

No. 1513777

seeing people mix baking soda and vinegar. congrats you turned two very good cleaning supplies into nothing

No. 1513793

File: 1677847482980.jpg (76.29 KB, 602x836, F5easjvr1.jpg)

I legitimately can't tell if this meme was made by a tard-dude, bunkertranny or south asian moid but honestly its kinda tragically true, if it weren't arranged marriages then the entire continent of south asia would be filled with Incels

No. 1513818

God I hate this too. Same goes for art accounts with the most mediocre drawings who constantly sadpost about wanting to give up on art in an attempt to guilt people into engaging with their posts.

No. 1513832

It's a very accurate meme indeed, it's just that they are both shit heads who worsen society.

No. 1513840

I'm tired of YouTube essayists making an hours-long video as to why a children's show is trash, sucks, awful, or whatever.

Like my YouTube homepage is filled with videos of people ranting at the newer seasons of Miraculous Ladybug (I watched like two(?) seasons of it before getting bored), and, yeah, I kinda get it they do pretty suck and the creator's milky behavior notwithstanding—but holy shit what do these people expect? What's the target demographic for this show, eleven-year-old girls? What, where they expecting some deep philosophical sociopolitical take on the current era—it's a fucking kids' show, it's meant to sell toys—move on with your life.

It's not just Miraculous Ladybug, that gets this, lots of other kiddie shows get this treatment too. I seriously don't understand what makes these shows targeted at a young audience so attractive to unhinged adults.

No. 1513865

South Asian men are already incels. They are massively overrepresented in incel communities, so I can't even imagine how much worse it'd get lol

No. 1513974

they become incels when they enter the west cause suddenly they don't have to live in a world where they aren't guaranteed a virgin maidwife and can't randomly stare and grope random women

No. 1513977

never heard of this discourse in my life but tbf i don't think a phobia of people with dwarfism is fine just bc it's a phobia and you can't help what phobias you have. like if youre scared of spiders or something whatever, spiders wont know or care. but people w dwarfism obviously know they have a disability and that people treat them badly because of it and theyre discriminated against, yeah you can't chose what phobias you have but you should probably go to therapy and try to fix it if you have a phobia of disabled people. plus i wonder how much of this discourse is based on people w dwarfism getting stared at/having people treat them like freaks and then when they bring it up people online going UM WELL MAYBE THEY HAVE A PHOBIA ITS NOT THEIR FAULT. that would get old extremely fast. youre right that finding sick/deformed people scary is kind of an inherent human trait but u can recognize it's wrong and hurts people and work on it. i was gonna ask where youre seeing discourse then i saw >>1512779, ofc its tumblr lol.

No. 1514032

I think any phobia that significantly impacts your life in a negative way should be taken to a therapist. Many phobias exist for a reason, like a traumatic event. There’s nothing like, morally wrong with having a phobia of people with dwarfism, but it would be beneficial to work through whatever dwarf trauma may exist.

No. 1514173

I do text-based roleplaying (multiparagraph long form) and it pisses me off so much when whoever i'm roleplaying with keeps shoehorning whatever dogshit media they're into onto our characters or or roleplay. it's cheesy as hell. I don't really know how to explain it, but case in point, someone I recently started writing with has been sending me videos/images related to whatever shit ass skateboarding anime they're into and (funny enough, seeing the post a few posts above mine) Miraculous Ladybug, and being like "omgggg these are totes our characters right now and we should totally do an unsubtle plot point based off of this children's tv show that i'm into even though it doesn't make sense at all for the setting we're in"
like I straight up told them after they sent me the videos that I'm not going to watch them, because I don't care. I don't give a fuck about what shows you're into, stop sending me shit related to them. we are not friends. we are two strangers on the internet.

No. 1514581

>look up website for dream interpretation
>very first result is website full of AI images and high likely AI texts
Thanks I hate it.

No. 1514587

It's perfect to unclog plumbing pipes though, the fizzy reaction is good to remove stains and mold too.

No. 1514594

I miss text-based roleplaying so much, but I tried it a little while ago and it's impossible to find the decent ones among the sea of retards. Good on you for telling them that you're not going to watch their videos, kek. Is the rp you're doing at least interesting otherwise?

No. 1514635

Those really aestheticized cooking videos. The ones with long and completely non-descriptive titles like "delicious oven free dessert easy! you will impress your mother with these fluffy treats!", and right-next-to-the-microphone "satisyfing" audio that makes me feel like I'm being tricked into watching somebody's fetish. And a comment section infested by retards who have their minds absoutely fucking blown by simple and well-known concepts, OR by retards who failed the recipe claiming it doesn't work, when the video they are commenting on made theabsolute platonic ideal of the recipe.
…and if the title includes some claim of being oven-free it still requires a stovetop or a steamer.

No. 1514665

I hate people who blare their shit tier music out of their cars. Like so loudly that the music gets distorted and I can’t even hear myself think. Why do people (men) do this? It comes off as highly attention seeking and freakish. Not to mention, fucking rude. Some guy did that the other day and LEFT THE MUSIC PLAYING WHEN HE WENT INSIDE. it was shaking the windows to the store. no one want to hear you blaring your absolute garbage

No. 1514671

Oh yes, but I hate everyone who play the music loud, either at home (in the apartment) or just on the street (especially at night). Absolutely hate those that turn their music on while resting somewhere in forest parks, urban forests, places like that, you try to enjoy nature peacefully, and some fuckers ruin it with their abhorrent shit taste and total lack of consideration for others

No. 1514689

Some dumbfuck in a lifted pickup at the gas station was blaring a cringey audiobook at top volume while parked at a pump the other day.

No. 1514720

I feel like over the years there has absolutely been a decline in people who actually do roleplays of a decent quality, which is super frustrating. The rp is pretty interesting otherwise, I hope it stays that way and they don't try to pull some other bullshit!
(Just yesterday they sent a comic about their skateboarding anime and I just straight up decided to ignore it, like please take a hint kek)

No. 1514724

Last time I heard someone (a amle) blasting music in their car it was "my neck, my back, lick my pussy and my crack"

No. 1514729

I hate when people on tik toks list things for a video format and do that weird wrist bounce thing. I don't have tik tok but I always see it in reel videos and reposted tik toks

No. 1514732

I'm in the same boat. I found most of the people who still write are now in the play by play tabletop community, which sucks as I didn't give a shit about DnD but I've been desperate to find someone literate kek.

No. 1514748

People who serve chicken at dinner parties.

No. 1514756

what's acceptable for a dinner party? genuine question because i've never been to a dinner party but would love to host one in the hypothetical future when i'm not poor

No. 1514768

jello salad

No. 1514779

No. 1514788

You can have people each bring something to help with variety. But most of the ones I’ve been at have some type of appetizers like bruschetta or cheese trays, etc to stack on before the actual dinner since some people show up hungry. Some of them have wine, some don’t. Main courses are normal like a meat, a side or two of veggies and a carb like potatoes or casserole. Think like a simpler holiday dinner with friends and no family drama or stress. Then sometimes there’s desert like a cake you share or some little chocolate cups or something.

No. 1514798

KEK love her

No. 1514810

nta but if meat is allowed then what's wrong with chicken?

No. 1514833

I hate hearing the breaking voice of teenage boys, it makes them sound more retarded than they already are.

No. 1514834

File: 1677953467980.jpeg (94.05 KB, 1125x349, 573CDA1C-19AB-4142-9C2C-B79BEA…)

I need her merch

No. 1514849

People who announce their fucking suicide attempts ahead of time.

No. 1514851

Well they wouldn't announce after committing suicide kek.

No. 1514855

It's bland, safe, milquetoast and uninspired.

No. 1514860

..it's just food not art. extra fancy elaborate meals give me diarrhea.

No. 1514867

File: 1677958127454.jpeg (77.73 KB, 640x856, 43fg33445.jpeg)

samefag what if i served the chicken like this

No. 1514872

kek you wish. There's that infamous case of some MTF guy called Leelah Alcorn who wanted to commit suicide because of his homophobic parents, wrote a suicide note on tumblr, and put it in his queue so that it would be posted very soon after his death. The entire website lost its shit and the original post was removed by the staff but people found that removal transphobic and reposted it again and again. iirc it started with "by the time you're going to read this I'll already be dead" or something like that.

No. 1514880

File: 1677960013572.jpg (201.11 KB, 1080x1047, Screenshot_20221211-232327_Ins…)

Weak. Make several. Summon evil entities over for dinner and feast.

No. 1514884

These are fucking killing me, holy shit. I love this place and I love you Nonas

No. 1514891

this image is darksided

No. 1514909

File: 1677963659080.gif (4.46 MB, 400x224, ngtgdg.gif)

What wrist bounce thing? Gifrel? Don't have tiktok.

No. 1514914

Oh god, I can hear this gif.

No. 1514996

File: 1677972114933.jpeg (43.95 KB, 894x894, A665305C-4654-4749-B6A6-89F285…)

The obsession with fumos, and it’s mostly grown men doing it which is even worse.

No. 1515036

i always thought these things were fucking ugly in middle school it used to make me so sad because these were so popular back then but theyre just hideous

No. 1515075

I get so annoyed when anons say someone has male features and it's just having broad features like a big nose, wide face, or a wide waist. It's like some think that women are when someone looks dainty and petite.

No. 1515119

File: 1677986502108.jpeg (29.31 KB, 220x220, 586D58F5-CE58-43DE-A9C0-397737…)

I hate trannies so much

No. 1515125

File: 1677987044870.jpeg (291.51 KB, 1920x1280, 6F004421-BA3F-47D7-A0D6-926310…)

Her dead eyes. Somethings always bothered me about her looks and I think it’s the lifelessness in her face. She could be a very interesting model but she looks so disassociated from reality at all times it’s super off putting. Probably because of her shit husband.

No. 1515147

File: 1677988752715.jpg (77.79 KB, 1024x768, depositphotos_29154017-stock-p…)

i hate when socials have public friends lists, especially ones where people can interact with your content. i don't need people i just met to be turned off from being my friend because i don't seem popular enough. if there is not many friends people assume you're spergy, and if there are many but at the same time you don't get gassed up with hundreds of likes and comments they're going to think you're antisocial too. no winning with public friends lists. i only use socials for my hobbies because i can't be arsed crafting some relatable social persona and blog my boring life while people will judge how poor or rich i am in comparison to them…

No. 1515155

I got bullied in high school over a decade ago because I opened a Facebook and only had 30 friends on it after a couple days. It was so embarrassing the extent of the damage it did to me as a super sensitive quiet kid that I never made another social media profile again. But the reason changed over time from being excluded socially to really not wanting to be on it at all. People really just use it to make money, judge and show off, not "stay connected". Plus it's just normie doomscrolling.

No. 1515162

it's so shitty. it should be a tool to keep us connected but normies ruin it. i also have sour memories with fb. because before high school, somebody in my small town spread that i was a lesbian, and then nobody wanted to interact with me irl or on it, if they added me it was for gossip and to message me "faggot" and other shit. so i had 0 clout or confidence and my hs friends did not comment anything either. the profile keeps looking like i am an outcast. that's why i hate cows, who are actually insane people without shame yet get so much reassurance. i tried hard to be pretty, smart and kind and yet nobody cared and probably thought i deserved worse exclusion "for being gay". whenever i put up a look or a rant only some 30+ year old scrotes commented something useless like "i prefer girls without makeup" and "go back to the kitchen" and looking back i should have bullied them because why are you at your dinosaur age were commenting on a 13 year old's posts

No. 1515187

The story of her staring at a wall while they interviewed Justin lives in my head rent free

No. 1515314

that my dad shuts cupboards and the microwave and the fridge so loudly i hear and feel it from my bedroom every time. i wish men were more aware of their presence and how their actions, even small ones, disturb others. and the ones who are aware of it, i wish they would care enough to make themselves less of a disturbance, to quieten themselves

No. 1515322

My dad is like this too I think it's lowkey passive aggression. It will be the day after a big family party and he's up at 5am slamming shit in the kitchen coughing and groaning like he's putting on a show so the entire house wakes up. He's calling us all lazy and he's superior for being up so early. Or he's just a clueless asshole

No. 1515393

Getting my period on a Sunday. Absolutely worst day of the week, why not two days earlier or five days later? It's the first time in half a year that it came after 28 days, intead of 31, too.

No. 1515403

File: 1678030280037.png (208.27 KB, 1024x576, e8scrj3ul7u91.png)

Days getting longer again. It's almost 5pm, why is the sun still out?

No. 1515534

Schitzo anons and everything being demonic

No. 1515544

Software updates. It worked perfectly fine before, whyyyy
Preparing to install……
Taking my sweet fucking time…….
Haha fuck you I do what I want……
Still intalling…..

No. 1515554

Just to make it worse than it was before, too.

No. 1515709

I want to be able to call myself a theorist and schizo without being associated with qtards, I don't think that's possible anymore

No. 1515818

My mother in law does this and it drives me crazy. She does it to be passive aggressive bc she's just a miserable woman in general. I literally got noise cancelling headphones just so I could ignore her slamming stuff like a toddler

No. 1515840

Yeah I hate the religious schizos, I only like the “the CIA is up to some crazy shit” brand of schizos that avoid religious bullshit. The CIA schizos are actually right anyway

No. 1515841

Trannies are aggressive to real women, including this bitchy MtF tranny barista that's passing (but I see though him and his tacky dress kek)

No. 1516424

Pixiv has a lot of weird subscription-locked limitations, but sub-locking sorting by most popular has got to be the most retarded one.

No. 1516430

I hate that too. Then they suggest popular stuff under every illustration so what even is the point? it's like they want you to see all the obscure faux cp they host every time you search anything

No. 1516596

Same nonnie, DnD seems really boring to me but I love writing online. Actually, to keep the conversation on topic, I fucking hate when people aren't literate. I hate that there's even a distinction. I can't imagine doing anything else other than writing complete sentences in an rp like a normal person!!

No. 1517125

Fuck I remember the time when the number of faves was shown under the illustration so you immediately glazed over the shitty stuff. Thankfully people still do the "faved by x number of people" tag, but how long until adding tags becomes subscription based?

No. 1517949

As a lifelong volcel I don't like single songs like "Flowers" or "Single Ladies" because it's mostly appreciated by women in relationships who still won't dump their shitty moids or temporarily single people. I wish we had a spinster anthem kek.

No. 1518028

>sub-locking sorting by most popular has got to be the most retarded one
sorting by most popular is such a basic function of any website I'm genuinely sureprised they got away with this. Pixiv also have tons of shit art that would scare off any newcomer to the site. When they go to a tag and see weird fetish art with less than 10 likes instead of the.high quality popular stuff then they are not going to make accounts.
It's a shame because I like alot of things about pixiv but the subscription services are stupid. Oh well, it's only a matter of time before Pudic closes down anyway

No. 1518215

File: 1678299180587.webm (192.11 KB, 320x320, 5Na3os0FCbz2mMXc.webm)

Don't know if this belongs here, but apparently black American and British Muslims are now going to poorer Muslim nations to find wives cause American/British Muslim women are far too "westernized/racist" for them and this is how justify themselves

No. 1518228

You know that feminism is working for every women when men have to prey on women from foreign countries. Joke's on them, those women and their daughters will see through their lies.

No. 1518244

File: 1678300711948.jpg (134.48 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I wish that was the case, but sadly it happens here as well, rich arabs or rich diaspora guys want the Islamic equivalent of tardwife(which is a tardwife times a 1000) but unlike western moids due to the exchange rate and our nation's shitty condition they can they can actually just buy one, even Chinese moids buy Pakistani women clause of how "cheap" they are and out government can't and won't do anything


No. 1518249

I hate the term spinster. It sounds derogatory for women.

No. 1518251

Pakistani women need to stand up for themselves. islam is a sick joke that only exploits women and hinders their rights.

No. 1518262

why do you make it seem like its the personal choice of all pakisani women and not deeply ingrained in our cultures and how we get beaten into submission if we speak out

No. 1518323

Moroccan girls need to kill this man.

No. 1518587

doesn't it refer to unmarried women in the past supporting themselves by spinning thread? "woman with a job" doesn't seem very derogatory imo but idk any other meanings for the word

No. 1518651

it historically is used in a derogative manner like "old maid"

No. 1518799

I hate that "narc" is a popular term online now because I never think "narcissist" when I see it, I think narc as in snitch. I don't want to train my brain to read it as narcissist.

No. 1518804

I want to be happy the scrotes are gone, but it just makes me wish there was a way western women could do more to help these women escape scrotes without getting killed. I completely understand why they just go along with it in that regard. It also makes me have less empathy for western women who choose to be in such arrangements or be pickmes, they would see this and instead of feeling bad for these poor women, they would get jealous and seethe. I hope that men marrying troons becomes a huge thing tbh and women can just be alone and raise children in peace or just do whatever, worldwide. I hope islam will fade away at least the way Christianity has in my life time.

No. 1518807

File: 1678343501180.jpg (192.47 KB, 1536x2048, FqqFeA6WYAAZ3tT[1].jpg)

When artists take too seriously the whole proship/anti debate. I don't care about who followed you recently, I just want to see your art, I beg you, it's being months already.

No. 1518902

I hate having creative hobbies. Anons, the fucking HAND PAIN/TENSIOB!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1518936

i always think of narcoman lol

No. 1518978

I hate when people online use the "tame" version of swear words like gosh, heck and darn, they sound like catholic moms, self-censorship is stupid on image boards anyway.

No. 1518994

What about freaking? I worry sometimes about using lame words as an EFL speaker

No. 1519053

Not alogging when you want to is self censorship.

No. 1519461

File: 1678398542181.jpeg (484.87 KB, 1125x1820, 88862848-03BE-4082-A6BA-8B4AE8…)

This shit the fucking obese bitch did makes me LIVID, I am so close to a logging. Animal cruelty in the pic be warned

No. 1519467

When people say "macaroon" when they mean "macaron". I work at a place that sells macarons and the amount of times people are like "Yeah uhhhh lemme get a MACAROON" pisses me off, it says it right there, it's a macaron. More people mispronounce it than those who say it correctly. Google the fucking difference between the two, good lord.

No. 1519496

File: 1678400747881.png (1.53 MB, 593x172, Untitled11_20230307160307.png)

Vtuber fans defending grown ass women acting like children

No. 1519517

I hate politispergs. You know the ones Im talking about. The ones who will just interject politics into completely random forum or IB conversations. They need to be banned en masse and laws need to be passed to restrict the amount of spam they do on a daily basis. They have even taken to larping as Russians in an attempt to shill the current events of the day.

User: I like X, Its great!
glowie: well anyway what about that left/right/up down konami code political spectrum, cant believe those guys. If only left/right/up down konami code political spectrum group would get what they deserve amirite?
user: fuck off faggot
user is banned by glowie janny.

No. 1519604

Hearing coworkers talk the way they do about homeless people. They have nowhere to go, aren't on our property, but on the other side of a gate, a football field away. They are also nice, I understand they sometimes act weird, but discriminating against them constantly pisses me off. I've made it very vocal that I don't care, I guve them water, they used to be worse until I was the only one being nice. I got a few baristas to be nice too and its made a lot of the homeless at least know to calm themselves when approaching. It's just disgusting to hear them referred to as "a blight on our store".

No. 1519613

I've also had this shit happen way too often. You gotta start saving their stuff anon. Every time I find an artist I really like now I don't even waste time, I just immediately save their current work so I can look at it on my own time and not think about if it'll be there tomorrow.

No. 1519616

File: 1678411113148.jpeg (22.47 KB, 548x391, enhanced-2310-1655478621-8.jpe…)

Maybe this belongs more in the Breadtube or YouTuber threads but I put it here because my hatred for him is so strong. I fucking hate this Humpty Dumpty looking motherfucker. He somehow manages to be even more spiteful and annoying than his contemporaries, and that's saying something. He constantly capes for troons because of course he does, just look at him. He also frequently uses cock sucker/sucking cock as an insult towards women but this totally isn't misogynistic (and homophobic tbh) for some reason. He is repulsive to me on every level - physical, moral, intellectual. He shits on women constantly for the stupidest of transgressions while contributing nothing meaningful to society. If he were born in any other time in history, he would rightfully be bullied into submission and probably die before the age of 25. Fuckin Matt Lucas looking tweedle dumb looking human embodiment of an overcooked hard-boiled egg

No. 1519701

File: 1678418664561.jpg (42.1 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

destiny 2. theyre putting out a new raid tomorrow so i wont get to see my boyfriend for at least 3 days because hes a stupid destinyfag. it looks like shit it runs like shit the devs are all fucking libtards and i want to alog them.

No. 1519717

I hate that game because it's so much worse than the first one. The quality of gameplay and lore fell so far. Plus it's so easy to spend hours per day playing it.

No. 1519725

i dont even understand spending hours playing unless youre autistic because there are like 3 things to do, its so repetitive. he gets sad at me when he implies he wants me to play with him and i say fuck no but idk what he expects, he poisoned my perception of the game by talking shit about it all the time but then expects me not to hate it. he asked me if i would be proud of him if he got a good placement tomorrow for day one and i had to be honest and tell him i dont care. whats the point in being incredibly good at an incredibly shitty game? i cant wait for bungie to go bankrupt, but it honestly feels like its never going to happen because they can still squeeze $50+ out of these retards yearly. i hope going free to play is a sign of the end, i just looked up their upcoming projects and theyre releasing a fucking destiny mobile game which has to be out of desperation. i cant see them actually thinking this is a good idea, it just seems like a last ditch effort to ring some more cash out of their fans and whatever children they can lure in, but who knows since everyone who works there is legitimately retarded.

No. 1519878

It's not the game's fault your boyfriend is an addict lol, it's him you should be annoyed with.

No. 1519957

File: 1678453535529.gif (1.42 MB, 350x262, dogs-biting-licking-angry-love…)

Controversial opinion,but:
I hate people who proudly identify as Bi/Pansexual when they are in a committed monogamous relationship.
It just makes them look like they care so little about their current partner and are putting out wanted posters looking for the next one.
When it comes to other identities like straight/gay/lesbian it seems far more like less of an identity to signal what they look for in their next relationship and more of a description of the current one.
I have similar hatred for people who say things like
>I like [generalized group] with [signifier their current partner doesn't have]
It's the same shit but at least they typically don't put it in their Twitter profile, typically…

No. 1520122

File: 1678465623057.jpg (975.4 KB, 1920x1224, fuck.jpg)

I don't care if I've complained about this before pic related is bullshit

No. 1520127

What a fucking loser. “Would you be proud of me if I got first place in a video game?” Jesus Christ if a man turned to me and said that, I would leave him on the spot. Go run a real life marathon or get a promotion jfc do something real you slob

No. 1520307

File: 1678472459864.jpg (41.16 KB, 480x360, 1622847775639.jpg)

The bunkers. They're what I imagine ADHD to feel like.

No. 1520312

File: 1678472576734.jpg (95.7 KB, 1200x900, spaghett.jpg)

Macaron sounds like the singular of macaroni

No. 1520731

File: 1678516221316.gif (1.27 MB, 352x266, punch.gif)

I hate that twitter is putting shit on my feed from people I don't follow. It's all shitty bait stuff that of course is getting a bunch of engagement.(Same with instagram shoving in problematic videos in my face) I really don't need to see trannies seething about women, moids seething about western women, or especially moids on tiktok guessing a random girl's pussy color and other ways they find to be perverted coom brained neanderthals.

I'm tired. I need to get off the internet because all this garbage is making me sick.

No. 1520738

File: 1678517178056.jpeg (20.13 KB, 220x343, 1F2984E9-9F57-4321-8451-CAD1AE…)

Reading this for the discussion on eating disorders so I intend to finish it but having to read at length about the author fucking just any moid off the street starting as a very young teen is repulsive

No. 1520846

I hate how people act like it’s really offensive to suggest that when learning a new physical skill, it is necessary to master the basics before doing intermediate or advanced level aspects of it, if you want to do it well/safely. I also hate how people refuse to practice/condition and just expect to get better at things and then have the audacity to be like “how did you get so good”. It’s called putting the hours in you dumb fuck. Similarly, people try things like 2 times and then go “wahhhh I can’t do it”

No. 1521094

I'm so sick of seeing anons refer to their bfs as "my moid" or even worse, "my Nigel". Stop being a pussy and call him your boyfriend, the nasty mean farmers won't come to your house and beat you with a cane for having a boyfriend.

No. 1521108

Oh god I thought I was the only one. I logged into twitter one day and all I got was weird bait videos. I thought this happened because I hadn't been online in a while and maybe my algorithm got a reset or something

No. 1521122

I left a radfem discord because this shit annoyed me so much

No. 1521166

the switch to nigel was because so many anons were triggered by the word boyfriend.

No. 1521171

> the nasty mean farmers won't come to your house and beat you with a cane for having a boyfriend.
I will, though.

No. 1521182

I LOVE seeing men bitch about women who "don't know where to eat", whenever I DID offer suggestions they AlWAYS got brushed over and then "lol no, let's just get fast food or whatever kind of food we always get" Yes, you fuckers actually don't care and just want to complain about women as indecisive retarded fuckwads regardless of what actually happens.

No. 1521185

These emotional moids my GOD! Moid anger works like a toxic smoke. It speads around the room and poisons the air. It strives to hurt everything, even the things that have nothing to do with the anger. It's a disease, it couses diseases in people who gen into contact with it.

No. 1521186

i shall call him my beast of burden

No. 1521211

Yeah that always annoyed me about those jokes. Women are socialized to not be assertive and we're often shut down whenever we are. I've had the same shit happen to me. They'll automatically turn down my suggestion or make some snide comment about it even though they asked in the first place. So it makes sense that many of us will defer to others for making decisions because it's not worth the trouble. You can't really point this out though or you'll be the annoying feminist giving some long lecture about a joke. And I guess it really isn't a huge deal in the grand scheme of things but it is a pet peeve of mine.
Same with the joke about women saying they don't want anything, then asking for a few pieces of the guy's food afterwards. Yeah I see how that'd be annoying for him and it can make for a funny bit, but I think it partially stems from not wanting to eat a lot in front of a guy and seem like a pig or worrying about him freaking out on you and acting like you owe him sex later for buying you food.

No. 1521231

I don't get it, Nigel is such an ugly ass name, saying "my nigel" make you sound so much more of a pickme than boyfriend ever will.

No. 1521238

men want women to be mind readers. When we don't state our opinion they mock us, when we state our opinion and it doesn't 100% align with that they are thinking they mock us too.
The food one is a good example. I have tried several saying where I want to eat after being asked only to get shut down because men eat like pigs and refuse to ear nothing but fast food. Yet the same men complains when I tell them to pick a place

No. 1521297

i hate it when my friends who are supposed misandrists get a boyfriend and then cut our contact to a minimum but when he fucks up im the 'based friend' they can shit about men to. this has independently happened so many times i'm getting real tired but i also love hearing other people's drama so i'll suffer trough it

No. 1521308

>supposed misandrists get a boyfriend
I get it but what the fuck are straight women supposed to do

No. 1521313

Just wait, there'll be an infight for a few hours over how it's not hard to not date moids and how straight women should just die alone and everyone arguing in favor of this will call themselves KHV and will proclaim that they don't suffer mentally at all even though one look in the vent thread will show you KHV women ranting about feeling painfully lonely and invisible.

No. 1521320

just stop being a slut vying for attention from males. problem solved.

No. 1521328

I wish that sort of trolling would just be banned on sight it's so disgustingly transparent

No. 1521349

for me its the combo of them apparently hating moids but then cutting contact with female friends to a minimum once they get one, I don't want to put words in anon's mouth but I assume that's what she meant too.
The just dating part is fine, but when they start revolving their whole life around the moid (and it's never a decent one) and start cutting off their female friends that's when it gets really annoying. I've had it happen a lot so I get you nona.

No. 1521381

Where I live, there's so many goddamn cars decorated with shitty weeb decals. Some of it is coomer crap too. Every time I am in a parking lot, I swear to god I see at least two cars plastered with ugly ass weeb stickers. Sick of seeing so much weeb crap everywhere. Anime becoming mainstream was a mistake.

No. 1521382

I can’t stand it when there is so much space and strangers will literally sit next to you it’s even worse when they’re a man. I hope your balls explode, die, and go to hell.

No. 1521391

I was in the car dealership waiting room and some lady did this and I literally got up and moved. I didn't look at her afterwards so no idea how she reacted. Fucking freak