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No. 254795

The trick is not minding that it hurts edition

What have you watched? What are you looking forward to? Oscar season is now upon us!

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No. 254804

File: 1668342531769.gif (3 MB, 625x322, slam.gif)

I hope everyone enjoyed Muriel's Wedding for movie night. Too bad I missed it, love that movie.

No. 254923

File: 1668377304288.png (127.39 KB, 540x512, tumblr_5ce1281338b1d5d709dfb7a…)

No. 254926

File: 1668378159634.gif (985.19 KB, 500x231, wbvqzvb[1].gif)

Consumed by the flame, leaving only a blackened, shriveled husk under the desert's sun

No. 254992

This is how I felt about CATS (not the recent one, the other old filmed version) I had to wean myself off of it, lose the bookmark, say "not interested" when youtube recommended me clips. True struggle.

No. 254994

>directed by Haneke (who loves to shock the spectator but abhors objectizing women)
Source on this? Not that I don't believe you, but if it's part of a larger interview I'd like to read/watch! I've seen a few of his films but never really delved into him as a director.

(reposting in this thread bc I'm dumb and didn't realize there was a new one)

No. 254995

Not a movie technically, but episode 4 of Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities ("The Outside") is about a woman who is ugly and wants to fit in with her conventionally attractive coworkers. It's directed by a woman and based on a short story by a woman.

No. 255009

Is A Clockwork Orange worth watching? I tried once thousand years ago but it annoyed me and I turned it off after maybe 10 or 20 minutes. I just started recalling all of the ~cult movies~ that I didn't watch and wondered if I'm missing something. I know there's a rape scene, is it too graphic/uncomfortable?

Also can you nonnies recommend some good medieval/monk movies?

No. 255059

File: 1668450700591.jpg (46.02 KB, 644x364, eyes wide shut 3.jpg)

I feel this way sporadically about Kubrick's films. Like there are those 'Eyes Wide Shut is about the evil freemasonic Rotschilds because if you zoom in this and that scene there is a freemasonic symbol in the background AND AKSHUALLY Kubrick WAS KILLED for exposing them11!!!!' ridiculous theories but at the same time I've always had this feeling that his movies have more layers of meaning to them than what's immediately obvious after the first watch. And also there is the case of him being a notoriously perfectionist director who sometimes did 100 takes of a scene but yet he left some conspicuous continuity errors and whatnot in some of his movies. So yeah, I cannot make up my mind about his films

No. 255060

Sorry this was just my personal impression based on the 4 movies I've watched of him, I think he's too old to even know the term lol. Maybe he's not even doing it on purpose, but I find that unlike many other directors he really films men and women the same way

I've watched it about 10 years ago, iirc the rape scene focuses on the face of the guy forced to witness it, apart from ripping the woman's clothes beforehand it's not graphic. I was a bit uncomfortable watching it, but I think that was Kubrick's intent. Your level of comfort really is going to depend on your own personal relation with depictions of rape, but in the worst case you can skip the scene

>good medieval/monk movies

The Name of the Rose is probably the top monk movie there is
>Andrei Rublev
I found it a bit slow, but it's still a very uncommon depiction of a medieval russian monk
>A Man for All Seasons
Very nice film on the death of Thomas More
>The Northman
Mostly icelandic action
17th century so almost medieval, but great polish action (if you played the Witcher 3 one scene will seem familiar)
>Aguirre, the wrath of God
Herzog movie about a conquistador venturing way too far down the Amazon
>The Color of Pomegranates
VERY artistic depiction of Sayat Nova, an armenian monk and poet
>Flesh and Blood
Good depiction of medieval warfare but really a bit too many rapes in it…
Just kidding

No. 255062

I'd skip it tbh. It was well-made from a technical pov and the actors are great but it is such an unpleasant watch. I watched it more than once to try and figure out why people praise it to high heavens

No. 255075

>The Name of the Rose is probably the top monk movie there is
It certainly is, it's my favorite movie. I already trust your taste, anon, hehe
Oh, I remembered I actually wanted to watch The Color of Pomegranates, and I've also had Andrei Rublev in my downloads for ages, so I'll finally watch it quite soon. Flesh and Blood, yeah, at times it looked like someone's wet dreams, especially that scene where the girl wrapped her legs around the main character and everyone was like "ohh who's raping who now??", haha, come on, what is it (if I even remember it correctly)
Oh, it's from the same director who made Ogniem i mieczem, interesting!
Thanks for the recs, anon, haven't even heard of the remaining titles (except for Braveheart, kek) so I'll definitely check them, too

>such an unpleasant watch
Something about it puts me off as well, so yeah, guess I won't even try.

No. 255126

File: 1668473873824.jpg (90.85 KB, 1251x691, soda sip.jpg)

Today, I watched Bad Taste from New Zealand. It's Peter Jackson's first film. I'll never understand how he got his hands on The Lord of the Rings. If you didn't know, before he did the trilogy, he was a quirky splatter comedy guy who made gross movies. Bad Taste was terrible and digusting, but Braindead is pretty funny if you're braindead.

At first, I mostly picked from the random movies on my hard drive that happened to be from different countries. I hadn't planned on watching from 30 different countries until I noticed by chance the first five movies I watched from this month were all different countries and then I just went with it. So I ended up wasting my Spain on a shitty cowboy movie and my Japan on a shitty Godzilla movie.

Honestly haven't had huge success with good movies, but I've had some.

Iphigenia from Greece is a great adaptation of a play by Euripedes and helps contextualize the play and made me understand it more.

The Lair of the White Worm from the UK was basically a better An American Werewolf in London and made me want to read the Bram Stroker novel which I hear is basically unreadable. Pretty funny, although it's mostly innuendo comedy.

By far the best is The Match Factory Girl from Finland. The pacing, acting, and writing are all slow, minimal, and depressing and it's a great drama. It's what I assume being a woman in Finland is like. Suomi nonnies can weigh in on that.

No. 255132

>I hadn't planned on watching from 30 different countries until I noticed by chance the first five movies I watched from this month were all different countries and then I just went with it.
Damn that's actually a very cool idea

No. 255139

10000 kubrick films have like fridge moments where you realise something after a first watch. But like I feel like sometimes his perfectionist attitude was just about control over his actors.

No. 255142

File: 1668482684660.png (348.09 KB, 911x512, the little hours .png)

It's about nuns not monks but have you seen
The Little Hours?

No. 255192

No, but thank you for reminding me about it, I completely forgot about this one, and it has Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman, and is based on Decameron…must be fun!

No. 255379

File: 1668583179499.jpg (286.03 KB, 1440x2132, tiger mafia.jpg)

I like Wakaliwood.

No. 256110

File: 1668809957111.gif (1.9 MB, 280x216, cat.gif)

I just watched You Can't Take It with You, which features a cat paperweight, and it made me think about how random cat appearances are in movies. Even professional cat actors (for ads) have a reputation of doing whatever they want and being much harder to direct than dogs, so they usually don't get parts in movies, which means that cat performances are often improvised. The most famous one would be the cat getting pet by the godfather in The Godfather at the start of the movie (Coppola just found it near the set), and a very notable one is in A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, where Masuka the cat got written in the script because of how cute he is

No. 256139

I saw black panther 2, I don't get the appeal, I am Mexican myself so I thought seeing Namor being played by a Mexican actor would do something for me, it didn't and I guess it's a good time to mention that I know my comics and I feel that changing Namor's origins into Mexican just felt wrong. I could go on but I don't want to sound racist, I just didn't liked the movie.
It's ironic that black Adam caring very little about comic book accuracy ended up being q better superhero movie than Black panther 2 which did everything in it's power to have pointy ears and foot wings on namor.

No. 256151

File: 1668827691457.jpg (230.42 KB, 900x1336, 043_TOS_digital_1sht_FN2_web.j…)

idk if this was discussed in the last thread but has anyone seen triangle of sadness? i really enjoyed it though the politics/satire was sort of hamfisted and not so bright. But I think it was pretty good and honestly really fun to watch in a packed cinema. Though I found the drawn out vomit/shitting scenes quite unfunny and drawn out. I'm really not grossed out easily but it was really juvenile and I didn't get why everyone in the cinema were crying laughing.

No. 256283

Damn it no longer shows in the local theaters, I wanted to watch Ruben Östlund movies because I heard he got 2 palmes d'or and I had never heard about the guy, but I didn't realize I actually could have done it… I guess I'll just watch The Square instead

No. 256414

File: 1668920085598.jpg (121.71 KB, 861x625, third princess.jpg)

Son of the White Mare is amazing.

No. 256415

File: 1668921295277.jpeg (8.03 KB, 168x300, images.jpeg)

I love Nope. The characters are well-rounded and their dynamic with each other as well as their growth through the story was so satisfying to watch. The story was unique, I LOVE the colors, sets and cinematography, I just enjoy watching it so much. It feels like watching a really high quality anime.

I actually haven't seen any of Peele's previous movies, but I'm glad this is the first one I saw.

No. 256417

Ugh, I fucking love this movie. It came out so recently but it honestly might be one of my most favorite movies. It's so exciting the whole way through and pulls out so many emotions. Just beautiful. I've also been wanting to watch Peele's new animated movie.

No. 256422

File: 1668925679694.gif (6.45 MB, 540x480, tumblr_0f88b0262b57583073c360d…)

i have rewatched it multiple times. i thought "get out" was my favorite jordan peele movie but now i think it might be this. my favorite scene has to be when they're setting up the field so they can try and capture JJ on film. there's so much symbolism, so many things to catch on a subsequent viewing, such interesting themes. it's a real treat of a movie. and also, that scene is one of the most unsettling things i've ever seen in a movie.

No. 256425

god yes this movie awoke something in me and ever since i’ve been craving similar movies but the thing is there’s no such thing, it’s so unique, not even Peele’s other movies compare this is by far his best one it’s amazing and so entertaining and funny but still had moments that actually scared me, especially when I first watched it in theater the sounds made my skin crawl, I think it’s also possibly one of my all time fave movies..

No. 256426

might get banned for this, but is it another in the long line of films about black people whining about oprsssed

No. 256427

You could have just googled the movie synopsis instead of asking this retarded question.

No. 256434

nta but that anon is asking a subjective question that can't be answered by google.

No. 256445

I felt disappointed by it. The message about classism was hammered into the audience and I felt like the film fell apart and lost its momentum after they became shipwrecked. I was also turned off by the body humor scenes

I loved this so much!! I saw Peele's other films as well but I didn't like them as much as I did Nope, there is something unique about the atmosphere

No. 256447

not an easy answer you can get from goggle

No. 256452

No. 256457

I found it boring and not scary, the only part of the movie that had any sort of effect on me was the scene where you see the people being digested inside of the alien, and even that was more disgusting than scary. It’s incredibly overrated like all of Jordan Peeles’ films.

No. 256493

>long line
Actually there are very few movies of that kind

No. 256518

lol? the only peele movie that had anything to do with black peoples' oppression was "get out". are you just mad that the starring roles are black people?

No. 256560

Anon really could have though. Just to compare, if you google Get Out's synopsis you can tell that at least some of the movie will be about race because most of them mention race. Anon could have easily found her answer just by not being lazy and reading.

No. 257257

File: 1669191377265.png (49.4 KB, 2560x1707, es.png)

I've noticed that it's really hard to find Spanish subtitles on the usual .srt sites. Anyone know why that is? Even for movies in Spanish, I can very rarely find them. Meanwhile, nearly every movie I search for has Brazilian Portuguese subs available.

No. 257266

I find his movies to be terrible, maybe I'm missing something because I'm not a burger ? I don't get why americans go crazy over it.

No. 257268

Actually not at all. There is no victim complex whatsoever from any of the characters.

No. 257282

I'm with you (not American also). Get Out was okay but the rest not at all. Us was a mess, plot was plain dumb. Not scary or interesting at all. Projects he is involved in like Candyman (reboot/sequel) and Twilight Zone are just terrible/boring/sanctimonious. Maybe it's a USA thing.

I do think his films are kind of racist/have a mean streak, but I think he's allowed to express that. From my corner of the world though for sure those sentiments are/have rapidly used up all the goodwill he accrued from GET OUT. Nobody here gave a shit about Nope.

No. 257302

Anon was baiting, not really asking a question.

No. 257320

Brazil has a big piracy culture, hispanophone countries tend to be more law abiding in that aspect

No. 257350

File: 1669228464543.png (3.12 MB, 1920x1080, 1668260144072.png)

I have a similar problem with BP films, its not like I have an issue with fantastical and sci-fi plots, rather the films for me reek of insecurity, like a coping fantasy that does not wish to acknowledge reality, I also find it utterly insane that the movies where an ‘advanced’ African kingdom:

>used spears and rhinos in warfare,

>had a tribal society based on worshiping animal gods(including hanuman)
>and one tribe literally chanted like fucking monkeys

is somehow seen as anti racist in this day and age, Also the only reason they were so advanced was because of a magic alien space rock

No. 257421

Behold! Nona realized marvel movies are escapist entertainment

No. 257435

File: 1669249772037.jpg (883.23 KB, 3000x2000, 221117111711-01-bones-and-all.…)

Just saw Bones and All – decent YA film imo, got a little teary-eyed in the theater at the end. There were ~12 year old girls in the theater who were gushing over it afterwards, which surprised me kek, I guess kids don't mind blood and gore anymore (though there wasn't much gore, lots of blood, though).

Imo, Raw is a better coming-of-age cannibal story.

No. 257439

The threapic always makes me think this is the racebait moids thread

No. 257477

No. 257501

File: 1669276771749.jpeg (226.23 KB, 1600x1067, bones-and-all-photo-taylor-rus…)

Saw it yesterday, it was pretty good tbh. I know realistically Timothée Chalamet is supposed to be the big movie start but he didn't overshadow Taylor Russel at all, I found her mesmerizing and grew very attached to her character.
got tricked into believing there would be a happy ending, but alas…

No. 257507

File: 1669277791282.jpeg (162.96 KB, 1200x500, tar-movie-2022.jpeg)

I saw Tar recently and oh my got Kate really btfoed any other oscar contestant this year.
Her acting was phenomenal, through the way she spoked, the way she moved. She really told a whole other story with every muscle of her body.

After watching it, whenever I was in a suit I felt like
>omg am I literally tar??
No, I didn't miss the point of the movie, but she really radiated alpha female energy.

No. 257516

When that one male spammer posts his "faxx and logicx" racebait pics they are 4chan post compilations that look just like the OP pic lol

No. 257585

File: 1669308642502.jpeg (147.82 KB, 800x1200, 4AA39848-7A41-41BC-B702-016D7D…)

went to see this today and i honestly didn’t like it. there were a few good lines and i liked when nicholas hoult’s character got btfod and proceeded to rope posthaste but overall i found it very tired and i feel like there’s been so many uncreative rich people bad movies recently. i know it’s not an a24 movie but it feels very much in that vein and at this point they’re just spitting out regurgitated shit at us with it girl stars like anya to cover up how boring it is and some retard tier social commentary to get film twitter retards and libs creaming their knickers. i want more and i’m bored, but sadly this is what i’ve come to expect and accept

No. 257590

She radiates alpha except whenever Olga is around. Then, she turns into this pathetic PLS NOTICE ME loser who is clearly trying too hard. Loved this film.

No. 257654

I watched this on a weekday afternoon so the only other people in the theater were very old and didn't seem to understand why I laughed so hard at the ending kek. Great film, very focused and unique.

No. 257675

The BP films are overrated - 1st one because of the gushing PR and the 2nd because of Boseman's passing. I don't mind the character of T'Challa since he is one of the iconic Marvel heroes, it was truly a mistake to kill him off (offscreen, and from a disease. terible treatment). But yeah, the BP movies have muddled messaging. Wakanda is an isolationist ethnostate where people fight to the death to rule, on top of that they have spies in every country and refuse to help the rest of the world even when they have the resources to do so. I don't care that they had that motivation, villain protagonists can be cool, so much as that it's interesting to me the usual shills who went ga-ga for this portrayal and want to be Wakandan are the same people who complain about closed borders.

No. 257749

I didn't feel like they were trying to be intellectual at all tbh. If they were, they failed in that I didn't notice. I don't mind rich people bad movies, they're always a good spectacle. I did really hate anya and the chef's little conversation where he compared her prostitution to his career as a professional chef. Other than that it was a fun watch.
Really looking forward to both of these, money is tight but I'd like to see them in theaters if possible.

No. 257907

Can any anon recommend me some good killer is in the house movie? I only watched Hush. Please no sexual content.

No. 257918

i think you are missing something because you just have bad taste

No. 257936

Black Christmas (1974) is the most classic of them all

No. 257943

Thanks, gonna watch it tonight

No. 257945

I love the wardrobe in that movie. I was mentally taking notes on the outfit coordinations lol

No. 257956

File: 1669419559840.jpg (890.24 KB, 1071x1622, the last horror film (2).jpg)

Been on a late 70s to early 80s NYC sleaze kick. Started with Maniac (1980) which I am completely normal about and then did The New York Ripper and The Driller Killer. I watched The Last Horror Film (1982) the other night and even though it broke the theme, I really enjoyed it. Anyone else seen it? Most of it was fairly boring when it followed Caroline Munro but was weirdly artsy for Spinell's sequences. Also any recommendations would be great.

No. 257958

File: 1669420214454.jpg (206.54 KB, 430x637, Ms45.jpg)

Maybe you would like Ms. 45

No. 258072

File: 1669467785968.jpeg (330.51 KB, 500x925, 51084F16-F25F-45D0-B235-DE0DE4…)

I haven’t seen maniac or the last horror film but i’ll definitely get around to watching them soon and maybe post my thoughts on this thread. I fucking love Abel Ferrara though, I’d really recommend watching his other films, my personal favourite is The Addiction. Are you into giallo? If not I’d really recommend checking out the genre for both masterpieces and just fun sleazy moments. Also I recommend picrel for my nyc sleaze/exploitation pick.

No. 258091

NTA but my local arthouse cinema does a giallo night this january (on a friday the 13th lol), I'm excited about going!

No. 258267

I’ve been mixed on the giallos I’ve seen so far. A lot of the times I feel a little bored during them which honestly I’m kind of ashamed of. It’s not like I can’t sit through different types of film, they just tend to lose me from what I’ve seen. Maybe I just need to watch more. I definitely liked the giallo-like elements in The Last Horror Film so maybe I just need to find the right ones for me. Also adding this to my watchlist.

No. 258293

The Driller Killer is in the public domain…? Huh.

No. 258299

I have finally watched Goncharov and I must say it's one of Scorsese's finest works, despite being one of his earliest. I don't get why critics gave it less attention than they gave to Mean Streets, but well, it's not the first time they were wrong

No. 258300

please shut up it was dead on day one

No. 258301

Just admit you have shit taste in movies

No. 258319

go back to tumblr

No. 258594

Which films have you watched from the genre? There’s honestly no reason to be ashamed i’ve noticed giallos can tend to be slow and boring. Have you seen the original Suspiria? It’s not giallo but it’s directed by Argento who was a top giallo director and for me it was like a gateway drug to the genre for me. You’ve probably already seen it though.

No. 258604

that sounds so fun anon, i hope you enjoy yourself! my country has like 0 arthouse cinemas outside of the capital, it’s a travesty.

No. 258764

I’ve seen the original Suspiria, Bird with the Crystal Plumage, and The New York Ripper. So less than I thought. I really liked the colors, soundtrack, and dreamy feel of Suspiria. I don’t remember much of Bird and Ripper is kind of bad in a baffling way.

No. 258926

I watched Profondo Rosso the other day and I have never seen a movie so bad in need of trimming in my life. Cut out thirty minutes and it's still too much.

No. 259090

Saw this yesterday, I honestly expected it to be kind of stupid, it does seem like a tumblr girl directed it, but I actually liked it. Some of the shots were really beautiful and I really enjoyed Taylor Russel’s performance. Pretty decent movie.

No. 259143

Do you have movies rec, even short ones, that looks like this? Any languages, I just like the setting especially if it's about mundaine life (bonus point if there's food scene)

No. 260365

File: 1670108504064.jpg (156.2 KB, 736x1030, bb556efec1168be5735de1d6bd69c2…)

Watched this one on Tuesday and fuck, I loved it so much. Can't stop thinking about it. I think it's my favorite war movie now, it's so brutal and it doesn't beat around the bush at all. I watched 1917 on Monday or Thursday, and even though I really liked it as well (I liked the "one take" gimmick, it really shows the urgency imho and had some beautiful shots), it doesn't come as close to this one in gut wrenching stuff.
I now wanna see the older classic one as well, I know they do change a lot of the plot. I recommend it to all the nonas that like war movies or history.

No. 260492

File: 1670141824464.jpeg (619.68 KB, 1080x1350, lisakogawa_.jpeg)

Watched Bullet Train. The writing could've been waaay better. And I couldn't deal with Bad Bunny's broccoli ass haircut.

No. 260522

The older one was one of the best anti war movies, I didn't even know they were doing a remake

No. 260548

File: 1670157565693.jpg (341.21 KB, 1288x1600, RNgyyko6OZ25dRszEiMSU9WjMNJVUb…)

The BFI's critics poll of the greatest films of all time has been released for 2022, last one being ten years ago
The 2012 one : https://www2.bfi.org.uk/films-tv-people/sightandsoundpoll2012/critics
Notable changes are Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles becoming the #1 movie after being #36 last year, 8½ finally fucking off out of the top 10, the great Cléo from 5 to 7 becoming #14 after not appearing in the poll so far, and the sudden arrival in #7 of Beau Travail, which means that for the first time ever there are female directors in the top 10 (Claire Denis and Chantal Akerman). Lynch got there too!

No. 260566

Do you think it’s genuine though or performative? I heard Get Out made the top 100 which is laughable.

No. 260567

Movie critics are really afraid to say Get Out is just mid, white guilt is really powerful

No. 260581

I gave Peele the benefit of the doubt after Us turned out to be shit but Nope proved to me that Get Out was the fluke and the rest is indicative of his mediocrity. Nope was so far up it’s own ass it was laughable. Get Out I haven’t seen in years but at least to me it had enough actually suspenseful scenes and pay off to be a decent self contained thriller while Us was over explained garbage and Nope felt like he thought one horror scene was good enough for his artsy blockbuster film. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong again and change my mind but for now I find all his work overrated.

No. 260582

Since it's a poll with about 1600 participants it can't be said it's performative. During the last 10 years there has however been several pushes in all media to put more light on the works of women artists, which means that the respondents (especially if they're western) probably tried to think at least of one female director, at least to counter the bias that makes everyone unconsciously think of a movie director as male. It could also come from the fact that there are more women in the pollees, as there are more and more women among movie academics.
>I heard Get Out made the top 100 which is laughable.
98% of critics liked it so it was bound to be in the top 100, especially since it's recent. I find the fact that Vertigo is #2 much more laughable

No. 260610

It's insane that get out doesn't get shit on for the way it ends. I really liked most of it but then the end feels like a completely different movie.

No. 260932

I don't enjoy every single movies on that list (didn't watch all of them tbh), but that fact that Get Out is included is such a joke it stands out in the worst way possible… Also singing in the rain is super high, outside of old people and weird theater kids noboby gives a shit about this boring old musical.

No. 260936

genuinely sounds like you guys just hate a black person choosing to cast black people for leads and maybe make some black-focused horror movies.
his work is not "mid" at all, he's clearly a huge fan of the horror genre and has studied the greats of the 70s and 80s. if you replaced all the people of color in his movies with white people (or asians, the "good" people of color) i'm sure you'd find a way to enjoy them more.
a hotter take is to talk about how much stanley kubrick fucking sucks and has continuously had his dick sucked for no reason other than being a white male auteur who loves torturing women and paved the way for other dipshit directors up their own asses to do the same.

No. 260958

the most retarded twitterfag take. i’m not even white, jordan peele is just a mid filmmaker, being a fan of the greats does not make you one. watch better films retard.

No. 260991

Singin in the rain is the single most iconic musical. Everybody knows what the main song is, and unlike many other musicals it never gets ridiculous, which is assuredly why it's the only musical in the top #100. Rating it by current popularity is preposterous

No. 261009

>only one genuine horror scene in the entirety of Nope
If he cares so much I about classic horror he wouldn’t think himself too above putting anything actually scary in his films. I’d think they’re mediocre if everyone involved was white too.

No. 261010

Are you a black American?
It’s interesting that you’re claiming “white guilt” is the cause for appreciation here yet your defensive vitriol makes it seem like YOU have the guilt over being racist.
Anyway the people who claim Get Out has a dumb premise must have forgotten about The Stepford Wives. A book and film derided by critics yet it mirrored common fears of women new: marriage and heterosexuality. The fear of your husband only wanting a robot who does nothing but provide sex and do chores is similar in Get Out; the fear of being appropriated and gentrified by the same people who brought slaves over, now taking from your culture = literally stealing your body.

No. 261011

You guys keep saying it’s mid without providing any examples and it seems more like a buffer to say you don’t like how he makes films vs their quality.

No. 261014

Nta shit was boring.

No. 261018

Nta but "boring" is as nondescript as "mid" or "bad". You might as well say "I didn't like it", or "It's pretentious". They all mean the same thing: nothing

No. 261033

Are black people genuinely afraid of ''being appropriated''? It sounds so incredibely retarded.

No. 261046

File: 1670272998321.gif (8.09 MB, 540x350, tumblr_a0a915086140c3c9c183bad…)

I watched "The Call" the other day and I really enjoyed it, although the MC made a really dumbass decision just for the sake of the plot advancement. Still, it didn't detract from my enjoyment. I saw a lot of people online complaining about the ending but I didn't mind I kinda liked it, despite it being kinda of an ass pull, because I liked Young Soon and I like when the "hero" doesn't get their way.
Also, I really liked Young Sook's casual 90s bad girl aesthetic. Nostalgic.
Nothing deep, just fun "brain off" thriller

No. 261062

NTA but I just want to say I don't think anyone really thinks Get Out is dumb, it's a good thriller, but not Oscar level good, and not top 100 movies of all time good.

No. 261074

This. I like Get Out the most of his three films and think it’s the one that deserves the most praise.
Nope feels like a first draft that needed to be trimmed down. It’s overly long, with scenes that clearly could have been removed for its benefit (the snl skit bit for example). It also had no reason to be divided how it was as the divisions are entirely arbitrary. Character’s motives didn’t match the level of severity of the situation. Sure they need money to keep the business but they didn’t seem desperate enough for cash to warrant the danger of the situation. Add that to the absurdity of anyone believing their image to be real and it kind of falls apart for me. Aside from the nitpicking though my biggest issue with the movie is how Peele thinks that one horror scene makes a horror movie. Outside of the digestion sequence and maybe the chimp stuff, the movie does nothing to even try to be scary while pretending it is. It feels like Peele thinks one nasty cut short scene and some tense bits are enough and almost like he’s too good for adding actual horror into his films. But idk I’m not a film critic, those are just my feelings on it.

No. 261180

File: 1670299160083.jpeg (405.42 KB, 960x1440, birthday2019.jpeg)

Not a new/relevant movie (was released in 2019), but "Birthday" by Lee Jong-un is a great film for when you really, really need to cry. It's a fictional story of a family grieving their son who died in the real-world Sewol ferry tragedy, and it's the most honest and accurate portrayal of grief I've ever seen in any form of media. It's obviously very emotionally heavy, but I can't recommend it enough. The titular "birthday" scene near the end is so bittersweet and touching. It's beautifully shot as well. If you've ever experienced loss, you'll probably relate to the story in some way or another. And if you haven't, I think it gives you a pretty realistic view of what it feels like. Plz watch nonnas !

No. 261196

File: 1670307636450.jpg (241.21 KB, 1200x1777, the-eternal-daughter-108440388…)

the eternal daughter was so good despite nothing really happening, so interesting to see tilda swinton in a more fragile role

No. 261261

File: 1670329037097.jpg (15.1 KB, 274x364, Blackmoonposter.jpg)

Black Moon is like a moderately interesting dream that you wake up from and try to mentally construct a narrative from random, unconnected images and then forget about by lunchtime except it's 100 minutes long.

No. 261327

>It feels like Peele thinks one nasty cut short scene and some tense bits are enough and almost like he’s too good for adding actual horror into his films
This is precisely why critics enjoy his movies, as "normal" horror elements (gore, one killer stalking his victims, jump scares) are mostly considered by them formulaic and boring. Critics want something a bit more complex and unexpected, which is what Peele movies offer

No. 261423

What is complex and unexpected about Nope?

No. 261502

I get that you're a fan, but Peele's work is neither genre defining nor genre subverting. Get out is a very okay thriller that a lot of people enjoyed, but making a slowburn horror movie is not enough to be considered "top 100 of all time" otherwise Ari Aster would have been inculded in the list, he's not because he doesn't deserve to be (his movie are just not THAT good).

No. 261514

get out is the only horror movie where the horror is white people literally stealing the bodies of black people, nothing has ever been done like that before except the aforementioned stepford wives. it is groundbreaking even if you don't like it.

No. 261516

Body swapping is an extremely old trope, you're right that it only got big because it talks about race thought.

No. 261517

yes… exactly. congrats you now understand why it's on the list.

No. 261518

Okay well good for you if you enjoy getting bones thrown at you.

No. 261530

>says the movie isn't genre subverting
>is given a reason why it is
>ok well you just suck
take the L

No. 261535

Nta but while Get Out uses the body snatcher trope in a different way and for it’s general commentary on appropriation and exploitation it still doesn’t do anything to actually subvert the genre of body snatcher movies in its typical plot structure, presentation, and payoff. It’s still a good thriller that I enjoy but innovative it is not. It’s like how Don’t Worry Darling isn’t innovative just for shoving Stepford Wives into VR.

No. 261555

File: 1670424865153.jpg (187.32 KB, 1920x1080, b.jpg)

Just watched Ginger Snaps 2 and I feel so bad for Brigitte. At least Ginger could find peace in death while she ends up pretty much enslaved and turned into a beast. Both endings made me cry, I wonder what the third movie will bring.

No. 261560

same. i thought it was really boring, or rather, anticlimactic ? i was anticipating something big and it never really happened. it was intense but in the same way hereditary was intense just without the gore i loathe that movie btw it didnt scare me at all i just kept waiting for something to happen and it never did. i was really annoyed because everyone hyped me up to think it was so terrifying and it wasnt. and im not even a horror movie fan i hate them and im easily frightened even by children movies' conflicts kek, it literally just wasnt scary. it was so suspenseful and i felt that it didnt make up for that suspense.
now you got me thinking maybe i just don't get them because i'm not a burger or something. i enjoyed kiki palmer though always nice to see her

No. 261610

File: 1670436124524.jpeg (166.39 KB, 631x891, 7532605D-04B9-4E9D-813D-492400…)

I liked Hereditary a lot but I’m also a massive Colin Stetson fan so his ost helped. Sick of the mental illness horror movies though. Stan Maniac (1980)!

No. 261657

Multiple analogies to watching/being watched and to spectacle, parallel scenes with the same theme, parallel motivations for certain characters, color codes for certain characters, some kind of social commentary. This is what is considered horror movie-complex, we're not talking about literature-complex here
Did you expect the first scene? Did you expect what the antagonist was? Do you think there are spoilers for the movie? Now compare it to Texas Chainsaw Massacre, whose plot can be deduced from its title
>you're a fan
I absolutely am not a fan of the movie, I just enounced the obvious reasons why critics like Jordan Peele.
>making a slowburn horror movie is not enough to be considered "top 100 of all time"
Yes, that's why Ari Aster isn't on the list and Peele is. I loved Midsommar and Hereditary, but they're not complex movies. They're very good looking, but they have close-ups on gorey parts (which is considered expected and cheap by critics) and everything is plainly explained in them, which is why critics enjoyed them less than Get Out

No. 261658

File: 1670443818078.jpg (179.46 KB, 1288x1600, iVTX3MfdNT6tCBqUjgleTlt072vahB…)

I thought this was going to be an artsy movie but it ended up being exactly what was advertised on the poster. Plus nice Djibouti views!

No. 261662

Lmao Get out is the most plainly exlained movie ever, the plot is literaly explained to the protagonist by having him watch it on a TV. No subtelty at all.

No. 261666

Why would the films be rated by how many people care about them and not by the actual content

No. 261746

i’ve been wanting to watch this for ages thanks for reminding me nonnie. i love french female directors so much

No. 261767

File: 1670465475735.png (1.31 MB, 1497x850, trueromancefest.com.png)

Watched this film pretty recently, I was pretty tired and I'll probably rewatch it some time down the line, but I really didn't get what about it makes people love it or review it so positively. Any funny/quirky scene or quotable dialogue or anything maybe stylish…all pretty much overshadowed by what there is to Not like, as far as I'm concerned on this first pass. And was this film really one of the most quoted films of the 90s?

I kinda think it's respectable that people would organize a fest about it and gather with fans/cast/crew to celebrate it if they like it so much, though. Between that and things like Dudecon (for Big Lebowski fans but as far as I read it wasn't a recurring thing) I look at more recent modern movies coming out and I don't even know what has a chance of acheiving classic status or getting fandom similar to this. I guess people do throw Mean Girls-themed parties? But in current year, that movie must be considered old so I don't know

No. 261779

I don't, most are very tolerant of pedophiles and work with them

No. 261803

That's 99% of the movie industry

No. 261807

File: 1670483014536.jpg (1.22 MB, 2025x3000, MV5BOTNjM2Y2ZjgtMDc5NS00MDQ1LT…)

Just watched Another Round, was never a Madsfag but I kinda get it now, he's pretty handsome for a man in his 50s. Also I know it's the wrong thing to take from the movie but it made me want to day drink LMAO.

No. 261944

It made me want to drink so badly, I know how you feel. My shallow interpretation of the moral of the story is that drinking is fun as hell up to a point but it will literally ruin your life if you're an alcoholic or drink to excess. But, again, it's fun as hell.

No. 262074

what a weird ass reply…

No. 262652

bitches on this site want nobody to be happy

No. 262915

File: 1670803351319.jpg (1.57 MB, 3840x2160, 1668961360048242.jpg)

Lawrence of Arabia is officially 60 years old now. It still looks amazing, happy birthday!

No. 262931

File: 1670808917419.png (93.61 KB, 965x235, oie_N2VxGLjIVjyi.png)

Happy birthday, Lawrence of Arabia!

No. 262939

Plan on watching the movie soon. I love seeing passionate farmers like you! ♥

No. 262943

I still can't believe Peter O'Toole was 28 in this film

No. 262948

are you fucking serious i thought he was like 40 kek what happened to him

No. 262953

That's great anon, I hope you will enjoy it and thank you!
Dude was drinking like crazy since a very young age and then he spent 2 years in the desert getting that sweet sun damage, so yeah. I sill think he was very handsome at that time

No. 262984

>I happen to be 8 foot 5

No. 262985

holy shit the end of this video is really dark

No. 263231

File: 1670940945111.jpg (81.81 KB, 564x705, 2d1500f83b97c9c1654dfbd14547bd…)

i've been watching the 90s batman movies again. i love them so much. they are so incredibly shlocky and over-the-top and pure fun. i genuinely think they're better than most capeshit movies that come out nowadays, because everyone has decided that comic books are serious now, and they have infinitely more value than any of nolan's batman movies.

No. 263235

100% agree the moment where Robin is all "holy solid ground batman" or smthn and it cuts to Batman going "huh" then Robin saying "the ground it's holy" and Batman looks away just "oh" it lives rent fucking free in my head forever I can't

No. 263251

I need to rewatch these, they're my favorite. The aesthetic of these films is so 90s, it captures what I love of the time SO well.

No. 263264

These are very good and come for my taste the closest to the comics.
Batman was over the top and comic are supposed to be not completely serious.
Also it is better than the "I am family friendly but also serious" hero movies nowadays.

Also the villians are made good.

No. 263280

Watched them high after loving them as a kid and they're seriously campy and fun as hell. Love the style and the corniness.

No. 263287

File: 1670961332353.jpg (412.66 KB, 1080x1343, 1670868483242.jpg)

Who asked for this, cause its almost fascinating how all these execs can't understand anything after shitting the bed so many times

No. 263311

I don't understand why they keep going after these fantasy-action-adventure shounen shows which would require heavy CGI & stunt coordination, feature massive casts & long and convoluted plots, and which would look ridiculous in real life when there are plenty of perfectly fine shoujo/josei manga and anime they can try to adapt instead.

No. 263378

File: 1670988548732.png (124.55 KB, 497x326, Untitled.png)

No. 263381

File: 1670989389288.jpg (1.29 MB, 1920x1004, eh.jpg)

It's like that One Piece adaptation being made, you lose so much adapting this to live action

No. 263414

I assume it still makes mad money. I could be totally wrong. and they don't try that hard but get massive fan attention

No. 263435

File: 1671011324918.jpg (141.19 KB, 680x1024, beefcake the mighty.jpg)

I watch the GWAR documentary, This is GWAR. Surprisingly heartfelt piece for such a shitty campy garbage pile of a band. I always thought about how ridiculous their stage show is, but never thought about how hard it is to put on. That band had some really talented people, but I don't think as musicians. It was cute to see how nerdy everyone was, like the leader singer Dave Brockie/Oderus working on his DnD campaign notes on the way to a concert. I was also surprised but happy that the few female band members got along well with everyone and didn't have any problems. A sleazy band like that, you kind of figure there was weird sex stuff. There was clearly more drug stuff than really shown. The lead singer did die from a heroin overdose after all.

I like documentaries about bands. Doesn't matter if you like the band, they're always interesting.

No. 263492

File: 1671032452956.jpeg (136.46 KB, 778x640, 51E66B5D-1DB1-4ECB-89F0-C6A602…)

have been going to the cinema pretty frequently for the last couple of months, today i had a hard time choosing what i wanted to go to because there were a lot of good options but i chose this because 1)there’s not going to be anymore screenings 2)eva green. idk if i’ll regret not going to a better film but i like going into things blind. hope it’s entertaining at least

No. 263495

File: 1671033182139.jpg (67.6 KB, 788x788, 1663242590054.jpg)

Is it me or does /ot/'s movie room lack a punch? It's like they're always showing romcoms and barbie movies. I know you can show your own movie but it looks like not everyone is up to more out there stuff. I wish there was a space for strange or artsy movies. I always hear the same critiques about x movie being directed by a scrote etc. Fair criticism and I hate scrotes too but sometimes the commentary is too repetitive and ruins the watching experience. I want a real movie club experience with the movie anons. Sageing for semi-irrelevant.

No. 263498

Is that a ss from PT Silent Hills?

No. 263499

the thing is that the movie nights are more of a fun thing for farmers to connect with each other than an actual movie club. I know what you mean and most movies shown aren't my thing either, the vibe there is too normie/girly and even though it feels welcoming it's like I'm missing something. I always skip the music days too because I dislike having to listen to other's music when I have mine right there in my computer. But it is what it is. It's fun but not for everyone.

No. 263556

artsy and psychological movies have been shown there plenty of times. perfect blue has had several repeats, and black swan, suspiria etc

No. 263693

has anyone asked if nonnies are interested in certain movies? why not give it a try and see what the turnout is? maybe explain the vibe a little too so nonnies know what they’re in for. you’d probably get some randos who are clueless about it but it could help to set the tone.

No. 263782

These are commercially successful, mainstream, standard-length, understandable, artsy/psychological movies. Hardcore cinephiles such as myself end up developing a taste for three and a half hours movies with no plot and next to no dialogue such as Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles. Perhaps that kind of movies is what >>263495 alluded to (or perhaps just more-than-three-hours-long movies such as Lawrence of Arabia (1962))

No. 264001

Barbie chads, it's our time

No. 264012

Downloaded See How They Run from my favorite russian torrent site to watch on the weekend, and only now do I realize it's not a Wes Anderson movie. Is imitation to this degree even legal?

No. 264016

lmao it even has Ronan and Brody

No. 264020

That was actually better than expected (I had no hopes originally). I'm a little intrigued now.

No. 264032

File: 1671212793137.gif (1.91 MB, 400x304, 85FBBEA8-B18E-41D5-9BFA-90BDFA…)

agreed lol. but they're more for chatting than actual serious watching. i don't card for barbie and romcoms but they're great for social watching.
personally i mike old classic cinema but when i want to watch shit liek picrel (my fave) i'll do it alone, not to shoot the shit with ppl

No. 264034

Both this and Grand Budapest Hotel have the same producers and distributor so legality isn't going to be an issue
Of note however is that the main inspiration behind the filming of that movie was very probably Knives Out (murder mystery with a collected male detective and bumbling younger assistant), whose sequel is going to be released later this year, so instead of a Grand Budapest Hotel ripoff it's more a Knives Out-but-made-to-look-like-GBH situation
Maybe both movies will end up here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twin_films

No. 264054

KEKK the Space Odyssey parody caught me off-guard, this is gold

No. 264163

File: 1671274821662.jpg (313.7 KB, 1080x1520, Screenshot_20221217_115937_Red…)

Saw Avatar yesterday and it was meh. The effects were nice but the story basically the same as before, only with annoying teen boys. Also, every other shot there was a naked female Navi ass, sometimes literally naked female Navi child ass while male asses were really rare, even in fight scenes they usually avoided showing them. Felt gross to me. Especially the constant male-gazey slowly panning body shots to minor-adjacent female characters swimming and so on. Very pedo coomer pandering, I get it's supposed to be another race where being naked is okay but then why are you mostly showing and slowly panning cameras over the female (often underage-looking) characters? It's just sus to me.
Overall female characters were all pushed aside as secondary cast, MC's wife was an emotional irrational screaming mess the whole time and although there was an interesting teen girl character that literally had magic powers and was mysteriously born out of a dead person, but the story didn't focus on her at all, instead focusing on the most annoying uninteresting teen boy who ruined everything for everyone acting reckless. He was literally the worst character yet got the most focus. The Sulley men were main cast who had their own arcs while all the girls were supporting cast and had no character growth at all. The witch one had some storyline that they didn't bother completing.

No. 264167

What is this from?

No. 264179

Also a tinfoil but I think they actually took a big inspiration from Subnautica

No. 264183

File: 1671286732582.png (1.24 MB, 1280x913, 0E2E0CF2-7259-4148-800E-CA0CE6…)

behind the scenes pics from "Ivan the Terrible" by Soviet filmmaking legend Sergei Eisenstein

No. 264248

I haven't seen the new movie yet but Avatar's "lore" makes me so mad. You have so much fucking money, hired so many experts, had so many years to develop this alien world and culture but chose to have a very classic movie soundtrack and took concepts and pieces of african, native american (and now polynesian it looks like) cultures but with blue tall people instead. Of all the fucking things they could come up with, they took pieces of existing stuff, didn't change too much and smashed it all together to make something that doesn't seem that alien tbh. What you described about the new movie sounds pretty disgusting too.

No. 264408

Ayrt and tbh maybe I'm oversensitive to male gaze shit and it's actually not that bad. But it did feel to me like there was too much minor blue ass.

No. 264550

"Originality" is very much a synonym of "risk" in movies, and blockbusters are generally adverse to any kind of risk

No. 264581

My dad just showed me the classic battle on the ice sequence from "Alexander Nevsky". Absolutely beautiful, the costumes are fucking awesome (I like the one guy swinging the pole around and then asking for vodka LOL). And I fucking despise George Lucas for plagiarizing it.

And speaking of the New Hollywood gang, I'm in the middle of watching a documentary about "Jaws" from the 2000's. I loved learning about the special effects, the man who did the voiceover for the ad, the illustrator who did the poster, etc. It's great watching a film crew struggle for months on their own on boats. I love that. But my GOD it's the biggest fucking circlejerk. It's ALL guys (some hack directors, too, some of whom are now outed as sexual predators btw) going "ohmygod Spielberg please fuck me". Pisses me off to no end.

No. 264587

Also samefagging but I want Lawrence of Arabianon to know that my dad has the movie on laserdisc.

No. 264735

File: 1671467877746.jpg (383.48 KB, 1080x1211, Screenshot_20221219_173747_Gal…)

As expected, the fanart is disgusting. This character is a 14 year old girl. I checked reddit and everyone is sexualising the young female characters. They knew what they were doing by showing her ass constantly.

No. 264754

File: 1671471694986.jpg (307.57 KB, 1279x1433, sJpQZ3vcz3hd.jpg)

I watch womb today, that one matt smith film where he was his own father's clone and had sex with his mom/carrier

No. 264975

File: 1671900803936.png (933.96 KB, 750x1067, 987688E5-E473-4022-8A8A-C669E0…)

Eisenstein is such a pioneering filmmaker that a lot of his iconic scenes got referenced or pliagairised. The Odessa steps sequence in Potemkin is pribably the post referenced scen in cinematuc history, i've seen nods to it in Hong Kong action flicks kek.
I highly recommend checking out Ivan the Terrible if you enjoyed Nevsky, it's not as battle oriented but has a much better script and incredible visuals.

No. 265026

What are some Christmas movies that are actually about Christmas? Because this year I went through the "best Christmas movies" lists and the movies I saw had plots that weren't even about Christmas, except for a 10 minute scene with a Christmas tree in the background.

No. 265027

dumb, common answer maybe but A Christmas story revolves around a family's activities around christmas, especially the kid's attempts to convince his parents to get him a BB gun.

No. 265081

I watched The Hot Chick and it was pretty entertaining if you turned your brain off. Might be a low hanging fruit but can nonas join me in criticizing Adam Sandler movies. Like that movie was racist af along with all his other ones, Mexicans are lazy, Asians dumb, etc. How is he not canceled yet? Also the movie made me cringe and be creeper out when the girls totes wanted to see the penis.

No. 265160

File: 1672182800123.gif (1.81 MB, 480x352, 5tnS[1].gif)

Miracle on 34th street is the most Christmas movie you can find

No. 265282

Trippy Hungarian Gilgamesh tv movie for interested nonnies

No. 265468

File: 1672269916467.jpg (348.97 KB, 1505x630, AAAAQQpAm-U6TigFygUm8WtN8rvCAW…)

I finally watched Glass Onion. It was so good! And I love how there's never any romance plot between Benoit Blanc and the main character but I'm so confused as to why Miles never really questioned Andi knowing that he killed her. He said that he didn't expect to see her in the beginning but that was about it. It's like he never tried to corner her or anything. I don't really get it, unless he knew it had to be Helen

No. 265470

File: 1672270788996.png (1.44 MB, 1496x1156, Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 3.34…)

In other news about reboots we absolutely don't need, I'm cynical and won't be surprised if they turn Hermoine's character into a sassy trans kid

No. 265471

They will make Harry mixed or Hermione black. Atleast one character will be trans or be played by a trans actor. Why do they want to reboot Harry Potter anyway, the movies aren't even that old. Isn't it better to make a movie in that universe about different characters like the Hogwarts founders?

No. 265472

Does jkr absolutely have no rights when it comes to the movies? Can they just remake whenever they want? The idea of it being completely remade with 90% trans characters is making me kek

No. 265475

that would obviously be trash and cringe but I kinda want to see it. it has major trainwreck appeal.

No. 265476

Can't they wait more 20 years to make a reboot? Not like anyone forgot about the original yet.

No. 265486

File: 1672278199771.jpeg (35.62 KB, 832x555, moviekatz.jpeg)

idk if anyone here was in the bunker threads last night when i offered to make a playlist of east asian films available w/ eng subs on youtube, but i've just compiled some for my fellow film nonnas to watch. I originally wanted to make it a youtube playlist, but decided to do it in google docs instead so i could include a short description of each film. It's mostly japanese films for now, but i plan on updating it whenever i find something new. also, for the anon who wanted me to put kamikaze girls on it, i found it for you! i hope you enjoy. if there's anything i should add or any special requests, please let me know. here's the link:

No. 265487

thank you!

No. 265519

File: 1672294537997.jpg (78.78 KB, 829x620, the master.jpg)

Using this post to roll and pic my movie tonight:

1: Naked
2: La loba
3: Flatliners
4: Demonlover
5: The Doom Generation
6: Mas negro que la noche
7: District 13
8: Suicide Club
9: Orbita 9
0: Cambio de sexo

No. 265604

It's a billion dollars franchise for kids, there absolutely will never be a trans character in it. WB know it's way too risky, and they don't need to cater to any minority

No. 265657

Wasn't very good. Had a good sci-fi premise, but the romance was really bad. Everything looked so cheap and the soundtrack was so bland. Acting was bad and the two romantic leads had no chemistry.

No. 265697

I finally saw the movie and yeah, it is that bad kek. I couldn't spot any male na'vi ass but the female characters (mainly neytiri and the teenager) had their asses on the screen all the time.
The characters could have been interesting but they chose to focus on the ugly ass insecure teen boy and the weird father/son theme that went pretty much nowhere. The female characters (Neytiri, Kiri, the water clan chief and the "soul sister" thing, the daughter of the chief) all had a nice concepts but they were shown way too little and were supporting cast for the lame male teens.
Also the acting of some of the cast was BAD. Awkward delivery of the lines, bro this and bro that, zoomer way of speaking?? Weird jokes, annoying ass accents in some of the human characters… idk with all the money involved I expected better acting.

No. 265731

Nona all the movies in that list are mediocre, I don't know what you expected

No. 265764

File: 1672437997609.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1158x1545, 4F07067D-F1CD-4FF5-9C15-A60BAE…)

I’m tired

No. 265854

I cannot stop watching garbage pls help

No. 265863

Kek the mental gymnastics to justify jacking off to a child/teen character. 14 is technically pedophilia, even if she's an alien she's treated like a child by other aliens, the actor doesn't matter because the character is made to look younger, and statistically men into fictional children will move on to real ones. What a stupid fuck.

No. 265915

When I'm in that mood I just watch entertaining garbage movies, such as every movie with Jean Claude Van Damme

No. 266706

File: 1672697619044.png (3.65 MB, 1632x1150, Screen Shot 2023-01-02 at 2.12…)

Just watched Glass Onion, it was okay. I thought the beginning was cringe, I started having fun once they get to the island but the ending with the glass-smashing/everything in the last 10 minutes was retarded

No. 266707

Really? I thought it was boring and terrible. What really annoyed me is the weird "comedian" cadence everyone seems to have as if they're going to say something really funny only for it to be "POP CULTURE REFERENCE" or a joke straight out of a 90s sitcom.

No. 266710

ayrt, I agree. I couldn't fucking stand Kate Hudson and everyone trying to be quippy and quirky/"funny", even though I get they're supposed to be terrible people it was annoying as hell

No. 266717

I’m the kamikaze anon! Sorry I’mate to seeing this but thank you so much! I’ll definitely watch it!

No. 266721

I liked how it leaned into absurd comedy, much more than Knives Out. It was entertaining, hope the third movie will keep similar vibe

No. 266772

File: 1672741575780.jpg (181.16 KB, 900x1353, 0ea4a79307b8cc0656da79399bb15a…)

I watched this movie and I have to say, I really did not liked it.
Probably because I am a cultural idiot who can't appreciate art.
The Main character was unlikeable and how she acted was weird for me. I know it is based on the autor and her story, but many problems felt so selfmade.
As I said maybe It is only me.
One good thing was there, the grandma was really cool.

No. 266849

AYRT, sorry for late reply, but I will check it out! I haven't seen too many early Soviet films, but they look gorgeous. Idk if you have heard of this documentary called "East Side Story" but it's about the history of Communist musicals. It's really damn interesting and entertaining!

No. 266876

I caught my cousin watching a porno, he fortunately didn't realized so I avoided a really awkward moment.
I looked up what he was watching (just to be sure it was a porno) and I fell into a rabbit hole, turns out that the porno he was watching comes from a extremely long running series of porno movies from that began all the way back on the early 70s, I just can't comprehend what is so special about the main character of these movies that they just decided to keep making them and recast the actress for decades.

No. 266880

yay i'm glad you saw this! i hope you like it, it's one of my favs

No. 266884


No. 266953

I should really watch "Women in Love" all the way through but this is the only reason I watch it at all, lol

No. 266958

>Probably because I am a cultural idiot who can't appreciate art.
Nona, this kind of remark may be fitting if you happen to not enjoy a Tarkovsky or Bergman movie, but it's hardly appropriate for a rather straightforward black and white animated movie. Don't be so hard on yourself, you're not going to keep watching artsy movies if you call yourself an idiot every time you don't enjoy them

No. 266961

yeah that's the one, it's like doctor who but for porn.

No. 266983

File: 1672866065405.png (969.74 KB, 1019x535, share.png)

Watched Puss in boots the last wish and it was very good. You don't have to watch the first puss in boots movie, you don't even need to have watched any of the shrek movies. It was very visually pleasing to watch and also had great characters and a good story.

No. 266986

Are there any good shows or movies I should watch on AppleTV+? I have a free trial and I hadn’t really had the desire to use it before so I’m open to recommendations

No. 266988

I love the first movie so much and I'm really looking forward to seeing this! Puss in boots is my favorite.

No. 266993

File: 1672869837387.gif (1.5 MB, 498x280, rushing-big-bad-wolf[1].gif)

Only saw the trailer, this sick as fuck wolf makes me really want to watch it

No. 266995

Severance is very good!

No. 266998

This single gif convinced me to watch it

No. 267012

File: 1672874156720.jpg (Spoiler Image, 195.31 KB, 1280x544, FlfE2NVaAAcGTIy.jpg)

the wolf is one of the best characters Dreamworks has created. I really recommend you watch it. The movie is very colorful and has this painted brush look (spoiled pic related just to be save because im not sure if it appears in the trailer but this is one of the more darker stills)

No. 267014

is this just old gay porn?

No. 267015

Ivan II is better to watch with a group. The part where he turns his head really fast like an ostrich always gets me.

No. 267016

File: 1672874991110.png (1.19 MB, 940x1410, index.png)

This movie is so cute, I need more robot boyfriend stories with happy endings.

No. 267018

Samefagging because the movie is on youtube. Insanely dramatic head turn is at 12:40.

No. 267026

File: 1672878961045.jpg (524.53 KB, 740x1108, 18679995_p0.jpg)

One of my new years resolutions that I've carried over from the last months of last year when I happened to watch picrel with no prior expectations at all and something clicked, is to watch all of Quentin Tarantino's directorial work, and all the films he has writing/story credit on. Some real B- and C-sides have been viewed, because of this expanded criteria of mine… Four Rooms was a goofy and appropriate NYE movie, 10/10 would watch on NYE again. Some of these early works are repugnantly scrotey. I've mostly gone in chronological film release order. Still managing variable levels of fun despite this, nonas. If you would look at a film like picrel and raise an eyebrow Well consider, for one thing, that I have ryonafag tendencies for males suffering and dying on screen. Not something that he helmed afaik, but I've also watched that short that stars Jennifer Aniston, Penn & Teller and him that the player makes in the Steven Spielberg's Director's Chair 1996 simulation game for PC (that's pretty easy to track down on yt in like 240p quality). It's stupid and silly. I heard (podcast episode around the time his book Cinema Speculation dropped) that Tarantino has written a standard-length miniseries already and is probably going to start trying to get it made in 2023, so that's as good a reason as any for me to complete this filmography I only had a couple of (major) gaps in, anyway.

No. 267038

File: 1672889156651.jpeg (118.9 KB, 1238x696, the-great-happiness-space-1.jp…)

i'm rewatching The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief right now. It's really interesting, even on the 2nd watch. I had some base knowledge of host clubs prior to watching it, but had never really acknowledged the psychological complexities of that industry. on one hand, i can understand how this would be appealing to lonely women who just want to be treated with respect by an attractive guy. on the other hand, it's confusing to me why a woman would spend so much money, time, and energy on a man who probably wouldn't care about her at all if she weren't giving him exorbitant amounts of money and gifts. that behavior is typically seen in males, so it's interesting to see the reverse of it, i guess. anyways, it's on youtube with english subs for anyone who wants to check it out, i'd recommend it if you're into learning about subcultures.

No. 267040

KEK, no but it'll do just as well

No. 267062

It's really interesting, such a weird and foreign concept… I guess it's feasible since their customer base is mostly prostitutes. They probably find respite in spending time with men of their choice who have to cater to them the way they usually cater to men, even if they know deep down it's not real.

No. 267152

it seems like an endless cycle for their prostitute clients, they see hosts to forget about the stress of their jobs, but they continue to do sex work despite it obviously negatively affecting their mental health, because if they had an average job they wouldn't be able to afford to see hosts multiple times a week. many of the girls interviewed even have boyfriends, so it's not like these are totally attention-starved women. i think they just like the security and sense of control that comes from the fact that as long as you pay this guy, he'll continue to see you and treat you well

No. 267155

Nonny can I ask who the artist who drew this is?

No. 267178

The pixiv ID is in the filename, but here you go nona https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/497859

No. 267194

Blade Runner 2049 sucks ass, not because of the obvious shit (sexism/coomer shit, shitty script, retarded ending, garbage actors), but because it lacked the Rutger Hauer/Joe Turkel kiss. There was so much, so many layers to that scene that it really made that movie. 2049 was just an exercise in how much they could try and copy/rip off from the original.

No. 267257

File: 1673003253612.jpg (108.25 KB, 535x396, im_your_man_ver2.jpg)

it has drama, but you might like I'm Your Man (2021) if you like robot boyfriend stuff

No. 267311

This is the most fujo take I've ever read on BR2049

No. 267344

kek I can't wait for this to come out

No. 267349

It's true, though. There are a shit ton of metaphors in that one scene and I think it's brilliant. I'm not sperging 'cause it's two men kissing, but it was one of the "shock" scenes that I think really made it stand out from other films. It's shocking on so many levels, and it should be lauded.

No. 267395

Aw the guy was really cute in this, she didn't deserve him. Of course the normies would never get it.

No. 267459

File: 1673101220709.png (1.57 MB, 1920x1080, 8fkbe4swnyvq6zhjwwv36f.png)

I just saw Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio. The animation was fantastic except I wasn’t into the way the human characters looked. It felt similar to Wes Anderson, whereas I think he should have gone for something more Burtonesque, but I guess it was to differentiate the human characters from Pinocchio. That’s nit-picking though, I loved the over-all look of it. The story however was super lame, as with the rest of his films. It felt preachy in a zeitgeisty way and like he couldn’t decide on his target group. The film is not entertaining enough for children, and if you’re an adult you’ve probably seen it a 1000 times before with better execution. There were some interesting subversive stuff to the original story that were unfortunately also poorly executed imo. All in all very boring but pretty looking movie.

No. 267467

Honestly same. I felt like the story tries too hard to be preachy and serious and while that's also the original point of Pinocchio, it was meant to be a lesson for children (and enjoyable for adults too) hidden under a darkish story and fantasy imagery. The cricket character was kind of unbearable to me, he's supposed to be a narrator who guides you through the story and explains the moral in a poetic way, but he just felt flat to me and very absent overall. I don't necessarily like how it strays from the original story by adding sad angsty backstory, but I like some of the characters he added like the spirit/angel sisters. I hate that he got rid of other interesting characters like the fox, the cat and the circus leader and fused them into the Volpe guy. I think the charm of the original story was Pinocchio meeting a lot of different characters and getting into trouble to learn different lessons, but the characters in this movie are a few and they're mostly unlikable (imo) and they keep coming back over and over and then they fuck off.
Idk I don't get why everyone praises it for how deep and wholesome it is when it's really just mediocre. The animation is nice but the human characters were uncanny to me too. I did not like the anti-war anti-fascism moments, I don't really need this movie to tell me so clearly "war bad fascism bad". We know war and fascism are bad, if you want to make an anti-war message at least do it a little more cleverly.

No. 267485

I can't believe I don't see more people talk about the monster design in Nope, that had me going wow in a public space. I know it's not recent anymore but I only just watched it and gosh darn, such a cool design.

No. 267495

Bump, don't scroll cp

No. 267507

Sorry to say, but the monster reveal is considered the most hated part, nonna. That's where almost everyone thinks the movie stops being as interesting or loses steam. By that part of the movie, the message about the monster being the movie industry and audiences is either obvious or not obvious enough to the viewer. It looking like a projector that can shift forms was a let down because people wanted a scarier alien design.

No. 267512

Why would you watch modern movies nowadays? They suck. Especially the animated ones.

No. 267515

Because some animated movies are still nice and everyone said it was the best Pinocchio movie, so I got curious.

No. 267520

File: 1673124348955.jpg (1.18 MB, 1080x1785, IMG_20230106_233720.jpg)

Your dad is a highly cultured gentleman and I wish him very well

I miss my movie husband despite the fact he was basically made of long sticks. I found a dead robin redbreast on my way to work and I think I'm going to use his body in a ritual to revive my stick husband

No. 267526

No one who loves cinema thinks that way

No. 267530

File: 1673125172552.jpg (3.93 MB, 3840x2160, 1668959944596686.jpg)

Well, not all modern movies are terrible but they can't even be compared to the good movies of the past. It's way easier to find kinos from the 60s than to find them in the last decade. You can't even compare shooting on film and shooting on digital. Digital will NEVER look as good as film.

No. 267532

Vertigo was shat on when it was released, and only began to be appreciated about 20 years after its release. The same will happen to many movies released in the 2020s. Learning how to not worship the past is necessary to truly appreciate media

No. 267534

File: 1673125782716.jpg (49.02 KB, 853x470, Puzzle of a Downfall Child 197…)

Exactly! (I'm the "modern movies suck" retard btw.) There's something so warm about old movies now, and I sure didn't used to think this way. I've been watching movies from the 70's that seem to have low ratings on IMDB (lol Ikr), and they're so much more thought-provoking, and artistic, and just… soulful. Modern movies have no soul. Picrel, I watched "Puzzle of a Downfall Child" and it's about a fashion model recounting her career to a friend/former work colleague, and you start to realize how unreliable a narrator she is, because she's reliving childhood trauma that affected her deeply. It's really fucking good, Faye Dunaway plays her character very well, and the supporting cast is great.

No. 267537

I don't even like Hitchcock, I just posted the picture as an example of film aesthetics, digital looks flat and lifeless and the colors are almost always washed out, it just looks like shit.
>The same will happen to many movies released in the 2020s.
Lmao no it won't. The only people who will do it will be retarded zoomers who will remember Euphoria as peak tv arthouse.

No. 267553

100% film just looks better than digital.

No. 267566

Awh that's such a shame! I was losing steam and once it was revealed I was fully on board again, I was very happy it wasn't just a standard horror ending and it actually went the distance for an extra reveal. Ah well, thanks for the info.

No. 267575

Anyone know of feelgood high school movies that aren't super well known? I mostly watch horror and thrillers but I've been watching some childhood stuff like Clueless and Mean Girls, it makes me feel really happy and nostalgic. I'd like to know more of them, I'm not in the best headspace right now but those movies make me feel like life isn't so bad. Sorry for the blog kek

No. 267590

Maybe Susie Q? I loved that movie when I was a kid

No. 267594

Mr. Holland's Opus?

No. 267629

File: 1673170672688.png (1.48 MB, 1200x627, pinocchio2.png)

I wanted to see it cause of the stop motion animation which was a pleasure to behold imo. I prefer practical effects and think del Toro's movies have some nice handcraft in them, it's just a shame they're such mediocre movies.

No. 267640

File: 1673174795989.jpg (61.07 KB, 784x441, Puss-In-Boots-The-Last-Wish-Tr…)

i just watched it yesterday. It feels like he tried to make something very different from the original Pinnocho to avoid comparisons to the Disney movie. For me, it feels like he just took the bare ideas of Pinnochio we all know(he's a wooden boy, turns ''real'', meets new characters) and its methapors and made something more unique that has almost nothing to do with the original story, for example the fact that he doesnt change in personality from the start of the film to the end despite several people trying to mold him to his preferences while on the original he grows until he becomes ''a real boy''. I feel it's more about acceptance and ''bee yourself'' rather than learning from your mistakes and growing as a person like on the original. But i havent watched it in decades so maybe i am just wrong.
Anyways Puss in Boots 2 was fantastic, havent laughed so hard in a while, and it was also surprisingly mature for a modern children's film. Looking forward to the new artistic direction Dreamworks is taking.

No. 267795

I wanted to see Puss 2 but I feel like so much has been spoiled for me through clips on twitter/youtube that I need to wait a while to forget what I'd seen of it already

No. 268137

File: 1673310484057.jpg (853.6 KB, 1334x2000, MV5BZjU0Yzk2MzEtMjAzYy00MzY0LT…)

I watched Jojo Rabbit over the weekend. I had been meaning to watch it ever since it came out and just never got to it. I thought it was such a sweet movie despite the subject matter and the characters were all very human. Made me laugh a lot and cry, which is my favorite type of movie. Sam Rockwell as a gay nazi was kind of hot. I think it was his fatherly aura and how he was always looking out for Jojo.

No. 268176

File: 1673330972083.gif (4.03 MB, 520x400, tumblr_6ca377e8598bf1a810e52f6…)

Just saw Puss in Boots 2 and it was really good. The wolf was sick as fuck and the movie had a really strong art direction and a good soundtrack. It was surprisingly artsy. The battles reminded me a bit of Kungfu Panda with the sudden color flashes and comic-book stylisation. It felt satisfying to watch.
It also had blood and bleeped swearing which I didn't expect. Female characters were well written, the jokes were funny, there was an actually wholesome not-annoying relief sidekick.
Wouldn't guess a sequel to a bad spinoff would be so good.

No. 268216

When I first saw the trailer I thought it was going to be tasteless and full of edgy humour. But the edgy jokes actually had a purpse and the movie did some great commentary on how propaganda affects children and anti war message

No. 268228

it actually made me hopeful that they can somehow make shrek 5 work with this new art direction. Also apparently Shadow is back on production? cant wait to see more of the new dreamworks

No. 268237

File: 1673364740094.jpg (469.71 KB, 2560x1707, Prey-2022-Szene-1-scaled-17943…)

I watched Prey (2022).
I've only seen some parts of the original Predator, which bored me since the theme appears to be macho dudes vs even more macho dude alien.
In this version though, the main character is a female native american and she prevails because of non-macho traits like caution, herbal knowledge and planning while the macho dudes who don't think get slaughtered. I enjoyed it. Handsome shirtless guys too too bad the brother died, but at least the dog survived.

No. 268307

Watched it recently, I liked it but I found there was a bit too much of that 2010s american humor (like Hitler eating a unicorn)
It's funny because in the first Predator, macho Arnold Schwarzenegger also wins thanks to caution and planning lol

No. 268423

going to watch puss in boots now cause of yall girlies. told my boyfriend i wanted to watch it and he surprised me with tickets

No. 268747

Glad you enjoyed it and yeah the female character were all well written.

I really hope they will keep this art style if they do make a shrek 5

Have a fun time with your bf nonnie!

No. 268775

Puss in Boots 2 is so funny and entertaining. I found myself hoping it would go on for longer, which is something I usually never want with movies (mostly). HEAVY SPOILERS FOR MOVIE AHEAD DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED I started tearing up a little with Goldilocks and the bears. It was so sweet how they loved Goldilocks like a daughter and fought to get her that wish even when it was revealed that she was going to wish for a human family instead. I was sitting in the theater trying not to cry with that exchange between them all with Mama Bear saying that it's okay and that if it makes Goldilocks happy then they'll get her her wish. It was just really sweet to me. It was so entertaining and there were hardly any moments of rest. A nice, satisfying ending, too. God I love that movie. I'm so glad I saw it, I was really hesitant because ugh kids movie. But if you go in there with low expectations, it will ABSOLUTELY blow you away. It's so cute and fun!!

No. 268806

File: 1673632378243.jpg (271.42 KB, 1600x1066, banshees-1600x1066-1[1].jpg)

The Golden Globes took place some days ago! Here are all winners and nominees:

Most rewarded/nominated movies were:
>The Banshees of Inisherin
>Everything Everywhere All at Once
>The Fabelmans
Of note: Del Toro's Pinocchio beat Puss in Boots for best animated movie, Wakanda Forever somehow got a globe (for Angela Bassett as best supporting actress) and most expensive ever indian movie RRR got a globe for best original song

No. 268857

Really enjoyed Prey too. It was funny to see all the dudes complaining about the female lead but nonna is right, she does all the same stuff Arnold's character did.

No. 268893

I like the Predator franchise so I still liked this one but I have my gripes. The way the animals behaved was stupid and the bad animal cgi was also stupid and I hated it. I liked the lead actress. I felt like it was a "bad" movie with some cool parts. Reading about how it was made and cast was really interesting.

No. 269152

File: 1673875573496.png (1.5 MB, 1036x891, compil2.png)

any french new wave/nouvelle vague enjoyers here? if so, who's your favorite director and what's your favorite film from the movement? favorite actors?

i'm really basic so my favorite director atm is agnes varda although i was introduced to the genre through godard. my favorite film by her is "le bonheur", it was so poignantly horrific (and rage inducing) in my opinion due to the glaring contrasts. it's absolutely genius and so marking. as for actors really like belmondo's sense of comedic timing and cadence, it was so strange to see him in a different time, genre and character in "leon morin, priest" i know it's unrelated to new wave but it just goes to show his flexibility.

No. 269158

varda was lovely. my favourite director of the movement is godard but i prefer his work post-70s. favourite film of the movement is la religieuse, easily karina's best performance (next to her in her own film, vivre ensemble! terribly underseen, she was wonderful and finally presented herself as she wished to, not through the eyes of a man). very fond of rohmer too, i enjoy the conversations in his films and his female characters are often compelling and memorable, especially in comparison to his male characters. very nice list, non chéri…

No. 269161

The Banshees of Inisherin was dumb and overestimated.
People just think it's deep because of the exaggerated accents

No. 270601

File: 1674117776490.jpg (383.06 KB, 1757x2343, 20y6ewv2tox91.jpg)

Babylon was terrible. Margot Robbie looked a mess, the costumes were all over the place, it did NOT look like the 20s at all, especially Robbie's outfits. Her character is horrible, she's supposed to be a FrEE SpIriTEd CrAZy WhORe who's been given very interesting memorable lines such as talking about stuffind her pussy with cocaine and proclaiming how fuckable she finds Brad Pitt in front of his boring uptight wife. Wow such a great female character.
There's also no plot, it's just about how hollywood is so cool and how movies are more important than real life because it makes us plebians feel less lonely and also it makes actor and directors immortal. Picrel outfit was also… A choice.

No. 270979

File: 1674311264919.png (1.03 MB, 552x838, belladonnaofsadness.png)

yeah i hate this stupid fucking movie. can't believe i was memed into watching it. feminist my ass. this movie was made by a penis for the penis, there's absolutely nothing feminist about it at all though i haven't read where this originates from. don't care how beautiful it looks it's awful torture porn.
do not recommend i'm so disappointed but i should have looked into it more so my fault i guess

No. 270983

anon me too!!!!! im so sick of people recommending this film as a beautiful art piece. i was also memed into watching it and i had to turn it off after a certain point, it became too much.
i said the same thing before itt about moids who say they love perfect blue, and imo belladonna of sadness is even worse than perfect blue in terms of the horrific stuff the main character is put through. any men saying these are their favourite films need to be put on a list

im not at all saying you cant have graphic sexual content or scenes of SA in a film, but i think after a certain point it becomes torture porn, as you say. there is no reason that men should feel comfortable watching these films and putting them on their shitty kino tierlists.

No. 271291

I don't get why everybody was shitting their pants over M3gan and clutching their pearls that it was pedo bait. Seems people saw that scene where she dances and because she does a flip in a dress it's pedo? That's the only thing I can think of. The movie is a very basic thriller like Orphan but honestly I think it's a little better. It's not the best thing I've ever seen but it had some good moments and I like the relationship between the kid and her aunt. Also it had some heartwarming moments. I'm surprised I already found an hd rip of it so quickly but I'm not complaining

No. 271300

Is it genuinely a good watch? I'll be honest I kind of wrote it off as a sorta teen 13-15 type watch, just because of how it was advertised.

No. 271533

File: 1674602749572.png (104.3 KB, 730x996, Screen Shot 2023-01-24 at 3.25…)

so thoughts on this years noms? i had no idea they have like 10 titles for best picture now. guess they're super desperate for viewership.
i really need to see tar soon.

whos hosting it this year anyway?

No. 271536

I call it pedo bait bc the doll looks like every single western "lolicon" "art" I've ever seen. I don't care about if the movie is fine or not, the fact that she looks like that is enough to make me avoid it. Its like if the Chucky doll was an attractive little boy and not you know…a toy.

No. 271599

It was a great movie, awful review. Same director as In Bruges and the same duo with the same actors and a similar dynamic and tone, I recommend it to anyone who enjoyed In Bruges

No. 271621

I wish shudder had a larger catalogue of good originals so I could justify buying a single genre streaming service.

No. 271629

I'm surprised it took this long for someone to being up M3GAN…anyway I watched it shortly after it came out in theaters and I really liked it. I went in expecting it to be goofy and it didn't disappoint. Aside from that it also had some poignant commentary on technology raising kids instead of their parents, which I wasn't expecting.
It depends on whether you want a serious horror movie or if you're okay with a movie that's more comedy than horror. Like I said I ending up really liking it, but I also went in expecting campy fun (which it was) after seeing the trailer and finding out that it was written by the screenwriter who wrote Malignant. If you've seen Malignant and liked it you'd probably like M3GAN.

No. 271633

M3GAN was shockingly really good — for what it looked like. I thought it was gonna be garbage but it was self aware and funny

the main girl became a crackhead without her crazy when she was having MEGAN withdrawals though

No. 271647


M3GAN's really good. If you like movies that combine trashy entertainment (spoopy doll kills ppl) with genuine depth (parents rely on tech to babysit their kids, the general wretchedness of many apps and toys targeted at children) you'll love this.

The stepmom, the kid, and M3GAN are all pretty decently written female characters.

No. 271653

File: 1674687761409.jpg (75.21 KB, 258x382, Tár_poster[1].jpg)

My god this came from some no name indie director? This is choke full of long takes that showcase Cate Blanchett's talent. This is probably the most high brow movie I ever watched, they just don't stop dropping the classical music references, all of them flew right over my head, and it didn't feel pompous! It felt natural! It felt so natural I was surprised to learn Lydia Tár is in fact a fictitious composer. I came out of the movie theater stumbling, best movie of 2022 by far

Tár should win it, but there's no way that a movie which makes a Leon Goossens joke wins a price that's supposed to cater to everyone. I think EEAaO is going to win it, it's popular and of very decent quality, plus it has diversity points. I'm glad Ana de Armas got nominated for best actress, but there's no way she wins it (as it would reward the movie Blonde)

No. 271655

this is on my backlog but you've convinced me to watch it now, luv me some cate blanchett

No. 271658

i take such issue with the premise, the music industry is full of abusive moids but they chose to make the abuser a woman

No. 271659

File: 1674692368725.jpg (469.05 KB, 1920x2560, tc.jpg)

Watched Beautiful Boy starring Timothee Chalamet and Steve Carell. It was a decent movie. Based on a true story about a father desperately trying to understand his son's meth addiction and save him from it. I'm a recovering H addict and found it to be a pretty accurate depiction of the struggles of not just the addict, but of their loved ones. I think it'd be a good choice to show a teen to scare them away from drugs. Much more relatable than the melodrama of other addiction films like Requiem For A Dream.

Possibly controversial opinion: I don't really like Timothee Chalamet. He is a decent actor but I can't stand his face. Sorry

Anyway, it's on Amazon if you want to check it out.

No. 271661

>I think EEAaO is going to win it
no way, they're 100% going to give it to spielberg.

No. 271663

he's not a decent actor, he acts the same in every single role.

No. 271665

I've honestly only seen him in this and Dune tbh, but you're probably right. I gave him a bit of a pass in this movie because a lot of actors who have never done drugs aren't good at faking it.

No. 271666

>Timoty Chalomen
Only role I liked him in tbh. Perfect skelly body for it.
Timofy and Zendya are both crap actors otherwise. Always the same acting in every blockbuster movie.

No. 271671

Am I retarded if I can't tell the difference between good and bad acting? I thought zendya was okayish, not the greatest but not terrible either? But I also think Kristen Stewart is alright (outside of Twilight) and everyone gives her shit too so maybe I have shit taste idk

No. 271676

For me personally, I consider bad acting to be when you're watching something and you kinda lose suspension of disbelief. You feel the actor reciting lines rather than speaking from "their" (the character's) brain/heart. Not sure if this makes sense.

No. 271693

Just came from the theater for this, Cate definitely deserves best actress–it's not even a contest.

Also, fuck cancel culture and FUCK men. Lydia did nothing wrong.

No. 271717

File: 1674728172650.jpg (108.09 KB, 600x600, R-8888331-1473936782-3641.jpg)

I watched beyond the black rainbow, imo it was pretty shit. Mediocre style over nonexistent substance, nothing creative or interesting in the premise or execution. Obviously there's some hidden meaning to the director but that doesn't translate to it being a meaningful film.

finally, sanity

No. 271726

Most of Spielberg's movies were nominated for best picture and a single one won it (Schindler's List). Unless the jury is particularly nostalgic for Spielberg I don't think they're ready to waste an award on The Fabelmans, which is a nice enough movie but really isn't in the top 5 best Spielberg movies

No. 271764

File: 1674752290262.jpg (436.9 KB, 1246x1600, growing up female.jpg)

anyone know where to watch this in full? i found a link on a rarefilm website but it's through nitroflare so obviously it says the "owner disabled free downloads" wtf? i'm not paying for your scam website. i can't even find it for streaming, there's some upload on archive.org but it's only about 20 minutes long so i'll miss ~30 minutes if it's even the correct one since the date says 1980 when this was released in 1971.
i'm beyond frustrated so i'm hoping i just don't have the right resources and i'm retarded because i can't figure out where to watch this at all

No. 271801

it's not but, because of the politics involved with awards, they will give it to him.

No. 271802

i'm so hyped for this

No. 271900

I saw Tickled at an art theater a few years ago and some later behind me was loudly commenting on it the whole movie and kept making snappy comments and honestly it was funny. She didn't even seem to be with anybody she was just there to heckle the weird ass documentary

No. 271945

Fabelmans was just a circlejerk movie, I can't believe we've reached a point where films about directors are being made by themselves now. Imagine if someone tried to pitch a movie about Cecil B. DeMille's life, or John Ford's. They'd probably laugh and say it wouldn't be an entertaining film.

No. 272058

I love this movie because a bunch of stupid dork men misunderstood the ending and thought their precious hobby was being insulted. No, idiot. Her position at the end of the film is objectively worse than her position at the beginning of the film, to put it in a way that avoids spoilers.

wtf anon she was a pretentious fake and an opportunistic liar, and she definitely abused those women.

No. 272106

Someone hasn't watched Fanny and Alexander

No. 272298

File: 1675044518888.jpg (9.06 KB, 183x275, download.jpg)

this movie made me so incredibly uncomfortable and i now know with 100% certainty I will be offing myself if a nuclear bomb is ever dropped which may be sooner then later

No. 272307

I was hyped for this movie but it was a bit underwhelming. I wish I'd went in blind, it would probably be way more impactful given the little hints they throw before the bomb drops. The low production value didn't help. I wish they'd remake it, All Quiet in the Western Front style. Oh well. that wounded soldier is hot though

No. 272309

>films about directors are being made by themselves now
kek nonna people write what they know, this isn't new at all. Plenty of movies are semi-autobiographical.

No. 272311

They just gave Manc a ton of Oscar noms, they love that shit retard

No. 272326

I tried to watch it but my copy didn't have captions and I literally could not understand a word they were saying it made me so sad cause i really do want to watch it.

No. 272332

File: 1675067091026.jpg (41.56 KB, 1098x768, Tar-4-bonnes-raisons-de-voir-l…)

I did enjoy it, I thought Cate Blanchet was magnificient, but being honest I just didn't buy into the serial groomer / rapist lesbian conductor storyline. I'm guessing it's some sort of cheap trick from the diretor to make us doubt the accusation ? I did enjoy the psychological horror parts, the ghostly figures haunting her appartment, her past creeping up on her, etc.

No. 272348

File: 1675079362860.jpg (253.55 KB, 1079x986, Screenshot_20230130_124323_Sam…)

I don't care about awards anymore tbh. Awards are not about rewarding a film for being outstanding, it's about what the current sociopolitical trend is or if a movie's producer is buddies with a member of the HFPA

No. 272360

File: 1675095171428.jpg (1.7 MB, 1743x2637, MV5BNjcyZjA1NzktYmNmYy00M2UwLW…)

Other great depressing movies about nuclear war are When the wind blows, Fail safe, The day after and Barefoot Gen
The realistic consequences of nuclear war are however greatly exaggerated in Threads, as global warming has made the eventuality of a nuclear winter much less likely

No. 272386

File: 1675106263524.jpg (73.81 KB, 780x438, intro-1660842856.jpg)

Thanks for the recommendations nonnie! A few of these I've wanted to watch for a while but forgot about them. I think my favorite nuclear war movie is dr. Strangelove. Major Kong riding the bomb into oblivion is one of my favorite movie scenes of all time

No. 273067

File: 1675405988720.png (2.4 MB, 1920x1080, lawrence-of-arabi-on-top-of-de…)

I miss Lawrenceanon.

No. 273072

>it's about what the current sociopolitical trend is
This. I didn't understand why the newest shitty Dune got all these awards and "mass critical acclaim" until I saw all the praising the strong black women characters and all this other gay leftie shit that wasn't even in the damn books. Hollywood just awards itself, the viewers don't even matter now.

No. 273329

File: 1675507469123.jpg (99.36 KB, 1000x1481, MV5BMjM1NjE5NjQxN15BMl5BanBnXk…)

Saw this again recently after watching The Fabelmans… Spielberg put waaay more elements of his personal life in the movie than I first thought

Excellent cinematography and the best adaptation of Dune so far meant that yeah Dune 2021 deserved all of its awards and nominations. Do you really think movie critics are mostly under-30 SJWs? It's still very much a field dominated by old white scrotes

No. 273331

Did you even watch it? The movie didn’t deviate from the books in any particular way that could be considered politically motivated. I haven’t heard anyone praise the minor black characters either (Zendaya is only in the movie for like 5 minutes and the other is a random side character).

No. 273355

Aaay I watched that recently too!! Have you seen the interview from the 90s of him and James Lipton? It's on Youtube, but I'll link it. Lipton says something along the lines of "Your father was a computer scientist, your mother a musician… and when they contact the spaceship, how do they communicate? They make music on the computer and are able to talk to each other." I think his earlier movies like Close Encounters are a hell of a lot more personal and better than his later stuff.

No. 273423

File: 1675549190765.jpg (2.25 MB, 1350x2000, ll.jpg)

I watched Dear Lemon Lima again recently, it has such a cosy nostalgic vibe that really gets my little heart

No. 273440

Thanks for the interview!
If the story in the Fabelmans about his great uncle telling him that art and family will tear each other apart is true, it definitely had an influence on Close encounters: the father and other characters in the movie have visions caused by the aliens, but all of these visions are expressed by art (music, sculpture, drawings, paintings), and cause them to leave their family. In the Fabelmans and IRL Spielberg's mom was the artist of the family and left her husband to go live with someone that understood her better, like the father in Close encounters does. There's also a toy train crash, which was one of the most impressive events in Spielberg's life (it was the first thing he filmed)
One interesting fact is that despite filming many movies Spielberg wrote very few of them (Close encounters, Poltergeist, A.I. Artificial Intelligence) and in all of them the plot is about a child being separated from their parents, meaning his abandonment issues are indeed massive

No. 273602

File: 1675617139603.jpg (51.31 KB, 738x308, it-follows-2014-high-heels-beg…)

I finally watched It Follows, and it was pretty meh. It had an interesting idea and some spooky scenes, but mostly it was annoying, really. I read some reviews and discussions on why people are so impressed with this movie, and mostly people just praised the atmosphere- which I agree was done very well, and even though the vintage aesthetic with synth background music feels cliched now, it was probably unique in 2014. But a movie needs a lot more than a spooky atmosphere to be "the best horror movie of the decade". Like I said, the idea was very interesting and spooky and I thought it had real potential, until the beach confrontation happened and the pool scene in particular was where the movie took a huge shit. When watching movies it's very hard to parse between realistic irrational behaviour and lazy writing- I thought Jamie frequently running away and freaking out even when it was stupid works for "realisic irratonal", for example, but the fucking pool scene? You're being followed by a supernatural entity that can shapeshift, that you have previosuly seen walk off a gunshot to the neck, and you think you can beat it by electrocuting it in a pool? And you do it in a way that puts your friend at a high risk of being electrocuted as well? And when that doesn't work, you try to just fucking shoot it again, even though you can't even see it?? What the fuck would make the characters think this isn't a completely retarded plan? The very ending sort of redeemed it for me, byt it just made me even more irritated about the pool bullshit.

Another thing that the movie seems to get praised a lot for is subverting the "teens have sex and get killed" trope and in particular for being a feminist masterpiece because the main character is a girl and has sex or something? That praise doens't make sense to me at all. If anything, a lot of things in the movie jumped out at me as "moid director can't help himself"- picture related. A lot of people copesplain the stilettos in the beginning as some kind of an ~ironic homage~ to the 80s sex slashers and the red heels symbolizing right from the beginning that the girl got killed for having sex. But directors need to realize that when you so something ironically or as a homage, it still comes across to the audience as you simply doing it, unless you subvert it in some way. And if he really wanted the "red shoes" symbolism to stay, he could have easily subverted it- give her red sneakers, or red flats, or have her switch into better shoes when she goes back inside for her car keys. For example. The other "moid director can't help himself" theme is how often the entity takes the form of an attractive woman with her tits out. Again, people copesplain that it ~symbolises Jamie being threatened by her sexuality~ or some shit like that, which I maintain is fucking retarded and the more likely option is that the moid director just wanted hot naked women in his scary movie. Also the classic nice guy trope of girl only dating fuckboys and then realizing her true love was the scrawny childhood best friend who stuck by her side. Very subversive.

No. 273608

Nona I liked the menu (I watched 5 reviews kek I don't really watch movies) but we live in a world where instead of thinking, "this dude is crazy" it's "everyone is a bad person and he's a bad person but I can sympathize".
Like the only person who deserves to die is the scrote who hired the prostitute because she looked like his daughter/step daughter. I saw a review where they tried to say the girl whose parents paid for her education was entitled or some shit.
Idk, I'm just ranting

No. 273745

i fully cried at the 3 bears parts, its my right, idc. i had low expectations and was really underwhelmed until the dog showed up and the story finally got moving

No. 274112

File: 1675803090323.jpg (55.12 KB, 620x360, Knock-at-the-Cabin[1].jpg)

I watched Shyamalan's new movie, it's okay. There's Jonathan Groff, Dave Bautista and Rupert Grint in it, and the plot's rather original in that indie mystery enclosed space movie way (as in Circle (2015) or The man from earth (2007)), which makes for decent enough entertainment. Still the ending's a bit flat and after the first 30 minutes you clearly see where the plot is going to go

No. 274178

File: 1675821475132.jpg (714.64 KB, 996x2093, lawrence pointing at cacti [he…)

Aww anon. I don't sperg out that often anymore because I memorized the movie so well, it basically became part of my brain, I just can't sperg out about it like before, it's as if I was sperging about my hand or other integral part of body. I wish I could see it again on the big screen tho, but I'll probably never get the chance. I still love to see/read first time reactions to LoA. Still waiting for some new ones on YT, there's only a few, and only like 3 with elaborated commentary, where I can feel the movie truly moved something in the viewer (well, 3 is still a lot given the overall number of those reactions. We had the 60th anniversary so I was hoping for more to appear). Three of my coworkers saw the movie and their comment was basically "Yeah it was nice". It fills me with dread and sadness. Still waiting for one lady to see it, she's a sensitive bookworm in her 40s, I think she will reflect more on the film. I'm still not able to fill the hole LoA left in my heart, I will never be more moved by a movie and a historical figure, there's no greater tragedy to me than a person who could not fit with anyone, nor their own nor strangers. You can be an autistic loner or a fetishized god, feared or worshipped, in the end always dehumanized and alienated from everyone, never seen as a person. Human beings are not meant for this treatment; if they're not sociopathic, they will always end up taking drugs to cope or simply comitting a hero.

Anyway, a little movie trivia
>The first time Peter O'Toole tried riding a camel, blood oozed from his jeans. "This is a very delicate Irish arse", he warned his instructor. He finally mastered his camel-riding technique by adding a layer of sponge rubber under the saddle to ease his bruised backside, a practical innovation quickly adopted by the actual Bedouin tribesmen acting as extras during the desert location filming. O'Toole was nicknamed "ab al-'Isfanjah" ("father of the sponge") by the Bedouin.

No. 274358

File: 1675882084165.jpg (21.32 KB, 250x358, QOTD_poster[1].jpg)

None here can match your passion, LoAnona. Have you watched Queen of the Desert (2015) by Herzog? It got shit reviews but there's Robert Pattinson as Lawrence in it…

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