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No. 774138

ITT:A thread for open/closeted ex-Muslims and or Muslims who are questioning their faith

No. 774141

File: 1617274025605.jpg (192.24 KB, 629x600, 1611203910666.jpg)

Lets talk about the origins of islam

After Jesus died and his cult grew far and wide throughout the Roman Empire and its surrounding areas, there were a lot of "interpretations" of what exactly Jesus was, he was a a savior but was he just a man, a God, the manifestation of god, the son of god, an essence of god e.t.c however the one interpretation that ended up being adopted by the Roman state was Nicene Creed


From that point on it was the Trinitarian belief that was accepted by the Roman State, Jesus being the son of god and the holy spirt aspect, but non-Trinitarian sects did exist and were often persecuted, the 2 most popular of these sects being the Arian and Nestorian christian sects, Arianism was common in northern Africa, Spain and and even Northern Europe, while Nestorianism spread Eastward into the Persian Empire, Central Asia and even on the fringe borders of China and as well as Arabia, now the Quran does mention Christians but identifies them as being Trinitarian and following a form of the Trinity literally no one followed, Jesus, God and Mary and that absolutely would not have been the case, at that point you would likely only meet a non-Trinitarian Arab christian in that region

now lets go the early Islamic conquests, now you see for 26 years the Byzantines and Persians were caught in bloody war lasting 24 years, Egypt was in ruins and the mesopotamia was devastated,

When the Arabs invaded the Romans did outnumber Arabs . But it wasn't 7 to 1. Those numbers mostly come from later Arab sources, which claim that the Romans had armies as large as 150,000 or even 200,000

However, this is very obviously preposterous, since the Romans were unable to raise even 30,000 during Justinian's reconquest just a 100 years before the Islamic conquests. So them claiming that they could raise 200,000 troops after an exhausting 26 year war against the Persians, is ridiculous. After defeating the Roman army at Yarmouk, the Muslims had basically a free pass to take as much land as he wanted, since they had destroyed the only proper Roman army at Yarmouk, and the Romans were unable to raise more troops to stop them but then local involvement is also a factor

It's likely that the Arain Christians would have seen the early Muslims as being closer to their theology then the Eastern Romans, and the Eastern Romans themself up until the 10th century referred to the Islamic states as being nothing more then a Christian heresy

how something seems to have happened 800-900 AD which made the caliphate rulers want to dissociate themselves from Christianity and their christian origins and differentiate Islam as a separate religion all together, The Hadiths are likely all made up and promoted by the state, if we remove them and leave only the Quran we end up with basically just a non-Trinatarian Arabized religious book

No. 774215

File: 1617291054905.jpg (105.29 KB, 750x1334, xr0zozk8gkq61.jpg)

No. 774217

I've lived in Japan six months last year and it felt SO good being able to eat pork all the time in public and trying alcohol (which is disgusting btw) and not be harassed, beaten up, judged or rejected by my family. I hate that I had to go back to my country way earlier than planned because I caught covid and it took me several months to recover. I also managed to avoid last year's ramadan, that was a relief. I never fast because I have some really minor health issues but I exaggerated them whenever someone asks but the problem is that people ask all the time why I don't fast and why I'm not trying this time just in case.

Unrelated but I hate the hijab and think it looks stupid. But I'm kind of lucky in that even if my family is very superstitious they're moderate so they also think the hijab is sexist and retarded.

No. 774220

Any other anons gone no contact with their families? It’s been a month for me and it’s been really tough, I feel so guilty and awful but then I remember all that I went through for so long and it seems justified. Leaving made me realise how stunted I am compared to everyone else, I have no support system or skills and it’s freaking me out how behind I am. It’s going to be weird not fasting this ramadan.

No. 774224

One of my cousins has threatened to kill me, so I think its for the best that I just stay away

No. 774239

File: 1617294214746.jpg (53.52 KB, 497x450, 5q38mw1squm61.jpg)

It may seem kinda unimportant but you know what was the initial thing that really just destroyed my faith in Islam, Language

I'm from a non-Arabic speaking country and like all non-Arab Muslims Arabic is venerated here, its considered a holy perfect language that has always existed, the language of Heaven its self is Arabic in Islam

And that never made any sense to me, nearly all of Gods prophets were Jews who spoke in Hebrew and Jesus spoke in Aramaic and suddenly Allah decides that now Arabic language above all else, and there's literally no defense Muslims have against this

Like this meme is comparing a naming convention In certain sciences to the fact that their was absolutely no reason to use Arabic

No. 774241

islam memes are always so scrotey and fucking braindead. like this meme just stinks of unwashed ass, my god

No. 774306

Think about how good it is for you in the long run.

>It’s going to be weird not fasting this ramadan.

Do you live in a Muslim country or not? If not then treat yourself to some nice food.

No. 774311

Abrahamic religions in general "fall apart" once you get to know their origins and from where people who wrote the holy books took information and inspiration.

No. 774318

I mean the historical Jesus was in all likelyhood a Jewish preacher and the Historical Muhammad was in all likelyhood an Arab Christian preacher

Feel bad for the real life Muhammad, he would have been digested to see his Christian sect separate to its own very Arab centric religion

No. 774468

glad this thread was created. 12 ish days before ramadan, how are you girls feeling about it? being a secret exmuslim in a muslim family during ramadan is so shit i never realised what a big waste of spring/summer it was until after i stopped believing in islam.

No. 776534

Years ago when I was in high school I had to visit my family abroad in a muslim majority country and for a few summers ramadan was happening right when we were there so we had NOTHING to do all day every day except watch maybe watch tv and clean my aunt's house because everyone was sleeping all day long or cooking in the evening and everything was closed. My sister and I could eat during the day because we were not used to fasting and I could pretend that my health issues were worse than they actually were, but I can't imagine a bigger waste of my time. It pissed me off so much that I never went back there, and now that I would like to go back I can't because of the pandemic.

>Feel bad for the real life Muhammad
>feeling bad for a warmonger and a pedophile

No. 776842

i'm not muslim nor do i know any former nor practicing ones: what exactly happens during ramadam? i know about fasting but you mention nobody doing anything all day… do they just do nothing? do people not work during that time? how do they make money, do they get paid leave bc it's a religious holiday?

No. 776879

I’m an ex-Catholic who feels less guilty every year for eating meat on Good Friday kek

No. 777070

I'm not even sure myself, but from what my mother told me it's basically a holiday so people don't have to work the same hours as usual because good luck working or studying on an empty stomach. Shops opened really late, in the evening. We just visited market places during the night.

No. 778590

File: 1617883826402.jpg (130.77 KB, 1024x681, middle-east-muslim-women-then-…)

Reminder that the Niqab(that black trash bag) originated from Saudi Arabia in the 20th Century and the more fashionable all around Hijab you see libfem Muslims wear came from Egypt during the 90's

Islam is not our actual culture or traditional values

No. 778593

even though I agree, some of the examples given in your pic are wedding dresses, not daily-wear.

No. 778596

I know some are Pakistani is super accurate of the rural Punjabi Pakistani girls and this was common for women in the cities as well, but now like half the women are wearing those black trash bags

No. 778602

Anon-chans, how is Saudi Arabia? How is the society and how are men there?

I am worried about my stupid family member who is currently edating a young guy from there, who is not only Muslim but is a Jordan Peterson fanboy.

She always was the NLOG type, labeling herself as a rightwing trad woman when in reality she is close to 30s and never had a job, spending her whole time playing videogames and having meltdowns for attention. I just can't imagine her doing any housework, even when she lived with her ex he had to be the bread maker who would clean and cook everywhere. I am worried cause she is nothing but a below average blonde woman with a huge lack of maturity and a lot of victim complex. She will not survive anything at all, which will also make her happy because the only way for her to get attention is through never ending victimising and dramas.

No. 778635

I'd be less worried about her "surviving" and more worried about her going AWOL into a country where she may be isolated and controlled by an abuser who lured her there with fine promises. It sounds like she might be clinging to tradlife because she thinks it's easier than having to work at a career and gain independence. She sounds sheltered as all hell, cause there's no way the average person makes it to almost 30 without ever having held a job and playing video games all day. She needs to learn that cooking, housekeeping, and (presumably) childrearing (in the sense that it is EXPECTED and DEMANDED of women like a job) is not easy in the best of circumstances, I can't imagine what it would be like doing all those things with the challenges of living in a place like Saudi Arabia.

No. 778636

> I'd be less worried about her "surviving" and more worried about her going AWOL into a country where she may be isolated and controlled by an abuser who lured her there with fine promises.
My apologies, thats what I meant by surviving, along with the fact how sheltered this woman is. The problem with her she is so desperate to live in a different country to make herself look "special" and brag about being a wife that she decided to cling onto some Muslim kid who is as sheltered as her, with adding of a philosophy from a man who claims that women should do nothing but sit at home and make children. That taking into account the fact that this guy is as sheltered as her, just much younger; he too does nothing but plays Overwatch at home and lets parent do all the cleaning and cooking without ever going outside.

The issue with her Is that she doesn't even have university education because of her own laziness, which is why I am concerned over her, a white woman deciding to start dating a teenager who is from an ENTIRELY different culture. How are the families in Saudi Arabia? Are they the same as in Philippines, where son is controlled by being mommy's boy?

No. 778638

Not that anon, but I want to ask a similar question (if you would be so kind).
My sister is married to a Saudi Arabian man and she’s talked for years about going over there for a second wedding ceremony or to visit with their child, but somehow it never happens.
I feel like he is probably avoiding the trip because my sister is white.
I’m kind of relieved she hasn’t gone over there, I don’t know if this is me being racist or if something bad could happen by them visiting?
I don’t know if she could “behave”. He doesn’t practice being Muslim (unbeknownst to his family) and she’s not Muslim at all, but she would wear hijab to be respectful at least.

No. 778639

Woah woah nta
But she’s almost 30 trying to date a teenager??

No. 778651

Honestly I can tell you that Sadui's are absolute shitheads with delusional beliefs of superiority, they treat their fellow Muslims like subhumans


>Pakistani’s Are Our Slaves’ says Saudi Defence Minister

>Tanveer Arain posted a quote on Twitter, which shows the Defence minister referring to Pakistan as a slave country and saying that it will continue to remain a slave of Saudi Arabia forever.

​>The quote also said: “Pakistani Muslims grow beards to look good like us, but they look like they’ve come straight from the forest.”

​Islam is built on Arab cultural Supermaacy, all non Arab cultures and peoples are inferior in the eyes of Islam and the only way a people become civilized is by embracing the faith of Islam and culturally castrate themselves into becoming like Arabs

No. 778682

Anyone know of any good books on the history of Islam?

No. 778684

Had to break it off with my non muslim bf because I couldn’t bear destroying my family. I am never going to be happy.

No. 778686

It's sad that your family can bear destroying you.

No. 778688

Only just noticed this thread, I'm really glad it's here. I've already talked about my situation on other threads before but I'd like to have your input as well.

I still live in a muslim majority country but I'm planning to leave soon. I don't know what to do about my family. I love them to bits, they're wonderful people and despite being religious, they never tried forcing me to pray or wear the hijab. But I'm a lesbian atheist and I just can't stand this double life anymore. I know a lot of exmuslims tend to go no-contact like anon here >>774220 but I don't know if I want to do that. I know it would destroy my mother for one, and that's the last thing I want to happen. Is anyone else in a similar situation? How did you handle it? If you keep your life secret, how do you deal with things like visits and events?

No. 778708

why the fuck are there so many of you here

No. 778860

My boyfriend is also an ex-Muslim, though he's Kurdish people(mostly ugly ass Muhajir scrotes) still accuse of me betraying my race or being a cheap western whore

No. 778890

where do you think sane muslim women would go to avoid the "saying hijab is sexist is le islamophobia" wokescolds

No. 778938

can't talk about being exmuslim with friends or family and people don't talk about how horrific islam (and really most religions) are so young women go online to do research. exmuslim women see wokes are stupid and atheist men still shitty, then spend too much time online and become farmers.

No. 779010

Not to sperg too much, but putting India instead of Bangladesh as the other Muslim-majority S Asian country is just lmao, and then on top of that using a woman in a wedding attire that is still very much worn by all South Asian women regardless of faith as the example is also odd. The Pakistani outfit it more accurate for all 3 countries and it is still commonly worn. Sorry, I've seen this meme thousands of times and it always struck me as odd. Also the irony in that the shalwar kameez (Pakistan's outfit) being a result of Islamic presence in the subcontinent afaik.

I'm a relatively privileged ex-Muslim in the sense that I have never truly followed the religion and my family doesn't give a shit that I don't pray, read the Qu'ran, or fast. It is pretty nice, but since I'm still in school I have to live with my parents and won't get to ~really~ live my lifestyle until professional school. I think what irritates me the most are the haram police type Muslims because you know 100% these retards have their own double life. They always do. Liberal/less practicing Muslims should piss me off in theory, but if the popularity of these types at the very least challenges the retarded orthodox lifestyle or presents an alternative for Muslims then Idc. I'd rather have progressive religious hypocrites then actual orthodox followers, because several generations of "practicing Muslim only on Eid" will lead to the religion dying out anyways kek

No. 779077

File: 1617940925323.jpg (93.66 KB, 600x326, Pashtun_boys.jpg)

I mean here's the thing, I despise Liberal/woke Muslims then I do most Pakistani fundamentalists
I'm sure if you're Pakistan you know the majority of the country still lives under fucking feudalism, the people are poor and illiterate and have no prospects of a better life and they have absolutely no reference for an outside system
parents often send their extra sons to madrasas where they get beaten to memorize the Quran in Arabic without even actually knowing the language and these filtrate religiously indoctrinated peasants often end up as Jihadists, so I have some sympathy for them

I don't have any sympathy for the upper middle class libfem Muslim in the west who talks about how totes woke Islam is and how oppressive the entire world is against poor Muslims uwu

No. 779255

Can we all agree that non-Muslims face 100x times more discrimination and abuse in Islamic countries then Muslims face in non-Muslim countries, outside China and Mayanmar most Muslims have full legal rights and aren't actively scared for their lives, but in pretty much every Muslim country If you're a non-muslim you are basally a sub-human in every way

No. 779261

Absolutely, especially now that muslims are one of the favourite group of people of the wokes. They can literally kill people and be openly misogynistic and everyone will kiss their asses and call them pure babies uwu. Meanwhile if you're a non-muslim in a muslim country you'll have to fear for your life constantly. A while ago in my predominantly christian country muslims managed to get crosses (like, the Jesus on the cross symbol) banned from public schools because it's unfair and insensitive, imagine if say a Christian or an atheist demanded muslim symbols be banned from public spaces in a muslim country? Instant death.

No. 779264

Doesnt it depends on regions? I remember the Malaysia president sperging months ago on twitter because of something Emmanuel Macron said and he was like "we're tolerant and have a diverse population, everyone gets along with each other in Malaysia" but then he sais some crazy shit that made it hard to believe. I've been told Liban is pretty open-minded as a whole but it's the exception and the rest of the Middle East and Pakistan is just fucked up and they even treat non-Arab muslims like shit because they're not good enough or something.

From my family's observation abroad they told me that there are a few Christians and Jews in north africa who just never converted to Islam during the invasion centuries ago and in Algeria and Morocco things are more or less ok, but you can be fined if you eat in public during Ramadan before it's night. Not sure how that's applied, I've read a news articles years ago about some family in Kabylie (maybe in Bejaia) doing a BBQ in their own garden and being fined, no idea if they were targeted for being non-muslims specifically or because maybe they're Kabyle separatists (very unlikely since it was just over a BBQ, who knows). If any Moroccan or Algerian anon can correct me if I'm wrong that'd be cool though.

No. 779265

i glad they banned crosses in schools, the curches influence in european countries is still to big, i like seeing it reduced

No. 779278

in my country there are 5000-9000 yearly targeted rape and forced marriages cases every single year

basically Pakistani men decide to cleanse the nation by targeting the few non-Muslim minorities we have (Christian, Sikhs, Hindus and even Shia and Ahmedhi Muslims) they abduct and rape the women of these communities, specifically young girls and force them to convert to Islam and once they legally became Muslim they can't go back, cause Pakistan has a death penalty if a Muslim converts to any other religion or irreligion, according to the UN around 5000-9000's of these marriage conversions happen every single year, and not once has our Prime minister has even addressed this, no instead that old ugly scrote talks about Islamophobia in France or the evils of western media

No. 779413

Yeah I suppose the culture here is a decent fit but did many go to 4chan and then end up here? Is that the route?

No. 779487

Ok, then ban other religious symbols and rituals that get in the way of other people too. So no hijabis or burqas in places where you have to have your whole head visible for identification (like hospitals) and make people work the standard hours even during prayer time or Ramadan. The law should apply to everyone regardless of religion.

No. 779517

>no instead that old ugly scrote talks about Islamophobia in France
When will people learn that the "islamophobia" in France is just generalized racism that's applied to north africans regardless of their religion? Your prime minister probably thinks this whole kidnapping and forced marriage situation is normal or even a good thing anyway, given how strict Pakistan seems. He should mind his own business.

That reminds me of the discussion in the unpopular opinions thread. In France that's exactly how it is, at least in theory. The law is specifically made in mind for Muslims though because women wearing the hijab is way more obvious than women wearing a small pendant of a cross that she could hide under her shirt, I barely see an jewish person wearing anything specifically jewish outside of very specific situations during their free time like when they celebrate holidays, and nobody gives a fuck about religions that aren't the three abrahamic ones or could even recognize potential accessories or clothing articles.

On the other hands these past few years some holidays' name are being more and more often replaced with more neutral names, I've seen some company emails talking about spring break instead of easter holidays recently. Are there any other countries where it's applied that way?

No. 779551

File: 1617993818550.png (386.95 KB, 585x360, Screenshot_2021-04-09 Imran Kh…)

Honestly the PM of my country is the biggest hypocritical bastard in our political history, he's also the most perfect example of a dumbass woke Muslim

He grew up uber privileged, Rich enough for his family to send him to Oxford and was a notorious Playboy in his youth(slept with probably close to a Hundred Non Muslim foreign women) he was the Captain of the Pakistan Cricket Team so he was megastar and lived a hedonistic playboy lifestyle, he was Married 3 separate times and is known to have multiple unclaimed bastard children

but in his mid 40's he had a religious epiphany and turned towards Allah and religion and has become a Edrogan supported recently(as most Urban Pakistani men have)

No. 779570

File: 1617994557255.png (435.14 KB, 752x870, TRASH.PNG)

Ew anon I'm so sorry. Is there a chance to oust him out of power? A lot of Middle Eastern men are roasting him for this statement but I don't know if men in Pakistan would really care considering it just gives them more power over women.

No. 779612

I personally never spent much time on 4chan other than check it out a few times. i found this site by looking up discussion on a youtuber who's a cow. Others probably found site in similar ways and stuck around.

No. 779635

they already have more power because women have to stay home and if they go out dress extremely conservatively. any "vulgarity" (ie women dressing normally) would infringe on that power.

No. 779641

This is the most cliche backstory I've ever seen for an extreme muslim guy. He's just a straight up parody at this point holy shit.

No. 779749

he's recently just started "going" against the west recently and his Incel Pakistani fanbase has started making memes calling a Chad

No. 780680

File: 1618108212152.jpg (56.16 KB, 640x640, 1617157530660.jpg)

>Muhammad: Every man should have a beard and not having a beard is a literal sin for men

Did Muhammad not know that the majority of the human population can't grow beards, South East Asians, Sub Saharan Africans, Indigenous Americans all just can't grow beards, like if I was a black Muslim man I'd leave the faith over this

No. 780940

>Did Muhammad not know
Yeah. He didn't know shit

No. 781088

Lmfao anon.

But yeah, no surprise that a religion founded in the Arabian peninsula during the 7th century would reflect exactly that. Too bad other muzzies don't get this.

No. 782080

File: 1618252743059.jpg (102.85 KB, 800x480, 6074648d67c5e.jpg)

All the major cities in my country are suffering from mass riots right now, cause a Islamist leader who wanted to remove the French embassy from Pakistan(cause of the recent Hijab ban) got arrested and now his hundreds of thousands of followers and other Islamists from across Pakistan are acting a bunch of animals literally ruining the lives of everyday people

No. 782087

I meet my social worker once a week and I really like her but the problem is that her office is in area where my aunt lives, and she knows every Somali Muslim there so if any of them see me without scarf they will immediately tell my aunt. I was thinking of asking my social worker if we could meet literally anywhere else because I'm so afraid of walking there.

No. 782160

I feel this

No. 782208

File: 1618260863410.jpg (13.38 MB, 3340x4653, Relief_of_the_Arabian_goddess_…)

Have you thought of al-Lat and al-‘Uzza
and Manat, the third, the other?
These are the exalted gharaniq, whose intercession is hoped for.

Happy Ramadan, ladies.

No. 782572

Reminds me of a pic, there was a comparison of a barely a hundred people protesting a motorway rape case other were people protesting wanting to declare Shia kafirs and there were around 200'000+ people plus protesting

I mean there's really no hope for Pakistan is there

No. 782573

File: 1618294103678.jpg (164.29 KB, 960x841, 8rsb052ivym51.jpg)

found the pic, I mean just compare the 2 its staggering

No. 783147

File: 1618355499678.jpeg (218.54 KB, 750x819, BBE5581D-A60F-4A3F-83BC-C25515…)

god i wish pic was me. so mucb homework to do but i want to eat and didn't stash away enough food in my room.

not somali myself but I'm so sorry man. wtf is up with them jfc seeing somali exmuslims talk on twitter the culture seems absolutely fucked.

No. 783148

My mom finished cooking all the food two hours before anyone can eat any of it wtf

No. 783164

makes sense, you're less tired if you do the cooking early and can relax before eating.

No. 783168

yeah, but my mom's the only one not fasting and she's not eating it either lol

No. 783179

wanted to get it out of the way I guess. if anyone complains about it she can tell them to suck her ass and make it themselves.

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