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File: 1662076931773.jpg (83.62 KB, 640x640, 39148843_1129848570496560_1413…)

No. 1323616

Thread for the admiration of felines. Post cute cats NOW!

No. 1323617

@everyone watch this

No. 1323628

File: 1662078262328.png (580.92 KB, 720x720, 36261956-BA50-4B71-947E-59F0EF…)

I love my kitty (pic is not mine)

No. 1330795

File: 1662633174416.jpg (371.47 KB, 1897x2372, af7ff0d37b684c369780187990b54e…)

No. 1330815

File: 1662635324174.gif (1.47 MB, 275x155, 1659027671601.gif)

i love kitties

No. 1331162

is he stoned?

No. 1332267

File: 1662683707977.jpg (27.02 KB, 800x450, Thurston Waffles.jpg)



No. 1339656

Took my cat to get an ultrasound today. I must say, he looks much much cuter on the outside than on the inside.

No. 1339683

no just confused

No. 1339697

No. 1339702

I get my cat back tomorrow. We were separated for 40 days. Someone told me she won’t remember me? I don’t believe it but the thought made me very sad. We were together with almost no breaks for four years. Anyway I can’t believe to see her tomorrow it’s unreal

No. 1339705

She might be skittish because you've been away for long. My cat was a bit skittish when I came back after a week vacation. Most likely she'll just need a little time to adjust to your presence after being away that long.

No. 1339870

As long as kitty hasn’t picked a new human things should be okay. My sister went to Europe one summer and suddenly her cat became mine and has been my little shadow ever since. On the other hand, my dad is out of town for over a month at a time on a regular basis and the family cats run and greet him no matter how long he’s been gone. Your kitty will likely be happy to see you!

No. 1339915

Have you never heard those stories of cats showing up to their owners after being lost for like months or even years. I can't say I have the knowledge to back it up for sure but that makes me think cats have a memory that goes make farther than just 40 days. I'm sure she'll be happy to see you again.

No. 1339924

my cat was gone for 4 months and remembered me. pets have bonds with us and long term memory. abused animals can still remember abusers for years and years. whoever told you that was a moron.

No. 1340410

>abused animals can still remember abusers for years and years
Learning this made me incredibly sad.

No. 1341036

i heard those stories and i wished it happened to me. I had so many cats get get lost, because they were completley outdoor cats, and i waited for them my whole childhood wishing they come back.

No. 1341043

I'm so happy for u Nona.
My cat has been gone for a month now and I'm hoping he comes back to me one day. My vet said he might just pop back up one day and I really hope so.

No. 1341047

If you still have their litter box put it outside. Cats can trace scemt from a resonable distance. This works better closer to the cat getting out but it's worth a shot.

No. 1343569

If I put my hand down on a surface my cat forces me to pet him by squeezing his head under my hand

No. 1343637

My cat is back with me and when I opened the transport box and talked to her she remembered me and greet me with a happy meow and started cuddling like crazy! Made me so happy.
Same cat ran away and I lost all hopes because it was extremely cold and she is an indoor cat. After two weeks I heard her at the front door. I wish you all the luck that kitty comes back nona

No. 1343650

Aww, I’m so glad you two are back together!

No. 1344239

My partner and I took in a cat that was living off the street when we moved into our house last year and she’s really the sweetest little cat. This morning I woke up and she was resting her little head on my cheek and it was so warm and soft and I could feel her purring and I just know today will be a good day.

No. 1345131

File: 1663702995186.jpeg (147.84 KB, 605x942, 567D90FE-4635-4207-942E-315B24…)

I just love this picture and the whole series, every time I see it posted anywhere it’s a +5 mood boost
From Time, 1961

No. 1345212

File: 1663704817887.jpg (115.91 KB, 600x660, main-qimg-739fbfaab3a212cbdb71…)

you know winter has come when you wake up with a cat hat

No. 1345256

I wish I could sleep with my boy but he’s such a cuddly little space heater it gets very uncomfortable. He loves laying between my legs but gets so close I can’t move. Very aggressive snuggler.

No. 1345270

I just desperately need to let somebody know how much I miss my cat. he died at 12 years old about a month ago and I still can't quite wrap my head around it. I'm dreaming of him pretty much every night though, so at least that's a bit of a consolation - I kind of managed to convince myself that it's actually his little kitty soul coming to spend some time with me when I'm dreaming. which is probably stupid, but hey, at least it helps to an extent. he truly was my best friend. I want to be with him again so much, I'd literally do anything if only it was possible.

I miss you so fucking much, buddy. I hope we'll meet again someday, somehow. in the meantime, please come and visit me in my dreams tonight.

No. 1345385

This made me cry Anon, I dread losing my little man every day.

No. 1345472

File: 1663708868085.png (3.82 MB, 1170x2532, D22F8BDE-F553-478E-8371-165CE6…)

this came in for my buddies today! i hope they like it

No. 1345478

my sweetest baby is with me right now and this made me feel so emotional and teary. the thought of it. It sounds like your cat lived a long and happy life! I hope he does visit you in your dreams.

No. 1345488

Nona this made me so sad for you, I’m so sorry you lost your best friend.
Sounds like you gave him a happy life and I’m sure he went knowing how much you loved him

No. 1345552

I’m sorry anon. It’s so hard. My cat died about 2 years ago and I only remember seeing her in my dreams twice. The first was right after she died and the second was a couple weeks later. The fact that she had died wasn’t in the dreams, but the second time, I half-consciously knew her presence was unusual and so I grabbed her and held her tight for as long as possible. Miss her so much. Pet your dream-kitty for me please.

No. 1347058

File: 1663807730023.jpg (111.3 KB, 750x1021, Tumblr_l_2673458626442543.jpg)

No. 1347064

File: 1663808027548.jpg (62.31 KB, 622x784, Tumblr_l_705671947184032.jpg)

No. 1347117

No. 1347732

File: 1663866741279.jpeg (25.34 KB, 275x234, 1662607072436.jpeg)

Why are cats so perfect, nonnies? I love them so so so much, they're such perfect little beings I hate how underappreciated they are and how much people dislike them for having boundaries and for typically demanding respect/not giving affection without reciprocation by default

No. 1347748

My only purpose in life is to earn enough money to have my own place and to own a cat. They are so cute and beautiful and I am so upset i don't have any friends with cats that I can pet.

No. 1347750

your post is so real nonna

No. 1347767

i love cats so much nonas they truly make life living for like i aspire to become a good cat owner again…rest in peace my best whisker friend i love you so much i hope you have all the treats in cat heaven that you want i miss you, ill never forget you!

No. 1351159

My Nigel got adopted by a cat. His sister left her cat with him and never picked her back up. Her and her bf clearly used to fight a lot and my Nigel is the opposite, total chill dude. He went from tentatively feeding her to them being besotted with each other. He buys her good food and litter and she sleeps either on his belly or at his feet. She's a super smart girl who taps on his window to be let in our out, they have their own little routine. She even kisses his face now. My heart SWELLS
I was hugely anti-cat until I adopted my own and it's so cute to see the same thing happen.

No. 1352533

File: 1664149952904.jpg (75.68 KB, 960x720, Tumblr_l_801904182423468.jpg)

No. 1352546

File: 1664150788313.jpg (388.3 KB, 1464x1351, Kitten-Hello-Kitty-365471711.j…)


No. 1352813

my cat had some constipation recently and I was preparing to take her to see a vet if she didn't improve soon but this morning she left the biggest log in her litterbox and I'm so pleased nonas she's cured!

No. 1352861

File: 1664186487247.jpg (123.62 KB, 960x1280, -5861513234207587017_121.jpg)

Everytime I see the OP pic it improves my day.
Here, have a tiny unimpressed cutie I met recently.

No. 1352885

File: 1664187675353.jpeg (66.99 KB, 1200x914, 79034D83-36B0-4CB3-B854-162062…)

Last night I had a dream that I got a white cat that jumped into my arms and scratched the hell out of me and whined after someone knocked on the door because it was shy meeting new people.

No. 1354199

File: 1664283287392.jpg (69.73 KB, 680x608, FdlT74CXgAAcA_0.jpg)

Proof that cats are perfect creatures.

No. 1368384

File: 1665295424177.jpg (106.04 KB, 719x876, 1a2e0924-bdf1-436f-af6d-4abe71…)

No. 1368775

File: 1665331813843.jpeg (229.14 KB, 1242x1242, 1664163186896.jpeg)

No. 1369185

File: 1665346078162.png (81.13 KB, 256x272, png_20220813_193013_0000.png)

>tfw your owner doesn't let you eat spiders or bite her feet

No. 1373074

How hard is it to get a new cat to bond to an old (8 years) cat? I've never seen my cat interact with another cat but I have the feeling he would hate them. He's just very standoffish, quite anxious in general and he's bossy. I'm just not sure if the stress would be temporary or how stressful it would be for him. I would never do anything to stress him out but I'd love to rescue another cat. Is there a possibility that there is a way to do this that would have minimal stress for him or should I just leave the idea? Am I probably right that he would hate having another cat even though that's just my gut feeling and I'm not experienced with having more than one cat?

No. 1373605

File: 1665708612084.jpg (301.1 KB, 1536x2048, Fe5p4PtXwAAzxAa.jpg)

Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow

No. 1373606

The key is to introduce them verrry slowly, like over several days and starting off in brief doses. There are good cat introduction guides online.

No. 1373719

this is such a cute post

No. 1373777

File: 1665725647327.jpeg (1.52 MB, 2484x2484, 7B47C6B3-D110-43E4-92D6-3391D5…)

here is my kitty, pulling a derpy face as usual

No. 1373778

I love cats with eyes like this, so cute!

No. 1373780

File: 1665725848340.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x1536, 005D7704-D841-4166-A117-F86E4A…)

thx nona! she is the light of my life, here’s a silly baby picture of her

No. 1373796

i got a new kitten if anyone wants to see!

No. 1373800

I doooooooooo
Kek thank you anon that's my baby and I love her

No. 1373820

She's gorgeous. Is she a Russian Blue?

No. 1373823

No anon, we don't want to see your cute new fuzzy little kitten on a website that's obsessed with cats where 80% of the threads have cat pics.

No. 1373826

based larry the no 10 cat exhibits feline superiority over an inferior canine

No. 1373830

pinky is a fucking legend, I wonder if he got adopted

No. 1373834

She looks so comfy, love it when cats fold their front paws like that.

No. 1373839

She's a cutie, why isn't she allowed to eat spiders?

No. 1373872

She looks like she's plotting and full of personality. Give her a hug from me pls

No. 1374124

File: 1665762608070.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1242x1536, 7B172C10-F6FA-448C-B4EA-C52ABA…)

yes! she’s so plushy she looks like a llama

No. 1374126

File: 1665762662089.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1242x1533, 65C5AD33-D47A-4A0C-BFBE-124A4A…)

this is her plotting. i will nona <3

No. 1374127

a cat you say "your highness" to

No. 1374128

File: 1665762700573.jpeg (700.12 KB, 1242x930, 9394F029-3DBE-4889-9D90-66F971…)

maximum comfort levels, she has peg legs lollll

No. 1374131

I love your soft smug cat

No. 1374134

File: 1665762817921.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1551, 972C5EAB-8AA4-4308-9418-33E9A9…)

No. 1374137

File: 1665762966627.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1242x1537, AD3BA64F-CFBD-4351-9DA1-A87449…)

she’s a huge brat yes look at the stank on her face

No. 1374141

File: 1665763466104.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 65309378-8497-4C0B-A891-F4F7F8…)

If her third eyelids (plica semilunaris) are visible like in your pic regularly you should take her to the vet nona, she might be ill! She’s really pretty!! Give her a kiss on the forehead for me (if she likes it)

No. 1374158

File: 1665763953385.jpeg (2.49 MB, 3137x2160, IMG-20221003-WA0002.jpeg)

I just got a Kitten (20 weeks)
It's my first cat and I'm in love. How do I keep her entertained when im out for 4 hours a day nonnies? X

No. 1374167

Catify your house, put shelves up on the walls so she can explore (though probably not relevant yet for a kitten). Make a nice place to sit at the window, so she can go watch the outside. You can hang up a bird feeder or something like that for cat tv. Also you could trick her into sleeping for those 4 hours. You first have to play with her, really engage her hunting instincts (you might have to experiment with what really gets her going, some cats are more mouse hunters and want you to pretend the toy is a mouse, some want you to pretend the toy is a bird), then give her food. Afterwards she should go to sleep.

No. 1374170

File: 1665764590696.jpg (3.18 MB, 3196x3725, 20221005_084258.jpg)

Thank you.
I'll try make her sleepy tomorrow before I leave, appreciate ya!

No. 1374177

Amazing expression. Hope she is well since other anon worried about her.

No. 1374181

they’re not, only when she’s sleepy. she had a check up recently i believe in august and had blood work etc done, she’s fine. alittle chonky tho

No. 1374184

File: 1665765220656.jpeg (505.22 KB, 1242x1512, 454D9E4E-8A9C-4512-882C-27EC38…)

oh oops i forgot to add yes she actually loves kisses because i would force them on her as a baby, specifically on her cheeks. she’s an angel

No. 1374190

Aww glad to hear she’s fine. What a cute little baby

No. 1374675

File: 1665784043720.jpg (147.53 KB, 1080x1080, FJn_W2NaAAAXvzl.jpg)

Just look at this powerful nyoom energy.

No. 1374704

This feels like a picture of a big cat, I love it

No. 1374717

File: 1665785516220.jpg (28.72 KB, 507x339, snow leopard.jpg)

Snow leopard soul in an orange housecat body

No. 1374733

no real difference besides size really, they all like catnip, nyooom, scritch and pounce

No. 1374798

File: 1665789211961.jpeg (991.99 KB, 1242x1518, FEE9E22E-87E4-4FFA-8942-817EFF…)

feeling betrayed in the apple hat

No. 1375014

File: 1665814012984.jpeg (41.63 KB, 500x494, Evo9iopVoAcxajN.jpeg)

No. 1375125

File: 1665823780838.jpg (118.38 KB, 819x720, tumblr_okcnztou6l1rhe8jbo1_128…)

Same energy.

No. 1375238

File: 1665831463601.jpg (70.99 KB, 660x549, cda7952cc16d2320f285cd3bdd7f2d…)

Calico cat started to hang around my house. I feed her what my can doesn't finnish but she just wants to move in. My cat hates all other cats so i can't let her in. Hope she has a warm place to sleep in the winter, i never know which cats here in my village have a home.

No. 1375241

Maybe you can keep her in a separate room until your cat acclimates to her smell?

No. 1375243

nah that doesn't help, i had other cats with her when i lived at home and they were always fighting, she want's to fight every cat. I guess my cat is very insecure about me. Besides i don't want to take a cat home if she already has a home, i just can't tell.

No. 1375245

File: 1665832046836.jpg (3.07 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20220927_201302989~2.jpg)

I love my kitten so much nonnas, it's insane! He's very playful and very cuddly, he just chirps and purrs anytime he's doing anything, and when me or my brother come back home he is always waiting in front of the door to greet us because he recognizes our footsteps. I hesitated for a very long time to take a cat because I was scared it would be hard and I wouldn't be up to the task but it's been going so smoothly. Can't wait to go home to see him again, I woke up late this morning and couldn't cuddle with him.

No. 1375247

Very cute I love him

No. 1375248

Aww give him some pets for me too. Also is he huge or is that a kid's arm?

No. 1375275

File: 1665836291526.jpg (3.33 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20221010_124318523.jpg)

Thank you nonna I'll tell him.
Will do! That's actually my arm lol, he is around 8 months old so he's not a baby anymore, but he has big ears and a long tail, maybe he'll be huge when he's done growing up.

No. 1375278

he'll be your baby forever in spirit tho

No. 1375286

Hehehe he looks like my cat i love him! Please give him some pets from me

No. 1390407

I love my two kitties so much. I was panicking on Tuesday cause I tend to do that, and my kitty jumped into bed with me and gave a soft little squeak, and it was like a weight was just magically lifted off of me. She's super sweet and cuddly, used to have this little blue teddy bear she would carry with her everywhere and constantly play with. We still have it, but she never wants it. Guess she's too old for it now, she's 5. I still miss her carrying it around in her jaws, and when she trusted you, she would leave it with you to take care of it. She's so precious. I want to get her to exercise more often since she is getting to be a tad chunky. She usually just likes to lay in bed with my folks and stare at the TV or eat fried chicken. She likes it when I rub her tummy and loves it when I tickle her armpits (she spreads her arms out and gives a little happy squeak). Her two hind feet are so soft and cute I love to rub them. She doesn't like this but she lets me do it, so I rub her little peetsies for as long as she will allow.

My other cat is only 2 years old, and he's like a happy little puppy. He loves to play, you have to play with him until he gets all worn out or he will act up. He's so cute when he's worn out, he just peters out, then goes to lay down on a pillow all stretched out. Sometimes I take him for walkies on his leash. He likes to crawl into paper grocery bags I leave out for him, then I pick up the bags and carry him around as if I just got back from the store after having just bought a kitty. He also likes to crouch behind furniture and jump out in front of me with his arms splayed out to startle me. Then I 'retaliate' by chasing him and then when I catch up he flops down on the ground and I tickle him and he likes to kick me with his hind legs (claws sheathed). He loves to sit on my chest and lick my face, and he likes to curl up in my arms and make me cradle him tummy-up like he's a baby.

I don't think I could emotionally function without kitties.

No. 1391983

Nonnies help idk what my cat wants from me! We moved and he didn’t eat until day 3 when he started acting pretty hungry as per old routine. So I get him some food and he licks at it but doesn’t really eat it. I walked away and he followed me so I went back thinking he wanted me to watch over him. He was being so weird — chewing like he didn’t know how to eat and I had to keep mixing the food every few bites or he would stop. He only at half of it. It’s the same food he always used to scarf down in 2 minutes flat. Now he keeps coming to me and rubbing on me purring like he wants to eat, lead me to his food bowl but then he just sits there!

No. 1393552

Hello, please update us, I don't know of anything to help but I'm worried for your cat. He might just be anxious and disoriented. Change is very stressful for cats, they are kind of autistic in that way.

No. 1393559

Hello anons, my boyfriend and I were about to clip my cat's claws as they are so long they're snagging on everything. Well, normally, he holds her, I clip, and I'm really good - she's never bled. I actually could do it by myself, but since it's the two of us and it is quicker with my boyfriend holding her, we do it. She is clearly anxious, but we'd always feed her after so she made some sort of positive connection.

Yesterday, my boyfriend was cuddling her and then he was like "oh, let's clip her nails". I was a little hesitant because she was just cuddling him and I didn't think she might react great. But I was like, fine, I'll bite. I took the nail clippers out of their usual place and turned around and she FLIPPED out. I've never seen her so distraught. I wasn't touching her, I was just getting the nail clippers, and when she flipped out, she scratched my boyfriend really, really badly. There was a lot of blood. She was clearly panicked and spent the rest of the day hanging out in a corner as far from the area that happened in. She was too afraid to eat where she normally eats and even though she wasn't hurt, it's like she scared herself by being violent or by the idea of her nails getting clipped. But it's odd, she's usually such a good kitty with her nails being clipped.

It was quite emotional because my boyfriend was so shocked he was crying for quite a while because he had all these scratches all over him.

I'm worried because it's a day after and my cat is still acting anxious. It's strange because my boyfriend is a 100% sweetheart to her, in fact, I treat more roughly than him in how I cuddle/pet her, but for some reason she doesn't care and still likes me (she was my cat before I moved in with my bf) and seeks my affection.

I guess I'm asking why is she acting traumatized from an animal behavior standpoint? It's hard to to not anthropomorphize her behavior.

No. 1393596

That’s how one of my old ladies acted when she had a bad tooth but in your case kitty is likely just anxious. Can you try to feed kitty one of those squeezy tube treats? I’ve never had a cat turn one down. If kitty won’t eat you need to get to the vet ASAP because they can become ill from not eating and drinking very quickly.

No. 1393610

File: 1667252184526.jpg (40.98 KB, 720x720, Tumblr_l_70645746874820.jpg)

I'm at work but I wish I was at home petting my cat. Or brushing my cat. Or playing with my cat. Or giving my cat treats. Or taking pictures of my cat. Or holding my cat like a little baby. Or taking a nap with my cat curled up next to me. Or talking with my cat by meowing back at him. Or giving my cat catnip and watching him spaz out. You get the picture. I MISS MY FUCKING CAT SO BAD NONNIES.

No. 1393659

you're making me miss your cat too

No. 1393862

File: 1667266914450.png (746.32 KB, 690x709, FgMrHXuXwAAajWF.png)

I love seeing shiny light green eyes staring at me while I go about my day. Tail curled over her paws, turning her head like an owl. I LOVE MY CAAAAAAAAT

No. 1394199

Moving into a new house with a porch and a yard after living in a tiny dark apartment for 10 years and I am sooooo happy for my cats who are 11 and 6. There's so much room and natural light. I bought an enclosure so they can enjoy more time outside. I wish I could convey to them right now how exciting and good this change is going to be lol

No. 1394252

Just make sure to introduce them slowly and make sure they can't escape. You don't want them getting overstimulated.

No. 1394262

For sure. I do take them outside a lot at home on leashes already and both of them are very curious and confident so I'm not too worried.

No. 1395817

File: 1667404113548.jpg (62.79 KB, 639x707, 13b29424-4345-4a25-a767-131c86…)

No. 1398230

I've been letting my cat watch TV for the past two hours while I clean. Putting on birds and chipmunks eating seeds. When I finished and went to lay down he immediately went to lay on me. They really know how to melt your heart.

No. 1398842

I love my cat but this is a bit gross sorry you have been warned. Is it possible female cats get horny? Sometimes it starts to smell weird and my cats starts to lick herself a little excessive and then she starts smelling a blanket like crazy and starts licking there. When she comes closer I’m sure the smell comes from her. Anyone had something similar? I mean we are a woman’s household and everyone gets horny sometimes I guess lol so I don’t wanna judge just curious

No. 1398847

Is she fixed?

No. 1398854

No, she is not. This brings me to another topic, I have moral problems with getting her fixed. I know it’s stupid I guess. I want to get over myself and get it done this winter… I have to say though that it was a good thing to not get her fixed early because she seems much more mature than any other cat I know. I hope I don’t start a shitstorm in a comfy thread. I love all cats the forever kittens in adult bodies are lovely too of course

No. 1398860

Get her fixed asap.

No. 1398862

You’re fucking retarded. Your cat’s in heat, dumbass. Make an appointment to get her fixed so she can live a happier, longer, healthier life. Fixing your pets is the most basic fucking responsibility you have as a pet parent besides food/water/shelter.

You’re a dumbass retard and you should feel bad for being such an idiot.

No. 1398868

What is the moral hang up you have about getting your cat fixed nonnie? Fixed indoor cats live long healthy lives. If you’re letting her outside (quick note: the life expectancy of an outdoor cat is 2-5years) then she especially needs to be fixed.

No. 1398889

She's in heat, it'll pass in like one or two weeks. Make sure to keep her indoors if you don't want to accidently get a litter of kittens. Personally I've usually had my cats fixed but they were outdoor cats. I see no issue with not getting your cat fixed as long as you keep her indoors.

No. 1398891

But isn't it cruel to make your cat go through this hormonal ride every few weeks? Instead having a good little cat time, she has to obsess about her body needing to be impregnated for so many days in a year, and for what? It's better to offer the animals peace of being free of that.

No. 1398895

I don't think so. I'm not against getting cats fixed but going into heat is natural so I don't really have a problem with it. I know a lot of people don't feel that way but personally I am reluctant to apply a human's perspective of how that would make us feel to the nature of cats.

Anyway I know you're probably going to have some strong feelings about this (and that's fine) but I'm not looking to start an infight about this subject so I'll leave it at this.

No. 1398904

Talks about nature of cats and then keeps cats indoors, I know you don't want an argument here but I'm confused on how are you not seeing a hypocrisy.

No. 1398911

The difference is that keeping the cat indoors isn't done for the sake of the cat like getting it fixed would but for the sake of the owner who doesn't want kittens.

No. 1398917

I'm a religion fag and don't go to doctors. When my cat is sick I go to the vet, but she is not sick and taking something healthy out of her fucks up my morals. But I will do it anyways.

No. 1398977

Getting a pet spayed absolutely is for the benefit of their health.

As per the ASPCA:

“Is it bad to spay a cat?
Spaying prevents uterine infections and decreases the incidence of breast tumors, which are malignant or cancerous in about 50 percent of dogs and 90 percent of cats.”

So yeah spay your cats. Unless you plan to breed them (which unless they’re purebreds that conform to their breed standard, you shouldn’t be breeding them because that inadvertently kills other adoptable cats), you’re just increasing her risk of cancer and making her feel like shit with those hormone spikes without any outlet.

God white trash retards shouldn’t be allowed to have pets.

No. 1398997

Damn why so hateful. I take good care of my cat you should sperg about those people who doesn't even give a fuck about their pets.

No. 1399117

Late reply but you definitely don't give a fuck about your pets.

No. 1399155

Anon I'm sorry but refusing to spay your cat is not behavior of someone who cares about her pets. Not only is heat miserable to go through, it increases a cat's risk of illness. And you risk drawing every tom in the neighborhood to fight on your doorstep or attempt to sneak into your home (happens to an acquaintance every few months).

No. 1399465

File: 1667693165395.png (333 KB, 545x445, Screenshot 2022-11-05 20.03.47…)

I love how my cat (picrel) makes this little mmmrowl noise whenever she jumps up onto the bed or table. She is announcing herself, "hey! I'm a cat! Pay attention!" And I have to.

No. 1400013

I'm the nona from a couple months ago that had someone drop the kitten off at our house, we found another kitten, this one rode back in the engine of the car. We could hear there were some noises coming from the engine, and sure enough a black kitten was inside the hood. We have no idea where this kitten came from or if it belongs to someone, it seems docile enough to hold but very scared, good weight but not biting or scratching, so it doesn't seem feral. It's also completely missing the tail, no injury or blood seems like it never had one. Have it set up in the bathroom with food and litter for now, poor thing just huddles in the corner. We're trying to leave her alone and give her space and make any calls around to see if someone is missing a cat. But she also meows constantly when we leave the bathroom, anyone know why?

No. 1400349

She’s a little baby and wants someone to be with her. She’s scared but wants company. Maybe wants a mama kitty? Little baby kittens don’t usually like being alone.

No. 1400972

File: 1667799713514.jpg (88.06 KB, 539x604, 02afbd1d-aaaf-4031-8d3c-23f843…)

Scrotes spamming porn, careful scrolling

No. 1400981

File: 1667799870404.jpg (132.29 KB, 1076x565, 1667604336943.jpg)

No. 1403115

File: 1668079761332.webm (2.41 MB, 720x1280, dd67636e-7ab2-4d9c-ad53-2b7efc…)

I lost my sweet first pet last weekend.
Love your kitties, nonnas. They might not be here to warm the bed tomorrow

No. 1403211

i'm so sorry nona. my heart aches for you. just know that your pet loved you so so much and you'll always carry them with you no matter what. i hope you're doing alright

No. 1403366

File: 1668099685725.png (1.67 MB, 864x831, Screenshot_20221110-115225.png)

i would die for my cat. she is so expensive but i care more about her than myself

No. 1403367

File: 1668099745956.png (1.35 MB, 863x1208, Screenshot_20221110-120203.png)

No. 1403375

This is a quality cat
What is money for if not to spend on the people you love

No. 1403378

She looks so cute and tough!

No. 1403413

what a beauty

No. 1403450

File: 1668103148799.png (1.88 MB, 1273x832, 251266126.png)

I wouldn't breed exotics because of the issues they have, but I adopted this guy years ago. A woman who bred them died and her friend had to give them away. I heard about this but considered getting a normal cat instead. But then I checked in months later and he was still up for adoption because he didn't get along with the other cats and nobody wanted him so I got him.
He is super calm but has a deep voice and he's very loud when you shouts. He says "mamma" a lot when he's with my mother lol. Thankfully after 5 years he has no health issues so far, he is a bit lazy though.

Can confirm they have long-time memory. A friend has a cat he adopted that was abused by the original owner. He noticed that she ran away in panic whenever she was in the kitchen and he would lift or grab a pan too suddenly. The old owner must have thrown pans at her which is why she acts like this. My friend didn't knew that at first but he is moving them slowly and trying to hide it from her now. She is okay if it's done slowly.

Once, years after the adoption he thought she was still sleeping in his bed and a guest grabbed a pan without asking to use it. They he noticed too late that the cat was near the door looking, she saw the pan and ran away again and this was more than three years after he adopted her, so they must remember things happening ages ago. If they remember events for years I think that they can remember owners for more than a few months.

Also aren't there cases of cats that disappeared and then decided to go home again to their old owners 5 years later? Maybe they don't remember the owners and just the place, but it would still mean that they have a great memory.

No. 1403547

Fr, she has to eat prescription food for bladder crystals and it bleeeeds me dry. Not to mention all of the grooming tools on hand. She's worth it tho
Ty she is super alpha , aloof, hates most ppl especially men and other cats, except me. I'm her person. She gives me kisses like a little puppy

No. 1403557

File: 1668106867632.png (1.21 MB, 587x722, Screenshot_20221110-140006.png)

Ty here's another pic. She's a 10/10 cat

No. 1403569

My country gets flooded with cats and I think it's a good thing. Even my ex-boss who hated cats got two cats he plays with all day now.

No. 1403906

File: 1668124712810.png (4.13 MB, 1688x1298, kittykitty.png)

question, sorry for the blog: i'm a first time cat owner, we got kitty and he was really skittish at first, underweight etc. he's become an amazing cat and i love him so much.

anyway, i was unknowingly underfeeding him for a week or two when we switched to a better food. and we frequently go on 3 day trips, so i bought him a filtering fountain watering bowl that only needs to be topped off weekly, and an autofeeder so he gets fed 3x a day (small amount of food, added together is what he needs for his healthy weight)

since i started using the autofeeder he is SO VOCAL to the point where it's driving me crazy. he gets fed at 5am (not vocal bc he's not awake yet), 12pm, and 5pm. he grazes between 5am and 4ish and then goes batshit insane around 4:30 even though the food won't dispense until 5.

should I change the time for the third feeding to 4? should I split it into two not 3? go back to one daily feeding like his old owners were doing? last thing, i only changed it to the multiple times a day thing as he was making SO much noise while working from home for food that it was very distracting. (he has short hair in this bc he had so many deep matts when we adopted him and i didn't want him to kill me trying to brush them out, his hair has grown back)

No. 1403920

if he's a healthy weight right now, you may consider if he's actually hungry when asking for more food, or just bored!
giving him food only once a day isn't very healthy, just like having lots of food available all day, as waiting for food is like a motivation for them, and good for both his physical and mental health.
toys that carry food and release over time are a good idea to keep them busy and happy!

my cat always ask for food when she's bored, then after playing with her / going for a walk she completely forgets about it. she also eats much less when she's alone, so it's also a sign she's bored and asking for attention.

No. 1403927

File: 1668126657119.jpg (494.41 KB, 2568x2304, IMG_20210213_182418.jpg)

i'm so sorry, nonna… i lost my angel too, last month, she was 16. she used to wake me up almost every single morning since i was a child, and we went through so many adventures together…

No. 1403928

File: 1668126778944.jpg (1.34 MB, 3005x2304, IMG_20210220_220752.jpg)

luckily i still have my other baby to keep me going! she's so precious…

No. 1403929

Thank you for the good advice, i really appreciate you! i only have experience with dog ownership, lots of dogsitting, and cat sitting but not actually being their parent. I'm home 90% of the time 4-5 days a week, and play with him a ton with things that make him jump and climb. yesterday I did that when he was vocal-made him jump for the squeaker. but I will try to engage the light pens more, and figure out where he is hiding all of his crinkle toys.

you take your cat on walks? my s/o thinks they wouldn't like it but this cat reminds me more of a dog, personality wise, so i've been considering getting him a harness to take on walks. also while i was responding to this he jumped on the keyboard so i think he agrees with your advice

No. 1403931

i'm sorry for your loss and your kitty is so cute

No. 1403935

it depends on the cat, really - mine loves going for a walk, but only if the place is calm and feels safe to her! she doesn't like meeting strangers, so i try to walk ker in empty places only. she doesn't mind wearing a harness too.
i've had 10+ cats over my life, and i can say it varies a lot. some of them hated harnesses (so walks weren't a possibility), some of them were super scared of the outside world, and others very social and adventurous.

the only way to know is trying out! it's best to go slow, to calm places, for short periods.
oh, and keep in mind that if he likes it, he may ask you for walks many times a day, even when you're busy, when it's raining… so you'll have to work your patience a little bit. i think it's worth it though!

No. 1405164

File: 1668177306391.jpg (1.21 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_1120.JPG)

thank you my sweet nonnie, posts like this really make me feel the love from my sisters. thank you, my sweet angel. i am doing fine.

oh god, such beautiful coat. i love how her fur around the face was so light and looked insanely soft, did you bathe her during her last years? mine was really greasy in her sunset months.. and i didnt want to torment her with water or with wet rags..
may our angels rest in peace, happily sleep forever.

No. 1405353

File: 1668185440058.jpg (64.17 KB, 426x640, 772b001da52662332bacfddc6b2d54…)


No. 1405443

File: 1668189051404.jpg (2.53 MB, 4000x3000, 20221031_215514.jpg)

polite cat near the mini supermarket

No. 1405446

Such a sweet little face!

No. 1405462

The image is too tall for my computer window and so it gets scrunched up when I hover my mouse over it, 10/10 compressed polite kitty made me laugh

No. 1405487

I love my cats so much. One is such a beautiful princess. Her eyes are so captivating. She loves to speak to me whenever I look at her. Her meows are the cutest thing, she doesn't exactly "meow" but opens her mouth and a squeak comes out.
My other cat is the cuddliest thing ever. I wake up to him kneading on my neck and when he notices I'm up, he'll say hello by giving me licks in my nostril. He loves to be around me and my boyfriend. He loves all the love we give him. Yesterday he made himself dizzy and he was so cute. He has a little toy he brings to us in the middle of the night. We'll wake up to jingling bells and we know it's him.

No. 1405602

File: 1668196473468.jpg (336.03 KB, 854x722, Screenshot_20220922-152117_Dri…)

What a cute read, anon. Your kitties sound so lovely! Here's my boy that I'm so obsessed with. I could stare at his adorable face all day.

No. 1405605

Oh, I'm so sorry. It's so painful to lose our kitties. Look at photos, write down all the funny nicknames and memories from over the years, and know you gave this beautiful cat a very good life.

No. 1405607

OMG. ..What a saucy boyo! I love it when they look annoyed and bored all at tge same time.

No. 1405610

He is pure sauce and love! My soul cat.

No. 1405616

File: 1668197266857.jpg (54.74 KB, 275x261, 1663438957027.jpg)

Samefagging to post my boy one more time.

No. 1405617

Love your cute little kitty, he is so charming!!

No. 1405620

So handsome! That little face is just asking for smooches.

No. 1405626

Oh my god, he's like a pallas cat.

No. 1405633

Hehe I literally thought it was a pallas cat for a second.

No. 1405649

What's the best cat breed for an allergic person?

No. 1405651

File: 1668199324353.jpg (2.43 MB, 4032x2268, 20221006_195440.jpg)

i forgot to post my kitten last month so i will post two pics of him.

No. 1405654

File: 1668199446561.jpg (1.97 MB, 4032x2268, 20221102_160326.jpg)

here's a new pic of hin

No. 1405669

what a cutie, he really loves your company.

No. 1405671

Aaah how precious, you're lucky nona!!

No. 1405675

Omg, nona, this is the sweetest baby. So cute.

No. 1405758

Nona you know you must kiss his paw.

No. 1405764

Oh my god how cute and tiny and cute and oh my god I miss my cat being small like that

No. 1405985

What a cutie, youre a good person anon<3

No. 1408835

File: 1668419377957.jpg (750.58 KB, 3878x1810, Jn9pUsVj6BABv5o.jpg)

one my favorite piece of christian folklore is that tabby cat have an “M” mark on their foreheads is bc a tabby cat comforted baby jesus the night he was born

No. 1408842

cute but i dont see the M

No. 1408857

File: 1668421755187.png (613.15 KB, 656x548, m.png)

Look into her eyes and tell her you don't see the M.

Beautiful, I cried.

No. 1408926

This is the gayest shit I've ever heard in my entire life

No. 1408965

keep christcuckery away from adorable tabbies, thanks

No. 1408968

File: 1668433560385.jpg (80.43 KB, 539x959, 6a010535ce1cf6970c019b0078585c…)

not a christfag but there's nothing wrong with a fan religious folk belief

No. 1409008

File: 1668441248769.jpg (815.26 KB, 3600x3600, one-year-old-happy-cat-laying-…)

I adore cats with this face

No. 1409009

File: 1668441444091.jpg (62.91 KB, 750x530, qt.jpg)

Nona I'm so sorry and I'm here for you. I'm sure your kitty really loved you and that you gave them a wonderful life. It's sad that cats live such short lives compared to us, but it's sweet to think that we can provide them with lives full of unconditional love while they're here.

Picrel is my cat who passed away a few weeks ago. She was also the first pet I've ever lost. It happened really suddenly and my mom called me in hysterics letting me know that she'd died. I didn't get to see her a lot after I moved away from home, but she was so sweet and silly every time I came back. Whenever I'd lean in to kiss her, she would lean her head into my face. Once I dropped a bagel onto my laptop and she licked the cream cheese from the keyboard, which saved me some of the pain of cleaning it up lol. She really made me feel loved. It makes me really sad knowing that the next time I come home, she won't be there anymore. I don't think I could get another cat for a long time.

No. 1410934

Everyone in this thread has such gorgeous cats. So lucky this site is anon or I would be finding and taking them all. I'm at uni and miss my cats so much.

No. 1414085

File: 1668857667668.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 1016x1567, 038D09C0-56D8-4BBF-9D88-2F9565…)

one of the kittens outside my house showed up today and there’s things in his face covering his eyes and mouth I tried wiping it off a little bit it looks like a mixture of blood and puke but it won’t go away and he’s also coughing up really badly Idk what to do the vet is closed on weekends is there anything I can do to help him

No. 1414087

I am sure there is a vet that's not closed on weekends in your city. Please don't abandon that cat!

No. 1414174

this is what I would do to get the stuff off its face. use a wet paper towel just as a vehicle to get some moisture onto its face to soften everything up, lightly press or wring it onto what parts you can without getting water in the kitten's nose. don't press on its eye area just wring some drops over it. then for the actual work of getting it off use q-tips as a tool. work lightly, it will seem like you aren't making any progress but once you get through the hardest outer layer it will come off more easily. finish an area as best you can before moving on to another.

No. 1417313

File: 1669088031663.jpg (1.5 MB, 2268x4032, PXL_20221120_230546103.jpg)

I just took in a senior stray cat. He loves being held and pet, and purrs and meows all the time. He is so sweet. He's skin and bones though, and very old. I couldn't leave him outside in the cold like that so I decided fuck it, he's my cat now. I bought him a bunch of stuff and I hope he likes his new bed. Until it comes in I gave him an old shirt and he immediately curled up on it and started purring. I wanna cry just looking at him. He's so cute. I'm bringing him to a vet school this week to get blood tests done to make sure he's okay. Can't believe this little old man has been outside for this long. Luckily he knows how to use a litter box… Kind of. He must've been someones at some point. He needs some TLC and I can't wait to give him a warm loving home

No. 1417318

cute cat!! thank you for taking care of the stray blessed nonny

No. 1417323

File: 1669088851785.jpg (189.98 KB, 693x924, 20220815_034452.jpg)

here is my nonnie (1/2) cassidy, she is keepning me company while I figure stuff out with my moid, but she is a best friend for that. she loves to take the highest place in the room and look at me judgmentally but also loves getting kisses on the nose. I don't know what I'd do without her.

No. 1417324

File: 1669088884179.jpg (69.63 KB, 1079x808, Screenshot_20221121_161722.jpg)

and my gorl as a little kitten

No. 1417337

Sweet old man! Thank you for taking care of this cutie!

No. 1417372

good puss, god bless you nonnie he looks like a good friend loverboy

No. 1417376

Those eyes! She's so pretty.
What a dashing cat

No. 1417378

Update if you can please! Poor thing.

No. 1417392

File: 1669095241688.jpg (160.63 KB, 960x788, 1635509516661.jpg)

>Luckily he knows how to use a litter box… Kind of. He must've been someones at some point
that actually makes me sad, to think he had a home at some point and someone just abandoned him cause they didn't want to take care of him

No. 1417393

File: 1669095347764.jpg (47.92 KB, 800x450, crying.jpg)

Anon why would you post that

No. 1417396

fr anon this is the most painful thing ive looked at in a while fUCK

No. 1417400

My dream is to one day adopt a senior cat too, I hope you give him the best years of his life!

No. 1417401

should I delete it and then repost with a spoiler ?

No. 1417402

no its ok we are just in our feelings

No. 1417503

Same, there is something about cats, I can't even handle seeing a cartoon about them being mistreated.

No. 1417562

this makes me too sad, I have to shitpost more aesop sorry my loves it NEEDS to be done
(p.s. torties are most based cats, all female and whip smart)

No. 1418116

File: 1669148263240.jpg (71.35 KB, 564x687, ee0e2a7a41f79099bfe977c56958dd…)

No. 1418127

You're the hero this world needs, Nonna.

No. 1418129

Thank you anon, I was actually in tears between the original and the kitten update in the other thread. We don’t deserve animals.

No. 1418136

Fuck, this is the only 4koma that ever made me tear up.

No. 1418141

Emotional fucking rollercoaster

No. 1418151

The hero we needed

No. 1418162

There are these kitty siblings that live in my neighborhood who come up to the window every time I pass by while walking home. Such angels

No. 1418191

When i moved to this new town i petted a kitty that lived near a roundabout. She has a little house under the stairs of a flat building. I was thinking about her all the time and hoping nothing ran her over. Yesterday i finally saw her again near that roundabout sitting in the sun, i love her so much i'd take her home but she probably belongs to somebody in that building.

No. 1418523

I hate living in a studio. I want my cat to have more space and freedom. I try and play with him for 30 minutes a day but I’m realizing how it’s actually taking bonding time away from him. I’m just checking off playing with him on a todo list and I see how he gets bored or frustrated too. I think I have to put aside a day or two a week just to be with him and be in the moment. I’m always occupied with other thoughts and I’m treating him like he’s not my #1 and he is. Maybe I’m just projecting emotions onto him but I can tell when he’s fed up with me not paying attention to him and it makes me guilty…

No. 1419587

File: 1669265617221.jpg (644.11 KB, 2048x1536, FiC3JnzaUAAyaLt.jpg)

No. 1419752

File: 1669278590875.png (27.17 KB, 207x243, tumblr_6840cee2cc9931c33903dc6…)

Hi nonas! Is there anything youd recommend for anything to make my cat's coat shiny and soft? We tried raw food back then and it really helped for his furcoat but we had to stop due to how expensive it was. Is there any supplements or new cat food i can give to him? Hes currently eating whiskas

No. 1419763

Used to work with cats and sometimes just adding fish oil from fish oil capsules to their food helped. It also helps them with hairballs because the oil slides everything out and can help hair growth incase they have little bald spots. Just don’t go crazy with feeding them oil everyday for every meal it can cause your cat to leak oil from their anal glands and butt

No. 1419774

Thanks! Ill keep this in mind. Would just feeding him fish oil once a week/twice a week be enough?

No. 1419812

File: 1669285878094.jpeg (40.35 KB, 567x567, C2719C56-1153-4E2B-9934-B8980A…)

I would give one dose of fish oil from a capsule in their food once every four days. Since you’re incorporating oils in their food its better to have that waiting period, too much fish oil all at once can cause your cat to become constipated. Another sign of a build up of too much fish oil would be when your cat starts to have overly greasy hair and greasy stools. You can have a break period of a month if you notice it’s getting too much and start it again when they’ve completely gotten all the built up oil out of their system. Alot of the time when it comes to giving supplements to cats its just observing and trying to find a good balance since you have to take alot into account. Hope this helps nonna!

No. 1419823

I want to help ease the anxieties of a cat of a man I'm dating. She isn't very trusting but she's started to sleep beside me when I stay over but noticed she overgrooms a lot and has taken the hair off the inside of her back legs. I'm wondering if it's cause she's an indoor cat and the guy tells me he never has guests over and hasn't dated since having the cat. Is there like enrichment toys that she can groom

No. 1419842

Maybe you play with the cat until it gets tired so it doesn’t have energy to groom itself too much. If the cat still continues overgrooming you can try to get closer to the cat by giving treats and making your presence a good thing and make a space where the cat can also get away from you so it won’t be overwhelmed. Cats just get anxious easily when anything new happens so sometimes leaving a jacket that smells like you can help.

No. 1420008

Any updates?

No. 1420396

What are some necessary things to buy before getting a cat?

No. 1420414

mostly just basics, like food and water bowls, litter plus the box, maybe a couple of toys. I got mine a glow-in-the-dark collar because even though she stays inside I was so anxious about losing track of her when she was tiny. I also got some "rinse free organic cat shampoo" but that was probably a bit much.

No. 1427631

File: 1669848946824.jpg (540.02 KB, 3468x4624, 20221126_211213 (1).jpg)

My queen overlooking her realm (1/2)

No. 1427633

File: 1669848972557.jpg (125.82 KB, 1079x1436, Screenshot_20221126_211046.jpg)

No. 1427712

My Elizabeth II

No. 1427721

I've been feeding and taking care of two stray/feral cats recently. The one loves me and all my friends and cries for attention. The other one is very skittish but has been coming around slowly but surely. I love them both so much.

No. 1427798

File: 1669858577945.jpg (535.71 KB, 2623x1476, IMG_20170704_152202.jpg)

Late but thank you! He is rarely photogenic and not very athletic but he's super calm and fluffy, I think my mother wouldn't have gotten over the depression she got after my father died if it wasn't for him. Cats are magical.

No. 1429800

File: 1669989968803.png (433.48 KB, 1200x1200, why-are-cats-cute.png)

whenever i go to the bathroom my cats of course come in, usually they just sit and stare at me, but sometimes they sit near me and face the door like they're guarding me. it's so sweet and adorable. of course my little babies want to protect me!

No. 1430731

File: 1670048929473.jpg (161.77 KB, 1600x1200, 1669951407114.jpg)

This is my feisty little kitty. She loves playing fetch and keeping you extra warm at night.

No. 1431468

When I first got my male cat, I joked with a friend of mine who knew more about cats that he was always showing me his butt. She said "noooo he is watching out for the both of you, protecting you" and I never thought about a cat's butt the same way.

No. 1432965

File: 1670214167151.png (96.51 KB, 646x960, df9a2fcb-8be0-44c7-95e5-bdb208…)

No. 1432971

File: 1670214392443.jpg (145.25 KB, 640x801, cfseng41jqp51~2(1).jpg)

Scrotes being scrotes, careful scrolling nonnies

No. 1432975

File: 1670214501268.jpg (14.1 KB, 250x285, 3974613-ed544d3f231b66ca1de383…)

[dont] love to see Nikokados whole anus and dick

No. 1432977

wtf is that image, FREE HIM

No. 1432988

File: 1670214909629.jpg (80.43 KB, 800x730, 529ba0af-5f44-4bb1-84df-e7f31e…)

No. 1432993

File: 1670215009863.gif (1.74 MB, 480x294, db75c4031f609e2e4117d3b2b1325b…)

No. 1432994

he was made airbourne, tactical missile toad

No. 1433015

File: 1670215594236.jpg (43.71 KB, 390x604, 81ff7445-6524-4054-8033-97aeb8…)

No. 1433026

File: 1670215984355.jpeg (129.27 KB, 1080x1440, 8152DC07-8B10-4584-BECE-9EF31F…)

No. 1433082

My cat pretends to start using the litter box when people walk by to let their guard down then attacks us from behind

No. 1433137

File: 1670226331549.jpeg (565.53 KB, 828x1472, 40A93B25-0E5B-431F-AD61-79B0BC…)

women have a bond with cats moids will never understand.
i lost my beautiful ginger boy miso this year who taught me so much, and after a few months we adopted my new lovely boy guts from a shelter (adopt dont shop!)
he loves boxes and will dive into them as soon as put them down, and really anything with an enclosed space. hes the most kitteny kitten ive ever met and whatever he can do he will.
cant retract his claws and he has huuge ones so when he attacks he goes for the kill, and bites too like i’m a mouse hes trying to rip apart. i dont care though, i’d give up the world for my little boy. enjoy photo of my baby

No. 1433202

Aww, good kitty.
That is the most bewildered blep I've ever seen.

No. 1433433

File: 1670257433177.jpg (129.48 KB, 700x890, tumblr_4300caec8c5d2eebf1bc224…)

No. 1433436

File: 1670257578594.jpg (62.82 KB, 564x709, tumblr_1af7e83973413c3e8745b2a…)

No. 1433482


No. 1436973

My cat has a habit of coming to check on me when I'm chatting on the phone. He'll sit there and just look at me. I guess he thinks I'm talking to him? I've started reading to him recently and he loves it. He's a very active cat, like puppy energy, but this seems to chill him out a little bit. He just stares and purrs.

No. 1437001

hehe that's sweet. When i'm on the phone my cat mewos until i hand the the phone, she's a telephonist.

No. 1437014

File: 1670482986181.jpg (93.69 KB, 480x640, 9373d5bfa8c243882a1c5f8edfbbc4…)

Would you eat?

No. 1437021

only if I asked permission and it said yes

No. 1437022

The vet would ask me to read to recovering cats and cats in the shelter, because many really like it and it makes them feel less alone. I'd also pretend to be a housekeeper in a fancy hotel and talk to them like that, offering them towels, foods refreshments etc. An important component of curing cat depression.

No. 1437030

Got a question. Everytime i see videos from cat shelters in America. The cats are in small cages. Now are they there just to quarantine or display to people who want top adopt them or are they in the cagers all the time? Do they have like an aviary or a room they get let out? Because i've never seen anything else than the small cages and it has me worried.

No. 1437034

Oh, very polite. The cat bread invites you to feed, carry it with you always.

No. 1437038

It's a thing in Europe too, probably cost related, slightly easier to monitor health and afraid of territorial behavior. The one I worked at though, usually only closed the cages in quarantine. The ones in the living area would always be kept open like cat apartments (each having a bed, and their own litterbox) and they could walk around two fake very big living rooms and an outside catio. The cats with FIV were kept separate in a third living room, without cat apartments. It's weird how cats can be pretty territorial when living in someone's home, but we could have 30 cats in one area living together peacefully, partially because of having elder kitties demanding respect and setting the example. Better shelters do look down on the old school always keeping cats in cages shelters.

No. 1437053

fuck anon that is too fucking adorable!

No. 1437084

cat shelters are going to vary a bit, my experience is the U.S. south. The cat cages are common at both kill shelters and at rescues to keep the cats separate. At rescues this may be done to determine the cats health, caution if they're contagious with one of many cat diseases, or to not stress them out from being with other cats. If you mean why aren't the cages bigger, the ideal is for them to be adopted quickly and the cage is easier to clean in the meantime. On the administrative side, you can house more cats away from kill shelters with 28 small cages vs 14 medium size ones. It comes down to space, number one, because the goal is for them to be adopted quickly and that space can then be used to pull more cats from the kill shelters. short term stress vs euthanization of healthy cats. I've seen some cat rescues keep longer-term residents that aren't sick and friendly together in what are basically small to medium sized rooms together. One facility I went to actually tested for felv (uncommon where I was) and positivr cats had a small insulated warehouse for them to roam all together. That seemed tough to monitor tbh, but I guess the logic was these cats probably won't ever get adopted so let's make their life better than euthanization. another facility would let the cats out of the cages every day, a few at a time, for free roam. some rescues are just small non-profits run out of people's homes or a small office so those don't typically have cages at all since their vet work is done outside of the rescue. they might have some some emergencies but cats aren't in them.
Hope this autism helps and I didn't completely miss your point, kek

No. 1437146

Not sure if this belongs in this thread but I wanted somewhere to talk about it and my friends are probably already sick of hearing about it.
My cat ate a long ass piece of ribbon. I woke up to the sound of her hacking and I saw it hang out of her mouth, I tried to gently pull on it but it wasn't coming out so I cut it to prevent her eating any more of it. I rushed her to the vet and they asked me if I'd rather have them perform surgery on her or put her down (she's 16). I chose surgery cause it was the only option for me honestly, I could never forgive myself had I put her down due to a stupid piece of ribbon. They removed 55cms of ribbon from her stomach. My mom speculated that she had swallowed the end of the ribbon and was then unable to throw it up so she kept swallowing and swallowing it cause it was all she could do. The surgery ended up costing quite a lot but after posting about it on social media I received donations from friends, family and total strangers and I was able to pay off half of it right away. The other half I'm gonna have to pay in increments but that's okay. The cat is recovering very quickly, she's now 4 days post surgery and she already has her appetite back and she's jumping around and demanding pets just like she usually does. I love her so much and I hope she still has at least a good 5ish years still ahead of her. She's purring on my lap as I write this.
I hope everynonnies' cats stay happy, healthy and safe!

No. 1437165

My husband hit my cat today pretty hard. My cat is okay but he’s hiding. I feel scared and lost. I have nowhere to go.

No. 1437174

What a POS, I'm sorry nona, I wish I could come to you and help you beat the shit out of him.

No. 1437175

Thank you nonna. I’m in shock. Completely shocked.
I’ve complained about him before here and I’m studying to be independent but I never expected this. I’m glad my baby is okay. I feel so sad but I don’t have the luxury to be depressed

No. 1437341

informative thank you

No. 1438070

I wasn’t sure where else to say this but it puts a bad taste in my mouth that a cat hate thread was made. I understand where people are coming from from a wildlife perspective but plenty of wild animals have the same harmful habits. Firstly cat hate is just such a moid tendency because they cannot stand independent creatures, and cats are associated with femininity heavily. Secondly, cats are often killed and abused when out and about in the streets. To a heavy extent. Cat haters really hate cats to the point where they will kill them when they see them. Usually by poisoning them (it’s disturbingly common). I know it’s wrong of me to be upset by others opinions and something as small as making a thread but I love cats so much and it hurts me that in a female space like Lolcow that that exists.

No. 1438396

my kitty is marked friendly at the vet, she will head butt the vet techs immeditely upon being released from her carrier and one little old lady who works there is always fawning over her and it just makes my heart melt. she is the sweetest. she is snuggling in my lap now. i love her so much

No. 1438404

File: 1670570919479.jpeg (6.87 KB, 320x360, 1664236594300.jpeg)

i feed and took a stray cat to the veta, now he wont leave me. what do. I named him Ted btw

No. 1438419

congrats he's ur cat now

No. 1438422

Thank you cat bread, I will forever cherish your sustenance

No. 1438438

i agree. most of the hate threads on here leave a bad taste but cats in particular hold a place in my heart.

No. 1438559

Cat haters can go to hell
I hope they get picked by a moid since it’s such a moid favoring tendency to hate cats

No. 1438563

I love cats more than life itself but I beg you to learn new words other than "pick me".

No. 1438571

Cats are cool but like.. can we discuss anything without it always coming back to moids and pickmes.

No. 1442240

File: 1670825428864.jpg (24.17 KB, 473x476, 176.jpg)

I love this cat so much. So fucking much. especially the smirk like this.

No. 1442268

That's so scary, I'm happy that she's okay

No. 1442345

hell yeah I'm glad she's okay now

No. 1442400

I love my cat so much…. She needs an operation that costs 1K. I will pay but I will tell her everyday how much money that is and that we are poorfags

No. 1442420

File: 1670841535118.jpg (118.17 KB, 960x1280, 1670552098260752.jpg)

HAVE A (you)!

No. 1442564

I love when my cat comes to cuddle in my bed in the morning, he presses his cute little face against my cheek and starts purring, I feel so relaxed when he does it.

No. 1442674

File: 1670860997358.jpg (74.82 KB, 564x564, 93923ebc012c669f7cc99c7ff13e98…)

I love my cat so much, he is big and gentle, very well behaved and a senior boy so he's always chilled out and isn't really a nuisance. I try my best to take care of him the best that I can, got pet insurance for him and I feed him really good wet food and even add water to it because I know he might have urinary problems as he's getting older. I hope he appreciates what I do for him, he is so cuddly and loves to spend time with me.

No. 1450802

File: 1671340383784.jpg (610.18 KB, 1234x1190, 65d36864-8753-4444-bf54-a8aa5a…)

No. 1450813

File: 1671341720959.jpg (40.41 KB, 640x480, 1wv9qoc37dq81.jpg)

Aw, I love reading about everyone's cute baby kitties. Cats really are the best.

No. 1450837

File: 1671344890765.jpg (24.2 KB, 450x299, a9787_lolcat-funny-picture-.jp…)

lolcow home of the lolcats!!

No. 1450854

my cat recently discovered the springy door stop attached to our bathroom door and he can't stop spoinging it.

No. 1450916

my cat hates me but it’s my fault because i can’t stop myself from trying to pet her she is so soft and good smelling lol

No. 1454677

File: 1671914302880.jpg (5.86 MB, 3000x4000, IMG_20221221_122130.jpg)

missing my babies, they're gonna be alone until tomorrow. They probably didn't even notice I was gone and they're enjoying all the free food I left them, but I'm still anxious about them being alone for that long.

No. 1454916

File: 1671968620167.jpeg (463.13 KB, 1125x1672, C01C556C-AB56-4D41-B8E3-A85E72…)

My old boy was put to sleep the other day. I live across the world so I haven’t seen him much in the last 3 years and that makes me feel terrible. I really hope he remembered me when my mom told him everyone loved him and he was a good boy…I did visit home last Christmas and said goodbye then because I knew he wouldn’t make it til I could come home again. Today (Christmas Day) is the first day in like a week I didn’t wake up and all-out cry but still this is the first major grief I’ve ever felt and I’ve never been more sad in my life. He was with me for half my life and that chapter closing has been hard to accept. But I have so many good memories of him and will never forget how soft and cuddly and cute he was, I’m confident. So time will dry the tears.

I just want to show him. It helps me. Look how cute he was! He had kinda crinkly looking fur and no top coat so he didn’t shed or need brushed at all. I’ve never seen another cat with fur like it.

No. 1455551

My old lady is snoring at my feet <3

No. 1455554

I love him. Thank you for sharing. Pet loss is a dark grief. You aren't alone. I wish you the best. Sounds like your boy had it pretty good.

No. 1455580

File: 1672054085751.jpeg (3.95 MB, 4032x3024, 5F884289-2FEF-4EEC-AE20-53AF9A…)

He was loved more than any animal my family has ever had. I miss him so much but talking about him makes me feel better so thanks.
Funny pigtail cat my roommates had and took to Australia for image tax

No. 1455581

where are her irises

No. 1455887

File: 1672118317532.jpg (47.87 KB, 500x497, 494121c5-4c06-42f7-9de2-800199…)

No. 1455962

No. 1456076

File: 1672151771841.jpg (859.29 KB, 1080x1360, Screenshot_20221224_201617_Gal…)

This bitch wants to knock the lamp over so much but knows she is not allowed to. I love her

No. 1456081

File: 1672152153970.jpg (2.29 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_3712.jpg)

No. 1458195

File: 1672401928586.jpg (3.95 MB, 4624x3468, 20221215_223614.jpg)

Love how handsome my cat looks on this pic.

No. 1459577

File: 1672527719068.jpg (8.15 MB, 4624x3468, 20221231_174751.jpg)

She loves her little house but when it is warm she knows one simple trick.

No. 1459578

he's so cozy and yet so knowing

No. 1459621

File: 1672529664570.jpg (46.27 KB, 650x540, bb.jpg)

Found a photo of my cat in the bottom of my closet from 2009. She was so small! She's still pretty small actually. Oh I love her so much, I put the pic on my fridge immediately.

No. 1459626

I love this! So cute. I love seeing kitten pics of mature cats, so heartwarming.

No. 1459654

Awww what a precious baby. My girl is a similar age to yours. Super happy for you, nona!

No. 1459710

File: 1672536086606.jpeg (2.3 MB, 4032x3024, 7AF084C7-E7F5-4073-9994-B35ABD…)

He is taking care of her for me

No. 1460060

File: 1672583514944.png (678.67 KB, 576x768, 960e9c020d8f025e5a52bc26a7a173…)

I've been going back and forth on adopting a cat for a long while already; used to have a cat few years ago but he belonged to my ex and when we parted ways I obviously couldn't take him.
Recently I've ran into an ad of someone looking to give up their two cats for some personal reasons, one 6 years old and another 12; I was thinking to adopt an older cat anyway but I wonder if anyone has an experience of adopting a cat who used to have a loving home it was attached to for so long? Because it's surely different than adopting an older cat from a shelter where it probably wouldn't be as, idk, individually cared for…
When it comes to adopting two cats in general I imagine it would be a good idea so they can keep each other company when I'm at work; and in the initial weeks of cats getting used to me and my place I could work from home to be with them; financially I can afford it and there's a vet just 5 minutes away. All of these aspects are not a concern, I'm just wondering if any of you anons have any experience with taking a cat from someone else and could give me any insight on that?

No. 1460067

cats aren't very melancholic usually and especially a bonded duo will be great for each other! do it nonnie, seems like a amazing idea!

No. 1460071

Ahh i kinda hoped so that them being friends sticking together would help! Owner in the ad says that they have a person interested in adopting just one and that even more so makes me want to act since I have the means of taking both, maybe it's really meant to be

No. 1460295

Sorry if this is too sad for the thread but I lost my cat over a year ago, and I still have trouble talking about her. While she passed peacefully in her sleep, due to some other irl things happening at the same time it ended up being somewhat traumatic. Unfortunately I feel like a whole retard saying that it kinda traumatized me.
Does anyone know a nice way to cope or remember your cat? I feel like it could help me a lot.

No. 1460465

What a cute baby, I love her! I adopted my cat when he was a teenager and I keep wondering what he looked like during his first weeks/months, since he is black like yours I can imagine he was similar to her.

No. 1462771

I’m the anon who lost the grey boy up thread, I’ve been needlefelting a lil figure of him and it has helped me. It’s a new hobby and fun so it ties positivity to my memory of my cat. it’s nice to look at pictures of him and try to put all the little details about him I can remember into the figure.

No. 1462985

File: 1672851855552.jpg (1.53 MB, 3024x4032, mytwoboys.jpg)

I am a huge advocate for people adopting cats in pairs! It's actually less work to adopt two at once instead of just one cat. Especially if they're a bonded pair - it's cruel to split them up.
People don't realise that cats are actually really social animals and really do need the stimulation and interaction that comes with having another cat to be with.

As far as taking a cat from someone else, it might take the cat a while to warm up to you, but it might not. I got my younger boy almost two months ago from a person who was taking care of him and his siblings and she warned me that because they were technically still feral (she was the only human that had ever handled him) that it would take a while for him to warm up to me. He instantly bonded with me and my older boy, and now he follows me everywhere and has to copy everything my older boy does.
So you never know!

Cat's are very perceptive and can feel when someone truly cares for and loves them. Just show them all the kindness they deserve, and you'll have no trouble integrating them into your home if you are able to get them.

pic rel is my two boys! The brown tabby is 2 and the black smoke tabby turns 1 in March

No. 1462991

i love my cat so much, we have the sweetest bond. hes the cat ive dreamed having when i was younger. he follows me everywhere i go in the house, he always comes and gives me soft head butts when im sad, and when i come home from work he meets me at the door and walk me to my bed where he'll jump up and wait for me to sit down with him. he sleeps with me every night with a stuffed toy he pulled off my keychain 6 years ago. hes the cutest, most perfect cat in the world i think.

No. 1463038

Not a cat but I lost my ferrets. I took their toys and beds (washed good) and a piece of their cage to make a hanging shelf thing for plants, with xmas lights on it, and their lil tubes and stuff hanging from underneath. Like a lil shrine with living things on it. I haave their cage pieces in the garage and use them for various projects. Im not ready to give those things up. I feel it has helped me see that their beloved things still have purpose, and seeing them used in other ways everyday (my plant/toy/lights hanging shelf is above my workspace) has helped me reassign meaning to those items- I know my babies wont poke their lil heads out of their fluffy beds but I still see them everyday and know they lived a good cute life..and I still hold them close in my own way. Idk maybe repurposing something of your cat's will help. Or a place he always slept, make it a reading spot you visit frequently or something. I am so sorry for your loss. It really does hurt. Deep.

No. 1463041

File: 1672855010217.jpeg (4.93 MB, 4032x3024, 0517AE4B-1263-4A2B-8F0B-36581A…)

Cats ying yanging. They slept well.

No. 1464327

File: 1672952568884.gif (4.19 MB, 360x360, IMG-0855-Adobe-Express.gif)

Made a gif of my baby from his first 48 hours here. He is just the sweetest thing (when he isn't trying to beat the shit out of my plants). He's almost 15 weeks now and a real momma's boy who loves to give nose kisses and rubber balls! I love all animals equally but this baby is turning me into a real cat lady

No. 1464582

I woke up from a really awful nightmare, and the second my cat heard the click of my light going on, she hurtled into my bedroom and started cuddling me. She is currently purring on my chest. I'm so lucky to have such a sweet animal in my life

No. 1464589

that's so cool, nonna
I will share it whenever I can

No. 1464606

File: 1672977919730.jpg (158.83 KB, 1080x1350, cat.jpg)

I love golden british shorthairs, this breed maximizes everything that makes a cat adorable. The lack of a neck makes them look round, and the chipmunk cheeks are so adorable.

No. 1467512

File: 1673229213900.gif (7.32 MB, 600x967, ezgif-3-f26427a8c5.gif)

I love this one…..

No. 1468280

File: 1673305362436.jpg (153.98 KB, 1080x1152, Tumblr_l_711371033363002.jpg)

No. 1468398

My cat is such a good boy. He was in the other room and I started calling his name and he came to me. He’s so sweet, he always wants to be in my lap and sleep with me, I love him so much

No. 1470351

blog time, listen to the tale of two kitties my sweet nonnas
younger kitty was the cat my mother insisted i get when i moved back home after dropping out of art school for the second time. she was the tiniest kitten in a room with dozens and dozens of them, but everytime one of the others hipchecked her runty ass across the floor she'd scramble back for more. the second i entered the space she beamed over and climbed up to my shoulder like a squirrel. im grateful my mom sensed i needed a companion, because for the last six years shes been my little shadow. friendliest cat ive ever had, with an enormous personality. insatiably affectionate. my friends love her.
my second cat is older, and was originally my mother's cat. shes beautiful, with unique markings, which is why mom took her home, but she had health problems from the jump. this led to her growing into a deeply anxious, sensitive cat. you name a cat issue, shes got it: territorial, scared of sudden movements and almost all people, going outside the litter box when stressed, deeply attached to routine. she even has to eat out of a special flat bowl, because her whiskers are too sensitive to touch the sides of a conventional one. but she loved one person in the world, my mom, and she loved my cat. they pair bonded after weeks of my annoying runt bothering her constantly, undeterred by the older cat hissing and running away. eventually they became best friends.
when i finally overcame my bullshit, got my degree, and got my own place, i couldn't stand to separate them. and with my mom getting a dog, older kitty no longer had access to my mom or any of her safe places. i asked if i could take them both, fully expecting that id never see much of older kit and that this was going to be a charity project for the benefit of young kit.
it was hard for a while, even though when she thought i was down for the night older kitty would go right back to calling for the younger, and frolicking around the house together. i thought thatd be enough. but slowly, slowly, and then all at once i made soo much progress with the older cat. she loves to cuddle and play with me now, and only me. she comes down from her room (that also just happens to be mine) to get me for bed so we can spend time together. so i have my shadow, and my little bedtime buddy. im tearing up petting her right now because i was so worried she would be miserable, but both cats love my place as much as i do.

No. 1470605

My cat brings joy to my life. Lately I've been putting on bandages on my face to keep from picking at my acne and it's clear he notices there's something on me that usually isn't there. He was trying so hard to take off my bandage in my sleep. I can't help but laugh and give him kisses because I feel his little fangs trying to chomp at my chin where the bandage is.

No. 1470619

File: 1673539212950.jpeg (3.41 MB, 4032x3024, CE9652BB-FCD1-44DB-A2CB-8C815E…)

No. 1470644

I like when a cat chooses you to sleep on out of like 4 other family members. Warm soft round weight safely tucked in with me in bed

No. 1470665

Yes! I always lift my head to see my sleepy kitty all tuckered out and it makes me cozier by proxy.

No. 1470669

My little old lady had her annual vet trip today and got a clean bill of health! She didn't even misbehave too much

No. 1471855

I want to adopt a kitten and I live in a 27 square meter apartment. Is it too small to house a cat? I have 2 huge windows that go down to the floor and it will have plenty to watch outside as I live in a very busy city. I have never owned an animal before and I was just wondering. I live by myself and I'm not a hoarder type person, it's clean and tidy.

No. 1472525

File: 1673660883793.jpg (165.31 KB, 1280x853, a7e15588-41bf-47d3-bd66-a377a9…)

No. 1474354

File: 1673864301917.webm (218.38 KB, 360x360, Dont ever fucking film me!.web…)

What is happening here

No. 1474940

File: 1674063622490.jpg (273.75 KB, 1080x432, Screenshot_20230118_124004_Gal…)

Nap time

No. 1474942

A kitty will be fine in the small space, they don't mind if you give them love and attention anyway. You are on the right track with having windows for her to watch out of also just spending some time daily to play with her and she will be happy! Do it! There's a great friend for you out there.

No. 1474945

I love how my cat has begrudgingly accepted that I have a constant need to kiss him on his little head

No. 1474996

I feel weird because there's cat people who claim you should never make your cat vaguely uncomfortable, but my cat, even though I am rough and cuddly with her, she always comes to me and cuddles me out of her own accord compared to my boyfriend or other people, and I sleep with my boyfriend every night. If I do stress her out, I can't imagine it's actually upsetting her because she always eventually in a given day wants to hang out and kiss and cuddle? And it's not food related. My boyfriend is extremely gentle and she does like him, but she always comes to me, so I assume that even though I pick her up and cuddle when she doesn't want me to that she still likes me. Is it possible cats can develop a sort of Stockholm syndrome?

No. 1475006

Moved into a new apartment and my cats were stressing out so bad the first two days.
My little girl was doing so well in the car with me, I didn't have her in a kennel, she just sat on the middle console rubbing herself on my arm and purring so loud.
My little boy was in my boyfriend's car also not kenneled and he started screaming as soon as he poked his head up and saw the moving lights as he was driving.
I felt so bad for my girl when we were bringing stuff in, she was looking from on top of the stairs and giving me the look each time I glanced over at her. My boy was so curious and he wanted to explore and figure out where he can climb. Now they're getting settled and they're so happy realizing this is a bigger space for them to live in. They love the soft carpeting in this new place.

No. 1475012

I don't get the impression that he is uncomfortable with it, he even purrs and leans his head back because he knows he also get a lot of cuddles when I do it and he's a real snugglebug!
But keep in mind with any and all types if animal owners there will be ones that will call you an abuser if you don't treat your animal like it's made of glass. I saw a compilation a couple of years ago of a tiktok challenge where you would act as if you were gonna pet your animal but stop just a couple of inches above to see how they'd react, and of course bucketloads of people called it abuse. So I usually take things with a grain of salt and mostly listen to these people when it comes to necessities like food, treats and sand because they usually know what to avoid, but for everything else I read and listen to my cat's responses.

No. 1475027

Every cat has a different personality and history. The not making them uncomfortable thing is more in response to people claiming they are constantly bitten and clawed by a cat and have no idea why or make up weird theories where their cat is an evil plotter. Then you see they happen to be pretty rough with them and the cat personally obviously doesn't like it. Or they allow the cat to play with their hand and are then surprised that the cat will treat it like a toy. There's also this thing where some cats are more sensitive than others to static and if they are pet too often, they end up being given a shock and they can "lash out" because of it. Which makes people call the cat unpredictable or mean, but you generally can predict it if you actually watch the tail. It's not that every cat is dealing with that and some are absolute snugglers, but just because another cat isn't a snuggler (all the time), doesn't mean they're "bad" or trying to be mean.

No. 1475079

I take at least 10 pics of my cat every day. Every pose he strikes is so cute I absolutely must immortalize it. I never left the honeymoon phase with my kitty and I never will. He’s my one true love!

No. 1476495

my kitty will put up her paw in my face to tell me "no kiss on the nose" but I still want to give her a kiss on the nose.

No. 1476804

I'm relieved my cat sucks at jumping up anywhere without using some sort of platform but I keep forgetting that he compensates for that by being a fucking long jump master

No. 1477594

Since I posted this my cat has started to push his head against my face when we cuddle and purrs as I give him smooches, guess he was just playing hard to get

No. 1480726

File: 1674588421472.jpg (725.39 KB, 3024x4032, 1631739642899.jpg)

lolcor kity

No. 1480729

File: 1674588532837.gif (33.63 KB, 500x397, 1673364211296.gif)

Aww lolcor meow meow.

Also bump for the nikado porn

No. 1480741

File: 1674589305798.gif (2.86 MB, 320x320, a.gif)

No. 1480768

That blink definitely made this noise

No. 1480780

File: 1674593025102.png (638.71 KB, 1200x630, cats-in-hats-made-from-their-o…)

If I ever get a cat, I would get a long-haired cat so I can harvest their fur and eventually use it to spin into yarn.

No. 1480782

File: 1674593410318.webm (191.51 KB, 720x720, blink.webm)

got u guys covered

No. 1480787

Kekkk so cute

No. 1481006

File: 1674614211859.gif (967.5 KB, 200x200, 1672060354941.gif)

No. 1481007

File: 1674614250111.jpg (11.04 KB, 443x449, 1648229447844.jpg)

cp bump

No. 1481117

File: 1674628074451.png (239.45 KB, 340x1084, cat.png)

By far my favorite thing about cats is how they sleep

No. 1481126

My cat is a 2 and a 9 so this makes me very happy

No. 1481138

Yeah pressing head down is more often them hiding their eyes from the light like they do with their paws.

No. 1481198

He is either a curled ball in my arms or a sideway sleeper when he is against my let's, god he loves me so much I want to cry!

No. 1481414

File: 1674665933115.gif (315.97 KB, 400x404, 1666516391223.gif)

No. 1481415

File: 1674666011461.gif (10.04 MB, 498x388, j.gif)

No. 1481489

File: 1674671316810.jpg (345.26 KB, 1828x2285, 238.jpg)

Gave my kitten a bath because the demented asshole just won't stop playing in the litter box (apparently it's a common phase among kittens, so at least he isn't brain damaged) so he has started to stink, and since he loves to be up in my face when cuddling and sleeps right next to my head at night I get the enjoyment of having his fur up in my nose most of the time.
>he took it like a champ with just a little bit of whining
>his fur is now clean and super soft
>practice for if he gets too old to groom himself one day
>the kitten shampoo stinks worse than the fucking litter box
>the fucking stinky shampoo smell fucking lingers in the bathroom and the hallway

No. 1481621

File: 1674678007803.jpeg (899.27 KB, 1170x1513, 6DAB4868-E0CC-4176-BABF-2DE3AE…)

sorry i’m so late but whoever chopped this comic in half is a sadist.
Cats definitely remember their owners. We caught an absolute tank of a cat that was breaking into our workshop at night and terrorising our cat. Reunited him with his owner via microchip and that terrifying 12kg unit of fury and spite instantly turned into butter in her arms. He’d got lost after she’d moved house nearly five years earlier and she never thought she’d see him again. It was really moving.

No. 1481666

>sorry i’m so late but whoever chopped this comic in half is a sadist.
nonna the second half is a continuation someone made(and it is beautiful) but the original comic was the way its presented, even the artstyle's are different


No. 1481685

this artist is a nutcase animap activist anyway. a lot of things they post are bs sensationalist crap.

No. 1481788

File: 1674687150204.jpg (1.93 MB, 4080x3072, PXL_20230122_140342054.jpg)

I adopted this stinky man 4 months ago and I'm so obsessed with him, I've become such an annoying cat mom.

No. 1481818

File: 1674689811048.jpeg (537.58 KB, 1170x889, 38FD60B8-D460-4696-B6DE-2C0FB0…)

ayrt thanks i hate it dot jpeg
My cat got dumped like panel four but at least he eventually got the panel eight happy ending with me

No. 1482074

I wish I could have a cat, but alas I am a poorfag in a 30m² city apartment.

No. 1482160

Aw anon, he reminds me of my cat. I miss him.. such a cute little bean!

No. 1483654

My kitty is a very pale vanilla orange color. He has white whiskers, but lately he has been shedding some and they are growing back black. I’m a little sad because if all his whiskers turn black he will look kinda weird with his coloring.

No. 1483851

File: 1674861276336.jpg (209.67 KB, 2016x1512, IMG-20230126-WA0003.jpg)

He looks so silly on this pic, I love him.

No. 1483877

Oooooogh I want to rub his chin.

No. 1483905

Nonnies do any of you have a cat that licks plastic? My cat loves to lick some plastics like the laundry basket, the outside of specific chip bags, and his favourite is the plastic tray for underneath my plants.

No. 1488620

File: 1675352510413.jpg (915.4 KB, 1079x1362, Screenshot_20230202_104102_Gal…)

She loves her little house she got for Christmas

No. 1488640

not plastic specifically but my cat licks tables/chairs/doors/the floor when he's hungry.

No. 1489734

>tfw no big floppa to lay on my desk and eat my paperwork

No. 1489744

File: 1675449899918.jpg (376.76 KB, 1620x2160, rainbowkitty.jpg)

I love my cat (picrel is her lol)

No. 1489745

i also love your cat nona please give her kisses and pats from me

No. 1489747

Thank you nonna, will do ♥

No. 1491801

Rn holding in tears while listening to my cat cry behind my bedroom door. Our two cats really would like to sleep with me but the little devils wake me up for food in the middle of the night and then I can’t sleep again after that. Idk what to do, I feel so awful. They sleep together in the warmest room we have on a soft blanket I put there, but I think they would prefer my bed.

No. 1491809

I always thought my cat would do this but after a while of allowing him in my bedroom at night he stopped bothering me completely. He wakes me up in the morning for food but it's a good 9 hours after I last fed him. Maybe the cats can get used to your routine. I also was a freakishly light sleeper who once I woke would never sleep again, but I somehow seemed to get used to my cat also. I'm not sure how usual this is.

No. 1491855

my cats can't sleep in my room because i have a mild allergy, but they got over it. i just store their loud toys downstairs and they don't bother me much until they know i'm up.

No. 1491875

They get used to it and stop bothering you except in the morning in my experience. It's kind of nice, they will always wake up you up on time.

No. 1492804

File: 1675743795180.gif (17.09 MB, 450x750, 6BADA91D-864D-4EFA-B636-DBB722…)

whenever I'm bored I go look at cats up for adoption/sale to cheer me up and they're usually pretty cute but oh my god.. this cat. He literally stole my heart I haven't been able to stop thinking about him for days everything the tongue and the cheeks makes me want to cry he's so perfect but he's so expensive too

No. 1492871

My cat: Shows every sign of being happy; tail straight up, social, curious, eats without being stressed, sleeps belly up, greets me at the door, comes whenever I call for him, sleep right next to me at night, grooms me and is a real snugglebug.
Me: "But IS he happy though?"

No. 1492898

I love sleeping with my cat but he tends to wake me up at 5am, I kick him out of my room and manage to fall back asleep but I still feel tired. When I try to get a full night's sleep I close my door but I can hear him whining outside and throw himself against the door and it's making me feel so bad lol.

No. 1492962

File: 1675776490948.png (939.67 KB, 887x556, babyyy.png)

My cat always wiggles base of her tail when I'm on a toilet or getting up out of bed. It's like a little weird twerk motion. I read it might be something like spraying, but luckily nothing comes out, lol. She also loves to bring me her toys to throw so she could run after them! So cute! Or like, she always comes to me when i cry (or sing kek) to console me. Fuck them people who say that cats don't love their owners, that's such a bullshit!

No. 1493242

I love my cat so much, we have had to move a lot and be in a lot of scary temporary living situations over the past year —including one with lots of big dogs waiting outside our room and barking — but instead of being anxious/traumatized like most cats rightfully would be, he knows that wherever I am he is safe. The only time he ever got depressed and would hide, not eat, not groom was when I had to leave him in a cat hotel for a few days. Now we are both headed to our forever home, I am so glad I can give him a stable life now and we didn’t have to get split up!

No. 1493245

Take him home, I'm sure he's waiting eagerly for you.

No. 1493254

When my cat hears me and my husband arguing he always runs up to us and start lightly biting both of us so that we calm down because he doesn't want to see either upset. It always makes us lower our tone of voice and helps out focusing on talking about what's wrong rather than shouting. I love our little fluffer.

No. 1493580

File: 1675813381758.jpeg (808.11 KB, 1987x1657, 0E7364B7-57BA-48FC-B06A-161F5D…)

This stray likes to come around my neighborhood and scream at everyone
I love him so much
Pic related you can see his DABLOONS too

No. 1493595

File: 1675814696152.png (16.05 KB, 173x178, cattail.png)

When you say hi to a cat and their tail goes ! like they're greeting you back, fills me with joy every time. Only one of my cats does the audible "mrrp" greeting when I say hi, the other one is completely silent but her tail goes straight up whenever she hears my voice. Makes me feel loved

No. 1493651

File: 1675818279679.jpg (123.46 KB, 1438x1494, why.jpg)

Why would you get an expensive purebred cat when there are so many on the streets, cold, starving, and desperate for a loving home? Lmao just walk outside and you'll be sure to find one. I couldn't be caught dead supporting the breeding industry.

No. 1493661

Dog breeders are often cooky assholes. Cat Breeders are another level of fucking insane. I love cats but I swear they can bring out the fucking mental issues in those who breed them. I sort of get it, cats get mistreated but if they cared about cats so damn much, idk, they could foster them instead?

No. 1493782

Don't worry I was just looking just because they're cute
And you're completely right honestly street cats might not be as elegant looking as a british shorthair, but I love stray cats the most I fostered three in my neighborhood who were in bad conditions and after recovery they become the most affectionate and sweet creatures ever

No. 1493877

How does your fuzzy little terrorists wake you up in the morning? Do they just yell or are they more on the inventive side? Mine does it by:
- Pressing his cheek against mine
- Falling over on my face so I choke on his fur
- Crawling under my arm demanding hugs/cuddles
- Licking my chin
- Licking my ARMPIT
- Attacking a nipple(usually the right one)
- Using me as a balancing board
- Pushing his nose into one of my nostrils
- Stomping and jumping around in bed
Sometimes it’s two or three of these, sometimes it’s all of them in no specific order

No. 1494028

Usually I wake up before my cat and since she is sleeping on my legs, I have to be the one waking her up. But when she is the one waking up earlier, she is:
- walking all over my boobs (she is heavy af)
- attacking my feet
- smelling my mouth (why)
- opens up cabinets loudly
- drags her bowl around loudly
- she also licks my armpit/chin
- or just sits and stares at me until i feel shame and get up to feed her

No. 1495101

recently he's started coming into the bedroom at 2:30/3am and climbing either onto my face or right next to my head and loudly purring. it's cute as fuck and i love it when he cuddles between me and my boyfriend but i wish he'd let me SLEEP. i just started a new job and i'm so sleep deprived

No. 1495409

Mine launches himself off a tall dresser and lands on the bed right next to my face, it’s terrifying. If I try to ignore him he’ll start knocking pill bottles off, jumping in the blinds, and sniffing my face to check if I’m alive

No. 1495540

Hehe, my dear passed cat used to do all the face and hand licking too.
My current ones either rush in front of my bed the nanosecond I show any signs of waking up to vocally greet me or, when I dare to sleep longer than desired, cuddle up next to me, relentlessly give facebumps and purr as loudly as possible until I wake up.

kek brutal

No. 1495558

She will scream like she's dying and make angry or annoyed chortle and huffing noises the longer I sleep in. She'll start at the door, the foot of the bed, then next to my face. She's not just waking up for food, she wants me to lift the curtains so she can look out the window, then brushed then then wants to play, and finally be fed. She loves her little routine kek

No. 1495567

When all his usual ways don't work, mine jumps up on the window next to my bed which makes my neighbour's dog freak out and bark like crazy at him. It always gets me up kek. Before that he likes to sit on my pillow looking down at me and really gently touch my mouth with his paw.

No. 1496700

File: 1676108805459.jpg (55.99 KB, 554x720, 069323a0819e8943c941ee4656d4a7…)

I love it when cats do this with their paws

No. 1496727

He starts scratching the bedsheets like he is digging for gold and I kick him out of my room because I still want to sleep, he usually does it at around 5am but thr little rascal did it at 4am the other day. Otherwise he is pretty nice, he used to play playbite my hands when they were sticking out of the bedsheets but he has stopped doing it.

No. 1496732

File: 1676113773661.gif (372.2 KB, 400x217, e0e7455c-cfad-4052-9ddb-fa77d6…)

Exactly like this. She's jumping on the parts where it hurts the most so i get woken up by pain and shock. I wish she's stop but she never does even though it never works for her and i never get up.

No. 1502398

my cat is staying overnight at vet with catherer for UTI, can any kind nonna reassure me? im freaking out

No. 1502417

Your kitty is gonna be ok nona, don't worry!! Sending lots of love to you and your cat! Is your kitty a ginger by chance?

No. 1505769

File: 1677006120894.jpg (73.55 KB, 539x538, 4d9be5ed369139b022a8282cfd406e…)

My senior old man cat is getting booked for his blood tests and a dental cleaning/maybe some extractions soon. It's his first ever dental - his original owners didn't even look after him and he was such a skinny scrawny babby with barely any fur until we got him. Now he is tall, large and muscly with this amazing rusty black fur. I love him so much nonnas, I really hope he gets through this procedure okay and can eat normally again. I feel so bad because I didn't even spot that he had gingivitis at first - his gums are naturally black and its quite hard to see the redness and inflammation. I thought he was just being fussy when he'd go off his food after a few days. I feel like such a retard. The pet insurance I have for him does cover dental diseases but I really hope they can cover it in general as it's like £845(including the blood tests and aftercare medicine etc). Even if they can't, fuck it, I will put it on my special credit card. I will do anything for this cat, he is so calm and such a cool dude. He's so well behaved and has these great funny big feet too. I feed him great wet food and I even add water to it to make sure his kidneys are alright. I really hope he lives a while longer so that he can be well and truly spoiled by us. I just want him to be happy and to be eating normally again, I hope that getting his teeth cleaned properly will make him a lot happier.

Does anyone have experiences with cats who have undergone dental cleans/extractions? It's my first time owning a cat and I have no idea what to look out for once they've been through it. I guess they would be a little sleepy after the anaesthesia but I don't know much else.

No. 1505779

In my experience they recover pretty quickly. They're much happier and more playful afterwards too. Give your kitty some scritches and treats from me, he's a wonderful cat and deserves it.

No. 1505863

File: 1677012784607.jpg (2.68 MB, 4032x3024, post-surgery.jpg)

My girl is middle-aged and she had to get some dental work done. After I found her as a semi-feral stray in the local park, I took her to the vet and they found that many of her teeth had severe and painful decay.

On top of that, most of the teeth at the front of her mouth were either broken or completely missing. The vet suspected that she may have been dropped from a car or endured some similar trauma due to how many of her front teeth were chipped away or gone. Of course, many of her teeth had to be surgically removed.

After the surgery, she was extremely uncoordinated and had trouble navigating the house. This is a picture of her being groggy immediately after we arrived home. I would recommend blocking off all staircases. Also, try to keep an eye on your little buddy because he may try to jump up on furniture or other high places when he does not have the coordination to safely do so.

It only took about a day and my girl was completely back to herself again. Weeks after the surgery, she became noticeably happier and far more open to love and affection. I can't imagine how excruciating it must be to live with such awful dental pain. Thank you for taking care of a senior feline and I wish you two the best!

No. 1507122

been watching a lot of videos of bottle feeding kittens and my heart melts each time. the noises! the ear wiggles! the little paws!

No. 1507123

and here's a tiny baby who hasn't even opened his eyes yet purring

No. 1507173

My cat is almost 5 months now, he's the cuddliest, most loving and sweetest little baby. I just spayed him two weeks ago and he's been doing absolutely great, possibly even cuddlier now because now I'm his favorite sleeping spot instead of the bed.
But I'm really concerned that I'm going to lose a huge part of this once he reaches adolescence. I'm still going to love him to death, but I hope these traits are more than just him being a baby and actually are a huge part of his personality.

No. 1507218

File: 1677170442498.jpg (49.6 KB, 633x633, tumblr_c8a0d055eed3d26b802a326…)

pretty much every cat I've ever had follows the same pattern of being super cuddly and wanting to climb all over me when they're a baby, they get a little bit more independent in adolescence/wanting to explore and do things on their own and cuddle on their own time, and then once they're a senior cat they're mega snuggly again. so even if he does I bet he'll come back around or maybe just stay affectionate the whole time. It's super cute. I'm currently enjoying the twilight years with my own cuddle cat, her favorite thing is to just lay on me and put her face in my elbow so she can nap with her eyes covered. I love her so much.

No. 1507416

youtube recommended me this vid of a channel of somebody that composes classical music with note sheets that look like cats. This one looks like a chubby cat bc it is dedicated to a chubby cat. I love this concept a lot.

No. 1507957

When I woke up this morning my cat was laying in the back of my knees and I didn't want to get up because of it. I love her.

No. 1508382

File: 1677277013894.jpg (44.81 KB, 564x564, 697ad197a83bc48c9cfb1b2e45ecd0…)

When cats sleep like this it's one of nature's wonders. Perfect fur circles.

No. 1509898

So, yesterday we found a kitten on a 80km road. Completely malnourished, bits of thin fur here and there and a closed eye. We took her home. She is so sweet, so affectionate. She was scared at first, hiding under furniture. But within two hours she came out of hiding for some pets. Gosh, she is the cutest little thing. I love cats.

No. 1509969

File: 1677427205864.jpg (102.08 KB, 736x736, 1642434055105.jpg)

Please help nonnies, I've very stupidly ran out of cat food, but I have some really nice steak. Will my cat get sick if I give him steak instead of tinned wet food for one day? I absolutely can and will get more cat food if it is necessary but I'm sick, a retard, and it will be a $30 trip so if the steak is fine I would rather do that. I would plan on cooking the steak like normal and cutting it up into tiny pieces for him.

No. 1509974

I mean my first cat would have Eaten it raw no problem but my other 3 cats wouldn't even touch it cooked or not, but as long as it's fresh meat and has no seasoning or bones, you can try.

No. 1509988

This is twice now my kitten (I'm >>1507173, and thanks >>1507218 for the reassurance!) has woken me up from an anxiety-inducing nightmare just by carefully pat my face and conveniently demand hugs, he is a cuddlebug but he doesn't always want to be hugged when I lie down next to him. Might just be perfect timing, but I want to believe he did it because he got worried.

No. 1509989

pure beef won't hurt a cat unless it eats it too fast or chokes on it or you don't cook it and it has salmonella or something. there is a risk that if he really likes it he may never eat cat food again.

No. 1509995

I was just worried that the sudden change in diet could upset his stomach. Thanks so much nonnies!

No. 1509996

NTA but just no milk or eggs. Don’t season it either.

No. 1510960

File: 1677527935097.png (2.7 MB, 1410x1056, kitty why.png)

i come home during my lunch break to say hi to kitty and do chores so i can relax after work. porkchop always tries to help in useful ways like fighting the dryer balls, laying in the (cold) laundry, and skidding through the sweep piles. thank u kitty

No. 1511317

This >>1493877 anon again, my cat has recently developed two new tactics to wake me up at fuck you o' clock.
- Poking my face and not settling down until he gets to be the little spoon and falls asleep.
- Licking my entire fucking face, including ears. I don't know yet if it's supposed to be a grooming session, he's attracted to the salt on my skin, or if it's just a taste taste as a thinly veiled threat if I don't get up and feed him soon.

No. 1511806

Aww what a sweetie! He looks like a total lovebug. You can tell he's so so happy that you're home! ♥

No. 1516112

This was a wonderful experience

No. 1516122

I love you porkchop

No. 1516330

He sits on my face and I wake up from not being able to breathe. Works every time. This is the final solution he settled on after unsuccessfully trying to wake me up by meowing, pawing at me etc. I could sleep through a nuclear blast, but I do need air to survive, can't sleep through a cat on the face

No. 1519276

File: 1678387455975.jpg (101.64 KB, 814x1082, 1670050245101.jpg)

>stray cat has kittens on my shed
>its a very big shed and they hid behind all the garbage to where i cant reach them
>they are all obviously very scared of the big meaty monster and run away and hiss when they see me

what do? my goal is to get them castrated and give them up for adoption, but i cannot reach them. I got them cat food and i have been giving them food and water. sorry for reposting again, i just dont know what to do.

No. 1519277

look around for local feral/tnr groups/shelters ask to borrow a trap. load it with food and snag them and momma. the younger you contain them the easier it will be to socialize them and get them good chance at happy home.

No. 1519283

sadly there are no shelters where i live. Is it a good idea to force myself into them? as in, start getting out the trash until i find their hideo out and grab them by force? or would it scare them further? i got them treats and stuff too to lure them, but they are still too scared to get near me.

No. 1519287

if you hang out long enough and have food they get curious eventually and even if the mother is skittish the kittens will come up to you in my experience. but if you have already scared them once I might be wrong… depends on a lot of things. present yourself as non threatening and don't make any sudden movements. feed them at a specific time so they start to expect it and come out for feedings (don't leave a big pile of food or they won't connect the food with you and also it will attract pests that could be dangerous to a kitten –big rats, raccoons, weasels etc)

No. 1519288

Sitting out there regularly for a long time and having treats always worked for me before. They will eventually realize you aren’t a murderer and get curious

No. 1519290

no just keep being nice. when they get teeth and the mother starts weaning them they will get hungrier and care about the food more. if you dig in there you'll really upset them and the mother may abandon them

No. 1519296

this site has useful tips on how to catch cats, it's more geared towards ferals but useful nonetheless https://catsinaction.org/resources/trapping-guidelines/

you can you start feeding them on a schedule and make it known you are coming and going. you can make friendly noises and toss treats to them, associate yourself with positive things, and they might start approaching you. if you are able to befriend momma at all it could help. kittens don't have good luck being socialized after 2 months of age, so if they are older than that still get them castrated but they might not do well as pets. depends on the cats though and patience of the humans involved.

No. 1519300

thank you. is there a way to know how old the kittens are by looking at them? Gonna keep sitting and staring at them, even if the mosquitoes kill me in the process
thank you very helpful

No. 1519388

File: 1678394404248.png (1.32 MB, 1700x1100, Kitten-Progression-FINAL.png)

Yes if you have a good eye for it. Here's an infographic I found on https://www.alleycat.org/resources/kitten-progression/ (more info and pictures at the linked page)

No. 1519817

maybe take a picture of them and post it if there's no identifying information… I haven't come across any feral kittens in years which is probably good but I wouldn't mind seeing some lol

No. 1519947

File: 1678452861033.webm (349.35 KB, 320x426, C3bK7lx6va1_el2t.webm)

very ferocious lions

No. 1519949

File: 1678452894101.webm (359.45 KB, 320x568, pkiKAvZqhlY_0nYL.webm)

No. 1519952

File: 1678453034018.jpeg (92.47 KB, 861x647, 1670078930303.jpeg)

thank you, i think they are five weeks? at what age does the mom let them fend for themselves? she's still with them
they arent feral, the mom is a stray and so is the dad. I actually know the dad because i used to feed him, now i regret not get him castrated. I feel like this is the start of a stray cat infestation in my neighbourhood if i dont do something about it, and it's driving me crazy to think about those poor kittens and their mom.

No. 1519960

also, today i gave some treats to the mom, she was obviously scared and hissed at me but i hope she at least realized i am not going to harm her(and that i bring food). I just want the best for these kittens, it makes me so sad there is nowhere to reach on this shithole country to get them help.

No. 1520006

File: 1678457729972.jpg (66.89 KB, 640x640, Fqg1uN6WwAAPV0V.jpg)

No. 1520096

he's a lying

No. 1520503

Is it cruel to lock my cat in the spare bathroom until his diarrhea clears up? Already took him to the vet but it's gonna be 24 hours before his meds kick in and he'll destroy the house, he's currently just leaking a steady stream of liquid shit. I spent 3 hours cleaning today because last night he snail trailed his poop everywhere.

I just feel really bad, he's crying because he wants to come out. I'm scared it's gonna traumatize him lol.

No. 1520527

I'm sure he doesn't like it since he's a cat but you're not hurting him. make sure he has food and water and a bed.

if I was pooping all over the place I would lock myself in the bathroom until it cleared up to be honest. what else are you gonna do.

No. 1520544

the mom stops nursing them after about 10 weeks and they'll stay together a while after that learning how to hunt and stuff. I've seen kittens nurse longer if the mom tolerates it but it really depends on her. if they're going to be indoor pets they can definitely be taken from the mother after 12 weeks (some people say you can take them as young as 6-8 weeks but that's crazy to me). if they're going to be outdoor cats or barn cats they could stay with her a few weeks longer to learn more from her but if you let them get too big they'll be harder to catch.

somewhere around that time (12+ weeks) is the important point at which you'd have to capture them by force if you've had no luck befriending them. better than them slipping out of your grasp and breeding like crazy later. if the mother feels threatened she might move her nest before you can catch them which is a concern but hopefully she won't (just don't do anything really scary around her when you visit for feedings). hopefully you can catch the mother too and get her spayed as well, otherwise she'll have a new litter 2-3 times per year.

get the kittens spayed / neutered before they're six months old or they will start breeding. they should be in a safe, clean (preferably indoor) environment for a couple weeks after the procedures so they can recover fully, plus for the girls you want to make sure the incision doesn't open up or become infected. (sorry if I'm telling you anything you already know here)

No. 1520551

File: 1678489268832.jpg (990.57 KB, 1536x2048, Tumblr_l_1717148131827138.jpg)

No. 1520553

Best is to catch the momma cat and the kittens

No. 1520569

samefag: Ignore all this advice if either the mother or the kittens look sick or unhealthy at all, or if it's really cold or wet in the shed. Obviously just dig in there and catch them if they're in any danger.

No. 1520571

File: 1678491174100.png (3.2 MB, 1518x2048, Screenshot_20230310-173047.png)

how do you do fellow cats and kittens

No. 1520575

No. 1520579

File: 1678491755241.gif (3.54 MB, 400x250, huh.gif)

i can't put my paw on it, but something ain't right

No. 1520581

I don't think vegan cats are allowed here.

No. 1520584

File: 1678492139487.jpg (141.46 KB, 1248x702, an imposter.jpg)

No. 1520585

File: 1678492180771.jpg (923.53 KB, 2000x2654, littermates.jpg)

investigation underway

No. 1520587

File: 1678492344933.jpg (80.07 KB, 800x800, Funny-Cat-Bunny-Rabbit-Ears-Ha…)

No. 1520603

File: 1678496246073.gif (49.63 KB, 116x128, 1674088119439.gif)

That cat is probably in severe pain. NOT FUNNAY

No. 1523736

File: 1678831781418.webm (1.69 MB, 720x1280, 1678823871307039.webm)

No. 1524835

File: 1678942563760.png (339.72 KB, 1080x877, taco cats.png)

No. 1524836

File: 1678942595900.jpg (1.29 MB, 3024x4032, image0 (4).jpg)

No. 1524837

File: 1678942705375.jpg (39.31 KB, 669x781, dfghdf.jpg)

No. 1524838

File: 1678942771808.jpg (1.91 MB, 4496x3000, CSC_0466.JPG)

No. 1524839

File: 1678942838011.jpg (56.09 KB, 678x960, tuna ordering room service.jpg)

No. 1524840

File: 1678942892367.jpg (57.58 KB, 720x960, tincat feral.jpg)

No. 1524841

File: 1678942945914.jpg (58.49 KB, 742x960, 49713956_10155666387815947_177…)

No. 1524842

File: 1678942968248.jpg (52.25 KB, 960x720, 49492198_10213515067697598_814…)

No. 1524843

File: 1678943011402.jpg (361.77 KB, 2048x1152, 49667030_994035520795714_91853…)

No. 1524872

File: 1678945653570.jpeg (915.59 KB, 1920x3310, 075BE3B3-AA51-49AE-B187-D6CFEC…)

No. 1525069

My cat and I have turned brushing him into a game. My jobs is to successfully brush his butt fluff, and his job is to murder me to keep me from brushing any part of him before I start brushing his face. He has to get me first because if I brush his face he likes it too much and then his guard goes down and his butt fluff gets brushed so I win.

No. 1526573

I lose it every time my cat jumps on the couch with me and my bf and stretches himself out so he's on top/touching the both of us at the same time. He looks so uncomfortable sometimes but as long as he is touching both of us he is purring loud as shit.

No. 1526823

omfg stop it this is so adorable!!

No. 1548902

What do you think of my cats and their nicknames?

Samsara, Samsung, Sammy
(Basically anything on my mind with Sam)

Alice (ah lee cheh in italian)
Ceci (cheh chee, means chickpea, she's smol)
Ceciya (korean calling name)
Chenchnya (self explanatory, sounds like above but also nya = meow in japanese)

I think this is a consequence of knowing too many languages, I call my kitten a region of Russia, so many puns

No. 1551941

File: 1681719794587.gif (1.41 MB, 320x274, Tumblr_l_1223894954609156.gif)

No. 1552044

i can't even name an animal, i call them something else every week lol

No. 1553415

File: 1681844822086.png (107.29 KB, 588x618, floppa3.png)

cats are so cute they literally go ":3"

no ban pls

No. 1553430

Isn't it crazy how nature made an animal that vibrates. A mammal no less

No. 1553432

Literally all the states of matter are decided by the level of vibration

No. 1553434

Cat is the best state of matter
Literally no better form it can take

No. 1553436

My friends kept telling me to start a tiktok for my cat, but I'm not all that great with social media so idk what people would like to see so I just uploaded a couple of vids of him sleeping peacefully in my arms (sorta like POV shots I guess?)

No. 1553655

File: 1681864453619.gif (198.97 KB, 220x220, a2cb4cfaf5f970df0cf3977543b396…)

a mammal that vibrates and has a built-in bread kneader. We may just live in the best timeline.

No. 1553684

casually giving them an identity crisis lol

No. 1553719

adult floppas are fucking terrifying

No. 1553742

File: 1681874206680.jpg (171.12 KB, 1079x1343, Screenshot_20230314_090020_Ins…)


No. 1553743

Servals weird me out but I love them

No. 1556128

Savannah cats too! They are cutest, most charismatic lil mfs you could ever hope to meet!

No. 1556138

No. 1556377

File: 1682113582846.jpg (178.8 KB, 1080x1920, 82c92975-d1f3-464b-aa6b-7f8a6b…)

I'm in a bad mood, share silly pictures of your cats nonnies

No. 1556380

File: 1682113837738.jpg (236.18 KB, 1080x1920, c1b8b29d-4c4e-4f9f-a336-4d7e2a…)

samefag, I'm glad I got rid of that self next to the window

No. 1556433

File: 1682116993104.jpg (61.92 KB, 700x468, cat-smelling-shoes-compressed.…)

nonnas, do your cats ever sniff your shoes? mine goes crazy over them, even sticks her whole face into them. it's so silly. apparently they do it because they like and feel comforted by your scent.

No. 1556580

He does it to my mom's shoes sometimes but not mine, he doesn't even like her much. Though that probably means my feet don't stink much which is good.

No. 1557073

Savannahs are cute as hell, but Bengals are a real pest.

No. 1557079

File: 1682194945287.jpg (195.98 KB, 1242x1191, download.jpg)

You are SO jealous you're not this beautiful.

No. 1557081

Don't they piss up walls

No. 1557084

so do men but plenty of women keep them as pets

No. 1557103

File: 1682196595954.gif (354.29 KB, 303x500, bengal.gif)

Don't h8 her cause you ain't her.

No. 1557104

I can only ever aspire to be as beautiful, gracile, and non-taxpaying
Truly a blessed existence

No. 1557283

Ik bengals are beautiful, but they are (cute) pests.

No. 1557409

arent male cats the ones who mostly do that and not females

No. 1557890

How to check cat’s water level? I want him like a grape.

No. 1557899

I have no idea what you're trying to ask, but remember not to cover the cat in glue.

No. 1557913

Yeah domestic-wild cat hybrids like Savannahs and Bengals and Chausies are all known for urine marking even after they get fixed. >>1557409 for regular cats it’s mostly males but even some regular non hybrid female cats continue to spray after being spayed. For hybrids, especially the generations with more wild cat blood like up to F4 or F5 both sexes are very likely to spray even when fixed.

No. 1557935

There’s ways to check a cats hydration levels just by touch and skin elasticity. There’s a method called skin tenting where you pick up the skin between the shoulder blades of your cat, if they’re well hydrated the skin should snap back quickly because of the elasticity. You can also check your cats gums for their moisture levels, you just need to press softly against the gums and if the capillaries fill quickly after two seconds and make their gums turn pink again then they’re okay. These methods work on young healthy cats, if yours is older and more on the geriatric side then it’s better to observe if their eyes are more sunken in or just start giving small portions of water mixed into their food if you’re worried

No. 1558048

nta but I just checked my cat's hydration with the skin technique and I'm glad to report he is very hydrated. I'm proud of him. thanks for the advice kek

No. 1558277

I just want to see her one more time.

No. 1558299

brazilian detected lol

No. 1558324

I'm Canadian, what made you think I'm Brazilian?

No. 1558793

File: 1682376487408.jpg (187.36 KB, 1080x1920, IMG-20230218-WA0002.jpg)

This is the first picture of my cat, my mom took it at the rescue center before adopting him. I can't stop looking at it, he is just so cute here, you can already see his little curious personality. I only got him two weeks later so he was already a bit bigger, I would kill to see what he looked like as a baby.

No. 1558817

oww anon he is beautiful, what is his name?

No. 1558851

File: 1682382149037.jpeg (301.96 KB, 1920x1080, 2E880CB4-B317-4C90-A242-7DA2DC…)

Picrel is my chubbily wummy tummy man with the stinkiest poops in the whole wide world. I feel so lucky to have him. He’s an expert level cat to take care of though, that’s for sure, most people wouldn’t be able to handle a cat this wild. Thankfully he’s also extremely sweet over half the time. I love my big bad boy. Also for the record he is not overweight, he’s a very large fluffy cat and is considered a healthy weight for his build, I asked the vet cause I was concerned he might be too fat. He gets carefully measured portion sizes to maintain his weight.
Awwww nonny he’s so precious.

No. 1558921

"you're super hydrated, bro, i'm so proud" is an old brazilian meme

No. 1558924

I got to hang out with cats this past weekend and it was amazing. They are friendly but in a low key way. The older cat was playful (did bat at my landyard and brushed up against me) but after greeting me went back to his master. The younger cat was very interested in me especially my hair tie. I love how it would pick it up run into the other room then come back with it. Also it had such a delicate way of playing with a balled up taco bell wrapper I was entranced also both cats were black with big yellow eyes but not related it was just coincidence

No. 1559026

File: 1682406515290.jpg (64.93 KB, 564x846, c0d73aa5df293e30602928478b7e75…)

bump dont scroll

No. 1559032

File: 1682406999997.jpeg (70.23 KB, 540x530, 6CE57C5B-9165-4B39-805B-D75870…)

Cp spam dont scroll

No. 1559039

anon your cat is SO CUTE! pet him on my behalf please ahhh i wish i could just reach through the screen

No. 1559047

File: 1682411284922.jpeg (1.2 MB, 4032x3024, FFD57BB0-B34A-4196-B0BE-57F8EF…)

No. 1559057

File: 1682412167844.jpeg (428.69 KB, 2048x1536, 1E1777C3-BCD8-4062-BB3E-A5BF28…)

Thank you nonnie! I will give him a kiss and a face massage. He loves his sinuses massaged and will open his mouth a little a close his eyes and do his real sweet breathy purr and make sweet little grunts.

Here’s a pic of him and his chocolate tuxedo adopted brother.

No. 1559136

File: 1682423505221.jpg (218.85 KB, 2016x1512, IMG-20230401-WA0003.jpg)

His name is Nito, he has since reached his adult size and I love him so fucking much, I've posted him a few times already in these threads.
Thank you nonna, your cat is adorable too!

No. 1559150

Can anyone whose dealt with feral cats give me some advice? My husband has a feral cat that absolutely loves him and lets me pet her only when he's around but despite living with us for years will not approach me and hisses at me from 5+ feet away even if I move quietly/slowly. I've never had this issue with cats I've owned 3 cats before and they all loved me. She's an old girl now and I'm thinking of replacing her with a friendlier cat that's used to humans but for the time being whats a good way to bond her to me?

No. 1559163

>I'm thinking of replacing her with a friendlier cat
Do you mean once she dies naturally of old age you will get a new cat or that you are thinking of literally replacing her while she is alive?

No. 1559172

File: 1682429259791.jpg (6.4 KB, 240x228, 805a33c4.jpg)

We have a dinner bell phone alarm for our cats, and they have stopped meowing for food before they hear it. I love how they go apeshit when they hear the alarm and meow from the bottom of their hearts if the food is not in their bowl in 0.001 seconds kek

No. 1559184

Does she have a favorite treat? If so, start a training schedule. When your husband is petting with her, come into the living room, don't look at her or acknowledge her, leave the treat where she can clearly see it (middle of the floor), call her, and then leave. Once you have left the room, if she does not investigate by herself within 30 seconds, have your husband slowly get up and draw her attention to the treat. I usually do this by tapping the floor where the treat is and calling her name. If she gets up and eats, have him praise her lavishly. Do this at the same time every day for one week. By this point, she should be getting up and eating the treat as soon as you leave the room.
If she is at this stage, the next step is to to do this again, but instead of leaving the room, sit in the doorway with your back turned. No one should be talking and there shouldn't be any loud music or sounds playing. Remember to not make eye contact when placing the treat. Although cats show trust through slow blinking, you're not at that stage yet and direct eye contact is threatening. Instead, look in her general direction, but not at her.
After she becomes comfortable with eating the treat with you still sitting in the doorway for an entire week, you should then turn around and be looking into the room as she eats. Don't look directly at her, just stare at the walls or look up or play on your phone. Being comfortable means she goes and eats the treat directly (the same way as if your husband were to offer a treat). If she hesitates, or stares at you for long minutes before eating the treat, stay on the step you're at until she's eating the treat directly. Remember, after she eats the treat, you should be leaving the room and allowing her to cool down. If she chooses to leave the room, then you can stay.
After this step, move about 1.5 feet closer each week. Eventually she'll eat the treat from beside you. At this point, without looking at her, you can offer her your hand to smell. If she hisses, don't react. Withdraw your hand slowly and continue to sit. This whole process will go a little faster if you are wearing your husband's dirty shirt so you smell like him when you're doing this. Cats are pretty autistic and hate change, but they're also pretty dumb so if you smell like him, she'll be much more open to your presence.
If you haven't found a treat she loves, have your husband offer different ones. They even sell "cat crack" which a lot of people have success with. You can also use a Feliway plug in to decrease her generalized anxiety and there are even calming prescription foods and probiotics that actually work. And if all else fails, there are rub on anti anxiety medications that your husband can apply to her directly.

No. 1559207

Oh my god, brilliant. I have to do this for my cat in the mornings

No. 1559237

File: 1682435183119.jpg (23.28 KB, 336x360, 20230424_185054.jpg)

My grandparents got a male kitten.

But ever since the spring started, he started having a very weird habit and desire to somehow scratch the windows and even go as far as wanting to jump from it (which is not a good thing ofc, they live on 11th floor.)
Question: could he be doing that because he is looking to mate? What can they do about it? Any advice?

I could ask for more details later if needed. Its very weird, as they treat him well and generally he is a nice, loving cat. Thank you for reading nonnas.

No. 1559241

If he’s under 6 months then probably not mate behavior. If he’s over get him fucking neutered. But mine is fixed and he still tries to climb the blinds I think it’s just normal hyper cat behavior. Maybe try playing with him more, kittens need hours of exercise per day

No. 1559253

If he’s not neutered get him neutered before he starts scent marking inside. Apparently my boy wasn’t neutered when he was first obtained by the rescue, he was fully grown though, and he sprayed all over his foster home until two weeks after he’d gotten castrated. It took a while for all those boy cat hormones to leave him alone. He has never sprayed since I’ve had him.

The only cat I knew who still had testicles but didn’t spray was a really odd, rescued, old old olllld cat my partner and I had for a few years. He had had a kitty vasectomy prior to being abandoned at the shelter we adopted him from (he also arrived at the shelter EXTREMELY obese). Apparently that’s an almost unheard of procedure for a cat to have done. I really wonder wtf his life was like before we adopted him, sometimes my partner and I like to speculate kek. Like was he some ancient old persons cat, and he outlived his person, and the relatives just dumped him at the shelter? So strange. We’d get him shaved for the summertime and the groomers would always shave his nuts and it was so fucking goofy. His pee smelled really strong, but he didn’t have litterbox accidents and didn’t urine mark anywhere. We had to change the litter more frequently with just him than we do with our 3 cats we have now. The boy cats I have now are castrated and their pee doesn’t really smell at all (I’m sure it would stink if they didn’t pee in the box but the old man cats’ pee even smelled in the box and covered and scooped lol)

No. 1559901

File: 1682493555322.jpg (194.62 KB, 1200x1200, 1672382478777.jpg)

No. 1559904

get him neutered and your windows netted otherwise he is going to jump for his death anytime soon

No. 1568277

It's coming up on 10 years since I met my cat for the first time. My bf had already had her a few years and I remember her smelling me and hissing the first time I came to his apartment. Right now she's sleeping on my lap and it's crazy to think about the fact I've technically spent more time with her over the past decade than anyone else. I love her so damn much.

No. 1568568

File: 1683308704826.jpeg (29.94 KB, 567x366, 609b997c11dcb135214dc9cd_567_3…)

I can die happy now, nonnies. My 6 months old kitten leaned his nose against the tip of my nose, closed his eyes and purred really, really softly for a few seconds before he rubbed his chin against mine and then relaxed his head against my shoulder.

No. 1568626

File: 1683313933541.jpg (141.89 KB, 1002x1010, Screenshot_20230417-105238_Dri…)

No. 1568641

File: 1683315073446.jpg (166.53 KB, 540x960, room-8-grave.jpg)

No. 1568654

posts like these make me want to get a cat so badly, but my mother would never let me, even though she spends her entire day in her room and I'm the one who does all the fucking cleaning.

No. 1568686

File: 1683317905221.jpeg (1 MB, 4032x3024, D1F9647E-6759-4232-9D07-8C0CD3…)

No. 1568689

File: 1683318125261.jpeg (1.49 MB, 4032x3024, 74FC3664-55C9-413F-BB7A-D361C7…)

No. 1568691

File: 1683318271184.jpeg (1.84 MB, 4032x3024, 78963260-BA2C-4C26-BD01-01CF0B…)

No. 1568694

File: 1683318360266.jpeg (1.38 MB, 3520x1980, 6D5B5DDD-F523-460E-BCAF-6A3130…)

No. 1568696

File: 1683318450829.jpeg (1.32 MB, 4032x3024, 55526A83-47C9-436E-9A28-99C754…)

No. 1568701

2/3 of my cats do this to me at least once a day, it never stops being a heartmelting moment. They also lean in to get kisses on the tops of their heads.

Get a cat and when she complains about the car gaslight her and say there’s no cat and she must be going senile

No. 1568703

Give your perfect cow kitty a kiss for me, nonny. What’s her name?

No. 1568722

File: 1683319729342.jpeg (1.1 MB, 4032x3024, A0C07F2B-6918-4E2B-BCB1-DF697B…)

Alice and she's a menace but I'm obsessed

No. 1568724

She’s your perfect little monster, accept a chomp from her for me nonna

No. 1568728

>They also lean in to get kisses on the tops of their heads
ayrt and omg, my kitty does that as well! It's during these heartfelt, cuddly moments I really laugh at the fact that I was so scared that he wouldn't bond with me when I decided to bring him home.

No. 1578938

File: 1684224987440.gif (2.9 MB, 400x400, Tumblr_l_2967640396627353.gif)

No. 1578942

File: 1684225175335.jpg (18.63 KB, 500x375, Tumblr_l_669642314338664.jpg)

No. 1578948

File: 1684225550650.jpg (47.81 KB, 524x679, Tumblr_l_2625464672377473.jpg)

No. 1578958

File: 1684226605282.jpg (71.6 KB, 500x500, tumblr_5762dbb6ab3371fbceaeb4f…)


No. 1578971

File: 1684227908349.jpg (20.61 KB, 320x237, Tumblr_l_3291403575986718.jpg)

No. 1578974

File: 1684228141488.jpg (75.83 KB, 720x960, Tumblr_l_2839114107196330.jpg)

No. 1578980

File: 1684228869734.jpg (34.79 KB, 480x463, lKEc8YIf_400x400 - Copy.jpg)

he hungers

No. 1578994

yagrum bagarn

No. 1578998

Nekocado catcado

No. 1579000

wtf that is so perfect one of each parent…

No. 1580056

File: 1684332277045.png (18.19 KB, 554x554, °o° .png)

No. 1583101

My cat is sick and needs an antibiotic and steroid. The liquid antibiotic hasn’t been too difficult but he acts like I’m trying to position him when I try to give him the prednisone. I don’t have anyone who can help me hold him and I don’t know what to do ahhhhh I need to get this shit in him ahhhhhh and now he’s hiding from me

No. 1583102

I meant poison not position ahh

No. 1583104

kitty burrito him with a towel or blanket

No. 1583106

I’ll try once he comes out of hiding and report back. I didn’t want to have to resort to the dreaded burrito because he got so stressed out going to the vet yesterday but I don’t really have a choice

No. 1583113

Take a blanket and approach them from behind. Wrap the blanket around their front and back paws so they’re essentially wrapped up with just their heads out, their back to your back. This is easiest for me on my knees so you can stabilize holding their sides between your knees. With your back fingers on your hand not holding the Kitty burrito ring and little finger hold the sides of this mouth and gentle open it enough for you to slide the med in and push it down.

No. 1584004

I just wanted to say thank you to both of you! I’ve had cats my entire life but I recently became the sole caretaker of my family’s 4 older cats (the youngest is 10) and it’s been a bit stressful knowing there’s no one who can physically help me out. My little dude still managed squirm like crazy last night but today I ambushed him while he was sleeping and it went much smoother. Hopefully my buddy my baby my bingo my bongo my boy won’t hate me after this lol

No. 1584879

File: 1684839679313.jpg (138.89 KB, 1080x1080, photo_2021-12-20_13-16-57.jpg)

i want to be in a cuddle puddle right now. i'm in pain and just miss having a cat so much

No. 1586025

File: 1684953511194.jpg (1.55 MB, 4096x4096, baby.jpg)

I love my baby so much with her fluffy kitty body and her chirps and songs and purrs. She's like a little mythical creature. She reminds me of a beautiful little fairy in a garden. Long live Poofins

No. 1586028

File: 1684953594433.jpg (472.05 KB, 3024x3024, 20230125_080728.jpg)

Bonus Cryptid Poof

No. 1586029

File: 1684953707433.png (163.36 KB, 464x838, poofie cutie.png)

she's so cute thanks for sharing ! this one would make a great reaction pic kek

No. 1586036

I would dieeeee laughing if I came across a Poof reaction pic in the wild! I'm glad you enjoyed nona ♥

No. 1586729

File: 1685003631548.jpeg (980.79 KB, 3520x1980, 6CBE1E65-FA0F-4466-A196-5F5A40…)

her new favorite toy is a clothes pin
it's basically a mouse

No. 1586731

There's a really fat cat here and he's a bit skiddish around me so he always scurries off but he is so fat it's like a cartoon cat and I call him fat boy

No. 1586892

so cute look at those peet

No. 1587057

So pink and clean you wouldn't even know those are her poopy paws

No. 1587224

is there a chance my cat will jump out of the balcony if i leave the window open? he normally sits on the window but today he ventured onto the balcony and it scared me shitless, specially since it was raining and he didnt seem scared and was actually on the edge of it

No. 1587226

sorry forgot to add, he's a 4 month kitten

No. 1587227

My cat sits in my 2nd story open window all the time and has never jumped out so I don't think they're likely to deliberately jump off. Anyway cats can easily take on high jumps like that if you're really concerned, it's unlikely to even get injured really.

No. 1587229

its actually not so high, but i am scared of him running away if he does fall/jump. He was a stray until a month ago, dunno if that changes anything but it always makes me scared he might ran away

No. 1587233

Oh in that case I think I'd keeo the balcony closed until you're sure he's 100% adjusted honestly

No. 1587239

will do thanks i guess i will wait a month or so more

No. 1587780

My friend from out of town stayed over at my place with her cat, believing it would be fine since her cat always either gets along with other cats or just plain out ignore them. But for some reason he went all cranky old man around my 7 month old kitten and attacked, and now my cat has a small wound on his nose bridge (it's like a small dot) which really stand out due to his white fur. Will it leave a scar once it healed?

No. 1587810

For some reason it seems like nose scratches leave scars on cats. I had a cat that knocked herself while cleaning her face one day and the mark never went away.
Personally I wouldn’t, some cats really will jump from crazy places. Ask me how I know…

No. 1588089

>For some reason it seems like nose scratches leave scars on cats
Fuuuuck, god I'm so annoyed at my friend. She didn't even apologize for her cat, she just shrugged it off and left the cat at a friend's place, and admitted later that he's been swiping at people lately. WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT IF SHE TOLD ME EARLIER. But I'm mostly pissed that she doesn't give a shit that her cat harmed mine, even if it's barely a scratch she is fully aware that he is my baby.

No. 1588142

i would be careful and close that window nonnie. my cat was very skittish and i had to make sure that if anyone else opened the window, i would be there to close it and watch her. it was one of my fears.

No. 1588143

i would be careful and close that window nonnie. my cat was very skittish and i had to make sure that if anyone else opened the window, i would be there to close it and watch her. it was one of my fears.

No. 1589206

i would be careful and close that window nonnie. my cat was very skittish and i had to make sure that if anyone else opened the window, i would be there to close it and watch her. it was one of my fears.

No. 1589213

My friend's cat is the sweetest and softest little thing! She's so friendly and loving. Made me wanr a cat lol

No. 1589528

>jolt awake to the sound of my cat (7 months) trying to cough up his first hairball
>get up to remove him from any eventual carpets
>he seems to be struggling so I pat him on the back to help him out and comfort him
>he swallows and seem fine and dandy
>change out his water bowl and give him a couple of anti-hairball snacks in case his throat is dry
>he starts to cough again but end up swallowing this time too
>decide to check what to do in case the hairball might be stuck
>”typical signs are cat being lethargic, won’t eat or use the litter box”
>hmm I should keep an eye on him just in ca-
>before I finish that thought I hear my cat eating some kibble and finish it off with some zoomies
>yeah, he’ll be fine

Being a first-time cat owner is an emotional rollercoaster at times

No. 1595140

File: 1685717003425.jpeg (1.24 MB, 4032x3024, 9DE94869-3463-48DE-B9D0-25477D…)

Took a nap with my potato

No. 1595146

File: 1685717572095.jpg (245.87 KB, 2048x1533, IMG-20230527-WA0002.jpg)

He looks regal in this position.

No. 1595170

Im moving and my new place has huge windows, Im planning on getting a bird feeder to put near the window because my sweet boy loves staring out our windows, Im so excited for his reaction

No. 1595235

He’s going to love the view! Bird feeder watching is one of my kitties favorite activities. There’s a family of thrashers that likes to come under the patio and right up to the windows to screech at and taunt the cats and while I’m sure it’s entertaining for them, it gets annoying quickly.

No. 1595268

So happy for your kitty! I moved to a place with big windows recently and my cats just seem happier in general

No. 1595445

File: 1685751655197.jpg (1.65 MB, 4000x3000, 20230513_222359.jpg)

My prodigal fuzzbutt. I adore him.
Had to briefly send him to live with my dad until my living situation changed. I missed him so much.

No. 1595453

File: 1685752747166.png (272.66 KB, 702x757, FwYZ9KbX0AckIHW.png)

not my kitty but hes very cute :3(:3)

No. 1595515

This should've been the album art cover of Death Grips' Jenny Death

No. 1595546

My "whore" cat is getting fixed next week. She's gonna have a little shaved belly and sleep with me all day. Idk how this usually goes when they get fixed, but hope the rapey cat will leave her alone after and she will stop presenting her body in the night. Roooooxanne!

No. 1595560

My ten year old cat is letting me pick him up now if I drape his head over my shoulder and hold him against my chest. He used to shriek bloody murder when I tried, but now he purrs. I almost cried when I heard him do it the first time, without whining or screaming at the same time.

No. 1596080

cat sneezes are so cute

No. 1601185

My boy is now healed! Somehow he had a ruptured anal gland while never ever having any signs of anal gland issues in the past. One of my other cats used to have issues with hers in the past so I’m familiar with warning signs (and smells lol) but I literally had no idea anything was going on until I saw a giant, deep scab next to his butthole. I feel so bad for not noticing sooner (I’m a NEET and he’s always with me like ??? maybe he just hid it) but then did take him to the vet the second I noticed and he’s doing well now. I love my buddy.

No. 1602741

File: 1686397629597.jpg (59.98 KB, 563x658, Tumblr_l_1865817293407249.jpg)

No. 1606383

File: 1686750758724.jpeg (7.08 KB, 284x177, catto.jpeg)

my social media feeds are filled with people putting their pets for adoption because the housing crisis is putting people out of houses and into rooms. I'm so fucking thankful i can afford an appartment by myself, and if something happened my family has space (and care) to take care of my cat for a while.

No. 1606888

File: 1686788639229.jpeg (2.25 MB, 4032x3024, 98FC57D5-9FED-4801-8C8A-58EBA3…)

i love her so much. my dad visited the other day and told me she’s weird looking? she’s quite little despite being full grown but that's the only out of the ordinary thing. not little as in skinny obviously, i mean she’s condensed. wish i had a banana for scale.

No. 1610052

Some cats are just small, especially female ones. My cat is about the same size and was a lone kitten rescue, it could just be due to her nutrition as a baby.

No. 1610059

That was mean of your dad nonnie, she's so cute!

No. 1610143

god i love tiny cats. my cat is huge and one time she made friends with a white and orange splotchy cat through the screen door, they looked so cute together.

No. 1611171

File: 1687118115617.jpeg (1.29 MB, 4032x3024, 82872118-A76E-41BC-932A-8FC79F…)

No. 1611173

File: 1687118198170.jpeg (1.48 MB, 4032x3024, DA0055FD-750A-45D5-B737-C296FF…)

upsidedown sneaky boi

No. 1611919

Haha! What a cheeky little fellow. Just fantastic xx

No. 1613528

File: 1687339172366.jpg (15.29 KB, 225x300, CH-Derecho-225x300.jpg)

Any of you anons have experience with wobbly cats? The ones that have cerebellar hypoplasia. I'm thinking of adopting one, it's just the most adorable, but it would be best to get him with a companion and I wonder what second cat would be best. He's very young and I'm worried other kittens his age would be maybe too intense; especially since he's around cats his age at the shelter and doesn't seem to be particularly getting along with any…

No. 1614110

I don’t have any experience with cats with those issues but some cats absolutely prefer being the only cat in the house. If he’s very shy around other cats he might be better off alone.

No. 1617362

File: 1687723259735.jpeg (1.12 MB, 4032x3024, 3567D850-A8E4-49E6-A33A-4ED1F7…)

lap kot

No. 1617720

File: 1687752463134.jpeg (138.75 KB, 1125x1411, 0DA2AAB3-8252-43EB-85A8-6C9474…)

A cat cafe posted this and I can’t get over how cute she is

No. 1617899

I woke up and she’s already been adopted with her sister, good for them.

No. 1619017

Maru: 16 years old and still a big fluffy weirdo.

No. 1619311

File: 1687934250951.jpg (178.63 KB, 1440x1440, 348599693_644161367062427_8785…)

Oh wow, these white outlines around her eyes! So pretty and unique. Happy to know she was adopted so fast.
My local cat cafe has these two gremlins up for adoption and I just love how unconventional they look, especially the smaller one.

No. 1619345

has anyone travelled a far distance with their cat? i'm going to have to drive 3,000+ miles in a few months and don't know how to best transport kitty. i'm slowly getting him used to a harness because i want him to be safely tethered in the back seat and not in a kennel, and was going to put his litter box behind the passenger or driver seat so he can use it, or in his fabric kennel idk. i'm going to ask the vet about some antianxiety medicine as well. i'm worried he's going to freak out. flying isn't an option because i need to move up stuff with me and it will take 6ish days to get there. pls help nonnas

No. 1619347

omg they both look like little gremlins!

No. 1619673

your vet will know best, that's a really rough trip. Consider getting mom cat pheromone dispensers to help alongside the medication.

No. 1620044

will do, thank you. i use those when we go on trips that are longer than two days (he always has someone to check in on and play with him) and that's helped a lot. i really did not foresee having to move somewhere that i couldn't just fly with him to. but obviously i'm not rehoming him or shipping him so there really isn't another option

No. 1631155

File: 1689108374177.jpg (11.99 KB, 256x400, 280894010-256-k583337.jpg)

I think my cat might be a little depressed… he eats, drinks and uses the litter box as he should. He takes naps next to me with his belly in the air and his body language is mostly normal so he is mostly his usual self except he sleeps more and doesn't seem all that interested in playing, when he is it's usually just in short bursts when I manage to activate him. The only change is that he stayed with my mom for a couple of days, and she lives on the ground floor in a pretty active neighborhood while I live on the 3rd in a pretty calm one so he was probably excited to see so much going on up close and is sad to be back home to his regular windows.
Or maybe he is taking it easy because it's hot and I'm reading too much into it because I desperately want him to be as healthy and happy as possible.

No. 1631235

Let it sleep, he's probably tired from people.

No. 1631839

Nonnas her name is Nonna!!!

No. 1631845

omg the smaller one looks like my cat, except she's tabby. I always wondered if that's some kind of defect of if she was mix of some retarded looking breed. She is also quite small so it might be the same defect if these two are siblings.

No. 1631903

So precious, she deserves all love and attention!
Someone should draw her as Elsie's cat.

No. 1632191

No. 1632543

Sage 4 no picture but my cat has been staying out super late the past days and I wondered where she even was because she returned home just fine, turns out she just sleeps on a chair in the garden! Too precious.

No. 1633364

My cat is getting older and a new thing she picked up is trilling for herlsef. She used to trill sometimes when communicationg with me, but now it's like she talks to herself.
Like right now she wasted to lay on a mattress and couldn't find a comfortable positing and it souded like she was sad about it KEK

No. 1634976

What is the best way to keep a toxic houseplant away from my cat? Or is it better to not even get the plant in the first place? I've been getting really into houseplants this year and I want to get an Alocasia but it's toxic to cats. My cat has never shown any interest in my other houseplants, she really does just completely ignore them. I figured my best bet would be to get a tall plant stand just so she wouldn't be able to reach it. Or do some kind of hanging pot situation.

No. 1634984

Good ideas nonna, but if your cat isn't a plantbiter then i think there's nothing to worry about. I have a lot plnats that have toxic milk in them and none of my cats tried to eat it or even touch it.

No. 1635021

I love my cat so much! I'm so thankful I found her as a kitten, and got stuck nursing her back to health, because otherwise I never would have gotten a cat. Now I'm actually excited to go home at the end of the day, and hear her trilling on the other side of the door as I take my shoes off.

And 2 threads with no infighting about dangerous breeds, need I say more on feline superiority?

No. 1635045

Treating the toxic plant differently from the others might actually make the cat more interested in it, because they tend to see the things that are kept away from them as more valuable!

No. 1635418

Sage for rabbitfagging but my rabbit died 2 days ago and my cat just kept looking around, then when we buried her she I guess smelled her and went rampant trying to dig into the ground. When I got her off she just sat on the ground for a while and then laid down on the little 'grave'. We had our rabbit long before our cat so she was like an older sister for my cat when she was a kitten as autistic as this sounds. I feel bad I can't tell her in any way, she's just sniffing around the garden and looking around because she doesn't know what's going on. 'Cats don't have feelings' my ass, poor thing. She'll forget but I feel for her, at least she's friendly with the neighborhood cats so she has companionship.
This is so sweet, good on you for taking care of her! You have a friend for life nonna. I love the running to the door too, makes a place feel like home.

No. 1636246

my cat will literally yawn at me to communicate that she's tired of waiting on me to get up and give her treats. then she starts thumping her tail on the ground like a person impatiently would tap a foot. she so funny i love it.

No. 1636351

Thats the saddest thing ive heard in a while, im so sorry about your rabbit

No. 1639960

My cat has been peeing everywhere today. I thought she was insecure about feral cats outside but now it seems more like she has some kind of a medical problem. At the moment she wants to pee all the time but pees just a drop. She doesn’t make painful sounds though. I am taking her to the vet tomorrow, hope they will be there. She was nervous meowing yesterday but she is a nervous wreck so i thought it’s normal.
I am worried about her, anybody had a problem like that? She also licks her coochie more.

No. 1639962

I had a cat like this and it was a UTI, don't worry too much nona

No. 1639969

thanks nonny

No. 1639987

UTIs are definitely something to worry about, idk why you're making it seem like it's nothing.

No. 1639990

I traveled cross-country by myself in a jeep with my two 6 month old cats and my weenie dog. I spent months preparing them for it I was so paranoid that they would get loose or I will lose them on the way and ended up being really great and all the prep work I was so glad I did. I got them harnesses that would fit in preparation getting used to wearing harnesses I got one of those larger wire dog crates and kind of wrapped some stuff on it so that it wouldn’t rattle in the car and make any noises and I had their leashes tethered to the crate (But hanging outside of the crates for transport if that makes sense) This is for when I stopped for breaks I would clip the leash on to them so I could give them their litter box and water. They won’t bother with either when you are actually driving so don’t be tempted to put it on with them. Just for stops. DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO DRIVE WITH THE KITTEN LOOSE IN THE CAR AT ANY POINT! Also keep a regular small size crate for if you’re going into hotel or whatever at the end of the day to put them into for the back-and-forth. Before the actual journey I began taking my cats on those small drives around the block and getting used to things like the car door slamming on the horn stopping suddenly kind of things like that I was really glad that I put the prep into it. They may meow during the trip possibly the whole way, just be aware that some thing that could happen. Another thing I did was train them to come to the sound of me shaking a treat jar. This is open for however you decide to do it but I just wanted them to be trained to come to me in case they got loose for any reason, I could at least get their attention or find them or something like that. I was very paranoid in that leading up to the trip but it’s very doable and I was proud of how well my animals all did. It was one the absolute best experiences in my life. We did 10 days on the road, just my animals and me and a tiny uhaul containing my few possessions. Ask me anything if you like! I work with and around animals and will do my best to give any info I have! Good luck!

No. 1639998

I was really concerned about my cat being tethered for the trip And was paranoid they will get tangled up during the drive I mean that’s up to you. My initial plan was to kind of make an area in the back for themselves but in the end I didn’t think I could secure it enough for when I opened the doors and stuff. I ended up getting one of those wire dog crates as big as would fit in my car. Some cats feel more secure in a container so at the very least maybe provide a covered bed or box they can hide in. I think a really important thing is to try to get everything before hand and have them using it up until the day you travel that way it’s already familiar for them in another huge thing is to try as much out as you can before you go so you can work out any problems that you didn’t forsee because you don’t want to do anything while you’re driving or have to pull over and mess with anything during the trip. This goes for medication as well. You don’t want your kid to have some sort of adverse reaction to the medication while you’re on the road

No. 1640001

Cat, not kid. I hate kids.

No. 1640008

Samefag, sorry. With the crate as well, (the large one) you can always have it open while you travel if you aren’t wanting to make them feel shut in or whatever reason it is you aren’t wanting to crate them but it’s essentially completely open, not one of those enclosed crates so but you could always just have an open during the trip. That way the option is there to secure the kitten when you need to and then also they fold down flat to store. A container is definitely a must, you don’t know how your kitten will handle the trip and at the worst, you can have a container area for them to feel safe and also for you to feel safe. There are so many factors but if you prepare for everything, the actual trip will end up being a breeze and if any incidents do come up, you will hopefully have prepared and can pilot through best as you can. Try and stay relaxed and confident. Your kitten will be looking to you for security and comfort. You’ve got this!

No. 1640018

File: 1689976577238.jpg (160.27 KB, 1500x1500, tube kitties.jpg)

I bought a big backseat tube for my cats, it worked great. we had several 8+ hour driving days, I had them loose in this and they slept the whole way, they just wanted to hide under their blankets and sleep. I put a litter pan in there just in case but they never used the litter until we stopped for the night. I moved them from the tube to their individual carriers (with car doors closed for safety) to transport them inside the hotels each night. I offered food and water but they didn't have an appetite in the car; they ate like normal in the hotels. The only modification I made was I clipped the zippers together so the cats couldn't weasel them open (one review said to do that).

No. 1640460

So i went to the vet cat has sand in her bladder. She got a shot and some drops i'll put into her food and on monday i'll have to figure out how to take sample of her pee. She feels better after the shot right now.

No. 1640489

Did they tell you tips on how to get her to drink lots of water? The more water she drinks, the less sand she'll have. Although it's not the best for her teeth, I recommend switching to wet food. You can counteract the increased dental calculus from a wet diet with a daily dental treat like Greenies.
Cats love to think they're being bad, so some prefer to drink water out of glasses. So if you fill up a glass, pretend to drink out of it in front of your cat, then leave it where she can reach it and walk away, she'll be more inclined to drink it.
You can also get a bowl of fresh water and fresh cat nip, then hold the cat nip underwater and crush it. This mixes in the juices and oils and gives your cat a flavored water that gives her a chill high. Best of luck and I hope she feels better.

No. 1640545

they gave me kibble sample that makes her want to drink more, seems to work well, and wet food sample but she doesn't want the wet food they gave me, she's very picky about wet food. Oh yeah she loves to drink from glasses i do that already but the catnip is an interresting idea, thanks i'll try it.

No. 1640677

ty for this! i have been stressing so hard about moving all of my cats, my dad's cats, and my mom's cats on a long distance move and this is PERFECT omg

No. 1641484

File: 1690109039396.jpg (26.18 KB, 550x412, 4dac274833b4ac4259c90d4b4d48a0…)

My cat reached adolescence a while ago, and I'm so sad he's becoming more independent. He's still my baby but I miss when he would fall asleep in my arms… now he doesn't lie down for very long, no matter if it's him coming to me for cuddles or if I'm picking him up. I hope he goes back to being more cuddly when he's a grown up.

No. 1648367

File: 1690660272962.jpg (35.02 KB, 500x666, OPERATION NEPTUNE.jpg)

I just wanted to show y'all this beautiful cat I found on pinterest. Siamese cats are so pretty.

No. 1648432

Reading this with my 5 month old kitty curled up on my lap and hoping she stays extra sweet. She’s wonderful.

No. 1648442

Imma smooch that kitty

No. 1648803

>Be me
>Throw boiling water over foot like a dumbass
>Sit with foot in water bucket
>Cat jumps on lap
>Lays down
>Wake up stupid early for a sunday
>Turn around
>Cat wakes up
>Jumps on me
>Starts sleeping
>I fall asleep too for some more hours

She's always there for me, I love her.
Late reply but thank you nonna. She's okay now, me as well. Still miss her obviously but thats life.

No. 1648863

File: 1690702319510.jpeg (82.22 KB, 1200x627, 279D2374-29CA-47B6-9F41-4F525A…)

Lovely pic!!! I’ve never owned one, but seal point cats are so cute! My friend has a seal point ragdoll and she looks like a little toasted marshmallow. She melts my heart every time I see her.

No. 1648912

File: 1690708210928.jpeg (442.95 KB, 564x815, B56E1AFB-B85E-438D-B895-F5CDCD…)

Aw I used to have a Siamese!! They are so affectionate and clingy. I loved my Siamese so much.I miss his crazy cross eyed ass everyday.

No. 1649020

File: 1690722092698.png (2.05 MB, 1143x741, barn cot.png)

I would never let any of those autistic fur balls into my home, they belong into the streets to keep the rodent and bird population in check. People that hold cats as pets are not quite right in the head, especially city people.

No. 1649959

File: 1690797697233.jpeg (138.49 KB, 828x674, 4C2515F1-1365-4A42-83E3-BA7E2F…)


No. 1650033

I love my stupid cats so much. Sometimes they look just like teddy bears, head totally empty. Even though they're not smart, they also keep my house free of mice and bugs. Love my idiots so much.

No. 1650853

File: 1690890726224.jpg (121.97 KB, 716x1080, ab4e7a04cde98aac11e5cc1ca8211a…)

One of my cats is a little old man and he does little old man things and he's so cute it makes me want to cry. He likes to sleep in this little house under our bed and sometimes when I'm laying in bed I'll hear him make a little sound in his sleep, it's so sweet! I love the way he'll come over and stand next to me and lean his body against my leg. He's the sweetest little old man to ever live and I hope he lives even longer. We are so lucky that he is so healthy and happy.

No. 1650855

my cat has perpetual dilated pupils and its so cute he looks like a plush toy. people say hes the cutest and softest cat they have ever seen

No. 1650861

Please do us a favor and post a pic nonnie.

No. 1650868

File: 1690894224530.jpg (11.03 KB, 296x241, Chessie.jpg)

what an adorable image! where did you get it? do you happen to have this other one in such a nice resolution too? maybe a long shot, but oh it's so cute i need it. on another note i am very happy to hear about your healthy peepaw cat, i hope he stays that way for a long time!

No. 1650877

File: 1690895776215.jpg (1.16 MB, 1317x1073, sleep like a kitten - chessie.…)

No. 1650879

File: 1690896073219.png (486.54 KB, 440x586, peake and chessie.png)

>Chessie's mate was Peake, who was introduced in the June 1937 issue of Life magazine and was the father of her two kittens, "Nip" and "Tuck". During World War II, the Chessie character was used to promote War Bonds and support for the war effort, depicted as working on the home front to support Peake, who was off to war.
just reading about old railroad cat mascot couples I guess um CHESSIE IS A BABY why is her husband an old man?

No. 1650950

what a brave soldier, defending our freedoms.

No. 1651023

you made my day kind nonnie, thank you so much! i hope you sleep as well as chessie in that drawing every night, forever

No. 1651896

File: 1690991318025.jpg (121.52 KB, 673x601, IMG_20230802_084748.jpg)

When my baby girl was a baby.

No. 1651901

File: 1690991678549.jpg (42.48 KB, 563x750, 20210421_171600.thumb.jpg.83a8…)

Her brother.

No. 1651935

File: 1690995398751.jpg (322.46 KB, 4000x2250, 20211213_200544.jpg)

Here's my baby as tiny baby!!!

No. 1651948

File: 1690996544943.jpg (57.61 KB, 496x661, lil bby.jpg)

here's mine! he's 7 now

No. 1651949

what a cute family, any pics of the daddy?

No. 1651979

File: 1690998549988.jpeg (436.62 KB, 828x1713, 280476D8-F9E3-4EFD-B4D7-249254…)

I have a salty kitten

No. 1651982

File: 1690998783827.jpg (1.68 MB, 3024x4032, PXL_20221121_033913894.jpg)

I know it's August but I'm excited for Christmas, this is my kitty feeling festive last year

No. 1651995

File: 1690999381374.jpg (79.59 KB, 885x661, domestic terrorism.jpg)

What a cutie! My boy in picrel passed away in 2015, but this is one of my fav pics of him

No. 1652010

File: 1690999892048.jpg (552.84 KB, 5325x3004, DSC_1761.jpg)

I love all the CUTIES in this thread

No idea what pops looks like but my baby looks exactly like her mom

No. 1652045

I really really want a cat again, I'm just not in a position where it's responsible right now. Another 2 years before I'll hopefully be finally stable enough to get a cat!! In the meanwhile I'm paining myself by scrolling through shelter cats online.

No. 1652078

I'm not responsible enough right now either, I'll wait until my dog dies probably.

No. 1655028

My cat loves getting up in your face to sniff and rub his nose and cheek against yours, it's super cute - until you yawn. Then he will undoubtedly give you a deep and detailed tooth inspection, which is kinda uncomfortable if you are not ready.
I wasn't ready when I woke up this morning.

No. 1655779

File: 1691320483201.jpg (200.57 KB, 2048x1533, IMG-20230803-WA0004.jpg)

I'm away for vacations and my brother is sending me exclusive pictures of the cat that he's not sharing in the family group chat, so I'm sharing one with you too my dear nonnas.

No. 1655785

Beautiful cat

No. 1656308

CUTE I want a black cat so bad

No. 1663402

I don't have any friends in my city, and I've been so lonely lately that I decided to get pets. I adopted this pair of kittens a few days ago, and I already love them so dearly and can tell what a positive impact they're going to make on my life. They purr whenever I start pettng them, they sleep next to me in bed, and they love playing. Right now brother cat is by my side trying to get on the computer, and sister cat is playing with a ball of yarn. I love watching them play with each other, the way one will sneak up on the other and try to ambush her.

No. 1663407

Congrats on the kittys nonna! You will be surprised by how much they increase your quality of life, got my kitty in december and he makes me laugh so much and has really helped my mental health immensely!

No. 1663805

Would it be harmful to trim a stray cats claws? I usually feed him everyday and he likes to climb on me but it hurts so fucking much. He's very friendly and comfortable with me touching/squeezing his paws, but I don't want to cut them if it'll impede his ability to hunt or defend himself outdoors. I would take him in but I'm currently couchsurfing so that's not really an option either.

No. 1664460

i made the mistake of introducing my cat to raw chicken once and now he is a FIEND. any time im cooking with chicken he's meowing at my feet like a dog who hasnt been fed in months. there's been a few times where i have it out on the counter and turn around for a second to do something else and when i look back he's jumped up and is mowing down on it. he's lucky he's soooo cute and i cant get too mad at him. he is such a spoiled brat and its my fault smh

No. 1664472

The post is so relatable I've raised a monster

No. 1664486

I'm not a cat owner, but ever since I moved to this new neighborhood two years ago, I've had encounters with so many stray cats that are having the chillest life.
Some weeks, every other day that I walk back home or to work, I see one of the three regular stray cats strutting along one of the streets, along the tires of the parked cars for the cautious ones, or just in the middle of the walkway for the more confident ones.
I don't attempt to pet them often, I just feel a respect, a kinship for their independence.
This summer there have been some cat fights in the middle of the night probably because of territory, which wasn't great for my sleep, but hopefully it won't happen any time soon again.

No. 1665000

File: 1692076442785.png (94.62 KB, 276x368, lonz9vxwhy971.png)

Anons, how do you feed your cat? I had a cat looong time ago and with the vet's recommendation I only fed him special dry food for gastrointestinal problems as pretty much everything else would make him sick; now I'm planning to adopt a pair, since a lot of time passed I've decided to update my knowledge and in most places online (meaning facebook groups and so) apparently dry food is a massive no, most of wet food has people accusing others of poisoning their cats and the only thing not frowned upon is BARF (raw meat+suppliments) diet. I wonder if this is just a rabbit hole i fell in or will I really be a bad owner if I don't do this too…

No. 1665021

I mostly give my cat sugarfree and grain-free wet food and kibble , and he's completely fine. Dry kibble during the day so he can portion it out himself and wet food in the evening to make sure he gets enough liquid (and because he seems to enjoy eating dinner with me). If your cats are happy, healthy and eat like they should they will be fine, just double check the contents properly.

No. 1665081

Ah I sure hope so this would be enough! So in general you feed your cat twice a day? That's something I'd aim for as well since I'm working during the day

No. 1665086

He was a very active kitten, and I enjoyed the breakfast company so up until he was 9 months I would feed him wet food twice a day but then he started to gain a bit of fat so I cut it down to dinner time. But get them used to having kibble out so they can eat whenever they feel hungry, but it also really boils down to their personalities as well; one cat can be pretty chill with food and the other one can be a complete vacuum even if they're raised in the same environment. So I'd say keep an eye on them and their needs, if one or both end up being the hungry types you can get automated bowls that only open at set times.
Also, note on fat on cats: If you don't have a scale, you can check on them by looking at their silhouette from the top (there are some really good guides on google), or by feeling their ribcage - your cat is at a healthy weight if it feels like running your fingers over the tendons on your hand, if you have to push a bit to feel them then you need to cut down on food and snacks.

No. 1665096

Good point about personalities, it probably can turn out a little different than what they'll seem like in a cat shelter where they have to live with a lot of other cats, having their own space will change things. I'll probably work from home for a week or two to observe how things are with feeding and all.
And thank you for that weight assesment tip, didn't hear of it before but makes sense!

No. 1665134

Anon is cool for feeding her cat grain-free, but also remember it is a newer marketing thing by pet food companies. So don't feel bad if there's no grain-free pet food around, or you can't afford it. The logic is that cats mostly eat animals in the wild, but they do get grains from their prey's digestive systems!
Remember that exercise is the most important part of managing your cat's weight. You can get a puzzle feeder to make them work for their kibbles (also keeps them stimulated). Be sure to play with them on the daily, I hear two 15-minute play sessions a day is good. If you harness train them when they're young, you can hike with your cats. I feed mine twice a day, but I stopped free feeding once the older one got heavy. Kibble in the morning, wet food in the evening works, but if you only feed wet food every couple of days because it is expensive, that's fine. Just make sure to always have a bowl of water out. If you come home and find it empty, leave two bowls out or get a bigger bowl.
If you do have a scale and your bastard cats won't stand on it, weigh yourself, then weigh yourself while holding the cat, subtract your weight from it. People make the mistake of not weighing themselves every time, but your weight fluctuates throughout the day.
I really have to recommend against the raw feeding diet. It isn't strictly safe at all, and your cat can then shed salmonella around the house if feeding a raw chicken diet, for example.
Remember that cats love routine, so be sure to plan when you'll be feeding them in advance, and be ready to get waken up early on the weekends! The automatic feeder suggested by nonna might mitigate that, but some cats still think they have to get you for food kek

No. 1665145

I've always fed my cat regular kibble, just like my parents did. Never had problems with my cat and I don't remember my parents' cats having problems either.

No. 1665155

Oh yeah, I wanted to add this detail when I wrote about feeding my cat grain-free but my ASL ass was too tired to figure out how to express it properly, I should have rather used the phrase grain-reduced. A lot of companies bloat the food with unnecessary amounts of grain to save on other ingredients, such as meat, which is why it's good to take a proper look at the contents.

No. 1665194

Kibble isn't regulated by any health and wellness organizations, so the companies that make kibble could literally put sawdust in there if they wanted to. What kibble essentially is is sugary cereal. The grains turn into sugar in your cats body. The kibble has the bare minimum of nutrients for your cat. Just because nothing bad has happened that you've noticed, doesn't mean you're not feeding your cat what is essentially garbage with a vitamin tossed in. Male cats who eat kibble are at a much higher risk of UTIs as well. Like, is your cat worth it to you or not? Do you want them to live 20 years or 10? It isn't about what your parents did, it's about your cats best quality of life.

No. 1665268

>Kibble isn't regulated by any health and wellness organizations
That's a big assumption for someone who doesn't know where I'm from and under what laws and regulations I buy my kibble.

No. 1665276

Pfffffft okay, keep feeding your cat Fruit Loops then, cheapskate. Shouldn't get an animal if you can't afford to feed them properly.

No. 1665336

File: 1692103146445.jpeg (84.09 KB, 1000x1000, 5162824.jpeg)

I used to feed my cats whatever whatever wet food they took an interest in (dry food was making them fat) but now I have to feed them a special prescription dry food because one of them developed a food allergy that made him lick himself until he was bald and raw. It's insanely expensive but his hair is silky and nice again so I guess it worked.

No. 1665338

Thanks for all the advice! I'm actually thinking about getting a water fountain, apparently it's the best way for cats have water without worry about it being stale/contaminated etc. The idea to weight myself together with a cat is great, sounds much more efficient than trying to persuade it to stand still by itself, i'll definitely use it.
>I really have to recommend against the raw feeding diet. It isn't strictly safe at all, and your cat can then shed salmonella around the house if feeding a raw chicken diet, for example.
Yeah this definitely is a big concern when it comes to raw diet, and also it's a bit confusing how it's advertised as the diet closest to cat's natural nutrition, but what feral cat eats beef or pork?

No. 1665340

My cats love water fountains so I recommend them but be careful with the one you choose because it needs to have a filter or it needs to be simple enough in shape that you can clean it easily because otherwise it gets scummy and gross like a neglected aquarium.

No. 1665345

Yeah I'll definitely do my research there, saw plenty of weird ones, thankfully my flat is so simple these wouldn't fit anyway.
Yeah, my old cat from the past i've mentioned in original post ate veterinary royal canin too! It seems like royal canin as a brand is considered one of the worst ones but I don't know, maybe the veterinarian type is somehow better, or maybe we're just lucky because that cat of mine was also doing really fine on it.

No. 1665369

AYRT, Good addition! Thanks for saying so about the ingredients, I wanted to include that but my post was already kind of long and I didn't want to overwhelm anon kek

Looking at the the top 3-5 ingredients on the back is a good way of making sure it's a more nutritious product. A lot of products will advertise being "all meat and fish", and then the second ingredient will be pea protein or something kek. I usually just make sure the top 3 are good (top 4 in wet food, because one of wet food's top ingredients is always a liquid) and call it a day. You'll also see something called "chicken by-product" or similar, that is technically a step down from straight up meat, but is better than grains or filler.
Please, even if it's cheaper, never feed your cat people food. A relative of mine does that and his cat is so overweight, she can't jump onto stools anymore. Buying the cheapest of (BRAND NAME) kibbles when you're tight on money is better than people food. Which isn't to say you can't share little bits of cat-safe food off your plate with your babies now and then, but don't make it their main diet.
Agree. You might also hold off on getting a water fountain until they're settled in (and a little grown if they are kittens) so they don't get overwhelmed and scared of it.

No. 1665377

File: 1692106983152.jpg (253.18 KB, 1112x1500, purinasensitiveskinstomach_.jp…)

Samefag but I forgot to add, cats can also develop allergies like >>1665336 described, but they can also have specific preferences that they will starve themselves over KEK
My cats aren't picky, but my older one did develop a sensitive stomach, and at the time I was living in an area where the only specialty food available (that I could afford because I was not paying for gourmet bullshit) was picrel. His runny shits immediately dried up and he seemed in overall better shape, health-wise. It's not Science Diet or anything, but he eats it more enthusiastically than the other brands, and that's enough to make me happy.

No. 1665383

Facts, my cat is currently recovering from a urinary blockage that almost took his life. The cause was the shitty dry kibble diet that I and the neighbors had been feeding him (he was formerly an alley cat, now strictly indoors). I knew nothing about cats before so wasn't aware of how detrimental a poor kibble diet can be. Now he's on an extremely expensive prescription diet so he won't block again. Take it from me nonnies; buying good quality wet catfood will save you the heartache and money in the long run, compared to ENORMOUS vet bills and an expensive lifelong prescription diet.

No. 1665390

i have been buying this cat food for like a decade now, i get the hairball control one (or the indoor cat version if the usual isn't available) and my cat gets excited over a new bag but doesn't seem to get tired of it. he does get wet food daily as well, so that could be part of why.

No. 1665393

you don't even have to spend that much on wet food, my cat's favorite food in the fucking world is fancy feast pate. also get a water fountain for your cat. mine is obsessed with it and he drinks so much water, it's so good for him. also make sure you're really on top of keeping the litter box clean, if they are deterred from using it for any reason they'll just hold their piss which is terrible for them.

No. 1665400

This may sound stupid, because anyone can lie about anything on the internet, but I actually went to school for vet med and then got additional certification in cat nutrition.
A lot of vets suggest dry food because it keeps dental calculus from building on the teeth and because owners are stupid. Seriously gyns, if you are feeding your cat dry food, please make sure you are washing the food and water bowls daily and the storage container after every bag. Storage containers should be air tight, ideally metal or porcelain, and shouldn't let light in. You have no idea how often an owner comes in and is like "My cat has been vomiting after every meal for two weeks" and I find out the oils in the cat food have gone rancid from sitting out but that's all they're feeding, so the cat forces itself to eat bad food. So dry food is really good for the teeth and jaw bone.
But out of prepared diets, I personally like wet food because it's much better for their kidneys, and the vast majority of cats will have kidney issues when they're older. Plus, most cats aren't big drinkers, so them getting water through their food is an added bonus. I really like Royal Canin, and I've had a lot of personal success with Hills Science Diet, but some owners do report a more sensitive stomach (vomiting/diarrhea) with Hills Science Diet so your mileage may vary. When feeding wet, it can only be at room temperature for up to two hours (some organic fish brands only last one hour) and should be thrown out after that. Bowls should be immediately washed after emptied and excess food stored in the fridge. Wet food should always be from a commercial diet unless you are following the instructions of a nutritionist who has seen your pet and knows all of her health issues. Cats are very prone to vitamin and mineral deficiencies so you can't just give them tuna every day (plus the mercury build up in their tissues is toxic). To counteract dental calculus build up, you could try daily greenie treats. They also make toys that encourage cats to chew and they brush the teeth when they're being chewed on, but my cats went nuts for them for one week and then ignored them ever since.
There's been some discussion within the community about feeding a diet of mice. There's no research but I'm really for it because it seems to have the benefits of both dry and wet. The cat gets all the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, while the varied texture of the organs and bones keeps the teeth clean. The only two downsides is that the possibility of pathogens, and the possibility of choking on a bone. The pathogens is lessened because you're ordered factor raised mice that are frozen before delivery, but there always is a small risk. Then again, there's also always the risk that the pet store left your dry food laying in the sun and so it went rancid so make a personal assessment based on how healthy your cat is.

No. 1665402

I usually stay loyal to the local brands, but they were sold out once so I tried this brand and my cat absolutely LOVED it! Seems to be popular with cats.
Also, another note for new cat owners: Don't change the brand too often, depending on the cat they might get a bad stomach from going from brand to brand, it's better to stay loyal to one or two brands (other one as back-up) that you know are good for your kitty. I might be overly caucus though since my friend's cat has a really sensitive stomach.

No. 1665406

Kibble alone cannot cause a urinary tract blockage. Male cats have a much higher risk of urinary tract blockage than female cats. He wasn't drinking enough water, to be sure. Did you say you and your neighbors fed him kibble? As in, he was an outside cat?
Wow, I'm not feeding my cats mice, thanks. I'm also not taking anything else you're saying to heart because you are advocating for a mouse-based diet while saying there is no research, so I don't trust your judgement or credentials.

No. 1665415

That good, you should always do your own research when making decisions that affect you pet's health as animals are highly individualized and no one plan fits all.

No. 1665428

Ayrt, my cat actually didn't used to care for Purina at all about 6-10 years ago, so they must have changed something! I know people like to speculate that "junk" is being put into popular food so that's why the cats like it. But as long as my guys are healthy, the food isn't shit, and they enjoy it, I'm good.
That is a really interesting anecdote about switching food. My family usually bought what was on sale as long as it was a good quality, so we switched foods a lot. He actually grew a lot bigger than his siblings, who were fed cheaper kibble and human food (the lasagna incident haunts me), so it worked out for him. He does have a few other health problems and intense anxiety, so I always attributed his stomach problems to that. We need more information on this!

No. 1665438

File: 1692111063789.jpg (21.04 KB, 199x281, Screenshot 2023-08-15 074432.j…)

dry kibble is fine as long as it's not the cheap $20 walmart brands. this is what i feed my cats! i give them wet food or raw meat (left over from when im cooking) every now and again as a treat but they mainly eat the kibble and they are very healthy. their fur is soft, never mats and they are both in the ideal weight range. never had a health issue in 5 years, the vet actually told me he was extremely impressed with them last time i was there tbh.

No. 1665449

and a pet water fountain! My cat drinks twice as much water because of it. She gets pissed when it's off so I can change out the water/clean it. They aren't expensive at all and i like it because if I'm not home all day I know her water stays fresh.

No. 1665498

>Kibble alone cannot cause a urinary tract blockage.
Are you unable to read? Kibble leads to them not intaking enough water which, along with the pH of urine, leads to sand/stones which leads to blockages. So only feeding kibble can absolutely lead to blockage.

No. 1668327

File: 1692333338177.png (2.86 MB, 1624x1206, princessbecomesacatperson.png)

don't ask me how, why, or where i stumbled upon this dress up game, but i immediately thought of you, anons

No. 1668334

She’s me

No. 1668340

amen to the water fountain! we have a water fountain, one of those gravity driven water bowls, and a water bowl on the fenced in porch. kitty usually drinks out of whichever one he sees me refill/change that day because cats are weird and like to mirror your actions. you don't have to feed them wet food, and if you're worried about their hydration you can feed them dry food with vegetable or chicken broth added. the reason they won't drink water is if it is sitting, so fountains work the best. they also sound nice if you're into natural water noises

No. 1668395

File: 1692346088868.jpg (100.78 KB, 680x1183, 636.jpg)

Had a picrel moment with my cat this morning.
I've hurt my back so I can't reach his water bowls at the moment, so I put his water in a regular bowl on the table as a temporary solution. He spent several minutes dipping one paw into it, take it up, shake off the water, dip it down again, shake it off again, and so on and so forth, switching between paws. Once he had done that with like half of the content he finally decided to drink.
He usually don't care if his water comes from a fountain or his regular angled bowls, so I don't think he's confused about the water being still. I think he's just being a little weirdo again.

No. 1668603

Nonnies please I really fucked up. There was a stranger cat in my backyard this morning. I might seen this one before but I’m not sure, I’ve seen 2 or 3 kitties around and one looked similar at the least. Anyway I wanted to give the cat some freeze dried treats so I was going out there but my own cat leaped past me and zoomed at the kitty before I could grab him. Never seen cats run quite that fast and they ran around the side of the house where I couldn’t see. I assumed that they would have both jumped the fence and I would have to be looking for my cat all day so I turned to run back in and go through the front, but then I heard a noise so I went back to the fence they ran toward. My cat was standing in this crazy macho pose with his tail fluffed and he was snarling and grunting and clicking his tongue. The other cat jumped the fence and luckily mine didn’t. I scooped him up and brought him inside. He seems completely unharmed but I was worried about the other cat. I felt better when I remembered that I just cut my cat’s claws and they were very blunt and filed smooth and round now. But then I suddenly remembered that cats can bite too. I’ve seen my cat go after dogs before but it’s always with claws. How likely do you think he could have bit the other cat? I really hope he didn’t hurt it. Do you think it will ever come back to my yard? I live in a neighborhood with lots of other yards for it to go in instead. I want to leave food out and become friends

No. 1668627

File: 1692367574218.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1656, 6E80A1AE-3341-48E1-A8E4-FEA8E4…)

>My cat was standing in this crazy macho pose with his tail fluffed and he was snarling and grunting and clicking his tongue.
Made me think of this heh

No. 1668635

Everytime my cat sees an insect in the house, she watches it and starts deep howl-meowing as if she's summoning demons. I don't know why she can't just play with it like the other cats, I always get a heart attack and think she's hurt.

No. 1668637

ntayrt but I just recently got kittens and I bought a water fountain for them, only for them to not use it. I've tried sitting there and splashing it around, putting their paws in it so they know it's water, they do not care lol. The morning after i brought them to my house, I found brother cat drinking water out of a dirty dish in the sink, and while i know cats might prefer that sometimes I tried leaving a bowl of standing water by their food and they both started drinking a ton of it, immediately. Poor babies hadn't had water for like a whole day, I felt so bad.

On a similar note, has anyone had success getting their cats to change litter? I would really like them to use pine pellets 'cause it's way cheaper, but i knew that the pet store had been giving them clay litter so I put clay in one box and pine in another, so they'd still use something they were familiar with. A week in and they have not even touched the pine litter box. I'm scared to try getting rid of the clay because at least they are using a box, and i'd still prefer them use a litter box to pissing and shitting everywhere on the floor.
I love them both so much. Though it's hard to get to sleep at night with them playing so much on my bed, there's nothing better than waking up snuggled up next to cats.

No. 1668643

samefagging but I also love it when they finally settle down and stop trying to climb on my keyboard and just sleep on either side of it, which is what they're doing right now.

No. 1668645


No. 1668672

Ok at the very least I know its eyes are fine, it didn’t seem hurt otherwise either but I didn’t get to be too close. It watched me by the fence until I left and then it left, but I left some wet food out there by the window of my work office so I can see it if it takes the bait!

I think you should try getting rid of the clay litter. Healthy cats really prefer using a litter if it’s available and will wait all day just to shit in their box if necessary so just trial it for a couple days. I changed my cats litter to different smelling and feeling ones a lot and he never cared.

No. 1668682

My cat used to be a street cat. What’s weird is that he was very friendly toward other cats until one attacked us while we were on a walk and we were attacked by a dog that I was able to save him from by sacrificing myself. I think that changed him, and now he tries to kill all cats and dogs on sight kek

No. 1668699

you should be careful about inviting a random cat to hang around your house and giving it food. it could be someone else's cat and then you would be overfeeding it, or it could be a stray with fleas and diseases that your cat could catch. not saying you can't make friends with it if you want to but just keep some things like that in mind. you could wind up with a flea infestation under your porch or something similarly unpleasant. if you wind up with a backyard friend make sure you treat it for fleas and parasites and make sure your cat has all its shots.

No. 1668722

I get it, if it’s a neighbors cat they need to keep it indoors though, it’s on them IMO. My cat has all shots and I would never let a friend kitty suffer fleas and worms

No. 1676816

File: 1692967439355.jpg (60.28 KB, 1280x720, photo_2023-08-25_14-12-05.jpg)

I found a baby in my garrage amongst dust and mess. Mother cat couldn't be seen, the only cat that could maybe be his mom didn't seem pregnant. No shelter wanted him untill one lady who has a dog shelter messagerd me. Thank god for her, my cat absolutely hates any other cats. Either some cat abandoned the kitten there or somebody put it there to get rid of it. There was no den or anything. He is in good hands now.

No. 1676821

It only took 2 months for my bitchy old princess kitty to get used to the new kitten! It took her over 6 months to get used to her brothers when I adopted them a couple years ago. I’m proud of her, I know she wishes she was the only cat in the world and wishes she could be an only cat but she’s so smart and adaptable.

No. 1676860

File: 1692972426573.png (1.16 MB, 1044x842, Clipped_image_20230825_150948.…)


No. 1676864

File: 1692972772072.png (2.38 MB, 1440x1278, Clipped_image_20230825_151110.…)

She anon

No. 1676882

I love her. Orange girl kitties are kinda rare.

No. 1676918

File: 1692977166782.jpg (47.62 KB, 900x823, cd8.jpg)

I'm upset for the first time ever that I don't have any real online presence, after many tries I FINALLY managed to get a good video of our morning cuddles (he usually gets annoyed by it but he was 100% in the cuddle zone this time) and it's sending so many good vibes more people deserve to see it. I even made a gif of it.

No. 1677493

I put an old sheet over a coffee table today and my cats are going nuts with it. glad they found something new to play with!

No. 1677539

Post it here!

No. 1677659

File: 1693036649930.gif (17.82 MB, 540x304, IMG_2801.gif)

Went back and forth all morning whether I should or not, but fuck it. I already posted a gif of him a few months ago ITT

No. 1677719

handsome cat

No. 1677763

he looks sooooo soft anon. snuggle him for me

No. 1677918

He is just as soft as he looks! I was worried he wouldn't be once he lost his kitten fur, but he's almost 1 year old now and still as silky soft as he was when I got him

No. 1682556

this video is so cute

No. 1682638

I wanna kiss the cat and guy.

No. 1687457

File: 1693843397389.jpg (3.37 KB, 234x156, sleeping cat.jpg)

I wonder if my cats watch me sleep as much as I watch them. Certainly they're awake for a good chunk of the night.

No. 1687490

Maybe they do. I have a cat that used to always watch me on my sleep, I'd wake up with her staring at me. My parents had the same experience so we know she did it with everyone. Also I have a different cat that used to slap everyone in the house in the face when we were asleep. I wonder if this is the cat equivalent of humans waking up pets to be sure they're not dead kek

No. 1695592

File: 1694541325508.jpg (16.28 KB, 360x360, raf,360x360,075,t,fafafa_ca443…)

It's my cats first birthday soon! What should I get him? He already has a bunch of toys and nice treats, I've been looking at recipes for "cat cakes" so I can really spoil him but I want to give him a nice little gift too!
I know it's silly to celebrate a cat's birthday, but my mental health has increased tenfold since I got him, I'm pretty sure he saved my life and the little darling has no clue.

No. 1695613

Maybe get him a little hideout of some kind if you have space/he likes that? Or maybe a little cat grass plant for in your place so he can nom? Your post is so wholesome it made me go peek in on my cat in his heated little cat teepee hehe happy birthday to your little fuzzy angel, nonna!

No. 1695644

awww nona this is so cute! I actually just celebrated my cats' birthdays yesterday! They were born a couple days apart so i combine their birthday celebrations kek. I wanted to do a cat cake as well but i ended up just getting a paté and putting treats on top of it like little candles and then covered it all with salmon broth. they loved it and i gave them each a new cat nip toy afterwards!

if youre wanting to get him something other than a little toy maybe you could get him a cozy cat bed or a window perch? or like >>1695613 said, cat grass is always a huge hit with my cats! happy birthday to the little one!!

No. 1696370

Sadly, he doesn't like hideouts or cat beds. Last time I got him a hideout he grew tired of it within 48 hours lmao, he prefers to lie on my bed or on the fireplace mantel, or spreading out at random places on the floor. But I'll look into cat grass!
Speaking of goodies for your cat, has anyone made catnip tea? Is it just like making a regular cup of tea? I have a constant battle with him over my cups so maybe he'd be happy if he got his own little one.

No. 1700377

No. 1702667

I was eating a mealbar and I guess my cat really liked the smell. He refused to finish his dinner and wouldn't leave me alone neither while I was eating it nor after until I opened my mouth and let him stick his stupid nose in and smell. Dude why, why are you like this.

No. 1704404

The “outdoor cat” (read: alone and unloved and hungry stray) came back to me this morning when I called his name! This is the third day he’s come for food but I didn’t see him last time because my next door neighbor fed him first. He’s a super skinny old man cat with cataracts and I feel just terrible for the guy. It warms my heart that he’s come back for food, but it kills me to know a day will soon come when he’ll stop coming and I’ll never find out what happened to him. Who would leave an old skinny cat outside to die like this?

No. 1707407

will be moving super far away soon, and we have to drive with kitty for 8-9 days in the car. i have everything figured out minus food. i normally feed him high quality dry food with some broth once a week, and wet food mixed in 1-2 times a week, churu treat once a week. he has a water fountain and automatic feeder and starts getting super vocal when his food is about to come out.
i guess my question is, i was planning on just doing wet food for the 9 days for ease of feeding, but he's already getting so spoiled he's not eating his dry food AT ALL anymore and i cannot afford solely wetfood/i think the containers are wasteful as fuck. he also hasn't been drinking as much water and i think a cat growing up knowing to drink water is an easy way to avoid kidney problems, so i don't want him relying on wet food. where we are moving too the wet food will be wayyyyy to expensive to afford

No. 1707425

lmao this is my favorite way to hold kitty but he was forced into it. your cat now knows the heat and love emanates from you

No. 1707459

this breaks my heart. one of my cats is a skinny-as-a-rail old blind girl with dementia. i can't imagine putting her outside for even a second.

No. 1709669

hey anon i know this is a month old, but our cat was using clumping litter for the first two years of his life, then when we got him we switched to pine pellets. he didn't care at all. i would be more worried about switching from pellets to clay/clumping because there is a higher chance of irritation. w/ pellets there is far less tracking, almost no smell if you are scooping regularly (and even when we've been gone a week and had someone check on him but not change the litter, it wasn't bad), and it's way cheaper/better for the environment. I would recommend using them with a pad underneath (for only the pee box if you have two, and if the cat uses one for both definitely get one because I've noticed my friends who only have one box and not separate ones have WAY stinkier boxes.) also would recommend getting two boxes, you can barely tell we have a cat because i think largely in part to this. i went home solo for the holidays and came home and was like ?? it doesn't smell?? usually all my friends i cat sit for i could TELL

No. 1709681

File: 1695932536123.png (4.56 MB, 1916x1486, mreow.png)

samefag, kitty picture for advice. he's also a grazer, a really small amount goes into his bowl automatically 4 times a day (it plays audio of my voice and i think that helps him for when we're gone/working.) so i'm also not sure with the wet food if i should do some in the morning, and then some at night so we can hopefully get him to sleep? we're going to be in hotels for 8-9 days and driving 8-14 hours a day so actually being able to sleep is going to be really important. i have a 24 pack of sheba pate duos so 48 servings. i'm going to ask the vet if i should feet him a bit more while we're on the road since he's going to be super stressed.

last thing, does anyone have any recs for anti anxiety that works? again will ask my vet (he needs to get paperwork before we leave so we can get through customs) and she might give us prescription cat stuff. but any recs/experiences are helpful, thank you! i've never had to drive far with a cat. dogs are a lot easier lol

No. 1709861

File: 1695948658456.jpg (51.33 KB, 564x1002, CAT.jpg)

I want a black cat so bad. My ex took both my cats so now I'm looking for a new one to keep me company.

No. 1711603

File: 1696106242138.jpg (44.76 KB, 640x853, tumblr_6775c3ec56c574c069497d9…)

this poem had me ugly crying today and now i keep thinking about it and getting sad.

No. 1711677

Oh my god. I did not expect to join you in the crying. Author?

No. 1711704

spencer madsen! i cried about it again just an hour ago ngl

No. 1711706

why did you post this aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

No. 1711726

I read this thinking it wasn't going to be that sad, but omg. The toy and food lines got me.

No. 1711730

same, I immediately went to play with my cat and give him some treats

No. 1720056

>neighbor’s senior cat keeps coming over to hang out and sleep
>start thinking the cat or the owner the might be sick because it’s multiple times a day
>neighbor is fine but he recently adopted a kitten that stays in his house
I’m assuming the older cat likes crashing here because the kitten is too energetic for him. The neighbor is a good pet owner and does get the cat in at night, but I feel kinda bad with how the cat will run over if he sees me. He’ll sleep for like 8 hours before going home.

No. 1720082

I love it when my cats wake me up at night to be pet and all I can make out of their faces are completely black eyes and they look like little aliens

No. 1720096

File: 1696817350870.jpg (13.22 KB, 470x251, glowie.jpg)


No. 1720467

that's a massive win, enjoy your cat companion that you don't have to feed

No. 1720569

File: 1696831331811.png (1.4 MB, 1145x1832, Clipped_image_20231009_020041.…)

>don't see my cat for 2 years because I went to university
>go back
>she is warm to me, meows and purrs whenever she sees me, tries to sit near me
>only treats me like this
she remembers
pic related

No. 1720617

File: 1696832868031.jpg (108.3 KB, 1284x2282, IMG_20230604_152132_875.jpg)

I went from finding cats unsettling to loving them, all thanks to a super sweet boy who opened my heart to them. We now use kitten pics instead of emojis when texting, literally us. meow meow retards

No. 1720668

A cat's love for its favorite person is eternal. I had a family member who passed away and even years later, his cat still hasn't been as affectionate with anyone as she was with him. Must be confusing for her, wondering where her human went.

No. 1721343

I had today off so he came over again and even killed a mouse (they are a problem so I’m glad he caught one). He’s a very sweet cat but I think he’s used to the quiet and attention from being the only animal in the houses he’s lived in.

No. 1721357

I'm getting a new kitten nonnas! Been studying up on how to introduce a new cat to the household. I have one 5 y/o cat already and she's always been interested in other animals. But I'm still going to take it slow with her because I really want her to have a friend. I'm thinking she's been very lonely since I went back to working in the office

No. 1721367

i feel so bad that i don't play with my cat enough, i know being a house cat is unbearably boring and causes a lot of mental problems for them. i think that's why he's so clingy all the time. he's gotten chubbier too. whenever i see an overweight cat i can't help but think they must've gotten that way because they can't do anything to stave off boredom but eat.

No. 1721368

Did you read the “my cat is sad” poem on /m/ too? lol

No. 1721374

no lol. i started thinking about this because recently i read an essay about how it is literally impossible to imagine how boring it is to be a domesticated animal with no control over your life and few sources of entertainment. like yes, pets get a guaranteed food source and healthcare, but think of everything they have to give up for that… it's weird to think how we all sort of take that for granted

No. 1723682

still thinking about this again. i'm gonna remember it every time now when i'm on my phone and my cats want my attention

No. 1723699

>have perfectly good bed
>cat wants only to lay on my floor but specifically wants me to lay my pink bathrobe on floor so he can lay on it
He also walked across my laptop and sat on the keyboard for like five min while I was working today kek I love him. Also he is laying in the crook of my arm rn so I forgive his earlier aloofness.

No. 1723728

my babies turn six months old today. They've been growing into more adultish shapes and i've loved watching them grow the last few months. i'm particularly smitten with my orange boy, he's always right by my side. i guess i'd better get my phone out and post a picture.

No. 1723731

File: 1697078842656.png (9.31 MB, 2669x3953, IMG_3296.png)

No. 1723817

So cute, I hope you give them lots of love!

No. 1723967

Please make sure to give this cute kitty many kisses.

No. 1725290

File: 1697223259863.jpg (38.85 KB, 474x510, cat-pondering.jpg)

Trying to figure out whether I was always a cat person and just didn't realize it until I got one, or if I turned into one when I got one of my own. Because I went from liking cats to being absolutely obsessed.

No. 1725671

ayrt i clicked this image cause i thought omg that cat looks JUST like mine only to see it was in relation to a pic of my own cat, lmfao

No. 1725924

It's a common experience nona. Enjoy your kitty cat!

No. 1725931

She's been sleeping in this round chair and she fits so perfectly that thing was made for her

No. 1725937

I love how they can form a perfect circle when they sleep.

No. 1726568

My cat tends to lay down on my chest whenever I'm half-laying down on the couch, he's only 1 year old so he never stays there for more than a few minutes before remembers he got cat stuff to do, and recently he started to lean his head against me as close as he can get when he cuddles and look like he is about to fall asleep for a minute or two before he gets up again.

No. 1727649

File: 1697392320906.jpg (50.42 KB, 1599x900, Cute_cat_sleeping_with_a_toy_1…)

i like pictures of real cats holding toy cats

No. 1733366

my kitties are so cute and loving and mostly well behaved, whenever people talk about theirs peeing and pooping around the house and outside the boxes i wonder how they get to that point. are some cats just damaged? did i get lucky with mine? anyway off to clean litterboxes, they're getting ripe

No. 1733510

>house has multiple soft beds, sofas, chairs, cat trees
>girl cat always chooses to sleep on the hard bumpy plastic toolbox in the corner of the basement
don't understand her affinity with this spot

No. 1733516

KEK why are they like that tho. I had a girl cat (RIP she had a good long life but I miss her still) and she would open the sock drawer of my dresser, fling EVERY pair of socks out, and then lay in the hard wood drawer. Bonus: she would get you if you didn’t know she was in there. Lightning paws!!!

No. 1733801

She sleeps on my face sometimes but right now she's holding my legs hostage, I love her
Kek my old cat always did this, he would lay his head on the metal corner on the chair and look like he was in heaven.

No. 1733811

mine has his own bed+mine but prefeers to sleep on the bidet

No. 1733851

How does she fit??

No. 1733901

it's a pretty big bidet for a pretty big boy

No. 1734006

sleepin' on the top of bidet
watching the tide roll away

No. 1734039

My cat has gotten into this weird habit of digging in my bed, he doesn't use his claws when he does it and he doesn't pee after his "digging" (he uses his litter box as usual, I haven't changed his litter and I clean it every second day). Anyone know why he does this?

No. 1739334

lmao my idiot husband thought that closing one of the doors would stop the zoomies. he is now awake walking the cat you fucking idiot they hate it when you close doors i told YOU

can we have men suck as a sage

No. 1739336

anon that is normal, that means they loveand feel comfortable next to you lol. they're building a little pile to sleep next to you

No. 1739339

samefag but trim their nails every two weeks and have a bunch of those cardboard box scratchers or they will mess up your shit. they need a lot of stuff to scratch

No. 1740179

When my cat is cold and doesn’t want to move under the covers, she covers her little nose with her paws and I fucking love her for it

No. 1740202

That's great to hear! I figured it might be something like that since he usually does it in places where I think my smell is pretty strong (like my bed, my spot on the couch or my most used tote bags), but he isn't always very good at this whole cat-thing and seem to look surprised himself when he does it sometimes so I wanted to double check. He is getting his nails trimmed regularly and is a very good boy about it!

No. 1740204

It might be play behavior too? My cat likes to dig up little piles of dirt to throw in the air and swat at when it falls back down on her.

No. 1740216

that's so cute

No. 1743003

File: 1698583822854.jpeg (3.18 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_6320.jpeg)

My handsome old man is my faithful bathroom companion! I can’t get up tho now and must sit here on the toilet until he is ready to venture out kek

No. 1743008

my baby sits on me like this too

No. 1743038

can cats catch a cold? my cat loves sleeping under the AC now that it's hot outside but i worry he might get sick. He's super fluffly so i get it lol.

No. 1743039

My cat will be in a dead sleep, hear me open the bathroom door, and instantly wake up and come running to sit on his stool while I do whatever I gotta do in there kek. What is it with cats and bathrooms?

No. 1743043

i am glad my cat isn't the only one, i used to find it so creepy he would stare at me while i took a shower kek he learned how to open doors only so he could come make me company while i bathe/do the numbah 2

No. 1743117

Idk but they sure love them kek every cat I’ve ever had since childhood was a bathroom creeper, male and female. My dog does not come in the bathroom tho, never even had to train her not to. She just sits outside the door looking sad lmao I think she is unnerved by the toilet flushing.

No. 1743345

>What is it with cats and bathrooms?
Been asking myself the same. The only times my cat wants to take a nap in my lap is when I'm on the toilet and it's hard to lift him down because you can just tell how comfortable he is.

No. 1750030

Everyone at work thinks I'm crazy for taking time off because I'm getting a new cat. I tried to not tell anyone but my team pokes and prods a lot. Regardless, I really needed a break. I can't wait for some relaxation with my new kitty and getting her acclimated to her new home

No. 1750037

you're a good cat mom

No. 1750060

They want to protect you while you're vulnerable lol. My cat watches me in the bathroom and also wants me to watch him, he'll yell at me and lead me to his litterbox when he needs to go. I guess in the wild poop time is the perfect time for a predator to attack.

No. 1750065

>he'll yell at me and lead me to his litterbox when he needs to go
KEK i've never had that happen but it makes a lot of sense

No. 1750104

I'm absolutely obsessed with my cat, he is the love of my life. But looking at pictures of him as a kitten makes me wish the kitten phase was longer and the adolescence phase much shorter. I miss him falling asleep in my arms

No. 1750117

File: 1699036816818.jpg (491.14 KB, 3072x4080, my bby.jpg)

I love my little freak cat so much
>when guests come over and take off their shoes he has to thoroughly sniff every pair
>only drinks water from a cup
>likes to go outside (I have a small enclosed patio, he doesn't free roam) and roll around on the concrete
>will sit and watch tv with me, if it's a nature documentary with little creatures he will try to catch them
>oddly picky eater- doesn't eat scraps of meat but goes insane for pumpkin and yams
>likes to "dig" under fabric. If I'm wearing an oversized hoodie he will crawl in through the bottom and stick his little head out the top hole. He also has to be under the covers at night and will destroy piles of folded laundry trying to get under them kek
also despite being mostly gray his little toe pads are pink and the cutest thing ever

No. 1750122

Show the beans!

No. 1750212

beautiful, wonderful
One of my cats is also a lap cat, I love how gentle and careful he is when stepping or laying. He never scratches me
Cats can get colds but both human and cat colds are caused by viruses, not just the state of being cool. The reason why colds are more common when it's colder is because your immune system is weaker at low temperatures and thus can't fight off the viruses as well.
Sitting in front of AC to cool down during a warm day shouldn't cause a cold, usually the problem with spending a lot of time close to the AC is that there's dust and bacteria being ejected so you can feel icky if you're inhaling it constantly. If you keep your ducts clean and have good ventilation, it's nothing to worry about

No. 1750777

File: 1699066804045.png (7.17 MB, 2858x1601, 74ACDCA0-76C6-4B0A-BFD1-1CA4D1…)

My kitten is eeping and I took a pic of her and now she is transparent too

No. 1750799

I love him so much omg please post a pic of this cute boy’s pink toe beans. My girl cats both love watching TV with me, one of them particularly loves colorful cartoons. She never tries to get anything on the TV, she just watches. It’s so cute.

No. 1750832

YESSS fantastic image nona

No. 1750841

Super cute best picture it's amazing I love it thanks for sharing

No. 1750971

My cat is also obsessed with being under blankets and covers when snoozing with me! It's cute but I sleep wearing shorts and sometimes she wakes me up by licking my kneecaps lmao

No. 1751270

File: 1699080204383.jpeg (14.56 KB, 168x300, IMG_0304.jpeg)

Hello anons.
I was recently screwed over by a really shitty moid who was the final straw in me deciding that I no longer want to associate with moids, I want to fully embrace cat lady life.
My problem is that, though I have a strong affinity to these beautiful majestic animals, I have never owned a single one in my entire life and need all the help and advice I can get on adopting one. What can I do to prepare for a pet cat of my own?

No. 1751581

I love my cat and she's the reason I'm still here.

No. 1751586

get some basic supplies first. litter box/scoop, clumping litter (be sure to keep their box far away from their food area to prevent it from being contaminated by their waste). you can feed them dry food but it is essential to include some sort wet food in their diet for moisture, like canned food or mix-ins/toppers. cats often don't take in enough water which puts them at risk of becoming dehydrated and developing serious kidney issues so I recommend getting yours a drinking fountain instead of a water bowl, they typically find flowing water more appealing. for toys get them a variety pack and see what type they're more drawn towards (some prefer plushies whereas others like balls they can roll around and chase) and then buy more of those.

No. 1751590

people might convince you to let your cat go outdoors but I would say don't. your cat might get killed, ran over by a car, stolen, tortured by some sadistic moid, mauled by a dog, etc. if you so insist in having your cat to go outside, you can teach it how to wear a harness and be walked just like a dog. I suggest putting nets on your windows, esp. if you live in an apartment, your cat might be a dumdum and try to jump to escape. overall you just dont want your cat to be outside but you also want it to exercise so I also suggest getting some cat tree or wall shelves it can walk on.

No. 1751618

Cannot stress this enough. Never let your cat be an outside cat tbh, it almost always ends in heartbreak. I learned it the hard way as a kid because my parents didn’t know any better. Now my fancy man gets supervised outdoor visits either being carried by me or in a little enclosure. Cat tree and wall shelves are a great idea as well as those cardboard catnip scratchers if the cat you get likes the nip (some do some don’t). My current cat has a cat tree and access to two high shelf tops that don’t have anything on them (because he knocked it off and I had to rearrange kek) so he can go up there and hang out. Indoor cat = safe cat, and also they can still have fun and get exercise. If you do get a kitty, post a pic here!! I wanna see ♥

No. 1751624

If you get kittens, get a pair. They bond and play with each other (and can make you feel less guilty about leaving them alone when you’re out of the house lol)

No. 1751635

Kittens are precious but also a lot of work, especially if you have no experience with cats. Adult shelter cats are nice because you can see their personality before buying. Try to match a cat to your lifestyle, like if you work long hours you'll need a cat that's more independent or a bonded pair that can keep each other company.

Also Jackson Galaxy is really good for learning cat behavior/body language. He shills his expensive hippy products a lot but just ignore that.

No. 1751712

- Get museum putty, it's made to keep items in place during earthquakes so it will be your best friend if your cat happens to have an affinity towards pushing items.
- Get clumping cat litter, will make it much easier to clean the box.
- If you are a plant mom, check which ones are poisonous to cats and put them either on a high shelf or a room the cat isn't allowed into at the start if you don't decide to just get rid of them.
- Once the cat is a bit older (if you get a kitten) you can slowly introduce plants with the non-poisonous first with supervision and give them treats whenever they are just chilling out around the plant without paying it much attention. But still keep the more dangerous plants in places they can't reach if you still want to keep them (I keep mine on either piedestals, top of bookshelves and in plant hangers), and perhaps put them away if you are going out.

No. 1755710

File: 1699285930289.jpg (68.55 KB, 960x960, Fm2Tu-3XgAACBwX.jpg)


No. 1755720

Awwww congratulations anon!

No. 1755739

I've been sick as hell and my cat's been sitting on my lap more recently to comfort me. I love her, she's my baby.

No. 1757437

File: 1699340403748.jpeg (611.77 KB, 1153x1359, 8A4219AA-8A94-4585-88C6-4B0A51…)

Obsessed with my cats multicolored beans
I had no idea it was a thing kek

No. 1757442

my calico girl has multicolored toes too, even the roof of her mouth is multicolor which is so silly. My orange stripe boy has both white whiskers and black whiskers which is so weird?

No. 1757672

File: 1699364499010.jpg (3.17 MB, 4032x3024, 20231103_184249.jpg)

Here's my kitty Theodore Katzynski

No. 1757677

File: 1699364968036.jpeg (1.8 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0078.jpeg)

I just had a nice chat with my aunt’s cat. She’s incredibly talkative and will meow back and forth with you. She will often look for a room with people in it, walk in, start meowing and then leave, like she wanted to talk about her day. God forbid you try to pet her though. I love her so much. Pic related

No. 1757825

My cat fell into a really deep sleep next to me last night, COMPLETELY conked out like he's the one paying bills. Like you could lift his paws or head and he wouldn't react, which I first found funny but suddenly got worried he had spontaneously died so I woke him up just to check on him. I still fill bad about it kek (I can report that he is very much alive and very healthy)

No. 1758968

if it makes you feel any better i've done that before too nonnie kek, mine is a heavy sleeper and it used to scare the shit out of me

No. 1764893

Anyone else’s cat avoid looking at themselves in the mirror like their life depends on it?

No. 1764911

File: 1699654118452.png (2 MB, 1079x1087, Screenshot_20231110_170120_Gal…)

One of my cats always DEEP sleeps, you can go right up to his face and talk to him and he's totally oblivious, he is like a corpse. He usually sleeps on his back too, completely limp. I think it's in his genes because he's a ragdoll mix. Picrel

No. 1769319

File: 1699862087348.gif (9.26 MB, 498x498, kocheng-walscout.gif)

My cat had a bit of a bad stomach, so I was told by a vet to feed him boiled cod and liquid replacement for roughly a week and then slowly reintroduce his regular wet food. Been a week now so I visited the pet store I told one in the staff about the current situation and asked for something that is nice to the stomach after this type of treatment, and the girl knew exactly which brand through her own experience. This morning he finally pooped normally, except it was on the floor… he's never done that, his litterbox was cleaned last night too. I think it might be in protest over that I kept checking his litterbox and digging around in it to keep myself "updated" since this happened soon after I had checked it a couple of minutes after he peed (I was in my bedroom when I heard he was in the litterbox so I couldn't tell what number he was doing). Luckily I'm studying from home today so I can keep an eye on him, here's to hoping it's just a one-time thing… he's his usual self and healthy otherwise, we have played around and cuddled, his tail is straight up and his ears pointing up and forward, his eyes energic.

No. 1769512

did he poop anywhere near the litter box? maybe he just had to go urgently and didn't make it to the box in time. it's also possible that he associates the litter box with his stomach trouble, like how cats with urinary tract infections will sometimes associate the pain they feel while peeing with the litter box and end up peeing elsewhere.

No. 1769804

He did it on the living room floor, which is pretty far away from his box. I heard him scratching the floor so I went to check what was going on and saw the poop sausage on the floor. The vet I called said the same as you but also that my theory sounds more likely for now, he haven't done it again today so it might just have been a one-off thing. But I'm still going to pick up a new litterbox tomorrow, saw someone selling the Modkat one for 1/10th of the price so I figured I might as well give update his current one.

No. 1772667

I'm this anon, I never thought I'd be so happy and relieved to see poop in a box that I had to call my mom, but at least it seems he's finally getting better! Ended up taking him to the vet since he seemed to be struggling to do his business in the litterbox and I wanted to make sure it wasn't an urinary infection on top of it all but he's all fine! Cost me almost $400 but I'd do it again in a heartbeat just to make sure he's happy and healthy.

No. 1773306

Interesting. I have a bunch of floor-to-ceiling mirrors in my house and my cat is completely neutral on them as far as I can tell, doesn't look into/at them or avoid them. Sometimes I pick him up and look into the mirror with him and say dumb stuff like "who is that kitty boy?" and he doesn't give a fuck.

No. 1774261

that's wonderful news, i'm so glad he's doing better!

No. 1782834

How often is it socially acceptable to be on the verge of crying whenever you look at your cat or pictures of it? Because I feel like I am several times a week, I just love him so much

No. 1784146

I recently got a third cat and I feel like I have complete cat brain rot. I’m always thinking about them whenever I’m not home, I like to talk to them and pet them and watch them as they’re doing whatever. I feel like they’re constantly on my mind. I’m glad my partner is the same way though and we’re always talking about our cats to each other and fawning over them together. Our house has become more cat-friendly with cat beds, cat towers, tunnels they can run through, scratching posts, and cat toys. I just love those little guys so much

No. 1789148

File: 1700990427522.jpeg (91.66 KB, 637x956, B2E355EF-CC84-4CB7-8507-7B4012…)

I’ve never thought I’d say it, but this cat is so beautiful. Maybe it’s just the cinematography, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a well photographed cat. Like seeing this cat Uni, literally makes my day so much better.

No. 1789150

I would say it’s normal. My cats are living with my mom and I haven’t seen them in a few months. So looking at old photos makes me sad. I know how it feels

No. 1789192

How can you not admire it's colouring that creates that perfect ":3" face?

No. 1789906

I love this cat! I follow him on Instagram and youtube!

No. 1791603

File: 1701134607637.jpeg (77.94 KB, 637x956, 039E4B3E-1FF0-428A-A772-56A35F…)

Have another

No. 1793222

File: 1701254706143.jpeg (150.44 KB, 638x796, CB8D339F-88F4-4D07-A75B-B2167E…)

No. 1793224

File: 1701254830205.jpeg (229.33 KB, 637x850, FB9466D7-1697-4E7D-90AD-396859…)

No. 1793225

File: 1701254894527.jpeg (60.65 KB, 640x960, B33A01B1-9A1B-491A-88F1-BAE7E1…)

Another Uni

No. 1794026

File: 1701309906289.jpg (210.42 KB, 1147x661, tommy.jpg)

We had to say goodbye last night. He was 19 years old. He developed hyperthyroidism and the disease progressed very rapidly, in just a few weeks after his first symptoms we had to let him go to avoid him suffering. He was everything I always dreamed about for a companion. When I was a little girl we had an orange tabby named Ginger and he was the sweetest boy, but I was only 5 when he passed away so I didn't get to spend much time with him. Since then I always wanted to meet a cat just like him, a orange tabby with a heart of gold, and that's what Tom was. He made all of my kitty dreams come true. He was the best snuggler. He would lay right on my chest and purr all night, lay his head next to mine, give gentle kisses and face boops. He was very silly and playful, he loved to be outside on the leash, sitting in my lap on lazy days while playing video games, obsessed with his catnip fishy, and a very good older brother. He would do the blep a lot, and his favorite sleeping position was face planting, I want to make a whole collage just of his face plants kek. He was tough and knew how to stand up for himself, when he still went outside by himself he got into a few tussles and ended up with a funny eye but it just added to his charm and character. I've never met such an affectionate kitty, and to get the opportunity to be his mom was one of the best things to ever happen to me. He truly made wishes come true just by being his sweet self. He was the epitome of ginger cats, except without the "head empty" stereotype people are always giving to them, he was extremely smart and learned many tricks. Our last days together were spent with his signature snuggles, wrapping his little arms around me, his sweet smile. He was very thin and weak at the end, compared to how fluffy and strong he used to be, it was hard to watch him deteriorate like that. We knew if we didn't make the hardest decision, the risk of organ failure could happen any day, we couldn't take the chance of him being in any pain. We spent the entire day together before saying goodbye late in the evening. I keep replaying those last moments in my head over and over, it seems like there was never going to be enough time to say goodbye. I can't stand that he isn't here. I love you forever Tommy. My heart is broken.

No. 1794035

File: 1701310181582.jpg (46.5 KB, 496x661, tommy2.jpg)

No. 1794037

File: 1701310210614.jpg (86.57 KB, 496x661, tommy3.jpg)

Rest in peace, angel.

No. 1794054

Rest in peace sweet one, so loved and cherished.. I will be thinking about you and him. Allmy hugs to you.

No. 1794081

Oh my god I'm so sorry. rest in peace Tommy. what an angel

No. 1794085

I'm incredibly sorry anon, rest in peace to your sweet baby. He sounds like the best cat ever

No. 1794088

I'm so sorry about the loss of your fur baby, he had a good life.

No. 1797786

I'm very sorry for your loss, he looks very beautiful here

No. 1797993

I'm sorry for your loss nonna. It sounds like you gave Tommy the greatest gift you can ever give a cat, which is a life full of love and care. He was very lucky to have you.

No. 1804548

File: 1702084868523.jpeg (82.9 KB, 864x867, BDC62BD4-2240-40E5-AC6E-C86C35…)

I’m home from uni for Christmas break and I’m so happy to be with my cat. I’m a bit attached to her because she was a comfort to me through extremely lonely periods of my life. I’m pretty lonely too right now and not having her with me at school makes it worse. But I can tell she missed me back because she follows me everywhere kek

No. 1805045

Rest in peace sweet prince. He lived a life well loved. Sorry for your loss.

No. 1806730

My cat is a super cuddly momma's boy that is always following right behind me and complaining when I'm not giving him all my attention, except when I have visitors. The moment I have a friend over he acts all cool and independent, like a teenage boy kek he is still super social, but he doesn't wanna cuddle as much and is suddenly able to play on his own, something he otherwise doesn't want to do. Is anyone else's cat like this?

No. 1806756

This picture looks so powerful

No. 1806905

File: 1702249404082.jpg (23.44 KB, 564x431, goldensunshinesiberian.jpg)

this is the prettiest cat I've ever seen.

No. 1813230

File: 1702643932804.jpg (82.77 KB, 484x400, meowy-christmas-jenny-newland.…)

do any other nonnas give their cats presents for christmas? mine are getting new toys and scratch pads loaded with catnip.

No. 1813303

File: 1702647632348.jpg (2.77 MB, 2160x3840, Snapchat-1306421621.jpg)

I made a fake fireplace for them and I'm going to get stockingd to hang on it.
They don't like catnip so I think we will get some special fish snacks and special can food and put their normal toys in there. We recently bought more of the cardboard scratching things and they love that.

No. 1813353

File: 1702651723625.gif (1.47 MB, 498x239, bonfire.gif)

The fake fire is so cute. You are so creative, nonnie.

No. 1814077

Any creative ideas on exercising a bored indoor (formerly outdoor) cat?

He only likes two toys and the window. He desperately wants to go outside but I’m too afraid to take him because there’s a white trashy lady with two massive huskies in my building.

He also hates the harness (I think he’s just too old to be trained on it)

No. 1814089

Need to get up and go run some errands but my beautiful angel is sitting on my legs. Guess I’m not going anywhere.

No. 1814095

File: 1702682089975.jpg (98.15 KB, 1024x1024, 513c6bdeda6c1e4d1d0511f145c560…)

Every year we got him one of those silly cat hats. He passed away in January so this year looking at the hats in stores was sad.

No. 1814106

File: 1702682817803.jpeg (2.86 MB, 3264x2448, 4FD86556-498C-4715-81BD-1F014B…)


No. 1814108

she's pretty

No. 1814118

he got new toys and a visit to the vet

No. 1814861

have you tried playing with a laser? that's a common way for cats to get exercise
i'm sorry for your loss nonna

No. 1817978

File: 1702896563788.jpg (69.03 KB, 564x1003, 7eae867af8928536cacea05a5661b4…)

Which cat color or breed are your favorites nonas? Mine are black cats since they're cute shadow beasts, and orange ones, hade a sweet orange man once.

No. 1817986

I have a soft spot for lynx point cats, when I was a kid one showed up at my parents house and refused to leave so we adopted her

No. 1817987

Wow that is very lucky!

No. 1817988

My favorite are calicos (bonus: with stripes), my first cat is one and she is so beautiful. I also like that they're almost exclusively female!
I also have ragdoll cats and they're very sweet and funny

No. 1817989

Calicos are wonderful. Little queens.

No. 1818011

File: 1702901734437.jpeg (559.7 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_4308.jpeg)

I’m not sure if she was a generic mixed breed or a ragdoll, but she had the greatest cranky old lady meow and just wanted to sit inside and look out the windows.

No. 1820233

I was thinking of a tiktok video I saw a while back saying if your cat has black toe beans then they are Black, but if they have pink toe beans they're Caucasian. ok, silly. but then I thought of my brother's cat. big, fluffy, ginger. sitting in my lap loudly purring right now. he's got funny little freckles on his little pink paws and little nose.

No. 1826038

My cat has been really cuddly this week. I'm having a really bad time right now so i'm glad she's being so nice but it's unusual so i'm a bit worried about it. She comes for hugs 3 times a day now before she came like once a week. Maybe she knows i'm doing badly? i hope she is ok.

No. 1831444

File: 1703761007387.png (144.29 KB, 821x654, Vwcn2c.png)

finally, a religion I can get behind

No. 1831451

flame points are so damn pretty…british shorthair is amazing with that velvet fur and bright yellow eyes

No. 1834471

My cat pretends to eat random floor lint in order to entice the dog to chase him

No. 1834559

very much hate noise but i love how loud and talkative my cat is. i love being greeted by him when i come home, or hearing his 'hellos' when he barges into my room. he likes to perch himself over the street to yell at people passing by, like he's some dog. my neighbors have the same relation to his screeching as i do, they'll playfully scold him but can't stay mad because of how affectionate he is. he once disappeared for a couple days and my place felt so empty and barren without his fire alarm cries. he's got tons of different tones and volumes, even specific, soft cries that sound like half-words. i feel blessed, getting to enjoy the company of such an expressive little guy

No. 1834562

I have a brown British shorthair nonnie! His name is Bear

No. 1834629

File: 1703973424665.jpg (62.63 KB, 564x564, ff8c7bccc3de6a8d326f176cf1f0ea…)

Nta, I remember him. I love British shorthairs and their fat faces, please post him again.

No. 1834685

File: 1703976830205.jpg (3.75 MB, 3456x2434, IMG_3918.jpg)

Oh my goodness! You remember my baby? That is so cute! Here he is after a little snooze!

No. 1834692

File: 1703976978949.jpg (2.45 MB, 4032x3024, 20231226_014432.jpg)

I swear black cats have smooth brains

No. 1834740

File: 1703978970068.jpeg (49.43 KB, 720x960, cachedImage.jpeg)

i looove black cats. grey ones too but the black ones are the best

No. 1834754

The new tower I got for my senior cat is the perfect height for me to envelop my arms around her when she's sleeping at the top. My biggest accomplishment this year was moving into a house where she could be happier. She has so much space and windows and access to a safe outside area and it's turned her personality around completely. She's so active and affectionate now. Idk it makes me so happy to see her enjoying herself every day.

No. 1834828

File: 1703986157366.jpg (294.63 KB, 2000x2829, 649406975ac55c5cf0bda5f5_Body …)

What is more important: weight or body score? I took my DSH cat to the vet and she was super pissed so they couldn't get a good look at her and had to weigh her wrapped in a towel. She weighs 13lbs and they told me she shouldn't weigh more than 10. I'm not trying to cope but I genuinely believe she is just a large-built cat. She isn't any specific breed, she's just a true random short-haired tuxedo cat. She isn't particularly food motivated and I make sure to never feed her more than a half cup of kibble a day, although she rarely finishes a whole meal she is probably eating closer to a 1/3 cup. I follow the feeding guide on her kibbles as well. I would put her at a body score of 5. I asked other people what they would give her and they all put her between a 4-6.

No. 1835193

This is why I wouldn't mind moving bigger, I don't need a bigger space and would personally not mind downsizing even, but I want to live in a place where my cat can have a lot of space to run around like the little speedy tard he is

No. 1839538

I've been feeling really depressed lately, but tonight my cat came to cuddle with me in bed. It's hard to feel unhappy with an uncomplicated furball purring on your chest. I love her so much.

No. 1839814

I think body score is more important. When my old kitty went to a new vet, she got weighed at about 5kg. The vet was about to say she needs to lose a bit of weight, but she felt her ribs and body, and she asked, has kitty always been 5kg? I said yes, she said that's fine then. My cat was slightly on the bigger end scale-wise so 5kg was normal for her.

No. 1844664

File: 1704768976684.png (675.2 KB, 991x681, whyismycatsosmall.png)

late but different cats do have different builds, it is possible that yours is genuinely big boned. One of my cats is very genetically large and you can easily see and feel that non-fatty areas like the skull and paws are significantly bigger by default compared to other cats, especially if they are near each other you'll notice a height difference. This cat is probably like 17-20lbs, but it's mostly thick bones and dense muscle.
picrel not mine but I found it amusing

No. 1845025

breeds and builds. It’s known orange male cats are known to be on the larger side I just took mine to his yearly checkup he’s about 17lb vet says it’s normal for his breed/build I saw that chart before and was concerned but he eats healthy and timely gets enough physical activity

No. 1845128

File: 1704800073535.jpg (4.67 MB, 4624x3468, 1000012325.jpg)

Been a long time since I posted a pic of my cat here, he says hi to everybody in this thread and their cats.

No. 1845137

Good morning, cat, you're looking beautiful today ♥

No. 1845142

Good morning, Mr Gato!

No. 1845152

good morning, beautiful boy

No. 1845157

you need to unlock your cat as a playable character

No. 1845197

My cat absolutely SUCKS at playing on his own and tends to complain a lot about it (it's funny how you learn the difference between their meows kek) EXCEPT for when he's nabbed something that wasn't for him, then it's the bestest thing ever and his favorite toy for a couple of days and I can't bring myself to take it away from him until he's bored of it because I'm so happy he's playing on his own.
The current fav is the sponge for catching cat hair when I wash my clothes, before that he stole all the tealights from my candle holders and played hockey with them on the floor.

No. 1845211

Why is my cat so fucking cute, I can’t stand it. I want to cuddle her 24/7 but she only likes cuddles on her terms, so I let her come to me and get excited when she does

No. 1845483

File: 1704825773027.jpeg (389.79 KB, 1004x1499, IMG_9596.jpeg)

good morning cat nonas ♥ where’s your cats favourite place to loaf?

No. 1845491

My bed, my knee or the stove mantel (I think it's called in english?)
I feel you, luckily my cat has given up the cuddle struggle and just relaxes when I pick him up kek

No. 1845685

my cats take turns on the back of the couch, i put a blanket where they lay so its kind of their spot now. if theyre not on the back of the couch, one is either in the closet or on the decorative blanket at the end of my bed and the other is on the top shelf of the cat post lol

No. 1845740

File: 1704845339117.png (114.6 KB, 1920x1080, lay.png)

back of the couch as in the edge? One of my cats loves being there and on the armrests, she rarely sits normally on the actual seat part. It isn't pressed up against a wall so she has room to completely splay out and just hang there on her belly.

No. 1845793

kekkkk yes exactly like that! I have my couch moved slightly away from the wall for that reason.
I throw my decorative throw blankets in the fave spots as well. Just kind of migrated naturally to those spots anyways

No. 1846513

Love this drawing so much.

Love my cats so much. Even though my fat cat keeps gaining weight and my skinny cat refuses to…

No. 1846890

guys my kitten is in her first heat cycle, she's 8 months old i'm going to get her fixed after this cycle but does anyone know anything i can do to calm her down? :( i tried googling, it said catnip helps, is that true? i feel so bad for her, she's acting absolutely insane and she doesn't know why either.(emoji)

No. 1848220

Things my cat dislikes: Shrimp, beef, catnip
Things my cat is absolutely obsessed with: Chips and the smell of coffee

No. 1852657

Am probably too late but it's useful for everybody. Try Valerian herb. I used it to make my cat sleep quickly when she used to have hyperesthesia episodes. It's used in certain teas for sleep. You just give her a teaspoon of the dry plant, she eats it, rolls in it like catnip or something and will fall asleep soon. You'll have a quiet 2 hours. My cat really likes this herb, but maybe it's like with catnip, not every cat likes it.

No. 1853737

Been sick all week and she lays in bed with me all day all night, I love her so much

No. 1853751

File: 1705236189858.jpg (116.07 KB, 720x720, la nonita.jpg)

nonnies, i'm moving into a new apartment next month and i thought i could finally get a cat again. my last one died like ten years ago and i never got another one because i moved for grad school, got a job and moved again, etc. but my new apartment doesn't even have a balcony so it feels wrong to adopt a cat when she can't even go outside on the balcony. it makes me so sad that i'll have to wait at least another year to adopt a cat.

No. 1853758

nonna is there a reason why it's important for your cat to go outside? if your apartment is clean and the cat has access to food, water, and enough stimulation to keep them from feeling bored they can have a perfectly content life without ever stepping foot onto a balcony.

No. 1853770

i live in europe and most people are retarded in the CATS MUST GO OUTSIDE!!! way, so having a balcony is the bare minimum expected from prospective cat adopters. it also doesn't help that i have a 1-room-apartment - thankfully not a studio. it's a big living/bedroom with a separate kitchen/dining room, hallway and a bathroom.

i'm just really worried that my prospective cat will be unhappy… i also work full time so i want to get at least two of them, if at all possible.

No. 1853787

Cats that don’t go outside live longer. As long as your cat is entertained and loved. It doesn’t need to go outside. It is just a risk of being run over, stolen or hurt. My baby is 7 soon and the only time he goes outside is in my back garden (fenced off/enclosed) to sit on the patio when we are out there. He is happy and content and comfortable. I advocate for indoor kitties

No. 1853813

You've probably already thought about this, but how about a cat harness? In the apartment complex I live in there's two old ladies who both own cats, and every day I can seem them through the kitchen window walking their cat around the yard. One sometimes puts her cat in the basket of her bike with lots of blankets to keep it snug, attaches a very short leash to the harness to keep the cat from jumping out and goes on rides with it. It's so cute, and a nice way to let your cat experience the world without putting it in danger.

No. 1853830

Check your local shelter, some adult cats are specifically instructed not to be allowed to go outdoors and other cats simply have no desire for it. The workers at the shelter who've been able to observe the adult shelter cats for a while usually know whether it's going a cat is going to be fine with staying indoors exlusively or not. (I won't be engaging in the outdoor cats good or bad discussion so don't try).

No. 1855601

I love it when I call my cat over, and he jogs to see me. And his mrrrp is all jittery bc he's jogging. And his little pouch wiggles as he runs. It's literally so cute and warms my heart every time I get to see it.

No. 1855721

If you plan to adopt two cats they'll probably be entertained enough just by having each other; and even outdoor cat if given some playtime and places to hide around an apartment - easy to arrange even in the small one - will get used to it. But if it's something you're very concerned about, you can adopt cats that were born / grew up in the shelter, there are plenty of these and they would be used to not going out so there will be no need to teach them anything in that matter. I adopted my two cats when they were 2 years old, both raised in a shelter since being kittens, they don't even care about looking out of the window that much, prefer to run around the flat and nap in various places.

No. 1861824

File: 1705729091104.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x984, IMG_6891.jpeg)

saw this new cutie roaming the neighborhood today

wish i'd captured a better pic

No. 1861831

File: 1705729380418.jpg (162 KB, 694x1282, kjhkjhkjh.jpg)

a bit expensive, but have you considered a ragdoll? Mine are soooo lazy and quite happy to be housecats, especially with each other to play with. They're super friendly and just like to cuddle and snooze all day, here's my boy at 8 months, he's a huge chonk monster

No. 1861836

I fucking love ragdolls, I had what we believed was a tabby Siamese ragdoll mix (she was very compact though) and she was an absolute dear

No. 1861850

File: 1705730266581.jpeg (45.03 KB, 1125x839, 1705730291675.JPEG)

They're so nice, I want a bigger house just to have more ragdolls. So innocent and dumb and happy, I've always been more of a dog person until I got ragdolls and now I'm converted

No. 1862026

What a cutieeee

No. 1862217

Cute! I have 2 ragdolls (they might be a little mixed tho since their patterns are a bit wobbly) and they are also super affectionate and sleepy. They love to lay down on their backs and ignore the world

No. 1862258

I'm so jealous of cats. I want to be in a permanent state of sleepiness, warmth and ignorance too.

No. 1868092

Got my boy these elevated tilted cat bowls, one of the reasons being that he won't be able to complain about his kibble not completely cover the bottom of his bowl.
What does he do instead at 6am?
>mother, my kibble is not in a perfect pile

No. 1868117

Just picturing this puts a smile on my face

No. 1869077

Samefag, today I was sitting on the couch with my back turned to his food area, and suddenly I felt something soft land on me and I realize it's a piece of leftovers of his wet food from last night. He literally picked up a piece of yesterday's dinner and threw it on me. Because of the way his food bowl is positioned he had his back turned towards the couch so he must have somehow thrown it over his shoulder, CAN CATS EVEN DO THAT?

No. 1869436

File: 1706385571260.jpg (56.42 KB, 538x525, 3441ba5bc09302dc028cb2a392a3ea…)

I adore Siamese cats. I had one and he was the sweetest and clingiest cat I've ever met. I miss him everyday. I'd love to have a black cat though, they are so cute.

No. 1870206

Siamese (so pretty!) and dark brown/'black olive' shades. Black cats are perfection too

No. 1872678

File: 1706684084515.jpg (56.48 KB, 720x514, 1706638631633827.jpg)

No. 1873713

File: 1706775189450.jpg (65.57 KB, 824x618, 141030105539-teenie-irpt.jpg)

I've always dreamed of having a black cat, but both the moids in my family are allergic to cats(and dogs) and I still can't move out yet. At least when I visit relatives I get to play with their cats. I have a part-time thing but I wish an employer would call me back already.. I'm happy just staring at cute content though.

No. 1873716

Samefag just to post this

No. 1875606

File: 1706919869578.jpeg (407.6 KB, 1170x715, IMG_8099.jpeg)

Anyone seen those memes of the cats eating at the automatic feeder machines ? They’re so cute. I love how cats are like little aliens, they’re so weird it’s endearing.

No. 1875690

How is this one called. I only know about mr.fresh

No. 1876258

this fella doesn’t have a nickname yet but yes he’s part of the same accounts posting mr fresh lol. I love the mr fresh vids they make me so happy

No. 1877017