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No. 1538063

Last thread: >>>/ot/1495349

Screech into the oblivion. A place to say how you really feel without other people feeling entitled to give you shit for it.

>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

>Newfags please follow this rule and integrate. You will be reported if you insist on responding to other's posts. Previous threads had anons banned because of this.
>Don't forget to copy paste the OP onto the new thread.

No. 1538088

File: 1680300511987.png (38.59 KB, 262x276, anon.PNG)

900 posts anon

No. 1539721

i gotta stop posting my dumb thoughts online. i'm literally so dumb, so cringe, and other people are gonna be dumb and take it wrong like dude this is NOT SO DEEP it's tiring.

No. 1539734

I held my tongue and withheld some information after an argument to spare the other bitch's feelings but I regret it now because there's no way she'd have done the same for me

No. 1540455

the world is fucked, no matter how much we try we will never be the people who fuck up everything and keep us all screaming into the void. this isn't even a depression or manic post, i'm just so tired and will keep going. fuck this SHIT

No. 1540524

You genuinely have to be actually retarded to be this paradoxically obsessed with one person to the point of total exploiration, stalking, and degradation. You really do not care who you hurt or how, and you will tell any lie to keep this ugly little thing you've created and tethered your entire life to going. When everything you have done finally comes crashing down on you and you are virtually shunned and blacklisted because you are incapable of treated women like human beings and view them only as vessels you are allowed to degrade, the world will be a much better place. You contribute nothing except exploitation and for that you absolutely deserve every ounce of misery that results from the consequences of your God complex

No. 1540682


No. 1541063

File: 1680653498275.jpeg (91.1 KB, 714x513, 3BB88C77-0720-48B1-812B-14AC18…)



No. 1541169

Like that homosexual that thinks sexual harassment is edgy and funny and you never grow out of it and continue to share and create incel tier memes and pretend your bots are real engagement

No. 1541421

Can someone just love me
No strings attached
I'm tired of being lonely

No. 1541425

Wake up already you dumbfuck. Nobody told you to sulk all day. Get your shit together.

No. 1541710

File: 1680735851304.jpg (156.13 KB, 526x526, f9daadfc61fe9d107ebe7a976a6422…)

You are a toxic gaseous cloud that ruins everything it comes into contact with and destroys everything beautiful and good in the world. You are the personification of rot made into flesh and blood. You only live to destroy those around you. Try to deny it all you want, but I can see beneath your disguise and see the mold and decay that you're made up of. Your blood is made out of sewage and your heart is black.

No. 1541717

File: 1680737117124.jpeg (33.48 KB, 567x437, D7895320-AB8B-4A02-8862-152E6E…)

Bitch I know. The fuck

No. 1541805

A poem to yourself

No. 1541806

Bitches get told to do the dishes and stop manipulating people online one time and they go into dramatic diatribes about how everyone else is toxic and monstrous

No. 1541815

"You're not X you're Y" maybe instead of pretending you have some sort of special insight you don't because you know absolutely fucking nothing about people except your desire to hurt them, you should be more introspective and ask yourself why you think you're the sole special exceptions to predatory behaviors and why you are so obsessed with sexual harassment and listening to/fixating on the bathroom habits of other women. Freud would have a field day with you.

No. 1541835

File: 1680753697163.jpeg (29.36 KB, 525x409, FgfRaplUoAEf6hS.jpeg)

Fuck being 'Unbothered. Moisturised. Happy. In my lane. Focused. Flourishing' I'm Bothered. Unmoisturised. Unhappy. Not in my lane. Unfocused. Withering.

No. 1541849

No. 1541885

Damn this guy looks a lot like my dad

No. 1541920


No. 1542523

There's something funny about grown men genuinely ruining their future just to sit around on their asses and do exactly what you're doing. You're not even accplishing anything. Your followers are mostly bots and the only people who support you are giant fucking losers with no boundaries, humanity, or even recent irl relationships. You're sick, and not in the way you think you are.

No. 1542548

File: 1680848551793.jpg (37.07 KB, 512x512, 9d2a5f03f238c4b96149a04c55532b…)

Everyone says you're such a sweet guy but why the fuck are you doing this to me? What did I ever do to you??I wish I never met you. Great and now I have to put on my happy face and act like everything is fine when all I want to do is cry and sleep.

No. 1542554


No. 1542561

It's quiet… too quiet. I mean, cmon. Do something else, or develop a uti from forever holding your piss. Your play has gotten weak here. It's just… boring. So. So. Boring. Maybe I wanted life to be boring again… but on second thought

On second fucking thought

No. 1542703

I just don't get you. I don't understand why I even care so much.

No. 1542714

I hate being half Asian I feel like I’m not good enough. I never felt this awkward over being mixed until recently. Some people even accuse me of lying because I don’t have East Asian features (I’m south East Asian). I never got comments like this when i was a teen or in my early 20’s. I never had to prove to people that im Asian.

No. 1542718

Break up if you won't talk to me, your like a little cloud of dread following me around and I can't be bothered

No. 1542721

I am just passing time, waiting if you're going to respond or not. I just want to be done for good and delete your number. I'm so tired of this

No. 1542766

File: 1680880559972.png (277.23 KB, 571x422, 5FDFB5E8-DF51-434B-90E3-B1C20D…)

anon i'm also half southeast asian and i feel the same way. i really don't know how to feel about people trying to befriend me blatantly telling me that it's because they have an asian fetish and i'm "the closest thing" to beloved japan or korea. i don't want to be a compromise but it's genuinely almost every single person i know, and that includes part of my family.
my contribution to this thread somewhat related to the post i'm replying to, i'm ashamed of being asian and especially southeast asian. it's honestly brought me nothing but misery objectification and harassment. i don't live there and i hope i never do because each time i go i guiltily dislike it more than the last. i've had two therapists tell me to just "explore and research" some more about it and somehow it'll make me like it but that has had the complete opposite effect even when i go in with an earnestly open mind. i would feel the exact same if i were east asian inb4 selfhating weeaboo i wish i was just fully from the half i was born and raised in. i feel next to no pride for my asian half, especially considering i wasn't ever treated well by that side at all from getting excluded to outright bullied by adults, which really doesn't help my negative feelings. i don't hate anyone or anything but it feels bad that even if i try to dissociate myself from that part of my identity it'll always follow me no matter what because it's not something that can be helped in any way and i'll look even more pathetic either way. i know i'll just have to accept it but it's hard when there's constant daily harassment about something i wouldn't ever willingly choose

No. 1542814

File: 1680884382170.png (745.16 KB, 819x688, 311004532310211.png)

Wow, you're surprised you're depressed and miserable after consuming copious amounts of doomer mentality fitness YouTubers who have nothing else to do than sit around hating on fat people and complaining about the health of a country you don't even live in? But I thought shaming yourself into losing weight was perfectly fine and would have no negative consequences on your mentality at all. You reached your goal weight, so why aren't you happy? People applaud you for your dedication, so why are you so angry?

You let a bald man with roid rage tell you how much you suck for being overweight and convince you that nothing was more important than living as long as possible and as healthy as possible, so why do you suddenly not want to live anymore? The world is fucked, you say, but you've got everything you need. A nice job. A big apartment and plenty of time to enjoy your hobbies. I'd be more sympathetic if I didn't know exactly where this mentality would bring you and now you're reaping what you sowed - utter misery!

No. 1542859

File: 1680890757367.jpeg (87.28 KB, 1280x640, 16910905-EB53-462F-8278-7BA2C3…)

There’s really nothing more freeing than when you finally start to understand how much an irredeemable piece of garbage someone was so that you can move on with your life. That moment when it finally all clicks into place. Feels good man.

No. 1542887

File: 1680892967913.jpg (198.14 KB, 622x497, Tumblr_l_56258805762961.jpg)

I wish I could move on and come to terms with the fact that you don't want the same things as me and that you don't feel the same way I do, but it's so hard. It's even harder because neither of us want to be apart from each other, but I don't know if I can do this. You're the only person I have, you're the only person I've ever cared about. You're the only one I want to be with and it hurts so bad. I wish I had the guts to ask you exactly what you're feelings for me are, but I'm so afraid I'm not gonna like the answer. I wish I could hate you but I can't even get angry with you for things I should probably get angry about. I wish I had never turned around and asked "Why? You like Formula 1?" that day so this all could've just stayed a silly little crush. I feel so stupid I ended up like this. It's just so unlike me.

No. 1543087

You sound like a serial killer bitch

No. 1543090

You ARE a serial killer bitch!! Ctfu

No. 1543115

Nah he'll be the one to serial kill me

No. 1543121

Your mental illness has really been showing out huh

No. 1543885

I want justice but I don't think the righteous, hardass kind exists in this world without sacrifice, especially against moids.

No. 1544795

Remember your "I hope you get raped" rant from 2020? How do you have these people fooled lmao

No. 1544946

You are gay bitch grow the fuck up and stop obsessiving over women. Go get fisted and yell at a batista or something like god intended.

No. 1545936

File: 1681182493372.png (82.1 KB, 796x587, Capture.PNG)

>look mate/brother/bro/dude, I dislike them troons as much as anyone else, but Im going to call (One of the good ones), she/her because-
Dude just admit that he makes your dick hard.
All that feminist shit you repeat you more then likely got from some radfem/gc woman smarter then you who ACTUALLY believes this shit. The whole point is they ARE NOT WOMEN. Not,
>"They aren't woman unless they are a based fake trad"wife" who makes my dick hard
>they hate ugly annoying troons just like me!
>One of the good ones
And yes, I know "respecting pronouns" doesn't magically make them a woman, BUT the thing is GC call them men, he/him because they ARE. They can't earn the correct pronouns through some weird ass, "One of the good ones" test.
No. I hate scrotes in gender critical spaces, they don't get it, I wish they'd leave. I don't care why you want to call one a her/she/they, they are men.
The ugly ones, the "pretty ones", the ones hiding behind 20 filters, the ones with a dick, without a dick. The ones with sense, the ones without sense. They aren't women.
All you are saying is, I will play into your deluision if you "woman" enough for me, or if you "Are a tool for me", it does nothing. Most these dudes still hate women and have said crazy shit. They aren't different, you just want to fuck them and/or like that "common sense" is coming out of a troons mouth, so you can use them as a sheild.

No. 1545970

File: 1681187950956.jpg (44.25 KB, 492x487, 8766.jpg)

STOP EMPTY QUOTING RANDOM SHIT! Don't think I didn't just see you on /m/ too

No. 1545971

the bot thread is 4 u

No. 1545976

File: 1681188767326.jpg (6.67 KB, 250x229, 1629467509865.jpg)

>something a neighbor does is making me paranoid for weeks
>take a measure to make me feel more secure that would prevent them from doing what I thought they were doing
>neighbor completely stops what was making me paranoid
Great now THAT has made me even more paranoid. I just have to keep assuming it's a coincidence or I will go insane. I can't control others I can only control what I can control

No. 1545986

Sooo what is it

No. 1545996

You thinking that being an actual stalker and just "dabbling" in actual voyeurism and illegal exploitation is some cute little side project you're going to get away with is honestly the gayest shit ever.

No. 1545997

You joke about rape. You victim blame. You deny. You send and laugh at pooner memes but pretend you hate transphobia. Your 'peers' are getting bored with your talking in circles. Buffalo Bill ass.

No. 1546326

Kind of long text. When I was 7 years old I was temporarily kidnapped by an old lady in a country my family went on holiday to. She took my hand while my parents were busy and calmly lead me away from them and onto a small ferry. I was kind of awkward as a kid and never wanted to make a fuzz, so I just went with her no questions asked. I didn't speak the local language anyway so we didn't understand each other. In my child brain I didn't think I was being kidnapped, I was convinced my parents knew this lady somehow and so I felt too shy and awkward to question anything.

She was very kind to me the whole time. She braided my hair on the ferry and kept talking the whole time despite me not understanding anything. When we got off the ferry she kept a really tight grip on my hand, but I remember that she let me go so I could run around on a playground, bought me a slushie at some point and then took me to a store where she bought me a dress which she made me change into. I don't really remember at which point the police found us, but I remember that I was terrified of them when they approached us because the old lady started crying and shielding me behind her. I thought they were going to hurt me, so I didn't want to go with them. The whole time in their car I thought I was being arrested so I was completely devastated and terrified until the car stopped and my mom stood outside.

I was definitely a stupid kid, but I remember the most stressful part of that experience being my mom yelling at me for the rest of the evening for letting a stranger take me away. I had always been told to oblige, behave and listen to adults, so it never occurred to me that I should have been screaming for help when an old lady took me away.

No. 1546328

lmfao my mom told me all my childhood me and my sister shouldn't go with strange men, so when a strange woman invited us inside to give us a toy, we totally didn't question that! She actually gave us that toy and was super nice but it just makes me lol thinking back, kids are just stupid in general, underdeveloped brain and all, it's not just you.

No. 1546330

I hate gay men so fucking much, especially white gay men. Since they don't want to be women or fuck women, they're so disgusting and misogynistic and entitled. I hate living in a white gay male dominated area.

No. 1546333

I’m tired of hearing how hard it is to be a ~former gifted kid~ like oh noooo you grew up thinking you were better than everyone and now you have to cope with the fact that you’re average! Tell me how hard it is to have had people believe in you and wanted to see you excel in life. You don’t see kids who grew up being told they were stupid and wouldn’t amount to anything doing this shit.

No. 1546338

>I had always been told to oblige, behave and listen to adults, so it never occurred to me that I should have been screaming for help when an old lady took me away.
Damn. I was always told this all the time as a kid but only for teachers and any family member who was older than me, even my big sister who was also a dumbass kid. Which is a good thing because something very similar would have happened to me otherwise. When I was like 6 years old I was in a gigantic supermarket with my mom, she told me to look after our groceries bags while she was in the restroom and immediatly some lady tried to compliment me and convince me to follow her to the parking lot and I was so scared my mother would beat the fuck out of me for letting strangers steal our food while playing outside I refused. My mother still yelled at me when I told her though kek. Shit like this gave me an insane survival instinct.

>so when a strange woman invited us inside to give us a toy, we totally didn't question that!
When the old lady tried to kidnap me in my case it was very soon after an infamous serial killer pedophile got caught in my country for kidnapping, raping and killing girls and his wife was the one who lured in these girls because of exactly what you just said. This shit is paranoia inducing.

No. 1546398

EXACTLY THIS. Coom is justice to them, those hypocritical scrotes only pretend to care about transrights because it's another hole for them to fuck. It's so obvious every time.

No. 1546506

File: 1681253778687.jpg (43.19 KB, 509x339, istockphoto-1286001342-170667a…)

Was told to read Terry Pratchett by a friend because apparently he's a wholesome and not at all sexist writer.

Book starts with a bunch of male charactes. So many it's hard to keep track of them. Their descriptions are fun, though. Creative and sometimes enough to make me chuckle.

>main character meets first woman to appear in the book

>"the first thing he noticed was that she wasn't very beautiful"

And the rest of the description was just the main character considering how many centuries it would take him to find her beautiful while she's charging at him in anger.

So all the male characters get funny and creative descriptions, not really from anyone's perspective either, just the author describing them, but suddenly a woman appears and all he can think of is to describe how the main character doesn't find her fuckable. Give me a break.

No. 1546604

>I had always been told to oblige, behave and listen to adults, so it never occurred to me that I should have been screaming for help when an old lady took me away.
So glad you were ok nonna.
I think about this concept a lot, our whole youth we're told to listen to the instructions of adults, be it parents, teachers or any authority figure. It puts people in such a vulnerable position in their youth because actually a lot of adults are either dumbshits or dangerous, yet we are told to respect and behave. Also leads to shitty and dangerous situations for women as they get older after being agreeable good little girls (or actually danger in childhood like your experience) and not being taught boundaries and self respect. A bit different for boys but they still get taken advantage of and creeped on by adults so this culture harms us all.
We really need to raise people to be much more self assured and careful, (or even combative) but then of course adults would have a harder time controlling kids so apparently we all need to suffer due to basically being taught the opposite of what we should be doing.
At least my school and parents did teach us about stranger danger and all that, but in general being "agreeable" is actually not what we should be taught as kids and we would be a lot safer if we behaved more cynically and disobediently as kids and young adults.

No. 1546633

They are literally the embodiment of the Karen meme but loooove to be like omg I hate white women. You are the white woman you stupid bitch.

No. 1546644

Voyeurs are the most spineless pathetic cowards of all. You implode in on yourselves whenever you finally drop your hubris enough to realize you've been caught out for what you are.

No. 1546689

Anon, we're on the voyeur site.

No. 1546717

>truly believing people aren't growing tired of what a fucking creep you are
Loser. Ctfu

No. 1546718

I'm talking about the consentless, sexual harassment, literal crime voyeurs hop off thanks

No. 1546951

You genuinely try to force a bridge between us all on your own. My only connection to you is the one you try so desperately to create yourself. Painstaking lengths to try to communicate to someone who wants nothing to do with you every single day and you want to convince everyone you aren't a giant fucking loser? Please

No. 1547657

Stop scoffing and bitching everytime the topic of Harry Potter comes up just because you read some headlines on instagram about how JKR is supposedly a far right extremist. Or even when the topic doesn't come up at all. You stan Nick Minaj even after learning she married and rapist and wouldn't shut the fuck up about poor little Johnny Depp being abused by Amber Heard before the trial in the US all because you have no reading comprehension and never do your own research and you think reading misleading clickbait is enough. I'm sick of you and I'm often very embarrassed to have you as a friend and now I avoid contacting you before I decide to hang out anywhere because you always exhaust me with your shitty monologs over how problematic terfs are.

No. 1547930

File: 1681353191225.jpg (25.21 KB, 736x709, download (1).jpg)

At this point I'm going to start vomiting my food

No. 1548093

File: 1681369662587.jpeg (80.55 KB, 450x709, A590D08D-C62D-4846-AAC3-F13AAD…)

nothing ever works it's always just the same old discontented screaming into the void as I dwindle further into self doubt but nobody has ever taken me seriously and is now acting like I am insane when I am probably the most stable I've been in years




No. 1548101

I believe u nona

No. 1548126

Can you perhaps NOT eat your lunch in the gym's locker room? I usually love the smell of lasagna, but not in a room that smells of sweat and toes already.

No. 1548153

File: 1681382810317.jpeg (12.42 KB, 328x363, u.jpeg)

i'm obsessed with him and i think i got engaged to the wrong person. and im jealous obviously

No. 1548260


One at a time, people flip… maybe change will happen for the better. Maybe maybe maybe

No. 1548388

I felt like I was doing so well with dieting and I was super proud of myself, and then I just fell off so hard. I'm struggling so much. I feel like a huge idiot and a failure for not being able to do this.

No. 1548707

No. 1548715

You may not care about your own future, but I care about mine.

No. 1548752

It's really sad that I am the most interesting thing about you. Seek professional help.

No. 1548753

You grow more and more desperate with each passing month. You need this so badly because you don't want people to know how truly ugly you are. Everyone is a puppet to you and everything you do is self serving and your guise is completely retarded. You are truly the ugliest person I will ever encounter in life, and everyone else will slowly one by one see what you are. You really don't see the real life consequences of what you're doing. You revolve around me, her, and anyone you can make a grift off of. You are an abuser and none of this is real, just a disgusting elaborate scheme to further spread your hate and mental illness and need to destroy everyone further. You are incapable of making connections without them being under the basis of you hurting people or exploiting them. You have no right to criticize anyone the way that you do. The only thing that binds you and your "friends" is pure evil and hatred. Nothing about you is even your own. Another for the archive. Wonder how you'll reference this generated text and spin it into something you can share and get your lapdogs to reference because you are incapable of living a life where you aren't harming others. You will never beat me or anyone else quite frankly into submission. You're a very, very ugly person.

No. 1549143

[*Twenty seconds and counting…
T-minus fifteen seconds asdfgh-*]

No. 1549541

I will never have a single positive thing to say to or about you in any capacity. I do not think about you, I do not 'miss' you, and I see you for exactly how pathetic you truly are. You will never in the whole of your life experience love or real joy outside of the confines of being alone in your bedroom and that is your fate. Have fun.

No. 1549607

soooooo desperate to communicate with your own victim in any roundabout, spineless, cowardly way possible. those posts aren't even for her, they're for your audience because you would do or say anything to assure them that you are in control of a narrative you completely fabricated

No. 1549862

Why the hell are you still trying to reach me after one year? I've blocked you on everwhere like in the beginning of last April, why are you still trying to reach me? I do not want to communicate with you, i thought i have made that clear, dude, leave me the fuck alone, I think I'm going to change my number, this is beyond creepy and obsessive, leave me alone

No. 1549865

I just watched a video of a young white girl with blonde over the shoulder length hair get beat up but multiple black kids. She was punched in the face multiple times, and kept walking away then this black young man ran after her laughing and judo threw her to the floor while the first black girl to punch her came back and punched her more whilst she's on the ground. The whole time she was walking away whilst they mobbed her. It made me dispise black people. I already hate Arabs and Muslims because of the rape culture they enforce in europe and how they think they're God's chosen onea when they're literally trash. Can someone please find the video of the white girl and tell me if those cunts beating her up got done or not because I could not find anything on it. I saw the video on a twitter called clown world.

No. 1549867

a couple years ago i did this secret santa online with some people i vaguely knew. the guy who got me for that year clearly didn't know what to get me because when i got my gifts - late btw - he'd just typed 'mice toy' (he knew i liked mice bc i put that in the gift ideas section) into amazon and bought me the first couple things, which were very obviously mice toys for cats. i don't own any cats. &
what kills me is i got him as my secret santa the year before and i actually put a lot of effort into getting him gifts to match his interests

so i ended up with a bunch of cat toys when i don't have any cats. ive just now gotten round to listing them as a cheap bundle on ebay, so hopefully an actual cat owner will buy them and they'll get some use out of one of the most low effort gifts ive ever received

No. 1549903

Oh my God, nona. I hope you get some good money for a nice present for yourself at least. This reminded of a secret Santa on /cgl/ where some moid bought these cheap, tacky bows for an anon. I can't imagine her disappointment.

No. 1549904

I'm dating a bi woman and it's so fucking hard and downright gross to listen her gush about how it's so great being with women and her listing all the shit she had to do to fuck men. I always heard about this from friends and even from nonas here, and I feel like a shit feminist and a woman for finding it all tiresome and gross. I almost feel like some weirdass bandaid, maybe I need to end this.

No. 1549932

It’s weird for her to be talking about her past sexual experiences with you

No. 1549933

I wake up in the morning heavy and I wonder why I'm still here, and how there's people in worse circumstances who don't cry themselves to sleep many nights a week until their chest wants to collapse

What's wrong with me
I've tried all the best I can to move on, nothing ever happens, nothing is ever done, my life remains sensorily maddening
The addiction comes crawling back, the weight of excess, the crimes of others, and I want to shoot it all point blank in the forehead

I had so much potential and love in me laid to waste
Trying not to die of a broken heart
Finally wanting to be alive but hardly able to stand the weight of it
Knowing too much, knowing too little, nothing is ever going to waste my time more than knowing I'm a survivor who still can't survive on my own
The bare minimum

No. 1549939

Males are terrible gift givers. If anyone ever wants to participate in a secret Santa, moids should definitely not be allowed. Not saying that there aren't women who don't give a shit and will give you some low effort bullshit, but my god.. the most low effort, thoughtless gifts ever usually come from men doing last minute shopping and figuring "it's the thought that counts" means "well, since I bought something that means I cared which means my gift is awesome even if I didn't try at all".

No. 1549948

I don't think it would be that weird honestly, but like telling me in detail how she wouldn't eat salty stuff or anything that would make her bloat, how she would need to shave everything because the men would otherwise whine and she always adds how she is over men and doesn't do that stuff anymore. Like, great for you but why does it keep coming up and why do I feel nasty for almost thinking less of her, like she did this just a few years ago still.

No. 1549954

Oh, you're disgusted because she's a pickme.

No. 1549960

Nona, i feel the same… Probably won't be helpful to you to hear that, but you are not alone in feeling like that…
If she keeps bringing that up - it definitely sounds strange, at least in my honest opinion, idk, everyone is different, but it does seem strange

No. 1550009

maybe it's pickme stuff in the way that it genuinely shocked me to hear all the stuff in detail, like she told me how much money she spent of underwear to look hot for men and it's cool that she has started to realise how dumb it all was but it takes up so much energy and room from much else. She has dated other women as well but it almost feels like I am some big lesbo therapist for her sometimes and I still don't know how to tell her I don't want to hear about men like that because it's nasty but I do want her to to be able to open about it, but Jesus christ moids are nasty.

No. 1550037

Thanks nona, I hope we can improve for ourselves
I want to be content again
I'm trying to cry myself back to sleep and I can't

No. 1550146

File: 1681572830766.gif (2.83 MB, 350x200, 18e08a654n2.gif)

>whole new thread gets made so that people can stop replying to vents
>people still reply anyway

No. 1550153

(only replying now because this isn't a vent and I agree)
Jannies need to give out bans for this again. Anons need to figure out that this isn't the vent thread, you don't reply to vents in the 'get it off your chest' thread. So stupid, couldn't they at least read the OP?
>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.
>Newfags please follow this rule and integrate. You will be reported if you insist on responding to other's posts. Previous threads had anons banned because of this.

No. 1550203

You keep blaming the moids but I've never had a moid complain about my choice in underwear. None of them have ever told me I need to shave or wear lingerie. She just sounds like an insufferable pickme.

No. 1550222

Nona, I'm sure you are s great person and that we are going to be fine, sending you hugs, you are doibg great

No. 1550227

Why does it have to hurt so bad. I've been crying for days. I wish we could go back how things used to be. Please, I love you.

No. 1550289

Not down terribly because of any sort of fondness or attachment, but because I cannot fathom in any capacity why someone would desire to hurt someone so badly

No. 1550450

I am the greatest and if you disagree, you’re just in denial

No. 1550739

Always give yourself away because everything you say is always slightly creepy, not quite right, and illustrates what a genuinely toxic person you are because you cannot converse naturally or make your own content without trying to lace it with hate

No. 1551254

What we had before is now truly dead and I just have to accept that.

No. 1551309

Take your seroquel and leave other people alone you retard

No. 1551354

File: 1681676285004.jpeg (83.71 KB, 647x659, 8401E88A-DB58-43F0-B111-89CBD8…)

3pm? perfect time to wake and greet the day

better to go and cry in my car than cry in the house where someone can hear me and complain

No. 1551601

My guy, nobody fucking thinks you are fucking fully black, nobody thinks you are a black man, you literally have ginger hair and can use the same foundation as white woman who tans. You are not doing anything going on rants about how much you hate white people, i'm sure your ancestors who weren't even slave owners or anything, just jewish men running away from WW2, why even shit talk them? You are not american, shut the fuck up you ginger bitch.

No. 1551827

Desperate and bored and so dulled and unresponsive to positive stimuli that abuse is the only thing you get any joy from

No. 1551855

you go out of your way to communicate in the most cowardly way possible and yet still make your obsession which is disturbingly unhealthy so obvious. you are truly such a sad person. Its like you can't even help yourself

No. 1551973

Every time I see a girl with dark natural hair, every time I see a girl slightly taller than average, every time I see a girl wearing black and combat boots, every time I go to the places we used to go to together, I think of you. Did it all really mean nothing to you? You broke my heart and you made me cry.

No. 1552239

I know you have to lie to yourself just to be able to look in the mirror every morning. I know you have to feel like a victim just to make your entire being feel okay. I know you weave stories and smear campaigns to people who hardly know you and care about little other than gossip. But I know the truth. The random people that have approached me about you through the years know the truth. Anyone with even half a brain can look at your life and know the truth.

No. 1552359

File: 1681756747929.png (1.94 MB, 1768x1188, Screen Shot 2023-04-17 at 12.3…)

My inner child remains in a vegetative state and can't let me watch the Mario movie.

My inner teenager, though, is very much kicking yet wasted nearly an hour of my life on this puzzle just to prove his stupid point (not that I really know what it is). - -

No. 1552387

I wish I was half as fucking stupid and self-assured as every man in existence. I can't imagine how comfortable it must be in the cognitive dissonance required to act like such incredible fucking babies and then turn around and act like they invented stoicism. You actually think you're fucking better than me you absolute fucking emotional child. You think you're the king of introspection but you just feel sorry for yourself every fucking chance you get. You can't even handle minor irritations. Can you even imagine how much self control it takes for me to exist around you and yet you think you're the principled one? You couldn't fucking hack it. You don't have the self control to live my life. You can't do a fraction of what I fucking do every day, of what you fucking ask of me EVERY FUCKING DAY. You don't even APPRRECIATE IT. You couldn't ever manage to care for another person in the same capacity that I can and you're going to pat yourself on the back for your fractional fucking empathy for the rest of your stagnant cushioned fucking life you arrogant piece of shit. I love you so much and yet you piss me off to no end. I really hope you figure out whatever bullshit is affecting you this week. Who am I kidding you never ever will because it's too hard and you can't even handle overhearing SOUNDS THAT BOTHER YOU like FOR REAL YOU HAVE NO CONSTITUTION YOU HAVE NO PATIENCE OR TOLERANCE AND YOU THINK YOU'RE FUCKING SMARER OR STRONGER THAN EVERYONE? WHAT A JOKE!!!!!! WHAT AN ABSOLUTE FUCKING JOKE!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1552704

Please fucking leave and never come back. I hope you know how insufferable you are, nobody likes your company because you are a narcissistic sociopath. Pathetic and useless.

No. 1552721

Just when I think you can't get any more pathetic, obsessive, and cruel you prove me wrong. You tell yourselves and others these things because its literally the only thing that makes you feel like the horrible things you've done are justified. You are truly horrible inside, outside.

No. 1552727

Instead of accepting that you've spent years of your life being an abuser you have to weave genuinely melodramatic, negative fairytales to yourself and others. You can dramatize it til you're blue in the face but even here, now, what you are doing is so monstrously sad. You are addicted to the hurt and pain you have created. You.

No. 1552730

File: 1681779548840.jpg (109.51 KB, 947x2048, Fj840UUWQAIMfZN.jpg)

Are you done writing fanfiction about me? Are you done tethering your entire life to me? Are you done playing pretend that what you do isn't wrong? Nothing you say to absolve yourself means anything outside of the sad little cult of personality you have created. You want to talk to me all of the time, you want to talk about me all the time, you want everyone to view me as you see fit and treat me as you see fit because you are a legitimate psychopath who doesn't know how to derive any sort of joy or meaning from life outside of who you hurt. None of the things you're saying resonate or even make sense at this point. You are stomping your feet and saying "I swear guys just wait you'll see!!!!" The only monster here is you.

No. 1554697

Literally knew 100% the water thing was going to be posted you truly are a huge loser oh my god

No. 1554809

i will never forgive you for what you did to me. you can try to hide from me but it isn't going to change what you did. i am allowed to stand up for myself; you were an abusive bitch and clearly either a fucking narcissist or at best, just incredibly daft and selfish. if i did half of the things you did to me you would be screaming from the mountaintops. all you had to do was stop bothering me. but you didn't. you kept attacking me and coming at me and then wanted to get angry with me when i defended myself, like what the fuck did you think i was going to do, you retarded dumbass? just sit there and let you bully me? hell no. i've been through too much of this bullshit to let that happen again. i saw you a few days ago sitting in the corner trying to hide. i hope the guilt from what you did eats you up inside every single day of the rest of your life. because like my friend said, you have to live with what you did for the rest of YOUR life. not mine. i hope you listened to the videos i made of what you did and said, since i shared them with everyone we know and it's clear to me you care way too fucking much about your reputation and how other people perceive you. you're fake as fuck and a loser. you'll always be ghetto racist trash and no matter how hard you try, your racist, trashy upbringing will follow you around like the plague. i've wasted way too much time in my life i can never get back dealing with you, so now i am going to make it all up and forget you ever existed. rot in hell bitch.

No. 1554954

I used to be completely addicted to food as comfort and still am to some degree, only that after all these years it feels like I have finally reached a point where there is no treat tasty enough to satiate or distract from the bad feelings, and so over time I just lost interest in treating myself and as a result I have been steadily losing weight on top of working out twice a week and getting my 10k steps in each day. I've also worked on my mental health, but since it has taken me years to get to this point it doesn't feel like I put any work towards it at all.

I used to think that I would never be able to change because I thought it meant having a "from today on, things will be different" kind of moment, but there was never such a moment for me. Over time, things just became different and I didn't even notice.

No. 1554960

A pinterest account that pinned one of my pins or something had an entire board dedicated to me and my personality as well as other people and I think they were writing weird fanfiction stories about us. This is a very real thing and I get they're probably autistic but its very inappropriate and someone needs to tell them its wrong and to knock it off.

No. 1555331

File: 1682022255861.jpeg (29.94 KB, 500x372, 1648964241132.jpeg)

I hate it when famous people die and bitches act like everyone in the world is supposed to be miserable and mourn over that fucker. Like fuck you and the moid you've been in a parasocial relationship with. I'll continue to joke, I'll continue to talk about my hobbies, I'll continue to be happy because I'm going through one of the happiest phase of my life. I'm not going to post a "rip xyz this world just lost an angel" and weep like my pet rock fucking died, I give zero fucks about him and couldn't care less if my happiness comes across as 'strange' and 'insensitive' to you fags. I'm happy. You can cry all by yourself.

No. 1555342

Who died?

No. 1555343

is this about that one kpop guy kek

No. 1555352

A kpop faggot.

Yeah. For some reason, no matter where I go, I see people crying over him even when it's a non-kpop space. Never knew there's so many kpopfags in this world.

No. 1555355

i knew it, my friend also texted me about being so shocked. honestly i think it's a testament to her empathy, she's never been a pretentious person and i think she genuinely feels bad for, i guess the morbidity of death and an absence of a beloved person or whatever. but i get how it can get absolutely irritating if you see it everywhere, wasn't my experience though thankfully. but honestly the parasocialness of it all freaked me out a little like… we've never known that guy

No. 1555364

HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE you are a terrible person for e-fucking the guy i broke up with DAYS prior, when we were supposed to be best friends? you didn't care about our friendship nor any relationships you have with women, you just swing from guy to guy and fuck us over to get a little bit of attention. you came into my life and stole my personality, style and my boyfriend. words fail me. you constantly fell for guys and moved on to the other and you let it go as far as your best friend's boyfriend. sucking up to him as soon as things turned sour for us. "i hope you're okay…" I AM ENRAGEEEDD the fucking sheer audacity of this lady. everyone i have ranted to about this is on my side and when i have tried to talk to her about it she doesn't see how it is actually bad what she did and she thinks im just schizo, but whatever, she still plays fucking roblox with incels online

No. 1555366

samefag forgot to add that only a few weeks ago has she posted "you're so cute!" on his page, after i had explicitly told him i was disgusted by his choice to date my best friend.. he told me it was a terrible mistake and regrets it all. KAM. how fucking far does the disrespect go? he sucked up to me so hard when i was talking to him about it. fucking fat ugly retard is trooning out also, so i hope that will take care of itself. kek.

No. 1555373

Well it indeed must've been a bit surprising for his fans, and to be honest, I don't really blame them for being upset about his death. They're allowed to be sad, I just don't like the 'if I'm sad about this, why aren't you?' attitude. Some retards came after me since I didn't post anything about him and kept talking about the good things happening in my life lately, like my mom finally got out the hospital after a car accident and I couldn't be happier about that, why would I spend my time crying about that random guy instead? His life or death means nothing to me, but some terminally online idiots just can't comprehend that.

No. 1555401

why does he do that????? i hate him. i wish i wasn't going on this stupid trip with him. ugh. i fucking hate you and i hate myself too

No. 1555472

For someone who has referred to me as your Sim you sure do spend an awfully sad amount of time sitting and waiting around for me

No. 1555479

The thing is they don't care that its wrong and they refuse to give you personhood. Thats mild ckmpared to how bad some of these autists get, no empathy whatsoever. Once you have a legitimately mentally ill person stalking you, they will make up any reason possible no matter how desperate to keep it going. They want to control you and reality SO badly that it doesn't matter to them.

No. 1555805

File: 1682053845067.jpg (216.57 KB, 1098x1426, FuM6LwEaEAAGde8.jpg)

I wonder what kind of people generally ignore all pleas to stop, victim blame, crave power and control over people with lesser resources, and completely ignore constant reiterating that they do not consent. Hmmmmmmm(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1555823

File: 1682056611784.jpeg (74.67 KB, 743x749, 7DC66713-F486-492E-BCCE-58E005…)

god if you really exist and aren't a sociopath then do me a favor and have something bad happen to this piece of shit male already

if you really exist then you will help me.
I'm at the end of my physical, mental, spiritual, and existential rope

No. 1555840

I've seen "content creators" steal the same jokes I left in the comment box just a few weeks earlier. I just hate any part of me being used for someone elses profit and I want full 100% of myself, my story, my jokes, and my ideas. I know I can never control that and art is full of copying and theft but it still bothers me.

No. 1555858

I feel disgusting and I wish I was born male.

No. 1555863

Can you give an example of crime voyeurism?

No. 1555865

I look at you and see the epitome of beauty. I see the most sacred and holy thing in my life. I’m so thankful for you.

No. 1555869

Who is this moid anon? I'm paranoid I'm being stalked by a psycho..

No. 1555882

Read. The op.
>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.
>Newfags please follow this rule and integrate. You will be reported if you insist on responding to other's posts. Previous threads had anons banned because of this.

No. 1555884

There have been posts in these threads that referenced stalking through spyware and I really relate to it. I'm sorry but I need to ask about it because its happened to me but I don't know who it is.

No. 1555885

It's not about asking WHO it is…. but HOW to fix it.

No. 1555887

A person like that needs to be reported to the police preferably with evidence and multiple witnesses.

No. 1555931

When will you open your eyes and realize its HIS FAULT YOUR RELATIONSHIP FAILED. I was talking to so many random accounts on reddit I had no idea I was talking to your fiance a guy I couldn't even remember the name of. I probably thought I was talking to some Irish guy I flirted with and now I'm roped into a whole mess I never asked to be a part of. I'm not and never will be interested in a relationship with him but you will always hate me for it. I know its easy to blame the other woman but sometimes the other woman is someone who had a brief fling with a dude years before you met, forgot about him after he traumatized her, and now is super fucking confused because she's talked to so many people online she had no idea one of those dudes would be that guy. I know its easier to blame another woman but I'm really sorry I really wanted nothing to do with the guy and had forgotten about him completely.

No. 1555976

>go to pharmacy because I need something
>they have a self checkout which rocks since I HATE THE SCROTE WAGIE THAT WORKS THERE
>he's foreign with a thick accent I can barely understand, overly friendly to the point of jokes and teasing, and insistent to the point of rudeness about shit like loyalty rewards
>once had to tell him 5x in a row I'M IN A RUSH!!! because I was and he still kept insisting it was so fucked up and made me so angry I was basically yelling at him to just check me out and let me leave
>today, check out my 2 items and place them in the bag
>he comes over with that smug annoying look on his face and starts making conversation and I just mean mug him like I smelled shit until he scans his card to fix the machine and walks away
>mumble under my breath for fucks sake
>he loudly goes HAVE A GOOD DAY MAAM!!!!!!!111
I hate him so much I really wish him ill. I hope he gets fired or moves away because the pharmacy location is so convenient for me but I fucking hate him and he is ALWAYS WORKING

No. 1555981

Hate being sober. Wanted to blaze up yesterday but I know it’d only be a matter of time before I devolve into doing it every day with no moderation. I miss being high.

No. 1556358

I was fine being alone and not having anyone until I met you, and now all I want is to be held by you all day because being alone feels like pure shit in comparison. I have never wanted anyone's company, I was always on my own and didn't need anyone but my cats. I was happy like that, I miss it and I wish I could go back.

No. 1556489

It's so funny watching you call other people losers all the time knowing what you do

No. 1556509

If you post details I will reply as best as I can.

It's OK. If she's struggling and doesn't know who to reach out to, I don't see the problem.

No. 1556510

Idk how to prove this but I felt like someone I gave my number to online hacked into my phone camera. I used to be pretty active on reddit and flirted with a couple guys one of the guys I rejected had it out so bad for me he ran a smear campaign on me based on half truths he'd only know if he'd seen me. Theres just a lot of creepy coincidences all together that are hard to prove.

No. 1556517

I am one of the suspected spyware anons as well, you don't have to reveal who your stalkers are, and I'm not sure I know either, but I stand in solidarity with you all

No. 1556713

This is going to be the start of the end, isn't it? Just like last time. Why are you doing this to me. Thanks for fucking me up I guess.

No. 1556732

When I was a teen I threw my little brothers toy out of the car window while we were on the highway. It was one of those 80's he-man like toys where the arms moved when you pressed a button on the back. I don't even know why, he was a good boy and it was just out of pure malice. Maybe it's just my guilty conscience making things up but I recall him just looking confused at me while strapped into his little booster seat. I remembered it at random a few days ago now it's haunting me kek.

In reality I know that I was acting out because the family dynamic was dysfunctional in general, but I wish I just called my mom a bitch or something instead of targeting an innocent child. I want to pay penance somehow.

No. 1556733

When I was a teen I threw my little brothers toy out of the car window while we were on the highway. It was one of those 80's he-man like toys where the arms moved when you pressed a button on the back. I don't even know why, he was a good boy and it was just out of pure malice. Maybe it's just my guilty conscience making things up but I recall him just looking confused at me while strapped into his little booster seat. I remembered it at random a few days ago now it's haunting me kek.

In reality I know that I was acting out because the family dynamic was dysfunctional in general, but I wish I just called my mom a bitch or something instead of targeting an innocent child. I want to pay penance somehow.

No. 1556818

You are completely blind to your own actions. Learn to accept when you're in the wrong and to apologize - those are good attributes to have. I heard you have very alarming interests these days and have been kind of a bad person before we even met. I'm not going to bother with you anymore, I'll just pretend you don't even exist. Just know that you're the one who needs therapy or any other kind of mental help. I'm amazed you're able to function being as mentally weak as you are

No. 1556945

If you do not mind sharing what those coincidences are, I can try to give you more advice. This really is an extreme problem right now, and because men are so indoctrinard to protect eachother even when and especially when it involves the exploitation of a woman, I don't think it will be addressed properly for several years. Terminally online men are currently being given way too much power, and there is no resources on this issue because normal people cannot fathom why anyone would do something like this to regular women.

Average women are currently being stalked through their phone devices just as often if not more often than celebrity women right now, there is an entire niche industry for this on the dark web. Anyone who denies this or tries to tell you there isn't is either purposely trying to divert you from the truth or is truly clueless. I know learning this information can be really scary, which is why so many women want to think this is a creepy pasta, but its only growing worse in scale and making sure that they cannot access you so easily is very important.

Things to note:
-your iPhone and android phones are easier to hack than your computer, and because of the nature of them being very small supercomputers with multiple microphones (3-5, often hidden where you cannot remove them all or make the device unfunctuonal if you try) your every move can be heard even from 30, 40 feet away
-Moids do not care about your privacy, and ones who 'test' you with private information or ask you personal questions online need to be avoided - do not risk engaging with them in any way, they enjoy this
-Even people you have been 'mutuals' with online for years can be a perpetrator, I have seen people who appear to be very morally sound with strong senses of conviction take part in this kind of stalking
-There are whole communities dedicated to cyber voyeurism. They sell, they trade, they spread, and they have no remorse or any fear of legal repercussion for what they are doing
-Any apple propaganda you hear is a lie and apple phones are the absolute easiest to hack and remotely overtake - all cameras, microphones, your screen, everything
-There is literally nothing you can download to protect yourself if you are a target of these hackers and they often work in groups to continually infect your new devices

If you truly believe you have already been chosen as a victim, you absolutely need to move your photos to a USB, do not touch anything on your phone at all, and lock it away in a closet to hopefully be combed for evidence later. Factory reset does nothing but obscure any possible evidence of them extracting your data if it exists. All zero day exploits used to overtake cellphones are designed to reinstall themselves after every factory reset. My general advice to any women with a stalker is to ditch your smartphone permanently and know that any phone you use can be infected, no matter how little information you have attached to it. If they can't use one exploit, they will try another. If your stalker has any extra money at all, there is a chance they have commissioned these hackers because they want access to your every private move. It sounds like it belongs in a movie but it is objective truth, it's a scary reality that will only worsen. I cannot reiterate enough that this community is growing in numbers and they truly do not give a single fuck about how disgusting what they're doing is. They get off on your emotional distress. They want you to become a victim.

I support any and all women who believe they could be victims of this kind of stalking. Before it happened to me, I never would have believed any of this is even possible. I would have told both of you that youre paranoid and reading into coincidences. I have never seen a more pathetic and disgusting underground group of people in my life except for pedophiles, and I worry a lot for the future of women and especially children.

No. 1557326

why the fuck do you get everything good in life? why is everyone so fascinated with you? why does every conversation has to be centred around you? its unfair. i want to be adored as much as you. i hate you so much

No. 1557397

>If your stalker has any extra money at all, there is a chance they have commissioned these hackers

Oh he does and he did. I'm assuming he doesn't really have the expertise for hacking himself but whoever's doing this probably serves him a dossier. I unfortunately think he knows a lot about me and it makes my skin crawl

It's disturbing that I've sort of adjusted my behavior to befit the idea I'm being watched when I should be pretending I'm not, but I'd like to think of it as an irritating game. Most irritating that I can't abandon all my tech and switch to a flip phone or else I'll lose multiple things I use on the daily or need access too. Fucking accursed smartphone generation

>because they want access to your every private move

I'm surprised I haven't been directly threatened yet given the implications of what I have done in retaliation until I could no longer stand it, but I guess he's the revenge best served cold type. Psychological abuser creep needs to be euthanized where he hunches over his monitor but nobody's going to do jackshit and I don't know if I can safely transfer over to a new phone

I guess I feel more self assured but I am disgusted with no idea how long this has been happening. So many of my accounts and interactions are lost and I can't easily track back.

No. 1557404

Would like to add that what meager evidence I have tends to get dismissed as coincidental and I've been called crazy and psychotic by several people, but there are also several people who believe me. The divisive reaction has led me to stop revealing it to altogether. Outside of anonymous spaces and people I trust I barely feel safe. My own family are neglectful, abusive nutjobs themselves. All I have is a handful of friends and a shrink and the anonymous internet. Fuck my life.

It's not even outlandish that a misogynistic man with money and connections to hackers and "private investigators", would target women, especially given that I buy into the belief that there's a market for this and it's not a schizo larp. Jesus christ, fuck that flabby germ who I believe is behind this. I literally tried to kill myself and put my life on halt for months, desecrating my body and my mind, distancing myself from most of my friends and thinking I wasn't going to survive. Whoever did this? They knew. They knew and picked a traumatized woman.

My mental health issues aside I know somethings wrong when I see it, and this is not delusions, psychosis or my mental health issues at work, but it certainly did worsen them to the point where I almost died. So fuck this, if someone wants me to die or wishes for demise then they can dox and find me themselves! Come out from behind the monitor and stop using tawdry psych manipulation

We've all seen those eerie hacked security camera sites, so why wouldn't hackers be able do it to someone's phone? Jesus christo

No. 1557555

>We've all seen those eerie hacked security camera sites, so why wouldn't hackers be able do it to someone's phone?
Those security cameras aren't intentionally "hacked" by anyone, they're just configured (most likely via default settings) to be exposed to the public Internet. Usually the person who set up their camera isn't aware of the default settings. Your phone isn't the same as a security camera, there's no way for your phone's camera to be "exposed" like this. You don't come across as particularly technical (not a bad thing, most people aren't) and I feel that you're making connections that simply aren't there. Technology seems a lot scarier when you don't understand it.

No. 1557581

>tl dr "you are a schizo and pegasus doesn't exist"

fuck off


No. 1557669

That's not what I was saying. Stop putting words in my mouth.

No. 1557730

Nta but technology is scarier when you do understand it. Also those sites on clearnet are nothing like the ones on darkweb. There is a huge market on the dw right now of streaming security cameras inside of people's homes, often in intimate places. I don't understand why that's so unfathomable for some of you–do you really think scores of men who spend hours every day around child exploitation content wouldn't also do it to adult women as well? Home security cameras are so simple to hack, there are imageboard-esque directories similar to the now defunct anon-ib where you can watch people's security cameras based on location. Just because something is hidden from you doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

You don't need Pegasus. All of these exploits Pegasus claims to take "millions of dollars" to do exist on tor for an extremely meager fraction of whatever price Apple propaganda is trying to claim it takes. Give some guy on tor $1000 and he will do it, less if you find the right guy and already know more details about the person. That anon is exactly like how I was before I learned what can really be done with technology, they mean well but they're extremely naive and think their limited knowledge on technology they've garnered from Google university is law for some reason.

>im surprised I haven't been directly threatened
Voyeurs won't directly threaten you because they're aware that is immediate grounds for lawful retaliation. That is why they do so in roundabout ways because they view you as a toy and not a person. You should not seek "playing games" with someone this mentally ill–I promise that whatever you do on your own doesn't infuriate him the way you want it to. Also I do believe you because you say he has access to money and that is genuinely all it takes. The hackers that sell this kind of stuff generally coach buyers on how to cover their tracks or what to do and not do, such as limiting things to a device that doesn't trace back to them and use it for nothing else, travel to a different area without your cellphone to view content, etc. Its pretty fucked up.

'Broken' women are viewed as ideal targets for this kind of stalking. Their reasoning varies not just for sexual gratification, but also profit and humiliation. They view what they're doing as harmless because the victims are often unaware, its really fucked up. I do believe you. You are not spouting schizobabble, you are understandably very upset. It's hard to not be upset knowing you've been exploited in the most intimate way possible, and no one cares. I am content with most anons not believing what I'm saying as long as it gets through to those who need it. I maintain that there will come a time in the future where all of this is exposed, and a lot of people who gaslit you are going to feel guilty. People will deny the truth if it feels inconceivable to them, and I understand why most people don't want to believe this is easy. People with wealth do this all of the time, and if you are an average woman who has already been struggling through life, you are the perfect victim. I think a lot of anons just need basic re-education on tech that goes beyond wiki and youtube videos and they will see why all of this is tangible. Its just such a dangerous thing because Apple doesn't want people to know, and they have history of stalking and harassing whistle-blowers, and real schizos would pick it up and absorb it into their word salad arsenal as well. It does feel like an uphill struggle. I know you said you need a smartphone in your daily life, buy I urge you to stop using it for anything personal and do not keep it close to you outside of a work context. Do not bring it with you everywhere.

No. 1557733

Same anon but if you want to take this to the tech thread to vent or share more reasonings I will be happy to read there when I can, as this is clouding up current thread.

No. 1557923


No. 1558547

why is hating sexism "edgy" now? why is caring about women "edgy"? everything carreychan said was right, site's fucking dogshit now and most of you hate women.

No. 1558549

Who says it's edgy?

No. 1558553

Why is every other artist I meet in person so competitive and annoying? Why do they feel threaten all the time when they meet someone who can also draw. Even when their skills arent as high as they think they still believe they're better than everyone.

No. 1558892

I hate you and wish death on you because you're a disgusting abuser. You hate and wish death on me because being outed would get you deplatformed and put on a registry. Really weird imbalance there.

No. 1558952

You really are bitter and alone, and its entertaining how much you cope

No. 1558963

I wish I was diagnosed with autism way earlier in life so I didn't piss away all good will by assuming everyone who smiled at me had bad intentions. Right before I got diagnosed I had budding friendships and ruined it all by reading too into gestures and jumping off the deep end assuming they were trying to hurt me like kids did back in school. I wish I could've met the person I was meant to be.

No. 1558999

Be kind to unkind people. Even the unmedicated.

No. 1559009

Every day. Literally almost every single day you are writing weird creepy AUs about how you decide people must behave or feel or think based upon your own weirdly aggressive and bitter projections. You are losing bitch get a lifeeeeee

No. 1559059

File: 1682412362155.jpg (49.19 KB, 563x711, IMG_7331.JPG)

I'm 34 and feel like the oldest bitch here. I feel this way in general life too. What is an ageing milennial to do? Start a cat sanctuary? Do a bodybuilding competition? Crochet? Retreat into nostalgia? I truly don't know, every day is groundhog day and the internet is no longer comfy.

No. 1559061

Immerse yourself in companion animal husbandry, it is the way for us childfree millennials. Everyday is unique to me because I have 4 companion animals living with me and they’re all goofs. I’d recommend 2-3 cats and one small-medium sized dog, you’ll never be bored again.

No. 1559063

Thanks nonnie, I love cats. I one day want to move somewhere less urban so I could build a cat run. I have a medium dog and an ageing large one. They do raise my spirits.

No. 1559065

a few days ago an anon posted about being in her fourties, so you're definitely not the oldest here if that helps.

No. 1559081

damn I hope lc is still around when I hit 80

No. 1559085

File: 1682415275692.jpg (78.65 KB, 600x599, 1652691619434.jpg)

I'm a few years older than you nona. Always glad to see other oldfags here. It feels like many has fled LC recently and been replaced with underage twitter users.

No. 1559088

>replaced with underage twitter users
too real, every time I see their slang it stabs me the eyes

No. 1559089

I honestly think my grandma would have been interested in lolcow if she were still around and had her wits about her. She would have never integrated fully and would have been some kind of Chan like pakichan but more endearing and lovable. All her posts would be essay length and nearing the character limit.

No. 1559101

There are a few anons in their 40s and 50s iirc. I'm about to be 29 and honestly I think it's cool to see so many age ranges here.

No. 1559111

I started posting here when I was 24/25 I'm 32 now. I definitely don't post as much I feel a lot of old fags still lurk we're just not posting as much. Also weird to see the younger crowd coming in and all their weird gen z bullshit

No. 1559128

My first kisses were with women and I thought I was a lesbian until I was with my first boyfriend who beat me. I realize I'm bi now, but I have a child with a scrote. I care for who he is, yet I can't help but want to be a with a woman still. I never had a true relationship with a woman. I told him that I'd like to go through with it. He said it wouldn't be any different than him trying that out with another man. I said yes it would because you would be two nasty men together. I screwed up with having a child with him. Luckily, I had a daughter. I can't leave so easily and I wonder if I could find a woman who wants to be close to me despite my circumstances. I wouldn't be leading her on. I can't leave the situation so easily. I hate myself and the stupid choices I've made with scrotes. They've actually ruined my life and I pay the price every day from getting involved with them.

No. 1559129

I'm in my 40s and I'm glad Zoomers post here. I don't have children (never wanted them), but I like to be in touch with the times. I like reading about new fashion trends on /g/ and finding out what music youth listens to, what are the new slang terms, and so on.
I only dislike when someone doesn't put any effort to integrate.

No. 1559135

Samefag, it also helps me be more in touch with friends who have gen z kids, we can talk about them without me being totally clueless

No. 1559153

You are wrong but its too exhausting to argue with a keyboard warrior who has never actually touched grass. You haven't lived my life, so your hot take means jack shit.
I hope you broaden your horizons. Maybe seek therapy too. Theres a whole world outside your screen; go check it out

No. 1559157

Seeing my cousin being so blind in love and marrying a crusty ass moid who's telling her to not even disclose that she's engaged is so mind boggling to see I have a hunch this asshole has a side woman so he's trying his best to hide it I hate seeing this no matter how much we tell her not to she's so blind to the red flags

No. 1559171

File: 1682429203008.jpg (112.89 KB, 1242x1199, d.jpg)

Why have I been having sexual thoughts about a moid at work after 30 years of being patently a lesbian. It happened with another moid lately too and it's disturbing me to say the least.

No. 1559211

I've seen lesbians rant and sperg about bisexual women more than I've ever seen bisexual woman sperg about lesbians.

No. 1559223

No. 1559301

If you want to be left alone, maybe don't be the one to start shit smartass

No. 1559326

This is true, even on lolcow. Ctrl + f lesbian or bisexual in both threads and you will see.

No. 1559411


No. 1559433

They’re mimicking black American culture so well(racebaiting)

No. 1559459

The women on this place have a problem with non lesbian women for some reason.

No. 1559622

I can imagine in like seconds that it probably has to do with the fact that bisexual women care a lot less about the feelings of the women they toy with? Pretty straight forward

No. 1559739

If it’s any consolation idgaf about the feelings of men I toy with either.

No. 1559760

damn this is scary, cyberspying anon if you're still here, how do moids even hack/take control of your phone? i'm retarded but don't they need to know something about you first like an account that you're using and that's linked to your phone or your phone number? how are you even supposed to notice? yikes

nta but tbh there's a difference between venting about your mean bi ex and ranting about bi women anytime this sexual orientation is mentioned even in passing which is kinda a thing on lc

No. 1559769

There are tons of straightforward ways to hack a phone and then there are variations and blending techniques based upon the device, target, how much info you have etc. So someone may take social engineering and then a phishing link, while someone else direct location is known so they use cell tower spoofing, etc. There are too many zero day exploits for cellphones for me to list here and too many different ways to mix them all to essentially customize how you want to stalk your target. Tech propaganda tries to convince you that it requires direct access to your device but it doesn't. You can much easier identify Spyware if it was installed in person but if it was sent to you remotely, you would never know–it doesn't drain your battery, doesn't show any spike in data, nothing. It still records everything when your phone is technically off, if your Sim card is out. Tech thread is more appropriate for any other discussion.

No. 1560502

Nothing you exaggerate is ever even a remote approximation of how I think or feel. You really are just spending so much time creating elaborate fics to curb your narcissism and make you feel like you are a part of something. Genuinely the most rabidly autistic and empty person I will likely ever encounter.

No. 1560522

That's because bi women are too busy fucking their boyfriends to care, no shit.

No. 1560609

The bitter sour grapes energy from this post is pungent.

No. 1561523

File: 1682663915997.png (257.09 KB, 1079x1340, 1676798487016.png)

I'm a pickme and I hate other women.

No. 1561532

can I just shut up? please? can I stop unleashing my deranged spirit on unassimilated normies

No. 1561552

File: 1682667910330.jpeg (93.65 KB, 1284x1242, 01F2B185-B04F-4351-B25C-9B63F8…)

>webms of gore, workplace accidents where men get hurt/die, cannibalism, livestream shootings, and men getting beat up and yet moids save this to their computers and mock the moids in these webms
Moids are their own worst enemy lmao no matter what they tell you they dont give a fuck about other men and never have.

No. 1561556

are you here to learn to be different? because i don't understand hating women but coming here and reading our thoughts. i'm not saying this passive aggressively(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1561560

she probably uses the site to shit on other women considering this site was made to shit on a specific woman(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1561568

File: 1682670030471.jpeg (25.36 KB, 500x317, 5C83B1F6-4856-4C88-89C0-44DD6C…)

Cringe lmao I love other women and watching them post about their husbandos(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1561578

Realizing you got a problem is the first step to change.(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1561615

im just so tired of everything im actually fucking done. Even tho im now in out-patient getting treatment and in a quite good group it feels like i just have even less time to digest all the awful shit going on in my life.
i just wanna run in front of a speeding truck.

No. 1561630


No. 1562101

File: 1682726287903.jpg (53.35 KB, 1200x658, ac3a31bff11796c5dad6feccdd060a…)

Don't reply to me newfags. I posted in this thread instead of the vent thread precisely because I don't want your input. I just want to vent.

No. 1562112

I'm getting this off my chest, fuck you.

No. 1562641

Creepy parasocial faggot

No. 1563478

You WOULD act frighteningly autistic over a meaningless meme. Serial killer ass

No. 1563502

>neighborhood has signs that say no ball playing on the buildings
>there are multiple playgrounds and grassy areas, the signs are just posted in tiny spaces against the road and parking lot where it'd be unsafe to play
>one day all the signs are gone
>kids constantly playing soccer in the teenie spots by the parking lot and crawling under cars to get their balls
Lol this is going to end badly

No. 1564555

Why couldn't you just buy me a goddamn bed?? I'm your child and you let me sleep on the floor for years until someone else's father stepped in and gave me a fouton and gave me a dresser so I finally had somewhere to put my clothes. You spent so much money on beer and coke and you have the gall to say you love me when you let me sleep on a pile of blankets and stuffed animals for years. Do you think I just forgot all of this shit? Do you forget? I will never forget. I won't ever forget any of the shit you've done. I don't love you because I choose to, I love you because love isn't something that a person can explain or take back, you're my father and I relied on you, I love you but I can't stand you. Fuck you.

No. 1565293

An abuser is going to look for any excuse to continue to hurt you in whatever way they can. They will create the excuse if they can't actually find one. They need to create a sense of numbers between you and freedom. They will create a pack so they can have a continuous loop of feedback about why it's okay that they are hurting you, and they get to talk about you ALL the time this way. You are not allowed to get away from them or move on with your life because they refuse to move on. They want you as miserable and as trapped as possible. They are desperate for any shred of something to prove why they are justified in their constant, endless torment. If you were a victim for they are happy to blame you for being a victim, nothing makes them happier than trying to tell you its your fault you were physically and sexually abused. Never succumb to people who are this monstrous, and never let yourself believe the lies they tell you to break you down and try to make you feel subhuman.

No. 1565299

File: 1682990697993.jpg (12.92 KB, 720x224, Screenshot_20230501-212354_Duc…)

This tweet is hilarious because the person who wrote it is genuinely a manipulative monster LOL

No. 1565336

Why wasn't I born in a loving family? What did I do to deserve all this? How come my mom ruffles my cousin's hair but pulls out mine everytime she touches my head? Am I that unlovable compared to others? How come nobody believed me, a wounded child, when I said that my parents vent their anger at me, but instead believed my parents when they said I just 'slip and fall a lot' and am making it up?
Hell I'm not even born in a rich family, my parents are dirt poor so I can't afford to move out (for now, since I need to complete my studies and get a job first, I only work part-time) unless I want to end on streets as a woman in this rapey country. Everytime I see a loving family I get jealous and start crying right then and there like a fucking loser. I still remember, back then in elementary school I went to my friend's house for the first time, she and her family was a bit similar to mine — poor and with only four members, so I thought everything else would be the same too. But nope. It was so loving, so gentle, so warm, so kind. Her dad called her a 'bunny' because of her front tooth gap so she was never insecure of them, I also have them but it was because my father knocked out my teeth once so they grew like this later. I've always hated them. That's when I realised my family wasn't normal. That was also when I felt jealousy for the first time. I can't take this. I really can't take this. I wish I was born into a loving family. Why did I suffer just for being born? I've never even been a disobedient child, I tried my best. I always tried my best. Yet they never love me, not even once.

No. 1565355

Laying it on really thick. Get a life.

No. 1565401

After everything you've done you really don't have any place to even be annoyed

No. 1565497

There I go again, fucking up friendships because I’m terminally foolish. Stupid stupid stupid…

No. 1565964

I'm so incredibly stupid for being so careless. This thing might have ruined everything and the cringe is unbearable, it's not even funny. I'm almost certain something's up now. PLEASE I hope he hasn't noticed it!

No. 1565989

You don’t have a chronic illness, you’re just fat and hypochondriac!

No. 1566154

So that's it huh. After everything that happened on sunday. I don't get you. Is it that much fun to hurt someone who's been nothing but honest and understanding with you?

No. 1566172

I changed my fucking mind, your therapist was dead right with the bpd diagnosis and you're a fucking travesty

No. 1566180

Ghosting is the most cunty thing you can do to someone. I don't care if you're 'aggressively shy', you're 30 years old.. Grow the fuck up bitch

No. 1566230

Me a sane normal individual fantasizing about ruining the life of my old best friend but never doing anything because I don't want to face harassment charges in my late 20's. She really deserved more than she got though. I'm glad I told her off at the end but it truly wasn't enough. I should've publicly embarrassed her. I know it wouldn't have gone as well in my head though she had a way of twisting things to make her look good

No. 1566252

You're an utterly retarded SEAweeb with a roomtemp IQ, chimping out and moralfagging over the dumbest shit like an NLOG, jealous that you'll never get the attention ___ does because no one cares if your mom beat you and you "turned out alright". You send your nudes unsolicited to Japanese scrotes engaging in the very behavior you supposedly condemn but the thing is, no one wants your washboard pajeet looking azz, you gross fucking bitch. You're more of an unhinged mess than the girls you shit on, it's so obvious you're projecting, and honestly, you're making me want to side with them over you. You deserve your own thread.

No. 1566438

I’m starting to think about her again and getting upset, so I think this means my depressive funk has hit a “bottom” so to speak. Only up from here!

No. 1566488

My brain just briefly created the smell of McDonalds. Is this my brain creating serotonin? yes I’m going back on the meds(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1566526

Your restaurant will fail because you are a moron. You don't price out your menus, you don't manage, and you expect a bunch of idiots to run the circus without you.
You were lucky to have an employee smart enough to push a re-price. Your “structure” only exists because daddy saves the day and you rely on your brother to carry the weight of being a real manager.
How do you sleep at night, knowing your elderly parents pull from their own savings to keep a business afloat YOU DONT EVEN WANT?! You moron, you piece of shit. This whole family has enabled your bullshit for too damn long. You are pathetic, and so are the flying monkeys you keep on payroll. Its only a matter of time.
Ps, does your insane wife know you tried to fuck her sister? Who you keep by your side every fucking day? Should we tell her you watched her sister obsessively and told your family you were going to win her over?
Let it all collapse, I hope you lose it all. The golden child Who Does No Wrong, your time is up.
No other business owner will ever hire you because of your incompetence. And your brother who has worked tirelessly and honestly will actually have the skill set to move forward with a real future. Rot you dumb fuck.

No. 1566537

What'd she do to you(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1566540

This hurts. It's not typical of me. I'm not one to get anxiety, I'm tough. I'm always "strong and tough." Yet here I am with that feeling in my chest, betraying that image of me. I don't even go to him for comfort. Maybe, he's a part of the problem too.

No. 1566541

I never talk about my love life because your reactions will be useless "you need to forget her", "you deserve better", "she's a (insult)". That hasn't helped me until now and it probably won't for some more time.

No. 1566542

Coming here makes me feel angrier than happier. I swear to God most of lolcow users are idiots.

No. 1566564

You actual, massive, stupid, idiotic, worthless RETARD. With your stupid, retarded mantrums, I'm so sick of you motherfucker, you're fucking INSUFFERABLE and INSANE

No. 1566618

I found some posts about me that I wasn’t supposed to find. I really do love that girl

No. 1566629

I’m afraid to write it down because it might make it real. I may drink for the first time in two and a half years because of it. I guess for now I’ll keep smoking and hope that’s enough.

No. 1566630

The age difference is bothering me. You act like an old man. You don't want to ever leave the house. You act like I'm lazy when I stay over and don't immediately jump into the shower as soon as my eyes open. Better wash my hair and do my make up to sit in front of the TV for 16 hours.

No. 1566631

Magic Spoon is N O T cereal. Cereal I S carbs. Magic Spoon can fuck off to the power bar section of the grocery store where it doesn't have to take space away from real cereal. Fuck, just let keto faggots and vegans have their own grocery stores so their garbage doesn't have to take away the space that used to have my favorite sausages, cereals, and snacks. Nobody buys these keto trash snacks, they're fucking gathering DUST on the shelves, but the shelf space is bought by the company so everyone who wants a normal snack that doesn't cost $6 for a tiny bag is SOL.

And fuck everybody who legalized grocery stores selling wine here. The store took 3 rows of food away to stock this shit when there's a liquor store the next building over.

No. 1566639

Yeah I liked it. I liked it because it was dirty not because it was you. No I hate you, so get the fuck out of my head. You just happened to be the first ever to initiate and I just happened to be on my own. You're nothing but a pathetic little roach living in your own squalor and I hope you live the rest of your life alone for being such a spineless disgusting rat. I hate you and I hate myself for being so fucking weak and vulnerable. I want you to be miserable. You're so gross, boring, and weird with all your fucked up habits and your sad life. Utter loser. I want my revenge.

No. 1566644

this makes me so angry

No. 1566651

The rampant mental illness required to do what you are doing is not humanly possible without being miserable and pathetic. There is no "happy" when you have revolved so much time, effort, energy, and money into weirdly obsessive constant le epic trollface creepy exertions of power over someone you are preying upon

No. 1566652

There is life after rejection(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1566657

since when is initiation and touching rejection(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1566732

I LOVE watching wolf's rain every year of my life. It brings me into perspective. What a beautiful masterpiece and I am heavily against anime media. Every needs to watch at least once in their life.

No. 1566823

File: 1683123913010.png (22.01 KB, 920x512, png-transparent-pepe-the-frog-…)

>Oppenheimer to be released in less than 3 months.
>Still just has a teaser poster.

And the director isn't even from your country, that's how easy your history is to forget anyway, USA.

No. 1566844

File: 1683125924075.png (891.86 KB, 1000x1000, __cb20130501044561.png)

I have enough self awareness to know I'm acting cringey and weird in front of you but I can't help it. I just really want to be your friend. So far you haven't protested so I assume you want to be my friend too

No. 1567167

Sounds like you had a bad hookup and are blaming him instead of taking responsibility for your own actions(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1567174

File: 1683149535603.jpg (64.6 KB, 500x605, 6c4724200cd2b99994b7e7c6c171d0…)

I always thought that this whole "club 27" thing was a coincidence or whatever but I should've known when my friends joked about me hopefully not killing myself after turning 27 earlier this year (despite never mentioning anything about suicide). So far it's been nothing but pain. I feel like a punching bag, my eyes are constantly swollen from crying and I always feel tired from all the distress, anxiety and lack of sleep. I just want the pain to stop. Can't I be happy for once in my life. I don't know what I ever did to deserve this. I have no more strength left. Almost 30 years of my life and I can't remember the last time I was happy. Why was I even born.

No. 1567190

I miss you. Please come back.

No. 1567194

Don't entertain post wall scrotes

No. 1567257

Why are you booing her? She's right(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1567307

Grown ass men

No. 1567324

I admire you so much. You're my dearest friend, and I wouldn't have anyone else but you.

No. 1567332

Because that anon's post talks about touching, not rejection. Looks like >>1566652 can't read.

No. 1567340

You sound like a rapey moid tbh(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1567456

I think of all those creepy imitations that were very evidently just trying to exert your power over an obviously mentally ill woman and the tie dyed shirt thing was probably one of the most pathetic.

No. 1567465

You find something to complain and whine about in literally everyone yet adopt little bits of their personality that you want to absorb into yourself and become this chimeric imitation of every single person you bitch about for not being perfect or some ridiculous standard you've set that is crazy as fuck. You are so arrogant and condescending and try to cultivate this image of being aloof when you are neurotic and obsessive and never shut the fuck up in private, just voyeuring and complaining about everyone 25/8 but thinking it's fine because you fake being a temperamental and stable person on your social media which is also just you mirroring people that are actually funny

No. 1568460

I really like this word thank you for showing it to me, sorry not replying to your vent though.

No. 1568845

I'm so tired, I barely have any time. I keep planning to do things but I can never get around to them, I'm not sure if I actually like them in the first place. I'm sick of this, I don't even think I want to move anymore but it's too far gone to change my mind

No. 1568865

i’m fucking dreading going back to work on monday the retards i’m forced to serve all day are the stupidest rudest people i’ve ever had to deal with on a bad day i just want to scream and scream and scream and throw burning hot coffee at some of these shitheads who cannot utter a mere thank you for the life of them i’m actually scared i’m going to end up throttling someone one day and catching an assault charge i want to be a fucking neet again so bad i don’t care if i’ll be depressed and rotting away in my room anything is better that working in this shithole university filled w clowns

No. 1569041

You genuinely are so bitter and retarded. Your misery is so palpable. I think projecting how horrible and disgusting you are on to actual women makes you feel better about yourself honestly because women don't be doing this shit and as you can tell the few who go along with you only do because of your mountain of lies… so

No. 1569051


No. 1569056

How do you not get bored of your own sociopathy. All you do is talk in circles

No. 1569062

You literally violate me I have no obligations to respect you at all wtf isnt it so convenient for your storytelling tho

No. 1569352

The sound my bluetooth headphones make when they are low on battery is so GODDAMN loud! I'll be quietly listening to some calm music and then BIM-PI-DAM loud as fuck in my ears. Oh, so you have a volume control to make sure I get a warning when I turn my music volume too loud, but you fucking blast my ears with your thirsty ass needing to be recharged with no regard for the minor heart attack I'm gonna have.

No. 1570244

The fact that you ran back to cover your tracks kek

No. 1571023

I'm just so fucking hurt. I feel like a garbage bag that just gets tossed aside

No. 1571628

When you utilize your empty serial killer tendencies to stalk and obsess, you use them hard.

No. 1572852

It's so funny how much your very carefully curated, lame online persona directly contradicts everything about who you are as a person considering you're constantly berating and condemning literally everyone else for not being the autistic standard of authentic and perfect that you have set for everyone except for yourself in your head. You think most people are too stupid to see through it, and for a time you were right. Fortunately, your continuance in making sure your stance on abuse and misogynoir is covertly known is going to come back to haunt you much sooner than you think. You can't abuse and exploit people to this degree with the abandon of an actual sociopath and get away with it - you've made yourself believe you can, as your delusions of granduer somehow outperform any actual positive trait or quality you could have one point possessed- but have fun while you can. You're like those girls that brutally stabbed their friend to sacrifice to slenderman, all delusion in your terminally onlinr vacuum and truly believing that the vile things you're doing have no serious consequences. The traveling, the software, the help, none of it means anything or has actually protected your nasty hobbies in any way outside of giving you a bizarrely false sense of security. I'm so thankful to know the actual outcome of this while you live in your own world where everyone and everything is beneath you while you are a genuine irredeemable monster.

No. 1573190

Whats the point in regularly speaking out against misogyny abuse and things like fatphobia while remaining friends with people who regularly partake in misogyny abuse and fat phobia. Its so fake. Nothing you say means anything when you infantilize people who are the monsters you claim to despise.

No. 1573191

"It's just a movie" a movie portraying the same type of person that ruined my life and the lives of people i cared about, i don't give a single shit if I look demented a-logging to the screen, this is personal, I'm hurt and I've so much bottled pain, i need a release, you have no idea of the type of pain i cope with daily, my life got destroyed, i was never the same after that, I'll a-log any worthless, alcoholic, violent scrote that reminds me of him, I'll a-log about how much I want them to die, I've the right to be angry, my wrath is not only mine, but for those i lost to him. Fuck you, i hate you guts, you fucking psychopath, you will burn in hell

No. 1573506

Oh bitch you are EVIL evil.

No. 1574192

I wish I was more attracted to scrotes cause at least I know I have not much romantic interest them and so I wouldn’t actually wanna pursue and date them. I could just admire them from afar and that would be as far as I’d wanna go.
I really can’t take pain. I wish I had never met her. I don’t ever wanna put myself out there again and allow myself to catch feelings. It was a big mistake. I’m so stupid

No. 1574490

Could not imagine being so consumed by a single person to the degree that you are lmao like you really signed a portion of your life away for some keysmashes.

No. 1574492

Like your 'let me base my entire personality on being a hypocritical condescending liar while simultaneously condemning literally everything and shoving all my brain power into weirdly juvenile attempts at upsetting the people I've hurt and violated omg oomfs tap in' thing is glaringly pathetic when you're on the actual tail end of your 20s. It doesn't trigger the way you want it to, but it shows exactly the kind of person you really are and how it directly contradicts the persona you've thrown so much effort into building. You continue to feed into a lie because it's the most interesting thing about you and you have nothing else to talk about a majority of the time. 'Omg see watch' you are a grown man.

No. 1574497

Also you called kiana a pug and Mike a gremlin catfish I really don't care about your opinion on anything ever because all you do is shit on everyone and pretend to be a much better person than you actually are. Like whatever creepy freak larping as a normal person

No. 1574511

I’d probably die for you and I wonder what you would’ve done if I did die

No. 1574828

youre really tiring to be around you know that right? why do you have to make everyone feel so miserable as you

No. 1575620

i talk about something unrelated to your personality, you get offended, and it's my fault. you make personally attacks to stir away from the unrelated thing i was discussing about, i get offended, it's still my fault. i fucking hate you.

No. 1575633

continue bad mouthing to strangers. continue telling people who weren't there about your contorted perspective of this situation. while calling the people actually there to witness the situation say otherwise. continue calling me manipulative when i call out your bullshit. by the end of the day i will stay quiet. by the end of the day i keep strong relationships with the people i care most about and i don't shut them down the moment they say something that slightly annoys me. have you already forgotten? all those times you threatened to kill yourself if i didn't do exactly what you want. all the times you got upset when i exercise my right to say no, you call it selfish. but when you say no to me, i just quietly go about my day, then suddenly im the one being rude and giving attitude. all those times you demanded me to tell you everything and have me be open about how i feel, but shit yourself the moment it involves having to point out how you've negatively impacted me.
i don't apologize unless i mean it. so im sorry. im sorry that i can no longer bring myself to give a shit. i no longer care whether you kill yourself or not. i do not care if you become a better person or stay living in your echo chamber of always being the victim. i no longer want to care about your existence.

No. 1575634

you do realize that actual good people don't ever have to constantly remind others of how good they are?

No. 1575771

File: 1683937610510.jpg (58.41 KB, 1200x630, 921ca97419336f0ac434c3b0c24418…)

You're fucking evil I don't care!!!!!!

No. 1575775

Why are you always targeting me in particular you retarded bitch? I did nothing to you. Absolutely nothing. But now if I had the chance, I won't hesitate for even a moment before ruining your pathetic life. If you're so mad, then get mad at the people who got you mad. Stop venting at me I'm already going through enough shit everyday, and I'll actually throw a bucket of cat shit onto your face at this point.

No. 1576111


No. 1576155

Anons who scare other anons off this site (other than obvious moids) by trying to figure out their identities and antagonizing everyone are absolutely insane. Get your life together and stop getting so triggered by everything. Otherwise I have to find a anonymous spot on the internet not filled with angry people looking to lash out at scapegoats.

No. 1576158

Narcissistic women who think they're Regina George and then life smacks you in the face and you realize none of the men you fucked thought you were amazing and also you got fat and now look like the girls you made fun of….I am so happy you are fat and I will never stop laughing about it.

No. 1576176

Your jealousy of younger women and teenagers is a fabrication of your own insecurity and women like you should never have daughters. All men aren't just lusting after younger girls all the time you have a problem with insecurity. There are plenty of men who prefer women their own age and the more you seethe over this and get triggered by other girls the more miserable you'll be.

No. 1576207

who the fuck cares about what moids think? the main goal should always be healthy, happy and fulfilled, whatever the fuck is going on in their minds is trash to be disregarded. if you can find a decent moid, good for you, but generally, they're to be ignored or discarded.(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1576223

>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.
What part of this did you not fucking understand?

No. 1577121

>the devil is real
Nope you're just a narc loser!! And you're gross and weird and your obsessive boundaryless need to violate other people will absolutely cunt punt you into irl hell. Stop writing fanfic about how everyone else is sooo mean and deserving of your totes justified vigilante delusions so you have more excuse to abuse women and GET A LIFE

No. 1577123

You dont live in reality and

You need to get over the girls who bullied you for being fat in middle school and

No one cares lol(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1577139

Oh my goddd it's so funny that you pretend to care about transgender people outside of your own agenda when you do the "you're not x you're y" thing and constantly pretend you can clock peoples Super Sekret sexualities when you just want to strongarm everyone into subscribing to your imagination and retarded fantasy narrative where everything has to be negative. You're friends with fags that unironically say pooner you are such a lame hypocrite

No. 1577239

I hate the way my partner acts at night with our newborn. Between the hours of like 11pm-8am he’s super impatient and irritable when he feeds her the bottle. He tries to force feed her, he won’t burp her, he tries to put her back to sleep as quickly as he can which just means she spits up all over herself and needs changed and then she’s wide awake and full of gas so I have to try nursing her to sleep and then I’m awake for an extra hour which means I get an hour of sleep before the next feed if I’m lucky. He acts like he’s so hard done by, yet I’m the one that actually gets out of bed, goes downstairs, makes the bottle, waits for it to heat slightly, comes back upstairs and then pumps for 40 minutes to make sure she has milk for another bottle. When she cries, he just puts her on his thighs facing him and he seems to think that counts as holding her and comforting her. I watched him literally close his eyes and sleep while holding the bottle in her mouth last night and had to wake him up multiple times.
Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great parent during the day - super attentive, super supportive of me as well - but it’s like he’s replaced with a lesser version of himself at night. He has the absolute audacity to act like he’s the only tired one as well, like I’m not the default parent.
The universe is looking out for me though because she just spat up all over him as I write this.

No. 1577457

I think I need to get away from my family. I bring them shame because I am retarded and autistic. I don’t do well with extended family. My parents tell me why can’t I be bubbly and talkative. What hurts me most is my mom, she doesn’t say anything but I can feel the shame, it’s been this way since I was young, I would cry when I noticed as a kid how much better she treated other girls, and I would cry out of jealousy. At 30 years old, I still get dreams of my mom abandoning me or acting very cold towards me, and I bawl and cry to get her attention but she never does. I think she only tolerates me because I am useful for computer stuff, paying bills, etc., and being the only other woman in our family to talk to. I’m at her brother’s right now and she just completely forgets me. It’s ok though, she’s with her family, but still I feel so pathetic. I want to leave and leave them, even though I could forever stay with my parents I think it is best for me to leave them. However I am retarded and I can’t live out on my own, and don’t make enough to rent an apartment or something. I don’t know, I’m becoming older and I want to feel good about myself but I feel that won’t happen until I finally leave my family.

No. 1577543

The majority of nonnas will end up like that pregnant woman with that boyfriend who didn't wish her happy mother's day and I feel good about it.

No. 1577549

>t. Incel kiwifag(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1577601

File: 1684091282849.jpg (46.22 KB, 500x667, 1602779911307.jpg)

My back hurts really really badly. I'm in so much pain now ow ow

No. 1577603

i want to sexually frustrate my coworker to no end. i fantasize about him every day

No. 1577655

I'm glad they're now banning annoying ass bitches who respond to people's posts ITT

No. 1577686

File: 1684098400957.jpg (132.32 KB, 736x981, bb24119687992f40d171e605c74ba6…)

I'm glad I will never be that bitter

No. 1577703

I also want to sexually frustrate my coworker to no end. i also fantasize about him every day.

No. 1577738

It seems like the council of nonnies is in agreement on this day as I too want to sexually frustrate my coworker to no end

No. 1577740


No. 1577775

I'm not pretipping EVER AGAIN after a pizza delivery scrote copped an attitude with me because he was too retarded to read & walked into the wrong place first. He whined when I literally put the business name in the delivery notes. I should've called him an obese fuckup but I just grimaced and took the pizza because I was at work
I'll never pretip you people because I don't know how the fuck you'll perform sowwy(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1577837

I love you I miss you I love you I miss you I love you I miss you I love you I miss you

No. 1577923

It's so weird watching women pretend to have ironclad strong moral principles and then proceed to simp and infantilize the worst faggots imaginable that do everything they claim to hate really strongly. So either you're naive OR you're purposely pretending you don't see it which is spineless OR you're exactly like them and pretending to be what you aren't. Interesting given how vocal you are.

No. 1578012

I miss you too.

I wish I didn’t.

No. 1578020

Thank god I'm not wagecucking in a shitty pizza company and begging people to tip me. I'd actually kill myself if I was that desperate.

No. 1578027

wE aRe a sYnDiCaTe wE aRe a LeGiOn wE aRe a CoLlEcTiVe~~ umm what you are is a group of genuine bona fide abusive losers powertripping over your ability to torment women. You are way too comfortable doing and saying the exact same things pedophiles, rapists, and abusers love to do and say. The fact that you even consider yourselves lightyears away from people you're practically snuggled up with lends to the fact that you're pathetic people by default.

No. 1578064


No. 1578174

I was walking my dog this morning, I pass by this house that has three little yappy dogs and their owner (an elderly woman) starts screaming and whining about how much people pass by and make her dogs bark non-stop and they should just stay home BITCH IT'S NOT MY PROBLEM IF YOUR DOGS BARK SO MUCH AND SO LOUDLY maybe idk teach them to stop or don't have so many dogs, the street is not fucking yours and my dog who didn't even look at them from the other side of the fucking road isn't the issue. Holy shit some people are unbelievable, are you going to yell at every person passing by because it sets off your dogs?? This is the same stupid fuck who lets her dogs go outside without a leash to literally shit in the middle of the road.

No. 1578177

The story about the GAA manager in Derry facing abuse allegations is triggering me because of all the online comments about how allegations shouldn't affect someone's job. The victim was dragged through the town by her hair once and people are commenting they wouldn't step in as bystanders because you don't know the full story and there's just always stupid fucking reasons to dismiss abuse by men towards women. Sorry but if a man is in a management position he has a duty of care to those he manages. If he's found to be abusive of course that should jeopardise his current line of work wtf.

This especially is annoying because I was attacked by an ex fiance during a work break before. I went home for lunch then was attacked and had to return. My father worked in that place and I phoned him to get access to his entrance to ask can I go home early. I was covered in blood and bruised I had to go back to my desk to tell my line manager I was leaving. My ex use to work there and was well liked because he was handsome and appeared more educated than most there. I wasn't as liked because my dad was a high up I left the company shortly after that. People saw I was attacked and no one ever mentioned it. My ex was never scorned no one gave a shit. No ones ever talked about it to me but I suspect the general consensus I must have warranted such an attack. I didn't.

No. 1578183

It is hilarious that you are so self obsessed you think any post is about you. You must be very lonely and autistic to continue to go on about the same problem in every thread. Im sorry you dont have a social life of friends. Sucks to be you! Go get therapy; touch grass. Kiss my ass.

No. 1578226

this is about my post concerning men who've been fingerblasted by whitecoats. You're just mad your scrote is gay(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1578277

Imagine being such a no life that the shit you complain about are about onsite infights you lost.

No. 1578725

Towards the end of highschool I had these two friends with the same first name and I collectively just referred to them as the [name]s. When I was 19 we met these group of boys that one is now married too, the night we all met he was interested in me but I thought he was short n ugly and I found this older one more attractive. In the end I found them all lame and wouldn't do anything more than make out with the other one. He became infatuated with me. The two [name]s became infatuated with him as was there way with any guy I dated. One of the [name]s got married and asked the dude to be a groomsman she also made a weird lj video diary claiming him as her best friend. She asked me to be bridesmaid. I ended up getting a bf before this and the day of the wedding the guy that liked me bailed. I got blamed. After that I started getting cut out. Then the other one of the [name]s gets married and I don't even get invited and your man is best man. We all met him at the same time lol. Whatever. Cut to 2 years ago and I met the guy out when I was single. We had 3 dates and he breaks down and tells me everything that happened between the [name]s, one of their failed marriages the other a sham and he only agreed to be other ones best man cause the guy that originally wanted to date me told him I was going to be at the wedding. On our last date the guy told me how in love he's been with me over the last 12 years. I ghosted him again.

No. 1578854

Shut the fuck up

No. 1580031

every single person I know who works professionally in the mental health field has a substance abuse problem especially alcohol. the ones who work with children and credit every single milestone in that child’s life to themselves is so self serving and does not sit well with me. we wonder why the mental health crisis in the west is so bad just look at the people running the circus

No. 1580440

Oh look another disgusting retard with no soul or conscience abusing stimulants to be a pathetic creep online instead of using them to lime improve or pay attention to their own lives. Shock horror

No. 1580522

Maybe I would get upset if it all weren't heavily documented with a paper trail you were too stupid to control. Now, I just see you for the pathetic person you are. There isn't anything prolific or powerful about you. It's even sadder that you continue. All of this obsession, effort, time, and money just shoveled into abuse and a constant barrage of literal sexual harassment and voyeurism. The fact that you feel absolutely no remorse for what you've done and continue to do, and how your need to keep a single human being as a punching bag and special interest despite clear boundaries of no and I do not consent. forcing yourself wherever you dont belong. Shocking, someone who lies about this can lie about bigger and far worse things. Your orbiters aren't as sad as you but watching a few ouroboros is pitiful. I can already see you intend to lie about this until the very end, you have far too much on the line. You don't care about any one or anything except monopolizing all of your interactions and relationships and being a perpetual victim in spite of the fact that you are ever bit the aggressor. You can't continually pretend you don't care while spending every waking moment of your life obsessing over manipulating every single online interaction you have, hours upon hours spent backtracking, trying to fabricate a new narrative that you believe will absolve you, spending so much time on trying to fix what was already done on discord. How are you not exhausted by yourself. You can't keep everyone hanging on to your own shrine of obsession forever.

No. 1580586

File: 1684388145620.gif (1.23 MB, 500x270, 1517025133377.gif)

It's just better to pretend to be male. It's so exhausting, anonymous imageboards are supposed to be a place where I can be myself, but because a coin was flipped I can't do that. I have to make up an entire fake identity on an ANONYMOUS imageboard, I hate it so much! I really do wish I was born male, not because of ~dysphoria~ or whatever but because I'm cut off from doing so many things I want to do just because I'm female. I don't feel unwelcome on the site exactly (unless I say that I'm female which I would never dare), nobody knows who I am, but I feel singled out just posting normal posts and it's uncomfortable trying to fake everything that's not just shitposting. I can't do anything that involves me irl (I REALLY want to sing an oc but my voice would be an instant giveaway) or anything that has to do with any body part, even just my hand which eliminates so many fun things. It's so frustrating and I don't even feel like a real user of the site, just an observer, even though I've been there since january and contributed to its culture a huge amount and been there for every major and minor happening, literally every happening. Nothing will change how they are and I want to be male so much so I can be like any other poster.

No. 1580619

I spend a lot of time feeling like there is something wrong with me and there is something wrong with me! That’s the truth! I think I will always struggle with professionalism and holding a job because of my bipolar disorder . Being bipolar IS a disability. I’m not even type 1, I’m BP2 but when I am hypomanic my judgement is shit. I overshare I make bad decisions I become more intense I can’t control it. I’m always good at my jobs but get myself in hot water eventually because I either say too much or because my time management is bad and I’m always a few minutes late to almost anything. I get in trouble for the stupidest things when I’m every other way I am so capable I just can’t get my shit together
I want to work in a field that requires professionalism and really thinking before you speak and some people live much more wholesome lives so it comes to them naturally. Not me, but I’m passionate about this. I don’t want to change my lifestyle or anything but this will bleed out of me if I don’t change the way I live. And even if I change the way I live, I can always just get manic again and ruin it in one fell swoop
It’s unfair. I’m so over this. I’m so over bad decisions and being embarrassed afterwards. It’s just embarrassing, I embarrass myself consistently, in social media in conversation at work etc I take things too far. I’m diagnosed with BPD too, part of it is my issues with blurring boundaries, that’s the more draining aspect of me if anything. but when I am manic it’s different. I have no control. I fear I may not be able to live life according to plan

No. 1580649

You're so fucking stupid, you fucking idiot moid scrote. There's evidence in front of you that proves otherwise yet you fucking keep insisting your stupid strawman on my direction. You're honestly a pathetic piece of shit if you got offended by reaction pics kek.
Are the men too ashamed to watch women getting abused for sexual gratification in the room with us right now, m8?

No. 1581329

Genuinely you are psychopathic to the point of it being a mental deficiency

No. 1582141

All you do is whine and complain about women you creepy hypocritical bitch.

No. 1582252

I can't stay angry at you and that's the problem. It doesn't make me a saint it makes me expect others to do the same for me and enables my own shitty behavior. I don't want to be irredeemable like I feel I am after how I've acted. I want to reform myself, but this needs to end for that to happen I guess. I can't stop thinking about the hurt you're in and regretting contributing but I purposely didn't say that because at the same time that's something I said a lot and I don't receive in return. I want to undo it all and leave you alone and erase the hurt I brought. I wish I could feel angry long enough to stop thinking about it. I'm sorry. I have to stop saying I'm sorry and just change myself and leave you to your path. I'm selfish and this isn't even about me I'm so sorry you're going through this, wish I could tell you that but I can't, what a mess

No. 1582257

Knowing you, you're probably comfortable hating me now and would laugh to know I think this. Probably what I deserve. Still I should be mad at you to some extent but I'm not and I hate that. I couldn't say it after what you said but I hope someday you can be happy. That's all

No. 1582910

You're a coward and a horrible person doing horrible things while hiding behind people who do even worst things than you.

No. 1582936

You talk too much and the tryhard satire you cobble together in imitation of people who are actually funny sucks and rarely lands. Dramatic and unlikable in every way bestie!! Fake - like all of those unsentproject posts that you pulled out of your ass

No. 1583204

I’m not mad at you

No. 1583981

I want a cigarette I want a cigarette I want a cigarette but when I have a cigarette it’s not even good! can smoke a whole pack and get nothing out of it but watery eyes and mouth sores. They make me more anxious not less. That’s why I quit! Why oh why do I still want one? I’m so done with them they’re like a bad friend I need them out of my life!!

No. 1584042

Not something on my chest but something on my mind, I have a half sister, 8 days older than me and we've always been told we look alike except she is way fatter and that's saying something because I'm very big. Basically twins. I dunno, despite her size she has always been pretty, beautiful hair, nice sense of fashion, cute face even without the makeup. She still looks like me to this day, except without the 2 decades of being terminally online and depressed and with years of success and self care. Honestly kinda envy her, but if she looks like me then there's hope for me? These differences were probably hinted at early on in life my dad always preferred her over me.
I wanna get in contact with her so bad, make a new friend and ask for advice as a big girl but I don't know if our personalities today will crash or get along, I'm not exactly likable and she's always had a great social life.

No. 1584404

I hate how obsessed with babies and kids moids are when they also in the same breath refuse to acknowledge the potential grave consequences of having them. Giving birth can often be physically and psychologically traumatic for women as well as extremely expensive. Cryptic pregnancies can happen, unwanted children can happen, so many things can go wrong. But since the man can just leave and since the man is not risking anything in childbirth like the woman is, men are totally fine with just glossing over the consequences. Men just want "cute babies uwu" or some kind of "legacy", they never actually care about raising a family and once they realize how hard it is to raise kids they drop everything and run. I hate how even men that even I trust seem to love babies, and while liking babies in and of itself it not necessarily a bad thing, when a man is saying it I instantly get suspicious because often their love of babies and often unspoken love of fetuses is almost always propped up as more important than a woman's wellbeing. I cannot trust men who actually think that having babies is a universally good thing because it's often a red flag for a disturbing level of entitlement to a woman's body and life. The moment a woman experiences one of the many extremely dangerous side effects of childbirth, she's seen as either lazy or making it up, or is painted as a pure evil witch who needs to be tortured to death. In very clear cut cases of post-partum psychosis or depression, instead of actually paying attention to the facts and seeing it as a tragic case that ended up hurting and traumatizing a mother and child, people literally say that the woman needs to be slowly tortured to death for failing as a mother. They push women towards childbirth and the moment something tragic happens, the woman needs to be fucking tortured, in their eyes. I understand that raising a child can be a good thing, but I have serious issues trusting anyone who thinks that childbirth is just this sacred, perfect thing where nothing could possibly go wrong. Just underneath that seemingly innocent attitude is a sick sadism and entitlement to women.

No. 1584649

you are fully aware of what that abuse entailed. you are completely aware of how far it went, how disgusting and monstrous it was, how much trouble you are going to get for it, how many women it really violated. you don't care at all. all you care about is impressing loser misogynists online and doing and saying literally anything to keep you from being caught out for the ugly person you are. the fact that you love yourself so much is repulsive, you're barely human.

No. 1584698

I’m such a stupid bitch I can’t believe it!! How did I get here

No. 1584711

When your fried stimulant charred brain finally crashes and burns from all the frantic jumping from stupid 'solution' to solution and running in circles where you think you're somehow absolved of how disgusting you are and all the women you have gleefully exploited!! you have other people literally devising entire elaborate plans that are only going to get them in genuine, real life trouble in order to protect something repugnant that YOU nursed and created. you are obsessed with being a stalker and voyeur and sharing your findings because it's the only way you can get people to like you. the problem is that not everyone is a genuine sociopath like you. you can only puppeteer everyone for so long. i know the only reason you haven't tired of the lies you weave and the people you hurt because you're too strung out to notice or even care. you are truly the ugliest person you know I fear. keep using half-baked misogynoir to feel better about what you've done.

No. 1584915

File: 1684844875176.jpg (48.54 KB, 704x773, a6c08e93e9b73121c0dfca74afdfc0…)

Your behavior is actually embarrassing, no, is not cool nor based, is embarrassing, i seriously don't understand your thought process, how did you turn out like this? Are you actually retarded? And is always some bullshit excuse with you, i seriously doubt that i would hurt others the way you do if I was in your shoes, you sure love to project your psychopathy on everyone else, no idiot, not everyone is searching for excuses to abuse literally everything that has a pulse, there's something deeply wrong with you and I'm allowed to hate you for it.

You could've been a decent person, kinda fucky but genuinely smart, but that's not the case, I'm sick of being forced to pretend you are this genius when you're so damn impulsive, immature and autistic, the more you keep breathing in the same planet as me the worse your actions get and is so appalling, you are appalling. There's literally nothing good about your existence besides the fact that you're a living tool to someone else and you don't even complain, then you have the fucking gal to call everyone else "pathetic", having such a dull soul is pathetic.

You think nobody noticed? Everyone notices, is literally flagrant the fact you're incredibly, massively insecure, and you know what? That's normal we all have flaws yet you're the only person acting all weird and caustic about it, I doesn't have to be this way, you could allow yourself to have some depth, you're not the only one with issues you could try and relate to others but you just have your head too far up your own ass to change, your inability to change not only makes you an horrid person but also a massively disappointing and pointless individual. I don't give a single shit about "muh culture" and "muh values", your culture suck ass and you have no values, so stfu already and develop some actual personality instead of tryharding life itself

I sure hope you don't ever complain about being lonely or everyone hating you because you literally did this to yourself, you kick people out of your life, how are we supposed to give you a chance if you do your damn best to hurt others?

No. 1584922

I want you to know that no one that loves you is right in the head, if someone likes you, is immediately official they suffer from debilitating mental illness, for this reason, you will always be alone and you will never get to enjoy life

No. 1584981

if your post was a rap it would be a great diss track

No. 1585125

you deleted your post before i could unspolier… the curiosity is killing me!

No. 1585301

Me. I need a cigarette so much. But don't do it nonnie! It stinks and you'll feel bad.

No. 1585314

File: 1684878029096.jpg (146.73 KB, 1179x1180, FrrXMUIWAAESyDY.jpg)

It's so funny actually it's so creepy how abusive people will continue to spin yarn until the very end. They will continue to say whatever desperate string of word salad they can muster in order to try to hurt their target. It becomes so desperate and sad and never lands how they want because at the end of the day they are the ones trying so hard to convince the world that they have the right to abuse you for whatever disjointed reason. Just firing off whatever, throwing shit and just praying it sticks, over and over their whole lives. Get a fucking life.

No. 1585318

Speak for yourself faggot lmfao

No. 1585331

you just say shit because you know it's true and God forbid anyone know how gross you are. of course you're going to pretend you haven't done the plethora of sick things you've done. you can keep repeatedly saying "i-i know you are but what am i!!!!" whenever you are criticized rightfully because you're fucked up and obsessed with harming other people and manipulating literally anyone you can into joining your circus but that doesn't change what you are at all. like how many times do you have to reply to "you're a stalker and you have done nothing but harass and exploit women for years" with "oh yeah well you're UGLY and AKSHUALLY it's YOUU that is HORRIBLE" before you see how fucking ridiculous you look. you are genuinely such a scary person, I know you think that's flattering but your cluster b ability to straight face lie and hurt people until you turn blue is boot fucking nasty.

No. 1585339

I hate men so much. Every man is lucky to have a woman in their ungrateful lives. Polygamist retards that think they're entitled to the love and children of multiple women while devoted to none of them. Every woman should abandon their moid.

No. 1585355

i wish i had some weed right now

No. 1585446

File: 1684890398521.gif (181.61 KB, 220x220, IMG_5048.gif)

If that’s you that keeps peeking at my public IG stories

No. 1585447

File: 1684890572470.jpg (13.29 KB, 390x409, chicc.jpg)

please stop dunking on me; I'm already dead

No. 1585556

Not dead enough.

No. 1585558

My god shut the fuck up you toxic retards

No. 1585562

fuck you i'll never stop. never.

No. 1585571

File: 1684903611433.jpg (50.19 KB, 1000x700, project_life2.jpg)

Continuation from here**
This is accurate too, why deny it?
I mean, hey, all the best kaiju movies have had that leviathan immersion thanks to the scope of the friggin buildings.
Just look at half of Cloverfield, the boat sword scene from Pacific Rim, or any Godzilla movie where he's first introduced on Earth.

No. 1585580

Femdom goth gamer girl? That's as pick me as it gets. Can't believe you're falling for it.

No. 1585591

T. Toxic retard

No. 1585593

You literally hack and distribute the private and intimate data of women and have for years like its a quirky hobby because men don't want to talk to you otherwise please die in a ditch somewhere and stop thinking your opinion on anything matters or deserves to be heard in any capacity. obnoxious insufferable human waste, of course you're this delusional

No. 1585674

File: 1684919118995.jpg (232.2 KB, 1672x1674, b1b.jpg)

You're really getting on my last nerve with this shit YOU FUCKING RETARD REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 1585683

File: 1684919915268.png (2.16 KB, 416x92, 917532671.PNG)

I'm sorry but no one fucking reads your entire "dni" when they just wanna see your cute characters

No. 1585693

Expose them

No. 1585694

It has been over a month since he broke it off, and I could've moved on if he straight up told me that he wanted nothing to do with me anymore. But he told me we'd still be friends, how I'm still family to him and that it doesn't have to be a farewell. So with that being said I kept trying to talk to him, I just wanted my friend back but he expressed his discomfort with my presence wherever he was. I started to feel like an annoyance but I really wanted to talk to my friend like how we used to BUT BOMBARDING HIM like this is the only way I could get him to talk to me because, if I didn't, he would just straight up ghost me. I know this.
On my birthday(2 days ago) we finally talked alone and he told me that we'll never be a thing again so there's no point in "chasing him". I expressed yet again how I feel like thanks to that, it's like I'm annoying him and he got very angry at me, told me that's exactly why he isn't dating me anymore and just left without farewell. We texted later when I tried to cut off anything relating to him and he asked me to come back, so with all that I just told him how I feel and why I feel that way but it felt he didn't even read what the fuck I had to say.

No. 1585757


No. 1585781


No. 1585891

What the fuck do you even have to be angry at ME for? YOU started all this. YOU lied to get me to sleep with you and continued to keep lying. YOU fucked your own life up. No shit you can’t stay angry at me, you have zero right to be in the first place. Fuck you. Jump in front of a bus.

No. 1585932

i miss my friend though i'm the one who drove a wedge between her and me and acted very awful towards her out of frustration with my own life. i'm sorry and you're still dear to me even though we need space for now.

No. 1585935

I have YT on for general background noise whenever I'm doing some work but recently I've been clicking true crime stuff out of sheer boredom and ive been feeling sick listening to them. Not the oh ive heard about this a millions time its the theyre describing the crime in such graphic detail. Im doing my best avoiding them now but i also get them on my instareels. I want to vomit everytime I hear a case thats really graphic about describing sexual abuse

No. 1585940

I really don’t like black people. I know that’s terrible and racist, I’m not even white but I just can’t deal with them anymore. At work today, I had a black customer become really upset with me because her order was taking forever and I explained to her that we’re understaffed. I was bringing out another order for a different customer and she got angry at me for giving them their stuff first and threw her bag at me before calling me a bitch. It was so fucking humiliating. I’m just trying to work and I have to deal with this shit. This has been like my 4th negative experience with a black person in the past few months and it’s getting harder to empathize with them and their issues. I have never been racist before or anything like that but I’ve been called slurs by them. Imagine I said something back? It’s hard to hold it in.(racebaiting)

No. 1585953

I'm disappointed your attempt failed.

No. 1585955

File: 1684950080198.jpg (132.7 KB, 1000x1000, 202c3321dbf5ab124f8fde7450a29e…)

No. 1585961

I could not imagine four negatively benign experiences can make you hate an entire group of people. It's the parallel to moids who have maybe three to four bad inconveniences with women and then become mega incels who want to instill sharia law. Absolutely weak.

No. 1585962

>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

No. 1585966

It’s my 4th negative experience in the past few MONTHS retard. If I called a black person slurs and threw a bag at them there would be a twitter thread about me right now and you know it. Last month, I was sexually harassed by 2 black guys, the month before that I was called a slur by one on the train. Am I supposed to ignore all of this and pretend it didn’t happen? I have met lovely black people throughout my life but they are in the minority sorry. I’m literally mixed to kek if I can’t call out black people who can?

No. 1585972

It's pakichan doing her (c)rapchan bit again.

No. 1585977

Don't reply to racebait. This male anon has been racebaiting in several threads about black women today. Just ignore it.

No. 1585990

Kek it’s funny you say that because that’s exactly the slur that black guy on the train called me.
Whoever that is is not me??? I mentioned black men too? Lol is this were we pretend black women are angels incapable of harming other women?(Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch)

No. 1585993

He called you pakichan? lmao wat

No. 1586007

Nta but nonna… are you feeling retarded or no for this question

No. 1586032

Oh… no, I’m not. I must be missing something. What kind of retarded am I being? (Genuinely asking)

No. 1586083

It is. She always posts retarded racebait and then follows up with
>I'm mixed btw
to try and avoid a ban. She is an irrelevant indigent from a Pakistani village, I don't know why she's obsessed with black people.

No. 1586103

I am literally not her. Wouldn’t I have made multiple spelling mistakes by now? I don’t like desis either. Is it inconceivable that someone else may have had a bad interaction with a black person?
He called me a paki as in the racial slur(racebaiting)

No. 1586109

It's weird they never let me be goalie in soccer even though I wanted to really badly and I had trouble running as fast as the other kids. I never got a turn once and I played for like 4 years

No. 1586111

I'm getting sick of your boyfriend's freeloading tendencies

No. 1586114


No. 1586124

Not a paki. That is literally my entire point.

No. 1586342

File: 1684966676524.gif (448.71 KB, 480x270, 7EcA.gif)

I have a surgery scheduled for Friday and I am freaking out. It's to possibly reverse an ostomy I have right now due to colon cancer. No clue if the reversal will be a success or not. And I don't know if the anesthesia will work, I do a lot of edibles pretty much daily so I'm worried they'll interact. I stopped yesterday but should I have stopped earlier? I'm scared nonas. What if I wake up during the surgery, or worse not wake up at all? The previous surgery was all done as an emergency so I didn't have the chance to freak out. This fucking sucks. Green jello since that's all I'll probably be able to eat for a bit.

No. 1586363

>n-no only other races are inbreeders
Ok cousinfucker

No. 1586403


No. 1586515

You're going full schizo for thinking that random post upthread is about you please take your pills(Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch)

No. 1586593

Lot of effort to repeatedly signal over and over again that you're a loser and only feel something when you're attempting to hurt or violate someone else. Truly primitive brain you have

No. 1586596

Shouldn't you postpone the surgery if you didn't stop having edibles in time?(Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch)

No. 1586632

That's the thing, I disclosed my use but they haven't said shit about it. I only stopped thinking I probably needed to.

No. 1586683

Um shit I have an online interview in ten minutes and Idk why I agreed to this. I'm not sure I can even go or that I want this job. I don't think I will do well on this interview I just wanted one. I am tired and didn't sleep well. I don't speak Mandarin that well and it's expected. I can learn what I need for work but I still am not in the mood. My clothes are so tight but I am trying to look presentable. I already wish this is over.

No. 1586687

File: 1684997471329.jpg (954.58 KB, 3024x4032, 4vVob5mHMfw3dBwVW41nIGPIHyHQzS…)

I get that the elitism around imageboard etiquette is needed to keep twitterfags and other normies out, but ffs it took me like two years of lurking to get it all, with one of those years spent learning how the fuck to sage.
>"Omg you asked how to sage? CRINGE lurk moar lulul"
And then they fucking report you even though you posted in a NON-DRAMA BOARD and then the farmhands PUBLICALLY HUMILIATE YOU there is no fucking humanity left

No. 1586691

lolcow.farm/info literally tells you how to sage

No. 1586692

I avoid the home page like a motherfucker so that i never come across cp
You never know when a tranny decides to go on a spamming rampage

No. 1586694

File: 1684998366902.jpg (Spoiler Image, 252.01 KB, 1920x1329, VIER PFOTEN_2017-10-20_164-385…)


No. 1586705

Just did the interview. It went pretty well and they are kind but I feel like they won't want me, instead opting for someone else. Which is fine because I might have issues traveling abroad right now. It is what it is.

But the dumbest moment is that I thought I was talking with the agency people and it was the mother and my dumb tired ass didn't put it together so I look like a moron.

No. 1586715

Nona that's not the first page, it's https://lolcow.farm/ The people self-righteously jumping on anons and telling them to sage on /ot are probably newfags themselves but if it took you two years to learn how to sage and you still can't tell the front page from the info page you're probably retarded sorry.

No. 1586749

I went down a podcast rabbit hole and ended up listening to 2 series back-to-back about darkweb pedo rings and the police forces that work to take them down. Even though the content was heavily censored it still affected me more than I anticipated. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night hearing knocks on my front door and I’ve felt like I’ve been holding in a scream all week that I’m gonna die if I can’t let out. But one thing I found interesting was that both series (Hunting Warhead and The Children in the Pictures, great investigative works but ymmv depending on how sensitive you are to CSA) interview specialists in the field, and they all say that the vast majority of pedophiles who share CSAM are men and emphasise the point throughout the series, to the point where very language-conscious psychologists and specialists refer to hypothetical offenders with exclusively male pronouns. I never really doubted it but we’ve been buried in so much both-side, women-are-bad-too bs recently that it’s nice to be reaffirmed by experts that men are almost exclusively the problem.

No. 1586777

I love you anon. Did you see any nice cats today?(Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch)

No. 1587209


No. 1587727

I'm hating the summer/newfags galore on lc lately. Each and every single one of them are too lazy to integrate yet so eager to shape this place into some kind of pseudo-twitter for their moid worshiping, troon loving, moralfagging and oversensitive ass. Anons saying literally anything makes them cry and whine but they aren't even sane enough to fuck off, they would rather desperately attempt to make the old anons leave out of annoyance so their own twitter moots could freely join them here kek.

No. 1587740

this site started as an uphill battle and will continue that way, especially with the tyrannical trannies and sycophants too scared to question their rhetoric. it is a brave venture to have this website up at all. i agree with you, things have gone downhill. but as long as lc is online i will be here shitposting with the best of them. i assume it will get worse. we've gotta persevere thru it, thats the only option(Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch)

No. 1587771

Get therapy you retard. Or lock yourself in a room without any Internet connection so at least your mental illness wouldn't bother everyone else just existing. You're so utterly useless and truly a waste of oxygen, you add nothing to the world and shouldn't be allowed to showcase your untreated retardation anywhere. No matter how much 'effort' you put into yourself or your appearance, nobody will ever like you. Absolutely nobody. At your best, you'll receive a shred of attention from those looking for holes to fuck and forget (which is the kind of attention you seek to begin with while continuously being a bitch to women who have done you no harm). At your worst—no, at your usual, a bus can run over you and people wouldn't even care that you're bleeding right there on the road. Look at your gross face in the mirror and ask yourself, are you worthy of love? No, that's why you've never been loved or would be. Are you worthy of even breathing? Also no, so do this world a favour and go ahead with the plans you've been making everyday. Will anyone remember/think about you? Yes, when they're thinking of the most pathetic human being they've ever met in life. You're worthless. I know that you worthless. You know that you worthless. Whether they're fictional (those moids you obsess over) or real, everyone knows that you're worthless. You can't even be your vile true self because your equally vile fake self is hated too.

No. 1587774

File: 1685084748589.jpg (18.55 KB, 540x540, a96ce08e1a2aa2a44f1abbf9c1c10e…)

Stop being so vague and shove your fake positivity up your ass. You know nothing. "Just don't be sad, just do this, just do that!" Shut the fuck up.

No. 1587816

i hate the dumb nonnies responding to other people's rants, wtf is wrong with you, why don't you leave people write what they need to, why are you so annoying, it's not that hard to ignore them even if you aren't on the same opinion, just hide that thread jfc

No. 1588407

File: 1685133229301.jpg (70.58 KB, 750x898, Tumblr_l_292474505455094.jpg)

Important enough for you that I'm the person you vent to and talk about deeply personal issues but not important enough for you to treat me like a proper girlfriend and introduce me to your family? Fuck off, dude, how does any of this make any sense? How the fuck do you think it makes me feel?

No. 1588421

fuck him up anon!!(Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1588466

i'm gonna do it again lol(Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1588477


No. 1588478

if trannies are allowed on LC I'm not using this site anymore, sucks. hope its not the case

No. 1588482

Mommy bangmaid gets sidechick zoned. Yawn! Who’s next?(Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1588486

>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

No. 1588487


No. 1588493

>T. a vain bitch

No. 1588494

ew this post is so tiktok femcel movie coded. go back and listen to the other woman - lana del rey(Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1588497

You all are really determined to turn this thread into the vent thread 2.0 where you get too reply and argue with everyone's posts huh

No. 1588499

trannies get the rope
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No. 1588501

i love being vain

No. 1588504


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trannies get the rope(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1588505

File: 1685140350383.jpeg (61.16 KB, 500x499, IMG_2739.jpeg)

No. 1588506

nope. stop looking in the mirror

No. 1588646

Yo I just heard the loudest rumbling smoky deep sound ever and I live real close to Vesuvius and I thought this is it, she's gonna blow. The fuck even was that sound my ears hurt.

No. 1588782

bitch shut the fuck up. all you fucken do is yell demanding shit to be done a certain way from the fucken sofa. do it yourself if how we do it bothers you so fucken much. youre going to to be a fucken bitch about it either way anyway. maybe take a fucken look before bitching about shit. always have something to fucken say.

No. 1588811

File: 1685152146365.jpg (50.73 KB, 395x432, 16543907.jpg)

Today I will remind them: Trannies get the rope.

No. 1588905

You are such a pathetic hypocrite. Your life is sadder than mine ever will be by tenfold.

No. 1588910

This deserves a reply - you sound like an abusive faggot and im sure you are. I guarantee whoever you are talking about doesn't deserve this very poor attempt at a toxic a log and you're an embarrassment for trying so hard. This kind of melodrama is always teeming with mental illness. So sorry you clearly hate women enough to delusionally believe your irrational obsession with one woman deserves this kind of poor, obviously personal and fantastical diatribe(Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1588927

you get SO genuinely butthurt at anyone having an opinion that doesn't perfectly align with your own. i can't even verbalize how sad and ridiculous you are and it isn't worth it anyways. its comical really, how desperate you are and how hard you try

No. 1588932

And its not that we disagree on anything as far as Trans people etc go in any capacity- we really don't, we're on the same page. It's that you are so reactionary and contradictory in your beliefs that they don't even seem developed. Everything you do in your personal life directly contradicts everything you claim to stand for and throw online tantrums about.

No. 1588993

File: 1685161516162.jpg (51.41 KB, 540x360, 6e8972dd0_cd33d60c_540.jpg)

I love lolita so much and if you want to stop me you'd have to kill me

No. 1588998

Trannies get the rope.

No. 1589219

My aunt and her husband are the most judgemental church people ever and I hope someone tells them off and make them feel bad about themselves.
If you can't even step foot on their stage if you're not baptized she will lector you and tell you it was wrong even if it was accidental, she treats her family like shit because they do not go to church often even if they do believe in what she does but would kill herself for people who just started going to her church. They both judge people by their looks and try to change people and say it's what's best for them. Not to mention the whole " give half your paycheck to the church" because it's what god says to do in the bible although half of the people attending are older and live off of social security checks. It pisses me off and I'm glad I don't have to deal with her only on family events but I want her to see her piece of shit ways

No. 1589226

>been involved with autistic moid
>look up advice and info for autistic+NT couples
>all the advice is for NT female+autistic male couples, barely the other way around

Hmm wonder why! And wonder why all the advice is so gashlighty!
>nooo it's not that the male sperg doesn't care about the story you told it's just that he doesn't KNOW how to care (wtf?)
>nooo the male sperg totally loves you he just never shows it in any way or does anything for you at all
>ladiessss yes sure your mom and dad died in a brutal car crash but remember to not expect your male sperg to show a single emotion! he cares sooo much he's just overwhelmed and that's why he's currently playing world of warcraft while you're violently sobbing!

>look at the youtube comments/online blog comments

>it's full of NT wifes and girlfriends venting about how they feel ignored, emotionally abused, isolated and alone in their NT+autistic relationships

No. 1589443

File: 1685218126556.jpeg (40.26 KB, 499x615, coolgranny.jpeg)

Samefagging to say that I was talking about a gay 'femboy' moid (he memed himself into being a femboy because he's obsessed with anime kek) I know irl who posts misogynistic shit online because he's mad that a friend of mine 'stole' the straight guy he was into, he also makes vague slut-shaming 'jokes' about her and talks behind her back in our uni. My friend is the nicest person I've ever seen, she doesn't deserve this and I'll stand by her no matter what. I've told this shit to his face but it only got him angrier and he told me, a woman with a gf, that I'm 'homophobic' for calling him out kek. Anons who are retarded enough to think this was about an innocent woman and I'm an abusive pos need to visit a school and learn how to read or to at least mind their own business. Even if I ever hated a woman, I wouldn't say something so vile like 'a shred of attention from those looking for holes to fuck and forget' about her, because that's just something desperate moids seek, not women.

Before accusing me of having mental illness instead of that moid, ask yourself why you're so triggered by a random anon's rant which wasn't referring to you and decided to step onto your soapbox to make a reply that'll get your illiterate ass banned anyways. Creating an entire story inside your head and getting mad at the 'villain' in there screams schizophrenia, but then again, I've seen smarter schizos so maybe you're simply just a shit person.

No. 1589451

You just have a way with words nonna and some of the more sensitive anons couldn't handle it, did you see someone even posted your vent in another thread and was saying "I think this is about me" kek

No. 1589461

>someone even posted your vent in another thread and was saying "I think this is about me"
Kek wtf. Which thread was that? I need to check it out, I had no idea people took the posts on here so personally and seriously. Why would anyone make such a detailed post about an anon to begin with?

Also, jannies, please don't ban this nonna for replying to me. She's nice, I don't mind her replies.

No. 1589471

It was the confessions thread, here's the post >>1588345
>Also, jannies, please don't ban this nonna for replying to me. She's nice, I don't mind her replies.
Aww ty, you're nice too and I really liked your vent, it was brutal and I could feel your disdain for the person through the text

No. 1589475

>Why would anyone make such a detailed post about an anon to begin with?
Why not, some of them deserve it

No. 1589479

File: 1685219921834.jpg (141.68 KB, 780x900, cutegranny.jpg)

Thank you so much nonna! I feel terrible after seeing that it unfortunately 'motivated' that anon to end it all. I didn't wanted to harm anyone this way, I was just frustrated and decided to let it out here. I'm glad I can at least resolve this weird misunderstanding thanks to you letting me know about that post.

No. 1589492

>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.
this is gaslighting

No. 1589652

Well, I have thought about this for several years, when and if I could return to university. The problem was the environment of learning, I excel far better online for everything that isn't dance or music related, and well besides the science labs or studies required. And the cost, which I could consider going to uni in Europe to subset but I still need to work and survive, and then the stress of getting old transcripts to transfer most of the courses I passed because one definitely brought down my gpa for having a shit professor. I quit school because I wasn't living how I wanted or getting what I wanted out of it. And I got life experience and real jobs.

And then it fell into my lap while researching, what I always wanted. I found a program from my home state that lets me transfer credits even from over ten years ago (yes I am "old" fuck off lol), lets me write essays to earn credits from my life and work experience, and lets me take the remaining courses entirely online. That means I can finish up the final two years of my degree in less than six months. And even pursue a masters. And it's affordable, flexible, didn't cost me my youth, and I can stop lying on my cv (it works though bc people do not check)

Like I am now going through the process of getting my old uni transcripts, and recently I applied for a job that asked for your work experience and qualifications in 5 pages of curriculum vitae and so I already had a taste of busting my ass to wrote it all out, an essay is nothing. Listen I can get a linguistics/translation and interpretation degree with my multi lingual fluency. I studied this years ago but I was right, you won't learn a language in a classroom. I can also get a psychology and/science degree, and an arts.

I hope it all works out
Education is a lifelong pursuit imo

No. 1589657

Why do I always stroll on into these threads just ready to post my thoughts and maybe support another nonnie and there's whole debates and drama going on every time.

No. 1589666

You're toxic and that was insane levels of vitriol, it has nothing to do with there being a 'villian' some of you are cluster b levels of angy

No. 1589679

Schizo troon's having a mental breakdown since the past few days and it's obvious, even more so after an anon complained about trannies in this exact same thread and he immediately showed up. Why do moids even bother pretending at this point? No amount of pretending will turn them into women or even make anyone mistake them for a woman when the Y chromosome jumps out at each and every single word in their replies. It truly takes a high level of retardation for a moid to expose his own gender without even showing his face and just through his texts, but then again, it's not a rare thing for moids to be that retarded kek. With each passing day, I become more and more happier at the male suicide rate, may it continue to reach higher.

No. 1589680

Nta but typing words on a keyboard is not "insane levels of vitriol" kek

No. 1589734

Amazing, happy for you nonnie!

No. 1590090

shut the fuck up with your complaints of how i dont cook for your bitch ass. i get home at 7am and go to sleep around 12-1pm. your bitch ass doesnt even get back until 3/4/5pm. im fucken sleeping at those times because i fucken leave for work at 9pm. theres 2 other people who dont do shit and are home. bitch about how no one cooks for you but then when we set the fucken table you decide youre not hungry and "whoever is hungry can eat on their own" like shut the fuck up then. apparently im soooo fucken lazy for trying to get 8 hours of sleep in the day time because i "sleep all day"

No. 1590385

Im your centric personality trait, still. So sad and embarassing for you.

No. 1590409

The painstaking algorithm editing to try to make it seem more real bitch you are a fucking LOSER

No. 1590916

People's standards are low nowadays, ice spice looks inbred and people need to stop acting like she's the third coming of Jesus… And give her a hair straightener, cause that's the only thing that makes her look less punchable, not even a race bait, it's just her afro specifically that looks goofy.

No. 1591025

I will be so happy when you die. I will have to hide my smiles at your funeral. You obese ogre. This world will improve when you die, and your family will feel relief. I wish on your demise constantly, and hope for the off chance the reaper hears me.
You pathetic bully, you in sufferable fat fuck.
Tick tock tick tock, waiting for your heart to stop

No. 1591201

You're genuinely so aggressively mentally ill and delusional that it's off putting to anyone except for the small group of terminally online also mentally ill people you have painstakingly manipulated. I don't think they even know the amount of effort you've put into it, if they did even they would be freaked out by what you really do. There's nothing empowering or powerful about it at all–you're horrible. You take no criticism but dish it out by the fistful constantly, you have absolutely no right to spend every waking hour of your day forcing your way into the lives of others who want nothing to do with you but that's the only thing you get off on. It's so over the top, violent, and aggressive, you're always projecting your own traits onto everyone else. Does it make you feel better or something? You really are an abuser, you know you're an abuser, and you know what you do is wrong in every sense of the word. Genuinely, wholly you aren't person anymore.

No. 1591205

tIcK tOcK tIcK tOcK wAiTiNg fOr yOuR hEaRt tO sToP dhjdnskkdndjdn some of you are genuinely speds

No. 1591220

I cannot believe you still do that when every single minute interaction is saved linked and archived

No. 1591488

I saw a dead cat on my walk today
Such a beautiful cat laying down peacefully
Poor thing seems to have died naturally

No. 1591563

You are so dedicated to this vile lamp that you refuse to let anyone live. Everyone has to revolve around your special interest - which just so happens to be stalking and violation. You care about nothing else. You make up any excuse to continue doing what you do. You will tell any lie you can about your targets. You project your own rancid need to lie and manipulate and tweak everything to your own narrative onto everyone else. Maybe if you stopped abusing drugs and worried about building a real life with actual people that care about you and don't feel obligated to do your bidding because you're creepy and freak them out, you wouldn't have to spend all your time on retarded stimulant binges spouting misogynoir and wasting time 'covering your tracks' that are as plain as day and everyone can see. You just get grosser and creepier as time passes, the fact that you think everyone wants to be just like you is concerning. You try SO hard.

No. 1591700

It is quite entertaining that you assume anything I have said has anything to do with you. No its not an attack on you; it isn't about you. I do not care what you think or what your opinion is. You are an idiot desperate for any reaction.Take your rebuttal to your echo chamber. It has no value here. Begone nuisance.

No. 1591718

You fantasize about getting away with vile moid activities because you are no different from the average vile moid. Everything you have done is based entirely around exploitation and power imbalance. You are disgusting. You draw reference from media that includes people "coming together" to manipulate and hurt someone because you yourself only desire to manipulate and hurt.

No. 1591720

Why are you taking part in this. Oh my god

No. 1591823

File: 1685433554944.jpeg (32.25 KB, 524x620, FuRlHQ9aIAAZ2Gu.jpeg)

Why did you run out of nachos just when I wanted them? WHY DID YOU RUN OUT OF NACHOS JUST WHEN I WANTED THEM?? Next you're going to say you've suddenly run out of orange juice and would just hand me sewage water. I'm not here to play, so don't play with my feelings. I'm here to eat, so give me what I need. I know, my luck is so bad that the restaurants I visit are always running out of something or all the cooks cooking that something decide to move back to their village last week to raise cows and chickens and you haven't found a replacement yet, but please have mercy on my hungry soul this once and give me some nachos, I forgot to eat my breakfast and it's going to take me 4 hours to go back home.

No. 1591857

manifesting this for you nona

No. 1591864

Thanks nonnie. I think it kind of worked because I actually got my hands onto some nachos kek, just from a different restaurant that I didn't even knew existed until today.

No. 1591868

how is it? maybe it was a happy accident your regular place was out, now you have a chance to try somewhere new. doors closing/windows opening, etc. innit?
hope it's tasty sweet nona!

No. 1591870

Pretty great! A bit expensive but worth it since I don't think I've ever eaten such tasty nachos before, it's hard to find them in general around where I live. It was indeed a happy accident like you said.

No. 1591884

File: 1685441000618.gif (647.11 KB, 498x448, nachosdance.gif)

nice!! score for nona, manifesting works ayyy (I saw your other post haha)
speaking of which, did you ever try mountain dew flavoured doritos? I feel like I hallucinated them

No. 1591917

I'm going to break it off with my fiance of 8 years. I'm so sad but it needs to be done. I just don't know when to do it.

No. 1591931

>did you ever try mountain dew flavoured doritos?
Unfortunately not yet. But I like mountain dew and trying different/unusual kind of snacks so if I found them somewhere, I'll definitely buy a bunch.

No. 1591934

File: 1685448225677.jpeg (159.66 KB, 1200x1200, mmm.jpeg)

they were really good from what I recall! super lemony/limey and a lil spicy. quite nice, I miss them.
surprised japan hasn't released a mountain dew kitkat lmao they seem to have every other flavour

No. 1591948

it’s funny seeing point and shoot camera mirror selfies come back around as something trendy. it will be funny to see one rear facing camera phone mirror selfies cycle around as something vintage retro chic sometime during the next decade

No. 1591976


No. 1591998

my mother suffered CSA and was abandoned by her own parents in a different country, her mother was a victim of sexual abuse and married an abusive man, and i wouldn't be surprised if my great-grandmother suffered something too. now here i am struggling to deal with my own traumas every day. thankfully, i'll never have children of my own to traumatize.

just to know my story isn't unique makes me so incredibly angry. women and girls get treated like garbage and we're all expected to just go on with life as if nothing happens or has no consequences.

No. 1592028

I did not pass the first stage for the job I applied for. I worked really hard on my cv too. It was a very strong application and perfect for the job but ultimately they decided they had better candidates. And I am a bit annoyed. Because I constantly see people with no experience saying they got these jobs so how can I not qualify with experience? And even people who did not go to prestigious universities and did not study the material getting offered positions. And I am wondering how the fuck they are getting them. So all I can think of is that they do not like my face. I am too attractive or too unattractive. They don't like my name. It doesn't really make sense otherwise, I have all the certifications, experience, education, but I have to attach a photo or video of myself and no interest anymore.

No. 1592035

But on another note none of these jobs are what I really want to do. It's just that what I want to do is very hard to get and costs money. And I cannot survive trying to get them. I should just go after what I truly want.
I will just say what I want.

I want to he a singer and a dance for Cirque Du Soleil. Or a similar contemporary circus.

No. 1592042

Hey I know a woman who works in the circus, not a big one like Cirque, but a local one. She finished the Faculty of Applied Arts. She is a very very fit trapeze artist. Very cool job.
I believe in you! I hope you make it to the big tent

No. 1592116

I had the most amazing sex with my boyfriend yesterday and since getting home I've been in a constant state of craving him and daydreaming about it. I've wore the batteries out of my vibrator I'm going to jump him when I see him next omg

No. 1592353

File: 1685475096778.png (605.37 KB, 640x635, image0.png)

Guess the replacement punching bag decided to kick you out after considerably less time than it took me, huh? (Has she even turned 21 yet? Christ, if I'm 34 now that means you're 39, what the fuck were you doing U-Hauling with a goddamned college kid?!) Moving back to Florida as a piece of shit who likes to hurt naive teenage girls who think being your unwashed snaggletoothed wannabishie ass's dirty little secret is ~rOmAnTiC~ sure was a life choice! I hope you end up in jail I hope you end up in jail I hope you end up without access to your precious testosterone cypionate and I hope you get shanked in the yard -

No. 1592945

I'm glad that I can walk away without hating you, but I know I still like you ore than you deserve. At least I can say objectively and with certainty that I'm too good for you. You said nearly as much after a few months. I wish I'd listened to you then. Goodbye.

No. 1593037

File: 1685541131066.jpeg (32.51 KB, 524x514, FweJvQ-akAAYo9c.jpeg)

Why do you always wake me up so early at 6am and then complain when I'm sleepy all day? Not like I ever laze around, I still do the shit I'm supposed to, I merely just look tired because I am. Overworking me to the hell and back and not even letting me catch some sleep really makes me want to put expired cheese in your pillow, so whenever you put your head onto it, the cheese will leak out and cover your entire face and damaged hair. Please just stop treating me like shit for once, otherwise I might actually do all that and you can only blame yourself for it.

No. 1593448

You think you can treat me like an idiot and that I'm not gonna catch you on a lie so stupid? Yeah sure, go to sleep and ignore my messages now. I just wanted to be comforted because I feel like shit, my bad for thinking that you cared about me

No. 1593500

You're still obsessing in circles over how much better you are than everyone else, making vulgar and weirdly hypersexual comparisons constantly, spewing nothing but garbage that makes sense only to you and your hyenas. You're doing it alone. You might think other people agree with you, but no one is actually on the same page as you. Other people want to live their own lives and see their own harvest reaping beautifully. It's you thats stuck in this weird, bizarre loop of violent obsession that is so dark and unbelievable that the only people you are able to manipulate are people who are extremely vulnerable and mentally unwell in their own right. You can't let anyone just live, you have to destroy everything and make sure you have an audience to build you up and make you feel justified in all your monsterous wrongs. Its like you are incapable of seeing past your own nose because your eyes are so glued to the screen. Dont you want a future? Is there nothing to you besides who you hurt and how badly you hurt them? Is your life really going to be this sad and static forever? You are incapable of sincerity to the point that it's impossible for you to understand anything about real love or relationships

No. 1593648

You have this weird pathological need to debase women and that in itself shows what you really are inside. Larp as some heartless bad bitch all you want but you are the angriest creepy prick involved in this whole thing. Nobody who is okay with themselves does this. You're ill.

No. 1593700

I think you being desperate for me to indirectly interact with you is the biggest indicator of all. bitch die

No. 1594398

File: 1685644761756.jpeg (5.01 KB, 349x144, download.jpeg)

Go ahead,
make my decade

No. 1594622

taking a fuck load of benzos is a great diet
getting rid of all your possessions shows how meaningless they are
the peace is nice but melancholy

No. 1594651

File: 1685655691195.jpeg (61.82 KB, 640x488, IMG_3490.jpeg)

You feel lucky, punk?!?

No. 1594977

God my stupid fucking bitch of a dog mutt pissed on the floor. Dumb fucking bitch God I hate her so much. I've literally never been more angry in my life than now. So goddamn pissed and mad right now. Stupid fucking dog. I swear to god.

No. 1594978

my name is Nate Higgers(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1594981

Why would anybody own a dog if it has to live inside

No. 1594985

You had a fiance for 8 fucking years!??!!

No. 1594989

Why would anyone own a dog or any animal if they're not ready to deal with it pissing and shitting on the floor because that's the only place they have

No. 1595055

youre a dumb self absorbed bitch. ive learned to ignore and stir clear from you antics. i stay quiet whenever you do something stupid that greatly effects me. but the moment i even become a slight inconvenience to you, you start bitching and whining about how inconsiderate i am. im tired of pretending to be nice to you jusy because you've got mental issue or whatever. it saddens me to know the years uve spebt actively trying to cheer you up and bending backwards, means absolutely nothing to you. it was stupid of me to think you were capable enough to ever return the favor or have enough self awareness to recognize how shitty you've been acting. youre not in highschool anymore. grow the fuck up

No. 1595067

love how quick you are to criticize others but never reflect on your destructive behavior. if i had received that kinds of ramblings, i would start reconsidering what im doing with my life. she was expressing genuine concern of your future! do you have any idea how lucky you are? to even have a mom that cares enough to financially support everything you choose to persue and choose to deal with all you tantrums. all you do is sit on your ass and you genuinely consider it as emotional abuse to be asked to stop playing valorant to help around the house. you really think some numbers on an online game is worth more than your physical health. wht the fuck is wrong with you. if youre going to be a bitch can you at least do it miles away from here? can you stop leaching of people you clearly don't respect

No. 1595432

The whole gender thing doesn't make much sense.

Biological sex is male, female, or intersex. Since you are all morons that means one has no sex organs or both sex organs, making them biologically both or neither male or female. They can choose how they want to present to the world.

Then we have gender, which is just another way of denoting biological sex. Gender stereotypes exist based on biology and society. Again this is easy to understand but displeasing to many people who don't feel like they fit into these stereotypes. So we had words like tomboy, girly girl, machoman etc. These still don't fit everyone so what we should have done is enforced that gender stereotypes cannot describe everyone and regardless of biologically sex everyone can feel and act and like what they wish, and that's that.

And what did these fucktards do? They came in saying "gender is made up by society and isn't real" and then made up a hundred more genders, ALL BECAUSE they couldn't make any friends or find like minded people to share their interests with.

>Oh no I am so lonely because nobody understand my interest in both ballet and monster trucks, therefore I am not a girl nor a boy but a NONBINARY

They literally could not comprehend the concept of having a personality and hobbies and decided to make up more asinine shit to complain about and separate people and feel "special"

Not to mention if they like to kiss boys but only date girls but will date a boy once every third full moon in a leap year they have to make up a new name for this super special sexuality.

Like what you want, date who you want, fuck who you want. You are still either a FEMALE, MALE, or INTERSEX. You are either STRAIGHT, GAY, or BISEXUAL. And to be frank I think everyone is bisexual but whatever.

No. 1595653

I hate most of the cunts on this website and coming here makes me angry more than it makes me happy and I find that saddening because I wanted to like this place, so much again like I did before but some of you bitches are fucking far too much idiotic for me to handle. I mainly use this place as a emotional dumping ground for myself now but some of you cunts can't keep your fucking mouth shut and I bet that heavily affects your relationships in your life. It's sad because I want to be surrounded by women too. To be on a woman-centric website but I've found out the hard way that it's just worse as any misogynistic male chan-board. I fucking hate it. So goddamm much. Fuck(No1curr)

No. 1595659

I think most of the violent posters are definitely 30+ years old anons who are angry they have achieved nothing in their lifes and they cope with it by being violent here.

I just checked the /g/ thread and all of the 30+ years old posters seemed severely mentally ill and socially stunted. The meanest posters in lolcord were also older anons.
Some of you really need to stop cyberbullying online to cope with your failures. Calling anons shitty insults or saying shayna has disgusting tits won't change the fact that you're fucking 35 with no job, no friends and several mental illnesses.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1595675

>Some of you really need to stop cyberbullying online to cope with your failures.
no never

No. 1595677

is there any reason you want to assume most people that are mean here is a disenfranchised middle-aged woman? moreover, I read through that thread and the responses are wildly varied. some talk about cooking, others fashion, some have flourishing, yet to you, "all" of them are degenerate fuck-ups. nevermind how some aren't even over 30, like me. it's almost as if you're desperate to use age to demonize women you don't like…

No. 1595746

Anons who unironcally call others cunts or whores for the smallest things are 100% either mentally ill pick-mes, moids, or trannies (moids). You cannot convince me otherwise.

No. 1595749

The newfag who's been calling straight women whores and other insults while arguing lesbianism isn't real and all lesbians are secretly craving cock but are too traumatized to admit it is definitely a male and I hate how he hasn't been banned yet.

No. 1595761

Not true, people mellow out as they age. Retard

No. 1595798

so fucking true.

No. 1595839

My tummy hurt because it was full of poop that needed to go and I got some out and think there's more so I bought some beans and chickpeas and ate that. I don't want a pooch!!! THERE'S YOUR FIBER BITCH

No. 1595996

Some of you retards need to calm down. This is an anonymous forum and not every post that disagrees with you is the same anon.

No. 1596205

File: 1685831371809.jpeg (27.6 KB, 563x548, B38E8ED5-5B49-46AA-8C4F-287A22…)

Help me understand how people are so comfortable posting selfies of themselves online. It just reeks of narcissism to me. People posing and pouting is so cringe. Do you really think you look that good? Don’t get me started on the captions that accompany the photos.

I just don’t get selfie culture. Maybe it is because I’m an autist and never posted myself online. I must of experienced a different kind of Internet.

No. 1596320

This is funny because it's always the youngshits or males

No. 1596325

Just keysmash ROSE keysmash AGATHA-ing eachother over debasing and degrading women constantly with complete lack of self awareness. There is literally nothing that seperates you from the archetypal cis straight white men you other yourselves from, you're all literally the same and do the exact same creepy and violent things only its far worse for you because it doesn't even make sense for you to be doing this in any capacity. You think you have some special jurisdiction to do so solely because you have no sexual attraction to women even though the crimes are exactly the same. You bitch about me using the word pathetic constantly but its one of the greatest adjectives to describe you.

No. 1596437

I hate you. Like genuinely, wholly. I hate you and always will. But thank you for being the only one in all of this who doesn't have glue instead of spine and actually gave me a monumental amount of closure that lead to exactly what I needed to gather. I'm very thankful, but I will never forgive you in any capacity, and if they retaliate toward you that is your problem.

No. 1596444

I wish it didn't end like this. I still like you, you were such a great friend, but I know I screwed things up and recovering my mental health happened too late. It's something I just have to accept but it hurts and hurts and hurts because I really thought a second chance was possible, and that it was happening. But I understand and accept your decisions and feelings. I'm just so sorry. I hope you have a great life, and that you can be happy. At least I know you'll forget about me sooner than I'll forget about you.

No. 1596494


No. 1596560

You're so goddamn obsessed it's bordering funny. Just because you dislike someone doesn't mean you get to throw baseless accusations without any context. Get help, now

No. 1596563

No. 1596572

You took away my ability to fall in love. It's been years and I still can't trust again, I will never again feel butterflies or the rush of a freshly blossoming romance. You took away my youth and the innocence I had left. Two reports weren't enough to get you behind bars because pedophiles rarely ever get what they deserve. My first love was wasted away on you, all for the sake of your perversion and abusive ways.
You'd always cuss me out for speaking my mind, and so my voice died down and now I can't scream out my anger. You got me used to getting punished for offering a helping hand and now I am too afraid to exerce my kindness. All I can do is sit in silence, hopelessly waiting to hear apologies from all those that have enabled you.

No. 1596578


There is only straight and mentally ill. Sex organs are for reproducing the human species. You literally fail your basic biological purpose by succumbing to mental illnesses like homosexual behavior. Truth hurts I guess? Triggered much?

Being a homosexual is like completely missing a target at a shooting range and being somehow proud of it. You failed your role as operator and also misused the firearm, creating a negative value scenario. That is why dykes and fags are no more real than trannies. Mental illness and failure is always gonna be mental illness and failure.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1596580

Why aren't mods redtexting the violent replies that's been podted itt lately??? Isn't it against the rules to reply? Why do some posts not get redtexted while others do?

No. 1596599

You stupid, racist, homophobic, asshole. 
You think I "don't care about anything" because every time you go on your racist, sexist tirades like your old fucking Boomer father I just smile and laugh. I mostly just laugh at your racist and sexist stuff because I assume your "friends" are in the same boat and we all have to just pretend your shit is funny. And then you have the absolute GALL to say that I dont have an opinion abot anything? You stupid fucking idiot, I've been playing "chill" to not ruin your stupid reputation in this backwards-ass town.
Fuck it, I hate you.

No. 1596633

I wanna take my cats to the beach all of a sudden

No. 1596637

i just wish i was a pretty nona. life is so much easier and nicer for pretty/beautiful women

No. 1596651

Wow, it's almost like people start resenting you if you treat them like wet shit, y'know? so UNEXPECTED and surprising, if you insult people…they DON'T LIKE IT?! who could've seen that coming?!

Fucking retard

No. 1596657

It's been five years. Get over it you gore and serial killer obsessed freak

No. 1596771

File: 1685896881303.jpg (94.17 KB, 1007x975, FutUN_DXsAAPG_P.jpg)

Reading up and realizing you're trying all the DARVO tactics possible because you're a fucking psycho and I am not surprised

No. 1596797

File: 1685898537229.jpg (110.11 KB, 956x1587, FuLrGhaWcEcB7Aw.jpg)

Anything to victimize yourself in a situation where you are continually the aggressor huh

No. 1596803

I love that thing cluster b manipulators do where they're trying to sus out of anyone is starting to grow tired of them or feel suspicious of whether or not they 'told' they do this mass heyyy bestieee thing with everyone where they pretend to care about them because they're trying to cull out if someone's ~vibez are off~ its the most psychotic shit

No. 1596806

You: ME calling someone mentally deficient is fine but if anyone else were to do it its ABLEIST
ME insulting someone for their weight or body is fine but if someone else does it it's FATPHOBIC
ME being a horrible natc taking part in horrible damaging obsessive activities is fine but if anyone else outside of my hive that benefits me does it it's ABUSIVE and ABUSERS should DIE

No. 1596847

"OH yeah well you [nonsensical garbage that doesn't fit in any way or describe reality its literally just fanfic because you refuse to get a life or let go of your creepy obsession with me]"

No. 1596860

sometimes I’m baffled by how dysfunctionally retarded people are when it comes to wearing appropriate clothes for special occasions/events

i went to an outdoor wedding at a winery recently, real picnic bitch vibes, took me 2 seconds to google the location of the wedding and what season it’ll take place in to pic an appropriate dress. you wanna know what i fucking saw there? you know what some people wore? a fucking rainbow sequin party dress, nightclub attire, and casual beach clothes. I couldn’t fucking believe it.

a few weeks later i went to a birthday party at a local sports bar, real casual and laid back, kinda rough area, so what did the birthday girl’s work friends rock up in? A BALLGOWN. Formal dinner attire. fucking ridiculous.

it will never trump the time a fat chick wore ripped jeans and a pink crop top to a funeral though. by the dirty looks she got from the mourning family, i thought we were about to have a 2-for-1 that day.

for the love of god ladies, please do a 10 second google search of the area/venue you’re going to and put at least half a thought behind what you’re going to wear. it’s so easy.
>outdoor wedding
floral dress with bright colours. no solid pastels like pink or yellow because they’ll look white in photos

>birthday in winter

>indoor/outdoor pub
>rough area
jeans with otk boots and a flattering jumper


>sad people
>it’s not about you. blend in.
black or dark colours. cover up and be respectful. put your fucking tits away and wear flats.

don’t be a fucking clown when you go outside. THINK about this shit because people will look at you and think you look retarded and stupid and unable to dress yourself properly

No. 1596887

All this nitpicking about what the women are wearing, meanwhile the men show up in wrinkled graphic tees and socks with sandals.

No. 1596906

wah women aren't wearing what I would personally wear to an event
the only part of this I agree with is the funeral part

No. 1596908

Nta but the fact that moids are retarded doesnt mean you should look like you werent properly socialized as a child. The wedding one is a bit trickier if you aren't used to weddings but ballgowns in a bar or pink crop tops on a funeral is a bit too much, those ones can be figured if you realize that you aren't the main character.

No. 1596921

Bitch stop talking like the riddler and get some irl interaction you sound crazy you are always trying to tall like Vegeta STFUUUU

No. 1596924

i only accept criticism from adults who know how to dress themselves adequately. log off and think about all the mistakes you made that lead to your current wardrobes

No. 1596929

everything is negative and convoluted and creepy with you. maybe instead of desperately grasping at straws and spending every waking moment searching for reasons and excuses to try to hurt and belittle others you could idk do something that involves like your own life and problems instead of hyperfixating on trying to be a problem for others. truly the most pathetic bottom feeding dregs of society

No. 1596988

>birthday in winter
>indoor/outdoor pub
>rough area
>jeans with otk boots and a flattering jumper
I never wear jeans or jumpers, I'd wear boots but not those lol.

No. 1597154


No. 1597757

Hope that hemmy ruptures

No. 1598345

You are such a pathetic cheap fucking bastard. How many times do her nurses need to tell her that she needs more protein before you get it through your retarded arrogant skull that SHE NEEDS MORE PROTEIN. Not chips, not eggo's, not fucking salad. A toddler sized portion of chicken is not enough for a grown fucking woman who has doctors orders to get more protein you sad sack of shit. I know you wanna save money because you're an idiot loser who never made anything of himself but skimping out on nutrition is not the way to go, that's the last thing you wanna be penny pinching about. You're so fucking frustrating and you'll never listen to anyone but yourself because you think everyone else just doesn't know what they're talking about and you're just soooooo smart when in reality you are a poor, uneducated, cheap, fucked up loser who lives like a homeless man in your own filthy hoardings. And you had the audacity to call other people cheap?? At least those men know how to keep their fucking wives fed, fucking pathetic. I'd kill myself if I ever turned out to be anything like you.

No. 1598509

I’m laughing so hard at my troon ex rage unfollowing me because I posted something where I look real good. cope, seethe, and dilate loser!!!! You will never be me!!!

No. 1598873


No. 1599175

File: 1686095026276.jpeg (13.27 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg)

Currently retracing my steps in time, year before year, to most of the triumphs and terrors I once visited giddily on the world wide internet (along with most o' the changes that followed) until I reach 2010.

And I once visited a website that was "muy DRAMATICA" quite often that…year..

No. 1599189

You was posted up on bestgore and encyclopediadramatica wbk

No. 1599219

I don't bother with most people because they aren't at my level. They're so far below that it almost kills my vibe. It doesn't but it would if O had to constantly be around them and their life sucking forces that just suck the life right out of you.

No. 1599236

Any time someone is like NOBODY IS ON MY LEVEL I know they are not a joy to be around

No. 1599248

It is not. You think it is but it isn't 99% of the time, and that 1% you realize are men doing things so they can fuck you, or want to. It's conditional. It's not what you think it is.

No. 1599289

you posted cringe

No. 1599332

Stop trying to interact with me. I fucking hate you.

No. 1599341

Nonnas were mad cause they said the truth.

No. 1599344

There are people that are truly above other people and it is okay for the higher people to state that.

No. 1599345

That's called delusion baby

No. 1599348

File: 1686106267248.jpg (153.51 KB, 1242x1258, 20230526_012352.jpg)


I realize I sound like a edgelord but I fucking hate normie women so much. Just socializing in general. I only have one female friend who's my best friend and is the only one that gets me. I only socialize because of my boyfriend.

They're all engineers too and hanging around them is sooo exhausting. The women are always so snarky with me. They're always trying to take over everything I want to do or minimize it if I achieve it.

I've been wanting to play DnD for years now and I tried to get them to play (this is before I was over them btw) and everyone said no. I said I would be DM and they said no. Then when my boyfriend and I bought a Kickstarter tabletop, he and one of the women read the rules and found out it was basically DnD and she self proclaimed herself the DM without telling anybody. Needless to say, I left the group chat.

Been distancing myself from them little by little because it's so exhausting to me to deal with. I can't keep up with the conversations and just socializing in general with them.

I miss my best friend. I had to move and she's no longer nearby.

I have so much to get off my chest but I tried to make it TL;DR.

No. 1599350

Every time you say pooner that's another 10 years off your life. May your prostate cancer be swift and damning.

No. 1599413

I wonder and I wish I knew, if you will be mine someday.

No. 1599448

>I realize I sound like a edgelord but I fucking hate normie women so much.
I might be a edgelord myself but I can discern when women are being pickmes and your one normie women friend was being one because she read the rules with your bf, then decided she was suddenly interested in it (!) All because of a Man. That is so incredibly frustrating, especially if it's a male prevalent interest. You'll find better friends someday nonna. I believe in you and I believe in us. We're the outliers, and sadly, we have to stick it out and find our other halfs.

No. 1599450

I want to feel powerful over somebody.

No. 1599458

I understand your frustrations nonnie but don't make sweeping generalisations like you hate all normie women. It sounds like those engineer ladies are a bit up their own arse, I agree.
But this could also be your practice in becoming more assertive. Put your foot down, call the bitch out: actually, I said I wanted to be DM when you said this was stupid, you hypocrite, so sit down and make your character sheet.
Maybe I'm just abrasive, I don't know. I just can't stand people like that, I'd be so all over it if someone said my idea was shit and shot it down and then tried to claim it.

No. 1599459

I hate you so much I wish they'd permanently give us the other manager and you get moved to our sister location. You ruin sales, make everything harder, treat your hardest workers like shit, give the easiest stuff to new cliquey people, fuck you.

No. 1599472

Why'd they get put out to pasture? Isn't venting like that what this thread is for?

No. 1599593

I wonder if I'm ever gonna get used to the sugary sweet shit that is posted on this website. I can't help but get mad when it happens, when I see it. I guess because of previous infights that shookth'e me to the core. Kek. I feel like such a nlog even though I don't hang out with men anymore and consider myself to be a radfem and want to actively engage in female separatist communities. I guess I can't shake off with what I grew up with, huh?

No. 1599673

I want to take control of a woman who has different political opinions than me.
I hate being manic before bed.

No. 1599680

but it's literally inaccurate

No. 1599681

Brush I yhink u might be bpd deadass

No. 1599687

blacks commit way too much crime for racism to be considered invalid(racebait )

No. 1599690

That's not normies. That's just engineers, male or female. Their whole personality revolves around being an engineer, because it's become a synonym for "being smart and having a nice salary". It's a form of clout. They look down on everyone else, including other STEM people.
Doctors go through a lot to get their diploma and basically have no life other than studies and work so I get their bragging, but engineers have what, only a 4 year diploma and are known for being sleazy, entitled frat boys where I live.

No. 1599701

Exactly. I feel bad for schizo, I'm sure they didn't plan to end up this way

No. 1599703

I like asking engineer majors what their plans are for life, and none of them ever have an answer. Not even a clue, no plans.

No. 1599706

Many of them do it to please mommy and daddy (it's why there's so many Asians studying engineering) or get societal brownie points. It's not what they really want to do, though I at least understand why kids from poor families choose it. It's a poor choice if you want to just make money, though, and many people get burnt out and do something else later on. Just like finance/econ majors.

No. 1599719

Ironically most of the engineers I know don't earn high salaries. My friend's boyfriend is a marine engineer and gets paid better in teaching.

No. 1599768

The mod was one of those jobless friendless freaks complaining in the thread that i mocked, kek.

No. 1599779

are you the 22 year old who keeps infighting in that thread? that probably why you keep getting banned

No. 1599781

File: 1686147276237.jpg (10.31 KB, 312x296, dfa.jpg)

Yeah, I realize I'm generalizing. It's just I haven't had any luck with any of them and it's frustrating.

Like I said, there is soo much more involved but I didn't want to write a whole blog about it. It's mainly one of them who's one of the two female engineers in the group (for insight I didn't finish college and got a job in programming) who's always talking down to me. It's also that way of being where the guys will not notice she's being rude because they're men.

Also, I try to bite my tongue because of my boyfriend, they're his friends and I feel like I'll just be causing trouble. Although, last time some of them came over to play tabletops I exploded and screamed at them because they were playing a game which they refused to help me understand the rules of. They just kept playing their turns super fast and rushing me. They wouldn't answer my questions and I was making the wrong choices because I didn't understand what I was doing. This ended up with me yelling at them to stop and explain, I would basically talk to them like this the rest of the game. They haven't invited us over to play tabletops ever since.

My boyfriend got me concert tickets for my birthday and I'll get to sit next to them. She made a group chat for the concert and tried to basically tell everyone she would dress as the lead and us as the backups. Just weird, annoying things like these.


I feel like you're one of the only people who gets me when it comes to this. All they talk about is college and engineering and how much they understand things better than everyone else and how different they see the world. It's so annoying.

No. 1599784


This 100% she's always gloating about how much of a videogame nerd she is too. It's like she's got something to prove constantly. She was pregnant not too long ago and she would get in the middle of the people who were working with construction and heavy machinery to try and do things herself. Would say "I can do it, I'm at the gym and to yoga all the time anyways" when told to step out.

Thanks for the reply, I believe in us too!

No. 1599838

I went to the booth to take my id photos. I swear to god life is enjoying picking on me. I go to comb through my hair again, and there's some big tangled knot mess. Like sorry but how the fuck did this develop in the 30 mins it took me to get here? I get that out but I'm struggling to get my hair in the nice way I planned to look good. I run out of time on tje first photo and then it says to retake. Thank god so I take again focusing on the model face I've been practicing, to make me look less ugly before I can get some work on my face, and my hair doesn't look good. There's a stupid little swirly baby hair, the bane of my existence. My hair looked great in the first photo but my face was scary. Second face is alright but the hair. I try again, setting my hair and making the face, and click. I did not know this was my last try. Well first cannot be used because I look like an escaped mental patient with great hair. The second and third look better, with the third slightly better hair and second slightly better face. Print.

The thing is it's really not as bad as I expected, but I do not recognize myself. Honestly who the fuck is this in the photo. And I want to redo my face for thicker lips, smaller uncrooked because I broke it nose lol, change my eyes just a little, and tanner skin. But for now this will have to do. Plus the photo will be black and white anyway.

No. 1599839

File: 1686151085637.jpeg (99.08 KB, 1242x1675, IMG_4363.jpeg)

What do you mean ‘take control of’? Like…in a kinky way?

No. 1599872

>friend had good health when she was a teenager
>she gets together with a rich moid from discord
>now she keeps getting urinary and vaginal infections
>is sad because her health is declining and she has to go and do tests
It's your damn moid who should do tests!!!! You never had these when you were single it's your dirty moid who keeps giving you infections!!! Please I want to tell you but you're going to defend your moid no matter what but I know it's him!!!

No. 1599874

Anon they sound terrible. Let me guess, your bf sees nothing wrong with how they act and takes their side? Would I be right if I guessed that, if you point that out, he will say he's just trying to be objective? He's talked with them himself and they were perfectly nice girls?
I was in your position once (down to the engineering circlejerk), sadly it will never get better.

No. 1599887

When will these newfags learn where they are

No. 1599909

Exactly this. And I realize it will never get any better which is why I've opted to distance myself from them.

I've talked to him in the car after something has happened and he's like "wow you're obsessed!". At least after some talking between us two he has tried to understand me a bit better (he's s hyper social guy). And we've come to the understanding that I'll never click with them. He also insists on me talking to them about it, but it's the kind of situation I know for a fact that they will reply with "what? Me? I would never!". And I'm not up for it.

I feel so relieved in this thread. I never really get to pester anyone about this and it's so cool so many people get it. Finally.

No. 1599940

Yes. Of course. Managing to control somebody's personality is easier said than done and quite frankly, I do not want to do it. As I am terribly too lazy to. Nor will I control their bank account, as that is illegal. And could land me in jail.
Sure, I could maybe challenge their views on certain topics. But it would be just for fun. Since normally people don't actually listen to what you have to say anyway. They take actions seriously, not words.

No. 1599997

Even though you've made me smile a few times. I still hate you all.

No. 1600009

Your man is about to become her man

No. 1600039

For some reason it irritates me when women say they hate other women. Especially when they make giant sweeping generalizations like this(vain bitch)

No. 1600040

>And I realize it will never get any better which is why I've opted to distance myself from them.
Nonny, distance yourself from him as well. He's just enabling them and ignoring your feelings. Something about this really stinks. Literally any one of them should have stood up for you, but most of all your bf. Where was he when they ignored you?

No. 1600045

I have so many clothes from the anxiety of not dressing well enough and ive been spending so much time online shopping again… and since i rarely go out i cant get over this, what am i doing… i dont care much about fashion i just want to fit in still

No. 1600053

Same. NLOG vibes.

No. 1600062

I shut my heart out to love and romance for so long now that I've opened it again I feel completely boy crazy. I feel like I want to twirl my hair around and flirt and just fuck a bunch of different guys. I can't believe that faggot I was dating had me convinced I was so unfuckable. These dudes are DOWN and they think I'm super cute or at least cute enough to stay hard unless my ex I could've been having sex all this time and I'm extremely angry about it

No. 1600073


Why do you say that?


You're right he should've stood up for me but apparently he "didn't notice" when it was happening because he was focused on whatever else was happening at the moment. He also doesn't understand how much effort it takes for me to be social. After talking to him lately about it he has come to an understanding, even of himself to reconsider what friendships actually are. Don't know if I would break up with him over this since he has a lot more redeeming qualities about him too. Sorry if it also sounds like I'm making excuses for him, there's just a lot of context missing.

No. 1600075

Nona are you me??? I've been doing this as well. Even more so since I started living alone and making a living wage I started buying all sorts of fashion that I couldn't wear before because parents and money issues. However when it's time to go out I NEVER KNOW WHAT TO WEAR.(vain bitch)

No. 1600088

NTA but she's moving in on him and he's allowing it. He should have stood up for you more, he noticed what she was doing an allowed it because they're both having fun playing in your face. She's playing NLOG pickme games by showing interest in DnD AFTER your boyfriend did. She's going above and beyond to impress him and if he does anything other than completely ignore her and shut her down, he's taking the bait.

No. 1600142


For context we both asked them to play DnD back then and they said no. It wasn't until the kickstarter came and everyone wanted to play it that she inserted herself as DM. I see it as just attention seeking overall.

My boyfriend did neglect standing up for me, but it's not a scenario where he would be impressed by her being DM. I see it more like autism and him not adjusting to be more aware about these things.

I did have a conversation with him where he apologized and said he recognizes that's something he needs to fix.

The situation is missing more context where it would be understandable for you to get that from it so I'm sorry about that. It has been about 3 years of me hanging out with these people and this has been my tipping point.

No. 1600146

>learned how to play a game because of him
>is taking the dominate main girl spot in the friendship by making you all dress up as background characters and her the main attention
>your bf defends her and basically wants you to stfu

When she finally swoops in to get that dick, the dick is going to be hers. She’s about to nlog into his bedroom.

No. 1600172

i was scrolling facebook today and read a call out post about a sexual assault that happened. i noticed one of the moids who commented congratulating the girl on coming forward is the same guy that tried to pin me down and kiss me on his bed in high school. my friend and i went to his house, for some reason she left us alone in his room and he closed the door. all i remember is him climbing over me trying to kiss me while i yelled for my friend to open the door and come back in. never spoke to him after that and tried to scrub the memory from my brain.

No. 1600181

Sorry if I'm making it seem like my boyfriend is all up in her ass or something but that's not really the case.>>1600142

He's more so acting like an ignorant himbo male more than anything. Her thing is mainly directed at me. She's also married with a baby and they've known each other since college(I've known him since school).

It's really not the case where they're in cahoots behind my back. I'm sorry if I'm making it seem that way.

No. 1600242

Delusional useless freak

No. 1600243

It's soooo ironic actually

No. 1600251

I wasn't meant to be this. I want to go back. They twisted me into a broken adult, but I'm not finished, I'm not complete! I'm still that young girl deep down. I'm not ready to be a grown woman yet. They took my childhood, please bring me back, give me one more chance

No. 1600254

I hate you I will always hate you you deserve to be hated I don't fucking care. I hate you and yet you are STILL obsessed with every single thing that I do. Very uneven scales here. What are you going to do without me, seeing as I'm your main personality trait.

No. 1600302

You probably shouldn't have said all of that on mic

No. 1600434

I saw a word that triggers me and im shitting the bed going crazy

No. 1600437

Well what was it(vain bitch)

No. 1600531

My mom's gonna be in for a rude awakening tomorrow.

No. 1600532

It's funny how I feel more excited about telling my mom that I'm gonna move out than I do my dad. I guess it's because my dad has always hated me and wants me out as well as i do myself kek

No. 1601223

Very potently male to be completely unable to take no for an answer and delusional enough to truly believe you are entitled to completely take the basic rights and autonomy from women just because you don't like them. the jessi slaughter jokes really aren't that funny. You're just a sped with psychopathic obsessions. You're so bold and condescending for someone that has a very large pile of skeletons threaten to fall out of your closet at any moment.

No. 1601274

youre an obnoxious egomaniac. no, i am no over exaggerating. youre so obsessed with how other people view you. you throw a hissy fit when people view you in the most slightest of bad manner. you refuse to internalize other people's good faith criticism. you demand others to respect you as authority but you have literally done nothing in your life to earn that level of respect. fuck off

No. 1601337

I've known for awhile that you're really really stupid, but this is a new low even for you oh my god

No. 1601358

It's funny but sad I can't even tell my mom I'm breaking up with my bf because I know she will just make it all about her. She just loves drama she isn't able to be calm and respect my emotions. I have to just let her talk anyway she wants to me and seem super happy or she gets mad at me. Today I had to let her stress me out and rant to me about a random gossip for like 10 minutes straight while I made 0 sound. She can rant that long. In the past I would've desperately wanted her to mother me and told her my problem anyways and gotten a bunch of bs from her but I've learned my lesson. She just can't be there for me

No. 1601398

I've been having a prolonged mental breakdown and acting borderline psychotic, at least incredibly delusional, for months. The few people I had around didn't realize I was having an episode and went along with my behavior, and I'm so embarrassed. My life is potentially ruined. I'm so scared I'm going to lose everything. Please pray for me, nonas. I thought I was getting better but I was triggered without accepting that's what was happening. This is my come to Jesus moment, I am the problem. I'll go to the crisis center Monday if I can't handle the consequences. I won't do anything more that I might regret. Oh nonas, I wish I had even one person I let be close enough help me in this moment. I'm so selfish and insane, I always have been.

No. 1601435

It's so sad how abusers truly believe the grandiose view of themselves compared to their victims protects them from the backlash of what they do indefinitely. They think that just because they can control a small group of people means they can control anyone, bend laws, hurt people, continue the cycle for as long as they want and as cruelly as they want. They truly see themselves impervious. It's like they have this alternate reality they fashion around themselves where they are God and everyone is just a puppet or a means to an end, no sincerity, no real meaningful relationships in their life, just use and destroy and rinse and repeat and string along whoever aids their cause for however long they have to. It's also sad seeing people stupid enough to defend them, people who denounce abuse and misogyny yet somehow delude themselves into believing their abusive friends are some sort of special outlier, an exception, completely blind to their obvious sociopaths. How they treat one victim is who they are. There isn't an excuse, a convoluted explanation that checks out "off paper." Abuse is just abuse. Of course an abuser is going to do and say everything within their power to develop a shield between themselves and the reality of the hurt and pain they cause. How they treat one is how they've treated others. You're just as horrible for being complicit.

No. 1601689

internalised misoginy. i used to be like you nona. trust me, women are WAY BETTER and more likeable than men. even normie ones. wake up(vain bitch)

No. 1602352

Did you cast the deeply unfunny autism spell on yourself cause ..

No. 1602875

You're a fuck ugly greasy little faggot and I genuinely hope your father or whoever neans the most to you hunts you down and takes a hatchet to your face and then kills themself. You fugly retard. I hope you get run over by a semi going 80mph. I want to see your body explode into a meat soup. I hope you fucking die painfully and horribly. I hope you go fucking bald in a year. I hope a customer with AIDS bleeds in an open wound of yours and you doe a slow death. I hope you fucking suffer you slimy fucking cunt stupid fucking retard. I hope you fucking suffer. I hope you fucking die. You are a piece of shit ugly cunt and I will be manifesting and praying for your horrible, sad death and if it happens I will revel in all the people boo-fucking-hooing over your fucking worthless existence ending. Fuck you you stupid cocksucker. I will piss and shit on your fucking grave and I hope your family never fucking heals. I hate you.

No. 1602935

It's funny how much nonas get along with me but the second they knew I have a political view that they don't agree with they would go batshit crazy and accuse me of things I'm not. Really insane how people react over things that are not real and go as far as to accuse others of horrible things.

No. 1602943

What's the view, please?(vain bitch)

No. 1602947

Nonas who treat this website as a hugbox disgust me.

No. 1603021

this is like the third time i've seen a post like this, wtf happened that was so bad (i don't check all threads so idk)(vain bitch)

No. 1603095

Link the thread(vain bitch)

No. 1603107

I bet you think women should be forced to give birth or something equally crazy. So bitter(vain bitch)

No. 1603295

Male hands wrote this(vain bitch)

No. 1603326

>omg people agree with me when i'm not retarded, but disagree when i am?! insanity!!!!
lol(vain bitch)

No. 1603413

It's so obvious when LC is someone's first anonymous imageboards

No. 1603420

It could be a woman who calls men cunts, I do that sometimes

No. 1603425

Man or woman, its an autist having a Chris chan tier meltdown over a maladaptive obsession they have with someone else.

No. 1603428

She could be talking about a rapist or a pedophile? Sorry I'm just trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 1603429

Alllllll you do is cry and complain and fixate on and obsess over women stfu!!!! Stop writing fanfic and creating this ebil version of us in your head that you can use as a punching back, none of that is remotely accurate, you really are just a pathetic sperg whose special interests are people oh my fucking God. Begone

No. 1603433

Yes you can!!

Creepy retard

No. 1603434

>thinking anons don't say worse over being told to get a job and move out from home

No. 1603436

No? What? That's not what I'm thinking at all, just that maybe anon was talking about a rapist or a pedophile, it could be a man idk, just trying to give the benefit of the doubt like I said. It sounds like she's talking about a man unrelated to her, not her parents.

No. 1603442

Why are people replying to other's posts in this thread and why are they not getting banned.

No. 1603445

Something about the way women on tumblr/on here even interact annoys me heavily. I quite don't know what it is but even the fact that it annoys me ANNOYS me altogether. Must be internalized misogyny since I was brought up on imageboard slash 4chan growing up and I guess I can't outgrow the misogynistic attitude that I grew up with that's hidden deep within me but blows out when I go on here. I feel like it is something else entirely too, maybe I'm just not used to the way women talk online. Maybe it's the fact that some nonas love this site because of the lovey-dovey overly wholesome interactions they get on here and I feel like slapping them because they're investing emotional labor into something that isn't permanent and to somebody they don't know and will never know. Then once they get too emotionally attached and someone else comes along to express a opinion that they don't like they get too overprotective and attack the opposing party. Really weird relationship going on there.
Anyway. I'm just not used to women interacting online, the way they do it. Even though I don't want to be in a misogynist-filled environment anymore, and I want to be surrounded by actual women. The way they say things is weird and I don't like it but I guess I'm convincing myself to stay because I want to be a full on female separatist.

No. 1603448

Yeah this is just turning into the vent thread 2.0

No. 1603460

Well you've put us in a difficult position because if we reply nicely to your post we're annoying you but if we tell you to fuck off back to 4chan you'll never be the female separatist of your dreams

Maybe you should just make irl friends(vain bitch)

No. 1603461

Nta but just don't reply retard

No. 1603463

File: 1686462512744.gif (6.34 MB, 500x500, d38ba2445b59ac587a9bbbf8a45d6a…)

there are a lot of people all the time, there are a lot of people everywhere.
are you a writer nonny? how do you fit in your head?
I made a friend I hope she is okay
I haven't been sleeping will I be okay?
formatting is not easy

No. 1603475

Super duper feel like killing myself. I was never able to connect with other people in any meaningful way. I'm so fucking tired.
Sometimes i forget I'm real because I'll go so long without my existence being recognized by others. I wanna cry but it's not happening for some reason. I wish I could end everything just by focusing really hard. It's really unfair that i can't just will my body to die.

No. 1603476

You ok there anon?(vain bitch)

No. 1603480

Yeah so my parents are both sociopathic IT yuppies basically and are constantly sucking up to others in their own political circles (they're divorced) and want to keep their children around as perpetual yes men rather than help them towards independence. Not only that, they're just fucking bad people. Marital cheating, beating me and my siblings, triangulation, lying, ignoring inconvenient problems until they want to use it to make themselves look good. They're socially retarded and genuinely see their own bloodline as competition. I need to leave ASAP. It's a breath of fresh air to be away from them. They're simply hypocrites who don't care about what reality is, only what they can convince other people of. They're like walking tin radios, blaring out their dirty laundry and divorce troubles while ignoring the seven children they decided to bring into the world. When they do pay attention to them, it's to have these very classy Christmas competitions where they frenetically try to outdo each other and then retreat into their den.

No. 1603485

same anon btw they also abused multiple animals in their home. Kept a pigeon in a cage until it died in its own filth. I do not say sociopath lightly, both of these adults watched this happen. My mom tried to get the family cat to pee on one of my siblings as "punishment". Well, I guess they do things differently in Eastern Europe. What about when my dad beat my sister with a hair brush until it broke and then blamed her for it breaking. And then they both go out and pretend to be these IT professional types; but since we're their kids, we got to see the real them. Lucky us. They basically tried to pay us off like prostitutes with objects to get us to shut up about it.

No. 1603487

Nta and idc that I'll get banned, I'm replying. The way you act is insufferable. You're being passive-agressive and trying to make the anon feel bad for expressing her opinion/feelings. All of this while trying to keep a "nice and harmless" facade. I see through you you fucking cunt

No. 1603491

They're both insufferable cunts and the worst part of it is that you cannot convince them that any of what they've done is wrong. They explain it all away with a mirror: "Your mother/father drove me to it". Birdbrained losers chasing status as the ripe age of 55 because it turns out the country life was too simple for them after all when they moved from NYC. A person with sense could have created a beautiful life here, but they were so busy being bitter and sniping at one another and manipulating their children that they essentially spoiled it for everyone. Their personalities are pathologically jealous and they are constantly trying to test how much they can get away with. You honestly have to be on your toes around them because unless they're in public, they do suspicious things like cyberstalking and spreading rumors among family. I am hoping they both die soon so that I can be free from this.

No. 1603495

They homeschooled us as well ofc because they were too good for public schooling. These people are so fucking pretentious for what they really are. I'm pretty sure my mom left her home country because she committed a major felony while she was there; she's never been back, yet my grandparents visit, and the animal/child abuse speaks to the capability of violence. She keeps her house like a sty and hates her mother. She also admitted to deliberately misusing a medication on one of my younger siblings who is now intellectually disabled. My dad is a fat POS drunkard who engaged in cyberwarfare with single moms on twitter to get elected on the school board as part of a power trip to get back at them for having his kids in the system. He got elected because only one person with actual qualifications ran. He cheated on my mom with one of the food staff at his old job and apparently was playing ball with their kids, then had a tumultuous series of situationships where he scared off every girl until he settled with an insecure person 20 years younger who is obese so thinks she can't do better than this (I believe she can). He conveniently ignored the abuse and play acted good cop to us as if it wasn't a situation that he was an active participant in and then left after secretly leaving bills unpaid. By the way, he's very emotionally sensitive. So much so that he equates what he went through to what everyone else went through, and if you have any issue than you're just as bad as mom. He also likes to crazy make and project anxiety onto your behavior, and has institutionalized my mentally ill brother at least five times. He makes the problem worse by becoming COMPETITIVE with my mentally ill brother!

No. 1603501

They will never learn. To them, anyone who does not like them is jealous or a hater. I truly believe that the abuse runs in both of their families and that they were never children. Both of them also don't really support the candidates they support. I honestly believe that they are only as political as they are because the toxic environment is familiar to them and they want to make the whole country familiar and ugly to them. If there was justice in the world, they would both be put to death. My mom stabbed me in the arm with a pencil and then I told my dad and he simply went to work; clearly the behavior of two victims. I am pretty sure that their political rallies are like the ten minutes hate or whatever for them where they justify their own cruelty with a bunch of strangers they don't know and then act like they're heroes from some kind of movie. Fucking cancer to society. I'm ashamed to be related to either of them. Anytime customer service or some neighbor gives a modicum of a positive response to them they take it as license to fuck up the conversation with politics or "pity me" divorce tales. You can tell the most about them by what they don't bring up!

No. 1603511

I don't want to have children because I don't want to even chance bringing that kind of evil back into the world. They are vile. I truly believe that it's people like them who have made this country so divided. They both make their respective political parties look like complete shit, and I believe they must be playing into the caricature as a way to pat themselves on the back for doing it ironically or to do a fucked up LARP of what they think a person their age should be doing. Just like their marriage was a fucked up LARP of what a normal marriage would be. Their autism knows no bounds and everyone else gets caught in the conflict. Our neighbor shot himself like ten years ago. I think he must have sensed the miasma of negativity and hatred that emanated from the house. I think for a normal person not acclimated to their putrid souls, even indirect exposure 100 feet away must have been enough to drive him to suicide. I wish cancer and pain onto both of them for everything they have done.

No. 1603513

This fucking website SUCKS. Not just it's userbase but it's shit ass technology. Fix your fucking website.

No. 1603536

It's time for the comedy reel of classy moments. Because both of my parents think of themselves as sophisticates bringing class to the town!
(1.) My dad yelling at his grandfather "at least I don't groan when I shit" (?????????)
(2.) My mom showing off her boob implants to everyone (Super Mom)
(3.) My dad going on twitter to bully a single mom who lost their son and doxxing her for having bad political opinions. I don't care if she thinks the sky is green, you are not looking like a hero here!
(4.) My mom converses about her menstrual cycles to absolutely everyone as well as her sex life. How else would I learn about some stuff like her new boyfriend licking her asshole. Honestly I feel like she leaves everyone who talks to her feeling that way whether they have or not. Class Class Class
(5.) My dad brought my middle school age sister with an intellectual disability to a BLM rally during the height of Covid and kept doing so until the judge for custody told him not to. It doesn't matter how noble the cause is, when you have kids during Covid leave them out of it and go alone or opt to support via money donations instead. Using kids as social boons instead of going the extra mile on your own.
(6.) My mom saw me holding hands with my sister and jumped in with the pure-hearted, motherly, feminine comments about us being "the lesbian sisters"
(7.) My dad for no reason mooned everyone in the kitchen. (????????????)
(8.) My mom has an instinct for hating women and will shit talk them and say that she's better because she has a PhD. This is exactly how I picture Martha Stewart and JK Rowling or any woman who has achieved the career success she strove for; bitter and full of misogyny and feeling like other women stole from them somehow.
(9.) My dad yelled at his new girlfriend until she cried because he didn't feel helped enough during one of his own children's birthdays… during my zoom final. He also poured a bottle of champagne down the drain to punish her for finishing it and then poured the one she got him to apologize down the drain as well.
(10.) My mom once hollered across the entire house about my dad's viagra

I only listed this to prove it to myself. When you speak to either of them they pretend that they're some kind of respectable person and then once they feel like they've gained your trust, they pull a bunch of trashy antics. I honestly think they are status hungry, insecure, perverted, hypocritical, and honestly are probably both on some sort of spectrum close to pedophilia given their repeated exhibitionism and hillbilly messing with their children for the laffs. I believe that everyone in this town who knows a little bit about them has their reservations, and I think few will end up saying it to their faces because of the stalking and aggression that would inevitably ensue. I thought in the beginning that they were only me and my siblings' problem, but they've become the town nuisance, and I've heard of many separate instances of people speaking negatively about one or both of them.

No. 1603546

yeah, just a little restless. thank u

No. 1603547

I honestly don't even know what to do. They have to be stopped. I know that eventually with time other people will be forced to put an end to it, but I need to find some way to spread the word and warn people. Even five second's exposure is too much. They are dangerous and with time they are bound to bring ruin to the town. But what can I do? I have a little money but I don't even know who I would begin going to. If the chance ever came to me to speak ill of them or make things more difficult I would instantly take it and I will tell my children the truth about them if I don't decide to end my bloodline out of shame. I guess leaving forever would be fine, but they're going to stalk me and try to theorize and speak ill of me because I will refuse to see them. It's suffocating and I can't believe they try to pass off their behavior as run of the mill, or even believe that it makes them special somehow, as if common decency and empathy are weights that hold everyone else back. They are horrible people.

No. 1603550


No. 1603555

I hate how a lot of people here take fake or baity stuff seriously knowing full well it's not real just to get mad at an imaginary person and feel better about themselves.

No. 1603557

Agreed. They do that because it's supposedly "more authentic" as if we don't have blenders when it's homemade(vain bitch)

No. 1603580

That's why I hate most of social media and only use it to educate myself, buy cheap things or enjoy my waifus and husbandos. Lolcow is great to understand internet culture quickly without having to look at other social media. Fuck other social media for that reason.(vain bitch)

No. 1603582

Men are absolutely useless when it comes to raising a child. How are you telling me that I manage to do housework, make myself dinner, get out for a walk, read part of a book, and just chill out when I’m home alone; yet this dumbass man just sat downstairs with the baby until i got there because ‘she didn’t want to be set down’. Like no shit?! Just hold her then!!! Throw her in the carrier and wear her while you make breakfast like you said you were going to do. I’m raising two babies in this house now!!!!!!!! ‘I don’t know why she’s crying’ neither do I!!! I don’t have a magic spell that tells me what’s wrong with her, but have you checked if her nappy needs changed? When did she last eat? Is she warm enough? Like come on man put in a bit of effort to learn what’s going on. ‘She wont go to sleep even though she just had her bottle’ because she’s not tired??? Oh the horror, she spends time awake now!!! Play with her, talk to her, please just acknowledge her in some way!!! You chose to raise a child with me, not a sack of potatoes!!!!

No. 1603689

Projecting all your own creepy parapilias onto everyone you hate and BEGGING them in your mind to do something horrible that you would do so you have an excuse to harass and dehumanize them

No. 1603695

File: 1686495298156.png (558.01 KB, 1337x1400, 1658015451454.png)

>>1603555(vain bitch)

No. 1603715

I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him Just die Just die Just die Just die Just die Just die Just die Just die Just die Just die

No. 1603890

>knowing full well it's not real
i don't. how tf am i supposed to know(vain bitch)

No. 1603919

I hate my stupid bitch of a mother.

No. 1603930

"Male hands wrote this", wrong you smelly faggot, a retarded female wrote it. It was about a cocksucking piece of shit faggot at my new job that has a hateboner for me for some reason and has made other people avoid me. I don't know why that stupid fucking cunt did that, I'm just retarded and shy and I didn't say anything rude at all to him but he laughs and jokes with literally everyone else at work but grey rocks and stonewalls me and walks away any time I ask him a genuine question about the job. I fucking hate that fugly piece of shit and I do genuinely hope he gets run over by his drunk-driving father.

No. 1604068

File: 1686523379503.jpeg (9.9 KB, 300x168, Unknown.jpeg)

TBH I think people in computer science specifically are often pretentious because they are the lowest rung of STEM and treated as such at work or school. This is why they don't seem to project their delusions onto other people in STEM, and instead try to keep up a front with normal people and their children. I also think that with STEM you can often "coast" and lie about your credentials despite having no references or real ability to teach or communicate the subject and make it everyone else's problem at work. I hear many of them take pride in coming unprepared and learning on the job. It makes sense given how many of them are wearing programmer socks. I'm sure there are people with a real passion for it, but so many merely chase it for dollars and status & seem to be unable to work alongside others and frequently have issues. Beyond pathetic.

No. 1604070

this but with stem men as a whole(vain bitch)

No. 1604073

I meant to say "with computer science you can often 'coast' but
Yes, I think there is a subsection of people who are drawn to STEM because they want the title and a "I will look down on you" card and that computer science is the path of least resistance, being less serious than physics, biology, medicine, etc. It sucks for the people who actually enjoy it as a hobby because I'm sure they're treated with passive aggression in the office and made to do the work that everyone else pretends to know how to do. A lot of people are better at talking about coding and giving commands than actually doing any of the intellectual work themselves

No. 1604078


I FINALLY cracked that stubborn hip area into my inner right thigh that lets me go down in a pancake and achieve a middle split, which I feel will come to me soon. I've never been able to do a damn middle split, sure I never trained as much as I should but I easily had a front split with little effort and a nice backbend. Even my stubborn shoulders have released. But this stretch had been stuck for what seems like forever. As soon as I get it I am gonna go do middle splits everywhere like the biggest attention whore in the world

No. 1604094

I want friends but I hate 99% of everyone I meet irl, I only find people I enjoy only, fuck

I have not fucking clue why that matters so much to you but I'm really happy you managed to make that happen! You go girl, do all the splits you dreamed of!(vain bitch)

No. 1604156

Take a very heavy dose of seroquel

No. 1604161

File: 1686533770724.jpg (232.36 KB, 776x1254, rs_634x1024-201209155446-634-b…)

Your whole life is just reducing everyone, including yourself, to cattle. Everything you obsess over and revolve around is just you objectifying everyone, including yourself, to a vapid and ridiculous degree and completely talking in circles all of the time about who you hate (obsess over) and why. You are such an entitled person and it's crazy because you are CONVINCED you are better than everyone else when you don't even know how to experience real joy, everything you care about is only because of the idea of it and not because you actually enjoy it. You don't learn any skills that don't benefit you in a way to exploit others, and any skill you do pursue is just something you want people to see you doing, not something you do for yourself or out of interest. You are a fucking husk. You are not even a person.

No. 1604182

Imagine loving moids so much you'd start infighting with some silly bitch who wants her shitty moid coworker to die. Couldn't be me.(Infighting)

No. 1604186

Violent alogging is the most tard and moidlike quality you can have. Probs the same anon who said her mom should be gangraped. Dgaf.(infighting)

No. 1604188

>Violent alogging is the most tard and moidlike quality you can have.
Nta but no it isn't kek, actually getting violent or committing a sex offense is the most moid like quality a woman can have, let her alog. You can always report and ignore if you think it's a moid, replying in attempt to start an arguement doesn't help anything. You're not even supposed to reply to people's posts itt, go to the vent thread if you want to do that.(infighting)

No. 1604190

my mother in law is really pissing me off ngl like i understand why she is the way she is but im still getting irritated. she grew up in some shithole country and was forced to drop out of elementary school to raise her family's kids then was just a babymaker for 2 different abusive men while they cheated on her until her last husband died. but ever since my fiance proposed she wont shut the fuck up about when we're having kids. this bitch has 26 grandkids already. when he called to tell her that was literally her first question. every single time we visit her she asks if we're having kids. she asked me recently and i said no, i'm still in school. she asked when i was graduating and i said i'll get my bachelor's in 2 years and she went oh that's perfect! still young to have kids. i asked her what am i doing all this work for?
shut the fuck up, shut up you stupid bitch. i'm running out of empathy for your shit regressive upbringing. im not a fucking incubator like the fuck i go to school for and get my STEM degree? to piss it away popping out kids? i straight up don't want kids anymore because she's pissing me off so bad. I'm not kidding EVERY time we see her. my fiance keeps telling her to stop and she won't. she's so obsessed with the idea of us having "white babies" with hair and eyes like mine instead of "just brown". its the most degrading experience because obviously his life won't be ruined by kids, but if i got pregnant now all my hardwork would go out the window. its not just her either so many losers in this city are nagging at me i'm not even 25. can you believe that? i'm not even 25 and these freaks actually think i'm going to get pregnant that young willingly.

No. 1604191

I'm not the mom rape anon and I would never say something like that about my own mother who I love. If you genuinely think I am capable of killing some retarded coworker you are giving me much more credit than I deserve, which is kind of flattering but still retarded on your end.(Infighting)

No. 1604206

I'm tired of being treated like a NPC/secondary on every social situation but then everytime I put effort to focus attention on myself I act like a little bitch and isolate myself because socializing is tiring as fuck and I actually don't want to spend a lot of time involved in people's affairs. There is no fucking winning move.

No. 1604227

I was stalked by some random moid online for days for roasting him a bit in an argument where he was harassing other women and now I have anxiety. I know in my heart that he would literally kill me if he could. I don’t know why he won’t leave me alone. Idk if I’m overreacting. I’m not giving him attention and hoping he will get bored of me. This experience has been so frightening that I feel like I can’t even argue with a man ever again in the future because they take it way too far.

No. 1604234

Time to hate all lolcow users Wooo

No. 1604246

I hate people that get mad at me for being a bad texter when they are just as bad towards me but I'm expected to be on call for them and apologize for having my own life. If I point this out they'll never admit it either they just want power over me it's a shit test. I'm not apologizing for having a life and not responding within 30 seconds when you leave me on read for 20-60 minutes at a time and I say nothing. Get a fucking clue

No. 1604410

Stay mad you little bitch BAHAHAHAJSKXLXMDNC.

No. 1604415

(vain bitch)


No. 1604424

Why are there 2 get it off your chest threads?

No. 1604442

Some assmad pedo bumped the old one after being told loli is not ok in another thread

No. 1604451

why is the "old" one nowhere near full though?

No. 1604488

I created a lot of problems in life because I have this need to escape my situation, desire to be free and start over repeatedly, and cannot stand a boring life. I like peace and calmness but I also need life experience. So I think that's the life I manifested. And now I want to continue adventures but with more stability, and less desire to make connections with people, just live for myself until I feel differently

No. 1604507

Nigel doesnt see grocery shopping and cooking as 'work'. At least not intuitively, he sometimes 'gets' it when I sit him down every so often and tell him I cant keep up with everything and work full time he needs to step up. Hes been really slowly stepping up…real slowly at least. Another convo this weekend he is very supportive telling me he wants me to have a career and do everything I can to be successful etc etc which is great but I pointed out I still work so so so much, 30 to 50 hrs a week self employed AND do about 85 to 95 percent of household stuff. Occassionally when I have been too busy to make real food for a while he gets it that helping clean the kitchen will be useful, thank god and has been doing that more. But that convo drove home yet again the point that he does not see his lack of equal split household management as a roadblock to my career when sometimes I just hve to put my work aside to get everything else in order because so much chaos has taken over. I tried to express that and he wants a maid kek. We cant even afford to save any money luckily I got to where I make enough now to cover all the rent increases imposed on us, we split bills but he does pay more overall. I could bring in more if I could focus more on not splitting up my days with household stuff and trying not to stress about time. I wrote a dumb haiku expressing my pain kek.
>'A Woman's Place'
>I wake- floating here again
>Oh gentle current…
>Misogyny carved channel…

No. 1604542

just fucking dump him. imagine having a baby with this manchild. do you think he'll lift a single finger?? you're already being his bangmaid. he totally gets that the shit you do is work and takes a toll on you, he just refuses to do it because you keep doing it.(vain bitch)

No. 1604546

This thread is not a chatroom and replying to other posts is a bannable offense, per the OP. If you would like to receive responses to your post, please post in the vent thread instead:

No. 1604607

You’d rather hang out with your mid 30’s bartender coworkers who “DJ” on the weekends than me? Fuck you. You just want to surround yourself with losers who don’t give a fuck about you because you genuinely hate yourself that much.

No. 1604760

File: 1686595776189.jpg (35.83 KB, 564x570, af3886ab1cb97cc15c44e6ae7a3726…)

I'm glad I left you and don't have to be around your gross loser moid friends either. I'm proud of myself for gaining some self respect and strength back to realize this was a miserable and bad idea and that I deserve better people in my life. I cannot live in fear and loathing. It feels so good knowing I chose myself and I chose right. I am so SICK and tired of these gross loser men and I don't want to be around any of it. This was simply a moment of weakness for me and now it has passed and there will be better days. I will surround myself with love and support and good people because I deserve respect, love and kindness

No. 1604798

You've never taken responsibility for anything. I've done the math, your irresponsibility has cost me more than $10,000 during the course of our relationship. Forgetting to file taxes, forgetting to pay rent, forgetting to file insurance claims on time - it's never your fault, right? How on earth could I ever expect you to be responsible like a normal fucking adult? You continue to screw me over at every turn. You make my life worse in every way. I wouldn't be with you if I had a shred of self respect.

No. 1604857

I told my mom everything today and my instincts were correct she ended up being pissy at me for not telling her about my breakup sooner and seemed almost angry I told her I didn't want her gossiping about it with everybody. Then she negged me about my age. I'm glad that I am now grown enough that she doesn't send me into crying fits anymore. I know she is not mature enough to give me the support I need but I appreciate the support she gives. She tries. I don't even need a response I know theres probably some anon on here nodding reading this going yup my mom too. Oh well what can you do I know I'll miss her when she's gone

No. 1605077

You frequently post on imageboards like an incel and your only hobbies are crying, whining, bitching, and stalking. Very young and lit of you.

No. 1605085

Every single one archived. Every one. StAy mAd hurrrrhurrr

No. 1605098

It's one thing to lie to yourself but to lie to an entire group of people because you don't want your "fun" to end and because you want them to go down with you is crazyyyyy in such an embarassing way

No. 1605103

SOOOOO excited for when it happens

No. 1605110

File: 1686620963550.jpg (85.75 KB, 896x672, FviJO7gWAAIkT03.jpg)


No. 1605114

STOP wasting ur goddamn time. its enough, get a hobby, fix ur health, become fucking happy, make up some goals, STOP. WAISTING. TIME. like u have a lot of it, u don’t!!!

No. 1605116

You want that negative attention sooo badly it really shows the sorry state of your own life aww

No. 1605120

Neither do you.

No. 1605127

Why do you try so hard to instigate the attention of a woman when you are a gay male. Get a life miserable cunt lol please

No. 1605129

-a bitch on borrowed time

No. 1605159

your black and white thinking will be the death of me. why is everything a pissing contest with you?

No. 1605165

no one will miss you when you leave

No. 1605175

Abusing stimulants to sit online and harass women. What a life you live.

No. 1605185

You don't love me. You're not special like you think you are. You have no idea how the real world is because you have the easiest life ever.

No. 1605220

I have very specific complaints based on happenings I have witnessed and I feel that I have the right to speak to others about it. You can choose to be shitty to your only family that you established, but you do not have the right to gag everyone into silence in perpetuity. No amount of good deeds posted online or pats on the back will earn back the love that you lost. You're a fearful person and not a good role model in the slightest, you're faker than cool whip.

No. 1605225

You genuinely prioritize the most minor of involvement in small town politics over checking in on your family or when one of your daughters went to MEXICO with a man double her age. That was an incredible disappointment, especially when you tried to word it like you spoke with her and I find out later that you didn't. She will never be upset with you over it, but I know that that is messed up behavior from someone who's supposed to be a parent, and you can convey it to others how ever you want. Master of deflection with strangers, but I cannot witness that and cover your ass for not having basic concern for your daughter's well being. I spoke with her at length about it and I am still finding out new horrific details about that trip.

No. 1605230

I don't care what happens to me as a result of me saying this. I am NOT going to live a lie so that you can salvage your reputation ! People will not believe me and it may even make my life drastically more difficult in the near future, but it must be said if I am to move forward. I am not going to be PR for you.

No. 1605276

why the FUCK do you CUNTS have to reply to a baiting moid???? God you people really are fucking stupid huh

No. 1605323

I'm aggressive as hell to fellow nonnas but I don't give a fuck and will continue to be so.

No. 1605390

File: 1686647934678.jpeg (855.67 KB, 1907x1907, FcJg10NXwAINsug.jpeg)

It’s been a great while since I took a break from here— which isn’t unusual in itself, however, this one was sanctioned by the fact that I found my behaviour towards others on here rather unbecoming and childish to the point that I was seeking negative attention from other farmers in the past year I had been struggling with my schooling as it’s a distance education programme which as I found out is not as easy as I thought it would be, and honestly at the time I wanted others to feel as terrible as I did. I’m sorry for doing that, I truly am. I got angry at others for inconsequential things and provoked scrotes even though I know better than to do that with the excuse of bad moderation and more at the time when shaymin was in charge.
I failed one course at the end of this semester ⁠—which is better than two courses⁠— because I didn’t finish the last assignment nor checked my school email until the last day as the teacher gave me the opportunity to finish it in a remedial course but I was too busy wallowing in my misery of failing and had developed an irrational fear of anything school related as I felt like I wasn’t really in school and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t grasp onto the courses and just finish an assignment or anything without spending a tremendous amount of effort. Fortunately, or unfortunately for me, I had the forethought of getting myself checked for autism and surprise, surprise I have it— I cried as I was hoping that I was just mistaken and was just a weird and stupid person but no, she could tell straight away.
I have to redo the course next spring and I’m not looking forward to it as I know I could have done much better than I had. But it’s too late now and chances blown, I just need to learn from my idiocy and get over it. I’m not looking forward to the next semester for several reasons which I will try to get over and the fact that I won’t be working full time as I did will hopefully help me focus on my studies better. I hope by then I’ll be taking some Concerta as my working memory is that of a five-year-old, I’ll know more about it after getting my diagnoses papers and the referral to get said medication.
I’m utterly embarrassed and ashamed of my past behaviour and actions on here and I’ll try my best to not let the negativity of my life cloud any further interaction I have on here as I work on myself.
I'm sorry.

No. 1605392

OMG I wish all men (except my brother and my dad) would instantly drop dead.

No. 1605397

I just hate how hateful everything is. Can't go a day without seeing some hateful rhetoric online. Bit hypocritical on this website but oh well.
I know it's complete bullshit and an unrealistic fantasy, but why can't we just live in an unbothered world lol. Why do you have to hate everyone all the time

No. 1605457

I want to emotional dominate a woman who's political opinions are different from me.

No. 1606005

Very cool

No. 1606024

if you cant even reheat food in the damn microwave for yourself to eat then you deserve to starve.

No. 1606026


No. 1606033

File: 1686708475133.gif (8.75 KB, 72x72, 1636406976701.gif)

all I have to do is start shit and keep doing them for some time to get them done but I cant even start them I just keep procrastinating and thinking "oh I have to do this first" häöfghklöfkhjlkgjf I fucking hate having ADHD JUST FUCKING DO IT START IT YOU LAZY FUCKING COW AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

No. 1606041

One excellent way to begin making better use of your time is to stop sksksnnfnd wkeysmashingdjksksidiuhsnnd likebdjdnd a toddlerjzidhnkdiruh

No. 1606074

I'm going to sadkljfklsjgfdlgj even harder now

No. 1606099

That's fine I was unserious

No. 1606101

Stop letting your moid control you and grow a fucking spine. You're the worst case of Stockholm syndrome I've ever witnessed and you live in a false reality if you think he actually has your best interest and isn't just projecting his insecurities on you. If you dump him I'll regain respect for you but until then, later bitch

No. 1606358

Nobody's going to miss you, you got it coming for being such a perpetual pain in the ass for years, you think I feel for you? You think you can guilt trip me like you did with everyone else? Please. You snake, you wish I gave a fuck about your existence, glad everyone else is waking up to your bullshit and there's nothing you can do to stop it, once it's done there's no going back, i will not hear you bitching ever again, the clock is ticking, fuck off and never come back, hurry up!!!

No. 1606366

I don't care if you spill the fucking spaghetti this Friday in front of the goddamn panel, you're all grown ups who can read the fucking paper LIKE I HAVE ALWAYS ASKED YOU TO DO. None of you even offered comments! I posted many updates and it's crickets every fucking time. I already wrote the paper and told you about the presentation three months ago… and now I have to check it too? FUCK OFF I AM NOT CHECKING SHIT THAT IS THE FUCKING TASK YOU VOLUNTEERED FOR THREE MONTHS AGO! That is the ONLY fucking task you have for this damned study we all signed the surprise agreement for!
Fuck my life. If I can just take all your names off the study I'd have done so already. I can make a fucking video in one hour but fuck all of you for not helping me write the paper which you should have all frankly done. I'm sick of all of you!

No. 1606371

I will change my sexuality whenever I want and I don't care about it.

No. 1606375

Time to take a sociopath test!

No. 1606766

wow we really are one in the same lol

No. 1606879

Still pretending you have some sort of special power and clearance that you don't. Just larping to get off on harassing, preying on, and stalking women. You will get exactly what you deserve btw. You're running on some shitty high but that won't last. Every last person you have dragged down into this misery with you will see exactly what you truly are. Mwah xxx

No. 1606884

You are never complaining about or to me. You are complaining and alogging the version of me you created in your head and pushed all your own disgusting paraphilias onto, projecting every ugly thing you have ever and will ever do onto me and thinking you're somehow worthy of being the only person somehow absolved from being an abuser. Thats not how reality works. Nothing you say to me or about me will never resonate because it's all sick, delusional psychobabble. You feel provoked because all you do is provoke and abuse drugs and get high on the smell of your own shit and think everyone is your puppet to discard. You truly don't care about your or anyone else's future, as long as you can manipulate everyone for another day.

No. 1606914

File: 1686789668196.jpg (131.34 KB, 998x977, FyIW5UrX0AEZTr2.jpg)

You aren't intimidating, you're just sad. Watching you desperately grasp at straws is sad. You have nothing else.

No. 1606940

you talk and you talk and you talk and you never shut up but you don't really say anything

No. 1607041

You talk like a literal child and are incapable of sincerity or reflecting on your own life, otherwise you wouldn't be obsessed with completely foregoing consent and trying to break and traumatize people. I know you think you're like tough and cool or whatever but you look more desperate and obnoxious than ever. What a life.

No. 1607060

An autistic koreaboo who hates women thats sooo shocking

No. 1607127

File: 1686797322064.jpeg (75.12 KB, 640x853, 48C88AF3-D49C-41EF-A788-2AE832…)

You've constantly hurt me, so much lately. I've honestly never been hurt this much. I'm left wondering what's wrong, why I'm alone yet again. I get nothing out of you. I really cannot take it.

Whatever, keep gaslighting me. One day I'll call you out. Til then, enjoy what's left of me.

No. 1607138

fuck you for being married. also, you look like a monkey.

No. 1607190

My rich family "disowned" me because through all the abuse and control I wouldn't be who they wanted me to be so to have my freedom I had to struggle financially, emotionally, and alone most of my life.

No. 1607341

I forgot how much fun freaking women out is

No. 1607428

I hate that I still care about this uncommunicative idiot. Fucker is ghosting everyone again because he can't face his feelings. I feel deranged because I wrote a long-ass message that explained why I'm gonna excise him from my life for good, but I don't want to send it. It's like I'm holding out to see if he will say something so I can get closure/have my curiosity satisfied and move on first. I was doing fine after our last talk, and then he had to message me again, and I'm a stupid bitch because I'm worried about him. Like, even if he isn't meaning to do it, this feels like gaslighting. He needs another therapist ASAP because him trying to avoid facing his problems isn't working.

No. 1607570

I can't believe I became one of those women but damn it's hard to let go of my ex FWB. He's a single father and I DON'T want anything serious but if he could just eat me out again, regularly, shit. It was my first time fucking someone so brutish too, all my previous partners were the reddit male feminist type. Now we're friends and he's talking to me about another woman he's interested in and it's like I just want to keep him on reserve, just in case I want a sexual favour. I want to also move forward and have something serious which is why I broke it off with him, but he can be like a backup for fun. I hope she rejects him.

I'm dating someone else at the moment, and I am praying he loves to give oral, otherwise what a waste of time. I enjoy being single but I don't enjoy the process of getting a new sex partner.

No. 1608566

Trying too hard is one of your only real personality traits

No. 1608567

You didn't freak anyone out tiffany. You're just retarded and weird.

No. 1608572

LOL let's watch this shit bomb up.

No. 1608575

Remember. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

No. 1608592

You responded awfully fast to a saged thread several pages back, faggot

No. 1608595

I don't think scrotes get to be sad if their ex kills themselves, because I think they were undeniably a problem that led her to do it, even if she wouldn't openly admit to that. Especially if he moves on, has a kid and a gf in some other country while probably still fucking other women over here. God, I hate males so much. I hate their arrogance, I hate how they think they know everything, I hate how even if they're mildly "attractive" they think they rule the world and can do whatever the fuck they want. I wish I could project my suicidal ideation onto these kinds of men, imagine truly hating yourself for one day enough to commit suicide, something their ego would never let happen to them. I desperately want these men to hate themselves, I want them to pour over every slight issue in themselves until they get a blade, start cutting or get a rope. Men can never comprehend the terribly complicated depression women go through. The only ones that get depressed are the ones that can't fuck and can't be accepted in higher hierarchal order of men. Truly the despicable sex.

No. 1608643

Seethe, cope! Kek.

No. 1608725

i can fantasize about whatever i like. your opinion doesn't matter. it's for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1608729


No. 1608890

This indirect replying is cringe.

No. 1608981

If you can't tell the difference between poisonous and venomous, you shouldn't be writing in a science journal. Also you're male so none of us care what you have to say about periods anyway. Can't wait for you get bitten by a "poisonous" snake because your inferior male self lacks the necessary hormones to adequately detect them.

No. 1609090


No. 1609146

And it's still cringe.

No. 1609150

Minimodding mfs are cringe and fat.

No. 1609153

Seethe yourself little womanchild bitch LMAOOOOODJFJCXKKWWNSNS.

No. 1609155

I love how everyone is indirectly replying to other threads in this thread or even responding to nonas in directly absolutely catty behavior never fails to Crack me up SHHAHAHHAABABXMCNVNDNEIEWK

No. 1609161

File: 1686940911025.jpg (34.87 KB, 612x408, 4747.jpg)

if you wanna dress and act and talk and have the same interests as a little kid, i'm gonna treat you like the little kid you are and point out the objective fact that you're acting like a literal retard by acting this way as an adult and age regressing into sucking your thumb and obsessing over hello kitty and movies made for children. you will mock cows for sitting in diapers and talking like a baby but you're only one step away from being that and i wouldn't be surprised if you did do that disgusting shit in private

No. 1609169

I don't have to directly respond to anybody. It's a free site, you can indirectly reply. It's cringe to be so pressed about it. Be glad I'm letting you breathe.

No. 1609176

File: 1686941502662.jpeg (24.12 KB, 400x400, FkKdyMgacAAulzc.jpeg)

Kek so pissed at literally nothing, must've been one of those retards replying I guess. It's not a 'minimodding' thing to say that in a thread, where the only rule is that you aren't supposed to respond to rants, still responding indirectly is basically doing the same thing but without tagging the anon. You aren't being clever, you're being a dumbass. Is it really hard for some nonnas to spare this single thread when the vent thread is right there and allows replies?

>Inb4 you're breaking the rule too reeeeee

Yeah and I'll just take the ban for it, instead of whining like a newfag.

No. 1609179

Can't believe there's really a fat minimod malding in this thread right now. I hope she simmers down.

No. 1609193

>I don't have to directly respond to anybody.
Never said that you have to directly respond illiterate retard, just that indirect responding is still responding. And it's cringe. Not my fault that a simple word makes you cry and seethe.
>Be glad I'm letting you breathe.
Wow. So edgy. Go talk to your 4chan buddies kek.

Can't believe there's really a retard who has nothing to say in 'her' defence and would rather just expose 'her' newfag status through her equally retarded replies.

No. 1609195


No. 1609201

Yeah you forgot to take yours.

No. 1609205

I hate when newfags don't realize you don't need to sage in /ot/. Try lurking a bit.

No. 1609212

Nonnas… I have to tell this to someone. Today I was at a clinic, because I kept having pain in my right leg and my doctor told me to check my vein. The doctor calls me in and he was so unbelievable hot. I had to take off my pants for an ultrasound and he kept squeezing me thighs to check the bloodflow and I was a mess afterwards. Fortunately for me he behaved like an autist, otherwise I would've fallen in love today.

No. 1609214

Sageing is still done everytime someone doesn't want to keep bumping up the thread during petty arguments. Try lurking a bit yourself.

No. 1609217

tell that to the celebricow's farmhands

No. 1609220

File: 1686943139875.jpeg (28.54 KB, 615x419, FlpTZaxXkB8LltP.jpeg)

Damn this shit really led me to breaking the only rule multiple time myself. Bye retards. I won't reply anymore, you can continue crying and feel free to pretend like you won the argument since you're desperate to have the last word so badly with your shitty lil one-liners anyways.

No. 1609221

Maybe don't get into petty arguments in the get it off your chest thread. Not everyone has to agree with you, grow up.

No. 1609224

>Not everyone has to agree with you, grow up.
nta but have you ever tried taking your own advice

No. 1609230

Do people know what "NTA" means anymore?

No. 1609233

Yall need to take some Magnesium

No. 1609254

But I need the internet as a resource and can't completely avoid everything

No. 1609266

Troon shit. Troon shit. I'm tired of this shit. Everything and everyone is a troon. If she breathes, she's a troon. If he breathes, he's a troon. Let alone fictional characters, even old dead people aren't safe from these troon headcanons. I especially despise how every strong woman from the past is turned into a nlog gendie by these people, they went through all that to prove that women are capable of much more than moids even during times we weren't seen as humans, yet this broccoli-haired they/themlet wouldn't even blink twice before declaring those women as 'twanss boiss'. I can't wait for this shitty trend to end.

No. 1609498

No amount of darvo is going to change the reality of what you've done im sorry to say

No. 1609675

Why the fuck did you have to message me with that shit and then not follow through with it? Why the fuck are you hiding again after I replied to your message? It makes me so angry that I feel like I'm burning up inside because of it, holy shit. I know you're avoidant because that's literally how you deal with all your problems, but I don't like that I'm on the receiving end of this. You apologised for hurting me and told me you miss us talking but when I say it'd be nice for us to talk again, you just repeat the same dead-air bullshit that hurt me in the first place. After the shit you pulled, I could've been much more vitriolic because you couldn't have handled things in a worse way, but I wasn't because I know your mental headspace is fucked and I felt sympathetic.

What's the point in being invisible everywhere if I'm the issue (because who else could it be)? I don't get why you haven't just removed and blocked me. I really hate how much this bothers me; I don't do well with uncertainty because my anxiety absolutely feasts on it.

I just wish you could be honest about shit for once, even if the consequences suck for a while. If what you told me was true regarding how you feel about your life, your marriage, and everything else, you're never going to be happy living this lie, and pushing away people that still care about you in spite of the hurt you inflict isn't going to help. Your therapist told you that you need to let people in. Do it, holy fuck.

No. 1609687

I'm reporting everyone who replies to others posts. Fuck you.

No. 1609689


No. 1609801

first sageing and now this, which hole did your summerass crawled out from? I think both sides are autistic for infighting in this thread out of all places, I just found it funny how her initial post was 'This indirect replying is cringe' and that was enough to set you off but you are telling her to grow up kek. if you suspect me to be that autist, just report me and let a janny check before schizoposting.

No. 1609815

Your life must be so empty, holy shit. An entire day and now what? Always a new tantrum to throw. And it'll keep happening because you're mentally ill.

No. 1609817

The worst part about the tranny shit is the fact that you're expected to see the horrors, kick that female socialization into overdrive and smile like it's just fine. It absolutely is a problem, you're an idiot if you think otherwise.

No. 1609818

File: 1686997039543.jpg (46.24 KB, 500x582, e7ff790dcbd889fcf4edbf7bc4c221…)

I'm so tired of this shit. What the fuck do you actually want from me?? Congrats, you've managed to turn all the love and understanding I had for you into resentment and anger. I'm so sick of trying to be understanding while you give me basically nothing in return. I hate that my brain keeps telling me "but what if what he's saying is true and he's just struggling to express his feelings and needs someone to be patient and caring" HOLY FUCK it goes against everything I believe about moids and I fucking hate that I'm trying to fool myself into being a moid's therapist for fucking free. I know this is making me unhappy, I don't even really look forward to it anymore because I'm constantly on the edge about you just coming in and out of my life. I have so much anger inside of me that I just want to be passive-agressive towards you and yell in your face. On one hand the thought of me hurting you hurts me but on the other hand I want you to feel even shittier than I do for treating me like this. Open your fucking mouth for once and tell me what's up WHY ARE YOU SO FUCKING AVOIDANT HOLY SHIT. You'll never find anyone as patient as me because every other woman would've ghosted or left you right in the beginning. I am such a fucking fool I could kick myself. And of course all of this shit happens to me the ONE TIME I let a moid close to me

No. 1609823


No. 1609850

File: 1687002147328.jpg (127.82 KB, 1024x952, c4cc16d17fe7c74b0f93056f048067…)

My worst fear when I was younger and insecure was that I wouldn't be pretty enough to find love
Now that I've recognized I'm physically attractive and am frequently complimented on it yet still single and have either dated men who were A) actually insane B) genuinely very low IQ C) Just Very Mean my worst fear has become that I am so utterly bland or repugnant on the inside that the men I actually find intelligent, admirable and attractive will only ever want to use me for sex or that I will fall in love with one and upon discovering the depths of my personality and all the less angelic things that may not match up to the outer shell he will shoo me away like a gross insect.

No. 1609887

stop expecting me to treat you nicely when you barely put in the effort to do same

No. 1609897

ig justice is only hip and cool when it on other people and not on you. after all youre a super spewcial wounded soul who's definitely changing and doesn't deserve even the slightest bit of critism nor accountability of the harm you have also caused. im tired. youve exhausted all my sympathy. all you do is scream and blame me for you inability to control your own emotions. you dump all your trauma as an excuse for making such disgusting assumptions of me and expect me to apologize for how said self made assumptions made you feel. every moment with you is just me adjust to your bad behaviour and act as neutral as possible for your sake. i did all i could to help you against are "evil narcissist" mom. now i realze youre just too stubborn to grow up. i used to care and look up to you. think about that for a moment

No. 1609903

Wow. What a bunch of fucking crazy crybabies lmaooooo fuck you!

No. 1609904

You stupid fucking bitch. How about you check your own brain before you start calling others schizo since you know EXACTLY who you're talking to LMAOOOOOOOOO!!!!

No. 1609935

It's really not hard to follow the rules, I don't know why some people are addicted to trying to fight with people over something so small. You called someone cringe, you were also called cringe, so what? Get a life.

No. 1609972



No. 1610070

I hate that I hate my sister.
My parents should haven't had me, or should have waited longer before having my sister. I can't stand being compared to her, and as we are close in age it feels worse.
I can't stand comparing myself to her, I can't stand seeing in her how my live could have been if I wasn't as stupid as I am. I hate that I love her, I wish I would literally hate her so I could just ignore her the rest of my life and pretend she doesn't exist.

No. 1610229

I don't LIKE what YOU are SAYING! MUST be a MOID!!!!

Christ mental health is in the gutter

No. 1610267

File: 1687036355421.jpg (79.01 KB, 532x607, 245487.jpg)

I'm not sure if you realized it, but we mirrored each other in such bizarre ways. We really were the bizarro opposite version of the other. Right down to out names being similar. Like some strange kinds of doppelganger. I was frost and you were flame. It makes sense we both hated and yet were strangely attracted to the other. You always believed in magic, and I thought you a fool for it. But now I'm starting to believe, maybe we were always meant to have run into each other and change each other. I know that by having been with you, you made me a better person. I hope I did the same for you. I hated you. But I loved you so much too. I knew we weren't going to last, but I don't think you did. Or at least you didn't want to believe it would end. But we had to go our separate ways, we would not have grown and become better versions of ourselves if we had not. I hope you're aware of that too, I think it might hurt less. It made things hurt less for me at least. If by some miracle you are reading this, know, even in my deepest anger and hatred for you, I never stopped loving you. I'm sorry I was so cold.

No. 1610320

File: 1687039655784.jpg (18.78 KB, 524x555, 898467cc5a64d6589148fe3b92283d…)

i soooo badly wanted to make a passive aggressive comment but I DIDN'T even though I wouldve been justified in doing it because she was being annoying but I didn't make a passive aggressive comment because I'm just so nice and a good person

No. 1610325

Let's get this out of the way: You were a terrible person and your entire family is filled with the most dysfunctional assholes I have ever had the displeasure of meeting, I'm sure time has not fixed that. That said, I'm sorry that corpo folks are mining out the mountain you grew up next to for aggregate. It's shitty and I feel bad for you every time I drive by that hollowed-out mass. I guess this is karmic justice or whatever, but you really cared about nature back when I knew you so it feels extra shitty that you're losing it. Tho last I heard you lived in the city full-time, so maybe you don't know.

No. 1610551

I can't believe my fucmkng BANK is closed ON MONDAY of all fucking days. Whichever fucking bitch made me not be able to spend money on my fucking card is gonna get it. Fucking bitch retard. Kill yourself fuck juneteeth whatever the fuck kind of gay ass holiday that is.

No. 1610555

You fucking useless scrote. I just made a passing comment about leaving a bottle on the ground and maybe you should've thrown it away. No, I didn't believe you when you said it wasn't yours and just took some much care putting it down when there was a trashcan NEARBY. You had no problem holding on to that beer can jumping on that stupid fucking rickshaw. I should've thrown that bottle at your head. You probably don't pick up after yourself, Your wife probably would've thank me.

No. 1610641

Why would you text me that when you know what I want and that you're not interested in it? You miss seeing me, but do you miss ME? Because I don't believe you do, and that's the entire problem. And you know that. I don't want to be just a convenience.

No. 1610686

I'm feeling better today (and a little silly for being this cut up over a moid). In spite of everything he said, I knew it was bullshit. Or, even if it is true - it's not enough to make him do something about it. He'd rather wreck friendships and resign himself to being inauthentic because it's easier than actually being honest.

At the end of the day, it's not my problem - at least not anymore. I'm gonna stop fixating on this now and enjoy the rest of my free time off.

No. 1610732

Sometimes I feel bad for nonas when they inevitably get in shitty life situations but then I remember that some think fictional people are real then my guilt fritters. Just like that kek

No. 1610735

I hate the majority of people and I'm okay with that! I'll use my charisma to win them over anyway and use them each step of the way, whichever how I can. I'm a great person because I do not enact my anger towards them. Only using them for my convenience and not as a emotional dumping ground where I call them a stupid fucking IDIOT for being so dumb. Kek
People are my tools to use.

No. 1610737

the bus I take home is fucking cursed. Everytime I going on it there are at least 2 people speaking on the phone. This has never happened on every other bus I have taken my whole life but for some reason this particular bus seems to attract people who spend the whole 30 minutes ride talking on the phone

No. 1612011

File: 1687187554865.jpeg (71.72 KB, 896x896, FyptE3GagAILO6O.jpeg)

I will never eat half-melted chocolate for breakfast again. I'm feeling nauseous I've been robbed of all life force.

No. 1612042

All of the people I speak to annoy me. I’ve ended up friends with some really terribly inconsiderate and annoying people if not outright horrible. I can’t drop them because I feel that if I don’t, something bad will happen and it’ll be my fault, like leaving a bunch of cats in the middle of a highway strip or something. And the cats are retarded. I can’t leave my retarded friends behind even if they are horrible and make my life worse every day.

No. 1612083

Love when retards get mad you called them out, then run somewhere to complain, then confirm your point. whilethey do so You're a sick, disgusting man seeking any "acceptable target" when everyone but other mentally ill losers is just put off. This is why you're forever alone, circlejerking with othe moids and typing your disgusting fantasies for upvotes (that, and your channel probably got banned after YT mods got wind that you'er a psycho). Just please don't adopt or try to get any animal as a pet. We all know you're a violent, abusive piece of shit at your core, and the copes don't matter.

No. 1612112

I thought I really missed this person and wanted them as a partner again but I took a look at an old photo of them and idk they just looked ugly all of a sudden. Snapped me out of that shit real quick. Sorry about your genetics I guess.

No. 1612214

I care so little about what men have to say that when they talk to me for more than one minute everything they say starts sounding like gibberish to me. My brain will just stop caring. I just hear an ugly noise. Men take ages to explain shit and sperg for hours about some useless thing by repeating the same words over and over. Say what you want in a few seconds or shut the fuck up. I don't have time to waste.

No. 1612970

Dumb little bitch HAHAHAHQHA who the fuck you replying to now????

No. 1613232

If you had to eat the same amount that I used to, you wouldn't last a month.

No. 1613241

Why must you be so fucking cruel? Why can't you just be nice? What did I ever even do to you? I try to be respectful to others, I try not to let things get to me, but I'm getting fed up. You talk a big talk about how great your life apparently is, how jealous everyone is of you, how all those people you left in the ashes of the bridges you burnt were just envious of how much better you are. But you're not, are you? You will say you are, but everyone knows you're coping no matter how much you try to deny it. Because if your life really was that great, you wouldn't be doing the things you're doing right now. At least I can be honest with myself not being a perfect person. You're worse – you're dishonest and a cruel person to those who have done nothing to you. Everyone in your life will leave you after they see you for who you really are inside. You're a shell of a human being. You can change your ways now or you can die without anyone remembering why they kept you around in the first place.

No. 1613361

You are soooooooooo fucking weird oh my god

No. 1613369

Fucking ew.

No. 1613658


No. 1613681

I'm really tempted to be a vain bitch and respond to other peoples rants.

No. 1613690

I say I'll come when I don't want to come and then I don't come and then I'm a jackass

No. 1613841

I want to change my name and face and past because I don't want to be reminded of all the abuse. I want to escape.

No. 1613850

I can't have a normal relationship because all the abuse. And then even when I end up with someone they are just abusive all over again. It never ends. I have to be alone in this life.

No. 1613851

Someone better comment on my 3x3 before I go to sleep.

No. 1614051

You literally never shut up its… a choice

No. 1614136


No. 1614305

Imagine actually being set off by that Hahahaha sTupiD biTcH!!!!!11

No. 1614376

i just spent a few minutes reporting these idiotic kids or t33ns who were harassing this content creator on twitter They kept on reposting screenshots of a joke she made yyeeeaaaaarss back and has since apologized for. Really immature stuff. It was a kidnapping joke about children it wasn't that bad. I've seen worse, Not that i'm trying to excuse it i don't think they meant irl children anyway, they were probably a lolicon or shotacon back then
either way, i saw what post they were harassing her on, saw that it was merch and i went on to buy it! thought it looked so cute, can't wait to get it ♥

No. 1614407

I don't want to be near plebeians. They smell and they're dumb and they can't hold an interesting conversation on anything. They're hyper focused on sex and money, they drink and smoke and do drugs, they create drama and trouble. They're loud and lame, always envious and jaded. No thanks

No. 1615108

No one is mad you're just a retarded narc

No. 1615116

Don't think you will ever grow out of acting like an edgy miserable teenager on a power trip. So much so you even bring children into it—karma isnt real but consequences are and you can laugh your wannabe meta obscurity-obsessed pseudo intellectual cringe straight into the reaping omg sooooo funny

No. 1615246


No. 1615293

File: 1687511258033.png (27 KB, 261x275, 144.png)

God I fucking hate feet

No. 1615351

I can hear my friend's cat going into heat again. Every time it happens I just want to throttle him so hard and snap his irresponsible little neck… in Minecraft ofc ofc. He had freaking forever to get her fixed and now she's too old to safely have the surgery. I just get so unseasonably angry that this happens several times a year, she's so loud and miserable and none of it is her fault. Males shouldn't be allowed to own pets, even the responsible ones aren't.

No. 1615874

File: 1687563106325.jpg (172.11 KB, 1024x1024, 3903f4c1b8918e40cf26bff0062ee7…)

I don't think you understand. It's nothing you did or didn't do, really. It's more that I'm starting to see you more fully as you are, understanding you better, and what you really need. I'm realizing I can't be what you want and what you deserve. I'm realizing more and more how we're not as compatible as we once thought we were. I think we were both in love with the image we had planted over the other. I hope you learned to grow from me, like how I learned to grow from you. At this point I feel like I'm holding you back from growing in the way you need to grow, and from seeking out people who would be better suited to you. I know all of this is so cliche, words you've heard others say to others a million times before, but I don't know how else to say it. What words to use to explain myself that won't sound like more excuses. Maybe I am just being selfish, cruel, unkind, cold. It's fine if you hate me, burn alive my image in your mind. But I promise I loved you, and I'm sorry, and I thank you, for everything, but this is goodbye.

No. 1616020

I want to dominate and berate a fujo girl.

No. 1616850

You are a grown adult. YOU are very aware that the people you support are evil and disgusting. People like you and them are the reason stuff like this happens. Being gay or trans does not give you a free pass to be a predator, to hurt harass and exploit women, to sexually obsess over and degrade anyone you want. It's glaringly obvious you're doing whatever is necessary to make it seem you're none the wiser, but luckily there's plenty of evidence to prove the exact opposite when the time comes. You uplift, infantilize, and support actual predators. You don't give a fuck about consent, or misogyny, ableism, any of it unless it comes to excusing the horrible things you take part in and are evidently very proud of. For someone who thinks you're so smart, you sure do gleefully eat up some horrific lies and refuse to see the obvious contradictions and carefully crafted farces. You want me to be angry and hate you but the truth is my dislike for you has ever only been what you do to me and what you love to be a part of. Outside of creeping me out, you mean and have always meant nothing to me. No amount of revisionism will change that. I don't understand why you want me to be your enemy when I don't even know you, have never had interest in knowing you, yet you have revolved so much of your life around me. You are so sociopathic you don't care at all that what you've done is considered by nature a sex crime. It's fine though. Deep down you know you're supporting a lie because it's your only means of camaraderie, taking your anger out on me means nothing when your intent is evil and misguided. You don't care who you hurt as long as you get attention.

No. 1616866

You dont feel fear or remorse or care about your future because the only thing you care about is dehumanizing and debating people, women specifically, on a neverending feedback loop and are incapable of feeling any real accountability or self preservation outside of making sure the people within your circle are controlled

No. 1616868

likeee congratulations on being such a gullible fruit fly that you would ruin your life for it i guess??? short term dopamine payout won't be worth it but it isnt like you give a fuck about the next 5 years of life

No. 1616983

You can't even deny that this is a pariphilia. The excitement you get is nauseating and perverse. You're sick, and not in the way you think you are.

No. 1617120

I do not understand why you’re so mad that I snapped at you. If you took 0.7 seconds to see things from my point of view, you’d understand why I reached a breaking point. I’m the one that sacrifices everything now and yet I’m supposed to sit here and just listen when you complain about how hard you have it? YOU stopped going to work, of course you have no money. YOU stay up all night, of course you’re tired. Take some responsibility for your actions and learn to have some empathy you absolute balloon.

No. 1617798

I hate having anxiety, and I hate having a lot of empathy for people who've hurt me. I had a bad dream about someone who's currently ghosting me (reached out to say he was sorry for hurting me, and missed me, but then has been invisible on every platform after I replied). I'd been doing better as it's been like 2 weeks since this has been going on, but the nightmare kinda suggested that I'm still bothered by his behaviour and it involved him dying, so it made me upset because it felt so real.

This guy has so many red flags that I loathe the fact that he's still living relatively rent-free in my head. He is married and we had an emotional affair, (one that he felt guilty about, leading to him wanting to end things). I understood that, and tbh I knew that despite the things he's said regarding regretting getting married too young, feeling trapped in a relationship he's been in since he was 16, and everything else, he wasn't going to do the right thing and either get marriage counselling or divorce his wife. I felt guilty for liking him back, but it was nice to be spoiled by and spend time with someone who I just clicked with. It wasn't worth the friendship being incontrovertibly changed like this; yes he was the one who pursued me - but I have agency. I shouldn't have gone along with it.

The ghosting is weird because if I'm being pragmatic, it makes more sense to just remove and block me if he doesn't intend to speak to me again. We both voiced a wish to remain friends, and I haven't said anything to him since he messaged me, so I don't really get why he's hiding from everyone if I'm the issue. I just don't have the guts to remove and block him myself because part of me wants to see if he'll eventually explain why he's doing this. Deep down, I doubt he will because if he's emotionally immature enough to cheat on his wife rather than try to address their alleged problems or leave, why would he spare time for me in this way, lmao. I'm also a reminder of his betrayal, so if he is truly trying to remain faithful and move on, talking to me is an awful idea. Even so, it's like my dying desire to understand is outweighing the logical side of my brain, and it's annoying. It also sucks that I still care about his well-being in spite of his behaviour because he has a lot of shit going on. I've always been like this; it's so hard for me to truly dislike or hate people. Sometimes I wish I was better at hardening my heart.

No. 1617806

you hardened your heart to his wife just fine nona lmfao
it can't be that you're too nice (see above), so could it be that you just crave male attention and validation? maybe that's the real breakthrough here but i don't know you well enough to tell(read the rules of the thread. don't respond to people.)

No. 1617808

Keep sabotaging your relationships and taking me for granted. Don't you think that there's a common denominator amongst all these people who dont want to associate with you? It's YOU! you thrive on negativity and drama. You constantly joke and say "I hate you" to your friends like a stupid tic. It's true. You do hate us, you hate everyone and most of all yourself. And when I deprive you of your devotee and scapegoat you'll find someone new to lovebomb, split on, and leave before they can leave you. Create a problem and try to get everyone to turn against them. I feel stupid for trying to be your friend.

No. 1617829

I hate being negative. I'm tired of being a tsundere… I just want to be comfortable and be who I truly am without keeping up with the constant exhaustive exercise of examining everyone around me in order to prevent being betrayed by them.

No. 1617842

if you had cognitive empathy, you'd realize he's a piece of shit who no longer sees his wife as novel and thus wants to cheat.(read the rules of the thread. don't respond to people.)

No. 1617872

You deprive everyone around you of joy because you are an entropy of misery and self loathing. You victimize yourself so hard and try so hard to make others as miserable as you, and all I can do is laugh. You’re going to kill yourself one day and that makes me happy. No one will miss you and everyone will forget you. Your suicide would be the most memorable thing you’ve ever done in your life, so just go ahead and get it over with

No. 1617882

I'm done keeping quiet and self-censoring because you might think poorly of me. I matter too. I deserve to take up space and be heard, seen and listened to. I'm not going to sacrifice precious days, weeks and months of my one and only life not doing things I want to do, that are not hurting anyone, because you might disapprove. If you do, I will justifiably call you out on your hypocrisy and go on with my life because I realized that I just think you're pathetic and putting you in your place is a service to everyone who has had to deal with your bullying.
Nobody who's happy with their life preoccupies themselves with the lives of others and how "cringe" they are. Grow up and stop bothering people, or at least stop being a useless waste of oxygen who only exists to make others miserable. Your petty gossip and mocking only makes your victims look better, you sound like a frustrated incel.

No. 1617888

I agree with the anons that replied to me, but I thought this thread disallowed responding directly to vents. Even though I appreciate the outside perspective on this mess, please don't get in trouble.

I did feel guilty about his wife, and I even said to him that nothing between us could happen because it wasn't fair to her. Then he gave me the spiel about how their relationship has been a mess for years, and I became a dumb/selfish bitch where my principles disappeared into the aether because I felt sorry about his situation and enjoyed spending time with him. I appreciated how he supported me as a friend prior to the situationship. I'd been physically ill long-term, to the point where my uni studies/grad date have been impacted, and I was depressed. So, I guess I was in a mental place where you latch onto any speck of kindness that comes your way like a parasite, and caught feelings. I wasn't actively seeking out anything with him beforehand; it just happened and I felt like shit that I liked someone who was taken. I likely know why he cheated based on what I was told (could've just been lies, but I think he was being at least partially honest - he just won't do anything to change his situation) and have seen him say similar things in the past in our shared group chats where it's more male-dominated. I was an idiot and thought lending a non-judgemental ear/encouraging therapy might have helped him, instead, I became a POS and got involved with him. I'm ashamed, but if this is karma coming my way then it's well deserved. I have always tried to be kind but what I've done contradicts that so badly that I'm appalled.

At the end of the day, this is beyond my control and it's for the best that we don't speak again. I do hope that if he truly cannot work through his hang-ups regarding his marriage, he'll man up and be honest about this with his wife - but I just don't think he's capable of it.

No. 1618396


No. 1618399

Every time you write fanfic about me it's not like it refers to me just this weird fake pretend villain you yourself have created to justify your pathetic pariphilias. That 'me' you're always crying about and obsessing over, desperately wanting to talk about, constantly thinking about, only exists in the very sad microcosm in your head that you've forced other people to be apart of under lies and false pretenses. Enjoy whatever future you have left, glad this was evidently worth it to you. You don't really have much else.

No. 1618526

all of your posts are incel-tier and everything you say is just you projecting how dramatic and unlikable you are onto everyone else bestieee

No. 1619076

File: 1687908319938.gif (264.88 KB, 400x225, 81c2ec0f-a10e-42a3-a5e7-1a36fd…)

surely you aren't this gullible and starved for male approval, idk how you haven't realized you're being used solely as a character witness for something you know nothing about. youve been presented with a very carefully curated fake cloud full of things purposely put there to make you upset and keep you placated and you've questioned nothing. at this point it really is a matter of morals because how could you be in the middle of such disgusting exploitation and generally and the only thing you have to say for it is teehee noooo hehe people who do this definitely wouldn't lie to meee teehe. its deliberate and its sad. you just want an excuse to do the exact same perverted shit. all too perfect, all too convenient. dont pretend you give a fuck about abuse victims you have no right you literally are everything you pretend to hate online. you are the parasocial leech crying wolf.

No. 1619966

Honestly I don't want to go on the internet anymore. I love it for educational purposes, and access to music and the occasional movie, although I hardly watch movies anymore because I don't need escapism anymore and the industry is dead and dying at the same time, at least movies in other languages still entertain me and help me learn, but my point is, I feel enlightened, online communities are all just wasting their lives away miserable and online. I don't even like looking at a screen. I remember I only got a phone because I needed it for work, and I used to just play brain games on there and study whenever I was out, and watch videos when I had time to relax. And I want to return to that. I think the only reason I even still find myself online is because I dropped so many "friends" from my life to move on to the next, or sometimes the connections just dissipated. I felt connected with the real world at times but mostly disconnected and I liked that. I don't enjoy society, I never have, I want to leave. I want to go on retreats without technology, I want to live off the grid, I am close to this, I really am. I will get there, back to what is familiar and more so. I am thankful it existed as a kid when I needed an outlet, and in my 20s when I was going through a lot and let it all out in these types of diary rantings. But I see no value in it anymore. I don't want to exist to society, I want to be unknown.

No. 1619971

File: 1688000732113.jpg (63.59 KB, 568x546, FqRciXVXsAAOKnn.jpg)

I'm finally going to escape this toxic hellhole I've been trapped in for 24 years. I can't wait to sleep peacefully and not in fear that some grown man baby will explode because something went 'wrong' in his uneventful, NEET life. I can't wait to go low contact with my POS dad and live in harmony with my cat. I just need confirmation when it's okay to move in and everything will be okay.

No. 1620124

I'm so fucking sick of larping all the time
It really doesn't feel fair at all but I can't do anything about it

No. 1620140

Truly the most pathetic middle aged male specimens I will witness in my lifetime. You did all that, and it continues to be the only thing interesting thing to happen in your life, clearly, I dont know how you don't realize they're making fun of you too.

No. 1620143

This will be the only access you have ever had to younger or more attractive men btw, and look at what you had to do in order to get it. Incel levels off the charts.

No. 1620158

I am so fucking goddamn mad nonnas. My fucking father asked me to put the clothes I had in the fucking dryer up…. when he probably had his fucking stupid ass CLOTHES in there for longer than me. Idc if he """works hard""". None of that bullshit excuses the fact that he uses it as a way to be bias around the house and set down bullshit fucking houserules. I hate this place. I fucking hate it. He's a piece of shit and I hope he gets what's coming to him. Fucking piece of shit goddamm moid. I don't even consider him my father. Just a old piece of shit. Seriously.

No. 1620210

My parents are too genetically crippled to have a bloodline so I don't think by any stretch of the imagination that they should expect one.

No. 1620213

They had a quantity over quality mindset, where they thought they could do a better job homeschooling than those nasty public school workers despite being just as misanthropic. They thought themselves so above plebeian mistakes and so cool for their unique experiences that they stopped remembering that they could make mistakes. They now spend every day with a permanent mask on to try to convince themselves that they're strong and that every mistake that they made was actually some sort of beautiful serendipitous luck that actually ended up making everyone better off than the terrible normies who made my dad feel autistic and my mom feel like she didn't belong here. They are too engrossed in themselves to see how they avoidably hurt everyone and even tried to defer important decision making regarding the divorce to children as young as 8. The slow proof of their inability to rear children together will be how coincidentally, all of their 7 kids will not have kids. They will cope by acting like it's a coincidence that sometimes happens and not directly connected to their actions. I believe that genetically, the world will forget them both.

No. 1620225

>>1620210 >>1620213
I feel this with some certainty because I have an idea of how strong a person has to be to raise kids successfully from healthy smaller families I've seen. Me and my siblings are all very weak and emotionally damaged people. We have this idea that surviving pain means that you are simply able to do it constantly and means you become better at it, but sometimes all it does is wear you down or be the final thing in addition to others that simply stops you from having the will to try. It doesn't matter either if some of them technically have children because I do think that there is physical damage that has been done through emotional neglect (it actually affects how much your children develop physically and mentally) that will cause a bad fate, and that there is a learned helplessness in regards to emotional resilience because of my parents' inability to control themselves in their behaviors. Instead of improving themselves, they've become friends with people who seem to share their vices of choice.

Just the constant gaslighting where my parents try to put rainbow confetti and fancy accoutrements over their clear mismanagement of their emotions and adult priorities to show how the physical and mental abuse as well as animal abuse present in the house somehow secretly, invisibly made everyone better than the normies is insulting because (1.) This cannot be proved because they believe normies are retards on the far left and right and not relatively apolitical beings who are concerned with less grandiose things than my parents political obsessions (2.) To me, based on the health and outcome of my siblings in comparison to my parents' goals for everyone it is clearly not true. (3.) It's only them running away by saying that the ends of their abuse justifies the abuse itself. Like they see it as a necessary part of human experience that they couldn't help themselves from partaking in because of how they personally were victimized in their lives. So simultaneously they think everyone goes through it but theirs was worse because of special circumstances. A lot of people have lives that were much more normal than what my parents managed to organize. (4.) I think it's obvious that they merely transitioned from physical and emotional abuse of isolated children to legal and political bullying of each other and others once they ran out of options. Now they're under so much surveillance that I genuinely think the kids may end up in foster care at some point if things go south and they can't keep up the mask.

No. 1620231

They believe themselves to be leagues above everyone despite keeping a pigeon caged in its' own filth and a cat trapped in the garage throughout all seasons. It's simply shameful. Try to bring any of the true things that happened up and the rage appears instantly. They're offended at the truth that they were a pair of degens and not the main characters of America

No. 1620248

Last thing about my parents…

It takes two to tango, you useless cunts. Now dance in hell.

No. 1620302

Post anything on this board

Yeah this isn't even fun, let this site die

No. 1620733

I'm tired of the drama everywhere. I feel bad that he has to come home every night to this nonsense. It's getting worse these past few days, I can't really enjoy myself like I used to anymore

No. 1620972

can't tell if the farmers has become more annoying the last couple of months or if my patience has just grown thinner

No. 1621016

How is it even possible for you to talk to me about making healthy choices with a straight face when you're a TIF who cut off her breasts, removed her uterus and got bald from testosterone? Your skin is constantly greasy. You've got rashes everywhere. Your knees are constantly hurting and your bones are brittle, but somehow you are just sooo much more health conscious than everyone in our friend group. You fucked up your body and now no amount of working out or healthy eating can save the damage done, and you apparently need to bash on both me and our friends for being larger than you as a way to prove you're better than us? You still look 40 at the age of 28. What a great way to pass as a man, btw. If you weren't such an asshole, maybe people would stop pulling away from you.

No. 1621531

you try soooo hard, too hard, you're convinced your incel-tier offputting creepy way of talking is somehow cute and quirky or juxtaposed by the fact that you're trans but you really are just giving permaobsessed misogynistic embittered incel 25/8

No. 1621534

You think you're being cute and tongue in cheek but it isnt for me, it's for them. You really do have to keep up this vicious, disturbing onslaught of abuse because now if you stop, they'll know. You lied, and you lie, and you won't stop lying until you get what you deserve. And even then, I bet you'll lie until the day you die. It's all you can do when you've already done the horrible things you have. You're pathetic and disgusting and oh so sad. Your thoughts are violent, everything you complain about is violent, you constantly throw tantrums and get off on hurting women, but we are all supposed to be distracted and overlook because you pretend you have some sort of convoluted positive motive as an excuse to keep doing the sick shit you're doing. You drag everyone down into the fantasy with you and hope they're too mentally ill to notice. What's even sadder is that you aren't even getting bored with your own narcissism, you're just dumping hours and hours into creating more painstakingly elaborate lies, fake screenshots, fake clouds, fake feeds, mixing and cutting and chopping and allocating like an actual predator. You're wasting your whole life on being a predator. Its disturbing like nothing else ill ever see, for some reason you're very proud of it too. What a loser.

No. 1621537

And you. God don't get me started on you. You will be carrying this weight forever and I absolutely will not allow you to put it down for as long as you live. You will never get to move on, you will never know a life free of the horrific abuse you have done over the last four years.

No. 1621861


No. 1621917

There's good in the bad and bad in the good, if you understood that absolute perfection doesn't exist maybe you wouldn't have such a hard time with this concept, humans are nuanced, flawed, everchanging, that's the way it is, your perfect world doesn't exist, you aren't perfect, nobody is. I find insane that such a flawed individual as yourself can't see the irony of judging others for their dark core when you're incredibly disturbed yourself, I would go as far to say you're even worse than the average person, yet you think being "open and real" over being a bitch somewhat changes the fact that you ain't any better at all? You're an hypocrite, embracing being a shitstain isn't going to change the consequences of your actions, you're ultimately as awful as the so-called fakes you so hate

No. 1622132

you will never know how easy you have it. you sit and whine about anything and everything all day even though you have virtually no real problems. you said before how humble your parents are yet you are the most out of touch people i know

No. 1622142

File: 1688234734240.gif (2.96 MB, 332x384, vamptty.gif)

A friendly cat that lives in my yard - starts aggressively kneading and purring each time I get near - brought me a present yesterday for the first time during a heat wave and it was a STILL living bird that was paralyzed. But after being given some water and resting in a cushioned box overnight, it was able to be released and flew away just fine. I don't know why cats are like this.

No. 1622148

what kind of cat is it

No. 1622149

I know. I said it out of exasperation, kek. Doesn't stop me from being weirded out. I wonder if they ever bring other cats presents like that.

No. 1622151

The dark brown type with a lot of tigerlike stripes and bright green eyes. Her tummy has big spots. If you mean if she's a feral cat idk, she almost never leaves and hangs out in trees constantly.

No. 1622175

You stupid fucking cunts. If I was there, I would slam your Damm air-filled pathetic excuses for heads against the goddamn concrete cement. Stop fucking replying to posts in here. Stupid retards.

No. 1622176

I hate weed-smoking bitches.

No. 1622281

I hate bitches who ain't smoking up that good weed.

No. 1622299

I Hate bitches who ain't smoking up that cigarette.

No. 1622300

I hate bitches that smoke and ain't smoking weed.
Neither is a personality.

No. 1622308

I smoke bitches who weed hate personalities

No. 1622310

I'm about to hit the blunt and I feel real good about it.

No. 1622315

Im horrified by the treatment of your dying dog. You let her wander around the house for a few days while her intestines had died and organs shutting down. Pieces of your dogs insides, whole chunks of bloody tissues, were just seeping out of her. Her backside was matted with liquid feces, blood, and pieces of her own intestine. She ate the chunks of her own tissues as they passed onto the floor, and all the blood/feces/tissue remains were just left to dry and step over. Your logic was that if it wasnt going to stop, why bother dealing with it. Your house is rancid and filthy, and you are lucky your kid cares enough about the dog that he cuddled her and scratched her and told her it was going to be okay before bringing her to the vet to end her suffering. And you refused to even say goodbye. If your children had not stepped in, the appointment probably would never have been made, and the dog would be passing more and more of her own broken down organs over the next week til she succumbed to a very painful and slow, drawn out death. I am glad that she was only in some form of discomfort or mild pain rather than full on suffering. Her belly had distended and turned purple from the internal bleeding. She didnt even have fresh water. I try to see the good in you, it has to be there. I am nice to you because of my partner, otherwise I would avoid you. I am not a mean person, but I am one that recognizes when someone just isnt worth my time. I hate everything that happened today. I am still trying to rid my nostrils of the foul rotting biomatter/fecal scent. How could anyone treat their pet this way.

No. 1622425

fucken stupid dumbass knows hes the driver yet keeps on fucken drinking. this is not the first time either. i swear this bitch is a fucken retard with no brain.

No. 1622427

God your counter-arguments are always just pretentious nonsensical garbage and excuses tiptoeing over the actual topic and just throwing in criticisms that make no fucking sense just playing 2D chess with a version of me you made up in your head. You're like oh yeah well you're X and Y and wah wah. What the fuck are you even talking about. Someone calls you out and all you try to do is create some fake counterpoint that has nothing to do with the fact that you are literally an abuser. The denial is painful. Like you shouldn't be allowed to have access to the internet, you need a handler and a massive dose of seroquel because you are absolutely going to end up hurting someone for real.

No. 1622428

Male(accusing someone of being male without proof)

No. 1622439

File: 1688257118553.jpeg (372.41 KB, 1596x575, IMG_1702.jpeg)

The misogyny on ovarit is baffling sometimes. I get what’s she saying but her wording sounds moidish.

No. 1622444

Hows that misogyny?

No. 1622447

Probably her use of “busting it open” or asking if semen is affecting their brains. Women don’t usually talk like that unless they have internalized misogyny. It’s coming from a place of shaming them instead of genuine concern or holding the men accountable too.

No. 1622448

it would be great if we were all pinkpilled but most women are fed libfem empowerment garbage and are told being a slut is powerful or whatever shit. It’s simple, they crave male attention because that’s what society pushes on us at every turn. It’s hard to undo that brainwashing.

No. 1622451

You trashy sack of crap. Stop smoking literal plant turd.

No. 1622455

why did you post this itt??

No. 1622466

Shut the fuck up minimod

No. 1622477


No. 1622539

You deserve to die alone you short statured machismo prick. Your autism sons are all your fault and frankly better men than you. I hope one of them troons out and your wife leaves you and takes everything you’ve worked for. Miserable piece of shit.

No. 1622552

Maybe it’s biologically innate

No. 1622589

I wish you'd leave I loathe sharing any space with you, even a digital one. I can't believe I was once like you. No space is safe from you retards, I hate you. you've made time here horrible

No. 1623311

you pathetic faggot i hate having to constantly walk on eggshells around you because of whatever tantrums you might pull over any random statement. get a fucking job and grow up, you're older than me for fucks sake and still drinking the retard koolaid. i don't need a fucking lecture from you every time a joke lands slightly outside your comfort zone and i regret taking you back into my life.

No. 1623314

do you even have a single personality trait or opinion that hasn't been lifted from tumblr? have you ever had a single unique thought in your life? every time you show up in my inbox i just want to tell you off once and for all, but then that would make me the bad guy, wouldn't it

No. 1623366

My stupid cunt parents don't care about me. Otherwise they would've gotten me soup, but nooooo. They were "in a rush", yeah whatever. Fuck you. I was looking forward to this shit. Goddamn retards.

No. 1623415

Im sorry I cant express myself properly, I really do care a lot

No. 1623475

I hate my titties so much. One is not only noticeably bigger, it also has a way larger areola than the other. I genuinely don't understand why my body decided to do this to me. I am fine with everything else about my body, but if I wasn't so scared of surgery I would definitely either get a breast implant in my small boob OR get both a breast and areola reduction. It's like my body is absolutely perfect except for this one thing. And please don't come at me with some body positivity bs, I posted the measurements of my areolas once and an anon was shocked but please do not get confused, I don't have this insecurity because of lolcow.

I LITERALLY need to get them off my chest (I crack myself up).

No. 1623489

Dammit nonna, now I wanna know the measurements of your areolas so I can also be shocked(vain bitch)

No. 1623492

I'm not gonna give exact measurements, but you risked a ban to post this so I will say one is a teeny bit smaller than a baseball, and the other is bigger than a baseball.

No. 1623497

When im manic I go through weirdly obsessive phases of researching procedures (I used to want to be a practitioner or do cosmetic treatment) and from what I've seen im pretty sure before too long they'll start doing areolar procedures with plasma pens/fibroblasts or something to make it more non invasive. I think if it's really ruining your confidence there isn't anything wrong with doing something about it, it isnt like you're fully mutilating yourself.

No. 1623498

File: 1688362769338.jpg (153.83 KB, 1125x1099, tumblr_6bcf5c4623a060cac4391ae…)

I say one thing to a moid and it completely inflates his ego lmao whatever he's gonna die alone

No. 1623527

LOL at your desperation for attention from a paradoxical obsession being so great that you cannot move on or use anything else

No. 1623530

Incels mentally circlejerking with future incels while posturing superiority you don't possess and waxing fanfic to eachother. What exactly is so hardass about you gaming 12 hours a day?

No. 1623534

Fuck I really wanna call it a day and throw myself into oncoming traffic.

My now ex boyfriend broke up with me about a month ago. I literally moved to the otherside of the fucking country so he could be with his family, while leaving mine behind while it imploded thanks to my mum fucking guys behind my Dad's back for years and almost driving him to suicide.

His older brother and his wife hate me for some petty fucking reason, and while I have no confirmation of this, pushed him to breaking up with me because "we weren't good for each other"… I busted my ass working to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table while he sat on his ass chucking sickies and played videogames all day until he was sacked. But apparently I'm not good enough. Fuck me I even helped him pay his fucking debt. Nope, not good enough. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I have no family or friends where I live. I have no support system. I have nothing. The only thing that's keeping me going is that I have high paying job interviews coming up, and that I now have money for myself that I don't have to spend on him. That I can do whatever the fuck I want.

I know there's a bright horizon, but it's just so fucking dark that I can't see it.

I'm sorry, I just wanted to vent.(¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

No. 1623538

nona i hear you loud and clear.
honestly its shit but atleast you're over with it now, give yourself that much.
And, if its dark, isnt the bright horizon easier to see?(vain bitch)

No. 1623695

Everything you say is so fucking annoying. I genuinely wanted to be your friend at first even though I didn't get the best vibes because we have so much in common but you're honestly insufferable. I have never met a more self obsessed person, I have never met such a know-it-all, such a fake personality. And the way you speak about other women? You might as well be a moid. You aren't fucking funny. You're gross. I don't like anything about you. You can't even have real conversations, its just you talking at people and ignoring their responses. You just like having attention on you. Well, I'm cutting the strings. You've probably noticed my complete disinterest in talking to you and you can expect that trend to continue.

No. 1623775

That's so interesting anon, thanks for telling me! Maybe one day they can just zap areolas and make them disappear like when someone gets a tattoo removed kek

No. 1623818

Why is the Ranfren fandom so goddamn mentally ill? It makes me embarrassed to like it since a huge chunk of the fans make really disgusting fetish work. They all need to fuck off and see a therapist.

No. 1624100

File: 1688436096486.gif (154.42 KB, 96x96, 1688168444842071.gif)

I love you always. I really do

No. 1624113

In light of recent events wish I would have asked why when you said I was smart that it sounded like a negative? Are you intimated because you're stupid as fuck?

No. 1624121


No. 1624129

File: 1688438326918.gif (42.3 KB, 400x250, 53543250_2350859491866536_6316…)

I love smoking weed! I'll say it again, I LOVE SMOKING WEED! There's nothing better than lighting up and chilling in front of the computer. Reading all the beautiful posts, listening to whatever I like, not bothered by a damn thing. The pearl clutching over weed just sends me, it's not heroin kek. Worry about yourself and stop using weed to explain why cows are the way they are. They are actively choosing to be pieces of shit. Weed is an excuse and a poor on at that. I think a lot of farmers need to just vibe, it's the internet nonnies don't take stuff so serious. No worries, I'll definitely pass you the blunt girls.

No. 1624133

I would also like to proclaim my love for weed. Mary Jane is my sister. Smoke weed every day.

No. 1624147

Weed is for cowards and the slovenly. Boof amphetamines if you're real.

No. 1624148

I deserved every bad thing that ever happened to me, even if it was excessive, the suffering and experiences taught me how to be a human being again. Things were never perfect, but I had a better life than most people could ever hope for. All that's left is to pick up the pieces and make the most of whats left. I love life. I love being alive, to feel, to understand, and to overcome after falling again. I will keep going until I die, you can call me weird, or gay; you can envy me, you can hurt me, love me, or even hate me. I dont need your approval, I don't need anything outside of myself. But im not yours to manipulate, and i never will be again.

No. 1624168

For the rest of your sad life. Genuinely. Promise. Swear.

No. 1624200

I wish I could chill like you nonnie, godspeed

No. 1624270

File: 1688455366248.jpg (8.72 KB, 258x196, 8749846854684.jpg)

Fucking moid who kept staring at women non-stop like a creep in the bus, I hate you. You are ugly, stupid and pathetic. Why is it so hard for men to not act like troglodytes? Fuck them and fuck who says "staring isn't assault!" when I complain about this. It's still uncomfortable and annoying, LOOK AWAAAAAAY.

No. 1624278

I feel like someone I know on another website, is on here in this thread and venting about how much they fucking hate me because I read a reply that, the person in question that they're shitting on sounds exactly like me and I feel attacked. Oh well. I can't expect them to like me after all I've put them through. But boy does it hurt kek

No. 1624298

File: 1688462948733.jpg (101.72 KB, 1200x675, CyniBfFXcAAFbTr.jpg)

My 30 year old gay furry older brother, YOU HAVE SHIT TASTE IN ANIME!

Slime sucks! Komi sucks! Sheild Hero sucks! Uncle from Another World sucks! Please don't reccomend me this garbage! I don't wanna watch these scroteshit male gaze self-insert anime with disgusting anime girl fanservice with you! Plus, you're gay so it doesn't makes sense! Me, woke? Feminist? Woman brain? Sensitive? Dude, I'm just so fed up seeing this shit everywhere! In fact, it may as well be considered grooming. At least I'm aware and not desensitized to it! You'll never understand because you're MALE and you don't know what it's like as a woman who's uncomfortable and annoyed by this shit! Now can we watch some actual GOOD anime like Golden Kamuy or Mob Psycho 100 instead? It's got action and very little to no anime girl fanservice! They're really great!! PSSH IT'S NOT BORING. YOU JUST HAVE THE TASTE OF A RETARDED 14 YEAR OLD BOY THAT NEEDED BRAIN STIMULATION FOR ACTION BUT CAN'T STAND DIALOGUE! PLUS YOU'RE PORNSICK TOO!! So that doesn't bother you at all! You're just disliking what I'm liking unless it's something you recommended! Yeah kick me out of your room for not watching this crap with you while I'm on my phone or keeping you company. Saying I'm not paying attention, replaying certain parts and forcing me watch this cringe show. Who's the sensitive one now, huh? When I watch my anime in my room with you around, you'd be on your tablet yawning and saying "BOoring" like some snobby piece of shit you are. Hey, at least I don't get butthurt and start kicking you out for not being interested. STUPID MALE BRAIN FAGGOT.

No. 1624395

File: 1688478010496.jpg (115.55 KB, 750x537, iMXQRwogg9ge2Npqfi74Zg_r.jpg)

Yeah, he's an unfortunate looking character…and? He turns me on, yeah, what about it? What the fuck are you going to do about it? Call me a pickme? tell me I've been le brainwashed? Write a ""feminist"" manifesto about how wrong I am? I don't give a single shit if you're right or not, I don't care if this is problematic, traumatic, dogmatic, automatic, climatic and all the -atics, I'll still fantasize of fucking him because I'm horny and you cannot stop me, you will not censure my horniness, I'm sick of trying to cater to you and what you like, this is my life, you dictatorial bitch. So mind yo damn business, hit a blunt and let me be

No. 1624404

You hypocrite, you dumb bitch. I can't believe you just slid in there like "uwu fwendship" when you were literally complaining about the same fucking thing just the other day, and not only that but I saw what you wrote and that doesn't sound like you give two shits about anyone but yourself. I'm glad everyone ignored it because, what the fuck? What is wrong with you? Why are you so fucking fake? Please stop talking about yourself you silly cunt. I am so sick of you. Just SHUT UP.

No. 1624905


No. 1624915

Grown ass man. Weird ass stunted egotistical delusional manchild.

No. 1625022

I just want to be happier and this isn't cutting it
I'll find my way up

No. 1625089

File: 1688547677327.gif (1007.65 KB, 495x265, tumblr_656dc0dfc3978582dd163c1…)

you were more than happy to play shield, pet, and false character witness for genuinely abhorrent, deeply disturbed abusive men and now all you do is cower and continue to play into their nasty larp. Are you genuinely nothing more than a lapdog? you're just as disgusting and fucked up. You think its teehee so cute, being mommy and standing up for grown men feeding you extremely elaborate lies and fake content made explicitly to evoke emotion and investment from you and yet you still bark for them like a dog. Women like you are an embarrassment uwu xwx owo

No. 1625103

How about instead of being high off your fucking weird reverse liam Neeson taken creepy bullshit you stop acting manically violent over your delusions of grandeur and i hAvE a VeRy sPeCiAl sEt oF sKiLls nonsense. The only people who want to watch you do this shit and torment your victims for vocalizing their hatred toward you and what you do are other creeps also on a watchlist. Get medicated and stop using women as your punching bags because you're too weak cowardly and pussy to go after actual men.

No. 1625182

Woman who has experienced abuse:
>Women face more abuse than men do, and men commit a lot more violent crimes. A woman may slap a man, yell at him, leave him without hurting him, but a man will rape and kill a woman even when he claims he loves her. Here's a fucking thousand official and trusted studies on the matter as well as statistics

Some random pick me/male:
>U-um a-acshually m-men get abused too!! Y-you have no proof, you can't say men dOn'T GeT AbuSED!! FEMALES are just dumb and angry men on purpose! T-They deserve it! Men get abused and the source for that claim is my blown-out ass
SHUT the FUCK up you absolute cocksucker. You piece of foreskin. You motherfucking parasite. Nobody fucking cares. Men are inferior, they deserve to die and suffer and no amount of your useless rancid whining and pickme-ism will change that. Men are all apes, they're faggot ridden with deseases who would suck each other cocks without a second thought. They orgasm with their asses and they're all disgusting faggots. "BuT WhAt ABouT MEEEEENNNNN!!!!" SHUT THE HELL UP YOU STUPID DIRTY MAGGOT.

No. 1625198

My dog bit me in the face for no reason. I'm taking him to the pound. He's a huge wimp he'll be so sad. Bye ugly

No. 1625217

>How about instead of being high off your fucking weird reverse liam Neeson taken creepy bullshit you stop acting manically violent over your delusions of grandeur and i hAvE a VeRy sPeCiAl sEt oF sKiLls nonsense. The only people who want to watch you do this shit and torment your victims for vocalizing their hatred toward you and what you do are other creeps also on a watchlist. Get medicated and stop using women as your punching bags because you're too weak cowardly and pussy to go after actual men.
Nona please seek help for schizophrenia(vain bitch)

No. 1625544

I couldn’t do it without you

No. 1625559

You have zero idea what I was talking about and if you did, you wouldn't be making snarky comments about an 'automatic writing' vent directed at a specific creepy autistic moid and the fucked up shit they do. Stop protecting your ignorance onto other people.(vain bitch)

No. 1625584

I literally had to leave a youtube comment section because someone made a pinned comment about a hotel in Japan just telling ladies to be careful because the bathrooms are shared and not separated by sex. And ofc some idiot man was like 'W-WHAT ABOUT MEN? WE GET ASSAULTED TOO' sTFU Holyshit, why do men always make it about themselves? It's insane to live life on easy mode but still complain. I hate men so fucking much!(vain bitch)

No. 1625596

Fuck people who abuse animals and/or treat them like toys. Subhumans.

No. 1626256

I can't believe you actually were too good for me. That's not a praise for you, it's a diss on me.

No. 1626824

I can't believe how idiotic I can be at certain things. I've mixed up words such as farm with farms and samefag as in the literal sense instead of sockpuppet despite being on here for years. I even forgot who moot was and got so confused on whether moot was a new slang for moot point. I honestly don't really mind it as much as I thought I would have, only a little bit embarrassed. I also do this when speaking with someone which is much more embarrassing when I use a word incorrectly or forget it even.

No. 1626889

The gincel is desperate for attention. How shocking

No. 1626964

Wait. Iam stupid. I might of accidentally reported a nonna here who was replying to her own post. Pls ignore that farmhands.

No. 1627322

Kek of course I was too good for you, anyone with eyes could have seen that. Sucks to suck

No. 1627334

tl;dr saw a woman fall while on a walk, she was having a panic attack, held her and talked her down til she could walk. she went somewhere for a few weeks to get away from her cop ex that is stalking her. told her to text me if she needs anything. she's coming back sometime next week and asked if i could accompany her because her apt called & told her that her camera was smashed in half. and she hasn't been able to see any video feed since the third day she left.
obviously i am going to escort her but i am probably going to wear a wig and weird clothes because the cop ex abused her, recently shot someone for no reason, and is stalking her. we live in close proximity but not in the same building so i think if i wear a weird outfit and some wig and sunglasses he won't know who i am? i know this sounds paranoid but after she pointed it out when she calmed down, my boyfriend was like "oh shit yeah that car has circled five times while we were walking". basically i want her to be safe but i also don't want to be targeted by this insane cop fuck this sucks so much i can't imagine how she feels

No. 1627336

i also kind of want to ask some of my coworkers to come with me? i haven't lived here long enough to have close friends that are here but i know if i ask any of my coworkers to come with me they would. i feel like if a ton of people go with her there will be less of a chance of retaliation? idk this is making me literally sick, i have seen videos of this man shoot someone in cold blood i don't want her to be alone, i don't want it to just be us, fuck. and i don't want him to know where i live or who i am. i am 10000000% convinced he has a tracker on her car but when we text it's super vague because i think she knows he also is reading her texts. but i want to be like GO UNDER THE WHEEL WELL THAT IS WHERE IT IS ugh fuCK this makes me want to puke and i don't want to go back to work or do anything other than make sure this woman and her child get home safe without him killing her

No. 1627338

You're so hopeless, i did my best to help you, to make things better for everyone yet you only fuck things up further for no reason. Why are you so vitriolic? so full of hate? this is not normal, you want to pretend it is but you know deep down you're wrong, you're attacking innocent people who were just minding their business over fucking politics, you're repulsive, thin-skinned and feeble minded, don't complain about everyone leaving you behind when you refuse to act civil and stop being such an horrid bitch, you cannot even feign friendliness for 5 minutes without acting unnecessarily hostile then laugh at my face like your behavior is supposed to be "funny and relatable", you're mentally ill and i refuse to interact with your putrid soul ever again.

I'm sick of helping you out and pretending you ain't a vile snake to me and everyone, fuck you and fuck everything you stand for, i'm sick of your ass, "a-anon my life is a mess pls don't leave" well boo fucking hoo idiot, you asked for it

No. 1627491

I'm going to ugly cry if all that caffeine I just drank doesn't keep me awake.

No. 1627687

Oh my god stop pretending these posts are for you you retarded lesbians

No. 1627774

Why do you do that

No. 1627840

Grown ass man that thinks its cute to act like a middle schooler HAHAHAHHAHA

No. 1627859

The age gap on this site seems more evident than ever. I've seen anons venting about having to care for elderly parent financially or being stuck in a shit relationship but not wanting to divorce due to having kids with the moid and then in the same thread some anon is like "my boyfriend made a period joke then I cut myself uwu"

No. 1627956

My mom had went to go watch the rest of a movie with my dad…. when I had asked her to help me put a bandage on myself. Then I wonder why I don't seek out help from others. lol.

No. 1627958

It got me so fucking pissed that I just felt like crying right then and there. Stupid fucking mother doesn't even prioritize me when I need help and instead makes her self-important, filthy pedo-sympathizer who BTW, has sexualized me from a young age, husband her fucking king of her world. What a sad and miserable existence. Stupid dumb fucking cunt. I hate her. I can't help but feel bad for her too when I very damn know well I shouldn't. She has dug her grave herself.

No. 1627966

i'm alone all week because my roommates went on a vacation and there is a FUCKING WASP IN THE BATHROOM! WHAT DO I DO i already barricaded it but like how am i gonna shower the whole fucking week. do i call the firefighters or sumn