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No. 1544002

Previous thread >>1537536

No. 1544020

I lied about having Covid. I'm taking a full course load at uni, work 30 hrs a week,dealing with a particularly bad depression episode, just went thru a break up last week, and trying to balance spending time with friends who plan to move away soon. I just can't do it. I'm so burnt out. I need a few days in the house just to catch up on cleaning my disgusting depression apartment. I feel guilty because I don't like lying but I honestly don't feel like I had another choice.

No. 1544022

Kek I lied and said I had covid after I’d worked at Walmart for a month. Got a weeks pay that ended up amounting to more than I would have made working the hours I was scheduled that week (my weeks pay covid compensation was calculated as my average earnings in a week from my previous month of working). I also got $200 bonus (maybe 150) for having been vaccinated, that was on my very first paycheck. I quit before I’d even worked there a total of 7 weeks.

No. 1544027

my upstairs neighbors have a toddler that's been running and it's driving me insane. They already stomp like they're obese, but at least that's just once in a while. I truly despise them and I'm about to start banging on the ceiling. All they have to do is get a rug or go into the living room, but no, they have to let the kid run while they stomp after it in their room (directly above mine). I didn't complain when the kid cried as a baby, didn't/don't complain about their footsteps. Looking at reddit posts, it seems like I would be considered psychotic for expecting an upstairs neighbor to not make a lot of noise, especially one with a toddler. We've lived here for a decade, they are the first and only people to be so loud I want to complain.

No. 1544031

I forgot it's a holiday weekend because I work the worst hours and I have a drugs party in the Airbnb below me tonight. All men. All sound like retards. There's fighting and then laughter. Such a waste of everyone's night. And they're being over charged for thet unit so fuck them I'm putting my ear plugs in smoking a fat joint and going to bed.

No. 1544033

Amazing choice of threadpic OP

No. 1544043

i think woman should kill men at least once in their life, as a treat

No. 1544052

File: 1681003717206.jpg (14.95 KB, 434x290, 3a2dcfc6c66aaaae3efecab1690b4c…)

I wish it was easier for me to make friends, specially with other women. Right now my only friend is a guy from my class and I honestly feel like a bad feminist because I can never click with women, I also dont want to complain about this him because it would be like saying I dont value his friendship.
I feel like my first year of college has been such a failure and I cant help but compare myself to the other girls from my class that go on trips together and have a fun friend group (comparing myself to them also makes me feel like a bad feminist kek)

No. 1544070

I want children so bad but there's BPD running rampant in one side of the family and heart disease/bipolar in the other. I would feel so bad bringing a child into this world with possible illnesses like this but I would love to have a child. I feel sad, I couldn't bring a healthy child into this world because of shit genetics.

No. 1544095

File: 1681009048404.jpg (12.97 KB, 399x399, 291eb14802952e960cd7e3aa84c1d4…)

The fucking pig my mom has been bringing up to our house left the bathroom dirtier in a couple of months than what my dad or my brothers did in years. "He is just simplier than your dad" go to hell, how much effort does it take to don't leave your gross underwear laying around while we have visits?

No. 1544102

There's an extended relative at the family Easter lunch that just hounds me to do the dishes every year. I don't care, I offer to help out, and it's always the host insists that she does it herself. Which I don't mind either.

I was hung over this year and in a shitty, having to meet someone right after for work. I told Dad I didn't really want to go this year because I'm busy but he wanted me there for at least half an hour. So I went, and two times during the half an hour visit I gout hounded about the dishes and me alone, and I just said "I'll see if I have time". This bitch hounded me on the way out the door as I said goodbye, "Aren't you going to help with the dishes?".

My mind blanked out and I just said "nah" and left, and heard people muttering "wow, that's rude".

No. 1544110

killing a man's ego should count as killing him. it takes a few years off his life. maybe it makes me a psychopath but I love seeing the male ego drain… I love seeing it

No. 1544111

I want to continue watching Better Call Saul but I've associated with a particular bad time in my life so I just can't bring myself to watch it anymore.

No. 1544112

I hate this soooo much about family visits, everyone always assumes the younger women will do all of the dishes and cleaning. I always feel guilty if I’m not doing enough. Then I get yelled at if I wash something the wrong way or put a utensil in the wrong place. It’s always stressful.

No. 1544136

File: 1681016099713.jpg (26.61 KB, 367x312, bruh.jpg)

looked up an ex best friend after not talking to her for ages, and she just had top surgery. she had been vocal about her issues being obese and autistic prior to that, so it's insane how close she was to actually peaking. what's extra retarded is that she never even fit with any masculine stereotype like a butch or tomboy would. she doesn't come from a privileged background like the rest of the disabled aiden neets she mingles with, and yet she paid to have the surgery abroad because nhs dared question her transness. fucking hell.

No. 1544137

My friend oozes internalized misogyny and it’s honestly no wonder that people don’t like her or cut her out of their lives. She’s not pickme in the obvious TRA handmaiden, “sex work is work guise” sort of way. I noticed that she goes out of her way to shit on other women with a frequency and ferocity that I never see her use towards men. She’ll make these random petty comments and they’re always directed at women, whether ones we know irl or random strangers.

We had a debate where she insisted that women are just as guilty as men of committing sexual crimes and that women should be judged by the same criteria after she brought up an anecdote of a cringey girl we went to school with. Ofc she has to include a snide comment about the girls’ weight and attractiveness but she’d never admit that she’s judgmental. I’m not denying women can’t do creepy shit (we’re on lolcow lmfao) but it just boggles my mind how she hyperfixates on these hypothetical female-on-male crimes, as if women are this unseen menace who deserve to be brought to justice, but we all know who commits the vast majority of rapes and violent crimes in real life.

I just cannot fathom expending this much energy to defend scrotes while feeling the need to punch down or nitpick other women. Once, we went to an anime con and the attendees looked and acted exactly how you’d expect a bunch of weebs to act. She had to comment on the other female con-goers - how they stink, they’re socially awkward, they have annoying voices, etc. Some of them looked barely 14 or 15, so literal kids; she’s a grown ass woman. Yeah, it’s cringe but I’m not gonna waste my breath shitting on some random dorky girl having a good time living her best weeb life with her equally autismo mode friends. Goddammit, just let women be women.

No. 1544145

File: 1681017684834.png (200.84 KB, 604x477, ssf.png)

that reminds me, someone I know got top surgery, paid little if not nothing in canada for it. now is begging for money for chin/jaw surgery because doctors lied to her parents when she was a kid about it and she is deformed it is severely impacting her health etc etc. funny how health insurance will cover chopping off your breasts but not fixing your jaw so you don't look like pic related

No. 1544148

I feel like a degenerate coomer moid. I masterbated 8 times today. Probably gonna sneak one in before I go to sleep

No. 1544149

It's the fact that your friend chose to pick on other women in THAT environment when the scrotes at anime cons are LITERAL easy bottom of the barrel to critique.

No. 1544184

My trigger is when people online tell me they want to die. It's selfish but please fucking don't because I'm always going to worry you'll do it and I certainly can't talk you off the ledge

No. 1544189

Its been a while since i vented on lc, but here goes. I’m very depressed it’s not even funny, i don’t know what to do with myself. I just bailed on 2 classes cause i kept crying mid lectures and hiding in the bathroom. I genuinely don’t want to be here anymore, I genuinely feel like my time here is up. That is all.

No. 1544191

Bpd isn’t genetic

No. 1544192

i miss homestuck so much. no media will ever make me the way it felt again. i can't even happily reminisce on it because my old homestuck friends have trooned out, modern fandom is full of retards who HAVEN'T read the comic or are squeamish over its themes (and don't understand it's a comic written by a white guy in his twenties from the early 00's) and /co/ mods have a massive hateboner for it, so no general. i'm going insane nonnies, i miss the old days so much. i should've reached out to more people in the fandom

No. 1544195

Sometimes I miss it too nona, you're not alone. The current state of things is way different and it's as though it vanished. Going through old fanart can be a good time but I get wishing there was someone to share it with.

No. 1544197

You’re making the right choice not to have kids, Nona. Even if you didn’t have bad genetics, the world is literally collapsing as we speak, people under 30 will be lucky to see their 40s and 50s. Well maybe not even, the world will probably be so dystopian and fucked up by the 2040s that you’ll wish you were dead if you’re still alive.

No. 1544198

I just miss how it was during the updates. The ask blogs, the cosplay, the meet up events, fanfics, merch slowly dropping but being sold out. Id wake up to read ask blogs that updated, the official updates that were during school in my cokpuyer class, and could go to bed reading a decent written 5-30k fanfic. Some other fandoms were the same during that time but now we can't enjoy media without this proship antiship coomer polycule boypussy ftm mtf tranny bullshit everywhere. It will never be as cushy as it was back then. I also disconnected from everyone i met in those meetups due to them trooning out.

No. 1544201

You nonnies are making me glad I’m autistic and entitled. I’d never even feel bad about someone asking me to do the dishes, I’d laugh in their fucking face. I’ve never offered and if I were asked to help I would say no (unless they just wanted me to rinse dishes and help load a dishwasher). I’m not getting soaking wet in my Easter finery, fuck that.

No. 1544202

Things are insane rn but people have always said what you do, all throughout history. And worse things have happened without any dialogue. Shit sucks but it always has and it's even been worse (especially for women) so you're kinda just fearmongering nonny. Take it a day at a time in your own bubble.

No. 1544203

My depression is getting worse, and all the stuff happening around me is just too much to handle. I don't want to keep living in misery. I don't want to keep feeling like I have no future. My flashbacks of people abusing me are getting bad again and their voices get stuck in my mind. Loud noises remind me of that thing that happened and yelling from others is paralyzing. I don't feel human anymore. I don't really want to keep living in misery, but trying to die is very annoying too. I am tempted to do it though. This hasn't been my year so far. I have no one to turn to and I'm scared of talking to anyone about this. I don't want pity. I made myself the promise that if things don't get better by 2026 I will simply do it. Maybe I should just do it now, because I'm really losing all hope. Like is nothing but punishment for your sins and I'm a sinful piece of shit that regrets everything. And I don't want anyone to care, I'm nothing but bad and deserving of this shit happening to me. I deserve it all.

No. 1544204

I hate how I'm constantly made to feel incredibly vulnerable. I have a lot of difficulty in opening up and trusting other people and I always have this paranoid voice in the back of my head that always makes me afraid of most other people and automatically assume they have an ulterior motive or bad intentions. I hate being disabled and unable to hide it and always being asked if I'm okay or what's wrong with me, and I hate being completely reliant on others and constantly needing help. I hate being seen as a woman because I always feel like I have to keep my guard up at all times, even around family members and professors, or really any trusted male, because I'm always very afraid of them having bad intentions. Even though I have shelter, medicine, and enough food to eat, I sometimes feel like this life was a hell selected for me personally. Being constantly needing to depend on others yet unable to trust them. I hate that I can't keep up with daily life no matter how hard I try, my body and mind just can't keep up. I miss many days of college because I'm in too much pain or too exhausted to get out of bed and it causes me to fall far behind. It's frustrating too, that I feel an affinity for science and technology and can keep up intellectually in the classes, but it's just too much stress on me physically and with my memory issues. It's like the life I want so badly is just out of reach.

No. 1544206

Same anon, I’m glad I got to experience it though. Also I’m glad I’m not the only one who knew a lot of HS fags who trooned out. There seems to be a trend here…

No. 1544207

It's a trend in fandom and geeky spaces in general sadly.

No. 1544210

File: 1681026224355.png (334.58 KB, 1280x462, tumblr_liy97ybrzO1qg740fo1_128…)

wow, this entire post resonates with me. i regularly peruse older stuff too – fic especially, i've been going outside of my comfort zone plot/ship/etc.-wise and having a great time. there's so much good stuff on ao3.

here's something from my art folder.

i really miss ask blogs. shipping cups too actually, doesn't seem like fandoms do events like that in the current day. if they do they're, as you mentioned, plagued by discourse crap/moralfagging/whatever.

even big names like roachpatrol went down that route. absolutely depressing

No. 1544211

I think I will really do it, bye nonnas. I'm sorry for being a retard and I hope I get punished in hell for everything I did wrong.

No. 1544212

Nonna I’m not fearmongering. Yes people have always said that but it never had actual scientific backing. Scientists are literally crying and chaining themselves to buildings to try to get the powers that be to fucking listen to them. Shit is DIRE right now, more than ever. We also have an overinflated population that’s well beyond our carrying capacity, the only reason you and I and the 8 billion people are alive is thanks to fossil fuel abundance. When that gives out, which will happen soon, the entire food system collapses and we’ll see 7/8 people in the world die of starvation. The only way 8 billion people can sustainably live on the planet is if we all lived the quality of life of an African villager with no access to clean water or electricity, but that would have to start tomorrow for it to work out to where there wouldn’t be a massive population decline.

No. 1544216

link some sources for this or stfu

No. 1544217

I feel like something is so broken with me emotionally after getting into an argument with somebody I'm no longer friends with. I don't have the same energy or cadence that I used to have, and it's frustrating that one person has completely changed my whole personality. I feel like I'm missing the part of me that is capable of being a good friend/fun to be around and now I'm constantly worried my friends secretly hate me or will cut ties with me. I hung out with my friend and met some of her friends today and I'm upset they didn't invite me over to their place after. It's totally justifiable because I was meeting for the first time but for some reason it made me feel numb. I think it's also because their friends are friends with my ex and they've hung out with him way more times than they've hung out with me even though my friend doesn't even like him. It makes me paranoid they're switching sides and secretly talk shit behind my back. I feel like I'm falling behind in life and it's hard to not feel bitter about where I am compared to the people around me. I just feel empty and even when I seem happy or upbeat there's something about it that just isn't natural anymore.

No. 1544221

stream it

No. 1544223

This is my favorite. Even with our current consumption levels we’d need 1.8 earths to sustainably support us where we currently are. And remember most humans in our planet are living in absolute abject misery and they wake up everyday because they hope to live like the average European someday. Nobody hopes to live like an African villager.




No. 1544224

I advise you not to complain directly to them. Because if you do have to call the police to report noise disturbance, they'll know it's you and they will end up doing some stupid shit to get back at you. Just call the police.

No. 1544242

I grew deep feelings for a youtuber (cringe already) and i'm becoming scarily delusional about it. I picture my future life with him when i'm in bed at night, whenever my day is dull or depressing i soothe myself by imagining us together and thinking it's going to happen soon, etc. Bitch, you're 29 acting like a teenager, is what i'd like to tell myself in those moments but it feels so good and i want to believe i have a chance with him or i'll just jump of a bridge, i think. Isn't it what zoomers call limerence nowadays? I really believe this guy is my soulmate, how embarrassing, even the atlantic ocean is separating us as if to say that it's really not meant to be. I try to tell myself that i'm unhinged and just hurting myself with stupid delusions in my confusion, but rationality doesn't seem to work. I'd rather lose everything i own and leave everyone behind to fully embrace the madness until i'm successfully laying in bed with him. After all it's not like we've never seen a male internet figure going out with a "regular" woman who just knew about him from his work. Ah, i'm going crazy…

No. 1544243

I mean this in all sincerity, get help. Are you one of the kissless (almost)30 year old virgin farmers?

No. 1544247

No, i'm not a kissless virgin. I'm not a virgin at all, in fact. Maybe it's worse this way because i don't even have that excuse. I don't want to be helped i want to be consumed by those feelings, that's actually what's crazy imo. Developping feelings for someone you parasocially got to know isn't that insane in and of itself, i think it can happen to anyone too terminally online (so, mostly everyone these days). The fact that i'm not willing to let go and acknowledge that it should just stay a dumb crush until it's washed away by the vicissitudes of life is what's concerning.

No. 1544249

I feel like nobody is really completely healthy and everybody has some kind of physical or mental issue, it shouldn't stop you from starting a family.

No. 1544257

Lol you sound exactly like me except the guy I'm obsessed with is my boss. It seems to be more common than ppl might think. I've expressed this same idea (constantly fantasizing about a guy you don't actually know that well) on lolcow and a few Nonas chimed in to say they do the same thing. It really seems to be more about the fantasy making myself feel happy, excited, hopeful, craving affection & it makes it so much more "real" to have a name and a face to project those feelings onto. Idk about you though. But I can totally relate to feeling like youre going crazy and that it's unhealthy. It just feels so good to imagine what if …

No. 1544270

Do I rightfully have anger issues from suffering from various forms of abuse over the years or am i very well spoken that when I can use cuss words it sounds so uncouth. Would people say I have anger issues if I was a man and went wtf

No. 1544276

It can be both. I'm treated negatively when I'm rightfully angry over abuse or wrongdoings. No, you're not really allowed to be actually angry about things that matter as a woman unless you're propping up men's beliefs. And people especially dislike it if you "look" like someone who doesn't seem like they'd be angry or annoyed.

No. 1544288

>ask stupid questions in the stupid questions thread
>it never gets answered
I don't know why that makes me more sad than I actually should be, which is not at all.

No. 1544289

Happened to me too, I guess no one knew the answer.

No. 1544294

I get told i have anger issues whenever I stand up for myself. Then when I resort to be emotionless I'm badgered to smile. It's such a joke how normal emotions are othered when expressed by women.

No. 1544299

depends how you go about it. you can be angry at anything but it depends at who/where/what you direct this anger towards. you can be angry all you want and use your anger towards anything but people will really only give a shit when you direct the anger at them. most people usually don't give a shit about others' feelings unless they spill over and become everyone's else problem.

i would only call an issue if it's causing issues in your life like severing relationships or making you do self destructive things.

No. 1544300

anger is only a feeling when it's displayed by women kek it's amazing how men effectively branded their feelings as non feelings

No. 1544302

I realized I got physically tortured for almost a decade by my parents…how the hell I'm still alive? How am not even more mentally insane? How could I endure so much pain at such a young age? Why did I have to go through that daily to begin with? How did I not kill myself? I was so young, how could they? wish I could get the screams out of my head, everyday, my memories haunt me

No. 1544304

It also saddens me that most of my post are legit traumatizing to some anons, like, just describing stuff I went through is enough to get several concerned replies, wish my life wasn't so routinely horrible

No. 1544307

What the hell did those bastards do to you nonny

No. 1544308

I hate this one girl. She keeps acting super weird telling me she wants my hair color, style, length, literally hides her notes and tries to academically sabotage me. She's fat, hairy, has severe acne issues and her skin literally sheds onto her clothes and she had a botched nosejob that makes her look like Pinocchio. She's absolutely disgusting.

No. 1544311

stop looking at the mirror while dissociating nonners

No. 1544315

This is venting thread, if a person is annoying me I can vent about it. Stop trying to get into infights.

No. 1544316

it sounded like a BPD-chan drivel how this one person tries to sabotage her academically and also skinwalks her while being the ugliest person on Earth kek sorry if I don't buy it

No. 1544317

I'm sorry nonna, i relate a lot to this feeling because my whole life sounds like a bad tragedy, too. It's so ostracizing in the sense that the only way for people to be ok with my presence is for me to muzzle myself/never open up. I do it quite automatically, never knew anything else, because as soon as i open my mouth to answer any question about my life i only elicit negative emotions in others, and i'm so ashamed of the way i make other people feel awkward or sad, plus it only makes me sad as well that i just got so unlucky with life. It's so embarrassing to be this person that
ruins the mood instantly, you can feel how uneasy people get when you answer their questions and it makes me so self-conscious. Thus when people talk about their family week-end or shit like that, i just keep it light-hearted and centred around them, i forget i even exist because i have nothing positive to add to any conversation about my personal life. But anytime this happens i'm burning of despair inside, asking myself why i couldn't have any simple joy like that, why was i hated so viscerally and abused repeatedly? why was i even born if no one ever, ever wanted me? etc. Stay strong, i don't know what for because most of the time i struggle to find meaning in anything, but we're alive so might as well endure life.

No. 1544319

I have no clue if they were beating you up on a regular basis or if it was something less obvious like preventing you from getting medical treatments because how do you not notice that you're being tortured? Then again I know plenty of people including my own sisters saying that no they were not physically abused, being punched, kicked and strangled by their deranged parents was normal and help them get an education and how they're doing ok now (all of them are actually like mentally ill lunatics but they think it's normal). I hope you're doing great now and that you don't have any contact with your parents.

No. 1544320

This is the vent thread, not trying to convince anons thread. You're obviously looking for infights but I'm not interested. Maybe you should try another thread or post bait instead.

No. 1544321

maybe you should tell us more about the girl that skinwalks you and sabotages you academically? sorry your venting wasnt convincing enough and sounded more like you just don't like that woman.

No. 1544323

Are you the same anon who's been replying to random vents weirdly the last few days?

No. 1544339

no, that one just irked me. might surprise you, but sometimes the person venting is not the victim here.

No. 1544342

Wtf has that got to do with anything? If I kick the shit out of some cunt and vent my foot hurts this is the appropriate thread to do it. Not that this is relevant to anon vent you're being a weirdo about

No. 1544344

I wish I could read his mind and figure out what he thinks about when he stares at me anytime he thinks I'm not looking. I don't understand what he wants from our relationship, I don't know if he wants to be with me and wishes things could be easier or if he is tired of trying and wants to break things off for good this time. We're just hurting each other at this point. I just want things to be simple again so being together wasn't so god damn fucking complicated. He's simultaneously the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me.

No. 1544345

This is vent thread, not tell your victimhood stories thread.
I think I somehow triggered anon with my story or she's just got nothing better to do, she's been replying trying to infight with me.

No. 1544346

She's clearly ugly and her skin sheds. That's what I've concluded anyway. Vent on anon

No. 1544347

how am I being a weirdo by simply replying I don't believe in it? you're not shielded from criticism if you post a short winded drivel without much context. infact, you're not shielded from criticism here at all. maybe take a deep breath before you post?

not even on a paid therapy session you should be shielded from criticism, let alone lolcow dot farm

No. 1544351

It's not a unique concept for some social retard to skin walk someone. You must have zero style.

No. 1544353

you probably have skinwalkers that also try to sabotage you academically too, sure nonny, I believe in you.

No. 1544354

Actually had an aspergic male dip his fingertips into my assay Wells before ixput them through a plate reader once for my dissertation when he thought I wasn't looking. People are retards about academia and think fucking others up will somehow lower the threshold and improve their grade.

No. 1544356

I'd be fine with her skin shedding if she didn't literally keep notes and schoolwork hidden from me, spoke with me ex behind my back, tried to ask if I slept around, etc and pulled other numerous stuff that mean she obviously hates me. I'm not the only girl who she does this to, she usually acts really weirdly rude to any girl who doesn't dress as modestly as she'd like. She spread rumors about one girl going to a psychiatrist and dating three guys at once, I'm not the only one she's targeting.

No. 1544357

that's fucking disgusting but unexpected from scrotes in the academia
how is she keeping your notes from you? are you forced to work together on projects?

No. 1544359

Yes. He was a strange dude he would always stand behind me humming and yelped a few times I directly spoke to him. He fucked up my results via contamination and I was able to explain the failure and explain the theory in my dissertation. I passed and have been using my degree since. I doubt he's working.

No. 1544361

the fact he tried to basically ruin your career should have gotten him expelled.

No. 1544363

I've no idea what the outcome was or what his special needs where. I figured he was own biggest issue.

No. 1544374

File: 1681045145537.jpg (85.45 KB, 605x687, just dont.JPG)

Fuck Nike, had I known this i would have stopped supporting them a long time ago.I am never buying a single shoe from them again.
what the fuck is wrong with the world
that trans thing apparently has been offered deals by MAC and other brands, I am baffled and have no words

No. 1544375

I don't get it. Why am I such a piece of shit who is unwilling to change. I know I'm capable of it and yet I never do it.

Why am I so fatigued despite doing nothing all day? Why do I repeat the same day everyday without fail and let it happen over and over?
Am I afraid of getting out of my comfort zone? But I've tried. I did. And nothing. I didn't feel uncomfortable. I just got mad that it felt as if nothing had changed. Was I impatient?

I have no motivation, and possibly no emotion. My brother raped me and I didn't care. He then committed suicide and I didn't care. My dad cried and I didn't care. My mother cried and I felt a little annoyed but ultimately didn't care. My other brother is depressed and I do not care.

What the fuck am I even here for? What does this do. I've tried doing introspection, I've tried facing my problems, issues & insecurities. And it's nothing. Nothing that lead to nothing. I as a person have no substance.

I'm gonna stay like this and wither until I eventually fade away.

My cope is that my brain chemistry is messed up, though I have no proof of it. My mother was depressed when she breastfed me though so maybe?

I just don't see the point in taking accountability anymore. It makes no difference.

No. 1544376

For your sake, I will not disclose it, but again, the memories randomly come to my mind daily, and I cannot see objects or feel textures without feeling dread. I'm seeing a therapist tho, getting treatment for CPSTD, I'm doing better than years ago I must admit, I'm no longer in danger and my life is relatively peaceful nowadays, fortunately
I understand perfectly anon. I cannot bond with a lot of people because of this, my early memories are too haunting to bring up in any context. It feels like being trapped into this glass wall, my whole life has been a succession of consecutive tragic events
Sorry, my wording was weird. With "realizing" i mean fully embracing and understanding the implications and repercussions as an adult…it is very overwhelming

No. 1544377

>a brand picks a white man over a black pregnant woman
Misogyny rebranded.

No. 1544387

Same, I have bought a lot from them but no more!

No. 1544390

My head hurts so fucking bad. I’m hydrated af, I’ve had caffeine today, I took pseudoephedrine and Tylenol and allergy meds. I used an ice pack on my head and neck. It’s just pounding. Throbbing. Typing this hurts but so does just laying with my eyes closed fuck it. I wanna cry. I think I finally need to see a doctor about migraine medication. Any nonnas have experience with migraine meds?

No. 1544392

I am really tired of the multi posting glitch. When it hits me, I can't post anything and then I have to sit around watching the thread for 15 minutes waiting for the inevitable 23 duplicated posts to go through and then manually delete them one by one so some retard doesn't screech at me about it. Why is this happening and is it fixable?

No. 1544393

Did you check your blood pressure? High blood pressure might be the cause. Hope you get better soon.

No. 1544394

I take amitriptyline for migraines and also on occassion naratriptan. I can get triptans OTC here, though. Can you take ibuprofen too? Try advil/tylenol/caffeine with an anti-histamine and anti-nausea med (anti-motion sickness works). It's usually what they give you at the ER.

No. 1544395

I am really tired of the multi posting glitch. When it hits me, I can't post anything and then I have to sit around watching the thread for 15 minutes waiting for the inevitable 23 duplicated posts to go through and then manually delete them one by one so some retard doesn't screech at me about it. Why is this happening and is it fixable?

No. 1544396

I actually have low BP it’s like 80/50 ughh. I’ve been instructed to eat more salt so I had like 3 servings of kimchi and a banana for bfast. I hope I’m not dying if a brain tumor.

No. 1544397

I am really tired of the multi posting glitch. When it hits me, I can't post anything and then I have to sit around watching the thread for 15 minutes waiting for the inevitable 23 duplicated posts to go through and then manually delete them one by one so some retard doesn't screech at me about it. Why is this happening and is it fixable?

No. 1544400

My bf is such a tightwad. When we do the groceries we split the price of stuff that both of us use and then each of us pays for things that we want for ourselves, but I sometimes go 'it's on me' just to be nice. He never does this though, he always sits down and calculates everything I bought for myself. It just makes me feel a bit lonely in the relationship

No. 1544401

File: 1681048405526.jpg (102.56 KB, 597x868, nike2.JPG)

it's way fucking worse
I used to get their shoes for walking ,their running shoes were pretty shit and tore FAST
I'm sticking to Brooks,HOKA and New Balance, those were far superior anyway, Nike just had a lot of variety with their designs,but I can live without that especially since the last pair I bought 1+ yr ago tore after 3 MONTHS only.
fuck 'em and all the other brands that parade that clown

No. 1544402

He's a male, he eats significantly more, so splitting groceries 50/50 is already unfair to you

No. 1544403

Tell him about it, oftentimes with farmers both people in a relationship have some social issue so often the key is just communicating your feelings. If he can't respect your feelings now he won't in the future, as long as you are calm and reasonable when bringing this up then he has no reason to reject how you feel. If he does in that case you are alone in the relationship, if he accepts how you feel then it's likely he's being a dumb moid, they aren't good at picking up on things that are not spelled out to them.

No. 1544415

I’m mad because I like him too much. I’m mad at him for making me like him too much. I was totally fine living and spending time alone but now it’s like, if we don’t hang out and if I don’t hear his voice, I feel hopeless and so alone. It’s ridiculous, I know I’m being ridiculous but i can’t shake it. Since when was I this needy? It’s partially his fucking fault, why did he do this to me? I was getting by before but now I’ll probably never be able to reach that state of mind again and it makes me so mad.

No. 1544418

You're not being ridiculous, I can understand how you feel. It will take time, but you will reach a better state of mind. I went through something similar.

No. 1544427

I think I might be mentally ill because I don’t get upset about men and I never give a shit about my exes. I could be with a man for years but I don’t care if he dumps me if I have someone cuter to replace him, I’ll forget about him in a week. I’m only sad because i usually don’t have anyone better to replace him and I’ll spend years single. Which is why I don’t understand my friends when they are crying about their bfs because they are pretty white girls and my response is “why don’t you just go get a new bf?”and a lot of them feel I’m crazy to see people as disposable.I don’t really see why this one person who treats you like shit is so special when you can just replace him tomorrow. I don’t care about pretty women talking about being in toxic relationships etc….like just go get a new one?

No. 1544428

I've had a nail hemorrhage for a few days and it's still kinda sore and looks bruised. Need it to go away and heal already!

No. 1544429

i don't really ever feel like having sex in my relationship. i feel like its going to turn into a problem eventually and i don't know what to do about it/fix it. i like giving blowjobs though. maybe because it's quick and low effort and it feels satisfying to satisfy him quickly.

No. 1544432

I’m worried, I don’t want to suffocate him, I don’t want to be this needy. He tells me he wants me to be obsessed with him, that he likes it, but I think he just THINKS he does, but he doesn’t know what he actually wants. Either way it’s too late, and now I say stupid things and reveal too much and I’m gonna screw it all up, I just know it. I think I always have. It’s possible to like someone too much right?

Nonna, please help me. What is the better state of mind? Did you get over it or just learn to live with it/balance your feelings better? How can I reach this?? I feel like I’m going fucking crazy, I hate it. I was never like this before, sometimes I barely recognize myself. I take it back about suffocating him in fact i need to throttle him for doing this to me.

No. 1544436

Nta but if you want to like a scrote less just look at his search history and hard drive. It will snap you back to reality.

No. 1544437

> He tells me he wants me to be obsessed with him
this is a big fat red flag and it seems to be something that feeds his ego
My guy didn't say this , if he did I would drop him in one second flat.
Hormones are like a fucking drug, I can tell you what worked/works for me every time I have a problem or am too emotional, be it caused by a guy, stress, work etc: if you have a hobby/hobbies you like - immerse yourself as much as you can in them , take long walks to clear your brain (just listen to the sounds of nature, no music!) , FOCUS on yourself and your wellbeing , yoga helps clear your mind too.
lol this might be a good idea too

No. 1544438

this is a great idea, thank you nonna

No. 1544440

When you discover all his weird porn or dumb shit it will make you understand he’s just a scrote

No. 1544442

I’m so fucked, I know it’s red flag but it just made me fall for him more (I’m genuinely retarded).
I really like your advice though, I’m gonna get stuck into my hobbies more and start creating again, also I’ll try yoga.

No. 1544445

When i was dealing with narcissistic and domestic violence as a teenager by a much older male “sibling”, no one cared. My mom didn’t intervene. My friends called me pennywise behind my back because i giggled and cried a lot, my abuser made me his plaything. No one ever stepped in to tell me its gonna be ok at least. Even the policeman i called one time scoffed. Now years later, I genuinely can’t see good in anyone or anything. It’s so painful everytime i remember those few years. I just want out

No. 1544455

sent a whatsapp message to my roommate and decided to (nicely) confront her about being a racist piece of shit on top of all the other things she has done to me. she left for easter and of course, started hiding her toilet paper and paper towels like i am so freeloading nigger thief. i don't even care that she took it as i have my own, it's just her reasoning/motivation behind why she did it. i told her if she was that bothered about it, she should have just come to me politely and i would have reimbursed her either through paypal or written her a cheque, just as i told her when she got mad about other things she overreacts to. i am really tired of her at this point and i even told her that she really can't stop being mean to me, can she? i haven't done anything to her other than stand up for myself and she acts like she's living with a rabid gorilla that's terrorizing her. meanwhile she's constantly doing demonic shit to me like turning the hot tap on the shower all the way on, or rolling her eyes at me when i am laying in my own bed minding my own business. i want to a-log so much because she's such an awful, awful excuse for a human being and i am still courteous to her even though she treats me like i am a piece of shit on her shoes. like yesterday i unlocked the door to the apartment as she was struggling to get in…i know she would never do that for me but i still continue to do these dumb kind things for her because i don't want to be an ugly, evil bitch like she is. and even when i text her about her being an asshole, i always tell her to have a good day, god bless, and stay safe. i know most people wouldn't but i refuse to let her try to turn me into a monster like she is. i won't let her bully me but at the same time i will not stoop to her level. maybe i am fool for that but i know at the end of the day her ugly demonic spirit will follow her wherever she goes.

No. 1544456

I ate a lot of garlic last night and my stomach hurts so bad

No. 1544477

I like the anonymity of imageboards but I wish a single one on earth existed where the user base wasn’t batshit unhinged. I like the idea of a women-centric anonymous space, but lolcow revolves around drama and vitriol, and CC is just sad. If I knew how, I’d just create a whole new one, but I don’t and I don’t have the time/patience to learn. What do?

No. 1544480

same anon! it's really fun. i will bully men proudly.

No. 1544484

I also take naratriptan. It does help 8/10 times. Speak to your doctor about it. It was an easy diagnosis for me, and an easy solutions. There are times where it is so bad that not even naratriptan works, however..

No. 1544488

I am really tired of the multi posting glitch. When it hits me, I can't post anything and then I have to sit around watching the thread for 15 minutes waiting for the inevitable 23 duplicated posts to go through and then manually delete them one by one so some retard doesn't screech at me about it. Why is this happening and is it fixable?

No. 1544514

my bf and i have to move in with his parents because I cant work anymore due to health issues and medical bills keep adding up. i really hope they let us move in because rental prices are really crazy right now in the area. feeling really defeated. i don't know when ill be able to work again.

No. 1544516

File: 1681057372872.jpg (30.81 KB, 520x507, man.jpg)

Hate that I failed both exams in this course but only at the end am I capable enough to perform well on one. The whole thing ONLY clicked during my last assignment and now this final project.
If we also had a final exam I would pull through so well. It sucks that I clearly learn like this, as in the past I have also passed courses only because I aced the finals despite struggling the whole time.

Won't fucking help me get a job post-grad of course, even if I now know the shit. One look at my grades and they'll assume I'm stupid or don't care. I'm not a complete idiot! Just slow!!! Fuck. I feel like the only one in the world who is built for those profs who make finals worth 60% kek.

No. 1544519

Anon what are you studying? Most majors don't really care about your grades that much so don't worry about it.

No. 1544538

I am really tired of the multi posting glitch. When it hits me, I can't post anything and then I have to sit around watching the thread for 15 minutes waiting for the inevitable 23 duplicated posts to go through and then manually delete them one by one so some retard doesn't screech at me about it. Why is this happening and is it fixable?

No. 1544544

All people that I've ever met have abused me. They have taken things from me. They never cared about what I am actually going through. I cannot reach my true potential no matter what I do. I'm always homeless. I cannot make my dreams come true and now a bunch of sociopaths are harassing me on the internet. I'm convinced the average person is a sociopath otherwise people wouldn't be doing this to me

No. 1544549

I hate feminism. Only in muslim countries women and men are not equal before the law, but feminists generally don't care about muslim women, they care about their own petty power games. Feminism in the rest of the world should have stopped being a thing the moment women got their rights to vote. Women in my country did just fine without this fiminism bullshit, women in my country actually earned rights to vote by participating the independence war, there was no discrimination, most judges were women, men gave up seats in busies, we didn't knew this strife between women and men before feminism sickness arrived. Now we have trannies, open borders advocates and even BLM protesters despite not having niggers. My small, cute country is ruined.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1544556

Muslim women need to care about themselves first before anyone else can. Most of them come to America and try to force their religion on everyone and their own kids.

No. 1544562

No. 1544565

Anon did you refresh the page, that's usually what causes this glitch for me.

No. 1544571

Slipped away from the family dinner because there are too many people and I can't handle the noise. There are people blocking everything in the kitchen and I couldn't even get a plate so I just left. Maybe I'll get to eat today once everyone is finally gone. I don't know why I even came home for this, it's not like it's ever different. I just hope they didn't touch the few ingredients I need to make myself a meal later

No. 1544577

I have a friend who told me she went on a date recently and almost got roofied, but she came back from the bathroom just in time to see the guy sprinkle something in her drink. I’m happy she’s safe and I told her that there are Facebook groups where you can anonymously post guys who are dangerous so other women know to avoid them (she met this guy on a dating app so I assume other women will definitely encounter him). Obviously she was shaken so I didn’t force her, but I just presented it as an option for the future if she ever wanted to post him. She said she wanted to avoid any drama and wanted to forget about it and put it behind her so she wasn’t going to post anything and didn’t really want to talk about it anymore. I guess I respect her choice since that is a scary thing to go through, but it’s worrying to think that guy is still out there. I guess I could even ask for his information and post it myself the next time I talk to her… I don’t know if that’s being too much. She doesn’t live in the same country as this guy since she met him on vacation so I assume it wouldn’t impact her safety in any way if I did.

No. 1544579

>I need to make myself a meal later
Make sure someone doesn't take that too.

No. 1544581

Hope you can get away and clear your head, anon. Family gatherings can be too much when you don't have the energy.

No. 1544585

Do it after her vacation is over for her safety, a man mentally ill enough to drug a girl is mentally ill enough to attack her if he finds out she spread this around.

No. 1544589

Opening myself to being called rarted, but accounting. Conceptually far easier than any STEM course but takes me a while to memorize all the steps and rules (in particular because I do hate accounting a healthy amount). I performed similarly when I was taking math courses above Calculus (for fun…but since I'm like this it also fucked my GPA a bit).
I have some good things on my resume and I network a bit, but the place I hope to work does require that I provide my grades. I guess I can try to explain how I am in an interview?

No. 1544598

Accounting seems like one of the first jobs that will disappear due to AI language models that are rapidly developing and threatening 90% of white collar jobs.

No. 1544599

Anon you're not retarded. I'm sure you'll figure it out somehow, I hope you manage to get your grades up.

No. 1544602

NTA, why are you replying to vents with stuff like this? What are you trying to accomplish?

No. 1544615

Fellow accounting nonny here, you're wrong accounting is considered difficult actually lol so don't feel too bad about it.
Also >>1544598 you're dead wrong, and even if one is concerned about it, you can just transfer into IT auditing which is a growing field actually.

No. 1544630

File: 1681063239420.png (262.48 KB, 1455x2048, Screenshot_20230409-125929.png)

here is the article she wrote about it

and it happened with runners Alysia Montaño, Kara Goucher too

and, in true form, only changed the policy after these articles and the public outrage hit. because no giant corporation wants to pay people unless it directly negatively affects the money said corporation will make.

No. 1544638

My bf went to his parents for a brunch and i couldn't go because i'm broke. Which means i can't see my own family as well. I don't mind. What i do mind, is that they're dropping him off and will be staying for a bit. He told me this last minute, so i panicked. It's 8 pm and they're not here yet, but they will be soon. I don't want to see anyone right now. Fuck my life

No. 1544640

Thank you for the support, nonas.
I have no choice to just keep at it and hope for the best, I guess.
Perhaps, but the threat would be even larger had I stayed just working customer service or pursued my passion for the arts. If we're going to hit a disaster where most jobs disappear then it doesn't really matter what I do kek. If everyone studies tech then there won't be enough tech jobs to go around anyway.
With the organization I had my experiences with and hope to work for, they are also…surprisingly slow at adopting new technology. Due to other factors they will also likely not go down the route of mass layoffs for at least a little bit.
And if it comes down to it I'm fine putting money aside to take a trade like plumbing/carpentry/etc. just in case. I'm not above such things.

No. 1544642

File: 1681063790914.jpg (70.77 KB, 693x1378, EDiSKk4WsAE377J.jpg)

I only started reading the ana scumbag threads because milk on the cows i followed was dry and I feel like those threads are negatively influencing me.
since i started loking at those i occasionally catch myself thinking about the calories of my meal, skipping on meals or snacks or even feeling jealous of some of them.
i should probably stop reading those damn threads, they're not that milky anyway.

No. 1544653

I get the same way except for binging/purging videos. I get the urge to eat so much more than I am usually used to kek and the sweets oooh my God. The girls in them eat so much of them and it makes me wanna eat a lot of sweets like they do but I recoil once I have half a cosmic brownie

No. 1544655

go to sleep. don't have to worry about it anymore

No. 1544684

get out of there while you can, nonna. it's a slippery slope. both my restrictive phase and bulimia were triggered by separate cows on the internet. 5 years later, i still can't quit purging. ed is a competitive disease that makes you feel weak and undeserving unless you go apeshit on the bad behaviours. anchans are literally the worst too, because they live off of their narc ass judgemental attitude that won't spare even friends and family. read shay's thread instead. here's one cow that makes a mfer feel normal in their body.

No. 1544688

I'm going to kms, last week I thought I had a cold because I wouldn't stop coughing and sneezing then it got a little better. The next day my throat started hurting a lot and I was dizzy as well so I spent a lot of time at home and could barely eat and drink. It recently got a bit better and today I sneezed, hold my nose because I was doing some housework and there was dust everywhere and since then my left ear is hurting a lot and I can barely hear anything with it. Two weeks straight of being sick in different ways each time. I don't even know what to do anymore.

No. 1544697

everything is too fucking expensive. i cannot afford to live. i have a good education and work in a good career field. but i can't get a good job. instead i get laid off every year, then my savings are eaten by several months of unemployment. by the time i'm miserable and about ready to get creative with a kitchen knife, then i have to work a shitty grind job again and try to replenish my savings, until the next time it happens. i hate this country i hate the boomer generation and i hate rent. i have zero quality of life. i can't afford medical care, let alone a home, vacation, family, i mean fuck i can't even afford new clothes, i shop exclusively at goodwill and wear everything into rags. i can't afford to eat out, i have to eat my own cooking all the time, which gets exhausting and tiresome. even ingredients are too expensive so i have to make cheaper substitutions and eat poverty slop. my only form of recreation is free media accessed via laptop, because every time i step outside someone is demanding money from me. i want to take group exercise classes, can't, they cost an abusurd about. i want to go out and go on coffee dates and visit the zoo and museums and take daytrips. i can't, it's all too expensive. i wish i was never born. i can't even go out and enjoy nature because it's all polluted and overcrowded. as i sit here i hear the constant noise of cars on the major roadway because the only housing i can afford are the cheapest apartments and all the quiet streets are taken up by sfh owned by trillionaire boomers.

No. 1544700

Nonnie in all seriousness download a dating app and get moids to take you out to eat for free. You don’t have to fuck them, you just have to be vaguely pleasant company. They will happily buy you a nice meal.

No. 1544737

Why can't I just stop harming myself whenever I feel like shit? Either by physically harming myself or restricting, like my daily food intake last few days have only been one bowl of muesli, one energy drink and then just water for the rest of the day because of something that happened a few days ago. DBT helped with most of my issues but I guess I'm too retarded to move on from self punishment.

No. 1544747

Same, nonny. Dunno if it helps (helps me tbh) but you're not alone in any of this.

No. 1544778

File: 1681072581176.png (644.65 KB, 800x800, gems.png)

I'm gettigg so frustrated because I'm trying to find nail gems like picrel but in a large size. I can't find any but I know they're out there reeeeeeee

No. 1544781

What's your career?
Unfortunately this is a common thing thats happening in our generation. Unless you have intergenerational wealth and parents who can pay your rent while living in the city, then it's hard to live a fulfilling life. Shit is fucked.

No. 1544784

This sounds like a retarded idea

No. 1544788

maybe try searching for cellphone gems not nail gems

No. 1544789

You do realize that if you are not good at socializing or a good manipulator moids will never give you free shit or help you? Right? If anon is not manipulative or good at socializing she will get fucked over

No. 1544791

anonymity means batshit craziness. sorry it comes with the territory

No. 1544792

I’m not manipulative or good at socializing and am only slightly above average. Getting a moid to take you out to dinner is easy, even easier if you just want to go out for coffee. Any dude will buy you a coffee and a pastry.

No. 1544806

I'm cute too but I have shit social skills and moids try to hurt me. I've never been given anything for free by a scrote. :s(:s)

No. 1544816

this mindset is so cringe kek

No. 1544818


Just because nona is stressed about the cost of living doesn’t mean she should potentially lower the quality of her life even more by humoring random scrotes lol

Life feels like a cruel joke sometimes with how much it costs to live. I know this suggestion doesn’t alleviate the overarching problems, but you should snag a library card if you don’t already have one. It can get you discounts on tickets for museums and zoos. Random events are sometimes hosted for free too at the libraries themselves. If you already do this, then just wanna say I’m sorry, and I hope things go better for you

No. 1544819

nayrt but some of us are actually legit ugly/unattractive. there's no guys that are willing to bankroll a dinner for us. That is besides the fact it's a stupid fucking idea.

No. 1544825

I think it's a stupid idea too, but being ugly/unattractive isn't much of a barrier. You just have to be willing to hang out with moids who are on a similar level of desirability to you. They don't even have to be that ugly, just lonely or whatever. In general men get way more lonely than women so it's not that hard.

No. 1544830

I'm on the verge of death. All my social interactions turn against me and they don't benefit me. I struggle with the way that I express myself. I cannot work. Men reject me because I suck at interaction. I cannot become the person that I was supposed to be. I exist as a worm. No matter what I do. What I read. What I try to do I'm alone in the same place incapable of even expressing my own fucking thoughts coherently

No. 1544831

and all people humiliate me or act like I'm beneath them

No. 1544838

sick of these ff7, re4, breaking bad etc balenciaga ai edits, stop making balenciaga ads for free!

No. 1544875

I have a favorite aunt (uncle on my mom's side wife) who has always been very good to me, even when I cut contact with my mom and other family challenged it. Her and my mom were never close, and my aunt always had my side. Recently my cousin stopped talking to her due to my aunt being extremely critical and overbearing with her children, I never experienced it cause I was just a niece from a fucked up home who no one had any expectations of and didn't know how bad it could be for them. ANYWAY guess who is suddenly bffs with my mom and are even vacationing together? I feel so betrayed. Cut off mom's club I guess. I told my aunt more than I've told anyone of my mom's bullshit, I feel so stupid and hurt.

No. 1544884

I see your point but also avada balenciaga has been living in my head rent free the last few days, kek.

No. 1544885

similar vein, i don't get why someone would pay money to wear something with a logo on it. i am not advertising anything for free, pay me if you want your logo advertised on my body.

No. 1544930

You’ll soon learn that some fashion is better than others, Potter.

No. 1544931

File: 1681085054150.gif (436.64 KB, 600x337, throw the towel in, retsy.gif)

>at grocery store, originally went in to buy beans so I can make soup with Easter hambone
>bf wants boba tea, so to save myself an extra car trip I order doordash which costs $$
>bf acting like a fatboy and filling the cart with his snacks and drinks, he's got like $80 worth of junk food
>I throw three snack things in the cart
>the rest of the items are cleaning supplies ~$60 that I put on my company card
>bf pays for the cart of snacks
>makes a comment about how he paid for everything and has that cloying ~praise me~ vibe
>it irritates me bc he is far from "paying for everything" and regardless he doesn't do any effort shit like cook the Easter dinner or drive us to places
>I never receive high praise for the things I do so fuck that
>like how about the fucking tea he wanted???
>this turns into a fight because he says dumb moid cope shit and trying to make me feel bad because he feels he financially puts in more
>not that he does financially contribute more if we were to write down on paper what expenses are whose
>he meekly apologizes later but not really cause I know how men feel deep down
Quite frankly I do wish I had real fuck off money, I would never live with scrotes because there would be no financial necessity and I would rather them be kept at arms length. My house would be cleaner and I would have more peace. Whenever they "pay for something" they think it gives them a badge to act like bigshot """providers""" as if I'm suddenly stepford wife who doesn't pay or lift a finger. I get that it's a major part of scrote identity to larp as providers but holy shit they fucking act like women like me are worthless stay at homes. Assholes.

No. 1544936

I feel you. It’s like having no mouth but needing to scream, especially as we get older. People get caked into their little clusters and lose the capacity for any little potential “olive branches” out of their comfort zone. It sucks, but it makes you really thankful for the connections you do have and just how strong they are. Idk. Everyone wants to be understood and accepted, and there aren’t any exceptions to that rule.

No. 1544937

>Doordashes boba tea
>Buys $80 worth of junk food in one trip
Are you dating shayna?

No. 1544938

Shayna would at least show a little more gratitude, hell I might've even gotten a special twitter callout lol

No. 1544939

Chuck is a perfect allegory for troonism. As for vent I'm sick as hell and meds aren't working so I have to ride it out.

No. 1544940

Went to a convention with my boyfriend and he really pissed me off and really made me think about if he is the one or not. He originally didn’t bring a lot of money to the con and I told him constantly it’s expansive and he should bring more but brush it off and after the con he didn’t have much money with him during the con and it really made me upset cause I constantly told him and he has the money, he also wanted to drink
Alcoholic drinks but I told him not to drink so much cause he was the driver and I don’t have my license yet. He then got drunk to the point he was scared and I told him before hand to not drink cause it makes me uncomfortable and he used my money too cause he didn’t have enough. He proceeded to tell me he’s scared drunk right now cause he doesn’t feel good and I just couldn’t believe he did stupid stuff like this when I told him and he didn’t listen, it makes me not want to pursue a romantic relationship with him cause he didn’t even listen also told me “If you don’t smile witty your teeth that’s how they know you’re insecure” like I don’t care why does my fucking teeth matter to others and told me “Your smile doesn’t look nice and makes you look miserable” sorry for the shitty grammar and spelling

No. 1544975

Hey nona, I’m sorry your boyfriend is treating you like this. It would be one thing if he asked to borrow money and promised to pay you back and then followed through, but it doesn’t sound like that’s the case. Seems use-y to me for him to not save for the con like you recommended and instead spend your money. Also you set a boundary with him about drinking, which he blatantly disrespected. You deserve a partner whose lifestyle matches your needs aka someone who does not excessively drink. You deserve to be comfortable and prioritized. Him being the designated driver for the two of you and drinking anyways shows me that he prioritizes his own wants over your safety. You didn’t explicitly say he drove inebriated but that’s what it seems like. A good partner would keep you in mind when making decisions, and would not drink if it was the difference between you getting home and them getting what they want. Him insulting you is absolutely not okay and you should not have to put up with it. From what you’ve told us in this one post, it seems to me like he is testing how much he can get away with. I don’t know how long you have been together but I can assure you it will only get worse. He is not treating you with respect or ensuring you are safe and comfortable, and a good partner will respect you and cherish you and make sure you feel good when you are with them. I can’t make you do anything, but I think you know breaking up is the best choice you can make for yourself. I promise you can find someone who will treat you right and love your smile

No. 1544976

File: 1681088366866.jpg (43.45 KB, 600x427, daz6i2v-7972475f-e774-46e6-b9f…)

Just deleted an uncanny/bad shoop filter pic from a socials post recently holy shit how did I think that looked good?! I look so creepy. Damn..are the brave few who even liked that pic really my friends even, lmao???

No. 1544977

I don’t want to date a normie coomer moid, I also dislike anime and tattoos why is it so hard to find a normal regular non normie.

No. 1544978

My parents can never not disappoint me. I ask for a ginger ale drink and my father brings back a shit tasting ginger beer instead of literally any other soda . A quick fucking text telling there’s no ginger ale would have prevented this but no. An annoying end to a shit weekend.

No. 1544982

This is so autistic but my childhood friend is a TIF now and we have always done art of each other's ocs but now she keeps drawing my male ocs as TIFs and it makes me taste metal in my mouth

No. 1544989

Fuck my shithead friend, now I have a crush on Pedro Pascal because she keeps spamming our group chat with gifs of him. I hate this. He's so cute.

No. 1544993

He was def hotter when he was younger but he’s still got it

No. 1545000

I have zero privacy and can't move out. I hate my life.

No. 1545014

fuck men and there dumb ass "well i am just trying to see all sides of the story, i cant have a view on this because i dont know what all is going on" anytime something involves painting a man in a bad light or God forbid a man may be wrong in a situation and its clear as day. Yet when the roles are reversed and its a woman there, suddenly theres no playing devils advocate and they can make a verdict based on limited information and they have no problem slandering her. it pisses me off so much. you cant even call them out on it because they fucking play dumb about it "b-but this situation is different! its clear shes in the wrong!" when the only difference is that the evidence is even less than the other situations. they are all so brain dead.

No. 1545020

>Chuck is a perfect allegory for troonism.

No. 1545036

Feeling lonely so I'm rewatching gaming clips of my ex on YouTube (I know I shouldn't) and everytime I hear his voice I get uncontrollably horny.
I still want to fuck him so bad.

No. 1545070

File: 1681106702925.jpg (151.59 KB, 640x1017, 1680916652373368.jpg)

There is literally nothing I like or enjoy that I will not get made fun of for. I get made fun of for being goth. I get made fun of for being a gender non-conforming woman (even by the same conservative people who told me to "just be a butch lesbian" back when I still identified as a TIF). I get made fun of for my singing voice. I get made fun of for my writing style. I get made fun of for my sense of humor. I know I shouldn't care so much but I've been bullied so much that I have subzero self-esteem levels, everyone who says that bullying builds character is lying. Fuck this gay earth

No. 1545073

I'm sorry but that pic made me laugh for half a minute straight, the serious look on that guy's is still making me giggle.

No. 1545081

This guy who I've been seeing asked me to shave my pussy last night. I said no, fuck you, I trim meticulously and keep clean and it should be enough for anyone who isn't a pornsick scrote used to bald, childlike vaginas. This is the second time someone has asked me to shave, the first time I was stupid enough to actually do it. I don't get it, the absolute audacity to ask someone to conform to your preferences is just mind boggling to me. Like 95% of the guys I've been with have all been clean shaven but I never asked them to grow pubic hair just because I prefer it and find it mature and sexy. The thought never even crossed my mind even though bald penises look like mole rats imo.
The scrote in question replied that it's ok and that I shouldn't do anything I don't want to do but the simple act of him asking me to shave was enough to turn me off completely, I think I'm gonna stop seeing him. Is it petty? Am I being petty? I feel like if we were to have sex now I'd be self conscious about my pubic hair the whole time, just thinking about how he finds it a turn off.

No. 1545082

You should ask him to shave his entire body, make him go through it then dump his pore inflamed itchy ass.

No. 1545084

>I think I'm gonna stop seeing him. Is it petty? Am I being petty?
Do it and make sure he knows why. It's not petty - think of it as teaching him a lesson, for the sake of his future partners.

No. 1545089

Nonna don't do this. He'll just become better at manipulating them. Block and delete without explanation.

No. 1545092

My brother slammed me into the wall right where the light switch was and it made me yelp. He was asking me where the tip cover of the apple pencil was and was already accusing me of losing it and when I was telling him where I put it, it made him even more upset because he thought it was negligent. I get up to go over to where I had left it and he grabs my fucking shoulders and slams me. I feel like I overreacted by yelling, but I was so surprised since it had been a long while since he had physically done anything to me. Like it was fine when he grabbed me, but when the sharp pain of the slam hit me, I was so shocked. He did it in plain view of my parents anyways, so he couldn’t have made much of an excuse, but I still feel like from the bottom of my gut that I should have covered more for him. His only response to anything was that “I lose things all the time.” Which equals getting the light switch (it’s a low profile one but it still hurt) rammed right in between my shoulders. I’m really not too upset (it’s not good, but it could be worse), because I actually feel bad. I keep feeling like I’m losing my brother. I know he doesn’t hate me, but he hates many things about me. He really hates women, and I always have to hear about how women are awful and it of course always includes me. Right before he got mad over the pencil (its a pencil he handed down to me) I really wanted to cook him dinner and when I finished he just said that the presentation wasn’t appetizing. Ok, whatever. Then when I go sit down I see he’s eating with his mouth agape so I ask “is it hot?” because I felt bad it was hot, I was the one that cooked it. No, instead he calls me a stupid retard that asks stupid questions and that I can’t understand basic cues. I just said that I felt bad the food was hot and he said I’m being passive aggressive, and that he doesn’t like passive aggressive people. Just, this fucking scrambles my mind because I never know how I’m supposed to react because I’m not on the same page. I said I’m not, and that I didn’t expect the food to be hot and he just told me “don’t cook then.” Ok, I’m just sorry that the food was hot, I’m not trying to be deceptive.
Of course me dumb woman, stupid dumb retard woman. When he left renewing his license to the very last day possible he fucking blamed me because I took “an hour” to do my hair when all I did was comb it and tie it in a ponytail. Then when the line was closed because they weren’t taking more people in, the person who announced it was a woman and it was all he could talk about for the rest of the fucking day. He blamed me and my mom and this random woman for the fact he could have just gone with me a month ago when I got my id. He was supposed to come with me but didn’t. Stayed home instead (…he’s a fucking neet though). But it was because I was brushing my hair and that the dmv woman was “having her period.” I just can’t keep up anymore.

No. 1545104

God damn anon stop being a doormat to your brother. Even if he didn't hate you and/or women, you don't need to be concerned the meal of an adult man is too hot, he's not a child. Distance yourself as much as possible from him, your brother is mistreating you and he'll never be grateful for what you do, never give you basic human respect and trying to appease him will make it worse. Stop it.

No. 1545105

Easter sucked. I went down to my grandparents. My mom wouldn't stfu about 5G and about the cabal which got my grandma and grandma's older sister intensely talking. My dad and I decided to put a puzzle together to stop from going crazy. At one point my mom talks about the bible and her interpretation. Let me make this clear that she has never read the bible at all or even understands how to read through it. I honestly wouldn't give a flying fuck if she didn't act like she's an authority over it. So I look at my dad and snidely told him wait til she reads about Lot and his daughters. My dad laughs a bit because we both know how fucked up the bible is but here's my dumbass mom making the stupidest proclaimations cause y'know she believes in god therefore just magically knows everything about the bible. If it wasn't for my dad making dumb competitive jokes and being silly, I would have left.

No. 1545107

Usually I'd agree but in this case it's not manipulation, it's just a thoughtless and selfish request. Either he tells his next partner to shave or he thinks better of it, there's not much middle ground for manipulation unless you think he's going to suggest she shave in a more subtle way.

No. 1545108

Also samefag >>1545104
>Just, this fucking scrambles my mind because I never know how I’m supposed to react because I’m not on the same page
Here's what you must understand: there is no right way to respond or react to your brother because he doesn't WANT you to be right. He wants to be an ass to you and mistreat you, and no matter what you do, say or don't do or don't say, he'll use it as an excuse to blame you for everything. He's a neet like you said, he's unhappy and he's blowing his misery off on you.

Keep your distance from him, he's dangerous.

No. 1545114

I hope he dies, both you and your mother do not deserve to be treated like this by your parasite brother. I'm sorry anon, you sound like a loving sister.

No. 1545120

just found out that there are mothers creating digital magazines full of photos of their young daughters and selling to gross scrotoids so momma can get her new Fendi scarf. fuck this planet seriously

No. 1545170

He is useless and incompetent and is taking his feelings of inadequacy out on you. What you and your family are doing for him will never be enough because he feels entitled.
He's someone who never got his ass beat by another man and it shows.
Don't do shit for him anymore and if anyone asks tell them it's because he is violent and ungrateful.

No. 1545177

>bf smokes weed, drinks, and consumes junk food every day
>also bf WhYyyY dOeS mYy StOmAcH hUuuUrT!!!
Don't get mad at me when I suggest to lay off your vices for a bit bro, you wanna do dumb shit in your late 20s like your body is still a teenager.

No. 1545178

I've fucking had it with my narc 'friend'. I wish we never met.

No. 1545184

the guy I’m seeing does this too, he doesn’t smoke and hardly drinks but he eats like absolute shit. at first I’d indulge in his tummy hurt sessions but whenever i suggested maybe taking a break from the BBQ or Wendy’s he gets kinda defensive. i can’t stand that stuff and eat really healthy, without really trying, so I guess I’m fortunate, but it’s a huge ball ache to keep feigning sympathy when it’s HIS OWN FUCKING FAULT. men are retards i swear

No. 1545189

I feel like the only healthy foods that don’t make me feel like absolute garbage are onions, garlic, mushrooms, carrots, salmon, white rice, yogurt, kimchi, miso soup, and blueberries. Sometimes some steak and chicken and eggs, maybe some tamari or fish sauce. Fucking everything else healthy makes me feel so weighed down and like garbage. Those are the only things I can eat without making my stomach hurt or make me feel like garbage in some way. Honestly it’s bullshit. Eating anything green besides green onions makes me so fucking sick, what the fuck is wrong with me besides celiac that I’m like this??? I don’t think it’s fodmaps or soy intolerance cause I can eat onions and garlic like there’s no tomorrow, tamari doesn’t bother me.

No. 1545190

as a woman you get bullied just for existing, even if you're too normie you get made fun of.
being goth and gnc is cool as hell and it sucks your experience is like that. i hope you can surround yourself with better people (and less moids).

No. 1545214

I got made fun of for a bunch of normal shit as well, my self esteem was below average when growing up but once I truly stopped giving a fuck my life got a bit better. I'm not talking about factually knowing I shouldn't care about other people's opinion though, it's something that must become naturally and it can take time. Sometimes people would come to me and tell to not care but it's easier said than done. But not impossible.

No. 1545239

probably psychological until you get an allergy test

No. 1545251

I ended up telling him that he was being rude and unreasonable and that he reminded me of my ex who used to pressure, manipulate and blackmail me into doing things I didn't want to do. He replied with "I understand", to which I said that I don't feel comfortable seeing him anymore. His reaction? He just stopped replying. I'm thinking I dodged a bullet there nonnas. Thanks for validating my feelings.

No. 1545259

Can't wait for the bot paranoia to take hold. You're a robot, she's a robot, your mother is a robot.

No. 1545262

File: 1681132887174.jpg (132.05 KB, 2200x2237, 1663562238009.jpg)

Seriously though the empty replies quoting random posts is weird. I'm convinced it actually is a bot because what are the chances of a newfag messing up in 10 different threads within an hour? 80% chance bot 20% chance clueless newfag pic attached to prove my humanness

No. 1545266

I hope he's seething nonna. I am so happy for you! Similar thing happened to me where a guy asked me to shave, but wouldn't cut his nasty waist-length unkempt hair.

No. 1545268

File: 1681133378014.png (94.91 KB, 500x308, raw.png)

>mfw I look in the mirror and I don't have any active blemishes for once
Now STAY this way please I'll do anything. Funny enough it's the day after I use a bunch of coverup. I thought makeup was supposed to be bad wtf

No. 1545269

I'm of the opinion that you shouldn't tell men what you like and don't like, and that you shouldn't be teaching them what is right from wrong. But if you don't think this is manipulation, I'd be cautious still and vet.

No. 1545274

>Like 95% of the guys I've been with have all been clean shaven
WHAT THE FUCK? Is this an American thing? I think I would die laughing if I took off a guy's pants and he was clean shaven looking like a little boy.

No. 1545279

Ayrt and I'm scandinavian so not just an american thing. I think it's just a pornsick thing. The guys I've been with all said that in their opinion it looks and feels better when they shave.

No. 1545284

Nature is so fucking unfair. Guys can cut out just beer and soda and stop being obese in months. Meanwhile for women it feels like we have to go on a near starvation diet to stay skinny, let alone lose weight with all these shitty hormones. Compared to women, men have no excuse at all.

No. 1545300

If you eat healthy and do exercises, it's not that hard to be at least average weight. Obesity wasn't a common thing 30 years ago, it's stupid to act like it's super hard to stay healthy.

No. 1545302

seriously. i've adjusted to eating only 2 meals a day but i still think it's shitty. if i ate 3 i would be fat.
of course our lifestyles are unnatural and sedentary, because boomers prioritized cars over human beings, and think sports are things only for children and televised athletes. we really need adult sports programs to keep people in shape. modern moids might not be obese, sometimes, but they're still flabby pudgeballs. most people are at best skinnyfat. and our transit system is 100% motorized car, 0% walking or biking. no wonder people are fat.

No. 1545304

It's very easy to maintain an average weight, but it's hard to lose a lot of weight. It requires a long term commitment to consistency and it's really easy to lose motivation for something like that.

No. 1545306

File: 1681136897584.jpg (13.14 KB, 360x352, 20230410_091208.jpg)

>prices of items and food keeps going up at least 2 times every year, and its 4th year in a row now
>my monthly health insurance went from 60 / month to 85 / month
>rent got increased x2 price same month
>the only way for me to get money right now is by opening art commissions and apply to part time jobs
>hung out with shitty moid friend for 2 years, he made me feel like my art is garbage to a point i am too scared to even open commissions
I am such a retard. I keep being an insecure idiot. I am happy i gtfod out of that shitty friend circle, and my art is not bad - my lineart, anatomy and perspectives are good but i am so shit at colour theory. I hope ill get a penny or two for doing sketches.

No. 1545311

I mean it's hard in terms of constantly having to actively refuse temptations and finding the time for stuff like proper exercise. But that's different for everyone. Like I wish I had 0 struggles resisting temptations but unfortunately it's on my mind all the time.

Agreed on the sports programs. I want to do something that isn't just cardio or lifting weights because I genuinely hate doing it. It's just not fun to me. But there's barely any adult sport stuff that isn't either middle aged moids playing football (eu here) or people who've played the sport for 50 years already.

No. 1545312

Your brother sounds like a low functioning autist and he's posing danger towards those around him, especially you. Please talk about this to your parents and make them force him to see a psychiatrist.
Are you also a neet? If not, move out if you can before he seriously hurts you. He doesn't deserve your compassion, you're not his mother.

No. 1545315

>It's very easy to maintain an average weight, but it's hard to lose a lot of weight.
God damn this is very true. I genuinely eat whatever I want and don't excersise and have been maintaining a healthy BMI all my life, but I could stand to lose 5-10kg for a more flattering body weight, but I just have never managed to consistently eat less and healthier or move more to make it happen.

>Obesity wasn't a common thing 30 years ago
30 years ago fewer people were forced to work behind computer screens 40 hours a week and to commute by car or public transporation.

No. 1545323

File: 1681137816672.jpeg (270.15 KB, 1076x1076, FszSarWaUAA-3Nd.jpeg)

you should be grateful for how much i fixate on you. i love you more than people could ever even imagine feeling. you're the center of my universe and all you do is push me away. i would die to be loved so intensely, you ingrate.

No. 1545347

please tell me some other nonnas have gone through this too
I usually deal with hair loss but often times before/during my period the hair loss gets REALLY bad, I washed my hair today and lost 3-4x more hair that I usually do. Damn hormones, just when my hair loss was reaching a new low, it's making me freak out

No. 1545350

This unfortunate soul again, guess what? My phone fell into the toilet this morning as I was preparing to shitpost on lolcow while shitting. Now it won't turn on either.
I am posting this from an old tablet, awaiting the inevitable Great Flood that will surely come to submerge and ruin the rest of electronics I own.

No. 1545358

I'm contemplating over whether I should go to therapy or not.

On one hand, I fucking the concept of going there.
Don't get me wrong, I'll support anyone and especially my friends if they do take that decision. But me personally? I dunno. The thought of getting officially diagnosed and having labels genuinely irks me.

On the other hand though, I've been engaging in a lot of passive suicidal ideation, which is basically just daydreaming of it but never actually taking action, or getting anywhere near it.
I'm aware enough that it might escalate at any moment though, however I do also feel somewhat apathetic towards everything so Idk if anything will really "trigger" me or push me over the edge.

A good point for why I want to go is because I got SA'd when I was 10 and never had a chance to really talk about it or treat it properly, + the assailant who happened to be a family member just went missing and is probably dead by way of jumping off a cliff.

Despite all this though, here I am, talking about it and not really feeling any strong emotion towards it. I don't feel anything when I remember the incident or the person.
I am a little spiteful towards my mother for covering it up and not telling my father or anyone however, but oh well.

Whenever I feel this emotion of emptiness, I think of 2 things: a list the pros and cons of going to therapy, and an heroing.

Ultimately though, by the time I'm done thinking it's the middle of the night and I'm laying in bed, having not accomplished anything all day. And I feel a flurry of emotions including dread, hate, anger, misery, despair, until it all fades away and evaporates into nothing.

Anyways, I just can't see therapy doing anything for me. I already know the root cause of the problem, and there's nothing to heal. I don't know if my feelings are so suppressed down far back that I can't sense them but if that's actually the case, so be it I say.

No. 1545362

I've experienced this some before, but maybe not to the extent you have. You probably already know this, but a dip in estrogen can cause hair loss. That's why postpartum women often suffer from severe loss. If you didn't know it, I suggest looking up postpartum hair loss, even if you're not postpartum, it has a lot of good information on hormones and hair loss in women.

No. 1545389

>feel anything when I remember the incident or the person.
I am a little spiteful towards my mother for covering it up and not telling my father or anyone however, but oh well.
Sounds like you're experiencing dissociation. It doesn't sound like an "oh well" situation.

>Anyways, I just can't see therapy doing anything for me. I already know the root cause of the problem, and there's nothing to heal. I don't know if my feelings are so suppressed down far back that I can't sense them but if that's actually the case, so be it I say.

It sounds like you could seek out help for processing the past and your current feelings around it. You know what happened and what it's doing to you, but maybe finding a counselor who has experience working with sexual abuse survivors can help you process trauma and emotions to the past you have consciously or unconsciously. Suppressing things usually doesn't work and if you have trouble sleeping at night because of what someone did to you, maybe it will help.

No. 1545405

I will have to postpone my exam again I'm such a useless piece of shit

No. 1545410

I wish my mom would stop asking me questions if she's not even listening to the answer, she either asks me another question or moves to another conversation with somebody else, and then she whinges that I never talk to her.

No. 1545430

I feel like my life is just one big disappointment with one million problems to get through and when you complain about not getting rest and that you hate stress and don't want to hustle and work anymore people just tell you to "suck it up" because everyone has to do it is life even worth living when you spend 90% of it working?

No. 1545446

I feel you anon, this sounds just like own mum. It is damn annoying and exhausting to have a conversation with somebody like that.

No. 1545477

File: 1681145130801.png (1.84 KB, 307x136, ppt.png)

We're back baby! (at least the phone)
I leave you with a screenshot I found on this old device that apparently I once thought funny enough to save immediately after it was posted (no, I wasn't underage).

No. 1545482

It's awful, but since this is something most people experience, it gets tiring to hear people complain about it since there's nothing we can do. Most people go through this stage and then move on to a point where they accept it and try to make the best of what they have, which makes it even more of a drag to try and stay positive while your friend, relative, partner or co-worker is still stuck in the initial depression stage. I'm so sorry, anon, I hope your situation changes or that your mindset becomes more accepting. It gets easier with time.

No. 1545510

okay I need you all to assemble and cross your fingers that I get an internship/job….even the Napoleon whores in the back come on ladies I’ll buy Nappy posters if I get it or something

No. 1545524

File: 1681148266478.jpg (447.84 KB, 1200x1462, David_-_Napoleon_crossing_the_…)

Napoleon is praying for you nonny

No. 1545532

File: 1681148781490.jpg (28.13 KB, 567x567, 1658959742027.jpg)

>look up childhood crush on facebook (she's bi too)
>she's still a super sweet cute terminally online homebody, loves baking and gardening
>in a relationship
>with a fucking obese four-eyed ginger neckbeard

Imagining him on top of her makes me sick, you can tell his fupa having ass has a tiny dick. We could be so happy together and this is what she chooses? How the fuck do I steal her? I don't think she realizes how cute she is. Maybe her bisexuality was just a phase, because ANY woman is better than that thing.

No. 1545544

I'm craving chinese orange chicken and I don't know if I should order or not.

No. 1545546

I was supposed to get up early and get shit done today but all I did was sleep and now my period started and I feel tired and nauseous and in pain and I have to get up and get ready for work in an hour and a half and also go in the next morning after I just closed. Pain.

No. 1545551

I'm a womanlet so I only eat one meal a day. I'm already fat, but the only way I can lose weight is by eating 1100 calories a day or less. It's so difficult, everyone is too exhausted by their jobs to stay in shape.

No. 1545557

order it nonnie

No. 1545559

if you counted your calories you could eat more meals idk 1100 calories for one meal seems dumb

No. 1545565

File: 1681151058645.jpg (36.25 KB, 800x533, 1111.jpg)

based satan, I ordered kek, didn't really eat today and I almost never eat out. ordering takeout once every 2 months shouldn't make me feel so guilty

No. 1545569

I eat one meal and a couple of snacks. It would be easy if I lived by myself but I don't. I can't cook where I am now.

No. 1545573

well as long as it works for you nonni

No. 1545583

Brain zap anon here from last thread, I feel like they're getting worse by the day. Like I keep getting them more. I'm not even sure if brain zaps are what they are but it fits what's happening the most, but it's so disorienting because it happens mostly when I get up and move around.

No. 1545596

my chicken is here and I am very happy
it's the little things in life

No. 1545598

File: 1681152738453.png (377.12 KB, 1080x1068, 1650649890620.png)

I'm a fatass womanlet too but my calorie counting app instructed me that I would lose weight even by eating 1900 kcal a day. Do you lay still all day, are you not getting any activity at all?

No. 1545601

Enjoy it nonna!

No. 1545612

File: 1681153516572.jpg (137.73 KB, 1037x1093, SmartSelect_20230410_140338_Fi…)

Idk anon this is what I got from the calculator. For weight loss it recommended 1100 calories a day. Like I said I don't even really get to control my diet well at home so it's hopeless for me anyway.

No. 1545621

That's weird, it seems insanely low compared to my app's recommendations

No. 1545656

I'm texting with my autist coworker, I like him but sometimes it's overwhelming, and I'm not good at texting, maybe because I'm also an autist. Sometimes I don't respond for a few hours because I don't know what to say, and I'm scared he will think I'm intentionally ignoring him. Now he asked me about a few movies and a russian ballet and he sent me a few photos of windflowers that grow near his home and asked
>Do you like windflowers?
How do I respond to this? I'm pretty neutral on windflowers but I don't want to be rude lol

No. 1545658

File: 1681156733850.png (84.87 KB, 694x203, bmr.png)

bmr is the least amount of calories you should be eating. check your table - sedentary expenditure = 1600. if you ate at you BMR (~1300) that is -300 than what you expend - which is totally reasonable deficit for weight loss. no one expends only their bmr during the day, unless you're literally just laying in bed all day. do you not do any chores around the house? go to the store, do laundry, do dishes, go to and from work/uni? that's sedentary at the least. please look into this a little bit more before fucking up your body

No. 1545660

File: 1681156977876.jpeg (30.07 KB, 746x512, C065AB22-4654-42A2-97AC-188955…)

Nona I’ve spent countless times contemplating venting about some very similar struggles I’ve been experiencing for the past few months, I’ve been struggling for quite a while now and it’s very frustrating because I was doing completely fine before getting into my relationship and even earlier in the relationship I wasn’t struggling as much as I have been lately. For me though I think multiple things have contributed to these feelings, I went through a phase of using drugs a while back (which obviously has not helped anything) and basically went mia and completely deleted all my social media and cut myself off from pretty much every online friend I had aside from my best friend. My issue has always been that my friends have been online/do not live nearby (aside from one) which was fine when I did use social media but nowadays anytime I’m not spending time with my boyfriend in person I feel so cripplingly alone, but the only person I really care to spend time with is my boyfriend. Over the past few weeks I have realised I need to actually live my own life instead of just living for my boyfriend (I know, I have issues kek) and I need to let myself pursue and enjoy my hobbies and rebuild friendships with people or somehow make new friends and just live my own life again. I’m trying to get back into work which I know will be beneficial for me and I have been getting therapy and recently went back on antidepressants, it just seems impossible to shake this feeling. Whenever I first get back from seeing my boyfriend I become a blubbering mess, I live alone which previously used to be very beneficial for me but lately it’s become unbearable. I think what I’m trying to say in between my embarrassing venting mess is that you aren’t alone in your feelings, and the most important thing is pursuing the things you enjoy and making sure you live your own life the way you want to. For now I know I’m just seeing it as trying to occupy myself with things until I see my boyfriend again, but with time that will build up to spending actual fulfilling time doing the things I enjoy.

No. 1545688

I'm so tired of constantly being in some kind of pain or fatigue. I've tried to get answers from doctors but none of them seem to find anything wrong with me. My new job requires me to be extremely creative and I feel like I'm no longer the same energetic and passionate person who created all the work in my portfolio. I feel like my life is just slipping by. I can't seem to get over a terrible breakup that happened over 6 months ago, and I have no IRL friends. My house is constantly a disgusting mess but I'm too sore and tired to do anything about it. My looks are slipping and I'm not aging gracefully, probably due to lack of restful sleep and smoking addiction. I just want to know when things will get better, if ever.

No. 1545689

if you don't have enough $$$ to shelter her then leave her alone. she might want to be a housewife or something

No. 1545697

My sympathies, nonnie.
I tend to do omad as well since my calorie budget to lose is around 1200 a day, I'm not consistently active. I also have to limit myself to water so I don't accidentally drink my calories.

I feel so bitter at men when it comes to weight. I stepped on the scale and discovered I've gained 15 pounds since July. It hasn't been a linear gain by any means, which makes it all the more defeating, a bad week, 2 pounds here, another 2 there. Holidays. Ugh.
Meanwhile bf eats like a pig and consumes alcohols and sodas. Sure he gained weight but IF that were my diet then I would've gained 40 pounds. I always scoff whenever men give women shit about their weight, they're projecting because they know how gluttonous they are to be getting huge.

No. 1545702

File: 1681159824169.jpg (372.63 KB, 2048x1447, FkakWYXaMAE2dqJ.jpg)

really hate my mom for telling me to just start "eating beans and rice lol" when i confess to her i'm having money issues.

it's not like i'm buying steak every single day, or caviar, or expensive brands: i'm spending a grand total of ~120 per month on groceries so i don't melt my meager (meager!) savings too hard while i desperately search for a job, as a recent college grad. how insensitive can you get

and she wonders why i hate calling her.

No. 1545703

Imagining men fucking your crush isn't normal anon

No. 1545721

I'm so sorry anon, I know that feeling. You have to be careful to even lose weight, and it piles up so fast if you're not paying attention yet losing it takes 4 times as long. I'm lucky I always preferred water since childhood, I don't even want to think about how much more I would weight if I was a soda drinker. It's already bad enough I have a sweet tooth.

No. 1545725

There is no point in life if that’s all you do, working is for moids and women who are physically/mentally healthy. No woman who is physically/mentally unwell should ever have to work a job unless they want to. It’s not natural. I just straight up let my family know that if they don’t support me I’m gonna off myself (already nearly succeeded once after a couple practice rounds, body won’t last another attempt), they decided to support me and don’t give me a hard time about being a layabout bc they know I’m too physically/mentally unwell to deal with 99.9999999% of jobs. They’re just happy I’m alive and not constantly putting myself in harm’s way and sobbing, they’re glad I’m here and glad I’m happy.

No. 1545726

gymrat nonnie here, take EVERYTHING those calculators give you with a grain of salt
I do very heavy lifting and even on my toughest days of runnning (20-25 km) I don't go over 1600 cals. I eat anywhere from 800 to 1600 cals but focus on high protein.
From my personal experience when I sat on my ass all day cuz of work I did not eat to eat much ( 800-1000 cals was more than enough).
When I input my height,weight and effort lvl in those calculators it gives me something like 2k+ calories lmao, I'd gain weight like crazy if I did that
for reference I'm 5'6 and 130-132 lbs in freedom units
my advice : keep a food diary where u track calories and adjust accordingly, use whatever those calculators give u as reference
also idk why a lot of people are obsessed with "1200" calories, for me that's enough for a normal day of working out (but do note that I eat 0 processed foods 99% of the time)

No. 1545728

I'm so deep in existential dread right now (last one was two years ago) that I wake up nervous every morning and throw up. For like a week now. This is the worst feeling, and I found out that someone close to me is dying. This is so cruel, I want to off myself but I have family I need to take care of.

No. 1545736

Woah…queen slay…how long did it take you to build up to running 20-25km? That is my literal goal…

No. 1545739

It's not that I don't believe you, but I still feel like that's very low for someone that active. 1200 is usually considered very restrictive too.

No. 1545741

Have you had your thyroid checked nonna?

No. 1545744

I've been running for more than 10 years, but when I first started I had a really good plan I set up and I think it took me about 5-6 months or so to build up to a half marathon. Note that I was at a normal weight so that helped too
the secret is to start slow , start running at 8 - 9 km/h but do it for a longer time (1h or more) because that builds up your lung capacity and that shit is the most important, cause if you don't have that , you'll run out of breath in no time.
If you are overweight and your knees hurt or you get aches, you can start even slower
Remember, no matter how slow you're going, you're still faster than everyone who's sitting on a couch
it's not hard to believe nonna
>work with my ass on a chair: 9h
>gym/run/workout: 1-2h
>stretching: 30 mins
>rest of 4-5h: sedentary hobbies/ slow walks etc
I think the only exceptions may have been when I did mountain half marathons, that shit made me HUNGRY
funny you mention it because I developed hypo some years back, so now I have to eat even less sometimes lol and had to cut out all gluten and most dairy

No. 1545749

forgot to add: if you want to run and start from 0, I beg you to INVEST IN GOOD RUNNING SHOES! that shit is lifechanging
other advice for newbies to running
> do incremental workouts (slowly increase distance with 0.5 km / 1 km once per week/ 2 weeks
> do incline treadmill walks at a brisk pace -> this helps build muscle and endurance
> eat healthy carbs 1-2 h prior to workout - oatmeal and bananas are my sweet safe spot, no culinary experiments before running! your stomach will thank you
and lastly, have fun, that euphoria you feel after a run is incredible

No. 1545753

If you have hypo you really shouldn't be using your own experiences as what's normal, and I don't mean that in a shady way.

No. 1545755

>cut all gluten
As a celiac anon, can I just say, if you did this to lose weight, it’s pretty retarded. Gluten free alternatives are not better for weight loss than gluten containing things assuming both are Whole Foods.

No. 1545762

Why would you have to eat gluten free alternatives if you cut out gluten…?

No. 1545768

There’s no reason to switch wheat/rye bread for brown rice and potatoes. I wish I could still eat wheat bread cause they have some high fiber bread that’s 40 cal a slice and it’s amazing with an egg on it. Also if I really wanted to lose weight the first thing I would do is eat gluten cause it fucks my system up so bad I can’t absorb nutrients for a month+ kek.

No. 1545770

anon I got hypo after I had already been a runner for a long time, the dietary / caloric intake i posted was what i ate then and still mostly stick to now, please keep in mind I was 52-55 kg back then , so for me 1600 calories on a rough day was sufficient (300g meat, loads of veggies, eggs , some peanut butter - very nutritious and enough for my stomach)
I have always been at a normal weight. My main goal has always been building muscle/endurance.
I did it because once I turned hypo I noticed gluten and dairy bloating , making me feel nauseous, tired and constipated. I'm talking pregnant woman type bloat, it was really unpleasant.
I don't buy gluten free alternatives, I just cook my own stuff if I want to. Ground oatmeal, rice flour are nice for pancakes or other baked goods. I'll have a slice of normal bread every now and then or dairy. I have no problem not eating the either of them though.

No. 1545789

I potentially have PCOS and one of the things my doctor said was like oh you probably struggle with acne and it’s like no not at all I’ve always had perfect skin
Well now I’m experiencing 4 zits 2 of which are those like under the skin type and I’m about to hyperventilate because I haven’t gotten anything like this in like 8 years so I’m just like is this the beginning of the end? Is my skin going to be shit from now on?

No. 1545793

I am so fucking angry i hate my retarded mom. I am the anon with the shed kittens, after over a month of trying to lure them in i finally caught one. Thing is the guy was so scared he started running around the room and hurt himself, my mom, as always, made it all about herself and started screaming and made the kitten scared and he ran away. Now the poor kitty is lost and hurt and there is nothing i can do. Months of waking every morning early and feeding them to gain their trust lost, and on top of that i feel awful because its my fault. On top of that i asked for work from followes to take it to the vet and now i feel like a scammer. I hate living, i am so tired, i legit feel like killing myself. I will never be happy, my mom will make me miserable somehow.

No. 1545803

How long did it take for you to truly stop giving a fuck, and how? How do you react when/if people make fun of you now?

No. 1545808

I hate moids so much, if I go to a doctor who's supposedly one of the 'best specialists' in my city and he's an older dude who immedietely eye fucks me and refers to me as 'sweetheart' and 'honey' instead of miss and my actual name, while smiling like a creep, how am I supposed to feel comfortable around him and trust him? I don't give a fuck how good he is if the way he looks at me and talks to me makes me cringe and uncomfortable as hell. And people think it's weird of me to always try to get to female doctors first

No. 1545811

the men in this house are fucken disgusting as hell. leave shit stains on the toilet seat, leave their nasty ass spit and booger in the sink, leave literal piece of shit in the bathtub. nasty ass people.

No. 1545812

i had to put my dog down today and i literally don’t know how i’m going to survive.

No. 1545813

don't know how old you are but i mostly never had acne,then when i turned 23 it hit me full-force. after a while it mellowed down, but I'm in my 30s now and sometimes get face full of it which only sometimes seems to be related to menstruation. i don't really understand it but i have given up trying to understand my body long ago

No. 1545817

NTA but in my case, I finally gained some confidence when I decided to spend the rest of my very limited time in this world having as much fun as possible and doing things for myself and only for myself, after years and years of suppressing myself just to please irrelevant people that were never worthy of my time and attention. It certainly doesn't happen overnight but once you realize that doing all those things that make you happy/comfortable matters more than what some random closed-minded asshole has to say about you, you're free. You have to let that realization come to you without forcing it, it will take time but it will definitely happen. Not giving a fuck is a wonderful, powerful feeling and I hope you'll get to that point of self-acceptance too. Wish you the best nonna

No. 1545830

Your dog loves you nonna and would feel sad if you didn't survive on. It was their mission to make you happy and safe for the future, they're still watching over you faithfully. Stay strong

No. 1545848

I need a situational bf for like a week in a month to kiss my feet and then tell him to fuck off before I call him again. I wouldn't even mind if it was an ugly nerd but I am ugly myself and no male would accept such treatment from a subhuman.

No. 1545862

>literal shit in bathtub
kill them

No. 1545888

i hate male alcoholics and junkies so much, they're always selfish fucking assholes who make their problems everyone else's problem. they trash places, make noise, they make neighborhood unsafe and don't let people sleep and everyone's gotta get into trouble because of them. i have to feel like shit at work and miss sleep because these retards just have to scream loudly and slam doors at week night and wont shut up if you tell them that could you please be quiet, no they have to scream even more and bother you.

No. 1545896

Ugh my bain is sooo fried!!! I feel so fucking stupid!!!!

No. 1545899

send an email to the office about it and state you were rushed and your concerns were dismissed and would like a thorough examination whenever they are ready to offer one.

No. 1545906

Yeah, I’m probably going to check in with my surgeon again. I think it’s bothering me not only because I can’t see, I have dry eyes, there are starbursts and halos everywhere, but also because it’s shitty to have doctors dismiss your concerns, especially when you’re at the receiving end of their condescension and you can tell they don’t take you seriously and you can tell it’s partly because you’re a woman. Especially in my case because I get this a lot and people try to justify it by saying “well you look like a kid” and think that’s a flattering thing to say, like yeah thanks I’m glad you can see the drool on my chin, I’m actually a fetus. Like do I have to, I don’t know, be a bank robber to be perceived as an adult? I bet there have been some take about how there are women shoplifters but not women bank robbers because women lack the rigor and serious tenacity required for bank robbing. And anyway, you can’t win in this case because if you tell them to get lost you’re now the easily-provoked emotional one.

No. 1545907

sorry nonna. my vision is awful, but i've never gotten lasik because i heard too many stories of people getting fucked up by it. if you cant be more assertive, maybe get your dad or bf to speak out for you. apparently that is a common trick women have to resort to as medical workers just dismiss women. a woman could be coughing up blood and drag herself to the doctor, and he'll wave her off saying she just has anxiety and it's all in her head.

No. 1545921

If this is about laser eye surgery, I saw a thread on Twitter recently by a guy who got it - complications are quite frequent, it has been falsely advertised.
there's a lot of info in there regarding laser eye surgery
Here it is:

No. 1545941

I think about my ex all the time and I'm sick of it. We broke up a year ago. We dated almost 7 years and he treated me like shit. I don't want to be with him, I'm glad he's gone, but I still want to hear his voice. I still wonder how he's doing, or what he's up to. I hate this. I wish I never met him.

No. 1545977

wish there was a place to dump screenshots of males on fb/ig/tt/etc that like share and post photos of children for pedo reasons so people can dox them. so many use their full names and post photos of their families publicly. would be fun ways for people around the world to bring back some vigilante justice.

No. 1545988

File: 1681190460793.jpeg (79.67 KB, 736x736, 20591c9a-55e0-4b74-b4f8-c04c4d…)

I hate how my whole body aches during periods. As if periods alone aren't absolute hell already, I can't even sleep properly. If I sleep on my sides, my legs hurt for days. If I sleep on my back, my back hurts for days. And I can't sleep on my stomach for obvious reasons. At this point I just want to ask my body, AM I SUPPOSED TO JUST FUCKING DIE OR WHAT? I'M SO FUCKING NICE TO YOU. I ALWAYS TAKE CARE OF YOU AND SHIT, YET THAT'S HOW YOU PAY ME BACK??

No. 1545991

The mtf threadpic in snow is gag inducing and should have been spoilered, I hate it so much

No. 1545998

File: 1681192448785.jpeg (75.92 KB, 683x683, FA5E40E1-154A-4F6A-8782-5A53DB…)

This is me with my back pain… I will manifest better for us anon I promise

No. 1546002

I hate applying to jobs. I hate getting rejected. I wish you could just show up to the job you wanted and just do it. I see a job offer and I just want to do it so bad, and I start envisioning my life with it. It collapses and the cycle begins again and again. Why can’t anyone give me a chance. Fucking about to write another cover letter.

No. 1546004

Kinda hoping I am pregnant this month, but I only had sex once and it was I think after my ovulation window. It'd be nice to have a bebe to raise. I was cute as a baby, my baby would be the cutest.

No. 1546011

File: 1681194301607.png (158.72 KB, 746x813, Screenshot 2023-04-10 7.36.53 …)

Posted in a detrans sub venting about how much it sucks to be a gender non-conforming woman and talking about a woman in the bathroom was being rude to me the top comment was a detrans woman telling me that I was lying and even if it did happen it's my fault because I don't look feminine. I feel like detrans and radfem communities are even more hostile to GNC women than troon communities, it legitimately makes me want to re-transition.
Pic not related

No. 1546015

I hate working.

No. 1546049

if you're that easily swayed then stay with the trannies I guess. when I cut my hair short I was mistaken for a guy all the time because I'm about 5'8.

No. 1546079

It really sucks that the trans cult has gotten to a point where GNC women are targeted because short hair = man, apparently. That detrans woman who said it's your fault for not being feminine is a retard and I'm surprised those women call themselves radfems, sounds more like she went full conservative tradwife to me than a radfem.

No. 1546084

Discussion from earlier in the thread reminded me that I hate people who don't get that not everyone gets a runners high, or feels happy after a work out. Like sure I wish I felt happy or whatever but I don't. I hate every second of it and it's pure forcing myself to do it for the sake of my health.

No. 1546085

Discussion from earlier in the thread reminded me that I hate people who don't get that not everyone gets a runners high, or feels happy after a work out. Like sure I wish I felt happy or whatever but I don't. I hate every second of it and it's pure forcing myself to do it for the sake of my health.

No. 1546086

I invited a friend to hang out with some other friends she never met before and she acted like a total ass. I’m used to her teasing me, I just didn’t know she “teased” literally everyone. It was extremely insulting and she wouldn’t lay off even after being politely asked to stop. I defended the girl she was picking on and she threw a fit, calling us all faggots and oversensitive bitches. She then privately told me that I wasn’t a true friend because I didn’t stick up for her.
The stuff she was saying was not just teasing, especially for people she didn’t know. She made fun of the girl for being molested, for fuck’s sake.

I feel bad for inviting her and I apologized to my other friends and they forgave me, because obviously I didn’t know and have no control over what other people do.

The rude girl hasn’t spoken to me in a week. I guess she really doesn’t want to be friends anymore, but fuck, I don’t want more drama like this to happen again so if she does want to talk to me again I hope it’s to apologize,

No. 1546087

I invited a friend to hang out with some other friends she never met before and she acted like a total ass. I’m used to her teasing me, I just didn’t know she “teased” literally everyone. It was extremely insulting and she wouldn’t lay off even after being politely asked to stop. I defended the girl she was picking on and she threw a fit, calling us all faggots and oversensitive bitches. She then privately told me that I wasn’t a true friend because I didn’t stick up for her.
The stuff she was saying was not just teasing, especially for people she didn’t know. She made fun of the girl for being molested, for fuck’s sake.

I feel bad for inviting her and I apologized to my other friends and they forgave me, because obviously I didn’t know and have no control over what other people do.

The rude girl hasn’t spoken to me in a week. I guess she really doesn’t want to be friends anymore, but fuck, I don’t want more drama like this to happen again so if she does want to talk to me again I hope it’s to apologize,

No. 1546098

My friends are failures and I'm sick of them finding excuses for themselves. Now I hang out with them way less than before because I don't want to take some time to relax during the weekend to hear them whine about muh transphobia, muh fatphobia, muh rich parents buying me everything but I'm not that rich teehee, muh islamophobia. It's dumb that going to restaurants or to the cinema is seen as a social activity because I would have done that without them way earlier and saved myself from some weird as fuck conversations.

No. 1546116

Hey nonnies my date is negging me, gave me shit about my hair and said my face was too round for my haircut what do? (Feel like crying)

No. 1546118

Block him and do nothing

No. 1546122

Insult him back. You don't deserve this shit from him and he doesn't deserve any respect from you.

No. 1546127

File: 1681213489607.jpg (10.68 KB, 263x275, 2X.jpg)

I hate when I get home from a vacation and I get back to my ordinary soul-crushing life. I know I should be happy that I even get to travel in the first place and get to have amazing experiences but the rest of my life is just not worth living and one week of travel every other year is just not enough to make it worthy

No. 1546156

File: 1681216993773.jpeg (54.01 KB, 750x907, c9f70a5b53fcc186ed6f91fa2f74ef…)

Today has to be the worst day of my life… so far. My grandma (from mom's side) died from stomach cancer, mom got sick from grief so I had to manage the entire funeral by myself while awkwardly comforting her, my dad decided to reveal after YEARS that he's under so much debt we might need to sell our house, I suddenly got my period, and something I really used to enjoy reading was ruined by the author herself. I have nothing. Absolutely nothing to make me feel better at the moment.

No. 1546163

File: 1681218347828.jpg (1.49 MB, 4080x3072, IMG_20230403_172858.jpg)

I am so sorry anon
Here's a picture of my cat
It might not make you feel better, but it's not going to make you feel worse

No. 1546168

Aww thanks nonnie, your cat is so precious and adorable and actually did make me feel a bit better.

No. 1546191

the son of one of my mom's friends want to meet me, it's the "maybe they'll hook up" thing but i already know I won't like him , I'll just have to be polite
i've been feeling a bit too anxious lately so this shit isn't on my priority list and I can't even be arsed to answer to the dude's messages, I know it may seem rude but I just don't care

No. 1546199

just say you're not interested or he will think you're maybe interested. moids are retarded and think a gentle no is a maybe.

No. 1546227

Yeah I will eventually say that, it's how things will be. he's short and fat so it's a big no from the start from me, he is from a good family but we both know that doesn't mean he might be as good as his parents
I'm visiting their house next week and I plan to be polite but won't let myself be pressured into anything. I seriously hope they don't make jokes about us being together, this happened in the past with some other matchmaker and it made my skin crawl and I felt like jumping out the window
lord have mercy!

No. 1546232

File: 1681225926921.jpg (97.65 KB, 601x900, IMG_0997.jpg)

My boyfriend keeps getting mad at me when I send him soyjaks
Sometimes he even takes my phone and refuses to give it back until I agree to delete them
I just find them funny…

No. 1546235


No. 1546240

I've had a friend of 5+ years turn on me because I didn't get along with a bunch of faggots in a server he invited me to. Got called NPD simply because I held my ground on my opinion and tried to agree to disagree, but it didn't work. Funny that I'm officially dx'd with AvPD but these guys didn't seem to use their noggins that much.
Moids, never trust em once.

No. 1546241

Did any of you follow youngestoldcatlady on Instagram? she killed herself and i didn't even know her, but i still cried over it. she was such a good person, rescued countless cats and put so much work into rescuing cats. she was depressed since years and just a month ago she wrote a motivational post, but she had surgery a week ago and i think because of the post anesthesia depression, she got so bad, she ended her life. I know it sounds fucked up (?), but I also mourn for all the cats she could've saved

No. 1546250

Why are there literally no people between the ages 24 to 32? I am in my mid 20s now and trying to make friends is hard because there are just no people my age anywhere. It feels as if there are only young zoomers and boomers. There are also only two people in my age range at my job. At this point I will never have friends my age or any romantic relationships

No. 1546251

just say it right away, don't even bother meeting him. why are you even meeting his parents? accepting an invitation to meet him and his parents is basically saying there is a chance.

No. 1546253

People that age are busy tending to their children and scrotes

No. 1546255

I’m 28.5 nonnie we can be friends

No. 1546257

File: 1681228279109.jpg (5.3 KB, 275x155, 1680962192660.jpg)

>already know I won't like him
>big no from the start from me
>going to meet him and his family at his family home
>eventually will say you're not interested

No. 1546267

this is the rare occasion where I'm siding with the boyfriend

No. 1546278

File: 1681231268599.png (774.36 KB, 1284x864, 42316FAE-17F7-4750-8DEE-15F06D…)

I had to do an item for work that hasn’t been my responsibility for months, idk if there was a miscommunication because I’m working on fixing a part of the document or what but I did it as soon as I could (an hour past a chosen deadline that wasn’t discussed with me), and got slammed with a mean response about meeting deadlines (when the only one I was aware of was having it ready due to legal obligations, which I had it done two hours early by that standard). I’m trying really hard and have a lot of other responsibilities, idk why this is what made my manager come down on me and I have bunch to do but feel so stressed out now and just want to curl up. I’m trying to focus on the fact that it’s done and I did it, but I just feel sad

No. 1546294

Thinking a lot about how people who virtue signal are really not good people or just unknowingly fake at best. I've been around a lot of art people especially who will virtue signal like hell in attempts to feel like they're making a difference in the world. As someone with a disability, I just see how hollow it all is and it gets on my nerves. I know this probably isn't anything new or insightful but I've been thinking about it more lately and I feel like it's one reason I can't stand a lot of people in the arts.

No. 1546295

Tbh I would too. They are the worst, most unfunny male meme ever.

No. 1546296

we're busy being depressed because we can't afford to live
hello, my financial situation gives me existential anxiety that i use maladaptive daydreaming to alleviate

No. 1546306

If it makes you feel better, I sometimes find them funny too. I would never tell anyone else that though, not even my own boyfriend. Also, I am horribly autistic which is probably why I find them funny.

No. 1546322

i visit the vent thread everyday because i have no friends, im very lonely and super depressed and whenever i read the posts on here, it brings me a bit of comfort knowing im not alone with my problems

No. 1546332

I'm in the exact same boat, nona. I try to post in threads but I get sad when no one responds. I'm so lonely that I keep 2 journals and a very active text message thread with…myself.

No. 1546334

i wanna be nice to my mom
guys should usually get the hint that if the girl is not responding maybe she is unwell or needs some time to herself so they should chill, not spam calls
on another note i went for a walk and dear god, zoomers might be retarded but most are so good looking and cute, at least they're nice to look at , maybe I should do what that one nonna did and hook up with a young man, life's too short for regrets kek

No. 1546335

ohhh same!!! i posted a few times in the vent threads and didnt get any responses either and i get sad too when no one responds but at the same time im happy because i was able to vent and let my problems out and i always hope that someone feels better and less lonely, just like me reading everyone elses posts, when they read my posts.

No. 1546336

File: 1681237535508.jpeg (87.86 KB, 1170x800, 58BCCC8B-5958-4815-8AEF-C3D578…)

Was complaining about my packages being stolen and a coworker chimed in with “well maybe they needed it more than you. People are desperate now.” I don’t care how desperate you are, how does robbing other poor people make it right? I can’t believe we (USAfags) aren’t seeing more stories of these porch pirates being shot. I have no sympathy, they deserve to learn the hard way.

No. 1546339

oh boy it's the stolen bike meme but real life

No. 1546340

Lol it’s not poor desperate people stealing random packages, it’s criminals hoping to resell some good shit. I hate when people act like theft is only done by the poor disadvantaged people who just really need the money just this once so they can have a hot meal. No it’s literally just opportunity, it was super common where I live and you’d see camera of the criminal trailing behind the delivery van snatching the boxes then running to a getaway car.

No. 1546348

im going to rob your coworkers package and see how she likes it

No. 1546352

People like your coworker are mentally ill.

No. 1546353

Socioeconomic circumstances made me commit an armed robbery, your honor!

No. 1546354

seriously that blows my mind, I would've slapped your coworker, imagine excusing crimes, wtf, yet again, it's the USA

No. 1546355

Hope your coworker dies and gets carjacked while she's pumping gas at the gas station.

No. 1546358

I feel this too. I just don't think many babies were born in the mid to late 90s compared to other years. I'm sure most are busy too.

No. 1546360

Have her car towed and tell her someone else needed it more than her so you sold it

No. 1546376

I mean honestly you sound a little self-loathing, which is preventing you from making friends and getting along with people. I used to be similar in high school but that was mainly because I was kind of a pseud and isolated myself on purpose because I had no idea what the current topics/trends were. What got me out of it was listening to female podcasts during my commutes. Binchtopia (pop culture and cultural analysis), Hate Fiction (Analysis of tumblr's impact), Nymphet Alumni (fashion trend analysis), and Big Soy Naturals (the more lolcow adjacent version of binchtopia, even if the hosts are themlets) are all good ones. I'm comically out of touch with pop culture, but I'm a major hater, so listening to these kinds of things honestly helped me so much. You can listen to an episode on something that interests you, like how true crime is terrible content for insane people, how search engine optimization is destroying the internet, or how bbls shaped fashion trends in the late 2010s (all are episodes from the podcasts I listed). Listening to people who are more in touch with pop culture and who make references talk about stuff that interests you makes it so much easier to get along with people. tbh I'm also just very outgoing but now that I can hear people talk about John Krasinski and not assume they're talking about Ted Kaczynski, I've made a lot more friends.

No. 1546379

the only people who say that are people who haven’t had shit they need stolen, or shit they’ve worked for stolen. Tell them they sound out of touch and watch them seethe.

No. 1546380

Jfc I'm so sexually frustrated lately. My boyfriend doesn't get me off anymore. I think it's because he doesn't really initiate and I am extremely attracted to being a little manhandled and shown that I am desired. Like…a girl needs a little something you know. He started seeing it because one week he was really upset and bitching about how he doesn't know how to turn me on. I got even less attracted to him after we had a major fight about something stupid and it was blown way out of proportion by him refusing to talk to me and leaving me to cry for 14 hours to the point where the blood vessels under my eyes popped (I've never gotten that before).

I feel so guilty but I think of what it would be like with other men. I have had sex with a guy before my boyfriend and I really liked that he was a little dirtier and took control. My boyfriend won't stop bitching about him either and I am honestly tired of hearing about it. I don't know what to do and I have poor judgement about everything due to my PTSD. I just feel so lost…

No. 1546382

This recent trend of No guyz corsets werent askhually uncomfy!! is stupid and I don't like it.

No. 1546385

This song made me realize that I've become that disillusioned cynical adult I'd never thought I'd become. My heart has turned into stone

No. 1546386

it's really hard to not feel absolutely disgusted with myself when i look at my mutilated legs i tore up when i was 15. i mean it objectively look disgusting because i've got clusters of raised wide keloid scars the size of a sleeve of tattoos, it looks like a disease. i'm otherwise fine about my arms but i feel and know that i am so repulsive. i often get worried about how i would explain these scars to any future loved ones but i doubt that could ever happen. it makes me cringe when i think about how there's virtually no definitive treatment in my country and even then i wouldn't be able to afford it. i don't want to hate myself because i really wasn't in a good place when i made them but i really hate that it's such a retarded mistake. i thought i was going to die soon after within those times so it didn't matter to me and now i'm so embarrassed looking back. i wish i could wear shorts and short dresses without anything under but i'll make the most of it with fun printed and colored tights 60s style which i've always had an interest in anyway. i feel permanently unloveable especially since my mom told me i wouldn't ever find someone looking the way i do when she found out about the scars

No. 1546391

Watch out theres a bunch of corset defenders even on here

No. 1546399

oh my god this song, I forgot it existed.

No. 1546419

What about this song made you realize? Do you not relate to it anymore?

No. 1546422


No. 1546425

i had the flu yesterday with a 102 fever and my face and eyes are still so fucking swollen and painful. working in a hospital is cool until half of your days off are spent being super sick

No. 1546427

wearing a fitted corset feels great though especially if you have scoliosis which lessens back pain and gives support for weak abdominal muscles (like after giving birth), postpartum binding is similar to a corset meant to help muscles come back together after being separated from pregnancy

No. 1546429

Well I never could relate to it, because I heard it only few years ago for the first time, but basically yeah, the lyrics and overall mood of the song made me remember my teen years and how romantic, emotional, and exalted I was back then. Tbh I wouldn't even want to fall in love and turn into idiot like then but it's just weird to think how drastically everything changed and that I maybe just lost something. I guess it makes me a bit sad that I've wasted it all on a person that didn't deserve it

No. 1546430

>what do you have against surgically removing ribs so you can be more pleasing to the male gaze
yes i do.

No. 1546436

cant even properly enjoy my escapist hobbies cause life is just that shit i want to sleep and never wake up

No. 1546446

unsure if anyone has given you this advice, but if you haven't seen a neurologist by now, i'd recommend it. that sounds like it could get bad.

No. 1546472

are there any zoomer men that don't have that ugly broccoli cut and dress in a classic clean cut way, that's the main thing stopping me tbh

No. 1546478

I feel like the kind of men I like always end up being incels or the type of mentally ill to try to blow up a school
>medium length hair and blonde
>pretty features with a tiny nose

What is it about this phenotype that makes men crazy?

No. 1546480

>medium length hair and blonde
Sounds like you're projecting your own insecurities. Why is this so specific kek

No. 1546487

I’m not blonde and my hair isn’t long. I’m just noticing young pretty white men are usually crazy school shooters types.

No. 1546491

IME men who are strikingly thin and pretty (rather than masculine) are very likely to experience a lot of bullying through their teenage years. If they have longer hair they are more likely to be alternative and probably feel different to their peer group growing up. Not fitting in with your peer group + getting bullied gives you the base ingredients for school shooter or incel. On top of that, this kind of man is seen by society as more feminine and if they're already mentally ill that can make them try to prove their masculinity by being aggressive or falling for the incel mindset. Source: this is my type too.

No. 1546499

Just switch blonde hair for brown and you’ll get better results

No. 1546501

males are blond, not blonde

No. 1546502

>pretty features with a tiny nose
>strikingly thin and pretty
huh? are you one of those fetishists?
they all have in common that they're pale, weird, negative and sickly looking, and other people sense that and therefore are vary of them and so normal kids naturally avoid them

No. 1546507

Nta but
>sickly looking
wut? it sounds like she's just describing feminine men

No. 1546514

Nta but is it even possible to find a sane guy of this type before he turns into a fat ugly 30 y.o man?

No. 1546516

she described school shooters as pretty even tho all of them always have some weird ill look to them

No. 1546522

IDK if you are retarded or what but she described men who look a certain way who then end up being a certain type of mentally ill. There is zero mention of any actual school shooters kek.

No. 1546525

girl she said pretty boys always turn into incels who want to blow up schools
no idea about you but i never saw any pretty one

No. 1546537

I feel so fucking disgusted with myself. I'm not supposed to be eating much sugar to curb my addiction to it but today I kept eating, and you all will laugh at me, frosting. It had to have been at least 6 tablespoons in total. I kept getting a little bit, telling myself "no more after this" and then going back for more. I feel like I'm literally killing myself, I don't think I'm to far off from getting diabetes.

No. 1546541

Yes but you have to meet him before he turns 30

No. 1546552

My windows are old as hell and I've been saving up to get them replaced after getting a quote a few months ago. Today I went to open one a bit as I usually do and the fucking metal frame broke and also broke the seal so now I can feel air coming in. I have enough to replace the one window but not enough for all of them and cause I initially was going to get a deal doing all of them at once, I lose that, and will be paying $450 more than I was originally quoted to get one window one and the rest done in a few months. There aren't even any other window guys around here ugh

No. 1546557

nona if youre addicted to sugar and junk you cant keep it in the house. toss it all out and then you only have to be strong at the grocery store.

No. 1546560

Danm that window guy is a bitch for not letting you get the deal and just pay for one/install one for now.

No. 1546582


No. 1546595

I had a migraine the other day that lasted over 48 hours I’m so sorry nonna I wanted to die. It’ll be over eventually. Do you have any zofran?

No. 1546602

I’ve been trying to bring my freckles back but apparently acne laser treatments get rid of them? That makes me super sad because my freckles were so cute but I had such awful acne it was necessary. And I probably would’ve killed myself on Accutane kek

No. 1546607

File: 1681265810558.jpeg (21.93 KB, 750x563, 4657C5FA-26A5-433D-A4C8-EF0951…)

I’m so scarred by moids that I haven’t dated one in real for FOUR YEARS. I did a lot of self growth, and had years of therapy to recover from my severe anxiety and abandonment issues (thanks to porn addicted moid exes who emotionally and physically abused me). Now I’m 25 with a degree and a stable career and I decide, I’m lonely, fuck it I want to find my soulmate. So I find a guy who is just my type and has similar beliefs etc and he likes me back. We really hit it off and talk and hang out a lot. Problem is, he’s in the military and he also is another fucking porn addict. So basically right after I fall in love with this dude he finds out he has to move to fucking Okinawa and I’m like uhhhhhh what now? But me personally I wanted to be long distance because I had intense feelings for him, and I was starting to feel pressured into having sex which I’m afraid of. But he blew me off for like 2 weeks and kept saying he didn’t know what to do. Then I have a crazy simp chimp out and beg him to decide. He says he thinks it won’t work. Then I’m like, okay can I at least say goodbye in PERSON? So yeah we hung out, he said he wanted to keep seeing me and that he felt a really deep connection with me, and that leaving would really hurt. He also said maybe he was just being pessimistic and maybe we could work things out. He said he wanted to but he didn’t want to get hurt….. then he fucking asked me for anal sex. Like wtf??? I said no but I sucked his peepee and then he started ignoring me again. So I flipped out the next day and spam texted him when I was drunk. This morning he said he never wants to talk to me again cause I called him a porn addict and he blocked me on every social media platform possible. Is it over gals? Idk why but I feel extremely suicidal over this shit.

No. 1546608

why? just stop fucking these weirdos. you said in your time single you did so much self improvement and life success, clearly the problem is not you, it's your moids.

No. 1546609

Ugh pale skinny men disgust me

No. 1546610

File: 1681266184558.jpeg (33.42 KB, 720x1017, 42202189-A1A6-4F97-A3E5-9882C9…)

I can’t stop blaming myself for this whole situation, though. Like the typical “I must not be good enough for him” bullshit and it’s making me spiral ;-;(;-;)

No. 1546617

File: 1681267203749.jpg (111.76 KB, 590x842, ECHlQr9XsAISzx4.jpg)

>pretty features with a tiny nose
There are almost no shooters/domestic terrorists or incels with these traits. What on earth, anon? They're all wonky, bigfeatured caveman motherfuckers. I think there was one "known" incel who had "pretty features" named knajj or something, but he literally called himself a "cutecel" and hated it. It's very uncommon.

No. 1546619

Every time I'm at home, just sitting alone in my room, I get so fucking sad over my ex. When I'm outside though, going about my day and experiencing the real world and interacting with other people, I don't think about my ex at all. Why WHYY
IS IT ALWAYS GOING TO BE LIKE THIS I want to get over this but I just. CAN'T.

No. 1546621

Saying "all X are Y" doesn't mean the same thing as "all Y are X". Apparently this is rocket science for anons.

No. 1546623

You and I both know you’re leagues better than him. Dude was looking for a fuck before being shipped off (which he knew was going to happen btw) and you got hurt. This is not a reflection of your worth but a reflection of his morals and where he wanted his heart to lead him. If he were to recognize your worth then he would’ve changed and tried to keep himself tethered to you. I’m sorry he hurt you.

No. 1546624

File: 1681267973088.jpeg (77.13 KB, 736x920, A30C5D2A-1116-472C-95CA-390460…)

I love them and I need them

No. 1546628

The problem is that in this case, neither statement would be true in application. All pretty men are not incels. All incels are also not pretty men (in fact, most aren't, not even a little bit). Where exactly are you finding incels that look like >>1546624?

No. 1546629

File: 1681268424307.jpeg (111.01 KB, 750x665, 2A40B646-14FA-4D60-99F9-57B6B8…)

Picrel: guy who shattered my heart

No. 1546631

He said he wanted a relationship. Gosh why did he lie to me? Also I never had sex sex with him thank goodness but I did do other stuff. He said I was the first girl that didn’t sleep with him on the first date lmfao

No. 1546635

NTA but what is the appeal of that? He looks more like the shooters.

No. 1546636

It's probably another one of those "Naratriptan and co won't work today" migraines. I have a java project due and all I can do right now is nauseated and die in bed. I cannot even sleep properly
Very happy that you got over your migraine, nonnie! I hope the fairy doesn't visit soon.

No. 1546640

take it to your weird containment thread hybristophile

No. 1546645

He's an idiot, a military degenerate, and a porn addict. You can't be serious.
if this is also you, yeesh. Maybe you're too far gone.

No. 1546648

No. 1546651

God I hate you weird quasiephebephiles

No. 1546655

Nonna she said all men she knew who looked a certain way ended up being a certain type of mentally ill. If you read that as saying all incels are male models then I cannot help you any further.

No. 1546658

She didn't say the kind of men she "knew", she said the kind of men she liked. It's very weird to misread something and then act condescending, chill out.

No. 1546660

File: 1681269888115.jpeg (69.88 KB, 750x705, 059A6818-8918-40E7-A1A2-704587…)

Yeah I think I am too far gone but tbh I don’t see how he’s not hot as fuck

No. 1546661

File: 1681269981976.jpg (33.88 KB, 500x499, 1675127464637.jpg)

No. 1546663

enjoy your ban for the emoji then retard, and i guess keep letting military men pump and dump you. but next time cry about it on cc instead, they're more tolerant of male simps.

No. 1546664

How do you know anon isn't 18/19 herself?

No. 1546666

I didn’t even have sex with him retard. I just came here to vent cause I’m trying so hard to hate him and I know y’all will be brutally honest, and it has helped

No. 1546667

Nonna I’m sorry but he’s so ugly and he looks like every other undiagnosed ADHD loser flunking community college.

No. 1546669

sorry sis but you are a retard and this is proof

No. 1546670


No. 1546672

No. 1546675

I'm so fucking mad. I saw something huge flying around this morning but I lost track of it and had to go to work. Came back and near my bedroom is a huge fucking moth flying around. It better not have laid any eggs in my things of I'll be pissed. I'm already going through enough shit.

No. 1546677

I’m so down bad that I almost become a prison simp for a cutie who has life in prison. I’m on level 13 pick me.

No. 1546678

File: 1681271642873.jpeg (55.88 KB, 600x687, F79D2DA9-9BAC-4730-A8E7-78B23A…)

Yeah ik I’m stupid as fuck I need to be deprogrammed from this moid simping

No. 1546680

what the fuck is going on with all these absolute retard simps for horrifically bad moids, is cystal cafe down or something?

No. 1546681

I can't believe you called anons type gay and then got used by an 3/10 soldier.

No. 1546682

So I'm a retard but why does crayon eating mean you're gonna be a marine?

No. 1546683

He is beautiful

No. 1546686

"crayon eater" is joke about how you can tell some people are just born not that bright, and marines are typically dumb guys who have no real asperations or talents aside from muscle and a drive to be in a club about following orders.

No. 1546690

MARINES: Muscles Are Required; Intelligence Not Essential.

No. 1546691

I thought I was the only one that started noticing these influx of moid worshipping posts. Glad it's not just me

No. 1546694

I fucking hate my boomer mom so damn much. This fucking bitch deserves to be beaten. She continues to say every fucking teenage girl on tv is really a boy. "Omg that can't be a girl that's a boy, just you wait nonnie and find out". Before you call her based, let me tell you this is the same fucking woman who said a friend of hers granddaughter looked like a lesbian. The poor girl was 14 and looked fine. I wanted to punch her right then and there. She's a fucking cunt who by the way ain't that girly looking and has been called a guy before. She made me constantly feel like I wasn't very feminine as a teen. Thank god I never thought of trooning out. I'm so fucking pissed off right now. I can see why younger girls are attracted to certain trends if they have to deal with mothers like mine. I don't care how bad this sounds but I wish my mom would just die. She's a miserable person like the rest of her side of the family. Fucking rotten people who love to cause misery. I want a drink now.

No. 1546703

It still pisses me off so much that Alli Vera, a fashion YouTuber for context, deleted all of her fun styling outfits videos and came back as some baddie wannabe. She was so unique before. If she wanted a change why delete your videos like that?

No. 1546704

My ex boyfriend who hit me multiple times, sexually assaulted me in my sleep, and verbally/emotionally abused me towards the end of our relationship has been going on this tirade about me all over the internet. He said something today about how i "Got mad at him for being suicidal and blocked him on everything" which is far from the truth. I told him I dont want to speak to him anymore because i would wake up to 50 messages about how i ruined his life because i dumped him and made him move back home with his parents. He also ended up sending an awful, ominous message to the person ive been seeing, causing this person to have a panic attack. I have no clue what to dobut the shit he's been saying has been fucking with me mentally. All his stupid fucking nonbinary friends are giving him pity, they all hate me cuz he told them i called him a fag during arguments which is apperantly the worst thing a person can do to someone. They're coddling him and i hate it. I wanna die

No. 1546705

Sorry I'm talking to you as if you're retarded, but it's because you are. I've repeated myself how many times now? What's not clicking? What don't you understand? I've told you about this shit using the plainest, clearest English I can time and time again, and this is really simple stuff too. What are you not getting? Is it not Tumblr enough for you? Do I need to add in more movie references like some sort of Redditor for you to get it? Are you intellectually challenged?

No. 1546710

Just found out Dylann Roof used to crush on black women, Mexican women, etc and would go to strip clubs and ask for black strippers. Idk who's lying that being attracted to other races can "cure" racism, but it's not true. Racist scrotes are such a fucking joke, and so are the retarded pickmes who simp for them. So much of it is mate-guarding, "conquest" and psychosis.

No. 1546711

Nobody says that wtf are you even talking about. What person without the iq of a squirrel thinks men personify the women hes attracted to as anything other than an object

No. 1546720

It's said multiple times by uneducated pickme women and racist men. They're the exact types to claim "How can that person be racist? They love black men/women"/"How can you call me racist, my bf is another race!!". Alt-right spergs used to do this all the time. Often, they'd argue that one of their tokens, Milo Yiannopolous "wasn't racist" because he fucked/married black men. It's even more ridiculous because they think they can "compensate" by endlessly negging the women specifically, like they aren't hypocrites with fetishes and fucked up colonizer fantasies. Seriously, get off Lolcow. The consensus here is not reality. Most people in the real world are either woefully mistaken, or liars trying to gaslight.

No. 1546736

Oh as in you're engaging with racists, sorry. And yeah, I know a guy who has been blatantly anti-black his whole life and views black men as nothing other than walking dildos rebranding into suddenly being like I can't be racist im not white hur hur I've sucked black dick before. Extremely antiblack, antiblack upbringing, antiblack family, antiblack jokes and all. Luckily I do not consume rightwing content or engage with people with those kinds of views, has nothing to do with lolcow. I just believe consuming that kind of content whether its to hatewatch or not will make you crumble.

No. 1546740

Yes there are people who believe it, typically the type of people who think said racist men will be attracted to these women out of pure and innocent love, as opposed to lust like how it is in reality.

No. 1546744

Also same anon but since it wasn't apparent enough (sorry) I was being extremely sarcastic. I'm sorry you're exposed to that kind of bullshit

No. 1546758

I even will go further and say if a moid is exclusively attracted to women of different race, he is definitely racist and has a fetish for "exotic" women. If you look at white guys who are attracted to Latinas or black women, he probably likes them for all the wrong reasons and probably just has a fetish for thing typically associated with black women. Same with weeks who want a pure uwu Japanese bang maid.
Hell, even women aren't immune to this. There is plenty of self-hating poc women who only simp for white guys.

No. 1546836

even when i take a break and rest i dont feel any less exhausted, physically or mentally. im only ok when im asleep

No. 1546843

File: 1681281140026.png (64.01 KB, 559x371, 1673938739506.png)

Tired of the anti-fun anons who can't take a joke & think their enemies are living in their walls and the anons who think women are a hivemind and call you male if you like things they don't

No. 1546846

No. 1546860

File: 1681281600600.jpg (56.72 KB, 720x901, 339022846_1138067663639074_439…)

i want to cut off my family often.
they pressure me into marrying and having children, meanwhile;
>mother constantly complains about my narcissistic father
>brothers act like inconsiderate incel cunts
>neither my father or my brothers cleans up
>i have to clean after them all my life
>in childhood, had to be raised to become brothers' second mother and my mother's therapist basically until she realized it is wrong
>eldest daughter so everything i do is bad, while brothers can do no wrong
>"men are smarter" then they get away with "not knowing how the washing machine works and how to fold the clothes"
>zero tips on how to actually get a good man from my family, i have to experiment and go by feminist youtubers and pinkpill vloggers advice
used this advice and almost moved in together with my last scrote until i realized i did not want to be a live in maid in his mess while selling all of my shit to be isolated with him. literally nothing to me appeals about living with a man. if i am lonely i could call one to cuddle. why does my family think that becoming an unpaid cleaner, cook and therapist to a man and a beautician and fitness guru to myself to keep that man is in any way worth it? i am exhausted. i want to enjoy my silly hobbies, sing in my house, and decorate it with the retarded shit i like without having to worry about a moid finding it faggy. why does my country think it's an honor and glory to be a bangmaid breeder? only way i would be a mother and wife is if the man was much more rich than i and i could stay home and housekeep and garden while the children get to school age. unfortunately i can not turn out like my mother as everyone in my generation is a fucking manwhore, and i don't like narcissists.

No. 1546888

They act like bouncers, I hate them.

No. 1546891

Woman beside me has a huge hoarder yard. My bf asked her if she wanted some free help clearing junk from her yard cause he's helpful in general but also cause it's such an eyesore. She said no kek. I'm about to put up some mirror film on my windows facing her property so when she's out there smoking 24/7 she can look at her own damn trash

No. 1546919

>mirror film
lmaoooo I hope you're not joking. that's so passive agressive and I love it kek

No. 1546937

I had a dream that the name of the protagonist for a novel I'm writing had her name already taken by another similar book and I had to edit her name out of my first draft. i woke up really fucking pissed off about it and now I'm so fuckin sure it's gonna be real if I just look it up

No. 1546940

Maybe the reason he told you that is because you're never fucking at work. You call in every other fucking day. Do you know what kind of stress that puts on the rest of us? Anywhere else and you would have been fired a long time ago.
>But, but my chronic illness and my this and my that!
I'm chronically ill too bitch! But I still show up! If you're too ill to work then fucking quit. You must be well off to be able to not come in so often but still manage to make rent. It pisses me off how you always bitch and complain about needing to work like a child. Shut up already and go home.

No. 1546962

I'm dating a guy who is stupidly rich while I'm working part-time and poor as fuck. He's generous and doesn't treat me poorly for being poor but I feel ashamed and embarrassed every time he treats me to something, and obviously he treats me every time cause to him it's not a big deal. One time he even straight up gave me money without asking after I made an off hand remark about my finances. I've always been poor but I've also always prided myself in being able to take care of myself without help from other people so it feels a little bit patronizing… I wish I didn't feel this way but it's starting to bother me a lot. It'd be stupid to stop seeing him because he's too rich, right?

No. 1546963

You're right, he is a bitch

No. 1546987

Have you ever told him your feelings on the matter? I know there are men who enjoy being providers but that's a bit weird for him to just hand you money.

No. 1547000

I feel like once you reach a certain age, friendship doesn’t have the same meaning as it did when I was younger. People are starting to focus on careers and starting a family and it feels like the only way to make a connection with anyone is if you can provide something of service to them. I felt sad quite a few times in recent years that nobody seemed to care about my birthday but now I’m realizing adult life is just that. No one really cares. People seem to rely on their families for companionship the older they get and have less time and energy for friends. Considering I haven’t found a meaningful career or a partner, it makes me feel alone and left behind.

No. 1547013

i am so fuckin sick of gendies. i just want to shitpost/have fun and talk to people online, but everyone and their dad has a gender and 382 alters now. there truly feels like nowhere to go and i've searched far and wide.

No. 1547014

I haven't, maybe I should. We only just started dating a few weeks ago so it feels a bit too soon for "heavy" conversations. I've implied my discomfort a few times but I don't think he's picked up on it. If we end up dating more seriously I'll definitely bring it up.

No. 1547015

i feel you anon. it's hard enough to find friends as an adult, let alone friends that aren't setting up a family. it's all so isolating.

No. 1547019

maybe you can ask him casually why he pays for everything or when he hands you money unprompted ask why he did that. not to start a dialogue about it, but just to see what he says. it might help you gauge if you want to continue the relationship.

No. 1547023

File: 1681296616657.jpeg (27.92 KB, 614x233, 1642685414117.jpeg)

This reminded me of this post kek

No. 1547036

Why is so much media centered on teen shit? I tried looking it up and most people said that teens have more free time, disposable income, and high school is easy to write stories for and honestly only the last point holds true for me. A lot of the shows that were insanely popular in the mid-2000s to early 2010s had normal adult characters. NONE of the shows I watched when I was 12 were set in high school, and I found them perfectly entertaining. I swear on my life it's not even subtle corporate coddling, why is it assumed young people can't handle growing older and everything from media to internet trends must reflect a constant state of nostalgia? Psych (2006) would've never been aired now, networks would rather air violent drug high school show #6592. There's obviously good shows that don't do the teen shit, but half the time those actors are in the mid thirties. WHY ARE TV EXECS AFRAID OF 25 YEAR OLDS NOW. Matthew Gray Gubler and Jared Padalecki were cute when they landed their big breaks in their early 20s circa 2005, stop forcing 16 year old characters into every adult themed show, or making us watch the adventures of a 34 year old with a mortgage.

No. 1547038

> that ugly broccoli cut
lol this is what bothers me the most, I hate that stupid haircut
but I've seen quite a bunch with normal hairstyles or even better, styled hairstyles
the way they dress varies a lot but I've noticed some really well dressed zoomers, which surprised me pleasantly
saw a guy yesterday who looked like a porcelain doll: tall, white skin, longish black hair styled like some of those kdrama actors , pretty face , I saw him look my way and I stared back for a few seconds before getting my head back in check
nonnas I wanted to hug him so badly, he was cute as a button

No. 1547042

I feel you. It's so hard keep your current friends much less make new ones. Makes me so sad.

No. 1547043

I've watched a lot of series in the last year and none were centered around teens? Where do you find this stuff? Maybe you should stop watching popular series on netflix and just search stuff that's actually made for your age group.

No. 1547054

I feel that sadly. I’m a white woman who simps hard for Latino men and idk why. Am I racist? Also simping for any moids is terrible, I know. I need a lobotomy at this point (I’m the same one who misses the fucking crayon eating marine)

No. 1547060

Everyone says 'we are entering a recession', I straight up thought it was already happening. Things are unaffordable now and it's only going to get worse, time to get a great depression cookbook. Also I had to get my period on the day I'm going thrift shopping with my friend, blegh.

No. 1547074

im pretty sure we've been in it for a good month now

No. 1547076

All famous men are hideous now. I want to be merry and slightly horny when I’m watching music videos, not feel like I’m about to have a gun pulled on me. When did black men who look like scary shadows replace cuties? Most of the time you can’t even see their facial features, they look like unidentified critters jumping up and down in your peripheral vision. It’s legitimately unnerving and upsetting. Music videos and catwalks are filled to the brim with hideous rape apes who are only there to give their kind ego boosts. Any chink that’s not a midget (still probably a micropenis shrimpie) will be on the cover of vogue. Things have always been tough for women. I wasn’t alive back then, but I know being blonde or slightly muscular would land men jobs in media. My problem is people acting like it’s getting better because we’re doing the SAME THING but with nigger scrotes instead of white ones.
I don’t even care about race, but apparently saying what I think makes me a racist. The media isn’t getting any kinder, it’s still as discriminatory as it used to be. But now we have to pretend JAY-Z is hot.

No. 1547078

I sometimes have fantasies of ruining my ex boyfriends life, exposing him on social media and getting him fired from his job after what that shit stained scrote did to me. I would never do it irl bc it would 100% backfire but I am thinking about it a lot. He is an awful person and I just want other people to know this and hate him too. I just want him to experience public humiliation to get revenge for the way I was treated because his image and his appearance are what matter most to him and I want him to experience the same pain that I had to endure. I just fucking hate him so much for what he did and I hope that his life is awful and that he loses his job, gains 50 kilos and fails his exams. This asshole deserves a negative amount of happiness. I was stuck in a depressive stage after we broke up but now I can see all of the shit he put me through more clearly and there is just this extreme amount of hatred inside of me

No. 1547079

So black men can call women bitches but women can’t call black men niggers? And I’m the bad person for asking this question? You know the reason for this is because men kill people when provoked, and women don’t. To fix this problem, I will be calling men racial slurs on social media. I know it isn’t much but it’s honest work.

No. 1547080

It’s brown, ew.(racebait)

No. 1547081

Sexism and racism isn't the same thing you stupid cunt

No. 1547082

Yeah, sexism is worse

No. 1547083

Radical feminists objectify women by using the stories of abused and raped women to win arguments on the internet. A lot of them are white women that are rich and could actually make a change in the lives of oppressed women.

Also, hate ideological groups. I was looking at videos about narcissistic abuse and being in an ideological group literally sounds like a form of narcissistic abuse. Narcissists impose their truth on you and if you slightly criticize them they will try to destroy you or they mentally harm you until you align with whatever they believe is true.

With wokeists if you tell them that giving hormones to children is not a very good idea and even goes against human rights because children cannot give consent and they can be easily manipulated into it. They will of course guilt trip you and harass you into their ideological thinking even if the criticism is pertinent.

If you tell right wingers that guns make society more dangerous they will try to mentally abuse and guilt trip you into their beliefs.

It's all literal narcissistic abuse but on a collective scale.

No. 1547084

also for anyone that will get butt hurt. I'm not opposed to radical feminism and I agree with most points they are making. Pornography oppresses women, men are dangerous, leftist woke ideology is insane. I think that my criticism is relevant and I don't want it to be taken out of context.

No. 1547085

Smells like /pol/ fags in here

No. 1547088

File: 1681303006451.jpeg (59.96 KB, 750x437, 974323BE-0E9E-4B46-92E5-C7A63E…)

Lmfao you should ruin his life, he deserves it.
t. I found out a month ago that my ex from 4 years ago was trooning out so I told his super religious mom hahahaha

In all honesty though his abuse finally makes sense, he was acting out his disgusting autogynephilic fantasies on me when he tried to make me change my appearance constantly. I hate all these pornsick degenerates

No. 1547089

did you even read both of my posts?>>1547084
It just proves my fucking point that you're part of a narcissistic collective if you say that. What /pol/tard says porn oppresses women and that men are dangerous? Of course that you are strawmanning me and attacking me for offering actual relevant criticism.

No. 1547094

>A lot of them are white women that are rich and could actually make a change in the lives of oppressed women.
This unfortunately isn't true. While a lot of modernday radfems are white, they're also mentally ill and unemployed, spending their time online and not contributing anything positive to the world or womankind. That kind of woman doesn't have the resources to help women from third world countries and most radfems don't really care about women who aren't like them so they hate both super poor women fron third world countries but also women who have better financial situations than them.
You'll often find radfems seething about failing in life because they're women while blaming an imaginary figure whether that be men, pickmes or their mothers, it's turned into a cope for failed women rather than a genuine movement.

No. 1547097

the ones that I see on Tumblr are from rich families in western countries. They continuously use statistics and stories of violently raped and murdered women from disadvantaged social situations to win arguments against trannies. I don't want to be the victim of a tragedy just for my story to be used in an argument on the internet. It contributes to the objectification of the woman which suffered that horrible fate.

No. 1547124

I miss tumblr era circa 2010. I never that most of the userbase used it for porn until shit hit the fan. I was way too innocent.
I also miss the fashion from that period and all those fashion blogs.

No. 1547134

While you're right about them using traumatic events for online points, they still aren't the majority. Those women might not even be rich and simply be lying.
I'd suggest blocking them for your own good, that kind of person who uses a movement to victimize themselves while disrespecting actual victims shouldn't be getting any more views.

No. 1547143

I really love my best friend but she’s starting to seriously annoy me. Whenever I have a new interest or belief, she suddenly does too (even if it was something she hated or never cared about until the second I announced my interest in it). It makes me not even want to talk about my interests around her. Her love for them doesn’t even feel genuine a lot of the time since it seems to start only after I express my love for them. I love her so much and she’s been my best friend for years but this really bothers me. If she genuinely started caring about these things it would be fine of course but she always only seems to care the second I express a new interest or have a new belief. She even copied my idea for a project I was starting and is acting like it’s her own original idea.

No. 1547150

Same anon. Just adding on; she can be my best friend and still be her own person. She doesn’t have to change every single opinion to match mine or start caring about every interest I have the second I do. I kind of wish she could be more authentic instead of being exactly the same as me in seemingly every aspect.

No. 1547165

You mean yummy

No. 1547168

I agree. I kind of feel like it will be someday. I’ve always brushed it off since I feel like I’m just being immature but, like I said, I don’t even want to talk about my interests around her anymore or express new ones since I know she’ll immediately become obsessed with it too or copy my ideas like she did for my project.

No. 1547179

it's been really overwhelmingly busy at work so they are hired someone else to help me (which is great) but now i need to train her and in the meantime i'm so fucking busy that i want to die. i just called in to say i would be an hour late bc just thinking about how many emails i will have waiting for me is about to give me a panic attack i wish i could work remotely because I am in no shape to be around humans today

No. 1547185

that's not what I was trying to express. You cannot deny political groups are cultish and impose "truths" onto you. I've been abused my entire life because I don't have authority and narcissists impose their ideas onto you and if you do not comply they start gaslighting you and abusing you.
That's what wokeists do.

No. 1547200

I was nearly sick last night this seems to be a new thing when I'm about to get my period. I hope I bleed soon I have plans tomorrow I want to have the start of the period over with.

No. 1547202

i want to slowly poison myself with sugar or at least get some kind of cardiovascular disease or whatever else you can get in the long run from overeating day by day. i'm still skinny but i have nothing to live for and a tendency towards hypochondria so already im starting to notice the effects with heightened anxiety, random pains in my chest, a sudden ringing in my ears, the fingers of one hand turning slightly numb and weaker somehow. im scared there's no limit to the things i could do to myself but simultaneously that thought fills me with a vague satisfaction

No. 1547208

>I'm not racist
>Proceeds to use racist terms like rape ape and chink
You are either a retard, a moid, or both

No. 1547209

I know that you're right, but usually I can be strongrer when there are desserts or junk in my house. I've just been going off the rails this month. I'm struggling a lot. I will throw everything out today.

No. 1547227

Now I'm attempted to do this even though I'm not as addicted to sugar as I used to be. Just to get rid of it and to not eat sugar anymore since I'm concerned with its effects on aging. My parents will probably eat it but I'm not too sure.

No. 1547237

I’m not sure how to feel. I feel like I got given a solution to my obesity that’s like “a magical injection” and I don’t know, like I’m cheating? Then again, my diet is healthy, I barely eat (like I don’t over eat and my portions are actually normal if not quite small), I workout, I move a lot during the day unless I’m sick, and I don’t lose any weight.
So the doctor told me to use some injections that are daily and that will make me eat even less. Is it cheating? Am I just doing something wrong so now I have to do this? Maybe I’ve been dieting wrong or something.
And I’m also afraid of this thing not working anyways and just being literally obese for the rest of my life.

No. 1547238

I think your best course of action is to ignore the doctor and do as strangers on an imageboard say

No. 1547239

I'm honestly tempted to do the friend finder thing and find a friend or two but I'm insanely paranoid about getting too close to a person from here. Going over to their places or them to mine and suddenly one day, them going batshit Mad and deciding to randomly dox me on here and try to make a mockery outt of me. I'm sure it won't happen if I do the process of vetting them as a person, if they have good morals or not. Have a future that they're looking forward to… etc. Though the possibility still scares me. I feel like my fear is restricting me from some amazing experiences to be had.

No. 1547241

Nobody cares if you "cheated" to lose weight, they only care that you aren't fat anymore.
We have cows on this website who traveled to asian countries just to have surgeries that reduced their stomach sizes and intestines just to be able to stay thin. Not to mention tens of hundreds of pounds between them all when they got the fat liposuctioned from their bodies. So don't be concerned about vitamin injections being "cheating." Absolutely no one gives a shit

No. 1547244

I've been keeping my bisexuality in check because I'm in love with a guy and we're talking about having children and marrying.
But yesterday I found some of my college friends drunk in the middle of the street and this drunk girl started grinding on me and people would pull her away and she would come back and throw her butt at me and my god I had my hands up in the air to not touch her but she's fucking beautiful and I admit it awoke something in me. It's because that is common between straight girls and most people think I'm straight so they feel comfortable with this sort of thing but I'M NOT!

No. 1547252

>It's because that is common between straight girls and most people think I'm straight so they feel comfortable with this sort of thing but I'M NOT!
Ikr, if you're not butt-grinding on your friends are you even a straight woman? Only faggot trannies don't grind their butts on their friends

No. 1547256

I can't imagine the average mental health of people who post there is that far above Audrey Hale level and who knows how long they could appear normal for before snapping. It's not like dealing with moids where they'll have red flags coming out their asses from day dot.

No. 1547258

>Tfw in your entire lifetime you have never gotten drunk and gone on a fun night out with your female friends

No. 1547260

File: 1681312954321.jpeg (662.08 KB, 1978x2629, E807106E-2D08-4A43-8C44-7B02AA…)

My depression is out of control to a point where I’m making plans. Everything is horrible and it only keeps getting worse! Nothing is worth it anymore!!!

No. 1547264

File: 1681313143517.jpg (4.15 KB, 300x168, download (2).jpg)

I met an insane narcissistic sexual predator on here that mentally abused me for 3 months. He was an active lolcow user for 4 years just blending with the crowd and even sharing pink pilled opinions. I'm in a bad financial situation, he sent me money and then would tell me to get naked. His name is Steven Ryan Michael.
I added him from the friend finder thread on here approximatively one year ago. I was guilt tripped and told that I brought him here, harassed by anons on here for him abusing me.

Don't know why this is being played down. It's a major thing to add a scrote from the friend finder thread that pretends he is a woman for 2 weeks and shows female like behavior and opinions.

No. 1547266

I’m not asking for advice though? I’m literally venting in the vent thread.

No. 1547269

Guys I’ve recently come out to my friends and so I started feeling really good about myself and I was excited to actually get into the dating scene. I made some new friends too and one of those friends told me about her crush who’s someone I met a few times but didn’t care for. But then i got to know her a bit better and I noticed she’s interested in me and I started developing a crush on her too. I feel like absolute shit cause I feel like my hands are tied. I don’t wanna pursue her and hurt this sweet friend but at the same time I feel like I deserve to make myself happy after being miserable almost all my life. I might be delusional and she might not be interested in me at all or we might end up not being compatible but I still wanna get to know her. But I don’t wanna be a shitty friend. Idk what to do. Since we all go to college together it’ll be inevitable that she’ll together if we ever started talking.

No. 1547271

>I’m not asking for advice though?
That's great because I didn't give any

No. 1547274

anon is he currently in jail? is that his mugshot? I hope you are in a better place now, it's not your fault scrotes will masquerade as women on here

No. 1547275

Even discordfags couldn't resist posting about people on here and we're all anon I'd never meet anybody from this site irl. Too immature

No. 1547279

Seek mental help if you are TRYING to give yourself cardiovascular problems. I promise u don’t want that.

No. 1547286

Friend finder has never worked out for me. I’ve had a man add me there (though thankfully wasn’t malicious) and when women add me, we never really actually have much in common and one of us will end up ghosting. Now the idea makes me nervous because of the possibility of meeting someone mentally ill who would try to use my personal info against me. It sounds like a great idea but it’s just never worked out for me and now I feel is too risky.

No. 1547288

He is so fucking hot I couldn’t make him more perfect if I tried. But he doesn’t want me because I’m kinda uggo I guess. Why is life like that. I wish I had an irl love moment

No. 1547301

Yes, he raped a woman. He was an emotionally abusive narcissist, he kept telling me to get naked. I confessed my childhood trauma and he doxxed me as a way to manipulate me because I refused to do what he wanted me to do.

No. 1547306

Then why are you so mad? Kek

No. 1547310

NTA but when did she try to dox other women out of jealousy? All I remember is Olena, who would recruit mentally ill girls for her pimp, an old men she called her "father" or something of the sort.

No. 1547311

You kept e dating him after he told you he’s a rapist?kek

No. 1547315



We talked for 2 weeks. Who did I doxx on lolcow? You are playing down the abuse of someone that is a convinced fellon. Are you hearing yourself? You are focusing on how I am "evil" in the context of someone that is in prison for rape. Again, you are completely guilt tripping me and mentally abusing me for trying to focus on the lies that you are telling yourself about me instead of focusing on a sexual abuser. You are lying about me as well.

Again, you are all literally mentally deranged. How can you tell me it is my fault that I was groomed by a mentally deranged rapist that used to live on your imageboard.
You are lying as usual just as a means to divert the attention onto how "evil" I am. How I am not a victim, although you are victimizing me right now.

You are lying. I never doxxed any woman out of jealousy. I warned you about Steven before he raped the woman. "I'm not actually hurt" yes because mental and sexual abuse does not hurt. Piece of shit. This is what you've been doing to me for 3 years. Guilt tripping me, demonizing me, bounding me by a different standard.

You are insane and emotionally immature. I posted a literal fucking rapist that is convicted that I met on here and you choose to divert the conversation on how I am not a victim, how I "asked him for clothes" how I doxxed other women on lolcow which is a fucking lie. What you are doing is foul and emotionally abusive.

No. 1547322

>and even sharing pink pilled opinions
This is a red flag within its own right. I'm sorry this happened to you, thankfully you now know which people to avoid.
>he sent me money and then would tell me to get naked
You were in a desperate situation to where you had to resort to sex work? I'm sorry but this part confuses me.

No. 1547325

Please don't ever reveal your traumas to moids nonna.

No. 1547332

oh god I've been here years and I forgot the lolcow lore that's what I get for taking a few month hiatus

No. 1547338

How do you know its her?

No. 1547339

Bumped into a male with a shirt that said SHOOT LOADS NOT GUNS and I cannot stress enough how much I think men deserve to be castrated

No. 1547347

you've been posting my personal information for years and personally attacking me. Even now when I am posting about a deranged rapist that groomed me off lolcow you are diverting the entire attention from the actual evil which is a man WHOM IS LITERALLY IN FUCKING JAIL for raping a woman. Who has been posting on here for 4 years. You are scape goating me as usual, denying my abuse, vilifying me, lying about me. Just the usual mentally abusive draining shit.


You are denying my abuse and guilt tripping me, again if it was another woman on lolcow posting Steven's mug shot and saying he has been an active lolcow user for 3 years you'd jump in rescue and be empathetic. You're literally diverting the attention onto me instead of judging a fucking rapist. Pathetic emotionally abusive tactics. Yes, I am a victim and you are contributing to my victimization for what you are doing to me. All of it because I disagreed with you. You are evil. How can you mentally abuse me in such a way? I tell you that a mentally ill sociopath has been abusing me which is now rightfully in jail and you tell me it is all in my head, that I am victimizing myself and you are calling me a cat killer and pedophile and literally using my childhood trauma. You are lying about those things too. How can a 8 year old child be a pedophile? How can an 8 year old girl that is horribly abused be evil.
You are abusing me right now. You are vilifying me and ignoring a literal rapist that sexually assaulted an innocent woman.
You've been doing this to me for 3 years, mentally abusing me and guilt tripping me for the abuse that I've been going through. You are mentally ill narcissists with no empathy or you lack any emotional intelligence and you are projecting that onto me otherwise this has no explanation.

Yes, it is absolutely my fault that I'm a mentally ill and isolated woman that got groomed by an insane narcissist.

Why are you saying "sex work" we were dating. I told him that I needed money and he sent it to me, then he kept demanding I get naked although he offered to send me money. He offered to send me money, sent it to me and then he kept using it in an attempt to sexually abuse me or control me. So, I sent him the money back and blocked him.

After I was groomed and abused by him he found another girl with autism from lolcow that he also groomed and she was shocked to find what he did but I felt it in my guts.

How can you do this to me? You've been doing this to me for 3 years. Lying about me. Harassing me for being severely abused as an 8 year old girl. As a kid I was raped multiple times and beaten and had animals killed in front of me, I had no food, education or resources. How can you blame an 8 year old girl for replicating the abuse witnessed in her environment. Anyone with two brain cells and a bit of emotional awareness understands and knows that a child which is brought up in an incredibly abusive environment replicates the abuse. I haven't done anything wrong as an adult…
You've been mentally abusing me for 3 fucking years. You have a literal convicted rapist that used to live amongst you and you are victim blaming me for being an 8 year old raped, starved and beaten girl.


You've posted my nudes on lolcow. Blamed me for being a sex trafficking victim. Blamed me for being mentally ill. Blamed me for being in a bad situation. Blamed me for trying to expose a sex trafficker and said that I was "JEALOUS" and now you are blaming me for telling you a the mentally insane scrote that abused me which I found on lolcow has been convicted for fellony. How can you divert the attention on how I am evil even in this case? Are you unaware of your hypocrisy and the abuse you are inflicting onto me right now by blaming me for all of this?


YOU ARE NOT TAKING THIS SERIOUSLY ALTHOUGH YOU HAD A DANGEROUS RAPIST AMONGST YOU. WHATEVER I GUESS CHANGING THE NARRATIVE AND BLAMING ME FOR THE ABUSE THAT I HAD TO GO THROUGH IS BETTER THAN FOCUSING ON THE ACTUAL ISSUE. As usual…I'm speechless and have nothing to say to defend myself because no matter what I say you will blame me and find ways to shift the entire narrative to discredit and demonize me even if I am the one being victimized.

It's just a never ending cycle.

Just get it through your skulls. Steven raped a woman and he has been an active lolcow user for 3 years. He groomed me and another autistic girl. I told you about him from last year and you shut down the thread, mocked me and told me that I brought him here.

At this point I'm convinced that you have sociopathy or lack basic emotional intelligence, although you are projecting that onto me.
Anyway, whatever I say is useless.

Again, turning me into the demon when you are faced with a literal rapist is just fucking pathetic and it shows what level you all are on.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1547350

TL;DR Hall is the blond one

No. 1547367

Thread tourist but curious about this now. Why do you keep returning to try and reason with your “tormentors”? It makes very little sense. Also, it’s a bit daft to insinuate lolcow users are guilty this man was here. Lastly, where are you being harassed? You make it sound as though this has spilled outside lolcow.

No. 1547369

Anyone who uses friend finder should exercise with caution knowing how many male posters we get lurking the site. Hell, they were on the discord when it was active too. Beyond just letting Elaine run freely , there was at least one known male poster on the discord not masking himself whatsoever.

No. 1547370

No. 1547372

If you're talking about the old official lolcow discord, there were many, many males, mostly incels. It was ridiculous.

No. 1547374

People who make coffee a personality trait are annoying, no better than wine aunts or energy drink boys

No. 1547375

If farmers discussing you is harassment then why do you keep bringing yourself up? >>1547110

No. 1547376

It smells like poop too

No. 1547380

I was in two iterations but I remember having to voice for both. Maybe one was an offshoot server but I was in two different lc adjacent discords and I have no idea why the mods just let random moids in there

No. 1547383

I hate my life

No. 1547385

Only if it’s garbage coffee

No. 1547388

File: 1681319977077.gif (310.13 KB, 112x112, here is a hug.gif)

No. 1547389

Anyone, fictional or not, who claims they loooove coffee so much whilst drinking pre ground grocery store bullshit plopped into a drip coffee maker, is disgusting and lame. Same goes for people who drink starbies and Dunkin.
You should really try some single origin locally roasted freshly ground pour over coffee nonny I think you’d be a convert, I despise “coffee lovers” who think keurig is coffee.

No. 1547396

I hate mine too

i hope Jim Carrey dies

No. 1547397

>single origin locally roasted freshly ground pour over coffee
I am not a coffee fag but I cannot stress enough how much of a difference this makes. The best coffee I ever had in my life was this exact sort. Getting coffee from actual coffee fags is the best way to enjoy coffee.

No. 1547398

I wish some nice person would offer me free help to clear junk out of my yard, I’m not a hoarder but when I moved into this house the patio and shed were already full of garbage. I’m disabled and can’t clear it out myself. I hate hoarders and I hate people who smoke cigs and I hate people who refuse free help.

No. 1547405

I would help you out nonnie! Manifesting someone irl to help you out kek

No. 1547411

I think I give up on my moid.
Like, I was a young mother when he met me, I planned on having no more children, have a history aof childhood mental and physical abuse.
Health issues too that affect me the rest of my life.
Thought I was too old to meet someone, met him.
He was perfect to me but wanted children of his own.
I loved him so much we talked about this.
So I changed my mind.
Also moved countries and me and my son had to learn another language and manage culture shock.
I married my moid, ended up having(not diagnosed for which yet but in treatment) full blown BPD or cPTSD episodes.
Along with more health complications.
Along with my son being ADHD with delayed treatment which I fought for long before he got treatment.
My marriage almost falls apart and I almost leave.
Decide to stay.
I want things to work with my husband and now for years desperately want a child with him.
Well me and my son have ruined that for him apparently.
My son goes abroad for a gap year and gives up on it like he does everything.
Meanwhile my husband and I had come to an agreement that we can't keep putting off having a child.
That thing he wanted and I originally didn't.
Now I want it and he doesn't right now or isn't so sure.
My son throws things in on his gap year to come back here.
The dynamic changes yet again.
Back to whatever suits my husband.
Everything is too much to deal with so is distance between us even though I am in therapy.
Ready to say fuck all this.
My biological clock is ticking.
Being with him changed my mind on more children
Now I feel held hostage plus I can't fucking work down to still recovering from surgery 3 years ago.
For a diagnosis that I will have lifelong.
Things were going good bit my husband can't deal with my son.
Can't seem to deal full stop.
Am so angry to be 7 years married and feeling like my life is a fucking joke.
Maybe I need to just go back home.
Am so tired of life.
Fuck it all.
Fuck my life and everyone in it

No. 1547434

Samefag but my husband knew before I moved countries and married him my physical health issues and my childhood trauma..
I guess was just out of his life experience that he said was no problem he wanted to be with me no matter what.
Well neither of us are laughing now are we.
Is a bigger deal than he realized isn't it even though I warned him.

No. 1547444

You have all these fucking problems with your mental and physical health and relationships, your son is already like 18?!? And you claim your biological clock is ticking? Bitch you already have a kid you biological clock isn’t ticking you’re just a crippled retard. Your son is clearly already a loser and you think you’ll hit a home run with your next kid? When you’re already likely over 35 and shouldn’t have kids for that reason alone, not to mention all the other bullshit you have going wrong with you. I hope you’re infertile and unable to have another retard child.

No. 1547446

This is harsh but it's true, I'm sorry nonnie.

No. 1547454

Wow, I'm buying new clothes and was planning to get some Nike, but now I'm glad I only bought adidas so far. Please don't tell me they trooned out too, I need to wear something decent when I'm around people.

No. 1547457

Idk if I’m burned out from family shit during easter or I’m hormonal but I feel like shit. Öike so depressed and so sad I just want to cry. I want to go to bed as soon as I finish work. I want to sleep because I can’t handle anything. I need to study though and I’m already behind (my own schedule). Idk what to do. Eat chocolate kek? I just had my ovulation though

No. 1547458

Yup… they sadly have too. Someone bring out the radfem products website.

No. 1547461

you don't need a child, you need a purpose, you already had a child and he is a grown ass man now

No. 1547481

File: 1681322795133.gif (459.98 KB, 220x225, fire-entering.gif)

kek wtf i take a break from this thread for a few hours and shit goes down
i did not expect this

No. 1547486

Yup my son is 18 with ADHD, unfortunately not retarded. Super smart but with no direction.
Yes I have mental health issue.
Which I have been in therapy for.
Luckily (not for me dealing with it) my mental health issues are not hereditary.
My physical health issues won't kill me, just means a surgery here or there and reasonably manageable symptoms.
I have spina bifida occulta, normally causes no problems.
Unfortunately for me it did I have nerve damage to my bladder which is now manageable and bowel issues which may require another surgery.
I had a surgery for detethering my spinal cord, turned out it would take me 3 years to walk etc properly again and I deal with a level of nerve pain.
Yeah I have a child and despite my mental and physical health which the mental health I am in several treatment for and I can't genetically pass on, and the physical which will be life long, what is wrong with wanting a child with the man I married?
I own my bullshit, am just frustrated which is why I am in the vent thread.
And yeah, I guess I am considered ancient on here.

No. 1547489

Girl get a hobby or start learning a new skill but having a kid is not the best in your situation

No. 1547493

35 is only ancient if you’re wanting to be a broodmare. Under any other conditions it’s still young. But damn yeah you’re a retard cripple. Hope you get pregnant and neither you nor your fetus survive. You sound like a net drain of resources and you don’t even seem like a fun person to be around. If you’re gonna be a cripple at least be bubbly and fun and not a sadsack breeder who apparently can’t even pick a decent man. Where’s your son’s dad? Probably the same place your current moid will be once you pop out a baby for him.(alog)

No. 1547496

I'm around your age (I think) and I agree the last thing you need is another child with a man who doesn't even want one. Fix your relationship with your son and make sure he doesn't go off into the world all emotionally retarded.

No. 1547498

What the fuck anon

No. 1547499

There's no way I'd want another kid in your circumstance unless I was forcing a daughter into existence as an insurance policy for old age care since we know male children are useless in that regard.

No. 1547500

Yes I have been told this before.
I have worked and studied.
I like to provide at home and cook so well that at my last job(before surgery) I gave out recipes was offered promotion and had to turn it down and couldn't return down to recovery.
Am looking at furthering my studies because I have qualifications in fashion design and clothing manufacturing.
But have a huge interest in textiles/historic ccostume.
And fashion pays shit for most people.
I have my hobbies and I LIKE to provide where I can at home.
And what?
At least I know what I want.
And am in the vent thread cuz you know, I needed to vent

No. 1547505

That is a horrible reason to have a child, you're breakin my heart over here

No. 1547508

good lord you're more toxic than licking lithium battery

No. 1547511

Well anon you would be surprised to know at that very young age even though the father proposed I said fuck that.
Wasn't marrying a man I didn't love just cause I was pregnant.
I was super young the father is a fucking lover and I made every effort for him to be in his son's life anyway.
My son wants nothing to do with him.
That's HIS choice not mine!

No. 1547515

Samefag he is a LOSER

No. 1547517

Don't pay attention to her anon, she was being way too vitriolic. I agree with >>1547496 though.

No. 1547519

Is this a poem

No. 1547520

Nonnie he DID want a child.
More than I did.
We had issues for a while and have worked it out.
Now the tables have turned.
And we are married.
Things aren't always so straightforward (but would be nice if it was)

No. 1547525

Find the hidden code in the first letter of each sentence, you get a prize if you figure it out! This is actually an ARG

No. 1547530

I almost thought those were song lyrics at first

No. 1547534

Anyway yeah I'm the retarded cripple causing a meltdown in the vent thread of all places kek.
Wasn't trying to start a huge derail was just venting.
I have therapists and doctors I know well my situation!
Keep on with your own venting nonnies!

No. 1547537

I'm sorry anon kek

No. 1547539

But he doesn't now, he changed his mind, it sucks but are you still gonna bring a child into the world that isn't wanted by half its family?

No. 1547540

Why thanks nonnie!

No. 1547548

File: 1681324513885.jpeg (12.2 KB, 261x275, 8EACFC0E-9CB1-49EB-A27E-B75722…)

One of my best friends is making terrible life decisions but I know if I confront her she’ll either get defensive and double down or if I DO away her she’ll probably second guess her decisions and go back anyways. She broke up with her last boyfriend in a really shitty way and our friend group has been frustrated with her for it. Her ex’s mom was dying in the hospital and she said it was “too much for her to handle” so she broke up with him, then tried to go back a few days later. I ended up hearing from both their perspectives and the relationship definitely should’ve ended but it was terrible timing from her. They’re both good people who just didn’t work well together. The thing that has really made us worry is that she’s now dating a scrote who has acted creepy towards her for YEARS. They went on a two dates several years ago and she rejected him and he was pissy about it for years. Like upset and angry and acting like they had been engaged. He talked badly about her behind her back and generally made everything really awkward whenever we were forced to be around him. He kept contacting her and violating her boundaries when she first started dating her ex and making her feel guilty despite it being months after the two dates they had. He went to the psyche ward and left her a voicemail talking about how much he meant to her and how important she was as a friend to him even though they hadn’t talked in months. He’s an ugly fat weirdo who is historically unstable and has repeatedly violated her boundaries but she feels like it’s okay because he apologized??? Yeah obviously he’s going to apologize and tell you what you want to hear as soon as you’re single. Like if she can’t handle what’s going on with her ex she really cannot handle this scrote’s genuine unstableness. I don’t know what to do because the only way I think this will end is when something really bad happens. I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes emotionally abusive. I want to tell her and try and knock some sense into her but I fear it might make things worse. I don’t know what to do.

No. 1547549

You literally sound much more mentally ill and unhinged than OP which is a big achievement. Get help instead of mocking women who are venting about their lifes, weirdo.
Not that anon and I'm 21 but you're not ancient. It's normal to want more than one kid and if a woman wants a kid, she shouldn't be attacked for it. You should talk about this with your husband and maybe see a relationship therapist to help you decide to if you really want and can take care of a child in your previous marriage. I hope things turn out good for you and your son.

No. 1547556

No I won't because been there done that.
Am venting because if my husband doesn't change his mind I won't be doing it.
Just sucks that I changed my mind through being with him to be faced with him changing his.
I am not getting any younger and having expected for 7 years of marriage that having a child would happen, is hard to face that might not happen.
Even if he will which he never clearly said he wouldn't, just not NOW, I ain't getting any younger.
Am aware the risks that brings for mother AND child and I already have health issues…
No issue for a baby but might be more recovery for me again…

No. 1547558

report her to city/county authorities. unironically it's illegal to keep her property like that. i love watching hoarders shows because they need to be called out on their bullshit. they're slobs.

No. 1547571

Thanks anon.
We don't need a couples therapist, things were difficult with my son and my physical health, and my mental health spiralled due to not getting treatment.
Is good to know that whatever my diagnosis it is down to my childhood and isn't hereditary.
And being in treatment for years myself has helped so much.
Am aware that with little context anons will judge harshly but I am aware of my situation and am getting help where needed.
I have more awareness going into consideration of having another child than I did with my son and more than most people will ever have.
I have been there done that I know what it means.
I know posting on here is anonymous but also means anons can be completely judgemental even outside of their own life experience.

No. 1547577

I shared a cigarette with the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen last weekend and now I have fucking mono. I’ve never felt this sick in my entire life I can’t stop crying nonnas

No. 1547578

I say this respectfully as the child of a parent with diagnosed mental health issues, I don't think it's fair towards the kid to knowingly have it when your mental health issues are severe enough to require several treatments. Of course I don't know the details of your situation but that's my two cents as someone who knows what it's like growing up in a home with a mentally ill parent.

No. 1547579

I'm starting to genuinely hate gay/ bi men and tra bisexuals. I can't stand being lumped in with them at all. The deeper I dig into "lgbt history" the more I find that gay/bi men are just.. so pedophilic. Honestly I'm starting to think that for men,they don't really have a sexuality like women do. Just whatever hole is available will do. Many men claim to be straight but then rape and murder little boys and tims all the time. Most men aren't even attracted to women but perceived femininity. And crossdressers/trannies have a documented history worldwide of being both sex pest rapists and outcasted homosexuals. And while lesbians were campaigning to be seen as normal people the moids were out their raping kids and refusing to stop spreading aids. And queer theorist aka faggots, spicy straights,and pedophilic bisexuals have always been there with them pleading for the gay moids right to rape little boys. Faggots hate women so much and are so jealous that straight men don't wanna rape their prolapsed assholes. Growing up as a young lesbian surrounded by fags and bisexuals who constantly pushed me to let troons rape me has made be a little suspicious of basically anyone who isn't a terfy lesbian. Honestly I doubt the bisexuality and lesbianism of 90% of tra women. Most will end up with a bepenised individual by the time they are 30 anyway. I seriously wish lesbian never allies themselves with fags in the first place. All they have done is erase the efforts done by us. Fags and trannies are the reason people are starting to get MORE homophobic. They just can't stop raping and grooming kids. I know non of this makes much sense but I just am getting to fed up with them

No. 1547594


idk what your style/budget is but there's a lot of brands besides nike and adidas if you want athleisure, prana and beyond yoga are both clean afaik. Girlfriend Collective is a bit libfem and one of their sports tops became trendy as a binder among genderspecials, but they don't outright market toward troons. Those are just off the top of my head, I'll add more though

No. 1547595

>out having lunch with my sister
>eating a caesar salad
>couple in their 50s sitting at the table next to us, they're both just drinking water, no food
>they both keep staring at me while eating for like 10+ seconds, sometimes minutes
>if i look back at them they just keep eye contact like i'm the most fascinating alien they ever saw
>try giving them an expression that says "what do you want?" but they keep staring
>finish 30 minute lunch after this couple literally spent 25 of those minutes looking at me like a zoo animal
>get up from table
>ask them "are you guys okay?"
>the woman says "oh your food just looked so good" and her hubby starts sperging about how he totally wasn't looking at me
>my sister starts scolding them for being socially inept, she noticed throughout the entire meal and was really weirded out
>the couple starts yelling at us both that we're angry bitches

This was yesterday and I still feel a knot in my stomach thinking about it, I feel terrible from being yelled at. How are these people real? How do people like that exist for 50+ years having the social skills of a toddler? I'm sensitive and feel embarrassed and upset by the whole experience, all the other guests noticed when they started yelling and my sister argued with them.

No. 1547600

I have a marriage behind me. We got married so young that he thought he didn't want kids and then.. changed his mind 3 years in. I didn't want kids. Its the number one dealbreaker in a marriage so as much as it sucked att.. I'm glad he did us both the favor of him leaving and it not dragging out for years with neither of us on the same page on something so important

I have a messed up past and lingering MH effects. I know I have a habit of staying in relationships and ignoring the obvious. I could still be with this guy today and still be butting heads over this issue if he hadn't bit the bullet and said.. hey this isn't a small issue. Its a make or break thing. It ending was for the best. I feel for you. Some days I wonder how my life would've went if he hadn't left and if we'd spent years trying to somehow make it work. There was no way we'd both be content with our lot in life though.

No. 1547602

Old people really seem to have only two categories: really sweet and pleasant or rude and entitled as fucking shit

No. 1547609

Older miserable couples in a marriage where all conversation between them has long dried up and become stale.. they go out together just to 'people watch' and bitch about random strangers.

No. 1547670

I have an exam tomorrow and my severe untreated ADD (haven't found meds that work for me yet, honestly scared I won't ever find them) makes me really only able to focus for a decent chunk of time on the day of the exam and it makes me want to scream so much.
I want to be able to go into exams calm minded and confident, not thinking that the railroad is looking nice every fucking exam.

No. 1547672

i had a cold for a few days and today i thought it was already over, my symptoms were gone, so i went and exercised.
Now the symptoms are coming back. Will I die now?

No. 1547675

I had to ask the security at the front desk of my office about something. I wasn't being rude at all, I was just a little confused and needed some clarification, so I had to ask a couple questions. I wasn't being a Karen or a bitch or anything like that, was just genuinely confused. It should have taken about a couple minutes max.

This fat bitch who was there was being extremely rude to me and started basically yelling at me after I got confused. I thought maybe I offended her somehow and tried to smooth things over ("oh it's no big deal, it's not a rush") but she basically shut me up and told me to leave because she already answered my question (she didn't). She was literally rolling her eyes at me. At that point I asked for her manager and she lost her shit, telling me I was making her "uncomfortable" (absolutely not, I wasn't even cursing let alone threatening her). She obviously was just saying it as retaliation for the fact that I was going to report her. Oh, and she refused to give me her name, her manager, or their number.

There was absolutely no reason to be rude at all in the first place. How do people like this even exist? I was berated and spoken down to for literally asking a few questions, like I was some kind of pushy child throwing a tantrum. It was such a non-issue that it genuinely blows my mind how she could become so pissed off for literally no reason.

It's literally been several weeks and I still feel shitty about it when I lay awake at night. I feel your pain >>1547595
People who are rude for no reason can really fuck up your week, even month.

Another time, I was just crossing the street in regular clothes, and the crosswalk "walk" sign was on (so I wasn't jaywalking). A scrote in a truck turning left starts blasting his horn and freaking out at me. I was just confused so I pointed at the "walk" sign and looked around, thinking maybe he didn't realize it was my right of way or maybe he wasn't even mad at me. I even tried, in my head, to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume maybe it was an emergency and he was in a crazy rush. But after I walked on by (acting obviously confused by his behavior), he literally pulls over and starts yelling something out of his window. It really shook me up for a couple days, to have this unstable scrote's anger taken out on me. It really felt like he was going to run me over.

No. 1547677

this list is depressing as fuck, so many brands or places i like to avoid. sometimes i wish i never took the pinkpill, ignorance is bliss

No. 1547678

File: 1681332523933.jpg (11.37 KB, 228x284, 1464477829370.jpg)

i've been picking/mutilating my toes all winter and now it's almost sandal season

No. 1547683

Funny how CC is used commonly as a strawman here to either blame moid simping or radical femcelism.

No. 1547686

I haven't worn open shoes for ages partially because my the skin on my feet and my toes are so ugly I've simply given up on that. Maybe it's not that hard to manage but I won't even try, too lazy

No. 1547687

It might've been because she's fat. Are you thin and pretty?

No. 1547690

File: 1681333437069.jpg (94.64 KB, 750x933, 5E1762B10D814CC4A5DB77D9462F62…)

It's raining hard right now and I was doing some homework online but the power went out for like 5 minutes, and I lost all my progress. I'm using that as an excuse to browse lolcor until it stops raining

No. 1547692

Well, yes. But it's not like I was all dolled up. It was after hours so I was wearing sweats, a bun, and had on no makeup.

I don't know why she would risk her job over that.

No. 1547693

You don't need to be "dolled up" to make fat women mad

No. 1547698

kek, thanks nonna. you made me feel better about it

No. 1547702

get back on the grind babygirl so you can dance outside when it's done raining

No. 1547709

How is it a strawman when tons of cc posters literally call themselves femcel

No. 1547714

job references are such bullshit. your manager only gives you their work email. no one gives you a personal email or personal phonenumber. and once you leave the job you never speak to them again. i have no fucking idea what their contact info is or if they even work at the same company anymore. why is this boomer bullshit still around? if you want to check whether i worked where i said i did ask the IRS because they bloody well know!

No. 1547716

That's what Linkedin is good for. I never managed to get a job thanks to it for a bunch of reasons and that's why I made an account in the first place long ago, but I got my current job because my current manager asked me for references and I managed to ask a former coworker her phone number on Linkedin because she herself got a different job before me so I couldn't have used her previous professional phone number.

No. 1547717

I'm just amused by the apparent contradiction of depicting CC as simultaneously moid-worshipping and anti-relationships with moids (the latter being more frequent in my experience). I think these two types of posters exist both here and on CC, it will always be this way, and it's not something surprising nor concerning. It provides different insights to the many who desperately oscillate in between.

No. 1547718

I always put down my siblings or parents as references because they never actually check kek

No. 1547725

File: 1681336914072.jpg (75.58 KB, 666x1000, 519g1y-NUqL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

when i got home from seeing the mario movie in the cinema tonight i got out my old nintendo ds and it made me feel like shit. sometimes when i feel nostalgia i get a very deep and intense sense of dread and anxiety along with it. idk how to stop it now. i also don't understand why i get like this, because i have great memories of playing the ds. i feel so bad now

No. 1547733

It's not a contradiction at all, you hate that which has control over you.
That's why so many men are womanhaters, they are weak-willed and the sex drive is strong. So they end up blaming the trigger of that drive instead of their own weak self-control.
It's easy to see how this applies to women too. If you let your sex drive control you, you end up aCC poster

No. 1547739

i hate when everybody lefts me on read. i've told some friends how sad or angry that makes me feel and they still do it to me. not that i go nuts everytime someone do it, but its shitty when it happens again after hours or days after the first one. then some of these "friends" have the nerve of posting shitty infographics about how important is to communicate feelings and needs to others. starting to realize and accept that i'm fucking boring and no one except my family (maybe) would bother if something bad happens to me

No. 1547743

You sure they're not busy?

No. 1547746

I'm sorry that happens nonnie. I understand how you feel. Just keep in mind that people who post infographs on instagram will always be the flakiest, non-communicative people like 99% of the time and yet they will preach about acceptance and being there for friends during hard times and etc etc. Don't let it get you down.

No. 1547749

File: 1681339859661.jpg (50.33 KB, 735x586, f026b1f13b32a21bcfa769b301ecee…)

>if you let your sex drive control you, you become a femcel/turbo virgin/misandrist
Nta but no, I don't follow

No. 1547753

>People hate when they're not in control of their life
>People cannot control their sex drive
>People hate things that engage the sex drive

No. 1547756

I think my dad may have done something to me when I was a kid. I don't really remember but I've started piecing things together. I frequently went to the doctors with Urinary tract infections throughout my childhood and had a very early knowledge and strangly in depth curiosity of sex. I would touch myself compulsively until it hurt. I was anxious and afraid. I have a vivid memory from when I was about 7 years old I think. I woke up, and my dad was in my room taking off his clothes. I looked up at him and asked what he was doing, at which point he pulled his trousers back up and said he got confused and thought my room was the bathroom before leaving. My dad drank a lot so I figured he was drunk. But in hindsight, theres a lot of weird sketchy signs and sporadic blind spots in my childhood memories. Its hard to tell, I just feel like I'd remember by now. When I was raped in my teens, I remembered most of the ordeal after just over a year. I don't know. I don't want to put it out there in therapy because then I can't put it back and my dad never gave me pedophile vibes so maybe I'm just overthinking it because I've been sexually assualted a lot throughout my life that I almost assume its the case

No. 1547767

I hate that despite knowing I don't want to be in a relationship, and that i am not attracted to anyone irl, some primate part of my brain stills thinks about the idea of falling in love with someone sometimes, feels weird.

No. 1547770

I feel like antidepressants killed my libido at first, as they should; however, after a few years of being on them I guess that has worn off and my libido is back. I’m back to being writhingly horny, thinking about sex all the time, and having erotic dreams and orgasming in my sleep. I am a virgin and I’m becoming desperate again. I kind of miss the sterility. I don’t want to be so desperate that I put myself in a bad situation but who is going to love me?

No. 1547773

if it makes you feel better, the majority are just involved with Dylan Mulvaney

No. 1547781

Anon I have similar worries. I have no answers but I hope that whatever comes to light or doesn’t, you’re supported and safe now

No. 1547788

I wish I’d never made it out of the coma. I’m so tired of being sad and crippled. My scarring is so bad and ugly. I’m starting training to be a nurse in September and I think the second I get access to medicine I’m going to use it to end things for good.

No. 1547792

File: 1681344071875.png (82.22 KB, 275x236, g-2.png)

>opens tumblr before going to bed
>sees bad take on my favourite character
>can't sleep now because I'm too angry about strangers misinterpretating my husbando
why am i so autistic? this shouldnt bother me but it does

No. 1547793

Oh, look, someone who cannot run away from my lame jokes. We were made for each other

No. 1547797

Are you a tranny or just autistic?

No. 1547800

I cannot believe you are a 24 year old woman that still calls herself nonbinary and with your feminine haircut, feminine attire, feminine interests and hobbies, calls herself "gender nonconforming". You literally just look like a feminine woman with blue hair. You were never a boy and you were certainly never a faggot like you love to post about on your tumblr. Your "disability" is that you have BPD and are too retarded to hold down a job. It is so obvious you are scared of aging as a woman. You're such an annoying womanchild I sincerely hope you start testosterone and get gnarly acne and hate yourself even more and become even more emotionally unstable.

No. 1547806

No. 1547809

Neither, I am an Internet relic
Formerly known as a troll
Remember those? Of course you don't you humourless bastards, you all think you're experiencing stuff for the first time ever and your pain is the painiest in the history of womankind, and this shitposting place is totally the place to bare your soul
Did she expect imageboard strangers to asskiss her out of suicide? That's a shit survival strategy.

No. 1547813

yep it's autistic

No. 1547816

Ur mom

No. 1547818


No. 1547824

>>1547809 Nobody will ever love you

No. 1547831

Why does this thread always attract the weirdest posters, what the fuck is even going on?

No. 1547836

I'm scared that there's someone watching me through my webcam. I feel very paranoid. It is horrible!!

No. 1547848

File: 1681347161842.png (40.1 KB, 264x317, catinbox.PNG)

I hate that I hate my mom. It feels so anti-feminist somehow but I really don't think there's a single likable thing about her. She's a terrible, anxious mess of a human being with a victim complex. My driving instructor is more of a mother to me than she is. I just want to completely disown her and never speak to her ever again. I really did try so hard to befriend her for many years but she has such a bad impact on my self-esteem and happiness with her constant criticisms of (literally everything) and BPD meltdowns. I feel like I'm being petty but I don't think I'll ever grow as a person until I cut her off completely. Fuck being loyal to family. Sometimes your family is absolutely shit and doesn't deserve your energy.

No. 1547849

It’s the vent thread retard

No. 1547856

let's trade places nonna. i have not had a sex drive in 5 months despite not using any medication idk what's going on

No. 1547873

It's not surprising when you post a measured, logical point or question on a "controversial" social media post and people will literally just call you dumb. Or too stupid to tie your shoes. As if that's a "check mate"/they have the moral high ground and that's that. It's not surprising, just disappointing.

I rarely do that sort of thing, but dammit I just want to have an actual conversation with people. Have a discussion. Maybe I AM wrong, after reading a convincing and logical counterargument. But being called names like a child makes me think you have none. People nowadays are such narrow minded robots that they can only parrot what the "correct" thing is and everyone else is evil or dumb.

I know if I get off the internet there are more people who aren't like that. But it's depressing.

No. 1547880

Cover it up retard

No. 1547883

Just based off of the typing style, weren't you the 35 year old anon who posted a vent earlier and got attacked and derailed the whole thread? Why are you now hating on another anon for her harmless vent?
Anons seem to think that this is an advice thread, and that's why they always feel entitled and are itching to reply to random anons with their "advice" (most of which is just them being an asshole) when they're just trying to vent. This is why the get it off your chest thread can't work either, because anons think everyone needs their commentary. I meant to say this earlier but I'm glad I'm posting this now and actually have an example kek.

No. 1547887

If they don't want any responses, they can post it in the "take it off your chest thread", moron

No. 1547888

Kill yourself, moron.

No. 1547890

You do not want my ghost haunting the Internet, reconsider

No. 1547891

No, you can kill yourself! I'll take my chances!

No. 1547893

K, see you on the dark side of the screen

No. 1547895

My mom is currently schizo ranting and schizo posting online. I hate how easy tablets and apps make it for her to post her unhinged shit. I really want to break all her electronics and force her to use a old flip phone. She's reminding me of those it's not a phase shitposts. Why does the internet emboldened people like my mom to be more unhinged? God has the worst sense of humor.

No. 1547899

I don’t think I’m ever going to have a good quality of life. I finally got access to psychological therapy after years on a waiting list but it’s not helping. I got a boyfriend but I don’t feel any better. I’m dependent on my family but I can’t forgive them. I hate my job so I enrolled on a new course but I’d rather just die.
I’m tired. I survived a suicide attempt in January, woke up in the ICU so full of hatred for everything and it hasn’t gotten better. I just want to be put down

No. 1547900

>go to my usual coffee sop
> there's a cute nerdy guy who works there, we've chatted a lot
>today he's doing a ""girl voice"" and is wearing eyeliner
FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK now I have to find a new coffee shop

No. 1547901

I wish my boyfriend wasn't so fucking cringe sometimes. Last time we had sex he kept turning to the movie that was on and making retarded commentary… it took me out of it every time. Told him to stfu and keep the movie commentary til after but jesus fucking christ. He's great in so many ways but holy shit is he embarrassing sometimes. God damn. He also has to take "breaks" from thrusting and I keep telling him to stretch his hips and to fucking power through. This is my first relationship and damn I wish he could just suck it up and fucking power through the ache like god damn I allow you to have sex with me and you can't even work through the pain? Retard. He's way too physically active to be this shit at sex. I hope he fucking shapes up. I cannot keep having sex with a guy who can't thrust for more than 30 seconds at a time.

No. 1547906

>guy who can't thrust for more than 30 seconds at a time
Lolcow: "Hurr durr why you like man butt I don't understand"

No. 1547907

I had an interview today. There was a common HR question they asked "how do you keep your work organized" and I thought it was a time management question so I answered about the ways I would organize my tasks to meet project deadlines. And then right after that they asked "how do you manage your time" I just gave them the same answer as my previous. Lmao whoops. I hope it didn't hurt my chances too much. Interviewing is so challenging to me. At least I feel like I'm getting a bit better at it as I don't get the nervous shaking anymore during interviews and I'm getting better at anticipating possible questions they could ask me based on the job description.

No. 1547908

Does a muscley, toned ass really help with thrusting? Maybe I should tell him to do some heavy lifting squat excercises then…

No. 1547909

Absolutely, the glutes are the main muscles engaged

No. 1547910

That's a bit disheartening because he already has a very nice toned ass. I'll still tell him to work his glutes anyway. Men have it so easy during sex smfh.

No. 1547911

File: 1681351632503.gif (307.61 KB, 192x192, bye.gif)

real stressed at my doctors at the moment. they won't answer emails or calls and the local pharmacy won't dispense my much needed, non-addictive medication because the script wasn't emailed to them directly by the corresponding hospital team. cool, find out the new email, send it over and… it's been fucking weeks and they won't get back to me regarding the update. how the fuck am i supposed to get my medication? it's fucking mavenclad. nobody wants this unnecessarily, most of the planet doesn't know it fucking exists.
i just don't want another illness relapse but they're sure making it difficult. kind of snapped at the receptionist in the pharmacy due to frustration and i feel bad about that even though it was just a "well, that's fucking bullshit" to her reiterating their stance on scripts via email despite the fact last year you could walk in with a pdf of your script and they'd fill it.
to my credit i followed up the not-directed-at-her-snark with a genuine thanks for her time as i stormed away, just so damn stressful

No. 1547914

The grip that Big Troonery has on cute nerdy guys is insane, it's awful

No. 1547916

this happened to me too. at least you're not in the timeline where you married him and he troons out after you have a baby

No. 1547943

One of the nice things about getting older is people don’t fuck with you anymore. I was at the park with my bf and he’s 20 and im 30 and these young boys started acting retarded looking in my bfs direction and making faces etc and I was so confused. Then I realized they were trying to bully my bf because he looks young. I haven’t had to deal with that since I was like 22.

No. 1547948

found out i have a heart condition today and most likely will need surgery and im so freaked out. it really caught me off guard, i thought it would turn out to be nothing. i'm just really scared and i don't want to have to do surgery. i don't want to die and i just want it to go away

No. 1547949

Whats it like changing his diapers and folding his clothes

No. 1547951

His momma already taught him those things

No. 1547953

Happy for you. Just curious, how did your paths cross?

No. 1547955

We met at a bar

No. 1547956

I'm glad I'm not the only one dating someone with that sort of age gap.

No. 1547957

What do you have in common? I'm just nosy btw

No. 1547958

I guess I just cannot imagine finding enough common ground with a 20 year old to pursue an entire relationship. What is there to even talk about with a 20 year old boy

No. 1547959

We like TikTok, horror movies, going to restaurants and I like to watch him play video games. I’m pretty brain dead so that’s probably why this works.

No. 1547962

I mean most men don’t “have anything in common”with women in their 20s and their relationships work out

No. 1547964

I never intended to date someone that young but I think it works out for me because I'm insanely autistic and so is he. We both share a very retarded and immature sense of humor. Plus, we have a lot of hobbies and interests in common. We've been dating a few years now.

No. 1547965

It isnt criticism just curiosity

No. 1547967

a few years? be serious.

No. 1547969

i'm sorry, anon. my mom had to have surgery recently, she was so freaked out about it but it went alright, she's doing so much better now. i hope it's the same for you. i am sorry this had to happen, but you have a way out, even if it's really scary.

No. 1547970

Still having the compassion and capacity for selfless love even after being hurt in inhumane ways is kind of cool. Forgiveness is a myth I will not be subscribing gto though and you can die.

No. 1547976

thank you anon, that makes me feel better. im glad your mom is doing well

No. 1547998

It feels like I'm spiraling over my ex again. It's been 6 months since the permanent breakup. Maybe it will get better once I hit the one year mark.

No. 1547999

My ac is broken so I have to have the window open with the fan going. I hate this every breath is so muggy. I want to die. The moist hot air with only an oscillating fan for comfort reminds me of being in school as a kid. Reeeee that repair man better answer the phone tomorrow

No. 1548019

File: 1681359310026.png (Spoiler Image, 1.41 KB, 478x220, Untitled.png)

No. 1548060

i'm so tired of being put in between other people's secrets. it feels like a constant parent divorce that is just unloaded on to you and having to hear "dont tell anyone". i don't even like to gossip but at some point it starts leaving me no one to vent to when it is heavy secrets and its between most of the people i know. its not fair. im an open book, so i dont commonly do secrets with people unless its inside jokes. i dont really go to people to hold secrets, so this is all exhausting when i don't even understand where i fit into any of this. im also autistic so my social skills are shit. i have practically trained myself to be at the least approachable but i just don't know why i get everyone's drama and secrets when i can barely hold a good conversation with people.

No. 1548063

A few? As in.. he was how old when you two met? I'm well aware everywhere has different ages of consent but I don't get many chances to ask someone about age gaps that actually is in one.

No. 1548071

I don’t want to divulge too much but he was in his early 20s. I could never see myself ever dating someone who just got out of high school.

No. 1548078

i just ended things with my ex after dealing with over a year of abuse and manipulation and isolation he started an argument this morning and ended up blocking eachother and i got high and sad and sent him a really long detailed message over a text app through a fake number about all of the awful things he had put me through and i ended it telling him to never contact me on anything ever again and that i was deleting the app after sending the message and never unblocking his number or contacting him ever again but i just didnt have the strength to delete the app because its extremely hard for me to let go ive tried ending things with him and no matter how horrible he is to me i cant stop going back to him and he just replied to it saying that hes sorry for everything and that he still loves me and that he needs me to know that he never meant to hurt me intentionally i just cant stop crying and i dont know if hes telling the truth or not he has never once respected me or listened to me and i would always tell him whenever he did something that upset me but he just didnt listen to me until it was too late i've wanted him since i was 13 and i'm 18 now and i just don't know what to do anymore why couldn't he ever just listen to me or treat me the way i wanted to be treated i wish i never met him i wish i could just forget about him and everything that he has ever done to hurt me

No. 1548083

>and i dont know if hes telling the truth or not
he's not.
print out a photo of his face and start throwing darts at it. if the relationship was valuable and worth having, you wouldn't be feeling like shit all throughout it. a good relationship is something where you can say you are better off with them than without, where you feel good when around them, and them around you. it is clear what is important to you for a healthy, happy life is not being met by him, and he is actively going against your happiness.
if you had a daughter, would you want him dating her and dealing with what he put you through? no? so why do you want to endure it yourself?

No. 1548087

No. 1548088

File: 1681368393300.jpeg (41.46 KB, 439x532, ECD56C8F-C01B-438D-823B-A6E874…)

>be me
>look cute today
>go to bustop to wait for bus
>squeeze myself in the corner between older women
>check myself in reflection of the glass
>aw Im cute
>disgusting foul smell gets into my nose
>look around
>homeless fat scrote licks his ice cream
>looks at me like he wants to eat me

No. 1548095

I hate working and I already ate my lunch this morning because I am so frustrated and bored

No. 1548110

I don't get your question. Why wouldn't I be allowed to do that? I've talked about this topic at least a hundred times. Does everything I say go though one ear and out the other?

No. 1548147

been feeling like shit and getting random heart palpitations and a tight feeling in my chest for the last two months or so, so I got a 24-hour ambulatory ECG strapped to my body today and now i'm worried that my symptoms will suddently disappear for one day. Like it won't find anything wrong with me and as soon as i hand it back i start feeling like shit again.
i just want some doctor to hand me a solution because this sucks and i feel like i have a lot less energy to do what i need to do now. damn.

No. 1548174

Do you ever feel like your partner is using your trauma against you? Like to win stupid arguments by saying things like “you’re acting like this because of your trauma”, “no one wants to be around you because of your trauma”. I’ve come a long way in my opinion and my life story cannot be compared to a girl who lived life like a princess. Whenever I’m having a good time, and feel like I’m thriving, he finds a way to remind me of the horrible things I lived in the past.

No. 1548175

File: 1681386718250.png (119.98 KB, 828x564, 1663071602212.png)

It is the worst!! Cute nerdy guys are literally an endangered species at this point. I would do anything for a cute shy nerdy guy but I don't want to risk being near a ticking timebomb of troonery. I can't express how much I hate that nerds are so at risk for trooning out

No. 1548179

Don't worry, troonism will end as soon as the American Empire and neo-liberalism collapses.

No. 1548182

File: 1681388717592.jpeg (31.83 KB, 500x666, 2164DFC0-980B-4A8E-BBA6-B6ABA9…)

Panic disorder, possibly
t. Been there

No. 1548187

I kind of want to just be under 110 again and that’s the weight I feel comfortable at but I don’t feel like people mistaking me for a man again since I have no tits and ass. Once I go under 145 my ass and tits disappear and I have to be super dolled the fuck up everyday to not be seen as a teenage boy at low weights.
>inb4 who would mistake you for being a man just because you’re thin?

I’m black kek(bait)

No. 1548189

You’re not supposed to tell men your past traumas because they will use it against you in arguments and try to claim any disagreement that you have is because you’re crazy

No. 1548215

File: 1681390497953.jpg (27.53 KB, 550x397, 1681331007526.jpg)


No. 1548216

File: 1681390521070.gif (293.74 KB, 1024x600, ash-triggered.gif)

No. 1548217

File: 1681390571994.gif (344.21 KB, 1024x600, dumpster_ashley.gif)

No. 1548219

File: 1681390594622.png (497.06 KB, 1163x1080, Bedroom.png)

No. 1548220

File: 1681390656298.png (106.72 KB, 1794x367, truth.png)

No. 1548234

Why is this thread being spammed?

No. 1548241

god ashley is so cute

No. 1548244

I want those posters.

No. 1548254

File: 1681393770819.jpeg (20.46 KB, 750x750, 7C625826-AFB7-47BF-A325-861833…)

why are all my zits conglomerating on my fucking lips nose back and shoulders can I please have them in appear in a reachable less painful place

I feel like I have herpes and I do not have herpes

I'll even take forehead pimples again just make it stop

No. 1548266

i hate pcos so much. my best friend was the first to publicly pointed out the skintags on my neck. i am not angry but it didn't help my self-esteem knowing that these little shits on my neck are as obvious as i thought they are. she's the only one to say it on my face. i can remove it yeah but im scared that another would replaced what got removed. and im going to be obsess and nitpick about it.

didn't help that seeking medical help was smth that i was conditioned to not do. so i just hope i save enough money and deal with it when im older and have a better paying job. i dont think i can ever feel beautiful with it on me among other things about myself.

No. 1548278

how do you know when another woman is skinwalking you? i've never cared about girlfriends cutting their hair similar to me (or doing hair streaks) or them getting inspired by the kind of accesories or clothes i'd use because i know they style it different to me and it doesn't seem like copying or skinwalking, and its retarded to care about that because maybe i've done the same in the past without realizing it. but lately i've noticed an aspie gayden from my uni class styling herself very similar to me, and it bothers me. i know i don't own any style or subculture, but as a cheap goth, its strange when gayden starts to wear all black clothes, makes herself a blunt and long fringe and messy hair. what's next, doing eyeliner like me? buying femcel glasses? pretend to have a thousand yard stare? maybe it'll be buying long platform boots…if they fit her fat legs kek

No. 1548285

just observe their behavior and see if they copied your mannerisms. style can sometimes not be a huge red flag unless you're the only one with that specific fashion sense in the area. do you have any accessories that you wear daily? even a certain make-up look that you always go for? that would be the first thing they'll try to emulate.

do you have a routine, like going to the gym in certain days, you could try to observe in those times and sees if she's there. also try checking her social media if you can access, maybe there's posts that could be similar to yours, in terms of phrases or word-for-word copy. even a meme or a scenery.

but i guess the first thing to advice you anon is to not overthink but still follow your gut and avoid her as much as you can. maybe lessen your activity in social media and not be friendly or open about your life with people she's close to because there's a chance she could be fishing for information about you.

No. 1548295

What condition? Too late to be scared now, time to make it your bitch

No. 1548307

>buying femcel glasses? pretend to have a thousand yard stare?
God please let this be ironic.

No. 1548321

I'm losing weight but I want garlic bread so bad

No. 1548338

Feeling a bit bummed. My rational side of my brain doesn't seem to want to activate on this matter. There's this guy friend who I've known for 5 years , we've been friends with some funny benefits (not sex because I am not really attracted in that way to him), he liked me in that way but never really made a major move (he's pretty boring as a guy, but is nice), but in the past months he seems to want to distance himself from me especially since one of his friends got a gf and always calls him whenever they go out/hiking etc (introducing him to new people)
In the past we'd go do these kind of activities together but for more than half a year…nothing. He's always with that group.
My major regret is being 100% honest with him, he saw me at my weakest and when I was most depressed, most angry etc and trying to elevate him (personality wise I am too much to handle for him, I am aware he'd be best with a really boring,dull girfriend who doesn't have guts and not someone who's like a lioness and calls him out every now and then).
I knew I'd have to let go eventually but sigh, why is it so hard even if I don't have romantic feelings for him? My woman brain would be a bit irked if he hooked up with some girl but at the same time I know I'd really be to good for him. I also don't like "group pleasers" and he fits into that category.
On another note, how do you deal with men who avoid conflicts and run from the truth? They just want to sweep things under a rug and pretend it never happened, I really dislike those kind of people.

No. 1548340

What are femcel glasses?

No. 1548351

I lived life as a fat girl(I’m 160 now)
I lived life as a healthy weight girl(120-130)
And I lived life as a very underwear girl(94 lbs)

And I’ll say that being fat is not for me. I run out of breath easily and everything on me looks like shit. I can spend thousands on clothes and still look like shit. When I’m just getting dressed in the morning I’m fighting for my life because everything is so tight and I’m ruining out of breath. I got back rolls and a double chin too.

No. 1548359

I tried going out today to pick up groceries but I turned around and walked home because I’m fucking ugly. I haven’t worn my glasses in years so I never had to see myself in the mirror but I did today and I genuinely look retarded. Like I have Down syndrome. I felt like I walked like a retard, I dressed like a retard, I sound like a retard, I move like a retard, I’m on disability like a retard. I’m not actually conventionally pretty or average and just mentally ill, I’m genuinely ugly. How can I go out into the world like this? It’s disgusting. I’m disgusting. I’m so disgusting that I want to hurt myself. There’s no makeup or surgery or therapy or anything that could make me look or feel normal. I don’t feel any different than when I was 9 or 14 or 20 or 25. I was hideous then and I’m hideous now. I’m ugly, I’m retarded, I’m uneducated, I’m unemployed, I’m lazy, I’m untalented, I’m unlovable and I really wish I could just drop dead.

No. 1548369

being fat is for no one

No. 1548371

The way you are pre-occupied with yourself, so is everyone else pre-occupied with themselves. So go outside and do the stuff you need to do.

No. 1548375

Pity parties are necessary for getting over a bad spike of self-loathing. After you are done with the self-pity, remember that you ARE lovable. Everyone is lovable, even really horrible and evil people. I am assuming you are not a horrible, evil person and are in fact an ordinary woman posting online so that automatically makes you even more lovable and nicer to be around. I know it might seem impossible to get started on life but it is not impossible, only difficult. On priciple, difficult things are never impossible; if they were impossible they'd be called impossible things and not difficult things. I'm sorry you're feeling so badly about yourself anon. But even if it seems untrue or not possible, you must know and truly believe that there is good in you and that you are worthy of love. You must know this, even if you don't think it is possible to know, because you are good, you are lovable, even if you think you have no talents you have endless possibilities and the capability to learn talents. I'm sorry you dislike yourself so much. You do not deserve that.

No. 1548376

File: 1681407950236.png (300.21 KB, 2670x1406, Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 10.4…)

lacoste, why. what the fuck

No. 1548379

File: 1681408099393.jpeg (14.81 KB, 274x273, 337D19AB-8D64-46B3-908A-1B3C63…)

No. 1548386

nta but ily kind nonnies

No. 1548414

I go through this cycle very often and I really recommend looking at yourself more regularly. I also used to keep my glasses off so as not to see myself or others, but I noticed I would start to form an imaginary image of myself in my head that looks much better than my real self so then my self esteem would tank when I finally looked in the mirror. Find some cute glasses that suit you and get used to your face! We're all a little retarded and a little ugly, it's not big deal.

No. 1548416

you enjoy his attention/the way he treats you

No. 1548442

File: 1681413228573.jpg (60.15 KB, 748x594, 1655244148117.jpg)

Bf finally breached into alcoholism territory, I think.
I'm tired of picking up after all the cans around the house. He just ordered delivery of two 12 pack cases. He has alcoholic seltzers in the fridge he's been binging and this isn't counting drinks whenever we go out or to a restaurant.
He admitted he drank 8 beers yesterday and not including the four drinks he had while we were at a barcade. He stays up late to drink beer and play COD and then sleeps until almost noon every damn day. He refuses to go to the doctor but claims he's sick a lot. He has low appetite and his stomach and bowels are often screwed up–but he thinks none of this is related to how much he drinks and smokes weed.
He has a problem.

Today I remarked on how he ordered a lot of beer and I asked if he could stop if he wanted to?
He got immediately defensive and accused that I was 'making fun of him' and not that I had approached it out of concern. First he tried to gaslight and deny how much he had been drinking. He said because he had stopped a long time ago he had proved to himself that he could stop if he wanted to, he didn't have to prove it to me again anyway, and that he wasn't gonna let me convince him that he has a problem.
Then he said that I shouldn't talk about problems because I am 'addicted' to drinking milk! I love dairy, but if I don't buy it then I don't consume it and there isn't any currently in the house because I give myself breaks all the time, and even then consuming dairy isn't as harmful as consuming alcohol.

And as someone with a food problem, I know addict in denial behavior when I see it. My bf insists on thrashing any shred of hope of this relationship working out.

No. 1548454

File: 1681414339880.jpeg (122.87 KB, 1024x977, 32897273-F6D2-4379-962B-6F0D6D…)

I worked on a drawing for my boyfriend to use as his pfp and he really liked it and used it straight away. Check in on his stream and they’re all slating the pic saying it looks cursed and that he looks like a tranny in it. Feelsbad.

No. 1548461

Butt doesn't really need to be big per se though, lower weight powerlifters can dick-thrust through your head

No. 1548464

I'm pretty pissed at myself right now for wasting my own money.
I had a driving appointment that I completely forgot about and thought it was next week. I didn't get any reminders about it because the emails are marked as spam. I was sitting inside my home, and just read a notification on google calendar 3 minutes before the start of the appointment. So the instructor is waiting outside. And here I am, being completely indecisive whether I should cancel it or just do the lesson. I figured I would be upset at the sudden change of plans and probably wouldn't focus on the lesson, and it's not good to drive when upset anyways. So I told him I can't do it and ended up paying the cancellation fee. I also had no idea about the cancellation policy. If I knew I was wasting this much money I would have just sucked it up and did the lesson anyways.
Anyway, I'm just completely upset at myself for being so retarded. I've wasted so much money on driving lessons, driving test attempts, and paying cancellation fees for not being prepared enough. It all feels like a never-ending attempt that I'm never gonna get my license. On the bright side, at least I've learned my lesson to be more on top of things when it comes to appointments and preventing myself from wasting money in the case of cancellation.

No. 1548465

And they keep getting zero pussy too. An app should solve this.

No. 1548466

Dealing w an alcoholic sucks ass. My dad was one and it ruined my parents marriage. He wasnt mean, but just stupid and would injure himself. He finally got sober at 65 and he is living his best life.
Don't ignore this, nonny. He isnt long term relationship material if he can't admit and work through his problems together with you. He needs to choose, you or alcohol. Dont deal w this if it drains you.

No. 1548468

Damn I'm sorry but this post + the pic made me laugh

No. 1548469

Nothing you mentioned about yourself is unique or original. It sounds like you’re a chronically online anachan kid. They’re not skinwalking you it’s called following trends kek

No. 1548487

File: 1681417446663.jpeg (172.04 KB, 1076x830, 8C865804-6086-4350-B1D3-DC23A2…)

Almost 4 years since I saw her but I still think about her almost daily

No. 1548492

I read somewhere about getting over a breakup is to think about someone out there you haven't met who's praying for a person like you to walk into their life. But then I realize this was what it was like with my ex when we first met. Telling me how perfect I was for her and how I was the partner that she always dreamed of. It's like we found each other's soulmates. I'm very sad. Maybe it wasn't really true, and she changed her mind once she got to know more of me.

No. 1548502

File: 1681419736553.jpg (8.72 KB, 316x202, 1503780936955.jpg)

Nonnas I am such a stupid idiot and I deserve all the backlash I get for this post. It's gonna contain sexual content so please be warned.

I used to be in a relationship with a guy who was extremely right wing. The relationship was super unhealthy and lasted for 6 years. It ended recently, but I immediately got into a LDR relationship with another guy because that guy was like, the polar opposite.

The new guy is bisexual, but is really into femboy and "cute" stuff. He's also WAY younger than me, which is painfully apparent when it comes to his life experiences, but he is really emotionally mature and wants to provide for me physically, sexually, emotionally, and so on. So there's promise.

He absolutely adores and loves me, but I am really worried that he's going to either troon out in the future, or that he's going to want to be a subby bottom boy for the rest of his life. I am really, really not into "femboys" (they can't exist past their early 20s because testosterone is a hell of a drug), and some of his other kinks are VERY "I watch anime hentai only", but he is also into femdom so I get to be dominant with him which I've never been able to before because I am really short and most guys don't care what a girl wants.

I feel like I rushed into this, is there a way I can kinda steer him off of being a femboy coomer over time? Yes I know I am a dumbass who gets with guys, but sadly I like men.

No. 1548504

> I give myself breaks all the time, and even then consuming dairy isn't as harmful as consuming alcohol.
anon are you taking the piss, how did you even entertain this as a real argument and think you have to justify yourself for drinking milk? alcoholics are incredibly manipulative, they will lie and gaslight and make you feel crazy. You're not married and don't have kids, don't waste your life trying to fix him.

No. 1548505

they're just mad he has a gf that does nice shit for him, if he changes it bc of their behaviour dump him

No. 1548506

Do you want an STD? Because that's what your entire post reeks of. 8 billion people, that is how I am going to end this post.

No. 1548508

>He's also WAY younger than me, which is painfully apparent when it comes to his life experiences, but he is really emotionally mature and wants to provide for me physically, sexually, emotionally, and so on. So there's promise.

No. 1548510

you need to take a break from dating, you just ended one relationship, this one is brand new, and you're already thinking long term like this is the oneTM and you're going to be together forever. He might show a bunch of red flags in the next few months before he even gets close to trooning out, though you probably won't break up with him over any red flag or trooning out but stick it out for 6 years instead. He will cheat on you with men btw. Indulging in his fetishes will only encourage him to troon out anyway.

No. 1548512

Test the waters first, lay it out that your not into him trooning out or some of the more extreme femdom stuff and you expect him to put in the work to improve himself

No. 1548513

you can like men without swinging between such extremes anon. just get with a normie moid that doesn't spend much time on the internet like the extreme right and femboy (really??) freaks you've been seeing for god's sake.

No. 1548514

He's gonna leave you for another woman. Barb the builder.

No. 1548515

> there's promise
There’s literally not. Break up. You can’t fix him. Work on yourself and your self esteem.

No. 1548517

Yes. Do not trust bi men.

No. 1548518

This is gonna sound even more sad, but I've never been able to connect with "normal" moids. I'm not American and the place I live in has a small population, so I've only ever been able to connect with people online because I'm also a societal freak who watches anime and plays video games as my primary form of entertainment. The ring wing guy was a HUGE mistake I made at my most vulnerable point in life and I put up with it for so many years… never again. I'm also the sad type of pathetic shit that can't find meaning in living for myself, I've only ever been able to find motivation and meaning in life if I am working for the happiness of someone else too.

I didn't want to get into anything this soon, it just kinda happened because I wasn't thinking and acting purely on the fact I was finally receiving affection and care after 6 years of an emotionally draining and dead relationship. I'm no longer into dating casually because I'm getting old and I don't want to go through a million of shit men to find a few good ones.

I already sorta mentioned that, but I'll be more firm on it at least… He genuinely likes me and he is VERY sweet, very kind, very loving. And he's only had 1 partner before me because he is, well, young, and also painfully traumatized from previous interactions with people (just like me!!)

No. 1548519

File: 1681421130543.jpg (73 KB, 640x765, 9f0.jpg)

nayrt and op sounds annoying but I would guess just ugly, vaguely rectangular glasses

No. 1548520

stopped reading there
he's got red flags the size of China

No. 1548521

I personally think you may be able to correctively rape him

No. 1548524

File: 1681421388526.gif (3.19 MB, 373x498, crying-cry.gif)

I've been seeing this one guy for a while and things got hot and heavy yesterday and I'd love to sleep with him but I have vaginismus so penetration always hurts for me. We see each other every couple of weeks because I live in a different city and idk how I'd even bring the whole thing up to him without making it weird. I wish I could just be normal. I know there's other ways to be intimate with someone but this whole thing is just so frustrating to me. I've been dilating for months but the progress is so slow. I honestly just feel like crying sometimes. Why can't my body be normal.

No. 1548525

Get a zit popper tool from Amazon and your nose and lip zits will become reachable for poppin. Get a salycylic acid face scrub and ask someone to scrub your back real good in the shower. Backne is easy to treat you just need to get someone to scrub your back for you everyday.

No. 1548526

Tell him you are extra 'sensitive down there' and tell him to be extra gentle or you will get upset with him. I have no experience in anything dating or sexual by the way, but I have a general fear of vaginal penetration yet desire intimacy, and I think this is how I'd bring it up.

No. 1548529

A girl that looked just like this fucked my entire life up in 2010. Shit isn't new
Stay far away from these women they are insane

No. 1548530

>And he's only had 1 partner before me because he is,
You're trying to build up a guy that will not be there for you within 3 years time, if you're that lucky. He's gonna get greedy and think that he can do better than you (which is not true.)
You're setting yourself up for failure. I'm sorry nonna but it's just how it is.

No. 1548532

It takes time to get out and it's killing me. I want to get into my car and drive and don't stop until I feel free again. The only thing stopping me is fear. I am so close to snapping. My parents can feel me being anything but the person that they raised me to be and they hate it but they can't stop me. I'll be free.

No. 1548543

My coworker just called me pathetic for my autistic behavior at work I couldn't help, I felt terrible, both angry and at the verge of crying and I didn't want anyone to see me like this so I went to bathroom and literally punched and kicked a wall. I've been trying to become more normal for 2 years, working at this place. Nothing. I'm trying so hard but it seems no one sees it. I'm invisible and quiet most of the time. I really need to find a way to work from home because I will never achieve anything at a place where I need to work in a team. I will never have any friends or relationships so at least I need to secure my future through work and savings. I was supposed to cut off my carb intake because I have incredibly high blood pressure and prediabetic state despite being thin, I wanted to start keto, I cut off sugar for 2 days but this situation from a while ago caused me to buy a bunch of disgusting sugary snacks and chips because I started shaking and I felt like only sugar can make it stop. now I'm sitting alone and I'm gonna binge eat all that trash

No. 1548549

It's okay nona, I guarantee you that most (good) guys are pretty understanding. I've had trouble with penetration and chronic UTIs for my entire adult life, and whenever I mention this to a guy I'm seeing the response is usually "oh yeah, I've heard of that" or "oh my friend has that problem" or whatever and they just wait until we can figure something out. Remember that he's just excited to be intimate with you, it doesn't need to go straight to penetration right away. Don't hurt yourself!

No. 1548556

The only thing that ever stopped me from getting UTIs was being monogamous with one man and making sure his cock had been washed within the past 24 hours. Condoms give me insane UTIs almost immediately, it’s wild.

No. 1548559

He's so fine but he's a tranny supporter ughhh

No. 1548568

what are the chances you're getting UTIs because the guys you're seeing aren't washing their dicks or are washing their dicks with agressive soap

No. 1548581

File: 1681426957143.gif (3.32 MB, 500x462, d95340915a44d28d81b9239bedbebf…)

I have a bad habit of self isolating so I have missed many odfmy classes (it's only a matter of time before I get kicked out). Yesterday I actually showed up to class and everyone was super nice to me, greeting me, asking me to sit beside them etc. I got suspicious because normally people ignore me but I decided to ignore the suspicion and not overthink the situation and people's motive for once in my life. Then at the end of the day a girl tells me that I have missed so many classes that my professor called me out during class (one that I was not attending) which caused everyone in the class to panic and check their attendence rate to make sure they weren't at a risk of being kicked out. Aside from being totally humiliating it has also just made me kinda sad. My depression and adhd is so bad that I can't finish school. Aside for that I also can't connect with other people and they only want to talk to me out of pity. I know I have only myself to blame but it still hurts

No. 1548597

/2X/ needs to be hidden again. Reading the board is like visiting a psychiatric ward because it's just become a home for the mentally ill.

No. 1548598

I don't even care to be included anymore, but it really feels like no one in that group wants me around. Being with them is fun for a while but it never fails to make me feel bad. I always end up feeling ignored or out of place in some way. They have more in common with eachother than with me, they meet up without me all the time and whenever I'm there it seems to me like they want me to leave and they will even end meetings earlier than usual. All this time I felt miserable and like there was something wrong with me and that I was completely unlikable when it was really just a group of people that invited me in out of pity and expected me to fuck off quickly. Not to mention the huge time difference between me and them that they never gave a shit about. It's obvious that I'm not important to them in the least with how they keep "forgetting" about me.

No. 1548599

Fuck I also have these types of big ass glasses and wear my hair down. And yes I am also insane.

No. 1548617

Damn it’s crazy. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by an intense feeling of self-loathing. It’s not even pity, but times I just get so angry at myself for being such a loser and a sperg. I think of every embarrassing thing I ever did or said and then berate myself over it and remind myself why this means I don’t deserve to have friends or people who care about me. Sometimes this seeps over into anger toward my friends and family members and then I start thinking of every time they said something that rubbed me to wrong way even though I acknowledge that those things are inconsequential. Why does this happen? I know everyone has insecurities and stuff but the level to which I just hate myself and get angry and berate myself doesn’t make sense. It’s like I can acknowledge that it is illogical and I am as deserving of love and respect as everyone else but then on a personal level I just can’t accept that and feel that there is something so fundamentally cringe about myself that I can’t imagine why anyone likes me. I hyperfixate on how awful or stupid I look in pictures or videos and undermine myself all the time. Where does that come from? It’s not like I was seriously abused or anything as a child or even as an adult. It’s like reverse narcissism. Like I can’t stop thinking about myself and how much I suck lol.

No. 1548622

Same but it's a classic and timeless look that only now is being associated by some fringe mentally ill internet loners as being the femcel phenotype

No. 1548624

>Why does this happen?
>Where does that come from?
It doesn't fall from the sky, you do it. Probably a habit by now.
You have to be your own greatest cheerleader, deliberately pep-talk yourself throughout the day until that becomes a habit.
Mental discipline is just like exercising the body or learning a new thing, repeat repeat until the wanted neural pathways are well established

No. 1548666

That's true. I think I've had an idea for a long time that anything I did was not good enough unless it was acknowledged by someone else. Mostly because I didn't want to be conceited and because I don't think anyone has an objective view of themself, therefore nothing I think about myself can be true unless I can think of specific evidence that proves it to be so. But it isn't fair for me to rely on other people for external validation. It's not fair to them. I don't even know where to start with thinking nice things about myself and actually liking myself, but you're right. I know I need to start doing it.

No. 1548671

But those aren't the similar glasses at all.

No. 1548703

Sometimes I fall into these loops where I get so unmotivated I do nothing but scroll on my phone all day. I'll watch those it girl, green juice, pilates videos just to motivate myself into doing literally Anything and feeling like I have my life together. I procrastinate the dumbest things that could be done in 2 seconds all because I'm so unmotivated. I don't have depression before anybody tries to diagnose me. I've spent the last 2 weeks doing nothing and I feel like shit. I just wish I had the work ethic and productivity that everyone but me seems to have

No. 1548708

Every day huh

No. 1548726

moids have no self control at all, because they are pathetic little babies. i was on vacation with mine and the night before our 11 am flight he insisted on buying a bunch of liquor, and i was fighting him in the store saying he'd done nothing but drink in excess the whole time and he was going to get drunk, oversleep, and cause us to miss our flight. he ended up buying it and he didn't even finish half of it because he couldn't just buy something reasonable.

i've had a medical issue where i can't drink for a while (not pregnancy) and he still can't go one day without, he has a drink anyway when we're hanging out. sometimes i want to kill him. and then he wonders why he's getting fat and has bad skin.

if he becomes a full blown alkie i'm tying him up in the closet until he stops his bullshit. you know if men were the ones who carried children every baby would be born with FAS and deformations. imagine a scrote going 9 months without any medications, booze, weed, etc. men are weak little screw-ups with no discipline.

No. 1548750

Spiraling so bad over my breakup again nonnies. It's been six months. Anyone want to listen to this song and hurt together?

No. 1548754

still haven't moved on in 2 years, thanks for the song rec nonnie. ily it'll get better one day

No. 1548755

I’m also at six months and still spiraling! It makes me want to die sometimes but I’m jam with you.

No. 1548756

>meet classmate in project group
>talk about our interests to eachother and find out we have things in common
>after a beat of silence, talks about how he desperately needs sex
>find out he’s an autistic incel who harasses anything with a vagina to go on a date with him
>badgers even minors around campus to date him
>this turns into him begging for sex, promising to use a condom and it’s fine cause it’s “just sex”
>you’re a virgin? who cares, you’ll be saving my life by giving me a pity fuck
>refuse and he spergs endlessly about how his life is shit, nobody loves him, and how he wants to kill himself to anyone with a pulse
>but it’s “just sex”
>constantly does this and wonders why no one wants to be around him
>things get to the point where he’s having full on tantrums in public and threatening violence towards people who try to give him advice to become a tolerable human being
>”IM GONNA KILL MYSELF RIGHT NOW!!!” in class & project groupchats at least once a day
>self harm pics too
>meanwhile, semester is almost done and he has not done a single piece of our assigned group project, 70% of our grade btw
>tell people in other classes about this shitshow and how he had a sperg attack when i told him off during a group meeting for being a completely selfish lazy fuck that’s jeopardizing the grades and gpa of everyone in our group
>moids tell me I’m being unreasonably cruel to a suicidal person and that my behavior will eventually be the cause of his suicide
college is great, nonnas

No. 1548766

Believe it or not but there are men who are not alcie pissbabies. Why the fuck are you dating a man like that? Get some self respect jfc.

No. 1548775

File: 1681452872847.jpg (10.48 KB, 256x256, c579bf3e4ff4975bebd4c8836c2901…)

I'm so afraid to end up exactly like my mother, I don't date. My father cheats on her and barely tries to hide it. He's always texting with someone and quickly puts his phone away or closes the chat window when I walk by, I bet he thinks he's so sly and sneaky. I'd always known/been suspicious because it was so obvious but I found the messages a few years ago because he was signed in on an account he was using to sext with a woman on the shared computer and I showed it to my mom. All she did was get mad, but then make excuses not to leave him. I'm also suspicious that he had a child with another woman since one day he randomly started mentioning that he wouldn't want to have another child at his age and it would be too much stress. I wish I could tell my mom about what I see but she would never do anything about it, it would just hurt her. I've heard her raise suspicions before and he just dismissed her as if she were a stupid child. I think she's just given up.
I tried dating a year ago but had to break it off quickly when I realized he was a manipulative pornsick narc. Since then I've had to realize that I'm subconsciously attracted to angry men who treat me like shit and that my self esteem is on the floor. I thought it was alright since it was really bad growing up and in high school so comparatively this doesn't seem so awful but apparently not.

I daydream all the time about my husbando and I just wish I could be with him, it hurts so much that I'll never have that life. Every time I see an irl/3DPD man all I can think about is how he'll probably treat me like shit OR view me as pathetic and have no interest in me.

No. 1548801

I took a nice long walk that was very dreamy and beautiful. Next day I was jogging, also absolutely beautiful in the nature and in the sun. Then I go grocery shopping I went for a walk instead of driving because weather was bomb. After a few minutes I felt something wet running down the back of my foot. I wear boots I couldn’t just take off to look. Feel no pain though. Back home I look at my sneaker for running and walking and the right ones are fucking bloody. My body doesn’t find it necessary to give me pain so I stop walking with a bloody foot. I guess running and walking is number one priority.

No. 1548810

File: 1681462638861.jpg (26.36 KB, 400x400, ea59adf164ba463f65a7f7e6f05900…)

currently in the process of sabotaging my own life and future. I have considered seeing a therapist so I have someone who can help me get my life in gear but finding one who is specialized in my problems is hard and the waittimes are less than encouraging.
At this point I have gotten so off track that done permanent damage to my life and I'm scared of the future. Yet I can't stop self sabotaging

No. 1548811

>can’t go a day without a drink
That’s already alky behavior

No. 1548812

File: 1681462982361.png (104.39 KB, 564x564, 72c7586012116159d5c56b7304dd35…)

me too nonny. me too. we will find purpose eventually

No. 1548816

I spent 3 years living with a bf who worked but outside of that planned everything around drinking. He thought because he was functional enough to work that nobody could label him as having a problem. I found out that right before we met he'd gone through a period of unemployment and drank all day during that period. He'd sure waited to tell me that. That was really my que to gtfo. Our weekends were miserable becase he'd wake up hungover. If we wanted to plan to go out and eat that had to revolve around whether his stomach still felt rough from the night before. He'd take a week off work for a mini holiday and then just day drink and be in a fowl mood because drink doesn't even get him happy drunk. We stopped doing anything fun. It ruined so many weekends, holidays. Time I'll never get back. The people at his work seeing him sober must've been seeing a nicer version of him but at home I was stuck living with mr drunk/hungover. He stank of drink. It was emanating from his pores friday thru monday. I didn't want to sleep with him anymore. I could smell it on our sheets. I didn't enjoy his company. I couldn't bring up the topic even in a mild way without him accusing me of being absolutely hysterical or too uptight. He'd lay into me and use the fact that I had depression ten years earlier to switch the topic and say I'm crazy and need help.

We broke up, he quit his job and now he's shacked up with another alcoholic. She has 4 kids and the last contact I had with him was him bitching that their neighbors keep calling child protective services on them for shit like the baby wandering around outside in nothing but a diaper in cold weather. His go-to whenever anyone points out an issue is 'gawd people are so uptight' He really thinks hes cool and chill and everyone else has a problem. We should all drink more according to him.

My regret is not leaving sooner. When I knew he was lashing out and trying to paint me as crazy for showing any type of concern. When I knew it would always fall on deaf ears. He had a real vindictive side that came out with drink too. He was the shittiest version of himself and quite comfortable in thinking I should accept it

No. 1548819

you cant fix him, seriously i've seen so many women stick it out with alcoholics and addicts but they never change, they ruin their lives

No. 1548833

Men are like that because they rarely get consequences for their actions. For example, he did all that and you’re still with him and even had his baby. You can complain about him all you want but you’re not going to leave and he knows it.

No. 1548845

I don’t understand men who think I’m supposed to respect them and treat them with humanity but they’re not expected to do that with me. I have had men in my life who try to treat me like a sex object who doesn’t matter and I don’t get mad I just ignore them, block them and I don’t engage. Suddenly, I’m a bad person because I don’t give them respect by at least explaining why I refuse to talk to them. Why do you need a reason? You aren’t a real person you’re an npcs who is controlled by your cock.

No. 1548851

i have binge eating issues, life tough cant stop comfort eating no matter how much i try to distract it just brings comfort, ive eaten like this since i was a kid but i HATE being fat. this year was meant to be my step toward losing a shit ton of weight and no im not a delusional ana-chan im genuine blubber. guess it takes therapy but breaking diets makes me feel so bad

No. 1548853

File: 1681470559109.jpeg (41.9 KB, 1337x220, B8C01B08-6B53-4F75-8D70-72DF22…)

I just found out I have a brain disorder. I have visual snow and I really thought it’s an eye problem somehow. Then I realized I have it in my dreams too so obviously it’s my brain and I googled and there is a whole syndrome and I have all symptoms. I thought it’s just ADHD. I don’t know, kinda fucks me up to know my brain is fucked.

No. 1548861

It’s hard to be a straight woman trying to find a relationship because you’re going to have to decide if your self respect and dignity is worth less or more than a relationship. In the pursuit of finding a relationship you’re going to be put into a lot of degrading situations until you find the one which is something I can’t do. As a woman you need to be able to go through the most humiliating situations with men and be able to bounce back quickly.

No. 1548862

Nona, it's hard especially if you've had this issue for a long time. I recommend seeing a specialist to help you break the cycle. Here are some small actions you can take to try to help, remember Rome wasn't built in a night: if you know you can't control yourself if certain foods are in your home, make it a habit to not buy it to begin with. At the grocery store, stick to the outermost perimeter where only fresh food like meats and produce are sold to avoid being tempted by snacks or junk. Delete any food delivery apps you may have. Drink more water, avoid appetite stimulants like weed. When you cook, do not immediately eat. Instead, immediately portion out extra into Tupperware, portion out your meal, then clean dishes and then eat. Cook before you are famished hungry so your eyes don't become bigger than your stomach. Put together a playlist and go for small walks and try to make it a habit.

Good luck nonnie, hope these help.

No. 1548872

He wants to fly me out to Cali and pay for everything so I can have a stress-free vacation, but I can't go because I have clinicals to get through… It's so strange to have someone wanting to do this for me. Like, I know he wants to see me for less innocent reasons as well, but that's not off-putting because I'd like that as well. It feels really good to have someone want me this badly, idk. Mostly venting because I'm stuck here in Britain for the time being.

No. 1548876

>Get 100s on assignments, and 92-100 on tests, getting a degree is right around the corner and im also working almost 30 hours a week
>Still feel like im lazy and doing a horrible job at everything and I should just die
What gives

No. 1548888

Oh nona, you deserve the world and more.

No. 1548893

Not trying to be an ass, but maybe you have some self shame beliefs rooted in childhood? Even good well meaning parents can cause stuff we have to root out. Like the father who solved the puzzle for his daughter to “help her”, while encouraging the sons to do it themselves. (Encourages learned helplessness and a lack of belief in yourself.) or it’s common in women with a mother wound because a subset of moms would walk in the room when we were children and tell us how lazy we were for sitting or just enjoying a “non productive hobby”. They meant well maybe in some of those cases, but they can make us feel that stress and anxiety later as adults when we take similar “breaks.” We also live in a hustle culture where people constantly lie about being on the grind and use anecdotal evidence and stories to prove there’s nothing wrong with a rigged system. Not saying don’t work hard, but who benefits when you feel like you aren’t doing enough? Businesses you work for. Companies encourage family values so they can violate boundaries and make you feel a need to give them more.
I’m sorry anon I hope you find peace and you’re doing a good job. Keep going and try to be gentle with yourself.

No. 1548906

i'm the skinwalking and femcel glasses nonna. i know the glasses problem can be fixed by buying clear or round frame glasses, as i don't use them everyday because my eyesight isn't that bad, but how do you fix the RBF + thousand yard stare? a lot of people has told me i have a off putting stare and a serious face, but i think it is because maybe i have autism. i don't do it on purpose, just i don't feel comfortable doing the permanent kind smile that young adult women are forced to do. its not a personality problem either, because people tell me about it, like how they realize its my RBF and not that i hate them.
i think this is common in autistic women? that either they have the "couldn't kill a fly" face or "do not look at me ever again" face. maybe i'm just ugly

No. 1548908

It's okay nona, I guarantee you that most (good) guys are pretty understanding. I've had trouble with penetration and chronic UTIs for my entire adult life, and whenever I mention this to a guy I'm seeing the response is usually "oh yeah, I've heard of that" or "oh my friend has that problem" or whatever and they just wait until we can figure something out. Remember that he's just excited to be intimate with you, it doesn't need to go straight to penetration right away. Don't hurt yourself!

No. 1548923

I find it helpful to stock up on healthier stuff to snack on like fruits, dates for digestion, cut up carrots in the freezer for some cold crunchy. It's hard tho, I'm definitely super addicted to sugar so it takes a while to adjust but I know it gets easier the longer I stick to it. Best of luck to you, nonnie

No. 1548926

I got triggered into a depressive episode yesterday and just spent the whole day in bed crying. I can't afford to waste another day. I have four exams coming up next week, I can be depressed all I want after that.

No. 1548946

these are some good tips, i dont meal prep so often since i share a tiny refridgerator freezer but i'd love to incorporate that into lifestyle. saves buying so many groceries too… and i've been considering seeing a professional to help break that cycle but the last 2 i saw gave the same advice so that sort of broke my hopes there. thank you nonna, i'll try my best
i fear stocking up on fresh produce because i'm never sure if it's OK to freeze it in the event that it goes bad and i waste it or what not, but i would love to try celery and carrots on their own. and yeah it's very hard and it sucks sugar just tastes so good but alas it's a temporary pleasure, fucked up my health already(t2 diabetic) and i'm only a few years away from my 30s. would really love to manage that though, i wanna live… thank you as well.

No. 1548957

File: 1681484850464.jpeg (31.18 KB, 750x496, 9CD777A7-FB61-4EE8-923C-B68625…)

i hate being so sensitive and caring so much about what other people think of me. i know it’s impossible to please everyone but if someone doesn’t like me it weighs on me. 4 months ago i had a falling out with one of my friends and i was pretty pathetic about apologizing over and over even though she started it and continuing to reach out until she finally outright cut me off. i feel rejected and embarrassed and i still think about it every day. this same friend never apologized to me ever and was really shitty of a friend but i never would’ve given up on her and i feel pretty pathetic for being so invested in and having done so much for someone who didn’t even like me and saw me as easily disposable. i keep making up these scenarios imagining she’s talking shit about me even though she probably isn’t thinking much about me anymore and i doubt she’s as obsessed with the friendship ending as i am. even if other people don’t like me it doesn’t affect my day to day life, if i don’t have to see the person anymore i don’t know why i even care. but it still really bothers me. my self worth is way too dependent on other people i guess

No. 1548958

I'm upset with myself for letting other have such a big emotional impact in my life, especially those who I know aren't quality people.
It's my fault for dragging myself low to their level and getting used to their company.
I was better off when I was more alone than with mediocre people.

No. 1548972

My boyfriend
>talks endlessly about his boring-ass day every time I see him
>talks endlessly about sonic and dragon ball every time I see him
>talks endlessly about marvel every time I see him
>we barely have conversations, it's just him monologuing and me going "hm", "interesting"…
>when I talk he tends to interrupt me and talk over me to say whatever the fuck he wants to say
>"conversations" are never deep or funny or interesting
>he has literally zero fucking knowledge of any modern pop culture (he's not an ESLfag), asked me who Madonna and Dua Lipa were when I casually mentioned them
>hates most vegetables
>hates most fruit
>is incredibly active but tires out when having sex all the time
>has never made me cum during sex
>not funny
>not clever
>can never just shut the fuck up and listen when I talk about things he doesn't know
>always goes "I don't know what you're talking about"/"I don't know what that is" any time I start talking about my interests

This shit is not fucking lasting I know that for a fact. I don't know how to tell him that his whole way of communicating and conversing bothers me and pisses me off. Cunt can talk endlessly about capeshit and can't ever shut the fuck up so I can infodump for a change. I'm serious it is EVERY. TIME. I see him. Every FUCKING time it's the same fucking topics (dragon ball, sonic, marvel, his work, his school). He's a dumb himbo but I think he might actually be retarded. It's annoying the fuck out of me.

No. 1548976

File: 1681486018350.jpg (48.84 KB, 500x517, 1147.jpg)

>tfw you're such a retarded sperg that even doctors and dentists don't want to deal with you and try to send you off to someplace else that's hours away even though they already agreed to an appointment beforehand
I should've never broke my hikki streak. I should've let my body rot at home like usual, I honestly feel worse now. I never want to go outside or ask for help again. I'm so fucked up that you won't even do your own job? I wish these people could've at least told me sooner.

No. 1548978

I will never understand neurotypical relationships. What is this?

No. 1548982

why are you even dating him kek

No. 1548984

>talks endlessly about sonic and dragon ball every time I see him

No. 1548997

File: 1681486984265.gif (273.52 KB, 220x199, F922F3F0-022A-48EE-A048-4248DF…)

>go to concert with boyfriend
>excited to ogle cute metalheads
>mfw they’re almost all greasy uggos, like not even mildly cute out of the corner of your eye
>boyfriend is the hottest guy there by far
>mfw forced to be faithful
At least most of the girls there dressed cool instead of slutty

No. 1549001

Anons boyfriend sounds autistic.

No. 1549005

Anon with the retarded boyfriend, yeah I'm starting to realize he's probably on the spectrum. He's been smoking weed since middle school so maybe that fucked up his brain development but holy shit it's getting on my fucking nerves. He talks about the same shit every fucking time. I thought I could handle it because I also like nerdy shit but it's fucking mindnumbing. I know I'm gonna have to end it soon but it's just that he DOES have very nice, redeemable qualities. He's just retarded like 97% of the time. It sucks ass.

No. 1549016

>>mfw forced to be faithful
>At least most of the girls there dressed cool instead of slutty
huh? that's literally your own kind you're shitting on right now

No. 1549024

I’d argue that objectifying men is different from objectifying yourself for attention from ugly stringy haired scrotes but go off

No. 1549037

Maybe tell him to his face that he's very unintelligent

No. 1549049

Had an ex exactly like this and it was some of the most miserable two years of my life. Leave now. It will never get better. He was exactly the same as yours, sperging for hours about whatever shot he wanted to talk about while not even bothering to ask me how my day was. I noticed he was barely even acknowledging my ‘mmmhmmms’ and over time I just stopped making any noise and he didn’t even care. One time I met up with him I tested to see how long he could talk without acknowledging me. Didn’t even say hello and just sperged for an hour while I said literally nothing. Does he berate you and act like you’re an idiot whenever you try and talk about something you like? Communication can’t help these dipshits.

No. 1549061

Ayrt, he's very much like your ex except he doesn't berate me or call me stupid when I talk. Funny thing: he would call me stupid and ugly when any time we were with friends and he started drinking. As soon as he started drinking he'd call me ugly and stupid as a "joke", multiple times. Happened during two hang outs and I had to finally tell him to shut the fuck up and to never call me that. Then he was like "sorry (frowny face)". I know I'm not stupid or ugly but it infuriated me that his retarded ass would even think to call me stupid/ugly as a teehee "joke".

No. 1549064

Some of us just like to dress slutty man

No. 1549071

Don't even trynna argue with these type of anons

No. 1549072

I just broke it up with my fuck buddy, and it hurts so bad I’m literally shaking or whatever. I always had hope that he will fall in love with me and that didn’t happen and it won’t ever happen right. He didn’t treat me like I would deserve it and I knew for a long time that I should end it. And today I did it and it hurts so bad nonas……..

No. 1549076

Proud of you

No. 1549078

Your first mistake was allowing it to be FWB of you wanted an actual relationship. we've all been there though. You'll be okay nona!

No. 1549113

This made lmfao I am so sorry.
Dump that sperg. I would humiliate him.

No. 1549121

Society is so strange against women who don’t fit the beauty standard. People call you ugly but you’re not allowed to call yourself ugly. People say you should be confident and self love but if you are too confident people make fun of you. You’re constantly compared to other women but you’re not allowed to be bitter or jealous, you’re expected to still be the bigger person and let everything people say not effect you.

No. 1549132

I hate how fucking addicted I am to weed!

No. 1549134

randomly broke down and cried. man I hate being alive with these feelings. These feelings are the death of me.

No. 1549167

File: 1681499187609.jpg (81.6 KB, 1200x900, 10060956723_d31f4b6c21_z.jpg)

>27 year old unkissed virgin
>have a guy interested in me for the first time ever
>i'm ugly but he's way uglier (still find him hot)
>god decides to test me for some reason
>another guy suddenly interested in me as well, really handsome and just my type physically
>don't care because i love the uggo with all my heart
>mfw i'm by far his best option
>mfw i realize if a pretty girl (like the handsome guy who likes me) showed interest in the uggo, he'd drop me instantly

How do I live with this? The only reason he's obsessed with me is because I'm not only the best option he has, but the only pussy available to him at all.

No. 1549168

Drop the ugly guy first

No. 1549172

>mfw i realize if a pretty girl (like the handsome guy who likes me) showed interest in the uggo, he'd drop me instantly
Based on his personality, or are you just torturing yourself with made up nonsense?

No. 1549174

How into getting a handsome guy interested in you, what did you do

No. 1549177

Based on how men are in general.

I suspect it's a power thing and he wants a mousey loser who'll worship him just because he's sexy. Whenever I reject his flirting he acts confused as if me not throwing myself at him for his looks is mentally ill behavior.

No. 1549180

>Based on how men are in general.
So it's the second then, making up problems in your head to get upset about.

No. 1549188

Nonnie I'm a near 30 year old virgin allow me to be a tiny bit neurotic about suddenly having these creatures in my life, it's confusing and I feel like a clueless child.

No. 1549191

I mean it in a nice way, like, you are causing yourself mental anguish over nothing.

No. 1549200

Being unattractive in the summer just makes me more sad. I wanna put on pretty outfits, drive with my nice hair blowing in the wind and take selfies. But unfortunately my life is being chubby, ugly clothes, ugly greying hair and shitty skin.

No. 1549225

You can dye your hair and wear foundation anon, don't let little things that are easily fixable make you feel any less than others! Most women have skin imperfections and a lot of women have greying hair. Try to find nice dresses that fit your body and wear them however you like, not being skinny doesn't mean you can't look super cute, I think chubby girls look cuter in dresses than I do and I'm sure a lot of people would agree with me.

No. 1549230

I’m confused how much of a retarded sperg you had to be for doctors and dentists (plural) to send you away? What did you do nonna that’s so strange. I’m super weird and doctors don’t like me at first usually but then start to find me endearing

No. 1549233

Damn anon you know what they say about alcohol. Brings out the true you. The true version of your scrote thinks you’re stupid and ugly.

No. 1549235

File: 1681502899350.jpg (27.03 KB, 403x500, 6160.jpg)

In Vino Veritas

No. 1549241

My friend has suddenly and with no warning gotten massively into fucking Formula 1 of all things and now I have to listen to her sperg about it for hours daily. Every time I try talk about the things I like it always ends up back at Formula 1 despite me not liking anything even remotely linked to ugly nepo baby moids driving stupid cars. It's actually really pissing me off. She's getting into the RPF part of it too. Ffs.

No. 1549249

Autistic obsessions can be a bless or a curse. You could watch Rush (2013) with her, I thought it was alright, though it's a bit fujo bait.

No. 1549256

All those selfies you see, are not only filtered, but also shooped to hell and back via Facetune and such. And those women likely dye their hair and are definitely wearing a thick layer of makeup. Those girls don’t look like their photos. Live your dreams nonna

No. 1549260

I am ugly and I will die alone.

No. 1549298

My dad got a little drunk today and said that I'm the only thing that keeps him alive in spite of his chronic pain. It's such a heavy thing to drop on someone but especially within context. I'm in my early 20s but I spent 2 years as neet because of severe depression and only started studying last year. I'm doing well, I have a scholarship and saved up some money so I can rent a flat with my (only) friend. My father respects my decision but he keeps talking about how much he's going to miss me and he's visibly sad. I believe it's genuine. And now after he pretty much confessed to suicide ideation to me I feel so stressed about what might happen after I move out. He's not gonna be alone but with my mom (which also makes what he said worse and I pointed it out to him and said that it hurt me on her behalf) but he's already had some depressive episodes because of his work and the pain. I'm crying in my room right now because I feel so bad. I was so happy to finally break the cycle and make progress in life. Everyday when I come back from uni or seeing my friend I just sit in my room. I've been actively suicidal for years (in secret from my parents) and felt like I'm wasting my life. And now when I finally feel like I can be happy and live my life instead of sitting alone in my room I have this bomb dropped on me. Life is never giving me any rest I can't have anything good happen to me without something awful coming up next. I'm so worried now because he already drinks everyday but thinks it's fine because it's 'just wine'

No. 1549320

I had the same symptoms and it turned out to be covid-induced asthma.

No. 1549340

>my coworker, who was once also my housemate and who has some narcissistic tendencies and likes to switch between being friendly towards me and bringing me down, casually reminds me that when we lived in the same house, there was a time I didn't take showers after work
>I casually admit it's true, Idgaf
>she says it's disgusting and asks how could I behave like this and just go to bed after work without taking a shower
>I say that sometimes depressive episodes look like this and at that time I had no strenght to do anything after work, including eating or bathing, and I was barely able to functioning at work. I also say that for some people depression is so hard they're physically unable to get out of bed at all
>she responds with then they should be locked up in an asylum with disdain in her voice
>I, still calm, say her worldview is quite limited
>she's quiet for a while and then just says either way, I think it's just disgusting
>acts cold afterwards, doesn't look at me and barely responds when I say goodbye in the locker room
This bitch acts this way e v e r y time I dare to contradict her. She said so many hurtful things to me, and I never reacted the way she reacts to me. Was I rude for saying this? Isn't implying that people who are so depressed they struggle with going out of bed should be locked up against their will just primitive and cruel? And why casually bring up my past issue and remind me how disgusting that was? I bet she will still giving me the cold treatment on monday

No. 1549346

File: 1681510383366.png (3.64 MB, 2583x3321, 1677818423218.png)

Your coworker is a complete psycho and it's admirable that you can remain this calm and polite towards her.

No. 1549351

Don't engage with this cunt, just gray rock her dumb ass

No. 1549352

I want kids but then I remember they will be subjected to the same life as me. I can’t date who I want to date, can’t wear what I want to wear, can’t live where I want to live, can’t be who I want to be, can’t go where I want to go, I can’t do what I want to do. My life is a whole long list of can’t and I’m 31. I’m not extremely young but I feel so young because I haven’t even gotten to live my life and I’m expected to raise someone else?I don’t want to have a child who can’t do shit as well. People always seem so confused and shocked that I don’t have kids yet.

No. 1549357

I thought my stance of gender would help me find some common ground with my conservative dad….lol. Lmao even. I forgot that even when I’m agreeing with him it’s wrong because I said it.

No. 1549361

I feel so alone. I don't connect with my friends anymore, I want to meet new people so bad but it seems impossible now I'm not a kid anymore. I'm frustrated, everyone is moving on with their lives and I'm still stuck without ambition and now even without friends I truly feel connected with.

No. 1549368

I hooked up with a guy over 10 years ago..he was so far from my mind I had to spend weeks tracking his name down. Why did I want to track him down you ask? Because he's the only guy who ever took vids/pics of me and he resurfaced years later to retraumatize me and post it online.
When I tried to tell a manager at the place we worked at together none of them helped. He kept sharing intimate videos of me and nobody helped..in fact I got fired for sexual harassment because of a mutual joke I had with another waitress. Why does this fucker get to hurt me over and over? I had to email a police tip to a random local police officer because I feel like I have no other choice. Its not ok for me to feel unsafe online its not ok for other people to get to see my body without my permission over and over again.
Can anyone help?

No. 1549369

Your coworker is psycho and I have one too. She flip flops everyday from super cunt to fake happy like she just took a hit. One tiny mistake at work and she treats me like i killed her cat for the whole day making my life miserable since she's got a mini manager position. She goes off on me for waiting near her station, saying nothing, because i need something from her. Some people are seriously miserable and i think know that they're lesser in some way so they feel the need to go off on those. It doesn't even have to be something amazing it could be that you're having a decent time at a terrible job while she isnt. That you're going to college or pursuing something when she has no motivation. Its like a fucked up inferiority complex. Im so happy our coworker nut case is quitting. I was about ready to leave if she wouldnt.

No. 1549370

Well plural since there were several people working there, not getting sent away by several places yet. I just got super nervous and had them stop the procedure temporarily because I thought I wasn't breathing right. After a few minutes I calmed down a bit, they left the room and said they'll be back, came back and said "we're going to refer you to such and such place at x" because the other place is apparently better at dealing with anxious patients (I didn't bother going so idk) and could put me to sleep so I could stay calm. Even though I let them know they could continue they didn't want to. Other places I went to in the past didn't do this tho, they'd just try to calm me down, then when they continued told me to raise my hand if I needed anything and did what they had to do. I don't understand what made this incident so different, I'm sure they must have dealt with nervous patients before, maybe I panicked harder than them idk. It doesn't sound like much reading it over I guess I'm upset that I got prepared for nothing after having to find different places nearby that could take my new insurance over and over, it's just exhausting.

No. 1549372

Back in the day people used to have family doctors and dentists that had great bedside manner, now you're just another number to a greedy business man who wants to push drugs and unnecessary procedures/tests on you. Of course not all doctors and dentists are like this but if you're having anxiety a good doctor helps you through it..a good dentist does too. Fuck the show house for normalizing treating patients like trash.

No. 1549378

What a bitch lol
Do not engage with this person again, agree with the other anon to just grayrock her. These narcs thrive on drama and conflict and they would love nothing more than to see you riled up and get just as toxic on their level. Don't give her that satisfaction.

No. 1549388

>Im so happy our coworker nut case is quitting
Damn anon, I'm very happy for you
Unfortunately most people at my work absolutely love her, only one person besides me thinks she's two faced and can't be trusted. I have to admit she's amazing at manipulating and playing nice and sometimes she's so believable I feel like she actually means it. I'm tired of seeing her playing nice with someone and then coming to me and calling the person she just had a conversation with a 'bitch' or 'cunt' etc lol. She already got promoted and has a higher position than me. I know I was more productive than her, but she's perfect as a team player, open, chatty, likes to command other people etc. Unfortunately, your personality, even if you fake parts of it, is more important than your productivity.
She can say something hurtful tovme and the next day offer me help like telling me she can drive me to another town to pick up my parcel or something, it fucks with my brain sometimes

No. 1549413

Wow I hope your miserable cunt of a coworker gets genital warts

No. 1549418

File: 1681514924009.jpg (8.38 KB, 258x195, better.jpg)


>used to be a Homestuck nerd with lousy social skills

>wore the shirts to school, did the grey paint at cons and everything
>good-looking extrovert classmate constantly teases me and shits on Homestuck and its fandom for being retarded
>10 years later i'm a pseudo-normie with decent social skills and she's literally an enby neet

No. 1549434

File: 1681515506444.png (51.68 KB, 373x359, the rothschilds making me horn…)

turns out a pretty internet-famous guy i have developed a crush on is only 3 degrees of separation away from me and i hate that i can't just ruminate endlessly about it because i can't just tell myself "it can't happen" when it REALISTICALLY CAN

No. 1549445

Nonnie I'm dealing with a suicidal parent too. It's a heavy burden to carry. We have an open dialogue and promised to not abandon each other, talk openly about how life is pretty shit. How about bonding over your thoughts rather than having to try and uplift him when you have your own thoughts to deal with? Sometimes someone who knows exactly how you feel feels better than "it gets better" bullshit.

No. 1549466

My back and neck hurt so bad. Extra extra bad. I’m in a terrible mean ass mood and meanposting. I’ve already taken Tylenol, I’m icing it, not helping. I hate being chronically ill fuck this shit. It’s only been getting worse and worse lately idk wtf to do. I spend everyday in so much pain. Maybe I should see a chiropractor, that helped when I used to get it done regularly, and it’s only $10 with my insurance.

No. 1549499

an artist they/them i follow on twitter has posted an e-beg to try and raise >$2000 to move apartments and repair her car. how is this kind of behaviour not simply viewed as greedy? i donate to charity when i can but but i don't even have my own place right now due to health issues and only working part time. how can you in good conscience expect people to donate to your fucking car repairs? piss off you greedy nlog

No. 1549502

File: 1681519364620.png (32.71 KB, 1080x828, Screenshot_20230414-173904_(1)…)

Just as when I am getting over my dislike over trans people I see this. They are always so annoying.

No. 1549508

My 24th birthday is tomorrow and my best friend of 12 years has decided to go out and see her ex boyfriend (they broke up 5 years ago bc SHE couldn’t stop cheating on him) play bass at a show tomorrow night instead of going out with me. I feel like a teenage girl crying about it and being so hurt. Are my feelings overblown? Or is this totally lame?

No. 1549515

Actually though, what is their rebuttal for this? I don’t understand how male vs female socialization and the impact it has on a person can be refuted, especially when they openly talk about resenting being socialized as the wrong gender

No. 1549517

no whatever she’s trying sounds lame. happy early birthday I hope you feel better

No. 1549518

When you realize trans are just misogynistic men trying to take womens spaces you can rest easy knowing not trusting them is a good thing.

No. 1549524

damn, ur friend is an asshole. happy birthday tho noni

No. 1549559

I told the guy I'm dating I would like to start streaming video games and my art and he said it's a nice idea but I would need to upgrade my looks and start wearing make up, implying my natural looks are not enough to gain audience. Wow scrote thanks for reminding me that people only care how the woman looks and not about her content and personality. He once said I'm out of his league and I could date most men if I wanted and he doesn't understand why someone like me would choose someone like him, and now he says this shit

No. 1549563

Time to dump him

No. 1549565

I know a good chunk of nonnies are women on here, but sometimes I wonder if there are a few men who have managed to make their post histories look like real women. I get sad thinking about it.

No. 1549567

>He once said I'm out of his league and I could date most men if I wanted and he doesn't understand why someone like me would choose someone like him, and now he says this shit
All of this makes perfect sense if you think about it from the mindset of an insecure man. Tanking your self-esteem and discouraging you from streaming will decrease the amount of men in your orbit.
If a man can say what he told you about "upgrading your looks", it's a sign that your standards are low.

No. 1549568

I fell back into drinking after being sober for 8 months due to getting in trouble for it and wow I hate myself for it. Like, legitimately. I attempted to seek solace in a former vice because work got stressful and I can legitimately tell a difference in my mood and how I feel about myself in general. I don't like it. Why did I do this? I'm so weak holy shit. I know I am better than this.

No. 1549569

That was really mean, you deserve to date someone who will gas you up. I’m not the type to say break up after reading one thing, but if he said you’re beautiful and then this it reeks of manipulation and you should cut ties. You said you’re dating him not that he’s your boyfriend so it’s worse if he’s doing it so quickly

No. 1549570

Are you sure he wasn't just joking? Men like to rib each other like that to show affection and don't realize that many women don't understand what it means and take it literally.

No. 1549572

I don't think you understand that when men try to "rib" women it's coming from a place of misogyny and not affection.

No. 1549573

This post is kinda sus…

No. 1549575

Sometimes, yes, but have you monitored how men talk to each other? Saying something like what she described would pass for a relatively tame rib between male friends.

No. 1549579

>between male friends
Yes. That's BETWEEN male friends. When they're talking to their own moids. It's different when they're using it on a woman.

No. 1549582

Are you autistic? I'm not trying to insult you, it's a genuine question.

No. 1549589

I mean I think it's a bizarre stance to take that a behaviour you have seen and agree about the interpretation of which with me is NEVER used out of a very narrow context.

What about women who hang out a lot with men and act that same way due to being socialized in a more masculine way? Do you think their motivation is inherently radically different based on who they talk to too?

I spent my life around working class men and women and I've seen both interact in this way plenty, and I've seen women who don't have that background misunderstand what it means.

No. 1549598

Men don't view their male friends and their girlfriends the same way, and they certainly don't treat them the same, lmao.

No. 1549599

What's with this disjointed tangent?

No. 1549600

File: 1681527426029.jpeg (11.26 KB, 261x275, 257B44C2-9966-4CAB-895A-8DB426…)

want to drop out and work full time and attend school again once i have enough money.
never do an intensive course again

No. 1549601

Sorry it's 5am and my brain doesn't work well anymore.

No. 1549603

NTA but if a guy is treating you like one of his friends (ie people he hangs out with and is NOT attracted to), he's either fucking his friends or you are mid to him.

No. 1549612

Its incredibly fucked up how the media treated Amber Heard and I'm still shocked such a large number of people collectively participated in her abuse. That's my rant.

No. 1549619

My sister is staying over right now. She’s put on weight and is probably about 50 or 60 pounds heavier than me at the moment. However, she seems to think she’s a cat because she keeps jumping on top of me and tackling me. My diet coke just spilled everywhere because I was sitting on my couch drinking it and she rushed over me and tackle-hugged me. It’s cute when my cats do this. It’s not cute when an adult who is larger than me does this, it’s just uncomfortable.

No. 1549634

>when you get jumped by a giant overweight ogre and she spills your dainty Diet Coke

No. 1549666

My ex used to do the same song and dance about how I'm too good for him blah blah blah but would try to insult me subtly to bring my self esteem down often. Get out, it will only get worse. No guy says "you need to wear more makeup and improve your looks before you go in front of the camera" to a girl he truly admires and respects. I'm sorry Nona, you deserve better.

No. 1549672

Depp specifically wanted the trial to be publicized, right on youtube. And with the algorithm pushing pro-Depp content. It all feels so calculated.

No. 1549674

Is it even possible to find men who can talk about something other than sex these days? When I was younger it was possible to find one who can have a conversation but now a days it’s always some little sex joke to steer the conversation to sex and or they are illiterate. I feel like mens intelligence has dropped so much over the past decade or maybe since I’m older men just don’t give a shit about talking to me anymore lol

No. 1549675

Porn induced brainrot

No. 1549679

I have not had a conversation with a man that actually had substance to it since like 2019. Idk if it’s just me.

No. 1549726

my last roommate dropped out of the university, of course after inviting her sister into the apartment unannounced whereupon they both threatened me and tried to start a fight with me. i had to get a block put on the door and a new key code made by the front desk for my own safety. they tried to kick the apartment door in monday afternoon so that they could get more of her shit that she supposedly "forgot" in the apartment, which was absolute bullshit. i am safe now btw and had management with me whenever i was in contact with them so they couldn't hurt me or anything. the university is also aware of what happened and were the ones who told me she finally fucked off yesterday.

i don't even like thinking about what she did to me because it was just so outrageously retarded, evil, and demonic. she was awful to me from day one - overly controlling with a hair trigger temper that she tried to hide behind this sweet and innocent personality. i swtg i would just walk past her and two days later she was trying to get back at me cause my sleeve accidentally brushed up against her and in her retarded brain i did it to her on purpose. and she had the audacity to accuse everyone else of being crazy, while she herself was one of the most legit psychotic bitches i have ever met in my life. i feel like i should be partially angry with the university, because i see everyone else in my dorm gets along with their roommates…when i walk past them in the lobby, they're all chatting and having fun, going out and enjoying themselves. but then i get stuck with two of the shittiest people both the fall and spring semester. the first girl i got paired with started copying the way i dressed and acted, and then got her friends to write a nasty letter to the university trying to get me kicked out after i was venting about how she treated me to my own friends. and then i get paired with this trashy, ghetto racist bitch with narc tendencies.

i honestly don't know what to say anymore. i am kind of bitter about the fact that she did all of that to me, only to drop out and run back home like a coward. she ruined her own life and her own opportunities, all because i said no to her. she was going to an ivy league after completing her transfer credits at the university…now she can't and it's all just so fucking dumb and i bet when it finally hits her she'll blame me for it, like i was the one who told her to drop out of university. i feel like i should be angrier, but all i feel is an immense kind of sadness and disappointment. i just wish someone would tell me why these kinds of things happen to me and what the purpose of me living with someone that crazy and violent was?

No. 1549733

god I'm so stupid I'm so fucking stupid stupid stupid

No. 1549737

idk I heard guys talking like that since I was 11

No. 1549741

I don't know if anyone here has watched the show pen15 but there is an episode that really encapsulates the type of harassment girls experience starting in middle school. Where guys ask how big your vagina is or start rumors about you that rewards their own prowess while humiliating the girl the rumor was started about. I remember back in highschool guys would openly talk about how "easy" certain girls were right out in class. We went from being one mans property to now being the worlds property shit is sick.

No. 1549751

I’m just holding out for the hope that men will outgrow this shit by the time that I’m 30

No. 1549753

No. 1549755

I don’t think my mom would have left my dad even if she witnessed him SAing me. Also I really feel like he touched me when I was a toddler. I was apparently a very intelligent child that was speaking in multi word coherent sentences by my first birthday and walking at 9 months old, but I have no memories prior to age 4, and after that it’s still so spotty with so many gaps. You’d think an intelligent child would have some memories from being a young kid, but nothing other than a couple instances involving pets, which were always my comfort and escape. Even if he didn’t SA me before I have memories of existing, I know he was caught screaming in my face more than once by my mom, and when I was a weaned infant he would force me to eat my baby food so quickly that I’d cry and scream from the horrible gas pain and he would refuse to burp me and get mad at it happening (my mom told me this). No wonder so many of my earliest emotional memories are feelings of anxiety and panic.

No. 1549756

Samefag. Him forcing me to eat my baby food super quick was always recalled by him as a funny haha or even an accomplishment, like any time I ever asked about when I was a baby what it was like having baby me. Like he said he could finish feeding me in 5 minutes like it was a great accomplishment. He also made weird sexually charged comments towards me my entire childhood. He’d constantly turn anything I said into a nasty innuendo. He would get mad at me and I’d get in trouble and yelled at if I complained about it and tried to enforce boundaries. He constantly walked into my room when I was naked or masturbating. I hate him.

No. 1549760

Its not just you. My male coworkers can only go so far in a conversation about work or sports before it becomes sex jokes.

No. 1549762

Good night ladies, I hate men so fucking much it is unreal. I hate the patriarchy. I hate misogyny. I hate handmaidens. I hate everything men do and say. I’m 20 and I have never had a relationship and I don’t think i ever will. I don’t understand how women can love men when they’re so unabashedly hateful towards us. I’m just gonna have fantasies about men in my head for the rest of my life and dedicate myself to my husbandos

No. 1549764

I’m 31 and I’m noticing this behavior has gotten worse. When I was in my early 20s I met boys and we could have conversations about music, our feelings etc but now it’s like they can’t go 3 seconds into the conversation without mentioning something about sex or trying to manipulate you into talking about sex because they think you’re too stupid to see what’s happening.

No. 1549767

There are some good men out there but the problem with some of those good men is that they can be cowards. They're afraid to either call out bad behavior from other men, participate it, or don't defend the person they supposedly love or believe them when something bad happens. That's the main issue with "good" men.
A lot of the ways men abuse is also through technology so until we write in some privacy laws and regulate porn and mysoginist content nothing is going to change. It all sucks but remember there are people that will support you male or female.

No. 1549775

Why is it when you want to be left alone that's when people bother you the most? My abusive parents keep finding me, old bfs, men who've assaulted me, random people I've cut contact with. I just want to be left alone can't you respect that? Why do you need to drain my energy to be happy? I want to be left the fuck alone.

No. 1549782

I'll find entire boards filled with evidence that some dude is a rapist or a pedophile and yet that person gets to walk free. Wtf? Are people just not sending that evidence to the fbi or are fbi agents that incompetent?

No. 1549783

I'm bitter about how many TIFs are our there. I wrote a few replies on YouTube to comments of women or girls saying they're trans. I have a spare of hope they might change but… I don't know. I don't care how much I will be hated by other people in the comment section either. I'm so angry this is so normalised. I feel sad over it. I lost couple of my friends to this madness and it hurt me so much when I was a lonely teen. Even though I embrace my fate of having little to none friends (most are abroad so we just contact each other online), I don't want any other girls or women to have their lives destroyed by it.

No. 1549785

I hate my boobs but I don't want to do surgery and have foreign objects inside me. I hate myself, I hate my shitty genetics.

No. 1549786

No. 1549794

Are you the anon who posted her tubular breasts whiles wearing a dog tag to ass eating thread and got made fun of?

No. 1549796

They're not good men if they don't defend you.

No. 1549798

I hope it is lol.

No. 1549802

If she's not, she should check thise photos and be thankful she's not as retarded and embarrassing as them.

No. 1549803

Hearing my co-workers talking about their shitty bfs is depressing, and they want children with them, too…

No. 1549811

What's with the massive and sudden increase in infighting? It was in the Canada thread and the tinfoil thread and even in the lolcap thread. What's going on nonnas are we all collectively going through some shit or is it like a form of cathartic aggression release in anticipation of Spring?

No. 1549815

If they're too cowardly to do good acts, they can't be called good.

No. 1549816

I mean that's possible but we also got troons spamming cp in various threads, it could be outsiders stirring shit up.

No. 1549820

Troons, /pol/acks, /r9k/ moids, kiwifags and bots

No. 1549833

I hate history/politics western dudebros when they talk about my country. Like oh my god, eat shit, you are some dick from Florida who is 1/8 a minority and then you mansplain my culture.

I've lived here for over 20 years, I know that the average citizen will see you as a rich tourist who should be milked for money or will antagonize you due to war and bombings in the past, or you'll meet street guys who will beat you up for being a snobbish foreginer.

No. 1549837

Just don’t be a retard who posts her tube titties on public forums and you’ve got nothing to worry about, nonnie. If you already did well… take the dog collar off and never put it back on. Also idk why you got nipples piercings if you hate your boobs so much, that just draws more attention to them.

No. 1549844

>Also idk why you got nipples piercings if you hate your boobs so much, that just draws more attention to them.
Nta but I have tuberous breasts too, not too severe but there very cone like and when I was like 18/19 I wanted to get my nips pierced and I'm so fucking glad I didn't. They look so tacky on bigger nipped women and the holes never heal and often get infected.

No. 1549906

I miss being tiny. Even though scrotes find it less atttactive I’m going back to skinny girl mode.

No. 1549915

Me too. I thank god miso soup is delicious and low cal kek

No. 1549952

>less attractive
lol no, screw what they think, but skinny is always attractive
high in sodium tho,but god damn miso soup is delicious

No. 1549991

File: 1681566436648.jpg (32.82 KB, 800x533, crying.jpg)

I made the mistake of looking up people I used to go to school with. All of them are travelling around the world, married/engaged, and overall have their life together. I just got cheated on, I have no friends and I dropped out, because I've been so upset. Life seems really grim and I am really stuck. No clue how to change my situation and I am not sure I have the strength to do anything about it. wahh wahh wahh

No. 1549993

Just checked that thread. Those weren't even tubular breasts, kek. Stop spreading brain worms.
Almost no woman who actually has tubular breasts would ever post them online, and it's in part because of pornbrained stupidity and people saying shit like this about normal breasts on women they don't like. inb4 I get accused of being ass eater

No. 1550072

I doubt these former classmates would post about their problems online and advertise how they got cheated on, how they hate their kids, how their jobs suck, etc. Don't take it into account, for all you know maybe these same people would think the exact same thing about you if they looked you up online.

No. 1550086

There are a total of five boob pictures on that thread. Your deformity doesn't only affect your breast tissue but also your brain.

No. 1550095

Being a scrote repellent feels good tbh

No. 1550102

File: 1681570385928.jpg (18.38 KB, 432x285, breast-shapes-new.jpg)

Yes, I'm saying none of them are tubular. If you could read, you'd note that the replies even mention the dog collar. I'm not even the OP that posted the vent about her breasts, so this doesn't affect me, but it shows the kind of person you are that you felt the need to randomly degrade her when you don't even know who she is. You are a pornbrained, mind-rotted pickme addicted to anilingus arguments and anger LARPing as a based manhating radfem, congratulations.

No. 1550108

The one with dog collar was tubular. It wasn't from the side so this isn't a good comparison but you could obviously see the lack of tissue. I won't sperg about it but you have deformed boobs, don't post them anymore.
I'm not a radfem and never said I was, retard. I just dont want to see mentally ill bitches' deformed tits. No one here does. We don't have to coddle someone who posts her nudes on a forum to win arguments.

No. 1550114

File: 1681570983079.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.12 KB, 320x320, Von-Heimburg-classification_Q3…)

You definitely have a malformed mind since you're accusing me of being the anal sperg for pointing out the truth (and using "deformed" as an insult on random women), but thank you for at least not denying that you're a pickme. Praying you don't later make posts seething about feeling fat and/or ugly or moids rejecting you or something, it'd be too hypoctitical, kek.

No. 1550117

Jesus Christ, at least the ass eaters kept it to their thread and board for the most part. Why is that dumbass anon obsessed with other farmers breasts and "tubular titties" taking it to every thread. You look like a fucking creep being so concerned with what other farmers boobs look like that you start talking about it to random anons just trying to vent.

No. 1550121

I haven’t complained about tube tits for hours, so there’s more than one nonnie having a laugh about them.

No. 1550124

I don't give a fuck how many people it is. Stop acting like creeps.

No. 1550125

NTA, but that just means you're either multiple scrotes or weird pick-mes in that thread who probably hate-jerked to the nudes and now feel the need to spam about them everywhere and project it on normal posters.

No. 1550133

I don't really understand the appeal of Shay's threads, she just kind of grosses me out. Now I'm convinced it has a large population of creepy moids hunting for her porn, and BDD women with similar bodies, personal issues or careers to Shay who obsessively nitpick other women's bodies to forget about their own.
They usually relegate their sperging just to Shay, but that thread must've opened the floodgates. For the next few days, we can probably expect to see more posters like this "u are deformed!! tubular tits!!!" sperg absolutely foaming at the mouth whenever they even hear wind of an anon having any bodily insecurity or imperfections, and make it their personal mission to bash her for that sweet emotional high. It's what those women deserve for not looking like hentai, I guess.

No. 1550136

Why would a man jerk off to a deformed woman's nudes when he can find normal women's nudes online?

No. 1550141

Jerking off to anything is part of rape ape programming. If you're going to live your life worshiping males and doing their dirty work, at least don't be delusional.

No. 1550144

women who post their tits to prove a point on an underwater basket weaving forum deserve to be ridiculed for showing off their weird tits that nobody should have been subjected to on a fine saturday morning. And to prove the point that they eat ass, of all points to post your literal titties to prove. Pathetic and worthy of scorn.

No. 1550147

Her boobs literally looked like this, why are you arguing about a random anons boobs so much if you're not personally offended? I'm not fat or ugly like you'd like me to be, I'm just an average woman who's disgusted by the anons spamming their nasty nudes. If you spam your nudes in a board that's opened just to nitpick a mentally unstable sex worker, it shouldn't be shocking to get nitpicked by the same audience.
Also it's a deformity, just like how cleft lip is. Just like how men who have gynecomasty(female type of breasts) are considered medically deformed.