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File: 1676259363725.png (1.3 MB, 856x1234, American Ainu.png)

No. 1498337

a thread for people claiming to be other ethnic groups either for attention, scholarships, work positions in affirmative action workplaces, or simply because of mental illness. Some Race Fakers claim to be 'Trans-Racial' in an effort to justify misrepresenting their race.

No. 1498341

im transamerican btw

No. 1498342

No. 1498345

Maybe repost this in /snow/? There will def be some cows emerging from this

No. 1498348

Gosh I wish I had the money to be a transSpanish or transAmerican.

No. 1498349

maybe the next thread, cause we don't have dedicated cows we should keep this thread on /ot/

No. 1498351

File: 1676261371495.png (508.83 KB, 1146x718, American Ainu_2.png)

so picrel is who inspired me to make this thread, I was looking up ashitaka from princess Mononoke on tumblr and came across this blog by a self described "American Ainu" who mainly talked about Emishi/Ainu culture and posted about other indigenous rights issues, when I saw pictures of her she looked very pale and white IRL but I didn't think much of it because she claimed she was mixed and I knew Ainus looked very Caucasian until I dug further and discovered that wasn't the case either, literally no one in her family even identifies as Ainu and the only conformation she had was her grandmother who said she might have ainu ancestry because she's from Hokkido, so she is only 1/4th Japanese and mostly white but considers herself an expert on "ainu culture" and "indigenous rights"


No. 1498909

File: 1676312159342.jpeg (646.96 KB, 828x1083, DDB7B9FC-FDBC-4A5B-93F9-B4C367…)

Iconic native american activist Sacheen Littlefeather, was a Mexican American Catholic girl who pretended to be an Apache

No. 1498914

Can’t really blame Mexicans for being racially confused tbh. They are natives to an extent.

No. 1498927

expect she specifically claimed to come from a tribe that didn't live anywhere near modern day mexico and she changed her exact tribal identity many times but all the groups she claimed descent from were north American Indian tribes, not Mexican

No. 1498945

File: 1676313583895.jpg (35.23 KB, 660x497, ghows-WT-477efd98-a370-6bec-e0…)

Didn't this loser claim his mother had an affair with a black man which resulted in his birth? I cannot believe this white man had SJWs fooled. I remember seeing a post on tumblr going around that was something like "ummmm if Shaun King doesn't look like a black man to you idk what to tell you!!!" or some shit, like this man is clearly not even half black.

No. 1498979

I think he could be a quarter black at most but I also fully believe that he's a white guy lying about being mixed. Like Rachel Dolezal, except Rachel admitted that she's white (technically).

No. 1498985

Minor correction: you should say natives from the USA or something because Mexico is in North America.
Also while it seems she faked being Apache, she did seem to be mestizo (according to her own family) so she was of native ancestry. She just wasn't an official member of any recognized tribe in the USA. This one is weird.

No. 1499013

She wanted to do a playboy photoshoot naked on a horse in native jewelry and a headdress

No. 1499068

throughout her life Littlefeather claimed to be either of the Cherokee nation or of the Apache and Lakota tribes, none of these stated tribes ever lived in Mexico

No. 1499079

there already was a better made racefaker thread i think the mods should unlock that one and lock this one. No offense, anon.

No. 1499104

OP here, I'd be fine what

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