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gender critical and female politics
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File: 1653559502915.jpeg (64.59 KB, 615x410, word-image-115.jpeg)

No. 5459

I have been getting more and more frustrated recently with the "radical feminism" some people in radfem communities practise. It's especially apparent here in lc, since we have anonymity - though I have ran across it in radblr etc too. Women saying INCREDIBLY misogynistic shit (cockbreath, dick worshipper, e-semen brain pick me….) to other women they deem unpure, "gender traitors/sleeping with the enemy".

I truly admire women practising separatism or 4W and the like. It is not for me personally (not yet at least), but I respect their choice and dedication. However, I cannot see how the borderline psychotic hatred some women have for like 90% of all other women is feminism. Hating men and male violence is more than justified - but some "radfems" seem to put way too much of their anger into women who choose to interact with men in any way. There are women who deserve criticism for doing vile shit for male attention, but having some lame ass boyfriend and posting on lolcow is not one of them in my opinion.

I'm just so incredibly tired of running from male misogyny to female-exclusive spaces, only to find out the same shit with a pink bow on top.

No. 5460

Also sorry, I'm really bad at articulating my thoughts, I wish I was one of those smart essayist nonnas

No. 5467

Based on what I've seen the radfems most likely to act like this are lesbian separatists and/or women who experienced CSA/violence due to negligent mothers. Not all of them, but it's easy to understand why they feel such strong animosity towards those who profess to care about other women yet are still entertaining the idea of "socializing" men better or have a nigel. Is it useful discourse and does it help bring more women into the fold? Of course not, but I think if they're reacting so strongly they're typically very traumatized and feel they can never escape men, even in circles where women are supposed to be prioritized.

No. 5468

I would really not blame lesbians, maybe polilesbians that hate the side of themselves that is attracted to men.

Which reminds me of febfems. Not dating men is admirable, but especially on radblr everyone tells that they are one. I fully get why, but it still it kind of has the aura of being "better" or "more legit" than boring old bisexuals. It kind of feels like begging the separatists and polilesbians for a crumb of respect for us dirty bisexuals. I can't put it to words why it feels iffy, even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with not dating men, quite the contrary. Well, now I'm just whining about other women lol.

No. 5469

No I get it. I guess it is complaining about other women but I think it's fair to look at those issues because in the end they only create more divisions between us. Some self-professed radfems are very hateful and exclusionary towards those who still choose to interact with men at all. Even though I have no intention of dating again I do have a few male friends and while I'm not super close to them, they have given me good advice and support before. I know some radfems would call me a weak-willed scrote apologist for associating with them at all. I'm more prone to calling myself a gc feminist due to that, but frankly this idea that we need one ideal term seems like such a pointless thing to argue over. Are those same radfems going to avoid helping a woman from a poor country who was pushed into marriage and still has a husband and 4 kids because she's not a pure separatist independent girlboss? Or for example an anon brought up how Planned Parenthood is apparently helping some kids with transitioning, which is horrible, but they are also one of the main/only sources for abortions for many women who cannot otherwise get them. So are we just supposed to say fuck PP and leave those women without any recourse because the organization isn't perfect? Sometimes it's like there's no real middle ground which is why I try to mostly focus on real world initiatives rather than ideology (although I still find it interesting and useful if people can discuss is calmly).

No. 5479

I’m the one who refuses to support planned parenthood. I support and put my resources in to other orgs helping women get abortions. It took time and research, you seem to think we live in a dichotomy where it’s one or the other? PP isn’t the only org and my money should be spent on actual women. If I’m not willing to buy a tea from a company using profits from it lobbying for killing homosexuals why would I morally be okay knowing my money might be grooming and harming children? Where you put your money matters. Everytime PP asks for a donation I tell them my terms and instead they pushed more trans rights and put a sick fetishist on the board, clearly they don’t need my funding. They can go get it from there 0.06% of the pop instead of the 52%

No. 5480

It wasn’t my intent to say you’re doing the wrong thing for supporting other orgs, my point was simply that PP is sometimes the only or most readily available resource and I don’t think a woman should not have a desired abortion due to their issues. There are also very few orgs/companies in the world that are 100% blameless in terms of having humanistic practices so while of course it’s good to be as conscious as possible, no one is going to get it totally right. And that’s okay. For example all of the women’s shelters/groups in my area are backed by religious groups and as such have a pro-life stance, however they are literally the only available resources within hundreds of miles. I personally choose to support them because I have neither the time or resources to start up my own women’s shelter and they have helped women in desperate situations where no other group would.

No. 5491

File: 1653729274036.png (45.84 KB, 376x401, sheeple.png)

The issue imo is that separatist radical feminism belongs in the same camp as other really unpractical ideologs that are never gonna appeal to the vast majority of people and will always be a niche thing, instead of just admitting that their ideology just doesn't have mass appeal they choose to blame other parties and delude themselves into thinking their the only real enlightened people(in this case the only enlightened feminists) and all other women are living with blind sheep, basically this comic

No. 5501

Disagree. I think it's the other way around. If part of an ideology is to be something, you can't get mad when people take onus when you call yourself that thing without practicing the main points of being that thing. An ideology doesn't have to be popular. You either agree with it and practice it, or you agree and don't practice, or you don't agree at all. Don't try and have your cake and eat it too if you want to be a part of the club because you respect the point, but don't actually want to practice what makes you that thing. People don't want to sacrifice anything in the time of social media. 'It's hard, but pretend I'm that thing anyways' like men who say troons are real women, but are heterosexual and would not fuck them. They just want to be apart of the club without the effort and sacrifice it requires to stick to your principals. What you see as people believing they are better than another and enlightened, I see as people being annoyed at people proclaiming to be in favour of an idea but not willing to practice it because it means going against what's popular.

No. 5503

You understand that 'separatism' doesn't just mean 'glamping with nasty yt karens on Wombyn's Land' right? Separatism is the idea that we need to have our own things whenever possible because men will ALWAYS try to fuck us over. Patronizing female businesses whenever possible, choosing a female doctor whenever possible, choosing a female roommate whenever possible, choosing to be single if possible, choosing to prioritize female friends/family over males, is all varying degrees of separatism.

The anons who rag on separatism are either retarded or polfags. inb4 hurr misogyny, it's not misogyny to call out retarded opinions for what they are. What is the solution other than separatism? Patriarchal bargaining doesn't work because when you give men an inch they take a mile.

No. 5505

every successful left wing movement in history has had to tone down its message so that it could appeal to as much of the masses as possible, Lenin didn't give a lecture about Marx's theory of labor, he just needed to tell the peasants about what they most needed "Peace, Land and Bread" and same with normie women
I am aware of that aspect of separatism, the thing is most women practice to varying degrees but know that many women don't have the economic privellge to choose wherever, If a woman's business or service if good and affordable then I'll use it, but I will use what's available and most convenient, also I'm not polfag for pointing out that your ideology is a meme, its in the same camp as Anarcho-Monarchism or Posadism

No. 5508

Playing nice so far has done nothing. Toning things down does nothing. Men push back even against the most libfem shit, like saying 'not all men but a lot assault women, maybe men should police their own' type of stuff where you try to play the respectability politics game. Other ideologies work when toned down because it doesn't go against the main system. Women are seen and used as a resources to create the next generation/allow men to have less work while achieving more and fulfilling the desire to have kids/desire to have status among the other retards. Best to just avoid reliance on them when possible, no one believes the poor are bad because sometimes they don't have any other option than to rely on men, just those who have the option and choose not to and instead pander because it helps achieve status in a male dominated society. Nothing meme-y about it just because you don't agree or think it will work. Nothing else has, so why do they not have the right to suggest trying different and band together with those that wish to do the same?

No. 5510

>but know that many women don't have the economic privellge to choose wherever
Try reading my post again maybe?
>Patronizing female businesses whenever possible
>choosing a female doctor whenever possible
>choosing a female roommate whenever possible
>choosing to be single if possible

You aren't a polfag for disagreeing with me, you're a polfag because you keep intentionally misunderstanding feminism to push the narrative that feminism is for uppity rich bitches and that 'real' political action must always involve playing nice with males.

No. 5511

Well I'm sure you'd hate to know that I do have to "play nice" with men, because I have a job and have colleagues that I have to interact with, I don't act like some bubbly bimbo but I have to maintain a work relationship with them and not come across as a loon, also I have male friends and acquaintance that I rely on, not for emotional reasons but for actual material needs that I need to survive, that's my reality and the reality of millions of other women, so forgive me for not applying a lifestyle that only works if your an upper middle class white woman

No. 5512

samefag, I am also a mixed lower class women whose barely getting by, I have experienced racism from white, brown and black individual, so FU for accusing me of being a poltard in anyway

No. 5516

I'm nta but you're still talking past her point.
>Radical feminism is too extreme and alienates people
>But radical feminism isn't always about literal, physical separatism where women are supposed to create their own holy land. You can just try to avoid men.
>That's true. But a lot of women don't have the option to totally avoid men.
>Yes, and in those cases they should prioritize women and avoid men to the best of their abilities.
>You hate that I have to interact with men!!
?? You understand you would then fall into the exact category she was discussing? Needing to interact with male work colleagues is a necessary evil for the vast majority of us, including women who call themselves radfems. This post >>5501 was not talking about those sorts of situations, it's more women who want to adopt the radfem label but then still go out of their way to continue making male friends, invest time and energy into supporting men, stick up for men in casual conversations, choose to participate in male-owned groups or businesses when they do have the means and multiple good options where some are headed by women. Those are the types of hypocrites she was talking about, not women who must spend time with men out of necessity.

No. 5517

When you say poor, what wealth bracket and what country?

No. 5520

Birmingham and have a yearly salary of 25 thousand pounds a year
I don't have many close friends overall but even I think that's kinda dumb, some times you end up having a male friend and you like spending time with them, this is what I meant when I said that radical feminism is a "meme ideology"

No. 5523

I think it's only a meme ideology if you're creating a false/incomplete image of it. Radfems have gotten a lot of shit done and were a big part of 2nd wave feminism, they weren't just theorycrafting and faffing about in the 70s. You're getting hung up on this one aspect of separatism when the movement is much more than that. They primarily advocate for political separatism and having women speak for themselves, not through patriarchal institutions and governments. Like any ideology there are different subsets of radfems and internal disagreements about what it "should" be in its purest form. Outside of some hardcore lesbian or polilez radfems, most radfems are not saying you need to drop all your male friends or family members unless they are actively hurting you. In fact if you check out Sekhmet She-Owl in the resource thread even she, who is a lesbian (ideological) separatist, does not fault women for having some men in their lives so long as they are actually treating them well. The issue is women allowing and enabling truly horrific behavior and making excuses for men far past the point of giving them one or two chances. There are radfems who have nigels. The Redstockings, one of the earliest and most prominent radfem groups, were actually very against lesbian separatism because they saw "interpersonal relationships with men as an important arena of feminist struggle, and hence [saw] separatism as escapist. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redstockings)

I get where you're coming from but I think it's founded on a misunderstanding of what radical feminism actually is, which could be further alleviated by reading the wiki on it and better understanding its foundation, accomplishments and aims. I know some self-identified radfems also really misrepresent it, but you get people like that within every subgroup.

No. 5525

I'm willing to understand and have a conversation, but I still fundamentally believe that any ideology that doesn't have mass appeal are ultimately nothing more then futile and stupid gestures, my approach to feminism is utilitarian, accepting the reality of the world we live instead of pretending that there's some grand conspiracy my movement from being more popular

No. 5526

samefag there's no proof that radical feminists every really brought about change or "got shit done" as you call it(if you can show me an example of radical feminist and not a feminist coilation brining about change, I'd like to see it), cause if you look up most of the actual competent feminist parties, well they were dreaded "liberal feminists" that understood the reality of mass appeal

No. 5528

Ideology having mass appeal is a dumb concept because those in charge resist anything that brings change because the system is setup to benefit those on top. A lot is forced top down and we are still forced to accept it even when it doesn't have mass appeal because it's done through laws which only those in power control. The change they brought is obvious since they impacted a lot of DV laws and started a lot of womens services like shelters which only more recently have been government funded. Those organisations had to be established, then funding lobbied for after they had already been established. Most laws that changed around the early days were done thanks to the lobbying of womens groups like the ones for radfems. Also, I make less then you. Literally poorer but still see the value in the ideology. They don't hate poor people. What change has been brought by changing little and or nothing, or expecting no commitment to a cause?

No. 5529

>25 thousand pounds a year
>lower class
Really? I must be the lowest bottom-of-the-barrell class because my mother hardly makes 13 thousand euros a year now and did all the way while she was raising alone my siblings and I. 2 thousend a month sounds like a dream. And your posts are sus as fuck. What have done radical feminists? They have written books, shaped the movement, inspired and educated women on many topics regarding our oppression. Catharine MacKinnon, Andrea Dworkin, Valerie Solanas and many more. They talked about topics in a way no one else dared and that's very important.

No. 5531

did you read up where I lived up as well, also
>What have done radical feminists? They have written books, shaped the movement, inspired and educated women on many topics regarding our oppression. Catharine MacKinnon, Andrea Dworkin, Valerie Solanas and many more. They talked about topics in a way no one else dared and that's very important.
none of that has personally helped other women, like at all, you could literally make the same argument with another meme ideology Posadistism
>What have Posadists ever done? They have written books, shaped the movement, inspired and educated people on many topics regarding our oppression. J. Posadas, Homero Frasnelli and many more. They talked about topics in a way no one else dared and that's very important.
every stupid little movement/ideology in the latter half of the 20th century has thinkers who claimed they changed the world cause a couple thousand people read their books and attended their meetings

No. 5534

Yeah, you live in the UK. What's the difference? Unless you live in an expensive area in London you can afford a decent appartment and save some money without living a frugal life.
>none of that has personally helped other women, like at all
Are you for real? Radical feminist talk about prostitution, pornography, maternity, laboral rights, sexuality and much more. Don't you think that when a woman reads about this topics from their books she gets enlightened for better? She gets the chance of approaching these topics from a perspective that values her as a human being (a deeply oppressed one) that she probably never considered fully before… Don't you think her life is changing for better? It's not fucking Foucault or Deleuze, it's women entering academia/the political field and stating ideas that defend us all. I feel much more compelled to fight against patriarchal oppression when I know I have a background of women who share their experiences and their knowledge about life, and theorise about it and disect the male-dominated social structures that tie us down.

No. 5535

>Are you for real? Radical feminist talk about prostitution, pornography, maternity, laboral rights, sexuality and much more
so do most other feminist branches, even Christians feminists talk about these subjects and how to solve the, the difference is radical feminists are far more pretentious about it, I mean you still haven't given me an example of radical feminists doing anything really that effects the actual world and again I can use the Posadistism example
>>Are you for real? Posadistists talk about class inequality, colonization, laboral rights, technological evolution and much more
just taking about stuff means jack shit and making up theories based your own takes is utterly pointless

No. 5538

No branch of feminism is anti pornography, anti prostitution, pro abortion, anti gender ideology and anti surrogacy altogether. Liberal feminists don't want to ''solve'' the prostitution and pornography problems, christian feminists (if there's such a thing, how can anyone pretend that any abramahic religion could produce a realistic feminist branch) don't support abortion rights. If you fail to understand that the impact on individual women is extremely important it's really not my problem. I'm not going to spoon fed you about the The Equal Rights Amendment of the United States, if you really wanted to know what radical feminism has done you could use google to find out instead of bitching about it. Put those 2K pounds a month to good use and buy a book about radical feminism.

No. 5539

I mean can't you just tell me what actual material think radical feminists have done, like even one thing, that isn't just enlightenment or theory

No. 5540

You clearly have already something in mind, why don't you say what's an example of ''actual material thing'' for you? Why aren't books, articles, speeches, protests and studies an ''actual material thing''? What material thing do you expect from members of a political-ideological movement? A whole ass law? Second wave/radical feminists in America actively supported the Equal Rights Amendment in the 70s, which was at that time attacked by conservatives. In my country rad fems protested against a new ''trans law'' that is currently unimplemented and almost forgotten because they preassured our government (they were going on with it to spite conservative opposition but radfems protested). It's no surprise that the radical feminist movement isn't achieving the sort of ''actual material things'' like you say, and I have in mind new laws, because it's obviously uncomfortable for both men in the left and the right, who occupy most of positions of power. And on top of that there's the socalled trans activists being fully supported by the media and entertainment plataforms. Don't underestime what the movement has achieved simple because you can't compare it to male organizations or collectives, we don't recieve funding from Soros and the political world is still a male-dominated field.

No. 5541

File: 1653843804747.png (177.66 KB, 815x608, Screenshot 49.png)

>Why aren't books, articles, speeches, protests and studies an ''actual material thing'' ?
what I meant "material things" I meant actual tangible and material changed in the world, rather then their own self granulizing books, literally every meme ideology has all stuff btw, fucking anarcho monarchism has books, articles, speeches and studies on them, and as far as I'm concerned it has the same level of influence on the world as radical feminism, can you prove why your ideology doesn't belong with the rest of the irrelevant wacky ideologies that had no impact on the world

No. 5542

>tangible and material changed in the world
I have already provided this. It has changed the political situation for women and girls in my country in a way I will be forever grateful, because that law would allow men to change their legal status to ''woman'' even without psychological evaluation or ''medical transition'' (not that I consider those two procedures valid anyway). Why do you pass over it?
>can you prove why your ideology doesn't belong with the rest of the irrelevant wacky ideologies that had no impact on the world
One thing is being an irrelevant ideology (the ideology serves no purpose because the topics it adresses are unimportant) and another thing is that the ideology has no impact in the world (and that can simply be because it's against the interests of the people aka men who rule the world). Those are two different things that you're confused about. Radical feminism isn't irrelevant because the sex based oppression women have faced for centuries isn't a negligible aspect of the world and its history, women aren't fighting for some little cause, we're fighting for our right to live as complete free human beings. Radical feminism is now more relevant than ever because we are losing many things, like our femal-only spaces. If radical feminism has less impact on society is obviously because men don't earn anything from this and many industries don't either. ''Oh, how come radfems haven't done any actual material thing like shutting down the porn industry or reducing the amount of danger women face on the streets or at home, uh?'' Simply because the porn industry, the political power and the media are all male-dominated, they are winning a fuckton of money with this and they don't care about any of us. Radical feminism has changed many women's lives helping them understand this, that is actual material reality. Why are you so thick about this?

No. 5563

Maybe because all those "useless" books have cut through societies gaslighting and silencing of women, and open up women's minds to just how brainwashed we were made to be? And then change their behaviors and thought patterns to de female socialize.

No. 5569

I don't see the point in arguing with that one anon, radical feminism had a huge role to play in the 2nd wave in America.

Anyways, the separatist conflict arises because we have women that are basically liberal feminists (work within the system to bring about change–that's what the nonas who talk about "mass appeal" line up with) who just don't agree the troon and SW shit that has been shilled in the last decade. You're basically seeing women who are repeating feminism 101 talking points call themselves "radfems" which is obviously going to bring about confusion and conflict. Why cling on to this label if you don't do anything with it? Why not just stick to calling yourself a feminist? Not to be a cunt, but if you can make exceptions for a supposed decent scrote here and there, why not make exceptions for libfems instead of bitching about them and maybe "radpill" (i.e. bring back feminism 101) them a bit?

No. 5574

again every delusional retard thinks like that, grow up and start acting like an adult, adults don't act like retards and think their made up opinions are correct cause a bunch of other retards think so as well, because that would be fucking silly, and that's what rad-fems, anarcho-monachists, hoppeans, xeno-feminist all are, silly people making up shit, LARPing as revolutionaries while doing jack shit their entire lives

No. 5575

File: 1653993509041.jpg (118.59 KB, 680x680, FPmMuybXsAUs1ns.jpg)

Don't care about the argument going on above, just focusing on the OP
It's not even about separatism or being a lesbian, for me. I just don't see why I should handle women who revel in misogyny aimed at other women with kid gloves anymore. I used to feel bad for them, but I've since realized there are some pickmes who aren't just lost or misguided. To clarify, I'm not talking about women who are just male-attracted or have a Nigel or something (they're fine). This isn't about "90% of women". This is specifically about the extreme pickmes and women who cape for the most vile scrotes, including male rappers, domestic abusers, and assorted shitty men.
If you're giggling when some gross, racist internet scrote bashes women, and if you're coming here to regurgitate fucked up scrote opinions ("Why would you need an abortion? Just don't get assaulted lol"), why would you be exempt from what you've been allowing for the rest of us as a group? You absolutely should get some shit yourself. If you can't handle it, ask yourself why it was okay from moids, but not from women. Hmmm.
I'm honestly tired of the world expecting women to be dainty and polite and understanding all the time, even on the internet. I'm also done with the intentional victimhood of men and pickmes being able to say and do whatever the fuck they want to us, but we have to tip-toe around what words we say or else it's "too far". If you're going to be a dick sucker, male or female, I'll call you one

No. 5576

This is exactly what I talk about, the bizarre radfem sense of superiority over other women, I mean most radfems were objectively losers but since they believed they were the only true enlightened women in the world, they didn't have to confront the reality of being what they were, losers which likely you are as well

No. 5577

How is it superiority? If you bash women, I will also bash you. Cry forever about it. If you think women's place is to be bashed, you are a loser and you're trying to drag us all down. Sort yourself out

No. 5578

thinking your superior to 90% of other women cause their so lost and unenlightened, is utterly pathetic
also someone who died in a motel room cause she refused to act like a sensible human being and died alone and unloved by everyone in her life is a loser, a freedom fighter who was such a glutton she couldn't even walk the last few years of their lives and still ate themselves to death is a loser

No. 5580

>post full of strawmanning about perceived superiority, obviously didn't read the post and just sperged
Mashallah I will continue to bash misogynists, you can keep seething. I don't even need to be a radfem to defend women from shitty people of either sex. You're not the same as a normal woman once you start defending rapists, abusers and racists, so cut all that "90% of women" bullshit. 90% of women are disgusted by the actual pickmes who get insulted here. You have to be on some high level pickme shit to get called any of those names in OP, I've never once seen an anon get attacked for having a boyfriend or just not being a separatist
>also someone who died in a motel room cause she refused to act like a sensible human being and died alone and unloved by everyone in her life is a loser, a freedom fighter who was such a glutton she couldn't even walk the last few years of their lives and still ate themselves to death is a loser
What is this, your life story? I don't give a shit kek

No. 5582

Those were the end fates of Solanes and Dworkin

No. 5583

Don't care. Have you noticed that you're the person who thinks they're superior to other women? Your sperging about their lives when they never attacked you or other women as a class reflects your true feelings on all this

No. 5584

I'd like to continue this train of thought, the women who are totally mentally colonized by men and male culture are just as dangerous as men. A woman who doesn't care to form friendships with women, will always put men before women, doesn't see the point to create female only spaces, don't seek out female made media and knowledge. Men treat them so well because they're well and truly fully brainwashed, and so no threat. These are the women that defend their rapist male family and pass on their brainwashing to the next generation of women. And frankly I hate them just as much as men.

No. 5585

So you came back without answering my questions? lmao

No. 5586

what question was that

No. 5587

Completely ignored post:
>I have already provided this. It has changed the political situation for women and girls in my country in a way I will be forever grateful, because that law would allow men to change their legal status to ''woman'' even without psychological evaluation or ''medical transition'' (not that I consider those two procedures valid anyway). Why do you pass over it?
>''Oh, how come radfems haven't done any actual material thing like shutting down the porn industry or reducing the amount of danger women face on the streets or at home, uh?'' Simply because the porn industry, the political power and the media are all male-dominated, they are winning a fuckton of money with this and they don't care about any of us. Radical feminism has changed many women's lives helping them understand this, that is actual material reality. Why are you so thick about this?

No. 5588

what big legal ground breaking changes did your losers create for your country and did it have more impact then let's say Posadists

No. 5589

Why do you think you're superior to other women?

No. 5592

File: 1654016860444.jpg (376.72 KB, 667x1000, FT7Rs9vWUAI.jpg)

I never said that, I'm just an average woman trying to live my life. I exist. You do too but the difference is I don't have delusions about forcing my ideals on others, not only because it would be wrong but cause I can accept it would be futile and pointless, I'm an adult and I don't have the childlike naivety to pretend my ideals will fix the world if people just started believing in them, the fundamental problem with radical feminism is that its rooted in Marxism which reduces people to abstract constructs and that's not how the world is and that's not what people are
so to answer your question, I don't think I'm superior to other women, but I think I'm a grown up compared to a bunch of losers living in a constant state of impotent rage cause their idealized world is never gonna happen and instead of accepting that they blame everyone except themselves of why their ideology will never work or take hold

No. 5593

nta but out of curiosity, do you hold any particular political ideology? If so, which is it?

No. 5594

File: 1654017933980.png (836.74 KB, 1058x1040, v3exeb9qiuc21.png)

I guess you could say I'm a patriotic demsoc and civic nationalist, you'd think these rather bland opinions wouldn't be all that controversial but for most of the left(including the non-crazy one's) I'm basically either a fascist or too soft(these comments often coming from people like picrel) and for most of the right I'm basically a dirty commie, either way I realize people are people and can't change their opinions but and I have friends who have mostly normie views on most issues

No. 5598

>don't have delusions about forcing my ideals on others, not only because it would be wrong but cause I can accept it would be futile and pointless, I'm an adult and I don't have the childlike naivety to pretend my ideals will fix the world if people just started believing in them
Then why have you making autistic posts for days, kek? Clearly you're not here in good faith

No. 5599

what about of posts were autistic

No. 5600

Lmao you just don't have any proper answer, tranny asslicker, otherwise you wouldn't pretend like pushing back a tranny law isn't a big deal for women. I literally provide you ''actual material'' change and you conventionaly turn a blind eye.
>I think I'm a grown up compared to a bunch of losers living in a constant state of impotent rage cause their idealized world is never gonna happen and instead of accepting that they blame everyone except themselves of why their ideology will never work or take hold
You literally can't read let alone extract ideas from a 100 character reply to your post in an imageboard. And it's pretty clear that you're the only one seething here like the aggressive troon I bet you are! ♥

No. 5602

Yeah, you hate trannies and yet you refuse to acknowledge that holding back a law that allows them to become women in the eyes of the law is an massive win by radfems, an actual material thing like you say. You keep evading to reply to my posts as a whole because you're the most obvious larping tranny ever and since you've started posting in this thread you have exposed your misogyny quite blatantly.

No. 5604

A few tangible changes radfems have achieved in the US:

>In 1973 Valerie Angers and Joanne Parrent founded the Detroit Feminist Federal Credit Union, the nation’s first lending institution built on feminist principles. Provided financial education, jobs and loans to women who had faced discrimination since a husband's signature was required on all loan applications. Shortly afterwards other feminist credit unions across the country were formed. (They recognized access to money was essential to empowering women even if it seemed at odds with their anti-capitalist mission since they could use it to advance the movement and create a more humane society.)

>In 1968 Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz founded Cell 16 as a response to mass femicides. Many women worked late-night factory shifts and members safely walked them home or to public transit. They also offered free women's self defense classes.
>In 1969 "Jane" was formed which was originally an underground abortion referral service but then transitioned into an organization where women taught themselves how to perform abortions for others in need. They performed more than 11,000 illegal abortions (prior to Roe v Wade) with a safety record equal to that of the best hospitals. Research Judith Arcana for more details. This started through a Chicago consciousness-raising group, but hey, those don't result in any "tangible" action right?
>In 1970 the Boston Women's Health Book Collective published Our Bodies, Ourselves, a book about women's health and sexuality during a time these things were not discussed. It allowed many women to make more informed decisions about navigating healthcare and contraception. It is considered one of the founding events of the women's health movement in the United States.
>In 1970 at the "Pill Hearings" a group of women gave testimony at the Senate chamber about the side effects they experienced. The resulting national coverage led to hormone levels in the pill being lowered to a fraction of the original doses and the first large scale package insert informing patients of potential dangers on a prescription medication.
>In 1972 the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center/Women Against Rape provided an emergency aid telephone number, medical/legal/psychological information and referrals, and emergency transportation for rape victims. It is considered the second oldest rape crisis center in the country.

Outside the US, everything here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women%27s_liberation_movement_in_Europe

No. 5606

File: 1654026817432.jpg (430.54 KB, 1100x1100, two_pigeons.jpg)

did you really call me a tranny asslicker, I hate those degenerate fucks for many personal reasons, but we are running in circles, I think your ideology is utterly pointless and a waste of time and you don't and I can't change your opinion on that, you accuse me of being a moid or self hating ana-chan pick-me which is false, its clear that there's not much we can get in this discussion, both of us fundamentally disagree in both our values and worldviews, so lets just end this
no matter how much I disagree with your ideology I can acknowledge the people who believe in it, for better or worse and I do somewhat respect the ideologues who "fight all the way" believing what they believe and never compromising, its kinda commendable, so can we agree and comprise on that at least

No. 5609

I have to laugh at the tinge of self awareness coming from you. You might as well drop the demsoc bullshit and become a normie democrat centrist since any other ideology is just boring academics out of touch with reality kek. Perhaps the civic nationalist can stay?

No. 5610

And predictably she disappears once the sort of proof she wants is posted.

No. 5611

>you accuse me of being a […]self hating ana-chan pick-me
No, I called you a tranny asslicker and a tranny, nothing more. You are now swallowing down your vain accusations about radfeminism being a useless thing because you cannot ingnore any longer the replies you got after insisting many times on asking for actual achievements. That's why we didn't have a discussion here, you just demanded proof abou something to ignore it right after it was given to you. The only pointless waste of time here is you attempting to read a fucking post and understanding it. If you were actually a woman you wouldn't find pointless anything radical feminism stands for, specially stopping men from the oportunity of making women vulnerable under the law.

No. 5612

nta at least 90% of women disagree radical feminism,they'd be trannies by your logic as well

No. 5613

>I don't think I'm superior to other women, but I think I'm a grown up compared to a bunch of losers living in a constant state of impotent rage cause their idealized world is never gonna happen and instead of accepting that they blame everyone except themselves of why their ideology will never work or take hold
That was her take on radfems some posts above, if this isn't a scrote, this is some next level misogyny and seething.

No. 5614

I mean it's not untrue, radical feminism isn't gonna ever became mainstream any time soon

No. 5615

File: 1654032701590.gif (6.82 MB, 498x280, stoned-cat (1).gif)

Mfw came back to check how my thread is doing

No. 5616

Well we found some misogyny in our spaces but not from the radfems themselves kek

No. 5617

I was totally pointing at that and not at the incel-tier level of rudeness

No. 5620

It is not worth talking to women like this, and I know this is probably a woman and not a tranny because plenty of retarded women exist. These women exist first and foremost to be perpetual complainers. They don't want feminism, not even a lukewarm version because even that requires work. They are perpetual victims. They'll hide behind "muh third world women" who live in a shithole village that is controlled by feudal lords as an example to show how even the SIMPLEST action on the individual level means nothing. I'm of Pakistani origin (not the infamous Paki-chan though lol) and I do not see how it is useful to deny the benefit of individual level separatism just because women in a Pakistani village might not be able to practice it. Political change is never made by the normies of the world, it is practically always made by people who feel strongly about ideology one way or another. Even the anti-abortion pro-life retards in America do not represent the view of the average American on abortion, yet they were able to rally together and take their ideology to the Supreme Court. Obviously there are many factors to consider when it comes to political action and it obviously easier to push certain ideologies over others. Any kind of feminism is going to be an uphill battle. If we're talking about "90% of women" or normie women who don't feminist beliefs (in the US at least), most of these women reap the benefits of the efforts of the kooky out-of-touch-with-reality 2nd wave feminists. So yeah, if we can get take that "impotent rage" and channel it into something useful, I'd say it is better than being a perpetual whiner lmao.

No. 5621


No. 5622

Bless you anon. I think it’s tempting to keep trying to explain things when it’s another woman because you want them to get on board or at least recognize how they’ve benefited but you’re right, past a certain point it’s just a waste of time.

No. 5623

I don't really see that impotent rage, it's either women just making fun of men, explaining statistics and history, or perpetual victim types. Impotent rage is a scrote past time, it's why they lose all their hair.

No. 5627

imo a lot of radical feminism is the expression of impotent rage, pretending your doing something while just actually wasting your own time
maybe I will, I do try to see who has the most sensible economic and social positions above all else, regardless of party or political position

No. 5628

Like you've been doing for days? Kek

No. 5629

I want to clarify I made the thread not to critisize separatists or their practises (I think I worded it a bit bad) BUT the way some feminists use very misogynistic language to insult women who do not perform or believe all the same things they do. Bringing to question interacting with harmful men is totally fine and encourageable, but specifically some nonnas here go about it weirdly - "why were you talking to a male at all you fucking whore, looking for attention huh??" tier shit.

Again I probably did not word my thoughts very good, but maybe someone else knows what I mean. It's a weird vibe that has been more prevalent recently in my experience.

No. 5631

It's not deep anon, just women who understand you can't do shit about men, vs women who still think men have some value. The former are tired of women falling into the trap, and the latter want to be soothed and pandered to. Honestly they should break off into separatists and radfems, it would avoid this confusion. The radfems can pander until they turn into libfem 2.0 and the separatists don't have to waste energy on male aligned women.

No. 5632

Sure, but how is is acceptable to be misogynistic towards the women you disagree with and call them scrote tier names etc?

No. 5633

Any woman who calls misogynistic shit to other women isn't a radfem, no matter how many times she calls herself that. She's clearly appropriating a term whose meaning she doesn't undertand. I don't know what's so difficult to understand about this. Calling yourself a radfem =/= being a radfem. Radfems fight misogyny, they don't perpetuate it. I see that OP put ''radfems'' conveniently in quotation marks and that's the thing. People have been using the term to refer to themselves without reading actual theory or understanding something as simple as: don't shame women.

No. 5634

>"why were you talking to a male at all you fucking whore, looking for attention huh??" tier shit.
Not saying it never happens but I think this happens very rarely. And almost always in weird anonymous online echo chambers. Honestly the thing I see most commonly is women seeing a fairly bland statement like "men cannot be trusted and separatism is the best way to protect yourself from violence" and responding with "OH SO YOU THINK HET WOMEN DESERVE ABUSE??? YOU THINK WE'RE ALL WHORES WHO HAVE IT COMING?????". Case in point, that one anon who had an insane meltdown all over this thread.

No. 5635

Yeah anons example of you think I'm a ho huh? was off. Only really see women getting triggered by advice like "don't trust men" thinking it means anon is blaming them for their rape/abuse/etc. Anyway these triggered women will keep going back to men until they decide they've had enough, nothing you can do about it other than point out that men can't be trusted. They'll leave when they raise their self esteem and get a life. Men know this and that's why there's no pro female media or value on female friendship.

No. 5639

I do get your point, I see it too sometimes. I do not want to start the fight again so I'll try not to elaborate on the details, but I was attacked here for literally talking to a man and complaining here how he was misogynistic lol. I do not feel I was overreacting in a way you describe, I was literally blamed for talking to a man at all.

No. 5641

File: 1654139262391.jpeg (288.34 KB, 1242x1520, 1654117730031.jpeg)

The AHJD trial threads were the perfect examples of this. Everyone even slightly critical of AH was called awful fucking things. No, not defending JD, he's a misogynistic violent drug addict monster, but critisizing AH in any way, shape or form. Don't you fucking "this never happens, those were just males pretending" me - many, if not most of those were self-proclaimed "radfems" and you know it.

No. 5642

What even anon, those were handmaidens and bots. You're overestimating how many RF there are.

No. 5643

What? Handmaidens calling people who bring up AH's abuse of her sister and past partners JD's cock suckers ("I should slap the cock out of your mouth")? X to doubt. And I am not talking about the moid trolls calling women stupid whores either

No. 5644

A quote:
>Real victims? Kek shut your fat amberlynn Reid mouth and go eat some ice cream and flick you fat bean to pirates of the Caribbean you are not the ambassador of women who’ve been domestically abused. You dumb fat bitch fuck off you are literally lacking in braincells I hate these hoes almost as much as the scrotes.

Might have been a moid troll, but when questioning the language used it was defended and I was attacked for being a pickme. Again, JD can burn in hell and I am not defending him one bit. I just cannot fathom how this kind of behaviour is "feminism".

No. 5650

File: 1654166690375.png (6.9 KB, 939x116, everytime.png)

That user who posted that comment got banned and the one they were replying to were reeing about Amber being a lying whore, fucking over real victims, and all the women who believed she was abused are all sick femcel autists who should kiss their ass. While the reply is overboard, women can't ree about hating other women and then cry when reed at back. Like the supposed women from the early depp thread reeing all anons who believed amber was abused were evil fat man hating dykes, then cry that when called fat by anons after being a retard and posting their hand.
>The fragielposter cries as it strikes you: "I thought you guys were pro-women? I'm a woman who hates women and your not pro-me and say the shit I say back to me? Not very feminazi of you"

Some of you sound fragile and dumb. Even if anons being retarded believe something, doesn't mean everyone who believes that also is retarded. An ideology is not a club, just a belief you act in accordance with. This is an imageboard, how old are some of you, and how fresh off twitter/reddit? It's not really that black and white. At best it means that specific anon is being hypocritical, not that radfems aren't feminist because it's just them posting, and even then, you're assuming they are a radfem with the "I bet they call themselves radfem", which is an assumption and not fact, though an understandable assumption because this site is more likely to be radfem then libfem, but they could just be neither equally. I've been reed at by people who I agree with but it doesn't make me question an ideology, only an individual. All this seems like perpetuated conflict to prevent women from dealing with the real issue, moids.

No. 5651

Reading that post now and the replies, I think they were replying to a banned shitposting moid, since the posts replying to it ree that anon is racist because they used nigel, and misread it as nig*er. Some of you need to know context, and like >>5634 says, sometimes people read "avoid men" and interpret it as "so you think abuse is my fault", like the tradfag from the tradwife thread sperging that anons posting that women aren't broodmares for moids means that's what they see women as, and not acknowledging what tradfag men see women as and treat them as.

No. 5652

Agreed. Some people do this "You're supposed to be feminists, stop!!" thing because they just want to be able to talk shit to/about women and not get it thrown back in their face

No. 5656

So calling other women fat ugly bitches and hoes is ok when "ur a lil heated uguu"?

Again, I am not pro-Depp. People who talked anything negative regarding her abuse of others etc were attacked just like that. How is being critical of her abusing other women "hating all women" like >>5650 implied?

No. 5658

>So calling other women fat ugly bitches and hoes is ok when "ur a lil heated uguu"?
It's not nice or feminist to call women names but I honestly just don't really care. Imo picrel >>5641 is about political action, solidarity with other women is about political action, not about making some online 'radfem club' where we're all BFFs. I support the rights of Depp defenders to get abortions, to be free from male violence, etc. I support political solidarity and human rights for all women regardless of how they behave. But this is an imageboard. It's just not a priority for me to make sure that fucking lolcow.com is a safe space for women who want to post about how nasty Amber Heard is.

For the record I don't agree with calling women bitches and hoes. I think specifically misogynistic insults are over the line. But I'm also not going to consider you getting insulted on an imageboard some kind of catastrophe. I care about your right to an abortion, I don't care if you get called a retard online if you post retarded shit.

No. 5662

>I don't agree with calling women bitches and hoes. I think specifically misogynistic insults are over the line.
But that was my whole point! Of course you are going to get insulted on image boards, I'm not retarded, believe it not. But the people defending AH specifically did it from a feminist perspective (well, while also ignoring the female abuse victims) so insults like that are fucking hypocritical.

No. 5667

>the people defending AH specifically did it from a feminist perspective… hypocritical
Isn't this a thing in every group in existence? Christian priests preach to love and be kind to everyone then go molest children. Teachers say they want the best for a kid's education then tell them they're a dunce who'll never amount to anything. SJWs shriek about BLM or sticking it to capitalism then make racist comments to black people who don't fit their ideal image and buy $7 macha frapa lattes in non-biodegradable cups. There are giant hypocrites everywhere. Just because some people are dumb doesn't mean the greater community/beliefs they profess to be a part of should be demonized by association. Would it be great if they stopped doing hateful stuff in the name of feminism? Of course. But it's on you to have discernment between someone who actually walks the walk and an idiot. I wouldn't believe someone sticking a steak in their mouth was a vegetarian no matter what they told me. >>5658 and most of the people who have stayed on topic have agreed with you, so I'm not sure what more you're seeking? Ways to get self-professed feminists to be less misogynistic? That's a tall order since idiots are generally very set in their ways. It's better to focus on those who are open to learning and doing things in the real world like volunteering, donating, etc.

No. 5676

This what we all mean, you think your better then other women cause you know the "real truth" about #society, cause you read some quotes written by a fat brained dimwit who married a gay retard, your like the the lazy fucks in the NEET thread, half retards who think their fighting the patriarchy while doing jackshit IRL, as the other anon said "GROW THE FUCK UP" your not some revolutionary fighter who men are afraid of, your all out of shape losers just like everybody else in the world and you have zero impact on the world just also just like everybody else

No. 5677

Are you the anon who said fat people were immoral in the m recs thread?

No. 5678

I don't remember that but I may have, I do believe fat people are immoral and disgusting, they betray their humanity and show that they are slaves to their impulse and bodily desires, its also a fact that fatness leads to lower IQ levels along with the obvious health risks

No. 5679

I think fat = low IQ because fat usually = poor, so less chance for an education and resources/connections to better world placement.

No. 5680

No. 5681

This is the post I'm referring to >>>/m/198208

No. 5682

yeah that was me, does it matter though

No. 5684

Stop claiming men from Reddit are your husband, and maybe one day you won't be so worried about the mean feminist boolies on lolcow farm lmao

No. 5686

File: 1654265619861.png (18.53 KB, 500x323, question.png)

what are you on about ? also kek at the idea of you being bullies, the only people you bully are the poor service workers who have to deal with your daily visits

No. 5687

I bet this retarded bitch is married to some loser and gets mad at the mean girls on the Mongolian Weaving Forum when they say that self-sufficiency in women is a good thing kek

No. 5688

File: 1654273638239.jpg (468.43 KB, 1339x2035, J24D.jpg)

self-sufficiency is great for everyone, its healthier for you but it requires a lot of willpower and commitment, but I don't think I have radfems actually ever be self sufficient, picrel is also the exact opposite of being self sufficient

No. 5689

The retard camping out in 2X going on about ugly fat meanie radfems needs to get a job, this LVL of obsession is scrote tier

No. 5691

For real. "She" is obsessed at this point, this is why it seems like a tranny. The rage smacks of high testosterone shut-in scrote eating fast food while wearing cat ear headphones and side-tweeting about taking his titty skittles

No. 5692

Holy shit are you guys for real? Take a fucking look at the shit you post, then look at the mirror and ask yourself can you call yourself a radical fucking feminist. And being against calling women fat ugly retard bitches while also being a """feminist""" makes you scrote? What the fuck is wrong with you

No. 5693

Ok parappa anon

No. 5697

It’s equally as frustrating that either there’s someone dumb enough to consistently take the bait or he’s talking to himself like a screeching donkey. Just ignore him like every irl women and he’ll go parasite somewhere else.

No. 5710

I agree nonnie. These self proclaiming radfems talk like bloody MRAs and TRAs towards women they don't agree with and then have the arrogance to act superior because they don't shave their legs kek

Every other woman is either a handmaiden, stupid or a pickme or just does not know any better. Intelligent strong independant women who have their own opinions? Burn the witch! The misogyny is off the charts and when you point it out they flip out screeching insults because they can't have a conversation like a normal person. They are a bunch of ugly fucking losers.

No. 5711

The rule >>5650 proves itself yet again kek.

No. 5712

File: 1654393071235.jpeg (125.92 KB, 640x860, 1652382890030.jpeg)

The person involved is planning to reply to themselves repeating the exact same things over and over, trying to get attention because they know this thread is dying. May it continue to die. The discussion is done.

No. 5714

"Everyone disagreeing with me must just be the same one man" kek pathetic. We all know you don't look even remotely like that picture nonnie.

No. 5737

What? I've talked with several other women that are also frustrated with the toxic mra-esque mindset many nonas here have. Just because you made up some tinfoil about everyone disagreeing with you being the same anon doesn't mean the problem does not exist. Again, this thread is proof in itself - and don't start with the "b-but they didn't say they are radfems!!" shit, this is /2X/ so everyone is assumed to identify as some kind of feminist unless stated otherwise.

No. 5779

File: 1654593160700.jpg (220.15 KB, 720x1094, Screenshot_20220607-121119_Chr…)

Here is more. Link to post so you can read the sources listed in the post:

No. 5782

But anon, you don't understand, radfems called her mean words after she spammed misogynistic garbage! They're just losers, not like her, the based anti-feminist seether kek

No. 5783

kek this

No. 5786

Antisemitic too. Anytime Dworkin is mentioned, this poltard pops up to call her a subhuman jew while saying radfeminism is a meme ideology, i guess natsoc would be a more fitting ideology for her mindset but she's not ready to accept it yet.

No. 5806

>We're in 2X so they definitely identify as radfem!
We're in 2X on a thread where anons can sperg about radfems, meaning they are not radfems posting in 2X kek. You disprove your own point kek.

No. 5807

It’s almost like they missed the header for the board.
> gender critical and female politics.
There’s more than radfems when it comes to female politics and you don’t have to be a radfem to be gender critical.

No. 5808

What? Now you can't be a radfem if you are frustrated with how other radfems behave?

No. 5809

this is like the TRA thing of claiming that black drag queen started stonewalls, most of these accomplishments were by feminists groups in general
>Haven House Family Service Center was formed in Wayne, Nebraska. The agency was an outcome of a seminar conducted jointly by the American Association of University Women and Wayne State College staff which determined a need for services for victims of domestic violence and their children. The Wayne PD was the after-hours contact in the early years and continues to serve as the answering service today.

No. 5810

The anon who made this thread just hates women who choose to not fuck men/aren’t sexually attracted to them.

No. 5811

They got set off and started sperging in ot because someone joked about sex-empowerment and keep reeing about polilez and hating lesbians (if you disagree with any moid caping you are polilez because just saying you hate lesbians will be seen as homophobic. They probably seethe about “manhate”.

No. 5812

They also were in the Depp v. Heard thread defending Depp and probably started this spergfest after reeing everyone who believed Heard was abused is a fat femcel dyke and reed that anons are sexist for calling her fat in return for being a pickme.

No. 5813

Probably samefagged as well to prove a point about meanie lesbsos oppressing straight women by hating tradfags who throw women under the buss for male approval.

No. 5815

>Well if they made any contributions, I bet they weren't radfems!
You can't keep ignoring opposing proof.

No. 5817

File: 1654829704033.jpg (89.09 KB, 911x327, IMG_20220610_055326.jpg)

Ok, let's put our thinking hats on and recap. By wanting to raise conversation about how some women in feminist spaces call other women blown out cockwhores, and being opposed to it I am:

-a man
-a tradthot and a pickme
-hating lesbians / celibate women
-supporting Johnny fucking Depp and believing AH is a "fat femcel dyke"
-believing lesbians oppress tradthots

If you don't see any issue with these weird anal gape sex fantasies idk what to tell you. Sure, if not approving this makes me a tradthot then I guess I'll have to order a Mein Kampf for myself asap then

No. 5819

Stop trying to boost your own thread because no one has agreed with you. Bohoo women call you mean words when you sperg about ebil dykes and women who don't want to fuck men for any reason. Stop being extremley male identified pickme-chan. You keep going 'nooo, radfems are big meanies who call me words', and yet no one in this thread has. You're probably just samefagging until someone agrees with you. Newsflash, this is an imageboard and you will convince no one of your views. Grow up kek.

No. 5820

And probably samefagging insulting yourself to be like 'see, stop the ebil feminazis'.

No. 5821

If you ree about anons, expect to be reed back at. It's all very 'Well I shit on women but they can't shit on me in return'. Feminist doesn't mean nice, it just means supporting womens rights, with the various types being the kind of things you believe are the important progress and rights needed for women in society.

No. 5822

Kek. You started reeing about someone being against sex-positivity based empowerment. Pickme-chan indeed.

No. 5823

This. It's the whole reason the thread was made kek.

No. 5828

It really is just cringe to talk to other women like the anon in your picrel did. Calling other women whores and saying sexually inappropriate things to them is not and never will be compatible with being feminist. I've said before that you can't really tell when anons outside of 2X identify as radfem or not and been sperged at for being an "emotional" because of it, so I can concede that maybe the anon in that cap is not feminist; but there are still alleged feminists here on 2X defending talking to women like a perverted moid and that's fucked. There are still also alleged feminists here calling women whores, and it's fucked. It's all so wrong and you will never be a feminist if you treat women this way.

No. 5830

Yes, of course that anon is necessarily not a feminist - though I do remember either them or another anon defending them for saying so, as straight women bring down feminism or the usual sperging. This is why I posted it (should have clarified in my post but I was butthurt kek). Many anons also pointed out similar rhetoric being present in many spaces that DO call themselves radfems. And this thread is a very good example if my point.

Again, in my opinion you cannot seriously alienate 90% of women and call it feminism. I understand the point of "sleeping with the enemy", I do, but nothing you ever say or do will make straight women (=the majority of women) disappear. And OBVIOUSLY some anon saying mean things on the internet is not even on the same planet as the shit moids do, but can't it still be talked about? This shit will just turn straight women away from the movement. I do not think the majority of them want to be called cum guzzlers, shocking I know.

No. 5836

NTA but it was samefagging.

No. 5847

Multiple people can have an opinion you no not like nonna

No. 5849

They're the dyke-hater-chan from the Depp thread. They seethed about lesbians a lot and about straight people being oppressed for making fun of pickmes. Reading the thread it's pretty obvious they samefagged, even trying to start infighting again when anons stopped replying. They just samefagged insulting themselves so they could seethe about lesbians being cult like because of the mocking of pickmes/scrotes.

No. 5861

ayrt, I was agreeing with you for the most part and basically said
>Many anons also pointed out similar rhetoric being present in many spaces that DO call themselves radfems
as well. I do not believe someone can be misogynistic (i.e. calling women misogynist insults or being creepily sexual like the anon in your previous screenshot) and still be feminist. So thanks for providing that context, we are mostly on the same page. I don't know if it is necessarily a lesbian or straight or bi thing as you say, but there are definitely misogynistic women who use feminist rhetoric as a shield to vent misogyny at other women, it's really sad and unfortunately does happen too often on here. It's entirely possible for women to disagree and even argue and insult each other without regressing to misogynistic behavior, and I don't know why that's hard for some people to admit.

No. 5862

Can "whore" or "thot" be counted as misogynistic? Bc a lot of (what I think are) feminist anons here use "___thot"/"whore" as an insult. I feel like "handmaiden" is also kinda misogynistic, handmaiden literally comes from the handmaid's tale but anons here will use it to describe literally any straight woman.

No. 5868

Please take your pills nonna

No. 5869

Definitely. I used "tradthot" before in my previous message which isn't very good, I just didn't have any other word for them I could think of. Any suggestions?

Oh I was agreeing with you too, just went on a sperg tangent!

I made the thread, I forgot to sage a couple messages but I have definitely not insulted myself to make ppl hate lesbians (??). I love lesbians, and a couple ppl saying the seething anons calling straight women whores are lesbians I don't even agree with. Anyone with that amount of hatred for a specific group has to have some internalized shit (see: religious scrotes hating gays because they are in the closet themselves etc).

Again, not everyone you disagree with is the same anon. Farmhands can check it. I mean, they won't, but they COULD. Also, someone critizing AH even a bit does not make them agree with the abusive druggie scrote JD. Nothing in this world is black and white, purely morally good or evil. Wish it was, but it isn't.

No. 5870

I do think that those are misogynistic, especially "whore" which is probably the one most frequently used with the most vitriol on here. There are probably better terms out there than "tradthot" as well for example, I like that "leftthots" is leftcows now and think the trad thread could stand the same switch. But yeah, if anyone had an even better suggestion to get rid of "thot" in terms like this, that would be great.

>Nothing in this world is black and white, purely morally good or evil. Wish it was, but it isn't
100%, I think conversations on here would be a lot healthier if more anons could remember this kek

No. 5877

I really hate when women use "faggot" as an insult, I mean, the whole reason it's insulting is because it's comparing those men to women, so you're insulting a man by comparing him to women and acting like that's an insult when you are a woman yourself, so you're really just insulting yourself in a way. I know it's hard but try to come up with less malebrained insults for scrotes you don't like.

No. 5878

They themselves said they were dyke-hater-chan.

No. 5879

File: 1655075011259.gif (1.7 MB, 498x242, omg-posh-totty.gif)

My sperg about the topic: The way I see it is that faggot resonates with some comparison to women because it's a word usually applied to gay men or men/boys in general that act hyperfemenine in some way. The kind of hyperfemenine stereotypes (attitudes, tone of voice, interests, fashion sense, mannerisms, etc) that are more commonly found on women (the ''Posh Totty'' archetype from the movie St Trinians comes to mind, pic related) but that aren't natural to our sex at all either, because it's cultural and has been only traditionally linked to women. Hyperfemeninity was created by men because it made us dumber and weaker, and some men found it hot (bimbos). I find hyperfemeninity stupid and infantilizing, but I do understand also that we've been bombarded with it since day 1, so I don't blame women from enjoying what I consider some aseptic aspects of it, I think women can enjoy whatever they please as long as it doesn't degrade them and they do it because they really like it, not in order to please others. But, when a man wants to act hyperfemenine, that's something I can't stand. Before all this tranny shit I knew some gay men that referred to themselves as ''she'' and used the fememnine forms of substantives and adjectives (in my native language). It's also about the tone of voice, men that poorly try to talk with a higher pitch of voice (they frequently adress women with ''sweetie, darling, honey…'' with a very patronising tone), or men that despite acknowledging that they are men get cosmetic surgery to look not youthful but like a female version of themselves. I despise clothing marketed towards women that are uncomfortable, unpractical and sometimes almost ugly on purpose, so when I see a gay men wearing clothes that are obviously from the ''women's section'' acting and speaking like a 13 year old I get a little frustrated because men actually choose this, they have to go against the tide to get this and people love it, some people really love flamboyant gays, whereas we are reinforced this stupis stereotypes and at some point we are asked to snap out of them if we want to enter ''the (male) adult world'' and be taken serious by others. I don't think it's unethical for women to use the term faggot. I know other nonas must think differently and I'd like to know what others think to challenge my perspective.

No. 5881

But it's not just hyperfeminine behaviors like fashion and dressing like a bimbo that "faggot" is a catch all insult for, it's often used to tell men to man up, not to cry, not to be sensitive etc. traits that are seen as common in women in general and I do think women are more sensitive and emotionally intelligent than moids. But calling someone a "faggot," even if you're a woman, will never sit right with me because it's so obviously another thing like "pussy" where it means everything adjacent to femaleness is looked down upon and it's an insult used by moids to insult other moids by comparing them to women. I don't think women should adopt that type of scrote talk. There are ways gay men are repulsive like you mentioned but calling them "faggot" probably just makes you look like a woman insulting yourself to them, just like "pussy."

No. 5882

Yes, the misuse of an insult is very common, like when men use ''whore'' or ''cunt'' to refer to every women, but I think that when men use faggot to tell boys to man up/not be sensitive it falls into that category that I described because, again, crying as a response is something expected although not valued on women, and I'm not sure if we are naturally more sensitive/emotionally intelligent than men are, culturally we definitely are. The term ''pussy'' comes from ''pussillanimous'' (latin), it's an abreviation and it's longest form is common in romanic languages. I have to admit that when I first heard the word in English I associated it with ''pussy'' as a cat/vagina and believed there was some stronger connection. I'm not sure if native English speakers have a strong association between pussy as a female part and pussy as coward, they probably have it, it's a tragic coincidence still and the word sounds weird to ESL like me. I wouldn't use faggot with any wimpy kid because I appreciate boys that have a little less of toxic masculinity and because faggot (or the equivalent in my language) have always had some sexual implication. Of course that's just me and many people use the term to talk about anyone who isn't a GI Joe.

No. 5883

I don't think most men or women know what "pussillanimous" is or means, so I think it's safe to say that they're using "pussy" to compare someone to female genitalia.

No. 5886

Easily the wildest thing on this thread is someone in the UK thinking they are poor on 25k a year

No. 5887

counterpoint, calling people gay and retarded is really funny

No. 5889


No. 5892

I don't think most people associate faggotry with women. The way you frame it, women are actually the ultimate faggots, but I just don't feel like most of the population thinks that. They think it's "correct" for women to be feminine (and therefore incorrect for us to be masculine), so it's fine when we do it, but not appropriate for males. The maleness is the issue with the behavior

No. 5893

They are probably male as this post in meta lays out: >>>/meta/34387

During their ot meltdown and shitting up the dumbass shit thread for hours they seethed about lesbians being evil and trying to convert straight women: >>>/ot/1217948 aka and that's why no women wants to fuck them because it is likely a moid, as well as reeing that pickmes can't be made fun of because this site is not a 'tumblr shithole echochamber' >>>/ot/1217854, how everyone who mocks or shits on them is a lesbian: >>>/ot/1218181, and then they return to chimp out about an anon making a labrys flag pin: >>>/ot/1219082 to try and derail again.

For context, they also were only called a whore after an anon made fun of the sex positvity fucking a man is empowering mindset (probably samefagging so they can seethe about lesbians and femcels and pretend to have some justification and they will ignore that they are a tradfag pickme):
1. An anon in ot makes fun of pickmes: >>>/ot/1217677
2. A wild pickme appears to seethe about making fun of them: >>>/ot/1217681
3. They are called a whore after this (suspect samefagging): >>>/ot/1217703

They also claim to be the person who made this thread: >>>/ot/1218149 and are likely the same person, as the meta post says, to be the one who shit up the ftm thread yesterday crying about the feminazis bullying moids being why girls troon out and we have to stop: >>>/snow/1557297 as it too echoes the old nooo, straighty is oppressed by the feminazis message.

As the meta post echoes, most anons agree it is some retarded samefagger, dyke-hater-chan, trying to shit on lesbians. They even mentioned being called a moid in the Depp thread in this very thread, so was the one spamming that everyone who believed Heard was abused was a fat femcel dyke. Their crying about being called mean names and told to post hand likely originated from this point, as the Heard-and-dyke-hater anon was called fat after reeing everyone else was fat. And also posted hand kek.

Maybe it's a tranny? Definitely a moid or tradfag at the very least when it's general posts are "This isn't your tumblr shithole echo chamber you feminazi femcels reeee."

All I can say is: Tiffany, how could you do this to us.

No. 5894

Good analysis, I was talking to that person earlier on this thread and I think that yesterday I found him on the tinfoil thread bitching about muh radfems and useless academia again although I'm not sure. He's on other /ot/ thread for sure because he is keeps using the same pics he used here.

No. 5895

>13 thousand euros a year
Yeah and where do you live, fucking spain? You can't compare UK cost of living and income to just any other European countries'. You can't even do that within Europe itself.
I agree, that's why dyke is the insult used for women instead. Men calling women that don't think anything bad about male traits inherently, just in women.

No. 5896

I'm the anon who made this thread and complained about it, but none of the others are my posts, sorry nonna. I was called a moid in AH/JD thread for being the least bit critical of AH and her antics, like beating her ex, sister and spitting on her assistants face. But like I have said in almost every single damn post JD can burn in hell for being an abusive, drug addicted scrote. But him being a fucking monster does not erase the mistakes AH has also made, and being concerned for other women in her circle does not make someone a moid. Like I said, nothing is black and white.

I do not know why I even made this thread, it was a stupid idea in retrospect. And why do I keep responding since it's clear some nonnas will not try to consider other views one bit. You are more than justified in your hatred of moids, but please try to have some empathy and respect for other women, that is all I ask.

No. 5905

File: 1655132391661.jpeg (85.33 KB, 828x230, 294F8FBB-A146-4F5C-97D1-CDF33F…)

Gyns I found the Y in misogyny

No. 5906

kek OP and dykehater-kun are obviously not the same person, because he sticks out like a sore thumb and OP is reasonable and sages, whereas our little scrotey doesn't (now that you realize you can start doing it).

No. 5908

File: 1655138216494.jpg (124.69 KB, 1024x682, fellow lesbos.jpg)


No. 5910

"Faggot" is an insult for men who act like women. The reason it's seen as insulting is because it's saying a man is lesser if he's like a woman. That's the issue with it and that's why it's misogynist. It's like a black person calling a white person "wigger," like okay but you're the real thing, the ACTUAL reason behind the insult, so it's not really an effective insult when it comes from a member of the group who the person was originally being insulted by being compared to.

No. 5911

File: 1655144290196.jpeg (131.58 KB, 749x811, A17AACDE-746E-4768-AF16-5C91F9…)

>An anon in ot makes fun of pickmes
This is the initial post that NO ONE has addressed, what about this is pick me? “Haha fuck your bf in this position to assert dominance” it’s just a silly post.

No. 5915

Isn't this a post to call out misogyny instead of practice it? kek

Anyways, I wish radfems/GCers were a little more polite to women who make mistakes or don't speak well. I hate being othered in these spaces as an autistic woman, let me be retarded in peace instead of assuming I'm an unwashed moid

No. 5921

Holy kek how is this a pick me post, she was just making fun of the retard moidie

No. 5928


wish they would move on when they don't like someone instead of obsess over it

No. 5929

Nta but anon posted something about how anons "fuck him in the amazon position to assert dominance" is pickme because it's still fucking a moid and that won't make him respect you with “give him access to your pussy if you want to dominate him. Not the brightest tool in the shed are you.” Both were shitting on pickmes, but some tradfag retard got set off because anon was saying something negative negative about fucking men and had to shit up the thread for hours, obviously having been triggered since they went on for multiple hours and started shitting up other threads with their rage and shit flinging. Like kek, it's an imageboard, calm down. No need to be a autistic.

No. 5930

>is pickme because it’s still fucking a moid
So you DO think that every woman that has sex with a man is a pick me?? You really want all straight women to impose celibacy on themselves, to never have a chance at love, sex and intimacy? No I’m not straight, never been with a man, I’m not a pick me you girls are just crazy extremists.

No. 5931

Nta but having sexual and romantic relationships with men is extremely risky in more ways than one. You joke but I personally do think a lot of women should practice celibacy especially in their teens and 20s..ESPECIALLY in this sex obsessed society we live in…MOST ESPECIALLY because of the caliber of "men" we have to deal with in our generation. Men are literally obsolete, and more women need to have less sex with them

No. 5932

Okay ayrt, yes I hate hookup culture and this sex positivity shit, I definitely think women need to be more discerning about who they’re having sex with, casual sex only benefits men, there’s just been so much reeing here about the stupidest shit.

No. 5933

>So you're saying you want to enforce celibacy/lesbianism on men because sex != power!!!!
Kek, tradfag you are delusional. You chimped because someone made fun of sex positivity and the belief that fucking men itself is empowering, not even that fucking men is bad, just not going to net you actual power. You really do hate anyone who denies men their coom, huh?

No. 5934

No. 5935

Based and true. Men use women as status symbols and don't treat us with respect or care. They use to be all about having as many as women as possible, and when they realised in old age that they hadn't secured a long term relationship and they had aged out of the age range of the women they wanted to fuck, they became incels/mgtows/etc.

No. 5936

Do you think saying fucking moids isn't empowering implies that fucking women is and that anons are trying to force you into celibacy or being a homosexual? If you do you are an extremely narcissistic retard to believe anons are attracted to you or invested in your sex life at all. Normal people read that and laugh about pickmes and modern libfem sex culture.
This is what you sound like:
>You can't joke about banging moids not being based, that's like trying to change my sexuality!
Are you underage, newfag?

No. 5937

Can you show me where >>5911 >>5930
I say sex is empowering?
What I wrote: “ haha have sex with your bf in this position to assert dominance” (its a silly joke)
What you turbo autists read: “Have as much casual sex with as many different men as you possibly can.”
You’re all twisting this shit so much.

No. 5938

Post hand for further interaction, you're probably a scrote and I'm not wasting my time nor giving attention to some deranged coomer/tranny. I will sincerely answer if you actually post your hand, but until then I will continue to ignore you. Also, considering the reply time, you have this thread bookmarked or alerts for it. Sus af.

No. 5939

>post hand
so you can nitpick that to hell and back to? No thanks.
>you have this thread bookmarked or alerts for it. Sus af.
Or I’m checking back for replies since I’m partaking in the discussion? And you replied to my post within 3 minutes so doesn’t that apply to you as well? I’m not a male or a tranny for stating that straight women want to, and will have sex with men. That is not encouraging casual sex it’s just a fact.

No. 5954

>So you DO think that every woman that has sex with a man is a pick me??

No. 5957


No. 6056

I’m annoyed that Radical Ramblings didn’t call out Lisa Michele for being a retarded Deppfag

No. 6061

I genuinely don't see how anyone can stand behind Depp in this and call herself a feminist, regardless of how they feel about Amber Heard. Depp's attitude, actions, and words are all deeply misogynist and there's nothing anyone could do to justify it, even if they were both the worst people ever it's clear that he is a complete misogynist through and through who loves incel rhetoric.

No. 6116

It really, really bothers me deeply when alleged "radfems" say things that are just demeaning to any prostituted woman, like "well I could never be bought or sold/I'm priceless" or just ranting about hating all prostitutes and "whores and sluts" in general. Feminism that is critical of the sex industry is great because that is the most exploitative industry and shadowy underworld on earth for women. But more and more I get angry and disheartened, especially reading repeatedly from anons here, that they just think they are way better than any of these suffering women and sometimes even think these women are worse than the scrotes who buy and sell them like meat. I see anons on here blaming the women more than the men all the time and having extreme levels of hate for these women, it's so backwards. For some thought, recently I heard the story of 18 year old Brooke Slocum. She was still a child, really, who got pregnant in a relationship with her boyfriend. When she was 8 months pregnant and financially dependent on him, he started forcing her into prostitution to have resources for her and her baby, and she was murdered by a john in an incredibly horrific way thanks to this. It really made me think, is this the type of woman that some of you want to brag about being better than, because you think you're "priceless" and she wasn't? Do you think you're worth more than a kind girl with her whole life ahead of her that was so cruelly snuffed out? Because you "can't be bought and sold?" How do you know? This happened in America, where some radfem anons claim any woman who does prostitution of any kind has other options. What about people with no safety net? Do you not get that you're just showing your whole asses for being so well off that you have no idea how grim the lives of many women are? It's becoming really clear to me how many purported feminists are just bold faced misogynists with overflowing hate for the most vulnerable women in our society. Not every woman in the sex industry is some pedophile freak like Shayna who has a rich family and backup plan, I swear she has given some anons a derangement syndrome where they think she is the example of a woman in the sex industry. Even online, you don't know what's happening to some of these women when the cameras turn off. There's just nothing feminist about having no compassion for these women, many of whom could be brutally killed at any time. What's the point in feminism that's only for one's own benefit and to uplift you personally above other women? Isn't that just being a narc?

No. 6120

It's true there are women forced into it but there's just such a loud chorus of women constantly telling other women that they love sex work for sexual reasons. They love the fact they can get big dick on set. They love casual sex etc.

The sad fact is that Gen Z girls are coombrained as much if not more than their male peers.

No. 6122

I don't think anyone is critiquing women who are sex-trafficked. It's acknowledge that many women/girls are forced into the sex trade. Many whose fate ends terribly and it's awful, which is why radical feminists and those aligned are against sex work and it's glamorization. What they're really poking fun at is the women who do indeed in fact glamorize it for something it's not. Usually for these women it's a CHOICE freely made and they decided to make this choice when there are other options available. I've known a lot of strippers, camgirls, escorts as opposed to street prostitutes who were usually inducted into the trade at a young age, pimped out by a relative, guardian or boyfriend, etc. There is a difference. The latter is usually a life full of misery and hopelessness, no relatives who give a shit to even help and a path that leads into drug addiction and reliance on street wits to get ahead. This unfortunately usually ends in extorting and helping to prostitute other women/girls. It's an endless cycle of misery and as much as I can sympathize and empathize, I've seen too many willing to sell another women out for dope or money. It's bleak and isn't helped by the former, who seeks to put a glittery spin on the whole ordeal of extorting women for sex. To live an exotic life full of money and fun, you gotta sell your ass, no shame and all women critical of this are vicious harpies envious of their richly fulfilled lives. So naturally, radical feminists mock this surly trade which will never help women escape the chains of being objectified and dehumanized. All pro sex work women are what we would truly call handmaidens, because they do not seem to care how participating and singing praises to "SEX WORK is WORK" fails all women. Not just those who are sex-trafficked, but all of us who choose to turn away for this absurd idea. We will never escape the patriarchal chains that our bodies are property, bought and sold, if we continue to glamorize this industry. It deserves no such thing. Sometimes the only way to cope is to make fun of it, I guess.

No. 6200

The lack of tact, patience, and willingness to talk through miscommunication really bothers me. It bothers other women too, since I see plenty of pushback, but excuse is always "expecting me to be nice is patriarchy". Women are taught to employ conversational smoothing tactics for a reason: they work! Choosing to be kind to your fellow woman while she's trying to talk to you isn't the same as doing it to please a moid.

No. 6210

Thanks for sharing this food for thought nonna, really good way to put it. I hope it encourages other women here like it did me.

No. 6223

I deleted my radfem server. I'm going to miss it. I loved the users but it was dying and one of the user was a plague. She was so annoying. It felt like we had a moid. She always had to play the devil's advocate. She made me hate this place that I made with love. I FUCKING HATE YOU. She was so annoying that people who were just lurking were complaining about her to me irl and made them stop lurking. That's exactly what she does. >>6200 I hate it so much. Thanks for explaining it so nicely.

No. 6225

You deleted a whole ass server because of one person?

No. 6228

Yes because I had no fun keeping it alive. If it's making my day worse then it has to go. At least the server was small and everyone is in another one. Now I understand why Emy deleted the biggest radfem server on discord two years ago.

No. 6240

Nta but why not just ban the one person who was annoying instead of deleting the whole server

No. 6340

File: 1659728004395.jpg (121.11 KB, 854x595, Blackpilled.jpg)

A while ago I stumbled upon some blackpilled radfems and honestly if I didn't know they were a radfem I would've thought it was some unhinged racist or misogynist. Their twitter group would say the most vile shit like picrel. This was the only screencap I have saved unfortunately and their twitters got nuked. I remember seeing them blame some mother whose son murdered her I think? He did something bad. They blamed her for even giving birth to him and opening her legs.

No. 6341

A Slightly Twisted Female and Lisa Michele have beef, apparently.

No. 6343

ngl i’ve been wondering if lisa michele is a troon. i bet pretending to be a radfem is the ultimate coom.

No. 6349

Isn't this guy a scrote? Like I vaguely remember radfemtwt finding out that this guy isn't a woman. Not surprising he hangs with the blackpilled crowd. Thoser etards will eat up anything misogynistic about women

No. 6351

File: 1659813603437.jpg (44.3 KB, 594x368, Capture.JPG)

samefag their new acc is here and this person sounds.. really mentally ill. shes opted out of the sex-class and is trans now kek

No. 6352

If she was really a radfem then she would know "opting out" of the sex class is not possible.

No. 6355

nta, a fine blend of ignorance and what I suppose amounts to entitlement

No. 6364

File: 1659987983423.jpeg (101.35 KB, 640x766, C9515106-B408-4C86-BA1A-F57442…)

Hold is this who Lisa was vagueposting about on her YouTube community tab? I’m mad at Lisa but who is considering this shit as radfem?

No. 6376

Do you have a TLDR or something for this? I tried to watch but it was extremely boring. I kept waiting for the part where Lisa Michele did something to her but it never came. She was just accusing some random person who used bitch as an insult of being Radical Ramblings with no basis and frankly this woman just sounds unhinged. I didn’t make it through the video, is there any actual proof of anything and at what point in the video?

No. 6384

File: 1660243472025.png (75.73 KB, 593x495, Screenshot 20.png)

This is the same bullshit mentality that tankies and /pol/tards have, "oh boo hoo the world doesn't believe in my highly specific ideology, so there's no point in trying to make the world a better place cause my retarded ideology won't be the dominant one" imagine being an adult and acting like this, reminds me of another instance of radical feminist starting various feminist communes in the 70's, that they hoped all women would flock too and leave behind the patriarchal world and you know what happened, only a handful of pretentious intellectuals came and failed miserably cause they were run by Idiots who weren't willing to even be taught by male survival experts and in the end all that was accomplished was that some retarded women get poison ivy rashes

No. 6416

>Male survival experts
Incorrect. Bushcraft is female.

No. 6417

She (assuming its not a scrote) just seems really mentally ill. I didn't know shes having a trans arc now though. But its funny she trooned out for the same reason other TIFs do - to be NLOG. They're smart and not like other dumb vapid females. Thats why theyre nonbinary or a man. Anyway, I think most of the blackpilled crowd isn't as delusional as she is, but I checked her new account and its still odd to me that some RFs still follow her. Even if you ignore her trooning out, her misogynist rants are so wordy and obnoxious. I'm kind of glad these people are a minority in RF twitter.

No. 6418

Okay then, but if you had to find a survival expert who knew a specific area and it turned out to be a male, what would you do then

No. 6484

I know it’s 18 days old but I’m tired of this always being brought up. It’s not some failing of radical feminism that those communes were trash, it was the 70’s! Everybody was running off to make communes for everything, it was the trend of the time and feminism was just the brand/ethos picked by those specific ones. Pretentious hippies and lofty pesudo intellectuals wouldn’t run anything very seriously. A well managed women’s commune or isolated little society still wouldn’t need bullshit survival experts, who themselves are not proper agriculturalists either. There are loads of women knowledgable in the relevant fields, heck even most of the worlds food is grown by women. Said communes flopped because they didn’t plan or try properly, not because they didn’t open themselves up to scrotes in particular. The endless polygamous sex communes of the time were even worse and they were filled with brothers of the earth and survivalists etc.

Still, I don’t think forest communes are completely necessary in general, it’s best for women to acquire and utilise power and collectivism wherever they already are. A woman run gated community would probably provide whatever was intended with communes and more.

My point being, if the goal is not to involve anyone outside the group, it can still be done. If the goal is to maintain specific structures, then it doesn’t matter much who’s involved. It’s also unrealistic to imagine there’s an environment only known and understood by some pocketknife moid, that also can’t be studied and understood by a group of interested women. Whatever happened to the hunter-gather diatribe, are we not meant to be better evolved for that stuff anyway?

No. 6485

Ayrt, above isn't me, but good post anon
>if you had to find a survival expert who knew a specific area and it turned out to be a male, what would you do then
1. Leave and find a female! 2. I am an expert on this topic with documented lengthy periods of time spent entirely off the grid, no shopping for anything, no electricity, etc. Considered doing a thread but scrotes and uninformed posters would ruin it, and it's not female-specific enough for this board. If it's something you're interested in consider starting today and thanking me in a decade for the life-changing encouragement!

No. 6486

Samefag, just to say lots of wild women are out there, shitposting with 21st century phone data plans, beautiful times

No. 6635

I’d love to read a survivalist post from you. To make it more female specific maybe include how to find or request female experts? And if you can’t, why not start one in /ot/? There must be other nonas who would love to contribute.

No. 6763

>Women are taught to employ conversational smoothing tactics for a reason: they work!
This. We hate men for being the way they are, aggressive cavemen not complying to compromise or open dialogue. Why should we become what we hate? I hate how so many anons here have a superiority complex about being combative and mean because that never wins any people over, especially not women. I have a lot of patience explaining to a woman why I believe the way I do because I know she will understand if I just help her through miscommunication, what makes people think that just screaming louder will get the point across? You can be stern and determined without being a pompous asshole about it.

No. 7750

I think my gripe here is that in a lot of online rf spaces where new zoomer radfems are starting out I see them being turned away by misogyny from extreme blackpillers. For example, quite some time ago on radtwt there was a new girl who was somehow found out to be running some kind of weird kink Reddit where she would talk about letting her boyfriend abuse her for sexual gratification. Now, let me be clear: this girl explained that she had nobody to rely on in life, that she was financially dependent on the moid, and that she uses kink as a cope for her sexual abuse. It was very clear to anyone with a brain that this girl was being abused by her boyfriend and in denial about the situation she was in. But instead of people offering advice, educating her, or directing her to resources to help her, there was a tidal wave of people calling her a whore/slut/rape enabler/larper.

THAT was someone who needed radical feminism. That was an opportunity to help someone who has to let someone rape her for kicks because she has no way to keep herself afloat, and the misogyny of radtwt completely blew it

No. 7751

I think I remember this woman. Didn't she talk about being a trans widow before meeting this moid?
Also I haven't been in RF spaces in a minute, but I miss the meanfems, they got a lot of shit for not complying with the sexist expectation women should be nice all the time, and it wasn't just them being mean towards women, it was towards men as well so it was in no way misogyny. One of them would make videos about how disgusting AGPs were so I had much respect for her contributions to RF spaces.

No. 7757

My problem isn't meanfems, my problems is that this girl was roughly 19 years old and had to choose between an abusive home life or being "saved" by a moid who was taking advantage of a sexual abuse survivor who had been gaslit by libfems into thinking letting him rape her was therapy and the rf response was grown women dogpiling her to call her a whore. Meanfems need to learn where to direct that anger instead of tearing apart abused teenage girls. She wasn't a trans widow tho but i actually think i know who you're talking about

No. 7758

ive kind of noticed this pattern of radfems (before attacking me like a brainless retard im not talking about all radfems) having no empathy for women who are poor or are immigrants, its weird and perpetuates this image that they are just privileged conservative women.
I remember arguing with some anons months ago because they were calling another anon a libfem whore because she was poor working multiple jobs and that wasnt enough money for her to survive so she thought about doing some form of sex-work , also when i see anons shitting on homeless people i cant help but feel that they also feel that same way about homeless women too.

No. 7759

this reminds me of the rudeblr radfems who argue with underage teenage fakeboi-aidens on tumblr all day and then go and spam the aiden in the messages by sending them explicit messages like ''cocksucker, cockwhore, cockworshipper'' and one of the woman who was doing that was 40…please dont do this shit because it makes us radfems look bad.

No. 7760

Same, but honestly I don’t think those are women who have educated themselves on feminism. They’re probably just BPD fags or ex trannies who are having a radfem phase because

No. 7761

nta, but this trend of trying to typecast women is exhausting and it has gotten so much worse in the past months.
accusations of having bpd is mostly something (usually male) misogynists use to belittle remotely transgressive women. you saying it next to trying to gatekeep feminism is really weird.

No. 7762

you get mad at someone saying bpd but not at the women in the community who label other women cocksuckers over the smallest things.
Interesting in where your values lie.

No. 7763

You do know it's possible to have a problem with both things?

No. 7764

I like female spaces because women are more compassionate and communicating. They are capable of coming together for the greater good of women and having empathy for women who live with abusive men or families. People who say they want to line up prostitutes and shoot them scare the shit out of me. These people have zero empathy for abused or impoverished women. Now that’s more scrote like than calling out obvious BPD fags or girls who trooned out in the past. I’m not saying only women can have BPD by the way, I know that male BPD is a thing to I’m not being misogynistic.

No. 7765

>They’re probably just BPD fags or ex trannies who are having a radfem phase because
More likely than you think, my personal radfem lolcow is a bpdfag who larps as a blackpilled separatist while edating a discord scrote.

No. 7766

I barely ever see men randomly get pegged as having BPD as a result of bad behavior, here or elsewhere because it feeds into the "a transgressive women must be mentally ill" shit that can't seem to be shaken. Those people are fucked up regardless of whether or not they have a diagnosable mental illness and there's al sorts of ways we could insult them…which is my point. There's a lot of other similar stuff I've gotten tired of too, like how some nonnies are accused of being lesbian over having a vaguely negative opinion of a man.

Also where did you see the shooting prostitutes thing? I don't see the context in this thread and I haven't seen it on another one yet. I've seen nasty stuff, just not that bad.
KEK how did you find out about her??

No. 7776

Based misogynist-despiser lmao. I went into this thread because it was screaming "pickme/nlog seething that she got called out" and i didn't expect to find anyone sensible here.

I find it hilarous when these women seethe because they realize they just can't pull the "but I am also a woman if you call me out then you are misogynistic!" card when they say or do some very fucked up shit.

To the op: I've been in radfem groups for some fucking long time, and tell me: why i or any of my girl friends who experienced the same situations as me should put up with fakefems who are just recently peaked pickmes who in a month or two will go back to their old ways and ALWAYS end up bringing discord and scrote-ish behavior to female-only spaces?? I've seen it happen way too often. And I'm not just talking about capping for shitty scrotes, I'm talking about harassing and bullying other women and driving them away from radfem spaces because they slightly disagree with you, even if both of them agree in the same radfem principles. This while putting on a façade of caring about women at all.

Tell me: what's the point of puting this whole theatrics about how much you care about women and female-only issues if you then go out of your way to treat the women around you like trash for whatever unsolved internalized misogyny you refuse to examine?

Fuck these fake hypocrites. I will keep calling out this Becky middle school bullshit and performative shit feminism for libfems who refuse to actually change no matter how much it makes you idiots seethe.

No. 7779

BPDfags are typically huge pickmes and in no way transgressive

claiming that BPD is 'a label to punish independent women' or w/e is just BPD cope

No. 7868

you literally are what you describe here

No. 7869

samefag, maybe that was too flippant. but you're saying that women contaminated by wrongthink can never be clean, and any mistakes they make after peaking demonstrate that they can never learn anything. do you really believe that?

No. 7877

You're just filling in the blanks with what you think BPD is at this point, though. What I was referring to is noticing that BPD is a label that I've now seen misattributed to cast at women that act out in some way. I've seen it cast at abuse victims who speak about their abuse–mostly by misogynistic men trying to paint her as a liar. I've seen it pinned on women that are simply mean. I've seen farmers that are passionate man-haters be accused of it (I don't know why BPDfags all supposed to be Pickmes, like, what?). It goes on, so much so that I find it weird to claim that calling out the mass misuse of the word to demonize women that act out of line is just BPD cope.
They said similar about the word "Karen". Sometimes it's used right - to call out racists - but mostly? It's just misogyny these days.

So, basically, my point is that it's really weird to make pathologizing women and armchair psychology an everyday thing. Bite me, I think people just like the power the accusation holds.

No. 7884

Ntayrt but i've even seen nonnies get accused of bpd for having high standards for men, like the complete opposite of pickmeism, it's strange.

No. 7889

NTA but my two cents. Bpd was something that 20 years ago was mostly diagnosed in men. It was know to be really bad in men. 60% of the ones in my country would kill their spouse and themselves after a breakup or try. Etc etc. we had entire specialists and books on helping wives and children survive bpd men. (I was one of those kids). It’s only in the last ten years I’ve seen so many women labeled bpd and even in the women I know who most likely suffer the disorder they are never as dangerous or abusive as the men. It comes off to me like a sexist rewrite and an MRA pysop about how men get abused too.

No. 7903

I know who you're talking about kek
This is a problem with politics in general, not just with radfems, and it sucks. I don't really have a solution, but I think politics shouldn't be taken personally, I mean, people delude themselves into thinking that it's a tighter "community" than it really is and it's founded on a common interest not empathy.
Sorry for derailing

No. 7938

I saw that too! it's usually a glorified "I don't like what you're saying." Do those nonnies know they can insult someone without the pretention? Being petty isn't the worst thing ever.
well said. personally the last time I heard someone irl say a woman had BPD…turned out she had PTSD. It's unsettling how much it's been hijacked especially with what you said about its historical roots in actual violent, abusive men. BPD women usually just exist and rarely be a threat to anyone but there's still quite a few people that treat these women like boogiemen. I knew one and she was neurotic, sure, but she didn't go around acting like some sort of comical psycho.

No. 7939

I've met 3 seperate skinwalkers irl who're all self admitted bpdfags. Despite being insufferable I'd still take them over a mentally ill moid any day of the week.

No. 9479

I hate the misogyni towards ugly women shown in the radfem community lately, calling them troon is disgusting and misogynistic.

Literally saw that happen in a terf meme thread where someone posted a graduation photo of a woman and laughed calling her ugly and a troon.

No. 9481

Nlogs think claiming radfem makes them special. Just ignore them.

No. 9484

yeah but there is too many of them in the radfem movement lately that its becoming difficult to ignore them.

No. 9536

>me checking up on 2X
>the right-wing thread always being at the first page

Why am i not surprised….

No. 9609

Some of us are trying to convince them not to vote for the party taking away womens autonomy just to spite trannies but its not easy. The extent of "right wing" there is just complaining about shit brown moids, immigration and trannies, which are fair complaints but no reason to toss abortion rights away by voting for the uber right wing/nationalist party in burgerland.

No. 9774

File: 1675736474171.jpg (62.55 KB, 556x581, jijij.jpg)

Is it just me, but lately i am stumbling upon alot of so-called gender critical or ''terf'' accounts that are right-wing, post hate towards women, are pickmes, and the only ''feminist'' thing they do is only shit on trannies, but other than that there accounts are a pickme hellhole.

is anyone else noticing the same thing on twitter? What is going on.

(context of pic is a rapist suing his victim and the person called the victim a ''slanderer''.)

No. 9775

File: 1675736838797.jpg (109.95 KB, 743x830, ooooo.jpg)

These are the consequences of radfems going to conservative platforms, other gc/radfems said it wouldn't be a problem where they promote as long as they get their message across but look at what it has caused that now pickme conservative trash women are now labeling themselves as terfs which now leads to gc women further being stereotyped as ignorant tradthots.

No. 9828

I don't think it's that easy. They get a lot of exposure there and otherwise they wouldn't get a platform at all except establishing their own - which would be extremely small compared to getting millions of people to hear your arguments. Don't get me wrong, I don't like how for instance Kellie Jay Keen has been pandering to right wing moids like Matt Walsh, however I support feminists using their platforms. It's not their fault that tradthots are getting it wrong and claiming our labels. You can never really avoid that completely. It's important that we distance ourselves from conservative views, and so far I think most feminists speaking out on convervative platforms aren't acting like they're one of them.
I've seen these fake feminist accounts too but you have to ignore them, block them or call them out

No. 9927

I love how these people would never be bothered to call out trannys being pedophiles, predatory towards women, would probably not even stand up for rape victims in the first place or anything else but wanna act like it's TERFs or something when they probably can't be bothered to help women in the first place

No. 9961

File: 1676143988195.jpg (117.27 KB, 588x907, wpskwp.jpg)


No. 9962

Oh please these people want men who harmed children and women to be WITH women in prison. These people will have your head if you call a pedo a man if it's a Troon. Even if he trooped out JUST escape harsh treatment
I have very strong opinions on some conservative terms rubbing shoulders with racists fucked up scrotes or being pick mes. But I've seen more troons defend MTF then ever. Remember that man who killed and raped a woman? Remember how a bunch if tras wanted him not to get the death penalty? Fuck all these people

No. 9963

hmmm except i dont think those tras who defended whatever rapist moid you mentioned are the same ones in that screenshot.

No. 9983

File: 1676199074916.png (345.8 KB, 498x676, 93534985893553.PNG)

This kind of shit is what keeps turning me away from gendercrit and radfem spaces. This is obviously a conservative take but the same mindset exists in radfem circles, the assumption that being GNC is immature and something tomboys will and should eventually grow out of as the endgame for women will forever remain wearing dresses and makeup as an adult. What if she continued wearing her hair up and dressing in tracksuit pants and t-shirts to her adulthood? Would she have to troon out after all?

No. 9993

Women who sleep with dogshit are dogshit. It's not hard to understand. Being stupid enough to bed with an asshole is pretty horrid and hard to forgive because we all pay for what dumb pickmes drag us all through. We all fucking pay for it.

No. 9994

I have never seen this in radfem spaces. If anything all I've ever seen is the opposite.

No. 9999

You're not a feminist. What's hard to understand about that?

No. 10001

Condemning women who associate with abusive/rapist/misogynistic men is different than calling any woman with a bf cockbreath.

No. 10003

Well isn't it obvious?

No. 10080

If there was a way to reform moids I think many women would prefer that. But until then, it’s a bit frustrating to see women who are so anti-men then go on to fuck men. If you can’t stand by your politics what are you even doing.

No. 10093

>frustrating to see women who are so anti-men then go on to fuck men
they aren't anti-men its bullshit. theyre just bored women going through a man-hating phase, which they will leave when they find a moid they can tolerate. even andrea dworkin, the women radfems love jerking off so much, the woman who is the face of man hating feminism ended up with a moid, hell most radfems went back to men & bred sons. i mean i remember watching a docu which spoke about how a major reason why lesbian culture & bars ended up dying down is bcs the political lesbian women (who were mostly bi & het women) who were abstaining from men… ended up going back to men & stopped funding those spaces. its also a reason why those separatist lands died down too. u can't change human nature and by that i mean sexual attraction. andrea dworkin called lesbian separatists who suggested parthenogenesis as a way to liberate women & end men "nazis" and compared men to "jews." open ur eyes. it was never about abolishing the patriarchy nor was it ever about the liberation of women. osa women will keep fighting for their own potential happiness, they will always want to reform men. they will always want to reform the patriarchy. i mean, who is surprised, they are attracted to them anyways. if only they were straight up and admitted that instead of seething like retards when called out about it. im not saying only lesbians can be separatists, im saying the women u are asking for do not represent the majority of the female pop. nor the majority in radfeminism and that you should also stop falling for het/bi radfems and their lies, they don't hate men.

No. 10096

samefag also another thing, there are a lot of women entering radfem spaces & calling themselves radfems when really theyre just libfems at best, glorified transphobes at worst. i was alaso wrong when i said they dont "hate" men, they do hate men but in a weird obsessive way. just like how a male identified women who sees no wrong in men, cant stop talking about men, the woman who claims to hate men also cant stop talking about men. men still live like a parasite in their heads 24/7/365. the real goal is to be indifferent to them. which most women aren't, feminist or not.

No. 10123

Men can hate women while being attracted to them but women can't? I don't get this logic.

No. 10132

The existence of misogynistic straight men is just as illogical as misandric straight women. Actually misogynistic straight men are more illogical because misogyny is offensive and misandry is defensive.

No. 10133

> if only they were straight up and admitted that instead of seething like retards when called out about it.
Yeah no, women who admit to be attracted to men or have a bf are immediately insulted all the same in those circles. Anons sperging about how you can't be a feminist if you're straight only cause infighting and lead to some women omitting/lying about their sexual attraction. But the vast majority of the population is straight and men are half of it, so the whole "separatist" thing is retarded (on a large scale, of course people are free to make smaller communities). You can hate straight women all you want but all women are needed to be heard and make changes that benefit them in society. It's stupid to think that women can't do that if they don't properly hate men because they're sexually attracted to them. The history of feminism/women's rights proves otherwise. Like you said, sexual attraction is natural and it can't be changed but anons act like it's a political choice. But then also go on complaining about fake/political lesbians. It doesn't make sense.

No. 10135

Where is this fatalism coming from?
So just because straight/bi women are opposite sex attracted they are incapable of not dating men? You speak as if straight and bi women can't resist their "human nature" for their own ideological consistency. Like the most egregious cases of this can't be blamed for being massive hypocrites saying "i hate men and they should all die" while also having a nigel because "oh im straight/bisexual i cant help it". Like osa radfems are slaves to their attraction as the explanation for their dating men despite claiming to hate them? Instead of just standard "rules for thee but not for me" compartmentalization?

And just to be safe, before anyone comes at me, I'm bi. And I find this downright insulting. Do you realize you are implying that OSA women as a whole are too tied down to dick or whatever to be consistent in their radical feminism?

No. 10136

>before anyone comes at me, I'm bi.
yes so you can have a romantic and intimate relationship with a woman. most people feel a need for (romantic) companionship and intimacy. straight women aren't immune to that and it's retarded to reduce sexual orientation to "being tied down" to genitals. it's not realistic to expect most women to not have any sort of relationship with men and hate all men equally, including their childhood friend who has always supported them, their 11yo nephew and the random man who sold them a coffee in the morning, just so they can be a pure and real feminist. it's more important to fight libfems ideas than infight about who hates men the most and who's a pure radfem. unless you think radfem ideas (e.g. anti-prostitution) are not intended to reach and be promoted by "normie" women.

No. 10230

Where did I say women as a whole are not allowed to have any sort of relationship with men ever and must hate every single male equally? I was specifically talking about the hypocrisy of radfems who said they hated men and then proceeded to date and fuck them anyway. I'm not talking about straight women as a whole or "demanding" they have to hate all men all the time. Nice distortion of my original argument, though. Not fucking the sex you claim to hate = being a militant XY hater 24/7 who cannot exist in the presence of a male for five seconds apparently.

And please address my point without putting words in my mouth this time. How am I supposed to take somebody who says they hate men but willingly dates and fucks them anyway seriously?
Trying to spread radfem ideas like anti prostituion to "normie women" to help them escape aspects of patriarchal oppression is one thing, but going through a "man hating phase" is something way more extreme. Unless you think radical feminism at its core IS a man-hating phase.

No. 10244

Not really? Men have treated women poorly for a long time, while women have not done the same to men. Women hating men is entirely understandable. Did women ever make men property in law the way men have done to women? Nope.

No. 10267

It might be an insult to you, but on 4chan it's a honorific. Languages evolve.

No. 10275

if i understand correctly, the argument is that it makes no sense to claim to hate men but also date one. following the same logic, it would also make no sense to have male friends or enjoy the presence of male relatives, because that's not hate either. but most of the time, when people claim to hate an entire group, they hate what this group represents, what a majority of them do on average etc. it doesn't mean that they (the person who hates) are constantly seething at every single member of that group, like you said yourself (well except for incels and MRAs i guess). and i'm sure most women feel intense hate when they see the extent of male degeneracy online and that's what push them to say things like i hate men. they are not lying about this intense hate and sadness imo. but it doesn't mean that there aren't any men in their lives. some actually are celibate but yeah not all of them. yes it's hypocrite in a sense, but like i said we can't pretend like most people aren't looking for intimacy and companionship and have to interact with the opposite sex on the daily. and on lolcow or ovarit if you say anything else than "i hate scrotes" you will be considered a pickme, a libfem etc., at this point it's something you have to chant to be part of the group. but it also reflects what women actually feel when they see the BS that gets posted on here or are hurt by men IRL.
anyway i actually get what you're saying and how you feel (i think). but i'm just trying to be realistic and i'm not sure it's a major issue, unless of course if you believe in complete separatism etc.

No. 10308

No, a faggot is a man who hates women. The vast majority of straight men are faggots. They're even faggier than gay men.

No. 10496

File: 1677076778557.jpg (241.62 KB, 520x1515, how does this recruit.jpg)

first of all you'll have to excuse my cropping job on the screenshots.
pic related.

what I am repeatedly seeing in the very few online spaces left where women can recognize the reality of their shared female sex is the incessant disdain of other women, and a lot of it does revolve around women being partnered with males or having attraction to them.
with regard to pic related it was not every woman reacting in such a snide, unhelpful manner but it was overwhelmingly so and this is taking place after the Heard trial and among self-identified feminists.

ask yourself: does reacting this way recruit women? does this make women want to listen to actual feminism?
does receiving a woman in this fashion after something traumatic has happened to her do anything productive? does treating a woman or women like this RAISE female sex class consciousness or LOWER it?

many self-deemed feminists seem to think all women know all the facts about the XY and I am here to tell you that no, they do not. male violence is routinely softened and basically hidden in wider society (at least in the global West). the "ground game"/"air war" of feminism is garbage considering plenty of women are not even aware there are others forms of feminism other than liberal feminism that tells them showing their naked body is empowering.
it is very possible to get to adulthood and still have little idea just how fucked up and how untrustworthy males are.

if punching down on women or purity spiraling or, I don't know, laughing at the expense of a woman that "should have known better" after being societally groomed to look at males with favor her entire life is more important to "feminists" than recruiting more women to wake up then what is even going on?
from a purely logistically standpoint reacting this way doesn't even make sense - this would be THE moment to reach out to a sister and bolster our numbers. even if this specific woman never sees this conversation online women that have been mistreated by males are seeing how eager women are to tear down someone's that been abused by a male. I know I am.

do not read into my words things that are not present nor presume I am suggesting we excuse women that have abused women/girls or allowed their daughters to be abused by themselves or by a moid. the reality is reacting this way to women along with slinging demeaning words around like "come brain" is not going to make women join forces. acting that way is only adding to the global, historical trend of being cruel to women.

No. 10511

File: 1677097389722.jpeg (486.18 KB, 977x934, AC1E1ACD-7DE1-44CE-9FB6-7EF46A…)

If you consider “womens freedoms” to be having the ability to get fucked by whomever whenever you want and never bare the responsibility of a child, I consider you just as annoying, grotesque, and misogynistic as a pornsick coomer male who’s fingertips are wet and wrinkly from jerking off for too long. Fucking embarrassing kek. This post in itself sounds way more misogynistic than the idea that maybe you shouldn’t have sex with someone unless you’d want to carry their genes inside your body, which for some reason causes some younger women to just chimp uncontrollably.

No. 10513

That pic is correct. She’s only being rude because the anon she quoted cares more about herself than women as a class and was rude first. You are a retard.

No. 10514

I love how this is always the response whenever anyone brings up the fact that sex (with men) isn’t for fun and that all actions have consequences…

That’s only a sentence from the original post, a synopsis is that basically she was curious as to why women who ovulate normally and are capable of having sex/reproducing without having to try like 75 times to conceive, just to abort a baby that was conceived from consensual sex sounded a little egregious. She was making the case that rape/incest/abuse/hostage babies (I assume) should be aborted for the safety of both the baby and the mother, but that she simply didn’t understand why there are normally healthy fertile women who have careless unprotected consensual sex and get pregnant just to abuse the abortive treatment resources that exist for victims of abuse/rape. That’s what I gathered, at least, but you can read her post here: >>>/2x/10452

No. 10515

And sorry for samefagging, but it actually does make perfect sense to ask irresponsible straight women why they’d have consensual unprotected sex with some moid if they weren’t trying to get pregnant by him. I know most of this website is lesbian women so it also makes sense if you can’t answer simply because you don’t know what would possess a woman to do that to herself, but it’s usually because they’re ovulating and do want to get pregnant. Even if the front of their brains don’t want or know they can’t support a child, their ovulating bodies still want to reproduce one, so a lot of these dumbass seedoil brained bleach scalped losers will take whatever attention and validation they can get whilst ignoring the logical voice in their head that says what the fuck are you doing? to them when they’re conceiving a baby that they know they don’t want. And then they lean on the crutch that, oh well! You can always get an abortion! Until you’ve had 7 or 8 and now you’re actually unwell because of it.

No. 10517

No one cares about if some women are abusing abortion services because it literally does not matter. You either have abortion rights or you don’t. You can’t have exceptions for rape because then the government would be in charge of deciding who is an actual victim and lots of disadvantaged women will get screwed over. She’s saying she doesn’t get why it’s a feminist issue and that’s because she’s a retard, simple as.

No. 10520

Yeah ok, it doesn’t matter until your uterus is all stirred up and you’re on your deathbed curious as to how the american medical industry allowed this to happen kek. The cog dis is just cramp inducing to witness in kids like this…

No. 10522

God you’re awful. No words for how bad you suck. You have a lot of deprogramming to do because you still have moid brain. (Possibly an actual man which would make sense)

No. 10523

you're not made of the right stuff to be allowed into the gynostate.

until ALL moids control themselves - which will be never, by the way - abortion needs to be whenever a girl or woman requests one.

No. 10525

It was verbatim stated multiple times that rape/abuse/incest babies need to be aborted, not only for the safety of the mother and the child, but also in my personal opinion children birthed via rape/incest/physical abuse are always less functionable than children born from a healthy, consensual environment. Which was also said multiple times in the same thread, that it’s primarily women who are conceiving a child from consensual sex with either a regular or long term sexual partner that have been receiving the most abortions.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with every word I say kek, that’s unrealistic, but I’m perfectly ok with that if it sounds manly to say that maybe you shouldn’t put the genetic material capable of fertilizing an egg and planting the seed to grow a child inside your body if you don’t want that child to begin growing. Won’t make me any less of an XX chromosomed woman who is eventually going to reproduce, thus creating more people who think like me.

No. 10526

>unless you’d want to carry their genes inside your body
Not the most serious outcome of sex.
Be honest about the true disclaimers.
If abortion is off the table, then don't have sex
>unless you understand the consequence of carrying pregnancy to term can result in chronic injuries and illness
>unless you are prepared for the statistical reality of death whether that should occur during pregnancy, childbirth, or postpartum
>unless you are prepared for years of financial setback

The reason you sound like a moid is because you disingenously present like the only wager is birthing unwanted genes. Men are notoriously obsessed about progeny.
Yes, it would be an icky tragedy for an unworthy male given the pass by society to force his sneaky fuck reproduction. However, women are much more burdened by the physical and societal consequences than being concerned whether or not a man deserves a baby.

No. 10527

I’m specifically mentioning carrying their genes because that’s what pregnancy is, hence why they get an abortion. Ma’am is bending over backwards and twisting an ovary in an attempt to make me sound like a man kek…

No. 10528

anyone that wants to limit women's power over life and death is a traitor.

No. 10529

Because you don't seem to understand that because there is risk of disease or death, that no one should be forced to remain pregnant regardless of the 'carrying genes' action of it?

No. 10530

>carrying genes
Everyone point and laugh

No. 10531

I’m fully aware that there are plenty of women who suffer pregnancy fatalities or are victims of matricide during the birthing process in a hospital setting, however that’s not really the reason why a woman aborts an unwanted child. It’s simply because the child is unwanted, in a very heavy amount of cases in America. If a woman consciously knew she specifically was unhealthy in a way that would endanger her if she were to get pregnant, she wouldn’t be having unprotected sex. She’d be on birth control, she’d use condoms, she would purposefully choose not to be careless and lazy which is why I have omitted that population of women so far. How often to women who have get pregnant and choose to have an abortion? In most cases, they purposefully avoid putting themselves through that type of pain because they know it could potentially kill them.

Go ahead point and laugh at your monitor…someone has ASD

You limit your own power over life and death by having careless, non-procreative sex and using the life experience as needing to receive
abortive treatment as something to fuel your persecution complex. You’ll see this when you’re like, 60.

No. 10532

samefag but that was supposed to be

>How often to women who have endometriosis get pregnant and choose to have an abortion?

Not sure how i forgot that sorry kek

No. 10533

>however that’s not really the reason why a woman aborts an unwanted child
What is your source and how can you be so certain of other people's motives?
>she wouldn’t be having unprotected sex
Or maybe her husband talked her into it. Or maybe her birth control failed. Or maybe she is mentally ill.
There's tons of reasons that I can think why a physically unfit woman has unprotected sex other than she just wanted to have an abortion for funsies.

No matter, "careless and lazy" ought not to be punished by threat of injury and death if civil society can help it.
We hold no similar penalties for men who are the riskier and dumber sex.

No. 10536

>or maybe her husband asked her and she said yes
So, still careless consensual sex? And if birth control fails then that’s for a reason. You’d have to forget to take it for multiple days in a row, and if you’re gonna be careless like that, why be on birth control at all?
>threat of injury or death

Pregnancy isn’t a disability lol…unless you’re actually already disabled and so beyond unhealthy in such a way that you’ll absolutely die while giving birth. In which case: why are you having sex?(off-topic. so, so far from the topic.)

No. 10537

>So, still careless consensual sex?
No, marital coercion and domestic abuse….heard of it?
>You’d have to forget to take it for multiple days in a row
It can fail for many subtle reasons to no reasons at all.
Have you heard of a "perfect use failure rate"? Please educate yourself.
>Pregnancy isn’t a disability lol
Did you know that it can be? Pregnancy impairments have and can qualify for disability in many parts of the world including the US.
You do not have to be disabled yourself or were unhealthy prior in order to qualify.
Know your rights. Stop making scrote appeals to nature. If you are a woman you come across as a young one who just discovered slut shaming while talking out your ass.

No. 10538

she's just going to say coerced/abusive pregnancies should be allowed to be aborted ignoring that there are no material differences between a fetus conceived through abusive means and one that is not while also ignoring the entire issue of a woman being believed when she says she was abusively impregnated in some fashion. 'cause there's always marks left on the body, right? and the state never would push for more literal human resources and always does right by its citizens. loving every laugh.

No. 10539

not to mention her fucked up opinion that apparently disabled/sick people shouldn't have sex. maybe she's incredibly sheltered or like 16 years old? she's very ignorant.

No. 10540

>she's "slumming" it with her perceived enemies instead of spending time with the family that she claims fulfills her.

No. 10541

Your husband talking you into it isn’t coercion if you agree and say yes. It’s you consenting. If you don’t consent, then don’t say yes. Simple. Not only that, but if (in your experience) you’re seeing people suffering pregnancy complications that “disable” women, then that’s a testament to how unwell they are physically prior to becoming pregnant, and yet another reason why they shouldn’t be having sex at all. This is all simple math. Why are you out fucking when you should be fixing that botched womb?

If you’re so disabled or sick that it would endanger you to become pregnant then why would you have unprotected sex? Wouldn’t you be preoccupied with, you know, staying alive?

No. 10542

I have no enemies! Just people who get upset when I ask why you’d say yes to unprotected sex if you don’t want a child/to become pregnant so badly

No. 10543

This is an autistic man. Ignore him nonas.

No. 10544

sounds good, will do.

No. 10552

You make a very good point nonna.

>Until you’ve had 7 or 8 and now you’re actually unwell because of it.

lmao retarded scrote, pretending the average woman uses abortion as her main contraception method, and of course using expressions such as "botched womb" in hope to scare or hurt women. anything to avoid taking responsibility because at the end of the day it's men who ejaculate and abandon their children/wives and you know it. you're just coping because you don't like that most women in the west are able to abort for any reason and without any scrotes' opinions, well cope harder.

No. 10555

Sorry for asking a dumb question, but since it was fraud, can she get rid of the debt?

No. 10557

before I go on: none of my ire is directed toward you, nona.

I'm not sure, but even if she can he's created a multiple month if not years long migraine inducing nightmare for her. if she can discharge the debt her credit score is almost certainly fucked. you can do things to repair your credit score but it takes tons of time and effort, of course. her income is probably halved if not more and this is all while she has a child or children to mind.

so, yes, while it is tremendous risk for any woman to partner with a man the absolute last thing a mistreated woman needs is for anyone, especially a woman, to sneer at her. nobody meaningfully warns about how there is no depth XY won't sink to but you are allowed to get married as a teenager.
until every minor teenage girl is warned clearly and repeatedly by mainstream sources and those around them of the risks involved with partnering with XY then those with the urge to be unhelpful can hold their tongue.

No. 10569

I’m a daughter of a mother who received so many abortions she eventually had to receive a partial hysterectomy. But yeah, I’m totally a retarded scrote who knows nothing about the reality of what throwing caution to the wind and getting as many abortions as you think you want can do to your physical body.

That sounds a lot more like copium.

No. 10574

Ah so you're actually projecting your life story on other women and think they should lose some of their rights because your dear mommy was irresponsible. That's much more convincing (no). Read the comment again, it says the average woman. The average woman does not use abortion or even plan B as their main contraception method so that's a retarded argument, and pregnancy (let alone 7 or 8 pregnancies) can also lead to health complications. You're also ignoring >>10554 question, what about all these unwanted children? Or do you stop caring the minute the debate isn't about restricting women's body autonomy?

No. 10608

I don't see the problem here. If your mother is a retard as you describe then it's objectively a good thing that casual abortions limited her fertility overall. What's so objectionable about casual abortion in itself (since loss of fertility is a moot point), anyway? Do you wish every one of your mother's abortions had instead been a sibling? That's ridiculous.

No. 10621

File: 1677177104546.jpg (30.97 KB, 750x737, 1648229473335.jpg)

i feel like brainlets like these don't actually want radical feminist ideas to spread and want to keep it as their sekret klub. How are you going to criticize and degrade the majority of the population (heterosexual and bi women) then expect them to want to listen to whatever seethe you have to say? I'm so over retards like this that don't have the critical thinking skills to see what damage they're contributing to this already chaotic mess of a movement.
It's like you have no idea that radical feminism is beyond "le hate men and trannies" and has its subcategories such as, for example, the criticism of the porn industry and the beauty industry. You are too fucking autistic to break these down into easy to digest bits of info for NORMIES so they reach their own conclusion of radical feminism or feminism in general, so they can think for themselves. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink it.
I don't care if some het woman rejects the nature of man and goes and fucks her Nigel whilst simultaneously understanding the damaging effects of the beauty/porn industry. That's one more woman who will spread the message of those industries, who may stop buying less cosmetics or will stop consuming porn and associating with those who consume it. And then that spreads to another woman, and then to another woman. Thinking every single woman has to follow every single discussion in radical feminism to be a TRU RADFEM is the most braindead take your little autismo peanut brain can have. They are all playing their part in spreading the message and enlightening their fellow woman on something that damages women as a whole and that's all I can ask for. I don't care if some woman wears makeup while understanding that the beauty industry preys on your insecurities to buy more because atleast she is self-aware instead of stuffing her head in the dirt like some libfem pickme in denial. She discusses these things with her friends and in the end those industries are being harmed in some way.

You want some revolution and everything fixed and perfect in 1 go without understanding human behavior or even trying to empathize with other women. If you go into every movement with this hard headed take you will get nowhere. Learn how human beings work you elitist tard. No shit people want to be happy. No shit het radfems will have male partners and also criticize general male behavior, as if 2 things can be true and desired at the same time.
Part of the reason why liberal feminism was so appealing was because it was forgiving and appealed to everyone. You need to let women enjoy certain parts of radical feminist discussion without having a pissy pants tantrum over her not going full die hard Solanas and alienating a majority of them then be surprised when Radical Feminism is less popular.

No. 10623

a trap I see even radfems falling into a lot is focusing on what women should or shouldn't during discussions of birth control, procreation and sex with straight men. so many infights, so much turning women away from radical feminist ideas because of getting caught up in telling them how to have sex (something that no one appreciates). It's not like we're gonna achieve radfem utopia by making up rules for women. We need to shift the focus to what men should be doing: getting vasectomies. we should be drafting off the relative success of liberal feminism while there's all these "male feminists" running around promoting the idea of men getting the (totally reversible!) snip. I might even be willing to do some birth control fear mongering to make this happen. Actually, yeah, the pill sucks if all you need it for is birth control, a vasectomy for the male is much safer as had literally no increased risk of cancer for males like hormonal birth control can have for females.

No. 10624

this is the issue I keep running into as well.
they don't actually want the bulk of all women to wake up partially since, to them, unless women are 100% into it/100% perfect about it then it's not good enough in their eyes. they want to feel superior to women overall and purity spiral instead of slowly getting their message out there.
it's like a super fucked up, mutated version of NLOG. a lot of people clearly lacking comprehension as to how people function… or, you know, they know perfectly well what they're doing and they want women to turn away from any real feminism.

No. 10626

>You’re warning young women that overuse of abortives can result in unnecessary surgeries that are harmful to your health? You’re projecting

Or I’m just giving a serving of reality to the women who seem to think that abortion “isn’t other womens business” kek

No. 10659

It quite literally isn’t and if you think otherwise your reality is distorted. You really think you’re right and everyone else here is wrong? Kek

No. 10660

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, abortion obsessed women will say “It’s not your business! Stop giving a fuck about womens health!” will also be screaming “How could the American Healthcare infrastructure have possibly allowed this to happen to me?” as soon as they realize that their body is having negative side effects specifically caused by invasive abortive procedures/medication. That’s just the truth of life. You’ve gotta be a whole child if you think that sane women will just turn their heads and quickly look away from the effects that abortifacients have on the bodies of unstable women.

No. 10662

Samefagging because apparently the autistics of this website need this explained to them: but no, I don’t think that literally every single abortion situation is “my” personal business. But I’m a woman, the way that the country I live in treats women, and the way that women in this country treat each other is important to me. I’m sick of these 30 year old women infantilizing themselves and trying to make an excuse up for why they somehow couldn’t take 10 seconds to wrap up their boyfriend with a latex condom before hopping onto it. Because there is none.
Have fun wrapping your brain around that, kids.

No. 10668

Wasn't your initial argument that women shouldn't have sex at all unless they actively want and expect a child? How do you posit wearing a condom as the good choice now?

No. 10671

>the effects that abortifacients have on the bodies of unstable women.
there you said it, if a woman has 7 or 8 abortions (your example) and still doesn't know that it affects her body nor use another form of contraception, she's unstable, do you think she should have had 8 kids? and why do you focus on this crazy and specific scenario? again this isn't representative of most women. it doesn't make sense to remove the right to abortion to all women because.. a few women might have too many? do you realize that there are unstable people who abuse and misuse all kinds of medicines/technologies but we don't remove them entirely because of it. you just want to restrict women's body autonomy due to your own beliefs and personal story. and probably misogyny also because
>I’m sick of these 30 year old women infantilizing themselves and trying to make an excuse up for why they somehow couldn’t take 10 seconds to wrap up their boyfriend with a latex condom before hopping onto it.
why is it always women the problem? you say yourself that the woman should "wrap up her boyfriend with a latex condom", how about he takes care of his own dick? and again you ignore the issue of all the unwanted children

No. 10677

This is the same person who said to just get a rape kit to prove your abortion is being made for a valid reason if your husband assaults you. The personalityfags on this board are incapable of thinking like a normal person who exists amongst others.

No. 10680

because she's just here to infight

No. 10682

File: 1677202511388.png (117 KB, 497x194, 3F9EA4D1-730D-4698-B1A6-C2BE71…)

No. 10686

is getting a rape kit not what a normal person should have done if raped?

No. 10691

it's invasive and conviction rates are so low that it's not worth it. i did it the first time because i thought it would help other women not be harmed by the same scrote. didn't do it the second or third time because the first time was awful

No. 10696

>effects that abortifacients have on the bodies of unstable women.
>effects on bodies
>unstable women
Pick a side.

No. 10730

The sentence said effects on the bodies of unstable women.

No. 10732

I don’t think wearing a condom is healthy or good, but if you need sex so badly then go ahead and use a fucking condom like a grown adult instead of getting yourself pregnant on purpose to feed your abortion fetish you fucking sperg? How is this hard for any of you to understand?

Having children usually forces someone who has the financial comfortability to get several abortions into cleaning up their act. She probably wouldn’t have ended up with 8 abortions if she just had 1 single child, or even better! Just didn’t have sex! But of course you’re all so pornsick you can’t go a day without sucking and raw fucking, can you?

No. 10733

Cranky because you can’t get an abortion whenever you want, aren’t you?

No. 10734

>How about he takes care of his own dick?
Literally none of you have eyes or can read. From the very beginning of this whole fucking argument, I said several times WHY HAVE SEX WITH SCROTES AT ALL? it is literally just getting used as a fleshlight who can become pregnant, case closed. If you make the decision to have unprotected cock that’s covered in sweat, smegma, and fruit flies - that’s you consenting to get pregnant by it. And yes, that does make it your fault/something you need to take responsibility for.

No. 10735

You're hilariously foolish for thinking any mass movement change is bottom-up/grass roots.
Almost all mass movements or change in societial norms are top-down and come exclusively from elites/academia/lobbyists.

Radical feminism is also like this to a degree, but I will admit there's a much higher fringe/individualist element to it, which is probably the reason it fails so hard. The less elites/top-down messaging you have for a movement or idea, the less powerful it is, it's always been this way.
Even the French revolution was pushed by middle/upper class members, not by the lower classes.

No. 10739

Idk what anons have against abortion as a birth control method. You don’t lose your libido the way you would with hormonal pills, you get to enjoy him cumming inside and you make the posters here mad. There seems to be no downside

No. 10740

well, the downside is apparently we all get an earful/eyeful of an autist losing her (his?) mind repeatedly ITT.

No. 10741

Kek, moderation really doesn’t wander in here often. bait will go on for days.

No. 10742

Abortion if done physically carves out your uterine walls and can possibly cause adhesions which means your womb walls will stick onto one another. It'll make period flow impossible to flow out and you'll need surgeries to correct it if necessary. That's a pretty common side effect and a lot of women also suffer from psychological problems because of the stigma around abortion. All in all, it's not something to joke about, it's a traumatizing and hard decision some women have to make.
Also you can just use an intrauterine device which isn't hormonal, go with male or female condoms or get your man sterilized. A man getting sterilized is the most successful birth control method while intrauterine device has a close success rate and very small chances of complications.

No. 10743

Omg who cares. They hate to see an abortionista winning fr

No. 10744

Joking about serious deformities women have after traumatizing health related events is really iconic, yassss queen!
Your mother should've unirinically aborted you.(infighting)

No. 10745

holy fuck, we managed to get the autist to see the benefits of abortion! #girlpower(infighting)

No. 10747

I'm prochoice, retard. I just hate women like you who make it seem like an easy choice compared to other birth control methods although abortion is the most risky one. I doubt you've ever had sex or even used any birth control methods if you think getting an abortion is an easier way than to simply using a condom. Also, condom also protects against stds which can seriously fuck you up so whatever you do, going raw is probably not a good idea.

No. 10752

I’ve gotten called autistic for my opinions multiple times but you have to have actual genuine ASD/ASPD if you think saying “Don’t have sex if you’re not trying to make a baby because the urge to have sex is just the urge to reproduce” is bait.(ok, but stop infighting)

No. 10757

Exactly. Is it an issue where abortions might cause physical harm to a woman's body, or is it an issue where it mentally harms "unstable" women?
It's no one's business if a mentally ill woman regrets her life choices and the risk that someone without full mental capacity hurts herself is not sufficient to restrict abortion. If it's an issue where abortions cause harmful physical side effects, then you could maybe open a discussion about abortion procedures and public health. But talking about "unstable women" makes it seem like anon is more interested in policing women than protecting their health.

No. 10769

No thank you, I’ll have the cummies and kill the baby UwU(infighting)

No. 10783

ily nonnas ♥

No. 10787

Ntayrt I don't agree with you or the anon you're replying to 100 percent as I believe you greatly vilify women seeking abortions yet ignore moids control over everything conveniently, but anon you replied to is also infantalizing womens agency a bit. However I'm kind of curious why you ignored
>We hold no similar penalties for men who are the riskier and dumber sex.

Seems to be a pretty bullet proof counter. It's baffling how you desperately seek to center the obvious emergent issue of moids having full control over abortion and reproductive control of the other gender somehow on the fault of women. If the inverse occured and women had invented, as well as forced vasectomies on moids, and made condoms mandated would you care? If moids were being heavily pressured like women are into or out of sex like how women are. You presumably live in a country where you've been stripped of those rights by a oligarchical system in which old moids seek to erode those from you. Yet it's somehow womens fault when abortions are sought because they "chose" to have unprotected sex. Having no access to contraceptives isn't choosing and being coercively worn down and collectively gas lit by an entire gender is hardly choosing.

>Why are you out fucking when you should be fixing that botched womb?

Oh you're just a run of the mill catty misogynist. I've never seen someone argue the vital endocrine/ reproductive organs of a woman cattily with phrases like a "botched womb" as if an essential organ is a fucking flippant, vain rhinoplasty kek.(Take it to >>9754)

No. 11134

I don't know if this is the right thread but what makes radical feminism any different then any other neo-liberal sect of feminism, sure you might say some edgy stuff and some radfem commit vandalism like egging a victories secret but at the end of the day they year they vote democrat and don't ever challenge liberal establishment

No. 11210

>redfem is when vandalism
You're retarded, but I'll answer the question anyway. Libfems ostensibly believe that we've already nearly achieved equality in the West, and that "misogyny hurts men too uwu." They also generally believe that other identity groups are more deserving of protection, advocacy, and reparations than women. They believe that the neo-liberal establishment has their best interests in mind.

Radfems are of the belief that many of the world's systemic problems are the product patriarchal power structures. "Equality," wont solve the problem, because men are literally damned by their own socialization to be a danger to other human beings. Radfems acknowledge that men want to control us because we are the arbiters of the future of humankind; they deeply envy our ability to create life and wish to exploit it. Women aren't marginalized because they're "feminine," or whatever, sex stereotypes were invented to be a yoke to women expressly because of our unique biological abilities. This subjugation predates modern medicine, so you didn't even need to be capable of giving birth to be mistreated; you just had to have been born with a vagina.

Here's a good example: libfems want positions of power to be 50% male, 50% female. Radfems want positions of power to be overwhelmingly female, because throughout human history, men have proved to be incompetent, dangerous leaders.

No. 11216

NTN you're replying to but she was asking how is it meaningfully a departure from liberal "feminism" when in actual practice, in physical reality and daily living, the radical feminists are still voting for the left and not disrupting the status quo?

No. 11217

She isn't asking this at all but what what you've risen is a better question. She's equivocating the veracity and magnitude of political parties to votership which is retarded because 50% of the population aren't women. You can't fairly in good faith make at the end of the day statements about women since the entire system is rigged against them. Yes women are forced to vote for the lesser of two evils often, no shit.

>sure you might say some edgy stuff and some radfem commit vandalism like egging a victorias secret, but at the end of the day, the year they vote democrat and don't ever challenge liberal establishment

You can't challenge liberal establishment in its current form because the world would collapse overnight if you did. The world is reliant on neoliberal systems of governance and a neo-liberal economy/supply chain. Our global economics are based on this system. The goal of radfeminism is to eventually dismantle these but not outright tear them down and replace them overnight. I'm not American myself but I'm guessing voting for the party that will protect female reproductive rights is probably more beneficial than voting for the one seeking to destroy them while also shitting on trannies for retarded self absorbed trad moid reasons. Contrary to popular belief radfeminism is unpopular because it is unabashedly for the rights of women and everyone has the idea drilled in their minds socially that women are subordinate and undeserving of this representation. That it is already being fairly advocated for through libfeminism and neoliberal progressive parties, despite their allegiance to appeasing corporate moids in power and liberal moids. Unlike libfeminism and neoliberal "centrist" politics radfeminism actually objectively seeks to benefit all women, and treats women as individuals with their own inherent value as human beings not commodities to be sold like liberals would argue. This goes against the central dogma of neoliberalism; that anything generating profit is always correct no matter how cruel and unjust it is including child labor and truly vile shit.

No. 11221

Nta, but unironically, how do you suggest the status quo be disrupted when women barely have any power, let alone those with transgressive beliefs, considering how psycho people are about witch hunting women (hell, go look at how JKR has become such a super villain to woketards in spite of being kinder than troon-haters)?

I've been noticing this exact gotcha a lot lately and it's just puzzling. Is it some sort of weird blackpill thing considering that reality itself is a sort of no-win situation for us all and rather than believe in anything, it'd be best to shut up unless we could actually do something to change reality in a palpable way?

No. 11225

>Here's a good example: libfems want positions of power to be 50% male, 50% female. Radfems want positions of power to be overwhelmingly female, because throughout human history, men have proved to be incompetent, dangerous leaders.
I don't get that logic, orthodox christian feminists only want good devout christians in government but obviously that's not gonna happen, like how do radfems hope to achieve their goals and will they support anyone who happens to be a woman against a man, even if said woman might be a republican nutcase
>You can't challenge liberal establishment in its current form because the world would collapse overnight if you did. The world is reliant on neoliberal systems of governance and a neo-liberal economy/supply chain. Our global economics are based on this system
okay so radical feminism is neo-liberal then, cause again what's the difference between you and any other libfem who votes for the blue team party

No. 11226

File: 1677994371398.jpeg (72.08 KB, 873x857, buriaq.jpeg)

I went on a trip down memory lane a few days ago and looked up a toxic/problematic girl I knew in MS/HS and found out that she apparently had became an infamous horrorcow/abuser in the radfem world under the name buriaq/buria gombhir. She went from just being a bad friend, butthurt and toxic to being a pathological narc, being emotionally and psycological abusiver to other women, low-functioning NEET, stalker and has spent years saying crazy shit like pickrel (which I found on a tumblr dedicated to warning people to stay away from her) and now potentially a budding groomer as the last entries detail her harassing a girl almost ten years younger who rejected her on date, trying to get her banned fromn apply for a seven sisters university (she attended Mt Holyoke and apparently has never worked a day in her life or left the academia/student safe space at 30-31y/o).

I wouldn't have gone on this thread otherwise, cause it's not really my lane persay, but I'm curious to know what she is doing now and the internet breadcrumb trial ends around 2018. I remember her being a messed up person for many reasons, did shitty things to me and other people, but never did I think her life would turn out so fucked. She was actually quite gifted academically and seeing her flush her life down the toilet is terrible but in retrospect I know can see she was showing those traits of malignant narcissism even in middle school, except it's gotten worse as she gets older, not better.

No. 11237

No. 11240

lol anon, this is compounding my midlife crisis/nightmare rabbithole but thanks for link2, didn't see that before. The things they describe about her is what I found described in my old livejournal entries from over 17 years ago. It's depressing to know people really change so little, I hope I'm not like that.

No. 11289

>okay so radical feminism is neo-liberal then
Radical feminism is explicitly anti neoliberalism from what I know; that's justly what distinguishes it from libfeminism which wants to reform a poisoned system.

>cause again what's the difference between you and any other libfem who votes for the blue team party

Firstly I wouldn't be as bold as to personally identify with radfeminism but this is a fairly weak false equivalency. There are few if not zero political party options regardless of your country of origin that wish to represent women as individuals and not commodities.

No. 11302

Voting for the lesser evil is voting for evil. If you want anything to improve, sabotage the system, don't support it.

No. 11415

File: 1678288995955.jpg (156.12 KB, 1080x864, the tags kek.jpg)

the radfem community is now like 80% tradthots and conservative women who only joined this movement to only talk about troons, other than they still hold onto their same conservative beliefs.

So happy i decided on leaving this shithole of a movement 2 years ago.

No. 11457

File: 1678357091804.png (241.18 KB, 565x435, not a radfem.png)

posting in the tags and yet…

No. 11461

>Sabotage the system
How? By attempting a coup like burgers? How would you go about "sabotaging" the system and how would this realistically pan out? I'd argue to vote for the lesser of two evils because if you do not and stand idly by, your rights will be undermined and eventually stripped from you.

I live in a country that explicitly isn't a two party system but many still swing vote for the two biggest parties in order to cancel out a opposition party vote. Not voting isn't a protest it's an exercise in futility and shows you don't care.

I don't agree with pseudo radfem types nor see what their end game is. Is their endgame to larp as feminist to gain radfem allies till gay women are mentioned and abortion rights. In honesty I wouldn't have a problem with conservative right wing "feminists", or whatever they want to call themselves if they stayed in their own lane in terms of abortion choice, and homosexuality rather than trying to rule over other women and forcing everyone to bow down to old pedofilic moids under the guise of feminism and femininity.

No. 11468

Its sad how I am seeing the literal hostile takeover of radical feminism by tradthots and women addicted to drama right in front fo my eyes.

2 years ago the movement already was filled with women who did nothing actually radfem except for post about troons, drama in the community, women bullying each other in the community, women acting hostile with each other, pickmes using radfeminism as a excuse to call women slurs, tradthot and conservative women being allowed into the movement with open arms,rarely doing irl activism, being okay going on conservative platforms etc etc….all of this shit just made me leave. I used to be a semi well known radfem account but i left because the movement was not what i was hoping for. Despite the name radical nowadays there is barely anything radical about them except if you call associating with rightwingers radical.

And now its even worse than it was 2 year ago.

I remember my mental not being good when i was part of the community and alot of the radfems i had as friends were actually bad people who had a bad influence on me.

No. 11470

The French are doing a good job demonstrating how to get things done. Sorry, but voting in a country where elections are fake does nothing.

No. 11484

I liked r/GenderCritical in the very early days when it was just a handful of radical feminists but I blame the popularity of that subreddit and the lax modding for this whole phenomenon

No. 11485

for me i really liked the pink pill reddit. I feel like it had the best takes without reaching conservative mode or anything. I hate reddit for taking down pp subreddit and the bp one.

No. 11581

File: 1678476130745.jpg (103 KB, 745x361, mao.jpg)

so is radical feminism neo-liberal or not? cause other then pretentious academic jargon it genuinely seems no different then liberal feminism, hell I'd argue that the pretentious academic jargon is the greatest proof of radical feminism inherent neo-liberal nature

No. 11598

You don't seem to know what Neoliberalism is and are just parroting it like a buzzword. Neoliberalism isn't some pretentious academic blur of something you don't understand, it isn't an academics only term that only affects sociologists and academics. It's simply hyper-capitalism that expands globally. Neoliberalism is everything around us; it is the dominant economic system and ideology of the world currently. Neoliberal ideology colors every choice you make and feeling you have because it is the dominant ideology, it expands beyond economic policy. It affects thoughts of what is deemed as meaningful work and how it is perceived, it determines milestones in life, it sets gendered expectations, neoliberalism coaxes itself in meritocracy, and intersects with cultural expectations and colonialism. It defines economic precarity and free market dynamics.

You don't get to opt out of neoliberal economics and ideology unless you're North Korea, and even north Korea has global trading partners it conceals. The world is reliant on global trade, you can refuse to vote but will inevitably sacrifice what little representation you have.

Feminism in general is critical of capitalism, especially it's exploitative nature. All feminist ideologies come to this conclusion of anti capitalism but liberal feminism. Most types of Feminism tend to align with socialism and Marxism as well as pro environmental ideologies, not neoliberalism.

No. 11599

okay but you haven't explained how radical feminism challenges the neo-liberal status-quo, when its completely reliant on them

No. 11620

An absolutely based ass post. The arguing over semantics and not being a good little based radfem in every regard with no compromise is what fucking kills me. Anons complaining about their best friend of 10 years being an insufferable handmaiden every now and then like most progressive normies tend to be? She gets a full mouthful of being blamed for surrounding herself with pickme libfems and should preach the gendercritical agenda at every corner without mercy. I hate this kind of polarized thinking with no concern for nuance, it's exactly why shit never gets done because people are too busy circle jerking in their echo chamber than actually sitting down, interacting and having intelligent discussions with people that would possibly end up changing their minds or at least become more understanding over time. But no, being reasonable and constructive is bad because it's not moid-inspired ape rage.

Perfectly worded. I enjoyed r/GC when I first peaked years ago but weaned off over time as more tradthots and drama queens who just wanted to post tranny cringe compilations/fearmongering and only accepted detrans butch lesbians when they could weaponize them against TRAs started dribbling in. On lolcow I've seen them be unironically called demeaning shit like "zippertit NLOGs" which is just cruel beyond words and a clear indication of these people not caring about radical feminism or even gender critical feminism past laughing at the bottom feeder troons.

No. 11624

>On lolcow I've seen them be unironically called demeaning shit like "zippertit NLOGs" which is just cruel beyond words
Did you miss the part where almost any group of women is called demeaning shit on lolcow? And most threads about trannies don't claim to be radfem spaces, they're there to vent and show the retarded things they post online. I know Ovarit is not taken seriously on lolcow but it's probably better for serious discussions where everyone stays polite.
Also, I think some people give too much importance to labels rather than ideas. Obviously not everyone who claims to be a radfem, or even just a feminist, is one. People just like collecting identities/communities which is why your average twitterfag has "agender, asexual, queer, schizophrenic, communist" in their bio.

>conservative women being allowed into the movement with open arms, (…) being okay going on conservative platforms etc
This is the natural consequence of the left having completely lost it. When women are censored on reddit/twitter/youtube, they have to move to platforms where they are accepted. And how are reddit or twitter (which casually hosted CP despite banning 'radfems' until very recently) any better in terms of what ideologies and communities they host? People are always more mad and offended at conservatives, as if 'progressives' aren't memeing teenage girls into either opening an OF account or chopping their breasts off.

No. 11627

>Obviously not everyone who claims to be a radfem, or even just a feminist, is one.
It doesn't matter if the true and honest radfem are this and that and would say such and such, the point is that the community has been co-opted by unhinged dramafags and conservatives who just want to start shit and hate trannies only because they hate all "sexual deviancy" including homosexuality.

>Did you miss the part where almost any group of women is called demeaning shit on lolcow?

Lolcow collectively defends psychotic bitches just because they killed or tortured a male child because pointless violence is based yet if some butch lesbian made the mistake of transitioning under pressure it's just a tuesday to call her misogynist and homophobic slurs because "this is lolcow gtfo if you can't take it".

>muh progressives and le left

Yeah see this is the shit we're talking about.

No. 11631

Its self evident how feminism and radical feminism challenge the status quo of neoliberalism. Radical feminism is anti pornography and anti capitalist industries that endanger women.

>including homosexuality.
Nonnas here shit on homosexuality often imo, and I agree that anons are incredibly harsh on young women and FTM girls or fakebois. I only feel bleak from FTMs I could never be laugh at them as if we lived in a sane world where FTM and MTF troons are the same. FTM troons are lost, and failed young women who want to escape the nightmare of being born a woman in a unforgiving world. Troon moids are moids that have been given everything and wish to take more from women.

>because pointless violence is based

A few unhinged/memeing anons on 2X doesn't define the whole site. I don't agree with the abort male fetus shit but who am I to step in the way of a womans choice over her body. And children are not automatically innocent, male children are socialized to become monsters just like adult ones are, they are afforded many privileges over their female peers and justly abuse, ridicule and demean girls their age just like they do when they are adults. We can discuss the nuances of moid child abuse as they have in the pink pill thread, some anons agree that a female teacher abusing a child is sick. Some disagree that the moid child was abused since they sexualized the teacher herself. Abuse is complicated with moids regardless of their age because they are taught to denigrate and humiliate women from the moment they're born. I'd also add that their is a strong attitude of being the bigger person from anons here when it comes to violence against males, but fuck moids; they don't pull punches on women or girls so why should anyone here?

No. 11632

>they don't pull punches on women or girls so why should anyone here?
Because I hate scrotes for being animals and women doing it comes across very tryhard, spiteful and desperate because it's not in our nature to be violent for the sake of being violent. Women are good at socializing because a.) it works and b.) we specifically aren't fucked up monsters but rational human beings capable of understanding nuance without going into roid rage mode so all the teenage baby radfems going all "w-why should we be the bigger person???" when they're told being unnecessarily edgy does them no favors should wise the fuck up and learn that unlearning female socialization isn't about picking up the most toxic traits of men. It's cringe, it's alienating to most women and unsurprisingly talking moid talk attracts moids. But like already said in this thread, most "radfems" of today aren't interested in spreading the message to a wider audience but keeping their based pinkpilled exclusive rudefem navelgazing club while complaining about libfems becoming the mainstream ideology.

No. 11635

>"this is lolcow gtfo if you can't take it"
It's not a matter of not being able to take it, it's just that this is an anonymous discussion board that doesn't even claim to be feminist, anyone including LARPing men can post, and on top of that there's this culture of being mean/tough so yes it is pointless to act like lolcow is representative of X ideology instead of going on websites that are made for serious discussions or find groups IRL etc.

>they hate all "sexual deviancy" including homosexuality

I definitely haven't seen this take on ovarit, and on lolcow they say this about all men (opportunism, deviancy etc). All GC threads defend lesbians and lolcow pretty much thinks that lesbianism is the only acceptable sexual orientation because no men are involved.

>Yeah see this is the shit we're talking about.

Yes indeed, some people care more about others criticizing the left than the actual issues at hand, some of which definitely come from the left. If you see an issue with using platforms that also host conservative groups but don't see an issue with twitter/reddit you're obviously biased even though both sides hate women, just in different ways. A lot of women have to choose the lesser evil which is different depending on their personal situation and the country they live in.

No. 11636

Samefag, you can disregard my second paragraph, after all I'm sure it's possible to find homophobia on lolcow but again anyone can post any retarded take on here.

No. 11766

What's even the point of lolcow if it's not a feminist board? To be a dumping ground for NLOGs? Only diagnosable retards and trannies find celebrity gossip entertaining.

No. 11770

Just how new are you?

No. 11777

Why are you on this site

No. 11779

This is the newfaggiest thing I have ever read. Literally the entire reason of lolcow existence is for drama. If you don't like it go back to tumblr. This is not a feminist site.

No. 11818

This is the most feminist social media site on the internet which says a lot about feminism I guess.

No. 11822

Yes, a website founded on making fun on women’s looks is the most feminist website ever

No. 11830

While this sounds like a meme it's 100% true. Id argue general discussion and shooting the shit is more common than gossip on LC recently but snow gets a decent amount of bumps to me it feels like /ot/ eats up the majority of posts.

As new as this comment was I agree with the sentiment and wish more traffic would enter 2X. It's good to get different opinions from actual women and not trannies in a forum where women aren't coerced into specific sanitized moid approved behavior like Reddit. Reddit is a pedofile/troon hangout so it's out of the question for being "feminist". Besides, most female subreddits are banned for being female subreddits on a moid dominated gore porn, rape loving, cp, pedofile shit site that is Reddit; the palatable 4chan for normies.

The only other sites that women could have as their own would be a independent forum like ovarit, or a chan board like crystal cafe everything else would get moid infested. In saying that crystal cafe did get infested so it is what it is. Though this is a gossip site primarily which seems antithetical to feminism in theory I don't think it's incompatible. Much gossip on this site is calling out toxic feminine behavior in women e.g pickmes, libfem shit, general depravity which aligns with radfeminism. Anons tend to be a bit mean spirited but the authenticity of this is appreciated, it is far more than moid chan sites because women are pressured to restrain themselves and be mild mannered, acquiescent and unquestioning. I've had ideology altered and opinions changed because of what women say here. Peaking material is everywhere here, it's very raw and candid and there is no threat of death when discussing the problems of trannies. Misogyngy has always felt like a strange thing to me on this site, it's simultaneously everywhere and nowhere.

No. 12263

File: 1679762279482.png (283.99 KB, 1192x798, 1678312887176.png)

Guess this is the appropriate thread for my rant but one thing that I can't stand in rf or rf-aligned spaces like Lolcow is that regarding the transgenderism of women you still hear the redditoid tier takes like "Aidens trooned out because they're weak of flesh coomers who rotted their brain with slash fiction and think being a tranny makes them cool" that place the blame entirely on them and fully believe their behavior is born in a vacuum. Literally no person decides to get life-altering surgeries and make them dependent on medical attention for the rest of their lives just because it "makes them cool", it's absurd beyond comprehension to even claim that. There's always some deeply rooted trauma and immense social pressure to resolve it by swallowing the trans pill that exists even in gendercrit spaces that have slowly been taken over by conservative slanted opinions. Like "I thought I wanted to be a boy when I was young and hated my body but then I grew up and learned to love my womanly bouncy breasts full of milk for my babies I birthed out of my womb and vagina" isn't really the encouraging thing to say to a young woman who's struggling with her sexuality or terrified of having to throw away her identity to just be a Woman synonymous with becoming a mother and a wife.

The Fakeboi thread in /snow/ is a prime example of this behavior. Whenever some "transmasc" makes autobiographical comics of how they felt ostracized by their gender conforming peers and shamed for not complying with the widely understood mold of a "woman", anons rush to discredit her experiences and yell about how she's a NLOG who thinks she's "too good to be a woman" when the issue clearly is with her feeling alienated and not accepted. For a lot of "gendercrit" people the desired outcome for a detrans isn't to be a masculine woman free to present as she wishes like they dishonestly lay it out as, but to have them become fine straight or at least straight-passing stepford wives.

No. 12265

Same opinions anon. I was a tomboy for the longest time because femininity is associated with weakness and ditzyness. I would've definitely trooned out if I was living as my old self in the current age. I feel really bad for the younger generation, especially the kids who are getting trans propaganda shoved down their throats.

No. 12272

Same, same. I just posted in the vent thread about my mom becoming a terf and she's the most conservative, misogynist, anti feminist and homophobic woman I know. But she fits in with her "radfem" online friends pretty well which is telling. The early radfems were really cool. Shame things turned this way.

> and yell about how she's a NLOG who thinks she's "too good to be a woman"

Yeah, it makes me sick. As someone who struggled a lot with some of the gender identity issues and relates a lot to FtM stories, it sickens me to see zero empathy from other girls and women. You don't have to agree with the tranny ideology but how could you not understand why someone would not want to be a woman. And the NLOG has become another slur that has lost its meaning and I see it as another tool that's used to bully girls that have troubles fitting in. Ironically, all those conservative girls and women using NLOG to attack other women are the actual NLOGs by pretending they're under constant attack for their traditional womanhood and femininity because it's totally not encouraged and praised worldwide.

No. 12276

>Ironically, all those conservative girls and women using NLOG to attack other women are the actual NLOGs by pretending they're under constant attack for their traditional womanhood and femininity because it's totally not encouraged and praised worldwide.
They love to victimize themselves by claiming that they're punished for being gender conforming because femininity is looked down upon, but completely ignore the issue that if a woman is masculine she's in no way celebrated, congratulated or encouraged for it, every woman you see on the media is ultrafeminine and the makeover of the "ugly tomboy" is a well known trope. Masculine traits in women are seen at worst a perversion and at best something people pay lip service to but are actually very uncomfortable with. Everyone throwing tantrums about how they're oppressed for liking the color pink over blue should realize that women are looked down upon no matter what they like and do, there are no winners and the only thing you're expected to do is conform to the stereotype but at the same time take the abuse and ridicule for doing so. GNC women on the other hand aren't even seen as women at all.

No. 12277

> Everyone throwing tantrums about how they're oppressed for liking the color pink over blue should realize that women are looked down upon no matter what they like and do
Exactly, it's damned if you do and damned if you don't.
I almost always identify as a man online (you're in most cases presumed to be male anyway) and the contrast in the way my opinions are treated versus when I'm introduced as a woman is day and night. Not to mention when you're a woman no one really thinks you have genuine passions or interests. If they're traditionally feminine interests, they're considered to come naturally to you like cooking or sewing. If they're masculine, then you're a NLOG, attention seeker, or maybe it's a leftover interest from your family member or boyfriend.
> GNC women on the other hand aren't even seen as women at all.
GNC women have it fucking hard. It's not just men, I've seen the way women can be brutal to women who are tomboyish let alone GNC. You either stop being your true self and conform or suffer the consequences. Maybe it's different in a very liberal and queer friendly area. I wouldn't know. But even in a bigger city it's playing life on nightmare mode.

No. 12284

I'll be blunt, there's a reason why some people fall for tranny propaganda and some don't. And the reason is that some are weak and stupid.

No. 12286

But didn't some studies show that trannies have some of the highest IQ? Both mtfs and ftms scored high iirc.

No. 12287

Unless you're a defective XY baiting, this is the exact kind of misogyny found from radfem spaces. The assumption that women who fall into the trap set up by structural misogyny and emotional abuse that starts in your adolescence are just "weak and stupid" and deserve the hate. Being weak and stupid is shit like believing you're completely immune to sexist propaganda and exhibit low empathy mean girl behavior in an attempt to prove it.

No. 12290

File: 1679787938974.jpg (1.01 MB, 1536x2328, 7654567.jpg)

Someone needs to rewrite picrel for lefty women. It's infuriating in rf spaces because everyone has endless sympathy for religious and right-wing women but libfems and TQ women are evil unforgivable witches who can't possibly be suffering.

No. 12293

>Like "I thought I wanted to be a boy when I was young and hated my body but then I grew up and learned to love my womanly bouncy breasts full of milk for my babies I birthed out of my womb and vagina" isn't really the encouraging thing to say to a young woman who's struggling with her sexuality or terrified of having to throw away her identity to just be a Woman synonymous with becoming a mother and a wife.
Literally who said this? Why are you pretending GNC/butch women don't exist and can't be happy? Holy shit lol, there's an entire world of things that aren't just "I lopped off my tits and am fucking up my hormones so that people think I'm a guy" or "I breast boobily down the stairs daily, do my makeup and bake pies in the kitchen for my husband who loves my mushy gushy pussy".

No. 12304


Completely agree with all of this. There's no empathy for gender dysphoric women, women with autism, women who are put off and disgusted with their bodies, it feels about two steps away from some tardthot "you need to accept your womanly duties" BS. I remember posting about chest dysphoria on r/GC and got responses like 'this is part of your natural fertile womanly body uWu' and it was so tone deaf. In the FTM thread there's posts like "your bodys only purpose is to give birth" (I guess trying to sound like the YWNBAW copypasta) and it's so disturbing, hearing things like this all their lives is why young girls troon out in the first place. I don't think the women in these spaces really understand what it feels like, I think radfems don't actually support GNC women as much as they claim to.

In a similar vein, this thread made me so depressed, barely any mention of anything cerebral or high-level just "good punching bags, can get knocked up". From supposed radfems.

No. 12314

At least there are level-headed people in the replies telling people mentioning pregnancy as a "strength" that it's a curse that's easy to exploit. We'll get pregnant regardless of our will since it's an autonomous bodily function, if we are raped we can't just tell our egg not to be fertilized. And not to mention that if modern medicine didn't exist, we would very possibly die either while carrying the fetus or giving birth.

And holy crap the reply saying
>"We're a lot more patient with children of all ages. We tolerate discomfort and pain better too. And indignity and humiliation."
like it's a net positive. This is exactly why I fucked off from ovarit just a few weeks after it opened.

No. 12339

That thread is such a dumpster fire. Getting pregnant is something female bodies do, but it's not a skill for women or an advantage for us most of the time. You can literally be comatose and go through a whole pregnancy. That's not impressive, that's a sign that our bodies don't even need our consciousness to be pregnant, which is depressing and also makes it easier to exploit comatose and braindead women for surrogacy. Very few women actually do the machievallian thing of planning out pregnancies with particular people to groom their children for a particular role in their master plan, and the ones who do are criticized for it because it's unethical to make people to serve your purposes.

I also don't get the women who talk about how great having boobs is because you can breastfeed your child. Literal animals can do this, how is it impressive? I'm sure it's great for your relationship with your children or if you live in an area with dirty water, but constantly having to breastfeed every 2 hours when you have an infant sounds like a punishment, not a privilege. And I say this as a woman who wants to have kids some day, I'm putting up with these processes because I have no choice if I want a child to be genetically mine. But if I say this in any woman space, let alone rf spaces, I'm either encouraged to use a surrogate or to love my role as a fertile nature goddess like that's not the very thing that makes me want to vomit. 0 sympathy for women who don't vibe with female bodily processes or fall in line with the forced positivity.

No. 12347

Yeah, while I personally don't want to get pregnant I know women who do but even they don't spout shit like "this is what we were meant to do, our bodies our built for this", "birthing is so powerful, we should own it." Most of them know about the cons and still want to go through the process probably because it's a biological imperative for many.
Presenting disadvantages like they're something we should be proud of is wild. Not to mention if you're trying to make dysphoric women feel more comfortable with themselves, it's the fastest way to increase more women transitioning to men.
Since we're on the topic, I remember reading about pregnancy irreversibly reducing gray matter in the brain at the cost of making space for bonding with the infant. The more gray matter the woman loses, the more she's going to feel happy and attached to her infant. I really wonder what kind of cope they'd come up for that but the medical journos already try to mask it as positive and how women are more in tune with their feelings. As if it's not nature doing its manipulative filthy work again.

No. 12351

Yes, that's how they can trick people dumber than them. Also because troonism is highly correlated with autism, they are generally smart just socially retarded

No. 12363

This isnt just about radfems but about all types of feminists and thats supporting females who rape/abuse or destroy the lives of other females.
Sorry but you are a fucking hypocrite for supporting women who rape other women or women who are homewreckers who get called iconic and girlbosses.
Many women who hurt other women are pickmes or crypto-pickmes so why the hell would you defend those women and use moid victim blaming tactitcs to silence the victims of those women.
>oh she has bpd, she is a crazy bitch she was lying.
>oh she doesnt remember everything that must mean she was lying.
>that woman doesnt owe her loyalty.

No. 12369

Ovarit is full of conservatives. PragerU asked the same thing recently on their twitter(what's something women do better than men) and literally all the comments were conservatives, mostly male but some female, giving birth as their only answer. No mention of women being smarter, less violent, more empathetic, performing better as surgeons, leaders or executives–just breeding. Some women think that's all they're for. Bleak.
Those women are saying the same kind of thing "pro-life feminists" claim, that actual feminists akshuly hate women because we don't like that pregnancy can happen against our will. It's the conservative version of woo woo sacred birthing mother bullshit hippies indulge in. I have no problem with whatever shit a particular woman uses to cope with getting permanently wrecked by pregnancy and birth, but I really resent how some women, even self-proclaimed feminists, reduce us all down to that.

No. 12388

Not sure if the comic was supposed to support your case but if so, you couldn't have picked a worst example. Imagine pretending in 2023 that you feel alienated and ostracized for playing video games and wearing sneakers as a woman. Yes it's ridiculous and NLOGism at its finest. But feeling like you're ~not like other girls~ is understandable when you're literally 14 - a lot of women have been there, especially if they're actually GNC. Once you're an adult though, you're supposed to realize that the issue is not other women, it's gender stereotypes, beauty standards and also possibly your own traumas. You mentioned the social pressure of transitioning but a lot of teenagers start shaving and wearing make-up due to social pressure too. You can express how you struggle with your body/femininity without implying that other women are all vapid bitches obsessed with makeup. Actually, hating your body growing up (and even as an adult) is a super common experience among women. However, I agree that the TIFs who medically "transition" obviously have trauma/actual mental illnesses and it should not be dismissed as just being a NLOG or a consequence of reading mangas or whatever. But lolcow is generally very supportive of GNC women, the TIFs thread definitely doesn't wish that they would all become "straight-passing stepford wives".

No. 12394

Congrats on completely missing the point and a prime demonstration of the general lack of understanding, taking an offered example way too literally to feign ignorance, the belittling and dismissal of the GNC experiences, the bitter "they're all just snooty NLOGs who think they're better than me" accusation paired with a shoddy "I guess some of it is true HOWEVER" negotiation piece and topping it off with the good old "this actually literally never happens" clause. If multiple people in the thread recognize the issue then that's clearly something that is a thing reoccurring enough to cause discourse. This is exactly why radfem is a losing ideology being co-opted by conservatives, at least libfems recognize the things that cause sex-related trauma even if they cast you as a genderspecial due to it.

No. 12399

I've been there myself as I've never been feminine and dealt with ED, so you can stop the whole "you're just bitter because you don't understand!!!" and the creative writing. Go directly to your actual arguments or at least explain how I've missed the point. Struggling with your body, femininity, gender stereotypes etc. is a real thing and it's constantly discussed on lolcow, but as an adult it's pathetic (and ignorant, and insulting) to cling onto the idea that you're not like other women (who're all superficial and mean!) for going through this, which is why NLOGs are criticized. Also, don't pick a comic about video games, sneakers, and shaving if it's not what you're talking about. And it's not "negotiating" to acknowledge that sexual assault and actual mental illnesses can cause trauma in a way that wearing sneakers don't.

No. 12402

Radfems are so fucking stupid (or if not they're manipulative narcissists). You can't just dismiss every bad thing they do with "the patriarchy made them do it". They are adults and have free will. Take some accountability.

No. 12403

(to be clear I'm not referring to gnc women but the women who hate them aka you)

No. 12404

Arguing women being capable of creating life/being pregnant and gestation is akin to being proud of people being able to breathe oxygen or a more bleak example; shit/excretion. Its the intended utility of a womans body biologically, and a moid opinion, its not a strength.

Arguing its a strength like these dumbfuck "radfems" on ovarit is peak retardation and an insult to infertile women, those with PCOS and conditions that reduce fertility like endometriosis and menopause. Being a broodmare is not a strength, but child rearing and pregnancy requires a laudable amount of effort and endangers a womans body for those women who decide to go through it therefore you can appreciate that pregnancy and child rearing is a respectable effort solely on a womans behalf while also not claiming its a strength over moids/infertile women. Throwing infertile, PCOS, endometriosis, and post menopausal women with fertility issues under the bus isn't feminist. Seeing a womans value as only the sums of its reproductive parts in a hell world, clown world dystopia where women should be in mandated breeding facilities like cattle isn't feminist.

Part of the issue I think and the origin of this comment is that Ovarit attracts older women who have internalized this misogynistic bullshit of pregnancy being a strength bleakly and have only ever seen male achievement, male athletes, male scientists etc. This is the gen X, Boomer and old millennial generations that grew up with little to no internet access and had knowledge of womans contributions in fields suppressed/silenced for decades, doubly so for non white women. Whereas lolcow skews younger so the women here know its bullshit.

No. 12405

Lmao yes thank you for clarifying, you had to because the exact same thing could be said about any group of women. "NLOGs/TIFs/GNC women should stop blaming the patriarchy and take some accountability!" (for their feelings, their transition, whatever). You say "radfems" but really you mean "other women", because teenagers who start being feminine in school (which NLOGs comics are about) and the vast majority of women aren't "radfems". You're free to believe that most women are stupid but then don't come whining about how lolcow users are being mean for laughing at Aidens who think they're so unique, speshial or even male for having short hair and not shaving.

No. 12412

ngl it is kind of funny how so many anons claim to radfems and then you decide to check the celeb thread and its just nitpicking women who they think are too old (women over the age of 35), women who are too fat or too skinny for them, women who they have vendettas again. Snow and w is another story too but i guess the anons on those boards feel justified nitpicking because muh ''this cow is a bad person so i can nitpick her vagina''.

No. 12415

I'm not saying there aren't hypocritical anons on this board at all, but how do you know the anons in the celebrity cow thread specifically are radfems? To me it seems like it's one of the biggest newfag/twittard infestations on this whole site.

No. 12416

its not like there are constant offtopic radfem posts in the celebricow thread….oh wait there are.

No. 12445

i dont know where to post this but i feel like its the most appropriate here so ill post here.

I hate those GC-ers who share those disgusting ''pooner'' memes who are very obviously made a by a scrote. Why are you posting that nasty shit.

No. 12446

The pooner images make me physically sick. Not lying. They're not only disgusting and gross looking, they have this really uncomfortable underlying misogyny attached to them that I can't quite describe. Generally speaking most "truscum" memes like them are extremely seething rageposts instead of funny observations like a lot of the AGP parody images.

No. 12447

The pooner images make me physically sick. Not lying. They're not only disgusting and gross looking, they have this really uncomfortable underlying misogyny attached to them that I can't quite describe. Generally speaking most "truscum" memes like them are extremely seething rageposts instead of funny observations like a lot of the AGP parody images.

No. 12450

i feel the same way. knowing a self hating FtM drew them makes them even grosser, like looking at distilled mental ilness.

No. 12475

File: 1680005525154.jpg (106.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>There's no empathy for gender dysphoric women, women with autism, women who are put off and disgusted with their bodies, it feels about two steps away from some tardthot "you need to accept your womanly duties" BS. I remember posting about chest dysphoria on r/GC and got responses like 'this is part of your natural fertile womanly body uWu' and it was so tone deaf.
I dislike the stupid "femenine energy" and other type of body-related "female empowerment" that includes being proud of birthing, getting pregnant, etc. I think it reduces women to their bodies or the ability to become mothers and distracts from the real issues women face in society. If being fertile (aka, ready to mate with men) was something that empowered women then how come we're all still treated like shit.
Speaking of "femenine energy" though, I see it used both by tradthots and feminists (including radfems) and it pisses me off. It's the whole "uwu women are magical beings of light that can create life, that's why you should grow your hair longer and become angel-like, protect your divine energy sis, aphrodite says so" shit that is pushed everywhere.

Kinda how Princess Nokia said she was petite and very fertile or some shit like that.

No. 12476

speaking of aphrodite though, it reminds me of some radfem on tumblr that was kinda schizo and would constantly get into fights with other women and kept sending curses onto them "in the name of diana". I wonder where she's now and if any of her curses worked kek. Wiccan radfems are just something else entirely.

No. 12487

Some anon in the Finnthread put it well a while ago. The way the pooners, in addition to being called literally pooners, are drawn with accentuated female secondary sex characteristics (breasts with protruding nipples) and heavily pornified (exaggerated lips, camel toe) directs the ridicule portrayed by the pictures at the female body. The pooner pics don't actually mock troons, they ridicule and sexualize the female body, and that's why they're gross and misogynistic. and I need to seriously restrain myself in order not to tell anons to kill themselves whenever they start posting them

No. 12489

Anons shitting on TIFs and the TIF thread makes me want to alog. Women are always victims of shit and take the brunt of moids shit when they are mentally ill like troons. TIFs are the product of internalized misogyny in a clown world of mental illness. I have nothing but sympathy and lament for TIFs because of this. I consider the TIF thread to be misogynistic in an ironically radfem place. I'm aware that many TIFs are extreme misogynists and LARP as misogynistic moids as they are pickmes, but mentally ill troon TIFs are a little more off the handle mentally than the average retarded tradthot or libfem pickme.

No. 12543

State of the MTF thread:
>Literal pedophiles, rapists, murderers, overall sociopathic male behavior
State of the FTM thread:
>Constant whining about lesbians and GNC women, recycling age old unfunny NLOG anti-Aiden memes from 2014, saying that a woman "wrecked herself" when she stopped presenting feminine, blogging about how they "remember a TIF from high school/saw a TIF doing stupid shit today", uncontrollable seething any time someone dares to call a trans man attractive
One of my friends used to identify as a TERF but at some point she kind of stopped and said she doesn't really care anymore because the community's homophobia and shallowness got to her. I didn't understand what she meant at the time but after I started seeing more and more past the "we're just concerned for these poor girls" act right to the "actually masculine women are disgusting and they deserve to be hated for being traumatized" mindset I realized what she was talking about.

No. 12594

I blame conservative/right wing/religious farmers for that shit mostly. I wish they'd just go back to kf.

No. 12615

Seems like there's been wayyy more conservatives mucking about in radfem spaces recently, whats up with that? As a lesbian I don't want to lose the only community of women online that isn't telling lesbians they shouldn't exist.

No. 12635

ever since gc became code for 'anti trans', a lot of people have confused gc for radfem and so a lot of conservative women who don't know shit about radical feminism join. they learn all the lingo but somehow their ideals are still fundamentally conservative, so you get basic conservative ideas like "having lots of sex makes you degraded" but phrased in radfem language. if they stick to anti-sex and anti-gender stuff, they can slide unnoticed in radfem spaces for years until they come out with a pro-marriage or anti-abortion take and then everyone clocks them for what they are. unfortunately in the meantime they've become really good at using radfem language and they're often still homophobic, so a woman choosing not to be feminine is accused of being aiden-like or male-identified

there's also a lot of good faith given to anyone who has a big platform and who's anti-gender ideology. louise perry and that other """reactionary feminist""" are telling women to stop using birth control, illegalize abortion, and that we need to make marriage with men a more attractive option for women. a lot of women don't even realize this and just get hung up on yaaaaaas anti-sex work queeeeeen. trads love courting radfems, especially young ones who are demoralized by all the hypersexual material everywhere and feel disappointed with radfem community

No. 12663

I think you mean Mary Harrington? I feel like she’s becoming more and more conservative. I used to enjoy some of her work, she’s made great criticisms of porn, surrogacy, and modern technology in general. But I hate hate hate most of what she says now, she seems to think that just because she’s a mother and happy about it, that’s the only thing that matters for other women. I actually had to turn off her interview on Meghan Murphy’s podcast because I was too angry. I know Murphy isn’t perfect either these days but I was disappointed that she wasn’t pushing back at all.

No. 13079

File: 1680980707645.png (74.11 KB, 720x289, Screenshot 4.png)

From the old pinkpill subreddit.

No. 13101

I don't know why that's shocking, it's pretty easy to see. Feminizing yourself is betraying yourself. There is no question about that.

No. 13103

Traditional marriage/ being prolife are so incompatible with radfeminism. I don't see how any tradthot gets away with that for very long.

No. 13118

Try telling anyone that claw fingernails and make up are bullshit that makes you waste your life time, money, and in the case of fingernails, gives you a slight disability, all for nothing (most het men don't even notice most of this shit and virtually every man detests at least one aspect of it; it's all gay men/rich women pushing it on ordinary women), and see how many women cry out about self expression and how it's somehow art.

The generation raised on social media is insanely mentally ill because all they do all day is stare at computer generated bodies and faces of other women and compare that to their mirror image or their own computer generated faces that are loosely based on their selfies.

I think a good first step for liberation is delete ALL social media profiles and only use chat apps to interact with friends, and to drop all the commercialized beauty products completely.
I think these steps alone, without anything else, will free up so much time and decrease anxiety and depression to such a degree, that women in the West can make meaningful changes to all other aspects of their life.

Also, call out and make fun of every bitch who tries to police you for not engaging in this psyop. I can count on one hand hand the times men commented on my lack of peacocking while with women I guarantee I will get nagged.

I think women enforcing this shit is vastly understated, at least I rarely see it discussed.

No. 13119

A lot of tradthots or people who buy into extreme ideologies jumping from one extreme ideology to another because they have no sense of self. Chronically online tradthots turning into chronically online separatist feminists who don't do anything aside from shit posting online is a common phenomenon.

No. 13122

When they peacock for us I will peacock for them. Until then ireally don't care about 99% of males. I see nothing in it for me when i see the things I see other women go through. Thats pretty much all i seee. And a ton of women ive known had huge regrets.

I mean if you like the burden of living with a male that's all fine I don't care what you do, but stop trying to sell it to me through onesided femininity. This is the biggest fucking joke of social order human beings partake in and I'm not only unwilling to be a part of it I'll bite a person's head off for nagging me about it if they dare to. After what my mind when through as a youth it's downright offensive to me. In the end women who participate just look desperate to me.

No. 13126

Women are major enforcers of beauty on other women, agreed. We really need more discussion about this in feminist spaces. Especially female family members. My mom wants me to dress “hotter” at work even though I have a committed relationship and am not looking for someone. Why? To remind my coworkers that I have a nice body. It’s a weird clout game for a lot of women and they buy into the whole beautified aesthetic equalling power.

No. 13130

The separatists are not tradthots (or ex tradthots), if there's a switch it's usually from libfem to radfem or from TRA to radfem. Tradthots are the ones who shill their Nigels and haate the idea of separatism.

No. 13172

File: 1681203511808.png (8.69 KB, 561x172, blackpill_feminist.png)

How about a round of the "was this post written by a 4chan incel or a """blackpilled"""" radfem" game? One would think that being a blackpilled feminist means that you've given up on the belief that men are redeemable and living a life separate from them, but no, it's just the next level of seething hatred for other women and accusing them of being born enablers. Constantly changing the goalposts for what a "based real feminist" is because cockbreathed beckies need to be kept out. Instead of doing the leg work of convincing other women about feminist ideals and telling how they benefit from them and taking the time and effort to deprogram the ideas about womanhood and handmaidenry they've been fed for all their lives a lot of people in RF spaces expect every woman to just see the light on her own before she can enter their sekrit feminist club. The fact that you need to be so deep into all the nuances of the philosophies to "understand" that posts like picrel are just "ironic jokes born out of frustration" and not straight out misogynist drivel is why women feel alienated by feminism and the activists who do important and sensible work get all their effort nullified by the """blackpills""" with 0 charisma who got mad because nobody thought their condescending attitude towards other women was productive. And no, I'm not a Nigel wrangler but a lesbian, since these people are so obsessed with lesbians as some tool of liberation and not something some women just happen to be.

No. 13187

Not to bring that threads discussion here but you can't be naive as to pretend that hetero women caping for their nigels is less misogynistic than a silly exaggeration. I agree, the language is sick but so are heterosexual mens opinions of womens bodies which this meme is trying to present, that and ignoring women in need prioritising sick men to those womens detriment.

Why would a moid incel be writing about how women prioritize moids sexual gratification and livelihood over their dying brain-cancer suffering mother? Why would any moid care about a dying sick mother suffering while her daughter capes for her moid? Did you miss this part and only see the word "fleshlight" then conclude misogyngy. Moids think of womens bodies as fleshlights and hetero women are used for sex; tough shit there's no point sugar coating this language, it exists and it's out there. One needn't see 10 minutes of hetero porn to know what men think of womens bodies as "fleshlights". Reminding women of this isn't misogyngy; it's reality. Denying it is a knee jerk reaction that I understand, to the dehumanizing language but denying reality.

>I'm Lesbian

I question that, OSA, and Lesbian women tend to prioritize women over moids because they do so by default; there is no nigel who takes precedence over us as women. They don't cape for moids, you can't, if you barely interact with them outside of family, and the workplace. It's not hard really to avoid men and it's much easier as a lesbian/OSA woman. I find it strange that you'd take offense with this poignant reminder of why women shouldn't prioritize their nigels over the other women in their lives.

No. 13188

>defending the need to call other women cocksleeves and fleshlights in the name of feminism to the point that you are prepared to doubt a lesbian's claim over her sexuality
This is unhinged.

No. 13190

I don't think you understand the post you're replying to, if you even read it.

No. 13194

They cannot accept the world and the fact that their ideology does not have any mass appeal so they blame everyone but the fault their own ideology;
that's the only thing meme ideologies can do justify their own existence

No. 13195

If you agree that the language is sick then what are you even arguing against? Using semantics that are identical to misogynist incels like calling straight women "fleshlights" is dehumanizing and bitter whether you like it or not, no woman is going to agree with you except the trad-aligned ones who think a woman should remain pure and chaste. You admittedly base your entire view on straight sex on what you see in porn like any terminally online person detached from reality so it's no wonder you start viewing other women as "fleshlights".

>I find it strange that you'd take offense with this poignant reminder of why women shouldn't prioritize their nigels over the other women in their lives.

Taking offense to using dehumanizing and misogynist language to refer to women for having sex with men and being the victim of the socialization programmed into them is now about "prioritizing nigels over other women"? I'm sorry, but I think you need a break from this site. This thread is about the misogyny in RF and RF aligned spaces and you're offering a great example.

No. 13199

I agree with you, and I feel like the other anons are purposefully missing the point of what you and the greentext screenshot are trying to get across. It's literally just illustrating the reality of OSA women and how men view them, with the exact same language that real life men use. OSAs don't like to hear it because they want to believe it's #NotTheirNigel but all men view women as fleshlights and unpaid prostitutes; they dehumanize us and disrespect us and see us as lesser, and pointing that out isn't misogynistic. I've heard that exact wording before in real life from real men, calling us holes and other objectifying language. That isn't basing our opinions on straight sex in porn, but rather reiterating what actual straight men say themselves, especially when they're alone. Men DO view us as fleshlights, as unpaid prostitutes, but OSAs dislike when other women point it out because… it's true. I think they know that this language isn't being directed by blackpilled feminists at women, but rather serve as a mirror of what men say to illustrate a point, but they don't want to accept that. It's just easier to tackle the language itself rather than the message.

>no woman is going to agree with you
NTA but it's fascinating when people bring this up. Of course the majority of women aren't going to like the fact that blackpilled feminists are open about how men truly view us; it's sickening to listen to, and shatters the illusion that men could ever view us as people, and for OSAs that's a reality they don't want to live in. Radical feminism in general will not be accepted by a majority of women, but that's to be expected. Only liberal feminism, or any other "feminism" that doesn't actually harm the status quo or threaten a woman's ability to be with a man will be widely accepted.

No. 13201

>Only liberal feminism, or any other "feminism" that doesn't actually harm the status quo or threaten a woman's ability to be with a man will be widely accepted.
What a cope. How do you think this blackpilled form of feminism disturbs the "status quo" compared to other forms of feminism? By talking about the female oppression but using more disturbing terminology? Yes, all women know that women are pressured into having sex with men. We know that women put out because they feel it's their duty even when they don't orgasm. We know that the purpose of marriage is to subjugate women. And women don't like this, most openly despise it and if they didn't we wouldn't have all the data and surveys to back it up. What form of feminism doesn't acknowledge this? What are you going to do about it except call women whores and be smug about it? If you weren't so stuck in your echo chamber you would see all the non-radfem identified feminists and regular women who bring this up, who talk about male violence, who are very vocal about the sexual abuse women face out of their false sense of duty, but because you still view other women as of lesser intelligence and dumb pieces of slut meat who "need a wake up call" you refuse to acknowledge them or even appreciate their effort because it's not you who's "doing it right". This hubris and navel gazing is exactly what kills radical feminism as a movement and keeps it from going forward, it's hard to trust anyone who doesn't trust the intelligence and consciousness of other women or even respect them as their equals to really give a shit about their well being in the end because they're too busy reinventing the wheel and thinking that repackaging things we all know in edgy wording equals having radical ideas.

No. 13202

how long are you going to spam this exact screencap all over the site? You even tried to get anon banned by whining in meta
Delete that pic from your camera role because you obsession with it isn't healthy. Anon in your picrel is 100% right even if her language is rude.

No. 13204

File: 1681244803928.jpg (63.18 KB, 1053x592, c1aa576059c393cae480f7891bd5c0…)

First of all, what the fuck is your problem? For a participant in the crowd that gets so offended by big bad meanie language, you sure seem to like wielding it.
>How do you think this blackpilled form of feminism disturbs the "status quo" compared to other forms of feminism?
Are you actually retarded? Are you seriously asking how blackpilled/radical feminism is different from liberal feminism? And are you playing stupid by pretending that separatism (which is a big proponent in the aforementioned feminist movements) is currently widely accepted by OSAs?
>What are you going to do about it except call women whores and be smug about it?
Never called any woman a whore, but I practice female separatism and don't have sex with men nor would I ever have their children. Kek, what about you aside from raving mad about shit no one even said?
>because you still view other women as of lesser intelligence and dumb pieces of slut meat
Get some fucking help, you schizo. Nobody said this, and you yet again missed the point.
>you refuse to acknowledge them or even appreciate their effort because it's not you who's "doing it right".
This might be a little too hard for someone lacking as many chromosomes as you to understand, but my criticism of some radical feminists is a separate entity to my other opinions and feelings about feminism as a whole. Crazy, right? I can be happy that things are generally getting better for women while also taking issue with self proclaimed radfems who still fuck men and have their children and use the radical feminism movement as a place of venting rather than serious activism. Log off and do yourself a favor by learning reading comprehension and critical thinking.

No. 13205

I don’t have anything to add, you’re totally right. I especially like
>self proclaimed radfems who still fuck men and have their children and use the radical feminism movement as a place of venting rather than serious activism
It’s my biggest pet peeve. And so many radfems are so afraid to call this out that they wind up coddling these women the most in an effort to avoid controversy
>Nooo hehe I’m not one of those crazy lesbians who would tell you it’s unfeminist to marry a moid and birth his baby, I actually think it’s great good for you!! See I’m not one of the mean lesbians (please like me)
There’s a user on radblr who gets coddled by all the bigger blogs just like this even as she married a man and birthed his baby and extensively posts about her Awesome Nigel who’s now a daddy!!!

No. 13206

I know exactly what blog you're talking about and it drives me crazy, kek. Women like her are the average radfem: always talking about how men are shit and evil and all deserve to be hanged, yet turn around and have relationships with them and birth their children. And women like that are the faces of radical feminism! It's beyond offensive, appalling, and disturbing especially considering our sisters in other countries who are willing to/actually do die for the cause. I have no sympathy nor patience for this flavor of all-talk-no-show feminist anymore. If women in other countries are fighting for the right to pursue education or drive cars, the least everyone else can do is abstain from XYs who act as parasites anyway. But pointing this out and using terms that men themselves use is just tOo mISogYnisTic!1!!1

No. 13207

I think you lost on your way to sperg at the anons in the "ex radfem thread", sorry people here don't think your extremely based form of feminism is a constructive approach.

No. 13213

why would it belong there? we're talking about women who actively call themselves radfems, not ex-radfems.

No. 13218

You remind me of those neckbeards who simp for egirls, that's how you simp for pickmes lol

No. 13220

File: 1681277091919.jpg (63.03 KB, 640x640, 1679853232134.jpg)

I just think that viewing people in terms of sex-class interest first is retarded, cause that's just not how people are. humans have interests and bonds with each others, only a pretentious discourse ridden post-Marxist academic believes in their retarded version of absolutes, which is what radical feminism has and always will be.

The only reason I'm not married off is cause of my father, he does this because he has his values and he also wants to spare me pain and humiliation and is fine with me being spinster so long as I keep ties with my family, my mother since I was 15 has wanted me get married and a decade later she's perusing it even more, even though she has a number of health issues and I'm the only one taking care of her with Free labor and putting up with her BS(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 13221

>start reading post
>wow, this anon sounds unusually retarded with a poor understanding of the topic at hand
>continue reading
>It's pakichan
every time kek

No. 13223

I was thinking the same thing kek

No. 13226

you're right, though the previous replies to your post are pretending otherwise. it's that kind of thing in your screenshot that now has me shying away from any involvement. misogyny just isn't radical but I've learned many/most women refuse to let go of their urge to rip into women that they deem acceptable targets to place their (internalized?) misogyny onto. they love ripping into women more than they hate males and more than they love women.

it has been dismaying to realize basically everyone loves to hate women, including those attracted to women. I wasn't aware the hatred went that deep and wide. I know what I'm seeing and I've seen enough. I'll just stick with my butch instead.

No. 13227

>it's fascinating when people bring this up. Of course the majority of women aren't going to like the fact that blackpilled feminists are open about how men truly view us
NTA but no one, especially on lolcow, has a problem with talking at length about men's misogyny. Blackpilled feminists don't just do that though, they also love to denigrate women who have had children or are dating. Even if a woman is currently single and childless, what is she supposed to think when she reads "you don't respect yourself if you had sex with a man" and "mothers are breeders having their children"? Reads like a mix of trad/incel beliefs, not just because of the crude language and the fact that this is insulting most women including their own mothers, but also because of the idea behind it. It also ignores realities like the fact that most women are opposite-sex attracted and a lot of them want children, so trying to attack with "wow you just wanna give children and sex to men!!" is not going to work with women who are also doing this for themselves. Most women are 'normies', and they don't see a contradiction between being against sex work and pro abortion while having a normie bf, and they won't be convinced by being called prostitutes because they couldn't see the light at 20yo and remain pure like every blackpilled feminist probably. Not saying that this is what you're doing btw but what most women will stumble upon if they try to look into it.

No. 13236

So true! It’s just a coincidence that only one “sex class” rapes infants to death.

No. 13250

The anon you're replying to says her father is keeping her from getting married but in another thread she admitted no men were interested in her and complained about the men in her country not looking like the neonazis she simps for. She's mental.

No. 13252

Will you idiots stop making shit up about me, where did I state that "no men were interested in me"
you genuinely do not live in this world if you cannot understand the semantics of arranged marriage, see at my age and especially with my heritage and relative's reputation I won't get "top pick", I probably won't get a good upper class liberal progressive guy to marry me and the best I can do(which my mother wants) is to marry a dumb some rich relative of hers, which I don't

Now can you understand what I stated? cause clearly you can't for some apparent reason.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 13256

I'm living in a Muslim country myself, retard. Only uggos who can't marry otherwise get arrange marriages and only the worst of those uggos have to marry their family members because no one wants them.
You have no job, no education, you're obese and you spend all of your time online. Of course you can only get men who are shitty.

No. 13270

don't know what's going on with my posting status but imagine for a second, your brother is a drug addict who had almost had a child wedlock and your uncle is involved in a local political scandal(nothing big but you could get results from news sites If googling him)
how would your marriage prospects look then? not great right

No. 13275

Is that why you've been calling other women "subhuman" on the basis of their race for years? Because you're so "anti-absolutes" and can't stand radfems for being so mean to women? Lol

No. 13303

Does anyone remember when we first had the pink pill threads in /ot/ (before /2X/ was created) and many anons wanted the threads gone, insulted feminists and feminism in general etc.? I think the site culture is going back to that era.

No. 13304

I agree. the anti-feminist sperging infights across the whole site has been insane lately, and farmhands aren't doing shit about it. Whether that's because they're that understaffed, or they're just tradthots or something, idk.

No. 13318

It's because the anti-feminism fags are like at max four anons who keep making posts yet no one ever bans them. There's like three anons in this whole board who call every woman whore, slut, prostitute, pickme, etc. in the most minor disagreement and those anons even go on other boards like /ot/ to victimblame rape victims and send ill wishes towards women who don't agree that women are inferior and doomed. Yet no one bans them. It's so weird.

No. 13332

They just started calling themselves "blackpilled feminists" and now get away with the most misogynistic shit imaginable like telling anons in /ot/ that abuse is their fault for "trusting scrotes".

No. 13335

One of the anons in the blackpill thread literally made fun of mothers for having loose "holes". They're calling themselves blackpilled feminists but all of their "points" revolve around mocking women. Telling anons they deserve abuse, that abused women don't deserve donations or help, that having kids ruin your vagina, that having sex makes you a prostitute, that women are fleshlights who fuck their bfs for money, that women can't hold jobs etc.
It's so obvious they're trying to feel better about themselves by putting down every woman imaginable.

No. 13342

i honestly feel like they're some recently peaked ex genderists. they just switched ideologies but still need to have that "acceptable woman you can hate"-fix they used to have in terfs.

No. 13373

I was actually around blackpill spaces around 2016. Of course there was criticism about the status quo but most of it didn't seem to revolve around taking punches at other women like it does now. It's rather peculiar.

No. 13379

>farmhands aren't doing shit about it
chan boards are meant to make their own culture, it's honestly tiring hearing about trannies and scrotes and feminist issues where they don't belong, it's weird you want to ban contrasting opinions when people are obviously getting sick of hearing it about it everywhere. The ftm thread and the mtf thread is leaking too much.

No. 13383

>if you hate being a woman you're trans
where have i heard that before…

No. 13384

nta but there's a difference between hating being a woman and spewing bs about tight holes and fleshlights. at this point, even if you're not trying to emulate a man, you've certainly spent too much time reading their opinions on women

No. 13385

one insane anon will say those words and you retards will sperg about it all over the board and entire site for days. You have ruined this entire board because any actual discussion just becomes you retards bringing it back to one loser in the blackpill threads being the reason why all feminist analysis is misogynistic. Holy christ.

No. 13392

still waiting for the Real Blackpilled anons to disagree with that 'one insane anon'. even before the sperging about OSA women, the thread was mostly about comparing humans to other species and anons trying to 'actually discuss' about this were not met with as much enthusiasm as the 'reee unpaid prostitutes' anons.

No. 13393

are you genuinely unfamiliar with the concept of not engaging clear insane people and trolls? And somehow it's blackpillanons faults for rightly ignoring and reporting the retard instead of engaging with it red-faced like you have for days? If none of you retards gave that anon 50 seething replies and brought it up in every other thread, they would have shut the fuck up by now. Instead you've made it into a nuclear slapfight that's spewing radiation onto the entire site, and you're so worked up about it that you accuse anyone of not taking the bait as being on the side of the shit stirrer. Congrats on your retard awards, they're well deserved.

No. 13394

>you're so worked up
lmao please re-read what you've just posted. my point was that there were hardly any ideas to discuss to begin with besides the sperging about bonobos and women's inferiority, so it's no wonder that no one takes the thread seriously and even suspects that it is mostly populated by tifs and the like.

No. 13399

>they just switched ideologies but still need to have that "acceptable woman you can hate"-fix they used to have in terfs.
It's weird how both liberal feminist and radical feminist movements have this feature. In libfem circles you have the terfs you think are satan incarnate but love trans women while buying into their demeaning sexist sexual behavior, in radfem circles they wish ill will on all libfems but always keep excusing conservative trad women and sometimes even sympathize with their views. I'm much closer to radfems ideologically and totally agree with the idea of a radical reform, but in the end it's next to impossible and that's why I feel like the movement is full of women feeling like they've been cornered and lashing out at others out of frustration. With the liberal feminist idea of navigating in the current system and improving things based on those conditions it's much more agile and adaptable allowing people to see results and feel encouraged, but as a downside it requires a lot of bargaining and lacks necessary gatekeeping. So you just sort of have to pick the option that hurts less, and for many women it's liberal feminism not because it's too painful to realize how misogynist the world around them is, but because they seek adaptability over rigidity.

Just hide the thread, anon.

No. 13403

>keep excusing conservative trad women and sometimes even sympathize with their views
Are the terfs and trad wives in the room with us right now?

No. 13407

Anon they literally say they think women are biologically inferior and that our pussies are fleshlights that get loose when we have sex/give birth. Only trans identified females and incels believe this.
Anyway,no matter how hard you hate other women, you'll never be a man. You'll always be a woman and although you look down on trad women and call them names, both you and those trad women are going to face similar issues all women face. Telling women they're loose fleshlights won't make men rape you less or discriminate against you less.

No. 13424

How long are you spergs going to harp on days old posts from one maladjusted retard that you now accuse anyone of pointing out your retarded arguments of being/supporting? Might as well rename this board to “board where one anon said women are fleshlights and now that’s all we seethe about” but I guess that’s too long to put in the top banner

No. 13427

Calm down.

No. 13440

kek what

No. 14459

On an anonymous imageboard where tranny scrotes often raid to boot.

No. 18093

is fucking insane in here I'm tired

No. 18097

i won't say anything but if you know you know

No. 18101

No. 18105

Why are you replying to 3 month old posts

No. 18186

if you know you know

No. 18243

What does this mean

No. 18292

I remember how an anon posted a 4chan post where a man was boasting about infiltrating to lolcow and crystal cafe and being able to be openly misogynistic because he'd claim in his posts that he was radfem.

No. 18338

Not surprised, the blackpill thread is basically calling women whores, cocksuckers, and worse “but make it feminist.” You can literally take any misogynist post and call it “blackpill feminism” and nobody can say anything to you. I had some sympathy with blackpill types but it’s clearly just a containment thread for self-hating women and men pretending to be women at this point.

No. 18339

It's spreading all over the site, I wish mods would just start auto banning anyone who starts shit. 90% of the lesbian thread is infighting over whether or not a poster sucks cock.

No. 18341

The blackpillchan first started posting her misogynistic stuff about rape being natural and how were all evil cocksuckers while men are superior in /ot/. After she kept getting banned and her posts kept getting deleted/ignored she chose to post her weird oral sex fanfictions that last several paragraphs on /2X/ as women in this board are more likely to reply to her weird posts.

It's best to ignore it but I can't help but get disgusted whenever I see that mentally ill individuals blowjob posts, she(?) also admitted to masturbating to gay porn in the lesbian thread so her pornsickness is probably why she keeps posting detailed stuff about sexual acts.

%90 of her posts are about some weird sexual act rather than genuine arguments or theories she has.

No. 18343

You're talking about a few different people retard stop being paranoid

No. 18344

>her weird oral sex fanfictions
Women literally suck dick like a subhumans and neither sex is superior to the others, can you at least start making sense while you making those retarded complains and accusing someone of something they aren't aka a degenerate because that's your perception of it all as if all the dark things being talked about are the anons fault and creation. Make sense at least please and realize that those are at least 2/3 different people you're talking about.

No. 18347

Quit lying, the one I'm talking about couldn't hold back and posted her blwojob fetish content here too >>18344
Idc if imagining herself being degraded and blowing men gets her off the same way jerking it to gay porn does, she still shouldn't post it here.

No. 18348

NTA but you do realize that sucking cock on its own is degrading regardless of whether or not someone points it out? Calling heteroanons cocksuckers is an excellent strategy to shame them out of it for, directly, their own benefit. As some other nona has succinctly said, "they feel embarrassed to be seen through the disgusted eyes of a woman instead of the enabling eyes of a man". Meditate on that instead of splashing your shit over 3 different threads.

No. 18350

You're a schizoid who is confusing multiple posters. I'm the "gay porn anon" and did not say "I jerk it" to shit. I said some lesbian women watch it by omission. Also there's nothing to "jerk" male identified woman. I am not male, I have nothing to jerk. The remainder posts are other random anons and not the same anon. You are a unhinged schizoid assuming it's all the same anon. You really deserve to catch a ban for this schizo sperging across boards with your obsession of cock sucking and shitting up threads with no contributive discussion. Cock sucking should absolutely be shamed and ridiculed, who cares if someone writes "fanfic" about it? The purpose of much threads here in part is to vent from frustrating heteronormative behavior, including this thread. This is not a hugbox for het women to defend each other for cocksucking. For those that are SSA/lesbian, cocksucking is completely irrelevant but also fun to ridicule and periodically should be. If something is objectively degrading it doesn't matter who points fingers or in what context.

>As some other nona has succinctly said, "they feel embarrassed to be seen through the disgusted eyes of a woman instead of the enabling eyes of a man".
That was such a good post

No. 18351

Writing paragraphs over it means she has a fetish for sucking cock
She did admit watching gay porn in the lesbian thread, it's only a matter of time before she admits insulting anons also turn her on. Also she said she was bi herself so not like she can insult anons when she's the one whose own thoughts are literally possessed by women sucking dick.

No. 18353

If sucking dick makes you subhuman then faggots must be lower that shit

No. 18356

Following anons around to say this about them is the fetish, schizo.

No. 18357

Pretending everyone you project your cocklust onto is all one blackpill anon so "they're asking for it" and so you can continue this moid-tier "you like cock too really" fetish talk in every single thread is getting weird. It comes across as you thinking you're looking for thirds in a porn flick. Your ex-boyfriend isn't here. You don't have to do this to turn him on.

No. 18364


No. 18367

That's unhinged. If you watch gay porn you're attracted to men. Tired of the fake lesbians. Those same anons will write paragraphs shitting on OSA women and claim to be totally lesbian and say they're not polilez/febfem while at the same time masturbating to gay porn. It's just so weird and tiring.

No. 18373

Right… She was also shitting on straight women for sucking dick in the same paragraphs she admitted she got off to men sucking dick, ahahah. Polilezzies are so stupid.

No. 18374

I give up, you think different anons are the same person and I can't convince you otherwise. Continue to remain in your schizophrenic dick obsessed projecting delusions and continue to contribute nothing of substance to discussion ever polilezzi.

No. 18431

File: 1691210663602.jpg (313.4 KB, 896x1942, Wtf.jpg)

Average misogynist randomly brings up blowjobs, asks if anon will give blowjobs and accuses anons of bragging about it.

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