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No. 5459

I have been getting more and more frustrated recently with the "radical feminism" some people in radfem communities practise. It's especially apparent here in lc, since we have anonymity - though I have ran across it in radblr etc too. Women saying INCREDIBLY misogynistic shit (cockbreath, dick worshipper, e-semen brain pick me….) to other women they deem unpure, "gender traitors/sleeping with the enemy".

I truly admire women practising separatism or 4W and the like. It is not for me personally (not yet at least), but I respect their choice and dedication. However, I cannot see how the borderline psychotic hatred some women have for like 90% of all other women is feminism. Hating men and male violence is more than justified - but some "radfems" seem to put way too much of their anger into women who choose to interact with men in any way. There are women who deserve criticism for doing vile shit for male attention, but having some lame ass boyfriend and posting on lolcow is not one of them in my opinion.

I'm just so incredibly tired of running from male misogyny to female-exclusive spaces, only to find out the same shit with a pink bow on top.

No. 5460

Also sorry, I'm really bad at articulating my thoughts, I wish I was one of those smart essayist nonnas

No. 5467

Based on what I've seen the radfems most likely to act like this are lesbian separatists and/or women who experienced CSA/violence due to negligent mothers. Not all of them, but it's easy to understand why they feel such strong animosity towards those who profess to care about other women yet are still entertaining the idea of "socializing" men better or have a nigel. Is it useful discourse and does it help bring more women into the fold? Of course not, but I think if they're reacting so strongly they're typically very traumatized and feel they can never escape men, even in circles where women are supposed to be prioritized.

No. 5468

I would really not blame lesbians, maybe polilesbians that hate the side of themselves that is attracted to men.

Which reminds me of febfems. Not dating men is admirable, but especially on radblr everyone tells that they are one. I fully get why, but it still it kind of has the aura of being "better" or "more legit" than boring old bisexuals. It kind of feels like begging the separatists and polilesbians for a crumb of respect for us dirty bisexuals. I can't put it to words why it feels iffy, even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with not dating men, quite the contrary. Well, now I'm just whining about other women lol.

No. 5469

No I get it. I guess it is complaining about other women but I think it's fair to look at those issues because in the end they only create more divisions between us. Some self-professed radfems are very hateful and exclusionary towards those who still choose to interact with men at all. Even though I have no intention of dating again I do have a few male friends and while I'm not super close to them, they have given me good advice and support before. I know some radfems would call me a weak-willed scrote apologist for associating with them at all. I'm more prone to calling myself a gc feminist due to that, but frankly this idea that we need one ideal term seems like such a pointless thing to argue over. Are those same radfems going to avoid helping a woman from a poor country who was pushed into marriage and still has a husband and 4 kids because she's not a pure separatist independent girlboss? Or for example an anon brought up how Planned Parenthood is apparently helping some kids with transitioning, which is horrible, but they are also one of the main/only sources for abortions for many women who cannot otherwise get them. So are we just supposed to say fuck PP and leave those women without any recourse because the organization isn't perfect? Sometimes it's like there's no real middle ground which is why I try to mostly focus on real world initiatives rather than ideology (although I still find it interesting and useful if people can discuss is calmly).

No. 5479

I’m the one who refuses to support planned parenthood. I support and put my resources in to other orgs helping women get abortions. It took time and research, you seem to think we live in a dichotomy where it’s one or the other? PP isn’t the only org and my money should be spent on actual women. If I’m not willing to buy a tea from a company using profits from it lobbying for killing homosexuals why would I morally be okay knowing my money might be grooming and harming children? Where you put your money matters. Everytime PP asks for a donation I tell them my terms and instead they pushed more trans rights and put a sick fetishist on the board, clearly they don’t need my funding. They can go get it from there 0.06% of the pop instead of the 52%

No. 5480

It wasn’t my intent to say you’re doing the wrong thing for supporting other orgs, my point was simply that PP is sometimes the only or most readily available resource and I don’t think a woman should not have a desired abortion due to their issues. There are also very few orgs/companies in the world that are 100% blameless in terms of having humanistic practices so while of course it’s good to be as conscious as possible, no one is going to get it totally right. And that’s okay. For example all of the women’s shelters/groups in my area are backed by religious groups and as such have a pro-life stance, however they are literally the only available resources within hundreds of miles. I personally choose to support them because I have neither the time or resources to start up my own women’s shelter and they have helped women in desperate situations where no other group would.

No. 5491

File: 1653729274036.png (45.84 KB, 376x401, sheeple.png)

The issue imo is that separatist radical feminism belongs in the same camp as other really unpractical ideologs that are never gonna appeal to the vast majority of people and will always be a niche thing, instead of just admitting that their ideology just doesn't have mass appeal they choose to blame other parties and delude themselves into thinking their the only real enlightened people(in this case the only enlightened feminists) and all other women are living with blind sheep, basically this comic

No. 5501

Disagree. I think it's the other way around. If part of an ideology is to be something, you can't get mad when people take onus when you call yourself that thing without practicing the main points of being that thing. An ideology doesn't have to be popular. You either agree with it and practice it, or you agree and don't practice, or you don't agree at all. Don't try and have your cake and eat it too if you want to be a part of the club because you respect the point, but don't actually want to practice what makes you that thing. People don't want to sacrifice anything in the time of social media. 'It's hard, but pretend I'm that thing anyways' like men who say troons are real women, but are heterosexual and would not fuck them. They just want to be apart of the club without the effort and sacrifice it requires to stick to your principals. What you see as people believing they are better than another and enlightened, I see as people being annoyed at people proclaiming to be in favour of an idea but not willing to practice it because it means going against what's popular.

No. 5503

You understand that 'separatism' doesn't just mean 'glamping with nasty yt karens on Wombyn's Land' right? Separatism is the idea that we need to have our own things whenever possible because men will ALWAYS try to fuck us over. Patronizing female businesses whenever possible, choosing a female doctor whenever possible, choosing a female roommate whenever possible, choosing to be single if possible, choosing to prioritize female friends/family over males, is all varying degrees of separatism.

The anons who rag on separatism are either retarded or polfags. inb4 hurr misogyny, it's not misogyny to call out retarded opinions for what they are. What is the solution other than separatism? Patriarchal bargaining doesn't work because when you give men an inch they take a mile.

No. 5505

every successful left wing movement in history has had to tone down its message so that it could appeal to as much of the masses as possible, Lenin didn't give a lecture about Marx's theory of labor, he just needed to tell the peasants about what they most needed "Peace, Land and Bread" and same with normie women
I am aware of that aspect of separatism, the thing is most women practice to varying degrees but know that many women don't have the economic privellge to choose wherever, If a woman's business or service if good and affordable then I'll use it, but I will use what's available and most convenient, also I'm not polfag for pointing out that your ideology is a meme, its in the same camp as Anarcho-Monarchism or Posadism

No. 5508

Playing nice so far has done nothing. Toning things down does nothing. Men push back even against the most libfem shit, like saying 'not all men but a lot assault women, maybe men should police their own' type of stuff where you try to play the respectability politics game. Other ideologies work when toned down because it doesn't go against the main system. Women are seen and used as a resources to create the next generation/allow men to have less work while achieving more and fulfilling the desire to have kids/desire to have status among the other retards. Best to just avoid reliance on them when possible, no one believes the poor are bad because sometimes they don't have any other option than to rely on men, just those who have the option and choose not to and instead pander because it helps achieve status in a male dominated society. Nothing meme-y about it just because you don't agree or think it will work. Nothing else has, so why do they not have the right to suggest trying different and band together with those that wish to do the same?

No. 5510

>but know that many women don't have the economic privellge to choose wherever
Try reading my post again maybe?
>Patronizing female businesses whenever possible
>choosing a female doctor whenever possible
>choosing a female roommate whenever possible
>choosing to be single if possible

You aren't a polfag for disagreeing with me, you're a polfag because you keep intentionally misunderstanding feminism to push the narrative that feminism is for uppity rich bitches and that 'real' political action must always involve playing nice with males.

No. 5511

Well I'm sure you'd hate to know that I do have to "play nice" with men, because I have a job and have colleagues that I have to interact with, I don't act like some bubbly bimbo but I have to maintain a work relationship with them and not come across as a loon, also I have male friends and acquaintance that I rely on, not for emotional reasons but for actual material needs that I need to survive, that's my reality and the reality of millions of other women, so forgive me for not applying a lifestyle that only works if your an upper middle class white woman

No. 5512

samefag, I am also a mixed lower class women whose barely getting by, I have experienced racism from white, brown and black individual, so FU for accusing me of being a poltard in anyway

No. 5516

I'm nta but you're still talking past her point.
>Radical feminism is too extreme and alienates people
>But radical feminism isn't always about literal, physical separatism where women are supposed to create their own holy land. You can just try to avoid men.
>That's true. But a lot of women don't have the option to totally avoid men.
>Yes, and in those cases they should prioritize women and avoid men to the best of their abilities.
>You hate that I have to interact with men!!
?? You understand you would then fall into the exact category she was discussing? Needing to interact with male work colleagues is a necessary evil for the vast majority of us, including women who call themselves radfems. This post >>5501 was not talking about those sorts of situations, it's more women who want to adopt the radfem label but then still go out of their way to continue making male friends, invest time and energy into supporting men, stick up for men in casual conversations, choose to participate in male-owned groups or businesses when they do have the means and multiple good options where some are headed by women. Those are the types of hypocrites she was talking about, not women who must spend time with men out of necessity.

No. 5517

When you say poor, what wealth bracket and what country?

No. 5520

Birmingham and have a yearly salary of 25 thousand pounds a year
I don't have many close friends overall but even I think that's kinda dumb, some times you end up having a male friend and you like spending time with them, this is what I meant when I said that radical feminism is a "meme ideology"

No. 5523

I think it's only a meme ideology if you're creating a false/incomplete image of it. Radfems have gotten a lot of shit done and were a big part of 2nd wave feminism, they weren't just theorycrafting and faffing about in the 70s. You're getting hung up on this one aspect of separatism when the movement is much more than that. They primarily advocate for political separatism and having women speak for themselves, not through patriarchal institutions and governments. Like any ideology there are different subsets of radfems and internal disagreements about what it "should" be in its purest form. Outside of some hardcore lesbian or polilez radfems, most radfems are not saying you need to drop all your male friends or family members unless they are actively hurting you. In fact if you check out Sekhmet She-Owl in the resource thread even she, who is a lesbian (ideological) separatist, does not fault women for having some men in their lives so long as they are actually treating them well. The issue is women allowing and enabling truly horrific behavior and making excuses for men far past the point of giving them one or two chances. There are radfems who have nigels. The Redstockings, one of the earliest and most prominent radfem groups, were actually very against lesbian separatism because they saw "interpersonal relationships with men as an important arena of feminist struggle, and hence [saw] separatism as escapist. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redstockings)

I get where you're coming from but I think it's founded on a misunderstanding of what radical feminism actually is, which could be further alleviated by reading the wiki on it and better understanding its foundation, accomplishments and aims. I know some self-identified radfems also really misrepresent it, but you get people like that within every subgroup.

No. 5525

I'm willing to understand and have a conversation, but I still fundamentally believe that any ideology that doesn't have mass appeal are ultimately nothing more then futile and stupid gestures, my approach to feminism is utilitarian, accepting the reality of the world we live instead of pretending that there's some grand conspiracy my movement from being more popular

No. 5526

samefag there's no proof that radical feminists every really brought about change or "got shit done" as you call it(if you can show me an example of radical feminist and not a feminist coilation brining about change, I'd like to see it), cause if you look up most of the actual competent feminist parties, well they were dreaded "liberal feminists" that understood the reality of mass appeal

No. 5528

Ideology having mass appeal is a dumb concept because those in charge resist anything that brings change because the system is setup to benefit those on top. A lot is forced top down and we are still forced to accept it even when it doesn't have mass appeal because it's done through laws which only those in power control. The change they brought is obvious since they impacted a lot of DV laws and started a lot of womens services like shelters which only more recently have been government funded. Those organisations had to be established, then funding lobbied for after they had already been established. Most laws that changed around the early days were done thanks to the lobbying of womens groups like the ones for radfems. Also, I make less then you. Literally poorer but still see the value in the ideology. They don't hate poor people. What change has been brought by changing little and or nothing, or expecting no commitment to a cause?

No. 5529

>25 thousand pounds a year
>lower class
Really? I must be the lowest bottom-of-the-barrell class because my mother hardly makes 13 thousand euros a year now and did all the way while she was raising alone my siblings and I. 2 thousend a month sounds like a dream. And your posts are sus as fuck. What have done radical feminists? They have written books, shaped the movement, inspired and educated women on many topics regarding our oppression. Catharine MacKinnon, Andrea Dworkin, Valerie Solanas and many more. They talked about topics in a way no one else dared and that's very important.

No. 5531

did you read up where I lived up as well, also
>What have done radical feminists? They have written books, shaped the movement, inspired and educated women on many topics regarding our oppression. Catharine MacKinnon, Andrea Dworkin, Valerie Solanas and many more. They talked about topics in a way no one else dared and that's very important.
none of that has personally helped other women, like at all, you could literally make the same argument with another meme ideology Posadistism
>What have Posadists ever done? They have written books, shaped the movement, inspired and educated people on many topics regarding our oppression. J. Posadas, Homero Frasnelli and many more. They talked about topics in a way no one else dared and that's very important.
every stupid little movement/ideology in the latter half of the 20th century has thinkers who claimed they changed the world cause a couple thousand people read their books and attended their meetings

No. 5534

Yeah, you live in the UK. What's the difference? Unless you live in an expensive area in London you can afford a decent appartment and save some money without living a frugal life.
>none of that has personally helped other women, like at all
Are you for real? Radical feminist talk about prostitution, pornography, maternity, laboral rights, sexuality and much more. Don't you think that when a woman reads about this topics from their books she gets enlightened for better? She gets the chance of approaching these topics from a perspective that values her as a human being (a deeply oppressed one) that she probably never considered fully before… Don't you think her life is changing for better? It's not fucking Foucault or Deleuze, it's women entering academia/the political field and stating ideas that defend us all. I feel much more compelled to fight against patriarchal oppression when I know I have a background of women who share their experiences and their knowledge about life, and theorise about it and disect the male-dominated social structures that tie us down.

No. 5535

>Are you for real? Radical feminist talk about prostitution, pornography, maternity, laboral rights, sexuality and much more
so do most other feminist branches, even Christians feminists talk about these subjects and how to solve the, the difference is radical feminists are far more pretentious about it, I mean you still haven't given me an example of radical feminists doing anything really that effects the actual world and again I can use the Posadistism example
>>Are you for real? Posadistists talk about class inequality, colonization, laboral rights, technological evolution and much more
just taking about stuff means jack shit and making up theories based your own takes is utterly pointless

No. 5538

No branch of feminism is anti pornography, anti prostitution, pro abortion, anti gender ideology and anti surrogacy altogether. Liberal feminists don't want to ''solve'' the prostitution and pornography problems, christian feminists (if there's such a thing, how can anyone pretend that any abramahic religion could produce a realistic feminist branch) don't support abortion rights. If you fail to understand that the impact on individual women is extremely important it's really not my problem. I'm not going to spoon fed you about the The Equal Rights Amendment of the United States, if you really wanted to know what radical feminism has done you could use google to find out instead of bitching about it. Put those 2K pounds a month to good use and buy a book about radical feminism.

No. 5539

I mean can't you just tell me what actual material think radical feminists have done, like even one thing, that isn't just enlightenment or theory

No. 5540

You clearly have already something in mind, why don't you say what's an example of ''actual material thing'' for you? Why aren't books, articles, speeches, protests and studies an ''actual material thing''? What material thing do you expect from members of a political-ideological movement? A whole ass law? Second wave/radical feminists in America actively supported the Equal Rights Amendment in the 70s, which was at that time attacked by conservatives. In my country rad fems protested against a new ''trans law'' that is currently unimplemented and almost forgotten because they preassured our government (they were going on with it to spite conservative opposition but radfems protested). It's no surprise that the radical feminist movement isn't achieving the sort of ''actual material things'' like you say, and I have in mind new laws, because it's obviously uncomfortable for both men in the left and the right, who occupy most of positions of power. And on top of that there's the socalled trans activists being fully supported by the media and entertainment plataforms. Don't underestime what the movement has achieved simple because you can't compare it to male organizations or collectives, we don't recieve funding from Soros and the political world is still a male-dominated field.

No. 5541

File: 1653843804747.png (177.66 KB, 815x608, Screenshot 49.png)

>Why aren't books, articles, speeches, protests and studies an ''actual material thing'' ?
what I meant "material things" I meant actual tangible and material changed in the world, rather then their own self granulizing books, literally every meme ideology has all stuff btw, fucking anarcho monarchism has books, articles, speeches and studies on them, and as far as I'm concerned it has the same level of influence on the world as radical feminism, can you prove why your ideology doesn't belong with the rest of the irrelevant wacky ideologies that had no impact on the world

No. 5542

>tangible and material changed in the world
I have already provided this. It has changed the political situation for women and girls in my country in a way I will be forever grateful, because that law would allow men to change their legal status to ''woman'' even without psychological evaluation or ''medical transition'' (not that I consider those two procedures valid anyway). Why do you pass over it?
>can you prove why your ideology doesn't belong with the rest of the irrelevant wacky ideologies that had no impact on the world
One thing is being an irrelevant ideology (the ideology serves no purpose because the topics it adresses are unimportant) and another thing is that the ideology has no impact in the world (and that can simply be because it's against the interests of the people aka men who rule the world). Those are two different things that you're confused about. Radical feminism isn't irrelevant because the sex based oppression women have faced for centuries isn't a negligible aspect of the world and its history, women aren't fighting for some little cause, we're fighting for our right to live as complete free human beings. Radical feminism is now more relevant than ever because we are losing many things, like our femal-only spaces. If radical feminism has less impact on society is obviously because men don't earn anything from this and many industries don't either. ''Oh, how come radfems haven't done any actual material thing like shutting down the porn industry or reducing the amount of danger women face on the streets or at home, uh?'' Simply because the porn industry, the political power and the media are all male-dominated, they are winning a fuckton of money with this and they don't care about any of us. Radical feminism has changed many women's lives helping them understand this, that is actual material reality. Why are you so thick about this?

No. 5563

Maybe because all those "useless" books have cut through societies gaslighting and silencing of women, and open up women's minds to just how brainwashed we were made to be? And then change their behaviors and thought patterns to de female socialize.

No. 5569

I don't see the point in arguing with that one anon, radical feminism had a huge role to play in the 2nd wave in America.

Anyways, the separatist conflict arises because we have women that are basically liberal feminists (work within the system to bring about change–that's what the nonas who talk about "mass appeal" line up with) who just don't agree the troon and SW shit that has been shilled in the last decade. You're basically seeing women who are repeating feminism 101 talking points call themselves "radfems" which is obviously going to bring about confusion and conflict. Why cling on to this label if you don't do anything with it? Why not just stick to calling yourself a feminist? Not to be a cunt, but if you can make exceptions for a supposed decent scrote here and there, why not make exceptions for libfems instead of bitching about them and maybe "radpill" (i.e. bring back feminism 101) them a bit?

No. 5574

again every delusional retard thinks like that, grow up and start acting like an adult, adults don't act like retards and think their made up opinions are correct cause a bunch of other retards think so as well, because that would be fucking silly, and that's what rad-fems, anarcho-monachists, hoppeans, xeno-feminist all are, silly people making up shit, LARPing as revolutionaries while doing jack shit their entire lives

No. 5575

File: 1653993509041.jpg (118.59 KB, 680x680, FPmMuybXsAUs1ns.jpg)

Don't care about the argument going on above, just focusing on the OP
It's not even about separatism or being a lesbian, for me. I just don't see why I should handle women who revel in misogyny aimed at other women with kid gloves anymore. I used to feel bad for them, but I've since realized there are some pickmes who aren't just lost or misguided. To clarify, I'm not talking about women who are just male-attracted or have a Nigel or something (they're fine). This isn't about "90% of women". This is specifically about the extreme pickmes and women who cape for the most vile scrotes, including male rappers, domestic abusers, and assorted shitty men.
If you're giggling when some gross, racist internet scrote bashes women, and if you're coming here to regurgitate fucked up scrote opinions ("Why would you need an abortion? Just don't get assaulted lol"), why would you be exempt from what you've been allowing for the rest of us as a group? You absolutely should get some shit yourself. If you can't handle it, ask yourself why it was okay from moids, but not from women. Hmmm.
I'm honestly tired of the world expecting women to be dainty and polite and understanding all the time, even on the internet. I'm also done with the intentional victimhood of men and pickmes being able to say and do whatever the fuck they want to us, but we have to tip-toe around what words we say or else it's "too far". If you're going to be a dick sucker, male or female, I'll call you one

No. 5576

This is exactly what I talk about, the bizarre radfem sense of superiority over other women, I mean most radfems were objectively losers but since they believed they were the only true enlightened women in the world, they didn't have to confront the reality of being what they were, losers which likely you are as well

No. 5577

How is it superiority? If you bash women, I will also bash you. Cry forever about it. If you think women's place is to be bashed, you are a loser and you're trying to drag us all down. Sort yourself out

No. 5578

thinking your superior to 90% of other women cause their so lost and unenlightened, is utterly pathetic
also someone who died in a motel room cause she refused to act like a sensible human being and died alone and unloved by everyone in her life is a loser, a freedom fighter who was such a glutton she couldn't even walk the last few years of their lives and still ate themselves to death is a loser

No. 5580

>post full of strawmanning about perceived superiority, obviously didn't read the post and just sperged
Mashallah I will continue to bash misogynists, you can keep seething. I don't even need to be a radfem to defend women from shitty people of either sex. You're not the same as a normal woman once you start defending rapists, abusers and racists, so cut all that "90% of women" bullshit. 90% of women are disgusted by the actual pickmes who get insulted here. You have to be on some high level pickme shit to get called any of those names in OP, I've never once seen an anon get attacked for having a boyfriend or just not being a separatist
>also someone who died in a motel room cause she refused to act like a sensible human being and died alone and unloved by everyone in her life is a loser, a freedom fighter who was such a glutton she couldn't even walk the last few years of their lives and still ate themselves to death is a loser
What is this, your life story? I don't give a shit kek

No. 5582

Those were the end fates of Solanes and Dworkin

No. 5583

Don't care. Have you noticed that you're the person who thinks they're superior to other women? Your sperging about their lives when they never attacked you or other women as a class reflects your true feelings on all this

No. 5584

I'd like to continue this train of thought, the women who are totally mentally colonized by men and male culture are just as dangerous as men. A woman who doesn't care to form friendships with women, will always put men before women, doesn't see the point to create female only spaces, don't seek out female made media and knowledge. Men treat them so well because they're well and truly fully brainwashed, and so no threat. These are the women that defend their rapist male family and pass on their brainwashing to the next generation of women. And frankly I hate them just as much as men.

No. 5585

So you came back without answering my questions? lmao

No. 5586

what question was that

No. 5587

Completely ignored post:
>I have already provided this. It has changed the political situation for women and girls in my country in a way I will be forever grateful, because that law would allow men to change their legal status to ''woman'' even without psychological evaluation or ''medical transition'' (not that I consider those two procedures valid anyway). Why do you pass over it?
>''Oh, how come radfems haven't done any actual material thing like shutting down the porn industry or reducing the amount of danger women face on the streets or at home, uh?'' Simply because the porn industry, the political power and the media are all male-dominated, they are winning a fuckton of money with this and they don't care about any of us. Radical feminism has changed many women's lives helping them understand this, that is actual material reality. Why are you so thick about this?

No. 5588

what big legal ground breaking changes did your losers create for your country and did it have more impact then let's say Posadists

No. 5589

Why do you think you're superior to other women?

No. 5592

File: 1654016860444.jpg (376.72 KB, 667x1000, FT7Rs9vWUAI.jpg)

I never said that, I'm just an average woman trying to live my life. I exist. You do too but the difference is I don't have delusions about forcing my ideals on others, not only because it would be wrong but cause I can accept it would be futile and pointless, I'm an adult and I don't have the childlike naivety to pretend my ideals will fix the world if people just started believing in them, the fundamental problem with radical feminism is that its rooted in Marxism which reduces people to abstract constructs and that's not how the world is and that's not what people are
so to answer your question, I don't think I'm superior to other women, but I think I'm a grown up compared to a bunch of losers living in a constant state of impotent rage cause their idealized world is never gonna happen and instead of accepting that they blame everyone except themselves of why their ideology will never work or take hold

No. 5593

nta but out of curiosity, do you hold any particular political ideology? If so, which is it?

No. 5594

File: 1654017933980.png (836.74 KB, 1058x1040, v3exeb9qiuc21.png)

I guess you could say I'm a patriotic demsoc and civic nationalist, you'd think these rather bland opinions wouldn't be all that controversial but for most of the left(including the non-crazy one's) I'm basically either a fascist or too soft(these comments often coming from people like picrel) and for most of the right I'm basically a dirty commie, either way I realize people are people and can't change their opinions but and I have friends who have mostly normie views on most issues

No. 5598

>don't have delusions about forcing my ideals on others, not only because it would be wrong but cause I can accept it would be futile and pointless, I'm an adult and I don't have the childlike naivety to pretend my ideals will fix the world if people just started believing in them
Then why have you making autistic posts for days, kek? Clearly you're not here in good faith

No. 5599

what about of posts were autistic

No. 5600

Lmao you just don't have any proper answer, tranny asslicker, otherwise you wouldn't pretend like pushing back a tranny law isn't a big deal for women. I literally provide you ''actual material'' change and you conventionaly turn a blind eye.
>I think I'm a grown up compared to a bunch of losers living in a constant state of impotent rage cause their idealized world is never gonna happen and instead of accepting that they blame everyone except themselves of why their ideology will never work or take hold
You literally can't read let alone extract ideas from a 100 character reply to your post in an imageboard. And it's pretty clear that you're the only one seething here like the aggressive troon I bet you are! ♥

No. 5602

Yeah, you hate trannies and yet you refuse to acknowledge that holding back a law that allows them to become women in the eyes of the law is an massive win by radfems, an actual material thing like you say. You keep evading to reply to my posts as a whole because you're the most obvious larping tranny ever and since you've started posting in this thread you have exposed your misogyny quite blatantly.

No. 5604

A few tangible changes radfems have achieved in the US:

>In 1973 Valerie Angers and Joanne Parrent founded the Detroit Feminist Federal Credit Union, the nation’s first lending institution built on feminist principles. Provided financial education, jobs and loans to women who had faced discrimination since a husband's signature was required on all loan applications. Shortly afterwards other feminist credit unions across the country were formed. (They recognized access to money was essential to empowering women even if it seemed at odds with their anti-capitalist mission since they could use it to advance the movement and create a more humane society.)

>In 1968 Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz founded Cell 16 as a response to mass femicides. Many women worked late-night factory shifts and members safely walked them home or to public transit. They also offered free women's self defense classes.
>In 1969 "Jane" was formed which was originally an underground abortion referral service but then transitioned into an organization where women taught themselves how to perform abortions for others in need. They performed more than 11,000 illegal abortions (prior to Roe v Wade) with a safety record equal to that of the best hospitals. Research Judith Arcana for more details. This started through a Chicago consciousness-raising group, but hey, those don't result in any "tangible" action right?
>In 1970 the Boston Women's Health Book Collective published Our Bodies, Ourselves, a book about women's health and sexuality during a time these things were not discussed. It allowed many women to make more informed decisions about navigating healthcare and contraception. It is considered one of the founding events of the women's health movement in the United States.
>In 1970 at the "Pill Hearings" a group of women gave testimony at the Senate chamber about the side effects they experienced. The resulting national coverage led to hormone levels in the pill being lowered to a fraction of the original doses and the first large scale package insert informing patients of potential dangers on a prescription medication.
>In 1972 the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center/Women Against Rape provided an emergency aid telephone number, medical/legal/psychological information and referrals, and emergency transportation for rape victims. It is considered the second oldest rape crisis center in the country.

Outside the US, everything here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women%27s_liberation_movement_in_Europe

No. 5606

File: 1654026817432.jpg (430.54 KB, 1100x1100, two_pigeons.jpg)

did you really call me a tranny asslicker, I hate those degenerate fucks for many personal reasons, but we are running in circles, I think your ideology is utterly pointless and a waste of time and you don't and I can't change your opinion on that, you accuse me of being a moid or self hating ana-chan pick-me which is false, its clear that there's not much we can get in this discussion, both of us fundamentally disagree in both our values and worldviews, so lets just end this
no matter how much I disagree with your ideology I can acknowledge the people who believe in it, for better or worse and I do somewhat respect the ideologues who "fight all the way" believing what they believe and never compromising, its kinda commendable, so can we agree and comprise on that at least

No. 5609

I have to laugh at the tinge of self awareness coming from you. You might as well drop the demsoc bullshit and become a normie democrat centrist since any other ideology is just boring academics out of touch with reality kek. Perhaps the civic nationalist can stay?

No. 5610

And predictably she disappears once the sort of proof she wants is posted.

No. 5611

>you accuse me of being a […]self hating ana-chan pick-me
No, I called you a tranny asslicker and a tranny, nothing more. You are now swallowing down your vain accusations about radfeminism being a useless thing because you cannot ingnore any longer the replies you got after insisting many times on asking for actual achievements. That's why we didn't have a discussion here, you just demanded proof abou something to ignore it right after it was given to you. The only pointless waste of time here is you attempting to read a fucking post and understanding it. If you were actually a woman you wouldn't find pointless anything radical feminism stands for, specially stopping men from the oportunity of making women vulnerable under the law.

No. 5612

nta at least 90% of women disagree radical feminism,they'd be trannies by your logic as well

No. 5613

>I don't think I'm superior to other women, but I think I'm a grown up compared to a bunch of losers living in a constant state of impotent rage cause their idealized world is never gonna happen and instead of accepting that they blame everyone except themselves of why their ideology will never work or take hold
That was her take on radfems some posts above, if this isn't a scrote, this is some next level misogyny and seething.

No. 5614

I mean it's not untrue, radical feminism isn't gonna ever became mainstream any time soon

No. 5615

File: 1654032701590.gif (6.82 MB, 498x280, stoned-cat (1).gif)

Mfw came back to check how my thread is doing

No. 5616

Well we found some misogyny in our spaces but not from the radfems themselves kek

No. 5617

I was totally pointing at that and not at the incel-tier level of rudeness

No. 5620

It is not worth talking to women like this, and I know this is probably a woman and not a tranny because plenty of retarded women exist. These women exist first and foremost to be perpetual complainers. They don't want feminism, not even a lukewarm version because even that requires work. They are perpetual victims. They'll hide behind "muh third world women" who live in a shithole village that is controlled by feudal lords as an example to show how even the SIMPLEST action on the individual level means nothing. I'm of Pakistani origin (not the infamous Paki-chan though lol) and I do not see how it is useful to deny the benefit of individual level separatism just because women in a Pakistani village might not be able to practice it. Political change is never made by the normies of the world, it is practically always made by people who feel strongly about ideology one way or another. Even the anti-abortion pro-life retards in America do not represent the view of the average American on abortion, yet they were able to rally together and take their ideology to the Supreme Court. Obviously there are many factors to consider when it comes to political action and it obviously easier to push certain ideologies over others. Any kind of feminism is going to be an uphill battle. If we're talking about "90% of women" or normie women who don't feminist beliefs (in the US at least), most of these women reap the benefits of the efforts of the kooky out-of-touch-with-reality 2nd wave feminists. So yeah, if we can get take that "impotent rage" and channel it into something useful, I'd say it is better than being a perpetual whiner lmao.

No. 5621


No. 5622

Bless you anon. I think it’s tempting to keep trying to explain things when it’s another woman because you want them to get on board or at least recognize how they’ve benefited but you’re right, past a certain point it’s just a waste of time.

No. 5623

I don't really see that impotent rage, it's either women just making fun of men, explaining statistics and history, or perpetual victim types. Impotent rage is a scrote past time, it's why they lose all their hair.

No. 5627

imo a lot of radical feminism is the expression of impotent rage, pretending your doing something while just actually wasting your own time
maybe I will, I do try to see who has the most sensible economic and social positions above all else, regardless of party or political position

No. 5628

Like you've been doing for days? Kek

No. 5629

I want to clarify I made the thread not to critisize separatists or their practises (I think I worded it a bit bad) BUT the way some feminists use very misogynistic language to insult women who do not perform or believe all the same things they do. Bringing to question interacting with harmful men is totally fine and encourageable, but specifically some nonnas here go about it weirdly - "why were you talking to a male at all you fucking whore, looking for attention huh??" tier shit.

Again I probably did not word my thoughts very good, but maybe someone else knows what I mean. It's a weird vibe that has been more prevalent recently in my experience.

No. 5631

It's not deep anon, just women who understand you can't do shit about men, vs women who still think men have some value. The former are tired of women falling into the trap, and the latter want to be soothed and pandered to. Honestly they should break off into separatists and radfems, it would avoid this confusion. The radfems can pander until they turn into libfem 2.0 and the separatists don't have to waste energy on male aligned women.

No. 5632

Sure, but how is is acceptable to be misogynistic towards the women you disagree with and call them scrote tier names etc?

No. 5633

Any woman who calls misogynistic shit to other women isn't a radfem, no matter how many times she calls herself that. She's clearly appropriating a term whose meaning she doesn't undertand. I don't know what's so difficult to understand about this. Calling yourself a radfem =/= being a radfem. Radfems fight misogyny, they don't perpetuate it. I see that OP put ''radfems'' conveniently in quotation marks and that's the thing. People have been using the term to refer to themselves without reading actual theory or understanding something as simple as: don't shame women.

No. 5634

>"why were you talking to a male at all you fucking whore, looking for attention huh??" tier shit.
Not saying it never happens but I think this happens very rarely. And almost always in weird anonymous online echo chambers. Honestly the thing I see most commonly is women seeing a fairly bland statement like "men cannot be trusted and separatism is the best way to protect yourself from violence" and responding with "OH SO YOU THINK HET WOMEN DESERVE ABUSE??? YOU THINK WE'RE ALL WHORES WHO HAVE IT COMING?????". Case in point, that one anon who had an insane meltdown all over this thread.

No. 5635

Yeah anons example of you think I'm a ho huh? was off. Only really see women getting triggered by advice like "don't trust men" thinking it means anon is blaming them for their rape/abuse/etc. Anyway these triggered women will keep going back to men until they decide they've had enough, nothing you can do about it other than point out that men can't be trusted. They'll leave when they raise their self esteem and get a life. Men know this and that's why there's no pro female media or value on female friendship.

No. 5639

I do get your point, I see it too sometimes. I do not want to start the fight again so I'll try not to elaborate on the details, but I was attacked here for literally talking to a man and complaining here how he was misogynistic lol. I do not feel I was overreacting in a way you describe, I was literally blamed for talking to a man at all.

No. 5641

File: 1654139262391.jpeg (288.34 KB, 1242x1520, 1654117730031.jpeg)

The AHJD trial threads were the perfect examples of this. Everyone even slightly critical of AH was called awful fucking things. No, not defending JD, he's a misogynistic violent drug addict monster, but critisizing AH in any way, shape or form. Don't you fucking "this never happens, those were just males pretending" me - many, if not most of those were self-proclaimed "radfems" and you know it.

No. 5642

What even anon, those were handmaidens and bots. You're overestimating how many RF there are.

No. 5643

What? Handmaidens calling people who bring up AH's abuse of her sister and past partners JD's cock suckers ("I should slap the cock out of your mouth")? X to doubt. And I am not talking about the moid trolls calling women stupid whores either

No. 5644

A quote:
>Real victims? Kek shut your fat amberlynn Reid mouth and go eat some ice cream and flick you fat bean to pirates of the Caribbean you are not the ambassador of women who’ve been domestically abused. You dumb fat bitch fuck off you are literally lacking in braincells I hate these hoes almost as much as the scrotes.

Might have been a moid troll, but when questioning the language used it was defended and I was attacked for being a pickme. Again, JD can burn in hell and I am not defending him one bit. I just cannot fathom how this kind of behaviour is "feminism".

No. 5650

File: 1654166690375.png (6.9 KB, 939x116, everytime.png)

That user who posted that comment got banned and the one they were replying to were reeing about Amber being a lying whore, fucking over real victims, and all the women who believed she was abused are all sick femcel autists who should kiss their ass. While the reply is overboard, women can't ree about hating other women and then cry when reed at back. Like the supposed women from the early depp thread reeing all anons who believed amber was abused were evil fat man hating dykes, then cry that when called fat by anons after being a retard and posting their hand.
>The fragielposter cries as it strikes you: "I thought you guys were pro-women? I'm a woman who hates women and your not pro-me and say the shit I say back to me? Not very feminazi of you"

Some of you sound fragile and dumb. Even if anons being retarded believe something, doesn't mean everyone who believes that also is retarded. An ideology is not a club, just a belief you act in accordance with. This is an imageboard, how old are some of you, and how fresh off twitter/reddit? It's not really that black and white. At best it means that specific anon is being hypocritical, not that radfems aren't feminist because it's just them posting, and even then, you're assuming they are a radfem with the "I bet they call themselves radfem", which is an assumption and not fact, though an understandable assumption because this site is more likely to be radfem then libfem, but they could just be neither equally. I've been reed at by people who I agree with but it doesn't make me question an ideology, only an individual. All this seems like perpetuated conflict to prevent women from dealing with the real issue, moids.

No. 5651

Reading that post now and the replies, I think they were replying to a banned shitposting moid, since the posts replying to it ree that anon is racist because they used nigel, and misread it as nig*er. Some of you need to know context, and like >>5634 says, sometimes people read "avoid men" and interpret it as "so you think abuse is my fault", like the tradfag from the tradwife thread sperging that anons posting that women aren't broodmares for moids means that's what they see women as, and not acknowledging what tradfag men see women as and treat them as.

No. 5652

Agreed. Some people do this "You're supposed to be feminists, stop!!" thing because they just want to be able to talk shit to/about women and not get it thrown back in their face

No. 5656

So calling other women fat ugly bitches and hoes is ok when "ur a lil heated uguu"?

Again, I am not pro-Depp. People who talked anything negative regarding her abuse of others etc were attacked just like that. How is being critical of her abusing other women "hating all women" like >>5650 implied?

No. 5658

>So calling other women fat ugly bitches and hoes is ok when "ur a lil heated uguu"?
It's not nice or feminist to call women names but I honestly just don't really care. Imo picrel >>5641 is about political action, solidarity with other women is about political action, not about making some online 'radfem club' where we're all BFFs. I support the rights of Depp defenders to get abortions, to be free from male violence, etc. I support political solidarity and human rights for all women regardless of how they behave. But this is an imageboard. It's just not a priority for me to make sure that fucking lolcow.com is a safe space for women who want to post about how nasty Amber Heard is.

For the record I don't agree with calling women bitches and hoes. I think specifically misogynistic insults are over the line. But I'm also not going to consider you getting insulted on an imageboard some kind of catastrophe. I care about your right to an abortion, I don't care if you get called a retard online if you post retarded shit.

No. 5662

>I don't agree with calling women bitches and hoes. I think specifically misogynistic insults are over the line.
But that was my whole point! Of course you are going to get insulted on image boards, I'm not retarded, believe it not. But the people defending AH specifically did it from a feminist perspective (well, while also ignoring the female abuse victims) so insults like that are fucking hypocritical.

No. 5667

>the people defending AH specifically did it from a feminist perspective… hypocritical
Isn't this a thing in every group in existence? Christian priests preach to love and be kind to everyone then go molest children. Teachers say they want the best for a kid's education then tell them they're a dunce who'll never amount to anything. SJWs shriek about BLM or sticking it to capitalism then make racist comments to black people who don't fit their ideal image and buy $7 macha frapa lattes in non-biodegradable cups. There are giant hypocrites everywhere. Just because some people are dumb doesn't mean the greater community/beliefs they profess to be a part of should be demonized by association. Would it be great if they stopped doing hateful stuff in the name of feminism? Of course. But it's on you to have discernment between someone who actually walks the walk and an idiot. I wouldn't believe someone sticking a steak in their mouth was a vegetarian no matter what they told me. >>5658 and most of the people who have stayed on topic have agreed with you, so I'm not sure what more you're seeking? Ways to get self-professed feminists to be less misogynistic? That's a tall order since idiots are generally very set in their ways. It's better to focus on those who are open to learning and doing things in the real world like volunteering, donating, etc.

No. 5676

This what we all mean, you think your better then other women cause you know the "real truth" about #society, cause you read some quotes written by a fat brained dimwit who married a gay retard, your like the the lazy fucks in the NEET thread, half retards who think their fighting the patriarchy while doing jackshit IRL, as the other anon said "GROW THE FUCK UP" your not some revolutionary fighter who men are afraid of, your all out of shape losers just like everybody else in the world and you have zero impact on the world just also just like everybody else

No. 5677

Are you the anon who said fat people were immoral in the m recs thread?

No. 5678

I don't remember that but I may have, I do believe fat people are immoral and disgusting, they betray their humanity and show that they are slaves to their impulse and bodily desires, its also a fact that fatness leads to lower IQ levels along with the obvious health risks

No. 5679

I think fat = low IQ because fat usually = poor, so less chance for an education and resources/connections to better world placement.

No. 5680

No. 5681

This is the post I'm referring to >>>/m/198208

No. 5682

yeah that was me, does it matter though

No. 5684

Stop claiming men from Reddit are your husband, and maybe one day you won't be so worried about the mean feminist boolies on lolcow farm lmao

No. 5686

File: 1654265619861.png (18.53 KB, 500x323, question.png)

what are you on about ? also kek at the idea of you being bullies, the only people you bully are the poor service workers who have to deal with your daily visits

No. 5687

I bet this retarded bitch is married to some loser and gets mad at the mean girls on the Mongolian Weaving Forum when they say that self-sufficiency in women is a good thing kek

No. 5688

File: 1654273638239.jpg (468.43 KB, 1339x2035, J24D.jpg)

self-sufficiency is great for everyone, its healthier for you but it requires a lot of willpower and commitment, but I don't think I have radfems actually ever be self sufficient, picrel is also the exact opposite of being self sufficient

No. 5689

The retard camping out in 2X going on about ugly fat meanie radfems needs to get a job, this LVL of obsession is scrote tier

No. 5691

For real. "She" is obsessed at this point, this is why it seems like a tranny. The rage smacks of high testosterone shut-in scrote eating fast food while wearing cat ear headphones and side-tweeting about taking his titty skittles

No. 5692

Holy shit are you guys for real? Take a fucking look at the shit you post, then look at the mirror and ask yourself can you call yourself a radical fucking feminist. And being against calling women fat ugly retard bitches while also being a """feminist""" makes you scrote? What the fuck is wrong with you

No. 5693

Ok parappa anon

No. 5697

It’s equally as frustrating that either there’s someone dumb enough to consistently take the bait or he’s talking to himself like a screeching donkey. Just ignore him like every irl women and he’ll go parasite somewhere else.

No. 5710

I agree nonnie. These self proclaiming radfems talk like bloody MRAs and TRAs towards women they don't agree with and then have the arrogance to act superior because they don't shave their legs kek

Every other woman is either a handmaiden, stupid or a pickme or just does not know any better. Intelligent strong independant women who have their own opinions? Burn the witch! The misogyny is off the charts and when you point it out they flip out screeching insults because they can't have a conversation like a normal person. They are a bunch of ugly fucking losers.

No. 5711

The rule >>5650 proves itself yet again kek.

No. 5712

File: 1654393071235.jpeg (125.92 KB, 640x860, 1652382890030.jpeg)

The person involved is planning to reply to themselves repeating the exact same things over and over, trying to get attention because they know this thread is dying. May it continue to die. The discussion is done.

No. 5714

"Everyone disagreeing with me must just be the same one man" kek pathetic. We all know you don't look even remotely like that picture nonnie.

No. 5737

What? I've talked with several other women that are also frustrated with the toxic mra-esque mindset many nonas here have. Just because you made up some tinfoil about everyone disagreeing with you being the same anon doesn't mean the problem does not exist. Again, this thread is proof in itself - and don't start with the "b-but they didn't say they are radfems!!" shit, this is /2X/ so everyone is assumed to identify as some kind of feminist unless stated otherwise.

No. 5779

File: 1654593160700.jpg (220.15 KB, 720x1094, Screenshot_20220607-121119_Chr…)

Here is more. Link to post so you can read the sources listed in the post:

No. 5782

But anon, you don't understand, radfems called her mean words after she spammed misogynistic garbage! They're just losers, not like her, the based anti-feminist seether kek

No. 5783

kek this

No. 5786

Antisemitic too. Anytime Dworkin is mentioned, this poltard pops up to call her a subhuman jew while saying radfeminism is a meme ideology, i guess natsoc would be a more fitting ideology for her mindset but she's not ready to accept it yet.

No. 5806

>We're in 2X so they definitely identify as radfem!
We're in 2X on a thread where anons can sperg about radfems, meaning they are not radfems posting in 2X kek. You disprove your own point kek.

No. 5807

It’s almost like they missed the header for the board.
> gender critical and female politics.
There’s more than radfems when it comes to female politics and you don’t have to be a radfem to be gender critical.

No. 5808

What? Now you can't be a radfem if you are frustrated with how other radfems behave?

No. 5809

this is like the TRA thing of claiming that black drag queen started stonewalls, most of these accomplishments were by feminists groups in general
>Haven House Family Service Center was formed in Wayne, Nebraska. The agency was an outcome of a seminar conducted jointly by the American Association of University Women and Wayne State College staff which determined a need for services for victims of domestic violence and their children. The Wayne PD was the after-hours contact in the early years and continues to serve as the answering service today.

No. 5810

The anon who made this thread just hates women who choose to not fuck men/aren’t sexually attracted to them.

No. 5811

They got set off and started sperging in ot because someone joked about sex-empowerment and keep reeing about polilez and hating lesbians (if you disagree with any moid caping you are polilez because just saying you hate lesbians will be seen as homophobic. They probably seethe about “manhate”.

No. 5812

They also were in the Depp v. Heard thread defending Depp and probably started this spergfest after reeing everyone who believed Heard was abused is a fat femcel dyke and reed that anons are sexist for calling her fat in return for being a pickme.

No. 5813

Probably samefagged as well to prove a point about meanie lesbsos oppressing straight women by hating tradfags who throw women under the buss for male approval.

No. 5815

>Well if they made any contributions, I bet they weren't radfems!
You can't keep ignoring opposing proof.

No. 5817

File: 1654829704033.jpg (89.09 KB, 911x327, IMG_20220610_055326.jpg)

Ok, let's put our thinking hats on and recap. By wanting to raise conversation about how some women in feminist spaces call other women blown out cockwhores, and being opposed to it I am:

-a man
-a tradthot and a pickme
-hating lesbians / celibate women
-supporting Johnny fucking Depp and believing AH is a "fat femcel dyke"
-believing lesbians oppress tradthots

If you don't see any issue with these weird anal gape sex fantasies idk what to tell you. Sure, if not approving this makes me a tradthot then I guess I'll have to order a Mein Kampf for myself asap then

No. 5819

Stop trying to boost your own thread because no one has agreed with you. Bohoo women call you mean words when you sperg about ebil dykes and women who don't want to fuck men for any reason. Stop being extremley male identified pickme-chan. You keep going 'nooo, radfems are big meanies who call me words', and yet no one in this thread has. You're probably just samefagging until someone agrees with you. Newsflash, this is an imageboard and you will convince no one of your views. Grow up kek.

No. 5820

And probably samefagging insulting yourself to be like 'see, stop the ebil feminazis'.

No. 5821

If you ree about anons, expect to be reed back at. It's all very 'Well I shit on women but they can't shit on me in return'. Feminist doesn't mean nice, it just means supporting womens rights, with the various types being the kind of things you believe are the important progress and rights needed for women in society.

No. 5822

Kek. You started reeing about someone being against sex-positivity based empowerment. Pickme-chan indeed.

No. 5823

This. It's the whole reason the thread was made kek.

No. 5828

It really is just cringe to talk to other women like the anon in your picrel did. Calling other women whores and saying sexually inappropriate things to them is not and never will be compatible with being feminist. I've said before that you can't really tell when anons outside of 2X identify as radfem or not and been sperged at for being an "emotional" because of it, so I can concede that maybe the anon in that cap is not feminist; but there are still alleged feminists here on 2X defending talking to women like a perverted moid and that's fucked. There are still also alleged feminists here calling women whores, and it's fucked. It's all so wrong and you will never be a feminist if you treat women this way.

No. 5830

Yes, of course that anon is necessarily not a feminist - though I do remember either them or another anon defending them for saying so, as straight women bring down feminism or the usual sperging. This is why I posted it (should have clarified in my post but I was butthurt kek). Many anons also pointed out similar rhetoric being present in many spaces that DO call themselves radfems. And this thread is a very good example if my point.

Again, in my opinion you cannot seriously alienate 90% of women and call it feminism. I understand the point of "sleeping with the enemy", I do, but nothing you ever say or do will make straight women (=the majority of women) disappear. And OBVIOUSLY some anon saying mean things on the internet is not even on the same planet as the shit moids do, but can't it still be talked about? This shit will just turn straight women away from the movement. I do not think the majority of them want to be called cum guzzlers, shocking I know.

No. 5836

NTA but it was samefagging.

No. 5847

Multiple people can have an opinion you no not like nonna

No. 5849

They're the dyke-hater-chan from the Depp thread. They seethed about lesbians a lot and about straight people being oppressed for making fun of pickmes. Reading the thread it's pretty obvious they samefagged, even trying to start infighting again when anons stopped replying. They just samefagged insulting themselves so they could seethe about lesbians being cult like because of the mocking of pickmes/scrotes.

No. 5861

ayrt, I was agreeing with you for the most part and basically said
>Many anons also pointed out similar rhetoric being present in many spaces that DO call themselves radfems
as well. I do not believe someone can be misogynistic (i.e. calling women misogynist insults or being creepily sexual like the anon in your previous screenshot) and still be feminist. So thanks for providing that context, we are mostly on the same page. I don't know if it is necessarily a lesbian or straight or bi thing as you say, but there are definitely misogynistic women who use feminist rhetoric as a shield to vent misogyny at other women, it's really sad and unfortunately does happen too often on here. It's entirely possible for women to disagree and even argue and insult each other without regressing to misogynistic behavior, and I don't know why that's hard for some people to admit.

No. 5862

Can "whore" or "thot" be counted as misogynistic? Bc a lot of (what I think are) feminist anons here use "___thot"/"whore" as an insult. I feel like "handmaiden" is also kinda misogynistic, handmaiden literally comes from the handmaid's tale but anons here will use it to describe literally any straight woman.

No. 5868

Please take your pills nonna

No. 5869

Definitely. I used "tradthot" before in my previous message which isn't very good, I just didn't have any other word for them I could think of. Any suggestions?

Oh I was agreeing with you too, just went on a sperg tangent!

I made the thread, I forgot to sage a couple messages but I have definitely not insulted myself to make ppl hate lesbians (??). I love lesbians, and a couple ppl saying the seething anons calling straight women whores are lesbians I don't even agree with. Anyone with that amount of hatred for a specific group has to have some internalized shit (see: religious scrotes hating gays because they are in the closet themselves etc).

Again, not everyone you disagree with is the same anon. Farmhands can check it. I mean, they won't, but they COULD. Also, someone critizing AH even a bit does not make them agree with the abusive druggie scrote JD. Nothing in this world is black and white, purely morally good or evil. Wish it was, but it isn't.

No. 5870

I do think that those are misogynistic, especially "whore" which is probably the one most frequently used with the most vitriol on here. There are probably better terms out there than "tradthot" as well for example, I like that "leftthots" is leftcows now and think the trad thread could stand the same switch. But yeah, if anyone had an even better suggestion to get rid of "thot" in terms like this, that would be great.

>Nothing in this world is black and white, purely morally good or evil. Wish it was, but it isn't
100%, I think conversations on here would be a lot healthier if more anons could remember this kek

No. 5877

I really hate when women use "faggot" as an insult, I mean, the whole reason it's insulting is because it's comparing those men to women, so you're insulting a man by comparing him to women and acting like that's an insult when you are a woman yourself, so you're really just insulting yourself in a way. I know it's hard but try to come up with less malebrained insults for scrotes you don't like.

No. 5878

They themselves said they were dyke-hater-chan.

No. 5879

File: 1655075011259.gif (1.7 MB, 498x242, omg-posh-totty.gif)

My sperg about the topic: The way I see it is that faggot resonates with some comparison to women because it's a word usually applied to gay men or men/boys in general that act hyperfemenine in some way. The kind of hyperfemenine stereotypes (attitudes, tone of voice, interests, fashion sense, mannerisms, etc) that are more commonly found on women (the ''Posh Totty'' archetype from the movie St Trinians comes to mind, pic related) but that aren't natural to our sex at all either, because it's cultural and has been only traditionally linked to women. Hyperfemeninity was created by men because it made us dumber and weaker, and some men found it hot (bimbos). I find hyperfemeninity stupid and infantilizing, but I do understand also that we've been bombarded with it since day 1, so I don't blame women from enjoying what I consider some aseptic aspects of it, I think women can enjoy whatever they please as long as it doesn't degrade them and they do it because they really like it, not in order to please others. But, when a man wants to act hyperfemenine, that's something I can't stand. Before all this tranny shit I knew some gay men that referred to themselves as ''she'' and used the fememnine forms of substantives and adjectives (in my native language). It's also about the tone of voice, men that poorly try to talk with a higher pitch of voice (they frequently adress women with ''sweetie, darling, honey…'' with a very patronising tone), or men that despite acknowledging that they are men get cosmetic surgery to look not youthful but like a female version of themselves. I despise clothing marketed towards women that are uncomfortable, unpractical and sometimes almost ugly on purpose, so when I see a gay men wearing clothes that are obviously from the ''women's section'' acting and speaking like a 13 year old I get a little frustrated because men actually choose this, they have to go against the tide to get this and people love it, some people really love flamboyant gays, whereas we are reinforced this stupis stereotypes and at some point we are asked to snap out of them if we want to enter ''the (male) adult world'' and be taken serious by others. I don't think it's unethical for women to use the term faggot. I know other nonas must think differently and I'd like to know what others think to challenge my perspective.

No. 5881

But it's not just hyperfeminine behaviors like fashion and dressing like a bimbo that "faggot" is a catch all insult for, it's often used to tell men to man up, not to cry, not to be sensitive etc. traits that are seen as common in women in general and I do think women are more sensitive and emotionally intelligent than moids. But calling someone a "faggot," even if you're a woman, will never sit right with me because it's so obviously another thing like "pussy" where it means everything adjacent to femaleness is looked down upon and it's an insult used by moids to insult other moids by comparing them to women. I don't think women should adopt that type of scrote talk. There are ways gay men are repulsive like you mentioned but calling them "faggot" probably just makes you look like a woman insulting yourself to them, just like "pussy."

No. 5882

Yes, the misuse of an insult is very common, like when men use ''whore'' or ''cunt'' to refer to every women, but I think that when men use faggot to tell boys to man up/not be sensitive it falls into that category that I described because, again, crying as a response is something expected although not valued on women, and I'm not sure if we are naturally more sensitive/emotionally intelligent than men are, culturally we definitely are. The term ''pussy'' comes from ''pussillanimous'' (latin), it's an abreviation and it's longest form is common in romanic languages. I have to admit that when I first heard the word in English I associated it with ''pussy'' as a cat/vagina and believed there was some stronger connection. I'm not sure if native English speakers have a strong association between pussy as a female part and pussy as coward, they probably have it, it's a tragic coincidence still and the word sounds weird to ESL like me. I wouldn't use faggot with any wimpy kid because I appreciate boys that have a little less of toxic masculinity and because faggot (or the equivalent in my language) have always had some sexual implication. Of course that's just me and many people use the term to talk about anyone who isn't a GI Joe.

No. 5883

I don't think most men or women know what "pussillanimous" is or means, so I think it's safe to say that they're using "pussy" to compare someone to female genitalia.

No. 5886

Easily the wildest thing on this thread is someone in the UK thinking they are poor on 25k a year

No. 5887

counterpoint, calling people gay and retarded is really funny

No. 5889


No. 5892

I don't think most people associate faggotry with women. The way you frame it, women are actually the ultimate faggots, but I just don't feel like most of the population thinks that. They think it's "correct" for women to be feminine (and therefore incorrect for us to be masculine), so it's fine when we do it, but not appropriate for males. The maleness is the issue with the behavior

No. 5893

They are probably male as this post in meta lays out: >>>/meta/34387

During their ot meltdown and shitting up the dumbass shit thread for hours they seethed about lesbians being evil and trying to convert straight women: >>>/ot/1217948 aka and that's why no women wants to fuck them because it is likely a moid, as well as reeing that pickmes can't be made fun of because this site is not a 'tumblr shithole echochamber' >>>/ot/1217854, how everyone who mocks or shits on them is a lesbian: >>>/ot/1218181, and then they return to chimp out about an anon making a labrys flag pin: >>>/ot/1219082 to try and derail again.

For context, they also were only called a whore after an anon made fun of the sex positvity fucking a man is empowering mindset (probably samefagging so they can seethe about lesbians and femcels and pretend to have some justification and they will ignore that they are a tradfag pickme):
1. An anon in ot makes fun of pickmes: >>>/ot/1217677
2. A wild pickme appears to seethe about making fun of them: >>>/ot/1217681
3. They are called a whore after this (suspect samefagging): >>>/ot/1217703

They also claim to be the person who made this thread: >>>/ot/1218149 and are likely the same person, as the meta post says, to be the one who shit up the ftm thread yesterday crying about the feminazis bullying moids being why girls troon out and we have to stop: >>>/snow/1557297 as it too echoes the old nooo, straighty is oppressed by the feminazis message.

As the meta post echoes, most anons agree it is some retarded samefagger, dyke-hater-chan, trying to shit on lesbians. They even mentioned being called a moid in the Depp thread in this very thread, so was the one spamming that everyone who believed Heard was abused was a fat femcel dyke. Their crying about being called mean names and told to post hand likely originated from this point, as the Heard-and-dyke-hater anon was called fat after reeing everyone else was fat. And also posted hand kek.

Maybe it's a tranny? Definitely a moid or tradfag at the very least when it's general posts are "This isn't your tumblr shithole echo chamber you feminazi femcels reeee."

All I can say is: Tiffany, how could you do this to us.

No. 5894

Good analysis, I was talking to that person earlier on this thread and I think that yesterday I found him on the tinfoil thread bitching about muh radfems and useless academia again although I'm not sure. He's on other /ot/ thread for sure because he is keeps using the same pics he used here.

No. 5895

>13 thousand euros a year
Yeah and where do you live, fucking spain? You can't compare UK cost of living and income to just any other European countries'. You can't even do that within Europe itself.
I agree, that's why dyke is the insult used for women instead. Men calling women that don't think anything bad about male traits inherently, just in women.

No. 5896

I'm the anon who made this thread and complained about it, but none of the others are my posts, sorry nonna. I was called a moid in AH/JD thread for being the least bit critical of AH and her antics, like beating her ex, sister and spitting on her assistants face. But like I have said in almost every single damn post JD can burn in hell for being an abusive, drug addicted scrote. But him being a fucking monster does not erase the mistakes AH has also made, and being concerned for other women in her circle does not make someone a moid. Like I said, nothing is black and white.

I do not know why I even made this thread, it was a stupid idea in retrospect. And why do I keep responding since it's clear some nonnas will not try to consider other views one bit. You are more than justified in your hatred of moids, but please try to have some empathy and respect for other women, that is all I ask.

No. 5905

File: 1655132391661.jpeg (85.33 KB, 828x230, 294F8FBB-A146-4F5C-97D1-CDF33F…)

Gyns I found the Y in misogyny

No. 5906

kek OP and dykehater-kun are obviously not the same person, because he sticks out like a sore thumb and OP is reasonable and sages, whereas our little scrotey doesn't (now that you realize you can start doing it).

No. 5908

File: 1655138216494.jpg (124.69 KB, 1024x682, fellow lesbos.jpg)


No. 5910

"Faggot" is an insult for men who act like women. The reason it's seen as insulting is because it's saying a man is lesser if he's like a woman. That's the issue with it and that's why it's misogynist. It's like a black person calling a white person "wigger," like okay but you're the real thing, the ACTUAL reason behind the insult, so it's not really an effective insult when it comes from a member of the group who the person was originally being insulted by being compared to.

No. 5911

File: 1655144290196.jpeg (131.58 KB, 749x811, A17AACDE-746E-4768-AF16-5C91F9…)

>An anon in ot makes fun of pickmes
This is the initial post that NO ONE has addressed, what about this is pick me? “Haha fuck your bf in this position to assert dominance” it’s just a silly post.

No. 5915

Isn't this a post to call out misogyny instead of practice it? kek

Anyways, I wish radfems/GCers were a little more polite to women who make mistakes or don't speak well. I hate being othered in these spaces as an autistic woman, let me be retarded in peace instead of assuming I'm an unwashed moid

No. 5921

Holy kek how is this a pick me post, she was just making fun of the retard moidie

No. 5928


wish they would move on when they don't like someone instead of obsess over it

No. 5929

Nta but anon posted something about how anons "fuck him in the amazon position to assert dominance" is pickme because it's still fucking a moid and that won't make him respect you with “give him access to your pussy if you want to dominate him. Not the brightest tool in the shed are you.” Both were shitting on pickmes, but some tradfag retard got set off because anon was saying something negative negative about fucking men and had to shit up the thread for hours, obviously having been triggered since they went on for multiple hours and started shitting up other threads with their rage and shit flinging. Like kek, it's an imageboard, calm down. No need to be a autistic.

No. 5930

>is pickme because it’s still fucking a moid
So you DO think that every woman that has sex with a man is a pick me?? You really want all straight women to impose celibacy on themselves, to never have a chance at love, sex and intimacy? No I’m not straight, never been with a man, I’m not a pick me you girls are just crazy extremists.

No. 5931

Nta but having sexual and romantic relationships with men is extremely risky in more ways than one. You joke but I personally do think a lot of women should practice celibacy especially in their teens and 20s..ESPECIALLY in this sex obsessed society we live in…MOST ESPECIALLY because of the caliber of "men" we have to deal with in our generation. Men are literally obsolete, and more women need to have less sex with them

No. 5932

Okay ayrt, yes I hate hookup culture and this sex positivity shit, I definitely think women need to be more discerning about who they’re having sex with, casual sex only benefits men, there’s just been so much reeing here about the stupidest shit.

No. 5933

>So you're saying you want to enforce celibacy/lesbianism on men because sex != power!!!!
Kek, tradfag you are delusional. You chimped because someone made fun of sex positivity and the belief that fucking men itself is empowering, not even that fucking men is bad, just not going to net you actual power. You really do hate anyone who denies men their coom, huh?

No. 5934

No. 5935

Based and true. Men use women as status symbols and don't treat us with respect or care. They use to be all about having as many as women as possible, and when they realised in old age that they hadn't secured a long term relationship and they had aged out of the age range of the women they wanted to fuck, they became incels/mgtows/etc.

No. 5936

Do you think saying fucking moids isn't empowering implies that fucking women is and that anons are trying to force you into celibacy or being a homosexual? If you do you are an extremely narcissistic retard to believe anons are attracted to you or invested in your sex life at all. Normal people read that and laugh about pickmes and modern libfem sex culture.
This is what you sound like:
>You can't joke about banging moids not being based, that's like trying to change my sexuality!
Are you underage, newfag?

No. 5937

Can you show me where >>5911 >>5930
I say sex is empowering?
What I wrote: “ haha have sex with your bf in this position to assert dominance” (its a silly joke)
What you turbo autists read: “Have as much casual sex with as many different men as you possibly can.”
You’re all twisting this shit so much.

No. 5938

Post hand for further interaction, you're probably a scrote and I'm not wasting my time nor giving attention to some deranged coomer/tranny. I will sincerely answer if you actually post your hand, but until then I will continue to ignore you. Also, considering the reply time, you have this thread bookmarked or alerts for it. Sus af.

No. 5939

>post hand
so you can nitpick that to hell and back to? No thanks.
>you have this thread bookmarked or alerts for it. Sus af.
Or I’m checking back for replies since I’m partaking in the discussion? And you replied to my post within 3 minutes so doesn’t that apply to you as well? I’m not a male or a tranny for stating that straight women want to, and will have sex with men. That is not encouraging casual sex it’s just a fact.

No. 5954

>So you DO think that every woman that has sex with a man is a pick me??

No. 5957


No. 6056

I’m annoyed that Radical Ramblings didn’t call out Lisa Michele for being a retarded Deppfag

No. 6061

I genuinely don't see how anyone can stand behind Depp in this and call herself a feminist, regardless of how they feel about Amber Heard. Depp's attitude, actions, and words are all deeply misogynist and there's nothing anyone could do to justify it, even if they were both the worst people ever it's clear that he is a complete misogynist through and through who loves incel rhetoric.

No. 6116

It really, really bothers me deeply when alleged "radfems" say things that are just demeaning to any prostituted woman, like "well I could never be bought or sold/I'm priceless" or just ranting about hating all prostitutes and "whores and sluts" in general. Feminism that is critical of the sex industry is great because that is the most exploitative industry and shadowy underworld on earth for women. But more and more I get angry and disheartened, especially reading repeatedly from anons here, that they just think they are way better than any of these suffering women and sometimes even think these women are worse than the scrotes who buy and sell them like meat. I see anons on here blaming the women more than the men all the time and having extreme levels of hate for these women, it's so backwards. For some thought, recently I heard the story of 18 year old Brooke Slocum. She was still a child, really, who got pregnant in a relationship with her boyfriend. When she was 8 months pregnant and financially dependent on him, he started forcing her into prostitution to have resources for her and her baby, and she was murdered by a john in an incredibly horrific way thanks to this. It really made me think, is this the type of woman that some of you want to brag about being better than, because you think you're "priceless" and she wasn't? Do you think you're worth more than a kind girl with her whole life ahead of her that was so cruelly snuffed out? Because you "can't be bought and sold?" How do you know? This happened in America, where some radfem anons claim any woman who does prostitution of any kind has other options. What about people with no safety net? Do you not get that you're just showing your whole asses for being so well off that you have no idea how grim the lives of many women are? It's becoming really clear to me how many purported feminists are just bold faced misogynists with overflowing hate for the most vulnerable women in our society. Not every woman in the sex industry is some pedophile freak like Shayna who has a rich family and backup plan, I swear she has given some anons a derangement syndrome where they think she is the example of a woman in the sex industry. Even online, you don't know what's happening to some of these women when the cameras turn off. There's just nothing feminist about having no compassion for these women, many of whom could be brutally killed at any time. What's the point in feminism that's only for one's own benefit and to uplift you personally above other women? Isn't that just being a narc?

No. 6120

It's true there are women forced into it but there's just such a loud chorus of women constantly telling other women that they love sex work for sexual reasons. They love the fact they can get big dick on set. They love casual sex etc.

The sad fact is that Gen Z girls are coombrained as much if not more than their male peers.

No. 6122

I don't think anyone is critiquing women who are sex-trafficked. It's acknowledge that many women/girls are forced into the sex trade. Many whose fate ends terribly and it's awful, which is why radical feminists and those aligned are against sex work and it's glamorization. What they're really poking fun at is the women who do indeed in fact glamorize it for something it's not. Usually for these women it's a CHOICE freely made and they decided to make this choice when there are other options available. I've known a lot of strippers, camgirls, escorts as opposed to street prostitutes who were usually inducted into the trade at a young age, pimped out by a relative, guardian or boyfriend, etc. There is a difference. The latter is usually a life full of misery and hopelessness, no relatives who give a shit to even help and a path that leads into drug addiction and reliance on street wits to get ahead. This unfortunately usually ends in extorting and helping to prostitute other women/girls. It's an endless cycle of misery and as much as I can sympathize and empathize, I've seen too many willing to sell another women out for dope or money. It's bleak and isn't helped by the former, who seeks to put a glittery spin on the whole ordeal of extorting women for sex. To live an exotic life full of money and fun, you gotta sell your ass, no shame and all women critical of this are vicious harpies envious of their richly fulfilled lives. So naturally, radical feminists mock this surly trade which will never help women escape the chains of being objectified and dehumanized. All pro sex work women are what we would truly call handmaidens, because they do not seem to care how participating and singing praises to "SEX WORK is WORK" fails all women. Not just those who are sex-trafficked, but all of us who choose to turn away for this absurd idea. We will never escape the patriarchal chains that our bodies are property, bought and sold, if we continue to glamorize this industry. It deserves no such thing. Sometimes the only way to cope is to make fun of it, I guess.

No. 6200

The lack of tact, patience, and willingness to talk through miscommunication really bothers me. It bothers other women too, since I see plenty of pushback, but excuse is always "expecting me to be nice is patriarchy". Women are taught to employ conversational smoothing tactics for a reason: they work! Choosing to be kind to your fellow woman while she's trying to talk to you isn't the same as doing it to please a moid.

No. 6210

Thanks for sharing this food for thought nonna, really good way to put it. I hope it encourages other women here like it did me.

No. 6223

I deleted my radfem server. I'm going to miss it. I loved the users but it was dying and one of the user was a plague. She was so annoying. It felt like we had a moid. She always had to play the devil's advocate. She made me hate this place that I made with love. I FUCKING HATE YOU. She was so annoying that people who were just lurking were complaining about her to me irl and made them stop lurking. That's exactly what she does. >>6200 I hate it so much. Thanks for explaining it so nicely.

No. 6225

You deleted a whole ass server because of one person?

No. 6228

Yes because I had no fun keeping it alive. If it's making my day worse then it has to go. At least the server was small and everyone is in another one. Now I understand why Emy deleted the biggest radfem server on discord two years ago.

No. 6240

Nta but why not just ban the one person who was annoying instead of deleting the whole server

No. 6340

File: 1659728004395.jpg (121.11 KB, 854x595, Blackpilled.jpg)

A while ago I stumbled upon some blackpilled radfems and honestly if I didn't know they were a radfem I would've thought it was some unhinged racist or misogynist. Their twitter group would say the most vile shit like picrel. This was the only screencap I have saved unfortunately and their twitters got nuked. I remember seeing them blame some mother whose son murdered her I think? He did something bad. They blamed her for even giving birth to him and opening her legs.

No. 6341

A Slightly Twisted Female and Lisa Michele have beef, apparently.

No. 6343

ngl i’ve been wondering if lisa michele is a troon. i bet pretending to be a radfem is the ultimate coom.

No. 6349

Isn't this guy a scrote? Like I vaguely remember radfemtwt finding out that this guy isn't a woman. Not surprising he hangs with the blackpilled crowd. Thoser etards will eat up anything misogynistic about women

No. 6351

File: 1659813603437.jpg (44.3 KB, 594x368, Capture.JPG)

samefag their new acc is here and this person sounds.. really mentally ill. shes opted out of the sex-class and is trans now kek

No. 6352

If she was really a radfem then she would know "opting out" of the sex class is not possible.

No. 6355

nta, a fine blend of ignorance and what I suppose amounts to entitlement

No. 6364

File: 1659987983423.jpeg (101.35 KB, 640x766, C9515106-B408-4C86-BA1A-F57442…)

Hold is this who Lisa was vagueposting about on her YouTube community tab? I’m mad at Lisa but who is considering this shit as radfem?

No. 6376

Do you have a TLDR or something for this? I tried to watch but it was extremely boring. I kept waiting for the part where Lisa Michele did something to her but it never came. She was just accusing some random person who used bitch as an insult of being Radical Ramblings with no basis and frankly this woman just sounds unhinged. I didn’t make it through the video, is there any actual proof of anything and at what point in the video?

No. 6384

File: 1660243472025.png (75.73 KB, 593x495, Screenshot 20.png)

This is the same bullshit mentality that tankies and /pol/tards have, "oh boo hoo the world doesn't believe in my highly specific ideology, so there's no point in trying to make the world a better place cause my retarded ideology won't be the dominant one" imagine being an adult and acting like this, reminds me of another instance of radical feminist starting various feminist communes in the 70's, that they hoped all women would flock too and leave behind the patriarchal world and you know what happened, only a handful of pretentious intellectuals came and failed miserably cause they were run by Idiots who weren't willing to even be taught by male survival experts and in the end all that was accomplished was that some retarded women get poison ivy rashes

No. 6416

>Male survival experts
Incorrect. Bushcraft is female.

No. 6417

She (assuming its not a scrote) just seems really mentally ill. I didn't know shes having a trans arc now though. But its funny she trooned out for the same reason other TIFs do - to be NLOG. They're smart and not like other dumb vapid females. Thats why theyre nonbinary or a man. Anyway, I think most of the blackpilled crowd isn't as delusional as she is, but I checked her new account and its still odd to me that some RFs still follow her. Even if you ignore her trooning out, her misogynist rants are so wordy and obnoxious. I'm kind of glad these people are a minority in RF twitter.

No. 6418

Okay then, but if you had to find a survival expert who knew a specific area and it turned out to be a male, what would you do then

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