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gender critical and female politics
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No. 10868

I think this is a good thread to discuss here. There's some times when I see women online who once considered themselves to be radfems to completely change their views and get into other ideologies at large. They become spinsters, blackpilled, right wing, libfems, etc. I've even seen women start identifying as nonbinary or transition after they no longer interact in radfem spaces. While some of them do a 180° turn, others just keep some of their radfem views while not interacting with other radfems anymore. I would like to discuss this phenomenon here, and in the case any of you have decided to stop being a radfem, you can also contribute to the thread and say why you quitted and how your views changed. Please no hate.

No. 10870

File: 1677469338766.jpg (284.33 KB, 2656x560, 111.jpg)

not complicated at all, many young people switch from one radical ideology to the other, nowadays its even worse, a bunch of young extremely online girls quickly adopting whatever fringe political beliefs appeal to them, It's not unique to women either, you can observe the same thing happening with former 4channies who become tankies.
picrel for example
>she spouts misandry
>says men should be submissive around women
>simps for varg and wants babies
>self compliments her natural "thick" bodytype

No. 10871

I wish being terminally online wasn't so normalized. It's scary to see these types of people and I'm seeing them more frequently nowadays. The more extreme they get, the better for them, it's fucking weird. And it all seeps into irl things too.

No. 10872

I remember her from varg thread. I was under the impression that she's not really a radfem, just slightly aware that society hates women , or using her radfem ideas to beat down on non conservative women.

I saw some self proclaimed TiF ex radfems. I personally don't understand how, I mean it truly is like the matrix but the red pill here is that women aren't seen as people most of the time. Once you start realizing that there's no going back. I suppose straight women maybe put off by some of the more radical parts of radfeminism, misandry etc

No. 10874

was she the one who posted about wanting many "strong sons" so she could use them as laborers and her warriors

No. 10880

I would never give up my radfem experience because I'm also into WGTOW. They're really inseparable from each other. This thread feels like bait. It feels like a tranny thread too. It's suddenly an option for me to transition should i abandon radfem??? Like what in christ anon?? Burn this thread to the ground.

No. 10881

And this sounds like trashtalking women in general. Treating them like they're flakey "prone to catch stupidity"

This thread is a tradlarp operation

No. 10886

File: 1677523220382.jpg (144.77 KB, 1685x484, 1657654136548.jpg)

you forget to mention the one's who become hardcore tankies like medusa or this one, she presents herself as a separatist radfem(full on advocating for women's only work communes) but will also defend the Soviet Union and claim it didn't commit any atrocities and that the rapes by Russian solders reported in Ukraine are fabricated western propaganda and she's not the only one, I have encored my fair share of tankie radfems on radblr, who will be posting about how all men are inherently evil and then moments later will be arguing about how the holodomor was fake CIA propaganda

No. 10889

File: 1677527862849.jpg (241.62 KB, 520x1515, 1677076778557.jpg)

there are those that identity hop from niche online groups/fringe-tier value systems to new ones and then there are those that are leery of feminism.

I posted pic related in the misogyny in radical feminism thread (I'm sure it goes without saying, I am not the woman they're discussing). I am pretty tired of stuff like this. this is after the Heard trial and among women that do know better.

I had to get married at 19 to avoid further homelessness (I was already homeless at that point for a little over 18 months). seeing how many self-identified feminist women were piling onto this woman made me realize I was right to conceal his abuse to me.

No. 10890

File: 1677531836559.png (1011.27 KB, 1170x2532, 567C11C5-432B-4A02-A84D-1CDE46…)


the girl who originally got me into radical feminism has disavowed it. she still seems to have pretty good takes on feminism, but now she’s pro-troon.

It’s kind of a bummer, because she has really good resources and I learned a lot from her tumblr.

Gender just doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t believe in “girl brains” and “boy brains” and I legit think the trans thing is social contagion.

I was apart of a friend group where one person became a they/them and then suddenly every other person in the group followed suit (without changing anything about their presentation). I’ve been to parties where a frat guy with long hair, wearing shorts and a T-shirt, called himself Amber, and everyone unironically said he was the hottest lesbian in [insert my city here]. I’ve had friends be sexually assaulted by troons but unable to say anything or else they’ll be labeled transphobic. I’ve literally seen the guy who sexually assaulted me troon out lmfao.

I’ve never met a troon who wasn’t mentally ill in some way and the gender thing wasn’t a way to try to fix other underlying issues. Like if being transgender was just an issue of boy brain vs girl brain… how come there aren’t any troons who are perfectly well-adjusted except for their gender? They ALWAYS have other mental health issues.

I’m crypto, because I’m not socially retarded and I know it’s easier to peak people if you’re “on their side” as opposed to being the enemy.

No. 10894

I was never a radfem, and I know I'm never going to peak. The thing that scared me away from radfems entirely was Kennysblog3 and Toppdyke. I had disliked radfems before 2019, but Kenny fantasizing about a 16 year old girl getting raped by a MtF because she disagreed with her made me, also 16 at the time, so repulsed I'd actively say revolting shit to radfems unprompted, growing out of it around age 17-18.
This is probably a bit too strawmannish to some women, but there's a few other isolated incidents. Like radfems preaching about body positivity for adult human females, until a FtM comes around and they start gawking at them. Or, a woman who simply strongly disagrees with radical feminism, and they insult her the same way and tag her as "fatspo." This has happened more times than I can count. I know there's probably a few FtM and MtF bloggers that peaked some people just by being vile, but I want to remind current radfems that there's a fine line between "criticizing a male for going into female spaces," and fantasizing about murder and rape of troons. As long as you don't cross that line, you might be able to have fruitful discussions with all sides. Once you threaten violence though, it defaults to the troons. Vice versa for any troons seething at the thread; threatening women over the internet only makes you look worse.

No. 10898

>Once you threaten violence though, it defaults to the troons.
How does that work? Troons are way more violent than TERFs on average, not only in their online spaces but IRL. And you can be gender critical without being a full on radfem. Being in favor of troons because you've seen mean radfems on the internet does not make sense, either you recognize that the gender identity ideology is retarded and harmful to women or you don't and you side with troons, but it's not just an online contest, it has major real life consequences.

No. 10907

Dude just search "ex radfem" on tumblr and you see a lot of people who transition, but I think they weren't so firm in their views to begin with anyway.

No. 10908

File: 1677557555310.jpg (88.99 KB, 425x806, wtf.JPG)

NTA but I did just that and picrel is the third thing I see.
>I'm glad to be an ex-radfem because I'm no longer afraid of getting raped, women are not purer than men, violating us is not a horrible sin
Wtf? There's also another blog about going from "radfem" to "bimbo" and a blog trying to show that "radfems are lying to you" which leads me to believe that TRAs and even troons claim to be ex radfems to pretend like they've seen both sides or due to their fetishes. Overall the number of posts/blogs about it seems quite low (I'm using Tumbex though, don't know if it changes anything).

No. 10909

File: 1677558274683.jpg (94.09 KB, 411x739, wtf2.jpg)

(samefag) I'm sure that young people surrounded online (and even IRL) by genderspecials can go from "sex exists and is immutable" (literally the default) to TRA and even get excited to take part in the gender craze and have new pronouns and identities, like picrel. But it's hard to believe that these people were truly ever gender critical let alone radfems. This blog is full of the most stereotypical and debunkable arguments and weirdly focuses on racism ("die racists!", "transphobia is inseparable from racism"). Maybe projection kek.

No. 10910

Nevermind, it's a moid. Has takes such as "men oppress women. this includes how trans men have privilege over trans women" and "real women have cocks".

No. 10911

This could also just be a huge cope. I was a libfem in my late teens until my shit dad convinced me conservative republican is the way, and I coped with that for a few years until the troonery started to ramp up more and more (during that period I still hated and distrusted men so I wasn't totally stupid.) I started to really look into trans bullshit, ended up stumbling across radical feminism and never went back. I wish it was more mainstream like how liberal feminism is. Apologies for the blog I just wanted to share a different perspective.

No. 10917

this unironically sounds like a account that pakichan would have.

No. 10928

Between this thread (spinster as insult?) and the FemSupremacy General thread being created in the last couple of days, I think there's a man creating threads on this board and the mods are just letting it happen.
I mean, it's pretty obvious that the FemSupremacy General thread is just for him to gather jack off material and this thread is designed to gather screenshots for tranny discord servers.

No. 10932

Being a radfem and a spinster is not compatible? I consider myself a bit of both lol.

No. 10933

this thread is retarded, being a "spinster" is not incompatible with radical feminism, and blackpill feminism is just radical feminists that believe male degeneracy is biological and not bc of socialization, and that feminism is going nowhere nowadays and women are partially to blame because they choose personal fulfillment in relationships with men over an ideology.

Any ex radfem becoming a libfem or right winger that i've seen was never a radical feminist, most of the people claiming that don't even know what radical feminism is, they think they were a radfem if they believed there are two sexes. It's just trannies and zoomers pretending they know what they are talking about cause they used to be radfems.

No. 10935

same as ex-terfs bullshit, if they did a quick backflip to lick troon balls its because of the way they felt bad to the troons sentimental manipulation (aka yelling that theyre in a ongoing genocide or whatever shit they spew), they were never terf and just didnt understood what it is lol

No. 10944

lol yeah it's telling that the treads that keep getting made and bumped are the ones taht are basically against everything 2x was supposed to stand for- misogyny in radfem spaces, right wing feminists, men that would save uwu, etc
now that the board is open to all it's gonna get destroyed, mark my words

No. 10947

>mods are just letting it happen
have you even bothered reporting it?

No. 10956

No. 10962

File: 1677654497310.jpg (74.28 KB, 750x841, o0dmlobbosj61.jpg)

Does Naomi wolf count? she went from spearheading third wave feminism(when it was based and focused on actual women's issues) with the beauty myth to supporting 9/11 truthers (though claiming not to believe them) and becoming an anti-vaxxer qanon supporter who thinks Anthony Fauci is a mass murderer, I won't say she's right winger but she's reached a point where she sounds like every other mentally deranged moron online

No. 10963

Why are we blaming women when men are the one constantly lying about everything? Women getting lost in the male-made mazes is the result of a society where women are forced to believe male-made lies. Of course some women are going to start questioning everything. This thread has the same energy as the people who insult women who don't trust the healthcare industry when this same industry has been used for centuries by men to other and oppress women. Men have used political ideologies the same way, so of course some women are going to lose the plot.

No. 10964

I'm not blaming anyone, I'm just saying that its sadly very common for people who believe in conspiracy theories to devolve into anti-Semitic nut cases

No. 10975

you are babying women like they are retards not capable of critical thinking. Just because you and other radfems are retards doesn't mean the rest of women are.

No. 11088

spinster is not a bad word and I've seen women who had tumblr blogs re-name themselves as spinsters instead of radfem, idk why everything turns into tranny conspiracy in this website.

No. 11094

File: 1677859135836.jpg (73.2 KB, 850x400, quote-if-the-men-in-the-room-w…)

A few tumblr accounts naming themselves after a fucked up thing does not negate it's fucked upness nor fucked up origins. In general, reclaiming fucked up language never works; quite ironically this is a repeated sentiment of rad feminism. No one would reclaim "slut", only libfems want to do so for maximum profit, self degradability/pickmeism and moid approval. Most radfems would argue we'd be better off leaving moid written history where it belongs; in the disregarded moid-coated garbage can. The concept of a spinster reinforces patriachical expectations, a system radfems seek to disassemble and dismantle, not uphold and/or alter. It's also incredibly misogynistic as OP has yet realized apparently. Women deciding not to marry is not a "problem" regardless of what your pickme nutsack brainwashed mind would tell you. Taking the side of incels and troons through dehumanizing women for their life choices (or lack thereof) doesn't particularly look stunning and brave.

While I do think that there should be a space to discuss the faults of radfeminism and radfems, OP did not do a good job presenting this in this thread nor applying any critical thought in their posts. Just arguing that there's trad ideology crossover with radfeminism and that FTM troons exist is not a counter argument to radfeminist theory or women who identify with radfeminism.

No. 11171

If some women want to chose to take spinster back it's ultimately their decision how they describe themselves. Trying to shoehorn women into your worldview, regardless of validity, is hardly the point of advocating for women's agency in a moid dominated world. If a word rustles your jimmies this hard I have no idea how you cope on this imageboard.

No. 11451

File: 1678335984285.png (490.9 KB, 1329x538, Alice Walker Website.png)

I think it's unfair to say they become "right-wing". I would rather say they have a personality type that is "conspiratorial" in nature, like Alice Walker (incredibly prominent black feminist) who has spent the past 3 years focusing on why the vaccine is a planned attack on women's health and totally unwilling to to change her point of view and see's it as akin to historical oppression of women as a whole

No. 11455

File: 1678352986661.png (29.79 KB, 632x136, xrjkxtyuj.PNG)

It's mostly been LC that has pushed me away from radfem stuff. The awful things people here say to women they disagree with, who are deemed undesirable, pick mes and boymoms. Calling women "mutilated" after they have belly sag from giving birth. Being a "feminist" but supporting only women who meet your high standard of ideological purity.

I'm a feminist, hate trannies and gender cult and moid violence but I can't call myself a radfem anymore.

No. 11456

Not every anon is a radfem or even a woman. you shouldn’t let anonymous posts on here affect your view of radical feminists, the comments you’re reading could be from anyone and only a fraction of LC posters consider themselves radfems.

No. 11462

yes, feeling the same way, I posted this above: >>10889
(sage for being perhaps too blog post-like) it's the feeling like nobody is safe to bring up with them about being abused by a male now.

No. 11463

What did you do to end up homeless kek

No. 11473

resorting to making fun of someone for being homeless just because they dont share the same ideology as you.
Also inb4 you say something, im not that anon.

No. 11479

classic lc

No. 11482

Is it me or in the past months there's been people obsessively spamming about radfems and strawmanning them heavily? Like, a nonny won't like someone's take and, woops, she's a radfem.
I don't think it was this catty and obsessive before. I think my favorite was one when one nonny went on about a ton of shit they ascribed to being attributable to all radfems, but every radfem I had ever known had believed very different things (I guess a lot of people here are just refuges from tumblr and that's why I don't get it–because I've never used it, kek).

Sure, there's all kinds of people in a movement, but it feels like another episode of people not believing that a woman-dominated group isn't completely monotone so they define the group by grifters and tradthots…while the actual core ideas of radfem go completely ignored and unchallenged.
For example I've seen radfem haters say the exact same as picrel >>10889 . A lot of radfems with more compassionate takes are berated and I've seen a LOT of it. Like, >>10975
And yep, it's a problem in radfem spaces too, it's enough for me to avoid some. But it begs the question–what movement is there that doesn't have these bottom feeders? Especially one that's truly counterculture? Does there need to be a shift? Because basically the poison is everywhere.

No. 11483

ironically enough while you are accusing other people of strawmanning you are also strawmanning yourself and subtly implying of the evil boogeyman.

Imagine having a shit-ton of threads here for people like you but you come to the one thread that is literally made for ex-radfems….to complain why some anons hate radfems. Like….ok? We do not care.

No. 11486

What drew me away was noticing that a lot of the online communities showed the same patterns of behavior I was trying to avoid when getting out of gendie circles, a bigger concern with concepts than material action (specifically a bunch of stoner fems when drug traffic funds a substantial portion of sexual violence in my region, one of which advocated for pregnant women smoking even), hypocrisy, and prioritizing the ideological tenets over the participants (like the nonas who have shown internet radfems being misogynistic to women who chose different courses in their lives, I’ve also seen monikers for heterosexual women like cum breath, cock worshipper, etc that are honestly moid tier).

I still don’t like most gender bullshit or libfem yas kweening of sexual exploitation, I just think any online community is at risk of falling into the same intracommunity drama where there’s implicit leaders, outcasting of people who disagree, et cerera. I cannot speak for real life radfem communities around me, as I have not been an active participant in them; I know other women irl who used tenets of radical feminism for self serving purposes. (Any ideology can be used narcissistically in my opinion; you can see that plenty with TIMs and TIFs). The internet radfems that are so quick to be misogynistic to women who disagree with them remind me of that egocentric use of politics/ideology and in my opinion it’s not healthy for anyone to make ideological things a cornerstone of their identity. Of course being a woman will influence your position in the world through systemic oppression—what I mean is you should not make radical feminism a cornerstone if it means you will defend anything the community does for its sake (like libfems and troons bend over in circles defending the shit their members do).

I also make a distinction between American and thirdy radfems because some American radfems fall to the same erroneous us-centric imperialist mindset you see in other movements from Anglo countries. What I say applies more to them than the local thirdy radical feminists. Like them and the gendies are two sides of the tumblr coin

No. 11489

It is less the criticism and more the fixation because by this point I have seen it being thrown around in contexts that are kind of random, almost verging on "you have an opinion I don't like" as if the word itself is losing meaning and now is degenerating into another catch all for behavior that people don't like. I am sorry if I strawmanned but no I am not imagining things either. Reading through other threads I see RF dropped for pretty contradictory things a lot and it is weird as if people have dramatically different definitions of what radfem is.

For example I agree with and relate to >>11486 whose take isn't at all abstract. These are real problems.

No. 11493

Also, take this for example >>11455 as if misogyny gets people to pin someone as a radfem.
In the meantime there's another thread full of people hating on radfems and attacking women, attacking women defending women and calling them retarded radfems (and vice versa), etc. It's really weird and polarizing in a way that's hard to explain.
Is spinster as bad as stuff like "bitch"? I always thought it was a term that could easily be reclaimed considering how biteless it is.

No. 11494

I dont really see anything wrong with that anon you tagged.
Maybe take a look at yourself, the posters here who identify as radfems and the things they post and the current radfem movement instead of wanting to shut up people the same way troons shut up people.

Quit that woe is me victim crap.

No. 11502

I'm an ex-radfem (though I never participated much in such circles to begin with) and I left because I'm not blind to the other issues.

The nonny I referred to wasn't bad or anything….my point was that she talks about misogyny on lc and pins it on only being done by radfems. The majority of misogyny on 2x isn't done by radfems and this is because most farmers aren't radfems. I wasn't trying to shut up nonnies for criticizing self-proclaimed radfems or actual radfem spaces because my point was literally nonnies that accuse one another of being one in very weird contexts with their actual identity being unknown…
and my observation that this behavior has exploded recently. Like, a nonny alluding to women being beautiful and being called a "ratfem." What even is the context here? But maybe I'm just out of the loop because it isn't like I've seen more serious radfem spaces in the past year or two.

No. 11503

There was a lot wrong with that anon

No. 11504

OP here and just to clarify I didn't mean spinster, libfem, blackpilled, right wing etc as bad words. If someone here took it as a bad word, then that's on you. I just said that because it's what I've seen on radfem spaces, people who change their views and rename themselves. No other connotation.

No. 11515

I don't think any singular group in history has been successful "taking words back" period. Claiming spinster is neutral is akin to claiming prude and bitch are. Denigrating moid language that is designed to hold women in boxes should be left in the past where it belongs. You're free to cope yourself into thinking it's neutral but it carries the harmful weight of a misogynistic history and I'd rather not risk normalizing that regardless of whether it offends the women using it. I also don't think women should voluntarily sell their bodies or organs and shouldn't have a choice In that either.

No. 11521

I'd love to reclaim the word bitch, a female dog has more value then any moid on the planet

No. 11527

the only thing that ever turned me off a feminist in real life was a woman I knew who had a son and started some deep conversation near him that turned into her telling her son firmly that he was a man and that made him bad (she got more detailed about it but I don't want to misquote her) until he burst into tears because he was literally 9 years old and his mom just told him he was bad. her husband was there and cried out something like "I told you you can't say things like that to him" as if this was a discussion they'd had before. she looked really uncomfortable like she was embarrassed her kid was crying but she argued back with her husband that it was true. I was kind of impressed at her conviction because I wasn't used to seeing women not cave to emotional displays but in all honesty she was very wrong. she yelled at her little kid about shit he had no way of understanding. she was a libfem with slightly radical leanings.

No. 11528

eh her son went through what the majority of women go through and are told by their parents. That woman is still a retard for choosing to get married and have son though if she is going to complain about it. I noticed alot of radfem women are like the one you mentioned, they larp as radical yet the majority of them are married to a man (which they also rely on) and have children with him.

I remember when radfem gossip accounts were active so many radfems would get exposed for being fakes and pretending to be lesbians meanwhile they are married to a military man.
Idk why but there is something so gross about a tradthot pretending to be a lesbian on the internet so she could harass other women and call them ''bisluts'' ''bihets'' ''cocksuckers'' ''cockbreath''.

No. 11537

based boymom. 9 year old boys aren't innocent. They know they have power over girls and often beat and even rape their female classmates because they already know dick owners face no consequences for their actions.

No. 11540

"so many" come on nona, it was one woman who was bi and openly married kek. doesn't make me really take your point seriously when you exaggerate like that.

No. 11541

Such as?

No. 11545

>remember when radfem gossip accounts were active so many radfems would get exposed for being fakes and pretending to be lesbians meanwhile they are married to a military man.
tbf there were only two cases of that happening(radfemtori and another one)

No. 11546

Peak libfem shit, if men are so evil why do you build your life around them?

No. 11554

not libfem. This is more radfem behavior.

No. 11556

actually there was more than that, i followed all the gossip accounts and it was way more than two. Im just trying to remember the names of the irrelevant people.
But tbh there were more radfems faking being lesbian than there were radfems who were married.

No. 11557

A-logging children is one of the things that pushed me away from radical feminist spaces. It's so unhinged it comes across performative, even with blackpilled essentialist views you still wouldn't hit an aggressive dog breed puppy with a stick in an attempt to make it scared and resentful. Yeah male children can be cruel as fuck and they get away with shit female children don't on a societal level, but purposefully traumatizing them about their gender is a one-way ticket to the incel to tranny pipeline.

No. 11559

I've seen people reclaiming spinster because spinsters back in the day were women who didn't need to marry men and could afford shit on their own thanks to their job spinning yarn. I love the term spinsters and I've seen plenty of women radfem or not using it. If you don't like it, then that's just you. Spinster will never have the same connotation as the word bitch. Specially bitch. Like, what the fuck. How is a woman whose profession is being a spinster any closer to a female dog?

No. 11560

That shit seriously ain't ok. You shouldn't yell that to a child or they will become super fucked up. That boy will grow up to be a woman hater.

No. 11561

Nta but I agree, I like spinster because moids are so disgusted by us, perfect repellant.

No. 11564

isnt it better to reclaim modern words who are similar than spinster like ''crazy cat lady'' ''hag'' ''childless/unmarried'' ''leftover woman''.
Reclaiming spinster really does nothing since its a old world not really used anymore.

No. 11565

The fact it is old and "unused" makes it a good candidate for its meaning to be repurposed, anon.

No. 11568

its better to destroy terms that are already being used against women instead of trying to popularize a old insult again. Dumbass.

No. 11569

NTA but that's failed so many times. It's like how some women use "bitch" neutrally or positively ("Hell yeah, that's my bitch") but men still use it as an insult. Or the libfem campaign to make "bossy" positive, and/or ban it.

No. 11573

It doesn't work like that. I've seen it with other words and the reaction from the opposing side is sth like "if they can say this slur we can say it too!"

No. 11580

Idk why the fuck so many anons are agreeing with the parent you describe right now. Making a kid cry in the name of an ideology is fucked up. I thought feminists advocated for either abortion of male fetuses or raising sons to not be little shits. The reactions here are making me doubt my posture on this.
I know men suck but someone can still raise their son to be better than your unsupervised 4chan incel. Like, I thought that was the idea. inb4 "but every man is shit" yes I know but come on.

No. 11582

k noted. Anyway people will still use spinster whenever you like it or not

No. 11585

It's not a kid it's a male. Males will grow up to hate women no matter how you raise them. Might as well instill some humility in them while there are still young. There are girls being groomed to be child brides but telling a mini rapist about his true nature is peak child abuse? You dicklovers will always put dicks first even though girls and women always have it worse than any male.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 11586

Shit bait, moid.

No. 11587

Why is this shit thread still up? Every anti-establishment belief attract conspiracists and nutters who have nothing to lose.

No. 11588

Because some people agree with radical feminism without having to call themselves one. Despite agreeing with radfem points. Leave it be and hide the thread if you hate it so much.

No. 11594

entitled loser.

No. 11613

I didn't paint her as villainously as I could have and people already aren't very sympathetic to child abuse and don't understand how verbal abuse like that fucks kids up. she didn't break it down into anything meaningful a child could understand she just lashed out at him and broke him down mentally.
I lost touch with her in real life but from photos the kid looks mostly normal now that he's an adult. I thought he was anorexic as a teen. He still spends time with her in her old age so maybe it all turned out fine or they talked it out but she was still wrong.

No. 11640

You’re judging an entire situation on your one limited interaction where the child cries. Boys learn to manipulative cry from a young age. Spend enough time with them and you see it. They cry to get out of trouble all of the time. They are also constantly being conditioned by society. He goes to school with little boys who don’t listen to the female teacher because daddy doesn’t listen to mommy at home. She’s struggling against an entire society at trying to raise the less than 1% of good men and she probably because of female socialization didn’t realize that until after the kid was born. Her husband is a whiny little man baby who should have helped bridge the gap instead of silencing the women and not truly helping the child. He’s playing victim. He’s a grown man with choices. You’re trivializing actual child abuse I say as a victim and anorexia by judging a thin teenagers pictures. Take your shit moralizing bait somewhere else. We aren’t scared of being the angry feminist bitch around here.

No. 11755

I seriously hope you don't have kids.

No. 11773

You might be right somewhere in your post, but child abuse isn't okay in any context whatsoever. Seriously. I don't get how some radfems can hate mothers, married women, and children this much. It put me off the movement forever, I just can't agree with this shit. For a movement that "welcomes all women" and wants to help them no matter the background they come from as long as they're XX, it seriously is very hateful towards some women that don't fit the mold. My pink tinted glasses fell off and now I see this shit for what it is, just a bunch of internet politics with a shit ton of infighting.

No. 11784

You refuse to use details and are clearly emotional why would I believe anything you say? Go be a pick me somewhere else. Enjoy the rapey moids

No. 11786

Samefag but
>he was a man and that made him bad (she got more detailed about it but I don't want to misquote her
We got this where no abuse is clearly defined. Sorry I want details before I lynch a women over piss poor bait. You left out details on purpose and then think your opinion means shit.

No. 11788

Did scrote wrote this post lmao? Imagine defending child abuse. How can you be okay with a mother yelling shit to their child is beyond me. And then you're like "enjoy the rapey moids" I thought radfems hated rape? You're beyond gone.

No. 11789

Telling a little boy he’s privileged isn’t abuse. Sorry boys getting their feelings hurt isn’t illegal. How about you list the abuse? Since you didn’t and keep insisting trust me. You come off like a moid larp, but accuse me first. Kek

No. 11790

Samefag And if there was abuse why did you stand there and watch her abuse a child? Your story makes no sense. Bait shit.

No. 11799

I'm not the anon who told the story, retard. Kek wtf

No. 12092

File: 1679505383119.png (36.84 KB, 1416x894, in the yarn art groups on face…)

lmao @ people thinking women who drop out of radical feminist beliefs were not TRU RADFEMS. this movement is a fucking dumpster fire its not a surprise some women leave it.
>conservatives and tradwives infesting the movement just to bitch about trannies and get personally offended when you want to discuss other women's issues or completely ignore anything not tranny related
>same women who refuse to criticize the male population and "accept" misogyny because "what can you do!"
>gold star lesbians and polilez women sperging out at het women for dating moids thus alienating most of the population
>500 posts infighting about whether or not sucking peanus weanus is degrading
>white feminists taking it personal when black women talk about racism from white women, shitting their diapees and cry over it
>black feminists refusing to join the discussion and talk about the things they go through because "yt people wont care anyways1!11!" as if every single person doesn't get shit on for any opinion and other woc happily discuss these things
>middle aged white women thinking karen/cis is a "slur" and screams whenever some random 12yo redditor calls them it
>gender crits chimping out over being asked to put their pronouns in their slack/whatever at work
>pic related
>"we need female solidarity like men!!!!" "violence is MOID like we can't be like men!!!!" "what do you mean??! I wear makeup for MYSELF!"
>random psycho bpds in the movement that act moidlike and terrorize other radfems
>radfem MODS (not on this site) having biases and banning notable feminists because personally offended over god knows what
>radfems slurping up conservative misogynistic men because he pwns teh troons epic clapback compilation #20
>gets offended over people assuming radfems are rightwingers but doesn't call out "conservative radfems/gc" for using conservative sources or utilizing their platforms because they "have no other options"
i was so excited joining this movement but its held together by scotch tape and elmer's glue. absolutely fucking goofy. pray for the women in it that are smart and kind and have the emotional intelligence to have a normal conversation with another human being. i appreciate the few like this.

No. 12095

she actually started by saying that he was privileged by being male. the boy was fine, he was just listening to her talk about it. it started really even-keeled, not even a very intense conversation. but she got worked up, started leaning in and her voice turned aggressive and she was telling him the reality was that he was going to do bad things because he was a boy, scowling at him and almost spitting. at that point he started crying.

No. 12096

it escalated fast and the dad stepped in

No. 12102

Bait. It sounds like the right wing moids that ree that schoolboys are ask to stand up and apologise for rape because women have started acknowledging that men need to be taught early about consent.

No. 12122

You might think shouting "bait! bait!" constantly will shut down the discussion but it only makes you look insane. Hide the thread and go participate in other ones if you disagree this much.

No. 12125

I agree with you. Making 2X public increased traffic but also drove retarded baiters that hate feminism. This whole board is filled with racebait and hating on feminism because some NEETs are upset "feminism" ruined their chances of getting a husband and having him pay for all of her shit while she stays at home, only the NEETs in question would die alone at those times because no man would ever marry a mentally ill autist who spends her time hating on women online.

No. 12126

>lmao @ people thinking women who drop out of radical feminist beliefs were not TRU RADFEMS. this movement is a fucking dumpster fire its not a surprise some women leave it.
Honestly, I agree. The way some people on the internet behave about radical feminism just reminds me of early sjws that eventually led into the trans cult. I don't want to be part of a movement that prohibits me from critically enjoying things as an adult. Realistically speaking if I was only to enjoy female made media, I would be reading the same books at least thrice. Every piece media has male influence in it and will come off as scrotal to at least one radfem. It's currently not viable to self punish yourself so much because even things made by female creators have moids working on it. Sure I don't want to watch fanservicey anime, or game of thrones because of the rape scenes, I've been already avoiding those all my life. But it's very odd how we suddenly have to be completely puritan with zero wrongthink in us to be a "true radfem". I believe in radfem beliefs, which involve more than being critical of the gender movement, and yet I cannot call myself a radfem because I sometimes consume things as an adult that can discern the bad and wrong without having to act like a 90s christian mom outraged at pokemon. Some "radfems" really behave like they are part of a cult and want all the other members to be exactly as pure as they are. I love radical feminism teachings but the people in it throw me off.

No. 12127

My friends mother teaches first grade kids, she told me a lot of 7-9 year old boys sexually harassed and attempted to rape girls. A boy isn't evil because he's a boy but children are very much capable of sexually abusing one another unfortunately.

No. 12128

The board was dead when 2X was hidden and the users of the board wanted it to be public. Anyways, the comment the anon made simply said: "I was turned off by feminism because of a woman who yelled at a child". That's a valid opinion, doesn't seem like the "neets who are secretly racist and blame feminism for not having a husband" that you describe in your post. Some people get turned off by feminism, big deal. You might or not think that anon is retarded but she still should be able to discuss why she thought it wasn't for her. Learn to disagree.

No. 12130

It sounded made up and like 10 other anons also agree with it sounding fake. Autists are terrible at lying and anon just proved that with her unbelievable story, it reads like a fake Tumblr post made by a preteen.

No. 12131

>mao @ people thinking women who drop out of radical feminist beliefs were not TRU RADFEMS.
agreed, dropping off the movement doesn't always mean what people think it means.
>i was so excited joining this movement but its held together by scotch tape and elmer's glue. absolutely fucking goofy. pray for the women in it that are smart and kind and have the emotional intelligence to have a normal conversation with another human being. i appreciate the few like this.
agreed and same.

No. 12132

Nta, but your post is literally retarded and has zero real argument on why those posts are "fake". Sorry that you hate this thread so much, you can hide it and go post scrotal right wing memes on the terf memes thread now. Have fun!

No. 12133

>conservatives and tradwives infesting the movement just to bitch about trannies and get personally offended when you want to discuss other women's issues or completely ignore anything not tranny related
>500 posts infighting about whether or not sucking peanus weanus is degrading
>radfems slurping up conservative misogynistic men because he pwns teh troons epic clapback compilation #20
>gets offended over people assuming radfems are rightwingers but doesn't call out "conservative radfems/gc" for using conservative sources or utilizing their platforms because they "have no other options"
>random psycho bpds in the movement that act moidlike and terrorize other radfems
It's sad but it's true that radfem online groups are full of this shit and then they dare call themselves the real radfems, they are alienating other women off the movement, and it's so widespread that one can't ignore it anymore

No. 12134

You make some good points anon. I used to be extremely active in radical feminism and left two years ago.

Id also like to give my biggest reasons for leaving the movement and that is the way they treat abused women, poor women, prostituted women or women who are into makeup/fashion, victim blaming, obsession with bi or het women despite the fact that most radfems are literally hetero women pretending to be polilez.
The more you spend in radfem communities the more you realize how superficial they are just like the libfems that they criticize.

Their empathy for abused/prostituted women is extremely fake, devoid and superficial.
The deeper i got into the movement the more i saw victim blaming of women in domestic abuse, them attacking prostitutes and throwing the same insults that males throw when prostitutes who live in countries where the nordic model is implemented explain that the nordic model does nothing to help them and they still face the same abuse and rape from the system, lately it seems like radfems cant have a argument with anyone rationally without them loosing their cool and screaming insults at the other person. Im sorry but if you cannot have a normal debate with someone for more than 2 minutes without screaming ''WHORE, COCKSUCKER , BI SLUT, BREEDER , COCKSLEEVE , TRANNY, COCK WORSHIPPER'' then there is something fundamentally wrong with your movement.
Also i dont even need to explain how disgusting it is when certain women who identify as radfems say that women who wear makeup or tight clothing deserve rape or sexual harassment….how could you as a woman say something disgusting like that?
There is too much drama in the movement too, there is always such petty stupid infights in every radfem community and there are mean girl cliques.

Also the movement is classist and obviously ignores ways to help poor women or issues pertaining to poor women meanwhile at the same time they attack women who resort to prostitution to survive.
The movement lately is more focused on the wealthy, celebrities and trannys and ignores other women and their issues.

Also im waiting for a angry reply to this.

No. 12136

> Im sorry but if you cannot have a normal debate with someone for more than 2 minutes without screaming ''WHORE, COCKSUCKER , BI SLUT, BREEDER , COCKSLEEVE , TRANNY, COCK WORSHIPPER'' then there is something fundamentally wrong with your movement.
I've legit seen this on lolcow too and it's fucking annoying.
>The more you spend in radfem communities the more you realize how superficial they are just like the libfems that they criticize.

No. 12137

you know what i was expecting some backlash for my post but thank you nonnies lol
its beginning to feel like a cult yes. especially with the gc women, you cannot be lukewarm in regards to trans issues or else you're a traitor and liar. i'm very critical of it but im not gonna act like some asocial tard with every trans person ever
the part that enrages me the most is i ended up getting some flack for this situation when i told some radfem groups. if you're in the same group it isn't about you, it was awhile ago that i told some other women.
>have a ftm coworker who is a pleasant person to be around and literally never brought up anything related to trans stuff. clearly wanted to be stealth and live a normal life
>genuinely didn't know they were trans
this is thing #1 that got me shit on because they think no trans person ever passes and its always obvious they're trans, which is true in most cases. but she dressed like a normal moid in the area, had a normal name appropriate for her age, i've met biological men as small/short as her too many times. and most importantly i dont have my tranny-dar going off wherever i go
>coworker that went to hs with her outted her to literally everyone in our department
>she's not a radfem just a loud mouthed bitch
>TIF clearly transitioned due to severe trauma so i empathize with her
>TIF coworker finds out and obviously has a melt down
>i comforted her and said if she plans on reporting her i'll support her and go to HR as well
i unironically was told i was going against my radfem views like there is no critical thinking in regards to this situation. first of all, the person who outed her is trying to be a manager and that is inappropriate and unprofessional behavior from someone trying to move up. gossiping and telling others personal information is not GOOD manager behavior. second of all, someone who is so casual about outing anyone is a terrible person and dangerous. what if the coworker was a lesbian? and then said coworker could face discrimination or other issues that come with being a lesbian. it's the outing that is bad, not specifically what the coworker is. i got fucking criticized for remaining professional and looking at the big picture instead of having tranny tunnel vision.
yes i've seen a call out post maybe once on tumblr, but it is really bad. as much as i appreciate ovarit existing i feel like it has done the most damage in regards to tradwives and conservatives infesting the movement. i've only been in the movement for about 2 years though with plenty breaks inbetween so i'm not completely sure.
that's horrible but i notice that too especially in shayna threads kek. lolcow isn't an exclusively radfem site and not every person here is radfem but when prostitutes try to put in their 2 cents and reiterate that they don't want to be in the profession and still get harassed..moid behavior. i agree all the drama is obnoxious and fucking dumb. god i agree with you so much nonnie. its infuriating. im tired of the blatant upper middle class perspective lmfao one time on ovarit i saw a comment where some woman said she feels like rich women are more oppressed than poor women. she got called out but it shows how out of touch so many women in this movement are.

No. 12138


I honestly love radical feminism a lot and what it stands for and I'm grateful it opened my eyes to a lot of the issues women face but I really do think most people who are in it peaked not too long ago and are still immature to really soak in the movement. A lot of them focus more on manhating and trannies than actually focusing on the issues women have. Then a lot of people who have been on it for years start leaving because of how much immature people come in and keep stirring shit up. I specially hate those who hate on hetero and bi women. I left for that and many other reasons, now I will support women and continue doing many of the things I learnt through radfems but without attaching myself to any movement whatsoever.

No. 12139

I agree that what your coworker did was highly inappropriate. I once read that you're supposed to help TIFs because they're women, not blast them off and ridicule them. I hate how radfems think there's something like "going against the views" like, what? I thought this wasn't a cult.

No. 12140

>Also i dont even need to explain how disgusting it is when certain women who identify as radfems say that women who wear makeup or tight clothing deserve rape or sexual harassment….how could you as a woman say something disgusting like that? There is too much drama in the movement too, there is always such petty stupid infights in every radfem community and there are mean girl cliques.
Because despite believing in something good they still manage to come off as conservative and childish, I thought radical feminism would be different and attract more level headed women who are not into the queen bee mean girl stereotype but here we are.

No. 12141

> im tired of the blatant upper middle class perspective lmfao one time on ovarit i saw a comment where some woman said she feels like rich women are more oppressed than poor women.

i hate it when they do that. When they say that rich women, models and first worlders face the same level of oppressions as poor women, disfigured or third world women. Its very sheltered and ignorant, like you can admit rich women are slightly doing better in life, its not like we are denying those rich women's oppressions by saying that poor women have it harder for hells sake.

No. 12142

im going to keep it vague so i can avoid outing my @ but i used to be a part of numerous instagram, discord and skype radfem groups and the drama there was crazy.
It was the worst in the skype one, we would also voice chat on skype so we knew we were all women and it literally felt like i was in high school when i was there (in a bad way) , just talking down on you, blatantly speaking over you, ignoring you you or trying to get others to ignore you, being in cliques and if you arent accepted by them or not cool enough for them then they will shit on you,if your hobbies or interests didnt align then they would ignore you, also acting really insensitive when someone is venting about their mental health or life.
I left that skype group because it was toxic as hell and then i decided to check up on it and there was a huge fall out and some of them got kicked out because of a stupid argument they had because none of them could keep it civil without acting like a catty bitchy stereotype.

IDK why there is so much mean girl behavior in radfem communities, dont get me wrong there are some who are really good people…but there are some who just suck.

No. 12144

Yeah… this is one of the reasons I'm an ex-radfem. I think that people suck regardless of gender. That's really how society works though, that "high school" type of hierarchy exists everywhere at all ages. I don't think you can do anything about it.

No. 12146

i feel like every radfem group has a story. you're right the mean girl behavior is ridiculous. i asked this one woman if she wanted to join a discord group i recently joined and she said basically thank you but no because
>there were known men and secret TIMs in it
>a concerning amount of racists
>mod called it out and shitstorm ensued
i've been uncomfortable ever since like what the hell? I know the same group had similar drama before, another woman told me she fought with the mods for letting men in and they told her it was unreasonable to expect them to extensively vet every single user.
the worst of it had to be on FDS. I've never seen so much mean girl energy there. Yes I consider it a radfem group because the creator was a radfem and they took a lot of their rules/values from it and posted in related subreddits. and like clockwork, tradwives and conservative women infested it. i think it was because a lot of users were probably from LSA too which is another rf cesspool of toxicity. but anyways I feel like the maker of FDS had real mental problems because she would mock radfems trying to talk to her and make fun of them for going to women's marches and her post history was like 99% arguing with men. it turned into like a hs hierarchy where so many posters wanted to please the mods and anyone criticizing the environment was labelled a pickme or banned.
it became extremely classist too and some users straight up said that you got treated like shit by men because you didn't put enough effort into your appearance. i'm glad it went down because it needed to go down, it was so hostile near the end. i don't like listening to the podcast anymore either because the hosts don't seem to want any discussion and just love focusing on clapbacks and "owning the scrotes!" besides savannah. i really wish savannah would branch off and make her own little podcast because she's very level headed and insightful.
thank you, i have never actually heard that before in radfem circles. it feels very cultlike at this point and so many people just want to argue argue argue with TRAs. like no one is going to listen to you if you're a raging asshole forcing your opinions down their throat, no matter how right you are. i see many women ask "what do i say during an argument with a TRA?" nothing, you don't argue??! i have far left leaning friends who didn't unfriend me after finding out im a ebil terf because i'm not an asshole with my views. some will cut you off regardless but most i find are open to a discussion where you DON'T push your views onto them.

sorry im wall of texting so hard itt i just had so much to get off my chest

No. 12147

>thank you, i have never actually heard that before in radfem circles. it feels very cultlike at this point and so many people just want to argue argue argue with TRAs.
The thing is a lot of these people just are into radical feminism because finally there's a whole group of people who validate their hate of transed people + claim to be left wing, so it must not be as bad as being a true conservative (but then again, some of them are indeed conservative). The trans right movement already had its peak and it's rapidly declining, a lot of people are turning against it slowly, and more and more people who are afraid to speak about it critically are waking up. I bet that once the trans movement is reduced to a very small niche group, all of those girls who called themselves "radfems" will go back to being mysogynistic nlogs and pickmes because they never cared for women to begin with. They're in it just for the sake of hate and arguing.

No. 12148

Any radfem who cannot take criticism about their own movement is probably very unhealthy in their thought pattern. I'm a crypto and agree with radfems in so many things but I don't agree with others and so civil discussion and adult disagreement should be normal and common place. Criticism can be healthy and reviewing things can make you learn a thing or two, and can aid you in maturing inside the movement.

But it seems like you cannot criticize anything or disagree whatsoever or you're against the movement and a traitor or whatever the fuck. I thought radfems were better than trannies but they come from the same sjw vein and so they're two sides of the same coin. Even ITT when someone said they were uncomfortable with something a woman did they were quick to call it bait and fake. Not everyone has to be a 1/1 replica of what a "good feminist" is supposed to be like and women can be upset at other women and hold them accountable.

It's like you cannot make a wrong move while being a radfem or else everyone is going to be judgemental and accuse you of things and dig for proof that you will never be a good radfem. Meanwhile everyone else has skeletons in their closet. And I thought becoming a radfem was a good thing to make amends for said skeletons but yet again this is another example of internet politics aka the worst shit ever.

No. 12154

Agree 100% with your post. It's all so tiring.

No. 12161

>But it's very odd how we suddenly have to be completely puritan with zero wrongthink in us to be a "true radfem".
When I realized I became unable to enjoy most media, even stuff I genuinely like, because I kept looking at it through the "is this radfem approved enough!??!?!" glasses I knew I had severe brain poisoning from the community. It's exhausting and constant self-flagellation and surveillance only breaks my spirit to pieces, making me unable to draw enjoyment from anything since I always have to feel guilty about liking something I'm "not supposed to" when it's still very harmless in the grand scheme of things. Radfem communities definitely have a very militant view on how you should live and focus too much on policing their members rather than listening to them and having an open dialogue. Someone said that libfem became the mainstream ideology because it welcomes everyone and in the end that's much more appealing to the masses.

>obsession with bi or het women despite the fact that most radfems are literally hetero women pretending to be polilez.
This is also what made me leave. I'm a GNC lesbian and it became apparent that most radfems treat lesbianism as an exclusive girl club with rigid rules you have to follow, all set by polilez straight women. I hated having my sexuality politicized, and when I realized how much of their hate for trannies was actually rooted in homophobia and the cruelty and a total lack of empathy they displayed towards lesbian FTMs was the final straw.

The tiresome mean girl attitude was the third one. I get the sentiment of wanting to be mean for the first time in your life after years of being suppressed, but they always directed that anger and hatred at other members who stepped out of line instead of the system that oppressed us or even the men who are responsible for it.

I also have a FTM friend who I never guessed was trans until he revealed the truth to me. Never. A normal guy with a normal name and normal clothing, not that short either. This would get me torn to shreds in those circles for being a blind retard for not having perception skills rivaling an experienced anthropologist. Admitting that someone passes doesn't magically change their chromosomes and birth sex and I'm tired of them acting like it does. Also the manager sounds like a huge bitch.

No. 12162

Could someone explain their personal disagreement with any aspect of the radfem theory (canonic authors preferably)? I respect everyone's experiences with self-proclaimed radfem groups and spaces, the bad and the good ones, but I really don't see how this should weight more than the actual line of thought radical feminists elaborated. I mean, anyone can claim to be a radfem and actually do the opposite of what the movement stands for, but that shouldn't be a reason for anybody to say the movement is something it isn't. I'm not a crypto, never been, but I am a solitary radfem so to speak, so I'm comfortable labeling myself as such. Besides some of Germaine Greer's controversial opinions, what aspects of radfem theory do you disagree with? I'm curious.

No. 12163

I respect you but this post sounds like bait so you or other anons can then shit on the ex radfems in this thread. Most people itt disagree with people in the community making it unbearable and not the theory of the books itself anyway, if you read their posts you will see.

No. 12167

Agree with the first reply. When it comes down to it the main thing is the expectation for every woman to be a perfect feminist. And if she isn’t she must have internalized misogyny etc. But from my perspective, shitting on women for things I’ve seen on this site just screams misogyny. like women suffer enough and if someone finds joy from something that is deemed to support the patriarchy or whatever (!because of her literal lifetime of programming!) LET HER BE HAPPY. Hate the radfem approach of “we know what’s best for you and you’re a traitor if you don’t agree” that seems so common.

No. 12168

to be frank even liberal feminism is very much "you're not a true feminist unless you do x and y" too

No. 12171

True, I’m just not into that approach at all. Like I said in my previous reply, we all have a lifetime of patriarchal programming to deal with and we should show compassion for each other. I’ve seen insanely petty arguments, like fighting about shaving body hair… like yes of course it’s worth discussing, but if somebody decides to do it are they truly a traitor to women? Stuff like that is all distraction and nobody benefits from women fighting each other except for men

No. 12187

I'm not baiting. I really want to know what aspects of radfem theory do you diagree with, simple as. My point is that if you are discontent with self-proclaimed radfem spaces that's perfectly fine, chances are they have a lot of flaws, like any organised group. But I'm not asking you to explain why those spaces felt mysogynistic, I've lurked a bit this thread and I already know about some anons' experiences, and I do believe them, damn, I was in a TIRF group ages ago and I know about the dynamics these places can have. What I'm asking this thread is what's anyone's opinion on radfem theory, something that was written from the 60s to our present day. I'm asking you about anons personal relationship with radfem literature, something that's between you and those texts. Because I don't see why disliking a specific group of women that claim to be radfems and then prey on others as if they're more feminist than thou should affect your personal ideas on the actual radfem line of thought. I don't think any radfem author supported such awful behaviour between women. So, leaving aside experinces with other women who claim to be radfems, what aspects of theory do you diagree with?

Because let's be honest, never in history has feminism been so popular, a lot of women metaphorically put the feminist badge on their chest and use it to step over other women that will end up rejecting to associate themselves with feminism at all because of such terrible encounters. I think this is tragic because men end up winning.

No. 12188

i miss 2013 radfem blogosphere and radfem tumblr. there used to lunatics back then too but the amount of absolutely deranged and insane women in the movement right now is unbearable.

No. 12190

NTAYRT but personally there's nothing I inherently disagree with when it comes to radfem ideals and my guess is that when anons say "I agree with radfems on some things and some things I don't" as "I agree with radfems concepts but disagree when it comes to the means of spreading the message and treating community members". But one thing I've personally always disagreed with is the "psychology/medicine is a scam and meant to oppress women" one due to being a science autist who owes my life to both fields (and honestly the anti-psychology stance is why the scene is filled with crazies) and how it's opened the floodgates for all sorts of snake oil salesmen and spiritual crystal healing quacks. Another one is the the political lesbianism based on the "heterosexuality is an unchallenged assumption" principle which has utterly destroyed lesbian culture by appropriating it and moulding it to be as palatable to straight women as possible.

No. 12204

I wouldn't call myself an 'ex-radfem' (I still agree with many points, in theory) but I guess I'm 'ex-political' and online radical feminism was the tipping point.

Idk I'm a lesbian so my primary focus is lesbians and SSA women being okay. It was really disheartening to watch online GC spaces become infested with mormons. Every 3rd post on Ovarit is "I saw a woman with short hair and a lil mustache at the mall, let's all circlejerk about how she's probably a pedophile TIF!!!". They're against sex work (based) but also against a social safety net for women in prostitution because MUH COMMUNISM. Will worship the ground that conservative moids walk on as long as they're anti-troon, but lefty/lib/TIF/queer/GNC women can't be trusted even if they're devoted to women's rights in literally every way except the trans issue. Maybe I'm retarded but a They/Them who supports abortion and a social safety net seems like a better ally than Matt Walsh. And there's no way to get rid of them and refocus on actual feminism because they're the overwhelming majority. But if they're the overwhelming majority, doesn't that 'prove' that they're right? Like if the majority of women define womanhood as "being conventionally feminine, fucking men and having babies" maybe that's what womanhood is after all? If the majority of women are het and can gain social cred by shitting on dykes then dykes being constantly pushed out of women's movements is a feature, not a bug.

It's ironically made me more open to queer theory and social constructionism. Lesbians, GNC women, 'bad' women, any type of minority women are technically female but Majority Women and Majority Men don't view us as belonging to the Woman group. Self-identified radfems honestly believe that bills criminalizing both lesbianism and troonism are awesome for women's rights, and there's no contradiction in that belief because lesbians aren't women anyway so it doesn't harm women's rights when lesbians are harmed. How can gender identity be 'made up' when they see a GNC woman existing publicly and immediately seethe about how it's not a woman, it's a filthy TIF coming to corrupt the children. I still hate AGPs and I'm against medical transition but there's something to the idea that womanhood is a social construct. There's something to the idea that once a woman hits a certain level of masculinity, she's no longer a woman.

So anyway sorry for blog but I think I just hate politics now. Both online and IRL, I don't have motivation to be involved in anything local either because I'm paranoid that I'm gonna go do a bunch of work for tradwives that'll stab me in the back ASAP. No matter what side you're on, it all boils down to male pandering and shitting on dykes.

No. 12210

>Maybe I'm retarded but a They/Them who supports abortion and a social safety net seems like a better ally than Matt Walsh.
I agree, if I were forced to choose between sjws and conservatives I would choose the sjws. It's easy to blend in and use the right pronouns for trannies but I can't really find common ground with conservatives (the trans stuff doesn't matter to me in the bigger pictures).

No. 12256

Both are well said, SJW/libfems will at least always support a woman's right to abortion and reprodictive care and I'll never see TiFs as anything but self hating victims of the patriarchy, victims all the same like all women.

In saying this pickmes are fucking scary, they are the majority and will alter law because of this. The indirect actions of libfems such normalizing rape, strangulation pornography, pedofilia and degradation of women harms all women including young girls who don't yet have a voice and, this is abhorrent and can't be understated.

No. 12260

>In saying this pickmes are fucking scary, they are the majority and will alter law because of this. The indirect actions of libfems such normalizing rape, strangulation pornography, pedofilia and degradation of women harms all women including young girls who don't yet have a voice and, this is abhorrent and can't be understated.
I feel like this is an inescapable pattern in women's movements. Liberal feminism started alright I think. I remember in like the early 2010s there was a huge focus on consent, coercion, "it's not enough that she doesn't say no, she needs to enthusiastically say yes" type stuff. Then pickmes latched on and it somehow became "if you don't want to be punched in bed you're a sex negative prude.". Pickmes start pandering to liberal moids and redefine any serious feminists as TERFs, nasty women.
Now it's happening to GC feminism, tradwives latched on for the troon hate and they're handing the movement to conservative moids on a silver platter. I don't see how it ever ends because women who agree to be cool girls will always be rewarded by the patriarchy. Once a movement is popular enough to get real change, it'll attract women who want to neuter it for their own personal gain.
Idk what the solution is because aggressive gatekeeping also doesn't work because then you get the same thing in reverse. Radblr types competing to be the 'best feminist' and redefining any woman who's ever idk kissed a man as male-aligned, pickme, libfem, cock-breath, whatever. As a species we're obsessed with aggressively policing female behavior and categorizing women into good girls/bad girls.

No. 12366

Right? It didn't even make me not a feminist it was just the only time I saw the ideology go wrong with one specific woman in my life in one specific instance. It isn't something so outrageous that I have to be making it up is it? Wish I hadn't posted it, people are depressing me with their responses of fake or based antiboymom.

No. 12424

i saw this on tblr so im reposting it here because i feel like some in this thread can relate.

>Seeing myself as someone who was “rescued” from a cult wasn't helpful or accurate, either. I found myself in radfem communities that fell into the same traps they harangue queer/trans communities for having: there was a clear figurehead(s) instead of a community dynamic. The need to have perfectly aligned beliefs outweighed the need to foster consciousness about different experiences and take coordinated action based on that, even if the feelings and motives around it are varied.

No. 12425

>but now she’s pro-troon
Looks like BPD to me.

No. 12428

File: 1679939257651.jpg (88.75 KB, 580x960, tumblr_e2863c411b22e82f59ff325…)

There is so much silence among radfems when the figures of their movement have all aligned themselves with people (right-wing) who want to take away the rights of women or lesbians.

My biggest reason for leaving the movement tbh, its become co-opted with right-wingers and the people to blame for it are the ''radfems'' who have aligned themselves with those conservatives and all the women who stayed silent or attacked other radfems when those radfems voiced their displeasure about collabing with right-wingers.

At this point look at what the fuck this movement has become, i cant even be angry anymore when people compare us to rightwingers anymore because its true because there so many tradthots in this movement now.

No. 12430

File: 1679939921528.jpg (206.5 KB, 1170x1705, tumblr_5301feb8f6bec0ecafba254…)

Jk rowling who many RF worship has also interacted with and collabed with many disgusting sex-pests, Mra/anti-feminists, pro-lifers, right-wingers etc. Yet no one cares.

Radical feminism was supposed to be way more than just hating trannies, yet lately now i feel like that is 90% of the discussions in terf/radfem spaces. Allowing bad people into the movement just because you only have one thing in common (hating trannies) i think destroyed this movement from being progressive.

No. 12432

I agree with most tenants of radical feminism from hating moids and porn, to being gender critical, to thinking it makes sense for women to carry guns but not men. My biggest issue will always be the communities and how they specifically seem to hate take on this quasi-religious vibe. I know choice feminism sucks but we have to consider women are individuals with free will and thought, and we ultimately can’t make their choices for them. Like I get tired of seeing radfems hate on women who enjoy sleeping around, or women who call themselves Christian but otherwise agree with most of the feminist ideology. I think feminism needs to be about female solidarity before anything else. The communities feel more focused on breaking women apart based on minute differences in ideology.

No. 12436

its complicated, I personally believe in Lierre Keith;s approach, i.e using RW platforms to reach a larger audience but not directly working with or allying with them on any other issues, even Andrea Dworkin and other radfems would appear on William F. Buckley(a prominent right wingers) tv program, simply cause he was willing to host them

No. 12437

anon this is like a anti-racist movement using nazi or pro-racist platforms to advertise themselves and then getting surprised when those types of people start joining their movement or when their movement starts losing direction and meaning.

Also its great that you mentioned Andrea because if she still existed today she would be called a ''libfem'' by the same women who like her now. Look into andrea dworkins work.

No. 12439

Using mainstream rightwing institutions for platform is not the same as allying with far-right hate groups, politics require pragmatism and there's only so much you can on do campus and obscure feminist magazines

No. 12441

nta but to be fair there has been quite a number of radfems especially public figure who have allied with right-wingers..

Your grasping on to a thin rope thats about to break, yeah sure we can use the platforming excuse which is weak but that still wont change the fact that in your words allying is bad and that there are prominent radfems who are buddies with right-wingers and are directly allying with them.
Do your job and start calling those women out.

No. 12452

Don't care about the Soviet Union but why does being radfem mean you need to be pro Ukraine? Ukrainian Nationalists have been raping women too.

This is too close to the prop the US used to enlist support for the Afghan forever war (we're doing it for the women!)

No. 12453

supporting unjustified Invasion and occupation is not any decent human being should support or even ignore.

No. 12454

>using RW platforms to reach a larger audience but not directly working with or allying with them on any other issues
Anon what? You can't pick and choose like that, not all publicity is good publicity. This isn't like trying to promote a new album coming out or something, it's like giving the keys to your car to someone but telling them not to unlock the doors. They're going to do it and you'll end up with all sorts of creeps inside who will probably soil the seats, steal the stereo system and put sugar in the gas tank. Do you really want a feminist movement to be associated with right wing nuts who would do anything to have women be locked up inside birthing babies and servicing their man? Rubbing shoulders with them is exactly why people now see radfems as conservative homophobic soccer moms who just hate those damn trannies because they're all deviant homosexual sinners who need jesus. And it's completely understandable. Going on right wing talk shows just to give them more ammunition against everyone under LGBT and feminism is a bitch move and serves literally nobody but said conservatards.

No. 12458

Do you think Hitler wasn't a real Fascist cause he used socialist conferences to spread his ideology and message or Mao was harming communism cause he allied with the Kuomintang(Chinese Nationalists) ?

Using the mainstream to further your aims is common sense, not betraying your ideals.

No. 12459

Nta, that still doesn't make it right.
I thought radfems never wanted to align themselves with the right wing to begin with. Your post quite honestly is shocking to me.

No. 12460

>not betraying your ideals.
I'm sorry, but you're proving the point that many anons itt have that many radfems align themselves with right wing people just to stir up tranny hate rather than to help women. Like. In what way would aligning with a conservative be good for women's rights? And I'm not saying that aligning with troons is good for womens' rights either. Both sides treat women like objects. But at least one side lets you abort and lets you be more than a housewife. You citing Hitler and Mao as good examples is not a good look either.

No. 12461

You comparing feminism to the spread of nazism and maoist communism is so retarded I don't even know what to say. Hitler and Mao spread fascism, an ideology that's meant to dominate over society using force, violence and fear tactics, not to preserve the rights of an underhanded group. They told fellow straight men that they'll give them riches and power if they help them out which they did. And yes, those socialist and communist communities will have plenty of useful fools who will buy their lies hook line and sinker thinking they're doing the right thing by supporting this obvious fascist like all the anons in the RW thread thinking that voting conservative is going to protect their rights as women because they're anti-immigration and anti-gender ideology when in actuality they'll just get their reproductive rights and sex education taken away. It doesn't work with radfems licking right wing boots to get "exposure" because there won't be any "useful fools" to exploit as nobody there who has any form of power will wake up and go "you know what? I'll help these feminists out".

No. 12463

>>Seeing myself as someone who was “rescued” from a cult wasn't helpful or accurate, either. I found myself in radfem communities that fell into the same traps they harangue queer/trans communities for having: there was a clear figurehead(s) instead of a community dynamic. The need to have perfectly aligned beliefs outweighed the need to foster consciousness about different experiences and take coordinated action based on that, even if the feelings and motives around it are varied.
Big oof. Felt that.

>My biggest issue will always be the communities and how they specifically seem to hate take on this quasi-religious vibe.
I agree. It has some weird "code of conduct" type of vibe to it.
>I think feminism needs to be about female solidarity before anything else.
I agree. But people on radfem spaces think the "ideology" is above any female solidarity or love for women though. I think I saw someone saying this recently on here.
>The communities feel more focused on breaking women apart based on minute differences in ideology.
Agreed, it feels like that sometimes.

No. 12465

I feel you. I'm not a lesbian, but I'm attracted to women, I don't dress in an hyper-femenine way, I have short hair, and I'm far away from the "ideal woman" that many people in my country have, look wise and mannerism wise anyway. I've been othered all my life. I've been treated as "not female enough" even in my own family. I'm just tired how much different we're treated just because we don't act a certain way. This is what pushed me to call myself "nonbinary" back in 2015, because I legit felt like an outsider. Radical feminism helped in a way to accept myself just the way I am, an adult human female no matter how others percieve me. Nowadays everyone has a gender identity or re-inforces gender stereotypes and it's all so tiring. Your post really made me think a lot, and I've been re-reading it for the past days since you posted it. I think there's some truth to what you're saying here.

No. 12467

Where did I say allign with them, all I'm saying using "mainstream" political institutions to spread your message to a larger audience

No. 12472

Right wing outlets and activism aren't a part of the "mainstream political institution" and even if they were they would and will just take your message and turn it against women and adjacent groups like such:
>You're saying trans people are groomers? Well I knew it, just like the rest of all the faggots and dykes they're sexual deviants! Let's ban everything related to them!
>Oh yes, it's horrible how they keep converting teenage girls to surgeries and hormones, real terrible. Those girls should be growing their hair long and wearing dresses like a proper woman!
>Yes, I agree, there are only 2 genders. Which means that both women and men should remain stereotypically gender conforming.
>Female bosses and managers are being burnt out by the misogyny they're exposed to? Of course, women oughta stay home and raise babies instead of suffering in the work force!
>Women are exploited by the porn industry? Why certainly, porn turns men into masturbation-addicted coomers when they should be out there beating and harassing actual women like real men do!
>Wait, what the fuck is this talk about patriarchy and female liberation? Get out of here you stupid feminazi, didn't you guys advocate for empowering prostitution bullshit and trannies in the first place?
>…so as you can see, even women agree with our views so vote us!

No. 12474

it still doesn't make it sound right, nonny

No. 12478

>supporting an unjustified invasion

Me and you both know this isn't a fixed principle anyone here holds. If it were Brits and Americans would have toppled their governments by force years ago. Or at least voted for people who stop doing it.

No. 12479

name one radfem or any feminist who argued for what you stated on a rw talk show, just look at the dworkin interview and also vidrel, Julia Beck on Tucker Carlson, she firmly states her views and identity as a lesbian radical feminist, she's using carlson for platform and nothing else
there is noting wrong with that, she's not allying him, she's just being pragmatic

No. 12480

nta but im pretty firm in my belief using right wing platforms just to get your message out is pathetic and very desperate and it just attracted tradwives which polluted the movement. at the end of the day none watching this genuinely care about women's rights they're just excited to have another group to rage about trannies with. the feminists themselves may have excellent talking points and insist she's not his ally, but the above still happens.
that's why it was always best to make our own sites and keep firm with our beliefs on other sites despite bans. people will get curious and snoop, but if you have conservative tards shitting up our sites they'll just be reaffirmed in their beliefs that the radfem/gc movement is nothing but a bunch of rightwingers. thats why i roll my eyes whenever someone cries about how other people see them as far right, well. you're aligning with them to an extent, tf do you expect? they just don't think it through. they're so desperate to ~get the message out~ that they don't think about the consequences. they have 0 knowledge on how your average person behaves and acts shocked when they meet hostility.
there are too many followers desperately trying to be leaders in this movement which is so frustrating. like a nonnie itt said this is supposed to be a community.

No. 12482

I'm confused about your post anon are these supposed to not be perfect examples of the mainstream media? lel. This absolutely is the mainstream opinion of right wing and the alt right which are the mainstream media like FOX.

No. 12483

yet you post a screencap of eli elrick, a rapist himself

No. 12484

If you don't talk to people who disagree with you, how can you change their minds? Reaching out to a new audience who may not be aware that a certain view point exists or that there are other people that think like that is common sense.

Right wing platforms are at least prepared to host radfems and give them a chance to state their views, where as the left will not tolerate anyone that won't suck the tranny dick. That is the probably the reason why more feminists are appearing in right wing media not that radfems themselves are becoming right wing.

No. 12486

"Reaching out to a new audience" my ass, they're talking about literally teaming up with right wing people to "fight against libfems". If anything you should be reaching out to normie centrist women and libfems to include them instead of fucking conservatives that both sides consider, or at least SHOULD consider their enemy. This kind of mindset is exactly why people in this thread identify as "ex radfem", when your most burning issue is muh trannies while said conservatives are literally banning abortion and telling girls about their periods in school is some actual clown shit. Men will not give a shit about you, conservative men even less, and they won't "change their minds" about female issues no matter how hard you posture. These men can only be subdued and forced into complying with laws. You have a better chance of reaching through to other sects of feminism but because current radfems have such an autistic hyperfocus on trannies they would rather throw lesbian and female rights under the bus than talk to the evil witches of the libfem covenant. Ridiculous and sad, and makes me think if this "we're just using them for exposure" cope is actually deep down certain "radfems" being more comfortable with conforming to right wing spaces than defending female autonomy.

No. 12490

>literally teaming up with right wing people
It's called pragmatism or realpolitik. Agreeing with one group of people doesn't mean you have to agree with them on everything. Some radfems view transgenderism as such a threat to women that they are prepared to work with the right to stop it because they are aware that it's not something they can do alone.

>reaching out to normie centrist women

Who do you think is watching mainstream right leaning news channels? Very few people bother to watch CNN or engage with other left leaning news outlets other than those that already consider themselves on the left.

>Men will not give a shit about you

Obviously, although I would hold men on both sides in equal contempt. Having radfem views broadcast on a right leaning news network has the potential to reach women that have lived in conservative communities all there lives and aren't aware that there is other forms of feminism outside of liberal feminism and that there is greater choice in how they can live their lives.

No. 12492

>It's called pragmatism or realpolitik. Agreeing with one group of people doesn't mean you have to agree with them on everything.
Funny how this only works with conservatives, not liberal feminists. You agree with libfems about everything else but trannies and possibly sex work, yet choose to align with right wingers who you disagree on everything but the trans question (and even that for different reasons), and who are also knowingly exploiting you to incite more hate against SSA people and women. But that's ~pragmatism~ I guess!

>Very few people bother to watch CNN or engage with other left leaning news outlets other than those that already consider themselves on the left.

Spend less time on the internet if you think this. Seriously. Besides, aligning with right wingers isn't the same as going on a news cast on a news channel and giving an interview because plenty of left leaning people regardless of their politics do that all the time because news are news, the context here is fraternizing with openly conservative people doing right wing activism such as youtube shows, podcasts, blogging and so forth. Most people these days get their news from social media and that's also where the political battle field is, not some boomer cable channel network.

>Having radfem views broadcast on a right leaning news network has the potential to reach women that have lived in conservative communities all there lives

Yeah how did that work out again? A ton of mormon soccer moms on ovarit talking about pregnancy being the prime female purpose, bitching about GNC people and calling themselves "gendercritical feminists" when they're just plain old homophobes. Great allies. If a conservative woman was to actually denounce her views (as in honestly adopt feminist views and gain self respect) she's way more likely to turn to mainstream feminism because it's way more inclusive and accessible, even if it is to a fault.

No. 12508

you posted a screenshot from a well known rapist, fuck you

No. 12517

This whole conversation really does prove most radfems want to complain rather then bring about change, like it or not real politics requires work and it requires working with people you fundemtally disagree with. acting like a spoiled children and retaining to your safe space of feminist magazines with less then 500 subscribers is not gonna accomplish anything. if your irrelevant and politically weak you have no else to blame but yourself

No. 12520

I feel more in tune with some TIFs and autistic women who use they them pronouns than girlboss radfems who bully women. Literally contemplating going back to calling myself nonbinary again.

No. 12531

let me give you a clear and obvious example of what I'm talking about, Lousie Perry is a center left(i.e not a tardthot)`feminist who works with underprivileged women in the UK, she recently wrote a book about the failures of the sexual revolution and how opportunistic men and the porn Industry took advantage of it, she appeared on separate feminist podcasts, she somehow managed to get an interview with Jordan Peterson to explain her book and that got 1.1 million views in less then a month, even if just 1% of people buy her book it would outsell anything most feminist academics produce.

politics and ideolog is simply about will, it doesn't matter how smart you are, what facts are real, exaggerated or simply made up. if the other person reaches more people or more stronger people then they have won, that's it

No. 12532

>Literally contemplating going back to calling myself nonbinary again
Why would you willingly choose to portray delusion just to be be Not Like Other Girlbosses, that sounds like a dumb teenage reaction. Just accept that women are people, and some people are stupid. You do not have to choose to be one of these 2 extreme groups.

When it comes to bullying they/thems do a whole lot more of it anyway, and they at large advocate for females to have their breasts amputated to look male, because they think male is more neutral, even if said female is 12.

No. 12558

>caring about "winning"
Even if someone buys her books, then what? Do you know how many people on Earth own the bible? How many of them actually follows Jesus Christ's teachings?

No. 12568

this is a good post

i was a radfem for years and was very active in the community, even went to several irl meetups. ultimately i grew disenchanted with the whole thing when i realized that most so called radfems don’t do anything irl or actually help other women, they just criticize them for not meeting their standards. they dehumanize women they deem cum guzzlers or pickmes or boymoms (not that these things are above criticism but) they talk about women they don’t like as if they’re moids and use incel lingo. criticizing things like marriage and motherhood is important because they can be harmful systemically, but radfems take it to the extreme of “a woman who chooses to get pregnant is a cum guzzling whore who sets back other women and should die” which is literally just misogyny repackaged to be “feminist.”

online, i knew radfems who called themselves lesbians and then got boyfriends six months later, many big radfem accounts got exposed for being racist, homophobic, or actual nazis, and radfem discord servers always end up having a ton of drama. i think many “radfems” genuinely don’t like other women that much, just want the sense of moral superiority and like finding things to get mad about. not all radfems are like this, but a lot of the community is way more interested in acting like a cliquey mean girl than doing feminist activism.

No. 12572

>Literally contemplating going back to calling myself nonbinary again.
What does you hating yourself and your female identity to the point of not wanting to identify as a woman have to do with radical feminism?

No. 12583

You even admit yourself that she's not a radfem, she's sitting there agreeing with this retarded internet daddy that women are at fault for experimenting with their sexuality and "succumbing to hedonism" while Peterson is calling the girls on onlyfans "parasites" and "human machine hybrids" and blames rape victims for getting drunk and being abused. Her message isn't even based on radfem principles but a very mundane trad-teetering one which essentially converts to "women should remain pure and abstinent" and "stop simping for thots!" in the context of right wing listeners, something that they already preach to each other. So what's your point? She's not talking about women being systematically subdued or porn being abusive to women or men being rapists by nature but only that women are memed into being raped by the sexual liberation culture, a valid point but never does she address the issue of male sexuality being inherently dangerous to women or that women should be able to enjoy sex. If she did that, they would paint her as an evil feminazi and refuse to collaborate with her because they wouldn't be able to co-opt the message into one digestible to conservatives i.e. "women should stop being whores and make some babies, leftwingers are rotting our society with sexual degeneracy".

This video actually perfectly exhibits why collaborating with right wingers will never work and will only damage your cause. They will only cherrypick all the ideas that radfems and other women sharing some of their thoughts when they can use it against mainstream feminist views. They will take all your valid observations and use them against liberal feminists AND women as a class, including you. See >>12472 .

No. 12586

Its not about winning, its about establishing your will
you either appeal to the majority or the rich and strong

No. 12607

Mao was an ex member of KMT and he never allied with them after he split. Am I misremembering this??? I mean I just read it in a history book or something years ago but he didn’t ally with them they backstabbed him along with the US and he crushed them when he had his own party.

No. 12628

I think an issue with the current radfem community is that it's been diluted by former SJW types. The behaviour towards others is exactly the same only now it's for a different cause.

Tinfoil but the elites seem to use these people to destroy any movement they see as a threat because normal people find them so repulsive. They did it to the occupy movement, they did it during gamergate and the 2016 election, they did it to BLM and now they're doing it to radical feminism.

No. 12639

I like a lot of radfem ideas but I won't call myself one because the term basically means extremely online losers. I hate how much of it is centered on men and trans issues. Males are dangerous but it goes straight into fear-mongering at some points. No, not all men want to rape any child they can see, and if you don't realize that, you're fucked in the head. It's the same shit from the gendies as "every cis will murder you if you give them the chance," you're taking vulnerable people and telling them half the world literally would rape them if they were alone in an elevator? It's one thing to raise awareness of male violence and another to freak people out about being near men ever.

My interest in trans issues only relates to stopping the eradication of the idea of single-sex spaces, stopping the sexist ideas that are used to explain transition, and in reminding people that sex is relevant in society and you have to take it into consideration, like it or not. If some adult transitions for whatever reason but doesn't pretend to have changed sex and doesn't go around saying sexist shit about how estrogen makes them a bimbo or testo makes them stem geniuses, I don't care, I put that in the same category as other body mod people. The genie's out of the bottle and trans shit is going to continue existing whether we like it or not. So long as I can keep joining female-only groups and so long as a "trans man" recognizes they are female and vice versa and doesn't say sexist shit? This world has always had weirdos in it, and sex dysphoria is a weird condition and I think some people are always going to want to resort to trying to live as another sex. I believe we can come to a compromise that lets them live their lives without having to go head-on into gendershit.

But if you say this in a radfem or gc space, or even suggest a compromise at all, you're basically a handmaiden. It's the same extremist shit as suggesting compromises to gendies and getting called a terf. There's a complete and utter lack of realism on both sides and this idealist notion that everyone is going to be pro/anti-trans and you will never have to deal with anyone you don't like again. Real life is about compromise and negotiation. I left both the sjws and the gcs because each one seems bent on utterly destroying any trace of the enemies and 0 intention on getting to a serious negotiation phase where everyone involved can move on with their lives.

No. 12654

File: 1680297480759.jpg (47.35 KB, 620x400, Matiullah-Wesa-arrested-in-Kab…)

One of things I have always disagreed with radical feminism is the fact that trying to look at humanity in terms of Oppressors–oppressed distinction (as defines by university pseudo-intellectuals from 1970's America) is moronic
For them it makes no sense for people to help people regardless of sex, picrel is a man who is in prison in Afghanistan for trying to provide education for girls, he had no reason for this, he gained nothing other then that he thought it was right. that's just how people are

I think people should recognize that the vast majority of post-marxist "intellectuals"(including most radfem theroists) have always been pseudo-intellectuals that don't live in reality. Which is why most people in higher education can only regurgitate what they have been told by "intellectuals".

No. 12662

Preach. I can no longer stand Louise Perry. She did great work with the “We Can’t Consent To This” project about women who got murdered by men who used “consensual violent sex” as a defense, and I saw her talk critically about porn and sex positivity online so I bought her book and I’ve never been so disappointed. She’s just selling a new packaging of conservative ideals, telling women that casual sex destroys them and that marriage and babies are the one true way. Sure, she quotes Dworkin, but she also uses Shulamith Firestone’s death (she died alone after years of suffering severe mental illness) as a warning of what apparently awaits women who don’t get married and have children. Of course conservatives are willing to interview her, she’s selling the exact same story as they are, just saying that it’s in women’s interests.

No. 12698

I fucking hate the classicm in this movement and only caring about women issues if its tranny related or celebrity wealthy woman related.

Say whatever the fuck you want about libfems but atleast they are doing actual real life activism to help women, helping underrated causes, financial help to struggling women, helping women with education, providing accomidation to battered women, fighting for womens bodily autonomy, most birth control resources and clinics being owned or donated from libfems etc etc

Meanwhile most radfems argue with troons online and their real life activism revolves atound anti-troon rallies.

IM tired of acting like libfems are the devil when modern radfems are just as bad.

And IM not going to go deeper on the high ammount of radfems in the movement who are pro-life (anti abortion), have ZERO empathy to women struggling financially and do not care how to help them or petition ways to help struggling women but are the first ones to cast the stone of judgement if that woman resorts to selling herself to survive. Many radfems also get exposed for racism and using lesbians like a cool girl badge to call themselves despite fucking men.

I saw a anon brag about her scumbag landlord father and then procedded to tell other anons to work multiple Jobs so they could afford the rent of scumbags like her father…and that to me is peak radical feminism or what most radfems are.

No. 12734

Believe it or not I don't hate myself, I don't hate being female (I'm more than okay with it, actually), and I don't have social media so you can't even call me a clout chaser. I don't think you truly care anyway so I won't explain further.

No. 12735

>And IM not going to go deeper on the high ammount of radfems in the movement who are pro-life (anti abortion),
Is this really a thing?

No. 12737

Just because tradfem women infiltrated radfem spaces due to it being the only group of women outside of themselves to be anti-TRA logic / anti-sex work doesn't mean they should be the representation of radfems. Their reasoning for their contempt isn't at all aligned with radical feminism, even if they call themselves terfs. Terf is such a meme title to apply to oneself these days anyways, I see other women using it to describe males, which is even more retarded because men can't be radical feminists. I'm seeing this a lot in this thread, conflating radical feminism with the tradfems muddling up the ideals of radical feminism. I have my issues with the community too, but I think we shouldn't lump the trads in with it because they shouldn't be there in the first place.

No. 12738

Due to the new popularity of the term TERF (thanks to J.K. Rowling and the backlash against her) the term “radfem” has lost all meaning on its own and people use it to mean anyone who hates trannies. Wether or not they are a feminist is irrelevant because culture at large doesn’t give a shit about radical feminism. You don’t even have to be a feminist to be a terf nowadays, you just have to be the TE part

No. 12743

you are displaying typical tranny logic


No. 12744

Nta but I wonder if "real" radfems even exist. Most of them (even the famous ones like Dworkin) are either:
>anti-choice trads
>hypocritical i.e. married with kids (but not full on trad)
>some kind of /pol/ and radfem hybrid
>self-aware trannies
I know about Korean radfems but outside of that?

No. 12745

File: 1680530905365.png (234.94 KB, 486x374, 10010.png)

>read anti porn books and follow blogs discussing how harmful it is to society and women
>read anti sex work discussions and talk to prostitutes who are/were in it and why they were in it
>support the nordic model because it seems like the best method now
>always have been critical of the trans movement but now i have legit arguments available on why i didn't like it but didn't have the words for why
>am more sympathetic to TIFs but i avoid TIMs and write them off as degenerates
>critical of the beauty industry and am gnc myself
>do my best to uplift other women when i can, helped an ex sex worker seek rent assistance programs because thats the reason why she went into it in the first place
>befriend other women in stem programs so we have a tight circle to support eachother
>basically im trying
>mfw a radfem tells me i'm not a real radfem and don't call myself a radfem because i have a husband
Do these women actually want change or do they get off on being 'enlightened' ?

No. 12749

You perfectly illustrated one of my main issues with the radfem movement.
I really hate how a lot of radfems are so incredibly autistic about "misandry"/separatism, like it's all women's liberation should be about. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a "b-but not all men" type of handmaiden. I completely understand the logic behind separatism and trying to avoid men as much as possible, but I just personally don't think it's a sustainable solution. And most importantly, hating/avoiding men doesn't mean shit if you don't do anything to help other women and/or still cultivate internalized misogyny (by wearing make-up or degrading other women for example).
There are plenty of straight, married women who contribute to the cause and uplift other women much better than all those pure separatists, who usually do nothing more than screeching on the internet about how "enlightened" they are.

No. 12750

Armchair activism sucks, which is my problem with the community. So many larpers who talk about "kill all men" who probably don't even know any form of self-defense. Which is where the fearmongering comes in because the idea that every single moid is gonna come and rape you if you simply walk outside by yourself is a retard logic, and I've seen that rhetoric too many times for it not be something I think should be criticized. Being aware of your surroundings and being prepared for the worst case scenario is always better than shoveling scare tactics down everyone else's throats.

If you're a woman who helps uplifts other women by actual activism, you're a 100 times more imperative to the cause of women's liberation vs. any unhinged crazed schizo sitting behind her phone or computer and slinging misogynistic slurs around

No. 12751

Summed up its internalized misogyny that they’re taking out on you under the guise of radical feminism. Don’t even give that shit energy. They lack self awareness and need to find humility and work on themselves. That’s why I don’t like labels. I’m just a feminist idc about anything else because I don’t need validation from others. If women doing their best isn’t enough for you (hypothetical “you”), ask yourself why you think you’re so much better. I guarantee they have ”failings” of their own that they’re ashamed of and if they could let go of that shame they will be more compassionate towards others.

No. 12757

“they’re not real radfems, they just hang around the community” doesn’t hold up because the radfem community isn’t trying to push these people out, they tolerate and encourage them. and this is from someone who spent years in the community. obviously this is a generalization and not all do this, but it’s a pattern of behavior that shouldn’t be ignored. for the most part, the “real radfems” are more than happy to platform trads and misogynistic men if they say things about trannies that they agree with. the definition of terf has gotten watered down so much partly because radfems don’t gatekeep their spaces at all and let anyone be associated with them. actual, non-trad radfems were following and praising fucking matt walsh last year.
i think “real radfems” do exist and a lot of them lean towards lesbian separatism, but they’re either off in their own niche or they end up supporting/rubbing shoulders with the other types you listed bc they agree on some things

No. 12761

>I'm not a "b-but not all men" type of handmaiden
But you are if you think your Nigel is an exception to the rule. Doubly so if you defend deleterious patriachical institutions like marriage. This is why I, and many think only lesbians and perhaps a few women who are willing to free themselves from patriarchal enslavement are the only ones capable of truly critiquing patriachical facets of society honestly.

Don't get me wrong I despise the logic of accusing other women as not being radfem because xyz, this line of thought turns into a endless no true Scotsman, but you have to be blind death and dumb to not see that marriage; a patriachical institution, perhaps the most known in the western world which is designed historically and still to this day to sell off women as bargaining chips for their bodies and reproductive capacities as perfect undamaged goods for ideal ownership for moids and in turn, turn women into broodmares is a massive contradiction to feminist, indeed radfem ideology.

No. 12762

kek this is so pretentious nonnie. are you saying het women possess no self awareness whatsoever? that anon didn't even mention her Nigel if she has one and I like how you ignored the rest of her comment. your response just sounds like one massive superiority complex hidden under politics. this movement is such a joke

No. 12763

I read this thread and keep thinking "I don't get it". My radfem circles are all social media groups in my native language, the administrators there mostly translate posts from tumblr, sometimes articles or videos, and then women discuss them in the comments. Things here are quite different from what you are describing, these groups have strict commenting rules and ban policies. So, it's common when under a post about criticizing adaptive preferences some lady says things like: "The patriarchy hates me when I don't use makeup, and feminists hate me when I do", and the more experienced users keep explaining that "we're criticizing the tools of the patriarchy, not the women who use them". Basically in these places it is required to understand the theory and to not trash other women.

Many of the "toxic radfems" described in this thread strike me as confused women who are not very familiar with radical theory. I always thought that the main point of radical feminism was to care for all women, regardless of who they are and what they are believing, because you know from the theory why they are behaving like this and therefore you don't judge them. It takes a lot of work for a feminist to really understand how the world works, and I think the people described here just haven't gotten to that point yet. Maybe they never will. I mostly focus on women who are already committed enough and know their stuff and stay chill around those who don't.

Anyways, your world is very different from mine, I just wanted to let you know about that.

No. 12775

>some kind of /pol/ and radfem hybrid
Other then modern one's, I can't think of any examples that fit this category

No. 12779

How patronizing. It's very funny, I can totally hear the "acckkshually" coming from this post. According to this thread, radfems aligning with right wing men is a-ok as long as it "pushes the movement foward" (what a fucking joke), but how DARE a woman have a husband. No woman is perfect, in any case, if you find what she's doing so wrong just let her commit her own mistakes as long as she's doing other stuff for the community and learning about how women are oppressed in society. We live in a society that normalizes patriarchy and forces women to seek a husband, she's not going to suddenly be like "ohhh shitzzzz time to divorce IN THE NAME OF RADICAL FEMINISM!!!", imagine divorcing someone you're happy with in the name of an ideology. That's just cult like. Polilez are even worse because of how they think they can become something I was born as (attracted to women) just by simply deciding so one day. That's what troons say too, you know. "Just unlearn your prefferences" don't fucking make me gag.

No. 12781

Radical feminism simply doesn't work for everyone, I hope the radfems itt trying to convince ex radfems about shit know so. Let the ex radfems have their thread. We have other threads on here anyway.

No. 12785

What's remotely superiority complex related about questioning patriarchal institutions? We're all aware that they exist as women, I'm not talking down to anyone. I'm not telling you anything new. The Nigel comment was directed towards >>12745 anon, quite clearly.

I'm baffled by this response as you seem to have a inherent disgust about marriage voiced in that you consider it a mistake and no woman perfect for entertaining it but backpedal to insulting other randoms bizarrely despite agreeing with them on this assertion. The rest of the post is schizo rambling about how some imaginary people are forcing you to get divorced for a cult, which yes I agree is fucking retarded.

No. 12787

imagine coming to this thread to fight ex radfems because you can't accept some people might have a different opinion or experience than yours instead of going outside and helping women's shelters not get attacked by troons

No. 12789

There's nothing wrong with that anon having a husband.

No. 12790

There's nothing wrong with that anon having a husband.

No. 12794

I mean obviously all men are misogynistic to some extent, because all men have been socialized within patriarchal societal norms. I am well aware that there are no exceptions to this rule. It just doesn't mean moids are inherently evil and the only solution is to avoid them at all cost, at least in my humble opinion. Feel free to disagree with this take.
Surely not being sexually/romantically involved with men allows you to take a step back from their retarded misogynistic expectations and be "free" in a way. It may give you a better perspective on certain aspects, but who tf are you to say you're the only group of women that's able to critique patriarchy ? I get your logic, but it's extremely pretentious. Also, marriage does have obviously misogynistic roots, but it's not what it used to be. Most people nowadays just see it as nothing more than a formality to make a relationship official and get some financial advantages. I still think it's retarded, but it's perfectly possible to be married while being aware that (especially religious) marriage has been widely used against women.

No. 12808

so terri strange seems to have gone full tardfem now.

No. 12810

This is really old news

No. 12819

how the hell is she tradfem now? Because she now is into spirituality or astrology that makes her tard? This is exactly why people are leaving this movement.

I hate that you made me defend her.

No. 12820

File: 1680644327042.png (427.41 KB, 879x2264, radfem to tard pipeline.png)

you can see her progress in real time with the favorite section on goodreads.
this might be an unpopular opinion but this is why I reject any radfem who engages in spiritualism in the slightest, cause this is how it always ends up for them.

No. 12821

oh i didn't follow her enough to know about the goodreads, i just see that her videos are harmless.
And maybe the reason for that is because i am already used to detrans and radfem to trad women with even crazier right-wing and more extreme views than this.

What is it about radical feminism where so many of the women who join end up conservatives or tradthots. Not going to lie i feel happy that i did not fall into the trad rabbit hole and left radfeminism when it started to get weird.

I think a big part of the reason for this is the cultish behavior of radfeminism and the autistic rules that they set on other women so then it becomes easier for women to join another cult-like movement such as right-wing/nazi sympathizing or trad-spirituality because they have already been groomed into that way of thinking by the radfem movement they were in.

No. 12824

>I think a big part of the reason for this is the cultish behavior of radfeminism and the autistic rules that they set on other women
this. i think people who get really into radfeminism tend to be attracted to extremism/radical beliefs to begin with, and willing to join communities that have a lot of strict rules and expectations of policing how other people behave to stay in the group. this is a bad combination of traits because it's also what attracts people to shit like religion or conservatism. a lot of them also don't read any theory, they just infer what radfem beliefs are from the community, so they're not genuinely thinking for themselves about complex issues.

No. 12827

Same. The wiccan neopagan radfems that believe in the divine feminine energy creep me out.

No. 12836

File: 1680663951385.jpg (287.77 KB, 610x1665, 67f2e901f4ab91469ac29a43458092…)

In Germany, there was a phenomenon till the late 2000's, where some young people switched between various extremist ideologies such as communism or fascism. While primarily young men took part in the phenomenon, women also participated. you could find Neo-Nazi women who were former women's studies majors. many young people, who may be struggling to find their identity and sense of belonging, seek out perceived extremist groups as a way to rebel or engage in petty acts of aggression.

No. 12842

File: 1680671784463.webm (18.21 MB, 240x240, doc1.webm)

Today I watched a documentary with a guy who was an ex-nazi talk about exactly what you mentioned in your post. I hate nazis and I don't know if they deserve redemption but this was an interesting watch nonetheless. This guy now works to help vulnerable people who could be victim to radicalized groups get a better life than just plain hatred. I'm not sure who this guy is or does besides what he said in the video, but what he says definitely made me think a bit. Here it is as a webm. Tried to fit in what I could. Part 1

I just hate all kinds of radicalized groups. I wish people didn't fall for them all the time.

No. 12856

Modern radfems be like : I don't care that Jk Rowling is friendly with or collabs with people who are MRA, pro-life or right-wing. I'm still going to turn her into a radfem feminist icon just because she hates trannies.

No. 12861

She did that? I'm asking because I genuinely don't know what kind of people she has collabed with.

No. 12872

im so sick of hearing about that mediocre author and her constant sperging about troons

No. 12873

I’m attracted to extreme controversial opinions, but I have been a radfem for ages and haven’t become a nazi or trad. My “extreme” beliefs are the more leftist ones that are based in factual reality. I think the difference might actually really be spiritual shit because I’m not into religion or spirituality. Terri got involved with a man who was also into spiritual shit like divine femininity and she got dickmatized, then she slowly started wearing more and more makeup etc.

No. 12877

I still hold a lot of radfem beliefs and try my best to practice them irl but the constant purity politics and sperging about "cockgarglers/dickworshippers" online from a bunch of unemployed lesbian seperatists is exhausting. No idea how we got here - this is what happens when women spend too much time tweeting and not enough time volunteering in a female-only space I guess.
I think a lot of these retards forget that if you agree with and want women's liberation, you're going to have to work with women you don't like or women you don't agree with. Instead of acknowledging this and working on the shit that actually matters, they've flipped it and went "Well aychually if you're xyz you aren't a real radfem like me" the recent one being heterosexual. Right, so you've just excluded a big percentage of women straight away then, purely based on sexuality. Good luck fighting for women's liberation when you can't even step outside without bursting into a rage and sperging on radtwt because you saw a "dickmunching" woman holding hands with her husband.

No. 12881

>I think a lot of these retards forget that if you agree with and want women's liberation, you're going to have to work with women you don't like or women you don't agree with.
Anon, I love you

No. 12895

Im going to be honest. Im sick and tired of only focusing on trans people or acting like they are the biggest issue when it comes to womens rights.
Trans are non-existent where i am at and the same could be said for many other country's too. Yet i am supposed to focus all of my attention or activism to trannies who barely affect me or other women.

Yes i fucking said it, im done with hating on trannies and i dont give a fuck about their existence anymore or talking about them.

No. 12899

Same. I know that collectively peaking about trans people and men is very satisfying, but it's tiring when all the 'activism' I see is memes about them. The joke got stale after a while.

No. 12901

I agree, normies are peaking and support for trannies started to diminish, so it feels like preaching to the choir lol.

No. 12917

I really despise the radfems who despite hating sexism they still chose to call other women "dick breaths". Or whatever other incel lingo they adopt.

No. 12919

Man, nobody wants to focus on trannies. It's fucking INSANE that we have to spend even an ounce of time, effort or thought on convincing other people that biological sex is real and exists. It's entirely possible the whole phenomena was devised specifically to waste our time and distract feminists from important work that would materially help and liberate women.

But realistically wtf other choice do we have? SOMEONE has to fight it, they're so efficient at silencing any dissent on all platforms, they somehow have massive influence over politicians and corporations, even if they are a tiny minority they are bizarrely powerful. And real women are indeed being affected whether it's by men being in their bathrooms and change rooms or women being pushed out of sports or trans widows dealing with their AGP husbands or kids being harmed by surgery or medicine. I don't blame you for being done with it but it's obvious why so many of us are seething.

No. 12922

No one irl talks about trannies because most women have bigger issues, 1/3 girls get sexually harassed before they reach the age of 18 and sexual harassment against women is still common in workplaces and colleges alike so women in these situations, especially if there arent trannies around them, won't talk about tranny issues.
Hating trannies doesn't make you a radfem or a feminist, it makes you a normal person.

No. 12928

You sound unhinhed and seething. Like most radfems who insist posting in this thread.

No. 12931

I really lost hope after seeing so many "radfems" contemplate on voting/supporting conservative right wing candidates over people actually looking to improve and guard female rights BUT were accepting of trannies. Fuck, imagine being so obsessed with a niche group of people that you would rather go scorched earth and destroy everything women have just to own the troons. I get being concerned over how normalizing tranny shit hurts people but honestly like 90% of all normies think ignoring or denying biological sex is crazy and simply go by the "live and let live" idea. Most trans people are pretty harmless in the end and the major issue to me is transing kids who have no real autonomy over their decisions, not some adult doing whatever.

This. My major problems are the trauma of being sexually harassed, living with the fear of being raped stuck in the back of my head and having my career hindered by my birth sex. I have no energy to be outraged over some programming sock wearing pervert who never exits his basement anyway.

No. 12954

trannies don't exist if you live outside the west. i only knew they existed on the internet before i moved to america. third-world women's biggest problems are being assaulted, high risk of being murdered, lack of education opportunities, etc. if having to call a man in a wig "she" is your biggest problem you're probably privileged as hell as are the radfems who seethe about trannies constantly but never talk about issues that impact women outside of the anglosphere.

No. 12955

Many of these "manhater" radfems hate men for reasons that aren't exclusive to men and I know they would judge me too for the same stuff. Idk why they have to hide behind "men" they could just openly hate people who do certain things.

No. 12961

The mental disonance of radfems who hate when women say the word "bitch" and "cunt" and yet they call other women "cockbreaths" and "cumguzzlers".

No. 12962

Only women should be able to say the word bitch and cunt. Men don't get a pass. And no one should use the word cumguzzler for women, for fucks sake… Some radfems I swear.

No. 12963

The cumguzzler stuff straight up reminds me of those subreddits that share disgusting degrading porn and have misogyny kinks or whatever. It's exactly the same type of wording these men use and yet they see nothing wrong with it.

No. 12964

Yeah. I've seen this happen to GNC women or anyone who isn't a perfect radicalized radfem that gives up everything they like in the name of not being bullied or questioned by other radfems. Yet some of them celebrate murderers and fellons as long as they are female. Or adopt right wingers as idols even though they don't really care about us as long as "trannies are defeated". Not all women are good and sacred like they want you to believe.

No. 13008

What's worse is that they will celebrate psychopathic female felons and murderers for being female and suck the dicks of right-wing men because they said trannies are mentally ill but the moment a woman who's done more for the women in her life than any of these chronically online scumbags turns out to be a Pronoun Respecter they lose all respect for her and will call her every name in the book. They would literally rather support a child killer or a conservative misogynist homophobe than get along with women who they disagree with on this one thing that's largely insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

No. 13010

The only 'radfem' who calls women cockbreaths on lc was revealed to be the tranny trying to start infighting. Mods did post history reveal. That being said, recognising women who throw women under the bus to serve men is not the same even if you interpret it as such.
This whole thread just feels like bait kek. Probably the troon who tried to post the same thing and psyop anons into agreeing that trannies aren't that bad and when called out immediately started posting white women fuck dogs memes because of incel-to-trans pipeline.
Trannies put women at greater risk of rape and allow sexism to be reintroduced into laws and society. Everything embraced in the west trickles down because of popularising it, just look at Japan. It's slower in some places, but ends up affecting everyone everywhere. It's like pretending the actions of retard world powers don't affect the smaller countries, a delusional assertion.
Nta but this is pretty dumb considering other anons who aren't radfems seethe in the radfem threads. Lots of posts here are from posters who sperg out in those threads, them come here to cope. This is also the feminism board.

Never forget paki-chan made the anti-radfem threads because people called her retarded for thinking Christian men were somehow less misogynistic, even in the medieval period (mega kek) than modern Pakistan because the bible preaches equality (it doesn't).

No. 13018

File: 1680948458557.png (702.74 KB, 1366x1094, FsUglBAAEjSr.png)

From what I understand radical feminism like most post-Marxist strains, simplifies complex systems by reducing them to a supposed political essence. by teaching Women that politics is "essentially sexual" and that "even the so-called democracies" are "male hegemonies" so there was no point in trying to improve the system through actual politics and spawning an excesses of women's studies departments to replicate its own exitance, radical feminism shifted feminism's focus from material realities to an ideology that rejected empirical and source-based approaches to writing history and sociology, advocating for a feminist turn towards postmodernism.

No. 13020

Yeah, lot's of people aren't even posting about being ex-radfem and are just reeing about radfems in general (or anyone they label as radfem without actually knowing if they are since this is an anonymous imageboard populated by many people, and recognising biological sex and that men aren't women because they say so isn't the same as being a radfem, but they're newfags who heard this was a radfem website since anons don't have to play the pronoun game/heard from trannies online seething about the sites existence) and were just normie libfems upset at it being pointed out that wearing makeup isn't feminist (neutral at best), that being pro-troon or pro-sex work is anti-women and feeling guilty/upset at being recognised as being on the 'wrong side of history', thinks feminism means just being nice to women no matter how evil and therefore hating women who hate women is bad and not truly feminist (not just about women deserving rights/protections from violent men who largely control society), or shriek at the idea of female separatism since it makes the scrotes around them they want to cater to with the whole 'I'm an equalist not feminist, men and women can work together and pandering to men enough will lead to them accepting us' schtick chimpout. Not shocking how a good discussion thread has devolved. I think they just think 'radical' = 'extreme', and not 'root' kek.
The pakistani poster kept creating threads when they didn't get replies agreeing with them.
We got lots of newfag posters from being recognised online. The new posters both want to be asshole gossips on the internet but also want to cape for troons like the 'edgy' youtubers who claim to be anti-sjw and make jokes about women belonging in the kitchen but then also ree about pronouns and not being a bigot.

No. 13021

This is just like lefty men saying that womens rights aren't important since inflation and capitalism effects more people.

No. 13022

This is some full on projection and cope blogging my sister. The anons in these threads aren't saying shit like "biological sex isn't real" or any of those boogeyman thoughts but complaining about radfem communities turning into puritan breeding grounds filled with wrongthink policing, loss of nuance and extremist views just like the libfems they hate so much. What's being said for example above is that the hyperfixation on trannies attracted conservatives, tradthots and overall homophobic people and radfems welcomed them with open arms because they were considered "allies" while harboring a seething hate for every single feminist woman who disagrees with the trans issue, so all other female and homosexual rights were trampled all over. That's a very valid complaint and common enough to be observed across the board and if you're personally offended over that then I think you have some reflection to do.

No. 13023

It sound likes the old 'feminists being pwned' posts moids used to post kek. It's no secret men have been posting in the board since it was made public. The pinkpill thread had scrotes reeing about women being evil incels for hating men in it for days. Especially with the added 'noooo, trannies aren't a problem' which the resident troon poster used to spam on cc after being banned from lc.

No. 13024

Except this isn't true and you are just claiming it when anyone can see otherwise in our own radfem or whatever retard label threads. This can be even observed by reading the terf threads here like you seem to think people can't just see and will believe whatever lie you post? Any time something 'tradfaggy' gets posted it gets shit on. Also, trannies and embracing them and not caring about how they affect society is homophobic ironically while you try and claim focusing on the harm of trans issues is homophobic. Yeah, conversion therapy and saying women wanting to have sex sans penis s 'problematic/transphobic' totally isn't homophobic. Do you think straight men harassing lesbians are sad gay bois we need to feel bad for? Sorry the movement you support is peaking so many people because it is filled with MRAs who ree about terfs like they used to ree about 'feminazis', supports sexist gender role bullshit, and the incel-to-trans pipeline is becoming more and more obvious.

No. 13025

They aren't saying anyway in which shows they were an ex-radfem specifically, just shit that's across the board.

No. 13026

As this anon said >>12738 this whole thread is just reeing about hating anyone who doesn't believe in trans bullshit and claiming they are rf, from conservatives to your standard libfem who isn't 100% a tra kek.

No. 13031

how about you go and check the blackpill thread right now and see what positive image they have over there about women also we're not just talking about this site but radfem spaces in general. at radblr they used to call women dickhoppers at ease. you don't get to lie to me that this shit and other bullshit isn't happening, i've been following radfem online discourse when it was mostly at blogspot blogs, when the term terf hasn't even been invented yet, i have seen a change with what kind of mentally ill puritan and deranged women these communities are filled with nowadays.

No. 13036

Yeah, the posters who post normal stuff for the board sage even when their threads are more active, but the ones reeing about any ideal that doesn't pander to men or feminism leaves everything unsaged to try and instigate infighting. One persons keeping this thread alive kek. Check the times. Sad bait gets left up.

No. 13041

When radfem aligned websites like lolcow spread blalant misinformation about women's mental health it really does show how immature this movement really is. You don't care about women, you just want to bully people who are mentally ill.

No. 13042

The shit people in here say about autistic women when most of the userbase is autistic themselves (not saying it as an insult) just reeks of insecurity to me.(samefagging and replying to yourself)

No. 13044

You clearly weren't here in the pandemic before that guy showed up because right now you're ignoring so many blackpill anons who clearly defended their misogyny and had proof to be female.(samefagging, multiple replies to the same post)

No. 13045

>How dare the women who don't align with my intensely rigid politics that attract extremists criticize my cult. They must be the tranny!

Nice bait.(samefagging, replying multiple times to make it seem like multiple anons)

No. 13047

>radfem aligned websites
>assumes all posters are radfems
Proving >>13020 the point that posters reeing about radfems do not know what a radfem or lolcow is and assume everyone they disagree with is a radfem. It is just an imageboard where only women are allowed to post and you don't have to pretend men are women, not a 'radfem aligned' or feminist website kek.
>complains radfems are against material reality
>thread posters reeing about troons aka people against material reality aren't a problem

No. 13048

>My ideology
Not even a radfem, just hate seeing the obvious lies and chimping out about other posters, and again just proving >>13020 labelling anyone who points out the obvious strawmaning as a 'radfem'. Anons in this thread just mean poster they are infighting with when they say 'radfem' kek. And the samefagging is also pretty obvious.
>rigid ideology
Yes, ideologies must have rules and you can't call yourself something without imbodying those rules kek. You must be one of the posters seething that they were totes a radfem but didn't actually follow any of the ideology and just called themselves that to fit in. Literally just seething about not being in the perceived 'cool kids' club on an imageboard.

No. 13049

Anon a lot of people here are radfem aligned. It's why we have this board. It's the narrative everyone uses when defending the website. It's the reason why pickmeism and people talking about wanting a husband are not tolerated in /ot/. Like, whatever. Why is lolcow being a radfem aligned website only now a lie? It clearly is. Don't change the narrative just because we're in this thread.(samefagging, multiple replies to the same post)

No. 13050

Samefagging for what reason nonny… If you're not a radfem why are you so pressed. Seriously you're infighting for no reason then. If you're not a radfem why are you even angry kek(samefagging, multiple replies to the same post)

No. 13051

>a lot of posters are radfems
Not everyone, so labelling every random asshole you disagree with a radfem is disingenuous and very obviously politically motivated.

And that reply time makes it obvious you are camping the thread to infight. Probably is just one person constantly bumping it to infight about the meanie radfems like the scrote did in the pinkpill thread.

No. 13052

Let's see. Most people in this thread are saying they didn't want to be a radfem anymore due to 1. Seeing people defending child abuse 2. Seeing people aligning with misogynistic slurs. Is that what you're defending as "part of your rigid ideology"? Why are you infighting if you're not a radfem anyway. You can hide the thread. I think any ideology is worthy of discussion and dissection when there's a clear line that some people in the movement are crossing. Like other anons have mentioned, it is healthy. Or else you are letting the scum in, too. You're not seeing the positive aspects of it, and it shows that you just want to fight for fighting sake. If you're not a radfem or ex radfem why are you here anyway?(samefagging, multiple replies to the same post)

No. 13053

You're weird.

No. 13054

>well some anons are but not all
Not all, exactly. And it is not a feminist website, nowhere in the rules does it specify feminist discussion only, we have it because feminism involves women. That does not mean this is what the website is for.

Like I said, just hate the lies. Not being a radfem doesn't mean I hate them or disagree with them. You can sympathise with some points without agreeing with others. And if you hate them, doesn't mean you are antifeminist or tra since according to you since you think being against something = being on the opposite side and not neutral.

>bumping thread
>immediate replying
>camping thread
>>10944 is right, it's just a tradfag or the troon (he did the same thing in ot once). Also, saying nonny doesn't help you blend in. If every post must be accepted as fact you must accept that I am not a radfem. Otherwise, if you can speculate on my status as not a radfem, how can other anons not speculate on the other assertions that have no proof on here like >>12102 does, like your retarded claim of being pro-child abuse (not that the post you refer to >>11527 is even child abuse, words aren't violence and it's pretty disingenuous and disgusting to try and conflate the two).

No. 13055

The unsaged posts and immediate replies and samefagging kind of proves that it was a moid who made the thread, or at least camps it. It really is obvious kek.

No. 13056

Aren't you camping and samefagging to infight yourself at the moment?(no, that's you)

No. 13057

You do not have to sage on non cow boards

No. 13063

This is the ex-radfem thread, are you a radfem? No one asked for your opinion.

No. 13083

Kek, called it. Literally just one anon samefagging.

No. 13084

File: 1680993052375.png (75.82 KB, 1822x1074, 2X - Ex Radfem thread.png)

holy kek this thread lit up like a christmas tree

No. 13086

I knew lots of women who were outright raped by their male peers at even younger ages than 8-9. It’s sad to say, but boys do need to be told in the bluntest of terms what to not do, because they seem to believe that sexual torture is normal, when it isn’t happening to them. This is why I hate boymoms. I’ve been strangled by boys, almost died at that age and the mom just said “lol well she is still alive who cares”.

No. 13124

Yeah this type of gaslighting is another reason why I've walked away from the community. you aren't allowed to criticize it at all without being accused of being a man or again..a fake radfem! am >>12745 sitting here with my xx chromosomes and everything rolling my eyes at some women coping hard. acting like this movement doesn't have growing problems.

No. 13178

It's extremely funny that scrotes are seething so hard about women finally standing against their shit behaviour that they will spend hours on an unknown womens only imageboard and samefag and cope post just to try and psyop anons.

No. 13243

Was the samefagging anon pro or anti feminism?

No. 13253

There is like 3 threads on the first page about how "radfem is le bad". You don't even need to have your tinfoil on anymore, scrotes are seething hard.

No. 13257

>it's impossible for women to have legitimate concerns and criticisms of radical feminism so therefore anyone that does is automatically a scrote

>le bad

Where am I? Reddit in 2013?

No. 13259

The focus of the post is on the number of threads with the "legitimate concerns and criticisms of radical feminism". Especially in the light of the samefag infighting show.

No. 13272

I can't belive femcels turned /2X/ into some female hating anti feminist board.

No. 13429


No. 13430

I know at least two were made by pakichan to complain about anons not worshiping white tradfaggot scrotes kek. Though, I tinfoil that pakichan is male.

No. 13431

I know at least two were made by pakichan to complain about anons not worshiping white tradfaggot scrotes kek. Though, I tinfoil that pakichan is male.

No. 13432

I know at least two were made by pakichan to complain about anons not worshiping white tradfaggot scrotes kek. Though, I tinfoil that pakichan is male.

No. 14179

I flirted with radfem shortly after my "peak trans" but it didn't last long.
It is a cult just like trannies: you must worship the matriarchal goddess, break your makeup, divorce your husband, abort baby boys, kill male animals (they are also psychopathic rapists), cry "look what they took from us" whenever womyn’s land and lesbian bars are mentioned, etc. If you don't do this, you are not a true radfem™.
But the radfems who reduce their separatism to just “don’t date scrotes" irritate me even more, since the “radfems” (sic) in my country usually are just edgy lesbians without any actual activism and are just dedicated to cyberbullying bis and troons (including teenagers) but at the same time they are always sucking the metaphorical dick of gay scrotes because "t-they understand our pain!".
Also, most of the harassment and misogyny I’ve experienced was in academic and work environments, so, I feel annoyed that having a nigel is such a taboo in radfem niche worldwide but everyone is all for "more women in (insert area dominated by some of the worst kind of scrotes here)”.

No. 14309

File: 1682594927024.jpg (41.74 KB, 563x554, ba5bb97c0bf0eca262b43450813155…)

I agree with the vast majority of radfem beliefs but I'm getting kind of tired of associating with the label of it when most of the people following it are just as retarded and inconsistent as trannies and TRAs. They also have absolutely no responsibility for themselves but hold other women to insane standards that they can't even follow themselves. I think the movement, principles and beliefs themselves are very well-founded and make sense when it comes to how disgusting males are, but it's exhausting seeing women point out other women who slip up yet when they do it it's suddenly fine because uh well actually it's patriarchy I was brainwashed I'm the victim. I cba with it. I wonder if it's just a natural part of what happens when good movements gain traction on social media and now any old retard who doesn't know how to take responsibility wants to preach about stuff - like if you're doing something that's against radfem at least own it and say it with your chest, stop trying to warp standards to suit yourself. I don't give a fuck if you're a boymom but stop calling him radfembaby, stop trying to shoehorn every shitty choice you make into the movement then play victim, how are you going to achieve any sort of liberation when you can't even own your stupid choices and accept them then expect everyone else to also look at you like you're a victim?

I saw this shit every day on radtwt (which I guess isn't surprising) but the thing that actually turned me off and distanced me from much of this was the Lisa Michele situation. She's a relatively wealthy 40-something year old Youtuber who claims to be a radfem and it was through her and RR videos that I first got introduced to these beliefs. Then I find out that allegedly KC was sexually harassing her and being a creep - how fucked up. Then I actually see the screenshots that she's posted and, yes while he's being a creep, she was also knowingly fucking around and flirting with an engaged moid and now she wants to play the victim when things are exposed. She's made countless posts about how much this thing upsets her and how much she is "emotionally abused" like girl you had every fucking chance to log off and stop messaging him but you didn't because you loved the attention. You also didn't offer an inch of sympathy towards his fiance…so much for female solidarity? So much for uplifting women when you can't even publicly address or apologise for choosing to hurt another woman? You couldn't even make a little post or try to get in touch with her and apologise woman to woman, even if she didn't respond to you? You make countless videos about this shit yet can't even hold accountability when you refuse to apply it to your life. It's all "pro-woman" until the radfem is personally inconvenienced by it or exposed for doing something wrong and then suddenly they're the victim. I've seen it so many times and I hate it. I still want to practice the beliefs but I'm getting more blackpilled by the day and I'm starting to understand why BPers are like that, for the most part. I think the best thing for any woman who wants to practice that stuff irl is to just stay away from any online figures or communities because that shit will make you blackpill faster than you think and you won't even want to be associated with the movement that much anymore.

No. 14312

>abort baby boys
I used to think that was an edgy meme until a radfem I knew IRL told me that she hoped my wife and I don't have a boy (we're trying for a baby) and that if we do find out we're having one, we "make sure it doesn't happen". It's fucking psychotic.

No. 14353

based radfem you know irl. Why would you willingly bring another moid onto the planet seeing that no matter how much good parenting you give him, he'll just turn out to be like all the others? idgi, boymoms stay cringe

No. 14360

>"look what they took from us" whenever womyn’s land and lesbian bars are mentioned
Those two never made sense to me, most lesbians just didn't tend to cluster like gay men and there wasn't enough financial capital to support lesbian bars and as for womyn' land, they failed cause they were run by people who didn't know shit about surviving off the grid.

No. 14362

>Kill male animals
For real? I can't speak for other Radfems, but I would never hurt an animal. I stepped on a cat's paw once and it made me want to commit seppuku. I gave him a bunch of treats afterward because I felt so guilty.

No. 14374

File: 1682642671648.jpeg (31.54 KB, 735x561, ACA0C7B5-31C4-41E2-AA0C-5AB522…)

She’s becoming a straight up joke

No. 14375

I know someone who isn't even a radfem but was weird about this too specifically because of the statistics of males becoming murderers. Luckily she is having a girl anyway so no need to abort or have an existential crisis kek. Even as a general man-hater I think it's retarded to be that extreme. But one thing I do know is that women who feel that way tend to have suffered pretty bad trauma so I kind of get it.

No. 14378

There would be less men in (insert area dominated by some of the worst kind of scrotes here) in the lomg run if baby boys were aborted. What's not clicking?

No. 14379

abortion is fine, what's wrong with aborting would-be infant males?

No. 14380

Not a radfem because I’m dating a moid, simple as. I share a lot of the same beliefs and I’m pro separatism though it’s not something I’ve chosen (until we break up). I think radical feminism needs to gatekeep more because the kinds of women on radblr and radtwt are literally just choice feminists with a touch of misandry

No. 14381

I'm not fully aware of everything that went on with Lisa Michele and the XY but does anyone know why she even engaged with him and then continued to interact with him? I saw one of L.M.'s videos prior to this (vid related) and the pleasant video certainly implied she was a WGTOW/separatist… so why did she even bother with him? is she simply het./bi. and got swept up with the male attention? it's simply confusing to me.

No. 14382

Because she’s a fucking idiot, it’s very simple. These supposed “blackpilled” “WGTOW” women never actually walk the walk, only talk the talk. Lisa is constantly making videos with RadicalRamblings and she even said RR helped her immensely through this retarded situation with King Critical, to which I feel awful for, because lesbians shouldn’t have to bother with OSA women’s retardation like this. I understand friends helping friends through hard times but I feel like within this context it’s just another example of straight radfems getting involved with the men they hate so much and then waiting for other radfems (most radfems are lesbians) to come support her. Lisa even called this dude a fucking “male feminist ally”. How? Literally how. Baffling

No. 14384

File: 1682662188804.jpeg (117.81 KB, 719x581, L.M..jpeg)

I'm not coming down on Exulansic's side and feel that "trashing" somewhat aware women (and women in general) is poor form but fuck's sake.
was L.M. aware the male was engaged to a woman? her explanation in pic related is just kind of pitiful. he was behind a screen, geographically at a distance away from her. just… turn off the computer. not to be a clit but this reads "it was exciting to me to have an engaged male flirt with me/pay me attention but I am attempting to dodge that publicly."

No. 14388

File: 1682665400055.png (70.58 KB, 676x317, Furies-Forum-676x317.png)

>she was a WGTOW/separatist… so why did she even bother with him? is she simply het./bi.
I once read the autobiography of Rita Mae Brown, a feminist writer and lesbian activist. She was also a member of the radical feminist separatist group, "The Furies."
I was hoping for an empowering feminist narrative, but instead I found a portrayal of privileged women, most of whom were either straight or bisexual. including Rita herself who was a lesbian out of her political beliefs. In the book, these radical lesbians frequently engaged in petty personal drama with each other, such as arguments about chores or minor relationships, and would secretly sneak off to have sex with men.
So I guess this an issue that goes back ages.

No. 14389

While radfems are anti-makeup etc I have never seen them write or say things like abort baby boys and kill male animals. In fact they tend to be very strongly anti-violence to the point of being naive. That's my impression of Western radfems after spending a lot of time reading their works and engaging with thme online, I don't know which country you live in though.
Personally I don't call myself radfem because I'm too pro violence against scrotes and pro-makeup and such shit.

No. 14390

This is why blackpillers have the right idea by not even identifying with radical feminism anymore because it has no teeth, real radfems who are separatist misandrists who seek to live on communes/womyns land are what we should all aspire to be but many women simply don’t want that lifestyle. therefore no radfem especially lesbian radfems should have to stick around to pick up the pieces when OSA women inevitably get shit on after going for men again and again. Lisa Michele isn’t a singular case it probably happens way more than we think because radtwt and radblr is full of women who think they’re niche micro celebs kinda and put up a front but who knows what happens behind closed doors. I appreciate the women in radfem spaces who keep it honest and say they are dating a moid/married but never bring him up again lol

No. 14392

This has probably been mentioned a hundred times before, but it is worth noting that separatist communes and women-only lands have often failed because few individuals were willing to put in the necessary effort to sustain communal living and work. Its easy to romanticize this lifestyle, but difficult to actually follow through. A Twitter quote I read sums this up well: 'Everyone wants to live in the woods until it's time to clean up the outhouse.'

No. 14393

At the risk of scrotes seeing this, you can literally find womyns land right now to visit and spend extended time at in the US.

No. 14394

yes, run by a few old women who put in the work but you know and I know that no one's going to live there.

No. 14395

Well yes, most women don’t want to even give up using asbestos riddled powder on their face, but it’s womyns land nonetheless and most accept long term residents who pull their weight and regardless, it’s still something in this nightmare of a country. They’re putting in the effort, they’re walking the walk and talking the talk. meanwhile “blackpilled” women like Lisa Michele cry on the bathroom floor over not getting some crumbs of crusty male feminist cock…there’s something to be said about the absolute state of radical feminism

No. 14397

Once there was an inspiring tale that I heard a while ago by a Lebanese Socialist. It was about a solitary man who arrived in a city and started speaking about his vision to make the world a better place. Undeterred by the initial lack of audience, he continued preaching his message every day. In the beginning, he was able to gain many followers, some of whom promised to fight alongside him. However, as time passed, people lost interest in his cause as long as their own lives were comfortable. Despite this, the man persevered even as he aged and nobody stopped to listen to him. One day, a young child approached him and asked him why he continued to preach despite nobody listening. The man replied that though he started out thinking he could change everyone, he soon realized it was a hopeless dream. However, he would not give up preaching and fighting because he had gambled his entire life on his vision, and starting now would mean it was all just one big lie.
Right now, this is the situation that most of these women are facing

No. 14403

AYRT, "Most of them" is literally so self-pitying I can't even comprehend it. What's the point in being a radfem if you think most women are just terrible creatures? I feel like she rarely goes outside honestly, most women may be complicit but they are not actively terrible like moids are. She's just so spineless, one inch of criticism from an incident that she chose to pursue and chose to make public and now she thinks most women are terrible. It's honestly so cringe seeing this behaviour from a 40-something year old woman. She couldn't even have the guts to name Exulansic or talk directly to her/about her about the yogurt video thing. If most women are terrible that includes you too Lisa because you willingly hurt another woman and can't even communicate with other women directly.
She's het and she said she was "charmed" by him. The thing is, I'm osa too and I get it but we can't make excuses for it - sometimes a man comes along and says the right things to you and you enjoy the attention. That's literally it, as an adult you need to accept the facts and move on. She chose to interact with him because she was enjoying that attention, and she should have just said this from the start instead of trying to act as if he was some evil mastermind who cast a seduction spell upon her. This was all entirely online so it's not like there was anything personal or irl-related to lose from just blocking him and stopping contact.
KEK yeah she was totally aware, you can find KC and his gf's travelling youtube channel very easily too. It wasn't some massive secret or hidden thing. In the first stream she did I watched all of it and she even admitted that she was involved in another affair years ago (like she was messing around with a married/engaged man) because someone in the comments section mentioned it. She just had a little chuckle about it then didn't even address that, then moved on to playing victim again. This is what irritates me the most and caused me to stop supporting her because I was slowly clocking that she's held absolutely no accountability for the fact that she hurt KC's girlfriend - who is the only innocent woman in this scenario and deserves far better than this mess.
And comparing it to what Paris and Britney went through…girl stfu, they were relentlessly hounded and harassed for years and all you've done is willingly choose to fuck around with a scrote who's already in a relationship. "I flirted but that was grooming and manipulation" no one forced you to send those saucy Snapchats sis, no one groomed you to send those messages on Discord. You're a whole adult and knew fine well what you were doing. That entire post is a complete mess and of course she deletes the comments that offer even a hint of mild criticism or disagreement.

No. 14408

Based, ily
Lisa engaged with him fully of her own will, straight up sought him out. She watched his streams and became a regular and fang irked over him until she became a mod. Then she said he was her “favorite parasocial relationship” and I believe also was the one to propose streaming together. Pathetic.

No. 14415

>bragged about another affair years ago

Oh wow, imagine calling yourself a radfem yet flirting with or sleeping with men who are in relationships. A homewrecker radfem

This is why I can't take radfems seriously, too many stupid pickmes in that community who only care about spreading theory meanwhile they don't care about action or changing their actions.

No. 14416

I wish radical ramblings would call Lisa out in streams or comments when she says insane male-identified shit. Radical just sat there listening to and watching Lisa defend Johnny Depp, trash her feminist followers for disliking KC, and talk about how women are just so awful and “racing men to the bottom”. It’s kind of hard to not let it color my view of radical ramblings when they act like besties and fawn over each other all the time.

No. 14418

>Radical just sat there listening to and watching Lisa defend Johnny Depp,
wait what?

No. 14419

>She's het and she said she was "charmed" by him.
I only saw a snippet of a video of the male describing how he ingested (licked) the little pot of yogurt but he seemed to have absolutely zero charisma, how the fuck did he charm her…
>She chose to interact with him because she was enjoying that attention, and she should have just said this from the start instead of trying to act as if he was some evil mastermind who cast a seduction spell upon her. This was all entirely online so it's not like there was anything personal or irl-related to lose from just blocking him and stopping contact.
>she was totally aware, you can find KC and his gf's travelling youtube channel very easily too. It wasn't some massive secret or hidden thing.
>she even admitted that she was involved in another affair years ago (like she was messing around with a married/engaged man)
it just gets worse the more of your post that I read, fucking hell. this is embarrassing for this woman.
>she was involved in another affair years ago (like she was messing around with a married/engaged man) because someone in the comments section mentioned it
this detail here - who was the one that knew this information about L.M. though? seems strange for someone to know of this unless L.M. has mentioned this fact publicly before.
>I was slowly clocking that she's held absolutely no accountability for the fact that she hurt KC's girlfriend - who is the only innocent woman in this scenario and deserves far better than this mess.
I'm cringing.
>And comparing it to what Paris and Britney went through…
>"I flirted but that was grooming and manipulation"
she is around 35-45 years old, right? not like she's 15-20 and naive.
>no one forced you to send those saucy Snapchats

No. 14420

>until she became a mod. Then she said he was her “favorite parasocial relationship” and I believe also was the one to propose streaming together.
w h a t.

No. 14424

I think Lisa Michele’s stream just got bombed by the same commenters who bombed KC’s stream yesterday with yogurt jokes. It seems LM cancelled the stream about 15 minutes in while KC’s is still up. I wonder if they are kiwi farmers or exulansic viewers?

Holy shit, I just went to find it to link but I think she may have privated it. Yeah, Lisa Michele hosted a livestream where the topic was abuse and power or maybe it was just plain about the trial, I can’t exactly remember. Lisa Michele acted like she was “neutral” but spent the whole stream caping for Johnny. She said stuff like that the abuse victims are always thought of as crazy and lash out with stuff like the slamming cabinets things Johnny did. When commenters pointed out that men always lash out like violent manchildren so that logic doesn’t apply, that Depp has a history of abuse and pedo-shit, and that Emily D Baker (who she was following with the trial) is a racist misogynist piece of shit, she insulted them and fought with them while ignoring all evidence that Depp was an abuser. She never retracted her defense or apologized. The stream was co-hosted by Radical Ramblings who just kept nodding along with Lisa and copping out by saying she doesn’t know much about the trial.

No. 14425

Samefag there may be a screenshot of one of her comments defending Depp floating around on lc somewhere, I’ll have to go looking for it. I was pissed when it happened and sperged about it a lot kek.

No. 14426

File: 1682703879116.jpg (102.32 KB, 1080x723, 84bc4c2461e5a59b72358a0e8d6f5f…)

This is like when twitter racists have Hispanic girlfriends, or when hyperwoke WOC have bland white boyfriends, why is this "phenomenon" so common

No. 14432

File: 1682705254029.jpeg (61.12 KB, 750x871, C68C7545-C436-4417-A7BE-407D1C…)

Found it through gettr.com so you know I didn’t make this shit up, and it is indeed set to private. And here’s another anon who watched it responding to me in the Depp thread >>>/ot/1169822

No. 14435

Sorry nonna, by this
>she was involved in another affair years ago
I meant that Lisa actually admitted to being involved with that when she was younger. Someone in her stream said something about themselves being involved in an affair, and then Lisa said "yeah same" then moved on from it like it was absolutely nothing kek. Her entire situation is a mess and instead of just being an adult and owning up then moving on she's dragging out the "emotional abuse" card for as long as possible. Embarrassing.

No. 14436

L.M. is a nonchalant relationship wrecker so that the result is likely another women dealing with psychic weight afterwards?


>Yes, I watched some parts of it but honestly was too disappointed to finish it. So glad it rubbed someone else the wrong way too. The way she's responding to comments questioning her bad takes is also very off-putting. In one of the responses she actually goes like "Well I believe women can be abusive because I have been abused by a woman! I have seen a 5'1 woman abuse a 6'2 man in real life!!" while calling other comments biased and never naming any specific incidents. She gives me huge cow vibes, I don't know if she's ever been mentioned in the radfem cows threads before. I simply don't understand how someone can make multiple videos specifically discussing male violence against women and still fail to see the pattern in an actual example while it's playing out in front of her eyes.
what the fuck am I reading. I only learned of L.M. maybe three months ago or so and have only viewed a couple of her YouTube videos. she seemed very lucid so all of this about her is amazing in the worst way.

No. 14440

In K.C.'s video that he removed addressing the L.M. situation he mentioned that Lisa told him that she doesn't mind being the "other woman." (In fact, it was something like she either didn't mind or she actually enjoyed the idea of being the other woman, I can't remember which) It may have also been in that same video that he mentioned that Lisa told him that if they lived closer to each other they would have already slept together. I didn't quite believe either of these things, but then Lisa in a stream with Radical confirmed that she said that if they lived closer to each other they would have had sex already. So if what you're saying is true about her previously being involved in an affair, then perhaps K.C. was telling the truth about Lisa not minding being the other woman. Pretty scummy stuff. Also, let's not forget about that journal entry she posted about how she was obsessed with the attention and praise he gave her. She was practically having a meltdown in their messages together when he said he wanted to take a two week break from interacting with each other.

No. 14455

It's quite sad that most prominent women in any feminist movement always end up being pickmes. I wonder why do these women even call themselves feminist if they are pickmes. I really do feel like the word feminism has lost meaning and now any bored woman or girl who wants to feel special or edgy will call herself a feminist despite hating women.

Also it's not just this Lisa person, if you take a look at other prominent radfems they also are filled with shitty anti-woman actions, wasn't that Julie woman besties with that person who is fighting to take away women reproductive rights

I think bpf are insane but then I saw a post saying how actual feminism doesn't exist because once a feminist movement starts gaining traction it gets taken over by people who are anti-woman. And they're right.

No. 14468

File: 1682758601318.jpg (113.53 KB, 1163x567, IMG_20230429_095407.jpg)

Ah yeah, the dreaded pink journal entry. It's strange how everyone supporting her glossed over the fact that she already knew he was engaged. Now, KC is still very much in the wrong for this too, but Lisa has been conveniently silent about the "I've flirted with and would have probably slept with a married man" thing again. She wants to shit on Exulansic for making a makeup tutorial and call it "not radfem" enough yet she is allowed to go around cheating with men who are already in relationships and destroying the self-esteem of other women? One rule for me, another for thee I guess

No. 14486

apologies for requesting spoon-feeding but this pink diary entry is L.M.'s - it's real?
who uploaded this and why?
why are there redacted parts and who redacted them?

I'm not trying to nitpick but the handwriting and the content written here reads like a 15-25 year old rather than a woman 35-45, what the hell. she was charmed by an unemployed, engaged XY? then she concludes every women is just as foolish as she herself is?
this is insane, this is a woman that films WGTOW content and she is this brainless.

No. 14487

File: 1682797549936.png (137.04 KB, 636x426, journal.png)

NTA but Lisa released everything herself. I believe her reason was to be open about the situation. K.C. explicitly said he wasn't going to post anything, so if he keeps his word, everything you see would be from Lisa.

No. 14488

thank you for the answer. does anyone have a link to these entries or can transcribe what is written in the picture of this post I' responding to?

does L.M. literally have a humiliation fetish? because she is revealing she is off the charts childish especially for her age and seems to enjoy embarrassing herself publicly.

No. 14490

But ugh that feeling. It's a very energizing, exciting feeling. It's also like seeing yourself through the eyes of someone discovering you - who thinks you're so interesting, pretty, fascinating, funny, etc.
I actually said that to Michael. Attraction is not as much about the other person as much as it's the way that person reflects back on you this sort of idealized version of yourself. You get to shine.
Now- does that last? I guess in a good relationship. But in a shitty relationship it doesn't.
But I love that feeling of seeing myself through his eyes. I can feel he's like impressed by me and it's the biggest most massive self esteem boost and I'm kind of obsessed with the feeling. It's hard not to be.
I have to make a big dent in my reading so I'm actually going to avoid that part of the internet tomorrow though. I have a tight deadline to meet.
Most guys are too retarded or just assholes to really let a woman know she impressed them.
Anyways, if this lasts another day, week, month, or whatever, I'm going to enjoy it for what it is. For a temporary nice nice feeling.

No. 14496

I recall having a similar discussion about this topic some years ago with Terri strange started dating some moid. when you believe that all men are terrible and cartoonishly awful, the moment a man demonstrates even a small amount of kindness and compassion, it would likely challenge and potentially change your worldview, there was also an incident where some radical feminist theorist, In another incident(that was posted some years back), a radical feminist theorist recounted how a young man saved her when she suffered a serious injury and took her to the hospital. This experience had a profound impact on her worldview and led to a change in her perspective.

No. 14512

how silly. if all males were cartoonishly evil then all of "this" would be simple for women, no? the trouble is they often turn on women after a long time passes combined with their collective behavior overall.


thank you for taking the time.
>Most guys are too retarded or just assholes to really let a woman know she impressed them.
no, that is quite standard male manipulation, pretty basic. she writes like she is still 20 years old and has had next to no relations with males.
I suppose many of these types of women do not actually believe in what content they put out or internalize it. once you truly understand what males are their attention on you is rather laughable.

No. 14514

>I suppose many of these types of women do not actually believe in what content they put out or internalize it. once you truly understand what males are their attention on you is rather laughable.
This is exactly what's going on: she couldn't be bothered to apply the theory to reality and chose to entertain the flirting with an engaged man. Look at how there's no mention of his fiance either in these journal entries. It's all just me me me I love attention that I'm getting right now - yet in a matter of weeks she changed the narrative to claim she was "abused and charmed" and spends her nights crying on the bathroom floor. She also claims to be totally over the situation but can't stop making sly little videos and posts about it.
Tbh there is one good thing about this situation and it's that both KC and LM now have huge red flags over their heads. The former is an autistic unemployed unfaithful scrote and the latter is a spineless attention-seeking homewrecker who can't even muster up any sympathy to the women she hurts. Any person with standards and morals will hopefully steer clear of these idiots in the future. I hope KC's (now hopefully ex) fiance can move on and be happy.

No. 14517

Did anyone happen to see if anything else went down with LM yesterday? She’s deleted a lot of stuff now kek

No. 19726

File: 1694016374973.jpg (48.7 KB, 640x547, trgfs1vs92kb1.jpg)

I'm the person you banned months ago and while I still stand for what I said (criticism of any movement is healthy for the movement itself, or else it cannot be self aware. And more than ever there's more fucking right wingers in radfem spaces) I'm back to being a radfem terf manhater. Long story short I had a mental breakdown where I thought I was going to be exposed and everyone would hate me and I would lose my job because someone told me the lolcow staff had ties to the troon who attacked this site before and I believed it. And I thought I would be harassed and followed. I was in a panic and I'm not the sanest of people. Anyway that was the reason. I'm not anti radfem, pro tranny, or a male. That's all, Goodbye.

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