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No. 283524

>FUJOSHI (腐女子, "rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series and games aimed at fujoshi like Hetalia, sports anime, and male idol anime.

>Discussion of BL games here is totally OK but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but please specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
>Be mindful of others and hide your spoilers. Use the spoiler image option and wrap your text inside spoiler tags.
>Reminder to ignore the baiting males and trolls who come to provoke. Hetero and pedo shit is forbidden here. Just report their posts and ignore.
>Be nice to each other , we fujos should stick together.

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No. 283536

>1181 posts
>(the ones who dont show up got nuked when m/ had a error last year, you can still access them by copy pasting the
/res/20688.html into the lolcow url)

No. 283540

i never could get into wuxia/whatever. doesn't help that i know this annoying arrogant enbie really into it all

No. 283584

File: 1679090576990.jpg (57.48 KB, 564x564, 59f49a0d6ecb3b4318db46888facd6…)

I stay away from genderspecials and I'm happy.

No. 283589

favorite danmei that arent of the xianxia/cultivation genre?

No. 283590

File: 1679092650586.jpeg (107.29 KB, 600x1268, AECDE7DF-4E2D-4B7E-9D29-7F54B3…)

Join the lolcow fujoshi server!

Also tag yourself

No. 283592

File: 1679093555086.jpg (91.15 KB, 1223x622, 0000000031002.jpg)

why are they're always trying to shove in their mediocre heterosexual pairings in yaoi and you can't say anything or they'll chimp out about how you're being biphobic

No. 283593

File: 1679093600913.jpg (110.11 KB, 636x900, EPM_hJyUcAMk8Bf.jpg)

I don't read anything other than wuxia/xianxia.

No. 283596

dramatic uke > clueless uke > innocent uke
> flaming uke >>> "badass" uke

No. 283600

everything here is mid though
barring vash i guess

No. 283612

File: 1679099059638.png (337.17 KB, 444x720, Train01.png)

The only valid black cat

No. 283619

Ew nona

No. 283629

….is he wearing fucking donuts?

No. 283639

File: 1679109894488.jpg (16.14 KB, 256x256, 794003-be221.jpg)

please tell me im not the only one liking this

No. 283642

I really loved this one but haven't kept up with it. The concept is so fun and insane lmao.

No. 283650

a convenient source of calories on the go

No. 283691

I liked the main couple and concept, all the other couples sucked though.

No. 283719

File: 1679134940871.jpg (1.18 MB, 1463x2048, sUt9Qbu.jpg)

The dynamic in sha po lang was my favourite, too bad it barely had any romance in it. Despite that it was really sweet though. Any nonnies who can recommend a danmei with younger top x older bottom who's still more powerful/respected in the relationship? I can't find the word, not exactly more assertive, but does hold his ground when the top starts being more assertive instead.

No. 283728

I can't get into it because I'm retarded and can't remember names

No. 283754

I love xianxia and wuxia, but I admit it's harder to get into because the reading is longer than a lot of visual novel or mangas from Japan (which I also love). I think the longest I read was legendary master's wife, which ended up being 700+ chapters. It was okay, not my favorite novel but I love You Xiaomo.

No. 283792

wasn't it mob_hwan the genshin fujo who posted loli futa or am i mistaking her with someone else

No. 283800

File: 1679163087729.jpg (229.63 KB, 1200x1701, hyperventilation-2.jpg)

Part 1 of my yaoi anime/Ova ratings and reviews. hope you enjoy my ratings anons.

Love Stage 6/10
Some people may be shocked by that rating since many people love that series, but i just did not feel a chemistry between mc and ml, it was not interesting. Also of course no consent at always since it is a mid 2000's show. I honestly was more interested of the possible relationship between the caretaker of the mc (the one with glasses) with the older brother of the mc than the main couple.

Enzai falsely accused OVA 4/10
This story is not for the faint of heart or people who are sensitive to graphic things. The whole Ova is just a story about a minor getting violated in prison over and over again. I feel that there is cognitive dissonance in this story because the villain of this story is a ped0 officer who abuses that boy and puts him in prison…but then the male lead and the boys savior is also…a ped0 so like…i dont know.

Yarichin Bitch club OVA 7/10
This is one of those storys where i cant give a accurate rating because of how short the Ova's were, its a shame how many yaoi animes and ovas are so short or get postponed. But from what ive seen the story seems interesting and funny, again its a shame its so short and was never turned into a actual series. I was really into the pink haired guy from the ova ive seen and wanted to find out the reason why he pretends to be dumb when he is not.

Marudase Kintarou 0/0
So i have no idea what i just watched…so im unable to even give it a rating. I have no idea if this story is supposed to be a parody of yaoi or not because the story is so weird and bizarre that i actually started laughing. They fight by having sex with each other and the male lead wears no pants. There is also a manga of this story too but i am not able to find a english translation of it, if anyone ha s a english translations of this weird story let me know because i am interested in reading.

Viewfinder 6/10
This is one of those stories that would be so much better if there was a actual series to show everything instead of the 2 OVA's.
there was so much story and information to process that was all put into too episodes only. You didnt have time to look at character development or relationship. I wonder why these sadistic huge semes were so popular in the early 2000's. If im going to be honest i got bored and didnt even view the last 15 minutes remaining of the 2nd episode.

Kono Danshi, Ningyo Hiroimashita OVA 7/10
Good beginning, disappointing ending. The mermaid suddenly acting distant at the ending and wanting to go his separate ways makes no sense with how attached he was to the main character.
Im only giving this story a 7 because its not toxic but in my opinion i feel like it is a 6.

Koisuru Boukun OVA 6/10
Yeah this is also another story where i cant give a accurate rating because i feel like it needs to be longer. Its a basic homophobic str8 guy becoming gay for his friend type of story after his friend gets him drunk with a aphrodisiac.

Reincarnated into Demon King Evelogia’s World 7/10
I really liked this story and recommend it. the reason why i gave it a lower rating is because the seme is a literal child. Why is japan so obsessed with ped0shit.

Titans Bride 5/10
i feel like it could have been longer. The reason why im giving it a 5 is because there is one furry scene and i hate furry shit.

Ai no kusabi 5/10
So this is a rating for both the Ova and the series that got cancelled. This story gives me you know what vibes…all the people at the top are literally please blue eyes blonde people and the people at the bottom of the class have darker hair/eyes/tan idk but this gives me you know what kind of vibes also the ending is so disappointing in my opinion.
The series had potential its a shame that it stopped airing and it never finished.

Junjou romantica 5/10
So i haven't watched this anime recently so i am only able to give my thoughts from what i thought when i watched it 10 years ago. From what i felt was that i hated the main male lead so much and he gave me such gross pervy slime vibes and i thought the MC was a unlikable retard too.
I only liked one side couple since they were the only normal adult ones. I also hated that couple in this story that was literally a 35 yr old and a minor their story was also lame too.

Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai: The Clouds Gather 7/10
I like this one, unfortunately there is no actual ending in this OVA because the manga is still ongoing when this OVA was made so if you are expecting to see how this story ends by looking at the OVA that ain't happening

Not going to rate since this isnt a anime nor a ova but im stil putting this here since it is animated. It is really short like only a couple of minutes.

No. 283812

>no consent
>graph things
>yaoi animes
is this satire kek

No. 283814

File: 1679165933601.jpg (261.5 KB, 2000x1344, 25146.jpg)

>Marudase Kintarou
It's 9/10 from me. Best yaoi pastiche out there.

No. 283818

>Toshiyuki Morikawa
Picked the fuck up

No. 283824

are you able to find a eng version of the manga?

No. 283836

Why do you keep coming to these threads, genuine question

No. 283839

Thanks for the ratings yet again, anon!

>Enzai falsely accused

Wow, that takes me back. The OVA is a complete joke like most 00's yaoi OVAs tend to be but the original VN is surprisingly fine for what it is, it has plenty of dark themes not suitable for the easily disturbed, revolves around noncon sex a lot and yeah, pedo stuff since the main villain is a child molester. The sex scenes are very rough if it already wasn't clear.

No. 283843

The Viewfinder OVA wasn't really an OVA though (I can't remember the exact term they called it), it was more of a collection of different panels from the manga in animated form. It was meant as promotion material and for fans to see choice scenes with voice acting and limited animation so you definitely wouldn't get anything out of it if you didn't read the original manga first.

No. 283861

i dont understand what you want me to do, ive been into yaoi and bl for a long time yet if i give some criticism for a series that means i dont belong here. Paki-chan wouldn't write that shit you moron. Im not her.
i see alot of people say the Ova does the visual novel no justice. Maybe ill try the VN.
Ah i see i didnt know that, i guess thats why it felt a bit low-quality.

No. 283866

File: 1679178711176.gif (1.7 MB, 430x316, last kiss.gif)

lmaoing @ this pleb getting filtered by Ai no Kusabi

No. 283916

I've always loved the art style in the OVA.

No. 283923

File: 1679188856377.jpg (23.18 KB, 300x263, 1420977234926.jpg)

She got me hollering too. How does someone get filtered by such a classic?

No. 283995

>on paper love Heaven Official's Blessing, its leads, and Hualian
>watch the entire anime, it's pretty good I guess
>try to read the novel and manga
>just can't get through it
Nonas, is there just a point I need to get to? I'm a sucker for ultra simps/their obsession so this should be right up my alley, but I can't get into it.

No. 283996

I'd like to know too because I dropped the anime halfway through lol.

No. 283997

Where did you read up to because honestly the first volume/season is the most boring part of the story imo, but maybe I have fatigue because I've seen it so many times between all the adaptations.

No. 284020

it gets really good after the banyue arc, like right where the anime ended the ghost city arc and the arcs after are super good. tgcf has a lot of low and high parts unfortunately because of long the story is and mxtx hasn't fully edited it and she kept a lot of filler garbage but the good parts are really good imo
just try to push it a bit more

No. 284021

>Oh no Ai no Kusabi is just like H*tler!
Seriously, people need to stop moralfaging so much. Not being able to enjoy fiction without constantly comparing it to real life must be tiring. No wonder she can't enjoy anything.

No. 284022

yeah the banyue arc is kinda a slog outside of the cute hualian moments. that ling wen mini arc near the end of the story and anything involving cuocuo was shit too and could have been shortened. she really needed a good editor lmao

No. 284023

Lmao we hate the exact same parts. If anyone's put off by it I really do recommend pushing through it because the gambler's den/ghost city scenes in the next volume are some of my fave parts of the story.

Also speaking of danmei has anyone read Tianbao Fuyao Lu? I watched the first two seasons and I like the side couple a lot and I was wondering if it's worth reading too.

No. 284039

I honestly prefer mdzs, so maybe try it, it also has an obsessive ml (altough tbf a bit less)

No. 284041

>are you able to find a eng version of the manga?

No. 284056

oh shut the fuck up, on previous threads there were also anons who would criticize ai kusabi and say that it reminds them of a nazi love story.
People dont like the same garbage you like.

No. 284068

File: 1679238494395.jpg (61.78 KB, 800x600, Togainu.no.Chi.full.2030789.jp…)


No. 284070

in their defense, they look quite dapper

No. 284073

File: 1679239572176.jpg (64.73 KB, 300x761, Togainu.no.Chi.full.1211838.jp…)

Are you shit-talking the best TnC ending by any chance?

No. 284079

shikis endings were awesome

No. 284108

>i dont understand what you want me to do, ive been into yaoi and bl for a long time
>seethes at the sight of age gap/shotacon/rape/dubcon/anything mildly offensive
>types like a twitter user
>a long time

No. 284116

the fact that you are saying that its a bad thing for someone to dislike shotacon tells me everything i need to know about you.

No. 284119

>seethes at the sight of age gap/shotacon/rape

No. 284123

it is a bad thing. why don't you, as a woman, enjoy watching a cute guy suffer?

No. 284126

Stop replying to yourself.

No. 284153

File: 1679252720152.jpg (167.23 KB, 1084x1080, e8038ebgd2181.jpg)

I'm kinda bored even though there's more bl out there than ever. There's even japanese, korean, thai and chinese live action, so many danmei, manhwa, manga but i feel like part of me wants something… more entertaining i guess? Like the last time i had so much fun was in 2019 after watching untamed and reading tgcf and svss because it was scratching that itch but i feel like the content that came after was kinda lackluster.
I think it's because i love anime as a medium the most, but in terms of high quality anime bl it's severely lacking. Also i don't mind live action but even though untamed was great most of chinese dramas are heavily censored which sucks because the korean/japanese/thai bl dramas don't have the same amount of plot, they're more focused on a simple gay romance. For those that are seeking porn we have unlimited content, but as someone who gets more invested in plot and prefers animation i don't have much to choose from. Even most fantasy bl manhwa/manga is more focused on simple romance scenarios (or just fucked up situations with dubcon) rather than making it feel like it has a bigger plot. I like when characters have sexual tension and fall in love while they have to save the world or solve a mystery or a crime, which is why i liked the untamed so much. Like two characters who have their own thing outside of just romance

No. 284162

Yeah, I can relate to this a lot. I also really like horror shows and series, but it just feels like there's no really great horror bl series. Someone told me to watch ghost house, ghost host, and so I gave it a try but it was just so borning and no horror at all. I wish I could love more things like that, but idk. I'm just so tired of (especially in love action) the same highschool/college romance plots over and over. Like, give me some wack shit, not slice of life. I know it's harder to make but man…

No. 284163

File: 1679255326434.jpeg (18.88 KB, 459x667, awoooga.jpeg)

Oh no, I'd never.

No. 284174

>there's no really great horror bl series
Have you read Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu? It's decent, and it's been published online, but only in Japanese with a few episodes occasionally having to be paid for.

No. 284177

Nevermind, it didn't register that you were talking about bl shows not manga/manhwa, completely ignore what I said.

No. 284192

Here with hikaru ga shinda natsu i notice a common problem, whenever someone wants to make a horror/crime/mystery show (let's say hikaru ga shinda natsu gets adapted one day) they tend to make the bl elements just vague or baity instead of being honest about the real nature of their relationship. I know a lot of series that are in the same vein, they have a cool plot, some nice sexual tension sprinkled in but they never go further than that! It seems like the bl genre must be limited to 90% romance, relationship drama or porn cause if the author has an interesting plot idea they're encouraged by the editor to turn it into a sanitized series for the general audience instead. It's the same thing with shoujo, when was the last time someone wrote an action packed shoujo? They're all just re-directed to shounen magazines instead. That's why we're stuck with the same high school/college stories again and again, because the genre limits its authors. Danmei stories tend to be more creative cause they're not actually published, as long as they follow the rules and censorship of the site that's hosting their work they can write anything they want. I don't have an excuse for manhwa though kek

No. 284193

You can criticize the actual story all you want, but pearl clutching about how bad because it's totally like "the unnamable you know what" is fucking stupid.

No. 284196

>on previous threads there were also anons who would criticize ai kusabi and say that it reminds them of a nazi love story
I'm gonna need some proof on that. I just looked into the previous threads and have not found anyone saying that. Do tell me, what if both MCs had black hair? I think you were assblasted by the ending and the only criticism you found about the series is "muh nazis waaaah waaaah"

No. 284197

I'll take any suggestions, not just bl shows. Thanks for the rec, nonnie.

No. 284215

File: 1679262370104.jpg (75.79 KB, 1920x1080, s2e13.jpg)

Hannibal (the TV show) is BL in all but name. I don't usually watch live-action, but I had to make an exception for this show. BL anime doesn't typically come close to this level of character writing.

No. 284216

File: 1679262448539.jpg (217 KB, 1920x1080, becoming.jpg)

It also has some…unusual gore, so be warned.

No. 284218

Shiki's endings all seem like pure shitpost. That's why Keisuke's route will always be superior.

No. 284220

File: 1679263188497.jpeg (88.99 KB, 634x971, 56CA84CA-C9AE-40A4-82B4-5B121B…)

Seconding Hannibal for anyone who hasn’t seen it, it itches such a specific scratch and has so much homoero subtext

No. 284221

File: 1679263728342.gif (1.77 MB, 350x350, 5e6485d060edc1c0759a826a66ac91…)

based, excellent taste

No. 284222

File: 1679266072722.jpg (347.17 KB, 1600x1800, Fp4c-pVaYAAEYPG.jpg)

I am not shipping anybody from Trigun myself but I enjoy all the great shipper fanart the two anime and the manga are getting right now.
Picked the fuck up. I started this ages ago but stopped when I got a new PC and somehow forgot about it, time to change that.

No. 284223

I can stomach shota and noncon and other degeneracy but posting crusty 3DPD actor moids is just crossing the line. Gross.

No. 284227

I checked hikaru ga shinda account now and she really just calls it YOUTH horror comic yikes

No. 284229

It never stood a chance as a BL once men in japan started showing interest

No. 284230

File: 1679271596973.jpg (111.02 KB, 1000x775, 82788334_p0.jpg)

NTA and I'm not sure where the thread falls on 3DPD, maybe it doesn't belong, but I have to back the Hannibal poster up because it's a genuinely good recommendation and a delightful watch and good fujo material.
I like to look at the pixiv fanart.

No. 284232

File: 1679271861819.png (6.91 MB, 2048x2048, 88886268_p0.png)

No. 284233

File: 1679271924692.jpg (131.07 KB, 1207x1000, 79739116_p0.jpg)

No. 284234

i'm happy for it too but i fucking hate vash's new look. he was such a cute 90s punk, now he looks like a boring soft eboy.

No. 284276

oh, then i guess you could try Interview with a Murderer by KJK, or Stalker's Game by TAN.

No. 284280

File: 1679291168264.gif (1.68 MB, 500x373, spoonfeeding.gif)

No. 284289

Yeah first time I've ever had to hide posts in this thread kek.

No. 284306

No. 284365

Fuck you mads is hot and you’re gay(derogatory)

No. 284375

Stop samefagging.(report and move on)

No. 284377

File: 1679342030540.png (411.33 KB, 1200x846, 77787513_p37_master1200.png)

I just wanna talk about these two and Square Enix being terrified of gay. The English translations neuter the fuck out of Layle and Keiss and how they interact with one another. I get in the late 00s the English translation team were probably worried about making things too gay but Dissidia Opera Omnia flat out changes Keiss' and Layle's dialogue to be less personal about each other (while the pair still insist they're "parters") and it's so fucking annoying. They keep the parallels between Ignis and Keiss but try to cut out the gay because Keiss' game came out a decade ago. Just admit you did a hack job back then and move on, SE.

No. 284403

Half of this is barely gay except trigun

No. 284556

File: 1679448740949.jpg (315.33 KB, 1994x2048, Fn5EflUaEAYU-8c.jpg)

i wonder why traps aren't more popular. or why there isn't more bl, featuring traps.

i mean, if they are, it's in some obscure niche of the jp web i can't access because of the language barrier. i know lily hoshino has some good stuff but kek most of it is woefully untranslated.

…actually as i type this i recall lala no kekkon which has, apparently, sold five million copies? anyone know if that's considered exemplary for a BL

No. 284563

File: 1679452016622.jpg (192.39 KB, 746x1043, 65176084_p0.jpg)

I honestly see them in straight hentai more than in yaoi. Even the word "trap" is totally moid language. Do a search for "trap" on a site like mangago and see what shows up compared to searching for "crossdressing". You're going to get more/better results if you're searching the right tags. I also see a fair amount of stories involving characters mistaking their childhood friend for a girl only to find out they were a man when they reunite as adults.

But for you, nonna I will list some of my favorite manga that feature crossdressing:

Moon and Sun
Suda-kun no Himitsu
Nise x koi boyfriend (picrel)
Can an otaku like me really be an idol?
Boy meets maria
Crossplay Love
and my absolute favorite "I Didn’t Ask You to Make Love to Me! The Man I’m Obsessed With is a Male Porn Star" absolutely incredible work of art.

No. 284567

Because traps were a psyop to get pornsick scrotes to accept trannies.

No. 284574

File: 1679457446259.jpg (285.26 KB, 1600x1200, Degenerates.jpg)

Traps are just "flat chested moeblob girls with Schrodinger's dick being called boys." They're popular and memed to death by coomer moids that only jack off to whatever's feminine as long as they find them submissive and breedable. Those who like traps might be into futa as well. Of course girls and fujos aren't into that shit. Better choice would be pretty androgynous boys.

No. 284579

File: 1679459443687.jpg (75.36 KB, 550x628, 64631862_p0_master1200.jpg)

So fucking sick of retards in /snow/ saying that all of us are future Aidens. It's really no different to trannies accusing random people of being "eggs." I love BL and nothing disgusts me more than the idea of chopping my tits off. Aidens colonized BL when it got popular on Tumblr. Normal women were here first, and we'll still be in the fanbase long after the trans fad dies down.

No. 284580

someone recommend me some yandere bl (i already read sadistic beauty, warehouse, color recipe etc)

No. 284586

File: 1679462341745.jpg (168.04 KB, 975x1024, Josei.jpg)

anon this aint about aidens or stuff like that. This is people getting mad at women for having a sexuality and preferences.
Just look at how people bullied women back in 2010 if they liked twilight and boybands.
People dont give a fuck at the fact that 90% of josei content is drawn by men or pickmes who make the woman hot and the guy ugly and the two of them have mediocre sex where the focus is on the womans body and you as a women are supposed to be okay with that and shut your mouth.
A extremely small amount of josei actually has media that women actually find appealing meanwhile the rest is porn garbage or is boring.

Its no surprise that pickmes like pakichan want us to read porn of women being objectified instead of yaoi.

No. 284588

File: 1679462545641.jpg (250.94 KB, 1135x1600, JOSEII.jpg)

You either become asexual or read shit like this. Because if you try to look at hot men then you are a fujotroon!!! its sarcasm btw.

No. 284595

File: 1679464940246.png (447.1 KB, 1000x1463, Untitled.png)

>Nise x koi boyfriend
peak fiction so far. but,
>Can an otaku like me really be an idol?
this seems to be straight up genderbend. have i found the wrong comic or is the otaku not actually becoming a girl?
also i think 'trap' just maps out to the term 'otoko no ko'; it's like slang for the draw a girl/call it a boy concept

No. 284609

Traps are a male fetish first and foremost because as it is it's always borderline pedophilic and based on a fantasy of a cumslut little boy being the perfect lover to a faceless self-insert MC, i.e. modern day pederasty or then a "i-it's not gay but it's different and exciting because she has a dick" setting. BL has its own crossdressing trope but in works like Lala no kekkon it's used more as a tool to underline how beautiful and delicate the man is that he passes for a woman.

What makes it particularly tone deaf is that Aidens are more similar to yumes in behavior than fujos as they fully self-insert and demand top surgery scars and vaginas on male characters all the time while writing down their lewd sexual fantasies of personally being pounded by their fictional husbando. Fujos are observers, not participants.

No. 284621

It's actually really weird how despite being meant for women in most straight josei porn the focus is still on sexualizing and showing off the female body and she's always a 10/10 bombshell with huge porn star breasts and a curvy frame while the man is an ugly (or very mid at best), abusive piece of shit. I don't know if it's meant to be some kind of a power fantasy for women to imagine themselves to have a body like that and getting turned on simply by the thought or something. Either way yeah it's garbage.

No. 284666

File: 1679497477038.jpg (79.6 KB, 1080x672, from pakichan to you.jpg)

No. 284674

very cute that she thinks it's only fujos who hate her here. by all means pakichan, post another verification picture, im sure farmhands will make an exception just for you

No. 284675

>derails several threads to talk about herself and her family
>thirsts after her cousin and varg
>keeps posting pictures of her hands
>goes in threads she doesn't like (like this one) and shits it up, then acts like a victim
>"proud jatt", faked being a mixed black woman for a lot of time
>brings her personal hate for fujos and obsession with tifs and that one child actor everywhere
>posts borderline cp, denies it and says people are "making things up about her"
>"Haha see how I make them seethe?"
She's really very far up her own ass, isn't she? All of this over some women liking two hot men kissing.

No. 284683

Considering how much she knows about Kuroshitsuji and other BL-slanted series I guess she's a fujo in denial and wants to hover around the community while seething about being too insecure to join it, then spergs about fujos being pornsick pedos as a cope.

No. 284685

Yes, this was always my problem with josei or otome shit. Just recently I saw a lady character (can't remember from what) who actually looked tomboyish/ kind of cute IMO, and all of the comments were tearing her apart, saying she looked like a little boy and a child. How? She didn't have big enough breasts I guess. I was so salty, kek. But yeah, this is why I'll always be a fujo

No. 284686

doesn't matter how much we try to analyze this behaviour, it's either "power fantasy cause no one wants an ugly protagonist" (and fujos are the misogynistic ones shitting on women allegedly) or they have coombrain from years of indocrination so they get off more from the naked woman with big booba. i remember this girl who i knew was straight, with a bf, saying that you're supposed to look at the woman in the porn not the man, it really made me think lol some people don't wanna hear this but the truth is… you can't make real femgaze hetero porn where the male is the focus unless it's taken directly from the pov of the woman because at the end of the day everyone will pay more attention to the woman, especially if she's very sexy or if they're both equally sexy it's gonna be something like "wow what a hot couple". another thing is that women aren't like men, a generic moid character like what you see in a harem isekai will be relatable to 90% of men unless they're obese, disabled or a turbomanlet, but women come in so many different shapes and sizes, it's just not that easy. a woman with large breasts might not see a booba protagonist in the same way a flatchested woman does, who might be tired of seeing the same body type again and again but for the large breasted woman that's just her reality

No. 284692

Pretty sure the person seething about Black Butler last thread and paki-chan are two different people. One is just a moralfag who got her BL taste from twitter

No. 284696

Seriously, any time they try to make a josei protagonist more tomboyish, androgynous or at least not super ultra femme she gets shot down immediately for looking "like a man" and "ugly". It's so tiring, and exactly why them calling fujos misogynists is full on projection.

Well said. This is honestly why I can't get into femdom either no matter how much all the seething antifujos try to claim it as the best feminist porn out there. Good point about women having much more variety too.

>i remember this girl who i knew was straight, with a bf, saying that you're supposed to look at the woman in the porn not the man

I know so many women like this, in porn they just focus on the woman because they've been groomed to only sexualize the female form through a male lens, the only time they can feel satisfied is when the woman turns the participating man on. Can't count the times I've heard the "women just aren't visual like men!" excuse defending this shit.

No. 284706

a lot of them want to be strongly desired sexually, like the guy always chases the girl, notice how not only in shoujo/josei but western YA very often the guy is obsessed with the girl and she's always either in denial about her feelings or oblivious. like a prize to be won and it doesn't matter if she takes a submissive or dominant role, she's always the focus of sexuality while men can simply exist as "neutral". it's why so many regular gnc women become aidens, because no matter how much they fight for female diversity and feminism or whatever, deep down they still feel uncomfortable with the oversexualization of their bodies

No. 284711

Alright I'm only replying now because I saw some retarded takes here from the first page and even some things are are straight up lies, I promise this'll be my only post in this thread about this. Sorry to interrupt.

>Aidens colonized BL when it got popular on Tumblr
Aidens were normal women and girls once. If you had been a fujo 10 years later you would've been one of them, most likely. It's retarded to think this is a problem that comes from the Aidens and not a problem with society.
Also, Aiden fujos already existed in Japan. One of the many reasons women might be drawn to yaoi is that they hate the way women are depicted everywhere and treated like an object in both fiction and real life, hell the reply chain to your post is literally about that so don't try to deny it. By extension this means that some of those women are going to hate being women, and yaoi/BL only leads to them idealizing male/male relationships enough that they'll want to become men. If you think Aidens in BL fandom are a new thing you're a fucking idiot, many young fujos in the 2000s and probably earlier already wished to be men, they just didn't know trooning out was an option. And in Japan there have always been actual TIFs into yaoi, it's not something new or western only, nor is it just a problem with individual girls who are "mentally ill", it's a problem with the misogyny that we all experience. If misogyny wasn't so rampant in all cultures maybe BL wouldn't be as popular as it is now, because women wouldn't see a need to create stories where no women are sexually or romantically involved. And if you think self inserting is so bad and shameful that you think it's an insult to say Aidens are fujos that self insert so you try to deflect by saying they're not true fujos, maybe that's just your problem, I personally don't think there's anything wrong with it and even in these threads there are fujos who admit to doing it.
And no I'm not calling all fujos Aidens like other posters do, I'm just saying the truth about Aidenism and yaoi, so you have no reason to feel offended as this isn't an attack against you (or an attack against anyone really).

Nice cherry-picking the one example with a bald monk, meanwhile you can't criticize this >>283580 It's literally the same kind of shit only one of them is from a BL manga.
>People dont give a fuck at the fact that 90% of josei content is drawn by men
I genuinely don't know what you're talking about, as far as I know men don't draw josei. And I'm pretty sure the shitty porn you're referring to is not just called josei, I believe it's called TL or Teens Love, and most of it is drawn by women who have internalized the moidgaze and don't know how to draw porn without focusing on and pornifying the woman the most. But it's not drawn by men at all except maybe a few examples of moidporn someone is trying and failing to pass as TL by using the wrong tags on DLsite.
Also stop giving Pakichan so much attention, she's clearly obsessed and addicted to imageboards. You know what she says is retarded, you don't have to come up with equally retarded accusations against otomefags or yumes or just any woman who prefers straight content like saying we all like shitty TL manga with malegaze (even some of the women who read that crap online complain about it, but they think it's better than nothing).
Literally just ignore Pakichan, treat her like a retarded underage poster, report her for not remaining anonymous and move on.

Not saying this kind of manga is acceptable femgaze material, in fact I hate it, but there here are plenty of examples with hotter guys than that. A lot of the guys in TL manga look just like any other bishie, even like BL characters. On the other hand, BL sometimes has male designs and art that are just like this.
The good examples of straight femgaze are very rare and hard to find unless you know where to look, and cheap TL manga is not it. Everyone who prefers het on this site knows that. And believe me, there are a lot of women who would like more female protagonists that don't look like a generic sexualized big boobs, thin, pale nice girl in their straight content, but they don't usually hang out in the comments section of these manga or aren't very vocal about it.

No. 284713

>I'm only replying now because I saw some retarded takes here from the first page
>Translation: Lurks around the thread to write a seething wall of text to prove >>284579 's point

No. 284732

And if you look at shit like the tl;dr post above, it's pretty clear they're just overall uncomfortable with women liking BL but frame it as faux concern of it brainwashing them into trooning out and a symptom of structural misogyny, something to fix and eradicate from existence instead of being enjoyed. Hence the constant begging of fujos to stop indulging in this degeneracy and start producing "good straight content", as if it was the exemplary female end game to write m/f romances. While the traumatic misogyny plays a part in BL's popularity, the number one appeal is the all-female community creating a constant stream of creative content catering to women and women only. The truth is, even if we woke up tomorrow into a world of female supremacy, BL would still exist and not be replaced with straight content because it's an exotic setting for women of all sexualities and backgrounds to experiment in thanks to the invisible barrier of the characters being not women. They don't act or think like real men, but physically they're not women, men in BL are like a fictional masculine gender that doesn't exist in real life and that's not threatening to us at all.

To me it's always felt either like a deeply rooted form of jealousy of what fujos have (a vibrant community churning out more fanfics, fan comics and fanart than you could even dare to consume), insecurity over knowing how abysmally most straight romances are portrayed (no depth, pining, conflict, development or chemistry) or more commonly a complete misunderstanding of the genre and why so many women are drawn to it and having their opinion manipulated by the two aforementioned types telling them that fujos are all pedophilic Aiden egg NLOGs cooming to rape porn.

No. 284754

>I don't know if it's meant to be some kind of a power fantasy for women
That's the author's self-insert, how she wishes she looked. The love interest is abusive because the author finds it hot. There isn't really any depth to it or consideration of 'what the target audience would prefer'.

No. 284755

>I saw some retarded takes here from the first page and even some things are are straight up lies
According to who? Are you an expert in BL and how women see it? Do you know the thought process of every woman consuming BL? Why do you feel the need to come here to say "actually not all straight porn is bad"? We know all that. We just prefer BL, that's all. Some of us genuinely don't want to look at women when consuming porn because we're not attracted to women and we don't self-insert in the characters.

No. 284756

File: 1679517669278.png (70.79 KB, 480x600, doubt.png)

>Aiden fujos already existed in Japan
[citation urgently needed]

No. 284757

I wish traps were actually drawn like cute, girly looking boys and men instead of "draw a girl call it a boy". I've seen so called fujoshi loving the latter online and once you scratch the surface and find out how these people are, you find an obnoxious gay MTF otaku.

No. 284759

I think that anon is conflating the girls who larp as anime boys but don't transition or take it seriously as the same as actual troons.

No. 284769

File: 1679522204364.jpg (20.43 KB, 312x321, dumbest shit.jpg)

In other words, cosplayers are trannies, according to that anon.

No. 284784

want lc normalfags to shut up about yaoi already
you don't know what you're talking about retard

No. 284785

File: 1679529190498.jpg (106.12 KB, 604x849, 64783749_p0.jpg)

i got you, nonna. this thread deserves more discussion of BL and less talk about trannies. for you i will list my favorite yandere in BL.

Painter of the night and killing stalking obviously if you haven't already

Sweet Heart Trigger
Sakura Gari
Mantis Cage
Chou to Kumo no Su
Last Seven Days how to Defile an Angel
Mitto mo Nai Koi
Dear Crazy Monster
My God (but also ALL of Asada Nemui's stories are about stockholm syndrome and are worth reading if that's what you're into)

And read more of Harada's work, including the gintama doujins even if you're not into gintama.

and just for fun you should read Numu's Trapped in the Dark it is deeply terrible in the best ways

No. 284815

Given will get a sequel film.

No. 284817

File: 1679554788529.jpg (714.33 KB, 2560x1440, IMG_20230323_015652.jpg)

what do you guys think about this upcoming game? you can choose the gender of the mc and there is some hinted relationships/sexual tension between the love interests so it's clearly not some generic otome and can be interpreted as BL if you want. the only problem is that half of the team working on it are they/themlets

No. 284820

Kek I thought this was the new hades game. The artstyle is way too similar to it

No. 284825

it's the popular western vaguely anime inspired style lmao

No. 284826

I think the designs are pretty but I don't like their westernized faces and it seems like a full on otome dating game, even if you could play as a male protagonist it would still be an otome game and not a BL game. I like witnessing a well-written relationship between two characters, not playing as the protagonist myself trying to make out with a bunch of pixels on the screen.

No. 284833

File: 1679570737282.png (15.98 KB, 1059x256, topkek.png)

i'm personally interested in it, but this description is kinda stupid, "gothic"?

No. 284834

>My God
I wanted to like this but I simply could not enjoy seeing a skinny drug addict dominate the handsome, masculine, larger priest. Call me old fashioned I don't care. Do they switch at some point? Some pics I saw gave me that impression.

No. 284839

gothic fiction is something like a 19th century novel with horror and romance elements

No. 284841

i know i shouldn't be giving you the attention you crave but you wrote a whole essay and then said that we cherrypicked some josei examples meanwhile you are cherry-picking yaoi and fujos. Again you don't see the double standards.

> I'm pretty sure the shitty porn you're referring to is not just called josei, I believe it's called TL or Teens Love, and most of it is drawn by women who have internalized the moidgaze and don't know how to draw porn without focusing on and pornifying the woman the most. But it's not drawn by men at all except maybe a few examples of moidporn someone is trying and failing to pass as TL by using the wrong tags on DLsite.

You are so biased that its hilarious, i literally consumed mostly josei so you dont get to tell me shit or pull this crap ''oh just because i dont like it its not that genre'', those stories are published and categorized as josei wherever you like it or not. Most josei is literal crap where the male leads for some reason all have the same mediocre faces with the basic black hair meanwhile the female mc's look like goddesses. With how basic the ML look like in Josei they look more like the MC than the MC herself.

>You know what she says is retarded, you don't have to come up with equally retarded accusations against otomefags or yumes or just any woman who prefers straight content like saying we all like shitty TL manga with malegaze

No way did you get butthurt and write this whole essay because you got mad at anons for criticizing josei. Also no one said anything about otomefags so idk where you pulled that one out of.

No. 284842

File: 1679579630030.jpg (59.65 KB, 434x626, santa.jpg)

For any anons interested in a short manhwa with good art i recommend this one. Let me know if you liked it.


No. 284852

>enby character (of course he is the most feminine amongst the cast)
>90k+ for a visual novel with no combat elements

No. 284859

This is just an otome game, including some type of pseudo love triangle doesn’t really change that.

No. 284869

Josei sucks in general, there’s a reason why most stuff for adults gets categorized as seinen even when it’s girly as hell.

No. 284873

File: 1679589912783.png (73.24 KB, 499x493, 6E65C099-3631-422D-874C-B730DB…)

I don’t like games where the protagonist’s gender can be chosen, since it’s clearly still just for self inshitter purposes, they’re games not for fujos at the end of the day, but games for yumejos and tif yumejos.

No. 284876

File: 1679591101868.jpg (18 KB, 400x333, HNI_0007.JPG)

No. 284882

>cutest boy is a themlet
Gross. Why would you bring up this game nonnie.

No. 284894

on one hand i'm glad that chinese shows like the untamed and the tgcf anime are liked by normies too because it can help the bl genre expand outside of its niche in asia and that means better high quality productions but the downside is that we get a flux of yumejos, hetbenders and "it's pure cause it has no raunchy sex scenes" moral spergs

No. 284904

File: 1679603464740.jpg (204.52 KB, 1080x4219, 150426_27822474.jpg)

lmao i dont know why but i was reading the new chapter for Jinx and was expecting for Jaekyung to atleast care a little bit or show some shock….but nope he just beat those men up because they pissed him off and not because they tried to rape dan.


No. 284909

>flux of yumejos, hetbenders and "it's pure cause it has no raunchy sex scenes" moral spergs

This is exactly why i could never get into 19 days or semantic error because most of the hype i saw surrounding it was spergs who hates yaoi tokenizing those series and treating them like the exception because they were clean and sterile aka couples did not look like couples and there was no sex.

No. 284917

File: 1679605103767.jpg (209.94 KB, 1600x1200, 439129.jpg)

>gothic fiction is something like a 19th century novel with horror and romance elements
In other words, Sweet Pool.

No. 284920

i don't know about 19 days but semantic error is not sterile?

No. 284930

there is sterile version and there is a adult version. They made the smut chapters separate and those chapters were released after the story was completed.

No. 284965

>"it's pure cause it has no raunchy sex scenes" moral spergs
I truly don't get these people. Even in series where there's nothing ethically problematic about the leads having sex(both are adults, not related through blood/marriage/adoption, no dubcon/noncon at play, etc) they still treat sex like its something that sullies the integrity of the work. The vast majority of adult relationships involve sex to some degree, it's not like it's something unheard of or dirty. Literally what is their problem? Are they all 15 or something?

No. 284975

Honestly speaking I'm pretty sure it's just because it's BL and being scrutinized harder, if it was m/f nobody would bat an eye even at the most degenerate and unironically problematic settings.

No. 284978

NTA but I felt like the priest did that to be nice and could easily overpower him, if not for being stuck in that situation. his background also sounded kind of sus because he said he used to use drugs, plus the duct tape in the boot of his carKind of like how in Sleeping Dead the MC tops for Mamiya even though he was a bottom in previous relationships

No. 284983

I personally think the hypersensitivity to “problematic” content that spawned almost ten years ago has forced people to just generally be more prude and even puritanical at times. Their fear has genuinely turned them into sex repulsed weirdos, to the point where even words like “fetish” have negative connotations to them

No. 285419

File: 1679735725198.jpeg (53 KB, 700x514, B458AD0B-D0F5-45E0-95B4-560345…)

Does anyone know of any good legend of zelda yaoi? Preferably one without Ganondorf and child Link…

No. 285508

I am begging to see Ganondorf in TOTK. His clothes in the mummy tomb trailer look promising. I want another hot Ganon like in Hyrule Warriors

No. 285683

That's a pretty weird reach, anon. He beat them up because they started attacking him and threatening violence when he tried taking Dan with him away from them, not because they "pissed him off". And seeing how he paid all of his debts off to get them to fuck off it's pretty clear that he cares.

No. 286005

Okay, I actually went and read this entire thing since this thread had been talking about it. The sex wasn't that hot but the seme wasn't as bad as everyone made him out to be. Then again I have a thing for meathead semes so I'm biased, but to be fair the mc consents to everything that he does and the seme isn't aware of his money troubles in the beginning so I don't know. I've seen far more worse.

No. 286066

File: 1679958524118.gif (561.4 KB, 500x664, tumblr_m4a7nvwHLw1qk45fwo1_500…)

No. 286068

Maybe Adachi would have calmed down and not murdered anyone if Dojima fucked him in the ass as soon as P4 starts.

No. 286069

Hello, I am currently about to start working on a BL smut comic, it is the first time I have drawn such a thing. However, because of my inexperience with such thing I am lacking proper material. I have read many a BL but I need reference material for a specific theme. The plot I have is character X, who is usually 'on the attack' to character Y decides (for a special occasion) to bottom for character Y for the first time. However, the first time character X bottoms to character Y completely breaks him, leaving him hopelessly addicted to getting his prostate jammed. Does anyone have any recommendations featuring such a scenario? Where the dominant character subs to the submissive character for the first time and becomes hopelessly addicted to being submissive? Bonus points if there is a tonal additive of that being the submissive character's plan along, like a shift in roles? Thank you in advance.

No. 286075

Are there any reader nonnies who have some recs for litfic that skews fujobait-y? Stuff that reads mostly like subtext like IWTV, Brideshead, TSH/Goldfinch and not coming of age LGBT YA like Call me by your name, etc.
I’m constantly trying to find good stuff but usually come up empty handed and annoyed at all the “real gay experience” novels

No. 286077

Try Messiah no Yakubi and the sequel Messiah no Sentaku by Harada. It's about a self-proclaimed "seme" who gets made into an uke with some scheming from the guy who has a crush on him.

No. 286097

i fucking hate persona but dojima is one of the sexiest characters ever made god damn

No. 286140

why the fuck is the blame always on us. I keep seeing retards mention fujos in the TIF thread when it comes to the killer when that bitch was not even a fujo.

Shit makes me feel like crap and like i have to go back to reading josei again, but i remember how misérable i felt when i only read josei.

No. 286142

The best self care thing I ever did for myself was to stop reading the FTM thread like four years ago. It's apparently only gotten worse since then as I took a peek after reading your post. They just hate fujos, lesbians and GNC women and want to circlejerk about it there with an occasional seething trutranny.

No. 286143

Some anon in that thread gave valid complaints on how people might further use this to discriminate gnc women and try to lump them in with trannies and anons just gaslighted her in the thread and made her feel like she is crazy for saying that. i also remember in the past ftm threads some anons were talking about how gnc women are not normal and that in the normal world no one care about those freaks aka gnc women…really gross stuff.

i even saw them say how funny the sexist pooner trannies are (which is made by a self-hating tranny who hates women). Those pooner images are some of the most 4chan scrote looking shit i have ever seen, yet anons in that thread find it funny.

No. 286146

File: 1680005219532.png (130.91 KB, 690x577, u5s76l6vssu61.png)

to all the fujo anons, anyone else planning to stop using this site? Ive wanted to stop using it since last year with the way the shaymin let the whole site go to shit, now the new one is trying to imprive but the site is dead and most anons have left and now we have the boomers, kiwifags and conservetards left.

Also kinda tired of pakichan always going after fujos and other anons agreeing with her.
Either way, peace out.

Also some of the anons here have some weird autistic puritan giararchy where they think manga is golden and manhuas and manhwas are al shit. Dont get me wrong i read mangas too but its weird to act you are some upper aristocrat for reading yaoi mangas.

No. 286147

literally nobody gives a shit

No. 286148

I think this belongs in /meta/.

No. 286149

No. 286150

Not the right place to metapost then.

No. 286151

only one sentence is meta.

No. 286152

When does Madk update?

No. 286163

I'm staying here. But I also post on fujochan from time to time. Where do you want to go to post about BL? Social media or anonymous imageboards or discord servers? I'm just curious.

No. 286164

It's probably the discord shill from earlier.

No. 286165

MADK ended nona…

No. 286167

There’s no reason to get upset about it, the fact of the matter is that a lot of aidens are into yaoi and shipping, the difference is that they rebrand it as MLM and only enjoy sterilized fluff and fall into the antiship crowd, definitively. There’s no reason to associate yourself with them unless you’re a puritanical nutjob who draws tranny scars on girls and calls it MLM.
Anyone on the outside is going to lump everyone together anyways, there’s nothing you can do about it so it’s better to just get over it and learn to enjoy the things you like on your own.

No. 286171

File: 1680015011626.jpg (82.1 KB, 713x1024, cbfcc880fe99fb0b21e4b9f329953f…)

Nta but nonnie that's some based taste you got there! These are gems indeed! Mantis cage is my favorite of all times. I'd like to add some too for both you and anon we have similar tastes it seems.

>Sankaku Opera (ends in 3p both semes are nutjobs)

>Akuheki (unfortunately still ongoing the seme is not exactly yandere the uke is kinda nuts too he is promiscuous and super M in a very destructive way)
>Shintan Kairou (it's sequel to smells like green spirit, about the pedo teacher, pretty disturbing the uke seems to be yandere)
>Itou san same writer as sankaku opera (that one is about a cold blooded assassin and a prostitute its really good and the ending adorable) i recommended all of the works from that writer tbh
>Blind play (webtoon, just ignore the writers autism it's not a bad work serial killer seme scammer uke)
>Open Board (webtoon, NBR dadson son is seme and kinda unhinged)
>Hollow portrait (everything by nishin actually, heartless and kiseki are as good, warning has gore)
If you like gore I also rec MADK and although it's not tagged as bl but has bl scenes and mc is deep down gay, Litchi Hikari Club for the unhinged couple combo
>Kokoro o Korosu Houhou (freaking underatted, NBR brocest younger brother is a schizo who rapes his older brother and threatens him he will report him for rape since he us a minor if he doesn't do what he says. It's a twisted mess from the start till the end, the ending hits hard)
Ten Ten Shiro Shiro (similar to tourou it updates very slow though)
Ogawa Chises short stories like Kusatta Rasen or Ibitsu (both incest dadson and brocest both have yanderes)
Ouroboros (webtoon, the yandere isn't the main LI but he has affected and fucked up mcs life basically. It's more psychological than yandere twisted shit, but it his hard)
Gesshoku Kitan (serial killer reincarnated and killed by his victims)
I really recommend haradas gintama doujins too, some dark shit she makes

No. 286172

File: 1680015521282.jpg (56.14 KB, 590x441, 99abb685520c4c86bab5c91eb03474…)

>litchi hikari club

No. 286177

File: 1680017845300.jpeg (352 KB, 2048x1443, bc56ad4d-9d3d-413d-a26f-2e79fa…)

Hikariclub sisters, I'm so depressed. No leak or fantranslation for the 15-year anniversary artbook. It has extra stories. Usamaru does tease us with ZeraxJaibou art at his twitter, but stil not enough.

No. 286179

feel the need to sperg a bit but i think what annoyed me the most at hualian hetbending wasn't even the hetbending itself but the painfully stereotypical and OOC depiction. they gave xie lian massive boobs for no reason and hua cheng was nosebleeding over it because suuuure hua cheng is canonically very obsessed with boobs indeed like this man didn't pay any attention to being encircled by extremely hot naked women until one of them shapeshifted into xie lian's MALE naked body kek they also choose to completely ignore the fact that hua cheng has canonically shapeshifted into a female body before
they do the same thing with beefleaf where they turn he xuan into a man but leave wind master as a woman even though in every instance they were seen together in the novel they were BOTH shapeshifted as women. it's just so obvious to me that some people literally can't even imagine a het couple where the lady is less sexualized, but also they pretend lesbian couples don't exist and inb4 yumejoshit, like can one yumejoshi at least NOT sexualize the fuck out of female characters?

No. 286181

I'm always down to sperg about hualian hetbending tbh. It's always somehow more deranged and misogynistic than regular het ships too like turning one into a woman is exclusively for weird kink reasons. I saw one person's hcs that were like 'femlian needing to apply numbing cream to her pussy because Hua Cheng's dick is too big and hurts her' like who tf thinks of that.

I have my own complaints about how lesbian beefleaf is portrayed too where they always get the uwu pure handholding girlfriends treatment and only the m/m versions get serious or emotional art but the fujo thread probably isn't the place to complain about f/f fandom lol.

No. 286182

Kek I was thinking this too. I liked this site a while ago and it looked like a nice place but now it's literal shit. It's funny how a "women's" site that strongly leans into feminism likes to throw shit at certain types of women some people don't like.
I tried going and posting on fujochan a couple of times but I can't shake the feeling that that place is full of larping scrotes. Idk if that's the case though, and either way it's a bit too slow for me. I miss the old forums and livejournal communities.

No. 286185

No. Just checked and the 3rd volume is released in December 12, 2023

No. 286187

It ended in japan, the official english release is still going.

No. 286188

>'femlian needing to apply numbing cream to her pussy because Hua Cheng's dick is too big and hurts her'
NTA but holy shit that sounds deranged. Sperging away but hetshippers have a world of het pairings out there so they to enjoy so the hetbending thought alone pisses me off (as it's honestly lowkey homophobic) and the shilling of the self insert penis in vagina sex angle really doesn't sit right with me. Like I want to enjoy these stories as they are, not as some stupid power fantasy completely disregarding the other established character, hetbending shifts the dynamic entirely. I sure as hell love a problematic couple in BL but the line is definitely crossed when they try to shill those fantasies into straight couples. Shit like that unironically triggers my own trauma and I figure that's the case for many other women.

No. 286227

>tagged as seinen
>bl elements
Can you elaborate nonnas?

No. 286235

NTA but basically Litchi hikari club is an abstract horror manga that focuses around a club (or more like a cult) of boys who build a robot to kidnap pretty girls, but the assigned okama of group has has a crush on another and the have sex.

No. 286267

>I miss the old forums and livejournal communities.
you and me both nonny. what do we have to do to get a lj renaissance going

No. 286278

>it's seinen so it must be hard-boiled action fest for manly man!
I bet you were surprised that K-ON! is seinen too.

In fact, LHC is an adaptation of a theatre play.

No. 286288

I do not fucking miss livejournal and the sekrit club locked communities and having to beg/suck the scanlator's e-dick on their lj page to get manga.

No. 286293

Lots of scan teams still operate this way, just through discord now.

No. 286296

Now you have to do the same on discord.

No. 286297

Jesus I assumed it was kinda the same but did not imagine it was with discord. Never mind what I said, begging on lj has to be better than fucking discord.
How is the process now? Do you beg to join the discord, or join and then beg on some public channel or what?

Thank god I learned japanese years ago.

No. 286303

All of them are different, but it’s usually begging/knowing the right people to even get an invite/camping around their social media to be there the day they drop an invite and get in before they delete it in two minutes.
It’s autistic and I gave up trying to keep up with them a long time ago. Usually the most private ones are full of the most autistic people who infight and hoard good BL with a “we did it first and no one else can have it” type mentality. Daddyscans (I think this was their name?) immediately comes to mind.

No. 286304

>Usually the most private ones are full of the most autistic people who infight and hoard good BL with a “we did it first and no one else can have it” type mentality.
Different anon but I fucking hate this so much. Scanlation groups that sit on a popular series and only release the first two chapters so that nobody can have them and then never return to the project again should burn.

No. 286305

Idk how similar it is but I once joined a danmei translation group and it felt like I was doing a test in school again or something. They literally had you answering random questions about the author/series where you had to scour their whole website for the answers.

No. 286306

Yeah, it’s incredibly frustrating and cringe on their part for forming sekrit clubs around popular BL series everyone wants to see translated. They act like they’re the owners of the work when all they’re doing is poorly translating and drawing ugly dicks no one wants on top of censors.

No. 286309

>They act like they’re the owners of the work when all they’re doing is poorly translating and drawing ugly dicks no one wants on top of censors.
For fucking real, this gets my blood boiling. If they spent less time badly redrawing every single dick that's been censored they'd have more resources to proofread their shitty translations that barely make sense and actually translate the series past the first chapter. The only reason I'm learning Japanese is so that good works wouldn't be gatekept by them.

No. 286316

File: 1680034544546.jpg (433.8 KB, 2000x1500, 1679852439947118.jpg)

He has his old hairstyle again now. I still think the old one was hotter, but it's at least an improvement IMO.
Also semi-related, but the anime director retweets and likes a lot of incest shipping art for the new Trigun.

No. 286320

Scanlators were always prone to become drama queens but it's worse than ever.

What everybody needs to do is sniping.

If a translator hasn't released a new chapter in months, snipe it. Do one single chapter, it's usually enough. Just use machine translations and learn basic grammar and hira + kata (not much work) to and edit the google translations. It doesn't have to be a perfect translation and chances are high that every MTL will still be better than most of the shit current fantranslators release.
The important part is that you snipe them. At worst you will only make them seethe, which is still a win in my book. At best they will release a bunch of chapters because they are afraid that you might steal their clout if you release more or another fan translator will pick it up.

No. 286322

Just read it, it's only two volumes and the second one is a prequel. Imo it's a must read if you like horror and gay porn manga.

No. 286323

It's the exact same shit now but with discord, which is even worse imo. And now girls don't translate anything, the one who decide to post scans are ESL, copypaste dialogs on google translate and draw over the actual manga to "decensor" the dicks, except they never saw actual dicks before so you end up with badly drawn monstrosities and word salads in all the speech bubbles.

No. 286326

File: 1680037100055.png (49.69 KB, 660x468, 1595031040508.png)

>Also semi-related, but the anime director retweets and likes a lot of incest shipping art for the new Trigun.
A lot of Japanese creators don't give a fuck and are just very happy that their works have dedicated fans. That reminds me a lot of when Itsuno liked a lot of fanarts on twitter when DMC5 was going to be released, including some semi-explicit VNero art. That was before the game was released so nobody was supposed to know that V is Vergil, which means he's Nero's bio father, but obviously Itsuno knew and gave no fuck.

No. 286329

File: 1680038147275.jpg (113.5 KB, 554x828, 光.jpg)

The rest are
>dick sucking x4
>implied sex
>making out
>being weird

No. 286338

File: 1680042129898.jpg (145.63 KB, 1000x1200, Frhtw-yaQAAMHi9.jpg)

Yeah I love it. In the west creators don't dare to do it because of the hate crowd.
The Stampede guy also retweeted the famous "Americans feeling yakuza" post that a Japanese fan has written where she implored fans to consequently block and ignore every user with a DNI and anti-shipping in their bio since they are usually out for trouble and love to do call outs.
>including some semi-explicit VNero art
Damn I missed this but this sounds hilarious. I know western fans that even condemn ships with best friend since longtime friends usually know each other since childhood which makes them too "brotherlike" and therefore incestuous. I hope Japanese creators will proceed to ignore such stuff. Twitter isn't made for interaction anyway, people should just post what they like and skip the rest.

No. 286339

Holy shit, this bothers me too. I tried to get access to a danmei translation and it was the most difficult thing ever, I don't even remember which one. And the translator drama about "I've already translated this so that means no one else can translate it!!!" Even though the original translation only updates once every two months. No wonder people turn to MTL. I hate the drama around scanlations/translation so much, so many translators have such a weird holier-than-thou attitude.

No. 286341

I love it when some groups throw a tantrum once a work has been licensed. To lock, or not to lock: that is the question.

No. 286344

What's even the point of this? To have less readers?
I rather use MTL than begging some discord fags to accept me and spend hours scrolling through some twitter shit. What the hell are they afraid of?
Seriously someone should make another discord account do all that shit only to download the TLs and post them on 4chan or something.

No. 286351

Honestly I would just refer to it as an “adult” manga with BL/horror content because the magazine it was in had a huge range in serialized artists and series.


No. 286353

File: 1680046931770.jpeg (Spoiler Image,283.2 KB, 1125x1591, 02605F70-B01C-4205-99FB-ECA31A…)

It ended in Canna last year, it was the same issue Sleeping Dead finished in
unfortunately it looked like a pretty rushed/generic ending IMO

No. 286355

The western fandom for this is shit, it's full of people giving vash a vagina

No. 286401

I fucking hate the ones that translate two chapter a year and then get mad if someone asks if it's been dropped. They always have like 20 projects going so of course they're super slow. If you don't have time to translate some mangas then drop them and let others take over, don't sperg out at people for wondering if it's still going and then post passive aggressive "uwu it'll be done soon!! (it won't) everyone has lives uwu" messages.
I also hate when some japanese/korean translators act like they're better than anyone and super experts in the language but their translations end up being complicated and barely understandable.

No. 286402

>They always have like 20 projects going so of course they're super slow.
And they keep picking up new ones because they want to be the ~first~ to translate a popular series but they never get past the first chapters. One of my favourite mangakas released a series and a scanlation group did a grandiose release of chapter 1 an 2 (with stupid redrawn dicks of course), it's been like 2 or 3 years and still no updates. They already got bored with the manga after reading it themselves so they lost their enthusiasm, but don't want others to translate it either.

>I also hate when some japanese/korean translators act like they're better than anyone and super experts in the language but their translations end up being complicated and barely understandable.

I feel like this is the case with especially Korean translators, one reason I never read webtoons was that the translations were always extremely hard to follow and due to the plots already being pretty messy the series were practically unreadable, plus the fandoms are full of k-pop stans who spent two months in Korea and are now full experts on the language despite needing a dictionary for the most basic phrases.

No. 286416

Harudaki and DaddyScans are ultra retarded when it comes to scanlations.
Harudaki are gook oldfags still on LiveJournal and require constant dick sucking, like worshipping no kidding. Oh wait they don't accept any new members but still update on baka updates the works they translate so others can't pick them up. If that is not an ass move, update that you translate a work only your sect can view. For what reason? Baka updates seem to suck their dicks too.
Then daddyscans. Cringe over 9000, asking for prOof of pUrcHaSe to send you the things they scan illegally as if that makes them saints lol. Again update to bakaupdates bc nooo you can't pick up i won't have a sect then!!!
I want to see from all of these retarded scanlators works leaked at mangago can't a chad do it.
If any of you hags lurk here fuck you I can't wait for your demise.

No. 286449

I think it's so weird and honestly disrespectful to the original artists to be so smarmy about who illegally scanlates what. If you're going to be knowingly releasing scanlations for free just shut up and keep your head down, no one actually cares about the middleman. It's like a weed dealer thinking they're hot shit for knowing a guy lmao.
Also as a poorfag, sometimes I would join scanlations to just be able to read something I can't afford faster, and sometimes they don't even let new people into their scanlation groups for whatever reason. One time I tried to join one to try to help speed up the releases of a manga I really wanted to read and couldn't find the raws for, and they rejected me and said they weren't taking in any more people and had it all covered. They still haven't released more of that manga and it's been two years with no one else picking it up…

No. 286450

I used to scan raw bl manga occasionally and one time made a "scan provider" on Tumblr ragequit. She was sharing what I believe were a few of her own scans, but also scans from Haruka Yumenoato (a now dead japanese raw site). She would not let anybody share "her" scans anywhere and was very aggressive. I would upload my scans to Haruka, and saw she was uploading those and a bunch of other Haruka scans to her Tumblr. I just made a post telling people not to listen to her because she was just reposting Haruka scans, and she ragequit kek. I'm sure she cried about it but I was not part of her sekrit locked Tumblr so idk.

No. 286454

What are some good groups according to people?

No. 286455

A group took scans I made but I was ok with it because I wanted to see it translated kek

No. 286458

File: 1680087538930.jpg (48.46 KB, 820x319, Clipboard01.jpg)

ANN steals Kotaku's clickbait article, fans get mad in the comments about calling BL manga 'gay porn', Lynzee gets triggered by forum users calling out the bullshit.



ANN sure nosedived in recent years. That clickbait route is a sign of their decline.

No. 286459

>the translations were always extremely hard to follow and due to the plots already being pretty messy
Reminds me of when Dear Door was getting translated by fans and reading it was impossible. It was literal jargon and they thought they were doing a good job.

No. 286460

So let me get this straight.
>One of the Chainsaw Man's mangaka's assistants is a fujo who drew a BL doujin, the mangaka plugs it on Twitter because he wants to support his assistant and has also given a shoutout to Asada Nemui's work in the past
>ANN creates a clickbait article sperging out at how "fujimoto is an ally to gays for sharing gay porn"
>Gets butthurt at people telling her there's a difference in semantics between terms "BL doujin" and "gay porn"
Like I'm extremely glad that Fujimoto is sharing the doujin and not being all "ewww gays that's nasty" but it's beyond dumb to conflate someone's work that features sex as "porn", especially when "gay porn" is used to refer to porn specifically made for gay men. People don't call yuri or straight manga with sex scenes "porn" but for some reason people have strange standards for BL.

No. 286466

I unironically love how eloquent fujos are in their replies and slamming the writers of the articles

No. 286467

For me as long as they don't gatekeep like Shittyscans and Kusodaki or use Google translate/ retranslate from third world languages scanlations,they are fine.

No. 286469

File: 1680097302641.jpg (8.69 KB, 160x226, i324443.jpg)

I wonder when the author will go back to writing hankon

No. 286529

I want to read this, it looks really nice, but no way since it's on hiatus. I don't want to pick up a new series just for it to never update.

No. 286540

>just shut up and keep your head down
100% this
I know it’s never really been the case that scan groups were completely removed from fandom spaces but it does feel like in recent years the obsession with being a figurehead or having a cult of personality is becoming an obsession for literally everyone, including scan groups. They so badly want to be the most important person in the room that they’re willing to manufacture scarcity and force people to kiss their feet over something as niche and autistic as BL

No. 286635

File: 1680134329637.jpeg (254.55 KB, 1125x2047, 039D5853-6271-4B99-958E-2716AA…)

They hate her because she’s right

No. 286639

Some idiots I know that technically translate a manga I want to read recently contacted me per discord and asked me to delete a link of the raws that I collected and cleaned myself and later posted in a fan channel for this series because others might translate it before these lameasses do.
Hell, it's fucking raws that are AVAILABLE for free, online, on mangahack btw. You just need half of a brain to get to the archive and have an add-on that lets you save webp as png with a click. After they threatened to start drama in the channel I deleted it but went to 4chan immediately to post it there and then translated a chapter myself to snipe them on mangadex.
Since then they are releasing chapters more frequently. Before I sniped them they did nothing for six months and did instead pick 20 other series up. Now, post-snipe attack, they release one chapter every 10 days. Still too lame to ever catch up but at least something.

Fuck TL groups for being pricks that believe they owned any sort of license for the series they translate, usually BADLY translate.

No. 286666

Almost finished with sweet pool (only got the red road ending and the final ending left)
Thus far my thoughts are that it’s pretty mid tier, and probably my least favorite of the nitro chiral games that I’ve finished (I haven’t finished Lamento yet) mainly because they picked Tetsuo as the love interest even though he’s the most boring love interest I’ve ever seen in a nitro chiral game (and I wanted to date Makoto more sob).
It’s pretty similar to Saya no Uta vibe wise, which doesn’t really help since I don’t like Saya either but if you like mpreg you might like sweet pool.

Curious to hear the thoughts of anyone else who’s played it and how they think it stacks up against other nitro chiral games.

No. 286668

I don't get this argument at all and I don't know what's going on here but
>Many women who read BL are QuEeR
God I fucking hate that word so much now.

No. 286669

Is this about the cookie run voice actor who was talking mad shit about BL and telling fujos to go to therapy on Twitter to plug his own pure cinnamon roll non-fetishizing gay book despite begging for BL roles before? Either way, she's extremely based for posting this risking being dogpiled on.

She's just speaking in a language that they understand to get her point across, cut her some slack.

No. 286684

The VA was for a genshin character and, surprise surprise, was a TIF roleplaying as a gay man who feels personally offended by women enjoying BL because “muh fetishization”
She suggested fujos need therapy and that the entire industry should be burned to the ground. She even went out of her way to say that black fujos were “the weakest link” of black people, pure insanity

No. 286695

IIRC He (Joshua King) was just a regular black gay man. He claimed to be "non-cis" (i.e a guy who used "any pronouns") when people were calling him out for being a cis western guy shitting on Asian women. He voiced some side characters in Genshin and a cookie in Cookie Run and let it get to his head. But yeah either way the way he was dropping racist and misogynistic shit on black fujos was really pushing it over the line. But seeing both black and asian fujos and other gay men absolutely tear him apart while he was having a public, very loud meltdown about it was beautiful.

No. 286699

Wow, I’ve seen so many people refer to him as trans/transmasc that I was certain he was a TIF. I’m so sick of these people

No. 286717

People hate the idea of women enjoying something for sexual reasons, so common defenses of us involve downplaying the sexual element by claiming that many of us aren't even attracted to men. While there are certainly lesbians and febfems into BL for one reason or another, the fact of the matter is that most of the women who are into BL are into it because it's a double dose of sexy men, but written with female sensibilities. It's pure female gaze, in the limited capacity that such a thing exists. It's also a way for straight women to explore their sexual interests without having to reckon with the power imbalance inherent to heterosexual relationships.

No. 286718

>it's a double dose of sexy men
I don’t know, I’d be careful describing it this way or else you’re going to get people insisting women who enjoy age gap/shota in a BL setting are sexually attracted to underage characters or something

No. 286724

NTA but how is having a double dose of men immediately implying that there's going to be an age gap?

No. 286725

It doesn't, but implying that most women who enjoy BL are to some extent enjoying it because it's "two sexy men they want to fuck" is going to lead to more people condemning it because of the tropes within the genre

No. 286728

Manga characters aren't real people nor do they look or act like them. Yes I do find them attractive. Like half of all bl manga are set in highschool. Nobody cares, it's not real.

No. 286729

File: 1680232736670.jpg (240 KB, 1000x1500, Double---c007-v02---p000-TOKYO…)

A reccomendation for anyone who wants a more plot and character driven BL with a toxic codependant slowburn, check out Double. It does have some het and the relationship between the two male leads does take a while to actually make itself apparent as romantic, but it's an interesting and very dense read. It also got a live action adaptation but I haven't seen it yet, no idea if they kept it gay.

No. 286740

Try the yumejo thread

No. 286748

While the other anon hates the allegation that a lot of fujos are "queer", I myself hate the "we just like the double dose of sexy men getting it on!" thing because it genuinely sounds so mindlessly coomerish to me and reduces the entire genre of BL into porny smut and boyfriend fantasies. While sex scenes made for women are an important and common part of it, I can read a BL series without any sex scenes at all featuring average looking male characters and be perfectly contempt because the main reason I enjoy it so much is that women are just incredibly skilled at writing relationships and stories around them, especially the ones other women find interesting. Maybe it's just me being autistic but if I were to write a BL story and poured my heart into it like a lot of fujo mangakas tend to do, I would be disheartened if the main reason for people to like it was "I just want to fuck the hot main characters".

No. 286754

Why do you care what others think? Let them seethe and enjoy their rage.

No. 286757

File: 1680246194027.jpg (127.52 KB, 1018x931, Untitled.jpg)

The woke crowd (aka 'the new puritans') shows their true colours, imagine my shock. How can Lynzee live with that internalised misogyny?

No. 286760

File: 1680246409782.jpg (68.11 KB, 500x500, Kuroshitsuji.full.1878102-8345…)

i really do loathe that bl spaces are full of aidens now. i miss being 13 on the internet, joining yaoi groups on gaia or otakuzone (or whatever forum i was using), and happily talking about my favorite anime boys with other girls; it was like a refuge from all the normie/scrote shit i absolutely couldn't understand or even care about growing up. no inane discourse, no troons, no pretending to care about dullard hetero ships, just a lot of being cringe and free.

if i'd known how the web was going to evolve i would've tried harder to keep my connections from back then, or at least savored them more.

No. 286761

God, what a brat. She was told that her choice of words was poor and she throws a tantrum like this. Lol, lmao even at the people crying "projection" in that discussion like it was a magic spell to end all arguments even when they have no idea what the term even means.

>no pretending to care about dullard hetero ships
This is what I miss even more than the Aiden infestation (granted, they often go hand in hand tbh). I hate that so many fujos have to cough up a straight and f/f ship that they like to "balance it out" while no straight/GL shipper is expected to ship a m/m couple ever. The only f/f ship that I will ever enjoy is me and my girlfriend and straight ships can entirely go to hell along with the PIV obsessed Aidens.

No. 286764

>"we just like the double dose of sexy men getting it on!"
Usually when women say things like this they're defending themselves from some faux woke nonsense about internalized misogyny or fetishizing gay men or w/e so they amp up the casualness/simplicity of the statement to make a point. But when it comes down to it, the meaning is that they get more out of a pairing when they are romantically/sexually attracted to both characters. I don't think that contradicts what you enjoy about BL, and I think it's evident from fanworks that most fujos are not braindead coomers. Like you said - many women write great relationships, and most of us like reading them even when the sexy men aren't actually getting it on.

No. 286772

the internalized misogyny argument is the dumbest thing you can say about a fujo because times and times again yumejos and hetshippers have been proven to be aggressively misogynistic towards female characters who don't fit their "standards" like a girl who is ugly, gnc, very tall or have any personality traits they despise like a girl who is shy, quiet, weak and non-confrontational. just because they like the hot feisty or sexy badass type doesn't make them any better than us

No. 286785

I finally decided to watch The Black Butler to understand what the good old fujo days were like for my autistic fujo friends and it explained a lot of what I have seen in those circles back then. For example, I never understood the weird hostility towards female characters and kinda got it where it comes from now as Black Butler barely has any female characters and those few ones are annoying or have no personality. Hell, it even had a coomer moment with a female character, why the fuck did they put it in an anime that no scrote would ever watch, it's literally just pure female gaze yaoi. I assumed they would put a decent female character in a show made for female auditory but they didn't.
It's sad that this hostility wards women in yaoi community never really went away, it's just now those fujos are tifs and hate non-troon fujos instead of hating female characters.

No. 286786

Finding them attractive doesn't mean I want to fuck them. It means I wouldn't like to see the same story with two ugly males. I want them to be visually pleasant and cater to what I like. Would you like to see a BL manga about two ugly fat dudes falling in love and getting it on?

No. 286788

This. In my experience fujos are more indifferent towards female characters and ignore them for the most part or enjoy the rare well written one, but I've seen multiple hetship-oriented women being outright vicious against every female character who isn't their personal self-insert and specifically the ones that are GNC in a non-male gaze way. Their spergery is often credited to fujos because people traditionally brand any woman who likes an anime man a fujoshi, something that happens even on Lolcow.

Kuroshitsuji was published in gangan fantasy which is technically classified as a shounen magazine (very female slanted though), so I would imagine that the editors had their fingers in that mess. Back then fujo pandering series were extremely rare and practically nonexistent because everything had to have hollow female characters added in to satisfy moid readers, it's actually a very recent thing to allow shounen series to exist without a shitty forced female character nobody likes like Sakura in Naruto.

No. 286789

NTA but a very good point, I don't want to fuck or romance the characters either but I want them to be good looking and catering to my tastes. This is actually something that often gets lost in the discussion, people forget that you can find something attractive without any intimate feelings.

No. 286790

>women being outright vicious against every female characters that are GNC in a non-male gaze way
This is bizarre to me, how can women like male gaze shit? I thought yaoi got so popular among female weebs because it's literally the only genre of anime that has something for women and is not exclusively filled with retarded moeblob coomer garbage.
>it's actually a very recent thing to allow shounen series to exist without a shitty forced female character nobody
Thanks for the information nonni

No. 286791

Read the manga it's way better. I watched the anime after starting the manga long ago and I liked the female characters in the manga and they made them more annoying or irrelevant in the anime. Especially Lizzy.

No. 286807

Black butler is kind of an outlier in all of this because it was clearly made by a fujo, watching something like code geass will make it more clear why fujos hated poorly written women shoehorned into series

No. 286813

it's kind of a weird thing where they want the female lead to be attractive to moids but in like, a "relatable" way? not just something i've noticed in anime, even in dramas with real people they get mad if the actress who plays the protagonist isn't conventionally attractive

No. 286816

>sexual reasons
>sexual interests
>I-it’s not like I want to fuck them or anything!!!!!!
You were the one centering women’s interest in BL around sex with hot anime men, not me

No. 286821

it's easy to understand why fujos would get annoyed at female characters getting in between their ship when in many cases 90% of the plot is centered around the two guys, they have the most development, met each other first, have great chemistry and then they suddenly introduce a random girl just to shove in a shitty romance. or she appears multiple times where she does jackshit as if to remind you the fact that she is the actual endgame and your fujo ship is just a delusion, don't get too attached. this is frustrating and used to happen ALL THE TIME at some point you could even predict who are they gonna end up with solely because they're the only girls around
hetshippers and yurifags also hate it when another potential love interest gets hamfisted in the story but you never see anyone criticize them! sometimes they even root for the random girl just to shit on the "fujo freaks" even though they'd also go nuclear if their ship or self-insert was cucked

No. 286827

>hetshippers and yurifags also hate it when another potential love interest gets hamfisted in the story but you never see anyone criticize them!
I have a recent personal anecdote about this, in fact. In my fandom (okay it's Genshin Impact) there was a ship Zhongli x Guizhong that was really popular with hetfags even though it had barely any basis on any of the canon but people simply wanted to have their fantasy self-insert power couple since the male character was one of the most popular ones in the entire community, but later on it was revealed that the female character was heavily implied to be in love with another female character and vice versa. They fucking blew up with rage, suddenly it's just being platonic gal pals despite them having canonically been called soulmates when it's two female characters, after the shippers spent two years gloating at fujos shipping the male character in male ships that he has "a female lover". Oh and ackshually, you're fetishizing homosexuality and are biphobic too if you're not into this fabricated m/f ship.

Anyway, seeing that really made me realize how much of everything that they claim fujos do is nothing short of projection. The accusations of misogyny, possessiveness, fetishization, homophobia, entitlement, etc. I've seen hetshippers do that a whole lot more than fujos and being way more fragile about their headcanons yet their behavior is never seen as immature and poisonous.

No. 286828

> For example, I never understood the weird hostility towards female characters and kinda got it
if a character interrupts a popular ship, then they are hated. this isn't unique to fujoshi, this happens in every fandom everywhere. also in anime a lot of women are just poorly written – i don't think this was the case for bb personally, elizabeth kicked ass and was well-fleshed out. in the manga anyway, and her best moments aren't adapted in the first season

No. 286842

File: 1680282006424.jpg (663.13 KB, 3000x1849, 680206.jpg)

It's been said to death but the black butler anime is a bad adaption and essentially only covers the first 10 chapters. The rest of season 1 and season 2 are entirely original material made by the production staff. You're better off starting at season 3 and watching the OVAs and movie, honestly.

No. 286852

>are biphobic too if you're not into this fabricated m/f ship
I'll never get this argument. I've seen it used to justify why Bayonetta/Jeanne is so much better than Bayonetta/Luka or the reverse because "it's not because she's dating a man/woman that Bayonetta isn't bisexual". It's always used in a nonsensical way too.

No. 286854

kuroshit nonnies, be honest. would it be worth it to re-read the series and catch up? i read it back in the 2000s and really enjoyed the visuals and liked ciel and sebastian's dynamic, but didn't keep up with it. how much does it pander?

No. 286856

File: 1680291627895.jpg (148.67 KB, 1170x963, IMG_1906.jpg)

It's worth it imo for the fujobait, but keep in mind the past 4 years or so have been very slow releases due to Yana's work with twisted wonderland and have been entirely about side characters. We're looking at another ~2 years until the story even gets back to Sebastian and Ciel, so if it's not at the top of your list you might as well swing back around when the story finally gets back to them.
Spoilers if you care about the big twist
If you like the shotas Ciel's twin brother is introduced around chapter 120ish, that's what got me back into it

No. 286944


No. 286947

I keep up with it now because it's a manga I read as a tween and I want to know how it ends. It's nice and it has some fun moments/concepts (I find the fact that Yana really made Titanic-but-with-zombies, Harry-Potter-but-it's-an-english-college, Cluedo and Idols-but-they're-killing-people actual arcs is hilarious to me) but keep in mind that it's doesn't have actual fujo content, just fujo bait.

No. 287021

I lap at the BayoJeannefag tears though. Luka is a cutie and it's so obvious none of them have ever played Bayonetta 1.

No. 287022

m/f is always objectively the worst fuck off

No. 287049

my biggest fujo peeve is when people genderbend one side of the ship. stop shoving your otomeshit into it

No. 287059

They never tag it properly either because they think everyone is eager to see their ugly big booba reimagining like it was super revolutionary to hetbend a ship. And when you ask them to do so, they get mad vaguepost about bi/heterophobia kek

No. 287068

Same, they usually have no reading comprehension because they keep talking about how Bayo hated Luka in the 1st game for being incompetent and a useless incel loser, no clue which fanfic they're talking about or if they skipped the entire game.

No. 287110

If the game had Rodin/Luka content, I'd be all over it, but they hardly interact except in Bayo 2. There is nothing wrong with BayoLuka and anyone who seethes about them and cries about BayoJeanne being troo wuv is just a TQ+ yuritroon that doesn't play video games.

It's all those estrogen injections rotting their brain and their obsession with ~queer~ representation. None of them know how to play video games and probably watched clips of Bayo 3 to form their opinion

No. 287125

for some reason tiktok started recommending fujoshi discourse to me & im absolutely horrified, i knew shit was bad out there but after so long of only having my exposure to fujo stuff be here, older BL stuff online & occasionally fujochan, witnessing the level of brainrot from these people is absolutely insane. i can't believe the sheer amount of people who get offended at the idea of BL being aimed towards women and start screeching about how BL is for everyone and is made for ~queers~

No. 287133

The newest chapter of Jinx pissed me off so much. I don't know what I was expecting but I really should have seen it coming. Dan needs to start stabbing Joo for real. He is always showing care and concern for that roided beast only to be taken advantage of. I'm manifesting mingwa to let make Joo experience the consequences of his actions. He need to suffer.

No. 287134

>using Tik Tok
You need to have your head examined.

No. 287140

I'm sure there are more suitable wholesome bean series out there that don't have any problematic couples in it. Why are you reading it in the first place when it's made pretty clear from the start that it's not for the people looking for that kind of content?

No. 287144

I hate that so much. I see it a lot with the MXTX novels a lot. And yeah I consider making one of the characters a troon to be genderbending. One time a friend of mine asked if I could beta her fic. I said yes. She gave me no warning and I was jump-scared to the bottom character having chest scars and a vagina. I could never look at that person the same way again. She's not a fujo, just some yume who wants to get fucked by the top.

No. 287146

Rodin/Luka would kind of be scandalous though, since Luka's father knew Rodin and went to his bar at least once. I can see it though. At least it's not like the people coping and saying that Bayo/Rodin would be better than Bayo/Luka despite Rodin seeing Bayonetta as nothing but a walking ATM. You know what I want though? Dante/Luka.

>but they hardly interact except in Bayo 2

In Bayonetta 3 Luka occasionally comes back from hell to yell at Rodin for letting Viola skip class. There's still hope for you anon.

No. 287148

Opinions on the new jinx chapter?

You know he won't. After 30+ chapters Joo will fali in love with him and start being nice kek. Very predictaple story, actually reminds me of early toxic Mangas.

No. 287149

>actually reminds me of early toxic Mangas.
This is why I like it tbh. If he was nice to him from the start, the manga would be over in like two chapters or just have them pining like schoolgirls doing nothing forever.

No. 287150

I mean let's not act like this cliche ▪︎in-debt-also-have-a-ill-family-member-i-owe-money-to-gangsters-now-im-selling-my-body-to-a-hot-rich-asshole-who-will-later-fall-in-love-with-me▪︎ of story is also not predictable.

Still I will say I do like that the professions in the story are different than usual.

No. 287151

I didn't say it wasn't predictable, I meant that it's interesting to see how they will come to the conclusion we all know they'll eventually reach. It's much more exciting to see them coming from extremes than having it be all lovey-dovey and gentle from the start. It actually does remind me of old-school BL mangas in a good way.

No. 287161

You've got fine taste there, nonnie. I hope one day they do have a crossover and meet

No. 287176

File: 1680492123191.png (673.31 KB, 1125x1600, amachin.png)

amachin wa jishou is so cute kek. feels like a shojo manga

No. 287182

NTA but I feel like there is a difference between dark romance and torture porn. I love dark, complex, and problematic romances, but Jinx is just depressing. I'm literally only reading it because I want to understand the discussions about it in this thread, also the art is nice, and there is a small, small part of me that is hoping something drastic will happen to turn the tables and make the seme change his behavior. I want to see the seme display literally any other emotion than horny or angry. I like sadist characters but he doesn't even feel like a sadist, he's like a selfish animal that just fucks because he has to, the uke is just collateral damage.
For people who like it, is there any other appeal than just the well drawn sex scenes? How are you hoping it ends, are you rooting for them to stay together?

No. 287200

for me i can at least believe the top being the asshole that he is because it's male behavior. i can't fucking stand the bottom though. there's no depth or relatability to his character, hes just "cinnamon roll" personified. dont get me wrong i love dark/abusive romances, but i want to see the psychological degradation, you know? the bottom literally hasn't had any change in personality or mentaility despite being raped multiple times; the way he processes the trauma is nonexistent. i dont care what happens to him because he cant even stand up for himself kek. the entire thing is tropey though, and thats why i dont take it seriously. at this point im just reading to see how ridiculous and stupid the author is gonna make them act.

No. 287201

I sort of agree with >>287200 , the way the bottom has absolutely nothing change in him despite the horrific abuse he's put through makes it satisfying to see the top slap him around a bit and hopefully make him grow a spine. I'm not a fan of those stories in which the cinnamon roll precious baby gets coddled and nursed all the time, I want to see an actual reaction and have him show some emotion. I actually like the top a lot and read the story basically to see what crazy shit he does next.

No. 287212

Should I actually bother with Killing Stalking? I read like 3 chapters and the art is really ugly, can't stand how feminine the MC' body is. The story reads like an ultra edgy fanfic instead of an interesting story about a serial killer. Does it get better?

No. 287213

Feminine? He looks like an ugly and emancipated little boy. How is he feminine?

No. 287215

File: 1680516343149.jpg (Spoiler Image,114.81 KB, 869x2107, 34.jpg)

He's drawn with really big hips sometimes. And then he's wearing panty like underwear yet his dick is completely invisible, no bulge at all. I know it's just because the author can't draw, but it's still unappealing. Just wanna know if the art improves.

No. 287221

Honestly calling Killing Stalking a "BL" webtoon is debatable, it came off more as some fucked up crime story than a BL manga. It's made explicitly clear that Sangwoo is straight and obsessed with his mother (which he forces Yoonbum to be after kidnapping him) and Yoonbum is the borderline homophobic "got raped by a man so now he wants the guy he imprinted on to do the same" BPD-kun stereotype, it just has no other BL elements than male on male sex that's portrayed from a very unerotic angle. To me it's a very similar case as Litchi hikari club, it's a psychological thriller that uses homosexuality for the shock value so I wouldn't call it "BL". That's just how I see it, other people might have a different interpretation.

And no, the art doesn't improve.

No. 287227

>Gay but only for you
>Borderline homophobic
These are mainstays in BL, nonnie

No. 287228

>male on male sex that's portrayed from a very unerotic angle
this is actually something that I find interesting about ks, idk if it's just me, but the sex scenes are so uncomfortable and awkward that I end up always skipping them. I know its intentional and I applaud the author because as someone who reads the most deranged of stuff, I didn’t get that feeling from any other bl, or hentai for that matter.

No. 287263

I think the author made them unappealing on purpose, since she said that it was meant to be a horror first. Everything about how the sex scenes are drawn is gross. The characters have yellow tinged skin, Yoon is underweight and bony for the majority of the story and it's clear that he's ugly and kinda retarded, even the colors used for the whole story are muted and Koogi uses browns, dark greens and dark reds a lot. Overall the scenes aren't very sexualized, they focus on pain, rape, and tool, and when they are sexualized Sangwoo talks about/ hints at his mother so it becomes uncomfortable.

No. 287265

Sanefag I'm a retard because I missed the part where anon said she knew, but I still want to say why they're unappealing (to me) kek.

No. 287269

What's meant here is the "raped until gay" stereotype i.e. that gay people turn gay as a part of their mental illness because they've been sexually abused by the same gender and are looking to relive the trauma to gain control, not because they're attracted to the same sex innately.

I would say that KS is more enjoyable as a psychological thriller than BL, but the story gets very repetitive very fast and none of the characters are likable. The sex scenes are very violent and uncomfortable, the character designs are pretty ugly, it's only serviceable for those who are looking for really dark things without much of a plot around them.

No. 287307

oh what a lucky day to be me. tumblr randomly decided to recommend me porny fanart of my rarepair even though I have not interacted with the rarepair tag only the main fandom.
This is the second time tumblr has recommended me nsfw fanart even though I don't follow or reblog nsfw stuff on tumblr. Are fujos starting to use tumblr again? I hope so because it's so much easier to use than twitter

No. 287311

>Raped until gay
Also a mainstay in BL, so I’m not seeing your point

No. 287314

I am so tired of puriteens whining that KS doesn't count as BL. No other psychological horror BL get that same treatment. The VERY FIRST BL and many other works by the 24gumi featured horrific abuse. BL doesn't mean 'uwu pure love stories' and it never has it just means romance between men and Bum and Sangwoo were in LOVE, they were insane and delusional and ugly and sick and in LOVE. There are SO MANY unhinged BL out there- many of which significantly darker and more fucked up than KS- and this one gets this weird debate around it for no logically consistent reason. I think this was just a lot of baby fujo's first dark BL and it gets this weird debate because it saw some popularity outside of the typical audience for this type of BL.

No. 287321

your analogy is just as shit lmao.

Did we even read the same story, what LOVE are you even talking about. Sangwoo fucked yoonbum and was nice to him in moments when he would hallucinate yoonbum as being his mother. Near the end of the story i remember sangwoo starting to be abusive towards yoonbum again. There was no love, it was only one-sided from yoonbum.

Saying that yaoi is two moids being in love is just as retarded. The actual reason why it is yaoi is because of the sex between men.

No. 287323

File: 1680568210705.jpeg (42.31 KB, 720x320, 9C9276AB-D1B0-4267-97DF-CCECBA…)

Maybe it’s just because I like menhera uke characters, but I always found bum pretty cute.

No. 287324

I assumed it was meant to be like
Sangwoo loves and wants to fuck his mom
Bum is a replacement for sangwoo’s mom because he killed her
Hence Sangwoo loves and wants to fuck Bum

No. 287327

>it gets this weird debate because it saw some popularity outside of the typical audience for this type of BL
This definitely is the case. I’m pretty sure a lot of people read killing stalking just to rubber neck and now talk about it like it’s the pinnacle of dark BL, when it’s actually pretty standard and not even that bad in comparison to a lot of other weird works

No. 287334

Nta but most yaoi isn't as explicitly about abuse and seeing a degenerate webcomic that pretty much is about stockholm syndrome and mostly just alludes to sex in a very unsexy and scary way as a great example of yaoi is a weird hill to die on. Sure, call it yaoi or no, but it's mostly homoerotic for the sake of fear-baiting.

No. 287341

>most yaoi isn’t about abuse
It is though

No. 287342

I don't disagree with people calling it BL or Yaoi, but Sangwoo and Yoon's relationship felt more of a gateway for us to find out about their past, than them actually forming a romantic connection. Year 24 works certainly featured a lot of abuse and trauma, but they also had some form of romance develop between the characters. Most of the time the worst abuse didn't happen between the main characters either, it would be like saying Gilbert from Kaze to Ki no Uta loved his abusers because they had sex.

No. 287343

I don't know how someone can look at the other things the creator draws, makes, and retweets of Yoon and Sangwoo and still feel like it isn't yaoi. Coomer fujo hands made that webcomic 100%

No. 287359

I agree that at the end of the day it's a BL because it has two males fucking, but it's just not that focused on the romance between them and more on the abuse, Sangwoo's past and him being a murderer. Though you can't blame people for saying that it's not a BL when the author says so herself.

No. 287362

File: 1680590592067.png (41.07 KB, 1766x623, koogi.png)

Do you think any form of media with male on male attraction in it counts as "BL"? Is "Misery" a great love story? There's a certain framework for the genre that sets at least some expectations and standards. I don't know why people get so butthurt over others considering KS to rather be a psychological horror story than BL when even the author said it's not a BL comic and doesn't want it to be considered as such. It's not like BL doesn't deal with dark themes, I like them too and Harada and Asada Nemui are both really popular for their works, but Killing Stalking pretty clearly has the happenings of a crime drama in its focus instead of developing a relationship between two male characters. Yoon is said in the story to have BPD which makes him obsess over his favourite person and Sangwoo is just fucked in the head treating Yoon as a stand-in for his mother, the sex scenes like already described are portrayed in a very violent and ugly way emphasizing Yoon's pain, their relationship doesn't exist as anything else than a mentally ill co-dependence.

No. 287370

god i hate the term puriteens it’s so retarded oh how dare teenagers be wary of sex and sexual themes waaah, also I can’t believe i’m seeing the opinion that killing stalking isn’t yaoi on lolcow of all places when it was the biggest zoomer cope for being into it because despite the graphic gay sex it’s “totally a horror crime thriller whatever the hell you guys i’m totally not a fujo!!!!” grow up

No. 287373

samefag but what is this ugly weird borderline tranny shit, I hate the draw a girl but call it a guy trap fad I wish it would die along with everyone who enjoys it

No. 287392

Did we read the same comic? How is KS not about the two characters developing a relationship? They spend 90% of the comic together and it’s entirely about the characters psychosis when they’re together. Coupled with the fact they have sex multiple times, yes it’s a BL. Obviously there are things like Litchi Hikari Club that have a very small portion of the story about a gay relationship/sex whatever, but KS is not an example of that, like at all.

No. 287395

Kek you're in the lolcow fujo thread and thinking that anons here are these ""puriteens"" living inside your head because they, don't think babbys first edgy thriller is a BL story even when people are saying they're perfectly okay with dark themes in what they consume. Nobody's saying it doesn't have gay sex, denying that the characters can be shipped or even calling a bad manhwa, it's just questionable if it can be categorized under BL when even the author straight out said that wasn't her intention. No idea why you're taking that as such a personal insult.

Like >>287342 said the story is much more about the protagonists and their respective pasts than relationship they share. As for their relationship, Yoon first considers Sangwoo his savior because he's mentally ill and breaks in to his house to rub his face against his stuff, Sangwoo sees his opportunity to have this lunatic be the target of his rage, it ends with Sangwoo never having loved Yoon and instead treating him as some sort of a ghastly image of his mother and Yoon having developed an even unheathier obsession because he's been conditioned to believe that he can't survive without him. Their relationship doesn't go anywhere because it's not meant to, the story focuses much more on the crimes Sangwoo commits and exploring why he and Yoon are like they are, plus the police investigation and the officer struggling with his career. Both Sangwoo and Yoon are self centered and don't really "love" each other but instead project their personal needs onto each other as a cope for their past trauma. They don't really have a relationship besides the other one being a perpetual punching bag for a psychopath with terminal mommy issues. It's more of a character study than a story about men developing feelings for each other and that's literally how Koogi herself described it as. It's not one of those "I can't call this a BL because otherwise no publisher picks it up" situations but more of her just wanting to write a psychological thriller.

No. 287416

A character study can still fall into the romance genre, and BL can encompass a story about characters pasts within it. I really don’t understand your point at all, not all BL are about loving relationships and it doesn’t have to be, but this isn’t a story about two singular characters who interact a few times. They form an abusive relationship and become codependent on one another and are constantly fucking, it’s a BL. If the author thinks otherwise she’s delusional, which wouldn’t surprise me considering how shit awful and poorly written KS is.

No. 287417

Do Korean comics even have a BL classification? I imagine it's a bit different for them, which is why the author is saying it's not really BL. Anyway I don't think it's such a big deal, it's just a label. Calling it BL or not won't change the fact that it's mega gay.

No. 287426

we need to open up a new wing for BH (boys hate)

No. 287428

I’d like nothing more than for korean manhwa to leave the BL market forever, I can’t bare to see another corporate sterilized 6’8 man fuck a stupid unwitting girlboy twink. Korean BL and their entire business model is soul sucking

No. 287443

it's just koreans in general, look at the state of korean het romance

No. 287447

It's the worst when they pretend they're doing something subversive kek
>hetbend a m/m ship
>b-b-but the still male one is bi! it's progressive!

No. 287458

Every time a Korean BL shows promise, it always fucks up during the second season. It never fails.

No. 287459

File: 1680638406942.jpg (166.63 KB, 720x2394, 012472d756503b26608849df30aadc…)

That Koogi "quote" came after western backlash. She states in the season one epilogue that of course KS is BL and she couldn't have written it as anything else. So this is the authors actual quote. She said it's BL.

No. 287487

File: 1680653910715.jpg (122.31 KB, 850x729, __leon_s_kennedy_and_jack_krau…)

Nonnies, how do you manage to stay devoted to the fandom with a busy schedule? As an adult I've found myself with less and less free time and I wanna be able to squeeze a little fujo down-time at least once a week.

No. 287491

Legit. Like kpop and the plastic surgery, Korean BL is all trash and looks exactly the same.

No. 287493

>Leon and Krauser ship is revived after over a decade
Bless the remake. So hyped to play it when I have time.

No. 287502

I read yaoi manga every night before bed for like half an hour or more if I can't sleep these my bedtime stories

No. 287506

I gave up constantly trying to stay on top of new releases, but the chil chil awards just dropped. It’s a good metric to go back and see if there’s any current BL that you missed that you might wanna read.


I follow a lot of japanese BL mags on twitter to see what they’re releasing, if anything catches my eye I write it down and try to come back to it when I have time. I think prioritizing hobbies is important but don’t let them overwhelm you nona

No. 287513

kill yourself

No. 287530

I’m not taking it as a personal insult that cope is just constantly used by zoomers who think they’re above “fujos” and don’t want to admit they are fujos because they see it as a problematic thing or whatever, like >>287416 said the author is basically delusional and she made every point I had in mind. Like it has graphic gay sex scenes, and the “BL” aspect is a huge part of it how anyone can deny that is just absolutely insane to me
you first

No. 287576

You hate her because she is right, there are a ton of BL and Yaoi with the same idea that doesn't just draw a girl and call it a guy, they at least try to make them look androgynous.

No. 287595

Sorry nonnie but anybody who reads ultra feminine trap manga has shit taste.

No. 287618

NTA I don’t mind traps in BL, but this manga was still repetitive shit.

No. 287667

no i hate her (you?) because she's been saying the same things for years. probably the exact same autistia who got banned from fc for samefagging her own posts and screeching about traps in every thread they appeared. the obsession is pakichan tier

No. 287674

None of those other anons but traps that are full on girl mode for 99% of the time and look completely like little girls don't belong in the BL thread. And holy shit stop your retarded spamming.

No. 287680

>saged posts that were deleted soon after being made
you don't know what that word means
anyway i'm just annoyed by that anon. will stop replying now though

No. 287685

idk who you think i am but this is like my first post in this thread or any fujo threads about my hate for traps you schizo, a lot of fujos hates this moe blob trap shit it’s so scroteish

No. 287719

> her (you?)
I not her, is it so hard for you to accept that several people disagree with you? You are the one who said >>287513 after one negative reply, take your meds.
I swear I saw someone do the same thing in the fujocringe thread the other day, at this point I assume it's someone baiting.

No. 287758

type proper english

No. 287807

Just last thread everyone was talking about how much they hate “draw a girl call it a boy”, you’re the only one who likes this coomer shit

No. 287808

Too much infighting about tastes in dumb shit, we need to unite against the real common enemy and true plague on modern BL: domsub verse.

It takes the worst aspects of omegaverse and the worst aspects of a poorly written BDSM relationship ala 50 shades and marries them together in a way that always, without fail, makes me want to rip my eyes out. Every time every FUCKING time it's some guy that's like "I-I'm not a sub! I could never be a sub!" and some bland, generic, 10 foot tall motherfucker with a 50 inch dick is there smirking like a shitty fanfic version of a better character going "Heh. Kneel." and then the uke becomes completely submissive. BECAUSE OF BIOLOGY. At least with omegaverse there are a lot of situations where it's clear the alpha is a rapist or the omega can still refuse consent even in the middle of heats, but with domsub verse the sub is always like "I-I can't help it, my body just needs to be submissive!" completely taking away any agency, which is the actual appeal of real BDSM.

I have tried reading a handful of different domsub verse original titles and I NEVER make it past chapter 1. One time I tried to read a second chapter because I was so into the character designs but I just couldn't do it. It's just so bad and so stupid. Please join me in hating this stupid ass subgenre. If you like this kind of stuff I think you should admit yourself to a hospital.

No. 287812

is this a new genre? I have never heard about that before. It sounds similar to omegaverse but more stupid why would biology make someone a sub? At least omegaverse has a poorly explaination for that. Sounds like people just want to make stories with BDSM themes but then adds world building and lore into it to make it stand out. I know people shit on old yaoi stories but I really like when there is an obvious seme and an obvious uke and that dynamic is never question and there is no lore or biology that explains why they are like that

No. 287814

As someone who doesn't really read fanfics I keep wondering what a wild world it is when anons here complain about everything happening in that field. I've never even heard of this.

No. 287815

BDSM is already rapey shit for pick me’s irl, might as well make it full on biological rape in fanfics.

No. 287816

File: 1680794919723.jpg (118.74 KB, 950x1340, Story-1---Inferiority-Complex-…)

afaik it's actually something that started in Japan? I keep having this problem lately where I open a new manga, don't read the tags, then immediately get slapped in the face with this shit.

No. 287826

Kek wtf I didn't know about this dom/sub thing, only omergaverse. You're saying it's not the same thing? Recc me some titles please.

No. 287827

this is so uncreative lmao

No. 287829

I actually think this is a better concept than omegaverse because I cringed at all the rectal womb stuff and pheromone suppression et cetera, at least this is just straight out a smut concept. Yeah a bit cringe but I'm in for it kek

No. 287831

link d/s BL i am intrigued.

No. 287833

nah ive also made posts about enjoying traps. doesn't change the fact that we are definitely a minority here in lc, where even abo is considered trannyshit

No. 287834

but anon i thought all fujos were lesbians?

No. 287840

the manhwa hate here is borderline retarded.
It gives off the vibes off middle aged women who dont want to grow up and cant handle the fact that there are now different forms of comics depicting yaoi/bl and that times are changing. The weird hate or fear over manhwa is veey autistic, do you think they are trying to steal you from reading mangas or something lmao. Also lets be honest the nitpicking i see here over manhwas could be said about mangas too, all the stereotypes could also be applied to mangas too. Atleast those twinks in manhwas are actually legal, cant say the same for mangas.

Listen no one here is forcing you to read manhwas, but shitting on a whole category is a different thing.

No. 287841

>Atleast those twinks in manhwas are actually legal
I was with you until this part. Go be a moralfag somewhere else. Nobody cares about your shitty korean manga.

No. 287845

Oh no those pesky middle aged women are at it again

No. 287848

>Nobody cares about your shitty korean manga.
i literally grew up reading mangas, its this shitty mentality that keeps alienating people. We already have people here just hating on us for neing fujos. Do we now have to also hate just because someone reads manhwas(korean) or manhuas(chinese) ?

No. 287849

>Go be a moralfag somewhere else
interesting. So moralfagging is allowed when it comes to manhwas but forbidden when it comes to mangas. Ok got it.

No. 287855

No one is moralfagging about manhwa, they’re just ugly and boring and the webtoon churn has created a totally over saturated market full of ugly and boring korean BL

No. 287856

why do you have to bitch about it tho? what productive, interesting etc. discussion comes from whining about shit you dislike?

No. 287857

No one was really even bitching, a few nonnies saying they dislike something isn’t a dogpile. I don’t even care if you read korean BL, I just think it’s ugly shlock. Frankly, I think a lot of jpn BL is ugly shlock too.
Feel free to post some recs that don’t all the look the the exact same thing

No. 287858

wow you really got me i’m def killing myself now

No. 287859

On the topic of manhwa, i’m not a big fan for the most part i find the art ugly and the characters all look the same but a nonny here in a past thread recommended Sheep’s Mask and I just want to thank you if you see this because it was genuinely the ideal BL dynamic, at least looks wise imo.

No. 287860

Where do you even see this manhwa hate? All I see is normal discussion about it. Did you get mad at anons not liking KS or something? Am I replying to bait?

No. 287861

anons this may surprise but there are anons here since the other threads. Its not just about this one thread , its all these past threads. The weird shitting on manhwas while at the same time putting mangas on a pedestal like they are something so much better.
Anons cant go a thread without moralfagging about ABUSIVE manhwas, saying they hate manhwas because they hate koreans so because they hate korea or kpop then by their logic manhwas are shit too, that all manhwas have horrible art and storys unlike mangas who are all known for their great art and storys (LMAO).
But honestly i ignore those anons because i think they are weaboos.

No. 287862

Anon this sounds like either schizo rambling or underage koreaboo cryposting. You need to be over 18 to post here.

No. 287865

>Schizo moralfagging anon is also ESL
It’s like clockwork

No. 287868

so incensed over differing opinions that she can barely get her sausage fingers to strike the correct keys. sad!

No. 287874

what are you going on about?

No. 287877

Is this the fabled fujoshi den? One Girlfriend please.

No. 287879

People are allowed to dislike killing stalking, I say this as someone who really likes killing stalking.

No. 287882

I'm more triggered that anon decided to pluralize manga with an s but didn't do the same for manhwa. Like if you're going to use noncount nouns incorrectly at least be consistent with it.

No. 287883

File: 1680814728568.jpg (88.54 KB, 493x700, t_700x780.jpg)

based nona
i wish i could read jpn. hoshino lily has a lot of good stuff that's untranslated.

No. 287886

This just looks like a stereotypical shojo romance. What's the appeal?

No. 287888

File: 1680816135032.png (295.59 KB, 1920x1080, EwecN9x.png)

I love Lily Hoshino, is this stuff just full-on trap bait? Or does he eventually go back to being a boy? I'd read but I can't get into stuff that is strictly a boy pretending to be a girl

No. 287889

File: 1680816155660.jpg (185.97 KB, 1182x1182, 1669069416402079.jpg)

it has gay sex/is BL lol. beyond that…size differences, visual contrast, i like feminine things (but do get a bit tired of seeing feminine women since that's the often enforced default + there's nothing really novel about it), etc.

i do enjoy shojo though

No. 287890

is what i posted genderbender?
i've only read a few of her works, but none of them were that. they're usually just feminine men (barring one where the ukes sex was ambiguous, due to them being an alien or whatever)

No. 287891

He's dressed like a girl, I was just curious if he's always dressed like a girl.

No. 287893

oh well yeah, the ukes are usually perma-feminine. everyone in the manga knows they're guys though

No. 287896

File: 1680819134337.png (9.36 KB, 119x100, .....png)

So I know I have a perverse mind, but…

No. 287930

god krauser/leon gives me life

No. 287938

File: 1680831627343.png (930.76 KB, 3464x1804, LXK.png)

I see some nonas enjoy krauser x leon so I made a mini SFW collage of tatsumi's (psmhbpiuczn) art. She has some NSFW illustrations too so check them out!

No. 287942

File: 1680835953824.gif (550.88 KB, 500x278, 1660694258377.gif)

thanks!! so cute!

No. 287954

when is the asada nemui abo updating

No. 287963

Do you have access to her poipiku? I really want to see it but you need to ask to join her list.

No. 287973

I have some NSFW saved, I can share some if you want. <3

No. 287975

Yeah, omegaverse always turned me off with the weird misogyny implicit in it(alphas actually are always stronger and smarter than omegas who only exist to breed! no unfortunate implications here!) and the boywomb stuff. Imo it should only be used as a backdrop of smut to justify why the characters need to fuck right this minute, and domsub verse is just that. Though I'm not a fan of it either

No. 288004

File: 1680863215245.jpeg (113.54 KB, 850x905, 1679800567086.jpeg)

Please do nonnie!

No. 288013

whose this artist? looking up the @ in the image in insta, twt, or pixiv shows up nothing.

No. 288014

No. 288064

mirchi beaucoup nonny

No. 288134

File: 1680890647063.png (Spoiler Image,125.99 KB, 896x768, LXK1.png)

Sure thing! First we have leon and krauser sharing a shirtless kiss. Spoilered just in case. 1/6

No. 288136

File: 1680890693919.png (Spoiler Image,197.35 KB, 879x686, LXK2.png)

Krauser having a go at Leon in front of a small audience

No. 288138

File: 1680890750883.png (Spoiler Image,265.28 KB, 714x888, LXK3.png)

Leon givin Krauser a bj

No. 288139

File: 1680890808613.png (Spoiler Image,167.28 KB, 896x794, LXK4.png)

Not leonkrau but still hot
Krauser choke-ridding a dude

No. 288140

File: 1680890856322.png (Spoiler Image,149.59 KB, 891x821, LXK5.png)

Not leonkrau but some nonnies may appreciate
Krauser in a forceful thresome

No. 288141

File: 1680890895210.png (Spoiler Image,203.57 KB, 896x768, LXK6.png)

Leon ridding Krauser

No. 288185

File: 1680909372906.jpg (220.06 KB, 900x1268, 22221449.jpg)

guys don't get angry at me for posting shota oni but younger boy falls in love with an older brother type and then doms him when he gets older is a very hot scenario

No. 288187

luckily women don't only exist to breed kek. plenty of women can't give birth/don't want to. also men aren't automatically "stronger and smarter" than women.
maybe the misogyny lay within you and not mangaka

No. 288190

we don’t live in a vacuum nona

No. 288195

Work on your reading comprehension. I don't think men are stronger and smarter than women, I'm criticizing how within many omegaverse stories it's uncritically stated that alphas are naturally more talented and competent than omegas, and the misogyny inherent to this idea. Even the ones that use omegaverse as a kind of feminist allegory looking into how women are only valued for reproduction still fall into this mindset.

No. 288205

File: 1680918796793.jpg (283.56 KB, 1000x1467, Image-111-Type.jpg)

>it's uncritically stated that alphas are naturally more talented and competent than omegas
As someone who reads a lot of omegaverse, I would say it's not often the case that it's presented uncritically. In fact, one of the most popular and common types of omegaverse story that gets rehashed often is a guy who is popular, talented, and successful finding out he is an omega, challenging the idea that only alphas are capable of being that way. I'd say there are actually very few original omegaverse stories that play out with a simple strong alpha and a simple meek omega, many authors use the setting to actively make points against discriminating based off of gendered sterotypes. Maybe if you're just reading pwp they lean more heavily into uncritically seeing omegas as breeding machines, but in any story based omegaverse, I think there is a lot of space for nuanced stories.

pic somewhat related, an omega character beating the shit out of some rapists during his heat.

No. 288212

These stories function as the exception though. Other omegas are submissive and weak, but THIS omega is the exception, and that’s the crux of the story. The story relies on actively subverting the genre, but in the end all it’s really doing is saying misogyny a different way. The misogyny is baked into abo and no amount of subverting the genre will make it go away.

No. 288250

File: 1680934090457.png (383.23 KB, 540x519, FQAzb0lX0AYZK6C.png)

Tysm so much nonnie!

I forgot to leave the source, but >>288014 got it. This artist has so many twitters for some reason, I know them as Not_tetsubin on twitter, but it's best to just follow on pixiv where they post everything.

No. 288256

>it's uncritically stated that alphas are naturally more talented and competent than omegas, and the misogyny inherent to this idea
they are men though, not women, it is a fictional universe. you think giving birth and being oppressed = woman, that is not true

No. 288263

File: 1680938785126.jpg (368.49 KB, 1100x1564, c1-Ore-Tachi-Wa-Unmeiryoku-Ga-…)

>Other omegas are submissive and weak, but THIS omega is the exception
It depends on the story, but I don't really interpret it this way most of the time. Rather, it's like people's perceptions of alphas and omegas are whats holding people back instead of there actually being something uniquely special about the person who doesn't follow the stereotypes.

No. 288273

Not this shit again. Either we're fighting over shotas or moralfagging about omegaverse being "a misogynist allegory" when anyone without discourse brainrot knows it's just a "hoo hoo hot dom fucking sub and having babies" and nothing more. You're going to bring Paki-chan back to sperg about FTMs.

No. 288291

u welcomed bb ♥#

No. 288384

Seriously. I don't want to infight but I'm tired of people comparing real life to every single piece of media they read. Don't you get tired of it? It's just a stupid bl manga following the latest fujo fad. The author is not trying to make a critique of women in society, it's just fetish smut manga.
Just say you think it's stupid. No need to compare it to real life issues.

No. 288511

I REALLY wish i could actually play nucarnival because i adore the characters and the setting, the fact that it's all BL but the gacha system and the monetization is absolutely disgusting. it's not like in genshin where i only spent 20 dollars and i have pretty much every husbando i wanted, here in nucarnival the pity is horrible, it's difficult to gain a lot of wishes fast, if you want to see the sex scenes well good luck cause it basically forces you to spend extra money or wait an eternity until you get all the mats. it's the type of game that absolutely empties your pockets
i fully understand that it's a niche R18 game and they target rich fujos who can support the devs, unlike genshin who can be a bit more lax with the gacha cause it's mainstream but i wish at least it had more features that are f2p or low spender friendly. these type of gacha games are the result of late term capitalism and it shows

No. 288518

Do the nucarnival boys have sex with each other or is it always with like the MC/some faceless self insert guy? I don’t see the appeal to fujos at all it feels like a yumejo game repainted

No. 288532

File: 1681059482769.jpg (390.18 KB, 1079x2141, eidenssr.jpg)

by that logic games like slow damage and dmmd are also "yumejo game repainted"? so the japanese fujos who only ship shounen mc x other guys are also yumejo? it's like a BL visual novel, you have the main guy and his love interests who only fuck the main guy. and the MC got his own SSR card recently and he has a solo scene where he just jerks off and one with his familiars, he's not just "some guy" like towa who is also a central character

No. 288543

Eiden (MC) is straight up the best boy and more popular than any of the others, anon. He isn't a self insert at all, he's his own character.

No. 288548

Yumejos, famous for wanting to watch their husbando lick the asshole of another man

No. 288551

Nta but I was one of the anons who said SOME omegaverse (as well as other bl mangas with serious themes) could be a way to explore real life issues women face and honestly I don't see anything wrong with it. Some works are meant to have a deeper meaning, some are meant to be mindless smut and I don't understand why people can autistically only see one or the other when it comes to BL. And even if some works are meant to be compared to real life issues the reader can choose to enjoy them for the smut alone. It's fine.
I don't understand why people try so hard to justify and warp why they read something to a retard who clearly can't understand how fiction can work. And it's only when it's BL or other female interests too.

No. 288559

In that case please post the manga that do take it seriously so you can have a proper discussion. Statements about hating all omegaverse because it's all evil misogyny are more suited for the anti-fujo thread. All it's gonna do here is derail into non-bl discussion.

No. 288566

I know everyone else already beat your ass for this post, but Eiden is probably my favorite BL game MC ever. He's just so kind yet unabashedly horny in a fun way. The sex scenes are varied and creative and I'm really glad that everyone has been so receptive to a switch MC; it feels like (english speaking) Nitro+C fans have been asking for someone like Eiden for years and the devs of Nu:Ca were those fans who finally said "fuck it, we'll do it ourselves." I also just generally like the plot and mystery surrounding Huey and his connection to Eiden. It's a game worth playing for any fujo.

No. 288571

I didn't make statements about hating omegaverse and I didn't talk about it being misogyny. I simply think some fictional works are used to explore issues that affect women in real life and that's perfectly fine. It's still BL discussion because I'm talking about BL works. As for examples, I think every omegaverse that goes into details about how "omegas" suffer in society and doesn't immediately skip to the smut scenes are used to explore rape and systemic oppression that only women can experience and relate to in real life and this doesn't mean that they also can't have proper smut scenes that are meant to be sexy breeding kink stuff. I'm just saying that it's not black and white and also no one should give a shit about how women consume and experience fiction to this extent.

No. 288573

he's really a breath of fresh air and i'm glad that the writers didn't try to twist his horny nature to being the result of childhood trauma (i love towa but that's basically his backstory), he's just gay and likes sex and the topic of him being an orphan is handled as a separate thing. he's easygoing but also assertive so he has good chemistry with all the cast

No. 288590

>it feels like a yumejo game repainted

No. 288591

Sorry nonnies, I legitimately thought he was a self insert and had no backstory/personality. I see gendies project onto him all the time, so I had no clue and was just generally turned off. Please no more seething

No. 288674

I actually love Nu:Carnival for its characters and concept, I love that it's not a shitty self-insert game but that the MC is an actually established character among others, the humor is spot on, the sex scenes are good, but holy fuck the gacha is so brutal and takes away all my desire to play it. I wish something similar came out but without the gacha aspect.

No. 288758

speaking of self-inserting apparently that new game what in hell is bad? allows you to pick a male mc and otomefags are seething again kek

No. 288760

I tried to play it but lost interest after the first few events because it's so laggy to play on my laptop and it was getting really grindy in general, and the gacha/events seem to be getting worse. I still like the characters a lot (Edmond is my fave) but now I just enjoy the fanart. I hope they come out with more media to enjoy it like comics or something because I'll happily support it.

No. 288763


No. 288765

Nta but if it's touchstarved this makes no sense, it was always been said you could choose the MC's pronouns.

No. 288771

no it's called "What in hell is bad?" i mean that's the name kek

No. 288778

kek my bad nona, thank you for bringing my attention to this game tho, this might just be up my lane

No. 288780

samefag, but looking at it tho, it almost seems too good to be true? 72 devils? gacha too? pretty art? it's to release this month, so ig i'll see what happens.

No. 288805

kek I was so confused, but now your post makes total sense.
Do you like gachas? It's the one thing that turns me away from games, I get so frustrated. I didn't even touch Nu:Ca and TW because of it.

No. 288814

i don't know a lot, i haven't played a gacha otome game before, i'm hesitant about spending money in a game, but i was thinking of starting with 'What in Hell is Bad', it's from the same creators as Love Unholyc and Ark Acadmey, any nonnas that've played them? how were they?

No. 288846

>I simply think some fictional works are used to explore issues that affect women in real life
Definitely getting that vibe from Takatora so farbut it also sounds like there’s going to be loads of homosex

No. 288867

File: 1681178888825.png (151.3 KB, 769x899, 852259AB-61E6-4B15-9E6F-12517B…)

NTAYRT but does the entire idea of gachas turn you off, or just bad pull rates? I think Nu:Ca has pretty good pull rates all things considered. Twst isn’t great but you can manage to play the whole thing with just R and SR cards.
You really don’t have to spend money on most joseimuke games to actively play them so long as you’re not a huge fomo sufferer. People just get caught up in wanting every single card of their fav characters, that’s where money is really spent.

No. 288872

ch1 had me really, really iffy but ch2 was interesting. I love unusual omegaverse pairs (omega/omega, alpha/alpha, beta paired with an alpha or omega) so I was pleasantly surprised that the two omega leads are continuing to fuck lmao. I also like the omega activist guy but I have a horrible feeling something bad is going to happen to him.

No. 288914

File: 1681211021395.png (719.34 KB, 1666x2366, B17B1686-E299-4B8C-9E4F-D83230…)

The mangaka always adds cool older women in her series so I wouldn’t be surprised if his mom appears soon. I think the omega student with the glasses from the first chapter will show up again too, his design stuck out too much

No. 288917

nta but having cool cards of your husbando is pretty much the entire appeal because most of the time there really isn't much else to do in the game other than… grinding? also in nu carnival the sex scenes are locked behind gacha

No. 288978

I really enjoy the stories and battle mechanics in twst but I can see how collecting cards is the biggest pull for most people. I’ve never spent any money in the game, I just play the stories and events as they release and am able to get SSRs of cards I really like from saving up IGC

No. 289176

does anyone have good recs for series/oneshots with a cheating uke? i’m sick of only seeing the seme be the cheater cuckholdry recs are appreciated as well

No. 289184


No. 289188

I kinda like the attitude of the MC now? Like he's shit because he had shit beliefs and coped so hard that he had his "uterus" removed but in chapter 2 he seems like he doesn't care anymore and acts normal and confident. I like that he's lifting the activist omega guy up and he seems nice to the other one he's fucking. I hope the author doesn't turn him into an asshole again.

No. 289192

I just feel cheated if there is content that I need to gamble to access, which makes me not want to play any gachas in general. Usually I don't like the gameplay of these games either, they are way too grindy and repetitive. If I start the free content and get hooked on the story/characters I know would end up wanting to spend money eventually too and I don't myself.

No. 289300

Anyone played Slow Damage? I picked it up recently because of all the hype and good reviews I saw surrounding it, and honestly, I'm not impressed so far. I think the translation is the most off-putting thing about it. I had no idea the original was actually written in third-person POV, and for some reason, the people at Jast Blue translated it into first-person POV. I thought the writing was clunky, but when I saw how it wasn't even supposed to be first-person POV, it made sense why. I have nothing against first-person POV and think it can work, but it needs to be extremely well done and executed by someone who knows what they're doing with character voice.

The fact that the Jast Blue people just took third-person POV and translated it directly into first-person POV is baffling to me, because the POVs are not that interchangeable. There's details you'd put in third-person POV that you wouldn't put in first-person POV, and vice versa. I feel like I'm missing a lot of context to Towa's original characterization because of this. Towa's characterization comes off as annoying to me because of how his thoughts are narrated in first-person instead of third, and some of it seems unnatural at times.

My other issue is the slang and text talk in actual dialogue lol. Just why? I'm no expert at Japanese but I can tell from hearing the voice lines that what the characters actually say are not matching up with the dialogue in the text. And some of the slang used is either stuff I've never heard before, or stuff that feels like it will date the game instead of letting it be timeless.

I'll be continuing the game, but I'm very disappointed because I had high expectations based on all the reviews of people hyping it up. I'm sure the original game in Japanese is great, but the translation is definitely souring my experience, and I feel bad knowing that what I'm reading is not what the actual writer intended. From what I can tell, the translations for the other N+C VNs were fine, so why did Jast Blue mess with Slow Damage's translation like this?

No. 289305

I’ve noticed this a lot in more recent japanese to english official translations. It’s almost like they don’t take the work seriously because it’s anime and think it only appeals to terminally online people, so they translate it with a lot of awkward internet slang and gen z humor. It degrades so many works and seriously affects how characters are read.

As for why they put it into first person POV, I can only imagine it’s because third person VNs less common than first person dating sims in the west and maybe they thought it wouldn’t do well? Was DMMD in first person? I can’t even remember that far back

No. 289312

I haven't played Slow Damage (yet?) but I remember finding the twitter accounts of some of the Jast Blue VNs and they were taking that shit way too seriously. As in, they seemed very pretentious about how localization is an art and you wouldn't understand it unless you're fluent in Japanese they're all most likely N3 or some shit. They acted like wannabe writers which would be fine if they made good translations but I guess that's not actually what happened kek. Like instead of saying
>I used the word "fuckboy" in that sentence because idgaf it's close enough to what the sentence means in Japanese"
they were posting shit like
>well, actually! I used the word "fuckboy" because in English there's no direct equivalent to what's said in Japanese and I personally interpret the character as using this type of language because it's MY interpretation and my interpretation is important! Because I'm so important you guys! If it weren't for me you wouldn't be able to read that VN, btw we're not gonna translate Lamento despite advertising it for months/years on our online store because fuck you I guess!!!
I blocked them so I can't find their usernames anymore but I'm sure if you go to the Jast Blue twitter account and lurk a little you'll see some of them.

No. 289313

I have noticed the translation problem you're talking about in anime, but I don't understand why translators for a VN like Slow Damage feel the need to do this. I'm paying for the experience of reading a story; I'd prefer if it was as close to what the original writer intended as possible, without any of the translators' biases. I understand that sometimes you can't translate things literally and there are metaphors/idioms in Japanese that wouldn't make sense in English, so you'd need to find the English alternative that conveys the same meaning, but at this point the Slow Damage English translation is just adding shit that wasn't even there in the first place and warping the characters' personalities.

I also would like to know if DMMD was originally in first-person. If the fan translation was in first-person POV, then maybe the original was as well? I feel like the Jast Blue team made the decision to translate Slow Damage as first-person instead of third-person because they wanted to capture the same hype surrounding DMMD and its success in the western fandom.

No. 289315

I'm nonexistent on Twitter but I did hear about Jast Blue getting attacked on Twitter because of what they did to the Slow Damage translation lol. Why can't translators just do their job and translate instead of trying to fuck around in fandom spaces on Twitter? Also yeah, I had a feeling they were trying to project their own interpretation of Towa in the translation (Towa calling people "normie" made me kek, I'm 99% sure he didn't say anything like that in the original). Doesn't help that some people in the fandom, from what I've seen, lap this first-person POV shit up because they think it makes Towa more relatable to them.

No. 289317

Yeah, the director over at Jast Blue has an incredibly insufferable twitter. Full of copes about how BL is actually beautiful queer representation and wholesome shipping

No. 289330

File: 1681408519234.jpg (17.19 KB, 545x384, punch.jpg)

So annoying, yet she can't even afford to get an official translation of Lamento and release it after paying for it. She should have shut her mouth and not advertised it, I'm still salty.

No. 289342

Reminder to keep going with learning Japanese nonas! The feeling of not being confined to the whims of these crazy translators now a days is so freeing it'll be worth it!

No. 289347

I learnt years ago and it was the best decision I ever made.

No. 289359

I was learning it years ago, I'm not fluent enough to deal with most kanji but when it comes to grammar I'm ok I guess. The reason why I never got my shit together with Japanese was the lack of exposure to the language on a daily basis and my memory not being good enough for kanji. Everytime I see shitty localizations I get motivated to learn more and then I get lazy.

No. 289375

why do some fujos obsess over their favorite bottom and want them to be fucked by all the other guys from the source material? there's nothing wrong with that, but is it projecting onto the bottom or something else?

No. 289381

Because it's hot, simple as that.

No. 289383

Because slutty boys are cute

No. 289387

Because my favorite bottom deserves to be fucked by the best boys only.

No. 289388

while this is true, im thinking more of stuff i see where it's just the bottom being abused by everyone, and not in the hot way. i feel like it's something i see more of from westies. just really graphic and vivid depictions of seemingly realistic abuse, which is why i was wondering what the appeal to that is, and if it is projection. but maybe some people just find that hot, as >>289381 said.

No. 289391

File: 1681433335791.png (322.12 KB, 800x600, 31B53021-2FB9-4C19-873C-FC3784…)

This sounds like a massive nitpick but I don’t get the point of adding a fanservice-y character like her into a game that’s catered towards a female audience, I know she is a minor character but still

No. 289392

Have you seen all the bad ending in BL's visual novels? Not everyone likes this stuff but the content has always been there tbh.
It's been years since I've played but I think you are supposed to dislike her.

No. 289406

Currently on that grind at N4 level. My goal is genuinely to be fluent enough to pick up any BL I want and never have to rely on waiting for translations again.

No. 289418

She's here for the same reason EVA is in MGS3 while all the guys are fucking each other I suppose? Even the twist with Akira and Keisuke's childhood is some MGS type of backstory kek.

No. 289425

i like seeing him in various situations, and i enjoy seeing varied dynamics. different semes = different scenes

No. 289430

it wouldn't be female targeted media if they don't include a booba character kek, hypnosis mic is also guilty of this

No. 289481

Ok but Ichijiku is a based misandrist and radfem so I love her… I would be more cool with big boob 2d ladies if they were all like her and actively started oppressing men at the government level kek.

No. 289543

She doesn't look fanservice-y at all compared to any character that's actually drawn to appeal to scrotes

No. 289580

yeah this honestly
i think these random female characters are
>quasi-self inserts, to show how a woman might fit into the setting
>a woman going "hm, i am getting a little tired of all these guys, why not draw a woman for a quick switch up"
>someone going "it's too unrealistic to only have guys"

No. 289629

File: 1681567117395.jpg (1.5 MB, 2774x4115, arbook 02.jpg)

She was only 'fanservic-y' in the sense that she's the only woman around (literally - TnC doesn't have any other female character, even nameless ones) and she gets shit done. Having a world where 100% of characters are men in BL just feels weird and unrealistic, so I appreciate when writers add one or two females.

No. 289634

Not everything needs a point. MAybe they just thought it looked cool or what. Looks like a femme fatale archetype

No. 289636

VN aren't just porn games, some of them are like 60 hour stories other stuff other than romance. It's pretty normal to have male and female NPC, like in any story.

No. 289641

File: 1681573617735.jpg (124.93 KB, 1290x721, Clipboard.jpg)

From what I see from Japanese let's-plays, DMMD was in the first person:

No. 289645

They also fit that into the plot of Lamento, which has a disproportionate amount of males to females because of the pandemic in the story

No. 289657

most visual novels are kek

No. 289666

File: 1681581355426.jpeg (381.02 KB, 1264x1926, Fr7LlbOaUAEx6z-.jpeg)

Do you have anything of value to add?

No. 289667

I don't really have anything to add, but I also don't mind male or female npcs, and like VNs with some deeper plot so I think a variety of characters can add to it.
But I also don't blame anyone if they hate certain kinds of characters. They've definitely put some cringe archetypes of women in games.

No. 289668

most n+c visual novels aren’t kek

No. 289670

This is reminding me of how I wanted to see the MC's big sister a lot more in Sweet Pool, for some reason I wanted to see her comfy life with her husband and kid, she should have invited her little bro over for dinner at some point tbh.

No. 289705

File: 1681587050067.jpeg (90.02 KB, 1223x681, E-YGDQvVcAcQ21X.jpeg)

It would create a nice juxtaposition between her good life and how shit the MC's life has become. Wasted opportunity.

No. 289729

I actually like seeing plot-relevant female characters in BL that aren't romantically involved with the male MCs because it's so rare to see any women in media that aren't just either waifu options, excuses for fanservice or shoujo/otome (semi-)self insert protagonists. But I do hate the old, thankfully almost extinct trope of some psycho BPD-chan ex-girlfriend strawman who's only there to cause drama and jealousy between the main couple or be the straight crush who gets dumped. Harada is super based for including so many good female characters in her manga and I wish more artists would do what she did.

No. 289733

File: 1681589060374.png (1.65 MB, 800x1132, 2dff18eae321701d3192af89bd8390…)

>thankfully almost extinct trope
Not as extinct as I would like. Pic very related - the most disappointing BL film I've watched so far.

No. 289735

I liked the MC's sister too! I remember watching a playthrough on YouTube back when the game wasn't translated yet and the part where he goes to visit her at the hospital after she gives birth was very sweet to me. I think n+c writes some nice female side characters in their stories.

No. 289736

Kii Kanna is a bad writer overall. I got tired of the constant weird drama in this.

No. 289742

I'd rather have multiple female characters with big boobs who look like they were made for males in BL VNs than a single tranny.

No. 289756

The entire manga was a disappointment not just because of the unnecessary female character you're talking about, it was shit overall and that girl was the shit cherry on top. I still don't get how I'm supposed to give a shit that the main couple has an age difference and that one of them was in high school at the beginning of the story when all of them look like they're 12 years old.

No. 289771

>Harada is super based for including so many good female characters in her manga and I wish more artists would do what she did.
So true, the girl from Nii-chan is one of my favorite characters of hers. It is kinda cheesy when side girl characters in BL are revealed as lesbians, but I love it every time. In Nii-chan in particular, it made sense because the reason she approached the main boy in the first place was for a cover relationship to have people leave her alone. She was really cool.
I also love Shiori from Asa to Yoru, she was just really cute and Asa deserved what happened to him for hurting her lmao. The menhera girl was pretty fun too at times.

No. 289775

Samefag but while I'm thinking about it, I remember while Niichan was new, people speculated that Harada was a man because of how openly misogynistic the pedo guy was (she's def female btw, she does livestreams where you can watch her work) but I think that really was to show how damaged and fucked up that guy was, plus he's definitely one of her most morally corrupt characters so I don't think we were supposed to agree with him kek. Almost all of her female characters have more nuance and interesting character traits than even a lot of female characters in other genre, let alone BL. Watashitachi wa Byplayer is basically a love letter to girl characters in BL by the end.

No. 289777

can you spoonfeed me harada livestreams

No. 289780

I'm struggling to embed the streams on here so there's the link to her channel. They're simple quiet drawing streams but her hands are cute lol. Also it looks like the audio is removed from the archives, but there is usually the sound of her pen, rain audio, or lofi music when she's live.

No. 289825

i don't mind female characters in BL if they have their own arc and separate thing, but if the only reason you're gonna insert them in the story is to create some weird romantic tension for the drama or to remind us that the male leads are actually "straight" and want to fuck women then i'd rather not see any female characters at all. i also love seeing complex female characters who are all 100% platonic with the male leads (ling wen from tgcf is one of the best examples of that, love her) but many writers fall in the trap that they need to shove in some shitty jealousy plot where the uke likes a girl and the seme is jealous. just don't do it lol

No. 289852

>all of them look like they're 12 years old
Peak CBDCT designs. Wrong genre though.

No. 289862

Niichan is one of my favourite works from her and I love how Maiko (the main girl) was written in it, and her being revealed as a lesbian looking to cover her own sexuality was a great move since you don't see lavender marriage being represented that often even when it's the reality of gay and lesbian people in Japan. The menhera girl was really funny and I like that she made a cameo in Happy Shitty Life.

>people speculated that Harada was a man because of how openly misogynistic the pedo guy was

Really? If people can't separate the twisted morals of an emotionally damaged and traumatized character from the creator they should stick to watching kids' shows only. I figured that he was coping with his homosexuality with misogynist thoughts, the guy literally was terrified of kissing his boyfriend in public after being subjected to literal conversion therapy by his parents who iirc blamed his disinterest on being molested as a kid.

No. 289886

File: 1681645570758.jpg (15.66 KB, 486x269, pepe.jpg)

>And some of the slang used is either stuff I've never heard before, or stuff that feels like it will date the game instead of letting it be timeless.
You can't translate the slang separate from the speech specific to each character.

No. 289898

Idk for some reason I mostly see sister characters in VN. Usually for the seme/uke and they call out their bullshit.

No. 289919

Was thinking of ranking BLVN protagonists based on how retarded they are (so from actually intelligent to complete retard)
It’s already pretty obvious that Akira is going to take the cake for most retarded though.

No. 289920

>she was just really cute and Asa deserved what happened to him for hurting her lmao
Agreed, I already hated Asa but punching her for basically no reason made me go from ‘wow what a piece of shit’ to ‘the protag could be killed off and I genuinely would be happy’

No. 289965

>It’s already pretty obvious that Akira is going to take the cake for most retarded though.
I was going to say this before I finished reading your post. This guy is beyond autistic. It's almost impressive actually.

No. 289972

File: 1681667788907.jpeg (189.16 KB, 732x1019, CBF223D1-63B7-4E28-81F5-98E57F…)

Kek at the replies, it’s literally a Jesus hated them because he told them the truth moment.
It’s nice to see yumesisters and fujos come together here though.

No. 289983

is op a moid?
i can't tell but his examples of 'female otaku' still seem to be idealized depictions of women. all hyper feminine and super pretty

No. 289991

Pretty sure OP is a woman, but the people in the replies screaming ‘FEMALE OTAKUS ARE FUJOSHI FREAKS’ are most definitely moids.

No. 290004

after rereading the post a little slower, i'll agree.
qrts can't seem to understand she isn't talking about interests/fictional shit, but rather how they impact the actual world. no fujos are pantsing highschool-aged boys or riding by on bikes to grope them (both real things male otaku have done)

No. 290005

male otaku have done *to girls, i mean.

No. 290058

Fujos trigger men so much haha

No. 290061

What's the context here? And why are replies mostly disagreeing?

No. 290430

Well they combined the two things straight dudes hate the most, gay men and women having a sexuality.

No. 290444

Ooohh I remember reading this shit, bottom admitted he didn't like getting fucked but still let it happen, just because he felt like he has to.
What a cute love story that was.

No. 290456

I liked that one couple with the cute meek glasses guy and the dominant one.
Main one was kind of meh
I love Asada Nemui so much. I think the protagonist has a lot of potential for an interesting character growth if she writes him right. He seem like one of those rich and privileged "not like the other girls" girls you find that think mysoginy is not their problem just because they never encountered it in their bubble of wealth. Really realistic tbh, as far as you can be realistic with omegaverse.
I also like the poor blondy omega guy, really sad how he just decides that the only way to survive is to objectify himself because that's how society treats him.
The whole omegaverse thing is such a cool concept if you actually try to talk about the social issues involved in it as mirrors to the reproductive and prejudice issues women face irl everyday.

No. 290481

File: 1681786370770.png (26.66 KB, 789x374, Screenshot_28.png)

not exactly related to BL – probably just fandom culture – but here's a pretty interesting article on propship/anti drama from a japanese artist (?):

No. 290528

>Where all fictional deciption are allowed
They are not definitely allowed, take something like CCS sakura getting changed in the anime because of the age gap shit

No. 290529

It's still allowed. CLAMP chose to change their story, but there's no law or moral police saying they aren't allowed to show fictional age gap relationships. The author is referring to fanworks too.

No. 290579

I think it's about fans doing what they want in fanart and fanfics, not original works that are changed in an anime adaptation to appeal to more kids without parents throwing a fit.

No. 290683

omegaverse is unbased unless the omegas are horny sex pests and the alphas are anxious prey animals.

i am in dire need of such recs nonas

No. 290692

File: 1681875805666.jpg (213.96 KB, 1080x1539, 154357_28280610.jpg)

this page made me kek

castehaste, kind of. can read it on either mangadex or mangago. it's very very retarded though (caste heaven levels of retarded, if you've ever read that)

No. 290918

File: 1681969763809.jpeg (181.94 KB, 750x1044, 87F5B844-E9FD-4B83-9BB6-B1A65E…)

I want to read more mangaverse Kawoshin doujins…Karl going full autismo sperg in them is cute.

No. 290921

this is such an ooc kaworu…

No. 290924

File: 1681971699565.png (329.29 KB, 1125x1600, 234234.png)

can anyone recommend BL that's funny?
this is from sukebe no seishun

No. 290925

It’s really not, manga Kaworu is supreme autist
>strangles a kitten in front of Shinji
>makes out with Shinji while he’s unconscious
>walks in on Asuka in the women’s restroom and asks what a pervert is

No. 290990

The Kaworus (anime, rebuild movie and manga) have different personalities and the manga one is definitely spergy and a bit more moidy

No. 291139

File: 1682033771363.jpg (73.1 KB, 577x595, ss (2021-02-16 at 04.30.37).jp…)

This is an absolute long shot but does anyone recognize what doujin this is from? (Ikik shit fandom) but I was browsing samples a long time ago and took this screenshot. Coming back to it now, I'm curious how the story could end.

No. 291234

Praying to the fujo gods that Nata Kokone starts writing BL someday. The Cool Doji Danshi anime was too good.

No. 291308

File: 1682119171162.jpeg (50.84 KB, 720x421, OTP.jpeg)

Where are the slow burn, enemies to friend to lovers, fluff and smut and angst with a side of minor character character, explicit language and hurt/comfort fanfics??

No. 291314

Avatarfagging ugly IRL moids in my fujo thread?
…Also what fandoms do you want the fics from? AO3 has tags for a lot of those things already.

No. 291319

sorry nona I was trying to be funny

No. 291321

Now I feel bad, kek. I wasn't that mad, I guess I'm super autismo at speaking.

No. 291332

KEK is all good nona ♥

No. 291398

File: 1682160680673.jpg (97.88 KB, 600x673, tumblr_b4929e49cc07e0d005f213a…)

in regard to the recent developments of BB, do you think sebastian and ciel will still go through with the demon contract? who do you think is polaris?

No. 291400

It's been a while but isn't Polaris just the real Ciel who needs blood transfusions all the time because of his zombified body needing it? Unless you're talking about the guy(?) with the hoods who claims to be the real Ciel's butler? I'm not all caught up yet with the manga because the chapters are short so I wait for several of them to come out, is the arc with Finny over yet or not? Last time I read it Finny and Snake went to an orphanage and found out that Doll was there too despite being dead and then there was a cliffhanger.

No. 291401

File: 1682161673667.png (Spoiler Image,115.49 KB, 493x742, tumblr_1e0e5b7cb5e70ac80b0f89f…)

polaris is the guy who claims to be real ciel's butler like you said. He killed agni shortly before real ciel came back to regain his role as the ''rightful'' heir. But regarding the blood transfusion, it raises even more questions, is polaris a bizarre doll? is doll a bizarre doll as well? I think real ciel is sirius as he stated a few chapters ago. sadly, the mini arc of snake and finny in the orphanage has yet to end though i'm sure things will pick up back soon once we enter the final phase of this arc with sebastian and ciel's return

No. 291402

I remembered guessing he was the one who killed Agni, but yeah everything about that guy was vague on purpose. I mixed up the codenames because it has been a while I think. The whole "butler even in death" made me think he was referring to the real Ciel being dead already and given how unhinged he seems he probably can't forgive himself for failing to protect him before the murder, just like how the Undertaker seems to take the whole event very personally and I'm 100% sure the Undertaker is a family member, more precisely Claudia's husband and the twins, Edward and Lizzy's grandfather. Yana is a dumbass who posted not very subtle spoilers on twitter about how Edward as an idol looks suspiciously similar to him after all. You just reminded me of the manga not being over yet so I'm catching up right now to see how the last chapters are. Yana needs to finish her manga before she dies of old age or I'll beat her ass up.

No. 291404

Samefagging to say that I'm all caught up and I'm waiting for the 200th chapter to be available. The plot finally looks like it's going somewhere even though we still follow the servants. I feel like we're going to finally have either some actions or some explanations soon.

No. 291406

Black Butler is still ongoing? Where have I been I thought it was completed years ago

No. 291407

i dont keep up with it but i think it took a hiatus or really slow updates when yana was busy with twst

No. 291409

Yes the manga is still on-going but it's very slow. Yana Toboso used to publish chapters every months with around 40 pages, now they're like 10 to 15 pages long at most.

No. 291423

File: 1682182062068.jpeg (353.07 KB, 1639x2048, FF7FA4E7-47DC-485B-9E39-9E0F2C…)

Yana said herself she felt the anime ending was like the “bad route” ending for the story, if Sebastian doesn’t eat Ciel in the end I think people will riot.
It’s an absurd long shot, but I personally love the rciel theory that he was the one who got their family killed

No. 291426

File: 1682183056238.jpg (271.47 KB, 1119x1600, 489470.jpg)

>Yana said herself she felt the anime ending was like the “bad route” ending for the story
Which anime? Kuroshit I or Kuroshit II?

No. 291429

File: 1682183984845.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1969x1969, 7782C30D-5815-433B-8D90-B44387…)

2, when Ciel gets turned into a demon and they live miserably together for the rest of their lives in hell.

No. 291431

iirc she said on twitter that Ciel won't live long enough to celebrate his 14th birthday but given that the twist with his twin brother happened since then I wonder if she wanted to trick us into thinking our main character will die at the end, or if she meant that the real Ciel already died which would mean we still have no clue how the story is going to end for the MC. And we need to know wtf his real name is. I had the guide book long ago and the names she thought about tended to be French and related to the sky although I only remember "Astre", and there's a flashback where Vincent says something about his children's names being more modern that the average male noble's. But then again, I also said she doesn't see to give a fuck about spoiling her own manga with the whole undertaker = Cedric = Ciel's grandfather thing. Who knows. I could post an entire essay about that manga and all the hints we have so far, but even then I have no clue what could happen. I don't even read that shit for the fanservice or anything and never did, I just want to know wtf is going on. Tanaka has to know something, I bet he knows everything and is hiding everything because he received some weird orders from… who knows, but he's going to be important somehow.

No. 291433

File: 1682185516945.jpeg (Spoiler Image,376.34 KB, 1083x1639, 9F38ECD3-0055-4849-9C7C-43AC3B…)

Yeah the stuff with Tanaka is such a big mystery. I know a lot of people think he’s going to be Polaris, but I’m not really into that theory. It seemed more like he just always knew Ciel took his brother’s identity, which I guess wouldn’t be surprising since he spent the most time with oCiel. Pic related was always such a weird panel though, so curious what he was going to say about rCiel

Pretty sure Yana intends to have Ciel’s contracted fulfilled (dies before 14) but I’ve seen a lot of people say he’s going to be merged with rCiel (one has a good body, the other has a good soul) to make a full singular Ciel, which might be a loophole for actually killing him

I’m also convinced Yana is never going to reveal oCiel’s actual name

No. 291437

>they live miserably together for the rest of their lives in hell
Didn't look like that to me. If anything, that was the homo shotafag fantasy come true.

No. 291438

File: 1682187070775.gif (2.64 MB, 304x200, confusion.gif)

Yana kind of sets up the fake Ciel's real name to be plot relevant somehow though, but again, we don't know. At the same time in many mythologies and religions, names are extremely important, knowing someone's or something's "real" name means you have power over them, and since Sebastian signed a contract with him, I'm sure the fact that he at least knows his real name will be very important for his own plans. I guess it's why it's also important in Death Note and in other stories I've read before, and why religious people will tell you to not say God's name in vain if you swear for stupid shit, even though we don't know the abrahamic god's name anymore.

As for that page you posted, that's exactly why I'm sure Tanaka knows something very important. I doubt he's Polaris but if he knew him from their job at the manor or even before that I wouldn't even be surprised. The twins already saw a bunch of brutally murdered people before that so I doubt the scene he was hiding was that gory. But the fact that he was attacked from the back after turning in the fake Ciel's direction and yet he survived could mean a lot of things. He's a very strong fighter but that's not enough, I bet he was just talking more or less normally to whoever was there and that person stabbed him in the back to hide their conversation or relationship because a witness showed up. I also doubt that whoever killed almost everyone at the manor did it just to sell the children to a sect. I'm sure it has something to do with the family's role as the royal family's spies, especially given how suspicious queen Victoria was acting when she heard about the zombies and how it was hinted she will probably want to create an army of bizarre dolls to fight Germany during WW1, or probably just to resurrect her dead husband just like in season 1 of the anime. By the way in hindsight I bet the first season didn't come up with everything original in it, I wouldn't be surprised if Yana told the studio a lot of the ideas she wanted to use for the manga to give them inspiration for the original plot lines. Kind of how the first FMA anime had an original plotline after following the first volumes of the manga, but the mangaka gave a shit ton of spoilers to the studio of chapters she didn't even draw yet at the time to give them ideas of what to do and what not to do.

No. 291440

File: 1682188044661.jpeg (319.05 KB, 1050x1500, 3E77ABA1-F9D4-4E21-B01E-DBA03C…)

I mean just in the context of the story, Ciel and Sebastian don’t really like each other and neither really want that ending ultimately (that’s what makes the ship good)

I never considered Polaris might be someone who worked at the manor previously, that would be great. I always thought the idea that rCiel contracted a demon previously for the manor murders and that the demon returned because he was brought back to life was a fun theory too

I’m dying for the story to get back to Ciel and Sebastian, Yana loves to plant little hints but I feel like all of the side character stuff has killed all the fun theorizing. I’ll take anything at this point to chew on

>I wouldn't be surprised if Yana told the studio a lot of the ideas she wanted to use for the manga to give them inspiration for the original plot lines

This definitely happened considering Undertaker. I personally hated the angels though in the anime, kinda hope those don’t come back in the manga (I know the Charles’s and Brown are primed for it…but I can hope)

No. 291453

File: 1682191989935.jpg (348.15 KB, 1280x1280, b959cdc95dc3938f0caa9385f9b417…)

do you think joker and dagger explored each other's bodies?

No. 291459

>all this bb talk
it's like the universe is pushing me into actually completing my rewatch

No. 291460

No, read the manga instead, it's better and longer.

No. 291462

File: 1682193287679.jpeg (144.76 KB, 1170x955, C1828108-9A0D-4F66-BEC0-4079DE…)

Watch the movie if you haven’t, it’s the most worth it out of all the series. And the OVAs for pic related’s scene
And then read the manga

No. 291481

i think black butler is not gay enough for this thread

No. 291485

File: 1682198977824.jpg (262.82 KB, 902x1334, f865d92e4d17baa53094a58d3b724c…)

it should be gayer because this queen deserves more than a liar or a corpse who looks like him

No. 291489

File: 1682199504577.jpg (2.22 MB, 4076x2812, II.jpg)

Somebody hasn't watched Kuroshitsuji II.

No. 291494


No. 291499

That water torture slash mind break scene from BBII still lives rent free in my head. Blondie was the best.

No. 291500

it's the corset scene for me

No. 291534

Canon manga Kaworu is a dick, tbh I prefer his fanon version. Cassino's doujins capture his actual personality well but I don't think she's made any for a while

Also, I can't stand how this artist draws Shinji like a girl with a microdick. He's a boy! Draw him like one! Also the nipple stuff is weird, but that's just not my thing.
kek nona you calling manga Kaworu moidy is cracking me up. You're not wrong

No. 291612

no one here was talking about this season, all of you are talking about the manga which is straighter than fucking haikyuu

No. 291613

I'm sure the real Ciel will be weirdly yandere for the main character but you're kind of right. Let's say it's vaguely BL adjacent because it's obviously made by a fujoshi mangaka but I've always been a fujoshi and I can't even ship any of the guys together in that one. The arc that's the closest to bringing fanservice on a regular basis is the one in the prestigious college imo.

No. 291626

now thats just wrong, at least kuroshit has some fanservice sometimes

No. 291629

You already cried about this in the last thread. The manga has more fanservice than the anime, you’re just retarded

No. 291733

File: 1682301789366.jpg (Spoiler Image,457.44 KB, 2391x1793, 9812df58141a034baa0098e39fb47d…)

How do ya'll feel about the revival remakes evoke in the fandoms?
Personally I'm always a little adamant about remakes because they usually pale in comparison to the original, but, I can't negate that the new influx of fans open the door to nice new BL content.

No. 291861

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series and games aimed at fujoshi
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed.

No. 292049

Anyone playing Lkyt? It's up on Mangagamer/Steam for $40, but leaks are available around the web.

No. 292053

Not playing it yet, but I really want to. I would be curious to see what any else had to say.

No. 292070

File: 1682444853954.png (19.09 KB, 286x334, 2C189D70-7484-4CF8-B100-DF93D8…)

Fuckin hate yaoi grifters
You have tumblr/twitter girls (mostly fakebois) who just a few years ago were saying yaoi and fujoshis should be abolished now posting our yaoi cocaine and yaoi paddles memes, those are our memes you cant just steal them from hardworking fujoshis when you were against our fujo rights.

No. 292074

The mere fact that young people have been having an existential crisis over hobbies is already shocking but that specific type of girls you're talking about is super obnoxious. They're the ones who ruined fandoms for me, now I only talk about video games and books and manga here or with my real life friends otherwise it becomes infuriating. At least with my rl friends when we talked about yaoi at first none of us were stupid enough to have a "yaoi is bad and fetishizing gay men and transmen b-but I'm one of the good fans I swear!" phase despite using tumblr on a daily basis when that shit was at its peak in 2014.

No. 292076

same kek i hate the ironic fujoshi too. they'll repost the memes and even create them but also disparage le em el em ""fetishization""

No. 292082

Or alternatively: all fujos are just eggs who haven’t been cracked yet! Which makes me fucking furious whenever I hear it.

No. 292084

>fujo rights
kek nona. They're annoying for sure but I like it. Normalize the yaoi paddle again. I think young women/girls are being less ashamed of their hobbies in general and questioning why we have to justify what we like to men. If not the fakeboi who posted the tweet, then at least lots of the women retweeting it feel that way.

No. 292120

>I think young women/girls are being less ashamed of their hobbies in general and questioning why we have to justify what we like to men
Does anyone else feel like BL and Danmei are becoming a lot more popular and normalized in general?

No. 292135

A lot of anons on this site do this, too. Do they realize they're using the same line of thinking that tranny groomers do? Jesus Christ, I just like drawings of hot guys. I have zero interest in cutting my boobs off or growing a pube beard.

Why the hell do women's hobbies have to be scrutinized so hard? Why does everything we do have to be a reflection of our character? Men can enjoy things on a casual, superficial level. Why can't we? Anons will call themselves Radfems and then immediately turn around and scream at other women for being "coomers," as if looking at drawings is in any way comparable to men throwing money at a billion dollar industry that films actual women being raped. Bizarre.

No. 292176

Me! I am really liking it so far and am a few hours in. I prefer it over Slow Damage at least (my favorite was Rei but his route was horrendous). It has a blend of fantasy, adventure, military, and horror elements. It'd be good for someone that's been wanting a slightly tragic, story-orientated, and low-nonsense BL VN. I also like all 4 characters even if some are plainer than others.

However I finally hit the first character's romance arc and it's rather awkward/rushed feeling and makes me worry about the actual BL parts. Also, it seems to have very few choices.

No. 292185

honestly 'bl' itself isn't being normalized, just gay romance. i feel there's a difference between something utterly soft and normie like given or heartstopper vs fujoshi staples like, a harada manga, or a black butler doujinshi. the bland shit is what's becoming normal and touted as the "standard" and even worse, the "ideal" that all bl should ascribe to. as for danmei…

i dunno, i can't bring myself to care for danmei. something about the aesthetics turns me off. and cultivation's dull to my brain, i just can't get into it

No. 292216

i mean its the bland shit that goes mainstream in almost all circumstances bc it caters to the lowest common denominator, expecting harada's stuff and the like to become the "standard" for bl is just unrealistic

No. 292223

BL is definitely more popular now cause of korean manhwa. When I used tiktok, I saw lots of posts about Jinx, Painter of the Night, Mad Dog, Yours to Claim, etc. with 100k+ likes. Imo it's a different fanbase from Heartstopper, Young Royals, etc. The latter fans are the ones who don't shut up about having good rep in media and wholesome storylines.
>fujoshi staples like, a harada manga, or a black butler doujinshi
Staples in what way? Harada is infamously avoided by plenty of fujos who don't like rape/incest/age-gap storylines and BB doujin is as much a staple now as junjo romantica ie no one is talking about it in 2023. What's the "standard" for BL readers is more what I wrote above, basically kinda trashy binge-able stories, not necessarily soft stuff. Same situation for rofan and isekai.

No. 292228

I don't like harada, i don't care that her manga is considered a fujoshi staple. she has so much boring convoluted relationship drama, i don't get any personal enjoyment out of it so i can see why younger fujos prefer simple manhwa with direct abusive themes

No. 292309

>Harada is infamously avoided by plenty of fujos
Maybe in the west, but by in large Harada is one of the most popular BL artists in Japan, as are a number of other artists who draw age gap/shota/rape/whatever. They’re just popular tropes in the genre, no matter how much the west wants to deem them yucky and problematic

No. 292315

File: 1682517459380.jpeg (62.72 KB, 590x905, C3B56E91-CFD4-40F1-BC62-3BFEAE…)

To be fair stuff like dmmd is still pretty mainstream, especially with Aoba being called ‘yaoi jesus’ on Twitter now

No. 292316

File: 1682517506555.jpeg (89.82 KB, 1309x621, E2D866C6-5A62-4B86-99C2-F62A34…)

Wow this is actually surprisingly good taste? I doubt the sample size was that big though.

No. 292323

File: 1682520741863.jpg (47.87 KB, 600x600, Dp6UBBDXQAEpOqf.jpg)

As a decades long BL manga reader I finally read my first MXTX danmei recently and wtf, it was so great. I was avoiding them for so long because the fans are so fucking annoying (still true, I looked up some fanart while reading and immediately saw some people being obnoxious as hell and mischaracterizing things; how did niche chinese fantasy erotica get so popular in a time when BL is so hated? A lot of the fans seem young too, I'm kinda shocked because these books are pretty fucking dense, do they just skip to the romance scenes..??) but the story itself was really good and definitely scratched an itch for a longer, slower romance. Also I have more respect for chinese fujos after learning that they risk getting arrested for privately publishing their works.

My biggest criticism of the actual work (and danmei so far, as well as part of why I avoided it in the first place) is that every character looks the fucking same. Every time a new character was introduced I felt like his physical description/pics included of him was exactly the same as everyone else around him. I can't tell you fucking people apart.

No. 292335

Lykt doesn’t have poop in it right? I know their other games do and they’re the sister company of euphoria’s creators so I wanna make sure before I buy it.

No. 292342

>Harada is infamously avoided by plenty of fujos
That doesn't mean she's not a staple author. She's having exhibitions in Tokyo that are heavily marketed, she has won multiple awards for her work, her series have been localized in multiple languages and she's applauded as one of the most iconic BL mangakas of the decade. She got hired to do character designs for non-BL multimedia projects. Just because people who like softer works don't read her mangas it doesn't mean that she's some underground player who hasn't caused waves in the community. Even fujos that normally don't like dubious consent have liked her creations because they're just so well written with relatable characters.

>how did niche chinese fantasy erotica get so popular in a time when BL is so hated?
I think it's because there was a very aggressive effort to gentrify BL and make it palatable to the masses but fujos were yearning for more "problematic" content and Danmei delivered. Slow burn has also been extremely popular recently and danmeis are known for that, and I think it also plays a part that there are so many bilingual English/Chinese speakers (compared to English/Japanese and English/Korean ones) who were able to adeptly translate the works and make them accessible to everyone.

No. 292344

>yaoi grifters
This term made me kek because I knew exactly what kind of people you were referring to before even reading the rest of your post. And then after they get tired they start talking about how BL brainwashed them into trooning out, accuse fujos of misogyny and then move on to either being homophobic straight shippers or unhinged yuri addicts.

If they're such radfems I think they shouldn't give a fuck about fujos abusing fictional male characters. Most of them are just mad that they can't self insert as a girl and that's why they're forcing the "fujo to troon pipeline" meme about fujos being Aiden eggs dreaming about getting pounded by a hot yaoi hand seme. Which has ironically enough been a traditional scrote cope since the 90's.

No. 292348

>If they're such radfems I think they shouldn't give a fuck about fujos abusing fictional male characters
Honestly, the radfems who hate fujos only hate them because they are against pornography in general and see fujos as pornsick losers. It’s only funny considering the fujos who troon out are always the most sex/fetish repulsed

No. 292374

File: 1682539451706.png (Spoiler Image,6.5 KB, 617x67, Screenshot (2298).png)

I don't think so judging by VNDB, or so I hope cuz I'm playing it now and I would die if it showed up. Some of the scenes are weird to me though, kek…

No. 292386

This is so tame.

No. 292389

I think the game does have CBT in it and I think that might even be the most extreme it gets. I found the oil scene funnier/cringier than anything especially because it, uh…well, I don't want to spoil it.

No. 292403

What was this from, nonna?
Also KEK at koujaku and noiz being tied.

No. 292411

Is the story in Koshotengai no Hashihime good? The sex scene art in it never made me really want to play it, but is it worth it? I'm surprised the MC is ranked so high up

No. 292427

AYRT and yeah that's why I asked what they mean by staple. I agree Harada is a huge name in BL (nii-chan is my fave of her works lol) and the dark themes she explores are commonplace in the genre. I just think there's also plenty of fujos that respect her and love the genre but stick to lighter themes. But I think I misread them and they're just saying that new BL fans are defining BL incorrectly as "fluffy gay romance" and still judging everything else. Which is more of the same moral policing as usual.
So I kinda still half agree, half disagree. BL is more normalized now at least in that less women are calling it fetishization of gay men and are understanding that it's a genre by women, for women. It's not just fluffy romances that get popular either and more ppl get annoyed when someone yells problematic. It's also just objectively more popular cause of longer running BL manhwa that get more traction than single volume manga. But Western fans still argue about why separate ship tags for top/bottom exist for instance, showing a lack of understanding for the cultural context where these works are being created and where the fandoms started.
It's not an issue exclusive to BL, cause like Western shounen fans will debate about MHA "sexualizing teens" whenever Momo is in her hero suit and say fan service is a problem in the genre ("why is no one talking about this??"), when it's a staple. Doesn't mean that shounen anime isn't more normalized and popular now tho, compared to ten years ago.
(Pls no one say I sound like a copypasta)

No. 292444

Some Twitter poll
Very very good for the first two routes, pretty shit for the other three. Tamamori’s a pretty great character, he’s basically a fake deep moron who’s honestly really relatable with his struggles of ‘I have no actual friends, everyone just hangs out with me because I’m an idiot and it makes them feel better about themselves.’

No. 292489

File: 1682590733614.jpg (325.81 KB, 2388x1668, 0075bJYUly1hd6myfpyeyj31uc1ack…)

It's very good. It's not very porn centric though (though one romance is super important for the plot)

No. 292490

I dunno if I agree, it feels like nowadays Bl really expanded. You see live action obviously aimed at everyone in JP and stuff like HIkaru who is published on a shounen magazine, but it's clearly not only aimed at women or even just men. You also get a lot of BL that deal with more serious themes and don't even have porn, I always not been a fan to reduce BL to X, it feels like those idiots who still make jokes about yaoi hands.

No. 292491

>r vs fujoshi staples like, a harada manga, or a black butler doujinshi.
Kek, doesn't this fandom costantly rage at shota for not being "for fujos".

No. 292493

It depends on how it's presented tbh, I sometimes see people on twittee calling themselves fujoshi who are into shota, who retweet some nasty shit instead of just cute art of cute characters, and it always turns out that they're MTF gay guys who happen to be your average coomer otaku. While actual fujoshi who are into shota don't like or rt the same kind of art. I block all of them on sight anyway so whatever. It's the same thing with fudanshi being into buff guys or bara and fujoshi saying they're into buff guys, they usually don't like the same art all that much.

No. 292495

NTA but although I’m a fujo I don’t read Black Butler. Even though it has a lot of fanservice I kind of associate it more with mainstream anime/manga fans. Like it’s an entry to BL, kind of like CLAMP or Descendants of Darkness and Loveless back in the day, but not everyone goes further.

No. 292497

There’s not enough rape imo and it has some weird pro-trans moments but otherwise it’s worth playing, I enjoyed the historical setting.

No. 292498

narratively the first two routes are really good albeit a bit convoluted unfortunately the mc is uh, straight. the typical trope of a straight bottom who gets fucked in the ass that's why the romance sucks. i don't like the straight bottom trope that's why it left a bitter taste in my mouth
kawase best boy

No. 292500

Anons. I just remembered that in Gintama Gintoki canonically had sex with Madao and I don't know what to do with this information. Are there doujinshi of this?

No. 292508

File: 1682599185734.jpg (270.37 KB, 2000x2993, 20230427_073950.jpg)

i wish lala didn't have this ugly middle part
also know it will never happen but an anime would be nice…make kyo-ani do it

No. 292509

File: 1682599464060.jpeg (166.43 KB, 1300x712, F0EE6DF2-B01D-4370-A58F-63924C…)

Woke twitter users hate shota, but I feel like it’s relatively normal outside of that bubble. Just look at a series like genshin, which is brimming with shotabait and beloved by fujos

No. 292520

the thing is that the word "shotabait" implies it has a wider audience we're talking about faggots, yumejos, oneshota shippers and at last fujos. fujos can like shota, but shota is not exclusive to fujos

No. 292522

>fujos can like shota, but shota is not exclusive to fujos
This applies to literally everything, moids like rape too but that doesn’t mean fujos aren’t allowed to like it in a BL setting. It’s so easy to filter the ugly trap shota art made for and by scrotes, use your brain for two seconds

No. 292523

File: 1682606748664.png (4.43 KB, 812x149, yumejo kek.png)

Someone put this comment under some art of Kaito and Len doing making a heart with their hands. Seeing yumejo comments on fujo stuff always makes me kek. IDK why, it comes off like copium. Two dudes will be kissing and yumejo's will say 'yep, two besties just hanging out'.

No. 292527

never saw venti as a shota honestly. he's just a twink to me

No. 292529

He literally took the form of a child he fell in love with

No. 292532

File: 1682611121000.jpeg (89.86 KB, 549x513, E481F13A-E93F-405B-9ADB-2B164D…)

Depends on the shota
If they look too muscley then they’re just bara shit with smaller bodies
If they’re too young I usually think that just goes into its own genre of shotacon
kuroshit styled shotas are 100% traditional fujo though.

No. 292533

Shota was never part of LC culture. Newfag pedos fuck off

No. 292536

Shota was never part of LC culture. Newfag pedos fuck off

No. 292538

a good litmus test to see if a shota is meant for fujos is if he looks reminiscent of gilbert from kazeki

No. 292539

Agreed, it’s a bit harder nowadays but I think generally fujo style (or even just shoujo style) shotas have
>longer more lithe legs
>feminine faces (seeing thick eyebrows is incredibly rare)
While the scrote ones are usually either
>ugly proportioned muscley kids with big ass eyebrows for some reason
>just look like infants

No. 292540

Kek, I can tell you joined post /m/ purge.
Shotas are a part of fujo culture on here, deal with it.

No. 292541

File: 1682612380618.jpeg (86.1 KB, 1080x1080, 727BB098-A2D5-4953-9AD7-F1DD8A…)

I wish Venti didn’t have the stupid braids, he looks so much cuter without them.

No. 292544

i wish his hair was longer and he looked just the slightest bit older

No. 292546

The braids are the only thing that make him stand out imo. Genshin sameface is so tiresome.

No. 292547

Agree, Venti is a shota only to either actual pedo scrotes on copium or moralfags who are obsessed with seeing pedophilia everywhere. To everyone else he's just a short twink.

This, the braid give him more personality. I wouldn't want to play a game that had everyone rocking a generic pretty boy hairstyle.

No. 292549

You're the one on copium you retard, Venti is roleplaying as an underage boy and is referred to as a shota by Japanese fans. Either you're in deep denial or don't actually know what shota means

No. 292550

Yeah and some retarded western fans call him a shota too kek. The only ones doing that, Japanese or other, do it only when they're actually headcanoning him as a child for fetish purposes. You can go wank about evil twitterfags moralizing you to /ex/ or cry about proshitters sexualizing minor coded characters, whichever side you're on.

No. 292551

File: 1682619878915.png (15.38 KB, 843x209, IMG_7320.PNG)

It's not a headcanon, he is a child. picrel Seriously, how can you look at these two pictures and consider one a shota and not the other?

No. 292554

That Venti image is fanart kek. According to the reference height comparison in the official guide book he's canonically as tall as the adult women in the game. Ciel is canonically a 12-year old, Venti is a teenager. Nobody calls MHA porn "shota" either just because they're teenagers.

No. 292555

>So desperate to prove that your cute shota husbando is totally a teenager that you start comparing pixels on models to prove height differences
Whatever helps you sleep at night I guess, kek

No. 292557

File: 1682621436895.jpg (70.52 KB, 700x495, visual1.jpg)

No. 292559

>Nobody calls MHA porn "shota" either just because they're teenagers
I’ve unironically seen people for this, as retarded as it is

No. 292563

he's literally not even a teenager though, he's just a thousand year old shota trope. how stupid do you have to be to look at that thing and think "well, he looks like a child, he has the voice of a child in every single dub of the game, people call him a child, and everyone's first impression of him is that he's a child but he's not 4'1" so he must really be… a teenager!"

>The only ones doing that, Japanese or other, do it only when they're actually headcanoning him as a child for fetish purposes.

this is just straight up false. the jp community refers to all characters with that short boy body type as shota, including ones with jobs like xiao, cyno, albedo, etc. and no, not for porn purposes. rather, no one refers to characters of that model type as "teens" over there. it's known as the shota body type. the western community are the only ones uncomfortable with it, and just because the ones that aren't in that community tend to be edgelords doesn't mean that's how it works anywhere else. quit trying to get people to believe false information to make yourself feel less unhinged for wanting to fuck a character who looks like a 10 year old.

No. 292564

I'm pretty sure it's you who's trying to pass any twink as a shota here just to feel better about finding those said 10-year olds attractive.

No. 292566

File: 1682622976191.jpg (88.66 KB, 600x800, 094.jpg)

KEK this is my first reply to you and my first post on the subject, eat a dick "he said he was legal"-chan

No. 292567

You clearly find them attractive yourself. Insisting characters like Ciel and Venti have different body types is laughable

No. 292568

do you guys really have to argue about shota in every single fujo thread

No. 292570

As long as newfag retards posts kids it will happen

No. 292571

You periodically shit this thread up with samefagging about your stupid shota debate like an orchestrated bot ring and repeat the same shit ad nauseum just to provoke people with the same nothing burger issue, it's like we're living in a fucking loop. We've all read the same "in japan everyone is literally called a shota!!!!" post at least 20 times in the past year by now. It's worse than Paki-chan's sperg vents.

No. 292573

A fujo thread? Absolutely based. Carry on.

No. 292574

shota bad
abo bad
slash fics of celebs bad
genshin bad
donghua bad
irl bl content bad
anime bad
manga good
manhwa webtoons good

No. 292575

i used to be a huge fujo but now only have time for weekly release mainstream Korean manhwas. don’t wanna buy physical volumes or install games or buy merch or wait for scanlations so that’s what happened

No. 292580

I feel this kek, when I had a more time consuming job, weekly chapter releases were what kept me going through the week kek. Any recs?

No. 292595

Are these your personal opinions or are you making fun of other anons? I'm lost.

No. 292599

File: 1682630632817.png (654.24 KB, 640x800, 26944A99-4414-4AAF-A798-A85A89…)

Recs for BL with characters that look like Rei? Top or bottom, nasty or sweet, idc I just need him

No. 292608

i wish yaoi was real

No. 292609

I think she's making fun of others. Every time someone says something about shota or any of those other things she cries about it in another thread kek

No. 292659

File: 1682658100314.png (247.43 KB, 1280x1708, A0444B19-48AC-41EF-8D60-31C164…)

abo funny

No. 292671

File: 1682660658522.png (Spoiler Image,82.07 KB, 490x700, horny.png)

Confession (I'm not really sure this is a spoiler but beware anyway) I ragequit Lamento because I found out that you can't fuck this guy. While it's been 4 years I still am ashamed.
I'm sorry but wouldn't being real ruin yaoi

No. 292679

anyone want to RP? i can be seme

No. 292680

like as if kaworu isn’t the most omega guy ever

No. 292727

File: 1682686578198.jpeg (272.04 KB, 1280x1708, 0CA00297-C139-43E7-B4C5-25ED0A…)

>literally can cause the apocalypse if he wants to but chooses not to so he can make Shinji his boywife
>not an alpha

No. 292731

I'm for some reason subjecting myself to read "LOW TIDE IN TWILIGHT" and maybe I actually like the whole plot about the abusive asshat feeling regret and being an emotional mess after realising he's abusive?
I do hope the end for it is less depressing than "Sadistic Beauty - BL side story"

No. 292733

The top from AIBA Kyoko - Derail looks like him a bit, more the hair than face though.

No. 292761

File: 1682697918545.png (565.54 KB, 872x1833, Kent.png)

Kek, I loved Kaltz too. That being said, the characters in lamento also remind me of amnesia (otome game) because of the sheer number of belts each outfit has. I don't know what it is about older visual novel males and belts.

No. 292762

File: 1682698037450.png (565.54 KB, 872x1833, Kent.png)

Kek, I loved Kaltz too. That being said, the characters in lamento also remind me of amnesia (otome game) because of the sheer number of belts each outfit has. I don't know what it is about older visual novel males and belts.

No. 292768

I played this game because I wanted to try out an otome (that wasn’t hatoful)
My god the guys in it were douchebags.

No. 292793

File: 1682704243493.jpg (83.9 KB, 700x1050, 83289067_p4.jpg)

Not even a fan of omegaverse, but he is unbearably breedable and the fact that there are no fics or art of omega Kaworu getting impregnated is a crime. Maybe I'll do it myself

No. 292820

What are some good fandoms to join if I want to meet other fujos over 25? The fandom for my favorite anime seems to skew young even though the characters are all adults. I miss discussing ships and creating content with other people but obviously I'm not gonna do that with kids.

No. 292823

You’re fighting an uphill battle nona. There is no fandom that isn’t infested with teens these days. Your only option is to find something incredibly niche and obscure, but then it’s just you and three other people

No. 292863

Anything that was big when a lot of the 25+ crowd were teens(2000's-early 2010's), and/or fandoms that have long staying popularity. Harry Potter, Naruto, Tiger & Bunny, Osomatsu-san, Gintama, Persona 4, Dangan Ronpa, etc. Anything a little "problematic" usually has older/more chill fans too, like Hetalia, most moid media if you have the stomach for it, Skyrim, Fallout, TF2, etc. Some more recent fandoms also have a large 25+ contingent, danmei especially, but it's also full of idiot zoomers so beware. Any classic fandom that got a modern update(Fire Emblem, Trigun) might have some old guard sticking around, but most will be new. BioWare games also have a very large 30+ fanbase but literally all of the BioWare fandom I've seen is totally insufferable except for two actual grannies, so I wouldn't recommend it. I'd rather go to Gitmo than rejoin the Dragon Age fandom

No. 292978

i really dislike "all x (insert favorite bottom character)" type of fujos, i think most of them are unironically just yumejos who want their husbando to be a whore who sleeps with everyone. they all ship their favorite bottom with both boys and girls and even if it's like a major fujo ship all the content they like is very bottom-centric. so many times i've seen them betray the fujo ship for some less popular hetship involving their husbando…

No. 292992

>how dare others enjoy bl differently, they are not TRUE FUJOS like I AM.

Are you a fujo police? are those yumejos in the room right now?
Instead of your schizo shitpost, you'd be better off posting something related to bl.

No. 292993

Who cares? It's hot. They like to see cute guys being dominated by anyone, what's wrong with that?

No. 292997

kek yumejo spotted

No. 293007

File: 1682785717032.png (1.04 MB, 2067x1270, 1682785756234.png)

agree with other anons; all x bottom is extremely valid, you just have shit taste. were you under the impression that yume = having a favorite character at all? I don't like yumes either but cool it, the only ones in the fujo community are aidens who should be avoided by default.

No. 293008

>everyone that doesn't share my views on how TRUE FUJOS should be are yumejos REEEE

No1curr retard, it's not your personal thread. Take your meds and post bl.

No. 293009

I've never seen an all x bottom fujo go to hetships or ship their favorite bottom with a female character. Usually if they want het, they just genderbend the bottom and maybe pretend he's a TIF (not that doing that is any better.) The majority of fujos who like all x bottom just like to see their favorite bottom getting dominated and fucked by other men. What fandoms are you in where they're flocking to hetships en masse?

No. 293010

Kek what the fuck kind of retarded tinfoil is this? I have many fixed ships that I love but I also have some characters that I like whoring around because he just has the kind of personality that works with a lot of characters when it comes to sexual situations.

No. 293012

girl you like hetships, you're not a fujo

No. 293013

I don’t really like the village bike either, but I don’t think it’s a yumejo thing. You’re probably just seeing a lot of TIFs who like to project onto their favorite slut, which is why they so readily enjoy hetships too. Like other anons said, they should just be avoided in general.
I’m also curious what fandom you’re seeing this in, is it enstars or something?

No. 293014

it's extremely common in shounen fandoms, i've seen it with multiple mcs like deku, yuji, tanjiro

No. 293015

Keep on baiting retard.

No. 293017

so the yaoi thread is basically just a bunch of self-inserters who would have thought

No. 293018

NTA but you're an absolute retard if you think being a fujo prevents you from shipping other stuff on the side. Go back to wherever you can't from since you clearly only want to infight over who's the purest and trvest fujo around

No. 293019

Watch this lazy baiter soon go to the fujo cringe thread carrying screencaps of FUJOS HATING YUMESTACIES LOOK AT THIS MISOGYNIST BITCH.

No. 293020

shut up i've been betrayed by WAY TOO MANY "fujos" i followed on social media who suddenly started posting hetshit

No. 293021

More like a shitflinging between degenerate retards on who's the most degenerate of them.

No. 293023

And who tf asked? This is a thread about discussing yaoi. Take your "shit you hate" in another thread.

No. 293025

I have some characters like this (a lot of times they're very masculine which makes content like this hard to find though) and usually it means that I felt bad for them and really want to see someone take care of them when they're vulnerable, and I'm not picky about who

No. 293026

The opposite also happens a lot kek you're not special

No. 293027

it has to be a psyop. I was under the impression most of us who hate yumes do so because they're annoying unwashed autists in an eternal jealousy based beef with both fujos and eachother, and they ruin tags with art on an ugliness level comperable to that of their sisters who chose a slightly different method of expressing their internalized misogyny (aidens).

No. 293028

the whole thread is ganging up against you, it's a beautiful moment of unity. know that you deserve this, turd.

No. 293029

God you're embarrassing. No one cares about that shit as much as you do, I can assure you that you only hate them this much and assume all yumes are like this because you see traits of yourself in them and feel called out when a non-fujo says the same things about you. Grow the fuck up, just enjoy what you enjoy and let others do the same.

No. 293030

the amount of sudden hate that i'm getting right now is clearly not from the same people i've been posting with here lol

No. 293032

this thread always shat on yumes i think i hit the nerve this time and they came here in hordes to defend themselves

No. 293036

Not your personal blog. You throw retarded bait but it's somehow others fault for not ass kissing you. But please continue to act like a retard, it's funny.

No. 293037

I always thought they were the exact reverse of a yumejoshi, because following your logic then they would self insert in a shit ton of different characters from the same series.

No. 293038

cry projection all you want kek it won't stop what I said from being true

No. 293039

I don’t even mind seeing terrible selfship art in my favorites’ tags, it gives me a laugh if it’s bad enough and I like to see autistic women be cringe and free

No. 293042

What a surprise we have an annoying autist here shitting up the thread right now.

No. 293043

It's the same idiot who keeps coming to this thread to fight anons who grab the bait or samefagging until someone does. It's always sperging about shotas or some lowbrow shitflinging about yumes without any coherent criticism you'd usually find from fujos. It's always very distinctive and I wish anons stopped replying to them.

No. 293044

A lot of people agree they don’t necessarily like yumes, it’s the fact that you accused fujos who like a certain shipping style as being yumes as well

No. 293045

I agree, I have never seen so much level of bait shitposting in cringe yume containing threads than here. This thread is more about circlejerking "things you hate in fandoms" instead of an actual bl discussion.

No. 293046

You haven't seen the "if you have a real life boyfriend then you can't be a true yume" and "If you think I'm weird for sperging about wanting to drink my husbando's piss then you're a misogynist" shitflinging in the husbando threads? The sped constantly shitting up this thread with bait is real but the husbandofag containment threads have constant unhinged undertones.

No. 293047

I read this a few months back, the slutty guy reminded me of him https://mangabuddy.com/raveled-tightrope-knot/chapter-1

No. 293052

Yes, I saw them lol, but that was just a couple post, while everything else was on topic. Compare it with our thread, how much autistic sperging with an actuall bl topic? I actually hate it how you can't discuss bl normaly without some retard derailing.

No. 293053

Literally yesterday there was some overspill of some yume discord server drama and a few days before that there was some deranged "you need to look good for your husbando instead of being a pizza faced fatty" discourse. Saying that infighting is somehow exclusive to the fujo thread is a bald faced lie since scrolling up there's plenty of discussion about BL manga and its tropes, but a lot of it migrated to Fujochan after its reopening which makes the thread slower.

No. 293055

It’s really just one or two resident autists who love to police the thread about their vision of what true and correct fujoshi should look like. Just learn to ignore anyone seething about people being evil misogynist pedophile trannies for liking abo or something equally retarded

No. 293061

Unlike your constant sperging on here, those posts were made literal months ago and usually nobody brings it up in those threads.

No. 293062

I don't actively follow every drama on yumes threads so whatever but

>a lot of it migrated to Fujochan after its reopening which makes the thread slower

Well thats just bullshit, unless you wanted to say that half of schizos from here migrated to sperg there. The most active threads in fujochan almost anything else but not a bl.

No. 293063

I don't get it, so this thread is less about BL and more infighting because… all the BL discussion happens over there? If these "true fujos" only come here to sperg about how you can't ship het if you're fujo or how shota is based and everyone who disagrees is a moralfag, why can't they go over there and circlejerk all they want instead of shitting up this place?

No. 293067

No you didn't get what I mean, I was replying to post about: how most bl discussion migrated to fc and that's why here is schizo bait everywhere.
And I am meant to say that fc is not different from this thread. Flood of hate autism, virtuesignaling and tiny bits of an actual bl.

No. 293068

File: 1682795392330.jpg (172.87 KB, 1200x847, 1642948839791.jpg)

Someone had to post the based pic and stop the infighting. Now claim which type of fujo you are.
t. snake fujo

No. 293072

File: 1682796068486.jpg (121.29 KB, 679x800, tumblr_7ec48aeb17c45c545157f19…)

Frog, for sure. The pairing itself and how well it's written is most important to me, not so much who tops. Although I do sometimes have a mild preference when writing my own fic or making my own art, so maybe a hint of snake? But unlike the snake, I tend to like both characters in a ship equally or almost equally.

Side note, I've seen snake-type fujos where the seme is the bicycle of all their ships. I'd actually go so far as to say that having a favorite seme like that is more common among anglophone fujos, at least in the fandoms I've been in.

No. 293073

I guess I'd say I'm a frog fujo but I'm also a sucker for aesthetics too. So even if I have a preferred pairing it won't bother me to see them with others if their aesthetic goes good together or something. So maybe there's a little turtle mixed in there too

No. 293075

I’m a snake fujo, if I like an uke I will consoom whatever has him as the uke.

No. 293076

File: 1682796955567.jpeg (102.92 KB, 600x800, E4F95AF1-DD2C-42F4-B28C-CE046C…)

I can’t enjoy any ship these days unless I can turn them into a switch ship in my own demented head so probably frog/turtle

No. 293077

I guess it depends, for my favorite ship I'm slug no doubt but for other fandoms? I don't really mind if there's vers or a bottom that gets paired with everyone (is that what bicycle means?). It depends on the dynamics of how the characters are in canon as well. I'm okay with switching when both characters have a dynamic of being extremely vulnerable around each other, but also having a protective front, so they take turns with each other. I'm okay with bicycle when it's clear the bottom has no strong chemistry with anyone around him and that's why he can be paired with everyone kek. But in that case I do have a ship I prefer, I just don't mind engaging with content of the bottom being with other characters, so does that still count or no? Honestly it feels weird trying to put myself in these archetypes.

No. 293080

I'm a snake or a slug depending on the fandom, mostly a slug. I tend to be quite autistic regarding my fixed ships and can't do reversible.

No. 293112

can I get some opinions about Lamento, the VN? I was interested in playing through it entirely though it seems rather daunting.
nta but why bring up yumejos? it's really strange to categorize anyone having a very specific BL opinion as one. also I've seen troons elsewhere admit to wanting to start NLOG-type fights between fujos and yumes. like >>293027 who ironically notes internalized misogyny but then immediately parses a massive, diverse group of women as all unwashed autists.

No. 293113

File: 1682803223931.jpg (44.96 KB, 1062x880, m.jpg)


No. 293117

Lamento’s one of my favorite VNs, why do you think it seems daunting?

No. 293120

I also played lamento, and I loved it. It was a lot more story and 'fantasy' based than other N+C works, and at first I wasn't sure if I would love it or not, but I do. Konoe is a cutie…

No. 293134

it was because he wanted to be bred by shinji, obviously. Duuuh. Come on nonna.
based. do share with us if you ever draw it.

No. 293219

They already did. They ran to the anti-fujo thread to screech about how we supposedly all insult yumes and used it as an excuse to defend the blatantly misogynistic insults posted there (nonsense about how dating a moid will make us "quit," or how we like BL because we're unattractive irl). I'm not under any illusion that liking BL is somehow feminist or whatever, but the shit people say about us there makes me wonder who the fuck hurt them. You'd think a fujoshi fucking stabbed their grandmothers to death or something.

But of course then they say the quiet part out loud occasionally: that they're mad about m/m getting all the fics and fanart in female-dominated fandom spaces. Like they're mad at us for having more creative energy and being more productive than them. If the ratio of gay fanart upsets you so much, draw/write your own shit instead of complaining so much.

No. 293221

>Someone starts a really convoluted infight about shota or yumes with obvious replying to their own posts to keep the fight going on
>Suddenly the anti-fujo thread activates again posting screencaps of fujos being pedos or misogynists by "someone who just happened to take a peek at that thread and saw this"
>Rinse and repeat the cycle
Imagine seething so hard about fujos you constantly lurk their containment thread and throw bait just to get a reason to justify getting mad about them besides your own vain "they get in the way of my self insert fantasies" reasons. Pathetic.

No. 293227

>they're mad about m/m getting all the fics and fanart in female-dominated fandom spaces
we don't dominate it enough, i still see a shitload of m/f they're just greedy

No. 293248

Wtf that fujocoomer thread exist just to circlejerk bait from this thread. Are you morons want to continue the pointless fujo vs yume war, when It's obvious just twitter moralfaggots and trolls, or are you from there throwing bait again?

No. 293260

They're simply used to having nearly everything cater to them, and the moment something doesn't they piss, shit and throw up until they can make people look at their narcissistic self-insert fantasy. Fujos imo tend to not care about this shit because so little caters to them (it's still a niche thing despite all the content) that they just make their own shit anyway regardless of what's canon or what others want.

No. 293269

All it takes is one retard or baiter here saying a single negative thing about yumes and it starts back up again. They watch this thread like hawks.

No. 293273

I didn't know the fujo woman hate thread was still alive

I mean a lot of them hate that too because they get jealous of female characters same as male ones. And the m/f artist rite of passage is complaining about or at the very least shading the fujo overpopulation.

No. 293286

Anons really need to stop replying to the bait but I often feel like it's just ultimate samefagging because of the almost identical and overly aggressive replies that keep coming at record speeds barely making it over the spam countdown and the thread in /ot/ being bumped yet again, followed by the same old "fujos are ugly fatties projecting" sperging. It's obvious that they monitor these threads and at least some of them are XY so the best thing we can do is to ignore and report and hope for the staff to redtext them for once.

No. 293287

>They watch this thread like hawks.
They lurk on fujochan too. I'm starting to think they might actually enjoy scrolling through all the BL just to find some mild ass post to ree about (or make one themselves as bait).

No. 293301

File: 1682877829677.png (55.71 KB, 847x400, d3dff61a5d7aca64287808386eb557…)

Imagine dedicating that much of your time to seething about silly fandom bullshit. Like go drink water or take a nap instead. Pic tax.

No. 293317

why do you say self-inserter even though the probability is low that most of them are one? a few years ago I knew of a few fujo haters and it turned out they regularly hated on other "cringe" women, like mary sue lovers or yumes. it isn't tumblr fandom bunker wars - do you want them to be? - much of the time people just want to farm milk. also the other person is right. there's definitely XYs. I've seen men elsewhere admit to starting such drama. people LOVE "cat fights". just collapse the thread, guys.

No. 293378

Nta but I think anon means self-insert in the more literal sense of shipping yourself with a character or creating an oc who is ostensibly you to ship with them. Tired of people saying fujos "self-insert," when what they actually mean is "projection." It's true that many fujos project onto one of the characters. It's common, but it's not universal. I personally tend to gravitate towards ships involving two characters with very big personalities, and it's kind of hard to project in that instance without bastardizing the characterizations I enjoy. I've also never been big into super femmy or neotenous ukes (no shade if that's your thing, though.) I want to look at two sexy men, not one sexy man and a weird quasi-pubescent bobblehead creature.

That said, I'm also wary of NLOG fujoshis who hate ukes so hard they meme themselves into exclusively liking hairy baras or 3DPD. Not that it's bad to enjoy those things either, I just think that sometimes the fujos who say stuff like that have bought into the "muh fetishizing gays," shit and now feel morally obligated to only enjoy m/m stuff made by and for scrotes. Tailoring your own interests to be as palatable as possible to your critics is a losing game.

No. 293379

File: 1682895761833.jpg (65.12 KB, 640x640, c54675511cd08ac0301704e4c84c4f…)

%1000 a turtle fujo, after 15 years of enjoying the fujoshi lifestyle I became less picky and allowed myself to simply enjoy BL in the moment as it is.

No. 293453

>Tired of people saying fujos "self-insert," when what they actually mean is "projection."
This. I overall feel like people have trouble making a distinction between finding a character enjoyable and/or relatable and self-inserting.

>That said, I'm also wary of NLOG fujoshis who hate ukes so hard they meme themselves into exclusively liking hairy baras or 3DPD.

I know the exact type. I'm into those feminine ukes and the NLOG fujos who think they're more progressive for only liking what could pass as something made for gay men get ridiculously snooty about it and can't go for one second without boasting about how they don't like "stereotypical bottoms" and how problematic the "effeminate uke" type is. Someone should tell them that you can enjoy things without making it a goddamn political statement.

No. 293564

>you need to look good for your husbando instead of being a pizza faced fatty
They're honestly probably not that far off though, even most fictional men are douchebags like that. I'd be a hypocrite if I disagreed anyway since I used to tell waifufag moids that their waifu would never love them and openly find them repulsive personality and looks wise.

Personally I've never been interested in having a waifu or a husbando outside of joking 'lol she's my wife' stuff so I don't think I'll ever get how people get this intense over it, but I'm also not even remotely surprised that people get this intense over it, after all I read a post a while back from a husbandofag getting mad about the community being anti polygamist or something.

No. 293566

I'd say I'm a slug most of the time, I can multi ship but I'm usually only intense about my favorite one and I'm very particular about who I want to be seme and uke.

No. 293592

Agreed. I personally don't usually like "stereotypical" ukes, but I'm not going to pretend it's for moral reasons, kek. It's just a matter of taste, and even then, there have been a handful of mangas I've read and enjoyed with ukes like that. Sometimes something is well drawn or well written enough that you can like it even if it's not usually your thing.

No. 293605

to anyone that has played Lkyt through–do you have any advice for route play order? I normally am apathetic though I was playing through Ango's and was weirded out by how nothing really was happening storywise. Then I jumped to the prince's out of curiosity and a lot was revealed quickly, it was very jarring.

No. 293684

maybe its just me but am i the only one who gets a sexist vibe from the girls wishing Dan's granama died. Like i just feel less of them would wish that if it was a grandpa instead of a grandma.

I'm talking about the manhwa jinx btw

No. 293686

Nah. I wish she passed away so that Dan would be able to live his own life instead of constantly having this desperate dependency on his grandma, according to flashbacks it's clear that it's not on a healthy level. She's ancient and it's just her time to go and she seems to be fine with it, but it's Dan who can't accept that she can't live forever. Everyone who I've had this discussion with agrees, they like the grandma and respect what she's done but wish that she would have her peace. It's not some misogynist psyop.

No. 293710

File: 1683050891988.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.98 KB, 955x543, HOMOSEX DON'T CLICK.jpg)

Is Lkyt on Steam uncensored? The graphics seem to suggest so, but I'm confused. I thought Steam didn't allow sex in games?

No. 293715

>I thought Steam didn't allow sex in games?
Steam’s weird, hashihime and uuultra C where totally uncensored but togainu no chi was for me.

No. 293738

Jinx is a trash series so who fucking cares if the grandma dies or not, even if she does the author will use the plot point as a way to make the MC even more sad and pathetic. Fuck that wannabe killing stalking shit

No. 293740

I'm between a turtle and a snail fujoshi. I like tentacles but whatever is hot I'm fine with.

No. 293741

File: 1683058233312.jpeg (63.4 KB, 846x1200, 1-EAT.jpeg)

What are your thoughts about jp-furry, realistic animal faces on human bodies, yaoi and BLs?
I think I might actually be ok with it despite the initial weirdness

No. 293743

I don't like it. Like any normal person I generally hate everything that has to do with furries and the "animal head" thing is disturbing to me.

No. 293744

Weird and gross.

No. 293745

Agreed. I just can't get into anything sexual if the characters look too much like animals.

No. 293760

I would say I'm mostly slug, but depending on the specific ship I can frog. But regardless once I've latched onto a ship I'm loyal to that ship and that ship only

No. 293765

I hate furries and I'm still pissed at beastars for stealing season 2 from my gay rocks.

No. 293775

File: 1683074367388.jpg (110.76 KB, 850x1098, 9c875c5173d6c66950f9ee9b39b48a…)

I guess it depends on the head, for example the hotline miami guys are okay in my mind but I guess is because there's a human behind the animal head. That said, I really like kemonomimi and such.

No. 293779

File: 1683074856661.jpg (181.18 KB, 1280x2000, 7026d273466c98963a54eba87ff865…)

There's a big difference between kemonomimi and furry heads though…

No. 293834

I'm ambivalent. I find certain features like demon/dragon horns, sharp teeth, etc, really hot but all the way will always be too awkward for me.
Not really sure. If you really are paranoid you could always buy and fast forward skip to a sex scene, and get a refund if it is censored. For steam it's one hour, I think?

No. 293927

I've always had furryish tendencies so I like it, but I don't like when it's overly sexual, particularly when genitals are visible. I like Nagabe's manga, they hit the sweet spot of the characters being cute without being overly animal like and also not overtly visually sexual.

No. 293936

Furry characters can be cute sometimes but i don't want them in my BL.

No. 293966

What do nonnas think of the trope where two male characters in BL become parents (not talking about omegaverse only, stories with adoption and step parents too) and the child is nearly always a tomboyish girl? It's cute of course and I really loved some stories where this happens, but it's getting kinda boring now because everyone seems to do the same. Idk it's a weird stupid thing to talk about but it's just something I've noticed accross the genre kek. I struggle to remember a BL where the guys become parents and the child is a boy or a calmer girl.

No. 293978

Ok nevermind, it doesn't really matter and Lkyt turned out way more tragic than I thought it would be. Yaoi made me cry for the first time in a year and this probably says something about me that I don't want to know.
Turtle is life

No. 293980

I think it's projection, a lot of fujos are tomboys

No. 293981

I can't stand shit where the gay parents adopt a cutesy daughter and the story is about how cute the family is, I find this boring and unrelatable because I don't want kids and the pretexts to adopt the kids are sometimes a bit over the top. I don't care for it either in stories about straight couples anyway. I'd rather read something about guys who already had kids from a previous relationship and the kids have their own personalities, it feels way more natural.

No. 293982

i've read a few cultivation stories (didn't finish any, but…) and the daughter is usually a perfect feminine goddess beamed directly from the heavens. which is cute

No. 293984

There is nothing I hate more in BL than adoptive dad storylines/tropes. I can excuse a lot of domesticity if I really like the characters but adopting a child is where I draw the line. It’s so boring

No. 293987

File: 1683139369837.jpeg (187.71 KB, 1389x2047, IMG_2759.jpeg)

Semi-related and a bit of a rant but it’s annoying how some people will accuse you of being a fujoshi for liking bishie/handsome characters and it’s usually by sexually insecure scrotes who feel threatened by how attractive they are or women who are guilty about their own sexuality and feel the need to put down others to feel special. Whenever men look on women for liking attractive male characters they either say shit about how said character looks like a lesbian/troon or act like they’re being left out, like anyone wants to stare at some crusty receding hairline having ass scrote.

No. 293994

tbh a lot of people think fujoshi just means "female otaku" as opposed to having away more specific meaning. Not all female otaku are fujoshi and not all fujoshi are hardcore otaku but because of people not knowing the meaning of the word you have weird shit like this happening.

No. 294046

File: 1683152860005.png (295.56 KB, 1000x1582, 1484504331299.png)

Fellow girly fujos where you at?

No. 294047

i love this art piece kek

No. 294049

File: 1683153303731.png (123.48 KB, 1119x1400, 1443678592227.png)

Same, it's so cute.

No. 294050

I’m a shameless fujo and I wear lolita and dresses 80% of the time (yoga pants and t-shirts the other 20%). But I’m also a radfem so I don’t really subscribe to the idea of being “girly” or a “tomboy” - I think that anyone should be able to wear any clothes and do any hobby and that’s just their personality, not a gender identity.

No. 294052

I get that, I guess it's just easier to say 'girly' over 'fujos who like traditionally feminine things'.

No. 294053

Omg I forgot how much I loved /fa/ and /fit/ silly comics

No. 294108

I honestly wonder why it's always a girl child. I can't vouch for the kid being tomboyish because from what I've seen it just seems to be a generic energetic little girl, but I never got why they never included male children outside of omegaverse. I don't find little girls in anime that cute but I guess Japanese fujos genuinely think they're adorable. I also wish the children were older than toddler age.

No. 294117

>dad protects his daughter
>father-daughter relationship
i think it's some sort of fantasy, like the wish to have a perfect dad

No. 294119

you really find this surprising in a genre where father/son is popular?

No. 294120

Name three popular works with a father/son couple that isn't a random porn doujin or a fanfic, please. I'm extremely tired of this "fujos are pedo incest lovers" narrative """you""" want to push.

No. 294124

Real incest is rare in Japanese media, actually. It's always 'adopted sibling', 'foster parent', 'cousins' (in many countries, Japan included, sex between cousins is not considered incest at all).

No. 294137

File: 1683191527366.jpg (27 KB, 383x465, pp.jpg)

Are eroge and VNs in general available on Japanese Steam? Do they have uncensored versions or do Japanese laws prohibit it (they have more payment methods that may be available to minors etc.)?

No. 294138

I think the Japanese pornography laws generally prohibit the showing of uncensored genitals (which is why we get the censor bars and lightsaber dicks etc) but porn should be fine otherwise.

No. 294150

>generic energetic little girl
OP here, by tomboyish I meant exactly that. I didn't use the right term but it's always some super energetic girl that's sometimes cruel/mischievous/bossy/strong as fuck for some reason. I don't particularly like little children in anime either because they tend to be kinda annoying or boring no matter what, plus they remind me of lolis. It's true that it's almost never a boy or a kid that's a bit older than baby/toddler.

No. 294157

When it comes to incest I think brother/brother is more popular than father/son, but there are definitely some father figure/adopted son ships that are pretty popular. Something like Taku/Towa is the dynamic that I usually see

No. 294179

File: 1683214031105.jpg (112.48 KB, 2048x731, E_0XvCrVEAYwbdc.jpg)

>Something like Taku/Towa is the dynamic that I usually see
Best dynamic, I like how it's usually the son grooming their father/father figure into their lover.

No. 294182

File: 1683214385642.png (837.11 KB, 1488x2105, FdL_Q-uaEAAF_dp.png)

Also yes Taku was my favorite route (though Fujieda's was pretty obviously the best written and 'true end')
If you guys have any dilf BL reccs with a similar dynamic, please share them with me thank youu.

No. 294183

The implication that Taku knew all Towa was suffering as a child and that he liked his mother killed this ship for me.

No. 294184

Personally I read it as Towa's mom being so well versed in manipulating people that she was basically able to convince Taku to admire her (that or Taku's just coping really hard with how fucked up he is), but I like kind of fucked up ships in general so it didn't kill it for me. Kinda funny how Madarame who basically had the 'Shiki' route was arguably less fucked up though.

No. 294198

This is actually why I liked it kek, it’s fucked up but I like that kind of dynamic if it’s done well

No. 294206

Ugh, why did you have to phrase it that way? Why do you guys say these things when you know that schizo anti-fujos lurk here? I'm not trying to moralfag, but you're making us look bad.
I'm not into incest, shota, or rape, just BL. And I feel kind of stuck, because it seems like my choices are either hang out with annoying SJW TRA fujos, or hang out with edgelord fujos who berate you for getting "filtered" by incest. I get why some anons like it (the forbidden element, the unconditional connection) but man, I just can't get into it. I'm just too squicked out.

No. 294207

Just to make you feel less alone, I'm not into incest, shota or rape either and I'm annoyed by the immature fujos who make it their entire identity to be as edgy as possible to own the SJWs or something instead of genuinely enjoying what they do because they're the most likely to do a 180 and tell everyone how all fujos are sick pedo rape fetishists. But if anons actually do like it for whatever reason (like the taboo angle and the unconditional connection you mentioned) instead of as a childish fuck you to muh moralfags then I don't really care, I just wish them to keep a neutral tone about issues that are divisive. Even the unhinged Rancefag in the husbando thread is told off every time she goes off the handle with her degeneracy.

No. 294208

> Why do you guys say these things when you know that schizo anti-fujos lurk here?
Because I'm not going to censor my speech to placate some schizos. With that mindset you should be calling every AGP tranny a 'she', even the likes of Chris-chan.

Go self-censor on your own, until you get neurosis. I couldn't give less of a fuck what some terminally-online haters with OCD think of fujo. Let them seethe.

No. 294216

>Why do you guys say these things when you know that schizo anti-fujos lurk here?
Because I don't care?
Not sure how you're into BL if you're not into rape though since rape is such a huge portion of the genre.

No. 294217

Why do you care, they’re going to be antifujo no matter what. Stop letting those retards control your entire life

No. 294218

File: 1683221347075.jpg (559.33 KB, 2405x1000, nitro-chiral-treasure_0007.jpg)

I wish more full cast art like this existed (I think gainax started this trend?)

No. 294219

I mean. I'm fine with dubcon. Like my threshold for what I think of as rape in yaoi mangas is pretty high, if that makes sense.
Also there's plenty of BL mangas (even explicit ones) without rape, tf are you talking about. I can't say what the ratio of rape to non-rape is for the above mentioned reason, and I don't doubt that it's really common, but saying that rape is a HUGE portion of BL sounds a lot like the kind of talking point people who hate us use.

No. 294221

Gotta love how people in this thread keep saying stuff like father/son couples are the backbone of BL and that the entire genre centers around rape. Like >>294219 said dubious consent or dubcon is something that's really common (the "oh no, I shouldn't do this but it feels so good" thing) in BL but outright rape isn't usually shown as something that's erotic compared to moid media which indulges in graphic violence against women and coincidentally they often make the "yaoi is just rape porn" accusation to devalue the genre and make fujos seem just as bad as your average male coomer getting off to loli rape. Even in darker mangas rape (rape, as in violent sexual abuse) is generally portrayed as a traumatizing event, not something to be seen as erotic.

No. 294222

Most of what the community labels 'rape' is actually dubcon.

No. 294223

Basically as long as it's not faceless mob or ugly bastard it's fine with me.

No. 294224

Romance genres are always going to have a lot of grey lines for a lot of different people. Some people like certain fetishes and others don’t. You can personally dislike something without telling everyone else to agree with you. I’m sure most people would agree they only like things like rape/incest/whatever in certain contexts, and not all the time. Dubcon is a great example of how people have drawn a line where they are and are not comfortable with rape in fiction.

Liking BL really shouldn’t be this serious, find a community of likeminded people and enjoy whatever you want to enjoy. Stop worrying about people who don’t even like BL to begin with.

No. 294225

File: 1683223245005.jpg (2.08 MB, 2800x1991, 1663492188730958.jpg)

Anyone have info regarding SCC30 that just happened? I like to see what series had the most circles/doujin made and I can only find stats about day one.
Pic unrelated

No. 294229

honestly i can enjoy incest/pseudo-incest, age gap and father/son-like relationships (like OP pic from shapolang >>283524). it's not something to own the SJWs and not a fetish either, just something i can find interesting. i also like shota in certain situations, for instance i like shota oni and think it's a pretty wholesome BL despite the age gap. gore is fine, so is dubcon. i'm okay with rape if the plot is meant to be fucked up from the start and simply portray a toxic abusive relationship, but if the pairing have nice chemistry and they suddenly pull a rape scene out of nowhere it's jarring and makes me not want to root for the couple anymore
after all it's just fiction and doesn't really reflect on someone's morals and values unless they're extreme lolicons/shotacons with folders full of this type of explicit art, then yeah in my opinion it's clearly a red flag

No. 294233

File: 1683225869738.png (190.67 KB, 870x709, saudis on suicide watch.png)

Based square

No. 294234

A Japanese company telling homophobic Saudi Arabians to go fuck themselves was not something I expected to happen but I fully welcome them doing something most western companies would never. Also FFXVI has a gay sex scene? Holy shit.

No. 294236

It's cool to see a company say "nah, fuck you" instead of bending over to some retarded country's whims.

No. 294240

I bet a lot of anons who like that stuff feel the same way, i.e. it depends on the context and execution in each story. It definitely makes more sense to see dubcon in a darker story than it does in an otherwise fluffy slice of life.

No. 294241

Calm down, maybe it'll be a lesbian sex scene and you're all getting fooled. Still a good think that SE said fuck it and fuck you to this shithole. Shit like this is why I almost only play Japanese video games, the games I like are targeting more specific audiences so the devs don't even think about these shithole countries when developing them. The only issue is that some localizers try to reduce gay subtext and even if they usually fail they still sometimes ruin entire character arcs and important scenes, like with several Fire Emblem games.

No. 294250

I'm pretty sure they mean a lesbian scene… I've seen big japanese games do lesbian relationships because it appeals to male coomers, but they wouldn't dare to put a male on male sex scene, in Final Fantasy of all things (though they do use gay stuff for comedy). Still I'm glad someone is saying "fuck you" to the Saudi Arabians, misogynistic bitch ass motherfuckers.

No. 294254

The whole thing is just a rumor anyway

No. 294256

Are you into rape as a kink or rape as an exploration through fiction? I think it's different if you're reading something with rape for plot reasons, or if you're reading it because you believe rape is hot.

No. 294260

>Getting off to BL
I can't think of anything worse

No. 294262

I got curious, looked it up on twitter and people are guessing that some specific character named Dion will be a gay dude. No idea why, maybe because he's pretty, maybe because Céline Dion is a gay icon, who knows. Some people said it could have been because of gods being very important in the plot, and that the same thing happened to the latest God of War game because the playable characters meet a bunch of gods and kill them. Whatever, the really nerdy Saudis will pirate FF16 anyway. Again, fuck them. And yeah I also don't expect anything gay from FF because it tends to be more similar to shojo manga with pretty boys and dramatic scenes plot twists. There are some really good games in this series but I never understood why it had so many fujoshi fans. If you want a JRPG with actual BL fanservice look into Megaten.

No. 294319

Late but I think them always having a daughter is because
>adds a female character to an other all or mostly male story, easily differentiates her from her parents
>she's a tomboy because she's raised by two men
>the author projecting herself onto the daughter and what she thinks an ideal father figure is onto the dads
>more opportunities to dress her up/make her cute
>if they have multiple kids it's always big sister and little brother(s), again probably projection on the author's part
Though tbf I do see BL series where they raise a son, usually born through one of the guy's previous relationships.

No. 294334

Nta. She didn't say it was bad, she just said it was different. Relax, Jesus. Everybody's always so defensive around here.

No. 294362

>porn should be fine otherwise.
No, the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance Regarding the Healthy Development of Youths specifically targets the sale of such material to minors.

No. 294366

…I think that goes without saying? Isn't pornography banned from minors like everywhere in the world?

No. 294367

No. In many countries there are no legal regulations. For example, when it comes to video games - the retailer might face no legal actions for selling a 18+ game to a minor (it all depends on their discretion), because it's not regulated by law. 3D porn might be covered by laws, but anything 2D, like comics, animations or games with adult content is gray zone.



No. 294370

I'm pretty sure that wasn't what the original anon was asking, the context was that if eroge/VNs are available on Japanese steam and if they have the uncensored versions. I think that holds an assumption that she's querying about porn available for those who qualify in general and the answer is yes, but I have no idea if Steam Japan lists eroge in its selection.

No. 294384

Don't worry anon, it's just because this thread is always full of baiting retards.

No. 294565

File: 1683402110083.jpg (198.51 KB, 992x1266, Sweet.Pool.full.2608342.jpg)


No. 294660

File: 1683448096350.png (13.18 KB, 726x277, healthy yumestacy behavior.png)

While the guys and gals over at the anti-fujo thread are hatestalking this thread grabbing their cultivated rape/incest/pedo fetish bait screenshots and circlejerking about how much healthier their unhinged husbandofaggotry is, I'd like to introduce them to this shit I see around the site constantly way outside of the designated on-topic threads. I should really make a compilation.

No. 294662

No one cares shut the fuck up about the anti fujo thread.

No. 294663

A hit dog hollers.

No. 294664

No I'm just sick of dramafaggots posting about it
literally no one cares aside from oversensitive newfags like yourself.

No. 294665

Kek then don't drag it out nonnie, if you're not interested you can just scroll past and not react instead of starting a reply chain of numerous replies throwing a tantrum. Or better yet, start another topic of discussion yourself.

No. 294690

Instead of bringing their stupid shit here you should talk to admins about removing that thread because it is and creates infighting.

No. 294756

File: 1683490076035.png (214.24 KB, 979x699, game is lemures blue 2am btw.p…)

Haha, gee I sure wonder who these guys are supposed to resemble!

No. 294819

It's either one turbo degenerate anon or anti-fujo retards false-flagging. Incest, particularly father-son incest, is fucking disgusting and that anon does not speak for all or even most of us. Screencap this and put it in your shitty threads, schizo-chans.

Personally, it's not "being made fun of," I take issue with, it's being called a pedophile or incest fetishist one second by antis, and then being berated by coomer-chans for getting "filtered" by degenerate shit. For fuck's sake, I just like drawings of adult, unrelated guys kissing, but it seems like no one is capable of being normal about it. Call it a fetish or a hobby or whatever you like, just stop assuming I'm into even weirder fetishes or berating me when I say I'm not into them.

No. 294849

It's a you problem. Why do you care what some internat randos think of you?

No. 294854

Literally this. We know they hate what other women do, we know they'll always call fujos pedophiles no matter what (projection), we know they're even more degenerates than the worst fujo because they scroll through yaoi discussions only to find some mild post so they can go to their collective jerkoff thread. Just ignore them and keep enjoying bl anons.

No. 294859

File: 1683528208390.jpg (66.51 KB, 500x695, tumblr_lkrumnogb51qh2blko1_500…)

What was the ship or series that got you into BL?
I had literally never thought about shipping two male characters together before I watched Hetalia. I was young and sheltered at the time, I only ever saw/shipped hetero so my third eye burst open when I started considering gay ships. Durarara and Shizuo/Izaya came quickly after.

No. 294860

I wasn't big into shipping (and was fairly new to fandom in general tbh so didn't 'get' it) until my fujo friend convinced me to ship our two male OCs together and now here I am over 10 years later still shipping them and a massive fujo in general.

No. 294861

File: 1683528792235.jpg (273.2 KB, 1200x1240, yande.re 31186 sample clamp fa…)

Not the anon you replied to but my problem is when they shit up this thread by their retarded bait and never get redtexted to indicate that they've been shut down. They come in doing that same song and dance about the essence of fujoism being pedophilia and incest (because Kuroshitsuji existed), how fujos are "just as bad as scrotes" (needs no explanation), and how pure-hearted husbandofags are (like openly fantasizing about being violently raped and killed by their husbando) or literally never have infights (besides arguing about how obsessively dedicated you have to be to a bunch of lines on a paper) and samefag replies to keep it going for god knows how long, and when they're done they go bump that retarded thread to keep the cycle going forever. I just wish mods interfered for once because it's obvious it's like two or three obsessed bitches doing it but I guess they're as understaffed as they are.

I can't recall which ship exactly got me into BL because it was a slow progress but Kurogane and Fai from Tsubasa Reservoir chronicle was definitely one of the earliest ones. I wonder how many girls CLAMP singlehandedly made into fujos because I remember them putting a lot of BL elements and themes into their works way before BL even became popular in the west. Kek I wonder how well Vic Mignogna's little "I called CLAMP and they told me Fai isn't gay" stunt would go these days.

No. 294865

File: 1683530959000.png (41.27 KB, 480x480, 1683381640322.png)

Cp bump. Stay careful scrolling nonnies!

No. 294866

I ship you with the anti fujo people you keep talking about

No. 294872

Lol denying the reality of fujo content (and anime/manga content in general) because you don't personally like it is stupid. Fujo shit has always had, and always will have, tons of content with minors and also incest to a smaller degree. You can dislike it and that's fine, but it's an undeniable truth that those things exist in the anime/manga community. If you don't want people to think you're a creep, you're better off not watching anime at all. Or you could not care about what other losers from an imageboard call you.

No. 294878

Normalizing degenerate pedoshit by gaslighting "all anime being like that" is actual XY creep behavior xoxo

No. 294880

>(because Kuroshitsuji existed)
Kek I love how they keep mentioning either Kuroshitsuji or Kaze to Ki. One isn't even BL and the other is one of the mildest shoujo-tier romance manga where you have to read through walls of text and a hundred panels of the characters posing dramatically to get a glimpse of an interaction between the two characters (both minors). It doesn't even have explicit scenes (so not a shota), none of these two does. They keep fixating and sperging on these two popular works that are supposedly riddled with sexualized pedophilia and the readers are all sick pedophiles, surely they're not popular among teenage girls into romance and wacky shit (that's the actual target audience). Maybe they can't mention shota works because actual shota content (which does exist, I'm not saying it doesn't exist) isn't super popular among fujos like they say it is.

No. 294881

If you don't want to see degenerate shit then you could simply stop browsing this thread?

No. 294883

File: 1683539751231.jpg (640.79 KB, 1152x2048, FvRHUHcacAApasq.jpg)

NTA and as someone that likes problematic BL (incest, shota, abuse, etc) I think that anon is completely valid in not wanting people to misconstrue her interests. I am a person with very thick skin when it comes to fiction (its not real so idgaf) who can read some of the most insane dead dove shit without batting an eye, but also, there are plenty of BL that aren't like that and it isn't indicitive of the genre as a whole these days. I also love fluff and unproblematic stuff and think that some people cannot simply develop a thick skin when it comes to particular upsetting topics.

However, I think to be a responsible adult online is to accept some people in your online circles will be into some weird shit and they can't change that, so I agree with you that she will probably just need to get over it eventually. But as one of those weirdos, I think it's important that we don't force everyone to be like us. I also don't want to be misconstrued as well for simply reading made up stories, and I also don't care if other people read or don't read them so long as they don't think I'm insane for liking it. I want to advocate for the right for women to make art without restriction. Not everyone needs to like it, so long as they don't immediately try to crucify us or instantly peg us being evil for portraying upsetting topics in fiction.

No. 294885

I never said all of it, I said it was an undeniable part of it. If you don't want to be associated with it at all, it's better to distance yourself from it. Being into high-school age minors in particular is an extremely common thing, so much fujo stuff takes place in school.

She is valid, but she can't deny that people will always judge her based on the worst parts of the fandom, or claim that those parts don't count. The normal thing to do in that case is ignore the haters, not cry about how you are different and totally not like these other fujos. There are other communities where she can do that, I know a lot of discord groups and whatnot don't let you post minor characters. She needs to go there unfortunately, not complain here.

No. 294888

Also note how the "um ackshually all fujoshit is pedoincest so if you can't take it then leave!" correlates with the CP spam once again kek. And true, they can never name these supposedly popular and numerous shota rape incest works, the best they can do is reference some degenerate trends from 4chan or mangas from the mid 00's that were already scandalous when they came out. All the best selling BL titles of today are about two consenting adults with some dubcon elements at best, I should know because I'm into varying amounts of dark themes and I can't find shit these days.

I think her issue isn't about people liking something she doesn't but like she said it's that people act weird about it, either accusing her of being a pedo or a prude depending on the side.

No. 294889

>Being into high-school age minors in particular is an extremely common thing, so much fujo stuff takes place in school.
Conflating drawn 16-18-year olds indistinguishable from the adult characters with shota is intentionally muddying the waters and you know it.

No. 294895

Man please idk, the op (or you) said she liked "drawings of adults", so I'm assuming she means actual adults, no? Since she doesn't want to be seen as a "creep", I assume she actually means over 18 adults.

No. 294900

>so much fujo stuff takes place in school.
To be fair the way many teenager characters are drawn is so stylized and far from reality that they often look anywhere between 16 and 30 kek. So many stories take place in high school but the guys look like tall muscular adult supermodels in their 20s (and many 30 year olds look like they're 18). This happens in manga/anime a lot, not just BL, underage characters in shonen look and behave like adults (also because they're written by adults) so I'm not that weirded out by a woman being attracted to a character that's canonically 16 but also looks like it could be 25. I myself read high school stuff sometimes and forget they're technically minors. Also I'm pretty sure no sane woman here or elsewhere would ever be attracted to an actual male teenager because they're ugly demons, and let's keep in mind that this is all fake and the chance of fujo women acting out the stuff they read irl is basically 0.

No. 294909

Yeah you don't have to tell me, I don't judge fictional characters by age precisely because of what you said, and because they're not real. But with these moralfaggy nonnies idk where they draw the line.

No. 294917

this discussion is so lame, who cares if they like fictional 16 yr olds

No. 294922

>Don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos
Can we move on already, there is a very welcoming community of twitter users that would be more than happy to join you in hating problematic content

No. 294923

The issue is precisely with people acting as if some clearly grown up-looking character just a year away from being a legal adult is exactly the same as a obvious child or a preteen one because "they're both minors btw!!!!" and use that to justify calling pedophilia being a defining or popular feature in fujo media. It's everpresent bad faith acting and a transparent attempt at astroturfing, like all the degenerate scrotes who try to invade all the proship circles to make them defend loli porn because "shipping a 17-year old and a 19-year old is basically the same thing you can't draw a line here!!!".

No. 294925

The problem is the people nona is complaining about (people calling her a pedo for liking BL) are people who very much consider all underage shipping as inherent pedophilia. You don’t get to say you like 16 year olds having sex amongst people who find it morally adjacent to real life, and that is the entire crux of the “antiship” (sorry, I don’t really know a better word to describe these people) argument. No one is telling her she has to like shota, but she’ll still be called a degenerate pedo by people if she ships 16 years olds with each other or with adults.

No. 294927

File: 1683550844589.jpg (110.72 KB, 564x809, 9f2b1f698d187301b4d4e3642de2ea…)

>Mfw I walk up to a normie to show her picrel and call it a pedo manga for pedophiles and everyone who reads and enjoys it is a degenerate freak because they're literally minors in high school and terminally online discourse told me so
>She thinks I'm insane and should get a life
Spoiler: they're actually both 18

No. 294935

Nobody was actually saying that, you should have just specified that by "adults" you meant "minors that I find acceptable" instead of actual adults.
But anyway, actual shota IS thing that exists in fujo stuff, and women oriented stuff in general. I don't mean the porn itself, but the characters, who are created specifically to appeal to people who like them, including those who will sexualize them. And it's the same for anime and manga in general. If you've ever been into a big franchise that has characters from all ages (like kancolle/touken/genshin), you'll see that it includes loli/shota characters. And them being sexualized is something that happens all the time.
To be clear you don't have to like it, or defend it. You can complain and tell people they have shit taste for liking it. But pretending it doesn't exist and that it's only a couple of problematic fujos who are making us look bad in front of the oh so normal anti-fujo miners is such a dumb, dumb thing to do. Honestly nobody cares.

No. 294942

File: 1683557830454.jpeg (164.04 KB, 800x1187, 2D8293F1-C475-42EB-AD1C-8C764B…)

To be fair kuroshitsuji has a ton of fanservice for fujos and the mangaka’s done shota manga in the past, I don’t mind shota though if they’re pretty.

No. 294943

That anon has been told ten times over that Black Butler is very clearly pandering to shotacon and that the fanbase is largely made up of people who ship SebaCiel, it’s not even worth responding to her anymore

No. 294948

Kek I remember me and my fujo friend in highschool shipping them. We didn't even like shota in particular, but it was inevitable with all the fanservice.

No. 294951

Why are we trying to excuse yourself for shota being in fujo culture, when a lot of shoujo romance have an underage girl with much older men? Is shota=pedo, actually just a big projection on their part?

No. 294956

>hating incest bl
>hating shota bl
>hating rape bl
terminally online fake fujo only in it for the majority female community, gtfo.

No. 294962

Are we being invaded by Crystal Cafe refugees at the moment? Would explain the tranny tier signature moid "all anime is based on child porn, just accept being a pedo" reasoning.

No. 294964

pedophilia is attraction to real children, and nothing else. i don't care how many shotas or teenaged anime boys a woman gets off to, if she's not looking at real children that way, she is not a pedophile. and let's be real, i really do not understand the obsession with telling people into anime characters they also want real kids. do you WANT them to want real children so you can feel morally superior? wtf is up, just ignore it if it offends you that bad

No. 294965

Too many moralfags on this thread and lc in general recently. Rape has and always will be a staple of yaoi, cry about it.

No. 294969

Maybe a personal question, but do you guys actually get off to BL? I’ve never personally masturbated to BL or anything BL adjacent, nor have I ever used it as like, spank bank(?) material. I just like looking at spicy art and enjoy the ship dynamics. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting off to it, I just always felt the way women enjoyed BL (or things like romance novels) was distinctly different than the way moids consumed porn (sitting in front of a screen and jacking off). It might just be a me thing but I was curious.

No. 294970

File: 1683572132958.jpg (144 KB, 1024x768, 13438.jpg)

>What was the ship or series that got you into BL?

No. 294971

I have, to doujins.

No. 294972

File: 1683572683787.jpg (68.33 KB, 735x514, 36d6b46e2ce30e9a9539dca1285400…)

I've never got off to it, but I know women who've had. I'll admit that I stick mostly to romantic and plot heavy BL. Even the more sexual BL that I read I find myself glossing over the (many) sex scenes. The women I know who get off to it are like… Aggressively Horny. In my opinion. When we talk they are very open about which anime movie they wanna see obliterated. Good for them I suppose.

No. 294974

I don't really read any of that kinky BL manga. If it has a half naked guy on the cover I'll usually pass. I read manga for the stories and romance.
I have used yaoi doujins, but those are pretty different from BL manga.

No. 294977

i do get quite horny when i read porn and it's clearly enjoyable but i don't actually masturbate, like i don't finger myself or something like that. it's more like a mental thing for me? i think it's still a form of jacking off but not physical, same way for women who read romance with "spicy" scenes i doubt they read it with their hands in their pants

No. 294981

File: 1683576242182.png (192.84 KB, 740x1000, FuQLoUsaAAE4myM.png)

I do get off to it but it specifically has to be well written and emotionally engaging. A well drawn sexy pic doesn't do enough for me unless there is deeper feelings between the characters behind it. Also if I'm actually going to get off I prefer prose to images because I like getting in the heads of the characters. All that said, I do like sexy and sexual illustrations as an appreciator of good artwork.

Are you the anon that was posting SVSSS last thread? If so you were one of the reasons I finally pushed myself to read it and I loved it, thank you. Luo Binghe did nothing wrong.

No. 294988

If you guys can remember the name, please tell me.
It takes place in a highschool. There's this blonde fujo girl who ships her 2 male classmates. The first boy has dark brown hair and has a crush on the blonde girl. There's another girl with shoulder-length hair who hates the 2nd boy.
It's kind of like Kusattetemo Kimi ga Suki in that the blonde girl thinks one of the guys is a male fujo.
There's this non-canon side story with god as a doll. Each of the main characters (the boys and the blonde) have their own interactions with it.

No. 295005

File: 1683587790191.png (997.98 KB, 650x4100, 1.png)

Nan Hao & Shang Feng? Pic related.

No. 295008

I almost exclusively play BL visual novels (is this bad? lol) and honestly sometimes I do. It's just gotten…harder with age? I was a dumbass that even enjoyed Hadaka Shitsuji when I was 14. I played it again recently and I just find it hilarious and evil now. I tried Slow Damage and pretty much liked no one, nothing was hot. There was a trashy western BL I played that had a buff redhead character I really bonded with, oddly, which made him irresistible, but that's it.

I haven't at all consumed any other kind of porn in years now because for some reason I like it when some story is attached? I think maybe it's more of a personal defect because BL allows me to get to know characters and I find it hard to get off to any context where I don't know someone. BL is pure escapism, tbh.

No. 295015

File: 1683594748394.png (238.43 KB, 960x720, bomi-snapshot-2021-09-27-00-39…)

it makes me kyaaaaa unironically. like kicking feet, rolling around the bed, etc. tomoyo's reaction to sakura basically

No. 295017

I get horny but I don’t masturbate reading yaoi manga. I actually tend to only read hardcore or sexy yaoi manga, if it’s shounen ai I tend to ignore them unless is a doujinshi of some ship that I find cute.

No. 295018

addendum: if i ever want to get off to bl i usually go for stuff that's explicitly pornographic, like a digdug doujin or one of those bakugou/kiri(whatever the red haired guy's name is) doujins where baku's doing aheago faces or whatever
the brain i use to read bl is not the brain i use for hentai

No. 295090

I sometimes get horny from looking at art/doujinshi but i never get off while i'm looking at it. Scrolling on your phone at the same time feels too awkward kek

No. 295091

I don't know who you think I am but I only posted about Kuroshitsuji once. I just wanted to say that as a manga it's not classified as shota, it has no explicit sex scenes and it doesn't even have a canonical gay pairing. It has a ton of fujobait so it's popular among fujos ofc, but nobody who has read that will tell you that it's the best example of a shota manga jfc. I don't see it pandering to "shotacons" for like two panels where the demon looks vaguely sensual. It's just your average mainstream manga that inserts a ton of fujobait because the work is popular with women, it happens with a lot of other mangas.

No. 295092

File: 1683616257335.jpg (115.31 KB, 1200x1200, DzJWvWzUwAAOHC-.jpg)

>Are you the anon that was posting SVSSS last thread?
No, that was me.

No. 295098

I find it hot and enjoyable, but I don't use it as masturbation material. Like I don't read a sexy BL and jerk off to it while reading. I actually had this discussion with a friend recently and she said the same thing, while she enjoys the porn she doesn't use it to get off to. It seems to be a common sentiment. BL just generally seems to be something way deeper than just porn to consoom and coom to, it has much more effort put into it.

No. 295102

what's the obsession with sebaciel anyway, shoujo fans have hanako-kun too but i don't see anyone calling them shotacons. also there's nothing wrong with liking shota in anime, there's a huge difference in physical appearance and emotional maturity in comparison to the average brat who looks disgusting and acts like a chimp on adderall

No. 295104

Holy fucking shit just shut up about this already

No. 295105

Fuck off already. The discussion is over.

No. 295114

what did i say wrong…?

No. 295122

Adopted children in manga are always pretty much always girls. Videogames too. Not sure why?

No. 295127

Dubcon is pretty much the backbone of romance. Which is pretty different from rape.

No. 295134

No. 295141

Hanako-kun doesn’t really pander to fujos, I think they introduced some male characters later in but the main story focuses on the boy and girl more imo

No. 295154

>calling people terminally online for disliking rape, incest, or shota

No. 295155

You're replying to a bait, anon.

No. 295158

Shota I get, but if you don’t like rape or incest in your yaoi then why the fuck are you even a fujo? How does seeing men in distress not turn you on?

No. 295164

Since LC is looking at banning shotacon stuff, what do nonnies think that’s going to look like? Do you think it’ll be strictly age-directed? Characters like Shinji and Kaworu are 14/15 (same as Ciel), do you guys think all of those characters are going to be banned from discussion? Or maybe just sexually charged discussion?
I personally don’t care if gross obvious shota/loli stuff is banned, but some characters are definitely in the age range but usually aren’t considered “shota”

No. 295168

if it's any underage character then expect 80% of yaoi to not be allowed lol what is this twitter?

No. 295169

Agreed. I think it would be a bad move to ban discussion of all underage characters, I just feel like it’s a hard line to draw where exactly underage becomes shota, I guess. Like the /ot/ opinions thread that started this all was definitely including all underage characters as being pedoshit, so I’m not sure from what angle the mods are coming from. I don’t consider 16-17 year olds to be shota, nor do I consider Shinji to be shota, but idk if they do.

I guess I could take it to /meta/ when the vote gets closer to ending, I just wanted to know what others thought.

No. 295177

Never masturbated to it, but I don't masturbate to anything tbh. My mind is totally blank during. Hopefully that isn't indicative of some kind of issue kek
Kou and Mitsuba are pretty gay, but you're right that it's mostly het. There are the weird implications between Hanako and Tsukasa too for those who are into it I guess

No. 295180

If you sperg about "uoohhh sexy shota boy" kind of shit or your pics feature a kid that looks young/whose childlike features are emphasized (younger than Kaworu and Shinji who merely look like teens) in a sexual context then it's shota. It's not hard to identify shotafags and see the difference between regular teen characters and kid-looking characters anyway.

No. 295183

Anons that hate fujos are going to start lurking the thread hardcore, and reporting any anime boy that looks kind of young, because the retards mad about shota are hyper normies who think all anime characters look 12. Imagine posting xiaoven and being banned for it. I hate this twitterfag poll

No. 295190

just because a character is below the age of 18 doesnt mean its shota, i think its more about the artstyle and whether or not a character is drawn to have an underdeveloped, childlike body which is usually pretty easy to tell. ive seen fanart of canonically 18+ characters drawn in a shota artstyle (completely off-model). of course the opposite can be true where there's fanart of underage characters where their bodies don't look underdeveloped. it's honestly probably something you have to judge based on the art itself.

No. 295191

just because a character is below the age of 18 doesnt mean its shota, i think its more about the artstyle and whether or not a character is drawn to have an underdeveloped, childlike body which is usually pretty easy to tell. ive seen fanart of canonically 18+ characters drawn in a shota artstyle (completely off-model). of course the opposite can be true where there's fanart of underage characters where their bodies don't look underdeveloped. it's honestly probably something you have to judge based on the art itself.

No. 295192

I'm not really sure how to feel about this at all. Having shota around inevitably ends up attracting retarded men posting disgusting shit that's so god damn obvious to see but apparently only a select few people have the special power to be able to see the difference or something so I don't really have faith in any moderation of it. Perhaps it would be for the better if explicit imagery wasn't allowed/heavily censored if it means less retarded men burning our eyes with grotesque stuff I'm not sure

No. 295194

This thread gets derailed everytime shota is brought up so i'm in favor of it being banned tbh, go sperg about shota somewhere else.

No. 295197

exactly, it's like how the 8000 year old dragon/vampire/demon/whatever lolis are still lolis because of the style they're drawn in, not because of their age.

No. 295202

Yeah same, even tho I like it. The people here who like it are too autistic (specially that one retard who is fighting about it in multiple threads) and love to argue about it. I just know they'll start posting it 24/7 for "revenge" and make all the non-retarded users leave the thread.

No. 295203

>It's not hard to identify shotafags and see the difference between regular teen characters and kid-looking characters anyway.
I always thought this way too, but lots of people here consider characters like Ciel to be a shota even though he’s drawn the exact same as a character like Venti, so I do think age inevitably has something to do with it

No. 295220

i genuinely don't even care about shota that much, my issue is that if it gets banned what's to stop anything else from being banned simply because anons bitch about it.

No. 295228

Nothing, that's how any website works. It's usually the site owner who decides, but the admins are nice enough to let the userbase vote on it. You need to stop being such an autist about it, you're not entitled to have anything allowed here.

No. 295231

Its not just anons bitching about it, it's because its genuinely derailing every thread it's brought into and causing infights all the time.

No. 295236

I'm >>294819 and yeah, I was oversimplifying for the sake of brevity when I said "adult, unrelated guys kissing." I'll read/watch anything as long as the guys depicted have post-pubescent bodies. So like. Kawoshin gets a pass for instance, because the characters have teenager-y, post pubescent bodies. Ciel isn't shota and I wouldn't consider him such, but he's too prepubescent-looking for my personal taste. So my personal cut-off is somewhere between the two. I guess a good example would be Kilugon, which I ship but have no interest in seeing smut of because they're on the borderline of being too childlike. Also the anons being replied to in these posts >>294935 >>294895 weren't me.

Basically this.

I… don't read it to see people in distress? That's just not my kink. The only time I enjoy pain being inflicted on a character in yaoi is if they're hurt by an antagonist and comforted by the love interest later. That's why I put up with the gangrape scene in Yoru and Asa; I didn't like it, but I liked the characters comforting each other's trauma later in the story. I don't despise stories with rape in them if it's a plot point, I just don't find it sexy. Idk.

I'm not trying to shame anons who like that stuff. I jokingly called it degenerate, but yaoi is degenerate in general lbr. I'm just saying that it would be nice if I didn't get screamed at for not being into it personally, or screamed at by people who assume I like it when I don't (although the former bothers me more than the latter because it sucks to be berated by people who share your hobby.)

No. 295245

Is Hanako-kun good? It's giving me similar vibes to Black Butler, Clamp Detective School and Meitantai Loki. Not sure how to describe it though, but if it were released when I was a teenage girl I would have bought the first volumes without even checking the summary at the back of the books.

No. 295246

If it's based on art style the anons who want to talk about whatever the fuck no étranger are screwed kek.

No. 295250

File: 1683662156749.png (1.02 MB, 2244x1590, E91D965A-162E-42C5-AACA-D40151…)

I really like it! The art is gorgeous and the mystery stuff is fun, my favorite arc is the one where they’re all in a happy world together.
If you’re specifically looking for BL it’s mostly just Kou x Mitsuba and Tsukasa x Amane (the twins) though.

No. 295253

It’s definitely worth a read, especially if you like stuff like Black Butler and CSD. Fun shounen with great art and some cute ships.

No. 295258

File: 1683665635225.jpg (82.63 KB, 1024x384, 1561495277073.jpg)

Why ban it? This site doesn't allow 3DPG porn anyway. The mods are out of their minds if they want to verify each drawn picture for whether the character looks adult enough and whether the character is sexualised enough. Holy war crusaders are always underestimating the time and effort needed to keep the sheep under control and when they hit reality, a shitshow follows. You'll end up with selective law enforcement, like in China. Some people just haven't been burned enough by consequences of power trips. You'd think people who moderate a niche image board should know better, but alas.

No. 295259

File: 1683665886095.jpg (64.53 KB, 440x586, brokeback.jpg)

Exactly. It's a slippery slope.

No. 295301

I feel like people into it might as well stay on or migrate to 4chan’s /cm/, because it was completely taken over by shota spergs in the last couple years. I come here to avoid seeing it.

No. 295306

I hate shota but feel the same way. hopefully it never gets bad enough to ban yaoi posting and "minors" like the guys in haikyuu who look like they're 25

No. 295338

They can ban shota and loli for all I care, I'm more surprised that it's been allowed. The falseflagging shotafags constantly derailing this thread can go fuck themselves.

For the love of god anyone can make the distinction between a little boy and a teenager. People really extending the boundaries of "shota" to include late teenagers are being ridiculous and the panic over not being able to post Kawoshin would be braindead behavior if it was genuine concern and not some faux outrage to create discord between users.

Topics that cause infighting and derailment get banned on Lolcow periodically, for a good reason and after multiple warnings. K-pop threads were removed because the userbase was insufferable, hard to control, got baited all the time and repeatedly refused cooperation. It's been a core part of the site for years and the slippery slope argument is ridiculous to use when we're talking about banning a scrote-appealing topic like loli/shota.

Good. 4chan-aligned degenerates should stay in 4chan.

No. 295339

File: 1683698933360.jpg (279.77 KB, 1280x1280, 6af305ae50be95da7235fe68c405cd…)

Thank you based nona, I owe you my life. I laughed, I cried, I came, 10/10 will keep rereading my favorite scenes in the weeks to come. I particularly liked the Bing-ge vs Bing-mei chapter and Zhuzhi-lang's POV.

I started MDZS as well but so far it's so much more dense than SVSSS, I'm having a harder time keeping up with everything. SVSSS was a lot more accessible as my first foray into danmei.

No. 295356

You still don't get it?

Raiders from other sites (like soycuck.party) will come here and create shitstorms and infighting to get topics banned just for the lulz.

You can't have been born yesterday. You simply want to enjoy 'owning the fujos', just like soycucks want to 'own the lolcow. farm roasties'.

No. 295357

File: 1683706444279.png (75.46 KB, 700x700, DzjiVGEUUAAsiRU.png)

You're welcome!

I also have fond memories of reading SVSSS for the first time (back when the chapters were being released and I couldn't wait to read the new one). I had lots of fun in the BC Novels comment section too!

>Bing-ge vs Bing-mei chapter

That one was surprisingly impactful, and I was expecting non-canon comedy fluff.

For FoD, there are character guides (which I myself had to make use of to get who was who when I was watching the donghua).

No. 295369

File: 1683709671061.png (7.91 KB, 444x444, radishizun.png)

Here is the post with the poll BTW:


>imagine making a poll where no sign-in is required which anybody could rig

The mods are insane. People on /a/ have been rigging strawpoll polls for at least a decade, that's why nobody uses it there anymore.

No. 295372

I agree with the staff wanting to ban people who attempt to gaslight fujo topics being synonymous to shota, yes. That's beneficial for the thread's quality and the entire site when edgy drama-addicted teens and pedophilic trannies and scrotes can't fuck over the thread once again with their "if you don't like shota then why are you even a fujo" bait. Even the fujos that are genuine shotafags have the courtesy to take it to places where it's more tolerated instead of pushing content obviously upsetting to most users here.

No. 295392

File: 1683717997080.jpg (59.9 KB, 1175x833, furoido.jpg)

no one's posting nsfw shota in here and I'm going to continue posting non nsfw shota whenever I feel like it regardless of what mods choose to do. this board is too dead for this shit. it isn't possible for more than giga autist to feel this strongly about hypothetical shotafagging, numods. stop acting like fucking trannies and let us cuddle our cute shota posts as we fester in this hospice.(cringe)

No. 295399

File: 1683721285932.jpg (874.93 KB, 1946x1352, 1683574169699236.jpg)

for future generations in the pozzed timeline, never forget that idia shroud is a degenerate pedofork who
>made a sex robot of his dead baby brother to the utter disgust of everyone in his life
>developed complete codependence on it, brings it everywhere he goes
>was planning to kill himself the second he found out his real dead brother was chilling in hell with the phantoms the whole time so they could have gay ghost sex forever
>only postponed killing himself because shota sex robot reminded him how badly he wanted to see how made in abyss ends first
>made a furry skin for shota sex robot
>is a massive weeb and furry, feline beastman race fetishist
>male anachan
>started nitpicking rook's nasolabial folds as the man attempted to save him from a horrific death by arranged marriage
>only noteworthy relationships established in the three years since he started school were with 1. a small, moist gold digger with massive tentacles he would gladly shove up idia's bony ass for pocket change and worse body dysmorphia, 2. the most groomable, prepubescent boy in the entire school, 3. the least groomable but 2nd most prepubescent bodied "boy" in the entire school
they may try to delete the evidence but neither disney nor the mods can delete reality. yana can't mask to save her life.

No. 295401

honestly? based

No. 295403

Seething males always ruin everything a want to a log so bad nonas.
Anyway maybe this is a bit of a complicated question but does anyone have any recommendation for science-fiction/futuristic BL? It's a setting I really enjoy.

No. 295404

File: 1683723296864.jpeg (416.28 KB, 1407x1366, C85A29D5-80E5-49C8-83D4-E5427A…)

Based, Shrouds stay winning. Highly anticipating Malleus’s demise under the hands of a brocon neet loser

No. 295414

File: 1683723692532.jpeg (81.24 KB, 548x680, 533FF17D-964C-4612-BFBB-1691C0…)

Not saying it doesn’t happen but I’ve personally never seen it happen, and if anything, I see people like you shitting up threads with the out of hand /muh feelings/, foaming at the mouth over imaginary pedos over and over across every single thread. Any suspicion of a nonna being a shotacon gets her dogpiled and any thread is derailed to infinite, aggitating even more people from all sides.
but because you reminded me I never actually see shotafags being unapologetic, behold, my favorite shota. He really grew up into the average gay male predator which is hilarious.

No. 295415

File: 1683724374249.gif (284.32 KB, 498x270, izumi-sena-love-stage.gif)

>izumi sena
is that a common name in Japan? he has the same name as pic rel. Which reminds me, any recs for bl where the uke has glasses? prefeerably the cutesy kind, though i am open for the cold type too

No. 295422

I had completely forgotten about the Love Stage uke’s name, I wonder how common is it? My Izumi Sena gets shipped with a Makoto Yuki guy, which funnily also seems to have a name in common with a popular persona guy (have never played it). If you like manga there are a couple of megane ukes in the warui series.

No. 295423

There was a nonna who had said that drawn art was legal in the US, and some fucking anti legit replied to her post accusing her of being a pedo and proceeding to say that she had reported her to the fbi. That it doesn't matter if that nonna was using a VPN, tor or not. That it was all traceable kek. Thankfully someone came out of the woodwork and defended them. I felt pretty bad for them since they weren't even defending it, just saying a simple fact. Then later on other fucking nonnas come out. Going like "oMg ShOtAfAgs aRE soOooO reTarDeD!!" When they didn't even read the context of what was even originally said. What had even happened anyways. Putting out some blanket statement about le shotafag bad

No. 295432

Sage for proship sperg but some antis are so fucking ridiculous with their morals. Wishing someone to relive their trauma because of fictional characters, kek. Calling people pedos for shota content is also disgusting

No. 295433

Honestly I don't even like shota anymore. I have a complete indifference to it but the way antis react to them rustles my jimmies, they're so fucking insane that I can't help but to defend proship ppl.

No. 295443

Same. I only enjoy shotas in very specific contexts but it pisses me off to see anyone who likes them called a pedophile. Hate the moral grandstanding too.

No. 295448

File: 1683734374621.png (1.12 MB, 797x1102, __epel_felmier_twisted_wonderl…)

it's mostly normies that never even use /ot/ and /m/. they probably don't understand the shota issue is barely an issue (or is more the infighting related to shota, and not the shota itself) and think people are posting hardcore porn or something

No. 295484

It's an astroturf.

BTW, you can vote as many times as you like in the poll through VPNs kek (I voted through a VPN). Only some get blocked, meanwhile there is a gazillion free ones that are not.

This is my pet conspiracy theory: the owner(s) of the site want to go mainstream and to attract advertisers they want to purge the site of anything advertiser-unfriendly, like 'weird'/'obscene' content. The shota discussion you're seeing here is just them sockpuppeteering to 'highlight the problem' and create the impression that it's an issue that causes infighting and thread derailment. They specifically chose strawpoll because it's so easy to vote multiple times.

No. 295495

>shotafag vote manipulation
Everyone knew this already. Don't think you're the only one who knows how to use VPNs, there's another surprise coming after your crushing L too. Get the fuck off this site already.

No. 295506

(Disclaimer: This was an edgy joke to scare shotafags, I have no plan but it's funny that they think they're clever for having a VPN. Everyone knows, dumbass)

No. 295507

>shotasperg vote manipulation
Nta but they're not leaving. These shotafags you're so paranoid about are regulars to the thread who keep it alive with normal BL discussion, they don't come specifically to post it. That much would be clear if you were a bit less autistic. I can tell by the way you act you don't contribute anything besides this obsessive infighting in your posts. Lolcow is turning into anonymous reddit at the speed of light.