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File: 1663877021342.jpg (183.17 KB, 1440x1440, 116252700_641132316608847_6437…)

No. 241364

>FUJOSHI (腐女子, "rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men. Receives its meaning from the belief that a woman who enjoys fictional gay content is "rotten", too ruined to be married.

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series and games aimed at fujoshi (and fudanshi) like Hetalia, sports anime, and male idol anime.

>Discussion of BL games here is totally OK but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but please specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
>Be mindful of others and hide your spoilers. Use the spoiler image option and wrap your text inside spoiler tags.
>Reminder to ignore the baiting males here, and shota pedo shit is forbidden here due to the fact that its mostly moids who consume shota.

No. 241369

Last thread >>>/m/190376

No. 241371

File: 1663877737943.jpg (253.48 KB, 900x579, 1477902798051.jpg)

Reposting here, Red and Blue are made for each other and if you're too young to have shipped this pairing when brand new copies of gen 1 and gen 2 cartridges were available in stores then I never, ever want to see your opinion on BL.

No. 241372

It's weird because I was like 10 when I started playing Pokemon and saw Ash and Gary as my peers, once I grew up I really can't see them as "kids" since they aged inside of my head with me if that makes any sense. I've known them for like 20 years so that's about how old they feel to me.

No. 241374


that's normal.

No. 241375

Yeah, it's normal. I especially feel this way about series where I read a lot of fanfic/doujin because you're always bound to come across reimaginings of them at different ages anyway, like it's hard to just see some characters as exactly how they are in canon because I read a fic where they were married for 40 years and died in each others arms and it permanently imbedded itself in my brain.

No. 241381

>no incest op

No. 241385

Next time it'll be Vergil/Dante hopefully.

No. 241386

>/fujo/ - boys' love general #2
Shouldn't it be #7?

No. 241392

You have no idea how happy I am that there's finally another thread so we could use a diff thread pic! It bothered me that I couldn't tell what the golden thingy on the cake was.

No. 241393

>It bothered me that I couldn't tell what the golden thingy on the cake was.
Pretty sure it's lemon

No. 241404

File: 1663887851043.png (1.97 MB, 1685x971, gjdhfjkjfd.png)

If you mean the circle, it's probably a label that would have like the name of the bakery or event like anniversary on it.

No. 241408

File: 1663888259997.jpg (96.5 KB, 736x1012, 1238fd4e746f95b80394163cdd6063…)

why op failed us

No. 241409

File: 1663888676650.jpeg (11.91 KB, 209x168, 0FAA70AA-CF28-42E7-980A-7F43FA…)

It was obviously painted white chocolate, have you ever seen a pastry in your life?

No. 241410

No. 241421

Thanks! I couldn't tell even when I zoomed in and it was really getting to me kek.

No. 241432

Nta but these are often made out of chocolate or colorful chocolate candy or chocolate covered with a color. So they're edible

No. 241441

File: 1663902931199.jpg (522.57 KB, 1280x1641, tumblr_ocsyebIEt71qd7kpzo1_128…)

>thinks this is the second thread
>shota is forbidden now

I am begging you to go back to twitter.

No. 241450

File: 1663904445749.png (645.62 KB, 795x579, 1281315365860.png)

>Reminder to ignore the baiting males here, and shota pedo shit is forbidden here due to the fact that its mostly moids who consume shota.
You really thought you were slick, nonnie. Especially with the lack of incest in the OP

No. 241452

File: 1663904709372.jpg (224.94 KB, 950x1351, Loss_Time1_01.jpg)

Loss Time ni Hanamuke wo just got uploaded to mrm in full and I read it on a whim because I liked the cover but holy fuck, I was sobbing by the end of it. I related to both characters at different places in my life before and it really made me reflect on myself. I was really unsure if they would get back together by the end, it felt so convincing, but I'm glad things went the way they did, it's a very hopeful story. It's like a better written version of Escape Journey.

No. 241454

you can tell the faggot infighting nonstop in the last thread rushed the op just so they could slip that in there like anyone is going to follow it. the proposition that enjoying bl created by and for women that has shotas in it is scrote behavior is contradictory fakeboi logic.

minimodding is a bannable offense, op. and minimodding a non-cow thread is just plain autistic. hope that shota x oni anon comes back, free her.

No. 241457

File: 1663906266223.jpg (182.61 KB, 700x1001, 3.jpg)

I'm listing my favorite incest manga in honor of the OP failing the anons who asked for incest last thread. I'm not even super into incest but good BL is good BL.

Ani no Chuukoku by Asada Nemui. Wish this one had been longer and not part of an anthology. This one is just really fun, it's basically the story about the redditor who broke both his arms but instead of a redditor it's a cute delinquent and instead of his mom it's his sexy yakuza big brother.

Not Equal by Ike Reibun. Father son incest is gross and this is the only manga featuring it that I can even get through because this author is so brilliant. It's got a time travel thing going on and it's emotional.

Ai to Makoto by Moriyo. This is one of those ABO manga that take the fated pair thing and make it tragic, which is my favorite type of ABO. The translation I read of this was absolutely terrible but I still enjoyed it.

Kawaii Kara Kimi Ga Warui by Nen Nenko. Very cute. MC thinks his cousin is into his sister and the story builds around that misunderstanding. Love the art in this one. Cousins are barely incest by BL standards but I really like this one.

Aniki no Ichiban Oishii Tokoro by Mizuhara Zakuro. Another one with really cute art. Mostly porn. Plot has something to do with archery which is attractive.

And because I know OP is really gonna love this one, Onii-chan Datte Amaetai Wake de. I like this one because the big brother looks like a little brother. It's mostly porn, though. The author does not let you forget that the boys are brothers.

No. 241463

How does it feel being the most based person itt

No. 241472

I didn't even notice that in the OP what the hell.

No. 241480

>shota is bad because mostly moids consume it
since when?? geicomi shota is different from fujo shota. plenty of BL and fujobait series feature shota characters

No. 241483

It's a zoomer whose first bl manga was Given I guess.

No. 241484

The "shota" meant for fujos desperately needs a new distinctive term because there are enough actors muddying the waters trying to pass actual toddler porn as semantically the same as a teenager or a twink. To me "shota" is what the disgusting geikomi shit is with actual 6-year olds being abused, not harmless stuff like a petite bottom.

No. 241485

shota simply means young boy, in japan it's not used with sexual intent

No. 241490

>To me
We don't care, you have the wrong definition in mind. This reminds me of Omocat getting in trouble for one of the sweater she released years ago with a cute guy on it and the caption "shota" because people legit thought it was a word specifically refering to a porn category and not a character archetype.

No. 241501

>because people legit thought it was a word specifically refering to a porn category and not a character archetype.
Because it is? You wouldn’t refer to any young boy as a “shota”, same way you wouldn’t call any young girl a loli?

No. 241502

shota isn’t the commonly used word for young boys in japanese, iirc it was coined after a character that kicked off the whole shotacon movement, but can we please let this argument die already? obviously people aren’t gonna agree so just drop it

No. 241507

Like >>241501 and >>241502 said calling any young girl "loli" would be just as stupid and "shota" doesn't mean "young boy" but refers to the original shotacon target of admiration just like lolita refers to the novel's titular character. The term "shota" is strongly associated with moidshit and I hate how the tag is supposed to host everything from literal toddlercon for pedo scrotes to a babyfaced 16-year old more appealing to fujos. I want to defend women's rights to enjoy nonthreatening young boys, not men living out their pedo fantasies. You constantly see men trying to be slick and conflating ships like KawoShin to the graphic shotacon doujins of a teacher raping his 7-year old student just because they're "both minors" to force fujos to do their bidding. I'm not going to carry this argument on any further because I'm just going to be called a "twitter sjw who needs to take her meds" so I'm just going to end this by saying that male suicide rates aren't high enough.

No. 241508

No I personally wouldn't but that doesn't mean I'm wrong. I don't go up to people and call them tsundere for being kind of shy either but it's still a specific archetype in Japanese pop culture.

No. 241510

based and true, I hate random bishies who look like teens or men being lumped in with shotas, when I hear shota I think prepubescent not just basic anime pretty boy or bishounen
except that there is a difference tsundere would be cringe but calling a young boy irl a shota would be downright concerning, I don’t think any sane japanese person would refer to a young boy this way since the word is entirely associated with the shotacon genre

No. 241515

Wasn't there some scandal because of Kyary actually using shota to talk about a boy she knows on twitter and people thought she was a pedo? I'm guessing it's slang more than anything that makes sense in some normal contexts but not in others.

No. 241522

File: 1663927726719.jpg (179.67 KB, 1000x1000, 1661057474063535.jpg)

like it or not characters like scaramouche are considered shota by the japanese community
does shipping him with childe or kazuha make me a pedo?

No. 241523

No because he is not real.

No. 241525

Absolutely based, thank you anon. I'll check these out, especially the last one. I know the newfag OP is fuming and seething right now

No. 241529

no it just makes you someone with awful taste

No. 241531

Friendly reminder that Vergil/Dante is superior to Dante/Vergil.

No. 241532

Liking shota is superb taste though.

No. 241534

nta but yeah Kyary called herself a shotacon and acted pretty creepily towards a 12-year old like sending him messages about wanting to sleep holding him in her arms and how "puberty is stupid because he now refuses to hold her hand".

Okay, this is just some piece of shit bait replying to himself to keep the fight going at this point. Nobody reply.

No. 241544

Based and true

No. 241548

File: 1663933037564.jpg (694.63 KB, 1280x1656, Tumblr_l_326829118024579.jpg)

a genderbend madohomu ship would be amazing. hualian is pretty close too it, i like when characters are obsessively in love

No. 241551

we get it you have a weird sexual fixation with little boys and you’re so cool and edgy and different for it and everyone else is an evil twitterfag clutcher, can we fucking move on now? it’s been like three days

No. 241555

They're not old enough to remember TaiYama fangirls and too out of touch to know about Inazuma fujos.
I'm not even into shota and understand why people don't like it, but sweeping statements about it being moidshit just outs their cringe zoomer asses so hard. There's a difference even aesthetically between moid shota and fujo shota that anyone out of diapers should be able to recognize.

No. 241558

Almost everyone is on the same page now that op has gone to sleep kek they must've been samefagging up a storm

No. 241559

It wouldn't be just as stupid because boys aren't girls. The prostate endowed aren't even real people bruh.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 241560

I remember ed x roy being popular back in the day, and I wasn't even a fujo at the time

No. 241561

Samefag but it was like 2005 or 2006, probably even earlier

No. 241570

File: 1663937576188.jpg (113.24 KB, 879x883, 26701992_p0.jpg)

Shotas are cute and are not inherently sexual. People don't appreciate moe the way they used to.

You also wouldn't call irl people terms like tsundere or yandere. It's an arbitrary character category with no hard rules. Back when Free! season 1 was airing, everyone in the english fandom was calling Nagisa and Ai shotas because they were small and cute. I'll basically call any young looking FICTIONAL boy a shota lightheartedly because that's just what I'm used to.(enough infighting about shotas.)

No. 241574

Schizo zoomers are not "people"

No. 241575

oh yeah me and my friend also saw nagisa as a shota even though he was the same age as the rest

No. 241585

Polite reminder that you're wrong.

No. 241588

File: 1663943662859.gif (1.93 MB, 540x304, tumblr_9bd9be233888fc0386d559e…)

I often make OPs, and I was going to make an OP for this thread that was impartial and labeled as "7." I had it typed up and everything, but then I got distracted by other shit and went to bed without doing it. By the time I woke up this morning, we got a shit OP with minimodding, the wrong number, and no links to previous threads.

This is the sort of shit that happens when there's infighting so close to the end of a thread, I suppose. Sorry anons.

No. 241589

Lmao I thought it was a piece of banana for some reason. A chocolate coin makes a lot more sense…

No. 241590

Is there a Japanese term for "puppy love?" That might work.

No. 241598

That person wasn't me lol, you look dumb now nonar!

No. 241610

shota is based, roasties can seethe. Either way anyone here watched danzi engines content? He makes some good shota porn and his art is good.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 241611

foids will literally watch animated gay men rape each other but then get angry and butthurt at shota lmao you hypocritical cunts and yes i was the one who was also defending shotas last thread too, i didnt want to reveal myself but this new thread Op pissed me off.

Toodles whores XOXO.(Tranny)

No. 241612

File: 1663947968575.jpg (256.7 KB, 1191x1191, 20220922_211653.jpg)

(Please report and ignore the tranny)

No. 241613

bless, anon

No. 241614

Kek I knew it was the tranny. Clockable as always.

No. 241615

Wouldn't be surprised if the newfag OP was larping, its a low hanging fruit(tinfoil)

No. 241616

File: 1663949637468.jpg (30.95 KB, 355x500, machine-head-2641577-normal.jp…)

Don't be a fucking nigger I don't kinkshame retard
Plus I dont get redtexted, I get mass deleted(Tranny)

No. 241618

my first guess was larping tbh

No. 241621

Not trying to start infighting but I've seen a spike in supposed women, particularly on 4chan, who are unapologetically into shota. I feel like we were on the right path to get away from pedoshit, so I'm wondering where the sudden increase comes from?

No. 241622

Zoomers into it getting chased off twitter.

No. 241628

Possibly. But he does attempt to insert himself into every single discussion on here even though he hates everything women like in typical male fashion. Maybe this time he thinks its unfair for fujos to like shota when he gets called a pedo all the time for spamming real cp, or maybe being touched is what gave him brain damage. He is a fag after all. Whatever the reason may be, hope he kills himself soon.

No. 241632

what newfag mod is going crazy with the redtext? delete his posts or ask someone with more privs to do it, damn. you can barely read the thread with him shitting it up and everyone's going to start talking about the posts.

No. 241638

File: 1663951993728.jpg (38.87 KB, 629x464, tumblr_inline_o3xxtoBhTa1qf25e…)

God damn it I suspected the shotafagging was a baiting moid, but fucking Blaine, seriously? I thought for sure he'd be too busy seething at the Kiwifarms thread to gayop this one, but I guess I was wrong.

Nice job you faggot, you successfully ~le ebic troll'd~ a thread where like twelve people post. I'm sure your parents would be proud if they didn't disown you.

Shotafags who sided with Blaine, rope.

No. 241641

I knew it from the start. It was either the baiting moid from the Genshin thread because the rhetoric and male aggression was exactly the same as his, or the mentally ill tranny. Or maybe they're the same person, it's absolutely possible. Anons here really need to up their game in spotting obvious maleposting, thank the lord the farmhands finally redtexted this piece of shit.

No. 241642

So about that BL

No. 241644

you are replying to him right now… he's the only who calls himself blaine, and he does it when he's arguing with himself. report and quit taking his falseflagging at face value.

No. 241646

>realise most of the thread doesn’t give a shit about shota and you overreacted to a random anon’s post
>make minimodding OP
>switch vpn
>start LARPing as the ez to spot local tranny
>see i KNEW they were all bait by the TRANNY! it’s HIM!
Honestly pathetic behavior for a dumb argument(tinfoil)

No. 241648

Yes hello is this the British Library?

No. 241649

can we get this thread back on track and stop sperging and fighting.

No. 241650

File: 1663954021417.jpg (217.09 KB, 720x2700, Uwk0TlOMpiZTs1j.jpg)

Eitherway im posting this for the anons who feel sorry for minho, daily reminder that this is how he used to act like. Of course whats happening to him now is bad, but he was a sexist asshole with insecurity issues who tried to ruin others around him who were more successful in writing.

No. 241651

File: 1663954050682.jpg (284.16 KB, 720x2883, H6XuVLqxcf1H3JA.jpg)

No. 241652

File: 1663954144152.jpg (204.81 KB, 720x2883, PCw95DmHMFxCQOC.jpg)

No. 241653

Sorry to butt in but this is why I never got into BL webtoons, everyone seems like an insufferable BPD-chan regardless of gender in those. I'd ask for recommendations for good ones because I'm sure they exist but I guess the storytelling is very similar to k-dramas which are exactly like this too.

No. 241655

i havent noticed this , maybe its because the manhwa i consume the characters don't act like that, tbh ive seen just as much dramatic characters in mangas.

No. 241656

that's my experience with koreans in general having gone to school with a shitload of international students.

No. 241657

tbh i dont if i should take the sadistic beauty side story talk the yandere thread or the bl one since its both bl and yandere.

No. 241660

File: 1663955339987.jpeg (236 KB, 1800x1300, FIGUGLWaQAALAUA.jpeg)

Sure. I checked out that story that made the newfag sperg last thread and it was honestly boring. Why is it so popular with nip fujos? I plan on checking out the incest stuff nona rec'd upthread here hopefully something catches my eye

No. 241662

File: 1663955620379.jpg (69.41 KB, 682x969, FVbaQvYUEAAzBoL.jpg)

Some moments when minho and wookyung first met in the original story

No. 241663

File: 1663955643195.jpg (67.07 KB, 620x959, FVbaQvZUEAAhBQe.jpg)

No. 241664

File: 1663955745276.jpg (54 KB, 641x714, aaksowj.jpg)

No. 241666

File: 1663955855268.jpg (69.74 KB, 611x905, FVbaQvdUsAAF-lj.jpg)

No. 241673

I didn't make the OP you dweeb. Not everybody who disagrees with you is one person samefagging.

>You were LARPing as the tranny agreeing with our retarded take to make us look bad!1!1

Or, here's a thought, maybe you had the kind of take a scrote would agree with from the start. Use Occam's Razor.

No. 241675

Yeah it's pretty blatant by how its still getting dragged out

No. 241679

this story kinda reads like a revenge porn fantasy to me, i'm assuming minho is based on an abusive ex (or multiple abusive exes). feels a bit too personal

No. 241686

File: 1663959690098.jpg (97.29 KB, 720x1280, mH8EHzj89TJsqkt.jpg)

yeah the story definitely gives that vibe, near the end of the main story minho literally pees himself from stress after being forced to watch Doona and her boy-toy have sex. then she finally ends the relationship with him, the he abandons his job and starts gambling and then tries to jump of a bridge but changes his mind and decides to prostitute himself to wookyung instead which begins their side story.

Halfway end in the story i just realized that Minho has a similar relationship with Doona that he has with Wookyung, and by that i mean that Minho lets Doona have sex with him in exchange for her giving him a place to live.

No. 241687

it amuses me that minho still has a hot banging body when all he did at wookyung's house was drink every day kek

No. 241692

That's the magic of fiction, anon

No. 241724

I honestly think Shota Oni is popular in part because of how boring and sexless it is. I think that's part of it's appeal. It's an incredibly safe way for a young fujo to enjoy so called 'shotacon' content. Like you can read this and know that these characters aren't going to do anything that's more than just a little suggestive. Maybe the author will give us something after a timeskip but it's not likely because dragging the story out the way it is now is more profitable.

Part of it's popularity is also owed to it getting it's start as free to read on Pixiv. Free means more accessible and more accessible can mean easier to get very popular.

No. 241728

I think it's kinda cute because it's written like a typical moe SoL manga, no major conflicts (so far) that should realistically happen because of the obvious age gap lmao that's why I'm kinda curious how yuu will handle tsubaki now that he is aware of his crush on him

No. 241776

I hope he kisses him

No. 242156

shota bl is really rare these days though, most women (yes women not moids) prefer to draw shotas with huge badabonkers mommies

No. 242431

File: 1664160097306.jpg (275.99 KB, 1584x2048, @EBaizhanjidin.jpg)

nonnas who like incest in bl, why do you like it? what kind of dynamics do you like? what are your favorite pairings?

what i like the most about it is how the characters deal with the taboo nature of it, the shame and the guilt, and the fear of destroying their familiar relationship. it's basically the pinacle of forbidden love. even if it's onesided it's interesting to see how the "normal" person reacts.
i avoid anything underage and/or with grooming or yandere/possessive vibes. it creeps me the fuck out and it's way too close to real life imo. i also avoid parent-child for the same reasons, but there is a short story, Father Figure iirc, written by the same team behind the In These Words manga, that was equally parts fucked up and bittersweet in all the best ways; i was crying by the end of it.

No. 242434

File: 1664160497477.jpeg (140.06 KB, 640x345, 2B70187F-A626-42EC-986A-EF66E9…)

Haha ew

No. 242440

i'm not one of those people who is "into incest" as a rule but I have one incest pairing I've been into since forever, and yeah for me it's all about
>the shame and the guilt
as you mentioned. I think it's just an extension of my wanting to emotionally torture my fav characters, if it wasn't the incest it would be something else, it just happens that for these particular two it's the worst thing that could happen to either one of them. I like one-sided the best because it provides more guilt and angst.

No. 242452

My rule of thumb is "don't make a baby"
You posted the only one I go for tho Dante/vergil is based they're not even human its fine I promise
it's a series that lets you choose between shipping them with family or shipping them with carbon copies of family like capcom didn't give us a choice nonnie we were forced into it

No. 242474

nonna i’m curious, what ship is it?

No. 242478

Do you know where I can read Father Figure online? or download it?

No. 242480

>why do you like it
i used to avoid incest in BL like a plague because i just couldn't imagine siblings liking each other romantically but i found kaeluc interesting. they aren't biological siblings and not even that sibling like in the first place so i found it very appealing and after a while i realized that hey, incest ships, even the biological ones aren't that bad! i like the idea of them growing up together and hiding their feelings. i'm also super into twincest lately

No. 242482

I don't have a big fetish for it in particular (and definitely not into parent/child stuff) but as a general rule, the #1 appeal in any dynamic for me is conflict. Like, I want to feel that the couple getting together is far fetched or difficult, and I want to see the author managing to pull it off and get them together regardless. It makes it seem like their feelings are more intense, the sexual tension is higher, with incest in particular there's inherent proximity that adds to it.

My fav sibling pair is the Elric brothers because it has the aspects mentioned above but also a weird plausibility? Prepare for sperging, I've really thought about this shit
>Al didn't go through a normal puberty and Ed didn't see his body for many years, so it's possible the westermarck effect didn't occur
>Al might not be prepared for sexual maturity once he gets his body back and who better to explain/assist with embarrassing things than his brother
>Ed dedicated so much of his life to getting Al's body back, so once it returns he's particularly fixated on it
>Al hasn't experienced physical touch for so long that he is also fixated on it

But yeah I'm more into fanworks than original BL, so my taste is more about how people intepret character dynamics than how they actually are in canon.

No. 242483

I always wonder if people who like incest in such a romanticized way (i.e. not the ones who root for it just to be edgy and pornbrained) have siblings themselves or are trying to cope with having bad/nonexistent sibling relationships because it often seems to be about the "deep taboo bond that they have that couldn't be replicated". For me it's just too much to be able to suspend my disbelief due to having IRL siblings and the entire thought just being all around weird and awkward. Adopted siblings are fair game (albeit weird if they've been raised together since infancy) but blood related just makes me reflect on my own siblings too much to not find it nasty.

No. 242485

I’ve had friends who are into it and have siblings themselves and I always found that weird, I don’t think it’s as strange if it’s coming from an only child for example. I’ve also had friends who are into parent/child stuff which imo is just beyond gross, I can’t get into stuff like that because it makes my skin crawl and I will just think about my parents which is, the last thing one should want on their mind when consuming yaoi.

No. 242486

I can handle incest if it's in BL because I can see two male brothers being horny and violent enough to fuck, but if it's hetero or lesbian I just can't. Maybe because I was molested by a sibling myself and I know that the romanticized incest is just bullshit, plus if there's a woman I can see myself in her. I guess you can consume anything if you're detached enough but still.

No. 242488

I only like Nero/Dante
Despite that, Vergil is my favorite of the three

No. 242490

I'm an only child so i tried to think about my cousins and I felt extremely nauseos kek but I think that the appeal is that it's about two related MEN, there's no woman involved. When it's het siblings or cousins i find it incredibly gross

No. 242495

File: 1664181173890.jpg (1.49 MB, 1315x2000, 93014315_p0.jpg)

I think part of it is that I cant see myself in male characters so I'm able to suspend my disbelief. yuri or het incest for example is too weird for me.

No. 242496

Like a lot of other people here say, I like the emotional turmoil it puts the characters through because of the taboo setting. I ONLY like sibling incest though, parental incest creeps me out because it's too closely tied to pedophilia and I can't stand parental figures abusing those beneath them with romance and sex, and cousin incest is a big nothing-burger because it's so "normal" comparatively. Step-siblings are a cop-out and are literally not relevant.
I like both straight and gay sibling incest, but I'd prefer if pregnancy was not involved. Most of all I want to read about people being tormented by their attraction and see the beauty in darkness that comes with it.

No. 242497

I am: >>242496 and I have an older sibling of the opposite sex. I had a crush on him as a kid, but grew out of it. We've had a normal sibling relationship our entire lives. I don't self-insert into my ships, I just like observing it from a literary point of view. It's just…entertainment.

No. 242502

I like the longing looks. The words never said. The physical touches that border on being too intimate, too loving .The slow realization that maybe, just maybe, the love they have for each other goes a little bit deeper than just familial. The guilt, the shame, and the hatred that overtakes. The reconciliation, in which they throw caution to the wind because, fuck, they're truly and deeply in love, and nothing can ever change that.
I get along well with both my siblings, and I enjoy incest quite a lot, whether it be romanticized or not. I was never disgusted by incest in fiction because I never saw myself in it. Where the incestuous characters start, I end. I am merely a bystander watching as they pursue their illicit desire. Same goes for parental incest (which I've noticed a couple of anons are apprehensive of).

No. 242512


It's fiction, it's a fictional fetish like any other and it's completely separate from reality. If squicks you and makes you think about IRL incest then it means it's just not your thing, for others it's completely separate from reality especially when it comes to anime boys.

No. 242525

Same as this nona, I also have an older sibling who I've never been attracted to, but I very much enjoy fictional incest, both between siblings and parental. I never self insert into fiction and I view it merely as entertainment, so I guess that's why "problematic" fetishes never squick me out.

No. 242526

I don't self-insert either but it still makes me too uncomfortable as a thought because I can't help but think about my own siblings. I don't sperg out at people who love it because I have my own problematic favourites that people would shame me for but it definitely affects my view of them because it's one of those taboos that define a person imo. It's one thing to enjoy it as a smutty porn kink but somehow when it crosses over to the star-crossed lovers kind of thing it becomes too disturbing.

No. 242535

Pretty much what you said about navigating it and feeling guilty. I'd also add that I love how incest adds a level of impenetrable love. You can't get in the way of blood. No matter what happens between the two, they're always tied to each other and have imprinted history, memories, connection, etc. My fave type of incest is brothers easily, parentuncle/younger stuff doesn't click as hard.

The guilt stuff hits even harder if the older brother blames himself for essentially encouraging it/not putting his foot down because he loves his little brother too much who doesn't know better yet. His little brother struggles to distinguish different types of love but in the end he unabashedly loves his big brother wholeheartedly while the older one is still mentally struggling.

No. 242559

the authors are really strict with it, and it's almost impossible to find online dumps or download links. iirc, the last time i found it was on fucking 8chan.

No. 242569

File: 1664206396737.jpeg (164.2 KB, 900x900, E66DC417-0827-4373-8034-BE5014…)

It’s the elric brothers just like >>242482 kek. There’s something about those two in particular, idk.
Also >>242482 are you me???? We’re literally on the same damn brain wave. I’ve thought about everything you mentioned plus more that I won’t get into so as not to sperg out itt.
I’d really love to get in touch with you somehow if you’d be interested, this ship is so rare these days I feel like I’m alone on a brainrot desert island.

No. 242578

fuck, what have u done to me. going to have to find fics now.

No. 242592

Oh so thats why, I found it anyway on Z-Library. I thought it was a manga but still glad I found it.

No. 242593

There’s not many good ones, there used to be a lot but I think most of the old ones got eaten in the FF purge. I found a couple on AO3 that don’t suck (and one I wrote that I hope doesn’t suck kek) though. I think most of the competent writers get scared off because they fear getting cancelled.

No. 242634

I am not explicitly into it but I can enjoy it. Same reasons as those you and others have mentioned.
Maybe same reason some people like gay ships for in the past. I cannot see gay ships forbidden though, so why I am totally a fujo I love gay 2D dudes for a million reasons but any kind of taboo, incest provides that though.

No. 242647

File: 1664224884838.jpg (408.62 KB, 1447x2046, FctK8QHaIAM-i_i.jpg)

Do you necessarily relate to the characters you are into? Personally, I need to relate to at least one part of the ship, but it seems like this is different depending on the person. I know another one who is the same and her love for the guys she ships is a mix between relating to certain traits or backgrounds, admiration and of course sexual attraction to the opposite sex. But then again many shippers cannot relate at all but still like it. To me emotions, mental issues or the way characters are treated by others were never generally foreign just because it's manga characters. It depends on the character though, the traits or treatment must of course match.

That makes me wonder about another thing which is why I relate so much with 2D characters in general but rarely even get real people. I think it's because how fiction works. Even a crazy villain can be relatable because fiction directly tells you their thoughts and feelings whereas real people hide, lie or are simply unreadable or too different. And manga are even more extreme than other media since drawings are more expressive than real faces and personalities and characters are written way more straight-forward and are less complicated than real humans. Maybe I am just autistic or something.

No. 242650

what is your opinion on it?

No. 242654

Sometimes, I tend to relate quite a bit to characters who are deeply in love and who would do anything for their lover or depressed losers. However I see it as something that's more of a bonus, even if I don't relate to any part of a ship, if I like their dynamic I'm still gonna enjoy it

No. 242656

File: 1664226181150.jpg (83.46 KB, 800x576, ohsc.jpg)

Those two were the first BL couple I shipped and I guess it just left an impact lol.

No. 242666

File: 1664228372458.jpg (145.96 KB, 750x455, 03312b0410a38b62e12b51c14a8c8c…)

Incest shipping is emphatically not my thing, but reading the responses to your post has been interesting. Like other anons have said, it's just like any other fetish, where if you're not into it, you're never gonna get why other people are.

Years ago when I was into Homestuck, I had a friend who was super into Stridercest and I just never got the appeal. It was forever ago, but I think her rationale was similar to what anons here are saying, which is that some people experience a reverse-psychology effect, where something becomes more appealing expressly because it's taboo. I'm not very close friends with that person anymore, but in recent years she trooned out and became super woke-puritanical. Every time I see her tut-tutting someone online for being "problematic" I think back to all the smutty Stridercest fanfic she wrote and I laugh to myself.

I guess I could theoretically tolerate step-sibling incest if the story it's in is really well-written, but that's as far as I would go. I guess I'm pretty vanilla by fujoshi standards, because shota and incest squick me the hell out. I'm not new to slash either, I've been part of the community for like fifteen years; I was put off by it long before it was considered "problematic."

Wait, what? Anon, did you not live with him or something? I don't want to shame you too hard here, but I have an older brother as well and that strikes me as really weird. When I was a kid, some of my friends had crushes on my brother and even that weirded me out.

No. 242675

I didn't feel for any of the characters that much and it ended too quickly, but the writing was very high quality, so overall it was alright.

No. 242684

Nonas im fixated on Noah from xc3 right now. Any recs of artists or doujin?

No. 242686

I find that my favorite ships that I latch onto for a long time usually have one or both characters that speak to me on a deeper level because I relate to them. One of my oldest OTPs has a character that I made the theme of my old blog and I used to cosplay him. It wasn't really a self insert thing, I didn't imagine myself as him, it was more like "he just like me fr fr" so I found a lot of comfort in that character and ship. These days though, I tend to seek out more characters that I specifically don't relate to because I've found so many that I comfortably connect with, it's more exciting to see characters that are outrageous or extreme in a way that's still convincing.

Same. They also developed my specific taste for incest being when they create a very specific world for themselves and don't let outsiders in. "No one else understands me except you" type thing.

No. 242695

File: 1664236811811.jpg (53.41 KB, 350x491, 55334772.jpg)

i have mixed feelings about incest pairings tbh, but like other anons have said i do get the kind of taboo appeal to it. i will say i played shingakkou noli me tangere recently and the (twin)cest pairing in that was… weird? in that they have a really weird excuse to handwave it basically. it just made me laugh bc that game had so much objectively gross stuff but they still felt the need to justify the incest lmao

any other shingakkou anons here? i barely see anyone discuss it, i guess bc of the lack of a western audience, but its a shame bc there's a lot to talk about imo

No. 242701


OT but I miss the days of based stridercest, crazy to see even Hamletmachine drew it. Homestuck fandom was cringe but then nobody clutched their pearls at all the deranged ships. It was great. I remember stridercest had the most fics on ao3 out of all the HS pairings at one point, truly a time of the internet we'll never get back.

No. 242718

Dirkjake used to be my thing. I'm a sucker for a good ol' childhood best friends slow burn.

Kind of makes me wonder why Hamlet hasn't been burned at the stake for being a ~le evil fujoshi~ yet. She used to make no secret of the fact that she was a woman, although these days any reference to her gender is curiously absent from her socials, kek.

No. 242734

i mean i liked it cus i thought the trope was interesting, but i asked my actual gay male friend who was into it back then and he said he liked it because bro was a stronger/older parental type lmao he only dates bears now so it makes sense. tl;dr daddy issues probably

speaking of stridercest, does anyone remember Family Never Ends by ipgd? it was the most realistic depiction of incest and the mental damage it causes

No. 242737

i was thinking about that fic today and how i fucking hated the amount of (frankly shitty and boring) porn in it. Shit gets interesting in the last chapters and bam! No sequel, no conclusion, fuck you. Some authors who write porn-heavy works usually show successfully the evolution of the relationship through the sex-scenes. Whoever wrote that fic failed completely at that. Porn without plot for 200k words is an interesting feat though.

No. 242746

i think it’s because like you said any mention of her being a woman is gone from her socials and she calls herself ~queer~ despite being in a relationship with a man iirc.

No. 242781

Personally I think it’s interesting because hussie told ipgd the ending of homestuck+inside knowledge, so essentially the fic is somewhat canon approved lol.

No. 242789

I think it's interesting she left her Homestuck incest fics (orphaned though) up as well as her Transformers porn on an alt but decided to delete the huge Metal Gear tome which had Ocelot/Eli (aka shota Liquid Snake) and that she posted on another alt. Wonder why that one in particular had to go.

No. 242793

Kek brother incest is basically a non factor in BL. Try father / son

No. 242799

My thoughts are an amalgamation of all these opinions too. Het or yuri I won't do. I do have siblings myself so I've noticed when I do engage with incest ships the gross aura makes my mental health worse, which sucks because I just can't ignore the incest factor completely. I want to enjoy brocest fully but I can't. It's a little easier with twincest because it seems further removed from reality, but still my incest ship of choice would be cousins. No parents please.

No. 242922

>Wait, what? Anon, did you not live with him or something?

We lived together all my childhood, until he moved out when I was 16-17. I'm gonna put on my psychologist hat here and say I think it's because we're "only" half-siblings so we look like night and day, we don't resemble each others at all, and I really looked up to him as a cool older brother figure. Even if he was a dickass at times, he also protected me and cared for me in an age when I was bullied a LOT and struggled socially, so he was in a way my pillar.

Like I said though, I grew out of it and I never acted on it. It wasn't a HUGE crush either, just a tiny one. Now I just see him as my brother.

No. 242930

What's the age difference between you two?

No. 242948

i remember getting put on some random tumblr blocklist for shipping bro/dave when i was a tween. its so nostalgic.

No. 243627

Nona do you have magic powers

No. 243673

6 years.

No. 243721

File: 1664558775409.jpg (33.65 KB, 702x469, 20220914_162922.jpg)

Nona, we are long lost twins (no incest subtext intended), I have the same feeling and restrictions about it. Also monarch taste for Spardacest. Have a nice day.

No. 243855

File: 1664590658158.png (563.51 KB, 1150x1635, Shinigami no Lament.png)

This one shot was decent. When I finished it I thought it would fare better as a longer serialization and turns out it did get a (short) serialization of 5 chapters afterwards, according to the scanlators, but I haven't seen anything around.

No. 243858

File: 1664591188583.gif (3.72 MB, 455x262, MenacingAchingElephant-size_re…)

Not really boys love but the thing that really escalated the fujo in me was that scene from Fragile Dreams. I still think about it sometimes.

No. 243862

Have I ever played this game? No. Have I purposefully looked up this scene more than once? Absolutely.

No. 243936

Always wanted to play that, too bad that no Wii and my laptop is too old for Dolphin. Didn't know there is gay content in that game

No. 243937

File: 1664619114420.jpeg (148.21 KB, 761x848, 1CACFE5B-83A5-4F8A-9125-45CBDE…)

Lelouch and Suzaku have an official love child now

What do you think? I think he’s quite cute actually!
It really is hilarious though when you compare it to other popular ships from around that time (to where the creator would usually tell people to stop making them gay homosexuals)

No. 243943

Quickly read it. I don’t know why but I feel like I’ve either read a similar story before or maybe it was just this one and my shit memory forgot. It’s nice though! I agree with saying that it work really well as a longer series, even 5 chapters is too much imo but good to hear that it was popular enough to gain a serialization.

No. 243952

They made Lestat and Louis gay for real, but they're both ugly now so what's the point

No. 243955

god this game looks so beautiful, is it worth playing?

No. 243986

File: 1664638961388.jpg (7.61 KB, 200x200, 7.jpg)

minho killed himself in the recent chapter…..does this mean its the end of the story. I wasnt expecting this, i, ill just say my unpopular opinion for this site but compared to the things he has done i dont think he deserved to die….

No. 243992

But was his death confirmed? I'm waiting for next update before throwing the confetti.

No. 243993

it's pretty obvious the author always hated his guts because she based him on some ex but in the context of the story the treatment of his character is pretty retarded. duna or doona whatever her name is, also raped multiple characters but she got a good ending

No. 244007

This is so funny and cute to me. I haven't kept up with anything Geass outside of the original anime, but I'm very curious about this kid and want to see what this is all about.

No. 244047

he’s probably not dead tbh doubt she’ll actually kill him off idk

No. 244059

Fuck you

No. 244064

what did i do?

No. 244065

File: 1664660486227.jpg (157.4 KB, 1920x1080, 1664642331796100.jpg)


No. 244068

File: 1664661068024.jpg (149.31 KB, 1280x720, mpv0002-[SubsPlease] Pop Team …)

>tfw you're so BL deprived you find this extremely attrative
I hope this segment comes back every week.

No. 244071

File: 1664662249719.jpeg (112.35 KB, 523x700, C6390EF8-8FCC-42C5-A5CF-9AE7F3…)

Prefer strip because it’s by Harada~

No. 244073

Damn no wonder they looked so nice.

No. 244078

Harada is truly the gift that keeps giving

No. 244080

You gave no warning for spoilers. I'm sorry, I was too aggressive.

No. 244085

Not really. Posting spoilers like that is a shit thing to do. They should delete their post.

No. 244202

why the heck didn't they make the new gundam show fujobait?? instead it's another loli yuribait, great. i give no fucks that gundam finally has a female protagonist, this series got popular thanks to fujos. it's crazy how many franchises and manga are carried by fujo fans and they get absolutely nothing in return (looking at jujutsu kaisen kek)

No. 244217

Still bait shit at the end of the day

No. 244218

Weren't they always gay? It's just that vampires dont have sex

Also what do you mean ugly?

No. 244223

Fujoshis were born from bait. Who cares about canon, it's still crazy that a lovechild is still something official.

No. 244241

>vampires don’t have sex

like i get it from a logistical standpoint but if edward cullen can do it i think anne rice’s vampires should be able to too

No. 244256

I am chill about yuri itself, but sadly yuri fans are unironically among the worst types of fanbases I have ever seen in my life so this Gundam will be fucking impossible to discuss anywhere which pisses me off because I want to talk about it.

But I kinda agree. Fujos made up the huge majority of the anime fandoms of Gundam and I a lowkey afraid that once they trigger the yuri hype they won't do anything else anymore.

No. 244262

they become popular thanks to fujos and then ditch them for a more "mainstream" audience (basically moids). mappa did the same thing, got popular thanks to yuri on ice and is now focusing only on shounenshit. if yuri on ice belonged to kyoani you'd see like 3 sequels by now

No. 244273

Yeah this is my worry too. I couldn't even make it through the first episode yet because of how annoying the MC is because of course they had to moefy her to the point at which she isn't even capable of talking anymore. It will probably get better later but it's still annoying.
>if yuri on ice belonged to kyoani you'd see like 3 sequels by now
God, don't remind me. We will have died of old age before they finally release that movie. But yeah, I love that Kyoani is at least making a sequel for Tsurune, they would have never let the YoI hype die down like this.

It's a shame because anime like YoI, where the fujo pandering and gay hinting is more than just just comedic relief barely exist whereas every second anime has girls touching each others asses or has them telling each other they couldn't live without the respective other.

No. 244303

NTA but the actors for Louis and Lestat are not beautiful at all. 5/10 males at best

No. 244330

they were always gay tbh, especially when you read the other books about lestat’s past and how he basically attached himself to louis because he reminded him of a previous lover

No. 244341

i like from this game the implication is that people can be brought back to life(Euphie,shirley, etc) but suzalulu were like nah let's fucking make a baby lol. love this for them

No. 244892

It's a horror game and the BL content is pretty minimal, but I really enjoyed playing it.

No. 245462

this is so random but do you guys think yana toboso is still a fujo? cause so much time has passed since her last published BL and I've heard stories about young women "growing out" of their fujo phase as they get older. never happened to me though kek

No. 245664

Idk what to tell you anon, I'm old and i thought I finally outgrew of my fujo phase once and for all and here I am again… At this point I just accepted fujoshit just was a part too big of my teens and youth and it will always be there, it just comes by periods of time for me where I'm more invested on yaoi than others, so it may be the same for Yana.

No. 245748

File: 1665258763075.png (338.95 KB, 576x631, ManTiddiesMinho.png)

any sadistic beauty bl readers, we are either getting the new chapter tomorrow or the day after tomorrow (depending on your timezone)

No. 245750

She's too tame nowadays so I dunno. She probably still respects her roots but isn't as much of a coomer as before?

No. 245751

Saw this on the frontpage and wonder where his nipples are? Also is SB BL only now?

No. 245754

The author finished the straight/bi and lesbian SB storys so yes its only yaoi now.

No. 245756

I'm still invested, maybe because I never had any interest in typical romance, and never will have, so there's nothing for me to turn back to…

No. 245832

File: 1665300284709.jpg (133.42 KB, 1050x525, 432222304.jpg)

Good news for my fujo friends who enjoy BL games, english translated lkyt is in beta testing! Maybe we'll get slow damage too next year…

No. 245837

I'm so excited for this. Argh, I honestly can't wait. I wonder how it'll compare to to the rest of parade's BL games.

No. 245842

I'm so curious about the characters! I haven't looked up anything yet because I don't understand japanese and I don't want to spoil myself. I want parade's games to go harder, room n.9 left me a little disappointed gore-wise and no, thank you's characters weren't that great imo.

No. 246057

File: 1665417023701.jpg (42.39 KB, 640x750, SADISTIC BEAUTY.jpg)




No. 246059

I will give a spoiler warning now.

Minho is alive he ends up inthe hospital

Dont click on the black if you dont want to see the spoiler.

No. 246072

File: 1665421534748.png (624.73 KB, 718x911, screenshooot.png)

Also i forgot to mention the whole chapter is him basically dreaming of Duna and apologizing to her and then he wakes up in the hospital next to Wookyung

I wish the author chilled with her vendetta because its ruining the story ,i was wtf when i saw duna in the new chapter, like it was not needed.

No. 246096

Honestly I blame fujo themselves for that. Like it or not, a lot of japanese fujos (but even american) are basically whipped and don't fight for this shit. Instead they take it and then come back for more.

No. 246097

I think it depends on the author. Some authors make quasi human vampires, some of them make so they can only drink blood and lose all sexual function because they are undead. It's a myth, so there always different takes on it.

No. 246099

if YoI by kyoani the characters would act like moeblobs and be less gay

No. 246291

i was in the mxtx fandom (basically all fujo canon content) and they were the ones who introduced me to genshin and the ones that made me realize about the true nature of fujoshi
a lot of fujoshi these days are fujoshi simply because it's convenient not because they seek out m/m, like it's just because a lot m/m ships are fun and interesting and everywhere in the fandom, but you can tell they all have shoujo roots. the same people who were posting about hualian or wangxian all day were sperging out on my TL about zhongli and guizhong or childe and lumine instead of you know, shipping zhongli and childe, the actual fujo pairing! and inb4 one of you says that zhongli and childe is a boring pairing or whatever, it's not my favorite either but if given the choice i'll always prefer it to zhongli x faceless dead woman or childe x mute player self-insert. what i mean to say is that these fujoshi deep down still prefer m/f pairings, so i don't think they're like… real fujoshi. they just happen to like m/m too on the side, does that make sense?
imo a fujoshi is someone who will always prefer m/m and who will always prioritize it over m/f(gatekeeping yaoi)

No. 246306

i call these people performative fujoshi tbh. being into m/f ships is pretty antithetical to the entire point

No. 246339

anon not to be mean but who gives a shit, are we going to purityfag fujoshidom now

No. 246343

you sound terminally online, i suggest taking a shower and going outside.

No. 246360

Touch grass, anon. Maybe that's just their preference in Genshin and what they like in MXTX has nothing to do with it. FFS.

No. 246364

No. 246365

this is why i don't hang out with most fujos, you guys are unpredictable

No. 246367

Reading this post while being sleep deprived is a trip, now I have a headache. And shojo isn't a genre it's a target audience. So yeah, BL is for girls and women, who would have thought.

No. 246382

>nd inb4 one of you says that zhongli and childe is a boring pairing or whatever
I'll be that person then. It's boring. It's shit. It has zero basis and seeing how the story keeps cucking the Zhongchi/Chili fags makes me laugh.

No. 246415

Is this the same anon who always shits up the genshin thread with bitching about het ships? Why does your life revolve around this?

No. 246418

There's no such thing as an interesting genshin pairing. Imagine your otp being the most shallow normie zoomer horseshit ever and then being surprised virtually everyone else who ships it is just shipping for the sake of it.

No. 246419

bet you were that one person who wanted victor to have an ex-gf in the movie just to dunk on the annoying snowflakes

No. 246420

why are you in the fujo thread?

No. 246423

File: 1665513107876.jpeg (276.65 KB, 2048x1677, 1645984687425.jpeg)

I'm the anon who mentioned very vaguely that if Victor would be revealed to have an ex-bf or ex-bf everyone would lose their shit and it'd be funny but I don't actually want that. I just want to see people reacting to this because of the times I've seen sweat unwashed male otaku losing their shit because their waifu's backstory was that they had an ex-bf or something like that. And we all know that movie never ever. To this day I don't know why some anons took it seriously. I'm not the anon saying anything about danmei (or whatever it's called?) or Genshin Impact because I don't play it and I don't want to pollute my phone with anymore gacha. I have legit no idea wtf she's trying to say.

No. 246425

Everytime you make a post, no matter what thread, it's met with dozens of passerbys telling you to get a life. At some point you should listen to them.

No. 246427

I've saged my comment on purpose, you guys bumped the thread instead

No. 246433

What? No. Victor is a faggot through and through. Not everyone who hates a BL ship means they're the ones who like straight ships or always want to dunk on the fujos. I like Zhongli x Azhdaha, nonnie

No. 246480

>You like gay ships too?
>Well you're not a TRUE fujo like ME

No. 246518

File: 1665538632232.jpg (19 KB, 1175x89, UJR8P1t.jpg)

the way I knew tokyo revengers was going to be another fandom with 90% fujos. Takemichi is just shippable with almost everyone. watching the ao3 tag go from 1 page to 1k.

No. 246519

NTA but come on. Since when is liking het ships part of fujo culture?

No. 246530

This may shock you so i’m sorry in advance but did you know that people are able to like two things at the same time? Insane I know, mind fucking blown, but believe me it is possible, even if it sounds like a totally bogus made up concept! Hope this helps

No. 246533

you sound so salty

No. 246573

File: 1665545627998.png (2.35 KB, 389x44, tumblr_m38t3f1VCW1qbjx5vo1_400…)

Rec me your favorite BL manga. Any genre, any character dynamics, any setting, obscure preferred but popular stuff is ok too though I have already read a lot, but it doesn't even have to be manga either. I've been reading a lot of stuff I find mediocre lately, it doesn't even have to be great on a technical level, just rec anything that genuinely made you feel something.

No. 246589

yes and that's why fujos who like bl and gl are common. liking het makes you closer to a yumejo lmao

No. 246629

Read pretty much anything Niyama published.

No. 246638

No. 246671

wait till you hear yumefujos exist, saying you can’t like hetshit and yaoi at the same time has got to be one of the most retarded takes ive seen in this thread and that’s saying a lot considering the amount of concentrated stupidity that is seen here

No. 246693

you know very well they don't exist unless someone has no clue what those words actually mean… yumejoshi and fujoshi avoid interacting with each other as much as possible for a reason

No. 246702

Lol. Did you know japanese people don't give a fuck and you have fujos who like all sorts of pairings? Nobody cares. You even have bl authors doing gl/shoujo. Like literally Takemiya Keiko has also done straight romance. My favorite influential author is probably Nakamura Asumiko, who has done bl, gl, and straight romance.
I'm sure you have also ran into tons of fujo artists that don't even read BL but like all sorts of anime pairings.

No. 246708

You're missing my point. Being a fujo is to prioritize bl pairings, it doesn't mean "shipper who sometimes ships bl".

No. 246710

this has nothing to do with my original comment? i didn't say fujos can't enjoy shoujo or het pairings on the side but if you have the opportunity to ship a male character with another male character, why the fuck you'd choose a girl instead, especially a faceless NPC? how is this not anti-fujo behaviour? this is why i said they have shoujo roots. because they don't prioritize BL. you come at me with shit like "yumefujo" a term that doesn't even exist and doesn't even make sense

No. 246711

>no true Scotsman
Ok retard. Fujo is just a word used to refer to people who like male/male ships. You don't have to earn the title.
This is just like scrotes who say you're not a REAL gamer or a REAL anime fan if you only play/watch certain things. Kys.

No. 246712

oh goodness we have offended the het shippers again

No. 246713

Nta but not all obviously. And why couldn't someone combine those words to describe herself?
I completely agree.

No. 246717

>anti-fujo behavior
i am cackling

No. 246718

Are you unironically friends with normal humam beings and do you have normal conversations with people your age outside this website and twitter? You genuinely sound so terminally online you reduce everyone to stereotypes and labels. Please socialize a bit for fucks sake. I love yaoi and everything but some anons itt make me understand where the antifujo anons in ot come from.

No. 246719

imo fujo culture = hating female characters, that's why liking m/f pairings is nonsensical

No. 246720

>Anti-fujo behavior
Take your meds, you sound like some obsessive polfag scrote or some twitter troon but with yaoi

No. 246721

maybe pakianon was right all along

No. 246722

File: 1665571859811.jpg (50.89 KB, 800x450, agree.jpg)

So do you admit you are into yaoi not because you like pretty men but because you hate female characters?? Lol this thread is a clusterfuck of the worse fujo stereotypes

No. 246723

i'm right though? old school fujos all hated female characters, that's basically how the community was formed. maybe hate is a strong word, but they were annoyed of how the female characters were often portrayed in fiction(enough retard)

No. 246724

I think anon was just making a point about the annoying type of fujos who needlessly hate on female characters for “getting in the middle of their ships” which is just retard behavior and I thought the fujo community or whatever moved on from this but I guess not

No. 246727

>I thought the fujo community or whatever moved on from this
they're afraid of getting harrassed but many still don't like when someone gets in between their ship. the culture nowadays promotes "omnivorous" behaviour anyway, basically to accept any type of ship

No. 246729

nona please. hating female characters has nothing to do with why fujos don't do hetshipping (in general).

i feel like a lot of people are just dumping bl and shoujo into the same category just because they're both aimed at women, but they're not at all the same thing and i don't see why we all have to be fine with both.

No. 246730

>Are you unironically friends with normal humam beings and do you have normal conversations with people your age outside this website and twitter?
I highly doubt it.

No. 246731

>hating female characters has nothing to do with why fujos don't do hetshipping
NTA but for a lot of fujos it’s exactly that

No. 246732

File: 1665573182227.png (635.65 KB, 994x678, tumblr_021229af5ca2a40a05c8e5b…)

No. 246733

only fujos get flack for hating female characters, moids will have hundreds of "cute girls doing cute things" shows and no one says anything

No. 246734

I like both bl and yumejo stuff. I self insert with my some of my favorite male characters and also ship them with each other. You can call me megafujoyumestacy.

No. 246736

>I should be allowed to hate women because men do it
What kind of logic is that? Also it’s because we expect nothing from men and know they’re shit

No. 246737

This is the way nona. It's what I do too.

No. 246739

do you by any chance believe that hetshipping is the default and any fujos who doesn't like it hates women

No. 246740

>fictional women are real women now
seriously? i don't know a single woman in real life who acts like the girls i see in anime

No. 246742

you’re missing the point it’s not because they’re real women but because if these characters were male and acted the same exact way they would absolutely not be hated the way female characters are by fujos just for existing

No. 246745

it doesn't matter they're all fictional

No. 246746

I like fictional men but I despise real life moids, so you can see it's not the same thing

No. 246751

What the fuck are you even saying you sheltered dingo.

No. 246755

File: 1665579976943.jpg (90.29 KB, 715x705, ad43a8e01757511dbcb088d67cbdbd…)

No. 246758

I believe they exist, but they're more commonly referred to as "Aidens" kek

No. 246762

That said, no clue what anon is on implying there are more fujos who like GL than het. GL is scroteshit women have to meme themselves into feigning an interest in.

No. 246767

>i'm right though? old school fujos all hated female characters
They hated shit characters, which is often the case for love interests. Who the fucks like Sakura or Hinata from Naruto other than male self insert that want to fuck them.

Also dunno why fujo get shit for "hating female character", while the average male viewer can't stand male characters in their shows either.

No. 246768

lesbian fujos like GL, i wouldn't call it more scroteshit than typical het like my dress up darling

No. 246769

>I'm the anon who mentioned very vaguely that if Victor would be revealed to have an ex-bf or ex-bf everyone would lose their shit and it'd be funny but I don't actually want th

Would they? BL shippers don't care much for purity, on average. Heck, when YoI started most people assumed Victor was a slut kek.

No. 246776

No they don't, and GL appeals more to the type of people who would enjoy something like your example than any fujo regardless of sexuality. Complaining about straight shipping and making that claim in the same breath is ridiculous.

No. 246778

This is classique projection from Ms Nonna

No. 246779

File: 1665585724814.jpg (132.5 KB, 488x899, tumblr_8bb70a2119b42a517b8c3d5…)

I'm literally a lesbian who loves both BL and GL. There was another anon in this thread talking about Madohomu. Can everyone shut the fuck up about this already.

No. 246780

Terrible example, when I think about "het shit" in manga and anime that fujoshi like I think of shojo and josei, famous series with actual staying power like Furuba, Nana, Parakiss, Hana Kimi, Hana Yori Dango, Skip Beat, stuff by Clamp and Kaori Yuki, etc.

No. 246787

nana and parakiss are pretty iconic, but furuba is still shit and the mangaka hates fujos

No. 246811

Kek really? I never got too into her stuff (the art is kinda ugly and the plot is pretty melodramatic) but I’m curious to the source that she hates fujos.

No. 246813

I don't know why anons are seething at you so much, you're absolutely right even if you didn't word your thoughts properly and they probably feel called out. There are a lot of hetshippers who leech off the content fujos create like fanart and artbooks of the choice male characters and think that the two attractive male characters together is a "good aesthetic" but they're not actually invested in them as a romantic couple because gays are gross and just want to use them as a continuation of their self-insert fantasy. They're usually the homophobic yaoi fangirl type that people think all fujos are and who make everyone else uncomfortable by talking about how they want to suck character x's fat dick and carry his babies. They're the ones calling a lesbian fujoshi an oxymoron because they can't comprehend the idea of shipping without self insertion and bragging about how homophobic they are IRL.

The issue isn't multishipping per se (like shipping a male character with both male and a female character) like everyone seems to think but the tonal difference in enthusiasm and attitude that they have. I.e. treating the gay ship similarly how scrotes see lesbian porn and the hetero ship as the "real couple". Disappointed to see that so many people whiteknight hetfagging without an ounce of critical thinking but I guess it's once again people refusing to post in the dead as fuck otome thread and instead lurk this one to, like I said, leech off fujos.

No. 246814

Doesn't change the fact that it's popular and had fujoshi reading it at some point. I still remember when everyone seethed because of Akito not being a guy because it ruined their gay pairings so even if some girls gave up on the manga for this reason they were still invested at some point. And it's iconic enough to get a new anime adaptation in an era when shojo manga only get live action adaptations that suck ass. It should have stayed a funny romcom instead of becoming a melodramatic family bullshit imo but that's off-topic. I don't think I know any woman with actual normal or good taste who like shit like My dress up doll or whatever. At most you'll find some who will enjoy reading Love Hina or GTO or things by Rumiko Takahashi.

No. 246815

She implies it in the 4th volume of Fruits Basket in one of her comments iirc. Sage for double posting.

No. 246836

it does annoy me because it has a shit ton of questionable pairings yet it still gets praised to heaven but when a fujo likes step siblings or age gap they get sent death threats

No. 246845

No, we don't. GL is always written by men so it's always scroteshit, but HL has female authors as well. It doesn't have as much to do with the genre as it does who's writing it.

No. 246848

What? No it's not ALWAYS written by men.

No. 246849

Oh yeah you're right, I forgot that 0.0000001% of GL is actually written by women. My bad.

No. 246851

This is googleably false. Most of the most popular yuri manga are written by women. There are even cases where there are female yuri mangaka that openly talk about being lesbians and are known to be dating each other (Akiko Morishima and Minakata Sunao.) There are famous BL mangaka that also write GL. Yuri as a genre is credited to Nobuko Yoshiya, a woman.

No. 246853

the mangaka of citrus is a woman

No. 246858

Not the anon you replied to but there's a constant struggle with yuri in Japan regarding female mangakas seething over men taking over their space so while it's incorrect to say that all GL is written by men it's true that they love the genre and slobber all over it, creating the assumption that it's made for them.

That said even as a lesbian myself I just don't understand the appeal of most yuri, the mainstream content is infantilized "cute hyperfemme girls doing cute/lewd things" school romcom stuff or edgy demon vampire femme girls pinning each other against the wall, overall shit I would imagine teenage wuhluhwuh activists or transbians enjoying.

No. 246859

Havent read much lately but:
Dousei Yankee
Hidamari ga Kikoeru
Old-fashioned cupcake
The Charioteer by Mary Renault

No. 246862

Anything by Harada that isn’t Yoru to Asa

No. 246864

You're just spewing a fallacy and stereotyping people. You do know that a lot of nip fujos don't like gays either right?
Honestly who gives a fuck about what other fans do. I'm here to read BL and hopefully discuss it with you retards, not to police other people because I don't think they're enjoying fictional gays correctly. Like seriously if it makes you this upset just get off Twitter and you'll stop seeing these so called "problematic" not-true-fujos.

No. 246868

>muh NIP FUJOS do this and that!!!!
>ugh i dont even CARE
>stop policing me twitterfags!!!!
It's outright scrotey behavior to sit here whining about how only the purebred Japanese understand your bigotry because Based "Nips" are known to be racist and homophobic and then reeing about the twitter boogeyman. Why don't you yourself go to 4chan to enjoy a hugbox with the rest of the edgy NEETs that never disagree with you?(infighting)

No. 246869

this is why madoka is top tier even with all the scroteshit elements, I always thought sayaka/kyoko read like a shounen fujo pairing(weird derailer trying to gatekeep yaoi)

No. 246879

>even with all the scroteshit elements
Ignoring the spinoffs, what scroteshit elements? The literal only thing I can think of is the OP having Madoka in that lingerie outfit, other than that it doesn’t really have any scroteshit.

No. 246885

I feel like the movie had a bunch of random fanservice moments at the beginning but thinking about it again, madoka was surprisingly tame in that aspect

No. 246889

I don't think people who avoid "problematic" pairings like the plague would actually even try to get into Fruits Basket in the first place, since the pairings are basically made of cousin fuckers or young adult men and teenage girls because Natsuki Takaya is into older men herself. The weeb girls in my high school who liked it were also all over Angel Sanctuary and X1999, and we know the main pairings in these ones aren't the most vanilla either. And they were into BL too so we basically all had the same preferences for het and BL pairings. I think what you're talking about is a far more recent thread.

No. 246892

Lmao ok I never even said any of those things about nips. I honestly do not care and neither do most people here, nobody wants to fight over what a true fujo is as you can see by the course of the threa.
There is nothing more scroty than saying someone is not a true fan of something if they don't do x thing. By the looks of it, you are the one who needs a hugbox where all the fujos act like you expect them to. Otherwise you go full armchair psychologist.(infighting)

No. 246899

I'm pretty sure what anon was implying was that a lot of questionable and straight out problematic stuff gets a pass in shoujo and otome while BL is held to a much different standard. Oftentimes dubious consent in BL is called "rape porn" while I've seen a lot of shoujoshit in which an asshole male character forces herself on a young girl while she's clearly afraid and it's supposed to be attractive even though women are subjected to so much sexual assault and violence IRL.

No. 246912

>BL is held to a much different standard
You cannot say this when the most popular yaoi vn is DMMD which has incest, rape and beastiality

No. 246914

idk if you were around when DMMD was popular on tumblr but people would definitely get harassed for liking Mink, and iirc it extended to the point where the fan translators who did his reconnect route specifically gave him the shittiest, bare bones translation because they hated him for being a rapist.

No. 246916

>Mentioning that one OTT BL VN from a decade ago every fucking time to justify the overblown, baseless criticism most BL gets for things shoujo, otome and moidshit get away with or don't receive nearly as much scrutiny and moralizing
>Acting as if that one OTT BL VN is just accepted as-is and isn't recognized as being fucked up even by its fans

No. 246917

Samefagging to add that we know it's you, Paki-chan, so I'm not feeding you any further. Let your little brother use the computer for a moment.

No. 246919

>people would definitely get harassed for liking Mink
based he is a fucking abomination
Lmao what? you sound retarded take your meds I am literally a fujo, stop acting like fujos are some oppressed minority or protected class it’s legit pathetic and not that deep, it’s not some sacred religion it’s just about wanting to see hot 2D moids kiss

No. 246920

samefagging to add I don’t hate Mink because he’s a rapist or whatever I hate him because he’s ugly and old, if anything Aoba deserves to suffer I just don’t want to see ugly old men in my yaoi games

No. 246921

>treating the gay ship similarly how scrotes see lesbian porn
Are you expecting fujos to be into BL because they care about IRL gay rights? Go back to Twitter

No. 246927

You are literally not allowed to read yaoi unless you threw the first brick at Stonewall

No. 246932

>shoujo and otome get away with criticism
IDK what world do you live in where women are allowed to have fun. In the last decade, little girls were being harassed for daring to fantasize about a vampire love story.

No. 246933

Im sensing there is a male baiting in this thread for attention i mean saying shit like how we should care about real life gay men, saying that you cannot be a fujo if you like any other content thats not yaoi, sperging about shoujo content etc.

No. 246934

Why tf is there so much furry and 3d shit on myreadingmanga now

No. 246935

File: 1665607168658.jpeg (114.78 KB, 736x782, 7D56AEB9-5E16-4A07-A052-4334FF…)

I don’t mind old guys as long as they’re attractive (reasons I deeply hate stuff like ugly bastard and other scrote fetishes with uggos)
Mink’s problem is that the bright ass pink he has is so fucking ugly.

No. 246938

not a man, nona. just someone who hates hetshipping with a passion.

No. 246944

I remember this, but I don't think it was because he was a rapist. Virus and Trip were much worse, literally kidnapping, raping with animals, and brainwashing Aoba. If they did it, it was because Mink was ugly and they didn't like his character. I can't even find posts with the original japanese text to compare so I don't even know if it was true or an exaggeration.

No. 246945

i'm the anon who first brought up gl. i wasn't even talking about yuri manga, i meant gl shipping.

No. 246953

You really need to stop thinking all women think the same. Everyone here just screams maaaaa every time Simone has an opinion against the echo chamber, Jesus

No. 246956

>coming back fresh off a ban to infight over the same retarded shit
Imagine being this dense.

>i meant gl shipping

So did I

No. 246957

i wasn't the one who got banned, nonnie!

No. 246958

also how is gl shipping "scroteshit". yuri is often malegazey but a lesbian shipping two female characters together is scrote behavior now? lmao

No. 246961

Check your redtext, tool >>246291 >>246723

Back to lezlarp twitter you go. Have a good one.

No. 246962

genuinely hilarious how you think all the anons here who hate hetshit are the same person.

No. 246964

according to this anon women existing in fiction at all is ultimately all scroteshit the only thing that isn’t scroteshit is yaoi because men totally aren’t into it, don’t you know silly nonna women are only allowed to like yaoi and nothing more?

No. 246966

i think this anon was instead arguing that women can only like yaoi and het. lesbians are icky and gross and clearly can't be fujos according to this thread!

No. 246984

why does the BL thread always get derailed by retards. go to the fujohate thread in ot or something holy fuck

No. 246998

I am so mad about this, sis. It used to not be this fucking scrotey and disgusting in early 2022. The goddamn furries have furaffinity for their degeneracy. They the fuck are they allowed to spam their western garbage over my BL?

No. 246999

File: 1665622100800.jpg (24.88 KB, 642x360, 970595cbf833a345406e35640367b1…)

Holy shit nonna, I know this was from ages ago but I thought I was the only person who honestly shipped them. I really was not a fan of FMA:B and just really enjoyed the 2003 series+Conquerer of Shamballa more. I'm not honestly in to incest as a kink thing… I just found their relationship really compelling? They kind of live in a world no one else understands and only have each other.
Idk, romantic or not, I still think Edward is obsessed with Al - his entire life and reason to keep going/living revolves around his brother, that's just objectively clear.

No. 247006

just click on the manga section if you dont want to see any bara or furry shit

No. 247015

You're definitely not alone– fans of the 2003 series tended to ship them A LOT back in the day. It's funny we wound up at the same ship even though we're fans of opposite versions of the series kek. I like the manga storyline but I can see the appeal of 03, especially stylistically. It was gorgeous. Brohood is ugly as fuck lol. I wish I could get into 03 but I just can't get over my personal hangups about the writing choices that have been baked in for like 10 years now kek. It seems like in 03 their relationship definitely gets the spotlight, whereas in the manga & brohood, although it's very character-shaping for both of them, it's somehow slightly less plot-driving.

No. 247024

yeah but doujinshi isn't in the manga section

No. 247033

>mappa removed the yoi movie from the coming soon section of their website
Guess they’re more interested in working on scroteshit like chainsaw man. Wish they would officially announce it at least. Just disrespectful

No. 247038

Not very invested in yoi myself but i feel bad for the fans that are left kept hanging, and especially the people you were working on it (the two most prominent being women ofc…), Mappa screwed them over hard

No. 247045

Well of course they would screw over women making content for women in favour of stupid scrote gory shit that's been done a hundred times already.

No. 247049

But women love jjk

No. 247052

What? Are you seriously saying that it's such an unorthodox thought that fujos would care about gay rights that it must be some scrote psyop bait? I'm sorry us cringe libshit twitterfags disagree with your super based imageboard stacey homophobe larp I guess but being into a genre based on homosexual ships isn't exactly going to rid you of people who might consider gay people equal to hetties. I swear like the anon said above this thread hosts some of the worst fujo stereotypes and I can't believe they're now getting big mad about people shitting on hetships now too kek, just go resurrect the otome thread instead of shitposting here.

It happened way earlier this year already, I don't know why people noticed it just now. They're probably in a development hell lacking funding to finish the job because YoI isn't as relevant with the mainstream anymore and it's just the small fandom waiting for something they were promised years ago. What they fail to realize is that the movie could be used to reignite the old show's success and draw new attention to it creating new fans, but instead they're too busy pushing half-hearted bootleg copies of it like Dance Dance Danseur.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 247068

no man of any orientation capes this hard for lesbians. even in the waifufag vs yurifag wars the arguments are over "who is more cucked" and nobody gives a shit about what lesbians think. you don't have to be a "based imageboard homophobe fujo" yourself but really who gives a shit if some woman likes seeing anime boys kissing without being an ally to 3D gay moids.

No. 247085

See what you're trying to sell as "reasonable dislike of gay moids" often includes homophobia against homosexuality in general or at least a back door for it, that includes lesbians and bisexual women no matter how much dressing you put on it. From my perspective as a lesbian what's being discussed here is the certain breed of hetshippers who want to hetbend m/m ships to be but their self-insert fantasy because they find homosexuality as a concept disgusting, having met the type they love to drop discreet homophobic bombs and push their m/f ships as the "canon" one. It doesn't make you some spineless faghag pickme to feel uncomfortable about it. People already allowed moids in fujo spaces and now they're attempting to co-opt the space for their coomer femboy fantasies and straight handmaidens fully feed into it, I couldn't imagine what would happen if genuine homophobes started making themselves comfortable.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 247090

oh my god shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!

No. 247099

hetbending is dumb, but is it really THAT common? plus literally all shipping is self inserting fantasies to a greater or lesser degree though, no matter how much you try to deny it. and there is also the question of why are so many lesbians into m/m yet no gay men into f/f. no, i'm not going to scream "fakebian" at anyone, but this phenomenon is strange overall. are women just that societally cucked that any sexual content involving women makes some so viscerally uncomfortable because "it hits too close to home"/"men might like it" regardless of the actual content? or in the case of lesbians liking both BL and GL, why is there still the need to get invested into gay men too seeing that gay men are never this invested in lesbians? speaking of hetbending, if most canon female characters are so badly written that you just have to ship m/m for gay content why do i hardly ever see yuribending? many m/m ships have so many ridiculous AUs around them, many of them that keep nothing from the source material and characters but the names, yet yuribending is just too much? is it the same "hits too close to home"/"moids might like it" defeatist attitude again?(what does this have to do with yaoi?)

No. 247101

>all shipping is self inserting fantasies to a greater or lesser degree

nta but that's where you lost me nona. if that's how you look at it then you'll never understand why lesbians like m/m.

No. 247120

>literally all shipping is self inserting fantasies to a greater or lesser degree though
It's both curious and hilarious how this is literally proving the point in this post >>246813
>They're the ones calling a lesbian fujoshi an oxymoron because they can't comprehend the idea of shipping without self insertion
So congratulations, you proved a point that this kind of person isn't just a fictional strawman but a real rock in the fujoshi shoe. The aversion to self-insertion is pretty common with lesbians and GNC women specifically because they grew up without proper representation of what they are so they learned to enjoy media without treating it as some extension of their personal power fantasies.

>speaking of hetbending, if most canon female characters are so badly written that you just have to ship m/m for gay content why do i hardly ever see yuribending?

It could possibly be because you're blind, "yuribending" exists literally everywhere these days and I don't know if you're just pretending to be obtuse, stuck under a very small rock or straight out ignoring the abundance of popular F/F ships. As for why m/m is so popular with lesbians, first of all because original yuri content is niche one-note garbage with almost no variation and BL is the next best genre entirely produced by women. You barely see women being into m/m created by actual men (and I mean genuinely interested, not just for contrarian woke points) because it doesn't resonate with them, so it's not the genders of the characters that matter but rather who's making the narrative choices. But honestly, trying to explain this to someone who simply Does Not Get It and isn't even receptive to the idea is a waste of time and effort.

No. 247123

Why do you have to be so annoying. This is a thread to talk about fictional media, can you go talk about reals gays and straights somewhere else? All this fucking Twitter word soup of terms you're spewing is barely readable.

No. 247125

i love you anon. you've been putting my thoughts into words much more eloquently than i can.

No. 247131

If the anime thread can have discussions about what constitutes as coompandering male bullshit instead of just blogging about the anime you just watched, this thread can also include the discourse regarding the fandom, its participants and why they enjoy the genre. Don't like it, then don't reply and drag it further. This thread will sink back to page 9 in no time because you certainly don't see the "w-why isn't anyone staying on topic?!?" anons discussing the BL they read, wonder why? Instead they're here being anally rekt about hetships being ridiculed.

Putting my best autistic foot forward for you, nonnie.

No. 247136

File: 1665661750709.jpg (44.76 KB, 600x437, 20220816_190142.jpg)

The fuck is going on here? Can't you all calm down and talk about fictional ikemen kissing and fucking like normal people?

No. 247141

File: 1665663868329.png (73.3 KB, 720x370, Screenshot_20221013-142401.png)

Ok but can you ban the retards and delete their posts so people stop replying?

Like this fucking mongoloid is still doing the same thing.>>247131(>>meta)

No. 247143

>From my perspective as a lesbian
go the fuck back to twitter

No. 247145

It's only infighting when you're flinging shit and insults all over the place. Adults can discuss things over without screaming "retard", "faggot" and "go back to twitter" every other sentence. Like that little blue bird made a little nest inside your little head.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 247147

nta nor the anon above you but go the fuck back to twitter, retard. you pulled that definition of infighting directly out of your ass.

No. 247180

Continued infighting and derailing over hetships and other things that have nothing to do with this thread will result in a week long ban.

No. 247186

which transformers ship is this i must know

No. 247189

File: 1665680222788.jpg (691.18 KB, 1987x1739, holoform.jpg)

Megatron x Rodimus in their holoforms.

No. 247195

Any recs for sad shit? Movies/manga/books/etc Im not picky, I just like genuinely miserable media and bad endings

No. 247199

File: 1665684050714.jpeg (412.46 KB, 1920x1080, Fe3F9VLWQAAVwKA.jpeg)

wake up babe new incest ship just dropped

will never not be obsessed the art for this game

No. 247204

What game?

No. 247208

onmyoji, but these two won't be available in the english version for another month give or take

No. 247242

Netflix is making a mecha BL or at least a fujo bait mecha. I'm surprised it took them this long to make a BL anime, great pretenders should've been one. Laurent and Makoto have chemistry.

No. 247243

File: 1665700413520.jpg (114.57 KB, 1443x807, xi5DZ8w.jpg)

samefagging, tell me this isn't a seme and uke.

No. 247264

Gives me Kaji and Shinji vibes.

No. 247315

It was actually made by artists who worked on Evangelion so I thought the same a lot watching it

No. 247431

I don't want us to become like those yuri fanatics that threaten writers if the female MC talks to a guy at one point or like the dudes that attacked the director of Lycoris Recpil now for not making the main couple canon enough, but the status quo is indeed depressing IMO, because I feel like we are getting LESS BL and fujo pandering these days instead of more.

Hell I remember when fujos were hopeful for the future after Yuri on Ice and Tiger and Bunny became successful. Now we will probably never get that damn movie, TaB II had almost 0 fan service in that regard (and I am don't like the end) and there is not much else in sight, animewise. Sport series that threw hints at the beginning like Ryman's Club forgot and did absolutely nothing with it and the only recent rays of hope I remember are SK8 with its pandering and gay antagonist and Golden Kamuy with its neverending male fanservice and gay jokes.
Maybe the few gay movies too, but they aren't seasonal anime that are made for the general anime fanbase like the many yuri action shows that flood the modern anime scene.

No. 247432

I heard blue lock is pretty promising, as much as a sports series can be

No. 247433

Writers who bait GL/BL fans deserve to get harassed

No. 247435

I am honestly okay as long as it's not outright bait, in the sense of hinted gay characters turning out to get into straight romances, but I wonder why they didn't do it with Lycoris, considering that two male side characters were already gay though one of them was killed at the end, fulfilling the dead gay trope.

No. 247437

I never watched lycoris but I heard it's actual bait since at the end the blonde girl has some weird tension with the (adult) male villain. I realized we got lucky with SK8 at least, but season 2 could go worse for all we know…
I hope they'll eventually adapt that horror BL manga hikaru ga shinda natsu since it's popular in japan

No. 247447

>hikaru ga shinda natsu since it's popular in japan
Oh, is it? I though it was just like the many other BL mangas. I remember people wanting a MADK adaptation too, but that would never work.

No. 247451

Yeah it got popular with normies apparently, I think for that reason the mangaka took away the BL tag lol

No. 247456

I am once again requesting books to read. Preferably no Wuxia/whatever, totally not interested in that. No light/web novels either…
I've already read Captive Prince.

No. 247468

beyond it needing to be m/m what are you into in terms of writing? i might be able to rec you some books.

No. 247473

I'm good with anything, though I'm especially craving medieval fantasy. High or low. I also love vampires (the Anne Rice novels are good, I tried something called "Lost Souls" but it was shit so I dropped it…)
But really nona just tell me all the homo books you know. I have such troubles finding any because it's all under the 'LGBTQIA+'/kweer shit and I don't care to run into that

No. 247484

these are all the ones i've read in recent memory:
>The Winter Prince by Elizabeth Wein
not strictly m/m but heavily baited (love/hate relationship between half-brothers), arthurian medieval setting
>Dark Rise by C.S. Pacat
you probably know about this one already kek it's YA and not as good as capri imo but has some pretty good m/m scenes. she's a fujo so i trust her to build on it all in the sequel.
>As Meat Loves Salt by Maria McCann
one of my favorites, very dark and heavy historical fiction (17th cen).
>These Violent Delights by Micah Nemerever
the author is a tif but there's zero genderspecial shit in it. takes place in the 70s and is about a twisted, obsessive relationship between two young guys.
>assorted fiction by Mary Renault
she's written a lot of m/m historical stuff (WWII and Alexander the Great for instance), old so nothing too explicit
>A Royal Affair by John Wiltshire
medieval-ish setting, it was alright.

that's all i can remember for now! if you've got any favorites you'd recommend, please share. i've yet to find an m/m vampire book i like.

No. 247488

I loved The Winter Prince…never read a novel so suited to my tastes before. It's a shame the other books don't seem to focus on Lleu/Mordred. The others, I've tried but wasn't too fond of ultimately. Barring the last one, which I'll seek out – thanks nona

No. 247502

>As Meat Loves Salt by Maria McCann
damn, that ending was such a mindfuck, it honestly left me strugling to understand wtf happenned

No. 247514

ayrt right? the book is so devastating. it left me reeling for like a week kek.
wish i could find something else like it! still no luck.

No. 247553

I think a lot of authors don't necessarily deserve the hate, since a lot of times it's not up to them, people like YoI's authors expressed how hard is to get gay stuff in the context of mainstream audience, but it's also true that fujo need to find some balls (no pun intended) and actually make themselves heard, not put shit from author clearly just trying to exploit them turn around to pander to moids who love het.

For better or worse, the reasons moids get what they want is because they make themselves heard, authors are afraid to not pander to them.

>I feel like we are getting LESS BL and fujo pandering these days instead of more.

It doesn't feel like it, it's.

No. 247558

I get YoI, but why TB? The anime felt like a generic buddy cop

No. 247560

No idea if you watched it back when it was still being broadcast in 2011 but for the time it had plenty of fujo fanservice, the whole thing is about the MCs relationship and all their coworkers are way less relevant, and the writers said in an interview that you were free to interpret theie relationship however you want. After that a lot more anime made specifically for women had fujobait on purpose and some stuff were actually gay like YoI and Sarazanmai but it feels like that was a very gradual change. Not even sure I can call that a change.

No. 247566

I did watch back then. Even back then I thought it was an average buddy cop. Certainly not gay as something like oofuri back in the days.

No. 247568

A problem is that a lot of women's media has shifted to live action. You don't see much shoujo anime these days because all the popular trendy manga gets adapted to doramas instead, same with BLs like the one about the 30 yr old virgin and kieta hatsukoi. Some people will argue it's a good thing because it reaches a wider more mainstream audience, but i personally have no interest in seeing real moids and corny bad acting. The anime industry has always been male dominated, but usually you'd expect to see a gradual change, right? Well it's just as stagnant as ever, like japan in general… since feminism is barely a thing there. Of course they won't adapt fujo media when all the people in power who work with anime studios want to promote their isekai LNs!

No. 247569

I never watched oofuri because I kept seeing spoilers everywhere and that pissed me off. Now I forgot everything so maybe I should give it a try.

No. 247571

File: 1665825757722.jpg (40.14 KB, 1000x563, MV5BYzQ1ZDFkMGUtOTQ0ZC00YTU2LW…)

I'm sorry for the late reply nonny! You're the only person so far that I've been able to talk about this ship with, let alone the 2003 series (most fma fans seem to just foam at the mouth when I bring anything but Brotherhood up). I'm really curious to know which writing decisions you didn't like. There were a lot of really interesting episodes in the '03 series, though I didn't like all of it, and some of the character decisions were meh. For me personally I think it was just the overall tone of the series being a little more serious and honestly just weird af that I liked.

I did enjoy parts of Brotherhood though. I remember really liking Isaac as a character and was sad that he was only in it for one ep kek. The homunculi in both were pretty mediocre to me, though I loved the dwarf in the flask ep. And Roy's freakout with Envy is still one of the coolest eps in brotherhood by far (and I liked that he just got way more screentime to be a badass in general, picrel). My gripes with Brotherhood is that I felt the writing was just really… idk, too melodramatic and drawn out at points. Like I preferred 2003 Envy to Brotherhood Envy because he's less of a cartoon villain. Scar was more narratively interesting to me in 2003 too and my B-side ship was him and Edward. I wasn't too into Roy/Ed (was more into Roy/Hughes) and I also kind of liked shipping Greed with Ling.

I confess I haven't read the manga though, since I heard it was just Brotherhood. So maybe there's more in there that I haven't seen.

No. 247573

I'm not sure I agree. If feels like manga have been getting more homo, a lot josei and seinsen have started to allow more gay shit, as well manga took the homo route (I can think of Double, or 10 dance moved to a shoujo magazine).

It does feel like anime is the only one suffering.

No. 247574

Nta but I still prefer the art style and overall vibe of 2003, brotherhood made the characters uglier like in the manga

No. 247596

I hope it won't last forever I don't like live action and I am not attracted to real people in general and have trouble telling them apart too regardless of the ethnicity.

No. 247636

god damn that megatron got me acting up

No. 247644

Your fujo goggles aren't strong enough. iirc for a good few years Bunny/Kotetsu had the highest amount of doujins at comiket.

No. 247647

Im asking for manhwa recommendation.
Stories that are funny (optional), are smutty and have NO angst, rape, coercion or abusive tendencies.

No. 247652

That doesn't mean much, look at the brothers Muppet show

No. 247653

As a brothers muppet show fan and shipper, I understand that one as well. Six horny, degenerate, adult men who all sleep in the same bed together every night? C'monnn

No. 247655

Have you watched ososan? Theres a reason why

No. 247656

Are you suggesting the muppet show was going for fujo pandering or homoeroticism?

No. 247658

No but also yes the further the show goes along. The very first episode parodies otome and fujo series as a way to say "we're not going to be that kind of show" but the bigger the fujo fanbase got, the more fanservicey the episodes get, especially in seasons 2 and 3. There's a scene where Ichimatsu does a full dom/sub roleplay with his brothers. There's also just a ton of sexual humor, in ep 2 or 3 they do a dick guessing contest so it planted the seed for degenerates like me very early on.

No. 247757

Ok, but in the very beginning I seriously doubt anyone thought "this is going to be such a big hit with women". Pervy humor is classical humor that be enjoyed by anyone.

No. 247758

File: 1665874803888.jpg (88.43 KB, 1280x720, bl.jpg)

Anyone checking out this? The boys look cute but does it have any potential ships?

No. 247766

I read a fair amount of the manga (need to catch up)
I like the protagonist and Bachira ship wise a lot!

No. 247767

Have you read A Cruel God Reigns? just starting with a classic suggestion.

No. 247825

File: 1665901396404.jpg (151.22 KB, 540x706, tumblr_d47189b9025ec4a4f93a526…)

Its good, gayest sports manga since probably oofuri

No. 247933

Can anyone rec anything that's similar to Harada's "Happy Shitty Life". I'd love to find more lighthearted and comedic bl.

No. 248265

can blue lynx take some new projects… they've been kinda MIA lately…

No. 248366

bl games

No. 248524

File: 1666146139939.jpg (177.29 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20221018-190427_Twi…)

Nonnies wake up, 10Count anime in 2023

No. 248547

>10Count anime
wakes up
>in 2023
goes back to sleep

No. 248549

Even as someone that likes 10 Count, I still can't believe how fucking popular it is lmao. Hopefully it will be a good adaptation.

No. 248563

Oh god why ten count of all things? It's one of the blandest and most cliche bls.

No. 248592

This is so gay, they should have released some character designs by now.
Anyway I don't like 10 count but I hope it is good.

No. 248613

this was delayed right? it should have been released in 2020. so it's not a new series they decided to adapt, which is a bummer. since harada is such a well known author, idk why no one reached to her to make an original anime or at least adapt one of her stories

No. 248743

File: 1666206045009.jpg (452.96 KB, 1080x1111, fkn7dd8sko281.jpg)

Can nonas recommend me some shounen manga with shippable male characters? Preferably something that's still ongoing but not super long, but I'll take what I can get.

No. 248770

I am currently digging Moriarity the Patriot, with all of its bishounen versions of Sherlock Holmes characters. Holmes and Moriarity being a classic ship, of course.

And there's always Bungo Stray Dogs.

No. 248773

blue lock

No. 248825

File: 1666223518478.jpg (86.96 KB, 1200x1039, 9bb75ea517b0b96a33305dcb037739…)

Found a place with the majority of BP uploaded so I binge read it and UGH I'm unfortunately very invested in the story and I'm about to go buy the latest 9 chapters because I can't find them online kek. I know people rip on it for being a KS rip off but I don't care.

I love reading BL with super fucked up relationships, shit that turns into classic stockholm syndrome stuff. None of that "woe is me" for Seo Ilmo, I just love that he's a crazy whack job asshole and Ah In is his unfortunate victim who is the only one who can "bear his love." Please rec me similarly super fucked up BL (or if anyone knows where the latest episodes are uploaded… please share that too lol). I've already read as much Harada stuff that I could find.

No. 248835

File: 1666226139640.jpg (128.28 KB, 1024x778, FfKzPEdaYAANfLz.jpg)

Please don't get a cancer fandom

No. 248895

File: 1666239627809.jpg (78.58 KB, 500x344, 39482268_p0.jpg)

Literally any sports series.

No. 248910

What's your pic from?

No. 248913

as I suspected, this thread is full of literal kids.

No. 248915

Kek anon it's Kuroko no Basuke

No. 248955

Bitch im 31

No. 248971

I watched the first season and moriarty saying "catch me if you can mr sherlock" and sherlock's reaction to it had so much sexual energy i almost forgot this is not a BL, it felt like sherlock was about to nut LOL

No. 248984

File: 1666254709446.jpg (143.83 KB, 540x764, tumblr_nk8n9f38vj1tbp8dfo1_540…)

kek yes, like the other anon said it's Kuroko, those are the two main characters. The series has a LOT of popular ships, there's a lot of interpersonal character drama and it just gets gayer the more characters you're introduced to. If you like "bitter exes who can't get over each other" type dynamics, you will have a lot of fun. A lot of famous BL mangaka have made doujins for the series too, like Ogeretsu Tanaka.

My personal favorite ship is Kaga/Kuro, the mcs, though even if you don't like their dynamic there's like a hundred others that get a lot of time. I like the comfyness of KagaKuro and how they both grow from their messy past relationships through their own time together. Plus light and shadow dynamics always kill me.

No. 249007

At some point I had to make sure this show didn't have a BL tag kek.

No. 249029

Thanks for reminding me this existed. I forgot about it since the dox drama. I binged what’s out and I genuinely wishing all of them die LOL

No. 249063

File: 1666275380554.jpg (Spoiler Image,8.58 KB, 168x300, download.jpg)

If you haven't found them yet, zinchanmanga has up to chapter 68, but the translations are awful. I'm like a starving orphan so I read it anyway. I think Seo Ilmo is gonna die, and I'm gonna be angry is Ah In lives. Both of them need to die to complete their crazy tragic love story. I will not accept Ah In living in peace

No. 249067

DONT MENTION WHERE TO FIND RECENT CHAPTERS AND GIVE IT MORE RECOGNITION. Because YD searches for her manhwa everyday so it makes the chances of her finding that higher.

Also why are they even doing their own shitty translation when they could just post the actual english chapters from lezhin.

No. 249068

File: 1666277480910.jpg (80.84 KB, 540x525, Keyboard-left_keys.jpg)


No. 249087

File: 1666283116952.jpg (160.77 KB, 1124x1840, Ffg9ZyDWAAEEzAA.jpg)

Opinions? What are some of your predictions on how this story will go after reading the recent chapter?

No. 249090

I've got a solution for you: stop using tiktok.

No. 249092

She's insane and I know that a lot of people hate BP just because of her trying to keep her shit behind a paywall but I can't exactly fault her for just trying to protect her income. I'm considering buying it but I want to see how it ends first. I really do like it and I think it will have a lot of reread value for me since it's hard to find shit toxic relationships that hit all my likes so well and continue it for the whole story. If I hate the ending I'm not going to though kek.

I liked POTN but I got midway up to S2 and just didn't really like Seungho becoming such a softie. Felt kind of weird. Seo also becomes a softie over time but it just feels less abrupt to me. He has always been obsessed with ah in and revered him as some sacred being so it doesn't surprise me that he would change his tastes to suit the object of his obsession. I should probably catch up on POTN though lol.

No. 249118

>using tiktok

No. 249141

Half the thread reads manhwa. Is it surprising?

No. 249442

File: 1666392276227.png (1.68 MB, 846x1200, 1666386565798132.png)

P.A. Works's next original anime could provide fujo pandering.
"Buddy Daddies", supposed to start airing next year in January.

Not a fan of some of the designs but the right guy is pretty much up my alley. I hope it won't just be a copy of the currently trendy daughter-anime and spy/crime mixes but something more original, but we will see.

No. 249443

Feelsike its a Tiger and bunny rip off with inspiration from SxF

No. 249479

File: 1666399224303.png (24.6 KB, 446x161, Untitled5.png)

I saw anon last thread post picrel and I thought this sorta ending was too obvious, but god damn she was right on the money. I think this is exactly how it's gonna go, which sucks since it feels so anticlimactic. Also Wookyung with that beard is so fugly lmfao.

No. 249487

This isn't about a particular series and it happens with f/f too, but I hate it when I am invested in a pairing and the pairing is hinted/baited hard, and there are only two mains, who are both of the same gender and the series builds up their chemistry over the course of fuck knows how many chapters and episodes etc.
And THEN a new character of the opposite enters the stage. And the moment they appear you just know exactly what will happen. Like it doesn't matter that they just appeared out of nowhere, that they have no connection to or chemistry with the current main dudes (or women), but since het rules the world you just know that one (or both) character will fall for them and that the show will be vocal as shit about it to make things clear and you can only sit back and watch in horror how it develops.
Usually it happens and changes within seconds or a few episodes. Or sometimes in the very last chapter, just because. Like some looming shadow in a horror movie and enters the house and you know it will kill one of the mains somehow, but since it's a movie you can't do anything about it.

Well, I guess it's just the classical bait. But I hate how you are never save from this unless you are reading explicitly tagged yuri/BL. As long as a series doesn't end, like actually stops being released, you cannot be sure. Sometimes it might even happen with an already existing character and they pair all every up at the very end to make the mainstream audience happy.

Anyway my point is: I want this to happen the other way around just once and witness the seething.

No. 249492

This is why I can't take crybabies in fandom that whine that nobody cares about hetships when it's 99% of canon anyway. Like of course fans are gonna try to make up for what they can't get officially when the same sex ship has twice the chemistry of the het one, don't be obtuse.

No. 249516

Their daughter is so cuuute

No. 249554

This is always gonna happen if you follow a series with a shounen or shoujo demographic. We're insanely lucky that haikyuu ended the way it ended but even in that case there's no guarantee the mangaka won't make an update 10 yrs from now showing all the characters married.

No. 249574

this is tinfoil but do you think the translator purposefully translated the recent chapter badly on purpose? Maybe she did it to make Wookyung look worse.

No. 249584

now that ennead is in hiatus i reread it, and season 2 is so weak compared with the 1st one. i've no idea how mojito is going to wrap everything in this season (iirc there were only 2 planned). i miss season 1 seth (and his headdress, srsly) like you wouldn't believe.

nah, the translator doesn't need to mistranslate this shitfest for it to be bad, and she copes with her fanfic and rants

No. 249611

File: 1666460898940.png (151.2 KB, 228x476, 1665688068528974.png)

>Good communicator with a penchant for women and gambling.
oh great, it's ANOTHER show where one of the guys is a fuckboy, like can we please get rid of this goddamn cursed trope? i see enough fuckboys in real life, why the fuck do they need to put them in my escapist fiction too. it reminds me of that other shitty "fujobait" show with the detective and the rich guy who wanted to fuck his female cousin or some shit like that. istg this keeps happening again and again, it's like they don't understand their core audience
anyway this looks like a flop to me and the style is kinda outdated, like it came in the late 2000s, even the great pretender looked better than this

No. 249612

like imagine a yuribait show where one of the girls is described as being "boy crazy", it wouldn't make sense!

No. 249613

Yeah this is exactly the reason for why fanfics and fanart ships are almost always gay. Plus if you are into male characters you almost never get any fanservice either, so fans are inclined on drawing art with their favorite dudes that is cute or sexy because canonically we usually just get tits, characters groping female asses and femme fatales or harem waifu.

Speaking of it I noticed that the same people that get a meltdown everytime a series slightly de-sexualises its female characters are the same that attack artists for drawing lewd male characters, even without anything gay in the pic. Instagram in particular seems to be prone to that shit where people up and get upset for drawing a 2D dude in a sexy pose or something, calling it homosexual and telling you you were destroying their childhood with it.

No. 249615

That trope is actually weirdly popular for some reason. I feel like it's been a million times I've read a fic and out of the blue there's some flashback about an exgf or being tempted by a woman after some drama with the guy he's into. Makes me wonder if the people who are into it just want to be reminded that the guy would ~totally~ still fuck their fat ass if he wasn't chasing man ass right now. It never adds anything to the story whatsoever than to remind the reader that the guy's "bi, actually. wink wink.".

No. 249617

It annoys me too and was one of the reasons for why I couldn't get into that Fuuto Tantei anime that recently aired. I get why people like it, it's also looking great, but some fujos hyped it up and the first thing you see is that one of the two MCs is lusting after the perfect woman that looks like an idol and has a mysterious past who then also joins their team. Nothing wrong with her but I knew the guy would never be shippable with the other dude unless you ignore half of the canon.
>this keeps happening again and again, it's like they don't understand their core audience
Yeah this. I am tired of shows that try to please everyone and get marketed as fujo shows only to make absolutely clear that one of the dudes is TOTALLY horny for every woman he sees to not alienate the het crowd.

No. 249618

kaze to ki no uta realness

No. 249619

it always ruins the romance for me! like okay you had a gf in the past whatever, but how can you sell me a gay ship where one of the leads is two seconds away from cheating on him with a woman? or gets seduced by a woman despite being ~allegedly~ in love with the guy? it's fucking ridiculous. in yoi i didn't mind that yuuri had a crush on yuko at first because the rest of the series has him lusting after victor and it's never brought up again, but many times they add a girl out of nowhere for drama…

No. 249620

Guy on the right has short arms

No. 249622

Can't unsee. What the fuck.

No. 249623

I generally can't stand NTR and romance drama like this. If they want drama why not stick to interpersonal stuff like one guy not opening up or being trustworthy (but not in a cheating way) or having some mental issues or whatever?
Now thinking about it it's weird how often even I have seen stories with the tag "[male character]/[female character] (past)" and I never got the point of it because when I read it it wasn't even relevant outside of the few scenes where the MC brings it up for no reason.

No. 249627

I like when a fuckboy finds love and then bottoms.

No. 249628

I know a lot of shoujo mangas and romance stories in general do this shit where they vaguely hint at NTR and add some random love rivals for the sake of drama because they're out of new ideas lol. it gets worse with BL stories because a lot of authors are into the whole "gay only for you" trope and they love reminding the audience that the character in question is actually straight by tempting him with women

No. 249630

I think the straight-turned-gay trope has great potential and i see why it's appealing to so many fujos (and gay men kek), but it's usually very poorly executed. it's almost always like the narrative forces them to become "gay", which works in pwp/mindless yaoi/rape doujinshi etc but if i read a romance i expect him to genuinely fall in love with a man and in a more believable way, to the point where he has no interest in anyone else

No. 249636

File: 1666464583823.jpg (76.1 KB, 411x600, A21428-2105217615.1537506751.j…)

I like when a character uses womanizing to try to cover that he's actually gay, like Neon Sign Amber. Or when it's used to develop the guy and halfway through the story he realizes womanizing it unsatisfying and he feels like its betraying the person he loves, shit like that.

No. 249647

Lol I was iffy about it but I'm not even gonna try it now. 3rd wheeling women into fujobait shows is so fucking stupid.

No. 249656

you can't even bring up this issue because someone will screech about misogyny when the writers are simply incompetent and can't give the female characters a proper role outside of being part of a love triangle, an ex-gf or someone to seduce the mc. they can't add a female character who isn't in some way romantically linked to them

No. 249664

I hate how many modern shows have this trope of a male MC who is gay for the other male MC, who is into a woman that most likely loves him back.
Saikou Bisco had that as well where one of the MCs even confesses his love for the other dude but of course it happens at a moment when that guy cannot hear it and later he impregnates the sister of the gay guy but the series still goes on with its fujo pandering.

It's worse than generic fujobait because they expect me to get into a show for fujo reasons when the gay character is canonically cucked to begin with. No thanks. I rather watch series with no pandering at all and no romance so that I can at least ship the friends or rivals however I want.

No. 249689

File: 1666478800100.jpg (45.86 KB, 324x450, 57303l.jpg)

Were you guys around when Buddy Complex aired? I remember at first it got sold as a prime fujo show, where the two male MCs had to do "coupling" to pilot the robots. Of course, one of the main characters actually had a female love interest and they absolutely cuck the fuck out of the other guy. I remember looking forward to this so much and being so disappointed.

No. 249690

Oh my god yes, I also watched it when it aired. There was a few episodes of fujobait and then they go full in on the hetero. The finale was entirely about the male mc and female love interest. It was actually a decent het romance but it absolutely targeted fujos with the name and promos and then ignored it the further the show went along. We need gayer mech shows, Promare was my saving grace.

No. 249715

apparently there's going to be a third season, but even then I wonder too since the plot meandered terribly all for the sake of foreign faggot to rape seht. Seth also took a heavy dose of retard pills and I'm left stunned

No. 249771

I like the "bisexuality exists", "don't be biphobic" cope when a fujobait show features a fuckboy character, like you wanna make me believe the creator will portray actual bisexuality and not just bait fujos? bisexuality is not even a thing in japan lmao

No. 249977

>He likes women
I mean, did that ever mean anything, even in BL?

No. 249978

File: 1666563332942.jpg (79.78 KB, 1280x720, ibo.jpg)

Eh, I feel like fujo and yuri fans are fundamentally different. Yuri care about purity, fujos don't.

Half of the BL drama is "straight boy x gay boy" and "can this straight boy fall in love with a man??"

No. 249979

File: 1666563794255.png (170.36 KB, 540x304, tumblr_47846c92a35ab3896c906b6…)

I think it depends on how it's done. T&G for example is a show where a character was married to a woman, but it still feels very gay. Something like the Jewel of Richard has the main character crushing on a female (asexual) character for the first half, but then he moves on.
In general, it's a way for easy, drama. If it's two just two gays, what stops them from getting together asap? But it it's gay guy and a bi dude in the closet, then there is potential for drama.

Reminds me of the millionaire detective show that twitter tried to sell as "So gayy" and then I watched it and it wasn't even homoerotic kek. For this one, we shall sell. Maybe Japanese white suits will finally learn from YoI success and the recent flops of 90% fujo anime and get a clue.

No. 249982

File: 1666563936655.jpg (297.62 KB, 950x1356, 35-Contradict-CH2.jpg)

I think "Oh god am I actually bi?" arcs are cute but rarely done well in BL. :((:()

No. 249987

serious question before i get into a series that will burn me, is idolish7 more fujo-centric or stuck in otome hell

No. 249993

Preach, nonny. I feel like the "buddy cop story about a fuckboy who could be gay for his partner" setting could be its own genre by now because it's been done so many times. It always gets hyped up as the ~so gay~ series of the season but it always ends up disappointing and fades into obscurity because it tried to milk the fujo bucks with really tame pandering but didn't deliver. I actually like the "straight turned gay" trope in BL (but it can be grating and annoying too if not done right) because you know it's going to end up with the main couple being romantically involved, but mainstream series like this end with the couple smiling at each other at most. Fucking Trigger of all studios, the most coomerish one of them all, had the balls to make their male couple kiss, combine to form a heart cloud and basically have the entire soundtrack's lyrics be a love story about them but not one other company can be assed to follow their set example. Everyone saw how well Yuri on Ice did, what's stopping them from pushing the envelope? Homophobic and misogynistic executives is a given but how the fuck doesn't even piles of money persuade them?

>Reminds me of the millionaire detective show that twitter tried to sell as "So gayy"
Kek my point proven because I thought about at least three different series before I was able to pinpoint the show you were talking about. Yeah that was a disaster, my girlfriend was so excited and pushing it on me and I saw a mile away what the deal was going to be. She dropped it at the point the surprise straight shit came about and never talked about it again.

No. 249994

File: 1666565847721.jpg (87.93 KB, 550x768, Housekisho_Richardshi_no_Nazo_…)

>Homophobic and misogynistic executives is a given but how the fuck doesn't even piles of money persuade them?
Good question, but that would require knowing what's in the mind of 70 years old suits. I genuinely just assume they don't want to be associate with (male) homosexuality, just look how gundam has no problem pandering openly to Yuri fans.

This said, I feel like people here may be doomposting this too much. It's an anime original so who knows. Character being a womanizer may be just a way to show the contrasting personality. Het bait and switch is a thing (Richard, YoI) and often leads to pleasant surprise.

But he's hoping JP fujos find their balls (pun intended) and don't support half assed pandering.

To be honest, I also thought it wasn't very gay, probably the worst thing twitter Bl fans tried to push on me.

No. 249997

I'm just reminded of shows like Double decker, Fugou Keiji and Great Pretender that supposedly were "really gay" but around the midpoint of the show it becomes clear it's not going to deliver and everyone immediately forgets about it making the ratings plummet. Like I don't know if Japanese men love shows about a couple that could pass for a BL dynamic just being straight as straight can be or what the target audience is when they drop the ball completely 8 episodes in.

No. 249999

File: 1666566885574.jpg (150.03 KB, 1000x1415, MV5BMmEyNGJhMTUtMGMzNy00NDk4LT…)

This is making me remember K and how fucking huge it got for a while before S2 came long and they completely dropped the ball and lost all their fans which were mostly fujos.

No. 250001

I doubt put DD in this category personally, while not outright gay it did feature a couple of gay sub plots I believe? And there was no romantic plot tumor with any of the girls, heck the female character were actually pretty great if anything and not saddled with unnecessary romance. I do think the main leads weren't very shippable however yes, but I also don't think it was pushing for "Bait and switch". It felt a serviceable buddy cop show that knew that it wanted to be.

>Fugou Keiji and Great Pretender

GP was definitely baiting I agree. One of the writers even said Laurent (was that his name?) was BI, but nothing came out it. Once it moved past the first arc, the two main guys got paired with women.

Fugou Keiji was boring and straight and everyone liked it because they wanted to fuck the MC (Reasonable but it doesn't make for great TV)

What happened to K in the end?

No. 250006

i remember being like 13 and trying to get into this and even dumbass peak weeb me was like "this shit sucks im out"

No. 250008

File: 1666568300485.jpg (45.47 KB, 564x798, 1a2dcb8fcc2ef96cdaaf723a78e949…)

Season 1 was a guilty pleasure of mine, but I never cared to follow up on anything after. I really loved this couple but for some reason it was one of the less popular of the ships. It had some good fujobait but I feel like these days we have a lot better so its not really worth going back to.

No. 250009

Yeah, it's not only dumb but really fucking boring on top of it. Not a good combo.

No. 250012

If it's not explicitly BL it usually just means that the series is a normal het show but throwing in a gay character that ends up alone and thinks this was enough to sell it to fujos, don't fall for this. It's usually worse than just generic baiting with no results, but actual canon het ships or about the other character lusting non-stop for women to make it clear that he is absolutely NOT gay just because his friend is.

The majority of het-onlys and people that get triggered by gays can tolerate a gay character well as long he/she is just the cucked guy that gets shit while the other character and their interest in the opposite gender (usually m->f) is in the focus. Basically what >>249771 said.

If you want to see the worst example in anime history for this type of show watch Kado.

No. 250013

I'm just saying a generic character description isn't enough to determine if a show is gay or not. Like people claiming YoI was going to be straight because MC had a crush on Yuuko

No. 250015

Yeah that's for sure. I think people here rather complain about their experiences with this genre so far rather than the show itself.
It's a bummer and I am skeptical, but I will surely give it a few episodes. Though personally, if bi, I prefer the trope with the lost ex or dead wife. TaB and Samurai Flamenco worked perfectly with that. I hope it's not playboying without development because that's a trait that can legit be annoying. In some cases it feels shoved in to clarify that the characters are absolutely not gay even if it's two male mains and serves no other purpose.

No. 250021

yoi was a bit different though? the whole yuuri has a crush on yuko was used to bait the audience because in the same episode it's revealed that surprise! she's already married with 3 kids and yuuri's crush on her is never brought up again

No. 250030

File: 1666573442235.png (770.7 KB, 707x1000, 754f565f400040ac7de8c0bfa217df…)

>Samurai Flamenco
GOD I miss that show so fucking much. Definitely one of the craziest cases of fujobaiting, managing to somehow have a marriage proposal in the show but have the shows creators completely deny anything gay is happening. So bizarre but so iconic.

No. 250031

File: 1666573590737.png (82.5 KB, 300x200, Kurata.png)

The Kurata shitposting on /a/ afterwards was pretty funny.

No. 250032

in retrospect yoi did have a bunch of hamfisted het shit that you don't even see in the average sports series like yurio having a crush on yuko because mommy issues or whatever, mila having a crush on otabek (and that was after they developed otayuri so it was a shitty move), that italian guy obsessed with his sister who was hitting on the korean guy, jj and his fiancee etc i think people didn't really pay attention to it because of victuuri
that's why i hope they never release the movie, since it's about victor's past and i can see them introducing an ex gf

No. 250033

That picture is permanently embedded into my brain lmfao

No. 250034

oh btw i think the mila thing was after the show ended and it was like super irrelevant info that made absolutely no sense to me. you're gonna bait otayuri then claim mila is into otabek out of nowhere? i wasn't even big on otayuri but i don't trust kubo for that

No. 250036

Agree it's one of the shows I will forever remember. Need more of such unhinged crazy creative projects that give no shit. The plot was even cool as shit IMO, just absolutely not what everybody expected at first. I also miss the discussions. Most stuff on /a/ isn't getting active threads anymore if it isn't battle shounen/isekai/waifu coomer shows. SamFlam is the only anime one of my best friends ever bothered to buy the BDs of, he must have been one of the 500 or so sadly I remember it wasn't selling well in JP. Guess guillotine gorilla really filtered the majority out lol.

No. 250038

>that's why i hope they never release the movie, since it's about victor's past and i can see them introducing an ex gf
I never thought about this. I don't think it will happen but it surely not be the first time that a gaybait heavy series would pair them up in a movie that airs ages later all of a sudden, even if it's a prequel.

No. 250041

the reason why i can see it happening is because in one of the earlier episodes victor asks yuuri if he had any lovers and then he makes a sad expression while thinking about his past. could be just me looking too much into things, but it's already implied that victor had some sort of tragic backstory kek

No. 250050

>and then he makes a sad expression while thinking about his past
No you are perfectly right, I totally forgot about that scene and wondered as well back then. Yeah I can 100% see them doing this. Now if I was wearing a tinfoil hat I would even speculate on whether a canon het romance for a gay(ish) series was the point of debate that is one of the causes for the constant delay of it, considering that it was largely the basically/almost canon gay ship that caused the huge uproar and hype for that series. A het romance would risk to destroy that hype and it might very well be the case that they did not expect people to get so infatuated with the main ship when they were still producing the tv series. But that's just silly theories.

I am not sure how to feel that I have a legit reason for not wanting the movie to happen now because you are right. And because most movies that air only ages after the tv series happen to be shit and the type of stuff most fans choose to forget.

No. 250085

"Victor will have an ex gf in the movie"-schizo anon please stop, you need to let this go. You bring this doomer shit up in literally every thread with no other basis than "this is just how I see it" whenever Yuri on Ice is mentioned. Him making a sad expression could just as well be because the breakup with his old lover was traumatizing, or because he died, or because he was abusive, or just whatever else than "because it was a woman and mappa is just making a fool of us all". I legitimately do not understand where you came up with this wild theory of them absolutely giving Victor a girlfriend and much less I don't get why it bears so much repetition when the original series was so undeniably gay and Victor has never shown any signs of being the slightest amount of heterosexual.

No. 250087

File: 1666595883710.jpg (614.08 KB, 882x1020, untitled2.jpg)

I refuse to believe the author and artist for Getbackers aren't touched with gay. Then they got a fujo artist to do the anime art.

No. 250088

how about you stop calling posters with valid concerns "schizos"? i see it bothers you everytime the discussion in the thread gets more negative. if you don't like it then change the subject

No. 250089

Yeah, I agree. What a weird angle. And the anon complaining about the
series having female characters, no shit, it's a sport anime about adult.

It feels like topic is constantly on doom and gloom. We know the YoI writers support the main relationship and fought censorship for it, do I don't see why anons are bothered by the fact the series also features other relationships?

No. 250090

the writers have never confirmed victuuri are lovers

No. 250095

Re read what I wrote and also watch the show

No. 250096

Sayo specifically referenced the fact she had to fight censorship to get the infamous episode 6 scene, as people tried to stop her from all side.

No. 250098

She's right though, obsessing over an imaginary girlfriend in a movie that doesn't exist it's too schizo behaviors.

No. 250105

The manga's writer is straight and has an adult daughter at least but he also gave us gay fanservice in Fire Emblem Fates so I'll forever be grateful.

No. 250117

did china really kill the danmei scene? i can't express how much i dislike those shitty live adaptations, the ccp was willing to ignore the danmei fandoms until BL dramas became too popular and overshadowed het dramas. ALSO FUCK XIAO ZHAN YOU COWARD PUSSY SLAVE DESERVED TO GET BULLIED MORE i still like him in untamed but i don't want to ever see his face outside of it

No. 250118

I don't even understand what the problem of him having an EX-gf is. He could be bi or not out yet back then. She would be an EX not current gf. There would be no issue whatsoever.

No. 250127

Holy shit what's this obsession with the ex. Someone once said that companies don't need to no homo stuff because fujo do it themselves and I'm starting to agree.

No. 250130

What would be no homo about having an ex-gf and a current male partner?

No. 250138

Think fandom is generally in a more dire situation there than 5 years ago. A lot of Chinese fans move to twitter per VPN because they try to get rid of gay fandoms on the Chinese part of the net and they search for a place to post in peace. There was this huge drama with AO3.

No. 250144

fuck yoi and its fans i hope they get no movie and viktor marries a woman

No. 250146

So no movie but still more plot? Kek how?

No. 250147

can you guys start saging your posts

No. 250151

I don't get the issue. I don't think they plan to insert a romance with a former gf for the movie but even if I understand both sides. Makes sense being wary of this but I also think that what matters is the status quo which is Victor/Yuuri, even though we will probably never see it on screen again. By now I also doubt that this movie will ever come. I hope it does, but it seems like even the studio itself has forgotten about it.
Maybe I am wrong though. Curious to find out what will be released sooner, the YoI movie or the Pluto anime that I am also eagerly waiting for, for like 7 years by now.

No. 250154

There's no need to hope for it, we're not getting a movie anytime soon. Thanks MAPPA!

No. 250164

Anon you're nearing /a/ scrote levels of denial saying this. Of course they're not going to say they're lovers outright because that would mean losing sponsors because of the homophobia in Japan. There's a good chance that the movie is stuck in development because they pushed their luck with the original series making it very on the nose with how Victor and Yuuri's relationship was and are refusing to back off about it.

Seriously, what's with the reoccurring anon in this thread always having a weird hateboner for YoI ranting about how bad it is and how Victor will totally have a girlfriend in the movie with nothing to show for this claim? How could someone be so personally offended by the show they have a vendetta 6 years later?

No. 250212

Already made this post in another thread but tagging it here too incase a fujo translator sees it >>250211

No. 250263

Does he bang the father?

No. 250265

yeah, linking the summary from previous thread >>240392

No. 250297

File: 1666656242212.jpg (31.04 KB, 347x464, spoonfeed me slash help a girl…)

I never come here but was wondering if those of you who are harry potter fans could rec me some fics, specifically long fics with plot that are lupin x snape or harry x draco. I know all the good places to find snupin, just interested in what others are reading. As for the drarry, I never cared about the students much in terms of romance, but this was the only pair I thought might get interesting.

There's actually a drarry one I was reading ages ago that had snupin going on in the bg amazingly. It made harry have an actual personality, and used his ability to talk to snakes to get pet snakes that do his bidding. If by any chance in hell someone knows this story, I'd love to give it a try again.

Some people in the HP thread don't appreciate these discussions so I just came here first btw

No. 250298

KEK idk why this reply killed me nonna

No. 250315

god praying someone has some recs too, missed reading fics

No. 250485

File: 1666725563195.png (594.56 KB, 700x497, C79976C-N1749862N-1.png)

Recommend me twins x Uke storys NOW

No. 250486

File: 1666725626280.jpg (87.05 KB, 663x1200, E9ibaAHXsAEAhRM.jpg)

What the fuck did i just read

No. 250487

File: 1666725985899.jpg (Spoiler Image,112.96 KB, 600x1107, 363867_16209661.jpg)

tldr there is literal piss play pissing on each other in this story and some of the characters are hermaphrodites and change their genders.

This feels like it was written by a coomer moid trying to cash in some money by milking fujo genre.

No. 250488

File: 1666726007591.jpg (Spoiler Image,97.02 KB, 600x1112, 315728_25148384.jpg)

i laughed

No. 250489

File: 1666726051744.jpg (Spoiler Image,78.84 KB, 600x1107, 315728_25148413.jpg)


No. 250493

I thought it was his own father, disappointing. Does anyone have any good father/son incest rec?

No. 250498

Yep, definitely coomer moidshit. Dime a dozen on MRM, geikomi is filled with weird fetish smut.

No. 250499

I was never the same after watching this anime. It's a masterpiece and I'm still mad it's so underrated. The last fujobait anime I watched that was equally crazy was Sarazanmai.

No. 250500

its on lezhin, the author seems like a degen but they are not a moid, they just have fucked up fetishes.
I feel like the author tried to fit too many kinks into the story that the story just becomes meh or bizarre instead of hot.

No. 250501

File: 1666728790212.gif (14.26 MB, 640x468, bjork-paparazzi.gif)

>that italian guy obsessed with his sister who was hitting on the korean guy
That shit was funny as fuck, they were all mentally ill. Also FUCK JJ, Otabek should have received the bronze medal, fuck JJ and his retarded tramp stamp, I hope his soon to be wife will divorce his ass in the non-existant movie.

No. 250503

to me it looks like they were just throwing whatever shocking shit they could think of together for the sake of it. either to be edgy or hope for meme popularity. like I don't feel any genuine passion in those pics. I realize artists have various degrees of talent but usually you can tell when they're genuinely into something.

No. 250526

Sarazanmai wasn't fujobait though, it was made explicitly clear that Reo and Mabu are a romantic couple (elaborated even further in the prequel manga) and even Enta had a legitimate crush on Kazuki. Fujobait alludes more to the series teasing two male characters in situations that could be interpreted as romantic but pulls out at the last minute. Not being categorized as outright BL doesn't mean it's not gay, it just means it centers around other themes than a M/M romance.

No. 250527

>fuck JJ and his retarded tramp stamp, I hope his soon to be wife will divorce his ass in the non-existant movie.
kek I love this mini rant, yeah agree fuck JJ.

No. 250529

true sarazanmai wasn't fujobait

No. 250538

Sure, but the gay couple wasn't the main one. I wasn't sure which word to use for that one. This also apply to Samumenco anyway, idgaf if the director was backtracking, Masayoshi and Goto were gay for each other and Masayoshi even thought about whether Goto was a virgin or not. Don't get me started with Goto being such a huge schizo he was texting himself about how he's starting to like Masayoshi more than his gf.

No. 250547

Sarazanmai was technically speaking more ballsy (on screen sexual confession, unambiguous, they both live) but it didn't make wave, and side character being gay is generally more accepted than main characters. Samumenco was more ballsy, but also a lot of people back then argued "it was just a joke, it's not actually gay"

It's everything you dislike moidshit here kek Just wait until you find out fujos can be in stuff like GK

No. 250548

I keep seeing old school fujos having some sort of weird "mommy" kink (like giving one half of the pairing the bangmaid role to uwu the other half and give him milk) these days, is this what our generation has fallen to? you wouldn't hear anything of the like 10 yrs ago. it's one thing to hear a character call another "wife", but i see too many fans (the LESBIAN ones in particular) projecting their weird desires on them
I guess that nona who said everyone self-inserts to some degree, even fujos, had a point

No. 250550

forgot to add most of these lesbian fujos i know scrunch their nose at anything het which makes their behaviour even more bizarre. reminds me of the omegaverse folks in a way

No. 250552

I don't recall ever seeing this.

No. 250558

I don't think they run in all circles and they're clearly overshadowed by aidens and trannies kek

No. 250559

File: 1666738369251.jpg (441.91 KB, 1648x2048, FXFartzWQAAO_nD.jpg)

I think someday I'll make a blog or neocities to list the manga, anime and games with gay shit or fanservice just to keep up with what I already played and read, and what I have in my backlog.

No. 250561

So this is an English twitter thing? That explains why I've never seen it.

No. 250564

yes english twitter of course! but i know this gojo/yuuji artist who only draws yuuji with balloon tits

No. 250618

i don't know of that specific fic but i have lots of drarry bookmarked. do you have any specific things you like besides long + plot?

No. 250715

Nta that asked, but I'm also looking for drarry fics, particularly ones that portray draco like the spoiled brat he is, no 'woe is me, my rich father is too strict, therefore my childhood was abusive' or ones that have the writer trying to make him into this suave bad boy Casanova. Also ones that are passably written in British English, with no Americanisms (biggest pet peeve that will make me stop reading any HP fic, unless it's a masterpiece in terms of plot) Read very few drarry fics so far.

No. 250716

I've thought about doing the same thing, only I'd do little reviews as well.

No. 250723

How have you been homophobe-chan, now kindly fuck off with your shit bait

No. 250725

Technically speaking out of three main characters one was in love with the other, of course he got friendzoned but at least they kept Reo and Mabu canonically homosexual and didn't kill them off. Ikuhara, the series creator, has always included gay characters in his works and even though he's a complete weirdo and a coomer I still forgive him for putting in gay couples just as much as he does lesbian couples.

Related to Samumenco, I wonder how far it would go if it was released today. I feel like Yuri on Ice was groundbreaking in the sense that they made portraying gay couples outside of BL at least an inch more accepted so maybe they would be more courageous in writing a romance between Masayoshi and Goto. Then again I had hopes for Great Pretender too because it was a Netflix production (i.e. more corresponding to the western audience's tastes) with a canonically bisexual character and they fumbled it completely. But on the other hand Devilman Crybaby did go balls to the wall with gay.

No. 250798

I'm not ayrt but can I also ask for some recs? I like canon divergent stuff, slow falling in love fics, and h/c. Pls no AUs, abo or established relationship fics. Luv u nonna

No. 250849


ayrt. Pretty much everything these nonnas said . Great taste.

I prefer stories that happen during the books or right after voldemort is defeated. I'm not interested in the epilogue etc.

No. 250895

While on the topic of fanfics, nonnies please drop your favorite fic regardless of fandom. I’ll start:
Ace Attorney - Klavier/Apollo

No. 251104

File: 1666953429456.jpg (44.57 KB, 540x330, tumblr_a6cfedc3315ab8848a74f1e…)

I think im going through the same thing that Wookyung is going through.
At first i didnt care and just read it for entertainment value but now when im re-reading it , seeing minho cry and in pain makes me feel upset and kinda makes me want to cry too.

No. 251117

That's only because women are conditioned to accept a man's promiscuity and horniness.

No. 251184

File: 1666986405822.jpg (1.1 MB, 2000x2824, FgILxPcacAAOH21.jpg)

No. 251200

I get what you mean.
The story starts out seemingly shallow, like it's just generic yaoi rape porn. Many BL start out like this and then have the uke fall in love with the abuser and eventually forgive the abuse without much of a fuss.
But in this one you start to notice that Minho unexpectedly behaves more like a SA victim would? Like, the futile attempts to regain some semblance of normality in his life, the need to dissociate, the self-isolation, and then straight out self-destructiveness. It starts getting too real, to the point that now you can't stop seeing Minho like a human with actual pain, and not just an uwu uke with an ouchie.
I love it when a story is somewhat self aware like this.

No. 251315

What does it even mean.

No. 251350

File: 1667046815540.jpg (119.3 KB, 916x857, sLVfsYw.jpg)

Mostly Bachira x Isagi and Rin x Isagi, I'm waiting for this fandom to blow up like tokyo revengers and haikyuu so we get more Isagi x Kaiser fan content.
I'm a sucker for obsessive x oblivious ships

No. 251352

File: 1667046893296.jpg (444.42 KB, 1007x1041, eWT1lxK.jpg)

and for the nonnies who don't know Bluelock was made by the same mangaka who made as the gods will it. which has one of my favorite borderline canon bl ships

No. 251394

Don't get your hopes up, it looks like the anime barely made a dent on Twitter

No. 251395

File: 1667056711985.jpg (157.76 KB, 969x1821, miaycest.jpg)

I love gaycest

No. 251401

File: 1667060848986.jpeg (299.34 KB, 2200x2053, FVIvwt7VIAI5Res.jpeg)

Me too sis me too

No. 251403

File: 1667061537414.jpg (121.27 KB, 735x535, e64db4d5aabc1fb7ed934505b768e8…)

Recommendations for military related yaoi? Like, at least one of them is a soldier, preferably both. It can be pwp.

No. 251408

File: 1667064047019.jpg (116.31 KB, 1036x1165, 1647884186600.jpg)

Seconding this. I need more gay soldiers.

No. 251410

File: 1667064488530.png (2.15 MB, 1120x1600, 6bbee56eca64895c822946962e6729…)

I'm dying for more chapters of this one by Yoh Matsumoto there's only a couple translated so far. An american soldier in postwar japan. This hits all the right spots for me.

No. 251429

Any hetalia angst doujin

No. 251431

Fingers in mouth is so hot in theory, but in both het and yaoi it's drawn in such a gross way. The mouth wide open saliva everywhere style is so unappealing to me.

No. 251441

have you read that one yaoi (Kuchi no Naka no Shita) where the guy's erogenous zone turns out to be the roof of his mouth? It's a cute one not the horny dentist one.

No. 251625

File: 1667151952257.jpg (111.5 KB, 982x667, producer_nucarnival.jpg)

After reading NU:C producer's interview and how passionate they are I'm inspired to make my own BL project… in 10 years maybe lol. But seriously, what kind of tropes/character dynamics/settings would you like to see in BL media? One guy multiple love interests, separate couples, something like persona with a heavier plot outside romance etc

No. 251640

Plot outside of romance, long kissing/make out scenes, ideological conflicts between the two (like magneto/Xavier for example), a supporting cast that feels like real people with their own struggles and romances, bl or not, engaging female characters. That's all I can think of now.

No. 251646

File: 1667159197957.jpg (365.56 KB, 1453x2048, FfaaeFQagAAWxkO.jpg)

I feel like the passion for BL is so apparent in NU:C itself. All of the characters are either perfectly played tropes or trope subversions but not in a bad way, in a way that shows the writers' understanding of the genre and probably their own preferences as well. I usually get bored of mobile games quickly but I really like the characters and scenarios so I've kept playing daily since it came out. My only wish is that they would switch up some of the characters' positions a little more. Having a switch MC was the best move (afaik Eiden is actually the most popular character) but I wish some of the other characters would get switch scenes too. They do a good job varying all of the fetishes and positions, but I would fucking kill to see Yakumo or Dante bottom.

No. 251651

Closed threesomes. VNs with multiple good LI/routes (like Hashihime) make me wish this was a more common dynamic.

>ideological conflicts between the two
i second this. bonus points if they reach a middle point or keep their own ideologies, instead of one giving up his beliefs for the relationship

>engaging female characters

women in BL seem to fall into 2 categories: hetbait with the main pair, or supportive handmaiden with no flaws, but also no personality

No. 251658

>engaging female characters
ling wen from tgcf! has her own arc and motivations, no hetbait with the main pair, not a handmaiden

No. 251789

File: 1667223183782.jpg (549.08 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20221031-142908_Ins…)

Is this the end..?

Wtf its so rushed, did the author just get bored of torturing minho and decided to end the story early.

No. 251790

kek, expected but still disappointing. one day there will be an author that will slowly and carefully grow an extremelly unhealthy and violent relationship into a loving, healthy relationship between equals, but that day is not today please be a day in this decade

No. 251792

if i knew this story was going to end so early and rushed i would have never read it. The ending is just random compared to the vibe of the whole story and we need more additional chapters , hope the author gives us more chapters even if the story already ended.

Like we want to see how wookyung and minho will act now that minho has chosen with his own free will to live with wookyung. It makes no sense to end the story now that we are getting to the good stuff.

No. 251793

I would love a series about comrades, maybe in war or other dire times. Not too dark and edgy it should tackle serious themes but have enough funny moments as well.
This is maybe a guilty please of mine that I will witness, but I wish there was a series like that and that it dealt with a non-romance plot and the romance was limited to a good fremeny chemistry and typical baity fujo fanservice, only to make the MC give his goal up to save the other one from death/suicide/insanity at the very end.

It needs to be well written and have good characters to not come off as cheesy but I think it's possible and maybe not even unthinkable to happen in real life. If you are constantly fighting for your life and witnessing friends and enemies die at some point it would make sense to nope out of this, say that you rather prefer to save that other guy after spending so much time with him than risking more and seeing more corpses. Tell the warlords, the treasure hunters, the dream chasers or whatever the goal was related to to fuck off and go away because you realised that being a content nobody without much money but a person you are close to is better than being rich or famous but dead inside or die before even getting there.

No. 251795


No. 251797

File: 1667224565260.png (576.88 KB, 1200x665, COWARD.png)

>now that minho has chosen with his own free will to live with wookyung
WHAT?! i haven't read it yet, but that's the final chapter?! wtaf is the author thinking?! THAT WOULD BE THE BEST PART OF THE STORY! THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO READ! FUUUCK!

No. 251857

I haven't read the whole thing but wtf? Wookyung is a violent psychopath, how does it make sense for minho to want to be with him? Is it a Stockholm syndrome angle? That's the only way it makes sense to me.

No. 251868

Just looked up this cute boy and I am disappointed that he doesn't look nearly as cute in the game. And he doesn't bottom? Very sad.

No. 251890

File: 1667250393521.png (430.19 KB, 1690x1001, image.png)

You stupid bitches need to stop shilling this place on the regularly raided homo threads on /a/
No wonder this thread stank of monkeypox the last few months

No. 251895

Kek fucking idiots. It's not like they blend in though, you can always tell when a faggot or a tranny comes here to talk about his degeneracy.

No. 251896

>Shotafag being mad that women here think shota is moidshit and runs back to a scrote-infested /a/ thread to complain about them
Like pottery

No. 251899

File: 1667253018724.png (3.36 MB, 1080x2220, snek.png)

Aw, I think he's plenty cute ingame though. But it really is a shame he doesn't bottom. I appreciate they wanted to play with tropes, he's almost a classic uke in personality (easily embarrassed, innocent, demure, has a secret dark side) so making him a top was interesting, and I like that he keeps his innocence in the H scenes and lets Eiden sort of be a powerbottom. But I personally also love that type of character as a bottom, so it hurts. Still love him though and would still rec this game, it has a lot of other good things in it.

No. 251907

No fucking way they mentioned fujochan in 4chan, please never do that again. I swear it was the only female board that didn't get constant gross male spam.

No. 251920

You need to leave too and quit projecting your beliefs on everyone else when they've made it clear they do not feel the same way

Someone remember to take the shota sperg part out of the next thread's op

No. 251923

Kek it was fucking obvious that the ones infighting were faggot trannies, their insistence on stirring up trouble and making everyone uncomfortable gave them right away. Most de(/g/)ens here just accept their degeneracy and bring it casually, the need to yell about your fetishes is distinguishably male. Or at the very least a sign of deep autism.
Tbh fujochan was originaly made by /trash/ anons. They're already very welcoming with 4chan rejects.

No. 251924

Btw since this thread was bumped can someone give me unhappy endings/unhappy stories recs? not necessarily angst, just not fluffy wholesome love. Anything edgy optional but encouraged, thanks.

No. 251947

File: 1667274732304.jpg (98.48 KB, 850x749, 1666379290827.jpg)

Fellow RE fujos, what's the best Leon/Chris or Leon/Krauser fic you can think of?

No. 251951

Wtf, I was looking forward to seeing them deal with the aftermath of minho's suicide attemp, and having some character development separately. Like wookyun being a mess and losing his company to his lil brother, minho either rebuilding his life or falling into old habits, maybe discovering unexpected symptoms of mild brain damage caused by the SA.
And then later meeting again and either getting closure or starting over.
There was still good plot to go through, I wonder if something happened with the authors or the publishers?

No. 252241

piggy backing off your comment, YEAH WHERE ARE THE FUCKING CONSEQUENCES? Is this mf so rich his almost murder is just brushed over? fuck this i want one of them to die and the other to snort his ashes

No. 252947

Is fujochan dead? It's been getting more active lately but I haven't been able to access it for like 2 days.

No. 252948

must be on your end.

No. 253202

It's working fine for me, and I see other anons posting there too.

No. 253355

>It's been getting more active
Has it? It's pretty much the same dead shit as ever.
I'm not even sure why it exists, it's literally the same as this site but with less posters and the same rules.
Same obsession with 3d, same discussions ruined because people obsessed what "moids" like. May as well stick to this actually active topic.

No. 253361

I wish the few arguing idiots didn't bitchfight because besides that it was the first homo thread in ages that was lively and didn't get deleted and the anons that stayed on topic were fun to read. The "not /a/" and degeneracy anon usually shuts up if people keep discussing and ignoring him.

No. 253362

How do people even use fujochan it seems to get like one new post per month. Most threads I would like to talk in get one post every three months.
I fully agree to everything you said here, yeah. My favorite lolcow threads are those about a specific anime or game because they have the lowest chance of turning into real life shit and I count caring about what some men like and why they like it as real life shit too. I just want to enjoy my fiction I don't care about the fanbase and most series have enough female fans and artists anyway.

No. 253393

The writing in the last chapter was like a cliché fanfic

No. 253471

File: 1667685417697.png (2.28 MB, 1080x1560, slowdamage.png)

Is anyone else excited for slow damage to come out in english on the 15th? It's my nitro+chiral, the same people who made DMMD/dramatical murder and it was one of my favorite visual novels when I was younger, so I'm pretty excited myself. I hope it's not shit, kek.

No. 253475

Wow I remember when this was first announced years ago. I chose to forget about it because these take forever to be made in English but it's crazy how fast JAST is translating. Do we have to buy a separate download from their site to get it uncensored? That happened with DMMD on Steam if I remember right.

No. 253479

I read almost everything from N+ thanks for mentioning this, would have missed it. Bless JAST and Mangagamer, it felt like a decade when I had to wait for Sekai finishing the TL for Baldr and a few other VNs I was interested in.

No. 253487

File: 1667689919766.jpg (33.17 KB, 735x544, mhmhg.jpg)

Sadistic beauty BL was such a pleasure to read, I can't get enough, now rereading it along with the official translation. Just looking at the handsome and crazy Wookyung gives me serotonin, the artist is simply amazing. Honestly, I would be okay with any ending, this title scratched the right itch, watching grown hot men torture each other is the best.

No. 253491

You will have to buy it on the JAST store to get the uncensored version, as far as I know. Steam hasn't picked it up yet. You can already preordered it on JAST tho and I just ordered mine today. Problem is it is a windows download only? It seems so if you use mac I'm not sure what will happen.

No. 253562

I hope she makes another bl with a healthier pairing in the future.

No. 253592

Kill yourself moid

No. 253617

NTA, but it really is annoying how men are inserted in every discussion here.

No. 253692

Well this is literally a boys love thread

No. 253705

Also nta but it's real obnoxious to be this paranoid over moid infiltration in a genre that already has a 99% female audience. The nonstop sperging about these imaginary moids or girls acting too much like moids in fujoland does nothing but derail active discussion, and frequent attempts at derailing such a topic make you yourself look more like a moid than anyone else.

No. 253879

what other sites do you normally use apart from myrm? im tired of seeing furry porn, western comics and basically pedoshit + full of ads

No. 253880

For single pieces of fan art? I just use twitter these days. You have to find and follow the people that draw what you want though, it's not made for browsing sadly.
Otherwise if you mean doujins the stuff I want barely ever gets anything scanned so I buy them myself every now and then.
Myrm good finding new stuff I am not into yet sometimes though, I don't see any ads there.

No. 253899

Exhentai, which i would recommend using alongside mrm since each have stuff the othe site doesnt. Theres also bl-archive for older japanese scans, some of which werent uploaded anywhere else

No. 253920

And? Bl is for women.

No. 253985

I don't think you understand what that anon was trying to say, the point was that stop worrying about what men think and enjoy stuff because you like it.
By some posters here they legit look like they'd wouldn't read shounen because they perceive it for men (which it, but stories can be enjoyed by multiple people).

No. 254033

File: 1667880661475.jpg (57.71 KB, 600x502, 1493656805566.jpg)

Currently getting off my lazy ass and scanning a 200 page doujin anthology of my OTP out of pure spite that I probably never would have bothered doing otherwise, just because I know the western fandom doesn't like it 'cause age gap (even though they're non-humans with impossible ages but that's nu-fandom for you). Get fucked, babies. Your butthurt may work on others, but backfires on me.

No. 254062

Holy shit I love you. One of the reasons I am drawing a certain guy and gay ship he's part of all time is that the western fandom hated him so much that they started to call fans of him far-righters for no logical reason but them meme'ing a classic villain into being that. So I felt I had to spread positivity or get blocked by those that cannot cope with it. He was one of my few favorites so I would have drawn him regardless, but this gave me an additional motivation.

The best is that you might spread love and actually encounter fans of this ship! Or encourage shy fans to admit their sympathy for them and enjoy drawing them too. It's fiction and chances are high that the haters and anti-shippers defend mass murdering characters somewhere (not that it's bad, it's fictional dudes), so fuck their bias anyway.

No. 254063

I personally only bother uploading to exhentai because MRM is a crapshoot on whether or not mods actually approve what I upload or not. I often like shit with small to nonexistent English fandoms, for example untranslated BL games, and I suspect if they don't know what the source material is they don't approve it even if it's labeled properly in the file name. Possibly because they don't care to have things that won't get them lots of clicks/traffic on their website (would also explain the explosion in furshit since furries are rabid and will click on everything with fur in it). Also apparently they've done trashy things with scanlators' uploads like edited out links on credit pages (makes me suspect the clicks/traffic thing again), and will also cave in and delete doujins/manga if their twittertard commenters cry hard enough about it.

In any case, MRM is shit and I hate that it ended up becoming the "go-to" for BL because retards were too scared/dumb/triggered to use exhentai which has the most uploader-friendly and best tagging system out there.

No. 254175

Mrm definitely doesn't delete credits. They even took out a bad scans when I asked them.Its likely the uploader who did that.

I did notice they are weirdly selective with material, English translated stuff usually always get a pass, but doujins are often ignored if they are not from a popular series.

Ex is probably too niche for the average twitter user and thru don't know how to access it. Admittedly, I do know some people have problems accepting after making an account.

No. 254176

What pairing

No. 254193

Is MRM getting, dare I say, normiefied?

No. 254202

I hate how the western gay fandom is invested with furshitters anyway. I know that it exists in Japan as well, but I never see any of the 700+ artists I follow post any furry but go into whatever discord for any western fandom and you will be flooded with this. And while I know that there are a lot adult and more or less normal furry fans the amount of people who genuinely behave like retards among that fanbase and still self-insert as shadow the hedgehog or a gay genderqueer literal cat with 25 is slightly disturbing.

No. 254207

they ignore my onmyoji doujins. the absolute shitters.

No. 254222

french anons, how do you access mrm? a VPN doesnt seem to work

No. 254223

Move to a less shitty country.

No. 254224

Try using Tor

No. 254231

Surprises France bans this they are so chill about everything else? Is it maybe just your provider or is it a new law?

No. 254233

It's been like that for ages supposedly because there's shota on it, but sites with lolicon are totally ok.

No. 254244


No. 254245

What’s mrm..?

No. 254250

Mormonism Research Ministry

No. 254253

Honestly given the demographic, I wouldn't be surprised if some dumb French tumblrina spammed hysteric complaints and that brought their attention to it.

No. 254258

A friend of mine can access it with a vpn ever since it's been banned here, but I never tried it. Now I just buy competently translated, uncensored BL with my fujobucks.

It's because of shota I guess but as you said there's even worse than that out there. I guess it's because in France manga and anime always had the reputation of being inferior to everything else JUST because it's not French, which is why this pedo piece of shit Polanski is protected here, he's doing artsy movie for pretentious faggots so nobody who's actually important gives him shit. It has that reputation since the 90s and recently far right politicians wanted 18yo students to be banned from buying manga with their 300€ "pass culture" , some sort of grant, because all these kidd are buying manga and nothing else with it and they're seething hard. It's like how people used to say that GTA made kids psychologically unstable and super violent. Fuck Ségolène Royal btw.

No. 254279

File: 1668108164632.jpg (110.03 KB, 640x910, 11111910.jpg)

I love this trend of age gap relationships where the younger one is the top, more assertive, charming and chases the older one who is like "no way i'm gonna fall for this young guy/my student". I know it's still morally bad, but it doesn't feel that predatory to me. Like in pic related, it's not translated, but the teacher is the dark haired guy and his student is hitting on him

No. 254284

I am usually not into it exactly but this pic made me interested. So sad it's not translated.

I think all kinds of relationships can work if they are done right. I also have a weak spot for teacher/student shit tbh. I guess it's pretty typical for women or girls to have a crush on a teacher at some point which is why female authors are more likely to draw series like this. It helps that this manga doesn't make the age gap too obvious. It's not a shota and a teacher, but a guy who looks like the same age, so I assume he is 16-17 maybe? And the teacher a young one in his early 20s or something.

No. 254285

>being so fandom brainrotted that it causes you to act out of spite
Those fans would probably be amused that they made you seethe this hard up until today, not sure if this is a good reason to feel smug about anon

No. 254288

But I openly said that it was just additional spice that made me enjoy drawing them more. He always was my favorite character.

No. 254290

I'm a bit sad because none of my teachers were hot lol I always liked the fantasy of an attractive young teacher, obviously without all the bad implications. What I also like about that pic is the idea of a confident guy who is really popular with girls but who'd rather fuck his male teacher. It's just really hot

No. 254291

I think it's even funnier if the teacher is a virgin or has minimal sexual experience, while his student already has a large body count kek

No. 254388

I started reading it because of these posts and damn, it's really fun. Even without the shipping the concepts and writing are really strong for a shounen, but the ships are icing on the cake. I'm currently really interested in Reo and Nagi. I'm at chapter 69 (ayy) and watching Reo throw a bitchfit after Nagi left him was super funny and interesting. I like seeing such a spoiled character get knocked down a peg buy someone as simpleminded as Nagi knowing how much Reo loves him. I'm curious to see if they'll be able to reconcile after all of this.

If anyone here has any BLLK fics, doujins, or fanartists they like pls rec.

No. 254392

File: 1668141185605.jpg (70.48 KB, 325x400, maidenrose.jpg)

should i give Maiden Rose a shot? I'm very picky when it comes to BL or romance in general and i hope i'm only judging a book by its cover but i dislike how the man with the 3 meters large mouth looks and Taki is the reason why i was always interested in it
is the story good?

No. 254396

File: 1668141821398.png (479.37 KB, 500x595, animesher.com_maiden-rose-hyak…)

Didn't know this had an OVA. I might give it a try. Can sadly not answer your question yet.
>mouth guy
Dammit he could look hot if it wasn't for that stupid mouth and hairstyle. The hair looks from sideways but front view makes it look slightly stupid.

No. 254404

I can only speak for the OVA but imo it was so fucking bad. Has just about every negative BL trope and stereotype you can imagine; teary eyed defenseless uke gets raped repeatedly by sociopathic top because ~love~ or something. I'm not even against this type of story (I love Harada and Nitro Chiral) but it was just so poorly done and felt simultaneously gross and boring and the characters had zero chemistry. I don't remember any of the plot because it was slow and uninteresting to me. There is a chance the manga is amazing and somehow pulls everything together, but the OVA was so shitty to me that I don't want to touch it. I also watched it because I liked how Taki looked and ended up disappointed, you're likely better off with just about anything else.

No. 254406

I know it's not translated, but is there anywhere I can read the jp version?

No. 254412

File: 1668148935444.gif (366.15 KB, 500x598, kek.gif)

Ignore shitty mspaint job.

No. 254419

Holy shit what a difference kek

No. 254468

Sad to hear, there are so few yaoi with historical settings I wish there was more of that instead of the current schoolboy trend.
I loved Winter Cicada a lot.

No. 254494

oh so they accept one now. still no sign of others I submitted days before. just lots of furshit. also they slapped their watermark on one of the pages.

No. 254537

File: 1668206656116.jpeg (330.17 KB, 1600x2000, 163D8942-12D7-4565-A222-7F6497…)

superbat ended up on my tl somehow and i think it changed me as a person

No. 254538

File: 1668206734797.jpeg (Spoiler Image,271.33 KB, 1800x2000, 10259470-0369-4D95-96F9-BF6FC9…)

this is the pic btw, spoilered bc of sexual content.

No. 254547

Tasteful and hot. It kind of bums me out because I really kind of hate how BL started to emulate hentai and a lot of it is disgusting to me now. I wish it all looked more like this instead.

Also uke Batman is based

No. 254665

They're so shippable. I've said this before but capeshit is fujo fuel.

No. 254715

File: 1668295681435.jpeg (321.29 KB, 1467x2048, 22AE583A-87F3-497F-A3B5-E54E5B…)

Haha yeah…

No. 254716

File: 1668296243922.jpeg (142.02 KB, 523x700, 7187A63F-F922-48D9-82DA-DEEAE4…)

pop team epic feeding us kekekekek the fact this was drawn by harada is hilarious

No. 254717

File: 1668296926755.jpeg (332.09 KB, 2048x1305, 5362FDFF-ECF8-4058-B7B5-90FA8D…)

Hell yes

No. 254718

File: 1668297371924.jpeg (186.22 KB, 1200x1438, 90E870DA-81B3-4FA4-87B7-98A3D6…)

My favorite gaslighters

No. 254722

File: 1668300052716.jpg (296.6 KB, 1890x1078, O8owLBN9t5jzi2ot417kLLwutP4kLV…)

Me! N+C is a huge guilty pleasure for me.
I was disappointed with the designs and art direction (comon, the amount of troon or tacky-looking side characters is ridiculous), as well as the main cast besides Towa, but I'm still hyped for how fucked up it'll get. And maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised at how the characters are written.
WHAT? 3D? Do you mean they fixate on real men? That's absolutely mind-boggling. Or, do you mean they complain about males?

No. 254723

they explained it in their post.

No. 254730

Retard moment, but I still don't really understand. I'll just go look at fujochan myself.

No. 254731

they mean it's the same rent-free bullshit from here.

No. 254732

I like Eiji, he looks like a shitty boy.

No. 254763

i can't believe they tried to market vanitas as a fujobait show, it's disgustingly straight to the point i'd rather watch haremshit

No. 254838

never trust anything by jun mochizuki

No. 254843

Now THIS is the gay shit I would have bought the comics for. Not Superman and that pink-haired twink OC.

No. 254844

How could anybody even fall for it? I genuinely wonder if it was even women. To me it felt like it was just male anime fans pretending that women were into it.

I can get into het as well but that romance made me drop the show. You couldn't have a single damn Jeanne scene without her blushing and being all insecure and horny for the guy and Dominique or what her name was also mainly just exist to be the waifu of the other dude.
It's especially disappointing since Jeanne was introduced as the scary fighter and tomboy and the only episode that might feel slightly gay if you wear huge googles was the first one. I would genuinely believe that this manga was written by a man if I didn't know any better. Pandora Hearts was much better in every regard.

No. 254862

I could never get into her work, I read a large chunk of Pandora hearts because my friends at the time were obsessed and shilled it after reading I didn’t get the appeal at all outside of some decent character designs and pretty covers.

No. 254865

I knew it's gonna be het from the start but I felt disgusted by the way both mochizuki and the anime director were trying to pander to fujos. If shoujo fans and moids are your target audience, then go for them? Why are fujos treated like braindead hentai coomers? Some people fell for it because western fans sold it as a gay manga lmao and then they were like "well ackshually they're all bisexual and the het is well written", just give me a break

No. 254883

I don't like this either I swear it only happens with fujos with no other groups.

Same as the many new anime like that new "gay" spyxfamily that looks like a fujo show but then you read the bios and they make clear that one of the MC is a playboy.
Or look at shit like Kado, one of the worst, most aggressive anti-gay shows with gay bait I have ever seen. Make the show all about fujo pandering including a confirmed gay dude who is into MC and then force in the magical girl with episode 8/12 or something, pair her up with the MC, turn the bishounen who is probably gay too into a psychotic villain and kill him, undo everything the series achieved before plotwise (like saving humanity from starvation and war because that's evil now) and force the gay nice guy to babysit the kid of the guy that cucked him with the space waifu.

Yeah fuck it, not saying we need canon pairings but the fujo baiting and advertising for openly het shows annoys me.

No. 254892

How tf does spy x family look like a "fujo" show? Almost all the promo pics are Anya, Loid, and Yor together as a family.

No. 254893

No I mean another anime this is why I called it gay SxF. Forgot the name but P.A. Works announced an original with two guys who are cops or spies that adopt a little girl so it looks like a show riding on the hype SxF has caused but it's meant to pander fujos instead.
The thing is just that one of two dudes is described to be a woman lover that chases every hot lady in the down and he is also addicted to gambling so my fujo related expectations are low. It will probably be another show where one character is gay but the series makes it clear that he is friendzoned forever because they don't want to lose the mainstream audience either.

No. 254895

>reading comprehension

No. 254919

File: 1668376466890.gif (5.04 MB, 640x360, 1658838367474.gif)

I liked what I read of it but the scenes between Vanitas and Jeanne were so obnoxious I was shocked they even existed. Jeanne only exists to be kawaii uguuu after looking like a bad bitch for 5 pages at most and I have no clue how she's supposed to be relevant. It's like if Sakura in Naruto was there but only to make out with Sasuke instead of being friendzoned by him in semi funny ways.

No. 254933

I feel somewhat crazy because I never saw Vanitas as a fujo show nor did I ever see it marketed as such.

No. 254960

i definitely feel like it tried to give off that vibe. i only watched a few eps befotre dropping it out of boredom but i remember thinking the opening was trying to fujobait bc it focused only on the two main characters fucking around in paris and you got the impression they had a significant relationship with eachother.
i actually did see a few people online being like 'this is very obviously bait', but on the flipside i saw a few people feeling genuinely disappointed lmao

No. 254961

true. I overlooked him and his cute shit eating grin because I'm not normally into the super boyish/sporty types.
kek this is such a blast to the past. I remember many, many years ago when it was first coming out paying to read the chapters because I was a Pandora fan and ended up dropping it.
do you suspect that the mangaka was trying to pander on purpose to guys and it failed, therefore the anime tried backpeddling? It's been an issue with what basically is shoujo manga being rebranded as shounen.

No. 254962

>many years ago when it was first coming out paying to read the chapters because I was a Pandora fan and ended up dropping it
Same here lol. It's crazy how well Pandora worked for me, the designs, characters, relationships, setting everything. And then this came and it did nothing to me. Even after watching all of the anime till the best parts I still don't care.

No. 255010

Did they? Im pretty sure only twitter though it was fujo, trying to convince themselves the leads are bi or whatever.

It reminds me how that anon talked how the concept of "Headcanon" changed in recent years

No. 255011

This topic won't like it, but it's true a lot of fujo are self hate morons who keep setting for less.

Honestly I doubt it. It's either both are gay or neither is. I expect weird friendship with some homoeroticism.

No. 255012

Holy shit are you me. PH was one of the first anime I fell in love.
Read it and dropped, honestly I was annoyed yo the gay bait and switch after the first chapters

No. 255015

File: 1668423877825.jpg (35.08 KB, 500x417, pdora.jpg)

im never going to get over rereading pandora hearts and having the focus be on oz, alice, and gilbert when i wish pic related had way more appearances and not that shitty ending. RIP. the body snatching bit annoyed me too.

No. 255049

Does anything fucking happen anymore in 19 days besides imagining how rich people live wish fulfillment and guys beating the shit out of each other

No. 255051

does that shit keep going? i dropped it years ago kek

No. 255052

This post is mildly amusing when you don't know that 19 days is a manga.

No. 255072

Yeah I was so disappointed by it too. I loved Pandora Hearts but this is just shit and I couldn't care less about the plot. I'm not even someone who exclusively reads bl, after all I read Pandora as well and loved it, but this one is just SO focused on the hetero romances that it has become annoying. Every girl character is there to drool over and blush at the sight of their designated guy, and the guys go from having gay-ish deep moments (Vanitas and Noe dancing, them strolling around Paris solving shit, Noe and the dead brother/best friend) to blushing and having awkward (bordering on embarassing because they really are a lot) hetero moments with characters they have no chemistry with. Jeanne must be some kind of self insert because liteally every character wants to fuck her but she's also supposed to be this shy but scary and powerful being everyone wants to stay away from?? She feels like a mary sue to me.

>Or look at shit like Kado, one of the worst, most aggressive anti-gay shows
Oh my fucking god the waste that was that anime. So many episodes spent to build up the MC and this hot alien guy's relationship only to insultingly introduce the asspull waifu who somehow happens to also be an alien and they fuck of course. They could have explored on the complex/toxic obsession of the alien or the things he offered more and find a way to make MC reason with him but nope, put the mary sue waifu there, have him fuck her, they have a fucking daughter and they defeat the "evil" guy that gave them infinite energy and food.

No. 255073

> put the mary sue waifu there, have him fuck her, they have a fucking daughter and they defeat the "evil" guy that gave them infinite energy and food.
Wasn't she some yumejo staff member's unironic self-insert? Could've sworn I saw talk of that when it aired but I wasn't following the show so I skimmed over discussion.

No. 255089

If that's the case then it would explain how bad her character and plot twist were compared to how the more complex topics between the alien and the MC were handled. I can't believe people are allowed to throw self inserts into a show and ruin it.

No. 255091

>Oh my fucking god the waste that was that anime. So many episodes spent to build up the MC and this hot alien guy's relationship only to insultingly introduce the asspull waifu who somehow happens to also be an alien and they fuck of course. They could have explored on the complex/toxic obsession of the alien or the things he offered more and find a way to make MC reason with him but nope, put the mary sue waifu there, have him fuck her, they have a fucking daughter and they defeat the "evil" guy that gave them infinite energy and food.
Don't forget the gay simp was forced to raise his daughter and was even insulted after the fact (despite being the girl's actual father in a sense)

No. 255097

I'm glad I never watched this show. What a dumpster fire. How was the gay simp foster dad insulted, just wondering?

No. 255102

It legit felt like someone was hijacking the show because it's not only the gay part that's fucked, the entire series was building up to be the best anime dealing technological advancement brought by aliens willing to cooperate and help humanity to solve crises in a rational way and the MC's part was to discuss the pro- and cons with the alien.
It was FINALLY an anime that didn't force the stupid "technology = bad, suffering = good because it makes us human" meme that you see in almost every sci-fi anime in some way. The alien dude was also rational and trying to sell his stuff to the humans while being mindful of their fears.

And then suddenly they go all "nope, gayness and technology BAD", switches the genre and turns into one of the worst shitshows I have ever seen and I cannot view it as anything but anti-progress anti-gay propaganda for how blatant and bad it was. And yeah the gay dude was punished for being gay. He wasn't just forced to watch his crush marry and impregnate a magical alien girl (who is also a god) but he had to raise their kid for 16+ years alone to save humanity or some shit.

No. 255133

Do you tend to like both characters from a ship equally or are you mostly focused on one of them you want to see being loved (or getting ravaged) by the respective other guy?

No. 255134

depends on the pairing. the couple times I did like one guy significantly more, I eventually ended up liking both of them similarly.

No. 255136

File: 1668479035791.jpg (635.36 KB, 1280x1670, tumblr_nec8cxqt6E1qzx1bko1_128…)

I shipped them so hard back when Mass Effect was more popular. They had such a small but awesome fanbase who wrote novel-length content of lore surrounding them and they had awesome fics and art and I cannot remember a single bad experience with anybody who shipped them. I also found one of my best friends there who happened to be one of the fans involved creating stories for them.
I love these two ruthless aliens and their special OPs missions (and the tragic story).

I never assumed that the show would contain anything gay but I wished it would. The characters and designs were great. Generally a show I enjoyed quite a lot, would take more decent action comedy anime that aren't ecchi/isekai/harem shit.

No. 255143

I usually like the more dominant guy in the relationship

No. 255148

I miss when it focused on the two blonde guys and not the asshole black haired guy and the delinquent. I find them really boring, the blonde guys were cuter.

No. 255151

Basically the daughter he sacrificed 18 years of his life to raise in a time cube didn't consider her his father, or the other character laughed at him considering himself the girl's father, can't remember

No. 255169

speaking of fujobait the heck is fujimoto doing with chainsaw man? i'm a bit anxious about how many BL tropes he's throwing at yoshiden, this has to be bait and it's gonna crash and burn. it's TOO ON THE NOSE

No. 255170

Denji's entire personality is skirt chasing. Fucker even refuses to shake hands with men. Only an idiot would fall for yoshiden bait.

No. 255177

To fair this us the dude who subverted the shounen romance shit with Makina

No. 255178

yeah i know it's bait and a very obvious one, but why exactly is he putting this in his aggressively scroteish manga? i know a lot of girls including pick mes love csm and thirst after makima (shit taste) but it annoys me that every mangaka these days wants fujobux but none of them are willing to deliver

No. 255179

>it annoys me that every mangaka these days wants fujobux but none of them are willing to deliver
>these days
nonna pls, fujobaiting in shonen manga is almost as old as the genre itself.

No. 255181

not really, most shounen focus on the relationship between male characters not to bait fujos, but to make it more relatable to their young male audience. young boys usually enjoy seeing rivalries and friendships, and i doubt big shounen magazines give that much of a shit about their female readers. for instance i don't think someone like horikoshi is trying to bait fujos, he like many other shounen authors is simply just shit at developing his female characters

No. 255185

File: 1668512393638.png (Spoiler Image,397.42 KB, 556x624, FX2fRAaWAAAiAKO.png)

im gonna miss this story.

No. 255186

File: 1668512416399.jpg (8.13 KB, 188x269, images.jpg)

this was the novel art for the kangs yeesu

No. 255187

File: 1668512514794.jpg (226.48 KB, 800x800, 3df4bdaa576e4.jpg)

No. 255188

Not everything is some master plan to get fujos, maybe hi and the editor though it would be fun.
Also about "delivering", jump manga couldn't write gay shit even if they wanted it

No. 255189

i hope the novel is better than the webtoon. the idea is fun, but the art and pacing are trash

No. 255200

yeah there is not much you can cram into a webtoon which is why webtoon adaptation of novels always tend to be rushed.

No. 255202

Not reading csm but I feel like the baiting got worse, both in the sense of how obvious they try to get fujobucks and how obvious it is that it means nothing. There are so many blatant het series I see in recent times where they shove in some obvious gay teasing even if the male and female character have sex on screen and it annoys me. I cannot imagine that anybody cares and falls for this so what's the point? Do they think fujos are so dumb that they believe some sudden teasing meant that the mal MC might cuck the main girl when half of the series was about that very romance?
Maybe if a series gets axed and the mangaka takes revenge I can imagine that happening, otherwise I rather not see it at all since it akin making fun of people that would be into gay ships.

No. 255205

yeah nothing can come out of it anyway, especially now with all the baby propaganda in japan

No. 255208

Blame nip fujos who unfortunately DO fall for it and still support scrote manga like CSM just because there are a few good looking guys ir fujobait like AkiAngel

No. 255216

>Do they think fujos are so dumb that they believe some sudden teasing meant that the mal MC might cuck the main girl when half of the series was about that very romance?
Are we pretending fujo aren't often massive cucks who support and finance authors who hate them?

No. 255219

This is kind of off-topic but has any of the breeder propaganda shit shown signs of working? Most of the romances just seem sort tacked on with no effort in writing the girls as interesting characters.

No. 255221

>subverted shounen romance
I don't understand what people mean when they say this. He didn't subvert shit, he literally has a fetish for powerful and cruel women.

No. 255230

File: 1668534979100.png (114.86 KB, 549x466, tomino.png)

What's your favourite Gundam?

No. 255240

I don't read csm but I'm a slut for fujobait. Can I get some context please?

No. 255243

>regular fujo artist gets maximum 10-20k likes
>posts het art, suddenly viral with 50k or even 100k likes
I know it's dumb to be mad over this, but I've seen this happen to so many talented fujo artists where like 90% of their BL art (from multiple fandoms not just original stuff) is mostly ignored by the masses but as soon as they post het everyone gushes over them. It's no surprise many of them switch from BL to general art because they gain more attention that way but is it really impossible to make a career as an artist with only BL? Like do you only have 3 choices, shoujo, shounen or full hentai??

No. 255292

most people don't like bl

No. 255293

They are sadly the other extreme. The western fanbase is too bitchy and attacks authors over harmless shit which is bad but smiling and supporting it and pretending it was super gay when it's aggressively het is stupid too.

No. 255295

I see some Golden Kamuy or Jojo art go up to 30k or something sometimes, single pretty dudes can reach 50k or more if done by an artist with large follower base so I think you can get some good numbers somethings but yeah, I am not following moe and such but wouldn't wonder if it would regularly get higher numbers while being much, much easier to draw. And everything involving coomers doesn't need background or any interesting motifs or poses.

If you just want to be popular the easiest thing is to just draw anime girls and nothing else. Will be easier too so that's why some artists do it.

I am honestly glad that unlike the west where almost every no-name artist wants to become a professional and make money with art Asians and Eastern Europeans I see rarely do this and just draw what they love. I too have so much more fun drawing my boys or my niche ships than anything that would get me ten times the likes so I stick with this. The money isn't worth it anyway, you need like 10h-30h for a picture but what you get with comms or merch you sell are pennies.

No. 255298

File: 1668554550121.jpg (489.53 KB, 900x1280, 20150827_211738 (900x1280).jpg)

I was so happy when I read this the first time. I have heard the same coming from creators involved in the Transformer franchise. Most male fans only cared about the toys and or asked about shitty badass crossovers that make no sense but that they wanted to see so that their favorite toylines would do cool pew pew together.
Meanwhile women were interested in the comics and cartoon lore and the characters. A long-time male fan who happened to be into the stories said the same to me.

I am glad they acknowledged that with the IDW comics and the many gay pairings that must have caused a lot of strokes among the male boomer fanbase.

No. 255299

>this us the dude who subverted the shounen romance shit with Makina
Chainsawmutts are so braindead. I know we've discussed akiangel here before but I didn't expected one of my lc fujo sisters to start tapdancing this hard for this scrote trash manga

No. 255301

In terms of Tomino Gundam, I had a blast watching Zeta and shitposting on /m/ (4chins) back in the day. This was like a little over 10 years ago. I also loved the characters and world building in Turn A.

For non-Tomino Gundam, I liked 00 the most. Still makes me lol that they got Yun Koga (of Loveless fame) to do the character designs. It got so many doujins back in the day it isn't funny. Still follow one artist who's been into it since it aired and still tweets about it daily. Some keks were had when something she often writes in her doujinshi/fanart basically became canon in the stage play, and half the fandom immediately thought of her and @ed her when it was revealed.

No. 255305

>and half the fandom immediately thought of her and @ed her when it was revealed.
I love when such things happens lol I love such fans. Other fans someone @ed me when someone is drawing my rare pair or the artists do it themselves because by now everybody knows that I am that one guy that likes these niche characters. I am sure that at least five or so would @ me if one of them should ever re-appear again in the franchise I follow and it's great to know that.

I didn't watch any of the recent Gundam series I should catch up again. The only one I tried is the Witch that airs right now but it was the first Gundam in ages that I dropped. Even BL pandering aside I didn't like the characters and it felt like a kindergarden drama to me.

No. 255309

File: 1668560686069.jpeg (413.63 KB, 1356x1013, 26A04160-6E9B-4E5C-9F1A-12EF4C…)

The funny thing about CSM 2 is Fujimoto recently saying he read and recommends the BL Sleeping Dead. Some people already commented about their similarities when CSM 2 began, like the design of the MC and the way she “died” at the beginning of the series. Her friend also reminded me of the scientist from Sleeping Dead, they’re both homely nerds who want to support their friend and murder bullies.

I don’t really see Fujimoto intentionally making fujobait content but I really, really think he found a handful of visuals and story elements in SD that he has tried mixing into his own moid storytelling.

No. 255310

File: 1668561020971.jpg (38.53 KB, 285x400, 51l3unxjnil1399431160.jpg)

Reminds me how Satoru Noda talked about enjoying the BL story Yuki to Matsu. Though with Noda it's not really surprising, but I am still glad that there are some male mangaka that read BL and aren't afraid of saying so.

No. 255370


Same I liked when it was just two best friends and one realizing he loved his bff and the other accepting him and loving him in his own way
The other pairing is just so lame I’m sorry

No. 255371

You know very well if that Chainsaw was written as normal shounen Power would have been a love interest and Makina would legit have been into Denji, instead of his creepy groomer.

No. 255376

akiangel is a horrible boring ship too, and so is yoshiden I don’t understand why people are also praising this gross scrote for “subverting expectations” or whatever when he’s just your typical coomer scrote and also has included trannies in his mangas

No. 255386

it's not just lc, weebs praise fujimoto to hell and back and then you start csm and it's just some low iq scrote chanting boobs boobs boobs but it's considered deep writing because makima is an evil girlboss who doesn't actually love him wow

No. 255390

>and also has included trannies in his mangas
he's also friends and had a collab with toda oto and he recommended his oneshot about a tranny chopping her tits off

No. 255395

are there any other women here who like bara? I would ask on fujochan but i'm too scared

No. 255402

Yes, seeing golden kamuy fandom. Neither this place or fujochan are good to discuss it, everyone here just flips if your tastes don't 100% align with their (see the people flipping at anons enjoying CSM)

No. 255403

File: 1668593611801.jpg (479.99 KB, 1499x1999, THE BEAR 1 (8).jpg.jpg)

Bara is irredeemably disgusting to me. Moid gaze content made for moid tastes blegh ugh

Here is some eye bleach for anyone scarred for life by the word Bara

No. 255404

no one has a problem with golden kamuy and plenty of nonas here prefer more masculine guys, but it really depends on what type of bara do you exactly like cause some of it is VERY extreme so of course most of us wouldn't want to see that lol

No. 255406

Liking beefy/masculine guys doesn't correlate with liking bara. Its a defined aesthetic that intentionally puts people off. Its Tom of Finland but as an entire genre and in Japanese, by moids and for moids.

No. 255407

>says bara is ugly
>posts a 3dpd junkie rat
makes sense

No. 255409

>Dislikes bara
>Cleanses us with ugly 3d shit

GK is bara as fuck though. Drawn by a man, body hair, muscles everywhere

No. 255419

Our lurking 3dpd faggots (male) will probably say yes. Bara is disgusting.

No. 255421

Depends tbh, mentaiko tier stuff is okay but i cant take excessively hairy guys or retarded monstercocks

No. 255422

literally this. it was such a shock when i first read it. i kept waiting for it to get good and it never did. on top of that beyond the detailed splash pages the art looks so bad and stiff.

No. 255435

CSM is just lol so randum XD humor for Zoomers who didn't grow up with it with a little evil girlboss appeal sprinkled in. It's a totally lackluster manga in terms of pacing, story, characters, you name it. At least the girls get to wear pants, though.

No. 255437

Then tell me anon when is lc going to have a slash thread?? ;_;(;_;)

No. 255440

I miss the lj days when there was just as much slash as bl round.

No. 255452

This is pure delusion. Nonnie even thinks its all just one person along with thinking Golden Kamuy is bara when most of the guys there are lean and muscles don't come up a lot. If it was Jojo, maybe you'd have some legs to stand on but naming Golden Kamuy is pure delusion.

No. 255454

Depends on how you define bara. If you mean the real stuff with hairy over-weighted guys no, if you mean good-looking beefy dudes with faces that can actually be identified as adult males (see Jojo, Golden Kamuy, Guts from Berserk etc.) then yeah totally, more than twinks. I can't find humans without at least a bit of muscles attractive, muscles give the body parts a proper shape and emphasize them.

No. 255469

File: 1668617330173.jpg (Spoiler Image,290.88 KB, 1200x876, DKVeIxWV4AAeh7w.jpg)

>This is pure delusion.
Please explain it to me how this isn't bara. It's even done by a (likely bisexual) man.
The only reason you don't want to admit it's bara it's because on this site bara is considered bad and you can't enjoy anything the echo chamber tells you it's bad.
I can, so I have no problem admitting I enjoy GK beefy, bara men.

No. 255479

Not them, but most of the ship-y fanart they're going to be consuming of that is by nip fujos with an obvious female-gazey aspect to it. That by definition isn't bara. Bara isn't an artstyle.

No. 255484

File: 1668620121037.jpg (1.96 MB, 1600x1200, 73284447_p67.jpg)

Not them but wasn't bara a fixed term for a very specific type of fat hairy fetish character? I would call Tanigaki bara in that sense (since he also gets fat later so it matches), otherwise maybe Kiroranke but not sure about the rest. Ogata is borderline twinky and in some panels he has the face of a k-pop idol and Sugimoto is just a handsome athletic man.

I have no problem calling it bara btw and usually do so when I talk to friends about it.
But I bet common bara fags would call it fake because they are too pretty. I would say "bara for women" lol but both Araki and Noda are men publishing shounen/seinen manga. Would honestly not complain if there was a proper term for this type of bara or whatever you call it.

No. 255485

If you called it bara in front of Japs, they would side eye the fuck out of you, and that's all that matters. Love western fandom adopting terms they can't even properly define.

No. 255487

you do you, I think it's funny as a joke, but everyone is three-times fatter in the bara porn I've seen.
also bara is typically a term for pornography, it would be like calling something "hentai" because the characters have big boobs.

No. 255489

Yeah this is my problem. Not me being paranoid of the term. The thing is just that it is a Japanese term, so we have to look at how the Japanese use it.
I don't think it's a problem if it's used among the western female bubble if fans use it to specify their taste (like a saw a lot of Gamagori fangirls calling him bara) but it might confuse people outside of that bubble. Personally I just call them "big beefy" guys or something. Wish we had a specific english term for this that only applies to muscular handsome manga and cartoon characters.

No. 255490

What's wrong with just using muscular? I don't see how Golden Kamuy guys are anything beyond that worth making up a term for.

No. 255491

Yeah westerner fujos use it as if it meant "not bishounen" or "slight bit of muscle". It actually means those big, round headed, extremely hairy guys fucking each other, usually with a focus on smell/sweat and feet, ime. It's a very specific genre.

No. 255493

File: 1668622763016.jpg (67.61 KB, 565x825, 50889988e9183543d69a03dc4221e1…)

The body art for this story is fucking awful, it looks like it was drawn by someone who has a fetish for transmen or for men with gynecomastia.
First of all the black haired guy literally has FEMALE boobs, and the character hips look a bit weird too.
The light brown hair character's face reminds me of Onision.
The story is cringe as hell with the author trying to force comedy and and derp faces in every slide when its not needed. The characters remind me of wookyung and minho…..but a version if the two of them had down syndrome or autism.

How the hell is this the most famous manhwa smut….pls we need something better than this.

No. 255494

I don't know why people even bother with Korean shit. Just isn't worth it.

No. 255495

for anyone wondering im talking about the ''full volume'' manhwa.

No. 255496

there is really good korean shit though (wait that sounded wrong lol)
But most of those stories tend to have a medium viewership.

The ones who have a high viewership like 1-7million always tend to be bad and overrated.

No. 255499

>Not them but wasn't bara a fixed term for a very specific type of fat hairy fetish character?
No? Have you seen stuff like Mentaiko art?

No. 255503

File: 1668623640917.jpg (90.27 KB, 850x1200, 1546721678890.jpg)

I've definitely see some bara art that is not like that.
I like men with big chests (think JJK Toji) so I occasionally tend to eye some bara art, as long there aren't too many body hair and they aren't giant balloons.

No. 255511

The word bara comes from Barazoku, the name of a gay magazine.


It started getting used sort of as a slur, then sort of got reclaimed, then fell into irrelevancy. Nobody in Japan has used this term anymore for anything for a long, long time. When they refer to the geicomi Tagame body type they use gachimuchi. In any case, using any of these terms outside of the context of geicomi is pants on head retarded.

No. 255519

File: 1668625927673.png (639.42 KB, 793x713, bara.png)

Tagame on the term "bara".

No. 255532

What I want is for Korean BL to grow the fuck out of their flagrant rape idolizing phase like Japan did over a decade ago. Don't get me wrong, I'll read pornographic BL with all sorts of dark content and like it, but KR BL is another level of shit

No. 255534

I fucking love Mentaiko's art. He makes the male body look fuckin delicious

No. 255536

ngl if the tits were better drawn that pic would be hot but I cannot get into webtoon no matter how hard I try and the coloring is always awful.

No. 255538

you should see how they look like when he takes his shirt off….literal D cups…

No. 255539

Ogata is really the whore of the series I see fans shipping him with absolutely everybody and that's a long list of characters. Nothing against him I love him but it's fun seeing this.

No. 255540

Interesting, thanks for the info.

No. 255548

this, mentaiko draws really nice male figures with a realistic anatomy none of them look like hairy roided beasts

No. 255550

Looks like generic gym bros to me.

No. 255553

I think if you cover their face, the overall figure and amount of muscle isn't too different from (most) korean BL

No. 255575

Shit anatomy and cheap coloring is the absolute bane of ALL manhwas. If any artist nails that you are already reading the top 1% of manhwas out there

No. 255583

File: 1668640733953.jpg (63.99 KB, 650x700, 1464809586122.jpg)

Me too sister. To me the whole appeal of BL is the character looking like men so I'm a rare fujo who is note very much into long hair/very feminine uke.
So artists like Kyuugo (bless her) are like my jam.

No. 255585

Oh shit, I think I figured what put me off about manhwas. It's the damn coloring. It's like… flat?

No. 255588

File: 1668641166316.png (22.48 KB, 361x195, itstime.png)

It's time…

No. 255593

File: 1668642901763.jpg (200.21 KB, 1051x1683, E_tqrUPVQAQ_E4L.jpg)

Same here, thanks for the rec these designs look decent.
It is. Drawfag here so sorry for the sperging: coloring is hard and good coloring takes a lot of time. When you draw something the first layers of color will always make the pic look worse than without it. It needs a lot of refining, a good eye for color schemes and ideally knowledge about how lighting and shading work and how to use them to lead the eye to make it really good.
Because contrast is VERY important in a pic since tells you where the focus lies, gives you a sense of space and depth and makes the whole composition look good because we like what we can easily recognize since it gives off a sense of harmony.
If you consider pic related pretty for example chances are high that the pretty and clear contrast is the main reason for it. The other reason is the harmony of colors in it.

Most Manhwas suck at all of that and since they are colored they spend less time than mangaka thinking about how do create contrasts, lights and shadows to make the important parts stand out in monochrome panels. So not only do the colors themselves look flat, the panels do as well and the background is as light/dark as the characters in the foreground, merging all of it into a mush or inharmonic chaos, especially if everything is pastel-colored, respectively too colorful without any sense of beauty.

No. 255612

>anorexic bodies
>child faces
>characters are either raping each other or only kiss in the last chapter because they're too autistic to deal with their feelings properly
>annoying phrases like " a-ano, e-eto, X-X-kun… " being said all the time
Manhwas are much better than shitgas

No. 255631

did manga kill your family or something damn

No. 255633

Not sure what mangas you're reading, but the ones I read don't have that. But manhwas has plenty of rape

No. 255637

Rapes in manhwas are usually plot-related. In mangas, it comes out of nowhere because the characters are retarded and can't communicate.

No. 255638

File: 1668653470465.jpg (45.13 KB, 769x649, Korean.jpg)

>anorexic bodies
>child faces
As opposed to pinheads and K-pop hair?
>characters are either raping each other or only kiss in the last chapter because they're too autistic to deal with their feelings properly
>annoying phrases like " a-ano, e-eto, X-X-kun… " being said all the time
As opposed to perpetual BPD behaviour?

No. 255643

Anon, they're just as "plot-related" in manga as they are in manhwa.

No. 255654

No. 255656

I feel like you haven't read a manga since like 2010.

No. 255691

Gundam Wing, but other than that I still really like the original, Charmuro was like one of my first ships kek. I kind of lost interest in Gundam by the time SEED got really popular though, and I haven't watched any of the newer series. Are there any you recommend nonnie?

No. 255699

File: 1668668452854.png (Spoiler Image,579.25 KB, 720x1380, 1658679735478.png)

I think it comes from a general misunderstanding in how pecs work and what muscles are like

No. 255701

Holy shit that pic >>255638 is spot on lmfao

No. 255711

Can you give me examples. You mean like bongchun bride? (I LOVED this manwa though it was delish )

No. 255758


No. 255790

Upload to mediafire please nonna?

No. 255804

That’s the whole point you lowlife nerd. I know pecs look ugly and wobbly in real life. I know they’re flat and hard. That’s why I’m not watching gay porn but reading fujoshit. If I wanted to involve myself with 3D whores, I would. But I don’t.

No. 255805

You type like that Italianon that shills webtoons all day on /a/

No. 255806

I don't mean any offence, but if you think >>255699 is hot, I feel like your one step away from watching balloon inflation porn

No. 255816

File: 1668708398557.jpg (346.66 KB, 2544x4000, dee.jpg)

No. 255842

File: 1668718446977.jpg (198.25 KB, 1439x1879, EHkVzn_UUAANa7r.jpg)

For my big uke enjoyers who are also okay with rape, go read manhwas made by potion (plaything, holiday, app).
She has some good shit also on her twitter too.

No. 255896

That top looks like a faggot, but I'll take a look

No. 256006

I think I'm gonna start playing slow damage today! hope it's good

No. 256038

It is fully voiced in japanese? I know enough japanese to understand the dialogue so I prefer to see the original lines, but figuring out gameplay stuff in japanese is annoying.
But I guess things like internal monologues and scene descriptions are only available in English?

No. 256058

did you like it?

No. 256120

yeah internal monologues and scene descriptions are only available in english, i can't tell if it's fully voiced

No. 256213

File: 1668851967557.png (1.12 MB, 1272x706, slow-damage-imageboard.png)

kek this part from slow damage made me chuckle, good to see they have imageboards too

No. 256215

ngl i love when imageboards make an appearance in animu or jrpgs

No. 256256

slow damage spoilers

based rei telling towa he's not a tranny

No. 256476

I just love living rent free in fujohater's minds. I can't imagine being so insecure and controlling that I end up malding over some other girl liking boys fucking.

No. 256481

File: 1668957720813.png (1.07 MB, 933x607, slow-damage-eye.png)


No. 256645

File: 1668993594149.png (384.13 KB, 673x949, index.png)

anyone have bl with tsundere ukes that are notably shorter than the seme? i have no triggers. if the uke's feminine that's even better
pic sauce: https://mangadex.org/title/6ac9c4f1-f381-4e26-98bd-4048edaf9e4c/naka-made-aishite

No. 256651

It's weird because I thought that with less homophobia people would care less about gay media and its readers but instead we now have the anti-fetishizing faction, the anti-homo faction and the "fujos are trannies" faction so you always have someone sperging about it around you regardless if you are around boomers, men or women.
Reminds me of Sugimoto/Ogata fanfics I read that took place after the chapter where he sucked his eyesocket.

No. 256652


No. 256653

>i have no triggers
Why do we have so many newfags

No. 256655

I'm liking slow damage so far but feels like there's no real romantic chemistry and towa likes gay sex mostly because of trauma with his mom. at least he is an actual slut unlike past protags but both slow damage and hashihime suck at writing romance. Seems like they're not capable of writing a gay character who is gay just because that's his nature, or he is an okama who uses atashi

No. 256667

Literally all bl is like that. What is this request

No. 256669

what is even their problem? we aren't hurting anyone

No. 256684

Depends on the type of hater. Some get mad for seeing male character getting sexualised, especially if it's fan shipping of dudes from non-BL series, others are weirded out because it's women sexualising something for once which is degenerated or something.
Others again are fanatical kinner-self-inserters that get a panic attack if you pair their husbando up with another character, especially a man they cannot self-insert into and the religious crazies get mad on principle because it's a sin and so on.

There are also the guys that cannot view a franchise as anything but their pure "childhood" series and act as if you just shot a kid if you lewd up some adult 2D dudes from a cartoon they enjoyed 20 years ago. The level of autism most BL haters display is exceptional.

No. 256688


No. 256692

>Literally all bl is like that.
no it isn't, a lot of the shit i've seen just scrolling through mangadex's yaoi tag is hyper masc dude x hyper masc dude. i'm getting tired of not finding what i want (or i do, and the art is ugly/from like early 00's). where are all the cute ukes at

this is what i mean. gravitation's art is not to my taste

No. 256718

File: 1669042300188.jpg (63.28 KB, 300x450, 63758827bc021.jpg)


New buff tall uke manhwa just dropped.

Name: 마계의 달 (moon of the devil world)

Status: ongoing its a new manhwa.

Currently there are no chapters fan translated since its new, its posted on ridibooks.

No. 256720

File: 1669042467574.png (2.99 MB, 1080x2408, ioojoj.png)

currently there is only a promo chapter

No. 256721

>draw a girl and call it boy
why can't they a male face

No. 256734


No. 256737

The guy looks awesome but damn I wish I could view the other dude as anything but a girl with a dick. I like feminine bishounen too but a Griffith would have worked perfectly here, at least give him some little bit of muscles or something.
Might read it for the other dude, though, he is hot.

No. 256738

Ok so what would you called this character archetype? Because edgy, slutty looking high fantasy guys with long hair who still look masculine remind me of Dark Schneider so much and I wish we had more of that shit in BL.

No. 256739

File: 1669047996358.jpg (103.63 KB, 649x526, baa4688e2f5e33b630a7f210abc747…)

>Because edgy, slutty looking high fantasy guys with long hair who still look masculine remind me of Dark Schneider so much and I wish we had more of that shit in BL.
Holy shit someone that understands me. I dig buff fantasy rulers, evil god guys and warlocks so much but they are so rare. Especially the slut part is always missing otherwise, I want more mansluts in general.

No. 256740

File: 1669048290077.jpg (531.69 KB, 840x1120, tall.jpg)

It's a manhua but maybe check out 4 Week Lovers? Nothing groundbreaking but I like it a lot.

No. 256761

File: 1669056197567.jpg (134.32 KB, 599x1105, 5488a9debaeebd1dfd72cdf6ea3776…)

Anyone read this, is it good?

No. 256762

this art is trash

No. 256765

No. 256767

File: 1669060882639.jpg (70.6 KB, 960x1088, Dark.Schneider.full.410502.jpg)

Finally, someone who gets it. I want to watch the new Bastard anime just for the retarded main character because I read the manga long ago and it was super trashy but fun. Bastard is a super influencial manga, I don't get how the main character didn't have more copycats. It's a shonen manga and to this day I have no clue who the fuck approved this manga's publication in the Shonen Jump, sure but come one, plenty of BL artists are into shonen manga.

No. 256773

Lost in the cloud.

No. 256774

File: 1669061768052.jpg (391.74 KB, 1055x1280, b5b114bb5529fe94f7dd09bfe38486…)

this same artist also made ''sheeps mask'' which is a horror rape bl.

No. 256775

File: 1669061926528.jpg (203.03 KB, 1440x1272, FKLXAn9XEAAYp8w.jpg)

checked the tags for lost in the cloud and it has the psychological tag so its not a fluffy/cute story.

No. 256778

Same here. I read the manga in the early 00s (was licensed early in my country hell it must have started here around 2002 or something) and was a fan of it together with some friends. But unlike Berserk it doesn't seem like it inspired many to copy the MC for some reason.
It's strange because as you say first of all many BL mangaka probably know that series and secondly BL is already flooded with arrogant and powerful semes so we might as well go a step further and make them hot-headed and magical too. I even think that many of the power gap series would work much better if the series was trashier and the seme dumb, despite of his powers. I am not a fan if it's too serious, makes it feel creepy sometimes-
Besides that I also just need more high fantasy yaoi in general. BL with story aren't rare, so why not put some of them into a magical setting? Especially with the flood of isekai we get I am a bit disappointed that almost all of it is harem or otome so far (I prefer genuine fantasy, but still).

No. 256780

File: 1669063208968.png (1.22 MB, 746x1051, madk.PNG)

Anyone else excited for Vol 3 of Madk? I saw on twitter that it's up for preorder now. No word on english translation though.

No. 256805

The final chapter is really underwhelming

No. 256905

It's currently one of the very few BLs I keep up with. I really enjoy the characters and the art, and the story feels less cliché than other school-setting BLs imo.
I can't wait! It's been so long.

No. 256951

File: 1669090289526.jpeg (400.8 KB, 1120x1600, 8f16683d29f171f002088323263fab…)

slow damage is so fucking…disappointing. i like the setup and i'm still early in but towa's too much of a slut, he has no purity. he has no cuteness. wtf do i want to read the mental state of some grody walking cum toilet for? i want a cute uke like picrel (kimi no yoru ni fureru)

No. 256960

is this a vore comic

No. 256982

Sounds based cant wait to play it

No. 256984

This is a N+C visual novel, there's no cuteness in that shit. I was looking forward to it when it got announced but since then I just forgot about it, maybe I should give it a try.

No. 256986

File: 1669100603272.png (126.79 KB, 400x551, 1523538548258.png)

>she plays an n+c vn for the purity

No. 256987

lmao like >>256984 said, it's a nitro + chiral game, what did you expect? there's other bl games out there with 'pure cute' protagonists. hell, even n+c has dmmd and lamento, off the top off my head the protagonists while not cutesy and innocent at least weren't massive sluts.
also no offence anon but your image choice + the way you worded your post are sus

No. 256989

yeah because aoba, konoe, and akira weren't pure or tsun at all huh. sorry for not wanting to see whores in my BL!

No. 256992

Please understand, anon, even whores deserve compassion.

No. 256994

Akira was straight up autistic in the least cute way possible.
>hhuuu I wonder why my best friend is always following me around and caring about my wellbeing. better insult him in front of everyone instead of having a normal discussion even though I actually like him and I'm glad he's my friend!
>a man eating tree bark like a homeless crackhead? oh no my dick is hard now!
This poor boy has room temperature IQ in celsius, he's beyond help.

No. 256995

They were pretty upfront with Towas whorish tendencies though, you could have just not bought the game

No. 256996

but isn't the point of slow damage reverse corruption/purifying the slut?

No. 256998

shit taste

No. 257000

File: 1669106332438.jpg (889.36 KB, 2048x1152, DRAMAtical.Murder.full.1072328…)

each to their own sis

no idea, i'll have to keep playing. currently at the point where he leaves the apartment full of plants with a fucking five inch deep (?) cut in his arm that, somehow, doesn't spark any real concern or fear in him

No. 257008

towa is one of those characters with very tragic EDGY backstories, he has a lot of trauma and that's why he behaves the way he does
spoilers for the ending
unfortunately he becomes a malewife/housewife in his true route

No. 257010

How does Slow Damage compare to DMMD, question to anons who played both? Is the story as absorbing? I remember I've played 100% of dmmd in one go because it was so interesting, and all the guys had nice dynamic with Aoba. Togainu no Chi was nice but not as good, and slow damage seems more similar to TnC than DMMD on the face value

No. 257014

ngl i lost all interest in this when i found out the author was a male
kind of

No. 257015

I miss Dmmd so much nonnies. I wish I could play it again for the first time.
I guess I'll play Slow Damage but I don't think I'll like it as much. The character designs and art style are not very appealing. Dmmd designs were 10/10 creative, fun, visually appealing.

No. 257019

Kek nona Suzuri Ryo isn't a male. On her old (now deleted) DeviantArt account she was listed as a female and she's drawn yumejo stuff before. I guess she's either a fakeboy or she talks like a man to hide her identity. The art's too nice to be from a male.

No. 257020

File: 1669118256759.jpg (332.5 KB, 844x1200, img178.jpg)

whatever was going on here never left my mind

No. 257021

I love that it was a dystopia as every other n+c game, but a colorful and flashy one. Goes to show you can have a dark story in such a setting as well.

No. 257022

Game is mid even without JAST's inane translation. 3/4ths of the game are basically filler where there is no plot (and what little plot there is is ridiculously retarded), which makes it worse because the game presents itself as "dark and serious". The real game is chapter 1 and then the true route, which is very good, but sadly weighted down by the previous 40 hours of filler (yes, that is how long it takes to get there). The 3 filler LIs' dynamic with Towa is really that not interesting and the endings are all vanilla (definitely none of the fun crazy bad ends of DMmd. They're probably saving them for a fandisk/DLC which is disappointing). I wouldn't go in with high expectations or you'll be disappointed. And that's even if you play in Japanese without having to read JAST-original shit like eye-pussy.

No. 257023

it's shit, typical manhwa, don't know why people hype it up

No. 257024

yeah i was really disappointed with rei and taku's routes (haven't done madarame yet) like they might as well be supporting characters, they have no romantic chemistry with towa, the sex scenes were very vanilla and nothing interesting happened in their routes either

No. 257026

The game almost makes fun of you for wanting Towa to be a fun slut by giving you a bad end when he fucks other people. Vanilla sex only! It's even worse than Aoba.

And oh boy if you already thought that of Rei and Taku's route get ready for Madarame's route to dive even deeper down this abyss of Quality. He wasn't planned as an original LI when the game was first announced and it shows. His route is unfinished and ridiculously boring. I would just CTRL skip it tbh. Fujieda is where the plot is at.

No. 257027

oh there's definetly a vibe of "towa shouldn't be a slut and become a loyal malewife instead"

No. 257030

So, is it an edgy game that becomes vanilla or is it a vanilla game that pretends it's edgy?

No. 257033

The former. It's really a game about healing the slut and turning him into a catholic housewife that only does missionary sex with the lights off.

Who this appeals to I have no idea.

No. 257037

I gueds this could be fun if well written, idk. I still want to check this out. You know what? I'll be on sick leave tomorrow and the rest of the week because of surgery, I'll probably try it this week.

No. 257045

You actually sold the VN for me lol I love sluts not into cute guys that behave like girls I might give this a try.

No. 257057

File: 1669133804501.jpg (95.51 KB, 850x773, sample-7471f44eb2ba12707484260…)

Slutty boys are based, I'm enjoying the fuck out of slow damage.

No. 257059

Please be patient with my autistic fight son, he's trying his best.
Honestly though I really liked Akira as a protagonist, the main problem with togainu is that there's like two good routes (Rin and Keisuke) and the rest are either garbage or funny cringe edge but written like shit like Shiki's route.

No. 257063

I don't get Shiki's popularity, is it just based on Hikaru Midorikawa? Shiki a shit, Keisuke and Motomi are infinitely superior. Rin is ok but I found his route a bit repetitive a edgy in a stupid way. No seriously what's up with Shiki? He's just a sword autist with a horrible fashion sense.

No. 257068

File: 1669137663505.png (200.5 KB, 256x326, shiki.png)

>I don't get Shiki's popularity
Edge was in during the 2000s.

No. 257069

taking all of my will not to hit this spoiler

No. 257083

Don't you dare compare my boy Shadow to this loser Shiki. I'll kick your ass.

No. 257201

okay, wanted to read this but the translation is terrible. which is a shame, because it does seem to be what i'm wanting

hashihime too (but i've already played it)

No. 257205

File: 1669173026683.gif (31.67 KB, 266x320, kawaii-pixel.gif)

fujoshi positivity!

No. 257209

I love fujos!

No. 257211

File: 1669174305497.gif (78.22 KB, 500x500, 82af016a4f42cc0b99c8ef3992be80…)

there's nothing wrong with being a fujo! fujos are amazing!

No. 257225

am I on tumblr

No. 257226

yes you are on tumcow

No. 257260

It's a pure early 2000 thing. As the other anon said, it's lie shadow

No. 257261

???? People can tell who is who by the art?

No. 257271

if its a fakeboi that would explain some of the shit in madk

No. 257281

Suzuri Ryo is a moid.

No. 257284

You can tell if it's a man or a woman by themes and how pretty is the art. I don't think I've ever seen a gay man draw a genuinely beautiful man that isn't a big hairy ape.

There's no proof of that?

No. 257285

Is this her? Doesn't look like a moid. https://anidb.net/creator/52776
I don't know much about her but does explicitly claim to be male, or are people just assuming because she uses boku?

No. 257293

File: 1669206180663.jpg (738.97 KB, 2480x3508, EW1miZ8U8AAvy3j.jpg)

Yeah, that's Suzuri Ryo. Everyone assumes she's a male because of the boku use but she set herself up as a female in her own old account. She doesn't post her face and has publicy appeared with a big ass mask and layered clothing.
I just find it hard to believe that a male can draw gracefully like that, make interesting female-gaze designs and spam his twitter with AUs (that have far too much effort put into them) of his own characters going on fluffy dates and also making angsty/cute fanart of videogame/show characters. Plus the female characters in the old works aren't sexualized and one's about a plain girl falling in love with this beautiful alien man winged thing. That's just such a woman thing to do… a male would just draw ugly smut over and over with no plot or depth. If it is a male then it's a very odd one.

No. 257341

Honestly I don’t find any of their character designs female gaze-y? They come off to me like stuff a gay man/furry would draw, like Nagabe. I don’t want to sound as delusional as the anon that thought Hayashida Q was a MTF but I’m not entirely convinced Ryo is a woman

No. 257344

I decided to do the Rei route in Slow Damage because I didn't like either options too much, and at least he looked like one of those blond smooth playboys japan likes so much, but so far he is just an effeminate faggot kek.

No. 257381

Oh really? They feel very female gaze-y to me, obviously they're meant to appeal to a crowd that's a bit into monster designs but just the way they're thought out and the lore behind them makes me think of a female artist into monster and occasionally furry designs. J (and others in madk) are hot demons with fit but not roided bodies in vampire frilly blouses and fancy clothes, it doesn't feel male to me. Idk I know at least another 10 female artists with the same tastes kek

No. 257396

It's impossible to tell the gender of an artist, anon. Unless they're doing shit-tier coomer stuff. Don't be silly

No. 257397

Then why is moid art always ugly as shit

No. 257398

File: 1669236260742.jpg (183.62 KB, 720x1327, tumblr_c029bec873a2c6a891bb5d4…)

I read it on mangago! There seems to be one person translating it that does good translations, but unfortunately there are some chapters that are double uploaded with a fucking god awful translation. I haven't read the official translation except for the first chapter and it… seems like really subpar work kek I couldn't believe that it was worse than the unofficial one I was reading.

I was excited when the official translation came out because I really wanted to buy it but why would I pay for subpar translation?!

No. 257406

File: 1669238652195.jpg (1.03 MB, 1200x1200, FXB7r-HaQAAAnJI.jpg)

I wonder if they will give this story the same ending as sadistic beauty.

No. 257512

I really don't get the appeal of crossdressing, it's one of those fetishes I could never understand. men look like shit in feminine clothing

No. 257514

This is an insane post that only this site could produce. It's fucking art.

No. 257518

Why do you think Aki/Denji never caught up compared to Yuuni/Megumi?

No. 257519

because denji is too straight and obsessed with makima and the other girls and most csm fans weren't fujos, but moids. yoshida came after the new wave of fangirls

No. 257527

She's right kek, males have shit styles and coomer/pedo stories most of the times. Are you salty because you're a moid or something?

No. 257529

No dumbass, I'm just not sexist enough to think women only drawn in a certain style. You sound like one of these people who think FMA mangaka is man.
For a site for women this site is a worse echo chamber than reddit.

No. 257530

Explain Aki / Angel

No. 257542

Tbh I dont see aki and denji being anything more than I see denji and power being anything. There connection is less of possible romantic relationship and more like found family tbh

No. 257548

Tbh the fanon enemies to lovers appeal of the ship ruins the canon importance for their interaction

No. 257556

nta but while women can draw in a variety of styles, there is a category of gay porn that is very distinctly male. like drawings of jacked guys posing with erect dicks. it's more common to find hentai of characters with melon tits and ahegao face drawn by women rather than hardcore geicomi porn because even drawing massive udders is more appealing to them than over detailed dicks and balls

No. 257564

Because JJK is more popular between women than CSM

No. 257566

>On /a/ you can't discuss BL because moids from /pol/ just ruin every thread
>Fujo chan is dead and basically a clone of this site
>This thread is constantly derailed because femcels of this site cannot go 5 minutes without hating men
>Twitter is full of anti and soc shit
I just want to discuss boys love. Can you fucking stop obsessing over what men like and drawn.

No. 257568

I feel you. I love all series as long as they have good chemistries tbh regardless of who made them I just want hot guys with good interactions and a story that doesn't bore me.
I wish casual gay relationships weren't so hard to find in manga. This is one thing comics sometimes do better IMO. I don't read Marvel or DC so no idea about them but with less known series sometimes gays just pop up in a sci-fi or space series where you didn't see it coming, while the plot evolves naturally. I need more of this.

Most gay stuff is fully romance or sex focused which is nice when you are in the mood of it but sometimes I desire long-running series that more than mundane gay fluff or non-stop kink porn (not that any of this is bad on principle). I think this is why I desire gay VNs so much. They are usually fully gay too, but have at least a main plot that isn't related to gayness and romance.

No. 257571

same I like Towa as a protagonist much more than Aoba, I guess just because it's fun watching him be a bit of a self destructive asshole. I wish they would have continued Ikuina's story and made him a dateable character since I liked their dynamic and their euphoria scene was the hottest part of the game so far for me. It also would have been more fun to have some kind of route where you continue painting people who have contacted euphoria. oh well…I'm still loving it tho

No. 257573

Go to the /y/ discussion thread then?

No. 257574

Board's even deader than fujochan

No. 257581

You forgot about the moralfags here

No. 257582

Same! I have a thing for self destructive asses to be honest. They tend to be more complex and I root harder for them because I know they are in danger of fucking up completely or get themselves killed.

No. 257583

>Saying most men draw like shit is sexist
It's just literally the truth. Go on mrm's main page and you'll be able to easily spot exactly which manga/comics are drawn by men. It's not my fault they're allergic to appealing styles. Women can draw in a lot more art styles and handle a variety of themes well because they're not constantly thinking with their pussies and even when they are a lot of the time they make the effort to give some sort of depth. Even men like Nagabe who have cute art styles can't help but suspiciously include innocent loli/big monster guy shit in their works.

>this site cannot go 5 minutes without hating men
You are free to discuss and post about whatever you like, you can absolutely ignore a couple of posts about BL styles and differences.

No. 257625

tbh i kinda like the small close-knit community on fujochan
it's pretty comfy

No. 257636

Not that anon but while the posters seem to be mostly chill and alright I cannot discuss anything if the thread only gets one post every three months lol

No. 257650

File: 1669323133041.jpg (108.77 KB, 850x578, 3269266.jpg)

Am I so late to the party but how do nonnas feel about the Hades?
I saw so much hype for it and pretty fanart that I eventually started it and I didn't even know the game was gay too! I saw all the gay fanart of course but that doesn't mean much since people ship everything.
Now that I am playing it am digging the designs even harder. I especially love the color schemes all characters have. I hope the designer will do more in the future.

No. 257661

File: 1669330273048.jpg (172.92 KB, 700x2640, C81338C-N1912536N-39.jpg)

I just read this story and all i have to say is wow, its dark but slightly impressive with a message behind it??

Dont read if you dont want to see spoilers below.

forgot the character names so ill just call them purple hair and black hair, purple hair lives a nice and stable happy life with friends and a job, while he is looking at the rear view in his car he notices someone inside the car who then kidnaps him and takes him to his place, there the purple hair is subjected to abuse and rape, the purple hair almost dies by not eating food and then the black hair hooks him to a IV, then the purple hair wakes up and he is only wearing a military shirt then the black hair asks him if he remembers him from the military, the purple hair has forgotten everything he did in the military even when the black hair tells him his name. Then we get a short backstory and glimpse on what the black hair talking about and thats when we realize that purple hair was actually the scumbag abuser, during military the purple hair bullied the black hair, raped him, encouraged others gangraping him and hiding it from the supervisor. After that the black hair makes it his goal to try and catch purple trying to escape and kill him. Unfortunately purple hair starts to pretend to act obedient and stays inside the house and never leaves which makes black hair angry since he is waiting every day for him to try to leave so he can kill him. On the final day the black hair get tired of waiting and starts preparing to murder purple hair and starts the preparation. The purple hair was able to escape by untying himself while the black hair was too busy preparing, he then grabs a knife and hides while black hair is looking for him. He overpowers black hair and stabs him to death. The he runs outside covered in blood where he collapses. Then a year passes and purple hair gets his life in order again and still doesn't remember the things he did to black hair or cares, then suddenly black hair shows up in his door again, the purple hair losses his mind because he knows he killed him so why is he still alive and suddenly the purple hair transports back to where he was kidnapped again in ropes and the black hair injecting him with a needle….then he wakes up and he is in the mental hospital and there was a nurse injecting him with a needle while he is screaming and hallucinating, then from the back of the mental hospital he can see black hair watching him (which i think is also a hallucination). The story ends with the black hair dead and the purple hair in the mental hospital.

Sorry if my summary is shit.

No. 257707

I don't think I can look at hualian the same I used to… like the fandom truly ruined this ship for me because I can't even see xie lian as a man anymore! their relationship feels pseudo-het, the amount of feminized xie lian or xie lian turned into an uwu waifu with oppai I've come across, they don't feel BL anymore and it really saddens me cause i really liked the ship at first. I wish xie lian had a manlier design at least cause it seems like hualian attracts homophobic shoujofags, yumejos and "bihets" instead of actual fujoshi. wangxian felt more like a proper m/m couple because wei wuxian FEELS more like an actual man and they aren't plagued by shitty tropes like crossdressing and genderbending

No. 257710

you are a weak fujo, the ship has strong appeal now that i have caught up and thought about it. a character as straight as denji getting broken down by yoshida's dick is an incredibly moe thought. he is wild too, so the taming aspect is also very good.

No. 257712

>actual fujoshi
kek keep crying

No. 257713

looks like our resident moid is back

No. 257714

When the game first came out, I went through the Underworld a trillion times trying to finally meet Thanatos and progress their relationship. It took me actual hours kek. I was pretty sad when it ended, I preferred the story over the game play honestly. I unfortunately beat the game before I could even progress their relationship enough, and I was too bored to play it all over again, I am not sure if you can progress it after completing it or not. I do love that ship, though. Thanatos was a hot character and he actually cared about Zagreus.

No. 257715

If you let people affect the way you feel about fiction, you aren't going to enjoy anything anymore

No. 257722

I guess you're right, it's just makes me really bitter for some reason. I'm tired of bihets screeching "uwu jiejie" and self-inserting yumejos clogging fujo spaces when they have so much more media catered at their interests. you've seen many nonas here complaining about the amount of trans shitters in multiple fujo fandoms, it's basically the same thing but even more shameless

No. 257731

Why are you threatened by a feminine gay man? He is just a skinny man with long hair. You are just being weird. You are the problem here.

No. 257734

Speaking of yumejos shitting up fujo spaces, I'm reminded of the 50k word and ongoing Lamento self-insert fanfic I ran into a few years ago on ao3 that sidelined Konoe and had the guys chasing after the author's female OC. I wonder if it's still there.

No. 257735

I'm the problem here and not the fans turning him into an actual woman because his character design already looks feminine and to write het penis in vagina porn and draw him in bikini? how many BL fandoms do this shit to such a large scale like in the tgcf fandom? to the point the het version of a gay ship has so many fics? it's always been a niche thing done by a minority but no, hualian might as well be a het ship

No. 257739

I think mdzs is the most immersive and best written story out of all of them. It is explicitly homosexual as a story and Wuxian is written as a normal man. Xie Lian is canonically written like a woobified mess, in my opinion. He is incredibly feminine and that's why I don't like him as a character. Yumeshits fucking up the tags of fics and fan art is stupid though. He is still a gay man, just an annoying one. Giving him a vagina is way different than making him crossdress. Are you talking about when TIFs tag things as m/m when they transwash a male character and make it just a het relationship with more steps?

No. 257740

Why do you read self insert fan fiction if you hate yumes?

No. 257742

I saw it in the tag, retard.

No. 257743

This shit is rampant in every fandom tbh so feminine looking man attract these fans like flies. I even see burly evil dudes being feminized by the fandom so I can only imagine how often it happens with twinks.
I always asked myself the same question as well. Why latching onto a fujo show or sausage fest and not one of the gorillion canon het things out there? It never made sense to be. Same as being into a character but changing him completely till the only thing in common with the canon version are the color scheme and the name.

No. 257755

Just block/mute all those fags and you'll get less annoyed. I started blocking on spot all those shitty accounts and looking for fanarts and ff got better. Though sometimes I still get some weird shit like ~uwu cwn's pussy~ and other gross borderline tranny shit

No. 257774

It's nice but the relationship is pretty hard to profess at first.
But it was nice to play a game with an openly bi protagonist

No. 257831

xie lian didn't feel especially feminine to me tbh, he's just a pretty guy with a gentle personality. yumejos are just desperate

No. 257846

I'm so tired of following an artist for their m/m fanart and they eventually start drawing the bottom/more feminine one as a woman with huge bimbo tits and completely OOC. All their art starts looking like typical scrote art too. The f/f equivalent is when they start drawing one of them as a futa. Idk why everything has to go back to het and piv eventually, I constantly think the same as you - there's loads of het media already so why do they have to force it on gay ships??

No. 257861

File: 1669396231986.jpeg (69.38 KB, 600x800, b582119f5d9a1403a7dc40a7877807…)

the creator of bj alex made a new manhwa by the name of ''Jinx''

The art looks really good for this one.
Also warning that the seme is a possible red flag.


No. 257869

File: 1669397517216.jpg (124.21 KB, 493x700, 57222376.jpg)

The porny tit stuff is another trend I witnessed as well. Yaoi artist who draws for a fujo series suddenly drawing the bottom one with tits. Most only hint tits but some literally draw giant megaboobs with nipples, so actual nsfw fanart but.. het? Or something. No idea what it is supposed to be.

>All their art starts looking like typical scrote art too.

Exactly this. I would think it was male hentai coomers if I didn't know they drew pretty m/m or yuri before. To make it worse every woke and (female) genderspecial person I see hypes this shit up as if it was the most progressive thing to do to lust over giant cow tits like some porn addicted otaku and draw hentai with it.
They probably think they are super woke for proving that they are bi or lesbian and horny but honestly not even my male friends talk like this and it weirds me out a bit seeing women lusting over that in discords with hundreds of people, being proud of it and calling it epic if some former yaoi and yuri artist starts drawing the worst type of male type coomer trash all of a sudden.

But I guess as long as you pretend that the woman is "male" it still counts as "yaoi" to them. I hate that words stopped having meanings lol

No. 257884

you know it's gotten bad when you can't discuss female characters with other girls without someone screaming mommy or step on me. bihets always overcompensating

No. 257891

I always assumed they do that now to avoid getting called out for being straight & into m/m, or the "misogyny" of not caring about female characters.

No. 257959

Just got done with the Koutarou sex scene in slow damage…can’t get over that it’s probably the best part of Rei’s chapter thus far (at least in comparison to Taku and Madarame’s chapters, which I loved).
I don’t dislike really Rei but man he and his okama friends can get kinda annoying, I really don’t enjoy looking at 2 uggo trannies while I’m trying to play a BLVN
I wish Ikuina had a route instead of Rei honestly, I’ll take cute flower boy instead of friendly but absolutely 0 chemistry with protagonist okama any day.

No. 257961

Thanks for all those anons talking about Slow Damage, I got it now too. Hope I can start it next week or so!

Yeah this is what I think as well. Not sure how true this is but perma-online people take everything happening in a community too damn seriously. Honestly I never gave a shit and I am drawing shipping art since 2008 or something and never had an active hater. Just avoid drama at all costs, it's actually easy but many feel the need to engage with everything and virtue signal or argue about stupid shit. Sometimes I was about to write a complaint tweet as well but stood up before I hit the enter botton, drank a cold beer and deleted it when I came back. Meaningless hassle. If I rant to vent for a second I do it on 4chan or here.

No. 257969

Rei would be much more likable if he didn't act like an okama. Whose idea was it to make one of the love interests talk like a middle aged tranny.

No. 257971

Right? Him and his friends saying hon legit felt like a shitpost that was modded in (ie: replacing normals with normie in chaos;child kind of thing)
His whole death matches thing also just feels so confused writing wise to me most of his route is centered around his dad and debt thus far and how Rei is too kind and loving to the people around him to the point where he refuses to ever ask for help and just bottles it all up yet his hobby is beating people up till they’re unconscious? Was it so we’d have a slightly easier time believing he’d top Towa or something?

No. 257978

Idk, I liked Rei's route a lot - okama aside - much more than Taku's and weirdly enough I felt as if they did have chemistry. maybe it's because they hung out and joked around a lot, I liked that Towa bullies him sometime (wish there was more of it), and it feels like Towa being around grounds him more while getting Towa out of his comfort zone. however, it felt extremely mismatched with the story; Madarame seems like the only interesting match for Towa even if he's a bastard and I don't like him.

No. 257987

Omg, I didn't know! I'm really into story-driven visual novels so I'm sure I'd like it. Something tells me it won't get that dark, though.

No. 257992

samefag, also, how long does mangagamer usually take to release something after it's fully translated?

No. 258002

Are you talking about Lkyt? Manga gamer was pretty fast with room no.9 and it took around 3 months after getting out of beta testing for it to be released, but that game was VERY short. It will probably come out in mid 2023 if it is a longer game, maybe summer?

No. 258010

> a character as straight as denji getting broken down by yoshida's dick is an incredibly moe thought. he is wild too, so the taming aspect is also very good.
I'm not into csm but if you ever find any fics that show this, please feed a starving sister.

No. 258011

I couldn't get into bj alex but interested to see where this goes. Kind of tired of the timid bottom stuck paying debt trope but I like problematic tops so I'll probably keep up with this.

No. 258041


This, imagine being so unfun you can't enjoy something like that. Dude gets break down by the dick is yaoi 101

No. 258044

It's part of modern Headcanon culture, people want to be in popular thing but thry don't like it so they change

No. 258108

I hate how headcanon got redefined from "something I believe that isn't explicitly canon, but isn't explicitly denied either" to not having to be constrained by canon at all. I mean it's just fan stuff, people can have fun and all, but they get so defensive over their objectively false headcanons that I can't help but be annoyed by it.

No. 258340

I am playing Slow Damage and maybe I'm just getting old and impatient, but there is so much blood and so little gay sex thus far! I wish I didn't have to do Taku's route (I don't think Rei is an interesting character and he is ugly/okama) because I am more interested in Madarame and most importantly, Fujieda. I am way more interested in the side characters than Taku or Rei. Please tell me it gets better but no spoilers, I am horny and drunk and the dialog for Taku's route is boring. I just want Fujieda because he has glasses and a suit. I'm finishing this game no matter what though.

No. 258351

lbr they're all a bunch of self-centered narcissistic pricks (both the westerners and the japanese girlies). they like gay ships, but they also believe the gay characters would absolutely fall in love with them (and their female avatar) because they're soo special and sexy and who wouldn't fall in love with such a gorgeous girl? kek this is why there's a lot of manga with girl x okama-ish/androgynous LIs lately, they're convinced they can pull off anyone
even if they deny with "no i just like X-chan i don't self-insert" there is still a level of projection

No. 258352

i finished takus route and started reis, and i do think reis is a LOT more interesting so far. i liked takus ending but he's so fucking boring as a character, and i wasn't expecting to enjoy reis route but its been pleasantly surprising ao far.
as far as blood and guts go… yeah honestly i tjink that's just the kind of vn. if you're anything like me though anon I think you'll enjoy the final sex scene in takus route, its very wholesome

its funny actually i went into the game blind and didn't even realise i was on takus route until near the end lol, they have like 0 chemistry its insane

No. 258391

Has anybody recs for yaoi (preferably manga or VNs) with problematic subs? The power gap shouldn't be too huge, basically two dudes with about the same strength but the moral roles are reversed and it's the bottom who is the sarcastic nihilist or slut, criminal or something. I liked Saezuru for similar reasons but thanks to a job I that I hated I haven't read anything yaoi the last years.

I witness this too. It doesn't help that most of them self-insert or "kin" either. This is the reason for the trans-washing I think. A woman relates to a male character but wants to be him so she turns him into an Aiden, so a woman. This is why they also feminise them or make characters fat.

These people and classic kinners are also incredibly defensive about every single of their headcanons and they have a billion. Hell, I knew one that copied her own life and family and "headcanoned" it to be 1:1 the story and environment of a canon character and if you disagreed with her about a 40 year old alien dude having an evangelical grandma, a dog and and a house in some US state I forgot the name of then she would attack you and call you out for being toxic.

No. 258397

Taku’s route is fridge interesting. I agree that they needed more though. It would’ve been better if they hadn’t spent so much time in the yakuza hideout

No. 258429

I am soooo glad to find someone that thinks the same. Taku's route is so awkward. I don't wanna shit talk him but "I-I am attracted to you" was so awkward. He should have just been dadzoned. Am on the final route now and I hope to God the big revelation isn't that he is gay or wants Towa too. Would be tedious.
Calling millions of people self-centered narcissistic pricks over what they like and having perfect confidence in it is more pricklike and narcissistic, because it means you assume your own theory of mind for complete strangers is perfect and also means you think all of them think, "oh, Mr. Gay totally fall for me! I am so perfect!" No? That's a stretch. Lots of insecure girls with horrible family lives made up Mary Sues when they were growing up as coping mechanisms. It's lame, yes, but, no, it'd be kind of silly to say they all had NPD. Duh? So many more examples can be used. Just because someone has a self-indulgent fantasy of who they want to be doesn't make them pricks or whatever, adults included.

No. 258441

not you again, did I hit a nerve? do you feel called out? do you have to complain everytime someone dares to say anything bad against your otome friends and their conversion therapy fantasies?
>Lots of insecure girls with horrible family lives made up Mary Sues when they were growing up as coping mechanisms
not muh tragic backstory, it's still a narcissistic thing to do regardless of your family situation. all your kind does is ruin niche fujo spaces when you could mind your own business in hetshipper communities

No. 258456

See, that's what I mean. I don't like otome nor the, uhh, "kawaii". I find it too…perfect? I don't have otome friends. I never had a Mary Sue character, I found some kind of cute back in the day, some cringe. I used it as an example. But, you made up stuff about me that you are 100% sure is true. I didn't do the same for you. You call millions of girls and women fucked up, then get offended when someone doesn't like it. The lack of basic empathy is palpable.
>not you again
>conversion therapy
You know what's incredible about this? It shows my point. I've just been posting about Slow Damage…that is my only posts in this thread, I pretty much just play yaoi visual novels, but…apparently I am some deranged person that keeps on haunting you and responding to your posts because everyone that disagrees with you is the same villain with some sort of mass-brainwashing plan. Wow.

No. 258466

I am sad that I cannot take the premise of Blue Luck seriously because it seems to be the only anime besides Golden Kamuy airing right now that fujos latch onto, but I cannot get over the story it has I wish it was just a dramatic sports show.

No. 258472

Slightly unrelated, but is KM interesting and fun? Does it have fujo fanservice or is it mostly the style that's appealing?

No. 258516

VNs are notorious for having 30 hour long plots and few sex scenes. Not sure why you'd pick one up knowing that.

No. 258521

Cant relate i love how meanspirited and over the top blue lock is

No. 258563

File: 1669589755909.png (2.73 MB, 2167x1216, Screenshot 2022-11-27 235516.p…)

Hello fellow sisters.

No. 258565

I played Hashihime a few years ago and it had a much more involved plot and it didn't feel like it dragged on like Slow Damage is. Maybe I just don't like Taku's route because I've played almost every BL vn that has been translated.
I got to the first sex scene and it's so fucking awkward and weird. This man is 46 years old and is blushing and won't fucking hurry up, it took me out of the mood kek. He isn't a very attractive character and apparently isn't uptight, so it's weird that he acts like that. I wish I could skip past it all but I sunk too many hours in to just give up on the plot.
KEK are the crossdressers annoying or funny? I might do Rei's route next instead of going straight to Fujieda if it is worth it. I am not really into Rei's overbearing type of character though. I'm trying not to be a complete hater but it's hard, nitro+chiral gave me high standards over the years.

No. 258573

File: 1669591340471.jpg (164.75 KB, 980x606, 64628883_p12_master1200.jpg)

>I played Hashihime a few years ago and it had a much more involved plot and it didn't feel like it dragged on like Slow Damage is. Maybe I just don't like Taku's route because I've played almost every BL vn that has been translated.

That's cuz Hashihime's first route is the route that backloads all the plot and plot twists. It's actually pretty much a novel by itself. I don't think I've played anything like that before, it's very fast paced and the the characters back-and-forts are "snappy", for lack of better words. Also the plot is actually good.

Slow Damage for what I played it's just very, very slow. I've seen people describe as "characters talks a TED talk" and I have to… agree? The cast doesn't really seem very interesting to me. And the dialogues are just so boring for me. I had the same issue with DMMD and TnC.

I don't know how to explain, but it's like even the writers aren't interested inthe cast. I heard the last route is actaully very good but I can't get past the boring Taku or Rei's routes.

No. 258600

File: 1669593797743.png (Spoiler Image,1.89 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (1849).png)

Idk, I liked Rei's route more than the other ones but there's a lot of parts I completely deleted from my mind, okama included. And I'm biased because I really liked how bratty and teasing Towa is to Rei, who's vulnerable and inexperienced but also dominates Towa. This dynamic in VN is rare!
I also thought it was the most romantic route; they go on outings and have moments of levity. I also found Rei getting beat up hot. Judge me. Still feels like a lot of wasted potential, the route overall does feel vestigial, much like how Taku's did.

Also I tried Hashihime and…I just got through the first story. I read a review saying that the other routes feel tedious. Still not sure whether or push onward. I do like the sadist.

No. 258606

>Kek are the crossdressers annoying or funny?
Extremely annoying

No. 258607

The other routes are much shorter. The second route is rather pretty well however.

No. 258608

File: 1669595366003.png (275.39 KB, 540x300, 44d2f77cd8e0db50661e930cd8d8fe…)

Ayrt, I liked every route in Hashihime, especially Minakami and Hakase. Hanazawa was a bit boring and filler, but the other routes make up for him. Hashihime was extremely well written. Also I had no clue UuultraC was finally translated and on Steam! I will probably try that one too.
Slow Damage is definitely slow. I know it has a darker tone in comparison to Hashihime of the Old Book town, but it feels like Towa is a caricature of a guy that doesn't care about life and everyone is coddling him. How many times do we need to repeat him doing the same actions, like drinking and smoking or pointless idle conversations that lead nowhere? The mini game for interrogations doesn't matter, Taku and Rei don't have any positions besides parenting Towa. Anons mentioned a lack of chemistry and that's pretty apparent, Towa has more chemistry with side characters. I was more interested in the "euphoria" plots than the main love interests and those guys were infinitely more likeable with 1/4th the screen time of Taku/Rei.
I was expecting something more like Lamento or Sweet Pool going into this.

No. 258620

imo, the first route in hashihime has a true-route vibe, and the further one goes down the routes down goes the quality. The second one was pretty nice though (tfw no throuple ending with minakami and kawase, fucking dammit it would work!)

No. 258640

File: 1669601634168.png (625.49 KB, 1024x576, Screenshot_4.png)

Oh, yep, that's what I mean. It felt so…good and complete? And the idea that it wasn't really the canon considering the nature of the universe gutted me. Isn't it awkward that Minakami is the first route? I wonder what the writers were thinking. Well, I might go eyeball Kawase at least, throuple or no.

No. 258645

it's entirely made by one person and she clearly needs an editor

No. 258711

chinese BL is kinda boring, they use the same tropes again and again like if they're not using old school dynamics then the top is always a cocky brat and the bottom is always a sharp tongued stuck up bitch like wow ok can we get something else??

No. 258714

slow damage anons, how do you feel like it holds up to other n+c titles?
im curious bc ive only played dmmd and some of lamento, and i often find myself comparing slow damage to dmmd. i think dmmd does some things better (i prefer the setting and some other things), but slow damage does feel like its kind of taken certain concepts and polished them up a little.
also bonus q is it worth me going back to finish lamento? i dropped it bc i found it boring as sin, but then again that is directly the fault of asatos route

No. 258722

File: 1669628020768.jpg (102.98 KB, 680x482, 1508936225885.jpg)

I think she ran out of time. As the other anon said, it was made by one person. That's why there are so many extra material that clear up various story points also all the routes are technically canon, the last one isn't the "true one", despite what is presented in the game.

But the second route is very good! I really like Kawase. But it does feel like a very "spin off route" because you already know all the answers to the misteries. But I also think why the novel got so popular in Japan, because the first two routes are just so good, both Minakami and Kawase are popular archetypes and they are done well. I prefer Minakami myself because I do like the reincarnation romance angle and the fact Tama is in love with him already.

NC are hit or miss for me. Personally, I enjoyed some routes, but the actual package is often nonsensical or bad.

No. 258744

multiple manhuas that i read came to mind when you said this, kek.

The one thing i do like about chinese bl is that there is less rape compared to manhwa/manga's

No. 258745

the writing in slow damage is much better and i like towa way more than aoba, but i think dmmd is more charming? the LIs in dmmd are more attractive, the overall bright y2k aesthetic is super cool and it has some really wild and iconic sex scenes. but in terms of a proper story and character development slow damage is clearly better, the only problem is that the only character who really shines is towa and it's so towa-centric it makes everyone look boring. also i feel like the sex scenes aren't edgy enough? despite looking extremely edgy, it's actually kinda tame and they could've done so much more with it

No. 258768

Slow damage is less cartoony than dmmd, which is good in some ways but bad in others. I miss the crazy iconic parts of dmmd (ie there’s no twist as hilarious as the Ren plot) but enjoy sd’s more serious take too.
There are also some nominal similaries in the plots. Shinkoumi is similar in concept to Platinum Jail, for example. But it’s subverted in sd.

No. 258778

I really liked Rai in Lamento. An example of a non-shitty tsundere.

No. 258849

It's been way too long since I played them so I can't really judge. I might try Lamento again.
I think SD is weirdly unactualized; routes 1-3 felt tourtisty and then the final one which actually seems to do things with the characters and bring things together way more in a way that I had been missing in the other routes. Is it because it's intended to be the true route so the rest of the game just lacks the gravitas?

No. 259172

File: 1669752108188.jpg (Spoiler Image,583.1 KB, 1078x1463, Screenshot_20221129-160047_Chr…)

I know nobody cares but 19 days is probably nearing its end because they're finally kissing

No. 259186

I want to care but the translation was pretty bad last time I read it. I'll check it out again tho.

No. 259262

Slow damage? More like peak fiction
I’m unironically sad that I finished the game because I loved it so much, the last route was so perfect.