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No. 241364

>FUJOSHI (腐女子, "rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men. Receives its meaning from the belief that a woman who enjoys fictional gay content is "rotten", too ruined to be married.

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series and games aimed at fujoshi (and fudanshi) like Hetalia, sports anime, and male idol anime.

>Discussion of BL games here is totally OK but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but please specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
>Be mindful of others and hide your spoilers. Use the spoiler image option and wrap your text inside spoiler tags.
>Reminder to ignore the baiting males here, and shota pedo shit is forbidden here due to the fact that its mostly moids who consume shota.

No. 241369

Last thread >>>/m/190376

No. 241371

File: 1663877737943.jpg (253.48 KB, 900x579, 1477902798051.jpg)

Reposting here, Red and Blue are made for each other and if you're too young to have shipped this pairing when brand new copies of gen 1 and gen 2 cartridges were available in stores then I never, ever want to see your opinion on BL.

No. 241372

It's weird because I was like 10 when I started playing Pokemon and saw Ash and Gary as my peers, once I grew up I really can't see them as "kids" since they aged inside of my head with me if that makes any sense. I've known them for like 20 years so that's about how old they feel to me.

No. 241374


that's normal.

No. 241375

Yeah, it's normal. I especially feel this way about series where I read a lot of fanfic/doujin because you're always bound to come across reimaginings of them at different ages anyway, like it's hard to just see some characters as exactly how they are in canon because I read a fic where they were married for 40 years and died in each others arms and it permanently imbedded itself in my brain.

No. 241381

>no incest op

No. 241385

Next time it'll be Vergil/Dante hopefully.

No. 241386

>/fujo/ - boys' love general #2
Shouldn't it be #7?

No. 241392

You have no idea how happy I am that there's finally another thread so we could use a diff thread pic! It bothered me that I couldn't tell what the golden thingy on the cake was.

No. 241393

>It bothered me that I couldn't tell what the golden thingy on the cake was.
Pretty sure it's lemon

No. 241404

File: 1663887851043.png (1.97 MB, 1685x971, gjdhfjkjfd.png)

If you mean the circle, it's probably a label that would have like the name of the bakery or event like anniversary on it.

No. 241408

File: 1663888259997.jpg (96.5 KB, 736x1012, 1238fd4e746f95b80394163cdd6063…)

why op failed us

No. 241409

File: 1663888676650.jpeg (11.91 KB, 209x168, 0FAA70AA-CF28-42E7-980A-7F43FA…)

It was obviously painted white chocolate, have you ever seen a pastry in your life?

No. 241410

No. 241421

Thanks! I couldn't tell even when I zoomed in and it was really getting to me kek.

No. 241432

Nta but these are often made out of chocolate or colorful chocolate candy or chocolate covered with a color. So they're edible

No. 241441

File: 1663902931199.jpg (522.57 KB, 1280x1641, tumblr_ocsyebIEt71qd7kpzo1_128…)

>thinks this is the second thread
>shota is forbidden now

I am begging you to go back to twitter.

No. 241450

File: 1663904445749.png (645.62 KB, 795x579, 1281315365860.png)

>Reminder to ignore the baiting males here, and shota pedo shit is forbidden here due to the fact that its mostly moids who consume shota.
You really thought you were slick, nonnie. Especially with the lack of incest in the OP

No. 241452

File: 1663904709372.jpg (224.94 KB, 950x1351, Loss_Time1_01.jpg)

Loss Time ni Hanamuke wo just got uploaded to mrm in full and I read it on a whim because I liked the cover but holy fuck, I was sobbing by the end of it. I related to both characters at different places in my life before and it really made me reflect on myself. I was really unsure if they would get back together by the end, it felt so convincing, but I'm glad things went the way they did, it's a very hopeful story. It's like a better written version of Escape Journey.

No. 241454

you can tell the faggot infighting nonstop in the last thread rushed the op just so they could slip that in there like anyone is going to follow it. the proposition that enjoying bl created by and for women that has shotas in it is scrote behavior is contradictory fakeboi logic.

minimodding is a bannable offense, op. and minimodding a non-cow thread is just plain autistic. hope that shota x oni anon comes back, free her.

No. 241457

File: 1663906266223.jpg (182.61 KB, 700x1001, 3.jpg)

I'm listing my favorite incest manga in honor of the OP failing the anons who asked for incest last thread. I'm not even super into incest but good BL is good BL.

Ani no Chuukoku by Asada Nemui. Wish this one had been longer and not part of an anthology. This one is just really fun, it's basically the story about the redditor who broke both his arms but instead of a redditor it's a cute delinquent and instead of his mom it's his sexy yakuza big brother.

Not Equal by Ike Reibun. Father son incest is gross and this is the only manga featuring it that I can even get through because this author is so brilliant. It's got a time travel thing going on and it's emotional.

Ai to Makoto by Moriyo. This is one of those ABO manga that take the fated pair thing and make it tragic, which is my favorite type of ABO. The translation I read of this was absolutely terrible but I still enjoyed it.

Kawaii Kara Kimi Ga Warui by Nen Nenko. Very cute. MC thinks his cousin is into his sister and the story builds around that misunderstanding. Love the art in this one. Cousins are barely incest by BL standards but I really like this one.

Aniki no Ichiban Oishii Tokoro by Mizuhara Zakuro. Another one with really cute art. Mostly porn. Plot has something to do with archery which is attractive.

And because I know OP is really gonna love this one, Onii-chan Datte Amaetai Wake de. I like this one because the big brother looks like a little brother. It's mostly porn, though. The author does not let you forget that the boys are brothers.

No. 241463

How does it feel being the most based person itt

No. 241472

I didn't even notice that in the OP what the hell.

No. 241480

>shota is bad because mostly moids consume it
since when?? geicomi shota is different from fujo shota. plenty of BL and fujobait series feature shota characters

No. 241483

It's a zoomer whose first bl manga was Given I guess.

No. 241484

The "shota" meant for fujos desperately needs a new distinctive term because there are enough actors muddying the waters trying to pass actual toddler porn as semantically the same as a teenager or a twink. To me "shota" is what the disgusting geikomi shit is with actual 6-year olds being abused, not harmless stuff like a petite bottom.

No. 241485

shota simply means young boy, in japan it's not used with sexual intent

No. 241490

>To me
We don't care, you have the wrong definition in mind. This reminds me of Omocat getting in trouble for one of the sweater she released years ago with a cute guy on it and the caption "shota" because people legit thought it was a word specifically refering to a porn category and not a character archetype.

No. 241501

>because people legit thought it was a word specifically refering to a porn category and not a character archetype.
Because it is? You wouldn’t refer to any young boy as a “shota”, same way you wouldn’t call any young girl a loli?

No. 241502

shota isn’t the commonly used word for young boys in japanese, iirc it was coined after a character that kicked off the whole shotacon movement, but can we please let this argument die already? obviously people aren’t gonna agree so just drop it

No. 241507

Like >>241501 and >>241502 said calling any young girl "loli" would be just as stupid and "shota" doesn't mean "young boy" but refers to the original shotacon target of admiration just like lolita refers to the novel's titular character. The term "shota" is strongly associated with moidshit and I hate how the tag is supposed to host everything from literal toddlercon for pedo scrotes to a babyfaced 16-year old more appealing to fujos. I want to defend women's rights to enjoy nonthreatening young boys, not men living out their pedo fantasies. You constantly see men trying to be slick and conflating ships like KawoShin to the graphic shotacon doujins of a teacher raping his 7-year old student just because they're "both minors" to force fujos to do their bidding. I'm not going to carry this argument on any further because I'm just going to be called a "twitter sjw who needs to take her meds" so I'm just going to end this by saying that male suicide rates aren't high enough.

No. 241508

No I personally wouldn't but that doesn't mean I'm wrong. I don't go up to people and call them tsundere for being kind of shy either but it's still a specific archetype in Japanese pop culture.

No. 241510

based and true, I hate random bishies who look like teens or men being lumped in with shotas, when I hear shota I think prepubescent not just basic anime pretty boy or bishounen
except that there is a difference tsundere would be cringe but calling a young boy irl a shota would be downright concerning, I don’t think any sane japanese person would refer to a young boy this way since the word is entirely associated with the shotacon genre

No. 241515

Wasn't there some scandal because of Kyary actually using shota to talk about a boy she knows on twitter and people thought she was a pedo? I'm guessing it's slang more than anything that makes sense in some normal contexts but not in others.

No. 241522

File: 1663927726719.jpg (179.67 KB, 1000x1000, 1661057474063535.jpg)

like it or not characters like scaramouche are considered shota by the japanese community
does shipping him with childe or kazuha make me a pedo?

No. 241523

No because he is not real.

No. 241525

Absolutely based, thank you anon. I'll check these out, especially the last one. I know the newfag OP is fuming and seething right now

No. 241529

no it just makes you someone with awful taste

No. 241531

Friendly reminder that Vergil/Dante is superior to Dante/Vergil.

No. 241532

Liking shota is superb taste though.

No. 241534

nta but yeah Kyary called herself a shotacon and acted pretty creepily towards a 12-year old like sending him messages about wanting to sleep holding him in her arms and how "puberty is stupid because he now refuses to hold her hand".

Okay, this is just some piece of shit bait replying to himself to keep the fight going at this point. Nobody reply.

No. 241544

Based and true

No. 241548

File: 1663933037564.jpg (694.63 KB, 1280x1656, Tumblr_l_326829118024579.jpg)

a genderbend madohomu ship would be amazing. hualian is pretty close too it, i like when characters are obsessively in love

No. 241551

we get it you have a weird sexual fixation with little boys and you’re so cool and edgy and different for it and everyone else is an evil twitterfag clutcher, can we fucking move on now? it’s been like three days

No. 241555

They're not old enough to remember TaiYama fangirls and too out of touch to know about Inazuma fujos.
I'm not even into shota and understand why people don't like it, but sweeping statements about it being moidshit just outs their cringe zoomer asses so hard. There's a difference even aesthetically between moid shota and fujo shota that anyone out of diapers should be able to recognize.

No. 241558

Almost everyone is on the same page now that op has gone to sleep kek they must've been samefagging up a storm

No. 241559

It wouldn't be just as stupid because boys aren't girls. The prostate endowed aren't even real people bruh.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 241560

I remember ed x roy being popular back in the day, and I wasn't even a fujo at the time

No. 241561

Samefag but it was like 2005 or 2006, probably even earlier

No. 241570

File: 1663937576188.jpg (113.24 KB, 879x883, 26701992_p0.jpg)

Shotas are cute and are not inherently sexual. People don't appreciate moe the way they used to.

You also wouldn't call irl people terms like tsundere or yandere. It's an arbitrary character category with no hard rules. Back when Free! season 1 was airing, everyone in the english fandom was calling Nagisa and Ai shotas because they were small and cute. I'll basically call any young looking FICTIONAL boy a shota lightheartedly because that's just what I'm used to.(enough infighting about shotas.)

No. 241574

Schizo zoomers are not "people"

No. 241575

oh yeah me and my friend also saw nagisa as a shota even though he was the same age as the rest

No. 241585

Polite reminder that you're wrong.

No. 241588

File: 1663943662859.gif (1.93 MB, 540x304, tumblr_9bd9be233888fc0386d559e…)

I often make OPs, and I was going to make an OP for this thread that was impartial and labeled as "7." I had it typed up and everything, but then I got distracted by other shit and went to bed without doing it. By the time I woke up this morning, we got a shit OP with minimodding, the wrong number, and no links to previous threads.

This is the sort of shit that happens when there's infighting so close to the end of a thread, I suppose. Sorry anons.

No. 241589

Lmao I thought it was a piece of banana for some reason. A chocolate coin makes a lot more sense…

No. 241590

Is there a Japanese term for "puppy love?" That might work.

No. 241598

That person wasn't me lol, you look dumb now nonar!

No. 241610

shota is based, roasties can seethe. Either way anyone here watched danzi engines content? He makes some good shota porn and his art is good.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 241611

foids will literally watch animated gay men rape each other but then get angry and butthurt at shota lmao you hypocritical cunts and yes i was the one who was also defending shotas last thread too, i didnt want to reveal myself but this new thread Op pissed me off.

Toodles whores XOXO.(Tranny)

No. 241612

File: 1663947968575.jpg (256.7 KB, 1191x1191, 20220922_211653.jpg)

(Please report and ignore the tranny)

No. 241613

bless, anon

No. 241614

Kek I knew it was the tranny. Clockable as always.

No. 241615

Wouldn't be surprised if the newfag OP was larping, its a low hanging fruit(tinfoil)

No. 241616

File: 1663949637468.jpg (30.95 KB, 355x500, machine-head-2641577-normal.jp…)

Don't be a fucking nigger I don't kinkshame retard
Plus I dont get redtexted, I get mass deleted(Tranny)

No. 241618

my first guess was larping tbh

No. 241621

Not trying to start infighting but I've seen a spike in supposed women, particularly on 4chan, who are unapologetically into shota. I feel like we were on the right path to get away from pedoshit, so I'm wondering where the sudden increase comes from?

No. 241622

Zoomers into it getting chased off twitter.

No. 241628

Possibly. But he does attempt to insert himself into every single discussion on here even though he hates everything women like in typical male fashion. Maybe this time he thinks its unfair for fujos to like shota when he gets called a pedo all the time for spamming real cp, or maybe being touched is what gave him brain damage. He is a fag after all. Whatever the reason may be, hope he kills himself soon.

No. 241632

what newfag mod is going crazy with the redtext? delete his posts or ask someone with more privs to do it, damn. you can barely read the thread with him shitting it up and everyone's going to start talking about the posts.

No. 241638

File: 1663951993728.jpg (38.87 KB, 629x464, tumblr_inline_o3xxtoBhTa1qf25e…)

God damn it I suspected the shotafagging was a baiting moid, but fucking Blaine, seriously? I thought for sure he'd be too busy seething at the Kiwifarms thread to gayop this one, but I guess I was wrong.

Nice job you faggot, you successfully ~le ebic troll'd~ a thread where like twelve people post. I'm sure your parents would be proud if they didn't disown you.

Shotafags who sided with Blaine, rope.

No. 241641

I knew it from the start. It was either the baiting moid from the Genshin thread because the rhetoric and male aggression was exactly the same as his, or the mentally ill tranny. Or maybe they're the same person, it's absolutely possible. Anons here really need to up their game in spotting obvious maleposting, thank the lord the farmhands finally redtexted this piece of shit.

No. 241642

So about that BL

No. 241644

you are replying to him right now… he's the only who calls himself blaine, and he does it when he's arguing with himself. report and quit taking his falseflagging at face value.

No. 241646

>realise most of the thread doesn’t give a shit about shota and you overreacted to a random anon’s post
>make minimodding OP
>switch vpn
>start LARPing as the ez to spot local tranny
>see i KNEW they were all bait by the TRANNY! it’s HIM!
Honestly pathetic behavior for a dumb argument(tinfoil)

No. 241648

Yes hello is this the British Library?

No. 241649

can we get this thread back on track and stop sperging and fighting.

No. 241650

File: 1663954021417.jpg (217.09 KB, 720x2700, Uwk0TlOMpiZTs1j.jpg)

Eitherway im posting this for the anons who feel sorry for minho, daily reminder that this is how he used to act like. Of course whats happening to him now is bad, but he was a sexist asshole with insecurity issues who tried to ruin others around him who were more successful in writing.

No. 241651

File: 1663954050682.jpg (284.16 KB, 720x2883, H6XuVLqxcf1H3JA.jpg)

No. 241652

File: 1663954144152.jpg (204.81 KB, 720x2883, PCw95DmHMFxCQOC.jpg)

No. 241653

Sorry to butt in but this is why I never got into BL webtoons, everyone seems like an insufferable BPD-chan regardless of gender in those. I'd ask for recommendations for good ones because I'm sure they exist but I guess the storytelling is very similar to k-dramas which are exactly like this too.

No. 241655

i havent noticed this , maybe its because the manhwa i consume the characters don't act like that, tbh ive seen just as much dramatic characters in mangas.

No. 241656

that's my experience with koreans in general having gone to school with a shitload of international students.

No. 241657

tbh i dont if i should take the sadistic beauty side story talk the yandere thread or the bl one since its both bl and yandere.

No. 241660

File: 1663955339987.jpeg (236 KB, 1800x1300, FIGUGLWaQAALAUA.jpeg)

Sure. I checked out that story that made the newfag sperg last thread and it was honestly boring. Why is it so popular with nip fujos? I plan on checking out the incest stuff nona rec'd upthread here hopefully something catches my eye

No. 241662

File: 1663955620379.jpg (69.41 KB, 682x969, FVbaQvYUEAAzBoL.jpg)

Some moments when minho and wookyung first met in the original story

No. 241663

File: 1663955643195.jpg (67.07 KB, 620x959, FVbaQvZUEAAhBQe.jpg)

No. 241664

File: 1663955745276.jpg (54 KB, 641x714, aaksowj.jpg)

No. 241666

File: 1663955855268.jpg (69.74 KB, 611x905, FVbaQvdUsAAF-lj.jpg)

No. 241673

I didn't make the OP you dweeb. Not everybody who disagrees with you is one person samefagging.

>You were LARPing as the tranny agreeing with our retarded take to make us look bad!1!1

Or, here's a thought, maybe you had the kind of take a scrote would agree with from the start. Use Occam's Razor.

No. 241675

Yeah it's pretty blatant by how its still getting dragged out

No. 241679

this story kinda reads like a revenge porn fantasy to me, i'm assuming minho is based on an abusive ex (or multiple abusive exes). feels a bit too personal

No. 241686

File: 1663959690098.jpg (97.29 KB, 720x1280, mH8EHzj89TJsqkt.jpg)

yeah the story definitely gives that vibe, near the end of the main story minho literally pees himself from stress after being forced to watch Doona and her boy-toy have sex. then she finally ends the relationship with him, the he abandons his job and starts gambling and then tries to jump of a bridge but changes his mind and decides to prostitute himself to wookyung instead which begins their side story.

Halfway end in the story i just realized that Minho has a similar relationship with Doona that he has with Wookyung, and by that i mean that Minho lets Doona have sex with him in exchange for her giving him a place to live.

No. 241687

it amuses me that minho still has a hot banging body when all he did at wookyung's house was drink every day kek

No. 241692

That's the magic of fiction, anon

No. 241724

I honestly think Shota Oni is popular in part because of how boring and sexless it is. I think that's part of it's appeal. It's an incredibly safe way for a young fujo to enjoy so called 'shotacon' content. Like you can read this and know that these characters aren't going to do anything that's more than just a little suggestive. Maybe the author will give us something after a timeskip but it's not likely because dragging the story out the way it is now is more profitable.

Part of it's popularity is also owed to it getting it's start as free to read on Pixiv. Free means more accessible and more accessible can mean easier to get very popular.

No. 241728

I think it's kinda cute because it's written like a typical moe SoL manga, no major conflicts (so far) that should realistically happen because of the obvious age gap lmao that's why I'm kinda curious how yuu will handle tsubaki now that he is aware of his crush on him

No. 241776

I hope he kisses him

No. 242156

shota bl is really rare these days though, most women (yes women not moids) prefer to draw shotas with huge badabonkers mommies

No. 242431

File: 1664160097306.jpg (275.99 KB, 1584x2048, @EBaizhanjidin.jpg)

nonnas who like incest in bl, why do you like it? what kind of dynamics do you like? what are your favorite pairings?

what i like the most about it is how the characters deal with the taboo nature of it, the shame and the guilt, and the fear of destroying their familiar relationship. it's basically the pinacle of forbidden love. even if it's onesided it's interesting to see how the "normal" person reacts.
i avoid anything underage and/or with grooming or yandere/possessive vibes. it creeps me the fuck out and it's way too close to real life imo. i also avoid parent-child for the same reasons, but there is a short story, Father Figure iirc, written by the same team behind the In These Words manga, that was equally parts fucked up and bittersweet in all the best ways; i was crying by the end of it.

No. 242434

File: 1664160497477.jpeg (140.06 KB, 640x345, 2B70187F-A626-42EC-986A-EF66E9…)

Haha ew

No. 242440

i'm not one of those people who is "into incest" as a rule but I have one incest pairing I've been into since forever, and yeah for me it's all about
>the shame and the guilt
as you mentioned. I think it's just an extension of my wanting to emotionally torture my fav characters, if it wasn't the incest it would be something else, it just happens that for these particular two it's the worst thing that could happen to either one of them. I like one-sided the best because it provides more guilt and angst.

No. 242452

My rule of thumb is "don't make a baby"
You posted the only one I go for tho Dante/vergil is based they're not even human its fine I promise
it's a series that lets you choose between shipping them with family or shipping them with carbon copies of family like capcom didn't give us a choice nonnie we were forced into it

No. 242474

nonna i’m curious, what ship is it?

No. 242478

Do you know where I can read Father Figure online? or download it?

No. 242480

>why do you like it
i used to avoid incest in BL like a plague because i just couldn't imagine siblings liking each other romantically but i found kaeluc interesting. they aren't biological siblings and not even that sibling like in the first place so i found it very appealing and after a while i realized that hey, incest ships, even the biological ones aren't that bad! i like the idea of them growing up together and hiding their feelings. i'm also super into twincest lately

No. 242482

I don't have a big fetish for it in particular (and definitely not into parent/child stuff) but as a general rule, the #1 appeal in any dynamic for me is conflict. Like, I want to feel that the couple getting together is far fetched or difficult, and I want to see the author managing to pull it off and get them together regardless. It makes it seem like their feelings are more intense, the sexual tension is higher, with incest in particular there's inherent proximity that adds to it.

My fav sibling pair is the Elric brothers because it has the aspects mentioned above but also a weird plausibility? Prepare for sperging, I've really thought about this shit
>Al didn't go through a normal puberty and Ed didn't see his body for many years, so it's possible the westermarck effect didn't occur
>Al might not be prepared for sexual maturity once he gets his body back and who better to explain/assist with embarrassing things than his brother
>Ed dedicated so much of his life to getting Al's body back, so once it returns he's particularly fixated on it
>Al hasn't experienced physical touch for so long that he is also fixated on it

But yeah I'm more into fanworks than original BL, so my taste is more about how people intepret character dynamics than how they actually are in canon.

No. 242483

I always wonder if people who like incest in such a romanticized way (i.e. not the ones who root for it just to be edgy and pornbrained) have siblings themselves or are trying to cope with having bad/nonexistent sibling relationships because it often seems to be about the "deep taboo bond that they have that couldn't be replicated". For me it's just too much to be able to suspend my disbelief due to having IRL siblings and the entire thought just being all around weird and awkward. Adopted siblings are fair game (albeit weird if they've been raised together since infancy) but blood related just makes me reflect on my own siblings too much to not find it nasty.

No. 242485

I’ve had friends who are into it and have siblings themselves and I always found that weird, I don’t think it’s as strange if it’s coming from an only child for example. I’ve also had friends who are into parent/child stuff which imo is just beyond gross, I can’t get into stuff like that because it makes my skin crawl and I will just think about my parents which is, the last thing one should want on their mind when consuming yaoi.

No. 242486

I can handle incest if it's in BL because I can see two male brothers being horny and violent enough to fuck, but if it's hetero or lesbian I just can't. Maybe because I was molested by a sibling myself and I know that the romanticized incest is just bullshit, plus if there's a woman I can see myself in her. I guess you can consume anything if you're detached enough but still.

No. 242488

I only like Nero/Dante
Despite that, Vergil is my favorite of the three

No. 242490

I'm an only child so i tried to think about my cousins and I felt extremely nauseos kek but I think that the appeal is that it's about two related MEN, there's no woman involved. When it's het siblings or cousins i find it incredibly gross

No. 242495

File: 1664181173890.jpg (1.49 MB, 1315x2000, 93014315_p0.jpg)

I think part of it is that I cant see myself in male characters so I'm able to suspend my disbelief. yuri or het incest for example is too weird for me.

No. 242496

Like a lot of other people here say, I like the emotional turmoil it puts the characters through because of the taboo setting. I ONLY like sibling incest though, parental incest creeps me out because it's too closely tied to pedophilia and I can't stand parental figures abusing those beneath them with romance and sex, and cousin incest is a big nothing-burger because it's so "normal" comparatively. Step-siblings are a cop-out and are literally not relevant.
I like both straight and gay sibling incest, but I'd prefer if pregnancy was not involved. Most of all I want to read about people being tormented by their attraction and see the beauty in darkness that comes with it.

No. 242497

I am: >>242496 and I have an older sibling of the opposite sex. I had a crush on him as a kid, but grew out of it. We've had a normal sibling relationship our entire lives. I don't self-insert into my ships, I just like observing it from a literary point of view. It's just…entertainment.

No. 242502

I like the longing looks. The words never said. The physical touches that border on being too intimate, too loving .The slow realization that maybe, just maybe, the love they have for each other goes a little bit deeper than just familial. The guilt, the shame, and the hatred that overtakes. The reconciliation, in which they throw caution to the wind because, fuck, they're truly and deeply in love, and nothing can ever change that.
I get along well with both my siblings, and I enjoy incest quite a lot, whether it be romanticized or not. I was never disgusted by incest in fiction because I never saw myself in it. Where the incestuous characters start, I end. I am merely a bystander watching as they pursue their illicit desire. Same goes for parental incest (which I've noticed a couple of anons are apprehensive of).

No. 242512


It's fiction, it's a fictional fetish like any other and it's completely separate from reality. If squicks you and makes you think about IRL incest then it means it's just not your thing, for others it's completely separate from reality especially when it comes to anime boys.

No. 242525

Same as this nona, I also have an older sibling who I've never been attracted to, but I very much enjoy fictional incest, both between siblings and parental. I never self insert into fiction and I view it merely as entertainment, so I guess that's why "problematic" fetishes never squick me out.

No. 242526

I don't self-insert either but it still makes me too uncomfortable as a thought because I can't help but think about my own siblings. I don't sperg out at people who love it because I have my own problematic favourites that people would shame me for but it definitely affects my view of them because it's one of those taboos that define a person imo. It's one thing to enjoy it as a smutty porn kink but somehow when it crosses over to the star-crossed lovers kind of thing it becomes too disturbing.

No. 242535

Pretty much what you said about navigating it and feeling guilty. I'd also add that I love how incest adds a level of impenetrable love. You can't get in the way of blood. No matter what happens between the two, they're always tied to each other and have imprinted history, memories, connection, etc. My fave type of incest is brothers easily, parentuncle/younger stuff doesn't click as hard.

The guilt stuff hits even harder if the older brother blames himself for essentially encouraging it/not putting his foot down because he loves his little brother too much who doesn't know better yet. His little brother struggles to distinguish different types of love but in the end he unabashedly loves his big brother wholeheartedly while the older one is still mentally struggling.

No. 242559

the authors are really strict with it, and it's almost impossible to find online dumps or download links. iirc, the last time i found it was on fucking 8chan.

No. 242569

File: 1664206396737.jpeg (164.2 KB, 900x900, E66DC417-0827-4373-8034-BE5014…)

It’s the elric brothers just like >>242482 kek. There’s something about those two in particular, idk.
Also >>242482 are you me???? We’re literally on the same damn brain wave. I’ve thought about everything you mentioned plus more that I won’t get into so as not to sperg out itt.
I’d really love to get in touch with you somehow if you’d be interested, this ship is so rare these days I feel like I’m alone on a brainrot desert island.

No. 242578

fuck, what have u done to me. going to have to find fics now.

No. 242592

Oh so thats why, I found it anyway on Z-Library. I thought it was a manga but still glad I found it.

No. 242593

There’s not many good ones, there used to be a lot but I think most of the old ones got eaten in the FF purge. I found a couple on AO3 that don’t suck (and one I wrote that I hope doesn’t suck kek) though. I think most of the competent writers get scared off because they fear getting cancelled.

No. 242634

I am not explicitly into it but I can enjoy it. Same reasons as those you and others have mentioned.
Maybe same reason some people like gay ships for in the past. I cannot see gay ships forbidden though, so why I am totally a fujo I love gay 2D dudes for a million reasons but any kind of taboo, incest provides that though.

No. 242647

File: 1664224884838.jpg (408.62 KB, 1447x2046, FctK8QHaIAM-i_i.jpg)

Do you necessarily relate to the characters you are into? Personally, I need to relate to at least one part of the ship, but it seems like this is different depending on the person. I know another one who is the same and her love for the guys she ships is a mix between relating to certain traits or backgrounds, admiration and of course sexual attraction to the opposite sex. But then again many shippers cannot relate at all but still like it. To me emotions, mental issues or the way characters are treated by others were never generally foreign just because it's manga characters. It depends on the character though, the traits or treatment must of course match.

That makes me wonder about another thing which is why I relate so much with 2D characters in general but rarely even get real people. I think it's because how fiction works. Even a crazy villain can be relatable because fiction directly tells you their thoughts and feelings whereas real people hide, lie or are simply unreadable or too different. And manga are even more extreme than other media since drawings are more expressive than real faces and personalities and characters are written way more straight-forward and are less complicated than real humans. Maybe I am just autistic or something.

No. 242650

what is your opinion on it?

No. 242654

Sometimes, I tend to relate quite a bit to characters who are deeply in love and who would do anything for their lover or depressed losers. However I see it as something that's more of a bonus, even if I don't relate to any part of a ship, if I like their dynamic I'm still gonna enjoy it

No. 242656

File: 1664226181150.jpg (83.46 KB, 800x576, ohsc.jpg)

Those two were the first BL couple I shipped and I guess it just left an impact lol.

No. 242666

File: 1664228372458.jpg (145.96 KB, 750x455, 03312b0410a38b62e12b51c14a8c8c…)

Incest shipping is emphatically not my thing, but reading the responses to your post has been interesting. Like other anons have said, it's just like any other fetish, where if you're not into it, you're never gonna get why other people are.

Years ago when I was into Homestuck, I had a friend who was super into Stridercest and I just never got the appeal. It was forever ago, but I think her rationale was similar to what anons here are saying, which is that some people experience a reverse-psychology effect, where something becomes more appealing expressly because it's taboo. I'm not very close friends with that person anymore, but in recent years she trooned out and became super woke-puritanical. Every time I see her tut-tutting someone online for being "problematic" I think back to all the smutty Stridercest fanfic she wrote and I laugh to myself.

I guess I could theoretically tolerate step-sibling incest if the story it's in is really well-written, but that's as far as I would go. I guess I'm pretty vanilla by fujoshi standards, because shota and incest squick me the hell out. I'm not new to slash either, I've been part of the community for like fifteen years; I was put off by it long before it was considered "problematic."

Wait, what? Anon, did you not live with him or something? I don't want to shame you too hard here, but I have an older brother as well and that strikes me as really weird. When I was a kid, some of my friends had crushes on my brother and even that weirded me out.

No. 242675

I didn't feel for any of the characters that much and it ended too quickly, but the writing was very high quality, so overall it was alright.

No. 242684

Nonas im fixated on Noah from xc3 right now. Any recs of artists or doujin?

No. 242686

I find that my favorite ships that I latch onto for a long time usually have one or both characters that speak to me on a deeper level because I relate to them. One of my oldest OTPs has a character that I made the theme of my old blog and I used to cosplay him. It wasn't really a self insert thing, I didn't imagine myself as him, it was more like "he just like me fr fr" so I found a lot of comfort in that character and ship. These days though, I tend to seek out more characters that I specifically don't relate to because I've found so many that I comfortably connect with, it's more exciting to see characters that are outrageous or extreme in a way that's still convincing.

Same. They also developed my specific taste for incest being when they create a very specific world for themselves and don't let outsiders in. "No one else understands me except you" type thing.

No. 242695

File: 1664236811811.jpg (53.41 KB, 350x491, 55334772.jpg)

i have mixed feelings about incest pairings tbh, but like other anons have said i do get the kind of taboo appeal to it. i will say i played shingakkou noli me tangere recently and the (twin)cest pairing in that was… weird? in that they have a really weird excuse to handwave it basically. it just made me laugh bc that game had so much objectively gross stuff but they still felt the need to justify the incest lmao

any other shingakkou anons here? i barely see anyone discuss it, i guess bc of the lack of a western audience, but its a shame bc there's a lot to talk about imo

No. 242701


OT but I miss the days of based stridercest, crazy to see even Hamletmachine drew it. Homestuck fandom was cringe but then nobody clutched their pearls at all the deranged ships. It was great. I remember stridercest had the most fics on ao3 out of all the HS pairings at one point, truly a time of the internet we'll never get back.

No. 242718

Dirkjake used to be my thing. I'm a sucker for a good ol' childhood best friends slow burn.

Kind of makes me wonder why Hamlet hasn't been burned at the stake for being a ~le evil fujoshi~ yet. She used to make no secret of the fact that she was a woman, although these days any reference to her gender is curiously absent from her socials, kek.

No. 242734

i mean i liked it cus i thought the trope was interesting, but i asked my actual gay male friend who was into it back then and he said he liked it because bro was a stronger/older parental type lmao he only dates bears now so it makes sense. tl;dr daddy issues probably

speaking of stridercest, does anyone remember Family Never Ends by ipgd? it was the most realistic depiction of incest and the mental damage it causes

No. 242737

i was thinking about that fic today and how i fucking hated the amount of (frankly shitty and boring) porn in it. Shit gets interesting in the last chapters and bam! No sequel, no conclusion, fuck you. Some authors who write porn-heavy works usually show successfully the evolution of the relationship through the sex-scenes. Whoever wrote that fic failed completely at that. Porn without plot for 200k words is an interesting feat though.

No. 242746

i think it’s because like you said any mention of her being a woman is gone from her socials and she calls herself ~queer~ despite being in a relationship with a man iirc.

No. 242781

Personally I think it’s interesting because hussie told ipgd the ending of homestuck+inside knowledge, so essentially the fic is somewhat canon approved lol.

No. 242789

I think it's interesting she left her Homestuck incest fics (orphaned though) up as well as her Transformers porn on an alt but decided to delete the huge Metal Gear tome which had Ocelot/Eli (aka shota Liquid Snake) and that she posted on another alt. Wonder why that one in particular had to go.

No. 242793

Kek brother incest is basically a non factor in BL. Try father / son

No. 242799

My thoughts are an amalgamation of all these opinions too. Het or yuri I won't do. I do have siblings myself so I've noticed when I do engage with incest ships the gross aura makes my mental health worse, which sucks because I just can't ignore the incest factor completely. I want to enjoy brocest fully but I can't. It's a little easier with twincest because it seems further removed from reality, but still my incest ship of choice would be cousins. No parents please.

No. 242922

>Wait, what? Anon, did you not live with him or something?

We lived together all my childhood, until he moved out when I was 16-17. I'm gonna put on my psychologist hat here and say I think it's because we're "only" half-siblings so we look like night and day, we don't resemble each others at all, and I really looked up to him as a cool older brother figure. Even if he was a dickass at times, he also protected me and cared for me in an age when I was bullied a LOT and struggled socially, so he was in a way my pillar.

Like I said though, I grew out of it and I never acted on it. It wasn't a HUGE crush either, just a tiny one. Now I just see him as my brother.

No. 242930

What's the age difference between you two?

No. 242948

i remember getting put on some random tumblr blocklist for shipping bro/dave when i was a tween. its so nostalgic.

No. 243627

Nona do you have magic powers

No. 243673

6 years.

No. 243721

File: 1664558775409.jpg (33.65 KB, 702x469, 20220914_162922.jpg)

Nona, we are long lost twins (no incest subtext intended), I have the same feeling and restrictions about it. Also monarch taste for Spardacest. Have a nice day.

No. 243855

File: 1664590658158.png (563.51 KB, 1150x1635, Shinigami no Lament.png)

This one shot was decent. When I finished it I thought it would fare better as a longer serialization and turns out it did get a (short) serialization of 5 chapters afterwards, according to the scanlators, but I haven't seen anything around.

No. 243858

File: 1664591188583.gif (3.72 MB, 455x262, MenacingAchingElephant-size_re…)

Not really boys love but the thing that really escalated the fujo in me was that scene from Fragile Dreams. I still think about it sometimes.

No. 243862

Have I ever played this game? No. Have I purposefully looked up this scene more than once? Absolutely.

No. 243936

Always wanted to play that, too bad that no Wii and my laptop is too old for Dolphin. Didn't know there is gay content in that game

No. 243937

File: 1664619114420.jpeg (148.21 KB, 761x848, 1CACFE5B-83A5-4F8A-9125-45CBDE…)

Lelouch and Suzaku have an official love child now

What do you think? I think he’s quite cute actually!
It really is hilarious though when you compare it to other popular ships from around that time (to where the creator would usually tell people to stop making them gay homosexuals)

No. 243943

Quickly read it. I don’t know why but I feel like I’ve either read a similar story before or maybe it was just this one and my shit memory forgot. It’s nice though! I agree with saying that it work really well as a longer series, even 5 chapters is too much imo but good to hear that it was popular enough to gain a serialization.

No. 243952

They made Lestat and Louis gay for real, but they're both ugly now so what's the point

No. 243955

god this game looks so beautiful, is it worth playing?

No. 243986

File: 1664638961388.jpg (7.61 KB, 200x200, 7.jpg)

minho killed himself in the recent chapter…..does this mean its the end of the story. I wasnt expecting this, i, ill just say my unpopular opinion for this site but compared to the things he has done i dont think he deserved to die….

No. 243992

But was his death confirmed? I'm waiting for next update before throwing the confetti.

No. 243993

it's pretty obvious the author always hated his guts because she based him on some ex but in the context of the story the treatment of his character is pretty retarded. duna or doona whatever her name is, also raped multiple characters but she got a good ending

No. 244007

This is so funny and cute to me. I haven't kept up with anything Geass outside of the original anime, but I'm very curious about this kid and want to see what this is all about.

No. 244047

he’s probably not dead tbh doubt she’ll actually kill him off idk

No. 244059

Fuck you

No. 244064

what did i do?

No. 244065

File: 1664660486227.jpg (157.4 KB, 1920x1080, 1664642331796100.jpg)


No. 244068

File: 1664661068024.jpg (149.31 KB, 1280x720, mpv0002-[SubsPlease] Pop Team …)

>tfw you're so BL deprived you find this extremely attrative
I hope this segment comes back every week.

No. 244071

File: 1664662249719.jpeg (112.35 KB, 523x700, C6390EF8-8FCC-42C5-A5CF-9AE7F3…)

Prefer strip because it’s by Harada~

No. 244073

Damn no wonder they looked so nice.

No. 244078

Harada is truly the gift that keeps giving

No. 244080

You gave no warning for spoilers. I'm sorry, I was too aggressive.

No. 244085

Not really. Posting spoilers like that is a shit thing to do. They should delete their post.

No. 244202

why the heck didn't they make the new gundam show fujobait?? instead it's another loli yuribait, great. i give no fucks that gundam finally has a female protagonist, this series got popular thanks to fujos. it's crazy how many franchises and manga are carried by fujo fans and they get absolutely nothing in return (looking at jujutsu kaisen kek)

No. 244217

Still bait shit at the end of the day

No. 244218

Weren't they always gay? It's just that vampires dont have sex

Also what do you mean ugly?

No. 244223

Fujoshis were born from bait. Who cares about canon, it's still crazy that a lovechild is still something official.

No. 244241

>vampires don’t have sex

like i get it from a logistical standpoint but if edward cullen can do it i think anne rice’s vampires should be able to too

No. 244256

I am chill about yuri itself, but sadly yuri fans are unironically among the worst types of fanbases I have ever seen in my life so this Gundam will be fucking impossible to discuss anywhere which pisses me off because I want to talk about it.

But I kinda agree. Fujos made up the huge majority of the anime fandoms of Gundam and I a lowkey afraid that once they trigger the yuri hype they won't do anything else anymore.

No. 244262

they become popular thanks to fujos and then ditch them for a more "mainstream" audience (basically moids). mappa did the same thing, got popular thanks to yuri on ice and is now focusing only on shounenshit. if yuri on ice belonged to kyoani you'd see like 3 sequels by now

No. 244273

Yeah this is my worry too. I couldn't even make it through the first episode yet because of how annoying the MC is because of course they had to moefy her to the point at which she isn't even capable of talking anymore. It will probably get better later but it's still annoying.
>if yuri on ice belonged to kyoani you'd see like 3 sequels by now
God, don't remind me. We will have died of old age before they finally release that movie. But yeah, I love that Kyoani is at least making a sequel for Tsurune, they would have never let the YoI hype die down like this.

It's a shame because anime like YoI, where the fujo pandering and gay hinting is more than just just comedic relief barely exist whereas every second anime has girls touching each others asses or has them telling each other they couldn't live without the respective other.

No. 244303

NTA but the actors for Louis and Lestat are not beautiful at all. 5/10 males at best

No. 244330

they were always gay tbh, especially when you read the other books about lestat’s past and how he basically attached himself to louis because he reminded him of a previous lover

No. 244341

i like from this game the implication is that people can be brought back to life(Euphie,shirley, etc) but suzalulu were like nah let's fucking make a baby lol. love this for them

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