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No. 110612[Reply]

/g/ is for all things girly, bathroom talk for advice, lifestyle, fashion, cosmetics, makeup, periodtalk. Anything you would ask and talk about with your female friends.

>/ot/ is for offtopic, discussions, debates and sperging

>/m/ is for image spam unrelated to beauty or vidya and movie talk
Do not post porn, talking about porn or sexual preferences is fine though.
You can see all the rules here https://lolcow.farm/rules

File: 1544636054198.jpg (23.46 KB, 500x375, Capture-KareKano-Sex-Scene-3-5…)

No. 102887[Reply]

Couldn't find one through the catalog, thought this could be useful. Need advice on sex related stuff? Ask here.
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No. 123853

This is correct.

However if you must say something and there is an opportunity, say something like
>you like that?
>I love sucking your cock
If he says something like "that feels so good omg" say
>yeah, does that feel good?

They sound lame typed out here but those are things that come to mind (so to speak kek) when I'm sucking my bf's dick. This is tame shit btw idk if you're looking for something nastier lol
Pls no boolie

No. 123854

Double posting but these are all basically rhetorical questions– no need to pause/wait for him to respond lol

No. 123855

Actually the kind of dirty talk I do lul.

No. 123857

same honestly

No. 123859

Eh…i know but its just to spice things up sometimes.

File: 1567963010635.jpg (49.47 KB, 500x371, haha-you-love-me.jpg)

No. 122983[Reply]

Old thread hit the limit! >>>/g/108637
Having some relationship issues or questions and need to vent or get advice? Come here and talk with fellow farmers for another point of view.
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No. 123776

I just started dating a guy and everything is good so far. My only issue is that he wants to go to grad school in a year and all but one school he is applying to are out of state. I've been to grad school and I get that he wants to go to the best in his field. I have no interest in stopping him and want him to have a good life.
The closest university in our city is a decent public university but the other places he is applying to are Stanford, MIT, etc and obviously a much higher ranking and career prospects for him.

We have only been dating for 3 weeks. I don't want to do a LDR and I don't want to leave my city. Should I just end it?
I told him all of this and he said to just wait because he doesn't know what the future holds, but I don't want to invest a year into a relationship just to see it end over something like this. I also would feel uncomfortable exerting any sort of pressure on him to make him go to a lower ranked school, inadvertently or overtly. I've been in 2 very long term relationships with long LDR periods in both that lasted years, so I am 100% afraid of re-entering an other. I won't do it again. He has never had a relationship before so I don't think he knows how unpleasant they can be or is even thinking that far in the future.

Advice? Should I just wait and see or end it now before we get too attached?

No. 123780

Should be his decision but he's being indecisive and that's not nice to you. You don't sound very committed to keeping him, he doesn't sound very committed to keeping you.

Lingering in a doomed relationship, even a short time, isn't always the worst, but it often ends in unnecessary hurt.

Explore whether you want to take that risk, and don't let him be so non-committal about it in future.

No. 123832

If he's made up his mind about going to grad school, it's completely up to you to decide whether you think it's worth it to invest in a relationship that may potentially end in a year. If you really don't want go through an LDR again, it might be best to tell him the truth and end it before getting too attached. Just as he has every right to follow his career dreams, you have every right to end it if you don't think you can handle the possibility of him leaving in a year.

It's weird because I'm in a similar position to you, but I'm the one who'll be leaving to go to grad school. I've also just started dating someone who is planning to stay in the city for another five years, so it's pretty much guaranteed that we won't be seeing much of each other after a year. Anyway, the point of saying this isn't to blogpost, but I don't think you should leave the decision to him. If the guy I'm dating left it up to me, I'd be totally fine with dating and then either shifting to a LDR or just breaking up when I have to move. I would expect that if he had any objections to that, he would tell me as otherwise I'd assume he was on the same page, so I don't think your boyfriend is necessarily being indecisive. If you really think it's going to be a problem, you should probably end it as he may be totally okay with the situation and assume that you are too. Sometimes people have different priorities in life (education vs settling down) and that can be okay, but if you want a boyfriend who will prioritize a longterm relationship as much as you do, it might be better to look elsewhere.

No. 123837


Thank you both for the replies. Based on what we've discussed so far, he seems like the type to want to "make it work" but I am too pessimistic from my previous LDRs and an extremely negative experience I had moving across the country to be with a past-BF. I will think this over, but I am leaning toward ending it early before either of us gets in too deep. I really like and admire him and don't want this to be painful.

No. 123843

More of an annoyance at the situation vs. an annoyance with my boyfriend but he recently moved into a house with his friends after living on his own just so he can save some money. His friends are okay but I miss the privacy we used to have.

We still go on our dates but it's awkward for me to stay over now just because I'm less comfortable knowing there's three other people in the house. I've never had roommates so it's different for me. His one roommate also has a husky and I'm allergic to dogs. The dog is a puppy still so he jumps on me and tries to lick my face (he's the same size as me when he stands up) which just aggravates my asthma even more.

I try to be agreeable because I still don't know his friends well but it bugs me going over there. We're planning on moving in together within a year so I'm trying to stick it out but I know I'll have to say something soon. I hate lying…

File: 1469627747972.jpg (33.58 KB, 612x380, Leslie-Jones_612x380_0.jpg)

No. 45623[Reply]

We have a thread for men, but how about our bi and lesbian farmers on /g/? What women that you're ashamed to say you'd fuck for any reason?

Admit your thirst, farmers.
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No. 123349

She kinda looks like Blaire White in that pic

No. 123358

I like how Moo looks and she had so much potential to bring a decent amount of respect to plus sized women.

But nope, instead she proved she's a typical fat girl stereotype who's batshit crazy, steps over other people, and hates herself.
A costhot Tess Holiday.

No. 123522

The cartoon is hotter of her tbh

No. 123734

the cartoon tits look too much like balls to be hot

No. 123845

File: 1569010315565.jpg (216.54 KB, 768x1024, CKQF9JAUsAAkauk.jpg)

if she wasnt such a scumbag

File: 1526175210308.jpg (178.58 KB, 1242x2208, af2e142.jpg)

No. 82463[Reply]

Share your experiences, advice, tips.
What was your cringiest story? Have you had a successful interaction? Do you think dating apps are worth the effort?
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No. 123678

While the slightest flaw bullshit is true, they act like it's shopping - men also are WAY less popular than they will admit. The average man gets 2 messages a month on a dating site, maybe a handful of matches on tinder.

No. 123683

Anon's point is that men cast a wide net and pursue multiple women, making her not feel like she's being messaged due to anything special about herself.

Frankly I think if men put in more effort to send sincere and tailored messages they might fare better than two replies a month that say "hey" back.

No. 123685

I think there's a huge disparity on dating apps. There's a big Chad population of greek god looking male models who are on there getting a steady stream of women with no effort, then there's a big Virgin population of losers who get no matches. Middle of the road, well adjusted guys must just be in normal relationships with girls they met irl instead of on tinder.

No. 123788

Disagree that it's a male thing. Met a lot of women who talk to 20 guys at a time and same goes with men. One side always tries to blame the other for shit both do.

No. 123844

I think there's no good one answer that fits everybody equally
people do cast wider nets because tailoring individual messages to every single person they reach out to doesn't have the same rate of yield
just because you do spend time on someone isn't a guarantee that they will necessarily respond in the way you want
doing a mix of both isn't necessarily the answer either

And what does effort really mean? Does it mean responding right away (or within like 10-20 minutes)? Does it mean coming up with interesting things to talk about? Does it mean saying the right thing at the right time? All of them at once? Or just being yourself, which could mean literally anything?
Different women like different things, so to say "effort" is needed isn't specific enough to tailor to those specific women–after all, how are you going to know what someone likes before you get to know them?

Dating is hard, and the more people you meet, the harder it is IMO
A part of me wants to say it's easier to be sad about 1 person than 10, but it also depends on who that 1 person is vs that 10.
Did you tailor your messages to that one perfect, handsome stranger and fail? Or did you send a bunch of half assed messages to a bunch of people you just wouldn't mind getting to know?

File: 1536798739257.jpg (643.82 KB, 1728x2187, size.jpg)

No. 95052[Reply]

What do you think is the ideal penis size? Personally i think its between 6-7 inches as it usually gets me to cum. But i do think their are other factors that can help climax like foreplay or atmosphere/ the sexual tension.

Also, what do you tell guys when asked this? I'm usually honest and tell them around 6 inches. Does this make me look shallow and would it turn a guy off?
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No. 123820

why would you post a gif of a child in a dick thread. that's gross

No. 123823

You've got some deep issue, get some therapy

No. 123824


Attempting to revive a dead topic…But I just got out of a relationship with a braindead French dude and would love to hear about other's experiences dating this demographic

No. 123833

There are other snarky reaction pics, why would you choose one with a kid?
And thanks, would love to as long as you pay for it!

No. 123842

calm down faggots, it was just a genuine curiosity. Not . buttmad at all, just curious since my experience is different.

File: 1556975796138.png (507.36 KB, 658x966, Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 9.14…)

No. 114320[Reply]

In this looks obsessed world. Especially as a woman, honest people will admit our entire worth is based on our looks by society.
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No. 123755

Here's some thoughts nobody asked for: I don't really have the incel mentality of 'beautiful people have everything and ugly people have nothing and will get nothing' (I think that's rather black and white), but I'm still obsessed with my looks relative to others'.

Like, I know being a universal sex symbol doesn't necessarily make for a euphoric life (people like Marilyn Monroe and Hedy Lamarr were unhappy for arguably most of their life, so you can be beautiful and yet troubled and feel empty). So at this point I think it's just an emotional/subconscious thing I have with looks. I didn't really want to bang as many Chads as possible or be a VS model and have people jack off to me, it's more like I just wanted to be exceedingly beautiful so I wouldn't feel shitty about myself, because anything less than that would be losing. Or my subconscious thinks that's the key to confidence and being accepted. I did desperately want to be accepted.

So anyway, I do think that lookism exists and that average-looking people get ignored in favor of pretty people, at least at first, and have less opportunities/chances. And I agree that it sucks. Women are constantly bombarded with how important it is to be beautiful, to an extent that men aren't, and I don't agree with the 'everyone is beautiful' campaigns in terms of physical beauty. But then again, do the Chads even really care about "Stacies" beyond wanting to fuck them? Super-hot women get objectified and creeped on a lot. And if you want to have a successful career but you're a hot girl (in "serious" fields), you won't be taken seriously. So anyway, life sucks as a woman, period.

No. 123758

I was raised in the fashion industry arguably the most self absorbed place ever

>do think that lookism exists and that average-looking people get ignored in favor of pretty people, at least at first, and have less opportunities/chances. And I agree that it sucks. Women are constantly bombarded with how important it is to be beautiful, to an extent that men aren't, and I don't agree with the 'everyone is beautiful' campaigns in terms of physical beauty.

Yes but we also live in a world where men prefer women to be seen not heard

>But then again, do the Chads even really care about "Stacies" beyond wanting to fuck them? Super-hot women get objectified and creeped on a lot. And if you want to have a successful career but you're a hot girl (in "serious" fields), you won't be taken seriously.

But if you are ugly then you aren’t even spoken to in any industry and get shoved in the worst possible way

We can’t win

No. 123794

i wish i could see myself in the way others do.

i am overweight, have a really weird nose, hooded eyelids with one lazier eye, really deep eye bags, a square jaw and gross hair. my teeth are also messed up so i hate my natural smile and it also shows a lot of gum.

yet all the things i've listed are also things people point out that they like about me. my boyfriend especially says he loves my smile because he knows when it's genuine. but it's hard to take any compliment seriously when i'm so used to seeing all these tiny flaws added up to make one big mess.

i wish i could get over these self esteem issues.

No. 123825

Beauty is the ability to magnetize people and influence behavior therefore gaining benefits. However it's fickle and somewhat illusory, because it's a force that's usually outside your control (by virtue of your genes) and it's not dependent on solid qualities or abilities.

Both people who are very beautiful and very ugly have "karmic" lessons to learn - both need to wake up from the grip of beauty otherwise both will eventually crumble in life. Beautiful people need to have the realization that the good and easy things happening to them aren't for granted and aren't backed up by their true abilities otherwise when they eventually lose their beauty they're in for a rude awakening.

The lesson for ugly people is to accept they do not possess the power to magnetize and instead of yearning for an ability can't have - to develop qualities that will get them what they want in life and more importantly to fight the pull of bitterness, envy, anger and malice.

Beautiful people need to fight their blissful ignorance and develop abilities, ugly people need to fight their angry misdirected ignorance and develop abilities. Once the force of beauty disappears (which it always does) that's the only way you can survive reality.

No. 123839

File: 1568998138456.jpeg (50.85 KB, 460x449, A8C61971-4E31-494F-9CFE-A13BEC…)


I’m on the same boat. I was buttfucking ugly from my early middle school days all the way until after high school. I was (still am) super insecure and had bangs that did not suit me at all, but kept them because an old friend told me I looked less ugly with them. At least she was honest with me. The only compliments I would receive from friends were for my personality.

Anyway, cut to after high school - I finally found a hairstyle that suits my face, learned how to decently do makeup, and am currently exploring my fashion taste.

When I visited my family I haven’t seen in a while, I got compliments on how pretty I looked for the first time ever. Instead of that making me feel good I felt like shit instead. I honestly wanted to cry. I’m still ugly without makeup. I don’t think I could ever let anyone else (besides my parents) see me without it since I got that reaction.


Same with me. I cannot leave the house without filling in my brows and putting on eyeliner. I feel naked without them.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1558657067944.jpg (121.15 KB, 640x651, 1517628177348.jpg)

No. 115426[Reply]

In need of advice? Post here!

Last thread: >>87009
426 posts and 39 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 123827

File: 1568991228041.gif (938.11 KB, 500x300, Iia8SF1.gif)

I might have already vented and asked about this here, but I am not sure and I am still struggling with the same goddamn issue (no, it's not boyfriend related!).
Where the fuck do people find online friends nowadays and how do they do it? Due to being bullied for most of my childhood I have developed AVPD and never learned to express myself. I do not feel comfortable revealing anything about myself. I really wish I could find some place to just post random photos and posts related to my thoughts and interest and connect with similar ladies… I have no idea how people manage to do that! I have been conditioned to hide EVERYTHING and to be as boring and quiet as possible cause everything could have been (and usually was) used against me.

I almost envy Luna Slater cause she's so good about shamelessly documenting her life and interests even though she's a huge neet mess…

Where and how do I blog in order to find others like me? It doesn't have that I am obsessed about niche hobbies…

No. 123830

What sort of niche hobbies are we talking about, we'd need to know that to recommend.

I also have AVPD, an especially cripplingly strong case. It sucks, it definitely feels like a disability, but few people other than us would see it that way.

What's wrong with places like tumblr? They have spaces for niche communities. Online forums and blogs are a good avenue of socialisation for people who need it.

No. 123831

I enjoy true crime, toy collecting and music which is rather obscure in my country. Writing is the most important to me.
There is nothing wrong with tumblr though I dunno how to make friends there (like everywhere lmfao). I also don't like how personal posts disappear among reblogged content. My other problem is that I feel like I rarely have something new to say on a topic… maybe I am too critical of myself. I find it amazing how people can just share their thoughts or even write overviews of cases.
I guess I would also like to meet friends I could eventually meet irl (though not saying it's impossible on tumblr). I am also confused if I should make tumblr, instagram or something else? How do I make similar weirdo people notice me without being cringy?

I wish I had a vivid personality and could attract people based on that. I wish I felt like a real, multidimentional person. I am so emotionally crippled.

I need to get therapy but as I currently cannot aford it, I am trying to sort myself out to the best of my abilities…

I am sorry anon that you are going through this too. I hope you will find happiness and some good people that will help you get out of your shell at least a bit.

No. 123835

File: 1568994686276.jpg (24.91 KB, 512x512, tumblr_okl6x4xNmg1w3ko8fo1_540…)

Obnoxious anon here! I was having a shitty day because you know, I'm still friendless and miserable, but you really made me smile.
You seriously made me realize I shouldn't be the one adapting to anyone else's tastes but find people who can put up with me instead. Thank you so so much anon, I'll keep on shining!

Oh also, funny that you mentioned acting cause I used to take acting classes when I was a kid. Maybe I should pick it up again!

No. 123836

You are not all that different, and making friends isn't all that hard once just one person helps you get past that sensitivity. You will never be a easy going social person to strangers sadly but when you have a person you trust to rely in, you can be vibrant to them and you will feel more confident about other things too.

Nothing you have said is cringy, and you are definitely understandable and relatable. If you can go a single step further and type this stuff on a site which allows you to keep a continuous account, then I'm sure people would listen and chat with you. You're not one dimensional either, we feel like that because we're often too anxious to say stuff in a group and then we internlize we are not interesting. In truth we are more interesting, for better or for worse, than anyone can see but we cannot express it.

A couple years ago I became obsessed with an anime forum (now thats cringy). I thought I couldn't really talk to people about the anime at first, because I didn't know how to like you. So I just wrote jokes and was sarcastic, really juvenile thing but I talked to people alot then. Based on that, I'd recommend something where you can react to what others say rather than write on your own. Based on that, tumblr seems like a good option.

I'd be your friend, but there's no way to share private info on this site. Im sorry. It will get alot easier in the future. It's not hopeless.

File: 1558229627691.gif (4.03 MB, 500x280, download.gif)

No. 115141[Reply]

last thread: >>87606
No shame no gain
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No. 123798

ugh yes Bloodborne makes me so horny lmao. One time after playing Bloodborne nonstop for weeks I wound up having a dream that I was a hunter and had a qt taciturn hunter bf who would help me take down beasts and administer my blood vials for me afterwards and lick up the excess blood. Was kinda sad when I woke up lol.

No. 123828

this is dumb but last week my car broke down in the highway and i got pulled by a tow truck to the nearest auto repair shop. i don't know why but the guy in my tow truck was hot, almost every car mechanic that worked in the shop were young and muscular guys, the head of the group had tattoos and shit. i wanted to offer them to fuck me so badly. i wish i had the courage to do some porny move where i fake fuck up my car to get their attention or something.

No. 123834

File: 1568994674151.jpeg (57.51 KB, 1024x835, 896B7FDA-6DA2-4C77-B42B-9BD68A…)

I’ve gotten to the point where half my schlick materiel is of arrogant guys in glasses (always glasses) getting destroyed in the asshole by a another guy. I literally almost get off exclusively to weebshit megane painal.
I don’t wear glasses IRL, maybe I identify more with the top? Wonder if this makes me a little bit tranny. Sigh.

No. 123841

you got some uh…links? or uh…recs? just for research.

No. 123851

i want to be kidnapped and tied up, given female viagra (that a thing?) and having my kidnapper take videos of me begging to get fucked and giving him blowjobs and coming inside me, and then he sends it to every non relative guy in my life. I feel like a sick fuck but I like thinking about everyone knowing I’m a nymphomaniac whore and fantasising about who would jack off to it

File: 1542624949794.png (535.56 KB, 565x649, 2018-11-19 21_49_34-skin care …)

No. 101084[Reply]

Talk about skin stuff here. Old thread is at 1200+ posts.
Last thread: >>45776

Anyone have any experience with rosacea? I'm wondering if I have it. I'm fair skinned and have always flushed easily, but the last couple years I flush very intensely and my cheeks always feel like they're burning, and recently it's been getting even more painful. I'm on a 4 month waiting list for a derm even with a referral and not sure how to cope in the meantime.
764 posts and 105 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 123705

File: 1568805335654.png (742.32 KB, 1120x607, serum2-600x350.png)

have anyone tried any of the pure and care serums? I´ve got a small bunch, but it can sometimes take time to see results when it comes to skin. My main problem are my huge pores (my skin literally looks like orange peels), and they're constantly clogged bc of my oily skin. Constant blackheads that are super hard to get rid of. I feel a bit alone, bc no products seems to help at all and the only way to get rid of them is to squeeze them out. I'm currently testing the 2% BHA serum, hoping it will easy it up a. bit

No. 123829

Farmers, any advice for someone with rough/aged/orange skin skin from smoking? (Weed every day almost for 2 years). I quit 3 weeks ago, vaped for on and off then quit that too last week b/c it gave me horrible sore throat. I don’t really need to smoke weed , I was just doing it as a habit and it did help a lot permanently with severe anxiety I had but it totally wrecked my appearance. I’m actually shocked how bad it got in such a short period of time because I know people who smoke tobacco for 10+ years and they look better then me. My teeth are yellow too, but they were always sort of off white. My skin was ideally before this, zero wrinkles, no sunspots, no acne.

No. 123840

Are you insinuating that smoking weed for 2 years gave you sun spots and wrinkles? And orange skin? Wut

No. 123846

I think most of your problems come from not wearing proper spf rather than the smoking

No. 123858

You can get your teeth professionally whitened at the dentist and it doesn't cost that much these days. Charcoal works too but it's very temporary.

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