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File: 1531776177010.png (83.3 KB, 320x127, eyes.png)

No. 88603[Reply]

anyone else wish they had a different eye colour, light eyes are just so delicate and pretty
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No. 89058

>hospitality and friendliness
>vote SF

Not only did I tell you I'm from the North, my grandfather worked in Belfast shipyard and paternal side are from Shankill Road. My ma may have been a Catholic with an Irish mother but it was her dad was also an orangeman, the boxer and played in the BBC orchestra. I'm not going to vote for a party that doesn't even sit in parliament.

Fact you couldn't link up Shankill Road with a prod is laughable. Go study your culture more you twat

No. 89059

I think you´re projecting anon. I´ve got blue eyes and I´ve literally never had anyone gush over them or generally have never gotten the impression that most of the population thinks of blue eyes as THE beauty standard. In fact I think most people don´t give a shit and if you were to ask you´d get pretty much 50/50 on blue and brown as the prefered colour.

No. 89060

It also deoends on the shade too. Certain shades of colors can be preferred over others too

No. 89062

So … Blue eyes are considered feminine and typical of a "pretty" girl but as a blue-eyed person I'm not sure if there is any benefit. Most blue-eyed people are in the UK and Ireland, it's something like 86% blue or green eyed Caucasians here according to Wikipedia. America was similar about a hundred years ago but is now around 16-18% blue or green eyed amongst Caucasians. It's all in the eye color Wikipedia page, I may be mis-remembering.

It's very mysterious to me that brown eyes are more prevalent in the US when the cliche American from a European perspective is a blue-eyed blonde.

Theory goes that maybe blue eyes are more desirable in the US due to rarity amongst Caucasians. In the UK and Ireland it is commonplace and unremarkable. Any insight is appreciated. But know that brown eyes are beautiful and ALL eyes are beautiful in my opinion. I think brown eyes can look so warm and friendly and also add glamour. Blue eyes are more contrasting, literally and I think people judge blue-eyed people more harshly possibly due to the cliches related to it. Sort of like you are immediately positing yourself as a role model due to the blue-eyed, blonde-haired ideal. Idk man. Also enjoyed the crazy derailing from Irish Stereotype anon above.

No. 89067

I felt really bad the other day because a girl's mother spoke about how beautiful blue eyes like mine were, right in front of her brown-eyed daughter.

File: 1530380379589.gif (1018.56 KB, 500x271, anigif_sub-buzz-27455-14665315…)

No. 86733[Reply]

Post limit for old thread reached >>>/g/70439

Share or vent your relationship problems. Get advice from helpful farmers.
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No. 88933


Cab confirm. This happened to me 2 times. Thankfully I'm very fine now.

No. 88983

I'm a 100% sub but my boyfriend is a switch. I like teasing him, but the end goal of my teasing is usually to try and get him to "put me in my place", which usually works out as I'm alltalknowalk. Sometimes though he goes all subby and as much as I want to be able to work around that the second he does I go so dry and I'm just so not into it. He also really wants to be pegged one day (he's bi but we're both very monogamous) and I did say I wouldn't totally be against trying it but femdom is so not my thing. He's usually very dom just sometimes rarely he's a bit more submissive and I feel kind of useless in those times. I've talked to him about it and he says it's fine and I handle it well but it's still really difficult when he's so in the mood but how he responds gets me out of it.

No. 89054

Anon, are you me? I need help with this too lol.

No. 89061

It's probably not the answer you're looking for but you can peg him and still be the sub, like have him ride you, or he could make you go harder and harder even if it's hard to handle (thrusting is tiring af) for you. Though I think when trying stuff like these you should just communicate a lot and put aside the d/s dynamic.

No. 89064

File: 1532042255202.jpg (1.23 MB, 1826x702, dfdfdfdffdfd.jpg)

My ex is pretty much killing me at this point in worry.

Pic related, they're both what I've written before about him before, just in case you wanna catch up.

After couple days of no contact he asked how i was, I said fine and admitted that I do still care about him and worry for him. Now more than a week later he uploaded picture of a place we went together on IG story.(that he wouldn't even know to exist if I didn't ask to go there)
I just told him that the place is really nice, which resulted in him either blocking his IG story from me or deleting it.(can't check otherwise because it's locked acc)
A bit later tonight I asked if he needs to talk about anything to what he answered "what would we even talk about". I said anything because i worry for him and I hope that he is okay. He left me read for 5 hours before saying he's okay.
I just don't know what to take out from this and it's really driving me insane, though I don't let him see it. What am I gonna do. I guess I'll try to go out still on saturday that I have agreed on with my friends.
I'm also wondering if I should ask couple of mutual friends if he's alright or what do they know about me, since they were fed lies too. Sensible side of me is saying that they would probably take his side no matter what, but I jsut need to know that he's alright and they're looking after him.
i'm just left wondering if he's just playing games with me or what. I did get invite to a party in the same country as him on mid august. I'm tempted to go and wondering should I ask then like a day before being there if he wants to have coffee as I'm just passing by to go see my friends.
I do know that probably would be for the best if I just delete&block his ass from everything and run as far away from him as possible. Even when it means unfriending couple of mutual friends(well, they were his friends far longer than mine so it's probably okay). Then again part of me really does still like him and I wish he would do or say something that I truly couldn't forgive ever

File: 1514581777902.png (523.51 KB, 666x733, Outfitorwhateva.png)

No. 72269[Reply]

General discussion for everything fashion:Styles,Brands,favorite influences, favorite icons etc.

Post outfit coordination for critique and advice. :)

Posting one I came up with for starters, not sure what to call my personal style.
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No. 88952

File: 1531987717161.jpg (547.4 KB, 1240x620, qZYEDJY.jpg)

in my opinion, high waist is the way to go especially if you are petite. it optically lengthens your legs. low/mid-rise clothing can easily make your legs look short. it can look nice but you need to have a certain body type to pull it off imo.

No. 88964

That pic is kinda misleading, seeing as the high waisted jeans girl is wearing heels, and the low rise girl is wearing sneakers. It's still true; but there's multiple factors.

No. 89048

you're retarded

No. 89052

I know that this is an older post so Idk if you're still around… But I really appreciate all the dedicated research you put into your interest. You really care about what women during the period actually wore and the context behind it. I hate it when girls get into '40s/'50s vintage style and they just smack together a generic ModCloth dress with bright red lipstick and an anachronistic hairstyle, then act like they're the second coming of Lana Turner.

No. 89063

Not really. Maybe on you, but not on most body types.

File: 1523523432841.jpg (100.28 KB, 900x1200, modnye-kupalniki-na-leto-17.jp…)

No. 78920[Reply]

Post your inspiration

Note: There's already a Thinspo Thread, but it's 2 years old and it turned into "if you don't like Snejana Onopka's BMI 14 body, you must be a fatty!", so i guess it's okay to make a new one.
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No. 88893

this shit is so cringy, my god

No. 88960

I'm in search for some body inspiration, since I plan to get back on track:
>hips and shoulder balanced, but not hourglass since only normal sized chest
>shorter legs than most models, muscular calves
Is there anybody like this?

No. 88990


5'10"? That's so cool

No. 89049

i'm kind of like that but with longer legs instead. i'm an hourglass in the same way, but not a bombshell hoursglass. i have a fairly thin upperbody and a thicker, muscular lower body.

No. 89057

I guess most models are your body type. My legs are not really short or anything, just nothing special. So I feel like no matter how hard I tried, I could never get a body like them.

File: 1503079009869.gif (19.1 KB, 500x360, tumblr_nc6aldyUfa1qc4uvwo1_500…)

No. 66714[Reply]

while there are other skincare threads this one is more specific, this could be anything from getting a few pimples before your period to struggling with acne for years
this covers
>diet changes
>lifestyle adjustments

some anons swear that changing your pillow every night works, some think drinking water is the cure, to taking green tea or spearmint supplements, cetaphil, black soap,etc etc

what's your acne like anons? what have you personally found most helpful? what kind of diet, facials or soap would you recommend ?
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No. 88412

How long do I need to know before knowing Differin isn't working for me?

No. 88460

How severe does your acne/scars have to be to go see a dermatologist? It's about my back. My acne is almost gone but I still have a bunch of tough to get rid of dark spots on there and a lot of flesh colored texture, if that makes sense, and I'm incredibly insecure about it. However when I google back acne scars, mine aren't anywhere that severe.

I actually went to see a skin proffesional once (they wheren't a dermatologist) for an in-take on laser treatment, but she said that would be too severe for what I have. She said I should consider doing peeling and that "that might help brightening your spots up a but", but merely 'brightening my spots a bit, maybe' isn't what I'm looking for :/ Also I've gone through half a bottle of lactic acid and didn't find it made much of a difference.

No. 88463

If it’s hyperpigmentation that you’re talking about maybe try using an over the counter retinol on the spots? Or a vitamin c serum. Those have both helped even out my skin on my face, I imagine they’d help anywhere on the body.

No. 88853

I'll give that a shot, thanks!

No. 89055

File: 1532029840643.jpg (154.85 KB, 640x640, NEW-TWNCE-10ml-Cream-Serum-Ant…)

I bought hyaluronic acid and I freaking love it.

I have dry skin on my cheeks and a oily t-zone but this stuff makes my skin really hydrated and keeps it supple. I also noticed a reduction in redness. I bought it from aliexpress (the one from the pic) so I don't really know to ingredients. Next time I will buy it from a English speaking supplier.

File: 1530505005626.jpg (13.17 KB, 268x230, jeffdisgusted.jpg)

No. 86886[Reply]

Previous: >>63152

Third times a charm! Starting off with a classic.

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly,creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.
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No. 88959

Xander Corvus.

No. 88961

>googled him
Thanks, anon

No. 89033

File: 1532025251246.jpg (14.19 KB, 236x377, ce355dabe2b4b0ad459c5f8ba71886…)

hermann goering when he was a young, slim ace fighter pilot.

No. 89034

File: 1532025309892.jpg (61.86 KB, 375x500, tumblr_lmkjn2rm6Y1qeu6ilo1_400…)

No. 89035

File: 1532025501487.jpg (102.99 KB, 755x1024, Freiherr_Rittmeister_von_Richt…)

also manfred von richtoften (the red baron). i'd send him my antique kodak nudes.

File: 1530920905360.jpg (77.98 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 87606[Reply]

Last Thread: >>44407

I know others posted about their nazi fetishes in the last thread, but I want to BE the nazi. I've become interested in Irma Grese lately, just because she was so much of a sadist. It would be nice to come home and beg your nazi husband after a long and hard day at the camp.
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No. 88934

Gay guy here: you ladies have good taste.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 88937

what do you think of the men you're ashamed to say you'd fuck thread?

No. 88951

where do you find good foot content?

No. 89024

Japanese porn tbh. Lots of female on male foot worship vids

No. 89026

I will give that a look, tbh the majority of porn I consume is written and even then not that much but some subjects don't work well in that medium.

File: 1478366070812.jpg (52.94 KB, 736x494, friends.jpg)

No. 44295[Reply]

This is a thread for females seeking female friends.

If you see a male post in this thread, report them then ignore their post. No need to point it out or reply.

Please include the following info in your post:

> Your age

> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)

Don't be afraid to reach out! You will meet more potential friends if you post your info and respond to others rather than just posting and never checking the thread again.
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No. 88515


No. 88963

I'm on board seems like a good idea

No. 88965

Me too!

No. 88981

You should, and once you do post the link for it here please

No. 89022


I know this is very late but I'm adding you!!

File: 1484212528452.jpg (41.22 KB, 354x640, be133adb0970c0d2fbf81392c5487f…)

No. 43584[Reply]

Post hair related advice, tips, questions etc.
Couldn't find the old one in the catalog.
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No. 89016

i didn't say just water, i said no shampoo. stop being a sperg and recommending it to everyone. it's a meme, plain and simple.

No. 89020

anon, white girl hair methods don't work on frizzy asian hair types. the type of hair anon and i have, have a thicker shaft and different texture than white girl hair. not trying to make this about race, but asian and white hair aren't the same, just like black and white hair aren't.

No. 89029

Ironically, you are sounding like a literal ~Big Shampoo~ shill
How would not using shampoo have any negative consequences, except saving time and money? Other than working in a coal mine or at McD noone's hair actually gets that dirty.

No. 89043

not everyone is a white girl with greasy hair that NEEDS shampoo

No. 89066

That's not a "white girl hair" method it's for wavy and curly hair types. Black girls use that method too.

File: 1508473987972.jpg (43.08 KB, 400x300, b.jpg)

No. 69322[Reply]

Just a thread to freely brag about anything just because why not. No consequences here, this thread is purely just for fun. Can be anything like possessions, body, things that happened to you, or just something you're proud about and want to boast.

I guess I'll start. Today I studied last minute for an exam but managed to ace it!
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No. 88897

i have the best dog.

No. 88905


No. 88907

somewhat random and i have no clue if you're still around but. how hard do you study?

No. 88908

still around! i study really, really hard when i'm taking a class. when the semester is in i study at least 5 hours daily outside of class, usually more. i haven't really studied for compsci this summer which is why i was so happy that i was able to improve upon something from three months ago!

No. 89015

Just a year ago I was so anxious because it was my second year at university studying shit I didn't have zero interest in, surrounded by shitty people. I thought life didn't have anything to offer to me and that I'd be destined to live a shitty, mediocre life with no friends and a major I hated. I was very socially anxious and worried what my future will be like.
For this summer I've been working at a super nice new place and am surrounded with supportive people. Next month I'm moving to a different city and I will be starting new studies there and even though I am terrified, I still feel like everything's going to work out for me!!

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