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File: 1539312875345.png (278.25 KB, 920x768, chronicalillness.png)

No. 98077[Reply]

Any farmers here with chronic illnesses? I was recently diagnosed with IBS-PI and wanted to have a thread where people talk about their chronic illnesses, life with them, and how they handle them. I was hoping I could also get some tips on how to deal with IBS, if anyone else here has it.
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No. 101575

hey im OP and i know its been a month but ive come to the conclusion my IBS is mostly anxiety related… how were you able to become more normal again?

No. 101644

I started taking triptans years ago and they changed my life. The first time the side effects were kinda scary (a weird pins and needles effect?), but they're not pain killers and they're not addictive, I need just one usually, two if I've waited too long, and my migraines went from 72 hours and wanting to kill myself to between 30 minutes and at most and hour to clear now. I can work a fulltime job no problem, just take a triptan on the go when necessary.

No. 103260

File: 1544855917224.jpg (11.13 KB, 613x587, ylu8j9p32sy11.jpg)

How is everyone in the northern hemisphere dealing with winter thus far?

I'm on year 4 since my fibromyalgia diagnosis and I dread the drop in temperature every year. It always intensifies my pain levels, no matter how many layers I wear, or how warm I keep the house. It's like the cold just sinks into my muscles. I'm having the worst fibro flare of my life at the moment and I'm really scared. I can barely move because of the pain. I've been to my GP twice this week and there's only so much they can do for me. Every year my symptoms get worse and worse. I'm only 28 and I already live a really sad, lonely life. I can't imagine carrying on like this for another fifty years.

No. 103261

i wish you the best anon. im so sorry about this. i dont have fibro but i think morgan freeman does and hes really successful? hopefully you will figure out how to manage this better and your life will improve. i wish you the best.

No. 103269

I had chronic migraines (almost daily) for over a decade.
They tried on Triptans, SSRIs, Beta-Blockers, etc but I kept having terrible reactions to them.
The MRI scans and blood tests revealed nothing.

What worked for me was doing Keto for about a month. I did it to lose weight, but after four weeks I suddenly noticed that I didn't have a single migraine in that whole time.
Turns out that the diet itself is effective for epilepsy & is anti-spasmodic.

I'm not on keto anymore, but I do have a high-fat diet (animal fats).

Godspeed anon.

File: 1523110575670.jpg (28.18 KB, 564x704, bella.jpg)

No. 78217[Reply]

Idea stolen from >/g/res/77493
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No. 103251

It’s weird. She aged backwards. She looks younger than she did before.

No. 103257

It looks like she's legit wearing zero makeup, if that's the case she looks fine considering the terrible lighting.

No. 103258

>That just my opinion!!
>btw your opinion sucks also muh respect


No. 103262

>"respect my opinion even though I don't give a fuck about yours!!!"

you must be 18 to post here

No. 103268

Nice one edgelord, fucking kill yourself

File: 1530505005626.jpg (13.17 KB, 268x230, jeffdisgusted.jpg)

No. 86886[Reply]

Previous: >>63152

Third times a charm! Starting off with a classic.

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly,creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.
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No. 103182

File: 1544822557603.jpg (18.24 KB, 300x300, mike-stoklasa.jpg)

mike was exactly my type before he became a fat alcoholic. still would hit it though.

No. 103186

File: 1544824709188.png (615.53 KB, 680x218, ED3A4079-C1BC-47E1-A12E-2FD289…)

Do you know he only takes a few baths EVERY month?!

No. 103237

File: 1544842265614.jpg (105.21 KB, 482x587, Belushi.jpg)

Are you sure that you're not just ashamed because of that weird anal prolapse belly button?

Not that I'm judging. I noticed John Belushi a couple weeks ago. He had a rowdy GG Allin vibe and I kinda hate myself for liking that sort of thing.

No. 103265

File: 1544859218860.jpeg (30.49 KB, 320x427, 8FCFC49D-6A2E-4EBA-ADCB-F20F5B…)

St.BlackOps2cel. He’s so cute to me literally never understood why incels acted like he was so deformed & hideous

No. 103267

This is poetically hilarious. The incels literally cannot win. They steal some poor kid's pic from god knows where and hold him up as the epitome of irredeemably ugly, and imortalize him as meme in the process, thus granting him a large enough audience that inevitably he's seen by enough people to have some of them find him attractive and shame or not here he is being validated as fuckable! Meanwhile the eternal incel is now less desirable than what was supposed to be the archetype of undesirable, and all through his own actions; my god I get all tingly just thinking about the cosmic beauty of it all. Hard kek, anon.

File: 1530595048930.gif (517.94 KB, 498x498, 1530384478628.gif)

No. 87009[Reply]

Last one got locked, tell us where it hurts.
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No. 103239

Telling your girlfriend you are sexually attracted to another woman is a douche move, AND THEN blaming her, because you secretly flirting (or more) with another woman you see every day is exactly the same as a consensual threesome arranged BY your girlfriend where the other woman is a stranger…

No advice but I hate this dude.

No. 103240

This. >>103239

Like your boyfriend isn't "confused about the boundaries" he's a cunt. Doing something in a specific situation, where you both consented doesn't suddenly mean you guys have an open relationship, and even if he was """confused""" he should have asked you about it. Even if he thought you wanted a girl, he should have asked you first. Now he's trying to claim that he's trying to get you pussy as a present for another threesome you hadn't discussed. Well guess what, he was trying to date the other girl and present you to her as a potential threesome and hope you'd both be cool with eachother so he could have both girls. Someone who's trying to scout a girl isn't going to be taking so many pics with her like this. Boy is playing you both.

No. 103241

Sunk cost fallacy. Unless this really is the best guy you could possibly get in your town/state/whatever, I don't see why such a raging douchebag should be tolerated. What happens if you have kids and find out he's been sleeping with Sally from down the road for years "because he thought you would be ok with it because of x"?

No. 103250

File: 1544849265119.jpg (151.65 KB, 1200x932, 1544847653845.jpg)

I need to post this meme here. I need to share this meme!

No. 103264

Anon listen to me clearly.

He has no respect for you (anymore). He might have had a tiny little bit of respect for you priorly, but not enough to withstand a threesome. You gave him an inch, and now he's going to keep taking miles.

In his mind you forgave him for fucking a girl in front of you. So he feels like you will be crazy enough to forgive anything. If you forgive him now for trying to have an affaire with his co worker, you are confirming that. Next time you will actually catch him having fucked other people.

File: 1485197845527.gif (1.3 MB, 443x332, unnamed (18).gif)

No. 55352[Reply]

>>Developing a huge crush on a relatively popular fitness YouTuber
>>not something insane I'm-going-to-send-a-bomb type of thing, but it's still something pathetic
>>Super lonely since breakup in April
>>Know we probably won't ever meet because he's becoming more and more popular, and I'm just a sad potato in a different country
>>Daydream about him as if he was someone achievable; feel jealous and shit over him

He seems genuinely sweet and we seem so much alike. I know, maybe it's just a persona, but still.
I've thought of sending a gift, but I worry that might
make me even more helpess in case he opens his gifts on camera again :(

Anyone out there with a similar story? Tell me I'm not totally crazy, pls. I'm pretty sure it will go away, at least a bit, once i meet someone new, but yeah…

Making this in /sty/ because I'm not sure it is /ot/ material and I'm sure this topic has been brought up before.

/Ryoga best character
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No. 102830

File: 1544580925834.gif (112.81 KB, 278x400, jrzcxqV.gif)

I have a huge crush on one of my professors. He's only a few years older than me and he's newly single and we've hung out together socially before, so maybe it's not impossible. I've thought about asking him out once the term is over, but I've never asked a guy out before and I'm not sure if I have the courage. Also I have to write a 2000-word essay for him by the end of this week on concepts that I barely understand, and I'm afraid he'll think I'm an uninspired halfwit (if he doesn't already).

No. 103009

add him on facebook after term is over. worked for me. if he doesn't message first, gather up your own courage – there are so many legitimate excuses you can use: thanking him for a great class, pretending you're interested in pursuing the subject further and asking for advice, etc.

No. 103259

I didn’t stop obsessing… I ended up messaging my crush and he has liked me for a while, but he said he doesn’t know what to do about it. And he doesn’t want to mess up my relationship.

Which is probably too late at this point. I think I have to break off my relationship. Not because of anything happening with my crush because it honestly can’t. But because I feel like I’ve basically cheated.

No. 103263

You don't like him you like some idea of him from talking online a few times. FFS. I hope you do ruin your real relationship because this one isn't going to go anywhere.

No. 103266

Does his name start with "A"? Lol

File: 1530920905360.jpg (77.98 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 87606[Reply]

Last Thread: >>44407

I know others posted about their nazi fetishes in the last thread, but I want to BE the nazi. I've become interested in Irma Grese lately, just because she was so much of a sadist. It would be nice to come home and beg your nazi husband after a long and hard day at the camp.
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No. 102883

I want to be a teenage girl again and get seduced by an older couple.

Like I'd be a babysitter or something and a rich, attractive couple in their thirties offer me alcohol and take advantage of me.
I specifically like to imagine having the husband in between my legs pounding me, and looking over his shoulder to see his wife glaring jealously as he gets too into it.

Shame I will never be a teenage girl again.

No. 103073

Saaaame. Or having them helplessly wake up to do it in the middle of the night

No. 103124

i wish i were a futa and could have sweet, loving, yet hard sex with my boyfriend and make him embarrassed by how good i make him feel even when he's in such an un-masculine position.

tfw my bf has forbid me from ever going near his ass :'(

No. 103253

I want to get bred (only by someone I love who'd be a good father though) and then after I give birth, I want to breastfeed my lover.

No. 103254

I want to get bred (only by someone I love who'd be a good father though) and then after I give birth, I want to breastfeed my lover.

File: 1533513315672.jpeg (257.13 KB, 1000x1000, 90E75420-A9B0-48B3-940C-8574F1…)

No. 91134[Reply]

What celebrities have you been told that you look like?

About 95%, it’s usually Bjork for me. Because I’m white but I also look vaguely Asian. I’ve also gotten Selena Gomez, Miranda Crosgrove, Jackie O and Six from Blossom. Also one time a crackhead compared me to Emma Stone (because of my man jaw) and another time, I got compared to Lindsay Lohan (probably because of my freckles). Being compared to Lindsay Lohan actually made me angry lol.

What celebrities/famous people have you guys been compared to?
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No. 103246

I realized that but don’t really care to block it out

No. 103247

You really don't want to show up on google searches for lolcow/be cached here anon

No. 103249

Welp, it’s too late now, I thought I saw others selfposting here, ohwell.

No. 103255

a farmhand might take it down if you ask?

No. 103256


I wish I had a defined bone structure. I don't have nasolabial folds but I guess I have that to look forward to

File: 1535085693379.png (1.19 MB, 1713x1211, clothes.png)

No. 93056[Reply]

post yours, ill reply with blank
273 posts and 95 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 103129

File: 1544764550130.png (1.39 MB, 1345x1054, thingy.png)

this thread is fun

No. 103130

where did you find this back pack?? im in absolute love with it and i need it

No. 103131

File: 1544766019547.jpg (97.48 KB, 660x720, 1537411602392.jpg)


No. 103164

File: 1544806739606.png (263.59 KB, 700x550, clothes-thing.png)

nowadays i don't really leave the house other than to do grocery shopping so i stopped caring about how i dress. this seems to be my wintertime everyday uniform.

No. 103248

Thanks for the opinions, anons!

I don't own the exact coat and can't find the origin, but Modcloth, Macy's, and Ruche have similar ones sometimes. I bet taobao would, too.

Could you post some fashion examples that are more cohesive and modern? Genuinely asking, as I'm out of the loop.

Sorry for causing debate ITT

File: 1513402004653.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.11 KB, 554x382, il_570xN.1081517077_mtqn1.jpg)

No. 71573[Reply]

Last thread was about 2 years ago and it's almost at its limit!

First Thread >>>51836
848 posts and 44 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 103175

Not strictly related to your problem but similar issues: if you are sexually (cishet) active, just buy a preg check every month just to be sure. You can get your perioid even though you're pregnant, and at least in my country the over-the-counter tests are cheap. It's a small investment but at least you know what's the hap in your body.

No. 103220

It's so different for everyone. You could be having orgasms that aren't that strong or you are getting close to orgasm but stopping before the full climax. The pre orgasm convulsions can be confusing.

Have you tried gspot stimulation? I get much better orgasms by that instead of my clit. Take your index and/or middle finger, put them inside with your fingertips facing toward your front and then curl your fingers upwards. You should feel something ridged or wrinkly, that's what you want to focus on. If masturbation isn't doing it then next time you're with a guy have him do the same thing. A lot of guys are bad at fingering simply because they are aimlessly poking around inside your pussy instead of focusing on the gspot.

Don't be surprised if it makes you feel like you have to pee. Put a towel down the first couple times because you might pee a little bit during orgasm.

I second this. If you're in America you can buy $1 pregnancy tests at Dollar Tree. It's the exact same thing as they use in the doctor's office so don't be afraid of the price. I still take two every month because I'm paranoid.

OT but that store is amazing if you need dishes, cleaning supplies, shelf stable food and candy for the movie theater.

No. 103234

Really stupid question but what do you do with that ridged spot?
I think I can spot my g-spot very well but I feel like it does absolutely nothing for me.
Do I maybe need to apply more pressure? I’ve seen a bunch of people do a very fast, jerky motion but it looks so rough (also I don’t think I have the strength for that).

I tried g-spot vibrators but I just can’t tell whether or not I’m touching the g-spot and it feels almost numb-ish?

Only ever came from clitoral stimulation so I don’t even know if I can come vaginally.

No. 103245

When I do it I just move one finger around in a stirring motion and it feels great.

No. 103252

You can try putting your palm on your clit and moving your hand up and down if that makes sense.

Your vibrator could be too powerful but honestly I've never enjoyed gspot vibrators at all.

File: 1498209624007.png (684.77 KB, 800x800, 123.png)

No. 63763[Reply]

Let’s share our favorite "girly" mangas/animes. Any genre is welcome as long as it contains elements aimed at a female audience.
135 posts and 58 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 103025

I relate to this! I was a late bloomer so had no bf most of my school years. I got my horny teen romance fix from shoujo and it gave me really stupid expectations of intimacy. I've had to work so hard to break the almost pornsick damage it did to me. Had to learn to be turned on by normal things again, and to look for men that respect me rather than borderline molest me.

I think josei and seinen are better suited for a grown woman that has no patience for shitty narrative and rapey "romance". I've been wanting to find something like Nana, that manga has always been my favorite female-oriented work.

I reread Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne which was actually my first anime/manga experience and it… it aged so poorly, you guys. Constant molestation and extremely shitty plot. The art is kinda nice but holy shit how did I ever enjoy this garbage?!

No. 103107

I enjoyed Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne for the fact it was so ridiculous (also I enjoy the phantom thief trope so much), but the behavior most of the guys have in it is really inexcusable despite supposedly being driven by plot (the whole initial "Jeanne's powers only work if Maron's a virgin" thing is retarded as an excuse).

No. 103216

I just bingeread this all as soon as I read your recommendation, anon.
I loved it until Mami's subplot began. What she's saying was true and I cannot believe a seinen manga was the one to say it, I just can't overlook that she's a temp stall for the development of the main trio.
As refreshing as it is, it's still cliche and I think that's what prevents me from fully embracing her as a character.

No. 103226

This explains a lot of japanese media. I feel sorry for girls and women who are under the pressure to forever be some pure uwu shoujo maiden without a sex drive. No wonder they write stories about shitty rapey guys, but I can't relate to their dilemma and find it incredibly off-putting.

No. 103242

Japan is pretty bad socially, like in all regards. Most of the shit in anime that seems bizarre to most people is totally real. Like how weakly the characters show emotion, or the lack of parents being around, the weird way characters get attracted to eachother with very little interaction.

I wouldn't wish being Japanese on anyone.

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