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File: 1551576441676.jpg (56.42 KB, 720x540, tAzl5qJ.jpg)

No. 110612[Reply]

/g/ is for all things girly, bathroom talk for advice, lifestyle, fashion, cosmetics, makeup, periodtalk. Anything you would ask and talk about with your female friends.

>/ot/ is for offtopic, discussions, debates and sperging

>/m/ is for image spam unrelated to beauty or vidya and movie talk
Do not post porn, talking about porn or sexual preferences is fine though.
You can see all the rules here https://lolcow.farm/rules

File: 1610799109192.jpg (255.4 KB, 1360x962, 2020_09_03_103594_1599102089._…)

No. 167304[Reply]

Post women you find overrated or ugly when they're shilled as beautiful. Lesbians, bi and straight women are all welcome to contribute!

In my bisexual opinion Cate Blanchett is not that hot.
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No. 193090

No. 193091

Cope with what?

No. 193141

i love eyes like this

No. 193346

Success and looks go hand in hand for women in the entertainment industry. If these women were truly ugly they wouldn’t be relevant or known enough to be here. There are exceptions of course.

No. 193352

>The occasional one gets favoured, pushed to the front, might "win" an oscar (Paltrow) etc.

Paltrow is hollywood royalty. She didn't need to be abused by a predator, her mom was an established actress. Hollywood is a nepotism factory.

File: 1622061289063.jpg (1.13 MB, 1431x1662, 229whr8i7zf31.jpg)

No. 187962[Reply]

>What is this thread
By popular demand, we have created the retarded shitpost thread /g/ edition, which of course, talks about husbandos and horny shit
>Why was this made / what is the difference
The difference is that here you can be retarded about your 3D and 2D crushes so you don't clog the other retarded thread. Post memes, be frisky, whatever.
>But why
Farmers are some horny b*tches
>Examples of posts that go here
-I want the Jojos to ganbang me raw
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No. 193341

You sound absolutely underaged

No. 193345

Gotta agree with you on this one.

I'll stick to this thread for my sperges about how all I've ever wanted was this Junkie Mess to ruin my life. I adore this man but >>193338 this is Lolcow.
Also echo chambers are boring! Who could I badly photoshop Peep next to if not other people anons thirst over?

No. 193347


(Samefag and Saged.)
But I didn't mean to come off as rude by saying any of this. Let's be real I definitely agree with you and I think it's awesome to find other fans and like minded people! You seem really sweet and sensitive anon and I'm always happy to know I'm not the only Peepfag. There is at least 2 of us now!
And I mean we do have this thread now! So yay for that.

No. 193351

You sound embarrassing asf…

No. 193353

File: 1624173042584.jpg (410.12 KB, 2000x1366, 2385118.jpg)

I miss my boys

File: 1623941448337.jpeg (81.61 KB, 747x1024, 29069DCB-6A84-46EC-94D2-9F4D6F…)

No. 192694[Reply]

previously on Unconventional Male Attractions… >>181517

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly,creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.

For lucky thread #11, we finally have Mr. James Eugene Carrey as the main thread pic!
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No. 193334

He's pretty unconventional I'd say

No. 193336

File: 1624158607061.jpg (82.43 KB, 900x750, jim-morrison-18.jpg)

yummy yummy!

No. 193339

File: 1624159975143.gif (1.5 MB, 540x225, tumblr_8ab0130f7cf5dda53ad33bd…)

No. 193342

god yes

No. 193343

File: 1624161619407.gif (3.66 MB, 900x448, CFBA489D-9535-4EC2-AD65-A44EC6…)

This is now a Stranger Things thread

File: 1624069741140.png (186.33 KB, 500x281, B7849444-A431-4758-88F0-93347D…)

No. 193118[Reply]

Vent your heart out, give and receive relationship advice from fellow farmers.

Previous threads:
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No. 193320

I’m not sure this is quite the same scenario anon. She is “getting” sex, it’s just objectifying, humiliating and unsatisfying.

No. 193337

what the fuck? how can he be okay not even getting you off? what a worthless idiot. tell him to jerk off instead of being such a bad sex partner.

No. 193340

>I don’t know why anons are so deluded as to think their partners will suddenly start caring about them if they just phrase their concerns the right way.
Right? It's insane how many women think they can verbally persuade a man to be a decent human being who treats them with the bare minimum of kindness and respect. The fact that he has to be told even once is bad enough, but that you keep telling him and he keeps not caring? The relationship is a lost cause. He gets the sex he wants (minimum effort and a human flashight to masturbate into) and all he loses is a few seconds of his time every time anon gets the courage to complain. So why would he change? At the very least stop letting him jerk off with your body. You won't have a loving relationship or a good sex life but you'll have a little bit of dignity.

No. 193349

No, you're retarded and he's a creep for expecting you'll do that for him. Get a hotel.

No. 193350

It’s kinda insane that this is such a common occurrence though. I see similar complaints on relationship forums all the time, “my bf/husband’s idea of initiating sex is poking me with his dick and he doesn’t get me off” or something to that effect. Most guys I’ve dated have been like that too. There’s obviously way too many men who act like this and it’s not always easy to figure out at the beginning of the relationship. I think so many women look for advice on this similar situation because it’s just so common. If almost every guy you’ve dated has used you as a fleshlight, I can understand wanting the solution to be “communication” rather than just breaking up.

File: 1619869492825.png (93.73 KB, 300x294, tumblr_otm3rqrLxv1vg9taro1_400…)

No. 182842[Reply]

your kink is bad and you should feel bad

previous thread >>>/g/154272
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No. 193126

File: 1624071697816.gif (161.03 KB, 500x419, preach it, sis.gif)

can't say what this is about, but the idea of girls eating each other on a dare. Im a straight woman, but if my friends dared me to eat them out, I would in a heartbeat.

kinda makes me feel like a scrote bc "woman sex hot, ooga booga" so im ashamed of it

No. 193139

congrats girl youre gay, i dare you to make out with a friend next time youre out for drinks

No. 193146

i’m a simple girl, i just wanna find a guy who’ll let me beat the shit out of him.

No. 193316

did anyone else have like, preferences for specific kinks/sex acts only happen while on your period? i hate penetration but the only time i would ever be open to it was during my period. my bucket list used to be to have a gf who would be open to strapping me during that time of the month

No. 193329

Definitely. I'm relatively vanilla but on my period I get a taste for rough sex with choking/spanking

File: 1620027319147.jpg (132.42 KB, 500x699, fruits.jpg)

No. 183281[Reply]

Previous thread: >>154681
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No. 193252

> I didn't specify cargo
> posted a photo of a man wearing cargo shorts and a vest and called it a "trend" saying he looks good

No. 193272

Browse western social media to stay ahead of trends. If you like Japanese magazines try Kera or Zipper.

nta but stfu and learn to read before posting

No. 193274

Late reply, but I’m also short/pear shaped and I don’t wear wide legged pants at all. They’re just way too unflattering and make me feel huge kek. High waist and boot cut pants look the best on me, especially paired with some kind of heel. I much prefer dressing for my body type than wearing trends. I think most people tend to notice if your clothes look good and fit well rather than if they’re on trend.

No. 193291

Fellow pear here, I usually wear high waisted slim or straight-cut pants. I keep reading everywhere that wider pants are supposed to look good on us, but I have the opposite experience

No. 193313

I'm a pear and I feel like the only reason higher waist works on me is because I have normal to short length legs and it helps hide my shit proportions

File: 1623605351144.png (243.33 KB, 664x390, ill be the one in charge.png)

No. 191915[Reply]

Last thread: >>>/g/161431

Thread for:
>femdom images and media
>femdom fantasies
>female subs interested in women
>advice and stories

Some things to get us started:
>What are your main kinks?
>What is your ideal sub like?
>What experiences have you had?
>What advice do you have for new dommes?
>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?
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No. 193125

Wow. Impressively high pain tolerance on that one.

No. 193127

really just need a guy who's happy to be turned into a screaming spasming mess like that. no pussy shit. i'm gonna abuse him and make him cum in ways he never thought he could

No. 193202

File: 1624115417491.webm (2.93 MB, 1920x808, 1623964821771.webm)

No. 193294

Lmao what is this from anon?

No. 193306


File: 1616684678122.jpg (95.82 KB, 1236x695, vintage_women_talking_while_kn…)

No. 176526[Reply]

You have no idea what to do about that thing? Ask for advice here!

Previous thread: >>>/g/147310
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No. 193288

It's normal to experience pushback when people are used to getting what they want from you and then you start maintaining boundaries. The ones who are worth keeping around will grow to respect you for it and adapt, the ones who aren't will weed themselves out. It's one thing to be somewhat inconvenienced by a friend if they really need you, say giving up a weekend you were planning to relax to help them move, but it's another to be stuck in a pattern of constantly putting your own needs and desires on the back burner in favor of people abusing your kindness, which it sounds like has been happening. Just keep doing what you're doing and let things fall where they may.

No. 193289

You're not even going towards 30 yet. You're literally 5 years away from being thirty, do you call 15 year olds 'almost 20'? You don't.

No. 193303

I seriously can't stop binge eating. Pleaaaseeee help.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 193327

File: 1624153170635.jpg (18.03 KB, 736x96, almost late 30s.JPG)

on here you do kek, pic rel sent me
whatever someone's age is, farmers will try to exaggerate the number and try to call them old

No. 193335

Lol omg

File: 1614906710472.jpg (119.68 KB, 1024x818, godiwishthatwereme.jpg)

No. 174105[Reply]

Please keep posts focused on women and female homosexuality! If you want to talk about attraction toward men it probably belongs in the bisexuality thread or questioning thread. Topics of discussion may include but are not limited to:

>first crush?

>what’s your local lesbian/LGBT scene like?
>cute stories about your gf
>favourite lesbian media?
>lesbian media you hate?
>coming out stories
>are there any cows you’d uhaul with?
>bitch about being lonely
>butch? femme? how do you feel about labels?
>how did you know you were gay?
>which lesbian stereotypes do you fit? which ones don’t fit you at all?
>what were you like as a kid? tomboy? girly girl who made her Barbies kiss?
>get mushy and describe your dream relationship/date/etc
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 193211

Agreed, top/bottom is so fucking played out and boring. Why would you
1. box yourself in to a role like that
2. limit your dating pool even more than it already is

No. 193212

I wouldn't read into it as gay usally. It's a handy word for people who are serious about their relationship but who arent striving for engagement or marriage. Saying 'this is my girl/boyfriend' can feel weird past a certain age or certain number of years into dating. It's a more grown up feeling term for that scenario.

But when married people use the term it can feel a lil off. I get you on that part.

No. 193215

Agreed with the other anon but also she could just be bisexual and prefer gender neutral terms.

No. 193229

Lmao anon, "partner" is a completely and utterly normal way to refer to SO regardless of your sexuality.

No. 193297

I was just having a discussion about this with another lesbian. You get all excited thinking you met another of your gay kind at the office but turns out it's just a straightie trying to be woke. Fuck you that's our code word reee

Honestly how the fuck do you even date as a lesbian, especially with a fwb setting? I live in a major city and I'm only open for fuckbuddies because I'm not looking for a relationship at the moment but the only women looking for that are bi couples looking for a threesome. Or trannies

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