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File: 1551576441676.jpg (56.42 KB, 720x540, tAzl5qJ.jpg)

No. 110612[Reply]

/g/ is for all things girly, bathroom talk for advice, lifestyle, fashion, cosmetics, makeup, periodtalk. Anything you would ask and talk about with your female friends.

>/ot/ is for offtopic, discussions, debates and sperging

>/m/ is for image spam unrelated to beauty or vidya and movie talk
Do not post porn, talking about porn or sexual preferences is fine though.
You can see all the rules here https://lolcow.farm/rules

File: 1571063827640.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1800x2700, E35A6D9C-9340-4FF2-8808-5B7AC6…)

No. 125264[Reply]

What’s with every famous woman in her 40s (or 30s too, I guess) and up dating guys in their 20s? This has always been common with the genders reversed, but what caused this sudden trend? Up until 5-10 years ago it was completely unheard of aside from a few notorious examples. Now it’s pretty much the norm and it’s considered weird to not do it.

What do you think of this trend?

Have you ever been in an age gap relationship? It always seemed quite awkward to me, be it an older or younger spouse.
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No. 125434

I can't imagine any 18-year-old to be good relationship material since you have to remember that they likely only got out of high school. You probably just dodged a bullet unless you just regret getting laid. Even then, I don't think teenage stupidity is worth putting up with.

No. 125436

Boy-eating cougar is just an odd archetype for a farmer. I find you very interesting.

No. 125440

I just wanted to get laid tbh

Could have sworn we've had dedicated cougar threads before. On lolcow at least it didn't seem to be a rare preference.

No. 125444

Because celebrity women have a wide variety of men to choose from so naturally they choose young hot men who can keep up with them, men who can't keep it up and take forever to get off aren't ideal partners so older men are definitely a no go, and younger men are just hotter with more hair and better skin

No. 125445

Not to mention that they're still maturing physically. In a couple years they could grow taller, get hairier, become less boyishly soft, etc.

Sadly the best bet is to go after youthful looking men in their twenties. Ideal end is a (modertely) emotionally mature 18-year-old bf who has the genes to maintain his youthful looks, since then he's cute even longer.

File: 1567963010635.jpg (49.47 KB, 500x371, haha-you-love-me.jpg)

No. 122983[Reply]

Old thread hit the limit! >>>/g/108637
Having some relationship issues or questions and need to vent or get advice? Come here and talk with fellow farmers for another point of view.
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No. 125075

well it turns out i was freaking out over nothing she just rang me and told me she wants to get married to me ~~~

No. 125094

That's great anon! I hope she can fulfill your every texting whim from now until eternity

No. 125095

How long ago did he like the pic? That sucks anon. He's only human tho. He could've been impressed by the pic but still love and be attracted to you. I would talk to him about it tho bc I wouldn't be able to live like that if he did it often. It may even have been a mistake? Unlikely, yet possible.

No. 125106

Her picture is from a day ago. She’s a muscly popular cosplayer. I guess he could’ve just been impressed. She does have a nice body, even I was impressed, lol. That’s the only body picture he liked so maybe I am just being a little dramatic.

No. 125443

My boyfriend is from another part of the country so, as we want to live together, he stays at my house so we could both look for some work and move out together.

It's been a month and I got a job I started a week ago, he doesn't have anything yet which wouldn't bother me if :

-he didn't complain about it all the time
-he wasn't picky about it
-he wouldn't try to deflect his frustration on me, as if I kidnapped him to have him at my place
-he wouldn't be angry about trivial things like not working out like at his place or not seeing his dog yet and just focus on the bigger picture
-he wouldn't just ignore me in my own room
-he wouldn't take the whole bed when I wake up, and since he sleeps a lot I can't just lounge in my bed in between work
-he wouldn't fuck up my sleep

Etc…I don't have any intimacy since he's always here in my room, and it's making me crazy but I love him, and I can't send him back to his place when he was supposed to start a life with me here ? I'm lost and close to a mental breakdown.

File: 1571239847390.jpeg (57.71 KB, 381x360, 91893E9A-A94E-410C-95F6-9BE774…)

No. 125416[Reply]

>my dad is dating the girl who bullied me in high school
send help pls
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No. 125426

What does he think of the fact she's your bully?

No. 125437

oh my god kill them

No. 125438

I already insult and hit my dad just for yelling at me and treating me cruelly sometimes but I couldn't imagine if i had a dad like a lot of women seem to have.

I think I would be beating my dad and his girlfriend every day and torturing their existence for being disgusting and disrespectful

No. 125439

honestly i would probably already have stopped talking to my father for the mere fact of dating someone my age (that shit is creepy as fuck even if he's "handsome" and "young looking") but if he's dating straight up your former bully classmate, tell him its either her or you and if he chooses her, never talk to him again. Unless he's loaded with money and planning on leaving you a hefty inheritance, you have nothing bt a creepy bad father to loose.

No. 125441

File: 1571262951573.jpg (47.64 KB, 275x234, 1454830296808.jpg)

>literally kill him/delete him from your life instead of addressing the problem maturely
lol classic lolcow responses

they're fucking right tho I got deepweb connects anon send me his address I got you bb

File: 1558657067944.jpg (121.15 KB, 640x651, 1517628177348.jpg)

No. 115426[Reply]

In need of advice? Post here!

Last thread: >>87009
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No. 125398

I've been having some difficulties with compulsive eating lately. I'm always really hungry, and eating doesn't actually help, it just makes me feel ill. But I feel like an animal, like I can't stop myself from eating. It's so so embarrassing because I often manage to avoid eating too much during the day but then I always fail at night and because I live in a college the kitchen is closed at night, so I find myself digging around college trash, it's so revolting and I really really want to stop doing this but I KEEP doing it!!! I seriously feel like degraded by myself to the level of an animal. Does anyone have any advice on dealing with this awful compulsive eating? Like what I can do when I get the urge to stop myself? It's really stressing me out and it'll take me a few weeks before I can see my psych so I'm pretty desperate, I know a lot of people here are good with temperance regarding food…

No. 125401

get an internet blocker or something to keep yourself off the internet

No. 125403

How do I go about a healthy breakup?

I‘m talking about a full on life change. I‘m unemployed, dependent and living in a foreign country with him. My aim is to be independent in this country.

We eventually had this blowup argument where he wanted to split and I begged we try therapy. I‘ve always gone at least 90% with the emotional labor, and put up with my feelings being invalidated a lot. If this is fixed I feel it will always be a struggle to get him to…try, even. He‘s always been a silent follower.

Our dynamic is very good, friendly and peaceful at the moment, better than it‘s been in months. But since that argument and realizing how apathetic he is to it all…I don‘t see it long term as I used to. My daily life has changed so much vs. when I was single that it can surprise me if I remember exes that cared not only as much, but actually MORE than I did. It‘s just so weird when I see how things are from an outside perspective. I‘m grateful that he‘s supporting me but I‘m not happy.

I think what I need to do will require months of hard work…but I just don‘t know where to start! I‘m job searching. I wish I could go for a low paying job, enough to get rent but there‘s so much more cost wise. I‘m qualified for a nice paying graduate job so that‘s what I‘m going for. I can‘t go back to my parents house and have grown distant from all past close friends due to being away for so long. Bf is currently the one person in my life.

I‘m keeping things friendly with him but not delving too deep emotionally, and letting basically all problematic behavior from him slide unless egregious (probably why we have a positive dynamic atm).

This has turned into half vent half seeking advice…do I read books on how to step by step become an independent woman? I‘m basically trying to build step by step an entirely new life as an independent person while I have the chance.

No. 125432

I look so old and don't know why. It has to be something with my features but I can't pinpoint what exactly. To make it worse all my friends are considered very young looking (mistaken for 15) meanwhile I look my age or older.
I take very good care of my skin and it's definitely paying of. So why do I look so much older than my friends who have already fine lines on their forehead and eyes plus smile lines, despite having smooth skin? I also have big cheeks, so it's not like I look gaunt or haggard.
Any idea why that is? What could I do to look more youthful?

No. 125435

It could be face shape or strong features. If you have a long face or perhaps a big nose it will make you look more mature. Also eye shape and size, small and narrow eyes could look older.

File: 1534795651462.jpg (108.51 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 92682[Reply]

Ever wondered why certain clothes don't look as good on you as on another girl with similar stats?

How to find your type:

Aly Art has many videos with very good tips on how each type can dress and style themself to look their best.
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No. 125400

If you can have someone else do the test for you, because it sounds like you're super confused and possibly aren't analyzing yourself well. Or post a picture here or on that tapatalk group so others can help you.

No. 125405

>TRs have shorter arms and legs

Not necessarily, TRs can get their sharpness from anywhere in the skeleton. Many have long arms and legs. Pure romantics can’t have long arms and legs, because it’s a yang characteristic and their skeleton is all yin.

No. 125429

this test is kinda dumb when you look at fashion models. they should all be gamines but they're liks 6 ft tall lmao

No. 125433

gamines have big heads in comparison to their bodies, how do tall models have that? Most models are (flamboyant) natural

No. 125442

Is it possible to be theatrical romantic and have a large head?

File: 1565573755666.jpg (45.73 KB, 400x600, man.jpg)

No. 121350[Reply]

Previous: >>107593

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly,creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.

Men you're ashamed to say you'd fuck… or not.
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No. 125392

File: 1571217352604.gif (981.33 KB, 480x322, tim.gif)

im so glad im not alone I've got CHUBS for this man. especially when he's kind of fat and dorky. I'm actually so jealous of his wife she is fucking blessed imagine being married to him

No. 125393

File: 1571217536586.jpeg (33.12 KB, 500x371, snugglr.jpeg)

I also think Zach is so hot full offence. snuggle me back to health Zach

No. 125396

He's uncanny valley looking, so it's actually understandable, or maybe it's because she thinks her tastes for him are basic.

No. 125408

File: 1571229509905.jpeg (426.32 KB, 1536x2046, 18A13FA3-F333-4B54-B654-DB9202…)

The 90 fiancé guy before he gave up on his looks

No. 125414

File: 1571236482865.gif (1.36 MB, 500x262, tumblr_nbroopG7hu1s332cmo1_500…)

File: 1558229627691.gif (4.03 MB, 500x280, download.gif)

No. 115141[Reply]

last thread: >>87606
No shame no gain
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No. 124639

>Unless you only know kids and monks people will just be unimpressed and find you tacky.
Maybe I could get a sheltered and naive very christian friend who secretly wants to stop being so religious and just become normal. But yeah, it's just a fantasy at the end of the day.

No. 124665

I have like, the inverse of this. I want to watch a very shy, cute guy who's normally very prudish tell me about his kinks, and revel in his shame. I want to see a "pure" person's dirty, corrupt side.
Then, I'd probably want to bully him for being a sick freak, only to let him indulge in his fantasies with me. Depending on what it is, I'd either just dirty talk with him while giving him a handjob, or I'd let him actually try it.
Bonus points if the whole thing messes him up mentally and he has an obsessive love/hate relationship with me after the fact.

No. 124668

Huge yes to the first part!

No. 124768

Wow, this is also very interesting, I like it! The part about the shame and seeing their "corrupted" side is very appealing. Now I just need to find a bf like this…

No. 125413

File: 1571234520541.jpg (10.11 KB, 170x190, tumblr_pet0vdJsoX1rgyxh6_540.j…)

I'm not a furry but this drawing is kind of hot. It's the eyes.

File: 1554258134113.jpg (192.93 KB, 1000x970, 249834753289.jpg)

No. 112369[Reply]

Didn't see a thread specifically for this kind of stuff so use this for discussion about things relating to bathroom stuff, advice, how to better your gut, how you personally maintain a healthy gut, general frustrations if you have an unhealthy gut (IBS, Crohns, etc) and/or how you manage it, asshole insecurities, etc.
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No. 125257

Sorry for grossness but in the last year or so I've started using flushable wipes (though I know they're bad) cos cleaning after I poop has gone from a 2/3 wipe job to a 10 or more wipe job… and dry paper isn't sufficient. I don't even know what the cause could be cos while I have a history of IBS I've actually found my cramps have stopped and for the first time in a long time I have a once a day routine.. it's just the clean job that leaves me feeling gross. Anyone else dealt with this?

No. 125329

For travel, I just carry little Summer's Eve wipes (I can't find individual baby wipes) around and throw them in the trash.
Either don't flush them, or consider a handheld bidet. Wipe to remove bulk before using the bidet and then dry off with paper towels. A portable handheld bidet is around $10 on amazon and you can just fill it from your bathroom sink. It saves a lot of time and you'll feel so clean.

No. 125374

Is there a reason you prefer the wipes over some sort of alternative? In the sense there's some sort of benefit you don't find elsewhere?

No. 125410

They are individually wrapped and already wet, so I'm not stuck trying to wet paper towels in a public bathroom.

No. 125417

made the mistake of eatting too many sweets before bed. Never doing that again lmao

File: 1563048749869.png (921.09 KB, 640x628, PNG image 2.png)

No. 119060[Reply]

Pride Rules.
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No. 124677

More of a confession.
I am attracted to a guy I work with and I can't stop thinking of them having a threesome with my bf and me. I am addicted to thinking about them focusing all their attention on me, loving me, and using me. He is kind of a bro but I loving thinking about him getting fucked by my bf and loving it completely. Also double penpetrating me. Just being sandwiched between them.

No. 124705

I guess you wouldn't really call this a fetish but I have a fantasy/scenario in my head where I like putting my fingers in my partner's mouth and making him suck them, and then he discovers that he really likes it and thinks about sucking cock. So we invite a male best friend over and we're both down on our knees in front of him and I teach him how to suck it while we take turns and lick him at the same time, while we also kiss and tease and drive the friend crazy. I just find the idea of a guy sucking dick for the first time (and I join in too) so so so hot

No. 125369

File: 1571187923815.jpg (33.83 KB, 500x372, 43d041c92efeef46b6b98318eddde8…)

Reverse traps. The idea of a women passing off as a twink is hot.

No. 125388

so… like thin butches?

No. 125407

that anon is clearly straight lmao

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