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File: 1501274707707.jpg (139.7 KB, 600x864, IMG_5692.JPG)

No. 65714[Reply]

Curious to get some opinions from anons who have given birth.

I am considering an elective c-section as I am worried vaginal birth will ravage my vagina and I'll never get to experience pleasure again.

Maybe I am ignorant on the subject, and perhaps pushing a 6-8lb baby out of my vagina won't be so traumatizing.

I would love to hear your experiences with vaginal and c-sections; the good and the bad.

If c-section, how was the recovery? Do you wish you had given vaginal birth? Any complications?

If vaginal birth, have you noticed any changes in sex? Lose the ability to orgasm? Bladder control issues? Was your perineum cut? How was the recovery?
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No. 67794

Med fag here: vaginal births are better, faster healing process, better bonding with your baby, basically no scars, no risk for another pregnancy (c section scars can lead to a rupture in the uterus)
it's just the way it's supposed to be
so if it's a viable option, go for it

No. 67802

File: 1505927056851.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1964x1210, c section.jpeg)

If I ever got pregnant I'd probably go with vaginal birth due to the fact that it's more natural and all that.
This may seem weird and off-topic, but is anyone else really into the way C-section scars look? For me, that's the only reason why I'd even consider getting a C-section.

No. 67810

If you just like the way it looks, why not go get a scarification body mod done to look like that? Then there's no awful abdominal cutting to recover from while also caring for an infant.

No. 67811

It's better to have a vaginal birth. Yeah it's painful, but pushing a child out is less costly than a c-section. C-sections should only be used when all over options during labor have been exhausted or the mother and/or child are in a life threatening situation.

No. 67963

C-section recovery is also no joke.

File: 1447289964209.png (174 KB, 495x349, Screen-shot-2013-03-10-at-7_22…)

No. 54209[Reply]

Maybe it's just me, but I feel as though birth control is something that women don't talk enough about despite it being so complex and many people using it regularly. Let's post our comments/questions about birth control!

- contraception
- acne control
- PCOS management
- hormonal treatment
- ring vs. pill vs. non-hormonal
- side effects/benefits
- weight gain/loss
- etc.
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No. 67570

update, sorry if I'm being dramatic, I just don't know what to do, I feel hideous and less womanly because of it, I'm not that hairy or fat but I am a bit chubby, this is just a shock to me, I just want to feel more womanly, I have a lot of the "inappropriate male features" side effects , I want to fix them without plastic surgery, working out can only go so far, and my doctor refuses to prescribe me progesterone

No. 67601

I've heard good things about saw palmetto for treating PCOS naturally. Apparently it's an androgen blocker so it should reduce hirsutism, acne and other testosterone related problems.

No. 67604

thanks anon, I'll try it, I work at a pharmacy so I can easily get it, I know it's not genetic since everyone else in my family is a fertile pop out 5 kids by 30 type people, thank you

No. 67869

I was put on lo loestrin fe and I have spotting ? what do I do? should I stop?

No. 67962

Contact your gyno. Are you in the first few months? Supposedly, it goes away over time. It's up to you if this is a dealbreaker for you or not.

File: 1503078056507.png (543.5 KB, 500x606, afg_happiness_is_homemade_3.pn…)

No. 66711[Reply]

Does anyone else here have the urge to be a traditional woman? I am not really enjoying the rat race. Am I being weird?
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No. 67890

>they consider it their right to be extra critical
I think this is very true, and I think that when convenient for them they will use it against their wife. Maybe a guy will be happy with the situation most of the time, but when there's tension or friction in the relationship, it's an easy way for him to act like he contributes the most and therefore is more in the right/more deserving/has more authority, etc. Basically a sense of entitlement and resentment.

No. 67912

It's depressing for me because I'm not the "domestic type" and never wanted to be a SAHM. I had always planned to get a career, but it turns out that's hard with my particular degree, then I got pregnant accidentally (luckily, my husband and I have a very stable relationship and have been together for a long time/plan to be together for a long time in the future.) My state is red through and through so an abortion wasn't really an option and I found out too late anyway. At this point, I'm just trying my best to cope, but it feels like I'm constantly failing. I fucking suck at pretending to be complacent. I hope my kid doesn't resent me when he's older for not being an ideal mom.

No. 67914

>I hope my kid doesn't resent me when he's older for not being an ideal mom.

Aw, don't be so hard on yourself anon. The main thing is that you'll have been around your kid a lot during their formative years, and that's means a great deal for kids these days who usually don't get a lot of attention because their parents can't or are forced to work. You're doing your best, I just feel for you that you never got to chase your career goals because of motherhood. I hope you can again in the future when your domestic life levels out a bit <3

No. 67917

Thank you so much, anon. :') I have moral support from family, of course, but getting some from a stranger is a bit more affirming in some ways.

No. 67961

So much this. I wouldn't mind being a SAHM and homemaker if (and only if) my partner was appreciative and supportive. If I work hard every day, I need my partner to recognize I wasn't just dicking around all day.

File: 1497654827925.jpg (41.41 KB, 462x346, sekushii-bo.jpg)

No. 63152[Reply]

Old thread: >>47022

We've got plenty of underrated dudes on lolcow but are there any men that you're ashamed to say you'd fuck for any reason? Men who are ugly, unattractive, average-looking, creepy, weird or just plain shameful? It doesn't have to be a big reason that you're ashamed, just say why.

Admit your thirst, farmers.
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No. 67955

File: 1506131077786.jpg (33.05 KB, 225x350, 44026.jpg)

He's like three times my age and I'm still pissed from all the drama that happened.

No. 67956

Yes. Me too.

No. 67959

Who is that and what's his drama? He looks really familiar, is he a voice actor?

No. 67960

Not that anon, but yeah he's a voice actor, Kamiya Hiroshi. Levi from SnK, Natsume from Natsume Yuujinchou (which I love), Yato from Noragami, Izaya from DRRR!!… You get the drill, great roles in general.

I don't follow seiyuu drama, what happened?

No. 67964

Was it because he hid the fact that he was married and had a kid?

I honestly don't understand that whole seiyuu dramu, its like they're not allowed to have lives outside of voice acting

File: 1505929524298.png (229.25 KB, 355x355, 1493924201_635e778d971dbbd349a…)

No. 67809[Reply]

Farmers, do you have Daddy Issues whether it's in the past or present?

Definition of Daddy Issues - having a tumultuous relationship with their Father causing the daughter to engage in questionable behavior in sexual or non-sexual situations.

(No discussion of DDLG please. Daddy Issues is different from DDLG.)
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No. 67880

I hate the way 'daddy issues' has become a weird sexualised aesthetic trend but the memes have made me more open to poking fun at how much of a cliche I am. I've luckily never been abused but I had a new dad every few years growing up because sometimes shit just happens and juggling between them clearly affected my relationship with men. I've since mellowed but for years I would bend over backwards to be everyone's special darling whilst emotinally distancing myself and treating all men interchangeably. I'm starting to become paranoid that my childish interests could just stem from how I often infantilised myself as a teen to be the least threatening stepdaughter as possible (think 'The Orphan' lol). On the plus side it's nice that I grew up seeing that oneitus is bullshit, love isn't a reason to stay with someone that hurts you and also that you can find love more than twice in your life.

I believe most people have baggage no matter how great their parents are though and even if you have the perfect childhood you might still become a shit person. It's easy for someone who wasn't abused to say but you can't use past trauma as an excuse for everything you do, there is a clear difference between unpacking your upbringing and just living in it forever.

Many girls from all sorts of lives struggle with using sex as validation so even becoming self aware about it is a big step anon, but since you have a supportive partner I hope that you can open up to him about this and trust him to work with you. Your story is really impressive, I wish you the best

No. 67889

my father left me as a baby and i have no desire to call someone daddy during sex. i fully believe its just a fetish thing and any actual "daddy issues" people just have that fetish coincidentally. its like saying gay people are gay because they got molested by their uncles. correlation does not equal causation.

Also its just a trend at the moment, and you know fucking tumblr will jump all over that shit

No. 67897

my father broke up with my mom before i was born and i have literally never seen him, didn't even know his name until in 8th hrade we had to make a family tree. my grandpa only recently has started to talk to me (i think he's just very shit with children) so i have had no male role models growing up whatsoever. mom probably wouldn't have minded me asking about my father but i never did even when i was little because fathers didn't register as anything important to me (families here are quite matriarchal with passive men) so like his absence didn't bother me.

with my peers i have always avoided guys and any notion i might fancy any of them like plaque. honestly im more horrified they could potentially fancy me. in highschool one of my classmates confessed he liked me and i literally was so disturbed by it i considered transfering lmao.

however with older men im quite easy going, i know it's not how it works and they probably do see me in a sexual way but in my mind they are in the dad/grandpa category and i just want them to like me as much as possible (in a non sexual way though) and get quite jealous when they pay more attention to others.
not sure if qualifies as daddy issues but definitely daddy related issues.
still don't really care or think about my father besides when thinking about all the alimony he owes us and my ugly nose that's obviously his shitty genes

No. 67936

My dad is a (diagnosed) psychopath, narcissist and had severe ADHD. He's a manipulative person, who likes to guilt trip others.
He raped and beat my mom throughout my childhood. He cheated all the time, with everyone.
I don't talk to him anymore, for my moms fault. I still miss him, though i guess i shouldn't

No. 67958

Pretty but the same MO for me too. Dad left before I was born, didn't want anything to do with me, gave complete custody to my mom, didn't think I was his. Grew up with a half sister who had a different dad. Never truly bothered me growing up without a dad, I'd ask my mom sometimes but seeing my mom be independent and happy with just us kids gave me the idea that it didn't matter. Although my friends families, their dads were always nice to me. Kind of like they were father figures to me, even tho they were married.

I'm 23 now and have been ignoring my dad since 18, when he decided to contact me a few days after my birthday. Pissed me off he waited that many years to finally get in touch, after the point of getting CS which I don't even really care if I got the money.

File: 1469627747972.jpg (33.58 KB, 612x380, Leslie-Jones_612x380_0.jpg)

No. 45623[Reply]

We have a thread for men, but how about our bi and lesbian farmers on /g/? What women that you're ashamed to say you'd fuck for any reason?

Admit your thirst, farmers.
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No. 67447

File: 1505182524105.jpg (157.05 KB, 800x994, rossy.jpg)

it's a very dated and very flattering pic but rossy de palma can have it any day of the week

i love women with Strong Features™ and she's like if all the facial elements i love were amplified and thrown into a cauldron to simmer with no real regard for symmetry or the end product

No. 67453

so who is she
don't recognize her as a cow or anything and she's hot

No. 67461

Not op but that's lexxynichelle and she's got her own thread over on /snow/.

No. 67726

File: 1505823945877.jpg (53.22 KB, 780x438, 170208190619-ivanka-0120-exlar…)

I wanna be Ivanka Trump's sidepiece.

No. 67733

you and donald both

File: 1505335100860.png (667.41 KB, 1000x1224, 1492687414845.png)

No. 67520[Reply]

It's time for a waifu thread. Post your 2D wives on here. No 3D disgusting pigs.
82 posts and 65 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 67933

File: 1506103971849.png (581.38 KB, 1280x720, Kuroneko_ruri_gokou.png)

She's not my waifu, but I can totally stand behind that sentiment.

Kuroneko from Oreimo will forever be my waifu. I think perhaps because she reminds me of my best female childhood friend before we grew apart.

No. 67937

File: 1506116554481.jpg (34.64 KB, 499x492, 10a.jpg)

No. 67947

File: 1506126518232.png (1.74 MB, 1280x1224, Rem_Stitched_Cap_(Re_ZERO_Ep_1…)

No. 67949

File: 1506126983230.jpg (25.16 KB, 498x352, 1404144430472.jpg)

oh shit excellent taste. she inspires me and she's a megababe.

No. 67953

File: 1506130740246.jpg (80.7 KB, 735x640, IMG_2189.jpg)


File: 1478366070812.jpg (52.94 KB, 736x494, friends.jpg)

No. 44295[Reply]

This is a thread for females seeking female friends.

If you see a male post in this thread, report them then ignore their post. No need to point it out or reply.

Please include the following info in your post:

> Your age

> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)

Don't be afraid to reach out! You will meet more potential friends if you post your info and respond to others rather than just posting and never checking the thread again.
206 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 67631

In the process of creating one now and learning as I go along. Not sure if lolcow are okay with me posting it here yet since they already have a server but if an admin gives me the okay, I'll post a link when I'm ready!

No. 67633

File: 1505567571770.gif (2.18 MB, 1280x720, lwa.gif)

Gotcha! Goodluck!

No. 67938

> Your age
I'm 20! (1997)

> Preferred age range for friends

16+ and up i guess

> Your hobbies, interests

I love everything artsy, series (parks and rec, SVU, catfish, steven universe - a lot of different stuff), cats, indie music

>why you are looking for friends

I'm quite an introvert and not so good socially. Also i just moved to a new city and my old "friends" decided to stop talking to me. Basically i don't have many real life friends

> Contact info

Kik: strangelysoft

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 67941

Hi yeah I'm a fellow UK anon. Not much of us here on the farm

No. 67952

> 20
> any idc
> knitting, anime, im agoraphobic so i dont leave my apartment ever and spend most of my day on discord
> fae #4838
> i live in portland and i like cats and im lonely

File: 1439519622581.jpg (875.17 KB, 1000x953, 1432170365080.jpg)

No. 50546[Reply]

There is a thread for 3D guys you want to fug, can we have one for 2D too? Post dem husbandos.
695 posts and 415 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 67616

File: 1505526326517.jpg (49.68 KB, 225x350, IMG_6381.JPG)

My love knows not bounds. I wish this series had been more popular.

No. 67826

File: 1505946534914.jpg (74.73 KB, 807x1269, Elliot Nightray 04.jpg)

Omg yesss !!! I love this series so much I cried at the end (and some other times)
Elliot is best boy tho (love Gil too tho)

No. 67931

File: 1506094532616.png (63.99 KB, 750x568, IMG_1023.PNG)

•licks lips• I'd let him Gentle Fist me all day.

No. 67948

File: 1506126926982.jpg (35.06 KB, 400x400, shame.jpg)

Only in the dubbed version

No. 67951

File: 1506129433192.png (442.07 KB, 1136x640, tumblr_ovohynnLXN1vksqv0o1_128…)

i want him to tie me up with those bands of his and make me his bitch

File: 1506125533746.jpg (275.42 KB, 1051x951, rape1.jpg)

No. 67943[Reply]

fucking crybaby vagniggers(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 67944

Go back to krautchan.

No. 67945

show bob and vagene

No. 67946

did you know it's usually extremely physically painful

No. 67950

dick pics or gtfo

No. 67965

show the anos and dig

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