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File: 1549539654108.jpg (61.49 KB, 426x720, 1549505980016.jpg)

No. 107593[Reply]

Previous: >>86886

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly,creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.
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No. 108596

I have had a long time crush on JBP, I find his facial features attractive. He doesn't look that attractive anymore, as of late he looks gaunt/emaciated. But when he was younger he was gorgeous. Even in 2015 he was still pretty hot, when he was plumper and not dying

No. 108601

Are you serious? Holy shit.

No. 108610

File: 1550565477249.jpg (33.86 KB, 972x682, oWsZ8dW.jpg)

till my no.1 husbando since sehnsucht came out in 97

No. 108612

führe mich pls

No. 108622

File: 1550588390566.jpg (59.97 KB, 853x480, Harold-Kumar-Escape-from-Guant…)

Completely this, I want those arms

File: 1437667091536.jpg (586.18 KB, 1892x1125, eye.jpg)

No. 43611[Reply]

Lets post a picture of your eye/eyes only and I/others can follow up with what I think would look good on you .
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No. 108574


okay weirdo

No. 108577

Right? The people on this site are so nitpicky and weird, it's obnoxious.

No. 108578

honestly, winged eyeliner is kind of ugly and tacky. just tightline instead.

No. 108589

What makes winged eyeliner ugly and tacky, anon? Just curious, but tightlining tends to look unfinished if not done right.

No. 108621

File: 1550585818358.png (371.09 KB, 566x575, Screenshot 2019-02-19 at 8.12.…)

Ugh, I guess we're just doomed then. I think I definitely have them.
It's hard not to be nitpicky on a website dedicated to nitpicking. I hope posting my eyes illustrates what I mean better? If I do my eyeliner any thicker than pic related and point it down too far it looks like korean/japanese "puppy" style eyes. I'm sure you've seen it. If I don't wear eyeliner my face looks masculine, plus I have awful puffy eyelids/bags.

File: 1515765974248.jpg (34.49 KB, 477x595, IMG_2256.JPG)

No. 73186[Reply]

Is it possible to get to low bmis without being Ana and starving yourself and keeping you skin and face looking healthy?any tips? This is a thread for people who want to discuss getting to low weights in healthy ways. 5'5 at 120 but I'd like to be 100lbs. I use to be 95 lbs in my teens but it's easier to not look completely sick and haggard at low eights when you're young. I've flirted with the idea of losing weight but I don't wanna end up looking like a crack head.
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No. 108607

You should probably just work out. No one looks good as a skinnyfat. You might feel differently about yourself when you're firmer and less doughy.
Kiko Mizuhara would look shittier too at the same weight if she was flabby

No. 108611

i wish i had advice anon, im in the same boat. i think i just need to add on a couple more days of exercise on top considering im in my 30s. i regularly fluctuate between the same 4 lbs too often and its frustrating because my partner has been losing weight on the reg following the same diet im eating.

No. 108617

1000 cals is not enough, eating such a low amount slows your metabolism down as your body is trying to sustain energy, and you're going to plateau. You should eat AT LEAST 1200 calories, but preferably more. Calculate your TDEE (e.g. here: https://tdeecalculator.net) and go from there (you should consume about a 500 cal daily deficit in order to lose weight). I have been eating about 1200 cals a day and had like a 6-week plateau where nothing was happening or I was even gaining weight slightly. I now plan to eat about 1500 cals a day and have a cheat day once a week to make the weight loss sustainable. Note that I'm exercising 6 times a week, it all depends on your activity.

No. 108618

File: 1550585265793.jpg (102.18 KB, 662x993, kiko.jpg)


Actually, I think Kiko is pretty skinnyfat. Which is why I used her as a reference. She doesn't really have any muscle tone on her whatsoever.

But yeah, I should work out. I just absolutely hate it. I never get that "accomplished" feeling others feel afterwards or that "adrenaline" rush during. I don't know if it is because I'm depressed or what. I only enjoy walking and that builds no muscle tone whatsoever (and isn't really exercise). No places to hike nearby.

Have no idea how often I should be exercising anyway or what kind I should be doing. Anyone with a regular exercise routine have any suggestions for a lazy girl?

No. 108619


This is good and healthy advice, but I really doubt at 1000 calories anon has been plateauing. It just sounds like some starvation myth BS. More than likely they've been eating 1000 calories, but binge-eating at certain points (because 1000 calories is too low and is inevitably going to lead to a binge) which would allow them to gain some weight back and stay around the same weight.

File: 1513402004653.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.11 KB, 554x382, il_570xN.1081517077_mtqn1.jpg)

No. 71573[Reply]

Last thread was about 2 years ago and it's almost at its limit!

First Thread >>>51836
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No. 108570

i take birth control but don't have sex so i just skip the placebo pill week and start a new pack in order to escape my period, yet i end up randomly getting it and it's not regular, like my cycle is messed up and i swear i've been getting it every two weeks.

any other anons know wtf is up? i just want to escape my period. i hate it so much.

No. 108572

How many times have you skipped your period in a row? I think if you use BC to skip it you're supposed to let yourself have a period every 3-4 months. Maybe you're getting breakthrough bleeding cause your body is confused? idk how medically valid this is though lol

No. 108598

honestly i don't really keep track. i used to forget taking my bc a lot and would obviously get my period after two/three days of skipping but i've been doing it regularly now and i don't skip periods i get them like every two weeks, it's been happening for two months now. like i've literally had four periods. they're pretty light but i can't fucking stand bleeding at all, i hate it and want it to go away completely.

No. 108609

Just get a BC option that stops periods entirely. Like an implant, shot, or hormonal IUD. Skipping the placebo week to stop periods never actually works. Your spotting while taking them is a side effect of skipping the placebos.

No. 108616

It‘s a common side effect and may happen due to the heightened levels of estrogen. Medically speaking is pausing your BC not necessary. The 7-day pause has been implemented to a) give the feeling of still having a working, normal cycle and b) to allow women in very religious relationships/families to use BC without anyone knowing.

You can try either another brand with another hormone or dosage or what >>108609 said. Although even with progesterone only options it may happen that you bleed either every two weeks or constantly. Or not at all! It’s really impossible to predict.
Also, if you do go for an option that has no estrogen, you should supplement vitamin D as a long-term use can drastically increase the risk of osteoporosis.

I don’t know if you want to have children, but maybe an endometrial ablation would be an option for you?

File: 1530595048930.gif (517.94 KB, 498x498, 1530384478628.gif)

No. 87009[Reply]

Last one got locked, tell us where it hurts.
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No. 108582

your fault.

No. 108585

you can't force anyone to delete pictures. even if you see them delete from their camera roll there's still the cloud, secret apps, etc.

No. 108586

Unfortunately theres nothing you can do except hope he's a decent person and deletes them. Theres a lot of social pressure and pressure from men to send sexy pics or nudes but it isn't worth it since you never know if you'll stay with someone forever and this is the risk.

No. 108591

I need to find some hobbies or pleasure activities or friends to go out with or something generally enjoyable to spend time doing… every day when I come from work and all my time on weekends I just play games/browse on my phone alone. I would love any advice on how to stop being so reclusive

No. 108615

The best thing you can do is say nothing about the nudes. If he's ghosting you, he's hurt. If he sees a way to hurt you back, he may do it. Even if he's not revengeful, better not give him any ideas.

For anyone who reads this,
Don't send nudes
or send nudes without face/distinctive recognizable objects or surroundings.

File: 1550145834844.jpg (49.9 KB, 350x500, 57c79919aefc4330b1f495876e017e…)

No. 108202[Reply]

previous thread >>78217

Post women you find overrated or ugly when they're shilled as beautiful and #goals
Is it because of her nasolabial folds? Is it her face without make-up? Is it her awful personality shining through? Is it her weak bone-structure or weird thumb? Is it her money or cute bf you're jealous of? Is it her PR team brain-washing the whole planet into worshiping her? Tell us here
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No. 108576

File: 1550531531066.jpeg (68.75 KB, 619x761, 49AAB2E9-6AE7-466B-A2D4-A0D14F…)

It’s easier to see in motion but you can see the lumps here. I don’t get why people with money have fillers that look like this nor why you wouldn’t just get them dissolved

No. 108587

File: 1550540623150.jpg (72.4 KB, 720x707, mdkeyia40wd11.jpg)

how is this the same person holy shit

No. 108594

That pure look before was cuter. Now she looks like every other ps blow up doll looking for the ~LA life~

No. 108608

That lipstick is a really nice color.

I think she looks very pretty but the lip fillers are too much, I didn't know it was possible for them to look lumpy like that.

No. 108614

File: 1550573453103.jpg (1.09 MB, 1334x2000, Kendall-Jenner-Runway-Versace-…)

she was so cute with just some surgery but now she looks completely plastic like the others. Surgery addiction is real. Part of me hopes she will stop here but probably not. I'd kill for her body, too

File: 1546981366033.jpg (59.5 KB, 1200x675, DF0Vaw0WAAEmZGB.jpg)

No. 105230[Reply]

last thread >50546 is about to lock. post the best boys.
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No. 108553

File: 1550516156296.png (1.21 MB, 1580x1200, 742d549ac12843994ef71765848120…)

had a dream we were getting married

No. 108564

File: 1550525309648.jpg (147.23 KB, 1128x640, yusuke.jpg)

Impeccable taste, anon.

No. 108568

File: 1550527700294.gif (265.25 KB, 872x632, 1496956188426.gif)

oh, stop it you

No. 108605

I never really cared for him but this pic is making me sexually frustrated. I need some anime lips to eat me out rn fam

No. 108613

File: 1550568030423.jpg (77.69 KB, 710x1000, 7ef81d8732b24e82da5353a1b4307b…)

i unironically like his pretentious dub voice better than the japanese
i'm so sorry sugita, i just can't stop thinking of gintoki

File: 1469627747972.jpg (33.58 KB, 612x380, Leslie-Jones_612x380_0.jpg)

No. 45623[Reply]

We have a thread for men, but how about our bi and lesbian farmers on /g/? What women that you're ashamed to say you'd fuck for any reason?

Admit your thirst, farmers.
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No. 107310

File: 1549208836979.gif (1.94 MB, 245x260, tumblr_inline_o56gwrQtcK1ripge…)

She may be the ultimate insta thot but goddamn, I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't

No. 107324

File: 1549217519987.jpg (928.83 KB, 2048x1365, 11GIRLS-superJumbo.jpg)

I hate her but her body just does something for me. I was so confused when I got turned on at her naked scenes in girls. she just looks so doughy and it gets me going like nothing else

No. 108600

File: 1550551173088.jpg (Spoiler Image, 339.02 KB, 1331x2000, 29177914_1534071663358324_7117…)

i have an actual crush on her. we're the same age and i want to date her

No. 108604

I was going to call you out but
>we're the same age

Don't worry anon I feel the same

No. 108606

Why tho she looks like the animatronic on stage at chuck e cheese

File: 1523958430220.png (1.91 MB, 1024x768, fcbabfb68e24eeda318c86250ec8e9…)

No. 79436[Reply]

Straight version of the other thread.
Classically cute is preferable.
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No. 108517

Too bad he and pretty much every rockstar in the 70s were pedos who took advantage of underage girls

No. 108531

Yeah thats all i could think about when anon posted that. Gross

No. 108569

File: 1550528306845.jpg (46.17 KB, 900x608, maxkuehn.jpg)

i'm a fan of pretty gingers and drummers, what can i say

No. 108590

File: 1550544201974.jpg (76.24 KB, 618x676, mark renton.jpg)

A lot of them were creeps, we agree there. But plenty of infamous groupies aren't very consistent with their stories, so who knows what the hell happened. Keeping on topic, i've always thought Ewan McGregor was perfect in trainspotting.

No. 108620

I don't even like gingers but max is so cute. My fave is brandon though, he is so cute in a weird basic american guy way.

File: 1514581777902.png (523.51 KB, 666x733, Outfitorwhateva.png)

No. 72269[Reply]

General discussion for everything fashion:Styles,Brands,favorite influences, favorite icons etc.

Post outfit coordination for critique and advice. :)

Posting one I came up with for starters, not sure what to call my personal style.
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No. 108543

be cringe if you want too anon, live your dreams

No. 108558

i'm underweight so it's ok. i wear them with ripped jeans right now.

alright, ill ditch the tights bud. and ill keep the undershade thing in mind

thank you!

No. 108563

Nah go the whole hog and wear those kitty tights. There’s no point trying to make a ‘15 y/o at my first concert’ look more mature. Tights and shorts always look silly and overly casual so why not embrace the silly and wear the cat tights. It’s a childish look so it’s weird to try and age it up.

You’re like 18, dress in the embarrassing stuff now.

No. 108571

This shit is more like 13 instead of 18. I wouldn't have worn any of this in my late teens at all, it's definitely a good time to get a feel for better aesthetics and mature looks but I know some people are just helpless.

Whats with the 2011 lady gaga hair and hell boy shirt and ripped jeans

No. 108584

Naww anon I was trying to be kind to kitty-tights-chan. Heaps of adults just dress like kids all the time now. Maybe it’s a small town thing but it seems to be all over shit like Instagram as well.
All the cutesy slogans and cartoons. God help you criticise them even itt though. Thirty year old women in adventure time tops race to call you the fun police who wears grandmas twinsets.

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