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File: 1551576441676.jpg (56.42 KB, 720x540, tAzl5qJ.jpg)

No. 110612[Reply]

/g/ is for all things girly, bathroom talk for advice, lifestyle, fashion, cosmetics, makeup, periodtalk. Anything you would ask and talk about with your female friends.

>/ot/ is for offtopic, discussions, debates and sperging

>/m/ is for image spam unrelated to beauty or vidya and movie talk
Do not post porn, talking about porn or sexual preferences is fine though.
You can see all the rules here https://lolcow.farm/rules

File: 1602086965734.png (9.7 KB, 300x217, thumb_rexuality-me-wow-this-is…)

No. 154272[Reply]

last thread: >>115141
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No. 174113

fellow masochist reporting for duty, although the one thing i can get behind is being a tease, maybe a little mutual biting, that's not the same as being a sadist though

No. 174174

ok I don't think the sadist thing appeals to me, but I like the idea of it being done to a more wholesome or sweet man instead.

I keep picturing silly things like knocking books out of their hands or breaking their glasses, seeing them smile then frown and tear up.

Then hug them.

>i'm not alone in this am I ?

No. 174178

not enough sadists here. bloodplay ftw

No. 174179

oh thank fucking god i’m not the only one. i love entertaining the daydream of smashing some filthy scrote’s skull in, but the thought of doing that to a lady makes me sad.

No. 174191

I would prefer the ribs and legs but yes bitch

File: 1585763562768.jpg (84.41 KB, 1000x666, Self Breast Exam - Your How to…)

No. 135394[Reply]

Didn't see any threads regarding about the breasts. Ask questions about your breasts, any health concerns, implants etc.

I'll start with mine : I have some small eczema going around my areola on my left breast and it sometimes itches
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No. 174056

I mean that is different, I heard some people say it made their nipples hard all the time, just not sure if that always happens.

No. 174184

File: 1614991783175.jpg (255.95 KB, 748x748, cheesecrumble0.jpg)

Does anyone else have chunks of crust on their nips? I don't mean on the areola, like right in the middle of the nipple? It looks similar to pic related. I've had them for like 15 years without much changing. I guess the chunks aren't as big anymore? Just kind of small flaky pieces.

No. 174186

have you asked a doctor about that at all? sounds fungal.

No. 174187

i got a scar revision done for my breast reduction and i’m already worried that i’ve been moving around too much/probably fucked the incisions. welp

No. 174190

Areola and nipples are different things but yea, it may make them stay erect at all times but the effect may end once you take the jewelry out.

File: 1614906710472.jpg (119.68 KB, 1024x818, godiwishthatwereme.jpg)

No. 174105[Reply]

Please keep posts focused on women and female homosexuality! If you want to talk about attraction toward men it probably belongs in the bisexuality thread or questioning thread. Topics of discussion may include but are not limited to:

>first crush?

>what’s your local lesbian/LGBT scene like?
>cute stories about your gf
>favourite lesbian media?
>lesbian media you hate?
>coming out stories
>are there any cows you’d uhaul with?
>bitch about being lonely
>butch? femme? how do you feel about labels?
>how did you know you were gay?
>which lesbian stereotypes do you fit? which ones don’t fit you at all?
>what were you like as a kid? tomboy? girly girl who made her Barbies kiss?
>get mushy and describe your dream relationship/date/etc
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No. 174177

>I'm curious, what kind of women are you all into? Any particular features or styles you go for?
i like all types of women, but the average/healthy female body is absolutely beautiful. i wish more girls with that body type learned how to love themselves.

No. 174180

File: 1614985293909.png (1.04 MB, 640x771, unknown (1).png)

I used to be a nonbinary and my gf peaked me. We're both farmers now. Literally living the dream

No. 174181

I'm a tomboy, the kind with sneakers, oversized t-shirts and snapbacks and defined muscle. I'm either into really femme-presenting cute girls that have a mischievous side and can be brutal when in trusted company. My dream gf would be a femme girl with small stature but a foul mouth, a good sense of humor, a relentless manhating terf who's into smutty sex. Always been a huge weak point for me and I dream about someone like her all the time.

No. 174182


No. 174185

File: 1614992323807.jpg (94.71 KB, 794x794, nana.jpg)

Great thread pic and I like your prompts in the OP as well, cheers.

>are there any cows you’d uhaul with?

lmfao love this, though i got no cows i'm that fond of. Dasha Nekrasova is cute to me but she is upsettingly retarded.

>bitch about being lonely

I AM LONELYYYYYYYYYYYYY the woman i want seems to reciprocate but it's complicated. i wish i had a magic wand

>butch? femme? how do you feel about labels?

I feel the labels are unnecessary and cultish. I particularly dislike the sorta butch that larps as a fuccboi, though I find them hot in general. Just not into anyone that wants to meme themselves into male socialization. I'll take any fit/slim woman with nice skin and a good brain really, it's not about the butch/femme scale for me.

>how did you know you were gay?

I've always known that I was attracted to women but it took falling in love with one in my mid 20s to realize men aren't included in my sexuality. The way I felt for her romantically was just completely above and beyond any man I thought I loved. I realized I only felt close friendship to men.

>which lesbian stereotypes do you fit? which ones don’t fit you at all?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1614025680250.png (589.86 KB, 500x750, 0O118Vw.png)

No. 172701[Reply]

Previous thread >>161298

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly,creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.

Roids or not, he looks good for his age
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No. 174162

>This reminds me of some random Reylo porn I saw (obviously drawn by a mood, which is fairly rare) where Kylo was doing Anorectal Violence to Rey while she was masturbating with the lightsaber. I think the saber part was turned outside of her pussy but still made me worry for her safety
god that porn sounds so unsexy. How the fuck am I supposed to be het when most of the content is so gross/boring/uninteresting….
>obviously drawn by a mood, which is fairly rare
you mean a moid, right? Maybe that's why the idea is so unappealing to me kek

No. 174167

wtf Darth maul is hot

No. 174176

Yep, my phone keeps autocorrecting moid to mood and I rarely notice

Also yeah, it was bad. It was drawn in usual male coomer fashion with super exaggerated proportions and it was just unappealing.

No. 174183

File: 1614990648101.gif (1.43 MB, 436x408, krist.gif)

>tfw people stand on escalators

No. 174192

File: 1614996807062.jpeg (101.79 KB, 1440x1440, CD65CFEA-BDE3-435E-947C-71129F…)

someone please explain to me why I want to fuck Jimmy Pop

File: 1533406856055.jpg (240.03 KB, 1499x2048, IMG_20180804_201847.jpg)

No. 90992[Reply]

Share any experiences and opinions on current day sex work.

Have you ever cammed, sugared or escorted? How did it impact you psychologically? Can sex work be something empowering and fulfilling, as Twitter prostitutes claim it to be?

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No. 173911

No. 174148

I am a sex worker and I feel like this is the only space to discuss my struggles in this one thread. If you try to discuss how you feel anywhere else on lolcow anons will just read the word "sex worker" and immediately claim that you sell sex (even if you say multiple times that you only do stripping/pics/etc), then go onto claim that you, yourself are the root of all sex trafficking, rape and everything else that happens to women while at the same time claiming you're a brainwashed girl and a scrote even though none of them can give a decent reason why sex work that doesn't involve sex is wrong. Never minding the even listening as to WHY so many women resort to sex work

Anyway, now that that's out the way. I use sex work because I live in a shitty economy in a certain part of the USA, most people my age are an extremely in debt and it's almost impossible to find a decently paying job, nevermind getting a job that's livable for one person. If you do get a job, places here fire quick, from everything to showing up late once to false accusations by Karen's. In fact the old place I use to work at specifically would schedule people on the days had off for therapy, second jobs, school, etc. then fired them if they didn't come in.

Do I like sex work? It's not my favorite thing but it's literally the only way for someone who doesn't have PHDs around here to make a livable wage while having enough job security

No. 174158

I'm sorry to hear about your situation and your impoverished community, but what "job security" are you talking about? Sure, you won't get fired because you're your own boss, but eventually you're going to be too old to sell pics. Even before you age out, your clients will get bored of you and you'll be forced to resort to more and more degrading activities to keep their interest. That does not sound like security to me. I sincerely hope you have a backup plan in the works for when this shit goes south.

No. 174164

Me not getting business when I get old would still be better job security than most anyone who works in customer service who is hanging by a string that will be chopped off over the next small thing. Most people my age I know are always on the brink of homelessness because this economy and undeniably a shit show for young people

Also elderly worship in the USA is a very real thing. I cannot tell you how many times boomers who are well off and don't need to work at McDonald's or Applebee's but want to because their "bored" got picked over young adults fighting to survive. I don't care if once I hit a certain age I will need to budget and work shitty jobs. It's the matter of fact this is the time in my life that I am supposed to save, invest, go back to school, etc but how am I supposed to do that when school application fees are like 80 dollars and that's my entire paycheck in most jobs? How am I supposed to invest when all my money is going towards rent and bills?

No. 174189

Why do swerfs and civvies think getting old is an issue in sw? There's a market for fucking everything. I've know plenty of older whores that make more than some 20 yo's. This cope always makes me chuckle, kek.

File: 1597249047687.jpg (163.41 KB, 768x1024, 95fb2d133542ac0939a5813f160a58…)

No. 147310[Reply]

Want some advice? Get some advice!

Previous thread: >>>/g/115426
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No. 174155

What the hell does that have to do with anything? Lots of people end up having online friendships for years. What's the point in investing time and effort into something that's fake? Personally it would ruin it for knowing that they could possibly treat me worse based on how I really am. I'd rather jus bee myself and they can decide whether to peace out or not.

No. 174157

Because it's an online friendship, 90% of them are baseless and don't last. If anon doesn't want to show her face then she shouldn't, an online friendship isn't worth it.

No. 174160

Why bother? Sounds like you just want them to compliment you. If you want attention ask your mom or something.

No. 174163

>do i rip off the bandaid and just go for it?
If you are able to deal with consequences (anywhere from them stopping flirting to downright dropping you) and not have a mental breakdown, then go for it. Why waste everyone's time (mostly your own, if you are getting easily emotionally attached) on a relationship with people that may start treating you like shit once they find you aren't waifu material? Have you seen how your friends look, btw?

No. 174188

If they're girls, why would they care? Go ahead, at worst they'll lie and call you cute to spare your feelings, but they won't actually mind how you look.

If they're not girls, they're not really friends and might end up being creepy stalkerish orbiters, so you really shouldn't.

File: 1604847595422.jpeg (634.4 KB, 1068x947, 1C9CF2BB-C559-4097-84CD-A6A0AD…)

No. 158895[Reply]

We have threads for men, but how about our bi and lesbian farmers on /g/? What women are you ashamed to say you'd fuck or crush on for any reason?
>unconventionally attractive?
Share your thirst, farmers.
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No. 173970

I can't believe you posted this, but same anyway.

No. 174008

Didn't plumbella admit to have it or something of that sort.
Same. She's for me is very much >>163246

No. 174050

File: 1614872865450.jpg (82.87 KB, 439x469, ughno.jpg)

I'm ashamed of myself

No. 174151

File: 1614957023358.png (411.23 KB, 554x802, 85328DEB-B11F-4DBE-BF4E-36971A…)

I've got a taste for discharge

No. 174173

File: 1614978940976.jpeg (122.72 KB, 400x500, Charlyne Yi.jpeg)

For me, it's Charlyne. Mainly because she's over a decade older than me.
I almost posted her a while ago haha.
Coming to realize my type is "women who seem as if they would have been friends with me in high school" no matter what they look like (within reason).

File: 1574160710632.jpg (282.32 KB, 1200x1802, 1568981480_762346_1568982616_a…)

No. 127692[Reply]

post conventionally attractive women you'd want to fuck and have no shame admitting
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No. 173597

Lol I just realized that's because she's cosplaying the Chinese lesbian assassin character, Quanxi, from Chainsaw Man.

No. 173950

File: 1614804178693.jpg (1.83 MB, 2588x3882, QqOvStJ.jpg)

She's pretty in an adorkable way

No. 173952

I love her freckles so much and her curly hair that she lets be curly. I only know her as Maeby but even as a child actor she held her own in that cast so well

No. 174026

File: 1614851106970.jpg (337.28 KB, 3000x1999, Pictures-of-Golshifteh-Farahan…)

No. 174144

File: 1614951920586.jpg (51.01 KB, 439x700, 6fab31ca1e6df9c699dad349ca4895…)

Selena Quintanilla. I hope her killer rots in hell

File: 1534795651462.jpg (108.51 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 92682[Reply]

Ever wondered why certain clothes don't look as good on you as on another girl with similar stats?

How to find your type:

Aly Art has many videos with very good tips on how each type can dress and style themself to look their best.
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No. 174138

I quoted a question and answered it. I did not adress anything else in that post.
You did not insult me because I misunderstood. You insulted me because my self-perception triggered you, just like the other anon.
Deal with your lack of self-esteem in better ways than trying to put down randos on the Internet. You're not fooling me, and you're not fooling yourself.

No. 174142

haha go off queen, love yourself yesss

No. 174145

I have the same issues but for me it's more of a BDD/anachan-thing.
Do you recognize if someone has similar proportions to you?

I'd rather be ugly than an agp scrote.

No. 174150

the whole point of this thread is to determine what you look like objectively so you can dress harmoniously with your body type. why are you even here troon?

No. 174156

The point was how to see oneself objectively to determine one's kibbe type.
> I don't want to see myself objectively because I'm sexually attracted to myself and am not gonna deny myself the pleasure
indeed completely and utterly misses that exact point. Fuck off.

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