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File: 1633556790870.png (403.49 KB, 472x499, imagen_2021-10-06_164238.png)

No. 208345

Since /cgl/ has been invaded by scrotes and trannies, let's discuss general things about the fashion here, from new releases to your dream dress. Share makeup looks and diy's, or your favorite coords. Talk about the comm you are in and your lolita friendships. Ex lolitas and newbies are welcomed too. Etc.
For drama, check out the tread on /w/: >>>/w/143376

No. 208346

Thank you anon, i wish we would all make the move here.

I'll make the first move then. Does anybody else just think the new wunderwelt site is so hollow and devoid of the soul it used to have?

No. 208358

File: 1633560588456.png (661.67 KB, 500x706, 0806BD73-8F9B-4AEA-9ACE-A10251…)

Thanks for the thread anon!

I’m very excited for AP to start up the Nakayoshi Bunny MTOs whenever it happens. I’m really hoping the AP prophet was right and we’re getting all the color way choices.
Also hoping AP USA sends out Sugary Carnival soon, I’ve been so excited since I ordered it back in January.

No. 208359

File: 1633561266137.png (256.63 KB, 264x650, 99a2853d2289d8e418f0a694805531…)

I haven't dressed up in ages and my closet is still full of stuff, mostly from before I had distinguished my current tastes. I have major nostalgia for some of the old bodyline, as well as old school and punk lolita. Some taobao brands seem to hit the mark with it, and I'm not too spergy about the exact skirt length as long as the overall silhouette works out well.

No. 209597

File: 1634334143375.jpg (133.48 KB, 750x943, c1f16f2e40.jpg)

I've never worn a lolita dress in my life but I love gothic lolita so much. I don't want to buy dresses right now because I'm overweight, but I'd really like to own one someday. I'm afraid to because it can be so expensive though. also the community looks kind of terrible.

No. 209610

File: 1634339169692.jpg (28.24 KB, 400x533, 1e092c535a365da80d8323949dd4a2…)

I kinda been into lolita since I was 14 (I'm 28 now) but the thing is that I only wore (handmade) lolita when I was a teen and never again, but still followed it pretty closely by going to CGL, BTB, being up to date with the current trends, doing art of it, dressing my dolls in lolita, etc etc. It's so weird (but not in a bad way) how much has changed since my teen years. I don't call myself lolita since I don't use it, but since it's more accessible to me nowadays as a latamfag, I might actually try to dress in lolita again when I get a new job. I just need to lose my lockdown lard as well lol
I also bought some cute fabrics a few years back when I was planning on doing handmade lolita for me again, but I don't even remember why I didn't follow through with it. I still have the fabrics, but I bought it for me when I was way thinner, so once again, I need to become thinner again to start sewing. I also dream of doing something like this >>208359 and sew cute clothes for me and my doll to match. Especially printless classic lolita! Printless is so underrated. Mary Magdalene is one of my favorite brands.

If you fear the community, be a lonelita, anon. Using the clothes for yourself can be so rewarding, even if it's just for a quiet self care day at home. Lolita is more affordable than ever nowadays due to chinese brands (you gotta search for the right ones though, or at least manage your expectations for fabric and prints). Also as aforementioned, you can always learn to sew! A cute, ruffled square skirt is so so easy to sew, and paired with a nice blouse (that you can splurge a bit more since it'll be a staple in your wardrobe and you'll complement it with cheaper skirts/jsks) can go a long way.
Like, buy 2 nice blouses, one black and one white, same for socks and shoes, nice thrifted accessories and look for the dresses or skirts on taobao, second hand or make them. It can be a nice hobby learning how to sew!

No. 209611

RIP, same.

No. 209629

File: 1634355525273.jpg (76.23 KB, 460x691, tumblr_inline_ojvyisRqwM1u9hpd…)

I've never worn lolita myself but I've admired the fashion from afar for like a decade now. Now that I actually have money I want to get into ouji, I love the shorts, hats, and vests. It's such a dreamy fairytale prince look. I have a fairly androgynous body so I think I can pull it off without looking too much like a sad fakeboi. It does seem like the community is overrun with them nowadays.

No. 209637

File: 1634365369578.jpeg (42.39 KB, 343x500, uloKHQx4uP916Vq71wFCOYQrCA17nb…)

I really love lolita, been wearing it for almost a year now and no other fashion I've worn has ever made me happier. Never felt the need to join a comm or anything because they really do seem shit. My closet is like 90% Baby and Meta mature sweet but I need to get my hands on more old school

No. 209640

File: 1634366768017.jpg (71.02 KB, 500x749, 724e87ac2e01627e3677514807a688…)

What are you guys' favorite lolita style?

Mine is classic, especially Rococco inspired classic rather than Victorian. I love Victorian too, but the baroque exuberance is so nice to my eyes. Bonus points if it's in ivory or reds. You can hear hapsichords playing when you look at some of these coords lol
I loved a while back (I wanna say 2015 but I'm not sure) when OTT classic was in. It was a bit too much of course, but the coords were pretty fun and creative.

I guess my least favorite is OTT sweet, especially those from like 2011-2012, but I don't hate it nor find it embarrassing or anything, just wasn't my thing at all.

No. 210534

File: 1634925438490.jpg (697.04 KB, 750x1000, Magic Lesson of Professor Cat …)

I swear to God there was a Dear Celine reseller shop on AliExpress, but I can't find it at all. Maybe it has been deleted. I love their prints, but the resellers outside Ali even on ali mark it up too much.
Any cheap taobao shopping services recommendations? It's been such a long time since I used one, I don't even remember its name now.

No. 217696

File: 1639637574307.jpg (67.35 KB, 768x432, p021yspz.jpg)

This is super autistic, but I'd really love to see a coord inspired by the dress Elizabeth I wore in the "Armada Portrait." It's black and pale pink with pearl trim and bows as accents. Picrel is a historian wearing a replica (since the colors are harder to see in the painting because of its age.) If someone made the dress shorter and changed the sleeves, it could be a really nice gothic Lolita dress.

I like the idea of history-inspired lolita dresses in general. I think lolita and Rococo in particular have a lot in common aesthetically. The maximalism, the pastel colors, and intricate designs are all qualities they share.

No. 217733

File: 1639659882494.jpeg (197.17 KB, 370x500, CC629136-DF10-4B22-AD84-82840B…)

I very much more prefer Chinese brands compared to Japanese brands. Im tired of seeing the same prints and shapes. I know Japanese people are faggots and hate anything that’s not traditional but I really like how China has brought back older styles. Also much cheaper. Thanks cheap labor.

No. 217734

I think it looks cheap and like a costume.

No. 217736

It looks like a cake, I like it.

No. 217740

I bought a skirt from the thrift shop that is clearly some coord Lolita fit but I only have the skirt so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what to wear to with it. It’s white and fuzzy with pink ribbon trim little shorts inside that have lace trim with cupcakes and forks

No. 217757

Serious question, do you wear lolita anon? I love a lot of the stock photos Chinese brands put out but I've bought from them before and almost every time it turns out to be cheap garbage (not that Japanese brands are perfect either to be fair) and I sell it. Do you have any brands you personally recommend?

No. 217761

File: 1639673124111.jpg (617.49 KB, 722x1015, IMG_9676.jpg)

I agree anon, although that pink dress isn't really up my alley.

I think Chinese lolita brands get a bad rep because China, being an industrial superpower, is just producing SO MUCH stuff that lots of it is bound to be garbage. People consequently overlook the small handful of great Chinese indie brands and lolita influencers. I find that a lot of Chinese lolitas are more likely to try weird things out that Western lolitas wouldn't while still holding themselves to a high standard of effort/investment in creating a great coord.

No. 217786

File: 1639682067322.jpg (121.33 KB, 750x1000, 5-750x1000.jpg)


I do, I cycle around 3-4 coords at any moment since I focus more on cosplay than Lolita. They're both expensive hobbies.. If you don't mind the upcharge DevilInspired is a taobao reseller. Shipping is the worst but whaat isn'[t at the time.

Brands I Like
ElPress (My OG post was Elpress)
Long Ears Sharp Ears
Classical Puppets


Yes I agree anon! I find the way they are making longer silhouettes now. I've even seen some without wearing pettis,

Also some Chinese lolita is NOT cheap or bad quality. Pic rel is a classical puppets wedding release. Its sold for around ~2k in western market.

No. 217790

This dress is gorgeous. I'm tearing up!

No. 220402

File: 1640901023782.jpg (29.69 KB, 564x530, 2c0fc0793fc2b65cccf39009657a58…)

I'm annoyed that old school has become a trend
I became interested in lolita when I was 11-13 because a goth fashion magazine I read would sometimes include it but only bought my first few pieces last year
I hope I don't offend any other lolitas but I can't get over how hideous I find most new releases especially ott sweet
either that or there's just something 'off' or boring about them, I only became interested in the fashion through old school and tbh I was quite shocked when I did more research and saw how it all changed and now old school is highly sought after and expensive so I can't actually choose things that I like most of the time
I started altering normie and vintage clothes to make up for it since I'm not active in my comm so who cares as long as I like it

No. 226227

I was so disappointed with this rerelease. Them swapping out the velvet fabric ruined the sweet fuzzy charm of this dress.
>there's just something 'off' or boring about them
Most of the time is the fabric chance from cotton or even velvet to fucking polyester (plastic). Also there is less cute little details.
Not buying new AP anymore tbh.
>now old school is highly sought after and expensive
Dw, the trend will die out some day, just be patient. Also keep in mind that you can still find oldschool for dirt cheap if it doesn't fit the cliché vision of oldschool zoomers have. Just like how they stick to a very narrow version of what "y2k" fashion was, they do the same with oldschool. They chase after the black and white aesthetic, and completely left out printed dresses of this era. I'm thinking about these strawberry AP prints for instance.

>the community looks kind of terrible
Just avoir online comms and /cgl/, local comms tend to be fine in my experience. I never got into drama in the 2 different comms I've been in.
You can also be a lonelita.

No. 226241

Hey nonnies. I’m sort of new to jfashion. Do you guys know any websites like closetchild but in the US/China? A lot of the stuff on lacemarket & eBay are really expensive compared to closetchild. Right now I can’t use it so I’d appreciate the help.

No. 226314

File: 1643229636343.jpg (369.37 KB, 1363x1905, 1635920306973.jpg)

I don't think old school is that expensive outside of the stereotypical BTSSB blackxwhite stuff, like >>226227 said. I wish it was though, because I have a couple of early 2000s pieces I've been meaning to sell.

There have been a couple of attempts at duplicating closetchild in the US, but it hasn't worked because we don't have the density of lolitas required. Closetchild's model relies on people being willing to take a loss on selling their clothes in exchange for convenience.But in the west, you'd have to ship your clothes to the reseller anyways, so you might as well list things yourself. FWIW though, you can make offers on lacemarket. When I was starting my wardrobe I'd look for people selling multiple items and ask if they'd do a 20%-30% discount if I bought several things at once. It almost always worked as long as they weren't really hyped up pieces.

No. 226556

File: 1643240563824.jpg (384.69 KB, 430x645, 409162-12399-2015-07-06360153.…)

I love rococo style, Mary Magdalene's Fleur Antoinette is one of my dream dresses.

No. 226557

File: 1643240712960.jpg (202.18 KB, 763x1024, 15772212544_4cee19b667_b.jpg)

though I would probably get it in a lighter colorway, I think all of them look pretty cute

No. 226558

File: 1643241911348.jpg (82.35 KB, 372x560, 3540850_DSC_9261_副本.jpg)

AYRT and same! I love it so much. MM in general is so underrated.
I think this is my favorite colorway, although I agree with you that they are all lovely.

No. 226567

File: 1643243460349.jpg (265.44 KB, 500x753, tumblr_nqcneg6nmd1sd87t7o3_540…)

I love classical dresses in burgundy and navy, but I like sweet dresses in darker colors too. I also really like old school, but its hard for me to find a dress I like.

No. 226575

Ahh so cute with the bonnet! Mary magdalene is so tastefully tailored, ugh I can't take it. That color and the sax colorway are definitely tied as the prettiest, imo

No. 226811

how do I learn to pattern draft and sew lolita dresses and accessories?
I like designing dresses and drawing them but I don't know how to go about actually creating these dresses to my proportions
I've tried asking /cgl/ and they were really hostile plus using search engines mainly links me back to deleted livejournal or tumblr posts
any advice is helpful! like best fabric materials, where to order custom printed fabric, where to get cute lace, resources for pattern drafting and learning to sew etc

No. 226824

File: 1643334762899.jpg (431.91 KB, 744x1024, cover-744x1024.jpg)

For patterns, start here: https://misscarolbelle.wordpress.com/list-of-patterns/
I highly recommend Otome no Sewing.

Best fabrics: High quality cotton, velvet; fabrics that are not shiny or that don't look too costumey. For custom printed fabric, it depends from country to country.
Cute lace: Check your country's fabric and craft stores. There are some stuff on AliExpress if you know how to search well. Buy cotton lace, avoid polyester scratchy lace at all costs, it just look really cheap on the end result.
There's a lot of lolita tutorials on youtube, especially for skirts since they are the easiest. Begin by doing a rectangle skirt with ruffles and go up from that!

No. 226946

thanks nonnie that link with all the patterns is super helpful
maybe I'll get some cheap fabric and experiment with the simpler ones until I understand how to alter the sizing and stuff
yeah I was told avoid polyester anything, and I've heard taobao lace is good but I have no idea how to navigate taobao lol

No. 227498

OK this might be a completely retarded question but: Every time I wear lolita, my cat attacks my clothes. I think lace and ribbons and whatever the hell petticoats are made out of trigger some kind of primal instinct in her because she doesn't do this with any of my everyday clothes. How do I get her to stop???

No. 227719

RIP to your lolita, nonna. I had a cat who couldn't resist puffballs on my jfashion.

Have you tried any of the following? Spray bottle with water everytime the cat attacks the clothes, spraying cat repellant on your clothes (wouldn't risk my burando with this), cat nailcaps.

No. 227859

I really don't want to spray stuff on but I might have to at this point. I keep her nails trimmed very dull, but the real problem is that she bites it!

No. 265801

File: 1653330641701.jpg (61.96 KB, 459x884, tumblr_l44ehr2qOs1qbfkygo7_r1_…)

How do you wear your hair nonnies?
Personally I don't like wigs and haven't learned how to do ringlets yet so usually I just wear my hair down but I think it ruins a lot of coords, especially when I'm just casually in public.
Unpopular opinion I guess but I don't like coords with pigtails, 99% of the time it just looks ageplayish and retarded, unless it's styled very well and is clearly meant to be elegant. I'm considering getting a bunch of rose hair clips and wearing them for everyday coords, kind of 90s/00s inspired I guess.

No. 265859

if your goal is to create your own designs, rather than adjusting already made patterns, learn basic patternmaking techniques such as creating slopers off of your measurements and developing patterns for your designs with dart manipulation and slash and spread
you can start with paper and then use cheap fabric like muslin to test your patterns

No. 265989

If you don't want to fuss with hair a lot in addition to your outfit then you could just sleep with it in foam or pillow rollers the night before for some nice curls, I think this ends up looking really nice with classic if you just add a few simple hair accessories and there's no need to do complicated styling with it

No. 268898

I refuse to use cgl anymore, opinions on bodyline rocking horse shoes? I really want a pair.

No. 268908

they're fine, personally i found the foam heel kind of ugly though so I'm going to replace mine with some Baby RHS lookalikes with real wooden soles instead. They're super comfy to walk in though! Also the straps don't stay up on your legs at all so you'll be wearing them with the straps wrapped around your ankles 90% of the time lol

No. 269048

Every time I try to go back to /cgl/ for a browse around I'm reminded of how much more dogshit it is now

No. 269739

>go on /cgl/
>coomposting, moid posting and other shit.
How the fuck does anyone use that shite?

No. 273206

File: 1656834517572.jpg (121.9 KB, 540x540, tumblr_plea2cUtqR1rflht5_540.j…)

I need to sperg about this, sorry. It annoys me so much when newfags and sweetfags (no offence to sweetfags) call any coord in black and white gothic. Picrel somebody posted this on tumblr and captioned it with "gothic" kek. Obviously, not a thing about this is gothic, it's just sweet with ott elements but in black and white, but still very much sweet. Anyway, not attacking this girl, her photo probably got reposted anyway.

No. 273238

It's a shame that so many sweetfags act like everything HAS to be pastel candy vomit to be sweet, sweet cuts like this look better in darker colors anyway imo. Picrel is cute, especially the collar details.

No. 273629

File: 1657040882011.jpg (211.28 KB, 1024x723, 20220705_120452.jpg)

I know /cgl/ has been a cesspool for a while but it's particularly bad right now, I hope this thread gets some use.
Anyways I love the print of this release but not particularly a fan of the bodice buckle details… Would be an instabuy in the emerald colorway for me if it came in a skirt cut (and I might just buy it anyways kek)

No. 273640

Damn, this is insanely cute. Right up my alley. Any witchy cat print is automatically cute.

No. 274643

File: 1657545585071.jpg (14.06 KB, 275x262, brit.jpg)

I'm so stupid.
I bought an old rare dress for much more than I have ever spent on lolita before (I'm a poorfag) and now that it's here… I can't zip it. My ribs are too wide, it's literally just my ribs because I'm thin and my boobs are small. I've worn old Baby and IW dresses before so I didn't think the difference would be so huge with VM. I really wanted it and I won't be able to resell it for the same price. I guess I'll have it altered at the back, behind corset lacing so it's hidden.
This is lowkey making me feel like a whale though

No. 274711

do u mind me asking which dress? or specifically the material? VM and MM can be pretty restrictive, but if you wear oldschool IW, im a little surprised.

No. 274727

File: 1657573115491.png (69.6 KB, 317x257, ef15bd89-85be-5df0-9fb2-d70b0e…)

Not at all, it's made of twill. There's a velveteen version that came out a year prior (2001) and apparently it has shirring while this one does not. It's just a bit but it's too small on my ribs but quite lose on my waist. I guess it's because of my height (this one is supposed to have a dropped waist)

No. 274961

Agreed. The pastel vomit sweet looks are hideous. Bring back more cute, simple details like this. I wish brands would do more skirts in general too though.

No. 274965

Question for the community: Where did it go wrong and what can we do to gatekeep troons and fetishists?

I block them on social media and ignore them irl. They're banned from the comms I run. But what else can I do on an individual level? What can we do as a community?

No. 274966

We need to be open about our disdain for them. They need to know that they aren't welcome and we'll make things hard for them.

No. 274969

But specifically how to do that?

No. 274997

File: 1657703143180.jpg (57.64 KB, 486x720, 0479a978e8ffd05e1514221f28fba8…)

A sister comm of mine had actual weeb lolicons attending their meets. Like he openly posted about it on social media, didn't even wear a coord and said he wasn't going to. I have no fucking idea WHY he was allowed and I'm glad it wasn't my comm because I would have gone berserk. Although my comm is stll filled with troons and turbo clolita weebs shitting on every coord that isn't taobao shit kek
This is making me want to become a lonelita, I pretty much only stay for sales and even then it's never stuff I'm interested in, since all they ever sell is Magic Tea Party shit and the rare burando is always ott sweet which I don't wear.
I hate their obsession with social media too, it's like every other lolita is severely attention starved and only cares about impressing other lolitas, I hate it

No. 275074

This. I recommend reaching out to people via friend finder threads and join your biggest local comm and check their member list for well-dressed, normal people. I'm done with non-vetted groups. Fetishists and troons are the worst but if I have the choice I also don't want to associate with clolitas. I hope you find friends nonny.

No. 275263

Thanks, nona! I'm wary of friend finder threads though as they're infested with moids. Regarding troons and fetishists it fucking sucks how we have to censor ourselves even in female centric spaces and how much they're getting invaded by scrotes. I can't get myself to enjoy meets because I'm constantly walking on eggshells as to not call a they/them a she out of habit. I hope we can at least have a space to discuss this though this thread is not very active.

No. 275296

Wow you have infinite patience! I refuse to use their special little pronouns. I didn't realize the farms had a gen lolita thread so I hope we can get word out and bring more people here to discuss how to rid our community of the trannies for good. I prefer the farms to cgl for probably the same reason as you, sick of the crossboarders and moids.

No. 275387

i kinda like this idea, some kind of secret society flagship sign kek

those three colors could be hard to coord, especially across styles. maybe an accessory?

No. 275389

We need to start applying for mod positions in our local comms. if we’re the first to see the requests, then we’re safe.

Current mods have allowed non-lolita wearers and worse to come through.

No. 275399

File: 1657896428981.jpeg (36.36 KB, 266x400, 1ACB4058-D77D-4C74-9BBC-962643…)


i feel like we even have a potential discord server right here? would anyone be interested? I usually don’t use discord, so if anyone prefers a different platform i’m down

plz, we need a secret sisterhood

No. 275468

I'm down if you are. Don't if we need a server per se, we can start with a group chat and see how much interest there is first. Email me if interested to exchange tags.

Also down for a secret accessory! What could it be that no one else would use accidently though?

I like this idea, nice slow burn.

No. 275490

A discord server would be nice but I'm paranoid that eventually it'd end up in someone getting outed as a meanie terf uwu to their comm unless we would never show our coords/dresses, Ik some cows from my comm lurk here

No. 276089

at some point you have to take the risk nonnie.

No. 276170

the accesory could be a flower/plant which is commonly purple white and green. the accesory itself could be any color to match the coord. I was thinking of pansee, but maybe with a specific bow shape holding them to be sure it's volontary.

No. 276583

this is a cute idea but wdym bow shape?

No. 276869

I think it's easier to blend in a coord and its more common if it's a small bouquet of flowers. it could also be a mixed bouquet with a plant for each color.

No. 276887

No. 276901

Are you sure outing yourself, the blog owner, as a farmer is smart? kek

No. 276913

That’s the point of the blog: for farmers to. It’s connected to nothing

No. 276970

Stop tagging unrelated posts to advertise your stupid secrets blog, we don't give a shit.

No. 277038

Kek the 'secret symbol' is going to be discovered to be a terf symbol the moment it spreads to /cgl/. Probably sooner since gendie lolitas lurk here as well. Not gonna discourage you nonnies but I would be careful with this (also the colours are ugly sorry)

No. 277105

learn to sage

the colors aren't too gr8 ngl. also i think if any kind of symbol were to be used, then it should be some ubiquitous

No. 277181

Hey, sorry to crosspost but the lolita thread on /cgl/ seems too far gone, so I'm going to post some info here:


20, M, California
>Do you wear Lolita, EGA or both?
I don't wear anything currently because I am just getting into it (reccomendations would be nice), but I enjoy both Lolita and EGA.
>Fav substyles
Steampunk, classic, and maybe gothic.
>Other hobbies, interests, fashion styles?
Hobbies include strength training & competitions, working on cars/driving, computering, baking, knitting, and internet shit.
>How long have you been dressing in the fashion
Haven't started, but looking for specific resources.
>Not looking for?
Annoying people. People using this as a dating platform. People who don't know how to keep personal stuff to themselves.
>contact info
cosmail@nigge.rs (encryption available)
>anything else we should know
I have a HUGE disdain for patterns, which I call "wallpaper dresses". I'm looking for anything that coordinates around brown, gold, and dark green. I'm also looking for pieces that center around mens' styling, since I don't want to be the dude in a dress. If you speak like a child, I will tend to not like you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 277201

do you know where you are right now? are you lost? and learn to integrate while you're at it, sage goes in the email field

No. 277203

File: 1658527083844.jpg (42.11 KB, 658x640, baito.jpg)

Ignore and report, nona

No. 277205

lol if that guy is genuine he sounds like a real prick. I don't think any lolita with a working brain would ever bother contacting him

No. 277213

File: 1658528947627.jpg (222.42 KB, 762x594, 20160606111509-56085b62-me.jpg)

>his e-mail address
Idk about genuine but yeah kek picrel for cleansing

No. 277303

Nta but you don't actually have to sage on non-cow boards.

No. 277967

does anyone have photos they can share of handmade gothic dresses and accessories? specifically well-made too since all the handmade gothic dresses I've seen people post photos of have looked pretty ita unfortunately

No. 279799

File: 1659736551535.jpg (128.59 KB, 1242x687, 157749581_427087845224945_8911…)

I love lolita so much it's unreal
Praying AP does more cotton MTOs because I am tired of the ugly poly stuff

No. 279832

File: 1659755631089.jpeg (180.63 KB, 900x1200, 6C199066-F49D-493B-B4F4-203EC4…)

I admit I am kind of a noob when it comes to Lolita style and I have never really liked the cutesy pastel giant baby style Sweet Lolita (even though I admit many of the dresses and items individually are very very cute, it kind of gives me a migraine to see all that thrown together)

I think the more elegant classical Lolita where they wear heels and try to look more mature and ladylike is absolutely gorgeous. I think this style also suits gaijin Lolitas way more than the typical Japanese big baby style with too many frills and layers. It’s much more flattering and doesn’t look so frumpy either.

Some of the styling in these older J&J shoots where they mostly use European models is gorgeous and suits them so well. They look like Victorian dolls.

No. 279833

File: 1659756611394.jpeg (133.44 KB, 610x960, 91032F1C-3B99-4654-9165-FF2897…)

No. 279834

File: 1659756728915.jpeg (150.02 KB, 900x1200, 22D4FE12-07EF-428A-9326-7EC4F7…)

No. 280164

Coming over from /w/ - I'm sick of how shitty /cgl/ has become the past few years, but love the bbs anonymous style of posting. Hopefully we can have a comfy group to just talk about lolita.

Even the cotton MTOs have been pretty hit or miss. Nakayoshi Bunny is pretty off. I was pretty disappointed after I finally got it after almost a year of waiting…

No. 280204

i am also here. i didn't get nb and i'm glad i didn't. i didn't like that it was cotton instead of velveteen. it lost the feel of being a winter print.

No. 280268

I didn't mind the fabric change (I don't really trust modern AP to be able to come out with velvet anything), but the applique being shitty little patches? The enormous balls? The sad limp bows? I regret buying it.

No. 280516

that's true, sad to hear it's shit though, but glad i passed it up atleast. any of their autumn collection catching your eye? i want to like the halloween one. but something about the design is off to me.

No. 280550

Nah. Looks like just Dream Doll for me this season. Everything else is either made with bad materials or badly designed.

No. 280636

God this one is beautiful. You're right, this style suits Westerners so much more.

No. 280642

I'm sorry but this seems nonsensical. No one suits a style more before of their race, and "Western" includes so many races with different facial features. Thinking only Asians look good in sweet just reeks of yellow fever.

No. 280647

calm down, a lot of non asians have mature features that japanese don't. it's a fact.

No. 280651

File: 1659991738389.png (2.32 MB, 1200x1600, dustywardrobe.png)

stole this from cgl, but i love classic lolita in dusty tones.

No. 280657

this is getting even dumber. what "mature features" are you even talking about? this yellow fever just reeks of a newfag who spends too much time browsing the ita thread instead of actually following good Western lolitas on social media

No. 280684

refuse to buy any main pieces on lm anymore. bought a dress from a swede(gross) and it had superglue all over the waist ties. No mention of it in the description. why are so many western lolitas dirty and mess up their brand? any good shopping services for xianyu?

No. 280693

can you idiots go back to cgl?

No. 280707

Like xianyu's any better. In fact I would say it's worse because at least you have PayPal protection when dealing with western sellers. You're fucked if anything is wrong on xianyu. Sellers are out to screw you over, it's not a great platform for buyers especially us foreign ones.

No. 280729

>implying asians don't have more neotenous features than other races

No. 280896

>doesn't like lm because of one bad experience
>wants to try xianyu instead
Absolute giga kek, enjoy your undisclosed stains, replicas, missing items and scamming.

No. 280965

after decades of being an APfag i might switch to baby…

No. 281104

Smart move. Baby is the GOAT

No. 281123

i actually have two pieces from them from years back and like them pretty well. i just like the style of AP sweet better but this new stuff ain't it. baby's sweet is just different, but it's still very cutesy. the new kumya fall print is really nice though i have to admit. any sweet pieces you'd recommend?

No. 281125

just adding, i have sugar rose cake and some parfait print by them(not sure the name) at the moment.

No. 281129

Is this a joke? Japanese people have small eyes, jacked up teeth, and often crooked noses. Even black people look more neotenous than them.(racebait)

No. 281199

Congratulations anon, I have nothing against AP but Baby is just better

No. 281215

Oh thank goodness, people are using this thread again. Going on CGL just raises my blood pressure, and that's only taking into account having to constantly hide/scroll past the bottom of the barrel shit cosplay threads.

I am another Baby lover encouraging you to appreciate Baby more lolol. Baby's flavor of sweet definitely still adheres more to a sort of fairy-tale feeling most of the time, especially their older stuff, a lot of their artwork I love because the style reminds me of watercolor paintings.

No. 281252

Nta but crooked teeth in Japan are considered youthful. There was once a trend where women there got surgery to make them purposely look that way.

No. 281261

thanks, baby's sweet prints are really growing on me. i am gonna look on fril/rakuma/ for some good deals.

No. 281263

File: 1660284556591.jpeg (61.92 KB, 480x640, 799e1325-0192-540e-9833-d4f45a…)

just looking at fril and i see a lot of things i like. especially pic related. it looks like an older print but i'm really fond of the border style that's more of an all over print. (don't know if there's a name for this kind of horizontally repeating print with no border) but looking through these are really reigniting my passion! and they're less than 20000 yen! feels like a dream!

No. 281965

Haven't gone to an event or even an IRL meetup in forever. Any events coming up that you girls want to go to? What's your idea of a perfect meetup?

No. 283297

It just came randomly into my mind, but does anyone remember that one japanese, continuously banned scrote on cgl who was obsessed with a japanese idol/actor who modeled for baby once and claimed she was a yakuza and shit? kek, the board was so clean compared to now.. Now you wouldn't even notice him between all the other moid garbage threads.

No. 283507

anyone have cute lolita related or loliable diy projects? or pics as examples of ideas?
things like knitted boleros, burando print cross stitch for room deco, little sewing or accessory making stuff and the like

No. 283531

Check lolita blogs or the old LJ community for OnS patterns.

No. 283596

File: 1661473932917.jpeg (11.25 KB, 240x241, OE3fdrHaB09r2CI2EnXIiEBVqPgJan…)

I love the items with little knit strawberries on them so I decided to crochet some strawberries and I attached them to wristcuffs, socks, and an old cardigan. It wasn't too difficult even as a novice in crochet!

No. 283665

I have a link to a bunch of ons scans but they're in japanese and I'm not good at working with patterns without instructions
cute, these would look good with lots of sweet coords

No. 283774

Can you drop your link nonnie? I've never been able to find working links to scans

No. 283805

No. 283806

also the vk one has a bunch of other non-ons stuff mixed in so you'll have to dig through all the photos

No. 283838

ah nonnie, this vk link makes me miss lurking around jsf lolita community in russia. i always used all of the amazing photoshoots as a reference for my artworks, and despite all of the drama it was fun to read people's blogs. it sucks how over the past years they started allowing trannies, seeing them on group pictures is disgusting, and the way they cling onto women to a point it makes them uncomfortable is something else…

No. 285541

File: 1662399908600.jpg (86.28 KB, 720x960, bef69f1b20bd942a78d06c59d059e6…)

I'm in the process of restyling my room and I would like to dedicate more space to my dresses. Right now I just have a plastic tub and a metal clothing rack. How do you all store your dresses/shoes/accesories? Does your storage match your style/s?
I'm in need of some idea

No. 285652

File: 1662438832232.jpg (65.18 KB, 540x736, 3b1488b81c5725d5d6a6635713bde6…)

tbh I just store it with my normie stuff since I only have 20 dresses anyway and I don't own much normies clothes. I've seen that most lolitas seem to have wardrobes or racks exclusively for their lolita items. It really depends on how much space you have and what kind of aesthetic you are going for.

No. 285653

File: 1662438990670.jpg (18.44 KB, 236x314, d9fe450841c88861b0fd1947f4d9a8…)

Same fag, but I mainly wear gothic and my bedroom does not fit the aesthetic at all. My lolita stuff is largely hidden away and I keep all my accessories in two shoe boxes. One day when I move out I want to be able to display my bags because they look pretty nice.

No. 285966

bought AP's happy garden op recently and it came stained (the seller didn't told me beforehand). Any stain removal tips? I have used like three methods already and none have worked

Istg some of these bitches be having food fights in these dresses, I'm pissed

No. 286009

File: 1662555105623.png (27.5 KB, 1000x1000, B-00_f885fe3d-227a-420d-a57f-5…)

have you tried borax laundry soap like picrel?

No. 286044

File: 1662562509144.jpg (37.01 KB, 402x536, 6d8aad56a917e34330be2a6d2bb2c7…)

Where can I find old 2ch lolita thread translations? I read some ages ago and can't find them again

No. 288536

File: 1663323247350.jpg (75.12 KB, 570x564, mn.jpg)

Nonas, how do you dress when you're not in lolita? Are any of you lifestylers? I wear gothic and old school and my regular clothes were always pretty similar in style, I used to dress like a tradgoth when I was a teen and really into darkwave. I went through some realizations and reflected on a lot of things and now more often than not dress in baggy, masculine clothes and tbh I really like the contrast and how surprised people are when they see me wearing lolita/fred durst looking shit for the first time

No. 288584

When I am not dressed up in a Lolita coordinate I am wearing some sort of mall goth/cute punk style. Hysteric Glamour, ETC, Milk, and Putumayo are all cycling my daily wear… but Metamorphose and Moitie are the brands I am more delicate with.

No. 288613

You’re transgender

No. 288646

Funny because my reflection was that I should embrace dressing gnc more often and not focus on performing feminity so much, keep dilating though

No. 298170

File: 1667818978505.jpeg (288.05 KB, 960x1792, 8927AD6E-BF95-4B5D-B329-205F68…)

anons I need your opinions on whether this dress is salvageable or not - I really like the frog print and the green color but something about it to me looks a bit ita, do you think if I removed the weird chiffon frill on the bottom and middle it'll look decent? not my pic btw sorry it looks a bit wonky
there's also a pinafore skirt cut with the same print that doesn't have the chiffon so maybe I should get that instead? I just really want something with this frog print on it kek

No. 298186

Is this a JSK or an OP? If it's an OP then the biggest offenders are the sleeves imo.

No. 298227

it's a jsk, the sleeves are from a separate blouse the girl is wearing

No. 300644

File: 1669169304460.jpg (390 KB, 1447x2048, FiJW-gkagAAnY9R.jpg)

Is there any gothic lolitas here just disappointed by the blouses available lately? I won't sat lately, this issue has been going on for years. I really like the old moitie blouses but their current blouses are so boring. It's just the same chiffon over and over again. It seems like sheglit are the only brand who make good blouses since innocent worlds blouses are always sold out and i find atelier pierrots blouses to be too bulky looking. Don't even get me started on taobao. All the best stuff there is for sweet fags. Also thoughts on this release. I bought it but i am hesitant i made the right decision after the cross jsk that released not so long ago got bashed.

No. 300692

God I wish I could afford that jsk, it's so simple but in a good way. Also, I agree with you anon. I buy all my burando second hand (third world country fag) and nothing beats the old releases. I'm not a fan of chiffon and I think it makes the coords too matronly sometimes, it's chiffon so it makes no sense but it just does in my mind. Personally I like old meta blouses with raschel lace (only in all black though) and Innocent World as you said. Victorian Maiden has nice ones too.

No. 302193

asking here since /cgl/ is so dead and not helpful these days, can I make my own otks and utks by sewing lace on top of normie socks? I don't want to shell out for brand ones then have to pay a ridiculous amount in shipping if I can diy. would any solid color pair of knee high and thigh high socks with lace on top look good or is there certain ones I should use?

No. 302196

Why do you fatty-chan gaijin itas always reveal yourselves as racist jealous pieces of shit lol

No. 302197

Does anyone know how Lolita is perceived in Japan? I know it’s one of the longest standing styles but I heard it’s dwindling quite a lot even though they have popular and trendy models like Risa modelling and promoting it. I just wonder how lolita girls are perceived or stereotyped nowadays in Japan and if it would attract unwanted or negative attention.

No. 302270

Absolutely! It's one of the oldest, easiest lolita diy projects. Use whatever socks you like that suit your style(s) of choice. There's lots of different tutorials out there from YouTube to old blogs.

No. 302335

I was wanting to make ones to go with my btssb dessert op but I was afraid of looking ita kek. thanks anon, I'll try making a pair

No. 302354

You will never be japanese.

No. 303980

File: 1671014098723.jpg (116.3 KB, 564x757, 2eeda2d20ed8483a0be6289abd9055…)

I got a pixie cut recently. Do you have any inspo pictures of lolitas with short hair, nonnies?

No. 304023

Holy shit the second hand market is atrocious at the moment, both in price and quantity. I'm so glad I pretty much reached my dream wardrobe in '17.

No. 304207

It's been awful for years imo, but thank god i do not have any wishlist items and I am not really in the market for anything new in general.

No. 305957

What are some lolita related activities you like to do? My friend and I really dislike our local comm and feel uncomfortable during meets so we decided to become lonelitas and spend our time together. I'm planning a picnic for us in Spring and thought about doing things such as:
>mini tea party
It's not much but it's something. I'd appreciate suggestions for activities to do on my own as well. I'm working on a handmade headdress and clothes for porcelain dolls. Journaling seems like it would match the lolita feel too.

No. 306398

File: 1672892730141.jpg (36.73 KB, 216x400, egl.jpg)

I know I'm replying late but there currently is a thread up on /cgl/ called "Short hair lolita inspiration" which might have something you can use as inspo. I would link it but I'm not sure if that's against the rules

No. 306410

I always thought it would be cute to make a scrapbook documenting your favourite co-ords. I know i want to do that.

No. 311116

God the absolute fucking state of cgl.

No. 312678

File: 1676320527250.jpeg (69.01 KB, 407x386, 7A520916-D3E4-4400-9F0F-59A74B…)

Any anon knows if people still wear himekaji? I wish there was more if a community out there as for Lolita. Any nonas interested in a himekaji thread perhaps?

No. 312695

I don't think it's popular enough to warrant a new thread.

No. 312700

I love the style but stopped wearing it since most companies are shifting away to jiraikei. I think it's, unfortunately out of style for a long time.

No. 312709

I love the style too but it's very dead. The western J-fashion scene is majority just lolita & tiktok "gyaru", I don't think we'll see niche/super specific styles for a long time

No. 312745

File: 1676361996158.jpeg (35.49 KB, 263x479, B7CCDF8D-7ABC-45E7-A43F-5C6452…)

i hate jirai kei. jpsisters have the right idea calling it ryousangata. it's been nearly a decade and its reign of terror still isn't ending and only getting more and more popular. i'm sick of it.

No. 312748

I tucking hate jirai kei so much and the washed out grey-lilac x black everything ughhhh i want the og himekaji and romagyaru to come back.
I do wear my liz lisa stuff still and id call it himekaji i guess. There are really only a few girls i see wearing it these days.

No. 312750

NTA but I actually sort of like how jirai kei looks because of its resemblance to himekaji but yeah it's completely justified to call it ryousangata. It's the unimaginative basic bitch mode of all jfash and a red flag for a BPD-chan.

No. 313498

File: 1676852924686.jpg (22.14 KB, 246x330, hA6bGGSWy7yALn6xOEcZSjiHBUyI3p…)

>handwashing my new (secondhand) jsk in cold water
>water is brownish when i lift dress out to rinse
The dress is brown, so I have no idea if it was because of the dye, or it really was that in need of a wash. either way I'm really glad I did it, and it looks fine on close inspection.

also, chiming into the jirai conversation a week late, I hate it mostly because of the really weird culture that has grown around it, and the murky muted colors that have become inescapable nowadays aren't my taste. I also miss himekaji, though I'm kind of accepting that it's dead in its original form.

No. 313562

I am glad your dress came out fine! Washing dresses always gives me a heart attack too.

I am not a fan of jirai kei either, tbh, lolita is the only j-fashion that i actually like.

No. 313643

I've had water turn disgusting colours after washing old dresses so it's probably just that, although a friend told me the brown parts of her OG Honey Cake ran. I reckon your IW was just filthy because that looks more like a commercial fabric than a custom print.
I've got much more fearless about laundry over the years. I used to handwash everything but now I stick Sugar Bouquet (a known bleeder) in the machine with a fuckton of colour catchers and it came out fine.

No. 313944

File: 1677102288511.jpg (95.64 KB, 720x720, m15768431450_1.jpg)

Lately I've really fallen in love with "old school" sweet, but lately I don't know if I've seen many old school styled lolitas that aren't into more gothic styles/darker color schemes. I always thought contemporary sweet lolita doesn't really suit me, but I don't know what took me so long to realize that I really like the lower-key cuteness of older sweet brand pieces, especially pre-2010s Baby and AP. I took the plunge and bought this Sweet Fruit a la Mode skirt in sax, I'm really looking forward to coording it. low key sweetchans pls tell me about your low key sweet wardobes

No. 313949

BTSSB sweet>AP sweet. I have this print too, although as a JSK. When I started in lolita I was drawn in by classic but eventually started getting more sweet under the influence of friends. I gradually found super bright pastels weren't really me so I have a largely BTSSB wardrobe with some nu-AP pieces, mostly Imai Kira stuff. I guess you don't see as many people wearing this kind of sweet because it isn't as loud and attention-grabbing. It's much easier to wear lolita daily when you can coord with more neutral colours.

No. 313958

File: 1677109546755.jpg (75.27 KB, 564x752, 95e7349e6259f03227d57ab1e67020…)

This is very cute! I agree with your sentiment too. I find myself gravitating towards less extravagant pieces too, granted that i have very minimalistic sensibilities when it comes to fashions in general, although i do not wear sweet bar my one sweet dress that is quite a lot and i do see myself selling it one day. Pieces like what you have are simple, but you can get tons more wear out of it unlike something like sugary carnival. I feel like when i spend time in spaces like ruffle chat, tons of the newbs do not treat lolita fashion likes clothes and want to be 1000% all the time to be the most edgiest and I find it tacky and tasteless.

No. 313961

the girl in the suit with a vampire hairdo…. I'm frothing at the mouth. I wish I could pull that off

No. 313964

File: 1677112312318.jpeg (65.47 KB, 500x600, 01208c2b-11e3-5a2b-b108-9d6999…)

Look for BTSSB or some of the 2016-2018 AP sweet for adventurous days. This may out me a bit but I modified an AP OP with a cheap JSK and made this OP fall at my natural waist, and it's pretty understated by my standards. If you like jacquard Whip Jacquard is way nicer in person than in stock photos.
Meta's also made some very nice florals over the years and their quality on cotton pieces has remained top notch.

No. 314022

I'm somewhat new to lolita and feel like I missed out on so much… been digging through the /cgl/ archives and old livejournals and tumblr blogs to try to get a feel for what it was like before the obnoxious ita tiktok/twitter zoomers invaded. is there anyone who was around in the early 2000s to early 2010s who wants to reminisce so I can live vicariously through you? do you think things were way better back then in terms of the fashion and overall community, and what do you miss most? any fond memories?

No. 314030

AYRT, I'm also very into classic, but mostly Innocent World's flavor of sweet-classic. It took me a while to realize I'm practically a sweet lolita with extra steps lol.

I have some lolita friends who somehow manage to wear their OTT sweet coords just on a regular day, but I've never even been able to imagine pulling that off lol, it takes some guts. I'm definitely a lot more minimal with my coording. I agree that some newbies seem to assume that every day has to be all-out coords all the time, which doesn't actually seem to be the case for anyone.

No. 314259

It was so much more fun than it is now. Lolita has always been expensive, but back then it was a challenge to even buy the clothes. Replicas were a real problem, so much so that AP (pretty sure it was them) had to ask EGL to stop posting them. There were endless cotton vs polyester debates, discussions of whether Bodyline was worth it since you could get multiple Bodyline pieces for the price of one brand item but Bodyline quality was infamously shit. Milanoo was a massive problem, it was basically Aliexpress but worse. https://ohnomilanoo.tumblr.com/ documented some of their atrocities if you want to go through it, they also sold cosplays and there was a lot of drama over lolita being seen as a cosplay instead of a fashion, plus a bunch of newbies bought from them and posted their awful coords everywhere. There were lolita guides that were created to help combat this. The Gothic Lolita Bible had patterns for clothes, headwear, and other accessories, as well as some recipes and other random things, it was great. There were many attempts at handmade lolita which varied greatly in quality, but making your own accessories and clothes was popular, there were tutorials for everything from making straw boaters to sewing a bow to repairing shoes. Daily Lolita was a goldmine, people posted themselves wearing a crumpled JSK with no blouse or petticoat or socks, holding their skirt up by the hem, convinced their Milanoo was better than any Japanese brand. The nitpicking was insane. I think the EGL and Daily Lolita livejournals are still up, if you want to go through them. Behind the Bows was so fun but IIRC it kept getting nuked. CGL was better then, less tranny pandering and more bitchy nitpicking.

No. 314515

thanks for the thorough reply anon. honestly I would prefer replicas over the current aliexpress/taobao junk itas now wear, and handmade clothes/accessories being popular seems nice as long as it was well done. now most of those old tutorials have been deleted and no good new ones take their place. plus noobs not following guides either, at least back then there were updated guides and glb to try and help the newbie itas out. sounds like there was also less politicization too overall while now with troons and handmaidens infesting every lolita space it is impossible to avoid.

No. 314803

I really miss the emphasis on DIY. Of course people still do it, but it’s a much smaller percentage of the overall community. Even if much of it was god awful, it somehow felt very… cozy? wholesome? for all these weird girls to be teaching themselves a new skill just to try and emulate a very niche subculture from the other side of the world, squinting at grainy GLB scans all the while. Making your own sock toppers was like a rite of passage. Actual lolita pieces were so scarce that people who couldn’t sew were desperate enough to commission the likes of talia_speaks for badly made headdresses. Remember that drama? I hardly remember what it was about, just that it was scandalous at the time.
There are more resources available now than ever before but it feels like people keep making the same mistakes. Everyone I know who actually knew what they were doing either stopped posting or moved away from lolita.

No. 315274

It's both a bit of color loss and dirt. It inevitable with darker older dresses, but don't worry about it.

No. 315301

File: 1677968337525.jpeg (51.34 KB, 480x640, d1740e26-a7a9-56ac-b8e4-e69bd7…)

ngl I take a gross satisfaction out of washing filthy secondhand. Getting a jsk that's possibly gone over a decade without cleaning and finally getting the grime off feels nice
kind of a late reply but this I love this era of Baby too! I love how sweet from that era was very simple yet cute and it's one of the easiest styles to build a wardrobe in imo. I like that there's less focus on fullsets of matching jsk, kc and otks like with modern AP and you can get away with a white blouse or solid colored socks easier. Picrel is probably my most worn JSK, it's so versatile and easy to dress up or down with all the detachable pieces. And the print is subtle enough that I wear it blouseless as a normie sundress

No. 315304

File: 1677969137877.jpg (238.3 KB, 800x935, 11014007.jpg)

I'm in the market for new blouses, or dickys even. any recommendations for some, especially if purchased with the last year and recommend (cuz quality can change a lot)? colors do not necessarily matter, i can dye if i need to, but if they come in sax, lavender, red, white, mauve, or taupe colors that's a perk. short and long sleeves. don't need to be brand.

No. 316214

File: 1678441559611.jpg (50.28 KB, 564x775, f81e894e1a218e459e60ad51aafde4…)

Not a sweetfag myself but I share your sentiment. I've always really liked this kind of sweet as opposed to ott AP coords. And I feel the same way about classic. I love the minimalist look that old school Victorian Maiden used to do. There's something slightly high fashion about it to me. I really like weird pieces that don't always fit a petticoat, they add variety and feel like an actual wardrobe to me. Obviously, not everyone is into that and it's fine less competition on the second hand market kek but I've already had some newbie taobao itas try to give me concrit and tell me that I'm not even wearing lolita.

No. 319945

File: 1680555928342.gif (449.64 KB, 300x300, 160.gif)

>be dark classic appreciator
>put together new coord with favorite main piece
>carefully balance all of the textures, matching lace across pieces, etc etc
>Take photo
>This is going to be so elegant gothic lolita vampire aristocrat romance
>it's just black blob

This is so vague nona. Baby IW and Sheglit make the best quality blouses imo though.

No. 319956

I have bad luck when it comes to washing second hand lolita clothing. Last time I handwashed a precious second hand baby pink blouse, the color immediately ran and turned a streaky purple and white, ruining it forever. And it was touched with synthetic lace so I couldn’t dye it again. Same thing happened when I tried to wash a jumper skirt, the dye ran and the pattern started blurring and fading, plus there were some lamé parts that immediately flaked off. I love Japanese clothes so much but I find they are horribly fragile and easy to ruin.

No. 319958

I hate jirakei too.

No. 319959

I’m so glad in my home country that our national dress is similar to this in terms of silhouette and structure and it’s not unusual to see women wearing poofy dresses like this, even in the more modern parts of the city.

When I visited other countries and wore Lolita everybody stared at me like I was from Mars because they were all dressed in basic t shirts and jeans or shorts, I don’t think I even saw any women wearing dresses the whole time.

No. 319999

too strong of a detergent possibly. use of color catchers helps too

No. 320060

I actually just used water :/(:/)

No. 320927

File: 1681115000091.webm (1.73 MB, 1080x1920, 316919360_230337026239385_7818…)

No. 321005

I feel like I've already seen this a million times

No. 321542

nonnies yesterday I remembered how much I love wearing lolita. I have a super small collection of items because i'm picky and don't browse online often, so sometimes lolita falls to the wayside for me in terms of paying attention to it. it was a super warm day but i wanted to look cute, so i put on a coord anyway and I'm really glad I did. building my wardrobe at a slow pace was a good idea because now I just have pieces I know for sure I love.
How quickly did you build your wardrobe after you decided to wear lolita? Do you think one is better than the other/works personally better for you? I'm really curious about the pace other lolitanonnas in collecting and how you think that affects how you approach the fashion

No. 321593

I got into jfashion in the late 2000s and I've been friends with lolitas a long time but never got into the style myself. In 2018 I decided to finally get into the style myself and I guess it was easier for me since I was familiar with the style already and I kinda knew what the goals for my wardrobe were going in.
I decided on classic since I can wear it basically everywhere I go. I only have about 15 main pieces so far and that's fine for me because I don't wear anything outside of scrubs more than a couple times a week so I feel like I can't justify having too many main pieces since I won't wear them very often. I just focus more on having different blouses and accessories so I can change up my look and maximize how often I wear my main pieces.

No. 322240

I had also been an admirer of lolita for years before wearing it, but it was because I was a kid without money. I bought my first dress in July 2022 and today I have 4 dresses and 2 blouses. But I'm also very picky, I only buy pre 2008 IW and VM. My friend who got into the fashion around the same time has about 20 taobao dresses. I always say I only want to spend my money on quality pieces I know I'll want to keep, while she says she wanted to build a wardrobe quick and inexpensively and work her way towards figuring out her style.

No. 327659

File: 1683902924256.png (1.03 MB, 1623x545, Screenshot 2023-05-12 at 08-48…)

guys, someone explain this to me. what the fuck is up with the new trend of uber-short skirts being labelled as 'lolita'? Is this just ero experiencing a resurgence or…?

it's already so hard to convince people 'it's not ageplay or a fetish' this is just going to make that indescribably worse.

No. 327671

Maybe it's supposed to be some kind of ero-lolita resurgence? I think it looks cute but i also understand most ero-lolita co-ords look like shit and e-thots are going to heavily gravitate towards these outfits.

No. 327688

eurgh it reminds me of oldschool sissyshit

No. 327704

File: 1683916582843.png (1.29 MB, 690x1045, DSCF2010(1).png)

Anyone else struggled with getting back to wearing lolita after taking a break?
I took a break from being a daily lolita at the end of last year and decided to wear normie clothes during the week for the first time in years and now I'm having a lolita crisis. I still love the fashion but I avoid wearing it because it feels like a larp to me now idk. I also really hate how everyone is so obsessed with 'aesthetics' and looking perfect at all times that it makes me want to abandon fashion altogether and dress in plain baggy clothes and not care about appearances. I feel like a materialist because of this and I hate it. I also started associating extravagant clothes with attention seeking because of social media and it's difficult to feel differently even when it comes to lolita because we of the many grifters and cows we get. I'm really torn rn.

No. 327714

I kind of feel a similar conflict in regards to the attention aspect. For the consumerist aspect and the need for perfection i feel like not looking at social media too much helps with this mindset. People tend to forget that lolita is a fashion like any other and i think it's perfectly fine to make reasonable adjustments to make it fit everyday life. Sure it might look a little ita but as long as you think it looks good and you're not looking for validation online i don't see the problem.

No. 327723

File: 1683922445983.jpg (1.01 MB, 2048x2048, FtKz9wCaIAAu8kZ.jpg)

taobao lolita is so ugly jesus
I really like physical drop and innocent world's more casual looks they're releasing now as they feel a lot more doable as a daily style. I still have my beloved oldschool wardrobe for days when I'm in a good mood and want to dress up, but increasingly I'm also wearing my lolita cardigans with cute normie dresses and looser physical drop-style coords. It keeps the cuteness of lolita but I don't constantly have strangers gawking and taking pictures kek. Social media is not good for a slow fashion like lolita and I hate the competitive over consumption and clout chasing. When I found myself not wearing lolita as often unless I had the perfect coord and location for max IG potential, I deleted it.

No. 328792

Nonnas, would you like to move this thread to /ot/? Lolita discussion occasionally comes up in various/ot/ threads, but this thread is quite slow in comparison.

No. 328799

Fashion is a /g/ subject, don't petition to move it to /ot/ just because you want more traffic itt

No. 328803

You'll just get more idiots who think it's connected to the novel

No. 328813

I was specifically asking because it gets mentioned and discussed more often in unrelated or barely related /ot/ threads than in this thread itself.

Easy to ignore and it's probably just one mad retard anyway.

No. 328819

I'd be fine with that
there's literally a fashion discussion thread on /ot/ right now, where they mainly talk about high fashion brands and releases. It seems like the fashion thread on /g/ is now only for questions like "what do I wear with this skirt". Since this thread is more about discussion than helping with coords I think it could fit on /ot/ too

No. 328830

File: 1684267640616.jpeg (43.69 KB, 451x680, sad.jpeg)

Where did they get the term from then? It's already embarrassing for autistic women to dress like circus freaks, being okay of the pedo name of this style or is making it even worse.(bait)

No. 328953

File: 1684302979532.jpg (352.35 KB, 1080x1350, 1642956327625.jpg)

Man I just really love lolita. My first lolita brand coat is coming in the mail and even though I'll probably only have like 1 day per year cold enough to wear it I can't wait

No. 329063

That sailor blouse is is beautiful.

No. 329290

File: 1684437336911.jpg (190.46 KB, 1200x1440, 1683280583611299.jpg)

love these so much

No. 329568

File: 1684528661684.jpg (131.22 KB, 768x1024, 1385323475156.jpg)

I feel like prices for lolita are starting to go down a bit, but at the same time all the decently priced stuff gets snatched up fast. Maybe it's just me, but I'm hoping this continues because I'm so tired of scalpers.

No. 329810

File: 1684656538696.gif (1.05 MB, 498x280, 1647111226881.gif)

It pisses me off how some shopping services will ask sellers for stuff like tag pictures despite the fact I specifically asked to purchase immediately. I've lost some dream dresses to that in the past because while they were waiting for the seller's response someone else bought the item.

No. 329924

wtf what shopping service? I've never had that happen before

No. 329944

Japonica does that a lot

No. 330855

seeing how insane so many western lolitas are is making me rethink getting into the fashion (I'm a newlita and bought my first brand dress recently). I know alt fashions tend to attract some crazies but this feels even worse than say goth or punk or even other jfashion styles. has it always been like this?

No. 330876

The fashion has always attracted attention seekers who use the fashion for easy e-fame and validation due to it's eye catching nature. In recent years, i feel the the only aspect has gotten insufferable due to the advent of sjws and gender faggory causing all the sane lolitas to want to hide or else they risk getting witch hunted. I personally do not engage with the lolita community online anymore because of this, but some comms are still pretty nice and have decent people.

No. 330885

was there also always so many pedos and fetishists accepted in the community? there is one in the comm near me which makes me not want to join. kinda sad since I live in a small area with nothing much around me so it's not like there are many options for me except online - which as you mentioned is filled with aggressive genderspecials.

No. 331074

I'm pretty sure almost every comm has a token freak or two. Just avoid going to meets they will be at, and know the other lolitas probably hate them too. Lots of comms have handmaiden moderators who turn a blind eye to AGPs and pedos but that doesn't mean everyone in the comm agrees with that. I'd still recommend joining and befriending the more "normal" lolitas because there's lots of private meets that never get publically posted specifically to avoid weirdos attending.

No. 331179

oh ok sad the mods don't keep those kinds of weirdos out these days but oh well. yeah I'll try befriending well dressed and normal seeming lolitas, and maybe I can make some online friends too when I start posting my coords. thanks nona

No. 331944

I don't think there were as many back in the day, but now that there's the threat of being harassed for being "transphobic" if you don't allow obvious sissy fetishist men in, it happens more often, but like >>331074 says, it's worth it to go to your local comm and try to interact with the normal lolitas. Sometimes then you can even form friendships and just start hanging out with them instead of having to go to the comm meetups. Also, thanks to people rsvp-ing over online platforms like facebook or discord, it's usually pretty easy to see which events creeps plan on attending so you can avoid those!

No. 332063

File: 1685471356938.jpeg (31.22 KB, 467x700, RHCvCfOA5eactnLHIcUlK4hx4wDILP…)

I haven't really seen people talking about new releases much itt, but I'm so psyched for the MMM x baroque rerun! It's been getting massively scalped for a while now. Is anyone else ordering it?

My local comm's token AGP goes to literally every. Single. Published. Meet. And they're almost all in public too. I think I'll stay a lonelita for a while longer.

No. 332178

Is there anywhere we can post pieces and ask "wtf do I wear this with"? The coord help threads on /cgl/ were kinda one single main piece-centric (and reddit threads would obviously be too), but I think it would be cool to be able to past a bunch of pieces somewhere and let people go through things and give any ideas they have.

No. 332212

yeah it really sucks weirdos like that are allowed into comms. and they're inescapable online too, feels like there's nowhere to go to get away from them sadly
that's a good point but there's a possibility the local creep goes to every comm meet like what >>332063 has experienced. the harassment brigades are the main reason more people don't start their own comms or keep the weirdos out of existing ones it seems

No. 332347

File: 1685590070633.jpg (428.78 KB, 1201x1800, -5-cd58889428.jpg)

yes nona it's absolutely gorgeous… I've been considering getting the white x blue tablier because I love how it almost looks like porcelain. It wouldn't be very versatile with my wardrobe tbh, but still tempting

No. 332786

Does anyone else think that with the new Barbie movie coming out sweet OTT pink pastel vomit looks will be better received, at least for a while? I don't get hassled much in sweet but I have read horror stories about it. I do get a lot of questions and stares though- I feel like maybe more people will think it's a costume thing, which isn't super ideal but it's better than being bothered all the time.

No. 333009


They may start calling you Barbie and asking "Where's Ken?" instead of calling you Lil Bo Peep and asking where the sheep are at.

I imagine it'd be more of the same, maybe slightly better since the general public will view pink as trendy.

No. 333718

File: 1686077099867.jpg (94.42 KB, 500x750, lolitameme3.jpg)

Lolita vent: I don't understand how lolitas can be so disgusting with their expensive dresses..
I recently bought a dress of my favorite print and the stains were disclosed sure, but christ how do you get so many stains on a $300 dress?? There are food stains on the sleeves, on the pits and on the waist ties. Just wtf was this girl doing? It's like she used it as a napkin. Even a coat I bought recently had stains on it that werent disclosed but it came right out in the wash. How hard is it to wash and care for your brand? fuck.

No. 333719

File: 1686077688284.png (30.79 KB, 599x401, 1530070881877.png)

They treat them like everyday clothes in everything except washing. Washing your lolita shit isn't that hard either, just time consuming, the horror stories of red prints really scared people off washing printed shit.

No. 334212

File: 1686251796089.png (667.44 KB, 1275x2500, viuloetfane.png)

Both Violet Fane and Ladysloth are being affected by the shitty economic situation. VF is closing down and LS will have at the most two releases a year. I never liked LS designs but VF had some decent ones.

No. 334322

It's always sad to see brands shut down, even if it's lady sloth. Especially since they are european and the shitty import taxes hurt. I hope more don't shut down.

No. 334667

Why are Lolita obsessed with brand names? No other street style is obsessed with only wearing the official brands or get canceled for wearing knockoffs, even OG gyaru wasn’t as brand obsessed. Lolita started with girls sewing their own frilly dresses since they didn’t want to wear the current styles, but now it’s seen as somehow embarrassing to wear homemade Lolita dresses? This seems to only happen in Lolita coms outside of Japan though.

No. 334676

Wearing handmade is only embarrassing if it looks like garbage tbh. Most Lolita’s can appreciate handmade dresses if it’s well made and looks nice. No one really cares that much about offbrand items and even offbrand dresses aren’t looked at twice unless it’s ugly and/or poor quality (which unfortunately a lot of them are). With brands you’re more likely to get quality dresses, at least with older releases anyway.

No. 335011

File: 1686601124085.jpg (456.43 KB, 2048x1536, 4b04f648edf524453f913ff675f02b…)

Some of them are clout chasers/looking for status. It's an expensive fashion and many lolitas feel like they're special because they partake in it. Some are probably addicted to shopping tbh because I see many girls buying very expensive pieces just to sell them after one picture. With others it's like what >>334676 said. Handmade lolita is only looked down upon when it's shit quality/design which unfortunately is the case most of the time because most of lolitas are fashion illiterate and don't under stand what makes the garment good. Especially now in the taobao era. Picrel is a well made handmade JSK imo.

No. 335027

Gatekeeping and clout chasing. Gyaru absolutely were obsessed with brand btw. I remember being kurogyaru back in 2012 and other gals would look down on anyone who wasnt fully decked out in DIA.

No. 335029

It’s always been like this, over a decade ago I would find items marked ‘sissy’ and ‘tranny’ when I tried to look for cute frilly pink lolita dresses or underwear, sweet lolita attracts AGP sissy freaks.

No. 335033

This is a really nice outfit, I also get the haute couture feeling, 90s Vivienne Westwood vibe from it.

No. 335036

I got this the first time round, ngl i did hope they would do something new but i greatly respect brands efforts in defeating scalping.

No. 335038

I wish I had a lolita friend who lives nearby.

No. 335039

Nonas I’m trying to buy an AP dress but the Japanese proxy service I usually use is now telling me that their accounts are only allowed to buy a limited number of that item and that they’ve maxed out. Wtf do I do now?

No. 335043

For some people, it's more of a collection hobby rather than a style. It's most prevalent among Angelic Pretty fans. During the 2010s print obsession era there were definitely a few autists who were so obsessed on collecting main pieces that they forgot you need other things to make a coordinate.

This is so cute, I love how well finished it looks.

No. 335355

File: 1686727879805.jpeg (168.14 KB, 828x1459, 8822080B-3408-4546-8879-4F5736…)

I really hate collectors in lolita. I think it’s so stupid to drop $200+ on a dress you don’t even intend on wearing out and that will just rot in the closet until the buyers remorse sets in and they try and sell it for an absurd amount. Even worse if they can’t Coord for shit. I just don’t think it’s worth it especially with novelty shit that is expensive but poor quality like a lot of AP items these days.

No. 335356

this looks very similar to the metamorphose pintuck tiered jsk, pretty impressive

No. 335366

Oh the white is so cute, I want to wear it at my little sibling's birthday parties lol

No. 335433

I’ve seen it irl a couple of times, the quality is embarrassingly terrible.

No. 335461

r/Lolita is down indefinitely. Is the discord still up?

No. 335493

nu-AP is so sad. I have one modern AP dress and I think I'll end up selling it without ever wearing it because the quality is so terrible, the material is thin and shiny like what you'd expect from a $50 taobao dress. I know all brands have had a drop in quality but comparing it to a meta jsk I bought the same year… it's just sad.

No. 335532

has btssb had a drop in quality too? I haven't really heard anything bad about their newer dresses, I have a btssb dress I got in the very late 2010s and the quality is still good. the brands that seem to have the biggest decline are AP and moitie

No. 335547

ayrt and almost all my btssb is old school or the classical re-release line. They've definitely made some design changes with their re-releases that I personally don't like (for example widening the skirts or generally tweaking the proportions) but the lace and fabric feel pretty similar between a 2001 and 2021 release. There's definitely a difference in the cotton they use for their solids but the quality isn't necessarily bad, just different. I've seen sugar bouquet of all sorts of release years on other lolitas and it always looks amazing lol. I think AP and moitie have definitely seen the biggest decline in quality, and innocent world's new releases make me sad even if the quality is okay, I'm not a fan of all the long skirts

No. 335590

are the bodyline rocking horse vw shoes bootlegs terrible quality? i know bodyline is generally ita but im planning an old school coord for a con and it would look quite cute..

No. 335610

They look nice in pictures (non-professional, non-edited.) I saw someone on Tumblr raving about them. Unsure if the quality is good or not.

No. 335658

File: 1686853234669.jpg (77.2 KB, 1080x1080, 1642955908988.jpg)

they're good! I've worn mine for years and they've held up well, they're comfy too. Sorry if I'm telling you something obvious but it's difficult to keep the straps up like picrel unless you pin them to your socks or something and they'll usually be around your ankles while you're walking around. The soles are obviously foam and not real wood irl, but they photograph well so maybe I'm just autistic for caring about that kek. Bodyline's main pieces may be ita because of bad quality but their shoes and some accessories (I love their rectangle headdresses) are good.

No. 335668

it's nice the fabric and lace and overall construction are still good, I hope it stays that way for as long as they're making clothes. I think most of us have sworn off buying anything new from moitie and AP now due to it basically being indistinguishable from taobao quality. I don't keep up with innocent world releases but I assume the longer skirts are popular with classic lolitas? I see a lot of them posting coords with longer skirts and dresses these days
they're ok, the pleather feels like it won't hold up over time but if you're not wearing them frequently you should get a few years of use out of them. also apparently they run small, I ordered the correct size and they're super tight on me and I've seen others complaining about the same thing

No. 335669

ty for the advice! ill prob get them then

No. 337622

File: 1687728337488.jpg (46.3 KB, 600x600, lolita-outfit-lolita-fashion.j…)

Anons who have a hate boner for lolita fashion are so weird.

I don't miss milanoo but it does make me nostalgic kek I do miss when there was way less gender garbage happening.

No. 343339

File: 1691261013992.jpg (73.83 KB, 500x667, 350c07dbba5eed04f4cc40e4af19b1…)

I wish lolita discussion would be moved here instead of on /cgl/. At least the mods do their jobs here

No. 343405

File: 1691315558972.jpeg (407.02 KB, 1517x2048, kamikaze girls cabbage.jpeg)

same nona. personally I think it would be nice to have a womens only forum that had a jfashion/lolita section and maybe cosplay section to replace /cgl/, or even a womens only forum that is focused on jfashion. it's basically pointless going to /cgl/ anymore with how bad the board has gotten in recent years. I wonder if it got so bad because everyone moved to discord, jfashion is dying, both of those things or some other reason?

No. 343643

>I wonder if it got so bad because everyone moved to discord
yes. Many online communities are dying because they are migrating to discord
>jfashion is dying
There are several factors to this but but i do wonder if the rise of kpop might have affected the disinterest for jfashion on an international scale. While animanga is mainstream right now no one is enthusiastic about japanese pop culture outside of that. 10 years ago animanga community would also discuss stuff like jfashion but not anymore. I feel like kstyling is filling that niche jfashion used too
>some other reason?
4chan has a terrible reputation and at some point it became synonymous with neo nazis in the public conscious which might be why women are more hesitant to use /cgl/

No. 343884

the bad thing with discord is that it seems hard finding good servers, most of the lolita and jfahsion ones are filled with arrogant itas and creepy male troons/fetishists who don't really care about the fashion itself.
I definitely think kpop played a part in it but imo the rise of fast fashion and shitty tiktok/social media fashion microtrends was the major issue.

No. 349641

File: 1695338252499.jpeg (117.33 KB, 737x1052, 4IfA3miqs8WPhWWUuh8lcmJZJRrusY…)

I think I might be falling out of love with wearing lolita and I feel awful about it. I still find the fashion beautiful but I don't feel like going out in it anymore. I don't feel like dressing up in any way actually and lolita seems excessive to me now. I'm not sure why. I've stopped attending meets a long time ago because my comm is full of gendies and handmaidens who talk about how empowering it is to have an only fans. I can only imagine myself in a coord if I were to be completely alone.
My entire outlook on appearance has been changing for the past year so perhaps it's not specifically about lolita but fashion in general. I'm sick of the obsession with aesthetics and trying to look as 'unique' and attention grabbing as possible and definitely don't want to be associated with that. I don't really have anywhere to wear lolita to anyway. Maybe if I was rich I'd just wear it around my huge vintage mansion kek
I'm considering selling a most of my dresses but the sunk cost fallacy is getting to me (I don't own any sought after pieces so I'd probably have to sell them for cheap or something)

No. 349643

Complete lolita noob, I love the style, but i used to live somewhere super hot, so I could never wear it. I live in a colder place now, so I’m fulfilling my teenage dream to dress like a pretty fancy girl.

Only issue is that I’ve never worn any type of jfashion ever, no less a style like this. Anyone have any tips for people just starting out? Also, websites that account for taller girls? Sorry if this is spoonfeedy, but i don’t wanna learn lolita from AliExpress girls

No. 349644

I'm sorry you feel this way anon. I also haven't been feeling like dressing up lately (though in my case it's moreso due to the weather and poor health) but I still love my wardrobe and don't want to part with it. You might get your love for lolita back, but you might not. I'd say start selling things off slowly. Pick the pieces that you are least attached to and let them go. Don't wear it for a while, don't even think about lolita. I'd say maybe keep one or two coordinates you like at least just in case you want to go back to the style, because then you can always sell them as lots if you decide you're done for good. Sad to potentially see you go anon, but I understand. Lolita is fussy and impractical and I definitely understand not feeling like wearing it anymore. Best wishes anon.

No. 349646

>any tips for people just starting out?
The hardest part of starting out is learning how to buy cohesive pieces and make coords. Luckily you have like 20 years' worth of magazine scans, blogs, /cgl/ archives and social media you can look at for coord inspo! Save pictures of outfits that you like, look at how colors are used and how it's accessorized. Go scroll lolibrary and make a wishlist of your favorite pieces. Identify if there's any specific cuts, motifs or finishing details you seem to gravitate towards and look for them while you're shopping. Be patient, don't cheap out or buy something you don't love just so you can quickly fill your wardrobe.

>websites that account for taller girls?

dress lengths vary wildly so you'll want to check the length of dresses before you buy them. For example I'm 5'7 and I don't buy anything under 94cm kek. Having measurements of your own body will help a lot. Generally Angelic Pretty jsks are the shortest, while Metamorphose and Innocent World are longer.
Since lolita is so niche, released in short runs and small batches- it's not like most other fashions where you can go to a website and buy a perfectly coordinated outfit in one purchase. The majority of lolita clothes are sold secondhand on Japanese marketplaces like Mercari. You'll need to use a shopping service (there are plenty of guides to this online) to buy clothes from them and get them shipped out of Japan. Some common websites that you can buy from without a shopping service- Lacemarket, Closet Child, Wunderwelt, Atelier Pierrot, most major brands' websites.
and if you ever sell anything used on lacemarket for the love of God wash your fucking clothes

No. 349666

This is a good chance to explore different hobbies and interests. Growing up is nothing to be scared of. I took a break from lolita for about five years because I was too busy with school and then to go backpacking, and it was nice to take a break from femininity and get in touch with my natural self. Maybe you'll come back to lolita too or maybe you won't, but there's nothing wrong with exploring different aspects of your personality.

Like the other anon said, you can set your favorite pieces aside and see if you want to come back to them later. You can also transition your wardrobe to a more casual but still similar style and still incorporate some of your lolita pieces. Regardless, you're still you no matter what you wear and what your hobbies are!

It's long dead now, but a blog I liked a lot when I was first starting out is fyeahlolita. It has some good posts on topics like wardrobe building that are important for newbies.

Some other random tips in no particular order
>start your wardrobe with Japanese brand, at least for blouses, main pieces, and outerwear. Trust me, your future self will thank you.
>The exceptions are shoes, petticoats, and bags. They're almost never worth getting brand
>Take body measurements and compare them to the pieces you want to buy, make sure they're a few cm bigger than you are
>Save pictures that are inspirational to you and figure out exactly what you like and what makes the coordinates work (color balance, silhouette, fabrics, motifs)
>think/shop in terms of whole outfits not just the dress
>Get a good petticoat at the same time you get you first main piece. Make sure they are the same shape
>Hair, makeup and being clean and tidy more generally are very important elements of any fashion. Don't skip grooming and look up some tutorials if you need to.

No. 349677

About a year ago I took the plunge and sold most of my wardrobe. Mostly my filler and daily wear pieces, and I kept my longer more mature pieces. I had a lot of regrets for a while, I've loved Lolita for an entire decade and wore it daily for a few years out of that so it felt like tearing out a part of myself but now I have no regrets. I dwelled a lot on it, because like you I had a change of outlook on matters of appearance, but I wasn't sure if it was temporary or not, especially since being fed up with current "aesthetic culture" played quite the part in it. What finally pushed me to do it was getting a physical job where I can't dress up (I was a student before) and being freed of my obsession with always having a huge advertisement for my personality and tastes stuck onto my body.

Sometimes I wonder if I was a coward for giving up because of social changes. But I'm just so tired of how fucking lazy people are becoming in knowing each other. It's all about what you LOOK LIKE you enjoy, and everyone who isn't obnoxious as all hell is boring with no taste. It's always been a bit like this, we are all vulnerable to the power of fascination, but something changed recently, as actual culture and involvement stopped mattering completely in favor of being fancy and online. No one cares to know you and what you like. They can't make guesses based on your personality either - it has to be obvious by looking at you. YOU have to make all the effort to be known, because Internet socialization has influenced real life in this manner. This really ruined alternative fashion as a whole to me.

But also in a way I always hated that Lolita is a fashion-based subculture. At some point I rabbit-holed into goth music and comparing both crowds made something click in my mind (definitely not saying goths are perfect, just check the goth thread). I'm not saying we should gatekeep or change anything, but I really had a hard time with "it's just clothes" and the skin-deep part being the priority. It made the whole thing feel like a theater costume more than an actual subculture.

No. 349689

I hate lolita, especially if it's worn outside in normal streets. The clash of normal grey colored surroundings and overly feminine attire is a pain.
You can sell stuff for more expensive by appealing to aesthetic though. If you use the right lighting, pictures, keywords for the outfits, some people obsessed with trying to be aesthetic on budget can buy them for close to retail price. Then again your size also matters, it'd be easier to sell a S/M size outfit than an xs or xl.
Good luck. Try not to buy new stuff to fast after getting rid of your clothes and try to stick to classic and versatile pieces instead of flashy stuff.

No. 349716

File: 1695407805916.jpg (69.97 KB, 435x640, STARTER-WARDROBE-SWEET.jpg)

kek, are you lost ?

If you want to wear it daily : pay attention to your basics/layers and beware not to become a pathological main piece collector.

The "layering system" in lolita makes up the entirety of its practicality, it's like victorian fashion in this regard. Invest in good cotton blouses of various sleeve lengths, bloomers, socks. Buy undershirts to protect your clothes from the inside (I can't stress this enough. DO IT), you can get thermal ones for the winter. Blouses with detachable sleeves are a godsend. Fyeahlolita had good advice, albeit outdated, about wardrobe building for every day wear. One recommendation was to pick a base color (white/offwhite/black) and one or two main colors that preferably look good with each other. Picrel for sweet with the colors white/pink/blue. It's not perfect i.e. having a color blouse doesn't really add anything compared to another white blouse from experience, it gives only restrictions with no bonuses. Overall these clothes are far tougher than they look - a good quality cotton main piece can still look neat after two decades.

If you just want to wear it sometimes, you can do what the others say and buy coord-by-coord.

Building an outfit is stupid easy : if it matches, you can wear it. In fact there are a bunch of lolitas who suck at fashion outside of it. You just need about an ounce of common sense and to know your measurements. About your height, like another nona said, Metamorphose and Innocent World carry the most long dresses. From experience, Meta is the one that best accomodates larger frames and longer torsos. But that always depends on the piece and how it's cut. Taobao brands have multiple sizes - I didn't buy much from them as I hate polyester, but I like Infanta a lot, it's been around for a long time and the price point is good for a beginner, and the bigger sizes are quite long.

While I'm at it, since you're asking for websites : Devilinspired is a scam. Just in case.

No. 349727

File: 1695414606234.jpg (57.38 KB, 333x500, 38fb5deba20fd62e213e16db9aad7b…)

Thank you anon. You're right.
>you're still you no matter what you wear and what your hobbies are
This is exactly what's holding me back I think. I've always found it silly to attach clothes to your identity but I subconsciously fell for it. My friends and people in my life often ask when I'll wear "one of my pretty dresses" again and even mention that I dress "like that" sometimes when they introduce me. I know they mean well and genuinely think it's cool but I think it made me internalize that it's a crucial part of who I am instead of a hobby.
I relate to everything you said. I also worse lolita daily at one point and I also felt like I was expressing myself. I got into goth music too, even before I got into lolita and it always bothered me how it's a fashion based subculture. I never really enjoyed going to meets because of that, I had nothing in common with lolitas in my comm aside from wearing the fashion.
Something that's going to be difficult for me to let go of is how many people are interested in talking to me whenever I go out in lolita. I met so many people just because they thought I looked cool and approached me but when I think about it now it actually saddens me a little bit. As you said, people mostly care about what kind of person you look like you are not who you actually are.

Thank you for understanding nonnies. Nobody irl would understand the situation so I'm glad for this thread!


No. 350047

File: 1695716292046.png (2.13 MB, 1533x901, casual capsule.png)

I'm >>349666 and when I took my lolita hiatus I still wore a lot of my favorite pieces and got a lot of compliments on my style. I made a little capsule wardrobe based on that if anyone's interested.

No. 350098

Is there such a thing as classic sweet? Like an in-between? Because while I love the colors and patterns of sweet most of the actual dress designs are too cutesy-poo for me, I don't like too many cutesy-style bows for instance. I prefer the cuts of classic but the colors and lack of patterns are boring to me kek.

No. 350137

File: 1695776470376.jpeg (54.77 KB, 400x600, th (11).jpeg)

Innocent world?

No. 350149

seconding the other rec for innocent world, they have quite a few dresses with classic cuts yet sweet(ish) prints that pop up secondhand a lot. they're not really pastel vomit prints like ap though if that's what you're looking for.

No. 350166

Hm that's pretty nice, I'll check them out

No. 350184

I’ll never hand wash my clothes again. I just threw a few moitie and boz pieces in the washer on a regular 30c cycle and it was a huge success.

No. 350200

File: 1695824507004.jpg (177.97 KB, 1000x1000, 3_000000002931.jpg)

Also Lolita adjacent "otome" brands are worth checking out. They often go super cheap second hand too. Pic related is emily temple cute.

No. 350248

File: 1695844521536.jpg (65.21 KB, 500x500, 82ab89695ae5a30094ca4da8313197…)

What even is the point of lolita anymore if you're not a teen hanging out with your fellow lolita friends in 90s/00s Tokyo…it's just not fun when you're old and alone. Does anybody know whether there even still are any women wearing it in Japan?
The comm closest to me looks like the worst itas ever posted to cgl combined and it seems like they bring their men and kids…
Recently even Misako Aoki's vlogs no longer bring me joy, those meet ups look so dull, boring, quiet, everybody aging, even Mana-sama got fatter lately.. I want to turn back time

No. 350261

I agree the magic about it is dead and that's why I don't wear it anymore. I think internet ruined it for me because everytime I meet a lolita I expect them to be a catty shitposter online and to be judging every inch of my appearance. I hope the next generation of lolitas are any better but it seems they're actually worse. It's a shame such a cute fashion is infested with women who literally hate and tear other women for the sake of their ego.

No. 350265

yes there is an active tokyo lolita comm, they have an instagram but I think made it private recently due to creepy moids or something. lolita is nowhere as popular as it was and the fashion is slowly dying both in japan/asia and the west imo.

No. 350269

samefag there are also lolita book club meetups where they look at old fashion magazines (hosted by indie brand designer rusanjinroom), plus the gothic and lolita market happens like once a month or more. the turnout for the gothic and lolita market seems decent from the photos but meetups are usually small even in tokyo.

No. 350310

File: 1695855756119.jpg (24.62 KB, 321x500, 1635020329785.jpg)

The lack of community sucks but I will wear these clothes until I die even if I'm the last one on earth doing so kek. I have noticed- most comms suck because they're full of old fat gendies, but sometimes I see teen girls wearing lolita with their friends and just hanging out, usually at cons or arcades. They're usually tiktok zoomers in taobao but imo they have the "fun" you mentioned more than the average jaded /cgl/ user. I think there's a generational shift happening, teenagers still get interested in lolita but it's a totally different scene compared to when a lot of oldfag lolitas started (many of whom are now aging and graduating from the fashion). Lolita won't die, but I do think it will look very different in the future.
also the zoomers love Malice Mizer I don't think Mana-sama's popularity is dying any time soom

No. 350343

>old and fat
Why do all lolitafags say these misogynistic stuff about women? Is there an overlap with anorexia and lolita? You guys were arguing that lolita wasn't about looking conventionally attractive and moreso about feminine fashion without appealing to men yet you turn around and trash on unconventional older women when you're also old yourself.

No. 350363

are you not aware you're on a gossip site where there are hundreds of threads for laughing at women who are fat, ugly, and mentally ill?

No. 350366

We don’t laugh at them because they’re old and fat. We laugh at them because they’re retarded. You could have just left it at gendies.

No. 350368

Mana will always rank Supreme no one will ever have what Mana had

No. 350373

there are tons of posts on the cow boards here shitting on women for being fat. it's always been that way and likely always will be.
>You could have just left it at gendies.
I'm not even the anon who made the mana-pic post.

No. 350381

I hate when anons say this is a gossip site whenever they're called out, calling random women fat and old isn't gossip worthy

No. 350383

ok but that doesn't make it any less true. this is a gossip site first and foremost. you can scroll through threads with female cows and see tons of posts tearing into them for being fat. that has been the case since the beginning of the site and even before back when drama was allowed on /cgl/. there is even a deathfat thread on /snow/ for anons to laugh at obese women. so apparently plenty do think it's gossip worthy.

No. 350388

/cgl/ anons who were men did most of the fatty hatred, probably because they were fat men who could only attract fellow hambeasts, it's weird to see lolitafags attack fatties when both you and the fatties are outcasts and weirdos in a normal person's eye. It's like how high functioning autists trash on low functionings to feel better about themselves.

No. 350393

>Is there an overlap with anorexia and lolita?
unironically yes kek. you kind of have to be to look decent in japanese sized clothes anyway

No. 350396

majority of the fat hatred here currently comes from women. a lot of it back then did too. fatties have always gotten shit on in the fashion - even the japanese lolitas used to poke fun at them on their anonymous imageboard back in the day. I'm not sure why this is such a foreign concept that there are lots of women who think being fat is gross and a thing of ridicule.

in terms of the fashion I think they get shit on so much in lolita because fatties have earned themselves a bad reputation by doing things such as stretching out/ruining brand dresses, buying replicas and using their fatness as an excuse, constantly screeching at brands to make bigger sizes then not buying said bigger sizes, being gross during comm meets (ordering a shit ton of food and shoveling it into their face, spilling food on their brand, smelling bad, etc), shooping themselves/denying being overweight, and generally being entitled nuisances. for the most part the fatties who are actually well-dressed and not unhinged typically don't get shat on.

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