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File: 1707360711147.jpg (151.93 KB, 590x574, photo697512.jpg)

No. 378038

Previous thread: >>>/g/377721

This is for diet and fitness related things only.

-Post your goals, your current state, like your weight or measurements;
-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.

Feel free to post charts of your progress! If you're doing daily reports, remember to sage.

Reminder that we're all human and we all have our ups and downs. Don't blame yourself for failing and don't get fixated on small missteps. This is a marathon, not a race. Self-sabotage will only make things worse. Try to stay positive and think of the positive steps you've made to get here and keep moving forward!

Don't get fixated on numbers and give yourself adequate rest days and rewards to keep yourself motivated.

No ana, please.

No. 378059

Thanks for the new thread anon!

Haven't posted here in a while. I just finished my day within my weight loss window and 149g of protein under my belt. Drank my creatine and I'm about to go get ten hours of sleep. I feel so good since I went on my bulk, and I was worried going back to recomp/maintenance would be hard but shit's actually easy. It helps that my TDEE is crazy high these days.

Nonas who lift, any wins lately? I hit 75 lbs on lat pulldown and 20 lbs on bicep curls recently and I feel great about it. I'm still within my first year so a lot of my lifts are pretty wimpy but I'm getting there.

No. 378136

File: 1707414166580.gif (989.17 KB, 500x281, 11036E92-CF09-424B-8BA3-DB9194…)

I’m 5’4, actual weight is 130lb my highest was 190lb and I want to weigh 99lb.

My secret technique is that I lurk on Shayna thread to motivate myself because I have terrible fat distribution and my body look kinda like her when I’m fat. Pretty fucked up and petty but it’s work for me kek

Also any other cripple on diet here ? How do you cope with poor physical capacities ? I’m almost an hikikomori actually, can’t wait to go back at countryside in April to use my bicycle again, I fucking hate going outside where I live now especially to bike because it’s ugly and hella dangerous but I know I need to do it if I want to lose more weight, I stagnate here.

No. 378148

File: 1707418238506.png (213.04 KB, 807x846, routine1.png)

R8 my routine.
I feel like I'm getting a workout from this cause I'm a noobie, but IDK if I'm hitting my muscle groups hard enough.

No. 378150

I binged for about a year straight and got to my highest weight ever (223 lbs at 5'8"). I didn't even feel like I was fat but I've been looking at pics of myself and I'm so embarrassed.

The last thread lasted for 8 months so I'm posting this as accountability and will hopefully update in a few months. I'm already 208 lbs since I started losing mid January.

No. 378151

File: 1707418590840.png (174.81 KB, 714x784, routine2.png)

Part 2

Also any substitutes for DLs/DL variations?
I got back issues and my back gets pain whenever I attempt any sort of deadlift. I would like to make my glutes more muscular.

>lost 6 lbs
>lifts going slowly up
>eating at least 120 g protein a day, if not more.

No. 378153

samefagging but how do I know when to bulk?
While my lifts are slowly going up, I feel like I'm not making progress fast enough.

I'm at 27% BF, and I feel like eating a fuckton and gaining back the weight I lost will be a huge hit to my confidence. I feel very lost right now.

No. 378155

would love to know why you wish to be underweight, nonna

No. 378159

I'm trying to lose what I gained over the holidays. I got protein powder but it doesn't seem to satiate me at all. I just end up overeating because it feels like I didn't eat.

I'm ashamed of myself. I usually diet over the holidays, but not this time.

No. 378160

Aight nonna, I was in your shoes over the holidays. I ended up gaining all the weight I lost over fall back, but now I'm losing at a pound a week.

First thing, you should figure out what your TDEE is and then subtract 500 kcal from it. This will be the amount of calories you can eat in a day and lose roughly a pound a week. Do you still feel hungry after eating a full meal? If so, chances are you're not eating the right macros. You should be eating at least 80% of your weight in protein even if you aren't lifting, which you might find difficult to do at first, but I ended up experimenting a lot with what I eat in order to at least make it over 100 g protein a day (greek yogurt, chicken, beef, tuna, etc.).

Second, eat a lot of food that's low-cal/high-volume. Stuffing yourself with veggies that are high-density/low-cal is a good way to make you feel full and get fiber into your diet.

Also, keep hydrated! Sometimes thirst masks itself as a craving for food, and you might find that a drink of water will make it go away. Multivitamins are also helpful to curb cravings because some cravings typically suggest a deficiency in certain micronutrients.

Hope this isn't shitty advice, but this has worked for me so far, so take it as you will.

No. 378166

How long does this take you, nona? What do you do for a warm-up? I'm currently trying to maximise productivity with my routine but it still feels like I am there forever.

No. 378170

I warm up 5-10 mins on treadmill to get the blood pumping. Sometimes 20 if I’m in the mood to walk.

No. 378171


But also I grind out that routine in 40-50 mins depending on gym crowd. Any nonna know if this is enough time to spend at the gym?

No. 378243

i went from being able to do no pull-ups in october, to getting my first one in december (tbf i probably had it earlier, i just didn't have a place to try it), to being able to do 7 now. i'm really happy, i wanna get to 10-15, and then my next goal will be muscle ups. tbf, i'm at a fairly low body fat percentage rn, and i don't have a ton of muscle on my legs (something i'm working on), both of which make it easier, but i'm still amazed at how fast my progress has been.

also i get a lot of compliments on it at the gym from both men and women, apparently the trick is to be a woman who can do a decent amount of pull-ups. honestly, i think any normal weight woman can get to one pull-up with 1-2 months training, it's really not as difficult as it's made out to be. i didn't even train pull-ups specifically in the beginning, just trained my arms and shoulders with dumbbells at home.

idk, i'm just mad at people who act like pull-ups are some insurmountable task for women. most women can't do them because a) the average woman is overweight, b) the average woman who doesn't strength train has very little upper body strength, and c) even women who are fit don't usually have it as their goal. but it's really not that difficult if you actually decide to focus on it. sorry for the sperg, i'm just mad that the internet led me to believe that it takes years of training for women to get even a single pull-up, and that even very fit women can't do more than 2-3. people massively underestimate strength in women imo

No. 378254

NTA but how do you measure your intake per day? Just looking at the packets and seeing how much protein/carbs they have?

No. 378274

Food scale and weighing my food very autistically.

If your food doesn't have a calorie count/protein count on it, you can google "calorie in x per 100g" or "protein in x per 100g." Then you just do some basic math to figure out how many macros/calories you're getting.

Here's an example of how I calculate my food:
>take 112g of cooked chicken thigh
>100g of chicken thigh is 214 kcal and 23 g of protein
>(112/100) * 214 = calories eaten
>(112/100) * 23 = grams of protein

It's a bit laborious, but it's a pretty good way to have some relative accuracy as to how much you are eating.

No. 378293

Ayrt, it looks like your routine is aimed at getting your legs big and building strength but not size in your upper body. If you'd like to hit that area harder and gain some size, you can aim for a higher weight at 6-8 reps. Otherwise it looks good to me! A little busy, but if you're getting it done in good time that's fine. Make sure you're taking your rests, a full 60-120 seconds. I saw your other reply about spending enough time at the gym; as long as you're taking your rests, hitting all of your muscle groups, and taking the time to warm up and cool down, do some cardio, that will be enough time.
>any substitutes for DLs/DL variations?
If your back pain is muscular and not spine-related then I would actually recommend continuing deadlifts, especially romanian deadlifts, at a much lower weight while focusing on form. Even 10 lb dumbbells. Also seated or standing good mornings, some hip abduction work might help. Otherwise your routine already has a lot of good glute focused exercises. Maybe glute kickbacks? That's all I can think of. Congrats on hitting your protein btw, that's awesome!

No. 378297

File: 1707507187401.jpeg (36.11 KB, 600x498, A7D1ACA6-3F4D-471F-A650-917E94…)

I just want to have a little margin if I regain weight later.

No. 378299

Have you guys ever tried the Warrior diet before? It's like a different form of intermittent fasting, instead of fasting for 16hrs and eating in the 8hrs time frame, you fast for 20hrs and eat in the 4hrs time frame.

No. 378308

>less reps, higher weight
Gotcha, nonna!

I’m gonna go to PT for my back and hopefully the physical therapist will help me learn the correct form for those exercises. Tried video-taping my form this week for the RDL, and it was laughable. I’m just gonna do them lightly and with dumbbells from now on.

But thank you for the exercise recs btw!

No. 378309

So basically the same crap but with a different name?

You can do intermittent fasting however it suits you

No. 378368

>Tried video-taping my form this week for the RDL, and it was laughable.
God, me too. I just don't get deadlifts, in any form. I was shown how to do RDLs with dumbells by a personal trainer like a year ago and just recently got the balls to try with barbells and it immediately makes my lower back sore. The pain feels like standard DOMs, not an injury, but it just happens sooner than DOMs should and I'm dead certain I'm just doing it wrong. I've watched videos specifically addressing this issue and I'm STILL doing it wrong somehow. I'm gonna have to hire a PT again to try and fix this.

No. 378390

You're welcome! PT is a great idea, it's actually where I learned the proper form for DL/RDL's. Remember to push your hips back like you're sitting down into a chair, then use your glutes and hamstrings to push yourself upright again. You can also try doing your RDL's with a wall at your back to help cue the movement, try looking up RDL wall press. >>378368 I gotta admit when I first started doing them I felt a lot of immediate fatigue and soreness even with light weights because I'd been avoiding anything that put strain on my lower back for so long. It went away as I got stronger, hopefully it will for you too!
Personally I don't like gimmicky stuff like this, haven't tried it myself though.

No. 378413

File: 1707555721640.jpeg (135.89 KB, 800x699, BCB2765C-C9CF-417A-8ACB-2EAA39…)

I’m getting back into the habit of having 18 hour fasts, but I have a problem with over eating when I break my fast. Should I try a longer fast?

No. 378422

Intermittent fasting is super flexible, that's the charm of it. You can do 16/8, 20/4 and so on. In order for it to be considered fasting you typically have to refrain from eating for at least 12 hours, but preferably longer. I don't do this on most days, but I use time restricted eating pretty much every day. I have a 6-10 hour eating window depending on how my day looks. Even if you don't go into autophagy by doing time restricted eating, there's still some evidence that it can be beneficial to your blood sugar levels which can help curb cravings, and to your gut health. I have done longer fasts now and then. As I understand it, the main issue with doing prolonged fasting too often is that it can be hard to get sufficient protein to maintain muscle mass, so unless you are very overweight, metabolically diseased, or have some other health issue where fasting might be beneficial to you, you need to consider whether it's worth the potential loss of muscle mass. It's completely possible for most people to survive on a small eating window, but it might be hard to maintain your strength and as we age, putting on muscle gets harder and harder. I think it's fun to do fasts once in a while as a challenge and I always feel great afterwards.

No. 378435

Has anyone tried losing weight without lifting and not ended up skinny fat? For context: 5'7", 160lb > 120lb in 2021 through nebulous dieting, following calorie deficits set by TDEE calcs without considering the activity modifier, just to find out I was probably eating about 1000 calories below my TDEE and ended up with a lot of muscle loss. I've been using an Apple Watch since 2022 and have gotten a bigger grasp on how high my TDEE actually is and dirty-bulked for the past 6-7 months up to 140lbs. I want to cut back to 120lbs because I think it's a good sweet spot for me, personally.

However, lately, I've really hated lifting. I don't want to go back to it whatsoever, but I'm very concerned that I'll lose muscle loss and screw myself over again. My plan for the cut was about 1600 calories a day (My tdee is around 2000 cals), eating 110g of protein and I've just been doing 2-3 30 min walks a day because I genuinely love walking and it's the only exercise I don't have to force myself to do. I should probably put in the work to actually maintain a decent physique, but I'm too busy and miserable to factor in lifting to my routine. So, I'm mostly curious as to whether or not avoiding lifting is going to cripple my entire diet and just land me in the same spot I was a few years ago.

No. 378444

Do you want to gain muscle for looks or for functionality? If it's the latter, then I think there are exercises you can do that will help you maintain strength without having to go to the gym and lift weights. Think about what you wanna be able to do when you get old. From a health perspective I think muscle maintenance is mostly important to maintain function and avoid future injury, and the most common injuries when you get old happen due to falling, so stability exercises are great prevention. Pilates/yoga won't bulk you up, but it can help with maintaining stability. You said you enjoy walking. If you have a good backpack, you can add weight to it to simultaneously do strength training. Carrying shopping bags maintains grip strength. My 80+ years old granma mows the lawn and shovels snow all summer/winter and I think it's a big reason for why her health is still so good despite her age. Most people don't do a lot of manual labor anymore though, and going to the gym is better than being passive and letting your strength waste away. If you wanna do strength training to sculpt your physique then these suggestions might not be enough, but if you wanna do it to maintain function then you should think about what kind of things you wanna be able to do and keep doing into age and focus on that.

No. 378489

Thanks anon! I just need to stick to a routine. I have tuna, but turns out I hate it. What kind of veggies do you eat? I don't like to cook.

No. 378516

If you struggle with overeating after a long period of going hungry you could try having small meals throughout the day instead, either that or shorter fasting periods. As long as you are within your caloric weight loss window, going hungry for long periods of time won't change anything, for better or worse.
I don't think not lifting will cripple you aesthetically per se but I do think you'll be sabotaging yourself down the line by not paying attention to your upper body. You could try calisthenics maybe, things like push-ups and pull-ups are sort of a one stop shop for muscle building and target multiple groups at once. You could also try looking into a 3 or even 2 day split for weight lifting, it might be less overwhelming than what you did in the past.

No. 378585


>I hit 75 lbs on lat pulldown and 20 lbs on bicep curls recently and I feel great about it. I'm still within my first year so a lot of my lifts are pretty wimpy but I'm getting there.

QUEEN - im similar to you, i just started lifting late December but now i have access to a gym so im excited to be able to properly work out. i'm at 80lbs on lat pulls and 25 lbs on bicep curls. i started at 30lbs for lat pulls so im so proud!! hopefully going to the gym today since i managed to get really sick this past week but i feel good this morning.
>Also any substitutes for DLs/DL variations?
im not at the point of deadlifting with a barbell quite yet but i feel much more comfortable using a kettlebell for RDLs if your gym has those. i haven't experienced back pain with a kettlebell, i find it more intuitive, maybe you will too. like >>378390 said, try doing it with your back to a wall. focus on feeling the stretch in your hamstring and don't overextend. i used to lower the kettlebell close to my feet and didn't understand what i was working out, now i really enjoy RDL's.

No. 378656

File: 1707690223764.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.94 KB, 563x704, a4534d821085e9a07c8a6742a632d2…)

I kind of want to start body-building. I build muscle really easily and was always super muscular just from doing sports. Because of this, I was afraid lifting weights would make me too big, and I was told that was unattractive. But honestly, fuck any weak people who look at another human in peak condition and says it's unattractive.

No. 378665

Nona i don't have anything helpful to say other that i envy you so much, building muscle for me is just too hard and i lose weight in general very easily, you have such a precious gift.
I may sound autistic but i always wanted to look like some cool warrior, i hope you can get around it yourself, i cheer you on!

No. 378708

Just goblet squatted 32kg for 8 reps!! Really happy with myself

No. 378713

I eat raw veggies, usually spinach/carrots/mushrooms/tomatoes. Also found out I like raw cauliflower too. If you’re not used to eating raw veggies, it takes a bit to get used to it. Experiment with the foods you do like (i.e. make a salad out of your veggies/try stuff you haven’t tried). Sometimes I include fruits as well as a sweet treat. Hope this helps, nonna!

No. 378728

How to continue weight loss while on COVID?
I feel like I’m rotating between not being able to keep a single thing down and eating anything I can.

No. 378778

I think you should just focus on getting better, take some rest and eat nutritious food. You can always get back on track when you’re healthy again, but I don’t think you should focus on restricting calories or exercise when you’re unwell

No. 378779

I am DETERMINED to drop the 6kg that has been haunting me forever. I've come close before but gained it all back. This is my first accountability post of the year, and I plan to check in with myself every 2 weeks. Good luck to you all in reaching your fitness goals this year too.

No. 378891

Gym rat nonnies, has your gym slowed down from all the resolution goers yet?

No. 378897

Thank fuck it did, but I also noticed some faces still sticking around which is great too

But I'm not looking forward to seeing all the teenage boys on valentines day

No. 378904

I like seeing new people become regulars, but it's been so damn busy still! It could be that they're all gonna stick with it this time kek

No. 378920

No sadly its still pretty packed even during nightowl hours when it used to be only 3 or so people turning up past 10pm…

No. 378931

I am blessed, I go at 1:00-3:30 and nobody new started coming at all kek. It’s the old fart hours, so five retired guys who lift, one ancient lady who I love, and me. Stay strong all u nonnas who have packed gyms/have to go at busy times!!!

No. 378969

File: 1707794227573.jpg (529.14 KB, 2560x2560, 9160wW NPVL.jpg)

Anyone have trouble with crunchy, clicky joints? My shoulders pop when I flex lol. Idk what to do, I stretch often and do my warm ups but I still have problems with this.
Hell yeah anon, nice work!

No. 379060

I'm so jealous of your workout buddies. When I go at that time, it's all zoomer college students. Like women in full beat and wearing next to nothing and dudes whose tanks expose their nipples and shout-talk at each other. They're the worst crowd aside from these petty, superficial complaints because they hog the smith machines and stair climbers, film stupid TikToks, and are generally on their phone more than they lift. I hate it. Thank god the 8-10 am crowd is better.

No. 379114

I’ve been working out for a few months now and I still have zero confidence in my form for a lot of workouts… I hate it so much but I always feel like I’m doing things wrong

No. 379120

Same, I always wind up quitting because I'm scared I'm giving myself like, tendon damage or something and freak myself out.

No. 379171

Are you me?? I build muscle easily and I’ve been looking into bodybuilding as well lately. I’m specifically looking into the bikini bodybuilding as my first dip into the bodybuilding world. I wish we had a bodybuilding thread on here but idk how often it would get posted in. It’s hard to find womens bodybuilding spaces online for newbies. Good luck, Nonitta

No. 379211

>scale: You're 91kg!
>me: omg really?
>scale: Oh no, sorry, you're 96. Good trolling.

And then people ask me why I hate to use a scale.

No. 379225

File: 1707925464894.gif (975.25 KB, 332x332, tumblr_pib90zhZGJ1vnhma6_400.g…)

Is it possible for body recomp to manifest as your ass looking rounder/bigger/less flat but your measurement staying the same? Been lifting for around ten months. Please feel free to tell me if I'm being delusional, I just want to figure out what I should be logging as progress

No. 379229

If you’re delusional then so am I, because I had a similar thing happen while recomping. Now my booty is a little more visibly round so others see it too. You’re on the right track, and props because recomping is its own kind of hell apart from bulking.

No. 379239

I was a little scared the only thing that had actually improved was my posture kek. Congratulations right back at you!

No. 379350

i weigh 127 as of today but would like to break to 120 or 115lbs or so, I did it about two summers ago but regained it back (145) when I was lazy and stopped exercising reguarly, my medication also makes my appetite heavy.

No. 379436

File: 1708009355959.jpeg (41.82 KB, 490x708, IMG_9198.jpeg)

This is my dream body. I’m a sticc now so it’s some time away. Is this body (with that kind of ab definition) achievable without breast implants? I have barely any tits now and was hoping I would fill out a little since I’m planning to actually go up in bf% (I’m essentially skin and bone right now) while gaining muscle.

No. 379440

I basically have this exact body rn only slightly leaner in the abs and my breasts are smaller but they are WAY plumper looking than they were before I got this fit if that makes sense? A lot of it is my pec muscles, back and sides, and the upper abdominals and obliques that create a sort of internal push up bra at least on my body. I know others who have had similar results even from the other end like bigger breasts shrinking and sort of distributing different with muscle under them. If you want like a really full kind of shape tho you may end up wanting implants, but wait til you are at your goal or close to it to reassess how you feel about your chest! Best of luck to you on your fitness journey, you’re gonna smash it nonna!!!

No. 379441

Samefag, if you’re going up a little in bf like you said, you prob will gain some boon depending on your particular fat distribution. I gain first in them and lose last in them kek

No. 379498

Thanks nonna! I’m so happy for you and also very jealous of course.
How long have you been working out? What kind of body did you start out with? Were you athletic your whole life?

No. 379507

Don’t be jealous, you’re gonna have a fuckin sicc body someday not as far away as u prob think! I’ve been doing sports since childhood and am considered naturally athletic I suppose, but I did have a period where I kind of got lazy and depressed and had to recomp muscle and lose around 10lbs. This led to me getting in the best shape of my life during a (no joke) 8 month period of the first lockdown through various activities and not just weight lifting. Rollerblading is amazing for toning and building muscle, and that (plus things like walking or yoga) along with working out in a gym 3x a week for long periods keeps me feeling and looking my favorite way to feel and look! I am taller with my legs being the focal point, very long. Kind of like an athletic hourglass build but lean and tall so it’s not as obvious that it’s hourglass. Broader shoulders bc I was a swimmer kek I have learned to love them tho. Another piece of advice for you would be to mix it up fitness wise as much as you can so you enjoy yourself. The more fun you have working out the faster you’ll reach your goals, in part because time really do be flyin when fun is being had!

No. 379582

>tfw i had this body but now i'm back to being skinnyfat because pandemic, wfh and burnout killed me mentally
it hurts but hey, muscle memory is a real thing
make sure to eat a lot of protein and do compound exercises

No. 379600

Can someone please bully me into exercising this evening. Call me fat, ugly, idc, I need it

No. 379604

exercise bitch, you'll feel so much better afterwards, go get that dopamine

No. 379606

Thank you nonna

No. 379706

I am maintaining my weight and gaining muscle but that’s not my goal. I still have another 15 lbs to go but I haven’t lost any weight for months. I lift 3x a week and do cardio every other day. The only day I’m not in the gym is on Sundays. I am really hungry and probably est too much, but I don’t see how I could eat less and still work out so much? Do I need to stop working out as much? I’m wondering if I have a hormonal issue or insulin resistance because I really feel horrible if I eat less than 1600 calories a day. I’m 5’ 2” at 129 lbs. I’m really muscular but I’d actually like to slim down more.. the thing is I used to be obese and I’m terrified that if I stop this current workout routine that I’ll get fat again. Any advice is appreciated thanks

No. 379820

Tons of cardio might actually be to your detriment. What kind of cardio do you do? If it's making you so hungry, it may be causing you to eat above maintenance.

No. 379913

If you work out that much then your intake is probably fine, even with your height. It was hard for me to adjust to the idea of eating more than 1600/1800cal for weight loss but my weight loss window is currently 2100cal, crazy as it seems. We're different heights so it may be different for you, I don't have your specs of course, but you should use a TDEE calculator to find out how much you need to eat to support your current level of activity, preferably one that includes body fat%.
If you want strength and not size, go for a lower weight + more reps, like a 10-12 or even 15 range. Maybe do cardio only on the days you lift. We have different goals but overexercising and not eating enough has fucked with my progress before and it sounds like that may be the case for you.

No. 379937

I’ve heard that stevia is supposed to taste bitter until you get used to it, then it will taste sweet. But to me it tastes neither bitter or sweet, it just taste like chemicals. Am I broken? It’s really intense and overpowering chemical taste, like my body is trying to stop me from drinking some cleaner kek

No. 379942

It just tastes sweet to me but I’ve mostly been exposed to it via a tea that has the leaves and only tastes sweet after steeping 5-10 minutes.

No. 379943

apologies in advance for the stupid question - im trying to plan a routine in advance so that i know what im going to do when going to the gym. i understand reps and sets, do people alternate between two exercises? for example with a kettlebell. do you repeat the exercise 3 times of one and then the same for the other or is it like a, b, a, b? idek if im making sense kek sorry nonas

No. 379959

Same exercise for all 3, aaa, bbb.

No. 379962

I do either, depending on my mood, I guess, and how different the exercises are. Sometimes I'll do a set of squats between bicep weight sets, just to have something to do while I rest my arms a bit.

No. 380068

I have a slightly stiff left hamstring from all my incline walking this week, today is my cardio day but I dont want to make it worse. Would a light jog be fine?
From what I read online it seems like faster runs or hill distances (which is what I was doing) is what causes this stiffness

No. 380092

i incline walk a lot and i get a stiff hamstring kinda often… the only thing that helps for me is really stretching your legs out before and after workouts. also i notice if i don't sleep with my legs straight it will feel worse in the morning

No. 380366

Pull-up Nona please drop the home arm dumbbell routine you started out with, you are my fitspo. I would love to be able to do some pull-ups but I have big tits and a fat ass and I’m getting back into training after a long time off sick so yeah any other pointers welcome thank you in advance. Oh also why did you decide to go for that over chin-ups, and is it a transferable skill do you think even though they target different muscle groups?

No. 380423

Has anyone done fasting according to their menstrual cycle like how Mindy Pelz advocates for, or incorporated long fasts into their lifestyle in general? Is it legit, or is it disordered eating bullshit?
I want to lose a little more fat but nothing is working after years of consistent calorie restriction. Despite exercising I've gained fat, probably due to intense stress and maybe messed up blood sugar, and I definitely haven't eaten more. I'm very diligent at tracking and my cals are already really low for my height.

No. 380667

seconding the other anon! I need your routine, im trying to work up to 3 good form pushups and want to try a pullup next!

No. 380786

what's the best womens multivitamin? perhaps brand.

No. 380821

File: 1708524049512.jpeg (98.65 KB, 750x624, IMG_9294.jpeg)

There’s 40 days until April. I’m going to work on improving my habits to become fitter, healthier and stronger: who’s in?

No. 380839

I am! This will be my motivation to start doing pushups. I already run 5 mornings a week but I want to start lifting as well. I need to eat more protein too. What will be your plan, anon?

No. 380852

File: 1708531471274.jpeg (495.54 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_0990.jpeg)

I’m so in nonna! I’m trying to do an extra shred for summer, and the weather is getting warm REALLY early where I live! I am gonna go to these giant stairs by a forest preserve near me a few days a week and do many reps of up and down. It’s a popular workout spot so maybe I can make some new friends too kek. I gym 4 days a week but going outside and getting a burn is so much more fun to me. My glutes are going to BURN!!! Good luck and many gains nonnas ♥ my other reason for an extra shred is so I can eat picrel this summer and not feel guilty lmao

No. 380896

It depends on what country you're in. I'm in the UK and use Nature's Best Multi-Guard Sport.

Try wearing compression leggings. I used to get stiff and painful calf muscles while trail running, compression clothing eliminated this entirely.

No. 381217

File: 1708687126294.jpeg (65.17 KB, 750x410, IMG_9299.jpeg)

40 day shredded Hello Kitty anon back again. It was so nice to check back and see your replies!
I’ve committed to an hour on the cross-trainer every day because I need to work on my cardio fitness but my knee joints are fucked from my misspent youth as an athlete so higher impact options are out for me. I’m working out at home only so in addition i’m doing arm days with dumbbells guided by linkrel below, core strength floor exercises and I have this retarded looking hip thrust machine like picrel for my glutes.

No. 381231

It's great to find old notes I made and see that I'm making strength progress too! I'm only just getting organized about it, I've just been going and haphazardly remembering the weights I lift kek.
My shoulders are slowly looking awesome and I have an ass again. This summer I'll be so confident, hot, and even more physically able to do shit.
Everything else in my life is falling apart a bit but this is good.

No. 381246

i gained 15 pounds in like 2 months (was depressed over getting broken up with so i basically just moped around, didn't exercise, and ate my feelings.) i was 130 and now i'm 145 which is slightly overweight for my height and now i'm kind of struggling to lose the weight again. i started going to the gym 4 times a week again, and i'm trying to eat in a caloric defecit, but my biggest problem with staying accountable is that i really got into the habit of snacking, and now i feel hungry all the time if i don't snack constantly. i successfully replaced 80% of the junk food with stuff like fruit and nuts, but i will just eat SO much of it i go way over my calories anyway, just out of force of habit. how the fuck do i stop snacking? i tried to start intermittent fasting, so as to limit the time in which i can snack, but i keep breaking my fasts early because i get hungry, lmao.

No. 381250

Look up volume eating recipes, eat high protein, and replace as many snacks as you can with veggies. OR split all your meals into several snacks a day. During snack-y days my "dinner" will be 2-4 snacks. Just last night I had 4 very different tiny meals with a gap in between instead one big traditional dinner.
Also weigh training and gaining muscle simply allows you to eat more. I'm currently eating 500-600 calories above what I was when I was just walking all the time and my weight itself hasn't changed. That's at least two snacks more.

No. 381253

I miss the Gym so fucking much. My boyfriend gifted me 3 months, he was initially gonna gift me a year pass but I told him no need since I start university soon and can use their gym. There are fucking bed bugs in this whole university, and now so now my gym pass expired and I cannot afford a new one.
Can't wait for winter to be over so I can go to calisthenics park outdoors.

No. 381274

Are sports bras with medium or above support supposed to feel slightly suffocating when you wear them? Like the ones that have x-crosses on the back. There's no actual breathing problems but I'm distinctly uncomfortable in a way I've never been when wearing normal non-underwire bras.

Eating 2 hardboiled eggs in the morning keeps you actually satiated for a long while.

No. 381328

I don't get why my weight has stayed the same for so long. Last summer I was eating a lot and doing very little exercise, since school started back I've been eating less and doing more exercise but my weight has stayed the exact same. What gives? I'm not overweight but I'm not so skinny that my body should be holding onto it.

No. 381350

your body could've stayed the same weight by having more muscle mass instead of body fat. do you feel like you look a bit different visually?

No. 381397

Yes but then you have to eat 2 hardboiled eggs

No. 381527

I've been doing short, low impact dance workouts from youtube recently. It's not the epitome of working out or fitness but I'm glad I found something that doesn't make me want to fucking die while I do it, so that's good! I hope I can stick to it.

No. 381546

File: 1708813231490.jpg (287.79 KB, 1010x671, gv30000062338_1-1659594603.jpg)

You don't have to eat them plain! Maybe you can add it to a stew you made, or use it to make healthy egg salad that uses yogurt instead of mayo, or make soy sauce eggs (https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/gyeran-jangjorim)

No. 381552

What is that liquid?

No. 381556

nta but it's soy sauce. she wrote soy sauce eggs in her post too.

No. 381596

Oh my bad, I've never had traditional soy sauce, I wasn't aware it's that thin.

No. 381642

Does anyone have tips for managing body dismorphia and losing weight/getting more fit? Last time I got the fittest of my life, but at the time I couldn't really enjoy the superficially physical aspects (I could enjoy the new found strength and flexibility but not how I looked, I still saw the 50 lb+ version of my self). I didn't gain all the weight back, but I wanna get that fit again and not be so mentally fucked up.

No. 381649

take photos of yourself at regular intervals and look back at them. works for me.

No. 381670

The biggest treatment for my BDD has been socializing and spending time with good friends. I still have episodes but it no longer controls my mind 24/7 like when I was lonelier. I even feel hot sometimes.
Otherwise, after being fat it just takes time to adjust. A really long time, and it may never leave forever. There are still social situations where I feel 60 lbs heavier and I accept that.
Wishing you the best, nona.

No. 382072

I’m starting to look so weird. I’ve been losing weight in an attempt to make my thighs not so huge, but now my upper half is starting to look skelly while my thunder thighs stay the same. I can see my ribs/sternum area above my boobs now and I feel like it just looks so gross, like a frail grandma or a plague victim. I’m planning to lose more weight but my chest area freaks me out. How do I get over this?

No. 382076

Chest exercises to build muscle. It’s normal to have an are where you lose fat last. It’s my thighs for me too.

No. 382110

Has anyone else been reading about ultra-processed foods and seed oils? I'm slowly trying to cut them out as much as I can. I didn't realise how so many things have so much crap in them, like store-bought bread and cereals. Even my favourite cranberry cheese I like to buy has seed oils in it.

No. 382120

I've read about it before, but I think I've reached a point where "everything" is bad one way or another or there's tons of contradictory information/claims about a lot of stuff so I've resorted to limiting processed foods within reason and just common sense health. I cook from scratch most nights and don't eat junk food regularly so I'm not going to stress about storebought bread.

No. 382148

I don't really buy the seed oil thing, yeah it's the emptiest of empty calories, anything else would be more nutritious. But is it actively harmful? Any observational study is going to be extremely skewed, since the worst foods out there have the most seed oils. And it's not hard to see why, it's extemely cheap, flavor neutral, colorless, doesn't go bad easily and has a high smoke point. That being said cereal and store bought bread generally sucks and your right to avoid them, but I'll keep my neutral cooking oil and cold pressed cannola oil for now.

No. 382306

That makes me feel a little better about it, because I was feeling a bit guilty for still consuming them as I had loads of vegetable and sunflower oil left and didn't want to just throw them out. I still prefer cooking with olive oil so maybe when all of my seed oils run out I'll just stick to using olive.

No. 382344

Is there an app out there that snowballs calories throughout the days? I would run into times where I would be under calories one day and I would use that advantage to eat more the next day, but then accidentally eat more because I didn't correctly add up calories or just simply forgot if I underate previously. I'd just like something that would make it convenient for me to keep track of.

No. 382552

File: 1709326360210.png (104.46 KB, 671x445, efwefwefwewef.png)

I don't think an app like that exists yet, but you could use any app and set the daily caloric limit to your weekly limit and then only track on the first day of the week.
Most of them have no idea what they're talking about, foodsciencebabe is a good starting point
>Even my favourite cranberry cheese I like to buy has seed oils in it.
Even if seed oils were bad for you an item like this wouldn't have that much, it's like a drop of seed oil per serving not like eating something fried yaknow

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