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File: 1524433315258.png (932.82 KB, 976x509, busted.png)

No. 14476

Why does the UK bring out the worst wannabes ever? We're here to answer those questions.

In the last thread-
>Connie releases her bargain bin book to luke warm reviews
>Abi gets lip and tear trough fillers, whores off her twitch a trip LA with chums bar Connie
>was revealed she went to prison for a night
>Beckii gets lip fillers and remains boring
>Kelsey gets lip fillers, begs on her social media and starts a web series
>Gemma rolls on the floor
>Jared still trying to obtain his harem with cash

No one else is relevant. Roll on that stagnant milk!



No. 14482

When was it revealed that abi went to prison? I don't remember seeing anything about that in the last thread

No. 14483



discussed there

No. 14484

I really hate that the girls are in L.A just to visit Disneyland. They have not made any effort to explore L.A or visit the museums (LACMA is a great place to visit) or try the food or diverse communities (L.A has the largest Persian and Mexican communities outside their respective lands and have cool areas) or Venice Beach or other cool parts of L.A. They are such cultureless vapid twats.

No. 14485

If anyone was wondering how Abi got a job at Disney, it's because she is going to be in the mascot suits, not a princess. She left that part out of the announcements. Still a good job though I guess. Just sweaty.

No. 14487

File: 1524525148731.jpeg (711.19 KB, 2048x1443, 7E815B30-E877-4D17-9305-5C828B…)

That’s just where they are beginning their trip it looks, Beckii is pretty obsessed with the Lana LA look and plans on visiting all that, you can cool it with your salt anon

No. 14490

they ate at mcds multiple times when in tokyo, so im not surprised… its just sad

No. 14492

maybe this has been said already but I don't understand why Abi wore high heels to Disney. why not just… dress comfy? you can still be comfy and cute. this mindset boggles me, who exactly are you trying to impress?

No. 14493

lolololol so they only came to L.A for Disneyland and Hogwarts touristy crap? Man, as I said before, they are uncultured twats. At least Beckii wants to see Hollywood, which has a lot of interesting history that's made a big impact on American culture. and yeah, lol @ Abi for wearing high heels at Disneyworld. Her feet must be wrecked. You can wear cute white tennis sneakers and still look kawaii.

No. 14494

File: 1524553926348.jpg (28.64 KB, 480x480, Yl0s3mh.jpg)

Beckii looks like a drag queen with that make up

No. 14495

Beckii legit looks mtf in that pic

No. 14496

has anyone noticed that Kelsey's harry potter diary series is basically just the story of Anne Frank with a wizard twist lmfao

No. 14497

Can you elaborate on that?

No. 14498

muggles/muggle borns= jews
voldemort/death eaters=third reich
shes a young girl keeping a diary about her experiences as a target demographic in the war
there's a section of the trailer where she is packing her things into her bag as if she's running away.
Probably just me stretching lmao but that's what it immediately reminded me of.

No. 14499

i always saw the whole Voldemort thing as representing the Nazis and jews anyway.

No. 14500

Okay guys I apologise for bringing up a super old topic, but I was watching the newest Star Wars movie, and I remembered Kelsey was supposed to be an extra in one scene… Anyone know which scene and if it made it into the movie?

(sage for old topic)

No. 14501

FFS anon! It will be the Han Solo movie! It's not even out yet!

No. 14502

Oops sorry. My bad.

No. 14503

Kelsey is posting a lot of hauls of stuff that she's buying in Hollywood, Disney, etc
she's the only one out of the 3 that doesn't have a full time job.
She dances at cyber-dog for a couple hours a week but I assume that money goes towards her rent or groceries.
so wheres the money coming from? she doesn't make money from youtube.
and she spent a ton of money for her HP webseries.
seems weird to me

No. 14504

Probably universal credit/pip from the government

No. 14505

Isn’t Abi the one without a job? Kelsey gets money from cyber dog and YouTube.

No. 14506

That's still going to be fuck all. She lives in London right? Rent there is extortionate, there is no way she will have extra just from that

No. 14507

Disability benefits?

No. 14508

What are the other weebs' jobs?

Don't you say that Connie is a writer or i'll smash your head!!!!

No. 14509

-Kelsey dances at cyberdog a couple hours a week.
-I thought Abi still worked at the maid cafe? she makes so much money from twitch she doesn't need a job anyways.
-Beckii works at some social media company.
-Connie has the most successful youtube and yes she made a ton of money from her writing.
she was on the Amazon YA bestsellers list for like 3 weeks

No. 14510

the maid cafe is event based, its not an actual job

No. 14511

Well this trip was free so i'm guessing that's why she is able to buy so much stuff.

No. 14512

Abi works like one event a year for MOE (2 tops) so that’s not really a “job” as such..

Tbf I don’t know how or why she still works there, her character is the worst of the maids, she rarely posts anything other than a bunch of selfies she took at whatever event she worked at last.

And she constantly breaks the 4th wall rule by telling everyone she works there (ironically something that can get you fired from somewhere like Disney)

No. 14513

Kelsey got a job working at the unicorn cafe all her friends had been going to

No. 14514

> she made a ton of money from her writing
Post proofs. Like a calculation of "income - costs" with fairly accurate numbers and sources.

Otherwise Freddie is the biggest movie star (who started on youtube) because he had 3 films.

> she makes so much money from twitch she doesn't need a job anyways

In other words: unemployed.

So… One full-time(???), one part-time, two unemployed (or one unemployed and one freelancer).
Truely success stories.

No. 14515

No she didn’t?

No. 14516

Does anyone else find it weird that Connie flew out to Florida a few days after Beckii, Kelsey and Ability fly out and she hasn't even met up with them yet?
Does Connie even consider herself a Galaxy Girl anymore or is she too good for that now

No. 14517

Maybe she is camera-shy. lulz

On the serious side: my bet is she doesn't want the others to mock how badly her book was recieved. Remember the shade-tweet.

No. 14518

are you telling me she hasn't seen her "friends" since her book release?

No. 14519

this is me tinfoiling but i presume she did not.
think about it. every time the others go somewhere she isn't there. she only "gets there" DAYS after. she only @s at ririiiiiiiiiichan and fans (and Hank Green?? wtf?), maybe DMs the others but yeah…
she seems isolated on purpose. given how the others operate on cam, it wouldn't surprize me if she doesn't want to interact with those toxic weebs.

sage for tinfoiling

No. 14520


…Abi, Beckii, and Kelsey went to California not Florida…

No. 14521

Florida and LA are on opposite coasts. It’s unlikely they would meet up in America.

No. 14522

Noodlerella is at playlist live in Florida.

No. 14523

Can someone explain to me how Abi got hired at Disneyland despite being open about loving pedo hentai?

No. 14524

File: 1525027040039.jpeg (160.9 KB, 599x223, 15E9254F-EFAD-4B6E-BCC9-6E927D…)

Yes she did, from her patreon

No. 14526

Kelsey also gets money from her viewster series, not sure how much though

No. 14527

why would universal studio give the girls free tickets to their park? why give these nobodies free shit.

No. 14528

Cuz Disney Corporation by default is banking on pedo stuff.
(All the princesses are 14-18 [Tiana is the oldest, 19, but nobody wants to be her LOL])

No. 14529

Everyone always thinks Disney is a dream job, and working there is going to be an experience like visiting the park - but nothing could be further from the truth.

Abi is going to have it tough - there is a big ban on social media thoughout all Disney related corporations. This was a few years ago, but I was banned from posting about getting a job there on social media (although because Abi will be in a character suit only, maybe it doesn't matter so much). No pictures of you in costume, backstage, at training, no telling people when your work days are etc. To keep the 'magic alive' you have to think of the park atendees, not your social media following.

It's also a physically demanding job - it's hot in the suits and costumes (fainting is not that uncommon) and can be freezing in the winter, early mornings and late nights, and you have to have a lot of discipline and self control. Because it's such a physically demanding job. (Not to mention being felt up by creepy fathers.)

If Abi can do that because of her love for Disney, great. But I give her three months before she decides it's not for her, or gets fired by posting something on social media if her previous job is anything to go by. There's a reason that auditions are held quite frequently throughout the world.

No. 14530

Shut up, Marisa D.

No. 14531

If Abi is so big into Disney as she claims to be she already knows all this and knows how tasking the job is. Auditions are already hard enough from what I've heard.

No. 14532

Universal studios gave them free tickets? I thought it was one of Abi's twitch subscribers.

I think Elsa is the oldest.

No. 14533

It must be nice to be able to get a job just to earn money for a youtube project and not for actual living expensives

No. 14534

Elsa is 21. But also a queen so technically not a princess… Plus Anna and Elsa aren't in the "Disney Princess" bunch… So Tiana would still be the oldest princess.

Sage for non contributing Disney crap.

Also, how long until Abi gets in trouble for posting stuff online about her job?!

No. 14535

no it was a gift from Universal.
I thought Abi's Twitch subs paid for the flights though

No. 14538

Kelsey’s first episode for her series is up. She can’t keep up the shitty fake accent for 5 minutes without dropping back into her normal one on certain words lol

No. 14539

File: 1525288740106.png (470.36 KB, 444x445, 480.png)

ooh so awkward. bad acting and weird pauses where you can see she's trying to remember her own script.
her eye is really distracting throughout it too.
the background music is irritating.

this is going to get hardly any views.
this is so cringy for a 25 year old woman to be doing

No. 14540


Okay I'm sorry. Kelsey's character Holly knows she a witch but when she got her list of books and items she needs for Hogwarts she thinks it's all a joke??

also Dumbledore came to her house and practiced powerful magic in from of Holly's parents to convince them to let her attend Hogwarts???!!

she's 17 and only attending Hogwarts now?

I can't believe I watched 18 minutes of this.
it's honestly so bad and I'm not just saying that because it's Kelsey. I actually wanted this to go well for her.

No. 14541

She clearly said 'when I was about 11' before the whole letter story

No. 14542

Awkward af yeah

I don't think the pauses are a problem though because it's meant to be an unedited video diary so the natural pauses although probably unintentional aren't really a problem because it's how most people would be if they were talking to a camera and couldn't edit afterwards.

The accent is abhorrent and unnecessary eugh

No. 14543

I honestly find her looks, mannerisms, and her eye, extremely endearing. I really think this could have been 100 times better without the faux accent, but I think she may have done that to not make it such a self-insert. If it was her own very distinctive accent, Imo people would rag on her for not bothering to change it.
Her awkwardness in the vid is sweet, I really hope this goes well for her, even with the little bits about it that irk me.

..Dumbledore going to the house himself was not a great touch. Unless her character is supposed to be some huge central character, that just makes no sense.

No. 14544

Self insert aside, the character is just Harry with privilege. She even wears glasses like Harry. I also think the skirt was a wrong choice for the theme, mom jeans would have looks better for 80’s

The video as very dull though, I couldn’t finish it.

No. 14545

I think it's kind of sad that none of the other galaxy girls helped promote Kelsey's first video. Not even a retweet or anything. They know how much time, money and effort she put into it

No. 14546


not to be that person but you can still do the things you like 25 and beyond. you don’t just become a boring af person once you turn 25. criticize kelsey for her acting but her age has nothing to do with it.

No. 14547

>you don’t just become a boring af person once you turn 25.

You do tend to have a career tho.

No. 14548

File: 1525366776867.png (205.6 KB, 640x643, c75OIrjRD0P0eZ8XIZtELwixsU2Ve1…)


Just to play Devil's Advocate – you're reaching. Not everyone has their career at 25.

No. 14551


Seriously this. 25 isn’t the benchmark for being successful as life is different for each and every person. Hell, many in their 30s are still wondering who the hell they are. Setting some sort of goal is always great no matter what age, but being told we are supposed to be a certain way by a certain age isn’t practical unless you live in a dream world.

No. 14555

2nd episode of kelsey's series is up. How did it get worse jfc
The writing is so clunky and really unnatural. Don't give up your day job lmao

No. 14557

Anyone else feel like Beckii is flaunting her wealth recently? I mean I wouldn't care seen as loads of Youtubers do it, but Beckii is one of those types that is quick to jump in line and speak for Working Class people whilst she's at it, which really rubs me up the wrong way. Classic champagne socialist. She posted something on insta and twitter about spending over £30 on some designer-esque vegan pizza.

No. 14559

What wealth? She constantly posts about raiding Tesco bargain bins and “who’s got the budget tho”

She’s on holiday off she’s gonna spend money on dumb shit

No. 14561


oh come onnnnn!
no one is saying she has to be successful but there's something a bit cringe about a grown ass woman making a self insert Harry Potter fan-fiction where she plays a 17 year old.
Kelsey seems to think that this is going to be her big youtube break or something and her videos are only barely breaking 2k views as usual.

wait and see, she'll be crying on twitter soon enough about how youtube ruined her views or some other crap.

No. 14563

>>14531 Yeah, because an audition of a few hours where you pretend to be a cowboy, dwarf etc and learn some 30 second dance routines is really equivilient to the actual job.

No. 14564

>>14544 She even has "Just Holly" (like "just Harry" in the books and films).
If you put on an accent it has to be almost effortless/natural. Hers sounds almost insulting.

No. 14566

I watched the second episode of Kelsey's show.
Her accent changes every two seconds!
I saw her honeydukes top in Primark the other day in the pyjama section.

No. 14568

File: 1525395293948.jpeg (173.67 KB, 750x1091, 7E53CA37-8CAF-4B0B-A4E0-5611E7…)

Riirii has been e-begging for implants but is booking a trip to Japan?
I’ve been suspicious from the moment she started to ask for donations but I think it’s clear she intends to have her breasts done for free on the NHS and will use the money for other things (this Japan trip) but I didn’t think she would be this DUMB and show it so soon.

No. 14570

>implying she could ever get her breasts done for free on NHS. I can't get my reduced nevermind someone getting her's enhanced. Gross that she'd even try to abuse the system like that.>>14568

No. 14571

She’s a professional victim and e-begger, I won’t be surprised if she can get it for free like almost everything else in her life.

No. 14572

Quite unreal how much she gets everything for free. Housing, food, nice clothes, gifts and media; but is complaining like mad on her private twitter that she has no money and she's having nervous breakdowns about having no money.

No. 14573

I had my suspicions she would do this. She is on meds and can easily get them done on nhs.
It's her teeth all over again, begged for money and got them done most likely for free.
I'll mention this again, she's clearly gained weight and got bigger breasts from it. The fact she's e-begging for it more or less proves it for me that she isn't using all the money for her surgery.

>almost 24

She acts like a 16 year old kid. Honestly when is she going to grow up and consider a career path? She gave up on college, gave up on twitch and now pateron.

You guy were saying how Kelsey is 25 and doing what she's doing. At Least she's making an effort into youtube somewhat and has a small job. She has some kind of work ethic compared to Riiri.

No. 14574

I don’t understand why, if she has £1000+ to spend on a trip to Japan she isn’t putting that towards her boob job? Her deception is so plain to see and yet people are still giving her money. How does a talentless and boring individual end up with so many mindless followers willing to throw cash and gifts her way???

No. 14575

File: 1525546030462.png (5.37 MB, 2048x1536, F495B097-F89F-498E-A5D5-6D09F3…)

Episode 4 with Leila…

No. 14578

File: 1525548137860.png (271.17 KB, 808x317, 356743.PNG)

I guess Abi is going to be working at Disneyland Paris.

No. 14581

does anyone know what character she's playing?
it's hilarious that she's being put in a character suit.
she's so over the top with the cutesy act, I guess the hiring people at Disney loved it but didn't love her face!
how is she going to get her under eye troughs filled in when she's trying to afford to live in France too?

No. 14582

does she even know French?

No. 14583

actually everywhere around the park is pretty english friendly, i assume she wonnt travel too much because she doesnt come across as very… cultured?

No. 14584

the people in the character suits switch up who they play a lot i think

No. 14585

correct me if i'm wrong on this one, but doesn't disney have a really strict policy on disclosing that you work as a cast member because it "breaks the magic"? i could've sworn i heard about it somewhere.

does it apply if you're just in a mascot suit?

No. 14586

English friendly sure, but a cast member not talking French? Yeaaah… Most of the guests speak French.

No. 14587

I went a couple months ago and to me it seemed like everyone spoke very good english AND french. Even the people serving food etc. She must be playing a non speaking role.

No. 14588

Disneyland Paris is not as strict. As long as she doesnt make mirror selfies in costume or show the break/dressing rooms is okay.

She doesn't need to speak French. English and basic French is okay.

She doesn't get to chose the character.

I don't think she will last an entire year. It's pretty tiresome to work at the park.

No. 14589

What year is Kelseys series set?

I thought it was mid 80s by the styling ect

but shes talking about james potter who died in 1981, with harry being born the year before that, no mention of james (someone she idolised so much) having a kid or even that he married lily, things that happened before the 80s even properly happened??

No. 14590

I don't think Disneyland Hong Kong, Tokyo, or Shanghai require the cast members to know the language… Not the face characters anyway.

No. 14591

>>14589 Yeah - it's so strange that Kelsey set it in the 80s because wasn't the war over in 81? Wouldn't lat 70s been a better choice, or failing that, toned down the "I am wearing 80s clothes". And the fashion/styling looks (as you've said) mid to late 80s?
She probably just wanted to wear a style she liked, screw authenticity etc

No. 14592

It’s actually astounding how much Riiri has received for free, wether it be from companies or fans. Off the top of my head I can list her 3DS (it was a limited edition Animal Crossing version), all the parts to build more than one PC, I believe her recent desk, her computer chair, her webcam, her microphone, her fancy DSLR camera, furniture for her bedroom (I remember someone on a twitter purchasing her a vanity recently). It’s actually disgusting and it makes me angry also because she has all the tools there to be a successful streamer etc but she squanders it in favour of laziness.

No. 14593

When she complains and throws a woe is me act and acts depressed about never having money I want to slap her.

No. 14594


Good point. She specifically says in the intro of the first video that it's 1981.

No. 14595

I’m surprised that Kelsey has released this series daily, I’m not sure how many episodes there are but a weekly release is usually more successful and better for a channel due to algorithms. Right?

No. 14596

>she has all the tools there to be a successful streamer etc

sorry anon but no one can buy her a personality. She has a mic etc but she'll never make real bank from streaming, she's seriously so boring and disgusting.
She plays on the "one of the guys" card, which means burping into the mic every 5 mins. Couldn't watch it if i was paid.

No. 14597

James Potter died in 1981 but had his last year in Hogwarts in 1978. Kelsey said she met him when she was in third year so it would have worked out.

Kelsey deleted the tweets now but she was talking about how youtube is messing up the views for her HP videos.
I knew she would start with this!

No. 14598

>being willing to make your living by just existing as a slab if meat with makeup and tits and being a perpetual cocktease
>being a pathetic enough man to grovel and spend money to fund this shit in the delusion that she will like you
Can't tell which role here is more deserving of the seething hatred and revulsion I'm feeling

No. 14599

Kelsey is just as pathetic as the "Character" she plays. Why did she try to tie her series so close to the Harry Potter series?

No. 14600

File: 1525729705103.jpg (16.07 KB, 578x235, haterz.jpg)

Oh fuck! Kelsey showed us! Not like she has any level of self awareness.

Always screen shot, dude.

No. 14601

No, daily, extralong content with huge retention time is the new goal. This is why everybody and her mother started to podcast weekly BUT do 10-30 min long videos daily (and those videos are usually unedited footages).

Maybe she could do those "you laugh you lose" type of vids that pewdiepie does now for a living lulz.

No. 14602

I honestly can't even remember the last time I enjoyed one of Connie's videos. they just make me cringe now.
Also she hired someone to edit all her videos because she's too busy binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix

No. 14603

I know she leeched off nigris loser fans for a while so thats my only conclusion as of why/how she manages to get all these cucks buying stuff for her.

Realize it's never food/rent/necessities she begs for. It's always expensive stuff like computer parts, fake breasts etc. This must be because her boyfriends parents are still buying all her food while shes freeloading there.
As much as im jealous at the free gift/money giving, i would be so fucking ashamed of myself doing what she's doing. Freeloading at her boyfriends while begging for PC and Body parts to be BOUGHT for her instead of making a humble income from a part-time job + streaming.
i'm embarrassed for her, taking extreme laziness to the next level.

No. 14604

She has a boyfriend while whoring herself out to guys online for breast implants? I feel sorry for her boyfriend, he needs to get some self respect because he's basically become a literal cuck. As for her, she needs to solve those deep attention seeking insecurities she has.

No. 14605

Riiri is now selling her fancy camera which she received for free from a follower. She is also selling her Pokemon 2DS which I remember he using for access to Homebrew so she could attempt to stream wirelessly from it (surprise, she never did stream) and using Homebrew has the chance to get your console marked by Nintendo who will block the console’s internet access and pretty much brick the system. It’s pretty shady of her not to mention the risks that come with owning that console and it’s just plain rude to sell the camera. What a kick in the teeth to the person who bought it for her!

I wonder if her bf still even likes her or if he just feels trapped by her existence now? No doubt she would start another round of funding for a place to live if his family kicked her out. His family can’t enjoy her presence.

No. 14606

She was so stiff in a lot of this, made it a bit awkward to watch

No. 14607

File: 1526067103882.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180511-203055.png)

Looks like Abi is playing Timon at the moment. She didn't outright say it, but the comments kind of give it away

No. 14611

File: 1526067124567.png (617.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180511-203119.png)

Comment pic

No. 14614

Abi has put up some Instagram videos of her and her Disney co-workers dancing and drinking at the BBQ. I guess it is okay to post this stuff??

also fucking lol at her playing Timon >>14607
I hope the pay is good enough to justify sweating in that suit all day

No. 14615

lol she's going to end up getting fired
she isn't being subtle at all

No. 14616

she's not breaking any rules.

She will probably quit soon when she will be tired to be all sweaty inside a suit instead of be a real life princess.

No. 14617

Employees are allowed to say they are "helping" or "hanging out with" whatever character, they are not allowed to say they ARE a character which would break the ~~~magic~~~

No. 14618

File: 1526136851373.png (76.31 KB, 739x490, 12393879834t5891.PNG)

Kelsey whining about money again. Surprise surprise…

No. 14622

get a fucking job idiot jesus fuck. i would be BEYOND mortified to post something like this while willingly not working full-time. wtf does she expect?

No. 14623

That’s what I’m wondering. Even then, she can just state there’s gonna be a pause on her content because she’s working full time, but with her minimum amount of “fans”, it’s not like anyone will care she’s gone

No. 14624

Connie finds a way to bring up her broken leg in her new Disneyland haul video….I can't listen to it anymore. she needs to talk to a therapist because there's obviously something behind all this

No. 14625

File: 1526165344663.jpg (392.98 KB, 1080x850, 152616533591375548000435464815…)

Really makes you think

No. 14628

$300 on a holiday isn't that much tbh

No. 14629

It is when you're skint and don't have a decent steady income

No. 14630

Abi and Kelsey have blocked me on Facebook thinking I'm the one threatening to reveal personal information.

Sorry girls but it isn't me. Good luck in your search.

No. 14631

the fact that you're running here to bitch about it suggests otherwise lmao

No. 14632

Actually, I thought seeing as they lurk here they would see it and know their search isn't over.
I don't agree with sharing personal information, and I genuinely hope they find who it is.

Saged for irrelevant crap that nobody cares about. Gonna drop the subject now. It's done with.

No. 14633

yeah that's only £220
that's quite sad actually for a holiday.
she really needs a full time job.
Love to know how she pays her rent for her London Apartment.

No. 14634

It’s me

No. 14635


Fucking hell

Why even bother going away

No. 14636

Even if it’s “only” £220 it’s £220 she could have used on her project if she really cared that much about it. Earlier in the year she made a post about how she was proud to be out of full time regular work and only being paid by things like YouTube so perhaps she’s too embarrassed to get a real job again, but it’s something she really needs to consider.

No. 14637

Not to be whiteknighting but I believe it was Kelsey's birthday whilst she was over there so it might have been birthday money and some gifts. But yes, priorities?

No. 14638

Is she purposely trying to be as unlikable as possible in this video? As a casual viewer, this just made me unsubscribe. Her content isn't great to begin with, and now she's going to bombard us with terrible attitude in her intros? Or have I just never noticed how gross she really is?

No. 14639

File: 1526317747118.png (39.87 KB, 714x401, Screenshot (98).png)

Other people seem to have noticed as well

No. 14640

File: 1526318689684.png (61.59 KB, 965x542, Screenshot (99).png)

No. 14642

I don't think this is what Connie wants to do anymore. I think she has to force herself to be this over the top quirky character. I think she wants to write books but the money and popularity of YouTube is too hard for her to left go.
Also what was the point of that video? What a stupid idea!

No. 14644

I haven't watched the whole thing, but the parts when she's talking about Captain America and Thorshe sounds like she's almost slurring. Girl is fucked.

No. 14645

File: 1526580459822.jpeg (63.07 KB, 750x403, 378CA3A4-A5F8-40D9-938C-B11F40…)

Didn’t she make a big deal about how this project was for her and she wasn’t going to care about views or revenue?

No. 14646

she has a twitch viewing of the last episode of her webseries and no one showed up. pretty sad

No. 14647

The amount of self-hatred a 25 year old must have to be doing this to herself.

It actually makes me sad.

No. 14648

File: 1526592307086.png (1012.35 KB, 594x696, kel.png)

I think Kelsey looks so pretty lately.
she could probably be a model even with her dodgy eye!
I wonder what she's going to do after her HP show is finished. I think she genuinely thought it was going to be a big success for her

No. 14652

File: 1526680887173.jpeg (244.99 KB, 750x851, 206D7E0E-B133-42AB-AF4F-1F5BFD…)

That facial expression

No. 14653

I don't necessarily mean it as a bad or a good thing but I would never think she was 25 if I hadn't seen it said here a lot. Between the way she acts and the way she looks I'd think she was 20 or younger. Actually I do kind of mean it as a bad thing, something about knowing she's 25 makes it a all a bit sad

No. 14654

Yeah, because on Instagram with a ton of filters, everyone is a model.
I've worked as an assistant to a casting director; she's too plain to be hired, except for those who specifically want a girl with one one, and then she'll be asked to play that up. Face shape etc is very important as are body proportions, no matter what height you are. When I saw her dance IRL she's not ugly, but not what you'd hire.

And isn't that obvious? Make another HP show!

No. 14655

Ha - a girl who is notorious for posting hate about people is sucking up to Kelsey on her facebook page.
Just shows that it's the sycophants who are the worst.

No. 14656

Only watched a minute so far but she seems really angry, not drunk. Maybe the drunk/high will be more obvious as it goes but totally getting angry from this

No. 14657

Drunk/high referring to these comments >>14639

No. 14658

Skipped to 9 minutes and she's drunk af, I was wrong, guess she's an angry drunk.

No. 14659

can someone tell abby to stop posting 500 stories a day on instagram from Disney.

also lol @ how incredibly unsubtle she is about which characters she plays.

No. 14660

she seems to go there on her free time constantly and just eat junk food. how long until she gets bored?

No. 14661

or fat lmao

No. 14662

She is high af

No. 14663

File: 1526975968552.jpg (20.26 KB, 508x199, face.jpg)


No. 14665

File: 1526977951298.jpg (48.94 KB, 1116x527, Views1.jpg)

Hey Kelsey, since it's pretty much confirmed you lurk here I made you a chart.

No. 14666

File: 1526977970611.jpg (50.37 KB, 1115x526, Views2.jpg)

With LA Haul.

No. 14668

File: 1526980734284.png (495.37 KB, 527x449, holly.png)

the finale of her webseries didn't even break 1000 views. must suck.
this is who she hired to play her mother kek

No. 14681

I'm guessing this is for her Harry Potter Heroes thing? That's… pretty sad.

No. 14683

Christ, even the 1st episode hasn't cracked 5k. I wasn't expecting a smash hit but I thought the series would at least do a little better than this…

No. 14686

Try me, Kels

No. 14688

Kelsey saw the Han Solo premier today and hasn’t boasted about it so I guess that means she was cut out?

No. 14691

no she's at the very start of the movie and has her line!

No. 14693

I spoke too soon. Apparently she has a line at the start and is ready for her Hollywood star of fame.

No. 14695

I skipped out on this video because it was such a dumbass idea, but now I need to watch to see what everyone is talking about shit.

No. 14697

If I was youtube and I saw this video I would demonitize it just because how lazy it is and how stupid and drunk/high she sounds. She thinks she's funny but it's just bitchy.

Also, take a drink everytime she mentions her books or broken leg in a video.

No. 14700

She is an attention seeker, as if anyone is going to stalker her boring self

No. 14702

I doubt it’s a stalker, the girls probably hand out their address to anyone who promises them gifts. They should pool for a PO BOX instead of being so dumb about personal information!

No. 14705

She doesn’t just hand out her personal information to strangers.
Finding out where she lives wasn’t easy.
I had to do a lot of research…and I kinda followed her.
I know it sounds super creepy, but I mean no harm.(pure autism)

No. 14707

Dude what the fuck that’s not okay

No. 14709

why does this sound like the kind of thing cows/flakes post themselves to make it look like they have stalkers

No. 14711

why would you follow her???????
look i know we're a "hate forum" but that is too far by any means, even on this website.
You sound like a desperate male virgin.

No. 14714


Kiki did it first, lmao.

No. 14716

If you meant no harm you'd leave her the fuck alone and not threaten to reveal personal info about her.
How would you feel if someone researched deeply into your life and literally followed you home.
Fucking creep.

No. 14718

This isn't normal dude

No. 14721

Wow. I hope that her Facebook post is true then and she does know who you are because you need to be locked up before you hurt someone.

No. 14723

Eeeeeh no
First of all…I didn’t threaten to reveal personal info about her.
I‘m not going to reveal anything.
And about the following part. I said that I‘ve KINDA followed her. We live in the same area and after seeing her walk by…I just meh I dunno…Nvm
I was bored. Really bored…And everything kinda escalated.

No. 14725

you need help. i genuinely hope you seek it. that means a lot coming from someone on lc of all places

No. 14727

Not okay. Not okay at all.
I genuinely hope that she takes action further because her safety should not be compromised by people like you.
Get help.

No. 14729

According to instagram, Kelsey is going in a pyjama top to MCM as her own character. Cringe.

No. 14731

File: 1527349768010.png (878.96 KB, 940x841, Screenshot (20).png)

Has anyone seen Connie's Pink Diamond cosplay on Twitter for MCM? It just doesn't look good in my opinion. That wig isn't right;,and why does she keep making that face? I dont remember Pink Diamond ever making that facial expression…

No. 14771

the fucking lace on the wig is killing me lmao

No. 14773

File: 1527356145940.jpg (169.16 KB, 854x784, DeHtJzeXUAAb5jU.jpg)

it looks awful!! I can't believe she went to MCM in that!
Pink Diamond never makes that face.

what is this weird discoloured patch around her forehead?

No. 14871

That's the lace of the wig

No. 14873

Why wouldn't she cover that?? It's so obvious in all her edited pictures I can only imagine what it looks like in person

No. 14875

That wig line. Woof.

No. 14877

I have no idea, it's like five shades darker than her skin. And like you said, that's after all the filters have already smoothed it out.

I'm sure the makeup is horrific in person too

No. 14879

Your supposed to trim the lace to at least 3mm close to the hair line… not 3cm Connie!

No. 14881

File: 1527375366681.png (2.09 MB, 750x1334, A1244355-C8BB-440C-94C2-F5026F…)

I can’t get over that wig

No. 14883

God knows why she styled it like she's cosplaying a Crood character.

No. 14885

forget the wig, what the fuck is that eaten, digested and shat out peice of cloth she's put on her body??
Christ if you can't sew just buy or commision the costume.

No. 14887

and why does she keep making that face?

Between this and that last video of hers, I like to think she's lost all ability to hide her contempt for her supporters.

No. 14889

Not to be mean to a beginner sewer, but god that's awful. I barely noticed the wig with how bad whatever she's wearing is. Doesn't even look like the character. The fabric is so cheap too.

No. 14891

Sad thing is her dumbass kissass fanbase wont tell her it looks bad and continues to praise her for it. But I'm sure at MCM anyone who didnt know her and saw this probably was silently judging it. I'm sure she got some stares. Shame.

No. 14893

I don't understand this pose she is doing… It's making her cosplay look even worse… Especially next to that amazing Rose Quartz cosplay.

No. 14895

Connie has to be on something. What a bizarre mess.

No. 14897

I love Riiri live tweeting where she is a mcm at all times yet no one goes up to her for a picture. She actually thinks she has fans.

No. 14900

Her mom made it for her! I think if she had attempted it herself it might have been better.
It's a hot mess.

No. 14902

I saw Connie had posted on her Instagram she had this cosplay commissioned. If she paid for this bad result I'd want a refund and send the mess back and go to MCM in a potato sack. Then the wig…wow

No. 14904

I think every time she mentioned it she was like "I hope it gets here in time" then cut to like a week ago she was posting about enlisting her mom to make it for her. At that point why not just go with something else and save the good cosplay for another con? Her poor mom.

No. 14906

I spent like $1500 in L.A lol(no one cares)

No. 14907

File: 1527519076590.png (141.38 KB, 619x323, Capture.PNG)

Kelsey made the twitter moments page in the UK

No. 14909


Kinda funny that Kelsey's big moment comes from Connie's account instead of hers.

I really hope that she takes the hint and follows up this good fortune with some good dance videos. If she decides to double down on the acting thing NOW, that would be such a huge waste.

No. 14910

that wig is honestly fucking pretty. Anyone know where she got it from?

No. 14912

File: 1527556773707.png (242.62 KB, 1210x1076, Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 3.14…)

hahah and connie reaps all the benefits

No. 14915

Honestly I feel kind of sorry for Kelsey. She’s gone viral… through Connie. I might not have particularly enjoyed Kelsey’s Harry Potter series but it wasn’t that bad and I’m sure she put a lot of effort into writing the story, to get basically no recognition for it. That’s got to hurt, when a fairly impromptu looking dance at MCM gets her so much more attention than a project that she actually invested a lot in..
I agree with >>14909 she should capitalise on the dancing whilst people remember the viral tweet and hope for the best. Her dance covers were why I started following her years ago and she is a good dancer if nothing else…

No. 14917

I followed kelsey for the dancing to begin with, i wish she did do more of it. It really seams she enjoys the hell out of it. she should do a whole video dressed as hermione dancing like that asap to make some free cash.

No. 14919

she could get big by just becoming the "dancing herminone" and dance at cons etc

No. 14921

File: 1527593659587.png (1.62 MB, 1708x634, Capture1.PNG)

she should do more kpop dance covers since they pull in a lot of views compared to her other videos

No. 14923

I think Kelsey has mentioned before that whilst she enjoys dancing and making dance videos they often get flagged because of the copyright music and so the videos will either be muted, removed or demonetised. It’s hard for her to earn money from them because of this, but I do agree that now is the time for a dance video to take advantage of her viral “fame”

No. 14925

a harry potter remix or somthing shouldnt get flagged, i think she should 100% go for it

No. 14930

https://bit.ly/2Jd8QJv aliexpress!

she cut the wig & styled it

No. 14932

kelsey's video and the second one she put up are still doing well, if she was smart about her channel she'd have a youtube dancing hermione video up before the end of the week and try to get some money from it before the hype dies. she's getting a lot of attention from the drag race community and they drag out memes for a long time so she should be cashing on it when instead she's tweeting saying "i'll give you one more hermione video and that's it". be a little shameless and capitalise on it ffs

No. 14934

Kelsey's 33 second video of her dancing has more views than all her HP series combined.

No. 14935

Her dancing in the viral video was better somehow? Her dead drop here is so halfassed and the rest looks pretty sloppy too.

No. 14938

Yeah - she kinda gets up messily from the drop.
I just want her to close her mouth when she dances.

No. 14940

Kelsey is a really good dancer and should work on improving her dance. She should try to promote herself as a dance artist like FKA twigs who has amazing moves but you can tell that FKA puts a lot of thought and efforts into her works. Instead of dumb kawaii weeb shit, Kelsey should make artsy dance videos and be a dancer for a living. But she just wanna be a worthless weeb vlogger… saged

No. 14941

How has this not been posted yet?

I am fucking deceased. This is hilarious and I have no fucking clue what is happening.

No. 14943

That looks like someone tried really hard to copy poppy (like her computer boy video or something) which is sad, cause even poppy is just a rip off of Mars

No. 14945

Agreed, this is totally just a bad budget Poppy copy.

Kelsey isn't a bad dancer or anything, but am I the only one who really doesn't think she's all that good? Her movements come off as very spazzy most of the time to me, there's really no flow. It's like she has the right idea and has practiced the moves, but has zero rhythm?

No. 14947

Agree. I never watched any of her dances, but I saw the dancing Hermione video and it just looked like her jumping up and down and kicking her legs out while flailing her arms. It looked more like a spaz attack than dancing.

No. 14949

I haven't watched any of her other dance videos but based on this one alone, she's an awful dancer. I mean this is very recent and meant to be a higher production quality video, so she's putting on display the very best she's got. Anyone familiar with dance would recognize she's terrible. I'm genuinely surprised Connie uploaded this. It could pass for a parody.

I have to assume she's never taken dance classes before or at least not on a regular basis. If she joined a studio maybe there would be potential for improvement.

No. 14951

This is just embarrassing, for both of them

No. 14953

oh christ she thinks she so badass in that video.
her singing voice is really bad.
kind of nasally, like she sings out of her nose.
I did like Kelsey's dancing though

No. 14955

If someone showed me a screenshot from the beginning without Kelsey, I would have assumed this was the opening of some sort of 'fucked my stepdad' porno

No. 14956

File: 1527812729659.jpg (11.88 KB, 581x107, QandDumb.jpg)

Somebody ask her how it feels after putting so much "effort" into her self insert fanfic series that she gets popular from a shitty improv dance video.

No. 14958

I think you should update this. Looks like the views have gone up a bit since her… "hit".

No. 14960

quick, somebody send it to titanic sinclair ahaha

No. 14962

My sister dances and has several friends who do it professionally and she and the others can dance rings around Kelsey - energy is good but technique and control are what makes you great.

No. 14964

What's there to question?
Hundreds of people go viral everyday, from proposals to people with cute animals.
I'm really thinking hard about what kind of questions (that aren't negative) people might ask and I'm coming up blank.

No. 14965


So that's two music videos in a row where Connie does nothing but sit. (Lemme guess, "My legggggggggg…") I'd respect it a little more if she just recorded herself singing with her regular setup, instead of pouring all this effort into videos that are visually boring.

No. 14968


aaaand here it is, the inevitable scrambling to reclaim her 15 seconds of fame from connie

No. 14970

File: 1527856003100.jpg (32.12 KB, 660x371, _101829418_kelsey976.jpg)

They really could have taken/chosen a more flattering pic for her.

No. 14972

"She is better know as the Dancing Hermione"
She should delete the last eight years on youtube as her career has been a flop and ride this until it fades away next week

No. 14974

"YouTubers like Kelsey Ellison spend time crafting video content in the hope it will be seen by millions of people.

But for Kelsey, it was a 15 second Twitter video filmed by a friend that brought her worldwide attention."

THE SHADE! even BBC know her youtube isn't good

No. 14976

it's not her fault obviously but i think she just looks too small to look good dancing the way she does in the hermione video? the people who look good doing that style are usually really tall and lean and have long limbs and she looks a bit like a kid who just watched drag race for the first time and thinks she's vogueing

No. 14978

I agree, she has individual moves but can’t seem to piece them together in a way that flows well. It’s really surprising considering how long she has taken dance lessons, but she’s so into vogueing right now.

No. 14980

File: 1527878779042.jpeg (231.48 KB, 743x1088, 6AF01C00-C576-411F-82B3-D6BB69…)

No. 14982

I don’t even follow Kelsey that much, don’t know about her drama/channel myself and that article read like straight shade, even from my POV. It’s like it was written by one of her frenemies.

No. 14984

what's up with the picture being so creepy?
has she always been bi/pan? I feel like she changes her sexuality a lot

No. 14986

Wasn’t she Aromantic last month?

No. 14988

It's a bit sad do see her try and get as much fame as possible from such a small viral video… I feel like she wants to be famous but she doesn't try hard enough to get there and she expects that the internet will do it for her.
I feel like Kelsey would be impossible to work with too because her ego is so huge and she feels so entitled to fame

No. 14990

Why do people think this type of picture looks good/flattering/pretty?

No. 14992


You can be bisexual and aromantic, just means you're sexually attracted to people without wanting to pursue them romantically.

No. 14994

Honestly, it's smart of her to try to milk the success of that viral clip. Unfortunately, she halfassed it pretty badly, so the results aren't great. If she bothered to put as much effort into it as she did her stupid Harry Potter fanfic videos, she could have probably seen better results.

No. 14996

>hate forum
ahahahha so typical

No. 14998

Random but just noticed, how does she have over 900k subs but only around 30k video views on something rather big like a music video? That's almost onision level of dead subs

No. 15000

File: 1527950526463.jpg (56.86 KB, 968x826, bc.jpg)

has beckii given up

No. 15002

Kelsey could film a video dancing as Hermione in different places. That would be a good idea.

No. 15004

Forgot to sage fml

No. 15006

Imho she gave up when she realized she threw away her chance to be a kawaii idol in Japan. She’s been so weirdly boring since then.

No. 15008

File: 1528020258125.jpg (228.53 KB, 540x810, Screenshot_2018-06-03-11-01-13…)

Keep seeing Kelsey's on all the meme pages (often being outshone by the bb8 sexual harasser lmao)

No. 15010

I thought her new vlog was the most interesting video she's done for years. Clearly she's stopped giving a shit about catering to her old fans and is doing what she wants. Good on her imo.

No. 15012

I don't think she "threw" away her chance. The idol industry is shitty and exploitive and she wouldn't have really got a good run at it (she's not aged particularly well imo) seems the skills she gained with all that shit have got her a decent job these days.
given up or just grown up?

just realised how actually quite shit her fillers look now

No. 15014

I meant given up just trying to look somewhat attractive, this is such a bad look for her

No. 15016

And also on the major pages whenever someone asks why her mouth is open or says it's not for them, Kelsey jumps in the comments with "BUT I WAS JUST HAVING FUN!"
Literally, every time someone doesn't like it. Just ignore and move on; desperation is not a good look.

No. 15018

Kelsey's dancing Hermione Q&A

No. 15020

No. 15022

Thought the vlog was pretty funny, but I can't tell if she's being sarcastic or not with that makeup

No. 15024

Did we really need a Q&A on a 30 second video?
I thought she was going to stop going on about it

No. 15026

Connie has to keep reminding people that SHE was the one who filmed it, it's all thanks to HER. She's never gone this viral and is probably low key disliking how much attention Kelsey is getting all at once so she had to insert her name in articles for those five seconds of fame. Connie is boring and irrelevant, with shit books to her name and lives off her tragic leg injury sympathy card while trying to keep hold of what's left of her YouTube title.

As for Kelsey, I hope this has made her reconsider getting back into dance videos, like she used to do regularly and thinks with a better mindset instead of whining how nothing she makes gets views.

No. 15028

This video is hilarious because it also represents their relationship so well:

Kelsey flailing around trying so desperately to get attention but doing it in a very disjointed, amateur way…

While Connie sits on her ass, putting out minimal effort but targeting her attention to a specific (ahem) demographic, and lazily letting the views roll in (while taking all the credit if she ever "collabs.")

No. 15030

I don't know if I'm impressed or saddened by how much she's milking this out.

No. 15032

I actually loved Beckiis new vlog!
I thought it was really funny!
She makes better content when she's not trying too hard

No. 15034


I think she's doing the only thing she could do if she wants fame or whatever. Sure, it's ridiculous but it didn't make me cringe like her fanfic thing did.

God, plenty of cows got famous for much dumber stuff. Sadly, given Kelsey's track record…this will disappear soon enough and not help her one bit.

No. 15036

As if any one of us would NOT milk it out for all its worth

No. 15038

It would be better if she could have a bit more dignity about it, rather than commenting on EVERY platform it's on.
Anyone would want their 5 minutes of fame, and from a self promotional level it's a good idea, but I don't know if she realises that it will die down sooner than she thinks.

No. 15040


Kelsey lost any shred of dignity long ago. She just wants some of the fame and cash others get. Xposting this and working on it are good strategies.

Obviously if we get a solid week of Dancing Hermione videos then that's a different story.

No. 15042

File: 1528135606407.png (161.12 KB, 750x1334, 91FF1811-A6E3-4B8C-8394-2F8790…)

No. 15044

I really love Beckii's new vlogs
I love that she's actually showing her sense of humor

No. 15046

anyone else think this stinx of selfpost? very mediocre humour, managed to spend more than 10 minutes showing a belt and some other shit from primark, complete with clickbait title. Surely nobody actually can be bothered to watch this the whole way through?

No. 15048

File: 1528183215171.png (218.75 KB, 1162x534, Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 9.17…)

Obviously. No one comes here to post a video they like kek

No. 15050

This is the worst thing I've ever watched

No. 15052

Did she always look this malnourished and thin? She looks actually kinda scary.

No. 15054

shes always been pretty abnormally skinny

No. 15056

Beckiis choice of makeup is… interesting.
2005 chav vibes with the bad eyebrows, clumpy mascara and greasy foundation.

No. 15058

It's interesting that she has zero makeup skills considering she used to have her own makeup artist that could teach her tricks

No. 15060

Forget Beckii who lives behind filters, Kelsey was at an event I went to and her makeup was frightful. I think she used eyeliner in her eye crease.

No. 15061

File: 1528305049914.jpeg (347.62 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-06-20-11-08…)

Found this German/British girl, what the fuck.


No. 15064

This is fucking frightening. Looks like Venus Angelic on acid.

No. 15066

what the fuck was beckii's gucci video? the editing was so jarring, she seemed really off somehow like frantically pacing her room and breathing heavily. not funny at all, why were there so many random memes and shit included?

No. 15068

Holy shit what happened to her face?

No. 15070

No Instagram filters / editing

No. 15072

As self obsessed as she is, she probably thinks it's down to her amazing talent that it has been watched so many times, but it's all about the character of a franchise people care about. (all the captions are like "when I get my letter finally" or "me after 10 butterbeers" because it's something you wouldn't expect Hermione to do); similar to that skipping voldemort that went viral a while back.
So really when she posts more short videos of her doing that type of dance, she'll be disappointed that people don't care about her as a performer, just the character for the memes

No. 15074

File: 1528355082750.png (2.26 MB, 1536x2048, C87032EA-6F71-423E-ACCC-7773F0…)

No. 15076

File: 1528355104424.png (2.26 MB, 1536x2048, 55C1922D-AF61-455D-8A8F-7B3992…)

No. 15079

she definitely has bought followers. 117k followers on insta, but only 450ish subscribers on youtube? Also that makeup looks just abnormally hideous, no-one, even the worst of the teenage weeks can find that pretty. Also there's 500-1000 likes on her posts on instagram which is very low for a follower count like that.. this just smells fishy

No. 15081


Does she really have that many?? Damn.

No. 15083

Kelsey’s new trailer looks actually pretty good…like really, really, really good.

No. 15084

No. 15085

No. 15087

Well I sure hope they hire a semi-decent lighting director with the donations rather than trying to light it themselves, even those hideous filters can't mask how amateur the lighting is. And let's not get started on the filters…

No. 15089

what are you talking about?
it's literally just close ups of their faces and bad photoshop of black smoke.
and it's directed by Liam (Snackyboy)
the guy who makes all of connies horrible music videos.

£10,000 for a short youtube film is fucking criminal too and I hope she doesn't make it.

Kelsey said in Beckii's recent gucci belt video that she bought herself an expensive laptop from her last Indigogo/kickstarter. it's nice that she can buy herself expensive things with other people's money.

No. 15091

This is very badly edited… The smoke effects were probably the most impressive thing, and that's saying a lot. The lighting is also horrendous.

I hope they can get better in the future, but I doubt they'll take any constructive criticism without thinking everyone's a hater.

No. 15093

With her writing an acting in it, as well as not having enough money to at least make it look less amateur… this is going to be a train wreck. The 'trailer' has rubbish lighting, looks like a school project and £10,000? Seriously? Professionals don't even have that much of a budget for a short sometimes. Not only that, but isn't it illegal to take money for anything Harry Potter as it's a registered trade mark / owned by Warner Brothers etc?
There was a really good short movie about the Black sisters (all 3) a few years ago, and as I quite like Harry Potter, I just wish she'd stop.

No. 15094

People are commenting on non dancing videos that they want to see more dancing - LISTEN TO THEM.

No. 15096

Oh gawd, Snackyboy?
You are not a 'director' just because you've told someone what to do in a lackluster youtube 'music video'. Find someone who actually knows what they are doing.
You are not an 'actor' just because you've been an extra or on screen. Take some classes and improve - people have worked their whole lives.
If a group of non professionals try and make something professional, it'll fail no matter how much money is thrown at it.

No. 15098

That's what I thought too! I'm pretty sure you're not allowed even Kickstarter for something that's already under copy right! Universal studios will just claim her videos and take any money made from them or completely take them down.

No. 15100

File: 1528413892613.jpeg (89.08 KB, 750x467, 7D3A3EE9-B4E8-41B0-9983-126833…)

It looks like the project can technically be reported to Indiegogo

No. 15103

File: 1528414818272.jpeg (98.04 KB, 750x295, 370F88F4-2C6F-4CA1-8F5D-970824…)

Kelsey’s crowdfunding is against the website’s terms of service and it also looks like dancing streams are against the Twitch community guidelines. She really needs to consider giving the people what they actually want and start dancing on YouTube again.

No. 15105

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is there a reason why Bellatrix isn't in a school uniform but Narcissa is? Why would Bellatrix dress the same way she does in her middle age when she is younger?

No. 15107

She can't ask money for this. I think the people that made the movie about the origins of voldemort had a lot of problems and had to go on court to make their "movie" and WB is taking all the revenue anyway.

No. 15109

What does he even do? Is that his day job?

No. 15111

I don’t believe he is employed currently as he just graduated university, but I do believe his studies were in media.

Does anyone else think the girls only latched on to him because it was a free director, photographer and artist for them to use?

No. 15113

Does anyone know what Hannah Snow actually does IRL? Is she at Uni or does she work? Because she doesn't appear to do anything. Not quite sure how she exists and pays the bills?

No. 15115

he latched onto them, he's been kissing their asses for years

No. 15117

The Indiegogo site says that they're still looking for a director, so Snackyboy isn't directing the actual film. (And I'm genuinely shocked that they already got 1000 pounds pledged.)

I actually think he would be a good choice to direct (hear me out). This project is being written by, starred in, and pretty much run by one person who doesn't really understand their shortcomings in any of these areas. I have a feeling a friend might have an easier time dealing with this than someone with a serious interest in directing that has no idea what they're in for.

No. 15119

He directed the trailer for sure though because it's on their Instagram!
It's all going to go tits up for her anyway

No. 15121

The film has £1098 funded at the moment, but I’m wondering how long until she is showing off an expensive purchase instead of actually saving the money to use for the project. She did this with her Patreon, made a big deal about how she needs the support for a new camera and sound equipment but then went to a convention and bought a £200 jacket instead.

No. 15123

has she actually said what the £10,000 is going towards? it's a ridiculous amount of money for a video going onto youtube

No. 15125

There’s no actual break down of the costs on the campaign page, I wonder if she actually did any calculations or if she pulled the figure out of her ass?

No. 15127

I doubt they are going to spend it on anything decent which will actually improve the quality of the sound/lighting/picture (and acting XD) etc
Probably going to film it half in a park, half in someone's bedroom. I'd really be interested in how she got to £10,000 though. The short that won at Cannes a while back had a budget of less that £4,000 and that was done professionally.
I swear there's legal reasons you can't ask or make money off anything Harry Potter though. She could end up having to spend that money on legal proceedings.

No. 15129

She has a not for profit disclaimer, which would make the 10,000 cost breakdown more pertinent to prove she really did need it all for expenses. If she makes any money from that it's copyright infringement. But it's unlikely she'll hit the 10,000 anyway

No. 15131

I reported the campaign for using intellectual property

No. 15132

is she giving the £10,000 to WB for using their copyright material? her indigog is against their rules anyways and should be taken down

No. 15135

I distinctly remember, I think last year, she said her laptop broke and did a gofundme for a new one.

How often does she buy new computers based on lying?

No. 15137

File: 1528553335239.png (167.32 KB, 630x617, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 15.0…)

It's so obvious she reads here all the time.

No. 15139

She said herself the laptop she bought was very expensive and it was hard for her to spend so much money
But good for her, she now has a fantastic laptop forever..it was for that one twitch stream she did of course.
We need a break down of the £10,000
Because wasn't that Kickstarter for suicide awareness charity? So why was any of it spent on a laptop? Pretty sure she bought a new jacket with that money too

No. 15141

she had a kickstarter a long time ago for a new laptop
her twitch stream was for the suicide awareness charities

No. 15143

What was that Kickstarter for so?
Who keeps giving her money to fund so much projects

No. 15145


No. 15147

For so?
I said a laptop, if that was the question

No. 15149

I remember the GoFundMe for a new laptop was awhile ago. Maybe 2 years now(?). I vaguely remembering her previous Macbook and camera died within a week and whilst she was able to purchase a new camera using her funds, she was distraught about her laptop and followers commented saying that they'd help her fund it. (Hence she started the campaign). It wasn't by her own volition.
I don't think it had anything to do with the suicide awareness twitch stream.
Personally I don't think there's anything wrong with it! But, a breakdown of costs and locations etc. would be nice.

No. 15151

>What's x for so
means for, so? As in for, then?
Anon might be Irish

No. 15153

Ooh okay, thanks for explaining

No. 15155

Kelsey has put on the fundraising page that she is a "Writer/Producer/Actress". How can she claim any of the titles?
She had a line in a movie. (And so help her if she puts on a terrible accent in this youtube project).
The infomation page reads like a GCSE student has written it - stunted and non-complex sentences.
Getting money via asking online hardly makes a 'producer'.
And of course, she had to put 'Dancing Hermione" in there. It's had it's day. Let it die with dignity/

No. 15157

It really fucks me up that a 25 year old woman is putting all of her eggs into fan fiction. What does she think will come of all these Harry Potter fan projects? That people will take her seriously as a film maker and actress?
This is just sad. I really like Kelsey and always have but why would you want to attempt to make a career solely out of being a FAN of something? I hope she gets a grip and focuses on her dancing and maybe creating original content if she truly does want to make films.

No. 15159


>Her latest credit includes a speaking role in "Solo: A Star Wars Story".

You're just an extra, Kelsey. You're not even on focus.

No. 15161

Not sure if this has been just added (first time I’m seeing the indiegogo) but it breaks down the costs here. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sisters-of-house-black-a-harry-potter-fan-film-fantasy#/

No. 15162

sorry yes I'm irish. I should read over how I write before I post.

Kelsey's "speaking role in Solo" is literally her talking in the background saying "it belongs to whoever's holding it"
the movie is so dark and she's covered in dirt you couldn't possibly even tell it was her.

so the budget breakdown.
she doesn't say how much she's spending on each thing.
how much is going towards food and new clothes for her wardrobe?
is the acting coach they've hired getting paid?

I just don't understand what she wants to get out of all this.
the amount of views she got on her Quiet heroes webseries should prove that there's not a big audience for this

"Other fan films, have been created on £20,000 and more!"
that still doesn't make it okay Kelsey. I'm really not sure about the legal stuff with making a Harry Potter film either.

No. 15163

File: 1528655262110.png (781.99 KB, 916x547, fefefe.png)

I really can't stand Connie these days.
she gets sent to disney for free for Fandaze and she gets a free bag of goodies and while she's looking through what she got she's so rude and sarcastic.
she's really become so spoilt.
in her friends vlog, her friend is talking about how she's so sad to be leaving disneyland and connie mocks her and starts crying going "WEHH! WEHH!" at her

No. 15167

This vlog felt a lot like a shitty attempt at copying Beckii’s new editing style, just made her look like a shitty person rather then be ironic or funny

No. 15169

She probably loves the attention. It is not like she is getting any of it on her YouTube channel.

No. 15171

Connie doesn't care how she behaves because she knows her dumb fans will love her no matter what. That last vid she did about the Avengers makes it clear she doesn't give a shit about youtube anymore and is only doing it out of obligation and to make extra cash. She's definitely run out of good video ideas.

No. 15173

She got some really cute stuff. God she's spoilt. Also the whole pairing the toys with the same gender. Seriously sorry I guess bisexual people don't really exist huh Connie?!

No. 15175

Connie at the end of the video
"Im going to buy Disney tickets for fandaze tomorrow…or just try and get sent free tickets!!"

No. 15177

Why does she slur her voice like that? She used to be fairly well spoken and now it's just this odd obnoxious slurring

No. 15179

This. Keep an ear out for "wrydin" instead of "writing".

No. 15180

I'm surprised there's no talk of Maids of England and how cringy and clearly bitchy and attention seeking some of the girls are?

No. 15182

One of them (the Asian with loads of makeup who was in a group called Prism) has started an "aidoru" project called Chekiss or something with one of the Oishi Project girls.

No. 15185

she's always done this and it annoys me so much, talking like she's american. i mean she can do what she wants but it pisses me off!

No. 15187

As a Japanese peson I was interested to see what English maid cafe is like.
The one who is about, 30 and is "forever 17" on her profile is so obnoxious and her put on cute act is very cringe.
There was one (who must of left now as she isn't on the page) but she was orange colour and blonde and she was so bitchy behind people backs at an event they were performing at.
I went to one pop up cafe and it was so forced - never again.

No. 15189

When she complimented that woman's disneybound it sounded so fake.

No. 15190

File: 1528900518790.png (278.53 KB, 788x626, ncs.png)

"Unstoppable author, YouTuber and internet’s big sister Noodlerella has struggled with mental and physical challenges in life…In 2016 she was involved in a car accident which left her with permanent nerve damage and major anxiety…She's had to be brave and face up to her struggles. She knows the power and comfort words can have to help you bounce back from life’s traumas, and ultimately feel unstoppable.
Her life mantra is “Be kind, be brave, be unstoppable” and she reminds herself of that whenever she's experienced life's lowest moments
“Even in your darkest times, it’s so important not to give up”."

No. 15193


this is so fucking dramatic.

No. 15195

>>15190 in her defence, if her anxiety is around cars and roads, that's definitely going to affect your life. And permanent nerve damage is no walk in the park.
Yeah she's obviously milking this for all its worth, but there's a lot of ignoring something that was probably actually very traumatic for her
idk it'd scare the shit out of me to be run over

No. 15197

she's full of shit anon.
I was in a pretty bad car crash when I was younger and it doesn't effect me at all.
she got her leg run over and yes it's awful and painful but as human beings we get over these things and move on with our lives.
this happened 2 years ago and she talks as if it happened yesterday. it's literally the only interesting thing about her so she milks it for all it's worth

No. 15199

“Even in your darkest times, it’s so important not to give up (your plans on going to some stupid convention instead of getting critical surgery that can help your condition).”

No. 15201

I don’t want to doubt that her accident was traumatic and the pain she is in wasn’t/isn’t real but I hate the fact that she’s using her accident and her anxiety as advertising tools to sell her books. That’s fucking low.

No. 15203

File: 1528930953042.png (738.84 KB, 870x548, evan.png)

why doesn't she ever include that in her sob stories. had a chance to get her surgery early..nah lets go to vidcon instead…she must not be in as much pain as she let on

in fact in Evan's vidcon vlog Connie is dancing around the room drunk

No. 15205

File: 1528931522884.png (589.45 KB, 670x519, pink idiot.png)

>gets to fly to Japan
>gets upgraded to first class
>gets carried everywhere
>gets everything handed to her for free

"I'm so anxious! Roads trigger me now!!"

No. 15208

obvious samefag is obvious

No. 15210

Or maybe desperate for milk?
Becki is boring, Abi is sharing the same things every day in an obnoxious voice, Kelsey thinks she's the next Harry Potter star and Connie is…. well, loads of crap there

No. 15211

they've been spoken about in previous threads but there's nothing interesting to say anymore lol

No. 15213

I thought she was going to give the dancing Hermione thing a rest

No. 15215

File: 1529012182811.png (565.47 KB, 744x531, pic5575757.png)

Connie starts her new vlog by shouting for someone to bring her tea..it's more than likely a joke but why are all her jokes so nasty lately

No. 15217

But of course she'd never stick to what she said now she's got a whiff of what people prefer.
She's so desperate.

No. 15219

Half of these aren't good impressions, even if she's trying to play it for laughs. I can't believe I used to think Kelsey was a decent dancer.

Also so much for being all about the art of film and acting when she's desperately mashing keywords together like this.

No. 15221

Maybe this is a vague reference to Simply Nailogical? She jokingly calls her boyfriend a tea slave and sends him out for Starbucks in her videos a lot.

No. 15223

File: 1529039197226.jpg (38 KB, 640x480, img0821.jpg)

connies head/face shade reminds me so much of Pleakly

No. 15226

Has any of the galaxy girls done any sort of post-secondary/university studies?

It occurred to me that these girls are delusional enough to think that their current audience will stick around forever and they’ll never need to approach their careers seriously. This is such a bad example for their younger audience.

Like Kelsey should really do a theatre/dance program, Connie should study media communications/creative writing/journalism.. Beckii and Abi… I guess should also pursue theatre or media communications… based on their interests and aspirations.

It’s just frustrating to see an entire group of z-list internet celebs constantly venting about their life expectations, basically teaching younger girls to be entitled and beg their way through life rather than work strategically and intelligently.

Obviously disregard everything I said if they did finish a degree but it’s hard to believe given their complete lack of business sense, directionless and unrefined skill set.

No. 15227

connie has graduated college, not sure about the others.

No. 15230

Both Connie and Kelsey have done higher education. I think Connie did film studies… I don't think Abi or Beckii could even hope to pass anything like that (they seem like a dumb pair)

No. 15232

Kelsey went to a drama school called SLP. It's considered a mid tier school that mainly focuses on dance. They have a few alumni on the West End but lots of them tend to work on cruise ships or at Disney parks.

No. 15234

I believe Connie began her university studies in physiology but changed to media once she realised it would be an easy ride due to YouTube. Abi has her GCSE’s but I don’t believe she has any qualifications beyond, she went straight to YouTube and begging online. Kelsey attended a dance school that was a form of higher education but… in dance and only dance, I don’t believe she has any significant qualifications for work.

No. 15236

Is About still dating Jake even though she lives in Paris?
It's funny..ABI was in the background of Connie's last Disney vlog and her voice is completely normal but in her own vlogs it's always so high pitched and fake

No. 15238

I can't believe Kelsey went to actual dance school and yet still has such nontechnical dance skills. Unbelievable.

And Connie studied film studies?? but all her videos are sitting down in front of her camera/very basic vlogs or her sitting in a damn chair in music videos.

These girls are such hopeless wastes.

No. 15239

Based on this >>556981 and this >>502957 possibly not.

No. 15241

Beckie actually always struck me as fairly intelligent and grounded. She actually does seem to have a decent job from her experiences in social media etc. Maybe check your facts before jumping to assumptions.

Abi is definitely dumb as shit though

No. 15243

I remember her boasting about some teacher saying she had star quality or some bullshit along those lines. Don't remember where or what exactly though. Anyone else recall this?

No. 15246

File: 1529181544382.png (77.04 KB, 929x103, k.png)

AFAIK from friends who attended the school they spend a lot of their time working on ballet technique so it is very surprising that she's so sloppy.

She's second from last on the graduate page, it's depressing to see how little commercial work she's actually gotten.


No. 15252

No. 15253

Ok? The fact is: she presents herself like an idiot online. Could all be an act but who thinks it's cool to act dumb?

No. 15254

okay can someone explain to me how Abi can survive living in Paris with her job in DLP being in a character suit all day long?

Sure she makes money on her patreon, twitch and her other money-sucking ways, but surely the way shes going now?? i just dont see it??

Unless DLP pays some sweet cash that could help her pay for whatever she needs

No. 15255

There's accomodation for Disney Cast members near the park provided with a subsidized rent. Disneyland Paris is actually outside of Paris, so it's not super expensive.

No. 15256

File: 1529258581061.png (616.29 KB, 695x540, bra.png)

busty or a push up bra?

No. 15257

sucking that stomach in so much it looks painful lmao

No. 15259

This is a sweet article and I hope it helps any younger kids with similar eye issues feel better about themselves

No. 15261

No. 15263

File: 1529270337431.jpeg (626.67 KB, 750x1047, F986CAE4-D13D-4F5E-B40E-6980A3…)

Correct me if I’m wrong but Connie and this girl aren’t involved with each other right? She’s just using her to make a fake gay pic for attention because it’s pride.

No. 15265

The girl with her is dating sparkles, Beckii’s ex

But it clearly says gal pals in the caption, pals can do gay looking shit without dating and Connie is lgbt so I wouldn’t really class it as like, queer baiting or anything

No. 15267

I don’t think that being LGBT dismisses the queer baiting. Setting up a fake gay photo to take advantage of using a hashtag for Pride Month is shady as shit.

No. 15269

“Gal pals” is a joke in the community about how people will go to any lengths to ignore that two girls are lesbian with eachother that instead they are just really close friends.

It does seem a little queer baity to me

No. 15271

My thoughts exactly. Has she even ever had a Girlfriend?

Appropriating certain things just to seem 'on trend' or 'relatable' isn't okay.

No. 15273

Exactly. Regardless of her orientation, she posed like this with her friend because she knew it would get more attention. This post currently has 22k likes while all her others have around 10-12k. That’s plain queer-baiting and it’s extremely tacky of her. Makes her look like those straight girls who pretend to be bi to seem cool and interesting…

No. 15275

File: 1529319138382.jpeg (52.25 KB, 750x369, 5D7C4484-D3DB-4FBE-8A10-D8390A…)

An unoriginal video that promotes unethical stores based in China? Can’t wait.

No. 15277

File: 1529320444090.png (31.84 KB, 711x266, 80843843848.png)

wait..has Kelsey not read the Harry Potter books?

No. 15279

nah she's just defending people who haven't read them
stop reaching

No. 15281

You are "dumb about stuff" Kelsey.

Your life is proof of that.

No. 15283

she's not really a relationship person but she's had sexual relationships with other girls

No. 15286

No. 15288

yeah bc it was spon

No. 15290


I've seen people on cgl discuss this girl in the past.

What actually happened between her and the rest of the uk fairy kei comm?

No. 15292

Eni, please stop selfposting just because you didn't get enough attention in the personal cow thread. Go talk about sucking your Canadaddy's chode or pretending you're a drag queen or wtf ever it is you do. No one cares.

No. 15294

I'm not her but I understand why you would think that, she definitely seems the type to self post.

No. 15296

This girl is worthy of her own thread. I dont know the uk comm but I have seen her posts before and she is so full of herself.

No. 15298

File: 1529449192762.jpg (906.97 KB, 1080x1774, 20180619_235935.jpg)

ew I knew I'd seen that train wreck somewhere recently ofc they're in confetti club tryna promo themselves to jillies fanbase

No. 15300

Who dressed up their grandpa in pastels?

No. 15303

You realize how easy it is to claim you're "not her", right?
You open up with seeing her posted about on cgl except when you go through the archive she was mentioned there once.
She doesn't have a huge following, she's like any other tryhard in the confetti club really. And I find it really odd she's posted here and in the personal cow thread when she's not even lulzy outside of ageplay shit or being full of herself, which no one has provided sufficient milk of so far.
If someone wants to make a thread about her by all means do so but it seems pointless, either the people saying all this are a hardcore vendetta-chan in the UK comm or Jade herself.
tldr Provide proof of milk or gtfo

No. 15305

this is another one of Connie's videos where she seems totally out of it again.
she doesn't even seem to be enjoying herself.
I know she said at the start of the video she was sad and having a tough time or whatever..but why then film? couldn't it have waited until tomorrow when her mood might have been better

No. 15306

She got posted in the 'personal lolcow' thread too. The air is heavy with desperation

No. 15308

Connie's antics are impressive. I'm used to going, "Eh, I don't like this person's content anymore…", but she actually makes me think, "Why did I EVER like her???"

No. 15310

Definitely a vendetta chan. She has been posted way too much for such a small following. Pretty sure I know who the vendetta chan is.

No. 15312

It didn't even seem enjoyable to watch that when Connie is literally in some sort of negative stance.

Also what is that thumbnail?! I'm not some critic but it just seems all jumbled together and completely messy.

No. 15314

new kelsey vlog! I feel like maybe she lurks here sometimes

No. 15316


lol we're the only place on the internet that talks about her or any of her friends (except maybe connie) so i'm sure she can hardly resist

No. 15318

Hey Kelsey, even if you doubt yourself I truly believe you will make it.

You have the exact same narcissistic, dumb cunt personality that gets famous.

No. 15320

As nice as it is to believe that a false eye will not matter in reach of your dreams etc, the only way you can be successful is to be realistic.

Directors and casting directors do definitely care about false eyes. You have to have it put on a casting sheet for every agency you sign up with and auditioners will know. Headshots, showreels etc will all show it as it is an accurate representation of what the person looks like - covering it up can get you dropped. Live/Theatre is not so bad but TV/film? With technology that picks up the tiniest thing a false eye will be blantantly obvious.

That's not to say she cant get cast, far from it, but she has to accept that it is something that obviously makes her different and needs to adapt, rather than just believe noone will care because it is the wrong industry for wishful thinking.

A false eye wont matter if you go after roles that need a quirky look to them, or even prehaps a futuristic or 'peasanty' feel. But I can guess that Kelsey will get far more success applying for jobs because of her false eye, than those who require a stereotypical look.

No. 15322

Usually you have to be able to act to a decent level to do well.
After attending a college focusing on dance an not being able to cleanly do acro and ballet moves correctly, and still having a mediocre singing voice (holds a tune but bland and nothing too special) it seems like she'll be kind of one of those people whose highlights of their career are dancing in pantomimes.

No. 15324

The problem with Kelsey is she feels so above dancing in pantomime when she shouldn’t be turning her nose up at any opportunity to work in the business and add it to her resume. Doing a panto for experience will look a lot better for her than her self insert Harry Potter videos when it comes to future work and it would be a paying job within the field of work that she desires that she can use to fund her personal projects.

No. 15326

Definitely agree with this. She ses nice enough but her false eye IS super noticeable. Directors do want a certain look that fits with their vision so appearance does matter as much if not sometimes more than ability. At least in film and tv.

No. 15328

I kind of hate how it seemed that one day recently Kelsey just decided "I want to go into acting" after her focus was first on dancing, then a singing career etc.

Don't get me wrong, I believe that you can find something you enjoy doing at any age, but the way she's going about it sort of cheapens those who have spent their whole lives trying and sacrificing to make it into the acting industry.

No. 15330

Even if Kelsey didn't have a false eye, she's not pretty enough to be a film star. Like someone said, she could play like a present side character. She looks like an average english girl. Nothing special at all.

No. 15332

thinking about it, she would be perfect for pantos. She's got the right energy for it at least

No. 15334

Kelsey on Instagram stories explaining budget;
- Equipment - can't film on her "wonky tripod" and Canon G7x camera
- Locations
- Wardrobe and props - custom costumes needed, admits she can sew most herself
- Transport and Food - Travel in the UK is expensive, lot's of people are going to be working on the film (doesn't mention how many people, where they need to travel to or the type of transport needed)
- Rehearsal space - to hopefully save money they’d have to spend at locations
- Post production - adding special effects
- Artistic and promotional needs - wands etc for backers and Indiegogo fees

Mentioned film will be 30mins long and will not happen unless the entire campaign is funded
Indiegogo ends August, hopes that it will be funded so she can begin work this September and aim to release next September (in time for “people going to Hogwarts”)

On Twitter she mentioned that if they are under budget the rest of the money would be donated to JK Rowling's charity, however she does not say what will happen to the already pledged money should the funding fail

No. 15336

So I'm probably reaching but in Connie's new video she refers to Adelicate as her significant other and in this post here
she makes it seem like they're a couple.
Adele is dating Sparkles so why is Connie trying to make it seem like she's in a gay relationship?
are they actually dating?

No. 15338

Oh god, that pink cheese looks disgusting, why would you do that???

Sparkles always annoyed the shit out of me, even back when he was dating Beckii. He HAS to be the center of attention when he's around, always sticking his stupid face right up in the camera.

No. 15340

Ooof in Beckiis new vlog Kelsey makes a joke about a statue lifting it's foot every night and there's a £10 underneath and Connie says that Kelsey goes to it every night because she needs all the Money she can get and it's her only form of income.
Kelsey did not laugh or seem to find it funny

No. 15342

kelsey started it, she's clearly going along with it. Even in her twitter bio she goes on about how skint she is.

No. 15344

That must be awkward dating the same people in a friend group. I'm assuming thats the only reason this Adelicate person is being featured in the group now. Not sure about this Hannah Snow person though.

No. 15346

Sparkles creeps me out because he looks like he’s pushing 40 but only dates tiny girls who could pass for being minors

No. 15350

he seems like a total creep and he's just loud.
he's not funny or smart, he just gets in everyones face and is really annoying.
Adele seems like a really sweet girl and I quite like Beckii too so it's so confusing to me why either of them would date him.

No. 15352

I’m still thinking about why Kelsey would style makeup, clothing and hair to look like Helena BC’s Bellatrix Lesley when it’s supposed to be an origin story. Characters aren’t going to look or act as the middle aged women they do in the movies, yet Kelsey is even using the same breathy voice. There is potential to really see characters and their development and why they are like what they eventually become, but that has gone over her head.
What annoys me the most is Kelsey isn’t acting- she’s COPYING, and is too full of herself to know the difference.

No. 15354

this is a really good point!
I feel like someone said "you look a little like Bellatrix when she was younger"
and it just went to her head and she discovered this "passion" to make this movie

No. 15357

Has Kelsey tried taking any acting classes? Or linking up with other aspiring actors local to her? If she's serious about acting, she needs to be doing things where she's not in charge, that's the only way you learn.

The way she talks about her Indiegogo raises some huge red flags too. I have a feeling her supporters don't realize that Indiegogo is different from Kickstarter in that the creator gets the money whether the goal is met or not. And AFAIK she's never talked about what happens in that (very likely) possibility.

No. 15359

Realising how Kelsey wants everything to fall into her lap or go her way has given me some respect for Abi. Abi may want to be a Disney face character or dance in parades but she was offered to be a mascot and she took her chance. Now she has a foot in the door at Disney as well as a great feature for her resume when it comes to future auditions. Props to her for being realistic and working her way up

No. 15360

i'd never really thought about it that way, its a very fair point, anon.
Kelsey seems to want to be "discovered" which is unrealistic.

No. 15362

it's kind of annoying that Abi gets to live in France and all she does on her days off is spend all her time in disneyland. I know she loves the place but there's so much more to see

No. 15364

tbf we don't know everything that she gets up to. Lay off anon, she's enjoying herself. And as anon above said, she's worked to get there, even if it is just as a costume character.

No. 15366

Someone's really sticking up for Abi.

No. 15368

All disney cast members start off as mascots before getting to be face characters. Abi had no choice

No. 15370


you alright there lmao?
Sure we don't know what she gets up to but she sure as hell is at disney pretty much every single day, job or not.

No. 15372

I follow her on Instagram and all her Instagram stories are of her just at Disney going on the same rides and squealing during the same shows everyday. It's just odd now. I'm starting to think that the excitement is purely for show now

No. 15374

psht anon, she doesn't need acting classes. She had a speaking role in Solo!!

She can always do horror movies and spoon her eye out. That would be amazing.

No. 15375

It's like she gets high off of Disney like a drug. She doesn't have to think about real life obstacles / situations as long as she gets to squeal and foam from the mouth crawling around park all day. Who knows what her real personality is without the Disney shit.

No. 15376

File: 1530290301352.jpeg (97.48 KB, 750x384, 524F2226-4465-42A8-931B-8FD4FE…)

Someone asked Abi how she gets so much cash to travel the world and she said because she’s a cast member at Disneyland Paris but didn’t she go travelling before she had a job there?

No. 15378

kek love the "can't be from youtube" part
yeah he traveled all over the place before Disney but she gets a crazy amount of money on twitch. she has rabid fans for some reason

No. 15380

Of her larger trips she hasn’t paid a penny herself. First Japan trip, paid for by her boyfriend. Second Japan trip, won in a contest. Third Japan trip, paid for by her boyfriend. Disney in America, sponsored (or at least taken as a +1 by Connie). Recent LA trip, paid for by an anonymous Twitch supporter.

Her spending money all came from Twitch begging in her monthly donation goals and she even managed to get enough for a fancy gaming laptop to use whilst in France.

Must be nice.

No. 15381

File: 1530320186215.png (306.55 KB, 367x471, 1.png)

I feel like there must be more drama about this girl.


>Was on an episode of a reality show with her boyfriend about living off of his parents.

>Bragged this by saying she had "the first Taobao Opening on UK tv"


>Youtube wannabe


>Has a fetish website for BDSM Findomme, humiliating sissies


I've always had weird vibes from this girl but when her fetish site was posted on cgl nobody actually seemed to care. She seems to get away with all of this just because she's pretty and well liked.

No. 15384

File: 1530320490363.png (136.03 KB, 675x438, 2.png)

Forgot to link her fetish twitter.


No. 15385

wait anon,
how do you know that the third Japan trip was paid by her current boyfriend?? I know about the other two but not this one

No. 15387

Wasn’t it confirmed by someone in a previous thread that Jake paid and went with her but had a terrible time because of her filming (and not being able to do anything he actually wanted to do for the sake of her videos despite paying for the trip)

No. 15389

You have to do more than be a fetish sex worker to be a lolcow.

No. 15391


Must also be nice to have all these supporters basically buy everything for her. What a leech.

No. 15393

anon, even without proof I think it's easily assumed that it was the case. It's not a stretch of the imagination she got someone else to pay for it considering her track record

No. 15395

File: 1530457902132.png (20.94 KB, 730x124, picc.png)

I guess everyone is now noticing Connie's weight gain

No. 15397

I miss the days when people would tell her she looked like zoella, kek, she had such a pretty look and aesthetic going even if she hated the comparison. Now there is absolutely zero resemblance. I hate the way she wears her hair, she needs bangs to frame her new much rounder face shape.

No. 15399

I really feel like Connie doesn’t want to be on youtube anymore. I wish she would just quit if she really doesn’t enjoy it because it’s super obvious in the videos. It’s not fun to watch someone who is only making videos because they think that’s what they have to do.

No. 15401

Bro think about it. She’s probably going home for Christmas and then going back. U.K. to Paris is really cheap so it makes sense she’d go home.

No. 15403



No. 15405

Yeah she really doesn't but she needs her YouTube followers to buy her books.
Also she gets handed free trips around the world all the time too but you can see that she's grown up now and doesn't find the same fun in making impressions videos

No. 15407

why doesn't she just make different content that she actually enjoys then instead of filming half-assed disney impressions shit? it's not rocket science and her audience will keep licking her hole regardless so why force herself to make boring impressions videos that she doesn't care about?

No. 15409

Doing what you love doesn't always fit the youtube algorithm. Look at kelsey, shes the perfect example of putting all your effort into your interests and them flopping in terms of views

No. 15411

File: 1530718770001.jpeg (189.8 KB, 750x992, 797B41ED-C4DA-40BF-9D09-AE5B04…)

Must be nice to stream twice a year and receive free gaming computer parts for it

No. 15413

File: 1530798835826.jpeg (145.47 KB, 750x989, 54268C9D-6801-49CD-9D6F-A0A1E3…)

If it were anyone else I’d believe they were genuine but I think she’s trying to be lazy and have the free products without needing to stream or she’s just fishing for a new GPU on top of what she already has

No. 15415

this bitch

how does she get so much shit for doing nothing, her streams are top tier boring. She also burps all the time and it's vile not ~ugu quirky princess~

>stream on my phone

girl, stop asking like streaming is your life when sitting on your ass having everything handed to you is what your ~profession~ is

No. 15417

No. 15419

aww i'm glad for the both of them.

No. 15421

Taylor has her own thread and isn’t from the UK

No. 15423

Her impression videos get the highest number of views compared to her other videos. At least they used to, idk about now. Her impressions are God awful aside from a few disney princess singing impressions.

No. 15424

I think Abi's recent instagram story of Donald Duck is her in the Donald Duck costume and someone else is filming her. You can tell because this is the only story that doesnt have her constant giggling and squealing in the background.

No. 15425

Kelsey's gone to London pride as Hermione. Can't wait to see videos of the same 5 dance moves for the hundredth time

No. 15426

Samefag but Hannah snow uploaded a video of Kelsey dancing and it's the same one she did at comic con

No. 15427

File: 1530994342822.jpeg (126.91 KB, 750x907, D7D9364F-5CE3-402D-9E8B-8F2B1A…)

Unsolicited lewd photos don’t work. Who knew?
Did Riiri hear about Momokun and think sexual harassment was a good thing??

No. 15433

yes because everyone wants to see riiris photoshopped flat ass, duh

No. 15435

“I’ll let dancing Hermione die down”
Or, alternatively because I’m so desperate for views I’ll to it at pride and enjoy the views from the hashtags of the LGBTQ+ comm despite the character being a cis girl who has nothing to do with Pride.
Exploiting an event for views/likes.
She’s reached a new level of desperation. If I had any respect left for her, it’s evaporated now.

No. 15436

I’m more annoyed at her saying in her Insta story ‘oh I want this item of clothing but it’s not in the budget’, and then in a later video clip is wearing that item.
But you know, she has no money. (Not saying people can’t treat themselves or have nice things on occasion but not everyone is asking people for £10,000 or complains about money so damn much).

No. 15437

welp Kelsey's somehow gone viral again.
Hannah Snow's video almost has a million views on twitter.
Kelsey literally is doing the same dance that she did in all the previous videos and what does Herminoe have to do with pride?

No. 15438

Kelsey just wants an event about acceptance and pride of your sexuality etc to have the focus on her. Beckii got to be on a float - got to match that somehow

No. 15440

Beckii's getting paid by Barclays for a second year in a row to talk about Pride on her social media and dance on the float

No. 15441

I’m not surprised she wore the costume for pride. Pride these days is less about actual gay people and more the weird kids pretending to be kweer to fit in and feel included. Queer is the new “I’m so random XD”

No. 15443

File: 1531004262143.jpeg (197.83 KB, 750x805, 18B45DD7-C4B5-478B-8EF3-055967…)

Queer for cash. Imagine pretending that you “came out” bravely and not because a bank literally paid you to for the content.

No. 15449

File: 1531007203627.jpg (144.45 KB, 1125x993, Capture.JPG)

lol someone's pointed out the clickbait in beckii's video last year

No. 15451

File: 1531007220050.jpg (179.67 KB, 1253x1286, Capture2.JPG)

No. 15453

I don’t want to watch the video again but from what I remember last year wasn’t it very wishy-washy in regards to what her sexuality actually was? I see in her replies to being called out she also simply mentions being “queer” and nothing actually real. Queer is just straight people who want to hang out with gays and pretend they’re included. It’s ok to just be a straight ally girl, stop digging this hole!

No. 15455

I second this.
It's obvious that other people are filming her such as a female & male because they're directly behind the phone so the audio is clear.

No. 15457

Who needs actual LGB on the pride floats when we can have straight girls calling themselves queer wearing flower crowns.

No. 15458

I do think a lot of those tweets especially further replies were just digging in a hole. It's youtube! They all use clickbait. This isn't the worst example either. Those guys need to get a grip imo.

No. 15459

Also why does this Danny have two twitters are am I seeing things?

No. 15460

Kelsey is asking people to donate £75+ for the perk with a handmade wand then makes a YouTube tutorial on how to do it with stuff you can buy in any hardware store?

No. 15462

I wish I could pin point the source, but I seem to remember her mentioning that these wands would be “bespoke” and wouldn’t be cheap in nature. These are made following a DIY video on Instagram and they’re not even tapered or anything, they’re literally sticks with hot glue. Anyone could make these!

No. 15464

This girl is Abi’s replacement?

No. 15466

not really, this is pretty fucking bad. I can't believe she hasn't put this down or at least changed the title/thumbnail out of embarrassment

No. 15468

twice as bad when Beckii made a whole ass video about it 3 years ago.
they have every right to be upset, she's a hypocrite.

No. 15470

Is it just me who finds it really weird that Kelsey is only shown on social media photographed/videoed with the same small group of friends who all have their own social media following?
Like, surely she has actual friends outside of that.
Just because someone wont get you more likes/views surely doesn't mean you don't associate with them? Friends from college, hometown etc? Or are the people who tolerate her really that few

No. 15472

Abi's new video.
I really can't stand how they act in public.
they're so loud and disruptive. even in the disney stores they have to make a scene.

No. 15474

I remember people being very confused by that video when she released it. I tried watching it again just now, but I couldn't do it, there was too much pointless rambling. It's ridiculous that she's solely responsible for writing and editing her videos and can't form a clear message.

To be fair, maybe her non-YouTuber friends don't want to be on camera, and just want to hang out without having to put on a show for the Internet?

No. 15476


I guess it's not about the price or how easy it is to make them but the special thing about the wands is supposed that SHE made them. And an actual fan would be happy to have something she made herself.

No. 15478

Love how in this video they have tap water with both meals. Nothing says a fun holiday like tap water.

No. 15480

she used to be pretty cute what happened

No. 15482

Actually couldn't finish the video because how whiny and high-pitched Abi's voice was. It was like listening to a child. Horrible.

No. 15484

Not even a wk but tap water should be your drink with every meal, even on holiday. Guzzling soda while you're eating is just a fasttrack way to get fat

No. 15486

File: 1531308461589.jpeg (362.63 KB, 1237x1974, 1E1D30F3-4028-4578-8194-E2F585…)

She’s now sponsored an Instagram post!!

No. 15491

The fuck? Does that mean she paid money to be sponsored?

No. 15493

all she did was pay money to get more reach for a short amount of time. it's an add, doesn't mean IG sponsored her for something.

No. 15495


the fact that she paid to get her face on the home page. LMAO nice one

No. 15497

File: 1531329171477.png (388.13 KB, 501x591, 45.png)

No. 15500

Do they think Kelsey is a guy or just think she’s what drag queen fans like to see?

No. 15502

Kelsey gets invited to a drag con and wins an award at a drag dancing competition.
she's finally getting the attention shes always wanted..just unfortunate that she has to be dressed as Herminoe the entire time for everything she does now

No. 15504

I have to say I was shocked to see her on NYLON and I-D. Why are fashion magazines reporting on this?

I'm so embarrassed for her.

No. 15506

Even with all of the attention and new subscribers Kelsey’s dairies of the quiet heroes series hadn’t had many more views. I don’t know why she is doing more fan fiction.

No. 15508

I was content to sit by and see what her funded YouTube video would be like but after seeing a picture and videos of the cast members, as a MUA I need to say something - do not use such dark, thick eyeliner (especially on a pale or blonde person) unless it’s part of their character. Not only is it massively noticeable and unsubtle but Hannah and Amy (?) look like goths and not refined witches. Don’t line eyes from corner to corner for anything filmed - start of the iris to end is natural enough and still highlights the eye. And you don’t need to always use black - brown and dark grey can be just as effective. You don’t need to be a professional to know how to look decent on video just use google. If Kelsey is doing/directing makeup then everyone’s is going to look as bad as hers.

No. 15509

I think this every time I see her in recent videos. I think it's the lip fillers and the fact her nose looks bigger since the septum surgery she got?

No. 15511

Just a thought, but Hannah (Snow) seems to have integrated herself into the friendship group really fast? Like, no mention of her as a friend for years and then BAM, all of a sudden they're BFFs and Abi is missing her so much etc. It seems like they just met her one day and suddenly thought 'yeah, this is what we need to stay relevant, another girl'

No. 15513


She has lots of followers on musical.ly - you do the math.

No. 15515

Hermione video is on the front of reddit

No. 15517

Kelsey's Indiegogo has over 6300 pounds with just over 3 weeks to go. I'm legitimately surprised.

(Looks like a third of that is coming from one person, but it's still pretty impressive. I hope this isn't some kind of cruel joke where that person does a chargeback right at the very end.)

No. 15519

Sophie is looking rough, the NALU salon all the foreigners in Tokyo go to posted a photo of her hair and it's day and night from the filtered, edited photos she posts on her own page.

No. 15521

How on earth do Abi's friends put up with her putting on a child's voice every time she films???????

No. 15523

why are these weebs always so ugly tho? damn.

No. 15525

Kelsey is putting her own money from work and drag shows into it. I wouldn't be surprised if she was the same person donating to make it seem like it's more successful than it is

No. 15527

The donations are legit, you can view the donations on the page - quite why you'd want to donate over £2k to the project is beyond me but there you go…

No. 15529

Kelsey's ESDR Performance.
do you think she'll ever stop dancing as herminone

No. 15531

Kelsey is the second Hermione dancer btw
you can tell because she's doing the exact same dance AGAIN

No. 15533

File: 1531607611684.jpg (121.71 KB, 960x640, 37205619_2232008580148343_1757…)

No. 15535

File: 1531607624445.jpg (58.04 KB, 960x640, 37128831_2232008076815060_3995…)

No. 15537

File: 1531610363463.png (8.21 MB, 1242x2208, 17F39FD5-39B2-4DA7-83CC-E1B140…)

Abi posted on her insta story and it’s the most awkward dancing… yeesh

No. 15540

People keep asking Kelsey lately how old she is and she replies "old enough" or "grown" she says it really annoys her when people ask.
Why are some people so weird about their age? I'm guessing she's 25 anyways. Maybe deep down she knows she's too old for all this Harry potter crap

No. 15543

Yes so true. I bet if she was 18-20 or younger, she would say straight away

No. 15545

Doesn't help when she makes a big thing about always looking younger than she is too. Not an excuse for comments like that on her Instagram but still.

No. 15547

Well I was talking mostly about that thread of tweets. I'd get it if it were her fanbase or even people that seemed to watch her channel. I just got a vibe of people who don't get how youtube works.

No. 15548

there are local queens who need to money and exposure at a show like this more than she does. this pisses me off. they have more talent than she does as well

No. 15550

*the money, not to money

No. 15553

>>15511 It may sound weird but I wish there was a video or something that Connie or Abi could've made introducing Hannah and that other Adelicate girl. Its weird how they just film videos with them and dont introduce them like we should already know who they are… How did they meet? Are they a part of the G4laxy girls now?? Where are they from? and so on and so forth. It might just be a pet peeve of mine but they especially Hannah have been in a lot of youtube videos and instagram posts with Connie and the rest and I'm sure I'm not the only going, "Wait, but who are you???"

No. 15555

Kelsey is currently writing a thread on Twitter about her unsuccessful music career and how it’s been filled with bad luck, but I wonder if her speaking out against X Factor put a mark on her in the business? Entertainment can be so shady who knows if she’s on some kind of black list because of Simon Cowell.

No. 15557

Lmao no.

Cowell (and the Syco minions) don't care about the hundreds upon hundreds of rejects on the show, let alone follow their YT channels to check if they ever disparage the show.

Kelsey's music just sucks ass and she's yet again showing how bitter she is that she's not receiving the views she, for some bizarre reason, thinks she 'deserves'. Did you not figure this out from all the other times she's complained about low views instead of improving her content?

On the thread itself:
Describing Pom Pom as 'out there'? Give me a break. It was pop trash, nothing remotely eccentric.

No. 15559

“ didn't have experience in directing, editing, promoting or making music videos or lyric videos and it showed”
And now she has so much more experience to direct, promote and edit her fan video that needs £10,000 to continue/exist?

No. 15561

this. I think if Kelsey really wants to have a successful music career, she needs to keep working and improving her music and maybe needs to find a new style/genre that'd work for her. Some people don't make it big until they hit their 30s or 40s and that's fine, too. Not everyone can become famous overnight by the age of 25. saged

No. 15563

It’s just like pride - Kelsey doesn’t actually look care about who the event is really about as long as she gets a chance to promote herself (or DH as no one cares enough to remember her real name) and do the same dance over again.
She also still hasn’t learned to close her mouth whilst dancing….

No. 15565

Exactly! If they want this to look even remotely professional, they need the basics to at least look decent.
Even with all the money, I have low expectations.
We know from her music that Kelsey is not the best writer and the story will carry it along, even if the acting etc is sub par.

No. 15567

Her latest post says she's not copying Helena BC's Bellatrix. Hahahahaha…. Also constantly says she's always told she looks like her. Minus the curly hair which anyone could have thanks to curling tongs and the resemblance is gone. But then she'd have to rely on her acting acumen….
Kelsey's acting may pass for stage, but for screen where everything is picked up she needs to be much more subtle. Her fanfiction series was so horribly overacted. I'm praying she doesn't start to put on an accent for this.

No. 15569

connie has changed her twitter handle to just "connieglynn" instead of noodlerella - is this because she thinks she's a "famous author uwu" now and that shit tons of people are gonna be looking her up by her full name? sage in case I'm reaching

No. 15570

Might be more proof of her getting more into the author role versus the youtuber role. Her videos have gone way down hill recently. She's changed a lot since I had started watching her. More snobby and bitchy now.

No. 15572

reaching, anon. Most youtubers who started years ago have a cringey username they want to get away from. xBextahx - beckii, Kimonotime - Kelsey etc

No. 15574

Kelsey tweeting to say that Indiegogo fees have taken a huge hit from the total… But I thought they were covered with her magic pie chart?

No. 15576

Does that means she's going to be asking for even more money?

No. 15578

Why are GameTee gifting Riirii $85 dice sets and D&D merchandise when she clearly doesn’t play (or appear to even show interest in the game) ?

No. 15580

Exposure for all the D&D fans that follow her (likely)
Pretty sure gametee is ran by two girls who gift a lot for exposure

No. 15582

I'm not sure what'll be worse, having to deal with Kelsey's endless whining and complaining if her project doesn't get funded or dealing with endless updates if it does get funded

No. 15584

This. I figured its because shes realized people are going to start looking her up considering she's an author. Even bigger authors and other professionals who may have seen her book. She knows people may not take her seriously seeing the name "Noodlerella". Also, though as a previous anon said, she has changed and her brand has kind of changed. No more weeb doki doki Connie. Just bitchy, attitudinal, pink, pansexual Connie.

No. 15586

Kelsey's actually asked why exactly all of her followers haven't donated money to her movie.
Um… because it's a stupid idea nobody asked for.
She's starting to become very entitled

No. 15588

These companies must never actually talk to her, she's a top notch cunt with an awful elitist attitude, even when shes being "nice"

No. 15590

She posted the same thing on twitter and Instagram about how she would be more than funded if everyone donated £1. It’s so disgusting and entitled, she doesn’t know know the financial circumstances of her followers, they could be living in poor conditions or a family that relies on social benefits and food stamps. Not everyone has £1 to give and I’m honestly very disappointed in her for presuming as much.

No. 15592

Kelseys looking to fund another £10,000 through Indiegogo.
She said the first £10,000 isn't enough Money for what she wants to do.
She's become real good at asking people to give her money. How many fund raisers has she had now? 4? I think

No. 15594

File: 1532443383912.jpeg (137.06 KB, 2048x1195, 9A3EF987-EBB6-4398-BC85-CE5788…)

£63 in refunds already. Payment errors or people changing their mind?

No. 15596

Did Kelsey go to Hyper Japan a week or so ago?
I'm surprised she didn't go as dancing Hermione (despite it not being linked) or be in the fashion show amongst all of the unfortunate looking, overweight "models" and "youtubers".

No. 15598

I think she went one day by herself. None of the other "g4laxy" girls did as I recall.

No. 15600

File: 1532637997959.png (1.46 MB, 1067x587, vlog.png)

imagine being a vlogger and only being friends with other vloggers.
seems like a fucking nightmare to me.
a bunch of narcissists talking to each other through a camera

No. 15601

I feel like they're at a point where being friends with other vloggers is their only option. Normal people would've noped the fuck out of that shit a LONG time ago.

No. 15603


That screen capture is incredible. Just a normal picnic guys!11!

No. 15605

This is like modern art lol

No. 15607

File: 1532712501115.jpeg (348.32 KB, 1150x2048, D18FE864-1D4D-45A4-B53E-148B74…)

Wasn’t this uniform something she recently complained about not being able to afford?
It seems like almost everything she can’t afford she somehow still manages to obtain. Are people buyinher gifts or is she just lying about her money?

No. 15609

I have this sailorfuku and it's cheap as hell

No. 15611

Why has she suddenly lost the ability to create any kind of content, even a cosplay that isn't HP related?

No. 15613

>Can't afford
This is cheap as hell on Taobao.

No. 15615

It’s not that surprising, she says it regarding items from Primark which is also cheap (she recently mentioned not having the budget for a long jacket in Primark before attending Pride and was then wearing it in later stories that day on Instagram)

Her branding is currently; Harry Potter, e-begging and pretending she can’t afford things she clearly buys immediately.

No. 15617

I thought the only reason she got invited to Narcon was as the dancing Herminoe?

No. 15619

She's been invited like three years in a row now iirc

No. 15621

Kelsey hit her indiegogo goal, over by £500 now

No. 15623

Sorry if this is a stupid question
But what exactly is a death drop?
Kelsey is doing them at Narcon and it looks so awkward, especially when she has to get back up off the floor again

No. 15625

It's a dance move. It's meant to be super impressive because it's dangerous if you fall wrong, but most people just use it as a highlight of a dance

No. 15627

How come whenever Kelsey gets all obsessed with a certain famous person she starts trying hard to look like it says people always say she looks like them. Like before it was ariana Grande, now Helena Bonham Carter. In her early days she tried to look Asian too and said everyone thinks she's Asian, yet ariana Grande and Helena bc looks nothing alike and also neither of them look Asian, but somehow she looks like all three? Also seriously, she looks nothing like either of them she has completely different features.

No. 15630

She was saying she looked like Emma Watson at narcon when dressed as Hermione

No. 15632

An anonymous user pledged £2500 which is why she reached her goal.

No. 15634

honestly im happy for her that she reached her goal, but i dont get who the fuck wants to donate literally thousands to a project like this

No. 15636

File: 1532877212850.jpg (783.36 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180729-111151_Ins…)

Some of Abi's friends came to visit her in Paris. Her bf or ex whatever the hell he is came also.

No. 15638

He is way too hot for abi..

No. 15640

File: 1532897765724.jpg (185.03 KB, 1564x657, harry potter and the thirsty t…)

Welp, they reached their goal. Will be watching, but given kelseys previous works I suspect this is gonna be cringy as fuck.

No. 15642

Bets on whether it was Jared or Kelsey magically donating her non existent money herself

No. 15644

I'm not as hard on Kelsey as most here seem to be, but this whole thing just fills me with dread. She's already admitted to screwing up the budget by not accounting for Indiegogo's fees. I think she's in over her head, and with so much of other people's money on the line, I think this is really going to blow up in her face.

No. 15646

The problem is whether she is choosing whoever at the time will get her the most interest or whether she actually believes she looks Caucasian-Asian-12 year old Emma Watson

No. 15648

Becky posted a video on one of the rides, her bf was sat next to her but Jake was sat in front alone. I don’t know if Abi was working and couldn’t ride or if he did not want to be sat with her. It would be weird to visit if they broke up, unless she asked him to so that they would appear together?

No. 15650

If this fails I don’t think she will recover. She will be labelled a scammer and have her reputation tainted forever.

No. 15652

Neither am I, imo shes not creepy pedo bait like abi, but I think she overestimates her talents. Tbh I dont know anything about indiegogo-whats the info on their fees?

Hmm idk, I think she may get a pass for being naive.

No. 15654

Abi did mention on instagram stories that she was meant to work Saturday but wasn't sure if she would be able to because of some kind of injury. In past Disney vlogs with Kelsey she's sat out a bunch of the rides so it could be that she was woeking or just not into it

No. 15656

All she does to look like Ariana Grande is put her hair up in a ponytail and screw her lips up. Every. Time.
I can’t fault her for the success she’s milking the dancing Hermione for, however repetitive, but I wish she would close her mouth whilst doing it - it’s always gaping open.

No. 15658

I think Kelsey's main problem is that she doesn't know who SHE is or she's very uncomfortable with who she is.

Gets told she looks like Ariana Grande, she dresses like her, goes to comic con cosplaying her, does a lipsync battle as her.

Gets told she looks just like Hermione in her cosplay, creates dancing Hermione.

Curls her hair and gets told she looks like Bellatrix, makes a movie that's way too big for her to handle and casts herself as Bellatrix.

No. 15660

You can tell she doesn’t leave the house if going to a club results in a 23 minute vlog

No. 15662

Whilst Kelsey fans will like whatever she does, I have a feeling Potter fans will be massively disappointed at what is going to be a flop. (Think Danerys makeover). Taking on a deep and iconic role such as Bellatrix is just going to show how weak her acting is. Doing smaller budget, interesting series building herself up to this would have given me more faith. Maybe then she could get people who weren't her close friends involved. (Especially a 'Director' who looks like he'd be the type to be allergic to shellfish).
Anyone with black hair can curl it and 'suddenly look like Bellatrix' but writing a decent part (especially from someone who doesn't strike me as particularly witty/good with language etc) is a lot harder and that's what this fanfilm will have to fall back on.

No. 15664

File: 1533123283270.jpg (537.25 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180801-072754_Ins…)

There's a few videos on Abi's IG of only her friends getting their photo taken with Minnie. I have feeling it's Abi in the Minnie costume. You don't hear here screeching like usual. And this great moment is captured.

No. 15666

here mannerisms are all very hyper whenever she's in costume, it feels too silly

No. 15668

It must be exhausting to constantly fake your mannerisms (not just as a character but the way Abi squeals in general)

No. 15670

I just know Abi got shit like "Character Actor" written down on her resume now just cause she's been running around in the Minnie mascot for 8-13$ an hour.
(Who needs school when you can continue your childish fever dreams and think working for disney is clout even though you're making nothing and got one of the shittiest jobs in the park yikes)

No. 15672

Out of sheer curiosity I checked Disney France's average rates too and unless you're in some type of managing position, people like Abi barely break 1.600€ a month and all the reviews for the positions are all the same sentiment of "its fun…as a summerjob" but none can support themselves on it as a fulltime/properly pay for their accomodations.
Gotta work them slave jobs just so you can say you work at ~Disney~

No. 15674

I’m surprised she hasn’t accidentally hit or scared a child with all that flailing

No. 15676

I don't see where people think Kelsey looks like Ariana Grande or Helena Bonham Carter at all? She only looks like Ariana if she purposely puts the make up on to change her face. For Helena she only curls her hair :/ Just because she looks like Helena doesn't mean she will do just as good of a job playing Bellatrix! Helena is a phenomenal actress and sadly people will make the comparison between her and Kelsey and I'm not looking forward to the cringe :(

And I see from her projects when she held auditions no one auditioned? The casts in both projects are either friends or family :/

No. 15678

Nobody who wants a serious career in acting or production wants to be associated with this. Already it looks like Kelsey has messed up budget with underestimating location fees and indigogo fees.
Some places will let you film there for free or a steeply discounted rate at night if you are doing an art project or student film (which is basically what this is). Kelsey either doesn’t know where to look/is too lazy or totally lacks resourcefulness and imagination. Either make it a big budget production (more than £10,000) or do it for as cheaply as possible but at least know what you are doing.

No. 15680

*have SkyDancers forever~ did you get somebody with experience and performs at least weekly.

No. 15682

Apart from being annoyed with her at times (especially with Abi) I had nothing against Kelsey and was actually interested in her YouTube series. But her actiing is… maybe not awful but not suited to screenwork - everything was over acted (the accent shudder), her character building was shallow and lazy (“just Holly” like “just Harry”?) and it seemed more of an excuse to show off her HP merchandise, even wearing pyjamas as a shirt.
I swear there was something similar to her latest project done a few years back - the idea isn’t original and I’m just praying that at least an ok job of it is done and Kelsey doesn’t try to do too many important jobs herself.

No. 15684

I’m just hoping she doesn’t write it - look at her songs.

No. 15686

Kelsey's film has a bigger budget than the first Paranormal Activity. Expecting a masterpiece.

No. 15688

I am actually looking forward to seeing this film Kelsey is doing.

Not much has been given into the story of the three sisters, all we know really, is their names and that Andromeda and Bellatrix look very very similar.

I am curious as to what Kelsey does with the freedom she has with not knowing about them growing up, but also the limitations on what is known about the Harry Potter universe.

No. 15690

A decent amount of canon info was given on Pottermore (this year I think actually).
I have a feeling that timelines/years will be altered due to creative license.
Has she got someone to help her script it? As someone mentioned earlier…Boom Boom springs to mind

No. 15692

What the hell is this?

No. 15694

how did u even find this what the hell are u a stalker?
It was uploaded in 2008, she was a literal kid then

No. 15696

I just watched some of her sisters videos and suddenly spotted that video in my suggestions

No. 15698

how is this milk? this is just a video of her dancing with friends as a child. Not a fan of hers at all but jesus christ anon

No. 15700

It's probably the same person who followed jelsey to find out where she lived.

>> in my suggestions

Yeah right. If anything it would show kesleys more popular stuff, not a video from eight years ago.

No. 15702

File: 1533913581022.png (1.03 MB, 968x575, movie.png)

the director of photography and the director of Sisters Of House Black.
I wonder how much of the £10,000 these two will be getting paid

No. 15705

If SITC is any indication, Kelsey has now thoroughly replaced Abi with Hannah (all these white girl names XD)(XD)

No. 15707

They don't really inspire much confidence.
Hopefully they can provide a breath of fresh air into the project

No. 15709

I'd trust Kelsey more if she actually sticks to what she says and does.
Going to retire dancing Hermione? (Nope, still going)
Making a girl band to advance her music career? (Haven't heard from them since they released an uninspired song about hair)

No. 15710

File: 1534152120734.png (419.42 KB, 348x550, ass out.png)

damn Kelsey really wore that to a kids theme park

No. 15712

Throughout the entire video 9/10 times you are looking at her asscheeks.

No. 15714

Gotta keep Jared interested.

No. 15716

Maybe Jared is her stalker

No. 15718

File: 1534242189556.png (265.98 KB, 602x720, kelsey.png)

1. Kelsey has never played Kingdom Hearts
2. remember 4 months ago when she said she would stop doing Dancing Herminoe
3. how has she not come up with a new dance yet? she's a dancer and can't or refuses to come up with a new dance for her own dancing character??

No. 15720

She's running it into the ground. I'm actually mildly surprised people are still into it, but doing the same dance and just basically being one note will dissolve the interest.

No. 15722

Tbf I think the Dancing Hermione has been retired as a meme now. It's just Kelseys little fandom that encourages it now. It's kind of sad to keep a meme going at 26 for the sake of popularity.

No. 15724

File: 1534603177521.jpeg (118.04 KB, 750x623, 0DA7F575-04AD-4944-9C31-32EAAF…)

It’s not that the moves look similar, it’s that they’re the same moves just sometimes in a different order.

No. 15726

Not only do I feel like it was a jab to us that she said that, but she's literally making excuses just so she doesnt have to put any sort of variation in her terribly basic vogue moves.

No. 15728

I feel like Kelsey has been brought up very spoiled and over indulged. I think her parents have told her time and time again that she’s special and deserves to do what makes her happy and has never been in a situation where she has to work for anything if she’s not getting instant gratification. She’s 25 and seems to have never had a full time job! It’s genuinely embarrassing. She says she has a degree but it’s in a non-subject. She puts in minimal effort to things and only does what makes her feel good, and will then complain over and over again about her ‘fans’ when she inevitably doesn’t become famous over night from it.
An example of this is she will decide on spur of the moment what she wants to be this month (singer, dancer, script writer, actor, director). She will announce it to everyone and tell all these plans. But she will quit it the second it becomes difficult. She has 0 consistency and that’s the biggest reason she will never reach the level of fame she obviously craves. Realistically she should look at the videos of hers that have consistently had the most interaction, realise they’re all dancing videos (the ONLY skill she has any talent in) and stick with that. She should put in the effort, learn something new, interact with her audience in a more polite manner and understand that just because she wants to make something doesn’t automically make it good and doesn’t mean she deserves recognition.
She’s also extremely rude to people on her Twitter it’s unbeleivable. She genuinely seems to think she’s famous when she’s known for a 10 second meme that no one will be talking about soon. You can’t try and make a living out of entertaining people then get pissy when people view you are entertainment.

No. 15729

Oh, our mistake Kelsey. You're doing the exact same voguing moves over and over.
And learn to close your mouth when you do it.

No. 15731

Such a fundamental lack of understanding of the dance and surrounding culture that it's frankly insulting.

No. 15733

or, you know, you could practice to get better

No. 15735

File: 1534711407376.jpg (84.85 KB, 640x1138, 39019260_494677074329959_37710…)

So WTF do you keep making these idiotic "If YouTubers were ________" videos???

No. 15737

Shouldn't she introduce herself as 'Voguing Hermione" then?

No. 15739

Oh so she's not watching any of her friends videos…like Kelsey, Abi or Beckii?
Seems like she doesn't think that they're "serious" youtubers lol
Bye, bye G4laxy!

No. 15740

Now I get why she's trying to be such a film connoisseur in her recent videos. She's just trying to be Jenny and Lindsay and copy her content. Girl, we know you did nothing with your film degree. Don't try to act like you like it now just because they're videos are such hits. You cant just suddenly up and change your brand. Although apparently "Noodlerella" is dead.

No. 15742

*copy their content. Whoops.

No. 15744


>and that's it I literally don't watch any others

Great friends

No. 15745

File: 1534798816249.png (543.28 KB, 507x560, wtf.png)

I know Beckii was never an attractive girl BUT WHAT THR FUCK HAPPENED JFC
I'm freaking out

No. 15749

File: 1534799575682.jpg (42.02 KB, 941x358, skinwalker.jpg)

No. 15752

if we didn't watch her grow up I could easily believe she's trans

No. 15754

She needs a hairstyle that de-emphasizes her forehead. And I also think she might be overdoing it with the lip fillers.

No. 15756

I think too much of her forehead is showing and her hairline makes it look she's going bald. I think its just the hairstyle and maybe lighting she's in.

No. 15758

Her bottom lip is about to pop like a gushy cyst, it looks nasty. The spider lashes and Instafiltering her nose out of existence isn't doing her any favors either, jfc.

No. 15760

File: 1534832774272.jpg (26.73 KB, 490x473, 36727b7a8b0a5fc61807175147a88a…)

She looks like a cartoon character tbh.

No. 15762

I just realized you can see the line above her upper lip where the fillers spread too far, so she looks like she has a Gomez Addams stache

No. 15764

File: 1534833577189.png (334.07 KB, 507x560, 1534798816249.png)

here, fixed it.
them lips still look cancerous

No. 15766

>I'm voguing
Nothing like a bland straight girl trying to tell people what voguing is all about.

No. 15768

File: 1534890173721.jpg (48.82 KB, 830x623, 13a13115923777a6.jpg)

I honestly don't think her nose is the problem at all, she has a big nose but I always found her looks endearing even though I never liked her much. It's those god damn lip fillers combined with the pose here and how her teeth look behind her lips, they don't suit her at all. I also think she looked so much better with her natural hair colour, this red just looks weird with her face and eyes for reasons I can't explain. Complaining that people's lip fillers don't suit them is essentially beating a dead horse since it's such a common thing to pick at but Jesus I've never seen them suit someone less than her.

No. 15770

Her eyebrows may look better if they were a shade or two darker rather than bright orange

No. 15772

I genuinely thought she'd hit her stride in 2015-2017 I thought she looked great her hair and outfits really suited her for the most part but these fillers and that hairstyle are unfortunate.

I hope she doesn't get her lips filled forever or things will start to be irreversibly wonky

No. 15775

It’s 2018 and clumpy mascara still exists?
It looks like she’s trying make up for the first time

No. 15776

File: 1534930923780.png (44.44 KB, 739x365, cc.png)

how long until she starts an indigogo to pay for her acting classes

No. 15778

File: 1534931039421.jpg (17.55 KB, 300x400, beckii-cruel-e1495963022292-30…)

her long brown hair was so pretty and she really needs a fringe to cover that 5head.

No. 15780

File: 1534931073700.jpeg (259.54 KB, 750x1038, 83870145-E01B-4F11-9208-F7C913…)

It’s always about money with her. She really wants to “make it on her own” but she obviously needs to start literally investing to better herself.

No. 15782

Cease the day, hahaha

No. 15784

File: 1534968511510.jpg (241.63 KB, 1300x878, image2.jpg)

Damn, dude. Beckii has never been the peak of beauty or anything but at least she had really nice natural hair. I always thought it was her best feature.

What are you doing girl??

No. 15785

Her nose is very thick and bulbous at the tip (that's fine, we all have a feature that we don't like/feel looks bad etc) but rather than learn how to do makeup to bring out the best in her features she gets rid of her fringe dyes her hair (and eyebrows) a shade that doesn't really suit her and gets a cosmetic procedure that does her no favours, but still tries to promote herself as a fashion/makeup/general (I don't even know anymore) guru.
I'd be happier for these girls success if they actually had talent that they used well.

No. 15787

Isn't Beckii vegetarian or vegan?
I know a lot of lip fillers are tested on animals. I wonder if she checked that out before getting hers done.
It'd be interesting to know how much she spent in total on lip fillers too. I know one session is £300 but I don't know how many times she got it done.
It could have saved that money and got some plastic surgery on her nose

No. 15789

she literally looks like a mtf.

No. 15791

Eh, imo the only really "problem" with her nose is that it's crooked.

No. 15793

File: 1535054813579.jpeg (114.02 KB, 1252x1252, x2bifWBZ.jpeg)

Imo her nose is her worst facial feature. From what I understand she CAN afford a rhinoplasty.

Man, I have a big nose too(unfortunately it looks somewhat like hers) and if I got the money I'd get it fixed ASAP. Say what you want, but it's fucking unattractive, especially on a girl.

No. 15795

>I know how the world works.
Sure you do, Kelsey.

No. 15797

Why did Sony fly Evan and Connie to New York for a Spider-Man PS4 event? Neither are exactly gamer channels, what a waste and slap in the face to creators who genuinely focus of gaming or comic books.

No. 15799

true, but I think any of us would take Sony up on the offer

No. 15801

as if Connie is ever going to play the Spider Man game. I don't even know what Evan does but I doubt it's gaming related either

No. 15803

Connie and her posse get countless invites to all sorts of events that aren't related to their channels for free all the time, only to humble brag about it like they're extra special VIP guests.

No. 15805

At least it looks like Connie has slimmed back down

No. 15807

So what do you guys think about new Connie and her content?

No. 15809

I'm not gonna lie, I actually really enjoyed this video from Connie. It seemed like genuine content and something that she might have even enjoyed making. That being said, it did come across 'holier than thou' or whatever but that just might be her writing style. If this is her new direction, I don't necessarily mind it. Better than what Becki and Kelsey are doing nowadays

No. 15811

I actually really like it, seems like she got into phil lately. I do wonder if she actually read the authors and concepts she references or just some excerpts and wikipedia pages but I haven't noticed any discrepancies in the vid.
Where will her channel go from this though? Although I'd be interested in more essays like this, it might cause her audience to dwindle, just looking at the comments it's obvious most of what she's saying went over their heads…

No. 15813

I agree with the other anons above, I was very surprised by how much I liked this!

There is a chance that she at least touched on these essays when she studied film at uni, she probably fleshed out a lot of these ideas we see in the video for her dissertation. I hope she didn't just cite wikipedia, I like to at least hope that she is smarter irl than her noodlerella persona was.

I do want to know what parts of noodlerella she considers "real" and what parts she knew were fake af though

No. 15815

Interesting, I personally love video essays and social media analysis. I also feel like she's risking her channel by making new things and I can respect that.

No. 15818

I really enjoyed this video a lot.
Connie hired a video editor a long time ago and it seems they're finally getting to show their skill in her videos.
I'm curious how her younger viewers are going to react to her own style of videos

No. 15820

I can’t get over her tranny smirk in the thumbnail

No. 15822

I know she aimed for an essay-style video, but that one had way more citing than necessary.

No. 15824

>>15807 She's obviously heavily inspired by Lindsay Ellis.

No. 15826

It's always amusing when flakes make it obvious they're reading here

No. 15828

File: 1536106139657.png (210.26 KB, 1134x588, Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 01.0…)

No. 15830

File: 1536262231965.jpeg (123.11 KB, 750x728, 9B4D756E-0AF7-4F95-BC48-AD8D45…)

I bet $10 that she’ll have quit by the end of the month. Can she commit to anything?

No. 15832

james is such a cuck

No. 15834

end of the month?
kek anon i give it 1 more lesson but even thats saying too much i highly doubt she went in the first place. She's basically a mini Kelly Jean in training.

No. 15836

Kelsey needs to look a little closer to home for the ‘haters’. A girl who is notorious for posting on hate sites keeps tagging Kelsey and sucking up to her and yet literally stabs her in the back every time.
I can’t understand Kelsey, who complains about being posted on here/hated on and yet has people like this on her social media accounts. She must know their reputations

No. 15838

Kelsey blocked me because she thought I was the one threatening to leak information about where she lives… Obviously she didn't stop to think Long enough to realise I have no bloody clue where she lives.

I understand her being annoyed at me for posting here, but jumping to conclusions like that when I tried to explain myself was a bit annoying. But whatever, if she wants to be pissed at me fine.
I think she believes it's all over now. She blocked me, threat sorted. No more problems… I wonder if she will ever realise I actually came here to whiteknight her. I'll admit to that, I thought she was my friend so I whiteknighted her. Thought I was protecting her… So much for that.

Anyway, enough of the blog post….
Has anyone seen that clip where Dancing Hermione is shown to Daniel Radcliffe. More reason for Kelsey to try and keep the Meme alive.
I shall see if I can find the link

No. 15840


Dancing Hermione at 2.17

No. 15847

it's actually pretty cool that he saw that!
I know Kelsey is a cow but it's nice that she got recognized by someone she is inspired by

No. 15848

It probably means more dancing Hermione videos though

No. 15849

which girl?

No. 15850

Is it the overweight one with the badly dyed hair?
Jess something?
She pops up everywhere on Kelsey’s social media like a damn stalker.
It’s always the suck ups who get nasty

No. 15851

And it’s a fictional characters birthday so Kelsey has got to put out another “Dancing-but-actually-mediocre-voguing Hermione” video

No. 15852

File: 1537381021765.webm (8.82 MB, 640x360, yasssssslayhuntyyywinkwonk.web…)

The shit is boring to me, she does the same moves over and over, BuzzFeed people love these dead ass memes, however. All the "Dancing Hermione" attention has gone to her head, she thinks she can keep milking it forever.

No. 15854

She also probably thinks people care about the person behind the costume.
If another person dressed as Hermoine and danced (not even better, but just in general) then…

No. 15857

this is a 24 year old woman doing this.
her floor is filthy too

No. 15859

* 26 year old

No. 15861

Kelsey was making a point how the deathly hallows symbol is like a dark mark/negative symbol, someone else commented with it's metephoric meaning, j.k Rowling herself confirms and Kelsy instantly suddenly loves that meaning of it.

No. 15862

I wonder how Kelsey has been able to afford her visit to Toronto…

No. 15864

Maybe the 'travel' money from Kickstarter….

No. 15866

As fishy as her spending can be, I think it’s likely that she was invited as she’s going to be showing a trailer for her fan movie there

No. 15868

Warner Brothers got in contact with Kelsey and told her she can make her movie but she had to take down her Indigogo and she's not allowed to make any money off of it. we all knew this was going to happen but Kelsey said she still didn't have enough money for the movie and didn't know what she was going to do

No. 15870

I doubt they'd pay for her flight, accomodation etc
And she still has to pay to eat abroad, travel around the city etc

No. 15871

File: 1538217501710.png (523.28 KB, 450x608, one wish.PNG)

Have any of you heard of the girls in One Wish? It's a UK-based aidoru
group with wannabe Beckii Cruels. Theres these two girls named Grace and Holly in the group that are pretty good cringe material.

No. 15873

I know the ginger one (grace?) was mentioned in the Mike pedo towers thread. She is indeed a cringe fest

No. 15875


No. 15877

Holly is a member of Flusay Girls as well (another cringefest), but she also posts her own content which is honestly god awful

No. 15879

I refuse to believe this isn't a joke? Come on girl, love yourself.

No. 15881

I feel so bad for her. This has to be untreated autism? How old is this poor girl? Someone take away her computer for her own safety. Poor thing.

No. 15883

No. 15885

I have a hunch Grace Lurks here.
I'd never heard of her before the Michael Towers thread and I made a comment about her being overweight and it seems she's mostly been posting about "how much she's lost" since

Possible Tinfoil so sage but all of these girls are top-tier cringe.

No. 15887

Thx anon

No. 15889

Well, she did mention in the description that she knows she's bad at singing. She also mixed this herself, which she has little to no experience in.

No. 15891

Going to assume you're the one who was posted

kek you're awful m8

No. 15893

this is the idol equivalent of when girls take pics of themselves and fish for compliments by putting themselves down

No. 15895

samefag - video is also unlisted now, nice lurk

No. 15897

… why would you post if you know it's bad?

No. 15899

File: 1538420972864.jpeg (174.23 KB, 750x1244, 2A8ABB10-F239-463B-8915-6498CD…)

Connie made a Patreon, and the reward tiers are condescending af.

No. 15902

I guess having a best selling childrens series doesn't pay her enough?

No. 15904

Pretty ballsy to make a patreon with no reward except "Your name where no one is gonna read it".


who is "we"?

No. 15906

Wow… she's not AtJap13 but she's damn close

No. 15908

Connie's description for her rewards on Patreon sound so snobby and cunty

No. 15910

File: 1538490246307.png (129.91 KB, 841x420, NoodlePatreon.png)

I've heard of Youtubers hiring outside editors, and that's fine, but this is the first time I've heard of researchers.

This really gives me the sense that other people are doing all the hard work while she goes on camera and gets the spotlight.

No. 15912

Why don't any of these weebs put actual effort into their looks? That's the cringiest thing in my eyes. They just make dumb faces and hastag their pictures as gyaru or kawaii when they've put in no work. No makeup skills, no fashion sense, no money spent on nice co-ords, no presentation o themselves. It's so embarassing. I find Becki, Connie and that Hermione girl cringey as fuck but at least they put some effort into their aesthetics, the rest are just sad autist looking weirdos.

No. 15914

I agree to some extent. Beckii is not classically pretty - her face and features are a bit unfortunate, but she always makes an effort, I’ll give her that. Even though she seems to have moved away from Japanese fashion completely.
It really annoys me when weebs tag something as ‘gyaru’, ‘lolita, ‘decora’ etc when…it’s not

No. 15916

It’s funny how Abi, Kelsey and Beckii started doing videos about Japanese dances and things and now they complain that their audience has declined when they do completely different things now.

Watching Abi’s instagram, I feel pity. She has no life outside of Disney. When her contract runs out, when she gets ill or older etc and doesn’t have a job with them, she’ll have nothing. She doesn’t seem well educated to get a decent job to fund her Disney habit when she leaves.

No. 15918

I looked ad some of Beckii's videos for the first time in a long while and she seems to be channeling those ~so quirky and random xD~ girl vloggers now that are in now, but she comes off as the one that's grown the most in her group and one of the few not trying to be an aidoru, full-time weeb or Disney girl. Abi and Kelsey always come across as way more desperate.

No. 15920

Anon is this your first look at "idol weebs"?
Imo they're the worst kind. They put zero effort into looks, are almost always autistic, can't sing, can't dance and normally overweight.

They look at the naturally cute idols and think they're the same. Take a look at the Grace chick - her hair is seriously overgrown and lacking a haircut yet thats her "defining feature" in the "idol" world.

Normally though when these types of girls actually do put effort in it's too much effort there's no middle ground. It's no makeup minimal effort or Circle Lenses, japanese eyelashes and """cute""" ill-fitting japanese clothes.

Idol weebs are the worst branch of weebs by far, they're all legbeards. If they were talented and attractive enough they'd actually be in a real agency with a real job.

No. 15923

Grace has some of the ugliest teeth I've seen in my life. I know Brits usually don't have the best teeth, but hers are on another level.


No. 15924

File: 1538508156842.png (323.6 KB, 597x598, Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 20.2…)

>They look at the naturally cute idols and think they're the same
This is one thing that struck me about Holly: half the poses on her Insta are copped from the Kpop idols and it looks ridiculous on her.

Even as a Brit, YIKES. Thanks for perpetuating the stereotype, Holly.

No. 15925

she keeps giving me Vicky Pollard vibes tbh and i can't shake it

Grace could improve so much if she lost weight and cut the 6 inches of pure dead hair off. The hair alone would improve her.

No. 15926

Juju is surprisingly well coordinated. There's a video where she's in a proper dance studio. Holly makes me want to die, there's all around cringe and delusion there.

No. 15929

Jenny also made an original song once.

No. 15930

File: 1538515226968.png (756.45 KB, 1109x620, Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 22.1…)

I am thoroughly enjoying this rich new seam of cringe. I feel like everything that needs to be said about the song itself and her appearance goes without saying so I'll just add: I love that she thought this was a nice shot of London to include in her video. These weebs have literally no sense of aesthetics.

Shit, obviously I meant *Grace at the end of this post.

No. 15934

Grace's original song is worse. Obviously whoever made the song (not sure if it was Grace) had no idea how to compose. Only a short version has been released so far.

No. 15936

the clashing notes and chords on this song is giving me horror movie not kawaii japan, its legitimately unsettling especially from 0:50 or 1:00 you can't tell me this isn't from a indie horror film. Who let these girls touch a mic, let alone music jesus christ
(ps anon use the Youtube box to post youtube link to embed them)

Grace needs to work on her eye contact with the camera/audience her eyes are darting around so much in each performance. Also her hair needs a severe trim.

No. 15938

>Grace needs to work on her eye contact with the camera/audience her eyes are darting around so much in each performance
what you talking bout she's going to be the first idol with social anxiety how DARE YOU + 8000 other excuses

Really, this is the level of delusion these weebs have.
And that's not even mentioning their weights.

No. 15940

If she seriously uses that excuse she should be embarrassed of herself kek
No one with Social Anxiety would get up on stage and sing a song.

I'm all for them having a good time being a weeb but they should know better to post this stuff online. How old are these girls?

No. 15942

Or 'menhera'.
That trend needs to stay with people who can pull it off well and not fat weebs who want to "show our inner turmoil".

No. 15944

menhera-kei is for edgy awkward japanese girls who want to pretend to be broken, it's fine for fat, edgy weebs.

No. 15947

She's one of the better ones of the bunch, but she still massively suffers from lack of energy.

All of the weebs above go through the moves, but even in their own videos (presumably their 'better performances') they're so BLAH. Why do none of these weebs put any ENERGY into their dances? Some (not many) can follow the moves but it's still total laze town.

No. 15949

People seem to be getting bored on this thread. The same stuff is being said on other forums I read. This is boring me give me some proper cringe this is tame. Is Sindy Pop bored.(sage)

No. 15951

go read the other threads then

No. 15953

tell us the other forus for the cringe weebs

No. 15955

Does anyone else wish Connie had her own thread? She's the only one with any real relevance, but these threads are always cluttered with the same boring shit about the other girls.

No. 15957

I don't know; I have a feeling that things will blow up when Kelsey releases her £10,000+ disasterpiece

No. 15958

File: 1538744193254.png (186.16 KB, 734x642, fff.png)

how long will this last

No. 15960

>Builds an entire brand around dancing in a costume
>Offers to dance at parties/events as a service
>Gets mad that people expect her to dance for their entertainment
I don't understand this logic at all

No. 15962

File: 1538751140013.png (17.3 KB, 585x200, 78645.PNG)

Plus her social media is about 90% Harry potter/dancing Hermione.

No. 15963

File: 1538751557950.png (26.79 KB, 621x263, 35754.PNG)

No. 15966

"do what makes me happy"

later complains that she has no fame or recognition. also doesn't realize that fame is a business, which involves hard work and not always doing the sh*t you love.

No. 15968

She’s now complaining about needing a manager.
You have to be proactive and actually apply, rather than whine about being taken advantage of. You’d think she’d learn from X Factor. It’s what the whole business is based off. She doesn’t seem to have her record manager either (the other girls in her group must be annoyed).
And if you’ve applied and they all still reject you, then perhaps it’s a wake up call to change your attitude and focus.

No. 15970

What makes her happy seems to be solely Harry Potter these days (which not everyone is a fan of)
She’s becoming a bit like Abi with Disney

No. 15972

But at least Abi is consistent with her Dinsey obsession.
Kelsey jumps on wagons. Wasn’t Star Wars her big thing just a few months ago?

No. 15974

No. 15976

/puts on tiny denim shorts and a white croptop to try and hide incredibly lacking dancing skill\

No. 15978

How old are these girls? Are the parents aware of the autism? Will any of them take serious singing and dancing lessons?
I have so many questions

No. 15980

And all the times Abi isn’t in costume (you can tell by the lack of pig squeals) she seems to be more into interacting with the other characters and outright ignoring the children trying to get her attention.

No. 15982

Holly will be 22 soon, definitely too old for this bullshit. I can't believe she's aiming to be a surgeon.

No. 15984

Kelsey is selling items on Depop and one of them is a denim skirt by Galaxxxy that she received for free in a sponsorship video. I’m not sure how much she is asking for the skirt but it feels morally questionable for her to sell such a thing.

No. 15986

No. 15987

Now now, that's rude to Autistic people to compare these girls to them

No. 15989

have u never sold a gift?
Once its been given to you its yours to do with whatever you like

No. 15991

It was an item she was paid to promote and then received money from via YouTube revenue. Now she wants to sell it for more cash. It just feels shady and ungrateful if she didn’t want it anymore she could at least have the decency to sell it privately, it can’t look good to other brands who may consider working with her.

No. 15993

better to sell something she doesn't want anymore than throw it in the bin.
Honestly it just comes across like you're nitpicking because you don't like her. She's not the first and she wont be the last youtuber to sell items they were given through sponsorship.

No. 15995

This. She also says it doesn't fit her. I doubt brands really care behind the initial exposure

No. 15997

The brand has moved on to the next social media with a jfashion following to get exposure. They really don’t care about Kelsey or what she does with the free stuff. She’s done her job.

No. 15999

I've been wondering for years now. How did Abi lose so much weight? I used to watch her videos years ago and seeing her now is almost a shock to me.

No. 16001

She seems to have just grown out of it, maybe a simple diet change or something

I'm only saying this because she's been the same weight for a couple years now so it might just be that puberty did her body a favour, unlike her chin.

No. 16003

File: 1540204149317.jpeg (118.64 KB, 750x597, 59920F2C-318C-401C-8734-9BEC13…)

Why are these girls always so salty about the content that gained them any type of internet fame to begin with?
I understand that people change but when you build your channel around a single talent then suddenly change the content forever of course people are going to be confused and ask about it. This is just like Kelsey and her dancing. At least make a video explaining things so you don’t have to constantly be passive aggressive about the topic.

No. 16006

a friend worked as attractions (ride operator) and she regularly took photos of her costumes and so did a ton of her friends where they would post them on their public instagram and facebooks.
Ive found a ton of tokyo pages where dapper dans and dans are always taking photos in costume and as different face characters. I have a feeling some of them are stalkers accounts but its all the same girl playing different characters.

No. 16008

Connie either steals all the content she puts in her videos nowadays or she hires someone to do the research because she only started reading this year and she only reads YA fiction so how is it possible that she knows all the information she puts in her videos now.
she if even says in her patreon that you get "OUR" gratitude and content "WE'RE" working on.

No. 16010

cause they're delusional and think their followers/subs watch them for them rather than their content. then they get pissed off when the reality sets in that they're no actually celebrities.

No. 16012

was just about to say this. they want youtube to be their big legit career when it's convenient, but in most any career, most people you interact with are just going to care/ask about the service/product you provide and won't be super fascinated by whatever else is on your mind. they take it so fucking personally but can you imagine if someone did that for any other career? "omg i'm so tired of everyone just asking me if they filed their taxes right. it's not even tax season!! i do a lot more than just answering tax questions you know! i feel like you guys don't even care about that!"

like do you want people to take your profession seriously or do you just secretly want to be paid to exist?

No. 16014

File: 1540378774418.png (206.14 KB, 720x832, Screenshot_2018-10-24-12-55-04…)

Uhm what?

No. 16016

Isn’t her “movie” just a short film?

No. 16018

I can't believe how delusional she is

No. 16019

She didn't make as much money as she wanted for it so she had to make it even shorter than originally planned too.

No. 16021

Bitchy, low IQ response. Classic Kelsey

No. 16023

It IS a Youtube vid though?

No. 16026

No. 16028

Saw Kelsey at comic con in London dressed as Hermione as predicted and being filmed by some guy inside. She was dancing in certain areas while he followed to film it all and she nearly bumped into people throughout while almost smacking her toy wand into their heads. Kelsey is very obnoxious in person, if you're going to do that, do it in places where it isn't as busy so nobody gets hurt.

No. 16030

Kelsey was in a shortflim.

No. 16032

That fucking accent again. 6:28 is particularly hilarious.

No. 16034

How long have they been filming? Another YouTuber I watch just shot a fan film in about a week. I'm just curious how this compares.

No. 16036

Kelsey's MCM YouTube video is 17 minutes long and has 5 adverts throughout it. I usually have adblock but I watched it off my phone.
Also she dressed as Hermione and was talking about how she was in a weird mood and out of it..I'm guessing it's because no one recognized her

No. 16038

Going to premieres and Disney events won't pay the bills.

No. 16040

Lmao she has 0 originality this is exactly like Jenny Nicholson videos, isn't she friendly with her? what a bitch

No. 16042

Connie really goes into all of JK Rowlings plot holes in this video!
I wonder how Kelsey feels about this

No. 16044

she seems like she is drunk in this video

No. 16046

I like this hair color on her far better than that wishy washy blonde she had before

No. 16048

She missed a lot of plot holes, more important one. Honestly she was hard to follow and seemed like a drunk salty bitch. Although I agree the movie was very bad.

No. 16050

yeah and the guy commenting in the background all the time was really irritating too.
she took a lot of the ideas for this video from other people's tweets on twitter which was strange

No. 16052

She needs to let it go, dancing Hermione was popular on gay Twitter for 2 weeks, five months ago. Doesn't she want to be an actor or something? She should just take lessons for that and bury "Dancing Hermione" in a hole where she belongs and never dig her up.

No. 16054

She's performing at another event as Dancing Hermione now. After "people treat me so bad I'm never doing her again".
No consistency. Can't trust any decision she makes

No. 16056

If this is with the same people who are making her harry potter short with her then my low expectations have just been lowered

No. 16057

She said she was never performing as dancing Hermione again, and yet her she goes. Not surprised she went back on her promise.

No. 16059

File: 1543010653738.png (50.72 KB, 631x356, 775757.PNG)

Sure Kelsey…

No. 16061

I almost feel bad for Kelsey, she's so desperate for recognition that she'll ride this into the ground even though she apparently hates doing it?

No. 16063

People are going to associate this film with tackiness whether she dances in it or not. If it stops Kelsey from speaking/acting, it might even make it more interesting

No. 16065

there was a really short trailer shown in her last video I think and her eye is really distracting when the camera has good quality.
I know it's horrible but it's something that will always stand in her way

No. 16067

If she wants to be an actress, annoying Warner Brothers aswell my making this mini film is not going to help either

No. 16069

File: 1543354465978.png (1 MB, 1242x2688, 115ABDD4-CFC1-4D4E-B2C1-10407F…)

Any idea who Beckii is currently going on about on Twitter?

No. 16071

File: 1543354544593.png (1.9 MB, 1242x2688, A5678919-7C6F-4F71-91D5-D7206A…)

No. 16074

File: 1543354642447.png (2.72 MB, 1242x2688, D4716FF1-F47A-4BD8-AF72-1C7CE0…)

No. 16076

File: 1543354669535.jpeg (314.29 KB, 1080x1216, 588AFEC5-8CE2-4801-9C0F-6EF39E…)

No. 16078

File: 1543354716176.png (1.02 MB, 1242x2688, E3F09D3B-6C9A-403A-8672-3C8AE8…)

No. 16080


>"It's so hard being popular!11 I have no choice but to do YouTube videos to make a living!11" I can't be relatable to anyone who isn't popular anymore because I'm addicted to the attention but I want to still seem humble so I'll make it seem like everyone is turning on me for my popularity!"

No. 16082

Who is this that she's talking about?

No. 16084

mylifeaseva / Eva Gutowski

No. 16086

just going to leave this mess here

No. 16088

>and this curse will be my greatest flex
oh no

No. 16090

This is so cringey. She can't act at all and her make-up is awful. The singing is probably the most tolerable part of it?

No. 16092

Does she not watch these videos before posting them and think, hmmm, a bit tacky, maybe I shouldn't…

No. 16094

File: 1544311449133.png (61.09 KB, 796x466, ask.png)

this is so funny
she couldn't even give a decent response because she knows its true

No. 16096

File: 1544347401844.png (2.03 MB, 1188x1000, kelsey.png)

Kelsey posted a preview of her preview for the Black sisters short film.
They're filming in a park, Narcissa (?) is wearing earmuffs. This costed 10 k?
Kelsey brags about being "producer" and also the actress too.
I haven't watched a lot of Potter fan films so who knows maybe it's great but it doesn't look it. What the plot of this is going to be?

No. 16098

>>16096 the plot is: oh no, we tried to make money from warner bros trademarks and we got shut down

No. 16100

idk. even that feels a bit cunty to me. she cant be this delusional

No. 16102

File: 1544615155689.png (531.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181212-114525.png)

Looks like Kelsey has gone viral again… Or at least been noticed.

No. 16103

Kelsey is complaining after dancing Hermione was featured in a Buzzfeed article without crediting her. The article was a list of people who became famous in 2018, and all it really shows is how she didn’t milk the “fame” enough as everyone else on the list made some bank or at least appeared on Ellen LOL.

No. 16105

File: 1544711863721.png (68.26 KB, 630x463, 9876.PNG)

No. 16108

"of course dancing hermione was on it" this girls ego, jesus.

No. 16110

Don't miss the live stream!

No. 16112

Of course people don't treat dancing Hermione as "her". It's not even Kelsey's character to begin with.
People like it because of the character, not Kelsey so no one cares about her name

No. 16114

The preview scene.
It's all very student film. Hannah is an even worse actor than Kelsey, wew. The other dark-haired girl looks like an Oscar prospect compared to her and Kelsey.

No. 16116

Didn't hate it tbh. Agree that the dark haired girl isn't too bad of an actor.
The guy was pretty good, Hannah on the other hand… Kelsey is not that bad but… her eye is rather distracting.

No. 16118

Isn’t the whole point of the black sisters that they were raised as refined pure blood witches with perfect manners, and yet they are shrieking like little kids , spiting and saying ‘muggle’ phrases like for heavens sake. This may seem picky but perhaps a few people outside the project should have read it through, like a dramaturg or something

No. 16120

They are totally acting like 12 year olds, for a second I wondered if it was meant to be set when the characters were kids but using adult actors but nah.

No. 16122

Hannah does not suit Narcissa very well, or maybe she just can't act. Kelsey and her sister are okay. Better than I expected for sure.

No. 16124

Hannah's acting is so bad and she wants to be a professional actress which makes this even worse
were big puffy earmuffs popular in the 1970's?
did anyone notice that all of the sisters have really different accents too? like, they couldn't even decide on one accent they would all do

No. 16126

I don't understand Abi. I know vlogs are an effort but if you are supposedly a youtuber/influencer you have to create some sort of content right? She's living in Paris which is one of the most jfashion friendly cities in Europe with huge conventions and even brand shops… and there must be ton of cute cafes and shit to do. Instead we will get another round of vlogs in Tokyo of her eating McDonalds and shrieking around Harajuku. What a missed opportunity. Oh well.

No. 16128

Even more so she works at Disneyland Paris and she only really posts about it to Instagram in her story feed. For a content creator she's really shit and has nothing to offer on YouTube or Twitch. She'd rather piss the time that could be spent on her content away when she's not doing her cast member shifts.

No. 16130

Yes, and she's always bitching on Twitter that her shitty job doesn't pay her enough, yet she's too lazy to do other things on the side?

No. 16132

this was surprisingly okay. guy was cute too which is always a plus.

No. 16134

I am still clinging onto hope even though Kelsey also wrote that other terrible spin off series. At least the accent isn’t so forced …?

No. 16136

File: 1545492764295.jpeg (Spoiler Image,605.09 KB, 2048x1538, 7ED14403-9F3C-470D-B1DE-6E9E58…)

Riiri got her tits done and is already channeling Nigri with the stickers (NSFW picture)

No. 16138

The day after she got them done she tried to sell a topless NSFW pics on her lewd alt account. Guess shes going full thot with no time to waste.

No. 16140

Abi posted the itinerary for her upcoming Japan trip on her Instagram stories. Surprising no one it’s the same as usual, shopping in Ikebukuro and Shibuya, maid cafes and Akihabara, 3 days just for Disneyland visits.

No. 16142

So basically what ever kawaii blogger girl’s Japan trip consist of? That shit’s so boring, no matter who it comes from. For once I want one of these girls to make a really interesting Japan vlog, visiting historical areas, going to places like the Kyoto Geisha district, instead of going to 5,000 different maid cafes and Japanese Disneyland.

No. 16144

Fucking right. They never even seem to sample any genuine traditional cuisine either, Just kawaii themed cafe shit and giant candyfloss.
such a waste

No. 16146

Ofc, she's going to waste another Japan trip doing the shame shit. I guess, its not much to her considering she seems lucky enough to go every damn year. However, if it was me, I'd get bored doing the same thing over and over again when there's a whole ass country you haven't even made a dent in waiting to be discovered. Smh.

No. 16148

It amazes me that Connie gets all this praise on her videos still despite her sudden shift in tone and attitude. Watch this Disneyland vid and compare it to the ones in the past. I know its Disneyland Paris which is apparently not the greatest Disneyland "whatever", but it seems like ever since she broke her leg and started writing she's been acting like a cynical little twat. Maybe this is her REAL personality and everything before was just "Noodlerella"

No. 16150

11:15 I'm assuming the Donald Duck they meet is Abi.

No. 16152


"Cynical little twat" is the PERFECT summation of new Connie, thank you for that.

No. 16154

I posted a comment on Connie’s latest Mary Poppins video where I subtly pointed out how interesting it is to note her change suddenly from her younger days to now - how much more “aware” she has become to things she used to like.

I don’t think she grasped the judgemental undertones I had because she thanked me for still being a sub. I really did love Connie but now, I’m not a huge fan as I once was.

So I’ll bring it here, does anyone else find it odd and peculiar how suddenly she’s no longer such a die-hard Disney or HP fan? I find that she now picks a part every last bit of whatever it is. Don’t get me wrong, healthy debate and difference in opinions are totally welcomed… but not when you come across as a know-it-all that is above everything.

Am I alone in this thought? Please someone say I’m not.

No. 16156

Connie used to be a massive Disney/Harry Potter fan because they would fly her out to Paris or Florida or even have her do a voice in the Trolls movie. They would pay her to advertise their stuff too but now that Connie has her own book series I guess she doesn't need these hand outs anymore and can actually be honest about her feelings about these things.

No. 16158

sounds like she's just being less fake fangirly over them. Imo she grew out of that a long time ago but only recently stopped acting like it online.

No. 16160


"I’ve adored you and your content (been subbed since you only had 4000 subs)… it’s interesting to see how you’re suddenly more aware of things you loved so much when you were younger. From the Fantastic Beasts 2 movie to this and the haul content. Just a fleeting thought, nothing else to say. :]"

Is that your comment Michelle? Tbh you just sound butthurt that she's not making content you want anymore, whilst still trying to suck up to her. You're 'judgemental undertones' are non existent. People grow up and content changes. She's still uploading her disney crap even if its not how you want it, get over it.

No. 16162

Why must one be “butthurt” or “sucking up”? Is that your most intelligent response to the post? Surely someone can share their opinion without another person instantly grasping at the most common response seen on this board. No one needs to be sucking up to Connie. There’s more to life than needing validation from someone on YouTube.(emoji)

No. 16164

I guess you’re right. It’s easier to be more honest when you’re no longer worried about stepping on the brand’s toes.

True true - guess she’s just being more herself now.

No. 16166

I'm a huge HP fan and I don't have any problem pointing out how shit the new content is, and how I wish Rowling should stop milking the series. I don't like Connie but being critical doesn't make you "fake" you nutters.

No. 16168

she again sounds like a drunk in this video, why is she slurring so much, also she starts the video with showing off her underwear and leggings that they had to cut off her when she broke her leg, fucking get over it already, a true testament to how she has never really faced anything big herself since she can't let go of the one thing that happened to her

No. 16170

File: 1546289150852.jpg (216.15 KB, 1440x946, Screenshot_20181231-204400.jpg)

you don't have a job Connie. stop pretending that you're a tired service industry worker working over new year or something.

No. 16172

Kelsey once again talks about dancing Hermoine after saying she would no longer talk about dancing Hermoine.

She, a white British woman, would also like to make a video educating us on the art of vogue dancing, which was created by gay POC. Sure.

No. 16174

Must be so exhausting being a self entitled twat with a shit attitude and awful writing skills.

Looking forward to Abi and her return to the UK now her Disneyland Paris contract is up. No doubt she'll expect hand outs even more now.

No. 16176

In these day and age memes come and every single day. Sometimes you get several memes go viral a day.
I can't believe a year after Kelseys 15 minutes of fame shes still talking about it.
I'm only about halfway through the video and I get such sadcringe feelings from this.
I can only imagine what Kelsey is like irl around her friends. They must be sick of her
"I never got to go on Ellen and never got to go on Jimmy Fallen"
Bitch are you for real??

No. 16178

This is why she'll never be truly successful in what she wants to do. Her ego is too inflated and she thinks she deserves "better", something of more worth or importance. Any moment of efame she gets she has to turn it around and run it into the ground somehow.

No. 16180

Shit like this is why people like Beyoncé should be famous and not random weirdos from the internet. She’s just so hungry for any kind of attention, like damn. She was a meme, for a week, then got replaced with yet another forgotten meme. I doubt any of the folks who were hyping “dancing Hermione” up even remember the video. Kelsey needs to get off YouTube, go take some acting classes and do some auditions and hope she gets on the big screen.

No. 16182

Milkiest UK wannabes other than G4laxy? I refuse to believe that those girls are the only milky ones

No. 16184

File: 1547033251780.png (41.49 KB, 798x443, kelsey.png)

Somebody should tell her stright in the face that she doesn't have talent and she is missing an eye. It's not her height the real problem.

No. 16185

I read this as "i'm so smol uwu 5ft tall uwu"
Aren't a lot of hollywood celebs average height? that being around the 5'6" ish?

As bad as it sounds I do think her eye may have stopped a few jobs. But she also doesn't have the talent she thinks she has. She should just be happy being an extra in movies instead of trying to be a lead when she can't act.

No. 16187


I'd be curious as to which parts she's actually looking at If someone really loves acting, they'll play the 20th billed role in some little stage show that only five people watch. Kelsey gives me the sense that such things are beneath her though.

I also think that "strong stage presence" is probably the bigger problem in that description.

No. 16189

File: 1547646835511.jpg (63.08 KB, 720x405, Screenshot_20190116_135336.jpg)


No. 16192

this happens with me and im nearly 30 and clearly in my twenties. I think some people just have a different perception of age. Maybe it was just her mannerisms and such.

why she thinks its worth mentioning is beyond me. such a humblebrag

No. 16194

This is really not uncommon for people 30 and under. I would ask her for 12+ things too considering she dresses like a 11 year old ex-jojo siwa fan.

No. 16195

more like the people in the cinema will just sometimes check arbitrarily because they can get in trouble.

No. 16197


No. 16199

whats up with Dr Tara
Beckii, Abi, Kelsey and now Riri are all promoting her.
I know Tara probably gives them their first procedure for free but it's just strange to me how they're okay advertising surgery when most of their fans would be young girls.
I have to say I respect Connie more for being the only one not shilling this bullshit.

seeing how Beckii's lips always turn out too is enough for me to know to never go to Dr Tara

No. 16201

riiri will do anything for free stuff, doesn't surprise me at all.
that girl has zero shame.

No. 16203

Loool I didn't realise the Barcelona photos Becky posted were fake. What is the fucking point of going to a beautiful beach if you are going to edit one from a Google search on top of it??!

No. 16205


No. 32925

File: 1549739411799.png (1.28 MB, 780x850, alita.png)

Twentieth Century Fox paid Connie to make a video about Alita Battle Angel!
Big surprise she says she loved it..gotta keep those paychecks coming in

No. 33257

File: 1549928282974.jpeg (257.73 KB, 1229x1239, C28836A0-27A6-4AF3-A699-594D34…)

Is this about Abi?

No. 33260


So, Mary Poppins essentially got a bad review because Disney JUST invited her to the premiere, and didn't pay for a full video and photo-op with the cast? Cool.

I used to like Connie, now I can't wait for her to go away.

No. 33284

I mean, I don’t doubt that she may have genuinely liked it because a lot of people seem to, but how does she not realise how fake this comes across? She baffles me more with every video…

Leave the name field blank

No. 33294

Abi went to jail?

No. 33348

There's like 4 or 5 qeer/bi girls living all under one roof. They all drink and have house paries regularly. I refuse to believe that there hasn't been any experimenting going on between any of them at some point. Probs some cold tea there if any of them ever fell out with each other.

No. 33666

Also curious about Abi going to jail? Saw it mentioned at the top of the thread but no one ever gave details.

No. 36038


Googled it for you since you're both apparently too lazy, discussion was here:

No. 36802

These "One Wish" girls were mentioned a while ago (>>15871) and thought I'd see if they're still going.
I have many regrets

No. 36869

This just screams of vendetta considering they just had their first performance in a while.

No. 36872

I mean they are the only group I've seen perform together recently and not just trying to make it big on YouTube.

No. 36934

no anon, i found out about them through this thread. They're just seriously cringy.
What made me look them up again was Grace another member of One Wish, admitting she uses lc to Sindy, another lc on her statuses.

No. 36946

Screencaps? I knew they’d interacted before but I didn’t see that.

No. 36951

At least she's not 'singing' in this one…

No. 36973

I mean why's Sindy apart of this thread? Does she want to be an idol…be a very skinny and break her knees as soon as she walks

No. 36979

File: 1550764319964.jpg (12.83 KB, 300x300, sketch.jpg)

jesus christ she looks exactly like Sketch from Skins. Can't find a good pic but same build and everything jeez.

No. 36987

File: 1550768388429.png (30.42 KB, 460x402, 66.png)

Not surprised they interact tbh, trash attracts trash.

Sindy has her own thread which is on auto sage, it's a wild thread full of sindy self posting. Search the Catalog for "chindy pop" and you'll find it, along with the reason why she's contained to that thread kek

No. 37005

>admitted she uses lc
>screencap of her saying she avoids it

Are they friends then or was this just a one off? Seems like a weird connection considering they don’t do the same stuff really?

No. 37187

Is there any known milk about Mikan in Japan/mikan_mandarin? She seems nice enough, but she's definitely very weeby and moved to Tokyo about a year ago; she's since been making videos with every possible Japanese clickbait search term in the titles. She also has a Japanese boyfriend, a fact that she's not hesitating to exploit for views and $$$ at every opportunity.

Her latest vid talks about how she got in to a Tokyo fashion school (spoilers: it's definitely Bunka) for fashion design, despite not knowing how to sew or design. What is it with weebs and wanting to do design in Japan when they know nothing about actual conceptual fashion and just want to make totemo kawaii!!~~ pastel vomit shit?

Put this in UK weebs thread because afaik she's English.

No. 37200

No, she’s run of the mill weeb in japan. Nothing cow or flake worthy. Any “milk” you’d find is just pull-tier nitpicking like any time Kenna takes a photo of pancakes.

No. 37210


Not really any milk on her other than the stuff on PULL. Also, she's Swedish.

No. 37218

Imo she does have a bit of milk the moneygrubbing;$20 insta callout scam, and posting her paypal constantly is pretty flakey plus she used to act like a total cunt on social media and complain about her sponsorships. Plus she is ridiculously fame hungry.
But at that moment she's not really worth discussing. She reminds me of Shiena though so she might end up being a slow burn. Worth watching maybe.

No. 37241

>$20 insta callout scam

How was it a scam if people paid for it and she did it?

No. 37244

charging $20 to do the bare minimum by essentially just screen-shoting and reposting someone's insta handle in your story is scammy and shitty entitled behavior imo. You're free to disagree if you like.

No. 37606

File: 1551066843149.jpg (32.45 KB, 577x345, Popped.jpg)

How about you make some content then the daft bitch?

"Get what I want 'cause I ask for it
Not because I'm really that deserving of it"
- Marina & The Diamonds - Primadonna

No. 37639

Kek anon I thought the same when i saw that, she hasn't uploaded in months and when she does its either Disney or Japan trips. Whats with all of these idols who want everything for nothing?

No. 37656

That’s not what a scam means at all. People knew exactly what they were paying for, they willingly pay, and she delivered. You can say it’s stupid and overpriced but clearly not a scam.

No. 37660

It’s been so long since her LA trip that no one cares anymore. She’s posted so many ‘teasers’ that you can get the gist whilst watching them.

No. 37775

>>37606 I'm trying to figure out wtf she could possibly be doing with her time thats making her take this long to upload that damn trip that took place almost a year ago. I know she was working at Disneyland Paris for a while but since then whats she been doing??

No. 38411

No ones said anything about this yet?

No. 40192

Anon these photos are over a year old and there’s an active thread in /snow/ for her but since you wanted visibility you made a new thread about her which violates the rules(making a thread to avoid auto-sage) which you’ve also samefagged to bump. She hasn’t been mentioned in this thread at all, doesn’t run with this clique and is unrelated but you’ve resorted to spamming them here as well. This also comes on the back of a cow who is known to have made threads on her in the past according to the admins, having her thread updated. This is the reason all of the threads have her have been banned or locked and is screaming vendetta. There’s genuine milk but keep it in the already active thread, admin even said they’ll take auto sage off if you stop tinfoiling. Stop posting pictures from 3 years ago, spamming, and days long debates on her school records or skin tone and you won’t seem like vendetta.

No. 40332

File: 1552854228007.png (198.45 KB, 883x603, 87y89y.PNG)

Looks like she was a sex worker, not that it's much milk, the profile was up yesterday but has been deleted now.

No. 40335

Oh shit I knew it! She had that sex worker vibe going for her. Kek. If this is correct, Hiro likes getting dommed.

No. 40337

File: 1552856486763.png (533.42 KB, 1440x2535, Screenshot_2019-03-17-15-58-54…)

Mikan made a post in the PULL thread. They cowtipped her about the profile because they didn't want to "slutshame"

No. 40338

File: 1552856516783.png (152.17 KB, 312x500, QngOxEF.png)

More was already brought up on PULL, but she has been working overtime to suck up to the users there and they're eating it all up, so I'll preserve it here.

Her real name is Vina Murad and the profile contained more shots of her, it was removed from PULL by the users editing their posts but someone else quoted it and so it's still preserved.

Her PULL spergout was basically
>I was in a Facebook group with BELLE DELPHINE!!!11 and everyone said financial domination was really easy so I thought I could make money just being mean but then I realized it actually took effort and I stopped, please remove everything

>WOW Mikan is so real and so hard-working

No. 40339

File: 1552856519374.png (431.79 KB, 1440x1917, Screenshot_2019-03-17-15-59-00…)


No. 40340

File: 1552856548602.png (470.37 KB, 1295x2305, Screenshot_2019-03-17-15-59-04…)

Last part

No. 40342

People on PULL are of course kissing her ass for "owning" up to shit, no one questioning why she was in a SW community on FB since the age of 13…

No. 40344

OT but someone in another thread said Mikan looks like a female Titan and I still laugh about it. Girl has such an unfortunate face no wonder she had to move to Japan and get a sugoi nippon bf to be relevant

No. 40345

File: 1552856753671.jpg (2.18 MB, 1120x5861, screencapture-prettyuglylittle…)

No. 40346

File: 1552856792302.jpg (707.85 KB, 1185x1195, screencapture-prettyuglylittle…)

No. 40348

File: 1552856950706.png (237.19 KB, 1074x742, Screenshot at Mar 17 22-08-39.…)

No. 40349

File: 1552857002921.png (74.17 KB, 1069x411, Screenshot at Mar 17 22-09-47.…)

No. 40350

File: 1552857129690.png (354.82 KB, 1440x2380, Screenshot_2019-03-17-16-08-44…)

There's a girl going off in Mikan's PULL thread right now and everyone's downvoting her for being ~misogynistic~ kek

No. 40417

It’s not misogynistic it just gets old with the sex worker milk. If you know a girl age 18-30 just assume she tried to sell on snapchat.

No. 40426

Weebs hate reality, that's why they're weebs to begin with.

No. 40428

File: 1552913632028.jpeg (280.3 KB, 1125x1483, 2520723F-01CB-4B61-B369-CD4DCD…)

Anon you’re obsessed with hookers and weebs who go to japan to become hookers. your entire PULL profile is dedicated to it kek

No. 40440

Old but that’s actually not really true anymore. A lot of the classic princesses were underage but a lot of the newer ones (Tiana, Rapunzel, Anna, and Elsa) while still being young, are to be of legal age(Rapunzel and Anna are 18. Tiana is 19. Elsa is 21). Plus the new ones who are minors (like Merida and Moana) aren’t given a love interest.

Disney has done weird shit and continues to do so but at least they learned from their mistake there.

No. 40443

>If you know a girl age 18-30 just assume she tried to sell on snapchat

nta but that's far from normal, wtf.

No. 40474

File: 1552949765868.png (63.31 KB, 596x895, viin.PNG)

found the rest in the google cache

No. 40477

>I'm smart
Didn't age well

No. 40481

it’s pretty normal and non remarkable for non Autists

No. 40487

Nta but it really isn't normal most places - in the UK (where Mikan is from) I'm pretty sure 90% of college/uni girls don't this, even the extremely attractive ones have other things going for them. It just might be your circles though

No. 40493

Why does PULL feel bad for this ugly clown? Imagine saying some shit about how it seemed like easy money and namedropping Belle Delphine and telling a sob story about her mom for sympathy. People were reporting the post with the sex work info and an admin had to step in and say it wouldn't be deleted. Absolutely pathetic.

No. 40496

lmao jesus, she really used her legit email with her REAL name for her sw email?

No. 40497

I guess this would support that she thought it was easy money. Couldn’t be bothered to make a new email. How stupid.

No. 40565

File: 1553033285492.jpeg (164.43 KB, 1120x934, C77F31A8-DDA3-4CEB-8A25-340075…)

lol she ran back to PULL

No. 40586

Anon who defended her saying she had no milk here. Yikes I stand corrected… I thought she was a harmless weeb. How exactly did the other anons here suspect this? Guess I have no … thot radar?? Idk, what exactly were the signs? I’m curious.

No. 40908

poor Kelsey really trying her best to go viral again

No. 40942

File: 1553294406610.gif (3.11 MB, 576x304, notgoingtohappen.gif)

stop trying to make Dancing Hermione happen

No. 40943

I hate how she films stuff just randomly in a field? and now I can never unnotice that dead eye or whatever it is

No. 41058


There wasn't signs, the person who found it literally just googled her username and her real name and found that.

No. 41126

I hate her dancing. It's so chaotic and ungraceful

No. 41138

I thought she said she was giving up Dancing Hermione…? Wasn't she saying she wanted to be known for better videos?

No. 41171

she always says that but every few months (probably when its been a while since someone asked about it and she wants more attention) she does more Dancing Hermione lol

No. 41666

As a photographer, I’m not very impressed with Kelsey’s latest ‘headshot’.
- Too much body (called headshot for a reason - details of the face are most important)
- hair. Naturally there will always be a few flyaways etc, but it looks like she either hasn’t properly brushed it or is in a windy location).
- background. Again, the face is the most important so a fussy background with many different colours that is literally taken in a field (what is up with her and fields?) with light green, dark green, blue and white is too much. These things add up to seem a bit haphazard and not very professional, and the photographer should have known this.
Good points are the choice to wear a dark purple- more interesting than black and will look interesting in the black and white versions of the photos, and that her makeup is light - so many come with it piled on.

No. 41681

She cant fix her eye too?

No. 41727

Actually, as you can be asked to leave and recast (or even denied an audition) if you don’t look like your headshot, so it was sensible of her to show that she has a fake eye. Although for future regular pictures if she wanted she could have her false eye face the camera head on and move her other one to look at it rather the other way around so that it doesn’t look like she’s staring into space. But really, I’m not partially blind so it’s up to her how to show it in photos.

No. 41729

Lord forbid she ever do what she said and give up Dancing Hermione. It was a video some people found funny and watched and had its 5 mins of fame but now it’s like flogging a dead horse. It was never going to get her famous etc so making dumb videos featuring it again… I’d love to know what she’s thinking. It’s just sad now.

No. 42089

For someone who supposedly isn’t an anachan, she sure does like to plaster her weight everywhere. It was on this, her modelling profile, pretty sure she mentioned it in her ‘why I’m so skinny’ video as well…something ain’t right.

No. 42634

I don't get the hype with her anyway she is just a proper bitch. I went up to her because I was a fan at MCM and just said Hi I like your videos and she just looked me up and down like I was some minger on the street and fucked off. Don't treat your viewers like that or you'll never get anywhere in life

No. 42639

That’s why people are moving onto the new “aidorus” in the UK

No. 42643

None of these girls are aidorus though besides Becki who stopped the aidoru stuff almost ten years ago…

No. 42655

I don’t mean G4laxy. I mean that people are moving on from g4laxy to follow other UK wannabes. And that’s why I had the quotation marks they’re definitley not real idols. But there are a few who have released their own music so I guess they’re somewhat close.

No. 42656

beckii was never an aidoru, she was a weird viral vid.

No. 42660

Who are you talking about?

No. 42661

>never an aidoru
>literally went to Japan, signed to an agency, did commercials, put out DVDs, books, photoshoots, was part of an idol unit "Cruel Angels"
Are you ok anon? She went farther than any of the girls in these threads, kek.

No. 42673

Ignore that anon. There’s a lot of idol fag anons that go around yelling this shit because they think idols in Japan are pure special things and not oversatured they are

No. 42680

Yeah I don’t think Beckii was a GOOD idol but she definitely met the criteria

No. 43474

Mikan’s meetup video gives me secondhand embarrassment. Everyone looks visibly uncomfortable that she’s just filming and talking to the camera instead of making actual conversation with people who’ve gone out of their way to see her. It’s rude as fuck.

And a bubble wand? For fun? Really?

No. 43475

No. 43478

The only thing she seemed to put minimal effort into was taking photos with her fans, other than that what a shit show. It's no wonder she's such good pals with the self absorbed Weenus.

No. 43484

And her sectioning herself off with just the other ~e-famous~ people to play Uno is awful. I get that it’s not exactly a 30-player game, but forming a circle with your buddies with your back to your OWN MEETUP? Horrible.

No. 43507

Oh my God that was… Embarrassing. Mikan's Japanese is pretty good tbh that was the only positive thing about this video because I don't think she's ever showcased herself speaking it before so that was nice.
Anyways, she has no idea what she was doing lol. Uno? Bubble wand? I can't believe someone actually showed up playing an ukelele.

No. 43523

It's obvious she just wanted to host a meet to look good in front of her fans when really she only seemed to care about her friends with a similar status as her. She probably couldn't care less about her followers at the end of the day.

No. 43538

>Mikan's Japanese is pretty good

Well tbh she was having a pretty basic conversation. Someone on PULL posted this ASMR video where she quickly switch to english due to her lack of vocabulary. However I don't know when she started to learn the language, maybe she's still a beginner…

No. 43552

No. 43553

Fuck didn't mean to blank post, I was going to say that her face looks really off putting and the way she does her eyebrows and the way they make her eyes look concerned? sad? Doesn't help either.

No. 43561

File: 1554848487437.jpg (280.09 KB, 382x600, lucas-cruikshank-091110.jpg)

Mikan's face always reminds me of Fred

No. 43594

NTA, but fuuuck, I can't unsee it now…

No. 43615

She suits the YouTuber in Japan with a Japanese boyfriend accessory for content cliché well. She was a part time English teacher & he was a student. The guy doesn't get much talking time, of course she does though. I find her rude at the 6:40 mark when he's discussing how he's never really travelled to places like Shinjuku despite being native to surrounding areas but is improving then she interrupts to discuss more about what he first thought of her instead. He seems very sweet, but there's something off about her big time.

No. 46339

is Connie literally claiming that she has schizophrenia because she heard two voices in her head or am I tripping?

No. 46369

I don't think she ever specifically said she had schizophrenia, I think it was just a TW.

I'm glad she made this video. I have been watching through her old vlogs lately (like her first ones), and she's so different I had to wonder what happened.

No. 46379

Ah right I completely misinterpreted that. Yeah her videos over the last few years have felt really bizarre. At least we know why now, I hope she gets the therapy

No. 46401

File: 1557080735593.jpg (148.93 KB, 900x1200, D1O9ojsWsAAoBsH.jpg)

she finally admits to gaining all that weight because of eating nothing but trash food.
I remember when it was first brought up on here some idiots lost their shit.
she says she was stuck inside almost everyday and was too afraid to leave the house and struggling with PTSD.

so here's a list of everything she's done since getting knocked down two years ago

-flew to Japan (flew first class too)
-went to tokyo disney, shibuya etc
-went to Florida
- Went to Disneyworld
- Saw Paramore live in concert
-moved into a new flat
- went on a book tour (twice)
-went to Warner Brothers studios (countless times it seems)
- went to disneyland paris (twice)
- went to disneyworld..again
-went to the Star Wars Episode IX panel
-moved into her own house

I'm sure there's a bunch of stuff I forgot but I just don't buy for a second that she was "crazy"
I'm sure the chronic pain was awful but lets not pretend that she's this poor helpless girl stuck in her house 24/7
she's living a better life than the majority of people

No. 46444

You can 100% suffer from mental illness and still get out and do stuff. I don’t doubt there was and still is something wrong with her though I doubt her phobia was as bad as she made out. It has been clear for a while in her videos that she wasn’t herself which a few people even stated that they thought she was on drugs which mental illness can do

No. 46590

Dude, just because she went to places doesn’t mean she didn’t suffer from those things. She said she suffered being alone and going out by herself. I’m sure everything you listed, she did with other people. Had she been on her own, I doubt she would’ve went.

No. 46983

Her starbucks video was incredibly cringe to me. Its a roastery and she didnt even understand what that was, just BIGGEST STARBUCKS IN THE WORLD (for a month).

I feel like the part time english tutors always end up with japanese student boyfriends from it. A friend of mine did on the side tutoring and one of her students started buying her gifts and always paid for their food out, the food she thought was just part of their agreement/seen as tip but she bailed after jewelery/the gifts started being more than a small box of chocolates/candy like the usual thank you gift. Especially if you tutor on your own or outside a real and legit company, this stuff seems to be pretty common. I could see this happening to Weebs and them running with it especially if it means marriage Visa down the line.

No. 46989

in the video is said she was afraid of leaving the house and was stuck in doors constantly because of this fear. she traveled a whole lot of someone who claims to have Agoraphobia

No. 47258

These are fun events though that someone even with aographobia probably wouldn't pass up the chance to go to. It's like someone with social anxiety going to big, large, crowded events knowing fully well that this could trigger their anxiety but going anyway because they're once in a lifetime events that shouldn't be passed up. I'm sure Connie went to these events but struggled to do more banal tasks like going out to eat, going to the post office, bank, taking care of menial tasks that required her to leave the house, etc. This is how I took what she said.

No. 47470

sage because not really adding anything new but connie seems so much more normal in her new video and honestly I didn't think I'd care but I'm quite relieved for her because her "crazy connie" phase was just so jarring to witness

No. 47579

I kinda wondered if she was going through some sort of severe psychological break over the past couple years. There were a few things that indicated that to anyone who's witnessed someone go crazy but desperately try to hide it.

No. 47682

anything in particular come to mind? just curious because I could never put my finger on it at the time

No. 48216

nitpicking but I find it frustrating how connie writes 'bye my books' in the description of her videos… like you'd think, as an author and university graduate, she would be able to write it properly??

No. 49815

I feel like her copyeditor and proofreaders certainly have their work cut out for them, I notice so many embarrassing grammatical errors in lots of her tweets etc and it drives me nuts. how hard is it really?! saged for nitpick

No. 49970

Kelsey trying her hardest to be viral again it seems

No. 49972

Is she trying to make fun of gay culture or is she joking? Either way it's cringey.

Also the eyebrows are godawful and her attempt at a clapback in the comments is awful.

No. 50131

She's even being told in the comments that what she's doing isn't appropriate and instead she is literally calling herself a "gay youtuber" and defending her cringey behavior rather than accept that she was wrong and stop being so ridiculous.

No. 50135

Kelsey's going to MCM London as Hermione.
this is literally not shocking to anyone.
if anyone from here is going and sees her let us know if anyone actually give a shit about her anymore. she seems to think she'll be getting her own stage to dance on

No. 50715

File: 1558802303043.jpg (50.18 KB, 750x856, D7Zw8OdXsAAFvzn.jpg)

and again:
Kelsey makes me feel embarrassed by how she's so hungry for fame doing stupid viral videos that are not correlated to her usual content

No. 50720

what irks me is that she was "so sick" of being labeled as Dancing Hermione and yet promoted herself as such, and then in the same breath hops on every twitter trend to farm likes and RTs.

No. 50735

looks like it worked bc i saw it several times on twitter, but her fame is like a firework: explosive, brief and ends as fast as it begun

No. 52940

Now it’s pride month, all of a sudden I’m sure all of them are going to stress how no or gay they are, because God forbid them just being an ally. Then they wouldn’t get to wear as much glitter or rainbows.
It kind of makes me angry when my sexuality is used as a tool like that.

No. 52962

Didn't Becky 'queer bait' on YouTube once? As it was a sponsored video for a bank I believe and of course she had to make some money out of it. Funny how she doesn't mention much about her sexuality since then, just like the other girls involved. It's only convient for them when it happens to be Pride time. Gotta milk that rainbow flag for clout.

No. 52993

You called it

No. 52995

I can't help but cringe every single time I watch one of her videos. It seems as though she's trying too hard to have a likable personality

No. 53012

What happened to Kelsey. she goes viral online twice and she becomes this weird, self absorbed, over the top person. I used to think she was really sweet but this video made her look so egotistical..just me that thinks this?
I can't believe her sisters of house black movie still isn't out. it's going to be such a blow when nobody watches it.

No. 53039

If she’s trying to get known for herself and not Dancing Herminoe etc she should stop trying to overact and pretend her personality is a character she needs to over exaggerate and just be more relaxed in front of the camera. (Would you act like that/be that loud or irritating in a public place? No! At least I hope she respects others enough to not be too cringe in public) More people may see her as less superficial that way and more genuine in her actions. (Sticking to what you say helps too )

No. 53050

literally anyone who tries to put themselves in the spotlight like this is an egotistical attention whore.

No. 53064

She's been craving this attention since her KimonoTime days of dancing to weeb shit came to an end.

No. 53068

Anyone got a summary? No way am I listening to 25 minutes (!) of that voice.

No. 53260

- I want to make more music, but I don’t have the time (because of the fan film) or money. (Just Her though, doesn’t mention her group).
- Sponsor me on Patreon!
- but I am going to New York soon.
- unnecessary ‘voguing”
- puts on sunglasses multiple times.
- I am bi/Demi sexual, but more fluid because of labels
- now identify as bi/pansexual
- actually states rainbows as one of the reasons for liking pride
- has hair curled and styled over half her face the whole time (brittle with heat?)
- another plug to share videos and sponsor her to make music.

Then I couldn’t watch anymore

No. 53262

Beckii actually came out as bi on tumblr around 10 years ago or so.

No. 53263

Yes, Beckii came out as bi a very long time ago, and mentioned that someone outed her to her family without her permission and caused problems between her and her family. She also occasionally posted pictures of girls on her Tumblr (like sexy ones) and talked about wanting girls to be her girlfriend etc. I guess people have to obnoxiously bring up their sexuality at every opportunity to count as queer?

No. 53362

No, you just have to whip out your sexuality once every year on pride month apparently

No. 54181

Beckii titled a video or thumbnail "I wish i wasn't gay" then changed it eventually, and has been sponsored by banks to go to pride on their floats or whatever. Gross.

No. 54266

Its kind of funny that Kelsey is promoting this Sisters of House Black film when its apparently only going to be half an hour long…I might be wrong…but half an hour is not a film. Thats a TV episode. I think its great that Kelsey is making this and I am looking forward to the final result but shes acting like she is so famous from it. Kelsey, its a fan film!! Ive been to one or two of the panels she has hosted to promote the film and barely anyone has attended it. And even when they have been asked questions people havent actually asked about the film theyve asked about other things.

No. 54557

Kelsey is asking for a hair and makeup artist to work three hours and to use their own supplies without being paid. The Indiegogo raised $15,282.

No. 54590


I'm surprised she hasn't been called out on this as she's an "artist" herself who we know full well wouldn't do this shit. Expecting a makeup artist to work for free is about as bad as expecting a freelance illustrator to do a fully fledged drawing for zero pennies. What a delusional twat.

No. 54618

Looks like snarky Kelsey is back pedalling on Twitter about why she's not paying people with a handful of fans feeding her ego about how "amazing" this video is going to be regardless. What a cringe fest.

No. 54634

"Regarding pay: Its a non profit film made up of volunteers and students. I would love to pay but higher ups …. I’m not allowed to say but hopefully you’re smart enough to figure it out" is how Kelsey snarkily explained not paying. Why wouldn't she just say why? Can't she post the part of the copyright law or email she's been sent? Non-profit doesn't mean no one can be paid just that it isn't commercial. Many charities are non-profit and still pay their employees. Where is the $15,000 going?

No. 54640

File: 1561249745081.png (15.13 KB, 604x163, kelseyfullofshit.png)

So if Kelsey is the costumer and prop maker for the project, but doesn't fund it herself, then it must be all of that Indiegogo cash making it all possible right? "Paying herself"…but can't pay actual other people? Riiiiiight.

No. 54646


Equipment rental maybe?

But as people have pointed out on her tweets, if anyone is being paid, all professionals involved should be paid otherwise do your own makeup. The budget on the IndieGogo stretches to food but not paying a MUA which is silly.

No. 54647


Does "costumer" mean "I used the fundraiser to buy cosplay outfits from the WB Store"?

No. 54649

As she's no seamstress you're probably right, or hits up her local Potter obsessed Primark store.

No. 54650

I love how Kelsey claims there's legal issues that she can't reveal. Like what exactly? Who's the "higher up" that prevents paying people to do their jobs on a non profit fan made film? She acts like JK Rowling herself is watching her like a hawk and will smite her down if anything else is exposed. It's a student tier film with mediocre acting, I highly doubt there's anyone who truly cares that much. She's so full of it.

No. 54654

does it really cost 15k to hire a professional camera and boom mic for a weekend? because if she's saying she can't pay any people involved, that's basically the main cost.

No. 54656

File: 1561255792600.png (151.24 KB, 598x745, Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 03.0…)

kek it gets better

here she is complaining about only being offered £20 for a video

No. 54657

File: 1561256005840.png (97.25 KB, 616x415, Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 03.1…)


here she states that she made the fundraiser before she was slapped with restrictions. so is everyone getting a refund since she apparently can't use the money or what?

No. 54659

It's actually sad to see how shallow she's become. Idk what happened since the last time I've cared about her content a few years ago but whatever did really turned her into a pompous, bitter twit

No. 54674

I know someone who did a kickstarter for a short film (20 minutes) and raised £1,000. Was able to rent professional equipment, paid those who worked on the film and the outcome was a decent level. Would love to see a cost breakdown where kelsey has blown the money.

So she asked people to hand over money before she even got permission for her fan film? FFS

No. 54677

Kelsey is definitely lying about something. If she can afford to pay towards food for everyone involved, when actually they could bring their own on filming days to cut costs, she can afford to pay a MUA.

This reeks of guilt that probably alot of it got pocketed by herself and she has a much smaller budget to work with now. She supposedly makes the costumes and the props, so the lack of team involved as well also seems suspicious.

It doesn't take $15k to make a film like this. Many other budget fan films have been made for far less that's a fact, so Kelsey is looking shady as fuck right now.

No. 54685

File: 1561281479240.png (106.87 KB, 584x342, snarkycyclops.png)

We've seen the trailer Kelsey. It's a glorified youtube video. That's why £15k seems a lot.

I could see her keeping the equipment or clothing purchased using the film money. Unless she itemizes how the raised money has been spent it's very shady.

No. 54687

She really needs to drop the snarky attitude because it makes her look more in the wrong. She continues to waffle on and on in a way like she needs to reassure herself that she's done nothing wrong.

No. 54692


She always does, then plays victim when things don't go her way. She always has to turn bitter, sarcastic or just plain shitty about things because her ego has become an overkill since she went viral as "Dancing Hermione".

Kelsey has always been desperate for efame, so she comes across as the type of person who will do some shady shit just to get where they want to be. This whole "as an actress there are restrictions" line is such bullshit and she knows it.

No. 54696

File: 1561294548933.png (98.89 KB, 773x925, indiegogocosts.png)

She may want to update everything involving costs and that pie chart. If Warner Bros. intervened just after the Indiegogo campaign was released, then this is inaccurate information for all those who donated towards making the film happen.

No. 54832

Surely from the pie chart she didn't need to spend so much money on food?? Travel I can understand but food? Couldn't people bring their own. This all sounds like BS to me. You can make short film on such a lower budget than 15k

No. 54836


That's why she's full of shit. It's funny how her little film/media pals come to her defence like the white knights they usually are. Of course I'm sure they're making money from the jobs they have in the industry so they couldn't care less about artists being exploited because they're not affected by it. Their precious Kelsey is a good hearted person and working for her for free should be such an honor duh.

No. 54848

I'd forgotten that hilarious pie chart. Completely made up.

The entitlement when someone calls her out on ANYTHING is incredible. I appreciate her fans might not agree with her on all things, but at the end of the day, they made you what you "are" and she speaks to them like utter garbage at times because they dare to question her actions. Spoiler: you document everything on Instagram, Twitter etc., people are within their rights to comment.

No. 54882

She acts like a shitty teenager when she's actually a grown woman who's 27. It's pathetic and she needs to realise the world doesn't revolve around her.

No. 55289

I’m expecting a lot of tacky Primark merch in it

No. 55293

A few things confuse me about this project.
Kelsey wants to be an actress right? Then why annoy Warner Bros? Surely at least let them know you are making a non profit fan film (which many do) rather than let them find out and have to caution you or send you a mysterious email
In the little preview clip, it seemed… messy? Childish? I’m not sure what the word is. There were only two people who looked good on camera and the script writing was lazy - no thought had gone into how characters with their backgrounds would act (as mentioned loooong ago, would someone who is the equivalent of a noble lady spit into their hand)? It’s fine to cast your friends and family in it, but then don’t expect it to be amazing work as everyone with a lick of sense who wants to succeed in the industry would stay away from it.

No. 55296

Kelsey seems to have decent business sense and self promotional ideas (X factor none withstanding) but writing a decent script is hard work. (I just hope she makes Bellatrix more than a two dimensional mad with power/inbreeding character)
Most of the money probably was spent on locations - there are clever ways of finding good places cheaply but she seems like a more “get it now” type of person

No. 55366


Or she could go about it the proper way

- Join a theatre school and get acting classes
- audition
- get her name out

No. 55367


She’s a cute girl but she’s a try hard.

She wants to do Bellatrix cos she looks like the actress.

I take acting seriously and she just seems like someone who would fuck around tbh on set or not take it seriously

No. 55368

And the Demisexual thing oh god

Also she should just get on emmerdale and call it jesus

No. 55369


That’s the point anon

Get the sympathy vote and views off people and live her best life. It’s all a scam. That’s all YouTube is now - money making

No. 55370


She was probably escorting and doing porn like the rest of them. Every weeb ends up doing it.

No. 55401

Too bad she's already trained at a drama school. http://www.slpcollege.co.uk/graduates.phtml

No. 55402


Then she should be attending auditions lol

Everyone likes Harry Potter that’s probably why everyone watches her anyway. Pick an overrated movie or series and you’ll easily get representation.

No. 55435

No. 55772

Kelsey's harry potter could not be coming out at a worst time. JK Rowling is literally a meme now and is transphobic. even the diehard fans have a hard time defending the stuff she comes out with. I can't imagine anyone who isn't a subscriber of Kelsey's will be looking through youtube for new Harry Potter material.
her movie will get at most 4000 views and Kelsey will go on an angry rant on twitter afterwards about how much effort went into making it. calling it now.

No. 55803

She did mention on Twitter she unfollowed someone she used to look up to, which I can only gather was JK Rowling. That still won't stop her from getting that HP clout that she wants though.

No. 55878

yeah she doesn't follow JK Rowling anymore. I know you can separate the work from the creator but it seems that people are actively turning their backs on HP and JK Rowling. I think Kelsey's movie will be a disaster.
I can't believe it's been almost 2 years of a wait for a half hour "movie" too

No. 56030

Findomme isnt escort or porn

No. 59667

The teaser trailer for Kelsey's "fan film" is up.


No. 59965

Wow Riiri is legitimately one of the one of the worst people ever to exist.

She lived rent free at her ex boyfriend James house for three years and complained the whole time about his da and him neglecting her even though she was jobless 95% of the time. Using patreon money to buy herself bullshit. She was cheating emotionally with some guy the entire last year while living there and he even bought her tits.

Now they're broken up and and she's selling all the things she's been gifted by other people to move in with him so she can use the new guy the same way.

Horrible bloody creature she is

No. 60121

I took took a peak at her twitter, fucking wow. I havent looked her up in a while but she's truly outdid herself, I recognize over half of the stuff she's selling as gifts from her wishlist a while back.
Actual fucking cunt.
Where did you get the info about her ex bf/ current bf anon? I know she lived rent free while moaned about her ex bfs family on the daily, she used to even dm me about it. She's the most ungrateful cunt i've ever came across.

No. 60392


got any screenshots of the dms at all?

No. 66710

Did anyone else see Connie's video about ~breaking up~ with the color pink? In the video she says she reached out to some of her friends going through real breakups to ask for advice.

Imagine going through a breakup and one of your friends is narcissistic enough to equate it to their aesthetic preferences changing and ask you for advice on coping with it. That would be enough for me to cut someone out, personally.

No. 66833

I saw that video, it was so overblown and stupid. Like girl…. just dye your hair and get on with it. She really does come off as supremely narcissistic.

No. 66884

I did, sadly (or at least the first 5 minutes, I couldn't take anymore of it).

I was really hoping for Connie to turn things around after she admitted to her mental illness, but I guess she's set on being a selfish, spoiled princess.

No. 67009

I admittedly got past my hateboner for Mikan after realising I was just jealous of what she's doing and then I started to enjoy her content. But the first two minutes of this are insufferable…just both sucking each other's dick with 'no, YOU'RE my idol!'. Really reaffirms that Mikan only wants to associate with other e-famous people.

No. 67012

Mikan has easily the most punchable face, and the way she does her makeup/lipstick really doesn't help. Something about it just seems…..off…

No. 67024

She’s British anon they’re all ugly

No. 67031

she's swedish so your generalisations mean nothing

No. 67033

And both her parents are Kurdish lol. IIRC she speaks 4 languages because of her unique situation which is actually pretty cool IMO.

No. 67223

Two of the most insufferable people I've ever watched. Seriously all prettypastelplease does is shop it's like she has no personality or interests.

No. 67609

File: 1569709932337.jpg (1.34 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190921-115025_Chr…)

Connie's solution to feeling trapped in an aesthetic is… to trap herself into a different one? She claims she's not doing that, but clearly that's exactly what's happening. Her IG went from pink pastel kawaii shit to brown and orange hipster shit.

Different strokes and all, but I have a huge bug up my ass about skater tomboys. Of all the vibes she could possibly go for, why did it have to be that one?

No. 67631

omg it looks like she's trying to be kenna now

No. 67950

File: 1569899948666.jpg (78.53 KB, 797x648, ripconnie.jpg)

Out of curiousity I decided to check on Connie's socialblade (Screenshot is Twitter but Insta and YouTube are also red with monthly average of -810 and -1k)

I expected the YouTube loss because of how rarely she actually uploads, but not Twitter & Instagram. Is it the sudden change doing this or has she been losing followers for a while now?

No. 68138

I thought the same thing lol, it's like someone trying to be pixielocks then finding out about kenna

No. 68361

Her subscriber count has been stagnant for years, but she wasn't losing that many subscribers until her big aesthetic change announcement.

She's honestly kind of an idiot financially. She was doing really well with YT and about to hit a million 2 or 3 years ago, but then she got her book deal and stopped giving a fuck. Like yeah, obviously prioritize your books if that's your real dream, but surely she must realize the people buying her books are the same people who watch her on YT. Completely flaking on her channel is not going to help her book sales and it's highly unwise to put all your eggs in one basket financially, especially when you work in the entertainment industry.

I wonder how the hell her newfound excommunication of all things pink from her life is going to work with her book. The pink princess thing is so central to the entire feel of her series.

No. 68390

whats really funny about connie "breaking up with the colour pink" is that she went into great detail about how she felt she wasn't really herself and she was trying to make others happy…and then she sees an old picture on tumblr of a skater girl and she copies her exact style.
Connie doesn't have a clue who she is.
I feel like Connie is so fake now…I don't know, just the fact her entire aesthetic and everything about her channel was apparently faked for views.
I know I shouldn't be surprised but how can connie expect any of her fans to keep followng her now

No. 68453

File: 1570312246003.png (433.09 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2019-10-05-16-29-33…)

Kelsey is making the rounds again with this video, it was posted on a random fb group that I am a part of.

She flails her arms so much.

No. 68460

did she gain some weight

No. 68468

It looks like she gained some weight. Not saying she's fat, she just looks a little chunky

No. 68545

I feel like with all the dance training, shouldn’t Kelsey be able to have a bit a variation? Everything is pretty samey. It feels like she’s so desperate for acknowledgment she’ll do random things just to have people watch. (I’m still kind of wandering what happened to her girl group).

No. 68669

ngl i like the way she presents herself, it has a kind of.. 90s elaine from seinfeld vibe. kinda hot. glad she feels more comfortable in her body.

No. 68792

File: 1570533568909.png (1.07 MB, 910x582, bb.png)

I'm old japan vlogs from kelsey and I completely forgot this girl used to hang out with them all.
does anyone know where she went

No. 68879

wasn't she the one that kept running off from the group and doing her own thing during the trip? like things that weren't just shopping lol
good for her if she decided to ditch the group for good.

No. 70170

File: 1571592362624.png (259.75 KB, 1080x1544, Screenshot_2019-10-20-19-14-24…)


Old milk, but u just reminded me that I still had some screenshots of a conversation between her and a friend of mine.

No. 70171

File: 1571592390236.png (268.06 KB, 1080x1544, Screenshot_2019-10-20-19-14-36…)

No. 70172

File: 1571592411956.png (256.14 KB, 1080x1536, Screenshot_2019-10-20-19-14-44…)

No. 70173

File: 1571592438772.png (236.17 KB, 1080x1544, Screenshot_2019-10-20-19-14-50…)

No. 70174

File: 1571592462558.png (256.39 KB, 1080x1539, Screenshot_2019-10-20-19-14-59…)

No. 70299

this was from like 2 years ago now, funny how we haven’t seen her in any photos with them since the trip. Wonder if she was biting her tongue when writing this

No. 70321

She says right in there that the only time she sees them is at conventions, and I'm guessing that's just a few minutes of catching up VS actually spending the con together. And there's the obvious tone of "travelling brings you closer or puts you farther apart" with the implication being that it did the latter for them.

No. 71125

Has it occurred to Kelsey that if she kept the donated money for the actual film and not for superfluous things like a fancy screening venue and meet and greet background panel, then the film would a) probably be a bit better and b) not have to stretch the budget so much

No. 71192


No. 71275

Kelsey's sister of house black movie is out tonight 8pm bst
I think it'll average around 5k views and be an entire waste of everyone's time.

No. 71307

Sadly it will probably get plenty of views. The scene she put up almost a year ago has over 400K views. People who love Harry Potter will consume anything related to it. But it won't help her channel growth. Her videos still get very few views overall.

No. 71445

It's been delayed, not sure when it'll be out but the final trailer got 13k views in just a few days so it might do okay.

No. 71447

Her film is always getting delayed

No. 71462

wow who did the camera and audio work on kelsey's film? no excuse for quality that bad.
the film itself was pretty decent and the sets were god.
Kelsey's acting was ironically the worst

No. 71463

I really, REALLY wanted this to be a good movie… I mean it's not bad, but it's not good either.
Wouldn't watch it again

No. 71480

I was interested in this, I didn’t have high expectations but I was still disappointed. Came off super amateur for how they were portraying it and the budget. I hated all the time jumps it’s like they could only think of random scenes and not a fleshed out story

No. 71494

I thought it would suck, and it does… but not on the extent of was I was expecting. The visuals effects are cool, too bad the sound (the creaking noises when they walk, the soundtrack… if you can call that never ending "this is a tense moment" and the "this is a emotional moment" songs) and the writing are horrible. And I hate how Kelsey is just trying to act more like HBC than Bellatrix.
Overall is a big meh.

No. 71503

What a waste of money

No. 71513

The time jumps were so fucking confusing.

No. 71516