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File: 1635385835404.png (932.62 KB, 828x1792, 1631758961684.png)

No. 1357137

New thread to discuss cam girls

Kat/Stormy/PumpkinSpice/Morgan Hoffman:
> Got a new purebred french bulldog with lots of health issues
> Dated Brina's ex Dean. He was supposedly abusive but she kept antagonizing him on social media.
> Got a botched nose job.
>Moved into a condo with another came girl. Treats the other girl like a slave.
>Meets a new guy. Want's a tatoss of his name after knowing him all of 10 days
> Makes OF videos with him
> After knowing him for a month states he is the love of her life and moves in with him

> https://twitter.com/SlutsGo2Heaven
> https://onlyfans.com/babygirlstormy
> https://fans.ly/StormySummers

> Got married to her long term partner Mike.
> Comes out as a trans man??? Her own grandmother calls her out and claims Charm is only doing it because she is bored
> Comes out as a trans yet calls herself a "spoiled white girl" in a tweet. Also has her tits out on instagram ans asks for a bikini on her Amazon wishlist.
>Might be getting a BBL?
> Trying to become a social worker

> https://www.instagram.com/lotteoddities/?hl=en
> https://www.reddit.com/user/lotteoddities/
> https://mobile.twitter.com/lotteoddities (Account suspended)
> https://onlyfans.com/lotteoddities/media

Megan Marie/megvnmvrie:

> Claims to be pro dominatrix

> Pregnant once again and selling preggo porn

> https://twitter.com/MegvnMvrie
> WorshipMistressM.com
> https://iwantclips.com/phone/store/140650/MegvnMvrie

There were some other girls discussed in the previous thread, though some of them discussed just seemed like a vendetta post.

Previous Threads:

No. 1357140

File: 1635386062897.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.93 KB, 1095x1099, Gross.jpg)

Pumpy posted a video of her boyfriend pissing on her.

No. 1357260

File: 1635401501493.jpg (501.46 KB, 1080x1779, IMG_20211028_081053.jpg)

Charms got bimbo boobs last year now she's getting top surgery because she's totally a man

No. 1357264

File: 1635401712593.jpg (209.32 KB, 1080x1066, IMG_20211028_081447.jpg)

No. 1357292

File: 1635404574787.png (95.77 KB, 591x679, lottesurgery.png)

Apparently she is going to get her implants out asap and spend a year or two "small-boobed" before making the official decision of getting top surgery.

Tbh, it really just sounds like she's still struggling with body dysmorphia. She's had an ED and still struggles with her weight. It seems like she thought getting massive implants would make her feel better and when it didn't she 180'd in the other direction, all the while exclaiming she's always been trans. Curious to see if this is just another phase for her and I wonder what it will mean for her on and off cam career. She seems so reckless and impulsive with how she treats her body.

No. 1357618

Charms is the epitome of first world problems. Grandma was right to suggest she at least spend her time doing some volunteer work since apparently she’s allergic to getting any sort of actual job that isn’t shoving dildoes up her ass on camera.

No. 1357829

having been following charms since her gaia days, it's always kinda sad how far she's gone. She used to be the most stuck up bitchy person always triggering other people to be ana like her back in the day. Sometimes I wonder wtf her old self would say about her today lol.

But I also wonder how the fuck her and her 'husband' are gunna stay married while she's transitioning into a dude, even though he's also apparently bi and apparently in an open marriage. What a world lol

No. 1357971

Pretty sure it's just an open marriage on her end. What anyone else wants never matters.

No. 1358161

File: 1635530848458.jpeg (893.21 KB, 1242x1471, B1DC4DF5-C97C-4243-8D53-5A5F46…)

Psycho pan handler

No. 1358164

File: 1635531131868.jpeg (866.99 KB, 1242x1362, 2648804D-D0BB-499F-9820-26D246…)

Imagine seeing this clown in public

No. 1358165

File: 1635531155496.jpeg (258.59 KB, 960x1280, 732756D1-E80E-472F-8408-1F48CA…)

No. 1358166

File: 1635531187180.jpeg (495.57 KB, 1242x1481, E96D6422-AFDC-4F24-89C4-CEDFAB…)

No. 1358167

File: 1635531249041.jpeg (533.21 KB, 1242x1321, 06D1F273-873F-4721-BD72-436428…)

No. 1358190

she looks like she smells soooo bad

greyhair has a fetish for fat desperate retards

No. 1358213

retard, numbers mean nothing, it's all dependent on distributuion. bmi worshipping egirls stay fat cause they have no clue how any parts of their body works. you can be 150 and tiny, its called muscle. bitch is chubby cause she doesn't do anything and has shit genes.

No. 1358231

nah I don't think she wanted an open marriage. I think he had been cheating on her a lot (I forgot the name of the previous roommate to darcy, but there was a girl that he was cheating on her with that even posted on lolcow about it a long time ago) because according to her, he couldn't handle her mental issues anymore and wasn't physically attracted to her anymore (this was during her really really fat days). So most likely, to save their 'relationship' she agreed to have an open marriage. I don't think he cares about her sleeping with other girls, and I highly HIGHLY doubt she's sleeping with any dudes.

No. 1358245


lmao spending 1k on your "vacation" one week after being for food money. These girls leave me speechless

No. 1358407

put under sage bc i'm venting/sharing. i'm glad to find the camgirl thread with a lot abt stormy/pumpkin/etc; i can't see how these girls squander the millions they've made.

Kati3 is currently under fire for not delivering content to the *potentially pornsick fanclub members. does she normally do that? most of the top girls don't do much and if i reached the top i wouldn't want to show or diddle myself for 5 tokens at a time; that's why some of these dudes get salty and leave saying she 'changed'

not surprised about brina; she's been on the scene since i was legal although then the rumors she'd take food pics and eat one bite. also the meth/hard drugs. i was there for shit gate lmao(namefag)

No. 1358408

some lite mfc drama. apparently the trump supporter russian has rockn in her name because one of rocknrose big tippers found out she was married/had a bf and went crazy so he tipped a bunch of girls to unseat rose. i can't feel for these losers at all. that's why so many have 'rockn' in the name now to support their trump loving cuck

No. 1358409

For all this autistic screeching on about how she's lost weight and isn't fat her body sure does look almost exactly the same from a year ago.

No. 1359896

File: 1635807727845.jpg (657.72 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2021-11-01-22-53-44…)

What a charmer.

I'm not sure why she admits these things publicly.

That lil noodle dude has already made the mistake of letting her move in.

No. 1359904

she thinks her "self-awareness" will make her bf forgive her and her qUiRkInEss (i.e. crackheadedness) will endear her followers to her

how does someone look this old, being this young with this much plastic surgery?

No. 1359958

She knew this dude less than a month yet moved in kek classic pumpy. Cant wait till she has a mental down and has to move out when he gets sick of her shit.

No. 1360168

File: 1635841607285.jpg (255.38 KB, 1060x1151, IMG_20211102_092451.jpg)

Charms new haircut

No. 1360171

she is so lucky she didnt step on a needle

No. 1361393

Damn. How the mighty have fallen. I knew of her way way back on Gaiaonline days and looking back you never would have guessed this would be her future. She was always high and mighty and justified her bullying with statements like "your body is your canvas and you're a shitty artist" and would proceed to troll all over everyone's looks lol. How she swung from an anachan lolita to an overweight bald heavily tattooed trans is one for the books.

No. 1361729

File: 1636052352670.jpeg (571.68 KB, 1242x1352, D27D3435-1A8D-49E4-B266-D7F1B8…)


No. 1361731

File: 1636052428224.jpeg (387.46 KB, 1212x884, 830B81B7-EB4D-4BCE-A8A1-3CFED0…)

No. 1361736

i can't imagine why no one wants to interact with her. what an unbearable cunt.

No. 1361758

Girls like this stay broke. She still doesn't get she's supposed to be selling a fantasy, not whining and e-begging.

No. 1361779

Giving em the ex-girlfriend experience

No. 1365066

File: 1636452955852.jpeg (1023.73 KB, 1170x2069, 05C0AAA3-7831-488E-88EA-C7E90B…)

Didn’t she JUST move in with this dude? And she’s been saying for the last few weeks how they’re going to get a house together? Yikes…

No. 1365104


I think everyone saw this coming. She is so predictable. Didn't she already move in with him?

No. 1365110

File: 1636464470038.jpg (268.1 KB, 877x1583, Screenshot_20211109-082507_Chr…)

They broke up but she is staying in his house? This is going to be so messy.

No. 1365238

Who wouldve guessed moving in and saying you love the dude in less than a month wouldve turned out so bad? Shes far too obsessive quickly in relationships for it to ever go normal

No. 1365373

File: 1636487509706.png (8.82 MB, 1242x2208, 46573E41-EEEF-4AC2-A8BB-B57BB2…)

This is so embarrassing, she literally just got broken up with and is talking about a baby, on top of not being into material things anymore? Didn’t she just buy a $300 collar and $2400 MacBook? It’s insane how delusional she is. Like she needs to seek therapy and really focus on her mental. I really hope she doesn’t have kids, she’s worried about waking up at night to take care of them, I can’t imagine how her pets are taken care of..

No. 1365389

At least she has the common sense to realize she isn't fit to raise a child. Lots of idiots don't realize this until after they get knocked up and end up abusing/neglecting their kids.

And she's never going to keep a decent man around. She's a mentally ill stage 5 clinger, men look at her and see "use for sex and then delete & block." None of these LA scumbag scrotes will make her happy, she needs therapy.

No. 1365586

What's worrying is she thinks you can just pay someone to do the difficult parts of parenting.

But I seriously doubt with her fucked up body health she could even produce a baby at all.

No. 1365843

It seemed like she was staying with the Cody ex when she was leasing her expensive place she always complained about. Then they had plans to move in together and she moved out of her expensive place and into a super ugly place as like an in-between moving into a new place with the ex?

Had a feeling he parked her in there to get her out of his place and get some space before moving in for real kek

No. 1365863

She's been staying with Cody. The ugly room she's in is in his house.

No. 1365972

I wonder with Sandra becoming the Alpha Cow if this recent behavior is Pumpy trying to get the #1 spot back. Her staying in the house should produce some excellent milk, and with Thanksgiving around the corner it could be legendary.

No. 1366615

She literally got rid of her cat Parker for crying too much. She could never.

No. 1368479

File: 1636855825173.png (7.65 MB, 1284x2778, 640B6405-E39E-4626-B7FC-E1A251…)


No. 1369539

File: 1637012880066.jpg (430.54 KB, 1080x1904, Screenshot_20211115-164746_Ins…)

No. 1369556


Dude wtf. She probably miscarried because she is so malnourished.

No. 1369566


Well thank god she did, can you imagine that train wreck having a kid? Especially considering that it was probably Dean’s….that would have been one fucked up kid.

No. 1369576

Sabrina nellie 2.0 if this bitch has a kid kek

No. 1369752

Highly doubt she was ever pregnant. It’s too convenient for her to have an unplanned pregnancy and then a get-out-of-jail-free miscarriage that she never talked about despite running her mouth 24/7 but then also talk about wanting and not wanting a baby here >>1365373 like it’s the first time it occurred to her. As if she wouldn’t have been played up how Dean was her abusive baby daddy. If she was pregnant (doubt,) she got an abortion which is honestly the best for everyone.

No. 1370264

Completely agree. If she said when the alleged pregnancy happened, it would be easy to find a plethora of examples of her drinking, drugging, or general dumbassery during that time and be able to hold her accountable for contributing. My belief remains that her social media is nothing more than propaganda to portray her as the eternal victim. Of note, she cant even pull that off.

No. 1371100

File: 1637259569052.jpeg (798.04 KB, 1170x2421, BB591FC5-3F4B-45EC-A415-B600D4…)

Why is she a literal psychopath? “I want to live inside his skin” she wonders why these dudes dump her….she says weird shit like this after knowing him for 3 months

No. 1372159

This is Ava__ from MFC pictured with this tiger king guy kekek
These girls will sleep with anyone for money

No. 1372160

File: 1637377965621.jpg (3.22 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20211119_220633078.jpg)

No. 1373103

Pump and her man broke up again(post receipts)

No. 1373119


Post proof, this is an image board.

No. 1373208

File: 1637525947039.jpg (743.73 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20211121-151747_Tik…)

They're both so cringy

No. 1373209

File: 1637525978371.jpg (745.57 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20211121-151712_Tik…)

No. 1373365

For context on those he posted his almost a day before her, she lost her shit and they broke up. She manically posted hers and a bunch of stuff that she deleted, tried to get him back and he friendzoned her.

No. 1373367

File: 1637549194260.jpeg (404.28 KB, 1170x1996, A288494F-1409-4C6C-9D0B-17ED40…)

No. 1373369

File: 1637549245940.jpeg (387.57 KB, 1170x2001, EEB0A524-4DAA-46E5-A8B5-5589DF…)

No. 1373778

File: 1637600183407.jpg (4.68 MB, 5000x5000, 1637599711917.jpg)

perfect, my personal cow and pumpy crossing paths yesterday

No. 1374143

File: 1637634502741.jpeg (226.19 KB, 828x1431, 52C0BF53-BCFF-443F-9F96-7C1598…)

Bring on more crazy impulsive decision making! Seriously though, its been so satisfying watching her life fall apart lately. She’s always been such a garbage human and its gotten so bad that she can’t keep a single person in her life. Every one keeps dropping like flies (Loretta, her recent roommate/assistant, any man) lmao

No. 1374287

It’s so funny to me that she started going to therapy because she “was abused and is now the abuser because she didn’t heal from it”

Bitch has always been this way lmao(learn2sage)

No. 1374386

God she can’t go 5 minutes without lovebombing someone, can she? Real BPD hours.

No. 1374641

The Woke Ho Patrol should cancel her next, since she's taking money from a guy who simps for a LITRUL NAZI

No. 1377944

File: 1638156612591.png (317.31 KB, 638x669, Screenshot_20211128-222418~2.p…)

"guyz I just luv decorating for Christmas so much, I only buy the most realistic tree, oops I forgot all my Christmas decorations at my last condo ohhh noooo!! I need your help to buy the 'mostrealistictree' and it's like $1500 from Baslin Hill" kek desperate much

No. 1377965

Its that time of year for pumpy to spend thousands of dollars on xmas gifts for the man in her life to keep them around longer! Gotta have the perfect tree for it. Smh. Just last night Cody broke up with her again, she was suicidal, wanting to give away her cats, and shopping for a new place to live. She’s ridiculous.

No. 1377978

she gave away her puppy I'm assuming, so sad this girl

No. 1378039

How do u guys even know all these whores? I've never seen most of them in my life.(sage your shit)

No. 1378219

Miscarriages are surprisingly long and tw bloody processes that take weeks to resolve and you're down and out for most of it. Pumpy has been consistently taking nudes and partying while documenting it all for years. I'm gonna go with "x to doubt" on this one. If it is real, I do pity her because it's a pretty horrible experience. Either way she shouldn't have kids until she realizes they can't be rehomed like a "luxury" pet.

No. 1378237

I’ve seen the puppy in the backyard in a few of her recent IG stories, but it’s been a week or more. I get the feeling when she moves she’s leaving the dog with Cody. Cody has his own dog he seems to take really well care of and her dog is likely bonding with it.

No. 1378268

Uh no Cody rehomed that dog about a month ago. He made a couple IG posts about it asking if anyone wanted the dog cuz it was too much work. He and pumpy are a match made in heaven…giving animals away when it gets ‘too hard’.

No. 1378625

Last I saw it was about a couple of days ago when she was driving at night with the dog in the cage being driven somewhere. I tried saving a video of it but unfortunately it never saved. Do any other anons remember that insta story?

No. 1378694

Yeah they were driving to Cody's family's house for Thanksgiving and took Penelope with them

No. 1381137


There are quite a few types of miscarriage, just like birth and pregnancy in general. Some can even happen without you even noticing(statistically about 30% of them). The rarest kind of miscarriage is the kind you're describing.

No. 1396119

It is honestly hilarious how Charms has decided to hop on the trans train because a long time ago I remember her talking about how she changed her name to Charlotte because her birth name was too masculine. I wish I had proof of this but she had mentioned it briefly to some mutual friends a long time ago.
Sage for incredibly curdled milk (and that’s being generous).

No. 1398842

File: 1640124753354.jpg (246.61 KB, 1419x942, ew.jpg)

What is she wearing?

No. 1398965

File: 1640136605069.jpeg (186.16 KB, 1024x768, B2F53CBB-389E-437C-B083-C80553…)

No. 1399267


Please anon Pumpy wishes she has a big chest.

No. 1399353

>imagine showing your tits to hundreds of ugly scrotes on the internet

No. 1403167

File: 1640682173514.jpg (94.58 KB, 750x1333, aHR0cHM6Ly9.jpg)

you do not

No. 1403236

File: 1640692163793.png (1.07 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2021-12-28_06-48-24_AM.p…)

No. 1403490

No one gives a fuck

No. 1403652


Now now anon, no need to be salty. Some of us like watching the trainwreck these women are.

No. 1404681

Lol first time on this thread … You all have the free time and bandwidth to stalk this girls every move with a magnifier glass. Do you have Jobs or hobbies.. I mean I guess this is your hobby but what does it do for you(unsaged whiteknighting )

No. 1404685

I imagine anyone who enjoys watching how much of train wrecks women are .. is slightly disturbed or themselves a train wreck. weird but ok. 2022 coming up try reading a book or something

No. 1404690

You're here too, retard.

No. 1404695

Trying to be a voice of reason, her existing seems to bother at least a couple people enough to cry about her every move and insult her physical appearance ? If you aren't a fan then why watch?

No. 1404696

life is hard enough as is.. try building someone up for a change and if you don't have something nice to say about someone perhaps don't say anything at all. I can't imagine anyone over the age of 12 saying most of these things … and at that age you should not be watching adult film content creators, go finish your winter break packet

No. 1404700

yeah you called me a bitch. but a bitch is a female dog, and dogs bark, and bark grows on trees, and nature is beautiful.

No. 1404811

File: 1640851124963.jpeg (744.02 KB, 821x1012, 846AB8F7-89F3-40DD-938A-D950E0…)

Nightmare fuel for yall.

No. 1404836

No matter what filter, when the picture was taken, it doesn't matter, she always looks greasy. I've never seen a picture of her where her skin doesn't look super oily. This is contrasted by her hair always being dried out and plagued by split ends.

No. 1404998

When men say they don't like women who wear make-up, this is what they think make-up looks like.

No. 1405113


Oh my gawd that is awful. Where is this from? Her constant changing instagram?

No. 1405116

Pumpy drag troon edition

No. 1405768

File: 1640975989049.png (285.07 KB, 491x700, BiVvc83cWwf5mEyjbEFu-JJM9uBfTt…)

Took me a moment to even recognise her.

Who did this monstrosity of a "look"?

No. 1410749

Gross. Btw did she get rid of penelope her dog? There has been so sight or mention of it for months. The last i saw it was in the back seat of her car on thanksgiving. If she does still have it she definitely isn’t taking care of it cuz all she does is sit in her room and rant into her phone all day. Add it to the list of abandoned pets…

No. 1411572

Yeah I was just thinking that, she probably sold her tbh :/ and knowing she’s sick.
Scum bag(:-/)

No. 1411926

File: 1641656793749.jpg (277.85 KB, 1080x1709, Screenshot_20220108-104503_Twi…)

Big surprise there.

No. 1411946

While Pumpy continues to be consistent with her animal abuse, failed relationships, and self created drama, she is no where near as milky as in 2019 or even 2020. Im seeing more this year of what we saw last year with chances for occasional milk, but not a foundation to be the milk factory she once was. I would like to see a return of the days when she lived in Vegas, had all her stuff stolen by street kids, and renewed a feud with her family. Let's hope 2022 sees Pumpy getting back to being milky AF. My hope was she would be the next Brina, now Im not so sure.

No. 1412213

File: 1641679193677.jpg (92.72 KB, 533x955, Untitled.jpg)


I think she has her moments of being milky but we will see.

No. 1412767

I wouldnt be doing good mentally either if I took inventory of my life and realized the gravy train was almost over and now a real job for the next 40 years is directly in the future with no past work experience, no skills, and trying to fit into looking like a clown with surgically over blown lips.

Can you imagine for any of these cam whores what that moment is like? When they realize it's over, no money saved all wasted, and now they have to live the rest of their as a bad joke. Pumpy will be the 40 year old at a gas station showing pictures of herself to people telling everyone how hot she used to be and how internet important kek.

No. 1414081

File: 1641855632529.jpeg (358.78 KB, 827x1459, D4C5A748-6DD5-4C64-A4AD-FA0A62…)

New self harm scars on her thigh?

No. 1414211


That or one of the cats got tired of her shit and scratched the hell out of her. She is obviously is showing them off for attention.

No. 1414314

They’re self harm cuts. She showed herself doing it on IG the other day (quickly deleted it after). But then said it was for some stupid “blood ritual” thing cuz she pretends to be edgy and spiritual. In reality shes just depressed and hates her life so she resulted to cutting.

No. 1416743

File: 1642131747523.jpg (400.66 KB, 963x1754, Screenshot_20220113-223749_Chr…)

No. 1417248

File: 1642189434678.png (4.18 MB, 1242x2208, DA44EC87-9373-4F3B-A20D-FF870F…)

And she wonders why everyone hates her and she’s alone.

No. 1417432

Here is her sob story about being sexually assaulted by her Uber driver.


No. 1417565

Let me apologize, I had doubted Pumpy and thought she might be done producing any good milk. Well, I was wrong.

No. 1417596

Wonder if she even reported it or just posted to insta looking for sympathy. Meanwhile Cody is joy riding around town in her car still. Funny how she bought an expensive car just for other people to drive while she still just ubers everywhere.

No. 1417608

ALMOST felt bad for Stumpy then she described it like this and was rude to people reaching out. Forget it, buy rings that fucking fit so you don’t “lose” them or get them resized, you fucking twat.

No. 1417615

stump called out her friend w her after it happening waifudoenthestreet or some shit, didn't catch the cap but she literally had her boobs completely out just being covered by the seatbelt and had it captioned "in the Uber like"…

No. 1417672

File: 1642224113238.png (5.33 MB, 1284x2778, 06147525-5930-40EE-8235-28F75A…)

This is Cody in her bathroom the other night too
She lets these dudes run through and use her so hard, it’s hilarious and sad.
I want to know what happened to the baby frenchie :/
I wish she would just say what happened, maybe she gave it back to Dean
Or sold it so she could buy those designer gifts for the cheating toucan

No. 1417836

>>1417596 she does not have a license so who else would drive it(sage)

No. 1417911

The irony is not lost on me that her simps showery her with funds to try to gain favor with her. Pumpy then acts like a whale herself to attract men in her life that otherwise would never associate with her.
The greasy fellas she associates with then use her for funds as they work to boost their sound cloud career, or fund their juvenile gangster activities.

If Ego Death could be experienced by any in the chain they could break free, but until then they are slavishly devoted to the Wheel of Milk…

No. 1420247

File: 1642486790910.jpg (106.4 KB, 828x1472, M01RJTNEJTNEL.jpg)

No. 1420250

File: 1642486902237.jpg (126.4 KB, 828x1472, TEuY2RuaW5zdGFnc.jpg)

No. 1421188

File: 1642575286103.jpg (182 KB, 828x1472, 272008543_1074953869742950_681…)

No. 1421640

This is…not a flex on any level.

No. 1422051

File: 1642644076843.png (Spoiler Image, 2.33 MB, 1936x1548, Photo_2022-01-19_08-57-45_PM.p…)

I can't tell if she is that stupid, messed up on drugs or really desperate for attention.

No. 1424407

File: 1642905694293.png (2.57 MB, 1452x1936, Photo_2022-01-22_09-38-43_PM.p…)

No. 1424408

File: 1642905746778.jpg (193.57 KB, 928x1335, Screenshot_20220122-172721_Chr…)

What is this…

No. 1424495

Oh please. All of these issues are because she’s malnourished since she barely eats. She is the queen of self diagnosing for attention.

No. 1424592

>Don't talk about it a lot

Bruh she never shuts up about it.
Kek she looks like Pete Burns. Is that a belt as a top?

No. 1429447

File: 1643399999672.jpg (388.09 KB, 1031x1758, IMG_20220128_205718.jpg)

Alright guys she's not trans anymore.

No. 1429521

100% right anon. Watch her photoshop a butterfly rash on her face. Being a filth goblin who breaks out a lot is not the same. legit all symptoms of anorexia Nervosa but wants to go the munchie route.

No. 1429650

File: 1643417093483.jpg (48.62 KB, 359x656, tattoo.jpg)

No. 1429673

File: 1643419419120.png (4.3 MB, 1242x2208, ADDD8228-37E7-4B32-BF0E-AB3691…)

She sounds and looks dumber every day

No. 1429686

She is embarrassing wow. She just gets used by these dudes time and time again, then tries to play the independent, feminist roll. He’s right though, she doesn’t have anything to offer. She’s an overall awful person that literally pays people to be in her life.

No. 1429737

File: 1643424133270.jpg (238.76 KB, 1080x1838, Screenshot_2022-01-29-02-35-55…)

Of course I believe her when she says these men turn out to be abusive weirdos. I don't wanna victim blame her but she needs to rethink her ways. She gives anyone who gives her a shred of attention everything.

They're gonna stay around a lot longer if she's buying them shit all the time but not for her, just the gifts and money.

No. 1429743

File: 1643424256557.png (3.81 MB, 1242x2208, AFF902C8-57F3-4932-82FD-D0D45D…)

But you still moved in with him??????? She is so fucking stupid is unbelievable

No. 1429744

File: 1643424332251.jpg (103.35 KB, 1080x1855, Screenshot_2022-01-29-02-36-15…)

Shit like this is childish and foolish. She could get done for that cos there's evidence where as her saying "he did this/that" doesn't have physical proof and that's all the police go on.

He ain't gonna learn anything from this, it's just gonna give him a good reason to call her a psycho ex and have some proof of it.

She doesn't help herself at all.

No. 1429766

File: 1643427323798.jpg (109.45 KB, 610x900, twitter.jpg)

This is ironic coming from her.

No. 1429776

I think I found where her new place is. I wont say because I dont want to be banned for doxxing but she pays at least $4,895 for her apartment.

No. 1429951

Its surprising that someone using her as a human toilet would have challenges with empathy.

No. 1429996


No. 1429997

Mr.monastik_rassvet Ais alot skinnier than this trampola(no1curr)

No. 1430064

This girl uses a filter to look younger and doesn’t deny it, yet pumpy consistently fills her face with fillers to look younger in person and every single day is like “I look like such a baby omg it’s all natural too!” Pumpys just mad that girl makes more for larping while pumpy lives the shitty life with no larping involved lol. Pick a side pumpy, you sound like a clown. It’s obvious when she tries to say she’s natural and filler doesn’t do much for her, then 5 mins later she posts a throwback of herself looking like a damn goblin smeagol mashup. That girl is exactly like her when it comes to pedo pandering and wanting to look younger, she just didn’t take more permanent actions and used a filter in an app.

No. 1430506

File: 1643511852510.jpg (Spoiler Image, 394.48 KB, 1536x2048, 20220130_030050.jpg)

More fresh self harm from pumpy.

No. 1430515

Holy shit her fake tits are disgusting, maybe she's cutting herself to take the attention from those huge ass scars on her fake bolt ons

No. 1430520

File: 1643513621105.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.01 KB, 585x627, what.jpg)

I just realized how noticeable the scars from her boob job are.

I dunno if its the filter she is using but her head looks abnormally small in this picture. Spoiler for fake blood.

No. 1430531

She's been losing weight again recently which makes her dodgy implants and scars more noticeable than ever. Her titties were literally "recalled" for being potentially dangerous and she still hasn't sorted them out.

Also said she wants them bigger which is gonna look twice as retarded as they already are.

No. 1430892

Yea maybe if she got the toxic implants out she wouldn't have to complain about her hair falling out and being "sick". What a loser.
Her tits any bigger would legit make her topple over she has no body for it

No. 1431111

File: 1643592493855.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.33 KB, 593x395, Ew.jpg)

I will have to go look but I swear she made a video where she squirted.

No. 1431151

The amount of discharge everywhere though. Gross.

A squirt is closer to piss so dunno why there's clumpy discharge everywhere.

No. 1431765

File: 1643669418862.jpeg (403.98 KB, 1170x1996, 4F3428C0-CCBB-4B2A-BB8B-2E3041…)

Pumpys new face tattoo makes her look like she has gnarly sideburns lol

No. 1431766

File: 1643669452770.jpeg (367.24 KB, 1170x1996, 1233EE98-4645-4B13-BCF8-592B8A…)

No. 1431787

Damn her hair was always pretty thin but it looks so much worse now.

No. 1432107

File: 1643719823125.jpg (197.81 KB, 828x1472, VeU1EQXdOalk0T1RRd013.jpg)

Noone thinks you're joking girl, nobody cares

No. 1432167

Giving shitty dudes everything isn't a personality and definitely doesn't make her a good person. You can tell she thinks she's a saint for bankrolling these clowns. If she found someone worthwhile who loved her and it was mutual, that would be a different story. As it stands, she'll be doing these fake flexes forever. >>1430506
The endless array of grimy nudes in big empty condos reminds me of Momokun.

No. 1432304

She was only days ago complaining about his shitty behaviour and now the lad is in her bed cmon Pumpy you're behaviour is so predictable at this point

No. 1432390

What ex is she talking about even? Cody already moved on to a new chick. Is she giving Dean another try for the 50th time? All of her exes are garbage, this is in no way a flex.

No. 1432500

File: 1643760272058.jpg (92.12 KB, 1068x478, backintheday.jpg)

She is so ridiculous. She always posts pictures from when she was much younger. She constantly has to remind people how "Hot" she was. Also it tickles me she tries to block out her legal name. Don't worry Morgan Hofmann, we remember your real name.

No. 1432504

File: 1643760732665.jpg (164.51 KB, 1548x470, dumb.jpg)

Here are more high lights from her instagram story. I don't get why she is so vain, she isn't that pretty without photoshopping her photos, not to mention she is all filler and botox.

Is it this guy with the pink hair? No idea who that is.

No. 1433523

File: 1643866180253.png (2.71 MB, 1242x2208, 3FA5D08C-E725-490B-9B33-646BC1…)

Pumpy being triggered on insta bc she can’t get over her “ex” fucking some other chick and then her. What did she expect? She attracts and is attracted to cockroaches only. She literally let this dude piss in her mouth but she wants to be respected kekekekekekek

No. 1433529

File: 1643866666039.png (2.33 MB, 1242x2208, A5F89191-BAB1-48E4-9875-809261…)

Here she says she had the clap and it ruined her uterus and she cant get pregnant anymore, ever (direct quote) but wasn’t she just depressed about a miscarriage last year?? So which is it bc your ex from Vegas happened way before Deans evil seedling you claim to have. It’s the constant lies to be a victim for me.

No. 1433545

File: 1643868612309.jpeg (115.04 KB, 828x482, 951AB9DD-DEFB-4D73-A691-EEAE00…)

That entire dramatic rant started because the other chick “subtweeted” her. Meanwhile this is the subtweet. Pumpy needs to calm the fuck down and get some legit therapy.

No. 1433824



Here is the full rant from her instagram story, it was too good not to upload. Here are some highlights

>Thinks this women subtweeted her

>Apparently Cody is fucking this girl on the down low and doesn't follow this girl on social media yet is sleeping with her every night.
>Cody told pumpy this women is a groupie and he could never take her seriously. Cody would make this women put on makeup to fuck her because she is ugly and her pussy is dry & loose and no one compares to pumpy. Cody said this three days ago.
>This girl needs to back off because Pumpy could hurt her feelings with all the things Cody said
>Cody needs his dick sucked for validation
> Keeps threatening this girl because she is "subtweeting" Pumpy and is so ugly inside out. Calls this women a homewrecker even though it sounds like Cody was with this women long before Pumpy.
> Pumpy paid Cody's rent. Don't try to compete with Pumpy, because she was so supportive of Cody
>Continue to call this women a homewrecker
>If you lied about if you slept with someone else, that is rape because you weren't honest???
>She constantly gets tested for STDs
> She hadn't slept with anyone, got tested, slept with her ex raw( Cody I assume) He lied about sleeping with someone else. The next day she felt a burning sensation in her pussy. She confronts him and he said it was probably because he didnt shower before banging her.
> "This is how STDs are spread"
> She has been not having sex
> She is going to go get tested
> If you are sleeping with multiple people and arent wrapping your shit you are causing STDs, STIs, yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, etc
> Not educated in STDis but well versed
> got chlamydia from a different ex because he lied about hooking up with someone else. She didnt know and only could have gotten it from him because she didnt hook up with anyone else. Chlamydia can ruin your uterus and now she cant get pregnant. ( Like that other anon pointed out, didnt she have a miscarriage not too long ago?)
>Its important to tell your partner if you had unprotected sex and important to get tested
> She is so pissed off cause she did everything for him. She drove over to his house and found the other women's stuff at their house ( I thought she just rented a room in Cody's house, they didnt even share the same room) She is going to be pissed if she has an STD
>She has had sex three times in the last 4 months
> She is really heart broken. She has relapsed in self harm
> She tried to kill herself last week???
> She has harbored a lot of anger. Cody let her down . She has never lived or depended on a man??? She put herself in a position where she did so because she needed help. She has never asked for help
> She moved in with Cody because she was so exhausted and didnt want to pay a lot of money in rent. She put herself in a vulnerable position which she has never done???
> She ended up taking care of him, being cheated on, being lied to, being used. She is so hurt. He is still lying to her. She is not in a good place mentally
>She believes men could do this but cant believe women are out here supporting this behavior and thats what make them so ugly
>This is what its like having Lupis, you get butterfly rashes on your face because you get angry??? ( Proceeds to zoom in on her face that seems like, maybe just a little red)
>The other women is in Cody's bed all the time and Pumpy is around her friends so she doesnt kill herself
>Sorry for oversharing but she doesnt wanna be perceived as the bad guy because Cody is a narcissistic who wont take accountability. Pumpy apparently hit him in the face, went to therapy because she texted Cody's ex that he was indeed cheating with. Cody gaslight her through the whole relationship, he can own up to calling his ex ugly and a groupie
>Pumpy started off supportive of this other girl, who had an abortion at the beginning of Pumpy's & Cody's relationship
> First Pumpy said she was three weeks pregnant
> Pumpy was super supportive, made her a gift basket, made sure Cody checked in on her
> Changes the story from the ex was having an abortion after six weeks Pumpy and Cody started dating, no wait it was three weeks after they started dating and the ex was six weeks pregnant
>She is a mean terrible person
> She has sympathy for Cody because she loves him but she wishes he learned from everything he did to her and make him a better person, She is sad because she had to show him all the wrong and she deserves nothing but greatness, she is so great blah blah blah
>She was going to take some time off but she cant because she just moved, she has to pay rent at her new place and at codys? She has to pay $2000 for movers and $1600 for her car payment so Cody can drive around her car to go see his ex??? She is going to catch up on work then take a break

No. 1433925

File: 1643921711786.jpeg (292.97 KB, 1170x1992, D66D4C9F-471B-4339-AC1E-0998EA…)

“I’m gonna make you cry, this this your last warning”

No. 1433926

File: 1643921732482.jpeg (264.38 KB, 1170x1992, D5F52F57-220E-4817-86A5-569CC9…)

starts crying

No. 1433994

On the whole STD stuff she's saying, going on about being infertile which yes it can cause if left untreated for a long time but it really seems like she's read that can happen and has rolled with it. Like it's 100% guaranteed to have happened the second you catch Chlamydia. That being said her being unable to produce pumpy demons wouldn't be the worst thing to happen to the world.

No. 1434219

the link doesnt work

No. 1434265

Agreed, it seems like she does this with everything she rants about. She googled in and then unleashes bullshit from her voicebox

No. 1434427

No. 1434523

File: 1643994077585.png (561.91 KB, 464x586, rfwef.png)


This is the "ugly bitch" Pumpy is talking about

Also "I am paying his rent" is not the flex you think it is dumbass

No. 1434674

Shes making herself look stupid. Of course cody will claim his ex is a groupie or ugly because why would he not want pumpy to pay for his lifestyle? If he really thought pumpy was "the best hes ever been with" obviously not considering he still went back to his ex. She doesnt seem to realize that the second he started trashing on his exes shouldve been a sign hes no good.

No. 1434995

Exactly. Shitty dudes pull that shit all the time to try make a girl feel special and an ego boost meanwhile he's saying the same shit to every other girl he's banging or dating.

He's a manipulating liar. If he truly thought those things about said ex, then why go back for more?

I'm sorry pumpy but she's definitely better looking than you also.

No. 1435140

File: 1644051031682.jpeg (604.72 KB, 828x1560, 6A49E8D6-F3F4-42D8-A92C-9E786F…)

Sure, Pumpy. Cody said she was ugly and dry 100% because that’s what he truly believes and DEFINITELY NOT because he was manipulating you saying what you wanted to hear so you continued paying for his rent and giving him your car. Also your rant FOR SURE achieved its goal of separating them and make her cry… kek.

No. 1435375

She is an absolute stunner. This girl was dry bc Cody is ugly and must be bad in bed. It’s not her fault Pumpy is horny for any disgusting “not white” scrote that will look her way and let her pay her bills.

No. 1435378

This girl is very pretty, but Cody clearly has a type. Both Kira and Pumpy are 100% filler in the face / are similar personality wise, Kira just hasn’t entirely changed all of her features over the years.

No. 1435456

Why is she crying over cody if she's hanging with ty? She sure loves attention

No. 1435491

Came here to ask the same thing. She literally has Ty in her bed currently. This bitch is so codependent on men it’s ridiculous. She has to have some sort of man in her life at all times, and now she’s circling back to Tyler who abandoned her in Vegas the last time they hung out. Embarrassing .

No. 1435495

File: 1644092227379.png (2.96 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-02-05_03-14-47_PM.p…)

Girl please

No. 1435531

But I thought she has an auto immune disorder so her hair falls out all the time. Which is it pump?

No. 1435690

File: 1644106720492.png (1.76 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-02-05_04-32-38_PM.p…)

That Target cart is full of junk food. I spot microwave popcorn, oreos, mini corndogs, and two types of alcohol. That food is going to waste or being thrown back up.

No. 1435709

she said this was all snacks for before a party

No. 1436748

File: 1644208984690.jpeg (624.17 KB, 828x1141, 6CDCE078-F663-459B-BC79-5924B1…)

Pumpy’s new dumbass tattoo lmao. Also its pretty shocking that this is her thigh. She’s so skinny that I thought this was her forearm at first.

No. 1436766


tf does it even say??

No. 1436772

livestock i think? which begs the question: why would you put "livestock" on you in ink as a camgirl?

No. 1436773

you answered your own question, sadly

No. 1436779

It's like she is speedrunning failing at life.

No. 1436794

File: 1644215598610.jpeg (647.62 KB, 1242x1016, 63AAFC47-B313-4D85-B41B-E56DA1…)

>naturally beautiful
I think she’s completely forgotten she used to look like a shaved street cat before her plastic surgery.

No. 1436840

I always enjoy the milk she provides, but shes so hard to look at in any capacity. She is one of the ugliest people I have ever seen. She reminds me of that little feral kid in the road warrior with the boomerang.

If you notice, there is a permanent layer of grease, oil, or something always on her.

No. 1436866

File: 1644233814684.jpg (129.25 KB, 1080x1265, Screenshot_2022-02-07-11-34-12…)

Here you go.

God damn she's retarded

No. 1436877

File: 1644236060190.jpg (621.17 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220207-071337_Ins…)

Projecting much?

No. 1436934


I'm cackling, this is so bad.

No. 1436980

she was just talking about how Chlamydia destroyed her uterus and made her barren. Pumpy if you were livestock you'd be taken out into the field and shot. next

No. 1437201

Fucking kek.

This malnourished cow that has no meat and can't reproduce. Such livestock!

No. 1437213

She's more like when livestock has been ravaged by the ""chupacabra""

No. 1437333

File: 1644275674711.png (214.19 KB, 543x486, Screenshot_20220207-181003~3.p…)

wtf is up with her knees thoooo ew

No. 1437356

That has to be something weird with the camera or bad editing blunder, right? It looks unnatural, even for her knobby knees.

No. 1437372

Her knees have always looked like that, this angle definitely gives you a realistic view. She’s just that malnourished that her knee caps are literally bigger than her actual legs. Gross.

No. 1437401

I snorted! She looks like she has mange, worms and distemper so I guess the "livestock" label fits

No. 1437438

Can't be livestock if she's apparently infertile though should be dead meat

No. 1437580

File: 1644294903138.png (1.98 MB, 1242x2208, 9DBEAC42-F709-43A2-84B2-1F7560…)

Sure, Jan.

No. 1437679

Trying to imagine PS in a fight…she would lose a fight to strong wind.

No. 1437928

I hate the way she talks, she really forces the tough girl "trying to sound black" thing and it's so grating in her nasally voice. She sounds like she permanently has a caramel lodged in her throat. Nobody actually believes she could kick anyone's ass.

No. 1438030

You know if she had those actual messages she wouldve posted them. Shes really bent out of shape her ex went back to that other thot.

No. 1438453

File: 1644377304047.jpg (229.84 KB, 913x1686, Screenshot_20220208-222440_Chr…)

These look so tacky.

No. 1438538

Came here to say this, they look terrible on her painfully thin hands.

No. 1438604

File: 1644391952745.png (6.46 MB, 1284x2778, BFCE432E-5699-4B45-B8B8-E35B5B…)

I gotta say, pumpy is generally disgusting to me, but this was shocking to me because of how she always goes on about how great her skin is
I feel like cameras make things look worse, but I have pores/orange peel texture some places, I see it up close in HD, and you’d never catch me DEAD with that much shit in my pores.
Is it gunk or are they just empty so they look black??

No. 1438657

Ive talked about this many times, and none of us are perfect, but Pumpy has the most amount of oil I have ever seen on a person. She literally is encased in a layer of grease at all times. Every picture without filters you can see the sheen of the slimey skin shield. I have never seen a greasier person in my life.

No. 1438818

Pumpy posted multiple instagram stories claiming she peed next to a dumpster… fucking disgusting


No. 1438832

i don't think i've ever seen the tendons in someone's wrists stick out that much. what the fuck?

No. 1438887

I always thought it was moisturizer tbh. like she was over-doing the “glow” serums or something.

I feel like her getting on adderall made it worse.
Blogging- but I used to take adderall also and it can cause really bad acne/oil because it makes your body dump water, either through sweat or urine.

Idk how she’s allowed to stay on it if she truly has a BPD diagnosis anyway.
The mania evident in her life just through social media is wild.
I will say that she sounds like a nicer person when she’s on it…she used to sound perma-pissed or just down 24/7 before. Now sometimes her voice just sounds more lighthearted when she’s on it.
Kind of sad if it takes amphetamines to make her happy, she’ll end up like her mom.

No. 1439588

File: 1644507300066.jpg (164.83 KB, 877x1642, Screenshot_20220210-095041_Chr…)

Sure jan

No. 1439932

Shes making over a mill on her "1099s" but pays them yearly instead of quarterly???

Whenever she starts breeding and disappears I will honestly miss her, she doesn't have the best milk, but she is the best in the category of someone who thinks they are really smart but in reality dumb as the day is long.

No. 1440330

Reeks of toxic findom type shit

No. 1440385

She can get it removed but it’s still sad. Maybe the fetish marking will make her money since she’s done everything else. She’s not a mom though so it makes me think she knows deep down she’s a dumb ass for letting men treat her like this, has no way to stop, and makes “jokes” like this. I don’t think she’s mentioned this livestock thing before and she can’t have children. She doesn’t seem to understand the only homewrecker is the one she’s sharing a home with who is manipulating her and the other girl.

No. 1440389

Female Napoleon complex is real, tiny 80lb ana-chan strippers like her are never done talking tough about how many asses they're going to beat

No. 1440532

As Im sure she lurks here, why not get a lolcow tattoo Pumpy, go full self aware. Get a tattoo of the cow graphic at the bottom of this page.

No. 1440721

A mill (sure jan) and nothing to show for it. I fail to see why she doesn’t buy a condo or something instead of moving and renting.

No. 1441235

Who is the home wrecker she is living with?

I was just thinking about this. At this point she could have invested her money. A condo would have been a good idea…
what a shame

No. 1441263

File: 1644648568028.png (1.06 MB, 720x1285, Screenshot_20220212-010615.png)

wtf why does stormy have a hairy giant mole on her chin and talking about being so "perfect" and "naturally pretty". how embarrassing for her, go shave your face and blot that oil off kek

No. 1441264

File: 1644648590439.png (91.73 KB, 304x258, Screenshot_20220212-010537.png)

No. 1441330

Lol, justifying her stupid tattoo after we all pointed out how she's shit livestock if she's chlamydia scarred? nice

No. 1441380

Literally in every picture, there's that disgusting layer of human grease that coats her. It's literally dripping off her face. It's so gross, she's probs the hardest Cow to take visually just because of how filthy she is, and thats really saying something here. Another Anon was saying maybe it's some kind of lotion but I dont think so, I think shes just a greasy filthy thing.

No. 1441722

Mark my words, the whole "I can't get pregnant" and "creampie fetish" is her trying to get knocked up. Shes putting all that out there in hopes of tricking someone to get her preggo & and then having a built in excuse of saying she didnt think it could happen.

No. 1443018

She'd be a worse mother than Sabrina Nellie and that's saying a lot

No. 1444136

File: 1644963162237.jpg (345.58 KB, 1080x1643, Screenshot_20220215-171013_Twi…)

Lets take bets how long this is going to last

No. 1444189

I dont believe a word of it. Bet she bought the flowers herself, spent V Day alone.

No. 1444213

Either that or it was one of the same 4 exes she keeps cycling through.

No. 1444321

File: 1644979509506.jpeg (733.39 KB, 828x1474, 9E8ED5DD-7336-4F0A-865E-A89FF9…)

Lmao wow what a successful life

No. 1444324

Probably Ty, kek. Weren’t they talking recently? His babymama just had her 4th kid. Don’t understand what he sees in any of these girls. Karen was probably his best catch out of them all as far as craziness goes.

No. 1444525

Pumpy of course forgets when she was telling everyone she couldnt get pregnant lol. Who called it about the cream pie fetish thing, shes trying to get pregnant.

Can you imagine?

No. 1446059

File: 1645177191080.jpg (139.2 KB, 828x1472, 274261053_703090127768682_2807…)

Leaving this as a reminder in case she starts bragging about being sober again

No. 1446061

File: 1645177365709.jpg (131.27 KB, 828x1472, aHR0cHM6Ly9zY29udGVudC1vcnQyLT…)

No. 1446067

File: 1645178361581.jpg (153.97 KB, 828x1472, X25jX2h0PXNjb250ZW50LWF0bDMtMi…)

these lips..

No. 1446091

she's a stupid BPD slut but her degradation is paying off, she's making almost 1 million yearly but it won't last long until she kills herself or ends up in the streets or being manipulated by some older man and going bankrupt. These stupid and low self esteem BPD sluts always end up giving their money to men

No. 1446095

always full of cuts, always dumb as rocks but at least she is ranking in mad cash. She has 200k subs on OF x 3$= 600k per month and she is not even on the level of Belle Delphine, she barely had any advertising going on and not to mention she is getting custom video reqs most probably. Hope none of these insane hoes give birth

No. 1446118

subbing to her of is free, her only source of income is a handful of oil princes

No. 1446120

Pumpy's now getting deeper into the pills after spending Valentine's Day alone and having to buy herself flowers and fake that it was some imaginary BF. She lays in an eternal film of human grease that coats her like a slimy car wax. Keep on snorting Pumpy, you cant turn back the hands of time.

No. 1446229

Ntayrt but she has 2 onlyfans pages. One paid and one free

No. 1446355

Man, if she does wind up pregnant again this doesnt bode well…
I'm sure she doesn't make that much considering you get taxed out the ass in America if you push 6 figures. She spends out the ass moving condos, what, 3 times a year? 4? I would love to see her taxes.

No. 1446381

She has 200k subs on her free OF page. Her paid one has maybe 5% of that.

No. 1446423


It's interesting to me you can see how many subscribers she has on her free page but not on her paid page.

Is there a way to see how many subscribers she has on her paid page?

No. 1446437

She used to have it visible and it was about 2k subs.
She hasn’t posted her % in a while, that’s a clear indicator of income.
She used to be top 0.4% so around 20k a month, plus the tips from her free page.
She made 40k with both of them at some point in the summer.
She said she made 350k last year, nowhere near a million.
She averaged 29k a month.
Nothing to sneeze at, but she’s aging like milk whether she wants to believe it or not. She just looks lifeless and damaged, she will never, ever make a million dollars in one year ever again.
The only reason she did that one year is because of how many pedos she had obsessed with her, and she even fucked one of them for money even though she claims not to.

Sry for pumpy spam, I’ve seen her antics on and off since like the first month she cammed. Train wreck.

No. 1446502

if she didnt show us constantly how bad she is with money, id say she's set if she invests wisely and buys a home(its hard but not impossible as a "self-employed" person to get a mortgage loan if youre income is around 30k/month) But we all know shes going to end up in a bad spot the way she blows her money.

No. 1446566

Much success.
Did she just forget she claimed to have made a mill like a week ago? She’s terrible at lying.

No. 1446940

She said “this year I’m making a mil”, as in 2022. I read it as she was disappointed in the 1099’s she got and convinced herself that if she hadn’t fucked dumpy men all year she could do better Kek.
But that ain’t gonna happen.

No. 1446956

most camgirls are like that. There's an Ukrainian whore that is full of cuts just like Pumpy and even has Pumpy's fanbase from back in the day paying her and she gives all her money to a camgirl studio owner that she is dating and happens to be 30 years older than her. Men on MFC give her money because she's mentally/visually stuck in her emo phase just like Pumpy was scene. It's still a pedo thing.This chick also pushes the "daddy" thing to her viewers and tells her audience that her 50 year old camstudio owner byfriend is her "father" and the simps are too stupid to say anything. She's literally Pumpy 0.2, also full of cuts, even has the same simps pumpy used to have and she wants to give birth and be impregnated by a 50 year old man. I swear all camgirls with cuts on their bodies are the same. They're also convinced they're being posted because someone is jealous of them, when people just laugh at them for being fucking trainwrecks. Pumpy probably thinks she's being posted because we're jealous of her. Pumpy would be fine if she knew how to manage her life, then she'd be something to be jealous over. She makes money, but instead of investing or saving up, she's been giving it away to men, she starves and cuts herself like a high school girl and makes horrible life decisions. At one point in her life, her money will start running dry due to aging and she will still have the decision making capacities of a BPD 16 year old high school girl

No. 1446958

a lot of MFC camgirls are super shady and do and say shady stuff. At one point I've seen a woman streaming on MFC and masturbating in a public park and you could hear the laughs and voices of children in the background and of course MFC didn't ban her. That's so fucked.

No. 1446960

their TOS clearly states you are not allowed to stream in public on their platform and that in any way you are not allowed to include children in your stream, but they didn't ban this woman. They only ban you if you are a right winger. There's a woman that was banned because she did a show wearing a nazi uniform top kek. I think streaming porn from a park full of children is worse than that. They also have sex trafficking victims from Ukraine/Eastern Eurpe on their website. Girls groomed at the mental hospital that work under "camming studios" which are organized trafficking rings. Most users are also literal pedophiles.(unsaged samefagging)

No. 1446961

MFC won't ban you if you're bringing in lots of money for them, sadly. Disgusting ass coomer site.

No. 1449219

File: 1645515440581.jpg (113.86 KB, 828x1472, c3RwPWRzdC1qcGdfZTM1X3A4Mjh4OD…)

this leg….

No. 1449281

File: 1645528298011.jpg (126.78 KB, 828x1472, aHR0cHM6Ly9zY29udGVudC1vcnQyLT…)

KEK how about all YOU have to offer is taking dick and that's why they lose interest?!?

No. 1449316

File: 1645534881756.png (1.43 MB, 968x1936, Photo_2022-02-22_07-56-37_AM.p…)

Its funny her ig stories are pretty much the same thing over and over

1- Im going to get so hot and make my ex miss me even though he was shitty to me
2-Shows how little is in her fridge except booze
3-i use to be so famous!!!
4-I always pay for meals when I am with guys (No wonder they flock to her, she is a free meal ticket)

No. 1449324

File: 1645535645905.jpg (181.54 KB, 851x1557, Screenshot_20220221-052919_Chr…)

Oh and this gem

No. 1449864

File: 1645583024652.jpg (169.02 KB, 737x1421, what.jpg)

What the fuck is her new tattoo????

No. 1449881

Apparently it's Lilith? Looks like pure shite to me though. Like a tattoo for the sake of being pumpy level edgy

No. 1449937

xtra skinny leg tattoo special

No. 1450001

Nothing about this flows. Looks like garbage. It’s fitting.

No. 1450035

File: 1645603432860.jpg (294 KB, 1080x2059, Screenshot_20220223-000056~2.j…)

it's fucking hilarious she has "fertility clinic/petite and fertile" when she was just posting about how her womb was fucked from chlamydia. fertility where?

No. 1450697

File: 1645671343277.jpeg (554.81 KB, 828x1491, 08ED335B-02C7-4787-9681-3EAC03…)

Well after all that bitching and moaning about Cody, looks like he’s back in her life once again. This bitch is a joke. Bring on the drama.

No. 1451737

File: 1645787605804.jpg (456.72 KB, 2358x1918, c2U9NyZfbmNfaHQ9c2NvbnRlbnQtaW…)

No. 1451810

File: 1645800467216.jpg (142.71 KB, 725x1304, kjhuihpiouyiugoyu.jpg)

No. 1451813

File: 1645800661389.jpg (180.74 KB, 726x1314, zlvnaskjdgbawjfg.jpg)

No. 1451850

Lol she is dancing in her stories like Shayna - like a deaf retard I mean. And her 500 stories whenever you go look is a clear sign of a mental case

No. 1451974

File: 1645819646568.jpg (215.7 KB, 828x1472, 466464890704041_n.jpg)

"hips 10" wider that waist" btw

No. 1452080

Look at that sad ana fridge.

No. 1452124

Why she have eggs? Thought she was vegan (apart from in the materialistic way with leather aka not a proper vegan)

No. 1452375

File: 1645859644032.jpg (336.71 KB, 1080x1794, Screenshot_20220226-080947.jpg)

Nitpick, but this shit is barely readable(unsaged)

No. 1452376

File: 1645860261291.jpg (423.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220226-022218_Twi…)


From the other day. I doubt she has 5 million saved up

No. 1452377

File: 1645860401027.jpg (Spoiler Image, 288.13 KB, 1080x1531, Screenshot_20220226-022129_Twi…)

Why does one look bigger than the other in this photo?

No. 1452387

Because that’s how breasts typically are

No. 1452405

Spoiler this shit you dumb bitch

No. 1452453

she’s probably just mixing up the concept of affirmations with manifestation. Being present-tense grateful for something you don’t actually have yet is a LoA thing. That would explain her writing it every day too. She’s wishing for 5mil instead of hustling for it.

No. 1452462

Yeah if she had 5 mil then I doubt she'd have been panicking on her story the other day about how she needed to pay for her hair and tattoo. Then again ebegging for people to send her cash cause she'd just had her nails done and needed money to get her extensions put back in

No. 1452609


I would think if she paid for them the surgeon could even them out, kek.

No. 1453299

File: 1645990185843.jpeg (264.72 KB, 828x1475, 34F4B3A8-C927-47AD-9801-E49FF7…)

Well that ended quickly. What did she expect? Its crazy how she simply cannot be single and HAS to have one of her toxic exes in her life at all times. Ty will be back in her bed later tonight.

No. 1453307

didn’t she post a few days ago about wanting everyone to come out to support his show?

No. 1453319

>>1453307 yeah, but he probably didn't give her enough attention, so now he's a rapist

No. 1453851

File: 1646036733292.jpg (132.19 KB, 828x1472, SZjY2I9Ny00JmlnX2NhY2hlX2tleT1…)

No. 1453852

File: 1646036765551.jpg (364.74 KB, 828x1472, PXNjb250ZW50LW9yd.jpg)

No. 1453853

File: 1646036863040.jpg (151.41 KB, 828x1472, X2tleT1NamM0TXpRM.jpg)

weird flex

No. 1453949

How about she talks to none of them as they were exes for a reason. I have a hard time feeling bad for people who don't choose to change their circumstances. A lot a women are stuck with shitty, abusive partners because they cannot afford to leave. If you've really got 5 million you could cut all these men out of your life if they manipulate you and cheat on you. I expect Pumpy isn't very faithful either if she's literally always got like 2 or 3 dudes always waiting in the wings when something goes awry.

No. 1454285

I've got a feeling she was probably unfaithful with Cody, you can see a small screenshot of messages in >>1453851 that read like she was probably fucking around or at least trying to make Cody jealous because he had other stuff to do than her

No. 1454622

I like how he just gets head from her now and wont even sleep with her, thats great.

No. 1454657

File: 1646134901926.png (786.68 KB, 588x990, lwegx6654awet5454s565y-Window.…)

she has the bpd brain -> but suddenly she is the caretaker…
Also what's with the constant 'i'm gonna disappear for a while', bitch we know you can't live without posting 1 insta story every 5 minutes

No. 1454832

File: 1646158895663.png (2.44 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-03-01_01-18-25_PM.p…)

She also had a story ranting how she didn't have a mom or dad and some of us had loving parents and a privileged childhood but turned out to be the worst fucking humans.


No. 1455509

File: 1646213384514.png (1.22 MB, 591x993, 45hw56uzcj8izfvh34qadgf-Window…)

posts story crying about how she's considered 'ran through' talking about having had 250 sexual encounters & 16 partners and then proceeds to post this one after

No. 1455641

File: 1646227314346.jpg (231.31 KB, 1080x1372, Screenshot_20220302-082050_Twi…)

No. 1455643

File: 1646227574204.jpg (341.88 KB, 881x1556, Screenshot_20220302-082538_Chr…)

No. 1455892

can you say… doormat?

No. 1455904

File: 1646247269878.png (1.52 MB, 1242x2208, 208D3DE5-A6DF-4162-9F18-A56160…)

So fucking embarrassing and then immediately admits to having an ED her whole life??

No. 1455905

File: 1646247330650.png (3.02 MB, 1242x2208, F20CB5E9-4847-47F2-AAAF-084D61…)

Reaching so hard to cope that she looks like a little boy with bolt ons and gets cheated on no matter what she does.

No. 1455945

When she says shit like this, she actually means it. This is how she thinks and the mindset she pushes on people. It’s annoying as fuck to watch her play victim when she fails to manipulate someone. This shit is some downright manipulative attempt at brainwashing and beleaguering someone because she isn’t getting her way. Same with all her “if he ____, he’s ran through” posts, you know she’s toxic as fuck and accusatory to be around. All of her constant whining woe is me isn’t cute, it’s miserable and soul sucking. It’s not bringing Cody back. She might be able to guilt him into staying the night, but shit like this won’t guilt him into loving her. What a fucking idiot.

No. 1456064

File: 1646260443376.png (2.93 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-03-02_05-29-52_PM.p…)

She paid $900 for maybe a few more inches of hair. She claims her hair is so healthy but why does she have chunks of baby hair sticking up around her face.

No. 1456245

I think those are just un-straightened bangs, nonna

No. 1456838

File: 1646335662813.png (2.08 MB, 1284x2778, FCA421D5-01D0-4056-BABF-BA35DE…)

"Gonna go get a new one I guess" aka just waiting for her to offer him one. Constantly getting taken advantage of is nothing to brag about pumpy

No. 1456868

Lord Farquad looking ass. She is so cringe and delusional.

No. 1457906

it’s borrow…. you can still be a hoe and know how to spell basic words.

No. 1458056

File: 1646438114388.jpg (441.51 KB, 1610x945, bserheth.jpg)

No. 1458294

An hour after 8 and so far looks like no one’s there

No. 1458938

File: 1646532687538.jpg (105.77 KB, 1070x655, Screenshot_20220305-210701_Twi…)

Calling it now. A few months from now she is going to say this was the worst night of her life and she was coerced into a threesome.

No. 1458942

Is this favorite ex Ty? I don’t think Cody was there and if it is Ty that’s kinda funny because he never dated her, they hooked up a bunch and he stood her up every time she tried to get more serious until she latched onto Dean.

No. 1458985

From her posts; 2 people came and that emoboyfriend weirdo who was already there anyway.

If anyone else actually came they obviously refused to be photographed there aka some dodgy ex.

No. 1459014

Yeah she’s talking about Ty. Its funny because the last time she was with Ty before Dean and Cody, she paid for a hotel room in vegas with him and he abandoned her there lmao. She loves to talk about “growth” and “self love” but then lets all these men use her.

No. 1459455

File: 1646591612071.png (1.91 MB, 1242x2208, 58848D48-A7AC-408B-95B4-CDD21F…)

Super sad she has no friends to make her realize what a joke this makes her look like. If your pussy and throat is So gOod then how is it every man treats you worse than a dumpster fire?

No. 1459508


Was it ever proven that girl was talking shit about Pumpy? Not to mention if the girl was already pregnant when Pumpy and Cody started dating doesnt that make Pumpy the homewrecker?

No. 1459595

I vaguely remember her having a big fallout with another camgirl a long time ago because Pump was proud to be a homewrecker. Something along the lines of “if he’s cheating on you that means you’re not doing something right and I’m willing to fulfill his needs”. The girl told her that mindset was toxic and Pump tried to passively say something like “it’s not my fault you were cheated on love, I’ve never been cheated on before”. Weird karma.

No. 1460010

File: 1646633690338.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1170x1950, 4A47D7B2-046C-48A2-BAB1-BDF0A4…)

No. 1460018

File: 1646634490618.jpg (163.29 KB, 828x1472, Njb250ZW50LW9yd.jpg)

this is how these crazy bitches fantasize about relationships. guy does not assault them -> softie / "gay?" / couldnt handle a brat. guy does assault them -> hEe RaAaPeD mEeEe

No. 1460103

What, by setting yourself up for DB charges?

No. 1460387

This reads so much like an r/that happened moment.

No. 1461957

File: 1646817844268.png (491.32 KB, 596x986, 2022-03-09 08_24_00-https___sc…)

admitting to assault

No. 1461958

File: 1646817881266.jpg (147.61 KB, 828x1472, 2h0PXNjb250ZW50LW9yd.jpg)

No. 1461970

Idk who this is but based girl.

No. 1462003

Because people that hate their bodies showcase it on social media while fishing for compliments. Gtfoh

No. 1462092

Literally dump him if he cheats on you, Pumpy. Holy shit. I don't feel bad for her. Not every person is a perpetually cheating maniac, I don't know where she finds these freaks.

No. 1462217

Bitch needs to be sterilised asap

No. 1462362

File: 1646863392659.jpg (685.65 KB, 2194x1500, IGDump.jpg)

IG Story dump

No. 1462443

File: 1646867943952.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, 14EE85CE-B1F3-44AE-9A2E-A4FB3F…)

She’s so fucking DUMB. Congratulations, you played yourself. Stupid emaciated bitch

No. 1462444

File: 1646867999866.png (3.06 MB, 750x1334, C35E138A-59F5-43FF-A09D-AC9FE9…)

Thought i’d add this as well. Disgusting crusty basement goblin

No. 1462449

So she got all that info before moving in with him and STILL moved in with him??? What was that she was spouting about bitches who know people are abusers but still support them jesusssss pumpy braincells?

No. 1462470

File: 1646869309866.jpg (165.56 KB, 723x1309, idiot.jpg)

No. 1462493


First she lost her Tiffanys ring in the cab and now she is claiming she lost her $4000 bag at Cody's. I hope she is lying about how much money she has and she is shitting herself on how much she lost.

No. 1462589

4k is nothing for a millionaire.
And the fact she was begging for donations for hair extensions and other cheap shit (in terms of if you were a millionaire).
Of course she has decent money but she's been such a fool to not buy property and the way she throws all the money and gifts at these "boyfriends". And in the end the dudes are usually the one's who end it despite this. She must be insufferable.

No. 1462697

File: 1646884101043.jpeg (143.16 KB, 828x1394, 1F271F10-5352-4410-9788-E29031…)

So fucking greasy.

No. 1462719

Nitpick but her lack of spell checking anything before posting drives me nuts

No. 1462756

File: 1646893318074.jpg (20.8 KB, 828x1472, PXNjb250ZW50LWlhZ.jpg)

wasn't she bragging about having sex with two of her exes just a week ago?

No. 1463022

She did. See >>1458938

Not sure why she is contradicting herself.

No. 1463068

There are a lot of dumb people featured on lolcow, but Pumpy has got to be the dumbest. Like, in terms of IQ. I think she's seriously delayed.
Her old face and scraggle hair is really jumping out in this one

No. 1463139

File: 1646935415468.png (3.22 MB, 1242x2208, F607D9DE-BA91-4BF2-B8EF-074D6F…)

Unbelievable. She’s so irresponsible, particularly with money. I’m not saint but 16k on a nose and you could literally use all this money to actually own a home? At least make being a skank worth it.

No. 1463192

You’re not sure why she’s contradicting herself? Are you being serious? That’s all she does all day…that’s pretty much why she is a cow. Hello, welcome.

No. 1463387

File: 1646956215704.jpeg (384.19 KB, 1170x2080, A2001201-3C68-4C5D-99BF-4BF4D9…)

ex bf here.
to clarify anything.
she obviously has a lied about a ton of shit.
and I always broke up w her / created space before being w anyone else but I’d leave and she’d abuse me and basically hold a gun to my head and tell me that if I didn’t stay she’d get me killed lol.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1463389

File: 1646956260684.jpeg (276.94 KB, 1170x2080, 0D4F6FEC-BABD-4097-B910-1383E7…)

No. 1463390

File: 1646956289028.jpeg (296.24 KB, 1170x2080, 2F401180-F01A-45BA-850F-D1F415…)

No. 1463391

File: 1646956316320.jpeg (371.13 KB, 1170x2080, DC201B36-5073-4876-9760-D3B6A6…)

No. 1463393

File: 1646956342017.jpeg (292.46 KB, 1170x2080, DD39D36C-C332-413E-9777-044EDB…)

No. 1463394

File: 1646956363568.jpeg (329.02 KB, 1170x2080, 764E69ED-2562-43D5-9425-96DB30…)

No. 1463405

She made calls for you and kira for what? Weird ass crazy ass bitch.

Thanks for these cody.

No. 1463440


what happened to the dogs

No. 1463442

Omg lol, she’s been threatening people when she doesn’t get her way her entire public history. When it doesn’t pan out how she wants she’s always the victim. You should read up on who she really is in these past threads Cody lol. You’re not perfect yourself, but she’s always threatened to have people killed or put a hit on someone.

No. 1463453

Yeah none of this surprises me. This same shit happens after every single one of her breakups. She’s always been a horrible human and I wish people would out her more.

No. 1463466

P went to a shelter that specializes in dogs w her heart disease and turbo went to live w my close friends family. I have to tour soon and knew I couldn’t give him the time he needed and he’s in a much better place now

No. 1463468

But yea she abused me from the beginning it was scary.
i let her move in w me because she was spending so much at her place and we broke up after a couple weeks.
I was completely single when I had done anything that she would blow up over and she just refused to leave me alone.
she did not pay my rent or my bills I would work w her to shoot porn and she would make significantly more than I got off it.

No. 1463469

and honestly the only times I would come back into her life was because I was terrified of her actually hurting me or kira and I just wanted to keep her from exploding any more.
and as soon as I blocked her she went on this last rant about how I’m her abuser. all while asking me to continue to have sex w her.
she even offered me $1k to hook up w her and I turned it down. nothing has happened or changed since she came out dragging me she just didn’t get her way

No. 1463471

also want to clarify I never spoke poorly about kira. she told me specifically she would do everything she could to make her hate me or ruin my life she even said if I date kira she’d lie to make her think I was still hooking up w kat.
it’s awful. she said she would ruin my life and make sure I couldn’t do anything if I wasn’t w her.
I’m like how tf you think that’s gonna make me want to stay if anything I want a restraining order

No. 1463473

also last thing, I drove her car yes but I paid $600 a month to insure it myself and took care of her in many ways. she just happened to make a lot more than me and would give me a cut of the content we made.

No. 1463505

When Netflix mini series?

No. 1463518

File: 1646964640037.png (244.65 KB, 576x1024, BB83AE85-E258-49EB-B8DC-B83F88…)

No. 1463520

File: 1646964716947.png (161.22 KB, 650x584, 03D2D1BA-B87E-4986-BFFF-C5E51D…)

This isn’t the first time. She intentionally plays victim. Only people who don’t really know her fall for this.

No. 1463547

Just block her. She’s 60 lbs sopping wet. She’s physically unable to hurt you or anyone you care about and she doesn’t have hitmen or whatever the fuck. Dean’s not going to do shit. Your reputation is on you because you seem like a piece of shit, but your girl deserves better than the shit you dragged her into.

No. 1463563

File: 1646967013689.png (3.81 MB, 1242x2208, 3B441BE8-B782-4D14-8F53-747672…)

Sorry Cocomelon, she’s about to go fully unhinged on you now. I wish you luck through this next batch of fuckery

No. 1463565

Why come here of all places? Do not get me wrong I 100% enjoy the milk but I would call her out on your platform as well. You have some solid evidence Cody that shes insane

No. 1463654

File: 1646975262557.png (4.46 MB, 1242x2208, 7C625AA3-4235-4E0D-81D8-54B74B…)

Sure, Jan.

No. 1463764

File: 1646981404174.png (6.95 MB, 1284x2778, F2E63AE2-4755-4B42-BED8-F8F1E2…)

Or perhaps because you tried ripping it out in your sleep last night…

No. 1463964

How much of a cuck do you have to be to be this bitches doormat all day sitting there waiting for a blowjob while she sits there completely unhinged about Cody? Ty is useless and must desperately need the shit she let him “barrow”.

No. 1464072

If you confront this goblin in person she will cry and run away. Pumpy is the perfect definition of a keyboard warrior. She won't do anything.If you think she's dangerous you have the same IQ as her. No one is loyal to her.

No. 1464527

I have been wondering this for so long, that actually sounds like a good place for her to be since pumpy can’t even take care of herself.
I’m just glad she didn’t sell her off to one of the weirdo rap guys she hangs out with

No. 1464533

File: 1647047415013.png (702.42 KB, 1284x2778, FCDBDA1F-62BF-4EC8-BA04-6BD450…)

I think she mostly just has really out of control BPD, but absolutely a narc in every single relationship….
She tried to say she became an abuser after dean, but she did the same thing to her short Las Vegas boyfriend and to kyler, the guy who was poly.

She loves to brag about how great she is but is the definition of can’t keep a man, even if she threatens su*cide.
That’s sad

No. 1464553

File: 1647048314932.jpeg (99.71 KB, 1125x609, CFABB308-CA4C-4B17-BA18-0808E8…)

No. 1465499

File: 1647120874838.png (4.16 MB, 828x1792, 3AFE7530-6E0F-4706-96FA-39C81D…)

If Charms spent half the money on therapy that she spends on tattoos, boob jobs, lip injections, makeup, lipo, etc. maybe she’d be a functional adult in her 30s instead of an e-prostitute.

No. 1465533

cody, can you confirm if she has lyme disease or is that just a cover up for her ed?

No. 1465584

This is so sad. The Charlotte I knew would have shit on this Charms SO hard for "ruining your body canvas".

No. 1465632

She self diagnosed herself with Lupus and uses that as her excuse for being malnourished.

No. 1465659

Surgeons who do this shit don’t belong in practice

No. 1465759

If it's true then it's awful but does anyone know if she was ever really pregnant? So many cows on here fake pregnancies it's hard to not be sceptical

No. 1466034

Cody thank you for the milk, it is appreciated.
Could you please comment on this? I've pointed out for years she has this weird layer of human grease that always seems to incase her. IRL how oily and greasy is she, does she ever talk about this or what causes it?

No. 1466347

I’m not Cody but I just can’t believe the miscarriage lie

No. 1466357

File: 1647192601609.png (Spoiler Image, 2.94 MB, 750x1334, C842ABD6-7243-49CA-862F-84262A…)

Her implant scars still look so nasty. (Reposted bc spoiler)

No. 1466901

what the hell has she done to herself

No. 1467809

File: 1647296948226.png (2.99 MB, 750x1334, 70C724AF-117B-4476-B23B-6CD391…)

Dude HOW is this her thigh???

No. 1467843

Charms has always been in and out of therapy and on and off meds. Whoever her therapists are they're about as useless as Jillian's (Pixielocks) and must be bad actors pushing the pro-trans narrative.

No. 1468119

that tattoo is blown out..

No. 1468136

She gotta be bulimic not anorexic those cheeks she has don’t come out of nowhere

No. 1468280

Wow, moids literally will pay to coom to ANYTHING including my sleep paralysis demon

No. 1468759

Tyler if you read this, run now

No. 1468946

Pumpy is self posting over on Brinas thread

No. 1469406

Did she make a new ig or something? She got real quiet after that whole Cody incident. Wouldn’t doubt that it is her, she’s always been obsessed with brina and all her sloppy seconds.

No. 1469409

main ig is six_ginn, the other one was deleted. she’s spending all of her time clinging to another of brinas sloppy seconds, ty, and stalking brinas daughter apparently like that’s not creepy at all.

No. 1469922

File: 1647440693469.png (3.64 MB, 1242x2208, 011F3402-DA1C-4EE3-9C49-752D80…)

Every time she writes this it’s get more extensive and more cuck sounding. That’s not being mommy, that’s just being retarded.

No. 1470029

girl why… what are you trying to prove with this…

No. 1470052

File: 1647447257963.jpg (296.56 KB, 1080x1798, Screenshot_20220316-115732_Twi…)

She brags so hard about getting taken advantage of, she looks absolutely ridiculous.

Who is she talking about in this tweet?

No. 1470122

File: 1647450005470.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1170x2007, D2FF7E9F-302C-4806-90C3-8ECF04…)

Tyler Arenas - he’s ghosted her every time she’s tried to get serious with him. Left her dateless on her birthday when he ghosted her at NoBu right before she got with Dean. She can’t keep her story straight about him. She’s tried to win him with thousands of $ of jewelry, clothes, n sound equipment for his SoundCloud band. He will not date her and hates to be seen publicly with her cuz of second hand embarrassment. Continues to drive her car tho, get that sloppy throat, n sleep in her nice condo. She hopped on him the second him n Brina broke up when he left her cuz he found she was escorting behind his back. Pump is awful at pretending she doesn’t care n would lose her shit if he dated someone that wasn’t her.

No. 1470136

I don't understand the inner workings of pick-me's brains and why they think talking like this is ever a flex. "I get taken advantage of by everyone I meet and have no boundaries and that's proof of how incredibly successful I am! Put some respeck on my name!!"
Girl what?

No. 1470246

File: 1647455400868.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, 50ED2C97-F1BB-4B77-9D93-6DB865…)

I just had to add this. “Put that into prescriptive.” Kek she’s so fucking stupid

No. 1470255

File: 1647455756028.jpeg (119.98 KB, 1125x500, C3A5F8AF-2A17-4AEA-9FA8-892639…)

Can someone translate? If you had sex 3 times since you went celibate, ur not celibate anymore. Maybe I'm reading this wrong? I just can't make any sense out of it.

No. 1470291

I remember her from years ago and haven’t seen a recent photo of her in like 2 years. She was so beautiful wtf. Why did she do this

No. 1470293

Her own insecurities, she hates her “job” and her passive income is just video proof of how fucking disgusting she is. I’d be trying to pretend I don’t want die everyday too probably,

No. 1470294

This isn't the first time where she states she is celibate but then brags about having sex. Maybe she is retarded and us misusing the word.

No. 1470389

What kind of septum piercing costs $600 that ring looks like it's worth a whole $15

No. 1470475

She confuses me so much, always posting on insta asking for money to buy shit. Getting her lips injected every few days and now her tits too.

Also covering up that face tattoo with another ugly face tattoo.

No. 1470482

She thinks celibacy is just not getting penetrated with dick. Foreplay and sex with girls doesn't count to her because she's obsessed with two separate identities. The one where she's super unattainable and responsible and provides for everyone else with nothing in return versus the hard, bad bitch who's always living her life doing whatever and whoever she wants.

No. 1470537

File: 1647466428771.png (315.58 KB, 636x874, Screenshot_2022-03-16-16-31-43…)

I think it's BVLA and with piercing fee a solid gold piece could absolutely cost that much. Most high end shops carry the brand and I'm sure after her stint with Kyler she knows about it. Of course she's already fucked up her healing so it's not very worth it.

No. 1470580

File: 1647468025896.jpg (Spoiler Image, 558.95 KB, 1080x1904, IMG_20220316_230017.jpg)

No. 1470990

How do you even function with literal bowling balls attached to your chest. Sleeping and standing must be miserable. And aside from spaghetti straps and tanks wtf can you fit into?

No. 1471069

Her goal is 3600cc
However this is the same girl who was planning on getting top surgery and becoming a trans man last month

She seems obsessed with bimbofication and Alicia Amira now

No. 1471255

File: 1647518718961.png (1.59 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-03-17_08-03-49_AM.p…)


Yeah I don't get that either. She is having an idenity crisis. Also when cows collide

No. 1471825

File: 1647547688579.jpeg (476.05 KB, 750x1294, DB920E46-B5F6-4B52-A930-B832EE…)

No. 1471844

So Lotte is now a trans man with tits because he likes tits?

No. 1471876

“Attached to my boobies” girl they about to fall straight off your body. It’s not attractive, even in a big fake titty type of way they look jarringly painful. It’s hard to look at without immediately wanting her surgeons license revoked no matter the circumstances. I can’t even begin to articulate how ridiculously awful they look fuck, I feel pain n discomfort even looking at her. She’s destroyed herself n there never will be that cute Charms we used to know from tumblr days ever again. She’s so far gone it’s nuts. I want to feel bad for her I can’t do it tho. She has such a huge history of doing shit things to humans n animals she almost deserved this outcome.

No. 1471915

File: 1647551989195.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x1913, EE7FCF15-C60F-4AF3-A2E6-06BE45…)

Sage for no milk, but how tight is that freaking bra she’s wearing to cause someone with 0% body fat to be spilling out the sides and back like that?

No. 1472379

She still has skin and flesh. I wouldn’t consider that fat.

No. 1472470

>0% body fat
>i wouldn’t consider that fat
No one called her fat, said the post wasnt milky and was a visibly uncomfortably tight bra nitpick. Thanks for the update that she has skin though, never noticed.

No. 1472636

File: 1647598156633.jpeg (384.4 KB, 1170x2289, 63E3E33D-4B12-4ED7-B06B-19D879…)

She thinks she’s a legend for being posted here….meanwhile Shayna has over 100 threads.

No. 1472662

Naw, Pixie Teri is a legend. You're nust some greasy nut job we make fun of in a shared thread.

No. 1472741

File: 1647608612376.jpg (192.48 KB, 874x1553, Screenshot_20220318-090026_Chr…)


Lol the she was barely mentioned in the first thread and we talk shit about other girls in these threads

Speaking of which Charlotte created an Instagram for her dogs

No. 1472844

Imagine telling all your followers to check out these threads about you lmfao, very much not legend. Legends don’t make it here, dramatic dumb cows who think they’re “legends” for shit like this do. Please go ahead though, lead everyone to the threads of you abusing malo and using Parker and P as relationship pawns you tossed once the dudes left you. Not to mention this thread is showing what you really said to Cody and all the friends you massively fucked over and tried to pretend they abused or used you. How you’ve tried to homewreck multiple relationships and been proud. How you’re exactly the scum you pretend to hate. Fucking pea brain. No one even has to cow tip anymore, the cows do it themselves lol.

No. 1472995

Old but how the fuck are her scars still so awful? I need to look for her post op pics. Between that and her fucked up nosejob where is she FINDING these hack job surgeons? I remember her fucking around with her nose while it was still fresh (nauseating ugh) but seriously wtf.

No. 1473086

she went to the same surgeon as Sabrina for her boobs. she admittedly did nothing at all advised by him for post op care and also ripped her stitches within the first 3 days.

No. 1473169

File: 1647633444095.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1170x1947, 5319237A-9EDF-4422-8AEE-AD9AD2…)

>50 days completely CeLiBaTe

No. 1473407


Why this girl isn't on birth control I don't know. If it's all "muh meth body can't cope" then she should make these mongy men wear condoms. She's an idiot and doesn't care for herself at all.

No. 1473463

What gets me cackling about this isn’t just the 50 days celibate, but also the fact that she claims she can’t get pregnant because of chlamydia and has a destroyed uterus. But whatever fits the drama trap of the week I guess…

No. 1473489

File: 1647651681001.jpeg (138.56 KB, 1125x610, 7C98B5D1-99D8-4C27-B1CF-A79729…)

Still having a difficult time understanding what inspires stormy. This is her section on her website…

No. 1473521

File: 1647653256852.jpeg (2.04 MB, 1170x1944, 00E02FEF-8B51-4676-B5BD-193DFE…)

Nice hotel room floor she’s eating off of vomits

No. 1473937

I have an awful feeling that Pumpy would keep the baby if her toxic waste dump of a body somehow managed to get pregnant at this point.

No. 1475220


I absolutely believe she can't get/stay pregnant at that weight - she doesn't need excuses.

No. 1476064

File: 1647872153569.jpg (247.59 KB, 1080x1023, Screenshot_20220321-100539_Twi…)

It wouldn't surprise me if she flew herself and her friend to some random spot, bought all of that herself just to pretend she has a sugar daddy.

No. 1476646

I think she was escorting and asked V to come along with her. Ty sure knows how to pick ‘em lmfao

No. 1476667

File: 1647912292472.png (2.61 MB, 750x1334, 4208C66B-19CE-4C8A-B856-59A9D8…)

She wishes

No. 1476890

File: 1647930378704.png (Spoiler Image, 3.66 MB, 750x1334, 4E704ACC-5033-47F9-B952-83797A…)

No one is buying it pumpy. You have a very obvious eating disorder. Yikes. Spoiler bc she ugly

No. 1476953

eating food will solve many if not all of these problems pumpy

No. 1477336

She truly thinks everyone is so retarded they don’t know what obvious malnutrition is, she is literally describing ED problems.

No. 1479543

File: 1648093561850.png (714.03 KB, 750x1334, 519FF765-0425-442D-9E1F-8C37CB…)

She’s been ranting on ig all day about how people keep asking her for advice on how to make money, and she’s not helping anyone for free or whatever. Everything she said was nonsense but this was a gem

No. 1479692

File: 1648116703520.png (Spoiler Image, 761.83 KB, 502x774, 2022-03-24 08_14_13-six_ginn I…)

No. 1479827

File: 1648132127048.png (340.35 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220324-102802.png)

I don't understand the camming world, but how is this possible? Is her content good???

No. 1480038

Top 10% is making less than $1000 a month on OF. That’s a very low bar goal. Top 5% scratches $2000. Higher than that is where the money is. Some girls are like top .01%. Even the 2% is very average monthly pay when compared to income earned through vanilla work.

No. 1480060

File: 1648149868762.png (Spoiler Image, 3.64 MB, 750x1334, B703A13C-DE3E-48A9-BBDB-C1BB82…)


No. 1480626

File: 1648184429852.png (3.36 MB, 1242x2208, F9283911-DAC8-4112-88D8-C2A919…)

Currently on a lupus sperge that not a soul asked or cares about

No. 1480661

She doesn’t even have lupus, she needs to stfu. She just googled her eating disorder symptoms and saw the word lupus randomly and ran with it.

No. 1480673

File: 1648188198529.jpg (138.7 KB, 828x1472, lX2tleT1Namd3TVRJd.jpg)

why does she always write down the same affirmation lie about having 5 million in her bank, is she fucking retarted`?

No. 1480704

Even if it was true you would actually have to be retarded to leave that sort of money just sitting in a bank account

No. 1480905

File: 1648211654455.jpg (393.35 KB, 1080x1727, Screenshot_20220325-083128_Twi…)

I was in her room when there was only 120 people. It was pretty typical pumpy. Picking fights because "men". Lying constantly. Same old same old

No. 1480982

Ntayrt she’s complaining of all the things other girls with toxic implants are complaining about. The massive amounts of hair loss as well. She doesn’t have lupus she has fake boobs..

No. 1481701

File: 1648274337955.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1284x2259, 5D927A52-A570-48CF-95E7-B0BB91…)

Just fillers and plastic surgery bruh

No. 1482102

Agreed, incoming implants sperge in the next couple days I’m sure “it’s not implants I have LuPUs!!!”

No. 1484143

She sounds so desperate and needy for validation. The constant reassurance to herself that she thinks she’s pretty, trying to act like she has more money than she does, constantly baiting dudes in with grand gestures and trying to get them to do more extreme sex acts.. the girl needs to get professional help and stop trying to pull these facades . It always spirals for her and she ends up worse off for it

No. 1484185

Given how often she claims to have had UTIs and yeast infections on her public accounts it's a little questionable that anyone would want these.

No. 1484251

File: 1648429850362.png (3.36 MB, 750x1334, B20EE39C-1270-47C8-9C25-3DFD54…)

Trying to buy her way into another guy’s life

No. 1484751

File: 1648454125595.jpg (147.3 KB, 828x1472, ZW50LW9ydDIt.jpg)

Yeah she's definitely caryying a glock around in her purse in la xD(xD)

No. 1486724

File: 1648629990958.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 387.26 KB, 1170x2005, A056AD06-9F4A-4B35-AD2A-84A0FC…)

Pump proudly singing the n word in her newest ig stories, pic in the moment she says it for reference. She doesn’t even try to skip over the word.

No. 1486745

I hate her too but this is dumb. She fucking mouthed a word, grow up

No. 1486798

I watched the story and she very clearly skipped over it. Don't know what you're talking about.

No. 1486896

She’s probably not lying. This is why America has so much gun violence, literally any drug-addled junkie idiot can buy a Glock.

No. 1487097

I’m more concerned about her twig arms and how they give her yaoi hands kek

No. 1488178

File: 1648746630289.png (2.14 MB, 750x1334, 89039C70-3EE8-469A-B110-11D92D…)

More ed sperging. she’s so fucking annoying and the fake confidence is ugly

No. 1488193

File: 1648748562290.jpeg (93.99 KB, 755x1500, 3944B611-C39C-477A-9470-961678…)

Bitch is built like gumby

No. 1489210

File: 1648839394074.jpg (278.06 KB, 1076x1623, Screenshot_20220401-145555_Twi…)

I have no words

No. 1489318

File: 1648844673918.jpg (Spoiler Image, 321.35 KB, 1080x1795, 20220401_232324.jpg)

she posts on lolcow shitting on other camgirls this girl is really shady and a horror cow. She is directing her simps to lolcow. She's also self posting in this thread.

No. 1489394

lmao i don't know why she isn't being discussed here she says she put a rabbit up her ass and tells her simps the most insane stories and talks about her dad non stop like she would be tellin her real dad she is a camwhore

No. 1489413

Literally no one gives a fuck about this nobody. Sage your shit.

No. 1489549

File: 1648862179769.png (224.35 KB, 1585x847, Psycho Whale.png)

Her Whales love letter to her was funny >>1489318
Shes having a fun time as few of her whales are suspected of leaking private vids she gave out to a select few, most were extreme anal insertions with monster dildos, paint brushes, etc. She had a goody goody image on MFC and now theres quite the stir. The only real milk is her ex whale who keeps falling in and out of love with her and threatening to kill himself. I thought it was a fun read, whales are interesting. These old guys who get hung up on cam whores, always goes the same way.

No. 1489560

Shes just a filthy whore. Shes entering that point in her career where its going to keep getting darker. I remember back when her having sex with Jeff her Room Helper guy was earth shattering news. Now shes migrated to becoming a human urinal.

No. 1489583

File: 1648864002250.jpg (26.74 KB, 640x480, preview.mp4 (6).jpg)

can you post any of the videos? Someone needs to post them and tag her room name on the internet so that her simps will stop paying for her tits.

So let's see:
>harasses other camgirls from MFC
>possibly posts gore on lolcow
>is full of cuts
>dates a 55 year old man that owns a camming studio in Ukraine
>grooms girls for her daddy's studio out of the mental hospital
>Jokes about child porn on MFC
>Says she's a nazi on cam
>Jokes about putting rabbits up her ass

The list goes on. This bitch is a trainwreck and her room full of simps is absolutely hilarious. Cannot imagine living such a filthy life without killing yourself. Her father is not her real father, he is just an old man that she is dating and she calls him her father. As any other BPD whore she has a daddy fetish. Her simps actually believe that he is her father, what camgirl would publically talk about her real dad while simps masturbate to her tits?
Anyway, do you have more of her lies? It'd be cool if her simps would leak her masturbation videos because she acts as if she's above other camwhores constantly. She's the worst on MFC and I don't know why they don't ban her, no other website allows you to make jokes against jews, say you're a nazi which she's done. All her simps are acting like she's a good person when she does anal insertion videos, makes fun of jews on her stream, refers to her old boyfriend as "father" and says she's a nazi(moid)

No. 1489593

kek you're so obvious

No. 1489596

File: 1648864496609.png (529.07 KB, 462x790, 1648149518233.png)

she's a BPD horror cow and her room is atrocious i've also witnessed her joking about jews on cam. she's also done other stuff which is banned by MFC like blood play.idk why the fuck they dont ban her.

No. 1489599

Not this annoying fuck with her self post spam bullshit again, no one here cares what you do. Every time you try to make yourself relevant in this thread it never works, it’s just a whirlwind of self post shit most people skip over.

No. 1489605

at this point she should just sell her porn on MFC she seems to be enjoying it and her simps will pay big bucks for it

No. 1489616

she's so fucking ugly

No. 1489732

Who traced this shit for her? The hands kek

No. 1489869

File: 1648897609323.png (211.15 KB, 1920x1030, Best of Jab.png)

As this seems to be a struggle for some, unless providing milk, please type "sage" in email box so you dont needless up the thread.

Another excerpt from the Whales conversations she shared I find hilarious.

No. 1489873

File: 1648898200286.jpg (218.44 KB, 1121x2048, JAB Doxxed.jpg)

Roomtoavoid of course isnt without sin, on her stream yesterday she admitted to Doxxing the whale. She gave out his full name and location during a previous stream which has hundreds of viewers, and as can be imagined lead to another one of her psychotic fans threatening the whale for bothering her, what a mess. Her fans were taunting him in another form this week talking about making in person visits to his house and making references about a noose. She did apologize and noted she only Doxxed him once and it was only for a few minutes.
Her and the whale seem to have made peace but it was amusing as it played out over the last few weeks. Im sure nothing will go wrong again….

The milk without them fighting is not clear to me. The rest is the pasta that has chased her around since forever

No. 1489879

File: 1648900319945.jpg (243.65 KB, 1169x1969, Jab in tears.jpg)

During an exigent time in their relationship last year, the Whale (JAB) breaks down in tears while expressing his love for Roomtoavoid

No. 1489887

and this is why you don't mess with neckbeards on the internet. Doubt MFC will ban her tho as long as she brings in cash. They didn't ban her after making holocaust jokes on cam, doing blood play, harassing and doxxing other camgirls. She did the same with the other camgirl, she has allegedly been posting her on lolcow. They still talk about her obsessively and harass her. She obsesses over someone and then constantly makes jabs to them on stream. She also lurks and self posts, definitely the most sociopathic camwhore MFC has ever witnessed. This shit will catch up to them eventually. Her streams are so fucking funny seeing the braindead simps worship her and act like "she isn't like the other whores" while she talks about sticking pens up her ass

No. 1489905

She looks like a literal corpse. Men are so gross to jack off to this thing. Her life must be so miserable to just come on here and post gore and harass others like that. She's also self harming for her daddy, which is a 50 year old washed up pimp she makes money for and grooms girls for.

which made an appearance in the previous thread >>1338049 he doesn't speak english very well. She has to stick up more pens up her ass for Rubixqx so that he can feed daddy with money so he won't leave her, again it's just >>1337776 some washed up whore attacking competition although there is overwhelming proof that everything that has been posted here is true. This girl is a horrorcow.

No. 1489908

File: 1648905826494.jpg (Spoiler Image, 223.39 KB, 1280x576, FoundError404-MFC-202110270626…)

this is one of the girls she groomed from the mental hospital for her old boyfriend pimp's studio. This girls talks about how she met Olena in the mental hospital and Olena talks about how she brings "friends" from her mental hospital to work for her "father's" "business". They even have the same backdrop and name. You can tell when a camgirl works for the same studio because different girls have the same backdrop. I spoilered since I feel bad for the girl as she's been sex trafficked by a sociopath out of the mental hospital.

No. 1489909


I got SO caught up in this Thursday and Friday, she released a wealth of these texts and DMs from MFC between them, then the Whale countered by releasing what he had. Everyone at my work got super into it, all the guys were more about her porn but I could read those messages between them ALL DAY!!!!
There's all these wonderful little details about their relationship like she had used the Code word "Yellow Blue Bus" which in Russian (YatebyAlyublyU)means I Love You as a secret message to him during her stream. Everyone at work started using Yellow Blue Bus whenever we could in e-mails and we made an emoji on Teams lulz! This is the only milk from her I have ever seen beyond the tired pasta. It was cool for a couple of days. Some guy probs in his 60s having a mental breakdown over an ethot in her early 20s is always good for a few laughs.

No. 1489911

File: 1648906050041.jpg (Spoiler Image, 170.15 KB, 1280x576, woah_lord-MFC-201906191028_m.j…)

she has also spilled all these details herself on stream. That she brings "friends" from the mental hospital to her "father's" "business"

No. 1489920

there was another girl she groomed from the mental hospital, she works under her boyfriend's studio (father) at MFC and she was literally groomed out of the mental hospital and Olena has said that on stream, that she has brought the friends she made in the mental hospital to work for her father's business. The other girl, I cannot find her anymore. Both her and her "father" (old musty boyfriend) are sex traffickers. She is as rotten on the inside as she is on the outside corpse looking ugly slut.

No. 1489930

I'm not sure I would call this "milk," but more just the pasta again and again. Her public battle with the whale had some laughs, but this is just the same thing I have seen here for years. As you seem really passionate about it, The Dirty might be a better platform to consolidate all this if someone already hasnt, IDK.

No. 1489932

Spoiler this shit ffs

No. 1489936

File: 1648907510625.png (108.11 KB, 1005x241, kakamaka.png)

so, a groomer, sex trafficker, self harmer, edgy, pickme, 4channer, secret lolcow lurker and poster that offends everyone including other camgirls is not milk? Then what is milk? She obviously browses and posts on lolcow and is the gore poster and probably posted romania's picture in the /ot/ thread

No. 1489955

We are an IB, and the milk is usually in some way image based not just wall text. Reading correspondence between her and the whale is milky to me as its actual drama, and funny! The wall text pasta is just that,IDK what else to say. And FFS, can you please sage

No. 1489978

These posts were in the past deemed to be personal vendetta posting and self posting, don’t encourage her

No. 1490013

it's not vendetta posting this bitch is horrible(Romanianon stop)

No. 1490030

Sage you idiot

No. 1490148

Sorry anon but no one gives a fuck, it seems like you could go on the personal cow page.

No. 1490201

Yeah she's been briefly discussed and then forgotten about numerous times in this thread because no one gives a shit bar one or two nonnies

No. 1490226

File: 1648924654362.jpg (448.93 KB, 2048x2048, Sneaky Jab.jpg)

I know it all goes with the job, but look at the messages this creep was sending her. She just shared these on another form and they are fighting again lulz, the peace didnt last long.
The men you must have to deal with in sex work is just yuck. The moid here triggered by her probs is behind this.
Id be scared my whole life these guys would be around every corner waiting for me years later, doubt they just give up.The anger in these is unreal.

No. 1490265

Where is she posting screen caps? Is there another forum with people discussing this?

No. 1490287

Can you fuck off and stop talking about this obscure random no one cares about. You’ve been trying on and off for months. Give it a rest already! Make your own thread and the two people who care can discuss as much as they want. Also, the The Dirty generally doesn’t care about people outside of the US. Try Kiwi Farms or something.

No. 1490332

File: 1648928702409.png (2.17 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-04-02_03-41-54_PM.p…)

I was under the impression she had a car loan. No way she bought that car outright. The way she bounces apartment to apartment her credit must be shit. Not to mention no way she had 100k saved.

No. 1490340

this is hilarious but she's also been playing with fire by acting like the gf not like the other whores camgirl she should just tell them to fuck off and be direct about having a boyfriend instead of calling him father
no she has a huge discord where they discuss lolcow and she tells her simps to come here and spam this place with gore.

No. 1490343

she's been telling MFC ugly incels that she loves them and pretending to be in a relationship with them. Play stupid games, get stupid prizes.
it's the camwhore thread, if some anons are interested let them have a go

No. 1490346

and if you're a woman and lurk around her circle because you did get this from her discord, just so you know she is horrible to other women, doxxes and harasses them with her idiotic moid simps

No. 1490360

and anyway she's really fucking stupid and lies as she breaths and cannot keep her shit straight. She told her coomer moids that lolcow leaked her porn, when it's not true at all. Then she redirected them all here to spam porn and gore. She lies about everything and is incredibly manipulative and is telling her scrote simps that she has never lied with anything when she lies about everything and does anything to make them give them more money including pretending to be their gf and lying that her boyfriend is her dad. She should just tell them that she is there to make them cum and be an entertainer and that she has a bf if she doesn't want more Jabs. She is such a BPD cunt, she constantly stirs shit up and lies only to create drama because she enjoys any ounce of attention even if it is negative, then she wonders why her actions have repercussions.

No. 1490375

File: 1648931917808.jpg (527.17 KB, 2048x2048, To Love or Not to Love JAB.jpg)

This is their great verbal debate where he tries to understand if they truly love each other.
Jab the Whale is (grey) where the model is the green DMs

No. 1490419

that scrote is stupid but again play stupid games win stupid prizes. She constantly lies, decieves, manipulates. Her entire MFC persona is literally the gf not like the other whores archetype. She literally tells these disgusting incels she loves them and when they run out of money she dumps them. She's also playing with this guy and using him to self victimize because he knows he's weak. She's incredibly manipulative to a sociopathic level. Instead of ignoring him, he engages with him then makes jabs at him for entire streams. You are in her discord, so probably another victim of her superficial charm and convincing lies. She could block him and ignore him. She's making up lies, she was basically saying that romanianon leaked her porn on lolcow which isn't true, that's what she told her simps. She's obsessively referencing lolcow in her streams and romanianon ( Nico) and she also talks about lolcow and romanianon in her server obsessively and constantly links her Twitch stream. The gore spam is literally her doing. I saw it start on here after she got posted and some of the pictures kept saying lolcow women do not shave or something about you whores are not shaving. A week ago or so there was an infight in /ot/ regarding shaving your Bush, the same day romanianon's picture got posted in /ot/ and some bad LARPS started appearing, the same day she went online and began talking about bushes to her MFC simps, also that day pictures of her were posted to /ot/. She's just playing and spamming lolcow with gore and scat porn and sending her hundreds of 4chan simps that she hosts on discord to ride lolcow.

No. 1490497

Same impression, sure I've seen her talk about 'car payments' before unless that means insurance or something

No. 1490523

She does make payments on it, about $1500 a month and has it insured by whatever guy she’s dating at the time. I’m guessing it’s insured by Levi right now because he was teaching her to drive it in parking lots a month or 2 ago, it was insured by Cody before that. You can still sell a car your making payments on, she’s just going to be out a lot of money in the deal. She’s probably going to try to trade it in for something newer with a lower payment. While she does have a very nice car, she never test drove it before buying it and thought it was something with high hp, but it doesn’t have what she thought it was.

No. 1490692

She can’t even drive so why buy these expensive ass cars?

No. 1490912

Because she's so materialistic and wasteful with her imaginary millions

No. 1490979

>she never test drove it
Yea cause she doesn’t have a license so she must have bought the car “for” someone. Can’t drive….smh she has no business being on the road.

No. 1491064

she bought the car for Dean, these guys can only keep it if they keep her around

No. 1491162

No. 1491165


Is Roomtoavoid larping here as Romanianon and Steve now

No. 1491166

File: 1648977563841.jpeg (150.24 KB, 1280x949, 2F3966AB-4679-4502-BD1C-18042B…)

No. 1491353

A video of this person just showed up as Roomtoavoids biggest fan, anyone know who this is? Does the model in this video have down syndrome?

Or is this her super creepy stalker fan?

No. 1491361

this girl is not even a camgirl anymore why post her? I also believe her, Olena and her simps are super creepy

No. 1491380

yes, she has been for a couple of months now, she is obsessed with romanianon

No. 1491402

File: 1649002220509.jpg (6.5 KB, 320x240, RoomToAvoid-2022-02-23.jpg)

Olena, your simps need to jack off and daddy needs money. Stop samefagging on lolcow and posting gore, turn on your cam and work. Nobody cares about romanianon, she's not a camwhore anymore while you are and that video makes no sense either way. Leave this girl alone. You have hundreds of simps waiting for you on MFC, also consider getting help for your BPD and maybe get some real friends that care about you. Leave romanianon and lolcow alone. Nobody is your fan besides 50 year old geriartic men that jack off to your tits and to your anal videos.

No. 1491431

File: 1649004186282.jpg (Spoiler Image, 625.51 KB, 2436x1125, 1204814.jpg)

roomtoavoid anal leak >>1337820 but it's just the competition being jealous because Olena does not have to put up huge dildos in her ass

No. 1491471

I’ve talked to Charlotte before she lived near me and she is a really pretty girl, I haven’t seen her in a while and this shocked me. Not trying to be judgmental but this seems extreme and I hope her mental health is okay.

No. 1491680

roomtoavoid masturbation videos https://www.anon-v.com/videos/396893/roomtoavoid-butt-sluts-bottle-butt-preview/
the most genuine camwhore and not like the other camwhores because she only shows tits(scrote)

No. 1492672


I just watched the upload of her reacting to the situation and I like her even more now. Jab and that former cam girl are total cows but fail to see any proof of roomtoavoid being a cow at all. I did enjoy some of this drama and I was shocked at the anal videos lol but I think she’s fun and entertaining.

No. 1493207

Has there ever been any real milk? The whale meltdown was ok, thats about it. Is more likely her scrotes or her keep reposting the pasta every few months. At this point I doubt if Nico or Steve even has anything to do with it. This was all more than likely designed just to draw them out and start shit again. Makes you wonder how many years this goes back shes been doing this.

She probably does this every few months to start a fake fight and its just her and the moids playing.

No. 1494902

File: 1649287630889.jpg (212.2 KB, 891x1693, Screenshot_20220406-192450_Chr…)

No. 1494945

That isn’t how real lips look

No. 1496188

File: 1649427744712.png (872.19 KB, 788x1398, af5tge5tgw4t6tge54tgwrfg5gf.pn…)

No. 1496190

File: 1649427827394.png (1.41 MB, 784x1402, af5tge5tgw4t6tge54tgwrfg5g.png)

No. 1496220

I love when bitches try something for the first time and post about it like it’s been their thing forever

No. 1496230

200 dollars… bitch… it looks like shit

No. 1496298

$200 is way too much for those ugly nails and the bacteria underneath has to be foul. Also what did she think would happen trying to box with those? Of course they’re going to break. The stupidity and attention seeking is next level.

No. 1496569

maybe get boxing gloves.

No. 1496726

File: 1649480056567.png (4.4 MB, 1242x2208, 02E5921F-DA1D-4A40-9415-1673C4…)

She also has this to say, again.

No. 1497026

File: 1649518544712.png (1.64 MB, 1936x1290, Photo_2022-04-09_11-26-25_AM.p…)

The one on the right is her saying she thinks she has an ulcer from all the tequila yet she is dousing her food in hot sauce.

No. 1497037


The worst relationship PS has ever had is with herself. Is she really sitting there bare cooch with mexican food in her crotch

No. 1497601

Why is she bringing more attention to her oily skin?

No. 1497642

File: 1649581125653.png (948.5 KB, 698x1024, ahfioh958ee83hrfwhioeh4.png)

her weight problem are getting worse

No. 1497678

I love how she got a nose job and it still looks like a schlong even from that far away kek

No. 1497747

File: 1649593933746.png (310.74 KB, 750x1334, 2C2871F2-921D-46B7-A495-A9E378…)

She’ll never have a genuine relationship with this nasty attitude.

No. 1497795

She’s literally been wearing those same socks for 3 days in her stories, nasty bitch

No. 1498993

File: 1649714252884.png (2.27 MB, 1936x1089, Photo_2022-04-11_05-50-01_PM.p…)

No. 1499459

dousing food in mega hot sauce is an EDwhore thing, it makes the food less appetizing so you eat less. claiming to have a stomach ulcer would also make people less suspicious about how much you eat. What can I say, this girl knows damn sure its not an auto immune disease

No. 1499519

While I agree she has an ED, dousing something in hot sauce isn’t an ED thing. Some people really like hot sauce.

No. 1499579

File: 1649776720073.png (2.39 MB, 1936x1290, Photo_2022-04-12_11-09-33_AM.p…)

Pumpy has hit a new low. She is claiming someone sent her flowers. Either she sent them to herself or had her assistant send them. Here is a comparison of hand writing.

No. 1499616

How is that a new low? Sage your retarded shit. You dumb fuck.

No. 1499647

The handwriting isn’t even the same as pumpy’s. A big indicator is the Y and the direction of the tail. The writing looks feminine but it’s likely the flower company wrote it.

No. 1499725

It's not the same as hers but the cards do have the same handwriting and unless all those 'people' used the same florist somehow I think they're probably from one person

No. 1500166

File: 1649826138909.jpg (70.13 KB, 828x1472, 5UWTBNakl4T.jpg)

Never done drugs , except weed .. and aderrall all the time …

No. 1500172

File: 1649827067787.png (988.83 KB, 591x993, 45tz4r65z4wgsgjui87.PNG)

she did a pretend-workout of ten minutes and ate a bunch of protein probably just to tell her doctor she works out all the time and eats healthy so her weight problem has to be lupus/autoimmune/miscarriage related. delusional

No. 1500318

File: 1649848694757.png (936.69 KB, 1080x1684, IMG_20220413_121747.png)

It's the lame repetitive pole routine with a flat ass that gets me every time

No. 1500330

File: 1649850923813.jpeg (41.24 KB, 540x360, 360_F_299807352_MHG4jR36fr6NMT…)

Stick bug realness

No. 1500396

So she complains about losing weight and then basically body checks through numerous story posts under the guise of a workout kek okay pumpy why don't you feed those brain cells instead huh?

No. 1500407

File: 1649861335645.jpeg (297.5 KB, 1170x2000, 60E9B82B-278A-4784-A49C-8B15C1…)

>LoOk At Me i’M sO SaD aNd SmOl I hAtE iT

Bitch is turning her ED into her main personality trait, gross as fuck. Also lupus is something that CANNOT be self diagnosed. They run hundreds of tests before a lupus diagnosis because the symptoms that lupus shows could be a million different things. Source: I’m someone whose mother actually has lupus.

No. 1500666

There's a growing sense of self parody that can't be ignored in her social media. Shes an over the hill sex worker whose moment has passed. She cant even find guys to stay around and have sex with her if she financially compensates them.

No. 1501841

File: 1649982782574.jpg (44.94 KB, 362x656, nails.jpg)

Are these suppose to be cow spots? They look so bad

No. 1501942

File: 1649994077089.jpeg (983.21 KB, 1170x1714, 6A60516A-A25A-44E0-8023-BF730B…)

Those look like a knock off or “inspired” by Nicki Minaj’s nail tech…

No. 1503040

File: 1650121912177.jpg (49.34 KB, 362x655, cap.jpg)

No fucking way

No. 1503230

Maybe it’s just the angle, but her head on that neck looks seriously massive. She went beyond bratz doll big and is now approaching queen of hearts from Alice In Wonderland large.

No. 1503648

File: 1650200574297.png (1.77 MB, 780x1396, sftzh5ew34f34fwefw4fq.png)

who is she talking to lol

No. 1503656

File: 1650201506707.png (2.16 MB, 750x1334, 51BFED3D-E610-4471-9B83-5E0ABD…)

Meant to post these yesterday. She’s always liked posting old photos of herself but she’s really amped it up. Missing her old face probably.

No. 1503657

File: 1650201542027.png (Spoiler Image, 1.86 MB, 750x1334, 731591ED-E8E8-4A7F-9B2F-7ABC72…)

No. 1503687

That whole rant seemed like she was calling Ty broke and telling him to step his game up lol

No. 1504227

File: 1650247772488.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.53 KB, 588x534, wtf.jpg)

The first thing I see when I open Pumpy's Twitter tonight is her pissing in a toilet.

No. 1504402

Surprised we havent seen a Funko PopFigure of PS. The head to body dimensions would now be to scale and they could include a bottle of oil to create the eternal greasiness that is her trademark.

No. 1504635

I didn’t record the videos but pump keeps posting n deleting having a manic meltdown cuz Ty met n became mutuals with @spellingbea at Coachella last night

No. 1504838

File: 1650325627422.png (3.61 MB, 750x1334, ED8CFB83-209B-44C9-98CB-572698…)

More weight sperging

No. 1504854

Is her torso/ribcage that small? It looks so jarring but I don't know anything about these cows so I can't call shoop.

No. 1504947

Sad I missed it, sounds hilarious

No. 1504956

I believe it's just a still from a live cam show or a low quality video. Yes she is built like a stick insect but also has the posture of a praying mantis. Her spine is definitely a bit deformed.

No. 1505047

I know her face is swollen but god she looks so jowly.

No. 1505181

I wonder how she feels about the fact that there are girls just posting cute tiktoks that are at way higher % than she is while she has to literally piss on twitter to get subs. but shes "the blueprint" LOL yeah

how to: burnout and show all ur cards right away so you end up doing horrifying piss porn.

No. 1505487

The jaw filler makes her look trans… and I actually thought she was cute before too

No. 1505496


She's starting to look like a bobblehead doll. Her face would look just as skeletal and terrifying as her body at this point if she wasn't constantly inflating it with fillers.

No. 1505503

File: 1650385323735.jpg (19.97 KB, 550x157, Capture.JPG)

Darcy Nycole has been throwing a huge fit as her boyfriend Angus left her. He unfriended her and deleted all the photos of them together from his fb.

No. 1506075

File: 1650415274662.png (909.21 KB, 1242x2208, 3B9FD8F6-0172-4B71-8667-CAA225…)

Case 800k of Pumpy being the biggest bitch she can be.

No. 1506080

Lol I die when she’s like “no makeup no filter look at me when I was 18 NOTHING HAS CHANGED”
She literally looked like a mangled, hollow rat in the face.
She changed her entire face shape with cheek filler, jaw filler, braces, and a nose job.
There was never natural beauty there except when she was like 17 and all girls have cuteness to them.
Hers soured faster than milk and even know she just has permanent stank face even when she smiles.
I know she’s just coping when she says how naturally beautiful she is, but it gets me every time eye(don't use emojis)

No. 1506106

Okay pumpy is retarded, but I love this cow collisions. That Mary Angel girl has been picking fights with Canmgirls lately for attention that is so funny!
She was spam tweeting Vera Baby and old-cow Cortana blue trying to fight with them but neither replied LOL
Must be desperate for birthday attention, the girl cams almost every day and is still broke. Says a lot.

No. 1506158

Pumpy is crying on Instagram that once again an apartment maintenance man knocked on her door and then barged in her permission without permission. That she has to leave right away. Do we think she is getting evicted?


No. 1506172

She was complaining earlier in her stories that she ignored 4-5 calls from her building, maybe she should have been fucking responsible and called back and not ignored them and they wouldn’t just show up. All they legally had to do was give her notice they intend to enter.

No. 1506179

And the other day she was saying how owning your own property with a mortgage is stupid and renting is smarter (retarded take anyway) but wouldn't be dealing with that now would she?

Also she claims to have so much money in her savings she could outright buy a property mortgage free. Clearly that's a lie then. Renting is like the biggest scam these days, any sane person with decent money would buy.

No. 1506252

File: 1650429215966.jpeg (164.1 KB, 750x1198, AC817DA8-24FC-40EE-97BB-15DA4A…)

No. 1506563

everyone knows a house you own just maintains itself like magic. she'd be pissing in bottles as the roof caved in so for her maybe renting is smarter after all.

No. 1510816

File: 1650853881342.png (1.35 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-04-24_10-26-02_PM.p…)

I bet Pumpy is seething right now.

No. 1511472

File: 1650918691271.png (2.21 MB, 750x1334, 1D82EFDE-FF07-47A2-A75A-6185F8…)

Going on and on about being a meth baby again

No. 1511481

“pick me pick me im special”

No. 1511491

successful people don’t constantly have to brag. they also don’t have to sell their asshole

No. 1511618

File: 1650929211521.jpg (315.19 KB, 1080x2236, Screenshot_20220425-173002_Ins…)

Since when has she had DiD. Thats new.

No. 1511940

File: 1650954383148.jpg (54.77 KB, 828x1472, DItMi5jZG5pbn.jpg)


No. 1513320

File: 1651082476430.jpg (337.83 KB, 1080x1940, Screenshot_20220427-130420_Ins…)

I wonder if she gives the same courtesy to the people she works with. I can only imagine what kind of STDs and STIs she has.

No. 1513412

File: 1651088654230.jpeg (375.69 KB, 1170x1676, 98213702-48C9-4221-955F-3EA6C1…)

This one made me chuckle. She’s so dramatic I lowkey get secondhand embarrassment even watching this, especially knowing about her past AbUsE - where she was actually the abuser 85% of the time lol

No. 1513442

This cunt has knowingly and willingly hung out with abusers she can fuck all the way off

No. 1513457

And she gets a trashto that says "Livestock"

No. 1513518

File: 1651095550344.jpg (116.9 KB, 1080x1936, Screenshot_20220427-130509_Ins…)

What do we really think happened?

No. 1513834

>>1513412 also this bitch always talks about how perfect/flawless she is staring into her vanity mirror spouting this 'deep' shit. i,m sure she believes it.

No. 1513836

File: 1651121872492.jpg (122.12 KB, 828x1472, PXNjb250ZW50LWlhZ.jpg)

he's right tho

No. 1517033

File: 1651427557045.png (852.54 KB, 1080x1722, IMG_20220501_184652.png)

I understand promoting a gofundme for a funeral but giving away nsfw Snapchat in return? Pretty shameless behaviour. Idk about the deceased or her family but magine finding out some of the money donated to your daughter's funeral was done so some moids could get a glimpse of an e-whore's private snapchat

No. 1517333

Yeah that doesn't sit well at all.

Also thought pumpy was so rich, she could pay for the entire thing herself. And 20k for s funeral? Seems a bit steep.

No. 1517681

She’s risking this girls entire fund getting shut down over offering her snap for this n she knows it. Gofundme has never been friendly to sex workers offering anything at all in return for donations. Seems like lots of people in the community knew her, I haven’t seen anyone else offering things for donations though.

No. 1519134

File: 1651643335702.png (1.79 MB, 1242x2208, FB0DDD36-79AD-4966-80BA-38B5DF…)

What happened to her cat, she acted like she actually liked them and then is just casually mentioning it died?

No. 1519145

Could just be a cover up that she just rehomed the cat. Idk which cat it is, but if it is olive then she always complained about that cat in past threads. She didn't like it would wake her up meowing for food since she allowed it to get fat from over eating.

No. 1519216

This bitch better explain because her cats were perfectly fine a week or 2 ago. Had to be put down?? She’s silent when she rehomes them, something happened. Neither of them were old aged either. She has a history of animal abuse when they annoy her or she’s angry, she better fucking explain what happened

No. 1519245

The fact that she was laid up in bed crying saying she “lost someone else” alluding to a death is fucked up, when the reality is she was at ty’s house for how long??
And then mysteriously her cat had to be “put down”??
They could have gotten dehydrated very easily because of her neglect.
So many holes in her stories just like there are holes in her meth baby brain.
These cunts never piss me off until they’re doing shady shit to animals or children.
She’s fucking foul and needs to be blacklisted from getting pets at this point, she can’t even take care of herself.

No. 1519752

It’s sad her cat was put down. How many pets has she gone through? She’ll end up with a kitten or puppy in the next few months due to loneliness. What happened to the troll living with her?

No. 1519869

Probably olive. She only seems to post the other one (which is mad obese) which could be reason for it's death.

She never addresses her animals disappearance. I wonder if that gecko or hamster is still alive/in her care.

She never actually admitted to giving up that munchkin cat or the French bulldog. She paid for its heart operation that didn't "fix" her and she just got rid of the thing.

No. 1520135

File: 1651726109480.jpg (113.54 KB, 828x1472, 9ydDItMi5jZ.jpg)

what kind of animal is this?

No. 1520136

File: 1651726206316.png (442.29 KB, 541x919, tr75675tut768443z.PNG)


No. 1520245

These gross cunts remind u cam whores r 99% uggos usually obesr 2(sage your shit)

No. 1520620

Is she talking about Malo?

No. 1521105

>”no edits on my shit ever”
>edits chest with silicone
>edits nose with chisel
>edits lips with collagen
>edits forehead with botulism toxin
>edits hair with Indian hair
no edits tho kek

No. 1521169

Then the exposure n lighting so high she blends with the solid white backdrop behind her

No. 1521368

File: 1651813191497.jpg (165.19 KB, 828x1472, Njb250ZW50LW9yd.jpg)

No. 1521462

File: 1651830535187.jpg (164.58 KB, 828x1472, ZW50LW9yd.jpg)

No. 1521505

Guess she’s not lying about an autoimmune disorder, unless positive ANA and SS-B are self-reported.

No. 1521525

Man, what a shitty tip. You’d think someone who has “spoiled” on their card could tip at least 20%.

No. 1521566

It's almost 20% so it's not terrible, I think its funnier that she obviously sucks at math. All her flexing includes the meth baby shit. It's almost like she is saying "I'm borderline brain damaged and I'm still rich, bitches" which is absolutely not brag-worthy.

No. 1521657

She’s really just gonna continue acting like all this isnt caused by her eating disorder

No. 1522270

She tipped USD30, paid for it and then fudged the receipt. Incredibly embarrassing behavior on all accounts. Imagine being such a successful sex worker you need to inflate a dinner by 10 bucks. Thriving!

No. 1522354

File: 1651935474826.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 206.32 KB, 575x617, 690A3F4F-A05D-46CB-91A0-24B43A…)

What is this thing?

No. 1522378

I’ve been told it’s “the blueprint”

No. 1522418

does this happen to all camwhores? Pumpy was actually cute when she started. Now she looks so ugly. It's like they expire 2 years after starting in the business. This shit is truly taxing.

No. 1522525

Disrespecting yourself and letting your body be used by whomever will absolutely wreck you emotionally and emotional damage can translate physically. That's why it seems to happen to all sex workers no matter the level. It's not expiration so much as trauma reshaping the brain and in turn the body. "Expiry" in terms of women and their bodies is just some moid bullshit that ignores the root cause of the phenomena. Takes the blame off their sexually abusive predilections and puts it all on the woman being "spoiled" and "slovenly" by nature.

No. 1522663

She was goofy looking and even thinner than she is now but at least she looked human. She just has such a "dead inside" appearance now.

No. 1523126

File: 1652033736933.jpg (212.26 KB, 1080x1935, Screenshot_20220508-141130_Ins…)

No way she has a good credit score. Didn't she get evicted a few times?

No. 1523222

File: 1652041313012.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, 2D411D36-C5F0-4C8D-96A1-BF237D…)

Is she sleeping with one of her manlet exes again?

No. 1523231

why would you brag about buying a car without a license? and why doesn’t she have one?

No. 1523260

Its still Ty. Shes just pretending to be okay with him keeping her in the friends with benefits zone.

No. 1523619

Oh shit you’re right, i just looked at his tattoos on instagram. Right hand matches. Yikes she really enjoys being treated like dirt

No. 1524020

Kek you ok nonnie?

No. 1524054

NTA but this was to help try and block out the people spamming CP earlier I think.

No. 1524383

File: 1652123094684.png (8.35 MB, 1242x2208, 96CA60BD-756A-4632-844E-93ADFB…)

This doesn’t look like her room Is this dumb cow at tys…. If so why is there a naked picture up of her? Hopefully they don’t allow his daughter in his room for her to see this??????

No. 1524384

File: 1652123176257.png (6.74 MB, 1242x2208, B685C8DE-8288-44C2-A643-B30017…)

Wearing the same outfit three days in a row LMAOOO you know she smells probably hasn’t showered

No. 1524387

File: 1652123516213.jpg (99.91 KB, 630x630, princess-nokia-1992.jpg)

So shopping on the Men's side of H&M for overcoats and hats is "masc"? I thought that was more like, women wearing suits or sports jerseys with saggy men's jeans ala pre-flop Princess Nokia style? This just reads as hooker who stole the John's work jacket and beanie…

No. 1524397

Lol alot of people get oily hair after not washing it in 3 days?? Doesnt need to have anything to do with having a disease

No. 1524401

File: 1652125039728.png (Spoiler Image, 1.64 MB, 750x1334, 7D4AC623-4757-4A32-A6C7-93423D…)

She’s posting a lot of old photos and videos of herself again. The lack of self awareness is so funny, how does she post this and not feel fucking ugly?

No. 1524404

File: 1652125124610.png (Spoiler Image, 2.89 MB, 750x1334, F9BCA96F-CFE6-4ADE-8D30-C4F90B…)

And then this right after. I think she knows she’s fucked herself up and misses the attention she got before she went full blown mentally ill and fucked up her looks

No. 1524406

File: 1652125218669.png (378.59 KB, 750x1334, 608E6ABA-6CDC-4AA2-8DF1-BC7343…)

Just thought i’d add this also. She really is fucked in the head

No. 1524438

That’s Ty’s house, but if you zoom in that’s not a pic of her it’s some other girl. Those aren’t her nipples or tits n those arm tattoos aren’t hers either.

No. 1524492

So I'm assuming she rehomed her other cat? Shes been with ty constantly. I feel bad if that cat is left alone especially after the other one died. Not that lumpy actually cares about her animals being stressed or sad

No. 1524517

Lol I believe Sabrina mentioned somewhere before he lives with his mom or something? I wonder what she thinks of pumpy. seeing her with greasy hair and “masc” clothing This Ty guy is a cow himself

No. 1524805

these camsluts were NEVER attractive 2 begin with

No. 1524861

File: 1652177577573.jpg (136.82 KB, 828x1472, DItMS5jZG5pbn.jpg)

does she know those expire?

No. 1525039

The things she brags about are so odd.

No. 1525119

File: 1652207272350.png (10.4 MB, 1242x2208, 59A95C93-C721-4C35-ADAE-3A4B16…)

Doesn’t she say how she hates men and never gives them the time of day and she’s so tough but yet she let this random man come up to her and take her phone out of her hands? She always plays the victim…. Here we go again, in a couple days she will act like she’s a baddie again

No. 1525129

For someone who brags and shows off their various knives and gun she sure never has any of these on her when these men cause issues. I'm starting to wonder it she purposely does it so she can get attention from the men she wants attention from like now it is Ty. Before it was she was harassed in an uber and magically shortly after cody was back in the picture

No. 1525134

File: 1652208788316.png (1.52 MB, 1936x1452, Photo_2022-05-10_02-48-10_PM.p…)

No. 1525143

File: 1652209483899.jpg (382.46 KB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20220510-145836_Ins…)


Yesterday she had a few stories on her Instagram on how she went shopping. She never mentioned this guy, why did it take 24 hours for her to say something. Seems sketch.

No. 1525145

Lmfaoo is she crying over it

No. 1525175

I completely agree she is saying and doing all of this for tys attention, damsel in distress vibes. We will see how long it takes before they are living together, she obviously makes such a big deal she did something alone and now she’s going to act like she can’t be alone at all anymore

No. 1525191

I am not buying any of this. Especially in broad daylight in a public place. This seems like a cry for attention from her ex. I've been accosted for my number by deranged moids at the bus stop in the dark and told them no. I've never heard of a woman complying and just giving it to them. It's fishy because it's Pumpy.

No. 1525207

File: 1652215157722.jpg (464.69 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20220510-163610_Ins…)

Screen capping this now before she changes her story per usual.

No. 1525309

Pumpy put a video of the maintenance man "entering" her apartment.


No. 1525329

I dunno wtf dude said after "hello maintenance".

She looks like such a fucking cryptoid lol.

No. 1525451

He said the manager told him to open her door bc she apparently had a water leak in her unit but she said she didn't. I couldn't understand anything he said after that.

She's such a dumbass. Just because she can't see a leak doesn't mean there isn't one, and if her building had reason to believe she had a leak they can enter without any notice. Maybe she should have put on her badass panties and actually spoken to the manager on the phone about what they kept calling about. Yeah let's let the unit potentially get damaged because Pumpy's too "busy" sitting around complaining on IG and lusting after her ex all day

No. 1525574

File: 1652262027194.jpg (267.15 KB, 960x1706, sixginn story 11.05.2022 (2).j…)

dude if anyone actually got into a fist fight with her it'd kill her 30lbs ass

No. 1525575

File: 1652262083124.png (361.37 KB, 498x783, 87t76rf76f6td65ff870ht.PNG)

You are NOT

No. 1525582


paranormal activity looking ass

No. 1525619

>30lb ass
Self-poster spotted kek only self posters make a point of bringing up how ~tiny~ a cow is

No. 1525638

Did you come from the pro-ana thread? Anon is being derogatory about this human stick insect, not praising her for being “tiny”

No. 1525678


Tinfoil but I wonder if Pumpy was blowing up their phone saying there was a water leak and then when they finally showed up she flipped the script, trying to look like the victim.

No. 1525679

Gonna lawfag here but you're right–if there's a building emergency (re: leak) that is a threat to the habitability of the apartment, the landlord/maintenance is 100% allowed to come in. They don't even have to warn you, that's just a courtesy. She's addled if she thinks she is in the right here. Also rich saying she could "kill" somebody when earlier that day she claimed she was so afraid of a man at the mall that she gave him her phone number and promised to text, like what the fuck?

No. 1525780

I don’t understand why she’s crying. She’s a sex worker, she saw a dick pic n gave out her phone number (tings people can pay few a few bucks for). Is she crying because he called her an anorexic tweaker? lol

No. 1525824

File: 1652287652155.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, 4C705DF7-03C7-48B9-A92A-3DCB13…)

Surprised no one posted this yet. She wants to be a wife and mom so bad and she doesnt even realize it.

No. 1525828

Also found this very funny after her endless posting about being capable of murder lol

No. 1525833

File: 1652287768285.png (3.59 MB, 750x1334, EC126FCB-02D2-4946-8FCA-817FB5…)

Forgot pic

No. 1525842

Pumpy getting evicted again arc coming soon

No. 1525845

Uh what? Sit down anachan, not everyone is impressed by Pumpy's terrifying stick insect physique.

No. 1525878

pumpy is unironically based

No. 1525905

File: 1652291540151.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1685, 1A9048DE-D609-446B-8493-78339E…)

I saw this and that wasn’t the vibe I got at all, especially with the slight eye roll n having to act like she did a service. It had strange jealousy vibes all written all over it. Side eye attached.

No. 1525928


That wouldn't surprise me at all. She is trying to hitch her wagon to Ty because she is about to he evicted.

Again this brings up the question how she is constantly being evicted but has a decent credit score.

No. 1525938

File: 1652293540764.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1533, IMG_20220511_192446.png)

Once again rambling about how men who cheat are secretly gay. No pumpy they're not secretly gay they just don't want to be with you.

No. 1525939

Maybe because she 1) lies about everything including her credit score, and 2) devolves into screeching chimpouts and terrifies maintenance workers with her Cryptkeeper-like appearance whenever her landlord tries to do routine unit maintenance? Just a wild guess.

No. 1525941

File: 1652293807246.png (469.33 KB, 1080x1465, IMG_20220511_192926.png)

She seriously needs to feed those starved brain cells of hers this is ridiculous

No. 1525943

File: 1652293925393.png (7.25 MB, 1242x2208, CCEF01C1-1F8D-44B5-8F47-58BA01…)

Oh god here she on a rant again, can someone please screen record this , she is now saying she has never done a drug in her entire life, she barely smokes weed (which she has posted she smoked multiple times) , like aderall isnt a drug that she takes, alcohol isnt a drug that she does all the time, Is she really this dumb ?! She really forgets what she does all the time, no self awareness, it’s hilarious how much she judges others but can’t even take accountability for her own self

No. 1525944

Future generations? Let’s pray pumpy has nothing to do with future generations and influences tys poor daughter

No. 1525967

76 pounds? Wtf?

No. 1525968

Being born addicted to meth already left her with fewer brain cells than normal. But she chose to kill what little she had with drugs, alcohol, internet porn and anorexia. Sad!

No. 1526108

Can someone screen record her story? She’s crying and talking about some guy who was pretending to be her neighbor and getting into the building? Then posted a video from her front door showing two men getting into a fight in the hallway. She’s begging people to send her money so she can move out immediately. What did she expect moving to downtown LA?

No. 1526126

File: 1652306750511.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1284x2274, 32784FFA-D35B-40B4-BAC5-1940AD…)

Umm in her stories she's talking about moving out and says, "I'm getting my catS." I listened again to make sure I heard it correctly. So was her cat "dying" just a pity-me lie that she accidentally forgot she told now heh

Looks like the anon who predicted she'd try to move in with Ty was right! She has def been building up a case to leave from her issues with maintenance and now some sketchy dude in her building

No. 1526128

File: 1652306948141.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1284x2522, 4657F629-94D9-4DB3-A018-C0F437…)

For being such a badass who could kill anyone, she certainly cries enough anytime she has a less than desirable interaction with anyone

No. 1526178


I got you



She deleted the rant about the cheating and drug use

No. 1526211

File: 1652312857963.jpeg (401.64 KB, 1170x887, 22D3642E-8F5F-42C9-B0F8-C711A2…)

These weird ass takes are why she’s perma friendzoned n gets left. People aren’t their friends n most normal adults don’t sit around bragging about cheating. She nitpicks entire relationships down to the bone until no one can handle it anymore. She’s never loved a dude for where they’re at in life. Only where she wants them to be. N she knows very well trying to manipulate someone into not hanging with their friends anymore is the biggest red flag. She wants them to only exist for her as a puppet.

No. 1526234

I have a friend like her. Literally blows up every small thing into something huge. Always a victim and has these crazy stories that follow her everywhere.

She’s so paranoid and crying all the time I stg shes on drugs or coming off something.

No. 1526373

How has no one pointed out that she said this guy who harassed her while out shopping "had his BONER IN HER FACE" how does this happen, I can not recall a time I've seen a boner in a face of a women minding her own business shopping and standing/walking? Was he 7'8 orrrr?
Also she still has both cats, or she's be posting tons of pics about how she misses it etc, why does anyone believe this ant

No. 1526418

I didn’t cap it but when she mentioned the cat being put down she said something along the lines of “the cat I got today had to be put down” she really has been scrambling for attention this week

No. 1526496

Pumpy on cam rn "Sabrina Nellie got her boobs done by my Dr. too. I can always tell who got their boobs done by my Dr."
Sabrina got hers first tho so what's the flex in that? Fucking Ty after her too?

No. 1526506

File: 1652333601586.png (371.74 KB, 720x610, Screenshot_20220512-012122~2.p…)

No. 1526507

File: 1652333745922.png (20.29 KB, 141x113, Screenshot_20220512-012046~2.p…)

Looks like Alexis from mfc also has a weird chin pointy filler. She used to be cute now that's all I can see

No. 1526674

Lmao it’s funny how obsessed she is with brina, she literally copied her boob doctor, is now fucking ty, and brina has been around way longer and actually got most girls into sex work but pumpy claims she’s the blue print? Brina is absolute trash now but she’s the one who pumpy looked up to,she would go in her room and tip her back in the day, pumpy can barely keep her place and she blows her money on useless shit, she is going downhill just like brina is

No. 1528792

File: 1652559719416.png (2.58 MB, 1452x1936, Photo_2022-05-14_03-45-50_PM.p…)

She is so proud of the rat's nest on top of her head.

No. 1528873

Hagrid lookin ass

No. 1529133

File: 1652584611451.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x1639, C94BC216-DCF7-4519-9A7B-F12205…)

>divine famine era

Broooo lmfao

No. 1529302

She liked her own post too, god shes such a cow

No. 1530641

File: 1652699323932.jpg (41.37 KB, 480x309, ClxrP15WQAAc45I.jpg)

Does anyone remember when Kati3kat (Went by her real name Maggie Whitten and her tumblr URL was onyourknees) was famous on tumblr and faked her death before rebranding? I remember she posted a picture of herself in the hospital and a few days later everyone was making rip maggie posts.

No. 1530684

She is such a cow. I’ve heard more recent things like within the past few years, I had no idea about her origin story.
Interested in more milk if you’ve got it

No. 1530715

bitches with yaoi hands need to stop getting long nails like this

No. 1530828

File: 1652721720541.jpeg (194.19 KB, 828x1411, 13E2265D-AF8B-4B38-B319-DDF9D5…)

No the girl that you copy for surgeries and fuck the same men after

No. 1531019

File: 1652734695504.png (Spoiler Image, 518.93 KB, 1520x720, Screenshot_20220516-165400.png)

spoiled image for sabrina nellie pooping live on cam kek and she's done it more than once

No. 1531060

wait, this bitch is really pretending not to know of her personal bLuEpRiNt?

No. 1531210

Shes just extra mad because Sabrina was able to get into a relationship with Ty, while shes currently stuck in the friend zone with him while desperately trying to move into his place.

No. 1531235

Lmao i thought she looked familiar. I never knew she faked her own death. All these girls that have remote success with mfc or of seem to have deepseated issues. I mean i guess that explains why they dont have a problem fucking themselves on cam for pennies and find it bragable

No. 1531290

File: 1652757208416.jpg (7.56 KB, 160x160, ClxravOXEAAc0OX.jpg)

What happened was
>Became less active on tumblr
>Claimed terminal illness
>Posted hospital selfies and wrist band pictures
>Goes quiet, everyone makes a bunch of RIP Maggie posts shortly after
Besides that there isn't anything else that's too milky. She had a boyfriend who was also decently well known on tumblr at the time who dumped her then came out as gay (guy in pic)

No. 1531311

File: 1652759715531.jpg (701.55 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220516-235317_Ins…)


Why do you think he is just friend-zoning her? She is still at his house.

No. 1531330

File: 1652762712309.jpeg (248.5 KB, 828x1078, F065DED4-42EA-47D7-883A-D67EE3…)

Hes been using her off and on for the sex and gifts.

No. 1531393

File: 1652769117701.jpeg (164.97 KB, 1170x1167, 39362BA0-855B-42A7-AE43-F2042B…)

there’s people who rlly aren’t able to work n then there’s pumpy whos been holed up in tys bedroom, hanging at disney every weekend, shopping, n partying for a month choosing not to work. she went from camming long hours being a millionaire to doing nothing other then sitting around n begging for quick cash cuz she lives off of a monthly income n her mentally unstable choices with 0 savings. she’s aging fast looks 30-31 now. hope she has a better plan then the way she’s going, it isn’t sustainable.

No. 1531612

Those screenshots where she shows how much money she spent in a month, and then crosses out where it says “savings and networth” make me LOL.
There is nothing impressive about how much money you spend when it’s ALL your income, to the point you can’t even pay your taxes on time.
At this point she’s making 20,000 and under a month from onlyfans, not including her cash app donations.
It would be a good income and something she could retire off of in a few years if she invested properly and lived at her means, but she doesn’t know how to.
Sad to say it but I do believe this cow will off herself.

No. 1531704

File: 1652804220937.png (2.45 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-05-17_12-14-13_PM.p…)

Just some highlights from her Instagram stories.

No. 1531953

File: 1652823553731.png (1.48 MB, 1382x1936, Photo_2022-05-17_05-34-35_PM.p…)

She is laying it on thick about having to move out of her apartment and not been able to work

No. 1532018

File: 1652827898071.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x1593, 859A0B99-1061-4ECB-AA64-5B8798…)

So a deposit and 1 month of rent is her “entire savings” how stupid embarrassing to admit after just posting this. What’s that flex about having a big bank again? Naw bitch broke beggar is more like it. When the reality of what she’s blown thru hits it’s gonna be like a truck.

No. 1532050

File: 1652830196028.jpeg (488.41 KB, 1170x1800, 5B869D9A-84AD-42FB-83C4-516637…)

Samefag but she doesn’t even have $2900. Reality is she has to move out at the rate she’s going because she wouldn’t be able to afford next months rent. Broke.

No. 1532053

What’s with sex workers who do well blowing their money on useless dumb shit kek you have no right to complain when you make decisions like that and avoid making any content for weeks

No. 1532081

I donno how to upload videos here she goes on to say if you make her work for the money you give by asking for content or services don’t consider yourself helping because you should just be giving it to her for nothing in return if you want to help. She says buying sex workers content doesn’t help them, handing them money for nothing does. She’s reached peak lazy beggar level. Trying to gaslight brain dead men into handing over their earned cash so she can sit around n bitch more about how men aren’t shit?

No. 1532146

Ok but like 2 weeks ago she posted a screenshot of her paying 12 grand for her and “friends” to go to Japan for her birthday in July. And now shes begging for money and complaining she can’t work cuz she’s busy rotting away in Ty’s bed. Lazy bitch.

No. 1532172

No. 1532194

Then sell the damn car. Find a cheaper place to rent. Get a roommate. Work.

No. 1532344

what about that 5 million in your bank account you're so grateful for kek

No. 1532412

File: 1652874419994.png (4.26 MB, 1242x2208, 94667337-BFD4-4540-B242-F8C894…)

Pls. Fuck off pumpy.

No. 1532453

File: 1652879075058.jpeg (717.33 KB, 828x1495, 78842DD3-C909-445B-B2A8-E45A9A…)

I thought she had to put one of her cats down?

No. 1532468

So much for her morning after pills.
I am also confused. This doesn't look like old footage.

No. 1532469

Funny how she drops this because Ty fucked another girl.
Pumpy would 100% be a baby trapper if her barren womb could handle it.(sage your shit)

No. 1532503

I call bullshit! She’s big mad Ty dated n got Brina pregnant n won’t even take her a little bit serious n has still been fucking n hitting up other girls. She’s hoping doubling down by living in his bed no other chick has a chance. New flash pump ty don’t give a fuck n never has.

No. 1532508

Samefag but if she was 2 months pregnant she would have lost that baby when she got roofied. She’s been out drinking every weekend for months lmfaoooo dumb lying bitch cow. There’s never a day this bitch doesn’t make up some insane lie for money or to trap someone.

No. 1532771

This definitely smells like a lie

No. 1532776

File: 1652905115575.png (3.11 MB, 750x1334, 33703035-663E-4D6D-A012-5FC2CD…)

She posted this after saying she was laying in bed with a heating pad because “i feel like i’m having a miscarriage.” This is fucking embarrassing, what is she doing.

No. 1532821

Why the fuck would you take prenatal vitamins when you’re going to get and abortion ??

No. 1532828

Kind of fucked up she's playing Schrodinger's baby with these prenatals. Watch her get an abortion and rewrite history to call it a miscarriage because it'd garner more sympathy. She is quite literally deranged.

No. 1532849

File: 1652909721224.jpeg (292 KB, 1170x1776, 1BD1F029-DDC5-4F71-B806-879856…)

She’s trying so hard to trap Ty n force him into a relationship with guilt. Over 2 months pregnant n emaciated, where’s the morning sickness pump? N that’s not breakfast babies don’t eat strictly vitamins they need nourishment from the food part she forgot during her “breakfast”

No. 1532853

File: 1652910184760.jpeg (21.51 KB, 180x320, D41790D6-4F16-4C0C-8105-065D59…)

She posted this right before her "It feels like I'm having a miscarriage video." Hmmm funny how she's been staying at Ty's and her apartment was too scary to be at. But now she's back there and suddenly pregnant. Seems like he kicked her out

No. 1532855

I told y’all she was jealous of Ty’s daughter. I bet this is about the attention his daughter gets that she wants. She is notoriously that level of psycho.

No. 1532866

not to defend but pro tip, absolutely take vitamins before a surgical abortion (asap leading up). If you’re deficient, especially in iron, they won’t do it or any other surgery and the fetus definitely takes its share even if you’d normally be getting enough.

No. 1532882

Funny how ty isn't falling for her bullshit. First it was she had to get her cat down, then it turned into her neighbor is crazy, and now it's she's pregnant.

No. 1532883

File: 1652912438513.jpeg (227.87 KB, 1170x1280, A606C7CF-9CDD-4773-ACC4-5903C7…)

Ty privated his account after she told everyone she’s pregnant with his baby.

No. 1532885

If she really is pregnant Ty is a fucking clown. That’s 3 camgirls he’s knocked up now that we know of. Stella, Brina, Pump.

No. 1532936

File: 1652915924640.png (1.84 MB, 1080x1854, IMG_20220519_001759.png)

She's disgusting

No. 1532941

Ehh, morning sickness doesn't hit everybody at exactly the same time. I'm currently pregnant and the nausea didn't really affect me until week 9. Or she's just lying about how far along she is? It'll show up on a HPT as early as the week of your missed period.
Oh come on, Pump. This shit is downright ghoulish and offensive.

No. 1533011

File: 1652920652803.jpeg (174.37 KB, 728x1280, D2577F15-B7FC-4666-8C48-51479D…)

Kinda weird imo to say "my baby" when you're planning an abortion. Why would you want to create any kind of attachment? If she is really pregnant and her body allows her to continue carrying it, I can totally see her keeping it. She probably told Ty she'd get an abortion hoping it'd bring them closer together but now that it hasn't she'll probably try to actually have the kid to force him to stay somewhat close to her. The man's an idiot to fuck her unprotected

No. 1533016


No way her malnutrished body could form a baby. I call bullshit.

No. 1533170

Her BMI is 14.36 according to >>1521462 which is spontaneously drop dead territory. She’s too stupid to have a baby anyway >>1532849 you’re not going to gain any weight at 8 weeks when a fetus is the size of a blueberry. And fetuses ears don’t develop until 18 weeks >>1533011. I’m amazed that life finds a way but she’s literally too retarded to bring a child into this world.

No. 1533369

File: 1652962727088.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, 288CF338-7986-4E12-B244-ECB836…)

No. 1533370

File: 1652962796544.png (507.69 KB, 750x1334, AF1CC7B0-B16A-44CA-9283-B4DC8F…)

This fucking idiot

No. 1533399

File: 1652965591729.jpg (364.58 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20220519-090052_Ins…)


I have a feeling Pumpy is just lying through her teeth. Speaking of this is a new one.

No. 1533456

This clown doesn't even get a period, how is she going to get pregnant? More lies for attention & sympathy. Expect a "spontaneous miscarriage" arc any day now.

No. 1533467

Ntayrt, but I donno about doesn’t get a period sometimes she’s on rants that she’s been bleeding for weeks n regularly talks about them all over her social medias

No. 1533569

She was complaining about feeling like she was miscarrying, I didn't get the video but she's shut up about it since and carried on the baby spurge

No. 1533629

Sometimes I forget Ty also dated Karen Materia the girl Brina used to pretend to be sisters with. He makes his rounds, I think he knocked up literally all of them.

No. 1533663

File: 1652988445930.jpeg (478.5 KB, 1170x1648, C1CD3D14-15EE-4BD7-9C4C-7ED403…)

She’s been telling people all year she miscarried Dean’s baby, see here >>1369539

No. 1533694

Someone has to record her story rn idk how to do it, she’s going off about brina and how “irrelevant” she is lmao

No. 1533731


k stop, brina was NOT pregnant with his baby. she was pulling the same shit as pumpy and trying to manipulate ty into being with her. there was never a baby.

No. 1533751


I got a few different videos from her Instagram story but she must have deleted the one about Brina.

No. 1533776


I’m new to Pumpy & want to quickly say WOW this girl is like a milky ass mix of Sabrina Nellie and Lil Bo Weep (ripcow). I know that I can’t be the only one thinking it!

No. 1533872

Ok she may have been 26 at that time too but she's absolutely making out like this is the first time ever.

Stop letting every dude nut I. You for god's sake woman, get some proper birth control. She has a retard messed up body but I'm sure some birth control side effects is a lot less of an issue for her than pregnancy and miscarriage.

No. 1533873

Was going to say this exactly. Idk why people believe these miserable cunts. About really anything at this point.

No. 1533879

File: 1653009494284.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1447x2165, 77C21351-6D5F-482F-9DC2-64E6C9…)

Piss on sale! Down from $500 to $150. It seriously looks like she’s trying to resell the tests SHE bought.

No. 1533908

The digital display ones can display a positive reading for up to 6 months.

It’s actually kind of fucked up for her to be acting like she’s keeping the baby while also saying she’s going to get an abortion. I’m pro choice but jfc she’s acting psycho and a little unhinged about it. Fake or not.

No. 1533941

This doesn’t make sense why would anyone sell this (literally please don’t answer I don’t want any crazy shit confirmed) and if she’s so rich or whatever why is she selling pregnancy tests. It’s disturbing as shit to talk about an accidental pregnancy like “I’m going to yeet this thing” like even if she is putting on some strange persona, what is that persona possibly going to afford her with? If she wants to sound like a sociopath gr8 enjoy those potential client fetishizing that, why justify selling “pregnancy piss” then? She has so much money and I get that generationally she has never seen someone use money correctly, this is insane. Get a manager or handler, or donate that fucking money instead of being a “””sugar mommy””” the actual fuck is wrong with you

No. 1534002

It’s been bothering me for a while, but does Alexis have a fake ass? Everything else is fake and her ass looks odd af..

No. 1534054

I mean, as grim as it is you know why they're sold, but not only that, they're sold REALLY commonly and for nowhere near that fucking price. It's already been a thing that people buy and sell and she's retarded to think she's breaking new ground here or that she'll sell them for 5x what they're worth

No. 1534057

I'm confused as to which cat was "put down" because she's clearly shown both of her cats currently very alive in her stories

No. 1534115

I have always assumed her ass is fake. It's just to odd looking, whatever she has done to her chin ruined her face. I could not stop laughing during her last stream

No. 1534118

Are you implying she purchased positive tests to convince everyone she's pregnany when she's not? Because if so, that's an interesting theory. The digital ones list "pregnant" for quite a while, but the +/- ones fade over time. Anything's possible, I suppose. I would definitely prefer this was a fakeout rather than her being a psycho and talking so callously about all this on sovial media to her coomers.

No. 1534146


Don’t quote my anon ass, but I’m almost certain that you can purchase fake positive pregnancy tests that are manufactured to show positive results with no preggo piss involved.

I’m certain that this pregnancy is fake. The fact that she’s “two months pregnant” but a couple of weeks ago was only a couple of days late for her period.. yes, the first month counts from before the egg is ever fertilized but that still does not put her at two months.

Ever wonder why these types are never pregnant unless a guy deads their “siTuAtiOnShiP” — honest to godt, cringe. Anyone who believes this is a fool.

No. 1534205

You can and it’s completely legal to buy and sell, both tests and urine that will generate a positive test. Faking a pregnancy to trap someone isn’t legal tho, it’s considered fraud.

No. 1534210

You can literally buy fake positive pregnancy tests on Amazon. A girlfriend of mine did it as a prank to her husband. Poor taste but they are a real thing.

No. 1534212

File: 1653060381811.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x1914, EED98B6B-9933-49F7-971E-A5A795…)

Also this is on Amazon and has good reviews. It’s 100% possible to fake pregnancy tests.

No. 1534241

What a messed up world we live in

No. 1534282


I would bet she purchased a positive pregnancy test. No way her body could form a baby.Like >>1533170 said her BMI is too low too low.

Also i noticed the pregnancy test in >>1532936 is in a ziplock bag which is a bit strange.

No. 1534452

At this point I’m assuming it was ty’s or a friends cat that she pet a few times.
Dumb bitch really tried to make people think she was grieving malo or the other one whatever it’s called.

No. 1534473

Evidence of 2 months but if she stalks this page then that’s how she came up with the “2 months” story.
If she really is faking this she’s way more delusional and psychotic than I expected.

No. 1534567

Oh wow that’s right. Nice catch nona. She’s really out here fluffing up a fake pregnancy.

No. 1534642

Yes, it’s hard to believe someone with poor health could successfully get pregnant. Even if she was pregnant, it’s unlikely she’d be able to carry the baby full term. She’s had a long standing obsession with Sabrina Nellie and recently has shown an obsession with fertility and pregnancy. It’s now manifested into weird and deranged lies. There’s another well known cam girl who’s currently pregnant and it seems like she wants the same attention too.

No. 1536337

Yeah, I’ve been pregnant twice and never got morning sickness, just terrible heartburn at the very end.

No. 1536567

File: 1653261593595.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, 649B770D-8E5C-4191-8780-59EEBF…)

This is just so pathetic.

No. 1537184


Yes, Pumpy. We saw it on your story.

No. 1537527

File: 1653350649766.png (Spoiler Image, 291.16 KB, 454x739, lolcow.png)

here is the "blueprints" porn debut kekk

No. 1537529

File: 1653350964084.jpg (701.88 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_2022-05-24-01-03-31…)

I thought I'd randomly look up megvnmvrie again.

She almost seems like she's become s normal genuine person. Obviously she's had 2 kids now but her using her overly photoshopped Tumblr photos from back in the day as her "before body" in this YT weightless journey thing was pretty bizarre.


No. 1537603

This is fucking horrifying, spoiler this shit

No. 1537779


shut up, is this sabrina’s BG!? she’s been so heavy on the filters and shoop lately, i wonder what possessed her to go makeup-free in this. james’ penis is terribly unsurprising and eerily resembles a thumb.

No. 1538540

File: 1653403006413.jpeg (275.74 KB, 1124x1614, 762108B4-A279-426A-BAA7-B999CF…)

Uh oh. Her abortion was supposed to be like 2 days ago. Is she keeping it? Brina 2.0?

No. 1538550

Holy shit, it's "daddy's little porkchop"! To be honest she kind of won me over when she made fun of people with depression, that was funny as hell. Hope she and her kids are doing alright.

No. 1538648


No pregnancy to keep in reality, but I’m sure she’ll do the “Lil Bo Weep thing” & spend months pretending to be pregnant before suddenly alluding to a miscarriage while giving no appreciable explanation as to what’s happened. Throughout LBW’s “pregnancy,” anons would catch her on other people’s stories doing whippits and without her “bump.” We’ll see a similar storyline here.

and yes, I’m the same anon who said Pumpy is a blend of Brina & LBW. The parallels are absolutely hilarious and it really goes to show how these girls are a dime a dozen.

No. 1538743

Pump doesn’t do drugs like LBW tho. She takes adderall, drinks sometimes, n has dabbled with cbd that’s about it.

No. 1538774


Fair, same level of delusion though. Stupidity is basically on par too.

No. 1538788

File: 1653424379760.png (3.08 MB, 1800x1730, 9323219B-1D6B-474F-91CF-796AD5…)

Cue the LBW miscarriage era!
I can’t wait for the milky milk from those dumb fake titties of yours you cow!

No. 1538797

The fuck is she talking about? Her “uterus” isn’t sticking out more. And that’s her belly. Looks like she’s sticking her stomach out. The uterus is lower. She’s insane.

Ahh I love it when women use the pregnancy card to absolve themselves of any wrong doing and to be treated like the queen of England. You’re already doing that fetus a disservice by being it’s mom and talking about aborting it while acting like you’re keeping it. Real maternal.

No. 1538798

Same anon to point out how those phone calls are all a minute long between each other. It’s like she called to just hang up and call another number.

No. 1538799

kek was just going to say. I hate when you call, ask for an abortion, and get hung up on within a single minute, 6 calls in a row.

No. 1538802

thought she has so much money, she could just go to any doctor and pay for an abortion herself . Also, if you don't want a child, wouldn't you try to get an abortion as soon as possible?

No. 1538834

When you go to planned parenthood and they have the whole abortion talk with you they give you a list of places that you can get in contact with that perform abortions. I don’t believe this cow for a second. Can’t find my a place my ass. I won’t believe it til I see it on paper, that clear blue test is bullshit. Every step of this is googled and seems fake as fuck.

No. 1538862

Under 10 weeks they offer medical abortions, the pills that make you miscarriage. Nobody turned her down to get an abortion because of high risks

No. 1538903

Kek. The automated menu lasts over a minute unless she's calling some shady operation out of a garage.

No. 1538964

Wow she is really trying to find any excuse to keep Ty’s baby. Trying to trap this man for good.

No. 1539045

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t it be more high risk for a doctor to allow her to continue her pregnancy than end it? This cow has no common sense. Her lies are weird.

No. 1539062

you’re not wrong, with her being sick, it would be a high risk pregnancy and more reason to get an abortion not be turned down for one.
In California they don’t deny you an abortion they don’t even ask why you want one.

No. 1539070

File: 1653445320307.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, A34EAD21-B359-49D4-9948-AD252D…)

Yeh it all smells like bullshit to me.

No. 1539130

Nothing in California has changed for abortions.

No. 1539141

Not even a problem in non lib states. The repeal hasn't even gone to the supreme court yet. Nothing has changed about abortion care in the US. Maybe stop letting dudes jizz in you with abandon and you wouldn't have to feel bad about your abortions (multiple). Once is an accident, everything else is sadomasochism.

No. 1539154

Tbh it’s always difficult to get an abortion. Even in liberal states it’s hard to find a provider that does it and it’s a lot to deal with if you’re a teen or someone without free time and resources.

No. 1539158

I live in the worst republican state and I got an abortion at 2 months in less than two days. Not to mention I was homeless at the time so it was covered completely by resources planned parenthood provided for people who needed them. i.e. me.

No. 1539195

AB 1666 just passed to go to Senate - ensuring protections for Californian's receiving abortions. If anything the right to abortion will strengthen here.

Sounds like she doesn't realize that Planned Parenthood has specific locations for abortions - they're not in every single location.

No. 1539230

Is telemedicine abortion no longer a thing?

No. 1539262

It is, there’s even websites that will mail you the pills as long as your under 10 weeks pregnant.

No. 1539286

I’m sorry, what state of whimsy do you live in? I’d love to know what “terrible red state” would allow me to abort at two months.

No. 1539299


What the fuck, Anon? You can safely abort up to 12 weeks. Up to 20, with extenuating circumstances…

No. 1539316

NTAYRT but they mean that a lot of red states make it incredibly difficult to get an abortion within the time frame. For example Texas it's limited to 6 weeks (when a heart beat is detected) and you're required to have a doctor visit before the procedure, increasing the likelihood of missing the cutoff.

No. 1539345

I’m calling it, she’s gonna keep it

No. 1539348

I didn't look pregnant at all at 8 weeks with my current kid, most women dont unless they've had a lot of, kids previously. She's so full of shit. Also "high risk?" I don't know where she's doing her research for that LARP but they straight up warn you when your baby is high risk that there's a huge possibility of miscarriage.
When I had a blighted ovum with my first baby at 9 wks they provided miso right away in my extremely red state. There were 2 ultrasounds and I had to sign a lot of paperwork acknowledging what was happening, but it was possible.
I just don't buy any of it. It feels fake and Pumpy is a terrible liar because she's so dumb and has the memory of a goldfish. I need more evidence to prove this is actually happening because she always struggles to keep her story straight.

No. 1539376

In Canada, they allow up to 14 weeks for a surgical abortion but exceptions are made for “therapeutic abortions” in situations where there are high risks or extreme abnormalities. I don’t know how much crossover there is for you all across the border, but I’m assuming there would be some in (at least) your non-red states for the latter. I’m not as versed as I should be but basic reasoning also tells me that these cam cows in her area are able to get abortions left right and centre.. Why is Pumpy, “with all the money in the world,” the only one who can’t? It’s a dumb charade. Again with her high risk bullshit, if it was all this was true then medical staff would be prioritizing the termination and not pushing her aside. Her narrative is absolute trash because her low IQ has her convinced that everyone is as stupid as her.

Thanks for this, anon! It always irks me to see these girls flex a 1-2 month bump. A pregnant uterus is only up to your belly button at 17-18 wks. The only reason why Pumpy has the tiniest bit of a pouch is because she’s been binge eating to pass the pathetic amount of bloat as a bump.

No. 1539407

Wasn’t sure because it began as a COVID measure. Plan C is like the first sponsored result when you Google abortion. You meet a nurse practitioner on zoom, pay $300, and mife/miso is in your mailbox three days later. You don’t even need to follow the mandatory waiting period, ultrasound, or counseling requirements most states have. It’s literally the easiest it’s ever been in states like Cali to receive a first trimester medically managed abortion.

No. 1539410

File: 1653492838998.png (1.81 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-05-25_11-31-41_AM.p…)

She is so desperate.

No. 1539426

File: 1653493534535.png (1.77 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-05-25_11-33-17_AM.p…)

I wonder how much food she wastes.

No. 1539443

there’s no mandatory waiting period in California
speaking from experience >>1539407

No. 1539577

I wanted to post this yesterday, but it was a nitpick. $50 for 3 tacos, beans n rice after she was just begging for money cuz she’s too broke to afford her own rent. Go get the food yourself you lazy cow, that was $20 of food max.

No. 1539606

File: 1653507693840.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1170x2170, 47BBF885-7D39-449B-8C7C-1CA643…)

Fi announced a second TT account to post the same content on both.
Heres a body check, sorry an ootd, just so you wont forget her skelly legs

No. 1539628

Who tf is that? Is that meant for the anachan thread?

No. 1540628

Wrong thread nonita please don't subject unsuspecting farmers to Fi

No. 1540716

I wish there was a better way to share Pumpy's Instagram stories.


>She wont be online the week of June 3rd because she will be going through her abortion. She will be on bed rest for awhile

>Asks people to help for her abortion. Her insurance wouldn't cover it and $750 is the cheapest price she could find
>She is also moving June 1st
>Has been MIA from work but once healed but not vaginal content because all of this will be traumatizing.
>She owes 7 custom videos. She is going to get caught up this week
> Going on vacation after all of this. A weekend trip to San Diego
>She is so tired and her hair is falling out in clumps, her lupus is killing her
> Has to show us how big her tits have gotten even though she is two months pregnant.

No. 1540720

File: 1653565715095.jpg (508.11 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220526-074554_Chr…)


I found where she got the number $750.

No. 1540756

Lol as someone who’s had an abortion surgery I can assure you she will not need to be on bed rest, she is actually retarded. Take an advil and shut the fuck up.

No. 1540759

Whoops forgot to sage

No. 1541004

File: 1653590006187.jpeg (1.95 MB, 1284x2260, C26FDDD1-F094-4CAB-84F3-C4031F…)

When you forget that your actions over the past many years has been easily more problematic and irresponsible than most of these “men” that you constantly shit on kek

No. 1541071

Bitch is bald af, girl eat some meat what the fuck

No. 1541094

File: 1653595467448.png (2.36 MB, 750x1334, 691A9FD4-73D5-4499-A267-9166F8…)

She’s just so sad. You’re pregnant and he still doesnt want you pumpy. Stop. And his music is fucking trash

No. 1541097

File: 1653595685892.png (5.82 MB, 1242x2208, 0B5A10D2-3D21-43FE-A270-68636F…)

This really makes me laugh, she’s acting like Kellin Quinn is collaborating with ty on a new song. The guy doesn’t even follow ty, more than likely he’s using snippets of another song or something. Tys music is trash and I can’t believe she acts like it’s something worth liking

No. 1541153

File: 1653598293471.png (1.38 MB, 1936x1382, Photo_2022-05-26_04-48-48_PM.p…)

Yeah okay.

No. 1541178

File: 1653599556035.png (3.27 MB, 1022x1800, 5A7A9D41-42DE-4A7A-8383-0ED2F3…)

Your boobs are the exact same size.
Your “abs” are anorexia.
And here comes the money scamming.
I wonder how much she’s gonna make off of this dumb/heartless act

No. 1541270

Does she have any knowledge of the human body?

Her being like "wow my boobs look so big and perky, this isn't even a push-up bra". They're fucking implants kek, there's nothing to push up, they sit like that by themselves.

And the "abs". Girl just got no fat so you can see far too much.

No. 1541272

None of this is true and I’ve literally never met an obgyn who will do elective abortions. They might in the case of chromosomal defects but it’s just as likely that they’ll refuse. How does she not know any of this? Does she have literally no female friends?

No. 1541343

Where are you that you’re refused an abortion? The vast majority of abortions in the US are elective.

No. 1541370

"wealthier woman"
yet is complaining and asking for help to pay for a suspected $750 abortion kek

No. 1541646

File: 1653664776188.jpg (212.93 KB, 828x1471, zLTIuY2yNzYzNjM=.jpg)

She posted this after motivating her viewers to punch your significant other in the face

No. 1541713

Yup, saw that too. “You can punch him. You can hit him. Its OKAY” she’s fucking unhinged

No. 1541793

File: 1653677681067.png (2.84 MB, 1800x1144, 4D99CF8C-CF96-4F99-81FC-DE7CBC…)

Bestie? Your mans? And what the fuck is post actavis body???? Actavis is a pharmaceutical brand. We’re you trying to sound smart by saying that?
This is so stupid and sad.

No. 1542019

ugh some of you are such nerds. actavis is lean. people who abuse lean for a long period of time usually get fat/a big belly. tyler must have a belly or else she wouldn’t be posting that shit

No. 1542029

Soooo she's saying he's a druggie despite all her rants about people doing drugs are losers?

No. 1542042

File: 1653693658189.png (6.63 MB, 1242x2208, D98D2E2C-61D3-43B6-897A-A76160…)

So what is it pumpy, he’s your man or he doesn’t care? She’s so embarrassing like Ofcourse he wouldnt wouldn’t give a fuck about you and still never will >.< he just telling you what you wanna hear praying youll continue with this abortion(>.<)

No. 1542047

Hell yeah this dudes a druggie and an alcoholic, she was ranting before on Instagram how she was drinking thru her pregnancy and taking adderall and that why she doesn’t want to keep the baby also she’s claimed to of been with ty since January….(learn2sage)

No. 1542048

*everyday with ty since January

No. 1542158

File: 1653702595261.jpeg (1.15 MB, 960x1534, 12EFE449-0532-4CFF-9CDD-46F1EB…)

I found several photos of her posted by, emptiedonegallery, which she follows on all of her accounts. The guy’s reflection is somewhat visible in one of the photos. I don’t believe I recognize him.

No. 1542160

File: 1653702689947.jpeg (1.07 MB, 960x1349, 7A98F766-9C6C-480A-911F-D70DD9…)

No. 1542168

She’s posted this in her stories multiple times. It was a random “shoot” she did in her apartment right after Cody. Sage ffs this isn’t milk.

No. 1542208

Weird she says she doesnt do drugs, bc she looks really high in this. Yet another thing she constantly lies about

No. 1542434

File: 1653738145562.jpeg (356.08 KB, 1265x2277, 05E286C6-FCCA-43A7-B898-39760A…)

“My baby bump” ie. She ate spaghetti with buttered bread and another dinner before going out. Sound off though.

No. 1542499

File: 1653747211488.png (4.04 MB, 750x1334, 89BCF89A-5713-48BC-A231-89779D…)

Theory: i think pumpy got pregnant on purpose. She keeps going on about “settling down” i think she just desperately wants someone to commit to her, and she thought getting pregnant would make him want her more somehow lol. Nah pumps sorry, he didnt care when brina faked pregnancy either.

No. 1542501

File: 1653747292687.png (785.01 KB, 750x1334, AAA7DAF4-097D-4164-AAEA-15985F…)

This was funny too. What steps is she taking towards happiness? Trying to trap a soundcloud rapper dirtbag with a fake baby? Oof

No. 1542515

File: 1653749170545.jpeg (439.96 KB, 1800x1632, BEE83A57-83A0-4220-8290-6EABC0…)

who tries to “hide” a baby bump and posts it on Insta, really looks like she’s pushing out or like why make it so obvious in angle but not the next, she’s so weird…. and all she talks about is cravings, nausea, etc. kek is she really is losing her mind or is she keeping the baby.?… Behind all of this I wonder what she says to her “man” on the daily about this all, really he has to see the red flags no?

No. 1542516

She’s not happy because she’s a miserable person. It has nothing to do with her surroundings and everything to do with her, every single day all she does is focus on “woe is me” and talk about everything that makes her pissed off, never what’s uplifting or motivating or inspiring. All she does is complain. Until she can realize the hard to swallow pill that SHE is the main problem in her life everything will always remain chaotic, shitty and unfulfilling. She said the same thing about living in Vegas. She’s complained about being unhappy for years, since her first year in the industry she’s been non stop caked in drama and problems. She takes no accountability and has no growth as a human being. Just because she gets her feelings hurt she casts the blame for her shit storm of a life on everyone else. Shitty things you do to other people can also hurt you as well Pump. Live and learn.

No. 1542537

MIB worm alien

No. 1542626

Oh Pumpy go away. Your posts here are not interesting.

No. 1542751

yeah because pumpy is the only fucking person who knows what actavis is, jesus christ

you’re just as fucking retarded as she is. we all know her raisin brain is shriveled from zero food for years, but what’s your problem? do you need to go eat a big meal too?

No. 1542753


Hope this is considered milk. Pumpy is being super salty and angry on her Instagram story.

No. 1542803

I think shes having some sort of mental crisis. She says “my top earner has only given me three grand” and then immediately after says that onlyfans is only $15 at most a month, and that other girls are lying. What? She’s psychotic. Nothing she says makes sense.

No. 1542806

File: 1653768342153.png (2.44 MB, 750x1334, 56CCC953-06B4-49F5-872C-2DB1D3…)

A week ago they were “best friends” and now he’s her man. Delusional. He definitely does not want her lol

No. 1542809

“Home wrecking is awful when people do it to me and I whine about my non existent man looking at other women all the time but I don’t give a fuck about anyone else getting hurt so gimme your mans name so I can message him”

No. 1542812

Samefag but this bitch is so tone deaf. She’s exactly what she hates.

No. 1543715

File: 1653863737728.jpeg (458.59 KB, 2399x1799, 7B95F200-66B9-4A9A-95FA-128DD4…)

Less than 14 hours in Pumpys brain. He’s her man but she’s single but she’s crying because he’s her man but she’s happy because she’s alone n single. Make it make sense.

No. 1543739

File: 1653867026910.png (7.4 MB, 1242x2208, 007749CB-D130-4132-AB1E-D9C77E…)


No. 1544176


Pumpy lives in CA and we're pretty pro choice with our laws and physicians here. The only time it's hard to get an abortion here in if you physically can't get to a clinic, and even then services will mail you the pill. The vast majority of Planned Parenthood locations also offer the pill and some perform the surgery too, elective and otherwise. The only real question they ask as a determining factor to perform it is whether or not you actually want the abortion to make sure you aren't being forced into it unwillingly.

PP is on every damn corner in LA and is actually fantastic with those services, so I have no idea what the fuck pumpy has been on about not being able to secure one. Hell, CA gov came out as soon as the supreme court shit was leaked to make the announcement that abortion would always remain safe and accessible in the state.

She's so full of shit, her "pregnancy" is not only timed to trap a man but also happens when people are going out of their way to be supportive and pay attention to those choosing to abort. What a fucked up attention grab, even with the current outcry of public support you would never catch any of the women I know spouting off about their terminations on the internet

No. 1544486

File: 1653945541779.png (1.53 MB, 1290x1936, Photo_2022-05-30_05-17-16_PM.p…)

I give you some of the dumb shit pumpy has said on her IG story.

No. 1544521

File: 1653949999585.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x1808, 0333CAB6-C0A0-4A5E-820C-212598…)

You forgot this little gem

No. 1544543

File: 1653952420887.jpeg (461.51 KB, 1349x2399, 9849A4C2-A1E4-4FAD-9DE0-FD62A5…)

She said yesterday she’s 7 weeks. She’s not even a little bit good at bullshitting anyone.

No. 1544550

You definitely can get swollen breasts way earlier than that t. Previously pregnant anon

No. 1544566

Mommy milkers is just Internet euphemism for breasts anon

No. 1544593

File: 1653956698467.png (1.86 MB, 1382x1936, Photo_2022-05-30_08-23-33_PM.p…)


A few more

No. 1544619

she has implants n has been bragging about how huge her “milkies” r from being preggo. if anyone listens to her long rants n dumb shit she definitely thinks there’d be milk in there already not that they puff n swell. she finally eats a little food n pretends she’s showing already as well, don’t excuse her stupidity just cuz u know better urself kek

No. 1544729

File: 1653972408135.jpeg (410 KB, 1170x1811, 55F86419-CA60-47DE-97CC-84B80F…)

Eat, post body check, repeat.

No. 1544751

I mean we are mostly made of water and you can see the opposing tensions in both pictures? Lol I don’t understand this unless she is trying to get offers for pregnancy content, pregnancy donations, or attention from a man who has not claimed her or was willing to pay for the abortion of his fertilization. All of those options are nasty and why does she post one thousand stories??? Who is reading that every day??? What tf new content could you possibly have like that daily

No. 1544813

I’m so confused on how she is showing this much at 7weeks. I get the swollen breast part 100%, but as someone who is in her same size range I barley started showing at 12 weeks. I’m just so confused. Maybe it’s bloating? Idk

No. 1544870

Looking at this photo >>1522354 she’s either further along than she says or she’s just prone to bloating that looks more pronounced because of her awful posture.

No. 1544881

Im pretty convinced she's just arching her back and pushing air into her belly. Just compare >>1544593 & >>1544729

No. 1544891

File: 1654000031428.png (3.86 MB, 1800x1475, E70814C5-EFAB-4255-B7E8-40FB24…)

Anyone catch this gem on her story before she deleted it?
Talking about how she’s definitely not faking it and none of this is fun for her.

No. 1544894

When you’re anorexic and then you start eating like you aren’t you will bloat.
She’s allowing herself to eat because she’s blaming it on the pregnancy when really her body is just starving for any type of nutrition.
Her body is probably holding onto all that food for dear life because it doesn’t know when it’s going to be fed again.
That combined with her manipulating her stomach muscles to push out like that can easily make a fake baby bump.
I can literally make my stomach do the same thing right now and I’m not anorexic or pregnant.

No. 1544905


Remember how she’s stated before that her period tends to be inconsistent? All of the factors you’ve already mentioned (ana-bloat, angles & stomach manipulation), PLUS actual hormonal unrest in her body (just not the hormones she’s pretending) and voilà. She also continues to change how far along she is. Talks about “baby daddy” and “her man” like a delusional psych patient, when we all know that IF he was still entertaining her ass then she’d be documenting every minute of it. I don’t give a fuck what chumpy Pumpy says, she is A LOT of things but a private person she is NOT.

No. 1544910

File: 1654001607179.jpeg (326.1 KB, 1284x2256, 35754C6F-87CD-4B1B-ADD4-AB399F…)

Samefag, it goes from “oMg i cAn’T hiDE mY bUmP aNyMoRe” to content like this the next day. This trash bag is so lost in her own lies that she can’t keep her story straight or consistent with reality. Let’s not forget her stating she called around trying to get an abortion and the screenshot proved only that she called each place back to back & essentially hung up. There is nothing to believe here other than another busted bum bitch who can’t manage her money or relationships is acting out.

Solid catch, anon! Thanks for posting (I missed this). This brings up so many questions: Why delete THIS but leave up pics of your fake bump for the 24 hours? Fast answer is that she obviously noticed something that wasn’t convincing and wanted to axe it before other people did. Also, why get or keep these things if she is tortured by her “inability” to get an abortion. Make it make sense (and no, that’s not an actual request Pumpy - since we all know you’re obsessively reading)

No. 1544924

I'm 16 weeks and barely showing, I think she's forcing it and eating a bunch of carbs to look as pregnant as possible. Her fans are all retards who are unfamiliar with pregnancy aanyway. The swollen breasts thing is definitely possible pretty early (started at about 9 weeks for me) but it's so hard to tell because she has literal implants.
I'll admit, this does look real. Even the dents and the approximate size and shape of the sheet look like my ultrasounds. I don't think she's clever enough to print and fold these the way they come out from the machine. I just wanted to believe Pumpy wasn't this much of a freak.
I mean, this story says it all. You can't start a family and abort the baby, you absolute moron. You have to pick one. She is either a sadist or completely off her rocker.

No. 1544946

Damn, well she’s not faking it but she’s definitely milking it. She can’t accept that this guy doesn’t want her. Denying reality doesn’t make it not true, this is just pathetic

No. 1544949

Thank you For the explanation helps a lot

No. 1544974

File: 1654009775560.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1170x1952, 928A06FA-126F-4014-8393-233FD8…)

Pic for reference. Her body isn’t used to eating more then once a day. She tries to maintain this “i’M sO SmOl” weight n is afraid of food. That’s why she’s romanticizing food so heavy rn, she knows a preggo girl should have a belly n isn’t trying to keep up a certain physical facade. Mento illness. Imo she looks better with the bloat. Not pushing out like some of these pics but the normal “I’m human n I eat” look is much better on her tiny frame.

No. 1544976

File: 1654009957556.jpeg (157.74 KB, 1170x368, BFB0FB67-936D-417E-B21D-B7392A…)

Samefag - heres some of her food romanticism now that she’s not forcing her ed. eating is new to her n she’s realizing it’s nice to not starve.

No. 1545022

File: 1654013213799.jpeg (403.71 KB, 828x1088, 43020C79-7D33-4E79-A6B6-EDA43C…)

There is too much to unpack here.

No. 1545044

the way she keeps saying “I’m getting my first abortion” like it’s a milestone she’s achieving in her life is so fuckin weird

No. 1545087

Yeah I am not convinced she is pregnant. As>>1544910 in that picture her bump is no longer there. Not to mention when she called the abortion clinics the call only lasted a minute or two. Also she wouldn't be showing that early. Is she that batshit insane she printed off fake baby ultrasounds and showed them off? Or is she making a big show attempting to get an abortion but then end up keeping it? Something is definitely off with the whole situation.

Sage for tinfoil.

No. 1545128

imo she is pregnant, it's not hard to get knocked up even if you're gross and stick thin and unhealthy. she doesn't look pregnant because it's way too early. I think she is lying about wanting an abortion because she is trying to babytrap this guy but acting like she's a cool girl it was an accident she's like totally trying to get an abortion!~ hoping he'll be like nooo babe keep it let's make a family

No. 1545130

You’re right I don’t wanna post my ultrasound sound from 9wks pregnant, but if you compare them it doesn’t look the same. Maybe I’m the crazy one, but I have a feeling she might be lying. I could be wrong to.

No. 1545190

File: 1654022867976.png (2.56 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-05-31_02-40-57_PM.p…)

Read the thread, its already been discussed a few times, her BMI is too low to get pregnant.

I got you anon. I googled 9 week ultrasound. Here is the comparison

No. 1545199

No. 1545219

Thank you. I was literally going to say her ultrasound is that of an empty womb.

No. 1545225

I'm not gonna dox my baby for comparison at 8 weeks (she claims 7) but I will say I think whatever image she's showing here >>1544891
is either seriously delayed in development (looks more like 4-5 weeks?) or she's predictably being stupid and does not know how far along she is/didn't listen to her doctor.

No. 1545227

No, there's an embryo in there, just not a 7 week old embryo. Whether or not that photo is actually of her womb is hard to say.

No. 1545236

nice, great comparison pic! hers is clearly devoid of anything even remotely resembling a fetus. so looks like the ultrasound is real, like actually printed from a doctor, BUT was probably taken ages ago for another reason.

my guess is its from her doctor shopping for a fake diagnosis, she wants to be chronically ill so bad. lying telling them she eats ~4k cals a day and has no idea why shes only 70 fucking lbs~ so of course they scan her body, looking for a tapeworm which is the only way she wouldn’t be lying. literally impossible to eat 4k cals a day and be 70lbs, dumb cow

No. 1545386

File: 1654034076768.jpeg (4.36 MB, 2448x3264, 8732AAEE-E063-4485-B5AE-BDF51E…)

Here’s a 5 1/2 week from Google. Seems more accurate from the ultrasound she flashed, not 7-8 weeks.

No. 1545397

Replying directly to your post specifically because I think you’re onto something with that not being of her own uterus. If she’s buying fake positive pee sticks, she’s probably stumbled on quite a few other props for purchase.

As a more general comment from a x2 pregnant anon, all babies develop at the same rate up until 12 weeks. If you get an ultrasound at 12 or less weeks, they can confidently assess how far along you are. This ultrasound isn’t that of an eight week embryo. I’m also confused as to why we’d believe that Pumpy logs every mundane thing with her day and pregnancy, but failed to document her trip to go get an ultrasound. Girl is reaching and her stupidity is preventing her from being remotely convincing. Another borderline cam whore pretending to be pregnant for attention and manipulation, conveniently at a time when abortion is a trending topic and “her man” is sick of her. Shocking.

No. 1545515

That US is a 4-5 week old fetus. Not sure how or why she thinks she’s 8 weeks along, but she’s either stupid or lying. My guess is both. Anyway glad she’s getting an abortion cause she shouldn’t have that baby.

No. 1545517

fuck I forgot to sage pls don’t come for me

No. 1545552

File: 1654048257377.jpeg (167.6 KB, 1170x554, 5BCD8D29-3577-4EFD-9A30-21DF67…)

>My man

No. 1545557

AYRT and I didn’t even see that speck kek I just quickly glossed over it. Since she’s been saying 2 months/7 weeks I was expecting the typical peanut that shows up. I’ve had two kids and know what a 7 week ultrasound looks like and that ain’t it.

I’m still convinced she’s lying. She’s being weirdly obsessive about this pregnancy. And anyone who projects like this is hiding something. It’s obsessive and psychopathic.

No. 1545585

Is there any visible identifying information on those ultrasound papers? She’s saying she’s 8 weeks and like others said that is a younger fetus, so could she have decided to finally buy an ultrasound/a pRaNk ultrasound and it came late? She literally posts every thought she has, if she was pregnant and got an ultrasound she would take every opportunity to show the waiting room, every mind numbing detail really.

Also, if she was getting an abortion she wouldn’t stop restricting so she wouldn’t sabotage the only thing that makes her stand out, but she has to pack calories now to give her bloating to fake it lol. It would be funny if “her mans” bought her laxatives instead of paying for the abortion. If it was real he could have paid for the abortion pills like someone mentioned, no one would draw this out.

No. 1545664

File: 1654058615003.png (3.23 MB, 750x1334, 3F3052C5-0E9C-4CE1-97BC-E56EC7…)

“First trimester” the way she keeps talking as if she’s following through with this pregnancy even though she plans to terminate is really weird and disturbing.

No. 1545665

Feel like if she does terminate it she's going to go through a phase where she obnoxiously regrets it and still won't shut up tbh. She's been obsessed.

No. 1545675

For the record none of the numbers she called are abortion clinics. They were all OBGYNs or other random doctors.
In order from >>1538788 they were:
>Jonah Medical Group (general health clinic)
>Century Women Medical Group (obgyn)
>Saint Ana Women’s Medical Clinic (obgyn)
>North Hills Urgent Care (urgent care center)
>Sunrise Surgical Center (plastic surgery)
>Dr. Joslyn Gumbs (obgyn)
99% of OBGYN clinics do not perform elective abortions. Urgent care and plastic surgeons definitely don’t. She probably only needed a 30 second each call to hear them say “we don’t do that, are you retarded? Call PP.”

No. 1545698

File: 1654064323730.jpg (20.91 KB, 400x225, Fake-6-weeks-Pregnancy-Prank-U…)

Different twice pregnant anon those are definitely more like 6 week ultrasounds (picrel) but who knows I guess.

>>1544910 this reminds me of Ethan Ralph >>>/snow/1418508 early in May's pregnancy he was crowing about her 'showing already' when it was clearly early pregnancy bloat.

Women who don't know about their own bodies and this whole process make me sad. I'm not gonna get into that whole abortion thing, it reads very off indeed, seems like she's absorbed that from the current discussion about Roe and wants to get some of that attention for herself? If so hopefully the whole thing is a ruse cruise because the other is disturbing as hell.

No. 1545924

I’ve never known a single woman in my entire life that talked about an upcoming abortion so much. It’s generally a sensitive topic even if you don’t want kids. The attention seeking is actually insane and not at all normal. Even if she’s not keeping it she has absolutely no maternal instincts and it grossly shows.

No. 1545940

File: 1654097216634.png (3.15 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-05-31_09-26-32_PM.p…)

Shocked no one has talked about this culture appropriation.

No. 1546012

She talked about “laying her edges” all the time before she cut those bangs

No. 1546156

File: 1654113807981.jpg (515.13 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220601-160206_Ins…)

Doesn't make it right.

This is a new lie

No. 1546274

KEK "cultural appropriation" anon you can not be serious

No. 1546285

Ntayrt that’s exactly what a white girl laying her edges n wearing a silk is doing. She’s even made posts trying to teach other white girls how to do it kek urself

No. 1546333

Yeah but we don’t care. Take it to Twitter.

No. 1546344

>I’m shocked a white girl has curly hair and wants to keep her hairline clean
Kek go back to Twitter

No. 1546401

I didn’t take it here but agree with op never found it to be milk hence the sage.

No. 1546479

I think the reason why she’s able to constantly and willingly talking about her “pending abortion” so much is because it’s all a ploy for attention. If it were true, it wouldn’t be as discussed - whether she intended to keep it or not. She probably has it in her head that the more she brings it up, the more she is believed and the more that people are reminded that’s she’s “with her man’s child.”

No. 1546647

Yeah no. It's not cultural appropriation kek and honestly this isn't the place for dumbass shit like that anyway.

No. 1546899

Ok can a nonnie recommend a screen record app bc i have to catch this dumb shit she just posted

No. 1547005

What was she saying cause it looks like it’s gone now

No. 1547097


I use AZ screen recorder. Yesterday she did a screenshot and then a story how she was sexually assaulted by her family member starting at the age of 12. She deleted both of them.

No. 1547129

Its not gone yet. The one where she is talking in a baby voice saying “i get to see my mans”
Tried downloading this one and it didnt work.

No. 1547142

nta but pumpy's hair isn't curly, just wavy at best. Not that miss kentucky bluegrass to know how to properly care for her hair anyway, cultural appropriation or not kek

No. 1547165

File: 1654191038869.png (3.33 MB, 750x1334, 58F56EF5-BC2C-492F-81FB-A07C7F…)


No. 1547171

Back to twitter.

No. 1547253

Kek showing her true motivation for the obsessive “pregnancy” posting

No. 1547256

File: 1654197599496.png (4.53 MB, 750x1334, 26429123-1E26-4200-88F1-5C5141…)

Weird how the “baby bump” gone all of a sudden

No. 1547282

It's not a pregnancy, it's an abortion. You have no plans to maintain it or carry it to term so call it what it is you absolute maniac! Does anyone on Tiktok call her out for being this weird about it?

No. 1547321

Why would he be giving her attention if she's aborting his kid? It's obvious he doesn't want it either otherwise she would be flooding her Instagram with pictures of him.

No. 1547332

Lmao, expect an abortion or miscarriage arc as soon as she realizes this isn’t going to get Ty’s attention back

No. 1547335

It would be entertaining if Tyler ghosted her and didn’t play into her nonsense. It would drive her crazy.

No. 1547379

Not everyone who disagrees with you is a twitard, faggot.

No. 1547489

Have a feeling he’s going to n wants to make sure the abortion is completed first not sure tho cuz she does provide monetary shit for him

No. 1547752

File: 1654243892752.jpg (177.53 KB, 828x1471, mX25jX2h0PXNjb250.jpg)

No. 1547753

File: 1654243962050.jpg (130.34 KB, 828x1471, h0PXNjb250ZW50LW9yd.jpg)

No. 1547846

Jesus Christ her wrist/hand.
Looks like a Halloween skeleton prop

No. 1547922

File: 1654264056881.png (2.34 MB, 1800x694, 8B1C1252-CBFB-47E1-9CC4-9F7A37…)

Single, not single?

No. 1547996

File: 1654268974680.jpeg (1.43 MB, 3262x2101, BD78AD41-E17E-462F-9AEF-6CC442…)

Slamming some girls n making fun of their appearance for having BBL’s while simultaneously liking posts about not shaming n obsessing about a womens choice to have a BBL is par for the course for how her brain works. Is she jealous of their likes on anime n gamer captions since she thinks she was the 1st involved in either n is some fake blueprint everybody copies? No one even knows who she is outside of a niche group. I wish she could see how tone deaf n stupid she looks to everyone who’s not herself.

No. 1548188

How is she the blueprint when she’s single white female’d Sabrina Nellie’s life? Now she’s claiming the “anime mommy” thing. Something she saw on the internet and started using. Other people aren’t allowed to copy the term like she did? Give me a break.

Not everyone wants to look like a stick insect with bolt ons. Those girls have the typical stripper look and are 1000x more attractive (despite the surgery and photoshop) than she’ll ever be. Pumpy, stay mad because you’ll never be as cute as the girls you hate on.

No. 1548353

File: 1654294081927.jpeg (257.32 KB, 1170x1932, 8B92AD5A-B9AF-42E1-8CDD-E4ED7B…)

It’s happening today y’all.
She’s gonna be bleeding for 9-15 days for sure.
I hope she pukes up the pill and has to eat her puke to make sure she gets it all.
Don’t expect her to work for two or more weeks because even though she’s brought you along every step of the way so far, she’ll be too traumatized to do anything afterwards.
OR she’ll go through it easily like 90% of women do and think she’s some sort of miracle beast for being so “strong”

No. 1548356

How can she be so casual

No. 1548379

I’ve noticed this weird phenomenon on Twitter where it’ll be some obviously fake edited photo of one girl and often it’s only that one picture on the profile and a keyword like anime or video games like “would you play video games and watch anime with me uwu can I be ur gamer girl mommy”. Then it gets thousands of interactions despite being some fake account with a gross name like barely legal.

No. 1548384

Kek I was going to say I’m pretty sure those are spam/catfish accounts.

No. 1548386

All 3 of these girls are decently well known, especially the one with the stomach tat

No. 1548407

Lots of times you bleed longer. Every time it’s different depending on person.

No. 1548414

Calling it now, she is 100% going to regret yeeting this baby and she won't be able to fall pregnant again 'when she's ready'

No. 1548448

Yeah, she seems oddly attached to a baby she planned to yeet from the start, even the weirdness of referring to it as "my baby" when she's also so casual and nonchalant about getting rid of it. This bitch is so weird.

No. 1548455

File: 1654304326207.jpeg (57.77 KB, 362x640, DEDD9FB4-9D87-41D4-B6AC-EFB1AF…)

No sign of her "man" since he got back in town last night. Doesn't seem like he even went to the appointment with her

No. 1548559

If “my man” left me aborting our baby alone while knowing n encouraging it I couldn’t even begin to tell you how fast he would be “not my man”

No. 1548590

It’s tacky as hell but she’s probably live-blogging this because she’s genuinely scared and has literally no one in her life to support her or care right now. I’d feel bad for her if it weren’t the bed she made. Well at least she’s going through with it. Can’t imagine how fucked a kid of hers would be.

No. 1548815

Yeah, most other people in this situation I would feel sympathy for. I can't feel much for Pumpy.

No. 1548852

File: 1654353314324.jpeg (800.1 KB, 1170x1800, 6DDF5F05-B0C8-4A07-B399-56711C…)

She’s apparently live blogging it just because she’s brain dead, sadistic, has no moral compass or maternal instinct. She’s documenting it for pity money because she’s actually broke living check to check and sees this as something she can make quick cash for. What do you want to bet Ty / her insurance covered the costs and she’s milking stupid dudes for more when they’re not the ones who knocked her up.

No. 1548855

Yeah in general I’d feel bad for a girl going through an abortion alone with no support from her partner, but Ty is such a known quantity it’s like…what did you expect?

No. 1548915

File: 1654357495618.png (2.77 MB, 825x1800, 02A5DD91-E810-433D-8E6F-955BE6…)

Here’s some images in case she tries to change the story afterwards.

No. 1548920

This is so weird. I’ve had the abortion pill and it’s only 2. They also did it with a group of women. Idk maybe she went to some bougie ass place but the 8 pills still doesn’t make sense

No. 1548923

She said the other day it was going to be 2. I donno where the 8 came from, I’m guessing pain n anxiety meds? Ibuprofen n Valium?

No. 1548936

For later stage pregnancies (8-10 weeks) it’s recommended you take 2 doses of 4 misoprostol tablets to ensure a complete abortion. I had to take 4 for a 4 week old pregnancy.

No. 1549056

they also give antibiotics, anti nausea and sometimes pain medication so everything together could easily add up to 8 pills total

No. 1549122

All this destruction to your own body because you can't tell your scrotes to wear a jimmy hat. The state of this world is dire

No. 1549269

I was six weeks and only two pills. They didn’t give any type of anti nausea or pain pills. Just 2 pills. Watched me take it and sent me home. Idk not adding up

No. 1549275

Honestly the fact that she’s been so casual about this is vile. She was a funny cow, now shes a horror cow

No. 1549315

Idk I don’t think she was ever pregnant Honestly. That or she’s a sociopath.

No. 1549321

I was 10 wks and lost my (sadly very wanted) baby early. My body didn't trigger the miscarriage and I had a lot of tissue to pass in that amount of time but had to take 2 pills also. No pain or anxiety meds, definitely nothing for the nausea unfortunately. They also watched me take the first pill, then I inserted the second at home. I know someone women have the doctor insert the second pill for them, but I'm genuinely unsure why she would need so many pills even if she was "high risk" or whatever. Cant decide if she's exaggerated or fabricated this whole event yet. The first miscarriage she had was definitely fake, though.

No. 1549476

File: 1654389999821.jpeg (396.88 KB, 1170x1345, C829F96F-63F1-48CB-AB8C-86CFE9…)

Bro what the fuck is wrong with her

No. 1549479

Why did she have to run to Twitter about it? Keep your giant lips shut sometime. She's so gross

No. 1549484

She's so disgusting I'm fighting the urge to alog

No. 1549510


Ew. bring back shame, society needs it

No. 1549514

File: 1654392299535.jpeg (63.1 KB, 363x640, 69686A47-738E-4CD3-A61E-F5B700…)

Still no sign of Ty even though he "made sure she wouldn't be alone." She's taking the pills that will start the bleeding right now and said she's scared but he's clearly not there. Pumpy sucks, but Ty's trash for making her go through this alone. He should be ecstatic that she didn't actually baby trap him and at least be there for her now and ghost her after

No. 1549521

File: 1654392694208.jpeg (404.27 KB, 1170x1743, 0D6FE018-CC8B-42B9-B1A3-77F234…)

Hm weird. She’s saying he’s there?
She also said she isn’t sad and doesn’t care about this thing inside her because it’s the size of a bean and doesn’t even have arms.
Can’t wait until she sees it’s tiny fingers, eyes, feet and spine.
She has no idea what she’s in for.