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File: 1479152135237.jpg (62.82 KB, 500x375, IMG_3177.JPG)

No. 198254

(I looked through the catalog and didn't see her on there so if she's posted already- my apologies)
>22 years old (iirc)
>2 kids and recently miscarried number 3
>"can't gain weight"
>lets boys abuse her
>doesn't have custody of her kids
>bought a dog only to parade it around and then sell it
>named her cat "xanny" after Xanax
>leaked poop out of her butt on cam and stuck it back in like nothing happened

Twitter: @sabrina_nellie_
Instagram: @sabrinaanellie

No. 198258

The poop thing is embarrassing, but can you provide more snowflakey behavior?

No. 198260

File: 1479152521502.jpg (273.46 KB, 728x510, IMG_3178.JPG)

Her sister posted this on Facebook

No. 198263

Not to mention, she's not only a cam girl, she's an escort too.

No. 198278

that doesn't mean she's a snowflake? there are hundreds if not thousands of cam and escort girls like her online. where's the milk?

No. 198290

There's no milk here anon. Only moldy cheese salted by such a sad individual.

No. 288772

get your shit together anon, bumping 4 month old threads because you want to see videos of girls pooping is not cool

No. 289008

No. 289027

Who would find someone hot, who pushed thousand of kids out of her pussy…ugh

No. 364969

File: 1501644328758.png (139.93 KB, 750x988, IMG_2780.PNG)

Why is she having another kid if she's not even taking care of her other one?

No. 364970

Kids* I forget about her son she never sees

No. 364982

So that she can have one she actually has legal custody of duh

No. 384743

File: 1505094339597.png (233.13 KB, 750x1064, IMG_3884.PNG)

She just had a double double from In n out like a week or two ago. She posted it in her story. I knew I should've capped it.

No. 384745

the problem shouldn't be if people find her attractive for having kids, its who tf would find someone who neglects their kid attractive

No. 384811

She is probably having a kid for government handouts or something.

No. 384813

File: 1505106515064.png (1.56 MB, 1414x723, log.PNG)

what a lemgthy gal

No. 784382

Not sure why this thread isn't as active. I tried posting about her in the camgirls thread and got attacked for some reason. Anyhow, apparently Brina and the latest babydaddy, AJ, have recently split. The child is only a year old and she claims they are doing ok with co-parenting. The post confirming the split was on her insta story and I didn't have the chance to screenshot. A month or so ago she changed her family IG name to his last name. She was always posting and praising him and his mom and then just nothing. She just got her oldest child living with her full time over the summer and AJ's young child from a previous relationship was in the same household most of the time and would call Brina "mommy" and such.

I noticed something off when she and ex Rhett were liking each others pics and following each other again on IG. I've been following both for years and it caught my attention because a few years back when they split she was posting pics of her bloody self harm wounds to twitter. It was insane. Lo and behold they are now not following each other and the likes are gone after ppl in the comments were asking about it.

I just wonder if she was caught talking to Rhett behind AJ's back. They were dating for years and she cheated on him with AJ. Not sure why she's not mentioned here more but she reminds me of Charms/Lotte except a different train wreck.

No. 784428

File: 1552019478885.png (425.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190226-171812.png)

I've been following Sabrina for a long time. If I knew about this website back then she would have made a great cow. I believe she was posted on TheDirty back in the day and it was quite a saga.

No. 784434

what did Nik richie used to call her on the dirty? like how julia newby was blood diamond etc. i miss that place tbh

No. 784440

Cam dumpster. It was a great nickname. She used to eat a lot of fast good and alcohol. She went vegan like a little while back and I think she made AJ do it too. I bet he missed meat kek

I still follow Julia and her group

No. 784463

Something pretty sad and dramatic was going on a few months ago, aj’s Daughter was being molested by a neighbor boy at her mom’s house, they tried to say being around Sabrina made her think what the boy was doing was okay?
Called CPS on her multiple times, got aj’s Family to turn against her. She was ranting about it on twitter pretty often, I’m willing to bet that drove a wedge between them, along with her camming a lot more often.

No. 784475

Sauce on the poop video?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 784486

Go away, male

No. 784566

IIRC Aj (and Sabrina?) Got custody of his daughter a while back. His first baby mama is just as crazy as Sabrina, she's just very private online.

No. 784604

Damn, so this cunt won't even send small amounts of money to her kid for nice clothes while she's living in luxury and wants another kid? How long until this one goes to her sister again? Or better yet, how cold can a person be that they might raise one kid in luxury while they know the other needs money even for clothes?
I don't know how good this will be as a thread as so far I don't see any continuous actions that are bad and I doubt the sister will just keep posting about her but who knows. Though it might be interesting if her cam sessions are trainwrecks. Speaking of, is there any proof of the poop stream? Like I'm not sure I believe it tbh. It just feels to crazy to believe without proof

No. 784633

Didn't AJ cheat on Sabrina with her best friend and cam girl, Ana Fox? Or was that Rhett? She walked in on it. All of her boyfriends treat her like shit and she just goes with it. Rhett was screaming at her and calling her a retard on her Snapchat forever ago.

No. 784641

yeah AJ cheated on her right when they started dating, she stopped talking to that girl basically but she kept AJ around.

No. 784643

I don't know if TheDirty still works like it used to, but type Cam Dumpster into the search bar and she should come up. There was definitely a video of her doing some unflattering stuff with excrement. KEK.

No. 784648

It’s definitely real. Seens it with my own two eyes

No. 784663

pretty sure its somewhere on efukt in some camwhore compilation i saw ages ago

No. 785189

What are you trying to say? None of this makes sense? Who are you taking about?

No. 785335

File: 1552271807351.png (611.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190310-202729.png)

Not Milky but why do women have babies with mens so early? Together three years and their baby is like one. My god.

No. 785339

I think it's super trashy for parents to be "dissing" each other on social media. Like how reece Hawkins made himself look like an ass and exposed himself has a money seeker. Sorry I know off topic but you get the point. Sabrina needs to take the cam money and invest in birth control

No. 785663

File: 1552357988258.png (374.99 KB, 1080x1654, Screenshot_20190309-215037~2.p…)

Just gossip I found online

No. 785664

File: 1552358029497.png (344.14 KB, 1080x1491, Screenshot_20190309-215048~2.p…)


No. 785687

my god, it's almost like having children is a natural product of sex. weird, right??

No. 788115

i wish this thread was created 3 years ago because truly missed out on some full fat milk shes dried up now but shes been hanging with lilith levsis crowd to praying it returns

No. 788467

Yes anon, I followed her back in the day and am anxiously waiting for some delicious milk.

No. 788918

File: 1553188155062.png (794.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190320-233351.png)

Passive aggressive toward AJ?? I wish one of them would spill some milk about what happened

No. 825524

File: 1561276450598.png (935.63 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190623-012525.png)

Girl can't ever be single. She requires a deadbeat boyfriend

No. 833739


It’s honestly sad. Idk what Sabrina’s mother was thinking giving Chloe back to her. She’s a mess.

Also, it seems she may have gotten the baby taken away. She’s posted about going to court and when she does show pictures of any of her kids it’s always Chloe. No Cora in sight. Wouldn’t surprise me.

No. 844881

File: 1564255392438.png (245.05 KB, 453x647, Screen Shot 2019-07-27 at 12.1…)

Given her recent break ups and track record, she was overdue for a new deadbeat boyfriend. But, unless I'm misunderstanding this story she posted, I don't think anyone predicted she'd pick an incarcerated beau.

No. 844916

god, this comic makes me really annoyed. how the fuck are people supposed to offer help to new moms then? in the comic the dude is verbally asking her "do you need anything?" and she says "nope" while passive-aggresively listing a number of things she could use help with. i hate self-entitled cunts that consistently deny help and then whine about how nobody helps them.

No. 844929


That's her brother.

No. 845046

well i feel dumb

No. 845360

so her brother looks like a deadbeat? neat.

No. 890432

File: 1573173905881.png (205.68 KB, 640x1136, 2B71A8A1-D4AD-4A74-AE1E-F783F0…)

Sabrina’s current bf, or I guess ex now, is just finding this out tonight apparently. Him and his daughter have been all over her IG for the last couple months or so with Sabrinas own daughters barely in sight.

The bf’s baby mother is also Brian’s ex friend. This shit show never ends. Can’t understand why so many men are trusting her with their daughters smh.

Brina also posted on her twitter recently about not having a supportive mother even though her mother raised Chloe. She’s such a spoiled cuxt.

No. 890436

File: 1573174040806.png (172.41 KB, 640x1136, EE2566CF-86B6-4A3C-96AC-C8B3AF…)

Double post to add pic of said tweet and also I meant “Brina’s” not Brian’s

No. 890457

File: 1573178703994.jpeg (146.3 KB, 750x747, 77BE443D-FED7-4B6B-B109-5352F8…)

This is embarrassing. We knew she was trash but yikes. He also confirmed she’s been whoring herself out, he found proof she works for an escort agency on her phone. Screenshot incoming

No. 890458

File: 1573178800538.jpeg (150.56 KB, 750x731, BC0CF3EE-B6AE-40E8-A59E-606984…)

No. 890469

I’m trying to figure out how he wasn’t aware of any of it. I mean, he knew who she was before they started dating. It’s not like it’s a secret that she’s been an escort in the past.

She had her oldest daughter living with her for a while and would regularly post her getting off the bus from school etc. but I have a feeling she’s not living there anymore. She hasn’t posted her much at all and on Halloween Sabrina posted trick or treating on her story with her bf’s daughter but Chloe wasn’t with them. Her baby daughter also lives with the father, AJ, full time. The last time she saw her son was probably years ago. This girl seriously needs to have her tubes tied. I feel very strongly that she legally shouldn’t be allowed to have kids.

No. 890471

Wow this woman seems like absolute trash. 3 kids and doesn’t take care of any of them. Disgusting.

No. 890473

If you've been watching her for a while you know she's mentally unstable. Girl needs help. She definitely shouldn't have custody of any kid.

No. 890906

cam dumpster sabrina is pregnant, yet again.
4 baby daddys, and custody of none of them.

No. 890907

File: 1573259089714.png (66.08 KB, 617x644, sab.png)

No. 890936

Has this bitch never heard of an IUD? Her kids never had a chance. Stop procreating. It’s just child abuse at this point even before they’re conceived.

No. 890943

I’ll point out that she did say WAS pregnant so I don’t think she currently is, but still…WHY?! Why do these men continue to knock her up knowing who and what she is?

I also wonder the situation with her oldest daughter, Chloe, and the grandmother, Sabrina’s mother. How are they able to pass Chloe back and forth so easily? She’s like 10 now, she obviously can understand a lot of what’s going on to some extent. I wonder if the case with AJ getting custody of the baby had any affect on Sabrina’s living situation with Chloe. The baby isn’t even 2 yet and she’s already only seeing her on a visitation basis.

No. 890952

She has had abortions and miscarriages before from drinking while pregnant and using xanax, I'm sure this time was no different.

No. 890984

She deleted this tweet kek

No. 891007

File: 1573288232252.jpeg (23.57 KB, 246x205, AF345CC0-8D7B-464E-A157-35BCAA…)

Someone should gift her a life time supply of birth control for Christmas present. Doing the world a favor.

No. 896440

File: 1574408291777.png (301.87 KB, 750x1334, 6191BFCC-E474-42BA-98B0-8F5D8A…)


No. 896441

File: 1574408552354.png (642.87 KB, 750x1334, F1500617-D6C5-45EA-9B88-1BCC7A…)

Yikes lmao.

No. 896449

File: 1574413597468.jpg (633.81 KB, 1080x2047, Screenshot_20191122-040551_Twi…)

Seems like she might still be pregnant… Yikes

No. 896474

File: 1574425248688.png (182.95 KB, 640x1136, AEEDEAA4-7F1D-4A7F-ABEE-6682D4…)

A now deleted tweet from yesterday. God help this fucking world if she’s pregnant with a 4th child.

No. 896536

Let's just all throw her a big ol pity party

No. 896559

It’s just baffling that she even has the nerve to ask(indirectly)for pity when her entire motherhood, or lack thereof, is plastered all over the internet. She is a deadbeat mother and proud.

Idk if I believe it 100% yet though. She just went through the breakup with Ty and now she finds out she’s pregnant? Wouldn’t surprise me if she was just baiting him to come back and then she will suddenly have another miscarriage and he’ll be trapped. His own fault though.

No. 897397

File: 1574636363010.jpeg (281.73 KB, 1125x1687, F9F83BBF-A3F3-417C-9790-A4E751…)

Soooo… is she actually pregnant, or is she trying to gain attention from her ex/others? Her last 3 pregnancies, she made sure everyone knew she was pregnant by sticking out her stomach a week after finding out. This seems really fishy to me, and I don’t mean her STD riddened coochie.

No. 897467

She's so messy, I really hope she ain't pregnant again. This poor child won't have a chance

No. 897796

File: 1574716498926.png (45.96 KB, 737x324, yikes.PNG)


No. 897966

I think she'll suffer through a fake miscarriage for sympathy points. If she doesn't, she has four babies with four guys, and she won't have custody of three.

No. 898016

Sabrina Nellie…. Where do we even begin? Remember she scammed people when she made/sold lingerie and clothes it was something called “Dainty Lust”. Now she was with cam girl friend Stella Faye’s Ex baby daddy. And she posted today on Twitter “It should be a thing that you talk to your potential new partners ex before becoming official” so dumb. She needs to get a new name and start a new life somewhere far away. Imagine how Stella Faye feels? It’s just too many kids. A whole triangle with ty and Sam (Stella). Maybe the baby daddy’s aren’t bad guys and it’s just her.(namefag)

No. 898021

Im not here to talk shit about her, her life iis just a absolute train wreck its hard to look away! It almost seems to crazy to be real

No. 898022

File: 1574749126677.jpeg (141.39 KB, 828x795, E95154F1-7126-46CA-8665-BC917A…)

Okay so this girl has been Brian’s best friend for a long time N dated her ex Tyler. Guess brina jumped on that when Karin was done.

No. 898023

File: 1574749241629.jpeg (245.74 KB, 828x1065, C14F2C31-C3E6-492F-ABDB-0B5780…)

Also, remember when Brina created camVersity? She was CEO. She was all in charge. Now she’s no whete talking about it or near it. She doesn’t cam. I think she only does escorts(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 898121

How does Stella feel? Idk…she just had her 3rd baby with a 3rd baby daddy so not sure why she would care about Brina being knocked up by her second baby daddy, doesn’t matter that they were friends in the past, they’re both disgusting. The only one up that Stella has is that she actually raises her kids. But she’s still an example for them and showing them that it’s okay to do what she’s doing. She’s not even out of her 20s and she has 3 kids with 3 different guys.

I still follow Karen, I was wondering what happened to her and Brina’s friendship. I didn’t realize that Karen dated Ty. She was advertising Camversity up until a few months back and I wondered what happened with that as well. All of those girls who run camversity run in the same groups in LA so I wouldn’t be surprised if they just had to get rid of her because she’s such a problem in any situation she enters.

No. 898396

File: 1574826687353.png (1.13 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191126-204416.png)

Anything for attention. This girl has never been chubby in her life

No. 898399

What happened to anafoxx?

No. 898426

She is pregnant… again.

No. 898602

Anafoxx works for an escort company and that is how brina got linked up w the guy she prostituted herself too while she was with ty.

No. 898615

That is messed up. Are you sure? What’s your source?
She has 3 kids and pregnant again. Wth

No. 898619

File: 1574891244318.png (5.46 MB, 1125x2436, C7F53A61-C38E-4BB4-B96E-A1B0C5…)

Not the poster, but Ty dished it all out in a tweet.

Also lmfaoooo

No. 898652

What's his twitter? Can someone screenshot the tweet

No. 898660

did anyone see her latest post on twitter?

"rainy weather, listening to a day to remember, playing bored games with family, tomorrow is thanksgiving with baby and BD feeling thankful"

wonder if she is referring to AJ or Tyler?(namefag)

No. 898675

Looks like Tyler deleted his account. It was @TylerArenas.

No. 898676

Is anafoxx’s real name kristin? This about her? If so that would explain why she’s been completely inactive on social media for the past couple years

No. 898677

File: 1574899863277.png (146.13 KB, 640x1136, 755AE4CA-B919-4513-9B32-13CCAF…)

Looks like he deleted or disabled his twitter. I did post a screenshot above, when he tweeted about finding out she was a prostitute.

No. 898678

I assume she’s spending the holiday with AJ as well as the baby, Cora. She recently posted on her twitter that her court order gave her holidays with the baby. She also posted a pic of her and aj and then one of the baby on her IG story just a few days or so before she tweeted about the court order. Maybe they’ve come to an agreeable parenting arrangement.

No. 898710

You have to scroll up to see Tys screenshot post about her being a prostitute.

Why do so many praise this girl on social media it's sad that is her entire life while her son doesn't even know who she is, Chloe lives with sabrinas mom, and her other kids will be lucky to see her on holidays if she's not blacked out on a guys floor somewhere

No. 898721

Wow that is so fucked up. I always suspected she worked as an escort

No. 898798

Her boyfriend jumped off Sabrina’s old apartment balcony and killed himself, after that anafoxx went off the deep end and I don’t blame her
She had some foreign boyfriend for a while but I don’t think she’s really capable of feeling anymore, probably doesn’t bother her to escort…

No. 898809

Wait what?! Is that really how anafoxx bf died?

No. 898813

>leaked poop out of her butt on cam and stuck it back in like nothing happened

OH this better have footage. That's fucking hilarious.

No. 898814

NGL I'm only here for the poop

No. 898825

I have a copy on my computer, will I get perm-banned if I upload it here?

No. 898834

Gross, and yeah. You would.

No. 898847

Why though? Tuna and Shayna's horror-porn gets uploaded here all the time. As long as she isn't underage in it, who cares?

No. 898898

Upload it somewhere else a post a link

No. 898913

Can someone please tell me how her boyfriend died . And please don’t be offended I ask that, I just am curious if that is true.. him jumping off balcony ….

No. 899019

You can find her poop video when you Google sabrina nellie poop

It happened more than once lol

No. 899044

Post it

No. 899064

I believe he did jump over a balcony. Not sabrinas balcony though. Sabrina actually tweeted something about it the day after but then shortly took it down..

No. 899144

I’m ashamed to admit that I tried this and it did not work

No. 899145

She scammed people with Dainty Lust??

No. 899154

Same, don't know whether to be disappointed or relieved at the lack of results

No. 899275

I accidentally posted this reply in the camgirl thread yesterday so just moving it over here:

Not trying to wk, but the poop situation is way overrated to me. Given the fact that she is/was a pill popping drunken slut it’s not surprising that shit leaked out while she’s ramming her ass with a dildo. Her ass that everyone and their bro has run up in. I’ve also watched too many cam girls and seen my fair share of puke and various other bodily fluids so I may be biased.Given the circumstances, I think she handled the situation as best as she could have, pretend nothing happened and keep it going lmao.

The way everyone explains it before you see it makes it seem big explosive and messy when it wasn’t, she just had an accident and shoved that shit back in and then excused herself out of embarrassment.

No. 899299

Google sabrina nellie mfc
Click videos and it's 5th one down

No. 899303

File: 1575054044330.png (Spoiler Image, 6.06 MB, 2436x1125, 7AECF22E-5DE0-4408-8AB9-878672…)

Please do not ban me

No. 899317

From what I remember she wasn’t technically ramming it with a dildo but more like lazily fingering it, which makes it even funnier. I agree it’s old news though cause if you google “cam girl poop” you can find dozens of girls accidentally shitting themselves on camera.

No. 899433

I think the reason people have made a big deal out of it is bc she portrays herself as this perfect flawless girl that never does anything wrong, and getting sloshed on cam and poopin a lil is really trashy. Its not just something that happens all the time lol

No. 899472

Definitely doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s not unheard of in cam world. That or puking, passing out, pissing on themselves, farting during cumshows etc. all that yummy stuff.

If you only look at Sabrina and don’t listen to anything she says, then I can see how one could have an impression of innocence. But she’s been trashy since she’s had a social media account. Ever since her and Rhett broke up she’s had this fake positivity bullshit spewing going on. When they were together she was always posting their toxic relationship/fights. I remember her posting bloody self harm photos around then. And then she would post something totally different and all loved up the next day. She’s always been open about her life when she speaks. Whenever I see her pic posted somewhere and there are people talking about how perfect and angelic she is I’m always tempted to link her twitter for them to have a look at lol.

No. 899565

File: 1575085512481.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.42 KB, 500x542, Sabrinan.jpg)

No. 899570

She basically created a lingerie company (if you could even call it that) and people prepaid for items that were never sent. Typical cow behavior

No. 899575

Is this for real?? "Called crazy" … Riiiight. That actually IS crazy, not to mention scary, unhealthy, and a desperate cry for attention. I just started following this thread and, wow, she might be the worst, imo.

No. 899581

File: 1575087485261.jpg (178.89 KB, 728x510, 19031331-728x510.jpg)

Evidence of the scam

No. 899582

File: 1575087541810.png (120.72 KB, 1075x1234, Screenshot_20191129-211541.png)

The only post is from September 2018. The website link is broken.

No. 899946

No way… Not only did she mutilate herself, but then she had to go and post it for all of her followers to see?! Add this to the list of reasons of why she does not have any business popping out more kids.

No. 899950

File: 1575177707922.jpeg (166.15 KB, 1125x697, A7DE4C76-FF33-446B-8B51-609F93…)

Lol saying she finds cocky people unattractive one minute and then the next she goes on about how cute she is.

No. 899956

I really wonder what happened in her childhood to make her like this. Imagine being objectively a Stacy and still THIS dysfunctional. How has she not learned that getting knocked up won't make a man wife you.

No. 900027

I think she’s mentioned a few times that she doesnt have a good relationship with her mom, and as far as i know she has literally never ever mentioned her dad. So that probably has a lot to do with it

No. 900129

This reminds me, does she still run camversity?

No. 900173

No. 900204

Is she still camming?

No. 900212

oh my god everyone in this thread is retarded. Sage ur shit if it’s not milk!! for god sakes people

No. 900213

Someone asked her when she'd be on cam again on Twitter and she replied "in 9 months lol"
So she's gonna have this baby and already has planned on not taking care of it, and jumping back on a dildo instead. What a great mother

No. 900282

File: 1575245508839.png (159.75 KB, 1440x977, Screenshot_20191201-181109~2.p…)


No. 900313

Sage your shit and she has mentioned her father multiple times. She’s posted pics with her and him when she was little and pic attached is with her youngest daughter, from Aug 2018. I think he was mostly absent, but she still does know him and sees him here and there in life.(do not post family members unrelated to drama)

No. 900339

how are you going to tell someone to sage then post family members and a child? wtf

No. 900344

Well her family page is private and I’ve followed her twitter for years and never seen a picture of him. Posting family members is off limits anyway, try not to be such a cunt and follow the rules.

No. 900358

I went to the family page throw her Own IG, don’t even follow the family one? I thought public pictures were allowed my bad and it’s too late to delete. I stand by my sage comment though.

No. 900364

pictures of family/children are never allowed. the mods will probably delete it.

No. 900368

File: 1575254828534.jpeg (87.13 KB, 740x694, 4E38A7A8-341B-4606-AAC1-033DAD…)

It is private. So yeah its against the rules. Bitching about saging but blatantly breaking the rules, you must be about as smart as brina. Kek

No. 900380

How come she doesn’t do camversity anymore what happened with that? Also , is she still friends with Sandra ?

No. 900388

File: 1575259066449.jpeg (235.13 KB, 1125x1413, C3FCD1E0-7190-4123-85E9-CA50C3…)

No. 900391

After everything she’s PUT HERSELF through, she needs to be put on birth control. She’s so self-righteous holy shit

No. 900392

Worst mom of the year 2019

No. 900465

She's not on camversity bc she's been a prostitute and now is pregnant so she will be not eating for o months then posting shitty workout ig videos for attention after. She is human prostitute scum

No. 900503

Wow shitty for her . She quit caming to be a prostitute .. huh. And I remember a couple months ago she was going I make a come back to MFC but then she canceled the day she was supposed to and got rid of her account and went back on camversity . She is weirdddd. How does she know who the baby daddy is since she’s a pregnant prostitute ? Lol

No. 900608

More than likely she has nothing to do with camversity because she spent the intervening years being in a constant state of pregnancy. Part of me believes she's miscarried more times than we know… but then again, she's never been one to pass up the opportunity for people to pity her.

Plus, I could have swore the whole ownership of camversity being women was full of shit. Like some random albert dude was behind a ton of the LLCs or something like that. I'll have to find the forum or twitter thread about this.

No. 900620

Camversity is run by men, they gave a few camgirls a share of it to say they run it but as you can tell the site was a bust and is used by only Romanian women and Lena the std

No. 900639

Yes, I didn't know it was Sabrinas apartment balcony though. Damn. I remember Sab and Ana were caming in Vegas at the time it was around NYE either 2014 or 2015.

No. 900642

She is a very pretty woman and though her choices might be frowned upon by others.. we are all fighting a battle of some sort. Big or small. Do any of you know what she went through? You are not her nor walked her path. I do not agree with some of her choices however it is HER life and she is a human like us all. Everyone deserves to be treated as such. If you don’t like someone then don’t, it’s your right. No one is expected to like others or agree with their choices but why worry about others so much to the point of hatred? At this point you are all only affecting yourself.. not her. Resentments and bitterness is a prison to yourself. It only brings you down and wastes your time and energy. I truly empathize with her reading these unkind comments. Let her live and worry about yourselves. Sitting on the internet on a forum to bring someone down is honestly not a very sane or normal behavior … ps- Sabrina if you are reading this forum, I do not know you, but I send you love and light. You deserve to be treated with kindness and don’t owe shit to anyone! Best wishes xx

No. 900644

I'll admit I used to watch her cam a lot, not as a perv, just as a female fan because I thought she was really beautiful. She didn't speak about her relationship with her mom a lot but she did lie about her father being dead. She told the chat he died of a cocaine overdose on cam once but he is very much alive.
Sabrinas younger brother is a mess too, he's in and out of jail since he turned 18.
Sabrina looks really identical to her mom.

No. 900648

She must get paid a lot for prostitution then because she made really good money when she consistently cammed.
Did they really ever unban her? I remember her saying that too but never saw her profile back up.

No. 900652

Where do these anons come from? I remember this girl from the first drama but when threads end up like this it's obvious it's just people from her inner circle posting and whenever that happens in threads it ruins it.
I don't know her entire life story and every one of her boyfriends and baby daddies and family, just post some milky screenshots if you know her

No. 900660

File: 1575319577570.jpeg (1.79 MB, 4032x3024, F2DB9AB4-BA35-4322-850B-8E5E17…)

I love how anon tagged me in a post. I live in a rural town in Wisconsin and found her through Instagram. I became intrigued by her beauty and her personality. I am not in her “inner circle” (implying that term definitely shows behavioral issues of cognitive challenges including gaslighting, deflecting, and projecting unnecessary blame).. I have never spoke to her nor follow her on any platforms other than IG. The fact anonymous users are posting and accusing people who stand up for others is not only insane but shows some sort or deep rooted paranoia. It is VERY irrational to jump to assumptions of others without having knowledge or insight. As someone studying psychology, I feel most of these comments are from the same person or a gathering of inconsiderate people with no time on their hands but to “hate” on the internet. I empathize with you as well. Is there a way I can post my Ip location to prove I am not in Sabrina’s inner circle as you call it.. bizarrely so.. please consider getting professional health as this is abnormal and irrational behavior. Majority of the posts show what the user is implying - narcissism.. obsession.. sociopathic tendencies. I feel this is an ex or a jealous “friend” past tense or present”(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 900662

Maybe she is just a shit person that plays victim and to be perfect on social media, and in reality she is a fake positive, narcissistic, shit mother who doesn't raise her own 3 kids, sleeps with only her friends exes. It's honestly sad you see into her fake persona.

No. 900703

File: 1575327362023.jpg (74.41 KB, 600x800, 14031831025ce41.jpg)

Karen is not Tylers ex. Tylers ex & baby momma is a girl that used to cam under the name Stella Faye. They were friends for years. Brina and her did have some drama 3 or 4 years ago involving Tyler somehow but they never went into detail.

No. 900706

Karen and stella are both Tyler's ex actually

No. 900713

Was he with Karen right before Brina then?
I know he dated Stella for years from 2013 to 2018.

No. 900854

File: 1575350549422.png (22.07 KB, 584x236, SabrinaNellie on Twitter_ _Are…)

and yet she still spread her legs for em.

No. 900859

So…y'all have never heard of TheDirty, huh?

No. 901249

This sh** is bananas!!

No. 901356

>>901249 the namefagging in this thread i….mods plz

No. 902892

File: 1575717713247.png (51.84 KB, 598x418, SabrinaNellie on Twitter_ _I g…)

Whenever she posts more milky content on twitter and elsewhere, there's always at least one or two people who provide a reality check.

No. 903011

I know this sounds bad but I honestly think she is a little bit mental. I think she was born mentally challenged. A feel like a monkey is more smart than she is.

No. 903061

I'm sure she will be posting about another "rainbow baby" soon

No. 903177

Maybe she likes having all these kids for government funds

No. 903646


I think in order to receive child welfare payments she'd have to have primary custody. And it doesn't seem like she has a lot of custody time with any of her children.

No. 903737

She’s definitely maintaining the same lifestyle and not camming. Seems to ignore anyone who calls her out on escorting.

No. 905201

File: 1576257905622.png (21.25 KB, 526x191, SabrinaNellie on Twitter_ _Bee…)

Does she want a cookie or something? Christ.

No. 905451

Breaks up with one and is ready for the next a week later..

No. 905639


>Imagine being objectively a Stacy and still THIS dysfunctional.

Are you suggesting "Stacy" types are normally immune to the same problems that face non-"Stacy" types or something?

No. 906153

File: 1576480324798.png (85.62 KB, 1258x376, Screen Shot 2019-12-15 at 11.1…)

On to the next victim.

No. 906346

It’s probably best that her kids don’t live with her if she’s going to bring a new random man home every other month. Hopefully she at least runs background checks on them before she introduces them to her children/ gets knocked up by them

No. 906353

>running background checks

Lol yea this bitch ain’t doing anything like that. A responsible mother with kids at home might do that with a man she’s committing to. But some whore who’s getting knocked up several times by several different men? No.

Also is she really pregnant ? How is she getting all these dudes while pregnant? I mean I know it’s not out of the realm of possibilities…but still. Maybe she actually got an abortion. Which would be smart.

No. 906367

She probably got an abortion since she’s promoting her vids and upcoming onlyfans content. Also, I doubt a responsible adult with 3 kids would post their fun day out at knottsberry farm with their “adult” friends.

No. 906429

Those videos are super shitty and you could download them for free a couple of years ago. She is probably going to try to sell her MFC old content on OF. Besides she hasn’t uploaded new hd pics like she used to.
She is such a scammer. Those vids are shit. Probably she needs the money.

No. 906704

This girl is so desperate for attention, since Myfreecams wouldn't let her back she's trying to make money.

No. 906729

Do you know why MFC won't allow her to stream?

No. 906735

She broke their TOS by promoting that camversity site while she was live streaming on myfreecams.
They banned a few girls at the same time for the same thing but at least 1 has been allowed back since then.

No. 906806

They let her create a new account and she was bragging about a comeback. Looks like they changed their minds cos that was back in August.

No. 907076

Who would buy her vids when you can Google brina_ mfc and tons of her come up for FREE lol

No. 907945

File: 1576869249147.jpeg (171.94 KB, 828x1010, 7D60C5AE-8FD7-4C45-9B0B-EA6E18…)

So she’s getting back with Rhett(?)(namefag)

No. 908044

File: 1576881810312.png (675.81 KB, 640x1136, 891EFAD7-CF62-402F-AA13-08F783…)

Rhetts IG story with her on the toilet. Don’t think they are back together though.

No. 908045

File: 1576881875387.jpeg (416.63 KB, 640x1136, 3DE6D074-6348-4621-820C-7F9366…)

Dropped other photo my bad.

No. 908120

Why is he obsessed with filming her on the toilet? This is not the first time.

No. 908189

He's probably got a tinkle fetish. He's pretty nasty, they belong together.

No. 908212

I remember her saying on cam once how she asked Rhett to pee on her. She used to post herself peeing on private snapchat all the time.

No. 908213

There's a short video of her giving him a blowjob online. She's said before he loves to pee on her and "she likes to he peed on"

No. 908222

Why do douchebags have the biggest dicks?

No. 908339

It seemed like he was throwing some type of liquid at her in the IG story while she was on the toilet. In the second pic she was getting up laughing and said “stop” and then looked like she was falling to the floor with her pants still down, but the story cut off.

No. 909537

Wtf so is she still acting like she’s pregnant? Or visibly drunk so getting an abortion or faking miscarriage? Or maybe never pregnant at all(namefag)

No. 910693

Posts about getting her kid for the holidays. Ends up spending them with Rhett. Her maturity level is 13 year old at best.

No. 910791

nice she’s back with Rhett cool(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 910811


Sauce on that?
(Is the actual video circulating, or just the cam footage filming the video on her phone?)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 910875

Typical hipster. Trust fund baby who thinks he's been through stuff and woke but hasn't achieved fuck all.

No. 910879

File: 1577519132390.png (1.01 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191228-004525.png)

Definitely dating again. I guess she missed getting peed on

No. 910880

File: 1577519173557.png (976.07 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191228-004505.png)

Also she was still with AJ last February. Kek.

No. 911139

Wasn't she supposed to be taking care of her baby in February too? How does one complain about a man not being responsible and getting his shit together yet she still lost primary custody to said man?

No. 911140

Pic is basically saying "Ha Ha. I was cheating on you while you had to take care of our baby". Real classy.

No. 911158

What a wonderful role model for her kids to see when they Google her.
Rhett is a drug dealer and she just wants someone to support her she is too immature to be alone. Yet praises herself on being "an independent Capricorn"

No. 911159

More like a spit out candycorn

No. 911320


Sounds like aj still isn’t over here

No. 911334

Your typical Western thot

No. 911337

File: 1577646593728.jpeg (123.78 KB, 1242x563, 38B2AF31-385F-4131-8D5E-E13F68…)

No. 911537

3 of your exes, you have kids with. You could at least wish them a merry Christmas. She's such a waste of humanity.

No. 911539

3 kids, and didn’t see one of them on christmas. She also shares a birthday with baby cora, and didnt even see her either that day. Instead she spent it with rhett at a theme park. Priorities!

No. 912856

File: 1578004254971.png (32.42 KB, 526x313, (2) SabrinaNellie on Twitter_ …)

Oh no. It's starting again.

No. 913022

So I wonder if while she’s preg for the millionth time if she’s just going to get paid promoting other cam girls? That’s all she’s been posting. This is a shit show(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 913120

I bet her kids feel the same lol

No. 913159

File: 1578077000614.png (Spoiler Image, 3.19 MB, 1125x2436, FA64DFC0-9290-4717-A4AB-682557…)

Rhett posted this on his snap on New Year’s Day

No. 913173

well since it seems like they're hooking up again, think she might be fulfilling any of those DaintyLust preorders now? /s

What's particularly sad is that, IIRC, didn't Rhett just dip out on her suddenly when they broke up? How much you wanna bet he's gonna do the same? And that's only if he even is treating this like anything more than a few hookups with the ex.

No. 913576

They broke up because Sabrina was cheating on Rhett with AJ. So I don’t really blame him for just dippin out when all that went down. Just find it funny that they are back together after all that.

No. 913683

It really seems like they are holed up in his apartment doing drugs and fucking.

No. 913693

Woah I remember Rhett as being like a regular skater/stoner looking guy but creeped his Instagram and he’s full wook now. But like fashion wook? SoCal wook?

Say something nice: her body doesn’t change at all despite having like 4 kids now. Pregnancy terrifies me I have no idea how she just keeps popping these babies out without any thought

Sage for no contribution or new milk just commentary

No. 913830

File: 1578199242021.jpeg (482.02 KB, 828x1474, 146CE5D4-2AD5-45C6-8BA9-E83226…)

there’s a video on rhetts story of him playfully hitting her with this toy light saber on normal places like her arm and then he sticks it between her legs while they’re walking around this store which is just …….

No. 913960

That’s because she doesn’t eat and can’t even carry her babies to full term.

No. 914079

Shes camming tonight and reopened her private snapchat. No baby I guess??

No. 914080

She’s camming tonight so I guess no baby!

No. 914116

Rhett is too self absorbed to want kids. Might be better if they are together.

No. 914206

Crying on cam about how men she’s dated are shitty. Does she ever take responsibility?

No. 914208

I almost want to make an account on that website just to call her out for not taking care of her kids!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 914253

File: 1578306093869.jpeg (160.25 KB, 1123x707, 7F7981A0-8A76-4D2A-8E3E-D02DAF…)

Wrong, using your hours “smarter” would require setting at least 1 hour aside for your children

No. 914522

File: 1578355641620.jpeg (230.01 KB, 828x1242, EF362A22-32DE-4958-A39F-273000…)

Except take care of your kids(emoji)

No. 914532

She thinks throwing money at a situation is more than enough love.

No. 914704

she's on cam now drinking wine so definitely not pregnant LOL

No. 914709

I’m wondering whether her claiming to be pregnant again was all just a lie to manipulate her ex, or whether she actually terminated it

No. 914769

Idk, she had her arm draped over her belly all night. When she was finishing off the wine, she said it was apple juice… idk, might be pregnant.

No. 914770

File: 1578406395964.jpg (647.71 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20200107-081305_Ins…)

No. 914798

Her teets look dark so I’m guessing still bred.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 914839

did anyone else who watched her cam show notice she kept running off out of the view of the cam and making sniffing noises? at first i thought she might be snorting something but she did look like she was fixing makeup under her eyes one time afterwards so maybe crying idk

No. 914936

Seemed as if she’s still not over Ty and is using Rhett as a rebound

No. 914974

Exactly what I was thinking. Rhett dealt with a lot of her bullshit during their relationship. He’s accepting her after they dated for years and she cheated on him with hero at recent baby daddy.

The only thing I’m hung up on is if she is actually pregnant. Rhett didn’t want her to be pregnant with his kid, so why would he be fucking her while she’s pregnant with someone else’s kid? At the same time, I wouldn’t put it past her to fake a pregnancy in order to gain the ex’s attention. Personally, I don’t think she is actually pregnant because she seems tipsy in Rhetts recent IG stories. Just my speculation though.

No. 915015

File: 1578449151477.jpeg (185.99 KB, 750x1283, F7E79127-E490-4F22-BB31-80A45F…)

Idk if anyone is interested but I found anafoxx’s instagram, and her real name is kristin so yep, she’s also an escort

No. 915044

The other day when she was camming she mentioned that she was on her period while smoking a cbd pen, so more than likely she’s not pregnant and that was just her last attempt to get Ty back. AndI’m pretty sure if she was still pregnant she would use that to manipulate Ty, but I really don’ know. I’m just curious to see how this shit show plays out haha

No. 915054

She was talking shit about Ty while she was on cam saying he broke her phone and he cheated on her with another cam girl and someone had mentioned her escorting with Kristin and she totally denied it saying that he lied about it. Come on girl, you’ve been caught escorting before. We all know you do it!!

No. 915103

Eeeshhhh ya’ll be so obsessed with this chick. Get a life(namefag)

No. 915249

Yes, Sabrina were all obsessed with your shit show life. KEK.(hi cow)

No. 927380

Damn she’s really looking super strung out in all of Rhett’s insta stories. Gross.

No. 927382

this is an imageboard. post caps and learn to integrate, facebook-chan.

No. 927576

Nah.(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 927588

So is she just mostly living off of Rhett now? There’s no way she’s making as much on camversity as she was in her prime at MFC, especially since she’s not on consistently.

No. 927681

Supposedly she escorts. Her last ex outed her out saying he found evidence on her phone.

No. 927725

Damn. Just a few years ago she was making 60k some months without having to touch anyone but herself.

No. 929165

Who knows, maybe she was escorting then too.

No. 929287

File: 1581091681463.gif (8.41 MB, 600x1067, brina dead inside.gif)

The exact moment she remembers she leads a hollow existence.

No. 929609

File: 1581153924006.gif (4.19 MB, 368x656, StorySaver_notorious_rhett_768…)

Clearly drugged out and getting her pussy rubbed by this loser

No. 929646


Damn. I've been following Brina since her pink apartment days and really thought she was maturing when she had her last kid and seemed so focused on family. I wonder who is watching her youngest daughter while she's plastered on the floor with a foot on her pussy?

No. 929979

Pretty sure the baby daddy has full custody. She doesn’t have custody of any of her children, not even partial.

No. 933584

She isn’t plastered, she does ketamine

No. 933617

Did she admit to that?

No. 933654

Brina denies that she ever met a girl she cammed with regularly, she denies she ever tried weed, she denies things she posted publicly the week before. shes not going to post about doing it. shes done k since she had the pink apartment in san marcos. when shes sloppy and passing out its not only the alcohol.

No. 934395

I can back up that I have witnessed her say on cam that she doesn’t smoke weed because “it doesn’t do anything for her” but she has pics from like 5-6 years ago at Coachella smoking and also was smoking on Rhetts IG story recently.

No. 938060

Maybe she’s smoking crack

No. 941366

Still no kids in sight as she becomes Rhetts sugar baby.

No. 941543

I hope she’s at least paying child support for them.

No. 941862

File: 1583498126969.jpeg (96.02 KB, 640x634, 72382E7E-D6EF-40CE-B2A6-274B05…)

What’s also funny is that now Karen and Ty are hanging out again lol. Apparently Brina and Karen had the falling out because Brina started dating Ty, which is Karen’s ex supposedly? That’s what I have gathered at least. I saw they were following each other when they weren’t before. But then I noticed last week they were both posting on their stories at the same location, just not together in any of the vids/pics but they were basically posting identical stories on their IG’s.

If it is true that they fell out because Sabrina was dating Ty then I find it funny that Karen isn’t holding Ty to the same standards. But she also knows a lot more about Sabrina behind closed doors so maybe they reconnected over both being fucked over by her lol.

No. 941864

Samefag but I forgot to mention that Karen also stopped following Rhett on both her IG accounts. Before Rhett was back with Brina, Karen and Rhett would always post each other on their stories calling each other best friends for years and all that shit. I just can’t believe that these people are parents.

No. 942202

Her new home looks really flashy and super expensive. Yet she hasn’t been working so what’s she doing for money???(namefag)

No. 942290

Home is in LA probably far away from kids. Rhetts' paying for it with drug money and reselling supreme. Ya happy?

No. 963265

File: 1587529283826.png (1.13 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200421-215843.png)

Rhett definitely playing with a bottle of sprite with lean

No. 1005409

Sabrinas ex Tyler is now dating problematic camgirl Stormy (aka pumpkinspice) so that should go well……

No. 1005463

File: 1594452514080.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1439x1608, Screenshot_20200710-234751_Sam…)

The camslut/scammer is back(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1006405

File: 1594663491714.png (1.36 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-07-13-14-03-19…)

"Catch these hands" loooooool

No. 1006472

I honestly thought she either

A. Is wearing a shoe as a glove.

B. Managed to lift her leg and bend it so it looked like she was rustling her hair with her shoe.

No. 1006772

Anybody know AJ's social media?

No. 1006779

File: 1594713818981.jpeg (652.84 KB, 828x1467, 66BE397F-0841-4A3B-9E0E-932D36…)

She doesn’t look too well at all

No. 1007112

File: 1594765720917.jpeg (109.68 KB, 1125x564, 01487CD8-4079-414D-B21D-A0748C…)

His insta

No. 1007446

I think she’s still not over Ty. That relationship ended so sudden for her, and she doesn’t seem too happy with Rhett imo, I could be wrong tho

No. 1007463

I saw her stream yesterday. Her face looked very gaunt and legs thinner than usual. Maybe drugs.

No. 1007962

File: 1594867663131.jpeg (79.88 KB, 640x857, 18804C74-2AA4-4ABD-A42A-1AF21C…)

Looks like stormy isn’t the only girl he talking to i followed her and asked her if she was a cam girl after seeing a few of her stories id watch her she said thats disgusting she actually works for her money and blocked me. Poor girl doesn’t know yet his baby momma and half his exes are cam girls someone spare this girl.

No. 1008854

I doubt she’s even over AJ. Rhett is just her comfort zone it seems, but I don’t think they will last in the long run.

It’s hard for me to believe that she isn’t on something based on her recent appearance in her pics posted on Twitter and the fact that Rhett is always getting fucked up. I wonder if she sees her daughters at all. Poor Chloe at such a critical time in a girls life where she needs her mom.

No. 1008872

I agree! You can tell when someone has been using, she just doesn’t seem healthy.

I don’t think she’s over AJ either, but I feel like if she wanted to get back with him he would easily take her back since they have a kid together. I just hope all the kids are cared for…

As for Ty, I think that may have hurt her more letting go of that relationship, she even went as far as saying she was pregnant to keep him around with aj she didn’t really fight for that relationship.

No. 1009218

Holy shit I completely forgot about the fake pregnancy. Yeah she was so desperate to get him back. I think if he ended up going back she definitely would have gotten pregnant at some point, that’s her MO but I’m not even sure why anymore because it’s never worked like she hoped and it never will.

No. 1009779

Wait didnt brina go live on IG saying AJ tried to kill her and wouldnt give her coralie

No. 1011505

I heard brina is kidnapped and sold in Peru(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1011565

Rhett thinks he a comedian. Stick to dealing drugs.

No. 1018350

File: 1596699781366.jpeg (604.97 KB, 828x1465, 8BD3655B-9388-480C-A217-4015E6…)

And she’s back at it again. Attention seeking much?

No. 1019282

What happened? Another abortion?

No. 1019597

She said kidney stones?!!

No. 1021208

File: 1597151073758.jpeg (37.61 KB, 750x356, C698C943-23E2-4D33-A2DF-11D59E…)

Noticed that AJ changed his bio to this. Is Ocean a nickname for Cora? I don’t recall ever hearing her called Ocean.

No. 1021443

I think that was Coras middle name

No. 1035995


No. 1035996

No. 1035997

File: 1599676364173.png (2.81 MB, 750x1334, 249F23A8-1654-4F4B-BCA6-ABF33C…)

Yea, someone said Brina wasn’t lookin too good. she isn’t well.

No. 1035999

File: 1599676400216.png (Spoiler Image, 2.31 MB, 750x1334, 0FB15A76-95D8-405A-8439-E5BFBB…)

No. 1036214

Wow, she looks like shit. Hope she gets it together for her kids…

No. 1036305

She doesn't take care of her kids when she is "well" what is the difference
she only uses them for positive attention when needed

No. 1042529

looks like Sabrina definitely doesn't want her children although is claiming to get healthy for her kids!? Anything for attention(read the rules)

No. 1042565

Sage for no contribution but as much of a fuck up Sabrina is, I can’t see the good in telling a child so young her own mother doesn’t care about her.

(I think that’s what I’m getting from this post anyway, it’s confusing to read)

No. 1042685

Jesus does AJ not know how punctuation works? Just gave myself a headache attempting to read that.

No. 1042906

It was confusing to read. I haven’t heard AJ talk much but this makes me feel like he barely speaks English. As far as the content of the post, he was explaining to his older child, Penelope, about Sabrina. He wasn’t telling Cora that her mother doesn’t care…although depending on what he said to Penelope, she could relay it to Cora. But isn’t the baby only around 3?

I hope he didn’t flat out say to Penelope that Sabrina doesn’t want or care about Cora…I hope he explained it in a way that’s the truth but not the whole truth. Not to blog, but when my child was around 5 and started asking about their absent father I just told them that he didn’t feel like he was ready to be a father so he chose not to be. A way that was part of the truth but not so harsh. Hopefully that’s the route he took.

At least with Rhett you know he will just
have her abort if she becomes pregnant. Strange how he is the only guy that can prevent her from having his child.

No. 1044458

Where did Aj post this?

No. 1044478

from what i remember rhett isnt fertile he cant have children even if he tried

No. 1044484

these kids need better parents sabrin has never been arojundaj is a broke bum that makes his mother car for children. Penelopes mom is a drugged up whore. disator(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1049957

It’s his birthday and they are hanging out with trans? Why(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1059550

File: 1602801072674.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 647.82 KB, 750x1085, 57074BCE-3BAF-4BC8-A59E-286454…)

Claims she’s gained 10 lbs

No. 1059601

she looks like she maintained if anything. I wonder what treatment center she supposedly went to assuming she actually went and stayed

No. 1059632

She probably went to a detox center finally. She is extremely sickly looking still.

No. 1060395

Ya’ll be so far up this girls ass it’s pathetic(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1060399

File: 1602932670274.jpeg (176.74 KB, 828x1236, 2E54F877-BE74-4DDF-87CB-80A24A…)

She do be looking healthier can’t even hate

No. 1060401

Is that really her hair or a wig?????

No. 1061750

Trouble in paradise? Seems her and Rhett are over

No. 1061753


Pics or it didn’t happen: this is an imageboard luv.

No. 1062612

She’s using an IG filter on her face in this photo, but her hair does look very healthy.

No. 1062979

No Rhett means she will be pregnant with a new fuckboi by December

No. 1065668

3 kids she doesnt take care of and is now living with her dad, and is steadily losing thousands of followers on twitter and ig.
She hit her peak in 2015 and is so desperate to cling on to her "image"

No. 1065685

She can easily make money she just got lazier and lazier(newfaggotry)

No. 1066516

File: 1603484103642.png (1.03 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201022-005536.png)

You're not as good an animal mom as you want to believe. Remember her cat xanny? It ran away twice. It's a sign.

No. 1066854

Not a good animal mom.. not a good human mom..

No. 1066856

I mean, I wouldn’t expect someone who’s named their cat after Xanax to be the best pet owner.

No. 1066865

Omgggggg she’s pregnant again?! Rhett posted it
He’s a drug dealer this can’t be good

No. 1066866

You can track IP address on this site some are coming up in la also San Diego must be some of her “friend” talking(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1067173

File: 1603569283990.jpeg (390.85 KB, 750x813, D8E6A1E7-55FD-4625-989A-16C08F…)

Not true. She just posted about her period pains last night on her Twitter.

No. 1067208

Another abortion probably. rhett doesn't want a kid with that mess haha

No. 1068108

She posted about being single during covid, laughable. Has she ever not been in a relationship? Maybe focus on your children. She’s with her dad but why isn’t she focused on getting custody back instead of a relationship

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