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File: 1479152135237.jpg (62.82 KB, 500x375, IMG_3177.JPG)

No. 198254

(I looked through the catalog and didn't see her on there so if she's posted already- my apologies)
>22 years old (iirc)
>2 kids and recently miscarried number 3
>"can't gain weight"
>lets boys abuse her
>doesn't have custody of her kids
>bought a dog only to parade it around and then sell it
>named her cat "xanny" after Xanax
>leaked poop out of her butt on cam and stuck it back in like nothing happened

Twitter: @sabrina_nellie_
Instagram: @sabrinaanellie

No. 198258

The poop thing is embarrassing, but can you provide more snowflakey behavior?

No. 198260

File: 1479152521502.jpg (273.46 KB, 728x510, IMG_3178.JPG)

Her sister posted this on Facebook

No. 198263

Not to mention, she's not only a cam girl, she's an escort too.

No. 198278

that doesn't mean she's a snowflake? there are hundreds if not thousands of cam and escort girls like her online. where's the milk?

No. 198290

There's no milk here anon. Only moldy cheese salted by such a sad individual.

No. 288772

get your shit together anon, bumping 4 month old threads because you want to see videos of girls pooping is not cool

No. 289008

No. 289027

Who would find someone hot, who pushed thousand of kids out of her pussy…ugh

No. 364969

File: 1501644328758.png (139.93 KB, 750x988, IMG_2780.PNG)

Why is she having another kid if she's not even taking care of her other one?

No. 364970

Kids* I forget about her son she never sees

No. 364982

So that she can have one she actually has legal custody of duh

No. 384743

File: 1505094339597.png (233.13 KB, 750x1064, IMG_3884.PNG)

She just had a double double from In n out like a week or two ago. She posted it in her story. I knew I should've capped it.

No. 384745

the problem shouldn't be if people find her attractive for having kids, its who tf would find someone who neglects their kid attractive

No. 384811

She is probably having a kid for government handouts or something.

No. 384813

File: 1505106515064.png (1.56 MB, 1414x723, log.PNG)

what a lemgthy gal

No. 784382

Not sure why this thread isn't as active. I tried posting about her in the camgirls thread and got attacked for some reason. Anyhow, apparently Brina and the latest babydaddy, AJ, have recently split. The child is only a year old and she claims they are doing ok with co-parenting. The post confirming the split was on her insta story and I didn't have the chance to screenshot. A month or so ago she changed her family IG name to his last name. She was always posting and praising him and his mom and then just nothing. She just got her oldest child living with her full time over the summer and AJ's young child from a previous relationship was in the same household most of the time and would call Brina "mommy" and such.

I noticed something off when she and ex Rhett were liking each others pics and following each other again on IG. I've been following both for years and it caught my attention because a few years back when they split she was posting pics of her bloody self harm wounds to twitter. It was insane. Lo and behold they are now not following each other and the likes are gone after ppl in the comments were asking about it.

I just wonder if she was caught talking to Rhett behind AJ's back. They were dating for years and she cheated on him with AJ. Not sure why she's not mentioned here more but she reminds me of Charms/Lotte except a different train wreck.

No. 784428

File: 1552019478885.png (425.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190226-171812.png)

I've been following Sabrina for a long time. If I knew about this website back then she would have made a great cow. I believe she was posted on TheDirty back in the day and it was quite a saga.

No. 784434

what did Nik richie used to call her on the dirty? like how julia newby was blood diamond etc. i miss that place tbh

No. 784440

Cam dumpster. It was a great nickname. She used to eat a lot of fast good and alcohol. She went vegan like a little while back and I think she made AJ do it too. I bet he missed meat kek

I still follow Julia and her group

No. 784463

Something pretty sad and dramatic was going on a few months ago, aj’s Daughter was being molested by a neighbor boy at her mom’s house, they tried to say being around Sabrina made her think what the boy was doing was okay?
Called CPS on her multiple times, got aj’s Family to turn against her. She was ranting about it on twitter pretty often, I’m willing to bet that drove a wedge between them, along with her camming a lot more often.

No. 784475

Sauce on the poop video?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 784486

Go away, male

No. 784566

IIRC Aj (and Sabrina?) Got custody of his daughter a while back. His first baby mama is just as crazy as Sabrina, she's just very private online.

No. 784604

Damn, so this cunt won't even send small amounts of money to her kid for nice clothes while she's living in luxury and wants another kid? How long until this one goes to her sister again? Or better yet, how cold can a person be that they might raise one kid in luxury while they know the other needs money even for clothes?
I don't know how good this will be as a thread as so far I don't see any continuous actions that are bad and I doubt the sister will just keep posting about her but who knows. Though it might be interesting if her cam sessions are trainwrecks. Speaking of, is there any proof of the poop stream? Like I'm not sure I believe it tbh. It just feels to crazy to believe without proof

No. 784633

Didn't AJ cheat on Sabrina with her best friend and cam girl, Ana Fox? Or was that Rhett? She walked in on it. All of her boyfriends treat her like shit and she just goes with it. Rhett was screaming at her and calling her a retard on her Snapchat forever ago.

No. 784641

yeah AJ cheated on her right when they started dating, she stopped talking to that girl basically but she kept AJ around.

No. 784643

I don't know if TheDirty still works like it used to, but type Cam Dumpster into the search bar and she should come up. There was definitely a video of her doing some unflattering stuff with excrement. KEK.

No. 784648

It’s definitely real. Seens it with my own two eyes

No. 784663

pretty sure its somewhere on efukt in some camwhore compilation i saw ages ago

No. 785189

What are you trying to say? None of this makes sense? Who are you taking about?

No. 785335

File: 1552271807351.png (611.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190310-202729.png)

Not Milky but why do women have babies with mens so early? Together three years and their baby is like one. My god.

No. 785339

I think it's super trashy for parents to be "dissing" each other on social media. Like how reece Hawkins made himself look like an ass and exposed himself has a money seeker. Sorry I know off topic but you get the point. Sabrina needs to take the cam money and invest in birth control

No. 785663

File: 1552357988258.png (374.99 KB, 1080x1654, Screenshot_20190309-215037~2.p…)

Just gossip I found online

No. 785664

File: 1552358029497.png (344.14 KB, 1080x1491, Screenshot_20190309-215048~2.p…)


No. 785687

my god, it's almost like having children is a natural product of sex. weird, right??

No. 788115

i wish this thread was created 3 years ago because truly missed out on some full fat milk shes dried up now but shes been hanging with lilith levsis crowd to praying it returns

No. 788467

Yes anon, I followed her back in the day and am anxiously waiting for some delicious milk.

No. 788918

File: 1553188155062.png (794.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190320-233351.png)

Passive aggressive toward AJ?? I wish one of them would spill some milk about what happened

No. 825524

File: 1561276450598.png (935.63 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190623-012525.png)

Girl can't ever be single. She requires a deadbeat boyfriend

No. 833739


It’s honestly sad. Idk what Sabrina’s mother was thinking giving Chloe back to her. She’s a mess.

Also, it seems she may have gotten the baby taken away. She’s posted about going to court and when she does show pictures of any of her kids it’s always Chloe. No Cora in sight. Wouldn’t surprise me.

No. 844881

File: 1564255392438.png (245.05 KB, 453x647, Screen Shot 2019-07-27 at 12.1…)

Given her recent break ups and track record, she was overdue for a new deadbeat boyfriend. But, unless I'm misunderstanding this story she posted, I don't think anyone predicted she'd pick an incarcerated beau.

No. 844916

god, this comic makes me really annoyed. how the fuck are people supposed to offer help to new moms then? in the comic the dude is verbally asking her "do you need anything?" and she says "nope" while passive-aggresively listing a number of things she could use help with. i hate self-entitled cunts that consistently deny help and then whine about how nobody helps them.

No. 844929


That's her brother.

No. 845046

well i feel dumb

No. 845360

so her brother looks like a deadbeat? neat.

No. 890432

File: 1573173905881.png (205.68 KB, 640x1136, 2B71A8A1-D4AD-4A74-AE1E-F783F0…)

Sabrina’s current bf, or I guess ex now, is just finding this out tonight apparently. Him and his daughter have been all over her IG for the last couple months or so with Sabrinas own daughters barely in sight.

The bf’s baby mother is also Brian’s ex friend. This shit show never ends. Can’t understand why so many men are trusting her with their daughters smh.

Brina also posted on her twitter recently about not having a supportive mother even though her mother raised Chloe. She’s such a spoiled cuxt.

No. 890436

File: 1573174040806.png (172.41 KB, 640x1136, EE2566CF-86B6-4A3C-96AC-C8B3AF…)

Double post to add pic of said tweet and also I meant “Brina’s” not Brian’s

No. 890457

File: 1573178703994.jpeg (146.3 KB, 750x747, 77BE443D-FED7-4B6B-B109-5352F8…)

This is embarrassing. We knew she was trash but yikes. He also confirmed she’s been whoring herself out, he found proof she works for an escort agency on her phone. Screenshot incoming

No. 890458

File: 1573178800538.jpeg (150.56 KB, 750x731, BC0CF3EE-B6AE-40E8-A59E-606984…)

No. 890469

I’m trying to figure out how he wasn’t aware of any of it. I mean, he knew who she was before they started dating. It’s not like it’s a secret that she’s been an escort in the past.

She had her oldest daughter living with her for a while and would regularly post her getting off the bus from school etc. but I have a feeling she’s not living there anymore. She hasn’t posted her much at all and on Halloween Sabrina posted trick or treating on her story with her bf’s daughter but Chloe wasn’t with them. Her baby daughter also lives with the father, AJ, full time. The last time she saw her son was probably years ago. This girl seriously needs to have her tubes tied. I feel very strongly that she legally shouldn’t be allowed to have kids.

No. 890471

Wow this woman seems like absolute trash. 3 kids and doesn’t take care of any of them. Disgusting.

No. 890473

If you've been watching her for a while you know she's mentally unstable. Girl needs help. She definitely shouldn't have custody of any kid.

No. 890906

cam dumpster sabrina is pregnant, yet again.
4 baby daddys, and custody of none of them.

No. 890907

File: 1573259089714.png (66.08 KB, 617x644, sab.png)

No. 890936

Has this bitch never heard of an IUD? Her kids never had a chance. Stop procreating. It’s just child abuse at this point even before they’re conceived.

No. 890943

I’ll point out that she did say WAS pregnant so I don’t think she currently is, but still…WHY?! Why do these men continue to knock her up knowing who and what she is?

I also wonder the situation with her oldest daughter, Chloe, and the grandmother, Sabrina’s mother. How are they able to pass Chloe back and forth so easily? She’s like 10 now, she obviously can understand a lot of what’s going on to some extent. I wonder if the case with AJ getting custody of the baby had any affect on Sabrina’s living situation with Chloe. The baby isn’t even 2 yet and she’s already only seeing her on a visitation basis.

No. 890952

She has had abortions and miscarriages before from drinking while pregnant and using xanax, I'm sure this time was no different.

No. 890984

She deleted this tweet kek

No. 891007

File: 1573288232252.jpeg (23.57 KB, 246x205, AF345CC0-8D7B-464E-A157-35BCAA…)

Someone should gift her a life time supply of birth control for Christmas present. Doing the world a favor.

No. 896440

File: 1574408291777.png (301.87 KB, 750x1334, 6191BFCC-E474-42BA-98B0-8F5D8A…)


No. 896441

File: 1574408552354.png (642.87 KB, 750x1334, F1500617-D6C5-45EA-9B88-1BCC7A…)

Yikes lmao.

No. 896449

File: 1574413597468.jpg (633.81 KB, 1080x2047, Screenshot_20191122-040551_Twi…)

Seems like she might still be pregnant… Yikes

No. 896474

File: 1574425248688.png (182.95 KB, 640x1136, AEEDEAA4-7F1D-4A7F-ABEE-6682D4…)

A now deleted tweet from yesterday. God help this fucking world if she’s pregnant with a 4th child.

No. 896536

Let's just all throw her a big ol pity party

No. 896559

It’s just baffling that she even has the nerve to ask(indirectly)for pity when her entire motherhood, or lack thereof, is plastered all over the internet. She is a deadbeat mother and proud.

Idk if I believe it 100% yet though. She just went through the breakup with Ty and now she finds out she’s pregnant? Wouldn’t surprise me if she was just baiting him to come back and then she will suddenly have another miscarriage and he’ll be trapped. His own fault though.

No. 897397

File: 1574636363010.jpeg (281.73 KB, 1125x1687, F9F83BBF-A3F3-417C-9790-A4E751…)

Soooo… is she actually pregnant, or is she trying to gain attention from her ex/others? Her last 3 pregnancies, she made sure everyone knew she was pregnant by sticking out her stomach a week after finding out. This seems really fishy to me, and I don’t mean her STD riddened coochie.

No. 897467

She's so messy, I really hope she ain't pregnant again. This poor child won't have a chance

No. 897796

File: 1574716498926.png (45.96 KB, 737x324, yikes.PNG)


No. 897966

I think she'll suffer through a fake miscarriage for sympathy points. If she doesn't, she has four babies with four guys, and she won't have custody of three.

No. 898016

Sabrina Nellie…. Where do we even begin? Remember she scammed people when she made/sold lingerie and clothes it was something called “Dainty Lust”. Now she was with cam girl friend Stella Faye’s Ex baby daddy. And she posted today on Twitter “It should be a thing that you talk to your potential new partners ex before becoming official” so dumb. She needs to get a new name and start a new life somewhere far away. Imagine how Stella Faye feels? It’s just too many kids. A whole triangle with ty and Sam (Stella). Maybe the baby daddy’s aren’t bad guys and it’s just her.(namefag)

No. 898021

Im not here to talk shit about her, her life iis just a absolute train wreck its hard to look away! It almost seems to crazy to be real

No. 898022

File: 1574749126677.jpeg (141.39 KB, 828x795, E95154F1-7126-46CA-8665-BC917A…)

Okay so this girl has been Brian’s best friend for a long time N dated her ex Tyler. Guess brina jumped on that when Karin was done.

No. 898023

File: 1574749241629.jpeg (245.74 KB, 828x1065, C14F2C31-C3E6-492F-ABDB-0B5780…)

Also, remember when Brina created camVersity? She was CEO. She was all in charge. Now she’s no whete talking about it or near it. She doesn’t cam. I think she only does escorts(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 898121

How does Stella feel? Idk…she just had her 3rd baby with a 3rd baby daddy so not sure why she would care about Brina being knocked up by her second baby daddy, doesn’t matter that they were friends in the past, they’re both disgusting. The only one up that Stella has is that she actually raises her kids. But she’s still an example for them and showing them that it’s okay to do what she’s doing. She’s not even out of her 20s and she has 3 kids with 3 different guys.

I still follow Karen, I was wondering what happened to her and Brina’s friendship. I didn’t realize that Karen dated Ty. She was advertising Camversity up until a few months back and I wondered what happened with that as well. All of those girls who run camversity run in the same groups in LA so I wouldn’t be surprised if they just had to get rid of her because she’s such a problem in any situation she enters.

No. 898396

File: 1574826687353.png (1.13 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191126-204416.png)

Anything for attention. This girl has never been chubby in her life

No. 898399

What happened to anafoxx?

No. 898426

She is pregnant… again.

No. 898602

Anafoxx works for an escort company and that is how brina got linked up w the guy she prostituted herself too while she was with ty.

No. 898615

That is messed up. Are you sure? What’s your source?
She has 3 kids and pregnant again. Wth

No. 898619

File: 1574891244318.png (5.46 MB, 1125x2436, C7F53A61-C38E-4BB4-B96E-A1B0C5…)

Not the poster, but Ty dished it all out in a tweet.

Also lmfaoooo

No. 898652

What's his twitter? Can someone screenshot the tweet

No. 898660

did anyone see her latest post on twitter?

"rainy weather, listening to a day to remember, playing bored games with family, tomorrow is thanksgiving with baby and BD feeling thankful"

wonder if she is referring to AJ or Tyler?(namefag)

No. 898675

Looks like Tyler deleted his account. It was @TylerArenas.

No. 898676

Is anafoxx’s real name kristin? This about her? If so that would explain why she’s been completely inactive on social media for the past couple years

No. 898677

File: 1574899863277.png (146.13 KB, 640x1136, 755AE4CA-B919-4513-9B32-13CCAF…)

Looks like he deleted or disabled his twitter. I did post a screenshot above, when he tweeted about finding out she was a prostitute.

No. 898678

I assume she’s spending the holiday with AJ as well as the baby, Cora. She recently posted on her twitter that her court order gave her holidays with the baby. She also posted a pic of her and aj and then one of the baby on her IG story just a few days or so before she tweeted about the court order. Maybe they’ve come to an agreeable parenting arrangement.

No. 898710

You have to scroll up to see Tys screenshot post about her being a prostitute.

Why do so many praise this girl on social media it's sad that is her entire life while her son doesn't even know who she is, Chloe lives with sabrinas mom, and her other kids will be lucky to see her on holidays if she's not blacked out on a guys floor somewhere

No. 898721

Wow that is so fucked up. I always suspected she worked as an escort

No. 898798

Her boyfriend jumped off Sabrina’s old apartment balcony and killed himself, after that anafoxx went off the deep end and I don’t blame her
She had some foreign boyfriend for a while but I don’t think she’s really capable of feeling anymore, probably doesn’t bother her to escort…

No. 898809

Wait what?! Is that really how anafoxx bf died?

No. 898813

>leaked poop out of her butt on cam and stuck it back in like nothing happened

OH this better have footage. That's fucking hilarious.

No. 898814

NGL I'm only here for the poop

No. 898825

I have a copy on my computer, will I get perm-banned if I upload it here?

No. 898834

Gross, and yeah. You would.

No. 898847

Why though? Tuna and Shayna's horror-porn gets uploaded here all the time. As long as she isn't underage in it, who cares?

No. 898898

Upload it somewhere else a post a link

No. 898913

Can someone please tell me how her boyfriend died . And please don’t be offended I ask that, I just am curious if that is true.. him jumping off balcony ….

No. 899019

You can find her poop video when you Google sabrina nellie poop

It happened more than once lol

No. 899044

Post it

No. 899064

I believe he did jump over a balcony. Not sabrinas balcony though. Sabrina actually tweeted something about it the day after but then shortly took it down..

No. 899144

I’m ashamed to admit that I tried this and it did not work

No. 899145

She scammed people with Dainty Lust??

No. 899154

Same, don't know whether to be disappointed or relieved at the lack of results

No. 899275

I accidentally posted this reply in the camgirl thread yesterday so just moving it over here:

Not trying to wk, but the poop situation is way overrated to me. Given the fact that she is/was a pill popping drunken slut it’s not surprising that shit leaked out while she’s ramming her ass with a dildo. Her ass that everyone and their bro has run up in. I’ve also watched too many cam girls and seen my fair share of puke and various other bodily fluids so I may be biased.Given the circumstances, I think she handled the situation as best as she could have, pretend nothing happened and keep it going lmao.

The way everyone explains it before you see it makes it seem big explosive and messy when it wasn’t, she just had an accident and shoved that shit back in and then excused herself out of embarrassment.

No. 899299

Google sabrina nellie mfc
Click videos and it's 5th one down

No. 899303

File: 1575054044330.png (Spoiler Image, 6.06 MB, 2436x1125, 7AECF22E-5DE0-4408-8AB9-878672…)

Please do not ban me

No. 899317

From what I remember she wasn’t technically ramming it with a dildo but more like lazily fingering it, which makes it even funnier. I agree it’s old news though cause if you google “cam girl poop” you can find dozens of girls accidentally shitting themselves on camera.

No. 899433

I think the reason people have made a big deal out of it is bc she portrays herself as this perfect flawless girl that never does anything wrong, and getting sloshed on cam and poopin a lil is really trashy. Its not just something that happens all the time lol

No. 899472

Definitely doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s not unheard of in cam world. That or puking, passing out, pissing on themselves, farting during cumshows etc. all that yummy stuff.

If you only look at Sabrina and don’t listen to anything she says, then I can see how one could have an impression of innocence. But she’s been trashy since she’s had a social media account. Ever since her and Rhett broke up she’s had this fake positivity bullshit spewing going on. When they were together she was always posting their toxic relationship/fights. I remember her posting bloody self harm photos around then. And then she would post something totally different and all loved up the next day. She’s always been open about her life when she speaks. Whenever I see her pic posted somewhere and there are people talking about how perfect and angelic she is I’m always tempted to link her twitter for them to have a look at lol.

No. 899565

File: 1575085512481.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.42 KB, 500x542, Sabrinan.jpg)

No. 899570

She basically created a lingerie company (if you could even call it that) and people prepaid for items that were never sent. Typical cow behavior

No. 899575

Is this for real?? "Called crazy" … Riiiight. That actually IS crazy, not to mention scary, unhealthy, and a desperate cry for attention. I just started following this thread and, wow, she might be the worst, imo.

No. 899581

File: 1575087485261.jpg (178.89 KB, 728x510, 19031331-728x510.jpg)

Evidence of the scam

No. 899582

File: 1575087541810.png (120.72 KB, 1075x1234, Screenshot_20191129-211541.png)

The only post is from September 2018. The website link is broken.

No. 899946

No way… Not only did she mutilate herself, but then she had to go and post it for all of her followers to see?! Add this to the list of reasons of why she does not have any business popping out more kids.

No. 899950

File: 1575177707922.jpeg (166.15 KB, 1125x697, A7DE4C76-FF33-446B-8B51-609F93…)

Lol saying she finds cocky people unattractive one minute and then the next she goes on about how cute she is.

No. 899956

I really wonder what happened in her childhood to make her like this. Imagine being objectively a Stacy and still THIS dysfunctional. How has she not learned that getting knocked up won't make a man wife you.

No. 900027

I think she’s mentioned a few times that she doesnt have a good relationship with her mom, and as far as i know she has literally never ever mentioned her dad. So that probably has a lot to do with it

No. 900129

This reminds me, does she still run camversity?

No. 900173

No. 900204

Is she still camming?

No. 900212

oh my god everyone in this thread is retarded. Sage ur shit if it’s not milk!! for god sakes people

No. 900213

Someone asked her when she'd be on cam again on Twitter and she replied "in 9 months lol"
So she's gonna have this baby and already has planned on not taking care of it, and jumping back on a dildo instead. What a great mother

No. 900282

File: 1575245508839.png (159.75 KB, 1440x977, Screenshot_20191201-181109~2.p…)


No. 900313

Sage your shit and she has mentioned her father multiple times. She’s posted pics with her and him when she was little and pic attached is with her youngest daughter, from Aug 2018. I think he was mostly absent, but she still does know him and sees him here and there in life.(do not post family members unrelated to drama)

No. 900339

how are you going to tell someone to sage then post family members and a child? wtf

No. 900344

Well her family page is private and I’ve followed her twitter for years and never seen a picture of him. Posting family members is off limits anyway, try not to be such a cunt and follow the rules.

No. 900358

I went to the family page throw her Own IG, don’t even follow the family one? I thought public pictures were allowed my bad and it’s too late to delete. I stand by my sage comment though.

No. 900364

pictures of family/children are never allowed. the mods will probably delete it.

No. 900368

File: 1575254828534.jpeg (87.13 KB, 740x694, 4E38A7A8-341B-4606-AAC1-033DAD…)

It is private. So yeah its against the rules. Bitching about saging but blatantly breaking the rules, you must be about as smart as brina. Kek

No. 900380

How come she doesn’t do camversity anymore what happened with that? Also , is she still friends with Sandra ?

No. 900388

File: 1575259066449.jpeg (235.13 KB, 1125x1413, C3FCD1E0-7190-4123-85E9-CA50C3…)

No. 900391

After everything she’s PUT HERSELF through, she needs to be put on birth control. She’s so self-righteous holy shit

No. 900392

Worst mom of the year 2019

No. 900465

She's not on camversity bc she's been a prostitute and now is pregnant so she will be not eating for o months then posting shitty workout ig videos for attention after. She is human prostitute scum

No. 900503

Wow shitty for her . She quit caming to be a prostitute .. huh. And I remember a couple months ago she was going I make a come back to MFC but then she canceled the day she was supposed to and got rid of her account and went back on camversity . She is weirdddd. How does she know who the baby daddy is since she’s a pregnant prostitute ? Lol

No. 900608

More than likely she has nothing to do with camversity because she spent the intervening years being in a constant state of pregnancy. Part of me believes she's miscarried more times than we know… but then again, she's never been one to pass up the opportunity for people to pity her.

Plus, I could have swore the whole ownership of camversity being women was full of shit. Like some random albert dude was behind a ton of the LLCs or something like that. I'll have to find the forum or twitter thread about this.

No. 900620

Camversity is run by men, they gave a few camgirls a share of it to say they run it but as you can tell the site was a bust and is used by only Romanian women and Lena the std

No. 900639

Yes, I didn't know it was Sabrinas apartment balcony though. Damn. I remember Sab and Ana were caming in Vegas at the time it was around NYE either 2014 or 2015.

No. 900642

She is a very pretty woman and though her choices might be frowned upon by others.. we are all fighting a battle of some sort. Big or small. Do any of you know what she went through? You are not her nor walked her path. I do not agree with some of her choices however it is HER life and she is a human like us all. Everyone deserves to be treated as such. If you don’t like someone then don’t, it’s your right. No one is expected to like others or agree with their choices but why worry about others so much to the point of hatred? At this point you are all only affecting yourself.. not her. Resentments and bitterness is a prison to yourself. It only brings you down and wastes your time and energy. I truly empathize with her reading these unkind comments. Let her live and worry about yourselves. Sitting on the internet on a forum to bring someone down is honestly not a very sane or normal behavior … ps- Sabrina if you are reading this forum, I do not know you, but I send you love and light. You deserve to be treated with kindness and don’t owe shit to anyone! Best wishes xx

No. 900644

I'll admit I used to watch her cam a lot, not as a perv, just as a female fan because I thought she was really beautiful. She didn't speak about her relationship with her mom a lot but she did lie about her father being dead. She told the chat he died of a cocaine overdose on cam once but he is very much alive.
Sabrinas younger brother is a mess too, he's in and out of jail since he turned 18.
Sabrina looks really identical to her mom.

No. 900648

She must get paid a lot for prostitution then because she made really good money when she consistently cammed.
Did they really ever unban her? I remember her saying that too but never saw her profile back up.

No. 900652

Where do these anons come from? I remember this girl from the first drama but when threads end up like this it's obvious it's just people from her inner circle posting and whenever that happens in threads it ruins it.
I don't know her entire life story and every one of her boyfriends and baby daddies and family, just post some milky screenshots if you know her

No. 900660

File: 1575319577570.jpeg (1.79 MB, 4032x3024, F2DB9AB4-BA35-4322-850B-8E5E17…)

I love how anon tagged me in a post. I live in a rural town in Wisconsin and found her through Instagram. I became intrigued by her beauty and her personality. I am not in her “inner circle” (implying that term definitely shows behavioral issues of cognitive challenges including gaslighting, deflecting, and projecting unnecessary blame).. I have never spoke to her nor follow her on any platforms other than IG. The fact anonymous users are posting and accusing people who stand up for others is not only insane but shows some sort or deep rooted paranoia. It is VERY irrational to jump to assumptions of others without having knowledge or insight. As someone studying psychology, I feel most of these comments are from the same person or a gathering of inconsiderate people with no time on their hands but to “hate” on the internet. I empathize with you as well. Is there a way I can post my Ip location to prove I am not in Sabrina’s inner circle as you call it.. bizarrely so.. please consider getting professional health as this is abnormal and irrational behavior. Majority of the posts show what the user is implying - narcissism.. obsession.. sociopathic tendencies. I feel this is an ex or a jealous “friend” past tense or present”(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 900662

Maybe she is just a shit person that plays victim and to be perfect on social media, and in reality she is a fake positive, narcissistic, shit mother who doesn't raise her own 3 kids, sleeps with only her friends exes. It's honestly sad you see into her fake persona.

No. 900703

File: 1575327362023.jpg (74.41 KB, 600x800, 14031831025ce41.jpg)

Karen is not Tylers ex. Tylers ex & baby momma is a girl that used to cam under the name Stella Faye. They were friends for years. Brina and her did have some drama 3 or 4 years ago involving Tyler somehow but they never went into detail.

No. 900706

Karen and stella are both Tyler's ex actually

No. 900713

Was he with Karen right before Brina then?
I know he dated Stella for years from 2013 to 2018.

No. 900854

File: 1575350549422.png (22.07 KB, 584x236, SabrinaNellie on Twitter_ _Are…)

and yet she still spread her legs for em.

No. 900859

So…y'all have never heard of TheDirty, huh?

No. 901249

This sh** is bananas!!

No. 901356

>>901249 the namefagging in this thread i….mods plz

No. 902892

File: 1575717713247.png (51.84 KB, 598x418, SabrinaNellie on Twitter_ _I g…)

Whenever she posts more milky content on twitter and elsewhere, there's always at least one or two people who provide a reality check.

No. 903011

I know this sounds bad but I honestly think she is a little bit mental. I think she was born mentally challenged. A feel like a monkey is more smart than she is.

No. 903061

I'm sure she will be posting about another "rainbow baby" soon

No. 903177

Maybe she likes having all these kids for government funds

No. 903646


I think in order to receive child welfare payments she'd have to have primary custody. And it doesn't seem like she has a lot of custody time with any of her children.

No. 903737

She’s definitely maintaining the same lifestyle and not camming. Seems to ignore anyone who calls her out on escorting.

No. 905201

File: 1576257905622.png (21.25 KB, 526x191, SabrinaNellie on Twitter_ _Bee…)

Does she want a cookie or something? Christ.

No. 905451

Breaks up with one and is ready for the next a week later..

No. 905639


>Imagine being objectively a Stacy and still THIS dysfunctional.

Are you suggesting "Stacy" types are normally immune to the same problems that face non-"Stacy" types or something?

No. 906153

File: 1576480324798.png (85.62 KB, 1258x376, Screen Shot 2019-12-15 at 11.1…)

On to the next victim.

No. 906346

It’s probably best that her kids don’t live with her if she’s going to bring a new random man home every other month. Hopefully she at least runs background checks on them before she introduces them to her children/ gets knocked up by them

No. 906353

>running background checks

Lol yea this bitch ain’t doing anything like that. A responsible mother with kids at home might do that with a man she’s committing to. But some whore who’s getting knocked up several times by several different men? No.

Also is she really pregnant ? How is she getting all these dudes while pregnant? I mean I know it’s not out of the realm of possibilities…but still. Maybe she actually got an abortion. Which would be smart.

No. 906367

She probably got an abortion since she’s promoting her vids and upcoming onlyfans content. Also, I doubt a responsible adult with 3 kids would post their fun day out at knottsberry farm with their “adult” friends.

No. 906429

Those videos are super shitty and you could download them for free a couple of years ago. She is probably going to try to sell her MFC old content on OF. Besides she hasn’t uploaded new hd pics like she used to.
She is such a scammer. Those vids are shit. Probably she needs the money.

No. 906704

This girl is so desperate for attention, since Myfreecams wouldn't let her back she's trying to make money.

No. 906729

Do you know why MFC won't allow her to stream?

No. 906735

She broke their TOS by promoting that camversity site while she was live streaming on myfreecams.
They banned a few girls at the same time for the same thing but at least 1 has been allowed back since then.

No. 906806

They let her create a new account and she was bragging about a comeback. Looks like they changed their minds cos that was back in August.

No. 907076

Who would buy her vids when you can Google brina_ mfc and tons of her come up for FREE lol

No. 907945

File: 1576869249147.jpeg (171.94 KB, 828x1010, 7D60C5AE-8FD7-4C45-9B0B-EA6E18…)

So she’s getting back with Rhett(?)(namefag)

No. 908044

File: 1576881810312.png (675.81 KB, 640x1136, 891EFAD7-CF62-402F-AA13-08F783…)

Rhetts IG story with her on the toilet. Don’t think they are back together though.

No. 908045

File: 1576881875387.jpeg (416.63 KB, 640x1136, 3DE6D074-6348-4621-820C-7F9366…)

Dropped other photo my bad.

No. 908120

Why is he obsessed with filming her on the toilet? This is not the first time.

No. 908189

He's probably got a tinkle fetish. He's pretty nasty, they belong together.

No. 908212

I remember her saying on cam once how she asked Rhett to pee on her. She used to post herself peeing on private snapchat all the time.

No. 908213

There's a short video of her giving him a blowjob online. She's said before he loves to pee on her and "she likes to he peed on"

No. 908222

Why do douchebags have the biggest dicks?

No. 908339

It seemed like he was throwing some type of liquid at her in the IG story while she was on the toilet. In the second pic she was getting up laughing and said “stop” and then looked like she was falling to the floor with her pants still down, but the story cut off.

No. 909537

Wtf so is she still acting like she’s pregnant? Or visibly drunk so getting an abortion or faking miscarriage? Or maybe never pregnant at all(namefag)

No. 910693

Posts about getting her kid for the holidays. Ends up spending them with Rhett. Her maturity level is 13 year old at best.

No. 910791

nice she’s back with Rhett cool(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 910811


Sauce on that?
(Is the actual video circulating, or just the cam footage filming the video on her phone?)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 910875

Typical hipster. Trust fund baby who thinks he's been through stuff and woke but hasn't achieved fuck all.

No. 910879

File: 1577519132390.png (1.01 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191228-004525.png)

Definitely dating again. I guess she missed getting peed on

No. 910880

File: 1577519173557.png (976.07 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191228-004505.png)

Also she was still with AJ last February. Kek.

No. 911139

Wasn't she supposed to be taking care of her baby in February too? How does one complain about a man not being responsible and getting his shit together yet she still lost primary custody to said man?

No. 911140

Pic is basically saying "Ha Ha. I was cheating on you while you had to take care of our baby". Real classy.

No. 911158

What a wonderful role model for her kids to see when they Google her.
Rhett is a drug dealer and she just wants someone to support her she is too immature to be alone. Yet praises herself on being "an independent Capricorn"

No. 911159

More like a spit out candycorn

No. 911320


Sounds like aj still isn’t over here

No. 911334

Your typical Western thot

No. 911337

File: 1577646593728.jpeg (123.78 KB, 1242x563, 38B2AF31-385F-4131-8D5E-E13F68…)

No. 911537

3 of your exes, you have kids with. You could at least wish them a merry Christmas. She's such a waste of humanity.

No. 911539

3 kids, and didn’t see one of them on christmas. She also shares a birthday with baby cora, and didnt even see her either that day. Instead she spent it with rhett at a theme park. Priorities!

No. 912856

File: 1578004254971.png (32.42 KB, 526x313, (2) SabrinaNellie on Twitter_ …)

Oh no. It's starting again.

No. 913022

So I wonder if while she’s preg for the millionth time if she’s just going to get paid promoting other cam girls? That’s all she’s been posting. This is a shit show(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 913120

I bet her kids feel the same lol

No. 913159

File: 1578077000614.png (Spoiler Image, 3.19 MB, 1125x2436, FA64DFC0-9290-4717-A4AB-682557…)

Rhett posted this on his snap on New Year’s Day

No. 913173

well since it seems like they're hooking up again, think she might be fulfilling any of those DaintyLust preorders now? /s

What's particularly sad is that, IIRC, didn't Rhett just dip out on her suddenly when they broke up? How much you wanna bet he's gonna do the same? And that's only if he even is treating this like anything more than a few hookups with the ex.

No. 913576

They broke up because Sabrina was cheating on Rhett with AJ. So I don’t really blame him for just dippin out when all that went down. Just find it funny that they are back together after all that.

No. 913683

It really seems like they are holed up in his apartment doing drugs and fucking.

No. 913693

Woah I remember Rhett as being like a regular skater/stoner looking guy but creeped his Instagram and he’s full wook now. But like fashion wook? SoCal wook?

Say something nice: her body doesn’t change at all despite having like 4 kids now. Pregnancy terrifies me I have no idea how she just keeps popping these babies out without any thought

Sage for no contribution or new milk just commentary

No. 913830

File: 1578199242021.jpeg (482.02 KB, 828x1474, 146CE5D4-2AD5-45C6-8BA9-E83226…)

there’s a video on rhetts story of him playfully hitting her with this toy light saber on normal places like her arm and then he sticks it between her legs while they’re walking around this store which is just …….

No. 913960

That’s because she doesn’t eat and can’t even carry her babies to full term.

No. 914079

Shes camming tonight and reopened her private snapchat. No baby I guess??

No. 914080

She’s camming tonight so I guess no baby!

No. 914116

Rhett is too self absorbed to want kids. Might be better if they are together.

No. 914206

Crying on cam about how men she’s dated are shitty. Does she ever take responsibility?

No. 914208

I almost want to make an account on that website just to call her out for not taking care of her kids!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 914253

File: 1578306093869.jpeg (160.25 KB, 1123x707, 7F7981A0-8A76-4D2A-8E3E-D02DAF…)

Wrong, using your hours “smarter” would require setting at least 1 hour aside for your children

No. 914522

File: 1578355641620.jpeg (230.01 KB, 828x1242, EF362A22-32DE-4958-A39F-273000…)

Except take care of your kids(emoji)

No. 914532

She thinks throwing money at a situation is more than enough love.

No. 914704

she's on cam now drinking wine so definitely not pregnant LOL

No. 914709

I’m wondering whether her claiming to be pregnant again was all just a lie to manipulate her ex, or whether she actually terminated it

No. 914769

Idk, she had her arm draped over her belly all night. When she was finishing off the wine, she said it was apple juice… idk, might be pregnant.

No. 914770

File: 1578406395964.jpg (647.71 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20200107-081305_Ins…)

No. 914798

Her teets look dark so I’m guessing still bred.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 914839

did anyone else who watched her cam show notice she kept running off out of the view of the cam and making sniffing noises? at first i thought she might be snorting something but she did look like she was fixing makeup under her eyes one time afterwards so maybe crying idk

No. 914936

Seemed as if she’s still not over Ty and is using Rhett as a rebound

No. 914974

Exactly what I was thinking. Rhett dealt with a lot of her bullshit during their relationship. He’s accepting her after they dated for years and she cheated on him with hero at recent baby daddy.

The only thing I’m hung up on is if she is actually pregnant. Rhett didn’t want her to be pregnant with his kid, so why would he be fucking her while she’s pregnant with someone else’s kid? At the same time, I wouldn’t put it past her to fake a pregnancy in order to gain the ex’s attention. Personally, I don’t think she is actually pregnant because she seems tipsy in Rhetts recent IG stories. Just my speculation though.

No. 915015

File: 1578449151477.jpeg (185.99 KB, 750x1283, F7E79127-E490-4F22-BB31-80A45F…)

Idk if anyone is interested but I found anafoxx’s instagram, and her real name is kristin so yep, she’s also an escort

No. 915044

The other day when she was camming she mentioned that she was on her period while smoking a cbd pen, so more than likely she’s not pregnant and that was just her last attempt to get Ty back. AndI’m pretty sure if she was still pregnant she would use that to manipulate Ty, but I really don’ know. I’m just curious to see how this shit show plays out haha

No. 915054

She was talking shit about Ty while she was on cam saying he broke her phone and he cheated on her with another cam girl and someone had mentioned her escorting with Kristin and she totally denied it saying that he lied about it. Come on girl, you’ve been caught escorting before. We all know you do it!!

No. 915103

Eeeshhhh ya’ll be so obsessed with this chick. Get a life(namefag)

No. 915249

Yes, Sabrina were all obsessed with your shit show life. KEK.(hi cow)

No. 927380

Damn she’s really looking super strung out in all of Rhett’s insta stories. Gross.

No. 927382

this is an imageboard. post caps and learn to integrate, facebook-chan.

No. 927576

Nah.(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 927588

So is she just mostly living off of Rhett now? There’s no way she’s making as much on camversity as she was in her prime at MFC, especially since she’s not on consistently.

No. 927681

Supposedly she escorts. Her last ex outed her out saying he found evidence on her phone.

No. 927725

Damn. Just a few years ago she was making 60k some months without having to touch anyone but herself.

No. 929165

Who knows, maybe she was escorting then too.

No. 929287

File: 1581091681463.gif (8.41 MB, 600x1067, brina dead inside.gif)

The exact moment she remembers she leads a hollow existence.

No. 929609

File: 1581153924006.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.19 MB, 368x656, StorySaver_notorious_rhett_768…)

Clearly drugged out and getting her pussy rubbed by this loser

No. 929646


Damn. I've been following Brina since her pink apartment days and really thought she was maturing when she had her last kid and seemed so focused on family. I wonder who is watching her youngest daughter while she's plastered on the floor with a foot on her pussy?

No. 929979

Pretty sure the baby daddy has full custody. She doesn’t have custody of any of her children, not even partial.

No. 933584

She isn’t plastered, she does ketamine

No. 933617

Did she admit to that?

No. 933654

Brina denies that she ever met a girl she cammed with regularly, she denies she ever tried weed, she denies things she posted publicly the week before. shes not going to post about doing it. shes done k since she had the pink apartment in san marcos. when shes sloppy and passing out its not only the alcohol.

No. 934395

I can back up that I have witnessed her say on cam that she doesn’t smoke weed because “it doesn’t do anything for her” but she has pics from like 5-6 years ago at Coachella smoking and also was smoking on Rhetts IG story recently.

No. 938060

Maybe she’s smoking crack

No. 941366

Still no kids in sight as she becomes Rhetts sugar baby.

No. 941543

I hope she’s at least paying child support for them.

No. 941862

File: 1583498126969.jpeg (96.02 KB, 640x634, 72382E7E-D6EF-40CE-B2A6-274B05…)

What’s also funny is that now Karen and Ty are hanging out again lol. Apparently Brina and Karen had the falling out because Brina started dating Ty, which is Karen’s ex supposedly? That’s what I have gathered at least. I saw they were following each other when they weren’t before. But then I noticed last week they were both posting on their stories at the same location, just not together in any of the vids/pics but they were basically posting identical stories on their IG’s.

If it is true that they fell out because Sabrina was dating Ty then I find it funny that Karen isn’t holding Ty to the same standards. But she also knows a lot more about Sabrina behind closed doors so maybe they reconnected over both being fucked over by her lol.

No. 941864

Samefag but I forgot to mention that Karen also stopped following Rhett on both her IG accounts. Before Rhett was back with Brina, Karen and Rhett would always post each other on their stories calling each other best friends for years and all that shit. I just can’t believe that these people are parents.

No. 942202

Her new home looks really flashy and super expensive. Yet she hasn’t been working so what’s she doing for money???(namefag)

No. 942290

Home is in LA probably far away from kids. Rhetts' paying for it with drug money and reselling supreme. Ya happy?

No. 963265

File: 1587529283826.png (1.13 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200421-215843.png)

Rhett definitely playing with a bottle of sprite with lean

No. 1005409

Sabrinas ex Tyler is now dating problematic camgirl Stormy (aka pumpkinspice) so that should go well……

No. 1005463

File: 1594452514080.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1439x1608, Screenshot_20200710-234751_Sam…)

The camslut/scammer is back(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1006405

File: 1594663491714.png (1.36 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-07-13-14-03-19…)

"Catch these hands" loooooool

No. 1006472

I honestly thought she either

A. Is wearing a shoe as a glove.

B. Managed to lift her leg and bend it so it looked like she was rustling her hair with her shoe.

No. 1006772

Anybody know AJ's social media?

No. 1006779

File: 1594713818981.jpeg (652.84 KB, 828x1467, 66BE397F-0841-4A3B-9E0E-932D36…)

She doesn’t look too well at all

No. 1007112

File: 1594765720917.jpeg (109.68 KB, 1125x564, 01487CD8-4079-414D-B21D-A0748C…)

His insta

No. 1007446

I think she’s still not over Ty. That relationship ended so sudden for her, and she doesn’t seem too happy with Rhett imo, I could be wrong tho

No. 1007463

I saw her stream yesterday. Her face looked very gaunt and legs thinner than usual. Maybe drugs.

No. 1007962

File: 1594867663131.jpeg (79.88 KB, 640x857, 18804C74-2AA4-4ABD-A42A-1AF21C…)

Looks like stormy isn’t the only girl he talking to i followed her and asked her if she was a cam girl after seeing a few of her stories id watch her she said thats disgusting she actually works for her money and blocked me. Poor girl doesn’t know yet his baby momma and half his exes are cam girls someone spare this girl.

No. 1008854

I doubt she’s even over AJ. Rhett is just her comfort zone it seems, but I don’t think they will last in the long run.

It’s hard for me to believe that she isn’t on something based on her recent appearance in her pics posted on Twitter and the fact that Rhett is always getting fucked up. I wonder if she sees her daughters at all. Poor Chloe at such a critical time in a girls life where she needs her mom.

No. 1008872

I agree! You can tell when someone has been using, she just doesn’t seem healthy.

I don’t think she’s over AJ either, but I feel like if she wanted to get back with him he would easily take her back since they have a kid together. I just hope all the kids are cared for…

As for Ty, I think that may have hurt her more letting go of that relationship, she even went as far as saying she was pregnant to keep him around with aj she didn’t really fight for that relationship.

No. 1009218

Holy shit I completely forgot about the fake pregnancy. Yeah she was so desperate to get him back. I think if he ended up going back she definitely would have gotten pregnant at some point, that’s her MO but I’m not even sure why anymore because it’s never worked like she hoped and it never will.

No. 1009779

Wait didnt brina go live on IG saying AJ tried to kill her and wouldnt give her coralie

No. 1011505

I heard brina is kidnapped and sold in Peru(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1011565

Rhett thinks he a comedian. Stick to dealing drugs.

No. 1018350

File: 1596699781366.jpeg (604.97 KB, 828x1465, 8BD3655B-9388-480C-A217-4015E6…)

And she’s back at it again. Attention seeking much?

No. 1019282

What happened? Another abortion?

No. 1019597

She said kidney stones?!!

No. 1021208

File: 1597151073758.jpeg (37.61 KB, 750x356, C698C943-23E2-4D33-A2DF-11D59E…)

Noticed that AJ changed his bio to this. Is Ocean a nickname for Cora? I don’t recall ever hearing her called Ocean.

No. 1021443

I think that was Coras middle name

No. 1035995


No. 1035996

No. 1035997

File: 1599676364173.png (2.81 MB, 750x1334, 249F23A8-1654-4F4B-BCA6-ABF33C…)

Yea, someone said Brina wasn’t lookin too good. she isn’t well.

No. 1035999

File: 1599676400216.png (Spoiler Image, 2.31 MB, 750x1334, 0FB15A76-95D8-405A-8439-E5BFBB…)

No. 1036214

Wow, she looks like shit. Hope she gets it together for her kids…

No. 1036305

She doesn't take care of her kids when she is "well" what is the difference
she only uses them for positive attention when needed

No. 1042529

looks like Sabrina definitely doesn't want her children although is claiming to get healthy for her kids!? Anything for attention(read the rules)

No. 1042565

Sage for no contribution but as much of a fuck up Sabrina is, I can’t see the good in telling a child so young her own mother doesn’t care about her.

(I think that’s what I’m getting from this post anyway, it’s confusing to read)

No. 1042685

Jesus does AJ not know how punctuation works? Just gave myself a headache attempting to read that.

No. 1042906

It was confusing to read. I haven’t heard AJ talk much but this makes me feel like he barely speaks English. As far as the content of the post, he was explaining to his older child, Penelope, about Sabrina. He wasn’t telling Cora that her mother doesn’t care…although depending on what he said to Penelope, she could relay it to Cora. But isn’t the baby only around 3?

I hope he didn’t flat out say to Penelope that Sabrina doesn’t want or care about Cora…I hope he explained it in a way that’s the truth but not the whole truth. Not to blog, but when my child was around 5 and started asking about their absent father I just told them that he didn’t feel like he was ready to be a father so he chose not to be. A way that was part of the truth but not so harsh. Hopefully that’s the route he took.

At least with Rhett you know he will just
have her abort if she becomes pregnant. Strange how he is the only guy that can prevent her from having his child.

No. 1044458

Where did Aj post this?

No. 1044478

from what i remember rhett isnt fertile he cant have children even if he tried

No. 1044484

these kids need better parents sabrin has never been arojundaj is a broke bum that makes his mother car for children. Penelopes mom is a drugged up whore. disator(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1049957

It’s his birthday and they are hanging out with trans? Why(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1059550

File: 1602801072674.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 647.82 KB, 750x1085, 57074BCE-3BAF-4BC8-A59E-286454…)

Claims she’s gained 10 lbs

No. 1059601

she looks like she maintained if anything. I wonder what treatment center she supposedly went to assuming she actually went and stayed

No. 1059632

She probably went to a detox center finally. She is extremely sickly looking still.

No. 1060395

Ya’ll be so far up this girls ass it’s pathetic(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1060399

File: 1602932670274.jpeg (176.74 KB, 828x1236, 2E54F877-BE74-4DDF-87CB-80A24A…)

She do be looking healthier can’t even hate

No. 1060401

Is that really her hair or a wig?????

No. 1061750

Trouble in paradise? Seems her and Rhett are over

No. 1061753


Pics or it didn’t happen: this is an imageboard luv.

No. 1062612

She’s using an IG filter on her face in this photo, but her hair does look very healthy.

No. 1062979

No Rhett means she will be pregnant with a new fuckboi by December

No. 1065668

3 kids she doesnt take care of and is now living with her dad, and is steadily losing thousands of followers on twitter and ig.
She hit her peak in 2015 and is so desperate to cling on to her "image"

No. 1065685

She can easily make money she just got lazier and lazier(newfaggotry)

No. 1066516

File: 1603484103642.png (1.03 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20201022-005536.png)

You're not as good an animal mom as you want to believe. Remember her cat xanny? It ran away twice. It's a sign.

No. 1066854

Not a good animal mom.. not a good human mom..

No. 1066856

I mean, I wouldn’t expect someone who’s named their cat after Xanax to be the best pet owner.

No. 1066865

Omgggggg she’s pregnant again?! Rhett posted it
He’s a drug dealer this can’t be good

No. 1066866

You can track IP address on this site some are coming up in la also San Diego must be some of her “friend” talking(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1067173

File: 1603569283990.jpeg (390.85 KB, 750x813, D8E6A1E7-55FD-4625-989A-16C08F…)

Not true. She just posted about her period pains last night on her Twitter.

No. 1067208

Another abortion probably. rhett doesn't want a kid with that mess haha

No. 1068108

She posted about being single during covid, laughable. Has she ever not been in a relationship? Maybe focus on your children. She’s with her dad but why isn’t she focused on getting custody back instead of a relationship

No. 1074691

Getting custody of her kids would mean that she would actually have to start supporting them financially instead of spending all the money on herself.

No. 1092135

she made her family ig public and it was so sad looking at her photos of her and her kids two years ago

hope everyone gets it together

I used to watch Brina for hours when I first started camming. sad how all the top girls are either gone or like her now

No. 1104252

File: 1607576951175.jpg (108.31 KB, 640x1136, VideoCapture_20201209-210933.j…)

What a hoe cant even get her self together but always goes out

No. 1104404

Going where exactly??

No. 1106378

File: 1607844906498.png (Spoiler Image, 1.8 MB, 1903x1405, 20170305_205355.png)

No. 1106379

is that a snake coming out of her pussy??? spoiler this please

No. 1106381

Why wouldn't you spoiler this? Check the box, delete and repost.

No. 1106462

What the hell is going on here and why did I open the spoiler.

No. 1106489

it looks like a cat crawled in her pussy and only the tail is left out, what the fuck is this

No. 1107275

File: 1608036072301.jpg (639.68 KB, 1439x1631, Screenshot_20201214-123928_Ins…)

Escort or new bf

No. 1107416

Whoever posted this photo needs to tell us wtf that is. I'm legit disturbed now. It looks like an animal of some sort.

No. 1107444

It's probably just a pair of panties. Its gross, but common for camwhores to stuff panties up there for shows and then sell them later.

No. 1107858

Looks like a dead fish

No. 1107896

was this recent?!

yeah gonna be that person, but no pandemic in San Diego? /s

No. 1107898

There’s a fetish where people stick plastic tubes in their ass and force gerbils to crawl into it? I mean she is a prostitute why wouldn’t she abuse a rodent for money?

No. 1107899

File: 1608081958753.png (1.36 MB, 828x1792, E7AA82EB-ECEE-40D0-A26B-AC694A…)

samefag sorry I forgot to attach this image

No. 1107931

damn i used to think she was the most gorgeous girl back in 2014; sad to be scrolling on lolcow and seeing all the tea. I have so many questions; why is she so thin now? Why doesnt she just do onlyfans? She's back wit Rhett?? like Rhett she dated when she was 2019? Im from norcal but damn does socal really not have that many men to date? is her cat Xanny ok? What is going on lol

No. 1107971

Not gonna say it’s never happened in all of history, but that’s an urban legend anon. It’s not a widespread or even a niche practice, there are no documented cases as far as I know.

No. 1108027

>>1107971 it's %100 real. Once i saw a video of a women doing that with cockroaches.

No. 1108111

this honestly looks like a glass dildo to me

No. 1108632

She is a very lazy person who clings to men to support her.

No. 1108637

I'm so concerned and confused right now. It looks like she's shitting out of her pussy.

No. 1108750

Yeah this is 100% just a glass dildo in an unfortunate lighting/angle situation

No. 1108900

Is she using? She was filming herself rubbing and playing with toilet paper on her last IG story..

No. 1110893

File: 1608424970768.jpeg (755.05 KB, 744x1236, F91F3A2D-24D3-4B36-9184-9494DF…)

She was with Rhett recently but it seems they split again. They’ve been on and off for years and years. She posted some anachan type stuff and it looks like she’s been staying with her dad for a bit now. Xanny has been a stray for like 3 years now. She would see her every once in a while in the streets and post it on her story.

On a side note, I did notice that Rhett is following Sabrina’s ex bff Ana Foxx again and commenting on her photos since the breakup.

No. 1111584

I still can't believe that she allowed xanny to become a stray because a tom would call out to her from outsided the screen door. Like close the fucking door and if you can't handle it bring her too a shelter. I remember that at the time she claimed that xanny just "preferred the outdoor life"I imagine life must have been pretty fucking shit for her to not want to come back even though I know cats who get lost outside can be scared to come back home and hide. This was by far one of THE most deplorable things Sabrina ever did but the list is really endless

No. 1111670

The only time she claims "she is so healthy and happy" all of a sudden is because a man doesnt want her. She is broke and needs to fool old men, and herself. While her dad takes care of her.
She never mentions being a mother or having any sort of life with her 3 kids and thinks anyone wants that lmaooo

No. 1111807

Yikes, was Xanny even spayed?

No. 1114446

I thought she lost all of that weight because she had ongoing “kidney stones” and other health issues, but now she claims she was able to gain the weight back from leaving all of the “toxic” people in her life.. Was this weight loss all from drugs/ an ed??

No. 1114461

Just scroll up and see her drugged out on the floor to answer your question

No. 1120922

File: 1609686532839.gif (7.63 MB, 270x480, brinaodd1.gif)

I've no idea what kind of style she is going for here.

No. 1120923

File: 1609686565721.gif (11.4 MB, 270x480, brinaodd2.gif)

No. 1121784

If she acts like a child then they won't have to make her take care of her kids. So smart Brina.

No. 1123612

That hairstyle looks terrible lol

No. 1124399

File: 1609992207170.png (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 750x1334, 519A056E-E076-4761-8EA8-11A4A6…)

She’s trying so very hard to be a weeb but she’s late 20s now so it doesn’t work.
Btw…here is a pic to reference her anachan shit. Blames it on “toxic people” and can never take responsibility for herself or her actions. I sympathize with anyone who is genuinely going through an eating disorder. This girl was with an lived with a guy who is a known drug dealer and posts his bottles of lean fairly regularly. I have a hard time believing she was sober when she was back with Rhett and I have a hard time believing her weight loss was solely due to food restrictions.

No. 1124415

why does her but cheek look round but then totally flat like a butt implant that has flipped upside down? did she ever get but implants?

this is the worst part for me. She acts like someone who is still figuring out adulthood aka 18/20ish but in reality she is a whole adult neglecting/ignoring her 3 children and countless (past) pets. scum

No. 1127722

she is almost 30 and I think she is mentally slow(learn2sage)

No. 1128104

File: 1610336800907.jpg (Spoiler Image, 815.91 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20210110-194628_Vid…)

How much yall wanna bet shes also escorting again like come one u see her post on ig

No. 1128107

File: 1610336905808.jpg (Spoiler Image, 779.01 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20210110-194641_Vid…)

Like what she doing at Vegas hotel

No. 1129198

File: 1610435127501.jpeg (214.52 KB, 1125x2004, F10946D4-9654-4B4E-961D-4C1ED9…)

Jumping on hotel beds for tiktok/ IG, acting more like a child than her own children

No. 1129255

File: 1610449279502.jpeg (199.25 KB, 1125x790, AE1AC551-3391-4E32-88B7-7A6B0D…)

Bragging one minute about gaining weight, and then complaining the next.

No. 1129302

She used to not act so childlike, I think the drugs have fried her brain. Playing with stuffed animals and toy cars, super cringe. Where are her 3 kids while her dad takes her out to vegas like she is 11 kek

No. 1129408

Simps keep bankrolling her behavior

No. 1130330

Taking a stuffed toy with her everywhere. What reality is she in?

No. 1130346

File: 1610552457375.png (480.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210113-103927.png)

Yooo what is this ugly hoe on lmao

No. 1130600

She claims “caffeinated water,” but I say it’s crack and Adderall

No. 1132289

Almost 30 and still doesn’t have her shit together. So embarrassing to see. I’m glad her daughter is being raised by her mother, her son always has had a good father and what seems to be a good step mom, as for her youngest the dad really seems to have stepped up and has a lot of support from his mom too. I’m not sure why she can’t just take care of her children but they seem really well off without her in and out their life (though she never has been around for her son really) I hope they haven’t suffered too much damage from her…

No. 1132396

I think the son will definitely be okay and I think Cora will be too. I just really worry about Chloe. She was like 4 or 5 when I started following Brina and she’s always been in and out of the home with Sabrina. I hope her mom doesn’t give her another chance with sending Chloe to live with her. I was naive enough to think that the last time she had Chloe was going to actually stick. Poor Chloe, she obviously loves her mom but she’s going to have some serious resentment once she’s an adult and finds out that her mom was choosing money and whoring over her. There are plenty of camgirls who are successful and are also mothers who raise their children so there’s no excuse.

No. 1133180

File: 1610813217404.jpg (1.03 MB, 1920x1598, 20210113_200303.jpg)

No. 1135495

An obvious sign she needs to cut out the caffeinated water..

No. 1138813

File: 1611293679629.jpg (Spoiler Image, 794.12 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20210121-213423_Ins…)

And guys still buy her shit like this

No. 1142140

Mfs keep giving her $$$ for doing nothing.

No. 1142733

File: 1611691014379.png (3.56 MB, 750x1334, 55CEBC28-09C8-40CF-8254-6E44D3…)

There’s no way she will get custody of any of her kids anytime soon, if ever. She will 100% never even have the chance to get her son back, even if she wanted to. Not sure if she already signed her rights over…but she’s never raised him and he has a mother who has and still is. No judge would ruin his life like that.

As for her daughters, it would be extremely neglectful for Sabrina’s mother to ever allow Chloe to live with her again, IMO, especially with the most recent events. I mean I’m not sure the circumstances of her custody bs, but generally, a court will want the custodial parent to have a job and stable housing. I don’t think camgirl and escort will fly. Not saying that mothers can’t be camgirls or escorts, but treat it as a job to support your family…don’t treat it like a lifestyle and put it above your kids like this broad has.

It’s not so surprising that men continue to give her money because…ya know…:not surprising. But what blows my mind is the amount of women who support her. Especially mothers!!! She posted this yesterday..,so she is on good terms with Ty’s baby momma again I guess…

No. 1143215

I wonder what explanation she’s giving as to why she’s a deadbeat mother. I’d love to hear what her excuses are.

No. 1152768

File: 1612505508755.png (Spoiler Image, 3.29 MB, 900x1800, 89059073-9AF5-46FA-95CF-1C7263…)

I’m really feeling so sorry for the people/animals she’s hurt in her life.
It’s never ending. Including herself. She’s just a poison wherever she goes.
I just can’t stop watching the catastrophe that is her life.
She’s been gaining weight as we can all see from her few and far between social media posts. And even though she’s been “focusing on herself” she’s been drinking and smoking again despite her “holy virtues” including veganism and sobriety after her last “rainbow child” was born and taken away from her as soon as AJ realized she’s a narcissist for being pregnant and cops out once the child is born.

I’m posting pics in reference to her narcissistic happiness for being pregnant that leads to extra attention, her supposed weight loss from “stress” and weight gain from alcohol in the past two months, also a ploy for attention, and her obsession with her emaciated body in pictures vs her weight gain and nonexistent hips despite the weight gain today.
She constantly complains about PMDD being the cause of her depression and anxiety in her life yet she’s failing to realize she has a narcissistic personality disorder that she will never overcome because she refuses to believe her true diagnosis.(no one cares)

No. 1161553

File: 1613330144402.jpeg (234.13 KB, 750x1190, BDB4E920-23DC-46CE-8F9F-E97318…)

So it seems Sabrina is at it again, dating yet another loser Nathaniel knows. Who was just two weeks ago accused of sending his pregnant girlfriend lissa polooza to the hospital. She outted him as a drug addict abuser, had an abortion and he had her ig removed for soliciting and sexual guidelines.
Needless to say he will probably get Sabrina pregnant and yet again she will leave another child with another father to raise. What a train wreck.

No. 1161559

oh my fucking god, what a crossover. I hate this guy and this post confirmed a bunch of shit I've suspected for a while. Not to derail but where did you get the info on what happened with him and Lissa? I'm dying to know more.

No. 1161615

File: 1613334382876.jpeg (286.97 KB, 750x1333, CE3421CD-248C-43D2-B75F-D00C8B…)

His ex had posted all of this to her ig.

No. 1161619

File: 1613334595176.jpeg (260.21 KB, 750x1333, 4E4FB1AE-09CB-461E-8D2E-CBF043…)

No. 1161632

File: 1613335354257.jpg (306.08 KB, 1080x1350, LISSA.jpg)

sabrina is just the rebound here kek

No. 1161675

Ty anon. I had tried looking at her ig but I don’t follow her and everything is private now. A couple months ago he posted this video of Lissa where he kept trying to grab her neck and choke her in public. She was obviously not into it and was pushing him away. His followers started calling him out in the comments and he ended up deleting it. If Sabrina had any sense she would run far away. This cannot end well for her.

No. 1161700

I saw that, he was saying I love you and grabbed her throat and said “I’ll fkn kill you” and she genuinely looked concerned. I do believe Sabrina had commented on that saying “it’s the hand on the throat for me” so she definitely knows what she’s getting herself into.

No. 1161796

File: 1613346318287.jpeg (76.47 KB, 210x402, FE9152BA-4D62-42B3-8881-31C2B5…)

But Stormy aka pumpkinspice just posted on IG that she was planning to hang out with Nathanial too until she just heard about the abuse. Wtf is going on here….

No. 1161833

File: 1613350094526.png (462.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210214-194700.png)

Nathaniel wanted stormy and brina, brina wins the race to LA to jump on him first

No. 1161874

lmao @ Pumpy pretending to care that he's abusive because he's hanging out with Sabrina. She's a huge pickme and only cares because it's easier for her to say she stopped pursing him because he's abusive rather than because he rejected her for Sabrina.

No. 1162206

File: 1613400826426.png (Spoiler Image, 316.66 KB, 571x668, lissa.png)

nathanials ex is way hotter than brina or pump(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1162211

Yes, we biological women always rate women based off photos like this, you blend in so well by posting this.

No. 1162254

>ex is way hotter
>50% of the photo is a man's groin

Scrotes really have no sense

No. 1162329

I will say, no matter the circumstance
If he and Brina are dating and he’s actively liking pumps pussy pics and butthole training pics on Twitter while they are out on a date it’s really disgusting.
Didn’t her ex ty also date pump?

No. 1162377

Man, she finds a lot of camgirl/pornstar sloppy seconds

No. 1162391

Yes Ty and pumpy were hooking up for a bit. She even rented an airbnb for her and Ty when her recent ex cheated on her. Now that she’s single again I’m expecting Ty to pop back up.

No. 1162465

His ex is so hot. I actually feel bad for her. Lost any respect I had for Brina (if I even had any) making it about her. The girl just went through an abortion and abuse with this guy and you are making it about you and poor you on Valentine’s Day? We know you have abortions “miscarriages” regularly and enjoy being treated like shit but that doesn’t mean others do.

No. 1162470

Nathaniels ex is also kristens friend so I’m sure she let brina in on the abuse but she doesn’t care. Sure loving them sloppy seconds of every other cam girl/porn star. Tys ex and her used to be close then she dated him stopped talking now they are best friends again and stops talking to Kristen? And Karen? Didn’t she date ty too? Can’t even keep friends. Really pathetic. Focus on your damn children. Worried about your Valentine’s Day and having a good one have you even thought about how your children feel without a mother in their life on that day?

No. 1162473

Tys ex posted a picture of them two together and comment. Trash supporting trash. She posted on Twitter in response to a comment
“We disconnected for some time, but all good in the neighborhood, what we went thru taught us a lot on both ends” Yeah maybe taught you not to fuck someone’s ex? I can’t imagine having no real friends you have to crawl back to scum who fucked your baby daddy. No hate towards tys ex cause I like her but she needs brina out her life I’m sure she will be after her newest baby daddy next.(emoji)

No. 1162495

I can't imagine posting here, not saging, using emojis with such newfagginess.

No. 1162521

File: 1613432087267.jpeg (729.88 KB, 1125x1662, 2787CD59-8DDD-4281-AD6A-8A7B8B…)

Countdown til baby number 4

No. 1163021

Holy shit, I don't check this site for two days and a flurry of shit goes down. Man, sex workers seemingly live in a small world. I follow his ex and saw her posts about the bs and abuse he put her through, and I saw something about Brina having a new bf, but the same person? Jeez.

No. 1163201

No sign of kids but reveling in High school Drama. LA in a nutshell

No. 1163203

where was the proof of abuse posted? someone mentioned of a video of him choking her?

No. 1163344

All of these dudes are so ugly. Stormy isn’t attractive either, but all these girls could do so much better than these same 5 ugly tattooed fucks

No. 1163991

I was the anon that referred to it as choking which may have been an exaggeration because he wasn't violently choking Lissa, he was more so grabbing her throat. It was still fucked up and she was very clear that she was not into it. The video was posted on his instagram and has since been taken down. At the time, he wasn't connected to any cows so there was no reason to save the video. I've always thought he was a sketchy suicide baiting instagram loser, I've never seen anyone speak about him being abusive until recently. Not surprised tho.

No. 1164115

File: 1613598670133.jpeg (167.55 KB, 750x1060, 78929346-E739-4948-8462-A448D0…)

How about don’t forget to love you’re kids?
Oh wait. She doesn’t.

No. 1164847

I feel like this all has to do with Kristin. She became best friends with Nathan’s ex Lisa - lissapalooza .. and Brina became jealous of Lisa, because well Lisa is Lisa and Brina is eh lol. So nasty- and desperate- to fuck someone who blatantly abused his ex, and had her social media taken down for being a sex worker. In a few weeks she’ll be crying about him abusing her. Brina- take care of your kids and BABY! You will never be Lisa. Lisa would NEVER! Nobody is jealous of someone who abandoned her 3 kids (including a baby) puke

No. 1164901

Agreed. She doesn’t like that she’s a beautiful girl, and that she’s close to Kristen. It feels out of spite. I guess she’s jealous she has other friends?

No. 1164924

File: 1613691100897.jpeg (377.39 KB, 1124x1786, 9CB497F2-2350-4284-A098-25D427…)

Looks like he’s already got Brina paying for his shit.

No. 1165026

Wow what a fucking broke bum. Imagine bragging about that in public.

No. 1165062

A lot of guys get a power trip from being able to make women pay for their shit. I can see why in his warped narc mind it’s something to rub in people’s faces, and it attracts controversy too so perfect for a npd faggot like him.

No. 1165172

This might have a bit to do with Kristin, but not really much and I don’t see how you come to that conclusion. I posted up above about how Rhett was following her(Kristin)and commenting immediately after him and Brina had the most recent breakup. I guess she could have been bitter about that, but I don’t see how dating her friends ex would do anything. Especially because this guys is passed around, I don’t think he can be stolen.

These LA camgirls all date the same guys. Brina is dating Nathaniel who has dated Lissa and who knows who else. Brina also dated Ty who dated PumpkinSpice, Karen, and DoePrudendce….forget her cam name. Rhett hooked up with other camgirls in when he wasn’t with Sabrina. It’s a big cesspool.

No. 1165173

Samefag but I meant DoePrudence*

No. 1165181

File: 1613720868684.jpeg (116.86 KB, 750x1366, F30A8E8A-593E-409A-9B04-F81BC7…)

Looks to me like she’s using again.
She looks sweaty and out of it rubbing and kissing on this bums feet..

No. 1165262

I can’t believe I used to think Brian was pretty or even cute. Now when I look at her, even at her old pics, she looks like frail or trash to be honest. And she has such a weird shaped head! Like a giant square. No lips.

No. 1165263

Trailer trash not frail - fucking autocorrect

No. 1166943

This ho has nerve. She went on live today and so many questions about her children were asked and she made it seem like she has any kind of clue about how they are doing. Then makes fun of people for asking about them. Such trash.

No. 1166999

What did she say in reply to people asking about her kid?

No. 1167000


No. 1167006

You, start saging
And you fucktard need to stop namefagging and read the rules.

No. 1167166


Saw multiple people ask about her kids and she ignored the questions. Towards the end of the live she eventually replied with something like “think of the children” or “oh , the children!” in a dramatic and mocking tone. She was smiling and laughing. Like damn, don’t you miss your kids?

No. 1167719

Cringe. She actually laughed about it? You think she just doesn’t care or is using?

No. 1167728


She thinks it's funny people want to know how her her children are doing and are concerned she hasn't spent time with them. She didn't seem high though I don't think.. just happy and cheerful.

No. 1167792

Sabrina doesn't have custody of any of the children because she signed over full custody to all 3 of them. AJ even said Sabrina fully ignores Cora and no longer attempts to even see her. She likes the attention she gets from being pregnant and being able to do her CaRefUlLy CuRaTeD aEsThETiC~~`* and go buy new planners and notebooks with stickers to start journaling again and making schedules!!!!111!!! Once the kids are born and she realizes it actually requires work and you have to take care of them she disappears and bails.

Is no one going to talk about how insane it is that the person who WITNESSED that nathaniel guy beat up his Ex is Sabrina's best friend Kristen? and she's still acting like nothing happened. She is a trash. I give it 2 months before she's pregnant again with this new guy.

What's funny is she complains about having PMDD for years now. You know what the treatment is for PMDD? BIRTHCONTROL. And yet she said she's too scared to take birth control. So popping out another baby is less scary to you? She will never grow up. She also looks like she is using again…probably doing ketamine all over again. She looks so glazed over and slow moving(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1167866

She’s scared of birth control because it made her gain weight. I remember her complaining about it. She likes to pretend that she’s “naturally” skinny no matter what she does or eats, saying she would love it if she could gain weight, but as soon as she does gain weight via pregnancy or birth control pills, she’s desperate to try and lose those extra 5-10 lbs that she gained.

No. 1167868

Sounds like she’s jealous that people were asking questions about her kids instead of herself. She wants to be the center of attention, and her kids interfere with that.

No. 1169528

She posted a quote about a flower and changing it’a surroundings. Bitch just take care of your kids!! Lol YIKES

No. 1169529

On lisa’s Twitter posts about Nathan, some girls responded saying he sent them unsolicited videos of him jerking off into a sink.. this guy is a creep and they are equally desperate. Ew. Charming guy you got there Brina..

No. 1170790

File: 1614313015218.png (142.65 KB, 518x752, bri.png)

Posted on her twitter someone talking to Cora's father AJ. Brina has nothing to do with any of her 3 children at all yikes! Her new bf seems like he fits the part well enough for her while she pretends to be 12 years old kek

No. 1170803


It’s heartbreaking to see how little regard she has for her children. Cora must be confused why she doesn’t see her mom anymore. That’s sad.

Not surprised to hear she’s not helping her ex financially to look after her daughter. She does have a history of being a deadbeat and the incident where her sister put her on blast on Facebook comes to mind. You think she’s ever going to start behaving responsibly?

No. 1170819

What profile is this of AJ’s? I thought I was following everyone but I can’t find either of these handles on Twitter. How old is this too Bc this is new milk to me for 2021.

No. 1170846

File: 1614319251672.jpeg (167.47 KB, 750x946, 5D4F2BEE-AB54-4C70-A3DA-2D228E…)

Someone on Twitter posted and tagged her.

No. 1171049

16.ounces is AJs Instagram, that’s where this convo seems to be taking place

No. 1171100

Her simps don't care about her personal life. She is a deadbeat for life. Let it go.

No. 1171166

File: 1614359067008.jpeg (82.05 KB, 750x972, 1ECAE927-89A6-4D8E-8F2C-FACB96…)

Anyone want to bet, she’ll be hooking up with Nathan’s friends already?
She posted a live to her page, where Nathan is sleeping and she’s running around in her lingerie with his friend.

No. 1171369

AJ would have a very hard time trying to get child support out of her and garnishing her wages because she’s considered self-employed. Only Fans doesn’t hand over pay stubs. So if they went to court it would be Brina filling out her IED herself where she could lie and say she made as little as she wants.

I used to be friends with her son’s father who used to tattoo my boyfriend. She tried to come back into her sons life and the dad said okay then give me some child support since I’ve been doing this on my own since the very beginning. And that’s when she bailed again and just left for good. This was when she was claiming to make $300k a year on MFC too. There’s also a loophole where if the parent legally signed over all their rights that they don’t have to pay child support. The family court system is really complicated.

No. 1171454

>There’s also a loophole where if the parent legally signed over all their rights that they don’t have to pay child support. The family court system is really complicated.
That's simply not true. You can't just relinquish your responsibility to a child unless the child has been adopted. For example, parents of kids in the foster system can be charged child support, but if the kid gets adopted, then no more paying child support. If one of her kid's fathers ends up on marrying someone, then their spouse could adopt the kid. However, if one of her kid's fathers ends up on welfare, then the state will suddenly care about child support.

No. 1171756

Yeah, parents can absolutely give up rights to a kid without adoption. And parents can also get their rights revoked. My biological dad gave up his rights to me when I was 2 and I wasn’t adopted until I was 10

No. 1172048

He'd still have been liable for child support.

No. 1172395

File: 1614484994157.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 625.05 KB, 750x1334, BB3FB86A-FE04-4990-B7A6-734625…)

Anyone else see her live? She seemed super fucked up. Apparently off of just alcohol. Can’t wait to witness the downfall again.

No. 1172437

Is that blood? Yikes(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1172788


Eww, yeah there's a red spot on her panties. It looks higher up in the area where the fabric sits against her ass. It could be her butthole bleeding.

No. 1173014

It looks like a pink Victoria’s Secret tag to me, a really inconveniently placed one from the way her panties are rolled down

No. 1173594

If a parent has their rights legally revoked, they are not liable to pay child support. BUT, most judges will not allow a parent to give up their rights unless someone else is stepping in to adopt and take responsibility.

No. 1174072

That isn’t always true. My sister had her baby daddy sign over his rights so that she would be allowed to move out of state without his permission and she is not allowed to ask for child support. Usually in court it is a type of deal. I’m pretty sure that’s why Sabrina isn’t in Coda’s life at all. Is that the dad (Michael) had her sign over her rights and therefore cannot ask her for child support in return. On the other hand, it sounds like according to what AJ has told me, and I looked up court records that AJ was given full custody and the courts don’t want her around Cora. They probably gave her a checklist of things she needs to do to be able to have visitation with her but knowing Sabrina it’s too much work for her and she’s too narcissistic to care. I remember when she was trying to visit Chloe years ago the courts were requesting her to get drug tests done by providing samples of her hair so something must have happened with Chloe as well.

I give it 3 months before she’s pregnant with the current guy. And this current guy gives me such bad creepy vibes. Like he’D glorify the thought of hurting her physically or even killing her(no1curr)

No. 1174295

File: 1614697076694.png (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 750x1334, 3B356E89-A5AC-49C1-BCBE-84A533…)

So it IS ketamine again.

No. 1174300

File: 1614697250117.png (2.41 MB, 750x1334, D19ED99B-9544-4B4D-AA98-EE248B…)

She’s hanging out with Zoe, the girl Rhett jumped on after breaking up with Brina. Are all these girls in some sort of slag union or something?

No. 1174961

Seems like she’s just trying to infringe on rhetts life. Hanging out with Zoe and weepinghentai who are both rhetts friends.
She has a weird obsession with harassing her ex’s.

No. 1175157

File: 1614781699921.jpeg (152.74 KB, 1064x1131, 2A118AFE-59AB-45C0-A671-DEE605…)

He left that for this?? Also why does Brina always look like an uncooked chicken to me.
I can’t believe he left an insanely gorgeous woman who wanted to have his baby for this- someone who abandoned all 3 of her babies. Then again, he’s a piece of shit too. But still!!

No. 1175159

File: 1614781820540.jpeg (386.49 KB, 1182x1528, CA592282-0BFF-4FAC-96A0-CAD922…)

Like, look at her!! Brina only looks semi decent with filters on.. but this girl! Wow
She looks kinda like Ava_mfc (but way prettier- basically what Ava wishes she looked like) and Lomeli- who I feel Brina was extremely jealous of!

No. 1175161

Yes, I think she is on some weird vendetta against Rhett, and maybe even Kristin. I wonder if her new boyfriend is starting to notice. Like, why did she go live while she was peeing? That is not even allowed on ig- yeah she was fucked up but you still know better. Also that is a huge fetish of rhett’s.. he even made a post responding to it. I think she’s still obsessed with Rhett.

No. 1175215

File: 1614787060604.png (112.95 KB, 720x1172, 20210303_093933.png)

she has to buy tons of fake followers and likes to have the illusion to actually being successful, while she lives with her dad kek so sad this girl

No. 1175312


Um, okay.. that chick is an ordinary girl who wears lots of makeup. Not in the same league as Ava or Lomeli in terms of beauty lmao. Brina is pretty but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s hideous and rotten on the inside

No. 1175380

Disagree.. Ava is very ordinary, esp compared to Lisa. Lisa is naturally gorgeous. I think she looks just like Lomeli.

No. 1175429

File: 1614800734420.png (Spoiler Image, 555.09 KB, 958x720, 20210303_144146.png)

Why are we even comparing actual beautiful women to this…. a brina without filters and editing is this creature of the swamp

No. 1175430

File: 1614800779074.png (537.53 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20210303-143818.png)

No. 1175444

she looks like Jocelyn Wildenstein

No. 1175554

Ava is STUNNING to me. I always thought she was so beautiful and has a good soul. And Lomeli…. I’m proud of her. She goes by the name “Sofvi Rodriguez” now and is an actress. She’s been in a long term relationship with another actor named Hudson Thames. I’m glad she left sex work behind, she seems so much mentally healthier now.

as for Sabrina living with her dad…..
Sabrina doesn’t have as much money as she wants people to think. She was severely in debt when living with AJ. She blew through all her MFC money before then. She really screwed herself (no pun intended) when she decided to partner up with camversity…. because she didn’t make much on their platform. I’m pretty sure she isn’t allowed back on MFC because of a contract. Tyler confirmed that Sabrina was escorting while with him and he found out. Also if you look up court records, she was kicked out of the apartment she lived in with her mom and chloe after she split with AJ because she didn’t pay rent for months and they had to legally remove her. She’s broke. And anything she’s currently making off of only fans is probably going towards her massive debt.

Also does anyone wonder what happened to her Cadillac? She claims she bought it in cash but the car is now nowhere to be seen and she has to drive her dads truck.

No. 1175649

Sage for no milk but what ever happened to Lomelii

No. 1175814

Manchin McForehead doesn't pass as female

No. 1175856

What’s weird is if you put her hair in wook dreads and gave her facial hair she would look just like Rhett.

No. 1175974


That’s not cool outing a non-problematic former sex worker’s legal name..(back2twitter)

No. 1176380

That’s not her legal name. It’s just another stage name she now uses for acting.

No. 1179102

File: 1615207092635.jpeg (74.46 KB, 1234x331, 02E680D6-E81E-4217-BCDB-A9782D…)

Every post she likes I automatically read it as her talking about her kids. It changes everything lul. I know she doesn’t mean it that way but it makes it a lot more interesting and sad. She’s so worried about how she looks on social media but not her kids.. one is a baby less than 2.. during a pandemic!! Yikes, couldn’t be me ..

No. 1179104

File: 1615207174940.jpeg (116.75 KB, 1242x446, C1861FA1-0DAD-4826-9051-E9A2E9…)

Worry about your babies dammit, not people who don’t know you. You must obviously care what we think if you have to like something like this LOL

No. 1179107

Also, she says Happy Birthday to some guy who beats women but ghosts her kids on their own birthday. I think the baby even shares her birthday? Fucking weirdo. Her kids are absolutely going to hate her when they get older if they don’t already.

No. 1179108

I was just thinking - what if Chloe does see her tweets? That’s embarrassing and heartbreaking.. she probably does because she is older now…..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1179418

Her oldest bday in Nov
Middle child Feb
Youngest is same day as her Dec
Didn’t wish any of them happy birthday

No. 1179648

File: 1615247021092.jpeg (133.34 KB, 750x1333, 907513A7-8316-4BA1-BB87-B4D02F…)

Why do I get the feeling that her and her new bf are on a drug binge? She looks like she’s rolling in everything that’s been posted.

No. 1180313

It’s sad because she went through all that work of attending treatment for anorexia and substance abuse issues and seemed to have been doing so much better…. and the moment a new guy comes into her life she goes right back to her old ways. This is the same cycle she has been repeating since she was 16 years old. Fertile Mrytle will be pregnant again soon.

No. 1180498

lol she never seemed to be doing "so much better" at least no from her insta which leads me to think that it prob wasn't much better irl. I guess if not partying and posting it publicly during a pandemic is doing better than the bar is pretty low. She barely gained weight in treatment and started posting thinspo/body checks as soon as she got out. I wouldn't call that progress

No. 1180588

Exactly. She moved from San Diego and in with her dad and made it seem like it was a fresh start. But she was going to Vegas to party and posting pics from bars and casinos etc so really no progress. Really all that that was, was her looking for sympathy while she was going through her like 4th or 5th breakup with Rhett. I’d love for him to give some insight but he never would, sadly.

Crazy that she’s posted some random FaceTimes with her kids as “proof” that she’s involved. With that logic anyone your young kids connect to on the internet or tv is just as equal. They probably see those characters on tv more than their own mother. Incredibly pathetic and sad for the kids. At least her sons father has created good structure for him.

No. 1180603

Anorexic? Definitely not. Bulimic? Yes, have you seen her teeth?

No. 1180812

She didn’t go to treatment she just went to stay with her dad she words it so you think she is going somewhere for the attention she will get but in reality she can’t live without social media and attention do you think she would pay for treatment when she can’t even pay for her children?

No. 1183168

File: 1615601454064.jpeg (124.93 KB, 750x777, C4304C40-C610-451D-AA7B-C53F1A…)

What the fuck is she doing????! Thought she didn’t like smoking cannabis? But now she’s on the vape all the time and promoting cannabis sales? Looks like someone’s on some hard times for promotion money yikes. She used to be able to promote for stuff all the time. Now she’s down to dealer status kek

No. 1183197

File: 1615603630570.png (3.54 MB, 750x1334, E2F18DE7-14E6-4E8B-A935-CCDF6E…)

Not surprisingly, Rhett is doing much better without her…

No. 1183781

File: 1615667930892.jpeg (269.8 KB, 750x1333, BACB8398-9A48-42E4-BE5A-FC7410…)

She really does go heavy on that photoshop/ filters.
You cannot convince me that this girl is remotely attractive.

No. 1183962

She looks like a normal girl in the above photo, relax.

No. 1184013

Nta, yeah normal but nothing like her sm pics, which is what she insists. She’s ok ig besides that weird ass philtrum, makes her look like RTG lmao and that pic definitely shows her age unlike anything else she’s ever posted.

No. 1184039

What's your point, adult woman age like any other human being? I don't get it. And she looks fine. You sound like a bitter dude. She looks different because there isn't a filter and she doesn't have control over the lighting and angles, just like every other human being who posts selfies.

No. 1184081

You dumbass we’re here to tear her down not support her stupid ass. Get off a gossip thread if u wanna find the good in people.

No. 1184083

from the thumbnail, bottom right, I thought osama bin laden was behind her

No. 1184084

Osama bin bombin! You’re right!

No. 1184088

Nta but I'm pretty sure a lot of us are just here to laugh

No. 1185493

File: 1615862515943.png (633.91 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210315-205941.png)

I can't believe Sabrina's boyfriend posted this meme, he is literally making fun of her keeeeeeek

No. 1187214

At least we know she’s not pregnant…… yet. She was on live high as a kite and once again sitting on the toilet peeing and her tampon string was hanging out of her. Not sure how she doesn’t get her IG deleted for the amount of times she has showed her vag while live. Also… her followers have got to be bought. She has 204k followers and her live never got more than 50 people in it

No. 1197790

What’s this lawsuit against brina that happened in 2018 that’s still going on? Anyone know? With some girl Kayla

No. 1199965

File: 1617334066907.png (720.76 KB, 545x578, sabrina.png)

She looks fucked up with everyone she has ever been with, she will always be passed around back to Rhett, no one want's a girl that lives with her dad kek worry about your children, LA doesnt need you sabrina, we know you lurk here

No. 1199992

Woa! Brina from MFC? I just came across this thread and realized it. I used to watch her cam shows years ago….like 7years maybe. 2013ish? She would get wasted and freak out on cam. She kept getting calls one night while doing a bath show. Apparently her number was compromised or she gave it out while drunk and on xannies and kept getting calls from people watching. She talked about her baby daddy drama and custody battle a lot.

Does she still cam there? I figured she would be or was an escort. She lived in that expensive apartment at like idk 18 or 19.

I remember anafoxx as well.

Some of these girls were just interesting to watch or train wrecks you could help but watch.

No. 1200159

Where do you see stuff about a trial? With a girl named kayla?

No. 1200771

File: 1617418886413.png (857.66 KB, 1800x900, 71E27B90-735B-4DA4-A57D-0FDE30…)

Still on the ketamine train and now defending her drug use.

No. 1200813

The "details" were that they were in Vegas and Stella walked on Brina fucking Tyler. I used to talk to Stella on tumblr and she told me before she decided to quit camming. In fact, that Tyler dude is the one who asked her to quit because he was "jealous" and said that's why he cheated. Turns out they broke up and he went on to date Brina. I still feel bad for Stella though because she has a kid with him

No. 1200879

File: 1617436228397.jpeg (126.59 KB, 750x1136, E01E5740-B353-4860-B040-DEEE0D…)

It’s back up on her page.

No. 1203343

What’s up with her left leg???

No. 1203636

It's so obvious Nathan was in love with that Naomi chick for real. They have dated for years on and off using others to make each other jealous on social media. Brina even has been copying her filters trying to be like her..she knows she's a rebound.

No. 1203756

File: 1617860560403.jpeg (108.5 KB, 750x958, B163D857-660F-4025-9338-F4DF16…)

Lol brinas so salty

No. 1204160

I know I noticed brina copying the same filters too but I was like eh it’s a filter whatever but she started doing the same expressions/faces as her lately even on the same day Naomi posted. Cringe

No. 1207346

File: 1618332997972.jpg (116.39 KB, 720x804, 20210414_005535.jpg)

Why does Sabrina think Naomi is the other woman, when Sabrina clearly is. Naomi is happy with a non abuser and she is so desperate to be someone special kek

No. 1207352

File: 1618333151093.jpg (145.13 KB, 720x1166, 20210414_005811.jpg)

Meanwhile this is Sabrina's "family IG" comments and Nathanial doesn't post anything with sabrina anymore

No. 1207372

File: 1618333937771.jpg (297.42 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210414-011032_Ins…)

And Sabrinas best friend is bffs with Naomi and doesn't even follow Brina anymore. Must suck being the other girl now Sabrina

No. 1207642


This is kinda cute haha. Happy Kristin has hot friends and ditched Brina. Brina deserves all the misery she created for herself.

No. 1207868

I feel like this exact scenario has happened with one of Brina's Bff's before. I think it was when she cheated on A.J. But maybe I'm remembering wrong. She always seems to end start/friendships publicly in the most messy ways

No. 1208173

Rhett has a new girl and how cute she actually takes care of her kid(dont post photos of children)

No. 1208390

Tbh I think Rhett and his new Gf are cute af. And the fact that she’s in her child’s life unlike brina. Who chose an abuser, who will obsess over his ex Lisa and again her kids will be the last thing on her mind. It’s so sad really.

No. 1208811

File: 1618460591182.jpeg (133.01 KB, 750x1532, D278D65A-A571-4FA0-A636-22558A…)

Isn’t this from when she lost all of her body weight and was complaining about being so unhealthy and in a toxic relationship(aka drugs) Doesn’t look like she hated her body that much lol

No. 1208971

Just because she has her child in her life doesn’t mean she’s a good parent lol. Better than Brina? Sure. But…she’s bringing her kid around Rhett. Plus they just started dating. Let’s not forget who we are talking about here. I wouldn’t say that’s the smartest decision as a parent to a young girl. Not saying she’s a bad parent, just pointing out that we don’t know.

No. 1209342

Someone just tweeted at arianina_ saying Brian was shit talking her on her ig live?

No. 1209472

Didn't see the ig live, but know that she has always been jealous of Aria Nina. Aria stays in top 20 on MFC for years, while Sabrina makes $0 kek.

No. 1209502

Brina unfollowed Nathaniel, and posted a pathetic thirst trap and is beach to promoting her only idiots. Kept up the pic of them hoping he will take her back like bitch..he talks about his dad abandoning him 24 fucking 7. Why the fuck would he date someone i who abandoned 3 fucking kids. Basically 4. Ugh Cam Dumpster for life. No redemption for this bitch

No. 1209553

File: 1618538284334.jpg (368.71 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210416-095533_Ins…)

He doesn't follow her and has a new number lmfaoo

No. 1209583

Not surprised, can’t wait to see who she moves on or back to. I personally think she’s still wanting ty back lol

No. 1209587

File: 1618543619833.jpg (28.34 KB, 720x323, 20210416_112421.jpg)

Well that didn't last long, I think even Nathanial/ any other living being can do better.

No. 1209621

File: 1618551082077.jpg (213.16 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210416-132955_Ins…)

Drugs aren't attractive when you have 3 kids you don't take care of Sabrina

No. 1210084

"Fuck them kids": Sabrina Nellie's gravestone

No. 1210159

File: 1618615463004.jpeg (147.84 KB, 750x1208, 1DC30574-3407-499F-9394-534C78…)

When you get dumped

No. 1210160

File: 1618615505573.jpeg (144 KB, 750x1209, A1669E73-B015-45B9-B2F0-E622B2…)

The edited caption lol

No. 1210162

File: 1618615609106.png (4.13 MB, 750x1334, BD73AE2B-59DE-4E47-A161-BCB352…)

But she wants him to know she's nearby incase he wants to take her back, yet she's trying to parrot Lissa 'he's toxic' bitch you LOVE IT. You're just mad he left. He's Def toxic but she loves it

No. 1210163

File: 1618615670814.png (483.11 KB, 750x1334, 8D0C3583-7124-4F6B-8FBB-21E8E0…)


No. 1210173

Isn’t that place Sabrina just put in her story with the ice cream Rhett’s place in LA? I remember her posting from there before.

also that girl y’all keep posting with the kid…. are you sure her and Rhett are a couple? Because she’s married and lives in Vegas. She’s a hooters waitress and they have been friends for awhile and went to high school together

No. 1210213

they’re actually getting divorced or already are, she posted a whole tiktok about him cheating behind her back and had to have it removed for legal reasons

No. 1210228

Damn I wonder if a 6 week fling was worth losing her old bff Kristen over. I can't see it.

No. 1210332

No Brina toxic is not taking care of your 3 children. Almost 30 grow up and take responsibility and get control over your life.

No. 1210336

I wouldn’t post about Rhetts new girlfriends child- they have some creeps. Idk

No. 1210357

File: 1618632480994.png (380.62 KB, 750x1624, D84B8109-D114-4DB7-9D56-EA78B2…)

Or never date a guy who just beat up his longtime Gf and has been outed as an abuser? Which you said wasn’t true. Or maybe don’t be so desperate?

No. 1210372

She is such an idiot kek

No. 1210459

Doesn't she know she is the toxic one? She has the brain of an 11 year old. Glad to see both Rhett and Nathanial removed all pics of her from their IG.
Meanwhile Sabrina still has all the posts of Nathanial up, soooooo if that doesn't say something kek

No. 1210485

Came here to say this. Sure does look like the same place.

No. 1210651

File: 1618684100900.png (3.27 MB, 750x1334, 3DE59E0A-F22C-4B17-972E-A231F3…)

You got used to in an attempt to make someone jealous, and for drug and food money. Stop trying to make it deeper. Move on to your next we know you're scrounging for, let's hope you choose someone dumb enough to not know your shitty behavior, and who doesn't use IG or Google lmao.

No. 1210993

File: 1618717673699.jpg (363.53 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210418-114613_Ins…)

Fix yourself prostitute

No. 1210995

File: 1618717827058.jpg (276.24 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210418-114626_Ins…)

This slut is so desperate for attention. Nathanial never really wanted you to begin with Kek

No. 1211001

holy shit is that the same girl? she looks nothing like her real self… ugly ass hoe. Did she just post those creepy vids today?

No. 1211032

File: 1618722296124.jpg (387.68 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210418-130227_Ins…)

No posted when Nathanial gave her a chance and she covered her old face with filters. He has a new girl already

No. 1211053

File: 1618725690522.png (2.7 MB, 750x1624, 0AD124D7-84B7-40C4-AE60-B0CC2A…)


No. 1211063

I wish I could say I’m surprised

No. 1211069

hahaha she’s ridiculous

No. 1211075

Anon, that's not the same person. It's just a tiktok, you can see OP's handle in the bottom right in the story screenshot.

No. 1211077

What original platform did sabrina come from? Did she primarily gain her following from MFC? I've read the thread but there's not really an origin I can gather from. Was she MySpace infamous or something.

No. 1211080

She never fails to provide content honestly. I’ve been following her drama for so many years. So happy there’s a new chapter. This shit show will never end. I don’t think she’ll ever escape lolcow with the way she lives.

No. 1211115

MFC from the second she turned 18, and in her hay day she was a d-list insta model that could pull weed brand deals and modeling for dollskill once

No. 1211324

File: 1618763081936.jpg (215.77 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210419-002235_Ins…)

Nathanial deserves better

No. 1211355

File: 1618765858720.png (2.27 MB, 750x1624, 63FDAB06-FEA7-417E-8B73-B3DADC…)

She moves fast. Wish I could say I’m surprised. Meanwhile Nathaniel is calling her out for being a shit mom kek

No. 1211362

He’s an abuser so he definitely doesn’t deserve better??? Sabrina sucks but so does he.

No. 1211380

File: 1618768398285.png (285.41 KB, 750x1334, 585D0EC9-E788-4907-B5C0-0DAAB3…)

Lol at her trying to pretend she didn't get fully dumped onher ass, and then scrambled. I'm pretty sure the guy in the story is probably gay and she begged him to let her give him a peck to try to make Nathaniel jealous

No. 1211402

File: 1618769539815.png (2.13 MB, 750x1334, 00F032E9-B4F9-4E54-9EA3-A3A68F…)

Didn't see until now he moved away from her kiss, and she posted it KEK. Imagine being that Debbie desperate. Bitch take your kids on a day trip. Zero maternal instincts. Pretty sure she likes to use babies as dolls for a min, and that's it.

No. 1211406

And why does he? Why do people forget how abusive he was to his ex partner? This guy deserves nothing just like Sabrina.

No. 1211430

Anyone want to bet since she’s hanging with Joey Alva, she’ll be hooking up with Karen’s recent ex Nathan James?

No. 1211481

All you need to do is send Brina a corny ass message after a breakup and she'll come over and hang out with you. It's pretty desperate when you can't spend five minutes alone and chasing dick is more important than friendships or family.

No. 1211492

True. Imo she’s chasing dick because she’s burned all of her Bridges and would otherwise be homeless in la.

No. 1211717


Nathaniel and Stormy would be perfect together since they have no shame about being violent and abusive.

No. 1211722

I’m laughing so hard at all of this holy shit she’s my age acting 14 with three children wow

No. 1211736

Her attempts to look ok to everyone when she's not obviously not ok are clown level cringe and she has no self awareness of how desperate and pathetic she looks. Love Nathans post today 'Children are our future!' hanging with someones kid saying he wants to be a dad. Kek. The dude is a POS but he sure can roast a dumb bitch.

No. 1211737

File: 1618801898211.png (2.55 MB, 750x1334, 03C3FC1E-3BCF-4683-A90C-2F548B…)

'Savthechildren' kek

No. 1211980

Good for Nathanial for getting away from he, at least he cares about children who cares if it's spelled wrong. Sabrina is like the school slut still at almost 30 kek.

No. 1211989

She goes through dudes weekly and yall know she doesn’t get tested for stds

No. 1212130

Holli rx posted a story with her I bet she’s doing opiates holo is known for getting people addicted to opiates

No. 1212131

Holi * not holo

No. 1212205

She was on the dirty.com. Her name was “cam dumpster”

No. 1212225

File: 1618854228464.jpeg (120.53 KB, 750x1286, 263A3365-576A-4041-BBC9-5C5F7D…)


No. 1212347

The crossover I’ve been waiting for has finally begun! Zoe and hollii are known druggies and holli is a drug dealer for opiates. Can’t wait for this trip. When is Lilith Levisis gonna show back up in LA?

No. 1212380

Zoe is a very kind and intelligent person. I don't get why she humors Brina. But she IS like a lost puppy and sometimes people look after shit shows like Sabrina Smelly

No. 1212427

I seriously feel bad for her children. Boys and drugs over them. If she OD’s it’ll still hurt them. Why didn’t she get fixed long ago if she wanted nothing to do with them? The only time she tried to be a mother was when she was pregnant with her son taking care of her daughter. That’s the only normal her life has been since all of this. It’s crazy seeing her spiral out of control.

No. 1212455

She feels she's at her best pregnant because hEr PmDd! She also uses pregnancies to try to trap men. It's never about the actual child, they are foreign dolls she plays with and then loses interest when the relationship with the dad desolves. No maternial attachment or instinctd no empathy for them. She tried to trap Ty with a fake pregnancy. It's her shtick for life. Horrible human and 100% should be sterilized. Chloe with her mom, Coda Rain with his dad, Coralie with her dad. Like that's just fucking crazy! You have to be so fucked up for the court not to give maternal custody- like truly beyond repair.

No. 1212493

Didn’t she say she was gonna get better for her kids but then she met the suicidal old man lol

No. 1212506


fucking DYING. Joey Alva is from my hometown, he's literally just as bad as Sabrina, scummy humans lol. Joey was known for luring in underage girls 10 years ago, using and abusing his ex's and getting into highly social media fuled relationships one after the other. Perfect match.

No. 1212510

I didn’t even know she had a son. I thought she only had her daughters she abandoned. She’s so fucking evil

No. 1212519

It’s truly despicable. She makes it plainly obvious she’s selfish as hell and beyond self absorbed.

No. 1212569

File: 1618875227763.jpeg (133.31 KB, 750x1467, 9B5DED51-E67C-4727-BAC7-E2AD6B…)

Aimed at brina?

No. 1212574

File: 1618875647994.png (1.5 MB, 750x1624, 4A58675C-0690-4FAC-AA4B-BC372B…)

No. 1212575

Would not be surprised in the slightest. She’s the type to go batshit.

No. 1212594

AHAHA please let it be her messy ass! I swear all you gotta do is have over 10k and long hair and tattoos and she will fuck you in the first 5 minutes.

No. 1212643

We know that's a really old picture, and you read these forums Sabrina. Kek. Seek help. Stop trying to prove untrue things on social media- like you having a clue what this kid is up to. We been known that ya don't!(dont post photos of children)

No. 1212649

It’s depressing to see these pics with her kids because you know it’s only to keep up the facade. Can only imagine how those kids feel. No doubt they deserve better than this shit tier mother.

No. 1212650

She definitely posted the old pic of Chloe to try to get some redemption that she’s a good mother. It sad because when she used to cam she would just constantly trash talk her own mother and how terrible of a mom she is, how she’s negligent and immature, and how horrible her childhood was because of her mom……. yet she gave her mom full custody of Chloe.

No. 1212681

File: 1618887172314.png (258.43 KB, 750x1624, EAE62632-638A-4D69-BCC7-5B383C…)


No. 1212701

So glad an ex is finally calling this spade a spade besides Ty

No. 1212707

Fucking same.

No. 1212727

Wow what absolute shade. Am I the only one hoping for more of this?

No. 1212746

Not at all this shit is so entertaining, this cow never stops mooing

No. 1213022

This has spiraled so much, definitely entertaining but sad to see. has anyone got a new forum opened already for when this one is full

No. 1213131

Agreed this shit has been so crazy. Like she’s hanging out with Zoe again who was with Rhett after she was the first time. Then she was back with Rhett what last year? Like the turnaround situation is so bad. She’s still so Instagram famous too like women just keep liking her they have no idea of her patterns or don’t care or something. I’m honestly waiting for the day she links up with the lead singer of Atilla, Fronz. He loves unstable crazy women. But that’s all the way in Florida and Brina likes to stay local. Should we move to a new thread! Yes. Also I wonder if she’s homeless. Shit show cam dumpster.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1213133

She said she will be camming again next week. What a mess

No. 1213140

Also curious if she is homeless bc a while ago she moved from san diego and got a nice big new apartment. Havent seen anything of it since then

No. 1213173

Zoe didn’t get with Rhett after the first breakup with Sabrina. It was the second or third. They’ve been together and broken up a whole lot.

Sabrina has posted videos with Rhett and her oldest daughter, Chloe, when Chloe was like 5 or so…she’s now 12 almost 13. There also used to be some footage of Rhett and Sabrina at a restaurant with Chloe and Brina’s son, Coda, and she hasn’t seen him in years and years.

No. 1213188

I feel sad for the day that her kids google her. Who know, maybe they already have. She I made the choices to be a POS dead beat parent. Poor kids never have a chance or a choice.

No. 1213215

Holy shit I didn't recognize him in the vid! I thought he was some random middle aged creeper/trick lmao. Even worse tho is him being a literal pedo

No. 1213236

Hanging out druggies and returning to cam… sounds like a recipe for another poop incident!

No. 1213327

File: 1618977363889.jpeg (314.79 KB, 1125x1878, F5EE9BB4-A8C8-498F-905D-21A141…)

Can we start a separate forum on JOEY ALVA? He is disgustingly perfect for Brina, Due to the fact that they are both absolute trash. He might not have kids, but I can say that he does use and abuse all of his exes. I Was following his recent ex, @amandamarie on ig, she may be the only non-sex worker that he has ever dated. After her, it just went from trashy to trashier to Sabrina. He cheated on Amanda with Sabrina’s best friend, @exwifesart over the summer and is now with Nellie.. I’ve been following Amanda for eight years and I can say that she’s looked like a totally levelheaded and happy girl until the months that she was with him. These people have to go! I’ve watched Both Joey and Sabrina either get with equally as terrible people, or ruined good peoples lives. I screenshot red this from @amandamarie in June 2020. Was sending it as a concerned friend to another. I have more screen grabs as well from this incident

No. 1213428

>not posting your "screen grabs"
hi newfag

No. 1213595

File: 1619024213201.jpeg (988 KB, 1125x1998, F2B195A4-679A-48FC-8AA7-BEEE98…)

Now shes hanging out with Dean’s (Stormy’s ex) cousin! Stormy made a whole rant about this dude recently saying hes some alcoholic loser who lives on Dean’s couch. So, perfect for Brina.

No. 1213598

Wow, she sure knows how to pick ‘em kek

No. 1213881

File: 1619052764763.jpeg (270.55 KB, 750x961, 66DEAEBC-78C2-4D09-B957-4DEE23…)

Couch surfing with drug dealers, groomers and abusers. I expect nothing less of brina. Zoe should run for the hills.

No. 1213884

File: 1619053234404.png (5.17 MB, 750x1334, 59E64B7F-3571-40BF-9010-398F3A…)

Damn those wrinkles do be hittin brina hard. She better start saving for the plastic surgeon again if she wants to keep being a hooker.

No. 1213916

She’s bottom feeding trash and surrounds herself with bottom feeding trash. Her poor kids.

No. 1213923

Thank god she isn’t in any of their lives

No. 1214001

She’s always been all smoke and mirrors. She’s really good at doing her makeup and takes HOURS to get ready. When she cammed she used to use the perfect lighting and try to keep her face at certain angles. I had friends who lived in that same high rise as her and people were always shocked to see what her social media pics looked like versus her in person. That whole building hated her because it was full of working professionals and she would be blasting music and making loud noise in the halls until 6 am with Rhett.

No. 1214004

Whatever happened to cam dumpster’s lingerie line and other weird business she tried to start? Did people actually order??

No. 1214189

I think that's what the lawsuits a related too. She is a dumpster fire.

No. 1214440

She sold items before she even made them. People never received their items and she never refunded anyone! It was crazy because so many people would continuously comment about how they wanted a refund and continued to support her. People know that unless they kiss her ass they will get blocked so everyone just continues to enable her

No. 1214511

File: 1619139797456.jpeg (186.46 KB, 750x1220, DD25A87A-88BD-48A1-AD38-0B622A…)

I think this dumb bitch got the memo!

No. 1215219

File: 1619220039137.jpeg (104.01 KB, 1024x784, 6BEAE3FB-604B-4B62-B9A3-36BA2E…)

No. 1216605

So who is this loose roast beef fuckin and is her face fucked from the plastic surgeon

No. 1216952

Does anyone know if Kristin/Anafoxx still escorts and what company it’s for? Or the best way to approach her for that, lol. I spent waaaay too much money on her in MFC back in the day. If she’s actually for sale, I might just try throwing some money at her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1216957

>loose roast beef
Go back to Reddit

No. 1216966

fuck off scrote

No. 1216975

File: 1619455589082.jpeg (97.75 KB, 750x753, 7D1D5DB2-71D8-431A-B236-FD1463…)

Well it seems like she’s found a new group of escorts who will accept her as one of their own.

No. 1217151

File: 1619466744998.jpeg (93.33 KB, 737x719, C9CC0366-BCFB-4AAA-91B7-EB4F7D…)

Too bad the people she hangs out with post all the shit she does. Tequila and ketamine. Nice friends brina. Real nice.

No. 1217258

Mother of the year right there.

No. 1217269

File: 1619475199024.jpeg (137.42 KB, 750x1251, 5798A2A3-DF6E-4248-BD71-782236…)

Looking skeletal again.

No. 1217533

Oh blah she's fine it was everyone else being toxic not her remember?

No. 1219366

File: 1619666220695.jpeg (704.39 KB, 750x1334, F5DEDF4F-828A-419D-AE8E-83A309…)

When all you have is an old picture of yourself with your abandoned sons tattoo visible

No. 1219401

Very old picture. Everything posted recently she looks like a strungout la sewer rat. And that tattoo is for her daughter. One of them.

No. 1219529

Strong backpage vibes

No. 1219766

She fully thinks she don't know she mainly gets K-Holed & fucked by Johns for her money. The Dirty outed this in like 2014 and Ty did in 2019. We know. She'd honestly be less annoying if she owned being a hooker like Aella Girl- who people regard as somewhat intelligent. I'd have more respect if she admitted she's one of those rare strange and fucked up mothers who cannot parent a child, ever. Her lack of self awareness has always been her hallmark though. Can she at least put on a show if she's going to live like a clown?

No. 1219767

No. 1220436

Wonder why she hasn’t been posting lately too strung out?

No. 1220814

Maybe she has a finsta she uses?

No. 1220865

aella is dumb as bricks

No. 1220867

Got any milk on her?
She’s always seemed like a incel-pandering pick-me

No. 1221133


Different anon but there isn’t too much milk. Her childhood story is sad. Was told by someone who was close with her that she’s not actually “poly”. This was a long time ago. Didn’t understand what it meant since it’s all she talked about on social media. After finding out she’s open about escorting, maybe he meant the poly part only extended to clients. It’s pretty common for escorts to be in relationships like that.

No. 1221199

Her childhood story was sad? Aella’s? I recall her saying she was raised extremely religious. But when you look into her she seems like a spoiled brat. Her and her sisters.

No. 1221233

File: 1619903004844.jpeg (278.76 KB, 750x1397, DBFFA961-D1CD-4A3D-BD05-7E7D16…)

Nathaniel getting at Karen now? Get ready for brina Karen beef again.

No. 1221468

Probably close friends list eye roll

No. 1221470

Nathaniel needs somewhere to stay for free, that's part of why he didn't like Brina. She can't afford that shit, unless they will let him crash he's not down. I know this for a fact

No. 1221484

File: 1619939582612.jpeg (96.83 KB, 750x1285, 44171C17-6A01-41CB-B0B7-B69860…)

Curious how much Botox brina had done. Obviously a filter, but her face looks so stiff

No. 1221488

File: 1619940983364.png (2.69 MB, 750x1334, B4356044-3314-41D5-BC07-FDC678…)

Fakest smile ever. Why is she trying to be Lissa so bad still, and trying to pretend she's in love with Joey. I cringe.

No. 1221489

File: 1619941053274.png (2.79 MB, 750x1334, B899ECF6-9BFB-4E36-BBAF-F9762D…)

She looks the same..it was just a filter

No. 1221609

File: 1619955862520.png (2.4 MB, 750x1334, 0B262FE2-8EF8-4335-AA90-3AA41D…)

Took this cap last night… yikes

No. 1221854

That's not Brina..her ears are stretched etc..you blind anon?

No. 1222353

File: 1620056339907.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, 7E11DC78-342A-4924-94E9-675EB8…)

Sandra's poor cat is like: Why is this evil carcass sleeping on our floor? I love that it yowled at her when she tried to say hello. Animals and humans can sense your superficial with a rotten soul bitch. So she just have pissed off her charitable Dad because she's fully couch surfing now in her late twenties..oh how the slutty fall..should have budgeted your money. Get therapy. We know you read here.

No. 1222601

File: 1620068664606.png (727.09 KB, 794x1242, Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 12.0…)

Lol right after you posted about money.

No. 1222835

Ain’t no way in hell she’s making 40k a week unless she’s fucking 40 men a week
Crazy bitch probably does though

No. 1222840

Very curious to see where this “goal” thing goes over the next week lmao

No. 1222945

She clearly isn’t making much money on onlyfans if she is homeless and has no car and has to bum off men for a place to stay.

she really screwed herself when she partnered up with camversity. If she would have just stayed on MFC I think she’d still be making money to this day. Not as much because she’s aging, but she’d still make enough to support herself to at least pay rent somewhere.

I remember watching her on camversity and it was painful. 20 people in her room tops. Made about $150 in 5 hours of being online. They really thought it was going to be something bigger and better…

No. 1222946

File: 1620094925924.jpeg (220.05 KB, 750x1307, 0B818696-1DDA-4781-9B60-06DC6A…)

She really do be reading this page. Also is that her mom in the pic? She looks identical to brina

No. 1222996

I hope she fucking dies. I can’t wait to see her fail so har s she literally get a so addicted to drugs or gets stabbed by some bitch ass ex who hates her. Honestly I’m living to see her ass get murdered and rot in the shit ground she sprouted from. I live to see this bitch live in shit and die.(a-logging)

No. 1223028

File: 1620100159615.png (2.23 MB, 750x1334, 56C5383D-83C9-4CC3-AFB8-997843…)

Why the FUCK do her and her friends talk like babies everywhere they go? It makes me want to gag whenever I hear their baby talk blughhhh

No. 1223030

Sandra and Brina are two of the dumbest humans on the planet. Too dumb for even losers to date. Sandra seems autistic asf with her 'music' kek

No. 1223041

Mother’s Day is this weekend. You’d think she would try to clean up her act to see some of her kids… oh wait. That would require being a decent person

No. 1223050


Sandra’s “music” is tragic and worth looking up for a good laugh. She mentioned she’ll be working with Aaron Carter so that will be hilarious. The whole ditzy girl thing isn’t an act because she’s just stupid. It’s no surprise she’s hanging out with Brina.

No. 1223066

Aaron Carter’s fiancé Melanie is a part of the escorting ring that Sandra’s sister Veronica runs. She was escorting before she met Aaron and lies in interviews (and I think even he has no idea) that she was working at a bikini bar before she met him as a server. That’s how Sandra knows Aaron.

Sandra doesn’t seem all there in the head to me. Even the way she looks with that insane hairstyle is so odd. You’d think someone would have told her by now she looks crazy

No. 1223074

File: 1620107823118.jpeg (110.55 KB, 712x868, CD3F68FD-8F6F-4A2E-BFDB-6D1156…)

These two look cheap and ran through.

No. 1223081

File: 1620108287153.jpeg (72.7 KB, 750x498, CA4B4F6F-BEA3-4C41-B4EA-35CB51…)

Wtf is up with Brinas face, she looks so odd

No. 1223095

A woman would never use the phrase “ran through”
Kill yourself incel scrote.

No. 1223187

You know niggers use that phrase, not only men. For how un-racist you lot are, you don’t know many common black phrases(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1223236

Sandra and Brina are both autistic tards with no brains. She will be lucky to make $5000 on her "weekly goal" if shes lucky, nothing about her is attractive anymore, people were attracted to her lifestyle when she had money. Now she has nothing.

No. 1223283

File: 1620141119552.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x1935, 8986C190-3F71-4ACE-AB80-58A28D…)

I didn’t even realize this was Sabrina

No. 1223293

File: 1620142411722.jpg (94.58 KB, 720x1317, 20210504_113323.jpg)

Brina has no personality of her own, so notice how she flips her hair just like Sandra. Also kek $175

No. 1223344

She looks so strung out

No. 1223346

Noone could give a fuck about you faggot stfu and eat glass>>1223283
Oh god Sabrina rocking the horrible weird Romanian hair swoop Sandra no doubt learned from that mom (and dad) she still lives with.

No. 1223369

How they even make that posting drugged out stories on insta?

No. 1223392

When they talk you can hear how messed up they are.

No. 1223597

Damn is Brina finally gaining weight? She looks huge compared to Sandra

No. 1223631

I kinda thing Sandra is just that skinny now. You can see all the files ribs!!

No. 1223662

File: 1620174366254.jpeg (201.03 KB, 750x1373, 14BC0E48-6FCB-4C10-ABEF-578179…)

I think your shelf life is up brina.

No. 1223694

She’s prob pregnant again.

No. 1224405

File: 1620276821556.jpeg (200.01 KB, 750x1425, 3437BB54-B9ED-4A6B-8C07-9480F7…)

Looks like she’s gaining weight.

No. 1224424

What is the deal with Sandra’s hair??? Why does she think this looks good? Donald Trump combover lookin ass.

No. 1224425

That bouffant 90 year old woman combover hair swoop.

No. 1224426

File: 1620280833291.jpeg (179.27 KB, 750x1293, FEAB77BB-A1C8-45F7-A4B8-CCBEC3…)

These outfits are so unflattering, idk wtf they were thinking.

No. 1224573

Wow she looks horrible and really aged no wonder shes homeless kek

No. 1224605

It's the dead eyes for me. No matter the filter or what, the lights are on but noone is home anymore. It's a mix of ketamine and being dead inside for sure. Combined with her untoned alcoholic body..someone like Brina doesn't age as well unfortunately, her mom is obese now so she knows that's her genes.

No. 1224931

File: 1620333503882.jpg (363.83 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210506-163616_Ins…)

Sabrina is looking huge

No. 1225091

Umm.. what? There's a million other things to nitpick about Brina and her trainwreck life. She's far from huge and focusing on her small weight gain is stupid.

No. 1225093

File: 1620350378163.png (702.48 KB, 750x1334, 0559A558-1317-439A-9750-3E99B9…)

Especially how she’s homeless…

No. 1225172

Agreed. imo the weigh gain isn’t a bad thing. And that chick she was with is so so thin that anyone around her is going to look bigger lol

No. 1225707

File: 1620435050889.jpeg (80.32 KB, 750x620, 28EF12A1-0986-43AE-96DA-BACFBC…)

Going back to live with her dad?

No. 1225784

File: 1620446894086.jpeg (209.33 KB, 750x1303, 463F3DAA-B840-4408-BF5F-72A58C…)

Doesn’t look like she’ll be
seeing any of her children on mother’s day.
Back to couch surfing at dads house.

No. 1225898

And hooking so they can color in that money meter some more.

No. 1226336

What's funny is in 2 months Sandra will be 'non nude' again and posting Bible quotes on her story because she's forgiven kek! Her new anorexia obsession with the added comb over is ruining how cute she was at times of old

No. 1226364

whats the story with sandra anyway?

No. 1226389

Also curious. The dirty didn’t really have anything on her lol.

No. 1226535


Want to know more about her too. And her sister Veronica and the Scamversity escort crew. Also, why doesn’t Brina hang out with that circle anymore (other than Sandra)?

No. 1226878

File: 1620608566284.jpeg (221.36 KB, 750x1220, 4CBDCD18-D609-4A83-9FAF-CD8CD3…)

-Thinking of all the mothers who’ve abandoned their children -

No. 1226929

Aka the one that says “those that have chosen not to be mothers”

No. 1226977

She kinda did choose a couple a times.

No. 1227001

Zero self-awareness

No. 1227003

What’s sad is you know she didn’t even call any of her kids today.
Instead she’s hoeing with Sandra in casinos on Mother’s Day… tragic.

No. 1227004

I bet her children and their fathers read this thread. It's so sad that she still pittys herself when she chose drugs and being a hooker over them. Even Rhett deleted all their photos and has a new girl. All her old friends have blocked her. She must know shes trash. Even Nathaniel made a video of her rolling into trashcans, doesnt she see that's how everyone views her. As trash.

No. 1227500

Looks like Vero actually ended up trying to get a restraining order against the guy who helped create Camversity.

No. 1227502

Also I’m pretty sure that Vero is currently pregnant by one of her wealthy escorting clients

No. 1227507

so she’s not on birth control but escorts - and keeps getting pregnant by accident by her boyfriends…how does it just keep happening with her boyfriends?!

No. 1227581

What's vero instagram

No. 1227600

Because her boyfriends all play dumb when they get with her and act like she’s some upstanding citizen who’s just “misunderstood” and calls everyone haters who says otherwise. They’re just losers who are shocked someone is actually sleeping with them and they glorify her thinking she’s someone relevant because she has followers.

People told Tyler and he used to pick fights with people and send them “hoes mad” GIF’s if you said anything negative about Brina…. then he himself gets her pregnant, finds out she’s escorting and kicks her out

Aj was the same thing. Called everyone “haters”

Nathan exact same shit. You told him the truth about Sabrina? Blocked and comment deleted.

I have zero sympathy for all those men. They all knew what they were getting into.

No. 1227627

Because she gets abortions. Brina has had them many times before, yea, big shocker.

No. 1227641

File: 1620711645764.jpg (143.55 KB, 720x1180, 20210511_013818.jpg)

Her sabrina nellie "family" account comments. She keeps the page public and shows how much she looks at her childrens photos. Never.

No. 1228128

File: 1620771241559.jpeg (305.11 KB, 750x1153, 700A1D0C-C51F-4BF4-B32F-B04E6E…)

So the last couple guys she’s been dating we’re raised in single parent households. No wonder joey won’t post brina. He knows what trash she is.

No. 1228254

File: 1620782269372.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 265.75 KB, 1216x888, 1216x888_1e2113eedeadcb0606829…)

10lbs makeup and Who knows how many grams of whatever

No. 1228257

Okay so what’s the deal with sandras nose? Is it a botched nose job?

No. 1228259

File: 1620782795958.jpeg (229.45 KB, 750x1200, DA702C97-A001-487F-A423-CBB4CC…)

No. 1228260

File: 1620782916750.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, B043E09D-F017-4833-8ED0-F7904E…)

Dumb druggie slut

No. 1228285

File: 1620786187233.jpg (507.59 KB, 800x1200, Sandra_Popa_DUB_Show_Los_Angel…)

She got the Michael Jackson special.

Anyway, these two idiots are bound to get themselves into trouble with their shenanigans some time soon. It's just a matter of time.

No. 1228290

Brina and Sandra both look like the girls in town that suck a guy off for 2 perc 10s and then call it a hustle KEK

No. 1228354

File: 1620793455565.jpg (223.85 KB, 720x1323, 20210512_002216.jpg)

Again shes peeing on IG live and sniffing like she just got out of prison and talking like she is 12 years old. Showing off her friends apartment acting like it's her own

No. 1228356

File: 1620793534179.jpg (164.87 KB, 720x1237, 20210512_002200.jpg)

For 200k followers she never had over 190 people in the chat

No. 1228360

> Remember when u shit on camera by accident? Many of us do unfortunately

No. 1228361

And apparently she smashed rhetts tv with a crowbar?

No. 1228374

She also said "I couldn't be a mother I'm not all mentally there" made me sad for her TBH

No. 1228404

Is she peeing while live what am I looking at

No. 1228503

Read the thread and use your eyes >>1228354

No. 1228520

Sandras apartment looks like it will be on the hoarders TV show soon

No. 1228536

It should make you sad for her kids. Plenty of women struggle with mental illness and still manage to take care of their children, or at least be present in their lives. She's making zero effort and using it as an excuse, fuck that.

No. 1228640

She prioritizes men over anything else. It used to be money but it seems she has given that up too for men chasing.

No. 1228786


Why would you feel bad for her though? The way her life turned out is her fault from the poor decisions she's made.

She has the resources to get help and could take her escorting money to see a therapist and psychiatrist to help with her mental issues. Therapy works if you are honest and willing to explore the parts of yourself you want to change.

She could hire a lawyer to get her kids back and hire a nanny if she needs help taking care of them. If she can't do that, she should at least be paying child support to the men raising her children. Remember when she had a six figure college fund for Coda? What happened to that money? What about her other kids? My guess is that money has long gone.

She's choosing this lifestyle instead of getting her shit together. No one should feel sorry for her.

No. 1228798

Nobody should feel bad for her. In this day in age, it’s easy to NOT get pregnant with all of the contraceptives that are out there. If she knows she’s not all mentally there then stop having babies. You’d think she would have learned after the first one she abandoned… but three children?! That’s a human’s life… not little toys you can pop out and decide to dispose of when you no longer can take Instagram photos of them. Sabrina lives a toxic hedonistic lifestyle and that’s her problem.

No. 1228886

Can you guys chill, I said I felt sad for her when she said that. Do I feel bad for her no, or sad for her life as a whole, no.
Shes homeless and she is living the reality she created for herself.
Her escort friends will give up on taking care of her before long.

No. 1228952

It's been concluded Sabrina Nellie has received help from mom unconditionally (raising her second child) Dad took her in and rehabilited her, still willing to take her ass in. She made enough money to seek help, and to do better by her children and family, she's unstable, and is going to get herself kicked from that apartment soon enough. I'm pretty sure is connected to Sandra's parents apartment. Can you imagine what those two nit wits talk about? They both are so low iq I truly can't imagine the banality.

No. 1228961

Her mom takes care of her oldest, not second. Second child is with Michael third with aj the rest aborted/miscarriages from drinking and drugs

No. 1228962

Well, her mom and sister Audessa both take care of Chloe. Her brother is a mess, she's a mess her sister has two kids and is younger still a way better mother

No. 1228993

Can we talk about how she and her half sister Karen (same dad!) and her used to like make out and shit on cam..TF?! And then she dates her half sisters ex Ty..fucking incestuous shit

No. 1228995

Audessa moved out, and was going underage snap nude videos before her 3 pregnancies, she's a mini Brina with a soul maybe? She be thottimg 24/7 in the day. Who knows if she sees Chloe, but she was always a better mom than Sabrina. Brina mom has 3 baby daddies, so does Brina. Generational learning of white trash predilections and mental illness..the kids deserve so much better..fuck

No. 1228999

Karen and her aren't sisters. She is the oldest, then her brother Nathan, Audessa is the youngest. Nathan has been in and out of jail and youth centers more than hes been out. Audessa did snap but she wasn't underage at the time and has since stopped her life is all about her kids and she still is close with Chloe. Their mother actually has been really supportive of sabrina and yet she acts as if she's this horrible person but Sarina has always been the toxic one and only cared about boys and drugs. She was having sex at 13.

No. 1229010

Another thing about sabrina is she blasted her mom for asking for money one time but left out the part of her taking care and raising her child for her. The only time she took care of Chloe was when she was when she gave birth to her up until her and Michael split after that shes been in and out her life, coda Michael and her separated not even two weeks after giving birth and told everyone michaels mom attacked her that she was an alcoholic and wouldn't let her take her things or her son which she was more concerned about her things since then she's seen coda only a handful of times, Nick denies Chloe is hers so unfortunately she has no father figure either. Aj was also apparently toxic see the trend? Everyone is toxic except her.

No. 1229016

She’s such a shitty person I cannot even understand. I know coda and Cora are being taken care of and seem like they have a chance at having a good/normal life with their fathers and familes. I do wonder about chloe tho. That poor little girl deserves much more.

No. 1229020

Hi Audessa

No. 1229021

Anyone catch Sabrina going above and beyond saying she would never understand people who make fake pages to talk shit. Did she not make a whole ass ig with ajs ex and photoshopped pics of her to look horrible and tagged her ex’s and friends. Like really evil shit.
Does anyone remember that?

No. 1229022

Het mom also took a 800 dollar credit card out using Brinas name and social..She's still a real mom thougj for taking care of Chloe and them all. Wtf happened to make her have sex at 13?! Abuse? And Nathan too read obviously traumatized, he can't function in society.

No. 1229024

Righttttt? feel like Audessa and Brinas old friends post here often kek.
Remember when Brina used to say her dad died of a cocaine OD while live on cam? I wish her old camming bff Kristin would come out with some milk.

No. 1229025

what fake IG account of Ajs ex?

No. 1229026

She claimed for YEARS on mfc he died from cocaine abuse, so fucked up and put that on why She was so messed up and also blamed her 'evil mom'

No. 1229027

Oh yes. That's what makes her a big mooing cow she hates this forum and immediately talked about it in her weird love stream, but can't redeem herself to even the lowest tier of society and is SO public and messy and then wonders why we eat popcorn and laugh at cam dumpster. The self awareness will never be there. She's frozen at 12

No. 1229028

I might still have screenshots of it, it was around the same time sabrina was posting videos of p calling her mom.
But yes ajs ex -Penelopes mom.
It was fucked up. And it was so bad her other ex stoogie called out Sabrina.

No. 1229029

Sabrina also took out credit cards in ajs name and stole his social and money after she moved out. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree

No. 1229037

Whats Audessa ig???

No. 1229041

Dang too bad she didn’t learn how to take care of her kid from her mom.

No. 1229045

Agreed. Not that Sabrina’s mom has raised the best children imo.

No. 1229047

100% agree. She may not have been the best mom (may not be) but it takes a lot to step up and take in a child that isn’t your own. Yes it’s her grandchild, but imo she deserves some credit for that

No. 1229049

I absolutely agree.

No. 1229252

I guess I should give her credit it was a little longer than two weeks. After having coda she would complain about her weight not going back for a little then she would go on walks with Michael and the kids. Finally she got back to her weight and then switched to im so small I can't ever gain any weight. She was upstairs and Michael had clients he was tattooing she overheard them talking about her. She just wasn't taking care of coda or Chloe really. Codas nursery had pictures still needing to be hung up all on the floor. She made sure her room everything was hung up and she started her journey camming as kittenforever18 shortly after giving birth to her son. Michaels ex Amanda aka Littlehuman/corey told sabrina about the site. Michaels mother hated that she was friends with Amanda. Even inviting her to her baby shower when they got their house in Lake Elsinore. Shortly after they split she ended up in her pink apartment which was actually her moms but sabrina had a hard time getting approved for apartments so her mom let her live there while she moved to another with audesaa and Chloe. That's when Rhett came around. After that she moved to San marcos with little human who was michaels ex. They ended up fighting it was so bad corey moved out. During that time she was dating Rhett but had sex with aj as he lived in the same place. Anyway still stayed with Rhett moved to her highrise that's when the drugs really got out of control. The girl Aj cheated on sabrina with she actually hated her she was best friends with little human and would come over to their condo in San marcos and she would complain about being fat and needing money for a laptop and sabrina would mock her and just make fun of her. They only became friends when her friends would dip out on her then they were best friends.

No. 1229255

She would post on Facebook how she was going to modeling gigs and post pictures of her paycheck from "modeling" mfc bragging but not mentioning how she really made it. But she did go to a model search during that time so she made it seem as if she had a successful career with that no one really questioned too much.

No. 1229267

File: 1620919213106.png (9.8 MB, 2532x1170, BEA1A5A4-F4C1-4368-AF9A-E615B7…)

This has got to be a joke. I listened to the whole 2 minute song. Does she really think it’s good? And the video?! It’s just her with a selfie stick wearing clothes in the shower? What is happening?

No. 1229299

Don’t do drugs kids.

No. 1229321

File: 1620924085008.png (1.36 MB, 640x1136, FE34A98C-B454-4E59-8735-AC9F39…)

All of her videos are cringe and they get worse over time. The random Instagram dudes helping her with her music are hoping to fuck her so they’re yes men. I can imagine her friends laughing behind her back. When Brina was giving an apartment tour she showed Sandra’s wigs she uses in her videos and said “they’re cute”. Her voice pitch went up indicating she’s lying and being insincere. They look cheap and tacky lol. And why did she give a tour of an apartment that looks like pig sty while her friend is “working”? I’d be embarrassed to have my messy place being broadcasted like that. And after the quick glimpse of Brina’s belongings, you can see she’s probably the one trashing the apartment.

No. 1229496

File: 1620937271036.jpeg (294.64 KB, 750x1333, 86851F82-6505-427B-9335-5FFB97…)

This was the page.
There was much more but this is just what I had.

No. 1229542

I always wondered what Penelope’s mom looked like! She’s actually really pretty and how funny for Sabrina to be making fun of how she looks when the girl is a bottle service waitress? Isn’t being deemed “attractive” one of the requirements to work in bottle service? She’s jealouuuuussss. I’m also glad that her and AJ’s coparenting relationship seemed to get a lot better once Sabrina was out of the picture. I’d still be fucking bitter though that he was stupid enough to allow all that stuff to happen around my kid. Penelope calling Sabrina mom? Hell no. Also Sabrina is so perverse in her mindset who knows what the kids were exposed to…

When Chloe came to live with Sabrina and Rhett in the strata downtown she would have nude photos of her and her friends on display all over the house and they would just be casually playing porn on their laptops at the kitchen counter in front of chloe and there’d be dildos in the sink. You should be keeping your adult life separate from the children. Allow them to remain innocent :(

and did anyone else think it’s weird her brother would come hang out at her place and she had nude polaroids of herself on display all over the house for her brother to see? Yikes.

No. 1229548

She was never a model. But she did model for dolls kill on a couple occasions and the Dolls Kill owner Shoddy Lyn is also a part of an escorting ring and she LOOOVES girls who look like they have eating disorders.

she was going after webcam models for awhile there asking for them to come model for dolls kill and then she pays to fly you out to San Francisco, they do a photoshoot with you and then the girls meet up with johns after while on the trip. Shoddy finds the clients.

No. 1229566

This was prior to dollskill. Back when she first started mfc, shortly after having coda & still with Michael she was posting about a modeling search she went to because she did "model" when she was much younger. (It was two photoshoots) anyway, she would post pictures of her paycheck and play it off as thats what she got from her modeling gig but it really was just from mfc.

No. 1229569

Is it just weird th e way she boasts about her prison brother and acts super cringe about him and his letters to her. It comes off more creepy than like normal sibling love.

No. 1229583

That makes sense. A girl called Taylor modeled with Brina for Dollskill, she also modeled for an exclusive sex club in LA and ended up with a millionaire. Too bad Brina can’t land a similar bag for herself.

No. 1229603

I’m pretty sure she went to one of those scam modeling scouting things where they convince your parents you are going to be famous and then your parents pay for you to get professional photos taken for a portfolio. And the photographers are in on the scam. She was never a model. She doesn’t even meet the standards for measurements or height.

I’m also pretty sure she first started on MFC before she was ever 18 yet and then eventually got kicked off and joined again once she was 18. Michael hinted at her collecting some form of government assistance when she was younger. I’m not sure how that works?

does anyone know if she ever even graduated high school or got a GED?!!

No. 1229622

Yeah, she was 12 at the time of her "modeling" as she likes to call it. Two photoshots doesn't make you a model. Yep, that's what she did posted about going to a model scouting but everything after that on Facebook was pretty much trying to make people believe she was modeling but really it was just mfc. Nah, she was legal when she started camping. She had coda in Feb. Her birthday is Dec. She made her page while she was still pregnant with him but never did anything to actually get approved with it until like 3 days after coda was born. Priorities? She would talk about she couldn't wait to get drunk once she wasn't pregnant anymore. A week after coda she was back on ket. Thats part of the conversation she overheard Michael talking about.

She tells people she got her GED but she never did.

No. 1229628

The police were called so she could "get her things" from michael and her house they had just moved into like 5 months prior she? When she was pregnant.. she was so fucked up though. didnt care about coda what so ever.

No. 1229719

Lol the is thread gets more and more interesting. I met this crazy broad YEARS ago, I was getting a tattoo from Michael when I met her and was utterly appalled at A. How young she was to be off on her own living with a full grown man as a minor but mainly B. How horrible a mother she was. This was before Coda and Cora were born, Chloe would run around with dirty diapers for hours, and was fed a diet of flaming hot Cheetos and ramen. Even witnessed her blowing pot smoke in her face, claimed it was “good for her.” Not sure exactly how old she was (but old enough to be in diapers). Anyhow, I reported it to CPS, because I’m not a heathen, and was relieved to hear she didn’t even have custody. Ever since, I’ve been continuously fascinated by the perpetual downward spiral of this woman’s miserable existence, however curiously entertaining it may be.

No. 1229775

can you spill more about the escorting ring? i used to model for dollskill and my personal experience isnt enough to deter people from shoddy. shes the worst

No. 1229813

Same here, I’m interested in hearing more. Dollskill is the worst.

No. 1229911

Who is chloe’s dad? Someone referred to a nick in this thread, but Sabrina never mentions chloes father. Even if he denies he’s chloes father, can’t they just do a paternity test?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1229915

Which taylor do you mean?

No. 1229934

Nick was her ex when she lived in Texas. He denied Chloe was his, later on sabrina actually flew him out to visit Chloe and he left and didn't want anything to do with her. Pretty shit. Acts like he doesn't have a daughter too. Both would be perfect together again.

No. 1229937

Dirty diapers yes, the weed part no. She broke michaels pipe when she found it with the pot. Which is hilarious she would be upset over weed cause both of them used to do ecstasy at every rave they went to. Once she used ket that was it. She would use just about anything she got her hands onto. After Michael she on and off would try weed but always complain it gave her anxiety. Which is funny cause she was just doing editables. Loves Xanax obviously

No. 1229946

The video she has on her family Insta account with Cora (when she was visiting years ago) she films Cora wearing a dress and a dirty diaper hanging out like the whole clip. 0 self awareness, She shouldn't be aloud to even own a hamster (again) remember the last one she got, just to throw out a few weeks later. Typical Sabrina Nellie dumpster fire

No. 1229979

Even if he denied it, she could have gotten a paternity test. What’s the deal with Karen? I know they were both like scene kids so I assume that’s how they met. But they’re always on again and off again friends. Karen even tattooed Sabrina’s face on her body. She also lived with Sabrina and AJ. Not sure where Karen’s daughter ended up or her other baby. Wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t have custody of her kids either.

No. 1229981

Karen has two kids? I knew about the daughter but not the other child.

No. 1229999

File: 1621009063870.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1737, 19CD7418-FAB6-493C-8834-DE032C…)

Yea she did in 2017. She never posts her kids which is probably for the best. I just think it’s wild that these people have so many kids and bounce from place to place. Like where were Karen’s kids when she was living with them? She claims she doesn’t have any family and never seems to be dating someone consistently.

No. 1230043

Karen’s kids live with their fathers. The only kid that was in that house was actually chloe towards the end. She was exposed to brina and Karen camming in front of her. A lot. Among many other things.

No. 1230072

File: 1621014503102.png (4.16 MB, 750x1334, DC6C631A-AE8D-4C73-BA44-908BD2…)

I'm telling you that apartment is connected to her parents. That's Sandra's mom's Romanian cooking. Sometimes her meals are fucking insane just like random chips asks jam smashed into meat and shit like??

No. 1230090

I know what I saw lol and it was horrific. I saw them do ecstasy too, you’re right. Regardless, and my point exactly…she’s still not fit to parent a child. Everyone seems so upset here that she has no interest in being a parent…well…maybe it’s for the best.

No. 1230160

My hope is that the kids are better off with their fathers. I don’t know much about their dads but If the kids are with them (other than Chloe) they must be better?
People like Sabrina don’t change or get better. I know someone like this who is 40something. She has six kids. Her youngest being 2! Doesn’t have custody of any. Sabrina is just the same. Self absorbed, shows off kids until they aren’t “cute” or “fun” anymore, then goes back into a lifestyle that revolves around men/drinking/drugs.

No. 1230162

I believe the weed smoke thing. I can see her thinkings that’s funny.

No. 1230191


I believe it too but it's weird how anti weed she was for years. She wouldn't shut up about how much she hated weed and how Rhett smoked it. Guess it was stemmed from guilt. Then she was self righteous about other people's Xanax usage on social media. No one likes a hypocrite.

She's beyond hope and redemption since she's hit rock bottom countless times and continues to make the same mistakes. Her kids are better off having minimal contact with her because they don't need to be exposed to inappropriate adult situations. The family cycle of dysfunction needs to stop and I hope Brina's mom is taking her role as Chloe's caregiver seriously so we don't end up with another Brina in the making.

No. 1230197

Pretty sure Sabrina’s type is drug dealers. Y’all remember when Rhett used to mysteriously post pics of piles of cash ($10k+) and yet had no job? And would talk about “pressing his own Xanax bars”

when Sabrina threw that viewing party for that cam girl documentary… some of the models PrEsCrIpTiOn pills went missing from their purses. Guess who stole them and was in it on it as a couple? And then played dumb after trying to pinpoint it on one of the girls there….

I also have no idea wtf AJ was up to. He used to always post pics of himself also holding wads of cash with his nasty long ass nails. You’d ask him what he did and he’d laugh at you and make something up everytime like a “computer programmer” “I work in an office” “accountant”. But lbr there’s only certain jobs you can actually have when you have face tattoos….. And just like Rhett… AJ never seemed to be at work and had time to hang out doing nothing with Sabrina all day. I don’t get why people keep glorifying the dads for taking care of the kids. Michael is probably the only normal one who is giving coda a normal life and married someone so he sees a stable healthy relationship.

No. 1230208

IMAGINE camming in front of a kid. No shame in camming but there are certified lines that shouldn’t be crossed.

No. 1230211

Half that group were shady so it would of been easy to pin it on someone. No surprise they did that though. Sandra better keep a close eye on her stash lol

No. 1230347

Michael isn't married. Chloe is good with sabrinas mother. Ajs mom probably watches cora but he seems to be doing good too idk. Coda is definitely in good hands

No. 1230371

Would not put it past Brina to exploit Chloe once she's 18.

No. 1230444

Michael may not be married but he’s been with the same woman as long as Coda can remember and they now have a baby together so Coda is being raised with a sibling.

No. 1230445

File: 1621042860035.jpeg (345.4 KB, 750x1320, D15C08F9-CFAF-4A73-A3C6-5A3684…)

Why doesn’t she ever post anything recent. Isn’t this an old photo? At least 3/4 years old.

No. 1230465

I feel like I remember old pictures with this background. Could be wrong though? Seems old.

No. 1230467

No wonder Sandra is skinny. I rather eat nothing than that crap. Has Sandra ever moved out of home? She comes across as sweet (unlike her sister) but seems special needs.

No. 1230495

I wish I looked like her, but I would probably stare at myself all day. So it's probably for the best that I don't.

No. 1230502

If youve seen her in person you would know she looks nothing like the pictures. She's got piercing holes all over her face. She doesn't even look like herself in the pictures.

No. 1230505

They've been together a long time, yes but they aren't married. I already said Coda is in good hands between them two, and his mother. Same with Chloe. Shes in really good hands with Sabrina's mom. A lot of what Sabrina tries to make her past seem isn't at all it. Aj has his mother who helps cora as far as I know.

No. 1230528

It seems like she is the type to twist things to fit the narrative she wants. Always the victim & always taken advantage of.

No. 1230536

This is AT LEAST 4 YEARS OLD including the caption. I don't know..I used to think Brina had potential now I think she might be as special needs as Sandra

No. 1230565

File: 1621062506862.jpeg (196 KB, 750x1143, F77C583A-D37B-4DB7-BB1E-005F98…)

Does she ever give her body a break?
Like damn. Let your brain heal from all the damage you’ve already caused it.

No. 1230668

Most Romanian women are gorgeous but Sandra and Vero are meh looking. Both of their eyes are set way too far apart.

No. 1230747

File: 1621096645914.jpeg (163.8 KB, 828x1378, 46B7D6C8-BF1A-4984-8CCE-9C4A73…)

Who spends $200 on mushroom chocolate!? She’s unreal. She must be hurting so much Inside, imagine not seeing any of your kids for years at a time. So messed up. She needs help. Wouldn’t y’all fight for your kids? She clearly doesn’t care also? What a train wreck.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1230763

Yes that photo is 4 years old or more, when she mooched off of AJ and lived in HIS house.
Sandra announced a new song coming with Sabrina, most autistic sluts ever kek

No. 1230764

I’m confused, how is this legal in California? Why is she posting this online?

No. 1230767

They both have natural incredible bodies and I’d happily trade with them. Too bad they have off putting personalities.

No. 1230883

File: 1621111499147.jpeg (140.33 KB, 750x863, 07837902-7A93-4B9E-BF7B-88E22D…)

Seriously, She’s only posting photos from way back at ajs house and her high rise. Nothing recent. A time when she was somewhat relevant.

No. 1230887

Right all years old photos, and kek, no, Sabrina's body is far from natural. Implants, lip fillers, face botox

No. 1230893

I don’t understand all the hate towards Sandra. She just seems to live in her own LaLa land and does her own thing. Yeah she’s delusional to the point that it’s worrisome but she seems mentally stunted tbh. She still seems really nice. I’ve never seen her trash other females like Sabrina does. She minds her own business. She used to live by herself for years and took care of herself. Something Sabrina has never been able to do. And Sandra recently went and got a job at some bikini bar so she’s actually working a real job now and interacting with the public. Something else Sabrina has never done in her life. Instead it’s excuse after excuse as to why she can’t work. If it requires more than just laying there with your legs open she won’t do it.

No. 1230921

I think Sandra and Vero are both really pretty but they have both had a lot of work done from a very very young age… like before they were even 18? It makes me wonder what their relationship is like with their parents because it seems their family is okay with them doing sex work too. Unless their parents are just completely clueless?

No. 1230932


They both had nose jobs young and supposedly had sugar daddies while in high school according to The Dirty. Vero had a (totally unnecessary) boob job and had them taken out a little while after marrying Ana (Romanian camgirl) a few years ago.

No. 1230936

Side note was Sabrina vegan or was it just an ED? Not to shame people with EDs but actually curious

No. 1230944

She was vegan while pregnant with Cora and a little after. But her Ed started shortly after having her second child, She uses drugs as an appetite suppressant. I’ve also heard from some of her older friends that she purges as well.
But it could just be hearsay

No. 1231128

Just develop anorexia and then start camming to pay for cosmetic procedures - it worked for Sabrina!

No. 1231130

I definitely think she goes through phases of binging and purging. She’ll randomly start posting photos of the hoards of fast food that she is buying (usually in-n-out), which people probably assume she’s sharing with others, but really it’s all for her to purge.

No. 1231341

File: 1621184371161.jpeg (89.96 KB, 1160x423, 0629869C-BACC-43A5-ABE3-21C6A8…)

Still stalking aria Nina, stormy, and all her exes and their exes. Damn girl, get a life! Actually I’m still stalking all of them too for the drama so keep it up for the lols girl!

No. 1231350

Was there beef between her and AriaNina? Never heard of anything between them

No. 1231399

Ah I missed lomeli and Arina. Sabrina was so jealous of lomeli too

No. 1231417

Lomeli said Brina fucked her over with money on one of there shows together.
Seems she scams quite a lot.
What is up with the drugs?? I’ve never seen a train wreck this bad before big yikes

No. 1231434


Lomeli is living her best life with her cute actor boyfriend. AriaNina is.. still the same attention seeking scammer lol.

All Brina does is burn bridges, bring chaos into people's lives and stab them in the back. Worried for Sandra because Brina will 100% take advantage and screw her over.

No. 1231455

What’s Lomeli @? I’ve been trying to find her again

No. 1231477

File: 1621199245950.jpeg (61.5 KB, 750x1282, 41839D53-3A04-4ECD-8707-527D3E…)


No. 1231479

She doesn't have public social media but you'll see her pop up on Hudson Thames insta

No. 1231512

AriaNina single handedly brought down one of YouTube’s biggest family channels a couple years ago. Their whole premise from the beginning was being this deeply religious wholesome Mormon family…. and Aria seduced the dad, who began and emotional affair with her online. The dad sent her sexual videos of himself and she exposed him. It was a wild ride. And then it was revealed by quite a few other youtubers that she would try to slide into their DM’s to see if anyone would take the bait.

No. 1231568

Sabrina used to have beef with everyone and the other people didn’t even know it. She was the definition of a frenemy. She would always go live by herself, get drunk and just bash on other girls the whole time. Talking about how ugly they were, fake, “bitches”, etc. And then would be kissing their ass after trying to cam with them. I know I heard her talk trash about Aria and Lomeli multiple times. When she drank she couldn’t hold anything back while live. It was funny when people used to call her phone while she was drunk to watch her freak out and get mad. When AnaFox (Kristen) boyfriend suddenly died Kristen didn’t want anyone giving the details of what happened. And then sabrina went on cam a day later got drunk and told the whole story in detail about what happened and it was so gruesome. And Brina was acted so calm and unphased by the whole thing. She’s the definition of a sociopath.

I also don’t get why her friends continuously forgive her and act like they are all BFF. DoePrudence is a major one. They’re supposed to be best friends and Brina goes on to date Doe’s baby daddy Tyler. During that time she is posting passive aggressive things making fun of Doe with Tyler. She’s trash talking her.. telling everyone that Doe is a deadbeat mom. That she doesn’t take care of her kids. That she can’t keep her legs closed. She has a “nasty body” and “stretched out vag” that she continues to try to get pregnant so men won’t leave her. Tyler said she had a roast beef vagina and Brina is agreeing and laughing along. Brina called her “dad and desperate” And then as soon as she breaks up with Tyler her and Doe are posting again as best friends and posting screen shots of their calls together and how much they love each other. It’s sickening. They all must have low self-worth.

No. 1231576

Does anyone know how Kristen’s BF died? I’ve always had this morbid curiosity about it 0___0

No. 1231578

idk who this is but the husband was responsible for not engaging, period. if he’s that religious and made vows in front of god and their families, homeboy can hit a block button. like i know you hate these people or whatever they’re really fucking boring so idgi but no the husband fucked up. if a girl does that she has serious, obvious issues and his actions will never be her fault, she is not all powerful and since when have youtube dads been decent people?

No. 1231587

It’s posted up in this thread if you read it.

No. 1231712

Sabrina said that Kristen and her boyfriend just moved into a new high rise together and they got into some kind of argument. Then kristens boyfriend jumped to his death from the balcony and they were multiple stories up. And Kristen ran down there to go and hold his dead body. Honestly, I have a soft spot for Kristen because I cannot even imagine what kind of trauma she carries from that whole experience. It’s so sad.

and Sabrina was completely unphased. Didn’t care. And she was talking about how close she was with him and how they even had a 3some before. She has zero empathy. I cant even believe being on cam and masturbating was on her mind then. That girl is soulless

No. 1231726

They had a threesome with a different guy who was on steroids, not her boyfriend shortly before they got together and before sabrina was with rhett. Kristin was with him a long time. She didn't get to hold his body but yes everything else is accurate. They had just signed the lease for their new high-rise. I'll always feel bad for Kristin and everything she went through she truly went through it by herself. Her mother was a great support system for her. She's still dealing with some things but I really hope she finds happiness again. Sabrina was such a shifty friend and during that time it was worse I posted about it before she just didn't care made it all about her.. it was really awful. I think Kristin likes seeing the good in people and people take advantage of it aka sabrina. I'm glad that she's drifted from her.

No. 1231729

Kristen was with sabrina for her birthday when it happened. She ended up leaving though. They had been living out the country together for quite some time then just came back and rented that.. he was dealing with some personal issues. Its just really sad I wish he was still alive for his family but also her too.

No. 1231730

That's such a sad story and Brina is a heartless person. Intensive therapy or even prison time wouldn't straighten her out because she's just pure evil.

No. 1231746

Kristen needs a thread of her own it seems like. Wasn’t she recruiting girls to be escorts?

No. 1231748

I mean no shade but Kristen has to be an escort no matter how much she denies it. The girl doesn’t work. She doesn’t cam at all anymore. Doesn’t have an only fans… nothing. But she is CONSTANTLY traveling from place to place…pays rent on a nice place in New York…buys lots of stuff…. lives a very “care free” seeming life where she looks like she has no real responsibility and can just hang out and do whatever she pleases for the day. If you try to question her at all about how she makes money she says it’s from microblading people’s eyebrows. Yet she hasn’t done anyone’s brows in years now. It’s a money cover up. Kind of like how most escorts in LA all claim to be real estate agents….

Tyler did say the reason he kicked Sabrina out was Kristen was booking escorting clients for her. And Tyler didn’t want her doing that stuff. Have you guys ever seen the video that went viral of Kristen on drugs and falling through a door while posing for pictures? I wish she would take her money and go get therapy, get sober and find a job outside of sex work for her own Mental health. Shes not going to be able to do this forever and she’s clearly self medicating to get by :(

No. 1231758

i can't look at this thread without thinking about shit falling out of her asshole. thanks lc

No. 1231766

Her life just sounds sad. I can’t imagine how terrible that would be to have my partner take their lives that way. Then to have your “best friend” act so casually about it. Does anyone have her insta? It was posted on her before but can’t find it now.
The video of Kristen falling through glass sounds crazy. Is there a way to find it?

No. 1231781

No. 1231895

Kristin doesn't need her own thread, she isn't a cow. Even if she escorts, who cares, she doesnt have 3 kids. Shes not a piece of shit like Sabrina. Glad she got away from her toxic narcissism

No. 1231897

File: 1621258637667.jpg (292.48 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210517-093508_Ins…)

Imagine being abandoned by your mother to see her posts online like this of her. HER POOR KIDS. Literally, cause she doesnt pay child support.

No. 1231920

Kristins grandparents are worth a lot of money and live in New york/New Jersey area. Shes always traveled a lot though

No. 1231952

Lomeli does have another Instagram because I’m on it, but I’m not giving out the name. She seems to be doing really well and I’m happy for her.
Brina on the other hand, girl needs some therapy + stop that childish baby voice like she’s five years old. Grown ass woman with kids, I still can’t believe her age and she doesn’t have any real career going for her. kek

No. 1231954

This is an imageboard. Anyone without an Instagram can’t see this link.

No. 1231963

File: 1621267430092.jpeg (234.96 KB, 1125x1933, E6E6B8CE-E9E7-4A9C-9310-73A8EF…)

Is she on drugs here?

Corset time before she goes proana again. kek

No. 1231973

Lomeli goes by Sohvi Rodriguez these days

No. 1231976

She’s 100% on drugs.
She’s on sandras stories, she’s loaded. Either ket or ecstasy

No. 1231978

She doesn’t pay her child support, but it looks like she can afford her drugs. Tragic.

No. 1231999

Shes on ketamine.

No. 1232000

I’ve seen this and didn’t know that was her. That was a hard fall and looked like it hurt a lot.

No. 1232002

The way she was moving made it look like she is on molly. Or maybe her mushrooms came in!! Lol. But really she looks like she is on molly. However idk what a person on k acts like soo

No. 1232041

Is it public?

No. 1232098

No it’s not.
And that is her actress name ‘Sohvi’ is not her real name.
There’s no milk on Lomeli can we keep to Brina.

No. 1232102

That is pretty tragic….
Anyone know what the deal is with her and Stormy? Why does Stormy try hard to look like Her?

No. 1232149

Stop mentioning your ties to her, learn to sage and read the rules

No. 1232214

Stacey Rodriguez. This thread and the camgirl thread have been there and done that. Stop acting high and mighty. She’s been on the internet since her teen scene days.

No. 1232221

File: 1621288214440.jpeg (343.89 KB, 750x1266, E6500E80-1E4F-4731-A0D0-D7B066…)

Samefag, but just pointing out where she’s been brought up here before for anyone who’s interested. It’s in the charms/little lotte thread.

No. 1232334

Lomeli is a straight up shape shifter. She has looked so different over the years… I thought when she was camming she got extensive work done but it just must have been hardcore makeup contouring because now when she tries to be NaTuRaL~~ as an actress she looks completely different. Like she had a nose job reversed. It’s wild.

was she really headed towards medical school when she was camming or was that all a big lie?

No. 1232367

File: 1621303338776.jpeg (310.03 KB, 1528x1528, 404634F2-C34F-49FA-960B-65940E…)

She looks the same.
She didn’t have any work done besides lip injections and her boobs.
She has a life now and she isn’t escorting like the rest.

No. 1232368

It’s nice that she’s relaxed her makeup. She talked about saving enough money and having contacts who could help her into a top school. It might of been an Ivy League school but I don’t remember the name. Since she didn’t go to medical school maybe her MCAT score wasn’t high enough to get in. Being an actress sounds way more fun than intense studying for the decade so I don’t blame her lol

No. 1232370

Is that not Hudson next to her in the first pic? Second pic is from Hudson’s IG. What are you trying to prove? She does look very different over the years and you can’t deny that. Plastic surgery or not.

No. 1232373

File: 1621303990106.jpeg (630.75 KB, 828x1377, 7B76EADB-4007-453F-9F52-C7B052…)

Brina doesn’t look well. That corset wasn’t flattering at all and her hair looked greasy and flat, Sandra’s hair looked frizzy and dirty as well like a nest.
They were hot mess. Like they were on drugs for sure.

No. 1232388

File: 1621304800256.jpeg (226.28 KB, 1528x1528, 0223ECA9-ADA5-4587-9EA4-73EEC6…)

She doesn’t look THAT different to me.
Also that’s called ageing.

No. 1232390


Well, Brina is the definition of single white female so she’s taking on Sandra’s style and appearance.

No. 1232494

I thought the same thing ! !

No. 1232497

She is beautiful. I’m glad she was able to move on from her old lifestyle. I hope she is healthy & happy

No. 1232498

Not a stormy fan in the slightest bit, but I don’t at all think she’s trying to look like brina.
Imo I feel like as insane as stormy is, she’s not crazy enough to copy a drugged out washed up deadbeat brina.
What similarities do you see?
Thb Maybe I missed something

No. 1232500

Dang I never se let her lives because I’m asleep, lol. Honestly good for Sandra for wearing her mask like she was. Who knows if she’s gotten vaccinated or not. Sabrina is definitely borrowing her style.

No. 1232637

No. I can mention my ties to someone if I like.
Are you jealous or something because I know them irl?

No. 1232640

Nope that is not her real name.
You got “Stacy” from her Tumblr.
Just because you know someone irl on here doesn’t mean I’m going to reveal her private life and trash talk her. Like I said before her life is better and Brina is the trash here.

No. 1232644

Lomeli has never had any work done on her face. Her boob job is the only cosmetic thing she has ever had done.
There’s nothing shape shifty about her, it’s called growing up.

No. 1232645

I think she’s trying to be Sandra it’s sad to watch.

No. 1232727

Lol at the people who think they know lomeli. Here's some info from someone who actually knows her. Shes doing a lot better, in a much better relationship vs her previous one, not camming. Graduated college, got her real estate license, acting. She had plans on going to medical school but things changed and she was going through a bit in her life while camming. I'm glad she has a few back ups incase anything happens. Shes only had her boobs done shes always had big lips.

No. 1232729

What's up with the weird Rave in a rich clients' basement? Aren't Brina and Sandra almost 30?

No. 1232730

Sabrinas face is so square i didn't notice it that much until the video. She seems off the rails, doesn't care what happens to her live at all. Makes me nervous to see what the future will hold for her.. if anything.

No. 1232731

I wondered the same- sabrina is 28 29 in December yikes. Mom of the year

No. 1232732

I wonder who baby daddy #4 will be. Why doesn't she get sterile

No. 1232742

Funny you say this when it’s literally info you can get via online or you are a bit of a snake puffing around her privacy through her irl friends. It’s a bit invasive and she has zero milk, leave the subject alone already and move on. kek

No. 1232744

You have to be joking?! I thought she was 24?!!!

No. 1232746

Coming from someone who is friends with Lomeli I find it a intrusive you even put out her actress name on here.

If you think you “know her” post photos. :)
I know you can’t, however I can and will if I need to so stop lying about her.
Like I said the only cosmetic thing she’s done is her breast augmentation.
Nothing else needs to be discussed about her, and she didn’t have a previous relationship.

No. 1232749

She pregnant again?… feel bad for her previous children :S

No. 1232803

holy shit no one cares that you “totally know lomeli irl” sage your spam already

No. 1232804

Guess you didn’t read them, huh? I don’t care about Lomeli. Just stop being a tard and bumping this thread over her.

No. 1232809

I’m not the one who keeps giving additional bullshit information about someone I know.
It’s irritating how salty everyone is getting about it.

No. 1232814

Same, that is really weird!!! Sandra looks completely off her face dancing on K or is it just me?

No. 1232816

Nowhere did I post her "actress" name, I've referred to her as "Lomeli" and wouldn't post pictures of her life or share her real name with others. I'm only here to set the record straight, she's doing really good in life shes got back up plans during her time of camming life was harder and her relationship at the time wasn't helping. No plastic surgery or both apart from her boobs. Shes doing nothing but thriving now- so quit bringing her up. She doesn't want to be "found" she's living a normal life these days respect her privacy.(no1curr)

No. 1232818

Shes not pregnant.. yet.

No. 1232819

nope sabrina is 28. Lol she doesn't look young at all especially in person

No. 1232820

That’s what happens when you have your gaping asshole all over the internet. Get over it and sage your shit. Jesus fuck

No. 1232821

Any bets on how long until brinas pregnant again

No. 1232822

She wasn’t with Danial for that long, and the relationship wasn’t bad on HIS side. Her side however was completely different.
While she may have been struggling nobody likes bullshit.

You did mention a name after I said that was not her real name indicating that you again are pretending to know her irl.
It’s retarded to keep on at this, you know someone else telling you bullshit end of story. I

No. 1232824

If you know of her you would be on her private Instagram and Facebook end of discussion.

No. 1232826

What does her face look like without the shoop?

No. 1232828

You do realize other people have posted in here right? This isn't the first time someone else has used her actress name (read the whole thread) so someone else is pretending to know her by using a name they've seen above. I never posted about lomeli until I saw the comments about plastic surgery and that shes doing good. Enjoy with your little rant you are obsessed.

No. 1232829

Sabrina has lots of piercing holes in her face as she's been having different ones since she was 13. Now, she's aging so she's got crows feet. Forhead wrinkles. She doesn't take care of her skin though. Never has. Surprisingly hasn't got botox recently since she can't give money to her mom for Chloe. Or michael/aj.

No. 1232830

Her teeth have always been super fucked since she didn't want to get her wisdom teeth taken out

No. 1232838

Sure, enjoy pretending to know “Lomeli” :)( :) )

No. 1232839

You wouldn’t think from looking at her photos that she creates so… naturally rite?
I have never noticed holes on her face! Do we have any shots?

No. 1232840

I noticed they look a lil goofy hahaha

No. 1232848

File: 1621358453087.jpg (269.09 KB, 819x1024, gettyimages-946107102-1024x102…)

Yeah shes always been really insecure about her teeth since then and wanted to get them fixed its never been a priority though. Yeah shes had her snake bites since she was 13. Medusa 16. Nose on and off shes had it a bit. Belly button shes gotten it done so many times thats why its uneven. Her dermal on her face a bit of times too as it got infected/rejected but this picture doesn't do justice in person its all really noticeable. She does a good job of covering it with lighting and good pictured/makeup

No. 1232861

File: 1621358861903.jpg (140.22 KB, 740x1055, 740full-sabrina-nellie-juarez.…)

Super old picture so they are a lot worse now the front are so crooked. Just watch her stories when she smiles or opens her mouth its super noticeable

No. 1232865

File: 1621359022202.jpg (140.88 KB, 700x1167, a25W3D9_700b.jpg)

No. 1232867

File: 1621359278593.jpg (101.16 KB, 510x389, Sabrina.jpg)

No. 1232876

File: 1621360230415.png (886.01 KB, 1500x499, 1500x500.png)

No. 1232877

File: 1621360265025.jpeg (31.52 KB, 600x600, Bi94xk1CcAAy0R0.jpeg)

Before they got worse. I can't find any good recent ones apart from videos

No. 1232878

File: 1621360370665.jpg (33.45 KB, 441x377, 20210518_125034.jpg)

If you look at pictures she hasn't taken of herself, you'll see how she really looks. Shes always had really good lighting for that reason.

No. 1232879

Thought she had looks going for her until those pictures. Those teeth. She doesn’t look the same in any of those.

No. 1232880

She loves to use filters and always is covering her mouth or part of her face with her hands. I don’t think she’ll ever show herself without a filter on.

No. 1233004

What’s going on with Brina’s nose?
Is this a botched nose job or??

No. 1233068

Brina looks completely different in motion and when she’s speaking on live. But that’s kinda everyone on Instagram. Guess she doesn’t care to fix her teeth (if she’s that insecure about them) because she’s going to keep ruining them with drugs and bulimia anyway

That’s just how her nose looks in a candid photo. I don’t think she’s had one.

No. 1233231

Okay Lomeli, we get it. You’ve only had your boobs done.

No. 1233259

Noone here cares about Lomeleii.. Sorry bitch but you're not milky enough, you were boring then, boring now

No. 1233261

Nope, sabrina hasn't had her nose done. Just contours it her nose is actually a good size. I'd leave it alone if I was her but I don't see her changing it shes always said how much she's liked her nose

No. 1233440

Dude wtf is up with her neck??? Lol wow

No. 1233451

I know rite! By the way who was that person with the Dark hair in her photo?
They walked together and she said it was her ex? I suspect it is that fake boi/Aoi.
Whatever happened to her?
I’m from the Nederland and my English is not good by the way but I have MILK for you on this woman. She is evil.

No. 1233482

Shows her age!! Damn I seriously thought she was only 23 this whole time I’ve watched her …. that’s crazy!

No. 1233483

Those filters can hide everything it seems kek

No. 1233495

Didn’t Aoi and Lomeli date way back in the day? Not to continue to bring up her name, but just forgot all about that Aoi person.

No. 1233502

Yeah he carved his name into her inner thigh hes fucking weird

No. 1233503

lol those are some good pictures of her to show what she really looks like.. nice find.

No. 1233505

Starting to think you are Audessa with all your info on Brina.

No. 1233506

I wonder if stormy told the dr she wanted a nose like brina

No. 1233553

Who cares if she’s Audessa havent we all wanted to know more about this train wreck from her friends or baby daddys

No. 1233683

Not a fan of Brinas nose, the size is good but the tip points down like a hook nose in her lives. Stormys nose looks the same after her nose job.

No. 1233716

Yeah He told me to sit outside in the snow for a “punishment” I know she does coke which would explain her violent behaviour towards her ex’s. I wonder how long poor Lomeli put up with that shit.
Aoi ( Diana nunez ) gets a lot of this from her mother who is also a mooching scumbag.

No. 1233718

Is she pregnant? I am starting to think she is by the weight gain unless it’s just her binge eating.

No. 1233726

can you retards learn to sage

No. 1233731

Milk is milk! We’ll take it how we can get it lol

No. 1233811

right idc who it is I am loving all the milk I've known there had to be more to this cow during the milkless times glad to have her back in the spotlight lol

No. 1233813

She might be. Or it’s just age, you can’t keep a thin frame forever by doing drugs and eating like shit. It’s taking a toll on her face and body

No. 1233820

Wonder how brina was able to afford her weave. Bet Sandra paid for it. We all know brina is broke as a joke.

No. 1233964

She paid in cash from her prostitution money since she can't bank it

No. 1234116

I want to know what’s going to happen when Sandra feels like she needs her space and how she plans to kick Sabrina out. Who will she mooch off then? People like Sabrina make me wonder what their long term plans are because she’s almost 30 and at a certain point nobody is going to want to see her cam or book her as an escort anymore. Is she saving her money? Investing? Anything?

No. 1234265

There will always be a simp with money. CurleyVegas being a big one

No. 1234280

Exactly! “There’s Hoes on a mission and Hows on the Crack pipe” kek

No. 1234281

I see Sandra is losing a lot of hair, maybe that’s why she got the weave to make it look thicker? She’s look like she has alopecia

No. 1234307

Sandra has always been petite but she’s never been this skinny. She definitely is at the height of an eating disorder. That’s probably why her hair is falling out. And she’s soooo pale. She used to be so hot back in the camerversity launch era

No. 1234465

I remember when Sabrina was doing the promo for camerversity and thinking Sandra looked the most put together of the girls she was going out with. I though Sandra looked really good! She is so skinny now, she looks a lot different. But I also didn’t follow her so I could be wrong.

No. 1234685


She looked great and her style was better back in the day. After getting into twitch she began wearing one color outfits with matching colored synthetic wigs. Maybe to appeal to the gamer/anime community but she doesn't really pull it off tbh. Hair loss could be a reason she started wearing them too.

I used to be on her discord server earlier on in the year where she vents a lot and she didn't seem to be doing well mentally. She switches between wanting to cam non-nude, changing to nude, then deciding to go back to non-nude and telling everyone she's saving sex for marriage and doing twitch only. Rinse and repeat.

No. 1236510

Does anyone else follow AJ still and it just breaks your heart every time you see Cora? She is the cutest little girl….. she looks so much like Sabrina as a child. I can’t believe she just up and left that little girl. You know she has the money for lawyers to go to court too but she refuses to try to make changes and instead wants to continue to be the victim. Children got in the way of her narcissistic lifestyle because she’d rather put herself first, and kids come second.

No. 1236928

Sandra risking it all by having banned Brina on her myfreecams stream. Sheesh

No. 1236997

Don’t follow him but looking the Sabrina Nellie IG page is difficult. It’s been years since I’ve seen photos of Cora, but from what I saw she’s absolutely adorable. Strangers on this board probably have more love for Cora than sociopathic Brina does. I’m a little behind but does anyone know why AJ and Brina broke up in the first place? Don’t think it was covered earlier in the thread.

No. 1237004

She was cheating on him with ty and Rhett.

No. 1237009

what site would she use to escort

No. 1237073

Aren't they bffs? Why would she ban her?

No. 1237074

She’s banned from MFC? I thought she just couldn’t go on MFC anymore because she signed a deal with camversity?

if she’s banned then Sandra can get reported for having her on camera with her.

why is she banned?

No. 1237099

MFC perma banned her for promoting camversity on their website and streaming on both sites at the same time telling members from MFC to go to camversity. iirc she was offering bonus tokens to members to sign up on camversity then when camversity failed she tried to get her account back on MFC.

No. 1237108

but didn't Sandra or her sister supposedly own a part of Camversity?

No. 1237162

If Brina is allowed on MFC she defo had sex with the owner or someone high up to make it happen.

No. 1237165

Camversity was started by some kid named “Mike Materia” (I believe his real name is Mike Bulai or something like that) and Veronica was his business partner. They also had investors that nobody ever named or mentioned: From my understanding they also had some of the girls from MFC that they made spokespersons invest in it in very small amounts. Veronica tried to get a restraining order against Mike Materia. Sabrina either sold them or gave them her old Instagram account that had a bunch of followers. I remember following her and then the next day all her stuff was deleted and the name was changed to camversity.

Also the reason the website was never successful is because they took too long. They were too invested in the excitement of it and creating promotional things for it with the money ala Fyre Festival style. They took all the girls on that trip and rented out the mansion to go and film promotional videos and then the site still wasn’t launched for 3 years later. They always made launch dates and then cancelled it last minute. That’s why people started calling it scamversity. They were blowing investors money on other things.

No. 1237168

Nah MFC doesn’t care about anything. They have everyone’s ID’s on file to verify their age…. yet they allow 18 year olds to allow people to tip for them to do tequila shots. People break the rules all the time. They will usually just give you a slap on the wrist and that’s only if enough people report you.

No. 1237206

Yup. Mike Materia. Was also always with Karen(Materia) and she would post with him all the time but I always wondered why they shared same stage last names.

No. 1237213

Michael Bui is apparently a trust fund kid and seemed like a sugar daddy to those girls. What was the restraining order was about?

No. 1237219

Idk? I remember Brina posted that she was coming back to MFC and posted a date a bunch of times the day she was coming back then nada.

No. 1237286

File: 1621908996038.jpeg (175.94 KB, 828x1002, 52B5941E-E143-4138-B9AE-C6B2E3…)

NOONE is proud of you, there is no reason to be. You've gone backwards not forwards. Hoping to meet the next douche who doesn't know her patterns at an LA pool party kek..just stop already, you're amost 30 years old with 3 children you should be doing anything for if you can't do full mothering.

No. 1237317

If another farmer is willing to sub to one of these ding bats for the tea I'll sub to the other on of

No. 1237378

Sandra: "Sabrina too tired to come online". Looks like someone is banned from MFC. The one thing she had going for her she messed that up too. smh

No. 1237392

Sandra’s hair…. sort it out! Hahahah

No. 1237406

Sandra logged off before two hours, barely had any tips, no one talking. It looks like she got fat injected in her ass just looks off. Honestly she was just dancing around naked while singing badly, super cringe. She's using brina for her "clout" saying bring will be on cam etc lol and failing miserably just like Brina did kek

No. 1237821

File: 1621970240179.jpeg (129.14 KB, 750x833, A6A3CECD-8608-4C6E-9719-E80C9B…)

Lol we all know.
Your kids know too.

No. 1237878

Keep doing drugs, whoring yourself out, cheating on every boyfriend, not paying child support and having minimal contact with your three children. You do you, girl!

No. 1237963

Anyone catch the MFC show? Sandra was saying Sabrina and her were looking to move into a 3 bedroom pent house that costs 15k/month just the two of them and making the third bedroom a game/music studio. I’ve never seen a Sandra’s place live before last night. It looked like a studio apartment because it had a kitchen in her room? But she was talking to someone outside the room that lived there too. What kind of living situation is she in? And why the hell do they think they can afford 15k/month when one of them is legitimately homeless and not making any money and their fans all hate them because they keep lying?

No. 1237996

The guys they’re sleeping with are probably sponsoring this

No. 1238115

File: 1621992344696.jpeg (75.75 KB, 828x412, 7DA13A80-57FB-4370-9821-C0A1B5…)

When you only fit in and feel comfortable with messy gross people because that's all you are. Sabrina..people only liked you when you pretended to be wholesome..you're so fucking stupid kek

No. 1238150

Sandras apartment is an extension of her parents. She used to eat dinner with them every night when she was in one of her I Love Jesus wholesome phases. Pretty sure something bad happened with a John in '19 and that's why she tried like Bigo and Twitch and to be a YouTuber but her YouTube videos honestly are so crazy and she lacks so much self awareness it's truly scary and not funny.

No. 1238153

The only way these broke dingbats will pull that off is with an old wrinkly sugar daddy living in one of the rooms for them to fuck every night for 'rent'

No. 1238172

I’m surprised she hasn’t been beat up with so many people that hate her living in the area.

No. 1238603

Find it hard to believe anyone would accept Brina on a lease that large given her circumstances. Like yeah, she might be able afford to live there if she's escorting, but will she have her shit together and actually set money aside to pay rent? Probably not since she can't even fulfil her other basic responsibilities.

Does anyone know what happened to her Cadillac?

No. 1238690

I put my bets on it was taken by the state of California to satisfy her tax debt

No. 1239528

I have a feeling she sold it for quick cash. She rarely ever drove it…. only times she drove was when she was on Xanax. Anyone remember her bragging about the time she drove all the way home from Vegas on her own in the Cadillac and she was knodding off at the wheel the whole time? I don’t why she would share that.

That was also the time she was involved with that guy “War Machine”… the one who beat up Chrissy Mack and Sabrina was helping to house him and hide him from the cops when there was a warrant out for his arrest and they were trying to find him

No. 1239559

I had no idea she did that, fuck her for trying to protect that guy who almost murdered another sex worker what the fuck

No. 1240630

File: 1622218331205.jpeg (117.83 KB, 1169x715, 8DF437AD-C478-48A1-9935-B6489B…)

Looks like they got their sponsorship along with another girl to move in. I really hope this turns into real drama and not another tease to get praise from strangers like Sandra does every day.

No. 1240641

Haha will her teenage son be moving in too?

No. 1240648

If it does happen, and Niki is thrown into the mix, there will 100% be drama. Guarantee it.

No. 1240658

Nikki has a teenage son?

No. 1240664

Yes, he walked in on her during a cam show.

No. 1240735

bro, I can’t imagine walk-in going in on my mom like that. Poor kid!

No. 1240767

File: 1622231194509.jpeg (123.37 KB, 1169x786, 21A4C097-ACA0-48EC-9787-11B59A…)

Is this supposed to be a flex? You and your friends are literal prostitutes. People aren’t taking you out for dinner nor are they proud of you, They’re just hiring you for sex. The end. you half wit.

No. 1240772

not to mention that even fat ugly women can easily find 5 guys to fuck in one night, just for a quick wham and bam. Men will fuck anything with a hole because they are desperate and can't easily get a date or get laid. Lol. Hardly impressive.

No. 1240790

File: 1622232921517.jpg (416.27 KB, 1266x1263, 20210528_103411.jpg)

I poked through Sandra's twitter for the first time and some of her pics are legit scary

No. 1240821


She seems vulnerable and mentally unwell. Her friendship with Brina is leading her away from her “values” back in the deep end with sex work.

No. 1240858

How is that “dangerous”? You’re just a cheap date, that’s not edgy or a flex.

No. 1240872

Is Drew Carey the Sponsor again? man doesn't learn.

No. 1241107

Wait what… Drew Carey is a sponsor to who? Please explain because I have my own tea about DC and him basically trying to creep on young girls and allowing my friend to perform on his show and then harassed her for months after claiming that she “owed him” and he was insinuating he wanted sexual favors and even showed up at her apartment waiting for her to come home.

No. 1241116

I think anon was joking. The woman Brina and Sandra are moving in with dated Drew Carey many years ago. Sucks he’s a gross creeper, though.

No. 1241127

Yeah can someone verify when DC stopped hiring niki for escort services? The last I saw was 2014 when niki was using Drew’s money to gamble but it seems she’s not being sponsored by him anymore which is why she’s willing to move in with two washed up hoes like Brina and Sandra.

No. 1241288

Can’t verify when but radar online has 3 mugshots from niki and the article talks about DCs ‘pornstar criminal girlfriend’

No. 1241301

Holy shit this chick niki skyler is 36! How old is Sandra? Who’s supporting these fools?

No. 1241313

It’s old milk. Shoplifting when she was 22 and failure to appear in court.

No. 1241379

File: 1622311929831.jpeg (220.79 KB, 750x1242, 10F0D832-832B-4A00-8791-8617E3…)

A night of poker and escorting?

No. 1241554

File: 1622330600589.png (1.18 MB, 828x1792, 3D8794D0-CD02-4559-8B61-5554B0…)

i present without comment, the cringe is too much for me. Then why DON'T you fuck on OF? Because you're LYING to each other and yourselves.

No. 1241560

Who to who ??

No. 1241578

would Brina really want to date herself? A couch surfing prostitute, deadbeat mom, serial cheater?? and she has the audacity to bring up self-awareness..

No. 1241846

She’s a narcissist, so yes

No. 1241865

File: 1622352645895.jpeg (112.46 KB, 750x1032, CE3B62B8-6061-4D1C-9C48-A8A46C…)


No. 1241951

Ok I finally listened to some of sandra’s music and what the hell honestly. The music, the weight, the hair…home girl needs help

No. 1241999

Ikr that hair nest tho why don’t she have a brush?

No. 1242056

File: 1622381167315.jpeg (129.21 KB, 1125x1918, 4C86C4FF-8CDC-4243-8BE1-234D93…)

What does she put in her hair? yikes!

No. 1242058

File: 1622381294164.jpeg (226.56 KB, 1120x1924, 15DADD49-465C-41C3-A151-B4F790…)

You can see all her ageing here, wonder what’s under all that orange slop?

No. 1242078

File: 1622383703582.png (3.15 MB, 1199x1800, 5B00AF7A-0EF6-495F-A60B-C625A1…)

Wrinkles and an empty skull

No. 1242168

File: 1622393519888.png (632.05 KB, 640x1136, 6BEB97AE-9DD8-45A7-95F5-80A6A6…)

Is this directed at Joey Alva not wanting to date her and she’s playing the victim? Or is she finally being self-aware and reflective?

No. 1242170

She’s aging horribly.

No. 1242191

I wonder if she’ll have any regrets as she ages prematurely due to drug abuse, the escorting work dries up and she has no job skills or education to fall back on, and her children want nothing to do with her.

No. 1242307

She’ll have to keep escorting and drop her rate as she ages. All of her business dealings have ended up in disaster. It’s surprising she didn’t face any repercussions for scamming people and stealing their money with her lingerie brand.

No. 1242550

File: 1622428456457.jpeg (154.63 KB, 750x1205, 03FD022F-0D35-4EA0-937B-8340AA…)

So let me get this straight, this trashy deadbeat prostitute is homeless, three kids she can’t take care of or pay any support to but can buy drugs and drop this kind of cash on a lingerie shop? Talk about having your priorities fucked up.

No. 1242558

^how does this math add up?! i’m getting about 500.-

No. 1242559

She wasn't even paying. Sandra is paying or babysitting her money cos Brina is a child. Jeez

No. 1242595

Sandra is babysitting her overall. She set up a ‘work desk’ for Brina, printed off to do lists for her to fill out, and makes her paint in her goal charts like a fucking child.
Brina is a complete moron and it takes another moron to help her get her shit straight. Embarrassing.

No. 1242601

it adds up, in the top right it says “pg. 2 772.92” thats the 2nd page of all the stuff they got

No. 1242647

File: 1622443264915.jpeg (153.73 KB, 750x1318, 0DF5055D-662F-4D56-B9A5-885B7A…)

Karen and ty hanging out again.
Are Karen and brina still friends?

No. 1242910

Can't wait till Sandra asks Brina to pay her back.

No. 1243089

I actually feel bad for Sandra. I feel like she’s not mentally there and brina is taking advantage of her

No. 1243105

I know right and Sandra seems passive and easy to trick so she’s likely to get away with it. Brina stopped using the devil filter her ex’s ex used. Now she’s trying to emulate Sandra’s e-girl style. I see Brina being manipulative/possessive and sleeping with a guy Sandra likes or something fucked up like that. She has a history of so much fucked up behavior and why anyone would be friends with Brina and let her into their home is beyond me.

No. 1243262

As much as we all think something is wrong with Sandra… the girl still seems to be able to hold it together and is actively trying to work on things for herself and is a go getter. I feel like she is Sabrinas mother at this point. Sabrina is only going to drag her down as dead weight. She posted they were going to cam again today. Last time Sabrina was too tired to participate. This time Sabrina confirms she’ll be there but is still “getting ready” and likes to “lag” and only Sandra got on. It’s such a joke. Sabrina cannot candle ANY form for structure at all to the point she can’t even be on cam in time? No wonder she has never had a real job. She’s a joke for almost being 30.

No. 1243290

I wonder if Sabrina is still banned from MFC and she just keeps saying she is going to get on with Sandra and never does just to get traffic into Sandra’s cam room?? Idk or shes just fucking lazy.

No. 1243301

File: 1622510492041.jpeg (382.12 KB, 1170x2013, 54E8D242-5BC3-4852-9E59-5FEF06…)

These three dodos are in a music video with this guy today. He says “I like bunnies” as if any of them know what the fuck that means kek

No. 1243340

Wow…it’s so funny…I used to envy her so much since she was such ana goals for me. Now I really just pity her. Her life seems so aimless and depressing, like I genuinely feel sorry for her. No genuine love in her life, no real family of her own, no home, or security. Just a bunch of fake followers, and no actual career, even in sex work. Extremely sad.

No. 1243395

Hah it’s pretty hilarious how out of place this b looks constantly posing while they shoot that music video, like awkward af kek

No. 1243402

It was so uncomfortable I cringe

No. 1243455

Has anyone been watching sandras stories? Strong date rape vibes

No. 1243458

File: 1622530742903.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 114.09 KB, 750x1198, 7B81AA2E-A96A-4041-B5B4-75FE85…)

Everyone at the party having a good time and on the other side of the party you have these pick me types getting grinded on by multiple guys at the party. So embarrassing

No. 1243461

Not to mention the most annoying non-stop squealing lol I would be so embarrassed to be around them

No. 1243469

I’d still fuck them and throw them away. They’re perfect one time stands worth $20 a bj(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1243686

What kind of a mother chooses to ditch all her kids and have all of these parties and not spend time with them at all. I am utterly disgusted at this woman morals.

No. 1243722

Seems like her kids are better off.
They deserve better than her.
To think that this is the life she chose over her kids is insane to me.

No. 1243742

File: 1622570009739.png (391.06 KB, 640x1136, 0486FB01-DCDB-4DFF-987E-AA38DA…)

This is overly ambitious considering Sandra doesn’t work consistently and constantly flakes. Her and Brina will have to actually put effort if they want to end the month with close to a six figure sum.

No. 1243916

Modern dating is all about sloppy seconds

No. 1243972

File: 1622592373869.jpeg (232.02 KB, 750x1013, 79D295FA-A421-4FC7-BBD2-7E0390…)

What the hell.. is she thinking.. her photoshopped skull is so bad I can’t stop laughing

No. 1243978

File: 1622592774746.jpg (612.88 KB, 1080x1304, Screenshot_20210601-190948_Ins…)

Why does her head look so weird, did she gain weight

No. 1243985

She’s just using photoshop on all of her pictures. Plus this another old photo from a few years back.

No. 1243994

wtf is up with the tiny pin head

No. 1244022

It’s so laughable. Reminds me of the shrunken head guy from beetlejuice.
All of the pics she posted today are so heavily photoshopped

No. 1244058

File: 1622602197921.png (5.79 MB, 828x1792, 7464928F-F909-441D-936C-F36BD1…)

Ummm wut? Brina posted this. Photoshop much?

No. 1244070

File: 1622603650080.jpeg (119.36 KB, 724x1298, DD276B72-4E0D-42E8-9064-5B67A8…)

She doesn’t even look like the same person in any of her pics. Someone loves her some Facetune. We all know she’s got wrinkles like crazy, hollow eye sockets and cheek bones And her lips do not look like this anymore.

No. 1244071

So embarrassing.
That’s probably why she turned the comments off.

No. 1244091

Is Sabrina sharing Sandra’s…room in her parent’s house? Like she has the master bedroom? Or is it like a guest house?

No. 1244113

If it is attached to her parents house like people think it is… it looks like it’s a studio or a granny flat type of thing. She’s on cam right now and you can see that there is a kitchen area across from where she sleeps. It looks so cramped in there. Sabrina won’t be able to tolerate it for long since she’s still all about her AeStHeTiC~* in every place she lives in.

remember sabrinas tacky ass old apartments with barely anything in them but random shit from amazon and ikea and people would hype her up so much to the point that she thought she had a future in interior design?

No. 1244116

Sandra’s on cam right now with Brina asking for a 20k token count down for Sandra to eat Sabrina out. They’ve got to be on a lot of drugs and or drunk to be able to make that happen

No. 1244125

Sandra’s just mentioned on cam that she spoke with her psychiatrist today and that he told her that he was considering to get her out of her medication… she told him that she wasn’t going to stop taking her medication ever while laughing kek. These bitches haven’t done anything in the +30 minutes I’ve been watching this shit show and Brina looks wasted af, she apparently dropped something (or fell?) while in the bathroom and Sandra had to rush to see if everything was ok and you could see the fear in her eyes and how she’s taken the mother role for Sabrina. Pathetic.

No. 1244126

Haha I’ve literally been watching the same thing. Sorry but they’ve both totally hit the wall, Sabrinas like lights on but nobody home. Sandra looks sober but trying to pick up the pieces. Hardly anyone watching or tipping…It’s a total train wreck lol.

No. 1244138

Jesus Christ what are those outfits?! Who in their right mind decides to pair a corset with velour tracksuit pants?

No. 1244300

So I was watching lastnight and is brina putting on weight? Or is she pregnant?
Nothing wrong with a weight gain. Just noticed she had a round belly and kept adjusting her lingerie to cover her stomach.
But it wouldn’t be her first time being pregnant drinking on cam.

No. 1244302

File: 1622654183802.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 80.53 KB, 750x410, 74397DFB-76A1-4FD7-A01A-6BBA42…)

No. 1244310

It’s hard to tell because maybe she’s cut down on hard drugs and is actually eating. Last night and she got drunk way too fast while Sandra stayed sober. Someone asked about her kids and Brina looked visibly upset for a minute. Maybe it was a moment of genuine guilt and sadness about what she’s done with her life. She was trashed and a sloppy drink towards the end. She sucked Sandras nipple too hard and made her cry out in pain lol

No. 1244311

what's with those white sheet tables on the right? looks like an illegal vet office

No. 1244317

Sandra needs a hairstyle makeover, a fashion stylist and to work with a music producer who can actually turn her voice into decent music. I hope she gets away from Brina and does well.

No. 1244362

she doesn't know what guilt is. that would require her to take some responsibility for her actions and shes completely incapable of doing so.

No. 1244368

That show was awkward and just downright weird and sad to watch last night. There was a point where brina took the cam and tried to be like her old self and sandra was hyping her up “wooo! brina is back, bitches” then brina immediately put the cam back looking uncomfortable and rolling her eyes. The kiss where sandra told brina she needed to brush her teeth first because she tastes like food.. Their whole behavior that didn’t seem like they were having fun. Its weird seeing brina look so deer in headlights and confused about what to do with herself on cam considering she used to own it no matter how trashed or trashy she was. It was almost like she was new and didn’t know what to do at all. Not to mention their whole chemistry together doing g/g stuff was cringe to watch. They’re very obviously not into it and were giggling and looked uncomfortable the whole time. Her hay day is long over and she knows it, but it’s strange to see that this is actually her trying. It’s bad, really bad. Sandra also mentioned several times how high her viewer count was with 500 people because brina was there when only like 3 were talking n a lot of it was that dude that’s obsessed with brina, curlyvegas. Did anyone catch him hinting at the fact that he’s fooled around with her before in the chat? Talking about how he’s ate her taco and wished he had gotten to dessert too???

No. 1244392

This hits the nail on the head. Super awkward, uncomfortable and definitely not genuine. Yknow the term “hot mess?” Well, that’s what she used to be. Now she’s just a mess kek. This is what happens when you treat your body like a dumpster kids. Eventually

No. 1244416

File: 1622666222261.jpeg (155.76 KB, 1157x669, 66927697-BA47-443E-B349-83C0D3…)

No. 1244447

Curleyvegas is an old creep who has money. He's one of her clients.

No. 1244450

So that’s what she actually looks like without editing herself.

No. 1244456

File: 1622669651938.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 202.58 KB, 750x1241, 388E8A65-D10F-4371-A406-6DF418…)

Who’s going to tell her? Bad photoshop on her ass? You can literally see the warped door.

No. 1244459

Last night when Sandra changed the camera angle Brina freaked out and went off cam because her ass looked bony and square. It amazing how different she looks in her photos.

No. 1244490

i remember finding her so pretty and basically wanting to look exactly like her in her old mfc days like back in 2014 or whatever. now she looks so… different and sad and its just… wow. sad. the wall hit her hard

No. 1244505

I saw that, there were a few weird moments like that with the webcam and really bad angles. I guess she’s still banned from Mfc too? She mentioned she’d be streaming alone on cam soda. I wonder if she actually will or if like everything it’s just talk. I don’t think she will. She is so out of touch with camming idk

No. 1244512

Drugs r bad, just say no!

No. 1244551

Sabrina would look way better if she got rid of that atrocious huge winged eyeliner she always does. She’s too old for that and it makes her eyes look even more closed up

No. 1244561

The thing is she has potential cause she's done well before she could easily make the money in the next two to three years if she tried like how she used to. Her makeup is fine, maybe get botox for the wrinkles but other than that her body isn't all that bad the weight gain looks fine on her she looks good thin or not its the fact she just genuinely does not care now. Looking in her eyes she seems so cold and empty. I almost feel bad for her cause she just seems like she doesn't care about herself anymore but you are a mother if your children aren't a reason to get better than idk what else would be.

No. 1244571

Yes the premature aging can (somewhat) be helped by cosmetics and plastic surgery, but can’t fix the cold dead eyes caused by a lifetime of sociopathic behavior. Looks like her bad choices have caught up with her.

No. 1244861

File: 1622702795179.png (Spoiler Image, 3.36 MB, 1800x1800, 95D27CA8-480D-4393-8852-6FC8B1…)

Seems like Sandra is much more comfortable without Sabrina and she’s doing way better without her there. But what was Sabrina getting ready for if not mfc? Who’s the John this time? Maybe the guy they were hanging out with all day. Or curleyvegas!

No. 1244862

Wait so did mfc ban Brina again after she was online yesterday?? Why is Sandra having to ask for permission to see if she can cam too? Shes definitely way better off without sloppy Brina by her side.

No. 1244886

File: 1622710504177.jpeg (392.1 KB, 1194x2208, B25E3377-457E-4FCE-9579-5F558F…)

Sorry, I couldn't help it. She’s such a nesthead.

No. 1244897

So by MFC rules, you are only allowed to have other MFC approved models with you while on camera. You’re not even allowed to have people walk by or be in the background. They have to be MFC approved models because it’s their way of making sure nobody underage is being shown on an adult website. All MFC models have to submit their license to prove their age/name/identity.

My theory is that MFC caught wind of Brina being on Sandra’s stream probably from lots of complaints. ALOT of models hate Brina to this day. And they probably think it’s unfair that Sandra is using Brina’s “return to camming” as a way to bring more people into her room which boosts her to the top of the algorithm. I’m sure a lot of models are pissed off about it and don’t want to see her comeback on MFC because she was competition. I remember all the drama when Brina won Miss MFC one month.

Also, Brina must have been banned because why would she not have a model account already on MFC? They are SO easy to get approved and you can literally leave your account sitting there dormant for 10 years and they don’t delete you. And most models DO NOT delete their accounts when they go on a hiatus, get pregnant, leave the site, etc because your followers are still allowed to give you “offline tips” and many girls still get paid through MFC despite not camming in months/years.

No. 1244936

Lmfao accurate, I love you anon

No. 1244984

File: 1622722317289.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB, 1433x1647, Screenshot_20210603-051057_Sam…)

All her photos are photoshopped because shes a skinny lose hoe(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1245062

Honestly, the weirdest thing to me from that cam night was the fact Sandra called her mom to bring her ice from downstairs. Which tells me that her “apartment” is definitely attached to her parents.

No. 1245083

She looks like a sim, what the fuck?

No. 1245087

The photoshop is SO bad. She can’t possibly think no one notices this. Her jaw,edited, waist, edited, thighs, edited.
And people pay for this??

No. 1245091

File: 1622734149313.jpeg (190.14 KB, 750x711, E3D2571C-772D-4E0C-BD70-838091…)

She deleted those heinously edited pics kek

No. 1245223

people actually pay for this? Might as well photoshop yourself on someone else's body entirely. Whats the point in paying for a photoshopped picture? She used to take really good pictures, the lack of effort is going to continue to contribute to her downfall.

No. 1245376

Wait did someone do this as a joke or is this something she legit did??

No. 1245390

She legit posted

No. 1245450

It’s the wavy lines on the wall behind her for me. Literally if you’re going to photoshop yourself at least do it with a blank background.

also who tf is supporting her only fans? I know you want to lurk but you’re just financially enabling her even more