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No. 1625500

Read the rules before posting. Do not post faces of minors, links to Sabrina’s daughter’s social media, and most importantly do NOT humour RTAfag.

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Kat/Stormy/PumpkinSpice/SixGinn/Morgan Hoffman:
> Still the main character (for now), deal with it.
> Is blaming all procrastination and inactivity on her abortion and move, although she can’t decide if she’s a workaholic or not.
> Still pretends to be wealthy but constantly asks followers for handouts and makes comments about things like “well my rent is paid” which implies that money isn’t as free flowing as she acts. Reveals she owes $60k in taxes and a failed attempt at setting up a payment plan.
> Considers herself a champion of abortion/women’s rights. Insists all men (except for her angel Ty) have used and mistreated her in the past, while ignoring the fact that she has branded herself with terms like “Livestock,” “Money Slut,” “Brat,” “Spank Me,” etc.
> Heavy with the Capricorn hate, since she’s such a aStRoGiRl. Claims she “yeeted that bitch” (re: embryo) because it would be a Capricorn. Notable Capricorn characters are exes Dean, Cody, and Pumpy’s original object of obsession (/Ty’s ex) Sabrina Nellie.
> It also should be noted that Pumpy also can’t decide how she wants to front her abortion, goes from “Am I still a MILF if I killed it” to “I’m really just trying to keep my head down about my abortion because my partner and I are grieving so much” SIDENOTE Ty is not grieving anything and was out partying while she aborted alone, depressed, and borderline suicide baiting on her IG.
> Displays ultimate pick-me behaviour by footing the bill for Ty and his friends, so she is increasingly invited out.
> Downsizes and downgrades apartments, attempts to gaslight followers into believing that she needed to escape the city for her sAFetY and mENtAL hEaLtH.
> Is toying with the idea of getting pregnant again, claiming that she has to lie to pharmacies about mUH lUpUs to get birth control. Conspiracies on how Politics and Big Pharma are “going to kill her” due to pregnancy/birth control BS but continues to have unprotected sex and maintain a 70 lb weight. Also says her bc makes her suicidal.
> Lanugo growth on her face continues to be wild and unchecked.
> Pumpy repeatedly starting senseless drama on twitter, complaining how pandemic SWers have ruined it for “legitimate” SWers, who now have to mark down content due to the market being oversaturated with cheap content. Catches a lot of heat and gets called out by @MissBNasty.
> Brags about funding and promoting Ty’s washed up music career because she dreams of retiring to be his main groupie.
> Falls while being an independent woman and moving shit around her new place. Proceeds to go out, do pole, and other stuff while mocking her own supposed injury. One anon speculates Pumpy threw herself down the stairs for attention/sympathy money, seems legit.
> Proceeds to have sub-drama with Ty’s baby mama @doeprudence. Pumpy taunts her, saying she fumbled him. Ty’s baby mama exposes Ty for being a shitty person and comes out like a Queen in the scenario.
> Pumpy refers to Ty’s daughter as “ratchet” in a seethe about his Baby Mama.
> After reading anons roast her for only posting sneak pictures of Ty, she begins to post posing WITH him. This coincidentally only begins after she buys him a bunch of clothes.
> Pretends to fight girl who hit on Ty at his friend’s grand opening. Claims to have done this with her injuries from her fall (bROkEn ArMs)
> Openly tweets about how she polices Ty’s activity on social media and told him that it was “embarrassing” that he kept liking female’s pictures.
> Can’t decide if she has too much hair or is losing it all
> Cowtipper gets her main IG taken down, now uses her backup
> Despite claiming to have grown up in extreme poverty and trap houses, she now shares that singing is a passion of hers and was in vocal lessons from the age of 12.
> Turns 27 years old. Ty seeming does nothing but show up for a free meal and pick up a cake that she presumably purchased.
> Her tiktok gets banned.
> Increasingly LARPS as Ty’s girlfriend, posting him/about him obsessively. He continues to neither post, nor claim, her on his socials. Keeps Pumpy away from his family, an odd move since according to Pumpy they have been together for two years (and he’s brought past girlfriends around his daughter – namely Sabrina).
> Seem to consider herself Latina (ex. Wearing crosses, “That Latina feeling when”) because she’s fucking a Mexican manlet.


Tyler (Ty) Arenas – Pumpy's P4P/Sugar Baby Links:

Melanie Martin:
> Started on CamSoda with Sandra and Sabrina, ultimately meeting and hooking up with washed up former teen star Aaron Carter.
> Chaos ensued instantly, as to be expected when one partner is a drug addict and the other a SWer. The beginning of their notoriously public break-ups, often broadcasted on Instagram Live or Stories. In short periods of time after, they get back together as abruptly as they end.
> Try to conceive and are successful during the launch of their first joint OF.
> During Melanie’s pregnancy, Aaron grows weed in the house and spends his days smoking weed and cigarettes while Melanie willingly takes it all in second hand.
> Breakups continue throughout the pregnancy and both obtain restraining orders on each other.
> The baby is born, Sabrina Nellie is named the godmother (despite having nothing to do with her own three children).
> Broadcasted fights continue with the newborn child now a prop during them. Sabrina and Sandra came to Melanie’s defense during one Live and Sandra called the cops on Aaron, who was trying to throw Melanie out of his house (she refused to leave) screaming “Please, somebody get this whore out of my house.”
> Aaron accused Sabrina and Sandra of having planted drugs in his house.. where he grows drugs..
> Aaron and Melanie get back together and have a big birthday dinner with Sabrina Nellie and Junkie James in attendance.
> They break up again. Who knows how many times it has been now. Aaron posts multiple stories that they will co-parent and then proceeds to post videos of Melanie dancing by the bar while serving with captions like “NOPE, NOT FOR ME.”
> During this breakup, Melanie LARPS as “Mommy” and posts pictures with their son.
> TF is that Melanie’s mother was given custody of their son by the state. Commenters on their social media allege that Aaron is not allowed to be around their child and that Melanie has left the child behind in order to be with Aaron again.
> They start a new OF showcasing their “daily sex life.”


Aaron Carter – Baby Daddy and on/off Boyfriend:

Sabrina Nellie "Brina" Juarez:
> Re Introduced, due to lack of consistent milk in her own thread.
> Pumpy's Blueprint.
> Repeated failed attempts to cam, her glory days long behind her. If she bothers to show up, she is so under the influence that she becomes incoherent (nodding off) and needs to prematurely stop. Gets mad at users for not tipping her for doing nothing. Sandra had to come in and save many of Sabrina’s shows from tanking, which made Sabrina visibly seethe with resentment.
> Some weird saga where her main IG was taken down and she accused someone of “stealing her identity to shut down” her Instagram. The commentary seemed to imply this was Sandra (anons did not believe). Sabrina turned her old abandoned “family instragram” (from her AJ era) into a back-up account. She got her main back but eventually both accounts were taken down for violations.
> Sporadically produces short clip content for her OF, including exposing her breasts at a park while children are playing baseball.
> James manages to secure Coachella tickets for Sabrina after she suicide baits online for a week.
> They have an underwhelming time at Coachella, likely having no one to party with but themselves since Sabrina is a social leper. It's said that Sabrina was scheduled to visit Big C during this time, pre-Coachella tickets, but then bailed once she knew that she could go. No make-up visit or trip was planned.
> As fast as it started, Sabrina and Junkie J stop bothering to visit Big C and Little C.
> Sabrina boasts that her and James are moving into an apartment together, the move in date comes and goes. Sabrina continues to split time between her Father’s and Grandmother’s while James goes back home to his parents. Their time together consists of weird trips jumping around place to place. It also seems like Sabrina hooks on these trips and James has posted a few depressed IG Stories waiting in the lobby room.
> Her shoops are out of control. Used the FaceApp to impose a completely fake mouth/smile on her face and tried to pass it off as real. When she was called out, she changed the caption to “These Filters are freaky!”
> Sliced a tendon while cooking, presumably high, has done nothing to help the injury and now has a permanent “trigger finger.”
> Harasses father’s cat who hates her.
> Does 13 second “porn” with Junkie James and his micro penis.
> Sabrina begins to show her age in the form of increasing weight gain.
- Her new Instagram is taken down again, likely for violating rules. She did not bother to try and evade strict policies and was openly advertising her OF and posting sexual images. But oddly, right before her account was taken down – she either archived or deleted all content. TF what you will.
> Junkie James seems to be depressed in stories, their relationship flips on/off.
> She continues to refuse bathing on a regular basis and stories/pictures constantly show dandruff build up.
> Constant evidence of drug use (pupils, powder and crushed up pills in her nostrils).
> After years of not being able to figure out how NOT to get pregnant, has successfully managed to go the longest she has ever without conceiving.
> Currently does not have Instagram.


James Del Toro/Junkie James/”JJ” – Boyfriend, President and Only Member of the Sabrina Nellie Fan Club:

Past Threads
4 (Mislabelled as 5) >>>/snow/1485139
3 >>>/snow/1405225
2 https://original.lolcow.farm/snow/res/1261804.html
1 >>>/snow/198254

Sandra G Popa
> Has a very brief stint as a stripper.
> Leaves job "serving" at Cafe Lu (for now).
> After allowing countless people to party and squat in her apartment for months (including Sabrina sleeping on a Pikachu pillow in her closet), abruptly moves out. First starts back in her parent’s and now is living with TWO neglected Persian cats in what looks like a garage.
> Following speculation that their one-sided friendship finally ended, Sandra reveals in a series of tweets that an unnamed jealous “friend” who she had helped (obviously Sabrina) was a snake behind her back and even had a mutual friend sign a “contract” forbidding her from telling Sandra all of the shit she talked about her behind Sandra’s back.
> TF over who the mutual friend was, but seems to have been brief cameo character Scargum. She suddenly left Sabrina’s drug fuelled hotel-hopping gong show and promptly unfollowed Sabrina right before Sandra’s tweets came out.
> Her social media is taken down, it is thought Sabrina is behind this (reporting).
> Creates a new, more quiet Instagram. Does some content with A-Why.
> Falls off the radar, says on discord that her constant fuckery with medications led to brain zaps.
> Still creating strange food plates, although less frequently.
> Still making awful music, however not as often.


A-Why – Boyfriend/Prince Charming:

> Has got EVEN LARGER breasts kek, she says that she will be keeping her breasts for the time-being because they are how she makes her money.
> Still claims she is she/her bi-gender transmasc


Honourable mentions are Kati3kat, Megan Marie (megvnmvrie), and Darcy Nicole.

Previous Threads:

No. 1625522

Nice work anon! You had me cracking up reading through everything

No. 1625557

Thank you! I’m exhausted and cringing at layout/grammatical errors but it had to be done by someone.


Good question. Personally, I don’t concern myself too much with their work because cam girls are a dime-a-dozen (sorry nonas) and focus more on their cow-ish behaviour.

No. 1625576

I don't spend any time looking at their vaginas. I'm here for the drama, thanks

No. 1625595

File: 1661453449636.jpeg (472.65 KB, 2048x2048, 2F51020C-0072-426D-8915-038E42…)

Who wore it better?

No. 1625642

Heh yeah this was pretty well done and gives a good recap/bg on the main cows. Hoping to see more drama out of Brina and Sandra but we will see. Kek

No. 1625654

Great job anon!

No. 1625683

File: 1661458037654.jpeg (349.83 KB, 1284x1982, 44F7CC48-D5C9-4B4B-AF61-6A2767…)

She's so embarrassing

No. 1625725

File: 1661459546578.jpeg (309.29 KB, 2048x2048, D5183670-FC07-45B8-AF3F-BD43E7…)

It’s insight into her maturity. Considering her line of work, it would be one thing if she was posting about this strategically or seductively like “cant get enough, watch me here (link)” buuuut she’s not. She has the mentality of an attention-seeking teenager, who needs to remind people that they are sexually active so they can feel both adult and desired.

Quick PSA to Morgan: Girl, wear your retainer! Imagine dumping thousands into your teeth, only to say “fuck it” to basic maintenance. Her teeth are clearly starting to shift back and we’re near a familiar era of what Pumpy’s “natural beauty” actually looks like while she’s too busy simping over someone she’ll call abusive in three months time.

No. 1625736

File: 1661460141332.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1284x2154, 6FCEC94D-4339-45A8-ABDA-9B7A99…)

Spiralling could be in the near future, anon! I find Sandra to be at her milkiest whenever she starts seeking and experimenting with treatment.

No. 1625745

File: 1661460764867.jpg (Spoiler Image,161.13 KB, 1080x3270, 1647574942084.jpg)

And here is Sandra and Melanie being the trashiest of trashy camwhores.

And for the sweet Nona asking about Aaron's nudes, it's for gay men by a bi dude.
A lot of ass and a lot of homoerotic posing. There ya go

No. 1625750

File: 1661461005257.jpeg (749.29 KB, 923x1277, 6E8144D4-0985-4823-BE35-083D53…)

sage for old shit but can someone please explain why the fuck she looks like this? It must look comical walking around like this, like some shit you’d see in a circus. Did her dyke boyfriend lobotomize her?

No. 1625751

This pairs perfectly with why Sandra has “resistant depression” - Aside from expecting medication alone to solve all of her issues, look at the life she’s spent her teen and adult years living. The people she has surrounded herself with and what they have all done together. There is no “happy ending” for this lifestyle. Homegirl was already lacking intelligence and now she’s essentially fried whatever was left with both drugs and medication abuse. She can act like she was responsibly taking meds, but it was well documented in previous Sandra/Sabrina threads that she “shopped” doctors and prescriptions based on whatever she wanted at the time. Brain chemistry isn’t something to fuck with.

No. 1625755

I wish that I had something to even TF. She must be so emotionally detached from her own body to do this to herself.

Thank you, nona. That description was perfect and served it’s purpose. I’m sure he’ll be bi-baiting in the content that leaks in here from the new OF.

No. 1625772

Yup. This is so true. The thing with Sandra is her “resistant depression” is going to be there until she looks at her entire lifestyle and line of work, and realizes that is a huge contributing factor to why she is suffering. She’s low IQ and can’t figure out that 75% of her problems are due to the life path she is on. Sad, really.

No. 1625785

Looking through her insta and twitter made me sad as fuck. Crazy that she decided she wanted to look like this.

No. 1625793

File: 1661464641227.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1284x2274, 7106908B-2653-43C0-B305-B1C8C3…)

Sorry nonas, apparently Sabrina has been back on IG for at least one day. Please accept this prime picrel of her demented finger as a peace offering.

No. 1625806

Sandra is simple minded and god-fearing, of course she’s never going to be able to reconcile SW with being healthy/happy. It doesn’t even matter how long she’s been “in the game” for, she’s not after a unique approach to life and wants traditional things. One thing is certain though, she doesn’t have the boundaries with herself or other people to make it happen. I think that A-Why will eventually move on when he sees how static and hopeless Sandra is. That’ll be the final straw for her and we’ll see her deteriorate worse than ever.

It would take a fuckload of reconstructive surgery to fix what she’s done to her chest, but I guess she’s already ruined her face anyways.

No. 1625832

Sage for my own stupidity but what does TF stand for? I keep trying to figure it out but coming up blank other than the usual the fuck

No. 1625835


No. 1625841

Thank you anon

No. 1625844

File: 1661469205531.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1284x2281, 5DFD79DA-E578-48A0-8A59-05A69D…)

I don’t know where Sabrina is couch surfing but it looks dirty and small.

No. 1626016

fixing her teeth was the only good change she ever made to her face, but ya something about her 2 front teeth are starting to look like they use to

No. 1626233

The picture cracks me up. The person who did this thread, excellent job.

No. 1626867

File: 1661572119253.jpeg (526.14 KB, 1284x2265, B8FB4717-163D-4CF1-97FB-918E8F…)

My vote is for Pumpy getting “pregnant” first in this thread’s saga. She’s definitely going to try her darnedest. Aaron and Melanie will be the first legitimate pregnancy shortly after and I predict Aaron publicly questioning the paternity in at least one fight.

Picrel is from Pump’s story

No. 1626888

she wants to trap ty so bad. i’m really surprised she didn’t the first time, but now it’s almost like a challenge to her. her vs his ex baby mama and who would be a better parent. pumpy can’t even handle a dog let alone a baby. she should sit that one out and just enjoy her freedom in life, she would be one of the shittiest parents. just because she would be capable of funding it doesn’t mean she has any maternal instincts whatsoever. she’s way too self absorbed to care about a child and put it’s needs before her own wants.

No. 1626910

File: 1661575788139.jpeg (579.88 KB, 3263x2447, 16405956-8DBF-4163-91FF-C7A5BF…)

Pupils lookin insane for someone in a very well lit room. Can’t tell me this bitch doesn’t do drugs.

No. 1627065

File: 1661597209414.webm (2.73 MB, 720x1280, Time to Tame .webm)

It’s even more obvious in motion, imo.

No. 1627066

File: 1661597271170.webm (800.06 KB, 720x1280, Skincare Coming Through .webm)


No. 1627067

File: 1661597398270.png (5.44 MB, 2431x2160, 000.PNG)

No. 1627069

File: 1661597531676.webm (1.27 MB, 720x1280, PS.webm)

While it’s obvious her skin is much better than it was >>1627067 I don’t think it’s anything to brag this much about. She reminds me so much of Ariana/scorpioassheaux

No. 1627170

I think the difference between now and then (ie. two months ago kek) is Pumpy probably thinks she and Ty are in a better place relationally. She’s able to coerce him into more than ever. She legitimately thinks that she is this man’s girlfriend now, whereas before it was “my fuck buddy.” Pumpy pulls the wool over her own eyes and conveniently overlooks the facts, like Ty bringing her around friends BECAUSE SHE PAYS THE BILL. All she focuses on is “My partner brought me out with his friends.” It’s obvious that she only got the first abortion because Ty made her choose between him or the pregnancy but also manipulated her into a mindset of “this is not the right time, we are not in the right place” so she wouldn’t retaliate with the Psycho Stormy Special.

No. 1627306

I oddly think I know where pumpy lives because my first condo was there. It’s definitely a downgrade from living in a high rise in DTLA (where oddly a woman was murdered and shoved down the garbage shoot on the penthouse floor last year).

The rent at her place must only be like $2k a month I’m assuming and it’s in suburbia LA on the border of OC. Just so weird that I immediately recognized the layout and fireplace.

No. 1627335

File: 1661620396557.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1284x2254, 0E529D55-620D-4866-AE76-FBBFD5…)

Sabrina should have captioned to include “IDGAF about our kids**” (picrel from her story) but of course this isn’t a historical sub and obviously her and JJ broke up. Let’s see how long this split sticks! Naturally, they’ve both promptly unfollowed each other. I love how he’s keeping with his femme energy and already ran to his hairstylist to get a post-breakup switch-up.

No. 1627341

File: 1661620637361.jpeg (539.61 KB, 2048x2048, D8CE32EC-0973-40D0-84E5-AAEB53…)

Samefag for more screenshots (hairdressers with the sappy ass music, unfollowing).

No. 1627480

File: 1661631965498.jpeg (542.4 KB, 2048x2048, 12377497-2D1D-49A0-A61A-7DF6C6…)

Her eyes look like they are about to roll to the back of her head in this entire video. Despite the filter, that extra chub is evident in the jowl area (plus her boobs look massive). RIP our anachan queen! Whatever happened between her and James must have really set her off, because she’s never acted so catty in their breakups before.. I’m guessing he couldn’t afford something or declined to take her on one of their “ket tours,” since she keeps whining about not getting enough attention.

No. 1627481


Its pretty obvious where she lives. She has previously bitched about being doxxed but then proceeds to post details about her current place. She is stupid.

No. 1627643

Pumpy is delusional and feels invincible. She’s not actually worried about her safety when she’s bitching about “doxxing” - She’s bitching to bitch. I think she deliberately doxxes herself because she wants the attention of having stalkers or crazy encounters. So much that she lies about it when it DOESN’T happen.

No. 1627698

Agreed! Also I think she legit thinks she can "fight"…she sees herself as "dangerous" and a "bad bitch" who can physically defend herself…it's terrifying! For her!

No. 1627744

File: 1661656003721.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1284x2192, FEFEE3B3-0FF7-47AD-B9C2-7D7708…)

doesn’t care but needs to shoop the f out of everything before posting.

No. 1627754

Could you imagine how fast both her AND Ty would be laid out, flat on the floor? I know that he thinks he’s created an edgy, dangerous look himself with all the tattoos and dating SWers. Still doesn’t subtract from the pure dough of that bod! His daughter could beat him in an arm wrestle, I’m putting money on it.

No. 1627962

Not trying to derail but, care to elaborate real quick? (ie a name or something) I’m local and haven’t heard or been able to Google anything about that.

No. 1627966

No. 1628216

File: 1661687600621.jpeg (1.88 MB, 1284x2228, E5731292-9529-4268-B613-8CBA8C…)

Damn. When they say it’s dangerous to be a woman partying with scrotes in the USA, you nonas aren’t playing. RIP randochan.

ON THE TOPIC OF PUMP, I swear it’s coming - the revival of the pregnancy saga. I think she would have a Taurus or Gemini if she conceived now? Doesn’t matter beyond the fact that it matters to her. She would revel in a Gemini child and Ty would be gone SO fast. Tbh he’s an idiot for even having sex with her.

No. 1628280

File: 1661693483014.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1651, D53A7356-576A-4384-94B4-C7DECE…)

No. 1628319

File: 1661695915394.jpeg (311.76 KB, 1170x1987, 6A1511C3-D524-4E6D-BBBC-670B42…)

Kek pumpy pissed off at the iPhone camera bcuz “look at the hump it gave me in my ($16k) nose”. That hump is fully there when you look at her from one side of her face. She pointed it out a ton right after she got it done and now she keeps trying to hide and deny it.

No. 1628327

I guarantee she tries to counter-manipulate Ty by saying all of this creampie/pregnancy fetish stuff is for work and tries to ease him by using the past abortion as an indicator of trust. Ty is DUMB as hell though and he’s going to end up with Pumpy’s kid, if her body will allow. TF: What if that’s why she’s suddenly eating? Yes, she’d post food before for show, but you can tell that she’s actually putting effort into consuming food and nutrients now. She’s preparing to be a vessel for Ty’s wannabe goth seed.

No. 1628336

File: 1661697110474.jpg (238.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220828-081613_Ins…)


Is she editing these photos and trying to blame the iPhone camera for how she looks?

No. 1628472

Lol Pumps is literally soooo self involved. Imagine posting stuff like this… literally gives second hand embarrassment vibes.

No. 1628510

File: 1661706403791.jpeg (341.23 KB, 1284x2156, B2763F94-93F6-4234-BCE5-47E73D…)

I’m dying. After repeated sperging on her stories about how much she’s embraced her natural eye colour, here she is sloppy af with her editing tools trying to make them green kek. Natural beauty who?

No. 1628516

That’s the edge of her contacts, you can see them in full circles around both eyes. Most contacts now are tinted and not fully clear. Not defending anything, just clarifying that as another contacts wearer here. She does wear colored lenses a lot too.

No. 1628637

Her lips always look so painful. Surely that shit has to hurt?

No. 1628958

File: 1661725117366.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1170x1992, 5498BD70-8006-43A4-82F4-448A6B…)

I was gonna say finally cuz I’m the anon always annoyed with the fact she blows money on Ubers every day while owning this car cuz she can’t drive it, but…

No. 1628968

File: 1661725800564.jpeg (406.95 KB, 1170x1992, 5C76E0F0-58AB-4CCB-9A21-DC1813…)

It was followed up by this.

She got that car for $175k and it’s not paid off. She’s literally selling it for the amount left on the financing. She threw away $80k on that car just to let it sit and let dudes drive it around. That’s not including insurance payments. What a fucking idiot. No wonder she keeps having to downgrade apartments.

No. 1628982

Lol. A mom car… bet she’s got plans to get knocked up again, but actually keep it this time. Would be milky, but irl terrible for the child. I wonder if Ty even watches her stories… He should run from her. These two creating and caring for a kid would be a disaster. Anons like to say Ty seems to be a ‘good’ dad for keeping his daughter away from Pumpy… literally the bare minimum this guy could do. I doubt he’s a stellar parent. And remember, pretty sure he let crackwhore Brina (with her own abandoned children) around his daughter. Real great judgment.

No. 1629061

Girl, have you been tuning in? She’s full on planning on becoming pregnant again. She wants the “happy wife, happy life” thing with Ty. Either he’s fucking retarded or he is overestimating his ability to manipulate her into a second abortion. Spoiler, Ty: You won’t be able to get her to do it a second time.

She’ll stop taking her birth control soon, if she hasn’t already. Ty probably humours her on the “we’ll have kids one day” thinking he’s sage because she’s on bc. If she manages to pull a pregnancy then her excuse will be that the pills made her depressed.

No. 1629178

File: 1661736479839.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1170x1972, 007F32F9-69CC-463D-AC81-E94289…)

TF: trouble in paradise or pissed off at her being documented here?

No. 1629192

File: 1661738092880.jpeg (457.47 KB, 2048x2048, 32FB51AA-EBD4-42B6-9B7D-FA6E6F…)

Could be both. All of this talk is not very flattering for Ty’s “budding music career.” The recent conversations have been starting to focus on how shitty he is too, not just how he’s associated with a shitty person. If he wasn’t Pumpy’s p4p then no one would care.

Also, loved how these two snowflakes shared the same story about SW. Almost gave me whiplash.

No. 1629193

File: 1661738217961.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1284x2224, 5F251754-1E9F-4A33-8C13-35F656…)


No. 1629196

File: 1661738333126.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1284x2236, 501DD1C5-0964-42DE-A1BC-1C910E…)


No. 1629197

File: 1661738444785.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1284x2272, C5F2FAEF-D589-4724-BEDE-DF6A72…)


No. 1629241

File: 1661740564593.png (1.53 MB, 1588x1800, 14914798-2C04-4297-92A0-F77243…)

She’s back baby!

No. 1629250

File: 1661740922134.jpeg (101.75 KB, 1170x1959, 7A7A3510-AACF-4761-9465-6F1849…)

Coincidental I’m sure.

No. 1629252

Is there any context to this? Well of course she’s a “crack baby”…or at least born addicted…maybe to meth she said? She’s almost drilled it into our heads except I don’t remember the drug

No. 1629259

she said she was born addicted to meth

No. 1629287

Lol. James mother is very smart. Get rid of the deadbeat before she destroys everything.

No. 1629290

I don’t think she remembers any of her lies kek

No. 1629307

File: 1661744642134.jpg (230.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220828-234243_Ins…)

She is doing this for attention right? She can't be this delusional, right?

No. 1629327

Her dad's cat still hates her. It's odd how she thinks it's funny like no the cat just proves you give off evil aura Brina

No. 1629353

she's obviously joking

No. 1629437

I mean you’d think but she also claimed Onlyfans success was based off of her or some shit.

No. 1629478

Of course she's on that level of delusion

No. 1629489

File: 1661768820752.jpeg (219.33 KB, 828x1012, FE4F5B91-4AED-45EA-BDE2-A937C5…)

she made a new account / back up account it’s funny how she immediately blocked me cause I couldn't even find her on my main I made another just to find her.

No. 1629503

I don’t have twitter and they make it near impossible to creep without one, so THANK YOU for this. I’m absolutely surprised JJ kicked her to the curb, but good on him. If he’s a mama’s boy then I can only imagine what his mother thought of Sabrina, even without this thread or her own managed online presence (although I’m sure she found both, in fear for her son). Bring on unhinged Brina!

No. 1629520

Does anyone know if there’s a thread on here about strippers? If there is can someone please post a link or something for it? If not thanks anyways sorry for messing up this thread(newfag)

No. 1629582

Hey, newfriend. Avoid messing up the threads by typing “sage” (without quotation marks) in the email field unless there’s milk. Since we have this and an OnlyFans/Twitter Whores General thread >>>/snow/1596608 a stripper one could be interesting, as long as it’s not some vendetta and there’s milk. Try gauging interest in Thread Requests >>>/pt/856121

No. 1629792

Fucking kiwitards

No. 1629876

So sabrina is trying to bait someone into going with her. How hilarious Brina, I hear Rhett is single again. I can't wait to see who she ends up with next. Wont be too long lord knows she can't stay single for too long I'd love to see her with Aaron Carter. Sandra's post is definitely referring to Brina but I'm proud of Sandra for not letting her come back in her life. I do have a soft spot for her. As for Pumpy, we all know she's going to go off BC and end up pregnant. She cant even take care of pets we all know how that will go. Didn't she cry when her dog wouldn't sleep? She probably suggested the abortion first to gain his trust and get his guard down. Definitely planning it. The only reason I think ty keeps his daughter away otherwise he would be trying to make his ex baby mama jealous which I can't imagine because kek she's so much prettier and natural would be cause she could probably end up with full custody again. I know she had an issue with alcohol in the past I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it but she genuinely seems to care about her children unfortunately same can't be said for Brina.

No. 1629925

File: 1661801752812.jpeg (351.86 KB, 1284x777, E7819FFA-3B88-439F-BC9D-46D5DC…)

Kek. Would love to see these cows on vacay.
A lot of the comments were like “take your kid ??” Which she really should, I’m sure Chloe would love to go on a vacation. She legally can’t I’m pretty sure, (and it’s for the best) but damn.

No. 1629946

File: 1661802477667.png (7.5 MB, 1242x2208, C257E659-B2D4-4E25-8640-65464C…)

Kek she’s on a rant right now about how a man is going to cheat on you regardless of who you are and what you do and how a masculine good man won’t cheat but didn’t ty cheat on his babymama?

No. 1629996

A Brina/K3 vaca would be sooooo funny! I hope they do it

No. 1630077

One could only hope but we all know how delusional this bitch is, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she really thinks Kim K is biting her nonexistent “style”. What a weirdo. Swears she’s some kinda celebrity but I’m a nobody who hardly ever posts on Insta but even I have more followers than she does. Lmao what a thirsty ass mess.

No. 1630118

File: 1661808870165.png (4.57 MB, 1800x1350, 45B3E10F-DA65-47A5-ADB7-52EB50…)

Oh my god. Is she still editing picks from 2018 with the fake smile?! Wow just wow.

No. 1630124

I’m 100% certain this photo was to announce she was 4 months along in her pregnancy w little c too…
now she’s gonna be posting a lot more basically advertising herself to find a new boyfriend to latch onto

No. 1630136

Just posted and deleted this, she 100% tried to pull it again after she was caught the first time KEK

I get it James, you get some points for leaving first, I gotta give you that

No. 1630171

Someone did mention Rhett and she just put an "Lol" as a reply. Probably what she wishes.

No. 1630186

Lmaoo my thoughts exactly. JJ is brain damaged, literally. I’m surprised Brina never turned up pregnant during their time together or maybe she realized getting pregnant with JJ’s kid and abandoning a 4th is not the move at this point. Anyway, perhaps a milky social media documented downward spiral is on the horizon …

No. 1630332

File: 1661818906808.png (9.52 MB, 1170x2532, 70DED6C2-8E80-4EFB-9552-21277E…)

I just want the photoshopped hands/tits documented. Nothing new.

No. 1630383

Thank you anon appreciate it.

No. 1630431

File: 1661825165445.jpg (69.15 KB, 852x484, bhfjkitik.jpg)

Pumpy is on cam, I can't get a good screenshot but she seems like she is on drugs?

No. 1630436

Scrotes have to be regarded if they believe this and she has to be retarded to post this thinking anything about this image looks real. She looks like those dancing mannequins in the bad girls club theme song

No. 1630525

She literally also photoshopped her hair lol

No. 1630573

This is not a real image

No. 1630578

The warped phone and fingers lmao wtf

No. 1630592

File: 1661836458375.jpeg (298.46 KB, 1170x1992, 829A9E16-B21B-41A8-AACD-66D60F…)

she spent 3 hours live and made $225, didn’t clear her topics at all. her days of success on mfc are long gone. $75 of the $225 was on direct video purchases that she promotes for sale all night, not tips.

No. 1630613

File: 1661838510339.jpeg (Spoiler Image,967.82 KB, 1125x1750, C24262E3-AD4C-4BD7-BE7C-55EB21…)

Sandra paying WS for promos with an old or very photoshopped pic

No. 1630778

File: 1661867439546.png (5.9 MB, 1800x1533, F12FC810-7970-421F-8C23-31724B…)

She photoshopped her hair in this one too. She’s basically catfishing guys now and probably will for the rest of her life.
They’ll end up meeting with her for a sugar date and realize she’s a 50yr old woman using her 19 year old pics still.

No. 1630786

File: 1661868207815.jpg (338.17 KB, 1072x1893, Screenshot_20220830-095957_Ins…)


I guess she made more later on.

No. 1630787

File: 1661868227348.jpeg (118.31 KB, 1170x1103, 787B45B2-55BA-46CA-8878-7905D9…)

And she signed a lease. Probably with her dad co-signing. She doesn’t make any money or have regular income. Maybe she’s moving into a shithole. I can’t wait.

No. 1630827

File: 1661871138356.jpeg (328.83 KB, 1170x1966, ADB1A507-F611-4EF8-9F37-8E9C92…)

The sound sample says “hell yes I am”. I can’t wait til she stumbles down Brinas path all while knowing the outcome of what her life has been.

No. 1630878

File: 1661876493316.jpg (172.29 KB, 1080x928, Screenshot_20220830-121917_Twi…)

Never change Pumpy

No. 1631028

She must be so high when she posts shit like this. This is the epitome of an epic photoshop fail. The whole thing is bad including her face, hair, cell phone itself is warped… hahahah.

No. 1631032

I don't know who pump thinks she's fooling, kek we know you do drugs anyway.

No. 1631223

Sabrina never cared about JJ. She was with him out of desperation. She liked controlling him but never wanted to hold him down. Girl would literally escort in their hotel room, while JJ sat waiting in the hotel lobby and later rant about supporting SW after kek. The situation was a joke. It was about time someone ask him wtf he was doing, throwing his three inch dick on the internet. His family was probably mortified that their brain damaged son was being manipulated by such scum. If it weren’t for JJ, Sabrina wouldn’t have been able to do shit like go to Coachella. Visiting her kids (Big C, Little C) was likely JJ trying to make Sabrina look like less of a monster to his fam/friends. Sabrina is just mad because a guy that she didn’t even really like, left her ass.

No. 1631257

I find it hilarious that she's become so deluded in her own self image that she's gone to this degree of photoshopping and posts them like people can't see through it . She used to be relatively good looking back in the day but now she just looks so washed up. Not even her veneers and lip injections helped her. It just made her look worse and now all she does is posts photos from the glory days.

No. 1631273

Did she actually get veneers? Or is she just using faceapp? Regardless, very washed up.

No. 1631602

this isn't a photoshopped picture, it's AI-generated, completely fake. Above anon was right.

No. 1631787

File: 1661953613961.jpeg (156.82 KB, 750x558, 78751D0E-AD3C-499B-B7B3-2C892B…)

This is exactly why they want to take away abortion rights. SMH… Abortions are not birth control. I hope she keeps the next baby.

No. 1631797

She got one veneer to fix the crooked tooth. That's it. The lip filler is fine but she didn't need it whatever she did to her jaw made her look worse. I don't get why she got even more insecure if she quit the drugs took care of her skin stayed hydrated and actually cared about her appearance more she would still look good. It's crazy she used to be so good about angles and the lighting now she doesn't care. Appearance wise she hasn't got that bad but the filters on the pictures are ridiculous. If she invested more time in herself she prob could easily be back making more money (not as much as in prime but a good amount) and get some sort of an image back and following. Get the finger fixed too.. Think the hate will stay until maybe she takes some accountability for her kids. Who knows but she really is just making things worse for herself by letting time go by and not making changes. I don't feel sorry for her though. I do think it's crazy how insecure she's become I know she wasn't confident to begin with but I wonder what triggered it to be this bad.

No. 1631801

“Waaa they’re taking away our rights because we’re being naughty misbehaving sluts!” Keep seething moron, abortion is the best birth control. Long live abortionistas, fetuses stay big mad.

No. 1631805

This was already posted here 3 days ago nona, sage your shit

No. 1631809

File: 1661956188913.jpeg (327.58 KB, 1284x2646, 8801E479-1E6D-4933-A5AB-1B8327…)

Okay, nonas: JJ dropped his “story vent.” It’s clearly about him and Sabrina’s split. It’s focused on relationships and he goes out of his way to identify “all the different types” of relationships, but then starts using a driving metaphor and being like “If you let too many people in your car, it’s going to get messy” and “If you’re constantly looking at billboards - Why are you looking at billboards? You should be looking at the road…”

My guess is that Sabrina was being typical Brina and now she is trying to control the narrative to make it appear that JJ broke up with her for no reason. Typical victim cope.

No. 1631827

File: 1661957436288.jpeg (268.25 KB, 1284x2242, 26F054F1-8CFC-43BC-9610-EA382A…)

Sabrina obviously high out of her mind acting like a child on a fucking couch that she’s sleeping on. It’s insane that she doesn’t accept the reality of how much a loser she’s become. Girl had a penthouse suite, now she doesn’t even own a bed.. and hasn’t in YEARS! Entering thirty years old with nothing but some raggedy ass stuffed sloth toys. When was the last time she bought any of her kids a stuffie?

No. 1631832

File: 1661957583085.jpeg (740.91 KB, 1284x2299, 3665C876-0CF3-44BB-96FF-2770DF…)

Samefag for second picrel, takes “so many” pictures of you but never posts one? Yeah, Pump. Sure sounds like he is excited.

No. 1631837

You sound gross.

No. 1631845

The weird thing is we all know this has nothing to do with Ty and everything to do with the fact she’s infatuated with staring at herself. Her ego actually makes me want to vomit. “Seeing how I look melts my heart” kek.

No. 1631849

File: 1661959425706.jpeg (429.71 KB, 1170x1996, EB6C288F-5AA5-4708-B855-500613…)

??? Her brain is seriously fucked. “My ex fiancé this my ex fiancé that”, Jeremiah, Kyler, Dean, Cody… the list goes on

No. 1631859

She probably stares at her own reflection in Ty’s eyes.

No. 1631876

Did Aaron and Melanie get their IG pages removed with all of their “House of Carters” OF promo? I cant imagine Aaron ever choosing to voluntarily shut down his social media. I cant find either page, even when I just search via URL on mobile (without being signed in).

No. 1631948

Oh, you again.

No. 1632038

File: 1661971214966.jpeg (286.85 KB, 1170x1992, 9610E2CF-2943-41E8-BAD6-5C66FD…)

No. 1632054

File: 1661971974338.jpeg (379.72 KB, 1284x2278, E40BE139-435F-4A3D-9E33-C82872…)

Sabrina's apparent response. 'NO YOU WERE THE ONE WHO DID THAT!'

No. 1632055

File: 1661972098280.jpeg (130.09 KB, 1284x1805, 84685D62-9A71-4C09-AED8-49E443…)

You really don't need to be this desperate Brina! It's not that bad that you need to settle for any of your exes, jfc get a grip girly

No. 1632204

File: 1661983733423.jpg (244.16 KB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20220831-145539_Ins…)

Pumpy always bashes other girls for using the child filter but always repost herself when she is younger.

No. 1632214

Pumpy expects everyone to be on her level of forgetfulness/stupidity because her under-developed crack baby brain can’t fathom the impact of having more than two functioning brain cells. She either tries to pretend she wasn’t a pedo panderer or she tries to justify it by saying she did it to clean their wallets out (like it was some heroic effort). She’ll dress it up every way but she’ll never admit the sheer fact that her amoral ass participated in providing content for pedophiles. Pumpy supposedly hates women and children but we’re supposed to believe that she has any interest in protecting them? Psh.

No. 1632216

@ Rhett, Sabrina. We all know who.

No. 1632274

File: 1661990040404.webm (12.41 MB, 720x1280, vent rant.webm)

Here’s a local archive. I’ve combined all stories into one video. 1. He asked his followers what they wanted and the majority chose “vent”. 2. He starts his “vent”. 3. Some responses he got. I skipped all videos of him lip syncing while eyefucking himself.

No. 1632275

File: 1661990272054.webm (3.71 MB, 720x1280, «sleepy».webm)

Here’s the local archive of >>1631827, two stories combined as it seemed relevant (she mentions being in the sun all day” in the second one)mFULL DISCLOSURE: I flipped the first video so it was right side up. It’s the autism, Nonas.

No. 1632279

File: 1661990400495.webm (11.67 MB, 576x1024, Sabrina's apparent response. '…)

And to finish, here’s the TikTok referenced >>1632054 which seems to be Sabrina’s response.

No. 1632309

File: 1661992235646.jpg (428.32 KB, 664x1897, sixginnshawty stories 31.jpg)

Kat/Morgan/Stormy “spam”. She posted this TikTok (picrel no longer in her Stories) and while not necessarily milk, I find it amusing when you consider she also posted >>1632038

No. 1632311

File: 1661992591463.jpg (70.79 KB, 1048x373, Screenshot_20220831-202659_Twi…)

Because camming two nights in a row was so hard!

No. 1632322

File: 1661993690203.webm (18.28 MB, 576x1024, fishing? probably.webm)

Here’s the TikTok she shared. TL;DW
> Starts by announcing “I don’t expect anyone to understand what I’m about to share”
> Self-hatred has skyrocketed in the past months
> Hates self, has zero confidence, hates how she looks, hasn’t felt beautiful in months due to job
> Goes on & on about how much she hates herself and feels ugly
> Feels lost and like she doesn’t know who she is
> Has pressure to follow trends and look like everyone else
I feel like this whole dribble is an excuse to:
> Shows us what she really wants to do with her makeup

No. 1632324

File: 1661993763948.jpg (218.35 KB, 960x1706, twins.jpg)

She really seems obsessed with the ideas of kids, let’s all hope she’s just trolling.

No. 1632325

File: 1661993878886.webm (1.9 MB, 720x1280, Narcissus.webm)

Here’s the .webm

No. 1632330

File: 1661994445832.webm (5.88 MB, 720x1280, eww, no.webm)

Another .webm for the archives. Before sharing the clip of her dancing, she shared some clips of her being “iconic” and a “legend”. Remember when words had meaning?

No. 1632331

File: 1661994588445.webm (1.02 MB, 720x1280, delusions, convince yourself.w…)

Skin care? You mean slapping a label an already made product you had nothing to do with? Social media is a disease.

No. 1632334

File: 1661994660129.webm (534.3 KB, 720x1280, bf bf bf.webm)

> bf
> boyfriend
Did you know she has a BoYfRiEnD?

No. 1632352

File: 1661996259838.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x1972, 052FBAC1-D1E2-47CE-B073-847972…)

If she’s so rich then why is she about to bleach and fry her balding head by herself without a hair stylist caring for it properly? No wonder her hairline is receding into oblivion and it falls out massively.

No. 1632371

File: 1661998938140.jpeg (460.63 KB, 1284x2265, D321765B-58C7-4F6B-9CA8-36D61D…)

Funny, I remember Nathan immediately hanging out with kids after his breakup with Sabrina. It's almost like knowing they hung out with this horrible mother who abandoned 3 makes them feel guilty by association, and want to make it right with themselves and the world immediately after they extract themselves from her.

No. 1632375

File: 1661999066754.webm (4.07 MB, 720x1280, ok.webm)

After all of these, she decided to bless us with more, which she has already deleted.
In a mixture of vocal fry and baby voice
> “I’m all for independent baddies. Love it! I will never have a man financially hold anything above my head, that’s just one of my things BUT! I feel like if you’re carrying a man’s baby, that he also wants and wanted and you guys agreed on…You shouldn’t have to do anything.”

No. 1632378

File: 1661999269030.webm (235.02 KB, 720x1280, insecure.webm)

Intermission to remind us she has low self esteem.

No. 1632380

Seriously broke ass moves. Who doesn't go to a salon for this and pay for proper toner and reconstructive treatment. There's no way she even has 50k in the bank.

No. 1632382

File: 1661999423259.webm (15.95 MB, 720x1280, “in my masculine energy”.webm)

She decided to expand on >>1632375
> “The reason why I’m saying this is because I had an abortion, right? And I was like two months pregnant and during those two months my man was literally, anything I needed. I think that, ‘cause I had such a hard time asking people for things, much less men and I was always in my masculine energy, in every single relationship and I think that honestly getting pregnant help me put me in feminine energy because I was honestly just too tired, it was really draining for me. Um, I was nauseous 24/7. I literally had to keep suckers in my bag, for like, keep me from throwing up. I got carsick all the time, it was awful. And like, I would have to eat like every five fucking minutes. It was just awful! But like getting pregnant put me in my feminine energy so much and like, seeing someone provide for me when I genuinely needed it, like, it was really hard for me to do anything. My energy levels were so insane. I also have lupus though, so I don’t know if, like, it feels different for other people but it was awful. And, I now, after, you know, we had planned to have the abortion, he still was like doing everything for me, like feeding me, rubbing my stomach all the time, rubbing my feet. Like, he’s still does all of these things BUT! He never really did those things before because I was so in my masculine energy and I didn’t really like people to nurture me and, I’m just saying that shit helped so much and, milk it.”

No. 1632389

File: 1662000013981.webm (14.64 MB, 720x1280, “if I wanted a kid or etcetera…)

> “And the reason why I’m bringing this up is because I had a discussion today about if I wanted a kid or etcetera and I was just like, um, I mean I want a planned pregnancy because I have a lot of things I want to do with my life and I know that my pregnancy that I had for the two months, the first trimestre was really exhausting for me and I want to make sure I have enough of a savings account to not be stressed out and, like, be able to take away from work if I need to and, meal prep because I was eating so much, and like, you know, just things to make my life a lot easier because your baby is growing inside of you, (and?) you need to make sure, like, you’re nurturing your body the best way possible to grow the healthiest baby. Not to mention I have lupus, so, it’s, uh, really dangerous for me to carry a child anyways, um, a lot of late term miscarriages happen with my autoimmune disease. And so, I was really terrified I was going to miscarry and that’s not something I wanted to go through. I was ok with going (to?) the abortion, um, but I didn’t really want to miscarry, so, I was going everything in my power to keep my stress levels down and, it was just like, really really helpful to fucking be with someone who just was so amazing and just a general provider and I feel like if you’re going to carry a man’s baby, that’s the fucking least that he can do. HOWEVER! I also think that if you get pregnant and the man doesn’t want a baby with you and you want the baby, which is fine! The man can be able to sign off on parental assistance at the beginning of the pregnancy, so…yeah!”
This is so revealing, it’s no wonder she deleted it. She tells us Ty wasn’t doing anything for her before her pregnancy, and it sheds light on her pregnancy/motherhood (?) obsession. It stems from wanting Ty to be “nurturing” towards her. It’s so obvious he was so caring so she would get that abortion (which was for the best) but for whatever reason she sees this as a sign from above that he’s “the one”. Tragic.

No. 1632689

Thank you for all of this, nona! I would’ve missed it otherwise. Who knows if it’s neurodivergence or pre-natal exposure to drugs that have her so mentally stunted, but this literally reads to me like the thought process of a 14-16 year old girl. She’s not capable of realizing when she’s being manipulated because she’s so stuck in her own pride. I’m sure it’s hard for a broke loser like Ty to turn his back on being spoiled, but she WILL get pregnant if she can. He will NOT be able to play her out of a second abortion. He needs to gtfo, FAST.

No. 1633009

Lol. Right. The reason he never did it before was because you were in your ‘masculine energy’. Keep telling yourself that. As far as we can tell, the reason he did that was to appease you and ensure you went thru with an abortion. Ty manipulated you, sweetheart.

No. 1633174

Out of all of her pathetic moronic shit takes this one takes the cake for me. Wtf.

No. 1633573

Not to blogpost, but my crazy ass friend faked a pregnancy to “trap” her ex that she was sleeping with. Not going to bore with details, but long story short - it got out of control and he clearly wanted out. He was very careful talking to her, going on about “This isn’t a good time for us.” & “We’ll have a baby when we’re more established and ready.” It was essentially the same shit that Ty must have been telling Pumpy because her posts about it echoed almost exactly, ie. it’s a common scrote tactic. They know that they’re dealing with someone who has the emotional maturity of a child. But let Pumpy think it was because she was in her “masculine energy” kek.

No. 1633971

File: 1662157844700.jpeg (115.93 KB, 619x917, CCAA1BA1-EA97-4757-A359-1C1FBD…)

She wants to be sexualized while in the mindset of a child so badly it’s disgusting. Non stop pedo baiting. Miss me with that “kink” shit, she’s pretending to be a child for adults, not even just for money online either (still just a deplorable), but irl too. She’s always in her “I’m a bad bitch” attitude, I very highly doubt she’s having legitimate mental regression as much as a fantasized one. It probably only lasted while she tried to get Ty to give her attention, then she’s back to being her usual cunt self. Fuck her and everyone who plays into that shit. It’s straight up a pedophilic fantasy.

No. 1634091

File: 1662167558825.jpg (131.69 KB, 1070x1919, Screenshot_20220902-210846_Ins…)

No. 1634107

File: 1662168290930.png (1.42 MB, 828x1792, BF30EA9E-1E39-44CC-B157-9A8757…)

No. 1634119

Morgan, you’re directing people to the site. They’ll see the name you tried to censor? Is the need to «brag» that intense?

No. 1634123

I dare her to share a less flattering screen grab from here to her story to truly prove “it’s okay.” She steady stays lurking in here and tries to convince herself that we’re a small minority of people who see through her shit, but the reality is that it’s the majority. I’m sure Ty’s friends & booty calls talk even more because they got that GOOD insider milk. Hope those girlies eventually find their way here with it, since Pump is such a bragtard and posted a thread.

No. 1634174

What are her followers supposed to be impressed by exactly, that she won a meaningless porn award from some obscure website 5 years ago?

No. 1634179

That was viewer/fans voted and she gave people things to vote for her lol

No. 1634266

Lmao my thoughts exactly. So incredibly fucking dumb.

It’s hilarious she thinks it’s a flex that she’s discussed here. The threads upon threads of her milk are humiliating and I would think she’d want to hide them or find ways to have them taken down… but then I remember this is pick me Pumpy after all - what matters is that she’s talked about, and the bad talk is better than nothing. She prob sees herself as some online celebrity. Kek

No. 1634327

File: 1662200357630.png (6.64 MB, 1170x2532, D3B7F93C-23CB-4F9B-9CA8-193221…)

I wonder what the goal is?

No. 1634382

This >>1625750 was less than two weeks ago. How is this not criminal?

No. 1634396

I haven’t seen her in years and forgot about her so this gave me whiplash. What the fuck.

No. 1634417

File: 1662217342522.jpeg (553.28 KB, 2048x2048, 874027A7-BED8-4E30-A21D-865340…)

No fucking doubt, whoever she is working with should lose their license. For anyone who doesn’t know, this was her OG chest before she basically handicapped herself.

No. 1634418

File: 1662217709256.jpeg (571.83 KB, 2048x2048, F958EBB4-1B63-432A-A39D-0EA7B8…)

Here is Sandra, taking her brain chemistry and “resistant depression” so seriously by getting blasted out of her mind smoking weed with A-Why. Granted, weed isn’t meth or anything like that BUT the point is that she was complaining about messing up her brain (“brain zaps” from messing around with medications) and she clearly has an addictive personality with getting fucked up period.

No. 1634534

Lol. Dumb Sandra… weed has the potential to be absolutely terrible for people struggling with mental health, and known to exacerbate problems. On another note, truly surprised her and A-Why are still a thing. But, good for her. I hope he actually treats her well at least.

No. 1634536

Sandra kinda looks like she has put on some weight? Not in a bad way, she just looks a bit heavier than usual in that full body shot.

No. 1634538

Agreed! She looks good! Obvs high af, but this hair is so much better than the crazy teased thing she does, and she's actually really cute w/o makeup (unlike most cows)

No. 1634623

File: 1662237095813.png (2.54 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-09-03_04-31-29_PM.p…)

Why does she claim to go off social media and then posts a ton.

No. 1634764

File: 1662245709157.jpg (224.75 KB, 1080x1767, Screenshot_2022-09-01-00-54-41…)

Megvn apparently nearly getting murdered by her neighbour

No. 1634918

File: 1662248148977.png (3.13 MB, 1284x2778, 65B363D6-45F3-47C3-9C22-A56F29…)

three seconds of pumpy’s side profile on ty’s story

No. 1634927

File: 1662248328934.jpeg (300.74 KB, 2048x2048, F860B449-DFCA-4785-8E11-C9766C…)

also, can anyone tell what she’s drinking? it certainly looks like alcohol. so cringe, considering she posted yet another one of her retarded “sober as a dove” brags in the last 24hrs

No. 1635028

I thought it was a liquid death can but the d is lower as is the l vs a miller lite which was option 2 kek

No. 1635033

I mean the l&d in liquid death are lower in the picture than they would be if it was actually that. I think it’s miller. Sorry, didn’t think I was clear enough.

No. 1635042

She paid for Ty and another couple to all stay at that rental house in his story. Proof once again that the only reason she can keep people around is to pay them to.

No. 1635090

she looks miserable there, like she’s already pissed about something. i’d imagine it’s quite a dose of reality being in the presence of a real couple while you’re just footing the bill.

No. 1635126

it looks like liquid death to me which is just water

No. 1635216

She just keeps getting worse and worse. Those tits are awful. Why does she think this looks good?

No. 1635300

Somehow I find if it's that liquid death shit even more embarrassing. It's fucking water for dumb people who are willing to overpay for anything so not surprising pump would be on the bandwagon.

No. 1635331

Stormy post things like I'm such a hot topic but really it drives her crazy, she's probably the one who every now and then defends her or sheds some insight of her ty does care about pumpy. Really, cause when he was with "Stella" & Brina he's been open about it so why isn't he claiming you? Girl he still messages other females behind your back.

No. 1635483

File: 1662272282257.jpeg (299.95 KB, 1170x1996, 4300855C-FFAC-432A-852F-4BD0FF…)

I spy the Modelo can she was drinking

No. 1635512

It’s a modelo beer

No. 1635575


No. 1635713

They are pointing it out because she constantly talks about how sober she is while not actually being sober. You and your extra chromosome need to try and keep up.

No. 1635730

File: 1662299537625.png (1.82 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-09-04_09-50-59_AM.p…)


I think its just this canned water. No need to reach. I am sure she will fuck up this vacation in no time. Also sage your shit.

No. 1636087

File: 1662318071202.png (3.86 MB, 1125x2436, 72700DB6-6BCE-4737-9479-AD6ACF…)

Her new place! Sure, Jan

No. 1636128

I’m eager to see what kind of shithole she swindled. She said that she signed the lease, but she would likely need a co-signer since the management of her last apartment (years ago) evicted her for not paying her rent. Who knows, her “signing the lease” could have been her tagging along in the car for her dad to sign it.

No. 1636132

Disappointing. I was hoping she’d have the liquid courage to spark up some obscene lies and fights.

No. 1636217

File: 1662324242949.jpeg (184.22 KB, 828x1259, 801780B7-8C5A-4BA9-A9E0-7FF01B…)

Yeah its definitely one of those canned waters, you can see it here too. Although she is definitely looking rough/possibly hungover in this video of the morning after.

No. 1636220

File: 1662324347170.png (7.08 MB, 1242x2208, BA530FC7-B4E9-45DB-B0A2-D8EC20…)

She looks such a mess while ty is sucking down his vape, what a thriving couple kek what happened to her doing a sound bath that she claimed she was taking a vacation for and also riding ATV’s for the weekend?M while bragging on cam, She wanted to get back to her “Kentucky Bucky” self, she made it sounds like this was retreat, and all it seems like is she paying for “her man’s” and his friends to stay in a place in the middle of the desert kekkkk

No. 1636404

File: 1662340297751.png (1.86 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2022-09-04_09-11-46_PM.p…)

No. 1636412

File: 1662341386789.jpeg (114.08 KB, 1284x377, 23EBEC60-DFE0-4C8B-8872-C768EC…)

Aw Penelope. Is this the first time Pump confirmed what happened to her? Didn't Cody say she gave her away when he was in here?

No. 1636443

File: 1662345357979.png (10.2 MB, 1242x2208, B9FA928E-6357-4EC0-B25E-81DF9E…)


No. 1636467

Drop the link Anon

No. 1636861

>You and your extra chromosome need to try and keep up.
If you weren’t a retarded bitch you would know that literally anyone inside of her house could be drinking beer and unless it’s physically in her hand it means nothing

No. 1636949

I agree that she looks rough but honestly she seems to look rough half the day, every day. It’s probably the ED + nutritional deficiencies that keep her looking AND acting like a walking corpse.

I’m absolutely cringing, what a prize.

The funny thing is, if she was called out with proof, her retarded ass would be like “Oh you mean that dog yeah so I onlyyy said it died because i actuallyyyy thought you meant my dog from when i was fifteen..” whiny voice continues

No. 1636951

File: 1662386529914.jpeg (329.29 KB, 2048x2048, 7C1C1D1A-456D-47A8-B8B6-6B7312…)

Who is good at deciphering mumbled junkie talk, wtf is this tard saying she was doing with her dad that all of this happened to her arm? i tHiNK iM lOw oN iRoN gUyS — no facial expression.

No. 1636972

File: 1662387497666.jpeg (352.75 KB, 1284x1544, 55EADBE7-8192-4F19-A719-73455E…)

I think what's crazier is her trying to pass this off as the same human, and not a faceapp filter.

You're heavily documented you idiotic bitch, everyone knows you look nothing remotely like this.

No. 1636979

She went off roading with her dad and her arm got bruised from the car door… that seems sus

No. 1636987

File: 1662388500849.png (1.09 MB, 1800x1402, 3CCB155D-DFB7-4D0D-A9CB-4EC5CB…)

Aha James’ likes.

No. 1636992

File: 1662388639173.png (2.61 MB, 1199x1800, B243F562-7972-4BE0-8B6E-29AC43…)

Back on her bullshit self help after a breakup phase.

No. 1636999

File: 1662388938870.png (4.64 MB, 1631x1800, D9D61BA7-58CC-44DA-BD1D-C03F18…)

Her face looks so different in all her photos.

No. 1637002

File: 1662389026952.jpg (102.54 KB, 720x918, Screenshot_20220905-094051_Ins…)

Sabrina follows Rhett, he hasn't followed her back yet. Poor JJ got used big time.

No. 1637013

What the fuck is happening to her wrist by the door

No. 1637113

I fucking KNEW the Rhett/Sabrina saga was rebooting. I’ve had vibes since him anon AMA on his story a little while back, he seemed almost too kind in his answers to Q’s about Sabrina. Him and that Lexis Alyssa split pretty fast right before then, which obviously was because of Rhett’s wrongdoing since she was cropping him out of pics being like “THAT’S BETTER.” Lexis also instantly wiped her IG of all their pictures, the only exception being the goth Santa pic that went viral. Rhett kept their pics up for a while after and, if memory serves, he also followed her for a while after she promptly unfollowed him.

I’m so here for the debauchery that’s upon us. You got played, Junkie James. Sabrina is going to half passed out, covered in Rhett’s piss, and rubbing his (bigger than 3 inches) penis with her foot on IG stories while screaming shit about James like “FUCK that midget, he made me hang out with my kids!”

No. 1637118

It's because half her pics on her IG are 8+ years old lol

No. 1637120

File: 1662392457145.jpg (165.62 KB, 720x1127, Screenshot_20220905-103652_Chr…)

What in the world makes you think you deserve to be spoiled I think your kids deserve to be spoiled, and tired of taking care of men? Girl go take care of your THREE kids you don't do anything for, oh wait can't do that one. Its not a curse it's called KARMA for your actions, also partly because you have one brain cell left too from all the drugs kek

No. 1637135

It's about to get milky for sure, we all knew it was coming. They both are losers who belong together. Your post had me laughing.

No. 1637151

This point trumps all others that can be made, but I’m still going to add that we can all easily confirm Sabrina was NOT taking care of James. For one, Sandra was taking care of fucking Sabrina and gifting her insane amounts of money (quickly spent on fillers) and letting Sabrina sleep on a pillow in her closet. Nonas, Sabrina didn’t even own the fucking pillow bed.. it was SANDRA’S! Girl hasn’t had a pot to piss in for years. James scraped up tickets or used loose connections to get them anything she wanted. Being a brokeling himself, obviously he could only do so much but she definitely wasn’t stepping up to the plate herself. Sabrina used & abused JJ’s brain damaged ass until she could find more or better. She’s only mad that his mom made him kick her ass to the curb first. Imagine how horrified you would be as a parent if your child started dating Sabrina. At least Pumpy aborts!

No. 1637318

kek for a second I thought that was Rhett in the pic

No. 1637426

Misogynistic take from a sex worker. Yawn.

No. 1637436

mento illness in a photo xx

No. 1637444

hehe lil manlet. His lil pants are too long.

No. 1637793

Lmao I, too, am 100% invested in a Brina/Rhett reboot…. Bring. It. On.

No. 1638359

JJ and Brina following each other again, great idea Brina you should always have a back up plan incase you can't get Rhett back you have JJ's micro penis for backup. If James gets back with her it's clear he has no brain function left. Save yourself further humiliation and dip.

No. 1638365

File: 1662434036517.png (1.99 MB, 1689x1800, 7C381B71-8768-47F0-AC33-EFC6FF…)

Seems like James changed his mind about wanting to share Sabrina.

No. 1638685

Doubtful, as of right now they follow each other on Instagram again. He's easily being manipulated by her. I promise JJ she's not worth losing your family over. She doesn't even care about HER own children/family what makes you think she genuinely cares for you?

No. 1638695

The photoshop is sooooooo bad in this one!!! That’s literally not her face. People in the comment section must also be brain damaged like JJ calling her beautiful and wholesome

No. 1638956

File: 1662480014071.jpeg (355.54 KB, 1284x1926, 899C12C6-D6EF-4642-9F0F-E3297F…)

Is stormy throwing shots at Sabrina’s horrible faceapp pics?

No. 1638991

I think she’s just trying to justify looking like dogshit without a filter, but who knows who/if this is her shading tbh

No. 1638998

The funny thing is, I don’t even find the photoshopped image to be beautiful. At least photoshop something that looks good?? Kek.

No. 1639008

Lololol. JJ, runnnn! We thought you got out. Brina will eventually try to get knocked up, play house with you for five minutes, and then abandon the child to your care while she is on to the next dude. Remember, the best indicator of future behavior is past. Don’t be fooled. Brina cares for herself, exclusively. Anyone in her life is but an accessory to feed her ego and delusions. Smh.

No. 1639020

Seriously though, I wonder if he’s came to this thread yet and has seen she followed Rhett again. Doesn’t seem like he has. If he saw that, I think the fragile little manlet would be devastated and more keen to let her go. I definitely wouldn’t stick around for it if I were him, he knows exactly how that’s gonna play out. She would take Rhett over JJ in a heartbeat and it’s clear she’s been thinking about Rhett while with JJ.

No. 1639100

File: 1662487510442.jpeg (363.99 KB, 2048x2048, FEC6FD66-BD81-4926-92C7-398995…)

Nona, don’t be silly. She will never reproduce with JJ, her intentions for him are to keep her warm while she waits for someone to make her hot. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Sabrina is only choked because she doesn’t really give a fuck about JJ and he left her first. We can easily assume the breakup had guidance from Mama JJ because Sabrina hurled those Momma’s Boy insults afterwards.

I need to know what this Rhett saga is about. There is no way she’d be following Rhett unless those two slimeballs were up to something.. I’m also very curious about what happened with Rhett & Lexis because she is STILL throwing shade (see picrel, her current story) and I want to know if their split had anything to do with Sabrina’s meddling. I’m dying at how she’s slamming him for his lack of hygiene. Tbh, you could easily mistake it for the back of Brina’s head. Those two truly are made for each other.

No. 1639136

Nah, I agree with our first nona here. You think that Pumpy isn’t living on Sabrina’s socials? She’s camping out on the profile of every girl that Ty has been involved with, not a question. Sabrina posted that ridiculous selfie that was 90% FaceApp and now Pumpy is shading edits that are essentially the exact same as Sabrina’s photo? It’s obvious.

No. 1639138

File: 1662489278875.jpeg (702.99 KB, 1284x2265, 0CCB119B-0D55-4272-8D49-9D0ED6…)

oh, come on! he’s literally 5’4 (if that)

No. 1639245

File: 1662492812078.jpeg (25.29 KB, 219x288, B26E202E-BBA3-47A1-B4BC-07A370…)

Meanwhile, Pumpys over here looking like an ugly wet dog. That bottom lip looks like its about to burst.

No. 1639273

I literally thought this was Brina’s head at first LOL, I can’t even. They are two disgusting peas in a pod. Wonder if we will see these idiots reunite, procreate, and give us some good milk.

No. 1639453

Is Rhett trying to cover a bald spot?

No. 1639650

File: 1662505260179.jpeg (671.95 KB, 1836x3264, EFCF0840-0D51-4A61-8A71-57A1BE…)

Still not wearing her retainer, her front tooth has shifted a ton

No. 1639659

A lot of guys his age with longer hair have no idea til they cut their hair short or shave their head down and notice it or that spot doesn’t fill back in. He’s had dreads for years, I have a feeling he doesn’t even know it exists.

No. 1639771

adding to this: A SECOND MODELLING AGENCY? he’s full loco. nepo babies got your average midget thinking they can walk a runway, smh,

No. 1639776

File: 1662508178840.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1284x2254, B3402821-E887-467D-85BE-397BAA…)

^ forgot my screen grab

No. 1639935

File: 1662511276051.png (3.53 MB, 828x1792, BDC92AE0-84C9-490A-A31E-10C3FF…)

Hey, Pump n Dump, if you’re reading this, and we know you are- for the love of god, get your nonexistent ass on Yelp and find a better nail tech. Spend a lil more, rich girl, treat yourself, you work sooo hard.

No. 1639963

She could probs fit her retainer back in and if she wore it nightly it would push that tooth back in place. It’s not beyond salvaging, yet anyway. Wonder why she wouldn’t wear her retainer?? I still wear mine a few nights a week. Your teeth WILL revert back post-braces, common knowledge.

No. 1639967

File: 1662512076101.jpeg (491.97 KB, 1170x2005, A1594FBC-351D-4B24-BAFE-F6F575…)

nitpick, but is this supposed to be cute or what am I supposed to feel by looking at this other than secondhand embarrassment??

No. 1640665

It might! It is possible that they would need to make her a new one if it’s shifted enough. It’s hilarious because she’ll try and front like she does so much “maintenance” for her appearance because sKiNcARE and oiLiNg mUh hAiRs but girlfriend can’t even be bothered to toss a retainer on overnight once or twice a week? I cant wait until her teeth jank out again.

No. 1640671

File: 1662554413952.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1284x2234, 297573FC-6486-4835-880D-0D6476…)

Honestly, she must be hella low on finances because her nose is so fucking crooked and she hasn’t tried fixing it again.

No. 1640761

File: 1662559919474.jpeg (381.68 KB, 1314x1268, 8FA755D6-5655-4274-8C7C-E5ED15…)

No. 1640808

The lips haha accurate

No. 1640901

File: 1662565183821.jpeg (152.87 KB, 1170x380, 9F742F14-B7FC-4F6B-9261-76141F…)

Riddle me this..

No. 1641105

File: 1662570898482.png (809.51 KB, 1800x941, A375B0CA-5BC6-4F06-9337-BD4683…)

Well I wonder what Sabrina and her friend are doing “slumped on bars” at the cosmopolitan.

No. 1641129

File: 1662571450888.jpeg (741.78 KB, 1284x1846, 09C8ACCE-2E9A-4E7B-A3A0-28A0B8…)

In other nudes, Aaron and Melanie both got their accounts back after the TF’d ban (from advertising their porn/OF with no chill). It seems like Melanie has turned hers into a combined account kek, because apparently she has faith that there are no more breakups in their future (idiot). So tacky using his last name when he hasn’t put the effort in to marry her, I swear this is going to be a move that Pumpy adopts if Ty doesn’t fuck off in the next few months.

No. 1641273

How does Ty find her attractive? His ex gfs were beautiful…(brina in her prime was beautiful) but I don’t get her appeal compared to the other ones. It looks like it hurts her to be alive

No. 1641385

This is reaching

No. 1641423

Ty finds it attractive that Pumps bank rolls outings for him and his friends.

No. 1641479

reaching for what? odd coincidence you think?

No. 1641507

File: 1662590706255.png (679.42 KB, 828x1792, 9208B33E-2EB9-40D4-8426-785DE3…)

Classic PickMeSpice

No. 1641701

If you have a kid, the most important thing you can do is raise it right and foster a nurturing environment for it. Something pumpy will never understand.
Kids pick up on hostility no matter how mild.
Idc how Doe is online, Ty nutted in her and should be an upstanding man as an example for his daughter. Including respecting and treating her mother right.

What a shitty life to have to deal with that drama, for both of those women.(lrn2sage)

No. 1641836

Fucking sage dude. It’s a simple box you enter a word into.

No. 1641867

File: 1662610165127.jpeg (426.72 KB, 1170x1970, 0DDBBFA6-73A8-4920-9C8D-4D276D…)

She is roasting him lmao

No. 1641875

File: 1662610541709.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1170x1992, B18152D0-8592-472F-B633-38A570…)

>“Parents of any kind” “be grateful”

She says this shit like her mom is dead or something and she didn’t move away and cut all contact. She’s said several times her mom has tried to reach out and reconnect, so has her sibling. She’s so god damn tone deaf and just wants people to feel sympathy for her. Poor pick me pumpy and her lack of having parents “of any kind”.

No. 1642209

Yet another thing she has in common or stole from Brina kek

No. 1642282

File: 1662651458811.jpeg (443.94 KB, 2048x2048, 4291248C-47E6-482D-B38C-F87F4A…)

It seems like Sandra is finally putting the teased hair to rest! The second pic is just for keks.

Good comparison, even if it’s not deliberate. It goes to show how basic these BPD tards are.

Sabrina, for years: My dad died of a cocaine overdose.

Sabrina, now: Lives at Dad’s for five or six months straight Repeated posts about Dad and his stuff

No. 1642288

Sandra also looks like she put on 10 pounds, in a good way.

No. 1642347

File: 1662655250612.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1284x2268, FB3E0591-8EC3-4E28-AEB2-73813E…)

Agreed! I forgot to mention that.

What, Mommy’s First GangBang Video?

No. 1642737

File: 1662675763253.jpeg (492.75 KB, 1170x1987, EFE2F3D8-83EB-4180-863E-7EAC7F…)

No. 1642789

SHOCKING, who would have saw that coming? Oh right, basically every anon here. Watch Tytard pull an AJ and expect sympathy for knocking up a lowlife who is obviously trying to trap them with a kid.

No. 1642795

File: 1662678929793.jpeg (845.38 KB, 1284x2210, 0628D820-A581-403E-8E60-E86F27…)

Where to even start with this?

No. 1642875

Whoever is doing this to her should be sued.

No. 1642893

Lol. I wonder if pumps was lying about the pregnancy and abortion. I mean, if she really is trying to trap Ty, why wouldn’t she have kept it? That’s the part that confuses me. It’s strange to try to get knocked up literally on the heels of having an elective abortion.

No. 1642917

TF but because that’s what Brina did. Remember Little C was a “rainbow baby” she just faked the abortion instead of a miscarriage

No. 1642978

I don’t think she lied, if you read between the lines on these
It’s pretty obvious that she liked the attention Ty gave her while she was pregnant, which is sad when it’s clear to anyone that he probably only did so to get her to have an abortion.

No. 1643111

I remember her being one of the most beautiful cows and now she’s like a blow up doll Demi lovato.

No. 1643137

>>1642737 hahahaa the asexual flag in the background. meanwhile "livestock" "i look fertile" "breedable" idiotic

No. 1643232

Nona, keep up. Little C is a rainbow baby because her and AJ had a miscarriage (proven) while trying to get pregnant. They tried again, leading to Little C being born. This was long before Brina & Ty. Brina lied about being pregnant as a last-ditch attempt to manipulate Ty after he publicly broke up with her for escorting behind his back. She also used her fake pregnancy to try and control the narrative to make him look worse than her in their situation, but everyone saw thru it.

She got the abortion to appease Ty because he gave her the treatment she wanted as a way of manipulating her to “yeet” it. Are none of you girls bothering to read anything? Yikes. Ty fed her all of this “we’re not ready stuff” and I guess let her start thinking that they were dating after, under the condition she aborted. Pumpy, with her low IQ, fell for everything and now she’s decided two months later that they are in “a good place” so she wants her trophy.

No. 1643295

Yikes, I think when they are done ty is in for some trouble. She's claimed everyone has abused her, what's stopping her from saying he did too and taking it one step further this time around to ruin his life when he leaves her? The milk will be good but so messy. Shows where your priorities are it'll be an amber turd situation

No. 1643394

“Taking myself off bc” this isn’t Percocets, you just literally stop taking pills and move on. She means she forced her period to start. She is such a loser.

No. 1643845

Lmao seriously. I took bc for 15 years and when I stopped nothing drastic happened. She’s a cry baby.

No. 1643902

She wants people to baby her and congratulate her for doing the dumbest shit, like showering or brushing her hair. Now she wants everyone to feel sorry for PoOr WiDdLe StOrMy and her “I don’t feel so good wahhh”, I can’t with this bitch. She’s such a pathetic excuse of a human being. Pressing onto 30 soon with severe mommy issues that she somehow makes everyone else’s problem and thinks the entire world owes her something because of it.

No. 1644097

File: 1662773409921.jpeg (527.39 KB, 2048x2048, F594B304-9D04-404C-A423-A2FA9B…)

Brina is so high that she can’t even notice the OBVIOUS filter flickering on here and genuinely thinks that she’s fooling us on her hollow junkie eyes. A lil kek at “found” content on her spicy site because she was posting throwbacks before this. She clearly just uploaded old pictures as “content.”

No. 1644207

File: 1662784038287.webm (5.91 MB, 720x1280, “sleepy”.webm)

After the stories you posted, she posted another saying she was “sleepy”. I compiled them all into one because the flicker is even more obvious in motion.

No. 1644243

File: 1662787483835.png (1.92 MB, 1779x1800, 4BEEA432-49E1-4D71-A5FC-3E9F1C…)

Scared to post on Instagram because she might get banned again…. Makes the post anyway. Insane.

No. 1644417

File: 1662811045891.jpeg (231.5 KB, 773x323, D43EB02D-F38A-4953-8DA8-2DF556…)

Thank you, anon! I don’t know how to do that yet. Corner pic nitpick but, mfg, these basic bitches. Quite literally, a dime a dozen. (picrel)

No. 1644418

File: 1662811190375.png (Spoiler Image,5.08 MB, 1284x2778, B78D995F-1440-45E0-8872-D6EA1A…)

Samefag, I wanted to add this overedit joke from Sabrina’s twitter. Smoothed to shit.. like okay Sabrina, you don’t have any pores/folds/incision mark for your implants? Girl has no grip on reality. No wonder she won’t get naked on cam anymore.

No. 1644433

No worries, nona. Always happy to help. I download the stories using any of the websites that pop up on a search as none is 100% reliable all the time. To convert the mp4 file to webm, I use CloudConvert(.)com

No. 1644442

She had nipple incisions, they wouldn’t be visible here

No. 1644607

NONETHELESS, she’s smoothed her skin so much that the outline of her tattoo is blurry. It reminds me of the “nude” she posted on her OF in its early days (when she first discovered editing) and she shooped her face ridiculously short and gave herself a barbie vagina.

No. 1644613

File: 1662827535072.jpeg (395.43 KB, 2048x2048, 7836CE74-28FA-49FB-8689-BEA973…)

Are we taking bets on whether Sabrina pulled an Alice Bender and wiped her ass with the towel?

No. 1644654

Meh tbh that looks like foundation residue from washing her face, but ya never know…

No. 1644717

Probably from her family members washing their hands, girl has no hygiene and clearly that picture is edited so she doesn't actually have any makeup on. I don't get why she keeps overly editing it looks ridiculous she doesn't look bad it's so weird but amusing.

No. 1644734

File: 1662839003943.png (3.4 MB, 750x1334, 44E25F64-4389-4DC2-B143-8D401C…)

Handsome Squidward

No. 1644772

Lmfao, wow that’s hilarious, actually. Please sage it next time too though. It’s so easy.

No. 1644787

she doesn't look anything like this kek

No. 1644793

Sage what? It’s new info on a picture board

No. 1644794

What.. the flying fuck..

Her brain is FRIED. I cant believe she thinks anyone is tricked into believing this is her face. It looks like she imposed an entirely different face onto her own, which she essentially DID. Even if you had no idea what she looked like, you could see the face is out of sync with the body.

No. 1644801

File: 1662846205565.jpeg (Spoiler Image,447.85 KB, 2048x2048, 50C58BAC-6B95-47CE-935F-A2621A…)

It feels like we never see Brina’s real body anymore since she’s become such a shooplord, I thought I’d remind you all what her ass actually looks like.

No. 1644806

File: 1662846582568.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1284x2260, 3F3F97D0-115E-4F75-8623-EBEE42…)

Footing the bill for Ty and his friends all of the time must be really hurting her pocket now. You’d think someone so “rich” and “wealthy” wouldn’t have to resort to this.

No. 1644817

it’s like she photoshopped Ava’s face onto hers

No. 1644841

File: 1662849837990.jpg (Spoiler Image,863.42 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220910_184457.jpg)

She can't possibly think people think this is a natural photo…

No. 1644849

The left one was already edited to shit, then she added that whole ass fake head of hair like bitch no one’s skull is that tall and now your hairline looks fucking insane

No. 1644999

File: 1662867813121.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1284x2240, 2849DF3E-E1F7-46EA-8D19-4AB090…)

Back to “homeless” but, you know, was in vocal lessons from the age of twelve. Honestly, I think she’s deliberately trying to say things to have her mentioned over Sabrina. Well, that, and she subconsciously knows she’s wasting all of her money on an asshat who won’t even call her his girlfriend. Keep hoarding that food girl, who knows if you’ll be able to afford groceries for a while after that trip. By the way, if she had offers on her car then why no flex of a sale by now? Truly, Pump is the BIGGEST loser.

No. 1645031

File: 1662871263240.png (5.25 MB, 1284x2778, 3A2DE0B4-2701-41DC-88FE-2A8A99…)

This is genuinely absurd

No. 1645086

Lmao. I think Brina is so high on drugs all the time that she literally cannot see how bad these photoshopped pics are. That, and she just doesn’t care anymore. This one is, truly, absurd. And so is that other one where she actually practically put a different face on herself. Kek.

No. 1645088

So is charms still trans or nah(sage your shit)

No. 1645180

File: 1662884965445.jpeg (337 KB, 1169x2066, AB33B792-9167-4B19-9696-E552DB…)

Wonder who she’s talking about

No. 1645208

She says that but her nails look like that? Maybe she should get a fill or fix that ugly chest tattoo instead of a man watch.

No. 1645249

File: 1662896824899.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1284x1845, 5023AB2C-7888-49DC-9D73-5E3872…)

Looking unhealthy, Sandra.

No. 1645250

you left your profile pic in the screen, anon! it’s okay tho, at least it’s about the one cow in here who’s brain would be too fried to go through IG or her following to find you (and block).

No. 1645259

File: 1662897918102.jpeg (605.6 KB, 1284x1292, 6272AD31-5559-4CD6-AC86-E84BCC…)

THIS IS TY’S BABY MAMA? JFC, no wonder Pumpy stays mad.

No. 1645311

A real natural beauty… and then you have ol’ Prolapsed Anus Lips Pumpy.

How much you want to be Ty never returns the favour and does anything for her kek.

No. 1645312

File: 1662906643801.jpeg (Spoiler Image,809.11 KB, 1284x2263, AA627C5C-113D-4681-9A84-7616DD…)

samefag forgot my pic

No. 1645332

The watch was a gift she didn’t buy it herself kek

No. 1645619

Posted yet another photoshopped pic isn’t new milk. It’s funny to look at and ok to post it but it isn’t new milk and you still aren’t sageing, but ok.

No. 1645762

I honestly even commented on it calling it ridiculous I’m unashamed

No. 1645852

File: 1662945590154.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1284x1931, 48EEFEE9-B5B4-4A97-AD68-F41756…)

Focus on your two brain cells struggling to form a coherent sentence, Brina

No. 1645860

File: 1662946502173.jpeg (Spoiler Image,247.96 KB, 1170x1288, B4BAB602-D691-44F2-99E5-725CE6…)

She looks emaciated. Her skull is so big and manly. And something about her brows in this new one. Very tranny.

No. 1645862

File: 1662946563146.jpeg (Spoiler Image,373.62 KB, 1170x1963, C6D52A10-6EFC-43E9-9885-8F198A…)

In other news…

No. 1645866

Blaire White looking ass

No. 1645869

File: 1662947085288.png (594.32 KB, 1800x1327, 025CCD3B-06E8-408B-86A9-485C59…)

So what you’re saying is that she was the bigger person and apologized without getting violent?
Please start working at a strip club so we get more milk. You’re so boring and stereotypical Morgan.

No. 1645874

File: 1662947292826.png (Spoiler Image,398.04 KB, 390x693, E2DFE3EC-BD56-446F-AE98-BA1FF1…)

Oh my god. She claims she does back exercises to help support but what about when she gets older? I hope one pops out.

No. 1645876

Is she no longer trooning out? I feel like I missed that

No. 1645877

This is terrifying. Wtf happened

No. 1645892

She said she was trans but then basically said she still needed her boobs because they make her money. It’s either upthread or in the last thread.

No. 1645895

that just looks painful

No. 1645928

File: 1662951709656.jpeg (Spoiler Image,329.42 KB, 1504x1800, BA4808AD-1C89-4658-8770-0D54D2…)

What in the world Sabrina. Go home, you’re drunk.

No. 1645937

She looks sooo bad

No. 1645938

File: 1662954011527.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1284x2213, 904128AD-28E4-4918-9CB5-CA9D2D…)

Ofc Pumpy has to gas herself up now in her stories to feel like she’s not Ty’s biggest downgrade yet.

It’s in the write up. It’s also been repeated multiple times in the last thread. Keep up or don’t comment, it’s weird asking to be spoonfed when it’s all right here.

As abso-fucking-lutely disturbing as this has become, it’s eerily impressive that her body has held up until this point with this ridiculousness. I need to brush up on industry standards/regulations because it almost feels like it’s beyond amoral and should be illegal at this point.

Oh Brina, you silly ClOWn. However, I’d rather her be doing this than reproducing. I also noticed that she unfollowed Rhett, must have stung that her ol’ piss partner didn’t want to return the follow. Back to Junkie James!

No. 1645940

File: 1662954186283.jpeg (1.91 MB, 1284x2210, 61418782-A535-4FAE-9B59-773131…)

Watch out everyone, homegirl isn’t getting enough subs with her shoops and now she’s resorting to scamming people again xx

No. 1645950

File: 1662957932922.jpg (196.13 KB, 960x1706, dgfhdrthdtzujtdeujtzimg.jpg)

No. 1645955

She’s also lying out her ass if she means Kira, which is who she had all that Cody beef with…
I can guarantee you that never happened

No. 1645976

She’s definitely implying Kira

No. 1646018

It is impossible to imagine her to beat up anyone. Thinnest noodle arms and long plastic talons so she can't even form a proper fist. I'd fucking pay money to see her "fighting/beating someone up" lmao. Thinking of those inflatable tube men from car dealerships.

No. 1646030

File: 1662972603760.png (7.37 MB, 1284x2778, 54309936-C18D-404B-9BF8-A85172…)

Can’t wait to see what BPD shit she posts later when she drunk texts Ty for dick and he tells her he’s “busy with his daughter” or some shit.

She’s controlling the narrative. We’ve all seen Pumpy “tap” her stupid punching bag. She didn’t beat or deck anyone, let alone with fractured arms. She needs to look tough on the internet to all of Ty’s girlies.

Oh yes, Sabrina - You are such an iNtRovErT. It’s not that everyone chooses to not be around your busted ass kek. Let’s get serious, the only people she chooses not to be around are her kids.

No. 1646032

Samefag, I want to add that it’s awfully SUS that the girl who records every mundane second of her life somehow didn’t catch this saga that she won’t stop posting online about. If she did even slightly touch Kira then I hope someone forwards these screens to her and she charges Pump.

No. 1646034

File: 1662973169814.jpeg (951.16 KB, 1284x2205, FDB50694-EB1B-41C3-8ACA-E40EFB…)

Melanie using her “Mommy Status” to half-ass a sponsorship post online and getting absolutely ripped for it in the comments.

No. 1646050

looks like she's taking shit quality photos and running them through one of those AIs that sharpens and increases quality, ending up with this uncanny valley face and hair that doesn't even look real

No. 1646113

Out of all the cows on this site, Pumpy is by far the one I'm most confident I could beat in a fight. We've all seen her "boxing technique" and she's so weak her hair is falling out, she barely has strength to lift those noodle arms let alone swing with any force. Hell I'd be more scared to fight Brina, at least she looks like she might have that drug-fueled wiry junkie strength.

No. 1646127

I always forget about mUh lUpuS — She wants us to believe she not only beat a girl but also reached over Security to “deck her” one more time.. but in the next breath it’s all, “My body is falling apart” “I’m losing my hair in clumps” “The sun takes me out”

The one thing about Sabrina is she’s never even tried to pretend and be that “tough girl,” although she’s had no shortage of drama for it to happen. MUST BE IN HER DIVINE FEMINE ENERGY OR SOMETHIN’.

No. 1646160

Brina always acted too good to even acknowledge people who wanted to fight her or hate her, like she couldn’t stoop to that level. She was a cunt, but she acted like she was too good for anybody and couldn’t be bothered.

No. 1646208

To add, at this point she’s is also truly too high to understand what’s going on around her but still the same vibe.

No. 1646475

File: 1663013291395.png (335.44 KB, 828x1792, B767A206-EFC5-477E-983B-F42904…)

No. 1646476

File: 1663013320430.png (403.58 KB, 828x1792, 482B4B63-05B6-4CE8-B108-255BA6…)

This is pretty serious. She’s def not lying

No. 1646491

What makes you say that?

No. 1646535

Ty seems like an epic scumbag, but at least he doesn’t let his daughter around that lowlife Pumpy

No. 1646536

He clearly lets her around because she was bragging about showing the child Pokémon.
How often is Ty actually in her life, does anyone know? I meant the daughter but bm included. Seems like they’re on shit terms and hardly co-parenting. I’m just not aware of the situation, sorry if this is spoonfeeding.

No. 1646572

File: 1663020730840.jpg (969.95 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20220913-001323_Gal…)

Mel getting trashed in the comments, again, over hos she rather stay w dopeboy Aaron than be a mother to her child.

Like the writing wasn't on the wall when she picked fucking BRINA for Godmother

No. 1646576

I agree, I don’t think she is lying either. Which is absolutely insane because I was certain Sabrina was lying about the pregnancy.. little did we know that there were TWO aborted pregnancies. My guess is that Ty threatened to leave her if she didn’t abort and fed her the same bullshit he fed Pumpy, “we’ll have a kid when we’re ready.” Didn’t stop nuttin’ in her though! Fucking pathetic scumbag.

Girl, who cares! As anon said below you, he obviously has and/or does. He doesn’t even give a fuck that Pumpy called his kid “ratchet” online, so he obviously isn’t that good of a parent. He also seems to be partying incredibly often for a full custody parent. Seems like she’s passed off on someone else, which is super sad because the kid has a mom that would choose to be with her most of the time and not be so quick to just pawn her off. Ty clearly is an ABUSER and I hope Pumpy gives him hell because he has it coming.

No. 1646586

>>>My guess is that Ty threatened to leave her if she didn't abort.
You know that's low even for a fucking scrote.

No. 1646589

I’m dead serious, like this is textbook. I’ve heard it happen time again in situations where a girl would otherwise have kept the pregnancy.

No. 1646604

I had a friend who was put in that situation. Thankfully she's a stubborn bitch so she kept it and I'm glad she did. He's nearly a year old and I help her out somewhat. I feel like I have a nephew.

No. 1646642

File: 1663024854473.jpg (401.36 KB, 1272x2051, oeuee.jpg)

Does anyone know what prompted this? Do we think it has to do with >>1645259 . I didn’t know who Ty’s ex was and was shocked when I found her the other day and that she was friend’s with Sabrina (picrel). This is way messier than I could have imagined.

No. 1646643

If Ty is a horrible abuser, how the hell did he end up with custody? How bad of a mother is Doe kek. Does she need her own thread? She looks innocent on her Instagram but I’m not buying it anymore. She’s probably trash just like Brina

No. 1646645

Does he have full custody? It’s a myth that moms are granted custody 100% of times. Mothers tend to end up with custody because dads rarely pursue it but when they do, the courts tend to be way more favourable to men.

No. 1646651

Wouldn't entirely surprise me. I mean what judge would award custody to a cam girl unless it's abundantly clear that the father is downright abusive?

No. 1646654

Awe hi Morgan, how nice of you to join

No. 1646655

I had no clue she was also a cam girl (thread tourist) but of course she is. What does Ty do? Although I’m willing to bet this is a “grandparents are doing the parenting” situation.

No. 1646665

She definitely does tho.

No. 1646666

Shit I didn’t realize she was talking about brina. I wonder how many abortions she’s had?
And doeprudence (whatever her name is) probably didn’t get custody because of the same reasons brina doesn’t have custody. She doesn’t have stable income and the income she does have is sex and sex doesn’t mix with children. The end.
She probably has a history of drug abuse and alcoholism that’s recorded as well.

No. 1646673

Yeah I mean my best guess is that as far as the court is concerned, she's unemployed. Not to mention the stigma against sex workers which, frankly is probably warranted in this case. I mean if they let her raise the kid we'd end up with another Fern. The whole situation is fucked.

No. 1646682

Didn’t Ty also date Brinas “sister” Karen? And when Brina started dating him that’s what ended their friendship. Dude has a type

No. 1646742

Obviously none of us were in the courtroom, but if you look at either the last thread (maybe even the one before that), Ty’s baby mama claims he used her status as a sex worker against her and made her look unstable as a result. She has full custody of her two children with her current partner and they all seem to live a very family-orientated life (granted, we’re perceiving as outsiders “looking in”). She said something to the effect that it’s interesting that Ty condemned her for this yet continues to almost exclusively date sex workers. Nonas, I’m going to go out on a limb and say this abuser TARGETS sex workers as partners. Again, can’t wait for the hell Pumpy rains on this punk when he flips the wrong BPD switch.

No. 1646747

File: 1663033282476.jpeg (418.66 KB, 1284x1615, 59CC9F87-FB15-497C-8A38-20AB95…)

Nonnies, hear me out: Does Tyler “The Abuser” Arenas need his own thread?

No. 1646750

So sex workers are his type?

No. 1646751

Is his music as bad as Sandra’s?

No. 1646775

Yes omg

No. 1646778

Thanks, Nona. I didn’t think Ty had full custody because I perceive him to be always partying plus someone who willingly continues to get involved with women like Sabrina & Morgan can’t be stable. Do you think Morgan will be the BPDchan to destroy his life?
Eww, repulsive.

No. 1646780

Looks like ripoff tekashi

No. 1646781

No, that thread would die in less than a week. Just talk about him here.

No. 1646797

No, he’s not remotely interesting enough to be a lolcow. He’s a basic douchey LA scrote, he just has a thing for mentally ill sex workers who are lolcows.

No. 1646798

Right? I would think if Ty’s baby mama wanted to take him back to court she has some grounds to stand on. He is obviously an abuser, and targets sex workers. I sorta think Pumps just might have the capacity to take this ahole down once he finally dumps her. Pumps is crazy and I hope when she’s had enough of the breadcrumbs and bs that she airs out all his dirty laundry on social media. I wonder what it will take though?? She is hopelessly in love with him. Since she’s stopped birth control it’s a matter of time before he knocks her up again. Maybe after her sweet talks her into a second abortion (or tries to) she will go full bpd mode and expose him for the loser he is. While she seems to have the patience of a saint for him, at the end of the day Pumps is unhinged. Tick tock, Ty. Kek

No. 1646804

I anticipate that to be the golden ticket too, nona. A juicier possibility is her angelic Ty knocking up a side piece and forcing Pumps to face reality. I do fully believe she will eventually turn on him, she can only hold him up on that pedestal for so long..

and YES, I do think that Pumpy will be the one to do him in. She’s gone crazier over less. She will slander, smear campaign, and harass his ass on the internet MERCILESSLY. It’ll be horrible PR for his “music career” kek.

No. 1646993

Wait how is Ty an “abuser?” Yes he is currently dating a women who looks like the glob of crap you pull from a sink drain, but that doesn’t make him abusive kek. Because precious Doe was a drunk slut on cam and he used that to his advantage? He forced women into an abortion? You can’t really force anyone to do that…sorry. So I really fail to see how he’s an abuser. He’s just a Cali douche lord that is a cuck

No. 1647009

Stella doesn't do sex work anymore, is a full time mom, she used to drink in the past doing camming but honestly I think she could easily get full custody. Tys mother takes care of their daughter most the time. Tys father isn't involved. No, he isn't just into sex workers he also hits up anyone with a p**sy. It's creepy as hell he's followed underage girls too in the past which is hilarious cause pumpy even called him out on it when he ditched her last time around, so I'm sure she's going to have some epic claims when this goes south again. Also pumpy airs out how abusive she is thinking it's cool, girl wait until someone sues you cause they have so much proof all over the internet of how abusive you are despite if you are lying or not. Complete airhead. Go "Stella" for standing up for yourself. This is the best I've seen her in years and she has remained quiet over everything but it's getting pathetic pumpy wants the drama we get it pumpy you are jealous.

No. 1647011

Keep wking Ty, weirdo. Probably one of his groomed underage girls.

No. 1647012

Random but does anyone know what happened with that other cam girl harleerox? She was a hot mess too I always wondered what happened to her or if she still cams.

No. 1647013

Still NO proof he’s abusive kekkkkk

No. 1647014

All they need to do is drug test ty, I can assure you he would lose custody.

No. 1647015

Ok so then why doesn’t she just go ahead and get full custody then? Since she’s such a great mother?

No. 1647044

He gaslights and manipulates women. He lies and cheats and takes from them. Textbook mental and emotional abuse. He dated Doe before she was ever a camgirl so to use that against her years after she quit in order to take her child is fucked. Only a specific type of pick me would defend that behavior so it’s pretty telling about you, nonnie.

No. 1647155


Damn I feel like I missed an entire era of Lotte. Last time I saw anything on her she was still a ham beast on MFC and now she's this?! Oof.

No. 1647181

I guess you must know him personally, anon. Or you’re just a retard speculating.

No. 1647185

Not the anon, but why are you WKing the ugly little midget so hard? It's obvious he's an abusive pos by the way he's treated all the girls he's been with. There's a clear pattern. Just because you don't like the girls he's abused doesn't mean he hasn't done it

No. 1647186

Have you ever heard of emotional abuse and manipulation? That’s exactly what comes into play when a man coerces a woman into getting an abortion. And he apparently has a history of this. It’s abusive. You’re dumb af.

No. 1647206

Cam whores deserve no sympathy. They willingly date this clown and then anons simp over Doe and Brina and Pumpy in this forum that is deliberately intended to make fun of them. Makes no sense.

No. 1647211

You must have zero brain cells left

No. 1647216

Pretty sure Sandra is the only one who gets simped over

No. 1647226

If he forces women into abortions then why does he have a child with a cam whore? You apparently are dumb af, but please keep
defending Doe who btw is STILL friends with Brina. Birds of a feather flock together as they say

No. 1647227

FYI it’s Samantha, not Stella. (Doe’s actual name)

No. 1647234

Everyone just ignore this anon >>1647206 who seems to just be here strictly to do damage control for Ty. It’s a waste of energy to explain abuse or even the obvious to them because they obviously have some weird neurosis going on themselves.

No. 1647245

Calling out Ty’s bullshit is NOT AT ALL THE SAME as having sympathy for any of the cows mentioned here. No one here has expressed sympathy for anything, not even Stella losing her daughter, just what a PoS Ty was for using her history as a camgirl against her. It’s acknowledging that he’s just as much of a piece of shit as the cows he’s fucked around with. Stella being a camgirl in the past doesn’t necessarily make her a cow. This thread never inherently stated that anyone and anyone who ever stumbled into camming is a cow. What a bizarre take. It’s clear the person flocking here to defend Ty wants to ride his dick irl (or does), they’re already doing it hard as fuck in this thread. It’s someone who really wants to paint him as the good guy by playing devils advocate with absolutely no proof he’s anything other than a piece of shit. Anon, where’s your proof he isn’t abusive? Cuz there’s a lot of proof he is, already documented and posted here. You don’t need to be spoon fed the proof you’ve been obsessively reading and refreshing the page to. You’ve already seen it and chose to blatantly ignore it AND defend him. So where’s YOUR proof he isn’t? Oh right, you don’t have any.

No. 1647248

Bumpy couldnt be more obvious in this thread girl stands out like a sore thumb defending her little pay2play manlet. Girl blends in here about as well as she blended those dogshit extensions lmao

No. 1647256

And your proof is word of mouth from Brina and Doe? Both VERY reputable sources kekkkk

No. 1647263

My proof is entirely in his past (also documented, no one is going to spoon feed you, fucking retard learn to read). Again, where’s yours? You don’t have any at all, just your own anonymous word against legitimate proof.

No. 1647270

His past based on who’s word of mouth you moron? You don’t know him personally, its all just rumor. Please stop huffing paint(unsaged whiteknighting)

No. 1647275

oh, was ty supposed to tell you he mentally and emotionally abuses and manipulates women? or have we all seen it first hand while he was out partying while "his girl" was sitting on social media crying while at home aborting alone. some of us saw it first hand between him and stella back then too you fucking idiot.

No. 1647281

Non abusive men totally fuck their girlfriends best friend while their girlfriend is asleep in the same bed anon (admitted by him and Brina). No one said he's out here beating bitches down. Clearly you don't understand emotional abuse or someone having a manipulative character that has shown through in multiple (very public) relationships. And yes, emotionally and mentally fragile women can be manipulated into having an abortion when they're deeply in love with their partner and are leaning towards them to figure out whether or not they should keep it together. Some people make those decisions WITH their partner.

No. 1647334

Hi! actual friend of Samantha’s here, some of you sound stupid and are just talking out your ass. She has 50/50 custody and right now her daughter resides in California because of her schooling and her family is there while Sam is in Arizona. She never lost custody, and she is very apparent in her daughters life. Tyler is a narcissist and the proof is all there to support that even in past threads of Sabrina, he’s constantly attacked Sam and she has always stayed quiet. The reason she is speaking out is because it embarrassing for her and her daughter to even be apart of these post and she is over him constantly putting her down when all the people he dates are terrible people and he is still bringing his daughter around them. Stormy is the worst of them all and she really doesn’t want this to effect her child. At the end of the day she is a concerned mother and her past does not define her. She is a wonderful mom and take care of her kids full time, and you’re right with this thread if she wanted to go back to court she has more than enough from this thread to get full.

No. 1647347

I believe he's abusive but if she thinks their daughter is being harmed by his relationships… why wouldn't she fight for full custody? If she thinks she would get it. Not actually expecting an answer but that just sounds weird. Switching schools as a kid seems less traumatic than being anywhere near Stormy

No. 1647351

I’ve dealt with family courts and it’s not an easy process…. the courts want to make sure both parents are in the child’s life unfortunately even child molesters get to spend time with their kids.

No. 1647402

Yup. This. I haven’t personally dealt with family court, but I have a close friend with an absolutely horrible baby daddy and ongoing custody issues… and going to court eats up time, money, and resources. It’s not as simple as “just go back to court and settle it then”, unfortunately.

No. 1647474

Thank you for setting it straight. REGARDLESS, Ty is shit and that’s why he’s pulling literal scum as a “girlfriend” that he is even too embarrassed to openly claim. As proven in the past, he has no problem being seen as taken if he considers the girl a prize. Pump is just an absolute idiot who is so desperate to feel like she’s in a relationship with that she’ll do anything to keep him around. From buying him shit to trying to fund his joke of a music career. Do you think Ty asked her to “meal prep” for him? It’s her trying to manipulate him to stay at the apartment with her over home with his daughter. At the end of the day, it’s so fucking true that this poor little girl suffers because her father is a loser. I hope Stella eventually gets full custody. It’s very reassuring to know that it’s actually 50/50 so it’s always a possibility that they’ll set that in motion when her and her partner establish roots somewhere. Fuck Ty.

No. 1647478

samefag to add AND FUCK THE ANON WKING HIS ASS IN HERE. If you aren’t Pumpy then I’m sure you’re even worse irl.

No. 1647539

File: 1663126611292.jpeg (478.19 KB, 1170x2000, 9F9EF687-6903-492C-9D68-30902F…)

The financial responsibility of this clown is downright embarrassing. Way to have nothing to show for anything shes made other than a significantly deprecated asset she’s trying to get rid of with little to no equity on. This girl is actually financially retarded. She’s so fucked when her ability to make fast cash passes cuz she has NOTHING saved. Exactly like Brina except the kids (yet) and ket addiction, but way more nasty, personality and just looks like she smells like cat piss and sweat

No. 1647611

Damn I didn't know this thread was full of salty camwhores dropping buzzwords like 'narcissist' 'gaslighting' and 'emotional manipulator' about their exes. Idiots will continue dating idiots…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1647613

File: 1663133549614.jpg (85.71 KB, 960x1706, img.jpg)


No. 1647690

File: 1663142825733.jpeg (355.35 KB, 1284x2318, 32748CCE-CEA5-4197-A20A-0E9A30…)

Boohoo, Melanie - just ignore the comments, like you ignore your son’s existence.

No. 1647692

Not a camwhore and a number of other anons aren’t too, but whatever helps you cope with being retarded.

No. 1647719

>>1647692 mmaybe not cam whore but projectingn bitches then instead retard

No. 1647807

Go home, you’re drunk.

No. 1647870

File: 1663169245279.jpeg (568.28 KB, 1170x1983, 5B8F0587-9880-41A5-82F8-873D8E…)

This is funny because all pump has to offer is money and a constantly infected pussy. She buys mens attention and also buys her physical appearance lol. I’d rather my girl be simple and offer me backwoods and ass instead of overcompensating like Pumpy with her nasty manwich sauced vegan spaghetti, whining sausage face, bolt ons and bottom tier art edgelord tattoos.

No. 1647963

Pumpy is 100% insecure when it comes to big butts. She's made posts like this constantly. I always wonder if some of it is shade towards Loretta who got a BBL. But it also seemed to start around the Dean era with her saying he loved big butts and her posting pictures of her butt trying to say it was growing lmao

No. 1648117

This is so much projection it hurts.
She wishes she had ass to offer.
An unfortunate reality for her that she’ll have to face, is it does not feel good to cuddle or be close with someone that thin.
Their bones hurt and it feels very fragile to have them near you (bi Anon with anachan ex gf, not a scrote.)
Unless the men are sick in the head, then your thinness is representative of how weak and easy to manipulate you are.
For her sake, if she ever wants a decent man to want her, for her body to stop killing itself, and to decrease her mental illness- she needs to get to a healthy weight.
I’m sure she never will because she promotes how thin she is as a fetish on her work pages, and that’s sad but idk. Foolish hope for someone who doesn’t deserve it.

No. 1648143

What even happened with Loretta tbh I love that women. Big Loretta stan(sage)

No. 1648250

Completely agree. The only people who fantasize about a body that looks like it never went through puberty are the pedos. Her bolt on’s mean shit when the rest of her body is straight as a board. There is nothing sexy about looking sick or prepubescent. She’s also seething because these girls have at least someone chasing them, while she has to chase a dirty scrote who has been run through by everyone in her industry!

No. 1648413

File: 1663207132016.png (10.27 MB, 1242x2208, 919B27E3-3BB6-44A4-8B5D-61FF2E…)

Pretty sure we know who this directed to kek

No. 1648421

File: 1663207785091.jpeg (473.43 KB, 1170x1997, 9400352C-0081-4074-BF8B-933625…)

No. 1648423

File: 1663208027633.jpeg (74.8 KB, 1170x257, DB731DDD-9E29-405E-8D6E-01E402…)

Is pump throwing a fit cuz she thinks doe subtweeted her ? I mean if the shoe fits ..

No. 1648432

Ty and Sam are never getting back together and Sam has moved on. Pump should be unbothered by his baby momma and try to have a somewhat healthy relationship for the sake of Ty’s kid, but of course she’s not capable of anything other than unhinged jealousy of both his daughter and Sam. Classic pump, never change. This is why you’ll never have anything truly meaningful and you’re destroying your man’s daughters healthy home life in the process. Dysfunctional bitch will never not ruin everything she comes in contact with.

No. 1648440

So she’s basically threatening Ty’s bm now? She is repulsive

No. 1648510

I hope she ends up getting in a fight and going to jail. How hilarious would that be.

No. 1648512

Uff, the immaturity. This is not something to brag about.
> you’re destroying your man’s daughters healthy home life in the process
Genuine question how is she doing so? Doesn’t the daughter live with her grandmother?

No. 1648520

File: 1663215859442.webm (724.23 KB, 720x1280, rage.webm)

There still might be time, she said she was filled with rage today. I wonder what made her so angry.

No. 1648525

Creating a very toxic co-parenting environment. Children are very receptive and notice even the smallest amounts of hostility. Ty’s new pay2play coming along and attempting to be verbally and physically aggressive with (and stalking) the child’s mother is damaging to her home life.

No. 1648534

I can’t wait till she traps Ty into a child neither of them want and he cheats and leaves. He’ll be stuck with her baby and Pump will shit talk him every single day forever. She’ll hate the child and will have only had it to try to force him into showing her a love he never will. Ty deserves everything he’s setting himself up for, he’s allowing it to happen.

No. 1648546

File: 1663218512675.png (1.17 MB, 1262x662, 7udsuzx65u5-Window-01.png)

wtf is this shit

No. 1648567

She can’t do anything beyond poorly executed beginner moves. It would be interesting to see her try a move that requires being upside down and having decent strength. Guaranteed she’d fall on her head/neck.

No. 1648670

You can’t wait for this? Get help, anon.

No. 1648673

So you’re saying she has enough evidence to get full custody but hasn’t yet? She moved AWAY from her daughter too?? Oh yea mother of the year! You are friends with trash and are likely trash yourself

No. 1648748

Did you not read anything above you fucking idiot, nobody wants to repeat themselves, go back and fucking comprehend what was said

No. 1648769

I did. Still confused as to why Doe/Stella/Sam isn’t fighting for her daughter. Just complaining on Twitter like a lazy cam whore

No. 1648775

Who’s to say she’s not?

No. 1648843

Yeah, I can’t wait for the reality of what these 2 fucking idiots are setting themselves up for. Maybe if you try being dead honest about the outcome she’ll realize it’s nothing to be romanticized. That’s what she really wants? I hope she gets it.

No. 1648856

She lives in Arizona, not another country. She’s a 5 hour drive from her daughter. Go ahead with your weird ass prerogative of making it seem like she abandoned her daughter though lol. She’s a stay at home mom of 4 kids, 3 in her primary custody and daily life. Her man does shift work weeks on and weeks off in Alaska to support their family. Shift work in Alaska generally pays 6 figures. Arizona doesn’t require him to pay state taxes since his wages are earned out of state. Food for thought (aside from the fact you very much don’t understand how family court works).

No. 1648969

You used the word “prerogative” incorrectly sweetie kek…
I could never move away from my daughter. Idc if it’s 5 hours or 5 min away.

No. 1648971

Five minutes? Lmao you sound dumb sweetie

No. 1648976

That’s good for you nonnie, but everyone else responding to you understands being realistic kek

No. 1649233

File: 1663286506795.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1284x2284, 9F91CA1D-A264-4FB4-A946-ADA9D3…)

She can’t blend in here and she can’t help but share her anger about the things that are said. Love it.

No. 1649253

File: 1663287444476.png (Spoiler Image,8.97 MB, 1242x2688, BED4A0B0-743A-4D05-BB03-28DDB6…)

The fact that the only thing that’s prominent on her is her literal vagina

No. 1649348

Don’t gas her up too much or she’ll start bragging again about her “fat pussy”.

No. 1649364

Still fairly new to pumpy, only learned about her for the Brian Sandra threads so had no idea she bragged about that before but doesn’t surprise me. Wooooof

No. 1649368

From the brina

No. 1649391

Pretty sure both subsets women are disrespected. Curvy women will be preyed upon from puberty and sexualized forever unless they live in baggy clothing.
Flat skeletors like pumpy will entice pedos with their child-body for money and then lose all respect. Because it’s proven and plastered all over the internet by both her and her sick fans.
The only men she’ll ever be able to date are ones she buys (that will never wife her) or ones that are sick in the head (and will abuse or kill her, like every man she’s dated. See a pattern pumpy?)

It’s just hilarious to me that she screams about eating so much, then posts her full day of food and it’s around 1500 calories, and that’s her TRYING. That’s still eating at a deficit for anyone who’s not in a coma.
She would need to figure out her daily expenditure with a heart rate fitness bracelet, and then eat double what she burns to significantly gain healthy weight.
Yet she screams up and down she’s tried EVERYTHING and it’s IMPOSSIBLE and she’s a METH BABY. Not anorexic!
And then posts those stories about how she hoards food but then doesn’t eat it because she was poor 8 years ago.
And how when she’s upset at Dean/Cody/Ty she’ll post screenshots of texts to them saying she hasn’t eaten in days.

The real reason she will never gain weight, is because she will lose her entire fan base and identity. Again, she lists “87 lbs” in every porn bio of hers when she could simply gain 20 lbs and STILL say “petite”. But that’s not going far enough.
It doesn’t directly indicate that she’s at an unhealthy and unsustainable weight for a grown woman.
She’s already a dime a dozen with her generic tattoos and filler-face, all she has is her frailty.

No. 1649420

File: 1663296699535.jpeg (339.23 KB, 2399x1349, 2EADCE49-1CF3-468C-9276-22A20F…)

She sure claims natural beauty a lot for someone who tries to look like anything but her natural gremlin self

No. 1649507

Your captions on posts are always soo lame you always sound like you’re trying too hard to sound like a mean girl when you just sound like a loser

No. 1649516

“wahh mean girl loser” no one cares. look where you are and wake up.

No. 1649527

>>1649507 ok pumpy how does it feel to read all of your bullshit once more

No. 1649627

She’s absolutely destroying her metabolism. She’ll be 300 pounds by the time she’s 40 with osteoporosis

No. 1649651

File: 1663329781336.jpeg (716.78 KB, 2048x2048, 2E48D812-7DE9-4F9F-8495-44F1D0…)

Insta vs reality. She really knows how to work her angles

No. 1649690

I miss when Charms had her own thread. Those were my favorite to follow.

No. 1649752

File: 1663341439464.jpeg (Spoiler Image,43.16 KB, 600x450, DB1F7BD2-E633-4C92-BE1D-A0A5EA…)

That thread was dead for months at a time. Worse than Sabrina’s thread, actually. I think you just miss her being milky. The only thing milky about her now are those tits. I think we are all waiting for them to burst or something. Anyone remember Kristi Lovett?

No. 1649852

Honestly think she looked better before all the work she got done. The lips scare me.

No. 1649853

Please delete and sage this shit

No. 1649858

What does sage mean(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1650098

me too nona, charms was one of the funniest and saddest downfalls ever, even more so if you followed her since her gaia days. But tbf those days are looong gone, she's so drugged out on multiple psychotics I don't think she can even do basic day to day things anymore. Her weird trans masc + disgustingly huge tits phase is truly peak horror but in terms of milk milk, doubt anything more is going to happen unless mike finally leaves her (but he won't, because he's married, her family pays for his existence, and they're in an open relationship aka he's allowed to sleep with who he wants so long he doesn't leave her)

No. 1650133

File: 1663559136282.jpeg (338.21 KB, 816x1446, C93C2850-6F3A-4EB0-A844-5B74EE…)

Ty posted her car but covered her ugly face when they got to his show. All the guys she fucks with try to flex her car like it’s theirs with no context lmao

No. 1650136

File: 1663559467150.png (2.8 MB, 828x1792, D1F95049-37B7-4AE9-BB6F-3D914A…)

So Pumpy when on that trip with Ty and one of the other guys there posted this on his story. Thats definitely Pumpy’s hand holding him. Interesting…

No. 1650139

Was just about to post this kek ironically she posted this on her story but quickly deleted it

No. 1650148

File: 1663560380944.png (3.19 MB, 837x1800, 3A012AF2-D6B6-432D-B34D-D9C503…)

God I’ve been waiting for this. She’s totally getting away with it. Can’t wait to see what bad choices she makes next.

No. 1650149

File: 1663560560475.jpeg (140.55 KB, 1170x1225, F7C728DF-C289-4A53-86DB-843BA0…)


No. 1650203

Imagine if the tables were turned and ty had his hand on another females arm, she would raise hell

No. 1650300

File: 1663578046721.jpeg (312.44 KB, 1044x1801, 10BAB155-F20E-43AC-AEA2-6E22C9…)


No. 1650319

Kek, look at that fucking five-head on Pumpy. Embarrassing that her “baby daddy” is posting shit like that on his public socials, only posting her face when it humiliates her. I wouldn’t be surprised if he posts this shit just to piss her off in hopes she’ll eventually get fed up and leave him or start a fight so bad he can justify leaving her despite the fact that she’ll go scorched earth on his pathetic manlet ass

No. 1650320

is she like his bands pass around groupie now? like other anon said it’s not something she would be ok with reversed, not even as a joke she would be irate with jealousy. why would you post your bandmates gf subtly holding your arm / thigh? it’s not in his story anymore, I’m curious was there any other context with this when it was in his story nona?

No. 1650356

File: 1663586284486.png (1004.56 KB, 1080x1713, IMG_20220919_121714.png)

Standing alone, she really doesn't fit in with Ty and his friends does she? Other than having money for them to blow

No. 1650461

File: 1663596791227.png (4.7 MB, 1125x2436, 91235AE7-61E2-46D7-9CDC-233A65…)

Did anyone see Sandra’s snap? Lmaooo she’s hilarious but it’s so sad because she’s serious

No. 1650462

How you gonna post bands with plastic cutlery kek

No. 1650521

File: 1663599806026.png (6.48 MB, 1242x2208, 91324339-6D20-4EF0-A512-E95452…)

No. 1650712

File: 1663609471383.jpeg (454.64 KB, 1686x1614, B967A842-C0E1-4878-925C-C104D6…)

So glad the site is back, I’ve been saving these also kek Nitpick but idc she should really stop posting in natural light if all you can see is her hairy face……..and queen of a Smokey eye? Does she even know what a Smokey eye is?

No. 1650884

File: 1663619721502.jpeg (504.5 KB, 1170x2089, 383D7B2F-9E1D-4D16-94E8-A1565F…)

Guess that new lease she was signing, is just really her grandparents house. That’s pretty dark to be camming out of your grandparents house.

No. 1651043

Only misses them when she is homeless. very on brand.

No. 1651047

File: 1663624566735.jpg (88.15 KB, 720x715, Screenshot_20220918-163321_Ins…)

Kek, I love the oh so subtle, "LOVE THIS EDIT!" From Poppi.

No. 1651069

LOL. I was waiting for an update on her new place she’s leasing. Hilarious it looks like it turned out to be her grandparents house. What a trainwreck life Brina has created for herself. It’s not surprising she needs to be on ket just to get thru the day. When she’s sober I’m sure the reality of her shit life choices is too much to cope with. She’s f’d up her life so much that I don’t think turning it around is even possible at this point. A true hot mess.

No. 1651173

File: 1663629546084.jpeg (488.78 KB, 2048x2048, 694D4916-06FB-43FC-9102-144D5D…)

Did anyone catch Sabrina and James breaking up and getting back together AGAIN over the weekend? My bad, I didn’t take screens. They were both posting stupid quote bullshit on their stories and unfollowed but now they are already back to following. Aaron and Melanie also split yet again (did get some screens of this) and she’s back to being tHe bEsT mOmMy eVeRrrr

No. 1651200

File: 1663630609190.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1284x2270, 29CAEB0D-5580-4ECD-8CE9-067C59…)

sub to ty? kek

No. 1651406

File: 1663642230820.jpeg (237.77 KB, 1170x1972, B66BC560-64CB-443F-9579-1780B3…)

Was this them together?

No. 1651700

Sabrina lives with her dad, so that is most likely her dad esp because it captions that it is

No. 1651714

Agreed. There would have been more obvious story posts on both ends if he was visiting her.

No. 1651739

So her dad isn’t the one riding his motorbike up when she pans upwards? And her dad is wearing white toe nail polish to match brina? Right.

No. 1651742

File: 1663680219372.jpeg (585.31 KB, 1170x1997, 7EB87B9C-2F7A-4214-BC56-6B5909…)

It’s on her highlights on Instagram.

No. 1651798

As someone who knows Sabrina trust me her grandparents would never let her stay long. Last time she really visited regularly was when she was pregnant with Coda. Her grandma Nellie is much older so she's going to try to use that to her advantage come time. Mark my words.

No. 1651802

Pumpy, you know in order for him to actually be your baby daddy you have to keep the baby right? Seeing how that went last time, good luck with trapping him sabrina 2.0

No. 1651818

She calls him baby daddy but the only baby mama he has is Doe kek. He is a baby daddy, but not hers. Just wait till next Mother’s Day rolls around and she expects to be praised and whines about the baby she “yeeted”.

No. 1651830

File: 1663688099121.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1125x1811, 759F58CA-3BA3-4E7D-B367-8C8384…)

Sabrina used to be sooooooooo cute. I cannot believe what a drugged out loser she’s become. The photoshop is out of control, she’s a total catfish now. Go attempt some sort of relationship with your kids Brina it’s the only thing that will heal your soul

No. 1651920

More like Sabrina negative 2.0 kek

No. 1652045

File: 1663701975674.jpeg (576.09 KB, 702x797, 3F35CA0A-FA19-4ECF-BA43-812620…)

Not her having Chloe tattoo’d on her…

No. 1652056

File: 1663702817241.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1284x2260, E73DED42-18E6-4164-A69C-C1ACF5…)

30 going on 13

No. 1652087

Do they dislike her or something?

No. 1652122

love how this shows what a fridge body she has without all the photoshop. She's trying to still be 21, honey your like a decade away, grow up already.

No. 1652159

File: 1663708289401.png (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 888x1552, Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 2.10…)

Tiny pecker James only one who couldn't breed her.

No. 1652275

Brina & Rhett are following each other again.

No. 1652314

File: 1663712563954.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1170x2007, C461DC51-797A-4EF0-AB6C-D2DB14…)

>$3 onlyfans

Pumpy is ruining the fucking economy how dare she (I hope y’all understand the sarcasm)

No. 1652407

Go away Pumpy. Why are you promoting here?

No. 1652440

I’m not pumpy you fucktard follow the thread and you’d know why I made a memeing joke about her.

No. 1652449

File: 1663717469123.jpeg (843.29 KB, 828x1255, 8455D779-2DF8-40C2-A67E-4D8318…)

First she wanted to be a tattoo artist, then a DJ, start her own skincare line, and now her own skate line. Yeah okay Pumpy. Ty must be with his daughter today so she’s extra bored.

No. 1652459

Skater boys will clown her SO hard and not support her shit. Personality matters in who/what you rep and she is a shit show, so does team ability and quality. She can’t even be serious, Ty needs to stop lending her his Pharmacy board shop hoodie, Donny would be laughing his ass off right now. Does she think she’s going to pull off Donny’s level of success? Fuck out of here with that shit, this is such a joke. 2 other ig thots might buy her shit to hang it on a wall, no one is gonna ride for her lmao

No. 1652539

File: 1663721457938.jpeg (289.03 KB, 1169x2083, 29BB13E0-93A0-4BFF-890E-E10167…)

What curves?

No. 1652550

ngl she looks a lot better normal like this than with all of that bizarre body shopping she keeps doing lately. when she photoshops herself into having the torso of a toothpick and the ass of Nicki Minaj she looks insane.

No. 1652561

File: 1663722388236.png (10.37 MB, 1170x2532, E6A4BDDD-901A-47F6-8344-4C82EC…)

What did she do to her forehead?!

No. 1652571

File: 1663722779101.png (2.47 MB, 1800x1048, 9F244C7D-8848-4722-AF54-61DF2E…)

I wonder why she’s so self conscious of her hair? I wonder if it is thinning and falling out because of her poor health. Gross.

No. 1652578

File: 1663722944290.png (4.45 MB, 1800x1428, F7C9F1E6-C862-48EE-9EFB-1D5187…)

I feel like I’m starting to see stretch marks on her boobs and stomach, underneath all of the skin smoothing filters of course.

No. 1652595

I feel like she does too many drugs and saw that pic of the back of Rhett’s head and thought it was her own

No. 1652597

That’s another FaceTuned smile lmao. Her real teeth are here and those aren’t them >>1651830

No. 1652642

File: 1663725275823.jpeg (549.12 KB, 1284x2278, 31B3CDBF-C528-4A89-908B-3697BD…)

No. 1652647

File: 1663725362488.jpeg (726.34 KB, 1284x1453, 910581C0-076E-4814-8857-30597D…)

Where's the lie? This looks like a drawing

No. 1652649

Brina probably dumped James because he couldn’t afford Burning man Tickets. Now she probably wants to come back cos no one wants her

No. 1652653

Oh look Pumpy posting again and not saging. So covert, you Lord Farquad lookin ass

No. 1652673

File: 1663726250568.jpeg (87.39 KB, 573x898, 1E3C3B9E-5274-40DE-BC9A-A92502…)

Buy my skateboards yall!

No. 1652693

Next thread pic PLEASE lmfao

No. 1652725

File: 1663728930317.webm (1.12 MB, 720x1280, mAsCuLiNe EnErGy.webm)

Incoming Kat/Morgan/Stormy “spam”. She’s still on her ~masculine energy~ bullshit.

No. 1652726

File: 1663729017543.jpg (224.9 KB, 960x1706, “no matter how angry or distan…)

And love bombing Ty who seems to be away for the night.

No. 1652728

File: 1663729359979.webm (6.55 MB, 720x1280, skateboard launch.webm)

For her “8 years in the industry anniversary” she’s launching a skateboard line (?) as >>1652449 mentioned. Here she is discussing it.

No. 1652731

File: 1663729538375.jpg (203.05 KB, 960x1706, actor.jpg)

She shared what one of her customers wants.

No. 1652732

File: 1663729593908.webm (3.83 MB, 720x1280, the actor speaks.webm)

And immediately tells us she hates it, as she should.

No. 1652734

File: 1663730216291.webm (10.34 MB, 720x1280, gross.webm)

> Invites us to watch her get ready
> Looks miserable
> Continues to engage in things she finds questionable, if not reprehensible
> Changes nothing
Do we think she ever makes these connections?

No. 1652748

File: 1663731273412.webm (12.03 MB, 720x1280, Gumby with bolt-ons.webm)

It’s even goofier in motion.
These, of course, have already been deleted.

No. 1652749

she's too dumb to make any connections even if she wrote them out. plus, she would face the ugly truth that everyone around her only sees her as a sex object and she has only dug down into that role deeper and deeper.

No. 1653092

I'm here for the bring/Rhett saga here we go…

No. 1653107

Yes but she’s done something weird to them since then. I always thought her natural smile was cute but she went and put some fake ass looking veneers on or something.

No. 1653130

File: 1663762754836.jpeg (584.16 KB, 2048x2048, F70EFB6C-C604-4299-AF7F-8E4EBB…)

oh poor tiny dick JJ, I wonder how long it’ll take him to clue in that Brina is under Rhett’s golden showers again (or at least trying to be).

(picrel) So do we think this is about Brina or do we think this is shade at Stella? I noticed Stella is fond of filters too and Pumpy seems salty that Ty was with the kid last night (instead of her). She’s probably seething that Stella doesn’t take her in the van to fuck off so she can have Ty all to herself. The irony in the fact that Ty spends little time with her as well and let’s his own mom raise her, WHAT’S THAT CALLED? kek

No. 1653169

I agree, back in 2014 when Brina was actually good at camming, her smile was the best part of her, her crooked front tooth, now she looks awful and her teeth look like dentures

No. 1653201

File: 1663770590113.jpeg (508.67 KB, 1170x2002, 650D6511-19FC-4F4D-A3B1-FC0341…)

It’s really hard to tell if they’re shots at Doe or Brina

No. 1653226

I almost pity her misplaced confidence, who on earth would question their self-worth looking at this greasy gutter rat?

No. 1653234

Fatties mostly

No. 1653235

File: 1663773264870.png (368.92 KB, 720x718, Screenshot_20220921-103055~2.p…)

Sabrina Nellie not photoshopped kek

The posts from Pumpy are prob towards both of them as she hates every girl besides herself

No. 1653238

Who would be jealous of her freakish feet

No. 1653254

File: 1663773876183.jpeg (509.08 KB, 1284x2133, 3C199106-64EE-41F1-8140-C5B428…)

She really is always thinking about Brina for some reason. I would have thought Brina getting fat by her own standards, not having a boyfriend or status as a cam girl anymore enough, but damn kek

No. 1653260

Call me crazy, but it looks like her fake tits are rippling here.

No. 1653264

File: 1663774402297.jpeg (77.4 KB, 1170x493, 71A6305E-40AB-4EDD-87DB-78F595…)

No way brina actually used this insane fucked up photoshop picture as her main on her onlyfans LMFAO

No. 1653272

File: 1663774857965.jpeg (372.44 KB, 2399x1599, B2680903-EAF2-4580-ACA2-985A26…)

aside from her forehead her hair isn’t even connected to that big ass head

No. 1653293

Nah, fatties (and others) would question their self-worth looking at an actual hot woman in great shape. Nobody wants to look like a slimy stick insect with terrible prison tattoos and filler balloon lips.

No. 1653399

She’s trying emulate Coconut Kitty with the intentional over the top style of editing and Poppi is egging her on. Only a braindead coomer would find those ridiculous edits attractive.

No. 1653439

Lol pumpy is most definitely shading Brina. Doe isn't a dead beat as she's got her other kids and joint custody so there's the big clue. Pumpy definitely is jealous of Doe though it's clear she stalks both of them. The past few posts in this thread are definitely pumpy. Surprised she hasn't gone after Karen next, after all Ty hooked up with Karen not too long ago, wasn't it this year? He always goes back to her kek

No. 1653499

The past few posts of Brina in this thread weren’t “definitely pumpy” cuz I made them and I sure as fuck am not that bitch. Someone in this thread tried to call me pumpy advertising yesterday too for posting memeing on her $3 onlyfans (if you were in the last thread at all you’d know why that’s straight up comical she’s selling her onlyfans for $3). You sound dumb as fuck guessing every post is “definitely pumpy”. You’re definitely retarded trying pick who you think nonnies are though.

No. 1653505

For what it’s worth, Nona — I laughed at >>1652314

No. 1653509

Are you special? Never once did I say the pictures. I said posts. Learn to read.

No. 1653513

I don't think anything written about brina is pumpy related, now pumpy commenting about herself in recent posts, absolutely.

No. 1653518

File: 1663789926807.jpeg (390.47 KB, 1284x2246, F9157B9F-79CA-45E8-B2A4-036B56…)


No. 1653521

File: 1663789994128.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1284x1243, 2DE59A2A-31FF-476E-BBCF-41F41E…)

Pumpy is 1000 percent talking about brina, the story she posted being like “some people edit their photos so much you look like cartoons” is about this photo… where brina has clearly cartoonified her body

No. 1653523

File: 1663790034344.jpeg (461.19 KB, 1284x2235, BAFA1FD7-99C9-46FC-A4A8-53F086…)


No. 1653527

File: 1663790134407.jpeg (628.47 KB, 1284x2269, E33E00A4-A8DF-4C4B-83EC-882882…)


No. 1653530

File: 1663790217222.jpeg (799.94 KB, 1284x2263, E0BAAD94-639E-4781-993F-887E16…)


It’s so cringe that she thinks this is funny or cute. His friends soon won’t care if she’s footing the bill or not, they’ll want her far tf away.

No. 1653535

I’m totally confused, isn’t Logic some type of SoundCloud rapper? What does he have to do with Pumpy and Tyler?

No. 1653539

Logic is a recording engineer system, she was trying to be funny by writing the rapper, she looks pathetic and dumb and he looks to be getting uninterested kek

No. 1653568

Is this a convo between her & Ty? If so fuck she is needy

No. 1653578

If you say anything against the retarded narrative they have going in their head you’re automatically Pumpy. I called out Doe for being a loser (because she is) and everyone assumed I was Pumpy kek.

No. 1653605

Yeah, I thought Stella was alright until I started looking into her more. Being the best of this bunch is no trophy, anyways.

No. 1653617

What wrong with her? what did you find when you looked into her

No. 1653618

confused by this convo did she just want to post this to seem relevant to someone that's somewhat known while sounding like a complete retard in the process?

No. 1653660

File: 1663799245681.jpeg (184.45 KB, 1125x623, FBAD7811-2C8C-4FF9-932C-1A060F…)

Brina you’re about 8 years too late. Don’t try this business venture like all the other failed attempts and scams

No. 1653665

Lmao she’s a hot mess just like the rest of them. She has 3 different baby daddies and lives in an RV camper with her Ty 2.0 boyfriend who will likely leave her ass and she’ll find another Ty look alike to get knocked up by so she has 4 baby daddies. Doesn’t work just shits out Kids and lost custody of her daughter to Ty of all people

No. 1653719

Apparently it’s joint, not that it matters because she doesn’t seem to be around. Just compulsively shit talks Ty in hopes of getting retweets.

No. 1653724

Quit cluttering the thread Pumpy.

No. 1653728

Okay, I agree. Newfags need to stop calling everybody Pumpy. It was funny the first time or two at specific comments, but now you desperados call every anon Pumpy if they say anything about anyone who isn’t her. Go touch some grass, it’s a camwhore general thread. Obviously we’re going to discuss more than her.

No. 1653738

kek no one would buy her bathwater this whore sells creampie porn videos for only $10

No. 1653892

Ntayrt but bitch what? Are you? Learn how to reply, dork.

No. 1654021

I think she was hoping he (Logic) would respond to her & she could flex it since he's verified & has a large following…obvs he didn't

No. 1654267

I don’t like pumpy, but I don’t think it’s that deep. I think it was a simple joke, that’s all. Not really milky or a big deal, but people here seem to take everything way too serious and don’t really understand meme culture.

No. 1654471

just curious what does ty really do for work? his wannabe music career isnt paying any bills. i imagine him working basic retail, but thats just what he seems like he'd do. anyone know?

No. 1654487

Ty is a barber lol

No. 1654488

No way, is this true? This is hilarious if so.

No. 1654606

I know it’s cowtipping, but I would love to know where and book him out with no-show appointments.

No. 1654695

That’s kinda psycho, not just cowtipping.

No. 1654733

File: 1663882712919.jpeg (156.5 KB, 1170x854, BC24C2AB-2A20-45E7-B46A-C45748…)

A little googling shows me he works at "The Kut Off" in Cypress. It’s true, they have him listed as a barber for them on their website. Afaik this doesn’t count as doxxing considering everything links back to his IG (picrel for mods).

No. 1655094

File: 1663909578380.jpeg (65.61 KB, 346x640, CCD4D654-12F5-438C-995B-4F1503…)

Ty checking his messages, wondering why he has a sudden influx of barber appointments lol

No. 1655367

File: 1663937519688.png (596.15 KB, 1800x900, 4868270D-11E9-4F23-B294-6400B8…)

She’s just filling until she’s “happy”. That’s insane.

No. 1655434

isnt she clinically depressed? when’s happy?

No. 1655467

LOL you’re hilarious anon

No. 1655853

File: 1663974580550.jpeg (919.11 KB, 1170x1432, 7A268AEF-3CE3-49AF-A78D-8D949E…)

pump is in the middle of buying a new car that she will never drive

No. 1655857

File: 1663974924686.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1170x1775, B3FD611E-9BAC-4A18-B76B-518D04…)

says she’s getting a "mom car". she’s so deeply desperate to settle down for ty. mom car kek ty knows at this point she’s trying to have his kid and trap him and he isn’t backing off. settle in folks, pump is about to ruin her life for this clown and it’s gunna be real milky.

No. 1655877

Yeah right. She's trading the fancy car she can't afford for a shitty car she can't afford and making excuses. Nothing to do with having a family or being a mom. The bitch is broke.

No. 1655894

File: 1663976222120.png (479.62 KB, 828x1792, 11A45EEE-E129-4961-A418-DBB413…)


No. 1656062

I’m so curious what a “super mom” car is to her kek

No. 1656067

File: 1663988907321.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x1778, 83ABDCEE-EA38-4FF2-A290-3D73E9…)

Looks like Pumpy got a new Range Rover. She follows that Pixie Kitty girl every where that only dates rich men n that’s what she drives kek. Pixie was just showing the inside of her car earlier this week, pumpy ain’t slick. No idea she gets is her own.

No. 1656078

Ty's an idiot for staying with her when she's so obviously dying to get pregnant again. And keep it this time. Maybe he'll get custody again, dump the kid with his mom the majority of the time, and collect child support from Pumpy

No. 1656108

its funny how she is saying she was in an airbnb at 18 when she was clearly living with her mom. Also she didnt buy a new car she exchanged it for another because she was lying about buying it and just leased it. Her lies change more than a babies diaper

No. 1656158

File: 1663999531106.jpeg (393.93 KB, 1284x1913, 55D0C436-EBAE-4252-818C-6EF1F6…)

She sounds like an MLM hun "started my own business." No, you started working as an independent contractor for an already huge cam site. Big difference.

No. 1656181

Pumpy being a millionaire at age 19 and still being in the industry and unable to quit (7-8 years later) is pathetic

No. 1656186

Her first place she rented outside of her moms house was an Airbnb bc she couldn’t get approved for an apartment lol. She cammed there gore about 4 months I think til her mom kicked her out.

No. 1656189

File: 1664002701095.jpeg (289.38 KB, 1170x1934, A376CBAF-31C9-428F-A14A-06CA33…)

operation pumpy- hoe into a housewife is moving fast. Too bad Ty doesn’t watch her IG stories or maybe he’d start pulling out

No. 1656273

Or you could just get a life and let the cows moo and fart in peace, nonny

No. 1656319

crazy that neither pumpy or sabrina have any personality or life of their own. they just cling to men for their money and their lives to be dependent on. such sad lives kek

No. 1656480

It’s so insane to aspire to throw your life away and try to baby trap a dude who’s knocked up 3 other camgirls. She should choose therapy instead because this pick me behavior is going to end up entirely changing her life if she doesn’t wake up. She won’t be following “her man” on tour when she’s stuck at home with a baby that has sensitive ears and can not to go hardcore (open to any band sign up) gigs. She’s not in good health, is severely underweight and also needs to consider the likelihood her child would be born with special needs / deficits and how hard it actually is to raise a baby in good health, let alone one with any health / mental issues. She can’t handle dog poop. Imagine no sleep, a fussy baby, HUMAN poop, vomit, postpartum hair loss and depression, keeping up with all your newborns needs and appointments etc for years. A baby isn’t a thing you take on just to keep a man around or because you’re bored, it’s a life long commitment to putting them before yourself.

No. 1656599

Noticed she follows Pixie too. It wouldn’t be a surprise if she got the same color Range Rover and suddenly starts buying Chanel. Pumpy, if you’re reading this: her friends (including your former pal Jas) don’t like you so don’t bother kissing ass.

No. 1656709

Doubt she actually wants a baby and the way she spoke about her abortion made her sound like a psychopath. It like a fetish/fantasy of keeping Ty close so he won’t leave her. The existence of Ty’s daughter and baby mama clearly bother Pumpy enough for her to start acting this way.

No. 1656711

forgot people actually spoke about abortion so casually

No. 1657037

File: 1664076757717.png (6.66 MB, 1170x2532, BDE4960D-17A7-4125-BB58-A501CD…)

No. 1657039

File: 1664077020551.jpeg (340.28 KB, 1242x1977, 71220894-7718-43B8-81FA-632E2B…)

This is ty? She wants to give up her entire life for this?! He’s an actual catfish himself

No. 1657067

File: 1664080310914.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1284x2266, 1133DEB5-035A-4B42-A3D0-D23119…)

Brina's back with James

No. 1657093


imagine having to brag about your fuck toy every day it’s like that one elementary school friend you had that would come up to you and brag about how many boyfriends she has when the boys don’t give a fuck

No. 1657098

Holy shit lol that fat jaw line

No. 1657235

This is shit normal couples do every day with no fanfare, and she’s bragging like it’s a big flex and people should take dating advice from her. It just shows how brutally low her standards are. Pathetic.

No. 1657238

Is Ty her bf or Uber driver

No. 1657244

Literal bums. They look like they should be sitting on a filthy street corner somewhere with a cardboard sign.

No. 1657245

They’re probably not together in Brina’s mind, just fuck buddies like Nathan was.
She probably stayed too many nights at J’s mom’s house and tried to sneakily move in and got called out so she threw a fit, just like the baby she so desperately wants to be.

No. 1657324

Give up what life? She doesn’t have one. She’s 2 years away from sleeping in a closet on a Pikachu mattress, scuttling around looking for ket while hilariously photoshopping herself to look 12 for what’s left of her disgusting pedo fan base. I hope she’s enjoying her last few years with this Range Rover before she has to pawn it.

No. 1657675

omg he looks nothing like his instagram photos - total catfish like Sabrina. guess thats why they were together kek

No. 1657694

Wtf is pumpys obsession with this loser. Fat, gross, a mooch, likely cheats on her regularly. Honestly, while she doesn’t have a lot to lose and her life is pathetic, it’s like… things can get so much worse. Having a baby with Ty (which seems to be her latest hope) is going to seriously fuck up her life. She really is determined to be Brina 2.0 right down to the epic downfall, abandoned children, and relative homelessness. Smh. I get her idolizing Brina back when Brina was living in a penthouse, driving a caddy, and hitting top on mfc… but how is pumpy so stupid to not see how bad Brina’s life is now. Is that really the end game she’s hoping for ??

No. 1658003

She wants to be Brina but better, so she wouldn’t dump the kid. She’d be a terrible but present parent. We’d get a lot of sanctimonious posting about absent parents. Then after they breakup and Ty sees the baby twice a month, Pumpy would post SS of parenting and custody arguments with him. I’d appreciate the milk but Pumpy knows better than any of us that Ty can’t be a good parent to a second kid and she should save that experience with someone better. But she’s not going to listen sooooo just a matter of time before she’s flexing about being a millionaire in between selling her pregnancy nudes

No. 1658037

I don’t think she would be a present parent once she realizes it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. We’re you around when she got her dog Koga or her puppy she named after AJ’s daughter? She can’t handle something taking her sleep and time or having to clean up poop. She’ll always put herself first. Dogs require a lot less than a baby and cleaning up after a baby can be a lot more “gross” and hands on. She was actually bawling crying and screaming at having to pick up dog poop.

No. 1658042

The second she got her dog she complained…her with a kid LMAO

No. 1658052

Does Pumpy have a drug problem? Does she also follow in Brinas drug addiction shoes?

No. 1658055

Pharmaceuticals while telling everyone “never done a drug in my life”. Maybe not street drugs. Adderall, benzos, percs etc that she’s talked about on ig.

No. 1658071

I lived in Salt Lake City for a bit several years ago and this was a common way people around there jumped around the term “junky” or “addict”. Because it was prescribed by a doctor, they’re not doing anything wrong. So everyone there pops pills and acts like they’re sober. Wouldn’t be surprised if she was a pill popper since she projects her “sobriety” so much.

No. 1658108

IDK if pumpy is a pill popper (she seems like too much of a control freak to be ok under the influence? But idk). but an unresolved eating disorder that keeps her 98 lbs and lots of surgery/fillers and her mix of deep insecurity/insane narcissism isn’t good for parenting a healthy kid with self esteem

No. 1658281

Ya the best thing she could do for the child is pull a Brina and take off

No. 1658563

Anyone who thinks that Pumpy isn’t seriously aspiring to get pregnant because she had that abortion is silly af. She had the abortion because Ty manipulated her into it while giving her hope that they’ll have a baby “when they are ready.” This isn’t TF, she’s shared this herself (granted she obviously didn’t refer to it as mAniPuLAtiOn). Ty got himself out of that situation but won’t be able to talk her out of a second one and he grossly overestimated Pumpy’s ability to recognize a “wrong” time. She aborted to keep him with a false sense of security that she’d have him locked in later. You don’t think she’s seething about his daughter a million times more now? It’s the end of the world when he spends time with her one night a month instead of slumming it at Pumpy’s (on her dime). Her mind sees a baby as a way to keep him there full time. She intends to trap him and thinks the dumbass shit she’s doing (washing his clothes, making his meal prep, getting a “mom car”) shows preparedness. The second she realizes that the consequence of keeping a pregnancy that Ty doesn’t want will result in him leaving, especially after she’s paraded him like a saint for months, she’ll go absolutely BUCK.

No. 1658637

Anyone notice that Brina and Stella unfollowed each other? Right after Stella posted to twitter about her friend that slept with Ty and needed multiple abortions after dating him. She also is now claiming her bff is Sabrina’s sons step mom.

No. 1658660

Sam and Michael's girlfriend have been friends awhile now so I'm positive that's not the cause of the unfollowing probably prefers to remove herself from trainwrecks. Also learn to sage.

No. 1658667

File: 1664216777258.png (1.31 MB, 1170x2532, FB93184A-5EB9-461A-BFDA-FB8344…)

yeah… she wants a baby. It doesn’t matter what reason (mostly to trap Ty), she’s gone off the BC they gave her after her abortion, she’s been talking for 3 months about being a mom. Talking about buying a house, got her a mom car. Ty called her his girlfriend officially a month or 2 ago and ever since she’s been extra obsessed. She is buying more things for him and his friends than ever to get his affection. She has no idea she’s being played. If an innocent baby wasn’t the victim, I’d want her to get pregnant so Ty can face the consequence of manipulating someone like her

anyways heres her coping about Ty not being able to pay for anything or even split costs 50/50

No. 1658674

Agreed. As soon as I read the shit about her going off BC I knew. Normally I would never but I pray if she does ever get knocked up again that she miscarries. This vile little worm creature does not need to inflict herself upon a child.

No. 1658676

samefag but 100%. Pregnancy within 6 months unless Ty googles himself and sees this thread

No. 1658719

If she got pregnant it would solidify her downfall. Guys are shallow and while there are pregnancy fetishists out there, it’s almost expected her OF income will suffer once her body changes. Her success has largely been dependent on her body type and former work ethic, not so much her personality or sensuality.

If she doesn’t do “manual labor” she’ll need a full time nanny. Ty isn’t going to do shit or help out. He’ll get sick of her whining and eventually cheat because that’s an established pattern. She’s not special or the exception and he’ll do to her the same thing he did to his exes.

She’s in for a hard time if she has a full time household employee, financially supports her low income boyfriend (and his music aspirations), changes cars every few years, continues making bad financial decisions, buys a home, has mortgage payments while raising a baby on a reduced income. Sounds like a recipe for extreme stress.

Like others have pointed out, if they break up Ty will pull dirty moves to get custody. Once he does, he’ll get a few thousand a month in free $$$ from her.

No. 1658728

File: 1664222485360.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x1173, 484AD875-3011-4987-AB45-999344…)

For all the photoshopping Brina does she should try doing it to her background as well. It looks depressing af. Not pictured: Grandma Nellie crocheting on the couch

No. 1658733

Yeah I fulllllly second this. If she is a “present” parent, she’s going to be “present” in that neglectful way that causes serious mental and emotional detriment to the child. Having a baby is not to be taken lightly, and the care required is around the clock. She likes the idea of Ty being her baby daddy and trapping him, that’s about it. Once the reality of what it means to be a mom and how demanding and thankless it is, she is gonna be hating her decision.

No. 1658734

Gross.. everything she does is repulsive..I truly don't understand how she wakes up every day and just puts on some act like she's thriving lol,a failure of a person and most importantly a failure of a PARENT. 3 times, incredibly insane

No. 1658770

It’s pathetic how her life turned out considering the life changing opportunities she had. The over-the-top editing makes her come across as mental unstable or on drugs. One of her friends (obvs not Poppi) should be the voice of reason and tell her to stop. Her eldest daughter has to be mortified and embarrassed by her pictures.

No. 1658801

Don’t say that to Brina or she’ll send nudes to her daughter looking for her daughter to tell her she’s PrOuD to be her daughter and she’s sO beautiful just so she so she can post the convo on the internet like some sort of insane (and highly illegal) flex. I’m still not over her doing that. That was so weird and a perfect example of why not everyone should be allowed around children. Pumpy would be the exact same way around a kid. Some people are awful at distinguishing what shouldn’t and shouldn’t be done or said around very impressionable minds, kids take in everything. Pumpy and Brina are the exact in some sort of way, but not a way Pumpy should be proud of. They’re both awful with children or having any concept of right from wrong. Sending nudes to preteen girls shouldn’t be hard to distinguish as wrong, but I guess it is for some.

No. 1658810

File: 1664226322586.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x1900, FEC51525-4CD2-4A43-92E8-4BBB3D…)


No. 1658824

Stop pls. Just…stop.

I’m surprised she’s not experiencing crippling back pain. She’s going in twice a month it seems for fills. Where ever she’s going; they need to lose their license.

No. 1658826

File: 1664227490669.jpeg (104.65 KB, 1170x362, 1EAAE3CE-EF44-4E80-8EFD-47480F…)

Maybe it’s cuz she fills 100+ cc’s a week. If you know anyone with implants, going up 100cc isn’t a small amount. It’s a full cup size.

No. 1658835

File: 1664227829053.jpeg (565.74 KB, 1170x1627, EDC571F4-6993-4956-96AE-8E4CC9…)

Charms updates (1/2)

No. 1658836

File: 1664227855825.jpeg (125.71 KB, 1080x1920, 4405BF92-A1EC-41EA-9984-B5CF44…)


No. 1658846

I swear this creepy face she makes is even more unhinged looking than her nightmare tits.

No. 1658862

It should actually be illegal for a doctor to do this to someone. It looks so painful. Does she have zero friends or family who will check this? It looks so bad, but the appearance of this would be the least of my concerns. I can’t imagine the myriad of health problems this could cause her in the future. Ugh.

No. 1658871

Charms family pay for literally every single thing in her life and have paid for her house(s) in the past. She’s said it over and over again, she’s set for life and doesn’t need money her family will always give it to her. They’re very aware, but it seems they’ve let go on hoping for change long ago and just hand her a debit/credit card and leave her to her unhinged life.

No. 1658881

I thought (according to Darcy Nicole) Charm’s mom is in debt from financially supporting her emotionally manipulative daughter. Her mom needs to cut her off and stop enabling her. Charms can use her own damn money if she’s hellbent on continuing being a deformed freak show.

No. 1658959

She made a terrible investment. First off she had to get a loan to get a used older model Range Rover (that interior is from a 2018-2019) and she will pay more by paying off the car loan. It’s value will only continue to decrease due to time/mileage, and a brand new body style was just released for 2023 so any older models have dropped in value drastically. Someone needs to help her manage her money better.

No. 1658986

That's cos they're fake. What a tard. They're bursting at the seams.

We saw her gay boyfriend's penis years ago and it wasn't thick. It was just really bent lol.

No. 1658989

The Range Rover isn’t exactly a very reliable car anyways. If she actually did her research, most moms/families stick to brands like Honda, Hyundai, Toyota and Subaru. Reliable and they don’t cost a shit ton to maintain or repair.

Enjoy the lemon, Pumpy.

No. 1658995

Why did little miss baller buy used? If it’s out of warranty she’s going to deal with expensive maintenance costs of a well known money pit of a vehicle.

No. 1659006

Range Rover / Land Rover does not make good vehicles. They’re notoriously way overpriced and are known for being owned by rich people who don’t know much about cars. They’re generally unreliable pieces of shit.

No. 1659041

I’m sure the dealership conned her into an expensive warranty plan. They always push those hard with used cars. Considering she got a Land Rover, it wouldn’t be the worst idea shes had kek

No. 1659049

File: 1664242048289.png (2.04 MB, 1170x2532, E4DC28AC-3F60-4CBB-A116-4E2396…)

Retarded rant/tangent and it is not exclusive to pumpy (it’s a post from her stories) but it’s amazing how “sex workers” of now have manipulated everyone into thinking fingering yourself on cam or taking nudes is legitimately the same as another job. Pumpy never worked hard, she just was an attention whore and spent 16 hours a day talking to people. Doing something you hate (custom role play videos for creepy men/sweet talking perverts for tips) doesn’t mean what you’re doing is legitimate work. At least own up that you did it bc it was EASY cash. I’ll give credit to strippers and hookers for breaking a sweat tho. Ok I’ll stfu

No. 1659067

Yup. She woulda been better off with a Lexus or Acura SUV.

No. 1659157

File: 1664252020172.jpeg (204.3 KB, 1284x2324, 9C273D7A-97AA-4471-8E84-2D3CFB…)

I screenshotted this the day she was doing Q&A’s, definitely the saddest one…
I think she would feel better with a flat chest after dehumanizing herself and her body for so long.
But she doesn’t want to lose mike, so she keeps going.

No. 1659173

>flexing she pays her bills
Kek we all do, pumpy. You literally have nothing to show for all your hard work. A used Range Rover? Whoa girl.

No. 1659174

It’s more sad she married a guy who admitted he doesn’t find her attractive to her friend. She needs therapy instead of inflating her tits and getting a BBL.

No. 1659217

File: 1664261617910.jpg (531.69 KB, 1080x1590, Screenshot_20220926-235155_Chr…)

Some vintage camgirl general milk from thread #2, the fact that this is now a reality is making me kek

No. 1659220


Honestly, I miss when Megan was a regular player in these threads. Brina's milk is so fucking dark in comparison. Pumpy will never disappoint, though.

No. 1659353

Lmao cam whores who actually think they do legitimate work crack me up. They are always saying this. All of them. If it’s so legitimate why do they have to constantly remind us of it?

No. 1659356

You don’t think it’s dark that Pumpy is trying to get pregnant? With this disgrace of a human being/shit father >>1657039

At least Brina has seemingly closed the factory

No. 1659444

File: 1664286321151.jpeg (651.39 KB, 2399x1919, EE3F92AB-17EB-42F8-BD8A-BADA07…)

Gunna leave this here since she’s so hellbent on convincing everyone she has lupus. Pic on the right is from someone on instagram who had their implants removed 2 years ago.

No. 1659447

File: 1664286568917.jpeg (340.54 KB, 1284x2268, 201372AA-B3E9-4DEA-B433-9E851E…)

JJs feet are so little kek

No. 1659492

I’d say her “lupus” is her eating disorder.

No. 1659527

I wasn’t here for it but did Pumpy get veneers or braces/Invisalign to fix her teeth?

No. 1659553

This. Competent mothers tend to choose cars with great safety ratings. Pumpy is literally so retarded there would be no hope for her hypothetical offspring. A fucking Range Rover lmaooooo god she’s embarrassing.

No. 1659580

Oh fuck her. Seriously. I just went through my testing and waiting for my rheum follow up. Lupus fucking sucks and most days you feel victorious just managing a shower on your own. There is no way in hell I'd be motivated enough for all the hours of make up and photos. Granted, every case is different but I don't believe for a single moment this bitch was diagnosed with Lupus.

No. 1659740

She goes on WebMD and self diagnosis herself. Brina does the same thing. They are both narc and lazy.

No. 1659881

The warped shoe has me rollinggggggg.

No. 1660044

File: 1664319424748.jpeg (567.67 KB, 2048x2048, 720A2714-D075-4921-BCBD-CDB3C0…)

“I’m not a real mom, I’m an instagram mom”

No. 1660059

File: 1664320441893.png (5.38 MB, 1800x1344, 6C9711F1-A2D9-4AA6-A648-8DFBE0…)

She looks like a Russian Jennifer Coolidge to me.

No. 1660065

She’s posted her positive ANA results a few times. She’s got something going on, but every single thing points back to her bolt ons, timing included.

No. 1660067

Oh, Pumpy is definitely dark too. Going through the old threads I forgot just how fucking hard she pedo pandered and genuinely looked like a 13 year old girl, it's truly disgusting. It's funny to watch her BPD sperg and humiliate herself, she reminds me of Syd, but we saw what happened when Syd let Jonny knock her up.

I'm still hoping her skelly anachan body won't being able to sustain a pregnancy but I know we should just assume the worst possible scenario with this cow. At least Big C has her grandma and Brina's other kids seem to be okay with their sperm donors, but if we believe anything Pumpy says there is no family to step in and take a child away from her, and we know whoever knocks her up is going to be just as much of a winner as her. Bleak.

Why are SW cows always so horrifying? They all need extensive therapy to deal with their obvious CSA trauma.

No. 1660146

Most SWs truly are pretty horrifying. I think it’s because they enter into that line of work already with loads of unresolved trauma, and then compound that with the new trauma that comes with the realities of being a SW. Mix all that trauma up, and the outcome is Brina. On a side note, I hate to lump all SW into the Brina dumpster because I personally have a friend who is a stripper and totally has her head on straight, but she doesn’t cam or OF so maybe that’s where the difference lies?? Idk.

No. 1660166

File: 1664326853160.jpeg (1020.54 KB, 1170x1970, C40679C5-6C02-47D2-948D-C3492B…)

More pumpy lupus sperg today. A common thing women complain about is skin rashes and discoloration from BII. She’s an idiot and refuses to acknowledge that it’s her implants causing her to to have all these autoimmune skin fatigue and balding issues. A lot of people are saying filler is starting to cause them to have some of the same issues too.

No. 1660178

File: 1664327253760.jpeg (518.74 KB, 1242x1937, 573A3EFC-9197-4844-94F7-980CDC…)

Brina and rhett saga part… 3?!!

No. 1660200

Ok but what the fuck is that reply kek reminds me of the scene in 40 Year Old Virgin where he’s repeating things back to women in question form trying to learn how to talk to them

No. 1660240

File: 1664331225196.webm (8.05 MB, 720x1280, 1234567890.webm)

Some «words of wisdom» from Morgan. Two Instagram Stories stitched together.

No. 1660734

File: 1664380125014.jpeg (334.81 KB, 1170x1639, 60474FCB-1AAF-4428-867E-FA2044…)

I guess this is her way saying Ty is an asshole? “I love my men mean” is such a weird thing to say and also why she always ends up dogged out. I’d be so embarrassed if my man was mean to everyone. I have a feeling he’s not though and this is her trying to “manifest” or hint that she wants Ty to be mean to every girl he interacts with. Not happening Pump, he’s a puppy when it comes to women.

OT but does anyone who pays attention to Ty notice he spam follows people to gain his following, then unfollows a bunch later? He seems to follow/unfollow like 20 girls at a time and it seems like it’s in attempt to bait them to follow his account. Check it out. He follows/unfollows all sorts of randos, but only women. He’s just as desperate for attention as Pump.

No. 1660856

I haven’t noticed, but I’m unsurprised.. why else would his “type” be BPD SWer’s that are obviously going to fixate on him the whole relationship?

No. 1660874

I think the most amusing part about their relationship is that he refuses to claim her. If you look at his Instagram it’s as if he doesn’t have a gf at all. If it weren’t for Pumpy, no one would know he hangs out with her. I used to date a guy that was embarrassing when I was super poor because his apartment was nice and had a pool and would buy me sushi and nice gifts so I get it Ty I get it kekkkkk

No. 1660944

you can tell she is really bothered that her manlet won't commit kek

No. 1660952

Imagine being so insecure you can’t handle your partner being decent towards others. It’s not a flex your partner is an asshole. Pumpy is the kind of person who’d throw a hissy fit and cause a scene if Ty so much glanced at an attractive woman so maybe that’s why.

Ty appearing on Pumpy’s stories is enough to appease her but it’s weird he doesn’t post her. I think he’s embarrassed by her and his friends probably talk shit since they’ve experienced her insanity first hand. He’s not exactly winning in life so a sex worker who’s easy to manipulate and milk for money is his golden opportunity. Free food and booze for your friends, clothes, rent and a luxury vehicle to drive around in is a sweet deal. Even if you do have to put up with absolute insanity.

Good luck trying to make a relationship work with someone who repeatedly ghosted you, forced you get an abortion and continues to feed you lies (future faking) in order to keep the gravy train going.

No. 1660955

Don’t forget about the mattress she just bought him kek

No. 1661072


Right, the mattress for him she explicitly said was expensive. Then her trying to flex how she got him to assemble it. The least a dude can do for a four figure mattress is assemble the frame (that you also bought)

She tries to reconcile him using her money as them “building together.” Lots of women are in financial gap relationships but their prtners try to contribute. But she’s not only paying for everything but posted herself cooking him food a million times and even doing his laundry. This isn’t empowering lol it’s embarrassing. If he ever bought her anything significant you know she would post. If she had actual friends they’d tell her he was a POS. She will learn the hard way when she owes him child support

No. 1661092

Not if she pulls a Brina, dumps the kid with him, and starts escorting - unable to track her income. As we all know Brina pays zero in child support

No. 1661262

I have a feeling any “friends” who aren’t encouraging her relationship with Ty are cut till they’re split up. She can’t handle a conflicting opinion from her own.

No. 1661315

File: 1664413615525.jpeg (59.72 KB, 750x562, 13E961F2-A76D-47B7-B2D3-7AA024…)

No. 1661346

File: 1664415331609.jpeg (487.72 KB, 1284x774, 247B960A-17BA-4C0E-953F-B466B8…)

What a natural beauty

No. 1661350

Man she is so gross anymore. Nothing at all enticing about a nose candy slut. She’s a few months away from hooking for crack on a street corner. Nasty ass bitch, ran thru.

No. 1661361

Does she have close or long term friends? It might explain why she’s a Stage 5 Clinger.

Idk if she was trying to be cute or whatever but she’s too old to be acting this stupid.

No. 1661369

Why do you all talk like men

No. 1661374

It's a thread about obsessing over CAM GIRLS. Fucking obviously it's men posting in here.

No. 1661404

File: 1664418230593.jpeg (Spoiler Image,497.29 KB, 1170x2176, 5DE8EFB0-8509-4B0E-A0C1-DCCA44…)

Felt like resurfacing this bc of the mom talk. The Dirty is a nasty moidfilled site but w/e. Anyways we haven’t forgotten your pedo pandering roots Stormy.

No. 1661406

File: 1664418665462.jpeg (Spoiler Image,276.7 KB, 1170x1971, 0BA43C8C-D5D9-43E3-B0BD-8CD901…)

Ah bringin back some oldies but goodies.

No. 1661417

Yeah it’s actually wild to go back to the old threads and see how at the end of 2021 stormy moved in with her (now) ex, in one month. Yet she’s telling the world she’s been with Ty for two years.

No. 1661421

this site is for women only ♥

No. 1661430

What the fuck is happening to her face in this also I never realized how huge her old nose was til seeing this

No. 1661531

File: 1664428971953.jpeg (Spoiler Image,532.43 KB, 1284x1303, 42E28838-C888-47AD-A80A-55CB1C…)

Lol she panders TO THIS DAY, it’s the only content of hers that does well
(Yes I’m on OF on a lurk account, it’s her free account I don’t pay her)

No. 1661535

File: 1664429228282.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.61 MB, 1284x2238, 045B5101-0FDA-41C0-9D14-DD5E1D…)

Also capped this. Makes sense she has to post old shit when this is her current content. She just looks so…dry and void-like.

BTW pumpy- not everyone is leaving OF to “do more profitable things”. It’s just you being ugly that’s making you less money.

No. 1661582

she claims it's cause she was a crackbaby or something kek.

No. 1661833

File: 1664466999457.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x1868, 426538D9-2F79-428D-97A0-CCFBBD…)

“I went to college for environmental science when I was 17” oh really I thought you said you were homeless? Seems legit. Also homeless people don’t hang out in their bedrooms on Omegle. Sounds like Pumpy was always just a spoiled little bitch who threw a fit when they weren’t handed every single thing like someone from a rich family was. Vocal lessons and college classes, repeatedly posting old pics of herself in her bedroom on Omegle with randoms while trying to convince everyone “I had such a shitty homeless childhood”. Okay PumpnDump, you should make amends, you lied about everything and owe your family an apology.

No. 1661890

Just curious anyone know what the height of Pumpy’s following on Instagram was? I know Brina almost reached 500,000 back in her prime before she sold it off to Camversity

No. 1661901

I think it was around 40k. Def never peaked up to 100k.

No. 1662079

bitches with fake tits, fillers and tattoos teaching about the danger of dairy kill me.

No. 1662202

Uh kill yourself immediately if you have Y chromo

No. 1662217

some shit pump would say. imagine trying to gatekeep an anonymous imageboard made to contain drama from all across the internet kek get real or stay pressed. “KiLl YoUrSeLf If Ur a MaN” try doing manual labor stupid bitch.

No. 1662280

This is a women centric image board, always has been… to be a moid AND a newfag… Did you buy a $250 custom video and she forgot to send you it?

95%+ of men don’t do more physically laborious work than women

No. 1662334

I ain't even vegan but this cow says shit like this yet still eats fish and buys leather bags and clothes and doesn't give a shit about that.

Dead animals to feed people is better than dead animals to be a fashion statement.

No. 1662446

Imagine thinking men talk like that and that you’re replying to a man, stay pressed dumbass

No. 1662458

File: 1664502959781.webm (18.88 MB, 720x1280, college credits in Environment…)

Here’s the .webm, it’s worth a watch just to hear her utter
> as someone with college credits in Environmental Science, and I earned those at fucking 17
Without a trace if irony and as if it were some unattainable super special accomplishment.

No. 1662459

File: 1664503159212.webm (2.74 MB, 720x1280, so, narcissism?.webm)

She also posted (again) that she’s not on social media for her aUdIeNcE. She simply wants to watch herself. A few stories later wonders why no one is sharing her content. She seems unable to connect the dots.

No. 1662464

File: 1664503387504.png (3.25 MB, 2160x7677, QWERTY .PNG)

It also seems her ego was wounded at some point during the day.

No. 1662465

File: 1664503422041.jpg (202.59 KB, 960x1706, MM.jpg)

And lastly.

No. 1662476

Doesn't matter who they're talking to, men aren't welcome on this site. Simple as that

No. 1662477

Thanks for the webm, I got a temp ban for not including it…

No. 1662482

Oh, so you can do something to prevent men from being here other than get your panties twisted and rant? I’ll wait, Karen.

No. 1662498

File: 1664506060131.jpeg (382.84 KB, 1170x1748, BAEB8CFE-CD73-4840-8107-CAE34E…)

It’s just so …male… of you to be aggro and antagonize anons that aren’t doing anything stupid or wrong (for once lol).

Anyways, more of Stormys self DX. Of course she’s a they. Although, I can kind of believe she has some real dysphoria since she does have Peter Pan syndrome, as shown in her ED.

No. 1662508

I’m sorry, nona. I'm an obsessed with archiving but please know I didn’t report you. I actually don’t see how it’s an offence? Sometimes you can’t upload right away. In my opinion notifying the thread of potentially disappearing milk is better than no milk at all.

No. 1662510

I find it funny that some chick is on her “kys” bullshit bcuz a man commented in here. She can cry to Hasan as he reads lolcow threads live on stream that this site is only for WoMeN. It isn’t girl talk, it’s a whole ass imageboard. I wasn’t even the original anon they were replying to lol.

No. 1662514

Seems like only men or pick-mes would be so stupidly upset over what one anon said insulting men.

No. 1662614

pumpy struggling to say this fucking dribble "why everyone wanna be surprised that there's fucking floods all around the world and be like 'omg this is so sad, the world is flooding, so many people are dying' but then do very obvious things that harm the earth to kill it" is one of the most retarded, incoherent attempts at pseudo-intellectualism I've ever had the misfortune of hearing.

No. 1662626

Says the bitch who just traded in her hybrid that she never drove, and bought an SUV she DOESN’T NEED so she can actually drive and stalk Ty when he goes on tour.


Retarded bitch

No. 1662692

File: 1664541990805.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1125x1980, A38D237A-C53F-4801-A36D-26FA8A…)

I love all these cam whores that are damn near 30 or 30+ still calling themselves “baby.” And on top of it, selling their lame ass content for $3 and is literally always on sale KEK. They got away with it in their early 20s, now it’s just sad and pathetic and hilarious to watch.

No. 1662734

File: 1664547679611.png (Spoiler Image,2.27 MB, 1132x1800, F3155D07-F5D5-465D-946A-A56583…)

So they’re definitely still fucking.
And brina is still using the same bitchy tactic of waiting two seconds after asking for something before throwing a fit.

No. 1662744

what happened between Kenzie and Ava to cause them to never talk again? does Ava still associate her with a party lifestyle or what? I remember them being viral on tumblr for their relationship.

No. 1662755

Hmmmmm good question. I also wonder this. They were so close then bam! It seems like Ava wants NOTHING to do with Kenzie. Kenzie does seem like a desperate drug addicted cow tbh

No. 1662775

Ava went to rehab got clean, that was the end. They kept in touch but that fizzled out now they don't talk. Ava never got her things kenzie had them all, it appears she either lost it when she couldn't afford her apartment or just kept them. Ava is the only one who seems healthy and actually looks good.

No. 1662815

She’s really aging. Without filter she looks really just ehhhhh

No. 1662830

Nah. She’s still camming and seems extremely unhinged. She moves every couple of months and maybe doesn’t abuse heroin or Xanax anymore but looks high out of her mind on something most of the time. Ava can hide behind the “Im a nymph fairy in the woods, completely pure and free after rehab” no bitch your life is a mess she just doesn’t display it like Pumpy and Brina

No. 1662842

If you went the rehab and got clean, distancing yourself from people who do drugs is likely necessary. I never got Kenzie’s appeal. The way she brands herself is gross and immature (hate that daddy kink shit). This is what Pumpy will be like in the future.

If true, that disappointing. Used to watch her back in the day before rehab and she always looked strung out like she was on downers. Often too fucked up to interact with her chat room.

No. 1662866

She also stated on Twitter recently she can't even look at the pictures of their years together it was such a dark time. Probably brings up memories about all the fucked up shit they did together, gross men they shared to buy Xanax and heroin, rather than not getting her stuff back; she doesn't seem like a very materialistic person. She lives in hostels and shit these days if not with her sister or randoms.

No. 1662872

What place? We know if she got an actual apartment no matter how small; she wouldbe showing off the floor plan before she decorated it. She's talking out of her ass about permanent residence at her fathers I'm assuming.

No. 1662890

Who is this talking about? Learn to sage and use the reply feature please cuz this is confusing.

No. 1662909

I know this is like an 8 day late response but this totally makes sense why pump moved to where she did because she’s literally next door to him now.

No. 1662922

yeah, they get banned. Are you a newfag or just retarded? Why is it that in the cam thread are there so many who can't follow the bouncing ball.

No. 1662941

File: 1664561601111.png (7.73 MB, 1242x2208, 498CE68D-481F-4E9E-AB2E-843DE9…)

She’s ranting right now about about how she will never be fully respected because of selling pussy pics. I wonder if Ty is showing he will never respect her and is showing his true colors

No. 1662944

she’s going through something, it’s not like her to take nearly a 24 hour break from social media like she did yesterday

No. 1662946

Agreed anon

No. 1662954

This makes no sense. They’re still using you even if you don’t lose everything you have? So dumb.

No. 1662956

She’s very honest about going through a long trial currently for CSA, not gunna harp on that.

No. 1663029

That’s really sad. No wonder she had a drug addiction problem. But seems like a common theme with cam girls. I’m sure she has zero skills but she really needs to quit camming. Not sure how you could possibly heal while fingering your self live on the internet for disgusting moids.

No. 1663107

did anyone record the rant? bcuz it’s gone now. this one is interesting though and i’m almost certain it’s about Ty, something about her choice of words. he wears a cross every day and believes in god. she was wearing crosses to impress him a few times lol.

>”for some reason going to church on sunday and asking some fucking made up character to forgive your sins makes up for literally eating peoples hearts or just being a fucking deadbeat ass human being and a waste of fucking space… that’s the fucked up part.”


No. 1663117

File: 1664574316598.jpeg (314.93 KB, 2399x1919, FB4E35B1-FE92-4AB0-A840-D701CD…)

She’s paying cammodelprotect almost $300 a month just to remove her from Google search results lmfao. They’re barely getting any actual content taken down.

No. 1663128

It definitely seems like she and Ty got into a fight and said, “I was just using you.” Not to run away with speculation, but it’s not surprising how a guy who has a near fetish for cam girl also shits on them. “I’m not a prostitute” [like Sabrina] won’t get you out of this pumpy. If anything a dude who respects you would help you plan to get out the industry finally and stay out…. Not leech your funds while you degrade yourself for a roleplay video

No. 1663131

Back to back shots at Doe/Stella in her ig feed right now and she’s not even trying to be discreet about it


No. 1663134

File: 1664575853754.jpeg (277.97 KB, 1170x2056, 18BFEB61-F856-4E4D-A631-64D088…)

And this one where she was fake crying while eating?

No. 1663135

File: 1664576069900.jpeg (476.2 KB, 1170x2061, 88E5914F-E09F-479E-AF61-147A76…)

Immediately followed by this. Someone really got under her skin about her weight it seems like.

No. 1663192

Nitpick, but with alllllll this money she has, can’t she find a better nail tech???

No. 1663193

File: 1664580032197.jpg (Spoiler Image,653.71 KB, 1080x1952, Screenshot_2022-09-30-19-17-44…)

The lack of awareness is so incredibly WILD.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1663209

I don’t wanna post a comparison pic but she looks like the child pageant audition photos that are so photoshopped the children look like adults.

No. 1663242

She’s so tacky. I hope someone lays this skeleton out

No. 1663258

Curious what the original photo looked like because this looks terrible

No. 1663310

File: 1664592141813.jpeg (71.71 KB, 750x638, 5F499CEF-4D6E-4ABD-8F80-3BB02A…)

Wonder who this is about

No. 1663320

Why can’t she speak without forming spittle, she sounds unintelligent as usual.

No. 1663340

Serious question: is Poppi transgender?

No. 1663364

File: 1664597957992.jpeg (317.27 KB, 1170x2047, 9979F9AB-BDDE-4AF2-A950-EF3BD9…)

No. 1663375

These kinds of captions make me lose my mind

No. 1663439

File: 1664606583122.jpeg (86.67 KB, 1284x350, CE30D56A-7F81-413E-8F7A-C6E68C…)

Any tinfoil about who these tweets are about?

No. 1663526

>Deadbeat mother pretends to enjoy micro penis…
where do I sign??!

Seriously tho, people pay for this shit? If I lacked this much dignity I’d be a millionaire. I can’t even imagine how utterly unimpressive their sex is. I’m a lil curious but I’m sure the sounds (if any) would make me wanna start fitting a noose.

No. 1663527

File: 1664623291816.gif (670.39 KB, 400x218, AE2C2EC6-6D15-4210-A25E-E6AAA9…)

I imagine it goes something like this

No. 1663538

Lmao she is high as fuck on Adderall in this pic look at dem pupils and crazy eyed stare

No. 1663583

Tiny nitpick but I noticed it in her story videos too, her top lip is super uneven and it's annoying

No. 1663755


I agree, nonas! Her and Ty must have got in a fight, he’s slipping off her BPD pedestal because it can only go on for so long before he does. The attacks on Stella say to me that either she’s seething about the child again or just fixated on the REAL mother of Ty’s children. Stay mad, Pumpy xo — The misbehaviour is the only thing interesting about you.

No. 1663975

File: 1664655517176.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1881, 2D2CFD73-C251-4E1B-ABD3-39AB76…)

Lmao gotta love the air mattress in the background and the fully photoshopped face that looks more like an AI Barbie than Brinas actual face. Kekkkk I love this era of broke Brina

No. 1664074

She is sucha catfish. Also the way she pulls her waistline in with photoshop too. Puhleeeeze.

No. 1664150

File: 1664664893434.jpeg (409.61 KB, 1170x2089, A2F5AD01-7B20-4B83-84CC-AC67DC…)

Ty having to try harder than usual for his sugar mama privileges. Kek, him doing his barber steam & facial on pumpy. He’s still using you even if every time you fight he finally gives you the girlfriend treatment. But I’m not rooting for her bc Ty and Stormy are equally yoked. They’re eachother’s punishment… if not now then eventually

No. 1664226

I honestly can't wait until Pumpy finally snaps on Ty. He's a loser who clearly preys on SWs who have issues. I'm ready for Pumpy to go crazy and expose him for the true pos he is

No. 1664251

File: 1664669879269.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1284x2252, C727AEF9-34A9-441D-8FA5-31E7DB…)

I’m getting weird vibes off of her lately, like I feel she is on the brink of overdosing

If Pump’s mom was supposedly turning tricks then why would she shame/disown Pumpy for being a camwhore? As usual, the lies don’t add up.

No. 1664275

Not to defend Pump but her mom was probably just as unhinged. Wouldn't surprise me if she was actually really jealous that Pump was making so much without being a FSSW. If Pump ever has a daughter she'll prob be jealous of her own kid one day too. A lot of narcs are

No. 1664294

File: 1664672745837.jpeg (259.06 KB, 1170x1465, 27D025FC-5F82-4B37-BB1D-91BDE0…)

No. 1664300

This is high effort editing for Sabrina, the bed frame looks close to normal compared to her usual fully out of wack and distorted backgrounds. Still bad, but for Sabrina good, she must not be as high today.

No. 1664425

File: 1664681443609.png (859.11 KB, 776x1800, 8C0524B5-A52E-4B76-90EC-8CB45C…)

Read from the bottom -> up.
What a money pump.

She was getting ready to go out with Ty and their friends but apparently they texted her and decided they didn’t want to spend money going out and would rather drink at her house and she buys the alcohol.
They didn’t want to spend money because they bought fast pass tickets for Halloween Horror nights and an air bnb that costs $300/ticket and $100/per person at the bnb.
She talked about how they’re all in their 30s and Ty is 31 (maybe 32, I forget) and they’re all done partying because they’ve been doing that since they were 16 while she’s been working and “never doing any drugs”, earlier while doing her makeup she mentioned how her “meds make [her] skin so oily no matter what” skin care routine she uses.
Now that she’s 26 and wants to go out to drink, she has no one to do it with so she still never leaves her house.

She then went on to talk about trading in her car so she could drive Ty’s 7 year old daughter and his band mates around and how it fits her needs these days better than the sports car, I’m assuming she’s including the idea of moving her stuff around from place to place and possibly living out of it in the future.

The end. Boring and sad.

She made at least $30 so at least she can “feel expensive” in her own words.

No. 1664432

Duh, Stormy this is what happens when you obsess over a man all day and your social life is his… other people, esp women, try hard to make friends in their 20s. It’s not easy for anyone

No. 1664457

How did Pumpy even meet Ty in the first place? She just picked one of Brinas exes and sent him a DM or what? Did she try and band Aj and Rhett too?

No. 1664509

File: 1664688191333.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, F116C978-2C90-4578-8849-6A8E81…)

Iirc stormy invited Ty to Vegas at her bday air bnb in like 2020 (bc at the time I think dean cheated on her) and he flaked on her. Idk if it was thru IG DMs, or if they made acquaintance some other way

No. 1664543

She said the other day the first time she ever saw him he was doing karaoke at a bar in LA singing The Cure.

No. 1664665

How is any of this ‘milk’? To me it just looks like you have an obsession with her, you’re sitting in on her streams on an adult porn site and transcribing them to yourself and the maybe two other camgirls that talk to you.

No. 1664698

People watch live shows and recap them. It’s common on lolcow, are you a newfag or someone who only comes to this thread? Go check out Shayna, farmers sit there with popcorn capping every single show with a breakdown of what was said and happened. Go check out PnP where a recap of what was said is provided about almost all of her IG live streams. I appreciate the recap on a show I had no intentions in watching, nonnie. >>1664425

No. 1664715

File: 1664722094767.jpeg (228.54 KB, 1080x1920, 88E04B3B-B271-46A7-8379-0FC437…)

Dear god this looks insane and not ok

No. 1664719

I wrote it. It’s not milk, I should’ve saged but I just didn’t give a fuck to go back and sage it.
And just to let you know, I have severe depression and am disabled so yeah I spent my Saturday at home getting stoned and watching her show for the first time in my life.
Just figured since I did I’d write it down and add it here to make sense of wasting my time.
You’re welcome.

No. 1664736

This is lolcow, not all milk is full fat. Learn the culture, or fuck off

No. 1664778

How does she not see Ty is blatantly using her? My friends and I have a term for people like that - a forever never. Pumps you’re Ty’s forever never. Start saying no to buying him shit and the relationship is OVER. You’re a debit card girl.

No. 1664788

this photo is years old when her and rhett got that apartment together and she ended up at her dads shortly after. Notice the zero new hands tattoos. She doesn't even have a new place but is making it look like she is in a "new place" again kek what a sad girl, home at grandmas eating her biscuits and jam

No. 1664791

I think the anon who was hating is a newfag or something. I don’t see a prob with what you posted. I thought it was entertaining and further supports pump being a moron. I just come here to keep up with the nonsense so for anons like me it’s amusing to get recaps of her cam show. Kek

No. 1664800

again, Sabrina posting another years old photo from her and Rhetts old apartment when she "hated her body and needed to get help" She must not have hated it that much to photoshop it to be even more uncanny looking, ew

No. 1664806

She ended up deleting them.

No. 1664837

Kek anon do you even know where you are? It’s the same as someone recapping a YouTube vid. Get a grip or just don’t read the page -you can literally close the tab.

No. 1664919

File: 1664737743857.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1284x2249, 7917BC51-2C77-49DC-9C59-F67950…)

HOLY FUCKING HELL, her lip filler migration…

No. 1664925

I agree, forget the newfag. I’m in an entirely different time zone and never catch these shows. It’s interesting that she specifically named Ty’s/Stella’s daughter as someone she “needs to drive around.” She’s probably bent out of shape over the comments in here and intends to play sTePmOm, to a child she hates, just to give herself some sense of purpose in Ty’s life. That’s honestly for sure why she keeps going off on deadbeat parents, because first it’s how Stella “fumbled” Ty (kek) and now it’s going to be “look at how I’m with your kid and you’re not.”

No. 1664929

File: 1664738624296.jpeg (57.68 KB, 279x640, 42C896DF-F6A7-4424-A10E-72D3EF…)

Her brain damage is so extensive at this point, she’s been dead inside for a long time now

No. 1664956

How did this even happen? I know charms has been on the whole pharmacy of medications, but what is actually wrong? Is there unresolved trauma? Is that why her mom keeps footing the bill, because she feels guilty for charms ending up this way because of something that happened in her youth? I don’t understand why she’s so cruel to herself and does everything she can to not be the Lotte she used to be. I don’t understand her mind not one single bit.

No. 1664992

These stories were so annoying, how is someone who took $50K to look normal and average so narcissistic. The retarded hot girl meme has been over for ages too

No. 1665069

as an oldfag who's been following charms for a long time, I don't think there's been unresolved trauma or anything. I think she just clearly has some kind of mental disorder (I don't wanna armchair and claim she has xyz shit because that crap is annoying) and her mom tried everything under the sun to make it better. If you go to her old threads you'll see her mom did get angry at her for a few things like when she got her first dog and cut her off for a bit. It caused her to have to give away her dog or something so she could get back in her mom's graces for money. After a while I think her family just kind of gave up, she's at an age where if she didn't learn to do something by NOW, she's probably never going to learn.

It's hard to believe what darcy says because she's a known liar, so I dunno if I believe that charms' mom is actually in debt, but who knows. If that was the case, who's footing for her life right now? It sure as shit isn't her sex work, that's barely pulling anything. And she doesn't have any real simps throwing wads of cash at her even in this late in the bimbofication fetish. Sometimes I wish people would ask her but she wouldn't really be honest anyway.

No. 1665080

Thank you anon I was going to mention it’s obviously an old photo as there is a bed and bed frame kekkkkk 2 things Brina hasn’t had for herself in a looong time

No. 1665407

File: 1664774701461.jpeg (281.82 KB, 1170x1996, E5B0ED4D-87BB-48D8-AF8D-B959CA…)

Maybe that means it’s because you’re an insufferable bitch and not because you’re a sex worker.

No. 1665409

File: 1664775285884.jpeg (319.64 KB, 1170x1984, F2497CB4-AC6C-4A0C-BA2F-AAF6C2…)

She gives herself meth head ass oily pores by taking adderall and injecting every ounce of her face full of fillers.

No. 1665422

Use a pore filling primer? Or just STOP staring at yourself close up every 10 minutes

No. 1665547

Aren't meth heads dry and crusty and break out in sores?

No. 1665649

tin foil but I bet brina set up an amazon for things for her "new place" just to sell it all for money while staying at daddy's house kek doesn't she turn 31 in 2 months?

No. 1665661

Just wondering does anybody know why the pNp thread died and never continued..she was constantly providing endless milk on the daily then one day never spoken of. She was legitimately one of the most repulsive cows on here IMO.

No. 1665676

Brina turns 30 Dec 27th

No. 1665747

File: 1664818102857.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1170x2089, 68E78477-B2CC-4926-BFB3-A700D8…)

So Pumps was an orphan? But knows her BM? What’s her actual story? She always talks about her mom kicking her out… also her lips look like a prolapsed anus.

I think after she stopped posting her entire life online and just actually became a stripper her life and following her just became boring. Her posts are just like “come see me at work”

No. 1665771


I just wish we ever got an update to the person her boyfriend Matthew the mailman hit with his mail truck. She posted so crazy one day that he called her crying and was sure he severely injured that guy, and then no update/ they broke up. DID HE KILL EM OR WHAT

No. 1665814

The life you deserve lol shit posting all day in her filthy ass apartment pretending her boyfriend gives a flying fuck about her.

I wonder who even engages with her. Like is she hoping women will respect her and reply about how proud she should be of herself? Because she certainly doesn't seem to like it when men reply to her baiting. I have a feeling I'm overthinking it and she's just talking to herself though.

No. 1665844

File: 1664824567616.jpg (9.7 KB, 275x90, 1597140016410.jpg)

I went for a stroll down memory lane this morning and re-read her last thread lol… Petition to include her in this thread if she does anything milky ???
This was from the last thread, I'm so sad it died out.

No. 1665850

File: 1664824991342.jpg (570.54 KB, 1079x1078, Screenshot_20221003_122115.jpg)

Big yikes

No. 1665852

She kinda looks like Rhett’s ex gf Alexis

No. 1665854

Just make a new thread for her it’s not that hard. The last one hit max and no one decided to make a new one.

No. 1665857

File: 1664825347265.jpeg (198.15 KB, 1170x463, C511ED54-1022-47E3-85AD-BDAED2…)

Why is this so funny to me? Brina take that shit to heart and maybe change some things?

No. 1665860

Or nah? I wanna read about these lame prostitutes, not waste my time making a thread about one dumbass loser

No. 1665862

Crying about "comments made online" when she's literally abandoned three children in REAL LIFE lmaooo "actions speak louder than comments on Instagram"
this girls bag of K must be running low

No. 1665865

Pumpy is just such a narcissist with (simultaneously) devastatingly low self esteem so she has to brag about her income as some form of self validation. Do other onlyfans millionaires post about their wealth 2x a day? It’s not even like in a lifestyle vlogger way, it’s like she’s trying to convince her audience she’s a success.

you have an expensive car. But you don’t even have two girl friends to go bar hopping with. Your boyfriend isn’t telling his parents about you. You don’t have hobbies, skills, interests. Come on. You claim to want a baby but never even been clubbing with the girls before

(Cue the posts about how she’s ready for domesticity and women are bad friends and she’s an old soul and tired of the things dumb 20somethings do)

No. 1665878

Not to mention, any money she has made is down right dirty money. You literally get pedophiles off for a living girl. You should be ashamed of any income you have acquired by this point. You entertain the scum of the earth. BARF.

No. 1665891

She got fat. No joke, I genuinely think that's the root of all her insane body modifications. For someone known for being extremely pretty and skinny, getting fat (easy enough to do, happens to lots of us) is absolutely mortifying. But losing weight is a difficult long term process, and some people cope by trying to change/improve their appearance in other ways that provide quick results and short term gratification. So you get the tattoos, piercings, ugly hairstyles, plastic surgery, and in the end she's just doubled down on all that shit because it's irreversible and she'll never be cute again. If you can't be genuinely attractive, you can at least have gigantic boobs I guess.

No. 1665915

she’s never been involved in these threads and you’re trying to integrate her into it bc you’re lazy and don’t wanna click into another thread. pnp has always been in her own.

No. 1665919

File: 1664830325823.png (1.37 MB, 828x1792, BECF4052-1B73-4C5C-93C7-0EC7C8…)

I thought I remembered her mentioning the dad in jail story. I was so confused when she was posting all of that low rider stuff 2 weeks ago.

No. 1665925

Yeah plus the fact Charms keeps saying she’s trans/a he. Totally think the weight gain resulted in some dysmorphia as well as gender issues.

No. 1665965

Pnp isn't milky enough for her own thread anymore. I wouldn't mind seeing her here if she does do something

No. 1665966

How did this bitch mom leave her homeless and in foster care when she had vocal lessons and a big ass room she started camming from and also her dad had been in prison since she was born but she brags about building cars with him(sage)

No. 1665969

This explains so much to me, not just about her but about cows like her. Thanks for the insightful comment, nona.
I feel I need a Morgan timeline as she has a weird relationship with the truth.

No. 1666014

I think Pumpy said before that the guy she thought was her dad (maybe the car guy) turned out not to be her actual dad and her actual dad was a serial killer lol. You never know what's true and what's not with her

No. 1666029

And she’s been at it for 8 years right, I’m sure she doesn’t even remember all she lied

No. 1666151

Her real dad has been in prison since she was a baby but didn't she claim he kidnapped her and her mother? And how her mother got pregnant with this "serial killer" aka her actual birth mother, she's not an orphan her stories don't add up at all. "BPD" or amber turd syndrome

No. 1666276

File: 1664853217361.png (743.51 KB, 828x1792, 742E075E-937B-4FE6-92BC-C20E39…)

Her dad couldn’t be the serial killer btw. He was born in 1984 so he was 11 years old when pump was born.

No. 1666311

Not to be rude but if Pumpy's mom is anything like Pumpy describes I wouldn't be surprised if she wouldn't know for sure who Pump's dad is anyhow

No. 1666543

I know he isn't, it's just hilarious the stories she spills. The amount of lies that come out her mouth daily. No wonder she has no friends, it's surprising because her and brina are one in the same. Lie about everything and shit talk about everyone.

No. 1666657

File: 1664893670953.jpeg (542.42 KB, 750x1053, 8BB473A1-42B0-4CAD-B6B8-0D5EF4…)

I miss her so thread. She left her husband Matt ages ago and now she strips and tries to say she’s in her workout era by posting weird shit like this

No. 1666665

big yikes, she looks rough now. what's with the bleached mullet?

No. 1666725

Did she actually ever mention why she and Matt split up, or anything about the divorce? I also always liked her thread, but there really wasn't much milk in the end to justify a new thread.

No. 1666735

holy fuck she looks like a meth head. i miss her insanity so much, she was always serving bpd realness.

nonnas remember when she shaved her cat? I'd love to know the deets on her and matt splitting up

No. 1666805

I tried to forget about the cat shaving bullshit but OMG she was providing neverending milk for a long time, I too want to know what happened with her and Matt lmao he was staying with a prostitute so long and she ended up leaving him finally? I thought it would be the other way around, he was the biggest cuck… remembering when she would make him do porn in his Postal service uniform, and etc. There was so much weird shit she did….those wood chunks with glitter on them she tried to sell sent me every time

No. 1666807

i will never forget the time she had yellow hair and she wanted to go blue. but she didn't bleach, she just put the blue dye on top of the yellow and it came out green…. legit one of the funniest and most stupid shit i have seen a cow do.

No. 1667017

File: 1664920703937.jpeg (145.09 KB, 1170x539, ABA403B7-FA9F-4CA8-890C-12F1A0…)

Found some interesting info about Pixie / Whiskeykitten’s sugar daddy boyfriend and what he does over in the Blonde thread. His name is Regan Silber. He’s co founder of a hedge fund and a film producer. He’s been fully funding her sugar baby lifestyle for a few years now.

No. 1667018

File: 1664920771000.jpeg (453.68 KB, 1170x1604, 0537AC86-4518-4C94-A1AE-5D5FFE…)

No. 1667054

Ew you’d think he could find a cuter sugar baby. She’s hideous

No. 1667082

She’s beautiful, has a unique look and I’m happy for her. It’s nice she hasn’t gotten a nose job or fake tits despite having access to unlimited funds like most trophy girlfriends/wives. She seems down to earth and not a cow — just very very lucky!!

No. 1667092


So James was arrested for strangling Sabrina just like a week ago - youtube video described what happened

No. 1667093

File: 1664925216051.png (337.02 KB, 676x475, Screenshot 2022-10-04 7.12.07 …)

No. 1667094

Ummm slow down, anon. Hedge fund guy uses and abuses her. He pays her for sex. Do you not understand what a sugar daddy relationship is about retard? He hasn’t wifed her up, she just gets to enjoy his expensive things every once in awhile. He probably has 3 other sugar babies too. Ya she’s soooooo lucky lmao. I wish I could get dick slapped by an old perv on a yacht too kek

No. 1667102

He just upgraded her to a high rise apartment. While she is his pay to play, they are exclusive.

No. 1667105

This makes so much more sense why she keeps going back to him. I get they’re both dumpster humans, but there seems to be a trauma bond. Didn’t AJ get physical with her too?

No. 1667108

James has clearly had enough with Brina’s sex work / being a cuck but strangling her is fucked up. It’s not like he didn’t know who she was. What a loser.

No. 1667109

File: 1664926104811.jpeg (85.33 KB, 401x600, 201A1BF3-D1C0-4AC5-A94E-FBAC7F…)

Reagan seems to have a gambling problem. Probably chump change to him, but Google shows a lot of failed attempts at World Series of poker. Images shows more of him playing poker than anything else.

No. 1667110

Every boyfriend Brina has ever had has found her talking with other men, AJ, Ty (when he exposed her being an escort)
probably wasn't even "sex work" related just her being a hoe as usual and cheating

No. 1667113

File: 1664926420691.jpeg (403.11 KB, 2399x1599, 18C6F903-DEF6-412D-9F99-61DB09…)

she actually thinks the thing on the right looks better

No. 1667122

I agree. Given her extensive history of cheating it’s likely she was talking to guys behind his back.

No. 1667124

apart from the nose ring she is adorable in the first pic, looks like a lifeless badly proportioned blow up doll in the second, absolutely delusional

No. 1667129

Lmao sure, Jan they are exclusive

No. 1667131

apart from the nose ring she is adorable in the first pic, looks like a lifeless badly proportioned blow up doll in the second, absolutely delusional

No. 1667136

What happens when he gets a new sugar baby and doesn’t want to pay for her place anymore? She’ll be homeless like brina kek. I wouldn’t want to rely on some old pervert to pay my bills

No. 1667142

Girl, stfu. You and “your man” are wack and pathetic

No. 1667144

File: 1664928032909.jpeg (27.44 KB, 268x268, 8CF345FB-3260-4209-A3A2-098F96…)

Yeah, so lucky to be with someone with liver spots nearing senior citizenship.

No. 1667162

Stfu with trying to accuse me of being Taylor for providing information she’s disclosed.

No. 1667208

Ur definitely her. Why else would you defend a random cam whore kek

No. 1667216

Fuck off retard. If you can’t understand the relevancy to her situation that’s your problem. Some of you stupid fucks in this thread get off on hoping every nona is the cow you dream about. I was the one who brought the info about Reagan to this thread, if I was Taylor I sure as shit wouldn’t want that info here. She tries to keep him as mysterious as possible. Last time you called me Pumpy, looks like you’re just brain dead.

No. 1667264

No it was super weird how you just popped that random info here. Literally no one cares about Taylor here she has her own thread. I think you are (Taylor) kek just wanted random opinions on your sad attempt to make people jealous of your pathetic life

No. 1667310

Kek no she doesn’t. We all figured out who he was very quickly because of what she posts

No. 1667319

She’s actually been mentioned in here quite a few times recently and the blonde thread is quite dead, but I noticed it was bumped in the catalog with stuff about Reagan. Y’all did not know any of that stuff based on the tinfoil stupidity up thread. I pay attention to more threads than just this one so I don’t really don’t give a fuck if what I provided wasn’t about your favorite cow that gets mentioned in this thread. “Kek” your life away psycho. I lose brain cells every time I respond to you.

No. 1667325

its hilarious that everyone who posts here aggressively hates each other and doesn’t know how to enjoy the content without going for each others throats lmfaoooo camgirl culture at its finest in this thread. some BPD cows losing their minds and they’re not even the ones any of this is about.

No. 1667410

Literally I do. This is camgirls general. Do link us to where her thread is tho cuz I went looking after u said this n one doesn’t exist. People responded to the stuff about her bf n it’s welcomed (other then by u) not sure what ur reading

No. 1667464

This is definitely some other camgirl in here who’s friends with her, LOL.
And if you’re not, why kiss her ass so hard? Hmm?
She’s literally a pro-Ana pyramid scheme scammer with a huge schnozz, with no life skills. I commend her on not being an alcoholic anymore and fucking her asshole for knickels every night, but nobody would look twice at her except for some gross old man.
At least he has money, but I wouldn’t call her lucky.
She’s also friends with pumpy, you can see her icon in one of the screenshots of a DM pump posted, it made sense she posted that SS after Taylor was posted here lol.
Birds of a feather

No. 1667578

Lmao at least attempt to be slick, fuck off whore

No. 1667579

You lose brain cells by just existing, anon. No need to respond as you’ll lose even more!!

No. 1667582

File: 1664967886710.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1170x1143, 032A4CD1-2868-4DED-838C-26D643…)

This is exactly what I’m saying. She’s also the cam whore who did the doll skill photo shoot with Brina back in the day. I remember her now. She also used to have really weird elf eyebrows kek. Who’s ever kissing her ass in this thread needs a life.

No. 1667584

Fuck off, Taylor. Go blow your old perv for a handbag.

No. 1667689

For some reason I'm finding it hard to believe JJ was abusive I feel like this was a tactic to keep him with threats of accusing again. Weird they are going down a similar path as Melanie and Aaron except they at least are interesting. What's going on with Sandra lately?

No. 1667694

I thought the same thing. She probably asked to be choked during sex or some shit. She’s such a manipulative lying whore I don’t believe anything she says, especially to authority figures like police.

No. 1667696

She could also probably take James in a fight too kek. She’s like 4 x his size

No. 1667719

File: 1664981266297.png (3.92 MB, 1800x1420, 012A2817-F2E9-4B82-ACFC-DC01ED…)

Same old same old.

No. 1667746

Her and Brina developed massive hatred for each other during that photo shoot. They do not get along.

No. 1667757

Damnit I thought the hair flip was gone for good lol

No. 1667765

I remember when they were at that shoot it ended with Sabrina being in the hospital, prob OD'd and blamed whatever her name is. She used to be heavy on drugs w Ava and Kenzie in AZ

No. 1667767

Didn’t Brina steal from Taylor and break some stuff along with partying hard in the hotel room and running them up a ton of fees with Brina never paying her back?

No. 1667771

File: 1664984581844.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1211, F5E55443-297D-4A2B-BA3C-0DF601…)

Oh yes she’s a real natural beauty kek. Unique is just another word for ugly. Her sugar daddy is probably a pedo she used that whole baby persona forever and intentionally stays underweight like Pumpy for the sickos

No. 1667855

So pumpy blocked me of course, made a new account to look and I still can’t find her. Am I doing something here I miss the train wreck

No. 1667860

That means she used the feature to block you and any new accounts you may create. You need to make a new account in your browser with a DIFFERENT email than the one she blocked you on. Then you’ll even be able to log in and view her in the app.

No. 1667866

Okay — Hear me out, girlies: Do we think this could be gasp Rhett-related?

No. 1667874

If it is he should’ve known better we know he reads these threads lol

No. 1667875

File: 1664991479757.jpeg (408.64 KB, 1284x2044, 638624D1-B153-4067-ABAE-04355B…)

Samefag - I watched the video report, quick summary:

>> James took Sabrina’s phone and laptop to look through it

>> This caused a fight that lasted all night and into the early morning
>> Sabrina reported that James gets upset about her profession in the adult industry that requires her to talk to men in a certain way that James does not like
>> James began to push her around and had her on the bed, where he put his hands around her neck (the strangulation) and she could not breathe for a few seconds and became dizzy
>> It was observed that Sabrina had bruising on her arms and neck consistent with the claims
>> James admitted to the claims and was found to be the primary aggressor
>> Booked for the stated

No. 1667881

“Th-abrina! How dare you th-ay that you wanna th-uck hi-th dick! You whore!”

kek, imagine if there was any talk like “You deserve to have a big cock” and she played into it. I hope so.

No. 1667882

Holy shit

No. 1667884

He does have a brain injury where his pre frontal cortex is broken and therefore lost the ability to control his rage. It’s probably best if he wasn’t dating a literal prostitute if he’s the jealous type.

No. 1667893

You’d think that would make enough sense to put into practice, but I guess there is something about a girl lives in closets that’s too damn irresistible. There is a good part of me that wonders if she did manipulate the story — in regards to the work part. We know better than to believe that Sabrina was putting effort into work. She was probably just sizing up a new bf (see what I did there?).

Although, I could see her playing up Curly to get him to buy her shit off her “apartment wishlist.”

No. 1667897

Yeah with her all of like 50 posts on her OF she acts like she’s constantly busy with. Anyone who’s ever used OF knows her having it for years and saying she’s always working, but only has like 50 pics/vids… ok you lazy scamming and lying bitch. She puts no effort into her OF and the only time she’s “working” is uploading a video (where James in the only one putting in any work tbh kek) to mass send to anyone who’s subscribed.

No. 1667938

Does James get “into” it or just going through the motions? I only ask out of curiosity. Regardless, I can tell from the screens shared that Sabrina is quite literally laying there in a k-hole.

No. 1667981

These dudes don't learn. They know what Brina does then get mad. kek

No. 1668012

File: 1665000907977.jpeg (153.99 KB, 1170x556, 63F5DA34-47C3-4368-B370-695E3F…)

I don’t quite think the definition of minding your business is stealing your girls phone and strangling her for what you find, but what do I know.

No. 1668076

Pahrump? Tinfoil, but aren’t there legal brothels there. Imagine Brina doing that behind JJ’s back. Kekkkkkk.

No. 1668085

Isn’t that where her dad is actually living? I didn’t think it was technically Vegas. I thought that was her way of being embarrassed of living in Pahrump.

No. 1668086

Now now. We know Brina cannot cohabitate with other females. Also, she is lazy beyond belief.

No. 1668164

File: 1665011506650.jpeg (309.58 KB, 1284x2260, 1A0977DF-ADB8-4042-A502-DDF48B…)

Pumpys advice to Brina?

No. 1668172

Don’t defend abusers. JJ didn't strangle Sabrina sexually, how ignorant. JJ the Abuser is his new nickname.
Did the abuse take place the night where they were posting themselves in bed together again?
I noticed that Sabrina seemed way less drugged out in the time when they were not speaking.

No. 1668176

This was strangulation night? You really have to choke someone so hard to leave bruises

No. 1668182

The video said it happened on September 17th. Please learn to sage.

No. 1668188

“Reminder not to call the police cuz me me me” ah ok pump. Nice typo. She is so god damn self absorbed and she can’t even stop. Just reach out to her if you wanna pretend to care, Pump.

No. 1668210

does Pixie have onlyfans? or is her sd the only SW she currently does?

No. 1668227

So them in bed together was AFTER the physical assault :(

No. 1668229

Nope she hasn’t been a sex worker for years and that guy is her boyfriend. And to the schitzos in here, no I’m not her, her friend or a camgirl.

No. 1668237

She’s only his girlfriend as long as he’s paying her lol. That’s why yesterday I said she’s his pay to play, exclusively. The second he stops funding her life she’s out. I got called Taylor for saying that cuz apparently it’s “defending her”. Nah, she’s only there for his money no matter how genuine anyone wants to pretend the relationship is. She met him escorting.

No. 1668247

Oh look Pumpy is on here again with the no saging. So darn obvious

No. 1668252

Just a desperate loser who defends a literal whore that looks like a drowned rat

No. 1668281

Ntayrt but this again???? ffs this is relentlessly annoying

No. 1668286

Seriously. Not to mention what a stupid post to assume Pumpy made. Yeah she's in here defending Brina. Get real

No. 1668300


Is that actually Pumpy's mom in that picture? I don't think she's ever posted her before other than vague rants with an ever changing back story. If so, she looks exactly like her with her "dad's" (?) doped out droopy eyes

No. 1668301

I for one am all for the addition of Ariana to this thread, PnP was one of my absolute favorite delusional cows. I vote for her to be included in the next thread like we did with Brina in this one.

She looks fucking horrifying with her greasy face and bleached brows, and the muscles make look like an actual tranny more than ever. I hope she finds a new BPD man obsession kek

No. 1668306

Brina claims on her twitter "back home tomorrow in OC" moving back to Sandras closet maybe? Her dad must be putting it in his name because she has broken so many leases and not paid taxes ever. Such a sad "mother" to have for her poor children

No. 1668318

Lol what. No that's Pumpy in the picture

No. 1668324

File: 1665024970552.png (123.8 KB, 330x333, Screenshot 2022-10-05 10.54.09…)

this is Pumpys real mom- shes a police officer now after Sabrina's taxes

No. 1668330

File: 1665026583225.png (Spoiler Image,325.12 KB, 631x408, Screenshot 2022-10-05 11.20.57…)

whiskeykitten aka Taylor drugged out on cam as usual- she will return once shes dropped as a sugar baby

No. 1668524

Thank you I'm a retard nonita I assumed the haggard old looking face was meth face mom and not Pumpy. I forgot just how awful she looked before she had any money kek

No. 1668545

it's nice that the police are recruiting from the homeless

No. 1668558

Is Taylor transgender? Or just looks like a man?

No. 1668572

File: 1665059179089.png (2.28 MB, 1141x1800, A9FD418C-8F26-4949-8988-71ED72…)

She’s headed to Cali with James? Wonder if it’s another escort gig.
And Morgan, stop acting like you have any influence over decisions made in ANY business but the pedo business.

No. 1668604

Drinking with your boyfriend who just strangled you hard enough to leave bruises on your neck is reckless. Granted they are on a plane, and little man JJ is probably too th-cared to get tackled by security/bigger men (maybe even flight attendants kek), but we know the party won’t stop when they land.

No. 1668627

also, before anyone gives the post a few above any attention, just report and ignore.

No. 1668666

File: 1665065350177.jpeg (316.7 KB, 1170x1993, D27226BB-5B44-4AC7-BF59-77404C…)

lmfaooooooo this bitch delusional af. the shit she has to tell herself to sleep at night after what she’s done to her face and body.

No. 1668678

reckless? it's idiotic, she should be getting a restraining order and never speaking to him again. What trash bags the both of them are.

No. 1668689

Tinfoil but I don’t think this drugged out loser really has a “sugar daddy.” I think the rich old dude pays her for sex, but it ends there. All this “ohhh she’s so lucky and taken care of” bullshit doesn’t add up. No wonder Emily kicked this bottom feeder to the curb

No. 1668693

Do you check out her ig at all? Not defending her, but they travel all over world together, he pays for her apartment, gave her the Range Rover, pays for her to go on international vacations with her friends etc. He’s funding her entire life. She also got sober while with him and iirc the drugs were a result of severe mental issues from her childhood. If you’ve ever watched her stream her entire back is covered in raised scars looking like she was slashed up. They’re all over her back and spine. Her and Emily/Blonde were only ever friends cuz of their obsession with trying to turn everyone fruitarian (anachans). Not sure, but it seems like Pixie might’ve been involved with Gary and that 33 shit too. She reposts stuff related sometimes.

No. 1668728

I do and there’s zero evidence of it. That’s why I highly doubt it.

No. 1668769

File: 1665074195458.jpeg (378.96 KB, 1170x1116, A8F4CBCB-5E20-4A6B-B4A6-1DA9EE…)

Except for all the things listed above. She’s embarrassed by him being old as hell she’s not gonna regularly be fawning. She says little things like “he let me pick the range today” before gifting it to her. She likes to post the chef he has cooking her food though lol. She also posts a lot on “close friends”. Even without being on her close friends its really obvious. Being an exclusive pay to play for some rich chode isn’t hard to do or really something to brag about. It’s not unbelievable lol.

No. 1668770

File: 1665074274067.jpeg (356.7 KB, 1170x1958, AE758C39-B88E-4804-8136-DDC685…)

This is all from her ig where you’re saying there’s zero evidence

No. 1668771

File: 1665074420398.jpeg (467.3 KB, 1170x1636, 4A660B53-D417-4975-8A3F-251D75…)

this was him taking her to italy and her fishing on the yacht. from her ig. idk why this thread likes to deny hard evidence. weirdly seems like some people here want to fuck an old chode for free living too.

No. 1668773

None of these pictures show her living an elaborate sugar baby lifestyle dumbass.

No. 1668794

File: 1665076189016.jpeg (983.95 KB, 1170x1992, D741D4CE-098A-41BB-AD83-449F59…)

Ok be a cunt I guess cuz you don’t care to think logically. It shows they’re exclusively fucking and he’s funding her. Believe what makes you feel… whatever the hell you feel lmao. Seems like you wish it was you and wanna see more of them together or her things. Weird. She doesn’t flaunt stuff if that’s what you’re expecting. This isn’t Pump or Brina, it’s a different cow

No. 1668826

Why do you simp so hard for this bitch? You can’t prove anything so you just get mad kek

No. 1668844

Nta you’re arguing with but it sounds like you’re brand new to Pixie. Watch her insta story for a few weeks to get a better understanding.

No. 1668849

File: 1665081576577.jpg (244.84 KB, 1079x848, Screenshot_20221006_113525.jpg)

This one's for you pump

No. 1668864

Simping and liking factual information to be provided are very different things. This isn’t a place to post your tinfoil bullshit when there’s hard proof in front of your blind eyes.

No. 1668906

also nta but if u really have been on her ig i donno how u dont see jet setting around the world with this scrote as being sugared. i also can’t see why u think posting proof of sugaring is simping unless ur wanting to be sugared by this scrote too kek

No. 1668912

I’m a lesbian, so no, sorry retard. You anons must live sad, pathetic lives if you think this bitch lives any kind of sugar lifestyle. She’s literally in a cult and sells her “coaching” to pathetic losers like you who want what she has. It’s a mirage. DUH.

No. 1668922

tbh >>1667082 is the only person who seems like they want what she has. uve been pissed about pixie being posted here since the reagan shit. ur this clown
n it’s obvious ur doing this to push her out of the thread. she’s a cow here like it or not.

No. 1668928

You know you can post proof of her being in Gary’s cult (if you have any, I haven’t got any screenshots cuz I didn’t think it was relevant here cuz no one talks about Gary and her past twitter is gone) and enlighten people here on what any of this even means since most of them have never really read the Blonde thread instead of getting mad she runs around with Reagan.

No. 1668960

Seconded. Miss her threads.
Nta but that still doesn’t mean they’re exclusive. Men are pigs and if he’s paying for sex/attention I’m sure she’s not the only onez