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File: 1611973693214.jpeg (644.48 KB, 1125x1566, 1600752426807.jpeg)

No. 1145649

A thread to discuss problematic attention-whoring autist/bpd/bdd cam girls. The last one maxed out

Kat/Stormy/PumpkinSpice/Morgan Hoffman
> Started her camming career catering to pedophiles but completely denies it.
> Got bolt-ons tits but now needs new tits because the old ones were recalled.
> Continues to cover herself in ugly tattoos including on her face.
> Has an affection for trashy men, gets super attached then wonders why they break up with her
>Bought a 105k for her current boyfriend who cheated on her.
> New venture is to become a tattoo artist even though she can't draw


Receipts of old Pumpy drama: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmvD0oGcqhTiH3tOCjVFXQQ/videos

Megan Marie/megvnmvrie:

> Fell off the face of the earth but reccently reemerged.

> Last we heard she was pregnant.
> Now a Dominatrix?


> Still relying on mommy's money.
> Looking as rough as ever


Darcy Nycole/Insyndra
>Keeps killing animals
>Attempted suicide.
>Had feelings for another girl on MFC, but the girl gave her an STD or something along those lines. Darcy asked her to leave her home and the girl refused. The police had to be called. All of this happened on a live stream.
> She was in an abusive relationship with a cheater and had a mental break down
> Back in a friendship with Charms


Thread about Lana_Rain drama:

Previous Threads:

No. 1147608

File: 1612132571572.jpeg (87.16 KB, 1170x330, 253E7E17-A64B-4663-A8F4-FE5F65…)

She already at the very least has 5 cats, a lizard, and a hamster in that tiny high rise apartment. Who remembers when she adopted a rescue dog with her ex and it shit on the floor once and she had a full blown crying meltdown on social media then got rid of the thing because it was sooo hard for her to deal with that one incident?

No. 1147688

File: 1612141376583.jpg (144.55 KB, 1075x1163, 20210131_200257.jpg)


I was going to say what happened to the cats, did she get rid of them?

No. 1147781

File: 1612151117075.jpeg (494.4 KB, 2048x1536, D69D1CDB-B2C6-49AE-9545-7933E7…)

I feel so sorry for this dog, but she’ll get rid of it the first time it does something she doesnt like. She’s so fucking impulsive and stupid, moving to LA has only made her impulse decisions more expensive. How the fuck is she making enough money for this shit? It cant just be from onlyfans.

No. 1147849

She has her 2 and 3 of her boyfriends in her apartment now. She posted this when she was on vacation.

No. 1149123


Wasn't her cats terrified when had Jeremiah's dog. They had to keep them locked in separate rooms. What was she thinking

No. 1149592

File: 1612301944556.jpeg (184.26 KB, 1170x635, 2E6C6B32-E2B0-497D-8543-510F77…)

She shopped for this dog and paid a decent penny for it since she went to a breeder. This makes me mad. 5 cats in a tiny apartment, not spayed or neutered, adds a fucking dog to the mix. This shit should be considered abuse. People like this who hoard pets because they’re cute and don’t properly care for them shouldn’t be allowed to keep them. Fuck this stupid spoiled bitch, she has enough money to spay her cats and hasn’t, but has owned them for years. Watch her end up breeding this cute dog to make a couple bucks.

No. 1149648

File: 1612303603909.jpg (719.74 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210202-170428_Twi…)


She has no idea how to train a dog. Their crate is suppose to be safe space, not a punishment. This is going to end horrible.

No. 1149653

File: 1612303737004.jpg (681.39 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210202-170443_Twi…)

No. 1153949

File: 1612618110536.png (305.66 KB, 750x1334, 711C9F05-324C-48F0-B049-C7A20A…)

I guess her new ugly bf is already trying to cheat on her, and instead of walking away she just embarrasses herself further. Yikes

No. 1154070


How dumb do you have to be to allowed this… she is cuckolding herself.

No. 1155225

File: 1612736087273.jpg (342.07 KB, 1080x1693, 20210207_171443.jpg)

No. 1155269

Idk how to post a video from twitter on here, but she posted a vid of them yelling at each other through her door lmao what a mess


No. 1155270

File: 1612740183405.jpeg (612.24 KB, 1170x1987, 2EDC8820-BEB7-4132-A588-4DB84B…)

Her dude is super mentally unstable and has a history of threatening and assaulting people. She used to think it was funny, but I think she’s genuinely worried. She’s live tweeting all this as they’re breaking up right now.

No. 1155271

File: 1612740214506.jpeg (46.27 KB, 1061x355, 812CFF91-2130-4806-8696-D7E8A9…)


No. 1155275

She went private with her twitter. Can anyone post updates?

No. 1155276

She privated her twitter now lol anyone else thinks shes over reacting tho? His messages arent even bad. Wheres the receipts that he threatened to crash her car?
Playing victim is her fav game

No. 1155280

You sound like a vindictive camwhore.

No. 1155282

I think it’s about time she called out this cheating dirtbag for who he is and stops hiding and permitting his abusive behaviors. He has a history of threatening physical violence and threatening to end people’s lives over petty tattoo drama. Dean is scum. Kat is a cow over and over, but Dean is a terrible person.

No. 1155306

I'm no camwhore lol Ive just seen the way she claims every bf of hers is abusive and a cheater when they break up.
He could be a terrible person but playing the victim is kind of her thing. I'm just curious as to why she stopped posting receipts really

No. 1155498

File: 1612755601260.png (456.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210207-222233.png)

Why does she look like a Simpson character and why does her new ig list she is 21 in the bio

No. 1155827

She unlocked her twitter and posted more about the breakup

No. 1155963

File: 1612803461015.jpg (750.04 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210207-171406_Twi…)


Post pictures at least


No. 1155966

File: 1612803551342.jpg (574.66 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210208-115430_Twi…)

No. 1155974

File: 1612803732091.jpg (679.05 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210208-115450_Twi…)

No. 1155980

File: 1612803948901.jpg (673.65 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210208-115534_Twi…)

No. 1155982

File: 1612804052149.jpg (587.75 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210208-115602_Twi…)

No. 1155993

File: 1612804478566.jpg (674.46 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210208-115635_Twi…)


I couldn't get all of them because Im on mobile but this gives an idea what happened.

No. 1156012

>Logical reaction to having to lock yourself in a bathroom: take selfie

No. 1156015

File: 1612806617926.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, 5F050F4A-BDA3-4A12-927A-3113B0…)

She also posted these on insta. She does not deserve that fucking dog, someone should take all of her animals away. She’s way too unstable to take care of pets.

No. 1156017

File: 1612806676320.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, 6395A04F-E86B-4BE7-AC41-C73544…)

No. 1156234

File: 1612819898957.png (3.56 MB, 750x1334, EE0633AC-3063-4E8A-B498-4AC0CD…)

Another instagram post. She also locked her twitter again.

No. 1156658

idk if anyone actually watched Charms' video on her "extreme boobs" but she got expanders which usually fetish people get because you can stretch the skin to go crazy big, and it's saline instead of silicone which has size limits. she literally mentioned having children in a few years, and an "advantage" of expanders means she can "make them smaller" when she has kids??? pretty sure seeing your mom eventually inflate her breasts would be pretty fucking weird, and i don't understand the point of deflating them with kids unless it's in regard to breastfeeding, and i'm sure having expanders during that have more problems. that's a really major surgery and she's mentioning things that should deter you or anyone from that surgery, but she just plows right through it and mike is right there with her acting like that's fucking normal. her layering her very poorly placed tattoos, and her face tattoo, would help her "career" so much more. or her just getting a fat transfer to her nonexistent ass because she has gotten lipo multiple times. she's going to get actual stretch marks on her tits or just destroy them, and lifts leave really big scars.

i'm just soooo fucking pissed someone did this surgery on her. i'm angry at mike for enabling this for so long too, but a whole ass doctor made this happen. and her surgeon is a woman.

No. 1159425

File: 1613087218908.png (278.2 KB, 750x1334, EAA0880C-1557-4C8C-B9E0-A514B5…)

Dean has a kid apparently? Stormy is airing out more dirty laundry on twitter

No. 1159426

File: 1613087257138.png (403.69 KB, 750x1334, 0387D6A7-480A-49E3-BBD5-698CC4…)

No. 1159427

File: 1613087319441.png (475.63 KB, 750x1334, 4A89DBFA-987F-45BE-9DFD-42A174…)

No. 1159529

He posts about his daughter about once every month or every other month on IG. She looks about 3 or so.

No. 1159699


A lot of it are the same screen shots from the night they broke up. This guy may be a piece of shit but Stormy is milking this to be a victim.

No. 1159847

What’s hilarious is that she is so brain dead that she’s spending so much time outing him as a racist, an abuser, and whatever else and she’s admitting that she clearly knew about this….but where’s her accountability for staying with someone like that despite everything she posts when it comes to BLM and women’s rights etc. lol. She was aware of it all but she’s not just as bad for letting it slide and putting him on a pedestal buying him the bmw and anything else he wanted? This girl is retarded. She will blame it on being abused and brainwashed kek.

No. 1160052

File: 1613155875286.jpeg (974.66 KB, 1242x1203, 8A632053-91B0-4D6D-8E9E-235352…)

Lewbert looking ass
sex worker

No. 1160346

File: 1613184822967.jpg (255.56 KB, 1080x1238, 20210212_214445.jpg)

No. 1160446

File: 1613194261294.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, 10B76E4C-0273-499B-8FEF-E4E53E…)

Is she getting off on humiliating herself? This is pathetic.

No. 1160457

Right? It’s not an incredible look like she seems to think (for some reason)

No. 1160698

all of her posting is so cringe, even if Dean is as bad as she is saying, she is still going way too deep into it as if anyone cares, has me feeling bad for him in a way kek

No. 1160720

She does this with every new guy she flies out to pump and dump her. It's been happening since Kyler. How does she have money to buy every fuckboy some expensive toy to keep him around before he breaks shit off? Where does the BMW & 9k a month house >>1160346 she boasts about come from? OF? She hasn't cammed regularly in years?

No. 1160771


Yeah no way she makes that much from Only Fans. She has to be in some major debt. Maybe she is leasing the car. Normally when you buy a car you have to show your license and proof of insurance.

No. 1161802

File: 1613346619072.jpeg (240.37 KB, 750x1328, 7E7029CD-BF64-4D17-A1F7-EE3526…)

No. 1161907

File: 1613357070998.png (409.61 KB, 1109x1566, Screenshot (23).png)

Every man she attracts is "abusive"…really?

No. 1162128

She’s in the top 0.20%
That means she makes about 25,000$ a month.
0.30% is about 20k
It can vary but I know this all for a fact.
Believe or not, pumpkin head has plenty of retards subbed to her page
The fact that she admitted she has no investments though…and posted a screenshot that her average spending is 26k per month…
I doubt she has any money saved, and she’s made close to 2 mil in the last, 5 years?

No. 1162176

there is seriously no greater body horror than expanders

No. 1163303

File: 1613519798037.png (2.91 MB, 750x1334, 5D5486D8-2AC2-4F7E-95E8-F7D206…)

She gets more ridiculous as the days go by.

No. 1165653

File: 1613770846308.jpg (160.41 KB, 1080x1106, 20210219_163933.jpg)

She is full of shit. She doesn't have that many clients.

No. 1165661

Anon can you post link please? Haven’t heard or seen anything from charms in a while and she was my fav cow

No. 1165674

By clients she just means her onlyfans subscribers

No. 1165815


Can people make requests on onlyfans? I thought it was whatever the creator uploaded.

No. 1165931

File: 1613793251896.png (2.32 MB, 750x1334, 507B8FEE-7A8E-445A-AB04-D84DBC…)

She just posted herself getting injections on instagram

No. 1165934

File: 1613793412703.png (2.72 MB, 750x1334, F7CEBDE8-E63F-4B6A-ADD6-4C3307…)

No. 1165937

File: 1613793530501.png (2.06 MB, 750x1334, 201066D9-5E6C-4140-B027-4EE679…)

Girl yikes, she almost looks worse than pnp

No. 1166772

I feel like most of these screenshots is just her posting since she lurks here so hard

she just got her top lip dissolved because someone called her out for looking like a simpson character here kek

No. 1167010

File: 1613878212544.jpg (196.17 KB, 1052x1096, 20210220_173221.jpg)


Ehhh I dunno she is just fun to watch like a train wreck. She looks ridiculous

No. 1167153

File: 1613891361628.jpeg (Spoiler Image,323.1 KB, 1536x2048, 1366A2A9-B81C-47FF-99B1-A5C297…)


No. 1167181

I watching Brina’s live today and commented how she’s much more beautiful than Pumpy. Her boyfriend’s friend commented in chat not to bring exes into this or whatever. Wasn’t sure if it was directed to what I said. Anyway, I’m blocked by Pumpy now so she was there watching. I knew she’d be there to watch them rub their relationship in her face.

No. 1167226

I cannot wait for this sausage lip trend to die leaving all these filler addicts to realize how horrendous it looks when the hype dies down.

No. 1167256

The sunglasses make this look absolutely ridiculous, what kind of look is this supposed to be?

No. 1167282

Filler like that has to eventually be classed as some form of mental illness

No. 1167365

File: 1613927951403.png (2.32 MB, 1242x2208, b55c000f7fab64cd94d2239f2ae1b6…)

Bitch be looking like JS

No. 1167395


She’s getting all these injections and procedures as a cope. She needs intensive therapy. Admitting her faults, addressing trauma and actively making positive changes would be too difficult for her ego though.

No. 1169845

File: 1614215916187.jpeg (193.01 KB, 1102x2048, Eu8ZnWKUcAIZ2MQ.jpeg)

bruh how is she .3%? is that a lot?

No. 1170484

File: 1614290857824.jpeg (641.14 KB, 1170x2073, 1062D48D-6A62-489B-91F5-FCA25B…)

Sage for nitpick, but for someone who stays at home all day you’d think she could take a minute to wipe down her countertops? Pump says she pays over $5k in rent and acts like some baller yet has no issues posting pictures living in filth. She posted a pic where she got that powder on her countertop a week ago joking how it looks like coke and it’s still there.

No. 1171568


The hair, powder and dirt stains are nasty. Most people would be too embarrassed to share something like this. She's probably has awful personal hygiene if she can't keep her surroundings clean.

No. 1172214

File: 1614470038676.jpeg (279.71 KB, 1170x2071, C94E027F-69FA-4F8D-9E0D-0B4D0D…)

Pumpy: “I’ll beat that bitches ass”
Also pumpy: only swings with her right and has 0 form

No. 1172215

File: 1614470068325.jpeg (280.25 KB, 1170x2066, 44DC9EC2-2685-499B-B3A6-E0684D…)


No. 1174351

File: 1614701971443.jpeg (181.51 KB, 946x2048, EvcLinJUYAINmBD.jpeg)

this made me gag..

in recent news, this guy is a doctor and wanted to take pumpy out for a date and she refused so he got mad and now she's airing him out on twitter.

i think the cringiest part is this guy actually wanted to date pumpy and is now mad that she rejected him, but honestly he's also not wrong

No. 1175338

File: 1614795161163.png (2.81 MB, 750x1334, 1394D03E-43F4-4640-8DA9-7070E8…)

Stormy has been posting a ton on her instagram story, saw this today. She keeps her hamster on the bottom of a fucking shoe shelf? In the dark? What is it with cows and treating animals like shit

No. 1175464


Guy sounds like a butthurt loser who got rejected. Why would anyone pay for that pussy lol? Anyway, he does speak the truth about her delusional ass..


Placing her hamster at the bottom of a shoe rack is yet another example of how little care she has for her animals. Those shoes are expensive so in her warped mind she views them as more valuable and more worthy of display and easy access.

No. 1175473

File: 1614803859540.png (2.99 MB, 640x1136, 95253007-3A2B-4C5B-B721-A28955…)

The desperation is real. No Stormy, you’re not cute and you’ve botched your face. No one wants to date you or show you off because you’re a toxic mess. Are you jealous the guy you like is doing all those things with Brina?

No. 1175758

Okay, Brina, calm down kek

No. 1176624

File: 1614926287771.png (9.51 MB, 1170x2532, D0CB60C9-6532-4F6C-BB92-9815A6…)

Pumpy posting being out at dinner with Dean, but being sure not to post him. He’s posting from out at the same dinner. How embarrassing after everything. Didn’t she even out him for being really racist?

No. 1176669

She’s such an obvious retard, I knew it. She made it obvious when she was caping for him being a drug addict and slamming his baby mama for not wanting him around their daughter.
This bitch deserves to get thrown down the 20-something stories up to her apartment.
She’s really going to listen to the stories of every other girl he abused, admit he’s abusive and racist, and still be ThAT desperate to be around a fat fucking uneducated manlet?


No. 1177058

File: 1614974898397.jpg (149.76 KB, 1080x951, 20210305_150741.jpg)

Just pandering to pedos

No. 1177526

He was also posting from her condo, it’s the same lights, the story is gone now but she looks sooo dumb for that

No. 1178606

File: 1615145811364.png (321.71 KB, 1236x1144, Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 2.36…)

cow crossover. two cows who neglect their pets defending said neglect

No. 1178671


the audacity! these bitches need some self-awareness. all the suffering those poor animals go through because these people are dumb as hell. there’s books, online resources and free apps on how to train and look after your pets

No. 1179206

French bulldogs are notoriously high maintenance, this dog will either be neglected or she’s going to “rehome” it within 6 months
She can barely brush her own hair and teeth, getting this dog was a huge mistake and she only did it because she knew her friend Loretta wanted a dog so she had to do it first.
Fucking weirdo BPD shit

No. 1179508

File: 1615235868187.png (153.01 KB, 1218x510, Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 1.46…)

this poor dog. shes going to throw it out. :( idk why you would get a frenchie they really shouldnt be bred at all

No. 1180001

>I got her real grass

No. 1180189

File: 1615314228790.png (Spoiler Image,2.73 MB, 750x1334, 44D9AE95-4E18-40BD-8688-CA743F…)

She got microneedling i guess, spoilered bc blood. Why does she post this stuff on social media? Its disgusting

No. 1180308

Looooool you know brina and stormy both read this shit for real they always post stupid shit at the time a post gets added on here. It’s hilarious you guys date the same guys and trash each other. Only thing stormys got going for her is she isn’t a mom so she doesn’t have to ditch her kids

No. 1180315

I've been lurking but not sure who Brina is. What's her @ and who are they fighting over?

No. 1180345

Weirdest part is how obvious it is kat lurks brinas life. She tries to fuck every man brina comes in contact with (ty n nathaniel), then she names her dog after AJ’s daughter. AJ’s daughters name is penelope and brina always called her “p”.. now kat calls her dog p and named her penelope. I dunno if she didn’t think anyone would notice, but it’s fucking creepy and weird.

No. 1180475

File: 1615336742612.jpg (271.86 KB, 1080x1752, 20210309_193555.jpg)

Putting this up because she is deleting her tweets about neglecting her dog.

No. 1180476

File: 1615336766533.jpg (351.47 KB, 1080x1642, 20210309_193614.jpg)

No. 1180496

What is she on about? Why would you get a UTI from a dog pissing on your lap? Kek. So dumb. And wtf is a "vagina wipe"?

She also used to say she hated small dogs so dunno why she's got this lil dog.
This dog is gonna go the same way as that ginger munchkin cat she had.

No. 1180554

Idk how many people here remember, but the Kat and Brina beef goes wayyyy back like 6 years because kat used to talk shit about brina live on cam, brina called her out about it and people came at brina for “bullying” an 18 year old, and then swiftly changed their opinions as kat showed her true psychotic colors.
She then blamed brina and kickaz largely for her having people doxx her and shit.
I feel like now kat feels like she can finally get revenge by getting all the same surgeries and skinwalking her.
It’s so, so bizarre.
They’re both ugly af despite spending 10’s of thousands on cosmetic procedures, proof that the whole “you’re not ugly, you’re poor” thing doesn’t apply to trailer trash whores.

No. 1180557

I completely agree.
She also has anger issues and is probably going to or has already thrown the dog/spanked it or whatever, she did the same thing to malo as a kitten.

No. 1180577

File: 1615346267210.jpg (66.56 KB, 1080x597, Screenshot_20210310-031108_Twi…)

In regards to zoidberg Megan she claims to be pro dominatrix but 0 evidence. I think what she means is makes crappy sissy Hypno videos online that no one buys.

Her kid turned 1 the other day. And she did a lot of sperging how she would never post a picture of her child on her (SW) account cos pedos but posted several on Instagram stories of the kid dressed in dumb outfits.

I presume she's mooching off her parents and boyfriend cos she has 0 following anymore.

No. 1180578

I remember that actually haha. Remember that fucking meltdown she had when kick beat her to #1 on miss mfc? She disabled her Twitter and everything. It actually baffles me that her and Brina are even compared. Brina is trash, to say the least, but she’s actually better than kat somehow. Kat is really just so low grade to me. I still see her with her busted up teeth and all that when I look at her…no amount of cosmetic surgery will erase that. Not to mention the girl can’t hold any weight and is so sickly thin and it’s exaggerated by her bolt-ons.

For the clueless anon her @ is sabrinaanellie on IG or just google Sabrina Nellie and you’ll find everything you need to know

No. 1180820

I never realized that until you pointed it out; that’s so fucking creepy. I remember them calling Penelope p, I don’t think it’s a coincidence she chose that name now. Tells you kat reads this too since she goes and deletes her tweets when someone on her points out her behavior. I feel like kat wants revenge for brina getting all of her little follower cam girls to bash her when she first started. That’s why it was funny to have seen her with ty cause brina was hurt when he found out she was a “escort” having sex with clients and I don’t think she got over him or Rhett. She’s got some weird claim over every man she’s ever been with even Ace. Pumpky is out for revenge but what’s brina out for cause they both seem to be obsessed and miserable even though they post their positivity bullshit. I’d laugh if pumpky dated Rhett next. Both train wrecks. Brina seems to have it out for her friend Kristin too not sure if it’s cause ty found out from her or what but I noticed they aren’t close anymore don’t blame Kristin cause when her boyfriend offed himself brina was all about herself and not her friend who’s boyfriend just died.

No. 1180841

She’s a body shop consultant apparently, and I can’t get over how obese she is nowadays

No. 1180916

He def killed himself? I was never able to find any information about that. It’s so strange how small LA seems to be that they can’t hangout in different friend groups or not date the same 5 guys.

No. 1180921

Sabrina Nellie, washed up MFC girl. She has a thread on here but I think the two should be combined.

No. 1180924

File: 1615394764230.png (1.7 MB, 912x1082, Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 11.4…)

i'm not a dog owner, but is this like… okay? the cage looks pretty tight and it looks like the bottom might hurt its paws… aren't you supposed to put a bed in the cage?

i feel so bad for thsi dog because i imagine it is sitting in the cage all day covered by a blanket with not even a bed.

No. 1180929

Yeah her boyfriend jumped off their new apartment building the night before or after Brinas birthday. they had been living out the country and came back signed a lease on a high rise similar to brinas, I don’t think they were in it but a few days so I’m not exactly sure what went down. I used to have mutual friends on Facebook and saw posts about him it was sad he seemed loved by a lot of people I’m not sure why he did it though. He seemed really positive and they both were together for years. She definitely wasn’t escorting then but I think she went through a destructive period seems to be getting better but watching how one of her best friends “brina” acted after was disgusting. She was never going to hang out with her anymore cause Kristin wasn’t on cam for awhile after, brina was with Rhett couldn’t give her friend some comfort when she needed it. I’m sure she made it all about her. I saw brina post a Rest In Peace post for him then she deleted it shortly after. I felt so bad for Kristin.

No. 1180931

I agree both should be combined it would be easier to keep up with lately the drama between them has been a bit much. Has anyone seem pumpkys tweet recently? I wonder who it’s directed to

No. 1180932

I didn’t even see that picture. Wow, why does she even have a pet if she’s going to leave it in a cage? Especially one that tight, you know she can afford a bigger one put something on the floor for ffs. You wouldn’t sleep on that.

No. 1180935

File: 1615396406410.jpg (183.13 KB, 1080x941, 20210310_121225.jpg)

Why does she always post personal gross stuff online? First she had herpes and now what?

No. 1180963

She got this particular breed of dog for status. It's an object to her for her to flex, nothing else. Just like with the cat.

No. 1180970

File: 1615399784660.jpeg (674.19 KB, 750x1195, 52B09D64-61F8-48CA-9D8E-47EF8E…)

Fucking rank.

That’s incredibly sad, wow. I posted a screenshot in the Sabrina thread a few months back when her and Rhett broke up again and he had started following Kristin soon after and was liking her pics and commented “them lips👄” on one of her pics. Just weird that he did it so soon after the breakup, almost like trying to get back at Brina? I’ll post the pic here again just for reference sake…

No. 1181055

File: 1615405553283.png (292.14 KB, 750x1334, D5D303A4-7A93-46B3-9326-660AC2…)

This one?

No. 1181068

Learn 2 sage and how to reply to posts

No. 1181307

File: 1615426289434.jpeg (137 KB, 1170x942, 1BD0E050-CB47-4B5B-BF11-03A659…)

I thought she hated being skinny and couldn’t gain weight if she tried? This girl is forever acting fake angry at people talking about her weight because she knows if she throws a fit more people give her attention for being small and she can draw more attention to it.

No. 1181701

Almost positive this is about “Kenzie” “father fucker” I don’t remember her @ but if you search that it’ll come up.
She fucked stormys BFF Loretta’s boyfriend like 6 months ago lol.
Turns out the guy was an insane abuser just like every other SoundClout loser, I don’t even think either of them know about it, I found it myself by a mutuals RT.
His name is eleven, if you look it up on Twitter there are threads and Google docs with proof of how he tortured his ex along with audio clips.
He used to get enjoyment out of putting cigarettes out in lorettas mouth?? Fucking weird.
Stormy is the last one to talk about who’s cute or not, she’s still back and forth on that dirty, racist, abusive chode Dean, herself.

No. 1181704

delete and spoiler you fucking moron

No. 1181706

File: 1615470665596.jpeg (807.15 KB, 1284x1509, DBDB452B-71C3-4B08-B9A1-E6836E…)

She looks rough because she’s an ex pillhead, “dated” BFF ava/ruthie for like 2 years as they lived in squalor getting kicked out of apartment after apartment lol, fucking sugar daddies all the while. Pretty sure they aren’t friends anymore either.
Glad the both of them are at least sober now.
And to be honest, Kenzie seems like a nice girl, I feel like eleven probably twisted some shit to get her in bed with him…dumb and whoreish behavior on her part still, but something tells me there’s way more to it.

No. 1181709

Didn’t realize her nipple was visible, fuck you.

No. 1181710

File: 1615470808745.jpeg (Spoiler Image,637.39 KB, 1284x1670, A7E99A5C-3C5F-4DC7-B15F-0B958D…)

Here’s a cap, I find it funny that when you Google that exactly the first thing that comes up is Loretta and Kenzie’s porn together

No. 1181799


They’re still friendly on social media but don’t hang out. A few years ago Ava decided to get sober and went into treatment. It was at this point she stopped hanging out with Kenzie who wasn’t sober and living recklessly at the time. She couldn’t/didn’t want to be around that. I don’t blame her.

No. 1182116

who is this eleven guy? i tried to find the things mentioned here and couldn't. last i remember loretta was dating some other soundcloud dude named trent/_wtfstrange. he also cheated on her with one of her friends before dumping her when she flew out to texas to spend christmas with him. she said her and the girl werent talking anymore because of it and her breakup was what lead her to get the new dog taters.

No. 1182209

Does Ava have a thread on here(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1182260

No. I don’t think she needs her own thread though. She’s pretty quiet and non problematic. Most of what people would talk about would be from 2015.

No. 1182389

She literally writes everything off on her taxes. Even the pets. Her logic: if I post them on social media they are content for work. Even that BMW, she wanted to make content in it so she can call it a work expense. IRS gonna have fun n.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1182566

File: 1615540468225.jpg (88.58 KB, 1080x483, IMG_20210312_101424.jpg)

What the fuck

No. 1182684

I'm seriously just waiting to hear charms offed herself, she's so far past the point of redemption.

No. 1182714

She's going to be the literal cockroach outlasting us all at this rate. Mike's skeleton propped against an empty aquarium as a dildo rack.

No. 1183709

File: 1615661700570.png (1.18 MB, 1242x2208, FB44C8CF-9906-4169-A5A1-69A3DB…)

She’s got a really small brain. She’s currently thinking this guy is disrespecting al women but he really means just she’s a dumb slut who’s easily triggered and she’s feeding right into it. I am so embarrassed for her.

No. 1184290

File: 1615733831681.jpg (Spoiler Image,353.29 KB, 1080x1727, 20210314_105516.jpg)

I guess in her anorexic brain she thinks she is hot shit


No. 1184291

File: 1615733869649.jpg (95.05 KB, 1071x576, 20210314_105459.jpg)

No. 1184356


The narcissism is real, and behind her veil on confidence and arrogance is crippling insecurity. Anyone can see how transparent she is. She’ll always be remembered as the ugly gaped-tooth gremlin she used to be anyway.

No. 1184530

She still looks fucking terrible, and her current stories where she can’t even be bothered to clear her mouth of her shake slop before she talks is so fucking gross. My hate boner grows every single day

No. 1184606

File: 1615756862814.png (2.62 MB, 750x1334, AF8F40A5-EC38-4FAD-A899-3D9F33…)

She really thinks she’s better than everyone else. Yikes.

No. 1184715

Yet she regularly posts about wanting to gain weight. She’s pathetic.

No. 1185252

bro she looks like an alien

No. 1186138

I screen captured an Instagram Story from Pumpy, what is the best way to put it on here? She basically is talking about how she is paying $3500 for her dog to go to doggy boarding and be trained.

No. 1186170

File: 1615933098576.jpeg (251.11 KB, 1170x808, 573D8C1A-F8B2-4685-A098-4A32CB…)

This is why you don't pay $6000 for a dog without proof of healthy medical examination. This is why you don't help promote pure breeding by buying into it.

No. 1186196



Here is the video talking about putting the dog in a boarding school to get trained.

No. 1186248

So is Charms a man or nonbinary or what? Is she gonna get her big fake tits cut off now that she’s trans?

No. 1186294

Kek late reply but this made me cackle, thanks anon

No. 1186299

Doggy boarding school kek.

Half of dog training is you, the owner. This dog gonna come back, not be perfect and she's gonna moan about getting ripped off and then re-home the thing.

No. 1186343

the dog is going to come back on weekends and miss the person that cares for it and trains it the rest of the week. it’s not going to view her as it’s owner anymore.

No. 1186424

she's apparently non-binary but still wants bigger boobs

No. 1186600


I give it over a month before she rehomes it. Thats what happened with the male cat.

No. 1186678

She is going to get rid of it so she can continue skin walking everything about Sabrina and her old life

No. 1186751

She better not hit her dog when she's frustrated or mad like she did with her kitten.

No. 1186933

She hit her kitten? What thread is that in

No. 1187040

I'm sure it was the ginger kitten but live on cam once I think it went to scratch her and she slapped it off the back of her seat. It was olive or malo

No. 1187096


There was a video if her hitting Malo, not sure if its still around.

>>436693 talks about how she couldnt handle Parker, the cat she paid $3000 for

No. 1187521

what is it with cows adopting breeds that are just inbred aberrations? sorry for the sperg.

this is what you get when you adopt a frenchie, genetic abominations that shouldn't be bred period. literally just abberations not dogs. i feel so bad for them. they can't get pregnant so they have to be artificially inseminated & they can't give birth naturally so they have to get a c-section (in 80% of cases).

they just 100% should not exist. they are born to suffocate. they are genetic monstrosities. i've seen frenchies whose eyes pop out of their skull due to how flat, wide and smushed their face is bred. it is the most irresponsible dog breed to support, a quick google search is all the research you need. it's 100% inhumane. purchasing a frenchie from a breeder is basically supporting a very sick person who is basically a eugenicist. the act of breeding a dog through continuous c-sections is incredibly dangerous and abusive. repeat c-sections create many problems for the dogs.

she claims to be a vegan and claims to care about animals, but she basically paid money to adopt a dog that is seriously ill from the very beginning. she did the same thing with that munchie kitten or whatever, the one with dwarfism that she bought for $3k. really hypocritical and disgusting, she should be ashamed for supporting such cruel and inhuman practices.

No. 1187642

File: 1616097796930.png (4.8 MB, 1170x2532, 482B9040-2876-4E9B-BA19-ED132E…)

“the blueprint”?? for what, gremlins? i can smell her stank through the phone

No. 1188346

File: 1616181012455.jpg (318.64 KB, 1080x1826, 20210319_150936.jpg)

She is going to e-beg for the money then end up getting rid of the dog, just watch

No. 1188363

It's probably gonna die during surgery or in recovery. Where did she get this poor monstrosity. Didn't enquire about its health beforehand etc?

No. 1188591


Does she have pet insurance? Otherwise, she’s going to have to dip into her plastic surgery fund. Her money management is terrible. She could have paid off a home in full by now and own investment property.

No. 1188674

she’s probably going to postpone having the dogs quality of life surgery done so she can have her nose done first

No. 1189424

File: 1616331068812.jpg (173.55 KB, 1080x1188, 20210321_083102.jpg)

No. 1189483

so we were right about her having shitty punching form on that bag kek bet she only used her left and swung outward from the side with her thumb tucked again.

No. 1189496

So irresponsible it’s cringe

No. 1189538


Classy. Why brag about trashy behavior like that? Didn’t something similar happen with Brina and her ex? If she got maced, she was obviously being out of control violent and needed to be subdued.

No. 1189692

File: 1616353269517.png (2.19 MB, 750x1334, B1DF2312-FFF4-4B2B-9752-768235…)

She posted this on instagram

No. 1189694

File: 1616353375949.png (2.11 MB, 750x1334, 335FF07C-7AF8-42BD-A9C6-0458CA…)

And this. Is she trying to say she started a club brawl because she rejected someone? Who the fuck does she think she is? The delusion, she’s like a screeching naked mole rat

No. 1189709

Not to WK but that shit happens anon, a lot of men can't take no as an answer and resort to violence especially when alcohol/drugs is in the mix. But also because its her we can't take her word for it.

No. 1189712

I think what they’re talking about is the 100 people fighting and gun shots because she rejected someone. I doubt 100 people got into a brawl over pumpy rejecting a guy. If 100 people got into some crazy brawl where shots were fired at the club we’d be hearing about it on LA local news.

No. 1189740

File: 1616357938969.png (943.8 KB, 802x1256, Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 4.17…)

stormy must be delusional if she thinks she has enough fat in her whole body to get a BBL…. i don't think they could even fat graft her face with full-body liposection lol.

No. 1189799

she really wants to be Loro huh

No. 1189905

File: 1616371594404.jpeg (351.83 KB, 1125x1133, 5425AD72-470F-461D-B3CB-C6F186…)

Shes been hanging out with Dean on the downlow again lately. She outted him as an abuser, racist, etc. and posted all their breakup drama online just to get back together with him a few weeks later. Last night she went to the strip club with dean and his friends for one of their birthdays. Shit hit the fan and that whole group got in a fight. The ‘man’ she is talking about in this tweet was Dean. He was driving her dumbass home and it escalated into this. She won’t mention who it is cuz she looks like a clown going back to Dean after making such a big deal about what a terrible person he is.

No. 1189912

Keep showing off your pricey jewelry I’m sure that’ll help people not steal from you. Gotta flex at any cost even after you’ve already been a target. She’s an idiot

No. 1189941

She wasn’t targeted in any fashion. She got too drunk and lost her ring, simple as that. Her “broken hand” is just a swollen knuckle. I wouldn’t doubt that she punched Dean and that’s why he broke her phone, if she didn’t break it herself by being a drunk mess.

She’s lying because she enjoys victimizing herself. Same thing she’s done for the past half a decade.

No. 1189978

Oh makes sense lol I don’t know why she would bring little pricy jewelry like that getting hammered at some fucking strip club then anyway. Doesn’t seem like an occasion that calls for it. She makes enough for it to not be a big deal but it’s just a retarded decision.

No. 1189984

File: 1616378880370.jpg (115.58 KB, 855x1497, Dean.jpg)


So after doing some research, it looks like Dean went to the strip club with his boys. My guess is that Pumpy tagged along and it was weird. There was a fight but most likely not over Pumpy.

No. 1189987

File: 1616378936565.jpg (139.64 KB, 825x1493, proof 2.jpg)

No. 1190263

100% true. "a man" took her phone?!
Huge part of the appeal of following this board is to resist the incredible urge of cow tipping. God this bitch is so fucking dumb.

No. 1190305

MMMM karma is so good baby
She deserves literally all of this, even her dogs fucked up problems.
All she does is cause drama with people, she really is the type that could die and nobody would really be affected.
She knows this and that’s why she has to project her delusions 24/7.
I used to have sympathy for her, never again after the dean situation.
She’s an enabler and a covert narcissist.

No. 1191295

I cant screen record but pumpy was posting on her insta story saying she moved away from kentucky because she was tired of sexual harassment from men and that they “pulled their dick out while changing my cables,” but didnt she say that happened at her first big house in las vegas? Idiot cant even keep her stories straight. She lies about everything.

No. 1191296

File: 1616526360037.png (2.78 MB, 750x1334, 42D861A1-7BCE-4986-A780-DC0E3E…)

why the fuck does she have animals if shes allergic to all of them. Her and pnp are starting to morph into the same person with their nasty rashy asses

No. 1191609

She just wants an excuse to get rid of the inbred thing

No. 1192353

Is she talking about the engagement ring she bought herself? Her Tiffany ring looks like costume jewelry.

No. 1192610

Does anyone know if she’s deleted Instagram?I can’t find her account anymore on any of my accounts or from a google search, it’s not coming up or has she changed her user name again?

No. 1192729

She did delete it. Shes only on Twitter currently.

No. 1193638

File: 1616759734158.jpeg (195.63 KB, 1170x2084, B96D1006-02BD-4953-A4B3-0D4F13…)

Is dean still driving around in her car? I thought his car was kind of a beater wasn’t it?

No. 1193970

File: 1616784278394.png (106.71 KB, 1172x612, delusional.png)

Can't even

No. 1197705

File: 1617130204011.jpeg (131.39 KB, 640x440, 7092E3EA-9387-43D7-A3FD-2BF9EA…)

She’s really out here talking about how she didn’t beat up an old person who was rude. Like she deserves a cookie or something.

No. 1197733

File: 1617132449043.jpg (1.25 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20210330_15250672…)


I'm surprised no one has mentioned these gems.

No. 1197890


Such a blessing! She can’t look after her animals properly and has abused them in the past. Her family hates her, she can’t maintain genuine long term friendships and her deadbeat sugar-baby boyfriends get sick of her crap after a month. And everyone else is the problem.. no one is blessed to have her in their life lmao

No. 1198006

File: 1617151173842.jpeg (870.64 KB, 1125x1396, F6E7E44F-6F2E-418E-A5C9-C24618…)

Who is this idiot having unprotected sex with now? Or is she back with Dean again? Weird thing to brag about….

No. 1198028

> at least i wont be pregnant
i mean Plan B doesnt always work that way but good luck

No. 1198034

I don't think she eats enough to stay pregnant even if she was

No. 1198497

File: 1617209115363.png (266.93 KB, 922x1326, 202130030715.png)

Totally not seeing him (Kap) and also not making money off their sex tapes. Regardless of him being a piece of shit or not I bet he could dmca her ass. Also yeah there's no way this fucked up uterus could get impregnated let alone carry a child to term.

No. 1198504

File: 1617209997633.jpg (363.86 KB, 1080x1816, 20210331_125716.jpg)


She claims to have an autoimmune disease but I wouldn't be surprised if her symptoms are from an ED.

No. 1198523

Goddamn those lips are atrocious tho

No. 1198605

File: 1617216887790.jpg (154.25 KB, 1080x1221, 20210331_125843.jpg)


She retweeted this video of him spitting in her mouth, just why.

No. 1198677

How you can happily retweet and sell content with a dude who repeatedly assaulted you does not sit well.
She blasted him then spoke about giving guys a second chance and how they can change.

Dude also looks full meth head, anyone spitting in your mouth is dirt+pandemic+this crusty looking guy. Oof.

No. 1198689

The attention they get from the general public for playing the victim is worth more to them than the momentary 'abuse'

No. 1198988

Not sure if it’s been brought up before but does Stormy have identity issues/single white female syndrome? Why does she copy other people?

- After beefing with Brina she suddenly wanted fake tits
- Copied Zia’s moon tattoo
- Changed her name to Stormy Summers, like Ali Summers who she worked and fought with
- Dated Brina’s ex out of spite because of some drama from years ago
- Got a puppy because her friend Loretta wanted one
- Doubled the amount of lip filler she has to look like Nathaniel’s ex

But her and Charms are claiming she’s the “original blueprint” lmao. All this to attract the grossest and dirtiest looking bums.

No. 1199956

File: 1617333598784.png (438.68 KB, 830x402, sab.png)

she is skin walking sabrina so hard and i hope she ends up fucking sabrinas new bf too hahah

No. 1199978

These look like two drastically plain yet different whores.

No. 1200182

File: 1617360654139.png (138.08 KB, 750x642, IMG_1914.png)

Promoting violence against men (again). Pretty much putting all the past claims about being 'abused' into perspective.

No. 1200183

File: 1617360696290.png (463.2 KB, 750x1289, IMG_1915.png)

+ bonus: admitting to pedo pandering (again)

No. 1200186

No. 1200225

>muh promotion of violence against men
do you know where you are

No. 1200239

File: 1617368589217.jpeg (860.16 KB, 3358x1310, 44573C35-64E0-48A0-8D42-F83048…)

A retarded sex worker getting upset Danielle broccoli from dr Phil made more than her spreading her nasty snatch with her non nude onlyfans. Sex workers are so entitled like shut up

No. 1200275

People should pay me because I’m poor!! Do they also get mad when people go to the movie theater instead of supporting a broke bitch Onlyfans worker? How do they not understand how fame and entertainment works…pathetic

No. 1200346


You support white trash trailer park behavior?

No. 1201732

Kek holy shit is Charms trooning out now? Is she going to get her horrific boobjob a snip snip?

No. 1201742

nayrt but as much as this whore is ridiculous, she's right. Men who cheat should be shot. That goes for women cheating as well, ofc

No. 1201827


Nope shes getting them done bigger soon. She makes no fucking sense

No. 1202015

File: 1617595579940.jpeg (386.06 KB, 1125x1361, 0045F92E-DBB1-42A0-BBAE-E5BAD9…)

Damn she is STILL talking to Dean. All she does all day is bitch about men on Twitter then keeps hanging out with abusive, racist garbage. Its all she can attract with her garbage personality though so not surprised

No. 1202054

File: 1617605791447.jpeg (507.96 KB, 750x744, EE07AB09-7112-400F-9C72-AC8D21…)

Off topic but Darcy has seriously piled on the pounds, she never takes a pic or cams without a corset lately but her arms and thighs really show the weight gain

No. 1202385

Good. Actually looks healthy

No. 1202434

does stormy actually starve herself or is she just a crack baby

No. 1202508


She looks healthy, but damn she keeps shopping her face to be more and more dorito-like.

No. 1202614

Yeah she starves herself. Shes always eating like 3 vegan chicken nuggets and a side of brocolli and maybe a large coffee here and there.

No. 1202749

File: 1617718606750.jpeg (152.24 KB, 1125x1038, 4A247092-430E-427D-9E00-9A8F93…)

Kek her new Instagram is private.

Anyone able to get in?

And yes she starves herself, makes herself look like she has eaten a lot by posted photos of junk foods etc but restricts. Typical ana chan behaviour.
Also looked into her “autoimmune” disease and it doesn’t exist, she wouldn’t be that underweight from someone who cannot digest a certain protein. It’s either drug abuse or alcohoreixa. / bulimia.

Anyone ever outed her about her obvious disorder and body checking?

No. 1202784

File: 1617723779918.png (287.11 KB, 894x660, jhghgf.png)

it's mento illness luv xx

No. 1202912

I vaguely remember from her (or an) old thread her claiming that her mom did hella meth or something when she was pregnant and that’s why she can’t gain weight. Or am I thinking of another cow?

No. 1202975

She’s claimed that herself but I don’t recall any actual proof of that. There’s none to my knowledge. It’s just an easy excuse for her own addiction issues. But then she will say she’s “made it” and she’s better than her mother because she’s made a lot of money, kek. I can’t wait to see this girl when she’s 60 if she even makes it that long.

No. 1203012

Ayrt, hard agree it’s no excuse, or even verifiably true. I meant to say both to >>1202434
She’s a crack/meth baby, most likely, and starves the fuck out of herself.

No. 1203185

Completely agree anon.

She shouldn’t be promoting her obvious disorder and covering it with a fake sickness. Never seen any literal proof of it

No. 1203188

>bi-gender, autistic, jewish
>still uses she/her pronouns exclusively
What will be her next identity change in order to add to "muh oppression"?

No. 1203206

I'm not her obviously garbage shrink but since when has this bitch been autistic lmfao. God I'm having some vague flashbacks to past threads where she was fishing for this label due to her public melties. Even having followed this trash fire since her gaia online lolita days I'll never fully grasp how one person fucks up their life so thoroughly with 0 remorse and I'm a fellow retarded bpdfag. How are you such a stupid pissbaby even other mentally retarded faggots are questioning your steady, never ending downward spiral, charms? Jesus fuck, she boggles my mind every time

No. 1204101


Did Charms mention she has BPD? She loves to self-diagnose herself like she’s some attention seeking edgelord. “Bi gender” lol.

You think Stormy has completed the two hour weekly DBT skills training for the required 6-12 months? It’s an important part of BPD treatment. Can’t imagine her actually committing and sticking with it.
The therapist she was seeing was obviously crap.

No. 1208303

File: 1618422242746.png (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 776x1338, 2021-04-14 PM.png)

Fake tits, fake lips, chin, cheeks, cringe tattoos, soon fake nose… more like 'unnaturally ugly'

No. 1208307

She just looks like the average townhouse-kid.

No. 1208792

File: 1618459352691.jpeg (Spoiler Image,97.57 KB, 960x1200, 3FA26EB7-9CFA-4CC0-A37E-46DD8B…)

how are people actually believing this ridiculous shoop from Darcy?

No. 1209892

File: 1618591383600.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, BC6AD0F4-E90A-4772-A91B-B74FC0…)

Shes sitting in her car laughing about how she cant drive it. Does this bitch have brain damage? Her and her friend loretta are both retarded

No. 1209894

File: 1618591487218.png (3.13 MB, 750x1334, 6FD99C03-5F83-4AAE-9982-5C2AFE…)

“Resorvations” kek also her new instagram is honey__spice

No. 1210358

She is the poster child of severe impulse buying. That car is just collecting dust after letting Dean drive it for a few months. She should just sell it.

No. 1210445

File: 1618649810496.png (6.26 MB, 1284x2778, 605342E0-15B9-4356-AA92-C14C56…)

This is the face of a 37 yr old house wife holy hell

No. 1210460

The fucking chin kek

No. 1210470

File: 1618657868070.jpg (242.27 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210417-190731_Ins…)

stormy posted this blurry bottle following "I hate living sober" kek no one cares, go be a crack head, you act like one already

No. 1210476

Can anyone screen record the post on her insta story of dean yelling at her

No. 1210482

File: 1618659673726.jpeg (595.58 KB, 750x1327, 4FD217FE-4FE5-43F9-80B6-B8E897…)

I can’t screen record but basically he was saying can’t you just shut the fuck up ever and it ends with him asking her how she hasn’t killed herself already. Then she posted this on the next slide.

No. 1210513

She's probably on Xanax right now as far as it can be seen from the bottle and her recently announced "surgery preparation" drug. It's a fucked up substance so her acting depressed right now isn't surprising.
Utterly baffled whenever I see that face and remind myself of the fact she's in her mid-20s..

No. 1210564

What he said wasn’t that bad knowing she’s verbally and physically violent and proud of it. Guaranteed she was picking a fight and antagonizing him the whole time, said something fucked up and actually wouldn’t shut up because she’s emotional. She has thin skin and that wasn’t even worth popping a xan for. She needs to get a grip.

No. 1212015

File: 1618843761252.jpeg (451.13 KB, 1170x2062, 901FBA89-8DCB-4BB8-B2F0-B6882D…)

Posted this 2 days after I hAtE BeInG sObEr with her popping Xanax kek she thinks popping xans is cool til you call her a druggie then she’s triggered. It’s like she’s deeply looking for someone to romanticize her “trauma” and dumbass problems

No. 1213043

Her hairline makes her face look straight up like a flower vase kek

No. 1213163

File: 1618954387144.png (Spoiler Image,2.88 MB, 750x1334, 728053B5-7626-46F5-88A0-2BFF91…)

That sober life

No. 1213165

File: 1618954421178.png (Spoiler Image,2.65 MB, 750x1334, 2D52C4A6-45F7-4755-A071-4EFF47…)

No. 1213172

File: 1618954892899.jpg (81.09 KB, 1080x606, Screenshot_20210420-132744_Twi…)

Hasn't she said this before?

No. 1213612

ya, cuz xanax is totally synonymous with being hot. kek, fucking dumb broad is all she is

No. 1213851

File: 1619048947842.jpg (261.11 KB, 1080x1895, Screenshot_20210421-194511_Ins…)


No. 1213854

File: 1619049062633.jpg (257.01 KB, 1080x1754, Screenshot_20210421-194655_Ins…)


No. 1214157

Her weird obsession with posting every gritty detail of her life is fucked. When she got her boobs done she posted so many gross photos of the incisions and bruising right after. Cow behavior

No. 1214187

File: 1619104847903.png (2.59 MB, 750x1334, 41CAD97B-9814-49FB-A8BF-B7DDB6…)

Fucking gross

No. 1214201

I find Pumpy’s look so depressing and it’s wild how it changed so much in like a year? Bizarre how she thinks all these tattoos and surgeries are “enhancements” in any way. I actually thought her gap tooth and tiny hump nose look was unique and cute now she just looks like Real Housewives of Appalachia

No. 1214283

File: 1619118308150.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, 1DF1F179-AE04-4E81-AC63-957A9E…)

This bitch has no clue. The fact that she goes off on random ppl in her DMs like this regularly just highlights how insecure she is. She will never be confident…she has no reason to be if we’re being real. Decided to fuck up her face before she even reached physical adulthood in the name of enhancements. I thought an enhancement was something like…my nose is already good but I’m going to make it better. My tits are already really nice but I’m going to make them nicer. She hatedher nose and flat chest lmao. She didn’t enhance shit she replaced it with something “better”. She’s removed any chance of ever looking natural again and with this attitude…I can’t imagine what her life will be like at 50.

No. 1215055

File: 1619206398100.png (2.34 MB, 750x1334, 680905AF-697B-45D8-AB45-7EACC1…)

She posted a video just brushing her teeth quietly like this on instagram. What the fuck? Is she really that desperate for attention? Ive never seen someone so willing to show every dirty detail of their life the way she does, especially when she looks so damn ugly.

No. 1215067

Her insta stories are making my want to throw up. She is disgusting. She keeps talking about how good she looks too for just having surgery….??? The delusion is at an all time high.

No. 1216117

File: 1619338086753.png (1.23 MB, 796x1190, 2021-04-25 00 AM.png)

If her head was half its size her body proportions would actually fit those of a grown woman . Guess it helps with the pedo-pandering tho

No. 1216154

She looks so much like that alien bug thing from mib I swear to God, every body photo it's all I can see

No. 1217080

File: 1619462593857.png (2.58 MB, 750x1334, EBA8358C-D27C-41A4-BEA4-A0DC3D…)


No. 1217083

How come everyone who gets a nose job uses the same excuse?

No. 1217228

>me me me me meeee
It’s never anything productive either besides the porn and ps, neither is really but in her eyes it is

No. 1217464

File: 1619491154791.jpg (342.74 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20210427_033402.jpg)

This looks like one of those really awful of Marilyn Manson kek.

Only after this nose job has she mentioned this "I couldn't breathe shit".

The "hump" she got filed down was almost unnoticeable. If she didn't point it out no one would've realised.

Also pumpers, you a skinny ass bitch therefore your nose looks bigger cos you have no fat in your face. Not being a noodle should be the priority.

No. 1217716

File: 1619526941706.jpg (361.83 KB, 1080x1878, Screenshot_20210425-111053_Ins…)


Yet she post stuff like this on her Instagram stories

No. 1217743

File: 1619531378251.jpg (132.87 KB, 1066x1016, 20210427_094834.jpg)

What does this even MEAN?
Also getting her boobs inflated today despite being "trans"

No. 1218247


She must smell foul as she looks. Her ear plugs must smell like dick cheese.

No. 1218529

File: 1619585729570.jpeg (Spoiler Image,3.58 MB, 4032x3024, C20293B4-A273-4E0E-84DC-5492F4…)

Charms and her new franken tits have me about to lose my lunch over here

I hope she goes even bigger for the lulz

No. 1218531

Imagine spending 30k to still have fucked up tits
Why is the right one so lopsided and deflated? If she’s getting them filled, couldn’t they fill that one more than the other to balance them?

She had saggy little titties to begin with so I get why her nipples are so low, she really should have gone with a lift.

No. 1218532

File: 1619585949919.jpeg (117.34 KB, 474x455, 9F9BC017-8073-4F67-B481-6B8DA3…)

This is horrifying.

No. 1218539

File: 1619586847203.gif (1001.07 KB, 400x293, 052FEC9B-C817-4864-BC3C-E65264…)

Holy fucking shit this is so much worse than I expected lmao

No. 1218544

File: 1619588132437.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, 60AB6E5A-608E-4CF5-AD69-39D93A…)


No. 1218545

Girl, that's 'cause your pussy is dry

No. 1218558

When tf has she ever used condoms?

No. 1218561

kek I'm sure she thinks this is something to be proud about but in reality she's just bragging that sex with her is very painful

No. 1218587


Ma’am that’s vaginismus.

No. 1218747

Dear god. They look photoshopped on they are that messed up.

No. 1218752

Mhm, sure thing. Functional rhinoplasties to fix one's breathing don't change the shape of your nose, and that tip surely looks different.

No. 1218793


Oh my gawd, that looks horrendous. She is a prime candidate for the TV show Botched.

No. 1218806

she really paid money to look like THAT.

No. 1218871


Yikes. It almost looks like she’s got some capsular contracture going on. I would not be surprised…. Expanders are sketchy to begin with, that does NOT look normal. I know it takes time for the chest muscle to relax and implant to drop so maybe they are just compressed from her adding volume to them, but…. that looks like a medical emergency waiting to happen.

No. 1219256

File: 1619656146014.png (6.95 MB, 1284x2778, 09E74F5B-5E20-4557-B771-9F60E5…)

Oh my god these bitches getting work done is the best milk
She really paid 16k for him to give her a CROOKED ASS NOSE
She’s so upset so she’s blasting dean on her story again hahahahaha

No. 1219258

File: 1619656219867.png (9.9 MB, 1284x2778, 46D68BC1-3C0F-45A4-800E-20CCAE…)

Obviously it’s going to be swollen for like another 3 months but that damn sure isn’t the “cute lil fairy nose” she said she was going to have
I love this

No. 1219267

File: 1619657002361.jpeg (25.9 KB, 400x300, 1C6EEEB4-D09B-4319-BE28-05A0F7…)

No. 1219288

Holy shit. Why are her implants escaping up into her collarbone? I've seen botched boobjobs, but never like these gravity defying abominations.

No. 1219364

This is incredibly crooked it’s almost unbelievable
Damn karma is so wild

No. 1219374

Holy botched batman!!!!!

No. 1219376

File: 1619667218165.png (5.43 MB, 1242x2688, F5E6B013-9C05-4DA8-914E-62451D…)

This is some horrocow level shit. I also didn’t know she got arrested. She seems pretty active on twitch and is camming again apparently

No. 1219623

Well…, that’s “kind of” special, but see my vagina hole is so tiny it can only be examined with a microscope. And it tastes like honey, and smells like vanilla, and when it’s that time of the month I don’t discharge blood, but glitter. So my vagina is the most special and I win for infinity!

No. 1219628

File: 1619711650835.jpg (90.38 KB, 828x1472, dHA9.jpg)

he's not wrong.. imagine posting a story of your own greasy face mixed with old ass reposts every minute of every waking hour of the day and being convinced you're not a narcissist (they always are). Like it's entertaining to a certain degree but I actually almost can't keep up anymore like it's getting annoying.

No. 1219651

A female surgeon did this too who works on sex workers, if she had any integrity she would’ve done a lift and not given expanders to someone who obviously needed a lift and will only need one that much more now. She had implants before so even if the muscle is contracted they wouldn’t be in her fucking arm pits, implants settle but most surgeons aren’t that good and are using people to practice. Who tf would see this and want to go to her dr now

No. 1219670

Top kek

No. 1219771

Can't remember if this came up in old threads. Does anyone remember what she was arrested for?

Honestly some of the most bizarrely botched tits I've ever seen. Even Angela/Himeka's was mostly her own fault for not following healing guidelines. Sere's were walleyed and hard. But I have never seen implants ascending up into someone's neck/collarbone before. She looks permanently mid jump.

No. 1220137

Fucking shoplifting and her bond was only $400. I wonder what she stole. Her twink is looking gayer and he identifies as “VERY GAY” on his Instagram bio.

No. 1220427

File: 1619800060412.png (Spoiler Image,3.53 MB, 1334x750, 9D5BCE30-D488-481F-98E5-311D2C…)

Stormy was on cam last night looking as botched as ever.

No. 1220435

So is storm f*cking sabrinas ex again?

No. 1220443

File: 1619801076756.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 7D6B05DA-890F-4AF3-95C3-06B480…)

Her and pnp are morphing into the same person

No. 1220444

is it bad that i dont see that much of a difference, at least enough to warrant her getting this done??? she said it was 16k… like what…

No. 1220446

File: 1619801246457.png (1.13 MB, 1186x668, Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 12.4…)

she posted this pic on twitter and i feel like shes trying so hard to emulate brina's lifestyle from the late 00s/early 2010s…. even the lighting/condo is the same lol

No. 1220452

Same anon. It just looks bigger in the second picture because her hair is pulled back and exposing her whole face.

No. 1220457

>go and get u a rhinoplasty

No. 1220462

Why even get on cam when you look that rough.

No. 1220482

She was saying on cam that the guy she went on a date with the night before is one of Dean’s friends and shes excited to make content with him. Messy.

No. 1220813

File: 1619843978014.png (3.67 MB, 750x1334, 893EE5D2-A0DB-4C4F-9EEE-FCCCF5…)

Really loving this botched saga

No. 1221701


Imagine the breakdown when her lip filler inevitably migrates around to other areas. She’ll look like those washed up porn stars with botched anus lips.

No. 1222350

File: 1620055918858.jpg (60.71 KB, 1200x893, V3A5A2QKCVAQRAS6SU3HAGNZTA.jpg)

No. 1223118

Holy crackwhore, batman
How do you spend so much money on yourself and look so cheap ??

No. 1223164

How come the people in the Shayna thread manage to spoiler all her gross shit but you people here NEVER SPOILER ANY OF THESE GROSS WHORES?

Stinks like self-posting retarded whores in here.

No. 1223362

File: 1620148119288.png (718.92 KB, 698x1016, Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 1.07…)

her nose is so crooked she uploaded this insta story of her pushing it back and forth

No. 1223433

She wasn’t naked and it was an Instagram post, why did it need to be spoilered?

No. 1223436

File: 1620154476637.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 1284x1922, 0CEFC40A-EA3B-4963-AB2B-20247A…)

Anyway imma post again because it broke no rules
“Holy crackwhore, batman
How do you spend so much money on yourself and look so cheap ??”

No. 1223449

that shit is sooo delicate and what she’s doing alone is going to fuck up and bend the cartilage permanently from weakening it. It can heal wrong even if you do everything right, unless you get a rib cartilage graft which I doubt. Everything in her nose is all cut up, it’s like a sand castle this early on in healing. Doing that will at least obviously cause scar tissue build up which can only be removed early on with corticosteroid shots, and force the swelling to last months and months longer. This is what happens when stupid fucking assholes who don’t actually care about plastic surgery or their results throw money at an Instagram surgeon and don’t do any research on the aftercare. The surgeon already fucked up her nose and she’s just making it worse for whoever could and will have to correct it now.

No. 1223450

Gets ~triggered~ by seeing gross people in a gross people shit talking thread. Get a life crybaby.

No. 1223512

Spoilers exist for a reason.

>posts unspoilered sexual content
>posts is removed
>reposts still unspoilered

Spoilers are not just for actual pussies and assholes, you smoothbrained retard. Why can't you just put a spoiler when you post what is basically a naked crack-whore in fucking see-through panties with her labia hanging out? Is it really so hard to tick the little spoiler box? Oh but then you couldn't advertise your OnlyFans with your self-posts I guess.

No. 1223593

She should be taping her nose this early post op… that’s a huge part of aftercare and is supposed to prevent shit like this. But her nose is SO crooked post op I would be shocked if her butcher gave her aftercare instructions. I don’t even know, her nose is a mess and I’d be pissed about it.

No. 1223648

File: 1620173038542.jpg (728.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210505-010136_Ins…)

Oh girl.

The lips are just the worst.

No. 1223894

You are…an idiot.
A blind idiot.
The post is on INSTAGRAM
You’re telling me lolcow has more strict content guidelines than a site run by the zucc?
Bitch please.
Her bits are fully covered.
I was posting because she looks like a strung out crackhead, but get this straight-
You’re a fucking crybaby idiot if you can’t handle seeing someone in a bikini.
Go touch some grass you femcel NEET.

No. 1223897

Sorry, are mommy and daddy watching over your shoulder while you browse lolcow?
Are you triggered seeing women who are absolute train wrecks look better than you?
Are you sexually fucked up?
Go to therapy, whore. The world isn’t here to baby you, nor is this message board.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1223906

Nta but just fucking spoiler your shit,it's common courtesy, anon. Idk how else to explain to you what nsfw means, also sage.

No. 1223908

nice scrote-tier sperg, samefag. NTA but do spoiler your shit; the spoiler button exists for a reason.

No. 1223973


some people don’t want to see frankentits defying gravity and full shots of random whore’s pussies when they’re trying to get to scroll the board for unrelated content. js

No. 1223982

imagine being so proud of not taking any drugs and meanwhile still managing to make yourself look like a crack whore

No. 1224204


Jesus did she change her instagram name again?

No. 1224404

File: 1620276582352.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, A55185C6-F79C-442B-BB5E-82E1F6…)

Why is she obsessed with taking these unflattering vids in her shower where she just scratches at her balding head with her crack nails

No. 1224423

Gross. Her nose looks the same as before too. What a waste of money. Typical for her though.

No. 1224618

Because she thinks she is literally the most beautiful being on the planet. Classic narc.

No. 1224843

File: 1620328000805.png (609.39 KB, 710x922, Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 3.06…)

i think she is aware that the nose job is botched and a waste. i feel really bad for her

No. 1224893

Why would it go away if all she got was a septoplasty?/s

No. 1224962

Those look painful

No. 1225100

Because it wasn't, she just said that to try belittle some guy like "ummm I got it done cos I can't breathe"

But she said she was getting the hump shaved down. It was a cosmetic choice, maybe they discovered her septum was a mess on a consultation or she's just lying to make it seem more than just a cosmetic thing.

16 grand and we can't even see a difference.

And her dog's surgery was also a failure.

Does she not research anything? Just tragic.

No. 1225121

She definitely doesn’t research shit. She chose her surgeon because he’s worked on ‘celebrities’ in the past. She said on cam that he had a ton of bad reviews and she knew she was paying way too much, but was “too lazy to find someone else”. So she knew what she was getting herself into.

No. 1225222

File: 1620363607432.png (2.97 MB, 750x1334, ED42807F-0CA6-4C79-B538-7AF93D…)

No. 1225223

File: 1620363665175.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, 42F77B51-59DE-4C26-AB62-0E1346…)


No. 1225239

Lmao I laughed way too hard. I mean, I looked at photos of her nose at the beginning of this thread, and there’s a difference. It’s not a huge difference but the hump on her nose -is- a lot less noticeable. But I think she was expecting more of a dramatic difference or a ski-slope nose or some shit. She will never be happy with her face.

No. 1225262

I mean if she truly went in for just the septum correction why is she surprised?

No. 1225318

I mean, it makes sense if she really went to a celebrity surgeon. Celebrities usually have very subtle surgeries that keep people guessing if they really had anything done, that’s the whole point of good surgery, making it look like nothing much changed.

Comparing to her previous pics, it looks the same but very very slightly smaller. If you have 16k laying around and nothing else to do why not. Her original nose was honestly perfectly normal but I guess she wanted to have the in your face instagram tiny nose. I really can’t wrap my head around girls with perfectly normal body parts, risking expensive botched surgeries just to look like blow up dolls.

No. 1225684

File: 1620431220372.png (3.68 MB, 750x1334, 8DC35548-C260-4E4A-AB4B-9247D4…)

More surgery. Her self image must be fucked. Also “at that age” wtf isnt she like 24?

No. 1225720

Hilarious. I hope she keeps getting more shit done.

No. 1225723

Most people don't get forehead wrinkles til mid 30s unless unfortunate genes.

And pumpy always tries to go on about "how young she looks" like girl people said that cos your emaciated body, your face looking old af and absolutely worse off from all the plastic surgery.

No. 1225734

Nose jobs can take up to a year to fully show results, does she not do research before such things??

No. 1225834

File: 1620459217531.png (1.01 MB, 798x1424, ugh.png)

nightmare stuff

No. 1225835

File: 1620459375204.png (890.27 KB, 796x1420, 11.35.08 PM.png)

Yup.. with dog drool + cat hair all over your clothes

No. 1225870

Butthole mouth sewer rat lookin bitch

No. 1226049

File: 1620499610697.jpg (42.62 KB, 500x625, 19c29a6e506ada7a92f13c54dacf88…)



No. 1227047

File: 1620635582076.jpg (915.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210510-092828_Ins…)

Pumpy giving advice on beating up bitches on the gram kek.

Such trash.

No. 1227178

File: 1620660692693.jpg (929.61 KB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20210510_11210743…)

She spends her whole day just posting herself being cringe af, acting xanned out. It is so obvious she uses some kind of drugs

No. 1227192

She might wanna wait for that nose to heal before she tries to fight anyone, or it's gonna look even more botched.

No. 1227648

File: 1620713722821.jpeg (336.58 KB, 569x870, BF35D9EB-CF3D-4976-A3CA-58D9F9…)

She’s had that pole for years and is proud of this struggle air walk attempt. She looks like a stick insect.. far from sexy.

No. 1227855

File: 1620750505067.jpg (Spoiler Image,120.13 KB, 828x1472, aHR0cHM6Ly9zY29udGVudC.jpg)

looking at this much cringe is addictive

No. 1227872

File: 1620751644952.jpeg (456.98 KB, 1170x1119, 3B9DACAF-0CD9-4F8E-A0AA-5EBDD0…)

Darcy playing the victim again

No. 1227953


The amount of shooping she does is insane. There's so much warping, I have no idea how anyone believes it

No. 1228089

What baby face at 25? Wasn't she just complaining about forehead wrinkles. You shouldn't have wrinkles there at 25 lol

No. 1228113

It’s amazing that she’s made it this far into adulthood being this dumb. You’d think she’d have stuck a fork in an outlet or something by now.

No. 1228242

She doesn’t look baby faced though. If anything, the work she’s had done gives her the appearance of looking older. The overfilled botox look groups her in with women in their 40s in LA who have that distinctive frozen shiny face look. Then she tops it off with sausage lips. She’s stupid, insecure and impulsive and at this rate she could look like Jocelyn Wildenstein at 35. And she’ll probably get more shitty tattoos.

No. 1228252


We live in the same city, I met her bf once wayyy before they started dating. He's a spoiled rich boy shitbag and I hope she dumps his ass

No. 1228759

File: 1620845486740.png (7.64 MB, 1284x2778, 541E6158-D399-46EC-98F4-2BE187…)

I wonder why Loretta left and went to a hotel…She was supposed to be in LA for a while longer…I haven’t seen either of them post beef but I wouldn’t be surprised if she got tired of pumpys ass

No. 1229018

File: 1620875944752.jpg (169.31 KB, 720x1421, 20210512_231656.jpg)

Loretta is hanging with a hot girl in LA unlike stormy, was maybe stormys recent makeup inspo girl too kek

No. 1229046

File: 1620880858150.png (2.25 MB, 750x1334, 9CADF57F-B686-4E43-8123-FEE20B…)

Yikes. She looks like she’s on drugs

No. 1229106

She popped some xans and then stuck her face in a bee hive

No. 1229379

File: 1620928548296.png (2.88 MB, 750x1334, 89BF9069-568B-4229-B390-3A60EC…)

why the fuck do you have animals if you’re allergic to them

No. 1229398

Because she impulse purchased all of her animals and didn’t think anything through. Just like everything else in her life

No. 1230141

setting up the excuse to dump this poor sick dog :( horrible this is the 2nd time shes done this

No. 1230380

File: 1621036432825.jpeg (220.61 KB, 1170x1768, 8DB1EDB7-3689-4CCD-91E2-CA60B4…)

Her nose is caving in on her so bad

No. 1230385

Holy fuck that is horrible. She needs to see another surgeon stat. That is NOT normal for a nosejob, period. Especially not for a FIRST nosejob. She needs corrective surgery with a specialist before she is totally fucked.

It’s normal for nosejob for swell/settle for about a year, but that is so far beyond the scope of normal healing. Like, sis, this is a borderline medical emergency. Get a specialist stat.

No. 1230389

Is the tissue in the tip dying? She's going to end up with a MJ nose.

No. 1230394

Her bump looks worse. This moron needs to stop touching a body part that’s healing. She was just as careless with her boob job.

No. 1230403

Doesn’t look like it but she’ll probably have to get another nose job to fix this one. It’s a slippery slope because if she’s unhappy with that one she’ll get another and then she’ll definitely end up with a MJ nose.

No. 1230709

To be fair, I think it's her fault. See >>1223362, she's been doing everything she shouldn't do while the nose is still healing.

No. 1230742

I don’t know… I had a nosejob and even pretty soon after surgery the tip felt stable. She shouldn’t have been able to wiggle it like that in the first place. She should have had splints and stitches in for the first week.

You’re also supposed to keep it taped for the first 1-2 months, progressively decreasing the amount of tape used. But even post op, when Id change the tape it felt perfectly stable. Tender and sore but not flopping around like that. So it’s a perfect storm of having an awful surgeon and nonexistent post op care.

Sometimes if they take down too much of the hump you get shit like this. She might end up needing cartilage grafts from her rib or ear. Either way it’s super fucked up and she’s going to have an awful time trying to get a revision. Revisions are WAY more expensive than a normal rhino and she’s going to be in for a bad time. That’s what she gets for going to a surgeon with awful reviews.

No. 1230776

Omg and she has the botched "moustache" you get from bad lip injections, so sad for this poor girl thinking she is even remotely cute. What a great episode of botched this has become

No. 1231655

I don’t know why I am horrified…she didn’t even leave it taped for very long. Ive never had a nose job but aren’t you supposed to leave it taped while it heals? Like a cast? The fuck.

No. 1231912

Yea and she kept poking and prodding it after like one day.

No. 1231934

wtf this is…scary looking. why are his nostrils like that

No. 1231937

yes revisions where they take cartilige from the rib or ear are like $50,000 in most cases (for the best revision doctors) – well actually, this was a quote from 5+ years ago, so maybe these doctors charge more now.

No. 1231940

File: 1621265279207.png (77.51 KB, 566x434, Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 11.2…)

I doubt a dog wants to be cooped up in a shitty airbnb in las vegas for a week alone while you get drugged out and party?

I'm more horrified by her treatment of these dogs than her botched nose

No. 1231942

dogs like going to parks, playing with other dogs, hiking, going to the beach, lounging in the sun… not… vegas? especially dogs with heart disease wtf? LOL

No. 1232257

Yeah… I flat faced dog that can barely breathe + heart issues and she takes this fucker to the desert.

Living for this moron wasting over 20k on a botched nose job and a failed surgery for this dog. Obviously it's a poor inbred thing from a dodgy ass breeder. A serious heart issue as a pup, it probably should've been put down. It has no quality of life.

No. 1232889

What ever happened between her and alohaalli alli summers i notice stormy goes by summers now

No. 1232915

Did she delete her instagram?

No. 1233086

I don’t know the full story but someone said they cammed together and Ali was mean to Stormy and criticized how she dressed or something stupid like that. Stormy got her feelings hurt and trashed talked Ali on cam afterwards. Hopefully someone else knows all the details.

It’s weird to partially take on the name of someone you don’t like because you’d have a negative association with it.

She’s burning through serious cash on dumb shit. And it looks like she’ll need revision. Even with her high income and tax write offs this can’t be sustainable.

I can’t see her account anymore either.

No. 1233149

She either deleted it or got deleted again. Its been gone since she got home from her drama filled vegas trip. From what i saw from her last insta stories before it disappeared, Loretta got roofied and Stormy invited Sabrina Nellie’s ex Tyler to Vegas and he ended up flaking on her and she was pissed about that. Drama per usual.

No. 1233159

It would suck to go on any vacation with her, big or small. She spends every trip hung up on some dude being miserable and feeling bad for herself whining on social media. She gives off all sorts of bad vibes.

No. 1233164

Samefag, but Ty has been there before and got caught up in her bullshit last time she was looking for someone to try to make Dean jealous. The drama she comes with isn’t worth the free fuck and party weekend.

No. 1233169

haha even his opportunistic ass decided the free booze and Vegas trip wasn't worth the headache of dealing with her. If he went, she would of bought him another pair of sneakers before he ghosted her (again lol)

No. 1233333

She’s probably Jealous she didn’t get roofied.

No. 1233339

File: 1621399960072.jpg (356.39 KB, 1078x1785, IMG_20210519_005157.jpg)

New insta

No. 1233342

File: 1621400039915.jpg (249.58 KB, 1080x924, IMG_20210519_005222.jpg)

More money down the drain

No. 1233644

File: 1621437135049.jpg (127.9 KB, 1080x696, Screenshot_20210519-110751_Gal…)

Sweetie no.

No. 1234046



Such a strange mix of cope and virtue signaling.

“People say I look like a deathfat but I take that as a compliment cuz they have the best curves I’ve ever seen.”

No. 1234601

File: 1621533612094.jpg (104.74 KB, 1009x740, Capture5.JPG)

Darcy tried to commit suddoku again I guess. Yet another mentally healthy camwhore who's totally thriving.

No. 1234604

Ahaha I’m sorry to sound like a cunt but… again? Does she do this for attention.

No. 1234624

Maybe if she stopped photoshopping herself into something that looks not even remotely close to how she looks irl, maybe she would actually find someone who ksnt repulsed the second they meet up with her.

No. 1234748

By cutting her arm? That ain't gonna do it really is it. Unless severed an artery and did nothing about it but unlikely.

No. 1234794

File: 1621550766665.jpeg (724.76 KB, 1284x1985, 8C5C34D9-F1CA-4C02-930B-80425A…)

Placing bets now that charms is going back to Florida because one of her balloon titties popped, or the lopsided one bottomed out
The Frankentits saga continues

No. 1234805

When I first came across her on Instagram I was completely lezbigay for her.. until I saw how she looked on cam and felt bamboozled by the extreme photoshop. I hope she’s doing okay though.(no1curr)

No. 1234899

File: 1621560878377.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, 04941E66-E5E8-46C3-AB8C-78594A…)

Shes moving again. How many times is that just in the past couple years? Yikes, i cant imagine how much money she wastes breaking leases all the time.

No. 1234904

File: 1621561844022.jpeg (391.69 KB, 1170x1374, 5751B308-D277-4C9F-BFC4-0EA60A…)

Is this about ty?

No. 1234915

And the moving cost too including hiring people. Everything she does is irresponsible and lacking common sense. Good job dropping 4k in one night so you can pretend to be a baller, have a miserable time and complain about the cost when you could’ve not done it in the first place. If she wanted a weekend with the girls she could of planned something more exciting than buying three overpriced bottles. If she stopped just ONE impulse purchase a month she could actually start saving and not have all these botched cosmetic procedures.

No. 1234970

I thought she dissolved her top lip tf lmao
Yeah that’s horrible and no one deserves that, unlike charm’s fucking expanders that are dangerous, it’s a reasonable surgery where it’s pretty difficult to find a solid surgeon that doesnt have misleading result pictures that are only good because the cases were of very minimal complications, can only work on a certain type of race or skin texture, etc. She could’ve gotten a recommendation from another sex worker trying to sabotage her idk, but this sucks. She probably can’t get it worked on right away because it’s too fragile, she needs to be protecting tf out of it though. She should out the surgeon though.

No. 1235121

Loretta came from Canada, and she’s going back now, which means she’s going to either have to pay a $3000 fine or quarantine for 14 days in a hotel room (~$1000)

Who tf would do that for stormy

No. 1235171

last time they let her quarantine for 14 days at home and she had friends deliver things she needed to her front porch for $ until her quarantine was over

No. 1235686

Loretta seems a little slow, tbh.
She has a big heart and stormy takes advantage of it with her constant suicide baiting.
She trash talks the fuck out of Loretta too, both of her most recent exes called her out on it, dean and that guy she made porn with for like 2 months

No. 1235879

File: 1621711928863.png (4.78 MB, 750x1334, E81D5DA8-DEE8-4BF3-9825-76BFA1…)

Speaking of suicide baiting

No. 1235923

What did she say about Loretta? Totally side eye her for being friends with Stormy. Why would you want to be friends with a shitty self-absorbed person that's high drama?

No. 1236404

I saw her posting about taking steroids,
“I’m in pain alllll the timeee” kek the lies.
Steroids are used for inflammatory illness.
I don’t believe this chic is suffering with a lil bad lung as she doesn’t smoke apparently.
She could only have chrones or some other inflammatory disease to be that weight.
The denial in this girl about her obvious purging etc everyone has seen it on her shows when she disappears off camera after munching down a few snacks.
Her lies about this shit really shows when she starts talking about medication, you have an auto- ED more like.

No. 1236487

File: 1621808087461.jpeg (274.73 KB, 1170x1885, 1AE38CB2-46D5-47E5-A6D9-547CB9…)

Her lips are fucking disgusting. Every time she opens her mouth she has spit strings.

No. 1236490

File: 1621808296739.jpg (49.3 KB, 640x480, CrPcli-VYAE96Oy.jpg)

Kek I was just about to post this anon. I think she always had spit strings when she talks but these gross fillers have made it worse.

Don't understand how she thinks they look good.

No. 1236501

Jesus Christ, that's foul!

No. 1236618

She called her annoying, a drunk, a mess, that she couldn’t stand her etc
These might be screencapped in this thread or the last, the guy aired it all out on Twitter early 2020 when he and stormy broke up
I can’t remember anything else about him lol or I’d go to his Twitter bc I bet they’re still up.
Idk how she’d explain that away?
Like “oh no he’s just saying that to tear us apart Loretta I’d never say that”
And then dean says the same thing…kinda funnyyyy

No. 1236635

his name was michael/mr.pokeyurholes or something like that

No. 1237085

I think she does actually have Crohn’s disease, and it’s an embarrassing ailment to talk about because it’s mostly known for diarrhea, so I would understand why she never says it. but it causes malnutrition, malabsorption of nutrients, even possible growth failure, food aversions, vomiting, sometimes nausea after meals and inflammation It’s a really terrible disease and could very easily mimic/look like an ED
Although I never see her post about
treatment / infusions so who knows

No. 1237347

Ha! I have a couple of family members who have Crohn’s and neither of them are anywhere close to malnourished and never have been. It’s about finding the right diet and treating it appropriately. She’s not embarrassed about diarrhea, anon, and nobody is concerned about it. Someone who knows they have Crohn’s wouldn’t be on a strictly vegan diet. A quick google search will show its beneficial to have a high calorie high protein diet. THIS DUMB HOE DOES NOT DO THAT. Yet she claims she’s aware of her disease and is trying very hard to gain weight and look like all the weird IG bitches she worships.

No. 1238328

Hmm I have to disagree, while some people are at a more normal weight, abusing this illness or any other illness which causes malabsorption will in fact cause you to look extremely sick and underweight.
You can choose to have the appropriate diets but if you don’t want to you will keep getting horrible flare ups in which some people barely eat anything during this cycle which causes you to lose about a stone a week. Sounds like this contributed to her Eating disorder and these diseases + ED can be life threatening.

No. 1239401

File: 1622069642122.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, F8D43A13-CA3A-46D3-9332-A86D74…)

What is she trying to say here? She was in a gang? What will this crazy bitch lie about next

No. 1239419

Does anyone know if she claims blood? You can’t be blood and white. She was maybe a ruby and you don’t have to get in period for that.

No. 1239514

what happened to being engaged for 4 years before being 18 to that emo tard she’s still obsessed with? now he’s a pedo and was in a gang? she was cheatin or she lyin. only ppl who haven’t followed her bullshit would ever believe this pick me ass bitch was in a gang or was ever jumped in.

No. 1239518

she doesn’t claim shit, she’s been acting this way ever since her and dean split, apparently he’s attracted to the hood rat edge lord type and that’s who she’s still trying to impress

No. 1239752

File: 1622117512441.png (Spoiler Image,1.89 MB, 750x1334, E0FDED09-3A89-4959-B996-245BDE…)

Now shes getting ass shots. Loving the botched saga.

No. 1239785

turning into kat stacks 2.0

No. 1239882

There’s no way she’d ever be suitable for a fat transfer. If she’s getting Sculptra for her ass it’s going to be mega $$$ for a subtle result. If she wants a noticeably bigger ass, the amount of filler needed will leave her broke because you need Kylie Jenner money to maintain it.

No. 1239908

She literally was just saying on her instagram live yesterday that she is ‘pinching pennies’ right now due to her recent surgery, her dogs surgery, taxes, and her moving soon. But now is suddenly able to spend 25 grand for another botched surgery. She’s only doing it because Loretta is about to get a bbl.

No. 1239912

Yea because that will look great with her stick legs.

No. 1239991

I'll be surprised if she saves enough for taxes at this point because she's been burning through money like crazy in the last few months. She better keep her fingers crossed she doesn't get audited with all these "business expenses".

No. 1240091

File: 1622151372603.png (2.05 MB, 640x1136, 02CCE0AC-DC46-4C86-8A6E-6F1475…)

Looking at these two photos it’s hard to tell if she’s high, drunk or straight up dumb.

No. 1240116

The only gang I see her having ties with is is those white supremacist groups back in Kentucky or wherever she’s from

No. 1240199

And she thinks she has a "baby-face" kek. She looks crusty as hell.

No. 1240207

in Louisville there’s actually a lot of gang activity, lots of murders happen connected to them also. I’d love to hear which hood she repped. She was probably one of those cringey people who would holler NeWbUrG any chance they had to make themselves seem involved in gang activity.

If she’s not from the Ville though she is definitely lying about gang affiliations though

No. 1241027

File: 1622254740630.jpg (430.34 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210528-221021_Ins…)

Let me figure out how to upload her IG stories. She is also talking about "don't find white men attractive"

No. 1241035

No. 1241042

She found Machine Gun Kelly attractive enough to suck his dick and brag about it afterwards though.

No. 1241078

She's a whore anon, of course she'll make an exception for rich white men.

No. 1241208

File: 1622284167506.jpg (792.45 KB, 1080x1838, IMG_20210529_062829.jpg)

She had to bring up her totally real illness after it was mentioned here

No. 1241209

File: 1622284193764.jpg (765.5 KB, 1080x1820, IMG_20210529_062855.jpg)

No. 1241308

File: 1622304580601.jpeg (167.23 KB, 750x957, AF4230E1-BA73-4AFF-8899-E45BF1…)

Why the fuck would she post these (reposted bc forgot to crop)

No. 1241353

Damn her new nose is crooked as hell in these pics

No. 1242306

File: 1622400983656.png (2.52 MB, 750x1334, 8EE35A90-44FD-4090-AB14-04AE30…)

Why does she do herself so dirty like this? The lack of awareness is astounding

No. 1244078

File: 1622605692037.png (2.02 MB, 1080x1948, image.png)

Big surprise there. I bet she doesn't even show up even though she is supposedly going for rank this month

No. 1244092

She probably got it from Dean’s dirty dick. They’ve been hanging out AGAIN the past few days. That show she went to last night was at Dean’s place with a bunch of his friends playing live. She’s hiding it cuz she knows she looks like a clown once again for crawling back to his abusive ass.

No. 1244099

File: 1622608851790.jpg (43.64 KB, 500x607, external-content.duckduckgo-4.…)

No. 1244102

Ok but like….has anyone gotten Vicodin for a uti? I had em chronically when I was younger and never once got pain meds. With how much stormy claims to never do drugs she seems to have scripts on hand pretty often lately

No. 1244114

nah. bitch prob has a std or smth.

No. 1244129

File: 1622614747505.jpg (Spoiler Image,403.29 KB, 2625x912, ew.jpg)

Recap of her show

>Had to freeze her card because there was a fraudulent charge. She remembers it's the 1st and all of her bulls are due

>Realizes she has been paying her internet back in Las Vegas even though she hasn't lived there for a year.
>This guy wrote two songs about her and they haven't fucked yet.
>She is dating a lot of people right now.
>Attempts to twerk on cam
>Talks about how she lost her ring because she got in a fight with a girl in a field outside a strip club
> Have her regulars fight over taking her to dinner
>Contradicts herself by saying she is single and out of an abusive relationship
>Complains how a 2500 tip should have moved her up in rank
>Wants to become a producer as a hobby
>Eats Takis and grossly licks her stained fingers
> She had to file an extension for her taxes.
>Moving into a bigger condo
> She is only gonna work Monday - Thursday (lets see if she holds up to it)
> Trying to moving on the 15th, move in fee $16k. Pay her taxes which is 33k. Her dog has to have a second surgery
>Complains about her dog's surgery. She only got the dog because Dean wanted a kid. She wanted a dog but didn't want a full breed. She hates french bulldogs????

It's the same thing over and over with her.

No. 1244340

Her taxes are only 33k? We might have a LexiVixi situation here..

No. 1244564

Wow you managed to decipher all of that through her mumbling mush mouth. Bravo.

No. 1244566

One of her regs is an "Accountant" who does her taxes. He wrote off an expensive lego set she bought an ex, as a work expense.

No. 1244607

Kek that millennium falcon that was nearly a grand she bought for kyler tryna out-do his other girlfriends?

No. 1244811


There’s a model on the same site who was caught putting personal purchases as business expenses. She had to pay 300k in back taxes and was on house arrest for it.

Stormy claimed to be averaging 40k a month so 33k in taxes seems low unless she’s lying about her income…

No. 1245067

File: 1622731644207.png (671.49 KB, 750x1334, 1B1E78B4-F6C3-4587-A30D-D1B500…)

She is definitely still talking to dean.

No. 1245085

Why is she embarrassing herself by showing herself being rejected? Dean doesn’t want drama so she creates drama by posting this. Imagine having to try bribe people to want to hang out with you because your so obnoxious.

No. 1245184

She talks shit about him nonstop on cam then goes running to him as soon as she’s logged off. How embarrassing.

No. 1245196

File: 1622742954750.jpg (133.69 KB, 828x1472, geneder.jpg)

Desperately hijacking every movement in existence for attention. Girl you're not non-binary, you are brain dead.

No. 1245671

Okay so this special snowflake knew she was gender fluid since she was 8 but found being called a boy triggering..

No. 1246333

File: 1622857123276.png (Spoiler Image,4.75 MB, 1242x2688, E1D221AE-8744-40DE-B02B-1D8055…)

Charms i am literally begging you to stop.

Idk if it’s because she’s got expanders, because she’s going up in size too fast so they don’t drop and fluff, or if it’s just botched at every level but these look horrible. I’m not a cam girl but I’ve had some work done and this is NOT normal.

No. 1246343

Yes she does. She has posted them being pumped on onlyfans. Not seen it but she posted teaser on twitter. Can't think how many people really wanna see that. Sounds disgusting.

No. 1246345

Oh yeah! I’m familiar enough with the camhoe lore to know she has expanders. I just don’t know if they are responsible for the weirdness or if it’s something else. It almost looks like she has some capsular contracture happening. Regardless, this ain’t the look.

No. 1246352

She looks like she lost weight since I saw her in the last thread? Or maybe it was a couple threads ago. But damn those tits are awful. I think her double-bubble’s looked better in comparison. Big yikes.

No. 1246380

She got lipo done a few times.

No. 1246435

drugs are a hell of a drug

No. 1246436

Sometimes it's hard to remember she was actually pretty cute once.

No. 1246811


A few times? I just remember the first time. She was suppose to eat small portions but she just ended up eating junk like pizza.

No. 1246992

File: 1622922356943.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1125x1887, 7E92921E-0594-47DC-AB00-8FD827…)

This dumb bitch is posting all her drama with Dean again. She was literally at his house a week ago and probably would still be hanging out with him if it weren’t for him rejecting her a few days ago.

No. 1247001

File: 1622923794204.png (3.31 MB, 1242x2208, 6EE6D41C-EB1F-4D61-AEBC-EF8052…)

The amount of disgusting her mouth is makes it’s hard to hear what she’s saying. She sounds really really stupid, so she had him blocked and then was at his house the other night and now he’s back to psycho, what do you want dude he is insane and you are retarded. Perfect Match.

No. 1247012

All I can ever focus on is her spit strings and how horrible her lips look

No. 1247130

File: 1622932271840.jpg (283 KB, 2285x1317, bullshit.jpg)


She is full of shit. Doesn't she have an iphone? Isn't there a function if you get a call from an unknown number it doesn't ring. I doubt Dean is calling her.

No. 1247265

She's an idiot. Or she enjoys his attention. You can easily block numbers

No. 1247403

Her and Mike have a bimbo fetish, it will never stop. He enables her, so it's only going to get worse from here.

No. 1247561

To be fair if someone has your number, blocking them doesn't really help since they can just call you from a different number. However of course this rich smooth brain is not going to just get a new phone right away or a new card even. The attention from claiming she's being "harassed" is too precious.

No. 1248267

All she has to do is get her phone number changed which is super easy. Clearly she's not actually THAT bothered

No. 1248658

File: 1623083226240.jpg (Spoiler Image,146.35 KB, 828x1472, dHA9MSZfbm.jpg)

the skin, the hair, the eeeear (ugh), the lips… just perfect

No. 1248662

If hes "stalking" her, why the fuck is she going through great lengths to mention his exes and baby momma contacting her? Is she really that low intelligence to think she isnt putting these women in danger as well?

No. 1248690

File: 1623085538298.jpeg (Spoiler Image,60.93 KB, 1023x767, 91D84083-E955-4C4D-87A2-1D4332…)

Hey, it’s an improvement

No. 1248752

Wtf is that

No. 1248797

File: 1623092835426.jpg (101.54 KB, 960x1000, rank.jpg)


That is pumpy from back in the day. So much for going for rank this month.

No. 1248822

hahahah fucking kek!

I feel the same way…. she has to see this and know it’s not normal rite?

No. 1248827

Is she going for miss MFC because Brina and Sandra were supposed to be going for it this month? Stormy doesn’t have mega tippers like she used anymore so there’s 0% chance.

No. 1248844

Yooo I can smell this picture from here!!

The actual fuck!
Still an ana-chan, there’s no denying it she looks like that corpse Eugenia Cooney.

And I smell fish.

No. 1249086

Yoooo!! Lmfao a fucking blast, that shit is crazy.

No. 1249223

File: 1623122259488.jpg (242.81 KB, 1080x1316, Screenshot_20210607-231628_Twi…)

You are fucking kidding me.

No. 1249288

Auschwitz survivor

No. 1249677


She deleted this tweet.

No. 1250047

File: 1623190312381.jpeg (194.75 KB, 1170x1965, 8AC916EB-C587-4A09-BB81-C6193C…)

The way her old face shows whenever she isn’t posing. Really starting to remind me of pnp these days.

No. 1250469

File: 1623226097496.png (688.14 KB, 750x1334, 34CA728B-F421-4A6B-9CCE-B088EA…)


No. 1250470

I can't express the second hand embarrassment I felt from this. Why would you ever post this.

No. 1250659

File: 1623244617114.png (4.14 MB, 1242x2688, CEA54F2F-661B-4B98-BA8A-E9E86C…)

Forgot to post this but she threw dean under the bus abt being molested too lmao what a shitshow couple

No. 1250699

This has to be one of the dumbest humans around.

No. 1250707

There was no need for her to post and out his trauma. He’s still a piece of shit though, and so is she. You can tell Stormy LOVES antagonizing him so she can complain about how abusive he is later.

No. 1250742

Lol did anyone screenshot the post saying she wants to get as many pics like thst with men this summer and it was of her ontop of ty? She definitely is messing with Dean by sleeping with ty too lol but she outed ty for following underage girls.. really creepy he has a daughter

No. 1250818

Saw it but didn’t save unfortunately. She looked like a ruler sitting on his lap.

No. 1250828

dude I wouldnt believe anything that comes out of this crazy ass bitches maw. Anything for attention and if u constantly surround yourself with pieces of shit, you're probably one.

No. 1250832

Right? One arm was in between his legs and the other was on the side of him seemed so putt off maybe just didn't want to be in the photo. Definitely using her to get at sabrina and "stella" (the mother of his child) meanwhile someone else posted about how he's back hanging out with karen? He seems so cringe. I think the only one out there doing good is stella since she doesn't cam anymore. Only one to actually care for her children. Seems to be getting it together lately. Stormy doesn't even have children and her life is a shit show. I'm surprised she didn't trap one of them with a baby with how much she always would post about being nauseated and not getting her period. Its all mind games with her.

No. 1250834


I agree. It doesn't make sense, Why did she keep hanging out with him if he is abusive and raped her? Shit is not adding up.

No. 1250836

He does follow underage girls he unfollowed a bit after she posted about the "dude" she fucked following them clearly hinting at him but he still follows underage girls? Isn't he like 30 something? Super creepy and he always surrounds himself with cam dumpsters. Loser

No. 1250840

She was so in love and falling for ty, then when he ditched her last year on her birthday it was all about Dean then he cheated on her and invites ty to the house she rents? She keeps going back and forth its no wonder he thinks she's fucking him still then posts about him recently to mess with his head. Both of them are toxic deans no victim but damn girl shit like that makes people snap

No. 1250843

There are people who find themselves trauma-bonded to their (legit) abusers and even rapists for years but this chick is NOT one of them.

No. 1250844

lol no way that uterus can be successfully inseminated. she is beyond repair(sage your posts)

No. 1250857

She was saying on cam that she was proud of herself for not getting pregnant because she hasn’t been on birth control or using condoms for months. Not sure why you would brag about that…

No. 1250867

My ____ brother? Is that what she “crossed out” does she have a brother? I can make out b on the second line crossed out
Maybe “dad &”

No. 1250988

Why do these girls fight over douchey manlets? It’s hilarious.

No. 1251229

She posts that shit bc she has an obvious eating disorder. She couldnt get pregnant if she tried, that body is busted

No. 1251239

File: 1623283619281.png (Spoiler Image,2.96 MB, 750x1334, 87510BCD-C470-412E-B12B-8E2987…)


No. 1251414

I’ve been thinking and it’s probably babysitter. This is some pull level shit though, her skin is soo gross but let’s not talk about some real shit. Who sa her? Is she lying? Keeping it obscure with babysitter not the brother so no confirmation? She obviously doesn’t care enough to 100% cross it out or even censor it.

No. 1251422

pretty sure it's "my mom's boyfriends" she's been saying that for ages

No. 1251426

File: 1623299548912.jpg (457.42 KB, 2736x880, skeletor.jpg)

Pumpy is on cam yelling at people because no one is tipping her.

No. 1251450

Highlights of the show

>States she has an almost 800 credit score

> Stated her credit score was so good, they gave her a car even though she doesnt have a license.
>Kept talking how abusive Dean is.
> Was triggered by someone saying she deserved the abuse ( I dont even think thats what they said but she got so angry) She told the person to go kill themselves.
> Banned a few people because they wouldn't kiss her ass

No. 1251707

You can get pregnant if you have an eating disorder just would have to recover if she did. Hopefully she doesn't ever have children cause fuck she complains about her dog non stop and cats

No. 1251886

File: 1623350071952.jpeg (Spoiler Image,243.19 KB, 1152x1152, 4845055A-B483-4123-9287-7EAECA…)

It’s called knee valgus, it’s super common and no one notices that shit. Her BDD is kicking in again and we might see more impulsive surgery soon.

No. 1252159

I always thought they looked like that because she is just so fucking skinny that her knee caps are literally bigger than her legs so they just bulged out. She def picks apart every aspect of her body cuz its obviously she hates it.

No. 1252366

She may have slight knock knees but I agree with anon that it's cos she's so thin that you even notice it.
Same with her nose. It wasn't even big but being a bonelord makes it look like it sticks out more cos she lacks fat in her face.

Tbh dunno why anyone has agreed to operate on her, they must be dodgy money grabbing surgeons.

No. 1252475

File: 1623378782746.jpeg (125.22 KB, 744x688, 8273BE6E-404B-4D37-AE5A-5AE21A…)

Yikes. Her face was actually better before all the surgery

No. 1252479

File: 1623378830157.png (2.35 MB, 750x1334, FF72844D-09EB-442C-AB82-FA08D9…)

No. 1252481

File: 1623378876184.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, 226F1569-1451-42DD-B279-7990F6…)

No. 1252508

Stormy is on onlyfans. I would be curious how much she us currently making.

No. 1252540

File: 1623381709214.jpeg (164.38 KB, 750x826, BA7847B7-269A-4FFD-9595-4B17AE…)

girl just say you want to be fetishized for your eating disorder and go.

No. 1252645

File: 1623386277725.jpg (433.11 KB, 2540x1710, namechange.jpg)

No. 1253070

I like how she keeps going on about her new safe space in Beverly Hills for her and her live-in slave, yet she put the exact bedrooms, sq foot, price and zip code online
It took 2 seconds to find it on Zillow (for curiousitys sake)
Bitch is so damn dumb it hurts

No. 1253233

Is her live in slave that random blonde girl she’s been hanging out with?

No. 1253317

Yeah thats her. The one with super messed up teeth.

No. 1253394

Learn to sage

No. 1253417

File: 1623454968480.jpg (273.72 KB, 2623x1600, Lumen.jpg)

Also when I was google her name last night a DMCA claim was made by someone named Diana Miller, any idea who that is?

No. 1253425

It’s a service camgirls use to send DCMA requests on their behalf to remove content from porn sites.

No. 1254235

File: 1623532883464.png (3.6 MB, 750x1334, E6412CC6-A343-4998-BC5E-38CFEB…)

No. 1254237

File: 1623532950209.png (2.4 MB, 750x1334, 95FDB961-FC54-4D34-8EE0-7DA382…)

Samefag, hit send by accident. But sure, can’t wait until she moves so she can shove her dog in a crate and nobody will hear it’s distress.

No. 1254639

this is really sad…

No. 1254641

They asked who, not what.

No. 1255026

File: 1623589021758.jpg (86.48 KB, 828x1472, totally-self-aware.jpg)

now THIS made me laugh

No. 1255043

File: 1623589886908.jpeg (107.78 KB, 281x384, C2B2120D-9CB4-4AE5-868F-41C789…)

alright she (emilyartful) said she did webcams and nudes, someone post sauce/content pls ty(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1255044

Fuck off scrote

No. 1255046

the fuck is a scrote(newfag)

No. 1255047

Disgusting subhuman creatures who are incapable of empathy and kindness, and whose 3 braincells are always focused on cooming.

No. 1255048

oh well then that's at least half accurate good job, now post the fucking content you emofuck

No. 1255063

Wow. Typical troll. What an insightful and smart individual!
Here's an idea, how about you show us YOUR ass on full display for us to mock and laugh at? You want to beat it to her? Too bad. Get off the internet, and don't come back. You aren't welcome here. Beg for attention elsewhere. Crawl straight back to 4chan to beg for nudes, and proceed wasting oxygen that you don't deserve to breathe for the rest of your sad fucking life.

No. 1255074


Stop the retard fighting and bumping the thread for no fucking reason.

No. 1255110

she did webcam content out of free will for a while so pretty successfully

>inb4 sHe NeEded ThhE MoniEs

>beg for attention

what on an anonymous board? fucking spazzmonkey

No. 1255115

She says clearly she was forced to do it and had no bodily autonomy. Also this thread isn't about her.

You have endless content to masturbated to on the internet, go away. Men are seriously repulsive.

No. 1255118

sorry about your caveman brain, pornsicko. there are other places on the internet more accustomed to sharing footage of women in distress that you want desperately to squeeze your chode to

No. 1255135

i'm not even male, which again doesn't matter, but nice of you to assume my gender
>no body autonomy
>sets up webcam account on her own
>sets up the entire scene
>did this repetitively
>no autonomy
convince yourself

>thread not about her

but it's about drama camgirls :^)(:^))

No. 1255193

I literally thought this was Arianna for a second.

No. 1255361

>sexual exploitation don't real
Brain full of cum. Pathetic.

No. 1255774

>willingly spread cheeks for webcam
>sExUaL ExPLoiTatiOn

No. 1255788

File: 1623642355218.png (2.97 MB, 750x1334, F51E8FFF-9283-40E5-9102-012028…)

Shes got a new “daddy” already. Juan, lmao

No. 1256299

File: 1623687375563.jpg (Spoiler Image,214.76 KB, 1024x2048, IMG_20210614_171430.jpg)

Yo why has charms got a massive cabbage tattooed on her ass?

No. 1256315

File: 1623689003967.png (136.1 KB, 1170x622, 2021-09-06 2.19.30 PM.png)

So what's the deal with this? Is she just being dumb while pretenting to be outsmarting ppl and think they care? Or is the 22 thing another pedo-pandering tactic?
Also can't tell what age makes her look worse considering her situation to be fair since she's pretty much been past rock bottom for a while now.

No. 1256318

god every tattooed bitch is getting peonies on their ass these days, gonna look even dumber when the trend is over

No. 1256320

The fast food bag in the back really ties everything together. She really wrecked her face as much as she wrecked her body. She aged herself badly

No. 1256396

Flashbacks to when she promised twitter randoms fuck machine videos for Burger King gift cards.

No. 1256470

she wants to throw a party because sabrina nellie and sandra threw a party lol

No. 1256838

Nah that's a Meijer bag, it's a grocery store.

No. 1256870

File: 1623719861526.jpeg (453.92 KB, 2048x2048, E3zfa9dXwAUj_FB.jpeg)

kiwi sunset the shoe0nhead lookalike and OF girl (kiwithesmol on twitter got a nosejob too recently. i have a feeling it will look better than stormy's. however she is currently sperging on twitter at everyone

No. 1256907

Unless you've got a majorly distinctive fucked up facial feature scrotes do not care, and if they do they just crop out their face to wank.

These hoes getting major plastic surgery for a very small issue is stupid.

No matter how ugly you are; there's a scrote for you.

No. 1257120

No one here even remembers this ho so hi bitch

No. 1257143

Waste of money tbh, should've spent it on that leafy jaw.

No. 1257378

She has like 700k followers on Instagram… she’s more relevant than some of the failed girls in here

No. 1257579

File: 1623787051068.jpg (102.52 KB, 828x1472, cunt4827.jpg)

No. 1257582

Trust me God wants nothing to do with all of that.

No. 1257602

That's….not the flex she thinks it is, especially considering she calls these guys "abusers" after the fact. All that money and still white trash as fuck.

No. 1257686

Ew. She hasn't been in any long term relationships lately and she's just letting these dudes she fucks for like a week-a month and then breaks up with fuck her raw? That's disgusting. Why would you brag about being this fucking vile?

No. 1257705

cool now post the STD results

half these women probably have HIV lowkey and all have HPV confirmed

No. 1257728

virgin-anon like 80% of people have hpv

No. 1257730


She's also admitted to getting Chlamydia before. Is she forgetting she could catch an incurable sexual disease?

She brags about "I get tested all the time" but what good is that if she catches something serious.

No. 1257793

she got a chin augmentation as well

No. 1257893

It was dean, she keeps posting about how it’s been a week since she fucked him and still loved him so much…after claiming he was a rapist and woman beater lollll
She needs to see an actual therapist and gain some self worth before she attracts someone who really does kill her.

No. 1257935

This is the gen z koolaid, huh? disgusting

No. 1258218

File: 1623875066898.jpeg (758.9 KB, 828x1473, 41AEE262-4596-4D5F-A8B5-F6B7AF…)

This might be the first time I’ve ever seen her walk her dog…so used to seeing it just piss and shit on the puppy pads she has all over her floor.

No. 1258231

File: 1623876046649.jpeg (359.83 KB, 750x1852, 6E07CC8F-F02D-441F-A495-B62050…)

This girl was posted in shays thread and gave me a hearty kek. Literally has an ouija board tattoo on her stomach and dresses up in neon wigs and “literally sobs” when her content doesn’t do well, non stop salty tweets about other sex workers, does the “once I get [this plastic surgery] it’s all over for you hoes”, and preaching about the rules of sex work while constantly contradicting herself saying she’s the happiest she’s ever been one day then talking about wanting to die the next
tenshiitushii on Twitter

No. 1258234

why do girls who are trying to be slampigs always complain about not being successful? maybe take pride in yourself and clean up? don't get every tattoo that comes to mind?

No. 1258268

>don't get every tattoo that comes to mind?
Holy shit kek.
Woke twitter sex workers are like troons believing that plastic surgery will miraculously change their lives and turn them into perfection. It's still amusing when people like Charms end up more botched and disfigured at least.

No. 1258309

File: 1623886591082.jpeg (236.62 KB, 1242x616, 4841F9E8-3426-4ED0-B9AD-70FB01…)

She’s really fugly and has such a sour gross attitude. She should just work out, and stop being a lazy bitch instead of getting a BBL. She should use that money towards her ugly nose. She’s like a Shaynus 2.0 with shitty ugly tattoos.

No. 1258326

File: 1623888571644.jpeg (1.41 MB, 2803x3361, F834BF78-4BA3-48E3-AB15-CDDFB6…)

Ten (a.k.a. Shayna 2.0)
Twitter: @tenshiitushii
Of: tenshitushii
This bitch is actually a lot like shayna and is milky
>Daily misogyny pick-me tweets and about how women are evil and abusive
>talks about the hayterz and how they don’t bother her because she gains more subscribers every time she gets “cancelled” (yet tweets about them all the time)
>tweets about how Twitter cancel culture is “abuse” and sex workers are evil for promoting it
>claims everyone is obsessed with her
>suicide baits
>gets angry at her orbiters for not liking her Twitter posts
>threatens to delete her Twitter if she doesn’t get a certain amount of likes
>never actually deletes it
>claims about being broke
> Apparently is about to get a BBL which will post likely be botched
>claims to be “queer” for oppression points even though all she does is tweet about how women are bitches and she doesn’t trust them
>interacts with Shayna’s number #1 scrote, grayhair @gnotold on Twitter.
>Pan-handles consistently and throws tantrums when no one cashapps her kek
>Bitches about other girls being more “rich” and more “famous”. Says she’s more talented, has a better body, and is better looking
>copes by saying she's “too hot” to be Twitter famous

No. 1258335

File: 1623889751283.jpeg (1.76 MB, 3464x3464, FA6F285C-7012-42AE-A45D-75949C…)

>femcel tweets about being upset for being attracted to women, because all women don’t like her and are mean
> surgery isn’t the easy way out
>has to “bust her ass” aka spread her coochie on a bird app to afford the surgery
>scrote asks what a bbl is, ten says to google it.
>scrote tries to compliment her by saying she doesn’t need a BBL
>Gets bitchy and tells him she doesn’t care what he thinks
>gets triggered when other sex workers promote under her content because competition
> pretends to be upset that tiktok strippers are telling other girls they could make thousands when in reality a lot of them won’t due to their location
>is really just jealous and seething because clubs called her fat and don’t want her ugly flabby ass to dance at their club kek
>interacts with grayhair and he’s been following her since she was abused and homeless. Tells gray she loves him.
> complains about not having likes even though she has lots of followers
> ugly degenerate animal crossing shirt that says excellent coochie on it

No. 1258337

File: 1623889892834.jpeg (755.5 KB, 1582x2089, 42CCB3B6-6A95-4C95-850A-F0F0F7…)

No. 1258383

File: 1623894816467.jpeg (142.75 KB, 750x941, 647E6ABE-AF23-4D1D-B06B-2BD89E…)

Thanks for capping all this anon, I wondered why if she hated ~sex work so much she couldn’t just get a fucking normie job but then I saw the face tattoos on top of everything else
My question is what do thots like this think is the end game? She says she’s been doing sex work for four years. She hates it, she’s blowing thousands on BBL and tatttoos and from the look of her backgrounds cheap Amazon shit, then bitches about being poor, thinking the BBL will fix everything. What’s the fucking point

No. 1258455

File: 1623901473022.jpeg (Spoiler Image,680.29 KB, 1242x1161, 47E98D0A-1709-4C05-A51E-A5B147…)

I feel bad for that baby. It’s already being sexualized by their mother. Pregnant women shouldn’t have OF

No. 1258488

Don’t care if it’s kink shaming but making porn while pregnant is disgusting. It’s nasty and inconsiderate to your child.

No. 1258615

LMAOOO I haven’t seen this bitch in ages!
The last time I saw her tweet was over a year ago saying “don’t ask me where I get my stuff, I don’t get paid to be an influencer” and something along the lines of telling them to find their own shit.
The delusion really popped out with that one, I had no idea she had so much other milk but I should’ve known.
That mean girl shit is not cute

No. 1258626

File: 1623933500437.jpeg (1.43 MB, 3464x3464, 2F636617-2D44-4C96-8988-A999A0…)

She’s really milky
More tweets I found
>always has an opinion about everything
>opinions are always negative
>says posting about how much money you get is tacky
>doesn’t think e-begging for money is tacky though, kek.
>constantly does lipo, and begs for money
>gets triggered that she’s blocked by other sex workers
> anal makes her ~feel better though uwu ~

No. 1258639

Idk, she's not outright ugly like Shay. She just needs a personality check and a complete style rework. She needs to hear that scrotes don't care how "unique" your makeup/tattoo/wig looks

No. 1258640

File: 1623934993575.jpeg (1.63 MB, 3464x3464, 9ACD9858-B3FD-46E8-AD06-EA0E62…)

>all her abusers have been women
>also claims cancelling sw on Twitter is financial “abuse”
>women are the worst they’re evil and abusive
>”I want a girl to love me” but also tweets I hate girls
>bitches about low engagement on her Twitter
> says sex work has damaged her ability to get a job
>talks shit about sex work and how much she loathes it
>copes by tweeting that her porn is too good for the world
>yet she doesn’t make money from her porn because nobody wants to buy it kek
> wants to be skinny and gets jealous other girls are skinny and successful
>keeps getting lipo but still has an ugly body
> says sex workers who told other sex workers to delete their nsfw content to avoid getting deleted are “evil” and “fear-mongering” to weed out competition. Legit the same hot take as Shayna

No. 1258641

Well that’s because she has a caked on face in all her pics. I agree shayna is uglier but this bitch is just such a disgusting person. She seems like the type to victim blame women and be abusive towards them. Her hatred for women is very disturbing.

No. 1258701

She's like the poster child for 'pretty on the outside, ugly on the inside'.
Talks shit about other sex workers not wanting to interact with her, yet all she does it bitch and whine online. People don't want to spend money on a happy whore, not a bitter one.

No. 1258751

What? Lol The most miserable whores make tons of money. It somehow works on these men that support them

No. 1259227

Emotional manipulation seems to work better than actually being entertaining. Simps love that shit.

No. 1259360

If that was true this girl should be making bank considering how much she complains, and she isn't kek. Her bio says she's top 5.8% which is less than 2k a month according to the stats posted in Shay's thread

No. 1259704

File: 1624051510055.jpg (114.64 KB, 1092x513, backhanded brag.jpg)

I cannot with this bitch.

No. 1259741

Coming from the same girl who says "I'm so hot" all the time and that she's the blueprint for a hot body or whatever she said.

Why she always have to mention how many lbs she weighs. It's not normal.

No. 1260029

Because she has an eating disorder low self worth and nothing else to offer apart from pedo pandering to weirdos.(sage your shit)

No. 1260099

File: 1624112767326.jpeg (495.95 KB, 1125x809, 68F26B17-D8E9-408D-A146-BB5B58…)

sorry if this isn't allowed, i'm so sick of seeing these sick in the head onlywhores on twt, how much of a retarded bpd chan do u have to be to think this is funny/something to post on twitter?

No. 1260100

File: 1624112809071.jpeg (Spoiler Image,883.06 KB, 1125x1494, CFC9F685-AD1F-4C77-B6B0-C27B08…)

srry forgot to spoiler, nsfl

No. 1260169

File: 1624121136261.jpg (254.18 KB, 1045x1364, Screenshot_20210619-124314_Twi…)

Omg this looks so bad, the orange is so faded.

No. 1260271

The black doesn’t even look vibrant or healthy at all, it looks dull and dead. And the copper looks like she bleached her hair and it went wrong…yikes

No. 1260298

It's probably meant to be ~rose gold~, it's just that her hair is too fucked.

No. 1260387

File: 1624134828440.jpeg (419.3 KB, 1242x1063, 77FE1D42-75EC-471D-B94B-52D01A…)

No. 1260449

File: 1624141956394.png (2.26 MB, 828x1792, A099D019-4F84-4FAC-A2CB-8E9737…)

Dean’s friends threw a party last night and look who was spotted hanging with Dean again. After alll that recent bitching and crying about him, she went running right back again. Proof she only outs him for attention and nobody should feel sorry for her whatsoever.

No. 1260493


Whats the friend's IG? Stormy looks like a dime a dozen skank. That could be any hoe.

No. 1260550

im starting to feel bad for her

No. 1260587

@mazerot was on of the friend’s ig. She was in the background of a bunch though.

No. 1260591

Why? Dude is fat and ugly as fuck and “aboosive” and she chooses him. Its her fault.

No. 1260596

But he totally raped her right? And abused her and gaslight her? She’s bathing in the dumb bitch juice man nothing she says is true

No. 1260597

ofc I mean she looks like a halloween prop. this people have extremely low self esteem, to believe this kind of people call themselves "hot bitches" give me a break, it's the equivalent of a PhD calling itself "pretty darn smart!" just to see the pictures here, makes me remember what a guy said once to me in a group of friends "i rather have a nice chunky nerdy girl sit on my face than one of those anorexic girls on fashion shows" it was pretty crude, but normal handsome dudes who have their shit togheter don't go out or pay some self proclaim "hottie" who takes drugs and sloots around.

No. 1260598

File: 1624155402918.jpg (177.44 KB, 1167x1509, dumb.jpg)


More screenshots should have been taken, the stories are gone from IG. She is denying it up and down on Twitter.

No. 1260600

it just seems like she has no friends outside of him (i mean its obvious why, she isn't a good person) but its still sad. he seems like a douche.

No. 1260601

File: 1624155514688.jpeg (182.25 KB, 828x810, DBCC48C5-5B20-463D-970A-322FE7…)

I mean that’s obviously him in the hello kitty hat she’s sitting next to

No. 1260603

File: 1624155948708.png (210.06 KB, 750x1334, 01591108-9701-4BE2-9D5B-8659F2…)

Why the fuck does she still have this dog?

No. 1260606


What does this picture show? Also sage your shit.

No. 1260607

That she was sitting next to dean even though she was claiming she wasn’t with him, dumbass.

No. 1260613

File: 1624158354625.jpeg (471.36 KB, 1242x884, B037D713-799B-4F15-BC95-3F05BC…)

Leaving this here for posterity. Reposted bc I’m a retard

No. 1260674

Gumby built looking ass bish

No. 1260857

File: 1624204988760.png (1.15 MB, 674x1096, Screen Shot 2021-06-20 at 12.0…)

soleil posted on insta that she hates dogs lol

No. 1260859

File: 1624205067141.png (1.22 MB, 674x1092, Screen Shot 2021-06-20 at 12.0…)

part 2… yeah this is going to blow up in her face

No. 1260962

File: 1624218959021.png (4.05 MB, 828x1792, D99B99EA-B7A6-477E-9767-8A0627…)

She really looks like the Monster’s Inc meme. Pump, pump, pump it up Pumpy!

No. 1260996

Lmao yikes, yeah this will definitely implode. Stormy is such a fucking disgusting cunt, i cant imagine living with her.

No. 1261021


Well - it’s not like this pic is filtered to shit or anything.

No. 1261049

File: 1624232075011.jpg (523.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210621-003217_Ins…)

So apparently pumpy googled her father for the first time and he's supposedly murdered 4 people.

Truth or bullshittery?

No. 1261051

Look at her stupid little smug face. She really thinks this is something worth bragging about

No. 1261057

File: 1624233307554.png (3.26 MB, 750x1334, 502222CC-E94A-4799-B3F5-F4C8D9…)

Grimy. No wonder her skin is so fucking bad

No. 1261068

Pretty sure it’s bullshit. These murders have been covered on multiple docs like 48 hours, snapped and stuff like that. According to the article she posted, this man Christopher Lee Snider would have been 23 in 2006 and she claims he was 16 when she was born. Shes about to turn 25, right? She’s also claiming that she got this information from her meth mother.

No. 1261140

The Houston incident report says Christopher Lee Snider’s birthday is 11/10/84, which would make him 18, almost 19 when the murders were committed in 2003 and 21 when he died/his body was found in 2006. Morgan’s birthday is 8/1/96. He was 11 years old when she was born. So yeah she’s retarded, as usual.


No. 1261349

I thought her dad kidnapped her and her mother? I can't keep up with these wild stories she comes up with. Narcissist

No. 1261451

Is she too stupid and lazy to disinfect and wash her clothes? It takes an extra 30 seconds to add bleach or vinegar to your washing load.

Pretty sure saying you hate dogs means you hate dogs so idk why she’s back tracking. Most people I know adore their cats so she is a weirdo. Maybe that’s why she gets long with Stormy. Also, she looks too unkempt and sloppy to be a germaphobe. She’s just lazy.

No. 1261754

any updates on megvnmvrie? is she still alive

No. 1262071

File: 1624375569624.png (1.19 MB, 806x1430, 2021-06-22 12.23.18 PM.png)

bet she kept this philosophy from when she was still being railed by a different dirty cock every other day. yuck .

No. 1262306

File: 1624400104489.jpg (Spoiler Image,145.05 KB, 1172x1062, gross.jpg)

I love how she always complains about men trying to get her content for free but then post this on her Twitter. She is dumb.

No. 1262416

Her pussy is very average looking and her boasting about it is interest considering how many men she's let raw her. Your vagina isn't divine, your labia minora are thick and on the smaller side and your labia majora look like everyone else's. How is she special?

No. 1262418


No. 1262509

File: 1624428612807.png (2.19 MB, 750x1334, 6E891421-F8D3-4076-9D6B-3BF015…)


No. 1262537

File: 1624435101512.png (318.15 KB, 487x791, 2021-23-06 02_54_45-Window.png)

tfw realizing you're infertile(unsaged non-milk)

No. 1262562

Imagine falling for a meme

No. 1262600

File: 1624446841377.jpg (62.83 KB, 1080x606, Screenshot_20210623-121138_Twi…)

She's alive.
Believe she's still with her baby daddy.

She just seems to make weird videos in too small clothing that she clearly spends way too much time editing that nobody buys.

No. 1262640

She constantly sounds so stupid.

No. 1262795

thats what she said in the video dumbass

No. 1262819

Holy shit, she looks bizarre!

No. 1262828

Yea it looks like her face never recovered from pregnancy. She still has that “pregnant face” that most women get.

No. 1263061

File: 1624504046588.png (2.48 MB, 750x1334, C7E0A54F-B09B-4B27-8B5F-DACFE4…)

Greasy gremlin. She really puts in a lot of effort to look this terrible damn

No. 1264958

File: 1624738872873.png (2.73 MB, 750x1334, 10FD7DCE-D611-4B40-A9DC-35E093…)

Dont forget how uwu smol she is, she cant even fit her xxs leggings

No. 1265235

File: 1624769895201.jpeg (529.7 KB, 1242x1193, 9B119026-58F2-42E5-A837-5621FA…)

you must not be hot since you’re broke all the time complaining about money and how you want to quit sex work. Seethe harder ugly whore

No. 1265236

File: 1624769945373.jpeg (352.53 KB, 1242x918, 81AF7366-AC7C-4747-9440-C615EB…)

No. 1265243

Sex worker complaining about being seen as only an object to her johns. The brain rot is strong. Also kek at not realizing that people share what they think is good… if no one is sharing your shit, it ain’t good.

No. 1265244

Did she get smaller implants? Her tits look world's better than last time I saw her

No. 1265247

If you have to keep asking, you are indeed broke. I know it’s such a foreign concept to these whores but many women receive money without asking or doing anything.

No. 1265324

Okokok… so her business is selling images of herself, correct? She's upset that her customers aren't spreading the word about her product and taking it out on them publically by throwing a temper tantrum with her adult ass. Good plan, you stupid bitch.

No. 1265357

She can't get it into her tiny head that the reason people don't share her stuff is because she's so unlikable

No. 1265371

Get fucked lmoaoaoo. BPD whores with fucked up wigs are dime a dozen. I'm sure misogynist scrotes are very attracted your entitlement. Get that BBL, maybe they'll like you more kek

No. 1265556

gh_no is the most pathetic coomer, jfc.

No. 1268193

File: 1625061752019.jpg (75.24 KB, 828x1472, brain_rot.jpg)

No. 1268221

File: 1625065428492.png (2.55 MB, 1242x2208, EFF5BB3A-EF14-4006-B083-21859D…)

This is stormys new assistant, she’s been living with her like a month and is already acting like her. Eye roll, as if anyone cares what she’s even saying

No. 1268254

Girls teeth look like pegs kek

No. 1268259

Would love to hear her storytime on how she lost her middle tooth. What does her job entail?

No. 1268277

>middle tooth
Are you tom cruise?

No. 1268307

File: 1625072705779.jpeg (735.9 KB, 1242x1259, 670DE6F0-FF47-4A7E-9C02-EE3F3E…)

Gray-hair back at it again with the monsters inc gif

No. 1268343

I’ve been following her for the last week and she’s definitely a cow in the making. This girl is straight up delusional and unattractive. She doesn’t have the looks to pull off such attitude and entitlement.

No. 1268650

File: 1625104255942.jpeg (580.27 KB, 828x1187, 98A6606B-36CC-4A5C-A703-A6DB4A…)

Pumpys new tattoo might be the worst one yet

No. 1268654


Oh no, it looks like when you go to write someone’s name on an envelope but you don’t leave enough space so it ends up being really off-centre

No. 1268673

What does it even say?

No. 1268680

Does it say devour?

No. 1268683

I thought it said Devon at first. Then demon. Devour?

No. 1268706

File: 1625109582813.jpeg (229.55 KB, 802x1150, 162510941805633025414572507808…)

Flipped it. God that's just tragic…

No. 1268727

can't focus on the bad ink with the happy trail of hair between her tits? or stretch marks from implants on her skelly body

No. 1268944


No. 1269053

No. 1269067

"Devour", idiots.

No. 1269092

She probably has hormonal issues

No. 1269151

it clearly says DeNour regardless of her intent lmao

No. 1269195

Yeah, written by a very young child who is still learning cursive.

No. 1269242

>happy trail of hair between her tits
Is that not normal?

No. 1269344

it's called being pale retards(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1269360

What? Lol sage your shit ya fuckin retard. I’m definitely not pale and have that too. It’s normal. Stop wk this dumb whore.

No. 1269361


to be fair nonnie, lanugo is a thing for anachans like her.

No. 1269398

Yes, body hair is normal on humans, you inbred. Nitpicking on a bit of hair when there are countless things she’s milky for. Not for peach fuzz on her chest ffs get over it. Lanugo? Fucking retards. Clearly trying to detract from her god awful tattoo

No. 1269404

She is freaking hairy but no hair on her actual skull…
It has to be cuz of her ED, hormonal issues or both. She looks unhealthy.

No. 1269424

It's totally normal body hair anons omfg. lanugo is white/see through and sits below the regular hair which this is not. God forbid you see a woman with darker hair. People go on about this in pnp's thread all the time too. Humans are mammals, they have hair everywhere and she has plenty of hair on her head so idk why you're suggesting she's practically bald? She still has more hair than tnd has had for yrs lol

No. 1269598

File: 1625211686639.png (4.7 MB, 828x1792, DC9F9700-FD06-4459-BAA8-F14DBB…)

Then tell me what’s that… gross.
Beech shave your face.

No. 1269600

I thought she didn’t drink? Lol sober my ass.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1269604

Big fucking yikes, how trashy

No. 1269607

I just reallllly want more pics of her nose tbh. It was sooo crooked and I don’t know how it could resolve itself without another surgery, which is even riskier and more expensive. Pumpy, give us the content we desire.

No. 1269609

File: 1625213203264.jpg (281.8 KB, 1080x874, Screenshot_20210702-090237_Twi…)

Suicide baiting so she gets a crumb of interaction.

No. 1269619

Same. I’m not savvy to plastic surgery but that shit looked like a disaster waiting to happen.

No. 1269950

File: 1625248618302.png (397.21 KB, 369x645, BeeBee.PNG)

not sure if she's ever been posted here, but BeeBee Gunn on tiktok is currently having a somewhat entertaining meltdown over Lil Nas X 'disrespecting stripper culture' by offering a poledance competition of some kind where I guess the finalists happened to be mostly hobbyists rather than strippers. She deletes shit randomly but there was a period of time when she kept breaking up with her boyfriend and posting videos of herself crying on the floor with a black and white filter kek


No. 1270014

File: 1625252378010.png (936.5 KB, 802x1422, 2021-02-07 4.58.37 PM.png)

idiot whipped af

No. 1270051

Idk who this chick is but she's tweaking haaaard in that Lil Nas X video, like damn girl drink some water or take a nap

No. 1270104

Stormy’s esthetician needs to dermaplane that mug. Malnourishment caused lanugo ain’t cute.

No. 1270134

File: 1625257609090.jpeg (526.09 KB, 828x1392, A8F69644-1EF8-4D6D-9D11-B31670…)

Here comes the monthly rant about Dean again. Hopefully nobody takes all this shit seriously because she’ll be running right back to him next week again. Rinse and repeat.

No. 1270152

>>1270134 just watched all the new stories on dean.isn't it amazing how inclusive society is that something like stormy is able to prosper. with her demeanor, looks and language she really pulls off making her face more punchable than it already was.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1270231

Forget about her, how much of a cuck is Dean to keep taking someone back who talks shit about him in public at any given opportunity?

No. 1270262

He’s ugly, short, racist and hot-tempered so it’s not as if his dating prospects are great. A mentally ill sex worker with BPD like Stormy is a perfect match for this fuckwit.

No. 1270548

Accurate - trash attracts trash kek

No. 1270567

Is she still with dean?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1270755

They’re not dating but they still hang out, hook up and are constantly texting each other. Then they fight and talk shit about each other for a week, and then do it all over again.

No. 1271272

File: 1625409112242.png (708.02 KB, 750x1334, 320B822D-38EA-44AB-B029-AADE4A…)

They’re both fucking dumb.

No. 1271274

File: 1625409165057.png (2.43 MB, 750x1334, 18FEBF67-DA3A-48B4-B29B-0774C2…)

She posted this earlier, is she just sleeping with every man in LA? Really gross.

No. 1272098

They’re both trying to manipulate each other lmao

No. 1272417

File: 1625587131423.png (Spoiler Image,2.7 MB, 750x1334, F17DAC43-DE8D-4A5F-AF21-715EED…)

If she looks this bad now, i cant wait to see what she looks like in 5 years. Spoilered bc its pumpy’s mouth

No. 1272768

File: 1625627692748.jpg (155.91 KB, 1494x1160, 20210706_231259.jpg)

Pumpy is on twitch raging and being a bitch.


No. 1272799


Quick recap

>Keeps bringing up how she is 75lbs

>Pays for the 8k apartment by herself, her "assistant" doesn't help pay.
>Her room is a wreck. States its a mess because she moved in this week.
>accuses someone in her chat of being Dean.
>Figures out the person is from LA, tells them to give her their address. All she has to do is make a phone call.
>drug shames. Only drug she has done is weed?
> Keeps saying how nice she is on Twitch but is a tough bitch on the streets. She carries weapons like brass knuckles and knives. Has had so many fights in her life.
>"When you are sexually assaulted your fight or fly kicks in."
>Im so strong, i can hold myself on a stripper pole."
> "I had so many marks on my juvenile record, I had to stop acting up as an adult or I was going to go to jail."
>Ask people to send money for food.
>Talks about a restaurant she goes to all the time. Even gives what road its on
>Talk about ordering from a vegan taco place that closes in 10 minutes.
>Calls a mysterious man into the room
>Bought a baby pool, and going to stream in it.
> Proceeds to put a magic bullet, oreos, white board and asm mic on her Amazon wishlist.
> Wants to be a millionaire on Twitch.

Otherwise she was boring as fuck.

No. 1272844

>how old is your child

No. 1272925

lmao ofc the girlfriend is the bitch who let it happen, and it's not the cheating boyfriends fault whatsoever. that's some supreme pick me shit right there

No. 1272968

File: 1625669238384.jpg (Spoiler Image,232.34 KB, 1536x2048, unnamed.jpg)

"Just Sayin"

she isn't saying anything

No. 1272973

> 8k a month rent
>sleeps on an air matress

Sure thing frumpy, I mean pumpy

No. 1272976


Her face looks so oily in this.

No. 1273469

i thought she wasn’t giving out free content anymore

No. 1273660

File: 1625778343488.jpg (237.06 KB, 1080x1408, Screenshot_20210708-170058_Twi…)


She is so dumb. She tweeted about this person impersonating her, links the website and gives free access to her content.


No. 1274651

File: 1625946164696.png (506.42 KB, 750x1334, B82A4BE9-FC29-4B1B-AC03-3F6035…)


No. 1274962

One pet peeve: stormy is always talking about her car but don’t you need to have a license to register a car? So she’s either driving dirty or someone else’s name is on that car.

No. 1274972

Just passing through /snow/ and saw this, some states (unless outside of US idk) require you to have your license before even buying a car.

No. 1275000

She said on Twitch the other day that she had to put the car insurance in her friend Levi’s name (that random emo kid thats been staying at her place recently). So maybe he cosigned on the car too?
Also she keeps bragging about how shes taking herself out on dates but Levi is the one driving her to these restaurants and she is paying for his dinner…embarrassing for the both of them.

No. 1275001


You can buy a car without a license but it's difficult to registration the car & get insurance. You have to have a co-signer on both.

The whole buying a car gives me weird vibes. Do we think she bought a 100k car out of pocket? Could it have been Dean's car and she just helped paid? The whole thing is sketch.

No. 1275438

its probably leased or something lol

No. 1275742

File: 1626132828293.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, 1D8F12F9-BE88-4249-98B4-70EFC4…)

She really wants to remind everyone how uwu smol she is

No. 1275759


She is on Twitch bitching because the doctor told her she has an eating disorder and she needs to eat less healthy.


No. 1276314

File: 1626240471366.jpeg (308.52 KB, 828x1153, F502BB21-EDFB-4D65-8DCA-5CFB2F…)

She lost her fucking mind on Twitch tonight. It was extremely cringey to watch. Literally screaming at the top of her lungs to strangers online. Twitch banned her immediately though lmao

No. 1276315

File: 1626240563888.jpeg (292.4 KB, 828x894, 13F547B8-F86E-4680-A90C-3EF9B9…)

And then just drops homophobic slurs galore. She needs serious help.

No. 1276325


Fuck I'm sorry that wasn't recorded. She had been raging the past few nights. Someone will make a comment and she will yell at them and say they are mansplaining to her.

No. 1276340

File: 1626245560328.jpeg (98.43 KB, 828x285, 4BDF393E-E4AD-4AB7-AC79-06AF1A…)

Bitch what? The only time she’s ever done anything with another woman is while filming content to sell. And thats rare. Other than that she spends her days bragging about having unprotected sex with every man in LA and and acting desperate for a boyfriend. What a joke.

No. 1276348

File: 1626249658067.png (4.97 MB, 1170x2532, D5E981FF-BAEF-49E5-847D-BD285B…)

Stormy completely fucked her face lmao

No. 1276363

Those sausage lips though. Holy shit. I didn’t think it could get worse kek.

No. 1276520

The booger in the nose is a nice touch. Does she have no self-awareness on how awful she looks? Her lip skin is so stretched at this point.

No. 1276592

File: 1626292049824.jpg (270.8 KB, 972x1909, Screenshot_20210714-144852_Chr…)

She keeps saying she is a recovering alcoholic but then post shit like this on her ig stories.

No. 1277054

File: 1626357890722.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1795x3253, 39ED8458-45E3-4295-9881-2A1DC7…)

No. 1277147

Christ almighty she has a prolapsed anus on her face

No. 1277496

File: 1626389836933.jpg (33.25 KB, 827x582, preview.mp4.jpg)

Get angry at me for vendetta or whatever but I don't care anymore, this person is objectively terrible and I am not jelaous of her, this is milk and cow behavior.

>name Olena, country: Ukraine, age:24. Status: cat killer and barely legal girl groomer.

>goes on MFC under the name of RoomToAvoid
>has "panic attacks" in front of 300 men that jack off to her
>uses depression and her bad mental health as a form of marketing and a way to manipulate her simps
>she is very manipulative
>her boyfriend owns a camgirl studio in Ukraine and her job is to basically groom 18 year old girls with mental issues to work at the studio and be camgirls
>she has already groomed one alcoholic and another depressed girl successfully
>she literally has sociopathy
>one of her ex regulars told me he suspects her of killing cats because she has anger issues and her cats suddenly die out of nowhere and she gets new ones
>has lied about the death of her mother
>her simps believe anything she says and will protect her with their life. She lies that her boyfriend and studio owner is her dad and they believe her. She lies about her country too and many other things.

No. 1278106

File: 1626465216276.jpg (372.84 KB, 1968x949, Untitled.jpg)

Stormy is saying how good she looks for her age and then posts a picture of her face looking busted after her facial. She also went on a crying rant about how shitty the US healthcare is.
>How she went to this doctor for her preop for her nose job.
>At first he was amazing because he showed concern about her health issues
>beginning of covid was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, not lupis.
>But then the doctor tells her she has an ED and no way that an autoimmune would effect how smol she is.
>She tried to tell him how smol her mom is but he dismissed her and told her to eat more.
>But guises she eats all day long and has been trying to gain weight
>Just got an email confirming she has some autoimmune antibodies markers & suggests a rheumatologist
>The doctor made her feel so bad
>I'm not going to eat more than what my body wants, thats binge disorder which I have struggled with because other doctors have suggested it!!!!
>I was right!

I can try to download the stories and put it up here if yall want. Its so funny to watch her rage.

No. 1278113

I thought that last pic was that momokun girl

No. 1278135

You should definitely download and post it, it was hilarious and disturbing

No. 1278300

No. 1278306

I don’t think she understands what that means. We’ve all seen her natural face before the fillers and PS and she looks like a homeless and diseased hairless cat.

No. 1278346

No. 1278394

File: 1626481372984.png (539.35 KB, 522x710, sssss.png)

> i go to all these doctors
> they dismiss me every time
because you look like this, stormy.

No. 1278650

The fact that she was trying to force herself to cry in the beginning is taking me out. I do wonder sometimes if she’d be more normal if she was giving her body and brain actual nutrients, instead of starving herself

No. 1278812

File: 1626525677045.jpeg (299.99 KB, 729x1769, 39955EA8-CF60-451A-B9E1-268299…)

Jfc this bitch is STILL just ranting and suicide baiting on her sw twitter while getting little to no interaction and wondering why she’s not doing well. Reminds me so much of Shayna it’s unreal.

No. 1278818

File: 1626526014588.jpeg (132.25 KB, 652x1478, 20210688-D8D8-423B-B0D2-6D6EF1…)

Samefag; the spergout isn’t limited to twitter either. Publicly suicide baiting over on facebook as well. This is just pathetic.

No. 1278882

The only kind of whore she’s good at being is an attention whore. Too bad it pays less than her current “job”.

No. 1278972

File: 1626542684631.jpeg (585.17 KB, 1170x1992, C76EA477-1FB7-41ED-843F-F61C82…)

This was my favorite part of that whole IG sperg because she just got botox in her forehead a few weeks back n was constantly furrowing her brows in her vids waiting for it to work lol we’ve all seen her get botox a few times over the last year. she overshares too much to lie this hard.

No. 1279037

Stormy’s doctors do seem unprofessional. They’re probably over her annoying attention seeking ass and want her go away. Does she not realize how delusional she sounds crying about not wanting to eat more and having a “binge eating disorder” in the past?

No. 1279038

Forgot she had a nose job because it looks exactly the same. Waste of $$$

No. 1279053

File: 1626552522095.jpg (155.36 KB, 1080x904, Screenshot_20210717-155631_Twi…)

Do we think she talking about Dean or Kyler in this screenshot?

I don't believe for a second the doctor tried to give her a hug. I do believe they don't believe a word she says and thats why they are blowing her off. I don't blame them, she can't keep her lies straight.

No. 1279284

She actually got her heart BROKE broke with Kyler and it’s way different how she acted then vs how she acts now with Dean. Hard to believe she feels the same way about the two. She actually called Kyler her boyfriend and a “real” relationship (even though he had a real girlfriend the entire time and they only dated for two months) and pretty sure Dean’s just a glorified fuck buddy.

Pretty pathetic for her to still be crying over either of these men.

No. 1279382

File: 1626592092176.jpg (381.86 KB, 1729x1578, image.jpg)

She is an absolute idiot.

No. 1279397

Her lips look nsfw wow it’s so bad how the whole upper mustache area is protruding like a snout

No. 1279414

File: 1626600821584.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x1697, 676C546D-C829-4B2C-A9D2-3814F0…)


No. 1279426

File: 1626603962751.png (3.52 MB, 750x1334, A30E3740-A6D3-401B-BB4B-6B5B4F…)

Her “friend” looks so entirely done with her shit. She was going on about how she looks 18 in this

No. 1279447

This bitch really makes my blood boil. Stop fucking crying on the internet to your coomers, no one fucling cares that’s a grown woman crying about hating her sw job and the aboosive men that are actually the people that are paying her and suicide baiting on her work twitter. Shut the fuck up girl and get a job at mcdonalds. How can you be so bad at your only job? She is even worse than shayna and this says a lot.

No. 1279452

What’s your question? They’ve been engaged for like years now and she’s been talking about this wedding for a while.

No. 1279458

File: 1626609428647.jpeg (196.02 KB, 828x512, 6DABE7AF-5D1D-49AC-829E-27A574…)

Says the bitch who is getting a bbl for disgusting ass men on the internet. This girl is beyond sick, i want to shake her and tell her to shut the fuck up. Talking about how she wanna buy a house and retire sw to do full time stripping like girl, as if your mental state would ever make this happen, how delusional can someone be? And then coming home after a shift and crying on twitter about all the mean girls uwu. She won’t be getting anything done if she externalises every negative thought on her timeline. I truly hate her.

No. 1279537

ugly flower colors

No. 1279542

File: 1626622329963.jpg (Spoiler Image,132.15 KB, 828x1472, pumpy_nsfl.jpg)

NSFL actually. self-awareness = 0 imagine fucking this or let alone eating her out

No. 1279577

Yo is that a period blood drip on her panties?? Wtf nasty

No. 1279602


Everything about this picture is disgusting.

No. 1279629

File: 1626631748483.jpg (Spoiler Image,323.35 KB, 1536x2048, 20210718_140122.jpg)


Interesting she posted a picture on Twitter without the period stain and pubic stubble.

No. 1279713

File: 1626638811299.jpeg (Spoiler Image,453.99 KB, 828x865, 0AEBF104-FC47-446F-A261-CF9370…)

Kek, she’s heavily e-begging now for some sort of surgery, though I couldn’t figure out what from a cursory glance.
She doesn’t even look bad honestly but she’s so wildly fucking insecure and BPD that she’s bound to fuck up her face/body in a PNP fashion with a bunch of unnecessary surgeries to “fix” herself. God forbid these bitches look within and realize that enlarging their tits and fucking up their faces won’t suddenly fix the fact that they're deeply broken and have completely destroyed their bodies, reputations, relationships with their families and any chance of having a life where everyone doesn’t immediately degrade and discount you as a cheap whore just from a first glance.
Not sure what’s supposed to be ~natural~ in this pic… sunlight? Because the heavy makeup, piercings, tats, ugly tooth gems, heavy editing, Snapchat filters & cheap hair dye don’t exactly give off that vibe…
(Forgot to spoiler twice, sorry)

No. 1279828

is it just me or does she look like a normal 25 year old? I mean clearly her face is botched, but she thinks she looks sooo youthful and acts like people her age are usually covered in wrinkles and bad skin which obviously is not the case. I just find it funny/wild that she's mid 20s and oddly terrified of looking her age despite it being considered many people's prime

No. 1279877

her mom is a meth addict she never wants us to forget that she was born addicted. So no shit her mom was skinny lmao

does she think being an alcoholic means drinking alone and that this doesn't count or something or is this like her never had botox lie??

No. 1279962

Her mom was probably never an addict. Her lies for an interesting background are pathetic.

No. 1280027

im very faintly remembering charlotte used to be some lolita/scene queen and/or maybe popular on tumblr? Like, how did she get into this mess?

No. 1280054

She wants a BBL. That's the surgery she's saving up for.

No. 1280296

How embarrassing she got married to her sugar baby who isn't sexually attracted to her. Maybe that’s why she came out as trans in hopes of being attractive to Mike lol. Darcy and Mike were both kissing Sandra Popa’s ass on Twitter saying they like her shitty music so they probably read all the threads here.

No. 1280373


So much for getting lipo, she looks huge in this.

No. 1280533

stfu ana chan

No. 1280597

Her former 2014 anachan self would be mortified with how she looks now

No. 1280784

File: 1626786950147.png (Spoiler Image,1.74 MB, 1004x1794, 2021-07 12.14.41 PM.png)

poor guy

No. 1280913

File: 1626799040507.jpg (447.77 KB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20210720-123203_Chr…)


Someone should tell Pumpy no one wants to be her, not with her ratty hair and oily skin. It amazes me how cocky she is when she looks so shitty.

No. 1281052

Kek those coping skills.

I’ll give her a few more years until she an hero’s. Anyone who’s happy with themselves Isn’t trying to convince others this hard. Especially if you need to gargle cum and post it as proof. Yeesh.

No. 1281088

File: 1626813994770.jpeg (417.34 KB, 828x1470, 6D105CEA-4132-409E-AE1F-620817…)

Coming from the girl who only has unprotected sex with randoms and uses the occasional plan b as birth control.

No. 1281368

Y’all need to check stormy’s insta story sixginn she is going off ranting about abortion arguing with random accounts and one account in particular seems to know about the whole Nathaniel Brina situation could have just been someone from here or put together all the social media bs but damn pumpy is mad lmao(imageboard)

No. 1281539

File: 1626878602905.jpg (152.07 KB, 828x1472, pump-4.jpg)

does this count as cowtipping lol

No. 1281592

File: 1626884525961.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, FF5ED0EE-2471-4E9A-B9B3-4FD9C9…)

She was just going off about dean again, and suicide baiting. She always does this. Posts some retarded take on social media, people come for her (because its stupid) and then she plays the victim somehow

No. 1281593

File: 1626884569816.png (888.17 KB, 750x1334, F8D3B6D8-3279-4385-A356-99660B…)

This was also pretty fucked up.

No. 1281645

What is it with camwhores not being able to cut off their fuckbois. Imagine suicide baiting over this dude. Stormy is a mess but I am sure some SoundCloud bro would wear her on his arm. Or find some old horny dude and suck it up for a few years. There’s gotta be some West Coast sad dads she could at least get a free dinner out of.

No. 1282198

There is easy solution to that: rehome them. And stop getting more.

No. 1282251

They're afraid that if they call the police, the scrote will rat on them for something cops don't care about like weed smoking and they'll somehow be at fault & get in trouble. Just call the fucking cops if someone won't get out of your house, that is literally part of their job.

No. 1282594


nah cops dont fucking care about whores most camgirl who dont hook on the side still get treated like shit by the police, im not surprised she didnt call I am surprised a neighbor or the building she lived in didnt tho

No. 1282766

How tf is an average cop gonna know if they’re even a camwhore unless the cop literally recognizes them from camwhore sites or thot twitter? Do they google you before they decide on taking your psycho fuckboi out the house or not?

No. 1283166

dildos and cam equipment and stripper pole and the word pussy written in neon lights on the living room wall just to start. youd have to be fuckin retarded to not know shes a camwhore with one look in that apartment dumb fuck

No. 1283269

You're giving cops too much credit lol. Camwhoring isn't illegal. As long as she doesn't have drug paraphernalia lying around, most cops are too lazy to give a shit. They need a warrant to search her place. And again, being a thot isn't illegal so why would they care. It's extra paperwork.

They'll remove whoever is causing the disturbance and call it a day. She could just be an edgelord or a stripper or whatever for all they care.

No. 1283621

Whoever calls the cops for help there is a law that they will ignore drugs if someone is causing you harm and help you .

No. 1283652

That must vary depending on where you live because that is NOT always the case.

No. 1283694

yeah youre a fucking retard cops harass strippers and thots all day and it doesnt require paperwork

yeah def in the US one of the 1st questions asked is if there are drugs or weapons involved so they know how to handle the intruder. its retarded to think they just ignore and pretend drugs dont exist wtf

No. 1283696

and no retard when psychos are screaming their heads off and its clearly hostile situation they dont need a warrent its called probable cause

No. 1283706

That’s literally not how probable cause works. I have dealt with them in DV situations and can assure you people fighting aren’t enough to give them evidence to search your house. At least not legally - which I know doesn’t necessarily stop cops in the US depending on the unit and your skin color. But for a white chick screaming at her boyfriend, they are gonna remove the non-resident or aggressor and cal it a day. I don’t want a ban for infighting so I’ll leave it at that.

And sage your shit.

No. 1283733

File: 1627174601880.jpg (620.37 KB, 1080x1527, 07245.jpg)


I followed her on Facebook for a few months, her constant baiting, lying and narcissism kept me intrigued. One thing certainly changed, her photo editing experience is getting better. She's in a poly relationship with some photographer that usually takes her photos, or helps with her edits or pisses in her mouth. (She uploaded video off it that was removed, might still be on her twitter) Also they have been together for months now even when she goes into her "kill all men" tantrums. To prove most of her shit is just photoshop and the power of the right angles, here is a screen cap I managed to get back from when she accidentally streamed on her main Facebook instead of her private, she looks so incredibly used up it's depressing, even her tits are too depressed to be hanging proper.

No. 1283740

youre so retarded literally just neighbors reporting an incident is enough for probable cause and you clearly havent dealt with DV police situations because women especially thots get arrested for defending themselves all the time. so once again it makes perfect sense as to why an whore would not call the cops. leave it at that you dumb fuck.

No. 1283743

Watching cops on TV doesn’t count as experience. She’d be lucky if the cops even showed up in LA over yelling. >>1283696

No. 1283778

It even still has the hump that she clearly wanted to be rid of….? I think it may even be bigger. Wtf. That much money just bought her pain and suffering of recovery for nothing.

No. 1284134


No your not under standing what I’m saying . Of course drugs are a problem to cops . But let’s just say you were being abused and called the cops and their was coke on the counter, getting the abuser out is their main concern not if your on drugs. Ive physically been in this situation. I had coke and weed on the table , ex broke in and I called the cops . He kept yelling look look she has drugs and they didn’t care because it was a distress call and I needed help.

No. 1284207

Holy shit my sides

No. 1285206

I doubt the cat thing, shes only had two, and the first one was there forever.
That being said, she is 100% in Ukraine, used to Cam at a studio with no roof lol, she absolutely is the groomer that pics off other girls, and the fake mental heatlh gimmick is in full effect.
Her "Father" is named Demetri, he's almost 50 and has supposedly picked her off when she was super underage. It's hilarious as the simps completely believe this is her real father and actually praise him!
Lesson of the day, you might want to get NDAs for some of the studio models that run off lulz, one has pictures of Room and her "Father" making out shes willing to sell, imagine if those just showed up in her chat one day….

No. 1285246

who are you anon? This person has been harassing/stalking me for 3 years. Do you have more info? You can post your discord here and then delete the post, I will contact you.
I have proof over her killing her cats though. One of her ex simps told me that she used to message him about how she is feeling "dissociative" and hurts her cat when she feels that, like throws it to the ground.

It's funny because she began talking about her "father" after I started talking about my real father. Her father is obviously the studio owner and her simps bite anything and believe anything she says and whiteknight her to death.

No. 1285292


I have a ukrainean friend that will report both of them to the authorities, both her and the studio "daddy" groomer will face years in prison for tax evasion, the studio is ran illegally and they haven't paid a dime to the ukrainean state. She lies so much, I think she even believes her own lies at this point.

No. 1286741

File: 1627576677537.jpg (704.63 KB, 1069x1844, IMG_20210729_123712.jpg)

Does.. she think this is a flex?

No. 1286756

And the coochie is on her face too

No. 1286826


What does that even mean? Her pussy is stretched out from giving birth?

No. 1286905

It's from some Saweetie song

No. 1289010

File: 1627846484685.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1673, IMG_20210801_203205.png)

Looks like RL people are bored of pumpy, gonna take a guess that complaining about them on the internet isn't going to help

No. 1289046

This happens to her every birthday. She was ditched in Hawaii a few years back, Ty ditched her last year, just to name a few. People don’t give a shit about her unless she’s giving them pussy or paying for something.
The few people who were there, which were Levi’s friends, she paid for their flights to come stay with her. And she also paid for everyone’s tab for her birthday dinner. (She said all this on Twitch). How embarrassing that you literally have to pay for people to be around you lmao

No. 1289095

There's a video on her story I couldn't get it to upload but some guy puts her hand on her shoulder or tries to and she tells him he'll get punched in the face. What a great way to talk to people, she's gonna end up with no one cause no amount of money is worth hanging out with her

No. 1289276


I’ve been wondering about her over the years ever since the lolita brand jewelry theft drama ages ago. Never thought I’d see her name here. And be so stunned by how she looks now.

No. 1289437

File: 1627913598327.png (2.87 MB, 750x1334, 80D6CABA-0639-4DB3-AC8F-D80906…)

Why is she so obsessed with this edgelord shit? Its cringe as fuck.

No. 1289482

File: 1627918481030.jpg (303.16 KB, 1077x1556, Screenshot_20210802-113142_Twi…)

I feel like this isn't the first time she had issues with the place she lived in.

Bonus she is going to Disney today for her birthday.

No. 1289507

When is stormys actual birthday because she’s been saying it’s her birthday for the last 4 days? Lmao

No. 1289514

On today’s episode of shit that could never happen. She is actually retarded from her eating disorder I swear.

No. 1289531

Her birthday was the 31st. She also paid for all of her friends (or lack there of) to go to Disney with her today too. Just another example of how nobody would be in her life if she didn’t pay them to be.

No. 1289571

Why anyone would want to share information like that is beyond me. That's so incredibly embarrassing even to read let alone think about sharing with people wtf

No. 1289573

Imagine being that desperate for attention you'd waste money like that and still complain about paying for an apartment when she knew how expensive it was before moving in. Brain cells have gone AWOL clearly, that's the only illness she has bar her obvious ED

No. 1290067

File: 1628000890275.jpg (64.36 KB, 1080x364, 2021080302104r.jpg)

Really hope she left the dog with someone instead of leaving it in a crate all day.

No. 1290071

She probably left her hoard of animals with her “assistant.” She’s so fucking mean to people, thats why she has no friends.

No. 1290299

Her assistant went with her to Disney as one of her “friends”

No. 1291458

File: 1628173585878.jpg (187.68 KB, 1170x2080, ldkfjoiwerhfjwenvnejv.jpg)

imagine dating this bitch and she keeps going on about her ex and how much she "cooked" for them. Also depriving your partner of sex for control is literally the reason for cheating like why else would he have cheated lol

No. 1291459

File: 1628173835333.png (365.3 KB, 1168x1276, 2021-08-05 14.17.47.png)

Independence?? "I bUy AlL mY oWn ShIt",,yea with money from whom?!? Also she said before if a man is nice to her but broke she'll dump em

No. 1291503

why would she do all of that for some guy like what did you expect stop doing that shit it’s not a flex that’s so embarrassing

No. 1291508

jesus fucking christ shut up. accept gifts graciously and stop bragging about being financially dominated out of your sex work money and saying you were “too independent wymyn” to let a man provide something. what a dumb bitch no one is jealous of you being a sugar mommy that provides money and pussy and yet men still cheat because there’s no fucking challenge and she doesn’t even enjoy it. she just bitches on every platform and it’s not some strange persona lol this is her 24/7 like why. if she got off on paying for a mans college, with all of his male privilege, she should at least be able to be truly happy about it but she isn’t because deep down she knows she is the dumbest bitch alive.

No. 1291570

No. 1291605

Her man may not have been financially helping, but men have been providing for her for her entire adult life via sex work. I have no idea why she still does it given how much she despises it and her customers.

No. 1291770

damn if the man is such a baby/loser dump him! don't waste your time on guy who doesn't act like a grown up. All the shit she complains about is literally in her power to change but her she is trying to change people like a dumbass

lmao does she think it's any different for women who only provide physical things? Because it's not. She has 0 self awareness to say that after bragging about the car.

Yes stormy we we fucking get it you bought a 100k car. woop-de-fuck I mean you're absolutely miserable have a serious ED actively damaging your organs and bones (osteopenia when?!) and are an active alcoholic. No one wants to be around her either unless she pays for them to be. Not to mention she can't even drive and fully enjoy the damn car! That's the most embarrassing "new money" part of it all.

No one wants her life except maybe other naive sex workers. People dgaf about her money because of how she earns it and the lifestyle she lives. Seriously the worlds biggest doormat

No. 1291824

Pumpy did three stories showing in her fridge, freezer and pantry. Its very telling.




No. 1291833

File: 1628207005004.jpeg (136.86 KB, 828x446, 85E908E5-42AD-410E-A42C-4F1C2A…)

She has broken so many leases, I don’t know how she keeps getting approved for new places. Just another waste of money.

No. 1291885

it doesn’t look too bad at first but there’s lots of super processed & low cal stuff, Pedialyte + Coke Zero, and pretty much all of it is unopened like she bought this stuff today to flex that she eats + eats “well”

No. 1291893

Her financial situations have never really made sense, not even when she was a top earner on MFC.

No. 1291906


Her credit situation makes no sense. She keeps breaking her lease, she got a credit card not that long ago( Like a year or two ago?). she has left her internet on at her place in Nevada and she bought a 150k car. No way does she have good credit.

No. 1291944

She is on Twitch being super dumb. She is saying how dumb it is to buy a house at all or to plan for retirement. Then a little bit after she said she was suppose to get the second vaccine but she has a tattoo appointment on the 11th and a post op consultation with her surgeon on the 10th. She doesnt want to get anyone sick… she also said the American army is the same as the Canadian army…..wtf.

No. 1293871

File: 1628403618447.jpg (98.08 KB, 750x1333, aHR0cH.jpg)

No. 1293888

More like give amazing forehead.

I’ll see myself out kek.

No. 1293986

Golden Anon. Lol

Her $70 worth of food that went to another house ended up being the most obvious Safe foods and not $70 worth at all, $12 tops.

No. 1294060

someone get these mentally ill girls to stop oversharing on social media. no one cares about your living situation or childhood trauma, you absolute narc.

No. 1294062

File: 1628424430966.jpg (245.27 KB, 877x1578, Screenshot_20210808-080405_Chr…)


Anon show what you are talking about so everyone knows what you are talking about. And sage your shit.

She probably ordered food for Levi and her roommate. She eats expensive food and barfs it back up. What a waste.

No. 1294079

Pumpy hasn't yet realised guys will tell her anything to get her to do it again, a mouth is a hole and if putting d*CK in hers gets her to stop talking of course they'd sing some praises

No. 1294551

how tall is her? 4'10?

No. 1294596

maybe she's going into a munchie phase in order to get attention?

No. 1295889

Maybe she keeps paying the break lease fee at every place? I broke a lease once and I paid the fee to the landlord (~$2000) and it didn’t affect my credit at all because I had paid the fee. Supreme waste of money though if you keep doing it over and over and over and not learning from your mistakes lol.

No. 1295922

File: 1628515988455.png (260.1 KB, 1080x1855, IMG_20210809_143135.png)

I'm guessing blow job Boy parred her off like anyone with enough brain cells to compute Pumpy is well.. only worth pumping?

No. 1295954

Has she never watched an episode of Cops and seen the prostitutes that are out there getting paid to have sex and how busted they are. Getting f#cked does not mean you're pretty kek

No. 1296297

Blowjob boy is some dude she met at “emo night” so I don’t really know what she’s expecting….

No. 1296308

I thought she “wasn’t that sexual of a person”??

No. 1296319

She's full of shit obviously, thinks the world revolves around her genitals and a one night stand might actually love her then cries when he bounces. So many BPD vibes

No. 1296499

Is she self posting? The obvious Tweet Activity on the screenshot kind of sus.

No. 1296525

It's a screenshot she posted on her IG story,it looked that way when she posted it check it

No. 1297702

File: 1628669235333.jpg (218.48 KB, 1080x1505, Screenshot_20210811-040609_Twi…)


Yeah she is totally not sexual at all. I can't take a word she says seriously.

No. 1298000

And then she spends her days bitching on social media how men only want her for sex. Or she hates having sex while in a relationship. She is a walking contradiction.

No. 1298007

File: 1628706801330.jpeg (679.87 KB, 750x1320, 0B7D7031-950B-4AD5-988B-CB1A0B…)

Didn’t pedospice say she was taking care of Loretta!

No. 1298025

Yes she was. I just checked and Loretta and pumpy aren’t following eachother on Insta anymore all of a sudden. Damn, pumpy can’t keep anyone in her life long term.

No. 1298073

File: 1628712235778.png (360.6 KB, 1046x1647, IMG_20210811_210251.png)


No. 1298155

Good. Loretta is too good to be friends with her. Why can’t Stormy’s busted roommate look after her?

No. 1298210

No, this was a post on Loretta’s IG. She’s getting a bbl and it’s been planned that “stormy” would be taking care of her but I guess that’s changed. For Loretta’s sake.

No. 1298423

File: 1628753019315.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 1242x1564, 84535AB3-47B3-4E60-B6E3-8DD317…)

Does anyone remember BabyZelda? Out of curiosity I looked her up and holy shit she gained a ton of weight. She looks so gross.

No. 1298447

I remember her. She’s been big for a few years. Feel bad for her because she seems nice but is incredibly unfortunate looking.

No. 1298462

File: 1628759058197.jpg (67.96 KB, 828x1472, fsgsjhgfjdjghdjghj.jpg)

"i hate that for me"
"i love that for myself"
"literally " "should of.."(selfpost)

No. 1298644

Get a grandmother then??? The fuck
How many dudes are on Twitter open to dating sex workers that are just like damn I wish I could find someone to give forehead kisses to and each lunch with before her squirt show for other men to pay her rent

No. 1298830

File: 1628806001208.png (Spoiler Image,2.53 MB, 2442x1196, Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 3.02…)

Dumpy fouler than foul

No. 1298981

File: 1628817972121.png (3.07 MB, 750x1334, 9C160BD9-51C4-465B-BA08-5203C2…)

Sis is delusional. That nose job did nothing

No. 1299069

Yeah cool nose, too bad you're still covered in grease and acne. Constantly posting herself looking oily and unwashed.

No. 1299227

What’s on her arm?

No. 1299244

second skin from new tattoo

No. 1299284

File: 1628871118331.png (582.4 KB, 1080x1695, IMG_20210813_170807.png)

She's clearly had the film over it for a while, on the videos you can see the tattoo ink bleeding. It's a ploy by artists, keeping it wrapped up allows the ink to bleed out so it fades / needs touching up. Basically it's improper aftercare. She should have taken it off after an hour, washed it and moisturised then she'd have no ink bleeding out.
stupid pumpy

No. 1299286

saniderm does not make your tattoos fade kek what

No. 1299314

Leaving wrap on it overnight with cream under it does make the ink draw out, not loads but it does
Especially compared to having it covered with something like kitchen roll for a few hours at most and then having it clean and dry

No. 1299324

That is not true. It’s not improper aftercare. You don’t cream it before applying the dermalize/second skin either. It’s a wet heal process that is way more efficient and effective than drying it out and using kitchen roll.

No. 1299325

You can see in the videos that ink is drawing out, it's clearly creamed under the wrap. It's what makes it so muddy looking, ink + cream = sludge.
Both styles of after care work but to achieve minimal bleeding and patchiness the latter works best.

No. 1299326

Also the kitchen roll isn't taped close to the skin, allows it room to breath (as much as possible with cream on) before cleaning, drying it and applying the correct moisturisers

No. 1299332

oh for fucks sake please just shut up if you don't know what you're talking about. there isn't cream under the second skin, how would the saniderm even stick if there was? ive literally never in my life heard of an artist putting cream under a second skin wrap. the "sludge" you're seeing is the natural plasma coming out from the tattoo which stays trapped and sterile under the tegaderm. if the tattoo was unwrapped, that plasma would dry into large scabs which run a much higher risk of ink loss/fading. as >>1299324 said, second skin causes a wet healing process that works much better and heals easier/faster.

No. 1299336

Calm your rag, I'm not infighting with you. It's a matter of opinion clearly. There's pros & cons for both methods, neither is 'best'

No. 1299476

Pumpy bragging about her Only fans sub gains… dummy made it free for a day. What a twat.

No. 1299508

I remember her saying a bit ago that she wouldn't be giving out free porn any more and tadaaaa

No. 1299695

File: 1628916880761.png (461.28 KB, 750x1334, 830B4D12-EE00-4DC2-A21A-361D88…)

Its really the lack of self awareness for me. She’s constantly letting some loser nut in her.

No. 1299831

File: 1628940836990.png (968.02 KB, 794x1410, 2021-14 12.32.56 AM.png)

don' t flatter urself, you can't pull any look off

No. 1299833

So she bitched at the emo night about how no one there was ever an emo as if she's the only person to have an emo phase yet she can't do gothic/emo makeup? Her stupid lying knows no bounds

No. 1300053

I don’t understand why she constantly calls herself goth and emo when the only look she does semi consistently is trying to pretend to be black like dean does….and she doesn’t even pull that off well..

No. 1300542

No, you sound like a retarded Eurofag speaking matter-of-factly about this like your ass-backwards “kitchen roll” method is anything other than white trash bullshit.
Go brush your teeth.(infighting)

No. 1300611

Now who sounds retarded, chill tf out

No. 1300624

You're sounding like a self proclaimed Queen of tattoo healing when legit no one gives a fuck. Stop derailing and SAGE

No. 1300628

File: 1629045566085.jpg (207.55 KB, 1080x1666, Screenshot_20210815-123838_Twi…)

Did pumpy get a gun?

No. 1300632

File: 1629046089704.png (193.1 KB, 1176x684, 123917984398462.png)

oh maan she has NO IDEA how much more ugly she'll become within the next 5 years.

>>1300628 highly doubtful since she's in cali

No. 1300639

tbh I don’t think this is an unreasonable opinion. if a man expects a certain level of upkeep or work or “hotness” he should hold himself to the same standard.

it’s just hilarious hearing it from dumpy pumpy

No. 1300646

Self care is reasonable but Botox isn't really part of it so I don't understand that, just because she is happy to fill her face with crap doesn't mean everyone who wants to be near her should have to
Oh Christ the world does not need an armed pumpy

No. 1300692

Why would she want a man vain enough to inject toxins into his face? It’s not as if she actually has standards. All the guys she dates are hideously ugly and have unhealthy lifestyles that contribute more to aging than getting bi weekly facials.

No. 1300783

File: 1629067727671.png (2.45 MB, 1125x2436, 8B207706-980E-4BCE-92D1-2BB2A1…)

This bitch fascinated me. She’s the epitome of everything wrong with sex work and how it can take a girl into a mentally ill rotted hag. I KEK’d something fierce when I saw this.

No. 1300784

File: 1629067779337.png (1.02 MB, 1125x2436, E42EBBAA-0C28-46A9-BF32-3EDCB3…)

2\2. Followers in the replies say it feels like gaslighting. She’s so combative to them, too.

No. 1300882

What makes this so funny is that this is a plastic (pellet?) gun. Fucking retard.

No. 1300900

Kek this bitch really thinks her pussy pics are special. You are one in a million to these scrotes, dumbass. They see tweets like this, their eyes glaze over and they keep scrolling to go jerk off to Dolly Mattel or some other $5 whore who posts free pics of their asshole with slightly less annoying mentally ill bitching.

No. 1301066

Kek how much these girls flout their income yet can't afford a phone? Someone needs a real reliable job

No. 1301095

You would think if this is your livelihood, you would have prerecorded ~*content*~ saved to the cloud and some money set aside in case something would come in the way of running your business.

Onlyfans is the fucking worst

No. 1301099

File: 1629115898652.png (Spoiler Image,723.64 KB, 1080x1583, IMG_20210816_130917.png)

Pls lord tell me pumpy isn't branching into creepy furry territory

No. 1301177

This is so funny. Threatening to quit a job if they won’t pay you to do nothing is peak cow behavior. Like? How are you gonna get money to fix your phone if you don’t have a job whore?

No. 1301439

Why is she always so slick and oily? She's looked like she was buttered since the beginning of her SW days, it's crazy.

No. 1301592

File: 1629165561885.jpg (238.86 KB, 1080x1128, 20210817_025216.jpg)

Megan is pregnant again and selling preggo porn. Yuck.

For someone who was mildly popular on Tumblr she really has no following now. Although she used to Photoshop the shit out of herself back then, now it's undeniable of her down syndrome face, tube sock saggy titties and no ass at all.

Her tryna be some sort of dominatrix when she looks like a literal tard is kinda amusing.

No. 1301820

File: 1629203707539.jpeg (235.63 KB, 828x1125, 8381B081-1032-4DA4-9105-EAC79F…)

she’s still going, kek. almost like men won’t pay you when you beg because the entire reason you exist to them is to denigrate and humiliate yourselves for their enjoyment? but uwu female empowerment i guess!

No. 1301888

Unfamiliar with this cow in general but she seems semi self-aware at least? Why doesn't she just, you know, get a job?

No. 1301988

As someone who’s been following and keeping up with tenshi even after quitting sex work, she’s my favorite personal cow cause of shit like this.

my favorite part of the whole saga is how apparently broken and damaged her phone is but still has times to repost ~uwu give sex workers all ur money~ posts on ig all day long since it happened lmfao

No. 1301996

According to tenshi, she cannot get a job since she has already spread her asshole for the entire Internet to see aka too lazy to still try to a more fulfilling job that requires her to actually get off her fat ass. she’s really not that well-known to not get a normal job but obviously through her horrible life choices/piercings/tattoos she is pretty identifiable.

Either way, she’s self aware to an extent that she knows her life is miserable as a sex worker that no one finds attractive but will continue to post copes all day long about how “hot” and “deserves all men’s money” for breathing yet post about how suicidal she is working as a sex worker within the same day. it’s mean but it’ll just be the same cycle over and over until she decides to off herself kek

No. 1302945

File: 1629313936469.jpeg (290.87 KB, 828x1109, FEFBF545-B272-49FB-9332-3A2112…)

This idiot goes on daily tirades about having to pay for everything in past relationships and then does this? Still paying for people to be around her but then gets mad when they don’t want anything else to do with her.

No. 1302964

Hilarious she can't see that's exactly how she acts, guys are only good for her if there's some kind of gain but God forbid someone treats her that way. Girl act your worth.. oh wait kek

No. 1303383

The reason her and Loretta aren’t friends anymore is because she’s fucking dean again. The dumb bitch will never, ever learn.
And tbh? It’s what she deserves.
Loretta was also just in Texas fucking that ugly SoundCloud rapper guy that cheated on her and “broke her heart” lolol.

These hoes are a mess.

No. 1303469

If you pay for everything and then hold it over their head all the time, they're gonna see you as their mom, not their gf/friend. She goes for these low-rent guys because someone high-caliber who may treat her right would find her insufferable and boring. She has no other personality aside from "I make a lot of money." Who cares, Pumpy? Go look after your neglected dog.

No. 1303559

File: 1629388362273.jpg (135.73 KB, 1170x2080, c2U9NyZfbmNfaHQ9c2.jpg)

pumpy talking all ghetto LARPy on ig about how every man who does not immediately spoil her after establishing a soul connection must be secretly gay.
Looking at that face there's rather no soul to connect to

No. 1303802

File: 1629402565068.jpg (279.56 KB, 1080x1440, Screenshot_20210819-154121_Twi…)

If she knows the owner, then she wouldn't be tweeting this. God she is dumb as hell.

No. 1303845

I'm tickled to see she thinks owner of a giant business like OF also the person doing the billing and emailing her personally.

No. 1303899

With OF banning porn e-thots are BTFO. Should we start a new thread to catalogue all of the milk from the fallout?

No. 1303932

File: 1629409083109.jpeg (501.57 KB, 1242x1148, 0FF4E729-9EEA-4B88-954C-965097…)

No. 1303950

>no money is worth…
what money? if you were getting any you wouldn’t have to beg on the daily kek

No. 1303969

She’s literally right but also play stupid games win stupid prizes. Why would men care about you enough to “stand up for you?” You’ve set women back 50 years by allowing scrotes to pay literal pennies to coom to your lack of self-respect. RIP to the millions of 18 year olds that posted their assholes on the internet for $20.

She’s profoundly stupid.

No. 1304041

Leo actually does and always has communicated personally with girls that have been top earners on mfc so it wouldn’t be shocking if she was speaking with him, but they aren’t friends like she’s portraying though and he’s also not the only owner of OF. He doesn’t owe her information of his business dealings whatsoever like she apparently believes.

No. 1304065

File: 1629416173469.jpeg (393.84 KB, 828x1504, 8F58AEC7-F70D-43A6-80D1-D09E3B…)

This is her version of “personally texting the owner of onlyfans”. Lmao

No. 1304124

Just stop creating online content now. Nobody will miss you and your constant complaints and begging. Fill out a job application you histrionic bitch. It’s not the worlds fault you’re covered in ugly tattoos with zero marketable skills, including not even being able to sell your body for shekels.

No. 1304174

File: 1629427120845.jpeg (878.63 KB, 3297x2155, F2CE9F82-B935-4EE6-8DE7-B36225…)

Tenshi is such a bitch to her scrote “audience” kek

No. 1304177

>You’ve set women back 50 years by allowing scrotes to pay literal pennies to coom to your lack of self-respect

No. 1304215

Why would they stop being friends over this? Genuinely curious!! Been wondering about why they unfollowed each other. Since stormy is always putting people on blast but hasn’t said a single word about Loretta is strange

No. 1304218


Do you guys have more info about her? Like her surname, the Girls she groomed for camming, etc…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1304238

Do you guys have more info about her? Like her surname, the Girls she groomed for camming, etc…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1304386

File: 1629446789169.jpeg (388.69 KB, 1242x1184, 1C134453-EA92-479B-AED4-BCA527…)

Seethe harder bitches

No. 1304484

I can't imagine selling my body instead of getting a real ob and thinking it's cool.

No. 1304485

Idk about cool but it’s definitely fun and funny which is still leagues better than being an ewhore

No. 1304490

File: 1629464593181.png (255.88 KB, 1241x535, image_2021-08-20_14-50-41.png)

Apparently they are not even banning sexual content, only extreme content like rape and peepee poopoo. Here is a list. Apparently revenge porn and human trafficking was totally a-okay until now as well.

Imagine being a woman and willingly participating in and supporting a multi-billion dollar industry that exploits, trafficks and rapes women and children to stuff the pockets of men and think that's cool. Couldn't be me.

No. 1304509

they're the old rules. the new rule is basically anything more than nudes is banned after oct 1st

No. 1304625

File: 1629477674860.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3072x2511, 12DC7016-BE42-4EA4-A979-9D6746…)

Jessi Slaughter adding to the bitchfest with a sprinkle of guilt and suicide bait.

No. 1304694

They can contact the support as much as they want, they seem to never have heard of what happend to Tumblr.

And what the hell is unaliveing for a word? Just write that they might kill themselves.

This just happens when you don't understand that a business can change its terms and conditions as they want, make your own page and you are free to do whatever you want.

No. 1304830

> You cannot build an empire on the backs of lower class and do nothing when you hurt us

That's exactly what an empire does. Silly free market hooker cant even recognize the free market she flounders within.
Not very independent if you rely on a corporate pimp for your meals and shelter.

No. 1304849

Holy shit, get a JOB. I'm sorry but they make about minimum wage at this over half the time, optimistically. No one who can flash are for cash is too "disabled" to work as a bank teller or retail or buger joint, whatever. I'm not surprised this happened to her, yet another one of those vulnerable girls who gets suckered into OF.

No. 1304851

Damn, well I guess it's back to good old fashioned whoring on the streets for our totally valid sexworkers. Reject modernity, embrace turning tricks for meth money.

No. 1304865

File: 1629489056060.jpg (48.55 KB, 640x973, FB_IMG_1629489090630.jpg)

No. 1304875

It's pretty well known that writing "kill" on Twitter will get you shadowbanned, but maybe that would have been the best for her, kek

No. 1304878

It’s not the universes or any businesses job to coddle people who can’t provide for themselves outside of explicit content, that’s the price you pay being a “creator” who relies on one platform. Go get on government assistance and look for employment in the real world if not selling your porn is going to make you “literuhlly homeless!!!” Theres hundreds of other actual porn sites so why don’t they migrate to one of those who actually wants that content??

No. 1304963

File: 1629495762152.jpeg (219.03 KB, 1242x599, B3E17E0B-57E5-4D8E-8E85-7B1DA4…)


No. 1304981

Imagine being so far gone that you think letting old men fuck you to own your haters is a win. I hope he tips you well afterward, whore.

No. 1305031

She just thinks it’s funny to play into their assumptions. Most of these girls saying this shit don’t come anywhere close to being real sex workers and only use prostitution as a witty comeback when all they do is post their edited nudes on Twitter.

No. 1305261

File: 1629531538146.jpeg (274.56 KB, 1242x932, 9E39DF8F-160F-446B-9D7B-5C91C8…)

No. 1305389

File: 1629552742846.png (2.85 MB, 750x1334, 9DC6A69E-F94B-44BC-92F1-CC7C4D…)

Sis NO ONE likes your lips, they’re revolting

No. 1305401

the irony of her saying if you DON'T like her sausage-looking lips then you are gay… yikes

No. 1305441

File: 1629559339561.jpg (498.72 KB, 2364x2075, Untitled.jpg)

Pumpy was banned off of twitter for 12 hours. She came back angry drunk tweeting about onlyfans.

No. 1305443

File: 1629559446824.jpg (350.15 KB, 2364x1166, oldschool.jpg)


She also posted pictures when she first started and first was popular. I would bet she is financially hurting, thats why she is bitching about onlyfans and trying to remind people when she first started.

No. 1305460

File: 1629562690337.png (964.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210821-171644.png)

No. 1305461

File: 1629562731390.png (1014.86 KB, 1080x1662, IMG_20210821_171738.png)

Talking bout how she's basically better than every other SW

No. 1305462

File: 1629562784003.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1690, IMG_20210821_171658.png)

Reminder pumpy created SW guys and she's the reason onlyfans exists kek she's so self centered

No. 1305466

File: 1629562953656.png (924.08 KB, 1080x1730, IMG_20210821_172118.png)

Last photo dump from her recently stories, shows everyone she's totally aware everyone thinks she's a bitch and won't change cause she really does think it's attractive

No. 1305484

tbh she wouldn't be the first whore to have success by playing a bitchy persona but she is that way even in her off hours; it's not a persona she just has a shit personality. So what if she has all the money in the world if no one wants to be around her unless she's paying for them to be? That sounds like such an empty soul crushing existence add to that she made the money through porn and yikes. I feel like a lot of people are having a VERY unpleasant wake up call realizing that while onlyfans may have been normalized ultimately creating porn is ostracizing and not something a lot of people and companies want to be associated with. The internet never forgets lmao

when she talks like this it makes me laugh. So many people who make it big in something end up ultimately destitute if they play their cards wrong. Her appeal will fade if it hasn't already with her botched face and poor entitled attitude

No. 1305550

File: 1629571155788.jpg (125.63 KB, 864x1560, Screenshot_20210821-142851_Chr…)

She is so desperate to remind people who she was.

Didn't she confirm at one point there was never a break in, she said it for sympathy?

No. 1305556

File: 1629571961744.jpeg (760.31 KB, 1216x1469, E25E0537-A9E5-4CE9-9D83-60C84A…)

This is embarrassing lmao

No. 1305567

Dang, way to make fun of your own audience. What kind of men does she think buy her nudes?

No. 1305623

This is hilarious considering she constantly posts pics trying to say she hasn’t changed from 18/19 to now kek.

No. 1305671

She looked a lot prettier here. She really should have left her face alone.

No. 1305718

File: 1629587682836.jpg (156.8 KB, 860x1561, Screenshot_20210821-142921_Chr…)

She is so desperate for attention from men.

No. 1305849

File: 1629601560073.jpg (129.51 KB, 1170x2080, aHR0cHM6Ly9zY29.jpg)

pleaaase do that will be hilarious!
>>1305718 she also reposts the same memes over and over cause it probably isn't getting as much reaction as she wants

No. 1306284

File: 1629663169926.jpg (332.36 KB, 1067x1778, Screenshot_20210822-160925_Twi…)

I feel like if she had common sense she would have all her content backed up somewhere but this is pumpy we are talking about

No. 1306827

File: 1629726343362.jpg (Spoiler Image,230.21 KB, 1170x2080, R0cHM6Ly9zY29u.jpg)

pumpy nsfl

No. 1306928

File: 1629738369038.jpg (123.08 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_20210823-130349_Twi…)

What a dumb ass t-shirt.

No. 1307433

this is cute but who took this photo..

No. 1307492

Obviously Loretta.

No. 1308025

File: 1629871211560.png (581.57 KB, 500x832, 2021-08-25 10_52_52-Window.png)

No. 1308027

File: 1629871304360.png (674.77 KB, 502x827, 2452356_stzhrzxjzuksytdfhgjjlk…)

Dissociating (correct term) -> disassociating -> dissacosiating

No. 1308130

I mean, she used to low-key brag about having FAS and being slow because of her mother's drug dependency–sad, weird vibes. Homegirl should pay for a tutor or something. Spelling aside, why does she fixate on shit like this? She brings nothing to the table except money when she has a dogshit personality.

No. 1308176

her pros are literally
>mentally ill
and then from whats visible her cons all seem to be about her having an awful personality and a bad attitude. kek and she wonders why people don't seem to stick around?

No. 1308199

File: 1629900572583.jpeg (316.04 KB, 750x1246, DE64B2B1-B428-4369-BAE2-93306B…)

So much for that

No. 1308725

File: 1629952679553.jpg (114.61 KB, 1170x2080, aHR0cHM6Ly9zY29u0ZW50LWlhZDYW0…)

"Never done drugs" btw …

No. 1308830

File: 1629970367340.jpg (542.22 KB, 2326x1332, NzY5NF8xNzI1MzE3NzQyNDY3ODQwOD…)

fucking kek

No. 1308886

Is there a way to post tiktoks on here? Pumpy made one saying she was paid $100 just to flex….yeah right.

No. 1309179

that would be a delight anon. You can download them then post the file. Warning, they need to be in WebM format (ending in .webm) so you might need to convert. The website doesn't accept other video formats.

No. 1309190

File: 1630010432876.webm (1.73 MB, 576x1024, 660fc8833b9931a7d57a7a1f5f0853…)


Here you go anon. I just noticed she said this was an old video.

No. 1309851

File: 1630099385088.jpeg (679.48 KB, 1208x1470, 8C47EBAA-8E5C-4276-8E8A-959CCE…)

kek they are still struggling but sex work is a real job right??

No. 1309853

File: 1630099425869.jpeg (305.34 KB, 1242x703, 8E1CD519-B9B9-4260-94C0-5587A7…)

Tenshi still e-begging for basic necessities like groceries topkek

No. 1309864

why not just save the delivery fee and go to the grocery store….. smh

No. 1310727

File: 1630191292449.png (3.68 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210823-112255.png)

okay little stormy dump incoming. Some stories are from a few days ago but none are more than a week old
around the day she posted this she posts about the night