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File: 1648495333572.jpeg (191.24 KB, 1120x1924, 1648043157638.jpeg)

No. 1485139

>late 20's /early 30’s. They cannot function as adults

>Brina has 3 children she has completely abandoned along with many of her animals.

>Brina is constantly getting pregnant with every man she dates, won’t take birth control.

>Both date known abusers and druggy losers.

>Brina scams her OF clients with bad photoshop

>both abuse ketamine molly and many other substances.

>Brina leaked poop out of her butt on cam and shoved it back in like nothing happened

>rumored escorting out of cafe lu

>both seem to be suffering with ED

>sandras music career… speaks for itself.

>sadly Sabrina is a user, and will use every resource she can from anyone. She obviously used Sandra.

More Sabrina old milk:

>Has made multiple purchases of fake followers and begs people via DM to help “up” her engagement by commenting on her posts.

>Blew threw all of her MFC money, was in debt by the time she shacked up with AJ, and now owes the IRS thousands and thousands of dollars. In her last known apartment for her to possess, court records show she was evicted for not paying rent for months on end.

>Started on MFC the day that she turned 18, prior to that was a model for “weed brands” and modelled for Dolls Kill once.

>Has zero interest in a child after the relationship with the father dissolves.

>Stockpiles pictures and videos of Big C from her once-every-few-years visits and randomly posts them to redeem herself as a parent and create the impression she’s more active in her life than she is.

>When confronted about her abandoned children, she either ignores it or makes fun of people for asking. Dark narc shit.

>Had glory days camming on MFC (peak: 2015), but has been banned from the platform for years due to breaking TOD and promoting camversity while streaming on their site.

>Admittedly can’t be single, serial dater of visibly unhinged men who tend to have drug and legal issues. Focuses more on getting into new relationships than she does getting back into her children’s lives.

>Bought a cadillac upfront cash, it hasn’t been seen in years. Thought to be taken by the state to satisfy tax debt or sold for quick cash. She bragged about only ever driving it while high on Xanax, nodding off at the wheel.

>Constant drama with other camgirls because she keeps sleeping with their exes/baby dads

>Is more interested playing “Mommy” to daughters of boyfriends (AJ, Tyler) instead of even trying to see any of her own three children.

>Escorting was speculated for years, but confirmed when ex Tyler Arenas exposed her after finding out for himself via her phone

>Sabrina fakes a pregnancy to overshadow Tyler’s leak and does her best to portray him as a “narc abandoning his pregnant gf” Further tried to deflect by focusing on a phone that he supposedly broke, was later revealed that he bought said phone

>Announced a planned pregnancy (“Rainbow Baby” - Little C) and shared that she was 11 weeks pregnant after getting wasted on cam less than 2 wks before and accepting tokens in exchange for wine chugs

>oscillates from claiming that she can’t gain weight to desperately trying to lose weight.

>Used to post wads of cash and flaunt lavish spending, while ignoring her mom and sister’s texts begging Sabrina to send over some money to help clothe, feed, and raise her eldest abandoned child. This was made public by her sister (screens in first thread)

>Villainizes her mother and sister but allows them to raise her child, claims her mother in unsupportive of her while her mother is “mom” to her child.

>Engaged in fraud to have her third pregnancy expenses covered under Medi-Cal

>Made a show of setting up a room for her oldest daughter only to use it for camshows (during the Rhett-Penthouse era)

>Previously lived in luxurious penthouse high rises but through her own repeated bad choices now has nothing to her name and couch surfs between her Dad’s and fellow cam whore/on and off friend Sandra’s one bedroom apartment.

>LARPED as a vegan for two years, including during third pregnancy (which resulted in a scary premature birth).

>Refuses to take birth control and “accidentally” gets pregnant by everyone she dates. Currently has three abandoned children and likely counting.

>In Rhett era, posted bloody self harm photos on social media and videos of them fighting (deleted after)

>Grooms eldest daughter (13) for SW, this is the only child she has random access to. Regularly posts her daughter on her camming/SW account.

>Abandoned cat (Xanny) and dog (Kitty)

>Scammed many with sham gemstone jewellery & Lingerie businesses, having people prepay for items that were never sent or even created. Lawsuits about this.

>Famous words: “Three kids with three dads and not one of them wants anything to do with her” - Tyler, ex

>Obsessively follows and unfollows Sandra on IG due to what seems to like unmanaged BPD.

>Made a fake IG dragging and nitpicking AJ’s ex and first baby mama for “the drama” and even shared it on her own platform. Also shared multiple personal messages between herself and her. Tagged all of her friends and exes in the pictures.

>Spent $200 on mushroom chocolate while not even having a bed or place to live

>Walking into her thirties a social leper, she relies heavily on Sandra for a social life.


>Pimped out by her sister Vero at the cafe LU even before legal age

>Has a screechy cat lost in the woods type of music

>Let's people take advantage of her and use her so she "seems cool"

>Uses her cat Kitty as a prop at parties and disowns it's grooming needs

>Druggie at parties trying to be a it girl

>Desperate for any druggie guy that will stay around long enough

>Enabled by parents - who seem to not bat an eye at Sandra, Vero, or their friend’s activities.

>Started having cosmetic work done before she was 18.

>26 going on 13 (the babysitter, mother hen of the shit show). Manipulates from this role, munchausen & munchausen by proxy vibes.

>Diagnosed bipolar within the last year and spent months spiralling, switching doctors and her med cocktail just frequently. It seemed evident that she was hopping to whichever doctor was satisfying her drug needs at that given time, essentially using them as dealers.

>Spiral stemmed from breakup with “rapper” Egovert, who openly used and abused her.

>Is focused on her music and tries to align herself with industry professionals, even newbies, to ride any possible dick to fame

>Not milk, but highly entertaining kitchen concoctions like a “pressed ramen stuffed panini” and various childish foods with gourmet presentation.

>Your basic codependent in all relationships, including with Sabrina. Switches between caregiving and acting infantile to illicit care & companionship from others.

>Has a cat who appears to live a life of high-stress and intermittent neglect, wore it in a backpack to make instagram story content and it was visibly in distress

>Is dating/playing dress up with A-Why, former associate of the big bad Egovert’s. She will show his music support, but he never shares hers (with the exception of their collab, where he left her part out). He seems talented enough, speculated to be using Sandra for pussy & a party spot.

>Known for her current style that combines both outdated and child themes.

>Is known to engage in indirectly posting thinspo but no admitted or confirmed ED.

>Switches from “nude” to “non nude” and manically posting bible verses for the lord’s forgiveness.

>Constantly aspires to be Miss MFC, shamelessly tried using Sabrina’s association to boost her room. Has yet to accomplish anything with this.

>Engages in weird predatory behaviour like partying, housing, grooming, and supplying drugs to late teens/early twenties.



Previous threads:

No. 1485169

shit thread poorly made, just one photo? no compilations?

No. 1485170

this is also Sabrina Nellie #4 dumb ass

No. 1485171

No one else made it so I threw it together. I knew I'd fuck up somewhere kek

No. 1485201

anons rlly need to stop rushing new threads. this keeps happening

No. 1485226

thinking the same, the last three were half assed too. Must be the theme kek. It’s still early if someone wants to properly execute it.

No. 1485440

then put the thread together yourself retard

No. 1485653

No. 1485786

Shit thread. Literally

No. 1485921

File: 1648563087866.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1788, IMG_20220329_133053.png)

It does look like Sandra has moved back in with her parents

No. 1486001

Yep, 100% she did. That’s def her old room at her parents. Not a bad set-up though, especially considering it’s doubtful she pays anything to them for rent.

No. 1486092

I do wonder why living independently tanked so quickly though?

No. 1486176

Sabrina Nellie Juarez / 30s washed up drug addicted prostitute who shit on cam with 3 abandoned kids.
>Notoriously known for shitting herself on cam and shoving it back up her ass hole like nothing happened.
>Addicted to Ketamine and Opioids.
>Fucked up teeth and botched filler.
>Previous myfreecams ‘it girl’.
>Pregnant with first child at 14 years old.
>Started camming fresh at 18 years old.
>3 abandoned children and has custody of none of them.
>Constantly getting pregnant and having miscarriages due to drinking/drugs.
>Several abortions.
>Obsessed with pregnancy and being pregnant.
>Lies about being pregnant.
>Might get knocked up again and abandon that one.
>Homeless for several years now kek.
>Couch hops.
>Sleeps in peoples closets.
>Kleptomaniac tendencies.
>Always has to be in a relationship.
>Has cheated on several relationships.
>Her dead beat boyfriends are always druggies or drug dealers.
>Escorts out of cheap hotels while Junkie James waits in the lobby.
>Went from live streaming in a penthouse to streaming while on laying dirty hotel carpet floors or closets.
>Rumored to have escorted out of CafeLu.
>Rumored to have stolen large amounts of cash on several occasions.
>Rumored to have stolen from friends while they were camming together. Clothes, money, drugs.
>Takes her friends sloppy seconds.
>Frenemy tendencies.
>Subtweets her friends and unfollows them.
>Broadcasts her daily life on social media.
>Always goes back to Rhett.
>Runs back to her dads whenever she has no where to go.
>Has said for many years that her father overdosed when he’s alive and well.
>Goes into “mom mode” whenever she’s completely homeless.
>Cannot get her shit together but manages to always go out partying.
>Either doesn’t pay for drugs (mooching or boyfriends) or spends all her money on drugs and her lifestyle.
>Spends all her money on herself and unnecessary expensive food, products and trips.
>Cannot save money.
>Has CPS and IRS on her ass.
>Cannot get anything in her name legally.
>Cannot save for an apartment after years of being homeless.
>Doesn’t have an address or “income” for anyone to go for child support.
>Scams her clients with bad photoshop.
>Posts old pictures and pretends they are new to keep herself relevant.
>Abandoned pets.
>Left her cat Xanny stranded on the streets.
>Abandoned Big C and Middle C to go full-time MFC Model during her prime.
>Made thousands of dollars for years while not supporting her children.
>Said Middle C was being “kept from her.” Hasn’t seen him since infancy.
>Then Abandons Little C during infancy and became a full-time drug addict and prostitute.
>Doesn’t pay child support or bother to change custody agreement.
>Last custody agreement she was allowed holidays and her birthday. She wasn’t allowed to be around them without supervision. Her current custody agreement is unknown.
>Hasn’t seen Little C for years and shows up randomly for a “target trip”. Nothing meaningful or special.
>In and out of Big C’s life, shows up sporadically exposing her lifestyle to her child.
>Goes months and years without seeing her children sending them into confusion.
>Partying, going on drug benders and shacking up with her dead beat boyfriends during those said months/years.
>Followed her child on her sex work account, allowing people to find her daughters IG handle.
>Changed her family account into a sex work account.
>Doesn’t mention her children’s existence for several years despite posting her daily life (Several months with big C).
>Posts impromptu photos at target “Hey, look I’m a mom still.”
>Posts her child on her sex work account without blurring her faces.
>Rumored to be grooming her daughter for cam, making comments about her daughter “camming one day” and dressing her up as her “mini me”.
>High as a kite around them.
>Doesn’t let the drugs come out of her system before her sporadic visits.
>Exposed her daughter to porn and sex toys laying around the house.

> Wise words “3 kids and custody of none of them. 3 baby daddies and none of them want anything to do with her.” -TylerArenas

No. 1486247

Prob partly because she couldn’t set boundaries and ended up with squatters (Sabrina and others) so the best course of action was to move out of the place. That, combined with the fact rent is astronomical in so cal and likely free at her parents house. Sandra is a lost cause with enabling parents. She is mentally about as mature as a 15 year old so idk that she will ever truly grow up and figure out how to function independently.

No. 1486365

She moved pretty quickly after announcing she would be leaving her apartment, do you not have to give notice in the US? Tinfoil but could she have actually been evicted?

No. 1486472

also a leasing agreement is at least 6 months?

No. 1486488

She could have been subletting/bought out a lease that only had a few months left. Happens often in LA.

No. 1487385

She probably signed a full year lease with her parents co-signing and they probably have to pay the re-let fee till someone takes her lease over. Sandra is a spoiled brat who will demand things on a whim so I doubt she actually researched places to rent.

No. 1487654

File: 1648700983335.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1284x2262, 1305568C-2407-4E20-A7A1-667C6F…)

In the background of this story (it's a video) you can hear someone say, "They became addicted to hard drugs, they stopped working, they overstayed their welcome with friends and family. They usually often, OFTEN stole…" Sounds like she and James are watching a show about their own lives heh

No. 1487901

File: 1648712909942.jpeg (493.97 KB, 828x1238, E9C83871-F038-4939-A0FE-83F6EA…)

took longer than expected but here it is, kek

No. 1488033


The time has come for the Sandra-Sabrina milk to spill and not one bit surprising!

I will admit, the contract thing made me laugh. Sabrina TRULY does operate from a middle school level of maturity kek.

One thing that I’m going to add is that it’s getting pretty tiring hearing all of these people claim that they were misled & brainwashed by Sabrina - give it a rest, the girl isn’t that charming. We had all seen how she acted towards and behaved around Sandra, the disdain was obvious. Nevermind the fact that we are now well over a decade deep of well-documented pathological behaviour. It’s like AJ singing the woes about him leaving her with baby number three, what else could you possibly expect?

Waiting for the day that Junkie J posts 100+ emo ass songs and gives us another vape tell-all about how Sabrina broke his heart and he “should have listened to everyone.” Yeah, if it’s coming from EVERYONE then you SHOULD listen. Idiots getting duped by a full fledged idiot.

I’m still not incredibly versed on Sandra’s past but I’ve read that it’s ugly, just not archived pre-Sabrina. For those who know it, perhaps you are enjoying this as a moment of kArMa.

No. 1488046

File: 1648735522493.jpeg (2.07 MB, 1284x2277, 3A6B80A8-2398-4358-907C-5D51BA…)

the absolute tone deaf ridiculousness of her posting this tik tok on her story (sabrina). it’s such evidence to her narcissism that she thinks that it’d be perceived as related to her interactions with peers and “friends,” because that’s how little she actually thinks about her children.

I tried to upload the photo but I’m a newfag and can’t seem to figure it out the usual ways.


that is the link to the tik tok, if it helps.

No. 1488084

Truly wondering why the hell she would post this knowing her kids fucking miss her???

The video “mom? Why do miss people who hurt me?”
“That’s because you’re a dummy. Dumb little stupid dum dum”
So tone deaf no self awareness.

No. 1488103

Sandra and Vero have been documented and archived the entire time, just not as intense as Sabrina. Some of you are just way too lazy to go back and read all the threads I guess. Including the camgirls threads. Sandra is a camgirl and has existed outside of Sabrina a whole lot.

No. 1488132


Unclench, that’s exactly what I meant - she’s not as heavily documented as Sabrina. A lot of us know enough to know that, like many of Sabrina’s adult victims, Sandra is a piece of shit herself. Granted, there are many who are manipulated by the baby talk (sidenote: remember when Sabrina used to do this too) but Sandra is and HAS been scum. I’ve always been less interested in Sandra on her own, I think that’s a shared sentiment. She’s your basic spoiled brat/cam whore. There have certainly been milky moments but it’s still lukewarm, even when it’s not. She never treads too deep. Her parents either bail her out or she reels it in over a love interest. Sabrina regularly crashes and leaves everyone else to burn.


I do wonder who this is actual reference to, though. It could be her PR in response to Sandra’s tweets or possibly one of her general shares of content that implies she’s a deeper and/or better person than she is.

Regardless, sickening. Big C has literally straight up had posts on her story stating she just wanted her mom to be there. As sad as it is to think, given the opportunity to go wherever she could - Big C would 100% choose to be with Sabrina. She’s often posted about struggling to sleep at night, I’ll bet. I cant fathom the heartbreak of knowing that your mother doesn’t choose you and not being able to grow up with any of your siblings.

No. 1488174

I could also care less about Sandra. I agree her milk is lukewarm and never really that deep.

No. 1488195

Precisely, this.

No. 1488201

File: 1648749323812.png (2.9 MB, 1284x2778, 53E3BB85-E4F0-41D6-9EB6-63A2C7…)

Brina made James sign an NDA about everything that went down with her and Sandra..WOW

No. 1488225

It’s doubtful their friendship is completely over at this point since Sandra is easy to manipulate and quick to forgive. It would be nice if Sandra spilled more details and aired Sabrina’s dirty laundry we don’t know about.

I was thinking it was Scargum but it makes sense she’d make James sign one. He’s the one closest to her it’s likely she made him sign one so he wouldn’t disclose her engaging in prostitution. Since Brina has been kicked out and can’t mooch off Sandra, the only way she can make money is cam (which she isn’t doing) or prostitution. It’s obvious what’s she’s doing and it has to eat James up on the inside that he has to share his girlfriend to keep up their “lifestyle”. Hence his weird posts that look like meltdowns.

No. 1488226

I swear she is always reposting really tone deaf shit like this, it makes it look like she's just hard coping with/projecting her guilt everywhere unknowingly. Srsly, what a mess

No. 1488231

>Tweet statistics icon
selfposting flakes never fucking learn. kek

No. 1488234

Don't be an idiot. James was Sandra's friend for years first and used to be on her stories, he's not even her friend now. Brina barely knew Scar.. Think of what makes actual sense

No. 1488243

I'm really curious about Sandra's dating an older client that tried to kill her past. But she's a hystrionic mess that thought that twig Egovert was going to kill her, so she's not really a reliable narrator of her actual boring life

No. 1488288

Been following Sandra for a while and as far as I’ve seen, she hasn’t done anything majorly terrible towards other people. The sketchy stuff (shilling Camversity and crypto) was due to ignorance, not malice. I don’t see her as someone who is vindictive or has bad intentions. Her problem is that she’s incredibly stupid.

No. 1488301

Yeah I'm curious what makes Sandra a "piece of shit." Granted I haven't read through the super old threads, but she just seems mentally ill and messy. I haven't seen her abandon kids, take advantage of people, or shit all over people who tried to help her like Sabrina does regularly.

No. 1488321

To the anon posting and deleting: well.. someone did call them a retard, backtracked then deleted. Most likely you. It looks like someone saved the screenshots from her story (they’re cropped off at the same point), saved it on their phone and uploaded them here

No. 1488362

She’s a scammer and always has been. That’s what she’s been trained to do but she isn’t stupid and retarded as a lot of people here like to think. She’s just extremely good at manipulation. Nothing about Sandra is innocent.

No. 1488376

File: 1648760759921.png (1.27 MB, 1649x1800, 27167E41-79D5-4F48-AE3B-E9474F…)

Anyone ever google James? The fundraiser explains his head injury and a little before the time on the podcast screenshot James explains he was addicted to fentanyl and any kind of drug. He also says the injury affected his speech the most.

No. 1488445

so what scams has she pulled and who has she scammed? I'm curious bc I haven't seen her do that

No. 1488446

Sandra really seems like she’s got approximately two malfunctioning brain cells, on top of mental illness. Not to say a moron can’t be a scammer, but I’ve been following Sandra a long time and haven’t seen anything particularly scammy. Except the camversity thing, and I guess recently she was trying to push some bitcoins but later apologized for that. Could someone link me to a thread that digs into her past more, cuz I don’t see a lot of unforgivable actions. Brina has an obvious laundry list of absolutely horrendous things she’s done, but Sandra doesn’t seem to.

No. 1488496

File: 1648768094360.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1284x2272, AD5A9AFD-1AAD-46C5-BEF3-C2FD91…)

When Sabrina’s 13 year old daughter is more mature than her…

No. 1488501

I don't have twitter nonnie and I'm curious, is the screenshot you replied to taken from the author of the tweet? So that was Sandra selfposting? How do I spot this?

No. 1488502

>good at manipulation
kek she only gets scammed

No. 1488524


Agreed! This is hardly the end of Dumber & Dumber. People like this are only capable of having each other in their life because all of their motivations and relationships are surface level. It will likely only be one of many scars on the face of their friendship. I’d give it a couple of months before they are publicly posing/posting as “besties” again.


I honestly think that it was Scar, not James. Sabrina has James drinking the koolaid, she’d have no reason to question his loyalty. Idiot would probably take a bullet for her shit-logged ass, at this point. Scar spent extra time with Sabrina and I think the sentiment was she’d be spending an indefinite amount of time with her. I’m sure that there was all sorts of bonding, aside from the group nail date (without Sandra), and drugs/alcohol doesn’t exactly help one stay composed. Sabrina probably couldn’t help but gush about how much she loathes Sandra to Scar, probably acting like she was “warning” or “informing” her - like the true delusional narc she is.

Scar unfollowed Sabrina when she left her at the hotel and went back to Sandra. That’s when stuff got weird. Another hesitation that I have is: How would Sandra know that Sabrina made James sign a contract? For talking shit about her? Unless she made him sign in front of Scar, but I still think it’s Scar who was made to sign off.

Of course, we could argue that Sabrina was worried James might tell Sandra something as retaliation during one of his lobby meltdowns… No way of knowing for sure, unless more details are leaked.


Sandra is shitty in the generic way that most of those camwhores are, which is why she goes on random repents posting bible verses and asking the lord for forgiveness. She’s not really comparable to Sabrina, Sabrina is her own brand of evil - which is why so many people follow her shitshow. It’s baffling that someone like her so shamelessly exists.

I will say that even newfags have to admit that, when they really think about it, Sandra engages in a lot of predatory and grooming behaviour. She also has a recently archived issue of skewed humour, like when she posted & laughed about that guy on the bridge.

No. 1488549


I don’t know if anyone is confused, but this screenshot is from Sandra’s instagram story. It’s not a screenshot that she took of her twitter and posted in here trying to disguise as an anon.

The black space is from the viewing user holding the screen during their screenshot (to avoid the story timing out and flipping to the next slide).

It’s on her IG right now, she took the screenshots of her own twitter and shared to her story.

No. 1488573

No dude it wasnt posted by Sandra. I reposted that from her story

No. 1488594

Are these hoes shadow banned? I always have to search Sandra and Brina’s accounts lol.

No. 1488620

File: 1648778870267.jpeg (2.12 MB, 1284x2272, 83C291F6-C095-4C04-9399-211925…)

James looking like he's about to audition for a Golden Girls reboot with that hair

No. 1488631

I can’t even search for Sabrina’s main account on IG, I have to go to get old family account and link from there. She doesn’t show up on search. Hasn’t for ages.

No. 1488718

File: 1648785963184.jpeg (619.94 KB, 1284x2540, 41152F99-D37F-4C68-835E-E25D2C…)

god these maggots love filters.


I think you are all correct! I can only search her family account too.

No. 1488909

File: 1648815573933.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x2020, 892E894A-BD83-44D2-B71F-EFC9AB…)

Just what is going on with brina’s outfit? I started following her years ago because I loved her style and the weird things she’d put together always looked so cool. It’s like she forgot how to be brina. Her style has gone way down hill just like her men 😂

No. 1488912

File: 1648815801335.jpeg (829.8 KB, 1125x1129, 88EEB156-D57D-4BD5-95B0-8C62D6…)

There’s a reality show called Love After Lockup about documenting inmates as they get out and pursue romantic relationships and I can’t help but notice Sabrina is looking more and more like Raydean the meth head on the show

No. 1488915

I remember those tights with crosses being everywhere in 2013

No. 1488920

kitty breath. is there a reality trash tv thread somewhere, in ot?

No. 1488940

File: 1648819418174.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1284x2260, 6A8E96D9-E252-4703-A317-3EBF8B…)

Sandra’s latest tik tok, a compilation of stories from a previous night out with that awful cartoon, ski mask, and blonde wig.

I’d imagine this is why her stripper career was so short lived. Scrotes would have to be pretty fucked up not to feel award by her weird stiff body jerks that get passed off as “dancing.”


kek at poppi wearing leg warmers too, prob to make “sabrina the victim” feel less “left out” since she has to hide the scars from the number she did on her legs to manipulate Rhett/twitter years ago.

No. 1489167

i really died when i saw this video, her dancing and music is just too much lmao

No. 1489184

Her self awareness is at zero while her ego is at 100. Major cringe. I bet a lot of the shit talking Brina made the friend sign a fake contract about revolves around Sandra’s delusional music career. Kek

No. 1489448

I bet Sabrina had everyone at Sandra's "first live performance" sign a NDA at Sandras birthday party kek, poor girl

No. 1489465

NDA? Was it on some dumb napkin like at recess. How was it legally binding? Brina can barely afford anything. This is like middle school children thinking they are adults.

No. 1489793

File: 1648879293207.jpeg (151.56 KB, 1125x504, E998B491-75E5-4161-8CFD-D14827…)

fucking weirdo

No. 1489804

This outfit looks like it's from 2011 in the worst way possible

No. 1489825

File: 1648884548652.png (7.57 MB, 1170x2532, 6014677F-E145-414C-AE27-ADDC63…)

I’m confused. How much does the filter hide her real skin? Or did she try to cover up her arm tattoo with makeup?

No. 1490074

Seriously terrible. She is a total thot elder millennial mom stuck in 2014 with ALL the stuff she wears. I'm not surprised she doesn't know what's in style any better than Sandra, but for different reasons.

No. 1490194

Both? And she still wouldn’t take care of them.

No. 1491588


Exactly, she has no emotional attachment to her children or intention to parent them so it’s not a thought provoking question. She probably thinks her child abandonment makes her woke.

No. 1492125

File: 1649075011973.png (1.7 MB, 1125x2436, 977805FE-34AF-458C-8CF6-68C61B…)

You’re too old for these sweetie

No. 1492126

File: 1649075167442.png (6.64 MB, 1125x2436, 4E626860-53AE-4385-AD21-F7A212…)

I love that Brina’s stories consist of doing things her children would love to go to/do (knotts berry farm and painting) and then “woke” memes where she’ll never change and it’s us who are assholes lmao

No. 1492292

File: 1649090494203.jpeg (113.81 KB, 919x385, 9E76548B-CFB6-4103-9792-341A35…)

I wonder how she’ll pay for surgery when all her money goes to drugs eating out and cheap quality clothing. I doubt she has any sort of insurance. She never even followed through with veneers

No. 1492364

File: 1649093976086.jpeg (140.63 KB, 640x1087, 0EB8851A-3218-4E00-B9D7-60DC3C…)

Sandra deactivated her IG. Anyone know what’s up with her at the moment?

No. 1492476

Probably in another bipolar phase.

No. 1492564

It’s a pair of pants…

No. 1492591

File: 1649105984303.png (9.85 MB, 1284x2778, 490C8A1E-CC51-4CA4-A881-D40FB4…)

New hotel to cam from

No. 1492754

File: 1649116206376.jpeg (278.71 KB, 1125x1960, E9D8A090-CD68-44B3-99AD-43DF2C…)

Thinking the same. Scrapbooking her dumb planners, painting and pressing flowers posting for her daughter to see?

No. 1492755

File: 1649116239809.jpeg (640.09 KB, 1125x1936, 6FD71D3E-19E7-45E1-9E22-6881C1…)

No. 1492918

File: 1649126104815.png (Spoiler Image, 7.69 MB, 2778x1284, 5272D21F-42B6-4696-9A4E-13FF9E…)

Sabrina's been live 3 hours and hasn't cleared her first token goal

No. 1492931

Sabrina stated she and James are moving into their own place on the 10th and she'll be 'camming and partying every day'

No. 1493007

File: 1649130057187.jpeg (210.55 KB, 1282x893, 6FDE1E08-9DB7-4E7D-81FC-ED802F…)

Brina just really sat there and talked about how hard it is teaching her children morals and how to be decent good people lmfao

No. 1493047

Two bottles of wine in 4 hours plus sniffing..yeesh

No. 1493067

does anyone know how much money she makes from one token?

No. 1493070

I think the model makes 0.05 per token.

No. 1493071

She also talked earlier in the stream about how she didn’t want to take the doctor-prescribed pain pills for her hand injury because she didn’t want to become addicted. KEK

No. 1493095

File: 1649135066471.png (Spoiler Image, 2.6 MB, 1199x1800, 8E6CAB6D-8269-4744-B900-A94C0A…)

Just some caps from the boring show. That over the camera angle isn’t working well for her anymore. Also who’s place is this? Air bnb?
Can’t wait for the 10th to come and go with no change as always with her lying ass.

No. 1493102

I’m pretty sure it’s James room he rents that they both live in.

No. 1493288

aka they gave her gabapentin and she learned you cant get high from those like she wants.

No. 1493367

Oh my, why does she still think she has the body she did with that angle 7 years ago kek.
She looks awful and has aged horribly like a Chinese donut in the buffet

No. 1493460

Ehh, doubt she was prescribed gabapentin for an injury like that. Her hand is fucked up. She said in stream she can’t move her index finger and that the tendon got severed or something in the accident. Wonder if she’s done permanent damage.

No. 1493462

Im pretty sure James stays with his parents after his brain injury, and that's why Brina had to live in hotels and with Sandra who she hated kek

No. 1493480

File: 1649176045309.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 328.19 KB, 1284x2283, A9210F66-3B2D-488F-9CEF-6166C2…)

Nothing wrong with having a little extra body weight but I’m shocked Brina actually has a belly. Even after her last child she didn’t have one.
Every time she’s noticed a weight gain she turned to her Ed or drugs.
Maybe it’s not working for her anymore?

No. 1493483

Think your right anon.
When she was high on ket during that ig live a month or so ago she said she was going to cam in that room laughingly and said no “they’d kill me” and she stressed lastnight because her neighbors could hear her.

No. 1493540

Brina is aging… she is approaching her 30s, treats her body poorly, has pushed out three kids, is an alcoholic, doesn’t exercise. Are we really shocked?

No. 1493561

A bit yes. While I understand what your saying, she’s always been so incredibly narcissistic. I never saw her letting herself go.

No. 1493597

Big C in hospital and i bet drugged out mommy has 0 cares.

No. 1493627

File: 1649186263243.jpeg (312.59 KB, 1169x1696, 9A19E326-3C65-480E-856B-C25F0D…)

Proof cuz ppl are bein too lazy to provide that themselves anymore.

No. 1493639

She hardly has a belly, looks more like loose skin from popping out 3 kids

No. 1493675

I hope she’s okay. Doubt Brina will take any action. She’s too busy moving in with her boo and partying. It’s sad she’s entering her 30’s as a boy crazy party girl stuck in 2012 Hot Topic fashion.

No. 1493760

File: 1649194631271.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x1875, 327C4668-46E7-4752-9C5E-7EBBE6…)

what? Big c passed out… I hope she’s not developing an eating disorder, hopefully just lack of sleep/water but a child should not be “stressed”

No. 1493789

File: 1649196573326.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1125x1837, 53D8047D-B3C9-4D38-B1C6-56B23D…)

She always posts her planners as if she has her shit together kek

No. 1493862

It’s for show like everything else on her Instagram. It’s like when she used to go on cleaning sprees and post before and after photos knowing full well she lives like a lazy slob in squalor. Or when she posted organic vegan food she made for the toddler she abandoned a year later. She hasn’t learned good hygiene yet and still won’t wash her hands after urinating or use toothpaste while brushing her teeth which she proudly displayed on IG live. She seems like the kind of person who’d use wet wipes to clean up between johns.

No. 1494101

File: 1649216589201.png (8.12 MB, 1284x2778, C186AC8B-5497-4154-82AE-E694F9…)

Big C confirming it was ED related

No. 1494123

stop fucking reposting this poor child you non sentient exploitative freak

No. 1494143

this doesn't exactly confirm that it was ed related you weirdo. and even if it was, is that really milk that needs to be posted here? seriously fuck off

No. 1494443

How about you blame mom of the year for posting her child’s instagram allowing creeps to find it?
Stop with the moral fagging bs. Yes it’s not milk but they didn’t post their face.

No. 1494448


Nope not milk but either is her planners, shit quotes, flappy skin, bad photoshop, duck lips or black pants anything close to milk yet it gets posted here. Not the same fag who is posting big c but looks like a couple of people are reposting them.
This whole bitches life needs to be archived along with Sandra.

No. 1494464

Absolutely nope. Quit wking for someone posting a 13 year old girl repeatedly, vile ass creep. We all know that her mom is a deadbeat idiot, that’s who this thread is about, not her 13 year old child she has very limited contact with. Fuck off with the “moral fagging” shit, you both just want to lurk big c’s life and that is downright blurring lines with no fucking remorse. That child will be documented online forever all because her mom is a shit hole? You guys posting big c every couple days need very serious help and shouldn’t be around children, especially if you don’t see the problem with posting her here glaring directly back in your face when you open lolcow.

No. 1494484

It’s not right at all but it’s inevitable. Her “mom” needs to buckle down on her daughters shit, make her delete it or have her make a new one. She should have some parental guidelines. Her dead beat mother lurkers here and doesn’t do shit about the fact her daughters handle has been exposed.

In all seriousness, y’all need to stop posting big c or any of her future children.

No. 1494486

Posting minors is against the rules and it’s fucking weird

No. 1494545

why are you following or even lurking a 13 year old??? fucking weirdo

No. 1494555

Thank you, please curse them out. Stalking kids’ mutuals is creepy af and this is not Sabrina related milk anyway.

No. 1494579

All that is milk you retard. Watching her downfall is milky af. All her retarded behavior is milk so stfu

No. 1494727

she literally wants to exploit her daughter for sex work, why would she buckle down on parenting when it comes to shit like this. she would probably be happy that people are taking interest in c and it's disgusting and so are the cunts posting her here. lmao "parental guidelines" she doesn't even live with her or see her often

No. 1494775


Catch Sabrina dm’ing Big C tips on how to keep the famine strong next time, because that’s exactly what kind of “parent” she is.

In regards to posting of Sabrina’s abandoned children in here, I would think that it SHOULD have gone without saying that’s a big no-no unless it’s directly involving Sabrina. Even then, exercise proper judgement. These childrens’ mother failed them and we already know that Big C is vulnerable/at-risk due to obviously having too lax of caregivers + Sabrina’s grooming. It doesn’t matter is Big C is posting shocking or provocative content, you need to leave it off of here. I know that a lot of you analyze Big C’s social media for reasons to further cast out Sabrina as a terrible mother, but Sabrina’s absence speaks volumes enough. It does more harm than good, you don’t make the child’s life any better by posting her stories on this site and loosely linking it to a conversation about her “mother.” It’s absolutely reaching. Let’s all agree to be mindful of the child-related content going forward!


That same historical narcissism is what is now producing this body. You can’t abuse your body for over a decade and get away with it. Eventually, it shows.. unless you start going under the knife or needle for every inch of your body, but even that still produces an “aged” look. Check out that freak show Madonna, for reference. A lot of these girls with ED’s don’t look good once they hit their 30’s/40’s.

No. 1495479

File: 1649346919561.jpeg (549.32 KB, 1125x1800, 92E580C2-823E-4C05-8448-8ADB76…)

Junkie J posting about Coachella. Isn’t April 17th Easter Sunday? I wonder who won’t be spending time with their kids on Easter.

No. 1495486

Years ago people asked Brina for weight loss tips and she suggested drinking a lot of coffee. Great advice if you want to give people loose bowel movements and intense anxiety.

What else do you think they’d be doing other than partying and taking drugs? It’s a given most holidays will be spent away from her kids. Sad but that won’t ever change.

No. 1495488

I can see Sabrina dressing up as a bunny for pure narcissism.

No. 1495554


I feel almost certain that we’ll see some kind of “bunny dress up” action from Sandra this Easter holiday… with disorientating sexual tones thrown in. the mix, of course.

Sandra is like a female, millennial Lewis Carroll without the creativity.

On that note, whatever happened to her movie she was writing? Something about a prostitute falling in love with a drug dealer, if I recall correctly. Read kind of like a racy tumblr fanfic of her own life, but stretching the masculinity and edge of Egovert.


Sabrina and Junkie J are so oblivious to the expectations of parenting that they probably think the random Target trip will suffice. Junkie J will cling to this as evidence that Sabrina “sees” and “parents” her children until they feel bothered to drop in for an hour or two again. Parenting is involvement. Parenting is consistency. Parents are their children’s rock, their safe space, and the person that they can depend on above all else. Sabrina goes day in and out completely separated from not one, but THREE, children and she’s only worried about being able to get high or spend money on herself. She never wonders what she misses. Girl don’t care.

No. 1495635

Did Sandra scrap social media? Extreme move (in her world), wonder what’s the milk there… Anyone have it? Regardless, we’ll know soon.

No. 1495693

File: 1649368089040.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1125x1995, C6D0D1DD-591F-4B9F-B069-8FC702…)

How could anyone fuck this clown of a “man” kek

No. 1495739

Rofl that’s what I think too when I see Junkie J. Like, what is even attractive about him? Physically, nothing. And he for sure doesn’t have a job, unless it’s dealing drugs. How he even has a car to cart Brina around in is beyond me. Wonder if they’ll really be moving into their own place on the 10th, as Sabrina mentioned. Don’t you need proof of stable income for several months to rent a place? I’ve always been asked to see paystubs for several months. I mean, Brina only very recently started camming again and not even regularly, and her other prostitute income is illegal. How did these two looney tunes secure an apartment? I’m skeptical, and bet the 10th will come and go and no new apartment will come into play.

No. 1495782

plenty of ppl who have an onlyfans have apartments…..

No. 1495788

Riiiight cuz Brina is raking in that money on onlyfans.

No. 1495803

File: 1649377976336.jpeg (269.75 KB, 1284x917, F69383B7-B18B-4638-B50D-996974…)

She really used face app and used one of their smile filters and thinks noone will notice? She's worse off than I thought..

No. 1495809

The only thing I can think of is that James parents are cosigners or they are living with a friend

No. 1495814

Omg this photo doesn’t even look like her. I’m seriously lol’ing at the fact she posted this. That smile LOL give me a break.

No. 1495840

File: 1649380562018.png (2.27 MB, 1800x857, 00E3CEA6-297B-4DC2-9A90-6CF24B…)

All I see is pin, pin, pin no matter what.
Also the waste warp.

No. 1495852

File: 1649381769293.png (5.53 MB, 1599x1800, 5BA011F7-A627-4E1E-957F-5D5506…)

It’s literally the same picture with a smile filter on

No. 1495867

Well considering all the comments…. Her friends/followers are pretty stupid. Since they all think it’s real

No. 1495872

Notice how none of her irl friends except James ever comment (he barely does even) and almost no females? It's because they are all dumb creepy moids or the occasional girl she met online that's ignorant to her situation

No. 1495905

Why does she post eaither of these? Does she really think she looks even remotely good lol. How embarrassing for her. Her waist Photoshop is the funniest after seeing her belly screenshots

No. 1495939

Lmao. This is awesome. She’s so stupid.

No. 1495970

Whats crazy is the original you know damn well she edited her face as well. And then took extra steps to really add a whole fake mouth on. She’s clearly to fucked up to see how absolutely EMBARRASSING this is.

What do pinned eyes usually mean? I’ve noticed it on her so much but didn’t know what it was about

No. 1495991

What’s hilarious to me is the caption? Kek
“Rare smile”

No. 1495996

Pinpoint pupils can sometimes mean a person is on narcotics/opioids.

No. 1496047

Hahaha I’m dying over this photo. Tried it on myself and can’t stop laughing because it looks so stupid. Is she trying to pass this off as real? She has to think everyone is stupid or something.

No. 1496219

It’s so bad. Cringe level 100. She really did that, kek.

No. 1496302

File: 1649441269507.jpeg (80.5 KB, 828x407, FBE2D0BA-698F-42D5-BF5D-883D86…)

At least someone’s calling her out kek

No. 1496452

File: 1649451717194.png (11.56 MB, 1284x2778, 5F0FB8E1-A98E-471B-A53F-72FD2A…)

This Is the most child centric activity she could possibly do, but she's just doing it with Junkie James. Truly why would you ever even shared this? I can't. She's the least self aware narc idiot of all time.

No. 1496454

Cocaine restricts the pupils..uppers.

No. 1496465

Valium (an anti anxiety medication used instead of xanax) and opioids like percs constrict pupils. Cocaine dilates pupils most of the time if at all.

No. 1496494

File: 1649455743413.png (8.07 MB, 1284x2778, E1956D6E-555B-4639-8F6E-61E9B0…)

Cocaine dilates, but her other DOC pin.

Building on your comment with a zoom in on the blanket/waist photoshopping fiasco, because I think this eyesore is being overlooked way too much in favor of that ridiculous smile swap + makeup filter she has on

No. 1496780

File: 1649486537269.png (6 MB, 1284x2778, 5F4EF165-7D33-4CE0-9B16-AA7D29…)

Is this Sandra's?

No. 1496815

File: 1649487702690.gif (1.52 MB, 364x200, 07B4ACA3-5DA8-4183-9E5D-FE4555…)

a tiny backpack for a tiny shell of a husk of a tiny useless parasite of a smol disgusting, constantly-breeding gross organism

No. 1496903

File: 1649499374879.png (8.97 MB, 1170x2532, F3370648-5007-468E-A509-496864…)

I think that’s an old video cuz her jaw and lips look small like before the injections. Plus that’s sandra’s place and I don’t think they made up. She’s just reminiscing of when she didn’t look so much like a man.

This new image looks way more accurate recently HA!

No. 1496904

And her hand isn’t fucked up.

No. 1496906

File: 1649499782703.jpeg (105.22 KB, 1170x551, 37AB7F29-3556-49D1-9624-E6B741…)

Great job going back and admitting it’s a filter after being called out on it. Idiot.

No. 1496908

File: 1649499993526.jpeg (360.72 KB, 1170x1774, 4BC63BF1-5E3C-403D-AD5A-FF7439…)

Look how fat her jaw is now. And that ugly bandage on her hand will be there for a long time.

No. 1496952

File: 1649509045632.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1125x1954, E1A4CC84-5737-473F-A348-66606E…)

I would never think to go to the aquarium without my kids, what a dumb bitch really.

No. 1496953

File: 1649509111373.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1125x1759, E5C012C7-A7A5-4031-BB21-67E1CE…)

She looks so much better without the fillers…. She should’ve just kept using filters lol

No. 1497035

James looks like he’s a height of a child so maybe that counts

No. 1497063

Lmao at her still leaving “rare smile” on the caption.

No. 1497116

sometimes, the best thing you can do for your children is to leave them alone and stay out of their lives. She is one of those mothers where this behaviour is in the interest of her children, yes, it will hurt them, but if they are old enough they will understand it that not having had her as a mother in their daily life is the best thing that could have happend in that situation.

No. 1497136

She definitely got desperate because of the comments on here and the dwindling interest in her content.

No. 1497168

The puffiness makes her look masculine but she’s hasn’t put on weight. This looks a lot like coke bloat which is where you build up fluid retention in the face. She’s been doing a whole cocktail of different drugs it seems. Great way to spend the 10k Sandra gave her.

No. 1497203

she has her moms jaw now she is looking sooo much like her mom it’s scary

No. 1497218


Step one: Acknowledging the filter

but we’re still waiting for commentary on the wretched photoshop, Sabrina… we know you’re in here x


Agreed, anon. It would be more unsettling to see Sabrina WITH her children in her current state of being, as has been the sentiment lately when she does her brief appearances with both Big & Little C.

I think the fixation is more shock that she seemingly goes through life as though she didn’t bring three dependent children into this world. It’s so disturbing and perplexing to see her wastefully spend on herself like a 20 year old without obligations, when the reality is that she’s essentially 30 and the people who care for her children can’t get a cent out of her. She has no maternal instinct. No moral compass. No sign or indication of any basic human decency. In a twisted way, the corruption of her soul is the only thing that she has going for her… as it’s the only reason why she’s still stayed relevant enough to discuss.

No. 1497236

She definitely shouldn’t be anywhere close to her kids. Why the aquarium? The park? Painting?

No. 1497294

I wonder if she is an actual sociopath because it does seem like it

No. 1497358

i'm crying he looks like an auntie who works in higher education and loves a good glass of wine by the fire with a book

No. 1497434

Seriously. Is he shorter than Sabrina?! Kek

No. 1497449

i thought this was blaire white at first glance

No. 1497528

Yes, she’s taller than him. Online it says she’s 5’6 but I swear I’ve heard her say 5’4 which was surprising because I always thought she was super tall. Anyway, that means James is probably between 5’2 to 5’5 which is really small for a guy.

No. 1497683

Sorry to break it to you. She had Cora there.
She’s been having visits with her, Idk what’s going on or why AJ is allowing it.
Not saying how I know or I won’t know anymore, if you catch my drift.

No. 1497746

There is clearly no car seat for Cora in the back of the car. So someone drove all the way to the aquarium to drop her off? Seems strange, but then again, I wouldn't want my kids in the car with two drug addicts eaither. Looking at fish is more on Sabrina's level of experience kek

No. 1497804

It probably is supervised by another family member. Like AJs mom etc.

No. 1497812


Source or way of knowing?

I’m not doubting, I’m curious. I could see the family putting strict rules on ending visits if she posts Little C on her sex work accounts - Which is now all she has, since she made the family account a back-up sex work account kek. Strange move for someone with plans to re-enter their child’s life, although I’m under no impression this was planned or thoughtful resurgence.

I’ve said it before, I truly believe this is Junkie J’s pathetic attempts at PR repair for Sabrina, since he’s been bringing her around his family. “Look, she sees her kids. We see them together. We laugh about how they’re the same height as me, even the littlest one.”

Good thing Michael has Middle C protected from this bullshit. Junkie J ain’t ever swinging those visits.

I also agree that the visits are likely supervised because it was said before that AJ’s family loathes Sabrina and called CPS on her multiple times BEFORE AJ & her even split. You have to think how much worse the view is in person of Sabrina as both a whole & parent, if it’s this bad online to strangers. That’s likely why they don’t have a car seat in Junkie J’s backseat.

No. 1497814

samefagging - I missed the last part where they say they won’t say how they know.. I’m taking this with a grain of salt then as tinfoil and will wait for evidence.

No. 1497830

If this is true, the most likely scenario would be supervised visits and meet ups. They really should be asking Sabrina to do a drug test beforehand though because she looks like she’s been using lately. I feel like AJ would be okay with her meeting up their daughter. Didn’t he complain Sabrina never made the effort to see her daughter for court supervised visits or something?

No. 1497836

Yup, there wasn’t anything posted so I’m assuming tinfoil as well and we know this bitch documents everything. Knowing this junkie, she would probably still sneak some narc ass picture of little c hands or behind her head (i.e target trip) so she can show how good of a mom she is.

No. 1498083


I agree that AJ would allow Sabrina to see Little C if she made herself available to & was willing to cooperate, especially if she was flashing a little bit of money at him in the name of “helping out.”

It’s my impression that AJ’s family would be the reluctant ones and I’d imagine they’d insist themselves to be the supervisor of the visit if it were to occur outside the home. Cant imagine AJ would be keen on kicking it with Sabrina and her junkie midget anyways.


Ultimately agreeing it is tinfoil though, because revealing that much without sourcing it is absurd since the information itself - if true - would already make the person identifiable enough (especially when assessing likelihood of coming here to spread). Anyone can come in here and claim anything. We’ve had people claim all sorts of lies in previous threads under the guise of being or having spoke to a close source, but as soon as you put it under a light then it’s all full of holes. As is the case here. Sabrina or her oompa loompa would have posted about family time AT VERY LEAST if not getting a random hand or behind shot to post in attempt to look abstract (when really they are just desperate).

THIS ASIDE, did Sandra & A-Why split? What’s the crisis here that has her spiralling again?

No. 1498158

A friend of mine is on Sabrina’s “close friends” story on IG.
I don’t want to say anymore than that and get them in trouble, this person showed me Cora on her story like it was a good thing so clearly she doesn’t come here kek

No. 1498274

Maybe they were gauging your reaction

No. 1498329


It’s still not adding up. I doubt your friend would be the only person on the close friends list, there would be no way of zeroing in on them as a leak. It’s not like it’d prevent Sabrina from posting, as evidenced by a decade of fuckery NOTHING stops Sabrina from posting. This is an image board, facts are followed up with photos… if your friend showed you then post the screenshot with C’s face scribbled out, otherwise this is tinfoil.

No. 1498341

File: 1649649124155.jpeg (242.58 KB, 1284x1952, DFB1E88D-D764-4198-A30E-261FF9…)

At the airport flying high on something as usual.

No. 1498368


Sabrina thinking, “Which lame kid is James going to make me visit now”

No. 1498371

File: 1649652787260.jpeg (354 KB, 2048x2048, 1DC3A6C6-BFE7-4911-ADE0-8707AE…)

damn the outsides really matching the inside these days

No. 1498372

File: 1649653101773.jpeg (860.21 KB, 1284x2225, AE561BA1-E06B-4975-939D-4ECF03…)


Building on this, I love how she wants us to know she’s fucked up in this video.

Sabrina has developed this unapologetic attitude since dumping baby number three (Little C). Don’t get me wrong, she still plays the victim when the opportunity is right, but she thinks that emphasizing how messed up she is gives her an excuse to be away from her kids. She briefly said on cam a couple of years ago that she’s not right in the head when someone inquired about the kids, but then was trying to have one with Tyler?

No. 1498393

Well, she tried to have one with Ty because she’s “not right in the head” obviously.

No. 1498415

Welp, folks. Today is the 10th and it seems her and Junkie J have not secured their own apartment. Surprise, surprise.

No. 1498417

She is definitely more like 5'6-5'8 but she's always lied because she's embarrassed of her height.

No. 1498477

I recall her always saying she’s 5’7. What makes you say she’s embarrassed about her height?

No. 1498495

To all the people shocked about Sabrina being allowed around the kids: don’t be. Family law is a joke. My friends baby daddy overdosed in front of their 7 year old son while in his care, and he had to call for an ambulance for his dad. The courts in San Diego took him away from his son for a whopping 2 months before they allowed him to have supervised visits again. And the visits were supervised by his mother, the same person who enabled him to use drugs in her home in the first place. The court system will always have the mentality that “it’s better for both parents to be in their life” no matter how bad the other parent is.

And the saddest part is… if AJ wants child support from her, DCSS is going to require AJ to allow her to see the kids if she requests it.

No. 1498615


It’s a tall girl thing, your height is masculinized to you heavily in your childhood/teen years… mainly by guys 5’5 and under.

In a way, it’s like how guys will say they are taller than they are - but put a female spin on it.

She’s at least 5’6. I wouldn’t suggest much taller because she isn’t towering over everyone she’s with, just simply taller or around the same height as the men (who never seem very tall).

Big C has also always been tall for her age. I’m unsure about the other two as most of our exposure with them has been when they were in her belly. Little C was a preemie and came out tiny but height genes could have taken hold by now.

No. 1498651

I’m a 5’10 woman and know other tall women who aren’t embarrassed by their height. If she was embarrassed by it she wouldn’t wear heals like she does.

No. 1498653

Samefag, but I misspelled heels* and it’s bothering me

No. 1498697

5’8 here. Pretty sure height has always been on my side. Clothes fit better, you look thinner, you can reach top shelves. What is there to be embarrassed about? The only thing I can think that’s embarrassing about being tall for Brina would be that she’s towering over midget JJ, kek

No. 1498699

Then why have we all heard different heights from her? She's literally talked on live about feeling weird in middle school and highschool when she towered over all the boys, but go off ya Amazonian

No. 1498718

She’s 5’7-5’8
She’s embarrassed about it because she wants to be small tiny and dainty. I also suspect that’s part of the reason she was so obsessed with Nathaniel cuz he made her feel physically smaller than she is it’s definitely ED mindset

No. 1498740

Even though they only dated 6 weeks, tinfoil I think the rejection from Nathan broke the camels back. She's been sooo shitty since that went down, and she settled for Junkie James because she couldn't find anyone else to commit.

No. 1498755

5'8" isn't even tall kek, its a whole 2 inches more than the average

No. 1498779

She has to be pathological liar. Why does she lie and change the story depending on her feelings? The whole thing about her dad being dead from a cocaine overdose was strange.

No. 1498865

I couldn’t agree more anon. I think Nathaniel was her dream guy and broke up with her because he saw the washout near. Brina hasn’t been the same since

No. 1498873

I bet Nathaniel is a walking STD and a cheater. I thought Brina and him deserved each other. Both seemed to be so scummy. However, her being stuck with JJ, looks wise especially, is even more pathetic.

No. 1498911

I’ve spent time with Brina in person back before she split from Rhett for AJ. I’m 5’4” she’s maybe an inch taller than me at most. She really isn’t tall, but she does look mostly legs because they’re so thin.

No. 1499006


try again, idiot. average height for a female is 5’4.

REGARDLESS. she isn’t tall, but she’s “tall for a woman.” no need to read into her height any further - it’s not milk.

No. 1499073

is there a photo with brina and james next to eachother? i m curious what s the height difference

No. 1499080

File: 1649721003083.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1170x2072, 97DE26E7-405C-4350-8ADD-027CD8…)

Going strong.

No. 1499081

Lmao at her absolutely ridiculous costumey outfit. Wonder why she deactivated IG.

No. 1499145


Thanks first nonnie, you’re a real one.

Second nonnie: At this point, I’m assuming she’s having one of her “reborn” phases and trying to separate herself from the “filth” for now. She’s prone to flip/flopping her views on sex work. Her feud with Sabrina is probably fuelling her distancing from the industry, as Sabrina embodies every terrible thing people imagine about SWers.

No. 1499153

File: 1649726167340.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1055x1835, 8E85ADBB-9FD9-4448-8652-9548AA…)


This is the best that I can find for Sabrina & Junk standing with each other. This was taken from a story where I distinctly remember Sabrina walking over to him or something but she didn’t archive it. Did anyone happen to screenshot that moment?

She claims to be 5’6, he seems 5’4 ish. Honestly.. if not, shorter.

No. 1499157

File: 1649726259675.jpeg (380.65 KB, 2048x2048, B2598622-A725-4F1F-8770-BA06FA…)

samefag for the pic

No. 1499167

Probably because that’s how she felt in middle school and high school, kek, not in her “adult” life and that’s all been sex work related. A lot of men like “taller than average” women. And like I said…if she was insecure about being tall then she wouldn’t wear heels to make herself even taller. End of discussion. Deal with your own insecurities somewhere else haha.

More people need to realize this. There are plenty of parents who are even worse than Sabrina who have full physical custody of their children. If a child does get taken away from biological parent(s) and out into foster care it’s sometimes really no different. It’s frightening how many people decide to foster children who are in need based off of the fact that they will get money from the government for doing so. It’s a backwards system. If Sabrina fought for her kids she would most likely have some sort of custody and not just visitation.

No. 1499177

wannabe jessie pinkman

No. 1499219

5’9” girl here and speak for yourself, j absolutely love being tall. And who gives a fuck what “guys 5’5” and under” think anyway?

No. 1499298

Lmao. 100.

No. 1499338

Men who are under 5’5 are subhuman

No. 1499346

bruh this brina story it's crazy… i think she will be in such a good place in her life now if she didn't go this weird path she went.like making kids so early and so many , during the mfc golden era poor money choises , her boyfriends choises weird and not healthy (then again when you have kidS specially at young age it's hard to find a good guy to take you serious) , that lingerie thing she was doing , that could've been a lucrutive business if she was serious about it but she decided to scam people , she chose fast money for a SHORT period of time instead of secured money for longer , that camversity site they played that wrong too , they had such a good hype , the ig account had like 500k folowers but they waited so long from the moment they anounce it 'till they launched it people lost interest , that would've been a good business too , i think brina was a co owner.And i think if she would've been active on social media and this cam world she would've been more popular now, have good ig engagement, and benefit from this onlyfans era… so many good oportunites , you gotta be really good at being stupid to fuck all this up…plus with the way she looked and if she didn't had kids she could've gotten a rich boyfriend or something insted of these homeless looking guys…crazy , she can still get her life togheter a little bit if she stops doing drugs , get healthy , get more active on social media and onlyfans and stuff , but apparently she is not going in this direction , the few times she gets on camsoda she is drugged the fuck out and can barelly talk… it's crazy 2 or 3 people even tip her(sage your shit)

No. 1499352

File: 1649747997028.jpeg (144.99 KB, 1284x1666, A0F979DE-7A27-40ED-84DE-54930D…)

She’s really doing this shit at her dads house?

No. 1499417

Is she a coalburner?

No. 1499426

what james do for a living?(learn2sage)

No. 1499458

So the move to a new place was back to her dad’s because James’ family won’t let her live with him and Sandra kicked her out.
Better than living out of a car or couch surfing.
Can’t wait for a new “dad’s house” chapter.

No. 1499489

File: 1649768031874.jpeg (205.6 KB, 2048x2048, 6F571E3E-B428-4C0E-9197-01AB27…)


Fucking christ, somebody muzzle these dumbasses that keep hijacking the thread to talk about their own height. Nobody knows who you are and nobody cares about how tall you are, nor what you feel about it. Go write a facebook status.

ANYWAYS, back to the actual topic


Posting another angle of this same story to say that I think this is the “thickest” I’ve ever seen non-pregnant Sabrina. THAT BEING SAID, let’s not have the IRL fatties flock to call her fat. She’s still far from it. It’s interesting to see though, her body is probably rejoicing at finally being able to eat on some kind of normal schedule (would have to be in order to gain weight).


Why are you so far up her asshole, Brina Stan?
Sabrina is incapable of having a “good” life because she is a terrible human being that feels at home with-and-being scum. She’s more sinister than any of her previous romantic partners and no one has ever NOT suffered from having Sabrina in their life or circle.

You obviously don’t even know what you’re talking about anyways, Camversity’s IG was Sabrina’s old IG. She sold it to them and they swapped everything over. Camversity was a scam targeting their “models.” Can’t read?

No. 1499540

Oh wow does James live with his parents still?

No. 1499589


Yes kek. His room even looks like a angsty teen edgelord’s. I’m surprised she hasn’t tried to move him into her dad’s - not that I think she’s that in love with him, she just can’t be alone.

I do find it hilarious that their supposed apartment isn’t there. Sabrina can’t accept her reality as a 30 year old living in her dad’s spare bedroom and this bf can’t even save her image because he’s living with his parents too.

No. 1499612

File: 1649779049071.png (Spoiler Image, 5.47 MB, 1284x2778, D18E80AE-CB6D-4643-9AD0-94149A…)

No. 1499614

You come across as extremely retarded. Stop sperging you autist. You can make a post without sperging out. You do realize that, don’t you? No reason for this thread to get your panties in such a bunch unless your retarded, autistic, or completely insecure. Settle down and compose yourself.

No. 1499617


the problem with these threads is all of the in-fighting

No. 1499622

I wouldn’t consider a few comments in between others as “infighting”…the thread isn’t hijacked with height talk this anon is just picking up on those posts because they are either a tiny manlet or a tall bitch who isn’t secure with her height and so they are throwing a tantrum. We are still talking about Sabrina and her cow behavior as the main subject.

No. 1499659

What the fuck is going on with the bottom right side of the bed? She edited her hips wider to make the weigh gain look balanced? It would balance itself and look really good on her if she was the slightest bit active, but she sits on her ass all day and the only thing inspiring her to move is drugs and shopping. When you go from stick thin and start gaining with no activity it just stays in your lower belly area.

No. 1499679

I could be wrong but it looks like she pulled her hip and waist in on that side, and that’s why the bed is warped and pulled up.
If she was trying to make her hip larger wouldn’t the bed just be bloated on the bottom side? Like I said I could be wrong, I’m no photoshop expert or anything.

No. 1499728

Brina back in Vegas for her monthly escorting dates. It's pretty obvious. that's why she randomly ends up at her dads house every few weeks.

No. 1499757

It's the anon who said "it's a tall girl thing to be embarrassed of our height due to moids" who started off the derailing. Then other tall girls who didn't give a shit about moids felt the need to jump in and correct her. It's annoying but it happens whenever someone makes a sweeping generalization, it'll die down soon. There are some bigger spergs than Brina herself on this thread though, damn.

No. 1499858

File: 1649800377436.png (7.73 MB, 1284x2778, 8140E171-922C-45E4-B5EC-EF5459…)

It's truly insane how much of a catfish she can is albeit, not a very good one. Not to wk but she looks so much better at this weight, just above emaciated, kek

No. 1499862

You're more of a sperg than anyone on the board for posting this and thinking it added anything to the conversation.

No. 1499864

I'm sure she has a standing arrangement with Curley. If she was better at what she does she'd be getting flown internationally all the time for 'work' for standing arrangements

No. 1499892

The level of Lazy is baffling. Her friend Kristen could easily hook her up with them whales but she rather scrape the bottom of the barrel Johns. She really must be hideous in person.

No. 1499912

is she escorting for real?(kind of new here) how y'all know she is escorting?

No. 1500068

What tf is happening with her torso in this pic?

No. 1500100

Read the threads

No. 1500110

Yeah this is looking mad weird. And the bed’s comforter is just crooked in that other photo. I don’t see any shoop in that one. She’s just got a really weird hip shape. She always has.

No. 1500123

File: 1649820981811.png (2.74 MB, 900x1800, A5F5C2E2-CA3C-4EE1-95B5-27E9D8…)

Slipping filter

No. 1500410

File: 1649862067391.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1284x2231, 647B9D05-D611-456A-9786-9475E6…)

Question, did Brina know LBW? I’m guessing not since referencing her only started after she passed, but I’m curious because they obviously both love their ket.

My higher brain tells me that they couldn’t have kept an amicable second together though, two raging and exploitive narcs. Sabrina must just vibe with the narc projected victim-y vibes of LBW.

No. 1500454

I don’t think they knew each other, I noticed Brina started liking pics of LBW like 2 weeks before she died. Doesn’t seem to have interacted with any of her stuff prior to that.

No. 1500546

File: 1649874684319.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x2082, 32D635C3-C083-42F0-B643-77DB8C…)

Is this dads house? Doesn’t look like it. Wonder where she is.

No. 1500587

It’s Her grandma nellies house.

No. 1500618

File: 1649880919791.png (3.62 MB, 1284x2778, D8154B0E-7FD9-42C2-9916-124753…)

Animal's truly hate this bitch kek, they can sense evil after all

No. 1500925

File: 1649897327568.jpeg (378.46 KB, 1284x2159, F7FB7234-2F5A-4E6F-B869-A82E92…)

Her ability to catfish is insane.
All that work done on your face and never thought to do something about your mustache?

No. 1500937

File: 1649898295717.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1284x2778, D1625C35-12B7-44E6-A814-0C617B…)


moustache aside, sabrina needs to learn how to crush her shit better.. all that sniffling 24/7 and she still has shit sitting at the brim of her nose. girl has no chill.

love the little jaw thing she does at the begin too, typical tweaker move.

No. 1500942

samefag, was supposed to say beginning. you all are smart enough to fill in that blank, it just bothered me.

i’m also going to quickly add that it’s funny how james is toting sabrina around to family bbq’s and stuff, but she’s flying to her family events solo. granted, he’s met 2/3 abandoned children but sabrina hardly considers them family.

i’m kind of thinking that her dad doesn’t let her have james around so if they want to play house then it’s either a.) on the road or b.) his room at his parent’s.

No. 1501048

Speaking of mustaches.. the filler is beyond her lip edge. She’s going to have a huge filler mustache soon kek

No. 1501052


Will it continue to travel? If so, that’s wild. It’s obviously not the worst, but it’s still already pretty bad.

No. 1501054

If she keeps getting injections, yes. Check r/botchedsurgeries

No. 1501057

File: 1649908772420.jpeg (196.67 KB, 1284x676, BAFDCCB6-D0FB-49A6-B22C-0EE8E9…)

Sandra’s IG break might not be deliberate. She just made this back up, only following A-Why.

Tinfoil: Imagine Sabrina being petty and getting Sandra’s instagram taken down. It wouldn’t be too hard with the content she had up.

It’d make more sense if he account was taken down, not deactivated. Even at her lowest, Sandra is glued to her socials.

No. 1501067

File: 1649909223167.jpeg (490.9 KB, 2048x2048, F0511A8D-4277-4228-B1DB-23CB03…)

She has a second account already with a high following that she could have converted, but closer look at the following makes me think she purchased followers on there.

No. 1501078

so like do her parents support this

No. 1501338

Shes visiting her grandma Nellie. Last time she saw her and her grandpa (and actually spent time) was when she was pregnant with Coda.

No. 1501400


For many reasons, I’d hope she’s not pregnant right now - but specifically because she’s clearly on shit in that video (jaw movements, nose).

However, she’s seemingly allowing herself to put on weight.. and she’s making rounds with the other abandoned children (minus the middle c). We know that she still continues to cam and dress like that while pregnant. I don’t know, again. I’d hope not. Maybe her dad just got sick of her narc/fairytale life bullshit and shipped her off to grandma’s.

No. 1501478

Why is she recording selfie videos alone in the kitchen non stop to post on Instagram while seeing her grandparents for the first time in a decade? Self absorbed as fuck to the point of delusion.

No. 1501527

I bet Sabrina is trying to be friendly with sex workers on IG in an attempt to look for a new Sandra/victim to leech off. Most girls she reaches out to are flattered by the attention and are nice, but laugh at her behind her back about the poop thing. A few weeks ago she was posting Kristin on her story saying she missed her. Since she’s having no luck, she’s turning to her family as a last resort. Everything is motivated by self-interest.

No. 1501568


That’s more plausible tinfoil than a brewing pregnancy/C4.

It’s possible that her dad might have rules around sex work in his house or while she’s under his roof, including e-sex work. The conditions might be she can stay there if she’s actively trying to be or get better, as we saw her circle back there when she was trying to “recover” from her ED after the last Rhett split. Perhaps the grandparents are more lax, accepting, or possibly oblivious.

The kicker is that I’d imagine she could go home to her mother’s in a heartbeat but she won’t because it would entail taking on some shared financial contribution and obligation to being in Big C’s life day in and out. God forbid, nothing would be worse for Sabrina than to not have 99% of her time to herself.

She’ll find a Sandra stand-in, for sure. Cry about how she’s been forced to choose between her “abusive” father and “decrepit” grandparents. Rotate between her victim stories, in which she was always actually the villain. Hopefully those girls find these threads before letting her crash & leach off them.

No. 1501607

File: 1649959748069.png (201.37 KB, 1080x1401, IMG_20220414_190804.png)

Comments on the recent post

No. 1501748

File: 1649972977529.jpeg (183.17 KB, 1284x909, 3D771FDE-4C6F-4642-B68D-B8AD5E…)


holy shit, i didn’t even bother to look. they get quite aggressive.

No. 1502933

Wow she looks really trashy. Idk what it is but she looks terrible in these photos compared to when she used to take photos in this bathroom. Why does she always take pictures with the lights off. The bathroom is probably filthy. Yikes her downfall is so entertaining.

No. 1503124

We have come to a time that Sabrina Nellie is no longer entertaining by shitting on cam, or laughing at her live, shit faced fucking herself for free.
Sadly all we have posted here now is her pills stuck in her hoo ville nose and her chubby body making an appearance from her fathers bathroom.
Now she resorts to purposely making her photos badly photoshopped in hopes to get any attention she can still get.
We have reached the end of the second half of days of our lives.

No. 1503237

File: 1650139544264.png (4.26 MB, 1800x1800, CA3B0D21-406E-4F8B-B873-CB57F4…)

This has… this has got to be a joke right?

No. 1503241

It’s so bad.. I just think her brain is to fried to see it.

No. 1503242

And just nitpicking but look at her eyeliner too… she’s got to be high

No. 1503324

she was on cam for like 90 mins and got off bc no one was tipping. some random girl was saying how sabrina has just become this huge bitch that no one likes anymore and that she was botched and ugly and then she logged off and posted this.

No. 1503345

File: 1650154167789.jpg (103.16 KB, 750x1334, 278625915_354244276758676_7152…)

Sabrina literally expects her whole camroom to be the ones to entertain her while doing nothing herself but sit there and get upset nobody is talking/tipping her for doing nothing. Sitting there obviously high as hell mumbling like we can hear her. This user (who said they are a girl who just liked her personality) started out really nice and was literally trying to help her by talking about general stuff like Sabrina kept asking for but everytime Sabrina was so rude as a reply until this user wasn't going to take being insulted anymore and started matching Sabrina's bad energy. The user even complimented her hand tattoos to try and get back on a friendly lighter note and Sabrina goes "they're MY hand tattoos, not yours these ones are mine" bc she's too high to read properly and thought the compliment was an insult. Then Sabrina proceeded to slur that she wants to go ride her dads bike before it gets dark…which is worrysome if she means a motorized bike and thinks she's actually in the right mind to do that. Didn't get more screenshots then this one bc Sabrina banned her then logged off and all the chat erased.

No. 1503377

File: 1650156970548.png (5.81 MB, 1284x2778, 310C1556-2D8C-479E-B405-49008D…)

Sabrina is literally black out drunk on her ig stories and unable to speak intelligibly.

No. 1503403

File: 1650158930551.png (1.14 MB, 1043x1641, Screenshot.png)

No. 1503430

Making no sense and looking super fucked up


No. 1503447

Yikes this is depressing
Did she use to be more entertaining on cam in her glory days?

No. 1503465

How bad her eyeliner is lately is actually kinda shocking. That used to be her thing to have the perfect winged liner, and she used to do it really well. Now? Wow… those recent photos…wtf… it’s not even nitpicking to bring it up cuz the eyeliner really be sitting above her damn lash line. Just another testament to the fact she really IS that fucked up and high all the time. Sad.

No. 1503631

What helps with depression Sabrina?

It starts with changing your life from being a filthy drug addicted prostitute. Your child is in the hospital with ED and you chug cheap champagne, she needs your love and you give it to Junkie James. Less than a year from now and you will wake up to being a very old 30. Sleep as long as you can, the rest of your life is waiting and you wont be able to hide from it,the only happy ending in your story is for your clients at the Cafe Lu.

What you have done and continue to do to your children will never be forgotten, Happy Easter you whore!

No. 1503659

File: 1650201653841.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1284x2334, 12EE8F9B-389F-4717-88C0-6BBE78…)

One, the fact she’s trying to virtue signal as a good mother.

Two, her using essentially the same code names for her children that we use in here (hi Sabrina?)

Three - Oh, you know.. just shamelessly only missing 2/3 kek

I’m unsure if any of you are familiar with this song but it leads in “I wrote this song for you, I gave you all I knew how to. I kept you in my mind and I just need you to listen.” followed by various verses about missing someone, feeling “so fucking empty / so fucking tired.”

Something a little more milky must be up. Maybe ol’ Daddy Juarez booted her and laid down how shit of a person/parent she is. Something has this raging narc feeling reflected.. or perhaps a really bad comedown.

Let’s not hope a similar fate as Weep. Off topic, but they both did love faking pregnancies (past tense for Weep - narc or not, RIP).

No. 1503660

File: 1650201752115.jpeg (165.67 KB, 1125x2104, 1B6AABC2-DA7B-4861-8E0D-485878…)

No. 1503661

samefag but I’m probably reading into the situation too much and homegirl is just having a bad, public comedown without her PR rep Junkie James to handle shit.

No. 1503662


Refresh the page before you post to avoid reposting things already posted.

You can also refer to the rules about low effort posts.

No. 1503663

File: 1650201851249.jpeg (222.7 KB, 1125x2119, D3750057-C762-491D-B1A1-C3806E…)

I’d be empty without my kids too Sabrina.

You have more than two kids, btw.

No. 1503664

Three mins? Literally cry about it

No. 1503667

If anything your post was low effort, what exactly are you contributing with your hypocrisy? How about you piss the fuck off because I could care less if the picture was posted before I’m gonna post images on an image board. And I’ll do it again. Thanks

No. 1503668


kek struck a nerve.

No. 1503671


I don’t know why y’all inbred idiots are both crying but I did refresh the page before I posted and then went to grab the picture. Move on.

No. 1503676


y’all.. inbred.. kek

Anyways, happy to move on! I’m here for the possible impending breakdown, a nod at the old Sabrina. I’m tired of this false sense of security/confidence she’s been toting around the past year.

No. 1503677

Inbred idiots indeed.

But nah don’t even worry about it because it was a video and I’d want to see what all the lyrics say anyways.

No. 1503705


Sincerely feel sorry for the people in your life. The problem with this thread specifically is it’s a high concentration of problematic girls who lowkey love to hate Sabrina because of the parallels with themselves or they feel less problematic by comparison. Can already tell that applies here because you automatically assume that continuing on in dialogue must involve you. To be honest, kicking myself a little for feeding it because your type is as predictable as they come and you’ll post some highly reactive response - derailing the thread even more.

A decent discussion cant even be accomplished half of the time because you have people nit picking her for being “fat,” posting her daughter’s social media, and becoming offended about how they look as an anonymous poster. Shit is brutal. Gold star to the ones who try to keep it on track.

No. 1503718

can we talk about how brina could actually be with little c today if she wanted to put in the effort into arranging it. what a cop out.

No. 1503756

Spot on, I don’t see myself in Sabrina in that sense at least, but I also don’t consider the girl fat. I think I enjoy the milk because she reminds me of my own mother, who was a topless dancer when I was a child and I ended up in foster care after the police found me in our apartment pool when my mom was fast asleep after staying up all night doing drugs.

My grandparents stepped in and thank fuck they were better beings than Sabrina’s mom seems to be. I’m just curious to see how this all ends up playing out. My sisters and I are all adults now (3 different dads) and not one of us talks to our shitty mom.

No. 1503766


Sorry to hear about the rough past, anon. Glad you had people to step in where your mother checked out.

Honestly, if Sabrina actually made honest and appreciable effort to be a better person/parent then she’d inevitably gain some respect (and dignity) back. Actions speaking louder than words. Her abandoned children aren’t going to look back and be like “wow my mom missed me so much she posted some vague IG story to a sad song.” If she put her head down and did the work, made the moves and started being consistently available/present to them in healthy & dependable ways. THAT would show them she cared. The people who have been caring for her children have been asking (/begging) Sabrina to make some financial contribution for YEARS now. She can’t be bothered and has instead spent it on fillers, partying, hotel rooms, and more stupid tattoos. At very least, she could have tried to get her own roof over her head again so she’d have something to show for stability (in hopes of having her children visit someday).

It’s easier for her to just get drunk/high and whine though. Her missing her daughters is a fleeting feeling. If it was a persistent ache, she’d do what she had to. There have been many mothers and fathers who turn their life around out of love for their children and in attempt to be reunited with them. Sabrina only wants attention for feeling shitty because she doesn’t have any distractions right now. No friends, no party, no Junkie J - just her and her shitty self.

No. 1503896

Yup. Here for the impending milk. I feel like she is just on a downward spiral but hasn’t hit bottom yet. Also, wtf is going on with Sandra? She seems to be totally MIA.

On another note, ngl it cracks me up the random waves of in-fighting in these threads. Kek

No. 1503898

Nobody gives a fuck about your shitty life or your dumb whore mother or your enabling grandparents who probably did jack shit until it was too late. Quit blog posting, fucking retarded crack baby.

No. 1503929


Sandra’s IG has been MIA for a while and, while fishy, it seemed deliberate. It doesn’t seem as deliberate now that she’s recently made her “back-up” account, which obviously suggests she’s been suspended or deactivated. Weirdly, she hasn’t posted on the back up yet.

Agreed, some of these people seem more unstable than Sabrina but in a less entertaining way.

No. 1503940

File: 1650225802765.jpeg (2.04 MB, 1284x2287, 70C73D9C-77CA-4CD5-B70D-D188BC…)

She can’t even read her own chat room and she expects us to believe she’s casually reading a book in front of her dad’s motorcycle. It’s probably his copy of the Satanic Bible and she came across it while turning the place upside down for pills.

No. 1503941

Brina is “depressed” because she couldn’t get the funding for Coachella. She doesn’t care about her kids this is a typical childish tantrum

No. 1503960


What a shame, she couldn’t full send and “accidentally” run into Rhett’s dick.

No. 1503972

Does anyone know if her kids live near her dad? (where she's staying now?) super curious if she's going to see any of her kids. And also wasn't she supposed to be at coachella this weekend? guess she didn't have the money

No. 1503999

Little C is in San Diego county
Middle C (probably the one she doesn’t include in her posts about missing since the dad never gave her the opportunity or be in his life, and probably the only one who’s getting a normal healthy childhood) lives in the inland empire area
Biggest C lives in Texas

No. 1504022

File: 1650231210374.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1284x2257, E8403034-4082-428C-9B6D-98DE9F…)


Sabrina literally abandoned him as a baby with Michael. Her only concern leaving was getting “her things” - didn’t care about her baby, didn’t come back for him either. Sent Big C on her way at the same time.

She had visits with Middle C and then when Michael asked if she could start contributing financially, she ran fast and never looked back.

The real reason why Sabrina doesn’t even regard Middle C - which is disgusting in itself - is because she doesn’t know how to relate to a young boy. It’s her narcissism spear heading yet again. She can’t act like a parent so she resorts to trying to relate to Big and Little C through shared childish interests, which are age-appropriate for them but often immature for her. Although, her current approach with Big C seems more like she’s trying the “cool big sister” persona.

Sidenote, dying at her current story: Spends two or three days alone posts this

No. 1504024


brina could have made arrangements to see one of the two (of her three) children if she wanted to see them for easter. she didn’t because she was more interested in trying to go to coachella instead. now she’s doing neither.

No. 1504036

File: 1650232736235.png (6.4 MB, 1800x1800, 9C411371-59DB-4A2B-81CE-86F489…)

Oh brina.

No. 1504037

File: 1650232776681.png (3.62 MB, 1800x1089, 831976CB-30DF-48DE-831C-D0A217…)

That face

No. 1504042

Face, nails, shitty photoshop. A proverbial hot mess.

No. 1504043

File: 1650233427834.png (10.06 MB, 1170x2532, F72B0429-A427-424C-93DA-F75738…)

She’s still using snapchat. This is the only snap I’ve seen from her in the past two weeks. She was advertising her onlyfans.

No. 1504044

File: 1650233573949.jpeg (354.55 KB, 1170x1879, 1E98A2BE-ED82-43F6-8694-502A5F…)

It’s not PMDD! It’s your shitty life choices! You honestly refuse to believe it’s consequences of your actions and you’re just a victim of anything and everything.
Go to a doctor on a regular basis so they can help you if you think there’s a problem.
Don’t fucking talk with the internet about speculation ffs.

No. 1504052


For real. Nevermind the fact that she refuses to go on bc when it’s one of the top suggested treatments for PMDD. She’s in pity party mode and is going to lay there pretending everyone and anything else is the problem but her.

No. 1504067

File: 1650235325434.jpg (225.36 KB, 760x510, kdkd6.jpg)

She terminated her parental rights to middle C. He doesn't exist in her world anymore. Even when people were asking on her family account when he would meet Little C she used to ignore them or ambiguously say she was "working on it".

This all went down on twitter pre-AJ. Middle C reacted to a swear word while his stepmom was singing and she laughed it off. Sabrina reposted the video and played the victim, saying it was hard to raise her son to be a good person when this was the environment he was growing up in. Really lapped up the sympathy by dragging michael & his gf, while her fans harassed them to the point they finally fought back. Pathetic narc then ofc deleted everything and never mentioned it again.

No. 1504201

Middle C is being raised exactly how he should be/deserves. He has stable parents and a sibling. He is living like a child should be living. I just hate that he probably thankfully about big C. She probably thinks of him as well. The last publicly posted interaction she had with her son was when she was still with Rhett, towards the end. They posted at a restaurant with him and it was like 2 months or just a few months later she was posting AJ.

No. 1504215

Is she doing it this badly intentionally?

No. 1504242

File: 1650248986509.jpeg (230.73 KB, 1282x1864, B38CE53B-2D74-4C46-96E1-047543…)

Zero self awareness

No. 1504245


The theme of all of her visits with children needing to be supervised.. this bitch is just scum, at least the courts see it. Everyone but her (and Junkie James).


Anon, I totally agree. I feel horrible for Big C and the ache she must feel being removed from her siblings. Even P, AJ’s daughter. Those two seemed to become quite bonded at the end. I also remember the video that you’re talking about from Sabrina’s IG (back in the day). They were eating ice cream or something and their love for each other was very apparent. Imagine Big C listening to her friends talk about their siblings and have to tuck away the trauma of knowing you have a brother and sister, yet not being able to see them. I also feel horrible that she’ll likely eventually find these threads, if she hasn’t already, and see how little her mom actually cared. Fuck Sabrina.

No. 1504264

File: 1650251736169.png (1.41 MB, 1800x1304, 4AE44C35-199F-4B5C-AEC1-3DFDA3…)

Hi Sabrina. Getting any good tips on how to make your life better by reading here or are you just getting drunk and ignoring all your problems still?

No. 1504331

File: 1650264142417.jpg (92.74 KB, 1080x545, Screenshot_20220417-233616_Twi…)

She's currently tweeting tantrum-y things. Is James finally dumping her or something?

No. 1504344

She’s either throwing a tantrum because she wants to go to Coachella or because James and herself are fighting. Since her breakdown His tweets have been.. interesting.

No. 1504345

File: 1650267729600.jpeg (108.79 KB, 1284x1314, CEADF193-EADA-4A23-85CB-04E178…)

No. 1504376

File: 1650273276712.jpg (458.77 KB, 1800x1800, Collage 2022-04-18 04_14_11.jp…)

Suicide baiting on insta too ofc

No. 1504384

File: 1650274116402.jpeg (711.24 KB, 1125x1084, 3604C962-7262-4AC1-9A53-E49458…)

Seems that her drug use has been at an all time high lately.

No. 1504400

I saw from his Instagram stories yesterday he posted a pic of a guitar shattered to pieces with music lyrics over top of it. Not sure if it was an image he stole or if she literally wrecked his guitar- does he have a guitar?

No. 1504404

When you live the life of a filthy drug addicted prostitute Im sure it does get grim, suicide would seem like the only way out. Her life is so terminally F'ed how exactly would you fix it? The IRS closing in, she can't even keep Junkie James around, she's went from living in a closet to back with her Dad. Her endless drug addiction battles fought and lost, her face looking like a circus peanut, an absolute failure as a mother in every way, where does it end. Shes now just a sad joke, a used up old whore who lost their D list celebrity status and is likely on the bargain menu at the Cafe Lu.
She will be living on the streets soon enough, Camming from a tent by a McDonalds with free wifi.

No. 1504442


I’d imagine that Sabrina is either blaming him for them not going to coachella or taking it out on him. Could even be both.

I also got the impression there are waves happening there, it seems to be the case whenever they are separated (for the most part). Probably because JJ has seen enough to know he can’t trust her and Sabrina has no one else still around to take her frustrations on.


I agree with the bulk but I don’t think we’ll ever see Sabrina truly homeless on the streets. She’s a master manipulator and still has some desperate ass options she hasn’t even tapped into yet.

No. 1504443

File: 1650287980510.png (900.59 KB, 1800x1092, AAA692EF-2B79-4E52-97B8-25850C…)

Hmmmm I don’t think they broke up. He’s liking all her recent posts. Maybe just a tiff since she’s throwing a fit for having to leave and not getting what she wants all the time.

No. 1504444


imagine being such a deluded, raging narc that you terminate your parental rights after your attack on the other parent blows up in your face.

No. 1504449

I'll dm James my address rn. I'd love to say this shit to their crackhead faces. Sabrina, you're a horrible person and an even worse mother who abandoned her children. Crying you can't go to a music festival while one of your kids was recently hospitalized.

No. 1504488


Junkie J is so cringe. I don’t know if he’s only been this way or if it’s just been his post head-injury era, but it’s so painful how he talks like he’s appointed himself his generation’s prophet or something.

But, his style isn’t more cringe than the fact that he’s wrapped around the finger of a well known & documented narc. You gotta be absolutely touched to believe the overwhelming amounts of information is just “haters talking shit.” Three kids and none in her care, one she’s even signed off on and won’t acknowledge - Doesn’t take more than one functioning brain cell to put together who the problem is and always has been.

He’s clearly no better himself though, as often said. For one, he wouldn’t be getting high with Sabrina before seeing her children if he wasn’t. Point blank period. If she actually cared about them (which is hardly a debate at this point), she wouldn’t be getting blasted before seeing them because she would want live and remember it. Junk has for sure seen Sabrina do heinous shit during their little trip and is obviously a very broken person himself if he’s able to normalize it.

At least Sabrina doesn’t like him enough to try and pass down his genes kek.

No. 1504551

More like he doesn't have housing she could secure, even with a baby

No. 1504621

Yeah, this. Junk has nothin to offer Brina. She is with him solely cuz she has codependency issues and can’t deal with being single. You bet the minute she gets an opportunity with another Nathaniel type, JJ is chopped liver. Sabrina is a filthy narcissist, and having a baby by JJ has absolutely zero benefit to her. She would be retarded to let him knock her up.

No. 1504644

File: 1650308062811.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1284x2263, E68023A0-F82E-4AF6-A72E-329E7B…)

Fighting or not, she’s still toying with him and casually poking holes in their relationship on her story.. while he’s still trying to portray her as a saint kek.

I guess there is always the chance she’s reminiscing and baiting someone from her past.

JJ should count his lucky stars that they couldn’t figure out the funds for Coachella. Sabrina would have either left with a new man or - at very least - ran through. His days with her are numbered. Cheerleading and companionship aren’t enough, especially now that Sandra gave her the boot. She needs a roof over her head, fast.

No. 1504652

Rhett probably made it it to Coachella and it triggered her I bet.

No. 1504711

File: 1650315195836.png (3.3 MB, 1002x1800, 550F2EB7-B006-47FD-8ABE-037848…)

Kristinand her BFF & Rhett and his girl made it and they’re all having a blast. And let’s not forget to mention Nathaniel has a new girlfriend too.

No. 1504718


D’Awe, everyone is living their best party life except for Brina.

No. 1504767

It's all that broke ass James' fault and the reddit diagnosis of PMDD.

No. 1504776

File: 1650321873296.jpeg (2.98 MB, 1284x2230, E34CA335-8CFB-4F4A-A2E1-37BF4F…)

Come on, Sabrina - How much longer are you going to let this lil manlet embarrass you? Other girls are out here getting Coachella and paid rent kek.

No. 1504980

File: 1650336035413.jpeg (538.44 KB, 1283x2115, 93BE0D1C-A6B2-4800-BC0E-7DDB4C…)

Lol back to posting her really old content.

No. 1504986


Okay, she’s for sure reminiscing on her “glory days”

ie. when she had her own luxury high rise, a boyfriend she actually liked, frenemies to party with, a successful cam career, and only two abandoned children.

No. 1505459

did she edit it? her face looks different or do we just not know what she really looks like because of her abuse with facetune/filters

No. 1505484


it’s just flattering complimentary of her youth/good lighting, anon. she took a lot of good pics during this time for the ‘gram. she even had some cute sets during her AJ era! fell flat after that and now she’s completely fucked up her face.

No. 1505492


two abandoned children but one ceases to exist in her world so, in her mind, just one abandoned child.

No. 1505559

File: 1650390678213.jpeg (452.82 KB, 1125x898, 5B14535D-459D-43E9-B44C-053F71…)

She turned her likes back on, probably because her narc head got bigger with the attention and this photo got almost 6k likes. She’s fooling everyone kek

No. 1505596

I mean to post a picture from her old high rise is absolutely comical. This was far before baby #3 and all the injectables to the face.

No. 1505623

File: 1650394324148.jpeg (58.09 KB, 1125x254, 0FEC456A-C441-4C45-BB43-73BBF2…)

So does this person know she is posting an old photo?

No. 1505653

File: 1650395983644.jpeg (213.46 KB, 1284x1010, B2D8682B-3869-4143-90D3-6A9015…)

Her Twitter likes are comical.

No. 1505661

File: 1650396336597.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1284x1595, A5C50FDB-AD33-4DC1-A680-F54035…)

the bad shoop, the literal filth of her hair, the dirty underwear (and possibly toothbrush) on the ground.. jesus take the wheeeeeeel

No. 1505662


It‘s okay though because she made her bed

No. 1505673

File: 1650396916016.jpeg (318.8 KB, 1284x1201, B8472135-B25A-4873-B131-AF74F1…)


I thought this was new at first, but now I see she’s just weirdly left these comments here? She must be too high and hasn’t noticed them yet because of the attention on the old photo she recently posted.

No. 1505687

I just realized, is that white couch in the back the one that ended up at Sandra's?

No. 1505694

are those mens underwear?

No. 1505704

File: 1650397904474.jpeg (203.24 KB, 1169x1373, 488C4E84-35CB-4FE6-9BDD-1259EB…)


No. 1505727

Does anyone remember when Sabrina was with AJ and right after she had Cora - during her pious vegan days she would shame people for drinking alcohol. She said she quit drinking and someone called her “lame” and she replied how it’s soooo sad someone would need alcohol to have a good time. Now she needs copious amounts of drugs and alcohol just to wake up in the morning

No. 1505731


It’s hard to tell if it’s the underwear is too big for her with the shoop. The brand is kind of hard to narrow down gender because it’s a unisex vibe. She has put on a lot of weight (as evidenced by her stories), so it’s not impossible to think they belong to her. Cant imagine Grandma Nellie is letting her turn tricks in her home.

No. 1505733

WOW. I wonder if the irs has a Twitter.
“Only hot girls are in extreme debt and can’t officially own a single thing”

No. 1505785

She posted that pic to (try to) troll us right? Like I know she's retarded but not so fucking dumb she can't see the awful fucking shoop?

What really gets me is the nails, oh how the mighty cokeheads have fallen

No. 1505800

File: 1650400565772.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x1820, 0E2EE539-5D67-409A-98ED-078610…)

No. 1505809

Well the greasy hair has always been consistent lol

No. 1505810

File: 1650400839714.jpeg (367.42 KB, 1284x1623, 8176083E-F737-4178-8D44-E329AD…)

No. 1505835

Sabrina, no one's taking you to Coachella. Your day has passed. We all know you tried to go to Vegas to stay at dad's and fuck Curly Vegas for tickets. James clearly stated on his stories-is a festival really worth fucking a John? Either way, your broke ass isn't going, but your old BFF Kristen that wants NOTHING to do with you is.

Btw this picture is literally from 2015.

No. 1505837

Her hair is light brown not black. Pink apartment days reposting. Pathetic

No. 1505854

Lol did James really say that on stories?!

No. 1505934

File: 1650406686606.jpg (236.46 KB, 1080x1919, sabrinaanellie_278854335_48562…)

I can totally see her having Covid and still going if some dunce payed for her Coachella. Miraculous recovery.

No. 1506029

Her follower count on IG is going down too

No. 1506053

File: 1650414132513.jpeg (80.22 KB, 749x497, 99D7C63A-FA36-496F-AD3A-C7BF1B…)

Seems like big C is going through a lot of depression like Sabrina is…would be nice if she comforted her at all but we all know how it is…and maybe she is behind the scenes but with all the posts about raising yourself big C has posted I don’t think so…

I cropped the picture a ton so you can’t see any of her face for protection but yes it’s from big C story a week or so ago

No. 1506070

In b4 other anons roast you for posting this. It’s sad she has signs of poor mental health. It would of been nice if Sabrina cared about her “mini me” enough to drop everything, go see her and make sure everything’s okay. It looks like she’s too preoccupied with her issues with James, posts of self-pity, taking selfies, and trying to get to Coachella.

No. 1506182

File: 1650420861160.png (4.09 MB, 828x1792, 23E2815D-BB77-4A63-A95B-BA80C5…)

No. 1506199

She’s gonna end up at Coachella with Covid. Watch

No. 1506208

Covid or going through withdrawals?

No. 1506231

My thought exactly.

No. 1506249


Sabrina doesn’t have the mental or physical strength to go through withdrawals (on purpose)

No. 1506278

This bitch is had become so boring and such a fucking loser

No. 1506758

Don't post her stories. Especially from a week ago. We already went over this. Leave the poor literal 13 year old girl out the this forum.

No. 1506777

It’s very weird they kept a screenshot from Big C’s story on their phone for a week. Some of y’all literally stalking that childs life.

No. 1506854


I’m going to be a lot nicer than most anons, but please don’t post Big C’s stories unless they directly relate to Sabrina. Even then, it’ll sooner be on Sabrina’s. We have to stop suffocating and playing family therapist for a 13 year old here. Sabrina doesn’t give a shit about her, it’s already clear. If she did then she’d be with her or trying to be, not trying to go to fucking Coachella.

No. 1506970

people who post big C need to be called out like the shit they are because how many times have we had to say not to post her here? the fact that anyone thinks a child's depression and ed is milk worthy of being posted here is beyond me. and the fact that there are people anonymously stalking her account just because of shit her mom has done is worse, like sometimes i really hate you fuckers

No. 1506980

Maybe we could let the farm hands decide what people post and people dont. Im not for posting it either, but everytime someone does a hundred people have to say not to, the mass pile on is even expected now and I wouldnt be surprised if the person does it just to get a reaction.

It just further pollutes the thread and makes the real milk harder to find.

No. 1507283

Exactly this. Everyone crying about it isn’t going to do anything except make them look like cry babies. This thread is moderated, don’t forget. If you think they aren’t doing a good enough job then leave. Everyone was perfectly fine speculating about Chloe’s life, as if she couldn’t find the thread easily, but now that someone is posting caps without her handle and no face people are up in arms. What is it you actually care about? You were shitting on her mother and her life for long enough…I guess it hits you differently now that your speculation is actually reality. Did you think this wouldn’t be the outcome?

No. 1507403

Can we all go back to the milk aka shitting on Brina please for the love of god

No. 1507529

Why are you responding to me, specifically? If you want milk then provide it..?

No. 1507534

File: 1650517188150.jpeg (282.41 KB, 1125x699, 02D81636-2427-4CB7-BE3D-EEFFFD…)

Well she’s on her way back to Junkie J

No. 1507561

Sick with Covid on a flight to junkie james and Coachella.

No. 1507771

Has she even been vaccinated? Has covid and gets on a flight without a mask too. Sheesh

No. 1507809


Touché, anon.


It is insane to me in the WORST possible way that she is comfortable advertising being on a flight with covid, not even so much as a mask. I guess it’s a stretch to expect her to be courteous to the wellbeing of strangers when she can’t even consider that of her own flesh and blood.

No. 1507861

File: 1650554898047.png (3.12 MB, 1800x1594, A68C71F3-8082-492C-B853-EA54C1…)

Together again at last.
What the fuck happened to that tattoo on her hand? It looks horrible. Did she actually choose that font? I thought it looked different before but I guess it just looks like shit now.

No. 1507863

Don’t you think they would e taken her temp before boarding a plane?
Either she lied about having covid for attention or something else. Maybe she took so much medicine she didn’t have a temp and that’s why she said she’s the craziest one on the plane Bc she’s so fucked up on meds.
Dumb cunt either way.

No. 1507892

I fly for work fairly often and they never take my temp. Many US based airports are lifting mask mandates as well.

No. 1507896

Her child was hospitalized? Is there any legitimacy to this?

I feel like people from Sabrina’s inner family circle lurks here, either someone from little c or big c’s life. There’s always some comments made that seem personal and never further seem to be elaborated. How would they know that?
Also this comment about little c being there.
“Sorry to break it to you but she had C there”

No. 1507898

Is her niche showing off to her followers that she’s doped up all the time?

No. 1507924

Did you see the earlier posts? An anon posted a screenshot of C’s public Instagram story where she admits she was in hospital.

The anon who saw she had little c at the aquarium said they were shown a IG story by her friend who’s on Brina’s close friends list. The friend is likely a cam girl or sex worker Sabrina is internet friends with.

No. 1507937

even well-done tattoos can look like shit if you don't take the proper care of them during the healing process.

Plus, tattoos on your hands/palms are notoriously known for fading quickly because they constantly undergo friction.

I'm going to assume it's a mix of both situations, I highly doubt she took care to heal it correctly.

No. 1508111

We get it Brina, you listen to house music, why is she constantly posting about how fans and planes sound like house. What is the literal point. Also if she had covid seriously she would've posted the paperwork for more attention. Stop believing this no personality ass hoe.

No. 1508202

File: 1650581402944.jpeg (599.66 KB, 2048x2048, E8059563-8C4E-478B-9717-8CBA8D…)

Junkie J better be careful! A receding hairline WHILE overprocessing the hair he has left, he could easily end up with none left kek.

I also want to add that it’s amazing how swiftly Sabrina’s crippling depression was cured with some Coachella tickets. It’s almost like that “hole” inside of her that was missing her daughters was never even there..

JJ got played good. The online suicide baiting and “breakdowns” were clearly performative with the goal of having Junkie J scramble up the funds to fly her out and buy her Coachella ticket. “Hurry James, I might kill myself..”

Jokes on him that she’s too much of a narc. Not to mention, people like Sabrina tend to oddly live long lives. Like roaches.

James: Enjoy sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths, etc. for the weekend.

No. 1508242

Its hard to believe Brina wont use this as a chance to upgrade from Junkie James to someone else. She has to be humiliated to be even seen with him, I'm sure as ugly as Curly is at least he has money. Junkie James looks like a guy that would be working at the KFC. I never noticed how bald he was, wow. He has maybe 5 more years before hes completely bald on top.

No. 1508265

File: 1650586986961.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1284x2256, 38F481CB-EA67-4D09-8843-9046B5…)

All that crying really was about Coachella, wow. Bitch you have Covid, that's so fucking gross to do to people

No. 1508305

This is so fucked up lol. Didn't she have a fever only 2 days ago? Shes definitely still contagious

No. 1508323

She has covid and her daughter is suicidal but who cares bc CHELLAAA. What a disgusting plague rat of a human being. I’m glad her face and body are melting, it’s what she deserves.

No. 1508325

I can’t wait for the pictures. I hope there are some really fucked up ones. I hope someone catches her doing drugs on camera so there’s finally something milky. Hurry up and get to Coachella and entertain us you whore.

No. 1508349

How hilarious if Brina ran into Ty and Pumpky. Or Nathan and his new fling. Eventually she might be running into one of her children at these if the k doesn't get her sooner.

No. 1508351


I bet you James had to beg his hairdresser for a customer loyalty price to do these braids on Brina.

No. 1508398

Agreed!!! Give us some good milk kek.

No. 1508448

File: 1650601311660.png (1.05 MB, 1170x2532, 6D759762-145D-4A24-82D4-9A4215…)


No. 1508660

Why anyone with that tragic vegeta-looking hairline would go for such a hairstyle is beyond me.

No. 1508692

Lmao you’re hilarious anon

No. 1508745

File: 1650640604598.jpeg (209.71 KB, 616x591, BBE9674F-D9D7-46D1-8AEC-D9FF95…)

This hairdresser gives no fucks kek

No. 1508924

File: 1650658986612.jpeg (1010.65 KB, 1125x1801, 683287F0-56DB-4229-97DD-75F0BE…)

Just to zoom in even more…does brina have lice? Seriously wtf is that?

No. 1508970

I mean she doesn’t even bathe regularly, or have basic hygiene.

I am curious if she even went to “chella”
I feel like she would be spamming if she were.

No. 1508983

Eww, idk but it could be dandruff. Her hygiene is terrible so it’s likely she didn’t turn up with freshly washed hair. Also, those braids are terrible.

It’s a two weekend event so she’s going this weekend. I’m sure she’ll make sure to post all about it since partying is what her life revolves around. Still can’t believe she’s going after getting COVID.

No. 1509012

File: 1650665315141.jpeg (263.86 KB, 1284x2095, A411B287-1286-45E3-BF41-CDA534…)


No. 1509018

File: 1650666044127.jpeg (1.05 MB, 828x1464, 4FB48ED0-EAE9-4A2B-8671-612576…)

So, waaaait. Do we think they went out to Coachella ticketless and are hoping to just come up on some? HAHA. If this is the case, I hope they strike out and Brina throws a tantrum. It already looks like Junk is trying to get on her good side preemptively with the stupid cake offering. Why is this mf so whipped by her????

No. 1509023

I suppose they showed up with only one ticket and cash hoping to find a way to get in..classic Sabrina trashy shit, and kek at the view through the red sunglasses picture on her so stories. Drugs really do have her mentally perma stuck in 2014 Tumblr aesthetic

No. 1509024

File: 1650666448205.jpeg (2.31 MB, 1284x2277, 04625DD4-86EA-400D-AA81-AB0566…)


It’s dandruff. We’ve all seen how bad she lets her hair go, it’s practically crawling legs by the time she washes it. She’s been doing this for 10+ years (somehow I don’t think her hygiene was BETTER as a teen) and that’s going to result in chronic scalp issues. The skin on her scalp is probably a mess! It’d be irritated and flaking upon touch or the brush of a hand. That’s what we’re seeing here.

Sidenote, this is confirmation to me that the trip was an impromptu attempt on Junkie J’s part to console Sabrina in her public hissyfit. Sucka. I wonder how sad he was when she didn’t eat it after the pic?

No. 1509026


samefag, sorry anon - my slow ass took to long and you basically summed this up already.

No. 1509027

She's probably his first serious relationship and he clearly has mommy issues that he references through his relationship with her.

No. 1509031

He bought all that for her so she can post it on social media and show everyone, then he’ll eat it all himself (since she doesn’t eat). It’s a win-win!

No. 1509037

File: 1650667801327.jpeg (721.93 KB, 1284x1818, E1C8F8C0-4CC9-4302-A49A-02102A…)

Sabrina’s circus of a weekend begins with her not even having tickets enough for the event and (possibly) giving Junkie Jame’s hairdresser covid.

Who wants to bet she sleeps with someone for a ticket, “It’s for us babe” and then tries to pass it off as just one of those “broken things” she does

No. 1509123

I don’t think she got in today you guys lol

No. 1509160

File: 1650681699744.png (3.85 MB, 1800x1005, FB46C03B-EBF3-4508-81B4-6A13FE…)

It’s time for the games to begin

No. 1509166

File: 1650682399333.jpeg (974.92 KB, 2048x2048, 3C1410F4-8083-40EB-8049-A31BB0…)

Look at this little manlet-wannabe-hooligan, he’s practically drowning in his clothes. I cant remember, does Badwood even sell men’s sizes? I also guess we were all wrong and the additional ticket was probably for Sabrina’s friend. Excited for some debauchery!

Also, wtf happened to Junk’s weird music balaclava thing he had going on?

No. 1509193

I’m going to be so surprised if he doesn’t get jumped for having braids.

No. 1509196

This mf looks like a juggalo. You’re at the wrong festival retard

No. 1509217

It’s giving me ~Kevin Federline~

No. 1509267

poopy diaper butt

No. 1509356

Is that Curly in the car kek

No. 1509360

Wouldnt be surprised if Curly is funding the whole thing.

Junkie James looks fantastic. As others have pointed out he would be more at home with the ICP crowd, and TBH looks even worse than someone I would expect to see Brina with and thats saying something. Looking forward to music festival milk.

No. 1509497

File: 1650732656692.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1284x2353, DFCA615E-3FA3-45EA-A862-3CE993…)


Agreed, Sabrina has outdone herself with this scrub. Young with that hairline? Okay, Junkie James. Whatever helps you wake up in the morning.

Huge cringe at how satisfied he was from being able to annoy nearby middle aged folk with their presence and paraded that “glory” on his IG story for approval. Not that it was questioned, but there’s no doubt he’s operating on the same (im)maturity level as Brina.. if not, lower.


No. 1509898

File: 1650761207678.jpeg (454.08 KB, 1284x2142, 686D90F0-FFBD-49D1-896E-E7D83F…)

Forever trashy

No. 1509982

File: 1650767860422.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1284x2257, 5289B4E9-4913-46BA-A008-BFA504…)

I guess nothing milky is happening because no one wants to bump elbows with these turds.

No. 1510049

File: 1650773559440.jpeg (326.81 KB, 1169x1956, AA6265A2-156D-450E-8B75-56F813…)

Her entire face fits on his forehead

No. 1510078

Their pupils are the sizes of pin points. wow wonder wht theyre both on

No. 1510084


jesus christ, anon! i love it. he has the forehead of a a 6’3 man.

No. 1510085

Fucking thank you for this anon,
I enjoyed this so much.
I will say that if her hair was pulled back you could also fit his face on her forehead.
They both have incredibly huge foreheads.

Im sure they are on multiple substances.
It wouldn’t even surprise me if JJ was dealing at the festival.

No. 1510088

I wouldn’t exactly call this outfit festival attire. Looks like a hooker, and kek.. that’s exactly what she is.

No. 1510299

The white eyeliner doesn’t match this fit at all. N that velvet $10 corset from Amazon looks like shit. She looks super cheap n based on the other chella fits I saw this year she looks hella out of place.

No. 1510348

File: 1650817254018.jpeg (127.8 KB, 768x1024, D3229A83-0B78-42F2-86F7-94AD77…)

Coachella via 2014. One of the only things Sabrina used to have was style at times, she at least would dress faux boho w/ swim suits/rave gear like everyone else at 'cHeLla!' She's dressed like Sandra. Which is a terrible thing, as you're aware Brina.

No. 1510370

She actually looks cute in this photo.
Now she looks like a washed up prostitute. Sandra’s sense of style wore off on her, sure, but the many years of drug and alcohol abused have aged her horribly. And trying to cover that up with filler and Botox has done her zero favors.

No. 1510386

She’s literally wearing her go-to dirty worn out cam lingerie and trying to pass it off as festival attire.

No. 1510525

The older Sabrina gets, the more aggressively she tries to embrace the alt-trendy bad girl look. She doesn’t even try to pretend she’s kept up with her peers (RE: People her age, in general). She’s hoping to trick people into thinking she’s still an early 20 something and not as much of a deadbeat as she is.

No. 1510790

Her old friend Kristen/ Ana Foxx has been posting about Coachella non stop and Brina is nowhere to be seen. Kek

No. 1510828

File: 1650854982736.png (2.89 MB, 750x1334, 96E26775-D728-4310-A3F7-7FC6D8…)

No. 1510839


Okay, so this is my question - I seriously want to know what she’s using to pin her eyes but is still somehow so awake? Where are my medfag anons? What’s the deal here.

No. 1510843

knowing her shes prob on xanax

No. 1510884

I’m pretty sure benzos are not the culprit of pupil construction. Narcotics are more known for that effect actually.

No. 1510894

Im a nurse and know about this shit, but a ten second google search shows otherwise.
"sedative drugs cause pinpoint pupils and lead to changes in the brain that cause relaxation and a slowing of brain signals. The most common sedatives that cause pupil constriction are opioids or benzodiazepines." So actually, stfu.

No. 1510896

agreed shes probs on xanax shes lknown for xans…. her fcking cat was named xannx

No. 1510900

Aren’t opioids the same thing as narcotics? I’ve seen being high on xan to cause pupils to dilate. Could it depend on the person, Nurse Anon? Or the person may have also been on other drugs simultaneously that they didn’t disclose? I’m curious on this topic now.

No. 1510905

I’ve met/partied with Sabrina about 3 times over the years and I saw her take Xanax once and Ketamine twice. She likes to refer to ketamine as”kitty”
Take that info as you will but I’m pretty sure her top drug of choice now is ketamine.

No. 1510908

Xanny and kitty
Her abandoned pets names
And drugs of choice

No. 1510989

You know about that shit but still haven’t learned how to sage your shit, fucking retard.

No. 1511078

No seriously who wears this to a festival? It’s giving GTA prostitute. People wear fishnets and corsets to these type of events but this is just so tacky to wear. Didn’t she wear that last week kek?

No. 1511241

File: 1650899494660.jpeg (267.04 KB, 1170x2532, 31D58CF5-CC42-40FD-9F07-AA7C41…)

Or this classy look…

No. 1511261

Absolutely nothing behind those eyes lmao

No. 1511270

oh wow i didnt follow the rules. stfu lmao

No. 1511279

Ana (Kristen) hasn't had anything to do with Sabrina since she dated her literal real best friend Elisa's ex Nathaniel. This was after Ana told Sabrina her she witnessed him choke out, and hit Elissa on Thanksgiving, and Brina STILL hopped. She was cordial with her before her ex Ty outed her as an escort, she's been done with Sabrina for a while.

No. 1511329

i love how this bitch tweeted about how horrible chella outfits were and now shes wearing shit like that lmao

No. 1511354

Write sage in the email field (or better yet read the rules) when there’s no new milk to avoid people getting mad and a temporary ban.

No. 1511392

In her mind she looks good. I’m sure she’ll still be going to Coachella in a few years by the time her eldest daughter starts attending with her friends. Sabrina will be a middle aged woman wearing outdated slutwear from 2014, doing drugs with another drug dealing boyfriend, and generally being an embarrassment. I sincerely hope she won’t be one of those “cool parents” that supply and do molly and other drugs with their teenage kids at festivals.

No. 1511408

Come on. This is Sabrina we are talking about. Of course she’s going to be exactly like that. I’m pretty sure there’s documented evidence of her grooming big C for cam, etc. I have no doubt that when C starts to attend these types of events, Brina will be there enabling her and leading her down the same life path. Sad but true.

No. 1511413

Then she will get Jealous of Big C and start talking shit about her behind her back. Watch. Thats how Brina is.

No. 1511539

I feel she’ll eventually see her daughter as a threat like narcissistic mothers tend to do. Once Sabrina’s little “mini me” goes through her awkward phase, matures, and becomes her own person during her teen years - Sabrina will begin sprinkling little jabs and insults to put her in place. Her daughter will remind her of what she once had and she’ll resent her for it. You see how Sabrina treats her friends? Don’t put it past her to do the same with her daughter.

No. 1511555

File: 1650925140950.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1284x2242, 3FD6FDD2-E79B-4F7E-871D-05108C…)

Ignoring her child to make out with someone who looks like a child. Who has more insight into Junkie J? Who else has he been linked to, confirmed relationships?

No. 1511646

Yup. I 100% agree. This is classic narc shit and IS what will happen. Hope big C will realize before it’s too late that she should cut ties with her mom. Children of damaged parents seem to either follow in their footsteps, or go the opposite way and make a good life for themselves. Only time will tell.

No. 1511649

All I know is he was Sandra’s friend first. And seems to have cut her off, which I’m sure was at the request of Sabrina. Junk is a stupid pussy whipped mf. I would like to know more about his past, too.

No. 1511650

Knowing she ate Nathaniel’s ass makes this post so much funnier

No. 1511659

Omg do you have something of her saying that? How do you know she ate Nathaniel’s ass haha that’s gold

No. 1512072

File: 1650967938354.jpeg (160.95 KB, 828x1470, 5368D88F-5F09-48CC-9127-D7BB16…)


No. 1512216


Yes! That’s all that I know too. I’m specifically wondering about his past relationships, pre-Brina.

Essentially, whether he ever even has had any. His vibe is cringe and he’s living at home with his parents, none of the girls that circle these crowds would have ever seen him as more than a connect or “friend” (ie. person buying the bag). If Sabrina is his first “real” relationship than that further explains why he’s such a lovesick idiot about it. Although, the brain injury does suffice.

No. 1512226


The lack of self-awareness is baffling. Suicide-baiting from a room at your grandmother’s all week and then hopping onto a plane w/ Covid for a weekend at ‘cHeLla in Amazon lingerie is neither smart, nor mature.

She probably feels temporarily absolved from her title as a deadbeat mother because she randomly saw two of her kids in the past 30 days. In her deteriorated mind, she’s probably meeting some weak parenting expectations!


I’d wager she’s following in mom’s footsteps. Suicide baiting online, abusing prescriptions, and seems to care about boys/sex above all else. I could be wrong, hopefully I am. My guess is that she ends up pregnant in a year or two and then Sabrina will be a deadbeat Grandma on top of all of it.

No. 1512299

File: 1650991708562.jpeg (588.52 KB, 3072x2759, 5556C8C4-ADBF-4FDF-8D9D-015C78…)

On James story, she looks like a lifeless corpse. Sleeping off all that drug use this past weekend. Is her jaw filler migrating?

No. 1512321

I think the filler is moving, and that can happen without proper post op care. Her face continues to look more like a circus peanut.

Let me ask this question, could Junkie James be the one to propose and possibly marry her? Brina and Junkie James getting married could be one of the milkest events of her life. Imagine who could show up, the pre wedding drama, Junkie James bachelor party at the cafe lu, the possibilities are limitless.

No. 1512343


wtf is he going to propose with, a xanax bar?

No. 1512365

I can definitely see James being that stupid.
He’s not playing with a full deck and he thinks the sun rises and sets out of her ass.
I personally would love to see that chapter happen.

No. 1512382


Nothing makes me wanna a-log harder than when she posts these retarded *~*I'm just doin me & keepin it movin*~* infographic things. Like yea girl we all know that, no one more than the THREE fucking kids you brought into the world and promptly abandoned. She is truly such a piece of garbage.

No. 1512458

File: 1651004954214.jpeg (335.28 KB, 1284x2260, 60EFA985-9A77-4A54-B1D1-307FF5…)

You still felt sick and had a fever..this is so cringe. Doth protest too much Brina, as always when you get caught

No. 1512478

LOL. This dumb b is trying to grapple with the fact 30 is sneaking up on her fast. Kekkkk. As if she doesn’t do stupid shit constantly combined with being a literal deadbeat mom HAHA….delusional af. I can’t.

No. 1512485


I might be confusing her feed with someone else’s but didn’t Sabrina post her positive test? Bitch for sure had it and just didn’t give a fuck ~liKe sHe nEvEr dOeS~

No. 1512534

File: 1651011748173.jpeg (163.28 KB, 1170x1198, ADB05FED-DBE9-4B91-AF3A-EE5EB6…)

Her nostrils are all fucked up n different sizes from all the years of candy up there n YIKES that jawline what in the Michael Jackson

No. 1512550

File: 1651013719491.jpeg (186.04 KB, 1265x769, 2715F77F-D015-438C-BA41-80B915…)

What the fuck is going on with his nostrils? That’s not smoke right?

No. 1512554

Oh they’re looking ZOOTED

No. 1512558

Straight up! Her eyes are black in most of these pics

No. 1512559

Lol I was about to post this. I think it's bad facetune again

No. 1512574

File: 1651016960361.png (3.45 MB, 1800x1083, C7DFBC4A-E64B-422F-9269-93606E…)

This one’s funny. Now she says she’s 5’7”

No. 1512576

File: 1651017447618.jpeg (1.27 MB, 2048x2048, 1AA6E84D-09DC-40FA-9161-BBB562…)


Agreed - if not, maybe a flipping filter? I think she used the IG story filters to take most of these photos. I read a “story post” from @problematicfame talking about celebrities (ex. Kardashians) who are editing their pictures to be grainy and “lower quality” so it’s harder to spot the shoop or decipher what work they have had done.. That came to mind when looking at Sabrina’s Coachella pictures kek.

Girl has the new iphone, yet these look like they were taken on a 6.

No. 1512580


I swear that I’ve seen her claim she’s as tall as 5’8 before. She can’t keep her story straight!

PS Stepping off social media was a great PR move for Sandra, nobody talks about her anymore.

No. 1512590

That ratty black bra and the old red one from 4+ years ago is all she wears
I almost feel bad for her but then I remember how mean she is to people (and her kids) then I stop feeling bad

No. 1512746

File: 1651029275790.jpeg (179.29 KB, 1170x1366, 3CE6FC80-1EA6-4AF2-8AE7-990C49…)

James, run.

No. 1512786

File: 1651034644116.jpeg (280.3 KB, 1284x1826, 187A151F-BA42-4201-86FC-E428CD…)

How am I just now finding his Twitter

No. 1512804

File: 1651035609872.jpeg (378.35 KB, 1284x1913, 86204C9A-319D-454A-8A06-1855F9…)

Tone deaf Brina strikes yet again.

No. 1512833

Literally so tone deaf. When she posts shit like this all I can do is cringe. Yes, Sabrina, we (and your three abandoned children) know how much you just loooove yourself and anything that suits your narc needs.
She can’t think about anyone but herself and it’s so hilarious how she tries to put a spin on it by posting some inspirational quote bs like this… puhleeeeeeze!

No. 1512836


That jaw/chin filler migration has her looking like Rumer Willis

No. 1513112


Right? I was going to say, nobody has ever needed to teach Sabrina to put herself first lol. There has never been a time in Sabrina’s life where she has put anyone ahead of herself - not her children, not her family, not her partners, not her friends. It’s nauseating imagining what warped stories (/lies) of hers she’s begun to believe to allow herself to think of herself as a victim.

As much absolute shit Sabrina wants to spew about her own mother, at least she’s capable of prioritizing Sabrina’s fucking kid enough to raise her. Same with Michael, same with AJ. The only true victims are her children. This is why it’s a blessing she’s not prominently in their life, because it’s clear that she’s still not able to hold herself accountable for the YEARS of pain/damage that she’s caused them.

No. 1513424

She’s said 5’7 as her height for years. Changed it a couple times but she’s mostly stated it as 5’7…not really a big deal honestly.

No. 1513536

File: 1651096738223.jpeg (308.14 KB, 1284x1803, F14D7BC5-1788-44CB-8E19-4761DB…)

No Brina, your a prostitute

No. 1513562

Trying to convince herself she’s classy or something with her chosen line of “work”. Kekk, dream on!

No. 1513599

Brina is fart, not art of any kind

No. 1513603

John Wayne Gacy (serial killer) used to say if he paid for it (prostitutes) he should be able to break it (kill them).
Hope she understands the magnitude of her life choice to be a prostitute. Hope she doesn’t end up under someone’s floorboards or in a ditch on the side of some road in Cali.

No. 1513604

What a cope if I've ever seen one. If romanticizing it helps ya sleep..

No. 1513619

This is the longest she’s gonna without getting pregnant
Anyone think she’s finally on some form of bc?

No. 1513817

Her body is probably rotting from the inside with all the drugs she’s been doing.

Also why would she want to trap junkie james? He’s obsessed with her and doesn’t have anything to offer her.

No. 1513843

So the picture on the right, With all of her jaw/chin fillers she looks like the crow

No. 1513847

File: 1651123879686.jpeg (209.02 KB, 1284x813, 5B9E6D16-9FB9-4F46-BA88-FB06B7…)

No. 1514189

Some how she always gets pregnant and seemingly on purpose. Not getting pregnant from junk j seems intentional. This hoe always pops out kids. I really doubt her health has decline enough not to produce more kids sadly.

No. 1514201

Her fertility likely isn’t the same as in her teens and early twenties. But even if she got pregnant, I think she has SOME awareness it would be a terrible idea given she’s homeless. For all we know, she could’ve had aborted several of James’ (or her johns) children already.

No. 1514328


Sabrina is obviously intentionally avoiding pregnancy with James. She had no issue trying/faking pregnancy with Tyler when she was “kicked out and homeless.”

As previous anons have said, she has nothing to gain from trapping Junkie J. He worships the ground she walks on and is able to give 100% of her attention to her (ie. Sabrina isn’t “competing” with a child or baby mama). He has nothing of value to offer her. He’s good for nothing other than being an ego crutch and cheerleader. James is filling the space until she finds someone better to “save” her.. saving being defined as housing and bankrolling her lifestyle, while giving her a vague sense of detachment to keep her uneasy/interested. It’s only a matter of time before Sabrina drops him for someone who meets even just half of that criteria, because James gives her the ick so badly. If they didn’t have the time apart then he’d probably already be gone.

No. 1514332

File: 1651172377830.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1284x2199, 5DEE2547-8BE3-4550-BE08-331579…)

Old picture from her story, she posted it sideways to try and make it look better. But boy, does she look cracked tf out here.

No. 1514447

File: 1651180965257.png (4.97 MB, 1486x1800, E58914B0-4715-4EF2-A83F-04F0DC…)

Here’s her height next to James.
Sandra and that other girl are still pretending to be Awhy’s groupies. He did a show at some local club a few days ago which is what these pics are from.

No. 1514542

The way she’s standing is also making her closer to his height.

No. 1514608

Lolz junkie J is super short wow. I mean I knew Brina was taller but I didn’t think that much taller. He is a lil manlet twirp esp with those stupid braids which aren’t doin him any favors

No. 1514613

So Braindead Nellie and junkie james went to A whys show? Kek

No. 1514617

Two separate events. Brina was at Chella for seemingly all week and Sandra was at her boyfriends show. They’re not hanging out.

No. 1514674

File: 1651199270151.png (6.91 MB, 1284x2778, CC350412-364B-4B4E-BE3D-4F7A83…)

OKAY, tinfoil on the pre-chella tantrums and also the search for an extra last min ticket:

Junkie J was working the event (confirmed by the post obv not tinfoil) and Sabrina was throwing her fits/suicide baiting because he couldn’t get her free entry too. He probably resolved to buy her one to appease her, hence the search for one ticket.

No. 1514945

He means California. Retard. Not living and working at Coachella.

No. 1514956

It would not surprise me in the least if Junkie James helped set up the ferris wheel and was doing carnie work. That outfit is just…I dont even know where to start.

Where he is better for Brina than Tyler and AJ is his acceptance of her hooking. Hes the guy that will wait in the hotel lobby while shes turning tricks and not complain. I'm not sure how much security he can provide as he looks to be under 5 feet tall.

No. 1515105

File: 1651234753224.jpeg (180.43 KB, 790x1800, E251A16A-F010-4FB7-9A5E-176A89…)

Why your face look like a meme so much?

No. 1515112

James has made it pretty clear he doesn’t want a baby w Brina. Remember his beautiful poetry, “love does not mean having a baby” lol. She doesn’t have anything to gain by trapping him but he seems to be smart enough to know better than to have a baby with her, brain damage and all.

How did he squire his brain damage?

No. 1515140


riding his bicycle without a helmet and getting in an accident.. yes, he’s really THAT stupid. as if dating brina wasn’t enough.

No. 1515142


Okay, retard - riddle me this, what does he do for work?

No. 1515235

I agree. Pretty sure he just means living in So Cal. Dunno why this moron said it meant he was working at Coachella. We have nothing showing that as true. SMH.

No. 1515352

File: 1651258184051.png (1.79 MB, 1456x1350, Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 2.49…)

does he "rep" that black champagne he shook, popped and then tried to drink? I could see him saying that is his "job"

No. 1515417

Kekkkk. This mf doesn’t have a job. He will patiently wait in a hotel lobby while Brina turns tricks to fund their drug addiction.

No. 1515429

I wouldn't be surprised if James is on male birth control and not telling Sabrina kek

No. 1515586

Maybe she finally met her karma and he's shooting blanks

No. 1515927


I think for sure he had a loose gig doing some kind of “promo” at coachella, but I also think he imagines a lot of the brand and musical affiliations he thinks that he has. He’s such a groupie/fan boy. It’s cringe.

No. 1515964

File: 1651296901280.png (1.61 MB, 450x1800, 4A71F377-54C0-4286-8AC8-51D607…)

No. 1515966

File: 1651296922927.jpeg (95.58 KB, 682x384, B4DA8D15-6A45-4E8F-A139-468FC9…)

No. 1515967

How pathetic. Write a letter but don’t bother stepping up. Fuck James and fuck Sabrina.

No. 1515991


This is from Big C IG? Sabrina and her brain damaged midget plug-of-the-moment should maybe just leave her the fuck alone so she has a fighting chance at not turning into a total piece of shit like her Mom. Goddddd I will never get over how fucking terrible she is to her own children. This poor girl I really feel for her.

No. 1516085

Brina is a filthy drug addicted Covid infused super spreader prostitute who dispatches her dwarf flunky to send apologies to her daughter.
Maybe Junkie James or the whore could explain to how she was cured of Covid which was supposedly stopping her from spending Easter with her daughter. Then after discovering she didnt have Covid, she went to a god damned music festival instead of being there for her daughter who is having a very hard time.

Whenever you leave this dream world, no one will ever forget your failure with your children. There's a lot more going on than most people know but you do know and she needs you, for once in your life be a mother instead of a whore.

No. 1516266

File: 1651340792172.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1125x1815, A3185DFF-A703-4E2E-A610-AA9C75…)

Oh now that you have nothing going on you remember you have a daughter?

No. 1516315


Fuck you Sabrina you deadbeat piece of garbage. Hope you're enjoying *~*doing you*~* while staring down the barrel of 30, those looks are fading fast and you have NOTHING to show for it except a balding dwarf you obviously settled for who is literally too brain damaged to know better. No car, no house, no job, no friends and most importantly no accountability or a semblance of a healthy relationship with your kids, who you have damaged and continue to damage with your horrendously selfish behavior. You're getting everything you deserve. Eat shit.

No. 1516318

Just because you birthed them doesn’t make them your children, you’ve never had a hand in raising any of them for more than 5 mins at a time Sabrina, stop toying with their emotions. I hate that she makes them feel like she wants anything to do with them when she has admissions of guilt for a day or 2, because it’s fleeting. The feeling passes and she wants nothing to do with them later. She’d be best keeping it to herself and letting them come to her later in life when they’re adults to repair the damage she caused if they ever care to. What a deadbeat mentally and emotionally abusive narc…

No. 1516570

File: 1651364468453.png (6.58 MB, 1125x2436, 5ED82F4A-C99D-4FEE-B6C7-68707B…)

Lmao this girl is going to get robbed by Brina this weekend.

No. 1516581

I think she's posted this before. Is she trying to pretend she's with big c again?

No. 1516618

No James? Probably some prostitution gig.

No. 1516673

for how much y'all think she's fucking for?

No. 1516675

File: 1651380685747.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1857, CA331E08-8C86-42BF-812C-0B8874…)

How is Sabrina still fooling people into thinking she’s anything but a washed up cam girl / deadbeat mom

No. 1516679

she's not fooling that many people- birds of a feather flock together i guess. coconut kitty is a whore who shops herself to look 20 or more years younger so i'm not surprised she looks up to someone like brina

No. 1516684

Lol that's the girl that puts the kid face filter in face app on her pics. Cows collise

No. 1516689

that coconut girl got some good numbers on instagram though(sage your shit)

No. 1516789

You sound like a stupid e whore. Which normal well adjusted individual cares about numbers on social media? Wow yes, coomers would even follow a pear if someone shopped a vagina on it, obviously anyone who shows ass and tits has high followers, she is stil la disgusting whore for using the child filter and if you find that inspiring gtfo. Also learn to sage Twitter ho

No. 1516797

When you’re a nasty whore you also look up to fellow nasty whores. Aww brina so cute for “inspiring” so many young whores into becoming online prostitutes

No. 1516815

A Coachella ticket - how ever that much is kek

No. 1516874

File: 1651415022897.jpeg (573.53 KB, 1170x999, EFB064EB-B603-478E-8FFE-A4A053…)

From Sandras Discord

No. 1517179

Honestly I have sympathy for her, especially in this day and age when antidepressant medication is handed out like candy. The doctors fail to tell you how hard it is to get off of. The withdrawals can be horrible and most of the time you feel even worse mentally after because your brain has to adjust to making it’s own neurotransmitters again. The brain zaps are terrifying AF too. You’ll just be sitting there and then it feels like some electrocuted your skull.

They’ve done studies that show that withdrawing from some antidepressants can be the same as withdrawing from hard drugs like heroine

No. 1517540

Yeah in all earnesty hope Sandra feels better. She's a semi-likable dumbass who has legit mental health issues and it seems like she's doing the best she can. I still wanna know what exactly happened with her + Brina that made them fall out once and for all.

No. 1517556

I hope Sandra stays away from Brina and finally realized Brina doesn’t give a shit about her. At least Sandra is actually trying to feel better and address her mental health issues, you definitely gotta give her props for that. I feel bad for her, reading she’s struggling with that stuff. Psych drugs are no joke and like the other anon said, doctors hand them out and don’t explain side effects, withdrawal process, etc. and Sandra is obvi too dumb to research it herself. Kek

No. 1517624

They were hanging out last night, Sabrina was posting with James in the bathroom lol
Didn’t take any pics with Sandra but it was 100% recent and Sandras bathroom with all the shelves she put up with a years worth of max foundation of each lol

No. 1517743

No evidence? Not even one screencap?
James has been posting from his car while Sabrina has been posting with Mimi.
I don’t see anything saying this is true.

No. 1517758

The brain zaps are horrible and I knew nothing about it too when I tampered off antidepressants, scary stuff. I hope she gets better soon and starts posting again those messy meals she used to prepare. I'm here for the apolayptic food blogger saga.

No. 1517787

File: 1651507305737.jpeg (361.31 KB, 1170x2118, 36395A46-ACFC-4142-A146-B7EED2…)

Yeah she wasn’t with Sandra… or James.

No. 1517796

I bet she wants to fuck her friends dude. He looks like Rhett, kek

No. 1517821

I thought the same thing when they all were at Coachella together. I bet Brina will try, she always does.

No. 1518075

File: 1651534767846.jpeg (411.01 KB, 1284x2262, 7A2E030F-72D5-4695-8F41-02AD6E…)

Never without her wine. I wonder who she's going to fuck or fuck over

No. 1518112

I think she's coming back from escorting all weekend with that other girl

No. 1518218

It was 3 nights ago, my bad.
I’ll cap next time

No. 1518248


Wasn't that shelf with all the makeup in the apartment she recently moved out of though?

No. 1518255

She’s Probably flying back to daddy because James parents don't like her living in their house.
Or Brina is selfishly crashing into big Cs life expecting some sort of Mother’s Day.

No. 1518262

I didn’t even think about that, maybe she mounted it in her new one?
Sabrina posted a few throwbacks of big and lil C too so I guess it makes sense the Sandra one would be old, too. My bad anons

No. 1518779

File: 1651611328272.png (1.1 MB, 1170x2532, 9EC00C98-93FD-48DC-9362-4ACF76…)

So it wasn’t on purpose that Sandra ghosted. Bet it was brina who did some spiteful shit after they cut ties.

No. 1518802


I tinfoiled this earlier - I believe that Sabrina had Sandra’s instagram (didn’t know about fb) taken down in retaliation to their cutting ties. Sabrina would have been extra spiteful over Sandra’s exposing tweets, which she also shared on her IG story. Sandra’s instagram wouldn’t have been hard to have removed if reported. She wasn’t exactly careful about what she posted!

No. 1518870

They’re both being petty but it doesn’t seem like we’re getting the full story. It would be interesting to know what went down. Sucks for Sandra losing her biggest form of advertising.

No. 1519093

File: 1651636419797.jpeg (353.71 KB, 1170x2065, 10378BF2-1AD1-403A-9CA3-8D9DA2…)

Hopefully you will be ok.

No. 1519114

File: 1651640255280.jpeg (326.02 KB, 1170x2532, DC7DE27F-6AC0-436D-8301-49AA9C…)

Hmm just sold your car?

No. 1519125

blew all her money on her apartment and had a mental breakdown so she couldnt work for a few weeks. doubt shes making much from onlyfans.

No. 1519126

u can tell this is an old pic. she used to have a nice nose. now she has a MJ nose. she was supposed to get a THIRD nose job to fix her current situation but i guess decided not to

No. 1519264

Sandra uses old photos too from back in the glory days kek I would as well if I went from that to looking like a crack whore in less than 5 years

No. 1519334

Sandra still post them but on her Snapchat. Mozzarella sticks with noodles and veggies, kek.

No. 1519376

File: 1651677759291.png (9.08 MB, 1284x2778, 3315DF71-374D-4F2E-9E4D-BA3163…)

No. 1519397

Nonnie please post the mozzarella abomination. I'm also out of the loop of social media, do I have to make an account on snapchat to look at what she posts?

No. 1519428

It was a day or two ago. She also had roasted potatoes on the side of all that which she seasoned and put in the oven, acting all wifey material. I don’t think she eats all that though. Why does she have so many random options thrown together? Who eats mozzarella sticks noodles and roasted potatoes? Please tell me someone else saw this. I would’ve SS it but I was busy. I’m sure she will post another food wifey episode saga again. It’s rather comical.

Also yes you do need an account on Snapchat and you can subscribe to her.

No. 1519435

Yeah I saw it. Not interesting so I didn’t screencap.
People who have eating disorders do shit like this because of cravings or just literally not knowing/caring how to structure a healthy diet.
I have an eating disorder and I combine some weird things just cuz the idea of putting together food is repulsive to me.
It’s a mental disorder.

No. 1519441

How do you know she’s had multiple nose surgeries? It doesn’t seem like something she talks about

No. 1519465

She’s had at least one, evidenced by photos. Her natural nose was so much better, dunno what happened but the poor girl got botched. She was prob looking to make the tip of her nose a bit more refined, but it went full fubar. Kek. I don’t know how anons know for sure how many she’s had, though. Speculation, I guess.

No. 1519504

File: 1651685639457.png (4.7 MB, 1132x1800, AE5385A1-5215-4C9A-90FD-33511D…)

Why has no one posted this? Ahaha her eyes look so hollow. And that dumb finger sticking up all the time. Fuckin hot mess.

No. 1519527

I think her finger is permanently fucked

No. 1519531

They had to have been the most annoying people on the flight. Drugged up and wearing sunglasses, being loud and disruptive, and taking non-stop videos and selfies.

No. 1519543

Is this her and james? Wtf I thought this was two women

No. 1519567


Where are these idiots off to, is it known? I haven’t kept up over the last few days. If it’s not confirmed, my guess is they are doing a photo op with one of the girl C’s. I could be wrong, but if i’m right - kek. Skipping their birthdays and Christmas but making damn sure she sees them on a day to celebrate herself.

No. 1519594

Haha James needs to cut his hair and get rid of that awful dye job. He has a masculine face but the hair and dwarf height makes him look like a woman. His body is soft with no muscle too which doesn’t help his case.

No. 1519821

File: 1651704824371.jpeg (229.97 KB, 1125x886, 12691739-00DF-4A36-8798-95FEF7…)

what does this even mean

No. 1519833

A dumb person thinking they are smart. Putin is a Narcissist too so… maybe?

No. 1519913

In all fairness, it essentially is.

No. 1519945

File: 1651713419423.png (10.88 MB, 1284x2778, B68644AE-8388-4F75-ACAF-213810…)

Back with daddyy

No. 1519946

File: 1651713503303.png (6.63 MB, 1284x2778, 6E9B4D13-F51A-4D68-9F40-DA6E1F…)

Of course bitch beer for the hike

No. 1519980


To be fair I'd be high a lot too if I had to fuck a retarded balding imp for a xanax hookup but holy shit she is perma-barred lately. kek

No. 1520106

File: 1651722975107.jpeg (486.4 KB, 1284x2095, 77322116-FDB8-48E9-A79B-DB9404…)

Are these deadbeat losers going to make content at daddy’s house?

No. 1520129

James looks cool smoking wearing his balaclava and wife beater shirt. The lack of muscle definition is hot!

No. 1520353

omg i thought this was sandra lmfao!!!

No. 1520610

Hahaha me too at first! He misses Sandra and is channeling her energy.

No. 1521635

Anafoxx is in Miami for the Formula 1 Johns and Brina is stuck with her dad and that fidget. What could have been eh Brina?

No. 1522021

File: 1651886289017.png (1.68 MB, 866x1800, 5DFDFD8F-EB55-4875-80E5-DBD422…)

James has added some content to his onlyfans! Let’s keep track of how much they work.
Sandra is still the same.

No. 1522093

File: 1651893390891.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x1991, 8F366324-A5A3-487D-ADE6-72EF72…)

Why does Brina weirdly flex her dads white trash house?

No. 1522322

white trash house matches the white trash premade taco shells
it takes 2 seconds to fry a corn tortilla
‘Cooking’ used to be one of her talents she’s really given up

No. 1522490

Lmao shut the fuck up. This cunt could never cook…she sautéed some veg and threw it on a tortilla she heated up.

No. 1522767

Don’t forget, she thinks putting Tajin on everything makes her a good cook.

No. 1523097

I guess I missed cooking in quotes…but even when she did prepare food it was always the same stuff just constructed differently. Like her famous taco cups or whatever kek.

No. 1523223

File: 1652041325092.jpeg (236.48 KB, 1170x2225, 038E61A6-1786-4581-9BBC-2C8BA7…)

Taking posts down I see.

No. 1523287

File: 1652047172928.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, EE83E704-F8C1-462A-9283-9E074A…)

Coming into a home that isn’t yours and antagonizing someone else’s cat that hates you/wants nothing to do with you and having James film yourself laughing about it… idk why I’m surprised, I shouldn’t be. What gross selfish people on so many different levels.

No. 1524426

File: 1652127521109.jpeg (282.48 KB, 1283x1203, 7ADA18C0-76E7-465B-9F20-7FDAD9…)

Her lack of self awareness is always mind blowing. At least she’s keeping this energy with her three kids.

No. 1524670

File: 1652149912521.png (12.07 MB, 1284x2778, 648506B3-4FA9-41A0-BC60-504C0C…)

Sandra’s food chronicles are back!

No. 1524728

Sandra is so looney i find her adorable but what are her chances in life? Will she be an escort forever? Has she ever talked about it?

No. 1524765

Sandra has appx two functioning brain cells. I don’t think she is gonna ever be able to escape sex work. It’s all she knows how to do… and I have a suspicion that once you’re in that fast cash line of work (especially if you’re more or less ‘okay’ with it), you probably can’t wrap your head around the idea of working in a different line of work that will never pull the money made from a night of escorting.

No. 1524944

File: 1652191396731.png (3.47 MB, 1800x1005, B82CB671-3F8A-45AE-9F7A-3A61F8…)

She writes so many letters that no one will read.

No. 1525189

Ty nonnie! Kek I missed this shit.

No. 1525190

I honestly think she will find some rich older man to marry, but I have a feeling she would accept only if he was ok with her coninuing her hobby of fucking soundloud rappers tbh.

No. 1525245

I’m either becoming desensitized to Sabrina or she’s dried up. She continues to be scum, but all of her bridges are burned and options are gone. No one wants to be around her (other than her brain damaged manlet). She has fewer and fewer connections/opportunities to be milky - it’s like she’s plateaued as a dirtbag. Unless she kicks Junkie J for someone who can CONSISTENTLY enable her lifestyle, or gets pregnant again, then there’s probably going to be nothing left of interest. Perhaps the odd kek at her lack of self awareness, but even that’s got old.

No. 1525475

File: 1652243778447.jpeg (154.91 KB, 1170x473, 7BE51951-01F6-4E35-958F-C5EA81…)

No. 1525560

Imagine this is your Mom. 3 people don't have to pretend.
One of whom once again experiences the feeling of abandonment because her so called mother couldn't be bothered to pay attention to her for Easter as she said she had Covid, but then somehow got cured and went to a music festival.
Your children aren't a priority, but making sleazy porno movies with the dwarf Junkie James is, you whore.
You filthy despicable prostitute, the way you have disrespected your children, lied to them, and continue to make a mockery of everything a mother is supposed to be will never be forgotten.

No. 1525683

The thought of a video of her a James banging is … disgusting

No. 1525692

Making porn in daddys home. So sad. James' parents wouldn't allow it in theirs? kek

No. 1525834

She's getting more and more desperate for cash since no one wants to pay to see a washed up junkie cam anymore

No. 1525871

13 second vid? Probably trash. For $30 too. She is delusional af

No. 1525999

13 seconds is all James has in him kek

No. 1526024

Truly. Junk is a dwarf manlet and Brina is washed up prostitute. I would pay to NOT see that barf

Also. The milk with Brina is soooo dry lately. I’m echoing what some other anon said a few days ago, and yeah she is literally boring and nothing milky is happening probably partly because she’s wifed up with Junk.

No. 1526212

File: 1652312861861.png (4.75 MB, 828x1792, 1CFAC886-2CA5-4FFF-A3FB-2545E0…)

I know it’s petty and easily the least of her grossness but it drives me fucking crazy everytime she posts some vegan food, and has to make sure you KNOW it’s vegan, and then like two days later posts this shit. Most vegans on insta are obnoxious enough as it it but at least they’re actually bout it. What an absolute fucking spaz. I guess it doesn’t matter if you don’t actually ever eat it??

No. 1526262

File: 1652315128874.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 249.12 KB, 1284x1804, brina.jpeg)

Looks dead. kek

No. 1526325

anyone who has her onlyfans can u pls screenshot and share any of her content. I feell like it's probably hilarious(sage your shit)

No. 1526326

Is it really 13 seconds????

No. 1526327

I’m feeling the same way, the milk is dried up and repetitive. This hoe will never change. Her days really are numbered. I’m actually hoping for a ditching for narc boyfriend saga

No. 1526332

This lol I have to know bc that's so funny

No. 1526339

Good God I have to know too, 13 seconds? Also who else remembers when she said she would NEVER do any BG content… never say never brina! Getting desperate.

No. 1526344

File: 1652319396150.jpg (741.1 KB, 1920x1920, InCollage_20220511_213422027.j…)

Sabrina going for the joker look with her fucked up face. Is this her attempt to get with Aaron Carter kek no wonder she's posting photos from 2014 like they're new

No. 1526425

File: 1652325395347.png (673.87 KB, 1080x798, PhotoGrid_Plus_1652325173793.p…)

People are noticing her posting old ass pics. Try 8 years old instead of 5 lol

No. 1526472

Lmao thanks anon. I, too, have been wondering what in the actual fuck is going on with the corners of her mouth these days. It’s a filler gone wrong saga.

No. 1526606

File: 1652353743386.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1170x2085, 56E09B61-A200-4F14-83C7-574721…)

Buttered bread with fried zucchini and grapes. She’s needs a TV show.

No. 1526651

"Fried". Lmao I hope for the masterchef audition saga. I love this food posts and I don't think it is an ED thing, some people just have weird tastes and we know she is weird in other aspects of her life. I mix food that a lot of people would never and know many people that do too and none of us have EDs. End of sperg

No. 1526965

Same here. I don’t really think Sandra has an ED. I think fat anons in here like to hate on her for being thin and want to come up with justifications for why. She really does have an amazing body.

No. 1526976

File: 1652388475077.png (4.08 MB, 1492x1800, 2E9AAD38-EFF1-4FC0-8843-CE7266…)

Just some caps from this past week.

No. 1527108

LMAO Sandra looks emaciated. Of course she has an obvious ED you retard

No. 1527120

So she is writing all these letters to her brother without knowing where he is?

No. 1527131

Sandra does not look emaciated, moron. Why don’t you google an emaciated person, ie. Eugenia Cooney - someone obviously living with an ED. In actuality Sandra could, or could not, have an ED.

No. 1527198

Nah. She got his address. I just didn’t get a cap of her saying nevermind after this one.

No. 1527276

File: 1652412648251.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1284x2107, AB8C269B-D52E-49A5-8D28-49828C…)

Brina is looking rough these days, even with a filter.

No. 1527647

She looks like a druggie I’m surprised this ugly hoe has teeth

No. 1527774

There’s different levels of ED, just because she’s not extreme emaciated like Eugenia Cooney doesn’t mean she can’t have a disorder. Binging and purging does exist, some with disordered eating do eat some and don’t always look extremely skinny.

Disordered just means that, disordered.

No. 1527802

So what’s the verdict on Junk’s junk? Who has watched this abomination.

No. 1527992

Totally agree, anon. It’s clear she has an ED as the Cafe Lu had to stop posting pics of her to thirst trap dudes because everyone would call her “skelator” in the comments

No. 1528096

Anyone who can’t tell that Sandra has an ed is an idiot who’s other observations cannot be trusted.

No. 1528221

K but we can all agree Sandra is not “emaciated” eye roll

No. 1528238

Sandra’s body is scary lmao. No grown woman would desire that body unless they were an anachan or some other delusion. If your ribcage is protruding more than anything else on your body it’s not it…at all. You are sick. Being very skinny is fine but you can tell when it’s unhealthy. Sandra has posted about how she likes her ribs. They don’t look good. Nobody who isn’t fucked in the head is attracted to a pronounced ribcage.

No. 1528264

Can this one clearly messed up proanon hag stfu about Sandra’s gross body already

No. 1528271

File: 1652497178137.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 333.08 KB, 1284x2283, A828DE08-A25E-4D9F-B71A-F87698…)

I guess in brinas retarded mind flashing her pussy to a bunch of randoms and possible kids on ig is okay. Poor thing.

No. 1528466

Get help

No. 1528661

File: 1652549350715.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1284x2242, 1FB5D203-A3B0-45ED-A40D-791E68…)

not that it was a compelling mystery/tinfoil, but i suppose here is confirmation that sabrina didn’t even own the glorified pillow that she slept on in sandra’s closet.

No. 1529380

File: 1652613996104.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1125x1866, 83FD8D4D-FB63-4AB8-B361-E1FF04…)

she’s so fucking cringe lmao

No. 1529528

File: 1652632690355.jpeg (420.01 KB, 2048x2048, 4AEAC46A-B109-4922-8B73-7EAEA2…)

sabrina and junkie j hanging around her dad’s house with no pants on like the filthy freeloaders that they are

No. 1529529

File: 1652632800457.jpeg (725.15 KB, 1284x2239, 843FA344-7FDD-4189-8E48-6F705E…)

samefag because i forgot to include this laugh - easy sabrina, your OF is completely manageable for anyone with a single functioning braincell just lay off the pills

No. 1529615

Sandra is actually really pretty in person when she doesn’t really have much/any makeup or her hair done up so I’m not sure why she goes through all this work with loud makeup and teased hair. To each their own but that’s my opinion

No. 1529620

Romanian moms are something else, and Sandra is very close to hers. Could be why she thinks she needs makeup she doesn't.

No. 1529654

File: 1652644111014.png (3.39 MB, 1284x2778, 13CA54AF-D650-4471-929F-DF0E6F…)

FYI everyone if you want to copy Sabrina don’t forget the part where you birth and abandon 3 kids kek

No. 1529759

I used to want to copy her, but not anymore. She definitely lost everything that made her cool and beautiful

No. 1529763

Samefag. Not ashamed. I used to literally copy her in 2014-15 when she had dope style, I used to get clothes she wore all the time and did my liner like her. I suppose a big majority of us may be ones that started as fans/friends.

No. 1530724

File: 1652711172556.png (1.47 MB, 1800x692, 201C798B-B676-4DE9-B3B6-6CFEE6…)

This weeks caps.
Sabrina’s waist is so weird looking.

No. 1530763

James definitely loves forcing his wisdom on people

No. 1530816

Wisdumb. Shit makes no sense and I doubt he came up with any of it.

No. 1530890

I really don't want to WK James… but he's not a junkie. He's a completely different person after his TBI. However, he's an absolute retard for having anything to do with Brina.

No. 1530916

Hahaha you’re joking right? He’s OBVIOUSLY a drug addict brain injury or not. That’s probably why he had an accident in the first place being high af when it happened. You couldn’t bang a filthy whore who’s abandoned 3 children if you weren’t high out of your mind constantly

No. 1530917


There is no way he’s with Sabrina and not using, get real. Do you not recall the screen caps from that friend’s story where they were with Brina & JUNKIE JAMES and the lines were openly on the table. I’m not buying this shit.

No. 1531001

Sabrina only dates guys with drug addictions, always has. James tweeted "I don't like the drugs but the drugs like me" if you think a sober person would tweet that you're as dumb as he is. Plus what sober man would have that hair style and awful blonde hair kek. Realizing most people in this thread only looked up to Bring when she had a sky rise condo and Rhett as her bf, because nothing else about her is unique

No. 1531009

File: 1652733852139.jpeg (194.19 KB, 828x1411, 1652721720541.jpeg)

Pumpy mentioned how Sabrina went to "her Dr" for implants not even a week ago, now she pretends she doesn't know who she is kek. She's fucking Sabrina's ex Ty (the one that dumped Sabrina for finding out she had sex for money and even after Sabrina lied about being pregnant. kekkk

No. 1531023

File: 1652734955571.png (Spoiler Image, 518.93 KB, 1520x720, Screenshot_20220516-165400.png)

spoiled image of Sabrina pooping live on cam which happened more than once kek

No. 1531101

Lmao pumpy literally copied Sabrina’s every move including banging Ty and most likely comments and contributes to this very thread.

No. 1531253

File: 1652753244122.jpeg (506.53 KB, 2048x2048, EE2BA75B-954D-4F24-9B31-CE4ECE…)

I wonder when Sabrina is going to start trying to do shitty shoop on her obnoxious dandruff.

No. 1531276

Pumps been caught posting in brinas threads lmao

No. 1531362

File: 1652765557155.jpeg (523.93 KB, 1170x1790, 98443FF7-AEC1-4A3E-8513-A7A2BB…)

Oh the eyes again. Please clean them!

No. 1531364

File: 1652765713088.png (2.82 MB, 1800x973, 5DF0E328-EA5F-49BD-A233-992259…)

Always with these ratchet hands. Fucking dirty druggy hands.

No. 1531367

File: 1652766191921.png (3.45 MB, 1800x1205, FA5B6F7D-F624-408F-B2C0-29045E…)

Making goals that will never get accomplished yet again. Yawn.
“Bills to pay: child support”
“Sike. It’s actually a bill I made up called medical expenses aka self medicating with street drugs unsupervised because I can do everything all on my own”

No. 1531374

File: 1652766916941.jpeg (182.52 KB, 1800x900, 47CC19F9-DB04-4917-A8EC-178B33…)

No. 1531389

>>1531362 I hope the cats in a loving home. Or did she find them?

No. 1531394

can't believe she let that poor cat's eyes get so bad. well, i guess i can believe it but it's just sad. the way she treats that cat is like the one thing that makes me dislike her

No. 1531690

File: 1652803150058.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1284x2280, 386E9538-BEDA-4199-81D5-A9C51A…)


The fact that these assholes don’t even have the base level empathy to recognize that the lack of basic grooming/upkeep for this animal is not okay… My fucking god. No one is better than anyone in this circle, they are all scum. That is why they are affiliated. Normal people don’t tolerate or overlook their level of filth & instability.


I thought the same thing. I’m sorry, Sabrina - What planet are you living on that you’re imagining needing stationary assistance to keep yourself financially straight? She has MAYBE a phone bill, IF that. She didn’t even own the pillow she was sleeping on. She’s jumping from daddy’s to grandma’s having a prolonged sleepover high as fuck with her junked out, brain damaged boyfriend.

No. 1531914

File: 1652818916073.jpeg (289.59 KB, 2048x2048, CA33865E-A27B-466E-894F-B999B4…)

I can’t fathom how high she must be to believe that she looks good or attractive here while awkwardly sitting in her own filth zooming in to her face, attempting to market her OF. My guess is she’s one month out from grifting to support her and Junk’s habits/lifestyle.

No. 1531958

She looks like a bloated Michael Jackson. YIKES!

No. 1531974

I cannot understand, she used to at the very least do her makeup decently. This whole look is not it. Liner looks terrible, Did she just rub her nose into a bronzer?

No. 1532511

Her finger is permanently in that position now. Only gonna get worse.

No. 1532614

Yup! I think she majorly fd up her finger. I kinda feel bad for her about that, it’s gotta suck to have it pretty much permanently in that position. I wonder if a surgery could fix it? But we all know she doesn’t have health insurance or the money to do so.

No. 1532918

File: 1652914769547.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1284x2246, 9846A681-BB27-4EFA-AD1D-F2BA9E…)

Honestly, Junkie J is starting to look like the prize in their relationship. Who would have thought!

No. 1532966

I gave my hand a good slice with a kitchen knife by accident a few years ago, on my palm. and finger, one ER trip later, got 13 stitches and was basically fine a month later. It was easier to have my hand closed than open, because it stretched the newly healed skin. I have no idea why it sticks straight up. That seems more painful…

No. 1533035

Who honestly gives as fuck about her alien long ass finger. Can we move on from something that she deserved in the first place for pretending to know how to cook while high on ket. Karma is a bitch, from fingering herself all these years instead of raising her kids.

No. 1533040

Same fag but I love how Pumpy is pregnant with Ty's baby, even after her claiming to be unable to carry. Ty's way out from his mom's house with this one.

No. 1533102

Pumpys pregnant? Where did she say this
Last I saw she was officially diagnosed w lupus n moving apartments again cuz of crazy neighbors, it looked like she was doing better, being less insane

No. 1533112

It's literally all she talks about on her IG stories. She claims to be 2 months now and is taking prenatal vitamins. I bet Brina will get pregnant quick so she doesn't feel like she lost kek

No. 1533124

Check her thread, it takes no effort

No. 1533127

Sorry but link pls? The only one I can get to is old and weird from ppl looking for cam rooms(learn2integrate)

No. 1533145

I assume you’re >>1533102 ? Start here >>>/snow/1532412 and please, learn to sage (write sage on the Email field)

No. 1533380

Check her thread on snow

No. 1534514

Were Brina and Stormy ever friends?

No. 1534565

No, Brina despised Pumpy for making top 20 since starting mfc while brina was jealous and had people attack pumpy 247 in her chat and tried to run her off the site because bring was no longer successful

No. 1534680

So she hated her out of nowhere? There has to be more to the story because it seems too random. I have a feeling Pumpy was in this in thread calling Sabrina fat. Only a mentally ill anorexic would say something like that about another person who’s clearly underweight and low BMI.

No. 1534757

I mean, Brina is petty and narcissistic. I would believe the story she got jealous of pumpy doing well on mfc, and then it was on from there. I want to read more about pumpy. She seems milky af. I never really looked into the other cam girls outside of Brina and Sandra. Oh also…I’m kinda interested in what milk that kati3kat chick has…. Is there any??

No. 1534845

Kati3kat used to be named Maggie on tumblr before she faked her own death and started camming

No. 1534996

I think pumpy idolized Brina while she was a teen in Kentucky. Then as soon as she could she started cramming, moved to LA, rented a penthouse just like Brinas, developed an ED like brina, even starting banging Brinas ex Ty. She even named her cat “P” right after Brina started calling AJs daughter “P”. I think it’s a single white female obsession, but now pumpy is enjoying Brinas downfall as much as everyone else kek

No. 1535004

pumpy is a pretty spotlighted camwhore in those threads from the very first one, and she's only gotten more batshit crazy with time. one of my favorite cows, highly recommend going through the threads.

No. 1535058

Pumpky would talk about pretending to be underage for people on MFC and Sabrina and all her friends followed. Which I think that's the only right thing sabrina has done.

No. 1535189

That bitch had an ED loooong before camming. I love that pic of her looking like the crackhead chihuahua. I have to find that one again and then I’ll post it, kek.

No. 1535220

I believe the jealousy thing. Brina also had cam girl Ashemarie’s Instagram taken down by reporting it as a a fake a few years ago out of jealousy

No. 1535440

File: 1653166435416.png (7.68 MB, 1284x2778, A7275577-5133-4029-A6A8-B88109…)

LEAVE PUMPY FOR THE CAMGIRL THREAD(S). Granted, she’s far more milky these days than Sabrina’s curdled existence. Random thought: Sabrina and JJ sure do spend a lot of $$ on their appearances, only to go weeks without bathing/sleeping/drinking water etc.

No. 1535475

Pump used to go into Brinas room and tip her. One day back when Pump was new she was in there tipping Brina and someone said something like “damn you look good for having 2 kids” n Pump replied “wait you have 2 kids no way how old are they?” Brina snapped n said “what’s wrong with you guys we’re on a cam site stop bringing up my kids!!” then rolled her eyes n gave Pump a temp ban. She’s hated her ever since. That was in 2014 or 2015.

No. 1535577

Can someone fill me in on why they aren’t all in the same thread?

No. 1535706

Because pumpy deserves her own thread. We are here for brina. If you want milk on pumpy follow her many, many threads you retard.

No. 1535802

They're all like a shit cam festival with corn dogs at the concession stands and it doesn't really matter what thread they're talked about because it is all the same sad corn dog stick at the end. Sabrina is jealous of Pumpy, always was and now even more so that Pumpy is loving the life Sabrina once lived like 8 years ago.

No. 1536139

I must say that Brina did it 1000x better. Pumpy is hideous and she may live in a penthouse but I definitely don’t want to look or be like her in any way, shape or form. She is a depressing mess who’s downfall will be FAR milkier than Brinas. I wonder who her junkie James will be kek

No. 1536160

File: 1653236822477.jpeg (655.11 KB, 1242x1016, AB436A9D-3D52-4E3F-A920-064832…)

No. 1536250

File: 1653242025470.png (319.74 KB, 446x318, lollolcow.png)

pumpy has a place to live, money, and has come a long way with her looks while sabrina has done the exact opposite. not to mention pumpy doesn't have 3 kids and escorts out of a cafe

No. 1536266

For now, it does look that Pumpy is doing worlds better than Brina. If she can manage her money she might not ever end up like Brina, who is two steps away from panhandling. It’s truly kind of shocking to reflect on Brina’s demise … I remember watching her on Mfc back in her glory days, living in a penthouse, driving a Cadillac.. I thought wow she has it all. But oh how she has fallen. She truly is just a homeless drug addicted prostitute at this point. Kek

No. 1536277

They’re literally all the same.. Brina’s thread is dead on it’s own and had to feature Sandra in the title to even get it any attention. Nobody is here for Brina’s milk specifically because there really hasn’t been in a long ass time. Brina in relation to Sandra or Brina in relation to Pumpy…that’s all it’s been. People are talking about pumpy here more than in her own thread, kek.

No. 1536279

Thank you anon!

No. 1536345

Is this pumpy? Who is this? Wtf.

No. 1536520

Welcome back to the chat, Pumpy!

No. 1536556


It’s interesting because these cam whores are discussed & depicted so differently, depending which thread you visit. Anons are talking up Pumpy (in relation to Sabrina) here and if you go visit the Cam Thread aka Pumpy’s territory then people talk Sabrina up in comparison to her. All trash, basically the same pile - just different names.


If Pumpy’s BMI wasn’t literally 14 then she’d probably manage to pop out a kid or two or few. She’s in her “breeding kink” era and is currently faking a pregnancy to manipulate Sabrina’s ex Ty. YES - the same ex that Sabrina also faked a pregnancy with (for unaware anons). Apparently the guy can’t learn his lesson with these girls.

No. 1536565

Hi pumpy, you’re still ugly.

No. 1536596

can ya'll chill, i am not pumpy i am clearly just stating facts. pumpy makes monet while sabrina lives at her dads house kek, i dont need to be pumpy to point out how sad Sabrinas existence is. not to mention when Sabrina pretended to be pregnant with Ty he broke her phone and kicked her out to sleep in a car after finding out she was an escort kek.

No. 1536673

Yeah whatever you say Pumpy

No. 1536703

>Pumpy makes money
She hasn’t worked in a month and was begging for money just a couple days ago. She breaks leases, loses security deposits, pays for an over priced car she doesn’t drive. She’s barely afloat.

No. 1536899

Doubt if its PS, more likely someone who knows that Brina reads the thread here and is just trying to instigate. PS would be much more boastful and less well spoken.

No. 1536964

She also sleeps on a mattress on the floor, has no furniture, no nice clothes, really nothing to show for. Every penny she makes goes to paying for her dumbass apartment that she won’t be able to afford in about 6 months.

No. 1537142


Agreed, anon. Pumpy is still young enough to get herself into these situations where she can parade around looking afloat and like she is thriving. She’s a couple of years away from being in a similar position to Sabrina. The only way PS is more successful than Sabrina is at her ED, which thankfully prevents her from ACTUALLY reproducing.

No. 1537460

File: 1653345490213.png (Spoiler Image, 894.06 KB, 824x1346, Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 3.37…)

Oh James this explains a lot

No. 1537501

keeeeeeekkkk 3 inches, how embarrassing for them both posting this. Sabrina looks so bored

No. 1537504

HAHAHAHA!! I almost threw my phone across the room… wasn’t expecting to see James’s shaved lil pecker.

No. 1537506

It’s literally the size of her nipple to underboob n that’s with him stretching it as far as it goes LOL I thought it was gonna be bad but not like this

No. 1537517

this is the greatest debut of Sabrina doing actual porn we could have hoped for, i've actually never seen a dick so small

No. 1537522

omg hes practically pulling it off his body and its still so small

No. 1537523

File: 1653349968219.png (Spoiler Image, 291.16 KB, 454x739, lolcow.png)

No. 1537537

This thread has no chill and I’m here for it

No. 1537552

HAHAHA. I mean we knew he was prob not packin… but this is bad.

No. 1537556

File: 1653353474870.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 152.01 KB, 819x1800, C861D5CC-8C38-4946-84B0-0E9ABD…)

No. 1537559

File: 1653353820365.jpg (Spoiler Image, 584.06 KB, 454x738, lolcow_LI.jpg)

No. 1537560

File: 1653353913927.png (Spoiler Image, 1.99 MB, 631x1800, D2F84703-766A-4A96-A0F2-FA7AF7…)

No. 1537590

No wonder he literally lets her cuck him with her prostitution
He probably likes that shit and being humiliated, I’m weak

No. 1537598

File: 1653356728117.png (Spoiler Image, 649.83 KB, 690x517, lolcow.png)

she looks so happy with rhetts huge dick and so sad with James kek(dick sizes are not milk)

No. 1537788


I’m speechless. As other anons already said, it’s not unexpected, but my god.. What a strange thing for them to show off. Are there more screens?

No. 1537855

File: 1653368869854.png (Spoiler Image, 819.66 KB, 818x1328, Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 10.0…)

For someone who openly bragged about getting peed on by ex's. kek(already posted)

No. 1537935

I don’t understand why they did this. Are they desperate for money? Is embarrassing themselves for $30 (minus whatever OnlyFans takes) worth it? A sex tape of her and Rhett back in the day might of been hot but this is tragic.

No. 1538420

Obviously they are desperate for money. No it’s not enough money to publicly humiliate yourself but the girl is known for shitting herself in cam, so is this actually worse? Whatever pennies and buttons they made off of this disgusting video was enough to buy some k and forget about abandoning her 3 kids for a night. They are drug addicts with no jobs…this is not the last we’ll see of little James.

No. 1538429

kek nonnie plz I'm dying

No. 1538582

This is even more tragic when you think about the fact that they probably recorded this at her dads house. Yikes

No. 1538609

there is another one of james trying to be edgy by smacking Brina's ass and all you can see is his painted nails. So tragic

No. 1538653


Sharing is caring, anon - don’t forget this is an image board! Let’s see. I’m also assuming you’ve seen the one that’s been shared on here already: Is she even coherent or conscious in these? It sure doesn’t look like she is. Can’t say that I’d be surprised if they had to be borderline comatose to film this.

No. 1538662

He gives off sissy vibes with his short stature, shaved pubic hair, nail polish and hair braids for Coachella. Idc if it’s wannabe musician aesthetic - it’s gross and effeminate.

No. 1538683

File: 1653415686316.png (Spoiler Image, 801.22 KB, 818x1410, Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 10.0…)

There. Ya happy?

No. 1538707

The fact that you are getting snarky with anons yet you’re actually subscribed to the OF and giving these wastes of life money is making me laugh. Maybe I’m alone. Thanks for the screenshots though, kek.

No. 1538720

Did not pay a penny. Except my ISP bill. The internet is a fun place. I'm not that dumb

No. 1538737

It wouldn’t be surprising if the videos were uploaded to free porn sites by disgruntled people who paid for unappealing videos.

No. 1538785


I forgot Junkie J made his own OF, I guess he intends to show us more of his 3.5 inches in the future.

No. 1538790

File: 1653424577692.png (3.48 MB, 1074x1800, 4BE746FC-5C95-410D-A3B6-0A495F…)

Sandra is now living in a garage.

No. 1538836

File: 1653428006316.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1284x1829, 23DD44C0-52A8-4A4C-A74D-779C9B…)


You beat me, anon! I came here to say homegirl downgraded the pad AND the camera. I will still point out her shelf stand turned candy tray kek.

No. 1539038

File: 1653442435563.jpeg (982.18 KB, 1284x2225, ADB693B6-D895-490D-974E-BE925D…)

It’s interesting seeing Sabrina a normal size, the resemblance to her mom seems stronger with more weight on her.

No. 1539285

what her mom look like?you got a pic?

No. 1539358

File: 1653489769013.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1284x2141, 364269A7-13DD-4CD4-A9B9-385A90…)


Tried scanning past threads for a pic but either I’m impatient or a recent one has never been shared. My own reference has been the photos Sabrina has posted on her stories in the past - whenever she went through her “my mom and I are functional/friends” phases. Basically, her mom looks like an older but much heavier Sabrina with lighter eyes. The resemblance was always there but the added weight definitely accentuates their likeness. NOT to say that Sabrina is overweight or any anachan BS, but she definitely is not sporting her usual ED frailness lately. This super old picture from the OG thread was the best that I could find for you, anon!

No. 1539361

Pretty sure this is her mom

No. 1539366

File: 1653490412539.png (1.43 MB, 1284x2778, 22C8496C-BC16-46DA-B507-4B9732…)

Sabrina’s Amazon wishlist linked from her OF.. where is her homeless ass planning to store these items kek

No. 1539396

She must be planning on staying with her dad more permanently now

No. 1539459

File: 1653495708461.jpeg (613.45 KB, 1284x2106, 73A716ED-7C61-4461-B5AE-387CCD…)

Looks like much more 3 inch content to come.
I wonder what his family thinks about this as well as Sabrina’s influence.
Sabrina usually latches onto her bfs mothers and tries to call them “mom” but I haven’t seen much of that happen.

No. 1539471

Seems like they don't like her much but where is she camping out? Wasn't it at James' house?

No. 1539490

Where did her lips go? I thought she got a crazy amount of filler.

No. 1539511

File: 1653500966544.png (3.25 MB, 1318x1800, AAAB708A-5BB1-4167-A94B-39F234…)

She seemed like she was crying and she said she’s struggling with her depression.
She made more money than doing nothing like brina though.
She said she didn’t like the smell of the men in strip clubs and won’t be going back to work at one because she likes camming better.
Then she rolled around on the floor taking pics in a scattered manner, reached her countdowns, said she’s getting a third nose job and logged off.
Pretty tame.
Can’t wait for the third nose job though!

No. 1539518

File: 1653501370317.png (1.73 MB, 1115x1800, 9EAB2800-4102-4E19-B803-0DB5B2…)

That @jayboiwellpaid is the same guy they got drugs from last time they hung out.
Must be a plug.
Poppi ended up with them at some dive bar and was weirded out.
Jay posted James’s painting so they went back to someone’s house and probably stayed up all night getting high.
Sabrina deleted that tweet too. I knew she would do I grabbed a pic.

No. 1539586

Lol of course the deadbeat would tweet that on the same day 18 kids were murdered in their school. What an insensitive, braindead cunt.

No. 1539629

Sandra please don't get another nose job you are gorgeous.
Sabrina you are probably upset it wasn't your daughters school in Texas. I can't wait for the day you OD

No. 1539646

File: 1653510139675.png (440.59 KB, 734x367, lolcow.png)

and this is a photo before Sabrina got a chubby face, she will look like her mother in within a year kek and a grandma in another 2

No. 1539708

I don’t know why she allows guests to disrespect her and comment in her chat. She could easily turn off their ability to comment and put an end to it. Why do people care about her nose job so much?

No. 1539786

File: 1653516769038.png (8.13 MB, 1170x2532, 41C90C13-D60E-4005-9C75-E70EBA…)

Can’t wait for this!

No. 1539869

File: 1653520041382.png (Spoiler Image, 547.65 KB, 1036x607, lolcow.png)

James and Brinas bff Poppi aren't allowed to follow each other on social media still I see

No. 1540241


Those photos. The caption. Thank you for the laugh this is great.
Can you post a link?

No. 1540381

Mods locked the thread. You can find it in snow.

No. 1540674

File: 1653554814534.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1284x2259, 88583AE9-9B56-46B5-8B3D-6ABE3A…)

Rhinoplasty queen Sandra looks like she hasn’t slept in DAYS

No. 1540837

Hi Sandra! Jeez you really hate Brina now, don’t you?

No. 1540842

File: 1653578885351.jpeg (723.75 KB, 1284x2063, 97E56A90-95C1-40AB-892D-88DEF6…)

He really thought he did something wit this.

No. 1540872

I'm in sandra's discord server and she never does sleep. she tags everyone at like 12AM-2AM to play league of legends with her lmao

No. 1540916

Why does he have an onlyfans? Does he think people (other than us in here who want a good laugh) actually want to see him being sexual? Maybe he’ll follow his good friend Aaron Carter’s footsteps and borrow his girlfriend’s toys for a video.

No. 1541011

Geeeeeze. She’s looking strung out af. What happened to her Instagram or is she using a new one?

No. 1541039

His upper body is as doughy and flaccid as his little baby dick

No. 1541113

This is pumpy posting not Sandra.

No. 1541181

File: 1653599826474.png (2.43 MB, 1800x808, 32955B42-3781-4E54-96FB-778711…)

That stupid finger!

No. 1541807

File: 1653678520546.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 355.8 KB, 1800x1309, A816E00D-A6E3-41C2-8613-1E592C…)

Sure Jan, these pics are raw!
You just naturally don’t have any human skin creases at all, even on your pussy and asshole.
And don’t forget you were born with an ass in the shape of two perfect circles. Almost like that app snow you used to use.
Bet you sure do love that blank background behind you. Makes editing so much more natural and easy when you can’t see anything warped around you.

No. 1541856

Came here to say this.
“Raw” photos she fucking wishes.
She looks like dog shit irl without the photoshop.

No. 1541868

File: 1653682785493.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 368.44 KB, 1284x2234, 25ED3276-D201-4A72-B2A5-EE3966…)

I know that this is a nitpick, but at least get a pedicure before a photoshoot like this.

No. 1541898

File: 1653684038344.jpeg (2.13 MB, 1284x2017, 1EDA53AE-5704-429E-BBE8-35C5C8…)

weeping = every girl who has ever received a dick pic from junkie j

honourable mention: his mother, for bringing this cringetard into existence.

No. 1541914

File: 1653684832583.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1284x1295, 26539874-4EFF-4DA1-BD1A-923482…)

samefag, she can photoshop that waist all she wants but those flabby arms don’t lie.

No. 1542020

Why even try to pretend they're raws lol what is she trying to prove

No. 1542225

File: 1653709505241.png (3.14 MB, 1277x1800, 545F275C-7AB4-41EF-B7F1-5CF7BC…)

Go wash your hair you dumb bitch.
You cropped your feet out cuz they look trashy with that hole.
Give us more scar content like this ankle shot.

No. 1542652

This isn’t cool, edgy, or whatever. It’s cringe. JJ needs a real job instead of fail attempts at porn and music.

No. 1542819

File: 1653769110110.png (4.52 MB, 1800x1504, EAE8D158-E7B4-4EEB-A31F-8909C7…)

Account got hacked?
Where the fuck is your asshole in this pic on the left? I can’t figure it out.

No. 1542999

Are we betting on Sandra for getting her account deleted, tit for tat? Or maybe all of Pumpys minions bopped her, kek.

No. 1543027

File: 1653783928127.jpeg (428.17 KB, 1284x2265, 82C53C3A-B386-490D-A598-B73591…)

Cope much? Lucky, how?

No. 1543043

File: 1653786782817.png (4.12 MB, 1199x1800, 5D47E46B-8BEF-4AFF-BCDA-7EC275…)

What is with the thousand yard stare into her perpetual khole in every picture?
Her face has some life in the salon pic at the bottom.
And that face shoop with the silly finger. Brina your face does not look like that. It’s really weird that you’re trying to come across as a completely different person.

No. 1543045

File: 1653787247609.png (2.27 MB, 793x1800, 2766F4F0-5E1C-44A6-AE79-B57E9A…)

Thanks James for the candid shots of Brian’s nasty ass face and dirty feet.
Show us those scars baby. On your legs and now your hand too.
I don’t know how you keep gaining more people to scam so quickly but I guess you know where to go and what to do when you’ve been scamming people your whole life.

No. 1543057

File: 1653789302790.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 54.7 KB, 372x529, 2DE4AF9C-2FAC-4B2B-9CE6-5A8069…)

Her birthing hips are calling for a baby James

No. 1543058

File: 1653789326446.png (Spoiler Image, 1.75 MB, 856x1519, 20FDAA84-54B8-4238-8442-1E1D70…)

The Queen is back

No. 1543059

Jesus this all reads like incel commentary. There isn’t anything to be jealous of, she is a narcissist through and through and will literally never change. What are you even posting, a normal ass pedicure and the fast food poisoning level of gross cuisine at the Cheesecake Factory? I admit it’s kinda funny imagining her finding something to order there but she’s a seasoned bulimic or whatever, what is the narrative here. She has three kids that have more opportunities than she ever will now, without her, who cares just admit you can’t stop looking at her and discovering her butthole for some reason

No. 1543151

File: 1653799193795.jpeg (166.68 KB, 1284x1962, 4AA16945-F02A-4444-A78B-611E09…)

He was most likely asking for a free escort meet up.

No. 1543201

It would be amazing if she ditched JJ for Lil Xan! He’s her type and he’d actually be a (slight) upgrade.

No. 1543228

File: 1653808430686.jpeg (333.53 KB, 1279x1989, 6EAFBA80-6F07-4C51-B887-CE2C1B…)

Mother of the year

No. 1543292

Pretty sure that comment was on the photo of you bending over showing your asshole not you laying on a couch practically fully clothed.
You really know how to mold the facts to fit your version of the world.

No. 1543305

Don't hate on cheesecake factory just because Brina ate there

No. 1543341

I’m pointing out her hand scar not Cheesecake Factory.

No. 1543372

I feel like it's go fucking crazy without the surgery to make one of my first fingers bend again. State insurance even can be utilized for this kind of crap, go to the dang DSHS office ffs. Am I just crazy too for thinking Brina looks way better bodily since she finally quit the anachan bs for a minute? Maybe it's alcohol, maybe it's her mom's genes, who knows

No. 1543428

What derangement to say your daughter is your #1 when you literally have abandoned her for drugs and prostitution. Brina truly is the worst

No. 1543433


Lil Xan is definitely as broke as James is by now but I would also love to see her kick him to the curb to latch on to a washed up jelly-brained soundcloud rapper. She would be out the door so fast kek

No. 1543446

File: 1653840914849.png (4.51 MB, 1800x1237, D7996EBC-1732-427F-A7A0-21C21D…)


No. 1543497

Wow she shrunk her body so much too.
She sure does love her face app lmao

No. 1543498

File: 1653845517346.jpeg (529.1 KB, 1284x1544, 0717DD2D-6DCA-4F49-BB18-D164C0…)

In reality her face looks hard and harsh from years of Ed and drug abuse.

No. 1543643

A bit late, but she's really been on one lately. Her feet look worse than Shats. I didn't even know that was possible.

No. 1543669

This is really disturbing. I have always thought she was trash but this is next level… and traumatizing for her daughter. I think i’m done visiting this thread kek this is just too fucked up

No. 1543707

Child welfare agencies would classify this as sexual abuse. Sharing sexually proactive photos to a minor. Her own daughter. I’m beyond disgusted and disturbed

No. 1543722

Pearl clutchers; It's been documented since the beginning of these threads that she cammed, had sex toys, and attempted suicide in front of big C. This is not new information

No. 1543760

File: 1653869469513.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, AF6010AF-3124-4A7D-8026-A5957B…)

Good lord

No. 1543766

#1 mom material right there. She looks beyond fucked up.

No. 1543909


Her feet look absolutely vile. Why are they crusty and green? Doesn’t she get pedicures frequently? I mean at the very least use a baby wipe and foot scrub before the shoot. This dirty hoe doesn’t shower.

Her hair looks super greasy and look at her finger sticking up, lmao.

No. 1543915


I’m pretty sure she keeps 3 inch peck around because he buys her foot and get her nails done. who knows but the picture of her sucking Rhett’s big ass dick right after is kinda priceless.

No. 1543936

File: 1653886228367.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1284x1713, AB716EB3-9BCB-4943-8787-D0D920…)

“working” the street corner I suppose

No. 1543958

She said on her story they do 'Casino nights' and she always wears that black dress. What do you think they do? Blow the dudes while they play? Why the uniform when we know she would never work a vanilla job

No. 1543959

At least it's so small it can't get her pregnant and ruin another life, maybe her midget is a blessing in disguise, kek I can't believe I really just typed that

No. 1544186

Nah it’s only 3.5 when it’s stretched out beyond belief, kek.

No. 1544278

File: 1653929722643.png (Spoiler Image, 2.41 MB, 2128x1126, Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 9.54…)

Quality content from a porta potty. kek

No. 1544282

File: 1653930144212.png (Spoiler Image, 3.73 MB, 2774x1510, Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 10.0…)

This is so cringe. The video is the saddest attempt to be sexy I've ever seen

No. 1544559

nona they mean that we will see more content featuring his lil pecker, not that we will be exposed to more inches (or lack thereof kek)

No. 1544781

Oh my goddddd it can't get trashier than this, what incredible judgement she has.

No. 1544898

File: 1654000432867.jpeg (328.45 KB, 1170x1975, F77AC8F2-D8BC-4E0F-95EB-1EA750…)

I hope Sandra isn’t getting scammed again like that crypto shit she was conned into.

No. 1544982

It's SANDRA. She went from an entire bedroom suite and floor of her parents house, to a decent apartment, to now living in a garage. To take her advice currently while he's as depressed as she's stated she is on Twitter- would be really foolish. No hate to Sandra really, I honestly feel bad for her for trying to believe so hard that Sabrina truly cared about her back.

No. 1545067

File: 1654016271462.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 428.93 KB, 1170x1852, 7184882E-AC84-46D8-B63A-FA4561…)

Awhy has a little peen too.

No. 1545254

I’m a few days late to seeing this. You think Brina can’t get any more vile, then does that? Yeah, okaaaay….Fishing for compliments of your “sexy” photo shoot from your 13 year old daughter in an effort to prove to the internet all is well. I hope Big C eventually, in the coming years, will see what a piece of trash her mom is and that Brina is more committed to being a drug addicted prostitution than she is to being a mom. In fact being a mom is about the lowest of her priorities in her life. 3 abandoned children. It’s so disgusting, truly.

No. 1545305

Her daughter has seen worse, but it’s still inappropriate to send her photos like this. The photos aren’t overly raunchy, but why send sex work related photos to her daughter in the first place? Why is she seeking approval and validation from her child? It’s fucking weird.

No. 1545391

and Sandra has got some SMALL hands too.. She practically looks like a basketball player holding his manhood, yikes.

Honestly, I could be wrong, but the vibe that I’m getting from C in regards to Brina is she’s depressingly aware that *~even at 13~* she is light years beyond Brina in maturity. It’s like, heyyyy my “mother” has never been with me for a year straight in my thirteen years on earth because she would rather LARP as a teenager and have more children that she doesn’t even see - she’s put me through so much trauma but i have to be gentle with her because she’s a lost cause and we accept that.

No. 1545409


How the mighty have fallen (onto the tiniest dicks)

No. 1545425

Hahahaha yup. Sandra’s got man hands and it’s hilarious seeing her play with A-Why’s lil peen. Kek

No. 1545457

sry for half blogpost, my parents were/are very childish in their emotional development and I knew around the age of 10 that I'm the "adult" in the relationship, I kept my mother away from suicide, got my parents to talk after a fight, etc. I think that's one of the reasons that C is depressed, but still longing for the love of her mother, if you have to be the grown-up for your mother, you don't have much chance to develop yourself and you can never really be a care-free child. I feel sorry for her and would wish that Brina would just stay away.

No. 1545492

File: 1654042409951.png (2.46 MB, 750x1334, 84345417-C538-4D68-909C-ED19CE…)

Poppi - no interest in guns.

Mass child slaughter by an AK: posts ak’s everyday.

The simplicity in her mind “gun equals cool accessory hehe watch me pose!”…. It’s amazing.

I had been wondering how she could stand Sabrina. Her lack of self awareness of starting to make it make sense finally.

No. 1545535

Have nothing against A-why since he’s not on JJ’s level of loserdom, but it’s hard to see what Sandra sees in him. He’s not big downstairs but at least he’s not built like a small woman.

No. 1545573

File: 1654049828610.jpeg (566.97 KB, 1170x4246, FDBEABBB-30CF-4B66-8147-D5DE92…)

Her “kink”. I thought drooling and filters were her kink. Did she get a bed frame yet kek

No. 1545596

'scuse the gun autism but that's an AR, not an AK, that's also one that looks like a decent chunk of change w/accessories included, but the kicker is IANAL but that looks definitely like one which is illegal in the great state of California based on the type of pistol grip and the length of the barrel among other things. The laws are horrendously complicated but I'm pretty sure that is in violation.

No. 1545631

Have you watched her talking stories? She sounds as dumb Sandra in them

No. 1545632

Because he will date her. She was obsessed with that ugly twig Egovert. It's about having a boyfriend. It's about not being 'alone' it could be anyone

No. 1545660

File: 1654058003213.jpeg (232.03 KB, 1284x1936, 2ADDA95F-DAD0-4C1B-98D3-A380F3…)

Not to see her kids kek

No. 1545666

why does she look kind of like blaire white in this lighting though? lmao

No. 1545695

Had a gig with Poppy and now going to Nobu? Hooking paying well?

No. 1545732

they were there for melanie martins birthday with aaron carter>>1545695

No. 1545734

“i didn’t really think that much about it so yea” = how dare i be held accountable kek, these twats love to think they are something else but they are really so surface level.

Exactly and, to add on, he’s still quite young - especially in relation to the lot of them. Probably doesn’t know any better and likely has crippling mommy issues.

No. 1546031

File: 1654104175792.jpeg (476.18 KB, 1170x1996, 60AA65E1-3112-4187-9CE7-2FCB13…)

So they didn’t go to nobu?

No. 1546034

File: 1654104334748.jpeg (432.3 KB, 1170x1746, AAE64C08-19C6-4A1E-BF4A-841969…)

Why would you eat at some trash food place before going to an expensive restaurant? Can’t afford to get an entrée?

No. 1546076

Wait. So Melanie and Aaron are back together then? They are toxic af and have a baby. Sheeeesh.
I don’t really follow them on social media, but last I heard I thought Melanie had moved out??

No. 1546109

They’re “working it out” as of like 2 days ago. Aaron performed at Whiskey a Gogo and she was there. She’s been seen creeping behind him in his IG live videos.

No. 1546134

People usually eat multiple meals per day

No. 1546154

File: 1654113736044.jpeg (26.88 KB, 298x298, 2C01429A-7A01-4D2B-9F1A-7A3926…)

I believe this is Nobu

No. 1546155

File: 1654113767088.jpeg (610.26 KB, 1284x1684, 0AFF5719-5074-4A00-A400-FA5AA8…)

No. 1546171

Wasn’t Sandra better friends with Melanie than Sabrina was?

No. 1546215

damn Brina looks like a ghoul

No. 1546299

Yeah, wtf. I thought the reason Brina knew them was because of Sandra?

No. 1546311

James was friends with Aaron (through Sandra & Vero) before Sabrina was in the picture. I don’t think Sabrina is super close with Melanie. It’s kind of shitty not to invite Sandra but my guess is Aaron is still mad at her for siding with Melanie during their last breakup.

No. 1546367

Sabrina's the God mother of her child though. I don't think Mel is really close to anyone though, maybe her mom.

No. 1546471

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? These people are as methed up as they look, who in their right mind would make someone with three abandoned children their kid’s fucking godmother.

No. 1546669

Ugh, their poor baby. Makes me sad.

No. 1547010

I would choose Sandra over Sabrina to be a God parent if I had to choose sorry Sandra gave brina a roof over her head, food, money. Remember how sabrina talked about Stella and how you should never bite the hand that feeds you when they had their little feud about adding money to her check to earn more. Sandra doesn't even have children and comes across as a motherly overly caring person I think that's why a lot of us have a soft spot for her.

No. 1547013

Sabrina talked shit about every girl she's ever cammed with, Kristin is an escort but at least a successful one flying to other countries making money. Bethany has two children and takes care of them. Been with the same man, no more camping she's got clean and turned her life around so much. Stacey does acting and is dating some famous actor no longer drinking her sorrows away on cam. "Stella" four kids 3 different baby daddies but she's with the one of her last two not camping and seemingly takes care of her children. It's funny to see how much better she thought she was compared to them (not saying they are doing good in life, certainly better than her) Amanda aka little human/Corey, she's a mother stopped camming changed her whole life around she's probably someone to aspire to be more like which is ironic cause she had the most to say about her. She talks about everyone and what they are doing but has she ever stopped to look around and see her own actions? I can't imagine someone's so delusional

No. 1547015

Sabrina better stop messing around with lil pecker and start planning for a remotely decent future invest in your looks again and maybe someone will come around though I'm sure Aaron would gladly give it a go

No. 1547204

Completely agree. Sabrina has always had the most shit to say about everyone and now has the least shit to show for in life. She’s playing sleepover with her brain damaged, tiny dick manlet boyfriend in a dirty ass bedroom under her father’s roof. AT AGE THIRTY. Uses her eldest child for emotional validation and parades the dysfunctional relationship on her SW social media to imply the narrative that she has something to do with C. Still has absolutely nothing to do with her second child and seems to just decide he doesn’t exist anymore, since he’s not at her disposal. Popped into her youngest’s life a couple of times and is probably taking another few year hiatus, expecting to show up again and be called “mom.” IRS is on her. I’d imagine that, at very least, Michael is still pursuing Child Support. Nothing to her name and was literally sleeping on a pillow mattress (that she didn’t even own herself) in a frenemy’s closet. It’s just wild she thinks that she’s doing “okay” by any means. These aren’t setbacks anymore, Brina. This is your well-earned shitty life.

No. 1547249

I agree. She’s getting older and acting like an irresponsible boy crazy teenager. It’s sad she’s still going to be in this lifestyle by the time her daughter finishes school.

Sabrina’s life has a similar trajectory as my favorite personal cow I follow on another site, Ashley Fargo. Ashley used to be in the circle of wealthy Newport housewives before being be shunned. She’s a drug addict, drug trafficker, has a criminal record, is an occasional escort, and has a bunch of kids she doesn’t look after, and she’s in her 40s. Sabrina, this is your future if you’re not careful!

No. 1547327

She’ll talk shit about people she barely knows too. Years ago my friend dated her friend and they met once. Brina said nasty things about my friend’s appearance to her friend for no apparent reason. She’s a piece of work and it’s no surprise she does this to her friends too.

Her problems are beyond setbacks and she’s already fucked up her life beyond repair. No savings or education to fall back on. She had the opportunity to start something successful during her prime. Instead, she’s now the definition of a loser. Her life is exactly what she deserves.

No. 1547358

She's always projected her own insecurities and perceived shortcomings onto other girls and showed very little to no loyalty. She really should have paid somebody to make her a website with toys/molds/lingerie etc in her prime, because she really did have a ton of hype

No. 1547395

Kek. I would love to see Brina try to go for Aaron. Oh, the milky drama that would ensue.

No. 1547631

I feel bad for the server

No. 1547639

Brina would let Aaron impregnate her for sure

No. 1547666

File: 1654230886382.jpeg (398.91 KB, 1283x1408, B532BF64-D91D-40E5-BC6F-7CEB27…)

Another photoshop fail kek

No. 1547680

I think photoshop fails have become so common she just doesn’t give af anymore since it seems most followers tend to ignore it for whatever reason n still fake hype each other up

No. 1547683

Oh, 100% she would try to get pregnant by Aaron if she had the opportunity. What an epic drama that would be. She’s not pregnant by Junk yet cuz she doesn’t want to be. JJ has nothing to offer her, literally. The mf is broke, short, mentally impaired. He is only in the picture because Brina is struggling to come up on the next best thing.

No. 1547712

File: 1654238706069.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 362.35 KB, 1284x1733, 0E3A5829-DECE-4134-8C68-BB4850…)

Wtf is going on with her face?
I didn’t realize Brina was so much bigger than her friends. I thought she and poppi had similar body builds

No. 1547828

File: 1654253979758.png (6.63 MB, 1170x2532, 7FC016BE-1D71-472C-A588-CBF4C0…)

No. 1547838

File: 1654255080858.png (Spoiler Image, 6.78 MB, 1170x2532, D0E139D4-61C5-4847-9450-0DD136…)

Poppi is 5’0”.
Brina said she’s 5’7”
Jesus she looks like the demon she has on the inside.

No. 1547919

File: 1654263807122.png (3.11 MB, 1800x1054, 96710397-68EC-4A6A-BAE2-411477…)

No. 1547949

That's not remotely what her nose looks like..it kind of turns up and down at the same time. I think Brina is more like 5'8 in truth, but doesn't want to shatter her tiny/skinny facade. She towers over her manlet pet.

No. 1548020

Someone who’s spent a bit of time with Brina here, I’m 5’4” n she’s about an inch taller then me. I know this discussion has come up a few times before n her height has been argued. I don’t think she’s measured her height in recent years n just kinda guesses that’s why the response always changes. Don’t think she honestly knows.

No. 1548270

Oh, well that's simple, her nostril can smell the Ketamine in that direction. Also nothing against Trans genders, but Sabrina looks like she is a man, her broad shoulders, wide framed body, manly chin and square face structure. Along with the Jeffree Star lips and bolt on boob job. It just screams I try SO HARD TO LOOK LIKE A WOMAN in my $5 lingerie

No. 1548297

File: 1654290075420.jpg (1.22 MB, 1920x1920, InCollage_20220603_165907210.j…)

highlights magazine: can you spot the differences?

No. 1548366

File: 1654295355832.jpeg (25.36 KB, 339x435, 6F270583-61BD-498B-90A0-CEE934…)

They are honestly pretty identical

No. 1548516

File: 1654311101233.jpeg (376.08 KB, 2048x2048, 3C88B3DE-A9E8-4C21-87DD-0E29DE…)

Please tell me she’s TRYING to look dead and doesn’t actually think this is received as sexy or attractive…

No. 1548522

I legit like Sandra’s boyfriends new song. You know, if he treats her good, is supportive, loyal…. Who cares if he’s not the biggest. He’s got a cute face and most importantly to Sandra…. He’s a rapper!

No. 1548548

Thank heavens you told us, anon. We all needed to know your opinion, I’m so glad you didn’t sage your shit.

No. 1548563

We get it your boyfriends dick is small

No. 1548601

Oh James please go away

No. 1548637

Yikes. Imagine her bf reading this, kek.

No. 1548771

File: 1654344996520.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1284x2249, 479B2140-D237-46C7-940F-916D7D…)

lOoK aT mE, i’M sOOo diFfeRenT aNd qUirKy. Hope the drive slams on the breaks or runs a red so we can get her take on how comfortable it is then.

The only song of Sandra’s that I’ve listened to in entirety is that one with Scargum.. but I distinctly remember Sandra squealing something about her type being a nice body, big dick, and tattoos kek. Apparently not.

No. 1548774

samefag, “driver.”

No. 1548786

YoU dIdNt SaGe, shut the fuck up already! This site is probably your whole life, no one cares if it’s saged or not. It’s all milk and opinions, it’s the same shit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1548794

Right, and guess what? You still need to sage.

No. 1548892

File: 1654356600569.png (3.54 MB, 1800x1486, D8FE9ED6-A108-436F-BD45-87C777…)

I wish filters didn’t exist so you couldn’t trick people into believing you’re something special to look at.

No. 1548899

File: 1654356961080.png (2.88 MB, 1800x857, 4720FD19-924D-4081-BD4D-4325B1…)

No. 1549232

I agree. They've literally ruined a lot of people's realities >>1548786
You can't even get on lolcow now..that's a low, bye

No. 1549234

Noone hates you Sandra, they just question your life choices. If anything I hear people rooting for you egregiously

No. 1549263

The general vibe I get here is most people don’t hate Sandra but will laugh at her when she’s does something stupid or cringe. Everyone hates Sabrina because she’s a shit person.

No. 1549866

File: 1654430445526.jpeg (913.08 KB, 1170x1890, B89C18A2-E142-4A6C-9BBC-9C33A5…)

Where is her other thumb? Who’s face is that?

No. 1549890

File: 1654432427251.png (3.46 MB, 1800x1283, 2174A8F4-9070-4556-B7CD-380F69…)

No. 1549903

Addicted to FaceApp

No. 1549982

Looks like she’s trying to copy coconut kitty with the face app content.
And she had the audacity to post “no filter needed” just before posting these lmao

No. 1550225

File: 1654458720568.jpeg (346.04 KB, 1284x2103, 00411C6B-9ACE-441C-AF88-5AA55A…)

Sabrina looks like a fucking giant next to these girls now.

No. 1550268

I mean, I’m pretty sure Poppi is super short, like 5’0”. There’s way better things to clown on Brina for.

No. 1550281

File: 1654461117748.jpeg (384.15 KB, 1270x2271, 8DB04178-8496-4D10-A7CD-F5AAC6…)

Kek at Brina not moving an inch to help Poppy when she fell down trying to pose with her

No. 1550288

She’s like a robot. It’s like she really made herself brain dead and catatonic from all the drugs. She has no more dopamine left for regular emotions.
Does anyone else think Poppi is Sabrina’s next living situation victim? They’re already sharing lingerie.

No. 1550289

File: 1654461640639.png (6.53 MB, 1788x1800, 18271ED5-3135-4634-A580-8FE5D0…)

No. 1550291

Even with the extreme editing she isn’t the LEAST bit attractive or arousing. Looks like she’s about to poop as usual

No. 1550396

She's so freaking weird and zoned out with her phony "Ohhh noooo." Doesn't even bother to ask Poppi if she's okay.

No. 1550412

She definitely looks high on something

No. 1550505

Poppi’s complete inability to shake her ass…

No. 1550587

File: 1654483364904.png (3.75 MB, 1284x2778, 49367A89-DD8B-4242-8C86-4C6FEC…)

Sandra's Twitter

No. 1550643

Ugh. Poor Sandra. She’s a dumbass, but I really do feel bad about her mental health struggles. At least she said she’s going to be talking to her doctors about it. Unlike Sabrina who obviously could use meds and therapy, but rather galavant around like an idiot with Junk, all while ignoring her mental health issues along with her three abandoned children.

No. 1550772

The pluralization of doctor makes me think that Sandra is just out to do the same shit again - ie. see one doctor and get prescribed one thing, expecting it to work within a day (or max a week), and then switching to a new doctor with a new prescription.

No. 1550886

Good lord why does everyone feel bad for this twat? Sandra obviously just needs to eat something then poof she’ll magically feel 100x better. You can’t starve yourself of nutrients and expect to be happy. Maybe she should try drinking water and going outside for some much needed exercise?? Stop being an online whore?? These things will help

No. 1550909

Yeah what gets me is that she’s not mentioning any sort of therapist.
If she went to therapy they’d say exactly what we’re all saying here: EAT!
But she thinks pills magically fix your mood like street drugs.
These girls need therapists, not doctors.

No. 1550959

File: 1654526101262.jpeg (397.39 KB, 1284x2232, DBE27646-9244-4E80-96BD-C07257…)

I've noticed Rhett always stays a fan of Kristen's. Tinfoil but not really, I'm sure for a long time he wished he had been with her instead

No. 1551012

Oh I'm sure they have hooked up before kek, she was always the better catch than Sabrina even in 2014

No. 1551353

She is so pretty. I wonder if she never got into drugs and has been able to preserve her looks, she must be near 30. Does anyone know more about her? Pretty sure she used to go by anafox on mfc and then graduated to high-end escorting…

No. 1551482

She’s got a long story, but the tldr is she never recovered after her boyfriend suicided from their high rise balcony. She still parties very hard to seemingly escape reality. Kristin is harmless, just hella mentally lost unfortunately and always seeking next thing and will never settle down in life. She’s never really healed from anything. She left comments on the pics on his IG for YEARS after he died.

No. 1551493

File: 1654555001143.jpeg (478.08 KB, 1170x1840, 7B8D339E-8AA8-4762-837C-14D917…)

Samefag forgot pic

No. 1551519

Woah. That’s super sad. I guess the hard partying hasn’t caught up to her in the way it has Sabrina. Either that, or Kristin is way better at photoshop than Brina kek

No. 1551598

File: 1654562528236.png (960.95 KB, 675x675, 4332FE6A-9F90-490E-A703-142D37…)

Woah, that guy was 31 when he passed. Isn’t Kristen like 28 right now?

No. 1551690

File: 1654570363582.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, C57BF425-5C7D-4891-908D-BE9109…)

MiniJunkJames dick riding Elon Musk and the GOP. Ooh so anti establishment. What a rebel. What a free thinker. Soo edgy.

No. 1551698

Isn’t he married with children? The fuck is up with the coomer behavior? Pathetic

No. 1551699

James doesn’t work at all. What a hypocrite

No. 1551778

he isn't married n doesn't have kids. he's dating a girl who has a daughter.

No. 1551860

i mean, women don’t instantly degrade into old hags as soon as they age into their late 20s. so it’s not very surprising a woman has been able to “preserve her looks” even though she’s almost 30. that’s some incel hitting the wall kinda thinking.

No. 1552099

File: 1654615565253.jpeg (228.41 KB, 1284x1284, 6F1176D9-737C-49E8-87DF-D84BB5…)

Shouldn't you every day be doing..OF..your 'job'?

That's rich coming from someone who has burned bridges with EVERYONE. Even their own children and mother

No. 1552103

I love how Sabrina goes from a 13 second cum on my tits video straight to a "here's a video being fucked from behind and cum on my tits" like that escalated quickly. No one cares about her content so she has to like skip so many steps with making content, it's pathetic.

No. 1552104

My dude posts this while unemployed and dating an actual whore lol

No. 1552112

No shit. Many 30+ year old women are beautiful. But we are talking about drug addicted prostitutes here, who seemingly maintain party lifestyles. Brina, for example, has aged horribly due to her lifestyle choices. I think the point that anon was making is Kristin still physically looks good for being in that line work.

No. 1552145

File: 1654618305706.jpeg (234.11 KB, 1284x2283, DC23E066-57F2-4104-8AC8-0BB526…)

This aged terribly lmao

No. 1552161

File: 1654618989521.jpeg (93.93 KB, 1170x241, 7250916D-30AA-46EF-B05B-F27BF2…)

>“tons of content”

she’s had this OF for a long ass time and only has 40 pics uploaded n 40 vids under 45 seconds long. what fuckin content is this thot referring to???? absolutely none. she’s such a lazy ass flop nobody anymore scamming n full of shit like she always was. even the most inactive chicks on OF seem to have hundreds of pics uploaded at least. probably takes her all day to read messages from ppl who sub, realize there’s no content to be seen, then message her wondering what tf is up. burrito break? from her hard long day of work? get the fuck out she’s so fucking lazy lmao she’s incapable of literally anything. narcissistic bitch who documents her entire life has 40 pics up after years of claiming she’s WoRkInG sO hArD shooting n uploading new content all the time lmfaooo

No. 1552242

Not sure why she’s lazy with OF when she still has the potential to make good money. It’s because she’s never had a traditional job so she has no work ethic. Isn’t she worried about retirement? Having a permanent place to live? Saving for her kid’s college fund? Things regular people are preoccupied about instead of hanging out with friends and acting like a teenager. She could fix her situation if she worked hard on creating quality content. I mean ffs, Pumpy of all people works harder than Sabrina.

No. 1552263

Drugs are more important than anything

No. 1552272

Depression from her own past actions and drug use keep her from having the willpower or dedication to work like a normal person.

No. 1552280

I can’t find the pic but someone posted a photo of her without a filter. You can see she has skin texture issues and fine lines which is normal for a caucasian in their late 20s that’s spent a lot of time in the sun. It doesn’t change the fact she’s beautiful. It would be great if she laid off the facetune for a while or dialed it back a few notches.

No. 1552498

Pump is shitty but her past work ethic never was. You couldn't get her to log offline, she lived live steaming on that site n reaped the benefits. Nowadays she doesn’t do much, but when it comes to work ethic she’s always gonna do laps around Brina.

No. 1552505

File: 1654633896486.png (2.72 MB, 750x1334, 97E4CC7E-5D6B-4262-B3D1-8C3D68…)

No. 1552517

Wonder if her filler is migrating and causing a double chin kek

No. 1552638

Why is everyone memorized by this whore? She’s average looking with an ED…only “beautiful” by filters and photoshop. She’s been banging old, nasty johns to make a living. Always in a different hotel, no home, no car, no career. Just a better off stupid whore than brina but is that really saying that much?

No. 1552672

File: 1654651138186.png (2.89 MB, 750x1334, F9ADBDB6-6490-403C-A2A2-0DEC21…)

No. 1552740

File: 1654658920405.jpeg (315.65 KB, 1284x1837, 9674A599-37E4-42CD-8822-1FCE03…)

Her ego is out of this world for having to edit every single post.
You have never looked like this. Not even with your injections. Your time has passed.
Thank face face app for keeping your ever sinking career afloat.

No. 1552791

Poppi must have shown her how to use facetune cause her editing has gotten insane. Her waist, butt and face are so edited it’s unreal how obvious it is. It’s really bad shop hahah. Her face editing makes her look like a computer generated person in recent photos.

No. 1552864

She needs to start working out and hit a gym

No. 1553020

File: 1654697549192.jpeg (514.71 KB, 1284x1909, 6076F352-2CD5-4C33-AF4C-C4BB71…)

Magmatize? Sorry midget shrimp dick simp, that's not a word. You sorta tried.

No. 1553029

Everyone looks the exact same after using the 'Hollywood' filters on FaceApp. You fool noone but yourself with this shit Brina. We know what you look like. You should take your little minion on a walk or something.

No. 1553045

File: 1654699203528.png (3.47 MB, 1800x1611, FFA5726F-349A-411F-89EA-E162F3…)

It’s the same routine over and over.
Take some pics in shitty cheap lingerie, make a bit of cash from it, call jboiwellpaid and buy more drugs.

No. 1553067

Ew, cringe

No. 1553086

So where’s that anon at that says James isn’t a druggie n they know him personally kek. James is so fuckin embarrassing what even is this.

No. 1553176

Lmao the level of cringe is seriously off the charts. This is flat out embarrassing.

No. 1553314

Does anyone have proof that jboiwellpaid is their dealer? Or were just assuming

No. 1553392

File: 1654716729481.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 232.79 KB, 691x1077, 64A564CC-0688-4995-B41C-F09E22…)

Had to do it.
Why’s she always squatting in these pics?

No. 1553433

File: 1654718541319.jpeg (71.48 KB, 750x742, 2B70F895-9162-432E-AB6E-D819C4…)

BREAKING NEWS: Brina finally says something honest!

No. 1553455

You guys know these are Nas lyrics from ”it ain’t hard to tell”

No. 1553608

Apparently her butt is bigger than her whole upper body

No. 1553664

You think James can come up with any lyrics. He quotes everyone else because he is useless and brain damaged.

No. 1553692

I can'ttttt her edits are insanity

No. 1554028

Wait I've seen this cam girl before shitting herself as kittenforever18 right?? I'm sure she lets James shit on her will prob be an upcoming video kek

No. 1554094

Thinking she’ll be trying to afford a bbl next.
She wants to have an ass so bad.

No. 1554170

File: 1654757370579.png (2.41 MB, 750x1334, 26799D5A-D9DF-4FA5-B14D-3089C3…)

Her hands are SHAKING so bad in this entire IG story video showing off her nails

No. 1554298

File: 1654772684931.webm (527.57 KB, 480x854, hands SHAKING so bad .webm)

No. 1554860

File: 1654803157928.jpeg (298.33 KB, 1169x1599, 42DE56E8-A0B0-4C06-B461-79989B…)

I really wanna know what this “poker night” is.
Stupid ass shoop fail.

No. 1554875

File: 1654803536197.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1170x2179, 7DE4AF9B-9FDC-4ADD-8277-6F4679…)

Y’all drawing all over these photoshop fails is annoying as fuck. it’s easy to see n the drawing just takes from how bad it really is. like what the fuck did she do to Poppi’s hair trying to fuck up her own waist that bad

No. 1554918

Seriously, what in the world could these two be doing to service the public? Hmm

No. 1554931

When Aaron Carter was on the No Jumper podcast, the host pointed out Melanie (Brina’s friend) did the poker girl thing. The host mentioned he wouldn’t be okay with his girlfriend doing it because he knows what goes down. In another video Aaron was ranting about Melanie after a break up. He mentioned poker girls have sex and give blowjobs in the bathroom. I usually don’t believe much of what he says but this seems to have some truth to it.

No. 1555142

Lol she edited out all her internal organs

No. 1555642

I’m pretty sure the poker nights are the same thing as the groupies who hang around the high rollers clubs in Vegas. They get paid to stand around wealthy men all night while they gamble, and get paid even more to leave with them. Everything Sabrina does is tied to an escorting ring. No shade, but pretty much everyone who is a part of camming currently escorts or has escorted but will never admit to it. They’re all hookers. Camming is dead now and so is OF because the market is just too saturated.

No. 1555667

I mean, you’re wrong. Not everyone who cams is part of an escort ring lol but they have and can cross over

No. 1555720

You are correct to an extent. Girls get paid to give the poker players long massages, drinks, & food in nightlife attire and at a certain hour, they switch into lingerie. They usually have private rooms where girls will give lap dances + more. That’s where the money really comes in. Serving them drinks will maybe be a few bucks here and there. They get poker chips, and cash out at the end of their shift. All of these girls are usually on coke since the hours are long and go until the morning.