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File: 1499715292150.jpg (119.03 KB, 675x1200, 1496172648042.jpg)

No. 350141

new thread for discussing problematic attention whoring camgirls (Stormy, Sophie, Meg, etc)

mild recap of recent shit in the previous thread
>Stormy plans on getting small implants >>>/snow/338549
>still rages on twitter when she doesn't get what she wants out of her cam shows

>Meg's managed to earn enough money for her own apartment

>was going to shoot interracial porn with a random dude
>cancelled because said guy was "a creep"

old thread >>>/snow/240722

No. 350756

File: 1499801011215.png (Spoiler Image, 641.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170711-202141.png)

She looks like she's wearing a nappy

No. 350759

I generally find her oddly cute, but she looks like catlady Jocelyn Wildenstein here. Maybe it's the brows or the face expression?

No. 350766

Its her glasgow smile

No. 350833

The eyes squished into slits by puffy cheeks.
I have the same thing.
She's looking cuter to me these days because of how hideous and creepy Stormy looks and chubby looks much softer then bone thin but sometimes her face is just so.. odd i cannot look away. It does look a lot like the cat lady's face

No. 350836

I agree, I feel like farmers stretch her too much, she doesn't have the best body ever but her face is cute, I prefer her body out of the other camwhores cows though because at least she looks like she actually frickin eats, too bad she is dumb as hell lmao

but yeah, of she took better care of herself, was more intelligent, etc etc she would be attractive

No. 350861

>but her face is cute
It's really not. Her body isn't that bad though, especially when you're constantly seeing a tragedy like Kat's.

No. 350866

idk man, like it's not conventionally korean baby face cute or anything, but I like round pale faces with light eyes

No. 350880

She was only cute when she was skinny. Now her already weird features are drowning in face fat.

No. 350885

I feel she's always been a Trainwreck but knows how to do makeup/use angles and edit into making people think differently.
I knew of her before age 18 and when she'd post questionable pics/GIFs for someone of that age you didn't realise she was a saggy titres, flat asses troll.

She used to comment on girls who had a cleavage and say they were just using push-up bras. It all made sense after I saw her saggers, she thought perky breasts were the stuff of fantasy.

No. 350889

The anons that keep calling her cute whenever she actually decides to take a more flattering selfie than usual haven't been lurking the camgirl threads enough.

No. 350909

File: 1499826873392.gif (1.26 MB, 400x267, tumblr_n1dix0qgVE1tso2aio1_400…)

exactly it is the fact Kat looks so terrifyingly gross that it makes Meg look cuter in comparison
Yes this is what makes her look like the plastic surgery cat woman
the fat in her face is puffing up so much it's making her eyes turn into slits when she was much more thin her eyes where also weird looking but much more interesting

No. 350925

I don't think Meg's body is bad, it's nothing amazing but I'm not grossed out by it. I think she seriously needs to get lingerie that actually fits though.

No. 351153

File: 1499873640806.jpg (120.63 KB, 1080x720, DEhs8lfXUAcrATP.jpg)

How fucking cringe is this?

No. 351340

Vegan? What does she do with the vegetables, deep-fry and coat them in sugar?

No. 351421

I know a fair few fat vegans but what gets me is that when she hooked up with that Dorian bloke she just threw it all out the window and kept bangin on about chicken and then goes back to "plant based princess" bullshit

No. 351446

File: 1499899898904.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.91 KB, 877x655, DEhAtcuXoAALFIM.jpg)

The sad thing is this has to be with her Invisalign in because her teeth are way more fucked than this.

No. 351449

File: 1499899999664.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.7 KB, 872x652, DEhAuS5XYAAhZ2i.jpg)

All the money she made and still can't get her skin right.

No. 351480

Fuck that's a breakout and a half. Does being really underweight contribute to this shit? Idk

No. 351498

she eats like shit. she might not eat a lot but eating greasy, sugary, shitty food isn't good for your skin.

No. 351513

It is, you can see them shining in the light.

No. 351548

It's not like there's a sudden fix for acne just because you have money. Hers looks hormonal. There's a bunch of famous people with acne. There's enough things you can criticize her for already

No. 351557

File: 1499905941496.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.88 KB, 564x526, DEkcBR7UMAACINR.jpg)

Sure there's a ton of things you can do to treat hormonal acne. Her shitty looks are just one of the many things we can criticize her on.

No. 351588

Does this bitch ever wash her face? She should find a cheaper apartment and spend the remaining on a decent diet, better skin care, and some laser surgery, chemical peel,or really good facial

Holy shit this kinda reminds me of my pms skin when i was in high school and shoved chicken nuggets and coke down my throat and only ever used the cheapest face wash i can find

No. 351599


The thing is it's a part of her job as a cam girl to put on make-up, look good on camera and entertain the members in her room. She puts zero effort into camming and wonders why no one wants to tip her.

She only wears makeup about 35% of the time and makes it seem like such a huge thing when she does wear make-up. She is so full of shit.

No. 351753

She need some accutane or something, or diff birth control.. also cleaning her diet up and drinking enough water will help as well as regularly moisturizing. Even if she has oily skin, moisturizing will help regulate her skin. Her hair needs a trim and a deep conditioning treatment. Sage for unwarranted advice

No. 351831

Wow, and she's had braces since…? A couple of months? Her teeth already look pretty aligned.

No. 351886

File: 1499965883356.png (841.45 KB, 810x1440, Screenshot_2017-07-13-20-01-55…)

pumpy's face in that pic from her latest photo shoot is just… i don't even know. something between a starving artist/kiddie crack whore/hot topic child. either way, it's not looking pretty.

also, she deleted most of her ig pics.

sometimes i truly and honestly feel for this girl. she seems like the kind of person who would've gotten out of all of this crap had she only had some kind of family support/love/whatever. she just seems so fucking clueless, lost, confused and doomed for some really, really bad stuff. i remember how she once told her mfc room (during her high rank/huge tips days) how her mom leaves drunk voice messages on her cell calling her a whore/slut and telling her stuff like "when would you give me some of that whore money you got now?", and she tried to appear all casual and "proud" when she told it, but it was just so fucked up and awkward, it was like something out of an art-house white trash film (?). iirc i didn't even see it live, it was in a video someone uploaded somewhere. i wonder if anybody knows what i'm talking about.

No. 351942

Even in clothes her body looks way too boney, those knees…

I feel like she would be cute if she put on some healthy weight and practiced better hygiene/skincare.

No. 351946

File: 1499974622405.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.53 KB, 1023x767, DEhVVIxXcAAH2dG.jpg)

It's not braces, it's a tray that makes them look straight.

No. 351959

File: 1499976832922.png (127.88 KB, 750x973, IMG_2542.PNG)

I know exactly the vid you're talking about anon, some YT channel called LilyNeedsAPad uploaded a bunch of camgirl spergs, notably a lot of Pumpy's. /amen

Anyway, here's a cap I nabbed for some sort of contribution of one of the bras Pumps bought for post-op. I really hope they look like bolt-ons, this bra looks big-ish..? She keeps saying "you guys won't see my boobs for a while teehee!!" But how else will she make money?

No. 351977

yeah, that was the channel. it also had paris_lovely stuff, right? it was pretty epic, i wish it was still active.

regarding the breast implants – now THAT truly makes me wonder who's gonna be her target audience now. like, the extremely malnourished look PLUS bolt-ons is only favored by bizarre-porn freaks/true pervs. what is she trying to achieve by that? how can it be that every single decision that person makes is more fucked than the previous? i just. can't. even.

No. 351979

It's Invisalign, an invisible retainer that aligns teeth

No. 351999

Guh, who is the sick fuck surgeon who has agreed to do this without saying she must gain some lbs.

No. 352022

Jesus take the wheel

No. 352333

File: 1500032375864.png (164.27 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3970.PNG)

This thread has set Pumpy and Big Lotte off. Kek.

No. 352335

File: 1500032503114.png (169.18 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3972.PNG)


No. 352336

File: 1500032615305.png (178.51 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3973.PNG)


No. 352338

File: 1500032740293.png (185.58 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3974.PNG)

More kek.

No. 352340

File: 1500032890718.png (156.17 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3975.PNG)

Can smell ass. Someone's ass is being emema'd.

No. 352345

No. 352353

fucking ouch. next to all those skinny chicks. tbh i would feel like taking a toaster to the bath.

No. 352648

This is sad, her legs are still relatively thin she's just got a massive gut and those awful tits. Hope she can get her meds right and get healthy…her ED wasn't healthy but this isn't either.

Also I think it is masochism to be on MFC if you are not a thin girl. Most of the models are quite tiny. If Charms needs to make money camming she should do Streammate or something until she gets her shit together.

No. 352691

You mean all of those "friends" who dumped your gross ass because they discovered what a huge bitch you are? Yea, THEY'RE the fake ones, Pumpy. Making the real $$ while your camscore gets worse and worse.

No. 352692

No. 352984

File: 1500136623403.jpg (68.22 KB, 1024x764, IMG_20170715_172557.jpg)

Love the 0 effort look

No. 353076

File: 1500149287054.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.1 MB, 2341x1677, 20170715_230402-1.jpg)

i don't know which guys are more disturbing; the ones who tip pumpy or the ones who tip sophie.

in some weird way, i feel like sophie is even trashier. also: that messy room/lighting and the shitty trap she's listening to while she's shaking her bones.

No. 353195

Sophie has a better face even though she's losing it from being so thin. But she isn't like a bitch is she? Idk.

No. 353251

File: 1500166486555.png (127.44 KB, 1080x805, Screenshot_20170716-013809.png)

This dumb hoe think she got a "bf" again. It's blates another percent online. Because that's gone so well in the past!

Remember celibacy? Basically just her excuse whilst no one would fuck her. That will be out the door now.

Taking bets on how long this "boyfriend" will last and if they ever actually meet.

No. 353460

>"a chill day", "just chilled"
>daddys pre-birthday fun


No. 353484

Sophie is an annoying poop shoot licker who has a desperate need to be liked and that bitch ACTUALLY wishes she was pumpy the anachan. Don't believe? Why the fuck is Sophie looking skele spoopy as fuck these days? She looks so fully proud of her anorexia, it's disgusting, her regulars must be hanging around her because she's so tragic looking and think she might top herself if they leave. Ew.

No. 353485

Link is to vid of Sophie sobbing while kissing Stormy's ass..apparently Stormy spent $200K on camgirls when she made her million that first year and I think she paid Sophie a ton. Apparently she shit talked her after she stopped being tipped so much, but possibly not, she still seems to want to wear Stormy's skin

No. 353488

File: 1500210483802.png (153.3 KB, 750x995, IMG_2702.PNG)


No. 353489

File: 1500210658958.png (132.95 KB, 750x1163, IMG_2704.PNG)

First photo of Pumpy post-op…will the reveal be horrifying or not so bad? Regardless, she survived surgery including the massive cocktail of meds her doctor has her on (she even photographed it and posted it on twitter…)

No. 353491

Is it normal they look so far apart?

And even if the boob job turns out ok in quality there's no way SHE is not going to be fucking horrifying if she's losing more weight lmao fucking disgusting

No. 353494

It takes a few months for implants to fall/settle so them looking like that right now is normal, in a few months it can be determined if they're well done or not. Saged for boob talk

No. 353504

She said she burst her stitches. Dear God.

No. 353507

File: 1500215489614.jpg (45.81 KB, 744x744, IMG_20170716_153009.jpg)

This is them.
They look pretty small, like why even bother.

No. 353508

if she just gained weight to weigh a normal amount wouldnt her boobs just return anyway? and like to this size probably

No. 353539

These new tits can't even help the fact that she still looks like a freak show.

No. 353589

File: 1500228948819.png (420.37 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3986.PNG)

Kitten_Spoopy is online now. This bitch is truly offensive to look at. Like her anorexia and her non realisation of how truly disturbing and disgusting her hip section and knock knees are is giving me rage… She'll probably say ppl are jealous. Yeah, she shit talked Pumpy after the tokens died down but still Pumpy anachan is still foul as fuck anyway. Like a piranhas in a bucket all disgusting and bound to turn on each other at some point.
That Megan Marie bitch is unbelievably dumb as fuck also. Never knew her before this board but now think she deserves a punch in that ugly nonexistent taint she has. I can't believe this ho is just showing off that hella ugly back end like nothing. If she lost weight maybe it'd make an appearance? Jfc.

No. 353592

But this bitch looks like a fuken mannequin now, ya? Gahd.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 353626

don't doctors often advise against giving implants to girls with low BF % because the implant would be noticeable through the skin? plus I've seen some doctors put skinny girls on weight gainers before surgery

honestly, as someone who wants to be a plastic surgeon when I finish school and residency training, if she came into my office I would have prescribed her weight gainers, told her to up her calories, put her in therapy, then if she still wants a boob job then I would have done it, who was this psychopath of a surgeon? sage for blog

No. 353647

I used to assume Stormy was anorexic like everyone else but after following for awhile I truly believe she does eat and has major health problems that cause her to not be able to get to a healthy BMI.

Like she says her mom smoked meth when pregnant. She has some kind of, uh, fetal meth syndrome thing going on.

Either way, I would most doctors would be hesitant to operate on someone with such a low BMI whether the cause of that is an eating disorder or not.

No. 353653

she used to run off to the bathroom while on cam after she ate. she has an ED.

it's partially the lack of fat that does it. it's why pornstar tits are usually far apart too.

No. 353675

She looks a lot like iDubbz in that pic, poor thing

No. 353676


I don't think Stormy is anorexic either. I think she is just naturally freakishly small, especially since she's not excessively bony. Someone who starved themselves to a 12.8 BMI would definitely be bony. She shares a lot of facial similarities with Jude Karda (youtuber) who is also extremely waifish. It's gotta be some kind of syndrome/disorder.

I was watching TinyLexi on cam last night and she is someone who clearly has an eating disorder. She was 90 pounds last summer when I first saw her on cam and looked fine, but she looked horrible last night. I am guessing she is 75-80 lbs now. She's not as small as Stormy but she is definitely bonier because it's obvious that she starves herself. She got dat zero fat Sophie butt going on, the kind where you don't even have to spread the cheeks to find the hole.

Stormy's ass might not be p h a t but it DEFINITELY has more fat and is much more nicely shaped than Sophie's and Lexi's because she probably doesn't starve herself.

No. 353677

>she used to run off to the bathroom while on cam after she ate. she has an ED.
Not proof. Most normal people go to the bathroom straight after eating - to wash their hands and teeth.

No. 353678

i always thought she was bulimic but i think i just read that from someone speculating. in the last thread she said she weighed like 70 pounds and that she has a high metabolism or something
i would of thought she'd want to keep her prepubescent appearance to get the big tips from the pedophiles

No. 353687

Well meth does seem to keep the weight off lol that's probably the effect of her mothers drug taking, I thought that an ED would rule her out for surgery. Apparently when everyone threatened to get her kicked off the site, I think she got badly reported MFC told her if she tried to cater to pedos then she's gone, ever since then she's not looked like the pedo bait that she started out as.

No. 353704

I think you're right. She's only 4'10/11 too iirc.

No. 353725

That's meg. Kat is 5"2.

No. 353727

I always thought that's why her teeth were all gapped. Eroded from excessive vomitting.

No. 353740

>She shares a lot of facial similarities with Jude Karda (youtuber) who is also extremely waifish. It's gotta be some kind of syndrome/disorder.
Jude Karda has an eating disorder. You kinda shot yourself in the foot there.

No. 353796

she def starves herself anon, but she has good proportions, the problem is that she is just so skinny it isn't even the slightest attractive, assuming she gained some weight the healthy way, not only would her skin get better but she would also be more attractive, I feel like if she gained to where she was 110-125 the most she can be curvy, like legit curvy not tumblr curvy

No. 353804

File: 1500252852762.jpg (162.45 KB, 740x1058, IMG_0609.PNG.918224c916c66497b…)

that period bloating amiright?

No. 353838

There sure are a lot of people saying Kat is a healthy/ good looking. how ironic this is happening after Charms told Stormy about this thread.

No. 353855

I think it's disgusting these bollocks laxative drinks pay severely underweight women to advertise their shit. That bag of bones has never looked bloated.

No. 353928

Jesus, where do her organs go?
Thanks mr skeltal

No. 354017

File: 1500299382234.png (712.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170717-144653.png)

So this is Megan's "boyfriend". Of course he's never mentioned her anywhere, they never do!

No. 354075

File: 1500306617138.png (283.01 KB, 1074x1380, Screenshot_20170717-164711.png)

Surprise, surprise. Kat's surgeon was trash.

No. 354077

File: 1500306799886.jpg (191.01 KB, 1242x1295, IMG_20170717_165238.jpg)

No. 354085

why talk about this lol youre just showing what an idiot you are for not looking into this dr beforehand

No. 354126

considering he operated on an anorexic girl, I'm surprised he was a legit doctor and not some shady black market dude or quack

No. 354138

she should apply to be on botched

No. 354146

Now serious question: why all cows on here that have surgery always end up with a botched job? First Charms, then Loonie, now the crypt keeper. Is it that hard to find a reputable surgeon?

No. 354151

Welp, there's that. Not that I'm shocked her boobjob is botched as the surgeon was already being shady by agreeing to it without requesting her to put on even just a little weight first. I do still feel kind of bad though. They are going to look so bad.

Probably because they try to save a few bucks and go to shit doctors instead of paying the little extra to make sure it comes out alright. Also, cows are often lazy or even lack hygiene which can interfere with the healing process.

No. 354272

Should we really expect them to make any logical decisions?

I'm not surprised she's having issues, no reputable surgeon is gonna operate on someone like her.

No. 354275

She actually posted the name of the surgeon on her Facebook, in case anyone feels the need to look up him or his practice.

That said, his instructions of "bed rest" were immediately ignored by Pumpy and she went out on the town walking and possibly tore some of her stitches doing so.

We're still waiting for the official "after" pictures.

No. 354279

She seriously went out immediately after a major surgery…?

I forsee her e-begging for a second surgery to fix this one in the very near future.

No. 354290

File: 1500333814967.jpg (69.87 KB, 720x480, tumblr_ot9a5rFcqI1tvky6qo1_128…)

Dafuck is this?

No. 354293

File: 1500334123163.png (69.44 KB, 596x628, pumpyoutaftersurgery.png)

No. 354299

She got a flight back to Vegas. I'm not sure where she was but she didn't seem sure if she could/should fly or not and said it'll be fine cos there's no turbulence in Vegas or something dumb.

No. 354316

She was in San Diego.

No. 354479

That's tragic considering the amount of girls she knows with boob jobs. But I think she doesn't get on with them so she shot herself in the foot.

No. 354844

File: 1500410151307.jpg (187.63 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20170718_211620.jpg)

Has she still got the pen lines on her? Is that normal..?

No. 354846

File: 1500410270657.png (Spoiler Image, 810.73 KB, 986x1485, Screenshot_20170718-213011.png)

Here's the new boobs revealed.

No. 354847

File: 1500410405683.png (Spoiler Image, 701.2 KB, 1065x1615, Screenshot_20170718-213024.png)

Obviously they're in a bad way but looks like a gap of doom between em.

They're so small though, what was the fucking point?

No. 354848

Honestly, they don't look awful… yet. She went with a reasonable size for her body type and it looks like they didn't even have to do nipple grafts. We'll see if she continues to botch the healing process though. Shouldn't she be wearing a wrap or something?

No. 354854

Dude she still has the pen lines KEK

No. 354859


these look rock hard because of how Skelly she is. It's almost comical.

No. 354862

They look legit three times the size of her originals. They really haven't made much of an impact on her really.

No. 354889

They look nice right now (!!!) but they'll gonna start looking horrible if she keeps mistreating them like that

No. 354900

File: 1500414081167.jpg (19.78 KB, 400x400, lol.jpg)

No. 354903

Seriously, like they look really weird to me. She kinda resembles a blow up doll now. I'm sure if she gained a few pounds then it'd look miles better.

No. 354907

Is it just me or does she look slightly more off putting with them? Before she was just a flat skelly but having such little breasts makes her look more like a girl going through puberty.

No. 354922

File: 1500416646312.png (97.82 KB, 1080x1127, Screenshot_20170718-232239.png)

Meanwhile, floppy tits is over this new guy already ?

No. 354938


Get out of her Kat, you aren't fooling anyone.

No. 354942

Nah, I'm the first one. I was expecting big awful boulder tits. These are pretty reasonable and look okay considering she just had them done.

They are going to be swollen/firm for a while until she heals. By then they might look bad, but right now it's difficult to say.

No. 354944

wat. I'm not Kat and maybe I just had absurdly low expectations, but I agree with those anons, they really don't look as bad as I thought they would. Honestly thought they would be absolutely horrific.

No. 354958


Yeah they look ridiculous because they so hard and far apart. How much do we think she paid for this botched boob job?

No. 354961

Think the estimate from those who have been discussing it was in the $6500 range.

No. 355224

File: 1500465104687.png (655.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170719-124902.png)

She oiled up her boobs. Ffs how stupid can you be. She might as well pour chilli powder in her open wounds.

She is bad at this.

No. 355225

File: 1500465125769.jpg (52.63 KB, 656x1024, IMG_20170719_124128.jpg)


No. 355250

File: 1500470359876.png (101.64 KB, 1080x803, Screenshot_20170719-141453.png)

Bitch literally does nothing. Imagine having the cheek to say that. Oh today I should maybe film myself ramming a dildo up my ass then edit out the ugly bits and pump up the brightness to hell. Or well you don't have to cos you're not employed.
She can't even keep up with filming 1 shitty video a week and sit on her arse on cam more than like once a month.

No. 355323

All boob jobs look like that immediately after getting them done, that's why you have to wear a special bra for a few weeks / months because it helps them fall into place
She mentioned putting vitamin e oil on them before so if that's what she did it's fine, it helps heal wounds & prevents scars

Saged for random ps talk

No. 355452

File: 1500483695270.png (Spoiler Image, 781.11 KB, 1080x1514, Screenshot_20170719-175026.png)

Send halp guyz

No. 355491

i really hope shes wearing an implant stabilizer band or gets one.on her body type, implants can ride up and shell look like charms lmao

No. 355504

File: 1500489315574.gif (993.95 KB, 268x258, jZaDo.gif)

>ignores obvious hemorrhoids

No. 355656

File: 1500502500375.jpg (41.07 KB, 680x510, DFIV7VFUIAAOr1l.jpg)


No. 355721

Jesus christ the amount of botched work I see here. With skin this ridiculously tight and a patient this thin, you'd think the doctor would have the patient stretch the skin with an incredibly prosthetic first then size up accordingly. I suppose for a sex worker, they don't want to go through the time and multiple surgeries (some would be out patient), but they'd be able to have a well done, natural surgery. What I see her is obvious and unnecessary trauma that will result in poor healing and permanent skin damage with scarring. Sad these type of doctors don't mind creating this level of grotesque plastic surgery.

No. 355722

not well done natural surgery.

Well done, natural looking breasts*

No. 355817

hemorrhoids are arguably caused by tight anus.

her anus looks diseased af.

No. 355870

File: 1500515490396.png (Spoiler Image, 244.95 KB, 519x451, Screenshot_20170513-190602.png)

Roids are just a part of life, we've all had blood in our poop at some point. I've never had external ones that were visible but they're the easiest ones, only have to use the creams. Suppositories are a nightmare. You ever farted after a suppository? You fart white powder hahah. It's the fact she completely denies it and won't treat it. It's only gonna get worse. I can't believe she posted that pic thinking it's normal..

No. 355874

>we've all had blood in our poop
Wait… what?

No. 355880

You've not had poop in your blood yet? You must be young. Everybody gets hemorrhoids at some point in life. It's very common. But if that happens or you see obvious swollen blood vessels on your asshole then you treat it, not deny it.

No. 355888

The usual age of onset is 45-65 years old. That's like 105 in lolcow years.

No. 355939

How is her anus that pink?

Really? NAYRT but I got the rroids before I even hit puberty

No. 355966

as much as I would hate to break it to everyone, they do look good (at least if you can't see the scar)

but she got such a shit and awful job done, as said before thin patients are often encouraged to gain around 10 lbs if they are going to get implants because you can see the implant line, they remind me a bit of my boobs, the shape, size and nipple size, she honestly would have easily gotten these results if she actually freaking ate food that wasn't diet coke and 2 chicken tenders

No. 355977

They look horrible anon. Maybe you only like them because you identify with them so much,lol. You should have sage too lol

No. 355983

how so? I get people are super nitpicky so any tits that don't look like barbie tits are horrible, but I can't really find a problem with them other than the nasty ass infected scar, they look like perfectly normal boobs, no they aren't goddess tits, I just think that they aren't the god awful tits people say they are

No. 355993

Calm down everyone, she literally just had them done. Those aren't even scars yet, they're still freshly stitched up wounds at this point. It's honestly too hard to tell if they are going to look bad or not yet. Implants take a while to settle and the surgery site will be swollen, bleeding, and bruised for some time too.

If anything, we should stop infighting over if they look okay and focus on how awful she is at following her after care. If anything is going to mess her new boobs up, it will be that.

No. 355995

Thats why i hate them. Barbie tits is an insult. Breasts should sag and in her case I hope they do drop in a few months.

So how does she afford that nice apartment? Can't imagine what her rent must be like

No. 355998

look, most men find plastic surgery unattractive, so you don't need to worry about your boyfriendo fapping to stormys fake tits anytime soon

and breasts that aren't that big, don't need to sag, stormys breasts with implants are still small, they don't need to sag, in fact most tits that are A- small C don't sag at all and are natural, believe it or not anon! I usually don't pull the jealousy card, but you sound insecure about your saggy tits anon

No. 356003

I don't even have big boobs lol I just LOVE big natural breasts a la Kendra Sunderland. My boobs are just a B cup + nipple. And since you brought it up my boyfriend only cares about big round butts which is my only redeeming quality

Lmao now can we get back to it. How the hell does she afford that nice place?

No. 356004

tiny nipple *

No. 356005

Speaking of Kendra Sunderland, a girl NO ONE talks about on here, she was the Oregon library camgirl. Apparently she just did her first interracial gangbang for Blacked but her boobs look soo tiny and she looks so sickly. I'm kinda worried about her. She escorts (just like every other pornstar) on the side so I hope she's okay. I genuinely like her.

No. 356007

her boobs look tiny?
meh I actually like her boobs, they look different without the bra than I was expecting though

"breasts should sag""my boobs are just a b"
good to know you have tiny saggy tits anon

No. 356009

lol why are you so obsessed wiv me? Give other people a chance to reply to me. I could give a fuck about how my boobs look. Sure if they're saggy I wouldn't care. I have plenty other great qualities lmao.

But people are speculating Kendra got HIV(infight derailing)

No. 356010

then why shit on her tits for not being saggy? I'm not "obsessed" with you noodle tits
it's 1 am I'm not gonna "give other people a chance to reply" it's an imageboard, not a line to speech(infight derailing)

No. 356021

File: 1500544097777.png (179.17 KB, 1189x797, rant.png)

Seriously though, can you two stop the infighting over titties, it's embarrassing. No one cares.

In other news, did anyone else see Stormy's big twitter rant about how great she is?

No. 356049

anal bleaching, she seems like she does it

No. 356067

Nah, no way she does that. I think it's a mix of her being super pale and just the editing of the lighting in her videos. Colour intensity is through the roof init.

No. 356076

>I'm healthy


No. 356240

This tbh. She's just "lucky" in her pigmentation I think. Anal bleaching doesn't really seem to be a thing here. Shame because I sort of want a pink butthole myself.yes judge me

No. 356250

File: 1500573238020.jpg (86.32 KB, 675x1200, DFJqw9bUMAAAgvF.jpg)

No. 356251

File: 1500573251743.jpg (359.24 KB, 2044x1544, Stormy_20072017_0816_MyFreeCam…)

No. 356260

I can't beleive that she's camming with a fresh surgery, oiling them up, and not wearing the proper aftercare garments.

I mean at the very least she's wearing a soft/loose bra and not squishing them down like Sere did.

No. 356304

Tbf I don't think she owns any wired bras because her breasts were far too small for em before.

No. 356320

Apparently the doctor didn't give her one. This should be part of the aftercare. They won't settle correctly if she keeps doing that…

No. 356355

unfortunately pumpy thinks she's oh-so-self-aware, while in reality not possessing the capacity to understand that her moneymaker has been her looking like an actual poor, emo/white-trash impoverished child (her black hair days, way back in the start) that cater to disturbed pedos with serious money in their pockets.
the success has gotten to hear oversized bratz doll head (are those still a thing)?, causing her to adopt the bleached-blonde, 40-something eastern european prostitute on her cigarette break. i mean, just look at those screenshots.

also, this whole boob job thing makes me reconsider (like other posters in this/or the previous thread) the notion that she has an ed. i don't think anorexic pumpy would've wanted big tits. i also don't really think she pukes. she whole meth baby thing might be real.

No. 356363

File: 1500586235257.png (Spoiler Image, 245.91 KB, 583x376, Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 5.29…)

Is that much bruising normal…?

No. 356395

So cos she has these boobs it's back to top 100? She should have augmented her personality instead then.

No. 356402

Completely normal after a surgery like that. Tbh she's lucky she didn't do nipple grafts or need drains or anything. Over all, it honestly looks like it's healing pretty okay right now. They definitely look really hard/weird right now, but after the swelling goes down the implants should drop a bit and look more natural. Who knows though, maybe they won't.

No. 356440

no idea, I'm paler than her and my butthole isnt that pink, given I'm part arab

No. 356497

File: 1500605508768.png (64.03 KB, 582x246, StormyWhine.png)

Hmmm wonder if she is really getting infection or she is just trying to get pity for more tips.

No. 356500

I'd be surprised if it was infected already, it's still so early on, but I mean… she was pulling on the stitching and rubbing oil into her tits, so it's possible.

No. 356968

File: 1500662835423.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 400x225, tumblr_otg8ccAplE1tvky6qo6_400…)

Such natural expression. Why would you do exaggerated retarded faces like this? There's enough bad acting in professional porn. People tend to like amatuer because it's more "real"

No. 357023

File: 1500667522364.png (1.54 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-21-23-02-16…)

taking back what i wrote a few posts ago about realizing pumpy doesn't have an ed.

No. 357253

Emphasizing how mentally challenged she looks. Zoinks.

No. 357270

>this whole boob job thing makes me reconsider (like other posters in this/or the previous thread) the notion that she has an ed. i don't think anorexic pumpy would've wanted big tits.

One, plenty of anorexic women want to be bonelords while simultaneously wanting to be sexy/feminine. Tits = sexy/feminine.

Two, knowing that the implants don't consist of fat can keep the woman from thinking her chest qualifies her as a hamplanet.

Some anorexic women will freak out if they aren't built like a starving pubescent boy. Some will freak out if they are.

>she whole meth baby thing might be real

Low birth weight ≠ so underweight as an adult that your tailbone is clearly visible

The meth baby excuse is baseless horseshit.

No. 357271

I don't even get why people are still debating whether or not she has an ED. It's obvious that she does. Too obvious, in fact.

No. 357286

fuck, I regret expanding that. she looks rough.

No. 357465

File: 1500728308172.jpg (143.19 KB, 675x1200, DFSQbVHVYAAm9Kz.jpg)

What the fuck has she done to her hair?

No. 357499

File: 1500737532713.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.95 KB, 476x355, IMG_20170722_160948.jpg)

One of them looks like it's in her damn shoulder!

No. 357500

File: 1500737545808.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.13 KB, 608x1080, 15.jpg)

No. 357502

File: 1500737631487.gif (Spoiler Image, 660.86 KB, 400x225, tumblr_otg8ccAplE1tvky6qo2_400…)

Is there anything worse than big saggers hanging out of a open bra type thing. It looks ludicrous.

No. 357508

The left one doesn't look round, it looks…elongated? I think I preferred her boobs before, sure they were small but a hundred times more symmetrical, natural looking and fit her skelly frame.

I feel like Meg can afford a breast life but she doesn't get one and I'm confused as to why. Is it just her inflated ego? Is it because she still lives with her parents? Ugh

No. 357590

Is this girl really that stupid that she hasn't learned to use watermarks yet? I've seen someone using her content to scam dudes on different websites for years now. The scammer probably makes more than Meg does.

No. 357691

File: 1500761040038.png (153.79 KB, 1080x1204, Screenshot_20170722-225957.png)

Gets chilli flakes stuck in throat (whatever the fuck that means), can't cam.

Bitch will find any excuse to not do her "job".

No. 357848

they're far apart and different sizes, did she move them around accidentally or were they like them straight outta surgery?

No. 358141

File: 1500812152129.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-23-15-12-59…)

yeah, cause we're all so eager to take skincare advice from the person who's cheeks look like they've been punctured a thousand times by a satanic spirit then left to infect.

No. 358192

File: 1500820465568.png (1.99 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2488.PNG)

Sarah Ellen Brodie/Rei Alex Lark
@Rei_Lark on twitter, @reilark on Instagram (mfc etc linked on twitter)

I've known this girl for years, she's very ugly and always has been (look at pictures on twitter/Facebook) especially with her teeth. Recently-ish became a cam girl and for ages posted about being shamed for it or how ~~amazing~~ her job is. Constant tweets promoting videos or asking for money for stuff such as breakfast or a holiday.

No. 358257


She's a horrible little cunt isn't she?

No. 358461

what's this twitter account? i've never seen it before.
paris stuff is always gold.

No. 358473

Just stumbled upon it, there's quite a few accounts basically dedicated to kat and all her drama

No. 358758

File: 1500862181953.jpg (Spoiler Image, 128.03 KB, 1200x901, DFdvQiEXYAAJLCc.jpg)

Her hips/ovaries are bruised for unknown reasons. So healthy as she described herself!

No. 359064

File: 1500912923668.jpg (101.96 KB, 675x1200, DFd-CZ3XoAQSdxG.jpg)

She lost weight.

No. 359117

can you imagine the kind of man that is turned on by pumpy, ESPECIALLY at her current state? the greasy skin, bruised bolt-on tits, peacock hair and skelly body… is it even attraction at this point or rather a fetish for trashiness?

No. 359142

men have been turned on by worse anon.
I wouldn't call it a "fetish" per say, but a lot of porn addicts find their tastes changing and escalating over time (say you once enjoyed bdsm and now you're into gore or something)

Its probably why pornstars are starting to look so horrifying.

No. 359222

>Its probably why pornstars are starting to look so horrifying.

that's actually not at all true. in the last few years newbies are entering the industry pretty much constantly, and many of them are super natural-looking, beautiful girls (keisha grey, abella danger, reily reid, lana rhoades, valentina nappi). a few years ago girls in the "alternative" style of sasha grey and stoya (who had an article in the new york post (i think) written about her titles "the most beautiful girl in new york is doing porn")) became a "thing", too.

i know about addicts' escalating tastes, the porn downward spiral and all. i just wonder who actually PAYS and tips pumpy now.

No. 359442

There's another video of her on twitter suggesting some guy kills himself. She's such cunt

No. 359495

File: 1500939904264.png (510.02 KB, 401x433, 4541302.png)

good god charms

No. 359498

File: 1500940053867.png (Spoiler Image, 896.2 KB, 655x466, 4541301.png)

No. 359871

File: 1500988260705.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.13 KB, 1024x768, DFiURA9XoAAPCCN.jpg)


No. 360062

it legit looks like one of those unauthorized pictures someone took of some dead hooker at the morgue (usually from brazil or something), then uploaded to one of them "edgy" gore forums/4chan.

pumpy, wtf? at this point you might as well just invest the money you have left in a really good therapist, on a daily basis, for a long, long period of time. it will not end good otherwise.

No. 360139


wow that's really bad

No. 360144

I want to be active in this thread but just about anything about that stormy chick gives me the heebie jeebies like no kidding when I saw her body the first time i physically squirmed

No. 360202

That's how boob jobs normally look for at least a few weeks after surgury. Yeah it's creepy/rough looking right now but it's no indication hers are bad (too soon to tell).

No. 360353

yeah it's pretty normal for most surgeries to have bruising like that. give them a month or so to heal a bit and we'll know just how bad the surgeon did.

No. 360805

File: 1501074747982.jpg (40.49 KB, 534x412, IMG_20170725_231132.jpg)

Kat getting more exposed over telling multiple people to kill themselves.

No. 360818

File: 1501075182132.jpg (117.51 KB, 675x1200, DFomPv7UwAAgFIH.jpg)

Woah these contacts are horrible.

No. 360908

>gets implants
>still looks like a plank

No. 361198

File: 1501108039783.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-27-01-23-19…)


also, who the fuck are the guys that buy stuff off camwhores/pornstars' wishlists? i can SOMEWHAT understand tipping in the spur of the moment, but this just takes it to a whole other level of desperate. it's one of the things i'll never get.

No. 361232

prolly just bought them herself

No. 361281

File: 1501118592228.jpg (51.66 KB, 675x1200, DFsvoj5UAAAGBJw.jpg)

Who is the target audience for this? Why would anyone ever wear this?

I know you get erotic photos of random women on tops sometimes, but no person in their right mind would want an obviously anorexic person on their shirt!

No. 361282

Her head also looks ginormous

No. 361794

File: 1501190901998.png (164.31 KB, 1080x1241, Screenshot_20170727-222645.png)

Wtf. That is not hygienic.

No. 361826

um yeah you are
remember when she kept all her sex toys together and then thought the reason they went all melty was cus it was hot

No. 361839

no wonder she's got nasty shit going on with her vag, she's probably still using the partially melted ones. why do these girls not invest in the actual silicone ones?

No. 361840

uhmmmm meg dust mites? do you even clean them before you shove them into your holes

No. 362011

File: 1501214847083.png (211.75 KB, 1082x697, IMG_2963.PNG)

Skelly is online looking bored as fuck. I was around right as she got on, and she literally says nothing unless spoken to. This guy tipped her 2 tokens and she just spouted "thank you" "thank you" like a little robot.

No. 362029

"Yeah I even worked out today, but they only tell you that just to be safe"
"I already ripped out my stitches twice so….third time :3"
Holy god

>sage for same fag

No. 362051

File: 1501218566958.png (374.6 KB, 686x549, Screenshot_20170727-235643.png)

>From this angle she looks like a crossdresser

Was fairly annoying when some desperate anon kept tipping her and she took forever to find the perfect song to "strip tease" to, then complained that the whole "dance" made her suuuper tired.

How can skinny fetishists even find her bearable and attractive ?

No. 362218

Why has this autist just uploaded a video of her sat eating food with her greasy hair?


No. 362223

The giggling…the semi head bobs while eating…

This girl is mentally disabled.

No. 362226

File: 1501248608148.png (Spoiler Image, 145.34 KB, 207x360, drooop.png)

There's a snap of her touching them and man they are rock hard.

No. 362261

File: 1501253275035.jpg (Spoiler Image, 139.54 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_ott0o1Opcd1tvky6qo1_128…)

Jesus how unflattering.

No. 362265

I'm sure people are able to get implants through their armpits now.

I don't know how, but that totally put me off my food.

No. 362328

i honestly think this picture looks good. why do these hoes never ever keep a clean space, though? they basically have 24/7 free. the fuck goes through their brain during most of the day?

No. 362358

They are whores, not housewives. They don't care about keeping a clean home because it means nothing to them if they live in filth or not.

No. 362505

File: 1501279317485.jpg (11.29 KB, 500x373, 5344616 _904e0426541badf4d0a8e…)

it would have been cute if she didn't have a hank hill ass

No. 362605

No. 363088

saged but you can have them inserted under your boob, under your nipples or via armpit

No. 363173

BigLottes getting shit from Stormy for posting truth

No. 363361

File: 1501404632022.png (14.14 KB, 590x100, Capture.PNG)

wait doesnt kat have…..vaginal issues? 4 times? her cucks are gross

No. 363410

can you not cum 4x in a row? that's depressing and buying used panties is a HUGE fetish.
also how does this mean she has vag issues???

No. 363420

calm down anon. they meant that in the past, stormy's had some gross ass cottage cheese ""cum"". idk who would want to buy panties stained with that shit - but then again, idk why anyone even watches her

No. 363440

Why is telling someone to kill themselves as an insult so off-limits? I've just noticed people get massive callouts for doing it.

No. 363460

idk. i see it as yet another part of the whole SJW/trigger warnings/13 reasons why shit.
also, i detest pumpy, but i bet this specific message she sent in reply to someone who sent something rude/some humiliating suggestion.

No. 363504

File: 1501430709784.png (164.96 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3189.PNG)

And here she is bitching on Facebook about how she has no one

No. 363545

File: 1501436900742.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.42 KB, 600x800, tumblr_otwfeasLTA1tvky6qo1_128…)

Looks like a fat baby

No. 363605

It's more than a little fucked up if seeing big tits and a camel toe make you think "that's a baby".

No. 363730

File: 1501459850085.jpg (73.62 KB, 720x480, tumblr_otwn6sLVxe1tvky6qo1_128…)

Why she insist on drawing huge lips?

No. 363734

Baby's still have vaginas. It's more the outfit and position.

No. 363751

ew anon

No. 363824

File: 1501473404257.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-31-06-52-34…)

that's some horrifying "megan is missing" shit right there.

No. 363965

Can we get a tl;dr from some noble anon?

No. 364115

kek wonder how her members feel when they see shit like this… "a charming guy" hasnt she been so charmed shes fucked a couple members? and she thinks any male being nice to her means they want a relationship…..sigh pumpy

No. 364124

File: 1501530840637.jpg (Spoiler Image, 445.97 KB, 2044x1544, Stormy_31072017_1226_MyFreeCam…)

Her acne looks like drawn on overly exaggerated freckles lol.

No. 364126

Her new tits look as sad and uneven as any natural big ones.

No. 364157

Christ she looks like a child going through puberty with all that acne and the skelly body.

No. 364173

kat looks more and more grotesque each day, but i'm pretty damn jealous of her flat.

No. 364569

File: 1501591466024.png (123.39 KB, 1080x936, Screenshot_20170801-134039.png)

"can cream" ? We can all get an infection darling but most people take better care of themselves.

A bit of diluted pee is far less gross than that clumpy yoghurt type "cream"

No. 364903

I think that's her new market

No. 365604

File: 1501723143317.png (105.06 KB, 1080x1127, Screenshot_20170803-021541.png)

Lel. She didn't even do A levels. Also "so Megan what have you been doing for the last 3 years?"

Just buy a lab coat meg, that's as close as you're gonna get.

No. 365607

um so is she pretending shes starting this year? like you said you cant get into university without a levels especially something in the medical field

No. 365986

please. neuroscience is incredibly difficult to get into even for people who have worked towards it their entire academic life. This is so beyond laughable

No. 366060

File: 1501783284836.png (635.22 KB, 834x427, Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 18.4…)

Alex Clark/Bushb4by

Pic opposite is her unshooped face and boobs sagging without her holding them up.

Someone made a thread on her 2 years ago, but inexplicably, it was swarmed by her stanning herself and was subsequently sent to manure, someone let me know if they think a new thread is warranted.

Basically, she shoops herself worse than Sashvldr, and then blocks anyone in her camroom pointing out that she's basically a catfish compared to her instagram/facebook selfies.

In this particular post, she has covered her face in one photo, presumably because it wasn't even salvageable via shoop.

She paints herself as this ~ethereal elven goddess~ in her shoops, but denies shooping and now uses escort sites after failing to make a living on cam for more than a year.


She has been attention whoring on facebook since 14, bought packaged likes from skeevy indian sites on all her selfies dating back to 2011, and is really mouthy on facebook.

Her instagram has been deleted a bunch of times, and she sperged out accusing instagram of "MUH SEXISM!!"
and has generally been an internet joke amongst northern English teens since her ugly unshopped nudes were leaked (by herself) at 15. They circulated facebook in 2012 and were reposted by English fuckboys who gained followers for slut shaming women. She also uses underage nudes on her camming account, which doesnt sit well with me.


She straight up posts full nudes including beaver shots (well she used to) and is confused as to why she is deleted from instagram?

Plus, when she was deleted from instagram and some fan of hers saved her url and offered it back, she sperged out and accused her of trying to steal it…when she LITERALLY offered it back to her as soon as she made a new account.

She's narcisstic as fuck and sperges on fb all the time about veganism and thinks she's all high and mighty for being a snowflake.

If anyone is more interested in more details about her milk, let me know and I will make a thread. I find her responses to men who dont find her attractive (although I agree its shitty to voice an opinion like that) and to her failing camming career hilarious.

I think the last thread failed because OP was a newfag and kept putting unnecessary emphasis on "SHES UGLY!!!!" when there are other milky actions awaiting to be added to her list of glorious lolcow achievements.

I believe an ED was made by some soggy british guy called Jossiah who got rejected by her, but then he eventually removed it out of guilt.

Anyway, she is an endlessly interesting cow, please let me know what you guys think.

No. 366074

Please make an alex thread! I never saw the first one but heard her name mentioned a bit.

Oh my god YES I remember her! She had this super trashy fight with this girl who looked exactly like her, Tyne Kitson.

She also collabed with Danielle Hunt on a t shirt line, who I believe has been mentioned on here as well. Then it was discovered she ripped off the designs for the shirts from other artists' work who got pissed off, and the line disappeared.

No. 366079

she doesn't strike me as all that milky just based on her IG and recent FB activity, she just comes across as an slightly cringy virtue-signalling vegan type. if you make a thread, you probably need more content than just those two links and your current post. do you have any screencaps of her spectacular meltdowns at IG or anything?

No. 366081

File: 1501785723424.png (727.85 KB, 913x563, Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 19.0…)

Well, for one, I have this. And much more, just give me time to find it.

She did have an actual meltdown on facbeook over a guy not finding her attractive, and kept arguing with him, accusing him of being gay (narcissitc personality disorder alert).

Honestly, she does have milk because she ALWAYS responds to hate and even mild criticism, or someone whos not even criticising at all.

No. 366091


yeah, she is worthy of a thread. This is so cringeworthy

No. 366098


This. She came in two years post-myspace/scene era and became every british girls muse. They always shared and liked her pics, stanned her, it was so embarrassing because she always looked so fucking ratty with her backcombed, bleached to shit hair.

The reason a lot of people think British girls look bad is because they make shitty fashion choices and look up to girls like this and Danielle Hunt.

She was a chav that was an inspiration to other chavs. And now she's just a sloppy camwhore.

I was always super embarrassed for the girls that saw her as attractive, and those that did we almost always working-class/council housers.

Please make a thread, she is terrifyingly cringey and there is ALWAYS a shitshow in her comments, her having meltdowns and stupid arguments about vegitarianism. She's a vain idiot.

No. 366108


I'm in favour of a thread, let's just see how it goes. She seems to have Jessie Blush level milk which should keep a consistent thread.

No. 366120

Anons make this happen!. Every girl whoever girled in the whole of the uk knows one of these "girls" either personally or by default. They're frankly amazing in their ignorance and narcissism.

No. 366121

File: 1501789083619.png (101.18 KB, 517x318, Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 20.3…)

omg shes perfect for the onion !!!! shes 20 so techincally too old for him, but they are a match made in hevan.

(sorry englihs is not my first language)

No. 366122

She is so fucking unhinged, holy shit.

It's time for a thread.

No. 366146

why, oh WHY is it that every ~~~ethical vegan~~~ is so damn insufferable, aggressive and just won't shut up about it? it seems like some of these people just use the veganism to fill a deep, deep hole in their life (one not filled with pus-filled cow titty juice, for sure!).

never heard of alex clark before. seems thread-worthy.

No. 366153

its just because people are passionate about it

No. 366161


Your wish is my command, good anons


No. 366173

Meg can't even identify her own BV and hemorrhoids and she thinks we gonna believe she could get on a nueroscience degree? Bahaha.

Also can you even imagine it?

"Megan this is incorrect"
"awww poor lil snowflake, jealousy isn't pretty Hun. All hate is blocked. Bye bitch"

No. 366944

File: 1501930687642.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-05-13-56-00…)


No. 367069

>takes care of her body
>eats good
hahaha she'd probably lose a battle with a gust of wind.

No. 367354

every picture she posts from her bed has 2 packs of Oreos on it, seems healthy to me.

No. 367784

File: 1502043456904.jpg (69.9 KB, 608x1080, 14.jpg)

Lol at her always using the term "my skin is glowing". That's grease babe.

No. 368141

Her skin is in really bad shape. Looks like what happens when you just say "fuck it" and stop giving a shit about skincare for a month+.

What's up with so many camgirls and their terrible skin?

No. 368143

homegirl needs to go buy a tube of mederma for those acne scars, yeesh

No. 369354

File: 1502288092581.png (752.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170809-151215.png)

Classic "hand to cover my belly"

No. 369355

File: 1502288126703.png (850.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170809-151241.png)

She looks like a chicken from the waist down

No. 369922

to be fair she has good proportions but if she actually look like she freaking ate she would look so nice and curvy

No. 370129

The pot belly is pretty obvious, Meg.
Time to give up pretending to be T H I C C and just go for the feeder fetish crowd.

No. 370211

File: 1502400328247.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.1 KB, 320x240, 13.jpg)

Kat looks like a starving African tribesman with tits in this silhouette

No. 370213

File: 1502400362110.jpg (12.11 KB, 320x240, 3.jpg)

Spooky ghost spotted in Kat's apartment

No. 370215

File: 1502400503685.jpg (Spoiler Image, 459.04 KB, 1070x802, 1.jpg)

Too bad she's fucking delusional and thinks she has a thick ass.

She could've grown her own tits but now she's got these bongeye things stuck on her. Well worth 10 grand!

No. 370217

File: 1502400548693.jpg (Spoiler Image, 651.66 KB, 1222x916, 1 (1).jpg)

Thickest thing on her is her labia

No. 370598

No. 370839

File: 1502484979887.jpg (81.75 KB, 522x828, stormy.jpg)

So when Stormy tweeted this I wanted to see how many of her followers are real. Surprisedly most of them. She still can't get more than 50 likes on a tweet.

No. 371005

There are a good few porn bots on twitter that will follow you as a cam girl as well as "egg accounts" that the guys make and forget. Camgirl twitter is weird.

No. 371072

She paid 10k for this?? Omg… This is truly saddening, she could've use this for school and actually taking care of herself.

No. 372076

File: 1502676869970.png (295.53 KB, 1080x1530, Screenshot_20170814-031036.png)

Moaning that Tumblr removed a video of her fellating a banana.

Yup can't post "anything". That's a totally normal thing to post yeah?

No. 372146

File: 1502687270380.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-14-08-05-31…)

>off day

oh pumpy. where do i even begin.

No. 372174

sorry for OT, but when did tumblr ban porn? that's exciting

No. 372238

Just videos. It's been a while, they'll let you embed videos from a porn site, they just can't host it.

No. 372457

I'm kinda glad tumblr is banning porn videos but there's still tons of blogs and gifs depicting violent sex acts, choking, gagging, cutting etc. I don't see how removing a video of her fellating a banana makes much sense. Although I'm sure they're doing it out of copyright rules and not morals.

No. 372494

>violent sex acts

so basically anon is afraid of all porn that isn't "vanilla".

No. 372503

nothing wrong with getting kinky
if you like being choked and dommed cool
but there's a time and place for that, no ones "afraid" of porn that isn't "vanilla" but you have to keep in mind there's a lot of rape victims who don't want to see violence being fetishized and seen as hot
if you want violent porn go to a bdsm site, not having violent bdsm, especially the pretentious edgelords who go as far as cutting just floating around tumblr

No. 372526

>there's a lot of rape victims who don't want to see violence being fetishized

that's a slippery slope, though. also, if tumblr ever decides to completely ban anything pornographic in nature, it should do exactly that; ban ANYTHING pornographic in nature. cause how can you only ban the "bad"/violent things? who will define it and how?

anyhow, we're derailing. sophie is on mfc right now, just finished eating a plate of some unidentifiable food (possibly pasta). no milk really, she actually looks much trashier than usual today.

No. 372528

i meant "much less" trashier.

No. 372532


If choking is your kink then at least learn how to spell it, dumbfuck.

>vanillafags stop oppressing me!!11!

Kek stfu and go to a porn site if you wanna see that shit and stop shoving your weird fetishes down people's throats. Tumblr isn't obligated to cater to your mental illness.

I'll kinkshame ddlg/ageplay freaks until the cows come home. You're bad and you should feel bad.

No. 372533


Oh come on, >>372526 is literally just saying that if Tumblr is gonna ban porn, they can't just stop at the kinky BDSM stuff.

No. 372584

File: 1502748853599.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108 KB, 675x1200, wonky boobs.jpg)

Not sure why Pumpy is getting so many compliments on her boobs. They are pointing two different directions.

No. 372586

Learn to spoiler your shit ffs.
On another note, her tits look alright here. They're pointing in diff directions bc of her posture.

No. 372595

Her left tit is pointing down more and it all seems off somehow. I think they're fine otherwise

No. 372597

also they look fine, natural boobs don't point in same directions sometimes as well, not all boob jobs are going to look like perfectly even and placed barbie tits, but to be fair her boobs look better than most boob jobs done by shady doctors, even if they are ~sooooooo uneven~

No. 372810

File: 1502827313747.gif (Spoiler Image, 284.52 KB, 400x225, tumblr_ouq5hglLp81tvky6qo4_400…)

>when the shit is clinging to your sphincter

No. 372812

File: 1502827426895.gif (Spoiler Image, 299.3 KB, 540x228, tumblr_ouq5hglLp81tvky6qo1_540…)

Creative name there meg

No. 372813

File: 1502827481726.jpg (39.8 KB, 694x521, IMG_20170815_130544.jpg)

She's trying to fool us that she has ass but it's actually just her bones poking out her pants

No. 372861

File: 1502832610428.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170815-222821.png)


No. 372926

Lookin like a methed out Trolls doll

No. 372967

File: 1502842925276.png (1.39 MB, 960x960, 20708399_913894465430432_49177…)

No. 372974

awe, her skin actually seems to be getting better compare to other photos

hopefully she starts eating healthier she has nice proportions but she's just way too thin that the proportions can't even work in her benefit

No. 373664

How'd stormy get the nickname pumpy? Lol
Sage 4 dumb q

No. 373745

One of her many many many nicknames was PumpkinSpice. So many people call her "pumpy".

No. 374048

File: 1502974997994.jpg (57.51 KB, 576x1024, IMG_20170817_135641.jpg)

Changed her hair again.

No. 374055

That looks a lot better, actually.

No. 374070

File: 1502978590583.gif (1.39 MB, 500x375, tumblr_outoo66KRa1tvky6qo1_500…)

Bruh why would you wear a lil hoodie over lingerie to cam? Just kills the look.

No. 374109

"Hi, can I speak to your manager"

No. 374114

she looks like a 40-year old milf who's trying to look like a teen. also, those dead eyes.

No. 374129

Idk I'm getting minor Margo Palermo vibes from this.

No. 374341

File: 1503008453690.png (Spoiler Image, 560.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170817-231729.png)

Meg is online in no clothes, no makeup lurking in the dark looking like Shrek.

0 effort.

No. 374342

sage but from what I saw it was a combo of this and the fact that she's super emaciated so in all her pics her vagina looked weirdly like she had used a pump on it

No. 374399

oink oink

No. 374402

chatroulette creep realness

No. 374403

idk i think she knows what she's doing with this one. nerdy virgin guys tend to have their minds blown by stereotypical sexy tropes combined with like..sweatpants/hoodie/glasses. like they can't get over the fact that a girl could squeeze into lingirie AND be just a regular nerd girl. it reminds me of something a hentai character would wear.

No. 374635

Megan acts like an ugly fat child who's parents loved her way too much causing her to think other people also adore her. That video of her eating… Why the fuck is she trying look sexy? Whatever she is doing with her lips is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen.

No. 375298

File: 1503145149933.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-19-15-14-38…)

…yeah, that's gonna end up badly.

any of you follow her insta stories at all? she is so out of it and lonely that the other go she mentions not having left her apartment ever since getting her boobs done (although that doesn't make any sense, considering pictures she posted where she "took herself out for dinner" a few times), saying stuff like, "anybody who's not a weirdo wanna meet up and hang?".
the rest of the time she stares deadly at the camera and mumbles stuff about wanting to get more tats, changing the color of her hair, or have someone eat her out. it's a mess.

No. 375304

I thought she said she loved them and that they were perfect. Well that didn't last.
It's really common for women who get boob jobs to wish they went bigger.

No. 375309

File: 1503147344526.jpg (Spoiler Image, 338.03 KB, 2044x1544, MegvnMvrie_18082017_0105_MyFre…)

Remember meg saying how she never gets razor burn?

Ok fam.

No. 375321

tbh, razor burn is the least of her concerns.

No. 376493

File: 1503324191259.jpg (304.55 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20170821_145741.jpg)

No. 376494

File: 1503324252282.jpg (92.44 KB, 640x1138, zQXkLmq_d.jpg)

Can't believe she got "money slut" tattooed….

How fucking embarrassing

No. 377502

File: 1503447944048.jpg (Spoiler Image, 535.42 KB, 2044x1544, MegvnMvrie_23082017_0025_MyFre…)

These titties so disgusting

No. 378130

File: 1503523414579.png (Spoiler Image, 525.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-24-00-20-21…)

i can rationalize a lot of things, but this is one of the pics that fails even my logic.
who is the target audience for finding it sexy? it looks like a bizarre pic you'd find up the attic of some abandoned house. i don't even know.

No. 378137

yeah, horrifying.
go ip stormy yikes

the blur makes it look like shes takin a shit too lmao

No. 378139

i think it makes it look even more illicit, although obviously the blur is cause of instagram. but yeah, all in all it looks like it belongs in a necrophilia/pedo fetish board.

No. 378774

File: 1503599568494.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170824-192924.png)

She's totally regretting not going bigger. Next boob job when?

No. 378824

The good news: She is wearing a bra that is not six sizes too small for her.

No. 379655

File: 1503698121891.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170825-225410.png)

Lol. She's drowning in it. Not sexy at all.

No. 380135

File: 1503759350435.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1749, Screenshot_20170826-154617.png)

This outfit looks proper stupid on ol' skelly

No. 380137

File: 1503759428156.png (581.77 KB, 1080x1332, Screenshot_20170826-155035.png)

You know what will happen is she'll go bigger and later down the line want them bigger still ?

No. 380152

boobjobs, expensive clothes, expensive makeup, and a nice apartment? how much money does stormy make exactly?

No. 380203

File: 1503765536506.jpg (13.99 KB, 354x208, IMG_20170826_173736.jpg)

Nowhere near what she uses to but she's just terrible with money. She's blown so much.

No. 380229


Terrible with money. The other night she spent around 500 on clothes and makeup, not to mention she got her Tiffany's ring fix. She constantly orders food or goes out to dinner. She will be broke soon.

No. 380286

yeah. again, if any of you follow her instagram stories at all – she is CONSTANTLY spending, to such an extent that one would think she still makes thousands of tokens a night, but she isn't.
i suspect pumpy might be escorting, but then again, perhaps she's too much of a drama queen for that. i mean, she would've exposed herself by now by freaking out after an unfortunate encounter or something.

No. 380327

She likes to pretend she's still rich with no cares in the world but then her DMs get exposed and she's struggling and having to use her savings to pay rent. It's no fucking wonder when she lives in that giant apartment on her own, dental procedures, fake tits, paying to do photoshoots, constantly getting her hair done.

A lot of her old supporters have given up with her because she's such a stuck up bitch who talks trash about everyone but expects everyone to be nice and supportive to her.

She's been recorded multiple times directly telling someone to kill themselves and all that. She is a trash human being who doesn't deserve a dime she gets.

No. 380414

Pumpkin spice / stormy has always had drama about her. I remeber back when she started out she was on like 15-20 hours a day i swear. It was by being online ALL THE TIME and appealing to pedos (and believe me there are a lot on MFC) that she grew her fanbase. Some of her earliest drama was doing a bunch of pedobait shit which pissed off a lot of girls as she was breaking top 3 ranking almost every month and any ageplay shit is meant to be against the rules but her accoubt never got banned despite being reported a billion times.

She used to make a hell of a lot as to be in the top rankings you need to be earning near 30k a month pluss you get cash prizes from MFC on top. So its sad she blew it all she could have retired early or used it as startup.

Her old tumblr was fucking grim, ahit about how she hated her life and wanted to die, how her mother was an alcoholic ho etc. and this was during her peak.

Not suprised she is struggling now, she pissed off other girls who were her 'friends', cam models and all of her regs with shitty behaviour.

Also 1500 tokens is like $70

No. 380481


Wait what DM exposed?

No. 380484

Search Twitter for #PumpyLeaks - that's the fastest way to find what people shared from her leaked DMs.

No. 380752

File: 1503837285992.jpg (75.8 KB, 1024x681, DIOG72eW4AApqoW.jpg)

How many internet fuckwits has Megan tried to get with? Ha, she'll hate him in a week.

It's like she latches on to any black man who speaks to her.

No. 380773

Kat's getting another tattoo on Wednesday. What trashy ass thing is she gonna get this time?

Someone on Twitter suggested she will get a daddy issues tattoo an I can 100% see that.

Could it be worse than "money slut" though?

No. 380779

has she ever dated someone irl??

No. 380836

If you mean has she had anything other than purely online relationships, yes. There was that one guy she was going to move in with but he basically abandoned her at a train station (? details fuzzy on that, it was awhile ago), plus some other loser who went to jail for conning old people. She's been knocked up at least once, and she thinks abortions are a form of birth control.

No. 380958

File: 1503856328462.jpg (237.41 KB, 1280x960, 41af081a-0fa0-471e-b965-a4be5c…)

Both those guys she originally met on Tumblr.

Only guy who I know of who wasn't was her childhood boyfriend who she was with like age 13-15. The white one lol

No. 382759

File: 1504040294063.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170829-215631.png)

>Hairy slut

No. 382859

File: 1504054351886.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.75 KB, 600x338, IMG_20170830_014845.jpg)

Presume it's wax but it looks like her areola is literally melting and she's pissed her pants.

No. 383691

File: 1504182918746.jpg (102.12 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20170831_132856.jpg)

Wtf is that?

She just chose some crappy design out a book and added "good girl".
It's massive.

No. 383878

at this point it's so absurd, it's beyond milk. "money slut", "good girl"… i mean, seriously, what do you even write about when somebody's a parody of themselves?

No. 383880

File: 1504206158822.png (658.75 KB, 1080x837, Screenshot_20170831-195835.png)

What kinda shade of lipstick is this? Makes her look dead.

No. 383886

haha right it makes no sense
like to me it looks like a heart youd have someones name written on n then maybe get the dagger thru it if you broke up? idk but either way it doesnt make sense for it to say "good girl" ugh shes an idiot

does anyone remember that girl that has twat porn tattooed over her whole body? i swear it said twat porn lol

No. 383891

File: 1504207705288.jpg (Spoiler Image, 235.89 KB, 1117x1200, C8Hw7e_VYAEr8i0.jpg)

Kota Morgue

She traveled to Europe 2 times to get those tattoos. The artists are well known on Insta. She let them have artistic freedom and those are the words they chose for her lol

I'm all for self expression but damn girl you tattoo'd your fucking nipples black…

No. 383914

That is fucking hilarious. She seems milky af.

No. 383931

File: 1504211068036.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.58 KB, 275x275, 1479525078987.jpg)

I always thought the tattoo was really poorly, it doesn't look neat and looks kinda blotchy. People always think it's body paint and then they realise.. oh dear.
You can't be a camwhores forever, what she gonna do when she's a middled age woman with PORN in giant letters on her torso lol.
Could you imagine if she got pregnant?

No. 383936

I remember there was some big drama with her past relationship. Apparently one of her old friends was raped by her boyfriend and she stuck by his side and called her liar. I'm not 100% sure though.

Last time I caught her on cam she was 7 days sober. She said her liver was failing and the whites of her eyes turned yellow. Hopefully she'll take better care of herself.

Oh, she also got a TON of shit from the entire camming community because she did a fake abortion show on MFC for Halloween. Here is the video of it. https://efukt.com/21333_Has_Cam_Modeling_Gone_Too_Far.html (VERY NSFW site)

No. 383959

Oh dear, is that why she wears contacts all the time?

No. 383967

File: 1504215192595.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.06 KB, 1280x722, IMG_20170831_223032.jpg)


No. 384008

whaaa?!?!?!?!?!!? How does this happen?

No. 384010

Is that a rash or a hickey? like I'm legit concerned wtf happened, was she allergic to her material in her bra?

No. 384020

Her boob looks like a rotten banana.

No. 384024

Most likely clothes pins

No. 384116

File: 1504992365164.png (Spoiler Image, 628.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170903-140520.png)

Why the retard face?

No. 384118

File: 1504992474062.png (Spoiler Image, 628.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170903-140533.png)

Guys her latest videos is putting an ice lolly on and possibly in her cunt…

Fucking idiot.
Should've called it I n f e c t I o n

No. 384119

File: 1504992532107.png (389.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170902-173210.png)

"I'm not thin, I'm small boned!"

No. 384128

File: 1504993671766.jpg (99.13 KB, 700x700, QQ.jpg)

Hello Farmers, I have some milk for you! So I am not sure how many of you caught Pumpy bitching and moaning on social media about some exterminators coming into her apartment without her permission and triggering her. Here is a screen cap.

Well I thought that was kinda fishy and I called the apartment complex she lives in and acted like I was interested in an apartment.


As as I suspected she was lying through her buck teeth. I had to edit the names and sorry for the potato quality of the call.

No. 384291

Stormy could definitely be a drama queen, but do you really think they are going to say, "Why, yes, ma'am, we definitely send strange men to barge into tenant apartments all the time!" when you ask? Landlords/apartment management are never supposed to enter an apartment without the tenant's expressed permission, but people mess up or there is miscommunication or you get sketchy places where they don't care. That is actually one thing that is believable, not milky.

No. 384294

this is weird and autistic as fuck, anon

No. 385603

File: 1505246213531.png (109.54 KB, 1080x465, Screenshot_20170912-204940.png)

Lol. She's like a self feeder

No. 385741

this is fucking stupid don't fuck with someone's living situation like this
wtf how tall is she? she's that chubby but only weighs 126??

No. 385750

yea i agree, shes full of shit, only 126 lbs…

No. 385763

Well her claim is that she's 4ft 10 which would make her pretty fat at that height

No. 386041

File: 1505319100185.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.46 KB, 496x357, Stormy_11092017_1133_MyFreeCam…)

State of that damn 5head

No. 386120

File: 1505330997929.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.87 KB, 600x338, IMG_20170913_202913.jpg)

Ham anyone?

No. 386167

It's crazy how the contrast makes Meg look damn near appealing. Pumpy/Megan colab when? Pumpy would feel all smug and superior for being skeletal next to someone so hammy, and Megan would feel 'curvy' next to the bonelord. Win-win for them both.

No. 386236

why do people on this site idolize japanese and korean girls that look like >>386041 but when pumpy is that size it's so disgusting? i get that she's an awful person and i'm not defending her, i'm just curious

No. 386277

anyone know her height and weight?

No. 386297

5"2 70lbs
But apparently recently she's gained 5lbs which yeah is not a lot but on someone so thin you'd think you'd be able to see a lil difference.

No. 386301

File: 1505350889401.png (853.47 KB, 1080x1141, Screenshot_20170914-015744.png)

She thought adding her pissing at road side was foot footage to put in her holiday video and upload to Instagram.

Didn't look like she's wearing underwear and didn't have anything to wipe with… Nice.

Imagine seeing a blue haired skelly squatting at roadside while someone films it. Nightmares for days

No. 386302

Kek at "rode"

No. 386581

Literally who idolizes anachans here?

No. 387225

File: 1505503592926.jpg (29.15 KB, 495x305, IMG_20170915_202402.jpg)

I can't put my finger on why this looks so damn weird.

Could anyone really worship Meg's grotesque titties?

No. 387226

It looks like she is a waitress who is delivering some weird, pink jello to some customers. Her boobs look pretty much separate from her body… It's unsettling.

No. 387260

File: 1505509050431.jpg (33.54 KB, 600x338, IMG_20170915_215511.jpg)

I think you nailed it with that take anon.


No. 387299

https://imgur.com/a/Ka4jD Some pics from Meg's OnlyFans

No. 387318

File: 1505513763069.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.51 KB, 640x480, 4EMSWvX_d.jpg)

And people pay for this crap.

Holy shit this pic though, it looks like when you use a lens webcam effect that makes the image all wavvey

No. 387328

File: 1505514695512.gif (2.65 MB, 500x281, tumblr_ow0dgv8QHY1tvky6qo1_500…)

We are behind on posting her lulzy preview gifs

No. 387329

File: 1505514717987.gif (2.87 MB, 420x236, tumblr_ow46o2Tov21tvky6qo1_500…)

No. 387330

File: 1505514742679.gif (2.78 MB, 400x225, tumblr_ow86spgXxe1tvky6qo1_400…)

No. 387331

File: 1505514765093.gif (2.6 MB, 400x225, tumblr_owc7k3I43M1tvky6qo1_400…)

No. 387334

File: 1505514907154.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 400x225, tumblr_ovh0nvq0hT1tvky6qo3_400…)

Unnecessary blurred vaj, we've all seen it.

Here's her putting ice lolli over her cunt. Yuck

No. 387345

So did Meg have labiplasty surgery or what? Why does her vagina look like a baby's?

No. 387346

She just obviously has some sort of stunted development. Mama prob was on the booze during pregnancy.

No. 387349

Her tits look like Amanda Lepore's…

No. 387354

one is so much bigger than the other. eww

No. 387427

if she never showed her face, some of these gifs wouldn't be haf bad tbh.

No. 387655

File: 1505578164837.png (76.39 KB, 1080x918, Screenshot_20170916-165653.png)

Why is she lying though???

No. 387704

File: 1505582698836.jpg (37.84 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mku9feTx4T1qe27eso1_500…)

Came across this pic again today lol. What was she thinking. Wonder if she ever left the house like this.

No. 387779

Did she ever post any pictures from that webcam hoes meetup? She said she would at the time but she never sticks to her word so fuck knows.

No. 387863

oh my god, i totally forgot about her weird prettyp0lly phase.

No. 388080

Pumpy really is sitting online acting grumpy, showing off her acne looking confused as to why she is not being tipped. I'm surprised she hasn't realised she needs to make an effort now that her Loli days are over. She really still believes her looks are what's getting her money… What a car crash…

No. 388086

File: 1505636885979.png (340.44 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2993.PNG)

on a whim i checked lotte's twitter. it's an absolute indecipherable mess between all of the retweets from, guess what, ANOTHER dying dog. also darcy seems to be living with her and mike is still around??

if anyone wants to slog through her shit and figure out what's going on be my guest.

No. 388197

Darcys dog is dying and charlottes mom is footing the bill while they both offer deals on their nudes to get it. Darcy needs to stop impulse buying animals.

No. 388357

reminder that lana rain is dating a 16 year old girl

No. 388379


>"I love BBC!"

>Doesnt even go past the bellend.

Wew great bj skills meg, she can suck your bellend and no further

No. 388399

Apparently she is around when she cams, shouldn't they an her for that? That violates a few rules.

No. 388400

Pretty sure the girl lives in a different country but it's obvious this is a way for Lana to cater to her anime child loving audience. She's been retweeting very questionable hentai for a long time now. She knows exactly what she is doing. It's just sad it's at the expense of the entire community she makes her money from as well as a teenage girl.

No. 388687

landlord and tenant laws vary by state. you could have just looked up the state laws. I'm guessing she lives in CA?

No. 388688

Where can I find more of this??? This is so weird

No. 388712

File: 1505724278264.jpg (975.63 KB, 400x300, ZsDKHkO.jpg)

Diff anon, but seems like most of that persona was scrubbed and the original PULL thread about her is long gone due to her CP. Here are some remaining SFW gifs. http://wasted--kitten.tumblr.com/post/129298767089/megvnmvrie-15-16-year-old-meg-i-remember

No. 388735

File: 1505735618872.png (705.03 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170918-124957.png)

There's still things about if you Google. I'm no slut shamer myself but the heavy irony in this gave me a chuckle

No. 388785

File: 1505745238269.gif (327.82 KB, 400x300, tumblr_myw72chKvq1qapet0o1_400…)

Muh gyaru

No. 388786

File: 1505745350784.jpg (14.7 KB, 360x480, c77c9fd0jw1e4cgpqrmqmj20dc0hs0…)

No. 388787

File: 1505745391662.gif (32.5 KB, 220x220, c77c9fd0jw1e3y26odzoag2064064n…)

No. 388824

File: 1505749164691.gif (830.81 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mj91tzBP5E1qe27eso1_500…)

No. 388825

File: 1505749190815.gif (963.96 KB, 400x300, tumblr_mjr2jqrBO11qe27eso1_400…)

The really shooped winks get me

No. 388844

File: 1505749995363.gif (982.95 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mj43zhVa2r1qe27eso1_500…)

No. 389224

tbh this kawaii uguu~ look suits her and her weird mouth more than whatever she's doing now

No. 389231

i think she looks more special needs than usual. those circle lenses make her look cross eyed.

No. 389234

Yeah, what happened to her weird mouth in these photos and gifs? It doesn't look like she has it. And I know she has circle lenses and eye enlarging makeup on but her eyes aren't slits like usual either.

No. 389251

Wait this is MEGAN?

No. 389261

girl's a master at deception, man. she really knows what angles/lighting work in her favor to keep the ugly at bay.

No. 389275

combination of lighting and her being thinner i think

No. 389284

File: 1505803717460.gif (1.9 MB, 688x480, tumblr_ntb6uxMT7P1tvky6qo2_128…)

It's def the over exposure and her being thinner. Pretty much everyone looked cuter trying to imitate Kota. I really liked the change in style when she first did it.

No. 389438

File: 1505838863467.gif (684.28 KB, 500x281, 3ab89c67-dee8-4c46-a406-ca5777…)

She really tryna sell this video called "ignoring you" saying it's "dimmer" bahaha. Most her live cam shows are just her on her phone anyway.

No. 389439

Fucking autocorrect

No. 389441

She looks like a Neanderthal

No. 389623

So apparently Lana_Rain is dating a 16 year old girl.>>388400

The Lana situation has blown up more. Lana's best friend and top tipper (two different people) are doing mental gymnastics to try and defend her actions- but they'e only digging the hole deeper and sharing more uncomfortable truths about all of their relationships with the 16 year old.

No. 389652

Proof?? (no cp tho thx)

No. 389665

The angle or whatever makes her hand look fuckin huge nad im cracking tf up looking at it what the fuck

No. 389727

Her bf is arguing on twitter about the morality of the situation. Meanwhile her tippers were buying the clearly underage girl gifts and she was tweeting lolis at the girl…

No. 389780

File: 1505912496884.gif (2.64 MB, 500x281, ad90b10b-ef15-405e-baa5-305f32…)

Looks like she's wearing granny pants

No. 389781

File: 1505912551039.gif (2.35 MB, 400x225, e260c16f-98aa-4a78-8338-e350aa…)

Her tryna do domme shit is hilarious

No. 389783

OT but what is the kind of bra called? I mean the cut.

No. 389784

Looks like a Balconette

No. 389810

Good god she's so ugly. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she was the product of inbreeding.

No. 389854

File: 1505922514936.jpg (116.16 KB, 959x959, DJJt_7KXcAMbNFa.jpg)

lana underage gf looks younger than 16 no?

No. 389861

File: 1505922873074.jpg (Spoiler Image, 65.4 KB, 637x829, DKEWWqwVoAApTUw.jpg)

No. 389862

File: 1505922891065.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.09 KB, 636x828, DKEWXyQV4AAn_qA.jpg)

No. 389868

That's the only picture I've seen but here yes she looks 14 max!

No. 389873

even worse that her live in husband is also dating the girl and joking about having threesomes on his twitter

No. 389878

File: 1505923705924.jpg (80.99 KB, 676x1024, IMG_20170920_170538.jpg)

Just had a quick scroll through her Twitter, she's super fucking weird. Who makes loads of memes about their gf like this?
A child you might say.

No. 389880

They are GROOMING her for sex work when she turns 18 because lana will be getting old by then and you all know MFC loves loli girls , just look at pumpy

No. 389885

File: 1505924189993.jpg (131.59 KB, 1200x655, DKEiASQWkAExnGH.jpg)

No. 389893

File: 1505924515412.jpg (161.98 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20170920_171327.jpg)

She definitely looks very young. Ick

No. 389898

and the whole cam community is sticking up for her about it? If this was a CAM BOY dating a "16 year old" and making lewd jokes would anyone stand for it? No

No. 389900

File: 1505924747408.jpg (174.66 KB, 647x1200, IMG_2415.JPG)

More gf pictures

No. 389909

File: 1505925992438.gif (1.77 MB, 1000x328, 8b0c5de1-ab15-4f90-83a8-872831…)

She's really running low on ideas isn't she?

No. 389910

Also it annoys me that her bra label is sticking out. Like cmon, at least check before filming.

No. 389911

File: 1505926075523.jpg (103.96 KB, 672x756, DCk1SFjXoAAVp54.jpg)

flashing with children in the backround as well

No. 389914

Is it not against the rules to do public stuff like that on MV?

No. 389919

oh my goddd, this whole thing is making my blood pressure go up. why isn't this bitch on some kind of list wtf.

No. 389922

File: 1505926604069.jpg (107.03 KB, 880x721, DKE7V8HUQAArn2_.jpg)

No. 389923

fucking report her to mfc and any other site she uses as well as local law enforcement

NYC has strict laws regarding children and sex

No. 389930

Manyvids didn't care last year when she was reported for it with the same evidence. MFC didn't ban pumpy for similar loli lovin stuff either.

No. 389937

File: 1505927478508.png (49.45 KB, 725x344, 3333.png)

The loli also tips her

No. 389941

She's 16, how does she even have money?

No. 389946

parents credit card? they paid for her own?? lots of ways. Lana rains fans are also giving the girl money and gifts so…

No. 389951

Super gross but I can understand the kid liking all the money, attention and gifts. Who wouldn't? She prob won't realise until she's a few years older how messed up this whole thing is.

No. 389954

File: 1505928799918.png (426.48 KB, 830x479, Screenshot2017-09-2013.31.07.p…)

proof here's her talking with lana tipper and showing off gifts, is this not GROOMING children 101??

No. 389955

File: 1505928829376.png (394.85 KB, 1360x768, Screenshot 2017-09-20 13.30.58…)

No. 389959

>"remember your own relation with porn as a kid"
Uh… Kids aren't supposed to have a relation with porn
>"I've been taking nudes of myself since I was 12 lol"

Her parents should know of this imo. She probably tells them the money's for some online game, and the gifts are from a friend

No. 389962

File: 1505929268278.jpg (68.46 KB, 515x491, IMG_20170920_183724.jpg)

Was laughing at pumpy's "art". $15?! It's not even stick on the fridge tier.

No. 389963

This is how lana became a camgirl in the first place, she was also groomed by her bf/husband infinite/8loaded into becoming one from a young age

No. 390058

im cackling these look like kiddie drawings

also that DICK one who the actual fuck would want that anywhere

No. 390168

File: 1505957720097.png (159.9 KB, 1080x1381, Screenshot_20170921-023311.png)

The cringe.

Dying at "dick smaller than my eyes"

No. 390170

File: 1505957863733.png (157.16 KB, 1080x1191, Screenshot_20170921-023150.png)

She's one of those dumb dumbs who think that's what a feminist is.

Man: I view women and men as equal and believe in women having the same rights men do

Meg: ew gross muh infected vag is dry and crusty ova yu

No. 390173

I'm also assuming you are one of those dumb dumbs that think feminism = men and women having equal rights but that egalitarians are just icky and don't make no sense.

No. 390189

"Pay me money for literal garbage."
She is flat-out saying that. Such an idiot.

No. 390367

Erm no.

No. 390376

I am fairly certain the issue is not the type of porn but the ethics of creating it, similarly to June she speaks on issues she knows nothing about probably for male attention, pathetic.
Also "some girls like gang bangs-" and some of us don't. If you do not like it then stick go xhamster, its so cute of her to bitch about being shamed for what she's into while at the exact same time shaming/mocking other women for what they're into.

No. 390391

File: 1506001282654.png (20.16 KB, 591x200, Untitled.png)

No. 390410

Megan also used to say the ideal dick size for her was 5 inches. And now she's trying to do all this fake humiliation shit. She's not pulling it off.

No. 390838

Who is @infinityloaded? Lana's exbf?

Her underage girlfriend is going to do porn too, it's so sad because Lana is going to apply the same manipulation done to herself. Makes me sick.

No. 390922

File: 1506069793462.jpg (36.74 KB, 226x400, tumblr_ownl6np5Z11tvky6qo2_250…)

"I love my beautiful face" she says

No. 390923

I hate how her fans are most of the time desperate male virgins that are really too much into her and posting “ FUNNY DANK MEMES xD” …. what her whole TL is all about. She’s kinda pushing herself like momokun on pt / with her “oh so beloved fans” just to feel better when all the hate gets her ;(

sage for cringe comment

No. 390928

File: 1506074996097.jpeg (240.69 KB, 640x525, AD43A747-17B5-4555-857B-F2D824…)

she’s giving everyone extra milk with this shit haha

No. 390952

File: 1506083365520.jpg (117.32 KB, 1024x768, IMG_20170922_132617.jpg)

She got 2 very large portraits of her cats on her arm. Yikes

No. 390953

File: 1506083385260.jpg (115.98 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20170922_132621.jpg)

No. 390962

She looks like someone who got stung by bees twenty times in the face.

No. 391622

they're really well done though.

No. 391705

Anyone know how much tattoos of that size cost? For someone who's always lying and is actually running out of money, not making enough on cam, and using up her savings - wondering how much further that sets her back (since you can't use Amazon GCs to buy tattoos).

No. 391715

It entirely depends on the artist. I would hazard a guess between $250-$350.

No. 391717

Also, I meant that separately for each not for both of them together. They are pretty well done as well.

No. 391990

Did Lana get arrested

No. 392027

Are you saying you read that somewhere or you generally have no clue and just asking?

Pretty sure the answer is no.

No. 392072

File: 1506290130462.png (281.05 KB, 988x1426, Screenshot_2017-09-24-14-54-48…)

No. 392073

File: 1506290152450.png (296.32 KB, 968x1636, Screenshot_2017-09-24-14-54-57…)

No. 392080

What bullshit is this

No. 392081

This reads like a 10 year old boy on the internet circa 1999. "Uhh, sorry, that was totally my cousin who wrote that, not me!"

No. 392104

This was a joke, it's not serious

No. 392107

File: 1506294877492.png (69.92 KB, 807x663, flounceaway.png)

biglottes spoke against lana and lana's going crazy over it.


while I dislike biglottes, all she has to do is bring up lana masturbating in public in court.

No. 392123

everyone replying sounds actually insane

No. 392186

"i've been taking nudes of myself since i was 12 fucking arrest me lol"

No. 392224

>let's challenge these accusations in court
like anon said, bring up the public masturbation or, you know, the 16 year old girlfriend in the cam room getting groomed by creepy ass fans. How delusional is this bitch to think this shit will hold up in court?

No. 392310

File: 1506339246250.png (573.96 KB, 1080x1057, Screenshot_20170925-123112.png)

So she's gonna blow 3k on a kitten now? She's so fucking terrible with money.

No. 392331

Im not even someone against pedigree pets but at that price its just a ridiculous fucking status piece. One slightly disabled by its breeding. Like those poor stunted inbred teacup puppies..

No. 392386

She's either getting scammed at that price or she's trying to scam others by saying "oh I need to raise this much to buy the cat".

No. 392403

yeah no legit breeder does "300 off if you get her tonight" or delays on telling the price. they'd have a fixed price and hopefully a vetting system for owners. That price is crazy. I've only seen savannahs go for that and they're pretty rare.

No. 392478

>buying a disabled midget cat for an insanely overpriced amount because "the breeder said it was a special deal!"

No. 392505

they're not disabled and they can do everything a 'regular' cat can do. buuut it's still stupid to spend $3000 on a cat/ trust the breader etc.
I actually was really happy that she rescued her other cats, don't know why she's doing something like that now…

No. 392520

There is no way they are not at least slightly hindered by those legs. its a ridiculous thing to breed for

No. 392531

the funniest thing about the whole situation is she was just on cam saying her new lease only allows 2 cats and complained about the pet fee for each being like $600.

No. 392538

File: 1506374289507.jpg (59.54 KB, 612x792, DKlrrUiXcAAQMjM.jpg)

Many Vids (the site Lana Rain has been #1 on for months) released this statement.


The comments JFC.
anyone saying about how their "zero tolerance policy" only applies to people who aren't making them money gets blocked by Manyvids. Classy.

This is one of the reasons why so many people are disgusted by the porn industry.

No. 392560

File: 1506377542264.png (269.85 KB, 632x897, Untitled.png)

absolutely fucking pathetic

manyvids blocked someone for calling them out in the most obvious way

No. 392561

All the responses are on her public masturbation video showing children in the background.

Surprised no one is bringing up her underage girlfriend either.

No. 392573

God are there any companies that aren't complete trash and only care about money? Fuck this world.

No. 392578

ManyVids has been blocking a LOT of people - anyone calling them out on their not-so-zero-tolerance zero tolerance policy.
"I forgot to edit them out" is a shitty excuse for filming porn around minors. That just proves you were recklessly masturbating in public and breaking the law. Saying "oops I forgot to edit out the clearest of evidence of my illegal activity" doesn't make the REST of the illegal activity any kind of legal.
Fucking hell…

No. 392772

File: 1506416718996.jpg (466.24 KB, 1440x1415, Screenshot_20170926-110410.jpg)

She went there to film with knowing what's in the background and she admitted it. So it was no "accident".

No. 393177

Doesn't matter!
This is an admission it was not a closed set!
Public lewdness is illegal.
The video is illegal. Take it down and keep it down.

No. 393232

lol this bitch is literally a sex offender.

No. 393372

she does not know any better you guys! she was groomed since she was 14 by her smelly weeb pimp & has to get some fresh meat for him :(

No. 394640

She's a fucking idiot munchkin cats don't even go for 1000$

No. 394706

File: 1506677617271.png (819.26 KB, 840x881, sexoffendershuffle.png)

So, little miss sex offender is going to be interviewed on NBC
according to my favorite source, whim: https://twitter.com/JustWhim/status/913610116204769280

I'd rather see this girl outed on Maury.

No. 394711

She is probably lying so she can beg for more money.

The most expensive munchkin cat was like 600 and even that is a lot.

No. 394777

Hope she gets BTFO'd so bad she will have to disappear from the online scene to recover. Degenerate

No. 395278

File: 1506788613003.jpg (512.5 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_20170930_171850.jpg)

Meg was supposed to be at this thing, I've watched the Snapchat of it and seen no sign of her, it's some good cringe though.

So she retweeted this, is she possibly that fat arm at the back on the left behind the girl with with arm tats?
Could be anyone though.

Seems odd she nor anyone else has taken a picture with/of her.

No. 395323

nah munchkins can and do go for more than $1000, esp if they’re rag dolls or something. a quick google search will tell you that. (paying more than a couple hundred dollars for any kind of cat is a rip off though.)

where’s chris hansen when you need him? let him put the fear of god into this vile piece of shit.

No. 395485


I hope she breaks up with the kid from the pressure of it all, at least.

Also I find it fucking sick that one of the main people defending Lana, Princess Berpl, is saying people are going too far when back in the day, she witch hunted a girl till she committed suicide (like three or four years ago). All because the girl called her out for pedo porn. And I'm pretty sure she did weird bestiality shit too.

All the nasty cows are coming to her defense JFC.

No. 395526

>Princess Berpl, is saying people are going too far when back in the day, she witch hunted a girl till she committed suicide (like three or four years ago)

I'm going to need some source.

In the meantime, check out this milk

No. 395551

Sorry linked it wrong, whole thread is a mess. its best to scroll up from there.

No. 395565


I wish I had some. She deleted her old tumblr where everything went down.

I'll try to search back for one of the posts made about it, though. I think there's at least one blog that I could ask for links/proof.

No. 395621

File: 1506819207897.png (543.15 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170930-203957.png)

Okay I was wrong. She just CLAIMED her old blog was deleted. And I found some asks regarding the event but I can't find the suicide note or proof that the girl faked it but I'm still searching. So the person might faked it but I'm still digging.

No. 395622

File: 1506819245090.png (541.12 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170930-204002.png)

No. 395623

File: 1506819277803.png (469.24 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170930-204133.png)

No. 395624

File: 1506819306336.png (461.65 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170930-204140.png)

No. 395625

File: 1506819344222.png (Spoiler Image, 608.73 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170930-205236.png)

Also found this fucking vomit worthy video description.

No. 395629

the fact that this isnt the first time she's been accused of being a pedo is enough to raise redflags for me

No. 395649

File: 1506821165257.jpg (6.78 KB, 214x214, main-qimg-3fb91d902d30ff0fefe1…)

Christ almighty

No. 395707

No. 395751


Wasn't this that mystery.jpg girl's handle back when she was camming? She's alive and well. You can check her /pt/ thread for this stuff I think.

No. 395838

Yeah it was mystery, lol. Amazing how many people she conned

No. 395884

pale, short, red hair and those derpy glasses though. I'd say so

No. 395890

Long story short after that she just up and left, and I was like what is going on? I had just given her thousands of dollars, and felt like I was hanging out with a prostitute which isn't my style.
In final, just stay clear of this girl because her promises and lies are heartbreaking to not only me but any sensible human being.

lmao. I have no sympathy for delusional neckbeards throwing their money at these girls. Its a straight up service, she's not your girlfriend. prostitutes not your style? its a camgirl you got to meet up with you after throwing a bunch of money at her. Hell you got to fuck her get over it. what a creep

No. 395909

File: 1506881290895.png (663.04 KB, 1080x1411, Screenshot_20171001-134556.png)


No. 395912


My favourite thing about Megan is how she oozes insecurity like this. You can tell she was sitting typing this and trying her best to think up the edgiest sentence possible to give off that whole ~yaaaas slay queen~ vibe.

No. 395937

I had a friend who was fatter (although prettier) than meg who did findom for a bit. those type of guys lap this shit up and you don't seem to need to be particularly attractive. so it's probably working for her. I wonder if she genuinely believes shes as hot as she says or its just bravado though. She was certainly a fat ugly kid once who went on to be being depressed and lashing out. I don't think she's so bad personally. I do hope she actually feels better tbh

No. 395975

>thinking camgirls aren’t prostitutes

lmao, wtf does he think they are then??? men who use cam sites are fucking retarded. how much in money in tokens did he blow on her that night? he’s lucky she didn’t cry rape after the whole thing if she was really that wasted, she obviously doesn’t care about her “fans.”

No. 396034


Theyre more like online strippers you cant touch lmao

No. 396039

>men who use cam sites are fucking retarded

im a guy. all i fap to is camgirls and i never spent a dime on them. piracy is a thing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 396045


No. 396046

>im a guy
enjoy that incoming ban also sage if you're just going to blog post about what you jerk it too

No. 396049


Holy shit I didn't even know. Thanks for the heads up anon. I got tired of digging through porn previews anyway tbh.

No. 396050

I like the bit where he tries to come across as nice guy who was so worried about her he still took advantage of a wasted girl

No. 396999

File: 1507024941743.png (220.88 KB, 1080x1202, Screenshot_20171003-105827.png)

Says the girl who has videos of her putting candy canes in both holes and rubbing an ice lolly on her vagina.

And her blatant BV and hemorrhoids she tries to deny lol

No. 397677

No. 397975

File: 1507145993234.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1760, Screenshot_20171004-203517.png)

So she's going to get a full sleeve of this guff and she has money problems

Also is it not a bit of a dumb idea to be getting all these done when she's putting on weight? I'd presume they'll get slightly stretched, she's got super skelly arms so even not much added weigh will make them fill out a bit.

She's only put on 5lbs and I can see a difference, her hip bones are less prominent.

No. 397980

The tattoos aren't terrible…seem decent quality. That factor plays a part in how the ink will react to weight gain. Unless she gains 30+lbs in a relatively short period of time, her tattoos will be fine.

No. 397999

They’re just generic

No. 398002

File: 1507149159819.png (338.64 KB, 750x1334, 46812833-BFBD-48A5-9BCD-838BE1…)

I don’t need know if this is something that’s been brought yet, but I’ve done a good job lurking this thread and haven’t seen anything. Check out #pumpyleaks on twitter. It details DM’s between stormy’s “inner circle” about things like her dwindling bank account, living situation, and shit-talking other models (notably kitten Sophie, who has kissed Pumpy’s ass when’s she was queen bitch)

No. 398005

why do I find this kinda cute

No. 398154

Seriously, what the fuck. A story about how he had sex with a 18/19 year old "visibly wasted out of her mind" girl whose father had just died that DAY? And I'm supposed to feel sorry for HIM in this situation because he willingly gave her $10,000? Pumpy is an annoying brat but jesus christ that is incredibly shitty.

No. 398454

I'm also confused about what she supposedly scammed him of. He got more than he bargained for did he not? He prostituted her.

No. 399474

File: 1507386108001.jpg (85.03 KB, 720x480, tumblr_oxf9cxbRE51tvky6qo1_128…)

Is this Meg's Halloween costume?

No. 400195

Yeah, that shit made me angry too, clearly she wasn't in a good place and he still just thought about his dick then has the fucking nerve to be mad she didn't fall in love with him?

No. 400277

File: 1507483683008.png (103.4 KB, 730x907, IMG_1330.PNG)

how long before she returns to cam

No. 400456

I just followed the link on the watermark, and all I could do was wretch.

No. 400569

When nobody pays for her content and she's broke. I doubt 6 months before she comes back

No. 400575

File: 1507497308935.jpg (61.52 KB, 720x480, tumblr_oxiflv60yh1tvky6qo1_128…)

>when ya slutty aunt decides to go on cam.

No. 401373

Lama rain needs her own thread here

No. 401405

Curiosity killed the cat.
I visited it and physically feel ill.

No. 401702


If the admins allow it, I will make one.

Also has anyone noticed the 16 year old twitter went private due to "Art theft"

No. 401791

I think honestly Vero doesn't even do her own art, I refuse to believe a 16 year old can do digital painting better than people I know who have been doing it for years.

Granted I've seen people be that talented but still.

The admins better, the 16 year old is literally onision level of shit lana did (fitting she follows lainey)

No. 401858


Yeah Ive seen her brag about get commission for her artwork and it makes me wonder.

I don't think her twitter went private for art theft, she barely posted her "artwork" I wonder if something else happened.

No. 401862

Being harassed by all the camgirls who called Lana out

No. 402032

Well it turned out Lana was lying about her age and is actually 26 so things are more fucked up.

No. 402058

File: 1507739582296.jpeg (136.38 KB, 640x826, AF0B6A81-D900-4D64-9C1F-4BB0CA…)

Those fanboys of her are so weird.
Does anyone else find her community absolutely cringeworthy?
It‘s like momokun‘s fanbase ugh

No. 402112


There is a picture floating around saying she graduated in 2009, it is up for debate she is actually 26 since the Canada school system is different than the US. Still fucking gross.

No. 402199

Honestly the 26 year old while believable only has the proof of some laval English high school listing her real name (Bianca cordisico) and does kinda make sense because loaded mentioned he knew her for 7 years so if she was 19 then it'd make sense because if she was 21 and met him when she was 14 it'd be even more fucked.

But I did some snooping (Aka typing Bianca in fb) and found hero's recent photo dated may 2013 before Lana was a cam girl and from 2011 she made a note and called herself a cute nazi…

God only way to know is if someone can contact another alumni from 2009 and ask about Bianca or show Lana pics and them identifying it as her.

No. 402219

sorry to comment again, but anyone have information about the old lana eevee drama that happened in 2014-15?

Because all I heard was Lana's old blog explaining her side of the story

also lana thread when?

No. 402265

There is no grade 12 in Quebec, so she would be 24-25 right now.

No. 402276

regardless, Lana being 8-9 years older than Vero is fucked up, age of consent or not.

Also she's from Laval, which is like Mississauga to Toronto for Montreal, so asking random locals will be creepy and also impossible due to population reasons.

This is a dead end without being creepy

Sorry guys it failed, and maybe a new thread should be made just so we can have lana to herself, as this is brigaded too much with anti lana

No. 402280

She is 23, almost 24. Quebec high school has you graduate at the age of 16. MemberBlasts had the deets.

No. 402292

apaprently MemberBlasts has information that might be true about how Lana had done something in 2008 that will officially debunk her being 21. What kind of info is it?

No. 402302

Apparently Lana's old mal, which has her DOB

and proof it being her for real

Sorry if this is too annoying for you guys

No. 402308

File: 1507766153160.png (58.35 KB, 1208x212, Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 7.55…)

I don't really understand the proof, there's just some random posts made by her.

Also, I always made myself older online… IF she was 13 then, she could have decided to say she's 15 instead. No one really wants to talk to a 13 year old.

Age of graduation is usually 17. Her birthday is in November though, so she could have started school a year "late" (happened to me as well) and graduated with 17 close to 18.

She started camming basically on her birthday in 2013 (when she turned 18 according to her) and was still living at home. I honestly don't know why this is such a huge deal.

She also had no followers and maybe 1 or 2 likes on her pictures back then.

No. 402349


Why it's relent is because the birthday matches up that she graduated high school in 2009, it just gives us more proof of her age.

The 16 year old is apparently in or visiting someone in the hospital and tweeting some emo stuff. I would post screenshots but I am not sure how much the admins will allow to post.

No. 402356

she's back outside private, apparently shit isn't so bad that she's public again

No. 402615

I agree we need a thread for lana.

Since she does start most of the cam girl drama recently, just to get more views,
I think we could milk her all the way out.

All the other cosplayers I watched her interact with seem like shitty people too.
Well, they are at least better with makeup than this horse face lana

No. 402682

I'm not a fan of calling people ugly but she's ugly inside with her recent Vero thing,like seriously I thought she was stupid because she liked Gundam seed and didn't like zone of the enders but this took the cake

No. 404072

File: 1508069305581.jpg (434.27 KB, 2044x1544, MegvnMvrie_08102017_2045_MyFre…)

Those poor sad titties pointing to the floor

No. 404084


Lana looks like a slightly more attractive Cindy pop .

No. 404151

Looks like one was started.

No. 408016

No. 408183

File: 1508772484815.png (337.33 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4255.PNG)

So pump has given up camming…to become a stripper

No. 408278

The way she talks man, she sounds thick as shit

No. 408302

I don't know how she's going to manage being a stripper, she's boring af to watch on cam. She has the personality of a scarecrow.

No. 408415


aside from that how will she even have the energy to do the job? stripping is exhausting

she should dance to the X-Files theme

No. 408463

File: 1508800455959.png (2.26 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-10-24-02-11-34…)

hahahahahahaha. no. just – no. wtf?

No. 408478

Jesus Christ. It's starting to get too hard to follow this bitch on Twitter. Her delusions are becoming more sad to me than entertaining.

No. 411581

File: 1509309292869.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171026-152347.png)

Another corny ass tattoo added to the bone train

No. 411582

File: 1509309326412.png (1.78 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171026-152427.png)

Her new "daddy" lol

No. 411586

File: 1509309399468.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171029-203313.png)

She thinks putting on 7lbs has gained her an ass. No girl, long way to go.

No. 411587

File: 1509309441222.jpg (114.74 KB, 722x1280, IMG_20171029_202412.jpg)

I'm frightened.

No. 411616

that ribbon placement next to "past" is really unfortunate, I thought it said "your pasta"…

No. 411714

It looks like the 7 lbs went to her knee

No. 411946

File: 1509377247727.jpg (130.71 KB, 828x1472, IMG_20171030_151903.jpg)

A-fucking-nother one.

This "sleeve" is gonna look terrible, it's just such a mismatch mess.

No. 412010

File: 1509388114300.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.97 KB, 600x344, IMG_20171030_182227.jpg)

I bet meg could tuck her boobs under her armpits and hold em there.

No. 414419

File: 1509740685191.png (1.04 MB, 1068x1668, Screenshot_20171103-202033.png)

So Kat's new bf appears to already have a gf or something close to it. I doubt they know about each other. Someone should tell them.

No. 414420

File: 1509740720279.png (804.31 KB, 1080x1673, Screenshot_20171103-200100.png)

Vegas is where he was fucking kat..

No. 414427


I thought this was Lainey aka foot face holy shit.

No. 414547

I know Stormy is a self proclaimed home wrecker, but is she unaware of him being in love with someone else? She was just tweeting about how in love she is with him and saying similar things as his other gf, calling him "daddy" and being covered in bruises after being with him. Strange.

No. 414761

I don't think so. She thinks he's her bf, I doubt she'd be cool with not being the only one tbh, she's too needy and egotistical. She's getting played.

No. 414764

Lol I'm sending the girl screenshots rn, will report back w/pics

No. 414775

File: 1509766020085.png (368.85 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0602.PNG)

If she doesn't happen to see this I'll tweet it at her, idk how many people check their "message request" box on IG.
Fuck stormy for doing this, it seems like she fucking knows.
If she doesn't then prepare for the impending meltdown lol.

No. 414777

File: 1509766070841.png (837.81 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0603.PNG)

2/2 just sent her a few screenshots of stormy's posts with him in it

No. 414813

That girl is an employee at the piercing studio that Kyler owns.
The real problem is that it looks like Kyler may already be married to another woman and may have a baby on the way with that woman.
The plot thickens, and gives Stormy a much bigger chance at "homewrecking".

No. 414849

I've seen that he may be married, where's the evidence of this?

No. 414881

I saw people saying that but I'm not sure where that came from. I've done some digging and not seen anything, but maybe I ain't gone deep enough. Anything simple like him wearing a ring or something?

No. 414939

No. 414945

File: 1509805043074.png (175.8 KB, 597x607, PumpyBackToBlonde171104.png)

Another month, another hair color.

No. 414951

Comment on one of her pics that you sent her a DM. If she doesn't follow you it's likely possible that she didn't get a notification.

No. 415001

Oh damn he used to be pretty fat. I'd presume this fell through

No. 415008

Yea, her Facebook page shows her in a relationship with another dude. Which makes the baby registry page weird if he's not really the baby daddy?

No. 415011

So he deffo was married, probably still is legally cos divorce is effort. The girl he married is with a different guy these days. I guess he does have a kid with her

No. 415055

On her FB she's been saying it's the other dudes, I seem to believe that. But she has another kid, who looks pretty old, like maybe before she was even with kyler. But there's loads of pics of him with the kid and someone left a comment referring to him has dad but that doesn't necessarily mean biologically.

No. 415182

File: 1509823030057.jpg (84.38 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_20171104_191439.jpg)

That's an old pic. She's still Chucky red.

No. 415227

I did, still no response/doesn't say it has been seen, I'm not going to harass her but I'll tweet at her tomorrow if it's still unread

No. 415256

Kat says she knows her and that they're no longer together. It did seem like their times lapse and I wonder if Lex knew he was seeing Kat on the side.

No. 415337

Seems like a big lie if Lex's post was less than a week ago, but they're "no longer together".
Just not sure who's the big liar.
(I mean, we're sure, but we're not SURE.)

No. 415368

Lex tweeted on Monday that shes back on Tinder so either they have an open relationship or he dumped her for Kat.

No. 415476

I think they've broke up as gf and bf but are still fucking. Obv she said he fucked her after returning from Vegas aka meeting and fucking kat.

No. 415622

File: 1509848889281.png (73.21 KB, 750x523, IMG_0619.PNG)

I guess she doesn't care shrug
I can't really see stormy to be the type who's okay with sharing though…weird lol

No. 415655

Stormy saying "You know nothing of our relationship. Or if I’m dating them or not." Could be an open relationship between the 3 of them?

No. 415779

ok wow yall really need to chill. messaging cows? posting people's full names who aren't cows? some of you are scary.

No. 416579

File: 1510017665096.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0688.PNG)

Yup they're sharing him, damn stormy the only man you can get is already someone else's, every time
She also posted on her story about stealing his sweater "right off of his warm body" with a kissy face
Gf knows what she's doing
I bet she just isn't into pretending to be a little girl for him and that's why she lets him use stormy as a play thing

No. 418584

File: 1510153159148.jpg (104.35 KB, 786x495, IMG_20171108_144641.jpg)

List of Meg's upcoming Christmas bids.

Milk bath… I wanna be sick.

No. 418586

File: 1510153301482.png (859.09 KB, 1048x1248, Screenshot_20171108-145110.png)

Kat has tried to go back to blonde and it looks fucking disgusting

No. 418758

Her hair must be ready as fuck to fall out. Those eyebrows and hairline are unfortunate.

No. 418853


>Candy cane cock

Candy Cane Yeast Infection 2: Electric Boogaloo?

No. 419522

File: 1510240937412.png (1.78 MB, 1078x1718, Screenshot_20171109-151925.png)

Size of that swede and state of that bleach job.

No. 419523

File: 1510240989242.png (297.4 KB, 1075x1427, Screenshot_20171109-151555.png)


No. 419543

I thought the blonde used to look way better on her in the old days (see for example>>414945 ) but this looks awful…did she try to bleach it herself in the sink or something?

No. 419698

Apparently that's professional which is even more tragic.

She should just go a normal brown and stop messing with it bleaching it too often.

No. 419772


I really hope her implants get deformed and she is going to have to replace them or have them taken out.

No. 419804

Thats some bodyhorror nightmare material.

No. 427320

So is she broken up yet? Saw a bunch of tweets about her crying and being fake-suicidal, but then complaining that her bf is 3000 miles away (probably fucking his actual girlfriend).
Her entire stream is just stuck-up complaints, lies, and spam auto-posts from the same people buying her content over and over again to make it look like she's not completely failing at every turn in her continual train-wreck of a life…

No. 429638

File: 1511312214299.png (Spoiler Image, 638.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171122-005129.png)

I screenshot Ted this gif and got it mid lip bite and it looks like she's melting.

So she says she's a nuerochem student now but with her history of lying I'm finding it difficult to believe.
She's thick as shit and I know for a fact she didn't do a levels, maybe did a year at college? Dunno what subject and has done nothing since, so how would she get in?

No. 429644

No but it ain't gonna last. He still spends loads of time with his "ex" and she still calling him daddy. Kat acts like it's this amazing love lol. For one, you've met him maybe 3 times legit and only been speaking prob a month or two, that ain't love. And he loves you so much that he's porking another girl all the time and basically still acting like a couple going on dates.

She's obviously desperate and is gonna settle for anyone who gives her attention who isn't a complete freak but she's also gonna use him for porn content. Her video with him is selling a hell of a lot better than anything she's done in years, and I bet she ain't giving him a cut of the money.

No. 429647

File: 1511312884259.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.92 MB, 600x338, 442d38a5-b11d-470d-b5f6-1199e2…)

Here's the full mess

No. 429657

File: 1511313589530.jpeg (51.13 KB, 500x335, EAE11E29-7575-485D-9153-64D3C8…)

What this video reminds me of

No. 430088

File: 1511373957773.png (548.6 KB, 1080x1184, Screenshot_20171122-175900.png)


So these 2 are blatantly fighting.

Nearly identical tweets aimed at each other and her tagging a picture of kyler with such things.

This gon' be good

No. 430089

File: 1511373979826.png (82.47 KB, 1080x316, Screenshot_20171122-175842.png)

No. 430095

File: 1511374355490.png (105.44 KB, 1080x718, Screenshot_20171122-180945.png)

Oh there's more

No. 430096

File: 1511374385193.png (198.37 KB, 1080x1127, Screenshot_20171122-181001.png)

No. 430097

File: 1511374490234.png (312.33 KB, 1073x1652, Screenshot_20171122-181011.png)


I mean "your boyfriend" is choosing to hang around with her and if she was being that much of a stalker weirdo he could fire her for it so pretty sure kat is full of shit.

No. 430117

What dumb bitches. He is obviously playing all three of them and acting like the other two are crazy when talking to them

No. 430287

I came here to post the same screenshots lol, I had followed lex' IG on my side account but she recently blocked it (I think she thought I was a stormy fan), and every day her story was of the two of them…
He's obviously into the girl and spends a lot of time with her.
I think what happened is he told her to lock down her account more to keep it from stormy, but lex can't help but post about it.
A few days ago stormy posted on Fb that she "moved up the girlfriend ladder" or something like that, im guessing maybe he told her he was going to commit to just her or something.
Either way WEW LAD
this bitch is so evil I love seeing her get played

No. 430315

File: 1511393500468.png (518.32 KB, 1080x991, Screenshot_20171122-232542.png)

She really is naive.

This shit is gonna blow up in her face and she's gonna look like more of an idiot than usual.

Whole situation is embarrassing for all 3 of 'em. How old is he anyway? Like 29? Imagine even wanting to date highly immature 21 year old.

No. 430321

So is the switch from 2nd-person to 1st-person POV her claiming that Lex asked him and he chose Pumpy? Or is she just awful at narration and both "you" and "me" are her in this scenario?

So many layers of stupidity, mixed with naivete and boldface lying, like some kind of failure lasagna…

No. 430401

imagine fighting over a guy who looks like a balding lesbian idubbbbz

No. 430427

She blatantly asked and cos he's not an idiot but a seedy fucker he's tryna lead 'em both on clearly.
Lol he seems the type who lost weight and has a big dick that he can just control these cock hungry hoes now.

Tbh he looked better as a fat guy imo.

I do wonder if any of his ex wife's children are his and if they are he blatantly never sees them now.

No. 430850

File: 1511470896151.jpg (132.38 KB, 828x1472, IMG_20171123_205958.jpg)

She actually has to write this crap down? That's hilarious.

No. 430939

its in pen and she didn't even cross out or alter any of it, she literally is putting no care into it

No. 430980

It's the fact it's so cliché and simplistic, could she honestly not think that up off the top of her head/remember?

I know it's a video but planning dirty talk seems way too forced to be taken seriously.

No. 430988


jesus christ imagine how terrible she is in bed if she's this unimaginative with dirty talk she's planned in advance

sage for being gross

No. 431315

File: 1511550509245.jpg (103.17 KB, 828x1472, IMG_20171124_190443.jpg)

Caption to this is "peachy" lol

Oh girl there's barely a crease in ya thigh and ya (lack of) bum fat can't even cover the thong.

No. 431476

File: 1511573232203.png (720.15 KB, 1078x1460, Screenshot_20171125-012219.png)

Scam cat is here.
Hahah $3000?! The average price for them is $300-500.

No. 431490

who is this?
their crease looks visible to me and their thong looks like how it would in a normal persons butt, is that what people are calling "no ass" nowadays ? smh

No. 431501

if im not mistaken, its stormy.

but dont worry about it, its just regular ol nitpicky lolcow shining through.

No. 431794

bragging about buying a purebred kitten, when there are plenty of cats (including purebreds) in shelters.

No. 432011

What people are more upset about is that she:
1) Begged her regs/followers for the money for it
2) Claimed her new apartment's lease only allows for 2 cats, making a 3rd irresponsible for multiple reasons
3) She has hit her 1st cat on cam, and every successive cat she has gotten only offends people more and more
4) We all know we'll soon have to see another grotesque tattoo appearing on her to commemorate another mistake in her pathetic life

No. 433008

File: 1511817545077.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.29 KB, 675x1200, DPo2GyTWAAAxyid.jpg)

pretty sure that's exactly what's going on.

No. 434675

File: 1512004409650.png (110.95 KB, 1080x517, Screenshot_20171130-011024.png)

How dumb is she? What trashy ass sites is she falling for? Does she not know about the simple padlock thing?

Dunno About you lot but I've never been scammed in my life and she's fell for shit multiple times in a year?!

No. 434676

File: 1512004496278.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.87 KB, 1280x720, IMG_20171130_010912.jpg)

Reminder that meg thinking this pussy snot isn't an infection.

This is beyond disgusting, are men that stupid?

No. 434679

It looks like she uses frozen milk cubes or yogurt…
>the bubbles
I'm gagging though

No. 434766

It's like someone made an incision in a rancid chicken cutlet.

No. 434769

weirdest vag ever. she has like no outer lips or shape to her vulva. her entire vulva just looks like a prolapse

No. 434818

Ah. This made me gag a few times. I wish I hadn't seen that.

No. 434917

File: 1512051169474.jpg (41.62 KB, 720x480, IMG_20171130_141132.jpg)


No. 435001

File: 1512062767358.png (381.5 KB, 1080x1486, Screenshot_20171130-171902.png)

So shes prob getting rid of that new cat already. Apparently it whines all day and is not independent in the slightest. So that was a waste of time and money.
She'll prob cum on its head and try sell it for an extra grand

No. 435048

It's like an opposite of a roastie. No outer lips and the inner lips are pretty non-existent as well. Someone mentioned some threads ago it looks like someone took an axe to a piece of flesh and called it a vag.

No. 435054

She's been talking about starting a family soon(in her mind probably with Kyler lul). Can you imagine how she would treat a human baby? I've seen her scream/be nasty to the cat on her Snap story already, I can't imagine how she treats it off camera. Hopefully her apartment finds out about this extra cat and she's forced to give it to a better home.

No. 435344

File: 1512091719859.png (84.41 KB, 631x500, Untitled.png)

She has been fighting with other cam girls about abusing her cats. She is just ridiculous. This is her logic about spending $3,000 on a cat.

No. 436629

any evidence of her abusing her cats? links/vids/screencaps?

No. 436644


lol no worries, there's no way in hell this borderline dying ana can even get pregnant anymore (naturally anyway) let alone carry a baby full term

No. 436667

has provided a thread of some documented abuse.

No. 436678

File: 1512273443604.jpg (87.55 KB, 800x600, sickmalo.jpg)


Here is a video of both times she has physically and verbally abused Malo.


The screenshot attached is when Malo's eye was swollen and she was "so concerned" and wanted to take her to the vet. The next day she acted like everything was fine.

Now she has spent $3000 on this kitten and she doesn't want to put the time and energy to take care of it. She calls it stupid. Let me grab the screenshots.

No. 436693

File: 1512275686832.jpg (163.55 KB, 750x1200, badcatmom.jpg)

These are just some highlights from her conversation about her cats.

No. 436711

the new cat sounds like somethings wrong with it. i dont know much about munchkins but a cat shouldnt be constantly falling over, pooping where it/people sleep, and crying all the time. if one cat was sick and they dont really know what was wrong with her its incredibly irresponsible to get another kitten and possibly compromise that kittens health.

No. 436726

it's a fucking kitten… what do you expect. literally a baby.
and you have to teach him where to poop, honestly cats learn that pretty fast. i doubt she ever took the time to actually take care of this kitten.

No. 436791

File: 1512298922449.jpg (320.83 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20171203_105431.jpg)

Lol wtf is that?

No. 436872

Another in a long long series of mistakes?
(At least it's not on her FACE like Lotte)

No. 437675

File: 1512410454560.png (2.75 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171204-175159.png)

Look it's like the 2nd time in a year meg has left her house.

How sad that her only social outings are camgirl meetups.

No. 437719

File: 1512415914476.png (1.83 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171204-193007.png)

Christ, how many of these British camgirls have red hair? It's like a ginger convention.

No. 437721

File: 1512415967994.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171204-192704.png)

Oh dear, that slit.

No. 438272

this is not the first time someone has said this and it's not entirely true. the overwhelming majority of ppl in quebec graduate at 17. you can only graduate at 16 if you either drop out (16 is the legal age when you can decide to stop going to school)or if you do a professional formation right out of high school.

also, high school here is from 12 to 17 so when she says she met infinitecuck in high school, she could have been 12.

if she graduated in 2009, chances are she is now 24-25.

regardless it would be creepy for her to date a teenager even if she was just 21.

No. 438285

File: 1512496903279.jpg (519.35 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20171205_175623.jpg)

Meg and her carers.

No. 438311

she looks like a burst sausage

No. 438550

File: 1512518641386.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171206-000236.png)

Quality cringe here

No. 438574

No, it was proven that the 2009 graduation page SOMEHOW was her Middle School graduation, and she is in fact 22 as of November. Her underage girlfriend is now probably 17, as she was "16, almost 17" a few months ago. The new creepiness is that EightLoaded has been good friends with her for 7 years, meaning she was 14 and he was an adult at the time.

No. 438914

File: 1512545808076.png (675.2 KB, 599x709, lol.png)

Yeah Lex is "so crazy" according to Stormy meanwhile she blamed moving on not spending Thanksgiving with Kyler. While in reality he probably never invited her to meet his parents because he was too busy hanging out with his real gf on Thanksgiving. Now he's back in Vegas visiting her and will soon be home again fucking Lex while Stormy believes hes so enamored with her and Lex is just crazy lol.

No. 438920

Look at those bitch tits. What a prize to fight over.

No. 438925

I think it's worth noting that Kyler's ex-fiance/wife also was an employee of his tattoo studio as is Lex currently. Dude seems to just fuck his employees lol

No. 438929

File: 1512548288611.png (1.13 MB, 747x685, kyler.png)

Dude lost some serious weight in the past few years so no surprise about the left over moobs.

No. 438953

plugs are always cringe overdose

No. 439097

Thank god he removed those nose plugs, disgusting.

He seems like a piece of shit playing these girls.

No. 441698

File: 1512938661078.png (Spoiler Image, 368.9 KB, 1080x1505, Screenshot_20171210-202723.png)

Is that a roid or does kat have a butthole skin tag?

No. 441702

File: 1512938945608.png (438.72 KB, 1054x702, Screenshot_20171210-204549.png)


No. 441710

maybe a wart?

No. 441742

it's a roid. meg has ones like that i think.

No. 441818

that hairline holy shit……………
poor girl needs to gain weight asap. maybe she's predisposed to hair loss but being skellymode absolutely isnt gonna help that. she should have spent her boob job money on hair follicle transplants insteal

No. 441895

It's funny she thinks that she's normal now she's closer to 80lbs rather than 70. That's still severely underweight.

No. 442839

File: 1513110279069.png (203.68 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4951.PNG)

Well her delusion has hit an all time high.

No. 442856

A life coach, hahaha. Jesus christ, she's the last person I'd take any sort of advice from.

No. 442864

Btw how gross is it that she's Facebook friends with kyler's dad?

Imagine ya dad seeing slutty photos of your partner and prob reading mentions about his son's dick.

No. 442867

File: 1513113064327.jpg (37.68 KB, 573x960, FB_IMG_1513112905001.jpg)

She also needs to go and delete all her old pictures of when it was just her personal teenage page.

You just know there's people scrolling back and jerking it to photos when she was underage.
They go back to 2013

No. 442919

She boasts about his dad jerking off to her. No wonder Kyler won't ever introduce her to his family.

No. 443328

File: 1513168443462.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1752, Screenshot_20171213-123121.png)


No. 443343

File: 1513169585733.png (535.05 KB, 1031x1699, Screenshot_20171213-124951.png)

She's so embarrassing

No. 443834

File: 1513266616513.jpg (55.68 KB, 502x884, pTuu3xY_d.jpg)

Loool. Meanwhile on lex's snap it's all of them 2 together.

Of course he doesn't love you, you dumb fuck.

No. 443836

File: 1513266879234.png (413.69 KB, 1080x1407, Screenshot_20171214-155134.png)


No. 443959

Client? So she's a whore now?

No. 444198

The way she says client implies she only has 1 fan lol.

She put out like a 2 and a half minute of her sex tape which dames too much. Kyler's is cringe at talking as is her sexy attempts.
It's bizarre watching a sex worker fail at being sexy, it's all so forced, idk how people get off on this crap acting.

No. 444426

File: 1513328165789.jpg (18.45 KB, 509x295, IMG_20171215_085435.jpg)

Cos you were a sidepiece dummy

No. 444520

Stop acting like you just found out so you can paint yourself a victim
She literally thought she could get him to be just hers, the dude is poly because he's not fat anymore and wants to bang multiple chicks, the fuck did you expect stormy
Nobody wants auschwitz arm candy

No. 444565

File: 1513356577968.jpg (343.23 KB, 1857x1241, IMG_20171215_163347.jpg)

So this is gonna be 3 white girls doing an African dance in a hotel… Hm not cringe at all! Watching meg with her pancake ass tryna do a butt dance is lols enough.

No. 444616

File: 1513362403279.png (632.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171215-182126.png)

Lol, dear god that uncomfortably tight… Thing.

No. 444618

File: 1513362456314.png (Spoiler Image, 553.83 KB, 1053x635, Screenshot_20171215-182216.png)


No. 444619

File: 1513362501837.png (Spoiler Image, 667.92 KB, 1080x612, Screenshot_20171215-181924.png)

No. 444990

File: 1513393757653.gif (494.41 KB, 475x355, dmndt0p34uey.gif)

I'm watching Stormy dance on cam and it's mr. skeltal with tits

No. 444993

File: 1513393818573.jpg (Spoiler Image, 162.86 KB, 810x734, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 7.09…)

her tits are settling nicely tho, could have been a way worse boob job

No. 445030

she keeps referring to him as her 'boyfriend' on cam tonight. i don't understand how she does not realize how pathetic this is.

must be weird to have thousands of dudes paying to jerk off to you but you can't keep a guy to yourself lol.

No. 445092

Ugh, she's calling him her boyfriend again because she threatened suicide to get him back - from reports of those who track her SnapChat. Emotional blackmail straight out of the abuser's playbook; she is just a manipulative psychotic narcissistic bitch.

No. 445205

Yeah and he's not gonna stop fucking lex so why does she even want to be with this "cheater".

Bet kyler is seriously regretting following his dick on this one huh.

She ain't gonna top herself over a 1 month relationship that is mostly just about sex.

No. 445286

File: 1513441896616.png (55.18 KB, 641x495, PumpyIsTheSideHoe-171216.png)

You're right, Pumpy, that ain't you.

Because you're a manipulative toxic side hoe in a fairly normal relationship!

Threatening suicide is the absolute worst. That guy needs to get the hell away from her for his own sake. She fucking knows where you live now, Kyler. #DumpThePump

No. 445388

File: 1513453684253.jpg (98.97 KB, 828x1472, IMG_20171216_194123.jpg)

>Whom I am

Lol Christ, can see how much autocorrect helps her out online.
Awesome child's handwriting too.

No. 445389

File: 1513453942366.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.32 KB, 720x480, 09dc86a1-d6db-4c4b-a310-978f9e…)

When she holds her tits up like this they don't even look attached to her body, it's like she's just holding 2 sacks infront of her.

No. 445597

The fact that she's wearing a cupless bra and her nipples are still hidden in the bottom is killing me. I can't even tell where they are

No. 445762

File: 1513525747282.png (646.41 KB, 1080x1273, Screenshot_20171217-084150.png)

Freaks me the fuck out that her waist is only as big as a man's hand…

No. 446206

It's hilarious but also fucking tragic that she doesn't realise that 3/10 trashy hoe is her!

No. 446207

File: 1513560138895.png (321.42 KB, 1080x1373, Screenshot_20171218-011753.png)

Ew, pic didn't post

No. 446587

File: 1513608258866.gif (960.9 KB, 275x180, 1428449762480.gif)

>she thinks she's a 10/10 who's going somewhere in life

No. 446785

File: 1513624379672.jpg (76.13 KB, 768x1024, image_02d43c2f-c079-463e-9572-…)

Like honestly who the hell would buy a camgirl calender, and that's before considering the ridiculous price. Imagine walking into someone's house/office and seeing they have a calendar exclusively of some skelly how, to add to the lols, some pics are pre implants, others aren't.

People are ashamed of liking camgirls n don't admit to ever tipping, so who's gonna put it on the bloody wall.

No. 446789

$150 for a fucking calendar lmao.

No. 446830

Looking at this makes me feel like I'm going to get vanned. Jfc, can you imagine how many of her fans were just pedos jerking it to her flat everything? I wonder how many of them she lost getting that boob job.

No. 446843

Yeah that does kill it for loads of people. Just a boob job in general puts a lot of people off but people who like anorexics obviously don't want some bolt ons stuck on some skelly.

No. 446905

She is such a fool for getting those tits and tattoos this year. If she had stayed the way she was she could have extended her career for a few more years but she is going downhill fast and ruining everything her fanbase liked about her.

I actually thought she was looking cute earlier this year with the blue extensions but then she botched her hair, got the tits, and got all that crap on her arm.

This Kyler thing is not going to end well.

No. 447021

Kyler already wants out but she keeps threatening to kill herself if he goes.
I did that when I was 13 and felt like the biggest cunt forever she's 21 and thinks that's acceptable.

Although I think kyler seems a bit like a player I feel sorry for him having these threats. You gotta say no, the threats are hollow, there's a very small chance she'd actually do anything, it's mostly threat and manipulation.

No. 447041


Don't worry, she's having a hard time selling them. I think on cam she said she only ordered I believe 8 to begin with and has only sold one so far and it's been like a month.

Guess she can always gift the leftovers to family and friends this Christmas!! lol

No. 447102

File: 1513645721119.jpg (210.23 KB, 1540x1232, Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 5.07…)

this is super pathetic, she thinks her boyfriend saying "your body is your choice" is something sweet enough to share with her twitter followers? wow…

No. 447104

File: 1513645743641.jpg (181.95 KB, 1136x1332, Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 5.07…)

full size of texts

No. 447631

of course it's "super cute" in her pathetic mind. imagine you're the trashiest of white trash, having grown up without any kind of love or care in the world.
pumpy's trying to act all tough, hardcore and "bad bitch", but truth is, as soon as a guy she falls in love with shows her ANY kind of tiny care (which most likely isn't real, as this fat-guy-gone-thin is playing her without even really trying to hide it), the neglected, poor child inside of her comes out.

tldr; stormy's existence will end up tragically either way. also – yes, she looks horryifing with implants and tats and totally shot herself in the foot with this look.

No. 449045

File: 1513864117013.png (1.38 MB, 1070x1742, Screenshot_20171221-134513.png)


No. 449046

File: 1513864183679.png (2.32 MB, 1080x1764, Screenshot_20171221-134506.png)

He looks so uncomfortable

No. 449047

File: 1513864310858.png (89.99 KB, 1080x384, Screenshot_20171221-134219.png)

Ye cos he probably thinks if he made the slightest mistake you'd try bag yourself then and there.

We, the fucking internet already know he's fucked at least 2 of his employees there.

No. 449050

is it just me or is this guy not even that cute?? he looks like a total fag and knowing he's a fuckboy former fatty overcompensating for losing weight by fucking anything that twitches his dick makes him even more repulsive. like I legitimately don't get why pumpys bone hole is so sloppy for him.

he deserves to be stuck with her crazy manipulative ass. serves him right for letting his dick make every decision in his life.

No. 449056

No, I don't get it it either. To me he looks like a lesbian, he's got ugly tattoos and piercings and holes in his face from previous uggo piercings and there's something really off about his lips. I certainly wouldn't.

No. 449102

this. also, any man who's into pumpy is by default repulsive to me.

No. 449111

Well, it's not like she can do any better.

No. 449303

I just have a supremely difficult time believing that this guy is curving girls by the droves at his shop when he looks like that. but pumpy is totally delusional I guess.

No. 449304

File: 1513890147554.png (95.95 KB, 1080x486, Screenshot_20171221-205827.png)

"um dad, this is some cam hoe I went to fuck, got pushed into a relationship and tried to break up with earlier this week but she said she'd kill herself, so here we are! Meet Morgan!

No. 449305

She's the kind of person who believes just talking politely and being friendly is "flirty".

No. 449410

File: 1513899117249.png (94.98 KB, 1080x444, Screenshot_20171221-232230.png)

Holy shit, she's the dumbest cunt I've ever seen. This is like a unlegit one month relationship.
If she forces kyler's to let her in and he caves this is gonna be a fucking travesty.

Why are so many people retarded when it comes to knowing what love is? She's legit met him 3 times or something, she doesn't know a fucking thing about him. The stupidity is too much, I wanna gauge my eyes out.

No. 449414

Plus, she JUST moved and I assume had to sign a lease on her new smaller apartment because she couldn't afford rent once again.

I get it that moving in with someone means much less rent, but 1) she's blasted MANY times why she can't stand having a roommate, 2) she will be HOMELESS when he wises up and finally admits he can't stand her ass, and 3) did we all forget that she plans to have a BABY in 2019 and Kyler already got the snip?

No. 449440

How did Pumpy even meet this guy? Like did they meet online somehow? She seems so aggressive to people online and fronts the fuck you pay me thing so I'm curious how this all got started in the first place.

This girl sucks at decision making, how shitty to be 21 and on a fast decline after having the opportunity to do something positive with all the money she made before.

No. 449443

None of this will come to fruition. They broke up literally a day or two before she flew out there after she threatened suicide. I can't imagine him putting up with her for this 2 week trip without sneaking off to fuck Lex let alone let Kat move in with him lol. Also he can have a reverse vasectomy I'm pretty sure. God forbid she ever get pregnant though I doubt her sickly body could ever fully carry a child.

No. 449444

Instagram I'm pretty sure she's said before. She scouted around for tattoo artists/photographers to fuck heavily before him.

No. 449508

The fact that's she's proud of dating a guy who, for no good reason whatsoever, doesn't want her to get an IUD, but is graciously "allowing" her to do what she wants with her body is such a red fucking flag (if the whole cheating and fuckboying around wasn't already).

Pumpy is legitimately an idiot though. Like, if it wasn't already obvious from her behavior, her cracked out handwriting and grammar in that "poem" was a dead giveaway. We're dealing with below average intelligence here. Legitimately so stupid she can't even find someone to actually love her, and men have low fucking standards.

No. 449565

At first I thought it was bizarre that he did not want her to get an IUD but now that it is apparently public knowledge that he's fixed it makes more sense I guess. Like he is off the hook if anything happens and she's babycrazy. With that additional information that text is not cute AT ALL.

No. 449847

File: 1513935123527.png (633.87 KB, 1080x1288, Screenshot_20171222-090608.png)

Jesus Christ lol

No. 449970

>treated like a damn princess

is she utterly delusional, pathetically dumb or both?
out of all things she's ever been through, this whole kyler thing feels the most like witnessing a trainwreck while it occurs. it's not even cringy. it's disturbing and mind-boggling even in pumpy's standards.

No. 450016

File: 1513964322954.png (119.14 KB, 1072x551, Screenshot_20171222-173502.png)

Doing what? Trying to steal lex's job?
We saw that terrible drawing, she has no art skills. As for piercings that takes precision, a skelly like her probably always has the shakes.

No. 450054

she's probably just going to work front desk and help clean the shop

No. 450056

He might be giving her Lex's hours at the front desk. He really does just fuck all the girls he employs to work the desk lol I can already see her golden social skills shining through in a work place.

No. 450301

If Lex still works there how is there not intolerable drama going on at that shop right now.

Also, Lex seems smart and fairly normal. Lex, run far far away from this fool.

No. 450332

Yeah if he actually offered her work there then that's fucking stupid, he knows they don't like each other. Plus kat in a hostile environment with needles everywhere? I wouldn't, she's too unstable. She'd prob stab a random girl for just talking to kyler lol.

I wonder how much he knows about all the problematic shit she's done/said. Must be weird when you can Google a potential partner and read all these terrible things they've done.

No. 450596

I checked Lex’s twitter and she has off from work right now because she has strep throat. That’s probably the only reason why it’s not WW3 over there, lmao. Probably Stormy has Lex’s hours at the front desk while Lex is out sick with strep

No. 450914

File: 1514049326410.png (Spoiler Image, 759.33 KB, 1080x1406, Screenshot_20171223-171253.png)

Holy shit, how fucked up are Lotte's implants?
Proper cock-eyed.

No. 450921


Uhmmmm wow. Pretty sure she ruptured one. Doesn’t even look like there’s an implant in there. Why would you show this off ugh

No. 450941

File: 1514051430536.png (Spoiler Image, 758.44 KB, 1080x1535, Screenshot_20171223-174542.png)

Oh the joy of fake tits…

Ive never encountered anyone I know with them but I'd feel super uncomfortable touching one, like there's some foreign object in your body, I gotta be super gentle right?

If I fucked someone with fake tits I'd just not touch em, too weird.

No. 450944

It definitely looks that way, but like is something still in there or what? Isn't it really dangerous for them to rupture? She should just go back to natural, looks a right state.

No. 450945

Forget to spoiler, shit.

No. 450960

he’s just grabbing super fucking hard lmao

No. 450991

Wow, you can literally see where the implant begins. As far as I know it shouldn't be this way… Girl, get checked

No. 451030

I think Lotte said a while ago she has to go back in for a second surgery to get them fixed :/

No. 451042

Could it be because she has like no natural fat there?

No. 451268

Kyler could've ruined his life with this. His professional piercer name has been on social media is kylerpiercings and kat has tagged him as that in porn and referring to him. He may have changed his Twitter name now but it's too late for that when you Google "kylerpiercings" and you get links to her Twitter.
Fucking any cam girl is bad press, fucking the most problematic asshole camgirl of all time who is also severely underweight is a whole 'nother mess.

Well done kyler, your penis may have just ruined your life.

No. 451277

I think it changes depending on your search history. I haven't been on any of her social media except for incognito and nothing shows up linking them for me

No. 451789

File: 1514152150463.png (86.25 KB, 1080x333, Screenshot_20171224-214536.png)

She's going off on one again and being so incredibly delusional.

No. 451790

File: 1514152196541.png (328.59 KB, 1080x1413, Screenshot_20171224-214602.png)

Lex will punch her in the face if she's not careful

No. 451793

File: 1514152325236.png (2.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171224-214715.png)

Meg lookin like a dented creepy porcelain doll.

No. 451794

Considering he was with lex before her wouldn't that make her the side bitch? Also if he lets her shit talk lex he likely also doesn't give a fuck when lex calls her names either. She probably forced him to get her to move in with him and he got scared to tell her no in case she threatens suicide again.

No. 451801

Yeah and he's known lex a hell of a lot longer, hangs out with her all the time, gave her a job etc.
Kat is deffo forcing herself on him and he needs to fucking put his foot down quick cos having that crazy bitch in your house is gonna be literal hell.

She's so sad boasting about shit talking another woman. She's obsessed with this "side chick" nonsense.

No. 451816

Pumpy is despicable. I can't see her having any friends, especially female friends. Delusional, inflated ego while looking like trash, and on top of that high school levels of pettyness and vitriol

No. 451818

The over lined lipstick is clown level creepy.

No. 451819

She's so insecure because she knows when her little trip is up his dick will be back in Lex as soon as he leaves her at the airport lol

No. 451823

She doesn't. The only women she's ever hung out with are other camgirls and she trash talked all them too and most hate her. It's like if any aren't on bad terms, it's only a matter of time, she can't keep her big cunty mouth shut.

No. 451825

I laugh everytime I read pumpys instagram bio

"Dont judge a women by the amount of skin she shows"

Woman. It's woman. She really is dumb as dog shit.

No. 451931

The position of her tattoo in that black and white pic kinda makes it look like she's poopin' in the tub.

No. 451986

Is she saying she makes up lies about Lex and Kyler doesn’t correct her or that Kyler makes up lies? Either way why the fuck would you brag about that.

This is going to end so badly and I love it. I don’t know what’s going through Kyler’s head letting this bitch LIVE with him. Inb4 she stabs him in his sleep. 10/10 milk please continue.

No. 452098

She tweeted ":/"

Sounds like Xmas is going well!

No. 452129

This is an image board btw

No. 452191

Didn't think it was worth screenshotting tbh

No. 452348

I've hugged ladies with fake tits and it feels like two hard balls on their chest compared to hugging ladies with natural boobies

No. 452792

File: 1514309633853.png (557.75 KB, 732x491, Capture.PNG)

she's really trying to replace lex by buying him a lego set (exactly what lex did a few weeks back on her twitter) and doing the same things

No. 452793

File: 1514309660418.png (684.96 KB, 723x648, Capture.PNG)

No. 452808

uuugh the concept of them is so gross but this makes me want to get them tbh. they dont look bad even being on a skeleton. tbh im jelly. they look so firm compared to real ones. does anyone have any other caps where we can see them clearly? i dont monitor these camwhores but it is interesting to see whether or not they get botchedass boobjobs like charms

No. 452815

File: 1514312250469.jpeg (153.38 KB, 750x1009, 06BDE68B-6D30-42D9-AF1F-BB9064…)

Meanwhile, Lex is still pretty open about them dating.

No. 453724

I googled it and like wtf, why would anyone pay that much for fucking Lego?
Isn't it the kind of item you have as a collector's thing aka don't take the thing out the box cos you've devalued it massively?

No. 453727

File: 1514316458340.jpg (Spoiler Image, 196.53 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20171226_185552.jpg)

One looks slightly long and one is a ball.
The worst part of it is the lack of movement. The video of her doing cowgirl n they just have no movement to em at all, it's like she's a Barbie, literal hard tits.

No. 453778

This dude's dick or face does not seem worth all these two go through for him but what do we know lol what a mess.

No. 453795

You do that with figurines that you can still see outside the box.
Legos in a box have re-sale value but no ''collectors'' value they tend to build that stuff up to show off that they have it.

No. 453797

I think they look really nice and balance her out pretty well. She doesn’t look like a 12 year old anymore. I haven’t seen them in motion, but I think she picked a really reasonable size for her frame. Not WKing, I’m just jelly.

No. 453812

She deleted this tweet where her defense to Kyler still being with Lex is "Kyler is POLY, don't you know what that means?"

Yes, I do. That means that all this "side chick" nonsense you are spewing means nothing because there are no side chicks in his world.

And the question isn't about if he is poly but if you, Pumpy, are poly. Because if you aren't you're getting played and you are gonna be unhappy forever in this relationship. But I won't feel bad for you because you thought you were being a slick homewrecker and knew what Kyler was about from the beginning.

No. 453820

File: 1514325083807.jpg (106.74 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20171226_214750.jpg)

A moon necklace hanging over a moon tattoo looks retarded. She should've just stuck to necklaces in the first place.

No. 453849

ok, i'm less jealous now. zoomed in they look nice, but zoomed in they still look too high, like pecs and too hard. like a guy with really big pecs. thank you, anon. maybe they will drop more and look less oddly placed.

No. 453895

Open relationship or not this shit is incredibly unhealthy and toxic. He shouldn’t be with two people who seem confused if they’re dating him or not, and who insult and attack each other. Clearly he hasn’t established boundaries, or one or both are delusional and he doesn’t care. And neither of them should want to be with a guy who blatantly lies and cheats. Yes, you can cheat in an open relationship. This whole situation is gross and nobody is innocent. Perhaps Lexi is the saddest, I doubt she wants an open relationship but hangs around hoping “he’ll change”. Sage for bitching.

No. 455314

File: 1514492631288.jpeg (346.65 KB, 750x833, D737D633-CF7E-4B59-8546-F980EA…)

Lmao what are these bitches thinking

No. 455340

File: 1514494580573.png (76.39 KB, 1168x276, Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.5…)


No. 455360


This looks like one of those black and white concentration camp photos.

No. 455362

this situation seems like such a disaster, I honestly can’t wait until it blows up in her face.

No. 455456

It's sad that these girls are so insecure and desperate to have a man "7 inches deep in the pussy"

No. 455501

It's only Stormy that is insecure. Lex is laid the fuck back knowing Stormy will be gone soon and Kyler will be back hanging out/having sex with her. Stormy said Kyler dumped Lex, now she's saying he's still her bf? She can't even keep her story straight lol

No. 455560

The fact that both of them are willing to share one man says both of them are insecure and desperate

No. 455562

Two grown ass women trying to share one ugly ass man . Pathetic

No. 455574

Pretty sure Kat knew Kyler was poly and Lex knew about her but then she wanted to pull the homewrecker look and make it seem like she stole him from her. Her stealing Lex's look and buying him Lego's like she did, she's trying everything to replace Lex.

No. 455627

You know at first I thought Lex was pretty pathetic too, like it seemed like her “I have the best boyfriend ever” posts were pretty transparent because it’s like…. no you obviously, very publicly don’t. Your boyfriend kind of sucks. Now, though, I’m starting think she’s just posting shit like that because it makes Stormy lose her fucking mind. Wouldn’t you, too? If I had the power to make her react so frothing at the mouth OTT with just a simple picture of the two of them together, I absolutely will. Stormy can scream “SHE’S A PSYCHO BITCH THEY’RE BROKEN UP HE ONLY LOVES ME REEE” all she wants but she’s only doing it because she knows it’s not true. Lex could just tweet like “<3” on something and Pumpy would have a fucking aneurysm. I think it’s kind of hilarious.

Plus if Lex can be okay with him being poly and watch him flounce around with the psycho cam slut and be perfectly unbothered, that shows a pretty secure woman IMO. I’m not going to pretend to understand poly but it seems to work for some people (people like Lex, not like Kat.) More power to her.

No. 455656

No it shows that she's so desperate to have a man in her life she's willing to share him with a gross whore. Y'all keep saying he's poly and shit and while that may be so, have you ever seen a reversed situation where multiple men willingly share one girl? No, and if you have it's extremely rare because men aren't desperate and insecure in the same way most women are.

No. 455663

File: 1514511384203.png (1.43 MB, 1188x1204, lex.png)

Not only share him but he's publicly out there putting it in Pumpy raw. Like if I were in an open relationship and was the primary that would be a huge NO from me.

She's still claiming they're together, what a mess

No. 455667

Oh my GOD I've been racking my brain trying to figure out who he looks like and god damn if it isn't Alton from the food network channel

No. 455670

It feels like lex and lumpy are having some weird pissing contest when it comes to trying to win over his love and affection. You know in a perfect world, they would want them all to themselves, to be his one and only love interest. These girls aren't fooling me at all. It reeks of desperation

No. 455678

he does this same hideous creep smile in every pic, he's so fucking gross. he must feel like a million bucks having 2 desperate sluts on his dick.

No. 455685

File: 1514513404201.jpeg (38.67 KB, 966x725, the men of pumpy.jpeg)

Shit, I think you nailed it!

No. 455705

deng, he really does, A. B. deserves better than that..

No. 455768

alton brown is kind of hot though lol. seems like a cool guy and doesnt have kylers fucking fish lips

No. 456079

Lex looks like footface Lainey. which is pretty fitting considering they're both sad, desperate idiots slobbering over the secondhand cock of an ugly loser who just want to collect as much pussy as possible.

No. 456256

File: 1514560795406.jpg (64.09 KB, 478x805, IMG_20171229_151905.jpg)

From a few days ago lol

No. 456263

File: 1514561071061.jpg (33.88 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1514560957513.jpg)

Bruh wtf is this outfit. Looks like a kid playing dress up with mummy's clothes and has picked an outfit for a funeral.

No. 456267

File: 1514561179182.jpg (35.29 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1514560950473.jpg)


She should never wear long dresses, it makes her look like a mantis.

No. 456289

Those proportions are just…strange. poor thing has a terribly long torso compared to her legs lol

No. 456291

And also , she has some pretty broad shoulders in comparison to her hips. Weird stuff

No. 456325

On a positive note, her skin isn't as bad as it used to be and her acne seems to clear up quiet a bit

No. 456328

I can't believe that I would ever say this but that jacket makes her look fat

No. 456357

Maybe I'm just weird because I think it looks better with the jacket lol

No. 456435

LMAO good. He probably broke up with her. And she was so sure she wasn't the side chick, I hope she feels really stupid.

No. 456437

File: 1514575874113.png (261.64 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7413.PNG)

Same fag but I found a twitter called FuxkPumpy with some good content. It seems like it was made by Lex but I may be wrong. It was recommended when I was on her twitter.

No. 456438

File: 1514575905985.png (696.5 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7415.PNG)

No. 456443

Oh that account has been around before kyler or anyone was even on the scene. There's lots of anti pumpy accounts or people who drag sex workers who do and say wrong

No. 456446

File: 1514576336373.jpg (110.71 KB, 640x900, IMG_7416.JPG)

Thought this was also interesting

No. 456478


Being an obnoxious and disagreeable person =/= being 'dominant', Kat.

No. 456560

Someone saying it looks like a toenail did tickle me, it truly does.

No. 456604

so are they broken up or what? or is kyler's bitch ass not "dominant" enough to call pumpy out on her fake suicide threats and instead continue to let his dick make the decisions in his life?

No. 456608

File: 1514588682748.png (96.72 KB, 872x438, ☽Stormy☾ StormysOfficial …)


looks like they're back together for now.

No. 456630

Nope. Nothing more stable than a 1 fucking month relationship and being broken up like 3 times. Wow "love of your life".

It's fucking embarrassing to not be able to hold down a real relationship for a few weeks at age 21, that's like shit that happens when you're 11.

No. 457125

Congrats to meg on literally making one of all these vids she promised lmao.

No. 457449

File: 1514672909650.png (249.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171230-222153.png)

That's fucking disgusting if he's actually looked her up. Let's hope it is just the common nickname.
As if this relationship isn't messed up enough.

No. 457465

It's refreshing to see someone discuss somebody other than the balding skeleton around here. I get so annoyed with everyone sperging about pumpy and her fish lipped Alton brown doppleganger

No. 458817

Lmao this bitch is literally Lainey.

No. 458824

Who is this about?

No. 458852

Her boyfriend’s dad.

No. 458995

Your whole comment is gross. I feel bad that your wife has to deal with you

No. 459104

Lmao did that weirdo delete the comment or did the admins

No. 459559

File: 1514899972090.png (331.16 KB, 1064x1684, Screenshot_20180102-133059.png)

Her Instagram is private but from captions you can read this appears to be another one of kyler's hoes. Yikes

No. 459565

This guy must have a magic dick or something. I just don't see why all these girls are throwing themselves at him and fighting over him.

No. 459601

Nope. It's just the thing white trash women do. They go after taken men because it makes them feel superior to other women, and drama.
White trash women love drama.

Kyler likes it because it boosts his ego.

No. 459635

File: 1514912580400.jpg (113.42 KB, 779x1089, EI8dWfC.jpg)


Here is another girl he is dating.

Her Twitter:https://twitter.com/andruserin
Her Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/andruserin/?hl=en

Lex is following her too.

No. 459636

File: 1514912662233.jpg (141.77 KB, 790x1092, YZSH2aQ6.jpg)

No. 459648

"White trash women "
While I'm not going to disagree that these girls are trashy, I do want to point out that other races of women who are insecure and desperate enough share community dick too. I see it often in the hood

No. 459659

its a colloquialism, calm down. all the girls hes fuckin are publicly white.
and at any rate, he probably doesnt give af getting laid all the time. who cares if all the puss is fighting? they will still throw themselves at him to prove who is bottom bitch

No. 459664

I'm just saying, it's got nothing to do with race and everything to do with the desperate and insecure nature of many many women. So many feel like they need a man to be complete even if they have to share him with multiple women . It's sick and pathetic frankly

No. 459692

This is fucking sad! Anyone know where she lives? I suspect he's keeps hos in different area codes.

No. 459708

So these are two different new girls? He keeps FOUR women on hold? Or just the three?

No. 459712

They are two different girls, Erin and Ariana. I don’t know if the latter is still dating him because she has everything private but Erin definitely is.

No. 459713

Why hasn't everyone been tweeting these pics @ Stormy? Someone needs to knock her off her bullshit saying she's moving in with him soon lmao. He's not moving in any pussy especially her psychotic ass.

No. 459715

File: 1514916634536.jpeg (346.27 KB, 750x1247, ACAD56F4-59B8-4EFF-AF15-554EDF…)

Ariana (dtxkitten) commenting on Erin’s picture of her holding Kyler’s hand. I don’t know if it’s meant to be back-handed or not.

No. 459717

File: 1514916824610.png (291.19 KB, 750x1334, 4439A1AA-9F8E-41CC-BDFE-743B4C…)

Samefag again and scratch that, it looks like they’re actually friends.

No. 459728

File: 1514917359925.png (1.04 MB, 897x781, fq.png)

Nola, deffo. She's in the French Quarter or at least right outside going off her instagram. Magazine St., House of Blues, poboys, etc.

No. 459733

File: 1514917546734.jpeg (173.97 KB, 750x658, 72268BBD-9303-41E0-8A18-A55C77…)

No. 459769

You ever think he's always on his phone with them because he doesn't know which of them he's with at the moment and has to check?

No. 459786

They all seem to know and be friendly with each other, even though I think it's a bit odd they're each talking about him like he's the love of their life n shit.

Pumpy is the only one who seems delusional that she's the only one. She thought she was just working on replacing lex but now there's more of em surfacing lmao.

No. 459825

They're all probably okay with the poly stuff and potentially it seems like they'd be okay with extending it to each other, its pumpy who acts like an insane retard about it and attacks other people because she's insecure.

No. 459828

If social media is any indication, then Lex and Erin are actually pretty good friends. Morgan convinced (or forced) Kyler to block Lex on Facebook because it helped her "Lex is a crazy obsessed stalker" narrative, but he's still friends with Erin on Facebook. Who knows who else on his friend list is actually a "side hoe." Oh Pump-and-dump, it must be hard fueling your delusion when your "boyfriend" has at least three other girlfriends.

No. 459956

File: 1514933587048.png (748.04 KB, 1080x1298, Screenshot_20180102-222950.png)

She lasted 10 minutes then fucked off lol. Best camgirl evurrrr

No. 459965

Times are hard for a camwhore I guess lmao

No. 459970

This one (Erin?) is cute at least.
Them all being friends (or friendly) and in the know fits the typical poly narrative (openness, honesty, etc). It's only Pumpy who doesn't fit in at all, and seems completely deluded and petty.

No. 460065

calm down cracker-chan

No. 460212

Im actually spanish /sephardic jew but thanks for assuming lol

No. 460325

spaniards are european aka white lmao. all dna tests will prove that

No. 460332

I guess you missed the part where I specified the Spanish as sephardic jew try again sweetie. Stop trying to derail the thread

No. 460382

Nayrt but nobody has cared since your first offended reply. Stop being so triggered and upset about being white. It was just an extremely common expression the original anon was stating. No one is attacking white people, don't be so quick to get offended.
Sorry for contributing to this garbage fire but cmon.

No. 460416

I'm not offended at all, I simply stated that it dick sharing happens quite a lot in many races of women and some butthurt anon started assuming people's races. Ashkenazis are the white jews but I wouldn't expect y'all to know anything about history or cultures(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 460433

Get back on topic

No. 460515

File: 1514985761485.png (Spoiler Image, 866.45 KB, 1080x1070, Screenshot_20180103-131257.png)

You ever seen mans look so bored.
Sat in his fucking t-shirt, glasses and socks lmao.

I cracked up when he takes his socks up mid video.

Here's the video http://anon-v.com/videos/157145/manyvids-stormy-pumpkinspice-homevideo-w-kyler-premium-ee18a31a546f4b65/

No. 460522

Isn't he a former fatty? He probably has some stretch marks or lose skin and that's why he won't let her record him without his shirt on.
The socks bother the shit out of me though

No. 460524

File: 1514987652946.png (Spoiler Image, 311.85 KB, 562x542, derpomgtits.png)

Btw meg made her pink sparkle vid free on manyvids and i just watched it and it was fucking bizarre.

It didnt feel like porn, it was like some weird psychedelic shit.

Dumping some screenshots but you should watch it for the creepy ass music and camera effects, its proper odd.

No. 460525

File: 1514987669701.png (Spoiler Image, 781.49 KB, 1048x538, gash.png)

No. 460526

File: 1514987687945.png (Spoiler Image, 324.46 KB, 864x441, weirdgash.png)

No. 460527

File: 1514987706946.png (Spoiler Image, 290.71 KB, 486x533, lumps.png)

No. 460528

File: 1514987733025.png (Spoiler Image, 274.76 KB, 497x494, sausage.png)

the sausage boob scared the shit outta me

No. 460530

File: 1514987743950.png (Spoiler Image, 565.84 KB, 1035x546, poon.png)

No. 460533

File: 1514988259036.png (Spoiler Image, 200.99 KB, 635x354, kylerbelly.png)

yes, here's the bit where his belly falls out and he quickly covers it back up.

No. 460534

File: 1514988350385.png (Spoiler Image, 220.63 KB, 633x359, strangecontraption.png)

Am I on drugs or is he wearing some kind of weird shapewear? it looks like its sucking him in, i can see a weird band shape around his waist.

No. 460539


I wouldn't be surprised if he was, he must have a lot of loose skin if he used to be really fat

No. 460544

He was a big ol' fatty back in the day. >>438929

No. 460572

File: 1514993549535.jpg (54.99 KB, 479x592, pedro.jpg)

Oof. Wasn't expecting that. That's… unfortunate.
So all of his girls are in it just because he has a nice dick?

No. 460576

No. 460579

meg’s body really resembles Zoidberg’s from Futurama, what with all of its rolls and her strange lobster claw snatch.

No. 460595

Don't forget their low self esteem. Dick and low self esteem, I see nothing else.

No. 460653

I have never seen a man look so disinterested and zoned out during a bj. Which one of his other chicks is he thinking of? Gotta get Pumpy credit for being quick to tell him not to cum in her. Does he suggest doing that with all of them? Ew.

No. 460661

File: 1515000274752.png (Spoiler Image, 1.58 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180103-172121.png)

Her own thread is dead and probably not worthy of resurrection, so posting her here. This beauty is MishaMayfair, a few years back she was a thin, blonde beauty and then she stumbled into porn and here she is now. Specialises mostly in degradation and piss porn because no real studios will take her.

No. 460665

File: 1515000609356.jpg (45.11 KB, 720x1279, FB_IMG_1515000367172.jpg)

Before porn

No. 460666

File: 1515000635513.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 65.68 KB, 640x1136, received_10155404548887329.jpe…)

No. 460673

WTF, does doing porn make you forget how to brush your teeth? Tragic!

No. 460688

I'm gonna guess it's cos drugs.

No. 460702

File: 1515003705252.jpg (38.3 KB, 748x571, IMG_20180103_181912.jpg)


No. 460704

black hole sun 2018

No. 460720

You can see the drugged pupils, sad

No. 460728

That is… pretty gross. No wonder he likes the anorexic queen herself.
also kek

No. 460735

What a horribly sad picture. I feel bad for her.

No. 460736

Omfg lmao, I put sad instead of sage. That's how sad it is.

No. 460764

Yoooo is that a male compression shirt lmao

No. 460791

Good for him for losing the weight but honestly… He’s gotta a purty dick but at what cost? Pumpy should pay for a tummy tuck for him. That’d help keep him indebted to her and I think everyone involved would probably be happier for it.

No. 460846

File: 1515016005249.jpg (53.02 KB, 720x480, tumblr_p1tq7bNUGn1tvky6qo1_128…)

The crop of this photo makes her look morbidly obese

No. 460847

I've never seen anyone with veiny shoulders who wasn't ripped, this is weird af

No. 460858

File: 1515017082484.jpg (28.66 KB, 363x500, Catwoman-Plastic-Surgery-Disas…)

Her face is a trainwreck compared to being just fat.

No. 460860

It's because she's really pale. On ripped people the veins protrude from the skin but you can just see straight through hers.

No. 460864

Yeah she somehow has the look of a surgery disaster despite never having any. Well not cosmetic anyway, dunno about anything else.

If she stopped overdrawing her lips like that it would help.

No. 460869

File: 1515018027783.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35 KB, 720x405, IMG_20180103_221813.jpg)


No. 460923

i'fe never cringed so hard in my life when i heard daddy issues in the background playing to this shitty sex

No. 460991

I lold at coming down by dum dum girls. Why you listening to depression music during sex?

No. 461022

to set the mood, maybe if she plays something more upbeat next time he won’t look so bored during his blowjob lmao

No. 461141

His creepy nasal breathing sounds give me shudders.
Also, wow, what a great porn star, looking bored af, being a passive "dominant", and too insecure to take off his shirt. I'd feel scammed if I'd paid for this shit.

No. 461311

He actually looks petrified when she is first blowing him lol. Also I thought everyone was going too hard on him in the comments, he looked like he could have been sort of cute in photos but I take it all back after seeing the video.

Is this guy like rich or something? Or mad charismatic? He has a pretty nice car and was able to open his own shop, curious how is he managing that on being a piercer.

No. 461316

Yikes, that video is bad. I can't believe he has all these women throwing themselves at him with a Fupa like that. Shame he has to keep his shirt on all the time, even during sex… damn. And it def looks like shapewear to me. That shirt is super tight, it looks uncomfortable.

Don't even get me started on Pumpy… she's too awkward to be a porn star despite what she thinks. Too much giggling/laughing when she is supposed to be serious. You can tell it's a nervous reaction. And those rock hard fake tits are a downgrade from how she looked naturally.

No. 461507

Ew, he looks like Hank Green.

I agree. She obviously has no problem spending with exorbitant amounts of money. Might as well put it to good use for once.

No. 461592

File: 1515076462247.jpg (Spoiler Image, 184.25 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20180104_143052.jpg)

No thanks grandma

No. 461594

File: 1515076523239.jpg (Spoiler Image, 292.31 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20180104_143102.jpg)

At least it looks fully hard this time lol

No. 461644

Although she is spoopy af, she could make herself so much more presentable if she made an effort to upkeep from the neck upwards, she looks like she just rolled out of bed.

No. 461662

80% of the problem is her hair tbh. And the clear lack of nutrients you can see by the dullness of her skin. If your thing is spoopy skeletons with bolt ons, then her body isn't bad. But her head cries out for proper nutrition and the cessation of bleach.

No. 461723

File: 1515088929137.jpg (315.63 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20180104-175908.jpg)

Why is she getting the injection if she is planning on being faithful to kyler and he has had the snip?

No. 461739

are you even a vagina? there are a multitude of reasons why women would go on birth control besides antibabypillen.

No. 461746


>>I want to not have my period.


No. 461792

But the long term effect ones are risky cos you dunno how your body will react and it's stuck in your system. Pills stop periods and they're easy.

My sister had the injection and bled for months on end, I had same problem with the implant so I had to take pills to stop the bleeding and then you're on 2 forms of BC which is a waste of time.


No. 461797

it's almost like medications work differently for everyone!

and learn to sage

No. 461899

File: 1515098226767.png (Spoiler Image, 1.45 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180104-203559.png)

Why is she scratching herself with a switchblade? Lol

No. 461914

Does she think those scratches look cool or something? Really just looks like she tried to hold a cat who didn't like her

No. 461987

I'm assuming knifeplay

No. 461993

She made a knifeplay video.

Anyway! She always says stuff like pic attached whenever her and Kyler “break up,” which would make this number 5? At this point when it happens literally every week, I assume it’s just whatever unchecked personality disorder she’s got causing her to “walk out,” only to come back an hour later and stuff his cock in her mouth and for some reason feel validated that she’s in control of any of this.

No. 461994

File: 1515103381781.jpeg (258.37 KB, 750x827, 75F0E52C-6FF1-4EC5-A216-1DB9D5…)

Oops! Dropped the pic.

No. 462003

I agree, I think she was actually looking sort of cute earlier this year. It's like as soon as she got the boobs and went on the tattoo binge she totally stopped caring about her hair or makeup and has looked a mess ever since.

No. 462064

If you're going to lightly scratch yourself then just use your fingers. Is her blade dull af or does she barely touch herself with it.

That is not knife play. They're not cuts, they're scratches which you do not need a knife to achieve.

It's like some borderline self harm, of course it's cos "kinky" not cos you're mentally ill and she isn't cutting herself as such, this reminds me of 12 year olds who try their first self harm with a compass or something.

No. 462067

File: 1515108530572.jpg (211.62 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_20180104_232229.jpg)

What even is this picture?

No. 462075

File: 1515108712076.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180104-232304.png)

Her hair is truly butchered, she seems to think she can go back to once she once had without taking into account every time she bleaches it, it gets worse and worse. This ugly blonde colour is probably the worst she could go for right now.

She's either stopped wearing extensions because it pulled her hair out or hair natural hair is so fried that it's painfully obvious where her real hair ends and extensions start.

No. 462082

She made a knife play video…. you really should read before you respond

No. 462089

Knife play is not tickling yourself with a knife, that's guff. She could create the same effect by rubbing a pencil on her body.

Knife play is actually cutting and if you do it alone then you're just self harming. Try gloss it up how you want, you're a self harmer. Your motive doesn't change what it is.

No. 462109

she would be so cute if she took care of herself tbh

No. 462143

File: 1515113607297.jpg (26.19 KB, 1080x360, IMG_20180104_181446.jpg)

Lol even meg said this pic was crap, but it's not a bad shot, it's crap cos she's in it.

No. 462147

Don't encourage her. No matter what she looks like will never make up for being the biggest scumbag of a person.

No. 462644

File: 1515165825137.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.87 MB, 450x253, tumblr_p233sjGmB81tvky6qo1_500…)

Well this looks cringe af

No. 462666

Nah, she wouldn't. She's average at best.

No. 462730

No one cares, stop derailing with kink shit. Many people consider tracing a knife on the body knifeplay. No one cares about your shitty kink that much to differentiate.

No. 462770

File: 1515180082263.png (366.29 KB, 447x652, Screenshot_20180105-191958.png)

No. 462772

Looks like she's digging around in her ass.

No. 462924

File: 1515190452704.png (312.38 KB, 589x860, Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 2.12…)

So much for getting fired

No. 462958

Kek at that second comment
I can't imagine having to work with someone who's only experience is porn just cause she's fucking the boss.

No. 462975


lol jesus christ does anyone do any work in this shop? Kyler, Lex, Pumpy, & one of Kyler's exes upthread all have selfies in this fucking mirror

No. 463324

Right? Like, way to advertise your shop.

No. 463350

File: 1515227446110.png (81.7 KB, 584x314, Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 12.2…)

No. 463463

She deleted all the pics of them on Instagram also. It's the weekly breakup!

No. 463544

I'm no Kat fan but this Kyler guy is a real piece of work. Firstly, this whole Lex conveniently having strep during the time Kat was there is suspicious as fuck. I feel like Lex stayed away to not rock the boat in her relationship. But it's fucked because Kyler is not only messing with their relationship but with her JOB. I would be looking for new employment ASAP, that is no okay.

Also, why did he lead Kat on in thinking she was gonna move in? Like she was really gonna take over his house with 3 fucking cats lol. I don't know how he has such a hold on these girls but it increasingly seems like he uses lies and manipulation to blatantly do whatever he feels like and get others to do what he wants.

No. 463623

Lmao at her making a lot of porn with someone and breaking up a week later. What an idiot, that's worse than a sex tape leaking. Putting out the sex tape yourself.
Way to go Stormy. Feeling happy with your choices?

No. 463668

her twitter is so cringe right now "a woman's love is deeper than the pussy you chose over it" wtf does that even mean.

if I were one of her sub clients I would be gone so fast she looks like such a beta loser sucking up to this guy like this

No. 463683

Worse than that, it's putting out a sex tape while not even attempting to protect the identity of the other person. Yes, she's leaking her own shitty sex tape, but this guy has an actual business and a life that she's been practically doxxing without a care in the world, because it's not HER problem to deal with.

No. 463689

Nah - both of their Facebook profiles remain in a relationship status. It's not the official weekly breakup until she threatens suicide like the manipulative bitch that she is.

No. 463772

When she was drunk and camming she did nothing but talk nonstop about Kyler, and she basically said it was HER plan to get Lex fired, take her job, and move in with him. She kind of implied that he never agreed to it at all more than the basic level of her asking about them moving in together at some point and him saying “yeah sure honey.”

She also said regardless of whether they stay together, she’s still moving to NoLA. Morgan goes full-blown psycho and it’s a beautiful demise.

No. 463788

File: 1515283020404.jpeg (484.88 KB, 750x1023, 4043C855-429D-493C-8356-80F2AA…)

Samefag but here’s a recap of that.

No. 463815

File: 1515285129865.jpg (Spoiler Image, 242.05 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20180107_003018.jpg)

She got a spray tan lmao

Ugh she's so angular.

No. 463817

I think for the ManyVids stuff, Alton Fishlips had to sign a consent form and other paperwork for the site to be willing to sell the video.
He's just incredibly arrogant and stupid to think that this won't come back to haunt him.

No. 463820

When I first saw this I thought the reflection of her knee in the mirror was her hip bone and I almost threw up.

She does look a little healthier though, or at least a little less terrifying.

No. 463842

Well she has an extra 10lb apparently but being 80lbs at 5ft2 is still severely underweight. It's fucked up to think it's normal so let's not praise someone for being slightly less fucking skeletal.

No. 464136

File: 1515332042325.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.48 MB, 500x290, tumblr_p26raxeQl71tvky6qo1_500…)

Is she supposed to look fucking possessed sucking that dildo? Lol.

Plus who the fuck wants a bid so dark you can barely see anything?

No. 464179

Honestly she's such a trash person it would only feel like karma if this Tyler guy was actually leading her on and manipulating her

No. 464838

This is so unintentionally hilarious.

>the speed at which she's sucking it

>the sequence of clips set up so her blowing the dildo is like the punchline
>the horror movie vibes from the lighting

What an absolute treasure.

No. 465023

File: 1515425331419.jpg (Spoiler Image, 174.65 KB, 1080x1921, IMG_20180108_152428.jpg)

Fake tan looks wack

No. 465064

File: 1515430026039.jpg (Spoiler Image, 285.29 KB, 2332x1256, IMG_20180108_164454.jpg)

Lol at kyler.

Apparently she said "I love you", no response and he left.

Loving the white face, tan body look.

No. 465069

She has good propotions, if only she would gain weight she would look so hot

No. 465072

Is no one else fucking disgusted by the fact she sleeps with her vibrator in her bed where her cat is nearly sleeping on it?

No. 465075

Tbh Kyler saying those things seems like… really mean
I follow the thread and know the whole deal but this just seemed nasty

No. 465076

I doubt it lives there permanently but that cat is literally touching it and not only that, she has said that she is allergic to cats and has shown they give her skin rash, so cat hair near her pussy, hellllll noooo.

No. 465095

Guys, that is a stuffed animal

No. 465097

It's not unusual to see the cats in her bed and she leaves her toys lying in bed with her which seems really unsanitary but not surprising from her.

No. 465249

File: 1515445897302.jpg (242.99 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_20180108_211030.jpg)

What is this flamingo pose about?

No. 465260

I had Stormy on for a little bit in the background last night while I worked and she said she wants to get a face tattoo. And that her tattoos are just going to improve her career. lolol

No. 465270

Loool, you know I wouldn't be shocked if she got kyler's name on her.
What would she get on her face? Lotte already stole the "moon tattoo on the face camgirl" medal

No. 465271

>"this shit is dead"

Gee what a nice "boyfriend" she has

No. 465283

He sounds like he thinks he's just in a regular chatroom

No. 465370

I think she said a mandala. And then her super high friend who was randomly there for awhile was like "I looooooveeeee mandalaaaas".

Mandala/sacred geometry tattoos, while visually more intricate and pretty, are totally the next tribal tattoo.

No. 465440

File: 1515458665400.jpg (518.05 KB, 1219x1496, XUV3OoT.jpg)

No. 465459

Ha, another major fucking cliche then.
Swear only whit people get em despite it being a religious symbol. She probably thinks it's just to do with astrology n shit.

Why are all camhoes obsessed with astrology and horoscopes? You have to be dumb to believe in that shit surely?

No. 465661

File: 1515469565251.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180102-045425.png)

I don't understand why Stormy and all these other chicks are so wrapped up on this guy

No. 465670

they're pathetic, dumb and insecure sluts who probably get told "but you're my favorite babe ;)))" by him and are stupid enough to believe it. that's the only reason I can think of that they ALL make those stupid wishy washy "he is the love of my life no one has an amazing bf like me" posts. I think he really just tells them what they want to hear to keep them happy.

No. 465684

maybe he's got a super saiyan dick or something idk.

No. 465706

Those teeth…OMG!

No. 465707

I don’t concern myself that much with Pumpy’s life. I just like laughing at what a mess she is. How did she and Kyler even meet?

No. 465720

Every time I see it I think it’s huge, but then I realize the only scale I have is Pumpy’s 24” hips making it look larger by comparison.

No. 465950

File: 1515506792289.png (110.88 KB, 1080x445, Screenshot_20180109-135834.png)

How long till she gets an STD?

P.s she's single again! The weekly breakup is here.

No. 465951

File: 1515506882166.jpg (33.16 KB, 1024x507, IMG_20180109_140716.jpg)

Juggling 20 women would be easier than 1 pumpy

No. 465953

File: 1515507905360.jpeg (182.97 KB, 750x706, FEE463A2-BFD3-4D35-BF5C-6DF603…)

hand tattoos without a sleeve are cringe IMO

No. 465961

Ummm he already has 20 girlfriends to replace you, pump'n'dump

No. 465978

She's said she plans on a sleeve. Any guesses on what it's gonna be? Since she said hand I'm guessing it's not knuckles, but it could be. I can picture her with "GOOD SLUT" on her knuckles lol.

No. 466010

I can't wrap my head at how smug she is for a ratfaced, balding, spoopy, dumb camwhore with no future prospects or education whatsoever and an insufferable personality.

No. 466262

File: 1515532609222.jpg (121.61 KB, 1072x443, Screenshot_20180109-211316.jpg)

"cleaned" her vagina? Wtf is she doing to it? Something unnatural and potentially harmful I bet.

No. 466267

She strikes me as the kind of idiot to douche and think she's a super clean sex goddess because of it

No. 466273

Yup, using all types of nonsense products on her pussy but won't use condoms, sounds just like her!

No. 466329

She uses summers eve like a fiend and defends the fuck out of it lol
You can see it in all her shower snaps

No. 466388

File: 1515538177644.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180109-224632.png)

Lol at her posting this like "look, look, I am not diseased" like umm ok? Congratulations. What an achievement!

Idk what average is for sexual partners at age 21 is. I can't tell if I expected more or less from her.

No. 466422

why is number of sexual partners even on these forms honestly. if you have no diseases theres not much difference between a dildo and a dick

No. 466424

also 10 is not impressive. at 18 i had a friend (female) who was at 12, which was totally unexpected. its only men who will tell you anything more than 3 is slutty

No. 466446

Yeah that does seem unnecessarily intrusive.

Sage for being 6 at age 25 and I'm dead shy so I just won't Shag strangers cos I don't trust em.

No. 466451

No number is impressive. It's sex init. I don't think 10 is ott for someone in such an industry. But she's a shut in, she has no friends and hasn't had a real bf since she was like 17 so in those terms, 10 is a lot for a house hermit

No. 466463

agreed, I honestly can't see a reason for it if you're clean. or even if you're not. like, it's on you to tell these people you have a STD, the doctor literally does not need to know the number.

in the interest of being on topic, however, i'm curious what the fuck her answer to the birth control answer is. it looks like it says "just a few" but that doesn't make sense. then again, stomy has an IQ of like 85.