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File: 1640901858059.jpeg (536.07 KB, 1284x2283, B79101AB-7052-4518-940E-11F038…)

No. 1405225

>mid 20,s early 30’s. They cannot function as an adults
> Brina has 3 children she has completely abandoned along with many of her animals.
>Brina is constantly getting pregnant with every man she dates, won’t take birth control.
>Both date knows abusers and druggy losers.
>Brina scams her of clients with bad photoshop
> both abuse ketamine molly and many other substances.
>Brina leaked poop out of her butt on cam and shoved it back in like nothing happened
> rumored escorting out of cafe lu
>both seem to be suffering with ED
>sandras music career… speaks for itself.
>sadly Sabrina is a user, and will use every resource she can from anyone. She obviously used Sandra.
>if I’ve missed anything please include in the thread



No. 1405227

You realize she has threads here right?

No. 1405255

The other thread was almost locked, so it was time.
The photo collage is wonderful, the description hits all the high notes, this thread looks to be milky AF.
There should be some immediate milk coming with New Years on the way. For Brina, this will be a time to snort ketamine and spend all night partying trying to convince herself she isn't almost 30. I look for Egovert to make a surprise appearance.

No. 1405262

File: 1640904451871.jpg (144.84 KB, 2028x1329, youngsandraescortad.JPG)

Simpler times for Sandra before the big hair and living with teenager gang bangers. One of her early escort ads

No. 1405275

Anyone else notice Brina removed ALL of her story highlights? And no longer follows C?

No. 1405291


I’ve just noticed it as well. C doesn’t follow Sabrina and James anymore (and viceversa). These fucking losers couldn’t keep their façade for two weeks. I wish someone could prevent C from having contact with this pathetic excuse of human being that’s Sabrina.

No. 1405339

CPS might have thankfully been called in and they are trying to cover their tracks. After attempting suicide in front of her daughter and endless struggles with addiction, Brina isn't allowed to be around her without an actual adult supervising. Personally I would think it would be fair to ask Brina to be drug tested before being around her, I'm sure she wouldnt do well as she was bragging about doing K on the plane ride there kek.

No. 1405400

Thanks for making this new thread. The last one was hilarious and there was so much stupidity and entertainment from these two. We even had Sabrina’s old friends, family members and an ex come out of the woodwork to put their two cents in.

This seems plausible and hopefully someone intervened. It’s probably why we had someone sperging at the end of the last thread. Big mad over people documenting Sabrina’s stupidity. There would be no Sabrina threads if she got her shit together and started acting like a responsible adult.

No. 1405470

I got major Brina vibes off of that anon.
Something most likely happened over her birthday trip to Vegas with C to make her come here and start up.

No. 1405594

Is this Sandra???

No. 1405686

Kek I'm dying at the screen shot of Sabrinas bone butt on cam

No. 1405863

Tbh I think it's a suspender belt going down her thigh not a thong, you can see the stocking clip at the end
Still boney though

No. 1406093

File: 1641012156349.png (2.51 MB, 640x1136, C7B74B7B-2BFC-42B5-8AB6-F9DB5F…)

Sandra’s shilling shitcoins trying to be a crypto influencer

No. 1406109

As if literally anyone would take financial advice from Sandra. Fun fact: that was her prom dress kek

No. 1406113

No it is definitely a black thong

No. 1406148

Yea. I actually watched this stream and 100 percent was a black thong. Brina was absolutely smashed on k and wasn’t aware of her angles.

No. 1406159

Not skinny plus she shops like mad. Thigh gap does not thin make. U can be skinny and have no thigh gap

No. 1406261

This is the first time I've heard of these two and the intro was a ride to read, may I have a link to the previous thread?

No. 1406281

No. 1406306

Chloe is still in Vegas as of 9 hours ago with her new little nose stud in, wonder if she's still with Brina though. Won't post the cap, but it's on her public story

No. 1406334

They really took C to Vegas? She probably had to stay in her hotel while Brina went out hoeing.

No. 1406336

That's where that shitty delayed flight was to

No. 1406380

Sabrina probably moving Chloe in with her dad in Vegas cause her mom kicked her out for becoming a mini Sabrina. Didn't Sabrina's mother kick her out at 15
Sad future for that little girl

No. 1406411

My thoughts exactly.
Or she’s fronting to her dad that she sees one of her 3 kids.

No. 1406671

Haha whoever created this new thread is awesome only thing missing is Brinas fucked teeth. Awesome job

No. 1407266

I know she’s only 14 but C talking about stalking boys. Cycle beginning.

No. 1408561

Ugh. C will likely follow in Sabrina’s footsteps — she has it the worst, with Sabrina popping in and out of her life as she does. Her son seems to be completely out of her life and hopefully thriving? Not sure what’s up with her other (also C) daughter, but hopefully AJ is taking good care of her, and doing what he can to keep Brina away. What a hot mess. I can’t imagine popping out kids and abandoning them. I would not be able to live with myself. Also, how is she not in eternal child support debt? Or is she? Or because she’s primarily an escort the courts can’t track her income to dock it? Does anyone know?

No. 1409153

With Brina, to ask for child support would just further keep her in your life, and of course there is no chance of money. Shes an aging prostitute who has various addiction issues and uses whatever money she gets from her shrinking army of simps to fund ketamine, xanax, and coke procurement. With an absolute garbage person like her the only thing that can be done is to completely remove her from your life and keep her away from the kids.
This is a person who is grooming her 13 year old daughter to be a cam whore.

No. 1409429

Sincerely hope Sabrina’s daughters never end up in sex work. Talking about how she’d be okay with it doesn’t make her a cool mom. Many escorts have psychological issues and rely on large amounts of copium to justify to themselves what their doing is “empowering”.

I agree with people saying Sabrina needs to stay away from her eldest daughter. She’s a terrible influence and only brings disruption and chaos. She also needs to stop introducing her to her unemployed boyfriends, let her focus on school instead of things like physical appearance/boys and help her pay for college if she decides to go. She might have a chance at a normal life.

Of course, we all know Sabrina squandered most of the money she’s earned and will continue to do drugs, escort and ignore the fact she has three children that need to be clothed and fed for 11 months of the year.

No. 1409485

I agree with this 100%. Sabrina being around any of her kids should be avoided. Maybe one day she will change and realize what a horrible narcissist she is and try to change as a person and want to be there for her kids in a healthy way - but I highly doubt it. It seems safe to say she sees her behavior as more or less fine. And because others have taken responsibility of caring for her children she doesn’t think there’s a problem.

No. 1409517

File: 1641418166054.jpeg (630.05 KB, 828x1476, F27A3CD4-009F-4A48-9E10-C46605…)

Lmao, I love Sandra. Talking on stories about what to invest in, with that stupid baby face filter and also talking like a baby. I can’t.

No. 1409545

She’s basically saying, “hey guys I know this sounds like a scam but it’s totally not”. And what does she mean it’s fully doxxed? Is she incorrectly using words she doesn’t understand or did I miss something?

No. 1409603

Yeah, she said doxxed and yeah, it makes no sense… Do we expect anything less? I’m sure her two brain cells tried their best on that one, kek

No. 1409647

Sandras hair looks good on another note.

No. 1409652

File: 1641427581943.jpg (186.46 KB, 1842x1534, sandrasnewscam.JPG)

I dont think this is crypto, it looks like a shoddy OnlyFans rip off. "Token"s are what the simps always talk about here, and what they use on Myfreecams. This might be another Camversity type scam she is involved in.

No. 1410063

File: 1641476101551.png (823.54 KB, 1125x2436, 4333231D-B6F3-4048-9E03-93CEC1…)

The audacity of this clown!

No. 1410088

Next they'll have a promo with a bunch of naked girls to promote this scam, just like camversity. Which failed miserably. Kek just go work at Safeway Sandra, your brain can't handle much more

No. 1410106

File: 1641483597756.jpeg (721.51 KB, 828x1469, 7EB1C737-133F-4ADC-89B0-0805FB…)

kek. she is mentally 13, tops.

No. 1410212

She has zero self awareness.

No. 1410227

Safeway, Kek! Another Washington state farmer? Sandra probably could be a bagger/cart girl at best. She's very low IQ combined with a ridiculously inflamed ego and the insane notion she contains talent as well. This is why she's still making 'music' and banging any dude for free that have more sound cloud plays than her. In reality she probably sees as many men as her Cafe Lu pimps give to her 3 days a month and lives off of that. Fucking 10 dudes a day isn't bad money.

No. 1410613

File: 1641520751175.png (2.85 MB, 828x1792, 914A9ACE-479E-4226-B0E0-CCD3F8…)

What lesson James? You're weird as shit, and not enlightened despite the weird cadence and vague notions you use to try to sound like you are.

No. 1410733

He's creepy as fuck. Imagine just casually walking by him while he's talking to his phone like this kek

No. 1410761

File: 1641534563090.png (5.72 MB, 1284x2778, 7913042C-0A32-4DDD-A074-7DD7CE…)

Speechless. I was truly hoping someone had tipped off CPS but I see that’s not true and Sabrina is playing “dolly” with C still.
Extremely disturbed that Sabrina had C’s full face in later stories too - None of this looks like it’s headed anywhere good and I pray for Chloe’s safety on all levels.

No. 1410767

C is drawing disturbingly sexual drawings that Sabrina is showing off

No. 1410800

It's like take your daughter to work day, but how it goes when Mom's a whore.
This has been predicted for the last few months, and everything unfolding gives further evidence that Briana continues to groom her daughter for future sex work. Her weird dude on the gram tripping on ketamine is a nice touch.
I can't believe Roxanne is letting this happen AGAIN. "C" is her chance to make up for the disastrous job with Brina. How in the world do you turn over a 13 year old to a drug addicted prostitute who is LEGALLY not allowed to be with her unsupervised. The reason Brina and "C" took everything down was because she could be in huge trouble for being around her and she knows it. I can't believe this is still going on. She pulled her out of her home, out of school, and since has got her nose pierced, dyed her hair, and had her posing in fishnets on the same Instagram account she uses for clients. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1410818

It would be one thing if she was genuinely trying to be in her kids lives and tried doing special things for them but that’s not the case. She still has nothing to do with little C or her boy. Sabrina is living vicariously through C. The hair, nails and piercing, the clothing choices. No sane mother would be acting this way with her 13 year old daughter, it absolutely looks like she’s grooming her.
I was really hoping cps was contacted.

No. 1410874

C is also sharing jokes about wanting boys to piss in her mouth, kek. I think we can confirm we lost her. It’s sad, not gonna lie.

No. 1410956

Brina's dad is the issue. Why tf you letting these fools stay at your house? Especially James.

No. 1410994


I guess we are expecting too much from the “parents” who produced something like Sabrina, though. I hope that someone has a heart in that circle and contacts CPS before something else happens.. as mentioned before, god forbid James give C more attention than Sabrina.. or even try to leave her, while C is still in their “care.”

I agree with the grooming. She puts no effort or interest in trying to see her other two children. It’s only “Big C” and that’s for the obvious reason.

Wasn’t it “Little C’s” birthday recently? I thought hers and Sabrina’s is on the same day.

No. 1411029

Big C is in trouble. Hate to say it, but the poor girl doesn’t have a chance… Brina always calls her “her mini” and yeah, I think we will see a spitting image play out. I mean, I hope not, but hope does nothing for scenarios like these.

Exactly! The people who produced Sabrina and her brother (isn’t he in and out of jail?) aren’t exactly going to magically turn into shining examples who set boundaries and standards. We all know it takes giant inner work to change core parts of yourself and how you interact with those in your life. People generally are who they are, and it’s why you see the same situations repeat for generations. When your example growing up is a hot mess, it sets you up to fail. There really should be an aptitude test before women are allowed to get pregnant., kek.

No. 1411218

File: 1641589413954.jpg (160.91 KB, 1055x1092, ironbarhotel.JPG)

No. 1411247

he mail her a shiv? lol

No. 1411253

Wonder what he did to land himself in jail. Does anyone know?

No. 1411599

File: 1641614019988.png (2.84 MB, 828x1792, 2C45ACB4-9455-4558-8DDB-9839C6…)

What's wrong now, Sandra?

No. 1411601

Someone said previously he's a meth addict and it's related to that??

No. 1411748

With the gang bangers that are now living with Sandra it's hard to guess whats going on but drugs are the most likely cause. Lately she has looked super skinny and boney, I would guess the adderall and ketamine are finally get the best of her.

I have soft spot for Sandra, shes a brainless escort but doesn't really do anyone else harm. It's sad her life has went the way it has, and you can see how this will end.

No. 1412472

Sabrina belongs in jail right beside her lowlife brother for not paying child support and being a prostitute for Ket

No. 1412573

C is definitely following her mom’s footsteps

No. 1412776

Sabrina belongs in jail for stealing her daughters childhood from her. Lmao I didn’t even know what cum was when I was 13(learn2sage)

No. 1412887

C talking about threesomes and spreading her legs for someone. Someone needs to help her I think she's looking to be loved in all the wrong places to fill a void she hasn't got from her mom. Her childhood has been taken from her for sure

No. 1413131

C’s mindset is really disturbing. It’s sad that she thinks that’s normal. If she follows in her mothers footsteps she will be having a child in less than 2 years. What a horrible thought for her. It’s so normal to want to idolize your mother as a young girl, I just wish she would see that her mothers small internet fame is nothing to be proud of and it’s for all the wrong reasons. She will be ashamed if she goes down this path, just like Sabrina is. That’s why Sabrina can’t stand to be sober. Facing the reality she’s created for herself as a sober woman would be nearly impossible for her.

No. 1413259

her mum taught her that sexual attention from scrotes is the most important thing in life, it’s that simple

No. 1413325

This thread has turned more dark and upsetting than anything.
Sabrina was funny to laugh at while blackout drunk on cam but no bringing her kids into the same scene

No. 1413506

It just is so bizarre that no one is looking out for her. My heart truly breaks for her. I hope she doesn't go down the same path, I just wish she had some normalcy in her life and stability. She shouldn't be going down this road, everyone's failing her it's so sad to see. Sabrina should want better for her children she's no victim here her children didn't stand a chance her especially without either parent. I hope she realizes her worth and enjoys her childhood instead of trying to grow up too fast. I definitely agree I think brina can't stand to be sober because of what she's done for money. She's just so lifeless lately. I used to feel bad for her but come on she's had so many chances to change she has to see what her child is posting is she not reaching out?! It's just absolutely not okay.

No. 1413578

Exactly, but adding the fact that Sabrina FEEDS off of what her daughter posts and brags about things like pornhub being C’s most frequented website..

There needs to be some kind of intervention here. Naturally, thirteen years of trauma/neglect/abandonment have begun to weigh on Chloe. Someone made a comment that she’ll be pregnant in two years down her current path and, to be honest, I agree. I could even see it being intentional, longing to have something to love and not leave. The sad thing is, Sabrina would drop C faster than ever before if that were to happen.

If someone is in Sabrina’s circle and creeping this thread, please have a heart and do what’s best for C. Call CPS. If Sabrina is still required supervised visits, which I imagine is true after her stunt a couple of years ago, then please REPORT this. C is a child and she needs to be protected. She needs help.

No. 1413816

File: 1641832171855.jpg (74.08 KB, 719x481, 20220110112651.jpg)

Wholesome family photo of brina and her kids and soon to be grandchildren

No. 1413971

It's hard to try to imagine where you have to be in life to brag about your daughter spending time on porn hub, and then joke, "Hope she doesnt see any of my stuff lulz." I really wish I would have saved a lot of the holiday stuff they were posting that has all been taken down now.

C has no idea whats even going on. She's a 13 year old kid that wants to love her mom, and is fated to find out she was just a prop in the scheme of a drug addicted prostitute to convince a "civilian" shes looking to date.
There is no low Brina wont sink to, no line she wont cross. In another 5 years Brina and C will be living together with C on MFC and Mom coaching her. There is no doubt at this point that Brina sees her daughter as her only realistic chance to get out of the Cafe Lu and back into the money again.

No. 1414067

C waking up at 3pm? Like even if you are doing online school that seems odd. Did Brina just take her out of school for a few weeks? Really is just trying to clone herself

No. 1414123

File: 1641858175284.jpeg (139.58 KB, 1284x958, 2B81AC3B-84C8-4FF2-9696-0033F6…)

Here we go again

No. 1414133

I think I missed something. Where are the receipts of Brina bragging about C beingon porn hub? I didn’t see any of that, or is it just speculation? I no doubt speculate it, but did she actually SAY that somewhere (ig, Twitter)? Either way, Sabrina is scum and I agree with those who say she is grooming C to follow in her footsteps. Disgusting.

No. 1414162

When Brina, James, and C started this whole bizarre vacation they were all over each others social media. When people first started begging Roxanne to call CPS they literally erased everything. Hopefully someone saved a few screenshots.

I will also say, people were posting from C's social media and pictures of her and I think thats not needed. While there are various different risks with that, my greatest fear is that one of Brinas weird cam fans would want to see if she would have a date raffle for C and knowing Brina she probably would.

No. 1414322

I don’t think it’s a vacation. Sandra moved out and Brina couldn’t stay at Sandras parents house. She’s back at her dad’s and is probably using C as leverage to have housing. James can’t support her.

No. 1414389

File: 1641889029306.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1242x1847, 6BE33D4F-8208-4A15-86C1-BB0EDC…)

No. 1414395

File: 1641889769866.jpeg (175.38 KB, 828x1718, 80A0853F-4061-4C4B-AEDC-8307FC…)

Name a more iconic duo kek

No. 1414535

One of these is not like the others, one of these is pretending to be skin & bones

No. 1414541

File: 1641916697861.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1284x2778, 564F72C4-8E65-403C-960C-460FD1…)

Sabrina for sure seems like she’s on drugs here, does anyone also find it weird that she doesn’t break face for a second to even smile or laugh at C acting “weird” (I put that in quotations because I’m hoping that’s all it is - 100 could see Sabrina “bonding” w C via drug use). I feel that is a normal mom thing to do, when your kid says or does anything abrupt/random. Instead, she keeps with her poses - which suggests to me that she’s either high, so uninterested in C, or a combination of the two (my bet).

It’s still on Sabrina’s story, for anyone who is in the position to call CPS. However, if they are still at her dad’s then I suppose that’s arguably supervision eyeroll

Anyways, sage for off topic, but hopefully Little C had a good birthday with the people who love and care about her. I’d imagine she’s preschool age now.

No. 1414579

James isn't even there anymore since she posted that cringe 12 hour facetime screenshot, so why is she doing her hair and makeup? Hmmm…

No. 1414630

I’m actually fairly certain they are at Sabrina’s mother’s house now. That is Chloe’s bedroom, unless she’s bringing her duvet travelling. An alternative could be that she has a bedroom at Sabrina’s dad’s but idk that I’ve heard much about her visiting him before?

The bedding consistency is with her room on the account she has for a teddy bear that she named Fernando. I saw the account in her tagged photos. I’m not going to post screenshots because I don’t want to deliberately lead people who might mean harm to her SM, but for the people who already know/see it - it’s there.

No. 1414668

I think she’s just trying to make it seem like she’s still with C.
It’s all smoke in mirrors with her, She wants people to think she’s not a deadbeat.
Sabrina is staying at her dads house, James is back in ca and C went back to her grandmas for school.
Her hair is still red here which Sabrina dyed black a few days ago.
Sabrina absolutely looks off here, probably Xanax? And isn’t that Ajs obey shirt??
I’m pretty sure he used to wear it when they all lived together.

No. 1414688

Brina made her IG private

No. 1414807

You’re right - the hair just looked dark to me, but now I see that it’s red. It was clearly taken a few weeks back.

No. 1414867

This may not seem like a big deal, but I feel it is. While there is a small group of us here openly talking about this horrible situation of child abuse, theres a much larger group reading this. Brina knows when it comes to children, thats a line that even the most foul person will rarely cross, which makes how much of a low life she is even more apparent. I wouldnt be surprised if people in her circles are reading this, and perhaps telling her to at least with C quit Fing around. Her cuntish response will of course be to start restricting her social media.

No. 1414987

I’d love to know how James explains her to his family. “Yeah, she has three kids - No, all different dads - No, she also actually doesn’t have custody of any of them - No, she doesn’t see her son, but she has supervised visits with her daughters.. Yeah, she saw one of them recently.. No, she hasn’t seen the other one for a couple of years..”


Sage for no new milk.

No. 1415068

yeah tbh if I were here, I’d probably try to stay in a K-hole all the time too. with her and Luna Slater I feel like the hardest part of getting sober will be living with their shitty decisions, without the hazy Xanax filter

No. 1415100

Right? I imagine you would have to in order to avoid an heroing. Although for the sake of her children I sincerely hope she can get her life right one day and try to repair some of the damage she's caused.

No. 1415128

Why stop there?

"Well James, 3 kids is a lot, but sometimes that happens. What does Sabrina do for a living?"

"Well, she escorts out of a place called the Cafe Lu, but it's really laid back, and the people are all nice and get covid test before hand. She used to be an online personality but got thrown off a pron site for being to disgusting. She shit herself on cam then shoved the poop back up her ass."

No. 1415286

This bitch looks rough af. Broken nails. Shitty makeup and eyebrows. Looks like she just cried to her daddy she had nowhere else to live. No wonder she's leeching onto her daughter after 13 years

No. 1415561

Karen BLASTS Sabrina over dating her ex’s(learn2embed)

No. 1415595

I knew she got pregnant by Tyler but which ex did she have a baby with? Aj ?

No. 1415615

I’m thinking aj.
I remember they weren’t talking when Brina and aj first started dating, Karen only came around towards the end of that relationship.
But we for sure know
Rhett, Nathaniel, and Tyler .

No. 1415639

This was great, I love that she even called her out by name. I feel bad for Karen, Sabrina has to be the worst friend even.

No. 1415642

Sabrinas youngest child is with AJ. I think he has partial custody over the kid

No. 1415661

Aj has full custody. She’s only allowed supervised visitations which she doesn’t do.

No. 1415662

Does anyone know why Sabrina is no longer living with Sandra?

No. 1415689

Sandra moved out of her parents’ awhile back (which was where her and Brina were both living together). I assume that is why Brina is no longer there.

No. 1415696

Oh wow I didn't know she has Sabrina tattooed on her hand, wtf

No. 1416179

Karen isn’t a role model of a mother either. These almost 30 year olds all still have high school mentality

No. 1416185

I especially love how the video description says “How becoming a mom helped saved her life“ when she clearly says it did NOT in the interview.

No. 1416346

Karen called Brina a whore on camera for dating 4 of her exes back to back and wasn't James friends with Sandra before Brina fucked him too and now Sandra and James are not friends anymore. Why can't brina find her own personality or life kek

No. 1416351

Seriously, and I’m pretty sure she has two kids. One she doesn’t even see who’s about 4 or 5

No. 1416831

I am new to this thread but I’ve been following Sabrina online for years. I’m just curious as I don’t know much of her back story; did something traumatic happen to her?? How did her life end up to be such a lifetime movie??(newfag)

No. 1416896

Brina's origin story has evolved through the years, much like the Joker's description of where his scars came from in the Dark Knight.
For many years she had said her father was some kind of cocaine addict/dealer, and the ills of her life were directly attributable to him. Then at one point she changed the story that he was either dead, or in prison, again the reason for all her problems. At another juncture, she eluded to some kind of early sexual abuser that was the author of her failed miserable life. She has occasionally chastised her mother for not being what Brina called "emotionally intelligent," kek.

At the end of the day, there have been a lot reasons she given, well…..except for one.

She has never accepted any of the blame herself. Never once has she admitted that it was her own poor choices, her inept decision making, partnering with the greasy dudes, and of course her life long drug addiction issues. Nupe,none of that has contributed to her failures, its always someone elses fault.

Brina is a drug addicted prostitute who is inches away from hitting the wall and falling into obscurity as a D list escort from times already fading in most people's mind. This despicable whore is now grooming her own daughter for future sex work.

No. 1417251

Haha I always liked Karen that's great. I never knew brina dated 3 or 4 exes? Who besides aj and Tyler? It's nice to see Karen's getting her life together and keeping toxic people out, going to therapy you can say whatever you want about her but hey it's something brina should probably do. Props to her no one's perfect and you can tell she's trying

No. 1417258


I’m sorry, but people have to start reading the threads. This was literally answered a few posts prior. Stop posting without milk. This is exactly how milk, details, and answers get lost in the thread.

As per some other recent posts, you can easily refer to all of Sabrina’s life details in the previous two threads. Sabrina is already becoming dried up enough herself, stop deadening the chat with redundant/noob questions.

Sage for no milk myself, but holy shit someone needs to put everyone in line.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1417309

Read up on these before asking more of the same questions
Thread #1:

Thread #2:

No. 1418281

James finally realized what a lowlife prostitute Sabrina is, they no longer follow each other and Sabrina's back living off her dad cause no one wants a drug addict 30 year old kek

No. 1418377

File: 1642293652522.jpeg (180.43 KB, 1125x1641, 99CB3F61-C189-4C7A-98B7-178A79…)

Yikes. C shared this on social media

No. 1418491

File: 1642307209979.jpeg (575.15 KB, 828x1197, 1EC7D267-7A13-4104-922A-129458…)

Yes. Yes you are Brina.

No. 1419106

File: 1642368965809.jpeg (782.9 KB, 1125x1999, F18718EB-7969-4DD5-94BB-AE9DDA…)

I don’t think she lurks here… she still likes the same bullshit quotes and posts them to her story.

No. 1419193

File: 1642379339634.jpeg (220.89 KB, 1284x1952, B4A5E375-89DB-4DBB-97A5-DEE1F9…)

Lol I bet brinas dad told her she couldn’t stay. So she’s magically back with James.

No. 1419208

Go James for wanting to be with a mentally 9 year old woo!

No. 1419341

Sandra filmed and uploaded videos of someone standing on a bridge with police presence. Pretty fucked up thing for her to do, all for insta clout. Sat in a car giggling, filming some poor guy and then getting out and standing on the street with her phone still out filming him.
I know I know Imageboard but I don't feel comfortable posting pictures of someone who was trying to attempt suicide even with a spoiler on it.

No. 1419345

I saw this too. It’s like (directed toward Sandra), aren’t you embarrassed?????? She literally has zero self awareness.

No. 1419797

File: 1642445634016.jpeg (1.12 MB, 828x1469, 8160437D-C67A-4E9C-A089-6185E4…)

He is straight up delusional.

No. 1419799

The way she obsesses about boys like a teenager is just so weird

No. 1419926

File: 1642453053182.png (810.39 KB, 828x1792, DC232C75-13F1-4550-B9D1-D11BA5…)

It's this story for me. He'd die before he leave her except a day ago they weren't together lmaoooooo.

No. 1420065

James doesn't, nor has he ever loved Brina. What he loves is getting her to hand over her cash to him to fund his adult child lifestyle. The reason Brina considers him superior to her previous BF's like AJ is that James accepts her being a prostitute, and makes her feel cool and sexy for doing it.

Brina is a drug addicted prostitute and ultimately incapable of love, even for her daughter. She LARPs through her relationships in a daze pretending it's the old days again and she's still in her 20s living whimsically. I suppose it's easier that way, whatever it takes to get you through each day selling yourself to old greasy men at the Cafe Lu.

No. 1420125

Is Sabrina really a prostitute? It doesn’t really look like she’s balling at this point and I don’t see any evidence.
Also, isn’t she 28?
Does anyone know what James does for a living? Does he live w his parents?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1420136

File: 1642471035043.jpg (80.09 KB, 817x795, brinaisawhore.JPG)

You would be well served to browse the other two threads that contain a wealth of information to help you catch up.

No. 1420464

No, brina turned 29 on Dec 27th same day as one of her abandoned children but it was all poor her on that day.

No. 1420474

File: 1642520558395.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1284x2477, DBF545D2-3A73-4E3E-8850-095E61…)

I’m certain that C refers to someone else as her “parents,” likely Sabrina’s mother. Pathetic on Sabrina’s end but also worrisome that C posted about having to break up nightly fights between “parents.” My assumption was this was past-referencing to Sabrina’s days with AJ but I guess it’s also the current situation. All around, sad. Not surprising out of the same person who is allowing Sabrina unsupervised visits with C, obviously judgement is lacking.

Note: Yes, I cropped C’s handle out. I’ve posted before that I’m not going to deliberately lead people to a child’s instagram… especially one that clearly has no one looking out for her.

No. 1421222

File: 1642581713188.jpg (96.87 KB, 1580x919, brinathewhore.JPG)

It's amazing to think this is an almost 30 year old woman with 3 abandoned children. As her 13 year old daughter finds herself at the most critical time of her life, her mother does age play photo shoots wasted out of her mind on ketamine.

No. 1422062

This actually makes me super worried for them because Brina's inibility to be alone is a major part of why she's where she is in life. Heartbreaking to read that C' s guardians are absolutely failing them too

No. 1422223

This thread is repetitive, boring and tiresome. You anons sound like a bunch a whiny teens from Christian school. All it is bashing sex workers and poor mothering skills over and over. Brina doesn't even have custody so okay, she's a loser mother who does sex work and parties. And??

Where's the funny and interesting milk? These people are boring and so is the repetitive banter.

At least when Brina cammed she was hilarious and ridiculous to watch.

No. 1422776

The anons didn't make this thread hoeing and tiresome the cows did, so shut it. No one is bashing sex work, only pointing out how low quality these women are. If you want to complain and rewatch old Brina MFC vids on Google and have a laugh then just fuck off eaither way

No. 1422796

File: 1642727270046.jpeg (31.33 KB, 275x268, 1AC30114-CE41-47D2-A376-3BDD2F…)

So no proof that she prostitutes. This definitely isn’t proof, it’s just something her ex said when he was mad. Doesn’t mean it’s not true, but definitely is not proof . Ty isnt a credible person. I feel like if she really was whoring herself there would be proof. Or she would at least have money.

No. 1422954

Please learn how to sage, then you wont be so obviously identified as a member of the Brina defense force.

So instead of you just sitting back demanding proof, proof, proof….and droning on mindlessly, let's play this another way, how about I ask the questions. Let's start here.

Do you know what the Cafe Lu is, and if so do you agree that escorts work there?

Just answer that question.

No. 1423035

Sage your fucking shit. Sabrina has been known to escort long before she was with Ty.

No. 1423117

Yup, no doubt she’s been known to escort in the past. I wonder if she does it currently, though. I feel like she’s broke now and seemingly lives off of James.

No. 1423204

There's a simp called CurleyVegas she met on a camsite. He payed a lot and then she banged him. Go find him and you will have proof from the source.

No. 1423422

Omg, I remember that guy. I wonder if she ever still, umm, services him. Lmao. I used to watch Brina back in the day on MFC for a period of time when she was the “it” girl on there. I thought for a brief moment I wanted to cam to make money, but soon realized all these cam girls seem like they have a hot mess of a life for the most part. And as we’ve see with Brina, once they pass their prime it’s an even worse shit show.

No. 1423745

Does anyone know why she gave birth early to little c? I wonder if she used while pregnant or during any of her pregnancies? or was it her eating patterns? The hospitals usually drug test the mom after birth but not all states do that.

No. 1423977

Didn’t she force herself to be vegan during that pregnancy because she was afraid to gain weight? The vegan facade ended very shortly after she gave birth. Premature birth is kinda common, but if you don’t treat your body well during pregnancy it’s more likely.

No. 1425094

Detached placenta she said once. Can be caused by low body weight, and also drug use

No. 1425190

File: 1642997198009.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1607, 4B00F97D-9BD2-49EB-8DD3-158FD1…)

Poor C. I really hope she doesn’t turn out like Sabrina

No. 1425311

C literally posted a guys (blurred) dick to her ig story a few days ago..
So sad what horrible parenting and abandonment can do

No. 1425821

I am not even surprised. The likelihood of C following in Brina’s steps is statistically so high. We all hope she won’t, of course, but it seems she’s headed that way.

No. 1425841

All of this started around the holidays. The exposure to Brina, even in that small of quantity, has already had this effect on her. It must have something to do with realizing your mothers a drug addicted prostitute, and normalizing it. Tragic.

No. 1425850

File: 1643067304316.png (1.27 MB, 740x1198, Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 3.34…)

Lawd she pregnant again?

No. 1426001

Came here to post this! Did James finally knock her up? It seems like it’s about time. Hmmm.

No. 1426085

It’s her pattern lol she always gets pregnant just after getting back together with a guy.
I would say she’s most likely pregnant.

No. 1426187

This of course was the entire reason of picking up C around the Holidays, and trying to show him she was a great parent. Wouldnt be surprised if she found out around Nov/Dec and then put operation Mom LARP into place. While it's hard to get an exact number, counting both the known failed and successful pregnancies, I think this would be her 9th time. Thats 3 kids, 4 alleged abortions, and at least 2 admitted miscarriages.

What an absolute disgrace. This filthy drug addicted prostitute always finds ways to sink lower and lower, her floor still isn't fully known. Another pregnancy would sadly not be a surprise nor would the inevitable miscarriage. Ketamine and pregnancy don't go well together.

No. 1426901

File: 1643160145887.jpeg (544.41 KB, 828x1480, CD889ECB-AE87-434D-AC31-FF58B3…)

Lmao. Sandra, you good?

No. 1428230

File: 1643290151721.jpeg (686.98 KB, 1125x1844, A666D2FC-1F36-4528-9A7A-CFA6A9…)

I wonder if Brina ever donated lmao

No. 1430213

Probably not, she was living in San Diego in 2018 and I’m sure she didn’t even know he existed at the time. Too busy being a narcissist to care either way.

No. 1430356

File: 1643497497460.jpg (168.52 KB, 1626x1078, of2.JPG)

Sandra, out of the lime light for a minute, closes in on her goal of getting 250 OnlyFans subscribers. When she reaches this milestone she will be releasing a video of her sucking a real dick.
She had mentioned some time back they were having a secret contest at the Cafe Lu, I wonder if one of the customers one this from her.

No. 1431852

Shits gotten so boring ugh what was with that pic of all Sandra's bottles? We need the milk! The only milky person in the orbit right now is fucking 13 which is a no way obviously soo anyone know any other messes?

No. 1432227

File: 1643736687452.jpeg (651.73 KB, 1170x2532, B4C48A68-CA2F-448B-9F60-D6D8CA…)

Oh this one? With them all poured out into a candy dish? Yikes.

No. 1432267

I missed this the first time, but I think all the scripts are on her trademark White wig. This picture is the perfect photo for the movie of her life. All it needs is one of convenience store food ensembles displayed as a gourmet and her name tag from the Cafe Lu

I think Sandra will sadly be the first one of the big three (Sandra/Brina/Pumpy) that we lose to OD/Suicide. brina is to much of a piece of garbage to leave early, it never works that way. Pumpy will probs eventually find some idiot that will keep her going for a while. Sandra….

She seems lost int he kind of way you see toward the end, where even she sees herself as the joke she has become. What a life;a bowl of pills, escorting out of the Cafe Lu, and hoping you get 250 OnlyFans subs so you can release your video of sucking some scrotes cock.

No. 1432275

I take pantoprazole for acid reflux. Is she flexing her tummy trouble meds?

No. 1432296

At first glance I see ciprofloxacine, an antibiotic to treat bacterias for diarrhea or even gonorrhea…

No. 1432303

Damn Sandra thinks she's flexing? With meds for depression, iron deficiency, infections, acid reflux and ADHD. The benzos are the only childish druggy flex she could use but even that is very tumblr

No. 1432310

YES! SERIOUSLY WTF! Her gang banger friends are probably making fake Xanax/Molly pressies out of her meds or some shit. So fucking trash.

No. 1432314

I hope not, moving out of her family home was obviously a mistake, but we have no idea how her mom really is behind closed doors. She has said their relationship is complicated but loving.

I wonder who's couch Brina is on right now, James and her are in Disneyland right now WITHOUT any of the C's. So fucking typical. Cunt. I never thought Brina would lose her looks this young, she used to be very cute..

Maybe Karma is real, bahahahaha.

No. 1432396

Sandra is not capable of functioning as an adult. This has been proven beyond reproach. The best thing for her would be to get out of CA, move to somewhere simpler, find a pay pal to take care of her, and have some degree of local celebrity she could enjoy.

With what we are seeing above, it feels like she is only weeks away from being found on a Motel room floor; surrounded by pills, booze, and ketamine. No one there to help, only the sounds of the L.A. Guns song "The Ballad of Jayne" playing again and again from her phone that is out of sight, lost somewhere in the white wig….

No. 1432918

I have a feeling the cipro is from when they had covid. She also has a prescription for iron in there…(sage)

No. 1433176

File: 1643838052005.jpeg (432.95 KB, 1125x839, C497EA67-0C38-4947-8A87-43A631…)

Dug up this gem from brinas twitter. Her trying to show off a house she never got to live in. Right after this is when she moved into her dads and posted the anorexic pic saying she will get better one day

No. 1433655

You really seriously need to learn to sage. She actually did live in this house for a few months with Rhett.

No. 1433678

Brina just unarchived her pregnancy photos on IG. Baby #8 here we go

No. 1433690

File: 1643899380953.jpeg (646.98 KB, 1125x1960, B0B672BE-CE5B-4E71-9C54-6B924B…)

she’s been posting a lot of food pics… I never understood that with anorexics. Are you trying to prove that you still eat? I mean good for her if it’s actually that and not pregnancy again….

No. 1433695

File: 1643899640665.jpeg (370.3 KB, 1125x1896, DC12DD5A-82CB-4098-A0FF-0BC6D4…)

also, I wonder how much child support she owes now… sad.
Little C is three now and no where to be seen? I wonder how that effects babies when the mother just disappears like that.
She can afford new skin care though!

No. 1433725

What is she gonna do with these? She admittedly never washes her face, she’s said so many times all she uses to clean her face ever is neutrogena makeup remover wipes and water lol

No. 1433764

File: 1643907207731.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1125x1473, 6DFCDB80-F44F-4DB7-AC78-411B7A…)

Yikes… she definitely did unarchived them. Why?

Sadly baby #8 is looking promising.

I looked up those glow recipe bottles are $40-$50.. maybe it was a sponsored PR post… kek

No. 1434185

File: 1643944424242.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1466, 284DAFFD-A6DE-44B1-9361-09522B…)

No. 1434869

I forgot about this thread for a minute. They are both so boring lately.
Sandra seems as lost as ever, but nothing milk worthy is happening. It’s just pathetic and I feel bad for her dumb ass, tbh.
And then Brina … hmm, unarchiving her pregnancy posts is a weird move. I do wonder now if she’s finally expecting with James. The best we can hope is his sperm doesn’t work, otherwise another pregnancy for Brina is mostly inevitable.

No. 1434901

File: 1644021379088.jpeg (220.81 KB, 1118x944, A7B26A97-CEF2-4036-96FC-BBAB21…)

I wonder what “work” she’s gonna get done!

No. 1434911

File: 1644022495656.png (128.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220205-005350.png)

This is the website for who she said she's getting work done by and what they do
Don't know about this stuff myself but I'm assuming you can't get any of it while pregnant?

No. 1435121

File: 1644047655419.png (8.96 MB, 1170x2532, 29E0420C-05E2-4753-A767-EE98CB…)

Pretty sure she only takes these when she’s pregnant…

No. 1435555

Sabrina could sure use the butt augmentation kekkkk but she's too broke for that

No. 1435602

I don't know Sandra did gift brina 10k on her birthday and who knows what else on Christmas she might

No. 1435618

pretty sure shes getting her lips done and possibly also botox

No. 1436524

Brina goes to Vegas and now she’s flexing all this spending. James is some sad cuck

No. 1436639

File: 1644199380396.png (3.95 MB, 828x1792, 4EED9A20-BEF2-4888-BBCF-AA3EB3…)

Wine with lunch. Big no no in early pregnancy

No. 1436655

Sabrina’s no stranger to drinking while pregnant.

No. 1436782

Why do we think she's pregnant? Is her unarchiving her pregnancy pics on ig the only evidence?

No. 1436848

I'm so surprised James is still around and sadly appears to be getting lured into possibly impregnating her, if he already hasn't. I can't imagine where a man would have to be in his life to attach himself to a drug addicted prostitute who has abandoned three children. All of the people who have been in relationships with her universally regard them as the worst in their life. All that being said here we go again with another FAS child on the way as this despicable whore giggles over her bubbly about Golden Hour.

No. 1437221

File: 1644267183079.jpeg (768.55 KB, 1125x1851, 7E4CCE65-2FC3-4D54-ACB3-5A819E…)

She shared this photo too. I think she’s pregnant!

No. 1437272

File: 1644272162409.jpeg (800.67 KB, 750x1245, FBE852DF-CDC5-4412-B0A6-15C01C…)

No. 1437276

Sorry, samefag, dropped my comment, kek. Anyway…Sandra has been tagging this girl for a couple weeks or so now, have they cammed together yet? Or will this be the first time? The girl has come across as extremely shy and uncomfortable in Sandra’s stories. Will be interesting to see how it plays out I guess. Probably Sandra just trying to use someone younger and prettier to up herself.

No. 1437328

File: 1644275465895.jpeg (726.77 KB, 828x1437, B9C290FD-7055-468C-BCB9-C7B952…)

Lmao these food pics get me every time

No. 1437421

File: 1644282149321.png (3.06 MB, 828x1792, C9124985-3647-49AE-A1E3-AFB0BE…)

As if a doctor prescribed Sabrina all those xanax bars and benzos. She sure loves her mini trips to Mexico!

No. 1437435

That doesn't mean she's pregnant cmon

No. 1437460

This is worse than nourish to flourish

No. 1437510

No. 1437568

anon don’t lie. this looks gross and trashy, but at least it looks clean. N2F’s food pics were so horrific and grimy, they got spoilered.

No. 1437600

I have no clue what nourish to flourish is….

No. 1437624

File: 1644300068926.png (1.91 MB, 1170x2532, 6E5638CB-96D8-4225-9DAB-CBC776…)

I am trying to figure out why she said “sheesh hope you get better :(“

Also she’s on all these meds - antidepressant x2 with one being a sedative, anxiety, and one for schizophrenia/bipolar.

No. 1437669

Hey don’t knock it till you try it. Adding cheezits and Cheetos to instant mac elevates the tastiness levels at least threefold. I thought I came up with that combo when I was broke in college lmfao

No. 1437723

Someone in the ana chan forums

No. 1437729

How interesting to remember, this is someone's Mom, actually 3 people's Mom and maybe a 4th on the way. A boutique of uppers, downers, and everything in between. Any chance she isn't railing these? This is of course all in parallel with her ketamine addiction. What a pathetic drug addict.

No. 1438070

File: 1644347695610.jpeg (357.46 KB, 1284x2283, B69BF61B-946A-4F55-86AC-9408B3…)

On sandras story. Ego is back.

No. 1438076

"You fucking weirdos" I'm dying kek
He ain't lying tho he's straight putting facts out there

No. 1438126

File: 1644354129642.jpeg (417.71 KB, 828x1466, 631AC229-2190-4E4F-AF18-3FFCEE…)

The need for attention never ends. Really hoping she’s not preggo again. Last thing she’s needs to do is bring another human she will destroy into the world.

No. 1438191

If you’re pregnant you aren’t supposed to be taking most of those psychiatric meds because they cause birth defects. So I’m assuming either she’s not pregnant or if she is, she hasn’t informed her doctor.

No. 1438255

I really don't think she's pregnant tbh

No. 1438303


I agree with others that I don’t believe she’s pregnant - not for now, anyways. I think the sobriety, unarchived pregnancy pictures, and maternal-references serve to feed her current interest in portraying herself as a “mom” of some sorts or definition. It’s likely that she’s had everything said in these threads, to her face, MANY of times. I wouldn’t be surprised if James has made some kind of comment during one of their brief breakups. The motivation could even come from someone having said it TO James and it coming back to her.

It’s crazy because her ideas of how to “be a mother” ie. be “sober,” take meds, put her kids on her BUSINESS profile (both via story and digging in her archives).. is so hilariously missing the mark. Somehow, it’s not obvious to her that the answer is being a regular, positive part of her children’s lives.

But sure. Share another SWer’s picture with her kid while personally getting your eyebrows micro bladed and buying a shelf of products at Sephora. Whatever works =/

No. 1438306

Pregnant or not her antics to try to get James (or whoever) to warm up to the idea of pregnancy is weird behavior. She clearly has some baby fever and we know she pops them out like it’s nothing.

No. 1438336

Allow me to concur, this was fantastic, shot out to EgoVert!

No. 1438370

Isn’t her sons birthday coming up soon too?
Mother of the year, shopping at Sephora, booking her Botox and lip appointments, getting her eyebrows done and will do absolutely nothing for her son. Tragic.

No. 1438374

I didn’t know that, but it makes sense. The trend with Sabrina seems to be that she spoils herself on her abandoned children’s birthdays. I wouldn’t be surprised if she outright made a pity party out of it and explained the behaviour as “consoling” herself for the painful memory.

No. 1438508

I tuned into the cam show for a minute just now to see what’s going on. And Sandra is sipping a Capri Sun while her friend gets wasted. It is sucha funny juxtaposition. Does Sandra not really drink?

No. 1438509

File: 1644380473796.jpeg (303.88 KB, 1284x2125, 626E4A38-244C-4A5B-B4C9-4DACD9…)

Always resorting to her old content lol nothing new.

No. 1438520

Is that girl her new pet? It looks like Sandra dressed her lol

No. 1438858

Lol. That girl, Scar, seems to be hanging around Sandra a lot lately. Wonder why. I watched a portion of the stream for kicks, and Scar was a bit of a hot mess and getting drunk … she said it was her first time camming. Meanwhile, Sandra stayed composed. Seems anytime Sandra cams with someone else she goes into mom mode or something and keeps it together. In fact, Sandra appeared sober.

No. 1438936

Sandra is nothing but a pimp.
That girl is either the friend/sister/cousin of that young group of kids she’s been hanging out with, it seems one of them does music and Sandra is trying to collab with him.
She was flirting hardcore with him too, he couldn’t have been older than 21.
Not many things ick me these days, but seeing her around all of them is one of them.(sage)

No. 1438958

File: 1644437696928.png (Spoiler Image,3.83 MB, 2268x1544, Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 12.1…)

Sandra's BJ vid is just uncomfortable. Dude had a hard time staying hard and she kept drooling on it in a weird way idk.

No. 1438971

Omg did she get this idea from the gross spit slurping thing Brina used to do on live all the time?? I almost forgot about that and could have lived with never remembering it again

No. 1438975

Sandra has a sex tape too where she is more concerned about the angle of her face in the camera while dude is trying.

No. 1439026

Couldn't imagine why dude couldn't stay hard when she's dressed like fucking Goldilocks off to see the wizard of Oz

No. 1439061

Her sons birthday is next week.

No. 1439089

File: 1644446046447.jpg (119.63 KB, 1501x1128, earlysandra.JPG)

She was a Hooters girl Anon, this is from 2013ish, right before she started escorting at the Cafe Lu. Sandra will be celebrating her 10 year anniversary as an escort next summer.

In the e-mail box, if you could type Sage unless you are providing content it would be dreamy and keep the thread from being bumped sans new milk.

No. 1439092

These hoes are boring. Someone better get prego or have another breakdown before they both get forgotten lol

No. 1439320

Omfg. Ew. Ugh, she looks so trashy especially in that wig and outfit. I wonder who the guy was. Sandra seems like the type of girl who will try to snap a selfie of her face to update her ig stories during sex. I mean you bet she probably pulled off the task at hand more than once to get a pic of herself. Lmao… narcissistic to a T, but in a different way than Brina.

No. 1439496

That stream was a train wreck, kek! That Scar girl got so sloppy drunk so fast. She was sitting there all quiet and uncomfortable looking for the first maybe 10 mins. She started chugging that coke and Jack and was a completely different person. Pretty sad. She also said she’s only 20.

My favorite part was when a guest commented on how pale Sandra was and that she needs sun and Sandra was like “I know…let me go get out vitamins” bitch comes back with two big bottles of gummy vitamins KEK. If I figure out how to upload clips here I’ll screen record something next time they cam.

No. 1439502

File: 1644497072245.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, 1BE10CEE-DAB2-465E-95F7-E04291…)

Looks like they’re also at Aaron Carters house hanging out with his baby mama. What a mess. There’s a newborn in that house.

No. 1439736

Lol… yeah, the stream was a hot mess. I didn’t see Sandra get the gummy vitamins, but I did see her drinking a Capri Sun at one point. She operates like a literal child and looks lost in space 24/7. I wonder how she has sustained her own apartment for this long.

No. 1440709

File: 1644603127259.png (1.54 MB, 1800x741, B397D524-ADBB-45DA-B62B-750080…)

No. 1441177

>”I got your new vids on onlyfans, amazing!”

I’m laughing so fuckin hard

No. 1441286

File: 1644651757500.jpeg (113.05 KB, 828x410, 71EE3B7C-6146-4308-BC55-2FF940…)

Some weird pill induced tweets going on tonight…..

No. 1441327

Dude she also loved joe Biden 1 year ago. Brina the lil monkey likes whatever is popular at the moment

No. 1441329

File: 1644660539724.png (10.72 MB, 1284x2778, 2785F329-CDF9-4AEC-835A-3D71A3…)

No milk, just Sandra being fugly

No. 1441437

So then why don’t you put Sage in the email field? I’m seriously starting to think a lot of you anons are just as mentally challenged as these whores.

No. 1441728

As sad as this may seem, sometimes its most likely the Cows themselves. Toward the end, lolcow becomes the last place people still care about them, and their narcissism draws them into the threads.

Sandra is an old whore. She will be celebrating her 10th year in prostitution next summer. She just got BTFO by Egovert, gave 10K to Brina so she would keep being her friend, and showed up on MyFreeCams for a few hours walking away with a little over 20 dollars. She used to brag about Revlon and Hooters wanting to sign her as a model, now only the Cafe Lu and Valtrex are interested in having her as a representative.

No. 1442378

this can't be sandra…. can it?

No. 1442497

File: 1644814525205.png (4.34 MB, 828x1792, 8C2BA0CD-DD45-4D7F-80BD-2AD0E9…)

She’s high as hell right now on IG live pretending to be playing the guitar and talking with the sound off. James is there with her. He supports this shit. He’s just as bad as she is.

she also looks nothing like she used to. Holy crap.

No. 1442499

Just saw this too. I was shocked at how terrible she looked. She was definitely high as shit. That whole live was embarrassing.

No. 1442584

She could barely stay awake. The fact that she’s saved the live on her feed is just sad.

No. 1442596

File: 1644823793480.png (559.64 KB, 802x806, Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 2.29…)


No. 1442607

File: 1644825732397.jpeg (311.58 KB, 1284x2471, 623703B8-3371-4D9E-9AE9-B7EAB3…)

No. 1442665

She really looks bad, shes hit the wall no two ways about it. She looks so old and tired in the face. Her and James are obviously on a very heavy drug binge, most likely ketamine again.

What a life, escorting to get money, then blowing it all on drug filled weekends with scrotes.

No. 1442736

Her hands kept shaking too? I'm worried for her daughter seeing this

No. 1442829

Wow. She looks sick… like, physically unwell.

No. 1442835

Dude. I was coming to post a shot of that…That specific part of the live was disturbing af. She is not ok. Can’t believe she saved this to her timeline; I bet when she wakes up today and isn’t high af she will take that ish down.

No. 1442844

She kept nodding off too. Her eyes looked so heavy and empty. Shaking hands..

No. 1442900

File: 1644857200480.png (422.84 KB, 720x769, Screenshot_20220214-113902~2.p…)

She just wants any attention she can get, just like Sandra did in her drug filled posting sprees.
Also she looks just like Steve-O when he was bad on K kek

No. 1442902

File: 1644857299302.png (652.22 KB, 720x903, Screenshot_20220214-113252~2.p…)

holds the guitar backwards with the sound off

No. 1442910

File: 1644857943797.jpeg (285.69 KB, 1125x1956, 4FF8AAE4-DD57-4D02-B519-B612BD…)

bitch looking extra strung out on live with slurred speech and slow movements, kind of funny how she thought this was okay to post and everyone screen shot her dumb ass.

No. 1442921

File: 1644858365442.jpeg (890.94 KB, 1125x1946, FC6115A7-8E3E-49A6-BA88-6894DC…)

this bitch is seriously delusional. go buy your kids a fucking toy.

No. 1442925

File: 1644858534268.jpeg (390.86 KB, 1125x1989, EAE47A14-DC36-4B94-B5CF-9F86F1…)

someone said her daughter C probably watches her stories. Imagine seeing your mom out here spending money like this and living like she’s on vacation. clearly all her responsibilities are in check right?

I wish she didn’t post this crap IM starting to hate her and it’s not even my own mom

No. 1442932

Brina is a woman who put pictures of her 13 year old daughter on an account she uses for her escorting clients. She's bragged that her daughter is going to be a "legendary cam model," and helped her get piercings and dress up like Cardi B. There won't be anything for those kids ever.

Look at her face now, shes old, haggard, boney, and has the soulless eyes a whore who has slept with hundreds of men through the years, often for little more than a key bump. The glory years in San Diego are long gone, this putrid prostitute clings on to what small level of fame she has by live streaming herself fucked out of her mind, for her kids and the whole world to see.

I'm not sorry to see her circling the drain, I just hope it ends soon. It's a rare case, but her finally ODing will be the best thing for the children. I would have never said that until her recent actions indicating she wants to get her daughter into sex work, it's absolutely unforgivable.

No. 1442942


All that makeup and beauty products and she’s still gonna look like a complete trash

No. 1442970

Hope this makes next thread pic

No. 1443009

Right? I imagine that's what James sees when going down on her loose vag and looking up and seeing that face keeek

No. 1443041

File: 1644867247726.png (5.16 MB, 1800x1657, B52E8B91-9245-480D-9125-6158C9…)

No. 1443080

Weeelp we know why she uses photos and content from 5+ years ago now

No. 1443089

YIKES! I wonder if Brina ever actually checks up on this thread. She has to know about it.

The fact her daughter can watch that live at anytime since it’s saved to her feed is scary. It is disturbing enough for me to watch… needless to say, it is sickening to think about C seeing her mom all strung out… and then seeing in stories how she’s eating dinner out, buying loads of make up and skincare products, etc. I can only imagine what C thinks when she sees all that. Truly disgusting!!!!

No. 1443118

Shes so out of her mind on ketamine at this point, I doubt if she thinks of anyone else. It's hard to believe where she is now in her life, and how bad it's gotten. Shes a pathetic drug addict who sells herself for a few dollars here and there to get enough K to keep her in some weird dream world where she still matters. Egovert said it perfectly, "30 year old weirdos."

More than likely Brina is the one getting the ketamine, and thats why James is around. Who would want to have sex with her, she looks like a Mummy unwrapped. Think of the lack of hygiene and all that goes with that, omg.

No. 1443191

She looks… really dirty? Like her skin is unwashed

No. 1443192

You called it. She finally woke up and removed that post. She probably doesn’t even remember any of it.

No. 1443230

File: 1644881393745.jpeg (109.53 KB, 750x922, 48703D2B-7993-4345-AA5A-9AADD1…)

Cindy Lou Who lookin ass

No. 1443242

Not soon enough for all of us to document the evidence tho, kek.

No. 1443255

She was bragging on her stream that she takes a bath once a week "no matter if she needs it or not." Like most drug addicts, her personal hygiene is long gone, I'm fairly sure her back teeth have almost completely rotted out. If I remember correctly James is a chain smoker so he probably doesnt have a sense of smell, the only thing shielding him from her wretched cooch smell.

No. 1443266

File: 1644883528171.jpg (50.39 KB, 752x1123, uglyAF.JPG)

No. 1443288

File: 1644885542133.jpeg (361.24 KB, 1284x2102, FAE63D11-D373-401C-8E85-D37BCD…)

How is it happy 2 years? Wasn’t she with rhett, Joey Alva and Nathaniel just last year? Lol

No. 1443295

File: 1644885998488.jpeg (195.53 KB, 828x1477, B0F29996-F257-4800-BD10-00433B…)

As stupid as Sandra is, every once in awhile she makes a smart move. Bravo.

No. 1443311


that Trump ass combover good lord
OITNB background character lookin ass

No. 1443327

File: 1644888065865.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, D86A1D4A-C133-4FF7-914D-3A3488…)

james insta story with no filter ha

No. 1443333

File: 1644888336687.jpeg (48.12 KB, 750x1208, E4759E2A-AEB3-4DF8-8E60-C375B1…)

“it’s not that i wanted to keep you all to myself mama, i just wanted you to need me” chloe posted this :/

No. 1443341

As her daughter cries out to her, asking for nothing more than her to be a mother, to be there, to make her feel like she matters…the piece of human trash is getting fucked up on ketamine, blowing her funds from prostitution on feeding her junkie boyfriend, and living in some bizarre dream where it's 2012 again.

You lurk here Brina, how does that make you feel to see that from your daughter. Are the drugs and prostitution really more important than her to you? The "K" is really more important to you than "C." Dont you have even an ounce of humanity left in you, or is it all gone.

No. 1443350

Did she fuck up facetuning this and not notice?

No. 1443352

It looks like it, that philtrum is looking a mile long

No. 1443355

James was probably a client

No. 1443359

I think that’s what drugs do to people. The addict only has their needs at the forefront of their minds at all times. Maybe she sometimes has a fleeting “fuck I should get it together” moment. But Sabrina needs serious, serious help. Rehab and then to be under the care of a psychiatrist, routine therapy appointments, get away from James and any other druggie losers, and then a program to get her on her feet and out of sex work. The only way she will ever be able to be there for her kids is if she decides to get her life in order, which takes incredible dedication and work. Most people who are drug addicts will always be stuck somewhere between full blown addiction and “trying” to stay sober. Ugh, it’s just so sad to see C post that. Kids tend to either follow in their parent’s footsteps, or have a realization of how fucked things were for them growing up and want better for themselves… hope it will be the latter for C.

No. 1443387

How does Sabrina look worse with her snaggle tooth fixed? I guess it actually gave her character, and also drugs

No. 1443484

She only knows one thing. All her adult life men give her money for sexual gratification. She can’t do that sober.

No. 1443598

And what a heavy lift that now is based on the photos we have seen from this weekends drug binge. She's either selling 10 year old content, or trying to hustle people using ever filter possible to hide the sad, pathetic physical state she is currently in after giving herself completely to her drug addiction.

Brina won't be remembered as a scene girl who once had D list celebrity cred or someone who threw wild parties in San Diego. Instead she will be remembered exactly as she is now, a broke down filthy drug addict prostitute who when her daughter needed her most and begged for her help, ignored her and got wasted on ketamine and did a live stream. Unreal.

No. 1443797

Sabrina never got her teeth fixed, and it's more than just one fucked up. The two front teeth turn inward cause her wisdom teeth pushed them back in like 2011 but over the years the rest of her teeth got crooked and chipped.

No. 1443928

File: 1644945660403.png (7.04 MB, 1284x2778, C82EC89A-EEA2-4EB0-A524-2538B2…)

She has huge fake looking veneers on her front 4 teeth. She got them finished recently after addressing all her cavities. Are you blind, new, or just stupid?

Also wtf is Sandra doing in a robe abs rollerblades near traffic kek?

No. 1444112

I actually don’t think she ever got any veneers. I think she just went through the consultation steps but probably blew her money before actually getting it done. I’m not the anon you’re replying to, but if she did get veneers those look absolutely nothing like veneers. They still look like her nasty fd up teeth.

No. 1444162

Just the same person who posted pictures of her teeth before, and unfortunately for me know her all too well.

No. 1444166

AJ enters the chat

No. 1444175

Try again.

Sabrina, get "C" some fucking braces.

No. 1444199

you hope to see her die? nice alog. i’m sure her daughter totally appreciates seeing randos wish death on her mother and that reading that isn’t traumatizing or frightening at all. after all, you just know she reads here. don’t act like you wishing sabrina to die is because you want the best for her. because her mom dying at such a young age totally wouldn’t send her spiralling at all. if i were her, i’d be so disturbed to see random strangers wish my mom dead and claim it’s because they want the best for me, no matter how shitty she is.

No. 1444214

A mother who openly uses drugs in front of her child, has tried to commit suicide in front of her child, and then this Christmas started grooming her for a future career in sex work.

Like I said, if Brina wasnt a predatory junkie who plans on whoring her daughter out, then no. That line was crossed when against a court order, she picked up her daughter a few hours after openly doing drugs on the flight to get her. The time she spent with her was highlighted by Brina dressing her up in sex worker clothing, getting her piercings, and talking about how great a cam model she could be. Yeah I'll say it, it would be better if she was gone.

Take a look at what her daughther is going through now. Lonely, alone, begging for help. Where's Mom? Fucked up on ketamine, giving funds to her junkie boy friend and taking him out for dinner, and ignoring the pleas for help from her own child.

Stop WKing for this piece of shit. The best thing that could happen for C is to never see brina again. It's the only chance at a normal life she has.

No. 1444218

Not the same person you are responding to, but if you are so concerned about Chloe you could get on the cow's live stream and tell her to respond to her daughter and maybe, you know like be a mom?

No. 1444228

I agree, any drug addict prostitute that wants to push and groom her child for the same sad life should be contacted by CPS.

No. 1444234

You’re a retarded newfag, clearly. Have you not been around to see how Sabrinas own actions have fucked up her daughter? Besides trying to commit suicide in front of her there’s plenty. What difference would it make whether she was alive or not in regards to Chloe’s life? I think that anon was saying that death would be better because she has no business being anywhere near Chloe and it’s been made very clear by Chloe’s own posts plus Sabrina’s that the adults in charge of Chloe are not protecting her from Sabrina. Death is actually the only way that she will be kept away from Chloe, sadly. Chloe just turned 13 and constantly posts about people cumming in her face and that she will spread her legs and do anything for some random person because she thinks they’re cute. I think you seriously underestimate what she’s been exposed to in real life. This thread isn’t anything shocking to her, just a documentation of the mess she included in.

No. 1444318

She looks like drugged out Alanis Morissette if she was more manly. She filters she uses and photoshop are insane.

No. 1444371

File: 1644984801778.png (6.01 MB, 1284x2778, ADA797A0-EFC1-40CE-9A7B-0BD502…)

Melanie Martin broke up with Aaron Carter again and ran to Sandra

No. 1444373

File: 1644984950900.png (7.87 MB, 1284x2778, 2B13AC99-CDBF-4AF5-AC37-8E57BE…)

Why are they eating like this though? Can't even order a pizza? Like are yall broke?

No. 1444393

Sandra’s food content strikes again. Kek

No. 1444440

For anyone on here to act like they have the slightest concern for that child’s best interest or well being all whilst discussing her on this forum is a complete joke. It’s disrespectful and poor taste this whole forum should be deleted. Meanwhile yes Brina clearly struggles with some personal demons and instead of looking at her with compassion or, here’s an idea : don’t look at her at all!. you guys criticize her to no end. Don’t like her? Ok. Don’t approve of her behavior? Wonderful. But to come here and tear her down or any person for that matter makes you ugly. It’s something beyond ‘wrinkles and needing botox’ or a ‘crooked smile’ the content of the character of these people writing on this page is severely lacking and I don’t see how these comments make you any better then the supposed antagonist. I’ve found in this lifetime the more judgmental someone is the less valid their opinion is. I hope Brina gets it together and stops with the self sabotaging behavior. I also hope anyone on here can look past the evident dysfunction to understand she probably has endured some traumas herself. To watch someone’s every step and be so hypercritical of everything including physical appearance…. the fact anyone even mentioned her daughter … y’all should be ashamed and embarrassed. You guys are bullies. Stop lurking a 13 year olds social media so you have some 'tea'

No. 1444442

Go away. No one cares.

No. 1444444

So you don't care about the well being of a 13 year old? is what your saying ?? Talk your shit but leave the kid out of it you fucking nerd weirdos . Go outside or something and maybe you'll find interests in this life aside from obsessing over someone else's

No. 1444447

James enters the chat with his enlightened speech

No. 1444449

Not James but I'm also really trynna figure who you are.. Either a pervy middle aged man that really wanted to fuck these girls and never got to so this is your therapy or some sorry bored bitch with nothing better to do .. It's giving pathetic either way . Wouldn't want to be in either of those 2 clusters

No. 1444454

Shoo scrote

No. 1444455

agreed. people here are so fxcking weird llurking the page of a minor. like wtf

No. 1444456

No one does that but one weird anon and nothing about the kid has been posted in a long time

nice job replying to yourself though

No. 1444462

The only ones pathetic on this thread are Sabrina and Sandra.
Just cause 1 person mentions C doesn't mean we all lurk her, no one cares. Get a life and CPS on speed dial

No. 1444466

"A long time" as in 6 hours ago? she was brought up in manner which a child should never be spoken on. the fact no one on here was to say hey shut the fuck up. When someone mentions her? And now defending it like "it's not me, just one person" like ew you're still contributing to this page of nonsense and not calling someone out. Some real predatory behavior going on here . And stfu worry about yourself ..stop speaking so poorly on others. Speaking on people you have NO idea what they have been through. Keyboard warrior talking your shit and being so degrading and disrespectful is what is truly pathetic .

No. 1444468


are you done crying?
If you're so worried about the kid, call CPS.

No. 1444469

Her name, anything that has anything to do with her should not be on here.. as this page is dedicated to … I guess verbally abusing sex workers? ok if that's your M.O
THEN NOTHING ON THIS PAGE SHOULD MENTION A MINOR. Is there a way to get this whole page deleted because it is so out of line. I know all your hard work and effort creating this environment of toxicity would go to waste but I think if anyone was concerned for the well being of the child this should all be taken down.

No. 1444471

See that's the one thing that keeps getting thrown around like it's the one punchline you got 'CPS' okay but this page is a violation in itself. It's disturbing and disrespectful(welcome to lolcow)

No. 1444472

whats disturbing is that youre here at all, reading, yet you think WE are the shitty ones.

No. 1444473

Oh my god, shut the fuck up and if you can’t shut up, at least sage your shit. You’re accomplishing nothing

No. 1444480

A violation of what, exactly? All of the things shared here are publicly posted by the subjects discussed.

No. 1444482

My contribution is not shitting up the thread. You could learn from me

No. 1444492

take your meds

No. 1444494

Some Schizophrenic spamming Hilary Clinton is refreshing compared to the gore spam lately

No. 1444495

Rather eat them than abandon them amiriteeeee

No. 1444511

Is that Nicholas Cage?

No. 1444527

Let's start here…"I guess verbally abusing sex workers"

Brina is a prostitute, call her what she is, sex worker is a way to cloud this, and make her sound like a cam model, or maybe something else. She sleeps with men for money to get drugs, and to be able to keep her junkie boyfriends, like you James.

So let me ask you this, your super conversational, and this one response you can show your not James or the cow herself…

How responsible is Brina for fucking up Chloe's life. Just answer that question directly, see if you can.

No. 1444558

File: 1645005794322.jpg (141.34 KB, 1070x1580, happyvday.JPG)

No. 1444567

She looks so pretty there

No. 1444568

Truthfully, I don't know Brina personally nor how she earns her income as that doesn't concern me. I have more respect for prostitutes than I do for people who spend their time bullying people.. especially as an adult.

No. 1444574

I think the child has a bright future which she can still make of it what she inspires to do so.. I wonder why at such a young age with so much potential you wish to chalk a childs life to being 'fucked up'. .. is a little premature also none of your business.. how you've taken such interest in her is concerning and perhaps something you could talk to a therapist about. The parents inability to express love or be there to nurture the child is no reflection of their own greatness.

No. 1444577

If she or anyone else who didn't feel love from mom/dad were to read this; Their behavior was never about you. It was purely because this is what they were shown growing up (lack of attention, care, love) - it had become easier for them to shut down their emotions and navigate life (and you) from the mind.

If their heart and soul could speak they would say:

Dear child,

I feel like I never got to be a child myself, I feel hurt, lost and unloved by myself and others and as the pain had become too much, I decided to lock it all away. Including you. I could not open to your happiness, to your desire for love- because I never knew how to give that to myself in the first place. I give you what I can- to the extent that I can feel. My lack of interest, my lack of ability to be aware of your emotion, or give you a hug- has nothing to do with your greatness. I have chosen to keep my pain for now, it's all my nervous system ever knew and felt 'safe' with. But I wish for you to embrace life, to open up your heart and not make your love dependent on mine. Connect back with source/god, find home in your soul and heart and keep shining. Even when you want to give up, keep penetrating other peoples heart with your love. Behind the thick walls of my heart, I see you and deeply love you.

-The soul of your mom/dad

And the pain of their detachment may or may not always sting- but it will uncover deep layers of your being for which you will be grateful for. Do not let your parents behavior rule your life, your worthiness, or even your ability to distinguish what love is safe or unhealthy.

Heal your heart by embodying the rage and resentment in a safe container until it's released. Hug your inner child and promise yourself to take care of your emotions, taking a deeper look at what you need and are. <3(blogging/ samefagging/ ban-evading)

No. 1444578

You might notice a box that says "E-Mail." Maybe, you could show a modicum of intelligence in your emotional episode you are having, to type "sage" into the box. This will prevent the thread from re upping every time you post.

I enjoy what you are doing, let it all out. Try to find a way to make people here the bad ones. It will never change the fact that your 13 year old daughter was publically crying out for help, and you ignored her to get fucked up on ketamine and hang out with your junkie dude. Your moment is over, everyone sees you for the joke you are, and all the non saged posts in the world wont change that.

But by all means, keep going sweetie :)

No. 1444581

I don't have any kids but ok. I just don't think this is the place to discuss children or try to impose that their life is ' fucked up'. Mind yours. Like everyone says she may read this and thought I'd try to offer something supportive instead of just bashing her mom and telling her she's bound to the same destiny.

No. 1444588

As you are so concerned about her daughter, how do you feel about Brina posting her daughter on her social media she uses to communicate and advertise to her escorting clients? Is that ok?

No. 1444695

You keep going on about her child and not bringing her up yet your really the only one bringing her up? Talk about delusional.

No. 1444708

If you consider bullying holding one accountable for their own actions, sure.

I'll tell you this, everything that's been said in this thread has been said to Sabrina time and time again, she doesn't care.

No. 1444967

Do you not realize what forum you’re on?

No. 1444996

So you’re saying that it’s not the parents fault for being a crappy parent because they’re just repeating the same cycle of neglect they received from their own parents?

Well he’s a quick solution: Don’t have kids then. You should learn your lesson after you abandoned one. But to create 2 more after that to also abandon? There are NO excuses. At least Rhett was smart enough to not enable her and got her to abort.

All the guys who end up with Sabrina think they’re Captain Save-a-Hoe…. Until they end up being dragged down with her.

James, I think all that bleach has seeped into your brain.

No. 1445059

Stfu. There’s no excuse for an adult not accepting this bs and figuring out their life for the sake of their children. Can’t do it? Don’t have kids. Brina is using her daughter on her escort page and to impress her brain dead bf. Nothing about her deserves sympathy. She abandoned 3 kids for the ket.

No. 1445244

File: 1645092989954.jpg (45.92 KB, 1418x249, terminalwhore.JPG)

As her daughter's cries for help go unheard, Brina returns to work making low rent porno films with James. Of note, her 13 year old daughter would see this Tweet from her Mom in her daily feed.

No. 1445246

File: 1645093810213.png (292.84 KB, 311x519, bhjk.PNG)

y'all think that's a bg video she posted on her ?

No. 1445255

File: 1645096917571.png (1.82 MB, 750x1334, 915F0A26-A0C4-47D8-95C2-785439…)

chloe posted

No. 1445256

File: 1645096968060.png (1.74 MB, 750x1334, C0BF4ED4-02F9-40DB-A6E5-2658D9…)


No. 1445307

Holy shit this is dark. Is that a diary entry of Brina's she has?

No. 1445309

File: 1645104357474.png (2.07 MB, 1800x1240, EDAC973F-6648-4959-88F9-3C3829…)

No. 1445357


No. 1445369

I bet it gets worse.

Heartbreaking to see "C" flip through the pages of whom her mom used to be before the drugs took over, before the brothel, when there was still some light left in her soul. How can a mother let a child go through this, calling out for help on social media and beyond….and nothing. The only response, a greasy low rent porno with Junkie James™

No. 1445413

Begone male

No. 1445417

Maybe you should call the cyberpolice.

No. 1445563

There is probably not even a video. Sabrina is the queen of scams. She used to always run this trick on her MFC days. She’d claim the highest tipper would be sent a custom video or one she already had filmed and she never ends up sending it.

No. 1445615

No. 1445616

Seriously. The posts from C… omg, it’s so devastating. How can Brina live with herself. Brina would probably partake in lean with C if it came down to it. Disgusting.

No. 1445730

File: 1645140161233.png (1.84 MB, 828x1792, 4BFCAF90-AC4E-4B02-B048-6A12FF…)

Look what you’ve done Sabrina

No. 1445858

Wait…Brina almost worked at Chick-fil-a?(don't use emojis)

No. 1445865

Still better than what she does now.

No. 1445879

>No sage
>Laughing at the possibility a sw'er actually earning an honest income

bring back hellweek

No. 1445896

when she was like 16? wtf is wrong with that

No. 1445989

File: 1645162643359.png (3.57 MB, 1284x2778, E50032E4-D79A-4A86-B82D-E43F6D…)

It won’t be long until she spirals into an overfilled and unrecognizable face

No. 1445992

File: 1645163126769.jpeg (2.09 MB, 1284x2778, D64D23D4-DD5D-43C2-948F-4669D5…)

Yet another incident of contempt of court and Sabrina playing “house” with James and C.. Strange flex, as it’s been only days since Sabrina paraded herself heavily under the influence of drugs online.

Is James a pseudo-Catholic/Christian or is the bible a nod at some pathetic declaration of newly embraced religion for Sabrina?

Yes, I scratched out C’s full name even though it’s obviously there on Sabrina’s IG. If she gives her daughter that exposure to creeps online then that is on her, I refuse to. I’m really hoping that someone can intervene with Sabrina and Chloe, this won’t end good (and historically never does).

James must not be a very good person himself, as being with her validates her behaviour and perspectives.

No. 1445999

Love the hickey on her neck.
I’m surprised she added filler to her chin, her head is already really narrow and long and they brought her chin down further? With those new veners she’s already turning herself into a caricature.

No. 1446004

Its all smoke in mirrors. Old post. She’s not with C, she probably got wind of what we are all saying here and what C has been posting so she’s making it appear like she cares. She doesn’t care. She clearly did nothing for middle “c” birthday and how long has it been since she’s seen her youngest?
James is a piece of trash just like her, the fact that she doesn’t try or truly care about these kids and he’s got her back. Trash.

No. 1446018

Dont think for a second that Junkie James or Brina didnt position that Bible in there on purpose lol. I concur with the other anon, this pictures and others will be released periodically from the holidays to make it look like all is well.

In real time, her daughter is having a complete mental break down on line and her whore mother is contemplating what plastic surgery makes sense. Well surgery ain't free, so Brina's escorting business must be doing well. It's hilarious she uses the word "love," as if thats something this drug addicted prostitute is capable of feeling.

No. 1446111

Scratched out her name just to type it into your post. What a retard. Also learn how to sage, thanks.

No. 1446147

Any way we can all get her reported on onlyfans as a scammer and get her shutdown on there(cowtipping namefag)

No. 1446148

No, we won’t. Most of us have read the rules, understand them and try to follow them. You ought to give them a try, Turtle

No. 1446201

We don't do that here. Don't cowtip and don't namefag either

No. 1446214

Sandra's career in music continues as she starts (uncredited) in in A-Why's latest Tik Tok video. A-Why could be the new mean in her life, he was part of the crew of teenagers she has been running with.


No. 1446220

File: 1645199977681.jpg (67.01 KB, 1282x478, SandrasnewPimp.JPG)

No. 1446307

Are you okay? Nowhere did the name get mentioned after it’s been scratched out. The children are referred to by the initial they share and their birth order, but not by their full identifiable name.

Further, why would I have saged when I thought the picture was current?

You’re investing too much emotion in these threads, it’s obvious by the way you get escalated by nitpicking submissions.. to the point of distorting what is done correct or not. Log off and take a breather, kek.

No. 1446322

File: 1645207418174.jpeg (367.04 KB, 750x1204, 3D66556C-D750-42A6-9871-F4C3EB…)

Read the post again you fucking inbred. It literally says “C” and then Chloe right under it in the same fucking post. Are you ok hun? Try again.

No. 1446323

You did say the full name in the last sentence of the third paragraph kek. Such a retard move indeed.

No. 1446360

I agree. This is definitely an old pic. Brina is just tryna put on a facade that everything is all good with her and C… and that they are all one big happy family. Whatever you need to do to live with yourself and your choices, Brina. Kek

No. 1446549

Brina is a drug addicted prostitute. Her ability to care for anything or anyone, even herself, is impossible. Over the next few years, we will most likely see her and Junkie James slide further and further into the greasiest, sleaziest life you can imagine eventually being homeless. I'm fairly sure this will end with Brina selling herself for the hopes of finding a tent she can stay in each night, or maybe some left over McDonalds.

No. 1446603

pure projection kek

No. 1446631

reminds me of Sabrina's old nickname on The Dirty cam dumpster because she was such a shit show. Literally. She shit on herself more than once kek

No. 1446928

Interesting that she went hard on cosmetic procedures merely a few days after getting roasted for her unfiltered appearance on Instagram live.

Honestly, at this point, she should just go to somewhere like Switzerland for a couple months and do some independent escorting there before her face fades to looking 40 again. She'd probably be set for couple years after that.

No. 1446935

Those non filtered pictures, wow. She looks like the reflection from a circus mirror. She must be paying the role of sugar mom for Junkie James to stay around her, imagine seeing her real face all the time, it's terrifying.

No. 1446974

File: 1645280071272.png (4.48 MB, 1637x1800, 95A9AAA3-ED66-4CF3-8F70-1BEA04…)

Dude looks like a lady

No. 1446989

There was something angelic and beautiful about Sabrina’s natural face, she had natural beauty. Obviously her druggie lifestyle is deteriorating her face slowly and it was majorly noticeable in her live stream the other day. After seeing her in her stories with those dermal fillers she looks just like every other basic girl nowadays. Big duck lips. It makes her look weird and fake. Hopefully she notices how much prettier she was with her natural lips. Also… why sit here and continuously write these comments about someone you clearly don’t like…? Why waste so much energy on someone that does absolutely nothing for you. You guys repeat your same comments over and over again. I’m trying to understand the psychology behind it, but I don’t… let the girl be a shit show. She’s a loser, piece of shit. Fine. She’s a snake. Fine. But why are you all so obsessed. Speculating on every second of her life is quiet pathetic. Her lifestyle choices shouldn’t affect you in the least unless you’re close to her. Go live your life’s, and stop worrying about how badly she’s fucking up hers. I understand the concern for her daughter, but it isn’t your concern. And if you guys were genuinely “worried” you’d be finding a way to contact child services. Not sitting here writing about it. I’m in no way defending her. I don’t know her personally. I just think this negativity isn’t good for anyone in the end? Stop focusing on things you don’t like and maybe invest more time in things you do like?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1446994

If these moralfagging mini novellas made a difference this site would have been shut down years ago. Kindly fuck off and don't come back, tard.

No. 1447006

This is a gossip site idiot. We talk about trainwrecks like brina. It's not any deeper than that

No. 1447104

She looks like everyone in la.
It’s nothing special, it’s not unique.
She looks like a complete clown now.

No. 1447139

You came to a gossip site to complain about people gossiping. If you haven’t noticed…nobody gives a fuck about your feelings. And if we are spending “so much energy” by typing then what are you doing by reading all of the “same comments over and over” and writing paragraphs about what you disagree with like it means fuck all. Maybe find a nice Reddit thread and shut the fuck up already.

No. 1447202

The more shit we talk, the more plastic she gets. Keep filling that face Sabrina, it won’t change what a lost person you are.

No. 1447204

The more we talk, the more plastic she gets. Keep filling that face Sabrina, it won’t change what a lost person you are.

No. 1447273

As we’re all entitled to our own opinions on here, I personally like the work she got done. I think it enhances her already natural beauty! To each their own though(sage this shit)

No. 1447276

File: 1645311738399.png (273.17 KB, 692x609, Capture.PNG)


No. 1447316


There's no way these goals are going to be attainable.

Or she's barely give it one pump and call it good, like she did with dildo deepthroating way back in the day.

This is just to get subs to Sandra.

No. 1447321

hope someone will screen record the stream though , that timezone don't work with where i'm from

No. 1447328

"Suck someone dick"
I'm dying, like Sabrina, don't you have a boyfriend?
"Orgy style" this is just hilarious, like are they all sucking the same "someone" dick or what kek. She got her awfully done DSL's just in time for her being desperate for attention, and trying to make it in the industry again so sad

No. 1447343

she was doing her thing during the mfc days though , one of the best

No. 1447389

One of the best? Because she made a lot of money? Kek! She was basically your low grade window shop slut except she was live in her own bedroom. Fucked up on who knows what…shitting herself on cam, all while being a mother before she even started camming. If you look at or even remember slightly the other top girls when Brina was at her “prime” they were making a lot more than she was and they also weren’t strung out deadbeat mothers. The comparison of the streams was astounding. Brina just so low energy and dazed. People just throwing money because they knew she was so fucked up it was easy to get her to do anything that you’d pay double or more for in any other room. She’s like the busted up hooker on the corner that is just so desperate to get a fix you can easily take advantage of her.

No she was never actually pretty. Maybe when she was like 4 she had some natural beauty…but heavy make up, lighting, angles is all it’s been for a long while. She was always caught looking haggard off guard. You must be some sad pathetic loser that has wasted money on this cheap boring whore.

No. 1447419


No. 1447467

File: 1645325427328.jpeg (Spoiler Image,594.39 KB, 1170x1648, 0FB15F41-1C96-46DF-8173-CB1A9A…)

Post op tranny?

No. 1447472

File: 1645326185375.jpeg (Spoiler Image,756.16 KB, 750x1198, 7C1664A3-86E9-4D12-8A2D-DD3FFF…)

She also posted to her family page, kek.

No. 1447494

She was Miss MFC multiple times. Dude, we get that you're bitter, and in love with her haggard ass. Go jack your 2 inch dick elsewhere please you fucking loser

No. 1447502

Its always important to remember her 13 year old daughter reads these in her feed.

No. 1447539

From someone who used to work in aesthetics. She definitely got more than her lips and her jawline done. Her entire face is fuller now. It looks like she got undereye filler and what’s called a “triangle lift” to attempt to plump her face up and counteract her aging. She’s going to regret that jaw/chin filler when it starts migrating. Fun fact: filler doesn’t fully dissolve like they tell you it does.

what’s crazy is all in all she probably paid around $5k for what she had done. And she’ll need to go back in a few months

No. 1447553

File: 1645333303804.png (7.87 MB, 1284x2778, 28B0A4A4-7BCB-49BD-AF6F-2CC8CB…)

No. 1447556

File: 1645333541494.png (8.18 MB, 1284x2778, 9B1C8FC8-B6A5-4F15-B804-A0C271…)

No. 1447601

File: 1645336961915.png (4.25 MB, 1800x1776, E5261418-92AF-476B-A0E6-8D7CFA…)

No. 1447602

File: 1645337021444.png (2.63 MB, 1800x900, 49C847B2-DFE3-4713-A8A3-82246D…)

No. 1447819

File: 1645367364127.png (Spoiler Image,1.71 MB, 1812x926, Screen Shot 2022-02-20 at 6.27…)


No. 1447822


Full video recording available anywhere?

I'm assuming Sabrina didn't suck dick like she said she would?

No. 1447826

File: 1645367919298.png (Spoiler Image,1.79 MB, 1806x1008, Screen Shot 2022-02-20 at 6.36…)

This was some disturbing shit. They were all sitting in that tiny bathroom the whole time.

No. 1447888

Omg not the tub full of honeycomb cereal..

No. 1447923

Lmao… what is even happening here? Are they sitting in a bathtub with cereal? Why’s the guy got a mask on? He’s probably embarrassed to be involved? Anyway, there is quite literally nothing that even looks remotely sexy about whatever is happening in this photo.

No. 1448029

This looks like Brina is fisting Sanda’s ass or milking a cow
I feel like Sandra’s get ups play such a huge part in how tacky they look

No. 1448076

Why do Sabrina’s nipples look like she’s either pregnant or recently gave birth?

No. 1448111

She's probably celebrating her latest abortion

No. 1448154

File: 1645400972771.jpeg (979.14 KB, 1125x1636, 27CAB6DC-6D21-45B9-9C60-71049E…)

C just posted this on Instagram. She underlined what’s in red. So sad. I’m wondering which stepfather? What happened to her?

No. 1448159

So I was I knew someone who was very close to Brina, who all of you know lol. Basically she’s in hundred’s of thousands of dollars in debt to the IRS because she never paid her taxes from when she was on MFC. that’s why she’s been couchsurfing at her dad’s & Sandra’s for the past few years.

No. 1448179

File: 1645402771025.jpeg (288.07 KB, 1284x2282, 67D93E99-3DD1-471F-AF3B-463116…)

Hahaha I love this thread and the hot mess in here. Only have to stop by once or twice a week and there’s always 5 minutes worth of entertaining reading. Even the infighting is funny.

I’m happy to see Sandra is finally eating some fucking vegetables.

No. 1448188

What the hell did she blow all her money on? She literally has nothing to show for it. Not even a car, property or expensive consumer goods. Is she paying it back or evading the IRS until she faces jail time?

No. 1448257

this would explain why she never cams on her own accounts, and only works out of the cafe lu (which is probs under the table)

she really fucked herself. you know she'd never try to get an actual job, and if she did she'd never qualify, but if she got one, they'd garnish the fuck out of her wages for YEARS.

No. 1448258

Not paying taxes or any of her child support for 3 kids. She’s in serious debt.

No. 1448357

File: 1645417534108.jpeg (310.48 KB, 1284x1898, DD8C7E30-79A1-44C5-B487-02D513…)

Love the warped door frames brina

No. 1448366

Love how James and Brina are posting like they are all happy family grilling yet it’s still Sandra’s apartment they are squatting in

No. 1448380

maybe she could always get that interview back from Chick-fil-A but I doubt even they would hire someone so dumb

No. 1448400

Pretty sure Sandra is in the same situation but her parents bail her out paying the tax bill every year.

No. 1448482

It's not a hard question to answer…

Brina is a filthy drug addicted prostitute. Drugs arent free. Brina has talked about having issues with prescription drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol, etc. During the MFC days, when things were good, she probs was doing coke all the time, she would talk about Xanax was her "landing gear" when she was doing harder drugs. Not to mention, she a million people over there all the time so more than likely her dumb ass was supplying the party. She can't buy her kid a toy, or invest in anything logical, but an 8ball is always on the menu.

Also of note, and not to go down this rabbit hole to far but…Cammversity. Most still feel this was mainly a scam that was used to siphon money away from Cam models, many of whom were promised positions on the "Leadership Team," if they would help in the start to fund the site. If memory serves, Sandra's sister had something to do with it, and all the Models invested heavily in the start up. This lead to the famous Puerto Rico photo shoot. Brina was rumoured to be one of the largest investors. Of course it was all a scam, and eventually it was sold off to Cam Soda. Brina supposedly lost everything she invested.

As I predicted, she is most likely only a year or two away from being homeless and her and Junkie James will be living in a tent.

No. 1448511

File: 1645444115077.jpeg (205.81 KB, 1200x630, 80bb92d6-9bee-4f7f-908d-c47be4…)

Hey people(lost newfag )

No. 1448618

It’s crazy because she doesn’t need to photoshop her body right now. At the moment, and for her age, her body is looking better than most.

But, ofc, she’s not trying to accept where she is (/where she should be at) in life and is fixated on comparing & competing with 18-23 year old girls. The least she could do to curb some of the cringe is cover up the tracks, but I’m sure everything looks straight and fine when you’re high out of your mind.

No. 1448631


At one point, she did have some things to showboat the cash flow. You can refer to earlier threads, mainly the first.

There were identifiable things like a Cadillac and her own fully furnished apartment. If memory serves, all kinds of jewelry.

Then there were alleged things, like boasting impressive savings for each child (at the time, there was only two).

It’s speculated that the caddy was either sold or repossessed. Everything she had is gone, including her furniture. I believe that I remember her saying she was revamping her furniture on her stories, but she never replaced anything she got rid of so clearly that was said to try and save face.

I can’t imagine she actually ever had anything put away for her eldest daughter and son at any point, like she claimed. Her son was never in the picture and she didn’t bother. I saw the odd allegation come out of her over years that he’s “kept” from her without reason, but even if that’s true nothing would prevent her from making effort. The eldest daughter wasn’t really in the picture during this time too, I remember Sabrina making a show of setting up a room for her (that the eldest never stayed in) and then CREEPILY using it to cam in =‘)

As someone else mentioned, Camversity was a huge loss for Sabrina that people often forget about. Sabrina also tried to do some business adventure of her own while she was still shacked up & playing house with AJ. Something about gemstone jewellery and maybe lingerie? There was an instagram for it, I couldn’t find now (it’s probably deactivated). This was happening at the same time as Camversity, right after she had her youngest/third child. I don’t know how deep into setting up the business she was, as in how much was spent/invested, but could have been a chunk of change.

REGARDLESS, other anon is right in saying that the main and constant factor in her being broke is her addictions and inclination to spoil herself on momentary splurges when she does get her hands on money.

No. 1448643


My speculation is that she’s referring to AJ.

From what is known, it was a very confrontational and toxic relationship that even led Sabrina to fake a suicide attempt in front of C (C had to call the ambulance or something).

C was in diapers and doubtfully has recollection of Sabrina’s son’s father.

She was barely around Rhett and I don’t think he ever served as a stand-in father or stepfather figure. It was more “visit with mom and go to beach/get ice cream with mom + her bf” deal. There used to be some cute videos/pictures of these outings on her IG.

Sabrina eagerly wanted to be stepmom to AJ’s daughter, P. For those who don’t know, he entered the relationship with a young daughter and Sabrina & the baby mama had all sorts of public drama (of course). AJ’s daughter (“P”) was calling Sabrina “mom” at one point, which Sabrina was very proud of. She brought Chloe down to visit a few times and would share lots of pics/videos of “the sisters.” Amplified when Little C (Sabrina’s youngest) entered the picture and Sabrina had Chloe “permanently” move in with her & AJ so they could be a full time blended family. This is when the Sabrina Nellie Family account popped up, so Sabrina could live out “#momlife” and feel she looked like a semi decent person.

AJ was the only boyfriend introduced into C’s life as a “father.” We all know it got ugly with AJ and I’m sure Sabrina brainwashes all sorts of shit into C’s head about AJ and what went down (playing victim/innocent). C probably harbours a lot of actual AND misinformed trauma from that.

No. 1448652

File: 1645463682048.jpeg (272.41 KB, 1284x1727, 8F578379-8549-4DB9-8139-490F39…)


business account

No. 1448670

They are soooo delusional. I wonder if James even has a place of his own? I wonder if him and Brina are both, technically, homeless. Another anon posted how Brina is in hundreds of thousands of debt to the IRS for not paying taxes on her MFC earnings. She is so screwed if that’s true, and I kinda think it is considering she never cams on her own account and the only work we’ve seen as of late is out of the cafe lu, which I’m sure is under the table and just to get her more clients to prostitute herself to. What a hot HOT mess of a life she has. That alone is horrible, but then tack on the 3 abandoned kids as the cherry on top. I kinda feel bad for her, but this is the mess she built. It’s all consequences of her own decisions. What dumb fuck doesn’t pay taxes?? That part gets me. What did she think was gonna happen? When she was doing well on MFC she was making a LOT of money, and she just thought she’d evade taxes and get away with it? Plain stupid.

No. 1448673

Yeah, it’s possible… especially because Sandra seems to be perpetually lost in space with approximately two functioning brain cells. I’m still rooting for her dumb ass. She’s not a total piece of shit like Sabrina is.

No. 1448684

Sabrina can't even be original trying to have a "business"
Her Seduction top is clearly a copycat from Supreme's logo kek not even surprised this girl has 0 personality

No. 1448701


I’m not 100% on the details, as it was years ago now, and obviously there is little trace of this “business” to reference but the lingerie she showed in “sneak peaks” but the style of other brands as well. The jewellery was your basic etsy pendant or stone linked in wire and a chain. I wish that I could remember the pricing! Perhaps someone else does.

She had a following at the time of dumb girls who would flood her live streams and comment on all her photos about how badly they wanted to be her (“you’ve inspired me to start camming!”). Whatever the price, she probably could have made some money if she had bothered getting to the point of selling. She took her time with this though and it stopped completely when her and AJ split.

No. 1448752

Also, I heard back then that the whole business thing she had going of “lingerie and jewelry” was a scam. That she took people’s money and never delivered the product. Of course she would. She is trash in every sense of the word.

No. 1448800


Yes! Pre-Order launch and product was never delivered. I wonder if anyone ever went after her for that?

No. 1448803


Last confirmed, her “place of residence” was her fathers. Junkie James living elsewhere and nowhere near. Either this is an extended vacation that they’ve made to spend a stretch of time together or they have resigned to homelessness and try to dress it up as “hopping around, seeing people and places”

No. 1448805

File: 1645475307033.png (2.72 MB, 1170x2532, 7EB551BC-3EC6-4144-8ADE-0419F3…)

Check out those pupils!

No. 1448806

She never really cared to be a family she thought she could make money from social media with the family angle like we see on Youtube with other families etc. She was too lazy and dumb to come up with content.

No. 1448826

Touch grass nonnie nipples come in all shapes and sizes

No. 1448865


Touché, you are correct. The interest in being a modern, blended family was fuelled with the intent of marketing it for profit and attention.

There were many times she’d advertise a “family v-log” was in the works for her, AJ, and “the girls” (Big C/P/Little C). She had a couple of Q&A’s on stories about their family, for sure trying to gauge and generate interest.

Interestingly, someone inquired about Sabrina’s son (Middle C). She acknowledged it, saying that her and AJ were in the process of fighting for some kind of visitation schedule… and he’d be involved soon. True or not, it’s a good thing that nothing ever happened there. She obviously lost interest, like she did with Big C, when her and AJ split and she reverted back to slumming it with Rhett. What a life.

No. 1448889


How twisted is it that Sabrina thought matching the first letter of her abandoned children’s names was a cool/cute idea? Middle C and Little C have never even met and probably won’t unless they personally go out of their way to meet each other later on. Sabrina has probably brainwashed Big C into thinking AJ gatekeeps Little C away from them. If Sabrina saw or even facetimed Little C, she’d plaster the pictures and screenshots everywhere like she does with Big C. That being said, it’s very likely that Sabrina hasn’t seen or interacted with Little C for three years now.

Sabrina might be a filthy scum bag living life as a drug addicted prostitute and making no efforts to right her wrongs, but it is better than her continuing to act out her own dysfunction with hers and others children. I’d rather see her manipulating Sandra than watch her grooming Big C. Hopefully her and James stay high out of their mind at Sandra’s for a while because it keep Sabrina distracted and away from that poor child.

No. 1448900

I’m going to have an aneurysm if I hear the phrase “drug addicted prostitute” repeated again…

No. 1448904


narcotic dependent hooker, happy?

No. 1448908

You slipped up again, kek
I bet she’d be happier if you’d sage your shit

No. 1448912

Sabrina never invested a dime into Camversity. All the girls who were involved with CV were just the faces of it. The investors were random rich tech people who we’re hiding behind “Michael Materia” and Veronica Popa (who ended up suing each other in the end.) They are the ringleaders who screwed over the investors. Vero is a con artist. She’s also the madam who runs the escorting circles in OC. Sabrina sold her old IG account to camversity for money because she had so many followers. Overnight they deleted all of her content, changed the name to camversity and started uploading content on there.

CV was like the fyre festival or cam sites. Remember how Fyre festival paid top models to go film campaigns for it on an island before they even had the logistics of the festival down? CV was the same. They flew the girls out on a private jet and housed them in a mansion for a week to claim it was for promotional purposes but it was really just all of them getting a free vacation out of the investors money. The website didn’t launch until what… 5 years later?

CV was also paying girls to be exclusively involved on their site like Lena the plug.

No. 1448922

For all the people asking where Sabrina’s money went: it was her rent and her wasteful lifestyle.

when she first moved into the Strata she was paying around $5k a month for rent, and then she got so many noise complaints since her and Rhett would act like irresponsible children blasting music at 3 am on weeknights while living in a building full of actual working professionals, that the building told her she had 30 days to be evicted or she had to move to a more secluded section. Sabrina decided to move into the “penthouse” and was bragging about how she’d have more space and a bigger floor plan. The penthouse was around $11k a month. Brina bragged she made $500k a year which was bullshit… when you did the math She made about $200k in a year without taxes. As a independent contractor you should be setting at least 20% of that aside for tax purposes. She bought the Cadillac in cash upfront. She’d going on shopping sprees like crazy for all her tacky ass clothing and lingerie. Beauty treatments, mass amounts of food delivered that she wouldn’t touch. She’d order everything on the menu just to take a nibble out of it. Beyond wasteful. And then factor in the drugs and Rhett mooching off of her. She spent a lot of money on Rhett. She was already broke before the IRS came for her.

No. 1448929

Either high af or just had an eye dilation. I think we all know which, kek.

No. 1448976


sooo much of her money went to supporting rhett. not a dime to the kids though. was it money well spent, sabrina? know you’re lurking.

No. 1449007

File: 1645489550161.jpg (Spoiler Image,92.11 KB, 1624x1176, whatcouldhavebeenyouwhore.JPG)


I'll tell you exactly what kind of look it is….that of a drug addicted prostitute.

Her child continues to go through an interpersonal crisis, she's a breathe away from being homeless, 29 going on and old looking 51…but you better believe she can still score drugs and find a way to get high. One more escape from the cruel world called reality, back into a state of mind where she can pretend it's the good old days. Instead of having to give handys to 70 year olds at the Cafe Lu, the time when she thought a career at Chick-fil-A making Peach Shakes was around the corner. That's who she was indeed.

That's not who she is now. All thats left of this greasy prostitutes mind that hasnt been fried by massive ketamine abuse is some primal sense of narcissism. Her and Junkie James can keep doing the Sid and Nancy for now, but sooner or later their luck will run out. James will take off and this broke down prostitute will be living in a tent pooping in the streets. At least then when it happens she wont have to shove it back it in.

No. 1449137

File: 1645504097894.jpeg (419.04 KB, 1170x1460, 8D107F89-A0A3-4563-BD46-85CC5B…)

No. 1449138

File: 1645504417522.jpeg (188.18 KB, 728x510, 327A2E68-E651-4416-9188-46063B…)

from thedirty.com

No. 1449160

I always wondered… was Rhett the one making and sewing the lingerie behind the scenes? I know it was cheap wholesale lingerie from China, where they would then attach lace appliqués from the fabric store onto the lingerie…. But I could never see Sabrina making anything on her own or even knowing how to work a sewing machine. Or running a website. Or packaging orders or anything. Her only real hobby was taking photos of herself with a timer

No. 1449462

I think -no one- was sewing or making anything behind the scenes. It was a scam! I’m almost certain people ordered and product was never delivered, nor refunded.

No. 1449467


agreed, i don’t believe she ever hashed out any means for production. she’s a narcissist. this is typical narc shit. promise, take, never deliver, and then drop everything without so much as a word.

No. 1449503

Sabrina knows how to sew, when she was pregnant with Coda/shortly after giving birth and starting MFC she made underwear with bows that resembled another girl's designs and was bragging about how she made it and thinking about selling them but she posted it on Facebook and people came for her then so luckily no one got scammed from that.

No. 1449521

File: 1645555236124.jpg (848.85 KB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20220222_133733954.j…)

Sabrina got all that work done to her face and still photoshops her face like a crackhead kek

No. 1449527

File: 1645555916864.jpg (775.55 KB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20220222_135053068.j…)

No. 1449681

KEK!! You should have saged that but nonetheless funny as fuck.

No. 1449710

File: 1645572278870.png (Spoiler Image,98.14 KB, 942x720, 629CB16B-9DAE-4008-9136-3147F9…)

Her face looks like the Barefoot wine logo

No. 1449722

I had to go check that she actually posted this, I can't believe she did lmaooo

No. 1449760

kek I thought this was Blair White for a second

No. 1449794

I had to look up who that was, and yep that must be her inspo for her fake face, that and Jeffree star

No. 1449913

I can't get over how clean she used to look vs now she looks so dirty

No. 1449987

File: 1645595953107.png (Spoiler Image,4.81 MB, 1800x1501, FD89CE0D-4CFC-465F-9C9F-ED92B4…)


No. 1449989

File: 1645595996959.png (614.16 KB, 1170x2532, F263A689-674C-4E4F-A9A6-2E8A90…)

No. 1449995

What’s going on with her rib cage? It looks like a deformity or she is photoshopping again.

No. 1450006

It looks like bad photoshop to me. She was probably high while editing and posting that.

No. 1450019

She’s deleting her family account because that’s becoming further and further from her reality. Being a mother is just out of the picture for her

No. 1450080

Yea just go back to hooking and bad Photoshop, being a mother was never in your cards kek your poor kids all hate you

No. 1450193

File: 1645634205900.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1170x1460, 257D3999-7195-438A-AFB3-F669F0…)

Fixed it back to what the orig would have looked like. I don’t get why she photoshopped this when she already would’ve looked skinny.

No. 1450210

Because she looka like a man more and more each day. She needs a bigger boob job. Those small ones ain’t cutting it anymore with that big ol jaw and lips

No. 1450227

She did make a big thing about showing her sewing machine, and she did show a few things on her stories. Small little details sewn on, and of course a sewing book she never read.

No. 1450321

File: 1645644115553.jpeg (662.92 KB, 828x1422, 86DEFF73-13F5-403A-96C6-0AA055…)

She is starting to look like one of those caricature drawings.

No. 1450350

The filter on top of the work she has done doesn’t help lol.

No. 1450377

File: 1645646635496.png (7.47 MB, 1284x2778, 4214F79C-E944-42D1-86C6-5F9835…)

I wonder if she’s going to prey on Sandra’s nativity/lack of boundaries and full time move into the new crib. I guess even Sandra’s closet is a better vibe for camming than whatever spare room Sabrina’s dad has her stuffed in at his house.

No. 1450382


I’m surprised she hasn’t had to have them redone yet or even felt the urge to increase the size. If she’s going this ham on the face then I’m sure it’s on the list.

No. 1450386

File: 1645647128489.png (2.71 MB, 1284x2778, EBAA26BE-5A5C-48E9-BC6F-EBE31D…)

sandra has sure taken this new girl under her wing, even teaming up to make that ungodly music together… also someone needs to fix/clean their phone, i’m guessing it’s the new girl

No. 1450389

I can see her having them redone very soon
And having a bbl of some kind. It would complete the caricature look she’s going for.

No. 1450406

Lmao. The song is so bad, but then again of course it is. Sandra needs to give it up. I mean, I don’t like to shit on people having hobbies… but I feel like it’s more than that… she’s putting a lot of her money into buying equipment, editing software, etc. in hopes she’s gonna “make it” in the industry eventually. Eeek.

No. 1450439


agreed. i don’t know who she expects to be playing this, other than her when she’s showing people. the whining and screeching make it so it’s not even possible to passively listen to.

No. 1450538

She would make more money with bigger boobs and a bbl, prob could make 1m in a year if she cammed like she used to and got her shit together she's still got a good 3-4 years she could easily make up for if she laid off the drugs

No. 1450558

Yoko Ono's music sounds more coherent than Sandra's.

No. 1450612

I get lost if Sandra is playing the goof of her music straight, thinking people might ironically like it or something or if she really does think it's good.

Now one thing that seems to hold true for most Cows, trinities are problems. Scar Gum could end up siding against the filthy drug addicted prostitute Brina, and it could finally see war between Sandra and Brina. The milk would be incredible.

Scar Gunm has a Cafe Lu look to her, she is most likely a young whore that Sandra is teaching how to escort.

No. 1450647

File: 1645667714750.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1242x2140, 5417B015-59DA-42C8-9D5D-271751…)

No. 1450648

The scar gum girl comes across as a straight up autist…it’s disturbing. She clearly has insecurity issues and Sandra is taking advantage of that. New fresh meat that she can manipulate for money. The girl is only 20, how sad.

No. 1450650

She is slurring speech like crazy and it looks likes James thinks he's edgy by giving her hickies on her boobs

No. 1450676

She stumbled to the "bathroom" too for the fastest fake pee ever. after leaving the camera angled so the ceiling and top of her head was visible.

No. 1450727

File: 1645673647011.png (Spoiler Image,3.38 MB, 1199x1800, DE9F67D2-5F26-42DE-913E-257069…)

Pics for those who care.

No. 1450756

No. 1450775

She is aging badly and it’s obvious that living a lifestyle of drugs and prostitution is catching up with her. Her early-mid 20s she was getting away with it, lookswise… but damn it is coming for her hard now.

No. 1450780

jesus I almost thought the fillers looked okay in photos, but candid they are horrific. you would also think for someone who has cammed for so long you'd not be on the floor of some closet backlit by fluorescent lights

No. 1450786

She looks like she's almost 45, what a sad being, sitting in her friends closet where she sleeps to try and cam and make a few hundred to make some sense of her sad existence. Keeeeek hope Sandra kicks her to the curb, but that's why she holds onto James.

No. 1450845

Sandra literally has lights. She couldn't set up a ring light and shut off the overheads?

No. 1450859

She does from across as 'touched' but what do we expect from someone hanging with Sandra. I really thought she was her new bfs sister though, right?

No. 1450976

Did she forget how to do her eyeliner? That was like her “thing” and now it just looks odd and overdone

No. 1450990

File: 1645710791113.png (7.14 MB, 1284x2778, CFA4CB09-B430-45FD-804A-B2CA75…)

Sandra’s new boo likes to play dress up with her

No. 1451016

Would be hilarious if sabrina kept the trend of sleeping with her BEST friends boyfriends. Kek

No. 1451048

I hate that I can't help but find Sandra so endearing at times lmao

No. 1451075

Her feet are hecka dirty!!

No. 1451088

She looks 40 he looks 16

No. 1451159

the flip flops tho kek

No. 1451163

Ohhhhh. That would make a lot of sense, and honestly looking at the two of them they do look related so you might be right. Cuz I was wondering how tf Sandra even met that girl.

No. 1451191

File: 1645728867536.jpeg (556.11 KB, 1270x2035, 8C76A730-381F-4B92-A625-710F3D…)

The old Brina would have died before sleeping on a child's pikachu bed in a walk in. It was luxury hotels for Chella, Vegas, Hawaii, apartments. 57 minutes after posting and only your boyfriend has liked your picture? Ooooof.

No. 1451206


WHAT, someone confirm this please… Is Scargum actually A-Why’s sister? This is disturbing on so many levels.

No. 1451209

Scargum is closer to Sabrina’s eldest daughter’s age than she is Sabrina’s. Let that sink in.

No. 1451215

And she’s turned the comments off and nearly everything new. Lmao I guess she doesn’t want anyone publicly calling out her photoshopped body and face. After watching her on cam I’m convinced everything she posts is highly edited.

No. 1451220

A-why is younger than Sandra already right? Sandra is what 26 and a-why is 23ish so scargum is his little sister… bleak

No. 1451221

She has done sooo much editing to this photo. After seeing the screenshots from both that recent IG live where she was strung out and then yesterday’s cam stream, this doesn’t even look like the same person. This one she actually did a good job with editing though, but what a catfish.

Sandra needs to kick her ass out already! Poor Sandra. She’s always getting taken advantage of.

No. 1451234

You guys are so fucking retarded. They don’t even look alike, just have similar coloring if that. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you people. You think they would both be on the same cam stream fucking the same girl if it was so easy to confirm they are related. That was tinfoil from that anon. Fucking retarded little kids up in here recently.

No. 1451279

why are you saying a-why

No. 1451290

The Gucci slides with black socks are the most offensive thing in that photo. This kid doesn’t even look old enough to have chest hair or grow a full beard.

That’s the name Sandra’s boyfriend goes by

No. 1451341

It is prob not true as we have no proof of this. However, would you put it past Sandra? kek.

No. 1451399

Because all people with tanned complexions must be related lmao. There’s a lot of creative writing, assumptions and jumping to conclusions a thread that already has plenty of real milk.

No. 1451597

File: 1645769606914.png (312.38 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20220225-010554.png)

200 likes in 6 hrs. Fake 100+k followers and her limited comment sections on other posts are all bots with emojis.poor girl (literally) all she has is social media and that's even failing her.

No. 1451772

I wonder if Sandra told Sabrina that eyeshadow looked good cause it looks like she applied it in the dark. The eyeliner was more flattering on her.

No. 1451848

They are fully related. Prove they aren't.

No. 1451855

not to blogpost but t. ghostproducer for major label artists and i'm tempted to sample this and blow her shit up as a joke

No. 1451865

Prove that they are? You can’t just come here and make a claim that Sandra is fucking “fully related” siblings on and off cam without any sort of proof.

No. 1452040

Please don't

No. 1452051

Pretty sure it was stated early on in Sandra's stories

No. 1452092

File: 1645828316241.jpeg (342.76 KB, 1170x2274, 3DD8F271-B537-4E1C-90E7-2652A7…)

Homeless, scammer, e-junkies gotta stick together!

No. 1452125

Sabrina is live on Camsoda

No. 1452167

You can definitely tell she’s not into camming anymore and it shows. Hardly anyone is tipping her. She went from camming in a penthouse to camming in someone’s closet. Tragic.

No. 1452171

File: 1645834295537.png (Spoiler Image,205.41 KB, 378x335, brina.png)

said it's her 4th day on the site and then threatens to log off in 30 minutes if her 5000 token goal isn't reached. I find it interesting out of her 6 media for sale one is a BJ video with an ex camgirl who was very popular (DirtyPillows)

No. 1452181

Need captions to understand what she's saying. It's sad.

No. 1452208

Is Lomeli part of Camsoda? I’m pretty sure she was done with all of that for years now. So I wonder if it’s even legal for Sabrina to be selling that considering she might not even have consent from the other creator. Very creepy. Usually you have to have a model release form signed, even if you’ve sold the same video on another sight, like MFC, you still need to have one signed to sell it on a different site. Maybe she does have one signed….would be interesting to know. I doubt it though considering Lomeli(DirtyPillows)was doing somewhat mainstream acting work as of late. Pretty sure she’s done with whore life.

No. 1452223

File: 1645839080247.jpeg (900.71 KB, 828x1456, 52D69FCE-9741-4575-AD8A-A77F9A…)

Lmao what is Sandra doing to this poor guy

No. 1452226

"Dirty pillows" is very successful and an actress now. I forget the name she goes by now, it was posted in a previous Sabrina shit on herself thread.

No. 1452227

Sohvi Rodriguez

No. 1452236

File: 1645840197233.png (Spoiler Image,2.94 MB, 764x1800, 73E33E97-99EA-4E81-9E59-BEBC64…)

Caps for people who wanna see

No. 1452239

I know what and who she is now, but camsoda has been around for a bit…so I wasn’t sure if Sabrina was getting away with a technicality of Lomeli being signed up years ago but is just not active. Camsoda was around when Lomeli was regularly camming so it’s very possible she signed up for it…even if she never went lice on it. It’s just hard to believe she would be able to sell content on a site that doesn’t have proof of who the other model is.

No. 1452242

Samefag…live* not lice, but also wanted to clarify that I was under the impression that in order to sell content with another model on any site, a model release form would need to be signed by the “guest” model in the video.

No. 1452256

Looks like she was close to shitting on herself for a third time in the 2nd screenshot running to the bathroom kekk

No. 1452260

wait how old is Sandra? She can’t be 26??

No. 1452268

I thought she was a year or 2 older than that..Isn’t Vero like 30?

No. 1452275

Is she camming from a closet?! How pathetic. And she looks drugged up and wasted in those screencaps(sage your shit)

No. 1452320

She was slurring so hard on Sandra's live, it was intelligible

No. 1452345

Being a drug addicted hooker ages you fast and hard

No. 1452346

Man, I gotta say that lip filler did her dirty. She also looks like she straight up hates the fact she’s got to cam in someone’s closet to make a buck. I wonder how long she lasted before she logged off.

No. 1452371

File: 1645858741480.jpeg (415.65 KB, 1284x1940, 18E32FCF-4382-457A-84FB-A66A5B…)

Sandra serving some gourmet ramen bun grilled cheese lmao

No. 1452391

She is 26, her bracelet in the hospital says 1995 as the year of birth.

No. 1452398

Sandra is my favorite cow on this site. She is so benign and dorky. I really hope she finds a nice old man someday and gets to live her best little airhead life.

No. 1452410

I love her food chronicles, like a lot they're so funny

No. 1452428

I’m literally shocked, I always thought Sandra was way older than Brina.. thought she was trying to hang on to her youth with this shit show. Imagine when she hits 40..

No. 1452616

Looks like something you’d throw together after a night of drinking, when you have not much food in the house and got to get creative. Man, I love Sandra. She’s a little simpleton.

No. 1452726

Kek no sabrina definitely looks older than Sandra

No. 1452742

Nahh… the problem with Sandra’s look is all the costumey outfits/wigs and matching sweatsuits. And her eye make up style isn’t doing her any favors. Those things might be aging her out a bit.l

No. 1452747

She needs a nice guy older father figure type who will keep her out of trouble since she’s not capable of making good decisions. One with money who’ll fund her music career/vanity projects and buy her more tacky LV purses. It seems like she’s trying to attach herself to these young rappers before they “make it big”.

No. 1452788

Brina is a filthy drug addicted prostitute who now Cams from a closet. A model who is most famous for shitting herself and then shoving it all back up her ass live during her show.

I predicted her and Junkie James are about a year away from being homeless, but maybe thats closer than I thought. She didnt make any money at all Camming this time, the highlight was someone who said "Its sad to look at you now." For what this whore has done to her children, there is no ending for her that can be bad enough. I sincerely hope at some point she pays a price for what an absolute piece of shit she has been to every person in her life.

No. 1452845

File: 1645922892042.jpeg (Spoiler Image,763.23 KB, 1125x1610, 95F04589-3AAA-4FE3-8812-606828…)

No. 1452861

No. 1452871

File: 1645925832834.jpeg (432.74 KB, 828x675, F2E159F4-3A5D-40BD-9D1F-E585ED…)

She’s on cam right now slurring once again and doing the bare minimum. She also admitted that she is indeed living with Sandra now and that giant pikachu is her bed. Lmao

No. 1452884

Straight homeless with James. Sheesh

No. 1452909

Kek. Only one guy tipping. Others asking her where their content they paid for is. All the while she can barely keep her eyes open

No. 1452915

Her life is beyond embarrassing

No. 1452932

she played one of her exes songs…. nathaniel knows… and said he made good music. how embarrassing for James tht shes still obsessed with him(sage)

No. 1452934

That Curley guy from back in mfc days came in her stream and is carrying the whole thing. Who tf is this guy and why does he throw money at her. Does anyone know the story

No. 1452953

She banged him for money

No. 1452957

File: 1645934685956.png (102.46 KB, 303x333, Screenshot_20220226-225216~2.p…)

She loved talking about her ex Nathanial so much I feel sorry for her current one, James. She also was flirting non stop w Curley Vegas, saying "let's get another room together"

No. 1452958

File: 1645934815530.jpg (662.24 KB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20220226_230615576.j…)

No. 1452962

That old woman looks just like Melanie, dude has a type kekkk

No. 1452964

James must be ok with what she does. I mean, she probably gets most of her income from straight up being a prostitute, and they’ve been together awhile so he’s got to know by now and just be ok with it. He doesn’t seem like the brightest. I wonder if her little return to camming will last… Looks like she made good money tonight, thanks to Curley. But we all know she’s gonna turn around and blow it all on K.

No. 1452968

File: 1645935273449.png (2.9 MB, 1800x1478, 9CE6EB9C-56B1-4FB1-AED6-874BE0…)

Anyone think it could be this guy?

No. 1452971

File: 1645935580260.jpeg (537.19 KB, 828x1453, 5741CCAE-DFFE-40EC-8CBE-8513CD…)

While Brina cams from Sandra’s closet, Sandra drops her latest music video. What a crazy house kek

No. 1452993

Brina has always been petite, is her metabolism catching up with her?
I feel like it’s a good thing though because she was borderline anorexic before. She would age so much faster if she didn’t eat and not to mention possible overdose.

No. 1453021

File: 1645945153694.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, 7C3109E9-45D2-4327-9FBA-FD48E4…)

Don't know if you guys have looked at tmz, us weekly, people mag or whatever but Aaron Carter kicked out Melanie Martin again for he 1000th time and this time served her In person for a restraining order for cheating on him and has petitioned courts for full custody of their infant Son ' Prince' on the basis of claims physical violence towards him he admits 6 he cannot prove. Basically on Valentines day (kek) she got cheating with two dudes on DMs, and this is all narc retaliation for that. Her mom has the baby, and now she's currently the 6th squatter in Sandra's one bedroom apartment. This milk runs thickkk

No. 1453056

Have you ever watched their lives recently? Aaron is so unstable. The day after they broke up Melanie and Aaron were both on IG live slandering each other and Melanie was saying how it was over for good this time. And how she was living in a room in his house that had all her stuff in it and she was putting her own lock on the door (in Aaron’s own house lololol) to keep her stuff secure because last time they broke up he moved another girl in the very next day and she “stole all her Gucci.” And Melanie’s talking about how they never had anything in common, she can’t stand him, blahblah

then the very next day she’s on IG Live again apologizing for what she said about Aaron. Saying she “did something she shouldn’t have” and it’s her PPD making her crazy. She seemed like such a zombie. You can tell she would enable Aaron to the very end just to keep her lifestyle she has with him financially. And they’re back together again.

then not even 5 days later he’s serving her with a temporary restraining order. What’s crazy is on the TRO he was granted he said he wants his child protected, which means BY LAW Aaron is allowed to have the baby in his full custody until their court hearing to see if the TRO becomes a permanent RO. So Melanie’s mom keeping the baby is a big issue and she’s going to look so bad when they go to court for custody. She’s an idiot. They can fully take her custody away from the kid for that. I wonder who’s going to help Mel with lawyer fees? Or will she just end up back with Aaron for the 10th time like nothing happened?

No. 1453067

I've actually never heard someone slur like that except on intervention, and my entire family are severe alcoholics. She's on a crazy combo

No. 1453089

Melanie filed for a Temporary Restraining Order against #AaronCarter yesterday https://twitter.com/SandyAtkins_/status/1497747019560980481

No. 1453091

No. 1453150

File: 1645971906254.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x2077, EF7071E0-25E3-4C1E-9653-580846…)

I love that this is how her tiny brain thinks business works.

No. 1453184

I can’t tell if that’s a mattress on the floor or a fucking sleeping bag?
If she’s going to cam and take pictures in there she should really clean it up, maybe organize that shit. It looks filthy and the pictures look horrible with all those hanging baiting suits and hangers. She used to be so aesthetically clean… she hasn’t come down from the ket yet to see how horrible everything looks.

No. 1453185


It doesn’t seem like Junkie James is physically with Sabrina anymore and the four girls (Sandra, Sabrina, Scargum, Melanie) are having some weird drugged out, drawn out sleepover party. I know that Sabrina is officially residing there now, that’s just the vibe in a nutshell.

He must have gone home… Leaving her to make money, I guess? Who knows. Absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder with those two and it seems like they break up every other day when they are apart.

No. 1453190

File: 1645979010353.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1284x1278, C50F480F-ADFB-4C66-8DA1-53DADA…)

she looks so lifeless and overfilled

No. 1453194

File: 1645979318653.jpeg (904.79 KB, 1284x1505, 5C33F967-5F22-475A-99D2-4EE742…)

Details on the bed.

It’s called a “mattress bed” and it’s manufactured for children but has gained traction in the nerd/gaming community.

No. 1453195

File: 1645979551414.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1284x1272, E92D0B20-C281-4EC4-BDF7-B508AA…)


lol, this is sabrina we are talking about. it doesn’t faze her. the only time she has a clean room is when she has nothing. peep old pic from one of her prime days, aka a time that she wasn’t sleeping on a beanbag in a closet floor.

No. 1453198


It’s funny because in A-Why’s promo on his stories he doesn’t include anything with her contribution in the song. I know that she doesn’t play his parts in her stories either, but that’s her simple self cantered brain. He clearly understands how absolutely wretched her music is. He’s just a kid that’s getting his dick wet by someone who likely throws a lot of money and free shit his way (nvm a spot to party and hang out). He’ll ride it out until something better comes up and then cue Sandra’s “Yup. So. I’m not okay. peace sign” stories again.

Is she on any meds right now? I haven’t caught her talking about them in a while, whereas before it was every other day.

No. 1453201

File: 1645980265350.png (7.73 MB, 1284x2778, 9792273B-420D-401F-BB40-EEB8D9…)

Sabrina definitely did NOT get her teeth fixed or the veneers that she made a big show about. I know that’s a debate/question that comes up. She’s always known her angles and is not heavily into the cat fishing IG filters that change your whole face to make you look like an “IG baddie.” Most of those filters include a lightening and blurring affect on teeth to make them look more “perfect” (you can see it’s not 100% here), as well as things like lightening/slanting the eyes and minimizing the nose.

No. 1453220

File: 1645982038123.jpeg (Spoiler Image,416.26 KB, 1284x2283, B2F7DBC1-1E08-4F6A-A433-EC3DA6…)

I feel like with the overdone lips and this hair style it’s looking very familiar.
A lot like rhetts Gf.

No. 1453227

Imagine living next door to Sandra’s apartment. It’s gotta be looney tunes all day and night I’m sure.

No. 1453255

Sandra doesn’t hurt anybody she’s just a silly goose, it’s breaks my heart to see her getting taking advantage of. I doubt all those people are pitching in for rent even if they have an agreement to do so, I don’t see Sandra standing up for herself if they refuse to leave her apartment

No. 1453265

Sage pls
But yes, I feel she’s getting major taken advantage of. How horrible that her place of residence that she pays for is being occupied by literal trash ass squatters disguised as ‘friends’

No. 1453325


Agreed with anon, I GUARANTEE that no one is shelling out for rent or even food. Everyone there probably walked in with a sob story and into Sandra’s codependent open arms. She’s probably happier than a pig in shit to have so many people around her and “needing” her after her embarrassing spiral from the Ego drama and rejection.

No. 1453328

File: 1645992695352.jpeg (132.77 KB, 1125x1274, FA41BA19-A053-433B-8220-0F7A94…)

I wonder if she actually spent the $300-$400 on what’s essentially a bean bag, just get a real bed?
she could have gotten a cute little twin bed for that price and cleaned up a corner with some lights for cam.
But tbh I don’t think brina has officially moved in. They are just on a drug sleep over bender and brina is playing it off real good knowing she’s homeless.

No. 1453330

It’s gonna look dirty as hell in about a month.

No. 1453334

Yeah, this. Hilarious in her stream yesterday she said something like “all my roommates are home”. This b is fully delusional. You mean you and all the other squatters taking advantage of poor Sandra. Gross.

No. 1453354


This is wild but could you imagine this was Big C posting comments like this? I mean it would be on par..
idk the chick fil-a reference and “who she is now” kinda got me there for a sec

No. 1453360


tbh i’m almost certain that sandra probably bought this for her. i think that sandra is for sure playing the role of sugar mama. remember the “gift” ie. insane amount of cash she gave sabrina for her birthday? enough said.

No. 1453444

Whoever it is, it’s definitely the same person cuz they periodically come here and post more or less the same wall of text and refer to the two as “drug addicted prostitute” and “junkie james”. Would be nuts if it was Big C, but I kinda doubt it. It will be sad when she finds these threads, if she hasn’t already.

No. 1453468

I would be shocked if she didn’t know about this site, but who knows. Hope to goodness she isn’t posting here, but would you blame her?

If she is reading/posting here I hope she realizes that her mothers life may seem all glitz and glam with the material things that she can buy and the attention that she gets but it really means nothing. The stuff she buys is just stuff and the attention she is showered with isn’t for anything special like a unique personality or talent that people gravitate towards. I hope Big C doesn’t even consider cam life as an option. Nobody wants to be a Sabrina if we are being honest. A lost girl in a woman’s body seeking any sort of validation and doing whatever she can to keep her conscience from creeping up on her. Very sad and nothing to look up to.

No. 1453501

I don’t think it’s big C. They sound too old compared to how she talks. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Sabrina’s mum or her step-sister Dessa though. Sabrina’s mum spilt so much stuff to me in a rant about Sabrina via Facebook messenger and then blocked me hours later. You can tell her mum is sick of her shit too. I believe Dessa has also openly spoken out about her over the years. Probably because they both had to be there to pick up Sabrina’s slack and nobody has ever gotten any recognition or even a thank you for it. Let alone financial support. Can you imagine trying to make ends meet, raising someone else’s child while that person is living in a luxury penthouse high rise and flaunting their lavish hedonistic lifestyle all over the internet? Meanwhile Dessa was on Snapchat begging for money because her phone was about to be shut off. It’s sad. I have sympathy for both her mum and sister—even though Sabrina tries to make them out to be the bad guy

No. 1453510

I kinda love how every so often people will bring up how she shit herself on cam and shoved it back up her ass like nothing happen. She’s never gonna live that one down and it’s hilarious how it gets thrown in there sometimes.

No. 1453517

Why does big c call Sabrina’s moms boyfriend step dad??

No. 1453526


I agree, I don’t think it’s Big C. She’s nowhere near the point of rejecting Sabrina yet.

No. 1453528


Initially, I misread this so I deleted my response. I think that the reason is because Sabrina’s mom has also essentially been Big C’s “Mom” her whole life. I agree that it’s still weird, nonetheless. Part of me does wonder if that IS who she’s referring to as “step dad,” mainly because it’s so unclear. I cant imagine we’ll ever know for sure.

No. 1453531


Right? They are only the “terrible” people who kept a roof over her abandoned daughter’s head and clothes on her back. While still, for whatever unintelligible reason, allowing Sabrina opportunities to LARP as “Mommy” whenever she feels like it or decides that it suits her image. Had the fathers of the other two children not stepped up, they would have took them on as well.

It’s disgusting how delusional and ungrateful Sabrina is. Since you’re reading: Have some shame, Skidrina.

No. 1453533

File: 1646006031654.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1284x2256, 1F0A1DEA-CC4D-448F-A1E9-E418B8…)

Moving in on Sandra’s pet to bring some life to her cams. I haven’t watched Scargum cam yet, but previously in the thread it’s been said she drinks too much and becomes a mess as well. Could be interesting… but likely will still manage to flop.

The sad thing is, Scargum likely has mommy issues herself to be such easy prey for Sandra & Sabrina. I hope Sabrina enjoys fucking someone closer to her daughter’s age than her own =/

also, I don’t know what time. Hasn’t been posted.

No. 1453569

File: 1646009622056.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1284x2254, 389F8410-0581-4421-ABA9-4E9BDA…)

shocker, skid and the kid are probably not going online. judging from the messy facial expressions, she’s prob already too far in the bag.

No. 1453572

File: 1646009824274.jpeg (329.61 KB, 1284x577, B826F6FD-CE8C-4805-83AB-DAC7C4…)


adding to the proof of no veneers/ortho work

No. 1453574


She has that pouch because she’s carried three children. It’ll be there no matter how skinny she is. Exercises can help tighten it up, but it’ll never be 100%.

No. 1453575

I think Sandra told them to cam to pay some rent or save up for that house Sandra is so desperate for.

No. 1453580


As she should!

Honestly, if Sandra and A-who keep playing dress up together then it won’t be long before Sandra starts envisioning herself a wife and even shudder a REAL mother. Which means the presence of Skid & Kid are going to lose their charm very quick the moment that Sandra starts seeing herself in another life. She’ll be dreaming of a house with a white picket fence, not a one bedroom apartment with freeloaders/cam whores. A literal drug addict squatting in her closet on an oversized bean bag shoving shit in and out of her ass.

No. 1453602

File: 1646012289299.jpeg (446.32 KB, 1284x1805, 00A47E69-70CC-4034-BDE8-A0F136…)

Scargum is only joining in as a tip bonus. In my opinion, not worth the tokens. Knowing these scam artists, Scargum will sit there doing her awkward kid poses and that’ll be that. Pretty face but that hair hasn’t been brushed in at least a year and she bodies no sex appeal whatsoever.

Anyways, Sabrina became agitated that no one was talking in her chat so she turned it off.

No. 1453603

File: 1646012310871.jpeg (351.42 KB, 1284x2283, 328D694D-AE92-41DE-8476-084E66…)

Stop with the photoshop.
It’s embarrassing.

No. 1453605


Would love to know why she blurred her ass. We’ve never seen it with cellulite or anything terrible, it’s just small.

No. 1453624

Brina gonna text Curly again to come tip her promising another bang. Old man falls for it again. Rinse repeat

No. 1453658

Yeah, she never had veneers done. She went to the consultation and then, being the drug addict that she is, prob blew the money on ket. Veneers are extremely expensive.

No. 1453659

File: 1646016911826.jpeg (557.43 KB, 1284x2068, 35F7B0AA-B3EB-4382-B798-9D023B…)

Skid & the Kid messing up poor Sandra’s closet. Love how many times Sabrina has found it necessary to emphasize she is NOT happy with these camming conditions.

No. 1453663

Lmao at the last sentence. Thx for the lulz anon.

But yeah… I hope Sandra has some realization that this life she is living and specifically hosting squatters at her apartment is NOT it. She deserves more but is literally too dumb to set boundaries and ask for what she deserves. She’s trying to be the “cool” friend, but in reality it’s just translating to being taken advantage of.

No. 1453678

File: 1646018110667.jpeg (597.87 KB, 2048x2048, 77109045-5C92-48D4-81C0-A34DDF…)

Sobriety was short lived, as per usual. The shameless sniffing (which only started after her quick breaks from cam view) and wine chugging are carrying her through a pretty dead room. Scarlett joined early because no one was tipping/talking and, despite acting like an overgrown child, she’s been gaining most of the attention so far tonight.

No. 1453686

Bless her heart

No. 1453712

File: 1646020145655.jpeg (Spoiler Image,523.52 KB, 2048x2048, C652BA67-E288-42DE-8044-200579…)

I hadn’t watched Sabrina cam in years, maybe 4-5. I’ve read all of the comments about her completely losing her touch but wow that was painful. Sandra came in and saved the show altogether. No one was even interested in Sabrina because she sat on her ventriloquist dummy lookin’ ass bitching and complaining the whole time. She can’t even run a room without another girl there because no one responds to her whack energy. She might as well stick to hooking because the charisma for cam has left her body. Sandra & Scar tried to have fun while Sabrina whined about wanting to log off. What an absolute mess. Cant be an functioning adult, can’t be in a stable relationship/friendship, can’t be a parent, and now she can’t even cam… what’s even left for her to do?

No. 1453719


If you didn’t know any better then you’d think Sandra was the oldest of the group. She has an unexpected maternal/mother hen vibe. She WOULD try to save Skid’s show for her.

No. 1453722

File: 1646020964160.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1284x1385, 44210687-153B-46D6-894D-7BEE3E…)

It’s official. As milky as it’d be, I hope A-Who doesn’t break Sandra’s heart. He seems like a good kid and maybe having a younger beau to care for will fulfill & flush out the idea of procreating from Sandra’s tiny little brain!

No. 1453734

is the no birth control because she doesn't want to gain weight? i'm a lesbian so don't want to judge but ffs dont' fucking drop babies everywhere if you're gonna be an incompetent internet retard

No. 1453736

He looks fresh out of high school. Does anyone know how old A-Why is?

No. 1453740

Last night curly said “it’s me E” and tonight Sabrina mentioned an “Elliot”. Just some more speculation on who this guy is.
Also last night Sabrina openly said she “could never work a 9-5 job and would rather fuck men for money and get whatever she wants.”
And a disgusting trait of sabrina’s, I noticed while watching, is that she constantly is saying mean/fucked up stuff and following it up with “I’m just kidding”
She relies on her two life mottos a lot too, “fuck it” and “whatever forever”

Doesn’t she realize she’s unhappy because of the choices she’s making? You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect things to change Sabrina.
Grow up.

No. 1453744

She also got out a blue pill from her “medicine box” last night that looked like a Valium. Then she went in the bathroom with it and came out with her purse while sniffing and saying she’s tired.

No. 1453765

File: 1646024358071.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1170x1708, 562EA642-81C4-4795-8872-F3733E…)

Graduated 2019. Probably 21? 22 tops. Sandra is 26, it’s not that weird considering she is mentally a child.

No. 1453804

I popped in earlier and she had like 250 people watching and no one was talking in chat. That's not normal right? I don't usually watch cams but it was an awkward vibe

No. 1453946


If memory serves, I think that she has general complaints about birth control to cop out of using it. Your basic trash girl whining that birth control “does agree with her” when the reality is she wants to keep getting pregnant by every guy she’s with. Her own sister, Dessa, has said that Sabrina wants a child with everyone she dates but no longer wants the kid when she’s not with the guy anymore.

Her current count is three children and countless real (aborted or miscarried) and alleged pregnancies. The latter is to cover pregnancies that most believe were fabricated to manipulate whoever she’s messing around with.

Her eldest daughter has been taken care of by her mom & sister this whole time, she’s in her early teens now. The father has never been in the picture and it’s been noted that he denies she is his. It’s been said that Sabrina legally is only granted supervised visits with her, this is due to Sabrina faking a suicide attempt in front of her a couple of years ago to manipulate then-bf and baby daddy no. 3 AJ. Sabrina gives this child attention once every few years and then plasters it all over the ‘gram for months after. More recently, she was trying to groom her for sex work and proudly boasted about porn hub being her daughter’s most visited site and how great she’ll be at camming one day…

Her ex/baby daddy no. 2 has sole custody of her son, a pre-teen. She was never really involved with this one at all and PARTICULARLY doesn’t seem to give him any thought. Apparently his dad and his girlfriend have done an amazing job at raising him and he lives a normal, happy life without any interference with Sabrina.

Her youngest daughter is a toddler and in complete care of her father/baby daddy no. 3 and his family. Sabrina shares a birthday with this child and supposedly was granted holidays and their birthday with the child by a court (supervised visits only). However, Sabrina simply doesn’t see her. I’m unsure why she didn’t hand over rights when there is no intention to be involved but that’s Sabrina for you.

She claimed to be pregnant AT LEAST once after but many chalk this up to a ploy to sink her nails into a guy that was trying to leave her. Shamelessly, it was within a year or two after abandoning her last daughter and she had the nerve to tweet things that more or less referred to herself as “pregnant and abandoned.”

Self awareness is an absolute zero.

No. 1453948


* doesn’t agree with her

It’s also worth mentioning she complains about “PMD” which is treated WITH BIRTH CONTROL

No. 1453975

Actually she complains about PMDD which is different than PMD

No. 1454008

She goes on WebMD and self Diagnosis herself all the time.

No. 1454037

File: 1646071380865.png (Spoiler Image,5.43 MB, 1567x1800, C66127FF-25BD-48A8-8174-475DE2…)

No. 1454065

I feel like scargum is super young and has got herself involved with the wrong people. Eeeek.

No. 1454080

She's too stupid to know the difference, plus Sandra's literally dating her brother. Her teeth are fucked and her body and face are not hot, idg why people are WK and simping so hard for this 'tism tramp

No. 1454088

these random screenshots are so funny lmfao, brina doing some stupid headstand shit while sandra hits a vape with her tits out

No. 1454103

I don’t see anyone simping for her. She’s an ordinary girl with than ordinary face and body. Not ugly tbh. Is there any confirmation she’s actually A-why’s sister? You seem bothered for no reason. Take your meds.

No. 1454162

Yes that anon seems very hyper focused on scargum for whatever reason and is the only one who has come here claiming they are siblings with no actual proof. It’s just tinfoil really and at this point is annoying that they keep bringing it up but have yet to show any ounce of proof at all.

Also, scargum said on her first stream with Sandra that she is only 20.

No. 1454283

Yeah, I want proof of the siblings conspiracy theory. I am not buying it. The only thing we know is they did seem to come into Sandra’s life around the same time period.

No. 1454308

And I suspect that’s because they are around the same age and probably run in the same friend group. I think he’s a couple years older.

No. 1454358

File: 1646094197796.png (169.35 KB, 377x369, brinatooth.png)


She definitely had some work done on her upper teeth. If you recall, during her "prime", she had what was either a chipped or crooked incisor (see picture).

She likely only had the money to fix that one.

No. 1454492

File: 1646108761244.jpeg (227.83 KB, 828x426, 7D096DEB-946F-4654-B783-C0ED39…)

Anon, you are right I think. This pic is from today and her front teeth look diff from that pic for sure. Unless she’s using filters on IG and it’s smoothing her teeth over.

No. 1454517


I think they were referring to stream. There was one particular tipper that was enthusiastic about tipping to see Scargum spanked. It’s funny because Sabrina was playing off the interest, “Okay yeah because I don’t want to be spanked, Thank God.”

Even if Scargum isn’t anything special, she looks hot in comparison to overdone and rigid Sabrina - who was sitting there, complaining nonstop. Doing nothing but fixing the part on her FILTHY hair, over and over. The attention naturally shifted to Scar. Sabrina was also either too high or drunk (probably both) to properly read & make sense of her chat. I thought it was a tech issue on her end, but Scar and Sandra kept up just fine when they joined the stream.

No. 1454522

File: 1646112355572.jpeg (247.79 KB, 2048x2048, 972D14B5-F101-421A-B4DC-A641EF…)


I don’t know wtf is going on in that picture because her teeth do NOT look like that, unless she has clip in veneers (not unrealistic).

These are screen caps of the other two pictures that were posted within the last couple of days and even have a filter on that makes significant alterations to the face. Despite this, you can tell that the front teeth don’t line up straight. They do look slightly better but it’s hard to tell if that’s bonding, a capped tooth, or what.

No. 1454524

File: 1646112606110.jpeg (2.18 MB, 1284x2563, D28CFC2B-8699-4B9F-8949-5854DB…)


yeah, there is definitely some kind of clip in veneer situation going on here. a random picture where all of her front teeth are straight and aligned one day, then they aren’t the next. she probably doesn’t wear them on stream because they can make you talk funny + she’s drinking on cam.

No. 1454530

File: 1646112753953.jpeg (321.36 KB, 2048x2048, 14743B00-0662-4656-95FE-15A69D…)

She looks barely alive

No. 1454545

If you guys don't stop shitting this thread up with a teeth theory, no one fucking cares. Sabrina's teeth are the least of her fucking problems and yes she did get them done, are you fucking autistic, all of you? Go look at your own teeth and guess what, you're still a better person then Sabrina. Can we all move on now?

No. 1454561

How the hell did Sabrina fake a suicide inf front of her daughter?? How do you people know about this

No. 1454583

I think it's safe to assume they are jumping to conclusions and speaking on something they have no idea on beyond what they've heard through the grapevine. (90 percent of this content is just that) Or they were one of the first responders which LOLCOW is a strange place to be hanging out.. but as an EMT or police officer.. it's a stretch. In truth to speak so unkindly on someone who clearly battles with their mental health is tasteless.

No. 1454584

Idk can we all move on ?? Wouldn't that mean getting a life and having interests aside from cheap gossip. I can try my best , maybe we can all try together .. we have to stay strong that means.. and stop stalking these girls and waking up every day with them on our minds.. idk guys do you think we can do it?(lost newfag)

No. 1454587

just put sage in the email field

No. 1454625

or you could get a grip and fuck off?

No. 1454628

Hey, so todays your first day on the internet. Let me explain who one of these cows is…

Brina is a filthy drug addicted prostitute who sleeps on a pikkachu bed in her friends closet where she runs her low rent porno business while being a breath away from vagrancy. I said her and Junkie James would be living in a tent in a year, I am now officially revising that prediction to this Fall. I agree with the other anon, Junkie James might have already moved on. Wouldn't surprise me if the whore goes from camming to panhandling in the streets soon.

No one will EVER forget what you did and didnt do for your children Brina.

No. 1454630

I don't understand either why they have such a loyal group of haters lol it's like.. they aren't celebrities..? I'm not sure on the obsession. haha I just imagine whoever sitting on their keyboard aggressively typing some of these things and can't help but laugh.. like this mf loves the word prostitute so much making sure it is incorporated daily on this shit show. I imagine he's stroking his 2 inch dick between his index finger and thumb while slamming away at his keys with his available hand crying about "they're PrOsTiTuTeS dOiNG DrUgS waaaa waaaa " all because they wouldn't meet him in person after tipping 35 cents worth of tokens a couple years back on MFC

No. 1454632

hi today is my first day on the internet thank you for the warm welcomes.. I feel so lucky to find a little nook here on the world web where I feel welcome and accepted I hope one day I have something of value to add to this page <3 I'll start keeping a close eye on these girls mentioned above and maybe come up with a more creative ways to be a complete asswipe(unfunny retard)

No. 1454635

Learn how to sage! and spell wow

No. 1454641

Is the ketamine making it so you cant sleep and you fell conversational Brina?

No. 1454645

R u doing ketamine since you’re up responding rn ???? Or why r u awake go to bed ??

No. 1454647

please, for the love of newfags, learn to integrate

No. 1454650

Brina's so fried by drugs I can't imagine she could even type or post a response here. Did you see her on her last stream? Shes a washed out junkie mess who even coherently speak anymore, let alone type. At this point shes circling the drain, the good old days of doing big dollar poop shows on MFC are long gone.

No. 1454658

The newfag Down syndrome mongoloids are a bit funny though. I mean…coming to a gossip site, reading all the posts, then taking the time to argue with the posters of said gossip in a useless attempt to have people stop gossiping. Pot meet kettle. After weeks they still haven’t figured out where they are.

No. 1454674

literally my thoughts, no one gives a fuck about her teeth, she looks like fucked up dirty trailer trash either way. Her prime is long fucking gone with or without fixed teeth.

No. 1454704

Actually I think it’s AJ who has good reason for the hate as she abandoned their child

No. 1454721


someone said it best before

If your moralfagging mini telenovelas actually did something this site wouldn’t exist.

No. 1454728

You’re talking about a cam site, anyone with tits gets simped on. Outside of that no one is fucking simping for this junkie.

No. 1454788

Wow James you really need to learn some English

No. 1454835

James and Brina entering the chat, cringe per usual.

James, Sabrina must really love you right? She would never be dishonest about something as serious as an attempted suicide infront of C? I’m sure she can show you her court docs on that. It’s not like aj had to call the police and file a report right?

The fact that you stand by this piece of trash and defend her is crazy.
Your not helping her be a better person for herself of for her kids.
You’re no better than cam dumpster at this point. Just an enabling junkie.

No. 1454877

File: 1646164134414.jpg (70.24 KB, 1293x654, filthydrugaddcitedprostitute.J…)

No. 1454890


You’re both idiots. Rightfully so, many people who have been closely involved with Sabrina throughout the years have reached breaking points and put her on blast/revealed intimate details of her situation. This ranges from her Mom, her sister, and yes - AJ. The people left to pick up the shambles. Sabrina is KNOWN for self-harming and staging fake suicide attempts to manipulate men she’s in relationships with. You clearly don’t know anything about this cow if you don’t know that. She’s exposed herself by posting photos of bloody self harm on her social media when bickering with her on/off boyfriend Rhett.

It was revealed by AJ that she faked a suicide attempt in front of her eldest daughter while they were fighting. The fact that she has lost custody of both, which she has acknowledged in regards to her youngest daughter on public platform, and is only granted SUPERVISED visits is enough to tell you that she’s been legally deemed unfit to be around her children and that conclusion would only be made with damn good reason.

Sabrina doesn’t even have any form of custody or visitation with her second child (the son). Again, these rulings aren’t reached without reason. Give your head a shake.

No. 1454896


If Sabrina’s actual skeletal, haggard appearance (sans filter) and increasingly disgusting/washed up attitude wasn’t exposed on streams then I might argue that he’s just fell sucker for some narc charm.

But Sabrina has lost any charm she had. There is nothing attractive about this hag’s appearance or personality. There is nothing good about who she is and where she is at in life. What kind of future can someone even imagine with this skid? Hurry up and leave Junkie J, before you’re left with raising C #4 alone. We all know she ain’t done pushing them out.

No. 1454915

the fact that james doesn’t digest that sabrina had either an actual or fabricated pregnancy - with what would be baby # 4 - as recently as two years ago reveals his own stupidity for lack of concern over his own wellbeing. he’s probably so dense as to think she’s not trying to get pregnant because of the way she crushes booze and drugs. jokes on him, sabrina is always trying to trap men. you can all see how disenchanted she’s become with camming, you think she hasn’t at least thought about the easy income she’d get from having a baby? she’s no stranger to it. one thing james can observe from sabrina is that you can’t be a junkie and a parent. if he wants to keep his freedom, he needs to swap for a broad on bc stat.

No. 1455088

When the grapevine is just Sabrina its not that trustworthy. She literally posted images of her cuts on twitter and instagram after she did it.

No. 1455204

File: 1646181134593.jpeg (528.79 KB, 2048x2048, 0F9713CF-87AF-4832-8782-A75F68…)

i love when a few days pass and sandra seems to randomly remember she has a cat

No. 1455220

Some anon said awhile back that James had a brain injury or something, and is likely not fully mentally there. Also, I believe he was Sandra’s friend first and we all know Sandra is mentally 15, tops. I don’t think this dude has much going on up there and probably can’t grasp the gravity of the situation or understand the repercussions of a pregnancy. While it would be milky, I truly hope he does not knock Sabrina up. Neither parent would be fit. I

I just can’t see what the charm is about Brina anymore. At least in her prime she was physically attractive and had money from camming. What’s she have now? A drug addiction and a pikachu bed in Sandra’s closet.

No. 1455297

File: 1646187773596.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 1284x2239, EED71449-71D5-45A8-BEA0-5A9BCE…)

she thinks this looks edgy but really it’s just giving britney spears fresh-off-conservatorship vibes

No. 1455317


Agreed - It would be another one shipped off to Sabrina’s mom & Dessa

No. 1455318

Ugh. This cat looks terrified. Poor baby.

No. 1455320

File: 1646191450608.png (2.37 MB, 1284x2778, 9EBB5FB8-DD11-4E3A-8926-A46067…)

Sandra I give it one week, TOPS

No. 1455321

She looks like she's Sandra's real mom here

No. 1455322

most siblings arent the same age kek

No. 1455324

He’s eating Pacqi chips on the beach cos he’s edgy bruhhh

No. 1455331

Plus Brina literally said on cam she feels 'superior and better than you' because she is taller than you

No. 1455333

Imagine making this an outing with a boyfriend ever..but esp in your 30s like..?

No. 1455334

Not a supporter of this bitch using a cat as an accessory who is trapped in a clear cage of distress. She can seriously go fuck off into a hole now. Worthless human.

No. 1455338

File: 1646193653487.jpeg (101.44 KB, 864x418, 6333BC4B-5CC8-4F70-8631-EDCE1C…)

Sandra getting a little catty with the recent two 'it was my bed first' posts

No. 1455402

fat no matter how u slice it

No. 1455598

Sabrina’s new jawline is not cute. It’s too heavy and masculine. I don’t like the filler work. In her lips the swelling has gone down and it’s not a bad look.

No. 1455663

Nobody fucking said they are you retarded fuck. Fuck off with your fantasy of Sandra fucking siblings.

No. 1455724

Skeletal ???? Maybe two years ago. She’s put on weight. I don’t know if her metabolism has caught up with her or what.

No. 1455729

She removed this picture from instagram kek…

Also why does she always unfollow Sandra. Sandra only follows one or two people that’s how it’s always been so why does brina get butt hurt about that?

No. 1455764

File: 1646237888256.jpeg (174.52 KB, 1170x1464, 51561963-ABF7-4ED0-A871-375CAC…)

Why did she leave the comments on? Good thing she took it down. She needs to photoshop it more if she wants to post it.

No. 1455776

Why did you comment just to screenshot it 42 seconds later? Kek

No. 1455780

File: 1646238859271.jpeg (438.25 KB, 1284x1512, 52EAE7C5-0165-467D-8630-0CDC55…)

I see no difference

No. 1455785

File: 1646239169862.jpeg (466.95 KB, 1800x1800, 5DCC2734-51A0-427D-AF25-AFD1EC…)

No. 1455791

Why would she post this oml she looks terrible

No. 1455811

What? I literally cropped my identity out. I don’t interact with cows.

No. 1455812


I’ve wondered this as well, following and unfollowing Sandra. It’s testament to how insecure and unstable their friendship truly is, which further highlights motives behind things like their living arrangements. It’s a given that Sabrina constantly shit talks Sandra and presents it as “venting” about how much she hates Sandra, hates living with her, is better than her, etc.

Look at all of the snide comments she’ll make on cam about her dissatisfaction with the “conditions.” Sandra needs to see through this shit and boot the hag on the streets where she belongs. Sandra doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in her body so this “frenemy” shit is totally one-sided.

No. 1455817


She was too high to tell that it looks horrible, hence why it’s down now.

No. 1455822


Sabrina is a vile human being, but she is not remotely fat or even a healthy weight. Stop with this shit. There is so much milk and real defects with this cow, you don’t have to reach.

No. 1455869

It’s just a testament to Brina prob having borderline personality disorder, on top of being a narcissist and a drug addict. Like, Sandra is cool to her one minute and then she hates her the next. And so she does petty shit like unfollows her on IG, only to refollow once she gets over her little episode. I didn’t see her openly talking shit on Sandra, but it’s pretty ballsy to complain or hate on someone who provides her lousy drug addicted homeless ass shelter. Moron.

No. 1455903

I don't think she has the personality disorder. if you say that she will just use it as an excuse and add it to her WebMD list. Brina is just a mean human being who cannot fathom being wrong ever.

No. 1455921


I agree she’s not fat at all. She used to be underweight so this is actually a healthy weight for brina.

No. 1455927

File: 1646248576800.jpeg (376.31 KB, 1125x1827, 1DAA2B11-2CD1-482B-9767-D3C635…)

This is really good for Sandra’s first day, but it’s also the beginning of the month so ranking is easier. I don’t think Sandra can grasp how hard it is to rank number 1, especially in march. I guess we will see though.

No. 1455940

File: 1646249705850.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x1813, 8B0E1A01-A059-4E54-8FA7-1707CF…)

Going through old photos, found this gem. Junkie James liked it.

No. 1456107

Probably wont be long before things start coming up "missing" around Sandra's place. Whatever time of day Brina slithers out of the closet to skulk around, who knows what she might steal to get drug money. Junkie James might be thieving before Brina, it could go either way. IF you have drug addicts living in your closet (can't believe I just typed that)it's only a matter of time before the stealing starts.

No. 1456162

File: 1646268627155.jpeg (504.06 KB, 1284x2041, CA84DA72-FD09-4C07-BA3E-E3AC35…)

Can’t wait to see how this plays out.
We all know James has a thing for her.

No. 1456220

I was thinking the exact same. I hope she steals him from Sabrina lmao but then again, that would me she would have to actually want -junkie james- kek

No. 1456231

File: 1646273364784.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1284x2269, 44388FD7-A1C8-489A-9D17-D3BE47…)

Sandra getting the ol’ boot

No. 1456235


my bet is they’ll all make content together. it’s obviously not cheating if it supports the party…

No. 1456250

Poppi has a girlfriend at home as far as I know she’s not straight.

No. 1456295

True. But Brina is insanely jealous and insecure when it comes to poppi

No. 1456299

I know i’m a day late but seeing this has really pissed me off, fuck both the bag and you, sandra. That poor cat looks terrified.

No. 1456399

Unless she was transporting her cat to the vet or cat boarding, this was unnecessary and cruel since she’s in a warm area. Her cat is clearly in distress and why she’d look at that photo and think it would be cute to put on social media is beyond me. Seems like she wanted to put on some slutwear and use her cat as an accessory for her dumb little photo shoot.

No. 1456474

Even when Sabrina was making hundreds of thousands a year on MFC she would steal stuff. The quote I’ve seen her use over and over again for the past 8 years is “As long as the outcome is income.” And it makes sense for her since she has no conscience.

I know a couple girls who used to cam with her. One of them told me how Sabrina would invite them over to cam together and she’d tell everyone to leave their purses/stuff they brought in her bedroom. Then Rhett would go in there and rummage through everyone’s belongings while they were in the living room camming. Then they are gaslit into believing it was one of the other girls. This friend said it wasn’t until the next day when she was home she realized money was missing from her wallet and Sabrina tried to pin it on one of the other girls.

Sabrina pulled this same thing when she hosted that cam girl movie night. Rhett stole prescription benzos from one of the girls purses who’s stage name is Ava. And Ava was dependent on them and had a history of seizures without them. And Rhett/Sabrina still didn’t give the pills back. They even let Ava crash there at her apartment for a few days since Ava lived out of state. And the whole time they were gaslighting her into thinking it was another specific girl who was there in attendance that was Ava’s friend. And had a group chat going trying to drag this girl and tell everyone about what she did. And Rhett even sold Ava some benzos to get her by. It’s so sickening. Rhett is just as shitty as Sabrina is a a person

No. 1456475

I mean she also lives on what…. The 4th floor??? And she lets her cat out onto the balcony by itself and leaves it out there. She shouldn’t be allowed to own pets.

No. 1456751

Literal scum. I truly do not understand how she can even live with herself knowing all the terrible things she’s done to people, including her three abandoned children.

No. 1456843

Sandra needs to evict Brina from her closet, thats just so…I cant imagine having a hive of drug addicts in my house, let alone living in a closet. Imagine the smell after her and Junkie James have been in there all day mating and doing ketamine.

No. 1456861

Remember that drama and it’s good most cam girls no longer kiss her ass and are aware of what she’s really like. Burned too many bridges. She takes advantage of everyone and has no remorse or conscience. It’s creepy watching her switch from being overly fake and sweet to bitchy in an instant.. like a sociopath who can’t keep up the act for long. This is why I feel bad for Sandra because we all know she likely talks shit behind her back.

No. 1456894

A couple months ago Sabrina and Sandra were posting videos of them being out with some friends. Sandra was being “cute” for the camera and Sabrina said something along the lines of, ew gross stop, in front of everyone. It made me feel bad for Sandra. Sabrina just shits on her.

No. 1456945

I remember that. Sandra was being funny (like actually funny iirc) and brina immediately shut her down

No. 1456986

I don’t understand why so many anons wk for Sandra under the guise that she is “clearly mentally challenged and not all there” when none of you even know her personally from what’s been posted. Just because she’s easy to be taken advantage of doesn’t automatically mean that she is innocent and not a manipulative person herself. Let’s not pretend like she doesn’t know right from wrong. She’s exactly where she put herself. Stop pretending she’s some actual retard who’s been neglected and not some spoiled whore who can’t be fucked to find a real job and actually work something other than her pussy. She’s not a victim.

No. 1457082

This 100 percent, she's not exactly the brightest but she's definitely not innocent. While she's not Sabrina level shit she still stinks.

No. 1457117


Sabrina cooped up in there would make it stink, period. She can’t be bothered to bathe and thinks her poor hygiene is endearing or something (the way she brags about it). I really felt for the children back when her and AJ were playing one big happy blended family, Sabrina had caretaking responsibilities, because those children often looked as though they had gone days without washing. It’s a routine thing to keep your young children on a “schedule” that - yes - includes daily bathing, MAYBE every second day.

No. 1457137


Without a shred of doubt, that cat lives a life of neglect. They are always partying or just otherwise focused on themselves. The cat is probably fed at random, which is crazy because cats are rigid about tight regimens. Nevermind Sandra’s stretches of depression where she literally lays in bed all day recording herself talking. The stress we observed from the cat while it was in the bag is probably baseline energy for the poor thing.

Someone who isn’t capable of taking care of themselves, won’t be able to take care of others (and that includes pets). Neither of these cows are fit for motherhood NOR pet ownership. Hopefully Sandra continues to outsource that maternal energy by LARPing as mother hen of the friend group… we already know it’s useless crossing our fingers about Sabrina, since she was either actually pregnant or wanting to be pregnant SINCE abandoning Child #3. She doesn’t care, having kids literally affects her life none because she can kick em to the curb when she’s over it.

No. 1457152


Sandra looks holy-by-comparison because Sabrina is so sadistically crooked that it’s beyond average comprehension.

Similar attitudes are seen in reference to Sabrina’s past partners, who are no saints themselves (maybe with the exception of her son’s father). Despite this, no one ever seems to hold a candle to Sabrina and you almost feel for anyone who gets caught in her sphere. Do they know better? For sure. Is dealing with a full blown narcissist/sociopath ever black and white? Nope.

Sandra might be a shitty spoiled brat who tries to gaslight people with that “I’m baby” act but that’s not even remotely on par with Sabrina. By Sandra’s age, Sabrina had already abandoned her three children + cat + dog and girl is still out for blood.

No. 1457196

I’m not going to post it here because it’s a kid but Rhett’s girlfriend has a weird photo up where she is licking her kids face in such a disgusting way. I’m grossed out. That’s how I pose w someone I’m sleeping w after a few drinks. That chick is weird

No. 1457204

File: 1646355578453.jpeg (102.96 KB, 828x842, 515B83B2-EEEE-496F-8800-E04C35…)

Actually il just post it because who would lick their kids face like this. So inappropriate.

No. 1457221

Unfortunately she’s posted numerous inappropriate pics of her small daughter. Her kid is basically her little doll version of her…it’s very fucking weird. That viral pic of her and Rhett with the daughter at Christmas is so innocent compared to what she’s posted on her story and IG in the past. That bitch is a whole cow herself but I don’t know much about her.

No. 1457243

What the actual fuck, CPS stays busy around these dumb whores. Disturbing

No. 1457259

Is this bitch really pressing her entire cow tongue on her child's face to post to scrotes on instagram holy shit we live in the worst timeline

No. 1457301

Ewww who tf is this girl

No. 1457393

File: 1646371048782.jpeg (754.73 KB, 750x1248, 4DE33BBD-0222-42CD-BC47-690E41…)

No. 1457402

File: 1646372313869.jpeg (387.11 KB, 1170x2048, D8A39170-4785-4211-864B-4A92EE…)

Ahahaha Sabrina is tagged in some spam account for transsexuals

No. 1457403

Transexuals are way cooler than whatever Rhett and his gf are doing with her kid. That is sick as fuck and honestly I see why Sabrina dated a lowlife like him now

No. 1457412

My friend used to know Lexis back in the day so he is on her Facebook friends list and he was talking about this. She has posted pics on there since the kid was born that are so insanely inappropriate and how the way she dresses her up for outings and photos is extremely sexualized. Like a Britney Spears school girl outfit. It’s weird. Like taking your kid to Disneyland in a little crop top and a mini skirt that’s short enough that her underwear are showing. And lexis is dressed the same way. With her butt cheeks hanging out of her skirt and posing around kids like that. I’m all for wanting to dress like a hoe, but not around children and families. There’s a time and a place. My biggest fucking pet peeve is people who can’t keep sexual things away from children. Let them remain innocent.

But I’m not surprised considering when Big C was living with Sabrina in her penthouse, Rhett used to have the laptop playing porn on loop in front of her just sitting there on the kitchen countertop like it was nothing. And Sabrina’s life-like dildos laying around all over the place. Or the nude photos she had of herself and her friends posted all over the apartment in plain view. Or Rhett trying to finger her in front of C.

No. 1457536

Rhett sure can pick them. I’m not sure what is worse..abandoning your daughter or dressing her up in slutty clothes at 3 years old to blast on your Instagram to a million pedos

No. 1457586


Rhett isn’t just picking trash, Rhett IS trash and he’s shacking up with like-minded individuals.

I had forgot about the porn thing that he exposed Big C to. Literal child abuse. Even IF Sabrina had been bothered to clean up her act at some point, the damage of those early years would still explain Big C being how she is today (12/13 posting about people cumming all over her and opening up her legs for boys in her class). Again, I feel the worst for Big C because she is the only child that Sabrina has random access to & has had independent custody of for short periods (since no dad in the picture). The other two children had their dad’s to immediately step in when Sabrina started pulling her shit & legally protect them from her (by getting sole/primary custody).

Fuck Lexi. Fuck Rhett. and FUCK Sabrina. Child abusers.

No. 1457610

File: 1646409565802.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1284x2356, 0D807663-6F43-437D-9BAB-FE31D9…)

I was creeping Lexis, which led to creeping Rhett, which led me to Sabrina’s old pet account for the beautiful cat she abandoned (and disgustingly named after drugs, for Big C to tote around saying - Xanny).

For those not up-to-speed on Xanny: After backlash on the name, she tried to gaslight instagram by claiming “Xanny” was not in reference to Xanax kek. The cat either ran away or she lost it but it was later found and she chose to let it “live wild” instead of taking her back home and being more responsible. Sabrina explained to her followers that Xanny was happier living on the streets even though you could tell from videos that this was a very domesticated cat. Sometimes she’d run into Xanny walking around and would basically be like, “oh hey xanny hope all is well” and just keep walking…

Sabrina has a lot of abandoned social media for all of her abandoned endeavours: parenting, pet ownership, businesses. The only thing she gives a fuck about in the end is herself. The guys that she clings to are just plays of her abandonment issues, she eventually leaves them all too.

No. 1457618

“All that she wants is another baby, she’s gone tomorrow, boy.”

No. 1457620


The difference between Lexis and Sabrina is you can tell that Lexis loves her child, however misguided and severely flawed her parenting is. If you are comparing the two on the basis of who is worse, it’s definitely Sabrina. Sabrina has absolutely no love for her children.

No. 1457689

In 5 years time Rhett will slide into C's Dm's. I will bet the farm on that.

No. 1457712

I don’t think the two are comparable. Posting sexual photos of your baby is really shocking. She is licking her like you would lick something on onlyfans. That picture made me feel really sick. Someone needs to say something to her she’s clearly retarded.

Sabrina is obviously horrible. I can’t believe someone like her even exists.

No. 1457713

Wait, she just tossed the cat outside? I thought she at least rehomed him. What the actual fuck is wrong with this bitch

No. 1457719

It ran away one day when she opened the door. There was like a week where she would leave food for it out in her backyard, Xanny would come eat it, then run from Brina when she tried to catch her. Brina gave up pretty quick and just left it as an outdoor neighborhood cat after that. She saw xanny all the time and would post videos on ig like “look guys xannys outside”.

No. 1457732

Lmao she also had a gorgeous lil Pomeranian named Kitty that she abandoned.

No. 1457744


damn, you really took it there but anon i agree. it would be so easy to weasel his way in too, prob with a cute photo or video of her as a child “wow look at how much you’ve grown” ick

ofc, sabrina would have the ultimate taste of her own medicine if her daughter shacked up with an ex… rhett, nonetheless. but let’s be clear that even that juiciness does NOT mean that i’d ever want this to happen. poor big c doesn’t need any more shit.

No. 1457751

File: 1646418176135.jpeg (1012.92 KB, 1284x2278, 42B4DB5D-FF0C-48FC-B78E-94774F…)


She relishes in being seen engaging in bad or inappropriate behaviour and that clearly has no boundaries because it extends to her daughter. Even on her story right now, she’s taking pens separated as “Used” at a medical office and putting them in the “Clean” cup for patients to pick from. Somebody referred to Lexis as an upgrade for Rhett in here because she has custody of her kid, but that’s a stretch. She’s still a pretty shit human who is willing to do anything for attention, good OR bad.

No. 1457756

File: 1646418471097.png (2.47 MB, 1125x2436, 59BBF9C9-1468-4483-A643-E0D722…)

Rhett does give off creepy uncle vibes

No. 1457815


Ugh, what in the actual fuck. Rhett’s conscious probably has him thinking that he looks like Stepfather of the Year for posting that, meanwhile it’s actually that his subconscious is vibing with it.

No. 1457935

File: 1646428366001.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1284x2259, 9BE5BD47-E145-4AFB-9ABA-170246…)

Uh oh, I only see two bunny baskets there. I guess the squatters aren’t invited to the spot’s Easter Egg hunt.

No. 1457952

File: 1646429350855.jpeg (368.6 KB, 2048x2048, A83BDF2B-C814-4DF4-BB8B-78FBF7…)

Big C’s internal crisis continues while Sabrina carries on, eNjOyiNg A uNiQuE LiFe (ref to her “family” IG bio - for those who don’t get it).

There is a lot of paternal focus for Big C, it’s been reoccurring in her stories. Little is ever directed at Sabrina, although I believe there was one or two things that referred to a mom or a parent assumed to be a mom… That being said, we don’t know if Big C actually thinks of Sabrina as her “mom” since it’s suspected she refers to her Grandmother’s bf as her “stepdad.”

This is why I second that Big C is not in these threads ripping apart Sabrina… for many obvious reasons, but mainly because she doesn’t seem to fault Sabrina. It’s always “dad” or “stepdad.”

I’d bet that Big C looks up to Sabrina, almost like the “cool older sister.” Big C probably feels guilty and somehow responsible for Sabrina being “unable” to parent her. Honestly, heartbreaking.

No. 1458025

Who’s the not-Brina? Obviously a mess but I like that jacket and wanna see if I can find a better pic of it.

No. 1458067

Not trying to blogpost but as a woman raised by a single mum where the father was completely absent, there was a time I went through around 9-10 where my mum was working a lot that I almost fantasized that my father was probably “better” than my mother because I wasn’t getting the attention I needed from her. Completely different situations because my mother is/was a good mum but I wonder if she is going through something similar. She doesn’t see her father for herself, has just heard stories about him from her mother who isn’t even there and isn’t trustworthy…so maybe she’s thinking the grass is maybe greener on the other side. Unfortunately, it’s probably not.

No. 1458071

File: 1646439254896.jpeg (379.25 KB, 1284x1276, C5FA211C-EE3D-4561-A73C-13FFAE…)

No. 1458150

File: 1646444647348.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.26 MB, 1284x2637, 19F5820D-F980-4E67-B267-16CEEF…)

sorry, deleted and reposting so i can put a spoiler on

had to dig these up from another thread for junkie james or scargum, whoever was lurking and trying to defend sabrina in here…

don’t need the confirmation of an emt, sabrina loves to share all. you can still see the scars on her legs sometimes. this is what sabrina does. she self harms or fakes suicide attempts to manipulate men. she gets pregnant or fakes pregnancy to trap men. she has reportedly damaged property of multiple exes in the wake of their breakups. she harasses exes by latching on to women in their life.

idk if “tw” is a thing here but - just in case - tw: self harm

No. 1458153

File: 1646444755717.jpeg (Spoiler Image,700.22 KB, 1131x838, 755FE804-9A79-4540-9B73-A8C7E8…)

an example of the scars being visible, why do you think she almost ALWAYS wears high socks?

No. 1458215

File: 1646449878702.png (3.35 MB, 1284x2778, B927078B-B4CB-4AE8-BFAB-9E7D99…)

Sandra took a picture with her phone of these comments people were writing kek

No. 1458236


OMG! Yes, hopefully it retains. How did she respond, or did she just take the picture and not acknowledge? A-Why must at least make some conversation about Sabrina sleeping in her closet. Is the closet not attached to the bedroom? I get that they party a lot and are up late, BUT STILL.

No. 1458283

>Sometimes she’d run into Xanny walking around and would basically be like, “oh hey xanny hope all is well” and just keep walking…
Oh so exactly how she treats her children? Scary lack of empathy.
>laptop playing porn on loop in front of [C]
>Sabrina’s life-like dildos laying around all over the place
>nude photos she had of herself and her friends posted all over the apartment
>Rhett trying to finger her in front of C
Extremely bleak. My heart aches for C and the rest of her children.

No. 1458309

That dildo looks like a turd in that pic

No. 1458328


Yeah, it is an extremely unfortunate shot but I grabbed the first one that I could find with the scars visible. Again, those socks/high boots are always on for a reason kek.

While I looked for those bloody self harm photos, the comments jogged my memory on the fact that AJ said he was struggling to go after her for child support because she doesn’t have a fixed address and it seemed implied that’s deliberate on her end. This would make sense, as I’ve known people in similar positions with their BD’s or whatever. As so many have mentioned though, she’s self-employed with the ability to lie about how much or little she’s making because it’s not like CamSoda is giving her a paystub.

I also forgot that Sabrina lied to people for years saying that her dad died of a cocaine overdose. So unhinged.

No. 1458382

File: 1646470582535.jpeg (143.25 KB, 827x780, 9CDF03B2-AE1F-45D8-9C51-4CD62B…)

It looks like someone finally did go after her for child support last year. My guess is AJ.

It doesn’t matter where you’re living. They will put you in the system showing that you owe and it keeps piling up. Usually the first line of action is your wages are garnished at your work. But since she has no job and is paid under the table they can’t do that. That’s when they start putting other things out on you. Guaranteed she no longer has a valid drivers license. If she had property they would put a lien on it. So she’ll never be able to own a car. And last but not least: once you hit the $10k mark it can be considered a felony. So the IRS is coming after her and DCSS. I don’t think Sabrina or her friends realize truly how deep she is in at this point.

No. 1458400

File: 1646476806117.png (2.7 MB, 750x1334, D08972F1-F03A-4DEF-8EFF-3195B1…)

Didn’t they say 2 years like last month? Maybe they were celebrating two years of something else and I misinterpreted it.

No. 1458467

legit questions…do ppl actually like this doughy Ana chan wannabe? shes 2 steps from looking like luna. except luna has a prettier face minus the grime

No. 1458471

File: 1646488297927.jpeg (462.74 KB, 750x1238, 41643A24-E2CF-47E5-A7CC-E30382…)

chloe posted :/

No. 1458473


Thanks for pulling up anon!

Whether this was AJ or Michael, I’m happy that they got around to pursuing it! The messages capped of AJ definitely were dated, circa 2 yrs ago.

To think, she’s out there casually getting her nails done like none of this is even on her. No wonder she could last more than a week if sobriety.

No. 1458474


That was hardly the worst thing posted, did you see the convo between her and her friends - all talking about fucking her? “I want to rip your pussy off and eat it” yikes.

She’s only one year off from how old Sabrina was when she had her now. Eerie and scary to think about.

No. 1458483

I'm new to sabrina as a cow, I had no idea she had Chloe at only 14, wtf

No. 1458533

She was 15 actually, but still. Chloe posts some pretty vile shit to her IG. I’d be concerned if my 13 year old was talking like she is and thinking the way she does. I hope it’s just edgy talk, but I highly doubt it. Imagine all her friends who have googled Brina. So embarrassing.

No. 1458588

File: 1646501351369.jpeg (563.71 KB, 1284x2778, 46473D64-5E06-43D6-ABFF-E8AA16…)

She was like ' SO so many people are talking shit on Brina…' Definitely not in a approving tone, but didn't defend her. Attached the picture of her taking a picture immediately of it.

No. 1458608


She had Big C at 15 and C is now 14-turning-15 at the end of this year (Nov baby). Sabrina is 29-turning-30 in late December. So yes, C is less than a year off from the age that Sabrina was when she had her.

No. 1458611


Regardless of the tone, I agree that it was a weird move to take a picture instead of just shutting it down. These girls are not known for their intellect though, their brains seem to be running a lot slower than average (combo of drugs, drinking, low IQ/learning disabilities). I still believe it’s a pretty primal response to come to the defense of people you care about or trust, even if they might not deserve it at the time. I wouldn’t doubt she took the pic to show someone like A-Why and NOT Sabrina.

Also, did Scargum tag along with Sabrina & James for their anniversary? So weird. Being the true Frenemy that she’s always been, I’d bet Sabrina is probably filling Scar’s head with shit about Sandra.

No. 1458618

Is C topless with her chest scribbled out?
The stuff she’s posting is really worrisome, I hope at least her grandma can intervene.

No. 1458623

File: 1646504228967.png (Spoiler Image,2.73 MB, 1800x1800, A88F4090-4425-48EA-8ABA-7AA305…)

I don’t feel like making separate posts for these pics.
I think C is being a normal 14 year old. Ignore her unless it’s super troublesome like drugs or casual sex with strangers.
She’s got a boyfriend and a close group of friends. No one seems like a bad kid so far.

Sabrina’s public court records show tax liens back to 2013 and the two newest child support requests are not on this record but we’re filed as seen in the previous post.

No. 1458624

C just turned 13 in November.

No. 1458626

Thank you for the lore anon. I didn't realize C had already turned 14 nor did I realize Brina was a teen mom. What a mess

No. 1458631

File: 1646505339151.jpeg (316.61 KB, 750x1215, 4CD7944C-C4CC-4975-8B53-1463BA…)

From Big C 10th birthday. Just to confirm her age is 13.

No. 1458633

what kind of fucked up friend group of 13 year olds talks about wanting to "fuck the shit out of u"???

anon, that is not normal at all.

No. 1458634

Omg the alythuh comment in there lol
I think making sex jokes to gross each other out is normal at that age, but not saying they literally want to fuck each other. That part is pretty strange

No. 1458650


okay so 13-turning-14, not a huge difference. she will be 14 this year either way.

No. 1458688

Does anyone know how Sabrina loops her money from camming? Does she have her profiles set up to a third party’s banking? She wouldn’t be able to bank her own money. I’m guessing the past issues w/ the last apartment she rented and got evicted from, for not paying rent over the course of months, is her “angle” to guilt both her dad and Sandra’s charitable nature into letting her stay with them. Junkie J must be broke as a joke too, or she must not care much for him (what I suspect), because Sabrina ALWAYS moves in together right away. She’s been doing this since she was a teen, starting with Michael.

No. 1458691

I would agree about C if she wasn’t constantly posting about sex on her public socials. It’s one thing to do it in your group chats, but then posting stuff for the world?

No. 1458692


I’m unsure C understands the exposure of a public online profile or any of the consequences attached to posting things online for the world to see (like most teens) - but kek Sabrina is a great cautionary tale for that.

No. 1458694

File: 1646512250387.jpeg (381.54 KB, 963x1695, 0C571B88-6B63-454B-A036-72CD6B…)


old cap for reference, bd3 Aj (little c’s dad)

No. 1458702

Thanks anon, couldn’t be fucked to go back and search for this. I always chuckle at the trapping men bit, kek. She did not trap AJ…he had plenty of proof of who she actually was and he knew her for years before they actually hooked up. It’s nearly impossible to accidentally knock her up in his situation…little C wasn’t even her first pregnancy, supposedly, witH AJ. So maybe wrap your dick when you’re sticking it in crazy.

No. 1458717

lmao my thoughts exactly. dudes always talk like it doesn't take two to make a baby. if they weren't dumb as fuck they wouldn't be getting trapped with kids in the the first place

No. 1458719

File: 1646514351978.jpeg (1.39 MB, 977x1735, C1A3A984-DDD7-45E5-A5DA-D77CE1…)


thanks, took a little over a day of stop/starting but it’s honest work kek.

that was also the sentiment included with the og post of the cap - aj wasn’t “trapped,” as no guy moving forward could claim to be “trapped” by sabrina unless they knew nothing of her but, that won’t happen, since these girls run through the same guys in the same circles.

as far as i know, both of the pregnancies between aj and sabrina were planned/intentional. if not the first, the second was. it was completely presented that way at the time, their “rainbow baby” to compensate for the one lost recently prior. i’m just assuming it was an actual pregnancy for the sake of staying on point.

my guess is, aj must perceive himself as trapped because sabrina had probably excused not having the first two because she was “so young” and implied she was “ready now.” i think she was hell bent on having aj’s kid because she was jealous about his daughter and the baby mama situation. i recall sabrina and her always having drama every other week, sabrina posting strategic screenshots to expose the bm as unhinged. let’s not forget the ig that sabrina also made making fun of her… she even posted that on her socials too, while trying to claim it wasn’t her after. such a mess. i found that cap too, will post with this.

anyways, sabrina had to make sure SHE had aj’s kid too so she could stop feeling like bm and p were special or more important to aj.

she had big c and little c so close together (2 years apart), and it had been years at that point, so guaranteed she used p as a prop to show how “capable” and “ready” she was.

aj is still an idiot for falling for it, though.

the best parent sabrina has ever been is to the daughters of bf’s but never her own. i think this is also why she faked that pregnancy with tyler, but not someone like nathaniel. she was LARPing as stepmom to ty’s daughter and prob thought, “if i can fake a pregnancy to get back in, i can claim miscarriage and work on getting a real one going.”

it’s scary to think about because, the way sabrina hated and disrespected aj’s bm, there is no way she ever had genuinely positive thoughts about their daughter p. i remember there being a kind of “switch” at one point where sabrina seemed to deliberately fawn over big and little c with p present and not getting the same attention. i also remember her making little negative comments about how p couldn’t grow out of a soother, but big girl little c was already done with hers. guess she couldn’t swallow the hate towards that child in the end. saw it as an extension of bm. still manipulated the kid into calling her “mommy” tho, just to piss bm off.

No. 1458720


fuck me, that was supposed to say “she had big c and middle c so close together (2 years apart”

hard to keep the kid’s names straight without actually using them

No. 1458744

You’re the GOAT, fr thank you. A lot of anons weren’t around for this stage so it helps to have it present.

If I were Lexi I would have been livid, she handled the situation extremely well for what it was. I remember thinking “wtf” when I saw Brina posting about P calling her mommy or mama. She knows no fucking boundaries. As far as I understood P was being coparented by AJ and Lexi…she didn’t need a mother as she already had one.

No. 1458774

Lexi also got a restraining order against AJ for domestic violence. Aj, and Rhett both have criminal charges against them for other things as well. Brina has a type.

have you guys ever noticed EVERY guy she dated is able to stay home with her all day every day doing nothing? And love to post photos of cash in their hands? Yeah. Drug dealers.

even Tyler… who used to post pictures of his toddler daughter holding a fake Chanel purse going on about how daddy only gets her the best and “you hoes are mad you don’t got a man flexing on you like this”

No. 1458812


1000% and that’s her type by default because, deep down, sabrina knows she’d never have an even semi decent, contributing member of society as a partner.

you have to remember too, sabrina is also prone to becoming violent and overall abusive in relationships as well.

an anon in a previous thread claimed she housed and hid war machine when the police were looking for him after the chrissy mack situation… for anyone who doesn’t know, he beat her near an inch of her life (and that’s not an exaggeration). idk if this is true but i’d be utterly unsurprised. look how she was jumping on nathaniel’s dick seconds after he was exposed for beating his ex. had the nerve to call him toxic after too kek.


you’re right! it was a full coparenting situation, no absent parental role that needed to be filled.

this whole era of sabrina was uncomfortable! so many people romanticized it and claimed to have been convinced she’d finally got it together. nah. the foundation was cracked from the get-go and she just kept adding more to it, as fast as she could. typical “brina” - build it up just to let it burn and walk away, leaving the mess for everyone else.

for any new anons that don’t understand the “cracked foundation” - sabrina cheated on rhett was aj, aj and sabrina get together, sabrina walks in on aj fucking one of her good “friends,” sabrina cuts the friend and keeps aj.

i forget who the friend was, someone has to fill in (if they care to). the only thing sabrina stops/starts more of than parenting is friendships.


as much as we want to hope for the best here, this behaviour doesn’t strike me as odd at all when you factor everything big c has been through. those comments about rhett putting porn on loop in the common areas while c stayed with them? that’s not speculation, that happened. sabrina’s apartment being decorated in pictures of her and her friends, naked? that happened. her leaving her dildos out while a young c ran around? happened. rhett used to think it was funny to try and sneak sexual shit in front of c. this is a glimpse into one small window of c’s life. there is probably a lot more she’s been exposed to that’s damaged her perspective of sex, her body, etc.

especially the recent visit with c. i can only imagine what shit sabrina decided was appropriate to show or discuss with her, particularly since sabrina felt it necessary to share pornhub being c’s “most visited” site and how she’d make a great camgirl. clearly the conversation, and the visit, wasn’t monitored by anyone but junkie james.

No. 1458838

File: 1646524907118.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x2148, 574DB370-D508-46A0-BBAB-190420…)

Looks like someone got a Residence Inn for the night to cam lol

No. 1458855

File: 1646525750241.jpeg (498.38 KB, 2048x2048, 9ECCDA23-8536-40CB-B3C5-E50606…)

Sandra & Sabrina 2017
vs. Sabrina 2022 (a few days ago) & Sandra 2021

don’t do drugs, kids.

No. 1458867

The contrast in those photos is pretty unreal. Brina especially looks bad. And it’s only a span of a few years.

Sandra’s nose job (she’s had one, right?) did her no favors and adds to her aging appearance, imo.

No. 1458889

Sandra looked beautiful and healthy back then. Maybe it was the tanned skin and normal hair. Now her appearance and style is walking mental illness.

No. 1458913

Whats c ig

No. 1458917

You should probably learn how to integrate better first

No. 1458919

Wat u mean

No. 1458943

Read the rules. Don’t ask to be spoon fed. Perhaps after, you’ll realise how creepy it is to ask for a minor’s social media.

No. 1459056

File: 1646545808981.png (3.17 MB, 750x1334, 7C25F5C2-22F7-4113-B1C7-C91473…)

Brina living in a shitty hotel now that Sandra gave her the BOOT

No. 1459057

File: 1646545873290.png (2.65 MB, 750x1334, C0FCC2A0-DCDE-4BB1-AE59-B8EDF7…)

Definitely got too fucked up without Sandra to figure out how to even cam tonight

No. 1459058

File: 1646545905419.png (4.36 MB, 750x1334, 38955860-94A2-446F-A2A3-B131DF…)

No. 1459127

File: 1646551524275.jpg (182.88 KB, 1072x928, Screenshot_20220305-231928_Chr…)

She's really camming in a hotel..bleak

No. 1459138

some bonus sandra content right here https://www.instagram.com/p/CawGGVYpRk5/

No. 1459146

Lmao! I just came across this too, it was too long but Sandra lost me when she said it’s the “pardum depression” that’s to blame (postpartum)

No. 1459151

Wow. It’s so pathetic. I hope this is cuz Sandra finally set a boundary and told Sabrina to gtfo.

No. 1459167

Hahaha Sandra trying to sound smart, acting self-righteous while unintentionally insulting Melanie is the best thing ever.

No. 1459176

Lying on that nasty hotel carpet while barely being able to say a coherent sentence

No. 1459179

File: 1646556280315.jpg (139.09 KB, 3077x471, curlyandthedrugaddcitedprostit…)

Shes still camming, slurring, Curly has showed up.

No. 1459215

File: 1646561678266.jpeg (Spoiler Image,221.6 KB, 1284x822, 5F73882B-C3E2-46CD-A107-C56C04…)

Brina looks like a whole gremlin.
Her attitude was extremely cunty and off putting. I don’t know how she makes any money on cam.

No. 1459292

Junkie James called her during her show, he sounded wasted out of his mind. Maybe everyone giving Sandra shit about Brina living in her closet was enough to motivate her to move out. This sleazy motel might be the last stop for her and Junkie James before she starts living in a tent outside the Cafe Lu.

No. 1459309


I don’t think she’s moved into the hotel. I could be wrong. My impression is that it was for her and Junkie J to spend time together and to do some shows out of, since she finds streaming from Sandra’s closet such deplorable camming conditions.

No. 1459340

I didn't think she'd moved into the hotel it's just the fact that she's so obviously homeless now is jarring. Has she just been living out of suitcases for the last year?

No. 1459348


Sandra definitely had a kind of “effortless hotness” to her that Sabrina never did. She had a glow, whereas she now seems dull. It’s a combination of drugs/lifestyle and mental illness that’s at play here.

Sandra actually has the ability to (comparably) easily turn her life around for the better. All she has to do is align herself with the right doctor, who can prescribe her the correct cocktail, and find a good therapist. Along with this, boot these life sucking vampires like Sabrina (who will never change) and have a more solid support system of family and healthy friends. Not these camwhores or early 20s guys looking for a spot to crash and party. I think that A-Why could stay in the picture but we also don’t know enough about him to say if he’s bad or good for her. I think she finds purpose in the relationship with him and it makes her less attached to Sabrina.

The most important thing is getting rid of Sabrina. All of the right moves will be undermined by Sabrina if she’s still in the picture. Sabrina’s doomed and she knows it. There is no “coming back” for her, as she blew every chance. She’ll never live down the problems she created for herself with IRS and DCSS. At this point - She’s just looking for people to take down with her.

No. 1459350

The chat was BRUTAL! Everyone called Sandra an idiot and asked if she was high. She started yelling at Nick Carter hard core at one point it was hilarious and very coke-y

No. 1459464

Oh my god, laying on a hotel room floor? In your underwear? At least put a blanket down or something ffs!!! This is some nasty, nasty shit.

No. 1459482

Are you people really this stupid? Or do you just simp for Sandra as your full time job? Sandra has been prostituting since the second she could, she has destroyed her life by her own doing. I don’t understand where all this “if she got rid of Brina and saw a doctor she could be ok” bullshit comes from because there have been large amounts of time that Sandra wasn’t with Sabrina and she still continued on her downward spiral. Maybe blame her parents for enabling her instead of a friend who is just a little bit more over the top than Sandra herself. Maybe you missed the multiple comparison pics from Sandra a few years back…Sabrina didn’t put Sandra there…Sandra did. She used to be cute and pretty and now she’s just a pale gaunt borderline anachan who looks just like Corpse Bride…just a little less blue. She’s never even attempted to have a decent job…never tried to get out of camming or anything that isn’t selling herself. Her downfall has very little, if anything, to do with Sabrina, kek. It is laughable though that such a dumb bitch like Sandra can manipulate you all into feeling bad for her.

No. 1459510

Was that James? I swear I heard her call him Brandon and it seemed really odd.. like some guy brandon is calling you at 2am and your showing him that your working. It was sus. Gave me an escorting vibe.

No. 1459526

You can barely understand what she says nowadays with that drugged out mush mouth

No. 1459528

I think the reason there is a soft spot for Sandra is because she hasn’t done anything inherently and irreversibly fucked up to other people. At least not to my knowledge. Sandra actually seems to have empathy and compassion. I think people here see her as someone who has the potential to turn her situation around, and want to root for that… but what we don’t know is if she truly wants to do that herself? Deep down it is very likely that she feels the same way Brina does and would “rather fuck guys for money than work a 9-5”… plus, Sandra lacks skills to even put herself into a job that would bring in a decent living. I don’t foresee her giving up the fast cash lifestyle that sex work lends to. I sorta think Sandra is a lost cause unfortunately. I wish her a different and happier life, but it’s on her to change that. It would be incredibly difficult for her to integrate into a “regular” job and I’m sure she recognizes that so it keeps her camming and likely escorting. It’s fine for people to root for her to transition into a better life, but it’s really not anyone but Sandra’s own doing that got her where she is today. And yeah people like to blame her low IQ, but it ain’t that low, sorry. The girl has figured out how to live several months in her own apartment, she can also figure out how to make other life changes - she just needs to be willing and dedicated to doing so.

But yeah, I agree with you that Brina isn’t responsible or to blame. I also agree with anons who say Brina takes advantage of Sandra, 100%. But the narrative that if she “cut Brina out” everything would be different is so false.

No. 1459617


Why doesn’t she block guests and non-paying members? that’s not a good move kek. She needs to block guests immediately and shut down any shit from her chat. but maybe she will ditch mfc in a month.

No. 1459632


ok ok sabrina we get it

No. 1459688

File: 1646610432596.jpeg (487.3 KB, 1284x2283, DE95F7B1-8A1D-4C3E-834A-1D8E3D…)

Brina’s photoshopped waistline yesterday and screenshots from her post today. The editing is extreme. Why edit? She’s still thin. Also the song playing in the background lmao (wrong way by sublime) Just wow all around.

No. 1459788

Thinking she was in a hotel room because she’s currently taking incalls. Curley was talking about wanting to take her on a date she replied with, “how much money do you have?”

Also lol @ her not knowing what the CIA is and saying she’s never been out of the country but mentioning she’s been to Mexico.

No. 1459817

File: 1646617163088.jpeg (3.2 MB, 1284x2246, 29452CCB-47EF-4C10-8D3D-3FCDFE…)

i don’t understand why THAT much makeup. she’s really out here using a bottle of foundation at a time.

No. 1459832

It’s so bad on the zoom in, kek

No. 1459837

what is wrong with sandras nose… she got botched AF. girl get your money back

No. 1459843

Thats exactly what she is doing, shes at the hotel to turn tricks for a while to make money. She will probs be in the hotel most of the week and have what she calls her "dates" stop by and have sex with them for money.

No. 1459876

Explains the numerous costumes she packed for “cam”

No. 1459879

File: 1646621932364.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1284x2253, 80CA6D57-20FE-4158-B12A-EA568E…)


I’m positive that Sandra is also in a hotel room doing the same thing. I think Scar was with Sabrina when she originally checked in, but she may have just been Sabrina’s ride.

No. 1459886

did she get a boob job too? Sandra says she’s natural there

No. 1459887

why is curly in her chat like “I used to know brina before these sites” what a creep. It’s one thing to be a dedicated fan but why is he still bringing up stuff like that?

No. 1459900

File: 1646623882981.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1284x2268, 6B7E13D5-B08D-4261-B07A-7CFF80…)


Sandra’s boobs are 100% natural

ALSO: Called it, the three stooges are all staying at the same hotel for a week of escorting

No. 1459921

Because Curly was there from the very beginning when her username was “KittenForever” and she lived with that girl who went by the name “LittleHuman”

Curly also has met up with Sabrina in real life and slept with her for money. That guy has probably spent well over $80k on Sabrina over the years

No. 1459970


Correct! Curly loves to brag about having been in the presence of Sabrina multiple times.

Sabrina actually met LittleHuman through her ex Michael (aka Middle C’s dad) when she was 18. That’s over a decade of Curly and Sabrina’s “relationship.”

No. 1460002

Lmao. They all posted up in a hotel to prostitute themselves. We can figure Sandra is for sure doing that because why else would she get a hotel room to “cam” when she has an apartment to herself that she does that out of already… Sus.

I kinda feel bad for scargum getting pulled into this shit ass lifestyle. Brina and Sandra are basically washed up prostiitutes who’ve been in the game awhile… but scargum isn’t even 21 yet and only had her very first cam experience with Sandra recently. Now she’s in a hotel with these idiots and gonna maybe prostitute herself, too? Oh boy. Smh.

No. 1460013

What ever happened to littlehuman? Her name was Amanda right? Didn’t she also get knocked up? I remember Sabrina and her having beef ALL the time despite living together. Sabrina bad mouthed her so much. It’s funny seeing where the girls are now who she used to cam with. Truly I think Sabrina’s the only one who never got her life together

one of the girls she tried to convince to become a cam girl and did like 2 shows with now has her own permanent makeup studio in San Diego and she’s killing it. It’s super popular.

And then there’s “ValerieVixen” who Sabrina convinced to cam and then became insanely jealous of when VV surpassed her in popularity and money in a week of camming. That shit was hilarious. Sabrina started trying to drag her in her chat and was calling her “fat.” VV overcame her anorexia and drug addiction and now has 2 kids and seems to have a normal happy life.

And then there’s “Pepper Potts” who is the model named Alexandra Stark and has found a way to make money as a model/influencer outside of sex work.

Lomeli is an actress in LA with a trust fund baby Disney channel actor long term boyfriend

DoEpRudEnCe I can’t really say good things about since her only accomplishment in life is continuously getting knocked up and is a do-nothing-bitch but good for her for at least taking care of her kids and not being a druggie.

is Sabrina the only one still in sex work?

No. 1460115

Karen is still in sex work and recently made the jump into fucking on camera. Isn’t Ana Fox as well?

No. 1460433

Karen is still much more successful in sex work then both Sabrina and Sandra.
Ana Fox is an escort

No. 1460525

Eh if you’re going to be a hoe, be a successful one and build a good future for yourself. Brina had many opportunities to branch out into other business ventures and squandered all of them. Won’t be surprised if she’s in prison in a few years when all her issues catch up with her. She’s got a lot of eyes on her and is doing illegal things while not being discreet..

No. 1460577

She is extremely lazy and just wants to get high and bang like a teenager. She can't do any responsible work. Hooking regularly included.

No. 1460589

File: 1646687091650.png (550.02 KB, 537x966, Screenshot (1).png)


All 3 girls at the hotel, at this point Scargumm should know how these girls are like but she chooses to associate with them.

No. 1460599

Something is a miss with scar’s judgement. To some extent you attract who you are… if she hasn’t figured out by now these two are bad news, she probably is just as bad.

No. 1460669

The shit big C posts is so sad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1460679

You’re a dumb fuck. Go fuck yourself.

No. 1460684

As a 13 year old once again takes to social media to look for some help, there is one person that's missing as always….

Brina is a filthy drug addicted prostitute who is currently selling herself out of a low rent motel. Her Ketamine addiction is so bad she can't even Cam without falling apart. The only thing in her life beyond ketamine she cares about is her idiot brain damaged BF Junkie James.

Imagine being a 13 year old girl at the cross roads of your life and Mom doesnt have time because she has a motel booked for the week and a long line of tricks to turn with sleazy men. She doesnt have emotional bandwidth for "C," but she has all the time in the world for the rogue's gallery of prostateless men from the Cafe Lu who take out their teeth before they have their way with her.

Your failure with your children will never be forgotten.

No. 1460695


I honestly don’t know how she’ll ever get out of debt with her the irs and child support. It’s super sad to know she’ll never give child support to her children because she’ll always be working under the table.
Or…I don’t know why but I could see brina coming up from this, bagging a druggie rapper, sugar daddy or one of her rich clients. She’ll still be a deplorable human but I fully think she’ll find someone to “trap”, it’s her brand. Imagine how quickly she’d ditch junkie James for some rich fucker. Maybe then she’ll pay her taxes and child support, unless the fucking irs lock her up before that.

No. 1460700

you didn’t block the name you dumb fuck

No. 1460726

She's retarded

No. 1460785


Seriously, delete this shit now… You posted her handle. Not fucking cool.


I don’t know what half ass thoughts landed you to this prognosis but this is entirely out of the cards for Sabrina. Her mess is well documented online. People in her area(s) know she’s a scumbag. Nobody with any pull or power is going to associate themselves with a child abusing & abandoning ketamine addict, who can barely put together a coherent sentence AND is literally known for shoving shit in and out of there ass. It’s not even like she’s arm candy, she’s covered in filth to the point that her hair looks as though it should be crawling with insects. She’s fucked her face, which was already only average (at best) before. She turns 30 at the end of this year, she’s used and abused with enough debt for 10 lifetimes. Cant have shit under her name. A dependent and a fucking liability.

Nobody is picking this broad up and saving her. There are enough dumb bitches without the strings and drama, especially where she is. You don’t gotta settle for Sabrina. Junkie James, and apparently Curley, is the best she can do.

No. 1460820

you're so fucking retarded this is normal teen shit and u couldn't even block the handle. can we stop posting shit from this MINORS account, this is her mother's thread. honestly she should not be mentioned here as much as she has been, but retards keep thinking this shit is milk. fking braindead cunts the lot of u who keep posting about her

No. 1460823

Plot twist: Sabrina gets pregnant by a wealthy man and actually keeps this one and pretends to take care of it because it’s a guaranteed child support check every month. And she’ll never have to work a day in her life again.

She can take a page out of Melanie Martin’s playbook.

No. 1460841

This is the only plausible thing that could happen that would put Brina in a favorable situation for herself. And it’s not out of the realm of possibility. She will do anything for money, but good luck seeing another pregnancy full term with rampant drug and alcohol abuse. It’s probably why Junkie J hasn’t successfully knocked her up yet… her body is inhabitable to grow a baby.

No. 1460844

Lmao! I’ve been wondering what happened to her and Aaron. They’ve kind of been quiet on social media. I agree, Sabrina should’ve just had a baby with a sugar daddy and call it a day, instead she chooses to hang out with drug dealers in cheap motels kek.

No. 1460850

She’s been looking so dirty lately. Also thank you for making some sense of this scenario

No. 1460857

Aaron isn’t wealthy, KEK! He’s a washed up delusional drug addict who is about to lose custody of his son or just have supervised visits at best. He’s a loser. Your scenario for Sabrina does not match up with Melanie Martin as she’s making no more money from Aaron than from the decently well off Joe from down the street and around the corner.

No. 1460863

Melanie should of gotten knocked up by her bisexual male escort ex (Kurt Benz) instead. Low key wish these cows would collide more. Brina ditching James to go after Aaron would be an amazing hot mess.

No. 1460894

Quit posting shit from her MINOR daughters account, especially with her username in it. And agreed I can actually picture brina with Aaron

No. 1460896

File: 1646710871399.jpeg (731.5 KB, 1125x1906, 952EAA51-4A0D-4FCA-B9A3-95EDF5…)

Brina’s hanging out with junkie j, jboiwellpaid and purpz. Nice crowd there and why the fuck are you spinning??
Both jboi and purpz follow Rhett.. kek

No. 1460905


Nah Aaron is well off. He has royalties coming out of his ass from prior work. He probably brings in around $375k+ a year between royalties, sales from his stuff from the 90’s and his current music activities, OF and merch. He also said in an interview how in the past year he had already spent upwards of $250k on Melanie. Which I believe because even in her restraining order papers she filed she stated it was important for her to get back into the house to retrieve her belongings since she owns tons of designer pricey items. And in her live she was talking about how much stuff she has that she could sell now to buy her own condo.

And DCSS doesn’t care about your debt or how much you owe, they do it based off the income coming in. Melanie is going to get a hefty child support check every month that will be the equivalent to having a full time job. Especially if she has full custody.

No. 1460919

File: 1646715036365.png (5.1 MB, 1170x2532, 15D93297-9087-4E0C-B91C-7AEB7E…)

Wonder if she’s fucking for those drugs or paying with money she doesn’t have.

No. 1460941

File: 1646717480089.png (12.7 MB, 1284x2778, 4836CBFE-8E01-411E-B8B1-49E392…)

No. 1460985

After a few days of hooking, nothing like railing ketamine with Junkie James and having a few drinks.
While the mirror and facsimile straw will get the most attention, for me it's what appears to be scratch off lottery ticket randomly situated amongst the whores drug paraphernalia.

No. 1461032

Oh my GOD that’s where I know her from! I remember back in the day on The Dirty Kurt started dating her. I find her very dumpy and unattractive and did not get the hype. Literally everyone in this circle is a hooker.

No. 1461038

How deplorable do you have to be to post C’s handle after some creep was just asking for it?? This thread has gone to more shit than Brina’s life. Leave the 13 year old girl alone. Just because she has a shitty guardian and a public account doesn’t make it okay for you to lurk and constantly repost her. She’s 13 and struggling fuck off. “How sad” no shit dude, she has a thread of adults watching her every public move like she’s in a zoo. You should feel disgusting when you open her story to lurk her life and you clearly do since you’re viewing her from a throw away account via web browser. What the fuck.

No. 1461194

it’s in the rules not to post minors can a mod please delete it

No. 1461199

How much do you think they are making honestly? Who knows maybe they get some good money from escorting? Brina is a broke bitch but some how spends a lot of money all the time, even just recently. Botox, fillers, lingerie, nails, skincare products, makeup, pricey restaurants, ordering take out, road trips, flights and is able to afford or mooch drugs and alcohol too? How?? Lingerie is not cheap either. It’s not just from Sandra’s 10k gift of cash and it sure as hell isn’t cam bringing in the money. They both just started anyways. Doubt she can save money for shit either. I always wondered why she quit cam when she had a decent mfc income. I don’t think it’s the pregnancies either. She’s probably making more now or trying to get to that point. I figure she probably makings between 1k a night escorting?

Sandra and Brina were a lot younger than scargum. She’s old enough to know what she’s doing. she may be young but these whores were a lot younger so I’m not surprised. Scargum sure knows how to pick them.

No. 1461200


The fact that this scum hasn’t deleted this yet, when they are clearly a regular lurker.

You’re as repulsive as Sabrina posting C onto her camwhore ig. You have given her arguably the same level of dangerous exposure, honestly IF NOT WORSE because you’ve led people directly to her. The story that you posted wasn’t even remotely relevant to this board. You are just a pathetic creep who has no place here.

No. 1461204

two of her recent "lingerie" are cheap amazon shit (the microkini and the blue/cream one. Fillers and botox are a few hundred but instathots pretend it's more so it seems more exclusive, nails skincare and makeup are also not too pricey. If she was making good consistent money she wouldn't be sleeping in a closet on a pikachu bed with a chipped tooth wearing amazon lingerie

No. 1461205

Streisand Effect the username more, why don’t you?
> You have 30 minutes to delete a comment you've made. (…) Do not ask mods to delete your post if you missed the 30 minute window.
Psst, you might want to read the rules.

No. 1461235

Report the post. The jannies will remove it. Bitching in the thread won't do anything.

No. 1461257

I do fillers and Botox, am not an “instathot”, and can confidently say, unless you’re going to a budget place, you’ll leave spending over $1k just on fillers and Botox. Honestly, that’s a minimum depending on how many units of Botox and how many syringes of filler. Just saying. In fact, I’m familiar with the place Brina went last (liquid beauty), and they aren’t cheap. Plus she did all that jawline filler… she spent a LOT that day, guaranteed.

No. 1461275

IRS and kids won't get a penny of her money. sad.

No. 1461290

File: 1646763603283.jpeg (Spoiler Image,353.43 KB, 1284x1474, 1C332879-0DD3-420F-9645-88E9EB…)

How unfortunate.

No. 1461298

Yikes.. she has to spend hours a day staring into her phone and contorting her body in order to take a flattering photo.

No. 1461388

Filler in Orange County is minimum $800 a syringe. Your law line usually takes 4 syringes. Her chin probably took 2. Her lips probably took 2. And a full face of Botox is around $400-600 depending on where you go. It is pricey. She left there spending thousands.

No. 1461399

Does anyone know specifically WHY she quit camming on MFC?

the rumor was she had signed a contract with camversity. But I don’t believe that anymore and think that was a lie Sabrina made up. Camversity is done for and for whatever reason she still hasn’t returned back to MFC. Even when Sandra tried to get Sabrina to join her MFC show she looked nervous and said “uhmm were trying to figure out if Sabrina is allowed to join in”

I’m pretty sure she got permabanned from MFC years ago from all her simps finally being sick of her shit (no pun intended) and reporting her for scamming, or who knows what else she was doing.

No. 1461414

Pretty sure a big part of her ban from Mfc was that she was promoting camversity during her shows. She has stopped mfc for a while, had c number 3 started hyping up camversity on her social medias, came back to mfc specifically to promote camversity for a week or so and than bam, she gets banned

No. 1461495

MFC will not pay out garnishments. When the state came for her money MFC would have told her she can continue to cam there, but suspended her ability to be paid out until she can prove no longer having a tax lien via the state tax board faxing proof of lift of lien. This happened to a lot of camgirls who suddenly disappeared and never cammed again on MFC, but started camming other places. When she started promoting Camversity on her MFC account she knew she could never be paid by MFC again so she didn’t care to lose her account promoting where she was moving to making it look like an investment move to everyone, but reality is MFC will not pay you or your garnishment and she jumped the ship she sank herself. There’s also proof in the timeline a few posts back where someone posted the tax liens against her dating back when she jumped ship.

No. 1461615

File: 1646784696254.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1284x2270, 6627654A-97C2-45FD-8AA6-DECB91…)

sOo yOunG and “hip” with her hickies in the dingy 2 star hotel she’s camming, hooking, and going on a week-long bender in at 30.

thinking she’s fine dining “eating” steak off paper plates with plastic cutlery.

No. 1461622

Ew she has a horrible hairline and hair loss

No. 1461713

Escorting in oc you make more than you think. Especially someone like her who has a good amount of followers. Some guys pay more for girls w big ig accounts weirdly. For her, I’d say starting rate is $1,000. She can make between $3,000-$5,000 per guy though.

And her hairline is fine. You guys go way too hard on her appearance she is still a pretty girl just a horrible person. Her body isn’t nice because she never works out

No. 1461766

Yeah that hair line comment was a little weird because her hairline looks like your average woman’s hairline???

I’m more concerned that her hair is possessed and you can see a face in one of the rollers. I know I’m not the only one seeing that. Girls got bad energy surrounding her heh

No. 1461780

HA!!! I wouldn’t have noticed that if you didn’t point it out but that’s hilarious

No. 1461822

Lmao at the face. I went and did a second look and it’s so true!

No. 1461826

File: 1646801024920.jpeg (648.91 KB, 828x1415, 6BC30709-5B1E-40FC-A0BB-2791DE…)

y tho

No. 1461829

bc shes so full of herself

No. 1461838

LMAO i'm dead she's really a villain

No. 1461844

File: 1646802873086.jpeg (29.68 KB, 491x491, 7C430537-FBDC-496C-A4FF-45D3D1…)

sandra needs to call an exorcist on this crackhead

No. 1461900

Her last 85 year old clients cigar smoke stained his face right in her hair, poor thing

No. 1462147

Enough with the hairline tinfoil. One thing Briba definitely has is nice hair- even if her partings have gotten bigger due to being an anaChan/drugs, she still probably has thicker and longer hair than most of you. Why focus on that, when she just made her manly chin manlier with fillers, and has a flat saggy ass she hides- that should have received the injections.

Also am I literally the only one who noticed James sat outside alone while she tricked last night pondering to himself 'if some things are worth it in the end'?? He deleted it pretty soon after, very telling!

No. 1462190

Yes, James stuck outside talking about the true “value” of something that can’t be bought. Pathetic. I wonder what kind of bind they have to be In for him to be remotely okay with what she’s doing.

No. 1462212

Lmao. I need to start following James. I didn’t see this story, but how funny. I can’t imagine who would be remotely okay with simply waiting outside while their SO is turning tricks. Their situation is so dang weird and I think her behavior is tolerated by James because he’s mentally challenged and thinks Brina is the best he can do. My dude, if you’re reading this, you can do better. At least get yourself a druggie gf who doesn’t prostitute herself and abandon her three children without a care. Plus, we all know Brina will drop you no problem once she meets someone she thinks is better. There’s no loyalty when it comes to Brina.

No. 1462238

What is with all of you excusing multiple of these cows behaviors with “mentally challenged” and such terms. Just fucking stop. Are you all so young that you haven’t yet realized that there are so many people in the world like this bunch and it’s not because they are mentally challenged? I don’t even care about James’ injury. He’s clearly not actually retarded…just choosing to be stupid. Just as Sandra is. It’s like you guys can’t accept that there are a lot of these people walking around and they aren’t mentally challenged biologically, they are just people who truly rationalize this way and are fully aware of what they are doing.

No. 1462243

Correct me if I’m wrong, but did brina photoshop the demon face out of her hair? It looks different now

No. 1462247

I’m thinking starting is 1k as well but she could make up to 5k.
I was gonna say that but wasn’t sure if this trash could pull that much.

No. 1462260

I thought the same thing, the face is no longer in the pic in her twitter

No. 1462263

It's a different picture

No. 1462271

File: 1646856353950.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x2085, 3A80E34C-EB26-4067-B48D-1D167A…)

Melanie showing she’s divorced from Aaron… he keeps posting about being a “single dad” in his stories. What a mess these people are. That poor baby.

No. 1462285

I hope Sabrina tries to get with Aaron. Kek.

No. 1462318

Brina just deleted her ig lol

No. 1462338

My guess is there’s trouble in paradise and her and James are fighting. Can’t imagine he’s happy with what she’s doing but they need the money..

No. 1462345

File: 1646862399365.jpeg (998.4 KB, 1170x1516, 737C6E44-4AD2-4478-B234-1F83BB…)

She posted another version of this pic on her Twitter and the face is still there lol

No. 1462365

>20,000 sit ups in 30 minutes

No. 1462401

Sage your dumb nothingness…she’s talking about that device she’s using at whatever clinic she’s going to for cool sculpting or whatever it may be. That’s what they advertise it’s the equivalent to but obviously it’s not.

No. 1462507

File: 1646871451435.jpeg (340.34 KB, 1125x1016, EAF96E88-DD57-43CB-AE4E-876515…)

Definitely trouble in paradise. She always gives it away in her likes kek. Which is beyond me at this point.

No. 1462512

File: 1646871610769.jpeg (199.13 KB, 1125x1891, AB651EAB-1B54-4E28-92A3-A5425F…)

Junkie J riding solo at 2am

did anyone screen grab his little quote?

No. 1462516

idk why she keeps editing it, it’s horrible.

No. 1462571

File: 1646875316442.png (9.19 MB, 1125x2436, D89137E1-5851-4B04-8C34-2F05EF…)


No. 1462579

File: 1646875920575.png (9.9 MB, 1125x2436, 3BB70BA1-C1AE-42A5-9A6F-E21C32…)

Went to screenshot this because she looks so different and noticed her eyes

No. 1462603

That’s a face filter obviously, but the eyes never lie.

No. 1462646

About time Sabrina deleted that trash of an IG, and why does Melanie look like the opposite of a hammerhead shark

No. 1462647

Samefag but I bet Sabrina deleted it for an upcoming court case coming up or something to do with her daughter or kids

No. 1462710

This dumb b is so strung out all the time that she’s regularly posting edited pics that likely look way worse than the original.

No. 1462772

Tax season and she deleted her insta. Not surprising at all.

No. 1462796

Didn’t she post last year on Instagram her bank account with a balance of $80,000? I have a feeling that was Sandra’s savings account lmao

No. 1462991

File: 1646921336242.jpg (31.39 KB, 275x275, 1646802873086_2022031006082293…)

No. 1463086

File: 1646930495913.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x2077, 9D902AB7-9163-4FA1-A46A-B5B9E5…)

That’s the same lobby from when he and Sabrina checked into the hotel. Without IG to advertise her camming…. She must just be taking in-calls.

No. 1463186

Hanging outside waiting for her to be done like some cuckhold

No. 1463382

File: 1646955896177.jpeg (122.26 KB, 1284x514, 4D5F7992-64D7-45C2-9C80-0F1086…)


No. 1463477

File: 1646962175397.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x1975, 2FAF3703-8F7C-4ABF-B134-CA3F05…)

No. 1463745

Sandra or some other degenerate? Probably them druggy friends that were at the hotel

No. 1463847

I hope it was the scargum slut. That would be a pretty funny twist.

No. 1463956

Could have been the random 2 guys she was doing drugs with. Or she never lost her ID and just shut down her account and that’s her “excuse”. She doesn’t take responsibility for anything in her life.

No. 1464313


I agree that she probably took it down to keep her content low for some legal reason and will have it back up when the right amount of time passes. There is too much indifference on her end to this and no proactive steps for “if she doesn’t get it back.”

I died at the Scargum theory, serious or not. Homegirl would be LEGENDARY in my books if she pulled that one out of her fat ass.

No. 1464332

Scar is not fat at all. No need to say that. The people in here who make things up and hyper focus are so annoying when there’s so much legit milk.

No. 1464491

We will excuse you and the fact that you think you are smart enough to come here and white knight a stupid hoe get you are clearly so brain dead and anxious to post that you can’t follow extremely simple rules for the site…anyway…scarslut superhoe is not a “fat ass” but she does have a fat stinky looking ass. Maybe that’s what that anon meant? Are you her? Give us milk pls or stfu

No. 1464497

Are you samefagging? I don’t care about Scargum’s existence (she’s boring) but calling her fat is weird. Stop projecting and get help for your ED.

No. 1464524

they made a legitimate point, why are u so mad about some random cam ho? only problem was they didn't sage but whatever some people forget. this is like when anons were calling brina fat lmfao i swear the pro ana cunts are so obvious

No. 1464587

No, I didn’t samefag…so sorry that more than one anon has the same opinion about you, kek.

It’s just The fact that y’all are simping for the easiest hoe of the lot is worth mentioning.

No. 1464598

Now I am samefagging to point out that you deleted your original post and reposted it basically exactly the same except for the part where you tagged me…you legit deleted your post to rewrite it but adding an address to me. You weird fuck.

No. 1464668

There’s some seriously angry, crazy and unhinged anachan retards in this thread..

No. 1464682


She’s not fat but she has a fat stinky ass?
Yeah should probably take your own advice and stick to the milk as well because.. you sound pretty brain dead

Also scar just recently got into this thread what made you mad? kek

No. 1464686

I’m not surprised, brina used to be very proana. I’m sure she had a flock from that community that still might follow her.

No. 1464714

I didn’t provide milk, therefore I saged. So I am sticking by what I said in terms of if you don’t have milk then sage your shit. It’s really not hard and if you can remember to even come to this site in the first place then you can remember to at least sage when you’re supposed to. This thread keeps getting bumped daily for absolutely no reason. I actually don’t think a lot of you know how to sage lol. Oh…you must be new to people not being fat in general but having a “fat” ass. I stand by what I said…she has a fat ass but she looks like she smells terrible and she can’t be that great considering her friend group…kek.

No. 1464733

File: 1647056698143.jpeg (188.4 KB, 1242x644, 38BDCCE0-5FC7-4B73-B052-E85D00…)

Sabrina changed her family ig to her personal one.. unless she got hacked.

No. 1464768

who tf is simping for her here? it was only scrotes on that cam site, sounds like ur mad about that for some reason kek. i saw a few people call her cute here maybe once cuz she's young and healthier looking than sandra and brina. tbh u sound unhinged and jealous like personal vendetta level bc she's barely even discussed here, and not in a positive way

No. 1464791

how do you get so wasted that you misspell her OWN NAME

No. 1464792

how do you get so wasted that you misspell your OWN NAME

No. 1464825

>We will excuse you and the fact that you think you are smart enough to come here and white knight a stupid hoe get you are clearly so brain dead and anxious to post that you can’t follow extremely simple rules for the site…anyway…

No. 1464853

File: 1647069642319.jpeg (206.75 KB, 1284x1443, B7DED3B4-4F2D-4D59-B430-6DD199…)

Family page > Whoring page

No. 1465167

File: 1647106444756.png (10.42 MB, 1284x2778, E479931F-FB18-4F9D-81D5-B14F54…)

Sad James is so alone and wants the world to know it

No. 1465229

Junkie James is a drug addict cuck who waits in hotel lobbies for Brina as she conducts her "dates" with old sleazy men from the OC and Cafe Lu. You can hang out at the bar and listen to Kid Cudi all day waiting for the next score of ketamine for you and Brina to rail, but always remember, she ruins everyone around her. Understand shes using you too, just like everyone else. You better get away while you can. Sooner or later one of her "dates" might go wrong and shes going to expect you to go in and have to straighten out the trick. Is that really where you want to be in life. Never forget, your are in a relationship with a whore.

No. 1465756

File: 1647135309328.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1551, IMG_20220313_013333.png)

Dear god
The only thing I'd pay her to do is stop dancing

No. 1465772

File: 1647135821711.png (4.97 MB, 1284x2778, 419C254E-A1AB-41C1-8A68-1B483F…)

James venting about being on this forum in his stories kek

No. 1465775

File: 1647135904187.png (6.19 MB, 1284x2778, 036A37C6-1DB1-41C4-9A00-42F2C3…)

No. 1465777

Maybe he should just pretend we don't exist just like Sabrina does with him and all of her children

No. 1465842

File: 1647140294765.webm (1.41 MB, 720x1280, 01.webm)

No. 1465843

File: 1647140376672.webm (6.28 MB, 720x1280, 02.webm)

Let’s archive this properly

No. 1465844

File: 1647140413666.webm (5.12 MB, 720x1280, 03.webm)

No. 1465845

File: 1647140507814.webm (1.18 MB, 720x1280, 04.webm)

No. 1465848

File: 1647140607869.webm (6.62 MB, 720x1280, 05.webm)

No. 1465849

All broken for me

No. 1465851

File: 1647140717121.webm (1.01 MB, 720x1280, 06.webm)

My favourite part of all of this is that he used this clip to let us know he’s right and we’re wrong, nonase

No. 1465853

iPhone and Safari? If so, you need either to download Chrome, download VLC and copy the link or use a desktop computer

No. 1465856

Dude is literally homeless having his woman pay for him by hooking and he thinks he’s intelligent and everyone else is jealous?

No. 1465918

Kek bro really over exaggerates every little expression. "And I find it beyond pitiful and jussss sssad when people are jealousss or enviousss.." kekekek
He sounds like a literal snake

No. 1465919

It’s more crucial that she stops singing tho, kek

No. 1465921

Oh boy. Ima have to go over to the computer to watch this lmao

No. 1465956

I gotta be honest I really wanted to think he's not as annoying as brina but he def is lol

No. 1466017

First Junkie James, let's try to understand exactly what people are jealous of…..
You are a homeless drug addict that lives in a closet with a prostitute. When not skulking around north hollywood looking for ketamine, you occupy your spare time waiting in hotel lobbies and bars as your whore sucks and fucks old men. What am I missing?

As you dont have a job or anything of meaning in your life outside of the whore, do your research here and learn about all the hundreds of guys before you. The whore you are leaching off from is a well known commodity. Shes famous for a lot of things beyond just shitting herself then sticking it back up her ass.
Now why dont you do everyone a favor, and keep the whore away from any children, especially her own. You are both drug addicts and dont need to be around kids.

Hope you and the whore made a lot of money this week doing in calls at the hotel, have fun with all the ketamine that gets you. It makes sense, you get free drugs if you hang around her and dont have to stay on the streets. That being said, there's always a price to pay Junkie James, and Ive got a feeling for you the bill will be due soon.

No. 1466143

File: 1647173555116.jpeg (723.57 KB, 1284x2355, 9C39BBB1-3B86-4F8E-8AE4-35C427…)

did anyone notice that sabrina didn’t follow her new “bestie” scargum during her reboot of the fam page? i’m also pretty sure that james used to follow her too and now doesn’t, but i could be wrong about before. she’s always been on/off about sandra and i can see her skipping a follow when she feels in a position of building the account up… totally weird that her #1 bestie/frenemy (sandra) wouldn’t be posting her new ig on their story to promote it tho kek.

i cant wait to see this play out further. if she does a show soon, one of you assholes better ask her straight up. fingers crossed sabrina is a wake enough to answer.

also hi james, welcome to the chat.

No. 1466263

This was so embarrassing; the vape smoke, the mustache of a 12 year old, the chapped and thin lips- so gross all around

No. 1466276

OT thank you for updating and the content provided. Ive been going through medical stuff, and reading lolcow makes me laugh everyday, usually best part of day. Stuck in Hospital for a few more weeks this discussion is hilarious and I even tell person next to me about it.
Can remember Brina back when she was a big deal, kind of sad to see where everything is now.
Long time follower of her saga, "Junkie James" is my favorite BF. He has great nick name, takes himself way to seriously, you can see that he will betray her at some point, hopefully for Scargumm.
Have a great Sunday, really appreciate everyone who contributes.

No. 1466358

I don’t think she followed anyone yet but I could be wrong. Super shady though, you want people to spread the word but can’t even follow the people you hangout with everyday?

They both follow each other currently and I also saw that James was following her family account for a while. She’s such a trick changing her family account.. which her daughter probably has seen.

No. 1466371

File: 1647193560232.jpeg (1.9 MB, 1125x2015, 1CB0F4E1-5DD8-4F6F-8689-9C236B…)

Brina reposted all her photos on her family account

No. 1466374

File: 1647193603325.jpeg (266.01 KB, 1125x1939, 7DFEB1D8-1344-4E50-8AB8-F0E6D3…)

No. 1466375

File: 1647193635442.jpeg (322.54 KB, 1125x1869, 7812B3E3-BB86-46F4-BFFC-21E0F2…)

Her “bestie”

No. 1466377