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File: 1687217620470.jpeg (254.23 KB, 1061x1331, FOURTEEN.jpeg)

No. 1849631

Read the rules before posting! Newfags, type “sage” in the email field (unless reporting new milk). The same ol’ song and dance: Do not post faces of minors or links to Sabrina’s daughter’s social media.

Rules link

Kat/Stormy/Pumpy/PumpkinSpice/SixGinn/Morgan Hoffman:
>> Is still randomly claiming to be in therapy, but when?
>> Tales of selective Agrophobia.
>> mUh dEpreShUn over mUh hUrR, I can’t even bring myself to do mUh sKinCuRR
>> Starts referring to Ty’s daughter as her family/stepdaughter and sharing parenting TT’s.
>> Anons discuss Pumpy’s general wrath and her overall inconsistent/unstable orientation towards Ty’s daughter (one minute she’s “ratchet,” the next she is “stepdaughter”), agreeing that she would definitely put her hands on a child if she thought that she could get away with it.
>> Pumpy brags that she is living a pampered life and eating take out all day, while Ty works to pay their rent and buy her designer bags (where) because “she took care of them financially for six months,” while she was struggling? Doesn’t seem to understand that’s not the flex she thinks it is.
>> Says she broke up with Ty. Later says that she only PRETENDED to break up with Ty for mUh pRiVaCy and is now enraged that many women followed him right after (probably much to his delight).
>> Claims she knows how to cook meat because she’s FROM THE SOUTH where they HUNT THEIR MEAT.. this is captioned on a picture of beef. She apparently does not know that cows are farmed, not hunted. Guess it must not have come up on Tik Tok yet, her main source of shm-education.
>> “Woke” tweet about manifesting her mental illness, clearly after lurking in here. She also admits to coming here, many times. Is this grounds for a post reveal?
>> In hopes that Ty will call her his gf one day, she starts taking down content that isn’t masturbation videos or making it less accessible.
>> Says her entire life (maybe a month or two) is being a STAHM, STAHG and she wants more for herself.. she forgets that Ty’s daughter is in school during the day and she clearly hasn’t been doing drop off/pick up. She truly thinks that we don’t see her live posting hanging out by herself in her room all day.
>> Posts her old pregnancy test from last year and wishes herself a Happy Mother’s Day because she must have already forgot that she is a STAHM.
>> Repeating the same five boring rants.
>> Becomes increasingly clear within the last thread or two that Pumpy had a single positive ANA test (false positives aren’t uncommon) and was never formally diagnosed with mUH lUpUs. We had our suspicions.
>> Posts a story of herself looking like a full blown Chucky doll and wishing rape, disease, DV, etc. on a female follower for telling her to essentially stop being an insufferable victim and go do something about her life. Her further response to the follower is at least she’s “not a victim of stalking accounts of people she doesn’t like” but the lie detector test determined THAT WAS A LIE as she stalks Brina, Kira, Doe, every girl who has talked to Ty, and every girl who IS talking to Ty..
>> Pumpy basically admits she doesn’t clean her litterbox regularly because she can only manage 1-2 things a day (yet is a busy STAHM/G?) due to her depreshunn — so yes, the place smells how it looks.
>> Spirals about a mass in her breast and obsesses over it until they confirm that it’s nothing. I’m sure she’ll find a way to bring it up again later like, “that was my post partum boob mass.”
>> Pumpy is so rich but totally dependent on subs because for some reason her wealth can’t take care of the medical debt from being The Sickest Woman on EarthTM (or rent, coffee, stripclub money.. )
>> Ty is suddenly not following her active alt accounts accounts. Pumpy posts a series of stories on her scrotechat, complaining that Ty has been cheating on her (“I’ve known I was getting cheated on for a while but had nowhere to go” — moved in with Ty only two months prior) Claims that she can move into a friends but needs money for movers. Says Ty is cheating with a girl who is younger than 21 while she supposedly takes care of his daughter, does 100% of the “housework,” and pays 50% of the bills (despite claiming he was taking care of her now, prINCesS trEatMent). Says she put herself into 12k of debt moving into that house with him.
>> Tweets about longing for motherhood and how difficult it is to “feel herself getting older” without having a baby.
>> Pumpy is enraged at all of the attention going to The Home Depot thirst trap girlies.
>> Doesn’t acknowledge Ty’s birthday
>> BPD Ragefest ends and she wears the shitty heart necklace that Ty gave her, as well as his band tee.


Tyler (Ty) Arenas – Pumpy's P4P/Sugar Baby/Official CamWhore Pass Around Links:

Sabrina Nellie "Brina" Juarez:
>> JJ who? Brina has a new boo, “Schwaggle” (nn Schnozzle) — A “sober” BMXer with a nose bigger than JJ’s penis.
>> Despite Schwaggle being supposedly straight edge, Sabrina is as high/intoxicated as ever but also claiming to be sober.. while drinking wine on cam..
>> Schwaggle starts using clips of Brina in his BMX videos and things move fast already with knee-jerk I Love You’s.
>> Ugh, so many cringe videos of Sabrina licking his arm and knuckles.
>> Some SAD cam appearances, she seems to be putting in more effort than usual to scrounge up money. One show had no tips, or even conversation, as Sabrina just stood with her mangled and bruised body that’s been ravaged by years of drug abuse, multiple pregnancies, and the anachan lifestyle.
>> Pierces her ears with a thumb tack and a candle because she’s bored and low IQ.
>> Her and Schwaggle make depressing porn together, where Sabrina is barely conscious enough to make you think that she’s consenting or knows what’s going on.
>> Our Scammer Queen charges people to subscribe to her page and then charges them extra to see the content.
>> In this chapter, she seems to have completely forgot that Big C exists. Further support that JJ coordinated the visits, probably to make her look like less of a vile deadbeat. We still don’t know what’s going on between her and AJ, but the natural assumption is drugs (he also claims to be sober.. while regularly posting lean). She bothers to see Little C a couple of times when she goes to see AJ.


Schwaggle/Schnozzle/smallhands – New Boyfriend/Co-Star:

Past Threads
4 (Mislabelled as 5) >>>/snow/1485139
3 >>>/snow/1405225
2 https://original.lolcow.farm/snow/res/1261804.html
1 >>>/snow/198254

Sandra G Popa:
>> I’m such a silly ol’ goose cuz I tried to trick my mother into watching my porn with Sabrina
>> Still messing around with pharmaceuticals and oopsies ends up puking on the floor trying to yell for help.
>> Responsibly, gets an IUD.
>> Has a Pokémon themed birthday, no BFFL Sabrina in sight? I’m sure she has a good excuse though..


>> A scrote infiltrates the thread and whines about the low quality of Charms’ videos and them costing $10.
>> Rants on twitter about the oppression that comes with having frankentits.
>> Starts trying to put in more work than she has been and does some weird Cow/Easter set (horror cow tier content).
>> Is going to put coverup tattoos on hold so she can afford butt implants, because she is obviously wanting to be ENTIRELY nonfunctional as a human being.
>> Weird deadpan face selfie while she sperges about having herpes.. trying to be diSeASEd gIrLy like her idol Pumpy.


Michael Flores — “Hella Gay” Husband:

Random Updates:
- PNP gets more procedures and engaged “new face, new man.”
- Kati3 is selling used butt plugs.

Past Threads

No. 1849654

File: 1687219152045.jpeg (403.31 KB, 1284x2224, IMG_9168.jpeg)

at least she’s doing something about her weight dissatisfaction instead of just restricting and/or obsessing over it, like pumpy.

No. 1849678

This thread image is fantastic nona! Major kek. Thanks for putting together the thread

No. 1849715

File: 1687225415441.jpeg (147.31 KB, 828x1306, IMG_0771.jpeg)

Incapable of learning

No. 1849724

Is this recent? Apparently spending that $1000 she just made to fix her hair is more important than hiring movers to help her escape her codependent emotionally abusive relationship.

No. 1849729

Samefag: at least her obsession with her new image will distract her from her reality for a moment.

No. 1849744

Where did she post this? I can’t find it anywhere is it from today?(sage your shit)

No. 1849747

Was too lazy to black out the post time so I cropped it. She posted it two hours ago on her insta

No. 1849750

Or she can just have better hair and maybe Ty won’t cheat on her. Yeah, I think that’s a great strategy

No. 1849768

I had a frienemy who wouldn’t stop touching her hair, just like pumpy. her hair literally melted off in the salon, she ended up w a pixie cut, I’d say pump is one more dye job away from no hair

No. 1849770

Stfu, this twit is lightening her hair again? I’m floored. I swear, she makes the same mistakes so she can repeat the same “comfortable” complaints. I’d also love to hear the 2+2 on how lightening her hair is going to help her “rapid” re-growth. While we’re at it, how she’ll afford maintenance since she’s even e-begging for coffee these days. Ty must have been talking to a blonde or something.

No. 1849801

File: 1687234204041.jpeg (169.48 KB, 960x1706, 923ABFF1-65F2-4A68-BDE1-7A6CAC…)

Yea I think that’s the source of the inspo. My guess is Ty cheated with (emotionally and/or physically) a normie girl, not alt at all.

No. 1849802

Samefag I also think she’s trying to look younger via filters and less obnoxious styling choices

No. 1849806

File: 1687235538797.png (2.69 MB, 3647x2160, 1.png)

No. 1849807

File: 1687235687336.webm (4.08 MB, 720x1280, 2.webm)

No. 1849925

I’ve noticed she’s using the young freckle filter nonstop too. Competing between his daughter and his tween fan base for ty’s pedophilic eye.
I figure she just tweets and talks about all these contradictory beliefs she has because she’s really fighting with her own head. She’s projecting and talking to a mirror every time she talks or writes anything online.

I don’t think bringing up her contradictory statements is milky enough to post in the thread anymore either. There’s plenty of evidence she’s living multiple realities inside her meth brain.
Please avoid posting stupid non milk because at this point I think stormy is just getting off on reading a thread that’s obsessed with every post she makes because it’s hypocritical.
Let’s stick to real milk like a real breakup or her hair actually falling off and making her bald. Seeing the same stuff about how she said this and is now saying that is getting repetitive and old news.

No. 1849956

A lot of jaw slimming filters here

No. 1849988

Fair. Honestly, I’m getting desensitized to these “soft” breakups. Someone brought up Alice at the end of the last thread and I’d compare it to her bullshit with Caleb. Baiting a split, implying DV, blah blah.. only for things to be fine after. That being said, their end inevitably came and Alice is finally milky again (I think LC is over it tho, but her new snark is bumpin’). We need Stormy to choose chaos over codependency. Otherwise, it’s just the same nitpicking over her dirty pores, straw hair, or being a meth baby.

No. 1850016

Glad to see a new thread pic finally, was getting tired of looking at Sandra's spooky face in the last pic. Hopefully we get some good milk soon. Also dying @ “Schwaggle” (nn Schnozzle) — A “sober” BMXer with a nose bigger than JJ’s penis.

No. 1850076


Wasn't she bashing CoconutKitty for using a similar filter?

I agree with you. I am the first one to post about Pumpy but it's been the same thing over and over. It's getting old. Let's try to keep it to a minimum until she does something crazy. I am still hoping her hair falls out from constantly coloring it.

No. 1850166

I’m probably the odd one out as I enjoy witnessing her depression spiral over her dead hair and slips about how broke she is and hearing how illiterate and stupid she is, on a regular basis (“worstestchan”)

No. 1850307

I swear it is! I’m excited for this new match up, we haven’t found out much about him yet but obviously he’s unhinged himself if he’s lovebombing her so fast AND I’d suspect a possible history of substance abuse if “sobriety” is a part of his identity (bio). JJ kept Brina’s milk stale for years. It’s time for it to flow!

No. 1850390

File: 1687311200248.jpeg (193.42 KB, 1284x2257, IMG_9287.jpeg)

yeah, we’ve seen all the mental health work you’ve been putting in on schnozzle’s pornhub. seems like she’s in a really great, healthy place. does anyone know if she left her content up with jj or did that come down with the split?

No. 1850428

File: 1687316706579.png (154.56 KB, 548x564, Screenshot 2023-06-20 9.49.47 …)

yoooooooooooooo kek

No. 1850438

damn, the view that ty’s daughter has to see. poor thing.

No. 1850447

File: 1687319628914.jpeg (130.17 KB, 960x1706, 384B7A44-5CD9-43B0-9EA5-CED725…)

She’s moved up to those reshaping filters that stretch your nose and thin your jaw/chin.

No. 1850453

She looks fucking dead. Jesus Christ she looks bad, how can she even post this?

No. 1850459

Brina is aging pooooooorly. Plus those screen caps from her cam show on the last thread. Girl looks busted. Is she officially in her 30s yet?

No. 1850461

Yes she turns 31 later this year

No. 1850462

Samefag she really looks off without eyeliner. Unrecognizable without a cat eye— she was like this too even at her “peak”

No. 1850565

File: 1687349824495.jpeg (Spoiler Image,342.95 KB, 2048x2048, F3BEBD94-73C1-421D-8A81-B48A8E…)

You’re scum, enjoy your ban.

Are you talking about these ones (picrel)? They definitely got glazed over. As crazy as her shoop is, it’s serving purpose because it was a shock seeing her look like this.

30/31 wouldn’t even be bad if this wasn’t her life. This is where that pickme anon was lost in the last thread, 30-35 and still scraping by on half ass SW with no prospects in life beyond maybe a scumbag boyfriend is WHY we focus on their age. Sabrina aside, Pumpy is already aged out of her corner and it’s not like she’s making the $ to be worth what she’s doing. She wants more but she’ll never have more. The best she can do is keep change her appearance because she can’t change her life.

No. 1850606

Ew imagine what she would look like without her fake boobs or after kid #4. No wonder she stopped going live

No. 1850710

File: 1687368035613.jpeg (194.39 KB, 1284x2240, IMG_9299.jpeg)

Her “Cam Room” is an open shared space at the front of the house and she thinks it’s a flex to have Ty’s daughter’s backpack in the shot ‘cuz wORkiNg mOm.

No. 1850727

File: 1687370093894.jpeg (55.29 KB, 1169x437, 4A50B440-743F-4D48-8FAB-4DCE9D…)

the backpack view is so fucking weird.
I guess she cams when Ty works and the child is not at home for the summer. Wonder what Ty does for work

No. 1850733

For some reason I was thinking he was a barber but I can't find the website now. It would be especially funny if he was though given how fucked up Pumpy's hair is and he's just even trying to help her haha

No. 1850734

"Cam room" ft. Child backpack. Fucking vile. Tyler is such a disgusting piece of shit for keeping his daughter around this disgusting whore. Can't believe people live with themselves like this. It's so repulsive.

No. 1850766

File: 1687375124877.jpeg (196.85 KB, 1284x2218, IMG_9301.jpeg)

@ Ty already, Pump.

She also knows that he’s fucking other people and she still fucks him so her point is moot.

No. 1850816

This is funny when you remember she got in a argument with a few camgirls years ago about being a proud Homewrecker and when they asked her if she was ever cheated on before she said no. I remember cuz it ended with a few camgirls blocking pumpy for aggressively being a pickme. She said if a girl wasn’t fucking her man enough that he deserved to cheat. ain’t it funny how karma finds a way.

No. 1850965

File: 1687399487628.jpeg (56.73 KB, 1170x533, 7BD5B8B4-43BC-4E5C-973A-14C44E…)

Stella is the same age as Brina and has as many kids, never got any work done, and looks worlds better…. It’s the drug use.
Pumpy is still jealously reeing about housewives like she did last week in that twitter fight. She’s coping over paying Ty’s bills.

No. 1850967

Still looks like shit.

She's weird af for not taking even a second to move the backpack out of frame. She's giving such groomer vibes.

Also, it's funny that she's back to camming.
Miss Trailer Park must have found out that strip clubs in LA are competitive. If they didn't laugh her malnourished boy body out of the door, then they waited for her retarded hold & twirl to reject her.

No. 1850968

Samefag I hate this shit bc she elevates her work by throwing other sex workers under the bus: she’s only a cam/OF woman, she never has to see men for money, OTHER actual whores have sex for money

No. 1851009

File: 1687405229881.png (1.74 MB, 1176x1128, Screen Shot 2023-06-21 at 9.39…)

Kati3kat has made her hair even more ridiculous and is likely to not win her month. The drama in her room has been amazing; her twitter is now private.

No. 1851024

drama over what? her nasty hair choices? I see you decided to wear makeup for the before photo this time kek

No. 1851027

File: 1687407699395.png (157.46 KB, 2220x1156, Screen Shot 2023-06-21 at 10.2…)

One of her members posted their messages on twitter. She discussed other cam girls fucking Leo, the owner. And her talking about fucking a male cam model.

She also had to ban the word 'dog'in her chat after the incident with her dog.

No. 1851077

But yeah, I'm kati3,faggot.

No. 1851095

GOOD. None of us are upset that you’re not going on the internet naked with the dogs, kati3.. she says it like it’s a punishment for her viewers.

No. 1851195

Autocorrect you slut, go cry about it

No. 1851310

File: 1687456210847.jpeg (172.92 KB, 960x1706, 062628DA-5BB1-4F79-AA14-F4269C…)

No. 1851311

File: 1687456232860.jpeg (154.23 KB, 960x1706, 60EB4960-5734-459C-A472-675B94…)

No. 1851481

File: 1687479090802.jpeg (27.05 KB, 500x281, 9DE80C05-6A02-4E80-8ED8-992176…)

idk what this is supposed to mean but it reminded me of picrel

No. 1851496

File: 1687481158899.png (2.18 MB, 1800x1437, IMG_1255.png)

What does she think she’s gonna do? Spend all the money she made on paying for “better looks” and a never ending boyfriend experience and then make some comeback as a 30 year old and expect better results?
She’s been proving that her looks didn’t dictate her earnings forever so why does she put herself in debt over it and not even cash in on the new appearance by camming during her “best looking” aka most cosmetic surgery era?
Whatever. I enjoy watching her white trash brain never mature just like trailer trash poor mentality people that win the lotto and end up doing exactly what stormy does.

No. 1851519


Yeah no idea what this means.

No. 1851600

Yup. There was also a screen cap of her standing up with a view of her saggy ass. I really never thought she would let her body go like she has. I guess the years of drug/alc abuse -compounded with having three kids- has finally caught up to her.

No. 1851945

Honestly can't tell which pic looks worse, she's like pnp. Ugly from the inside and out despite spending money on improving shit genetics. They don't call pnp a toothless granny for nothing.

No. 1852028

File: 1687568667048.png (701.5 KB, 1170x2532, AD41DDA7-E20C-4F08-A6C7-84852E…)

A still from an overly filtered IG story she posted in the last hour. Definitely trying to look younger

No. 1852046

Well now she has an actual example of how to act from watching a little girl’s habits in real life. She’s a Stockholm Syndrome pedo victim for life.

No. 1852256

File: 1687607879845.jpeg (147.96 KB, 960x1706, 91372F07-CE1A-4FE7-8679-08863E…)

No. 1852345

File: 1687621315089.png (103.67 KB, 413x620, Screenshot 2023-06-24 11.39.35…)

did anyone else catch Kristin's ig story where she's tweaking out about how she was in jail for 3 days for strangling and attempt of murder towards her ex bf? KEK but ofc "he made it up"

No. 1852360

I wonder if she just accepts he cheats now just to keep him around kek shes such a doormat. She tried so hard to bag him that she will accept cheating

No. 1852361

I know which one you are talking about, full bruise display. It’s surprising to an extent but we’ve all been TF’ing these outcomes for years because it was inevitable. Sabrina has abused her body so much that now her only choices are to fill out or “let it all hang” on cam and shoop the photos. The same goes with her face, it’s either look ridiculous by injecting volume or have her features sag. Despite her mom having questionable genetics, I believe Sabrina could have definitely aged better. All she had to do was lay off the drugs, fix her teeth (properly), build productive hygiene habits, and have some kind of regular physical activity. Instead she sits there waiting for someone to either fuck her or pass her drugs.

Aside from her teeth, she looked better before IMO. Sure, she wasn’t “double take” drop dead gorgeous but she isn’t now either. The only slight advantage that her current appearance has on her past (again, besides the teeth) is she has SLIGHTLY more weight and doesn’t look like she’s going to break every time she moves. Her old face had a normie girl charm to it.

This picture screams “just friends” also kek at Pump hiding his chins for him.

Yeah sure, because police just throw young white women in jail for no reason smh. The system is fashioned in her favour. If she had the law crack down then there was an indisputable event. Also, what in the absolute fuck is this frightening filter?

No. 1852377

File: 1687624751248.jpeg (245.76 KB, 1284x2381, IMG_9454.jpeg)

In all of these years, how has she not developed even the slightest sense of rhythm. Do Sandra, Pumpy, and Sabrina ever look at the average SW’er’s content and not realize how painful their own is, in contrast? At very least, how do you not pick up any ideas or improvement along the way.

No. 1852419

File: 1687629323204.jpeg (32.79 KB, 388x839, IMG_8698.jpeg)

At least the ginger mess makes her balding less dramatic than when it was dark but either way all I hear is “Nnuuugghh muh lupuss”. Also her still red “shaved” brow looking pasted on the Botox mound that is her forehead. Good lord pumpy. It’s all awful.

No. 1852433

She’s doing a lot. of tweaking of her appearance post-infidelity. Like she just got a facial, redid her hair color to be more natural red after pining over black hair, started wearing lashes every day (she tweeted this), and shaved her brows. New eyeliner style, ntm the filters and her weird smiling in vids and pics now. She looks a touch less “alt”

No. 1852490

I bet she agreed to be in an “open relationship” because she’s constantly saying she’s asexual and doesn’t enjoy sex recently. She probably lets him have “protected” sex and just takes the non sexual affection at home. Or just still has sex with him and gets tested regularly like she says she does anyway.
She’s treating him exactly like the boyfriend experience that she’s paying for but she sure is getting cheated in my opinion.

No. 1852494

I think these women are so obsessed with looking at their image they literally can’t pay attention to anything else. Haven’t you noticed how they never stop looking at themselves and touching up their appearance non stop as a coping mechanism? It’s a bad obsession to have

No. 1852522

The irony of posting this in a thread that is 60% criticisms of women's appearance is hilarious.How could anyone not be neurotic about their appearance when it directly determines their ability to pay bills?

No. 1852525

It didn’t determine stormy’s income. Maybe a different look aka child-bate but not the plastic surgery obsession that the post is referring to.

No. 1852640

File: 1687657998001.jpeg (211.75 KB, 1094x1485, 3CC92C18-A35A-4894-AEAF-D9E401…)

She loves to wish rape on women

No. 1852694

Ty cheated on her with some normie.

No. 1852784

wym nonna, this is her standing for women (sarcasm)! the only woman that pumpy ever stands for is herself. she only sensationalizes the issues that relate to her or a bpd lie she’s told. her delivery always gives her away, she hates all women and wants to come out on top because she’s a pickme.. name a pickme who is also a feminist, it goes against their very fiber of being. she’ll always put on the front though because she loves to virtue signal. pumpy is like the type to support POC online but then call a black person a n’r if they make her mad, it’s all a facade. it’s funny because we’ve seen pump moan about wanting a friend or bestie a few times now, but women like this can’t manage female friendships because they are pathologically jealous of everyone. nvm that ty would look at her and we all know she can’t control “her man’s” dick.

it can be so area-specific, but i’ve noticed the 18-24 yr old’s around me are big on the understated beauty trend (à la hailey bieber). they’ll do something more “out there” for bigger events, like hailey bieber’s blue eyeliner look. we know ty’s last girl wasn’t old enough to legally drink so i don’t doubt she could have been a wildcard for him and not alt. which is going to eat pumpy’s brain cells away because she’s spent the last year and a bit trying to become more alt ha. if they haven’t already settled into an open relationship, like nonna suggested, they are on their way to it. that’s the fate of all of these relationships with a chronic cheater who’s with a codependent partner that won’t walk away. she’ll humour herself into feeling like she has some kind of control but then snap again because her of her gutter level self esteem. then it will be back to trying to bash and gatekeep him. she’s probably already planning to oops get pregnant and that’s why she’s actually working.

No. 1852987

Agreed on every point

No. 1853046

File: 1687723177231.jpeg (226.4 KB, 1170x2186, IMG_1291.jpeg)

Oh Sandy

No. 1853130

File: 1687733723648.jpeg (105.21 KB, 1169x1353, 08EA52EF-BD6D-41A4-A8F6-F51A3D…)

Yup I agree. Ty doesn’t really have a type other than cam girls/porn creators. this is one girl I’m certain Ty hit up. Super curvy, more natural looking than stormy, and young as hell. 18. Is she why she dyed her hair red?

No. 1853131

File: 1687733937106.jpeg (183.58 KB, 1170x1993, 2396CEC2-7FF1-4F1A-9EA0-8A1C84…)

Samefag >>1811742 kek her in April days after posting that vitriol at the 18yo

No. 1853455

File: 1687780533241.jpeg (181.24 KB, 1800x1460, IMG_1330.jpeg)

I love the stupidity and constant flow of mistakes she makes.

No. 1853522

Oh, I’m shocked she didn’t try to front the sunburn on her face as a butterfly rash again. With all of the stuff going on with Ty, she’s probably forgot all about mUh lUpUs (but will see this comment as “inspiration” for next time).

No. 1853578

File: 1687797267583.jpeg (42.09 KB, 467x717, IMG_9518.jpeg)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but is Sandra’s approach to treatment just cycling through pharmaceuticals? She doesn’t do any therapeutic programs, even talk therapy? I swear she’s going to trigger a major medical crisis, like a stroke, with the years she’s been messing around with meds and there is no sign of stopping. She loves the negative attention and I wouldn’t doubt if she’s lowkey a little munchie. I wonder how long before it turns from mental health munchism to physical health munchism, ie. when her body starts giving out. She’s been on (1) Abilify (2) Adderall (3) Lithium (4) Lexapro (5) Buspirone all in the last two or so months annnnnnd I’m probably missing some other ones too.

Pumpy: “Do you know how exhausting it is to be a woman that isn’t a pickme.”

Also Pumpy: Calls a teenage girl a fat cow and tells her to lose weight because HER boyfriend is a dog.

You know what, Pump? That’s some (pic)..

No. 1853590

in my experiences psychiatrists require you to be in additional talk therapy to be prescribed hard drugs like these. but not all talk therapy is created equal it can be very shallow especially if everyone feels obligated to have a monthly chat but isn't putting in "the work" so in a way, yea. could be just trying drugs with no meaningful therapy behind it

No. 1853635

File: 1687803324358.jpeg (52.97 KB, 1169x486, IMG_0299.jpeg)

You’re not ending any cycles with baby daddy Ty

No. 1853653

File: 1687804754720.jpeg (133.25 KB, 960x1706, IMG_0301.jpeg)

Pumpy’s IG stories, posting a 3+ year old Reddit thread

No. 1853658

I swear, I am fucking calling it — she intends to be pregnant very soon. She thinks that having a baby with Ty will save their relationship or at least make her feel better, like she’s “chosen.” That’s probably why she’s allowing herself to gain weight and is actually working. I wouldn’t be shocked if she’s also lowkey taking prenatals and only pretending to be on BC!

TF aside: I think that’s the only way Ty would be bothered to leave her, is if she became pregnant and refused an abortion.. but I also don’t think she’s scared of this now, not like before. She definitely feels safe that he’s in a corner where he can only live independently through her (and therefore can’t leave).

No. 1853674

File: 1687806793160.jpeg (173.01 KB, 1024x910, IMG_0232.jpeg)

These were from June 23, forgot to post

No. 1853729

I would love to hear an example of a time, other than her abortion, where Pumpy put the desires of someone else before her own. I agree that she has wasted her twenties but it’s not what she’s making it seem.

No. 1853779

File: 1687815910778.jpeg (220.75 KB, 960x1706, IMG_0319.jpeg)

She saw our posts and she’s making sure Ty sees that she’s on birth control (Jk, Ty doesn’t view her stories)

No. 1853781

File: 1687816099445.jpeg (146.62 KB, 1169x977, IMG_0316.jpeg)

No. 1853803

It's almost like her body is craving protein from all the years she's been restricting food.
Fucking idiot. Of course your body is telling you to eat protein. You literally are dying from starving yourself. There's obviously some chemical imbalance in her brain and she needs to address it. Meth brain can't be good to live with unmedicated with something other than an analog of meth.

No. 1853813

>one thing about me
do you ever post anything else, Pumpy? do you have a single thought in your head that isn’t about yourself?

No. 1853846

Why would she even say this pick me shit and advertise how dull she is? Does she want a cookie for being a homebody who never gets invited anywhere? Or for resisting having a couple glasses of wine a week?

No. 1854204

This twit truly does just rotate repeating the same four or five things, like how many times has she recently told us her birth control makes her cRaVe eggs?

NGL, part of me believes that she’s trolling us because she’s seen the hundreds of times people foam about her claiming sobriety. There is another part of me who thinks that she says this stuff because it’s what she wants to be true. Similar to most cows, Pumpy doesn’t have a clear sense of self or identity and that’s why she always has to do the most to show “who she is.”

No. 1854206

File: 1687877783053.jpeg (84.32 KB, 1284x553, IMG_9535.jpeg)

Samefag because I forgot to add that your comment made me think of this (pic) haha, BUT SHE’S SOOO HAPPY..(armchairing)

No. 1854441

File: 1687895580300.jpeg (255.15 KB, 1169x1877, IMG_0347.jpeg)

No. 1854444

File: 1687895812781.jpeg (179.77 KB, 1052x1821, IMG_0348.jpeg)

Praying to the gods of family court that doeprudence gets full custody one day bc Pumpy is insane

No. 1854578

how do you know they broke up?

No. 1854597

that post seems like Pascaline / Pascalame / Zoey beth wrote it. Worded like all of her posts and we know she stalks every camgirl posted here including their minor children.

No. 1854670

The meth head brain decided shes a stay at home girlfriend again. She was just saying how lame it is for women to "take care of men and their children as the girlfriend" if you also go to ty's father day post it's hilarious to see all the thots in the comments.

No. 1854867

Tapeworm definitely wrote it. They live in these threads. Also pumpy you don't even clean we've all seen the mess in your bedroom and rest of the "home" you live in that the hottest man you've ever seen who regularly cheats on you gets another girl pregnant then cheats on you again, you even said he doesn't pay all your bills that you have been paying for it all while he cheated on you and you put yourself in debt so which one is it kek

No. 1854941

File: 1687973737220.jpeg (168.42 KB, 1103x1248, IMG_0365.jpeg)

Tyler paying July rent so Pump would get back to him.… better set aside money for August girl.
Yeah I mean when a guy is using you for sex AND money, he’s got to do more than ram it in and walk away.
Besides, Ty liked Sabrina so much she lived with his mom. Ty likes you so little he’s got you to pay the rent most of the time.

No. 1854942

Samefag “hottest guy she’s seen” == the only one of Sabrina’s exes who DM’d her back

No. 1855075

File: 1687991478243.jpeg (236.45 KB, 1800x1077, IMG_1362.jpeg)

Can’t catch a break
Look at that big ass forehead too

No. 1855407

File: 1688054082967.jpeg (172.64 KB, 1169x1381, IMG_0389.jpeg)

Single mom era with revolving door of men and Ty’s bday and Christmas visits, coming. Masturbating on camera can get any material she wants, but not a cohesive relationship, marriage, and family. Like damn bitch some of your choices have consequences. Men and women’s mutual unwillingness to date an active porn star is actually fine tbh

No. 1855409

Material thing**

No. 1855474

File: 1688060547800.jpeg (169.75 KB, 1024x910, IMG_0402.jpeg)

No woman “needs” makeup you porn brained retard. YOU did need juvederm injected in every part of your face and a nose job to be a 6/10

No. 1855477

File: 1688060782036.jpeg (219.67 KB, 960x1706, IMG_0398.jpeg)

Posts from today June 29

No. 1855478

File: 1688060804762.jpeg (165.33 KB, 960x1706, IMG_0397.jpeg)


No. 1855480

File: 1688060876160.jpeg (161.65 KB, 1024x909, IMG_0407.jpeg)

Her self post here on June 8 vs her IG stories on June 29

No. 1855483

File: 1688061100744.jpeg (160.32 KB, 1024x906, IMG_0408.jpeg)

Again, 3 weeks ago to now

No. 1855703

She's lucky he ain't a physically abusive dude cos the way she flip flops like this and he clearly reads most of it cos she's so public. It just screams that she is so vulnerable to abuse.
I mean she's just nuts.

One minute it's "I love cream pies!" Then it's "ummmm actually I'm asexual"

No. 1855794

File: 1688106124550.png (108.62 KB, 1350x541, Screenshot 2023-06-30 2.20.37 …)

happened to catch the very end of stream of KATI3 on MFC and ummmmm what the fuck? I think her making her dogs sexual on stream isn't her only weird ass thing she has for her streamers.

No. 1855827

much like how genuinely nice people don't go around telling everyone how nice they are all the time, actual pretty people don't have to prove/remind everyone around them that they're pretty multiple times a day

No. 1855856

File: 1688124411084.jpeg (306.35 KB, 1170x2019, IMG_1375.jpeg)

Ah yes dental care is useless. Keep on with that thought stormy. Let the impacted wisdom tooth rot in your mouth and lead to bacteria in your brain. Keep going.
Only watched a little because it was the same repeat “I’m a meth baby, muh hair, I’m getting old, my victim status” complaining.

No. 1855949

She said she has health insurance.. did she skip dental? Either way, removing wisdom teeth has got to be less than $2k total? Either either way, she’s “rich” isn’t she lmao

No. 1856057

Her face is so ugly, I can't believe she cams looking that terrible. Ugly inside and uglier outside.

No. 1856285

Yikes. This is bad. I missed that first post. But damn he really does cheat on her and she just… stays? Wonder what else is going on behind the scenes. Also, Ty is so ugly on top of being a moocher. I really doubt he has some stellar personality. I guess it all does come down to pumpy wanting to be heyday Brina. So so so stupid. She’s wasting her life with this loser… Ty doesn’t even claim her or validate her. When tf is she gonna get sick of the breadcrumbs. This relationship has to implode eventually. Idk how she puts up with that. She’s sucha pick me.

No. 1856291

File: 1688176896159.png (992.19 KB, 1800x900, IMG_1414.png)

Claiming her hair is so much better now. She looks like such a crackhead. She’s a poser.

No. 1856295

looks like the slut doing dishes in the trap house to ask for a hit of meth mixed with being on a COPS episode saying " I don't know why I'm being arrested I didn't even dooooo annnythinnnnnggg".
she is big sad

No. 1856297

It looks as bad as it did in May. She can’t stop dying it

No. 1856412

Congratulations, you’re basically a pubescent boy with acrylics and a shit dye job. Great work.

Because she is, in fact, a dumbass pick me and her stupidity truly knows no bounds.

No. 1856440

File: 1688209911323.jpeg (150.62 KB, 1170x1054, IMG_1415.jpeg)

She still got top spot. Probably a lot to do with the drama about the dog.

No. 1856571

File: 1688229232728.jpeg (212.65 KB, 960x1706, IMG_0469.jpeg)

Giving wife treatment to guys who won’t wife her

No. 1856586

File: 1688230879175.png (2.02 MB, 1800x990, IMG_1436.png)

Trying to go back to her brown nosing days to get networked into the top. Everyone knows you’re a poser who rides other people’s dicks for attention.
Meanwhile looking like a crackhead demanding a dollar for her birthday month.

No. 1856590

File: 1688231143248.jpeg (139.71 KB, 1170x725, IMG_1437.jpeg)

Even changing her name back on MFC to try to get her old followers back.

No. 1856602


This is the first time I've seen her be cordial to another woman. I'm not sure her motives could be any more transparent.

No. 1856665

Definitely trying to get that income to be a single mom with a nanny, with Ty’s bastard child

No. 1856771

A few days ago she posted all the supplement pills she takes in her daily stack and I noticed no BC pill in there(it was a handful of large vitamin capsules). granted she could take her birth control at a different time but hmm.

No. 1856772

Sorry I didn’t SS I didn’t think much of it at the time

No. 1856913

File: 1688281571760.jpeg (206.93 KB, 960x1706, IMG_0503.jpeg)

“Without YOUR KID knowing” ?? Talking like the kid’s actual mother when 3 weeks ago she dumped Ty and was going to exit her lease. Now she’s free childcare while Ty DMs other women

No. 1856947

Wtf did doeprudence do that her daughter is better off staying at pumpy’s place? No child should be under her care…

No. 1856958

Welcome to reality you dumb bitch.
I’m glad she gets a taste of what most adult women have to deal with regularly.
Victim now? Nah, now you’re just a lazy wannabe poser of a mom who will never have the strength of a real mother.
Why would Ty even introduce his daughter to stormy if she has lupus and can’t even take care of herself and two cats and basically has been saying she’s so weak and sickly she should be on disability not adding childcare to her routine?
Like what kind of future do either of them foresee for this kid with these kinds of caretakers raising her? She’s doomed to be groomed.

No. 1857002

Ty used Doe's past history of sex work/camming/alcohol heavy lifestyle against her in court. In typical moid fashion he only went for custody to further muh poor single dad image and to torment and always have a connection to Doe, not because he actually worries about the well being of his daughter. Any parent with more than one braincell would keep this abusive lunatic miles away from their children, let alone consider having one with her, but Ty's a deadbeat father and would rather use Lumpy Pumpy as a sugar mommy than get a proper job and save his daughter years of mental trauma.

No. 1857062

Ty sprung for this apartment and finally got a job in April knowing Sam was moving out of state 2 months later.
Is Sam not interested in main custody? Even if she was, does she have any chance with moving to WA?

No. 1857206

It's weird doe just doesnt use the obvious proof on pumpy's insta that ty is living with a whore. All of them are cows including doe. Pumpy is even weirder for sticking claim to a boyfriend's child

No. 1857224

Sam will get full custody, eventually. She’s got a lot up her sleeve that can’t be talked about. It’s locked and loaded. Because as we all know pumpy is not fit to be around a child. And ty doesn’t even take care of her. His daughter is either with his unstable gf or mother.(sage your shit)

No. 1857230

File: 1688340964205.jpg (252 KB, 1080x1722, Screenshot_2023-07-03-00-35-12…)

These are Ty's legs? Lmao.
How is he a short stocky bastard with a fat face but he's got legs like pumpy?

No. 1857232

File: 1688341133969.jpeg (739.42 KB, 1763x1526, IMG_1460.jpeg)

Acting like a child to hold onto that last bit of youth she has and those straggling pedos that still hang around waiting for pics of her with the kid.
White trash poser

No. 1857237

File: 1688341724263.jpeg (298.6 KB, 1170x1963, IMG_1461.jpeg)

Given the chance to post children, she will. This is vile.

No. 1857242

If Doe’s boyfriend can marry her and buy a house (part of why I think they moved to Washington tbh, more affordable home prices outside WA big cities, plus her bf has work out there). Once stormy reads this though she has another reason to pressure Tyler for marriage and for him to keep a job.
But is this why she was talking about buying a house, in March?
Chicken legged male, very common in the wild

No. 1857288

I always thought those "you're in his DM's, he's ______ with me" posts were so stupid. So you're publicly admitting that "your" man entertains other women in dms all day? Embarrassing.

No. 1857353

She's such a FUCKING LOSER. Crocs? Literally wearing the cheapest shit available on earth. Fuckin pathetic ass bitch trying to play mommy when hers was just a whore like she is.

No. 1857453

She’s trying to act like a kid that’s why she bought them. Notice any respectable adults wearing them with those trinkets attached? No. We see tons of kids wearing them because she’s trying to act underage for her pedo fanbase aka Ty.

No. 1857503

I feel like crocs are in again. I was volunteering at a food pantry this weekend and I saw a middle aged women wear them, jiblets and all. Highly doubt she was pedo baiting. Feel like that accusation about the crocs is a reach.

No. 1857514

I agree, hate crocs personally but they’re trendy now, the ‘cool kids’ early twenties all have them too(sage your nonmilk)

No. 1857519

Crocs are in but how much you wanna bet Ty’s daughter has similar colored crocs with matching jibbitz…..

No. 1857520

Crocs are definitely in again. I see 20-somethings wearing them all the time, complete with flair/trinkets.

No. 1857522

Time and time again, Sam/Doe’s friends can’t help but reveal themselves in these threads. To be clear: I actually don’t shame her for keeping UTD, however she can, with Ty and Pumpy. It honestly would be disturbing if she didn’t care. In one of our previous threads, she had a friend who said that Sam’s always been troubled by Ty’s partners but “Stormy is by far the worst one.” It made me think about all of the stuff — which probably never reaches us — that Sam is privy to via her daughter, Ty’s mother, and general involvement (of any size). I truly hope something is in the works, we all know that it’s a recipe for disaster if their daughter stays where she is. I’m guessing that Sam must at least be a capable parent now because she has FT children, who she parents mostly solo. Time will tell.

Triple agreeing with this because, tf? I see people in their 50’s-70’s wearing crocs. Yes, some even have the dumb trinkets (looking specifically at boomer gardeners haha). Crocs are a commonly preferred choice of footwear amongst all ages, it’s not that deep.

No. 1857534

Literally everyday. I even see nurses with them on (including the giblets or whatever they're called)

No. 1857601

Y’all seem pressed. Just because YOU own a pair of crocs with jibbitz doesn’t mean it’s about you. Relating it to pumpy makes it relevant because she has underdeveloped pedo meth brain thinking further and further into her actions to attract her old audience.

This is from the crocs literal business plan, the jibbitz were to break into the children’s market and people younger than 25 make up the majority of their market ie why pumpy jumped on the child jubbitz croc train bc her birthdays right around the corner and she’s grasping hard

No. 1857603

File: 1688411573695.jpeg (554.12 KB, 1243x1800, IMG_1485.jpeg)

Picrel(croc-themed derail. ffs.)

No. 1857623

File: 1688415090226.jpeg (130.79 KB, 960x1706, IMG_0530.jpeg)

On IG stories, Pumpy is ranting about “people with periods” not having mothers or something…. Might be milky like a diss against San but I can’t listen because her voice hurts my ears.
Pic attached is Pump and dump and her room temp IQ putting it out there to her johns that she might use an assistant to send out messages.

No. 1857651

>rate me or rape me

bleak. its 2023

No. 1857669

Dying at “giblets” lmao

No. 1857671

Dying at “giblets” lmao

No. 1857696

File: 1688425350614.jpeg (187.62 KB, 1170x1532, IMG_1488.jpeg)

She’s always been a poser and will always be a poser pick me.


No. 1857697

File: 1688425523419.jpeg (72.14 KB, 1170x542, IMG_1477.jpeg)

Are your kids the demons or your bad choices the demons from your perspective?

No. 1857705

I watched it and will summarize:
>> Brings up the war on abortion to talk about mUh aBoRtiOn for the millionth time.
>> Says, essentially, that she’s concerned we’ll see an onset of girls experiencing the opening scenes of Carrie because if we’re not talking about periods (doesn’t actually reference the movie but her descriptions are strikingly similar lol)
>> Yes, there was mention that girls without moms will get their periods and not know what’s happening because nobody is educating them on women’s reproductive health.

^ This could have been slight shade at Sam but also Pumpy’s claimed the kid (without being claimed by the dad) so idk. Scary thought, imagine getting your sex and reproductive health info from fucking Pumpy? She probably uses the topic as an excuse to brag to the kid that she got pregnant by their dad, ugh.

No. 1857708

File: 1688426254253.jpeg (300.73 KB, 2048x2048, B74A04BC-0D93-43CD-AB9F-F32706…)

Samefag, forgot to add pic to say that Pumpy is definitely not using her retainer and her teeth are starting to shift back. It was a convo before and I’ve been noticing it more frequently in her videos.

No. 1857725

Imagine you not only got custody of your child stolen by the gross sleaze goblin that is Ty, but then THIS bitch claims your kid. I truly can’t she’s really out here rn trying to take the step out of stepmom when she isn’t even a stepmom she’s fkn kookoo bananas

No. 1857745

File: 1688430178448.png (2.74 MB, 1800x961, IMG_1496.png)

Her bottom lip looks so heavy she always reminds me of mouth breathers.
She is a mouth breather posing as a bad bitch. Ugly poser

No. 1857801

Kek nonna I genuinely love and miss ‘poser’ being a huge and scathing insult (thinking of my tween years in like 2004) and i could just feel that same energy in your post. Also your assessment is 100% correct

No. 1857808

File: 1688435461346.png (4.3 MB, 1800x1800, IMG_1502.png)

Said someone guessed she was turning 30 the other day and held up the crocs saying “would a 30 year old wear these?”
She’s definitely trying to seem younger and still self conscious about her fat peg body.

No. 1857836

It’s pathetic bc when you’re not moid brained and retarded, being in your late 20s to 30s can be great. You can have career strides, more money, marriage, home buying. this fool has nothing like that on the way. Regardless of botox and fillers aging can’t be prevented, your skeleton is literally losing bone density and shrinking— she’s going to look 30 soon enough and has no backup plan for this physically focused career. Well, drop shipping skateboards? Be a SAHM living off Ty’s barber money?

No. 1857837

Samefag she’s clearly planning to be pregnant at age 27. Hope it works out well Pump. You’re definitely emotionally and situationally stable enough for a child. Tyler definitely will be an active coparent.

No. 1857867

If pumpy has a baby, I foresee her ending up following in brina’s steps. She’s gonna think a baby is all fun and games and a way to lock Ty down etc but she should learn from brina. 3 kids, no baby daddy locked down, no family, no custody, no nothing. She’s a washed up drug addicted prostitute. Babies are a lot of work and they aren’t a toy or something to take lightly… Man she is going to piss me off if she has a baby, she is so unfit to parent.

No. 1857997

Sage for personal comment (i have twin babies currently) and it’s both hysterical and scary to me that she is clearly trying to obtain a child of her own. I can think of few cows on this site less fit to be a mother than her, other than I suppose perhaps Shaynus but at least Shayna has like, a family who could take custody of the child kek Pumpy as she likes to remind everyone HAS NO FAMILY MUH METH BABY. I genuinely pray Pump never gets pregnant again, or if she does that she can’t carry to term due to her blatant anorexia.

No. 1858014

You can definitely tell they're shifting, but she has such a bad case of granny mouth thanks to fillers that it's hard to see them at all. She probably can't see them and forgot they were there, or can't fit her retainer past her bloated lil xan mouth.

No. 1858089

Except Ty will leave her the moment she refuses abortion lol. Spot on with everything though, most people are starting to enjoy the fruits of labour in their late 20’s and 30’s (which looks different for everyone).. and then you have these cows. They look their worst with less financial security and are unhappy as ever with even poorer projected outcomes for the future. Can’t say a single one of them doesn’t deserve it or hasn’t brought it upon themselves (yes, including Sandra).

It isn’t even a question whether Pumpy plans on being pregnant soon, she is quite obviously preparing (working more, eating more, pushing the stepmom/home life). She’s trying to drill wE aRe fAmiLy in Ty’s head so he can’t deny her the next pregnancy. Ty will certainly leave because he’s selfishly aware enough to know that he won’t reap the benefits of the situation if Pumpy brings a kid in the mix. Obviously, I could see him gaining custody to evade child support.. but if the child has issues then I could also see him not wanting the demands on his time/energy and owning the deadbeat life.

No. 1858097

Samefag: I mentioned “issues” because of how Pumpy abuses her body and possible Autism.

No. 1858149

There’s another weird level of this, she has a brown Mexican/Japanese boyfriend and is plotting to have a mixed kid without his agreement.
Of course Pumpy is desperate to be one of those women with ethnically ambiguous kids, but willing to sacrifice a relationship with the father/that part of the kid’s heritage. It’s just fucking gross

No. 1858152

File: 1688493795271.jpeg (640.71 KB, 1170x2194, IMG_1508.jpeg)

Just because we haven’t seen her since her birthday. Here’s one from yesterday

No. 1858171

Nah, Pumpy thinks she’ll keep him because she’s “proven” herself since last year and their “relationship” has grown soOo much.

Looking like she’s on the brink of hospitalization, as per usual.

No. 1858201

“I’m not ready to have another kid right now” -> thinks Ty means he’ll want one after he has a job, has savings, sees Pumpy as a good possible mother. But really “right now” for Ty means “with you” kek. Ty has her eating out of his hand. The perfect timing is not coming bc timing wasn’t the issue.

No. 1858227

Damn, that was perfectly said. It’s true and she is in for a rude awakening, can’t wait to see her posts about it!

No. 1858249

Ty likely does not want another kid, period. And he sure has hell shouldn’t. He’s just as unfit of a parent as pumps would be. And I’m sure the kid he does have cramps his style enough. He doesn’t come off as a dude who loves being a dad.

No. 1858305

Fucking kekkk at little xan bloated mouth breathing poser, it fits so perfectly.
Also we already know the only friend Sam/Doe has here like TRL daily is tapeworm/ "Hi it's me Pascaline" granny tits

No. 1858331

File: 1688517004031.png (5.72 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_2265.png)

Can we talk about Sabrina’s ex baby daddy’s new girl. She’s actually really pretty and seems normal for now

No. 1858339

File: 1688517612380.png (6.18 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0607.png)

She’s dating someone who’s addicted to and sells lean. That’s not normal in my book but to each their own.

No. 1858347

File: 1688518531985.webm (3.86 MB, 332x720, poser.webm)

No. 1858355

Does he still have custody of Sabrina’s daughter?!(learn2sage)

No. 1858399

File: 1688523580886.webm (16.67 MB, 720x1280, “People that get their period…)

Here’s the .webm
> Opens with:
“Do you know how many people that get their periods don’t have mothers? Or people that do have mothers don’t have mothers that give a fuck about teaching them about anything and these…people are going to literally start bleeding out of their hoohaa and be so concerned. Think that they’re fucking dying. Be in so much pain, be emotional, be able to get pregnant. This is a fail, this is a huge fail.”
> Moves to:
“Abortion banning is a fail but taking it a step “farther” and harming education systems for reproduction health, at all, like to just do the fundamental thing that women, women, can only get pregnant when they start their period.”

No. 1858400

File: 1688523674896.webm (15.65 MB, 720x1280, “I track my period, um, very c…)

Continuation of >>1858399
“Do you know how dangerous it is to ban abortion at six weeks, which by the way, I found out I was pregnant at six weeks and, I track my period, um, very closely and so to ban an abortion at six weeks and to make it illegal. Illegal! To talk about menstrual cycles before sixth grade in school; you are destined to fail young women to learn about their reproductive health and force many of them, who have failed to learn due to YOUR laws to have children that they cannot take care of. That is literally what is going to happen. A woman cannot get pregnant until she has her first period. Teaching women about your cycle is how you keep them not pregnant!”

No. 1858401

File: 1688523769145.webm (4.03 MB, 720x1280, “Is a disgraceful”.webm)

She also shared:
“Y’all are weeaboos and you don’t even know what the word weaboo is. You don’t even know! What weeaboo means. Is a disgraceful.”

No. 1858403

She was ranting that Uzi’s new album referenced anime and features the band Babymetal. Very much “I knew them before they were mainstream” energy. As if they didn’t open for Lady Gaga lol.
She is out of touch, kids all read manga. Hot topic has anime shit all over. It’s not niche, Netflix is the same for everyone.

No. 1858407

File: 1688524121748.webm (9.18 MB, 720x1280, “I DON’T WANT TO LOOK LIKE A P…)

Here’s the full clip.
“As a fellow July 31 Leo, I love Uzi (?), I think Uzi is cute. Like, I like the… it’s cute BUT! Putting the masses onto Babymetal and anime is a fucking crime because now I got to compete with the e-girls AND! the wannabe e-boys AND! the wannabes e-thems. Bitch! I look like a poser! I DON’T WANT TO LOOK LIKE A POSER.”

No. 1858415

>because now I got to compete with the e-girls AND! the wannabe e-boys AND! the wannabes e-thems. Bitch! I look like a poser! I DON’T WANT TO LOOK LIKE A POSER.”
Where has she been the last 10 years?

No. 1858421

this dumbass really said "funtamental" kek

No. 1858433

This is…oof perfectly said. As a person who (unlike pump) was in a real LTR and was hoping for a kid w someone who kept saying “not right now” we all know that means “never” kek

No. 1858441

Kek my thought exactly. A normal girl doesn’t date someone like that. Also, on another note, poor little C. Who even takes care of her? It seriously makes me sick when these lowlives bring children into the world.

No. 1858458

File: 1688536324642.png (3.2 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9752.png)

I believe that AJ’s mother mostly takes care of her, maybe new boo does too now. Speaking of Brina: Nothing more patriotic than inflating the population with children who’ll have broken homes and tax/child support evasion (pic).

No. 1858461

File: 1688536535596.jpeg (527.17 KB, 2048x2048, 1DD7DC64-7B3A-4DB7-892B-1AC951…)

Yeah, Sandra! Great idea. Record yourself climbing a ladder to get to the roof of your house, while you’re completely alone, when you supposedly have a million health and mental health issues.

Smh, I swear that she’ll be the first cow to pass and out of just sheer stupidity.

No. 1858512

Kek it would be a fucking MIRACLE if they ever produced a child that wasn't a fuck-tarded midget with the body of a cheez it

No. 1858613

Isn’t it sexual assault to stop taking your pill and have sex with a man under the guise that you’re using contraception? I’m not saying she’s done it yet, but it’s probably happening within a year

No. 1858618

File: 1688569842964.jpeg (141.74 KB, 960x1706, IMG_0600.jpeg)

Airing Kyler out, when she was absolutely obsessed with other exes

No. 1858620

File: 1688569886329.jpeg (163.38 KB, 960x1706, IMG_0601.jpeg)

When she actually should move on>>>> dumbass

No. 1858621

Someone mentioned that she posted her “pill” (mostly supplement) line up and the birth control pill wasn’t included, but I didn’t personally see the story. The fact that she’s no longer romanticizing lupus, eating more, and seemingly trying to mind her nutritional health is also telling. She’s prepping her body, just like she’s preparing her money and pushing the family/I’m your daughter’s mom thing to Ty. A prenatal is going to weasel its way into that hand soon, if not already, and if Ty catches it then she’ll claim it’s for her hair.

ps love you for this nona lol, body of a cheez it.

No. 1858623

If you are currently in a happy, healthy, and secure relationship then it’s really not normal to post screenshots bragging about mistreating an ex. We know it’s bragging because if she was just reflecting then she’d do it by herself in her head. She’s always trying to prove her loyalty to Ty and her “relationship” with him to us.

No. 1858633

Is this how kentucky trash acts? it’s deeply antisocial, classless behavior, for which she’d be maligned for if she had an actual friend group and social circle. But no she’s just a little rootless orbiter, no friends no families, just boyfriends.
She couldn’t even have a kid, she has no one to be a baby sitter, to bring a casserole, no one for play dates. Ty’s mom will likely refuse to raise another one of his kids, esp since she’s aging

No. 1858667

100%. She’s expecting whatever child she brings into the situation to be as loved and accepted as his daughter but that won’t be the case. As another nona said, “bad timing” was a nice way of saying “not with you.” He either didn’t expect her to keep trying or thought he’d be onto the next soon. I guess technically he’s been onto many lol, considering Pumpy isn’t even the last person he’s impregnated (but he’s her sOfT bOyFrIeNd).

No. 1858694

How many women has he impregnated? He’s literally disgusting.(sage your shit)

No. 1858719

Men without discernment and self control, finishing in everyone, are fucking repulsive

No. 1858725

I don’t know who this is that keeps commenting without saging and asking to be spoonfed but you gotta chill. It’s Hell Week, you’re going to catch a ban! That aside, I don’t know how many, but it seems like he gets women pregnant more than a person gets the common cold. He has absolutely no fucks to give because he targets young and/or vulnerable/impressionable girls that he can easily convince into abortions!

No. 1858742

File: 1688581695575.png (4.31 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9771.png)

She’s so confident and unbothered but she’s getting big mad at what random strangers say on the internet about her profession. Doesn’t matter how small her diamond is, Pumpy - It’s still bigger than the absolute nothing that’s on your bare finger. She’s forever going to seethe about girls getting proposed to because she can’t even squeeze a girlfriend title out of the scrote she’s fucking, housing, and giving free childcare to.

No. 1858758

File: 1688582935015.png (6 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9775.png)

Bought her the most ugly and unwearable necklace for Christmas, with money that she probably gave him, while she legitimately spoiled him AND gave him thousands in cold hard cash.. which he held onto while she e-begged and sold her rolex to pay for her dying cat’s vet bills.. and proceeded to cheat on her, getting another girl pregnant.. and then cheated again months later..

Whatever helps you sleep at night, Pumpy. Don’t forget that you recently cried to us about all of your debt xo

No. 1858761

File: 1688583124717.png (497.09 KB, 1024x910, IMG_0623.png)

No. 1858762

File: 1688583155031.jpeg (402.12 KB, 960x1706, IMG_0616.jpeg)

Girl don’t go whining about your debt. Retard

No. 1858775

So, she’s been living on her own for how long now? Bitch just learned how to do laundry last year when she was trying to play wifey to Ty, after he left her to abort alone on the internet while he partied with friends. She can cope as hard as she wants, the biggest pickme and cuck that she’s ever going to see is the one in the mirror.

No. 1858794

Oh no honey, no. Growth doesn’t happen from serial cheaters because YOU didn’t run immediately when you caught him the first time.
You’re trying to fix him instead of yourself and that never works. Please go to a codependents anonymous meeting and meet some healthier women in real life for the support you so desperately need before you turn into one of those OF girls going to prison for killing their cheating boyfriends, kat.

No. 1858805

Not bad advice to take, considering she’s already halfway to a crime of passion.. ie. she claims to have assaulted Ty after finding out about cheating.

No. 1858811

kek, how mad she is that someone got a ring and will marry. She doesn't understand a thing about relationships, it's not the size of the diamond, it's the trust and bond between two people. That woman has at least a real bed, doesn't need to show her tits for money and probably didn't get cheated on the last month. But I enjoy seeing Pumpy so mad and trying to convince herself how amazing her life is by putting other women down.

No. 1858821

Hell! They probably have a house, family, and friends. There is a good chance that they take vacations. A one hundred percent chance that he’s posted her on his social media and she doesn’t need to feed him thousands of dollars just to keep him around. Buckle yourself in, Pumpy (because this one is going to really hurt) - but she’ll also probably be pregnant with a child her partner actually wants and have a real family with him. You have your debt, fleeting cash flow, and designer items that you’ll continue to sell for bills or end up in storage. Just like your idol and blueprint, Sabrina.

No. 1858822


Its funny to see it try to think.

No. 1858846

Lmao she's so bitter. Where's your ring, Stormy? You've sucked off so many ugly scrotes & paid their bills, I'm sure one is waiting just around the corner with a big shiny rock that'll embarrass that other bitch, huh? Kek

No. 1858864

File: 1688590614927.jpeg (418.38 KB, 2048x2048, E68F9077-743F-4CE1-8EF6-86D42D…)

she’s flexing the necklace on this woman when it’s an uglier, gaudier version of a basic $1 shein necklace. i cant.

No. 1858878


She is being super salty and bitter for no reason. Hope Ty finally left her.

No. 1858909

Ty leaving would honestly be the best thing that could happen to her right now. The longer he stays, the more time + money + youth she’ll waste on him and someone as awful as Pumpy deserves that.

No. 1858921

Didn't Kyler break up with her? kek

No. 1858934

Her birthday is coming up and she has nothing to show for being 27. Think of all of your friend’s crises when turning 21, 25 etc and x100 lol cuz she’s a bank to a broke grown man
Yes kyler broke her heart lmaoooo
She copes by saying all men cheat— they don’t. Copes by saying all housewives are prostitutes— they’re not. Copes by leaning into her work and being about her money— barely worked in 3 years. Oh, and she is deeply insecure about her job.

No. 1858937

She tried to get him to break it off with his girlfriend Lex especially but also his four or five other side hoes he was like “lol no I’m not doing that” and she lost her damn mind. Stayed FWB while threatening to kill herself and then technically “left” in that situation but he really didn’t give a shit. See >>501144

No. 1858942

I hate how she’s claimed all her last relationships were abusive and why does she keep attracting abusers? Forever victim. After Kyler, after Cody, after Dean, after Tyler, everyone should know she’s toxic and abusive too. She isn’t just posting it second by second anymore

No. 1858962

File: 1688599668903.jpeg (301.15 KB, 1284x2265, IMG_9786.jpeg)

It’s not even so much her eyes themselves, Pumpy is just terrible at eye makeup. Ty’s daughter could probably do a better job than this.

No. 1859042

File: 1688609360468.png (85.12 KB, 251x316, Screenshot 2023-07-05 10.03.01…)

she said on mfc tonight "I want to be an instagram baddie but I still look the exact same as I did and I hate it"! She has never said anything so truthful kek

No. 1859043

File: 1688609433799.png (135.33 KB, 282x462, Screenshot 2023-07-05 10.02.57…)

and her make-up looks like a 7th grader that just discovered the make-up on the halloween isle on sale at walmart

No. 1859065

I love that she recently bragged about getting her teeth fixed and how it levelled up her appearance but nona’s screenshots today also show how much shifting has happened. She’s going to have the bloated version of her old mug soon. The makeup is actually so shit lol, even junked out Brina is putting together better looks than this. Maybe if Pumpy was less concerned with defending OF on twitter all day, she could watch a fucking tutorial or two.

No. 1859077

File: 1688612980119.jpeg (429.88 KB, 1295x1800, IMG_1551.jpeg)

Says she had medical issues before the implants so there’s no way of knowing what’s actually causing her problems.
Why so self conscious of your returning pedophiles, katsumichan? Stormy is more trailer trash stripper image that’s trendy now. Bad bitch trend who’s flaunting a pregnancy from a cheating man era. Legit skinwalking the trend section of her socials.

No. 1859191

File: 1688644033595.png (1.96 MB, 1002x1800, IMG_1561.png)

Living a lie.
She has zero sugar daddies because her pedophilic “daddy” would never allow it.
A mega fan is not a sugar daddy. And selling it back? Not a flex sweetheart. A desperate grab for liquid cash you probably got low balled on the sale for because it was an emergency.
At least she got $500 from her mega pedo fan last night.
Ty’s face makes me want to barf. 3 years since you met your abuser and lost all of yourself and self respect. Congratulations.

No. 1859193

File: 1688644283244.jpeg (351.89 KB, 1800x1028, IMG_1562.jpeg)

Looking like a straight up street walker and pretending she’s found the John of her dreams.
I can’t wait for this arc and inevitable downfall once again.

No. 1859198

Is she pregnant again?

No. 1859204

File: 1688646934182.jpg (853.12 KB, 1054x1501, Screenshot_20230706-063635_Ins…)

So funny cause if you go to the pic of him in the white hes holding two girls in the pic.

No. 1859212

Imagine having a “boyfriend” who will post pictures of himself with any girl(s), except for you, while you post about him all day/everyday and gush over his busted ass selfies on your story. If one of his little girlies ever stumble upon her insta then he probably tells them that she’s an obsessed fan & it looks totally believable.

Doubt it. She’s just been eating these days and caring less about actually being anachan IRL because her & Schnozzle shoop the shit out of all her posts anyways. Not too long ago, she was showing off new lingerie and it was all size Medium.

No. 1859237

File: 1688654749945.jpeg (893.98 KB, 1284x1215, IMG_9803.jpeg)

If Pumpy ever had a child.

No. 1859243

Kekkkk absolute truth

No. 1859268

Eww, if genital herpes was a person. He’s such a sleazy bottom of the barrel fuckboy, it’s disgusting. It’s painfully obvious why Stormy seethes so hard about normie girls getting engaged while her ugly “boyfriend” pretends she doesn’t exist. Just dump him girl, the mental & financial burden ain’t worth it. You can buy your own tacky Claire’s clearance sale looking necklaces kek

No. 1859269

Eww, if genital herpes was a person. He’s such a sleazy bottom of the barrel fuckboy, it’s disgusting. It’s painfully obvious why Stormy seethes so hard about normie girls getting engaged while her ugly “boyfriend” pretends she doesn’t exist. Just dump him girl, the mental & financial burden ain’t worth it. You can buy your own tacky Claire’s clearance sale looking necklaces kek

No. 1859392

It's seriously so funny how she has been trying and failing at "flexing" this as her "man" for what, 3 years? when he never once has done anything for her aside from taking her money,car, her crappy gifts, her "job" (though sex work ISN'T real work) her house, her mental and psychical well being which she never had in the first place, her solitude, etc. And never even claimed her once, but had no problem posting Sabrina the biggest whore in the world when he was with her and she was escorting behind his back. Lmao pumpy is the biggest loser in the world trying to hold it down for this scum. Though she truly deserves nothing but the worst and it's great to see her life getting worse everyday while she posts about how content and happy she is.

No. 1859421

File: 1688682509024.jpeg (209.98 KB, 960x1706, IMG_0657.jpeg)

Body is giving 85 lbs, face is giving 150 lbs

No. 1859442

Ty posted Sabrina because Sabrina is actually pretty. Pumpy is a fugly whore. She looks like actual white trash. Even “dressed up” she looks like shit. Has anyone ever been proud to have her as a gf, that’s why everyone cheats on her. She looks like a deformed bratz doll that’s on meth.

No. 1859448

I understand what you're saying, and the deformed Bratz doll on meth made me LOL. I know everybody says and sees Sabrina as "pretty" but I've just never seen it. I can't see anybody pretty knowing how much of a terrible person they are despite the semi nice features, filters, Photoshop, etc. I can never see these girls as anything but parasites. And Tyler just runs through them all while pumpy gets nothing lol

No. 1859449

File: 1688686085523.png (1.58 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9822.png)

She acts like her standard voice isn’t painfully valley girl

(Pic) Pumpy will do ANYTHING to avoid self-reflection.

No. 1859452

From pumpy to puffy

No. 1859466

All that filler and work just to be barely a 5-6. She will never be pretty the way she wishes kek it brings me such joy

No. 1859471

Pumpy to puffy. LOL. They do say you start to look like your significant other and Tyler has a puffy face! It’s obviously all the nasty shit they eat even tho they’re supposedly “vegan”

No. 1859491

File: 1688692101486.jpeg (462.08 KB, 2048x2048, 2B5EF3C7-D89A-4D46-A0E1-1AC69B…)

Baby Mama vs Sugar Mama

No. 1859492

File: 1688692218392.jpeg (453.03 KB, 2048x2048, A1747116-73F7-4CA9-8E91-FEF1AF…)

Baby Mama vs Sugar Mama Pt. 2

I just really wanted to make Pumpy FEEL how much of a downgrade she is and THAT is why Ty hides her (unlike all of his exes).

No. 1859498

Doe is really pretty. Although I’ll never understand how she could let her babies live with their fathers. She’s pretty. I’ll give her that. I know she has 3 out of 5. And I really hope she marries this guy because I’d lose respect for her if she lost these 3.
When Ty was with her he loved referring to her as his “baby momma” on his page. Always showed her off and Sabrina! Pumpy is his trashy, broke ass, sugar momma. The end.

No. 1859500

Wait…Doe has 5 kids??I thought she had 4 does she have 3 with the current guy? I thought they only had 2. But I thought her oldest boy was in her custody and then the little girl with Ty is mostly with Ty

No. 1859501

Her natural nose is sculpted more than Pumpy’s post surgery nose. She’s stupid as fuck and desperately needs an IUD, but she’s undeniably very pretty.

No. 1859502

I will never understand the Sabrina vs Dumpy bullshit. They’re both painfully basic, clearly anorexic, with garbage tattoos and shit personalities, and then some. The end. It’s not the super bowl, you don’t have to pick a side lmao, they’re both complete trash. When will this fuckery end? >>1859449
This is an insult to Valley Girls, she’s a redneck tweak fetus desperate to sound like she isn’t, while still acting like it’s a flex for some reason…? She’s not fooling anyone “around here.” (Which is Orange County btw, she couldn’t/didn’t last in LA.)

No. 1859507

Yes she has 5 total. Her oldest boy lives with his dad somewhere in CA and oldest daughter is with Ty in CA && 3 with current guy Jude or whatever. I believe with Jude they have 2 girls and a boy. I think for her own mental health she should get any reproductive insides burned so she never has anymore kids.

No. 1859508

Yeah Pumpy needs “like” to string a sentence together and has/adopted a slight uptalk but there’s no actual valley girl to it. Her voice in the videos just above about menstrual health and anime is unbearable

No. 1859515

When I lived in southern California from like 2007-2012, there were a couple dozen teen moms at my high school who eventually ended up with a shitton of kids before even age 25. I know some from high school who have 4-6 by now, although they’re a few years younger than Sabrina and Doe.

No. 1859539

File: 1688697611663.png (1.36 MB, 956x1800, IMG_1595.png)

One of her multiple “sugar daddies” being the high tipper again. Aurabb tipped 10k her first night back and is a regular of hers. Kat that’s just a fan, I’ve got ‘em too. A sugar daddy is exchanging luxury lifestyle for sex and that’s not you sweety. Stop trying to be better than everyone. Humble yourself.

Went on to say “I’m nakie” in her child voice that she puts on for her forever-victim role and said getting big tips makes her feel young again and followed that by posting 42 gifs in a row of the first year she cammed at 18. Sucks that she peaked just out of high school and only for her childlike body and acting.

No. 1859540

File: 1688697713084.jpeg (174.82 KB, 1351x755, IMG_1596.jpeg)

She’s like an aged high school football star who can’t stop looking at their old yearbook pictures because they’ll never be as good again. Kek

No. 1859596

OT but please name the HS, or at least the town lol. I think I can guess with minimal tries.

No. 1859618

It's so weird going through his page and he doesn't have a single picture of Pumpy. Not one. And she calls him her "man of 3 years". 3 years and not a single post of her? It's her birthday this month and I guarantee he won't post her yet again.

No. 1859619

He is nothing special at all. He's ugly and his band sucks. And most of all doesn't respect or like her. She really needs to fully realize her pathetic situation.

No. 1859693

File: 1688733949973.png (4.31 MB, 1800x1562, IMG_1602.png)

So self conscious

No. 1859694

The only reason people notice it so much on her is because she’s skin and bones. People gain and lose 5 lbs all the time from normal fluctuations and not one person cares or comments because it’s unnoticeable on a healthy body.

No. 1859714

It’s obvious she wants attention and people to tell her “you look great” blah blah blah. Her “boyfriend of 3 years” doesn’t give her the time of day. She’s such a fucking pick me bitch

No. 1859718


She is so fickle. She goes in between "Look at me I am so healthy because I am gaining weight" and "Oh my gawd stop commenting on my weight!!!!." The lack of nutrition is getting to her.

No. 1859727

I mean she got all her fans from being 75lbs, she was a freak show and they all were either pedos or had eating disorder fetishes. Ofc they’d notice the difference. Gain another 10 and watch them log off kek. They won’t be giving you 10k tokens at a healthy body size

No. 1859768

There was one scrote fan that was recently in her comment section or something trying to hype her up because she’s the main fixation of his admittedly shameful anachan fetish lol

No. 1859771

File: 1688744725033.png (5.6 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9868.png)

Samefag, I thought Sandra might have lost some weight after crying about it a while back but it looks like she was just catfishin’ with old pics. She’d be stupid to try and regress into her skeletal form, she looks a thousand times better now. The issue isn’t her weight, it’s her stupid hair and refusal to buy nice clothes that fit her new body.

No. 1859785

File: 1688746358364.jpeg (493.15 KB, 1284x2222, IMG_9872.jpeg)

Pick Me Things: My stepdad loved me THE MOST and got my name tatted on his ENTIRE forearm annnnnd my mom was a drug addicted whore who deserves to rot.

No. 1859787

But boy does she brag about hating men and loving women so much. Fucking poser pick me

No. 1859789

I love the recent uptake in calling Pumpy a poser lol. Not only is it nostalgic, I can’t think of a better term to describe this idiot (outside of pick-me ofc).

No. 1859826

It is really confusing but I also don’t know enough about the situation, outside of her daughter with Ty. If it was only the one kid with Ty and I knew how he manipulated the custody battle, then that would make more sense. But, that was many years ago and she’s had a whopping three kids since (plus the son before). You kind of wonder why she hasn’t done anything or doesn’t visit, especially if she’s concerned about Pumpy. She is absolutely gorgeous and their daughter definitely got that from her! People probably think Pump is the trashy babysitter, because ain’t nobody confusing her for mom.

No. 1859901

What is stormys height? 5'2?

No. 1859903

100% poser

No. 1859910

I think so? Ty looks a mere 5’4 (maybe 5’5) and they only have a small height difference.

No. 1859912

I thought she was 5’2” but I think I was confusing her 502 area code because I noticed afterwards she claimed 5’1”.

No. 1859918

File: 1688773025377.png (935.63 KB, 1080x2160, IMG_9902.png)

That would make sense. I tried to quickly skim threads for a pic of them together for size comparison but it’s almost impossible, easily found that screen of him and Brina though haha. She does look bigger than him even in the wonky shot. I’ll leave it here just to ruin Pumpy’s night.

No. 1859926

File: 1688773754945.jpeg (637.6 KB, 1791x1284, IMG_1615.jpeg)

Gotta keep those thigh gap lovers.
She thinks she’ll turn into bottom right pic but scared it might be the other before and after to it’s left so she’s sensitive about the feedback.
Oh now your “lupus moon face” is from which medicine and not all of the injections that you put in there?
Please relapse. You’re just a pop tart shape and it’ll never change.

No. 1859971

So.. She’s found that one Selena Gomez interview lol

No. 1859998

File: 1688780624383.jpeg (151.97 KB, 960x1706, IMG_0683.jpeg)

I’m BEC but I hate when retards mention a well known, accepted fact and regurgitate it like it’s a hot take. “Move to central land” now preaches the CA transplant that can’t afford a house in her own city.

No. 1859999

Samefag doesn’t she drive a gas guzzler??? >>1859971
KEK yes I was thinking the same thing. Fake ass liar. She just takes supplements now anyways

No. 1860035

I thought she never had any family that cared for her

No. 1860105

Sandra really does look so much healthier with this weight gain. Good for her. Now if only she could get her mental health in order and quit sex work. She is the only cow that could still turn it around and redeem herself. She hasn’t done anything too disgusting or unforgivable, and has been smart enough to not get pregnant despite her seemingly low IQ.

No. 1860133

Didn't you comment on some random 18-year-old girl's photo, calling her a fat cow and telling her to lose weight? What a fucking hypocrite.

No. 1860148

File: 1688810169120.png (5.26 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9914.png)

Already responded to this here >>1859212 but following up with a screen from her story. You’ll always see extra weight carried around her midsection when she’s sitting because she’s had the three kids, but especially now that she’s no longer starving herself to be rail thin.

No. 1860150


Can anyone explain the shark fin pike of hair she coifs up? Is she failing to make it into some other hairstyle and fucking it up, or is she actively trying to look like the surf's up on her head?

No. 1860151


Can anyone explain the shark fin pike of hair she coifs up? Is she failing to make it into some other hairstyle and fucking it up, or is she actively trying to look like the surf's up on her head?

No. 1860159

What kat wishes her weight gain looked like.

No. 1860292

File: 1688832244310.jpeg (569.95 KB, 2048x2048, B6AAE9DD-AC63-430D-8CD0-8121E0…)


She has successfully avoided pregnancy and seems to understand that she’d be an unfit mother and doesn’t romanticize having children. That’s even more than bimbro Charms can say, haha. I’ll give Sandra that.

No one understands the hair thing, my best guess is she likes to seem cartoon-ish and maybe that hair somehow fits her idea of beauty.

I’m guessing her and A-Why are fuck buddy exes?

No. 1860664

File: 1688866155116.jpeg (82.2 KB, 960x1706, IMG_0702.jpeg)

Idk anyone in a serious committed healthy relationship that talks like this about their partners. And their partners actually treat them well lol they have something to brag about unlike Dumpy

No. 1860687

this is embarrasing in more ways than one lmao, what a desperate poser

No. 1860766

… you only sleep next to him because you subsidize his rent and buy his groceries, sugar mama. Playing Bob the builder.
I was looking back at threads and reminding myself this bitch is so psycho (recently too), it’s disgusting that she’s around a child. Like everyone’s said, Doe better get settled and try for custody soon. And stop having kids, shes too poor to afford more.
Ty’s daughter is going to be old enough to realize what’s up (Pump’s job, her and Ty’s unstable relationship), soon enough. She already can read Morgan’s disgusting coomer tattoos.

No. 1860878

File: 1688910418503.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1179x2098, IMG_7810.jpeg)

Miss “I’m not doing my lips anymore”
Wonder what they’ll look like this time…

No. 1860879

File: 1688910528966.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1179x2094, IMG_7811.jpeg)

Come over
Let her do a facial on you (no experience)
Teach her how to edit videos

Pump this feels like a very one sided friendship (in your tiny, underfed brain)

No. 1861057

Yeah, it’s definitely sobering to look even a few threads back. Despite still being fucking crazy, Pump has been worse in very recent history and will resume similar behaviours whenever she gets triggered next. There aren’t words for how irresponsible it is to have a child in her care or under the same roof. She is a hateful, immature skid with zero self control. We’ve all discussed it before and I mean it when I say that I fully believe that Pumpy would hurt a child, especially if she thought that she could get away with it. That’s the type of scumbag she is. Ty’s a Disney Dad (literally) and Pumpy is deluding herself into believing it’s some kind of honour to pick up the slack. If not already, those feelings are going to turn to resentment fast and especially because he’s always going to deny her of both the title and a child of their own. She’s the stand-in for his mom, that’s it. I don’t believe he uses her for sex much, it’s for sure mostly about the money and the way Pump RUNS to foot the bill. A glorified john that’s both a pick-me and a cuck. She’s sooo lucky. Sidebar, never thought of it but maybe Doe doesn’t try to take back her OG children at least partially because of funds? In that case, she definitely should stop having them. Five is fucking insane and it’s not any better just because three have the same dad.

Seeing how she approached hair health, I can’t imagine Pumpy trying to manage a facial. She’s so pathetic that she’d probably require them to bring all of the products and supplies too. We all know she’s broke 90% of the time.

No. 1861501

File: 1688997446202.jpeg (581.13 KB, 2048x2048, 5A8E5A76-20C5-42D0-ADE5-E23FAF…)

One of my favourite cam-cow copes is Charms saying that people can’t even tell that she has disfigured herself in the wild because she wears “sweaters and baggy tees.” Sure, quasi. You’ve completed butchered your appearance for some nancy who was just making up reasons not to fuck you (and probably still doesn’t).

No. 1861504

Wtf is that what Charms looks like now!? Does she still have a thread?

No. 1861515

No, it isn't. Stop using tumblr.

No. 1861525

No, both her and Sabrina provide too inconsistent of milk to be on their own anymore so they have been integrated into the camgirl general for a while. Sandra also was previously lumped with Brina, since Brina was sleeping on a pikachu pillow in Sandra’s closet and most of their milk was intertwined. Charms hasn’t been doing much other than poking holes in her face and filling up her tits. She claims that it’s because her husband likes bimbos, but also has said she’s trans (hence “bimbro” term in here), and keeps her boobs only because “this is how I make money right now.” It seems like she’s moving away from her trans era and is now trying to grow out her hair (that she shaved all off) and saving for a BBL.

No. 1861566

File: 1689006781012.jpeg (Spoiler Image,433.69 KB, 1284x1569, IMG_4059.jpeg)

Not me finding this on the botched subreddit. They are SO bad.

No. 1861571

Sweet Jesus the spoiler wasn't enough of a warning

No. 1861600

File: 1689010976877.jpg (7.21 KB, 201x251, cc.jpg)

is that charms?

No. 1861602

Yes, the very same.

No. 1861639

File: 1689015705993.jpeg (127.03 KB, 1070x724, IMG_0739.jpeg)

Going to do a Stumpy dump.
Someone in a 2 year committed relationship needing to be STI tested often. Men like Ty are health risks

No. 1861640

File: 1689015728947.jpeg (120.09 KB, 1170x671, IMG_0738.jpeg)

No. 1861641

File: 1689015886762.jpeg (116.58 KB, 1170x562, IMG_0737.jpeg)

Why do you post all this trendy social equity shit when you use food delivery drivers to deliver your toothpaste? When you’re all cLimAtE cHanGe but get everything shipped to you from online bc you’re a weirdo who can’t go to Target alone? I know women who’ve actually been attacked or harassed in public, walking home, on the train (sadly, most of us do lately) who still go outside

No. 1861651

Somehow these ended up being even worse than I had imagined. Jfc.

Never know what “muh moon” might bring home, considering we all know that he won’t wrap it.

No. 1861662

No. 1861682

hoy shit my eyes! I love big boobs but these are alien, not even sure you can call those boobs anymore. well I'm in shock and this has ruined my day

No. 1861717

File: 1689024798814.jpeg (26.85 KB, 183x275, 8B514F19-3993-48B9-BEC7-D05998…)

Wtf happened

No. 1861854

What sex work does to a young woman’s mind

No. 1861902

File: 1689038449332.jpeg (185.97 KB, 1085x1336, IMG_0760.jpeg)

No. 1861923

File: 1689039846382.png (262.87 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20230710-214459~2.p…)

She wishes she was blonde.

No. 1861946

Nothing good comes from being terminally online, especially if you have loose screws to start with.

Weird virtue-signal moment when Ty posts his daughter on a public account and she takes every opportunity to let us know she’s a “step mom” on her SW accounts. Pump doesn’t give a flying fuck about protecting children.

.. also, she thinks that she is blonde? Does she know her colors? Going back dark isn’t going to magically solve her issues, she needs to stop touching it. Her hair is just going to be a dark version of what the damage is now, nevermind she’ll be dying it repeatedly since the colour will be so warm and won’t hold in her overbleached base. Pull a Charms and just fucking shave it, Pumps! If you truly believed that your face card was soo strong then you would.

No. 1861963

File: 1689042319062.jpeg (185.3 KB, 960x1706, IMG_0764.jpeg)

She tweets like a teenager, no one fucking cares about her dry ass straggly hair and internal debates about what color. She’s never happy with her hair bc she never is satisfied with how she looks.
Ty has two phones? Or does she?

No. 1862017

Every sex worker has two phones. More importantly….body checkkkk

No. 1862028

It’s so hard being platinum blonde!

No. 1862031

File: 1689050090720.jpeg (151.71 KB, 750x1175, IMG_3408.jpeg)

I guess she relapsed on the vapes she said she so proudly she was not smoking anymore

No. 1862075

I see three phones in frame, and the nightstand hammer is a nice touch.

No. 1862151

Exactly. Two are hers and one is the sugar baby’s or his child’s phone or kat has three phones, it’s pretty smart to do as a sex worker who’s phones are attached to their job and they want to separate their work and personal life.
Plus more phones means you can have more accounts if one gets shut down associated with one number.

No. 1862169

THE FUCKING HAMMER IS SENDING ME. what in the actual fuck.

No. 1862216

This is from her leeching off Sandra era- when she lived at Sandra's parents house kek

No. 1862218

isn't this bitch always bragging about how rich she is? why tf is her mattress on the floor?

No. 1862222

Why is one of her boobs jumping?

No. 1862298

Mini-blog but she was such a bitch in this era regarding how other people looked, so I find it amusing that her disfigured outside finally matches her personality kek. She'd frequently post on a forum targeting and bullying people who she deemed ugly because "your body is a canvas" and she felt it was her responsibility to point out "bad artists". Now she's wonk tits and fat lmao.

No. 1862327

So many important questions! RE: Mattress - Pumpy recently tried to front that she does it for “the spine health” but that’s lies and really she’s just not actually able to prioritize her finances well enough to buy a piece of furniture that would show some pride or respect for herself/her home.

I heard about this but wasn’t around for it! I’ve read that she’d even come on to lolcow. Her current self is a botched, lobotomized sasquatch so it’s crazy to imagine her as some mean girl terror. She hit every rock or branch imaginable while falling from grace because her shit is FUCKED now! Someone once said that her weight gain triggered all of this madness and sent her spiralling into destroying her own body and appearance.

No. 1862345

That makes sense. She truly was a rich bitch mean girl terror kek. She used to post in DLS on GaiaOnline which was meant for people to share their secrets. There was a rule that people couldn't interact but she'd frequently talk shit about the posters in there and even message them to kill themselves over their appearances. You'd have someone posting about losing a parent and she'd self-insert her critique of their "aesthetic" like it was relevant and her job to do so. It was so weird and off-putting. Truly ugly outside as she is inside now. I'll try to track down her old accounts but if there's another nonnie who was lurking during that insanity, feel free to chime in.

No. 1862414

File: 1689104175256.jpeg (91.49 KB, 675x1200, IMG_0784.jpeg)

Who is this lol? Filter abuse

No. 1862427

Pumpy can use filters but everybody else can’t kek. She wants to be a teenager so badly.

No. 1862468

File: 1689108823765.jpeg (439.87 KB, 815x1667, IMG_0134.jpeg)

fixed your story for you, chumpy.

No. 1862480

Ty sucks and is addicted to whores but he's marginally cuter than she is. She probably stays because she's afraid she'll have a Cinderella at midnight moment some day when all the injections in the world can't help her any more, her nose returns to normal, her teeth pop back to their previous haggard state, and who would have her then? Better lock him down now. I hope she knows deep down he'd leave her in a heartbeat if that even started to happen, because then she REALLY wouldn't be making money.

No. 1862537

File: 1689117183120.png (9.5 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_0143.png)

Oh, you know, not pedo-pandering at all.. fucking creep.

No. 1862539

She calls this blonde?? also her hip/thigh area is so weird. Doesn’t look human. The consequences of 900 cal a day

No. 1862557

Her "mans" is gay asf and in the closet lmao, she thinks her boney ass really is some super model body or something lol the delusion… She looks like a BOY with dissolved filler

No. 1862560

These dumb ass whores with their absolute shit tattoos… Can't even keep a scumbag like Tyler from cheating on her all while she plays "meth brain mommy" I don't know who's more retarded, her or ty but tbh her because he's still playing her and having her play house

No. 1862564

And Ty still fucked Sabrina the actual escort, drug addict, prostitute and posted pics with her, pumpy could never even get a pic without him trying to hide her lol she's not even worth a pity post because she's so weak and he cheats on her constantly

No. 1862836

File: 1689162813918.png (227.29 KB, 1796x463, IMG_1753.png)

She looks like she’s wearing a diaper.
Can’t afford to look like a trailer park baddie if you keep paying for a live in boyfriend experience. It’s one or the other kat. Yourself or him.
And don’t forget about the forehead surgery. That’s the worst part of your face.

No. 1862877

File: 1689168528637.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1284x2229, IMG_0159.jpeg)

Uh, is this what she means by “eyelid surgery” — If so, I hope some pedo loser pays for it so she can come almost full circle ruining her appearance. This is Grimes’ surgeon, if it wasn’t already obvious by the results (his patients all end up with the same gross look). I’d never really seen the eyelid thing until he posted this the other day.

No. 1862895

Oh please let it be this.

No. 1862910

File: 1689173106102.png (3.54 MB, 1800x900, IMG_1762.png)

She means this kind for her droopy eyelids she claims are “hooded lids”

No. 1862940

File: 1689177296516.jpeg (63.18 KB, 500x500, IMG_0812.jpeg)

She posts a lot about her “downturned eyes” and “hooded eyes” I assume it’s fox eye tightening or a blepharoplasty to open them up. Idk what’s wrong with her especially considering Tyler has downturned eyes mnao. Her forehead, square ass filler jaw, lack of a chin, and sausage lips are all worse issues

No. 1862942

File: 1689177390067.png (1.04 MB, 1200x600, IMG_0813.png)

Same, she probably wants to pull an Ariana Grande. Pumpy is deeply unwell, keep her away from children

No. 1863112

Clearly someone doesn’t feel as beautiful as she claims to. I guess it’s hard when you have to compete with every female who has a pulse because your man is trash and will choose EVERYONE over you.

No. 1863295

File: 1689207939335.png (1.18 MB, 2048x2048, 1689208017826.png)


No. 1863299

File: 1689208123788.png (151.88 KB, 1080x815, Screenshot_20230712-190100~2.p…)


No. 1863375

File: 1689213905858.jpeg (143.55 KB, 928x552, IMG_0861.jpeg)

Rancid bitch

No. 1863378

File: 1689214064534.jpeg (85.07 KB, 960x1706, IMG_0857.jpeg)

The only few things that could have possibly happened is she fucked up her hair again, Ty went out of town for a bit, and/or Ty cheated. She has no work, friends, family to be concerned with.
Telling twitter randos you’re a millionaire but can’t pay thousands of medical debt in one swoop. Having sex on camera was worth it, sure #supportsexworkers

No. 1863385

File: 1689215071652.jpeg (421.18 KB, 1170x1648, IMG_1902.jpeg)

She lurks and she loves it. It’s the attention she wants but it’s not the right kind ever.

No. 1863413

Damn. My thoughts exactly. She cannot look in the mirror and think that looks good? Her nipples are on two different planets. Whatever doctor is doing this to her should go straight to jail lmao it’s so bad. Wow.

No. 1863561

Lmao, that kid in the background with a black eye.

No. 1863648

File: 1689248046106.jpeg (350.56 KB, 1800x859, IMG_1905.jpeg)

I really hope one day her face gets mangled and her vain attitude bites her in her ass.
No other women can be mean to women except for her. She lives in a fake world. Hypocrite.

No. 1863671

this is straight up body horror my god

No. 1863672

That’s not why kick is taking off LMFAO. They BOUGHT top streamers for their site to bring in viewers. xQc, amouranth, Ice Poseidon, Hikaru, adin etc… they allow gamba and that has been their main appeal not hoes being hoes get fucking real. This is about as dumb as her pretending to be butt buddies with Leo when truly he has no idea who she is.

No. 1863698

File: 1689260962897.jpeg (Spoiler Image,100.71 KB, 820x833, IMG_0869.jpeg)

when this absolute rodent “made it” (but now can’t even piece together $5K after she pays rent) when she looked like this bc gay pedos loved her. The arbiter of beauty.

No. 1863700

File: 1689261361830.jpeg (Spoiler Image,197.21 KB, 1170x1738, IMG_0870.jpeg)

Same, all that work to be square jawed Lord Farquad and hard bodied. all the “I’m bb” “smol” posturing is cope for disappearing in a crowd even after getting fugly tattoos and attention seeking hair. All the face reshaping filters to give you a slender feminine face won’t work, pumpkinhead. You look like who you are
Plus you and Ty put together somehow still have zero bone structure. Sucks if you two conceive a boy, he’ll not just be ugly but a 5’4 shrimpcel

No. 1863875

File: 1689286118811.jpeg (395.59 KB, 1800x1045, IMG_1922.jpeg)

I’m about to photo dump this stupid attention seeking argument kat is in because it’s too funny she’s being called out so much for being a hypocrite.

No. 1863876

File: 1689286173796.jpeg (361.84 KB, 1800x747, IMG_1923.jpeg)

No. 1863877

File: 1689286233640.jpeg (299.46 KB, 1800x712, IMG_1924.jpeg)

She must’ve had therapy today because y’all are about to see why she’s in such a bad mood.

No. 1863878

File: 1689286270176.png (850.33 KB, 1800x1022, IMG_1925.png)

Hypocrite. Go back to therapy more than once a week.

No. 1863883

File: 1689286646120.jpeg (176.24 KB, 1800x460, IMG_1930.jpeg)

She manifested it just like she wanted. Victim forever. That should be her next tattoo. Right on her billboardhead

No. 1863890

Pumpy is on cam being ridiculous. She said she has to make a bunch of money because she is about to have a lot of financial responsibility coming up as well she stated she is "going through the hardest thing she has ever been through, and she is proud she is on cam right now." Okay dramatic.

No. 1863933

I wonder if it’s her actually leaving Tyler. Or she’s pregnant again.

No. 1863934

What do you guys think it is?
Nonna usually people in a twitter pileup are retarded but every single reply you posted is 100x more rational and intelligent than Pumpy, it’s amazing. Wish she would stop ranting about misogyny and being victimized when she’s evil to women for disagreeing with her on Twitter

No. 1863937

I love how she posts about her abuse when she gets dogpiled on Twitter. Little victim Stormy claiming other women are self victimizing. Come on.

No. 1863940

File: 1689293959038.jpeg (344.52 KB, 1170x1467, IMG_1931.jpeg)

She actually addressed the hammer on cam. She talks about everything we mention here on cam. Said she’s trying to cam to get some sort of social life back.
Honestly maybe some outside views will help her finally leave Ty and help herself but only if it’s not all just simps agreeing with her absolute meth brain nonsense.

No. 1863979

File: 1689298042880.jpeg (Spoiler Image,486.98 KB, 1055x792, IMG_0218.jpeg)

This is not the flex that she thinks it is, her and her fuckin’ pea brain. She looks like days old trash even with the strongest filter that she was able to muster. It’s okay, Charms! I guess some “artists” just lose it.

I love when I see people call out this hypocritical scumbag and you can feel her panic through the screen. My only wish is that one of them would do a simple search and hit her with the good stuff. Like, how tf is Pumpy going to call someone ugly when she used to look like (pic)? Please twittards, fight smarter. All of the ammo is there!

Trying to clear up debts and has a big incoming financial responsibility? Sounds like moving or, more specifically, trying to buy a house. Her “hard thing” is just Ty fucking another prettier, younger, and more interesting girl while not being sorry ‘bout it. She’ll be fine within days. Hell, maybe he got ANOTHER girl pregnant and cucky Pumpy is trying to raise funds for the abortion.

Unsurprised. I think she’s more sensitive than usual lately and actually getting hurt by some of the shit said in here, instead of just acting like a big tough girl. The act gets tiring after a while, hey Pumps?

No. 1863982


With Pumpy it could be as small as that Tyler is spending time with his daughter. I hope he is leaving her /kicking her out. Knowing her claiming she needs a lot of money fast is an old scam of hers.

I saw that too. She is definitely lurking.

No. 1864015

File: 1689303538281.jpeg (152.98 KB, 960x1706, IMG_0895.jpeg)

NTA but I just realized it’s her birthday month. She probably spent money on shit like an air bnb/hotel, and needs to recoup.
She’s def lurking, she’s announcing she’s not pregnant with Ty’s midget sperm

No. 1864112

File: 1689330784672.png (2.81 MB, 828x1792, 5352D8DC-FFBD-43EE-B3B6-17EF84…)

This dumb bitch really thinks it’s some kinda flex to spend thousands of dollars trying to fix her busted ass face and then put a gross tattoo on it like an absolute retard lmao. Never change, simp spice.

No. 1864196

Either (1) She HAS already gone off her birth control, you can’t ovulate on the pill (2) She STILL doesn’t understand how birth control works (3) She just wants our attention really badly because Ty is busy on a trip that he wouldn’t let her chaperone.

Could also be a combination of more than one of the above.

No. 1864336

File: 1689361594283.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1179x2101, IMG_8058.jpeg)

Even outside of a strip club, she’s still looks like she’s working. Who cares if she has and LV bag and Louboutins? She looks like white trash anyway.

No. 1864349

Does she work at DH Gate?

No. 1864354

White trash toothless granny will always be white trash toothless granny. She just looks MORE white trash trying to flex expensive and ugly items. All those thousands of dollars she spent or fucked her doctors for her procedures for, and she STILL looks busted every day.

No. 1864365

kek this i why i come to this website. brilliant

No. 1864390

They just look like knockoffs to me. Louboutins have the logo in the middle and don't have the tacky plastic warning label looking sticker on the bottom kek. Hard to take someone trying to flex so hard seriously with those gross chipped nails anyways.

No. 1864403

I’m not familiar with her backstory but weird to be flexing your fakes, hoping that you look rich, when we can all see that you haven’t been able to afford your hairdresser in months.

No. 1864447

File: 1689368325338.jpeg (443.57 KB, 2048x2048, 67808EB8-B4E8-4374-AEE8-F0F11C…)

Pick-Me Pumpy trying to side eye other women that get waxed “for a man” and patting her back about being a “low maintenance bitch” in contrast because, you know, nOt LiKe oThEr gIRls. She loves to obsess over anything to rip down females, Pumpy can say she hates men until she’s blue in the face but she actively hates women every single day. Also, guessing Ty’s kid had a birthday or something? She wanted to make sure that balloon was in the shot, even adjusting the camera at one point to get it in better.

Yes, I included some close ups of her fucked up teeth because she was so proud about how she fixed them and I’m dying at how fast they are returning back to normal. Keep worrying about your hair tho, girl.

No. 1864450

File: 1689368793008.jpeg (286.25 KB, 1284x2282, CD780411-5E08-481A-A392-9951FF…)

Fixed the story again xo

No. 1864466

File: 1689369719151.jpeg (Spoiler Image,483.31 KB, 2048x2048, 1692A62D-880C-4764-A4EB-E6FA4A…)

and the lie detector test determined, that was a lie.

(repost because i forgot to spoiler)

No. 1864516

Is this her only dress that she owns?

No. 1864529


She probably bought it for herself and said Tyler got it for her. She said last night on cam that all of her big tippers left her. She is trying to constantly remind her followers it's her birthday month.

No. 1864552

I wouldn’t be surprised but like, damn. Bitch needs a balloon because it’s her birthday MONTH? It’s not even until the end. No wonder she has no money, it’s basically bleeding out her asshole when it’s not being blown on keeping Ty.

No. 1864625

File: 1689383534574.png (2.8 MB, 828x1792, 5C3E450A-A306-4F29-ABC7-F8AE8E…)

Should’ve ordered a real boyfriend. Oh, that’s right, you can’t buy those, simple bitch.
PS none of that is gonna fix your fried mop. xo

No. 1864648

She’s retarded, her big tippers shouldn’t wait around for her to cam every 5 months. You can’t do the spoiled baby brat demanding money act anymore Pumpy, it’s really embarrassing of a near 30 year old. >>1864466
The creampie photo is so fucking disgusting. I forgot about that era. This nasty piece of work watches a child and wants to be a mother herself. Also the recklessness in which she has unprotected sex? She and Ty are PERFECT for eachother

No. 1864668

File: 1689388536808.jpeg (151.89 KB, 1036x702, IMG_0922.jpeg)

“Donate” mmk. I mean you’re an idiot who also throws away so much money for shit like a luxury car and rent you couldn’t afford. Lots of people straight up partners with 0 income and still amass savings. You’re bummy and impulsive. Even if men weren’t in the picture, you’d be broke.

No. 1864670

Same, straight up have partners** with zero income

No. 1864725

who’s gonna tell her no one wants to be friends with an anorexic pick me Bitch that won’t leave the house without her midget sugar baby and is an absolute cunt to other women… Truly amazing the way she acts surprised that she has no friends. Even some of the cringiest chicks on here have some friend-zoned horny scrotes to
to hang out with at the very least, she can’t even manage that. It’s almost kinda impressive what an unlikable skank she is lmao.

No. 1864758

It's giving Kiki Kannibal

No. 1864839

File: 1689427987108.jpeg (79.74 KB, 1179x461, IMG_1040.jpeg)

No. 1864844

imagine the laughter of the crowds that see pumpkinhead "fighting a girl with tWo BrOkeN aRmS". fucking kek and she is delusional if she thinks she would ever be a top model. She can't even determine the difference of worse and worst. Sad rolled bologna lip girl

No. 1864888

At this point, we need to hear Pumpy’s definition of “pick-me.” Is it just the girls that Ty messages and sleeps with? Newsflash, those girls aren’t the pick-me’s. They are the ones getting picked, while she sits at home posting story-after-story about how they’re “dating” and once was pregnant with his millionth unwanted embryo for six weeks.

No. 1864893

Every post she makes she’s just speaking into a mirror.
YOU are the pick me poser poster child.
Everything you complain about, you are.
I hope her therapist inserts some self reflection into her brain instead of just her normal daily brainwashing from social media.

No. 1864910

File: 1689436230262.jpeg (18.95 KB, 180x320, IMG_8069.jpeg)

Nice job Pump

No. 1864913

File: 1689436378518.png (2.49 MB, 1800x996, IMG_1946.png)

Reminiscing and begging for sympathy and then immediately transitioned to body check.

You didn’t look good then and you don’t look good now.

No. 1864922

File: 1689437167843.jpeg (205.27 KB, 1648x927, IMG_1949.jpeg)

Apparently she’s getting her hair done for her birthday and is considering bringing the bangs back.
Not because of her giant forehead or it being mentioned here, just because she “always had them”.
Kat, you should just start renting out space on your forehead for camgirls to advertise like you do on Twitter if you really need the extra income.

No. 1864934

File: 1689439176277.jpeg (313.67 KB, 1170x2051, IMG_1756.jpeg)

Advertise here

No. 1865029

jumpscared by alien chest bursters. spoiler this shit!

No. 1865159

File: 1689463737446.jpeg (235.47 KB, 2048x2048, 3F4B1A61-7941-4EEE-8D10-DADDDD…)

The far left story from your picrel is actually perfect for comparison with her current teeth. Obviously, left is now and right is from the TT. Even if she still had her retainer, which is doubtful, it wouldn’t fit or fix the situation. She’d have to return to her ortho, who would probably make her redo treatment before having a new retainer made. This means that her teeth are doomed and she maybe has another year or two left where she can get away with hiding them behind her sausage lips and try to act grown for getting them fixed once. She expects us to believe that she’s taking care of Ty, his daughter, her animals, etc. but she can’t even do the minimum for herself. It doesn’t matter how much money she invests into something because she’s half her age mentally and doesn’t understand the value of money.

No. 1865190

She’ll just get veneers or composite bonding. It’s always the fast solutions for these people

No. 1865191

File: 1689466916857.jpeg (136.06 KB, 960x1706, IMG_0946.jpeg)

She has nothing in common with the prostitutes who worked on Craigslist that he killed. She claims she can avoid men by online sex work. It’s always an onlyfans girl on cam girl equating their experiences with street or Craigslist providers.

No. 1865260

File: 1689473729870.jpeg (103.48 KB, 675x1200, IMG_0950.jpeg)

Roast beef lip color

No. 1865294

File: 1689478680407.png (7.95 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_0310.png)

It irks me that she intends to put more filler in those lips. This is why she now has the resting face of a mouth-breather, they are too heavy for her to naturally keep closed.

No. 1865330

Ew your lip liner color that looks best is usually close to your nipple color so it looks like she rubbed shit around her mouth going in with brown.

No. 1865401

wearing her shein necklace from her cheating mans to flex on the total pickmes who have monogamous relationships and make money without physically degrading themselves

No. 1865475

I’m so happy someone else posted this.
Is that a fat roll I see appearing around her pants line?
When she can’t fit into her Ana pants anymore she’s going to have a meltdown.

No. 1865639

We’re probably 1-2 months away from those meltdowns. Her body looks better than it has in years but it’s going to look worse because she’ll refuse to dress it properly.

No. 1865743

File: 1689530114887.jpeg (203.52 KB, 960x1706, IMG_0971.jpeg)

She doesn’t do her skincare routine when Ty’s out of town. What’s wrong with her….

No. 1865747

“Please don’t leave, look at how I can’t function without you”

No. 1865758

You ARE dull and sad, also broke. Fuckin dumbass can't even wash her face FFS, what DOES SHE DO? lurk Twitter all day and check if Tyler followed any new girls? Absolute waste of a life, she does nothing whatsoever and still can't even take care of her busted face.

No. 1865844

Come on, nona. She might be obsessed with Ty, but she’ll always be self-obsessed first.. ie. 80% of her time is spent reading about herself in here.

No. 1865870

Where is the pic of Sabrina in the OP from? I couldn’t find it in the last thread

No. 1865957

File: 1689546523486.jpeg (264.5 KB, 1284x1450, IMG_7677.jpeg)

How has no one clocked this hilarious AI imagine looking mess from Miss 'I don’t edit photos of myself!'

I think she forgot what real people look like completely

No. 1866015

File: 1689550421681.jpeg (140.37 KB, 1169x499, IMG_0990.jpeg)

Have some stormy stuff to dump

No. 1866018

File: 1689550661294.jpeg (99.18 KB, 1069x565, IMG_0989.jpeg)

Pump interacting with -another desperate for a baby but can’t get even a boyfriend- hoe. Both defend sex work and treat their SW status as a discriminated class below race or class or disability bc no one wants to date them. Both are deluded defenders of SW. Aella has like 30iq points on stormy tho

No. 1866035

She’s so transparent, gaining weight so she can have a pregnancy. I’m with other anons who tinfoil she has stopped her BC or is going to, she is soooo desperate to baby trap that disgusting scrotelet. I hope she never gets pregnant again tho tbh

No. 1866044

File: 1689552833575.jpeg (133.92 KB, 1169x590, IMG_0995.jpeg)


No. 1866234

File: 1689561598984.jpeg (140.14 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1002.jpeg)

I hate the term sex worker. what a false equivalency, making herself sound like an outdoor prostitute. She does not leave the house without her midget boyfriend, and never walks anywhere unlike women with actual jobs

No. 1866342

File: 1689570376914.png (3.12 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0839.png)

She said this the other day so seems like she’s already off it?

No. 1866365

File: 1689572433150.jpeg (154.32 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1007.jpeg)

I love how a coomer brained woman who justifies sex work related infidelity (“it’s just a service I provide”) is with a man who has all types of girls following him/follows girls on social media himself. Perfect fit

No. 1866388

the only person who would "pay" for this is another insane bpd sex worker like her who dates cheating porn addicted manlets like her. any regular woman in a relationship can simply talk to their partner and tell them to unfollow some random thot. if they are so painfully insecure they'd rather pay five actual real dollars to an internet hooker instead of talking to the person they are in a meaninful relationship with they are insane.
it really speaks more about her than on anyone. shes basically saying she would absolutely pay someone money to block ugly tyboy cause truly how the fuck else could she come up with something as retarded as this?

No. 1866420

Very true nonna and on top of this is there are men stormy could never access— men who doesn’t follow OF girls and thots. Men who don’t use Instagram to coom over much less DM women. She’ll never meet one, but they do exist. Stay jealous Pump!

No. 1866421

Same I get why Pumpy barely works, keeping a womanizer from cheating is a FT job

No. 1866450

This. Like I couldn’t even imagine dating a dude that would give her a second glance, let alone waste $5 over it (and I gave a homeless guy $20 the other day, which is kinda like her “relationship” but I digress) lmao. She’s such a damn loser. Stay seething, blumpkin splice.

No. 1866498

File: 1689594655626.jpeg (96 KB, 640x1028, IMG_4291.jpeg)

Not sure which thread I should post this on but this random e whore belle dolphin clone got a boob job and her moid (ex) fans are laughing at how ugly they are now. she’s irrelevant now but her downfall makes me kek

No. 1866564

Well, what's her name?

No. 1866654

I’ve seen a lot of girls offer to do this for free just cuz they don’t like to hurt other women or care to be the cause of a relationship issue. It starts with your partner obviously but this doesn’t make her come off like the “girls girl” she thinks it does, this is pay me or I’ll continue to wreck your relationship without a single care. Which is it pumpy, what side are you really on? On the skank side where she only cares when it benefits herself. She’s so sleezy and gross. It shows on the outside now too, she just looks like a bitter cunt lately and the red hair makes her look like she has a meth binge problem, tweeker appeal. She doesn’t look like one of those ‘rich bitches’ pump don’t get excited - just dirty, smelly, clingy, sleazy, desperate, and cruel.

No. 1866676

Although she is broke and living paycheck to paycheck $5 can’t even buy a Starbucks coffee. It’s just a way of getting their subservience. Financial humiliation. Truth be told if any woman’s man is following Pumpy, and jerking off to that praying mantis build and filler face, dump him, you can do better.

No. 1866777

Not to burst your bubble but all men are disgusting and would absolutely fuck pump n dump behind your back but call her gross/disgusting to your face. Same men that make fun of fat chicks to their friends and then hit on them when they think no one is watching.

No. 1866804

I've dated men that were not that way at all, but that treat you like a goddess and do everything for you. No arguing, drama etc for over 8 years, not even use social media or talk to girls beyond coworkers or friends. I'm sure there are VERY few but they do exist. Pretty much the exact opposite of TY.

No. 1866824

Nah I agree that most men are coomer moids but there’s a small number who don’t have casual sex, much less cheat.
its true the majority of men would fuck her, like they’d fuck a chicken sandwich or any skinny woman below 30. But there’s a few men that aren’t disgusting horndogs driven by impulse.
Either way, even IF 90% of men would fuck her, few to none would ever date her

No. 1866913

It would be like fucking an ironing board, except an ironing board looks better lol her own man doesn't even fuck her

No. 1866941

File: 1689625688103.jpeg (178.85 KB, 1169x639, IMG_1024.jpeg)

No. 1866978

It’s nine posts into the last thread! Everyone’s photo is grabbed from the previous one.

No. 1867023

Hannahowo(sage your shit)

No. 1867100

File: 1689642138587.png (676.34 KB, 1080x940, Screenshot_20230717-210247~2.p…)

Sneak peak at Dumpy's new hair.

No. 1867128

File: 1689647105281.jpeg (231.68 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1038.jpeg)

No. 1867130

File: 1689647170402.jpeg (196.46 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1037.jpeg)

No. 1867148

How does she keep managing to make it worse and worse

No. 1867288

File: 1689675741822.jpeg (230.87 KB, 1799x985, IMG_2041.jpeg)

Of course she posts her kid and then advertises her sex work immediately after.
I really despise these women around kids.

No. 1867333

File: 1689682939674.png (2.07 MB, 1800x599, IMG_2042.png)

Ah that basement dwelling neckbeard posture and sagging bottom lip. She’s like Jekyll and Hyde but she’s either a misogynistic neckbeard or a pedo pandering poser.

No. 1867355

File: 1689687168406.jpeg (61.94 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1039.jpeg)

Why is her face so fucking red? She has the posture of someone who’s never taken a walk. She uses a million hydrating essences and toners with oily skin (many of which oily people would only use 1) and wonders why she’s a greaseball.

No. 1867358

Christ she's a hunchback

She's definitely got a fucked up spine. Shes shaped like one of those aliens from men in black

No. 1867378

File: 1689691200796.jpeg (10.22 KB, 275x183, IMG_1040.jpeg)

Tech neck

No. 1867381

Sabrina's "new post" is from her living at her dad's house kek. She is so lame and I'm glad she's away from her poor kids

No. 1867390

Oh so she realizes she's white again now.

No. 1867392

File: 1689693838736.png (1.55 MB, 986x1694, Screenshot_20230718-112415~2.p…)

I love that she is covering up her new hair/forehead in her stories.

No. 1867416

File: 1689696250887.png (604.34 KB, 1080x1123, Screenshot_20230718-120537~2.p…)

No. 1867417

File: 1689696312510.jpeg (42.11 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1041.jpeg)

JFC she’s so pathetic. “I’m so excited bc I had enough money to buy a couch. That’s crazy.” So a $750 sofa and $1000 a month in medical debt is too much for her, despite being rIcH. Why doesn’t her man help her? Oh, we know…
+ What is, “I haven’t worked for over a year”, when she’s now camming multiple times a week and has for 2 months. You are NOW working. Do you not know tenses??
Also she’s having a birthday party

No. 1867418

Same, she doesn’t know English, because passive income is return from investments which she doesn’t have. She means OnlyFans, which is still work and a steady if low income for her. It just doesn’t give her as much money as camming can

No. 1867424

File: 1689696911502.jpeg (187.78 KB, 1800x970, IMG_2045.jpeg)

It’s that meth brain she’s got.
She thinks worse is worst.
She’s now saying join the rates instead of ranks.
She is literally brain damaged from her mother abusing hard drugs while pregnant with her and not seeking help for it.
I was wondering if she even graduated high school or if she dropped out. She sure is Kentucky/redneck dumb.
She looks like a grandma now with her stupid hair.

No. 1867434

File: 1689697837339.jpeg (232.46 KB, 828x1419, IMG_0846.jpeg)

Her “I don’t get botox” and then scrunching her face to show her botched botox is wild. Even a literal newborn baby will get forehead crinkles if they scrunch their eyebrows. Your excessive skincare routine will never cause the muscles in your forehead not to move, only botox does that.

No. 1867441

File: 1689700167972.png (1004.31 KB, 1796x1440, IMG_2046.png)

Miss “I don’t get Botox”
I knew she’d bring it up again.

No. 1867474

Her red hair actually looked a lot better. Why would she do this?

No. 1867493

I was about to come here and say this! Not an ounce of maternal or common sense in Sabrina. Considering a year or two ago she was sending her nudes to Big C for validation, Sabrina’s contact with her children should always just be heavily monitored. Hell, her fake suicide attempt in front of Big C should have already been ample reason for this. No one involved cares enough about the kids though, with the exception of the adults in Middle C’s life. I hope that AJ’s mom is the primary caregiver for Little C because otherwise that child has little hope for normalcy. Then again, look how AJ turned out.

Jesus fucking christ, she looks like Ellen Page after she trooned out. This is how she’s coming into the ring competing with Ty’s side bitches? Pumpy couldn’t make herself hot even if her life depended on it.

As much as I love calling this idiot a meth baby, has it ever been proven that her mom was a user? I remember there was a period of time where farmers noted her stories regarding this didn’t make sense and she backtracked a lot on details. It was similar to muh lupus, she just relished in being seen as damaged goods. Pumpy is an unreliable narrator and vapid pick-me, I honestly think her room temp IQ is organic and worsened by a clear inability to be a taught.. even if it’s self-teaching. She believes that she already knows everything that she needs to know about anything and that’s why we’re blessed with her regular offbeat mental gymnastics about the most basic things.

No. 1867502

File: 1689707237796.jpeg (388.43 KB, 2048x2048, ABDD5860-326B-4812-BE15-8B4B1B…)

Samefag: Yup, she’s just a bloated Ellen Page without the feminine facial structure.

No. 1867511

File: 1689709026370.png (539.83 KB, 545x675, Will_in_California.png)

Yeah….like anyone wants to see this lmao she literally is turning into a prepubescent boy more and more daily. Weird pedo bitch deserves to be broke and miserable.

No. 1867531

Ty comes off a little closeted. Who knows, Pumpy might think that she’s gaining an advantage on the other girls by being “masc” with a pussy.

No. 1867537

Agreed, he used to date pretty girly women which reminded me of how a gay dude collects faghags, he has cuckold tendencies from wanting to solely date sex workers, and everyone knows womanizers are the gayest of them all

No. 1867540

Ayrt and so many others have been saying this… He gives very gay closet vibes, I mean.. Pump looks like an actual boy with fillers. He probably had that daughter to prove he wasn't gay LOL

No. 1867564

Getting your girlfriend to buy you designer clothes… it’s giving straight for pay

No. 1867565

She looks like the toothless granny girl who was posted here previous. And kekkkk the photos of her new haircut have sent me. Old lady and dentures vibe incoming! Grab your SPECTACLES!

No. 1867567

She’ll never be able to control his cheating, he’ll always be proving himself by fucking random women.

No. 1867589

Not to mention Pumpy has not shut up about how she’s “asexual” lately. The girl who has daddy’s girl and devour and livestock tattooed on her body is asexual? No, she gets 100% of her sexual gratification from being desired and used like a sex doll so now she’s a wet blanket because Ty doesn’t want to fuck her.

No. 1867603

You know what crossed my mind earlier? Remember that screenshot when Pumpy was trying to keep her claws in Dean and suggested they be fuck buddies, mentioning how Ty “only wants to cuddle” - Yeah, sus. Who goes to Pumpy, of all people, for cuddles? As >>1867564 said, he’s just straight-for-pay and tries to evade sex with her as much as possible while still getting the little prince treatment. That’s why she’s so pressed at girls who’ll he actually pursue sex with, despite it only being superficial hetero-signaling. How embarrassing to be the female doormat of a glaringly gay man. I’m sure she’s already had her suspicions for a while now too.

No. 1867619

File: 1689723137502.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1284x2253, IMG_0422.jpeg)

It’s free to your overweight scrotefag and any other IRL scum that’s ever given you a second look.

No. 1867640

File: 1689726679495.png (613.11 KB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_20230718-202538~2.p…)

No. 1867641

File: 1689726783330.jpeg (477.53 KB, 2048x2048, 0EF6766F-FCD6-49D9-A573-F0A364…)

Pumpy, once again, trying to cope with her life by acting like the expert on cheating and male behaviour. Those who can’t “do” will teach, right? She doesn’t give credit to her style inspo, so I’ll just go ahead and take care of that for her here.

No. 1867644

File: 1689727155794.png (6.31 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_0436.png)

Bimbro must have skipped her meds today and now the old Charms is peaking through!

No. 1867664

She's correct though.

No. 1867665

File: 1689730399055.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1284x2262, IMG_0439.jpeg)

Great. Hopefully this one ends up responsibly rehomed instead of on the streets.

No. 1867667

Freaky child filter she’s slammed others for using

No. 1867668

She’s bitching about women (ofc not men) who think porn is cheating. Shoutout to women who won’t date men who look at porn btw. Pumpy may bitch, but she wish she had one.
I’m now believing the more a woman bitches about men externally, the more of a loser pick me she is. A normal woman avoiding moids just doesn’t date. Pumpy whines all day about men and goes home to a deadbeat hobosexual with no self discipline who knocks up every woman he’s been with and needs her to pay the grocery bill
Her poor daughter prolly seeing this, when Sabrina runs through animals but won’t ever try to have custody

No. 1867669

Haha. My first and only tattoos are on my face and forearm. But she makes a fine gatekeeper, seeing as she has to turn sideways to walk through an type of entrance.(blog)

No. 1867670

Nonna it’s not really a flex to have a face tattoo… we dump on Pumpy for her dumbass ones

No. 1867672

Every time i scroll through snow and see that whore's bare foot in the thread pic i want to bash my head into the corner of a glass table as hard as possible

No. 1867674

Yeah but I’ve never been unemployed, a sex worker or had to rely on a man for anything. The one on my face is so easily able to be hidden a lot of people don’t even notice it. It’s easy to not be trashy even with tattoos. The girls all radiate psychotic energy.

No. 1867675


No. 1867676

Just so you know, everyone who comes across you irl in passing thinks you're a retard, and every heavily tattoo'd person/tattoo artist thinks you're a retard as well.

No. 1867685

I’m sorry, nona! Trust me that it could have been worse if I found a way to make her gunt picture work.

No. 1867686

I'm sure if she could still make facial expressions she'd look upset.

No. 1867687

Yeah I don’t think that’s true. Once again, the small one on my face is in my hairline on my temple area that’s hardly noticeable. The other is very unique and nicely done on the back of my forearm and covering burn scars from a past job I worked so it is also not very trashy or flashy. Being a hard working and considerate person seems to balance out any captious thoughts.(no1curr)

No. 1867690

This has probably been posted before but the Onlyfans user Kate Rich selling the video of her daughters both as a pornographic video is fucking disgusting. I’m not reposting any links to her pages you can look her up if you’re that desperate to see, but good fucking lord the inhumanity makes me cry out loud. This poor child is being sexualized by strangers from the moment she’s born.

No. 1867704

Wait what? As a pornographic video?(sage your shit)

No. 1867786

Her brain must be so fucked up from all the drug abuse to think she can care for a pet when she can’t even take care of herself. I didn’t see this coming but I’m afraid of the milk coming with it because I really hate animal and child abuse. All innocent things should be kept very far away from her.

No. 1867789

File: 1689768162713.jpeg (432.56 KB, 1170x1805, IMG_2207.jpeg)

What a coincidence

No. 1867800

File: 1689771141616.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1284x2383, IMG_0448.jpeg)

I didn’t see it coming either but I’m unsurprised. Knock on wood, I think that even Sabrina realizes she can’t have a fourth child and baby daddy. A lot of couples who go no-kids, or are pre-kids (again let’s hope not), take their relationship “to the next level” by getting a pet, namely a dog. My one wish is that she’d stop bringing dependant life into her relationships and these moids would finally understand Sabrina has a long, dark history of abandonment that needs to be taken seriously. Unsure if anyone is new to Sabrina or these threads, but picrel is her old cat “Xanny.” Yes, Xanny like Xanax.. although she tried hard to “recover” that name after the internet chewed her up about it, mainly because she had her eldest Big C around (who was a young child back then). Similar to her children, Sabrina grew bored of the responsibility and insisted Xanny kept “running away” and “preferred” life on the streets. Yes, Xanny was therefore left to live on the streets. She also previously had a dog, but that saga was as brief as the involvement with her middle child (who she essentially only incubated). As crazy as Junkie James is/was, he had enough functioning brain cells left to not have children or get pets with Sabrina. He forced her to go see 2/3 of the kids that she already has instead, but granted they never had a place to temporarily house pets or children anyways.

Of course, something must be in the air. Cue Pumpy scrolling through these threads and seething that everyone else has a new pet, despite dumping “yet another” one of hers only a thread or two ago. I will admit, at least Charms seems to honour her commitment as a pet-owner.. but really, none of these idiots should be owning pets or having children.

No. 1867967

Is this a self post or something? Her twitter looks like any random OF girl's.

No. 1867969

They’re advising that the person is selling a birthing vid on OF. While idgaf who the person is enough to look I can see why that info would be provided here as milk with the talk about Brina and Pumpys antics around children. Not every newb brought to the thread is a self post sometimes there’s just some weird shit taking place on the sidelines as well that people find worth a mention.

No. 1867970

She's not really wrong, but it's still hilarious that charms, someone who obviously has extreme body image issues and can't decide if she's a boy or a girl or a bimbo or etc. thinks she has any right to gatekeep other people's bodily choices. Like girl, you've literally turned yourself into a whole freakshow? kek

No. 1867996

File: 1689799886365.jpeg (217.57 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1069.jpeg)

Average Pumpy lunch. She is so fucked up she can’t even see how this isn’t a meal and posts it like normall

No. 1868002

I'm not trying to sound snarky I promise but how isn't this a meal? It looks like a big sushi roll with a salad and marinated cucumbers on the side, seems like a normal light lunch to me

No. 1868005

Idk sushi and salad doesn't seem like an out of the norm meal. Am I missing something?

No. 1868014

Agreed. I don’t disagree with the point, but it’s the delivery and the fact that it’s coming from her. She thinks that it’s unethical for tattoo artists to work on faces of clients without existing visible tattoos, what about the surgeon who keeps filling her tits? She’s out of her depth and needs to stick to things like Animal Crossing instead.

Not WK-ing Pumpy, but I agree. This would be enough to satisfy me for lunch, it just wouldn’t be a sufficient dinner (unless I had a big lunch).

No. 1868019

I think that’s from Sushiholics in West Covina? She moved to California to live in a suburb and get sushi door dashed to her?

No. 1868024

File: 1689803049692.jpeg (121.77 KB, 1168x411, IMG_1072.jpeg)

No. 1868050

Pumpy on cam right now “I’ve literally done nothing today other than look at 1000 bed frames. Everyone calls me poor because I don’t have a bed frame.”

No. 1868078

That sushi looks like a spine, gross. It's thicker than pumps actual spine LMAO skeletal ass boney bitch

No. 1868096

Red buzzer, Pumpy. Everyone calls her poor because she’s frequently in a financial crisis while living above her means. The floor mattress is just an indication of how she can’t prioritize her spending.

No. 1868100

Charms dropped 8 of her 10 cats at the pound while continuing to get dogs. She did not have them adopted, she left them at the shelter.
Do not ever say she honors being a pet owner. She’s the worst of them all in that aspect imo

No. 1868136

This is kat “treating” herself. This is an Ana sized binge for someone trying to gain weight. Even if it’s normal to you it’s fucking pathetic still. She doesn’t know how to eat properly.
She needs a nutritionist.

No. 1868137

How many years did it take her to come around to every single persons advice to get a fucking bed frame?
Think how long it’ll take her to come around to any other realization. Dooooomed

No. 1868175

Yeah exactly. It’s probably sub400 calories till 5pm. Everyone here probably eats more than this without trying

No. 1868176

She only cares cuz it’s her birthday party coming soon

No. 1868218

Jfc, I didn’t know this. I need to acquaint myself with her OG thread. Ten fucking cats? Dumping eight of them is vile, but owning that amount to begin with is downright irresponsible. Thank god her husband’s gay and they won’t be reproducing, although I know she wants to. It seems like she’s just his little fag hag and he comes up with these ridiculous “fetishes” to make his sexual attention so unattainable for her. I’ve crept his instagram before and you can’t convince me that this man likes breasts.

No. 1868319

File: 1689860033950.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1284x2269, IMG_0788.jpeg)

I’m confused why a stylist would feel uncomfortable bleaching her roots? If she said the stylist was uncomfortable continuing to lighten the rest of her hair, then that I’d understand. It’s not the case though, the processed hair would just be maintenance via toner and the regrowth is all healthy virgin hair? If roots were a deciding factor then it’s senseless to have done what she did instead of going straight brown. Newsflash, the color is still not going to hold on the damaged side and she’s going to keep touching it. She’s such a “guru” but she’s too retarded to find something like K18 in her “research,” which would actually help her hair.. unlike all of her stupid hydrating masks. Her violently low IQ and poor reader comprehension can’t understand that a hydrating mask helps dry hair, not fried and damaged hair.

No. 1868324

File: 1689861509828.jpeg (293.54 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1091.jpeg)

No it’s cuz the stylist knows stormy is a crazy bitch and wants to underpromise. Pump whined that the last stylist burnt her scalp. It’s hard times, Pumpy comes in once a week to get treatments. Easy money.

No. 1868325

“Y’all better mfing compliment my hair” camgirls can still be good girlfriends and wives, right stormy, even though you demand external validation from internet pornbrained losers to feel attractive?

No. 1868333

She said this the other day on stream. I wonder if she asked the stylist that couldn't be done and Pumpy is lying through her gapped teeth.

The fact she thinks she looks better is making me cackle. Pumpy looks terrible with her new hair.

No. 1868356

File: 1689866671362.jpeg (286.92 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1092.jpeg)

Grow up and learn to drive

No. 1868365

Fair evaluation, I hadn’t thought of it that way. Even if she’s capable and confident, she already knows that Pumpy is unhinged and would foam at the mouth over absolutely anything. It’s already risky taking her on as a client but, like you said, potentially worth it because she could be easy money. A lot of stylists wouldn’t even touch her after her public fit, whether the other stylist was in the wrong or not. It only shows how immaturely Pumpy handles situations and how damaging she can be, as a client, to business. You’d think such a “self-made” woman who is “for women” would understand, ha.

I love that her former reasoning for switching vehicles was to have mommy wheels to drive around her “friends” and “stepdaughter.” She’ll say anything instead of admitting that she couldn’t afford it, but still needed a vehicle to let Ty use. It’s just basically a dad/bro-mobile. She’s such a chump. You know his midget ass has fucked a hundred girls in it while she’s door dashing herself sushi at home, he can’t even be bothered to pick it up for her.

No. 1868388

File: 1689874296877.png (1.37 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_0791.png)

Completely void of the self-awareness that would allow her to realize it looks just as dumb when she grifts.

No. 1868429

File: 1689881754543.jpeg (679.5 KB, 828x1639, IMG_4968.jpeg)

Covered in another girl’s BlOoD. What a badass kek

No. 1868434

>carrot diamond
pickme bitches, why didn't that girlfriend fight with her bf instead if he dared to ask another woman for her number? fucking retards

No. 1868453

not having a license is fine but she doesn’t even live walking distance to some place that sells Yoo-hoo? no wonder she’s so miserable ffs, what a life

No. 1868458

She moved to SoCal. Utterly useless to not have a car there. The culture there is go to driver’s ed at 15.5 years old, it’s held after school or in the summer at many high schools. I mean I’m sure getting a license is the norm in KY too. This girl just an excuse for her stunted development
Can’t wait till this ghoul cops an assault charge.

No. 1868460

Same, Stormy would do this herself. She DOES this herself.

No. 1868478

Fingers crossed that Tape Worn is sending to Sam. It’d be so satisfying if Ty’s retarded SWer sugar mama ended up being what costed him custody, since he did Sam as dirty as he did with her SW history.

No. 1868487

That ain’t blood. That’s the drink she threw at you or someone else dropped on you from knocking into them. I remember this story and that’s what she said happened. It was a drink.

No. 1868489

File: 1689892532342.jpeg (324.52 KB, 1798x964, IMG_2224.jpeg)

Why has no one mentioned that her Twitter has been banned?
Also now she has autism.

No. 1868495

It literally is the drink lmao why would anyone’s blood be all over the BACK of her shirt? She fight by kicking like a spooked horse?

No. 1868497

File: 1689893493694.jpeg (338.89 KB, 1170x1963, IMG_1116.jpeg)

So… your ex was right?
It’s okay, I’m sure Tyler is cycling between 5 other actually pretty girls and gets money from a couple other retards too.
I was coming here to post this. I think it was that retarded picture of her with the foxtail plug in. Nasty

No. 1868528

File: 1689900250381.jpg (1.08 MB, 1800x1800, Collage_2023-07-20_20_45_04.jp…)

Am I bugging or are her bangs a different color from the rest of her hair?

No. 1868541

Kek is she aware of the colour of blood? Looks like really weak Ribena

And as nonnas said why the fuck would it be sprayed up all over her back anyway? Girl is a lunatic and doesn't she claim to have a blood fetish lol

No. 1868552

She tried to get them silver (bad taste)

No. 1868564

Her filler face is so disgusting. And she calls herself a “bad bitch.”
Here’s Ty in the midst of shaking his head and rolling his eyes at her

No. 1868565

File: 1689908012454.jpeg (255.5 KB, 1128x1878, IMG_1126.jpeg)

Same forgot to add

No. 1868570

I'll take "shit that never happened" for $200.

No. 1868573

Congratulations, you're a retard.

No. 1868579

File: 1689910274914.png (2.75 MB, 1576x1800, IMG_2256.png)

She said she did that but this happened so it doesn’t matter if she lied or not she got another $500
Hopefully if she cheers up this month from all these high tips she’ll finally have the confidence to leave Ty and start over independently and help herself instead of focusing on others.
But I highly doubt it sadly.

No. 1868597

File: 1689912929209.png (7.08 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_2372.png)

She has no idea what she’s getting herself into. Huskys are so much work! That’s why there’s so many in the shelters. I’m so sad for that puppy because she’s going to 100% abandon it.

No. 1868636

Does she get all her pets from pet stores/puppy mills?
>could of
Has she even thought what kind of adult dog that is going to grow to be? ofc not… Disposable bitch acting like every other living creature is disposable like her.

No. 1868691

She’s been claiming to be “neurodiverse” for a while now and seems to rotate between ADHD and autism, with a stronger preference for ADHD. I’ve never seen her “hyperactive” but sure.

He loathes her. We already knew but you can tell the exact vibe of this picture and the bigger one too.

Right? That dog is going to be gone by the end of next thread. Any dog would have been, but the fact that it’s a husky? What morons. That breed is not for the faint of heart, nevermind some dumb 30 year old twat who has already abandoned three kids, multiple animals, and didn’t have a home FOR YEARS up until a month or two ago.

No. 1868735

She's gonna leave the new manlet and make him take the dog of course.

No. 1868741

I mean, if she can secure another scrote with housing. It doesn’t sound like an impossible feat, but look at how she’s acted on cam the past few years. She must be messier and even more incoherent in person, hence why she was with quarter-brain Junk and now Schnozzle.

No. 1868743

File: 1689942229823.png (2.94 MB, 1800x1086, IMG_2265.png)

Get those sympathy votes brina. Share a picture of YOURSELF as a child and your oh so cared for grandmother hidden behind you.
That dog is probably just shwaggle’s (he seems like a pretty normal guy with a job and motorcycle and a house to at least rent a room in) and sab is just hanging around until he can’t stand her antics anymore claiming they’re all a family. She’s just a sex doll being passed around cali.

No. 1868817

wait til Sabrina finds out she actually has to feed and take care of such a high maintenance breed. she had that dog named kitty and quickly got rid of it after she was bored of showing it off.. and her cat and her 3 children. Snozzle is a loser for being associated with her.

No. 1868846

File: 1689961557236.png (2.31 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_0816.png)

Even Megan Fox’s relationshit with MGK trumps whatever the fuck Pumpy thinks she has going on with Ty. Ty doesn’t care what she looks like because he doesn’t show her off, EVER. She’s just used like Schnozzle, except at least Brina plays the part of posting and simping for him online. Ty will post anything but Pumpy.

No. 1868848

Samefag to add that the dog is undoubtedly already smarter than Sabrina, even as a pup. Cue the shitshows.

No. 1868857

File: 1689963714725.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1284x2279, IMG_0825.jpeg)

I genuinely don’t think she’s sending this to Ty. It’s hard to imagine he’s Baby Daddy in her phone but forced her to get an abortion (alone). She probably texted this to herself under a different saved name, while he’s still My Moon in her phone and him + his friends are blocked from her story. The second that I saw they were at the fair, I thought “Here it comes” — Pumpy is going to try and convince us that Ty takes all of these sweet photos of her, but somehow never feels compelled to share when he’s always posting his daughter, friends, band, etc.

No. 1868879

File: 1689965998669.jpeg (191.24 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1139.jpeg)

I hate her attempt to be sweet when making a request.
Here’s the photo she insists doesn’t look like her

No. 1868880

File: 1689966043411.jpeg (211.7 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1140.jpeg)

The chubby cheeked filler face against the scrawny all bone body always gets to me

No. 1868886

File: 1689966419668.jpeg (229.4 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1141.jpeg)

No. 1868919

She looks like she smells like lunchables and stale milk. Ugly bitch.

No. 1868931

I'm laughing right now as a Californian currently eating sushi that was DoorDashed to me for lunch

No. 1868950

call me MATI but it’s infuriating that this skinny skeleton bean eating pumpndumb bitch makes big tips doing absolutely nothing but rubbing her tits and complaining about her stupid problems. i didn’t think this bitch was better than momokun at her job, and momokun probably makes more than her but some idiot rich moid can at some point drop a tip that’s more than momokun’s onlythot “paycheck”

No. 1868962

Where do you think her (any ethot’s) ego comes from? She is insecure as fuck until she gets a paycheck for doing nothing so she thinks she’s the shit and smartest person in the world.
You can take the girl out of section 8 like she claims but you can’t take that mindset out of the girl. It’s immature and self blind just like trailer trash that wins the lotto.

No. 1868981

File: 1689977524148.jpeg (605.63 KB, 2048x2048, 21B648F4-27E1-4A97-B203-B51791…)

The mental gymnastics she’s putting her teeny brain through in order to feel like she’s in a position to speak on this. Her entire face is bought.

No. 1869075

File: 1689986487776.jpeg (453.25 KB, 2048x2048, 7D08D0B6-7B2E-4013-BC73-7D4A90…)

First slide followed by the one right after. Classic Sabrina. The thing is, this piece of shit knows that it’s wrong to be posting her children on her SW account. She’s used it as an excuse for why she didn’t post them before and even had that whole “family account” (that was turned into another SW account after years of inactivity). The reason that she does it because she cares less about protecting her daughter and more about LARPing as a 2% mom. This year has been the most that she’s seen Little C since her first year of life.

No. 1869077

File: 1689986593593.png (4.77 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_0904.png)

Samefag for second pic, you know the dog is doomed when Sabrina starts putting together lists and journals (like she did for all of her children).

No. 1869101

File: 1689989228306.jpeg (44.6 KB, 331x354, IMG_1149.jpeg)

Bad example bc madison beer was beautiful before a syringe ever touched her but ok pump

No. 1869155

She's more committed to this dog at the moment than her actual children. She's so vile. She won't even be able to hold that dog down on a leash with her scrawny ass. She probably just wanted it to take selfies with. Absolutely vapid.

No. 1869293

Really inconsiderate to talk about your grandmother passing away and then immediately focus on a new puppy.
Like where is her heart in her body? I don’t believe it’s there at all.

No. 1869334

File: 1690041588655.jpeg (144.58 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1158.jpeg)

Is infidelity and paying a man’s bills being spoiled? We already see the contempt in his face when he drives your useless ass around, he’s only doing it bc you cover most of the costs of his lifestyle

No. 1869458

File: 1690064489038.png (4.81 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_2380.png)

Did she just realize she in fact bought him a car to pick up other bitches in? She’s such a fucking hypocrite. Always taking shit about broke guys but literally takes care of one. She’s a fucking joke poser ass hoe.

No. 1869644

Oh man. She even boasted about how her suv is big enough to put an air mattress in and sleep in.
Guess what else people who cheat do in cars that have enough room for a bed?

No. 1869687

Idiot is probably hoping for some inheritance money

No. 1869912

File: 1690157881301.jpeg (181.71 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1191.jpeg)

Then don’t buy this dumb shit for vanity

No. 1869952

Because then how could she ever love herself? At least this way she loves what she sees in the mirror.
Her words and actions are a reflection of who she really is. An ugly troll. I’d wear a mask if I were that ugly too.

No. 1870178

File: 1690217278297.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1179x2079, IMG_8236.jpeg)

Oh extensions on your dead hair… and still sporting an engagement ring. Hope her short king is ready for a barefoot wedding with no friends!

No. 1870196

saw your post randomly and oh wow I forgot about this bih. Is anyone following what is up with her nowadays?

No. 1870234

Nta but she's trying to be super low-key now I guess? No longer posting herself pulling apart animal guts without gloves on and then promoting pictures/videos masturbating a few hrs later anymore. She has been thrown into the mix the last few threads a little bit, but not as much. She's apparently getting married for the second time soon or some dumb shit.

No. 1870238

File: 1690227150551.jpeg (195.9 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1228.jpeg)

What BPD antics lie ahead of us?

No. 1870276

She does not have BPD. She uses it as an excuse for being a shitty person and an overall dumbass

No. 1870288

she very obviously has bpd that one can spot from a mile away, sorry if that makes you feel less ~unique~ bpd-anon

No. 1870290

These things are not mutually exclusive, Morgan is obviously both. and in fact many BPD people are fucking awful.

No. 1870291

File: 1690232754013.jpeg (55.96 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1236.jpeg)

No. 1870297

Pumpy absolutely has it. Not everyone with BPD manages their behavior, and not everyone who says they have BPD but acts badly is lying about their diagnosis…that is black and white thinking, nonnie

No. 1870519

Yeah, no, that's not a lip it's a Vienna sausage and you can't tell me any different.

No. 1870578

didn't you know nonna? bpd is trending right now so ppl armchair it right and left these days

No. 1870581

Victim spice, victim summers, kat the victim, babygirl victim.
She has everything that’s in the trending section on her favorite social media.
If it’s victim status, it’s her brand.

No. 1870587

I think she deleted it but she made a tiktok or something a couple months ago claiming she married one of her sugar daddies

No. 1870666

File: 1690304954679.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1179x2015, IMG_8286.jpeg)

It’s giving “lakeside barefoot wedding”

She’s still stripping in Philly. Does seem to still have the dog… sold off the snake I think? Turned her main IG account into her Etsy store for her terrible art.

No. 1870695

Dear Lord the amount of work she's put in her ugly mug over the years truly has made it so much worse. I wonder who has more trauma? Ariana or pumpy? Pumpy being ~a drug addicted sex worker who's mother caused her to be addicted to meth/muh lupus~ or Ariana ~bragging about watching her mom get fucked by strangers while she was a child, getting "raped" while her bf let it happen, etc~

No. 1870697

Samefag^ but I forgot about that busted ass dog she had, it was on the verge of dying multiple times and she wouldn't take it in, I'm sure it's gone now. It was disgusting, she wouldn't take care or wash that filthy dog and then she shaved her cats fur off for laughs.

No. 1870727

She is exactly as ugly as she deserves to be lmao the way her nostrils are shaped like she’s permanently smelling shit is the ultrakek to me. Also them dark black brows w the honey blonde hair (straw texture bc fried), and the poopoo fake freckles are the shit icing on the shit cake. Bravo.

No. 1870791

File: 1690324373221.jpg (300.6 KB, 960x1706, 362962376_253375614150270_5334…)

Yeah sure Pumpy.

No. 1870799

This is a fucking kek cause the bitch can't even afford it, let alone afford her coffee. Running up on 30's and desperate

No. 1870845

File: 1690332428930.jpeg (326.41 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1265.jpeg)

I hate every man who’s ever given this delusional ugly pre/post surgery woman a cent. Can’t wait till she turns 30 and her self image shatters and she has a life crisis

No. 1870852

File: 1690334585637.jpeg (160.77 KB, 1170x1128, IMG_2428.jpeg)


Oh the irony
Video is pedo pumpy saying “do as I say not as I do” about pedo pandering.
A little jealous and scared the general population is moving in on your “scam” and you’re about to run out of time for yourself to earn money?
Fuck you kat the idiot

No. 1870873

I’m so glad someone brought that up. She sounds like the biggest fucking idiot.

No. 1870895

Yeah there’s a reason this fugly bitch reposts her pics at age 18 nearly every day. >>1870297
I have this acquaintance with BPD and she needs to be held by a parental figure when a small obstacle like a flat tire happens. It’s the same shit Pump does but she claims having her sexual partner treat her like his daughter is simply “healing her inner child.” Nah just BPD weird parental projection shit, same source as her BDSM shit

No. 1870910

Holy hell! She should focus on removing her double chin before her saggy grandma eyes.

No. 1870979

How old is pumpy turning, 28?

No. 1871042

File: 1690381946817.jpg (3.01 MB, 4096x3276, GridArt_20230726_092259223.jpg)

Why is she covering her face so much, I thought she was the "Blue print" for the hot e-girl. Her expensive extensions made her look like a basic ass bitch.

No. 1871053

File: 1690383344866.png (4.94 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_1283.png)

Extensions look greasy and stringy (doesn’t even color match) like her hair usually does, mission accomplished

No. 1871094

Yassified Lord Farquad who not even an ogre would claim.

No. 1871098

File: 1690389821980.jpeg (240.91 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1284.jpeg)

You have outright debt and are spending $1500 on hair you’ll rip out in a month after spending hundreds on a hair cut and dye job. . What an absolute idiot. She deserves to be as broke and paycheck to paycheck as she is. Also, there’s still a 75% chance of you crying on your birthday no matter what

No. 1871193

She barely has any stuff yet everything is so messy.a true reflection of herself kek

No. 1871238

File: 1690407225811.jpeg (165.97 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1291.jpeg)

Never been a cam girl, but I wonder how going in a private room with a dude is not cheating?

No. 1871488

File: 1690456432767.jpeg (299.71 KB, 1170x1873, IMG_2437.jpeg)

I don’t know if I should spoiler the image or not. It’s so terrifying.

No. 1871551

Fucking kek Ruined her body….

No. 1871555

File: 1690473261524.jpeg (149.26 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1299.jpeg)

She looks like a demon.
Here’s squarehead and her filler jowls.

No. 1871557

File: 1690473366963.jpeg (215.09 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1312.jpeg)

No. 1871558

File: 1690473389699.png (62.69 KB, 800x513, IMG_1313.png)

Same, it’s giving

No. 1871559

Same again sorry but is I didn’t realize you find a soulmate by skinwalking your obsession and muse and dating her ex

No. 1871568

It's called manifestation dumb cunt,mindfulness is when u practice self awareness,and she has none

No. 1871572

Lmfao. Her next tat should be "illiterate" right across her forehead

No. 1871577

Did she just learn the word manifest and can't stop using it now? Also what happened to working her ass off for everything she has to be the self-made millionaire she clearly is today?

Why is she still waving the trans flag.

No. 1871600

Yeah she either manifested it or worked 18 hour days, she either is a workaholic or she hasn’t worked since 2021 and only does 20 min a week. She either is broke or has diamond rings and YSL bags. Dummy.

No. 1871607

File: 1690478636208.jpeg (195.13 KB, 1170x2060, IMG_2447.jpeg)

Yeah she manifested her victimhood that’s a damn fact. She manifested her abusers and abuse. She manifested her lupus by implanting bolt ons. She manifested her money by catering to pedophiles and convincing herself she’s scamming them.
Her third eye is blind if anything. Fuck off with that mindfulness bullshit. She’s clearly just a poser.

No. 1871633

File: 1690482110536.jpeg (245.85 KB, 1800x558, IMG_2456.jpeg)

She’s manifesting $150 for the fake nails she’s about to get by skin walking brina (even her new extensions look like Brina’s) since sabrina manifested herself into street sex work instead of on MFC.

No. 1871637

Oh I forgot to mention she told a story about how a troll messaged Ty saying “how could he date a crack baby like pumpy” and Ty’s response was a link to the song “rich crack baby” by young dolph.
I don’t think she realizes what we all realize about that response.
He’s literally dating her for her money and she thought that was a flex.

No. 1871726

Oh my, that's embarrassing. He's probably still talking to the girl too kek

No. 1871804

File: 1690501069548.png (1.8 MB, 993x1725, Screenshot_20230727-193807~2.p…)

These nails are so bad.

No. 1871817

Scrawny bitch walks into a cheap OC nail place
How can I help you?
Pump: just fuck me up and give me uglier than the last 5 sets
Shitty ass nail place too especially in the OC Lmao She's So cheap

No. 1871826

I've never looked at Tyler's ig because it's usually private, but I peeped it and holy shit. No sign of pumpy ANYWHERE, except she tagged him in her last photo. Oh my god, she's SOOOOOO desperate and just… Insane. Also his daughter is absolutely gorgeous and looks like a little sweetheart. Pump being jealous of his child is absolutely horrifying.

No. 1871847

File: 1690505169961.jpeg (243.02 KB, 1170x1333, IMG_2459.jpeg)

People who are obsessed with vanity and money are the ugliest personalities and poorest in spirit.

No. 1871868

Wtf is wrong with her fingers, she looks 80
She’s had this hair for a day and it already looks like shit. Also her face looks like a frog

No. 1871925

I see pumpkinhead has found Shayna's hotdog color nails. Her hand looks like it belongs to a 56 year old crack dealer. This poser is so disgusting and desperate it's hilarious

No. 1872145

File: 1690558527601.jpg (99.38 KB, 960x1706, download.jpg)

What is iconic about looking like a desperate little rat? I've pulled cuter things up from my shower drain.

No. 1872152

You can’t call yourself iconic. She’s so fucking dumb haha

No. 1872217

File: 1690568620723.png (600.51 KB, 863x1184, Screenshot_20230728-112550.png)

Fixed it

No. 1872219

Still sleeping on an air mattress on the floor..

No. 1872236

The rat man hands she has never fail to make me gasp aloud. I have met 50 year old women with more youthful and delicate hands than this absolute shrieking wraith

No. 1872317

It's just part of her being very underweight. There isn't an ounce of fat in those hands it's just the outline of bones which is why it looks so creepy. Usually only decrepit old people become very skinny and their hands end up looking like that of a corpse.

I think she naturally has kinda big hands and feet for a woman of her size

No. 1872424

File: 1690598251752.webm (18.47 MB, 720x1280, On the TikTok Scam.webm)

I’ve combined the clips in which she discusses a new (?) scam she “discovered” on TikTok. This was posted this day >>1870852 , I was unable to watch the Streamable when it was posted and it has already been deleted/archived. Apologies if this is the same video and I’m unable to properly link them.
> While in bed and rubbing her eyes and nose way too much
“There’s a new trend going around and
> Dramatic pause
I, I just seen it on TikTok and I’m fucking infuriated USING. A. Minor’s. Photos. To catfish pedophiles. For money! Is. PREDATORY! ON ITS OWN.
> Another dramatic pause
Yeah! Fuck the pedophiles! BUT! USING. A. CHILD’S PHOTO. to pretend to be them to get money is FUCKING PREDATORY. DO NOT DO THAT! Some of y’alls mommas did not beat you and she should of [SIC]
> Calms down a bit and moves on to:
I can’t believe I have to say that. I. I have been scamming pedophiles for a long time now using my own L E G A L content of me being 18+ because I have looked really young for most of my life, like I’m about to be 27 and I am covered in tattoos and I have a fuckton of surgery and I still look really young and I get weirdos always ask me for content of me when I was underage or whatever the case may be and I definitely! Will scam them for mah, money using my own photos of me of age but I WOULD NEVER! EVER! Ever you guys! You cannot do that! That is so fucking weird! I would also just like to say that it’s fucking weird if you catfish using peoples photos in general but taking a step farther [SIC] and using an underage’s child photo to do so is SO! YOU GUYS DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT CONSENT IS!
> Almost screaming

No. 1872427

File: 1690598886457.webm (2.94 MB, 720x1280, Gross.webm)

No. 1872429

File: 1690599035109.webm (5.72 MB, 720x1280, Hair Extension Results.webm)

Two clips stitched together.

No. 1872439

Wait… What?
She just posted pics of her malnourished when she was pedo pandering earlier?????

No. 1872440

She needs to get knocked the fuck out in real life, she's so fucking crazy. Bitch doesn't leave her house, what a pussy ass loser.

No. 1872443

File: 1690600365226.webm (10.21 MB, 720x1280, From pumpkin to sage.webm)

Morgan Hoffman (Stormy/SixGinn)’s advice to fellow sex workers:
“I don’t know who needs to hear this but if you’re a sex worker of any kind. Men love, love, love and will pay so much money for woMEN that are not like 10 out of 10 baddies BBL bitches with the most insane Instagram baddie, you know what I mean? Like, they’re not, they’re not spending a lot of money on them. The girls that get like the really rich guys are the ones that are younger but like were in their league when the guys were younger too, like the type of girl that was in their league when they were younger but like dress and act like they’re 10 out of 10s like a somewhat not Instagram baddie like, she’s still cute but like she’s kinda weird. Those are the girls that make the most money in sex work.”

No. 1872444

File: 1690600433649.webm (1.41 MB, 720x1280, Rat Hands in Motion.webm)

No. 1872445

Imagine feeling comfortable saying you feed pedo's fantasies. It doesnt matter of shes 'scamming' them or not shes feeding into their desires.

No. 1872446

File: 1690600585779.png (462.6 KB, 640x661, Screenshot_20230728-201755.png)

Imagine looking like this

No. 1872482

“The girls that get like the really rich guys” How would she know this, at all? She only dates unemployed or recently unemployed men

No. 1872581

File: 1690631619857.jpeg (297.17 KB, 1796x715, IMG_2489.jpeg)

The braids are a trend on tik tok showing how girls get more tips if they wear their hair like a little girl in pigtails so obviously she’s going to do it.
Eating barely anything as one regular stated is not healthy, kat.

No. 1872583

Did anyone catch Pumpy say she is on food stamps now? She said it on cam yesterday.

No. 1872585

File: 1690632197811.jpeg (325.03 KB, 1756x905, IMG_2490.jpeg)

She manifested top 250 after working over 8 hours.
I don’t know why people are so surprised that if they put in the effort that their goals will be reached. It’s not manifestation, it’s literally the concept of setting a goal and working to achieve it.
I think it’s hilarious that she claims to hate men so much but buys all of these skin care products and fake boobs and more feminine features from men to impress men.
If she really hated men she’d become a feminist dyke who only buys and supports women owned businesses and she wouldn’t fall into the trap that men-owned beauty companies try to convince women they’re not good enough the way they naturally are.
She’s making tons of money to give every cent to men and the standards men set for beauty and women in general. She’s a man lover, she loves capitalism and how she has to give all the money she makes to men in order to be pretty enough to make more money for them.
She’s 100% just like an owned prostitute that pays their pimp because they’ve been brainwashed to think the pimp is taking care of them.
She’s always bragging about knowing Leo too and how he’s a millionaire and how he picked her to steal ideas from. Does she not realize how bad that makes her look?

No. 1872600

File: 1690635071751.jpeg (329.14 KB, 1799x869, IMG_2492.jpeg)

She needs more money for her male pimp aka male standards that she’ll always be chasing.
Can’t even drive herself, she bought a car from a man for a man. She sure does treat the worst men in society the best.

No. 1872604

File: 1690635585614.png (2.07 MB, 1800x1495, IMG_2494.png)

And so a new era of abortions and abandoned babies begins. Look who paid for a check mark too.

No. 1872606

No way she is, but I’m certain Ty is. You know how she talks and exaggerates

No. 1872797

File: 1690662797939.png (210.13 KB, 1079x1070, Screenshot_20230729-143500.png)

What does this even mean

No. 1872801

Sidenote do you think she lies to like service workers she encounters and says Ty’s kid is hers?

No. 1872805

It means, “why haven’t you given her a ring?” She whines constantly about how marriage is fake but she is desperate for a ring and will claw onto a random woman’s marriage neg to Ty as part of momentum/evidence for Ty to propose.
Tyler is never, ever going to marry her

No. 1872811

She should have said "no, not even called girlfriend, I just pay for everything for us even though I'm a broke bitch and he cheats on me daily"

No. 1872831

Whew why is she bragging her man couldnt pay for his child's nails and her nails for her birthday coming up? Sad. I cant wait for the cheap stuff she shows off on her story that he gets her on her birthday

No. 1872944

She literally paid for everyone’s bill at her own birthday dinner last year. She probably even gave Ty money to go out and buy her a gift.

No. 1872952

"the family"…………..
Ty's kid is not her family. Gross

No. 1872999

Shein and Claire's incoming! Atleast Ty know's her worth.

No. 1873000

File: 1690689980448.png (301.87 KB, 419x613, Screenshot 2023-07-30 12.07.26…)

Maybe Sabrina won't live in her closet this time

No. 1873380

File: 1690752076653.jpeg (176.06 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1377.jpeg)

No. 1873382

File: 1690752108582.jpeg (308.93 KB, 1052x1909, IMG_1378.jpeg)

She looks middle aged here

No. 1873526

File: 1690773080949.jpeg (263.89 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1388.jpeg)

Ty hiding his 5 chins

No. 1873572

File: 1690786006737.png (410.73 KB, 750x1334, thumbnail_image0.png)

No. 1873622

File: 1690800926977.png (44.64 KB, 147x320, IMG_8467.png)

The dogs foot got stuck in the cage and was left screaming for a while on her nanny cam. Never posted that the dog was actually ok afterwards. What a piece of shit to reply this way to someone.

No. 1873655

File: 1690806587201.png (2.67 MB, 1796x743, IMG_2528.png)

It’s her new accessory until she’s pregnant again. Then the bump will be her accessory and then the child will be an accessory until she’s taken away again and has to start all over finding new accessories to distract from all the horrible things she’s already done.
“Focus on the dog not on my new bangs”

No. 1873658

File: 1690806737572.jpeg (711.55 KB, 1800x1779, IMG_2529.jpeg)

She followed Ty and his band to a festival they wanted to go to and he didn’t buy her a ticket or drinks? Who’s birthday is this Ty’s?

No. 1873723

Ok what the actual fuck, her shirt!?!! Can she not afford a one dollar lint roller? Who goes out of the house that fucking filthy??! Her hair looks like shit already and it didn't even look good when she first got it. This girl is insane.

No. 1873741


Ew, her hair looks like a rat's nest already. She wants to cosplay Sabrina the Latina so bad…but has no idea how to care for long thick hair.
Literally all the men in the photoset have nicer hair AND it's all theirs.
Brina is on a medical cocktail and her hair is what Pump wanted.

Pump would actually look really good as a blonde because of her eye color. Oh well.

No. 1873755


It looks like Brain dead sponsored this event, and that's the band Ty has linked in his Instagram profile. So Ty's band/studio was running an event yet Ty couldn't get Pumpy a ticket? That speaks volumes in their relationship. Pumpy could have gotten a ticket and is just begging for money but I doubt it. Then she would never shut up about her bae getting her into an event

No. 1873758

File: 1690821255725.jpeg (247.18 KB, 1800x900, IMG_2534.jpeg)

It’s literally just a punk festival HE was going to with his friends right before her birthday and she bought a ticket to tag along.
It’s not his band. He’s just a disrespectful asshole and she wants to keep tabs.

No. 1873871

Why is everyone getting the straight bang that 19 year olds on tiktok are getting… not a single one of these women can think independently

No. 1873873

Same also Sabrina has lost her looks (or hell maybe they were always just makeup and styling) and Pumpy never had them… mid and mid

No. 1873995

File: 1690850589400.jpg (2.99 MB, 4096x3276, GridArt_20230731_204446878.jpg)

Wow cringe. She posted these back to back.

No. 1874047

File: 1690859372027.png (2.13 MB, 1796x751, IMG_2586.png)

Why would she say that Sandra and her are sisters? Her autocorrect to coke is exposing kek

No. 1874054

File: 1690860364930.png (2.18 MB, 900x1800, IMG_2587.png)

She’s supposedly celebrating her birthday next weekend and went to that punk show for Ty.
Says Ty is taking her out to a very fancy restaurant next to yacht docks and claims she wants to look classy but only has slutty dresses to wear.
Can’t fit into the dress she wore 3 years ago so she promptly puts on the sluttiest dress she can find that’s completely see through mesh.
This is definitely the fattest I’ve ever seen her.

No. 1874055

Weird behavior considering Sandra has a sister very close to her (and anyone who knows Sandra knows Vero)
wtf is this no filter no lighting brag when she looks normal/not exceptionally good? She looks like an ostrich bc of having no chin, her heavy big bird lashes and stupidly overfilled lower lip. Her outfit looks like it’s from Forever 21.

No. 1874057

i agree with everyone saying weight gain to be baby ready

No. 1874074

And what she means by Ty is taking her out, is he’s driving while she pays for the dinner. Also not a single post on social media from Ty acknowledging her birthday, no surprise.

No. 1874101

File: 1690873036249.png (3.26 MB, 828x1792, 01553F69-5544-4274-90A3-5310FD…)

Lmao… sick “birthday dinner”, Simpy.
I’d honestly feel kinda sad for her if she wasn’t such a dumb ED pick-me cunt.

No. 1874103

File: 1690873253197.png (3.83 MB, 828x1792, E7FF74B5-F93A-4D3D-80B2-D65152…)

(For context)

No. 1874181

File: 1690889113102.png (3.19 MB, 1800x1800, IMG_2603.png)

She said she wanted to work for her birthday, that’s why she’s celebrating next weekend so she had dinner and got back on cam. Gotta get that money because her open relationship with Tyler depends on it.

No. 1874184

File: 1690889501369.png (2.04 MB, 1800x808, IMG_2602.png)

It always puffs up these girls faces first when they gain weight. I doubt she’s even reached 125lbs

No. 1874185

File: 1690889566130.png (Spoiler Image,1.82 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_2584.png)

Sandra last night.

No. 1874187

File: 1690889960876.jpeg (339.88 KB, 1170x1999, IMG_2604.jpeg)

120lbs is still underweight for her

No. 1874213

File: 1690894253526.jpg (3.91 MB, 4096x3276, GridArt_20230801_073753263.jpg)

It's a weird flex to show a smaller bouquet with her "favorite" flower (First I've heard of this). Also if it was such a fancy restaurant she would have snuck a picture to show off.

No. 1874216

There’s no way anyone, especially her imaginary boyfriend, took her out to dinner and she didn’t post it. You think she’d miss an opportunity to try to prove she has a “man” and/or actually eats? Goofy bitch is alone on her birthday cuz no one likes her lol.

No. 1874239

She looks way more than 120 pounds. 120 pounds is very skinny and I’ve seen the unedited screenshots with her gut.

No. 1874249

In that video of the husky’s leg, when she runs in camera she looks super skinny (it’s gone now or else I’d have a screenshot.) I think she’s just top heavy, inverted triangle

No. 1874275

That poor puppy is already suffering while in her "care". I give it until he's not a puppy before she tosses it to the pound like her 3 children. Inverted triangle kek

No. 1874306

120 isn't underweight for her height, if she is that weight her bmi is 19.4 if she's 5'6 or 20.0 if she's 5'5. That's a normal healthy weight. But she looks like she weighs around 130/135, which is still healthy but I doubt she'd admit she weighs that much ever.

No. 1874309

How is that NOT underweight? What calculator are you using because I literally put the source right here.

No. 1874312

Anon is claiming she’s 5’5 to 5’6, you’re claiming she’s 5’8. I doubt she’s actually 5’8

No. 1874314

Same if she’s 5’5-5’6 she’s perfectly normal, she just exercises zero, no muscle mass witg untoned arms and thighs, as well as a pooch/loose skin from being a mother. Also the fact her torso is square and her legs are spidery. Pumpy has the same build.

No. 1874325

When has Sabrina nellie ever claimed to be 5’5”? She’s always claiming 5’7” because she’s so embarrassed by her giant stature that’s not tall enough to be a model (5’9” is the shortest they go).

No. 1874328

File: 1690907418494.jpeg (87 KB, 736x1205, IMG_1474.jpeg)

The breast implants can make women look fatter too tbh. Looking at this photo is crazy, she looks like a pug or Whoville. But her old photos show she’s always looked like this.. her nose is so small

No. 1874346

File: 1690910179035.png (1.45 MB, 1024x1763, Screenshot_20230801-130315~2.p…)

She is so freaking dumb.

No. 1874354

Its honestly funny seeing him post his friends and bandmates on his Instagram story whenever it's their birthdays yet for her nothing

No. 1874360

File: 1690911822914.jpeg (120.47 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1485.jpeg)

That’s why she’s always reeing about how gay overly homosocial men are for their “homeboys”… as they say, the call is coming from inside the house.
Here’s Pump being stupid. No conception of how owning property and making money from tenants works

No. 1874392

File: 1690914359192.jpeg (287.69 KB, 1800x1475, IMG_2614.jpeg)

I’m done with these boring ass compulsively lying bitches.
I hope they all get pregnant and left as a single mothers just like their own mothers.
Good luck simpy and everyone else mining for milk.

No. 1874520

File: 1690927329618.jpeg (59.28 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1498.jpeg)

Paying for your own bday dinner… Ty is really the sugar baby/trophy gf. Her desperate stories post about Ty’s lack of stories.

No. 1874539

This is honestly so sad. It makes sense if your man doesn’t really use social media a lot and is more private. But Ty posts his daughter and friends all the time. What does he even say as an excuse to her to not post her? Does she even bring it up? It’s so embarrassing.

No. 1874552

File: 1690929578927.jpeg (247.08 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1499.jpeg)

No. 1874661

Bitch, you paid for your own dinner and he still didn't even post you or even say a pity hbd post LOLLLLLLLL, straight embarrassing.

No. 1874685

trying for another "accidental" pregnancy i see

No. 1874694

It is so embarrassing the way he actually doesn’t acknowledge her what so ever but she posts about him constantly… even if she doesn’t want to leave him at least have some shame and quit posting him kek. It’s so awkward.

No. 1874696

File: 1690949349512.jpeg (80.76 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1514.jpeg)

Posted this just now too. Salt in the wound

No. 1874697

Yup, for all her “feminine energy” posturing she does to pressure Ty to pay more bills, she cant intuit that she shouldn’t be treating a man like a prize. Like ofc he treats her like shit and hides her. She shows him off as a trophy while he’s embarrassed by her and obviously settled. Plus she knows he’s showed off everyone before her.

No. 1874701

Same, never forget that whatever snippiness she exhibits on her socials (that he won’t read) is just 1/10th of the tantrum she’s giving him behind the scenes. Keep whining at him about “loving you out loud” Pump, never gonna happen…

No. 1874736

File: 1690960919216.png (3.37 MB, 828x1792, 5AB05B18-EBA4-478E-90DD-C5C5F0…)

Lmao I came to see if this was posted yet. How does she not realize she’s the trick here?
Also this ^ Wild that it hasn’t occurred to her that the constant simpin for a dude that won’t acknowledge her might be what’s getting in the way of her findom rah rah boss bitch shtick? As if anyone is gonna throw in on a down payment on a house for her lmao. Weren’t you JUST begging for someone to pay for delivered coffee to your lazy ass and sushi for your loser bf who can’t/won’t pick up the tab on your birthday? What an absolute clown. So boss, much baddie.

No. 1874743

It would actually be reasonable of her to buy an affordable home. It doesn’t exist in CA tho and she can’t abandon her situationship I mean fAmiLy for Michigan. Doomed to be a renter

No. 1874749

>>situationship I mean fAmiLy

Granted I ate a gnarly edible tonight, but this made me cackle something fierce. And I’m sure you’re totally right, I’m sure she thinks she’s too good for the midwest (whilst being a S. California 5 at best lmao) as if it even matters where you live when you never leave your dwelling. Also, idk if it varies state to state but I could’ve sworn a down payment on a house is 10%…? Mayyyybe 5% if you have amazing credit and an actual well paying, consistent, provable source of income? Is she that clueless or that bad at math? This bitch is so fucking funny to me.

No. 1874797

File: 1690973990892.jpg (1.16 MB, 4096x2302, GridArt_20230802_065428216.jpg)

No. 1874801

Saged but there's no real number for a down payment requirement anon, it's whatever you're approved for and what state/govt programs or incentives you might stack with your mortgage loan.

No. 1874806

Gotcha. I figure there’s plenty of variables and I generalized. Anyone I know who’s bought a house has put down something in that range… with at least decent credit and good jobs. And I can’t imagine too many banks are dying to fork out home loans to a borderline retard whose career is whining and fingering herself online for a few when she feels like it, but I digress… more importantly, I’d love to see what Methbaby
Barbie’s Dream House looks like lol, hope she posts it.
>>My first 50k
-said the “millionaire”
This bitch. I’m dead.

No. 1874856

File: 1690987384449.jpeg (45.32 KB, 600x450, Vienna_sausage_tasty_t600.jpeg)

If cognitive dissonance could be used as a renewable energy resource, this bitch could save the world. Also someone called her Vienna sausage lips the other day and I can't think of NY comparison more apropos.

No. 1875253

Does anyone else feel like that room is only Pumpy’s and that Ty has his own bedroom?

No. 1875260

Is she implying that she takes her BC at night?

No. 1875278

That said I really doubt she would be approved for $500k mortgage with only a $15k down payment. That’s a little over $3000 a month. Does she even have credit, besides her car? With the exception of whatever shady/illegal borrowing she does against her “business.”

No. 1875325

You need an income nearing $200K to get that and be comfortable at/nearing $4000 monthly payment (given 7-8% interest rates, insurance, taxes…), or have an income of $150K if you can provide a 20% down payment. But honestly better to make closer to $200K AND do a 15-20% down. I know many professional couples making between $150-$200K who have homes that cost alot less than their personal qualification for a $600K place. Paying $3000+ monthly sucks.

No. 1875378


That is a great theory anon. I think the house has two to three bedrooms and one of them is for Ty's daughter for when she comes to visit.

No. 1875523

The fact that she doesn’t seem to be able to see how embarrassing she is about her pathetic “relationship” is like delicious, rich chocolate from Perugia to me. Yum. I can’t wait for him to bail on her for good, because it WILL happen. Imagine clinging on THIS hard to someone who makes it excruciatingly clear you are just a bankroller to them. Also just wanna say I am continually manifesting a barren womb for her~ it’s what she deserves

No. 1875560

Yeah like part of a relationship is just.. doing some things your partner likes/requests.

No. 1875752

File: 1691108160234.jpg (165.89 KB, 569x1267, dumbbitch.jpg)

By no means am I an expert but the bottom picture is what I found with a quick Google search.

No. 1875818

File: 1691115898111.jpeg (815.15 KB, 750x1327, 830A1876-7E0D-4EDB-A287-7C49E0…)

Ok so I highly suspect it’s coincidence because why would Loretta give a damn but I do find it funny that right around the same time Pumpy tried to do the 2 toned hair Loretta did it successfully also with a short cut. And then now days after pump gets those extensions Loretta now has extensions which she hasn’t had in a while.

Loretta is probably almost everything Pumpy wants to be. Can pull off the hairstyles she wants plus got the bbl that was a total waste of cash and she has a real boyfriend.

No. 1875854

File: 1691121917260.jpeg (214.34 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1555.jpeg)

I hope Ty kisses some girls too, it’s only fair. Love how downturned her eyes are, the lashes can’t hide the negative eye tilt she’s so insecure about

No. 1875864

File: 1691123402559.jpeg (129.05 KB, 1169x465, IMG_1560.jpeg)

I thought she claimed lupus prevented her from gaining weight, not her starving herself (and now eating).

No. 1875875

File: 1691125952393.jpeg (111.35 KB, 682x885, 3B571E77-131A-4D32-AD9A-0788A9…)

A little token on the debate on how tall Brina is officially claiming to be. I think that makes sense. Also because it’s Brina she could be maxing it up a bit but she doesn’t look smaller than 5’5 because of how she looks in comparison to other girls in group pictures. Mind you I said next to girls because next to guys she’s dating she’ll always appear a giant bc midgets boys are her thing.

No. 1875889

I’m 5’6 too and small as well and it’s wild to me how she never hit 120 in all her 31 years of life (excluding pregnancy I assume) Then again Pump&dump has never seen 100 and maybe even 90 before….

No. 1875921

In all my years on this planet I’ve never witnessed such a pathetic specimen. The cope, the delusion, the absolute lack of any/all redeemable qualities, honesty or self awareness. Truly mind boggling.
The way she whines about her trash non-boyfriend on the same platforms she uses to try to convince everyone she’s some badass dom maneater or whatever while being the world’s biggest pick me simptress is really something.
As much as I can’t stand these bitches, this one is really kinda lovable tbh. And lightyears more attractive than SimpSplice and Sadbrina combined.

No. 1875992

Her life is so sad. All of those but the last thing are just spending money. You just bought things. Did you read any good books? Get to a new level learning a foreign language? Maybe actually created skateboards for your skateboard “business” to sell? No? Just bought things?

No. 1875994

File: 1691157140744.jpg (214.09 KB, 703x1347, Screenshot_2023-08-04-13-50-22…)

sure as f is this bitch lurking - we just talked about that dog of hers and bam. It's still alive…somehow. Despite her care.

No. 1876127

Loretta has a personality, unlike everyone else in this thread. Pumpy thinks she herself is interesting and funny, but just recites jokes and ideas from social media when she’s not complaining (her first and foremost hobby)

No. 1876131

Ewwwww, that dirty mop of a dog is still alive? Actually impressive, I thought toothless granny would have killed it by now.

No. 1876138

She is such a fucking retard I want to a-log. Sage for semi blog but I have legit adhd and I stopped meds during my pregnancy because it’s AMPHETAMINES. I don’t care what Google says lmao that shit is not a good thing to have in your body when you’re trying to grow a tiny person. Pumpy needs like ten years of intensive therapy before she should even consider being a parent, dumb pickme ass ugly bitch

No. 1876142

These reminders that she was REALLY trying to keep Tyler’s baby are funny. I gotta give it to him for being able to manipulate her out of that, and make sure she’s on BC, as temporary as those efforts may be bc she has baby fever

No. 1876170

Tbh I hope Ty secretly reads these threads so he can successfully avoid impregnating her kek

No. 1876189

Ah this makes me actually quite sad. Did she ever have the dog's surgery done that it needed like 4(?) years ago already?

No. 1876226

File: 1691181214994.jpeg (221.61 KB, 1024x910, IMG_1576.jpeg)

She posted both of these within hours of eachother. She is even more of a nut job than a hyperreligious person.

No. 1876233

File: 1691181983755.jpeg (291.45 KB, 1169x1469, IMG_1578.jpeg)

This is what Pumpy is aspiring to (part Asian baby daddy included).

No. 1876273

File: 1691188781351.jpeg (147.68 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1606.jpeg)

Wow she really gained weight (and not “all to my ass”)

No. 1876306

Still greasy and deranged but ngl her body looks much better

No. 1876343

Random nitpick but it’s so retarded when the terminally online are like “oh my god angel numbers,” like girl you spend literally every waking hour with your phone in your hand. It’s not special that in that endless stream of information, view counts, likes, reblogs, 60 second video clips, various social media stats that every once in a while you see your AREA CODE. It’s not even a spiritually meaningful number, it’s literally her phone number. “Oh I looked at my phone and it was 5:02” you are literally always looking at your phone. There are 1138 minutes in the day that aren’t 5:02 and you see those too because you literally have no life.

No. 1876353

I felt this nitpick deep in my soul, nonna. Thank u I hope you’re having a great night/morning whatever time of day it is where you are kek

No. 1876419

File: 1691206575070.jpeg (129.33 KB, 912x863, IMG_1639.jpeg)

No. 1876477

"git off my porch now ya hear, i gots a man and a family in here i pay for, git git"

No. 1876500

I will legit never understand her obsession with repping Kentucky this damn hard like okay hillbilly?

No. 1876509

She loves having a hard knock life back story. It doesn’t matter what advantages and privileges she faces now she’s a SEX WORKER from KENTUCKY who GREW UP WITH A DRUG ADDICTED MOTHER.

No. 1876574

File: 1691242175848.png (964.13 KB, 782x1252, Screenshot 2023-08-05 at 9.31.…)

Brina still hasn't got that finger fixed. kek

No. 1876693

File: 1691260945950.jpeg (179.08 KB, 1059x1844, IMG_1669.jpeg)

Morgan has no close friends and she whined about him not posting her. So she is going overboard showing how supportive he is. Posting your boyfriend’s private compliments is not the behavior of a secure serious relationship

No. 1876694

File: 1691261075480.jpeg (47.86 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1671.jpeg)

No we still don’t think he’s a good man or boyfriend.

No. 1876695

File: 1691261102511.jpeg (346.49 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1670.jpeg)

He still cheated on you

No. 1876747

the dollar store is putting in WORK today. is he picking up the wal-mart cake next?

No. 1876767

Not her trying to hype the ugliest party city crown lmao

No. 1876770

my coworkers have gotten me a birthday girl crown LOL it’s not that deep. It’s funny bc she gives Tyler designer and he gets her party city/Dollar store (via driving her expensive car to the strip mall lmao). she desperately tells us his tokens which shows she is insecure about the affection he gives her. “Here’s how thoughtful my boyfriend is”

No. 1876771

Is it plastic?! Lmao! He could have gone to Claire’s and got a cuter better quality tiara that says happy birthday for under $20.

No. 1876792

Lol those are brag worthy? Really? A gif is the laziest compliment possible…

No. 1876835


Suuuuuuper late but ofc Melanie and Brina doesn't have any contact.
It's not like brina is rhw godmother of her child or anything.

Melanieanon, please post more if there's milk. She doesent deserve to be a forgotten cow.

No. 1876839

I’m certain those strippers were just Sandra’s Cafe Lu friends Lol

No. 1876922

File: 1691289336199.png (345.8 KB, 683x519, Screenshot 2023-08-05 10.05.05…)

Sabrina's "comeback" has been tipped $3 maybe in the past hr+ lol she is begging for people to talk to her since they can't tip. kek

No. 1876935

File: 1691292069407.jpg (98.98 KB, 846x708, Screenshot_20230805-232129__01…)

what the hell is going on with her lower lip and her dented limbal ring?

No. 1876951

Ok normally I don’t agree when you guys call Pumpy ugly, and actually think she’s quite pretty. But she genuinely looks hideous here. Her huge bottom lip and non existent top lip look ridiculous. Her eyes look so wrinkly and like they’ve aged 5 years. I see why she’s been using a lot of filters lately. Just wow.

No. 1876962

File: 1691297731919.png (4.02 MB, 828x1792, 68CEA9CC-3A73-46B2-AB1D-96A4DA…)

>>pedialyte for all my friends
~3bottles of pedialyte~
~as if she has even 3 friends~
Sad times. What a pathetic existence.

No. 1876964

Samefag but honestly I agree with you, if she had a halfway decent personality it’d be super easy to let her slide once in a while. She’s not as hideous as some make her out to be on looks alone but her personality makes her absolutely disgusting. No amount of fillers and extensions will ever make up for the fact that’s she’s a delusional creepy trashy hypocritical pedo cunt.

No. 1877003

Any photos from the birthday pool party?

No. 1877004

File: 1691304759778.png (5.94 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_1724.png)

Same, other than her in the most unflattering bathing suit on earth

No. 1877005

File: 1691304786077.png (6.03 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_1723.png)

No. 1877038

Lmfao concave ass

No. 1877046

File: 1691312637060.jpeg (351.1 KB, 1242x2029, IMG_0680.jpeg)

if i didn’t know any better i’d think this is a tranny. did ol girl get married again yet? placing a bet now that it doesn’t last 5 years.

No. 1877049

File: 1691312898316.jpeg (41.75 KB, 699x315, IMG_0681.jpeg)

samefag but she still has that weird lip flap thing going on. aka the tiny mouth inside her larger mouth kekek

No. 1877066

I’m just wondering if she still gets those HIV rash flare ups.

No. 1877090

Girl needs to get on some supplements and go to the damn gym lmao this is the saddest body…she really lost the entire genetic lottery. Some anachans still have nice figures bc of their genetic shape and remaining fat distribution. Pumpy is just a scrawny ugly Kentucky fried little chicken

No. 1877093

File: 1691323397620.png (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 1412x806, Screenshot 2023-08-06 at 8.04.…)

Sheesh what happened to the "sobriety"

No. 1877109

Is she juiced up? How the fuck are her forearms as big as her upper arms?

No. 1877139

all these girls are so unfortunate looking, happy to see Sabrina with the mom arms she deserves

No. 1877141

File: 1691333349980.png (Spoiler Image,885.08 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2023-08-05 10.47.47…)

she is trying so hard to make a few dollars. $3 in:

No. 1877151

File: 1691335795581.jpeg (624.38 KB, 828x1151, Popeyette.jpeg)

She might be. It seems like Ariana likes fast results, e.g. how she used her Invisalign. She gets an idea and the next second she’s full speed ahead. Courtesy of >>>/snow/1874406

No. 1877158

Wild that PNP ended up this hideous after all of those procedures. She looks 48 years old

No. 1877235

File: 1691347547878.jpg (2.39 MB, 4096x2302, GridArt_20230806_144619187.jpg)


It's not like her to not post pictures of her "friends" and her time out unless Tyler put his foot down.

Also her being delusional per always.

No. 1877313

Ty’s friends like Shane probably said something too after they’ve appeared on here a few times lol

No. 1877434

It definitely seems like she’s not allowed to post anything when she’s around Ty and his friends. And those were probably the only people at her party since she doesn’t have friends of her own.

No. 1877436

Kek "original e girl". What?

She doesn't realise that shit was around way before her ratchet ana porn?

No. 1877506

File: 1691384562277.jpeg (79.28 KB, 1169x366, IMG_1780.jpeg)

No. 1877508

No one is owed credit or respect bc of what media they consume Pumptard

No. 1877528

>taking seriously

No. 1877539

It always skeezes me out when adult women talk like this. If you can’t enjoy a single hobby without external validation, something is wrong with you.

No. 1877544

I beg her to do one single solitary squat, I’ve seen grandmas with better muscle tone than this

No. 1877651

120 pounds my ass

No. 1877675

File: 1691428968224.jpeg (112.18 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1788.jpeg)

Outside of custom videos, random tips, and camming (which supplements a highly variable 0-3K a month I imagine), she makes $6K a month (80% of $15/500 subs), pre tax.
Stay in school or learn those vocational skills, ladies, do NOT do onlyfans

No. 1877693

File: 1691432109206.jpeg (257.12 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1789.jpeg)

No. 1877694

File: 1691432141584.jpeg (226.35 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1787.jpeg)

No. 1877715

File: 1691435271313.jpeg (250.83 KB, 828x1415, IMG_0917.jpeg)

>hate my round face
>need filler
????????????? Actually no definitely pump you should definitely get filler to fix your round face. Great idea.

No. 1877718

File: 1691435641444.png (1.16 MB, 1004x1757, Screenshot_20230807-150812~2.p…)

Tinfoil, I think they have a three bedroom. One for Ty's daughter, one for Ty's studio and Pumpy's and Ty's bedroom.

No. 1877734

But Pumpy, he’s not going to be your baby daddy

No. 1877736

Same, every couple I know that got an abortion when young and eventually had kids made a mutual decision, the woman wanted it too and wasn’t dragged along.
I know of no woman who reluctantly aborted bc a man convinced her (sadly I know a few), that actually had kids with the same man when they became stable.

No. 1877740

Same AGAIN, just remembered that Ty couldn’t even get a solo residence for him and his daughter and he was unemployed for months choosing to live off Pump instead of job seek? That’s the definition of deadbeat

No. 1877859

Because we all know ty needs the studio to create more shitty music no one listens too.
At least the room for her will bring in some money. But obviously not enough to live in SoCal.

No. 1877860

She could not be more transparent in her attempts to baby trap him. She is full retard. He will fly the coop if she gets pregnant again and won’t abort this time. Still manifesting a barren womb for her tho hehe

No. 1878089

Pump suddenly claiming she’s autistic is so annoying

No. 1878200

File: 1691522034514.webm (5.25 MB, 444x960, 32cf82a3-c006-4dfd-8549-71b0fc…)

"long time no thee!"

No. 1878211

She's still struggling to talk I can thee, ew she's so gross!! I hope people shit talk her away from social media again. Toothless granny goblin animal abusing ass bitch

No. 1878234

File: 1691524873966.jpg (5.05 MB, 4096x5120, GridArt_20230808_160312365.jpg)

No. 1878241

Her voice went up an octave

No. 1878305

Idk who posted this but that's like the cheap shit you just grab at the checkout at Ulta or Sephora lol and 50 at starbs? So white trash

No. 1878312

File: 1691535302569.jpeg (146.62 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1843.jpeg)

This bitch is such a loser. Can’t imagine that there are men who don’t watch porn. Can’t imagine that there are connections between watching porn and other shit behaviors. Keep accepting coomers; it’s all you deserve anyways

No. 1878333

File: 1691537514854.jpeg (996.73 KB, 1170x2040, IMG_9325.jpeg)

confirmation she got rid of tarte, the cat she got last and hated the most

No. 1878354

Pumpy posted this.

I wish I was recording her show. She just said she has to go because her family is coming home. She said she gets no privacy with her family around. She could be texting and they are peeping over her shoulder asking who she is texting. Not sure if she means Ty or his daughter. It was very telling.

No. 1878365

Woman with no self-respect confused by the existence of women with self-respect, many such cases.

No. 1878415

File: 1691547783240.jpeg (154.23 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1842.jpeg)

“Insufferable” she calls other women when she’s a pick me who has to monitor her man’s following count lol. Insufferable when she narcissistically reviews old pics of herself every day lol. Here’s a deranged filter she used

No. 1878431

File: 1691549532846.jpg (621.15 KB, 3195x2400, 20230808_215124-COLLAGE.jpg)

uh oh, trouble in pump-n-dump-adice

No. 1878491

So her cam space is literally out in the open at the bottom of the stairs? Not even an enclosed room or anything? Also that’s so fucking nasty she’s just doing that shit all over the assumedly communal area.
Also it doesn’t look to me as though a second person shares her bedroom. I can’t put my finger on a specific reason why but there doesn’t seem to be evidence of a man or even second person living there. I feel like they would at least be lobbying for a bed frame or box spring at the very least.

No. 1878492

Samefag but living there as in the bedroom, not the house. Obviously that has signs of others I just meant her nearly empty room. Not a man’s sock or t-shirt in sight. That or he is the tidiest man I’ve ever seen.

No. 1878563

I seriously don’t get how she doesn’t at least have a mf box spring. It looks like they sleep on a dog bed on the floor it’s so bizarre

No. 1878613

His tee shirts have been shown hanging to dry on the staircase rail before. Sometimes his vapes are on the windowsill.
Why would Ty lobby for a bed spring when he could get designer clothes from Pump?

No. 1878618

File: 1691595432391.jpeg (218.64 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1868.jpeg)

There are “sex workers” that actually see and touch clients, who work harder than she ever has

No. 1878621

File: 1691595710434.jpeg (194.25 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1867.jpeg)

I hate these fake WLW that think bc they make lesbian porn once in a blue moon they give relationships with women the same attention and respect they do for men. Stop it, you’re just bringing moid disease to another woman

No. 1878622

what does this mean? I assume something pickme-ish but what exactly?

No. 1878628

Watch her face as her hand goes past it when she waves. That filter is putting in hard ass work.

No. 1878647

I actually GLOL’d (genuinely laughed out loud) at this. She is one of THE dumbest cows, and she deserves every plate of shit she has to eat in life. She could never fathom having self-respect, especially when it comes to moids. Delicious.

No. 1878652

File: 1691599890115.jpeg (55.81 KB, 579x720, IMG_1870.jpeg)

It’s a play on this meme. As if she isn’t ran through herself

No. 1878702

File: 1691607731453.png (736.55 KB, 828x1792, 5503D5EE-8581-4F13-86CB-47314F…)

What in the actual fuck is this dumb bitch on? Is she trying to tell everyone she pegs Ty or…? Sorry, I don’t speak malnourished-whore, I don’t get it.

No. 1878728

I take so much pride in my non-existent hustle that it actually doesn't exist! I do so much by doing nothing, what the fuck does she do?????? Look at tys IG all day expecting him to post or tag her?
She does NOTHING at all. I don't understand.

No. 1878730

Known as the hardest working sex worker? To who? Who has ever said that? Lmao She's as delusional as Sabrina minus the drugs.
Hard work and sex work should never be in the same sentence.

No. 1878740

Is she saying her five chinned short king is a manly man and not a twink? Girl he has $700 shoes and drives your car. He’s incredibly vain (still fat tho kek) and prissy. Tyler is the definition of twink energy

No. 1878845

Idk why but this post made me chortle meanly. You described him to a T in the fashion my meanest friend would, thank you for the laff nonna

No. 1879021

File: 1691644500969.jpg (201.8 KB, 1046x1552, Screenshot_20230809-231437_Ins…)

When did tyler go private and pumpy unfollow each other?

No. 1879024

File: 1691644782219.png (1.11 MB, 828x1792, IMG_5028.png)

Pump got cheated on again. Big shocker.

No. 1879077

File: 1691655155820.gif (1.28 MB, 500x281, DFD2B373-1701-4481-BAF7-822491…)

No. 1879180

File: 1691677036262.jpeg (271.13 KB, 1169x1020, IMG_1899.jpeg)

KEK must have had a fight

No. 1879182

Maybe he’s mad everyone’s calling him gay LOL. that’s what he gets for dating a slightly internet infamous psycho

No. 1879209

She is…so retarded there’s no hope for her. Guess that meth baby brain just can’t function on all cylinders. She truly doesn’t see the correlation between porn addiction and the way men treat/view women smh. She will stay losing forever.

No. 1879220

Umm…how does she not see any connection between the porn industry and "the misogyny that's ingrained in men's brains"? One wouldn't exist without the other. She is so dumb.

No. 1879249

File: 1691687636192.png (840.18 KB, 984x1776, Screenshot_20230810-131301~2.p…)

Funny if Tyler slept next to her there wouldn't be the game controller and glasses next to her but maybe I am reading too much into it.

No. 1879344

He cheats on her like once a month and they supposedly live together - I do not get this dynamic at all. He must actually hate her guts

No. 1879363

Imagine talking about how great you are online all day but actually hating yourself so much you allow yourself to just get used and disrespected constantly. She's such a joke.

No. 1879364

She always posts about wanting a gf when Ty fucks up
Porn is fine but not Ty following hot girls on IG? Tell me the diff Pump

No. 1879417

File: 1691705780381.jpeg (81.04 KB, 960x490, IMG_1898.jpeg)

I’m not sure he cheated, I’m thinking he didn’t give her a birthday present, considering how she posted her friend’s gifts and posted this tweet last night.

No. 1879561

she literally profits from porn, she should stop acting as if she has an objective opinion here. thats some corrupt, old white man behavior.

and yeah, PUMPS, actually porn does affect mens behavior… and not in a good way. these men are shrinking the gray matter in their brain. it quite literally rots the brain. https://neurosciencenews.com/neuroscience-pornography-brain-15354/

and this will apply to you too pumpy. you for sure have that coomer brain damage going on, in addition to the anorexic and drug baby brain damage. maybe you could be considered intellectually disabled at this point. this isn't even including the beepeedee either. just do humanity a favour and yeet your reproductive system already!

No. 1879562

maybe she killed tarte and taxidermied her as a trophy? wouldn't put it past this rancid bitch.

No. 1879574

File: 1691728246197.jpeg (186.03 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1927.jpeg)

Pump’s still wearing that tacky necklace Ty got her

No. 1879575

File: 1691728435480.jpeg (117.18 KB, 1024x910, IMG_1928.jpeg)

Otoh she also posted this.
Seems like the recurring fight about how he can’t be the boyfriend she wants him to be (bc he’s obviously managing and tolerating her, not in love with her)

No. 1879600

File: 1691734537715.jpeg (Spoiler Image,795.4 KB, 1170x1524, IMG_2559.jpeg)

Sorry for taking almost a month to respond, but no, it’s not bait, yes, she has been selling it for the last 2 years as a pornographic film. It’s a long, full video of her completing giving birth to her daughter. She also regularly posts pictures of her baby on social media that is attached to her onlyfans, further exposing her to coomers. I’ve tried to report this to OF before, to no avail. They literally don’t give a shit about child porn…from the moment a child is born. Just think about how this baby will feel when she finds out that her birth video is available for millions to see when you simply search “Kate Rich birth full video” on google. You don’t even need to pay for her onlyfans to access this video.

No. 1879601

File: 1691734726008.jpeg (784.33 KB, 1170x1490, IMG_2560.jpeg)

Here’s a non spoilered tweet of her admitting to that, as well

No. 1879610

That title is fucking disgusting. Tell me you're trying to attract the most desperate pornsick men without saying it.

No. 1879611

That title is fucking disgusting. Tell me you're trying to attract the most desperate pornsick men without saying it.

No. 1879616

How the fuck is this remotely legal?

No. 1879643

You’re not wrong. Sorry for blog or whatever but speaking from actual real life relevant experience, real ones that actually give a shit will take your glasses off when you fall asleep, or yknow like provide something so you don’t have to whore yourself like this in the first place, or anything other than ignore you while you shove stuff in your butt to feed him. She could never understand how real men operate lmao. He doesn’t love you and never will, trick, get a grip. The levels of cope she steeps to almost makes me genuinely feel sorry for her. ALMOST. But she makes it impossible with her cringey pick me bullshit.
Don’t we all?
She def knows how fucking pathetic she is but will never admit it. I’d be embarrassed af for her if she wasn’t such an obnoxious cunt.

No. 1879719

A moid’s a moid but the ones who love you help you get out and/or stay out of SW (rare exception being porn star dating porn star)

No. 1879783

File: 1691774450059.png (571.08 KB, 828x1792, F7E2F392-61B0-4480-B508-40CC4D…)

Lmao is this about Ty or herself?
Jk, it’s both.

No. 1879786

File: 1691774740485.png (3.61 MB, 828x1792, E2BB279F-D3A1-4333-8968-4E6B73…)

If she wasn’t naked all over the internet I would for sure think she was a tranny. The infamous “fat pussy” kinda just looks like a tucked dick, for starters…

No. 1879790

It’s not. It’s child porn. Nobody cares.

No. 1879792

File: 1691775157098.jpeg (65.74 KB, 1170x312, IMG_1931.jpeg)

She’s been on a streak

No. 1879793

File: 1691775180982.jpeg (27.88 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1932.jpeg)

More pump

No. 1879811

Fr I can’t stop laughing at “obsessing over a mediocre person who’s just not that into you” because it’s such a deliciously perfect way to describe how she is with own damn self.

No. 1879942

File: 1691792622849.jpg (2.71 MB, 4096x3072, GridArt_20230811_182542390.jpg)

No. 1879954

File: 1691794013020.png (1.33 MB, 1013x1772, Screenshot_20230811-180303~2.p…)

No. 1879976

File: 1691795647004.jpeg (606.34 KB, 1170x908, IMG_2571.jpeg)

Screaming out loud she still actively promotes these videos and just nobody gives a shit. This is what happens when coomers are in power.

No. 1879978

This entire thread is glaring evidence that the sexual “revolution” was wildly unsuccessful. I haven’t even been alive for that long but what I’ve seen living through the 00’s, 10’s, and the 20’s so far…yeesh…(sage your shit)

No. 1879983

The story on the left got me. Girl that’s your weave lmao, who are you fooling? “Muh hair loss” girl it’s literally not even yours.

No. 1880053

Uh, not trying to defend her but…. are there men who don't watch porn who also aren't extremely catholic "women should submit" conservatards? Cause I never met any
The solution though is WGTOW/volcel, not pick-me antics.

No. 1880165

File: 1691820473247.png (6.77 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_1943.png)

Stuck in 2016 depression meme humor
It’s been a major psyop by the adult industry to normalize porn consumption and make it seem like everyone, including girlfriends and wives, signed off their approval on viewing it or at least given in. Idk. Most men do watch porn but there’s some repulsed or perturbed by it.

No. 1880167

File: 1691820571514.png (4.61 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_1942.png)

No. 1880275

Must've forgotten she's been crying online about how short and dry her hair is for weeks

No. 1880284

There are indeed some non conservative men who find porn disturbing and gross and don’t watch it

No. 1880288

Nah there are genuinely some non-conservitard moids out there who are disgusted by porn and the concept, they aren’t the majority, but I know a few. They’re those rare guys who actually respect women and it does feel like a trick until they prove it through actions.

No. 1880293

File: 1691849614604.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1131x2028, IMG_9532.jpeg)

Ty cheats, Pump baits.

No. 1880302

If Ty can fight with pump and not sleep at home for a few days, where does his daughter go?

No. 1880305

I believe her main residency is with Ty’s parents (or at least mom); them moving in together is a fairly recent development.

No. 1880315

Sleepovers with her dad a few nights a week (less when they’re fighting), but Pump’s been pretending she’s full time mom as we watch her spend 8 hours at hair appointments every week.
Also school is coming back, I wouldn’t be surprised if the kid stopped sleepovers with Deadbeat Ty

No. 1880349

Just saying this is out of context. She’s saying she doesn’t get her period because of her birth control.

No. 1880354

I emphatically co-sign this.

No. 1880374

Agreed 100%.
Some are former porn watchers tbf, but have been turned off and committed to not viewing it in years.
There’s even misogynist moids who don’t watch porn bc of manosphere arguments that it drains your vim and kills performance.

No. 1880378

File: 1691864060205.png (1.22 MB, 995x1650, Screenshot_20230812-123829~2.p…)


I agree, this looks like only she lives in this room.

No. 1880392

So he would just sleep over?

No. 1880431

File: 1691876682241.jpg (1.84 MB, 4096x3072, GridArt_20230812_174643645.jpg)

Is Pumpy having a mental break down?

No. 1880467

I hope the anon that has her Snapchat posts anything interesting here. Maybe she’s being more open on her paid SC

No. 1880670

Smells like moid apologetics in here tbqh I don't believe it.
IME all men hate women, no exceptions

No. 1880673

Shutting down a discussion among women isn't very radical feminist of you(infighting)

No. 1880678

This. And they all watch it.

No. 1880707

File: 1691910685533.jpg (109.74 KB, 1045x816, 20230813_011234.jpg)

No surprise hes back to following her. His account is still locked down.

No. 1880746

Smells like you’re just mad we’re just straight and don’t wanna fuck you, nonna. Sound familiar?
But I’m sure your experience is the only one that matters, right? Sound familiar?

No. 1880748

You don’t have to hate women to watch porn… and it doesn’t make you a bad person to watch porn. What fucking planet do you fucktards live on?(unsaged bait)

No. 1880886

This is so embarrassing for a 32 year old.

No. 1881034

File: 1691958104262.jpeg (206.86 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1957.jpeg)

No. 1881102

I think Ty also has his own room and they just fuck or whatever in one or the other. I think her room for her to sulk in and have her own space since they seem to fight so much. That’s just how it seems to come off. But also the room seems rather devoid of really anything and between two people you would think there would be more possessions.

No. 1881111

File: 1691966974778.jpeg (259.03 KB, 960x1706, IMG_1960.jpeg)

?? Delusional

No. 1881124

Wow, you're big mad at the truth. I'm completely straight and that's why I unfortunately know the truth about moids
Also, defaulting to "boo hoo you wanna fuck me" sounds like how troons talk to lesbians.

No. 1881129

Congratulations, that makes it even more pitiful, you date losers that like porn more than you. Sorry some of us have done better. Maybe some therapy would help… in the mean time, please stop derailing the thread with your pathetic copium while your dude watches porn and you’re the only one who’s “big mad”
TL;DR I found the camwhore with a useless broke uncaring boyfriend y’all!(infighting)

No. 1881138

Tell us more about how you’re straight while your believe all men (including yours apparently) hate women. Why you with him if hates you? You’re contradicting you’re own point, babe, just admit it.(infighting)

No. 1881140

She’s mainlining copium at this point it’s so funny and sad but mostly funny lmao Pump you are butt ass ugly. Period.

No. 1881141


Stop detailing the thread with this pointless bickering. No one fucking cares

I was worried because she hadn't posted in 24 hours but I see she is fine and delusional as ever.

No. 1881142

You’re definitely the one who can’t stand that some of us don’t agree with you. Get over it.

No. 1881150

Claiming she looks like a hot man at 85 lbs with hair extensions to her belly button, eyelash extensions, breast implants, and lip filler? Pretending she’s androgynous bc she doesn’t wear makeup but does every other drag feminine procedure pushed onto women?

No. 1881336

She’s like all the other mentally ill sheep that have no hobbies, good traits and no personality so they resort to the they/them for any sense of belonging in this mad world. She has no identity because she is nothing but claims to be everything it’s pathetic and generic. Fits her sad pointless existence perfectly

No. 1881411

File: 1692030024466.webm (8.38 MB, 720x1280, 2B4F5593E773B6DFE1080EFC485DFC…)

No Pumpy you just have terrible taste in men.

No. 1881552

Dying at her potato head, it's SO ROUND.
Also she just rambles about nonsense and then just says "idk dawg,it is what it is" she's so fuckin stupid

No. 1881559

Blumpkin’s voice is truly one of theee most unpleasant sounds I’ve ever heard. I’d honestly rather listen to fucking Sublime, it’s that bad. I actually almost feel bad for Ty having to hear that screeching daily.

No. 1881562

File: 1692044157956.jpeg (267.28 KB, 1099x1919, IMG_1966.jpeg)

Her screech is the most unpleasant thing to hear.

No. 1881737

File: 1692061214940.jpg (456.37 KB, 1063x1132, 20230814_190044.jpg)

She spent cam talking about ty and his child. She was making jokes that she hopes her and ty zan go to vegas and he will marry her (her wishful thinking)

No. 1881797

Weirdo fucking freak

No. 1881803

File: 1692065675214.jpeg (254.42 KB, 1650x925, IMG_6708.jpeg)

Her face when her high tip was only 88 tokens today while complaining about money, deadbeat asianmexi ty and his "ratchet" kid(emoji)

No. 1881804

File: 1692065899398.jpeg (117.59 KB, 1284x385, IMG_5696.jpeg)

Pump Flop deleted july 9th tweet

No. 1881805

File: 1692066005340.jpeg (98.95 KB, 1284x339, IMG_5719.jpeg)

Pump Flop deleted july 11th tweet quoting herself

No. 1881807

File: 1692066274982.png (13.24 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_2905.png)

The "Brainless"/"Braindead" couple(emoji)

No. 1881809

I can't focus on anything she says with those bizarre lips. Her bottom lip looks like a balloon seconds from popping. That can't be comfortable.

No. 1881854

It’s called being stoned nona.

No. 1881855

Why do you jilted white scrotes bring race into everything. Go back to 4chan.

No. 1881859

Her lip fillers are disgusting, she really had potential to be pretty despite being so ugly inside and still ruined it all by bogging herself silly

No. 1881862

Typical scrotes making themselves and their limp dicks the REAL victims of an industry that trafficks women and promotes rape and pedophilia. Yeah you wanked yourself into having ED after watching too many BBC tranny scat midget loli gangbangs for years and now you want sympathy for it? Fuck off.

No. 1881870

File: 1692078007475.jpeg (20.02 KB, 263x495, IMG_6711.jpeg)

No. 1881873

File: 1692079187754.jpeg (290.1 KB, 1169x2054, IMG_1977.jpeg)

Ty has a black eye?

No. 1881881

File: 1692086244619.png (3.87 MB, 828x1792, A8B25D17-846C-44F7-89DE-DF64DA…)

Aww, where’s Ty?

No. 1881896

Came here to post this, wonder what the story is behind it

No. 1881899

File: 1692089517920.gif (852.57 KB, 498x272, 4C3F6611-4888-4F7D-92C4-CE3249…)

Surely it’s from defending Cuntkin in a totally not made up scenario where not only are they actually together in public, he gives a shit about her.