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File: 1487265303385.jpg (55.05 KB, 500x491, tumblr_oldjzborfl1w2v0gzo1_500…)

No. 252726

Second thread dedicated to all of the sad bbydoll nymphet angel uwu girls who idolize Nicole Dollanganger.

Some reoccurring faces include:
Millie DollGraves, Patience Kingsley, Tina Flores, Robyn Violet, Alice Snow and many many more.

We're even discovering that some of the more "famous" calves have their own calves. When will it end? And when will Patience stop drawing her eyebrows like that?

>>>/snow/198225 < Old thread

No. 252758


the further the camera is away from her face the better she looks

No. 252769


What the hell is with that hair cut like it does nothing for her features at all. She looks like willy wonka

No. 252781

File: 1487268008831.jpeg (32.03 KB, 400x400, Dfdddddd.jpeg)

No. 252784

File: 1487268075557.jpg (803.09 KB, 1242x1228, 8e920cb78d2929dfc7c59cb9a179ec…)

Looks like Lord Farquaad

No. 252785

LMAO I posted this >>252784 but not this >>252781. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed.

No. 252794

File: 1487268829304.jpg (117.56 KB, 491x899, b02a365690b29a569c07f83e696946…)

ah yes millie. nothing says nymphet like a medieval bob.

No. 252795

File: 1487268990085.jpg (32.13 KB, 439x355, 4564.jpg)

Looks like the Berries and Cream guy from that old Starbust commercial

No. 252796

I'm dyin y'all are on point

No. 252811

I'm cackling her hair is the exact same cut hahah

No. 252813

I immediately thought this was a farquad cosplay, and apparently everyone else did too.

No. 252817

Anons please everyone is asleep and I'm trying so hard not to laugh

No. 252820

Dead on, lmao. Same eyebrows and everything.

No. 252871

File: 1487279107649.png (275.13 KB, 1242x1124, 1487005662832.png)

Her fake ED made her hair fall out so that's why she looks like this apparently

No. 252873

I don't understand why people make drama for themselves. Like, her aesthetic is pretty dumb, but she's not an ugly girl, she's not overweight, she seems healthy, well-off if she's buying a bunch of "expensive dresses". She would be really cute with a proper hairstyle and less ridiculous eyebrows/expression.

No. 252885

the lurk.
>don't laff @ her hair guiz. it's all evulz ana's fault uwu

No. 252892

lol doesn't look like it's falling out
Unless she's confessing it's an ugly wig

No. 252902

She's not underweight, certainly on the chubbier side of healthy. There's no way her hair is falling out from anorexia, she just has an awful haircut and won't own it. Who has photos of her from before this Nicole dollanganger uwu fragile bbydoll phase? I'd love to see what she looked like

No. 252903

i'd be interested to see pics of her pre-sadbbydoll but i'm not sure if they even exist. it's like she appeared out of nowhere truly

No. 253038

It's because she did appear out of nowhere, and with a carefully thought out and entirely staged persona. I wonder how much money she spent buying dolls and bbydoll things to fill up her room so that she could be like Nicole. I wonder how many hours a day she dedicates to taking the perfect selfie and pictures of her dollies and pink knives and ~creepy cutie uwu~ belongings

No. 253080

File: 1487302380386.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1557.PNG)

They made her face look so much less angry that this looks nothing like her

No. 253081

Samefag but she looks like she wears a diaper and is constantly shitting herself.

No. 253088

how twisted is this aesthetic though that this girl feels like she has to pretend to be a recovering anorexic for popularity

No. 253105

Or tagging her hair falling out due to ED as "Nymphet" on her last blog she bawwleted

No. 253108

File: 1487305134252.jpeg (39.23 KB, 466x720, 1484087537720.jpeg)

They were in the previous thread anon
This picture was uploaded 3 days ago on the original thread so it couldn't have been from todays lurking session

No. 253111

Is this really her? Looks like a different person completely
Its not a well-executed look but it suits her way more (but im goth myself so im a little biased)

No. 253118

Isn't that the blogger godswollen? I don't think that's Millie

No. 253119

i saw this in the last thread i thought this was Patience?

No. 253127

she literally contorts her face to look like nicole in every picture, so who knows what her face even looks like actually. the obsession runs deep. i wouldn't be at all surprised if she were to get surgery to look even more like nicole, seems like that kinda fan

No. 253134

Ugh why do these girls want to look like Nicole? She's so plain and homely, teetering on the edge of ugly and overweight

No. 253541

It isn't Patience or Millie, that's a picture of godswollen

No. 253542

Dang where that dress from?

No. 253546

I think her plain-ness is the appeal. She's a totally normal looking girl, yet she's got all these pathetic followers and a somewhat successful music career. If she can do it, why not them? It's the relatability factor, imo.

No. 253547

File: 1487371350297.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1571.PNG)

Patience is a different person entirely but they are bffs and hang irl
Patience isn't really cow like at all except for her looks
She posted the other day she works at a gas station and is excited to move up to manager lul but at least she isn't NEET.

Her eye brows are particularly speschul tho

No. 253556

grammy's closet

No. 253644

those eyebrows are a fucking crime

No. 253649

how the fuck can you work for minimum wage at a gas station and afford all the dolls and bullshit she has

No. 253704

bank of mom and dad

No. 253717

File: 1487390048408.png (394.72 KB, 597x595, millie.png)

her face is… unfortunate

No. 253743

I honestly think this girl is still more attractive than Nicole

No. 253749

sure millie

No. 253782

Lol not Millie at all

No. 253853

Omg she's not making that nasty face for once I mean she's drinking a milkshake but I sincerely didn't think she could not look like a grumpy constipated lord farquad

No. 254042

Omg I'd love to see her work look omg

No. 254054


i wanna see her without make-up…

No. 254224

Her face looks so caked on with make up

No. 254229

when you want that faded look so much you gotta pencil in your brows and liner in so harsh so the filter don't wash it out

No. 254238

I'd be so perplexed and frightened if I saw these girls in real life. Caked on makeup, babydoll outfits on grown ass woman, the brows, it'd be so amusing to watch them take their perfect sad edgy girl selfies. Imagine walking past a cemetery and seeing these girls dressed up posing and using props for the perfect graveyard dollies polaroid

No. 254239

Does this girl still claim Nicole reached out to her because of "similar interests" and wants to meet up with her and hang out?

No. 254245


i don't get the appeal of this hairstyle, what is it suppose to help?

No. 254420

File: 1487531739040.jpeg (Spoiler Image,261.33 KB, 2400x1200, image.jpeg)

Can we talk about Alice for a sec
Her pictures are getting weirder, I guess she's running out of ideas lmao

No. 254423

isn't she like 17? this is basically child porn

No. 254425

how long does it take to do those eyebrows?
her hairline is so fucked she looks bald.

she really is the least of the girls from the last thread.
alice snow was particularly milky. cowtippers never learn

No. 254479

I thought she was around 18-20 but if she's really 17…yikes…

No. 254501

I want to punch every "nymphet babygirl angel doll uwuwu" from tumblr in the face honestly. All of them are unbearable I met three and they were absolute cunts thinking they were pure bby angels

No. 254502

I thinks she's 18

No. 254517

she's been 18 for two years then because when she said she was sixteen, i mentioned to her that she maybe shouldn't pose topless and she told me she wasn't underage. alice snow is INCREDIBLY milky but whenever someone mentions her someone closgs up the thread with "hi jess" so

No. 254545

spill some milk

No. 254665

Wow she really lies about her age? I had no idea but I guess she does have quite a few tattoos and a more mature look. I'm not surprised

No. 254874

tfw millie follows you but you don't follow her back

No. 254966

ngl i'm jealous of her body

No. 255000

You can barely tell what it looks like so

No. 255158

alice snow is a racist

No. 255202

Okay can we talk about Robyn. Rottinggirlsrestingplace on tumblr. She's seriously one the the cringiest out of all of the dollanganger obsessed girls. She denies her age and she's in her late 20s, hell I wouldn't be surprised if she's 30. Very anachan. Makes and sells godawful art and "lingerie" very cheaply made and hideous. Expends all of her energy going a level beyond normal selfies by going on "adventures" and taking ridiculous videos of herself dressed up in grandma clothes playing on her playgrounds, hopping through fields. Has a tripod or something and spends entire days filming herself acting cringey as hell
Link related. And not to be shallow but she looks like a cross between a grouper fish and a 50 year old malnourished woman

No. 255278

she's clearly very mentally ill, anyone know what her deal is? this video scares the shit out of me

No. 255284

She is very mentally ill. I almost feel like she shouldn't be here because of that fact but she's suuuper milky too. Sometimes I think she's just pretending to be ill. The was she interacts with people online is so obnoxious

No. 255301

nah she's definitely disturbed. it's why i can't find myself actively hating her because it reached a point where i could see that something was severely wrong with her. i think she said she was raped repeatedly as a small child? like the way she talks is just… idk if you can fake that. she just doesn't make sense when she expresses herself. even her obsession with daddies and being a little it's a textbook sexual abuse coping mechanism. although it's been a few years since i've followed her closely idk about her recent antics.

No. 255303

I could imagine her making the rape thing up for aesthetic. I don't think she's mentally ill. More likely she's mentally challenged. There's something really shady about her though. And disturbing that she's about to hit her 30s and still acts this way

No. 255305

She was posting about having "another miscarriage" the other week like yeah sure. I think she makes up stuff for attention sometimes because there's constantly a new catastrophe. Miscarriage, hospital because coughing up blood, gram is dying again, anorexic again, boyfriend of 7 years dumped me again, she's so milky. She makes so much up and spends 90% of her time taking pictures and videos of herself looking like a damaged doll or outside skipping around like a child

No. 255319

imagine being this much of an attention starved butterface. she knows it. that's why she doesn't show her mug in the shot much, fucks up the damaged dolly little girl fairy illusion.

No. 255321

I had no idea she was that age, but I can appreciate that she knows her face doesn't work with the aesthetic she wants to put out. I'd rather she covered it and tried to come up with different shots than relieved on a pretty face to add interest like the usual instagram girls
Her life is too weird though, all that time doing so little, can't tell if genuinely ill or just spoilt by her family

No. 255365

Are you sure she's that old? Isn't she around 23/24?

No. 255396

>even her obsession with daddies and being a little it's a textbook sexual abuse coping mechanism.
wow you couldnt be farther from the truth. csa survivors are disgusted by this kind of kink and a lot of them even are disgusted by any kind of sexual interaction. robyn fakes everything for the aesthetic just like all the other girls in the scene. shes so transparent and in denial. try not to delude yourself so much, anon.

No. 255401


eh could go either way. every victim is diff and blanket statements are bogus, some cope with kink others are repulsed .

though robyn is defo fake, that level of obliviousness is a giveaway

No. 255412

The way she types is so weird, none of it ever makes sense it's like she's mixing all of her thoughts into one weird sentence.

When she talks to her friends online it's like only a few of them understand her

No. 255415

I assure you real victims want nothing to do with ddlg kinks

No. 255426

You can't speak for all victims though, you don't know every single csa survivor lol

No. 255457

sweet bby angel

No. 255463

you're pretty fucking stupid to post this when she only follows 36 people, it's not hard to figure out who you are

No. 255468

you sound like you come from this side of tumblr who worships nicole and pretends to have a tragic past when you're really boring as fuck. csa survivors hate kink and it's NEVER a coping mechanism. it's triggering for them. please seek help.

No. 255471

File: 1487699303620.png (349.59 KB, 827x449, Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 5.48…)

I'm not involved here, but if you calmed down your hateboner and actually looked at the person you're roasting's blog, you'd find out they don't even like dd/lg.
You're making an ass of yourself.

No. 255475

File: 1487699988472.jpg (76.69 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>i'm not involved here
>person you're roasting's blog
>anonymous imageboard
>posts own blog
>you're making an ass of yourself
Holy shit, the irony. Are you genuinely that retarded?

No. 255478

well, you've obviously never been sexually abused as a child or havr talked to any victims thats for sure lmao

No. 255480

Either you're so desperate to not look retarded that you'd screech "selfpost" when proven wrong, or you're retarded and aren't reading the thread correctly. An anon was arguing about dd/lg because apparently Robyn is into it, but then she turned out not to be at all, which rendered their autistic argument useless.
This person is Robyn, in case you don't know that, either. Either way, take the L lmao.

No. 255481

That's Robyn's blog..

No. 255496

Robyn used to post daddy stuff with her bf all the time when she advertised her ugly ass garter products and dead butterfly necklaces. I wouldnt take her word for it on an ask since she lies about everything anyway.

No. 255500

That's clearly exactly what she's referring to in that post, though. She even apologized for it and said she found it disgusting/hates herself for it.

No. 255514

File: 1487704493830.png (29.07 KB, 515x402, IMG_8116.PNG)

"Doesn't even like ddlg" wrong I think she's just started back pedaling because she knows it's not as popular anymore and won't get her positive attention. Here's an example of what she's posted in the past

No. 255521

That doesn't seem like backpedaling, and as you said, she did that shit in the past. The dd/lg thing is still going strong on Tumblr tbh, it just seems she got disgusted by it after leaving her ex (and apparently she immediately dropped all of it around the time she left him too, it seems). Different strokes, though, I guess. People do change.

No. 255530

Maybe it's the angle, but her calves look thicker than her thighs.

No. 255550

File: 1487707941598.jpg (33.05 KB, 549x244, what.jpg)

No. 255594

a lot of littles are sexual abuse victims tho. thats the biggest issue with it in general that they're mentally ill girls with predatory abusive guys and it's all horrible and disgusting in the end. it's a coping mechanism where they relive their abuse so they come to associate it with pleasure instead of negative triggers.

i dont think theres a right way to victim but robyn is literally the only calf who i believe is either mentally challenged or severely ill lmao. there was just a vibe to her it's why i unfollowed because her asks and the way she replied were disturbing. going by the way she talks about no longer liking it, it kind of proves the point with thw ddlg seen? she's a csa victim trying to cope and had a pedophile daddy taking advantage of that.

not trying to prove she's actually fucked in the head but this is just my opinion on why i think she is.

No. 255603

File: 1487714026210.jpg (63.33 KB, 541x670, trdsadf.jpg)

Someone needs to get into this group and post what's going on there.

No. 255606

why are they all like living stereotypes its so bizarre.

No. 255626

Didn't that same Morgan talk shit about this group of girls in the last calf thread?

No. 255633

Genuinely wouldn't be surprised if she was posting here herself.

No. 255634

The cringe when you actually know one of the girls commenting IRL

No. 255677

Which one?

No. 255688

Morgan's such a cunt. She pretends to be against that shit on tumblr for brownie points and to seem cooler than everyone else, but she's one of the biggest calves of all.

No. 255697

omg if you are who i think you are, you follow a bunch of my irl friends and i'm freaked out at the coincidence

and if not and you're one of the other ppl i narrowed it down to you have the same fucking aesthetic as all the other calves here and have no room to talk lol

No. 255757

I think Robyn is the biggest cow out of all of them. Maybe a little mentally challenged but definitely a liar who milks the trauma aesthetic for points

No. 255793

Actually I take that back. Millie, Patience and godswollen girl definitely take the gold but Robyn is right there with them

No. 255795

I lurked and couldn't find a pic which one is Morgan they all look the same

No. 255856


none of them are wielding their real names, right??? they name themselves something super snowflakey… right???

No. 255877

I hate that these girls are like "so into criminology!" "So if you like criminology join!!" They don't know shit about criminology, have never studied criminology, never gone to higher education for criminology, will never pursue a career in it, it is literally just for the aesthetic. They think what they're into is "criminology" but it isn't. Taking selfies with knives, watching crime movies, bundy sex fanfic, and crushing on the columbine shooters is not criminology. It's like their warped "uwu cute babydoll crime edgy shit" is somehow the scientific study of criminals and crime? They want all the (imaginary) "cute/edgy" part of it without the whole other 99.9% of the study. I hate that they try to ruin criminology and people's perspective of it, masterbating to serial killers and literally only talking about how cool and in love they are with only popular headline making murders (not any other crime, only FAMOUS murders+rapists) is NOT being "interested in criminology". Criminology is a tedious, complicated subject that takes years of study and has nothing to do with anything they are discussing, and involves basic cases and small felonies and police data and stats and a whole lot of smaller, difficult, unexciting, sub categories and classes of study. I wish I could punch these retards in the face IRL. /end rant

No. 255890

This belongs in the true crime thread

No. 255920

Relax. A few snowflakes who think they're into criminology isn't a big enough deal for you to get your panties in a knot for…

No. 256634

File: 1487880348496.jpg (71.96 KB, 541x748, fuck.jpg)

Did anyone manage to get into this? I made a sockpuppet account a while back and got added into another one of their "secret groups". This one is "Garbage Hell Kidzzzz" but most of the posts are like this one, or Tina Flores complaining about her life. Robyn's group would probably be more milky.

No. 256649

Why are you trying so hard to find milk on these girls? That's obsessive stalker level lol

No. 256683

It's really not tho

No. 256750

Which one are you?

No. 260126

File: 1488271486171.png (84 KB, 640x858, IMG_8168.PNG)

This Robyn bitch looks so haggard and beat even with the faded washed out filter

No. 260136

File: 1488273859520.png (52.52 KB, 640x717, IMG_8104.PNG)

A rare gem I forgot to post this. Here's Patience without the godawful makeup

No. 260256

Still looks like she's wearing a shit ton of cover up

What's Robyn's info? I've never seen her

No. 260279

that really resonated with you didnt it

No. 260299

i love how patience has 14k followers on insta while millie has 800. but millie gets more likes on her pictures than patience lmao. bought followers much?

No. 260317

anyone think alice /snow/ bought her followers? she was never that popular on tumblr but on instagram she has almost 10k

No. 260408

What are you talking about? She has around 5k her instagram is torturegardens. I know it's hard they all look the same and post the same things

No. 260410

Alice is actually pretty popular on tumblr

No. 260428

i meant to write 4 instead of 14 lmao. anyway 4,884 is a long ways away from 798 and her selfies get maximum 200 likes, while millie's go up to 400. it's obvious patience bought followers kek.

an easy way to see if someone's bought followers is by comparing likes to followers.

No. 260435

I think patience is just more liked, she's not really problematic and is legit mostly ? Millie doesn't have a soul in those angry calf eyes

Inb4 'ok, patience'

No. 260447

>I think patience is just more liked, she's not really problematic and is legit mostly ?
>i'm not patience!!! :p

No. 260449

Patience and Millie are best friends, I doubt Paticence would be on here talking shit about her… Or would she?

No. 260452

how the fuck is she gonna be more liked when her pictures don't get more likes. likes are done by people not robots. her followers are just bots lmao that's why they don't like any pictures.

>she's not really problematic and is legit mostly

how the fuck are you gonna pretend you're not patience after writing this nonsense

>Millie doesn't have a soul in those angry calf eyes

you tried. i hope millie knows you're a jealous snake.

pfft of course she would. patience is still the fat one who doesn't get as much likes as millie. all these girls are attention-seeking and are only friends with each other to mooch off their followers. it's why they send each other letters and fanart so they can @ them and call them their bestie angel bbies and then rack up the followers. like. they all copy each other lmao. this thread is nothing but petty gossip for each other anyway.

No. 260461

File: 1488307582649.jpg (9.44 KB, 240x160, milky.jpg)

gotta love it when a calf gets outed

No. 260475

I love Mayra Josephine though. She's always been like this, for like, the past 10 years or so. She definitely predates nicole by quite a long time

No. 260527

tbh if i knew millie i'd probably shit talk her too…… dat scowl

No. 260542

ok but millie could have bought likes on her pictures

No. 260553

Omg really not Patience but this is kind of entertaining

No. 260686

I think it's more likely that Millie posts here. She seems very insecure and her whole persona is so staged, she's desperate. Actually I bet they all post here. They're all pretty fake and passive aggressive

No. 260689

Lmao this is so entertaining I hope Patience really is posting here

No. 260695

File: 1488321982974.png (120.51 KB, 640x1081, IMG_8184.PNG)

No. 260797

Lol ok Millie the internet will stop looking at your public posts and you will die from lack of attention

No. 260840

>all these girls are attention-seeking and are only friends with each other to mooch off their followers. it's why they send each other letters and fanart so they can @ them and call them their bestie angel bbies and then rack up the followers.

this. so glad i'm not a part of this community anymore, it's all so fucking fake.

No. 260882

I agree so glad I ditched that fake ass group of girls

No. 260916

wow they really got us. i can't believe we have to shut down lolcow now.

do they realize they're just making themselves look like bigger snowflakes? not to mention admitting they regularly stalk the thread and contribute. it's like she switched tabs from lolcow to make that post lmao

No. 260921

File: 1488335433503.png (113.64 KB, 500x293, 1473271827456.png)

>what's more pathetic, someone who embarrasses themselves on the internet or someone who obsessively follows and documents someone who embarrasses themselves on the internet

idk about pathetic but i know one of us is having a good time and it ain't you

No. 260923

It's so funny how they're all jealous of each other when they're just hideous neets at the end of the day. Oh wait, right, Patience works at a gas station. Much nymphet, very babydoll.

No. 260925

>it's why they send each other letters and fanart so they can @ them and call them their bestie angel bbies and then rack up the followers.
it's a classic business move. just like companies send people free shit so they can talk about it on their blogs these nymphets all send each other gifts so they can post it for all their followers to see. except they're never satisfied with the maximum 10 new followers so they're all stuck kissing ass. i'm glad people have finally caught onto this.

No. 260935

I remember Millie once posting about having a job somewhere, I think it was at a haunted house or something similar of course

No. 260946

God what is it like to be a recovered-calf?? Do you have a different style now? Is it like being in a cult? Did you know any calves?

No. 260950

I'm pretty sure Millie is NEET. Patience has her gas station job (still wanna see pics of that look)

Sage cuz I know she's got her own thread but Eva acidburnbaby/fragilebambi is total calf material in positive she listens to Nicole they're even from the same "small town" and all. Anyway she's so trite and dumb and sooo arrogant about it it's almost too cringy she(and most calves) is sooo psuedointellectual it's v funny if y'all are bored she milks herself all day long
Inb4 selfpost (she would be sooo ridiculous posting here just read how she responds to asks)

No. 260966

idk bout them but in my case i was kind of weaning off in general but the first calf thread just killed it for me lmao. i truly appreciated the reality check. kindly moved onto avengers blogging while growing out my tacky millie farquaad bob. i think separating from tumblr and actually getting a life of your own irl helps. it all looks so stupid looking from outside in now.

No. 260975

Good for you tho anon, your probably a rather intelligent person with your own style
That sounds so sarcastic but it isn't I promise

No. 260977

Millie claims she's in some super intense university program where she travels and gets straight As in everything. She also claims she deleted not because of the lolcow thread but because this school program is so demanding

No. 260982

I find that very hard to believe

No. 260991

She's one of my favorite sources of milk. She's racist, promotes eating disorders, openly criticizes fat people, constantly fishes for compliments by making posts about how fat and ugly she is, complete pseudointellectual who thinks she's smarter than other people because she doesn't like sex. Posts nudes and then goes on tyrants for nsfw blogs reblogging or liking them and doesn't want to be seen as sexual. Looks like a fucking meth addict but thinks she's a baby fawn. Sage because belongs in her thread. She's so awful and so dumb it's almost more sad than it is entertaining

No. 261027

It's seriously frustrating how dumb she is omg there's a reason she doesn't have friends i guess

No. 261065

me at a christmas party when my distant relatives ask me what i'm doing with my life

No. 261230

kekked hard, thanks

No. 261560

File: 1488402381852.jpg (11.46 KB, 544x174, Ew.jpg)

Tina, basic hygiene and skincare isn't something to brag about. It should be normal to do this.

No. 262826

File: 1488579164706.jpg (36.2 KB, 750x574, 17098731_170187213486411_29659…)

She changed facial expression! Amazing!

No. 262831

Omg wow I sincerely thought we'd never see this. If she was wearing soft make up I bet she'd be a little cute..

No. 262836

I'd love to see what she looked like before she became Nicole lite. Too bad nobody knows her in person

No. 262843

who the fuck is tina flores

No. 262844

No. 262845

Go look in the first thread, she's the fat one who likes taking photos of her hairy fupa.

No. 262864

File: 1488583580169.png (349.79 KB, 500x491, AV4LlDT.png)

All I can see in OP image

No. 262869

File: 1488583779562.png (350.68 KB, 500x491, QhRZJAb.png)

No. 262949

File: 1488591618002.jpg (89.94 KB, 750x750, 12965078_1015616428526536_5314…)

ah cowbbyteardroplets. the one who can't decide if she wants to look like nicole, ginger, or a tranny.

>that moonface

>that stache

No. 262954

Omg is the difference the baby face? Get out that's horrifying

No. 263117

File: 1488633002060.jpg (99.32 KB, 456x810, tumblr_om2qkdFLjh1uy3egro1_540…)

You know how Morgan turned against the sadbbydoll crew after she was outed in this thread? It looks like Robyn's cottoned on (she almost definitely lurks here btw) and she turned against Morgan. Now Morgan's playing innocent and trying to get HER minions to hate Robyn and her minions.

It's so fun to watch their petty drama as an outsider.

No. 263118

File: 1488633090636.jpg (37.51 KB, 526x693, hahaha.jpg)

1st image is Robyn freaking out at Morgan's boyfriend. Here is Morgan "calling Robyn out"

#praying for your nasty soul

Kinda rich coming from you, Morgz. You're both as fake as each other.

No. 263119

File: 1488633128937.jpg (29.76 KB, 298x548, Dumb Bitches all of them.jpg)

Morgan's minions pretending to be shocked. There are more replies but I can't be bothered to screenshot all of them.

No. 263198

i'm so confused by this drama. but then again i'm confused by everything robyn says

No. 263205

why don't girls like this shave or tweeze or wax their lips? like gurl this is 2017 you have options

No. 263368

Wait I'm confused, how did she turn against them? I thought she just posted on tumblr about wanting to ditch the aesthetic. Did I miss something?

No. 263369

Robyn has been blowing up lately, she's been having a fit on Facebook. Blocking people left and right. Probably because she lurks here. I have a feeling Robyn has lurked on this site long before she was mentioned here.

No. 263396

File: 1488667358915.png (109.29 KB, 640x826, IMG_8210.PNG)

Keep on dreaming Tina

No. 263397

File: 1488667389582.png (53.19 KB, 640x387, IMG_8211.PNG)

When cows collide

No. 263444

Imagine being this in love with yourself

No. 263449

Probably because she was talking shit about the aesthetic on tumblr at the exact same time as the lolcow threads were being discussed in that circle. Instead of defending her bby girls, she basically agreed that a lot of the stuff about the aesthetic is toxic so Robyn is probably paranoid that she posts here or agrees with all the stuff posted here

No. 263574

Narcissism at its finest

No. 263600

why are flakes obsessed with chloe sevigny?

No. 263602

She was in Gummo

No. 263616

She was Harmony Korine's girlfriend and a lot of them love his movies

No. 263629

this fucking tina-tuna echo-chamber sod off all those bitches uggo well done being compared to uggo hacks Tina

No. 263674

File: 1488720502531.jpg (145.38 KB, 1024x638, IMG_7825.JPG)

Whenever I look at patience I see this:
(The instagram brow just taken way too far.)

No. 263676

File: 1488720762188.png (116.7 KB, 654x1078, IMG_7813.PNG)

>lipstick coming off from drinking slushies at work
>gas station employee

Gurl, whut? I work at an Exxon and no one would ever wear that shit on their mouth or brows for work lol in a million years….. unless they just sell cigs behind the counter……

No. 263677

File: 1488720852019.png (136 KB, 750x907, IMG_7809.PNG)

When calves collide

No. 263680

this is genuinely so embarrassing ejwkslqjs,;jeks

No. 263699

they BOTH make that face? who from the last thread doesn't make this face??? wtf

No. 263888

Why is Patience balding

No. 263909

the chick on the left / in the op pic has the most punchable stupid face I ever did see

No. 263917

this is the most caucasian thing i've seen in a while

No. 263921

I'm assuming they just used the bike as a prop for pictures, I doubt either one of them has a license to drive it and they're not wearing helmets or motorcycle appropriate clothing

No. 263924

She isn't, that's not how balding women look.

No. 263927

They're all constipated from eating all those cupcakes and lollipops from their daddies uwu

No. 264083

ot but i like the top millie's wearing, where to cop??

No. 264168

Probably forever 21 or somewhere generic

No. 264186

I saw it months ago in H&M or Bershka, it's pretty shitty quality tho :/

sage for ot

No. 264228

If she got rid of those shitty brows she looks SO much less punchable when she is smiling, but its "not dolly or nicole enough" to do in her normal pictures ugh

No. 264334

thank you for clarifying, patience.

No. 264438

Looks like balding to me!

No. 264446

They went to a Harley Davidson museum

No. 264447

Millie posted a new cover on tumblr and she sounds almost exactly like Nicole lol.

No. 264509

Thanks for clarifying for us, are you Patience or Millie?

No. 264550

Millie, my oujia board told me I was being posted on here /sarcasm.

No. 264560

>my oujia board told me I was being posted on here
there would be no need since we all know you're obsessively lurking.

No. 264587

Holy shit this is so bad. Makes 2012 era Nicole's guitar parts sound like the work of a prodigy.

No. 264615

I'm not sure if she thinks she's going to be the next nicole or what, but she must think there's a market for her music because she's making a bandcamp

No. 264631

400 notes. The sad, stupid girls involved in this aesthetic will readily accept anything as long as it's pale pink dolly angel. The fact that Nicole is no longer making this exact kind of music anymore leaves Millie to shamelessly fill the void.

No. 264639

IS THIS true? i can't/wont believe that these girls have a relationship let alone a ddlg one? no man or woman will be brain damaged enough to put up with this aesthetic…

No. 264647

Every single time I scroll past this thread i bust a gut laughing at her goddamn farquaad hair. I can guarantee you whatever hairstylist did that to her did not want to jfc
sage bc its been said 800x already

No. 264658

I remember Patience had a boyfriend for a short period of time and she dressed him up in Nicole Dollanganger merch and took pictures of him for tumblr. When they broke up she posted about how she got the shirt back

No. 264670

Was that her trans boyfriend? He was pretty cringe too.

No. 264672

Nah this guy seemed pretty normal

No. 264726

Patience stop selfposting to serve as your own update account this is so fucking embarrassing you're too fugly to be this self absorbed.

No. 264737

right? lmao. we just keep getting clarification/updates on patience like anyone gives a shit. ofc its her.

No. 264885

Neither lmao. The "she sounds almost exactly like Nicole" wasn't a complement…but she'd probably take it as one oops

No. 264927

File: 1488921404575.jpg (26.68 KB, 549x231, eeeeeek uwu.jpg)

Look how she went from "eeeeek"

No. 264929

File: 1488921454579.jpg (16.84 KB, 531x193, fite me.jpg)

to "she tryna get hit"

No. 264986

What? Are all of these girls mentally challenged?

No. 265089

File: 1488937713204.png (117.62 KB, 749x892, IMG_6287.PNG)

Wait how has this not been posted here??? This is so disgusting??

No. 265094

Everything that she does is disgusting, including those pictures of her climbing on tombstones in the cemetaries.

No. 265138

If I ever saw her doing a photo shoot in a cemetery I'd slap her so goddamn hard. I'm a goth girl and I think cemeteries are beautiful but you'd never catch me disrespecting the dead for edge points the way this bitch does

No. 265156

Same, anon. Being a disrespectful shit just so she can be 3edgy5me bitch makes me so mad.

No. 265174

she tryna get hit i SWEAR2god

No. 265177

My ex went to the Nicole Dollanganger concert last year and told me that he saw Millie (and Patience?) getting their photos taken. The photo they took is somewhere floating around Tumblr.

Anyway, he told me that after the show he watched Millie take off with Nicole and a couple other groupies. I find it very weird that Nicole is hanging out with someone so young.

No. 265182

Nicole has literal dinner dates with 13 year olds. She posted a bunch of pictures of her going out to dinner with these teenage fans. I don't get how you can be "friends" when there's such an imbalance in the relationship in both age and when they worship her and can't socialize like normal human beings to her. I swear it's a competition between the preteen Nicole groupies because she only pays attention to girls who spend literally all their free time making her edits and worshipping her. Kind of nasty but there's a ton of milk on Nicole and underage fans on her thread so

No. 265184

It's so weird to think that Nicole hung out with someone who desperately wants to wear her skin but then again she likes being around people who viciously worships her.

No. 265188

>but then again she likes being around people who viciously worships her.
basically lmao. nicole doesn't want people to treat her normal she wants people who worship her. that's why she surrounds herself with neckbeards who wanna fuck her and literal children who idolize her. oh, and millie, her clone. that's how narcissistic she is. hope that's flattering for you millie.

No. 265194

Most real famous people don't become friends with superfans because they're so far up their ass to be a real friend. But I guess Nicole just thrives off the attention. But she also drops people when they stop worshipping her obsessively which will suck for the girls who are literally 12

No. 265209

File: 1488946539032.jpg (127.83 KB, 540x960, 17190722_1685069898459121_4128…)

So Tina got terf bangs.

No. 265212

File: 1488946600228.jpg (33.63 KB, 529x393, ugh.jpg)

I hate the way they talk. Why are they like this?

(This is in reply to the photo of Tina's bangs btw)

No. 265227

The way they talk to each other is so fake sounding. It's painful to read. Why do they all say "eeek" and call her each other cringe pet names like we know you don't talk this way offline. I hope anyways.

No. 265256

Millie would be so cute without that dumb makeup/haircut/facial expression

No. 265285

>so cute

ok millie

No. 265300

Nope. I genuinely think she's a cute girl. A cute girl with a retarded style.

She'd look really good in lolita fashion

No. 265313

I think she has awful skin though. Awful hair and eyebrows too

No. 265343

Her hair is literally tragic and her eyebrows are stupid (but I mean not nearly as bad as trendy IG brows imo).

What do you mean her skin is awful? I've only seen her with makeup/edited, does she have really wrinkly skin up close or something?

No. 265885

File: 1489031779881.png (123.93 KB, 750x1024, IMG_6331.PNG)

oh my god

No. 265891

File: 1489032543785.jpg (20.68 KB, 250x228, 1394943775353.jpg)

>Mindy Dollanganger

No. 265894

File: 1489032883520.jpg (137.32 KB, 1000x450, nicole.jpg)

well now we all know why they keep doing the haggard frown face. and why they all have thick brows. and why they all line their waterline with white. and why they all have terf bangs. literally on the first image results of nicole's google search results lmao.

No. 265908

sounds like a great way to get murdered

No. 265917


at least nicole's look is a lil softer? idk she's gotten worse from that pic

No. 265922

Jesus Christ does she think admitting to the Internet she brought crystal meth is a great idea?

No. 265932

Of course that's probably why she's doing it anyway, for da 3dg3 pointzzz

No. 265933

she already looks haggard as fuck compared to 2 years ago and she's only 21. she says she can't wait to get on stimulants so she can lose weight but she's just gonna look like, you know, a junkie lmao.

No. 265936

well I mean it's literally no mystery why she's old looking and crazy. bitch is on meth

No. 266046

File: 1489063371688.jpg (436.36 KB, 1241x2205, IMG_2880.JPG)

Lmao at Robyn making a sly dig

No. 266078

omg lmao. i can't wait to see how millie replies.

No. 266162

I swear Robyn secretly hates them all

No. 266192

He's not a total creep but he wants me to sleep with him

Sure Millie, sure.

No. 266202

thats not millie

No. 266211

File: 1489086231073.jpg (89.1 KB, 570x398, il_570xN.774176181_2loi.jpg)

robyn is the only one that has any integrity imo. she had a phase where she was obsessed with cleft palates (because all bbydolls have to be into morbid things right), and made lots of brooches and things of that, but worked with a charity supporting babies with cleft palates briefly at least. alice snow for example, illustrated a baby with gastroschisis for a set of pictures called "freak show". after a few weeks of it floating online, a woman emailed alice to explain how hurtful she found her gastroschisis art because she had a baby born with it and found the illustration in a google search and didn't like the hurtful association with "freaks". alice faux-apologised (basically saying "i'm really sorry but i don't care and i'm not changing it so leave me alone") and did nothing. this is all purely anecdotal by the way, i didn't think anything of it when it happened like 18 months ago.

No. 266212

File: 1489086385709.jpg (11.8 KB, 539x116, ddddd.jpg)

No. 266261

oh wow drag us earth angels u u

No. 266264

i remember this. her excuse was that, as an artist, she had to "stand by her art" and that she was "reclaiming" the "freak" label (as if it was ever hers to reclaim). she self-reblogged her response a bunch of times too so everyone could see how much ~artistic integrity she had.

No. 266277

god i can't wait until someone digs up her photos from before she decided to wear nicole's skin

No. 266415

I don't even understand the aesthetic of this? is that a dead animal foot on her nipple?? Dear god

No. 266910

File: 1489159224379.jpg (Spoiler Image,38.14 KB, 250x250, tumblr_omf113cjek1t0hevoo5_250…)

this is a brooch alice made. imagine if you saw someone wearing it though

No. 266914

the little tongue out reminds me of nicole's drawings of that carnival with the hot dog when they were licking ice cream lmao why do they keep jocking her it's hilarious. do they have a single ounce of creativity like. at all. it's insane.

No. 266921

File: 1489160007681.jpg (1.21 MB, 1386x2107, Screenshot_20170310-112619.jpg)

uh nvm about how she should smile

No. 266925

alice is a moron for thinking anyone will buy that when her own followers asked her to make a version of her body part sticker set without that sticker in it

she seriously looks like a man

No. 266956

Her nose reaching Himezawa levels

No. 267221

is it possible she shoops her nose? in >>252726 it looks sloped and upturned at the end, but in >>266921 it looks straight and much larger

No. 267396

She obviously shoops

No. 268528

File: 1489374360998.png (438.36 KB, 468x542, 1432.png)

Millie just posted this on tumblr….For those of you who don't know, the only reason she did this is because of Nicole Dollanganger's song, "Blood Brothers." What a great way to catch STD's and other diseases. Have fun with that, Millie! Then again, you will probably use the stay at the hospital to your advantage….~soft pale infirmary~ pictures.

No. 268531

I like that they used a cheap plastic rosary, how very ~aesthetic~.

No. 268551

File: 1489377709118.png (892.9 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6328.PNG)

I never knew Patience was fat.

No. 268554

Their fucking expressions. Wtf. Millie looks like an angry bulldog.

No. 268563

these gummo aesthetic bitches omg

No. 268567

have they mentioned gummo? I don't get how so many people like that movie. I'm all for experimental movies.I love Eraserhead, begotten, etc. but Gummo just seemed too edgy

No. 268579

P has the legs of someone whom does zero physical activity and sits on their ass all day uploading shite to the internet.
>wow such interest

No. 268583

i'm just thinking about all the hours of takes and awkward giggling they went through for this mediocre photo. i wonder how many people walked in on these two retards.

No. 268652

I knew Patience was a little chubby but I had no idea her body looked that odd and thick

No. 268737

Her legs are deformed the hell

No. 268738

Meant to quote >>268551

No. 268841


They saw a movie called Don't Deliver Us From Evil and are copying a scene hell, Patience is copying the whole fucking movie with her giant Baphomet necklace, all they need is to fuck old men and then set themselves on fucking fire and the resemblance will be complete.

No. 268850

File: 1489427404084.jpg (32.89 KB, 500x299, blood.jpg)


so fucking annoying

No. 268852

File: 1489427429941.png (314.14 KB, 800x450, dead.png)

No. 268854

File: 1489427455533.jpg (12.45 KB, 448x252, dont-deliver-us-from-evil-stil…)

No. 268953

File: 1489436068477.png (133.91 KB, 750x679, IMG_1924.PNG)

I think maybe she's just got cankles I don't thing she's fat??? Am I wrong? Is it an illusion ?

No. 268962

She's a fairly average weight with thick legs, yeah. She doesn't look technically overweight, but just an unfortunate body type.

No. 268974

File: 1489437182770.png (156.02 KB, 750x1161, IMG_1925.PNG)

Omg she was a v beautiful hipster goth, it's a shame she tries to look like a old nasty baby doll that shit itself

No. 269035

I think beautiful is an overstatement but she does look better that way

No. 269037

I think she's definitely overweight

No. 269223

File: 1489460655623.jpg (47.1 KB, 250x250, 58050311.jpg)

No. 269499

File: 1489503799222.jpg (83.28 KB, 956x959, 17264911_682212121966587_20575…)

Robyn with no filter or pastels or kawaii baby doll accessories or hair over her face.

No. 269501

Lmao I still don't know which one this this but she looks frumpy af

No. 269505

Robyn is rotting-girls-resting-place / body-of-bugs

No. 269519

File: 1489506182052.png (452.29 KB, 465x447, zef5a20c089b4f56fc2334316e967b…)

No. 269540


I didn't think I'd see Patience on here.
Of all the years I've seen her pop up, she seemed largely fine besides the SJW nonsense and her eyebrow style.

No. 269658

Doesn't meant she ain't a calf

No. 269663

File: 1489519508492.png (87.95 KB, 725x557, IMG_1935.PNG)

Literally dressed the same too lmao

No. 269701

so fucking cringey

No. 269775

Millie's nose is so goddamn unfortunate…

No. 269818

i agree. i communicated with her a few years ago and jfc her mood swings were wild. even innocuous comments could set her off on 'bad days', i'm pretty sure she has some kind of bipolar or schizophrenia.
to the people who say that she's just doing this 'for the aesthetic', I don't think they've done proper research. i remember seeing some pictures of her bedroom/home that were just…horrifying, super filthy, holes in the wall, it looked like she was living in an abandoned building. no sane person goes to those lengths 'for the aesthetic'. idk if she had a caretaker or what, presumably she either gets her living expenses paid off by family or by the government. i think her mother is still alive but it's been ages since i've checked up on her so not sure.

anyone who tried to milk her is just as bad as those fucking kids who went after chris-chan imo. it's just scummy to antagonize people with mental illness.

No. 269821

This is terrifying

No. 269827

>>252726 I can't believe that I was so close to many of the uwu earth angel squad. I have letters & hair locks and all sorts of other bullshit lmao but this was four years ago, I can't believe they're still at it. sage 4 blogpost

No. 269838

spill more milk!

No. 269839

I still think it's for the aesthetic. No truly mentally ill person goes to such great lengths to put their illness on display

No. 269840

I want to know who you are because I was close to all of them as well. I swear we probably know each other.

No. 269855

Wow this girl is ridiculous does anyone know her back story at all? Is she rich? NEET? Scamming? I'm lurking her tumblr for the first time
The dollanganger is strong in this one.

No. 269863

Could have sworn those guns were photoshopped in

No. 269873

Patience def has access to real guns I think she's from a northern redneck family lol but these look so old and like styled? Like they'd be super expensive if they're not just toy pistols they took the orange tips off of

I hope they're real guns for some reason but r they so 3dge???

No. 269883

Probably just *~vintage~* guns that they found from their scavenging. Millie posts her little revolver all the time. They could very well be fake though, vintage guns are expensive.

No. 269894

it seems like her behavior/mental illness is really off-putting to most people she meets irl so i imagine that these kind of deranged sad-baby-doll tumblr communities are probably the only place that she actually has 'friends', or fans, or whatever you want to call them.
>no truly mentally ill person goes to such great lengths to put their illness on display
this is a gross generalization. you can't say 'all mentally ill people are like x' especially since we don't even know what exactly she's been diagnosed with. if she is schizophrenic, there may be times that she's not in control of her own behavior. certainly a lot of her written posts seem to have been made in a less-than-lucid frame of mind.
i do agree that she comes across as pretty hungry for validation from her peers, but that alone isn't enough to make someone a lolcow.

No. 269946

millie has that onision-style neanderthal brow shelf going on lmao

No. 269950

her aesthetic is stupid, but her mental illness is very real. i'll probs be accused of samefagging or get told "hi robyn" but idgaf, i agree with you and i think she's the only genuinely disturbed calf out of the bunch.

No. 269969


Honestly I wish I could! & I bet I probably know a lot of people who used to be in the crowd. I can't say much w/o outting myself unfortunately :(

but I can say that heaps of these girls are flakey as fuck (heck you may know who I am from this) I was terribly sick back then and I used my blog as a photo diary to deal with what I was going through and a lot of these uwu angels would pretend to support me because we all know being sick is top tier nymphet status.

Once I had gotten sick of my blogging style and moved on to others they dropped my ass. Patience was writing letters to me, Robyn was going to send art to me & I spend A LOT of money on pen pal packages for these girls.

They all left once I realized that I was not going to recover from my sicknesses. They got sick of me and I lost my uwu status. Because they care about the aesthetics more than the people behind them. It's actually gross as fuck.

No. 269970

im screaming patience shooped her nose to hell and back but left millie's in its titanic size. i told y'all patience was a snake she probably talks so much shit about millie here.

No. 269991

This is true I am so 100% sure lol
Patience give up and give in, ur one of us now

No. 270004

I can't believe this is her. She looks like a grandma.

No. 270010

I think I know who you are! Drop more hints though. I'm proud of you for ditching the scene

No. 270022

Wait why are patiences knees concave

No. 270028

File: 1489546440128.jpg (267.45 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_npkw9h5vkp1u1cgywo3_128…)

her bedroom looks OK??

No. 270029

My grandma looks better than her tbh

No. 270039

Yeah honestly don't know what that person is on about, her house is perfectly fine. She has a very nice bedroom as well.

No. 270044

Are you okay, anon? That wallpaper looks like it belongs to somebody's grandma.

No. 270047

Yeah honestly don't know what that person is on about, her house is perfectly fine. She has a very nice bedroom as well.

No. 270052

ikr lol that's a very old house not an apartment. she's most likely living with her parents indeed on disability.

No. 270057

It does have a grandma look to it. The room looks neat and clean, though, from what can be seen.

No. 270070

i had a hella embarrassing breakdown in college and went to live with my parents for a while in my old room. my mom mostly cleaned my room and shit and kept everything spotless lol. that might be the case with robyn, if he's really that mentally ill that she's on disability and looking like she's in her 40s still unemployed and living with her parents. her parents must be really old then? given her age.

No. 270073

Umm could she be lying about her age?

No. 270076

her hands are really wrinkly. i'd say she's in her mid 30s.

No. 270101

File: 1489559784451.png (42.14 KB, 750x297, IMG_6893.PNG)

no no no no no (but also bring on the milk)

No. 270115

She's at least 30

No. 270127


Sorry guys but wtf does terf mean?

No. 270130


Sorry guys but wtf does terf mean?

No. 270134

File: 1489592813171.jpeg (70.17 KB, 640x535, image.jpeg)

After gently looking through Robyn's blog, I can definitely say her speaking patterns seem all over the place and borderline schizophrenic. It reminds me a bit of how shoppingcartfullofpinkturd types and answers asks, but not so exaggerated. I also always imagine her yelling every sentence, idk why.

No. 270136

Millies face looks like a drag queen's before they've blended their contouring.
"Trans exclusionary radical feminist"

No. 270151

if this is true about robyn being schizophrenic, then it really proves again how these nymphets use mental illness as a costume and make the real victims look like posers. if she's in her 30s then i doubt this is all a tumblr phase for her and she has indeed had these interests and speech patterns for a long time. it's weird how these girls go "oo aesthetic!" and copy her for being popular, when this girl is just mentally ill. maybe that's why robyn secretly hates all these girls because they're copying things she might be doing without meaning to.

No. 270160

Damn, that's kind of sad. I feel bad for her now.

No. 270167

I know Robyn IRL. She's not in her 30's. She's 24/25. Her Mom is alive. She sees her Grandma more often though. She just moved in with a bunch of 20-somethings in a flat in Bristol. She's schizophrenic and on meds for it and as far as I know she's detached herself from these specific nymphets but still has a group of other nymphet girls. They have a secret FB group and most of the girls on here have been excluded by the looks of it, lol. Nymphet wars. I've always noticed how Robyn seemed closer to the girls who are genuinely sick though.

No. 270181

File: 1489600671860.jpg (51.09 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mvhyc4RPOU1r7hyvno1_500…)

this is robyns old room.

No. 270182

the one that >>269818 was talking about

No. 270266

rottinglace was kind of like robyn's millie copycat, except roby was very sisterly towards her. and when robyn left tumblr for a long while last year (i'm guessing she was in an inpatient ward) rotting-bones-of-baby-deers or something like that started copying her to the point where it was like mila mortice and the emily crocker copying felice fawn, or alice snow and jess woods. it was like a power vacuum being filled, like literally shot for shot mimicry with this other girl even posing with her boyfriend in the same daddy bbygrl/gas mask/nightie aesthetic as robyn and her (now outed as abusive). it's fucking sick as all shit to know she came out of the woodwork as soon as robyn was off the scene, it was calculated and i've never seen this rotting-bones girl get any kind of """call out""" for it. it was so blatant and knowing that robyn is actually traumatised and most likely genuinely schizo is vile.

i'll get off my high horse now dw

No. 270283


Ew, I hope that's fake blood…

No. 270314

Didn't Robyn leave just to focus on real life? I remember her saying she was sleeping over with sad ghost in a church and meeting rottinglace and staying at each other's houses. If she went to inpatient surely she'd be a little better when she clearly isn't

No. 270321

She never went to inpatient

No. 270323

Robyn has made posts on Facebook about that girl. She's pretty salty about it

No. 270345

my bad

can you post screencaps if you have them?

No. 270358

I'm on the rottinglace blog but it's all mannequins????

No. 270367

to be fair she's never spoken a word about being schizophrenic so i doubt she'd brag about being hospitalized and just say she's doing some uwu vacation. i mean focus on real life? she has no job or friends and she isn't going to school. there's nothing to… focus on.

>If she went to inpatient surely she'd be a little better when she clearly isn't

eh i don't think this is a fair statement. plenty of schizophrenics plainly relapse. treatment is just a lot of trial and error. if they're doing better you can take them off certain medication, but the risk for a psychotic episode would be increased. schizophrenics are frequently hospitalized.

No. 270368

No. 270376

I have a feeling you're Robyn herself just trying to protect your broken bbydoll image

No. 270541

who the fuck let them into a church like that

No. 270559

She's changed her image and is moving from the old bbydoll nymphet aesthetic to more of her own thing.
Its sad because she's recovering from anorexia, and all of her posts are getting less notes so it's true that these people only give a shit about the ~~aesthetic and not the people behind them.

No. 270561

Often churches are open especially during the day (if there's a rectory on sight too) so people can come do their prayin
Looks like an episcopal church but idk catholic church's are usually open etc they're meant to be sanctuaries.
Apparently Patience and Millie think it's for weird, defaming photoshoots.

No. 270566

This is the same girl who takes pictures next to a coffin ready for burial, they have no fucking shame as long as it fits in the aesthetic

No. 270594

I'm so proud of her. We used to talk sometimes. I'm so happy she dropped the bbydoll group because she has so much artistic potential and originality. It was painful watching her copy Robyn's every move, she's so much better than that dumb aesthetic

No. 270604

File: 1489643452893.jpg (401.76 KB, 1434x2556, IMG_2238.JPG)

From the first thread Aine C bonelord ana nymphet chan or nah???? She has a fucking terrifying body

No. 270611

i'm not lmao. if she's really schizophrenic there's no way she'd be writing this eloquently without some kind of error in grammar she wouldn't notice as off. i just… truly don't think it's fair to rag on an actual schizophrenic. for being schizophrenic. it's the human version of a hard drive glitch. she's already old, ugly, on disability, and hates the girls in this thread. pardon my pity.

No. 270623

I've seen Robyn write normally and eloquently before. I swear it's all an act,
could be wrong but I have a feeling

No. 270625

I dunno but can I just say fuck you to people who take pics in changing rooms?

No. 270638

That's not her bathroom??

No. 270643

Who is this? Stop derailing she doesn't belong in this thread

No. 270650

Do these dumbasses not realize that these vintage gas masks contain asbestos and are for novelty use only?

No. 270795

it is her grandmother's house
i remember seeing her make posts about how she hates her mother for allowing her to be abused and feeling like her grandmother was the only one who cared about her in the family

No. 270799

you do realize that with mental illness, not every day is a psychotic episode? like people can pass as 'fine' for weeks sometimes before it gets out of their control.
plus, we don't know whether she's medicated or not, so it could be due to factors like changing prescriptions. until we have some kind of evidence from robyn herself, all of this is pure speculation.
but i will say that if she's going off her meds, i can't blame her. the medication they give you for schizophrenia is a fucking nightmare. you can't even properly think on it, it makes you so lethargic and foggy. you end up doing things like watching TV all day but don't remember any of the programs that you watched. tbh it's one of those situations where the cure is worse than the disease.

No. 270842

natural selection anon

No. 270861

She is on medication

No. 271041

What even makes any of you sure she's schizophrenic? This wasn't verified anywhere or by anyone

No. 271131

schizophrenia is a brain disorder in the end. it's similar to people with dementia or a brain injury. to fake you'd basically have to fake hyperspecific brain malfunctions. you're entering science. not quite as easy as photoshopping yourself thin or buying a breathing tube. robyn looks lowkey retarded she wouldn't be able to pull this off. she does display symptoms and we've gotten a few people who know her irl say she's schiophrenic so yeah.

No. 271361


ainelux.tumblr.com from the first thread? apparently a sadbbydoll but not??? idk


anon that's photoshop

No. 271702

File: 1489797182817.png (64.91 KB, 1242x379, IMG_3095.PNG)

She commented this on a ha-fu girl's status about needing to put more eyeliner or eyelid tape on one eye to get evenly shaped eyelids. Since when is she a quarter Korean?

No. 271711

Lmao I don't think she knows what a monolid is because she definitely doesn't have one. Even if she was 1/4 korean, hafus rarely have Monolids so I doubt a 1/4 person would.

No. 271719

It's funny she says that she has one, like instead of both eyes, just one. Does she also know what a freak she looks like?

No. 271836

Sh anon don't stroke her ego

No. 274222

File: 1490107049556.jpg (31.12 KB, 587x388, shut up.jpg)

"idk i don't look!"

Millie don't lie, you obviously lurk.

No. 274230

Good good
Millie get so weird that the FBI starts to track you.
Millie please start to eat cats. Go all out, special little princess.

No. 274253

File: 1490111430654.png (601.99 KB, 686x1010, wackaflockaokaygif.png)

No. 274257

millie so weird and quirky not like the other girls xD

No. 274267

she really thinks we don't like her because she's weird lmao. as if we dont follow her because we have the same interests but deeply dislike her because she's a fucking lying tryhard who has the features of little my from moomin. if anything this obnoxious post just proves why she's so fucking annoying.

No. 274436

File: 1490131012938.jpg (92.7 KB, 1080x1080, 17334278_1232842703431151_8857…)

Millie does Patience so dirty with the photoshoot pictures she decides to post

No. 274444

They both look so greasy and chubby

No. 274447

File: 1490132473266.gif (982.5 KB, 500x280, 13949490573839.gif)

No. 274507

ripping off nicole's every move isn't "really fucking weird", mills.

No. 275495

File: 1490235127511.png (369.15 KB, 749x1207, IMG_2116.PNG)

I find this particularly disrespectful using innocent dead folk for her aesthetic is just nasty

No. 275496

she looks like an obese old lady who eats children

No. 275822

File: 1490286406523.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2119.PNG)

I don't think she's been mentioned but I just came across this calf, anyone know anything about her? She looks like she's copying patience and millie actually lmao

No. 275823

File: 1490286447782.png (807.07 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2118.PNG)

No. 275827

File: 1490286706524.png (106.23 KB, 606x858, IMG_1377.PNG)

good lord her eyebrows are horrendous here. literally a straight fucking line.

No. 275837

How often does she get laid?

No. 275841

the editing on this holy

No. 275842

You can tell what they were going for and it failed so badly.

No. 275845

Someone take away her eyebrow pencil.

No. 275865

that eye shoop

No. 275869

This picture would actually be so cute if she had normal fucking eyebrows. Why is she doings this to herself?

No. 275873

did she cut her bangs /again/?

No. 275895

File: 1490293097429.jpg (108.36 KB, 606x858, brows.jpg)

I actually like the short bangs on her. She just needs to fix her brows.

No. 275929

im sorry anon but she still looks ridiculous

No. 275982

that's the kind of bangs I had when I stole my dad's scissors when I was 6 and cut my hair off….

No. 275984

forgot to add but I am 90% sure they are trying to look like Yolandi Visser from die antwoord with the bangs

No. 275996

she's always had microbangs she just stopped curving the bottom of her bob so we'd stop saying she looks like lord farquaad lmao.

No. 276000

File: 1490304144809.jpg (50.92 KB, 334x320, Screenshot_20170323-171928.jpg)

>the diagonal line of her iris where she photoshopped her eye with the liquify tool
>actually seeing where her real eyebrow starts and ends in that sea of eyeshadow

No. 276011

i thought this was nicole getting dragged for a second, millie's given up being subtle i guess?

No. 276264

where does her hair line even start? don't bangs that short just stick up? (just my azn hair?)
she's more pleasant when she's not trying to be ///little girl bby doll flowy nighties in pastels/// and just pure creepy. yea Mills just run with the creep no cute. you're better darker :/ >>275895

No. 276391

I think this whole trend probably started that way but now its just the edgy thing to do.

No. 276690

File: 1490400652112.png (277.77 KB, 600x451, lf.png)

Why the hell does this girl look like Lord Farquaad in her OP pic? lol.

No. 276849

her head shape looks weird. her face shape is so unfortunate to go along with the weird head. looks like she cut her bangs with a lawnmower

No. 276860

I think her make up/filters make her look flat af
Girl, contour or something. I'm sure she cakes on the foundation/powder too.

No. 276876

holy shit anon cannot unsee

No. 278372

File: 1490620395073.jpg (18.8 KB, 533x153, lol.jpg)

No. 278373

File: 1490620455574.jpg (69.1 KB, 536x638, asspats.jpg)

No. 278382

So precious 1inamillion Millie has reached the weird freak peak?
You can still make shitty-i mean revolutionary art for us, Millie. Promise.

No. 278389

lmao at her making a dramatic post om facebook and not replying to anyone to spark their concern. i'm surprised she didn't just reply "it's nothing xx"

No. 278446

File: 1490630470553.gif (978.72 KB, 500x281, giphy.gif)

Fucking do it Millie. If you can't handle a few anonymous people in an obscure corner of the internet taking the piss out of you, you definitely can't handle the music industry. I can't imagine what it'd be like if you somehow managed to get to small club touring level, you would get shat on by so many (admittedly misogynistic) professionals in the industry, not to mention the unwitting audiences unfortunate enough to catch you opening for… who? Nicole?? Promoters won't put two whispery sexy baby soprano brunette broken bbdoll singer songwriters on the same bill, so, if you were planning on making a career out of being her calf, I feel bad for you for ever thinking that was realistic. Bye!

No. 278469

Not only one but two people already made this joke

No. 278912

i was wondering why she went private on instagram. earlier today her tumblr said 'sorry you need tumblr to see this user' or whatever but it looks like she changed her mind.

No. 279228

Sugar bowl?

No. 280024

File: 1490808251349.jpg (13.09 KB, 565x160, omg.jpg)

No. 280035

very mature

No. 285180

who was that girl that was friends with robyn who had an almost identical tumblr username?? I was trying to find them but all these chicks have identical usernames it's impossible lmao.. she took lots of photos in gas masks as well

No. 285263


No. 285393

why do i have a feeling she's not a quarter korean

just reminds me of when weeaboo white girls claim they have hafu roots to gain kawaii points

No. 285401

File: 1491453110024.jpg (364.23 KB, 1920x812, Amelie-0242.jpg)

Wasn't there an era where Die Antwoord and tumblr didn't exist yet, and hyper-short bangs were attributed to being French-chic? Was it a legitimate trend there? Or did the French aspect of it just come purely from the movie Amelie?

It kills me when people want to do (literal) edgy cuts like this and have nowhere near the face shape or jaw line for it lmao.

No. 285768

File: 1491512117017.jpg (72.96 KB, 662x663, 17796656_190427704795695_28154…)

Guess who is learning Afrikaans, applying for uni in South Africa and obsessing over everything Die Antwoord?

This is so fucking cringey. Millie, you aren't Yolandi.

No. 285770

what the fuck? this picture is so unflattering and ugly. she looks like a retard. i will say that face is hilarious but not in the right ways

No. 285773

she looks like a pink nightmare

No. 285775

someone tell her she's 5 years late on the trend. also lol is she capable of having an image of her own.

No. 285832

Goths have been doing it for a super long time as well since the late 70's, it's not really something that can be attributed to one particular thing.

No. 285844

Moved tumblrs looks like. Wheres the new account lol

No. 285849

She's sooo late

No. 285911

not sure but she goes by "millie graves" now instead of millie dollgraves

No. 286068

File: 1491563798219.png (2.98 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3587.PNG)

She's trying way too hard to kill her nymphet babydoll nicole copy image and become babydoll version of Yolandi. How long until she tells us she's a quarter South African? It's so embarrassing to watch her do this.

No. 286069

File: 1491563923947.png (1.84 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3588.PNG)

The sudden switch to typing in slang. If you have her on facebook you'll see she keeps using random words in Afrikaans and says "da" instead of "the". A weaboo for South Africa, yikes.

No. 286071

File: 1491564015112.jpg (603.2 KB, 1000x949, stanley_park_angry_raccoon_by_…)

I want to call her parents and say, " plz give your kid attention so she can fuck off the internet."
She looks like an angry raccoon in this.

No. 286096

File: 1491568573405.jpg (93.36 KB, 500x700, 2003c4d12664e915473339e2dd1862…)

She's not even trying to become a version of Yolandi she's just straight up copying her. What an unoriginal fucking loser. Pretty sure there's Care Bears in the video for Baby's on Fire by Die Antwoord so that's where that's come from.

No. 286099

No, because raccoons are actually cute

No. 286304

I keep seeing her nose moved at a slant what's with that? is it terrible contour or a legit crooked nose

No. 286376


The exact first thing I thought of was uWu kawaii Afrikaan rapper Yolandi style, even down to the pose.
But I forgot about Yolandi doing the Care Bear thing too. That's an even worse attempt given that fact.

No. 286378


She has a crooked nose, you can see it in her other photos including with Patience if you look closely.

No. 286391

File: 1491600930633.jpg (44.53 KB, 327x610, vuiy0j-l-610x610-sweater-pink-…)


Yeah, this shit is definitely a reference to Yolandi. On her instagram there is (or was?) a stupid video of her using the snapchat bunny filter while lipsyncing to a Die Antwoord song.

She used to type so cutesy and over the top friendly, just like the rest of the nymphet girls on Tumblr. Now she's being vulgar and typing like a retard, just like how Yolandi/Ninja type on their social media.

No. 286393

this is so embarrassing & i hope emulating trashy afrikaners doesnt catch on in the way that emulating trashy slavs did
also if she wants to retain her tumblr audience it really is not in her best interest to keep going with this shit. maybe she can keep the look but actually using the slang, like, is she gonna start pretending to be from SA? ew

No. 286394

No. 286425


Is she dating a neo-nazi satanist, or just implying that on FB? Seriously fucked up shit, I know of people involved in the ONA and it's extremely bad business.


No. 286485

I can't imagine literally copying anything you like, which happens to be what's popular on tumblr. What a fucking pathetic existence.

I wonder if she heard Yolandi's verse on Rat Trap and had some kinda self-realization before diving into her delusions again. Probably not since it's not one of their hit songs.

I’m a fucking rat not a copy cat
These happy cats take my style and molest it

No. 286679

File: 1491610724916.jpg (410.32 KB, 2560x1600, brooks-3.jpg)

Louise Brooks maybe?

No. 286746

Beautiful! That far back as well too.

No. 286979

They all like to pretend that they're so supportive, kind and would do anything for one another. But you can guarantee they'd be the first to stab each other in the back to become the "alpha popular bbygurl". I wouldn't be surprised that the existence of this thread in the first place is down to them being catty, jealous little shits of one another.

It's like a smaller version of the PULL community, these kinds of girls have absolutely no qualms with throwing each other under a bus if it meant they got the most attention.

No. 286993

May want to crop your picture out of this in the reply area

No. 286997

Lmao.. I saw it too before it was deleted, and yeah; that pretty much confirms they're all backstabbing each other.

No. 287006

Jesus Christ, I can't even read the whole screenshot because it's just too embarrassing. Like ten times more embarrassing than even the babydoll shit. Millie, stop this bullshit and make your own style, please. Or at least go back to the nymphet shit instead of throwing yourself onto a bandwagon that everyone else got off years ago.

No. 287018


It would be hilarious if she got involved with the O9A group in one sense considering at least one known con-artist is associated with that group.

No. 287063

Same here. Fucking embarrassing, "Rien Angelica".

No. 287071

I hope she does something even more awful with her hair

No. 287077

File: 1491678294961.png (285.83 KB, 540x833, Screenshot_2017-04-08-12-03-11…)


Look at that damage control.

No. 287078

File: 1491678318404.png (196.84 KB, 540x844, Screenshot_2017-04-08-12-03-18…)

No. 287079

LOL this is so awful, I love it

No. 287082

Haha, coincidently the "fake account" adds her within the same couple of hours "they" made shitty comments about their "friend" here.

Please, at least admit to your backstabbing with some grace and dignity. These girls are petty as fuck, I love it… they end up milking themselves.

No. 287107

The fact that this is only happening because she was called out here is delicious. She just "coincidentally" stumbles upon a "fake profile" immediately after she's named for her two-facedness. Idiot just exposed herself and dug the hole deeper.

No. 287115

Her Twitter account is now private, was it public during these Tweets?

No. 287117

It was locked in >>287077 but not >>287078?

No. 287124

Good eye, I didn't see the padlock at first… so yeah, she's exposed herself.

She came into the thread earlier, posted a couple of screenshots from Millie's FB account and shit-talked her. An anon pointed out that they could see her profile picture in those screenshots and to delete them. Several other anons saw them before she could do that and had a good ol' laugh about it. Then she creates a sock puppet account within the hour of deleting her posts here and blames it on an imposter… these Tweets get posted here and then she locks her account in panic, confirming she was indeed on lolcow posting those screenshots about Millie.

Oof! You girls might want to cover your tracks better in future… you're basically proving all the farmers suspicions right that you're all backstabbing, petty children trying to one up each other.

No. 287130

File: 1491684615773.jpg (53.48 KB, 750x937, tumblr_oo3yp4rXP31w2v0gzo1_128…)

No. 287132

Is that real? Disgusting, holy shit. Unlike Yolandi, she does not have the face (or eyebrows lmao) to pull off that haircut in the least.

No. 287134

Even the phone service is the same in all her FB/phone screencaps.
There's really no getting out of this, Rien.

No. 287136

It makes no sense? If someone was out to ruin her why would the post be deleted 5 seconds after that anon pointed it out? Wouldn't the poser just keep up the screenshots to screw her over even more instead of quickly deleting them?

No. 287141

I can only hope more of these sad damaged babydolls go full retard and expose themselves for the backstabbing hypocrites they are.

No. 287142


Not only that, but within the hour of someone naming and shaming her here, she claims to be added by the "fake account" (re: sockpuppet). She would of had to been lurking (re: posting) here to attempt damage control so quickly like that.

It's her, she made a booboo.

They're all pathetic, this backstabbing happens out of pure jealousy when they all try to compete with each other in the same bbydoll clique/niche. They try to make each other believe that they must have "haters" outside of that niche when it's actually themselves doing this to each other.

The truth is - noone outside of their fandom even gives the slightest shit about them. It's hilarious, they create their own drama.

No. 287152

The best part is that, if she had just deleted the screenshots and kept her head down about it (even when one of the anons named her) she could've just shrugged it off and acted like she knew nothing about it if any of her ~*^sweet precious angel sisters^*~ confronted her about it hours or days down the line.

What a toxic clique.

No. 287170

she doesn't have the face shape or jaw for that at all. she looks so dumb.

No. 287189

What did it say? anyone else get a cap or did she take it down?

No. 287190

File: 1491691269432.png (131.76 KB, 534x813, 2017-04-08 15.39.57.png)

Why are creeps like so obsessed with her?

(her "reason" for making her twitter private)

No. 287198

I don't think anyone could really… like by themselves yes, but micro bangs AND a shaved side? I might say yes if it was some runway model maybe

No. 287206

She made two screenshot posts one after the other before >>286993 told her to delete them. They were screenshots of Millie's FB account about Millie getting money off her dad to go to a Die Antwoord concert and she forgot to edit her profile picture out of the reply box… she deleted them quickly, but not quickly enough that a few other anons saw who she was by that time.

She was basically just pissing on Millie's appearance, making fun of her and generally being nasty and salty for reasons unbeknownst to us.

Also, like this anon pointed out >>287134 she's been posting in here for a while it seems, the comments she made along with the two deleted screenshots were very similar in context to them, so that's basically along the lines of the kind of shit she said.

No. 287249

File: 1491697681952.png (172.17 KB, 1384x564, Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 6.15…)

I have caps

No. 287259

Funny how quickly her aesthetic changes. I wonder what she looked like before her Nicole phase

No. 287261

She's gone full retard and somehow made herself look even worse.
Is it because she can't handle any criticism and people kept calling out her Lord Farquaad hair?

No. 287341

lol fitting.

even tho rien pulled a micky and forgot to crop her fb picture out of her screenshot, i got to agree with everything said in >>287249

millie's acting like a weeb but for south africa. cringe. how do you switch from a babydoll nymphet persona to a trashy gang$ta south african? die antwoord is a joke group too. she's a retard for seriously wanting to emulate yolandi's persona.

No. 287352

Yolandi????? Um

No. 287362

What are these from

No. 287368

Don't Deliver Us From Evil

No. 287451

where did millie's new obsession come from? wasnt she just posting bby shit w kingsley like last week??

No. 287488

lmao someone made a millie fan blog

No. 287578

Going back to her old asks and posts, she seems to have been a Die Antwoord fan for quite some time, so it's not just a sudden and random jump onto their music like some anons here have been led to believe. It's entirely possible she's only just now emulating their aesthetic because she's excited about going to a festival they're headlining… so I don't really find this particularly milky at all. For a couple of months now, it's been sounding more and more like the backstabbers of their herd are grasping at straws (a la' Rien) to just find anything to bash her about, that's not milk… that's just bitchy schoolyard gossiping.

In fact, there's been nothing substantially milky about her or her ilk for quite some time, what exactly has she done? Is she a scammer? Does she create drama? Has she done anything sketchy or illegal? You know, the typical things that actually make a lolcow… otherwise, this thread has been nothing but solely dedicated to bashing on her appearance and her boring Tumblr ~'"A E S T H E T I C"'~ for 98% of the thread.

No. 287595


lol, no one is claiming that she's a lolcow, we're on /snow/ so why the fuck do you care

No. 287597

All I'm saying is; either find some real milk or stop using the board for your personal vendetta.

No. 287598

hide the thread then, loser.

No. 287606

It's funny how you completely ignore everything I had to say because it doesn't support your vendetta, did I hit a nerve? You've been claiming "omg, she has a new obsession with Die Antwoord!" as if that's something even worth discussing… and if you go back to her earlier Tumblr posts, she lists Die Antwoord as one of her favourite bands along with a few others.

No. 287635

No. 287636

i think it looks bad, but in a cute/cool way, like when people choose to wear or do something that makes them a little ugly in a model-type way. but still, its incredibly cringey that first, she so obviously tries to BE nicole dollanganger, and then BE yolandi. it's probably BPD, because when i was younger i tried to do this stuff too since i didn't know who i was without trying to be someone else. i think she just lacks an idea of her identity.

No. 287670

shut up millie

No. 287693

>if you go back to her earlier Tumblr posts, she lists Die Antwoord as one of her favourite bands along with a few others.
>as if anyone from here gives a shit
Now we know exactly where you came from. She's still 8 years late on the die antwoord train and looks like an ugly retard as she tries to emulate yolandi and speak broken afrikaans while staring into the camera like a frumpy raccoon. That's pretty laughable.

No. 287701

File: 1491758711631.png (137.85 KB, 569x383, Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 5.24…)

Rien still lying.
Also, she has a tracker on her blog now.

No. 287712


this exactly. apparently WE hit a nerve, huh millie?

No. 287739

that post you replied to was literally the first post I've made in this thread. Shut up, Millie.

No. 287781

Yolandi is no where close to a runway model lol at least in my opinion. I don't see anything likable in her appearance at all either

No. 287799

that desperate backpedaling is pathetic. making a fake facebook and sending messages to her own 'friends' to cover her ass is disgusting she has no shame.

its pretty obvious that you wrote that millie. maybe if you stopped paying attention to your '''hatrz''' we wouldnt have anything to talk about. these girls digging their own graves.

No. 287818

Millie is stupid if she believes a word of this. If she's so paranoid about snakes and haters she should look at her own friends.

No. 287853

I'm sure she's ignoring her gut because she doesn't want to be lonely or something. They seem like the only friend group she has. Idk that's just I see though

No. 287855

what I see fuck lol

No. 287891

File: 1491774704625.jpg (138.93 KB, 710x888, 17264522_238282866643054_90023…)


"I think I could turn and live with animals. They are so placid and self-contained. They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins. They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God. Not one of them kneels to another or to his own kind that lived thousands of years ago. Not one of them is respectable or unhappy, all over the earth."

Illustration by RV, O9A

So she is involved already.

No. 287909


so fake

No. 287914

hi millie lmao

No. 287916

And how is she going to explain the fact that the "fake account" with her profile picture and all had access to Millie's private facebook posts? If you look at >>287249 you can see the privacy was set to friends. I doubt the sockpuppet she created to backpedal even had the time to send a friendreq to Millie, and even if she did it wouldn't add up with the time.
Congratulations Riri, you fucked up.

No. 287921

exactly. in order to see millie's posts she had to befriend her on facebook. wouldn't millie find that weird? "oh you made a new account and friended me again?" my ass. also lol at how chill she's acting about all of this as if she didn't have a literal panic attack within 2 seconds of catching her here in this thread which shows she was lurking too.

No. 289143

I found Tina Flores' old soundcloud account. Full of flawless singing and feel-good tracks such as "Baby's First Orgasm".

No. 289144

Samefagging to point out she deleted it. Guess she realized she was embarrassing herself lmao.
Good thing screencaps and archived posts are a thing, I guess.

No. 289410

I'm still shook, can't believe she was so careless and now everyone knows she's on here shit talking her dolly pals. I wonder how many posts she's made

No. 289427

I wish admin would highlight which posts were hers.

No. 290466

File: 1492086810477.jpg (36.56 KB, 720x720, wolfie.jpg)

Found this girl Woflie on Milly's page and had a massive lmao. Anyone have any info on her?

No. 292745

lmao i just checked millie doll grave's instagram & i think she's a yolandi copycat instead now

No. 292776

File: 1492379899704.jpg (37.14 KB, 640x360, scoop.jpg)

You think?

No. 293146

I smell a self-post. If there's no milk on her besides her unfortunate appearance, why post?

No. 293775

File: 1492494770118.png (129.96 KB, 750x1054, IMG_6903.PNG)

… I think this is the first time she's ever not pulled that ugly fucking pout in a photo. It'd be a decent photo if she didn't look like she slathered Vaseline on her face.

No. 293787

jesus christ now she's full blown yolandi down to the knit bra. how much of a shell of a human being do you have to be to just leech off the aesthetic over whoever it is you admire that month

No. 293905

altho her makeup/hair/aesthethic is still shit and contrived af she looks soooo much better without that stupid punchable pout

No. 293912

File: 1492523042426.png (243.03 KB, 1242x1455, IMG_2519.PNG)

She looks so trashy….

No. 293917

File: 1492523576712.png (213 KB, 641x401, 1416886513900.png)

>she leaves the house with that haircut

No. 294077

kinda cute when she smilies tbh

No. 294099

She looks about 14 when she smiles, and her lack of smiles showing her teeth makes me wonder if they're fucked up. But it's still a step up from her perpetual pout.

No. 294128

Fucking hate when people act like they're ~*so into guns*~ but have zero trigger discipline. It really doesn't matter that it's blatantly fake or just for a picture, it makes them look stupid/like they've never held a real gun.

No. 294138

A lot of the replies in this thread sound about as retarded as these girls look. How many of you are in these communities?

Anyway it's a shame she does her eyebrows like that. If you're going to do a weird aesthetic do it right

No. 294145

You sound bitter that your broken babydoll uwu aesthetic blog didn't take off.

No. 294149

Same. Pretty sure there's still a lot of nose shopping going on, but she looks cuter. Now if she'd only pick up a decent aesthetic and fix her hair.

No. 294157

No, anon didn't, it appeared anon was actually calling said blogs out, but you just made yourself sound like one!

No. 294160

I'm wondering how long she'll keep that haircut up. I'd always assumed growing out shaved sides would be a nightmare.

No. 294184

Even her Lord Farquad cut was better than this. Jfc.

No. 294217

it's basically been confirmed that a lot of the calves lurk/post, which is what makes this thread so good.

No. 294218

Imagine the amount of time she has to have to style this mullet. Milly, you should consider a mohawk.

No. 294283

this is a straight up tina flores look

No. 294325

Oh god, she even stole Yolandi's knitted top. It's embarrassing.

No. 294330

when the fuck will you stop selfposting no one even calls you by name you're just cowbbyteardrops the fug fat one with a moonface who's been jocking nicole since 2012 and trying to be everyone's friend for attention lmao. no one is fucking copying you, you conceited cow.

No. 294331

>lipsyncing to a Die Antwoord song.
>not actually rapping along

fucking scrub

No. 294332

LMAO she's trying to be zef or some shit
Ninji and Yo don't like posers, sweetie

No. 294336

cackling at how this must look when she isn't straightening it

No. 294337

i feel like it'd look a bit better wavy/curly actually.

No. 294343

>caring about the opinions of utter white trash

worse than idolising them lmao

No. 294349

lol the meltdown. it was more a remark on how she looks like greasy white trash like tina but k

No. 294353

File: 1492574693658.jpg (45.4 KB, 456x684, product_detailed_image_1149_10…)

it's actually not short enough yolandi has a straight up pixie cut that gradually gets longer towards the back. because yolandi has a mullet. millie just cut her bangs all the way across her head like a helmet. it's too long. when it curls it will look like a mushroom.

so she went from a renaissance bob to medieval monk hair. great upgrade, millie.

No. 294368

File: 1492577421161.jpg (15.85 KB, 400x400, 2a8df184-5016-41c1-a17f-4edf30…)

these upper middle class religious medieval man hairstyles are killing me. i can imagine every time she steps foot outside the house, every normal person is staring at her thinking how stupid she looks from the piercings, down to her makeup, and lawn-mowed hair

No. 294369

Ninja and Yolandi are all a gimmick, so really just posers too. Look up their work from before they got famous for their zef shtick. Sage for ot.

No. 294380

File: 1492580552412.jpg (23.57 KB, 300x400, 9646f2f32d8847ee029efb66ddb97b…)

jsjkdsjsks she completely butchered her hair. it looks nothing like yolandi's which is a shame because black mullets can actually look dope.

No. 294410

I don't know, that still looks really awful.

No. 298382

File: 1493084694121.png (1 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7046.PNG)

Who is she copying now? I can't keep up anymore.

No. 298392

The movie "You're Next"

God nothing done by her is original or creative. She looks like a retard standing in the alley like that.

No. 298394

File: 1493085797346.jpg (400.89 KB, 696x1025, YOURENEXT_1.jpg)

dropped pic mb

No. 301863

File: 1493606072174.png (270.25 KB, 750x1083, IMG_7170.PNG)

Can't help but hope she's hiding her face because she knows how god-awful that hair looks.

No. 301921

ewww those old lady hands. how old does this girl say she is anyway?

No. 301996

I think 20.

No. 302346

The more I look at Millie, the angrier I become

No. 302391

>when your hands are bigger than your face
wtf shes got some major yaoi hands and theyre wrinkly. those nasty rabbit nails aint helping the length of those bad boys

No. 302563

to the anon who commented about rottinglace doing her own thing - she isn't, sadly. straight up copying artists like Juno Calypso and others she mentions on her blog and ig, down to spending several hundred dollars on a vintage mask just so she can replicate someone's installation/photography series and get asspats for being a revolutionary female artist. she's also a cunt to anyone who isn't giving out said asspats. so she's pretty much like Millie in that she's desperately trying to find her own identity and ends up just wearing somebody else's skin instead. at least she's actually doing something with her life, or so it seems. sage because nobody cares.

No. 302664

has anyone seen millie's new post on instagram and the comments in it??

No. 302665

Nope, post caps anon.

No. 302672

File: 1493717118505.jpg (351.1 KB, 1087x2338, IMG_5580.JPG)

not the same anon, but here you go

No. 302675

File: 1493717297664.jpg (268.48 KB, 986x1955, IMG_5577.JPG)

No. 302677

Wonder if the person's making shit up or not
It's nice to see her get called out

No. 302701

childatarms seems like Soren

No. 302707

It really does to be honest. Wouldn't be surprised

No. 302717

File: 1493729546490.png (1.12 MB, 1196x1060, sorin.PNG)

Holy shit, it actually is Soren.
Good spotting anon I probably wouldn't have even checked their profile link if you didn't say that. https://playmoss.com/en/cloudmilk these playlists pretty much confirm it.

No. 302733

File: 1493732816755.gif (1.63 MB, 384x288, when cows collide.gif)

Nicole D. does (terrible) My Chemical Romance covers live. Soren lived a MCR fanfic life. It totally makes sense that he would be in this Tumblr circle.
Good catch.

No. 302738

i'm the anon that spotted Soren, and now i'm just waiting on him to delete his insta since we all know he lurks in these kinds of threads

No. 302757

>i was a victim of satanic ritual abuse mingled with snuff films, torture and child abuse as a kid
Lmao it just never ends with this compulsive lying piece of shit.

No. 302820

File: 1493741373189.png (99.05 KB, 924x203, Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 9.06…)

i haven't been active on lolcow as long as some of you so i have no fucking clue who soren is, but i'm just laughing at the irony of them getting angry at millie's tryhard babydoll uwu aesthetic while having this contrived as fuck description

No. 302869

why does he want to get raped so badly i just dont get it

No. 302901


I literally feel sick after looking at that playmoss link there's pics of naked/what looks like dead children on there JFC.


And lol at him "calling out" Millie. Wearing a pin isn't promoting satanic ritual abuse.

No. 302924

hes probably just making a big deal about it there to draw attention to himself

No. 302926

File: 1493752851952.jpeg (Spoiler Image,51.14 KB, 640x939, image.jpeg)

Yeah, it's Soren. Fucking disgusting.

No. 302933

this little faggot is back, huh? a true compulsive liar

No. 302935

didnt cygnum on tumblr draw this

No. 302942

well he's already changed the url

No. 302945

he's someone who hasn't been ritually abused acting like he has to call out someone he never would have heard of if it wasn't for lolcow. go outside soren.

No. 303015

IDK, but whoever drew it probably wasn't soren

No. 303064

yea OT but i think it was her because i remember someone messaging her saying please dont draw child porn and she gave some dumb poetic reply that made no sense

No. 303094

yes because obviously satanism hurts so many more people than heroin

No. 303470

idk who this guy soren is but if he cares so much for csa/ca survivors and is a good guy why is he attacking some random girl with this "aesthetic"? it's creepy

No. 303471

if you don't know who soren is then look him up

No. 303474

But I strongly suggest you don't look him up as what you'll find will shock and disgust you and ugh just gross

No. 303481

What a trip. Poking fun at babbygurl farquad is lighthearted fun but Soren should actually be banned from the internet

Soren can't even be creative enough to draw his own child porn, literally all of his fanfics and photographs are always stolen directly from something else

No. 303753

No. 303850

How are you even confirming this is Soren 100%? Could be some other fucked up edge lord~

No. 303892

Too many coincidences. Who else would intersperse Kingdom Hearts stuff between a bunch of edgy shit. There's a lot of Hole music, the Gummo soundtrack, a picture from Peter Sotos' zine(Not sure on this one, photo quality looks better than Rotten ever did), a screenshot from Lilya 4-ever, a whole bunch of other edgelord shit, but what can I say; Takes one to know one. Tbh, her taste in music isn't totally awful.

No. 303905

sage for ot but i didn't know who peter sotos was and now i wish i still didnt :(

No. 303913

same here, I regret the google search :/

No. 303919

me too anon i've been reading his thread and backstory bullshit for the last 30 mins and i'm flabbergasted

No. 303923

Kayla/Ginger had an 8tracks playlist of this name so basically confirmed Soren. She was always his favorite to copy.

No. 304002

Oh lord no; Shouldn't ov dun that.

No. 305601

She'd be good looking if it weren't for those damn caterpillars on her face and that farquaad hairdo

No. 305664

It's definitely Soren. Same images of random vague blondes to signify "Sam" since he can't use photos of Kayla anymore. A lot of his playlists are references to his obsessions and contrived from things "he's" ripped over the years. Especially the "Kill torture maim" and "Kill v Maim." The images are soft core CP he's saved over the years. This is him, 100%.

No. 305947

File: 1494088132869.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7258.PNG)

My god… Her hair is so bad from the side.

No. 305969

File: 1494090840550.png (14.92 KB, 465x139, Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 5.16…)

Was curious about this. Found it.

No. 305971

that haircut is 2edgy for her to be wearing those children's dresses she looks like a goth who lost a bet lmao

No. 305974

shes her own cow

No. 306006

her haircut looks more ninja's hair than yolandi's

No. 306011

Is she licking a wall

No. 306028

what jobs do these girls even have? we know patience works at a gas station. are the rest just neets?

No. 306064

>when u have shit taste in music
wew not to hop on anthony fagtano's dick but hes right. this is just degeneracy and their recent album has lost the playfulness they had in the beginning of their career and the production was so fucking muddied. imagine repping this lackluster shit with a crappy haircut.

No. 306282

i actually really love her dress here and i'm sad it's getting ruined by her stupid haircut

No. 306335

fucking same. she looks like a mentally incapacitated kindergartener here, although I'm not sure I should be writing that since she might take it as a compliment. if you crop her head off the outfit still looks childish and ill fitting, but nice nonetheless.

No. 306342

Link? On mobile and can't myself :x

No. 306344

All her outfits are copying Yolandi in previous looks and videos and I'm so embarrassed for her. Imagine having this much time and disposable income from your parents that you can reinvent yourself to be anyone you want at the drop of a hat.

No. 308353

That a lot of the ~nymphet uwu~ calves can do that as a concept in itself makes me pretty jelly tbh, even if the ~personas~ they reinvent themselves into are cringe as all hell.

No. 308412

File: 1494360542668.jpeg (74.02 KB, 640x757, image.jpeg)

Please tell me WHY anyone would spend money on this tacky prop shit just for photos omg… The cringe…

No. 308466

mommy and daddy's money. especially since she seems NEET.

No. 308546

She unfollowed Nicole on IG. I guess the Nicole Dollanganger JR phase is over

Also who takes these??

No. 308713

idk how many followers you need to start getting paid for IG, but theoretically she could be getting money off this. which is somehow worse

No. 308756

i think it's PT's main photog.

No. 308789

imagine the neighbors driving by and seeing this degenerate posing in front of her parents garage

No. 308896

yeah cuz she has someone new to copy now so shes like "i dont need u u never noticed me anyway >:^(". lets wait and see if she bleaches her hair and tints her brows.>>308546

No. 309340

File: 1494440541842.png (89.08 KB, 750x552, IMG_0733.PNG)


No. 309346

>fuck shit up eating doritos in my bed and spreading the powder all over my baby onesie!!! ^_^

No. 309549

>"im seeing die antwoord next month!!!"


No. 309621

File: 1494458301733.png (712.21 KB, 720x1280, IMG_2343.PNG)

she's selling all of her uwu babydoll clothes and nicole dollanganger merch

No. 309634

Yolandi literally complains about copycats like her lol

No. 309688

Really vocally, too. how has she not realized this? Like it's obviously nobody likes a copycat but when the person you're copying is vocal about hating copycats, what the actual shit

No. 309698

it's the middle of the night and I might have woken up everyone in my vicinity. you can't make this shit up, can you? she's like a caricature of herself.

No. 309702

No. 309720

I clicked on it thinking "It can't be that bad…" and I was proven wrong instantly. That sounds worse than nails on a chalkboard, like a cat being strangled. Terrible is an understatement.

No. 309748

File: 1494466105913.png (325.72 KB, 542x399, yuta.png)

No. 309761

File: 1494466755869.jpg (123.04 KB, 500x306, nahson.jpg)

I powered through the screechy start to see how her rap skills checked out

she literally can't flow at all… she should quit while she's ahead. She was way better as a Dollanganger clone.

No. 309778

the beginning sounds like a horrible racist caricature and it's just going downhill from there on… gosh, and the people in the comments are actually praising her? I can't decide if they might collectively lost their taste (and hearing abilities) or if they are just really shitty friends.

No. 309788

>horrible racist caricature
Didn't know what you meant until I listened to it but you're right, it might as well have been "ching chong ching" with that accent and tone. She also sounds really nasally.
What a loser, imagine constantly hopping from bandwagon to bandwagon.

No. 309809

to be fair that's kinda how the original song sounds, as far as sounding racist that is

No. 309860

god she's selling her used nicole shirt for the same price you can buy it from her merch store smh

No. 309891

I didn't expect there would come a day I'd hear someone sound more annoying than Nicole. You proved me wrong.

No. 309892

That's kind of hilarious tho

No. 309899

lol he is a pedophile that got chased off tumblr for writing disgusting sexual messages to girls who explicitly told him they were underage. if she gets a shirt from him and wears it people will roast the shit out of her.

No. 309905

Isn't he sterility on Tumblr? That aesthetic blog that most people thing is run by a girl, mostly a young girl; but it's really an older dude wtf

No. 309906

what! never followed them but all this time i thought it was a girl and um not a pedophile

No. 309909

i dont think thats the same person

No. 309914

He was shoppingcartfullofpinkturd on Tumblr.

No. 309920

what app is this?

i really like all her crochet bralettes tbh, does anyone know where 2 get those

No. 309930

No. 310044

thats what i was thinking she cant rap for shit lmao that flow is so broken and shes trying so hard to sound like shes not out of breath.

im cringing at the way she pronounces afrikaans words. she's such a loser trying to pretend she's something she's not and rapping in her dolly bedroom for tumblr. wonder what its like not having a personality

No. 310055

her typing just annoys me. it's one step away from unironic xD

No. 310064

He's not a pedophile, he doesn't get off to little children or want to fuck them. He apologised and left tumblr because everyone overreacts and can't understand things like culture difference. This is long over.

No. 310319

What happened to her super busy school schedule and scholarships and opportunities for travel that she gave as her reason for quitting tumblr?

No. 310326

File: 1494541126087.png (281.9 KB, 1000x882, image.png)

sure jan

No. 310338

Go away. He's not a pedophile, he's never taken advantage of a single girl, and his writing/art is deliberately made in a scatological form that puts out the most base behaviors of human but overblown to ridiculous proportions in a crude, faux-cutesy way.
People who send him asks also know exactly what they're getting into, his fans aren't dumb.

No. 310353

I don't know shit about the guy but I can sure bet a not pedophile wouldn't respond the way he did in >>310326 with the knowledge he had.

Are you him, or a girl he's groomed? 15 means you actually are a little dumb. We've all been there.

No. 310354

File: 1494543228593.png (689.45 KB, 1147x671, Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 6.45…)

i just can't believe she wastes so much money on this shit. im triggered

No. 310364

Neither. His persona on Tumblr is/was directly connected to his art, which dealt with a lot of fucked up themes (fetishism, scat, cannibalism, murder, necrophilia, mental disorders, suicide, serial killers, bulimia, etc). It's not meant to be taken literally in the least, and only someone who just didn't know his art or what he was doing - or a perpetually pissed off SJW deliberately looking for shit to "call out - would go down the "pedophile" route.
Regardless, he apologized sincerely because he crossed the line in so many peoples' eyes (in spite of the much more extreme nature of literally everything else he's done/made), put an 18+ warning on his blog, and even left Tumblr. It's basically dead drama. Still pisses me off a bit, though.

No. 310405

So it's satirical? >>310326 reads like a schizo posting online during major psychosis.

>0 favorites
this person needs to learn how to market and not put a picture of some retarded giant babychild in the photos representing the product. people on etsy dont want to see that

No. 310431

File: 1494548573117.jpeg (Spoiler Image,306.15 KB, 500x707, tumblr_lx6f246Mms1r1dojho1_500…)

>reads like a schizo posting online during major psychosis.
His art is the same way, pic related. I wouldn't necessarily call it satirical, but it's not serious/literal either.
People have theorized he does struggle with psychosis, but I don't know enough about him to make that claim. His art/writing is very intentionally made to portray such things, though.

No. 310443

his art's actually pretty tame to me in comparison to his posts. i dont even think his art is creative. it gives me lame "i smoked too much weed now i can make semidecent art" vibes. he should stick to writing some more fucked up shit lmao because that is entertaining.

No. 310465

ok hes an idiot

No. 310633

Not all pedophiles touch omg have you seen TV?

No. 310640

File: 1494561204489.png (261.67 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2822.PNG)

This is his fucking art
Note the title of the piece up top there

There's so much more where that comes.
And adult man talking to young girls about their panties = pedophile, always, every time.

No. 310648

are you ok? these are two different people. sterility has his own thread so stop fucking derailing.

No. 310663

It's different with Yolandi because when she says it, you can hear her afrikaans accent while Millie's just sounds like stereotypical offensive chinese accent

No. 310702

That's sterility, you retarded cunt, not Yuta Sakakibara.

No. 310745

>retarded cunt

Chill out, I confused them. They're both adult male art pedos.

No. 311765

I met Millie at a show and she's actually really sweet. She's not really into the whole creepy stuff in person.

No. 311776


No. 311781

I'm sure she's shy af because she have nothing interesting or original to say, better keep her mouth shut so no one finds out she's not South African or a Dollanganger doppelgänger..,

No. 312312

dib dub on Mills speaking her name with currency signs also, soon now.

No. 312729

Do you think she'll pick a new band?
Millie Dollgraves is obv an ode to nicole and not 'zef' at all

No. 312731

*new name

lol Freudian slip or autocorrect? We'll never know

No. 312749

Holy shit, it's painfully obvious that this is just a teenage phase and that she will grow out of it shortly. This is embarrassing. She's mapping her entire image and personality around a band that peaked four years ago. And the best part to boot is that they both HATE people like her. What, does she think she's going to learn afrikaans and fit in? They despise people like her lmao. This whole thing is ridiculous…

No. 312781

well she's going by millie graves now, dropped the -doll

No. 312848

except it isn't a teen phase, millie is 20 years old and should know better

No. 312972

idk early 20's also seem like a time to have embarrassing phases, just not to the extent of teens because they usually don't have mommy and daddy's bank account to go to hot topic. unless you're millie

No. 316013

A South African forgein exchange student in high school told me that most people in South Africa don't like die antwoord and think that they are weird. Do you think she knows this?

No. 316026

Considering she wanted to wear the skin of an ana-for-attention, CP-posting, rape, abuse, poverty, and murder-romanticising piece of steaming shit, I think Millie doesn't care at if people think Die Antwoord are "weird."

No. 316503

What do you think she is even expecting South Africa to be like

No. 316512

>it's like Africa but like white people, right????

That's all I can imagine. Maybe she's seen District 9 and thinks there's an alien race there as well.

She probably knows nothing of the culture and (srys for tumblrfag speak) is appropriating the Fuck out of it acting ignorant as hell.

No. 316968

it looks like she's going back to the dolly aesthetic judging her instagram lately

No. 316983

You sure you're not making this up, anon? SA actually doesn't mind Die Antwoord as a whole. Just see them as any other gimmicky satire band. Most people who try to make out SA into complete haters are angry black Americans screaming cultural appropriation, when they know nothing about Afrikaans…

No. 317027

I'm sure South Africans just think they're lame, like Germans think Rammstein is lame and Canadians think Nickelback is lame.

No. 317092

The kid said he just came to the US to fuck white girls so I don't know how reliable his info is. Just what I heard

No. 317103

Everyone thinks Nickelback is lame. ;)

No. 317263

File: 1495289626792.png (130.79 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2994.PNG)

I think godswollen gets mentioned in this thread? Anyway her tumblr is lit with drugged ramblings right now she sounds like Ginger Bronson

No. 317264

Okay, I believe you now lmfao

No. 317296

Not hate them, just think they're retarded like any other normal person with a brain. Like >>317027 said.

It's referenced a lot by Ninja in their songs as well. The lines that come to mind are "South Africa's worst nightmare" and something about them literally being an embarrassment.

No. 317306

As an unbiased SAfag, I will say in the beginning the general opinion was "WTF." But over time, there was an acceptance to the fact that it's actually satire genius, really. They suckered so many and they know it. A lot of the beginning thoughts of "damn, why do overseas like them?" have been replaced with "you duped a nation into trying to become you when you yourself are only a parody of Afrikaan subculture." So there's more respect than there was initially. We like to laugh at Americans and Britfags that have adopted the whole "zef" thing. True sheep.

No. 317832

post pics? shes gone private

No. 318498


She hasnt lol you're just blocked

No. 319065

Where the fuck did the term "terf bangs" come from, anyway? Is this some tumblr shit? In my experience, terfs have short hair and are generally approaching their elderly years.

No. 319306

File: 1495495031484.png (1.26 MB, 1164x749, dollyuwu.PNG)

> "hugging in da cemetery"
> da
> cemetery
ugh the cringe how do these people even keep a following lol

No. 325367

Do they actually disrespect cemetaries that often or go once with changes of clothes? Imagine going to visit a loved one and seeing these flakes hugging on top of the grave.

No. 331459

Cemetery photoshoots are such middle school things to do lmfao. Seriously, they're too old for this to be a thing.

No. 331500

why are you reviving a dead thread to sperg about cemeteries

No. 334571

File: 1497302884388.png (146.34 KB, 750x1111, IMG_7871.PNG)

Fucking kek, is she back to trying to wear Nicole's skin or what?

No. 334594

File: 1497307693889.jpg (27.06 KB, 522x187, blehp.JPG)

I don't think so, she posted pic related just a bit before the photo you posted. Or… maybe she met more of Nicole's calves at the DA concert and has been reinspired? Who knows.

I hope that stupid gas mask of hers doesn't contain asbestos. Somebody should send her an ask and see if it's an actual vintage gas mask.

No. 334876

Looks like a fairly modern Israeli gasmask tbh. I work at a place that does military surplus and ours look very similar. Wouldn't put it past her to bs about it being vintage however.

No. 337884

File: 1497878585887.png (100.17 KB, 750x1034, IMG_1032.PNG)

Patience and Millie got confronted by the cops, probably for taking pictures with fake guns at 4 am. Should have at least been given tickets, but I'm sure they would have loved the edge points.

No. 338139

I'm really glad she's over that phase. Her boyfriend seemed like a disgusting controlling creep and was very into ageplay. I remember she used to post edgelordy pictures of her cuts (she let him cut her) and petechiae after her he had choked her and stuff.

I was briefly into this aesthetic a few years back and was actually going to buy an item from her store, but then I remembered her bf was also unemployed and she'd probably be sharing the money with him. Like hell no, I'm not handing over my hard earned cash to some gross daddy dom white boy who likes to slash his girlfriend's wrists lmao.

At the same time I don't really have much sympathy for her stupidity. She pretty much brought it on herself when she started sexualizing that shit.

No. 338204

lol I have the same exact mask, found it at goodwill in the Halloween section. It's definitely not vintage

No. 367047

File: 1501952502741.png (217.95 KB, 750x1185, IMG_2216.PNG)

WOOF I just checked up on Millie and damn she is looking bizarre. Patience almost looks normal in comparison.

No. 367099

File: 1501959335851.jpg (20.74 KB, 320x320, 11850402_1715975851956133_7571…)

She looks retarded and that godawful makeup makes it look like she has lupus or bad rosacea. ~Super cute and dolly~ Those piercings and tats dont help her aesthetic. What is she trying to achieve?

No. 367148

I wish she would just drop that god awful hair style already and learn how to dress herself. Even if she settled into a stale alt girl style, she'd be kind of cute. Whatever this is makes her look retarded, like actually kind of retarded.

No. 367763

Her haircut is ridiculously funny

No. 368334

what "cow baby girl"? there's loads of them

No. 368420

File: 1502130227597.png (92.65 KB, 640x865, IMG_0737.PNG)

This one

No. 368467

I thought that was a Luna original art piece next to the mattress…maybe it is.

No. 382972

it definitely is. its the one where the girl has period blood all over her underwear

No. 386897

File: 1505464182031.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4484.PNG)

fucking ana chan aine c/ainelux what's her livestream??? I can't find it

No. 387015

File: 1505483237174.jpg (35.93 KB, 495x495, Capture.JPG)

Since someone bumped the thread today, I'm gonna liven it up with some new Millie shots. Hope you guys don't mind, but she just looks like such a dumpster fire.

No. 387016

File: 1505483260412.jpg (43.44 KB, 484x489, Capture.JPG)

No. 387018

File: 1505483286741.jpg (43.55 KB, 494x474, Capture.JPG)

No. 387019

File: 1505483311744.jpg (29.95 KB, 484x484, Capture.JPG)

No. 387020

File: 1505483335352.jpg (35.2 KB, 488x489, Capture.JPG)


No. 387021

File: 1505483362217.jpg (31.95 KB, 493x344, Capture.JPG)

No. 387022

File: 1505483389084.jpg (35.64 KB, 467x545, Capture.JPG)

No. 387033

i suppose this is finally a style of her own? clown doll style that isn't an imitation of Dollanganger or Yo-Landi

No. 387049

nah you're just a cheap morph of them both, millie.

No. 387065


she even tries to talk like yolandi, how pathetic

No. 387131

Holy fuck that's embarrassing.
It's one thing to put on a high loli voice but to fake a (terrible) South African accent as well in order to sound like Yo-Landi is high intensity cringe.

No. 387186

File: 1505497559475.jpg (462.67 KB, 1280x897, IMG_1267.JPG)

Patience is getting large

No. 387188

File: 1505497912674.png (78.14 KB, 640x663, IMG_1269.PNG)

And she stopped doing her eyebrows like that!

No. 387192

oh lord this photoshop is atrocious

No. 387195

What is wrong with her mouth

No. 387267

that makeup is horrendous. i thought she had lupus and rosacea before i enlarged it to see what the fuck was going on.

what style? she looks like every other alternative child with a lawnmower haircut, goofy piercings, and clown makeup. she's got "no job or future" plastered all over her.

absolute cringe. its twice as embarrassing because she's literally over a decade late on the Die Antwoord hype. boring ass bitch even had to imitate the accent lmao

No. 387434

She got a cute motorcycle boyfriend and she seems to eat sweets and diner food. I bet itsthat relationship weight gain.

No. 388205

No. 388211

File: 1505668176548.png (129.2 KB, 750x1033, IMG_9979.PNG)

how long until Millie Hamsterface Graves ACTUALLY becomes Yolandi junior? or did her eyebrows fall out overnight from her imaginary ED?

No. 388261

looks like she just colored over them or bleached them or something

No. 388305

I think she looks semi good. Strange but good, better than trying to mimic Nicole

No. 388317

So did Millie ever continue her music or did she quit 100% because she couldn't handle the criticism uwu

No. 388321

I don't hate her look at all, but I love weird freaky looks so I can see why people dislike it. Better than a Nicole clone though. I just wish she'd drop the Yolandi schtick.

No. 388346


I know she bleached them, it was a joke. My point is she bleached them to look more like Yolandi. Next thing we know she have bleached blonde hair and she'll layer it too.

No. 388702

Who cares tbh none of this is milky anymore. let it die

No. 389087

when was Millie's boring self EVER milky?

No. 389410

File: 1505834837502.jpg (346.14 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2226.JPG)

Obligatory post with ugly friend- I love how she's pretty much outright saying that she (he?) isn't attractive. What a great friend!

No. 389421

Anon I think this is just addressing the fact that a lot of people in that shitty aesthetic only befriend each other to get more likes, or because they're from the same group of people therefore they MUST be friends.
Ironic how she says this, when she befriended Patience and every time they spend time, it's nothing but ~aesthetic pictures.

No. 389430

I hate myself for this, but I really like Millie's makeup.
What people who look like her do with their life? Does she have o job or school or whatever?

No. 389431

Hang out at gas stations and cemeteries all day apparently.

No. 389601

all i can think about is how bad, cakey, and retarded her makeup must look irl. it doesnt look good in photos, it must look like crusty dick in person.

No. 389836

File: 1505921874833.png (116.09 KB, 744x781, IMG_2225.PNG)

Lip injections? Of all things??

No. 389844

File: 1505922279859.jpg (222.13 KB, 1252x1249, fix me.jpg)

She probably wants a top lip she doesn't have to overdraw or photoshop.

I wonder how wrong lip injections can go in central Wisconsin.

No. 389897

you should feel bad anon, anyone who likes fake freckles in makeup should feel bad for it.

No. 390202

Can’t wait

No. 403652

File: 1507994233736.png (120.35 KB, 637x788, IMG_1475.PNG)

My eyes are burning

No. 403688

Who even is that?

No. 403706

A fat nobody who wants to be like the cOoL KiDs

No. 403755

Tina cowbby girl, Nicole and Ginger Bronson's biggest fan. Fun how these cows all intersect

No. 403804

Damn Kayla Day has hit a new low

No. 404401

God, you're all so awful and disgusting the way you obsess over these girls and pick apart every little thing about them. It's so sad and just shows how insecure all of you are, Like get the hell over it, how long has this subject been going on now?? And this is only part 2!! So unnecessary and just plain RUDE. Pathetic. xx(K bye)

No. 404402

the thread is dead anyways, ur precious sadbbydolls are safe

No. 404403

I don't even follow Millie but still. Lots of people copy off other people or take inspiration from other people, no one is 100% orginal. I hope this thread is dead because it's straight cancer lol

No. 404459

Weird mix of Japanese and Yolandi aesthetics.
I'd call it almost half decent if she wasn't such an insufferable cunt.

No. 404492

What's her insta? I wanna look closer at that mess

No. 406241

That god swollen girl delete or what?

No. 414748

File: 1509762572249.jpg (50.1 KB, 540x540, tumblr_oyo5opnFa01w2v0gzo1_540…)

tag yourself i'm the withered arm leftover from the photoshop hell of this picture

No. 414758

im the shitty hair extensions she probs bought off amazon for $30

No. 414782

I'm the nails in that rubber heart necklace.

No. 414820

Does anyone remember Yaya? I can't recall any of her URLs at the moment. She had very long hair and chopped it all off and started identifying as a boy but still did the whole broken dolly thing. She had the same weird art style as nicole and all of the other calves.

No. 414913

this is literally every fat girl in the alt community right now. except millie wears it with granny attire lol.

No. 415006

File: 1509809270799.jpg (108.4 KB, 1024x1024, Collage 2017-11-04 11_25_27.jp…)

No. 415106

Godinthreepersons “Sunny” now

No. 415210

It seems like she's moved blogs or deleted. Sad. I always thought she managed to pull off the aesthetic the best. But she was a fairly young though, so hopefully she pulled herself out of it and moved on.

No. 415677

File: 1509853595665.jpg (102.4 KB, 628x873, Collage 2017-11-04 23_43_13-1.…)


uhhh are they trying to be sex workers now? kek. i know patience works at a gas station but what happened to millie and her oh-so amazing film studies?

No. 415686

File: 1509853857564.png (166.69 KB, 474x462, Capture _2017-11-04-23-50-18.p…)

No. 415813


she's still using that username on instagram. while i do genuinely like her art style/ some aspects of the fashion style she has now and feel like they're pretty unique, i rrrreally hate how hard she's trying to latch onto being latina all of the sudden. like i can see it as not being fake because i empathize with not embracing my non-white side for a long time but then i'll see her ig stories and the new fake accent she has is so fucking cringey and makes the whole aesthetic feel very forced especially when she types in spanglish

still somehow nowhere near as cringe as anyone in this community tho

No. 415824

I disagree, I think she is one of the cringiest girls in this thread. I mean just look at the way she writes and speaks

No. 415864

File: 1509876287151.png (20.06 KB, 449x465, IMG_0462.PNG)

call me crazy but i liked millie with actual eyebrows more

No. 415865

Is she the girl who got butthurt that a banner has a pic of her on it so she kept sperging about lolcow and how we all "smoke mid" or whatever

No. 415915

I think it's best she stopped trying to fill hers in because she obviously couldn't figure out how to do it properly. Probably why she just decided to ditch them all together. Embarrassing.

No. 415918

Isn't that an anime convention? No offense but there's no way these two girls could ever be successful sex workers

No. 415923

Her nasolabial folds are unreal. How are they so deep and nasty looking

No. 415974

It looks more like it's the bones at the sides of her nose that are really protruding

No. 416155

lol yes that was sunny

No. 416765

File: 1510030593648.jpg (599.83 KB, 739x982, You_Doodle_2017-11-07T04_48_07…)

For some reason Millie's new makeup has been bothering me for months, and I finally figured out why today.
I think she ripped the idea from peepuddle on Tumblr, who posted this look a couple months before Millie changed up her makeup style. I looked on Instagram to see if they follow each other and it doesn't look like they do, so I could just be overthinking this now.

No. 416768

File: 1510030640625.jpg (325.73 KB, 750x1021, You_Doodle_2017-11-07T04_46_09…)

pic related is when Millie started doing her makeup like peepuddle's.

No. 416774

samefagging because I didn't even realize this was posted over a year before Millie's change. Might make my point null.

No. 416890

well, not necessarily. I know they care deeply about their aesthetic and if they see something they like they'll take it. Who knows though? She probably did steal peepuddles idea.

No. 417368

File: 1510081266450.jpg (15.96 KB, 236x314, 633c1f08a70437aa0704479d94d927…)


looks like they're just late hopping on the ofero/igari/hangover makeup thing
pic related

No. 418380

I think they're just trying to look like Tumblr art and it has no rooting in irl trends.

No. 418669

Millie just posted a video thanking everyone for 17000 followers on her instagram. I mean, her voice is totally ripping off Yolandi and its not what i even expected her to sound like lmao

No. 418689

Just watched it. That video is truly horrifying. Also, that's not what she sounds like (should be obvious that it's fake as hell).

No. 418691

LMFAO isn’t this bitch from Wisconsin?
She sounds like Andy Kaufman on Taxi ..
“Heh loe to evey body & tank you for 17 tousand i laf you “

No. 418725

Wow that was grosss

No. 418729

File: 1510162720201.jpg (611.11 KB, 750x934, You_Doodle_2017-11-08T17_35_48…)

why would she post this when she literally looks like she's got downs

No. 418730

File: 1510162748107.jpg (42.62 KB, 178x192, You_Doodle_2017-11-08T17_36_55…)

Zoomed in.

No. 418751

She looks so different now. Did she photoshop herself to be paler? Or has she always actually been that brown and just lost some color from not going outside for years

No. 418754

So why did she suddenly have a mental breakdown?

No. 418894

lmao, im wondering the same

No. 418917

She filtered the shit out of her pictures, She is pretty fair naturally but says she tans really easily she posted childhood pictures for comparison & this long spiel about hating her tan skin & finally accepting it, but yeah she was dark af

No. 418971

So much photoshop in one picture ew

No. 419044

pretty sure thats an anime con and tbh, the raciest con panels get is like, censored hentai screeen shots. she's probs. just being sarcastic.

No. 419235

Are her brows growing back r she just has a fucked up face?

No. 419505

they look bleached.

and i've been wondering lately: does anyone know how old millie is? i feel like she's the epitome of that "younger and more beautiful – to cast you down and take all that you hold dear" ASOIAF quote in relation to nicole.

No. 419644

i like how she just went to some abandoned lot like she isnt middle class and lives with mommy and daddy lmao

No. 419778

pretty sure she’s 20

No. 419997

Do any of these cows actually go to school or all they all parasites who live off their rich parents because #recovery

No. 420006

Honestly I don't think most of them are NEET without being in recovery. I mean I do think most of them have EDs but none are ~recovering~ cuz they don't rrrreeeallly have the illness, don't we have a word for that here?

No. 422469

i need to know what millies real voice sounds like

No. 422640

File: 1510555422348.png (447.47 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20171111-235530.png)

Millie posted this on her story

No. 422769

Damn did she get her wisdom teeth out???

No. 422891

I feel the same way, it just feels very forced and awkward.
I wonder how long this phase will last though, like her other ones were always fairly short.
>nymphet, goth, homestuck
At least she's happier now

No. 422920

i JUST saw that instagram video of hers from like 2 months ago where she says something like "how do you want to die, the pink gun or the blue gun?" and i have not felt that close to death from cringing in a long time

No. 422948

File: 1510600995612.jpg (100.99 KB, 720x720, a160jeremyrenner_l.jpg)

I knew she reminded me of some1

No. 423534

Does anyone know anything about ChildOfLamb???? I remember when she was like 17, she posted a photo of her nipple on Tumblr. Her replies on Tumblr are super fucking try-hard too.

No. 423604

there's no monolid on that girl, she's just plain old ugly

No. 423742

Screenshots asshole

No. 424411

File: 1510741547657.jpg (Spoiler Image,252.29 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_oz904bu2U91txl3vlo1_128…)

she's now rapebaitloli.tumblr.com

No. 425251

wtf is up with that name? ew she looks like Yumi King, too

No. 425314

She was recently getting hate for posting photos of her tits when she was underaged but all her replies/the photo were deleted.

No. 425469

It’s always haggard/fat/ugly girls into this shit. Although tbf that’s probably a good thing… cute, tiny and young-looking girls would make it even more disgusting

No. 425502

File: 1510839454268.jpg (37.7 KB, 520x454, Capture.JPG)

Rapebait looks young enough to make this super uncomfortable for me as is

No. 425533

She doesnt look that young… I wouldn't mistake her as under 18. Just looks like a young woman making a desperate grab at her fleeting youth. Lol these loli wannabes always look old, how do they even attract a pedo following?

No. 434860

No. 434874

She looks elderly in some weird way, like literally like a granny, idk if its the saggy eyelids and lack of facial definition

No. 434997

She's trying so hard to be Yolandi and she's like… six years late.

No. 435042

how old is this idiot?

No. 440032

She made this the other day and wow that voice

No. 448367

That fake accent Jesus christ

No. 448380

File: 1513766029251.jpg (636.97 KB, 718x931, wkd0fOu.jpg)

this is so ugly

No. 448391

I have never been so disgusted in my life.

No. 448405

looking at this vs the thread photo is weird, she's gone completely fucked up with her look

No. 448416


That's not milk, you newfags

No. 448426

Look at those meaty arms

No. 448443

File: 1513783458268.png (460.21 KB, 800x400, ive been compared to.png)

>Celebrities I've been compared to
I know I'm replying to a 9 month old comment and I'm so sorry but I didn't know who Chloe Sevigny was so I looked her up and I can't stop cackling. THIS IS NOT A COMPLIMENT. She looks like fucking Ja'mie I cant breath

No. 448448

I can finally contribute to a post lol. I’ve seen both millie and patience irl, while millie basically resembles her posts, patience looks… suspicious

No. 448651

lord i'm begging for a shot of that makeup in any other angle without 500 filters lmao it probably looks sooo bad. this is embarrassing.

>i hav big plans for the future and cant wait to share with u!!!

what happened to film school, farquaad

No. 448668

Which posts. She shoops completely differently now than she did before.

No. 448807

The ones now where she’s copying yolandi

No. 450836

File: 1514039865290.png (2.18 MB, 750x1334, A2DE4B20-2288-493B-B28A-336FC4…)

This is the funniest thing I've seen all days. Since the anas from MPA invaded, all I can see is how she's in the classic "thigh gap" pose with her feet all the way apart, and that's the only way she can still look ""disordered"" anymore.

No. 452040

i used to be mutuals with this girl on tumblr when she was still wearing frilly dresses, chokers, doll shoes, etc. she deleted, came back dressed kinda 70s goth. in little videos she never had an accent or spoke like a ~90s chicana~

No. 452041

File: 1514198037102.png (778.37 KB, 640x1136, 464A59DA-8826-429B-92A9-D1A8A7…)

No. 453983

File: 1514346895951.png (755.61 KB, 927x595, rip.png)

god i know i'm late but patience's comment is killing me. muscles! s w e e t i e !!

No. 454017

muscles don't wiggle, patience

No. 454885

Oh no baby
Somebody tell her those are mom arms not muscles lmao

No. 464983

Do you think Millie cams? or has a nsfw blog?

No. 465292

i wish she would learn to wing her eyeliner properly, it's triggering my autism so hard

No. 465534

fuck off you fetish weirdo

No. 469793

that's the lip injectjon, right?

No. 472939

File: 1516158230913.jpeg (19.1 KB, 238x238, 68AEBD06-62C1-4E06-804B-68AA33…)

her lips are clearly just overdrawn
I’m assuming they look much smaller now bc she seems to be leaving out the very outside part of her lips when wearing lipstick (or is that the result of shooping every inch of her face? we may never know) - pic related
also, this is from 2014

No. 474457

File: 1516289784931.jpeg (278.4 KB, 1125x1313, F16DDD82-4CA0-4B1C-B9F8-C9A717…)

she looks high on SOMETHING

No. 474471

lol her lips look pasted on in this pic.

No. 474494

hun its time to stop dressing up like a retard and get a job

No. 480285

File: 1516819494617.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1038, Screenshot_20180124-114250.png)

"Dogface" Wolfie and her new photo. Wtf even is that???

No. 480319

her saggy skin and ass bone. saddest but i've seen in a while wow

No. 480320

unfortunate pic but it's just her saggy ass squished against the chair

No. 480321

My best guess is she's wearing pantyhose with a hole in them and that 'lump' is where the fat is spilling out via the hole

No. 480322

it's cuz half of her ass is sitting on that thin ledge and the other half isn't. not really an issue.

No. 480325

Looks like the ass of a gay size queen

No. 480668

I sat in this position for a second & this didnt happen,shes pretty plump so ai dont think her ass wouldn’t be too & what about the discoloration?

No. 480681

File: 1516848308085.jpeg (307.77 KB, 1125x1500, 3A63CC9B-39B8-4BC6-850F-1A1472…)

her fringe is moving further and further up. it UGLY

No. 480690

wow her boobs are saggy/low hangin fruit

No. 480692

Those gnarly granny panties aren't doing her unfortunate figure any favors.

No. 480695

I can deal with mysterious bulge but… It's wrinkled, ffs

No. 481314

This isn't how this works anon, the only way you can cope with PTSD/stress injuries is by exploring the root of what sets you off via exposure therapy, with an actual trained professional. Doing it yourself, or "through kink" is very dangerous and actually leads to further damage and repeat stress injuries.

Not to mention it is EXTREMELY rare for a sexual abuse victim of any kind to be attracted to these kinds of arrangements.

I can see Robyn having bipolar or borderline, which would cause an unstable life and poor ability to care for herself, set goals, and achieve even small tasks like cleaning her house/paying the bills if it is a severe case, but this can also lead her to be impulsive and attention seeking, which many nymphet/ddlg girls are. They see others in their crowd claiming to be raped, and they feel it fits the look/vibe they are going for, "daddy's damaged dolly girl". It's gross but unsurprising that many of them lie about it for whatever reason.

No. 481442

all edgy tumblr girls who are into this shit claim to be abuse victims of some kind and so now everyone associates it with that, even though you're right. it's just another way of romanticizing illnesses/abuse

No. 481451

is it really that deep fam

No. 481544

Eh, I really think it's just because of the plot of the Lolita book/movie. They want to have that kind of "an older man molested/sexually abused me, I'm just like Dolores" because it fits the aesthetic. Even though I'm the book/movie, Lolita was provoking it. It's pretty sad that they want to be considered sexual abuse victims because of an aesthetic.

No. 481782

No. 481830

>the 12 year old girl was provoking sexual abuse from an old man
Fuck off, there's a reason why hum was depicted as a monster in that book, especially when he used the same "the kid wanted it" bullshit as an excuse.

No. 481831

is she trying to be creepy-cute? like poppy or whoever. bc shes failing, her voice and eyes are not dead enough top ull this off

No. 481938

Maybe she's just balding

No. 482374

Have you read the book? He molested her but for the first half she was very wanting of it, and ended up using what she knew he wanted as a means to get what she wanted.
In the movie he wouldn't let her do something so it's implied she gave him head to get him to give it to her. It wasn't until Lolita ran away with another pedophile that it was revealed she didn't want him anymore. He's still a monster nonetheless, but this was the plot of the book.

No. 482434

…. The entire book relies upon the concept of an unreliable narrator. If you really think it's as simple as "she secretly wanted it and catered to his desires" you need to give the book another read. Ever wonder why NONE of the book is told from the perspective of Dolores but instead from the skewed perspective of a narcissistic pedophile? Nabokov penned the book in a way that is sympathetic to the narrator, but you're supposed to be disgusted anyways… The amount of people who don't get this blow me away.

No. 482473

I've read the book over 3 times.I suppose everyone can see it in a different light, an that's the beauty of literature, it's not the same for every person. It's pretty useless debating seeing how everyone can take it in a different light. The one thing that can be agreed upon is that Hum is a narcissistic pedophile, yes, and that at the beginning of the book, reading about his experience with the girl he met at a younger age who he fell in love with, but later died, you can see that he has many emotional and psychological issues stemming from that which caused him to become infatuated with Lolita. But you can't say that she never once in the book threw herself into his arms and used his disgusting love for her to get what she wanted through sexual means. She herself put herself onto his lap in his car and began to kiss him without him being the first to make an advance in that scene.
I think this is getting to be derailing and ot, let's agree to disagree and get back on topic. I'm sorry for straying from the point.

No. 482482

File: 1517034543181.png (1.59 MB, 1080x1493, Screenshot_20180126-232554.png)

Disagree though I might, good discussion. Now how about those calves?

Are any of the "weapons" these tards take photos with real? I believe Patience actually does some shooting but I'm trying to wrap my head around how much money these idiots spend on plastic guns just for the "aesthetic"

No. 482488

At least there was no bad infighting.

I haven't held anything like what she's holding in the picture, but I've held and pistol and it was "heavy", meaning a few pounds. If that was real and not plastic, I don't think she would be able to support it with one hand loosely on the trigger. Correct me if I'm wrong though, I don't know much about guns.

No. 482499

Imagine waking up and seeing that face staring at you

No. 482583

that gun is fucking fake.

No. 483424

what happened to film school lol.

No. 485918

File: 1517269120830.jpg (59.82 KB, 851x423, Capture.JPG)

i hope she lets that poor thing live a long life

No. 489182



unwatchable cringe. I don't know what she's trying to accomplish.
Some anon asked if she/it is a cross dressing boy and I really believe it

No. 492082

she wanna be yolandi so bad lol

No. 492604

File: 1517749688174.png (1.58 MB, 1080x970, 20180204_070702.png)

I thought this was a picture of my grandmother but no its just Millie. Anyways, r her eyebrows pink or shaved off?

No. 492608

ur gram reads playboy??? anyway, are those curlers in her hair? what a played out aesthetic. i think she said her brows are bleached

No. 493046

I see someone else made a poppy comparison but really knowing what’s she’s going for and seeing it fail so hard is the biggest reason this is so cringe.

No. 493082

What exactly is she going for??? She's not trying to be Poppy, since the words that are set up are too different to Poppy's in an unnecessary way
Also, recently, her videos just got fully publicised on youtube. They were unlisted before. not sure if potential snow materials.



No. 493157

I don’t think she’s trying to be poppy but the “pretty girl that is alien/“off” and lost in technology” trope has been around for a while and she pulls it off really badly. Also if she is a trap I would be surprised after see the other videos of her.

No. 493202

*would not

No. 493230

File: 1517792161735.png (1.08 MB, 1148x710, drago.png)

she kinda reminds me of sarah drago/ astralfaerie a bit, when she use to shave her eyebrows though, whats with ND calves and weird ass hairlines?

No. 493416

reminds me of a baby born w that hideous hair. could be the look?? these chicks are obsessed with looking infantile.

No. 493712

maybe, some claim its natural when they obviously shave or pluck it or they have an unfortunate case of receding hairline, it sucks, they actually have pretty faces but are obsessed with looking like a special snowflake and do weird shit to stand out

No. 493796

File: 1517842942028.jpg (171.68 KB, 411x329, 142f0f411d04542198b566cd62a12a…)

looks like a man from the qing dynasty lol

No. 494773

File: 1517893263023.jpg (31.11 KB, 582x388, makeup on fleek.jpg)


who wore it better, millie or mimi?
(hint: mimi, by far)

No. 497521

I dont think millie liked our lord farquaad jokes

No. 504485

File: 1518747937133.jpeg (602.83 KB, 750x1085, 86551AA6-5D86-44EE-B002-12503E…)

Millie seems to really be living her best life repeating this same photo shoot in different shitty motels. Hilariously this was posted BEFORE the school shooting but of course it’s still up.

No. 504571

I wouldn’t call Sarah a ND calf, I’m not sure she’s even a fan

No. 504575

Lol Millie lookin rough with some Harvey Weinstein tier fatass, what a fucking wreck

No. 504579

File: 1518753260501.jpeg (192.55 KB, 728x1061, 600BA636-FAB7-40A6-B625-B70E83…)

At this point she should really have her own thread

No. 504583

File: 1518753647977.jpeg (229.46 KB, 650x867, 7B6DE449-BC9F-48E8-B056-5A1869…)

lol watch this idiot get heavily into Trevor Brown cosplays if she’s not already, can we please have a dedicated Millie thread, I can’t do write ups for shit but I’ll be there to point and laugh

She reminds me of Shelley Duvall but mad uglier kek

No. 504588

she fancies herself an alt Manson girl knockoff, this girl is predictable as hell

No. 504738

surprised she hasnt had backlash for her constant gun posing since the shooting

No. 506157

File: 1518885137988.jpeg (124.75 KB, 640x789, 8C8FA126-2658-44AB-82AF-A67E8A…)

how do you shoop yourself to look like an entirely different person every time? that nose is killing me

No. 506243

File: 1518891516002.png (110.68 KB, 1080x624, Screenshot_20180217-111327.png)

Looks like Millie made herself a "fan" account

No. 506248

File: 1518891718812.jpg (804.03 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180217_111739.jpg)

This shit has me cackling. A "fancy ass hotel room" …. Um, what?

No. 506481


No. 506886

Amusing how Nicole has also been posting nasty hotel pics, with a heart shaped mirror. Coincidence?

No. 506909

You guys are always on Millie and Patience's asses. Not that I'm defending that, i'm just saying you guys always seem to forget that theres different people out there who have more things to milk.

Theres this girl that goes by the name of @petewentzisdead. She used to write fanfictions for twenty one pilots, Dallon weekes, brendon urie, etc. She wrote solely about them about this time 2 years ago, but she found Nicole Dollanganger about a year ago… And became completely obsessed. He stories get around 100k reads each on Wattpad, so for her to begin including Nicole in everything obviously garnered most of her newer fanbase.

Around this time last year, she began a story named Lividity, and it was about the drummer of Twenty One Pilots… shooting up the school at the end. Her writing is very good, I will give her that, but her personality over on twitter is basically headache fuel.

Memily, as she goes by, never reveals her face or anything, but I’ve seen over the past few months how she acts. She’s basically a SJW that’s obsessed with timothy heller and nicole dollanganger. Shocker. She’s always being rude to the 12 year olds that read her stuff/her fans, but she blatantly ignores the fact that shes a literal 20 year old writing fanfiction for bands. It’s really gross. Check out her twitter.


No. 507037

i hate both of them, but at least millie's hotel ~photoshoot~ wasn't completely half-assed like nicole's

No. 507089

I hate em both. Trying so hard is what makes it cringey. Nicole was at least (or so it seemed) at her hotel on a real date, or trip or something. Not just for aesthetic pics like Millie

No. 507238

She should just delete this, it would not age well

No. 507981


IDGAF about escorting or whatever; I wanna know WHY you would deliberately make yourself look like a cross-eyed gimp?

No. 511351

File: 1519305112220.png (692.16 KB, 693x709, 20180222_071147.png)


I third this. Can we just have a Millie thread?

/Vote for thread pic

No. 521387

so does millie now directly mimic yolandi? or is the style change just to hide the fact she built herself off copying nicole? either way im gonna miss farquaad.

No. 521930

I personally think she hated being compared to nicole. She wants to pretend this is all her since she has had a doll collection since a kid and all that. Her switching to Yolandi signifies her breaking ties w nicole. She wants her own identity which is funny since she just switched to being Yolandi. Im sure there arent many white girls in Wisconsin who talk like that so maybe shes "spesshul" out there

No. 531155

File: 1521233081315.jpeg (243.95 KB, 747x1006, 2148E306-8CE8-4C93-B190-0AE4B8…)

such ana, much hair falling out beside her hairbrush.

No. 531166

referencing >>252871 and >>198618

No. 531232

Damn she thicc

No. 531589

So unfortunate she makes herself look so retarded, looks like she has a nice thicc “hourglass” type shape & an okay enough face that she could work that “big titty goth girlfriend” fake sex worker thing

No. 531610

File: 1521375040155.jpg (39.03 KB, 640x360, the-houses-october-built-doll-…)

Her new makeup permanently reminds me of doll face from the houses October built.

No. 537586

File: 1521929483800.jpeg (46 KB, 401x463, 3761AEF3-5AB2-4733-B559-7DA260…)


No. 552852

I think she had a fallen out with Nicole Dollanganger because she doesn’t follow her anymore.

No. 552869

Who? Millie?

No. 553233

>>552852 she sold 2 things of nicole merch on her depop as well. I think it's safe to say that she doesn't give a shit about her anymore

No. 553376

Well her obsession landed her here and this thread probably embarrassed her and snapped her out of it. Good job Millie.

No. 553383

Yeah, it snapped her out of it and made her an even creepier Yolandi Visser wannabe 7 years too late. Totally a good job.

No. 553423

Has it really been for the better though? At this point her ND phase was ages better than whatever the fuck she's doing now.

No. 577176

File: 1525832191572.jpeg (214.29 KB, 750x1044, D11B4D75-B768-49E3-8929-08C2BF…)

I feel like Millie’s still copying Nicole, she’s just more sly these days. She’ll do motel photoshoots a few months after Nicole does, and now she's gone and dyed her hair blonde ~a year after Nicole did. Or I could be wrong and Millie dyed it to look even more obviously like a second-rate Yolandi.

No. 578922

File: 1526011364960.png (454.41 KB, 937x600, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 01.0…)

another one

No. 579224

she looks cross eyed

No. 585865

File: 1526537547335.jpeg (102.34 KB, 750x1334, D5F8716C-79F9-4C44-B00F-91225F…)

We can now add Shay, one of the biggest cows here, to the Dollanganger club. She is switching to this aesthetic and years late too. What is it with cows and copying old cows?

No. 585867

File: 1526537810254.jpeg (136.41 KB, 750x1334, 15E8ADCC-F9C3-4D3A-B4A5-C5D7DA…)

No. 586535

File: 1526589325098.jpeg (82.72 KB, 750x483, 21A142DA-F18D-401F-AA25-72D762…)

nicole being cryptic about some kind of project presumably in the works, but what i'm wondering is why she and patience follow and interact with each other, but millie and nicole don't follow each other?? (patience and millie still seem to be friends tho)

No. 586882

Of course she wouldn’t acknowledge that skin-walker Millie. Did she even acknowledge her back when Millie thanked her for “Please Eat” helping her ~overcome her totally real ED~?

No. 587143

She did lmao. She, Patience and Millie took a photo together at one of her shows. For a while Millie claimed they were “friends” and said Nicole reached out to her because they “had so much in common”

No. 587727

that's why it's so weird to me that she gets along with patience when patience and millie have been friends forever, like if i were nicole i wouldn't touch anyone that's been within a ten foot radius of my borderline stalker

No. 587977

she always does.

No. 596209

File: 1527548250769.png (542.18 KB, 935x603, Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 19.5…)

incoming picture dump of recent millie pics

No. 596210

File: 1527548273659.png (744.9 KB, 937x601, Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 19.5…)

No. 596211

File: 1527548304446.png (844.15 KB, 934x600, Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 19.5…)

can't tell if she's still on the yolandi aesthetic or if she's back on the calf bandwagon by now

No. 596213

File: 1527548350008.png (723.52 KB, 901x604, Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 19.5…)

this was already posted on the Nicole thread but figured it'd fitl here aswell

No. 596241

thats unfortunate

No. 596421

File: 1527565292279.jpg (427.58 KB, 1080x1059, Screenshot_20180528-233529.jpg)

by popular request in the nicole thread, introducing andre "cryspells" the giant. another 2edgy4u sad bbydoll who sings bootleg coma baby songs on bandcamp, listens to death metal, and stands around in 80s used lingerie in dirt fields feat catholic imagery + bonus poc points for being a mexican. the only reason nicole seems to have adopted her is because she's larger and uglier than her and makes her seem smol in comparison.


No. 596426

File: 1527565624980.jpg (229.35 KB, 750x1014, 1527482827044.jpg)

>the only reason nicole seems to have adopted her is because she's larger and uglier than her and makes her seem smol in comparison.

No. 596427

File: 1527565652942.jpg (235.36 KB, 750x1041, 1527370559715.jpg)

No. 596446

File: 1527566935490.png (11.71 KB, 182x50, Screen Shot 20.png)

Going off the stuff anon showed/screencapped in
I did some digging for her YT and found this in her uploads. I don't care much about most of the edgy gore shit (as tryhard as it is), but anyone who would co-sign something with a title like this enough to download it, and then reupload it on YouTube is probably a pedophile themselves, lmao. She wants to embroider shirts talking about "Lolita is not a love story uwu" like she's not part of the very camp that sexualized it in the first place.
She and Nicole are perfect for eachother.

No. 596449

nicole posted naked amputee children and preteen anime girls getting raped by bugs in her prime so andre's gotta keep up with the queen sonehow!!1!

No. 596457

She covered the graphic on his shirt bc it's not sad enough

No. 596470

To be fair though shit like that was prevalent among many tumblr users that year, anyone remember saccstry?

No. 596474

nah the guro aspect nicole had going on was very extreme, only one other user (bonesofbabydolls?) was doing it. nicole's aesthetic was white trash, deformed children ranging from premature babies to dead fetuses, cult party kei, suehiro maruo scans, maggots, vomit, and the occasional 80s metalhead. she wasn't that popular back then, it was when she put her second album out that she wiped her archive to be more mainstream. to my recollection what was actually trendy at the time was antiques, junji ito, rope bondage, lingerie, granny living rooms, and cult party kei.

andre the giant seems to be building from nicole's metalhead doll aesthetic of 2013.

No. 596483

She used to reblog a lot of ddlg porn and shintaro kago's pedo shit too, alongside weird pictures of actual children

No. 596503

Bonesofbbydolls AKA good ol’ Robyn Violet, one of the milkiest cows in the gang

No. 596517

I think it’s safe to say Robyn herself was the original sadbbydoll blog, and Nicole leeched the godawful aesthetic from her and did it “better” or made it more “relateable” for the tumblr masses. She used to kiss Robyn’s ass

No. 596523

File: 1527581272169.png (1.29 MB, 1080x971, IMG_20180529_040705.png)

Mrs Hambeast has quite a few photos like this on her IG. Her music has me wheezing.

No. 596529

No. 596601

nah i think she's done with her yolandi phase, she's unfollowed both die antwoord members on insta and deleted almost all of her posts from that era

No. 596753

Robyn actually has talent, though? if you look at previous thread/upthread Robyn is not pretending to be ill for street cred.

No. 596784

She looks mentally ill…like someone in a psych ward

No. 596833


Robyn got involved in the ONA - neo nazi satanists, last year when she was fucking Ryan Fleming, who is now in jail for having sex with underage girls. It's troubling that she was so easy led into far right politics.

No. 596841

No. 597111

>robyn has talent
lmao where did you come from? this your first time on the farm? and yes she is pretending.

No. 597126

Robyn has talent?! I’m cackling kek she doesn’t do anything at all, what talent? Is it you Robyn?

No. 597129

Troubling but not surprising

No. 597150

How do you know this?

No. 597154

SO much talent. Her YouTube channel featuring jess woods, another huge lolcow who ran with this group occasionally

No. 597163

That’s a compliment to these girls

No. 597166

Didn't she post about her bf and even link to his Tumblr a couple years back? They did a lot of dd/lg bullshit, which she later apologized for.

No. 597185

Well, yeah. That was also a different guy, looks like the apologetic “I hate ddlg” act was indeed bullshit, as she went for yet another pedophilic guy. She only started acting like a “changed” women who hated ddlg after being posted and talked about here

No. 597229

File: 1527645027750.jpeg (235.2 KB, 750x1144, 9E729047-A573-48CE-AC8C-0D226A…)

Some fb gold. Picture is from 2 years ago. She doesn’t take pictures of her face anymore, which speaks volumes about how much she is aging

No. 597300

File: 1527656063620.jpg (414.43 KB, 1200x1571, 1200px-André_the_Giant_in_the_…)

No. 597330

it's terrifying how much she looks like andre the giant.

No. 597333

everything in that photo is just wrong… idk what this aesthetic even is anymore…btw i remember being in some lolita fb group ages ago and im sure this girl used to post in it… she also has/had a livejournal somewhere but idk whats on it

No. 597429


Because she was linking to ONA stuff on her FB/Tumblr;

"I think I could turn and live with animals. They are so placid and self-contained. They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins. They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God. Not one of them kneels to another or to his own kind that lived thousands of years ago. Not one of them is respectable or unhappy, all over the earth."

Illustration by RV, O9A (image is earlier up the thread)

No. 599272

File: 1527836256250.jpeg (262.91 KB, 748x1286, B0FF446B-8D3A-4E21-83F8-E3C7A5…)

Just gonna leave this here… lol

No. 599443

Good god, her stuffed animals' faces have more texture than hers. Someone needs to delete Facetune from her phone ASAP.

No. 599500

lmao i still cant actually work out whose the worst of this lot

No. 599502

also dat caption… is she 15???

No. 599528

>pentagram and stuffed animals
she's just too edgy. everyone go home. i've never seen anyone more unique and special.

No. 599540

also i noticed her stuff is just getting less and less notes now… she just keeps pandering to an audience that has just moved on from like last year or whatever… even ND herself is getting less notes/likes… tumblr fad after tumblr fad i guess

No. 600586

File: 1527997421258.png (571.99 KB, 1080x1453, 20180602_234336.png)

No. 600673

as if she could even fit under a table in the first place…

No. 600694

Nobody is into her aesthetic anymore. It’s not the current trend. It was at the peak of her popularity which is why she was temporarily successful. That’s why she’s been (trying to) cater to soundclout teens lately, she knows her contrived sad doll aesthetic isn’t popular anymore. Nobody cares about you anymore Nicole. Just get a real job and go back to school, and then maybe by 30/31 you’ll be a functioning, mature adult who doesn’t mooch off mommy and daddy. Just let the 5 minutes of fame go and move on.

No. 600695

its really pathetic tbh… i knew somebody who used to be “friends” with nicole and she wrote a song about him… this was a long time ago… but not long after she just moved on from him when he didn’t fit her stupid aesthetic anymore… she just moves from group to group but trots out her same tired old aesthetic… even her new album hasn’t got the reception her old ones were getting and her followers on IG appear to have dropped too…

No. 600717

That video was so fucking creepy. All these cows romanticise child abuse but that is genuinely creepy, she's deliberately moving like a child and showing her underwear. The two should never be crossed and this is pretty sickening.

No. 600724

Yeah! I just watched the video and its honestly disgusting… why someone would even think its okay to post something like that is beyond me… like how do they HONESTLY think it makes them look???

No. 600761


Do you maybe mean the guy about whom the song Ball Jointed Doll is written? Just curious cause it's so exploative when you know it's about real paralysed person.

No. 600787

yes i am talking about that guy… and i dont like that song either its horrible

No. 600805

Luckily she looks like a giant troon troll-creature and not a cute bb girl like she is trying to

Just dress like a woman, maybe you wouldn't get into abusive relationships (one of her posts) if you didn't send out a batsignal trying to get weirdos interested

(posts also include: Her on the toilet with underwear around her legs, and one with a ballgag in her mouth.)

>lol why do I find abusive ppl life is hard

No. 601258

most of it comes from them being actual pedophiles. they're always obsessed with art from known pedophiles, and legs/knees of children and crying little girls or whatever. not even in a trauma edgelord way but like every other millenial who got into porn at 12 and got into loli then actual cp by 20. it's no coincidence andre is dancing to shirley temple in that video while dancing like a small child, since shirley temple got her rise to fame by being a child porn star by 1930s standards. there was a trending documentary about it a few months back, so i'm sure andre got into that too since it was relevant to her interests.

No. 601336

File: 1528068894502.jpg (36.59 KB, 677x106, Screenshot_20180603-162212_152…)

>but like every other millenial who got into porn at 12 and got into loli then actual cp by 20

What the fuck

Are you talking about the doc in pic related anon? That's the one I saw anyway & it's part of a series about Nabokov and pedophilia and about how he put riddles and shit into his books. I highly recommend. I'm not a lolita or into child gay anime porn or anything like that, I'm a normalfag and it was super interesting and informative. And sickening.

But just that one part is fucked up and stands on its own

No. 601466

Please don’t confuse lolita and lolicon. They aren’t the same thing.

No. 601534

Harry? I recall someone asking one of them on tumblr if they’re still friends and they answered “always”.

No. 601553

Yeah, that was ages ago. iirc they had a falling out, too, or she abandoned him the way she abandons every toy/person as soon as she’s done exploiting or bored

No. 601558

yes they did… someone asked nicole on twitter and she said “always” but they had a falling out… i remember the whole thing didn’t actually last very long… also given that he was 17 at the time the whole thing is yet another example of nicole trying to get in with kids to promote herself… the whole thing was weird and still weirds me out now… basically of how she just uses people and then drops them… which is what she shall do with these girls now i suppose.

No. 601970

File: 1528145622717.jpg (118.69 KB, 397x681, 20180604_135325.jpg)

Sorry but wow I literally couldn't give less of a fuck

Fight me

No. 602185

Yeah it used to be that most pedophiles were sexually abused themselves but that was before the internet, now they're just pedophiles from early exposure to cp. I think that's why these girls like to hint that they're pedophiles and hypersexual with age recessive tendencies because it all pushes that whole sick broken abused bbdoll thing. But their interest in manga gives it away that they're avid readers, and just became pedophiles through loli/shota like most people their age. Nicole especially she was always into manga and Japanese shit.

No. 602187

Are any of these girls actually victims of trauma or are they just romantasizing it? I remember when I was 16 and i fell into the trap of trying to act like these girls. I'm a survivor of abuse and I genuinely thought this was thier way of coping with thier own trauma. I'm 19 now and I've stopped looking up to these girls cuz it's obvious they either want attention or to look like "uwu I'm not like the other girls". I've seen none of them talk about trauma in a way that's not disgusting.

No. 602191

robyn seems like the one who miiiight've actually been a csa survivor, just because she's shown actual symptoms of psychosis and not just being an edgelord like pacience. i remember once going on her blog and it was just walltext after walltext in caps lock of her going on about how she was raped at 3 and she sounded genuinely disabled at a neurological level.

there was also one girl i remember who talked about how her father raped her as a kid and she had black hair with a huge wasp tattoo on her chest and she loved moomin. then she started posting actual real life child/baby porn and got deleted and idk what happened to her.

other than that no.

No. 602282

>they're just pedophiles from early exposure to cp

Either you are sexually attracted to underdeveloped bodies and minds beyond your puberty/adulthood or you're not. I can understand a preteen wanting to see other preteens naked etc. (Ugh just typing those words together squigs me out…) Sexual preferences then mature to match other post-pubescent peers. The ppl you're referring to are just plain ol' pedophile shmedophiles.

Sage for no milk

No. 602288

whats robyns tumblr now??

also i think i remember the other girl ur talking about…


No. 602292

Rottinggirlsrestingplace. You have to be logged in to get to it. Despite any sexual abuse she’s still a big fat tryhard romanticizer and milks her supposed trauma instead of seeking help. And dates pedos

No. 602311

That's not how you sage dude. Also this smells like selfpost

No. 602329

thanks… and also agreed…


No. 602332


Not Robyn, just followed her back in the day and check in on her every now and then for a laugh


No. 602978


I wrote >>602282 and it was saged

No. 605718

Yo are any of these girls actually employed? Besides Patience working at a gas station.

No. 606653

File: 1528620184089.jpeg (106.44 KB, 750x546, A35B4742-5995-4881-9D21-B60D78…)

Has Yetaxa/angel-bruises been mentizoned here yet? She used to be a huge Nicole skin-wearer, and even made eerily similar music

No. 606655

No. Of course they don’t kek. I know Maggie is a student and works on semi-respectable art, at least. I think Millie once mentioned working at a haunted house or something

No. 606656

I’m sorry *mentioned

No. 607736

File: 1528740972546.png (204.48 KB, 299x570, angelbruises.png)

She goes by angel-embryo as well as yetaxa and angel-bruises but tbh I can't tell them apart a lot of the time.

She seems to jump from trend to trend, has gone through many phases. I don't think she really has any kind of personality. She's into menhera and kinderwhore currently (or at least what she attempts to call menhera and kinderwhore). Tried to start her own fashion called "Borden Kei" on Tumblr, wrote out checklists and everything of what it should look like, even had a dedicated (now deleted) Tumblr on it. But no-one really cared but her.

The only real milk I see is the skin walking but I'm not sure if she does that any more. At best she's just annoying when she's everywhere with her 3 blogs. Unless someone knows more about her?

No. 616112

File: 1529526459038.jpg (172.96 KB, 1080x955, Screenshot_20180620-162508.jpg)

Lmfao Millie is really trying to say she didn't cop her entire style from Yolandi Visser. She only changed her style when she saw everyone calling her Lord Farquaad, and proceeded to rip off Yolandi's style with a cringey fake South African accent. Does she really think no one can tell lol.

No. 616333

Pretty ridiculous to try and make your own style…that looks exactly like several other styles. how did she think it'd take off??

No. 616347

Are there any videos any farmers can link of her cringe accent? I've only ever heard single words

Sage for request

No. 616454

she deleted them. but you can read through the thread people addressing her fake afrikaans accent when those videos came out. one was of her thanking her followers and telling them to like believe themselves, with a whole ass fake squeaky afrikaans accent like yolandi. she also posted a video of her cat and some other ugly cat doll going in yolandi's hissy afrikaans accent "da REEL kat, and da mummified FEIS kat. u LUV eet."

also in the thread there's pictures here of millie wearing the bloody pink pajamas yolandi's worn in several music videos, the pink knitted bra, and acknowledging her obsession with die antwoord. her entire cringey transformation from nicole clone to yolandi clone is all documented here.

No. 619250

>u LUV eet.

Thanks for the breakdown anon

No. 620254

File: 1529876471081.jpg (2.56 MB, 2881x1920, inCollage_20180624_143828638.j…)

Can someone explain wtf this protrusion is on Millie's face? I can see where her lashes are, so it's not lashes…?

No. 620357

I think she’s wearing fake lashes on top of her lashes, hence the protrusion.

No. 620399

It's either a shoop fail or the weird angle and makeup that distorts her features mean you can actually see both eyeliner wings they just look like they're 3D but you can see her skin behind that other wing protrusion so I'd be inclined to say angle?

No. 620746

its a photoshop fail. the whole point of her makeup is to mask her jeremy renner face and make it look like she has big eyes and an upturned nose. the makeup only looks good when she has her head turned up and her eyes half closed facing forward. turning to the side ruins it. looks like she just went for photoshopping her whole eye so that it casually floats over her face lmao.

No. 621509

File: 1529978172866.png (319.84 KB, 531x524, Le_Quack.png)

>mask her jeremy renner face

Topkek anon, I had to google that actor and lol'd when I did

Pic related to >>620254

No. 622723

File: 1530102885660.png (1.69 MB, 1076x1324, Screenshot_20180627-083424.png)

Okay but can we talk about this trainwreck???

No. 622928

they're all on a quest to outdo each other with their own ~unique~ style after getting called nicole clones. glad to see it's brought out the autist in them.

No. 622941

I'm gonna gag. Who the fuck are they? Is that a tranny?

No. 623057

wh…why is her left eyebrow facing in the opposite direction as her right one? what the fuck is going on here?

No. 623180

That fucking cheap tacky bodyline dress with a poorly homemade bonnet, looking at them makes me itchy and I hate that I can vaguely imagine how bad they smell

No. 623424

That… is Tina, cowbbyteardrops or whatever. She and Nicole used to interact a ton back in 2012/2013, when Nicole ran a fat fetishist tumblr. She would regularly reblog Tina’s selfies there. Tina is one of the most laughable of Nicole’s calves, and coincidentally a huge ginger bronson skin-wearer. All cows collide.

No. 623451

She's pretty popular in lolita for doing authentic old school lolita. But even then a lot of girls have complained that all she does is exactly copy coords from the older Gothic and Lolita Bibles. Which she does. She's good at copying, but that seems to be about it.

No. 623701

Wait, Nicole Dollanganger the anachan had a fat fetish blog? Bet she kept it to help herself starve kek

No. 624079

Yes. I can’t remember the url but I think it was posted in previous threads… iirc she paraded it around as a recovery or coping blog.

Not whiteknighting as I’ve been a regular poster and fan of her milk, but at this point I feel bad. She’s already fallen so hard, and failed horribly, and the problematic things she posted are well in the past (over 5 years?), and it was all posted at the height of her illness. She even acknowledged and apologized for it, saying she isn’t that person anymore.

At this point, is there really any milk on her? Seems like more of a vendetta thread run by her rejected calves and/or boy toys.


No. 624619

I hate myself for knowing about this and remembering the url

No. 624623

People keep mentioning her having acknowledged and apologized for the gross shit she posted back in the day, but when? I've never seen screenshots or anything and I've followed her milk since the first thread picked up speed.

No. 626540

File: 1530477382803.jpeg (169.51 KB, 750x1100, F5E62E00-DF2F-4277-9F92-87BB1C…)

She needs to drop the red eyeshadow.

No. 627867


along with about 30 pounds and her current hair "care" routine

No. 630154

File: 1530881624903.jpeg (197.76 KB, 750x1069, C0765888-C087-4520-9A88-E409C0…)

Damn, she’s really porky these days.

No. 630286

So weird, I was actually thinking of posting this for the same reason. Crazy how much she's ballooned up.
Anyone else notice that Millie removed all photos of her and Patience from her IG?

No. 696494

File: 1537876323477.jpeg (310.6 KB, 1125x1826, B0829F34-5ADA-4360-839B-5F4491…)

literally cannot believe she is still on this trashiness. she's swapped her face in the OP pic for this, it's gaudy, it's clownish, and it's a million times worse.

No. 696495

She jealous about patience being in Nicole’s video and not her, obviously

No. 696725

Kinda funny that she gets more likes than Nicole herself does. Time for Millie to start making edgy baby voice music.

And doesn't get as much attention as she used to, this "aesthetic" doesn't fit fat girls, pretty obvious when you see their obsession with sickness and EDs (binge eating ones are not allowed!).

No. 697816

Is it just the angle or is her lip piercing crooked af?

No. 705655

I know this post is old af, but I've been thinking the same things re: Millie's likes ratio to Nicole's and Patience's decline in popularity.

It's darkly hilarious that Millie has continued to be the more popular of the Millie-and-Patience duo and I wonder if it's because Millie's lost weight in the past year and kind of stopped copying Nicole and Yolandi (save for the haircut).

saged for potential "wow anachan" talk / no contribution, etc

No. 711211

I don’t know if anyone’s said this but we should call them nicole doppelgängers.

Sage for irrelevance

No. 711478

I feel so embarrassed that nobody thought of this before

No. 711493

You're an unfunny retard who can't sage.

No. 711600

File: 1539394434484.jpeg (119.5 KB, 1024x618, C8461AA0-C4CC-436C-AC0C-D97365…)

No. 711714

Ty anon ty

No. 712166

No. 712757

File: 1539551460003.jpg (60.1 KB, 598x600, andre the giant.jpg)

this picture is from september but jesus fuck i still can't get over how much cryspell looks like andre the giant. plus his music is 10x worse than nicole's. by far one of the cringiest calves.

No. 712886

probably one of those sour jealous posters

No. 712893

Who? The joke's not new or original. People have said it a million times on this site (and others) before. It's simply not funny or clever which is why anon is a newfag who doesn't see people saying it anymore.

No. 712910

Her voice is like a screech and the lyrics are like something a bot write after reading nicole's lyrics. Also the aesthetic doesnt suit her at all. Incoming dump of awful pictures

No. 712913

File: 1539567215178.png (233.78 KB, 480x554, Screenshot_20181014-222934~2.p…)

Mother of five body

No. 712915

File: 1539567265550.png (277.48 KB, 480x534, Screenshot_20181014-222906~2.p…)

Richard Ramirez

No. 712917

File: 1539567349347.png (221.38 KB, 480x553, Screenshot_20181014-222841~2.p…)

Edgy fridge

No. 712918

File: 1539567390484.png (290.43 KB, 480x553, Screenshot_20181014-222831~2.p…)

No. 712925


I'm high and for some reason both of these images are insanely terrifying holy shit….isn't Nicole a fan of that old movie "freaks"? it explains why she keeps this Andre the giant lookalike around her huh

No. 712933

These cured my body dysmorphia.

No. 713012

I'm so confused.
Looks like a dumpy woman.
Looks like an ugly femme dude. Is she trans or is she just unfortunate looking? I seriously cannot tell.

No. 713092


Bump for interest
whats the deal with this one? did she just drop off the face of the earth after this or is there more material to be amused by?

No. 713157

What the fuck.

I actually feel sorry for her, but I just fucking cannot believe such body shape is even possible in a woman. Is she really a bio woman or an mtf?

Also, that blackout tattoo on her hand is not doing her any favours.

No. 716266

File: 1539896986249.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1125x1583, 9C9E61D3-1265-4CF7-AAA6-024B2C…)

kek at millie pulling the classic pro-ana collarbones post.

No. 716267

*pose, fuck autocorrect

No. 716572

She pretty much dropped off from the face of the internet, tbh. As much as the sadbbygurlz would hate to admit, literally no one cares about their personas outside of the interwebs. One click on the "delete account" button and they're forgotten, until you search their names on Google, of course. Even then, as time goes on they might not even show up.

I can just imagine 10 years from now when all their 13-year-old fans are 23 they'll be on some obscure part of the internet saying "OMG was anyone else a sadbbydoll on Tumblr? Who remembers Nicole Dollanganger?" the majority of the replies will likely be people asking "Who the fuck is that?" with few people saying they remember her and this fugly look.

Andrea the Giantess is indeed a woman, her body shape is just bad, she should lose weight and it would improve her overall shape.

I did some lurking on her IG and was surprised to see Eva Hazen commented "I love" on the pic of her smoking next to a bottle of "Dr. McGillicuddy's Cherry Liqueur". As much as Eva whines about "shallow, uncreative, and boring" people, she sure likes following them on IG. I could see the appeal of Millie, however.

Speaking of Millie's appeal and the sudden boost in popularity, people, in general, were just tired of Nicole and her ilk's boring floral pastel edgy metalhead wannabe nymphet look. Millie has more attention because she's genuinely a breath of fresh air for these people, she also doesn't look like the other sadbbygurlz. It's why she's more popular than Nicole and the others combined.

No. 716659

Damn Millie gained a lot in just one year
All of the posts screeching about how shes “so much more popular” now, and so “different uwu” in here lately just SCREAM selfpost…

No. 716661

Millie is this you? Kek. Sorry but your ~aesthetic~ is just as crusty and hideous as the other bbydolls uwu in here, and I don’t think anyone considers you popular

No. 716713

Her username is now dollbl00d on ig, she still posts and probably still lurks here too

No. 716716

Come on, fam. Don't do me like that. None of these chicks are popular, probably on the internet, but any one of us in this thread right now could start up an IG with some ugly ass tats and a bad haircut and gain 70 thousand followers overnight. And if y'all are going to call me a cow, at least call me Ginger Bronson or Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath.

No. 716722

>Millie has more attention because she's genuinely a breath of fresh air for these people

nah she's just got the soundcloud rapper ghetto goth clown appeal with the vibrant colors contrasted with tattoos, "morbid" humor, and the trashy vibe of alcohol and back alley photoshoots. it's like tekashi 69 and lil peep kids eat that shit up right now. breaking way from the innocent nymphet gimmick and becoming yolandi's copy unknowingly made her more populars since yolandi's vibe is rooted in rap/black culture.

No. 716727

>ghetto goth clown appeal
I kek'd. What you said is true, though. Kids are still sperging over Lil Peep? Is he the next Kurt Cobain or some shit? I always thought Nicole would be the one to branch into the Soundclout world.

Also I really did sound like Millie selfposting in that, lmfao.

No. 717807

Obviously, I'm late to the party here but I just read through the entire thread and am shocked at how much Millie changed her appearance in a short period of time. She looks like a different person. Does she seriously put on that ridiculous clown get up every day or does she wander around in sweatpants with no eyebrows? Also, does anyone know if she has a job?

No. 719242

File: 1540276766585.jpg (667.47 KB, 1080x1582, Screenshot_20181023-023328.jpg)

good fucking bye

No. 719250

She has Onisions face

No. 719256

File: 1540277516394.png (89.17 KB, 281x199, 1ca8f3ca-8c90-481e-b14d-c46dfc…)

No. 719257

the fact she's posing in a bathroom is killing me. yes nymphett queen! sad bbydoll rip in your bloomers for the most aesthetic shit on the gram!

No. 719261

Do we have any evidence this is not a man?

No. 719267

That wig needs Woolite.

No. 719284

How nymphet of her. She looks exactly like Dominique Swain did in Lolita. Kawaii! So smol!

No. 719787

why does her real butt look like a front butt

No. 720086

La goblina. Fucking hell.

No. 720234

File: 1540397605191.jpeg (378.51 KB, 1125x1545, 4F739DC0-C9B2-4EF8-A100-43B905…)

her hair looks better in the little spacebuns but i can't help noticing it looks like she's got bottom lashes on, but no top ones.

No. 720238

File: 1540397752727.png (8.67 MB, 1125x2436, 7057DC6F-31C0-407C-9597-B12B1D…)

zoomed in

No. 720242

groundbreaking. looks like eyeliner though.

No. 720265

once upon a time someone took a shit in those

No. 720332

Ngl, I like Millies new ugly and tacky on purpose look compared to her trying to be uwu baby doll smoll sad girl. There's something fun and kitsch about it. I