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File: 1583190487643.jpg (238.61 KB, 674x480, 1581947197082.jpg)

No. 939995

PlasticandProud / PlasticnProud / AliceAmorLove / Ariana McMillan / Psoriasisbutmakeitsexy / ScorpioAssHoe / VersatileHeux is a 25 year old plastic surgery addict, ex-Instagram “influencer”, animal abuser, and full service sex worker based in Philly

>Vapid narcissist and obligatory BPDfag, “doesn’t care wat u think” but will have a defensive spergout and be mad for hours over the slightest rustle of jimmies

>has a botched nose job, lip lift and boob job that all have scarring from improper aftercare, had to have boobs redone and are still wonky

>gets her lips injected to the point of them resembling sausages, posts side by sides showing her progression from normal human being to blow up doll constantly

>quit her steady paying job to be an Instagram influencer, paid for boobs with credit, began prostituting herself shortly after, forces her spineless boyfriend to go along with it, aborts his baby and jokes about it on Snapchat

>shaved her head in a manic episode and regrets it a day later, wears cheap wigs daily

>has a mysterious rash after having unprotected sex in Dominica and calls it psoriasis 

Previous Threads:
>>> /snow/924837

2020 Milk

> Continues to produce shit-tier quality "porn" where she uses her cuck-boyfriend as prop. Doesn't let him use a stage name or share in the profits

> Continues to starve herself to meets the needs of her only SW client she has in New York.
> Continues to give out medical advice about "conquering psoriasis" despite the fact she never went to a doctor when she had a full body rash.
> Went on Tropical vacation with Grandpa and Grandma. Originally was going to bring her cuck boyfriend but last minute he was uninvited
>Anons suspect it was because they spent their entire vacation on a tiny old boat and there wouldn't be room for him
> Others speculate this was their Grandparents attempt to separate them
> Arianna spends entire trip complaining / bragging that the "natives" are obsessed with her because she is white and has tattoos
> Eventually complains her Grandpa is encouraging the locals to sexually harass her
> Spends rest of the trip complaining about her grandpa
> Arianna remember her Grandpa is paying for a community college taxidermy course so she can't express how she's feeling
> Post several horror cow photo of her spread asshole and pussy on her twitter where her father and brother have access

2019 milk:

>pnp and doormatt go to dominica as “just friends”,posts pictures of them making out with her anus lips and doormatt’s plaque

>posts pic of her face down in the sand with some random local next to her, later posts ig stories about how she was raped by him and sells her Snapchat with the intention of telling people about it 
>says doormatt was responsible for not babysitting her, breaks up with him, says she’ll never see him again as she slobbers and cries on snap

>literally gets back together with him two days later

>continues being an escort before getting tested, gets tested a month later for HIV and is “clean as a whistle”, doesn’t get retested afterwards at any point

>ig gets deleted, moves to twitter to promote her “sex work” which includes low quality videos of her and her prolapsed lips attempting to be sexy with premade and custom videos

>a mysterious rash appears

>calls doctor, tells her to get off lamicital, pnp refuses and looks up pictures of psoriasis, convinced that she has it. Begs for money to go to the doctor since she makes no money as an escort and doesn’t have insurance

>texts a picture of the rash to the bitch who does her lip injections, who sends it to a dermatologist, and “”confirms”” it’s psoriasis. Pnp never sees a doctor about a formal diagnosis or another test for HIV/other std’s

>uses psoriasis as her identity because bpdfag

>continues to fuck Matt and her clients/other sex workers (one pisses on her while she rides the face of a dirty old man) with open sore rash covering her entire body, concentrated around her pubes
>only has one client currently that puts up with her pus pockets, has to rent out living room to her friend to make rent

>friend moves in to living room and pnp texts her that she needs to move into their shit stained decrepit basement and keep their animals in the basement at all times, friend only needed to stay for 3 months, friend blasts her on ig then removes it to avoid pnp having a sperg out

>adds a snake and a kitten to her animal horde consisting of her roommate’s two cats and her cat and dog, has admitted she doesn’t walk the dog when she’s depressed (always) when she can’t afford 600 dollars in rent and begs online for a literal dollar 

>Ariana’s rash disappears and never mentions her lifelong psoriasis diagnosis ever again

> cuts open a chipmunk and stuffs it, admits she has dead animals in her freezer for years.

>Starts using her escort page again, takes pics of her looking like a MTF

>Only has two clients, admits she “hates working” on snapchat

>Faked eating her friend out when a client paid for her to go down on them

>Is moving with just matt and no roommates, will somehow make rent

> is currently at her family reunion in vermot posting baby pictures and pictures of her grandma next to videos of her slapping her tits and shoving dildos in her ass for sushi money

>Ariana’s IG is back, she posts her sw shit there and loses followers instantly. Does cringe things like tag companies that used to work with her to get them to notice her, however no one does

>Snapchat gets banned, makes private ig account instead, barely updates it like the snap

>Ariana makes an onlyfans that produces horrifyingly bad porn that she makes in her living room while her roommate is home, sells it for 7 bucks
>Bleaches her hair after dying it black, dyes it red, intends on going blonde in a bpd episode
>Barely “works”
>Posts a caption about how her lip injector who she thought was a “friend” used her, most likely cutting Ariana off from free injections in exchange for ig promotion now that pnp is losing followers and posts dirty grimy “sex work” pictures
>Pnp outs her lip injector after no longer receiving free/discounted injections for bringing business in, because Ariana can’t keep a decent image online to save her life

>Talks shit about Dollskill, gets blocked, immediately tries to save face by posting pics of herself modeling for them

>Wants to become a suicide girl, says they ‘reached out to her’, anons confirmed this is not how the process happens
>Got a “normie job” in retail, unconfirmed where
>Promised a “double creampie” in a threesome with two other guys (possible matt and her only client or matt and aaron), still has not happened yet
>”psoriasis” flaring up
>Skinwalks cotted
>Brings up old beef with other philly sw (possibly almondmilkhunni), latinamilk is no longer following pnp either
>Moves into studio apartment where the train goes by literally every 5 minutes, thriving
>Dyes her hair blonde and hates it immediately
>Does molly on live while looking like a toothless grandma

>Rash is Back

>No word on “normie job”, Ariana continues to stay home all day on ig
>Does a shoot for Spencers, looks ridiculous and is mocked, spergs out on twitter
>Says she would give her psoriasis to a fucking BABY >>891310
>Confirms she got her boobs half off from theplasticspa, talks shit about them
>Isn’t posting new content on onlyfans, her only source of income
>In two back to back tweets claims she’s thriving, the other saying she can’t afford her fillers currently >>895883
>Manically dyes her fried blonde hair pink less than a month after getting it done
>Is already planning getting 12k worth of surgeries when she can’t even afford a 200 dollar doctor visit for her rash
>Rash is still there
>Accidentally dyes her hair pink…because she thought she was toning it
>Sperging about “psoriasis” and how her diet of eating celery juice and sardine helps
>Wants to move to vermont to “finish taxidermy school” that she never started, that she thinks will be close by to her family. No comment on where DoorMatt fits into this
>Makes gross porn with Doormatt, his ~huge weiner is revealed to be average
>Wears 5 dollar shein lingerie for porn after dying hair purple to “tone” it
>Bleaches her straw mess again
>Changes IG name to psoriasisbutmakeitsexy

>Anons dig up (previously unearthed) dirt regarding her neglect of her pet gecko >>914567, and cornering a hamster with a spray bottle >>916322
>Is talking about driving 2 hours one way to Taxidermy School she’s paying 10k upfront for, 7 days a week, when she can’t even keep a consistent OF upload schedule
>Gets her fillers dissolved after sperging about how she has NO FILLERS LEFT!!, gets them refilled a week later by a possibly worse injector, lips look like literal sausages
>Pewdiepie posts a cap of her lips from a botched plastic surgery reddit for a quick ten seconds on his stream, does not mention her name or knows who she is, Ariana proceeds to sperg out about it and cry online bullying
>Posts outrageous photoshopped pictures, claims she doesn’t shoop, gets posted on photoshop reddit
>Bitches at other SW on twitter

Social media
Ig: psoriasisbutmakeitsexy

Ig (deleted): Plasticnproud 

Twitter: twitter.com/AliceAmorLove

Reddit: Airkilla321
Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/aliceamorlove

No. 939998

amazing thread pic OP

No. 940001

File: 1583191204818.png (44.71 KB, 597x196, Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 6.19…)

a guy who isn't your boyfriend or roommate anymore, didn't text you in the span of 6 hours… better call 911

jesus, how can matt take being cucked so hard constantly?

No. 940002

Fucking crying. Best edit ever.

Add “inippleny” (old tumblr handle) to next one.

No. 940010

File: 1583192211482.jpg (787.31 KB, 1080x1706, Screenshot_20200302-183625_Twi…)

She's nasty and looks old as hell

No. 940011

File: 1583192235192.jpeg (230.7 KB, 749x1076, 704180D1-1BB7-496D-942A-53883C…)

Deleted content, the head on this thing honestly.

No. 940025

File: 1583193489784.jpeg (178.74 KB, 750x1260, B966E455-BAAB-469B-8C7F-4B0BD1…)

It lurketh…if you recall anons previous comment

No. 940030

File: 1583193821824.png (2.18 MB, 750x1334, D7ADC617-22DD-43C6-9F25-ACFF69…)

Her two selves

No. 940034

trashiest taste

No. 940043

yelling at an animal does fuck all, that poor cat must be so confused by the big lipped thing that's rag lisping at her.

where, she looks the same in the face lol.

No. 940046

File: 1583196297699.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 48.82 KB, 617x326, 49FCF505-A096-4939-B7C8-E2278D…)


I am still reeling from the disgusted stretched vag pic from last thread. Full warning, spoiled pic is a close up but jesus why are her hands SO DIRTY. She’s in the bath! She got a UTI shortly after this if I recall actually

No. 940047

Ew anon WHYYYY. should’ve just posted the close up of her ugly ass face.

No. 940075

I accidentally moved my mouse onto this image in public and now I have to leave my college. And also never eat again.

No. 940087

File: 1583199340863.jpeg (86.01 KB, 750x392, 265C41E2-6C5A-4A55-9FCC-E6B4F5…)

Oh man, decorating and a back drop?!? This bitch 1000% lurks. Constantly.

No. 940095

File: 1583200539583.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 9584EA96-EABC-447E-B47E-88AB9B…)

Sure Ariana I’m sure people want to pay money to see you post a single meme every three weeks accompanied by a long drawn out caption with info you can get from your main instagram! Great deal

No. 940096

why does this all look like stuff someone let a blind person pick out of goodwill?

No. 940116

How are these “novelty toys?”

Also, bless you, OP, for that hilarious thread pic.

No. 940120

She really doesn’t understand how aging looks when it affects a person..
It’s literally just a shitty vague journal that people pay her to read.

No. 940126

File: 1583203182370.jpeg (900.02 KB, 1125x1301, 64B4832F-2457-47D3-899F-9D89D4…)

the pic she posted with it is irrelevant but this is what she wants people to pay to read. luckily i bought access when it was like $5 one day so now i get to see all of this dumb shit.

No. 940132

lol she’s so fucking manic

No. 940159

that thrush tongue tho

No. 940160

PNP is the queen of milking herself. Why does she give us so much content? Why did we have to hear about her uti after this pic? Sage for useless contribution, sometimes I forget it's PNP we're talking about

No. 940206

Nitpick. This is the second (at least) time she’s said Tarte instead of tart. As far as I’m aware unless your talking about the makeup brand, tarte Tatin, or her cat, it’s tart. This woman is so uneducated, but using the French spelling to make herself seem more worldly?! I know when you’re aware someone’s a bad person that insignificant things they do are infuriating but god, she really is thick

No. 940231

Her phone probably autocorrected tart to Tarte because she posts about the cat so much, anon.

No. 940236

This seriously reads like a farmer wrote it making fun of the way she speaks. She’s so predictable lmfao. Also dying at her saying she hasn’t gotten fillers in a while…she literally JUST got them

No. 940268

But she “deserves” it kek

No. 940273

Ariana for fuck's sake please stop buying stuff, and sort some out first! Your bed looks like someone's table at a fucking children's stuff flea market. If anything, you should be buying some plain, big surface storage space, not more clutter!

No. 940276


1. Has credit cards to pay down
2. Dog needs to be groomed
3. Needs to bring her car in, which will be required for her to drive to class in April
4. Has been crying about how she will pay for the gas for like a month

Instead of addressing any of the above, first she needs to get filler, kfc, taco bell, a bunch of grandma-tier nik-naks, and decorations for her apartment

No. 940280


“paying off my credit cards faster than ever”

This bitch really has no shame in admitting she’s in debt across multiple credit cards with nothing to show for it except some embarrassing gape pics sold off for chump change. If she was making back the amount of money she put into fixing her face, she wouldn’t be paying off “multiple credit cards”. Its hilarious she thinks debt = normal and successful. Especially while currently deep in it and only digging herself further. I bet everytime she pays down a card she logics that she now has extra money to use.

No. 940283

File: 1583235546934.png (3.55 MB, 750x1334, 56863CDB-6DF8-44CC-91AE-3BC6A4…)

So this is the new couch she just bought? Uh… looks thrifted like all the other junk she bought. You shouldn’t need to cover your new couch with a blanket after just buying it.

No. 940285

she's such white trash, I get such secondhand embarrassment from her "decor"

No. 940286

I don't understand her end goal with fillers. Does she want to look like a bloated puffy shiny blobfish at age 35?

Lmao also her constant self-reassurance sounds like panicked denial. Cant wait for her self-sabotaging meltdown this April.

No. 940313

File: 1583242577473.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, 71DEF167-EA25-46C5-93CE-62A3B1…)

I love the placement of the doll that is supposed to be her next to the doll that is actually her… kek

No. 940333

There is no solid aesthetic/theme to her apartment. All of the clashing colors and random, junky decór strewn about just make it look like a tornado tore through,

No. 940370

File: 1583255330296.jpeg (989.14 KB, 1242x1493, 0D0BC8A5-8D28-4231-95A1-33EAA3…)

I was about to post a response to the previous pic of this doll with the attached screenshot because it’s still funny to me that it’s supposed to be Ari. Funny how the side by side is just like her pics where she always looks better in the “before”

No. 940416

When your “decor” is the black cat poster from ikea.

No. 940499

Why is her resin spider hanging on her wall? Didn't she sell it?

No. 940513

File: 1583278210194.png (1.19 MB, 1372x863, Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 6.28…)


Nah, it's one of the ones that hasn't sold yet. Pretty disgusting though it is just hanging in her wall being exposed to weed smoke and god knows what else. Unprofessional.

No. 940583

now now ari we all know you’re built like a teenage boy when it comes to your hip to waist ratio - who do you think you’re fooling?

No. 940700

They succeeded in making her doll look as dirty and greasy as possible. The accuracy…

No. 940727

She didn’t make the doll or that post but yeah the body isn’t accurate. The doll is still busted like her though

No. 940733

File: 1583305201321.jpeg (245.61 KB, 1242x826, EFAC2B79-A456-4585-9DD9-8C7228…)

She’s truly the worst

No. 940736

WOW. What a raging cunt. She could have asked for a tip on her onlyfans or venmo in exchange for a bit of advice, but instead she chose to be a total fucking bitch to someone who asked very politely. Ariana McMilian is truly a God awful putrid mean-spirited skank.

No. 940763


Ariana being the jealous and bitter cunt that she is probably doesn't wanna be responsible for for someone succeeding where she is failing.

No. 940816

File: 1583333215716.png (Spoiler Image, 3.04 MB, 750x1334, 7CF1FAEA-CEF7-4E80-AE27-031480…)

No. 940818

Jesus please spoiler, also how is her sticking her tongue out like that sexy? At least try to look like you "feel so good"

No. 940820

Looks like a leech in her asshole

No. 940828

Did Ariana McMillan of Philadelphia take a photo with a dookie sticking out???? YIKES her and gun girl should link up.

No for real, this literally looks like poop from the thumbnail.

No. 940833

File: 1583336474525.jpeg (429.2 KB, 1226x1745, 2F8813A9-6987-494A-B9E8-694ED1…)

cow STAYS lurking

No. 940843

You know her makeup must look horrible in real life when it already looks this cakey and bad in a photo.

No. 940855

I like this hair color on her, too bad her personality is trash

No. 940856

Ariana: for some reason I have like no friends and no girl friends!

Also Ariana:

No. 940874

File: 1583342546678.jpg (615.69 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200304-092057_Red…)

She's on r/botched again …

No. 940875

File: 1583342546780.png (2.53 MB, 750x1334, E04C22F3-1E5D-45F6-BB57-96A98B…)

Tiny mouth inside her normal mouth looking as botched as ever. She also saved the video so her abuse of the Kylie Jenner filter doesn't show, as if people can't see the blurred skin or digital lashes kek. Stay gold Ariana.

No. 940907

File: 1583348451520.jpeg (70.27 KB, 750x1058, E8F014D4-A564-4B4F-BEDC-8EDE4D…)

it’s kinda sad how much she thinks this is true

No. 940926

She says that to convince herself there is no way she actually thinks that. She literally looks like mid 20’s to 30’s. Maybe she looks younger in person idk but from photos and videos she looks her age or older.

No. 940932

To be fair she looked like she was 40 when she was pre surgery.

No. 940963

She is constantly talking shit on how ugly / old she looked back in the day that it makes me wonder, if she decides to drop a spawn, will she be repulsed by it's features?

No. 940973

File: 1583357523982.jpeg (301.34 KB, 1125x1240, 76BDF93D-6B3F-41E8-85AF-208603…)

Sooo… she thinks this is a ”cute still”. Yikes

No. 940974

File: 1583357525538.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 488.9 KB, 1232x696, 1A46A010-308F-435C-95B4-703933…)

Lmao the new video she posted on her twitter shows her shoving a dildo between her tits with all the grace of a 13 year old boy….so awkward

No. 940994

she moves like slenderman or salad fingers LMFAO she’s so stiff and awkward looking in everything she does. legit opposite of sexy it’s so cringe it looks like a parody

No. 941015

File: 1583362784032.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 440.48 KB, 2048x2048, EEBD9976-D68C-4A35-9E3B-D81341…)

No. 941021


No. 941024

jesus christ her complete lack of sex appeal is so incredible to me. Does she truly, honestly watch these videos of herself awkwardly and aggressively grabbing and prodding at her body and think "yeah that's sexy"?????
Ariana, go watch porn please. Go watch other (more successful) sex workers' solo videos and compare them to your own. Or, keep it up and corner your niche market of men who enjoy videos of women who act like they are pubescent boys who woke up in a woman's body

No. 941025

"I'm gonna ask you to not point these at me, m'aam"

No. 941031

File: 1583364412028.jpeg (164.83 KB, 671x1072, 045615D1-ED5D-4BF7-9042-776CE0…)

Wait, guys I’m serious I had a sleep paralysis demon that looked 100% like this pic, with the feet for hands and everything. Wtf Ariana these are not “cute stills”. Jfc. Why hasnt anyone posted this yet lmao

No. 941039

File: 1583364737159.jpeg (66.96 KB, 750x395, A1C6DF47-B8D7-479D-A25F-39A5D3…)

Her posting for foot fetishes crack me up bc most people are grossed out by feet, maybe that’s just me. This grosses me the fuck out, maybe bc it’s Ariana idk honestly.

No. 941043

The cluttered background and makeup covered hands are her staple. Such low effort being put into her cinematography. She truly thinks looks are everything.

No. 941046

Her hair looks cute there, idk why it looks so grotty and unbrushed now

No. 941051

this putrid cunt is always whining about how sex workers help other sex workers etc etc and she doesn't even want to DECENTLY RESPOND to this person asking politely?? i genuinely don't understand how someone can have as vile a personality as pnp

No. 941076

The thing that really gets me, she could have just not responded at all! It’s not like she answers every person or question in her comments.

No. 941080

i think she gets off on being a vile cunt to others. she’s a classic case of the bullied becoming a bully because it’s the only way she can feel good about herself.

she just loves bringing other people down. she’s an actual demon.

No. 941087

File: 1583371028784.jpeg (472.32 KB, 1507x699, F9F49018-3697-4F6F-9005-39AA81…)

No. 941095

File: 1583371467275.jpeg (339.6 KB, 750x1192, BDB72603-7D5D-4020-9289-D064E6…)

“I don’t drink or smoke anymore” you literally smoked a joint yesterday on your live? what is the point of lying? lmao also imagine still thinking/talking/POSTING about your ex of like.. what 5 or 6 years ago? how embarrassing for matt lol

No. 941126

“I’m a clean freak”

No. 941137

you can hear her dry ass feet rubbing together at the end. real sexy

No. 941152

That is genuinely creepy

No. 941211

This shit right here. This is why I googled to see if anybody was talking about this girl, because she’s mean and nasty and I KNEW I couldn’t be the only one who thought so. This thread would never exist if she didn’t have a worse personality than dog shit.

No. 941230

It WAS posted. Two hours before you reposted…

No. 941236

it was a wig

No. 941239

"All I do is hustle and clean"

The utter delusion…

No. 941256

Do you think she GENUINELY believes these things, or does she know deep down that she’s lying?

No. 941327

File: 1583422341176.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, D98F1D4D-355D-4320-86FD-9553FA…)

gross. crying (again) on instagram about her dumb dreams. no one cares ariana, it’s not normal to record yourself sobbing and then posting on your socials. what kind of validation does she need? just fucking weird and cringe

No. 941336

Because shes trying to seem like she has empathy for others because she an "empathic" She doesnt have friends to talk to anyway so she just goes on her story.

No. 941337

She doesn't believe it. That is why she has to seriously spout it any chance she can get. She is trying so hard to convince herself. I have never met a person who has to constantly tout how good at life they are doing unless its a fucking MLM boss babe. We all know how how bad they are trying to convince themselves and their followers that they haven't made a massive life mistake.

No. 941338

i mean obviously, yes anon. doesn’t make it any less weird

No. 941350

File: 1583428869573.jpeg (142.86 KB, 828x708, E717A61A-0EAE-443C-9A9D-75A98B…)

The dream she had.

No. 941363

File: 1583432369114.jpeg (73.47 KB, 494x462, 2507DFB8-BD5B-437E-B00A-95725C…)

Did nobody catch this jesus christ

No. 941369

Argh those lips are a thing of nightmare. Christ.

No. 941371

She literally has extended periods of time where she does nothing but surf on Instagram lmao she could’ve easily responded “I charged ____ when I first started!” I just don’t get why be rude??? Imagine being that cranky

No. 941375

Look at those uncooked chipolatas

No. 941378

This is so unsexy wow. She looks like a european grandma bending over

No. 941395

>a european grandma bending over
i was thinking a homeless bag lady bending over to strangers for a dollar on the street

No. 941396

File: 1583436138141.jpeg (204.23 KB, 1185x1251, EF1C4D40-9B40-4BFA-AA47-A3CC43…)

Her lips

No. 941402

Deflate gate much lmao.

Also a buddy of mine saw the post on botched surgery and asked me who it was cus they know I browse these sites and we've talked about that subreddit before. I gave her aris username and she is BLOCKED. This girl says she never commented or interacted negatively with her once. Ariana is really just out here blocking girls she thinks are hating on her with absolutely zero proof other than her own manic ego.

No. 941409

File: 1583436962911.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 40.62 KB, 750x413, 3C2C36D3-D4E8-40F6-B14C-BFC15C…)

This is most embarrassingly small and flat ass I’ve ever seen.

No. 941410

File: 1583437131297.jpeg (160.79 KB, 750x1334, A8DCB5EA-0F9B-4AD0-AD70-640EF0…)

She’s on live and someone cowtipped. Her response “yeah there are thousands of threads because people are obsessed with me. It’s insanity”

No. 941412

File: 1583437257087.jpeg (82.16 KB, 750x1000, 3FD1359D-416A-41D2-8B16-EFE92D…)

No. 941413

she's like skinny momokun

No. 941419

She sperged about it for twenty mins. "I know they're in here right now. I bet if you went on the forum right now there are screenshots of this live." Lol Arianna you're like a car crash, you can't look away. Can you blame us?

No. 941420

I thought she was over makeup

No. 941427

ari has never been “over” anything in her life. anytime she picks up or drops any habit it is 100% motivated by what other people say about her. this bitch literally lives her life for this thread at this point.

all the deflecting she does wont change the fact that she has absolutely no friends whatsoever. funny how you never see a single mention of ANYONE except aaron or matt, and even those are getting rare now.

No. 941436

File: 1583440936945.jpg (277.21 KB, 1079x971, Screenshot_20200305-154217_Twi…)

She's such a cheap bitch

No. 941448

File: 1583442344340.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 452.61 KB, 750x1116, 5171F382-0840-4C94-95AE-400424…)

With a fucking lighter in her hand? What is this, a ball hair removal film?

No. 941452

File: 1583442486588.png (130.3 KB, 500x374, 4136C3D7-F310-4551-854B-5E02F9…)

No. 941461

File: 1583443198664.jpg (494.84 KB, 1079x1513, Screenshot_20200305-161833_Ins…)

No. 941463

I think that’s her juul

No. 941465

See the sticker? It's a lighter 100%

No. 941470

she was probably hitting a bong or something

No. 941482

Ain’t this the saint of pay your artists what they ask? Wtf is she doing questioning the seller?

No. 941522

Was thinking the same thing. Lord help the poor soul dumb enough to want to purchase any of her goods or services. Aim for anything lower than what she's asking for and she'll go on IG to vague post about how much of an unappreciative cheapskate you are. Then she'll use that situation to go off on an artist ass licking tangent about knowing your worth as a creator. What a surprise; the holier than thou thot is being hypocritical since rules don't apply to her.

No. 941531

Gotta love how on any other day she's so incredibly affluent and successful, but today's she's negotiating art prices on fucking Craigslist to save a few extra dollars. Why not have your grandparents pay for it? They pay for everything else you wanna waste someone else's money on.

No. 941536

Her cheeks don’t even touch theyre so small

No. 941537

Still flat as fuck Ariana idk what ur point is(constant nitpicking)

No. 941538

I’d argue the idiots who support her IG and buy her shit are obsessed but meh whatever floats your boat Ari! Attention is attention, it’s not like she cares what the underlying meaning of all these strangers following her really means.

Pro tip Ari: the people letting you know about the thread or say they’ve seen it, actively read it through. It’s not like their “positivity” is immune to morbid curiosity.

No. 941576

I am crying over this. What even is this. Her ass looks like it's sucking in somehow???

No. 941625

File: 1583454371732.jpg (140.42 KB, 1079x1513, lookatit.jpg)

No. 941704

A Grand Canyon of a butt crack

No. 941755

Realized ari reminds me of sex working murderer Luka Magnotta. SO fucking vain. Self-centered. Narcissistic. Sociopathic. Obsessed with infamy. I’ve never seen humanity in her. Has been & always will be a bad person. Magnanimous white trash loser

No. 941758

wow! i never thought to make that connection but this is actually spot on. could also add “desperate for attention”

No. 941762

Funny that you'd compare her to someone competent enough to complete a murder, dismember the body, and send the parts to political offices. Ariana can't complete a single task, nor could she do it without broadcasting it. She'd be on her private Instagram like
>dear diary i had such a productive day!!! I walked frogger cleaned the cat box took out the trash dismembered a body and sketched for hours!!! Now I just have to ask matt out how to ship something cos he's a mailman lmao

No. 941798

File: 1583478723822.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 373.1 KB, 1176x679, 92AE4DAF-67C3-48F3-A69B-C3272C…)

She has an ugly asshole too(nitpicking an asshole)

No. 941811

We all have ugly assholes.

No. 941827

Weird nitpick I know but I just saw this clip on twitter and does she sleep on a full size or twin size mattress? Even though she’s so rich and thriving?
I know it’s not a Queen because I sleep on a queen and I’m imagining her and Matt on that bed and not having nearly as much space as me and my boyfriend.

No. 941901

Top kek anon

No. 941903

I guess if you don't like assholes you could feel that way but some of us do and I can tell you her asshole is specifically ugly

No. 941905

File: 1583505828810.jpeg (164.77 KB, 946x2048, ESbnAFOXQAA1kg-.jpeg)

No. 941906

She sleeps on an air mattress

No. 941913

Her self timer photos could look waaaaaaaay less trashy if she took 5 minutes to declutter her surroundings instead of showing everyone how she really lives…. laundry on the floor, extension cords, cluttered coffee table, and I can’t even figure out what’s going on in the way back

No. 941915

this is probably the weirdest nitpick i've ever seen on lc

No. 941920

Her decorating style (or lack thereof) is so, so terrible that it’s actually bothersome.

No. 941921

I guess you are new here, then…

No. 941924

File: 1583510310647.jpeg (179.77 KB, 1242x369, 0CE38760-75A7-4DB8-80CA-1BFE28…)

Is it normal to be this fixated on an ex?

No. 941925

lol accusing people of being new whilst not knowing how to sage your nitpicks of someone's asshole of all things. nice.

No. 941928

I bet her ex is getting a good cackle out of how bad she’s butchered her appearance.

No. 941930

Sage your fucking nitpicks and bullshit, idiots. Wish the mods would ban you all.

No. 941931

no, it’s not. i really wonder how matt feels about this. i have no doubt she went to the show just because her ex was there too and she thinks she was gonna flex her “~living my best life” bullshit on him when he absolutely does not give a shit

No. 941936

Does anyone know her ex’s Ig handle?

No. 941947

I mean she was worried about not having enough filler in her face to show up.. >>941095

No. 941953

No this is weird af. The only people who think about their ex this much are people who want to get back together with them.

She also has to be super jealous that her ex upgraded, in terms of looks anyway. And we all know that that’s all Ari cares about

No. 941961


No. 941981


Damn, so DoorMatt is just skinwalking her ex huh? He’s everything that cuck tried to be before giving up and becoming a mail man.

No. 941983

theres absolutely no reason to post this on your SW twitter other than to stir up shit

No. 941986

It's also gotta kill ariana that the ex's fiancee is naturally gorgeous and they seem genuinely happy.

No. 941988

I mean idk, she ain’t no prize either.

He def has a type that looks like a man in drag makeup(3.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers. )

No. 941990

who the fuck cares how she looks? jesus christ some of you anons have gotten way too used to being in this thread to the point that you see nothing wrong with dragging this random girl just because she is (extremely distantly) related to our cow. inb4 “its relevant bc its his exes new gf!!!” it isn’t though. ari never said anything about this girl, the rules state not to drag people into the threads who aren’t involved, and neither of them are.

No. 941997

Oh I never said she was competent enough to commit murder & momentarily evade capture. Luka was dumb as fuck too. He had like 3 more brain cells than ariana.

I forgot to add they’re both pathological liars as well.

No. 942011

Deactivated tumblr is frodokinzdead.tumblr.com but all I could see was one deactivated ask post where someone asked if he was mad that ariana posted a naked picture. Anyone know how to see a full deactivated tumblr?

No. 942013

So wearing a lot of makeup means she isn't naturally pretty? At last she isn't chopping up and injecting her face beyond recognition

No. 942026

Would anyone have the timeline of when she and the ex broke up and her and Matt got together and when her and Aaron met? because she and the were still close enough for a while calling to be calling him her bff and posting pics with him

No. 942029

File: 1583530175295.png (679.64 KB, 804x825, Screenshot_20200306-142516.png)

She's naturally beautiful actually

No. 942033

File: 1583530996694.jpeg (399.55 KB, 1125x1675, 4268F656-B940-438F-A516-9B946F…)

white knighting girls who all have gotten plastic surgery because she has to justify going into debt to "fix" her face

No. 942046

Knit lol

No. 942047

File: 1583532609722.jpg (601.75 KB, 1079x1213, Screenshot_20200306-170956_Ins…)

She's an egg head

No. 942056

I don't get this. She literally posts before and after pictures of her presurgery face constantly and she's mad that this other page did the exact same thing with celebrities…?

No. 942058

is it just me or is her makeup getting progressively worse? like not just the style of it but the application.

No. 942075

She just does it like a clown. If she wore it less cakey and didn't overdo the shadow like some street walking prostitute she wouldn't look nearly as shitty as she does.

No. 942080

File: 1583536561280.jpeg (153.48 KB, 550x459, A9D22931-EC39-4332-84AD-77D986…)

She is cute but literally anyone would be compared to this botched bitch. Lifted from her story posted a few hours ago, she's reposting stuff from 2018 saying "I don't know who this is" kek Ariana, neither do we.

No. 942089

her eyes are so sick of her shit they’re trying to fucking run away from each other in the second pic. wtf

No. 942095

File: 1583539495311.png (4.88 MB, 1125x2436, 8B75078A-9A79-4725-87C4-C168B0…)

This bitch really thinks the only difference in her appearance is the change in her drag makeup. She’s more botched now than ever. If her makeup was truly her only issue with how bad she looks now then maybe she should go back to whatever she did in her before picture because even that’s better than her clown drag botched look.

No. 942108

File: 1583540628933.jpg (726.78 KB, 1079x1924, Screenshot_20200306-192202_Ins…)

No. 942138

Thank you for this future thread pic

No. 942178

File: 1583550182877.jpg (79.8 KB, 1080x395, Screenshot_20200306-220225_Twi…)

No wonder she has such a stretched out hemorrhoid-y asshole

No. 942197

ari literally mentioned "the natives" coming onto her sexually every single day of her trip at least once a day usually more than once. For someone who was supposedly disgusted by it she sure paid an awful lot of attention to it

No. 942215


Alright them Ari, go back to your old makeup so you look unbotched again. No-no, I’ll wait…

Lol she couldnt look that good again if she tried.

No. 942218

God she’s fucking ugly

No. 942222

How did pnp know her ex would be at that show? His band wasn’t even playing.

Does anyone else happen to know the name of the band she did post btw?
Doesn’t look like doormatts band played either.

No. 942225

I was wondering this as well. I could understand her knowing if she was a) still friendly with her ex or b) actually a part of her local music scene but she’s neither. Would we really be surprised that Ari still lurks the whereabouts of her ex from YEARS ago to try to “accidentally” run into him and flex how “hot” she is now? Ole girl hasn’t let go of ANY of her past and it’s really sad that she can’t work towards actually bettering her future because she’s so stuck on things that don’t even matter anymore.

No. 942244

Pretty sure her ex cheated on her with his now fiancé. The kaylee liked timothys picture with frogger in it. which has now been deleted but the screen shot of kaylees spam likes is still on his ig. Don’t know why she’s still obsessed with him, he’s so ugly. too ugly for either of them tbh.

No. 942248

Repost of >>942080 read the thread before you post, reposting is against the rules.

No. 942331

Saging 101

Sage posts that contain no milk. This post >>942244 has no milk as there are no screenshots to back it up. Opinions are speculation should be saged as non-saged posts bump the thread unnecessarily.

To sage you posts. TYPE “sage” INTO THE EMAIL FIELD.

Jesus, hate to minimod but so many newfags come here and clearly do not understand how to sage their non-milk.

Tinfoil, but im honestly starting to think Pnp is coming here to shit up the thread in hopes to get it locked again.

No. 942337

Don't give her any ideas

No. 942369

It was milk I just don’t give af enough to screenshot but I told you where to find the proof so?

No. 942371

post screenshots or fuck off. this is an imageboard.

No. 942380

it's not milk because it has nothing to do with ariana

No. 942389

File: 1583599392001.jpeg (236.8 KB, 1125x1659, 7A87F477-0BAE-4E3E-8EB0-72E810…)

This? Who cares if pnp was cheated on it’s what she deserved. Ari pining over him in the comments was hilarious though.

No. 942402

File: 1583603093525.jpeg (631.43 KB, 3464x3464, 981B7E5A-E047-4B83-B908-A6D4B5…)

That's a shitty take anon. No one deserves to have their trust broken or betrayed. not wking pnp at all, she's garbage, but that sucks.

Sage for non milk but here we see ari kissing up and pretending to be cool with that fact that she got cheated on and dumped. Incredibly pathetic cope. He posted the Pic with frogger just two months prior, so he definitely cheated or had this girl lined up for when they split. Guy looks like a dirtbag and his new gf wears almost as much shitty tranny make up as ari does, why she felt the need to stalk him at a show to "flex" is beyond me. She posted about him being there before and after the show, so she definitely planned to "bump into" him. Sage for my autism.

No. 942423

File: 1583604630442.png (6.17 MB, 1125x2436, 876F4FCD-4E56-4117-9C75-0E3C4E…)

She’s on live and of course mentioned once again how she ran into her ex and how it’s sooo awkward to pretend she doesn’t know what his asshole looks like.

No. 942434

Even if he did cheat, I’m sure pnp must have done something to lead him to it.
Not trying to justify cheating. but when a person is treated like shit in their relationship, I can see why someone unstable would seek it elsewhere.

She definitely posted about him prior and after. Which is weird because his band didn’t play. So how would she know he’d be there

No. 942449

I didn’t think to take a screenshot, but I died when a woman commented her lash in her inner eye was falling off and Aaron read the comment aloud and she said, “No. Don’t.. say anything.” lmfao
>>942423 Did you catch that?

No. 942453

Toothless tranny grandma

No. 942460

she’s a literal prostitute and cucks her current bf on a daily basis. who cares?

No. 942461

File: 1583609081543.jpeg (415.42 KB, 750x667, 9D106CA5-375B-43F6-B7FB-51331B…)

Uncanny valley when her old face comes out from beneath her new one

No. 942463

no I left the live when she started doing her fake lashes lol

No. 942466

Pretty sure that band she posted did have her ex in it. The vocalist looks just like him, only w facial hair. Why else would she post it??? She also mentioned on Twitter that she has a type for “hxc” vocalists and all her relationships have been w musicians.

Although doormattt is not a hardcore vocalist. He’s definitely low tier metalcore.
But pnp is ignorant and just calls it HXC to be edgy.

No. 942520

File: 1583616351272.jpeg (84.75 KB, 600x665, DDA7D910-C3AA-426F-B4CE-92F0C7…)

No. 942540

He wasn’t performing. His story that night showed him in the audience

No. 942556

this picture made me literally grimace. her eyes are so lopsided and her disgusting toothless mouth area, what the fuck

No. 942557

holy shit she looks the fucking same

No. 942561

Your timeline is so off. She's been with Matt sincerely 2015

No. 942564

File: 1583622586087.jpeg (259.82 KB, 828x1133, 46CAFA9B-4262-46BD-AC5B-E906AC…)

Deleted content.

No. 942569

Ah my mistake anon. If she was pretending to still be cool with him around that time then, I wonder what happened to change that.

No. 942607

File: 1583630471060.jpg (372.23 KB, 2896x2896, 20200307_192046.jpg)

Ariana always loves a good before and after

No. 942611

For someone who is aging backwards and doesn't edit her photos it sure looks like she's aging progressively and editing the shit out of her photos

No. 942618

nice forehead wrinkles

No. 942620

You can see where she smoothed them out in facetune, kek. Flaws like that don't disappear in sunlight, they show more.

Nice job exposing yourself ari.

No. 942621

On the left she looks like she's melting wtf Haha

No. 942623


No. 942625

Her eyes in the left pic are tripping me out so much. one is so much lower than the other. does she like edit them to be more even in her pics or something?

No. 942626

Watch her getting botox again in the next few weeks now.

No. 942636

what stuns me is how little she’s done to invest in anti-aging skincare despite all of this work she’s invested in. never seen her mention retinol, vitamin c, and the like. bet she doesn’t even wear sunscreen daily lol

No. 942646

in the previous threads she was applying retinol a lot but doesn't seem to be any longer. I remember because she looked oily 24/7 and applied too much

No. 942692

File: 1583652246763.png (8.75 MB, 1125x2436, 297AFC94-DB17-4BDE-8F92-DC5F14…)

don't worry guys she's just really good at makeup and we're all blind haterz

No. 942700

She’s such mess - in every single way.

No. 942705

File: 1583658395606.jpeg (574.69 KB, 2048x2048, AC7FD728-606F-4D13-B493-E080A0…)

It’s just angles and posing pouting! The sun is my filter ctfu

No. 942734


it must fuck matt up in the head to see how often she lies on her socials, when he knows better. i mean, i know he’s barely around for her, but he probably watches her facetuning and knows how much she makes/wastes.

Like, what kinda lies is she telling you Matt?

No. 942735


lol when she was doing this makeup on live she was bragging to aaron how “you know my makeup is good when i dont do freckles … because freckless..distract”

5 mins later… adds freckles. This girl can be wearing a pound a makeup and still feel insecure.

No. 942736

File: 1583675035855.jpeg (247.95 KB, 750x1108, D1D11261-5813-4711-82C2-862C69…)

Has anyone noticed (ya, i know, you have) that she has to hype own self up every single day? It really comes off like every day she needs to convince herself she is okay with completely changing (botching) her face.

I wonder if she’s ever noticed that she gets the same amount of attention online as she did with her old face as she does now. Infact, I think she already peaked years ago. That must mess her up.

No. 942737

she probably hides it from him and lies to him as well about it just being makeup and angles

No. 942777

File: 1583684138147.jpeg (566.62 KB, 750x915, 265BDA85-A88A-440B-ABA8-4538EA…)

She was never a prize imo, but she absolutely peaked years ago after her nose job and before going wild with bleaching her hair. She was cute-ish and didn't look like a total cunt. Plastic surgery fixation, obsession with flexing on high school bullies, calling anyone who disagrees with her ugly, etc… It's all contributed to making her look rotten. That shit will eat you from the inside out.

No. 942820

It’s the general consensus that she peaked a long time ago, and it’s just getting worse. She looked 10 years younger just 2 years ago.

Personally, I can’t wait until she gets fat fillers. They are way less predictable and permanent. And we all know she is going to cheap out and get botched for the 100th time.

No. 942903

File: 1583711900934.jpeg (258.39 KB, 750x1334, 4C9D8821-9900-41AE-829C-0A3DA9…)

She’s so talented

No. 942904

Imagine you're a woodsman/hunter just trying to learn how to taxidermy the shit you kill and this literal clown shows up asking stupid questions with a lisp. She's against hunting kek gonna have a great time with the kind of people these things attract.

No. 942905

You don't have to make it look symmetrical if you just fuck up the whole thing

No. 942906

Kek that is the ugliest liner I've ever seen. & the forehead hairline disappears? Where did the very front if it go

No. 942908

she either did horrible tone editing on her forehead and couldn’t be bothered to erase it on her hairline or she puts foundation in her hair which is…. ew…..

No. 942909

File: 1583714035799.png (3.33 MB, 750x1334, D7193BAF-C805-4F37-BD4C-5302DD…)

obvious nitpick, but if you zoom in on the hair by her neck it almost always looks like there’s a patch of skin that’s her skins natural color which is more red instead of a ghastly corpse white color.

No. 942910

that looks like neck hair that she accidentally dyed pink

No. 942913

Her lip injection scars are what get me the most.

No. 942919

File: 1583718797577.jpg (743.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200308-195112_Ins…)

Must be the lighting that made her implant scar disappear.

No. 942920

As fucked as her lips are, those scars are from piercings.

No. 942936

Uhm no. Obviously the anon was talking about the many dots around the very edge of the lips where the injections go. Not the piercing scars.

No. 942937

It's such a joke that she wants us to believe she doesn't facetune/photoshop. She made her hairline straighter and covered her implant scars. Anyone can see it.

No. 942938

Love that she’s trying to look so sexy in this but her long ass neck makes her look like a confused weasel

No. 942961

Looks like smudged makeup, but ok. kek.

No. 942988

File: 1583749962965.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 958.8 KB, 3464x3464, B8F31DEE-1795-4D4D-8806-0B96DE…)

We understand that scars fade but come on Arianna. Really? Do you think we're retarded? Sage for non milk but an older pic, semi old and one from the last month or so. Girl…

No. 943021

File: 1583761823446.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1624, B849B4C6-CAAE-4DFF-B103-BD6696…)

private ig post

No. 943030

What a psycho. I appreciate you private ig anon, so this isn't isn't directed at you but…IMAGINE HAVING PAID FOR THIS BULLSHIT. Seriously it's the ramblings of a crackhead inmate or a 12 year old or something. What the actual fuck is she on

No. 943042

The funny thing is 209 people have paid for this rambling. For 52 posts in like a year, it's no wonder she can barely sell it for $5. Thank you anon(s) for taking one for the team.

No. 943048

So, she talks about stuff she wants to maybe think about doing someday, makes up narcissistic bullshit to feel important, and displays her terrible pet care skills once again. Riveting.

No. 943071

The amount of times she uses the word paranoid is obnoxious. It’s because your stoned all the time idiot, weed causes paranoia whether you want to admit it or not. This bitch has never exercised once in her life, yeah right she’s going to go to the gym. I love how she tries to make herself think she’s different than she is, you’re a pothead lazy potato, not some fit IG famous babe. Laughs all around, this is definitely just a paragraph of self inflation.

No. 943092

“It’s more humane / didn’t have the heart to do it”
Says it all in that sentence really…

No. 943102

This bitch feeds live and had an audacity to say she has any kind of empathy in her? It’s SO easy to feed frozen, you should only feed live if your snake refuses any other method. Ari didn’t even try feeding her snake frozen because what? She enjoys seeing the snake kill? Fuck she pisses me off.

No. 943145

File: 1583778185925.png (7.51 MB, 1242x2688, F0CB2B19-F804-4C16-88E8-D8D636…)

From her live. All those procedures and she looks like this

No. 943152

Bless all of you anons who take screenshots from her lives. I love seeing her real face that she tries so hard to hide

No. 943192

I really don't understand how she feels comfortable going on lives so often. she looks consistently so ugly in them all and my god the way her mouth moves when she speaks with that lisp is repulsive

No. 943211

File: 1583788415684.png (3.12 MB, 750x1334, 415A22C7-A782-4A45-AF1A-37F2CA…)

This cow is rly planning on getting a thread lift now kek

For anyone who doesn’t know, thread lift is a non surgical face lift using threads that pull your skin up.

That shit is for older women who want to rejuvenate their faces why the fuck does BotchednBloated want to do that

No. 943214

oh my god I've seen some terrible thread lifts done where you can like see the thread under the flesh when they're in motion

No. 943216


Latinamilk recently got one, couple of months ago I believe. She's probably "inspired" cus we all know she definitely still lurks her.

No. 943218


Hahaha, anyone feel like she gives these long explanations just for lolcow? First anons were saying how bad a fat graft would fuck up her face permanently and now thats changed. Next anons were mocking her for prioritizing filler over paying off debt and now suddenly she tacks on how she’s paying off a credit card first.

Damn, I didnt realize what a big impact we had on her decisions. I know she lurks, but I didnt think she’d start following farmers advice. Too bad she cherry picks the advice.

No. 943219

>>943216 I sm pretty sure Latinamilk got something done to her brows

No. 943222


If you ever catch her stories where she posts before/after shots of what she wants from random plastic surgery sites, she’s always posting women who are like 20+ years older than her. She is delusional.

No. 943223


Too paranoid to go to the gym because she’s afraid her “followers” will see her??? What?

Yet she’s not afraid to go get stoned and drunk and stalk her ex at shows.

This cunt is full of the stupidest excuses. If you’re too paranoid to interact with people you share the tiniest details of your life with, maybe choose a different career than being an e-thot who gapes her pussy and ass for free on twitter. KEK

No. 943224


i absolutely cant wait until she see’s her classmates and instantly bails because “theyre all gross hunters” and “they all want me cause IM WHITE WITH TATTOOS”

Then suddenly she’ll start blocking and being a bitch to anyone who brings it up.

No. 943226

The funniest thing about this is LM did get this done, twice, because you're not supposed to sleep on your side (what LM said) and she went back a second time and it still failed. Then her picture of the before and after was used by some other IG plastic surgeon place and they were using her pictures as an example of why NOT to get it done. But yeah, Ariana, get it done. You'll look great hunny.

No. 943312

I’m sorry this is off topic kind of, but what is LM current IG username. Because I could have swore I followed her but I haven’t seen a post in ages and I can’t find her searching LM

No. 943313


No. 943321

File: 1583806472388.jpg (539.77 KB, 2896x2896, 20200309_211221.jpg)

Tinfoil but since LM is brought up again, I noticed this the day ariana got her tattoo. Weird coincidence, or just a lil more proof of ariana yet again lacking any kind of creative bone in her body? Idk

No. 943380

File: 1583811609313.png (3.74 MB, 750x1334, 4B7DEDE1-8657-4617-B7C1-FE8C24…)

At least it has the correct amount of legs

No. 943388

File: 1583812381184.jpg (1.15 MB, 1512x1625, oo_140450.jpg)


Not the worst, but are those things supposed to be wings? For reference… those look more like petals than wings, there's no veins or structure.

No. 943395

File: 1583813148501.jpeg (52.96 KB, 800x533, 93D6FA94-65EF-4F85-A9ED-90C71F…)

eh not to wk but they’re not too off this wing shape. Actually looks more correct that her other stuff (c.f scorpion with human shaped eyes)

No. 943396

File: 1583813463788.jpg (693.64 KB, 1079x1436, Screenshot_20200310-001031_Ins…)

She looks sunburnt af. She said she was going to the dog park when she ended the live. I wonder if that's where she got burnt

No. 943398

She’s literally the first person who I’ve heard who’s ever bragged about paying of credit cards to the public..:

No. 943418

I’ve seen it before with things like student loans, car payments etc because it’s an accomplishment paying off something that helped better your life but…plastic surgery that she didn’t have to get for any type of career move/didn’t even make her look good?? Not something I would brag about paying off because it’s embarrassing

No. 943451

I just hate that the arms are somehow behind the wings
Sage for dumb nitpick but her art literally reminds me of middle school art class participation points

No. 943511

Jesus Christ she is so obsessed with this girl and trying to skinwalk her.

No. 943519

I agree, so far it's her best. But she always fucks up when she adds color (like the scorpion wasn't supposed to have purple but it reacted to the pen/paint poorly and girl is too stupid to do a test beforehand). It'll be interesting to see how this looks/ how long it'll take.

I think it's funny how the scorpion still hasn't sold, she hasn't been making two a week (fOr My gAs!), and returned home on March 1st but has only posted 3 times on OF since than? $13 and people are going to notice and not sub again.

No. 943577

wow both the scorpion AND the birth year?? tf is wrong with this bitch

No. 943587


That's not LM tho, it's some other girl. You can see her handle up top. Pnp is just incredibly unoriginal and e-thots born after 1990 all love these year they were born tattoos for some reason.

No. 943598

That is LM. That’s her new handle.

No. 943600

The point isn't that it was LM in the picture. It was posted by her while ariana was trying to figure out what tat to get, hence the dates. Ariana doesn't just copy what she does, she takes inspiration from every little thing she posts. I get it, maybe it's a coincidence but this isn't the first time

No. 943619

File: 1583858974415.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 701.35 KB, 2048x2048, 9B1671F6-157A-498E-90AA-55DE90…)

Kek her interaction on only fans is so low and she rarely updates, so I genuinely want to know what in her deluded mind makes her think people are going to pay $40 to watch her shave her bush

No. 943620

It’s not just LM she’s done this with though. Yeah it could be any e-thot she rips her persona from but it’s consistently been LM or babytrash with the hair, makeup, body mods, etc

No. 943621

EW this just made me feel sick, so fucking nasty. I’m sure some degenerate has a fetish for this but still. She looks like a fucking gutter hooker

No. 943622

The girl in the photo, retard, is not LM. It was reposted by LM. But as another anon pointed out, she does rip everything the girl does or shares.

She's so grody and trashy. Bush shaving video??? Pussy hanging out above her dirty living room floor? Ew.

No. 943645

Sorry for misreading, asshole.

No. 943652

Why does she make cringe porn? Their are so many people on onlyfans that have nice props/ background, cute outfits, collabs. She only makes money on there because she has a following her content just isn’t worth it. She sucks at absolutely everything she does. Her ex is probably so embarrassed to having ever been connected to this trailer park wanna be porn star. I still believe her and her brother got it on. I know there’s no proof but want all the newbies to know how nasty this bitch is.

No. 943653

File: 1583863335343.jpeg (143.07 KB, 1125x776, D52BE334-D0E9-4F54-858D-9AF2F7…)

she's said about 100 times now that she's very straight, nice queer baiting ariana

No. 943667

She only pretends to be into girls like that because her ex’s fiancée was actually into girls like that. If you look back far enough she’s still trying to be what she thinks he wants. Everytime she mentions Matt’s big dick she makes a slight remark at being used to having smaller ones before, dig at her ex. The puppy/pet play was like a thing they had. She even got a pink wig because the fiancé did that exact look like forever ago. She always mentions being shitty to him like years later, she’s desperate for him back. Feel so bad for the fiancée she’s really the definition of a crazy ex. Matt should’ve stayed with the hot girl he cheated with. She’s hotter even without the modifications.

No. 943669

maybe i missed this but what girl did matt cheat on ariana with?

No. 943672

Matt didn't cheat on her, this was during the period were they were on a break and she was fucking that ugly ass allamericanboy, who she stole from LM. Pnp accused Matt of cheating on her (kek) and posted it to her IG which she denies even though numerous people have screenshots of it. It was some random girl, and Matt was just texting her.

No. 943690

File: 1583868892583.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 199.21 KB, 750x1083, 192737B5-5446-417F-A292-5BC476…)

No. 943691

File: 1583868902278.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1125x1547, BD1708B3-0AF7-4FE4-8A2D-3C6169…)

Did I get it wrong sorry. Could’ve sworn he cheated with zoeyyluna but maybe I got it confused with another thread?

No. 943703

File: 1583871659884.jpeg (749.7 KB, 1003x1704, F49104DE-AF90-4B8A-BFA1-A2739F…)


Not only did she accuse Matt of cheating because he was texting a girl during the time they were “on a break” but she also accused him of using her for sex, money and a place to live lol. She put him on blast on all of her platforms and never even deleted them afterwards so they’re still floating around the internet

No. 943714

Man, she really has some of the worst tattoos/placements. Too much shading on the bird and the bear on her arm, the proportions of the woman with the sword are all wrong, and those things around her nipples are bad enough that I'm surprised she doesn't blame them alone for her failing SW career. (My personal favourite is the green turd on her leg tho)
Nothing goes together, there's no flow to it all. She looks like an 8th grade "artsy" kids' sketchbook.

No. 943721

This hick bitch would equate her sexual partner to family. Yick

No. 943727

File: 1583874844044.jpg (Spoiler Image, 428.77 KB, 1078x1903, Screenshot_20200310-171030_Ins…)

No. 943729

File: 1583875079924.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200310-171709_Ins…)

She bought the cheapest razors possible for her horrible bush shaving porn KEK. These bic razors are like 4-6 bucks.

No. 943732

File: 1583875395929.jpg (758.79 KB, 1074x1910, 20200310_172133.jpg)

"I always have 100 in cash on me." She's trying to sound like she has all this money but all I can think is she's broadcasting to the world that she's an easy target for mugging. People know where she lives and supposedly recognize her and she hates going places because of it but she'll gladly let them all know they can rob her for at least 100.00 USD. Pathetic

No. 943733

This is a weird nitpick but why did they draw the toenails so long? Do people actually grow them out like that? That's nasty.

No. 943734

File: 1583875529266.jpg (611.21 KB, 1076x1914, 20200310_172533.jpg)

No. 943736

File: 1583875632680.jpg (178.19 KB, 1080x749, Screenshot_20200310-172649_Twi…)

She's so disgusting.

No. 943737

File: 1583875693690.jpg (468.05 KB, 1080x1795, Screenshot_20200310-172716_Twi…)

The video she's commenting on is someone struggling to count change. I thought she wanted to open her own business some day for her nasty taxidermy which means handling money. kek She's stupid

No. 943775

Bc anon, that is the artist’s style. Exoticcancer is known for taking hyper sexualized themes and interpreting them as they really are..

No. 943778

File: 1583880129007.png (4.57 MB, 828x1792, F3913DA0-DE6D-4DBE-B259-8414CB…)

Truth comes out. This stupid cow has been paying solely interest on her CC for over a year. BUT SHES SOOO GOOD WITH MONEY GUYS.

No. 943789

File: 1583881283427.jpg (481.61 KB, 1078x1356, Screenshot_20200310-190044_Ins…)

Sunburn or what the heck

No. 943790

My guess is light trick.

No. 943817

i still remember this moment on ig lmfao that was such a good time for these threads. girl was a MESS.

No. 943849

File: 1583889501291.jpeg (38.1 KB, 828x170, 866BF51C-AAE5-40E4-A314-68428D…)

I’m…speechless. This dumbass brags about how much money she makes but doesn’t have GD health insurance??? Guess what moron, that’s a perk of have a ~regular~ job.

Man I recall her not wanting to go to the doctor for her psoriasis a while back, but I guess it just hadn’t fully set in how asinine this trailer park whore is.

No. 943854

She’s probably in the lowest tax bracket, she could sign up for govt subsidies insurance. But that would require her to have a brain cell and go online to sign up…. she’s not that resourceful. Ari will live her life with mystery sores and a myriad of other health issues bc of her negligence.

No. 943868

An illness that can’t kill her and is a simple flu makes her want to pay for insurance but not her fucking AIDS. My brain cells legitimately die every time I come to this thread.

No. 943878

Her dad told her when she had her first “psoriasis” flare up to finally marry Doormatt so they can share benefits. Guess that’s not really an option kek

No. 943891

Man, a sex worker that doesn’t have health insurance. She’s just furthering the stereotype that they are dirty. I don’t mean that as a slight to SWers but cmon isn’t she supposed to be tested regularly for that shit? This stupid hog didn’t even tell the doctor she was motherfucking raped bc he was a male. Time to fucking grow you up you idiot baby. Ask for a woman doctor. Get Medicare. Figure it out. Tired of this baby shit.

No. 943956

She should be tested within two weeks (BEFORE) any sexual encounter is a client or fellow SWer, and anyone she works with (client or otherwise) should also provide valid within two week test. Otherwise yes. Sketch as fuck.

No. 944035


Anon, it was never even proven she had psoriasis because she never went to the doctor.

Her entire body, face and pussy was full of sores a month or so after being raped in a foreign country, and she just googled it and changed her user name to psoriasisbutmakeitsexy and still made videos/did full service sex work. She’s a gutter whore.

No. 944042

nta but I don’t think that anon believes it’s psoriasis either, hence the inflection? You sound pressed.

No. 944053

File: 1583928112100.png (Spoiler Image, 7.09 MB, 1242x2208, 87D3F596-5709-46E2-B2A3-06C4DE…)

Took down her initial post about tips for shaving the bush, put up a new post about raffling off the video, then goes on her stories talking like Helen Keller about how her OoooOoNLeeEeEeeFaAaAaaaAAnNNz is lit.

No. 944055


Medicaid, actually, but yeah. At the least Planned fucking Parenthood.

No. 944062

File: 1583932128284.jpeg (619.14 KB, 1125x905, 82E78847-97A7-40DA-AE48-DDDF71…)

private ig post again

No. 944077

1. Wearing a mask will not prevent you from contracting the coronavirus.
2. I‘m insanely curious as to what her definition of “deep cleaning” is. Flushing the toilet and emptying the trash?
3. I’m truly disgusted (but not the least bit surprised) by the fact that she swims in that filthy river.

No. 944081

she doesn't want to get the coronavirus but sees no problem contracting some kind of disease from her dirty river baths

No. 944092

Was thinking the same thing kek. Concerned about not catching coronavirus but not concerned about HIV or syphilis? Knowing what we do know about her, it’s probably not even real concern but just another thing to add to her “paranoid personality”

No. 944093

File: 1583938318159.png (1.99 MB, 1242x2208, 1FF5CEFF-9292-4E11-BC40-82526B…)

No. 944095

The person who left that comment is almost as retarded as Ariana herself. Doing stuff with a """"sleeping"""" partner is not at all uncommon.

No. 944096

not same anon but just because it happens often doesnt mean it isnt rape or pandering to rapists/rape fantasists. same way ddlg stuff is common but it's still paedo pandering lmao

No. 944109

as someone who broadcasted that they were raped less than a year ago, it's weird as fuck

No. 944119

If a man ever tried to touch me in my sleep he better be ready to get fucking stabbed. Fuck no to this pro rape shit. Shes most likely doing this because she was raped, being sexually assaulted can make you like disgusting or messed up things. Promoting rape IS yikes and I hope that comment gave her PTSD flashbacks like her video title gave me.
This brain dead idiot really pisses me off
>paranoid about coronavirus, doesn’t let friend comeover
>goes out in public though
>I’m going to get high as fuck!
This paranoia thing is her most annoying new personality. Especially because she’s always high, (but she posted last week she’s not smoking weed kek.)

No. 944134

She made her account private kekekekek bets on how long that will last?

No. 944136

Can’t have friend come over because paranoia over a flu-like virus but it’s ok to go to Walmart.

No. 944146

>paranoid about virus
>so i sit around in my own filth smoking a plant all day that has been handled by probably 10+ people and could extremely easily carry mold, spores, bacteria and dust that will expose me to illness

No. 944147

File: 1583948215632.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.39 MB, 1120x1611, F2DDDB9F-D17C-400B-97B0-DCD529…)

Why does she ALWAYS have her pets in the background of her nudes and porn?

No. 944151

maybe we’ll see less of her dirty makeup hands since hand washing helps with the spread of coronavirus lol

No. 944153

even if this is a normalized fetish (eugh), there is something deeply disturbing about your partner filming your faux rape to monetize it. she may have consented to this, but it doesn't take away the fact the vast majority of women in this very situation have not and were, in fact, raped. it's a grim reality. rape is OK as long as it's not "the natives" doing it, huh, Ariana? didn't she cry abuse and rape against Doormatt at some point as well?

No. 944156

I went to do some daily creeping, and I think she blocked me randomly? I never interact with her, and now I can't find her profile or view her photos at all.

No. 944158

same. Is she gone?

No. 944159

Because she's shadownbanned, it no longer will allow you to search her name now that she went private. Instagram probably shadowbanned cause she's always trying to promote her porn lol

No. 944161

File: 1583950785733.jpg (237.23 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200311_131900.jpg)

I checked my accounts that follow her and one that doesn't, and all aren't showing her. Also, her IG is VersatileHeaux. The anon who made the recap misspelled it. (Shitty fucking username to be honest kek)

Maybe she got deleted for her basically nude photos and sending people to her onlyfans? Top kek if going private got her account taken down again.

No. 944164

Kek someone should try and steal that username with a throwaway acc if she’s really deleted

No. 944166

I tried, with my normal account because idc. But it says not available.

No. 944168

So this retard is shaving her bush because her visible scabies sores went away?

Because they want her attention.

No. 944172

File: 1583951714219.jpg (456.06 KB, 1079x1621, Screenshot_20200311-143509_Twi…)

Her ig was deleted kek

No. 944173

she honestly got away with promoting her OF wayyy longer than she should have

No. 944175

"I saw it coming," yeah I highly doubt that.

No. 944176

File: 1583952011895.jpg (318.87 KB, 1080x1211, Screenshot_20200311-144008_Twi…)

No. 944180

File: 1583952495930.jpeg (136.42 KB, 750x732, 727450DA-650E-45FD-B561-7582F2…)

It liveth…

No. 944182

Now that it is deleted it will be interesting to see how much of her old following she will get back now that her heyday is long gone

No. 944185

She doesn't care. Uh huh sure Ari. I've been steady reporting her OF pics and stories for months. So glad they finally shut it down. God this is hilarious and rewarding. This bitch won't ever be able to build that following back looking like a botched teen boy. Hahaha! Laughing at you bitch! Say goodbye to those commissions! Topkek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 944189

Duly deleted

No. 944191

Pretty sure that's cowtipping.

No. 944194

File: 1583954695568.png (2.62 MB, 750x1334, FCDC0CAC-3B66-4ED9-8DC9-7D35F4…)

And we’re off…

No. 944195

Actually it did happen a year ago and she pretended not to care at all, all while trying every possible venue to get it back. Repeatedly.

No. 944198

> “Doesn’t care.”
> Immediately hops back on Instagram, makes her private account public, and makes a second account for her “art.”

No. 944199

File: 1583955523240.png (61.34 KB, 628x222, Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 8.37…)

artsy selfies? they're literally the same ig hoe selfies she's always been posting

No. 944200

also major kek at the spelling of her new handle, it's atrocious

No. 944206

Kek so glad this one was finally deleted. Watch no one follow her. I love that she went private and it got deleted like wtf happened there

No. 944207

File: 1583956571077.jpeg (561.2 KB, 750x1191, B4268C86-EFA4-45EC-9D51-74DA33…)

Welcome to hell

No. 944209

lol she looks like she's had an allergic reaction on the right

No. 944212

The only reason she doesn’t really “care” is because the account was useless to her anyways. Nobody cared to reach out to her for promotions after her 1yr hiatus, the interest in her persona was lost, her face turned to blubber, and her personality is a never ending pity party (the uninteresting kind). Hell, Spencer’s could barely post the shots they took of her. She’s washed up. Her prime is over with. I think she’s starting to become aware of that.

No. 944214

Posing in front of a half-built structure is considered artsy now?

No. 944215

“I would have lost my shit” you did Ari kek

No. 944220

File: 1583958185093.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, B92A3F29-9C53-472B-849B-16AC1C…)

“pls redo it”
yet she says she doesn’t care…. how desperate lol

No. 944222

She really stay lurking on the daily >>944200

No. 944229

File: 1583959483136.png (1.95 MB, 1622x1198, Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 9.42…)

another "artsy"selfie and I hope private ig anon can get this rant for us. can't wait to see how unbothered she is by getting her ig deleted

No. 944233

File: 1583960990254.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 557.23 KB, 750x1116, 22E41A62-5F61-4279-8A6E-99EED4…)

So how long did that take…
Bye bye PG gram kek

No. 944238

File: 1583961756910.png (Spoiler Image, 415.38 KB, 804x577, Screenshot_20200311-151529.png)

Claims to not care but almost every post is her asking people to give her shoutouts kek

No. 944245

>going on free vacation with elderly grandparents in close quarters
>going to be taking a [ton?] of naughty vacation nudes!
At least she didn't go through with it for fuck's sake….

No. 944251

it's actually so funny her ig got deleted its such karma. she'll never get her following back to what it was

No. 944269

this isn’t rly comparable to last time imo because she was just locked out of her account before. this time it’s actually been deleted. once that reality sets in (which it already is, clearly), she’s gonna implode kek I can’t wait

No. 944270

It’s interesting her and Doormatt haven’t tied the knot so she could get on his ~sweet government health insurance. I assume he has health insurance kek

No. 944273

He probably and unsurprisingly doesn’t wanna marry her after she accused him of cheating, being complicit in rape, and using her for sex and money. He hasn’t posted on his ig since all that went down last year.

Idk why they’re still together. If he wasn’t using her for sex before, he surely is now.

No. 944277

>hasn’t posted on IG
damnnn, i would pay good money to see matt’s inbox. i bet you anything it’s full of old ass messages from hundreds of her delusional ass “fans” of her first account, when she actually had an active following, probably harassing the dude for “letting ari get raped” etc. wouldn’t be surprised if he never returns to social media. ari’s blasted his face, name and job absolutely everywhere on all her platforms, he’s unfortunately tied to all of it forever. must weigh on him.

No. 944285


Did versatileheaux account already getting banned too? jesus, this karma is tasty.

No. 944290

File: 1583968516216.jpeg (43.24 KB, 828x205, 2F4F297C-9B5F-4B03-BA9B-A507E6…)

“People in philly are too cheap for me” I’m fucking dead. Bitch you literally buy bic disposable razors like an asshole, don’t have heath insurance (out of choice), and eat fast food everyday. Shut the fuck up, sewer rat.

No. 944292


The only reason she doesn't care is because no legit companies reach out to her anymore and she admitted she makes no money off Instagram anymore. Pretty bad when out of 50,000 followers only 500 follow you back.

Only 1% of her old IG followers were active.

Must suck to lose all those IG memories though, seemed like she would obsessively go through those. Lost forever. RIP frogger pics

No. 944294

What do you mean ”already getting banned too”? Her account versatileheaux got deleted and she made a new one called versatileheauxsart, then she changed the name to versatileheauxart. She didn’t get deleted again or anything

No. 944305


No. 944316

File: 1583973349194.jpg (661.32 KB, 1079x1807, Screenshot_20200311-203521_Ins…)

This ugly ass girl with the worst overlined lips in the world is her supposed inspo kek

No. 944342

File: 1583975700502.jpeg (894.79 KB, 1125x2061, 8CC52458-09E7-4A42-BE03-F029F5…)

finsta rant about how ~unbothered~ she is

No. 944369

File: 1583976702302.png (15.25 KB, 375x152, stop ittttt.PNG)

if this is a farmer…stop

No. 944399

wonder if she paid $10 per shoutout to everyone who promoted her new account lmfao

No. 944407

This girl didn't do anything to you, cringelord.

No. 944448

She is very gorgeous to me ! !!!

No. 944452

Versatile heaux shart

No. 944456

Stop trying to make versatileheauxshart happen it’s not going to happen

No. 944490

File: 1584007456121.png (4.2 MB, 750x1334, 8BA72455-B3FD-452E-BC19-038077…)

Damn, she ruined this piece with those ugly black splotches. It was actually looking okay until she tried to “wing it”


In infighting in this thread is ridiculous.

No. 944496

plasticandproud really was her best handle. short, clear & kinda sassy. even plasticnproudart would be a better handle than whatever this is right now. people gotta actually remember your name if you wanna get a following, ariana

No. 944501


The black blobs cover up that disgusting gold leaf that she tried first.

No. 944520

File: 1584019183788.jpeg (255.59 KB, 1125x753, EFBF8F64-A313-4493-9857-871E90…)

She just HAD to add to her bio that her previous acc was deleted at 56k, kek. She’s truly an unbothered queen

No. 944521

kek wow she seriously fucked it all up

No. 944522

File: 1584019635124.jpeg (334.14 KB, 1125x586, AD1146E0-CB8B-4674-8498-A2809F…)

Wow, not bothered at all

No. 944523

'profit off our exploitation'

No. 944537

lmao. She really is just like a 12 year old trying to sound smart using “big” words incorrectly all of the time.

No. 944539

KEK she is so braindead

No. 944544

Tell this shit to the woman stuck in Mumbai prostitution cities you ignorant uneducated fuck. You routinely posted full nude pics with your bush out on IG smartass. Not like they took down some innocent Instagram down Jesus Christ. She broke the rules 24/7, someone built that app and decided what they wanted on it, which is they’re right in they’re creation, not that deep Ari. You’re just IG obsessed.

No. 944547

Imagine agreeing to the terms of an app and getting mad when they delete your account for breaking their terms…tragic

No. 944554

File: 1584025970567.jpeg (115.44 KB, 750x441, F067F0EB-EC8A-49B9-823A-3E9D2B…)

Entrepreneur lol

No. 944559

Hahaaa ty this is wonderful. Oh the delusion.

No. 944561

Um, all I see is a funny face with a wide open grin mouth and two black eyes.

No. 944570

does anyone remember how many followers she had when she first got her instagram back from being locked out? curious as to how many she lost since then

No. 944571

Gag me with a fucking stick. Dolly Nasty Mattel makes way better porn than you do Arianna. An entrepreneur has to actually make money to have that title, bitch doesn’t even make 100k a year HA. What, are you like the Elon Musk of prostitution? I’m crying this it too delusional.
She had roughly 58k, she was losing followers anyways.

No. 944595

Guess y’all are going to have to spend 5 bucks to keep the milk flowing lol

No. 944603

or just follow her twitter..?

No. 944605

The first time (when she was locked out but it was still up) it was just over 60k if I remember correctly. And there were sooo many times she's post a picture and the comments flood the>>944496
with bots so it's not like she actually had 60k people following. She definitely bought followers. And who knows, maybe she was worried she was dropping below 50k soon and tried buying followers and IG deleted it. She was breaking the TOS in so many ways honestly, not surprising at all.

I agree. Having a user name that isn't easily spelled was a horrible idea. Her followers are retarded to begin with, and accounts with certain words are automatically flagged as problematic. 'sexy' 'hot' 'heaux' 'hoe'. Doesn't matter if it's another language. I think too many people were mentioning they found the thread to her and she was hoping to break the connection.

No. 944606

…Ari? Is that you?

No. 944607

File: 1584033653722.png (3.72 MB, 750x1334, DB15A124-B343-4760-B336-7E15AE…)

“I want to play a game”

No. 944609

I was just about to post this. It looks fucking horrible? The colors don’t make any sense? Jeez. Imagine paying someone to draw something for you and after a week they came up with this

No. 944610

holy shit LMAO

No. 944612


Wtf is this?? It’s definitely the worst one she’s done. She really has a knack for taking things with potential and shitting on them lol those colors are yuck

No. 944620

since she said she's getting 800 dollars from 2 commissions someone….actually is about to pay 400 dollars for this. A month's rent for this. fucking kek

No. 944623

she really needs to stick to black and white because it's all looking more and more like tacky 70's shit that you buy at goodwill ironically to decorate the house you share with 5 roommates.

No. 944635

She said 600 for one, mate imagine paying 600 for this

No. 944637

Omg the paint even goes outside the lines, this is absymal

No. 944660

this looks like a middle school art project

No. 944664

The wings are seriously horrid…. poor person who commissioned this, what a waste of money.

No. 944672

File: 1584043747854.png (3.98 MB, 1125x2436, 483DB4E8-C4F6-420D-9E92-8CA086…)

Apparently her Saw inspired mantis is now a “gift” and she’s not selling it.

No. 944676

File: 1584044087104.jpg (935.05 KB, 1079x1920, Screenshot_20200312-161217_Ins…)

She always uses this excuse. It's ugly in real life ariana stop capping that it's only ugly on camera

No. 944677

I'll bet the person who commissioned her took the L of their deposit and said they're not wasting any more money on that ugly piece

No. 944679

I can't stop laughing. She was so excited to get paid for this but now she says she only called it a commission because someone she owed artwork to gave her the idea and told her to do it. She's trying so hard to cover up the fact that the person cancelled and was horrified at how ugly the piece is topkek

No. 944680

"I'm not even SELLLLING it which makes me so sad because it would sell because it's a cool one." You can't fool us ari

No. 944681

She says the next one is a commission and it's gonna be a "different style. No paint involved." KEK OMG

No. 944686

File: 1584045035874.jpg (622.47 KB, 1078x1920, Screenshot_20200312-163046_Ins…)

No. 944688

File: 1584045273464.png (3.01 MB, 750x1334, AE338CB0-8819-430B-8AAE-C8C7D3…)

No. 944694

I know I am early but, this is a great pic for next thread.

No. 944695

it's so funny to see her on ig still acting as though she has a large following, it makes it even more pathetic

No. 944703

File: 1584046606577.png (2.8 MB, 750x1334, FBF028ED-AE97-48B4-A448-C1EE50…)

Advertising her onlyfans as only being $6 right now as a train rolls by. Grody bitch said "Idk what to do with my hair, maybe I'll just go wet it" like its 5pm, did you not shower this morning? Just wash your hair.

Sage for non milk and clown makeup.

No. 944716

What she said was she's gonna have wet hair during her onlyfans video because she's shaving her bush in the bath.

No. 944736

Why is she doing the hand sign for white supremacy?

No. 944739

anon… if you're not memeing then just… no…

No. 944742


Damn, streaming make up for 25 people.

I'd say how the mighty have fallen, but when she had 50k followers she only get maybe 60

No. 944743


Yeah I guess fuck vulnerable populations who shouldn't be/shouldn't have to be exposed to straight up nudity.

IG is not against sex workers you dumb cunt. Actually successful SW with shocker common sense get a long fine on IG, they just are smarter than to post full on nudes with tiny circles covering just the nips and expect to get away with it.

This shit is her own fault and she "knew it was coming" but continued on.

Maybe if she took this stance prior to getting her ass cancelled on IG, she'd have a leg to stand on, but she's bitter as fuck. "I'm not angry at all! But I won't shut up about it!"

Honey, if you were having trouble getting shout outs with your "mighty 50k" followers, good luck out there now.

No. 944754

Can any of the private IG anons confirm that she actually went on that rant she advertised she was going to do last night for $5?

No. 944755

File: 1584056040436.jpeg (45.74 KB, 828x202, 212346EF-C531-4B6A-9CA3-AA3A98…)

She’s so transparent. Ari we know what you’re trying to do, we know your subs are creepy scum bags that you’d be a complete cunt to irl.

No. 944758

or the people that have access to it will post here?

No. 944760

File: 1584056959890.jpg (445.45 KB, 1079x1565, Screenshot_20200312-194838_Ins…)

She's just asking to be deleted again. She's gonna end up with her new iPhone's ip address blocked from the app at this rate.

No. 944763

the only post she made yesterday was >>944342 so i guess if you can call that a rant for $5

No. 944767

File: 1584057400351.jpeg (183.25 KB, 1125x1362, 717CB3F1-4B91-44CE-B157-D3561F…)

No. 944772

Keeping it totally PG there…

No. 944773

this is like a completely new face of hers… looks neither like her old one nor her new blow up doll one

No. 944782

I want to frame these live candids, I love them

No. 944783

File: 1584060755099.jpeg (984.61 KB, 1242x1438, CEF874BD-B610-4EBC-A22F-F822BC…)

No. 944786

the background makes my eyes hurt and lel at the "super detailed" claim when you can see she just made a bunch of splotches.

No. 944810

File: 1584064722023.png (5.24 MB, 1242x2208, 56777C91-70B1-46B1-9227-7AE735…)

No. 944814

The crimson chin strikes again

No. 944824

File: 1584065438856.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 307.27 KB, 2048x1536, ES8OliqXYAAkg6Q.jpeg)


No. 944825

File: 1584065630236.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 314.34 KB, 1536x2048, ES8OlmKWkAE0N5J.jpeg)


No. 944826

File: 1584065809277.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 205.85 KB, 1370x2048, ES8OlpPXkAAI1LX.jpeg)


No. 944828

this looks like an undershot of man ass

No. 944830

Those ass cheeks look like balls

No. 944835

File: 1584067944656.jpeg (188.31 KB, 828x1002, 1C88BEA6-803B-4B74-AE3C-8D88AE…)

We can all agree this is terrifying the more you look at it, right?

No. 944837

Thank God she splurged on razors. Look at that close shave without any razor burn. Definitely worth three close ups.

No. 944850

kek she also missed some hair and you and you can see where a few of the follicles were bleeding

No. 944863

I can feel the razor burn through the screen omg kek

No. 944885

i wonder if she’d be totally cool with matt buying porn/tipping onlyfans girls. she’s so goddamn weird.

No. 944886

will never be over how faded and smudgy that bear tattoo looks

No. 944893

File: 1584084583862.png (756.18 KB, 1242x2208, B19D4F46-6081-464E-BF10-08AE29…)

She really doesn’t have her own personality. She thinks she’s being funny but she’s copying Goth Charlotte word for word lmao (1/2)

No. 944894

File: 1584084617888.png (468.82 KB, 1242x2208, ACAE1E6B-6F90-4075-907E-ABCCE0…)


No. 944897

Funny cus Charlotte is actually a successful porn star and SW, and looks like/embodies everything pnp wishes she was.

No. 944915

First set of legs going behind the wings really bothers me

No. 944922

This had so much potential, why the fuck did she paint the wings that way?? I'm not even asking rhetorically, I'm genuinely flabbergasted

No. 944948

File: 1584101346598.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 576.6 KB, 2048x2048, 259320A6-21BC-4995-BC19-306276…)

No. 944949

holy shit that is terrifying

No. 944950

God, I really like Charlotte and hate seeing her interact with pnp and even liking dashas pics, ruins my love for her

No. 944960

Calm down anon, she's just another thot that likes getting pissed on.

No. 944976

ugh why is she pulling at it like that

No. 944978

9 min lmao no wonder it looks like that. Not surprised she didn’t follow proper care. A basic how-to search could have helped immensely but even though she did it in the bath, the way her skin looks after looks like a dry shave

No. 944985

File: 1584108928525.png (4.22 MB, 1242x2208, 851AF18C-1F6D-450D-9E2A-B404FB…)

And whom would that someone be? Kekekek sure af ain’t you

No. 945015

wow her 1994 tattoo actually seems to have healed up alright

(thank god it didnt go as shitty as the sword-lady, but id be lying if i said i wasn't hoping for her to be hit with another rash outbreak lol)

No. 945016

What the hell is wrong with her vagina, it looks so disgusting

No. 945050

File: 1584122710291.png (2.43 MB, 750x1334, 9911A83D-7395-44CB-B4B9-99CF8C…)

Heaux Heaux sperg on stories right now. She’s ranting about having “fans who buy my shit but hate me because they are obsessed with me and are mentally ill!”
A reference to farmers with access to her private insta?

No. 945055

File: 1584124046738.jpeg (171.38 KB, 828x456, E7779177-E581-4CD1-81A7-19DFAF…)

Yeah because this is a great fucking idea. Is she serious?

No. 945060

lmao not much work from home opportunity when your only experience is a mail man

No. 945062

File: 1584124929825.png (971.61 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200313-123944.png)

No. 945065

File: 1584125095089.jpeg (888.08 KB, 1107x1834, DD7A6196-BADB-4560-A3C5-6587AE…)

“I’m a positive, mentally sound person.”

No. 945067

HOW IS IT "BULLYING" WHEN INSTAGRAM IS ENFORCING THEIR TERMS AND CONDITIONS???? Just because you clicked "accept" without reading the terms and conditions when you created your account, doesn't mean these rules don't exist. Everything is a goddamn personal attack to her

No. 945073

Than use a different site retard, not that hard. How are you going to bitch on a site and continue using it? Dumb ass straight up addicted to attention.
Kek and what is he supposed to do at home? Make more embarrassing gross porn with you? That’s not real life Ari sorry.
She read the thread and is upset cowtipper was reporting her. She might as well just flat out say it. I think it’s hella funny she’s back to no followers again, sorry the one validation you had is gone again.

No. 945078

Lmao at her flaunting where she ranks on OF. I tried that shit for a week, posting half nude or nude implied content with about 10 subscribers and somehow still landed in the top 5% and this girl is saying this is her JOB? Good lord. Sage because dumb but also….honey….lol

No. 945082

File: 1584127932729.png (3 MB, 828x1792, 5218CBD0-6F6B-4184-B0B2-04F2B1…)

Tbh was scared when she did this weird dry scream thing. That fucking gob…

No. 945109

she puts dm for finsta info in her bio but… doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a real finsta? she’s an idiot for not just advertising it as her private instagram

No. 945149

She’s very obviously triggered if she is screaming into her phone kek

No. 945154

>profit off of our exploitation
umm…. just stop being a fucking sex worker if you're exploited? it's not like you're being forced into it, have a pimp, or were trafficked. she is so unintelligent it literally makes my skin crawl how genuinely dumb and stupid she is

No. 945158

File: 1584140718445.png (73.22 KB, 804x439, Screenshot_20200313-170352.png)

Won't post her private Instagram but will post her OF on the bio of her private Instagram. Isn't that why her other account was removed?

No. 945163

File: 1584142387315.jpeg (245.58 KB, 1125x1036, 0FB2C0BB-D501-4B05-AA89-E0832A…)

i have her notifications turned on on twitter so i don’t miss her fuckups but she constantly posts and reposts tweets. also this is fucking nasty.

No. 945203

File: 1584150612771.jpeg (661.73 KB, 750x1060, 5D6C181B-1436-43D3-8B51-D6A54A…)

She posted on her private insta again and this picture made me so sad. She really needs to work on getting her cats weight under control.

No. 945206

Her cat is obese, her dog is obese . She is a horrible pet owner. Her goddamn snake is probably obese.

No. 945209

File: 1584152893131.jpeg (985.66 KB, 1469x3264, 53863C59-4B06-405C-A9E1-89E7F5…)

private ig anon here

No. 945210

i recorded a little bit of this sperg in case anyone wants to watch it without showing up in her viewer list. my favourite part is that she changed the subject directly after she’d been screaming into her phone for 5 mins about how CrEePy it is to care what strangers think, and then she realized she was doing the exact fucking thing she was lisping herself into a tizzy over. gotta love the walmart christmas lights wrapped around the giant ass vent on the ceiling, kek


No. 945216

File: 1584154165638.jpg (174.65 KB, 1125x2000, 89715406_215180333186708_87465…)

She writes like an alien. What the hell does this first sentence mean???

You can use storiesig.com to download stories

No. 945224

>I pride myself on how self reliant I am

No. 945227

a literal retard trying to form a sentence

No. 945230


so now her life's passion is drawing? her life's passion was taxidermy a few weeks ago.

No. 945234

>my grandparents do real estate
don’t they own a trailer park or something kek

No. 945236

yep. trailer park queen! its her dirty old grandpa who likes to try to auction her off to the “natives” too. dirty old man. and to think, that dirty old man is the highest role model she has to look up to. poor little trailer park whore.

No. 945241

I have a feeling that grandpa isn't going to actually pay for her school. Just a hunch, but I feel it coming

No. 945245

Gotta love how it went from grandpa is paying for my schooling to I'm gonna pay him back but he's saving me a lot of money by helping me avoid the interest payments kek

No. 945255

File: 1584160386918.jpeg (432.87 KB, 1536x2048, ETCrZV0XgAEFF1p.jpeg)

Not sure what the worst part of this picture is. She sure does love up-the-nose shots lately

No. 945281

if she has to get up at 4am and won’t be home until 7pm… honey…. that’s gonna leave her NO time if she has any sort of studying to do for tRaDe ScHoOl. no time for her art or matt or ugly ass pets. she won’t make it 3 weeks.

No. 945294

File: 1584171245178.jpg (20.04 KB, 400x400, kidney-beans.jpg)

kidney bean looking lips

No. 945303

you sound retarded anon

No. 945316

Maybe showing off her tongue for the anon that called her out for the thrush kek

No. 945327

Ok Ari

No. 945333

you really think our ari is smart enough to sage?
but no, seriously, you sound like you're about to jizz your pants in the initial post. do your incest porn roleplay somewhere else.

No. 945335


He already paid it. What will be interesting, is watching their relationship crumble when Ari never pays her grandpa back because “No interest tee hee theres no stress or rush to pay it back tee hee”.

Yet we’ll see her pay for surgery and shitty goodwill quality decorations for her house constantly.

Rip grandpa pimp

No. 945338


I dont think one farmer who paid less than a coffee and bagel years ago is helping line your pockets ari. These threads come up top few results under every username she’s ever used. Isnt hard to find that “premium” IG content for free lol

No. 945340

My fav part is when she says “I have like 5 friends” kek that’s a bit of a stretch

No. 945341

File: 1584186006711.jpeg (366.52 KB, 1242x1879, C56B1476-29AD-4929-85C0-099A31…)

What an artsy selfie

No. 945366

File: 1584194479371.png (3.27 MB, 1125x2436, 26F4502C-623B-4EED-A154-066DF2…)


No. 945369

As shitty as Ariana is, that person is crazy as hell.

No. 945371

Nobody deserves to get raped

No. 945379

Am I missing something, who the fuck is that kek

No. 945387

File: 1584198840588.png (3.79 MB, 828x1792, B6A56E2A-E44E-4CAE-941D-7E6155…)

Hate when she makes this punchable face. Here she goes manically ranting about the dog park again. Such a bizarre trigger to have. She’s like a bored housewife and this is the most exciting part of her day. Waiting for her to go cross eyed and start foaming at the mouth with every tine she says “dog”.

No. 945391

File: 1584200135318.jpeg (181.85 KB, 824x1460, 3C6D90BE-E93B-4C8A-9ACC-5DCC9A…)

I honestly think she might be a little on the spectrum. This lack of social tact goes beyond being insufferable, or just being “sassy”. As a “sex worker” how does she not understand people/ men? Like bitch, just flirt a little ! Guys are easy, she could’ve easily talked him into paying for something imo.

No. 945392

Like this is what the job is… idk what you were expecting ari? You are selling your body to anyone that will pay. You’re going to run into dogs.

No. 945393

the fact that she even has to reiterate to people that DM her that she is a sEx WoRkEr just shows how bad of a fake sex worker she really is lmfao

No. 945400

File: 1584201986772.png (6 MB, 1125x2436, 7EA8D0AF-FD9D-4679-9C22-CFEA5D…)

she’s on live right now talking about the girl she posted on her story who i guess reported her? and now she’s talking about how instagram deleted her profile because she was being bullied by people who were reporting her just because they don’t like her. and people are agreeing with her in the chat…

No. 945406

Tinfoil but her BDD really shows in this. The wings look like a clown. She owns a clown… sheee..looks like one. It’s weird

No. 945408

I love how even in these poor quality lives you can see those forehead lines, but they magically disappear in all of her good quality selfies. Hmmmmmm

No. 945411

File: 1584203892447.jpg (299.11 KB, 1080x827, Screenshot_20200314-113722_Chr…)

Funny how she's thriving but people from high school still have so much power over her. Ariana, grow up.

No. 945414

she literally talks about high school on a daily basis and it's fucking pathetic as a 25 yr old

No. 945419

Not sure if she realizes how sad and pathetic she looks. If I was one of her high school classmates, this shit would be so hilarious to see. Like, her classmates are just living their adult lives and this bitch is brooding in her apartment over the memories of them from almost a decade ago…???

No. 945452

why would you take her word for what she says that chick did? she does this to anyone who dares say anything negative to her. she lies about everything. chick probs just called her out on something and now sweet angel ariana mcmillan is going on a smear campaign.

No. 945457

This. Just like that abcdezz girl. Her only proof was that an anonymous account that started with the letters "abc" was harassing her. She just loves playing the victim and drumming up support from her followers

No. 945462

How do you know he paid it??? Because ariana said so?

No. 945520

File: 1584222795736.png (3.33 MB, 1125x2436, 670C699D-9294-418C-AFF6-480227…)

i guess the girl ariana did accuse of such things isn’t what ariana made her out to be, the girl is going off on her insta

No. 945521

File: 1584222823172.png (3.75 MB, 1125x2436, 323C0ABD-67AC-4846-8234-2D9BA4…)

No. 945522

File: 1584222852845.png (3.88 MB, 1125x2436, 18E26197-B65F-436E-B858-7D15A5…)

No. 945523

File: 1584222928474.png (1.88 MB, 1125x2436, 9C5845E3-FE13-49D0-BD3E-6FB018…)

No. 945524

File: 1584222953365.png (2.11 MB, 1125x2436, 08858D37-B8CA-4DB8-A355-A54331…)

No. 945525

in her last live rant, she screamed about how strange it is to keep up with people you hate, yet she's always talking about seeing people from high school on her ig?? "blah blah blah I'm mentally sound and avoid people that bring me down" then why do you talk about them every day bitch?

No. 945528

She’s on live right now and just popped some weird plastic retainer thing out from her mouth. May have been discussed before but is thith why the lithp?

No. 945530

lol nah she’s had that lisp way before she got her invisalign.

No. 945533

She's on live talking about how she hasn't gone grocery shopping in a week but is somehow still sure that there are no shortages in Philly. People are telling her how they can't even buy salt while she looks vacantly at herself on screen and says "nahhhh…. I don't think so….. I'll be so maaad if I can't buy anything eheheh" Matt texted her and she ignored it in favor of acting like a clown in front of 20 people.

No. 945539

File: 1584225803395.png (2.68 MB, 750x1334, 418CF637-0AE1-465A-BDC2-B48A5A…)

No. 945546

i don’t understand why people still take her word at face value. bitch has NO credibility. i guess some people are just that retarded that they will still believe the word of a pathological liar/psychopath.

No. 945553

lmfao. botchedandbloated you have 24 hours to respond.

No. 945554

Idk they both seem just as crazy and delusional. They’re both hot messes after I took a look at that girls page

No. 945556

File: 1584227499711.jpeg (411.71 KB, 1346x1346, E3E37761-46EA-461F-8277-40AB26…)

yeah sorry we’re not gonna let everyone sit here and pretend this chick isn’t just another delusional crackwhore on instagram.

No. 945560

File: 1584228108826.jpeg (260.23 KB, 750x1118, 3086D04F-7522-48F4-9AB3-7806A3…)

Yep she cracked also…also seems to have shitting issues too…


No. 945561

File: 1584228131285.jpeg (133.38 KB, 750x821, C7AA5B96-99B5-4162-AADD-8AD5FF…)


No. 945565

Ass pics in the dentist,
Ass pics when talking about your shits
Also the mouth thing ?

No. 945568

Birds of a feather flock together.

No. 945592

From what I see, that Supernaturalhope girl has problems, wouldn’t be surprised if she’s lying about not doing things

No. 945593

I dislike Ariana but the female she’s talking about is weird as hell.

No. 945594

I don’t think Ariana would be jealous of Hope, she looks as much of a hot mess as her

No. 945596

can you fucking sage?

No. 945597

File: 1584235034429.jpeg (322.71 KB, 786x1702, 4E44A2B5-F821-4996-A93A-D9FE25…)

No. 945600

Lmao this bitch looks like she could use her own lolcow thread tbh

No. 945601

Make a thread for this girl, or keep the nonmilk to yourself. No one cares, its unrelated.

No. 945605

Clearly we fucking care and it is related bc Ariana is blasting her on IG. This is hilarious milk

No. 945606

File: 1584235896357.jpg (589.36 KB, 2896x2896, 20200314_202942.jpg)

The dye on her forehead, the sloppy eye makeup, the caked on foundation covered in dots, the fact that her nose looks glued onto her face, the scab on her lip…how can she thinks this looks good. She must have her BPD goggles on

No. 945607

Then post things related to ariana. Selfies of this random girl are pointless. Who cares if shes a psycho too?? I'm sure most of ariana followers are

No. 945610

File: 1584236158409.jpg (864.9 KB, 1079x1211, Screenshot_20200314-203557_Gal…)

No. 945611

oh my god she looks terrible… I can't understand how she sees herself

No. 945617

She used this photo on a post to promote her onlyfans. How does she expect anyone to be interested in following her when she looks like a total wreck? No wonder she gets less than 10 likes and has like thousands of followers on Twitter. She has nothing of value to offer.

No. 945628

Interesting how Cotte and Ariana don’t follow each other anymore.

No. 945633

cotted probably doesnt want to be associated with botchedandbloated now she’s gone full crack whore clown

No. 945646

really hate to be THAT person but i wish she would chill out with the drag makeup and stick with more natural looks. she genuinely looks better that way. i know she’s terrified of being seen as a “normie”, wants to be artsy, and probably thinks an eyeshadow look w neutral colors is below her but the drag makeup realllllly isn’t doing her any favors

No. 945657

You can tell she hates the upper border of her lip kek

No. 945662

Yep, she looked better when she was doing a more “natural” makeup look last year

No. 945665

on live earlier she was comparing her surgeries to a trans person transitioning. tinfoil, but i wonder if she thinks of herself as a trans person, like when she didn’t want female pronouns last month kek

No. 945667


No. 945672

the first picture in this side by side is definitely her peak. she could never look this good again.

No. 945681


Does she see that? I always wonder if she looks at some of these pics and realizes the irreversible damage she’s done to her face and that she went way too far a long time ago. Or is she delusional enough to think she’s truly thriving?

Idk how these people are alive

No. 945713

She said in her live she’s happy with how she looks.

No. 945798

She says a lot of things. What I’m curious about is how many of the things she says are things she really believes.

No. 945799

File: 1584273221418.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 528.53 KB, 2048x2048, 99C67319-5FAC-4B29-B840-8759D8…)

No. 945800

Nitpick but her vagina looks deformed. Her clit looks like body skin and not labia skin, I’m actually so confused by her cunt and I hate it ew ew ew I’m done now

No. 945808

WHERE is her clitoris? I’m genuinely confused

No. 945814

Same. That is one ugly pussy

No. 945820

What I don’t understand , she clearly photoshops, edits, airbrushes, and filters pictures of her face…. why wouldn’t she touch up her clam? The weird grey old lunch meat color is not appealing.

No. 945833

did she have labiaplasty? everything just looks so flat and lifeless

No. 945835

Why do these pictures remind me of a corpse?? Yuck. Not trying to body shame but I've never seen a grosser pussy shot. Maybe she's trying to appeal to necrophiliacs

No. 945839

I'm pretty sure you're right. I've seen a lot of pussies in my day, and none have looked quite like this. I looked up before and after pics of labiaplasty patients and they look a lot like this

No. 945859

“Grey old lunch meat”
Anon my sides

No. 945861

I highly highly doubt she went through labiaplasty. To me it just looks like she wore some tight underwear and her clam got….well clammy and all her lippy bits just got smooshed together.

No. 945869

i don't think it works like that, anon…

No. 945871

it’s probably hooded? i’m more concerned with the fact that everything looks like it has no blood flow and how odd her hips look…

No. 945899

why does her perineum look like THAT. i’ve seen women who’ve birthed babies with perineums that don’t look swollen and damaged like that. like…. what happened….

No. 945906

She always talks about almost shitting herself or not pooping for days

Not surprised her anus is all fucked up from all that strain

No. 945911

it’s probably from overuse and stretching without enough lubricant… maybe from all her rape fetish and gaping her tunnel for twitter kek

No. 945937

One thing I can’t understand at all about Ariana - she’s bad or mediocre at best at many things. She’s mediocre at art, she has no super good qualities, she’s a low on IQ scale normie. But the thing she is absolutely the worst in she chose as her life career - she’s the worst woman I’ve ever seen when it comes to attempts at being sexy. Her sex clips are boring and lifeless and it looks like she has no idea what it’s supposed to look like, she looks ugly and unkept, her body looks like a teenage boy’s, her lips are disgusting, her vagina is gross and looks not like a normal, healthy adult woman’s… socially she behaves like an autist and she has no charisma or sex appeal whatsoever. Why a girl like this would choose sex work as a career? It boggles my mind.

No. 945938

Fucking PT or Luna Slater have more sex appeal than her.

No. 945942

it looks like a trans woman’s vagina post bottom surgery. Tbh, this goes hand in hand with the tinfoil she’s a tranny. They way it’s deflated and lifeless.

No. 945957

It looks like entire body of a trans woman. Maybe she really is trans and this is why she has no idea of a female sex appeal that usually even ugly women possess to some degree, and she has no concept of the female sexual allure.

No. 945958

as much as ari wishes she was trans, we can know if she really was we would never hear the end of it, she would be transheaux and we would all, of course, be transphobes. but she is still trying extremely hard to be mtf

No. 945976

I think her “look” and complete lack of sex appeal is what is so shocking. She LOOKS like a bimbo, but lacks any sexuality at all. >>945209
Weird how she gets ignored by her client. I wouldn’t text them unless they were actively trying to get business with me but I’m not a prostitute so idk

No. 945992

Grey lunch meat, fuck that is spot on. But really…why is her crotch so gray and dusty looking? It looks like she hasn't washed her vag in weeks. Straight up dirty.

No. 946000

The grayness is from pigmentation and the root of hair from under the skin, its normal as far as I can tell. Rest is lighting. It actually looks good cleaned up. The bush before was horrifying I'm amazed a SW would let it get that far.

No. 946005

Her vag looks fine imo. It's very possible she has a hormone imbalance which is why she looks a little dusty; lack of sex hormones means things like nipples and clit go paler and lack blood flow.

The bizarre thing is someone who physically and mentally has no interest in sex going into sex work as a career.

No. 946010

her vag looks fine if youre used to clitoral hoods that look like a stretched piece of old chewing gum

No. 946011

File: 1584317009182.jpeg (164.16 KB, 1346x1346, 4684F924-9CB8-4A5F-B6F4-33803A…)

most recent post on her story was…. scary.

No. 946016

How is a bush horrifying tho, I see so many people hating on them here and idgi

No. 946022

this is honestly so terrifying wtf??

No. 946044

Personal preference I suppose. Although the people who dislike them seem to be much more vocal than the ones that sport them. I’m surprised ari ever grew hers out - she seems like the sort of girl to call anybody with a bush dirty and disgusting

No. 946048

Do you even know who you're talking about? Have you seen her armpits or her nails?? She lives in filth and can't be bothered to take care of anything that requires upkeep

No. 946049

That’s why i think it’s strange, anon. There’s a sort of disconnect - ari thinks she’s so beautiful and better than any other girl, and plasters on drag level makeup daily. And yet she’s so unkempt in all other areas of her life, like her greasy hair and nails and her hoarder flat. She’d totally do that bratty thing and call people out for it if she wanted to insult them, but on her it’s fine.

No. 946064

The hair on her head is always nasty without fail, she looks like she smells of mildew

No. 946067

Yeah I don't agree whatsoever, but I've also been following this cow a long time. Ariana is all about opinions that seem unpopular and she's terrified of having normie opinions and traits

No. 946071

Okay then, i’ll mail you your ‘president of the botched e-prostitute fan club’ card. Hope you have room in your wallet.

No. 946081

File: 1584327671659.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 219.9 KB, 2009x1222, ETHDPOzU0AA7HTB.jpeg)

Did anyone catch that she posted this as her girl crush on Twitter? She received no likes for this post.

Nice contribution to the thread

No. 946155

I wonder if she was born intersex or something and had a surgical procedure done when she was a child.
Could explain why she has such masculine traits. Though I’m not sure how that works with the pregnancy stuff. Maybe that’s why she refused BC, maybe she doesn’t get her period much?
sage for tinfoil. but that pussy looks absolutely disgusting, ESPECIALLY for someone trying to SELL it? like this is supposed to be appealing ari at least put a filter on it or something jfc

No. 946160

something tells me aint nobody gonna wanna be buying dead, stuffed animals during the impending recession in USA

No. 946161


samefag but does anyone remember when her classes start? this week? or april? schools everywhere are closing

No. 946194

yeah it's april but i can't remember the exact date. perfect opportunity for her to bail on something she was dreading anyway kek

also vulva fags stfu. her vulva looks totally normal. yeah she should have aroused herself to make the area plumper, redder, and therefore sexier for her OF, but it's expected she would put in the min effort. have you guys never seen a vulva besides your own?

No. 946199

File: 1584366118170.png (1.59 MB, 1125x2436, 8FE9E6B7-319D-42C5-B825-53253E…)


No. 946212

You self posting or..?

No. 946239

nta but are you retarded?

No. 946246

File: 1584376310761.jpg (Spoiler Image, 314.63 KB, 1079x1092, Screenshot_20200316-113045_Chr…)

Please ariana, I'm begging you… practice being sexy because this ain't it

No. 946247

In this image she looks like she has a micropenis. How can a naked woman look so manly?

No. 946248

Anyone saying her vulva looks normal must have never seen a normal vagina in their entire life kek

No. 946249

Samefag but her Twitter post engagement is soooooo embarrassingly low. Imagine posting such intimate photos of your body just to get 1 or 2 likes. I'm embarrassed for her, yikes

No. 946257

god i hate how she carelessly holds herself

No. 946275

Mods, please ban the retarded vulvafags destroying this thread.

No. 946276

her posture is the same as a man who is pissing at a urinal. she has less grace, beauty, and femininity than most gay men I know. anons have said it before but she is just like a teenage boy that has woken up in a womans body. everything she does is so awkward and forced and it feels like someone pretending to be sexual.

report and move on? i dont understand how you think your post is any better than theirs

No. 946280

THIS. it pains me to see the way she yanks at herself

No. 946283

File: 1584383894267.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 482.34 KB, 1242x690, 2DD1C1AF-A236-4537-8DDB-0CA4F5…)

Latest vid also includes her smearing shaving foam on her tits and then yanking on them

No. 946284

File: 1584383965572.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 370.47 KB, 1222x689, 115E49FB-62CA-4AE0-BD5B-A368CE…)

No. 946291

Oh come on, that woman is nuts. You don’t think she’d get her cracked out friend to post this? Either way, Ariana has beef with half the internet; it isn’t milk

No. 946294

File: 1584388531472.jpg (937.25 KB, 1080x1672, 20200316_145457.jpg)

Why does she always look like she's made of dough lately

No. 946301

shes clearly aging backwards

No. 946302

Her face looks like it’s acts melting off… that chin, that jawline ….

No. 946305

File: 1584389976557.png (2.53 MB, 750x1334, 8054FB7C-13F7-4D05-9C4C-D7EED4…)

Because this is the look she’s going for…

No. 946319

Looks like she's digging out her penis and I am shocked to see a nail brush in her shower

No. 946336

At least Alexis/Elliot can peel off the prosthetic, Ari can't cause she permanently damage her face. So sad….

No. 946337

File: 1584394303212.png (2.27 MB, 1242x2208, 904F8A9D-B4A7-4ACC-9AE5-0A7F8B…)

Someone take this cat away from her. Cats very rarely pant from actually being tired. It’s usually a sign of extreme anxiety/stress. This is upsetting

No. 946340

can also be a sign of a upper respiratory infection, which cats are very susceptible to. kittens panting after play is rare but can happen.

No. 946412

File: 1584414799068.jpg (423.83 KB, 1080x1136, 20200316_221219.jpg)

Our fave toothless granny

No. 946418

kek @ her equating self harm with mindlessly biting the inside of your cheek. She's never comfortable unless she's pathologizing her own behavior.

No. 946424

Cats sometimes pant when their tierd. Expecially with those feather flyer toys. I have 2 kittens and have seen them both do it. It will be nice during the cleansing when people will stop being mean and jealous and this site crumbles.

No. 946429

Lol what. Cats pant when they get exercise. Bit of a stretch anons

No. 946430

Jealous of what? rofl

No. 946434


No. 946443

File: 1584421663721.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x1662, 525F880D-8ED6-47D2-B53E-DD0E3B…)

No. 946444

File: 1584421689511.png (4.02 MB, 1242x2208, C558C239-6942-4B54-9BE8-C6FCE2…)

No. 946446

The mantis wasn't terrible (until it was coloured), but this sure is.

No. 946449

File: 1584422443884.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1125x1307, A16F3550-DB93-4DE6-AACE-A4F4DE…)

Her portfolio is so small and she’s so narcissistic that she’s already broken her own rule of posting alternative art and then selfies. She just can’t help herself, I know it’s only a posting pattern on an app but she really has zero self discipline

No. 946462

I don't get it, why publicly say you're gonna do something if you know in your heart that you're incapable of adhering to literally anything..? I could understand if she broke her own rule to post photos with actual artistic merit , but she's just uploading boring selfies that barely get any engagement. Stale unflattering makeup that for some reason helps with her body dysmorphia, same old poses with her dirty apartment in the background. She gets high all day and waits for the likes to roll in on her mediocre content. Depressing.

No. 946468

>>946444 this took her a whole day? Oh honey..its time to stop

No. 946472

why does she insist on doing all her "art" on those damn wood slices? it's so incoherent with her subject matter… makes it look even tackier

No. 946481

I would assume because it looks more high value, though you know it's going to absolutely be fucking her microns up

No. 946491

File: 1584438968099.png (1.96 MB, 750x1334, 8AE5F655-3F0A-4A09-9A0B-6DD921…)

Sage for no milk but I cackled at this post from a year ago. Truly the queen of zero self awareness.

No. 946529

this is from at least two years ago, anon.

No. 946542

Why doesn’t she just buy some clip on teeth like they have for child beauty pageants ? She’s so obsessed with her appearance it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch for her at this point.

No. 946606

File: 1584466490501.jpg (392.6 KB, 2896x2896, 20200317_123141.jpg)

the fact that she's recording herself talking alone in a car while her virtual eyelashes fly away is a true representation of her mental state

No. 946612

File: 1584466946718.jpg (1.28 MB, 1080x2280, 20200317_123928.jpg)

Why does she continue posting pictures from this set of selfies where she has dye on her goddamn head??? Ariana this is not a good look wtf

No. 946632

File: 1584469226087.jpeg (447.89 KB, 1242x2072, D3567939-2BC7-4EF2-A75B-4D1B41…)

Nitpick but why does her skin have a grey green hue in the face?? The contrast of the pink in her arm is alarming

No. 946633

I know!! She has the aesthetic awareness of a tranny I stg

lmfao anon.

No. 946638

Could be a bad foundation match. My money is on that it either oxidizes a lot (casting a yellow hue) or she just cakes it on to hide blemishes rather than doing color correction.

No. 946643

You can literally see the light hitting her face and arm. Likely her windows have a blue/green tint. Isn’t this common sense? What is up with the autism in this thread lately.

No. 946651

Jfc she looks so grimy and disgusting in this

No. 946655

the dye stained scalp in three of the selfies is a nice artistic touch.

it's gross, she could easily wash it out with a bit of scrubbing but would rather let everyone know she can't be bothered.

No. 946660

File: 1584473310908.jpg (343.55 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200317_152809.jpg)

Bleeding from the terrible razors ick

No. 946670

File: 1584474131123.jpg (349.83 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20200317-123938.jpg)

that anatomy
those tits
those feet
lol did whoever botched her tits draw this tattoo as well bc wew

also you can see bits of hair stuck to her above her belly button. icky

No. 946680

she drew it herself, anon. tattoo artist just copied it kek.

No. 946682

feeling manic, ari?

No. 946690

Also peep pubes on her stomach

No. 946692

new thread pic nomination? it's so bad. the non-matching cakey foundation, blow up doll lips, bad makeup, greasy hair and dusty shirt. kek

No. 946703

File: 1584478408743.png (4.69 MB, 1125x2436, 0FB9597E-F73C-40F1-B5AC-16AD8A…)

No. 946718

File: 1584478951497.jpg (1.77 MB, 2896x2896, 20200317_160139.jpg)

ANOTHER PICTURE FROM THIS DAY WHERE SHE WAS TOO LAZY TO WASH DYE OFF OF HER HEAD. What a great business woman, using such artsy photos to market herself

No. 946731

File: 1584479681734.jpeg (149.06 KB, 1242x318, 82DB6848-E719-48E3-AAD2-85B64E…)

How is Matt supposed to feel about this…

No. 946752

Is this a normal thing SW's do?

No. 946766

this is some middle-school tier anatomy, holy shit. THE HANDS. it's no wonder she has body dysmorphia because she clearly doesn't know what a human body looks or behaves like.

No. 946767

File: 1584488589979.png (3.25 MB, 750x1334, E3B77AB0-8323-4A7F-8912-F098D7…)

Is she trying to draw her Cupid’s bow back on? Kek

No. 946772

if i’m not mistaken didnt ari draw this herself

No. 946778

I think her new lip fillers are just super uneven and lumpy

No. 946779

LOL of course.

No. 946835

Anon, I noticed the same thing. It’s so wonky and not symmetrical. For a perfectionist and an artist she really is heavy handed with the freckles and the liner and every fucking thing else.

No. 946880

No. 946939

I'll never unsee her stomach tat as "Iggy".

A whole mess.

No. 946945

File: 1584535054124.png (2.23 MB, 750x1334, 2967C60E-1F64-4C3D-B2C9-13F1C0…)

More proof, if even needed…

No. 946947

>did u know

no we didn't, ariana, because it's not fucking true.

those fake freckles just look like she smeared makeup fallout off of her face

No. 946948

File: 1584535527485.gif (360.27 KB, 220x150, 1579756676840.gif)

Please stop Anon, my sides!

No. 946953

What are you people talking about, cats absolutely pant when they exert themselves. Cat panting = animal abuse is more of a reddit meme now than anything. If your cat is panting WITHOUT EXERCISING, then it's a bad sign.

ETA: https://www.vettedpetcare.com/vetted-blog/my-cat-is-panting-what-should-i-do/

This kind of sperging just giver her reasons to disregard this thread as a bunch of obsessed retards.

No. 946960

nta anon but i think others are so quick to jump on the "animal neglect" bandwagon because ariana has shown time and time again that she doesn't know how to properly take care of her pets.

No. 946977

File: 1584541660262.png (3.6 MB, 828x1792, 8138CAF9-1EDA-4F0E-8914-265263…)

Ariana screeching about how she didn’t think the toilet paper pandemic was real.

No. 946983

god, the double mouth she has on display here is truly revolting especially at full resolution. a true xenomorph kween.

No. 946992

File: 1584545274556.jpeg (180.6 KB, 828x1177, 3BBA384D-5D29-4013-88C2-44BE5C…)


No. 947000

File: 1584546905310.jpeg (134.67 KB, 984x984, 9A94E2CA-C965-4C30-B22E-B72B41…)

No. 947002

File: 1584546970311.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, 828EE1EE-1A4E-4A8F-B01E-3BF67B…)

People who really think this don’t have to post about it and reassure themselves several times a day.

No. 947004

ummm he works for the postal service…..? is she really this retarded?

No. 947005

Meh, this shits just dumb. We all know granny mouth will be crying and wanting to die an hour later when DoorMatt forgets to bring her a smoothie.

If she’s referring to the job crisis and how it “feels good to be her” because you can’t fire a hooker, oof that’s a whole new level of fucked up apathy for her. So empathic right?

No. 947015

it’s uncanny - do you think it feels like a fish mouth too? is this why nobody wants to hire her?

No. 947019

File: 1584549979405.png (3.49 MB, 750x1334, B7BFB158-2DBB-4871-B94E-B6A1C0…)

that comment lmao

No. 947026

File: 1584551455212.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, 3D31A838-3D26-4ABD-A51B-095588…)

Just leaving this freckle photo up. I have no comment.

No. 947029

File: 1584552291339.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, 7DC54CA6-516A-4AB1-AFF7-F3FF11…)

No. 947033

Tommy Pickles lookin' ass bitch

No. 947114

File: 1584560728532.jpg (672.42 KB, 1079x1459, Screenshot_20200318-134413_Ins…)

Yeah bitch you do

No. 947120

File: 1584561336927.jpg (370.92 KB, 2896x2896, 20200318_145444.jpg)

>Just makeup and lighting and angles teehee!

No. 947123

Her receding hairline is so bad.

No. 947125

It's pretty brutal to watch her face sagging where her fillers have dissolved

No. 947127

Has anyone else thought about how funny it is that her taxidermy classes that she's been bragging so much about are probably going to be cancelled due to COVID-19?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 947133

i love that her livestreams expose the fuck out of her squidward nose so clearly

No. 947150

File: 1584566979510.jpg (657.76 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200318-133357_Ins…)

I guess matt watches her live streams. Didn't know she allowed his cuck ass to do so kek

No. 947151

Pnp's whole versatile hoe persona is especially pathetic considering she copied the phrase from hotelshrimp's bio. Hs has had it in her bio for years prior. Pnp the skinwalker

No. 947152

Looks like Hotel Shrimp recently deleted it from her bio. Probably doesn't want to be associated to psoriasisnproud in any way.

No. 947157

She probably demands it otherwise he's a horrible bf who doesn't 'support her'

No. 947197

File: 1584575176670.png (Spoiler Image, 3.62 MB, 750x1334, D7ECA7E7-1E5E-4606-A346-F7BD46…)

No. 947208

Cursed image

No. 947230

File: 1584578440911.jpeg (380.88 KB, 748x1201, F3C2B977-ADCA-4285-9DDC-EF93B0…)

more word vomit from her finsta.
“i can only imagine what the crazy is saying” “every time i look good they get triggered” why does she always assume when she finds a hater that they are the ONLY source of her hate. ariana you know that there are dozens of us.. if not more lmao

No. 947231

cats will rarely exert themselves to the point the begin panting voluntarily. Kittens do sometimes, but if an older cat pants after play they might be unfit or have a slight URI.
Ari's cat is young enough that it shouldn't be a cause of concern unless the panting lasts longer than five minutes. It's a nitpick, but not an unreasonable one imo
T. work with cats on a daily basis

No. 947239

Breaking that down into paragraphs would literally do wonders, it's so fucking erratic rn

No. 947325

File: 1584591959699.png (3.3 MB, 1242x2208, 615D10D4-C773-47B6-8359-51F50E…)

Such a responsible and mature pet owner

No. 947331

This is like 20 different captions run together.

No. 947333

File: 1584595694242.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1242x1663, DBB831D2-3DE0-4481-B269-A153EC…)

No. 947343

Sorry I know this will continue to derail based on off topic cat shit. But I just wanna say cat panting is normal in small doses on high heat or after play
HOWEVER Ari said it's because she worked the cat out? I am 10,000 % certain she had no toys around to play with a cat long enough to get it to that level. A- she is a bitch and stated million times how much she hates her "asshole" cat. B- her place is a fucking trash can with laundry and trash thrown everywhere , surely we would have seen cat toys strewn about? How is that the only thing in her entire living situation that is cleaned up? My guess is definitely a health condition.

No. 947356

can we not do the cat facts thing here?

No. 947372

For playing around with her cat..? I swear some of the farmers here are giving Ariana a run for her money

No. 947373

File: 1584606573613.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 526.62 KB, 2048x2048, D764AADF-6A80-431C-8824-233692…)

I just want to know what gives her the impression this is sexy

No. 947376

File: 1584607117055.png (1.65 MB, 1242x2208, EF667029-B596-4BC6-8C2D-B432B3…)

Everyone tagged other artists until it got to her…. for how much she demands support from other artists or SWs, one would think she’d be a little more inclined to give it but not our Ari, Queen of Self Loathing and Delusions of Grandeur

No. 947392

She needs to take a beginner’s course and learn perspective. You can tell she had no idea how to draw the 2 back legs furthest from the viewer’s perspective.

No. 947403

You don’t need tons of toys to wear a kitten out, tardo. Kittens can run around a 1 bedroom apartment until they exhaust themselves and pant for a bit. Speaking from personal experience. Find something else to nitpick because this is just embarrassing for you guys!!! Cmon. Lol

No. 947405

File: 1584619415126.png (834.33 KB, 1242x2208, 3E742E86-A4C0-4042-9AD7-E0CB9D…)

No. 947422

not to derail but it is normal

plenty of twitter/ online based sex workers charge people to send them dick pics/ nudes

No. 947426


Wow… she's still planning to travel and fuck her sd during the height of this global pandemic? fuck me if i'm close minded, but sex workers should be closing up shop for full service until this passes. make your money with cam shows/pictures/online. Like, not only was that shit risky before, but now she's increasing the risk of bringing that shit back to Matt who is working an essential service delivering mail. she's a fuckin braindead whore for sure.

No. 947427

File: 1584629005047.jpeg (162.03 KB, 750x1140, 446C4988-0A4C-48F3-9565-27A2CD…)

hm sounds familiar

No. 947430

File: 1584629405047.png (110.51 KB, 750x1334, 430E5BEE-A0CE-4CC4-94DD-6D7765…)

“Emotionally traumatize” so it’s only okay when YOU start to bash people appearances, but no one else. got it

No. 947445

File: 1584633433214.png (3.49 MB, 1125x2436, CBDDB9F6-69E5-40F5-A06D-4B4E97…)

This bitch has lived philly adjacent the entire time she’s had a following and this is the first time I’ve seen her use the word jawn. A little out of context too. Do any of you lurking farmers know if like latinamilk just used this word recently so our little ari could parrot it and skinwalk? Sage for no milk btw.

No. 947449

File: 1584634360400.jpeg (272.05 KB, 1103x1607, 06F43BF2-9675-4182-9393-F879F3…)

Why does she look so stupid every time she does this biting her lip face

No. 947454

Still have no clue why she doesn’t cam. She goes on live all the time so it’s not like she’s scared farmers will watch. She’s such a hustler though, right?

No. 947463

Lmao I love how she gets an attitude with a guy who is PAYING for her service when he politely pointed out she doesn’t maintain her upload schedule, she just can’t help herself

No. 947464

probably because she knows she wont be able to handle actually talking to men with her social autism

No. 947500

Further stigmatizing only mentally ill people can be assholes or bullies. I hate this new phrase of hers.

No. 947517


bingo bingo bingo! she spends all day posing for “sexy content” and we all see the shit tier quality she produces. If she can’t even take a sexy photo, theres no way she can sit on cam for an hour and fake it.

she really gives off the vibe she hates all types of sex work but doesnt care about herself enough to not take the money.

No. 947590

Kinda out there but she might be watching drew Phillips videos lol he uses that word a lot in some of his older videos

No. 947615

Send this trash back to FL.

No. 947616

I actually think it's one of her better expressions. At least I'd take it over blow-up doll "sexy" face or her toothless grandma smiling face any day.
What kills me tho are those tendons on her throat. Care to strain them a little more, Ari?

No. 947668

File: 1584668937566.png (3.87 MB, 750x1334, EE4B7CB1-FAF9-4BD4-AA90-83CAF6…)

But let’s just take a minute to appreciate this…

No. 947688

it's one of her more decent pictures tbh.

No. 947690

god it’s not possible for her to post a no makeup picture without the kylie filter is it? show us your sagging pocked face ari

No. 947729

File: 1584680281014.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1125x1922, C77C21F7-1121-4D4A-8330-439C97…)


perhaps she got it here

No. 947740

If you think this expression is one of her better ones, you're blind af

this picture made me gag. Idk how you could say it's decent in any regard. I showed it to my bf and he gagged too kek.

No. 947758

File: 1584689892151.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 151.58 KB, 1242x259, 85AE4B45-BF6E-4183-BE7F-D70DBF…)

Her sex life with Matt makes me feel sick

No. 947775

If you're showing random pictures of Ariana to your bf and anxiously awaiting his response, you're an even bigger loser than she is. For god's sake anon

No. 947789

It’s because her floor is actually seemingly clean and without other cat toys and crap all over it.

No. 947798

File: 1584707772126.png (823.38 KB, 1242x2208, AE050637-1950-47E9-A192-369D07…)


No. 947808

sage by typing "sage" into the email field. that way the thread doesn't get bumped up when there's no milk.

No. 947809

Cowtipping isn't allowed, beeb.

No. 947820

Yeah it's very obvious they're they one replying to her tweets when it says "delete" underneath it.

No. 947828

File: 1584713755298.png (Spoiler Image, 2.62 MB, 1125x2436, F1434C2E-E223-4036-9960-479888…)

No. 947833

LMAO usually when one bites their lower lip there’s more teeth showing and not just one sausage lip and one non existent lip. How tf does she think she’s sexy?!?

No. 947839

wtf why does she keep doing this ugly ass face??? it looks so forced and makes her chin look huge

No. 947901

Her birth lip appearing

No. 947905

says the newfag who can't even sage.

No. 947924

File: 1584732507040.jpg (487.53 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200320-132744_Ins…)

Good lord, she just coloured it what, 6 days ago?!

No. 947934

She skin walks des_fitch who was abcdezzz

No. 947962

nice selfpost @abcdezzz. she doesn’t skinwalk you, you’re a freak too.

No. 947972

her account is private so idk how you’d know she was a freak, anon lol but ari skin walks everyone. especially ppl she shit talks. so i would not be surprised in the least bit

No. 947973

lol. abcdez is definitely the “patches” cornball that tries SO hard. She could have her own thread tbh. Seems like a crackhead stripper with a kid via heroin addict.

No. 947976

i think you might be doing some heroin yourself there lol that abcdezzz girl was at least pretty and naturally too, last time i lurked when she was brought up in this thread. and who gives a fuck if shes a stripper. slut shaming ended in the early 2000’s

No. 947978

lol stop it you cringey fucktard

No. 947980

as if ari doesnt look like shes doing heroin HERSELF lol you guys reach too much. abcdez girl was cute

No. 947981

her hair is gonna fall out at this rate

No. 948004

File: 1584745418890.png (9.45 MB, 1125x2436, BB5140A1-595A-4120-906B-B35FA8…)

Her implant scars seem to have magically disappeared

No. 948005

sage your rants, no one cares.

No. 948014

Are the scars so bad because she didn't waer the proper healing garnments? Because if that's the only reason they look so bad… how the fuck could she be that short-sighted and retarded. Now those ugly ass scars will be there forever bc she couldn't stop thotting for 3 weeks or whatever and keep the ugly surgical bra on

No. 948037

She is not cute she looks like a meth head and acts like one too…plus the bitches teeth are wonky as hell. honestly she’s way worse than pnp & if she had more followers she’d probably have her own thread. Gtfo of here with that shit. This thread is about Arianna.

No. 948038

I feel like this has to be abcdez or one of her friends..lol. Embarrassing to be you.

No. 948040

OMG WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT HER TEETH. from the looks of it, shes a successful sex worker and raises her kid by herself. botchedandproud could never even bring herself to have a spawn. not sure why this abcdez bitch is being brought up but she sure as fuck doesnt look like a meth head. at least not compared to ari lmao. i see 0 aids rashes and her hair is red, just like aris just dyed hers. if you guys wanna bash everyone at least have good milk to back it up with

No. 948041

You can tell she airbrushed them out

They both have crazy ass meth heads obsessed with them so probably either one

No. 948047

I care about her teeth. They are atrocious.

No. 948057

looks like a pretty typical breast implant underboob. you can see how they're square on the side (right side underboob) from the implant underneath lifting up underneath the muscle and poking out. looks like a digital brush was used to blur the scars

No. 948067

she literally has decent teeth and theyre pretty white. both trolls have invisalign

No. 948070

Abcdeeznutz works that “normie” 9-5 job (at Edible Arrangements KEK) so I highly doubt it’s her self posting. Sounds like one of her or PNP’s trolls. Can you new fags learn to sage

No. 948073

no cares where she works. we’ve established ari has no originality. move along

No. 948075

>looks like a pretty typical breast implant underboob.
Agreed, because:
>looks like a digital brush was used to blur the scars

But I'm wondering if the scars look the way they actually look, which is awful (see >>942988), because of her shitty aftercare and not wearing her garnments. And marvelling at how retarded she is, if so.
I get that the surgical bras are for breast shape but I guess I'm wondering if the scars were also affected by her neglect

No. 948076

I think they look like they do because she is trying to perk them up in this pic by flexing the muscle which is above the implant, pulling the half-dome implant upwards, which is causing it to jut awkwardly out through the flesh.
Because she naturally has pretty solid upper body muscle toning, (her breasts before implants were perky, no?) it probably feels natural to her to (flex) perk the pecs up but, most women posing for underboob shots with implants have lax pectoral muscles and are not trying to make the boobs any perkier, just letting them float or hang into the muscle (for a full shape circle of the breast), not pulling the implants up against the muscles. it's an amateur underboob pic ha. it shows she's obviously straining.

I think all models with implants photoshop the hell out of their scars, because there is always scarring after breast implants and the scars never magically go away.

No. 948093

Her boob scars are gnarly, def due to lack of aftercare. Just like her horrid lip lift scar.

No. 948094

How could she think anyone would want to be her with those ugly ass, trashy ass tattoos? fr? it's pathetic that her comeback for people having beef with her is "you just wish you were me." lol I'm pretty sure having beef with people has nothing to do with wanting to be them. lol does she not realize people are literally repulsed by her? she thinks every person posting negative feedback about her online simply wishes they were her?

No. 948103

File: 1584772365481.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1242x1375, F360574D-A46F-44E7-B712-351430…)

No. 948105

The left (right) hand is drawn the wrong way around fucking KEK

No. 948106

dear god, I really hope she fixes the proportions of the face and the eye placement holy shit. she brags about never taking an art class in her life and it shows! even novice artists know the eyes don't go that high up on the forehead.

No. 948107

omg the backward hand.

No. 948109

File: 1584774913667.jpg (141.69 KB, 789x960, kek.jpg)

omg the backward hand.

No. 948117


Scrolling past I thought the thumbnail was of a slice of deli loaf on top of ground beef.

No. 948139

Are we allowed to like write a message specifically for Arianna here

No. 948162

File: 1584797729947.jpeg (738.48 KB, 1239x1370, 60395637-DA2F-4606-B05B-0AA674…)

I was genuinely curious about the arm length difference since the right arm looked so much longer so I flipped the left arm around to match and it’s an entire hands length longer lmaoooo queen of symmetry my ass.

Also the mish mash of the barbed wire on the woodblock really brings out the trailer trash, like an edgy teenager doing arts and crafts at their midwestern grandparents house

No. 948167

Lol this quarantine really does bring them out the woodworks huh

No. 948185

She most definitely looks and acts like a psychotic meth head with fucked up disgusting teeth. I’m sorry if you can’t handle it girl, those are just the facts.

No. 948186

Did she change her Instagram name again or was it deleted?

No. 948191

I can't find her either, even when sorting the ppl I follow on ig by "latest", so I think she was deleted

No. 948193

Yeah she was deleted hahahaha(namefag)

No. 948195

File: 1584807317238.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, 4D8BFC97-8425-4788-B986-362A84…)

no it wasn’t….

No. 948196

Her account was definitely gone this morning. But idk maybe she deactivated momentarily

No. 948237

You're prob not supposed to, but farmers do it all the time in Shay's thread. Just do it. It had better at least be funny though bc no one cares

No. 948272

File: 1584823414389.jpg (83.21 KB, 961x763, toxiceye.jpg)

No. 948273

…what are we looking at here…?

No. 948275

File: 1584823693271.jpg (1.02 MB, 1079x1658, Screenshot_20200321-144743_Ins…)

Bitch lurks hard

No. 948277

her new avi is so "toxic eye" lol

No. 948278

who’s gonna tell her that there’s more to a nice smile than simply having straight, reasonably white teeth. her bite is fucked, despite the straightening trays she spent thousands on. her chin, jaw and grotesque lips don’t help, and her fillers look warped every time she smiles.

No. 948281

she honestly just looks evil when she smiles. like you can see how completely wrecked she is, though she tries daily to pretend she's not. idk if it' just the hair, but she looks sinister and creepy with that smile, pretending so hard. it's a jeering smile. more of a joke, really.

No. 948285

what’s with these edits that mean nothing like this nonsense >>948109

No. 948302

File: 1584827304230.jpeg (379.7 KB, 1125x1978, 6E3D9B0D-61E4-406C-9016-C853AE…)

No. 948316

Not really no

No. 948317

File: 1584829522495.png (2.7 MB, 1242x2208, DAF1A28F-8C4D-4C88-AB4D-F0D812…)


No. 948321

Okay ari but you got to look real hard to see them so what’s the point?

No. 948323

For someone who “struggles with their immune system,” you would think maybe she would stay in during a quarantine, especially in a dirty ass city like philly, but here we are. So selfish to those who don’t want to get sick from her, especially since we KNOW the girl doesn’t wash her hands (ie the brown stains she leaves on as accessories)

No. 948324

File: 1584830709615.jpeg (302.93 KB, 828x1055, 77AA43E8-DFDA-49A9-AC2D-083A93…)

Go ahead and try to convince me this isn’t a man. I’ll wait.

No. 948325

File: 1584830736183.jpeg (203.98 KB, 828x891, BBB5ED69-033A-43DC-8B6E-8787F9…)


No. 948340

Oh, it was to me. Sorry. I thought it was funny.

No. 948346


Wears a mask to walmart but still trying to fucka client for cash kek

Why was this dumbass wearing her mask in the car while she was yapping her mouth needlessly? Everyone already knows they're ineffective, but the moisture from breathing makes the mask permeable and therefore useless.

No. 948350

lmao nitpick but bitch really just said dethaw bread…it’s defrost or thaw, not both together into a made up word lol - dethaw would be to make it frozen

No. 948372

doesn't every culture have meat, starch and legume styled meals lol…

No. 948373

And she said she's gonna try peeling a couple slices off the frozen loaf and let them thaw separately because it should go faster. Does she really thaw the entire loaf every time normally? Nastyyyy

No. 948374


does she not know you can just pop two slices in the mic for 5 seconds?

No. 948375

File: 1584839469101.jpeg (172.61 KB, 1125x1345, D29E83A5-3750-48A8-82E3-2BCF73…)

when your two favorite cows interact.. kek

No. 948376

File: 1584839537585.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1242x1523, 276E6DD1-3C0A-4C2A-8B26-02EF1B…)

You forgot the best part, her caption. The irony lol also wtf is on her ear

No. 948377

A stretcher hole I think
Also that lil looks even worse from the side

No. 948387

File: 1584842042609.png (4.18 MB, 1125x2436, 4B2E75CE-0FB2-4739-8D78-4D85F3…)

s he made a whole post about how much she loves frogger and weezy but didn’t even mention tarte. she needs to fucking rehome that cat if she hates it so much. i bet she’s abusive to it. not to tinfoil.

No. 948391

File: 1584843141136.jpg (1.09 MB, 1078x1742, Screenshot_20200321-221108_Ins…)

This caption came across as really effing dumb to me. She's trying to sound super poetic and smart but the reality is if you fail and keep trying you'll become good at something.

No. 948395

File: 1584844188656.jpeg (1016.89 KB, 1546x3264, EEA9BADF-0D53-4CE4-9CEB-456E33…)

private ig post

No. 948402

File: 1584845808648.png (4.91 MB, 828x1792, E29D1741-5FB7-404E-9BE9-34362F…)

“My profile go crazy”

No. 948403

>nonstop focused on what i need to get done
>didn’t do anything until 4

ummm that’s not what that means lol

No. 948427

Ya cut out her titanium jaw and Adam’s apple kek

No. 948438

File: 1584855581657.jpeg (670.14 KB, 2048x2048, 6B4E1B0D-A481-4CEA-890C-912BEB…)

It really is no surprise that she can’t breathe half the time.

No. 948442

>>948438 wow, she really does still look the same. what a waste of money

No. 948450

File: 1584859321100.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 191.13 KB, 1449x828, 99E1D0D0-4D86-4493-95E6-5EFBEF…)


No. 948453

File: 1584859489666.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 180.64 KB, 1465x828, 19601902-2EC7-44B2-8618-781D5C…)

At least paint your gross bitten to the nub nails….. makes her shitty lazy videos look even more trashy

No. 948459

I know atypicalvagfags are gonna sperg over this but holy fuck her genitalia is disgusting. It’s so lumpy and discolored. legit everything about her from her face to her pussy to her toes is busted. she should really consider a labiaplasty if sw is her desired career…. no wonder she tries to sell anal so hard(Nitpicking)

No. 948464

You sound like a pornsick scrote who grimaces at any pussy that's not light pink with tiny inner labia. Cringe

No. 948466

Their relationship is so fucked. Going through his phone, looking through his photos, and bringing up yet again the “lies” which I’m guessing is referring to when he “lied” about speaking to other girls

No. 948472


Just because you have an ugly pussy doesn’t mean hers is “normal”, either.

Someone said it above: I think this is a dude. What a weird body and masculine face.(vag sperging)

No. 948476

The level of insecurity on this thread is embaressing,i come here to laugh at a cow not cringe because of anons

No. 948477

Do you realize that ugly woman exist ?ugly pussy exist,ugly everything exists it doesnt make her a man.Jesus its like you have something to prove(samefagging)

No. 948480

I'm with the other anon on this one. You sound like a scrote or some clueless underage newfag who wandered in here from quarantine since schools been out. Most average vaginas are some kind of "ugly". It ain't milk.

Also as botched as Ariana is, she's a woman. Lurk more.

No. 948481

File: 1584871981310.jpg (40.57 KB, 550x550, incelinside.jpg)


Her genitals looks like mine, stop being so disgusting, numbnuts. Not everyone looks underage down there.

Scream "roast beef" all you want but this is how a real vagina looks, you losers.

No. 948497

It is real, sure, but it doesn’t make it appealing or pretty. Same as faces, lots of people are repulsive, and she has a repulsive vagina. Deal with it, world doesn’t owe you coddling you for your every fart.

No. 948498

Good news - even if you have a repulsive vag like her, you can still be attractive, since when men fuck you they don’t have to look at it. But Ari chose a career of showing her pussy online, no wonder people are disgusted. It’s like seeing a botched, cross eyed, wheezing, open-mouth-breather model with massive acne and deformed face. Completely pointless.

No. 948510

her vagina is plenty attractive though? i think it's personally attractive. her photos are just not great and she doesn't know how to be sexy.

No. 948534

Her upper lip looks so heavy now, it’s like sagging compared to her old self

No. 948536

I agree it’s also the angles, what average person wants an up shot of any genitals ? They’re all a bit ugly unless you bleach or wax like most other porn stars.

No. 948604

Let’s not act like our vaginas look perfect and beautiful now, but she needs to work on taking pictures of it.

No. 948605

Let’s stop talking about her vagina and talk about how she is as a person. Not every vagina is gonna look like a pornstar’s.

No. 948607

File: 1584903259010.jpeg (235.83 KB, 718x675, 2F35B8C4-C80B-42FF-9F55-D90205…)

This bitch look like Madame Medusa from Rescuers. Trying to look cute every day but ugly as all hell lol

No. 948610

File: 1584903515100.jpeg (68.89 KB, 718x675, F331C666-F09E-41C3-A913-456B18…)

No. 948680

lol @ the coping itt

No. 948688

? why is her ear so fucking big

No. 948718

Jesus, you’re all fucking retards. She’s repulsive in every other way. But her pussy is nice and NORMAL - because they’re literally all fucking different. Also, if you didn’t know - it’s not 1990–2009 anymore, it’s fucking 2020. People like juicy/phat pussies and hers is still basically a slit. Seriously SHUT THE FUCK UP about her cunt. It’s the least interesting/gross thing about her.

No. 948719

Literally all fucking popular porn stars right now have massive labia, you goddamn retard. Have you ever seen Elsa Jean? Most popular twat in porn ATM. Chill out, sorry you probably have some seriously deformed or boring slit for a pussy.

No. 948728

I agree.
You all gotta shut the fuck up about her vagina or her fucking ears or whatnot. You're grasping at straws because there has been no real milk most recently. Stop criticising her natural and very normal features and maybe focus on the body parts she absolutely botched by choice?

No. 948738

Wtf I have had a baby and my pussy doesn’t even look like that, this bitches bits are hanging wtf!(Nitpicking)

No. 948748

It doesn't matter whether or not you've had a baby, my labia minora looked like that even when I was a virgin. Mods, for the love of god do something about the retards ruining this thread.

No. 948765

If it’s not her vagina then it’s her ears, or her teeth. Her LIPS are botched, forget her vagina

No. 948900

File: 1584993875649.png (Spoiler Image, 6.86 MB, 1125x2436, 246202C8-45EE-415E-9BC3-C8D0CC…)

No. 948903

Seriously, this bitch is old enough to have a baby, but not know that vulvas can and will look vastly different.

No. 948967

Kek, now we see how many farmers have ugly vags. Nobody cares that you’re insecure about it.


It’s ari’s new favorite face. Hiding the botched lips.

No. 948969

lmao this thread really does attract the most retarded people

No. 949052

Holy shit I called that atypicalvagfags would freak out. Gonna catch a ban but whatever— as a bi ex SW who’s seen dozens of genitalia — hers is nasty looking. Sorry. Now can every offended outie farmer relax, we’re not talking about you.

PS - Saying ari has a nice pussy isn’t the feminist solidarity that yall think it is. For someone as obsessed with their appearance as ari is, you’d think she’d be more mindful of how her genitals look. (Not just how they naturally look, but how she touches it, poses herself, etc).(blogging, nitpicking, derailing)

No. 949083

Kek you must not get much work then because I’m just bi and have seen pussies like hers.

Are the vulva wars over or is the milk so dry we need to hear from retarded ~bisexual sex workers~ about how they’ve seen all vaginas and ari’s is definitely the worst out there?

No. 949090

cool, we’ve all seen a range of labia. arianas is one of the ugly ones. boo hoo. now that we’re all in agreement that her labia is gross, just like the rest of her, can we please move on

No. 949135

File: 1585065736688.jpeg (205.2 KB, 748x814, 1DB6A442-89F3-4F88-843F-A8290A…)


No. 949136

>as a bi ex SW
No wonder this thread is shit

No. 949137

who let the scrotes out

No. 949140


That arm is just so awkward and bad

No. 949142

You know it's bad when milk is "Ari's vagina looks like a vagina"

Lmao, yes not all vaginas will look like anime clams, I don't see how a common feature is milk, it would be like if we made fun of cows for having long thumbs or innie belly buttons

No. 949145

if you think its bad why are you still talking about it, just shut the fuck up and post when there's milk.

No. 949151

the same could be said about you, femcel.

No. 949155

Hi yeah different anon here to say SHUT THE FUCK UP. No one gives a single fuck about your female positive enlightenment shit about a hookers vag dumb fuck.

No. 949156

keep on derailing

No. 949160

Kek holy shit.

That fucking face has me cackling.


No. 949163

File: 1585072435248.png (4.33 MB, 750x1334, 4F91C793-3AFA-4BE8-9922-EFBECB…)

She’s going to paint it. So why the actual fuck in hell did she not fix the back to front hand?
Has she not even realised?

No. 949167

Guarantee she saw the post on here that pointed it out but she’s too lazy to fix it.

If anything she would double down and claim that the awkward positioning is on purpose bc ART

No. 949168

The arm is supposed to be turned away from the body with the palm reaching upwards. Ari is just so bad at anatomy and perspective, it’s hard to see

No. 949170

File: 1585073916646.jpg (9.11 KB, 241x281, 1477614929938.jpg)

Looks like Connie is having a bad time.

No. 949182

Yeah, for sure she did. And for sure she’s too lazy to fix it.

No. 949185

Her live right now is funny as fuck…plus you get to see just how pockmarked and fucked her skin is. She was on about her ‘one’ forehead wrinkle yesterday, but also posted a photo that clearly shows one is in fact A Number Of.

No. 949186

File: 1585077557540.jpeg (613.55 KB, 750x1164, D99B1F6F-6C93-4CE6-AC4F-540C50…)

No. 949191

File: 1585078312563.jpg (1 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200324-122852_Ins…)

anybody notice how this art "piece" is a direct ripoff of that one artist that was really big on tumblr? art-creature/Inez I believe her name was???

No. 949196

File: 1585079066249.jpeg (342.12 KB, 1019x1024, 30169CBD-DD08-4FBE-A7DB-81A764…)

ive been lurking here for a while but…. lol how did she not think anyone would notice this?

No. 949197

File: 1585079090348.jpg (813.59 KB, 1076x1913, 20200324_154148.jpg)

Nitpick but she cut her crease on live & the eye on our right was cut too far towards her nose, and it's bothering me to no end. She added shadow and still hasn't noticed that it's not even in the slightest. but she's just "that good at makeup" kek

No. 949198

Some may say it's just the angle but this anon is right. I'm noticing it too.

No. 949199

File: 1585079226405.jpg (840.5 KB, 1080x1998, 20200324_154649.jpg)

No. 949200

holy fuck

No. 949201


No. 949205


This bitch is ranting on live about people "from the hate forum" just because a couple of people made comments about her bad skin.

She also made this hilarious claim, saying Dollskill tried to "continue" working with her, but they gave her "ultimatums" and wouldn't let her "work with other brands", so she got fake tits and said "hell no". That clearly worked out so well for her, now that aaallll the companies are lining up to work with her. She also said they paid her a "disrespectful" amount of money for "8 hours of modeling." Then she says she still thinks it's cool that she got to model for them. This bitter bitch and her zero opportunities are a perfect example of her self-sabotage Major kek.

No. 949211

kek @ her ranting about her dollskill experience to ~30 people on her new account with a tiny fraction of the followers she used to have. what a pathetic has-been

No. 949219


I wonder which "reference" art this was stolen from

No. 949224

File: 1585081882954.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 16CE46C5-26CD-4D12-BA46-17BBE7…)

She was talking about in her videos or photos she comes off as “sexy” but in real life she’s the least sexiest person ever. WE KNOW ARIANA, we know. It really shows

No. 949225

Literally nothing will ever take her original face away….

No. 949227

is she crying?

No. 949252

I wasn't able to get a screenshot in time but she full on flashed in the live when trying to adjust her tube top. Tits out completely for .5 of a second.

No. 949254

She's just really stoned after taking bong rips

No. 949281

Oof it’s identical except hers is worse. I always wondered about this drawing bc it’s clearly not her style.

Laughing bc she even had to add the god-awful freckles to the drawing.

No. 949337


it's terribly strange that someone like her would copy another artist without even giving them any credit since she harps on dollskill so hard all the time.
this bitch is such a hypocrite. Does she really not even see that?

No. 949381

nah, shes just ugly

No. 949385

Absolutely shameless, I'm getting secondhand embarrassment from looking at it

No. 949397

File: 1585126627882.jpeg (168.41 KB, 1242x403, 3D195557-6959-419B-BF5D-97658F…)

No. 949402

File: 1585128794968.png (5.93 MB, 1242x2208, AC8B1711-F0C7-4396-80DB-0A1542…)

She’s trying to imply this is what that awful anatomically-incorrect hand is supposed to be. What a (literal) reach

No. 949410

but the hand is still not even that way around. the palm is facing the character in the drawing. ari you dumbass

No. 949412

When she does it is "inspiration" anon. For real, she's incapable of analyzing her actions. Zero introspection, zero empathy, all ego all the time.

Case in point lol. Matt supposedly dreaming about other women is enough to trigger her, but he has to be OK with her fucking other men, calling said fucking "dates", talking fondly about them, etc.

No. 949535

File: 1585167257715.jpg (339.6 KB, 2896x2896, 20200325_151323.jpg)

No. 949543

File: 1585168968553.jpeg (285.24 KB, 750x1146, 32F12EC1-A0EA-4D97-901E-44DC9E…)

Lol not for the first time…I compared her shitty insect drawing to Jigsaw

No. 949572

File: 1585176149439.png (4.64 MB, 1125x2436, DC746A6A-A876-4684-92AF-C8F24D…)

Whoever this ugly drawing was for doesn’t want it it seems, since it’s still hung up on Ari’s wall.

No. 949582

They look even worse next to actually good art. Oof.

No. 949596

File: 1585179472861.png (Spoiler Image, 3.03 MB, 750x1334, 3F103C95-B217-4E09-A1B9-4133BA…)

And yet she perseveres kek

No. 949604

File: 1585182427184.png (278.64 KB, 1225x594, lol.PNG)

Wish she would stop using these cheap ass slabs from Michael's

No. 949611

File: 1585183502162.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1488, AD49C313-0EA3-423B-A0FC-F0C577…)

Neither of these are currently listed on her Etsy

No. 949613

Yeah, a real artist would chop up their own tree stumps. Or go to artisan wood slab superstore. Duh.

Who gives a shit.

No. 949619

If they are commissions why would you expect them to be listed on her etsy…?

No. 949636

Y’all have no life, so sad ugly pathetic people…get a life lol COWS(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 949640

Most artists that charge that much for a piece on wood do source it themselves. At least the artists I know. It’s a personal choice, but it matters when she’s charging 100+

No. 949641

File: 1585189773277.jpeg (487.48 KB, 750x1159, 7AE62B8C-2C2E-4C44-B745-C24F7C…)

Yeah, we get it…

No. 949666

Ok ari(hi cow)

No. 949683

File: 1585201809810.jpeg (15.36 KB, 236x254, 0F35E8C7-5F2E-4E5D-B449-9E85D2…)


No. 949898

I wish she'd try out some other eye makeup, the way she draws her eyeliner is honestly not ideal for her face shape at all. She looks better anyway when her makeup is not as heavy, it ages her even more.

No. 949965

File: 1585245578050.jpeg (136.08 KB, 828x667, 3AF82F90-D864-480E-9D0F-7F71E8…)

God she is such a piece of shit

No. 949989

File: 1585248811740.png (4.14 MB, 750x1334, 8545A7B6-5664-43CD-9CF4-D6FF49…)

Looks so much better in the flesh, I bet kek

No. 949990

File: 1585249065370.png (3.19 MB, 750x1334, 4422EF81-099B-4D63-B33A-FD61D4…)

I have a nitpick about this but am keeping it to myself. As if it’s not glaringly obvious.

No. 949994

enjoy getting banned from IG again kek

her nose contour is fucking awful. it makes it look she's got a beak that's caved in. give it up with the shit stain freckles already.

No. 950002

Remember when she said she was going to keep her new IG clean? She fully has screen caps of her porn on her feed, now. This girl really can’t stick to anything she says.

Also, that slab art is so bad. You can see so many smudges from where she erased her pencil through the varnish. No attention to detail :-//

No. 950011

Just wait, she'll be whining about how the world is so unfair and everyone hates SW when Instagrams slams the ban hammer to her again. She's so fucking dense beyond words.

No. 950017

File: 1585255805348.jpg (178.07 KB, 504x750, 20200326_154717.jpg)

No. 950018

File: 1585255847104.jpg (177 KB, 490x752, 20200326_154655.jpg)

No. 950019

And give it up with the gold leaf wtf shits so try-hard. And like scattering around without any intention just makes this work look even more thoughtless and sloppy.

It’s funny too how her female drawings always seem physically based on her. Those ridiculous fish lips?

No. 950020

File: 1585256207647.png (4.36 MB, 828x1792, 65421A15-CCC8-40E4-AA4B-DE6D0C…)

Artfags can you plz tell us why exactly this is so fucked up to look at.

No. 950021

File: 1585256348606.jpeg (142.75 KB, 827x875, 2E419BD7-2736-40F1-A28D-CD66C3…)

I thought she claimed to of never taken art lessons ?

No. 950023

High school art class does not equal lessons reach harder

No. 950024

Here goes
-thin, poorly drawn, straw like hair that's got no uniform length so it looks like split ends.
- gaps in the hair so it looks like its balding
- weird cartoon face, with a wooden, soulless expression
-saggy tits that kinda come out of nowhere
-lacking all cohesion and just a confusing composition
- shoulder tumour

No. 950028

Also, by saggy tits i mean they have sag lines on the breast which you might expect in a much older woman, so it doesn't really fit with the youthful face. The most of putting thing is how wooden it is tho

No. 950030

-toothpick neck/bobble head
-clavacles are poking into armpits
-like other anon said, shoulder tumor and stringy hair
-just terrible fucking anatomy and proportions
-inconsistent light source
-ribs are shaped like tree bark instead of ribs

No. 950039

High school art class is not art lessons, smooth brain.

No. 950057

Looks like she’s always loved never finishing or fully committing projects

No. 950226

File: 1585333729504.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2154, 20200327_132745.jpg)

Queen of dirt and grime

No. 950228

File: 1585334027053.jpg (625.19 KB, 1080x1333, 20200327_133303.jpg)

No. 950229

Damn her wrinkles are getting bad

No. 950231

Wow she is on live right now repeating "hoes mad! hoes mad!" because people are calling her out because she said she was going to store even tho she felt sick.

"PEOPLE NEED TOILET PAPER" she says even though people are suggesting delivery service. she went off when someone suggested Matt buy her groceries "HE'S NOT MY SLAVE"

She just keeps saying shes going to wear a mask and sanitizer her hands so she's fine to go even though she's sick.

Disgusting behaviour.

No. 950234


then she ended the stream with fucking queerboy aaron showing up and not washing his hands. bitch you got herpes.

No. 950235

Lmao @ her trying to make her waist look curvy by covering one half of her torso with her arm and bending herself to the side

No. 950236

Her lips are so fucking lumpy ugh

No. 950237

Does this really surprise anyone though? She wouldnt even get herself, a sex worker with actual clients, tested for HIV after being sexually assaulted in a foreign place by strangers and having symptoms because "she was nervous about her doctor."

She couldn't care less who she infects or if she infected them. She said she would give her horribly uncomfortable skin condition to a baby if she could. Shes horribly selfish and I kind of wish there was a more extreme word to use than "selfish" because she's almost maliciously self absorbed with herself. Its PNPs world we're all just living in it as NPCs.

What's funny though is that I would 100% put my money on her moral grandstanding how "sick people need to stay inside its SELFISH!!" if she saw someone she followed doing the exact same thing shes doing now before the backlash.

No. 950239

She’s so paranoid on the lives nobody can ask anything without her directing it at lolcow. She doesn’t even know what people actually like her or not because any criticism or even attempt at making friendships with her lead her to think of lolcow.

No. 950247

File: 1585338167431.gif (6.62 MB, 414x626, 20200327_123935.gif)

OT but I wanted to test a website that helps you read faster and the first block of text I saw was yours so I ran it thru lel

No. 950251

Gtfo nobody wants this.

No. 950255


She really will be going off on all her story posts about how people need to “stay inside or you’re selfish” when her sugar-grandpa gets corona, which if he is her role model and she is as stupid n selfish as we know her to be, he will get it, i don’t doubt she will too. Tinfoil but it will be enjoyable to watch her get ill and make doormatt her slave, despise screaming on live that “he’s not my sLaVe” when someone suggested he went shopping for her because she said she was currently ill and having virus symptoms. Her life is the ultimate gift/joke that doesn’t stop giving kek.

No. 950258

File: 1585340083196.jpg (613.5 KB, 1080x1315, 20200327_151253.jpg)

This post has now been deleted and replaced with pic related.
God she lurks so hard. Yes, ariana this picture of your nasty ass thrush tongue is better than your wrinkled face

No. 950261

File: 1585340328399.jpg (792.98 KB, 1080x1876, 20200327_151805.jpg)

The thought…of the smell…of her breath…..oh God

No. 950265

it’s ironic because she is the hoe that is madly stupid

No. 950278

this was also posted on twitter with a caption asking who would let her lick them. didn't screencap in time. probably deleted it because she didnt want attention drawn to her yeast infected tongue

No. 950288

is there any part of this creature that isn’t infected?

No. 950290

ABC deez introduced me to this platform , stfu u meth head bitch(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 950292

Stop bringing up that girl, no one here cares about her AT ALL

No. 950298

File: 1585351766488.jpg (633.43 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200327-172452_Ins…)

Man she just ruined herself

No. 950299

Learn to reply, learn to sage, and stop self posting goddamn meth head

At least sage or you're no better!!!

Notice how she only posts pictures in her before and after with the brightness turned up so they don't show her wrinkles. Aging backwards~

No. 950301

she looks 20 years older. she needs her face dissolved, it looks like it's falling off

No. 950302

File: 1585353088304.jpg (487.57 KB, 2896x2896, 20200327_184828.jpg)

Two selfies posted in the same day but the more you stare the more the one on the left looks edited and the one on the right looks like a woman in at least her mid 30's

No. 950313

File: 1585354680392.jpg (846.02 KB, 1080x2220, 1545245400798.jpg)

Some gems from a year ago: ariana proving she knows how to facetune although constantly denies it

No. 950314

File: 1585354797495.png (1.82 MB, 1080x1920, 1544887317468.png)

Another year old find: ariana being the best sex worker and most strategic business woman by advertising that she only wants men's money

No. 950325

God that makeup looks suffocating in natural light

No. 950336

Those freckles are so fucking bad, please explain why she still does them like she’s 12 with no thumbs.

No. 950348

File: 1585359522810.jpeg (3.59 MB, 4032x3024, 785AFF07-B424-4887-BEA0-DAE019…)

spotted a pnp original on that new tiger king show on netflix lmfao

No. 950355

Oh my godddd lmfao anon
and the trash swamp people in that doc are totally Ariana's kin

No. 950370

Saw that in the show and thought the same

No. 950392


what hips, she's got the body of a weight-obsessed 12 year-old boy

No. 950393

File: 1585368585897.jpeg (444.34 KB, 1746x1892, 80CCEE27-0655-485C-BFF8-8AF1EF…)

There’s no way this isn’t edited KEK

No. 950405

File: 1585372336325.png (3.19 MB, 750x1334, 8DB264EE-CD33-453B-9DB6-0E115B…)

Sage for non milk but Cotted said on live that they're still friends even tho they don't follow each other. It was an awkward moment.

No. 950470

File: 1585393340842.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1540, BA17EED3-D948-4BCC-887D-3D9EBA…)

private ig

No. 950473

It says LIPS, anon. Not hips.

No. 950476


I love how she vehemently denied even owning facetune or knowing how to photoshop. Like, why does she blatantly lie like that? Her face is already hacked to death, thought she was plastic and proud? But will scream and kick is someone points out her obvious photo manipulation?

No. 950487

>I don’t think I’ve ever been better mentally
Ok then.

Does she typically buy hundreds of dollars in skincare? Sorry if I missed it. No idea why she needs to spend so much on it unless it’s Retin-A or something. Just buy a fragrance free cream from the drugstore Ari. That’s about all you can handle if you can’t even bother to bathe. We all know you’re going to put this new shit on your face all at once and fuck up your skin.

No. 950497

File: 1585403864332.jpeg (195.13 KB, 1518x311, A9CA481B-7B16-46D7-8F7B-96E9AE…)

Ari, stop kidding yourself, it isn’t “just sex work” if you form an emotional connection to your client as well as fucking them regularly. Jesus Christ why does Matt put up with this?

No. 950507

A hooker catching feelings for a client. How emotionally damaged and incapable of adhering to boundaries do you have to be for this happen?

Matt clearly gives no fucks about his "bean." Ariana has obviously always been the easiest and best pussy he's capable of getting, which isn't much of an accolade considering she's botched to hell and back with a personality to match. She's a piece of meat for him to use and he doesn't care if others do the same. Great relationship– we're all green with envy.

No. 950513


Matt is still young. When he gets closer to 30 and starts to actually want to settle down with a good woman, he’ll drop her like a bag of beans

No. 950520

pretty sure matt is going to be 30 within the next couple years. I think he’s older than PNP

No. 950521

I’ve never felt such desire to call Matt a cuck.

No. 950528

He's too dumb for that.

No. 950542

She’s most likely saying this in response to posts noting that she gets fillers and injections, but doesn’t do much in the way of actual skincare.

No. 950567

Guarantee her feelings were hurt buy these posts
and she manically bought tons of wrinkle creams

No. 950609

She's not at all gonna be able to go to school. She said she was getting up at 4am to try and get used to her new schedule before it starts and now she's doing the opposite. Kek

No. 950657

let’s face it, she isn’t starting school anytime soon and this pandemic as the perfect excuse for her

No. 950671

I’ve been tainted too anon, I thought I same thing

No. 950720

>little discreet relationships where we both get what we want and enjoy each other

Uhh, you mean CHEATING????

No. 950774

File: 1585457272982.jpeg (1010.53 KB, 1242x1822, 78D02342-064F-4118-9862-7B074D…)

Sorry for the late response but she did end up posting her most recent commission to Etsy so it’s worth checking in on what’s listed

No. 950859

Did you see how much it went for?

No. 950909

File: 1585502857574.png (2.37 MB, 1242x2208, DA4450A0-0199-449B-9738-7195DE…)

There’s a website called flipper tools. You can use an Etsy link to a sold out item to find out how much it sold for. It was $120

No. 950913

File: 1585503943148.jpg (400.58 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20200329-184508.jpg)

Ty anon.
Im amazed people pay this much

No. 951029

File: 1585520437067.jpg (1.32 MB, 1080x2280, 20200329_171750.jpg)

She posted this with a caption about how her hair looks like a wig. Sweetie, your hair should be the least of your worries.

No. 951069

she never learns with that tongue does she. i bet her breath smells rotten, kek.

No. 951082

Knowing how unhealthy she is bc of her shit eating habits and drinks a barely survivable amount of water, her mouth is definitely foul. Guarantee she doesn’t floss either.

No. 951101

File: 1585532032709.gif (2.41 MB, 368x656, 91989119_119574696341158_84510…)

her facial expressions just scream crackhead

No. 951106

trailer park tranny

No. 951119

File: 1585536943601.gif (1.74 MB, 368x656, 91929398_598096411049430_26680…)

Pet owner of the year

No. 951128

why does she post herself smoking like some cringey high schooler who just discovered weed?

also yikes at those forehead wrinkles

No. 951187

that cat is fat as fuck, but is his belly missing hair too?
compared to last ones that's not too expensive, still overpriced. i would say 100 bucks at the absolute most with shipping included

No. 951244

A lot of fatter cats I've met have bald bellies, idk why

No. 951265

When I was a kid my parents had an old fat cat that they'd feed table scraps to and her belly was totally hairless from licking. Now I realize that people food can cause skin problems and obesity in cats, and I'm just taking a wild guess that ariana's cat is going through the same thing…just suffering the effects of bad pet ownership

No. 951284

Idk I still think it’s overpriced considering it’s the basically size of her hand and it looks like shit

No. 951295

File: 1585590006739.jpeg (241.75 KB, 745x1044, D5708D14-3388-4BC3-9CA1-AFEC19…)


Did she repost? Caption here is about how she’s been sick. Yet still going out shopping because “matt isnt my slave” and “i wear a mask”

Fucking covid super spreader

No. 951300

what do ceramic heat emitters have to do with getting sick

No. 951406

File: 1585605037184.gif (2.18 MB, 368x656, 91292322_509217769961710_39939…)

Another crackhead-esque look

It was on twitter

No. 952049

she looks like she’s trying to keep a set of dentures in in both of these. granny tranny

No. 952078

it’s the white trailer park trash coming out of her
i don’t know why but her face looks like she gets slapped with dirty dicks for fun… which she does kek

No. 952102

File: 1585625637609.jpg (619.1 KB, 1074x1516, 20200330_223142.jpg)

The flabby ass of someone who sits all day

No. 952106

She's a labia-faced grandma

No. 952108

This is what a sedentary lifestyle will get you, a flat, cheesy ass. Nothing to show off ari. The only thing that’s working in your favor is youth. Just wait, with time and your horrible eating habits and non-exists exercise routine, you’ll become even more of skinny-fat tube body.

No. 952132

You guys have a lot of weird nitpicks but I dunno if this is worthy. She and her butt d not look bad. Not to WK, I think this bitch sucks for a plethora of other reasons, but butt nitpickers are almost as bad as the vag ones. Where are the fucking Moderators?

No. 952136

How is it a nitpick to say that she sits on her ass all day and it physically shows? It's a fact.

No. 952137

Agreed. Ari is fucking repulsive in every way, but most people (who aren’t fitness gurus) have untoned asses with cellulite. I barely see any “cheese” anyway. Very odd nitpicks.

No. 952203

Anons here love to nitpick unless you strike their nerve, like when we noticed how repulsive her vag is. Then suddenly narrative becomes “its normal to have ugly vag, stop it”.

Body nitpicks probably would not be said towards women who are normal, but ari is a narcisstic delusional cunt, and she thinks her every fart is golden. Normal women are aware they’re not perfect and don’t act childish on the internet about it.

No. 952239


Who tf cares about your opinion of what looks good or normal??? This is not a nitpick attacking her appearance. It is a statement about her sedentary lifestyle and the way it is clearly affecting her body. She thinks she's better than everyone, when clearly she's just a lazy narcissist who can barely take care of herself. This is not at all like her crusty vagina, ariana has lost all tone from her body by laying around and doing absolutely nothing productive every single day for the past two years

No. 952250

File: 1585669572346.jpg (132.27 KB, 1080x528, Screenshot_20200331-114536_Twi…)

I wonder if she left a glass of water beside it unattended. Watch her blame the cat for being a cat.

No. 952253

Has she not been posting ig stories lately? I don’t see any. Or am I blocked lmao

No. 952257

File: 1585671270215.jpeg (348.93 KB, 1125x1600, 04F02CEC-CABC-401D-A921-A31198…)

Can’t even get the amount of legs on the scorpion correct. So much for that ~animal reference book ~ she bought, she can’t even take two seconds to google the anatomy of something that she’s been “commissioned” to draw

No. 952261

File: 1585671791652.jpeg (364.18 KB, 750x1007, 92D7B483-A86B-442E-AFA6-AAD9B9…)

might be blocked. just took this

No. 952267

File: 1585672716672.jpg (102.31 KB, 1077x505, Screenshot_20200331-123658_One…)

She continued to inhale nicotine through her juul use up until recently but has the audacity to claim she doesn't understand why she still craves cigarettes after 2 YeArS

No. 952276

It’s the hair, glasses, nose and lips that make her look like a gas station crack whore asking for a dollar

No. 952414

It has the right amount of legs

No. 952427

scorpions are arachnids, like spiders. they have eight legs. aris has six. also, sage your shit.

No. 952445

kek dumbass

No. 952455

File: 1585697822194.jpg (32.37 KB, 512x371, scorpionshaveeightlegsdumbass.…)

are you fucking stupid or…

No. 952478

ya ariana’s shitty scorpion is missing its shortest legs, which are meant to be next to its palps. doesn’t this cow have a scorpion tattooed on her lollll she could use that for reference if her book is too far away collecting dust somewhere

No. 952489

You’re getting roasted but I can see how someone might think a scorpions claws are its 4th pair of legs.

I mean it’s ok you don’t know but Ari should know since she draws scorpions all the fucking time

No. 952517

File: 1585706167933.jpg (190.27 KB, 1125x2000, 91261856_506896419989476_13576…)

Just wanted a record of this archived. Absolutely no way in hell is she going to school.

No. 952548

Didn’t she literally just leave the country? How careless to go out without a mask smh

No. 952554

How the fuck do you actually include “pets” in the list of daily activities that take up time in your day ??? Wtf? It’s not like she has 12 kittens that need to be bottle fed. How is she really trying to make that an excuse for why she won’t be able to go to school?

What a sad, sad life. She just stays inside 24/7, has no motivation, will power, or real goals…. peaked in high school, wasted thousands just to be a living meme, and will just rot away as some has-been wannabe in some dirty apartment in Kensington. I digress. This bitch will never accomplish anything, coronavirus aside, all knew she wasn’t going to school. She was building the excuse since day 1 with “poor me, I will have to get up at 3am and drive 4 hours and won’t get home til late for FOUR WEEKS!! I’ll never have time to spread my flat ass for sushi money!!” wah wah wahh

No. 952574

File: 1585714274892.jpg (607.96 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200329-130938_Sam…)

When your $10,000 trade school is really just $400 community classes for hobbyists… that is even available online.

No. 952590

I’m pretty sure they’ve canceled schools well into May in most states and that most states are still on lockdown, does she really expect to start going to school in April lmao.

No. 952620

Britfag here but how does she think she’s still going to school? I don’t know if the US is in lockdown yet but surely she realises there’s a pandemic and that school’s not happening?! Does she really not watch the news or pay attention to life outside her apartment? Like when she went food shopping and was shocked that people had stock piled. How sad to go through life half asleep and unaware of everything outside of how many freckles you drew on your face

No. 952625

This is fucking hilarious. I’m not the least bit surprised that she would refer to this as “school(!!!).”

No. 952627

Is this not only online classes? How did you decide this one was the programme she signed up for? (Bonus kek at the misspelling of ‘copywrite’ on the website)

No. 952635

File: 1585736212923.png (107.21 KB, 1246x554, Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 6.12…)

She very well could already have coronavirus… We already know even if she did she would never get tested for it. Also, there is no way in hell she's going to school anytime soon. PA gov. just extended stay at home until April 30. freakin idiot

No. 952663


Poor Ari had to spent weeks in a tiny boat with her greasy pimp of a grandpa, being showed off to the locals like meat just so he could pay for this and now its cancelled. kek.

No. 952664


"That girl who modeled for dollskill back in the day who botched her face and now draws on stumps for sushi and filler money being supported by that cuck who used be in a band"

They're only 25? How have they both peaked already.