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File: 1605312452585.jpeg (1.95 MB, 3464x3464, 1605123817511.jpeg)

No. 1081838

SUMMARY: ScorpioAssHeaux / AliceAmoreLove / PickledPetShop / Ariana McMillan is a 25 year old plastic surgery addict, ex-Instagram “influencer”, animal abuser, and full service sex worker based in Philly.


>Has a botched nose job, lip lift and boob job that all have scarring from improper aftercare, had to have boobs redone and are still wonky; constantly talks about needing more surgery to feel better about herself.

>Posts before and after pics of her surgery nonstop, unable to see her own obvious physical decline and downward spiral despite spending hours staring at own face.
>Previously obsessed with fillers, but just got a facial fat-transfer despite her face already looking a catcher’s mitt. Begged a plastic surgeon to just “take her money” when he declined to do the procedure, got her way.
>Has a history of animal abuse: most notably a video of her spraying her hamster with water while it is backed into a corner in a cage >>1034430, and letting a pet gecko get so malnurished that gecko's jaw broke. Instead of taking it to the vet, PnP posted pictures of the Gecko to tumblr asking what she should do much to everyone's dismay. Currently owns a cat she hates and constantly posts videos of her "aggressively" playing with on Snapchat. Posted on tumblr she was going to spend money on her dog's much needed hip surgery, but never mentioned it again after annoucing her fat-facial grafting surgery.

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1040332
First Thread: >>>/snow/638649




>continues to post about her ex boyfriend from years ago

>back to dying and bleaching her hair after manically shaving it a year ago
>unable to post a video or selfie without a face-altering filter
>moved apartments again
>keeps hinting that she wants doormatt to propose to her/marry her (after their previous failed engagement)
>still posting about how much she hates her cat, it subsequently begins to piss outside of it's litter box
>minimal interaction on her sex work tweets, even those with full nudity
>gets a third nosejob in texas + facial fat grafting
>claims she is going to stop posting selfies after her nosejob and that people will need to purchase her onlyfans to see updates
>posts a comparison pic of her post-surgery nose 5 days later
>alleges that her surgeon filled in her gauged ears with fat without her permission
>posts about taking xanax and begging for mushrooms after months of bragging about being sober


Instagram: PlasticandProud, Plasticnproud, ScorpioAssHoe, PsoriasisandProud, VersatileHeaux, VersatileHeauxArt
Twitter: PlasticandProud, VersatleHeaux, PsoriasisandProud
Tumblr: inippleny, scorpioasshoe


instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scorpioassheaux/
twitter: https://twitter.com/scorpioassheaux
onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/scorpioassheaux
manyvids: https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/1003297752/AliceAmorLove/Store/Videos/
reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Airkilla321
etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Pickledpetshop
depop: https://www.depop.com/scorpioasshoe/

No. 1081842

File: 1605312778224.jpeg (396.01 KB, 750x740, 1605302275114.jpeg)

reposting the pic of her new nose since the thread locked right after

No. 1081887

No. 1081888

same-nose jobs cause swelling for a full year after surgery. That's why her tip/nostrils look so big.

No. 1081894

nah she just has big ass nostrils

No. 1081897

File: 1605318163406.png (468.85 KB, 750x1334, 9AE2A820-928D-4BE9-B108-509111…)

was acting like she was going to pursue some type of legal action against this doctor days ago and now she’s tagging him on instagram? kek, the bpd is real.

No. 1081900

It looks good from what I can see. I don’t get what all of these surgeries are for? It seems like a huge waste of money when nobody is really spending time looking at her except for farmers. I understand why she wanted some tweaks from her original face to be more conventionally attractive, but at this point she needs to get a hobby or some goals in life other than getting more surgeries. She’s going to end up more botched than Kylie Jenner if she doesn’t get some mental help

No. 1081914

It kinda makes sense since Ariana’s only hobby is staring at pictures of her own face

No. 1081957

The scars on top of the old scars are gonna be gnarly. Also, whichever anon figured out who the Dr was on the last thread, good job. She tagged him on IG and its the same guy…would be hilarious if someone let him know she claimed he "did malpractice" all over Twitter

No. 1081999

the bridge is for sure shooped. it's obvious when zoomed in.

No. 1082039


i am SCREAMING that she didnt even last a week

No. 1082044

File: 1605335550232.png (190.94 KB, 1200x650, Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 7.32…)

No. 1082045

It's called therapy you lazy skank. Would anyone like to make a guess as to where she will be in 5 years? 10? Outlook not so good

No. 1082047

he probably didn’t prescribe you xanax because he knows you would abuse it, you absolute crackhead.

No. 1082062

Is she a pillhead? I always wondered why she sounded literallyretarded when she spoke, guess this is one explanation. She sounds like Juliet Lewis in The Other Sister.

No. 1082088

for real. can't crop atm, but zoom on the tip anons. The shaved the bridge. imagine paying this much money and still be not satisfied

No. 1082110


Arm Chair Anon here, but it is clear to me this death anxiety she claims to have is just her subconscious telling her she’s playing with her life and she knows how much it would hurt those she loved if she were to die. She does full service sex work, goes under the knife unnecessarily, and clearly has repressed trauma from being raped on that island while she was blacked out.

No. 1082153


This is just drug seeking behavior. Her psychiatrist would have to be an idiot to give her a prescription for it. Coming off benzos is horrific and you know she'd take them everyday. Having a prescription for a drug you recreationally take whenever you're having a bad day is a recipe for addiction. She is the biggest mess I've ever seen too so I wouldn't be bummed to see her fall apart even more for a good laugh.

And any comments about her masking her "rape" is hilarious, especially because she previously blamed her ex Tim for rape when he dumped her and now she just waxes romantic about him. He's the oNe (supposed rapist, according to this liar) tHaT gOt aWaY.

No. 1082186

File: 1605370428105.jpeg (338.59 KB, 1125x753, 896B2B1E-9DDE-472F-B66A-089F0B…)

jesus christ

No. 1082187

File: 1605370627786.jpeg (96.02 KB, 750x606, 555095F1-7DCA-45B5-9192-E705A6…)

why does she love tweeting this shit out?
pic related from last thread, almost a carbon copy of that tweet like why?

No. 1082191

Hmm, I guess sex work isn't so empowering after all.
These girls can flippantly lie all they want about how they're SO thrilled to be getting that bag, but their psyche keeps count of how much trauma they're willingly exposing themselves to. Who would've thunk it– objectifying yourself and being used as a cum dumpster, both virtually and literally irl, isn't good for your mental health. Get off of twitter and go to therapy, you dumb bitch.

No. 1082199

god i feel so sorry for you amerifags for your awful healthcare system. in my euro country she would have never left the psychiatric system, hell she wouldn’t have had to live with her junkie whore mother in a trailer park in the first place. and she would definitely never ever EVER get prescription benzos. she‘s the biggest fucking trainwreck out of all the cows i follow.

No. 1082205

Don't sell Ariana short, decent healthcare anon. I'm sure she'd find a way to game the system in your country as well.

No. 1082226

totally not oversharing on line anymore btw

(why can’t she stick with that, literally nobody wants to hear this)

No. 1082232

File: 1605377659077.jpeg (139.2 KB, 750x949, 8636B8D5-2C56-459B-A1F5-879E9F…)

No. 1082234

File: 1605377684473.jpeg (134.49 KB, 469x453, D1CE7876-3F92-409B-AA47-17AEDC…)


No. 1082241

File: 1605378911654.png (116.54 KB, 340x227, pignose.png)

it looks absolutely terrible. she went from having a witch's beak to an inbred pig snout.
can't wait to see the scarring from all those stitches along the side of her schnoz that already looked like it was barely attached to her face.

No. 1082242

I don’t understand why. The changes at this point don’t make anything “better,” just different/worse with the scarring and generally looking more plastic/uncanny valley.

No. 1082252

does anyone know what was done to cause the stitching on the side? sage for stupid surgery question

No. 1082257

That’s when they opened her nose up to reshape it.
The nostrils look lopsided, I wonder if it’s just uneven swelling or are they fucked.

No. 1082258

File: 1605380687079.jpg (21.99 KB, 600x374, scorpioassogre.jpg)

No. 1082264

File: 1605381411232.png (4.23 MB, 3312x1598, Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 2.15…)

It honestly doesn't look that different to me from the front except for the swelling. Definitely more turned up though.

Can someone explain the point of the facial fat grafting to me? I literally see no difference.

No. 1082266

File: 1605381737784.jpeg (249.99 KB, 1106x653, A11FE0AE-1903-4914-A3EA-4DE7EB…)


No. 1082273


As much as we all love to hate this cow, she really missed the mark not documenting her journey for free to draw in more followers/opportunities. She could have even gotten some free work/discounts if her doctor got free promo from her posting about it. She’s obsessed with the opinions of people who shouldn’t matter and is just getting more miserable each month.

No. 1082294

It looks exactly the same…

No. 1082298

We can’t judge her on her silly swelled nose yet. I’m no pro but it kinda looks like she defined her jaw line with the lump relocations. I really can’t say for sure of course

No. 1082302

It looks like she grafted fat to get rid of her nasolabial folds, bring volume back into her face, and reverse aging.
Imo once the swelling goes down she might look half decent.
Problem is, fat grafting is not a procedure that lasts long term. Shell be back to normal looking in a year or so. She cant escape.

No. 1082313

File: 1605387967961.jpeg (108.9 KB, 1125x567, 207A6B00-9DC0-40EB-A277-824636…)

Your boyfriend perhaps? Or has he finally left your ass?

No. 1082317

what cleaning?

No. 1082320

her online audience isn't big enough anymore to get her free work or money

No. 1082322

She means

>yes I do the shitting in trash cans and yes I do the keeping dead frozen rats in our only fridge before I stuff them

No. 1082333

she's obsessed with the idea of having a gorilla grip pussy, as if most vaginas aren't, unless you've given birth or are elderly.
and bragging about cooking and cleaning, things adults do? sad.

No. 1082337

I think she had her nostrils brought it or made narrower, normally the stitches would be in between your nostrils for an open rhino. Also I don’t think she edited her post op profile photo It looks like the bridge has just been compressed by the cast and the tip is very swollen.

No. 1082340

Is she for real? What does she think Xanax is?

No. 1082348


Her face looks so incredibly round and bloated, even considering swelling. And turning up her nose to try to have a nose more like Sahar Luna (which Ari admitted trying to find out who Sahar's surgeon was) just gave her a pig nose for real.

No. 1082361

File: 1605392779238.jpeg (558.08 KB, 1936x1936, 85EA0905-E75C-40D5-A4C6-EB3A10…)

Admitting she lied/made up that her surgeon closed them without her permission
>I didn’t do anything to close them they just did

I also cannot believe just how many photos of her nose she’s posted after saying she wouldn’t just to get people to pay for her of and private insta. She’s such a scammer it’s laughable

No. 1082367

She doesn’t have a lot of people who love her though. Her death would be a net positive in the world - guaranteed she makes anyone unlucky enough to come into contact with her, worse off

No. 1082382

damn tuck that hate boner away please, this is embarassing. does ari trigger you that much because you're projecting or something? I don't like her, but she's never once gotten me mad like that lol

No. 1082385

ntayrt but lolcow is not the place to act holier than thou. >>1082367 is a-logging, but you're just as cringey.

No. 1082411

Yeah, I had a nostril reduction with my rhino and my stitches were in the same place. I am kind of shocked at how huge hers still are, though. I know the swelling is distorting things some but jeez, you can’t even see a difference. She needs to just stop fucking with her face. Surgeons can only do so much and she’s going to get herself into trouble having so many procedures.

No. 1082422

countdown to nosejob #4

No. 1082444

I didn’t say I wished her to be dead, I just said the world would be better off without her shrugs

No. 1082447

She’s obviously ruminating over the fact that DoorMatt doesn’t want to marry her by recounting her supposed “desirable traits” over and over again, I swear this is the millionth time she’s tweeted about having a “gorilla grip pussy” and being able to clean

No. 1082479

File: 1605401598344.jpg (185.71 KB, 809x1798, 20201114_194854.jpg)

Out of all her Twitter followers, she couldn't get even 1 to play into her "pity me and give me validation I'm wanted, please, anyone." Nobody wants her because having a functioning pussy, knowing how to do kegels, and cleaning are not a very high bar to clear. That describes 98% of women. She's not desirable to anyone, even if her nose job turned out to be the nose of her dreams. She's an awful person with a fucked up bite and the 2 combined make her exceedingly hideous. She seriously lacks sex appeal.

No. 1082481


"I do the cooking" = "I order food on delivery apps and make TV dinners"

No. 1082529

is she claiming she was sexually abused as a child or something because having dreams about rape at the age of 5 pretty unusual yet she's casually mentioning it like it's just a normal thing?

love that she publicly faked an entire convo with her surgeon about a procedure/malpractice that never happened. why would you out yourself like this

No. 1082574

She’s made both her Twitter and instagram private in attempt to get people to pay for access. She’s definitely reading this thread and getting her feelings hurt

No. 1082577

wow she actually did
anons that follow are going to have to come through for us now, i'll have to tap out in the meantime

No. 1082605

File: 1605411879480.jpeg (259.7 KB, 1125x1926, E5CE1AD3-E76E-4DE5-B7D5-049628…)

No. 1082611

File: 1605412146772.jpeg (531.47 KB, 750x1236, 271C4A3B-3FE7-47DD-9640-91492C…)

No. 1082639

trading hair with shayna for a day

No. 1082675

lovebombs her bf like a mentalcase and then day after posts on 2 different social mediaas "who want me" cause apparently he's not giving her the attention she wants. now i'm fully convinced the text he sent her "professing his love" was written by her
she could've spent the money she's made on a therapist and in patient or something, she's mentally ill as hell, not even counting in the fact she made up an interaction with her doctor, put it up publicly acting to her followers like he's unprofessional, and then publicly saying her ears just closed up on their own…

No. 1082714

File: 1605420103999.png (418.21 KB, 1242x2208, 5107DB19-F277-4A74-951A-D5BE17…)

she made his profile private too kek

No. 1082752

File: 1605424695677.png (2.58 MB, 750x1624, FC201D76-1BDA-482A-94EC-6E8C70…)

You can really see the grafted fat in this video and it’s as unfortunate as expected. The classic filled face look.

No. 1082759

and she’s still using the same beauty filters as before? tragic.

No. 1082768

Shit she's really trying to monetize lolcow. Or maybe she's trying to kill the thread.

No. 1082782


That looks like some straight yellow face

No. 1082792

Did she pay money to get the bloated purging look? So far the result of her painful surgeries look terrible.

No. 1082794

Kind of looks like she’s blackfishing here…

No. 1082802

all the fat grafts in the world can’t fix that granny bone structure

No. 1082809

She knows her audience lol. If she is trying to kill the thread, oh well. I enjoy watching the train wreck but not enough to pay for it

No. 1082815

File: 1605437959266.jpeg (168.27 KB, 1125x669, C4DCBFA8-6282-49F1-9E0F-F2651F…)

No. 1082816


yo this bitch on a manic spree fr

No. 1082817

does she even know what fight or flight is? she gets envious, that‘s the word she’s looking for. imagine thirsting for a proposal so bad online. it’s even funnier because she was engaged already. i sincerely hope matt won‘t marry this fucked up bitch.

No. 1082819

File: 1605439377625.jpg (276.29 KB, 1080x1301, Screenshot_20201115-062147_Twi…)

She's getting way more likes now that she's threatened to block anyone who doesn't interact with her twitter lol

No. 1082820


It's the same tired formula she uses endlessly in her life; 1)Complain, 2)Threaten, 3)Boast

She'll whine about no interaction, threaten to block and then boast about the attention she gets from it. She does the same thing with Matt, it's nasty.

No. 1082822

She is so fucking cheap and stupid. The whole point of a SW Twitter is to advertise so people will buy her OF. how is she gonna charge someone for the preview AND the real thing? How are new customers supposed to find her Twitter? The downfall of a private Twitter is that people can’t retweet your stuff so … not exactly sure what she thinks she’s accomplishing here

No. 1082826

Jesus Christ is Matt ok? I feel like this bitch is going to snap and straight up murder him someday soon lol

I think she’s extremely grandiose post surgery. This paired with her narc attitude has emboldened her in feeling entitled to the attention and money of her followers despite the fact she puts ZERO effort into her sex work twitter.

No. 1082829

Honestly anon stop a-logging, you and everyone else know that no one would care if Ari is dead or alive. She is no burden to this world, same as you and me btw. She might be a selfish ugly bitch but she didn't kill hundreds of innocent people or something to say that the world would be better without her. Don't give her existence too much meaning, she is an irrelevant cow. I don't get anons that are so peculiar in their hate boner for cows, she's just a swollen ass bitch and that's it, have a laugh while there's something to laugh about

No. 1082831

She looks like Taylor Swift ordered from Wish

No. 1082853

Her face in that video looks like an unmolded squished in babydoll head lmao dear god

No. 1082875

Not only does she not post enough or post quality context to collect tips but she’s also stupid because if she blocks people on OF, they get their money back kekekekek

No. 1082887


Wow, I thought she was trying to have a more defined face!! She really looks so puffy and bloated and her head looks like a bowling ball! Along with her weird gangly body, fake crooked tits, infected looking lips… the swelling isn't even down yet and already she's botched beyond my wildest dreams. Amen to her surgeon for giving her an even weirder look. She still needs all her filters to feel less ugly. And threatening a man on social media for not marrying you… she has nowhere to "flight" to so keep fighting and get your man to never marry you. This is hilarious.

No. 1082888

File: 1605450756007.jpeg (114.63 KB, 1125x847, 1AD8CFAE-729A-4A6B-B431-F46FE8…)

No. 1082889

File: 1605450791587.jpeg (152.01 KB, 1125x1044, 3720FD4A-8143-48BA-935D-19205F…)

No. 1082891

what/who are these questions for

No. 1082896

Anon her surgery is literally nine days ago, of course she looks like Chrissy Teigen. You said it yourself that her face is still swollen. I also want to laugh at her botched face but it is truly too soon.

DoorMatt, same as all her vague posting on twitter. Seems like she had an argument about having another gemini demon with him kek

No. 1082909

She meant twitter I think. I hope she doesn't shot post on OF

No. 1082910

I’m guessing DoorMatt has said he doesn’t want kids anymore? Since she constantly talks about getting “wifed up” and having children

No. 1082912

Nothing about this photo qualifies for either of these things, you two are just flexing your cow tendencies apparently. Why are you associating her facial swelling with being Asian? Why are you associating her taking out braids and having ramen noodle waves with being black?

No. 1082917

nta and i agree with you but i think the one anon mentioned yellow face because that filter actually does pull your eyes diagonally and make them slanted, not because of her face being swollen. there are a few that do on instagram.

No. 1082918

I hope this bitch isn’t thinking about baby trapping Doormatt. She just spent the money she saved for her suffering dog’s hip surgery on her botched geriatric bulldog face for no good reason. She said she could only afford one or the other, so she did the retarded one. I’m imagining that kid starving to death because she didn’t wanna waste her Dollskill budget on its formula or being neglected out of spite because she’s jealous about how many people call it cute and don’t compliment her as well. If she thinks her cat is an evil attention seeker that’s out to get her because it likes to play, she’d be on Twitter accusing that baby of physical and mental abuse after a night of it crying and pooping.

No. 1082919

File: 1605453975476.jpeg (410.27 KB, 828x906, 9F372929-9902-426F-ABE4-096654…)

I highly doubt that’s her intention either way. She’s trashy and retarded but she doesn’t tick those boxes, at least not yet. Her face is extremely swollen and it hides her eyelids and her nose is bigger, she isn’t trying to be either of those things. If anything she’s Morrowind-fishing.

No. 1082920

i don't think she is either, just adding some context. also her nose bridge looks fucked here.

No. 1082921

Morrowind-fishing got me hahah, thanks for the laugh anon

No. 1082926

She does. She posts more text posts than pics or vids

No. 1082928

File: 1605454867067.gif (72.17 KB, 317x295, BDF76A35-1A63-491B-98C7-3B4056…)


No. 1082930

She strikes me as the type of person who pretends to be on birth control in order to get pregnant

No. 1082933

For anyone who watches trash tv, with the filters on she looks like Natalie from 90 Day Fiance now

No. 1082936

File: 1605455854769.jpeg (520.76 KB, 1125x1918, D89B3B98-A24F-4092-B8B4-1C40E6…)

No. 1082941

File: 1605456827384.jpeg (240.78 KB, 1125x1342, 8E70B0A1-33B6-46E3-AA41-BB644F…)

No. 1082944

it's almost as if… changing her ugly ass face won't make her happy? hmmmmmmmm
it's almost as if her own shitty behavior and dumb decisions are the cause of her own turmoil hmmmmmm

but nope, she's gonna beg for money from people, even though she's a white girl who's not homeless or starving, to buy clothes from urban outfitters lol

No. 1082949

Ew, she doesn’t even care that she always looks desperate

No. 1082954

Buy me clothes, the retail therapy on my face didn't actually make happy. So Dumb; literal assfatfaceheaux now

May her new pillowly granny lobes dry her tears when she doesn't get her validation from Urban Outfitters

No. 1082958

so she made all her shit private because she and matt got in a fight then i’m guessing? that’s how all this comes across anywy

No. 1082960


You're "big sad" because you keep thinking buying dumb shit and wrecking your face is a fix for your horrific personality and attitude. Her nose looks so weird at the tip and she looks far from being a "natural beauty". The new shape of her head is horrific, swelling not even included. Her desperation and depression and unhappiness is so obvious.

No. 1082963

Begging people to buy her clothes when she just dropped thousands on a third nose. Fuck out of here Felicia.

No. 1082965

Ariana wouldn't do well as a pregnant person…. not only is she mentally unstable, she would NOT be able to handle what happens to her body. She calls herself fat and bloated everyday when she looks like a malnourished little boy- pregnancy would end her.

No. 1082968

are we assuming she's the one who wants to birth the miserable creature and matt is trying to spare it from a life of pain, or is it the other way around

No. 1082974

File: 1605462889674.jpeg (169.11 KB, 1242x878, 60421AA1-C253-40B6-8F73-5304CC…)

nah she def wants one unfortunately
screenshot is from an old thread 2 months ago

No. 1082978

File: 1605463803040.jpeg (220.36 KB, 1475x622, BECA31BE-6ED0-4290-8299-12B3B2…)

Yep she posted this a month ago too. She knows that Matt is growing increasingly distant and she probably wants to tie him down with a baby.

No. 1082979

the amount of votes vs the amount of likes is tragic

No. 1082984

I highly doubt that she can keep his dick hard for that long. She’s probably just going to get knocked up by some other rando and pass it on as his

No. 1082991

Sage for tinfoiling, but I won’t be surprised if this recent surgery/trip with Aaron is the breaking point of their relationship. She obviously looks nothing like she did when her and Matt first got together, and he gushed over her on his Instagram with her pre-surgery face, so it’s safe to assume he doesn’t love her, because she’s no longer the person he originally fell in love with. She has also since cheated on him BEFORE calling it “full service sex work,” blamed him for rape, aired out all their personal shit online, etc. I think aborting their baby was smart and the best idea, but objectively it’s worth mentioning because it clearly hurt Matt. She’s put him through the wringer the past 5 years, and it’s likely the relationship only started out in the first place as an attempt to make her ex jealous, considering how much she still talks about her ex. She could just be gripping Matt full force and wanting to anchor him in with marriage and a baby as any attempt to make her ex jealous, despite him clearly moving on with his life and another woman. It’s really sad to see, and it won’t be surprising when Matt really gets fed up and cuts it off.

No. 1083020

File: 1605469761987.jpeg (125.66 KB, 1125x669, 95A8CBDE-7F94-41CA-B63D-BBC169…)

No. 1083026

Thats gonna take months to heal guess she’ll be broke and out of “work” begging strangers to buy her food and clothes

No. 1083064

File: 1605473418404.jpeg (312.78 KB, 1125x1893, 23BE9842-B972-49C4-9EFD-90E91B…)

No. 1083070

and still with the filters.. why the fuck even waste thousands on plastic surgery if you can’t even show your actual face? seems totally pointless.

No. 1083071

There's something really depressing about this pic. The botched surgery, fried hair, beauty filter, and lifeless eyes.

No. 1083080

File: 1605475034266.jpeg (461.91 KB, 828x1386, D4568693-33FA-43C5-9E15-16FD19…)

I love that she pretend she has ever had fans

No. 1083083

funny coming from the person that thought her “fans” and “haters” would be willing to spend $20 on nosejob pics and was proven wrong pretty quickly kek

No. 1083093

Damn. She really shaved the only part that balanced her big honker off. To be left with a giant fat ball at the end of her thin weird nose. Plastic surgeons should be held accountable for taking advantage of people with obvious BDD. I feel bad for her.

No. 1083094

File: 1605476312043.jpeg (349.84 KB, 1125x1697, 81281FB8-0BED-4B33-86C4-6B9566…)

looks like Ari made her way to urban outfitters

No. 1083106

Her face is fucked up

No. 1083109

I thought she meant she was going to buy clothes online, not trying on clothes in the store without a mask on. Shouldn’t she be resting???

No. 1083118

This is giving Amanda Bynes 2013 meltdown. How many days are we giving the real shit-show milk to start flowing?

No. 1083140

>I alienate people with my shitty personality but it’s their fault, not mine!!

No. 1083148

every day she looks more and more like the ice age baby with all the swelling

No. 1083156


I cant wait to hear how much she actually hates it during her eventual breakdown.

No. 1083168

shes literally hiding from the internet and her perceived bullies right now, but pretending its some power business move to lock everything down. she can never be honest with herself that post surgery she just feels vulnerable and insecure.

No. 1083179

File: 1605479374882.png (113.18 KB, 589x546, Screenshot 2020-11-15 at 5.23.…)

I don't think I've ever seen anyone here say that they once looked up to this delusional cow.

No. 1083184

umm the only expectations anyone has of either of these two is to not be disgusting human beings. like what are they on about? the bar is literally on the ground for both of them at this point. they’re that far gone.

No. 1083189

What is she talking about? Everyone thinks she’s trashy and botched. Nasty subway sandwich pussy the other sister ass bitch.

No. 1083194

All that pill popping must be giving her delusions where she thinks she’s seen anyone who has ever looked up to her for any reason whatsoever.

No. 1083204

her narcissism is legitimately scary

No. 1083271

No, you’re the cow, we’re the farmers. And still they cannot grasp the concept.

No. 1083277

Well she was the one mooing after all lol

No. 1083280

ah yes, when cows collide. these two definitely deserve each other. if only they didn‘t hate women as much as they do, they could be the most disfunctional toxic best friends ever. can you imagine seeing these two in public together because i would shit my pants at that sight kek

No. 1083281

So is Shayna basically saying she purposely does the opposite of what anons suggest just to stick it to them? Because that's what it reads like. Dumb af

No. 1083283

I would put money on a bet that Shayna's jealous ass comes in here to talk shit

No. 1083340

Right enough. Maybe I was being the sensitive one. I thought she was calling us cows. I need to lie down.

No. 1083354


Is there a reason shay should be jealous of Ariana ? I can’t decide who is more pathetic/unsuccessful

No. 1083363

well ari once talked about how much her 1bdrm cost in philly so I think shay is jealous that someone can afford to live in an actual city since she's in bumfuck oklahoma in the burbs/outskirts and just moved out of one shithole to the next

No. 1083366

Lmao these two disgusting fucks all but admitting they lurk each other's threads. I love it.

I can’t believe she spent so much on her face and is already depressed over it jfc

No. 1083381

okay here >>1036670 is the post in Shayna's thread where they talk about their rent. I really do think Shayna is jealous that despite being as lazy as shay is Ariana can at least afford 2k rent, never mind the fact that it's probably all coming out from Matt's paycheque kek

No. 1083385

she’s skinny at least kek

No. 1083404

Very true. New shayna is like, old shayna plus Ariana in weight.

No. 1083417

truly delusional. i bet most of us didn't even know who they were before they had threads here.

No. 1083447


I love how these cows cant even see all the solid advice given in these threads just because they aren’t being sugar coated like they are used to from their enablers. Especially Shayna, because she seems like less of an actually evil person like Ari and moreso just autistic. People give these cows solid advice all the time.

No. 1083492


Mustard really is not her color. That plus the fried hair makes her look so yellow. Along with the fake "cheekbones" right under her eyes, she looks like a joke with way too much plastic surgery in an attempt to mask her insecurity.

You know she went to urban, the cheap ass store we shopped at in high school, no thanks to any of her diE hArd fAnZ. No one wants to send her whiny ass money. She took herself there so she wouldn't kill herself. What a loser.
She's disliked not because she let anyone down, but because she's an animal abusing, cheating, lying, entitled jackass who acts morally superior.

Knowing her poor aftercare skills, she's now going to have the gross scar under her nose AND on both sides of her nose. Her nose literally will look stitched on to her face. Gross.

No. 1083498

File: 1605495809009.jpeg (38.31 KB, 320x240, D87DBA19-DB34-4BA7-AC8B-2F617A…)

This is how she lookin once the swelling goes down

No. 1083517

Dam ok ngl I thought it may not be that bad at first but it looks messed up and even more bulbous at the end.

No. 1083545

If you zoom in on the volume button area of her phone you can see obvious editing of her face

No. 1083546

Nah her case is fucked up. It’s like that in all photos

No. 1083548

I thought the same thing, it looks extra blurred in that area compared to the rest of the perimeter

No. 1083563

Is it just me or do her lips look slightly smaller and like a completely different shape now?

No. 1083580

File: 1605505000377.png (243.35 KB, 375x727, svcas.PNG)

No. 1083582

File: 1605505629122.png (278.94 KB, 382x737, savwe.PNG)

No. 1083585

Ari if you're reading this, I know you just blew a bunch of cash on your face, but for the love of god don't look for the "cheapest" Botox. Botox should be a consistent price per unit. You need a skilled injector! This shit is liquid botulism, a bad injection can literally paralyze your fucking face. Stop being reckless there are literal teenagers following you! Sage for rant.

No. 1083606

It was always just filters and overlining. She started with Mitch McConnell lips, injections got her to normie lips, filters did the rest.
Can someone please outline her nose shape in this because I'm confused. Did she get the lilbowweep special? Is the tip pointed directly up?

No. 1083607

File: 1605510470537.jpeg (170.1 KB, 1125x353, 0DCBAF17-A71E-4DED-ACD9-CF7C33…)

So Matt ”randomly” sent her money to go shopping the day when she begged all over social media for someone to send her money to go shopping. So random

No. 1083635

Can we safely assume she doesn’t have a penny to her name? Her boyfriend had to send her money so she could buy clothes, really? After bragging about having 10k + in savings and saying she’s going to buy a house

No. 1083662

File: 1605524156677.jpg (422.45 KB, 1080x1476, Screenshot_20201116-054922_Twi…)

She pretends her narcissism is just her being an empath. Making everything about her is her personal favourite thing. She's a psycho.

No. 1083664

is it safe to say that pretty much everyone who calls themself an empath is a narcissist?

No. 1083675

No. 1083683


I Googled her empath shit and even if I play into her dumb "empaths are real" bullshit, she still doesn't meet the criteria I've read about, other than being overly emotional. She clearly can't tell when she's being lied to or picking up on other's emotions, as proven with the number of times she's freaking out because she doesn't know if someone likes her. Supposedly empaths crave alone time and Ariana is always begging for friends or attention or love. Not trying to armchair, but as usual, Ariana is self-diagnosing herself so she has a reason to be horrible to people. She never fixes herself, just comes up with new excuses and conditions to explain why she's a rude, ugly cunt.

No. 1083707

>empath that can’t hold back tears for others
>kills/neglects all her animals
>mangles roadkill corpses into horrible taxidermy for fun, doesn’t feel bad about how awful they look because attention good
>lets her dog go without hip surgery to get a nose job, dog suffering so she can look like a truffle sniffing pig
>batters her cat and acts like a martyr victim because she doesn’t want to pee in her filthy, never cleaned litter box
>shit talks her bf on Twitter and cheats on him
>mean as fuck to everyone who talks to her
>literally only talks about herself, has never acknowledged anyone else in a positive light besides lovebombing Doormatt, publicizing her ongoing affair with that Aaron dude (who she already cheated on Matt with) and…Angelina Jolie for some reason?

No. 1083725

>only feels bad for others because she pictures herself suffering in their position
>somehow turns other people's suffering immediately into WOE IS ME, SO HARD TO BE AN EMPATH uwu
way to out yourself as a narc, Ariana. you're not empathetic. you're just completely self-obsessed. as much as you wish it did, the world does not revolve around your bloated, malformed skull. you can feel bad for other people's suffering without self inserting yourself like an absolute twat. stick to mangling your botched face instead of announcing every shit-riddled thought that comes into your withered brain. you've consistently shown it's the only thing you're good at.

No. 1083759

File: 1605540287522.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, 8D2DE01D-CF9D-4796-8600-B24D04…)

This is from her Instagram. Does she not realize she left her Twitter handle in the screenshot still? Why did she block out the name only lmfao. And posting her tweets onto Instagram kind of defeats the whole “pay for access” bullshit

No. 1083767

she cries daily over steve irwin dying 15 years ago and is suddenly an empath kek

No. 1083798

feels like every week or two she announces that a regular ass thing made her deathly ill like that’s normal

No. 1083811

File: 1605543492581.png (4.71 MB, 1125x2436, BBC5D90E-DB13-4B94-AAEB-D8ABBB…)


No. 1083812

i physically cannot fathom how huge her original nose was if it looks this ginormous (with swelling) after her THIRD nose job? what in the actual fuck

No. 1083836

Does she actually have food poisoning or is it just her body failing her because she does way too much shit to it aka the latest surgery lol

No. 1083873

she blocked it out because it references her OF and I think she wants to avoid being shadow banned (if she's not right now) or banned in general?

I know it's swelling but her nose looks so odd and wide here

No. 1084011

The dude literally held his baby over a alligator. Why do cows adore him

No. 1084029

File: 1605556895692.jpeg (476.27 KB, 1125x1977, 8BBCE13E-2862-4FF3-BDF5-DB840D…)

No. 1084032

i get that it’s swollen but honestly the way they shaved down the bridge just makes the end of her nose look MORE bulbous now

No. 1084039

It doesn’t reference her OF though. ”u have to pay for access” is referencing her twitter that she made private

No. 1084043

File: 1605557965807.jpeg (513.2 KB, 1125x1848, F4646598-C874-4850-9B69-CD349A…)

No. 1084045


Yeah, she looks really botched with the obvious bulbous tip of her nose. Shaving her big beak just makes her pointy goblin jaw and weird old lady mouth protrude more. If she looks this fucked up in a side profile picture that she poses and filters, imagine what she really looks like in her candids. Her live will be the real marker of how ridiculous she looks now.

No. 1084046

Sorry hun, it ain't karma. It's the result of narcissism and righteous stupidity.

No. 1084049


She has a very pronounced pig snout now, wow. She really made her face look rounder and fatter with the fat grafts.

No. 1084062

I guess I’m in the minority who thinks when the swelling is done it’ll probably look good. But no matter how good she looks she’s still miserable and any opportunities she’s ever had and will have will be blown by her being an annoying narc. The fruits of all her labor is literally taking more selfies and having shit fits online

No. 1084065

Jesus Christ this new nose makes absolutely no sense on her face. It looks ridiculous.

No. 1084072

Imagine spending thousands on PS and then showing it off in an old Hyundai

No. 1084075

she looks worse to me idk. i feel like the nose could look good on a smaller face but it’s just making the rest of her features lack harmony. her head looks like a cube.

No. 1084083

I think the shape of the actual nose is fine and from a profile view it looks less large but i thknk the nostrils look even bigger than they did before now that the tip of her nose is upturned. I cant figure out why they would not reduce the nostril size if they are going to give her a whoville nose

No. 1084090

File: 1605562050684.jpeg (518.41 KB, 2048x2048, 0C4A149F-0FDF-4314-BC97-751E44…)

Sage for such a shitpost, but is anyone familiar with the ATHF episode "Super Model"? I swear to god this thread is having the exact same effect on her. Hopefully she gets those tiny chiclet teeth fixed, either with a double jaw break or with veneers so they're visible, but yeesh. She looks like she has microdontia and a mouth-breather underbite, and she focused on her nose. Great job.

No. 1084149

>it’s just making the rest of her features lack harmony. her head looks like a cube.
This. Her jaw looks huge now

No. 1084156

nah anon I agree, it will probably look really good when healed but just the nose itself. She will still have the illusion shattered when her face breaks its selfie pose.

No. 1084181

Grimes nose

No. 1084191

i wanna see how she looks now when she does a big beaming smile or toothy grin because that’s when she looks like her old self

No. 1084193

honestly this is a pretty decent result considering its still swollen. lots of people have a bulbous tip naturally and hers isn't very out of proportion to her bridge. It looks a million times better than her natural nose… If she would just leave the rest of her face alone now and only seek medical treatment for her obvious jaw problems she could actually look quite pretty. but she would never do something so sensible

No. 1084200


Agreed, her huge nostrils on her upturned nose are causing this odd pig nose look. Her big man jaw just looks bigger and more comical with this clearly fake mini snout. I fully agree with the anon that says this new nose exaggerates her other witch features even more and make everything else look larger and worse.

No. 1084221

Exactly but that’s the thing, she will never “leave the rest of her face alone” because girls with her problem are obsessed with “symmetry” and she won’t be be able to see the forest for the trees, it’ll be a touch of filler on this side a touch on that side until she’s Jaclyn Hill

No. 1084280

Do we think she got fat put into her jaw too? It was always blocky but now it looks especially angular near her ear

No. 1084294

She definitely did. Her face is mad lumpy. If you zoom in, you can see
the lumps, presumably where the fat was injected. There's a lump by her jaw, her cheek just to the left of her nose and possibly near her chin, just to the left of it.

No. 1084296

Same. Honestly speculating about her appearance a few days post-op is really silly imo. There is so much swelling for a while.

No. 1084327

This looks more like her face pre all the surgeries and I don’t understand why - I think it’s the minimal (for ari) makeup, the over the top stuff she does usually actually changes her appearance more than I though

No. 1084332

i'm just waiting to see if it will still look as massive and jarring from the front like in her live vids or like other anon said, when she smiles/talks

No. 1084334

File: 1605579888094.jpg (49.35 KB, 640x311, bljbl.jpg)

sage cause these are 2 years old, but Ariana did ASMR videos for dollskill and i'm convinced now she has never been beautiful a day in her life. that giant moustache made of filler, that shnoz, greasy skin and hair, the list goes on.

No. 1084336

those videos were posted in a past thread and i don’t know who thought it would be a good idea for this lisping gremlin to do an asmr video. it’s seriously painful.

No. 1084366

File: 1605582725938.jpeg (284.43 KB, 828x996, B2873C8C-1587-49A3-B5BF-AFFFFE…)

Thanks for putting me onto this

No. 1084384

She has that nasty mouth within a mouth thing going on here too. Remember when that was exposed by pewdiepie? Kek. Wonder if she still has that odd feature?

No. 1084392

Wha—why don’t I remember this?

No. 1084407

No. 1084413

Idk shit about nosejobs, but her nose seemed to have gotten bigger since this era. Is that something that happens?

No. 1084426

File: 1605592675123.jpeg (206.46 KB, 1152x2048, 3056D8A8-ADD8-4839-8D4E-7CD4A5…)

No. 1084429

looks straight MtF here

No. 1084431

File: 1605593165680.jpeg (496.36 KB, 1125x1259, BA33E318-4C59-4DDE-8C32-2C9F5F…)

No. 1084433

She looks like she’s in her 40s wtf

No. 1084434

File: 1605593651557.jpeg (6.62 KB, 110x124, B993340E-D4FB-4DD5-96B2-36BFEA…)

lol her entire face is busted and swollen right after surgery but she’s still gotta snatch that jaw in facetune
it looks far more uncanny valley than usual given all the swelling/bruising of the obvious PS

No. 1084435

These “mtf” comments are transphobic, just so you know.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1084437

do you know where you are

No. 1084438

We don't care about men's feelings here

No. 1084439

Yes. Doesn't change the fact that she looks like a tranny with that fridge shaped bod!

No. 1084441

No. 1084447


No. 1084451

Yes. Nose jobs swell significantly for the first 6mos-year

No. 1084454

We don't care. Yes I hate mtf trannies, bunch of mentally ill, undesirable, perverse men attempting to emulate the biological woman by being cut up into little shapes, and 7 surgeries later they still aren't convincing. Sorry nothing can hide your biologcal male skull, bone structure, skeleton, big ole man hands and body shaped like a fridge. Bones never lie. So go reeeee about tRaNsPhObiA and DRAG ON elsewhere, you're not welcome here.(no1curr)

No. 1084455

No. 1084460

honestly i feel like you guys are being ruder to the trannies on this one kek

No. 1084464

I wasn't clear sorry, I meant before this last surgery. Her nose in lives and stuff looked bigger than in the dk vids.

No. 1084472

She really trying to make herself look like handsome squidward huh

No. 1084473

I’m…….oh my god. What has she done……… she’s botched holy fuck. Never thought it could get worse

No. 1084498


no this is the shit she should have left behind a paywall because she looks fucking 45 years old. she looks like a 40 year old woman with plastic surgery swelling. i bet you 5 dollars the cashier called her “ma’am”

No. 1084519


This is painfully bad. She looks the same as before all the surgeries. Her head shape is ridiculous. And showing this mess to us while she's so lumpy and uneven… the things she does to herself are the biggest proof that she absolutely hates herself and her life.

"Fight or flight"… this MTF couldn't fight its way out of a paper bag. This is honestly the grossest face I've ever seen on her. Bitch peaked years ago.

And for someone who claimed to block all the haterz from her Twitter, she still has over 70k "followers" that never comment and like her shit. What a desperate lonely loser.

No. 1084554

jeffree star is that you

No. 1084567

She doesn’t have even close to 70k followers, where did you get that number from?

No. 1084585

File: 1605619951377.webm (256.35 KB, 1080x2340, 20-11-17-08-29-12.webm)

No. 1084598

File: 1605623460751.jpg (35.68 KB, 534x332, yikes.jpg)

I really hope it only looks that wide due to swelling cause yikes. Shit literally looks like fiona from shrek. She really botched herself, I wonder how much she's going to regret doing all that in a few months.

No. 1084600

her jaw and chin are just so manly looking and those weird ass cheekbones filled with fat didn't help her face either. i'm excited for her bad aftercare and the even bigger scars around her nose

No. 1084627

Looks like handsome squidward.

No. 1084630

I came here to say the same exact thing. I saw the pic and instantly thought "handsome squidward face structure" why did the surgeon do her so dirtyyy!! She went on a rant abt him illegally filling her earlobes without her consent which was BS but what she really should have been ranting about is how he fucked her face up (even more) with the fat transfers holy shit. No wonder he didn't do an "unbotched" post with her on his IG, cuz her dumbass insisted on getting even more botched…tragic.

No. 1084632

I know it's been mentioned a billion times but for somebody so appearance obsessed you'd hope she'd at least adopt a harmonising sense of style. She looks like a stereotypical street walking meth head kek those shorts are so ill fitting and her greasy hair is painful to look at

No. 1084633

Umm.. I’m pretty sure the exaggerated scar was made more pronounced by the ungodly amount of filler she pumped into her upper lip (stretching the skin and scar tissue around the mouth).

No. 1084635

If only she had spent that surgery money on tattoo removal. She'd look a million times better without that mess on her body.

No. 1084641

Ikr? It amazes me that she is willing to plunge herself into debt to play for plastic surgery and yet completely neglects basic self care. If she actually washed her hair, bathed regularly, wore flattering clothing, had a decent diet, stopped wearing clown make up, and most importantly fixed her damn attitude, she wouldn’t need surgery.

No. 1084687

I mean he advised her not to and she still said she wanted to go ahead with it, whilst its incredibly shitty of the doctor to take her on as a patient I think he gave her exactly what she asked for. He has a good reputation too so I really wonder why he took her on

No. 1084706

omg, I knew the fat grafting was going to be a bad idea… methy and manly… why couldn’t she leave her face alone…I mean we know why but still

No. 1084716

nta but they might have gotten mixed up with her ig follower count? i’m not sure if she even has 70k on there anymore though, but maybe one of her old accounts did before she got banned again kek

No. 1084728

File: 1605637006521.jpeg (43.96 KB, 275x223, 1574681392155.jpeg)

>11 hours ago
Can you move the fuck on?
Kek, this insecure bitch. Love how she literally has to tear her eyes away from her reflection on her screen. Our confident queen!

No. 1084735

God it’s so funny seeing transplants talk like this, like they really think there has to be a specific reason you don’t like men who want you to fork over $50000 to their gfm so they can live out an agp fantasy

She only has 7.5k followers now and maybe one percent of that interacts with her.

No. 1084755

Ntayrt but nah, most people here hate trannies (rightly so)

No. 1084761

File: 1605639747564.jpg (392.94 KB, 1080x1121, Screenshot_20201117-140117_Sam…)


Supposedly 17.4k followers after she allegedly dropped people for not interacting with her ugly ass

No. 1084764


From the front i can see up her cave nostrils and she still got a bell shaped nose. But from the side profile you can't tell how comical and piggly it looks. The doctor tried to tell her no and it was a bad idea and she chose to go ahead anyway and ask him to botch her and take her money. That's all on her for looking worse when he warned her. From the side angle it looks like she has a more dainty nose but the big nostrils are now even more pronounced from head on. This is absolutely hilarious how bad it looks straight on in a candid video.

No. 1084773

TERFs, TERFs everywhere. It makes sense you all congregate on these thread and obsess over women. It got cringey round here real quick.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1084778

File: 1605640616450.jpg (48.42 KB, 541x626, 20201117_140905.jpg)

Oink oink, wow, turning up her nose was a horrific idea! I can see really far up her large nostrils! The surgeon couldn't thin it anymore i guess and you know she's going to contour the fuck out of it still. That bell bottom shaped nose is very wide still. She's not one of the surgeon's unbotched videos because she requested to look more botched against his advice. She really is looking more and more ridiculous with each surgery.

No. 1084780


Ironic considering how obsessed this cow is with her face and botching it beyond oblivion.

No. 1084783

>>1084761 She clearly made an empty threat to improve her interactions.

No. 1084784

kys already no one cares about trannies

holy shit. it looks so bad. like it really doesn't suit her face and now she's gonna look broken and rough once it all heals

No. 1084788

I mean you have to be aware it’s unhealthy behavior to come on here and obsess over strangers, but then to hate trans people too. Your life must suck IRL.

No. 1084789

go back to twitter

No. 1084794

When someone lacks control in their life they tend to take it out in other ways, like coming to a thread like this and cowardly and anonymously telling Ariana and others, them how they should live their lives. You’re projecting the same thing about trans men. Maybe Ariana is right and some of you all should focus on your own lives. Inb4 Reeee muh ego

No. 1084800


No one is telling her how to live her life. We actually prefer laughing at her poor decisions, Frankenface, and self-hatred. Karma at its finest.

No. 1084809

Lmfao Bunch of Eric Cartman’s you all are. It really shows with your super villainy jaded dialogue.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1084811

funny how MTFs are the ones who obsess over women so much they want to be one, begone tranny(infighting)

No. 1084814

Just report the scrote (I bet they're mtf) and ignore them.

No. 1084821

It's legit laughing at people not obsessing and mental troons happen to be funny, at least when they arent busy being vile mentally ill predators with sick fetishes.

No. 1084842

File: 1605644355027.jpg (1023.37 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1605644189337.jpg)

Her nose is just as wide as always. Picture on the left was from 4+ months ago. She just has more of a view-up-the-schnoz pig snout on the end now.

Congratulations, ya played yourself, uglyassheaux!

No. 1084852

can we stop the nose sperg and wait for the swelling to go down? yeah it looks like shit, prob will look like shit in 6 months still but it's obviously swollen rn. let's wait with the comparison pics until she goes live again somewhen next year

No. 1084865

everyone keeps saying she looks like a tranny here but I keep seeing gimpgirl 2.0. she’s already got gimpgirl’s pickme ideology down pat.

also god I hate her fucking eyebrows. your eyebrows don’t go up past your browbone. christ.

No. 1084939

can't you just commit suicide and stop clogging the thread? god trannies are annoying(infighting)

No. 1084943

Helping Ariana keep track of her 2020 goals:

-BuY a HoUse - nope, but she moved to ANOTHER apartment!

-sTart dancing- nope!

-pUt a pOlE aNd gEt gOoD aT dAnCinG - nope!

-gYm 5 dAyS a wEeK- she went for a week or 2!

-fInIsh tAxIdeRmY sKoOl- never started! But she did pay the $100 anyone can pay to be licensed to perform taxidermy… even though she doesn't know how

-sTaRt cAmMiNg- nope!

-gEt mArRiEd tO mY cUck- uh, are they even engaged anymore, after they broke off their engagement?! She only says he's her fiance when she wants to pretend like she's loved to her haturz. They broke off their engagement and now that incredibly cheap looking eMeRaLd is never worn unless she's faking being loved.

-Frogger's hIp sUrGeRy- nope, she doesn't care

-facial fat grafts- YES!

No. 1084948


If she didn't want people to make comparisons, she shouldn't have been posting her vapid comparison pictures on Twitter last week.

And you can take the swelling all the way down and you can STILL see up her nose. That's only going to look more obvious.

No. 1084985

I work at UO - Everything she tried on the other day is from the sale rack lol

No. 1084988

It’s obvious you’re a tranny and got your feewings hurt because this is the one space where women won’t bow down to you. Get over it, you won’t be able to browbeat any of us to worship you. You’re not welcome here, scrote. Be gone.(infighting)

No. 1084992

Of course, she just spend 17k on surgery and hasn't worked since. Idk if she posted on OF, but I doubt it's anything but surgery pics if anything. Who wants to pay for that. Her going through the sales rack is super telling, I wonder if Matt has to pay for everything right now.

No. 1085028

For the love of god, idk how many anons are going to have to tell some of you that the swelling takes time to go down

No. 1085034

So does anyone feel like if she actually had psoriasis that any of her actions since last time would have made her flare up? do they do any sort of blood work pre-plastic surgery? cause im still on board with her being HIV +

No. 1085075

File: 1605661691085.jpeg (109.66 KB, 703x872, 94D03326-E62D-429E-9388-F4CA54…)

New face is giving me major jigsaw doll on his tricycle vibe. Might be the cheekbones. Does anyone else see it? At your peril, you can’t unsee it after…

No. 1085200

it's not even funny to keep up with anymore it's just sad at this point. and funny how people think we're obsessed when most of us are checkin this side mid-shit

No. 1085232

Kek anon my sides

No. 1085256

Your tranny hate makes my shecock so hard. You’re such an alpha to stand behind your beliefs. Now let he-mommy stand behind you too(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1085270

File: 1605683833670.png (914.35 KB, 798x752, Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 11.1…)

Tinfoil but it looks like she got sub-malar cheek implants. That's what made amber heard's cheeks look like this. Why on earth would she do this?

No. 1085367

>accuses farmer of derailing for telling him to STFU
>Promptly derails thread to talk about his dick
Gotta love that male entitlement.

Back to Ari – I agree, it's still way, way too early to tell what that nose is gonna look like in the end. It's super swollen and that kind of swelling takes a while to go down.

No. 1085392

File: 1605710863605.jpeg (204.96 KB, 1076x1320, 520392F5-F21A-4976-8318-46EBE2…)

Is this still considered being sober?

No. 1085399

Wait, so she's back at home with Matt? Or is she still in Texas and fucking some random?
Then again it's Ari, so she might just be regurgitating some old story like she always does

No. 1085411

File: 1605713498106.jpg (215.74 KB, 1080x964, Screenshot_20201118-103141_Twi…)

She's home

No. 1085413

File: 1605713883642.jpg (289.21 KB, 1080x1290, Screenshot_20201118-103806_Twi…)


No. 1085420


round and round she goes!

No. 1085421

it's almost as if thousands of dollars in plastic surgery are no sufficient substitute for therapy kek

No. 1085423

She spent the last week ghosting her boyfriend on his birthday and making him send her money whilst she shares a hotel room with another man, so naturally love bombs Matt with drugs and sex as soon as she gets home. Vile

No. 1085428

Therapy would help, but not the retail kind.

No. 1085429

what happened last year that destroyed her? she has so many dumpster fires, was it one in particular or the accumulation of them?

No. 1085433

i know he’s a cuke, but i do feel bad for matt. imagine finally having distance from her, maybe some peace when she wasn’t being manipulative, and then “that” walks thru…. i just died a little inside thinking about it

No. 1085495


oh my god fucking sage your spergs

No. 1085497

File: 1605721555076.jpeg (510.14 KB, 1125x1807, 7BBC4076-24B4-430B-83F1-030BA6…)

No. 1085508

Her cheekbones look so low in this pic, no wonder she always looks like she has a saggy face

No. 1085510


Looks like its lips lost a lot of volume! It looks much better without the giant prolapsed lips. I bet it's eventually going to get filler in them because there's no way this creature will accept normal-looking lips. I can only imagine how dumb the whole face looks when it moves and lisps. Candids taken during lives are going to be hilarious.

No. 1085511


She looks… the same as before. Just more puffy. There goes her hope that surgery will be able to save her from her ugliness.

No. 1085514

I don't understand what the point of the fat transfer was

No. 1085515


Can't wait for this pig cretin's hair to fall off when she keeps bleaching it in hopes of someday having "ice blonde" hair. Oink oink.

No. 1085517


The point was for Dr. Rohrich to make money on her idiocy. And he succeeded. The money she spent plus the hotels and gas and wear and tear on her car for her to come out looking almost the same is hilarious and karma at its finest.

No. 1085523


theres still so much filler outside of her lipline how

No. 1085524

Fucking on shrooms is extremely stressful and a frustrating experience.. she'll truly say anything to sound edgy lmaooo what a tool.

No. 1085530

Seriously. It all migrated to the mustache area.

No. 1085541

>but I keep seeing gimpgirl 2.0
Underrated comment. This is spot on kek

No. 1085550

Honestly, to get the drastic results she wants she needs to go somewhere outside the US. Like Iran and Turkey where they just fully lop off your whole nose and risk your life during surgery.

No. 1085586

Are there any pictures of her just after her first (or second) nose job when it was still swollen? I went through some of the old threads but couldn't find anything, they didn't start until after her nose job anyway.

No. 1085596

File: 1605730483100.jpeg (972.27 KB, 1125x1760, ED17D249-7809-4DA2-9554-AA1C9D…)

In the second photo stitches seem to still be in her nostrils so it should be shortly after her surgery. Notice how 1 year ago she said she only has had one nosejob done, but now she says it’s three

No. 1085597

File: 1605730595219.jpeg (521.39 KB, 1125x1888, 043779D5-92AB-437A-890A-7AD0FB…)

(1/2) private ig

No. 1085599

File: 1605730652077.jpeg (657.38 KB, 1125x1748, 146B4843-33A3-4C48-A2AB-B7A6A1…)


No. 1085606

If I'm understanding correctly, this is what her nose looked like post-surgery pre-sweling? Looks like she did get the Turkish/Iranian fantasy nose, and it looks like the doctor damnwell did it with an ice cream scoop. Can't wait to see her fixating on how ugly her nose is in about a year and seeking out more surgery

No. 1085608

The delusions are strong in this one.

No. 1085611

wtf she's ruined it. there is barely any cartillage left, it looks like it's going to collapse any minute

BDD is one hell of a drug

No. 1085612

File: 1605732250961.png (Spoiler Image, 5.57 MB, 1242x2208, D3082063-FF35-4FFE-97DD-5B9FEE…)

No. 1085615

File: 1605732479170.jpg (31.51 KB, 348x604, 26e0688be1a637ae4ea6f4f499b8a3…)

so she got a trendy barbie line nose - the most fake look there is. Gives those MJ vibes.

No. 1085617

is her life just eternally ~waiting~ to be prettier until the goalposts are moved again and repeating the process until she rots away? depressing as fuck.

blog: having a nose job is kind of dangerous if you have any BDD/OCD tendencies, because the way the swelling changes can cause you to hyperfixate on your nose and nitpick every flaw and every change. You can start panicking that it turned out "wrong" or didn't reach your perfect ideal so you get a revision and then another revision and soon you've been waiting for the swelling to go down for 10 years

No. 1085620

File: 1605732768363.jpeg (42.99 KB, 224x284, 3A84C063-FA58-4286-B346-A34658…)


At least her use of “tehe” and “hehe” are appropriate now.

No. 1085635

Oh wow, she shaved!

No. 1085636

her arms are making up for it

No. 1085647

I love how she obsesses over how the nose looks and talks about having a more feminine, button, pixie nose and periodically throws in the lame excuse of “I can breathe properly now” …this is what I can’t stand about this bitch she just LIES. Be honest that the reason you got the nose job was for aesthetic reasons or gtfo

No. 1085648

Are these the kinds of things you should be doing after getting surgery? Dumb desperate trailer trash

No. 1085650

does she think this is cool or something? why is she announcing this on ever platform like a dumb ass high school kid?

No. 1085655

File: 1605735009864.jpeg (52.98 KB, 238x259, E4A14B01-D1EF-44A8-95D1-2591A7…)

Matt is gross as fuck for participating in this. I have 0 sympathy for him

No. 1085662

this definitely reads like she is trying to talk to us and all the things that have been criticized lately. That noo it's not a piggy nose because most of the swelling is in the tip and that it'll take months for the swelling to go down(WE KNOW)

Also that she hated how her last nose turned down when she smiled, aka that her old face showed through when she would smile.

Mentioning her fucked up lip lift scar that she claimed she wasn't bothered by but we saw through that.

Then lastly it reads like a review - THIS dr is recommend because he gave me my precious xans for after.

I can't imagine letting the haters get to you so much that you go under the knife and spend thousands to "fix" what they criticized about you instead of getting an vital surgery for your dog kek. But from her it is all unsurprising

lastly - THIS. If it was just this she could've just gotten a septoplasty if her breathing was the issue

No. 1085663

Love how there's no mention at all of her surgeon's "malpractice". Bet she's hoping everyone will just forget she ever mentioned that.

No. 1085673

File: 1605736434860.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.97 KB, 749x749, nintchdbpict000370031646.jpg)

Her new nose reminds me a bit of this

No. 1085691

She has said she loved Sahara’s nose so no wonder

No. 1085698

*sahar, I swear I am not an idiot

No. 1085709

I thought it was sahar luna

No. 1085728

Damn. I didn't know that. She really really really needs therapy because her new nose looks even worse.

No. 1085735

Sahar Lunas nose looks like this anyways

No. 1085874

holy shit, the shape is absolutely fucked. i fully expect to see this on r/botchedsurgeries within the week.

>now that I see it on my face it fits so well cos I'm petite
there is absolutely nothing petite about her gargantuan, overfilled and perma-bloated cube head. a tiny, upturned nose is the absolute worst choice for her. for someone who claims to be an artist, she sure has no idea what proportions and harmony are.

No. 1085900

>there is absolutely nothing petite about her gargantuan, overfilled and perma-bloated cube head.
This. She seriously can't see herself for what she really looks like.

No. 1086040

Sooo much space between her nose and lip now

No. 1086080


Exactly. This little pig snout doesn't match her big cow head. But it IS comical and throws her face out of wack. She looks absolutely ridiculous with this fake nose. I'm very glad she ruined it to this degree because it matches her disgusting personality.

No. 1086081


I can assure you nobody is jealous of this or finds a MJ nose desirable at all. But sure, throw highlight on your ski slope nose!

No. 1086082

Wait so… is this basically what her nose will look like after the swelling goes down??? it's worse than I could have ever imagined

No. 1086091

I know, swelling, but it’s the big shovel shaped space of flesh between her nostrils and tip that gets me.

No. 1086137

Her Instagram is public again.

No. 1086150

File: 1605793205256.jpeg (219.47 KB, 1242x1318, D9A679C7-DA7E-4405-B38D-75B4CA…)

No, it's not. Here's a good comparison of a similar nose right after surgery vs healed.

No. 1086151

This looks so weird and doesn’t suit this person at all. The mouth area looks so strange..

No. 1086161

File: 1605794589436.jpg (81.11 KB, 740x740, ariana.jpg)

whoville looking ass

No. 1086202

It's still an absolutely terrible nose, both for this guy and for her since she's just as masculine and has a similar natal nose. If you look at the comments on the reddit post, there's tons of people ragging on how terrible the shape is for him post-swelling. Cosmetically upturned noses simply suit very few people. There's also no way of knowing if her swelling is, in fact, as extensive as this guy's or if it really is just as horrific of a shape as it appears to be.

No. 1086206

I actually think this dude has a Christian Ronaldo vibe with his new nose it’s just that the difference is so jarring. The success of hers is almost irrelevant though, even the perfect imposter nose wouldn’t/won’t change her life at all

No. 1086216

RIP lip lift

No. 1086270

i mean it was posted to r/botchedsurgeries for a reason. that boy got butchered

No. 1086285

File: 1605806497612.jpeg (269.45 KB, 1125x1222, 0E7950B9-E1A1-49B1-A719-17282F…)

No. 1086351

File: 1605811446839.jpeg (305.97 KB, 1242x620, 57872341-9BA9-48A1-A214-64F2CA…)

Her ability to make anything sexual sound disgusting is truly a talent

No. 1086352

File: 1605811471857.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 483.22 KB, 1058x1106, 6C899779-DDF4-44B5-85C4-693B60…)

Begging for attention on twitter

No. 1086353

Scooping all of the bridge off is atrocious either way but even more so on men. He looks like a rat.

No. 1086377

File: 1605813490031.jpeg (72.61 KB, 673x533, B93DC5B6-08C7-485C-9CF4-5C36F8…)

The concept of it is horrific but I’m not jaded enough to say that if I saw his final result with no other context I wouldn’t just think he had a pointier nose, that’s all. Lots of things look much more uncanny valley imo, just calling a spade a spade. Ready for derailing and sorry in advance

No. 1086383

File: 1605815302029.png (70.16 KB, 1190x216, Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 2.46…)

Why spend tens of thousands of dollars for rhinoplasties and a lip lift, just to poke holes in them. I hope she won't get a Medusa.

No. 1086388

she probably thinks the medusa will prevent people from seeing the mile long gap between her top lip and nose

No. 1086403

She needs to distract from her botched scars.

No. 1086438

File: 1605819716313.jpg (98.05 KB, 612x344, 000010_612x344_426_067.jpg)

Is it just me or does anyone else see the resemblance?

No. 1086440

fucking kek

No. 1086461

File: 1605821119426.jpeg (157.26 KB, 750x1230, A1EC8513-983A-4434-A3DA-1E213A…)

She is only nice to people when she knows she can benefit from them. No wonder her and Shaytard get along.

Discount code for the sale rack.

No. 1086489

File: 1605824681809.jpeg (384.12 KB, 1125x1407, EEBD79F1-4E32-4032-9EC7-242E8E…)

deleted right after posting

No. 1086495

A muppet

No. 1086498

She is so ugly without make-up.

No. 1086503

her lips physically cannot handle more filler. kek at the raised parts right under her lip line. literally looks like she stuck her mouth in a vacuum tube attachment. beyond botched.

No. 1086507



No. 1086523

If she’s going to facetune her eyes to be bluer she could at least shop the crud from her nostrils too.

No. 1086564

Wow its almost like she spent thousands of dollars to look… the same

She should have invested that money in a good hairstylist or a stylist of any sort. Not like that would help either since the root of her issues is her manic BPD rotten personality. If she wasn't so genuinely horrible im sure most people wouldn't have found her appearance before all that offensive. She still would have though because she's a psycho with untreated BD who's going to make herself look like a cat lady like all women do eventually when they do too much.

No. 1086575

She does look the same… I agree

No. 1086616

SO true imagine if instead of all this she had just maintained some really nice professionally installed extensions with the same stylist and had consistent long silky hair this whole time. Instead she has strange new features accompanied by an ever-changing electrocuted mop on her head like where is the logic

No. 1086645

File: 1605837360377.jpeg (316.25 KB, 1125x1531, 533167FD-FF26-4F34-82D6-A48F42…)

No. 1086655

Why does it look like she’s living in prison

No. 1086703

File: 1605838552144.jpg (372.44 KB, 1080x1492, Screenshot_20201119-210125_Twi…)

No. 1086717

lmao it honestly does look like a jail cell with a window

No. 1086766

Not that fucking gnarled fucking ammonia scented thong again

No. 1086809

why is it always all twisted up too? makes it look like she tore up an old dirty dishrag and made it into a thong.

No. 1086824

File: 1605842141904.jpeg (117.23 KB, 750x707, 5FCDB556-BD90-4BEF-A462-3BBB9E…)

No. 1086825

yes pls put another hole in your face, the ones already there will have a friend when she gets tired of having it and takes it out.

No. 1086828


“Anyways” kek.

Apparently she’s moved on from gorilla grip pussy to full-on gorilla.

So unappealing and zero sex appeal, as always.

No. 1086829

>the ones already there will have a friend
fucking kek

No. 1086835

It’s probably deteriorating and doesn’t have any more elastic. So she twists up as much as it can. For the love of god buy more panties you gross gremlin!

No. 1086853

Is that frogger’s bed she’s rubbing her gorilla pussy on?

No. 1086954

File: 1605870867486.jpg (870.87 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201120-061358_Sam…)

She skinwalking Miss Piggy?

No. 1086974

File: 1605873314511.jpeg (91.14 KB, 750x1068, E90C5C27-6321-4E46-99AD-E5D345…)

Did she edit this to make her cheekbone higher or lower? Can’t tell but I feel mentally drained imagining how obsessive and back and forth she is with her appearance. Wonder what kind of conversations Matt has w his co workers since he said he brags about her.
“How did your girlfriend's nose turn out this time?”
“That’s good”

No. 1086985

File: 1605875987610.jpeg (605.79 KB, 750x1069, 2E82539F-04B5-4705-9347-A8E077…)

The closer you look at the shirt, the worse it gets

No. 1086987

She’s also deleting or blocking people who don’t tip her on OF kek not like she posts regularly or anything good or even worth the $3.50

No. 1086997


Imagine if people prioritized dropping money on their mental health versus plastic surgery? She acts like she is above getting government assistance, even though it is literally made for people in her type of life situation. Yet still buries herself in debt just to get more and more botched. Now she’s going to be sucking strange men’s cocks and shitting in bins half conscious from anal to pay this off for the next year or so. Goodbye home ownership. Goodbye car that doesnt smell like cat puke and piss. Goodbye travel plans. Goodbye taxidermy school . Goodbye frogger’s hip surgery. And hello to paying off a face she already fucking hates.

No. 1087120

File: 1605894222855.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1242x1881, 7FBD2352-D0DE-4C3A-A4B0-FD4D47…)

Yes that is her animal’s bed she is rubbing her genitals all over…stay classy Ariana!

No. 1087150

File: 1605897161034.jpeg (267.64 KB, 1099x798, 31178A92-2C6C-498E-80A1-44B63B…)

No. 1087172

what case? against her surgeon who "put fat into her earlobes"? which he didn't actually do and which ariana just straight up lied about for whatever fucking reason?

No. 1087176

Probably the deposit for her apartment that she was blabbing about

No. 1087178

File: 1605898971010.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 454.33 KB, 1125x1717, 96B10D04-E256-4A9D-A500-2D2378…)

No. 1087187

That hair…I’m retching. At least wear a wig!

No. 1087190

File: 1605899310530.jpg (Spoiler Image, 856.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201120-110431_Pho…)

Lmfao she really blurred her leg right into her gut wyd(repost)

No. 1087193

Why is she rubbing her bare pussy on a bed that her unwashed animals sleep in. Thats so fucking vile on so many levels but I'm not even surprised she doesn't find it disgusting. She absolutely has 0 boundaries to anything that can't outright tell her to fuck off. Imagine if she had a kid? She'd be taking nude selfies on a kids bed or around their toys thinking its totally normal and fine as long as they're not around.

This shit makes me MOTI. Shes so foul looking its like looking at those men in black aliens taking thirst traps while having them beg you to call their pussy sexy. Absolutely horrific to look at, especially her 4 year old mangled thong.

No. 1087195

She's wearing panties, anon… point still stands of course

No. 1087198

Panties that she has to literally fold up over her waist so they look even mildly functional. Do you think that thin piece of fabric is doing anything if it even has enough elastic to stay in place kek?

No. 1087199

File: 1605900052975.jpeg (117.03 KB, 750x905, 401AC6E8-085F-4074-9D52-F13E0D…)

What even are these voting options? Complete nonsense.

No. 1087206

I can’t see any other reason as to why she would create this poll other than that she has been ruminating over her ex again

No. 1087211

"hardcore vocalists" your man is a postman ari… also can she count? at this point i'm wondering if she ever even finished high school

No. 1087228

Matt is in a band/ is a lead vocalist for band. Haven't heard Ari mention it in a while. Not since she was crying about on of his band mates being hot

No. 1087232

Each new option includes the entire previous range lmao so stupid hasn’t she seen how age bracket questions are formatted before

No. 1087236

File: 1605902141154.jpeg (973.89 KB, 828x1378, E2459AC6-02F6-4444-B94E-06CA79…)


No. 1087237

Appreciate your autism because I thought exactly the same. Kek.

No. 1087255

LOL the fronts she has to keep up online in order to keep herself from a complete mental breakdown over her looks are so hilarious

No. 1087257

how is that autism? it’s common sense

No. 1087258

She was so ugly growing up that she got picked on a lot, now she tries so hard to put on the persona of all the people that made fun of her and instead of it lifting her up or making everyone jealous of her it makes her the easiest target. She’s so dumb kek.

No. 1087277

I was kidding anon. I thought the same thing as you.

No. 1087299

exactly. people look at her like she's a circus freak

No. 1087394

File: 1605910275282.jpg (501.81 KB, 809x1668, Screenshot_20201120-160342_Ins…)

She deleted more of her pictures.

And I think she's talking to a lawyer for her deposit. But calling a lawyer's practice and actually going to court are two different things, Ariana.

No. 1087402


she thinks any girl or woman that doesn't like her is jealous of her, literal brain of a 13 year old.
i think she grew up her entire life jealous of other women for being beautiful and now she's projecting her own weird woman-hating shit on others (calling women jealous, talking incessantly about how she doesn't trust or get along with women, calling vaginas gross and disgusting, etc)

No. 1087406

Holy shit that’s disgusting but I’m not surprised. Can’t imagine the stench from her putrid disintegrating thong mixed with the cat bed

No. 1087418


Matt is not and never was in a hardcore band. He was/is in a shitty metalcore band.

That thong is working too hard.
And her rat's nest hair on top of her pig nose face is just beyond disgusting. Making fried hair frizzy isn't a cute look. And nobody is jealous of her or her lifestyle.

Posting her throwback photos simply reminds me of how decent she used to look prior to her current pig look. And it really highlights how she peaked when she was blonde, prior to all the fillers. She's just showing how busted she's gotten.

No. 1087422

File: 1605911882939.jpg (Spoiler Image, 779.76 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201120-173630_Sam…)

She really highlighting how dry and frizzy and fried her hair is with that hairstyle she keeps doing.

And kek at her cranking her hip up to try to pretend she has curves.

She really is so pathetic it's kinda sad.

No. 1087454

she’s fucked her proportions so much with this pose that it makes her hand look gargantuan

No. 1087490

Not to mention, a decent lawyer fee is gonna be a couple thousand for a retainer fee kek how is she gonna afford that when she was begging for money for clearance UO clothes

No. 1087504

anon she absolutely went with some Saul Goodman ambulance chaser

No. 1087538

her head is so freaking huge compared to her body

No. 1087556

File: 1605925838816.jpeg (97.5 KB, 1125x696, 9910E2C3-F9E0-4838-97B6-AB2F28…)

just like you weren’t gonna post pics of your nose?

No. 1087557

She really needs to accept that Instagram is dead and her 15 minutes are over. Girl please move on with your life. You can’t even keep 10k followers without constantly deleting your photos and posting nothing interesting at all. She needs to Give it up.

No. 1087560

Is instagram really dead?

No. 1087567

nta but for the specific type of disinteresting shit she got popular for - yes

No. 1087579

File: 1605928252350.jpeg (247.2 KB, 1123x1957, B8802A3D-7F45-435D-81DA-6D2C45…)

No. 1087583

It’s so funny that she acts like she’s a big deal. She’s lazy as fuck and doesn’t even take care of herself, her baby would probably end up taken by cps.

No. 1087585

she still has a beak for a nose but somehow it also looks like a piggy nose, shes so botched

No. 1087592

File: 1605929591075.jpeg (241.13 KB, 1125x1895, 60BC1954-E1C2-4CBF-A851-9A5DF3…)

No. 1087593

Does anyone else think it looks like she got fat transferred to her lips?

No. 1087594

her face looks so fucked up omg

No. 1087617

File: 1605933789886.png (2.82 MB, 750x1334, F79D7E12-FB9B-4611-9A9B-5F908B…)

No. 1087640

like maybe it’ll look significantly different once the cast is off and the swelling is down but i’m going to have to agree with the anons that said she looks the exact same still. i don’t think this was the miracle nosejob transformation she was looking for.

No. 1087651

she looks like an old lady without her dentures in i'm dying lmaoooo

No. 1087671

Yes, it was destroyed by Facebook

No. 1087725

File: 1605948582404.png (2.69 MB, 828x1792, 70D24FDC-D73E-43CB-9573-620B52…)

OH MY GOD HER NOSE IS 10X UGLIER THAN BEFORE!! I don’t know how this is possible but I’m sooo happy. Karma wrecks this bitch every time! She went deep back into debt for this surgery only to look WORSE hahahahahahahah

No. 1087734

Why the fuck is she planing on getting pregnant???? This is the person who had to beg for food and clothing after blowing thousands of dollars on unnecessary surgery

No. 1087737

File: 1605953065546.jpeg (996.42 KB, 1242x1489, D6CA7EE4-05DE-4AE2-BA4B-F03E68…)

Putting her filthy socks all over his face

No. 1087747

File: 1605955377803.png (105.56 KB, 386x244, tenor.png)

How is she always so grimy? In my whole adult life I don't think I've ever been as dirty as her, I don't know how she can stand it.

No. 1087811

I'd say to trap Matt. It's common enough. She's probably still mad that they're not officially engaged anymore and thinks a baby will make them stay together.

She even questioned whether she should really go through with the abortion last year (or two years? Idk) so the baby thoughts are here nothing new at least.

No. 1087835

Yep, super common with poor/uneducated families.

No. 1087891

I really wonder why her nose is still so huge. I know her first nose job was a mess and she needed a correction shortly after she got it. I wonder if the original doc fucked something up structurally or something so the most recent surgeon could only do so much?

Her nostrils are still so huge and you can see where they attempted to give her a reduction. I just don’t know HOW it can still be so big! Not to blog but I had a rhino and even with the swelling, you should be able to see SOME difference two weeks post op. The tip is the last bit to soften up and go down so maybe it will improve but yikes.

No. 1087897

You guys are jumping to conclusions, and it shows that you don’t know how plastic surgery works. Time will tell.

I’m crossing my fingers that will be fucked. But when it swells down I actually think it won’t be half bad.

No. 1087902


wow, she deleted all her posts? wonder when shes gonna shave her head. KEK. She is going full blown into an episode over her botched piggy nose.

No. 1087903

the problem with overly large noses is excess skin and sagging when the doctor would turn them into a tiny nose so they usually never make them really small

No. 1087968

SUE? She couldn’t afford ~$85 pair of shoes let alone legal fees or even an attorney’s time on a case. She is never going to be out of debt at this rate. I will never understand how trailer trash and their fucking retarded misuse of money management.

No. 1088088

At best she'll look barely any different. Getting a slightly edited nose will not change her other facial features and plastic surgeons are not wizards. They can't magically give you a tiny egirl button nose if you don't have the right structure for it. Arianna already had one nose job so I'm sure there was even less to work with this time.

Its not going to make her look like a monster but its not going to change her entire face either which is what she's expecting/wants.

No. 1088145

File: 1605993401001.png (3.09 MB, 828x1792, 3D8172CB-EE4C-4D44-A760-AFAC83…)

Her frenemy Cottedemailles is trying to have a baby with her husband (posts on it on her personal page). Ariana can’t help but be jealous and skin walk. Too bad she can’t even get her boyfriend to marry her

No. 1088155

Yah, been meaning to mention this. It’s clear Ariana has zero identity, and is feeling empty after her vapid face altering and is skin-walking Cotte

No. 1088178

Ah, so this is why she made it known she’d pull a Kylie Jenner. Almost as if she’s jealous of this experience Cotte is sharing so she’s subtly bashing it. I can picture Ari fuming that people could be more interested in her “friend’s” fertility journey than her own plastic surgery.

No. 1088179


yeah honestly i dont think it will be technically "botched" it will just looked a more upturned version of her last nose. i think whats really going to look weird is her facial fat grafting. fixing a deviated septum? okay sure… but facial fat grafting at 25? against your surgeon's wishes? shes gonna look like the cat lady and want more surgery to balance it out.

No. 1088199

File: 1605997851863.jpeg (400.1 KB, 2048x2048, 21935304-4BAD-4280-847B-014F02…)

That future baby’s genes are fucked

No. 1088208

Anon did you use a pic of Krist Novoselic?

No. 1088244

File: 1606002011890.jpeg (90.96 KB, 819x381, 785B7AA5-5B06-4753-8A33-D848F6…)

She’s so fucking stupid. Big accounts create traffic and websites get money for ads. More traffic more money. Such a simple concept and yet she’s baffled

No. 1088245

I doubt she’s “skin walking” this boring bitch. They probably just have similar goals of trapping their men because they’re both trash. Cotted hasn’t been relevant for a while and the only reason she’s been brought up at all in several threads is self posts.

No. 1088247

These 2 pictures are proof that her BDD is getting worse. I'm not saying this to be rude, but I can't imagine anybody thinking they looked attractive in these photos unless their eyesight was severely compromised. It's actually really sad.
Could you elaborate on this for an old fart? Sage for no milk

No. 1088249

Facebook bought ig, now strongly suggests merging your fb and ig together, and has turned ig into a marketplace.

No. 1088263

I’d be too embarrassed to post this if I were her. She looks so much worse than her 2018 self.

No. 1088264

hard agree. please stop trying to make this bitch relevant. there are like two obsessed anons that keep grasping at straws to make her a thing in these threads.

No. 1088283


Same with the Latinamilk anon, the cotted and LM "anons" are most likely those hoes self-posting with their rage boners for Ari

No. 1088291

Anon just reminded me of another anon who was asking about her ex Scorpio foursome friend the other day. So, anon, if you’re reading this, the answer you were looking for is Babytrash.

No. 1088407

Thank you so much! It’s crazy that I was just now thinking about this again as I was reading about the former two e-nobodies and it’s like you answered me instantly.

No. 1088430

She can't handle an energetic cat, isn't in therapy for her myriad mental issues, has no financial priorities, and no nearby support system. She should NOT have a fucking baby. You can't just sleep until 3 pm with a newborn and even stable people need a lot of family/friend support in the beginning. She would absolutely develop massive PPD.

No. 1088450

File: 1606019115186.jpeg (182.63 KB, 1125x1088, DD0A8CCC-25D2-45BE-9291-23E8B9…)

No. 1088457

Doesn’t sound like laziness to me … sounds like a dying relationship. And this bitch wants to get pregnant??

No. 1088472

Having a baby will literally "ruin" her body with her eating habits and lack of ability to take care of herself, both externally and internally. Its scary how someone with such intense untreated BDD doesn't realize this. She will resent that child for the rest of their life.

No. 1088641

Hah! You’re welcome anon. I hadn’t thought about Babytrash for months, totally forgot she exists, until you asked about her. I couldn’t remember her name either. Then it suddenly came to me.

No. 1088665

Lmfao my bad, Ari posted that photo claiming it was Matt and I just assumed it was him when he was younger, the point still stands, their baby would have extremely bad genes

No. 1088691

File: 1606057946282.jpeg (201.22 KB, 828x615, 5FE29F1C-7285-4DF0-B010-F9F8E9…)

How did we miss this gem? I've had cats all my life and never needed "cat piss UV lights" lmao

I mean we know the cats piss everywhere in her apartment, but it's so gross…

No. 1088808


fucking dying anon over you thinking that was matt


I wish she and the rest of these cows would just stop for 5 seconds before posting on twitter and ask “does anyone care about this story?” “does my business gain anything by posting this?” “will posting this hurt my sales in sex work at all?”

Yes ari - no one cares about the basic thing your boyfriend did on your sw twitter, and none of your potential paypigs wants to picture you using a UV light to find cat piss where you take your nudes. That stain it picked up on the cat bed was from your rancid pussy, not the damn cat.

No. 1088840

that is Matt

No. 1088894

Hahaha omg I lost it when I realised it wasn’t actually Matt

No. 1088927

It's Matt

No. 1088935

No it’s one of the band members of nirvana. She’s posted a handful of times how they look identical so that’s how the photo got thrown into the Matt mix

No. 1088945

Lmao at anons insisting it’s Matt

No. 1088952

truly the dumbest anons frequent this thread, 10/10

No. 1088975

File: 1606081957022.jpeg (89.03 KB, 600x988, AF1CF845-C268-4B85-B46B-2D823F…)

Matt rares enjoy xx

The insistent “no that’s Matt” I’m…

No. 1088980

That's the closest Matt will ever get to a successful music career

No. 1088985

i'm losing my mind over how similar they look KEK
ari if you read this, this is not a compliment, krist novoselic is ugly and so is matt

No. 1089051

> assuming she’s “smart” enough to know how to uncover spoilered text

No. 1089059

File: 1606088676452.jpeg (199.38 KB, 1125x1189, 932B7700-4DB1-4A5B-A7DD-352CA0…)

No. 1089068

File: 1606089462349.png (24.87 KB, 599x327, 2020-11-22 18_57_41-Window.png)

>gets a patch of "psoriasis"
>better take some shrooms!

No. 1089076

True white trash, born and bred

No. 1089110

She obviously read this post >>1085034 and remembered she’s supposed to have a disease which flares up after skin trauma

No. 1089111

File: 1606092059403.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1776, 35B4E59B-0B43-4873-8456-4D1040…)

No. 1089123

I've never seen her eyes look this close together. It's uncanny. Everything about this looks off.

No. 1089126

lmfao she looks like she's out on the yard at the state pen

No. 1089127

she genuinely has no sense of self, her dress sense and makeup scream that

No. 1089128


Tinfoil but did anyone else notice that her skin issues tend to flare up whenever she’s been hanging out with Aaron?

No. 1089132

That fucking nose. She really ruined herself

No. 1089133

She acts like she doesn’t always look this retarded

No. 1089134

My thoughts exactly anon

No. 1089139

File: 1606094894626.jpeg (46.25 KB, 393x365, 05333117-0AC6-4CC2-A871-C2B53C…)

Wait, is she implying this is old or is this recent? Her jowls look like they lost a fight with gravity.

No. 1089141


its around a year old, clock the hair and lips

No. 1089156


aaron looks dirty and probably has boils or a staph infection.

No. 1089157


Not hating on people who experiment with drugs, just hating on her; but, it is really sad how often her and Matt are constantly trying to escape their lives with drugs. As soon as she came home, they fucked on shrooms. All the whining and pining about missing each other and they couldn't even have healthy, sober sex together after something that was a fairly traumatic experience. DoorMatt constantly looks like he's in a state of being high.

No. 1089187

she just dresses the way whoever she's obsessed with on IG or whoever girl she attaches to irl before dumping them cause she doesn't trust women lmao

No. 1089191

File: 1606100280033.jpeg (134.34 KB, 750x863, A2A91B22-7F60-40E5-BD23-C767D0…)

As usual, logic has left the chat and she’s using biased twitter polls in order to validate herself.

Maybe some couples have good sex and would prefer to just do that? I know it’s a foreign concept for her.

No. 1089207

maybe some people just fuck instead of masturbate next to each other "out of sheer laziness." what does diddling next to your partner cause you don't have the stamina to fuck have to with growing up. what a braindead idiot

No. 1089239

Yeah, you just get a major surgery that you need to focus your time and care on healing properly and you immediately turn to drugs. She’s definitely fried. Bragging about it is even worse.

No. 1089243


or some of us arent burnt out and fried off a come down from drugs and actually have the energy to have physical sex.

No. 1089258

Let’s be real, this is her pretending to not be depressed about spending x amount on looking “hotter” for her boyfriend to still not find her sexy and get harder by the touch of his own hand than her raggedy ass.

No. 1089264

kek this is spot on

No. 1089342

this is why i hate this bitch. everything she posts online is purely for her ego, and her super passive aggressive tone makes me moti. she worded it like matt can't be bothered to fuck her anymore, which is understandable, got mad at the results and twisted it in a strange way that doesn't even make sense to feel better about her shitty life. it's always been like that with this bitch too. i remember her popping up on my explore feed back when she was still semi relevant and got her botched tits ranting about how she wishes anyone who points out that she said she didn't want a boob job learns to love themselves and that jealousy is a disease or some shit. absolutely hate her attitude sorry for the sperg

No. 1089451

File: 1606145073414.jpg (261.73 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20201123-082330_Ins…)

Some questions ari needs to ask herself before she gets work done

No. 1089507

File: 1606151154065.jpeg (243.22 KB, 1125x823, 29753DA6-53B8-4CA3-8548-905FD0…)

No. 1089533

mutual masturbation isnt that crazy or rare of a concept dude

No. 1089538

File: 1606153527754.jpeg (208.26 KB, 1097x1001, 9E96D913-C545-42D6-B2C8-93E5E4…)

she’s so unaware

No. 1089544

Very generous of you to assume she has enough self awareness to ask and answer these herself with honesty

No. 1089547

I doubt it’s actual mutual masturbation for Ariana and Matt tho…we know from their porn that they have 0 sexual chemistry and Matt can barely keep it up, the fact that she said “out of sheer laziness” rather than “because we find it hot and it turns us on” is very telling. Lmao at her defensive response and shitting on anyone who doesn’t align with her dead relationship

No. 1089552

oh my god. Is she for real rn ?

No. 1089553

i check on this thread every so often but i swear nothing has changed in ages
i used to think matt was kind of attractive in older photos (kek i know; bad taste) and now all this is just…wow

No. 1089556

Yeah I completely agree with this. How she worded makes it sound like they just don’t want to have sex with each other, nor touch each other.

It doesn’t sound like they are into one another at all

No. 1089566

As if she deoesn't know that an injury (in this case surgery) is a huge trigger for a flare-up? What did she expect? The last time it was triggered by her getting a tattoo and now she's acting like she didn't expect it to happen again. Let's see if it stays as long as last time…

No. 1089582

File: 1606157510560.jpeg (189.44 KB, 749x771, BD141AD8-FB5E-4499-930A-F948A1…)


So after reading about her flare read I was googling how bad of an idea it is to get plastic surgery when you have psoriasis- and apparently she could develop psoriatic arthritis if she’s traumatized her skin too much.

No. 1089583

File: 1606157578772.jpeg (275.51 KB, 750x1089, D1F32F57-331A-4D6E-BAA3-061DC4…)


and for all the anons who think she may have HIV, apparently HIV can cause psoriasis.

No. 1089608

Would you be able to live 2 years without any complications whatsoever (besides the rash) when you have HIV?
Reading that list of different kinds of psoriasis really hammers home how neglectful she is of not only her own safety but also that of every person she's in contact with. She's a truly evil person.

No. 1089614

Whereas I don't think Ariana has HIV, the disease can manifest itself in many different ways in people. Someone with her kind of lifestyle, ie one where drugs are involved, can cause people to not notice early signs. Or even late signs.

No. 1089634

People can go years without realizing they have HIV (which leads to AIDS) it all depends on the CD4/ viral load which varies

No. 1089641

maybe i'm retarded but didn't she explicitly get tested for HIV and she didn't have it? not that we can believe anything this goblin says

No. 1089655

She might have HIV. Remember the bbg video she was going to do but had to get her papers first? Also would explain why Matt and her have no interest in each other but stay together.

No. 1089658

She got tested for everything but HIV because she didn't want to tell the doctor testing her that it might be a risk after she was raped. It's not usually something you're tested for unless you ask specifically.

No. 1089671

ppl already responded but people can have HIV and be fine until it turns into AIDS (when a person has less than 200 T-cells its offically AIDS)
i really hope she doesn't

No. 1089734

File: 1606165095169.jpg (181.27 KB, 1079x592, Screenshot_20201123-155756_Twi…)

according to her, yes

No. 1089778

Armchairing/medfagging but I’ve shown my family member who is a doctor ariana’s psoriasis pictures a couple times (inb4 psycho, yes I am but I barely post in these threads) and he’s adamant that it’s guttate psoriasis and not HIV, so I’m inclined to believe it’s psoriasis. The HIV shit comes up every time she has a flare up, it’s annoying as fuck when there’s plenty of milk without the HIV tinfoiling. Occam’s razor etc(armchairing)

No. 1089782

You know what's also annoying as fuck? Medfags pretending they can diagnose someone from pictures.

Tell your family member to stick to diagnosing irl patients and not lying cows online kek

No. 1089823

thanks, relative of a doctor for your useless conjecture!

No. 1089917


fighting about whether she has psoriasis or HIV is fucking stupid as fuck considering no one here has valid proof either way. there's 101 other things to make fun of this shitshow human for, medical prognosis that we have no proof of is not one of them

No. 1089936

Agreed. The best we can wish for is her busted face to heal, and get on with the shit show. Infighting cause there’s not much else going on.

No. 1090047

You just sound like her when she had just shown the picture to her lip injector and self diagnosed

No. 1090055

Not the same anon but you guys are acting like everyone isn’t getting diagnosed through photo & messaging or video chat appointments right now anyways in the age of covid

No. 1090092

I thought of the same.

Either way the story has holes in it. Psoriasis isn't contagious but matt got a rash on his leg just like hers shortly after the returned home from dominica >>809498 and hiv doesnt work if she really did test negative. Unless she develops full blown aids we'll probably never know the truth.

No. 1090097

No retard, if you think you might have HIV, you still go in to a lab to give bloodwork. You just get temp scanned at the door and wear a mask while doing it. Nobody's getting screened for potentially-deadly illnesses over zoom.

No. 1090122

Occam’s razor! Not to wk but if you think it’s psoriasis because it runs in your family (she says her dad has it) and it looks like psoriasis then you’re going to see the doctor for psoriasis which IS something that is typically diagnosed visually especially right now. people are only being called into the office for biopsies or bloodwork if the doctor is unsure but if it’s something one of her parents have they probably wouldn’t need to go that far. I hate that I feel like I’m defending this bitch but the HIV speculation needs to be laid to rest because it’s almost delegitimizing the other claims made about her in this thread.

No. 1090150

She claimed at first that she had no idea what it could be, then suddenly her dad has it and it runs in her family? Why wouldn’t that be her first guess if that’s the case? The bitch lies. And she lied about the HIV test. I don’t know what she has, but to use this as a defense is pointless.

No. 1090155


Probably scabies lmao

No. 1090195

Please, we’ve been over this a thousand times - Matt got the rash on his leg way before Ariana got her ”psoriasis”, so he didn’t get it from her.

No. 1090204

Samefag, to further clarify: ”Way before” = He got his rash before they even went to Dominica, so it has nothing to do with the trip

No. 1090245

File: 1606223923593.jpg (372.9 KB, 1080x1607, Screenshot_20201124-081851_Twi…)

No. 1090249

Jesus you sound psycho insisting that she has HIV. Like seriously it’s mad annoying, just stfu and enjoy the cringe that Ariana delivers

No. 1090257

Nowhere did I insist she has HIV, I just stated she lied about psoriasis running in her family AND getting the HIV test. Read next time.

No. 1090262

No. 1090271

sounds like she just wrote that so she can use it in defense when her nosejob turns out less than ideal

No. 1090280

I bet he probably did this accidentally in his sleep or something but she words it like he did it on purpose to get asspats from random people online. Probably chewed his ass out about it to. Just like when he accidentally “ruined” her art piece.

No. 1090284

Are you the same retard that just bumped a 5 year old thread on Michelle Carter? bAsEd

No. 1090286

based. thanks matt, cant wait to see her milk this for attention for a day before she moves onto something equally stupid

No. 1090355

Literally don’t believe your family members a doctor, diagnosing people that are online and not people that are that are their patients proves all I need

No. 1090357

No one does that what ?! You have consultations through zoom, but you actually need to be seen by a doctor in real life and go get labs done, to get diagnosed with stuff. Are you retarded and just assuming shit

No. 1090392

She also self diagnosed via a picture to her lip injections lady long before covid so it doesn’t matter whether or not they’re doing shit like that now. Even if it’s not HIV, she’s been proving time and time again to be irresponsible and negligent with not only her own health, but also whomever she “cums” in contact with like her bf and her one client- who is likely also seeing other sw-ers. And she definitely didn’t get tested prior to that pissing video

No. 1091091

I wonder, when she eventually becomes dissatisfied with her nose job will she use this as an excuse as to why it's not what she wanted?

No. 1091102

probably. or if it looks all fucked up and wonky after it heals she’ll blame it on that.

No. 1091186

That’s exactly what >>1090271 said

No. 1091626

File: 1606343474952.jpeg (278.02 KB, 1125x1837, 9EFC94D3-825A-4074-95A6-45601E…)

No. 1091675

pre surgery, post surgery… your face still fuckin’ ugly. still look like your mom when you smile

No. 1091683

She needs a double-jaw break and ended up shaving off the bridge of her nose instead of the width. Her appearance reflects her intelligence so well! She must look frightening in real life, moving and breathing loudly. I think my fight or flight response would kick in if I actually had to see her face in movement

No. 1091697

watched some videos in her ig stories, her fat doesn’t move when speaking

No. 1091720

all of her instagram stories are always heavily filtered

No. 1091734

Yeah what I mean is seeing her move in person when she isn't in control of what I see, like her face moving from a profile-view or her laughing and flashing those double lips she has. I seriously think my cortisone levels would spike

No. 1091742

File: 1606351610566.jpeg (609.63 KB, 1242x1143, 1605562986175.jpeg)

I knew that her new nose reminded me of something. Sage for ot

No. 1091757

OT but shit, did grimes get lip fillers? they look fucking awful. she's got that bruised, painful lana look now

No. 1091765

maybe but mostly bad over lining if you watch the video this was capped from

No. 1091787

File: 1606355478521.jpeg (584.39 KB, 1105x1007, 5F64D56E-59EA-4F49-89EE-DB9A6D…)

Why’d he make this part smaller but the nostril holes are still the same size?

No. 1091789

don‘t do grimes like that, sure her baby daddy is an imperialist asshole and she is getting brainwashed by him into being his space faerie bimbo but no one deserves getting compared to ariana besides maybe shayna or other e whores kek

No. 1091793

Oh, I bet she can breathe so much better now!

No. 1091858


her nose still looks fucked.
love how it took her not even a week to realize no one was gonna pay to see her face, and that the only reason anyone follows her is cause of her ugly before vs ugly after pics. her sw posts get no traffic cause her audience is all people who don't like her and wanna have a laugh lol

No. 1092071

ok but why does post look shooped?

No. 1092100

you can’t add skin to the nostril area like that, only cut the nostrils where they meet her face on the sides to pull them in, which was done. you can actually get filler placed in the nostril area though in tiny droplets, obviously by a skilled enough professional to administer it and they’re not exactly in her price range. it’s such a nitpick though, i know where i am but honestly who cares about her nose i hope it heals perfectly so she fucking stops hurting her animals and denying them major surgeries.

why did she even adopt any of them if she hates them so much, that’s just more expenses? i hope she gets off benzos because they do not help a single thing unless in emergencies, and xanax is the worst one. it fucks up your judgement severely and i don’t think she has enough self worth to not be this person, or invest in trying to be a better one.

No. 1092264

File: 1606416036522.jpeg (232.88 KB, 1125x1826, 7076672F-6EB1-49BE-A6E9-5A74C9…)

No. 1092269

it literally looks the same

No. 1092270

jesus, she looks haunting. that is a hard 26

No. 1092280


plastic surgery anons - i know her nose is still swollen, but is her face still generally swollen due to the fat grafting too? i cant tell if fat grafting gave her a moon face, or if its still just settling. Cause that puffy face on her tiny frame aint a good look…

No. 1092285

Kek at the fact she constantly has to post everyday thats shes getting "cuter". You know it absolutely destroys her looking at her puffy swollen face everytime she looks in the mirror, which is often because I'm pretty sure that's the only hobby she has.

The cope is at unreal levels of delusion. She looks the same only thousands of dollars more broke and swollen.

No. 1092296


Not a plastic surgery anon but you can tell by her eyes that her face is really swollen. It's hard to tell exactly by this pic but her lower lid looks really puffy and I bet without filters would be more visible

No. 1092351

Did she delete?

No. 1092385

How does her new nose look so small and so much more feminine here >>1091787 but so bulbous and wide from straight on like in this pic >>1092264? Yeah, yeah swelling, but it’s insane to me how different I would assume her nose looks from the front based on the pictures she’s shown of her profile. It just does not add up to me. Nose catfish.

No. 1092558

She claimed that this surgery was to address her inability to breathe through her nose, but wouldn't shaving down the bridge (and therefore further compromising the structural integrity of her nose) just make it worse? I don't have a lot of knowledge on plastic surgery but it seems like basic common sense that taking the beams out of a roof will just make it more likely to collapse. She literally just made her airway smaller.

No. 1092564

3 nose jobs and she still has a fat, bulbous looking nose kek love that for her. karma

No. 1092623

File: 1606463121814.jpeg (2.01 MB, 1242x2114, 4076E6B4-E92D-473C-97F0-B3FD74…)

Farmers will hate me for posting this but cotted is struggling to conceive (probably due to her shitty diet/health) and has turned full blown obsessive about pregnancy, posting stories about her ~fertility journey~ on the hour, every hour and even buying clothes before she has successfully conceived lol. She also admitted had an abortion last year because her and her partner don’t bother to take birth control and ~it wasn’t the right time~ In b4 the same happens to Ariana(offtopic)

No. 1092629

I’m the anon who lived on the same street as Ari before she moved, and her old house got broken into. Not milk but someone might wanna know

No. 1092696

her claiming it was for breathing problems and getting an obvious cosmetic surgery was just her way of making herself feel better and not having to admit she hated her nose

No. 1092697

Maybe they were hoping to get some of her talented artwork or a copy of her breasts like daggers book

No. 1092754

lol nobody cares about cotted here make a thread for her if you wanna shit talk BUT she said she had an abortion when they first started dating which wasn’t last year.

No. 1092796

>a copy of her breasts like daggers book
fucking kek

No. 1092916

File: 1606505034509.jpeg (786.27 KB, 1125x1709, D8F7F54B-44B8-40CC-A749-4936C8…)

what point is she even trying to make?

No. 1092921

Seriously shut up about cotte. She’s not even milky and has nothing to do with Ari. Good for her, I hope her and her husband have a cute baby and a happy family. Now back to ari.

No. 1093027

File: 1606510699939.jpeg (419.9 KB, 1125x1926, 6699A037-901B-43DB-B3C7-3FB63C…)

lmao Ariana is giving away her ugly ass art that no one wants

No. 1093029

File: 1606510747284.jpeg (74.04 KB, 1125x396, 63891C8D-A9BF-46F5-A3E4-B6705C…)

make sure to retweet for this ugly sparkly vag!

No. 1093034

‘Once it gets to 100 rt’ lmao she’s lucky if she gets 5

No. 1093050

Why does that vulva have 3 vaginas?

No. 1093080

Didn't she make this months ago? Not surprised it didn't sell

No. 1093092

File: 1606515692796.jpeg (534.66 KB, 2048x2048, DC6D1CC8-25C8-40DD-BDE9-2E639A…)

Ariana got her 7week results posted on Dr. Rohrich’s instagram story today

No. 1093094

oof she looks scary

No. 1093095

File: 1606516086693.jpeg (273.03 KB, 576x808, D169B048-F0C6-42D9-9E35-0C9D9C…)

I bet it fucking killed her to see this pic of herself without all the drag makeup and filters

No. 1093098

her fucking caveman brow sticks out further than her damn nose she keeps spending thousands on like wtf

No. 1093101

I can’t believe those before photos were her with multiple procedures done to her already. And even with a decent nosejob she still looks the fucking same.

No. 1093102

This is so "old face" Ari, oh god… Proof she facetunes like crazy

No. 1093104

she has a granddad nose from every angle but direct side profile lol

No. 1093110

Seeing that video I can really understand why she’s so insecure. No matter what plastic surgery she gets, she won’t ever be able to change how ugly her bone structure is…. her entire face, especially the lower half looks like that of an 80 year old. It’s like she has the face of a younger person placed over a seniors skull. Idgi, I’ve never seen anyone have that in my life.

Also she sounds like a total bimbo airhead when she speaks kek.

No. 1093115

here’s a link for non-instagram and/or lazy anons


No. 1093144

Yep, three months ago. And then a month later she had posted about wanting to "get rid of it".

No. 1093149


truly, truly shocking. her entire face resembles an elderly woman's, in the before and after. there is never a time in her life where she has been actually attractive, she can pretend all she wants on her social medias, but anyone who sees her in real life, sees this

No. 1093162

oh my god maybe it's the swelling but she looks even more horrifying in motion than before. the nose looks pretty much the exact same but the the fat grafting makes her face look like a misshapen ball of clay. only her side profile looks anywhere near decent, every other angle screams botched nightmare

No. 1093194

File: 1606521601359.jpeg (456.98 KB, 682x1017, 43F6D250-7084-4460-B136-1608AE…)

And this. This is the one that does it for me.

No. 1093200

Top kek.

No. 1093203

The most chronic flat face I have ever seen

No. 1093206

bitch did a 360 lmaooooo she looks like she did before

No. 1093219

Ari drop some $ on that JAW bitch, leave your damn nose alone!

No. 1093221

File: 1606523292150.jpeg (29.16 KB, 346x417, 749C290E-F902-4CB7-8444-07EAAA…)

omfg can we talk about this?

No. 1093223

I can kind of see that he might’ve actually filled her ears up. There’s a line there now rather than that gaping asshole.

No. 1093227

She will never be pretty. Needs to start over, throw the whole face out and try again

No. 1093231

she already backtracked and said they just closed up "on their own" >>1082361

No. 1093238

File: 1606523819168.jpeg (16.93 KB, 400x300, 409D5F1B-4E3B-440D-AFA0-9F4F2B…)

Jesus her fat grafting makes her looks like one of those creepy pantyhose dolls from my childhood

No. 1093248

The filler mustache is crazy here

No. 1093251

with revision rhinoplasties swelling lasts for months and months longer and is more severe. i think it looks fine but she doesn’t want fine she wants an unattainable standard. i don’t know why anons go in on her appearance so hard when she’s obviously miserable and doesn’t want therapy for whatever strange reason.

No. 1093253

she was right, she looks just like angelina jolie

No. 1093265

Sry for blog but Holy fuck anon, you just brought up so much weird face/doll/trauma that I didn't even know I had with this comment. Like, I've got some shit to confront with these dolls and I never realized where it came from. Kek

No. 1093274

File: 1606527671211.gif (4.72 MB, 368x654, 74895061_202841127960635_58809…)

No. 1093277

Is her neck super hairy or is it just some weird shadow??

No. 1093285

she’s just a really hairy bitch

No. 1093286

The fact that she always looks toothless is horrifying

No. 1093294

This is Andy Serkis.

No. 1093312

Its really not even about her looks. Its her personality that I can't stand she's just has a ugly heart and personality.

No. 1093352

She looks shy and self-conscious. So weird when her online persona is being a psychotic ho

No. 1093381


“thso then my thwitter followerths thsaid i could thsue you for malpracthith”

No. 1093386

Should have put that rhinoplasty money toward a sliding genioplasty or orthodontics

No. 1093435

it's been up for 8 hours and there's 15 retweets lol

No. 1093457

File: 1606540981505.jpeg (463.2 KB, 828x861, 7AB5F9A1-E8C2-491B-97ED-EF3962…)

This is so funny

No. 1093480


The type of person who would want a gaping, black woman’s, deformed vagina, created by a white artist - is one and a billion. She literally cannot even give this piece away.

No. 1093533

Oh.. my.. god.. Her face looks so concave. It just sinks right around her nasal lines and mouth. Her face looks like it was blown up with air. Wow

No. 1093541

She really looks like Kylie Jenner here and not in a good way

No. 1093549


I’m convinced that instead of continuing with seemingly endless plastic surgery she needs to see a good orthodontist about reshaping the lower half of her face. As other anon’s have observed, it looks like it’s caving in on itself which is why she will always look like a toothless granny until she gets that sorted out.

No. 1093553

Jesus fucking christ… that fat transfer was such a mistake. her face looks like melting play-doe

No. 1093556

angelina looks different here

No. 1093557

>>1093553 Scorpioassdough

>>1093238 Count your blessings, anon. My mom used to make these as part of her job. Imagine getting some water in the middle of the night and wandering into the living room to find a lifesize one of these spooky MFers just chilling on your couch.

(I assume Matt experiences this chilling horror on a daily basis, except the doll is real, wants to marry him, and won't stop overpaying to get botched)

No. 1093574

File: 1606558436679.jpeg (193.18 KB, 1242x517, B57BB61F-00A2-4518-956B-A57D8D…)

No. 1093589

She has straight teeth and normal bite. There are limits to orthodonthics, past some point you can't change how bones are, that's why not everyone looks like a toothpaste ad after braces. Besides shaving off her chin and jaw and a second lip lift, there's nothing else she can do to change that area imo

No. 1093593

"I can breathe now" whilst sounding so nasally made me lol

No. 1093600

She’s one of the few people who I’d say would get an improvement from horse teeth

No. 1093603

Am I crazy or did she constantly mention being vegetarian/vegan while intermittently posting about eating meat? I have a hard time keeping up with her lies.

No. 1093604

File: 1606565253426.jpg (93.32 KB, 586x750, B978145572698100023X_f023-004a…)

She actually has vertical maxillary deficiency

No. 1093616

sage for extreme offtopic: omg anon, I never frequent this thread, only accidentally saw this post on the /snow/ frontpage, I have no idea who you're talking about here, but I want to thank you for providing me with the technical term for an issue I absolutely have! I had braces when I was a teen that fixed my teeth perfectly but 15years later, both of my "fifth" teeth (second molars on each side) turned slightly inwards to the palate, so that when I smile they almost aren't visible anymore frontally, making my upper row of teeth seem smaller than it is, making up a ~~vertical maxillary deficiency~~
are you a orthodontics sperg by any chance, anon? If so, would you know of any perhaps simple fixes for this?

No. 1093619

I don’t think she ever claimed she was vegan but what she did definitely claim was cutting out sugar, processed food, dairy & alcohol drugs because of her psoriasis, which we clearly know is a lie

No. 1093621

Yeah she never “claimed” it, she just kept saying she was going to be vegan after constantly eating garbage fast food at like 3 am and making herself “sick”

No. 1093625

For record keeping, in this he said that she had really wide nasal dorsum so they narrowed that, refined and brought up the tip, brought up the base, fixed and reshaped her septum (there was a lot of scarring), fixed her angular notch and hanging columnella, gave her a supratip break.
Also micro fat grafting around her eyes and Malar areas.

No. 1093627

File: 1606569384390.jpeg (855.49 KB, 1242x1773, 87241341-B6A1-42F7-81E2-D4CA24…)

No. 1093652

she even sounds like a granny when she talks lmao it straight uplooks like she is toothless

No. 1093656

Plot twist: he did mean it.

No. 1093661

Absolutely! It's his passive-agressive way of telling her he's tired of her shit!

No. 1093664

I wonder how Matt likes constantly being talked about on her social media. Even with the love bombing, he never gets to reply and its always her narrative of the situation shes spinning. Its mostly always passive aggressive and half the time it's hard to even believe the situation happened as shes framing it. Even how Matt "ruined" her art is sus because she kept it vague. I guarantee she uses him as a punchingbag for her negative BPD feelings even when hes not doing anything wrong. She probably makes up scenarios in her own head to get mad at before they even happen.

Imagine if Matt tweeted "I was so tired from working all day to support us both and im not trying to be angry that my girlfriend has decided I can't sleep normally in my bed because she's recovering from a cosmetic nose job she left me to go do because I work all the time." Ariana would flip. I'd love to see the tables turned.

No. 1093677


No. 1093687


Yes, how soon before Matt has to sleep on the couch in the apartment he pays for and supports Ari in while she recovers from unnecessary surgery she scheduled to have on his birthday which she drove to with her fuck buddy aaron.

No. 1093690

Kek anon

No. 1093692

File: 1606580601417.jpeg (375.76 KB, 1242x754, 65994091-1444-43A5-A87E-35F783…)

This is still on her Twitter

No. 1093702

She will always talk about how he's using HER for her 3$ onlyfans money too >>871373

No. 1093794

Check in with your orthodontist and not here. These are things that have differing case-specific treatment options and methods globally.

No. 1093812

For the sake of her investment, one of them is better off sleeping on the couch for a bit.

Or she can just keep bitching about it.

No. 1093820

File: 1606595935423.jpeg (352.34 KB, 1242x774, DDC0DA0F-CADE-4748-A5CB-FBE3CE…)

Jesus Christ, I couldn’t imagine ever blowing 2k in a single shopping spree

No. 1093825

she’s just charging it to her credit card so it makes no difference to her

No. 1093926

Thank you very much wise anon for guiding me on the right track, I was about to seek out definitive medical advice with my post here! I would have taken the answer I'd had gotten here straight to a black market dentist and told them to do exactly what anon advised me to do right now!
I can't thank you enough for reminding me that I should seek out a professional to check on me, what horrors could have awaited me if it were not for you.

Anons ITT are most probably exactly as dumb as the cow this thread is about.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1093943


says the retard asking for "simple fixes" suggestions for their fucked up face on an image board

No. 1093981

Ntayrt, but the only anon looking insanely dumb at the moment is you. Take your weird teeth and gtfo of this thread

No. 1094038

imagine writing all this out after basically admitting to having ariana’s same granny mouth kek
the cope is real

No. 1094280

File: 1606633056170.jpeg (1.38 MB, 2175x3263, 98D3918B-5B0A-4414-BC91-8B17D7…)

No. 1094285

i’d be scared if this madam tussaud’s lookin bitch said she wanted to murder me. she looks like she would.

No. 1094289

It’s kind of funny knowing that she looks literally nothing like this behind a single filter.

No. 1094322

It's a nice nose, but even with all the swelling it looks totally out of place on her face. Her chin now projects out further than her nose when you're looking at her side profile, and her ears are twice the size of her itty bitty ski slope nose. Kek.

No. 1094357


scorpioass-dough is the best name you guys have ever thought up. accurateeee.

No. 1094358

File: 1606648426490.jpeg (246.3 KB, 1200x1379, F0049F01-2E8B-4ABB-8ACD-1D470E…)

Her transformation is almost complete

No. 1094457

>not officially engaged anymore
Sorry, I’m new to this cow. Was she once previously engaged with this Matt guy? What happened with that? LOL

No. 1094466

File: 1606667663032.jpeg (755.36 KB, 828x1327, 84AC57F1-097A-44C4-A440-130E1A…)

Here is a spoonful of old, dry ass milk. Basically the excitement wore off and they never really looked into an actual wedding.

No. 1094484

File: 1606670315992.jpg (390.72 KB, 1080x1764, Screenshot_20201129-121831_Twi…)

She's such a dumb bitch. She's annoyed that people are inquiring to buy her art?

No. 1094491

The people were friendly and complimented her, what the hell is her problem

At least they liked her shitty art (except the giveaway piece which still only has 20 retweets)

No. 1094492

These inquiries weren't unreasonable at all and they're a normal part of conducting online business. She replied professionally in private only to put them on blast and humiliate them on her public twitter…. I'm honestly shocked, her stupidity knows no bounds.

No. 1094493

And right where they can see it, too. What a great way to run your “business.”

No. 1094497

>the excitement wore off
afaik Matt broke it off after the abortion. Won't post caps since anon wants to be spoonfed, she can look herself

No. 1094504

She is so stupid on how to sell art.

No. 1094507

Well she just lost a few costumes including the person that DM her. Her shit personality and trying to humiliate a future customer, is digging her own grave. I’d feel bad for her stupidity if it wasn’t so comical

No. 1094509

This no joke is maybe the cunntiest behaviour from her ever.
Disgusting, truly.

No. 1094562

Anon Ariana did many things to destroy this engagement, namely cheating on Matt with someone she recently went to Texas on a road trip with (whilst it was his birthday), forcing him to be ok with sex work whilst she becomes emotionally attached to clients, getting raped on holiday and blaming it on him & putting him on blast across her social media, aborting his baby and then referring to it as a “Gemini demon” …the list goes on

No. 1094766

I really hate this bitch so much she's so fake and seriously deserves no money from her art. I hate her so much more than Shay, at least she isn't outwardly a huge cunt 24/7 she's just pathetic. Ari is the biggest bitch I have ever seen online, how can she be so mean to her fans???

No. 1094782

File: 1606691980883.jpg (13.62 KB, 290x360, vgdxeyfll6x4-thierry-mugler.jp…)

Sorry she really starts looking like him. I wonder what's next she's gonna do to her mug?

No. 1094801


Honestly its just sad when couples have that “cross the line” moment of no return, but just .. stay together and rot. They both clearly haven’t been in love for years. They can both write a few gushy sentences for show, but both their consistent actions show how they really feel about eachother.

No. 1094969

I’m sorry but where tf was it confirmed she actually cheated on door mat in Texas?

No. 1094990


There's no proof, and very unlikely she cheated on matt with aaron in texas, she cheated on him with aaron a while ago

No. 1095002

File: 1606716701051.jpeg (92.38 KB, 1125x703, 71205449-4019-4AD6-881B-1960D3…)

the delusion

No. 1095034

I never said she cheated with him in Texas, I said that she cheated on Matt with Aaron and recently went to Texas with him

No. 1095037

She truly would benefit from good dental work. It looks like she has a receding jaw. And sounds like it. This is my first time listening to her

No. 1095077

talent for fucking what literally hitting and abusing defenseless animals like cats and mice that all they want to do is love you and can’t because you’ve never been to therapy a day in your life besides going inpatient and clearly not taking it seriously. i am actually so mad i ever tried to empathize even peripherally as i skimmed some of these posts to distract myself she has fucking nothing, sorry dollskil gassed you up they do that to literally ALL twenty something year olds to sexualize and sell their shit. take some anti psychotics and re-home your innocent fucking pets how is this real literally what talent, breathing??????

No. 1095080

receding?????? where?????

No. 1095188

When? Where is the caps that she cheated with Aaron? I know farmers like to suppose that’s what happened since ~~omg she takes nudes around another wannabe sex worker. But where’s the caps that they fucked??

No. 1095191

Fucking lurk more dumbass

No. 1095192


jesus christ anon, we’re not here to spoonfeed you. go back and read the fucking threads noob.

No. 1095200

Calm down anon, she said no offence

No. 1095213

We all tell lies to ourselves to keep going on I guess

No. 1095242

File: 1606752686353.jpg (655.71 KB, 1080x1732, Screenshot_20201130-111142_Twi…)

No. 1095244

File: 1606752770141.jpg (727.97 KB, 1080x2052, Screenshot_20201130-111307_Twi…)

No. 1095245

Is this supposed to look like an improvement or..?

No. 1095250

i feel the same way kek.
why does her new nose look like it's sitting on a diagonal compared to the old one?

No. 1095257

It looks worse, but noses change a lot post-surgery so, maybe it'll get better.

I can't tell if this looks better or not lol. Before looked a little more natural

No. 1095295

Her assertion that the complaint received was made purely for a few likes. She’s tragic.

No. 1095299

File: 1606756430237.jpeg (379.56 KB, 1073x1546, A05F5050-FD41-4237-8B78-A017CA…)

No. 1095308

Anon this was literally discussed in the last thread with caps.

No. 1095317

File: 1606757291022.jpeg (83 KB, 750x484, 522ADC98-5BBE-4E43-8E82-3963B5…)

still cant take criticism without hitting out. also love when she turns off comments on her “hot takes”. why even post something on twitter you aren’t willing to defend? or maybe she knows she’s in the wrong here and is coming off like a major cunt to potential customers. if you had enough customers to have this type of attitude, you wouldn’t be fucking johns and shitting in trash bins you dirty slapper.

No. 1095328

"why are people so whiny" says the loser who consistently whines on twitter about her man not wanting to marry her lmao.

she's so unhappy and bitter inside, it's so obvious it's almost pitiful. and instead of being smart enough to make meaningful changes that would make her happier in the long run, she lashes out at everyone who dares criticise her and wastes money on pointless surgeries and tacky shit and hopes it will somehow fulfil her. and it never will. she'll be doing this shit forever because she's too dumb to do anything else. I'd feel sorry for her if she wasn't such a bitch.

No. 1095332

“Has never been a customer”? You know, they have to buy a piece before they’re a customer? Like, what they were trying to do? Maybe they weren’t previous customers but they were trying to be new ones, for some godawful reason, probably pity. Out of the thousands of her followers, she can’t even drum up more than 20 people that want COMPLETELY FREE ART of hers; by some miracle these fools wanted to buy it, and she chased them away. How can one be so generally stupid? She doesn’t have a single topic that she’s advanced in. Bad at art, bad at business, bad at being a generally good person.

No. 1095338


and its clear she doesn’t get inquiries like this often or she might actually know how to handle “time wasters” like a professional. like its literally your job lol truly her own worst enemy.

No. 1095349

Girl looks like a spoon

No. 1095352

Damn it looks longer now than before wtf hahah

No. 1095354

File: 1606759588510.jpg (69.4 KB, 678x1024, depositphotos_85180030-stock-p…)

she will always look like this

No. 1095358

I hope she reads this while she's lurking because it's the absolute truth

This comment absolutely sent me. Luna Moon lookin ass

No. 1095364

I really don't see the improvement. it looks more squidward-y?

No. 1095367

The recent nose job made her face look even more concave than before even tho she looks semi water-logged from the fatgrafff

No. 1095387

Am I the only one who thinks it looks crooked?? Not a nitpick, literally at first glance it looks shifted

No. 1095391

File: 1606763050459.jpeg (345.45 KB, 750x825, F763BF45-F9C1-4333-9127-0585F0…)

The most distracting part of her face are her botched lips. Her upper lip area is so full of fillers, it’s like they’re now part of her lips.

The new nose isn’t doing shit w for her face. She looks like a doll that got smashed in. Pic related

No. 1095393

maybe matt punching it in his sleep shifted it?

No. 1095398

File: 1606763694423.jpeg (756.04 KB, 1242x1580, EAB19F91-FF3F-45BA-AD6D-96D60F…)

Inevitably she is now shitting on other artists

No. 1095400

File: 1606763742862.png (8.58 MB, 1864x2937, the body horror of pnp.png)

i made this and now i can't sleep, skinwalker ariana will take my face and staple it on

No. 1095407

imagine poorassheaux putting herself in more debt only for her gormless cuck bf to punch her new snout in his sleep and undo all that work lmao. it looks crooked to me too, like one side of the weirdly wide and flat tip hangs lower.

No. 1095410

>desperate for a few likes
Because of interacting with a hoe that has literally no engagement on her social media pages? Ok Ariana lol

No. 1095527

It looks like a flaccid penis

No. 1095534

I wonder if she's been so extra cunty lately because it's starting to sink in that she'll always look the same no matter how much plastic surgery she gets

No. 1095535

This just shows how ugly she’s made herself in an attempt to be more attractive. Looking at the last photo and some of the first ones, she looks so different (not better, not necessarily worse, just a different bad) but when we see her in videos she somehow still looks the same. Wild.

No. 1095541

File: 1606773419475.jpeg (173.05 KB, 750x1165, 1531991250302.jpeg)

She should have stopped when she looked like the picture at row 2, first picture… or in picrel. Kinda sad and horrifying

No. 1095547

nose looks great from the side it’s crazy how swollen it is from the front though

No. 1095560

She really traded in a perfectly straight, cute, Instagram nose for that?? It literally looks like the before and after was mixed up.

No. 1095563

Even if she had stopped here, she would have looked just as horrifyingly ugly in motion. I will give her this, she is talented at knowing her angles and taking very deceptively good looking pictures. I remember the first time I saw her in a video, my mouth was gaping because I couldn’t believe how she looked compared to what I saw in her selfies. She is shockingly ugly irl. I think she cultivates this “idgaf” persona online to cover for her painstaking deep insecurities

No. 1095566

Honestly she looked fine in the dollskill asmr video where she was wearing the white and black shirt… but everywhere else I agree with you especially now.

No. 1095571

do you guys ever think that we contributed to her downward spiral? like she's obviously been reading these threads for a long time, obsessing over every single comment and responding to it in her public actions and spergs on twitter. It would probably drive everyone mad. I wonder if she'd be more normal now had she not wasted years in a pointless battle against random anons making fun of her online.

No. 1095577

File: 1606775919832.png (2.07 MB, 1468x1526, sisyphus.png)

It's fascinating how she's spent so much money and had so much work done to just look like an equally ugly and more generic version of her old self. Save for her nose that she's now successfully botched into a bulbous monstrosity inb4 "b-but it's swollen" it's still ugly, her face continues to look the same. There's nothing short of a skeletal adjustment that's actually going to change how she really looks. Any significant differences can really just be attributed to posing, light and hair/makeup changes. She can keep getting surgeries, but she'll just keep looking the same.

No. 1095583

I think she was pretty in the first pics, sad what bdd does. Not conventional, but at least more balanced.

No. 1095585


Most cows reach a point where they realize to just leave the gossip sites alone and live their lives. But there’s a special kind of stupid cow like Ari and Shay who thrive off negative attention because they think having HaTeRz makes them famous. Instead of taking any responsibility for why people are gossiping about them behind their back for 10-20+ threads, they double down on their bad behaviours and thinking it somehow makes them “the winner”. And we just sit back and enjoy the show. Thanks Ari!

No. 1095587

File: 1606776557425.png (347.14 KB, 625x474, 2020-11-30 17_48_13-ASMR w_ Pl…)

this one? because she looked scary imo

No. 1095595

I think she looked fine here and still human except for the lips, I agree with whoever said that the stage before this right after the lip lift was her best look

No. 1095624

She decides where to put her energy, we just kiki in our own space. If anything drove her over the edge, it's being a full service worker. You don't come out of full service a stable person in any sense. IMO she loves all the negativity. She's always been a catty normie. She's probably lost more sleep over numbers, debt and twitter ratios than she has mean comments. I mean, look at the way she talks about/to her own customers and boyfriend… she has zero attachment to anyone besides herself. I really don't think she deserves your pity, anon.

No. 1095649

No one here made the board just to spite a random instagram person. Arianna is mean, she abuses her animals and publically documents her disgusting personality and thoughts to everyone who stumbles upon her page. This has been going on for years and nothing in her life has changed her or motivated her in any shape or form, why would some random anons opinion? She thinks everyone who doesn't agree or suck her ass is a hater.

Shes genuinely a bad person and a mess and that's whats making her mess up her life and face. With or without this board she'd be an unempathic selfish train wreck.

No. 1095658

She looked fine in the third row. Cheek fillers and now her new fat grafts are her biggest mistakes, even more than the lip fillers imo. Puffy cheeks just make the center of her face look even more sunken.

No. 1095688

Yeah, that one. She still looked human albeit with slightly too much filter. She didn't look scary to me there.

No. 1095971

Amazing work, anon. Next thread pic?

Agreed. I actually found her attractive before all the surgery. Unique-looking. Now she’s a horrifying blob.

No. 1095990

>>1095541 A lot of anons on poopy's many threads here have said the same shit about this exact picture. Gross. You know it wouldn't matter anyway! She UGLY

No. 1095993

>>1095587 LMFAO "I did my OWNN makeup for the shoot" .. um, yeah bitch. we know

No. 1096010

File: 1606823051808.jpeg (110.08 KB, 678x1024, 47FC4B57-3527-4EBA-9BE7-B77E7E…)

You posted an old picture, at least post one from after her nose job so it's accurate.

No. 1096023


Wow, I am shocked at how sunken the center of her granny face looks now! I also think she looked better before the surgeries, but her best was when she was blond. Since then her face really just looks progressively worse.

No. 1096051

Bruh I’ve been lurking for years. I’ve never seen an actual screen cap that her and Aaron have ever hooked up. Ya know, since this is an IMAGE BOARD

No. 1096058

looked the best in upper third row, it's horrifying how she botched herself

No. 1096059

Ntayrt but seems like you have to lurk more then

No. 1096076

File: 1606833196439.jpg (390.07 KB, 1536x2048, catcher mitt.jpg)


tries to complain about it being an "image board" without contributing any images or actually going back and viewing the images lol. top kep lazy anons. here, have this picture of an old catcher's mitt I found.

No. 1096078


anyone one else seeing the weird curve on the right side of her nose?

No. 1096083


hereee commeess the aiirplanne!! open wide anon!! >>1074806 literally in the last thread.

No. 1096089

Why is the left side of her face so puffy?

No. 1096120

If I didn’t know who she was, I’d guess that she was around 45.

No. 1096130

File: 1606839457673.png (3.76 MB, 750x1334, 45B36A54-4DE0-4137-A59B-328F15…)

Her hair was already so fried, I can’t imagine how gross it will look/feel after this

No. 1096132


Jesus christ here we go again, again

No. 1096147

Watch her walk out of this place for the 100th time with untoned hair that's still sopping wet for whatever reason like usual

No. 1096167

File: 1606843583978.jpeg (215.59 KB, 1242x434, 1C99C46F-DB5A-43EB-B55B-B0BEE3…)

This is the only compliment I ever see her give Doormatt

No. 1096188


It's pretty clear there's nothing else she can think of to compliment him on, even though his dick is completely average and not as huge and perfect as she'd like to believe. She's really out here showing off how inexperienced she is.
Moonfacedough is the only thing I think of when I look at her Mac Tonight face.

No. 1096195

File: 1606845167133.jpg (498.07 KB, 1080x1550, Screenshot_20201201-125117_Sam…)

Bbbbut my nose looks so much better with a glasses indentation!!

She spent money for her nose to still look too fat. Keep chasing your dreams, idiot. The truth is her nose looks the slimmest before all the nose jobs.

No. 1096197

File: 1606845291202.jpg (94.59 KB, 1080x339, Screenshot_20201201-125359_Sam…)

When you're so lonely that you think everyone that is polite to you online is your friend. She doesn't understand the concept of an acquaintance. That's so pathetic.

No. 1096212

>>1096195 she wears her glasses sitting on the cartilage part of her nose. I'm certain she's collapsing the fresh nose job wearing them the same way after surgery.

No. 1096253

File: 1606847933484.png (47.22 KB, 444x480, g.png)

total shitpost but her pic reminded me of the censor from plumbers don't wear ties

No. 1096272

I call bullshit. The lighting is absolutely identical. Sure these are different photos, but they were taken directly after each other and one was shopped to hell.

No. 1096274

she probably sleeps on one side, i’ve seen something similar happen to people when they get their wisdom teeth out and the swelling is still noticeable but not painful enough to stop them rolling on their side. saging cuz nobody cares kek just another possible thing she could be doing to fuck with her recovery

No. 1096277

File: 1606848643276.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 28.33 KB, 600x600, 8DD61699-4FD0-4827-805F-165655…)

I hate it

No. 1096330

she's so obsessive about her nose, it's insane

No. 1096331

File: 1606850266632.jpg (799.02 KB, 1080x2052, Screenshot_20201201-141745_Twi…)

No. 1096332

File: 1606850304266.jpeg (441.18 KB, 1125x2000, 76263715-7E28-47DF-B845-A73D59…)

No. 1096333

Jesus Christ this pic is so shooped, her face looks like a mask

No. 1096414

she paid for her hair to look like that? it’s total garbage

No. 1096423

The way her nostrils fade into nothing.. who is she kidding?

No. 1096443

File: 1606854923862.jpeg (383.84 KB, 1125x1898, 0C184228-E0FD-4627-850E-86DF28…)

her nose looks so disproportionate

No. 1096446

so what was the point of the nosejob if she was just going to shoop it the exact same way she did her last nose

No. 1096447

what the fuck is that hair

No. 1096452

File: 1606855443840.jpeg (95.84 KB, 545x536, D83B1E6E-04FD-4525-BD94-E85BE5…)

i don’t think she cares for the front view of it but she’s obsessed with the side profile. how is her nose so perfect from the side but it doesn’t translate well looking forward.

No. 1096456

She looks better from the side anyway.
How can someone still be ugly with makeup?

No. 1096462

Her roots are literally purple. Whoever she paid to do that did her real dirty. She looks like those middle aged women who couldn't get their hair done for 6 months because of covid.

No. 1096463

wish she would let us see those college rule paper perforation marks around her snout

No. 1096465

it does look cute from the side, which i guess is what she wanted cause she had a very strong profile before and after the nose jobs, but from the front it's a wide bulbous potato nose now

No. 1096489

Her nose tip is extremely confusing, I’ve never seen such focused swelling there. It’s like they did no tip work at all? It’s somehow more bulbous than ever.

No. 1096495

so much for becoming “…one of those eyelash extension and skincare only bitches” goes into debt for new face > applies clown face at first chance

No. 1096506

File: 1606857687080.jpeg (373.28 KB, 704x819, A7F279FF-2F56-4892-AF73-3369C4…)

Just days apart

No. 1096513

File: 1606858266466.png (2.82 MB, 1554x2048, Screenshot_20201201-162938.png)

Tinfoil but pnp is a skinwalker and I've noticed that she started interacting with this sex worker a lot right around beginning her blonde phase.

No. 1096515

File: 1606858487888.jpg (55.14 KB, 500x733, 76b9d856b091770ab946c80ca90ce5…)

No. 1096591

File: 1606862633384.jpeg (305.58 KB, 1097x728, 321FB017-5C83-4847-BDFD-B550F0…)

oh honey this is sad

No. 1096615

the nose seems perfect from the side because she facetunes it - she keeps getting surgery but can't stop photoshopping. at this point, her surgery mess is just a canvas for her faceapp

No. 1096622

THIS. It’s honestly depressing to witness.

No. 1096658

File: 1606866652387.jpg (70.61 KB, 1280x846, jzmRLVi.jpg)


Agreed. She would really benefit from some upper jaw surgery like so

No. 1096687

literally the only thing she does in her free time (which she has a lot of) is looking at herself in the mirror, putting on weird make up and taking tons of selfies to edit them into what she wishes she looked like, even after uncountable plastic surgeries. this bitch is in her late twenties, normally women get more stable and looks matter less to them when they age but not with ariana. she will die lonely looking like jocelyn whateverhernameis-stein. girls, if you suffer from bpd and/or bdd, please go to therapy so you don‘t end up like scorpioassdough

No. 1096760

File: 1606871951700.jpeg (415.11 KB, 1125x1896, 0AD37106-DEA3-4366-82D8-DFECB8…)

No. 1096768

“I’ll show them !!!!” lol she really spends way too much energy trying to stick it to these threads

No. 1096820



"skincare and eyelash extensions only" but it's with a big fake ass filter lol she doesn't look like that at all

gonna love hearing her meltdown about how bad her hair feels in the next month, the ends look ROUGH

No. 1096867

File: 1606878493860.jpg (736.02 KB, 2160x3840, 20201201_210552.jpg)

This face was $15,000

No. 1096874

Anon who said she likes her profile but hates the way her nose looks from head on is totally right. She just keeps taking photos like this even though you can barely even tell what the rest of her face looks like and didn't she get fat grafting in her cheeks? Idk why she's not obsessively showing that off.

No. 1096886

File: 1606880216552.jpeg (932.21 KB, 1835x3263, EB410A63-232C-4142-B0A1-2C2CAC…)

private ig post

No. 1096888

File: 1606880291337.jpeg (339.84 KB, 1124x1702, 58BAD563-A439-4C41-A6D8-7079EE…)

another private ig post right after >>1096886

No. 1096904

oh so she never wanted tip work done ig she got what she wanted then because all those problems look fixed

No. 1096910

File: 1606882357311.jpeg (498.75 KB, 2048x2048, DC2685DD-7D99-4D36-9BE0-8D422C…)

why is this bitch so scary looking

No. 1096912

because she facetunes her botched face into uncanny valley territory

No. 1096939

Omg that plastic surgeon hit the absolute jackpot when he was contacted by ariana. This bitch paid $15,000 to look virtually the same as she did. Regardless of the swelling,the difference that these unnecessary procedures made are so negligible for the amount that she paid. She got scammed, plain and simple. Plenty of plastic surgeons prey upon plastic surgery addicts and that's exactly what happened here.

No. 1096962

how do you know she spent 15k?

No. 1097013

Uhhh how do you think I know?? She's posted about spending 15k on a new face ever since she picked a surgeon. Lurk more. Ariana spews bullshit constantly and its all documented in these threads

No. 1097036

she needs to drop whichever cheap ass hairdresser she keeps going to. does her dirty every time. it's literally purple at the roots with orange highlights lmao. I guess hunty can't afford a decent dye job.

No. 1097043

Oh my god I love this. If she had no plastic surgery she could pass as a unique, distinct model. But she’s made her face so boring and ignorable she just can’t be anything anymore. Her being a bitch is just the cherry on top cause she’s absolutely deplorable and fucking disgraceful.

No. 1097070

File: 1606899865206.png (130.41 KB, 404x412, sure.png)

>If she had no plastic surgery she could pass as a unique, distinct model.

No. 1097073

thought this was shayna for a moment

No. 1097075

But now it doesn’t look like a fucking nose it droops like an anteaters snout. Your nose is supposed to have a tip. It looks more fucked up than ever before, what the fuck.

No. 1097122

Ok I finally see the concave shit you guys are talking about. This looks terrible, like her bridge is about to collapse. Her nose looks longer which is an improvement because it was too short before, but she’s just trading one flaw for another. And at the low low price of $15K

No. 1097123

the way she worded this made it seem like she would stop contouring her nose, yet now she has contoured and highlighted her nose to hell already

No. 1097126

Can someone please tell me what exactly was the fat grafting supposed to do? I figured it was to try and enhance cheekbones or amplify bone structure or something but now her face just looks super round and bloated I don't get what the point of it was

Because she is a model. And the original Greek word "model" means "misshapen ball of clay"

No. 1097132

File: 1606910125797.png (45.2 KB, 186x167, angelina jolie.png)

No. 1097137

Damn what back alley salon does she visit? They either don’t tone her hair or overtone it so bad it’s gone lilac at the roots

No. 1097142

File: 1606911785120.jpg (37.75 KB, 450x505, UoHHHuR.jpg)

facial fat grafting is used mostly by older women who have lost facial fat to make them look younger. ari is terrified of aging so i guess that's why she's getting this unnecessary procedure in her 20s. she's getting close to having lindsay lohan's bloated corpse face except ya know ll had a nice face in the first place. picrel

No. 1097243

yeah… but this site is full of troons picking apart women to feel better about themselves so

No. 1097261

I know most people aren’t gonna be staring at her nose up close but…it IS kind of askew around the nostrils, isn’t it? Like noticeably.

No. 1097264

You tend to get probated because you can't fit in or follow rules, not because of a mystical troon farmhand.

No. 1097301

File: 1606931895607.jpeg (46.86 KB, 480x319, E3EC9CCA-4A8C-4846-850B-B51B29…)

It lessens your wrinkles and makes your face fuller. It doesn’t even take effect until 6months from after the procedure

No. 1097302

Can we not make this thread also a Trans phobic one too ? There are plenty of threads you can take your shit too.(begone, back to twitter with you)

No. 1097306

The nature of this board should tell you how people are going to react to such a request…

No. 1097310

fuck trannies, all my friends hate trannies

No. 1097321

Hahaha I know, but it would just be nice to have one thread ONE where there wasnt women pissy about passable trans being better at makeup then them. It’s completely off topic on this thread. Like ari isn’t trans and doesn’t even have trans friends.

No. 1097324

Congratulations do you want a metal ? Haha

No. 1097331

we are all terfs, tranny

No. 1097332

I understand that. It’s odd and it reminds me when Christians or Vegans try to shove their beliefs down your throat. That’s great that you don’t like “trannies”, but this thread is completely unrelated. Why don’t you go take your beliefs to a thread that is related. Instead of this one ? Unless of course your retarded…

No. 1097334

>your retarded

No. 1097336

omfg I don’t have a penis hahaha, do you just assume everyone that disagrees with you is trans. You must be brain dead. I’m done with this off topic conversation. We are just filling the thread with bullshit

No. 1097338

Yes because mixing up you’re and your, makes you retarded. Thank you so much. I couldn’t come to the conclusion without your help.

No. 1097340

kinda does. you’re welcome.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1097351


Pft every single trans girl I've ever seen doesn't even know how to fucking tightline, so their eyeliner is just floating 3 mm above their eyelashes. But go off!

No. 1097352

>a metal

No. 1097354

Can we stop derailing the thread with your phobias

No. 1097377


Tbh, she looked better prior to the surgeries, but I even like the left picture better than the right. Her nose on the left looks more natural and doesn't highlight her jaw jutting out. The new nose makes her jaw look more witchy and from straight on has a Miss Piggy vibe since it was cut into a round snout. From the side it looks like it could be slender, but then you look at the front and it's a bulbous pig nose and is just a total shock. I'm pretty sure her purple roots are her own fault. She probably thought she could make her hair "ice blonde" by putting purple shampoo in it and leaving it on for way too long. Then she slathers on clown makeup, contours the pig nose, and says how natural she looks. Her delusions are literally hilarious. It really is karma how bad she looks now. This is really the worst she's ever looked and I'm laughing at how she deserves it all.

No. 1097381

File: 1606936224842.jpg (594.85 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201202-140836_Sam…)

Check out the comment she didn't click that she liked: "It's so buttoney…" Exactly like Miss Piggy's button snout. I really never heard of anyone wanting a button snout before I heard of Ariana Doughface McMillan.

No. 1097386

File: 1606936375763.jpg (213.53 KB, 1080x613, Screenshot_20201202-141147_Sam…)

What a loser. There really is no other word for Pig Nose McMillan.

No. 1097390

File: 1606936560592.jpg (376.33 KB, 1080x1421, Screenshot_20201202-141508_Sam…)

Begging for "lunch money" like an elementary school kid and compliments. This is so pathetic it's hilarious.

No. 1097405

She spent 15k for the same face when she should have gotten herself a fucking therapist. Anyone who sees her touting how baller rich she is and how many plastic surgeries she spends money on should feel no sympathy for this bitch's mental illness. If its so debilitating… get help?

Who's betting shes going to dye her hair red or black in the next 2 weeks once she realizes how horrible her roots are?

No. 1097446

anon it’s sad that she’ll spend $15k to look like a younger jocelyn wildenstein, but would jump ship to black box dye than pay a professional to lighten her hair to the blonde she desires. yea her hair is in rough shape, but a good colorist can make it happen over a realistic timeframe. it just isn’t cheap.

idk if it’s narcissism, but she seems to think wasting money on a few things classes up everything else that is cheap

No. 1097447

just eat a fucking orange and move on with your life, jfc. this is a woman in her mid 20s still trying to make an ED a personality trait, like… it’s not.

No. 1097466

I have a theory that everyone who happens to post about there food problems online over and over don’t have Ed, but Taylor Dean syndrome.

No. 1097493

Elaborate? I don't have the energy to start reading that long ass thread train

No. 1097503

File: 1606943924081.jpeg (477.66 KB, 1242x990, B01B2C97-C813-476B-B31F-1DD996…)

Low key complaining about not being engaged to Matt again…

No. 1097506

Whenever she tweets things like the bottom tweet I get the feeling she’s trying to convince herself as much as other people, so pathetic

No. 1097532


No. 1097537

Chronic asspat collection and excuses for not being a functional adult. Tldr; TnD description.

No. 1097541

Taylor is just a major munchie for attention. Trying to play the I’m the biggest victim of this cruel world UwU

No. 1097545

Not that constant fighting needs to be part of a relationship, but in their case, it just signifies a lack of passion. They don't fight, because there's nothing to fight about. Because the relationship is dead. Because neither really care anymore.

No. 1097546

The desperation is giving me cancer at this point

No. 1097557

They’ve had a significant number of fights, dramas and breaks ups over the years all documented in these threads for everyone to see….nice try tho Ariana lol

No. 1097569

it’s not piggy lmao you can’t even see the nostrils from the front. it’s an angel nose from the side and then just has no shape at all from the front.

No. 1097577

angel nose? ok

No. 1097607

Ntayrt probably meant “angle”

No. 1097611

lol i kinda think the salon people don't want to blow dry her hair bc it's always so fried they're scared it'll break or melt off

No. 1097623

File: 1606955073714.jpg (48.07 KB, 546x696, thisshit.jpg)

not that anon but they mean this i think

No. 1097641

no i meant literal angel it’s a good nose from the side and anyone who says otherwise is lying and just wants her to be ugly and natural like before lmao now the front is another story

No. 1097756

I know I generally think it’s a good side profile nose job, and the plastic surgeon did great.

I don’t like her as much as everyone else, and her lip filler mustache is laughable

No. 1097823

We all know why she has 0 trans friends, to be fair.

No. 1097833

File: 1606971807847.webm (223.65 KB, 1080x1938, InShot_20201202_235749095.webm)

Was scrolling through WIA and saw a familiar clown.

No. 1097873


she legitimately looks like a man

No. 1097893

I’m scratching my head at this weird ass theory, why are you acting like women haven’t kept this site alive for nearly seven years? If anything troons would feel offended and triggered by our criticisms because they look botched like her.

There’s some delusion itt today whew.

No. 1097914

tbh it’s difficult to tell at this point because it seems like she’s shooping all of her selfies. I’ll judge when she does an ig live again

No. 1097925

File: 1606988889037.jpeg (117.49 KB, 700x700, 36A6B357-A7B3-4918-BB94-F0E12C…)

No. 1098049

File: 1607008346532.jpg (267.39 KB, 1080x1181, Screenshot_20201203-101244_Twi…)

No. 1098057

Every single thing that comes out of her mouth is vapid and pointless

No. 1098062

it’s not even a good look for her. in her delusional head she probably thinks it makes her look more like goth era angelina jolie

No. 1098073

What happened to all of her wigs from her bald phase? Why doesnt she just buy a long black wig? Fuck it, I love how she sabotages herself constantly.

No. 1098105

File: 1607016537271.jpg (481.09 KB, 1080x2052, Screenshot_20201203-122917_Twi…)

No. 1098109

Matt went from not being okay with Ari being a sex worker to having her post about other people fucking her in the ass. How much more disrespect can he handle? kek

No. 1098116

She always makes these polls but never once have I seen her follow through and actually film something

No. 1098117

I’m not against sex work but if this was my partner I would literally be dying inside.

No. 1098187

She sold them on Etsy after butchering every single one trying to give them bangs.

No. 1098213

>fill me with toys
Madam, no.

No. 1098232

imagine thinking you're gonna get wifed up anytime soon when you ask on twitter if people wanna see you get fucked in the ass by some random dude or if he should "fill me with toys" KEK

No. 1098261

who wants to bet it's just Aaron

No. 1098338

Lol damn why are y’all obsessed with her fucking Aaron have you never had a friend before??? Like chill I’m sure if it was him she’d say so like why wouldn’t they be advertising his content too?

No. 1098356

ntayrt but probably because Ariana has no other friends besides Aaron. unless she found some random guy online

No. 1098357

This sounds awfully like someone we know.

No. 1098428

The "y'all", the bad grammar, the idiotic basis of your critique, the implication ppl don't have friends because theh believe she's fucking someone who she has hinted at fucking… wild you sound like ariana but you're likely not her since she'd probably have a year long panic attack if she actually commented here

No. 1098487

File: 1607038253662.jpeg (98.93 KB, 750x1312, 1913A1D8-09E8-4BF0-80A3-34A79D…)

Good god she has such a pillow face. This looks painful.

No. 1098507

I have no words. Ho-ly shit. She’s totally ruined herself

No. 1098511

can someone explain to me what the actual point of the fat grafting was? isn't she constantly stressing about her weight and wanting a sharp jaw/cheekbones? why would she deliberately want her face to look fat and bloated

No. 1098515

To make her thighs skinnier? Thats where the fat came from such a stupid idea lmao

No. 1098519

This was already explained but basically as you age, you lose facial fat that gives you that plump, youthful look. Your face gets more angular as you age (and imo not necessarily a bad thing, some people really grow into their faces in their 20/30s). So to restore that look, you suck fat from your body and put it in your face. The fact that she got this done at 26 is a head scratcher though, usually this is reserved for women in their 40s/50+.

No. 1098520

wait what the fuck… why does she look more swollen now than her dr. checkup video??

No. 1098529

Please reread the threads, if you don’t think something is going on, then I can’t help you

No. 1098532

exactly i understand the point of it if she was older but why would she get it now? she's just ruined her actual youthful facial structure lol

No. 1098536

I could smell lunch meat and methane watching her try to throw her nasty little trailer park ass back in these stories eugh

No. 1098565

Looking like an ugly Muppet. Of course she's alone!

No. 1098577

File: 1607047202848.gif (2.27 MB, 368x654, 79551452_204085384554607_19650…)

What a realistic looking human mask! Almost had me fooled

No. 1098578

File: 1607047292154.gif (7.12 MB, 368x654, 73637257_425277951816587_12894…)

My face hurts from cringing

No. 1098580

File: 1607047451135.gif (4.2 MB, 368x654, 73550361_229484165264103_63227…)

No. 1098589

Her smile creases look like she suctioned her mouth area with a cup. Is there no way she can get rid of that? I thought the fat grafting would

No. 1098595

grandma got into the holiday mulled wine at the family function

No. 1098606


big fat face with a scrawny man's body, what a combo

No. 1098618

lmao thats spot on

No. 1098626

This reminds me of shays dancing skills at that Insex shoot kek

No. 1098664

Not sure how to add the video, but like every insta story she makes with Tarte she has her fucking fingers in or around her mouth letting her nibble. For such a good pet parent she should know that using your body parts as a toy is a sure fire way to get a cat that attacks and bites people because they associate it with play. I better not see this idiot complain that Tarte bites everyone soon. It will make her difficult to rehome too!

No. 1098740

It's a skeletal deformity. No amount of filler or fat is going to fully rectify it.

No. 1098765

Nasolabial folds are not caused by a skeletal deformity kek they are skin folds, exacerbated by smoking, skin health and fat/lack of
Not saying she hasn’t got skeletal deformities with her massive FASD face btw

No. 1098778

She actually uploaded this of her own volition… oh my god…

No. 1098795

She should have done a buccal fat removal instead of a facial fat grafting

No. 1098802

File: 1607076110755.jpeg (97.22 KB, 750x362, 27559C23-D049-4A3B-B38E-B41643…)

>insanely miserable
>thrive off negativity
>stunted mentally
>need therapy

Her lack of self-awareness is mindblowing… Simply staggering.

No. 1098807

Ot, but this woman looks just as depressed after the procedure as before. Seems to be the case that surgery doesn't solve much.

No. 1098814

Honestly I think her face looks great. The cringe is in the sex work side of her life, not her face.

No. 1098850

Fuck off TROON/ TROON identified idiot. This is a BIOLOGICAL WOMENS' board for BIOLOGICAL XX WOMEN ONLY, something you and the trannies you identify/ sympathise with will NEVER be in this life or the next. Get the fuck outta here and pack up your mentally ill tranny shit and take it the fuck with you. Biological XX WOMEN don't want troons with their smelly incel rot pockets they call vaginas, in their spaces.(extreme autism.)

No. 1098853

troon this, tranny that, shut the fuck up already

No. 1098870


No, tranny. Kek.

No. 1098877

File: 1607082857734.jpeg (159.27 KB, 470x356, 6E82A5E8-4518-4F60-B5BF-DB9013…)

Ari's a tranny, >>1097302 is a tranny, you're a tranny, I'M a tranny. Are there any other trannies we should know about, anon?

No. 1098882

as if anyone actually visits her kek

No. 1098887

You're super angry for literally no reason, yikes. I don't come to read random negativity I come to read about Ari.. no one cares. Get over yourself. Sage obviously, but if it isn't actual milk, stop shit posting.

No. 1098895


Fuck outta here with your unsaged sperging. No one gives a fuck.

No. 1098916

File: 1607088824764.gif (1.48 MB, 488x274, tenor.gif)

No. 1098966

Agreed sisters

No. 1099014

Can you not just contain your hate for five minutes while posting on this board? Please, five minutes. I don’t give a shit if you hate trans or your mother or whoever as long as you do it off this site. Just shut the fuck up with your transphobia, please, and focus on Ari who has NOTHING to do with trans.(begone, back to twitter with you)

No. 1099027

She just described herself lmao.
Projection 101

No. 1099036

tumblr is that way, anon. seems like you forgot where tf you are

No. 1099040

i don't know how many times we have to tell you this, but you are not welcome here tranny

No. 1099058

>ariana bad trannies good
where do you draw the line?

No. 1099062

Jesus you are all retarded. I hope none of you breeds you fuckwits.

No. 1099065

File: 1607101628729.gif (512.15 KB, 125x90, tenor.gif)

No. 1099072

go kiss troon ass elsewhere

No. 1099080


seriously where the fuck are the mods on the site. is this ari trying to get her own thread closed again?

No. 1099102

Wtfff.She has not a inkling of rhythm(newfaggotry)

No. 1099103

No. 1099139

File: 1607105838285.jpg (210.46 KB, 1079x974, Screenshot_20201204-131735_Twi…)

No. 1099146

File: 1607106246486.jpeg (451.09 KB, 1125x1968, B3704A43-FD13-42C2-B4C5-AAD1DB…)

No. 1099147

File: 1607106268491.jpeg (127.67 KB, 1125x699, 257EDE9B-9AFB-4E4E-8686-D166EF…)

No. 1099149

so doormatt has just completely given up then

No. 1099151

What about the video where she’s being pissed on with her rash? Does that not count?

No. 1099161

also this from the same night >>818412

No. 1099183

Only fans anons come thru….I want to see what low life agreed to this lol

No. 1099188

File: 1607107954322.jpeg (302.65 KB, 1242x823, DBAFBFCB-5DBB-44C7-BEAD-02511A…)

As it stands it seems like she will be doing anal….just picture it, Doormatt, alone at home waiting for Ariana to return from being fucked so hard in the ass she shits herself

No. 1099189

We'll see, there was that threesome that also never happened

No. 1099191

Matt should become a sex worker and start publically tweeting about how he’s excited to fuck a girl who isn’t his girlfriend. Scorpioassdough would absolutely lose it

No. 1099212

i would love that, Ariana is the queen of double standards, everything is okay when she does it, but if Matt did sex work with other women we'd see 100 call out posts in a day about what a manipulative horrible cheater he is.

No. 1099216

I’m the original person, who asked if the thread can focus on ari instead of transphobia. Like I don’t give a shit if you’re transphobic, homophobic, gay, what the fuck ever, I don’t give a shit. I just didn’t want the thread to be derailed and get off topic. That’s fucking all

What the fuck Matt ? Might as well be the camera man, so she can get those good angles. It’s so pathetic, they should just breakup. Clearly he’s letting her go, and isn’t in love anymore.

This is a lie right ? Or am I just remembering wrong ?

No. 1099240

Why is she harping so hard on it "not being with her boyfriend". Shes said that sentence almost everytime in every tweet she's made about it. Im sure people can tell once the video is out its not Matt? Honestly it seems like she's trying to get under his skin by repeating it so many times. Or maybe his attention? Maybe Matt isn't giving Arianna the negative attention her BPD brain craves and she's just itching to create some kind of drama to see if he cares. It just seems weird phrase to keep repeating.

No. 1099335

Maybe she knows that her content with Matt hasn’t been selling? They’re both hideous and awkward looking. I feel like she’s emphasizing sooo much because it might be better to have some one “new” than looking at the usual cock eyed Matt bored, banging his bulbous nose orangutan of a girlfriend.

No. 1099355

File: 1607116787386.jpeg (137.63 KB, 446x363, 27C0AE74-49E5-4807-AA4A-ED61E2…)

No. 1099503


I fully support sex workers who understand what they’re getting into and build themselves a solid escape plan if needed - but who wants to bet she’s going to do drugs to make it through this scene? So many SW cows use drugs and alcohol to actually get through the “work” that funds this thriving lifestyle they claim to have from it. Ari is not the type of person mentally to be in this line of work, even if she was, the content she produces is worse than Shayna. I truly don’t get why she is so opposed to a stable source of income.

No. 1099505


did they even do anything special together or her get him a gift for his birthday after she came home from surgery (that she booked on his bday weekend)? or did she just make a few tweets mixed in with her aaron tweets, then they fucked on shrooms when she was back? and now she’s fucking another guy for her onlyfans? what a sad relationship.

No. 1099545

This pic really does look like parody porn. "Scrawny middle-aged dad fucks the redhead from the Wendy's logo"

No. 1099630

At least we actually have the ability to.
Reminds me of every time she posted some nasty used clothing for sale claiming it would "make your booty POP" lmao
Yeah this definitely isn't true because I distinctly remember a video of her getting DP'd.

No. 1099730

File: 1607137769699.jpeg (158.76 KB, 1125x996, 1774D3C7-0329-4C7A-B28B-3FF030…)

No. 1099804

Could this be an excuse to go off BC/ switch and then claim she “accidentally” fell pregnant to trap Matt?

No. 1099849

She looks like that orgasming turtle omg. I can hear it now

No. 1099912

Does she realize there are so very many types of birth controls and pills. If you have a negative side effect, well it’s okay. Because there are many other birth controls you can switch too, that won’t have those effects on your body. It much just take awhile to find the right one for your body.

No. 1099931

Yes. I find it interesting that she posted this poll, considering the recent talk of having a baby. She’s in her late 20s so presumably has had years to find the right pill, why suddenly start asking questions about it now?

No. 1099955

File: 1607160445432.jpeg (91.27 KB, 1280x720, DA026A43-021E-413B-B4FD-93C51B…)

No. 1100034

The DP was the foursome she had with baby trash and her creepy bf. I don’t think it was “sex work” but rather sex that they just decided to film for clout…Ari ended up falling out with them over it because she got jealous and didn’t like seeing baby trash fuck Matt lmao (but perfectly fine for her to get DPd by BT’s boyfriend)

No. 1100053


There was never a DP. Just an ugly dude holding her legs back while Matt had sex with her.

No. 1100075

I'll be really surprised if she uses a condom when she films with this new person.

No. 1100083

File: 1607178224058.jpeg (993.76 KB, 1125x1702, B024818E-0E59-45FB-BE6C-346F2A…)

I’m not saying she was pretty before because we all know she wasn’t - but oh my fucking god, this before photo is still WAY better and more intresting than the drag queen plastic surgery blob that she has become

No. 1100088

She looks like a somewhat real, unique person in the before photo.

No. 1100102

File: 1607181522588.jpeg (131.47 KB, 1501x238, 4B4B6A7C-6B78-42A6-9FCF-0753D9…)

And the excuses begin

No. 1100108

completely agree. the before photo is 1000x better

No. 1100120

Probably a stupid question, but what happens with lip fillers longterm, does the skin just stretch out and sag?

No. 1100134

ari stopppppppp with the side by sides while you’re still looking like a bloated corpse. let your face depuff more before you send yourself into a bpd manic episode. she has to realize that this is the least amount of attention shes gotten off a surgery yet and its because no one wants to tell her the truth about how bad it looks. any actual friend who would be real with her she’s pushed away or blocked.

No. 1100135


damn shes having to dig back far now to try to find a decent comparison. why isnt she doing side-by-sides with her face from 6 month ago?

No. 1100145

She had a semblance of bone structure in the before pic, now it's gone.

No. 1100152

File: 1607187647913.jpg (346.97 KB, 1079x1587, Screenshot_20201205-120102_Twi…)

No. 1100153

File: 1607187668137.jpeg (801.51 KB, 2048x2048, 573FB982-79D6-4936-A768-BB2FBC…)

She cut that bitch OFF

No. 1100157

Middle nose easily looked best.

No. 1100161

Went too far. Iranian chicks do the same, those tall, long ski-slop noses jutting from the forehead kek.

No. 1100173

That’s what appears to happen with people who overfill. It definitely makes me wonder if instead of metabolizing it, the body just pushes the excess out and that’s what causes so much dropping and stretching. I see it constantly. Scarier even that she’s had a lip lift.

No. 1100174


The skin stretches to accommodate the extra mass however if you get the filler dissolved, no matter how much filler you had put in, your lips will revert to their original shape. That isn't the case with fat grafts though which fill you out permanently.

No. 1100185

Middle and natural looked best. She didn't need the surgery in the first place

No. 1100187

It depends on the filler you use and how much
Juvederm is what causes the mustache look. Something in the juvederm molecule is attracted to water, which makes it more dramatic, but also more unstable. imho good injectors don't use juvederm anymore because 9/10 it creates a lip mustache.
This video explains it really well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5EPZWAy7Ek
Literally if she had just gone to a non-discount injector and gotten restalyne this wouldn't have happened (I mean she still would have had a nasty overfilled lip but)

No. 1100188

Wow that make up look in the middle picture looks absolutely disguisting

No. 1100193

File: 1607190286699.jpeg (34.99 KB, 300x452, 619D6084-8469-4E06-A64E-371A32…)

I agree, anon. But you gotta have some kind of robustness to your personality to carry off the hook look. There are many ‘handsome’ and beautiful women who have a natural nose like this, Erin O’Connor for one (picrel). Ari had and has no chance of opting for being a bad ass big honker as she’s so emotionally stunted and her self confidence was crippled from birth.

No. 1100202

Ntayrt but Juvederm and Restalyne are both synthetic forms of hyluronic acid, which is a humectant, so both will be attracted to water molecules.

No. 1100214

That’s two times this week she’s dropped hints at wanting Matt to propose. Yikes…

No. 1100219

i’ve never understood women like ari who become obsessed with getting engaged to their long-term so.. what do they think a ring and party are going to change in their day to day lives? the answer is absolutely nothing

No. 1100229


she is clearly just trying to hock 50% of her new debt off on matt so she can just divorce him and have him pay. she is mixing proposal hope tweets in with with polls asking which way she should get a random dude to fuck her. total mess of a life.

No. 1100255

That's not a big nose tho, just has a lil bump

No. 1100268

File: 1607195997650.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1242x1905, 02810C84-FD20-454C-A5DF-6F7B97…)

Are these a present for her….? Aren’t these children’s books?

No. 1100272

she’s probably at about a 4th grade reading level so seems appropriate

No. 1100286


…. and she cut it off. NTA but point still stands.

No. 1100288

Thanks anon.
I did wonder as I was writing if EOC had it shaved but whatever, I just meant Ari’s conk could have worked out.

No. 1100293

Maybe she's looking for writing inspo because breasts like daggers just isn't cutting it

No. 1100305

She's trying way too hard. Your body type is only gonna pull off so much. It's like she's trying to turn herself more European? She's never gonna be the pretty she wants, it will always look off.

Honestly this is much more authentic, I prefer this to the uncanny valley.

No. 1100310

The European thing, she could have stuck with that Slavic look she had. Although it seemed like her entire head had been shoved in a suitcase and stamped on, it was so much more interesting.

No. 1100348

But the skin can’t just snap back like a rubber band, once it’s stretched it’s stretched. That’s why so many women look like their mouths have been pulled like taffy even when they let them deflate.

No. 1100382

Example? I’ve never seen such a thing. I doubt even Ari’s amount of fillers would produce sagging in the lips

No. 1100411

lips that lose volume after lip filler have more wrinkles/lines so it's an endless circle in filling them up to make them smooth again

No. 1100425

File: 1607205744245.jpeg (696.55 KB, 2048x2048, 8476E017-20FB-451D-8C7E-CD3050…)

Last one! Wanted to show the front view and use pictures with less makeup

No. 1100435

Unpopular opinion but I like her last nose, I just can't fathom how it's not collapsed yet considering her natural shape.

No. 1100445

No example, huh? Skin is much more elastic than that, it can handle a few extra ccs of volume without damage.

No. 1100482

it wasn't bad besides the lip lift scar making it look like it was literally about to fall off

No. 1100486

you guys always say stuff like this and lmao just stop you know it’s not true. she did not look good before AT ALL. cannot be any way you guys actually believe that.

No. 1100489

and she tried to say all her lip filler is gone

No. 1100493

File: 1607209955028.jpg (599.14 KB, 1200x900, IMG_6197.jpg)

anon, not everyone thinks her botched, uncanny face is an improvement. some of us don't hate natural looking features and flaws. she looks like pic related. facetune has rotted your brain.

No. 1100513

If you only would use your eyes and read what I actually wrote…? Please tell me where I said i think she looked good before.

”I’m not saying she was pretty before because we all know she wasn’t - but oh my fucking god, THIS BEFORE PHOTO is still WAY better”

Meaning: I think this particular before photo that she posted looks better than the doughy after photo. It does NOT mean that I believe she was good looking before. Bad then, bad now. Cheers.

No. 1100663

File: 1607220435861.jpeg (315.92 KB, 1366x2048, 074654BE-57BA-4432-8DD0-0D4DB2…)

Why is nobody talking about her original face shape?? She had high cheekbones and a naturally defined jawline (strong sure, but striking and harmonious with her features). Why would she want to trade in a cute feminine face for a large, undefined mass? Was it an accidental byproduct of filler migration? It's not youthfully plump, it's just longer and wider…

No. 1100672

File: 1607221461531.jpeg (82.28 KB, 1241x1500, 33CDADD7-E802-4B9A-897D-91F059…)

The face shape of a lego man

No. 1100699

that’s her straight on making a face that distorts her lips, and people always shat on her original looks and compared her to a troll or whatever. she’s low weight so her face is proportionately skinny and angular, which i think she could have aged into however confidence is what makes those faces attractive. i don’t really understand why people bring up her “old” face when everyone hated it, its probably her youth/collagen that may make her seem better looking, and she looks objectively better now only swollen. i don’t understand how people complain about her obsessing over her own appearance when no one here leaves her alone about it.

No. 1100717

how much ari pay you to post this

No. 1100723

she looked bad then and now. end of story.

No. 1100725

Why did her eyes get smaller? Filler abuse?

No. 1100729

where did i compliment her. where. i even said she’s making a face that probably makes her look less harsh so what do you want just because i don’t give a shit what she looks like either way. she’s a rotten person that hurts defenseless animals i truly could not care less, it’s just seriously bizarre to read people trying to reason she looked better before.

No. 1100842

Just other fugly as shit women, who cannot bear to admit that her pre-botched botched natural face was undesirable. Always saying “some people like natural”…natural isn’t always attractive, Jesus. Some people are just NATURALLY UGLY LIKE HER. Def FAS face

No. 1100909

She looked way better before any surgery. She was never conventionally attractive, and her nose by itself looked awful, but it certainly went better with her face and she could have leaned into her naturally “witchy” features and more unique look. She looks absolutely horrible now. She lost all of the natural landmarks in her face and now it’s just another overfilled instathot face.

No. 1100971

I know its said a lot but her fillers/fat transfer etc really were her worst ideas, they make her eyes looks so small and her lips look like they're hanging off her face

No. 1100984

She was fuckgly then and is fuckgly now. Looks like a cartoon witch. She should have stopped after her original nose job and just accepted that she's a five out of ten on a good day and instead gotten therapy and improve her personality.
Being pretty doesn't make you happy by default, just like being ugly doesn't mean you have to be miserable for the rest of your life

No. 1101077

That's a normal reduction, it's not that small.