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File: 1577154750023.jpg (520.86 KB, 1334x2668, peenpee.JPG)

No. 909289

PlasticandProud/PlasticnProud/Alice Amor/Ariana McMillan/Psoriasisbutmakeitsexy (pnp, Ariana, scorpioasshoe) is a 25 year old plastic surgery addict, ex Instagram “influencer”, and full service sex worker in philly

>Vapid narcissist and obligatory BPDfag, “doesn’t care wat u think” but will have a defensive spergout and be mad for hours over the slightest rustle of jimmies

>has a botched nose job, lip lift and boob job that all have scarring from improper aftercare, had to have boobs redone and are still wonky

>gets her lips injected to the point of them resembling sausages, posts side by sides showing her progression from normal human being to blow up doll constantly

>quit her steady paying job to be an Instagram influencer, paid for boobs with credit, began prostituting herself shortly after, forces her spineless boyfriend to go along with it, aborts his baby and jokes about it on Snapchat

>shaved her head in a manic episode and regrets it a day later, wears cheap wigs daily

>has a mysterious rash after having unprotected sex in Dominica and calls it psoriasis 

Previous Threads:

Recent milk:
>pnp and doormatt go to dominica as “just friends”, posts pictures of them making out with her anus lips and doormatt’s plaque

>posts pic of her face down in the sand with some random local next to her, later posts ig stories about how she was raped by him and sells her Snapchat with the intention of telling people about it 
>says doormatt was responsible for not babysitting her, breaks up with him, says she’ll never see him again as she slobbers and cries on snap

>literally gets back together with him two days later

>continues being an escort before getting tested, gets tested a month later for HIV and is “clean as a whistle”, doesn’t get retested afterwards at any point

>ig gets deleted, moves to twitter to promote her “sex work” which includes low quality videos of her and her prolapsed lips attempting to be sexy with premade and custom videos

>a mysterious rash appears

>calls doctor, tells her to get off lamicital, pnp refuses and looks up pictures of psoriasis, convinced that she has it. Begs for money to go to the doctor since she makes no money as an escort and doesn’t have insurance

>texts a picture of the rash to the bitch who does her lip injections, who sends it to a dermatologist, and “”confirms”” it’s psoriasis. Pnp never sees a doctor about a formal diagnosis or another test for HIV/other std’s

>uses psoriasis as her identity because bpdfag

>continues to fuck Matt and her clients/other sex workers (one pisses on her while she rides the face of a dirty old man) with open sore rash covering her entire body, concentrated around her pubes
>only has one client currently that puts up with her pus pockets, has to rent out living room to her friend to make rent

>friend moves in to living room and pnp texts her that she needs to move into their shit stained decrepit basement and keep their animals in the basement at all times, friend only needed to stay for 3 months, friend blasts her on ig then removes it to avoid pnp having a sperg out

>adds a snake and a kitten to her animal horde consisting of her roommate’s two cats and her cat and dog, has admitted she doesn’t walk the dog when she’s depressed (always) when she can’t afford 600 dollars in rent and begs online for a literal dollar 

>Ariana’s rash disappears and never mentions her lifelong psoriasis diagnosis ever again

> cuts open a chipmunk and stuffs it, admits she has dead animals in her freezer for years.

>Starts using her escort page again, takes pics of her looking like a MTF

>Only has two clients, admits she “hates working” on snapchat

>Faked eating her friend out when a client paid for her to go down on them

>Is moving with just matt and no roommates, will somehow make rent

> is currently at her family reunion in vermot posting baby pictures and pictures of her grandma next to videos of her slapping her tits and shoving dildos in her ass for sushi money

>Ariana’s IG is back, she posts her sw shit there and loses followers instantly. Does cringe things like tag companies that used to work with her to get them to notice her, however no one does

>Snapchat gets banned, makes private ig account instead, barely updates it like the snap

>Ariana makes an onlyfans that produces horrifyingly bad porn that she makes in her living room while her roommate is home, sells it for 7 bucks

>Bleaches her hair after dying it black, dyes it red, intends on going blonde in a bpd episode

>Barely “works”

>Posts a caption about how her lip injector who she thought was a “friend” used her, most likely cutting Ariana off from free injections in exchange for ig promotion now that pnp is losing followers and posts dirty grimy “sex work” pictures

>Pnp outs her lip injector after no longer receiving free/discounted injections for bringing business in, because Ariana can’t keep a decent image online to save her life

>Talks shit about Dollskill, gets blocked, immediately tries to save face by posting pics of herself modeling for them

>Wants to become a suicide girl, says they ‘reached out to her’, anons confirmed this is not how the process happens

>Got a “normie job” in retail, unconfirmed where

>Promised a “double creampie” in a threesome with two other guys (possible matt and her only client or matt and aaron), still has not happened yet

>”psoriasis” flaring up

>Skinwalks cotted

>Brings up old beef with other philly sw (possibly almondmilkhunni), latinamilk is no longer following pnp either

>Moves into studio apartment where the train goes by literally every 5 minutes, thriving

>Dyes her hair blonde and hates it immediately

>Does molly on live while looking like a toothless grandma

>Rash is Back

>No word on “normie job”, Ariana continues to stay home all day on ig
>Does a shoot for Spencers, looks ridiculous and is mocked, spergs out on twitter
>Says she would give her psoriasis to a fucking BABY >>891310
>Confirms she got her boobs half off from theplasticspa, talks shit about them
>Isn’t posting new content on onlyfans, her only source of income
>In two back to back tweets claims she’s thriving, the other saying she can’t afford her fillers currently >>895883
>Manically dyes her fried blonde hair pink less than a month after getting it done
>Is already planning getting 12k worth of surgeries when she can’t even afford a 200 dollar doctor visit for her rash
>Rash is still there
>Accidentally dyes her hair pink…because she thought she was toning it
>Sperging about “psoriasis” and how her diet of eating celery juice and sardine helps
>Wants to move to vermont to “finish taxidermy school” that she never started, that she thinks will be close by to her family. No comment on where DoorMatt fits into this
>Makes gross porn with Doormatt, his ~huge weiner is revealed to be average
>Wears 5 dollar shein lingerie for porn after dying hair purple to “tone” it
>Bleaches her straw mess again
>Changes IG name to psoriasisbutmakeitsexy

Social media
Ig: psoriasisbutmakeitsexy

Ig (deleted): Plasticnproud 

Twitter: twitter.com/AliceAmorLove

Reddit: Airkilla321
Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/aliceamorlove

No. 909291

Bless you anon, we really needed a new thread.

No. 909292


previous thread

No. 909298

Bless you anon for the shrek pic

No. 909329

bless up anon, good OP.
best Horrorcow of 2019

No. 909369

I missed the part where ari talked shit about dollskill can someone show me the thread post of it?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 909380

File: 1577188646966.jpeg (342.96 KB, 1133x1422, 23F460DF-112B-4F2D-9FFD-FE9D49…)

idk why this bitch thinks shes hot shit, without all her posing/makeup/angles shes still the ugly swamp gremlin she always was. photo is old but still after all her work. she really is a butt ugly cunt, even more so because of her evil personality

No. 909386

I think she actually looks cute here, in a weird dorky way. She should've stayed like this.

No. 909412

>adds a snake and a kitten to her animal horde
Haven't seen the snake in a while, have we? She pulling a Taylor?

No. 909427

idk anon I think she looks good there

No. 909428

This is maybe her best picure lol,she should really get rid of fillers

No. 909433

wow, she actually looks happy. she can barely show any emotion in her face now besides "sullen bitch".

No. 909434

File: 1577201862492.jpeg (213.61 KB, 750x909, B2BC599D-A05F-4218-9A34-89071B…)

Here comes the once a day celery juice and bone broth sperg

No. 909441

She is so cunty about other literal DOGS, it's some real weird shit. It's an animal Arianna. Chill the fuck out and let the dog be a dog. She probably fucking hits animals to get them to stop doing shit.
She acts that way about her own kitten too and it bothers me. She has pets but she really expects them to be well behaved and perfect or something.

No. 909447

she also said it’s a puppy - so it’s probably high energy anyway. what sort of dog is frogger (and what sort of a fucking name is frogger anyway) because he’s probably a low energy breed

No. 909448

is it healthy to only consume “bone broth” and celery juice for a week? seems ED ish

No. 909452

it's an old ass cocker spaniel she got from a pet shop as a puppy

No. 909457

Honestly she's right, if you're not training your dog and just let it "be a dog" and do whatever it wants you're a shit owner and definitely should not have a dog
Cocker spaniels ARE high energy and can be super destructive if not exercised and trained properly

No. 909459

any dog older than a puppy is going to seem chill tho

No. 909464

Idk what people are talking about this picture is really fucking ugly lol she is not cute at all?? I’m guessing these girls are pretty close to looking this ugly if they think this is any type of “cute”. Her mouth looks so disgusting.

No. 909467

So were white knighting ari's hatred for dogs now? All puppies act crazy, A LOT of dogs act wild while in training and all dogs act wild at some point during the week unless they are old as shit. Don't be dense. Dogs play, bark, jump nip etc. and some dogs never train out a behavior no matter how much money and time you spend trying to teach them not to. But be a dog hating bitch like Ari its okay. Literally all dogs are hyper or playful that's what a fucking dog is.

No. 909468

Literally such an ugly ass picture. She looks like she's on crack.

No. 909471

i really hope she changes her mind about wanting kids some day and decides to stay child free, because she’d probably expect her children to just behave and be quiet and chill too in the same way and they’re “demons” if they don’t. awful pet mom would be an awful human mom too.

No. 909474

Didn't she dump her male puppy, Koi, on a friend because he was untrainable? .

No. 909480

This is exactly what I was saying before and yet people come backing flipping their shit about how cute she used to be. She obviously looks bad now, but the bitch has always been hideous

No. 909483

I don't know why we're infighting about this but you either don't have dogs or legitimately should not have dogs. Whatever breed it is, at 40 lbs there is no way the dog is young enough for it to be acceptable to be uncontrollably jumping on everything and everyone. I fucking love dogs which is why I put in the LOADS of effort and time to train mine properly and didn't just give up or throw money at someone else to fix their problems. EVERY dog can be perfectly trained by the right person, it's ignorant people like you that are the issue.(derailing)

No. 909484


It could've be an ED… if she wasn't clearly trying hard to convince people she's sooo "sickly" when she's really bingeing on shit food whenever she isn't recording some other mundane part of her basic life.

No. 909485


Sure Ariana Mcmillan. Sure.

Anybody other than Ariana would admit that cunty self-righteous puffy-faced bitches that can't even take care of themselves shouldn't own dogs anyway.

No. 909492

>>every dog can be trained PERFECTLY
fucking kek anon, you're just taking the piss now. Your currently Ari larping

No. 909499

if i start agreeing with ari rhetoric this hard please shoot me

No. 909529

File: 1577222042789.png (Spoiler Image,1.55 MB, 750x1334, 20BB262F-230F-44C3-AF6B-F2326A…)

i’m surprised this new OF “content” flew under the radar here, this is HORRIBLE. she’s always bragging about matt’s dick size and then posts…. this. this “content” isn’t sexy in the least.

No. 909549

I wouldn't want this… Her OF fans are paying for content of her, I think it's kind of awkward and weird she's bullied Matt into not only accepting her sex work but taking part in it. Wonder how she sold this one.
"Just lay there and couch my tit and master ate while I face the camera and do the same?"

It's one thing to make content with other sex workers, bc that's their job, but to think about how she's talked about her "sexual aversion" to then be putting this out with her man… Their sex must be so terrible and forced. Really sad if this is all the intimacy he can possibly get with her tbh

No. 909615


Idk why people on this board give MattCuck so much slack, as if he's an unwilling participant with no free will.

He CHOOSES Ariana. Time and time again. He chooses her despite being a broke, diseased, uneducated whore. He stays with her despite her cucking him and letting old man dangle their balls in her face. He chooses her despite her ability to get her life together, or plan for the furure. He stays with her despite her obsession with her appearence and poor money management skills.

This is the life Matt chose, and is still choosing.

Even though he has an actual job, he WANTS to stay with ari, signs a lease with her over and over.

He plays the skinny penis in her porn films, for God's sake. Saying "poor Matt" is bullshit, he has agency.

His choices say a lot about who Matt Copp is. Aka, a scumbag cuck.

No. 909636

They first started dating before she re-did her face and got her boobs done. He obviously doesn’t have good taste or care about her ugly mug. So he’s probably thinking he won the lottery now with how she looks now. Not that it’s any better.

No. 909713

It’s also not new for Matt to be participating in her sloppy sex work, he’s been doing it for years kek back in her tumblr and private Snapchat whoring days, matt was involved quite heavily

No. 909714

File: 1577268196506.jpeg (218.83 KB, 750x1024, D3C88BCB-2D04-49D7-9240-9BD792…)

Such a talented, self taught makeup artist…..

No. 909717

this looks really streaky and like it was done with a shaky hand. the warm poor lighting and hair tone are not helping this image either.

No. 909752

The white eyeliner on the falsies…

No. 909755

The white eyeliner is so streaky and has almost no pigment which makes the whole look even more sloppy. What is going on around her lash line and inner corner? She spends 300$ and this is the content she gets from that…? She should have scrapped this look

No. 909758

No. 909761

File: 1577287527631.jpeg (313.63 KB, 1209x1059, BFC72F68-AC2C-484C-8CED-C6EA82…)

this is a post of hers on reddit. love how she puts doctor in quotation marks lmfao. im not sure what her intention with that was, is she implying they dont deserve the title of doctor?? who fuckin knows what her insane line of thought is. also im not sure why she has such magical thinking concerning doctors, she says doctors cant get rid of a disease. no dumbass, they cant, but they CAN treat it better than your dumb ass with your fuckin salt baths.

i really dont understand her holier than thou attitude…. shes uneducated trailer trash who whores herself out, she has absolutely no room to look down on others but she is always trying to place herself above others. i guess shes self conscious of her low status and thats why, but its still fuckin annoying.

No. 909763

this is old milk. still funny though

No. 909773

The white linerlooks like it's mixed with cigarette ash

No. 909855

she just posted like last week her feeding it a dead mouse on ig story

No. 909859

this has been mentioned lots of times at different points in time. she’s posted about dk on her ig story and sw twitter, talking shit about how they paid her less than other models bc she’s not a model, how they allegedly stole internetgirl (bella)’s designs for hair clips, and how it was hard work and hot working for them and how spencer’s paid more for less work. she was selling dk stuff on her depop and said to buy dk there so u don’t have to support them. there’s more but u gotta kinda dig through either old threads or just keep up with her, bc she’s definitely talked shit multiple times.

No. 909861

except her dog is old as fuck, she’s not used to things having energy around her. she’s always crying about how she’s old and will die eventually (duh lol)

No. 909862

lol remember when she worked as a dog nanny and couldn’t train the dogs then either

No. 909863

plus she doesn’t pay him and has even said so on twitter

No. 909865

I wish she would stop trying to make the “o face” when clearly she can’t and has even said so herself lol odd though because she said it’s because of her fillers but “she doesn’t have anymore” so how does that work lol

No. 909876


I just see a lot of feet and skin. You can barely see MattCucks basic dick because of their aesthetically non-pleasing mess

No. 909992

That dicc is the true skinny legend here…

No. 910035

File: 1577367667940.png (197.21 KB, 750x1334, 5549A6F5-EEF0-4B4E-A45A-4A6759…)

Sure Jan, you’ll totally stick with an „idea“ for your pathetic life this time kek

No. 910053


Taking bets on how long this Bardem-haircut bitch sticks with this plan. From inception to completion, I guess 6 months tops.

No. 910165

When has she ever stuck with something for more than a week?? Other than sitting on her ass and succumbing to obsessive thoughts, ariana can't remain consistent with anything

No. 910217

File: 1577388521043.jpeg (434.88 KB, 750x1042, 0DBEA6BB-5F24-4E77-AFC7-37F6BD…)

Horrendous makeup made me cringe. She also shit posted to her story that Aaron came over at 4am to play games and she's been up since, manic episode much?

No. 910286

Yeah because staying up late through the holidays is a totally abnormal thing? Plenty of people do shit like this during the holidays. Calling it a manic episode is a bit of a stretch. You’re heavily reaching

No. 910410

It was Christmas not New Years babe

No. 910442

Staying up late is one thing, not breaking night ime, posting things of that nature at 10am Dec 26th, at least not here in the states

No. 910467

Okay mom and dad keep sperging about ariannas bedtime.

Most threads just go quiet when there's no milk, but not you guys. You just invent things to nitpick about

No. 910503

you realise people go out and party on xmas night right? sometimes all night. gasp, even in the states.

No. 910508

New thread??

No. 910509

Who cares about this cow

No. 910510

Do you realize how to post newfag

No. 910518

File: 1577417066036.jpg (320.78 KB, 1080x1722, 20191226_192359.jpg)

The most polite way to tell her she looks like a MTF.

No. 910548

File: 1577423616502.jpg (683.71 KB, 1080x1639, Screenshot_20191227-001337_Ins…)

No. 910549

File: 1577423712134.jpg (68.27 KB, 347x342, Screenshot_20191227-001350_Ins…)

No. 910652

File: 1577461927621.png (9.09 MB, 1125x2436, 603C4091-95B0-4223-B834-B31C62…)

Lol @ her announcing her moves constantly. Ari, nobody could make fun of you if you could do literally anything without announcing it to the world.

No. 910669

shes posting on her IG story right now about how amazing it is that she finally found her passion and made a career out if it at 25.

Like what bitch? Because the idea crossed your mind you want your ass pats now? How about actually achieving something before bragging about it.

Anyone can say they have a passion. Anyone can fill out an application. You look like a dumb cunt bragging about shit you’ve yet to even start.

No. 910673

I predict she won’t finish the program and will blame it on the program being inadequate in her eyes. She doesn’t even have a real job, how is she going to pay to work hard when she can’t even work hard for pay? She has no structure in her life. No ass pats until I see a certificate of completion until then she’s doing what everybody else does before they realize they can’t hack it

No. 910675

“Made a career” lmao she hasn’t even been accepted into this supposed school, can’t commit to any of her projects, and the only thing she’s known to have stuffed was that heinous squirrel but sure, a “career”

No. 910683



could this be the place? It's in PA, didn't see many schools in Vermont online with a simple Google search. Just scroll through that first page, it's all like creepy redneck hunters in camo posing with their trophies. What the fuck does she think this is going to be?

No. 910686


Yup, in before she sperges and leaves school because she “didn’t know so many hunters took this class” like she did a few weeks ago.

How exactly is this her passion? She scratches on wood more than she mentions taxidermy.

She probably this thinks this a “smart choice” that will guarantee her a job. Topkek.

No. 910687

Patches will literally say and do anything to fit into whatever hashtags/social media clan she wants to be part of that week. She has absolutely no personality of her own.

No. 910688

Yikes. I both hope that’s actually it and hope it’s not. She’ll hate it and probably stop going the first week kek

No. 910705

File: 1577475653935.png (107.65 KB, 1358x588, Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 2.37…)

a career with a joke of an average salary

No. 910706

I live in the Midwest and oddity shops just don’t do well…. not a lot of people have the extra money to constantly be buying pieces that just sit around for people to look at people are spending money on food/rent/healthcare and things that have use. I like going in and looking around but it’s like a museum… cool to look at impractical to fill your house with

No. 910708

File: 1577475921862.jpg (393.14 KB, 1079x1512, Screenshot_20191227-144535_Chr…)

Is she taking a 3 day course??? Topkek

No. 910709

She is honestly being so stupid about this whole taxidermy thing. It's not a career, its a HOBBY. People learn how to do it for hobby not a fucking career. Anyone who does taxidermy also does other things. It's perfectly fine to take a 6 day class to learn an objectively "fun" skill but she is really out here acting like she just got accepted into Harvard Medical School.

Can we also talk about how it really does not suit her either? She's not a hunter, she cakes makeup on her face all day, and makes shitty porn. Its seems super fucking weird for her to be stuffing dead animals, she's such a creepy gross bitch.

No. 910711

I think it has a lot to do with her trailer park meth head upbringing she has never been around real successful people so in her mind this is a big deal, while us who live in reality and not a delusion knows it’s really not something cool to be proud of or aspire to do

No. 910725

Inb4 her post "I got accepted :')" as if this taxidermy school is exclusive and ivy league and not just some bullshit certificate program

No. 910733

Does this bitch seriously think that with a 10k education aka summer camp course, she is going to then go start a business and make a career out of it??? First of all, she has no idea how much grit and self-motivation it takes to own/start your business and grind 12+ hours a day to get it going. Has she even considered what she would sell? Assuming she will be selling things she makes, rather than collecting and reselling, it would take someone years (Ariana decades) before there was even enough inventory to sell. You can tell she is a one-step analysis kind of person. It came into to her brain and so shall it be! Easy!! Lastly, the plan after this bullshit participation certificate is to go into debt for fucking MORE plastic surgery! She would need to take out at least a 10k business loan to open a oddity shop. That is how I know she is incapable of fulfilling this dream because she would have to set aside all her fat grafts and 2nd nose jobs- we all know that is just not going to happen.

No. 910751

>Can we also talk about how it really does not suit her either? She's not a hunter, she cakes makeup on her face all day, and makes shitty porn. Its seems super fucking weird for her to be stuffing dead animals, she's such a creepy gross bitch.
MTE, anon. Her foolishness and impulsiveness aside, there's something hilarious about a botched, disease-addled prostitute deciding she's going to change career paths from hooking to stuffing roadkill and bragging about it. Imagine compulsively spending all that money and time on shitty plastic surgery and makeup only to become the freakish Appalachian hillbilly she was always destined to be.

No. 910762

Everyone forgets that she has been doing dead animal shit since her tumblr days? It's not really a sudden random interest to change her career.

No. 910763

When else has she taken steps to make taxidermy her career?? Even she admits that she "finally" knows what she's doing with her life. Until now it's been a sporadic hobby

No. 910764

that doesn't make it any less weird or retarded as a "career choice"

No. 910766

File: 1577487548668.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, 5BC52A03-D33A-4C39-8CD1-744B36…)

She already pushed going to taxidermy school back from next month to April in one day lol

No. 910767

what a fucking retard. she didn't realize it was currently winter? jesus christ.

No. 910769

reminder that gothcharlotte does taxidermy, this girl loves to skinwalk

No. 910770

why is she posting about how cringe lil miquela is when she was just on twitter the other day talking about how she’s real lololololol

No. 910771

AND here we go. It's the normie job all over again. Countdown to April when this taxidermy school is a distant memory in her bpd-driven mind

No. 910780

her suddenly discovering a passion she’s had her “whole life,” and the lack of planning and lack of organization around this whole going back to school ordeal just screams “i decided to do this on a manic whim” and she’s gonna crash HARD.

No. 910784

File: 1577494453634.jpg (564.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191227-195737_Ins…)

Dont post here but this is too good

No. 910788

So is she going to be breaking her lease and moving there? If she starts in April, she better get a fucking move on kek

No. 910797

Don't forget how she was totally asked to be a Suicide Girl but has never said anything about them again. She is such a dumb cunt. When one of her followers asked her if she had that normie job weeks ago she said she did but she posts 24/7 all day and obviously never fucking got the job. Like she didn't even mention it today when talking about her many forms of income etc. She outs herself so bad and will bold face lie if anyone points it out. it's hilarious how she is always saying no one knows her life but documents every breath

No. 910812


In her IG stories she said its gonna be 4 hours of driving a day, so she plans to commute

No. 910813

File: 1577503838389.jpeg (1.1 MB, 4002x4002, 6403C9C2-7C62-4270-B236-8A22C0…)

i love the fact that shes trashing lil miquela now that we told her its not a real person. imagine being so fucking retarded you cant decipher a cgi animation from a human. her stupidity knows no limits

No. 910824

File: 1577505993880.jpg (965.42 KB, 1074x1702, Screenshot_20191227-220529.jpg)

Imagine thinking that this looks good

No. 910828

File: 1577506551872.jpg (1.34 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoCollage_20191227_22114477…)

New private IG post

No. 910834

File: 1577508270763.jpg (797.51 KB, 1440x2632, 20191227_204207.jpg)

I think she plans to go to this "school". It's around 10k like she says and is also 2 hours away from Philly

No. 910836

stupid nitpick but it gets dark around quarter to fine now and we get a little more light time every day, where is she that it's still completely dark at 4? if she even makes it to "tour" the school i bet she's going to find a reason to back out.

>i'm a perfectionist and an artist
all previous attempts at art and that sad hot dog looking chipmunk says otherwise but ok.

No. 910840

This girl is so mentally ill, I feel so bad for her (but not bad enough to stop following her thread kek). She knows full well that she will never be able to make a living with taxidermy. She's only pretending to throw herself into it so she can attribute her imminent failure on other factors, like lack of employment opportunity in the field or discrimination based on her appearance.

No. 910845

File: 1577510498552.jpeg (318.45 KB, 1125x368, 81D4F7FF-FE99-405F-B865-50326D…)


No. 910854

such a horrible thing to say. just more proof of what a shitty excuse for a person she is

No. 910860

Why is everyone here so autistic about the animals? This is clearly a fucking joke. I see people make jokes like this all the time. I stg the farmers in this thread are more retarded than ari

No. 910869

What? You seriously think it’s okay to joke about hurting a pet? It’s one thing to call your pet annoying or complain about how it acts, totally different to say you’d harm it if it wasn’t cute lmao

No. 910870

Yeah my cat is annoying as fuck sometimes but I’d never even joke about that.

No. 910871

Anyone with a misbehaving pet has made a joke comment like "I'm gonna kill you" at some point, you absolute retard.

No. 910872

Yeah but I've said that to my pet when they break a glass in that moment, not repeatedly talk shit about my own pet and how much i dislike them on social media. Those are two different things and ari seems to have some weird hate boner for her cat

No. 910873

She’s such a fucking loser.

No. 910874

It’s not as normal as you think lmaooo even when my cats bring an absolute asshole, I can refrain from making weird threats towards her. I don’t know why you’re choosing to defend pnp over this of all things, esp when she literally wants to stuff dead animals for a living…… it’s gross behavior

No. 910891

Right? Sometimes her annoyance with Tarte and the way she speaks so violently about disliking her/not wanting her makes me believe this cow would almost be crazy enough to purposefully do something to harm her and later end up showing us how she used her as a “spethimin” for some after school project looking ass taxidermy. I could see her proudly showing off how she stuffed her own cat like that god awful chipmunk because she’s such a weirdo.

No. 910899

ariana also constantly talks about how she doesn't like her cat. i honestly don't think she'd care if it got loose.

No. 910909

idk dude but I never felt like I wanted to kill my pets or even had that thought cross my mind to hurt them

No. 910910

She intentionally pursues things that she knows won’t last so that when they don’t or when they flop, she has all the more reason to stay in her “victim” role. She has no redeeming attributes or qualities, she has no semblance of self, anything she does is with less than the bare minimum of effort. She’s not even good at lying on her back.

No. 910921

That cat is perfectly normal for its age. If she took one hour of her day to play with tarte, literally one fucking hour, to drag around a piece of string or something, then it would be a hell of a lot easier to handle. She’d rather blame the cat personally because she’s fucking mentally retarded.

No. 910922

She’s such a gigantic fucking idiot. So she’s gonna make a living solely off of roadkill, scraps from the pet shop and any donated thpethimenth she can find? Ari are you okay with cleaning out and stuffing a deer that’s just been killed? Because that’s like 85% of taxidermy. You’ll be on a course with a group of people who hunt and kill for fun, who the fuck else does taxidermy? And your grandpa who is certainly NOT a millionaire is dropping 8 - 10 grand on this shit! How can she live with herself? So many other courses cost about 2k overall and will guarantee a job when she’s finished but none of them are edgy enough for the trailer park AIDS queen of the swamp.

No. 910941

Someone should anonymously report her to an animal rights organization or something she doesnt deserve to have fuckin pets!!!(cowtipping)

No. 910943

Pretty sure that's considered cowtipping anon

No. 910951

it's cowtipping and extremely autistic

No. 910969

thank you anon for the keks

No. 911072


So much for her "new job"

No. 911216

Pretty sure in PA it’s required to report any roadkill that you pick up. She will end up going to jail for picking up a dead animal and never reporting it like the goblin she is

No. 911290

File: 1577636504774.jpeg (814.05 KB, 1125x1619, C4B6073B-1BCD-4551-BDB2-F46F74…)

Bullshit. She wouldn’t.

No. 911301

wow, she is looking haggard. is she photoshopping her lips to be even bigger now? that top lip is looking worse that usual.

No. 911303

File: 1577638431460.jpg (157.5 KB, 1080x860, Screenshot_20191229-104504_Twi…)

Really weird flex but okay? I'm guessing this is a credit card of hers, but a 10k limit is like a starting limit where I'm from? And congrats to Matt for paying off your credit card. Haha

No. 911308

Where you’re from? I worked in banking. There is no regionally specific starting limit. A starter card (for building credit) is $200. A real credit card usually has a $1000 limit, to begin with. $10k is actually a decent limit. It’s nothing for her to brag about, but it’s higher than average.

No. 911309

lol 10k isn't a normal starting limit but yeah it's not much of a flex considering it's still credit

No. 911314


I love how her dumb ass is so proud that she's going to be able to put $10,000 worth of debt BACK on her credit card… which is actually a pretty normal limit for someone in their early twenties. And how much you want to bet that the dumb bitch who has been trying to convince everyone she could, just didn't want, to pay off her credit card because it's "good" for her credit score, had her trailer park owning granddaddy to pay for it? It's so smart to keep having debt for investing in something with depreciation value (her face). But no, go ahead with buying fat grafts for your busted mug so we can have more milk to laugh at. The idiocracy of her mind and life is really fascinating to watch and cheer her on as she keeps failing (worse) at life.

No. 911324


This explains why everyone who supports or subscribes to her low quality social media/ amateur porn is female. No dudes want to read another essay of "Dear Diary" from a skinwalker with no friends and a fat bf.

No. 911327

She also expects female followers to support her financially if they just follow her IG. She pretty much guilts the fuck out of them and their dumb enough to want this cunts approval.

No. 911331

File: 1577645480561.png (502.87 KB, 1125x2436, 13E2705A-28EC-4BB3-B332-6456A8…)

Good thing that’s not how credit limits work, ya dumb fuck. Your credit worthiness and income level would give you that large of a limit. And neither of yours are high enough…

No. 911339

i like how she would rather get a $100k limit credit card than buying a house or something lol makes no sense to have that much credit in her situation

No. 911355


I may be wrong, but this screenshot looks exactly like the site format for care credit (which is a skeezy “healthcare credit” company). They have exorbitantly high interest rates & they purposefully convolute things to prey on idiots like ari. They also artificially raise credit limits to bet on retards buying shit that they can’t pay off.

No. 911358

File: 1577650787518.jpeg (239.13 KB, 1125x774, C7D0C736-84D7-4657-920E-F743A4…)

samefag but seriously? how can she contradict herself so many times in such a short span and not have an ounce of self awareness

No. 911359

She has mentioned before she used care credit to finance her plastic surgery.
I didn't even realize you could use care credit for cosmetic procedures until Arianna mentioned it.
Sorry if blogpost but I remember getting denied for care credit when my dog was really sick and had to go to the vet but this hoe can use it to buy a new face.

No. 911384

i don't understand why she's acting like she's being held captive by ~the internet~. no one forces her to post about every inane thought that comes into her head and thus be scrutinized. saying she's bound to the internet because of work is a total excuse. she could get a """"normie"""" job if she wanted to, but she doesn't want to because being a thex worker makes her thpethial and fuels her victim complex.

No. 911399

File: 1577657511985.jpg (270.32 KB, 1080x891, Screenshot_20191229-171049_Twi…)

Claims her ed is so bad she can't even have 2 ounces of water to swallow a pill. She's so toxic by choice.

No. 911400

Doormatt chooses to stay with this rashy freak who refuses her medication whenever she feels like it. Major kek.

No. 911422

Ari really needs to read the anachans thread because she does not get what having an ED truly really means/looks like and I'm getting so pissed off watching her constantly spout this shit out for attention. "Can't even drink water" fucking sure Jan, attention whore. Literally so gross watching her trigger others like this. Keep your ana fantasies to yourself. How do other influencers who are more put together follower her toxic ass at all. She is doing the equivalent of saying she's been cutting herself all morning like you are 25, jesus christ.

No. 911511

Doesn’t this bitch always say she’s only ever happy when she’s making money?

No. 911525

File: 1577676259682.jpeg (223.11 KB, 750x1138, 831EE542-8A90-4F1D-9614-93E431…)

I’m cringing. The absolute absurd projection she is pulling right now.

No. 911530

i hate this woman but a lot of medications will make you vomit if you don't eat before taking them, off the top off my head instant venlafaxine will make you puke. i don't care about her but meds can be brutal on your stomach lining.

No. 911542

File: 1577679272134.jpeg (250.23 KB, 750x719, 1E748E11-1EA1-43AF-B4B8-45123F…)

Embode discussing her experience with a previous injector aka @ the_plastics_pa

No. 911543

File: 1577679295302.jpeg (117 KB, 748x996, C7AE7D21-415D-4C22-B827-515627…)

Look familiar?

No. 911546

File: 1577679457885.jpeg (154.69 KB, 1124x1052, D8C17E94-75BD-41F7-8631-4F9CE9…)

Aw her bean isn’t perfect like the always claims aw

No. 911547

File: 1577679515455.jpeg (108.06 KB, 750x861, 06E2CFD6-38B5-453F-884B-9BB010…)

“No filler!”

No. 911550

Maybe she lashes out like that because she’s subconsciously insecure as fuck.

No. 911551

File: 1577680428950.jpeg (487.17 KB, 1125x1426, B2F79659-A38B-4B27-B2BF-7BBB83…)

They are so fucking miserable.

No. 911561

File: 1577681593505.png (887.18 KB, 750x750, IMG_8407.PNG)

her last story on IG was one of those topnine shits and i had to be reminded of this sad…transformation. she was so freakin cute in the before wtf

No. 911563

Oh shit she was gorgeous

No. 911564

She gonna look like that lion lady in a few years

No. 911603


With how narcissistic she is, she should have loved her natural self, or undergone better surgery. But that’s just a cover for her deep rooted insecurities and issues.

In her case the desire for a nose job was understandable but permanently disfiguring her face/body wasn’t. Especially with cheap surgery paid for on credit cards. Being unable to afford it should have stopped her to begin with. Or after her tits rejected and haven’t healed since. The mental illness is strong with this deluded bitch, she still brags about herself after ending up way worse than how she started. So unnecessary.

Can’t say she doesn’t deserve it, ugly on the inside and out

No. 911604

I get what you mean but she doesn't have an ed. Just uses it as an excuse to not take her meds. I'm sure she eats at least an apple but tells matt she can't take her meds so he'll coddle her ass.

No. 911608

Omg really? i couldn’t smell the insecurity from the first fucking thread lmao /s

No. 911611


…or else? you should be more careful with your words to matt, he's been looking REALLY unhappy with you lately. also, do some self-analysis. you barely pass for a female. you have a horrid speech impediment that makes most people fuckin cringe when you talk. you're a disease-ridden goblin and an eternal NEET. you're awkward and seems like you don't even enjoy sex.

what do you have to offer any other man, if matt fucks off? matt is at least capable of being a responsible, tax-paying citizen and can hold down a job. his stock will only continue to rise as he ages, whereas yours…. is already at a deficit. he can find a decent woman and settle down and start a family in like a hot second so you might wanna stop demanding things of him and using threats of any kind

No. 911624

major tinfoil but this sounds so personal as if matt wrote it himself lmfao

No. 911634

Her “flare up” has temporarily subsided so now we have ED sperges as she needs an illness to clutch to to feel sorry for herself because she is a pathetic loser.

No. 911635

File: 1577697998849.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2053, Screenshot_20191230-042647_Ins…)

No. 911648

Can you imagine their sex? As soon as Matt Cuck starts enjoying it she’s gotta stop and fix her angles. Than before he can finish she “got all she needed for onlyfan! thanks bean!!”

No. 911649

tbh he's a piece of shit too. let them be scum together. better for the rest not to deal with either them.

No. 911678

yeah i know it's been said but doormatt is equally as guilty of being fucked up and they're both probably low iq/slow in the head

No. 911679

I get what you're saying, but for most women who have standards and aren't desperate, "he has a job" is the bare minimum. Not many women want to contend with Matt's noxious personality, plaque-ridden teeth, pencil dick, and wide birthing hips

No. 911682

Alright well lamotrigine isn’t one of them. I take it without eating all the time and i don’t puke. Not blog positing. She just doesn’t have any excuse to not take her meds. She looks for excuses. Those meds NEED to be taken daily, it’s so frustrating.

No. 911696

And I take it and need to eat a full meal or I feel nauseated. Symptoms vary from person to person. The weirdest fucking nitpick when there's so much else

No. 911707

You are so right anon. She needs something to fill the void of a person she is.

No. 911726

Just saying it’s a poor excuse n that’s a fact.

No. 911781

She's better off taking it without eating and feeling sick than avoiding it altogether. Kek use common sense.

No. 911782

I was under the impression that >>911635 happened because she tried to take her medication

No. 911833

Nah. She's just pretending to be bulimic.

No. 911850

File: 1577753514698.jpg (32.48 KB, 720x760, FB_IMG_1577753454048.jpg)

Something for ari to make once she half finishes taxidermy school(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 911915

File: 1577763126772.jpeg (158.22 KB, 1037x572, AF80B849-26DB-4081-8575-2C3A6C…)

She just mentions negative things without context and hopes her audience assumes the worst and gives her comforting asspats.

But great news, she managed to convince herself to eat! And a very calorific dessert at that, truly a Christmas miracle.

No. 911921


There's a fat girl out there for him who will enjoy fucking him and not cheat under the guise of (lack of) working. No one wants McMillan's lies, diseases, fake ed, whiny bullshit. Matt is truly the best Ariana will ever get.

No. 912028

Aris ex timothy seems a lot nicer and more intelligent than matt, although he’s kind of short and girly looking. Matt just screams spineless white trash to me. I agree he could do a lot better than her but she’s literally bottom of the barrel. I’d rather date an obese girl than this botched ass creature from the black lagoon looking mf

No. 912052

She went right from bitching about her rash to eating disorder as it cleared up…

No. 912066

File: 1577814154397.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1371, Screenshot_20191231-122604~2.p…)

Deleted content

No. 912075

Honestly pretty sad her only accomplishment for a decade was getting plastic surgery. BDD is a bitch, I hope she gets better tbh.

No. 912078

File: 1577816878551.jpeg (269.25 KB, 750x1068, 4C5557D2-0424-42B2-994F-905F23…)

What a skinwalking creep!? Does she only listen to embode or other influencers about these things? Ariana absolutely shitted on her followers when they mentioned leftover fillers.

No. 912081

She literally would yell at her followers when they mentioned she still had filler even though we could all see it. What a liar

No. 912082

Plastic surgery ruined her. She hates her tits even after the second boob job, can’t breathe thru her nose, lip lift scars, and terrible filler placement. None of it worked out for her

No. 912085

Deleted because it does in fact show that she still has fillers.

No. 912095


She sure loves blowing hot air up her own ass. This whole speech on her IG was nauseating. She truly believes that because she filled out an application and toured a school that she now has a career. She hasn’t even taken one class yet.

And correct me if I’m wrong but the only thing I’ve seen her stuff was that water bottle shaped roadkill squirrel ; yet she’s going on about taxidermy is something she’s always loved to do and her passion. Bitch you look dumb.

She must really hate her life to always project this fantasy.

No. 912097


BuT mUh cReDiT ScOrE

No. 912101

Her rambling stories aren't worth trying to clear memory from my phone, but here's some gems:

Buys a tank off someone from CL, because she's a baller, but realizes she won't be able to carry it in:
"I hope they're young and nice and bring this shit [55-gallon tank off CL] in for me."

Ruminating on whether to drink tonight on NYE. Says she should be fine with distilled vodka. While trying to convince herself she should:

"Everything in proportion… that's not the word I'm looking for… (long pause) everything in… (another long pause) moderation."

One of the reasons she's considering not drinking is "…because gluten can trigger alcohol…"

She is so uneducated (struggles to pronounce arboreal and just gives up), but thinks she knows a lot, which makes for some funny af milk.


But she'll swear on her dog's life that she doesn't have fillers… She's just really good at makeup, posing, and "pouting".

No. 912110

lol distilled vodka? as opposed to moonshine?

No. 912114

This dumb deluded freak really wants to pretend it isn't the alcohol causing the issue but rather the gluten in it MAJOR KEK

No. 912116

I can not wait to see what her face looks like when she hopefully goes through with deflating it. She is going to look so botched after she shoves fat into her face. She acts as if surgery isn't a huge deal, fat grafts sound super intense. Her whole face will be all bruised and purple after, and she does a terrible job taking care of herself. The craziest part is she doesn't need it AT ALL. She is so addicted to surgery at this point, there's no reason for her to be doing 2 extra procedures.

Literally starting to make me think of what just happened to Remilia

No. 912125

File: 1577827322260.jpeg (92.48 KB, 750x837, 2AAB4355-961A-42F0-9DA7-224DF3…)

Lol comments from her most recent post that fucking killed me bc ari literally doesn’t fucking care because uSe gOOglE. follower letting another follower know psoriasis doesn’t care abt her message she sent.

No. 912128

“All my filler is gone :-)” lololololol as someone who would get fillers all those yrs you would think she would have known filler never fucking goes away it just migrates

No. 912141


Fillers do “dissolve” over time, they migrate when badly placed (i.e placed too deeply into the lip area)

No. 912152

This trailer trash is still insisting she gave up dairy and it “has been so long” hours after uploading cream filled cake. I cannot watch this deluded rant in full yet again.

No. 912161

File: 1577834571262.jpeg (261.54 KB, 819x1306, B13E0DA0-8508-4857-8768-1A5E92…)

This haggard MTF trailer trash out here looking like a 40 year old single mom ranting about pet co and trying to get the workers into trouble because they didn’t want to deal with her.I can’t believe how old and trans she looks.

No. 912165

File: 1577835237245.jpeg (196.51 KB, 828x1372, C9237E9E-CF09-48A3-A9B2-2EAB0E…)

No. 912167

Migrating Isn’t the same as gone or dissolved?

No. 912171

tinfoil but did anyone else find it weird how she kept saying she loves the smoothie guy and needs to resist seeing him? I feel like she’s baiting or punishing Matt lately for not giving her attention. Matt is a loser but it’s still concerning she writes public threats on social media demanding he gives her more attention and does more for her. Imagine him coming home after a long day to her scratching her sores and yelling at him.

No. 912206

Anons need to give more synopsis of her IG rants please, because she makes them so long (probably so it's harder to document) and I can not stand to go through that shit myself. This thread always lacks because she posts the long rants and we can't screenshot it

No. 912242

if your bulbs go out every month, they’re not the correct wattage. thank god she said she doesn’t want another animal. how many ariana’s does it take to screw in a lightbulb? lol. also fucking take your meds dude

No. 912250

File: 1577854308419.png (1.13 MB, 1342x2048, Screenshot_20191231-225032.png)

Private insta

No. 912253

File: 1577854746459.png (4.01 MB, 750x1334, FE1AF187-5586-46BA-A34D-CFA632…)

Three guys just goin out

Ariana being the DD on New Years genuinely scares me

No. 912257

Dd but still gotta hoe it up

No. 912259

File: 1577856056877.png (2.53 MB, 750x1334, 8F63F3A9-B0C3-47F8-BC86-B57BD6…)

She has reached her full evolution as a Greasy troll

No. 912260

They did a good job a summing it up. She just repeats and repeats her self. That's why we call it incoherent rumblings cause none of it makes sense.

No. 912263

She’s manic af off her meds. Her rants in the car are concerning, she legit comes across as mentally disturbed and then all of a sudden she is bawling her eyes out at home because dogs die. Then she is dressed up to go out and making posts that everything is going so amazing for her. She also keeps touching on the not being able to eat food because she doesn’t want to be fat (since her skin has cleared up a bit).

No. 912268

lmao that uncooked ramen hair is not the look she was going for

No. 912273

Kek someone come get their grandma she looks so bad

No. 912276

Her body reminds me of Jeffrey Star’s for some reason

No. 912285

Sorry I didn’t mean that they were the same thing, I meant that they both can happen independently

No. 912290


in this pic, 3 biological males gettin ready for a night out

No. 912291

File: 1577861671464.png (885.55 KB, 1080x1225, Screenshot_20200101-015348~2.p…)

Her makeup is tragic

No. 912295

File: 1577863061220.png (5.24 MB, 828x1792, D2C0B060-64AE-4EDE-A164-C8CA8E…)

Is that dried out blood down her leg lmfao filthy gremlin.

No. 912316

File: 1577868958286.jpeg (423.93 KB, 2048x2048, CBEB68A8-A98B-4595-B693-18EABE…)

Her looks have taken a sharp nosedive lately and it's hard to specify where exactly she went so wrong. The comparison pic she posted on twitter looks startlingly bad. I'm not even trying to be mean but holy fucking shit

Low hanging fruit but these comments have my sides in orbit

No. 912349

Jesus Christ, Matt looks legitimately special needs and she looks so old. The first pic was so much better

No. 912376

His eyes go in different directions now

No. 912378

The brown splotch of make-up on her hand always kills me…just use a make-up wipe or soap. Nasty

No. 912381

No. 912404


That makeup… that hair….

Girl leave that shit on IG. Those extreme looks don’t work IRL without your facetune and angles. Big yikes.

No. 912405


Anyone know what she is referring to as her first “lil diploma” if the taxidermy will be her second?

No. 912408

Probably just high school kek

No. 912440

she really fucked herself when she used that purple dye in her hair. it looks a goddamn mess

No. 912477

She always has makeup splotches on her hands and it’s a startling indication of how often she washes her hands. Filthy.

No. 912528

she also just bought makeup remover in her haul. it’s literally so easy to pour some on a piece of toilet paper and wipe it away. if you constantly have makeup on your hands while not currently doing makeup, you clearly don’t wash your fucking hands. you would think someone with an ~aUtOiMmUnE diThoRder~ would idk, bathe more??

No. 912559

all she does is her epthom thalt thoacks when she’s having a disease flare-up

No. 912575

File: 1577925942886.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191231-191537_Ins…)

Apparently she needed a jump the other day… because she left the "not the outside lights, but the inside lights" on.

And today she left her car in NJ and "lost" it because she's admittedly "lazy". All for some bad pictures of her posing with her constantly tipping head in awkward directions in an attempt to look sooo differently her old picture. Okay, make the same face and tell me you don't look the same.

She then says she's sitting in her car and has to leave it on so it won't die again. She really isn't clear on the concept of what powers the car battery. Dumbass is going to sit idle in her car with everything on, thinking she's keeping the battery going.

Her intelligence level is definitely on par with a 4th grader, or younger.

No. 912604

Not to mention how she just impulsively decides they are just going to pick up and move to fucking bum fuck Vermont or back to the trailer park in Florida. Matt has a band he seems pretty invested in and a career and actual friends… why does this girl think her infected puss is worth giving up his entire life so she can go stuff dead animals or whatever manic thing she is into currently

No. 912662

File: 1577945884762.jpeg (242.16 KB, 1125x680, C11278B6-B117-4826-B048-A12E1D…)

She’s literally the worst?

No. 912664

How does she constantly act like she makes any money and than posts this shit? Girl go suck an old mans dick and buy yourself a phone, that IS your job.

No. 912689

How embarrassing for her. She has achieved nothing in her life and contributed nothing to society. She has to beg her boyfriend for a phone because her prostitution can’t cover it. Kek Ariana McMillan sort your life out.

No. 912732

File: 1577974379958.png (3.95 MB, 750x1334, 8634DBEE-8058-445F-8E4D-4C6ECC…)

You can still see her legs are covered in sores, and she left the makeup all over her hand even though she was going out for new years. How hard is it to wash your hands for a night out where you know you are going to be seen by others and photographed…? Grody bitch

No. 912736

File: 1577974832244.png (703.52 KB, 750x1334, B713954A-670C-455E-9011-F05C8D…)

Sage for samefag and no milk but saw this on her story and couldn't help but laugh. She is just so disgusting. This isn't cute or funny or relate ble, it's cringey and weird to be broadcasting to your 57.6k followers. Noticed this is a steadily declining number too kek

No. 912743

literal 16 year olds buy their own phones these days, how broke is she?? she hasn’t mentioned seeing her ~client~ but now that it’s been said here watch her talk about it tomorrow

No. 912775

File: 1577987581406.jpeg (Spoiler Image,215.76 KB, 1242x418, 459FADE4-84BC-4DE1-B79D-05B664…)

technically rape

No. 912780

What kind of fucked up edit is this? I zoomed in on her face and the whites of her eyes is just messed up, man I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight

No. 912788


She really should watch Botched Up Bodies and Netflix, because I totally see her being on that show in a couple more years.

No. 912790


But after the fart story, the next story went something like "Buy my OnlyFans!"

No. 912792


It's not technically or not technically rape if she is cool with it. If she feels comfortable with sleeping while her ugly man fucks her, it's totally consensual. Either she fucks bad enough that her man would rather fuck her asleep not facing her, or he's bad enough that his "big" dick isn't noticeable. Maybe she has "sexual aversion" so bad that she doesn't want to be conscious during their pathetic sex. Or she really wants to pretend to be a taxidermy animal getting fucked by pencil dick.

No. 912802

File: 1577994549893.gif (5.62 MB, 320x240, BED2E33C-9140-478C-93EE-D9BFD5…)

No. 912840

I’m new to posting but I’ve followed all the threads and followed this dumpster fire for too long.

In all honesty and seriousness, this woman has severe unchecked personality disorders that are unmistakable. Her content and what I’ve gathered from previous threads show that she is severely BPD and NPD. I wouldn’t rule out APD mostly because she clearly has no ability to empathize with people. I don’t know if she has a criminal record yet, but it’s surely coming if it hasn’t already. I really would not be surprised if she has been committed to a psych ward a few times. Again if she hasn’t already, it’s coming.
She probably doesn’t have enough people in her life to help her seek proper care because she is toxic towards them.

I can tell her existence is lonely, pathetic, and unorganized. She is always a mess in her home and clearly with her health and body. Not eating, tons of plastic surgery and her inability to form healthy relationships show very clearly that this is not a functioning adult. She is headed for prison, hospitalization or worse.

She has no insight into her vapid word salad ramblings. She comes across as extremely immature and self obsessed. She literally can’t see anything past her own face. She only sees herself, and demonstrates how stupid and inconsiderate she is when she talks about throwing a fit at pet co because a representative didn’t give her the answer the wanted. She is the type of customer that makes customer service employees want to blow their brains out.

Her expecting that someone will help her carry that stupid tank to her apartment….she feels like the world owes her something.

She will never be able to reconcile these issues without at least a decade of therapy. Also Matt chooses this….let’s not forget that. He is watching her eat herself alive and he is along for the ride. If he was not as big of a scumbag as she is he would not stay(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 912841


you don't put your real email in Carrie read the site rules before posting also fuck off with the armchair psychology what you just posted has been said multiple times already in these threads we're not here to diagnose her

No. 912844


Enjoy your ban

No. 912851

File: 1578004095083.jpg (823.04 KB, 1080x2053, Screenshot_20200102-162818_Ins…)

No. 912853

File: 1578004138829.jpeg (209.34 KB, 828x1301, 09C87BD4-C2E1-4430-965A-CBE2DB…)

On live asking “daddy” to hurry up and get her the phone. Is she referring to Matt or her creepy dad who suggests doing porn as a job to his daughter kek

No. 912854

File: 1578004180632.jpg (774.6 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200102-165240_Ins…)

Her eyes look like they're going different directions kek.

No. 912859

File: 1578004600338.jpg (127.05 KB, 800x600, image.jpg)

What are the two little symmetrical dots above her lip? I've noticed them before and assumed they were just makeup, but I see them in no-makeup stories too.

Whatever they are, they make her look like a catfish.

No. 912867

they were piercings that left gigantic holes

No. 912869

Being unconscious during sex is as the very least assault.

With the logic of her being OK being penetrated when unconscious, she never got raped.

By her very own definition and experience, she got assaulted.

So she perpetuates rape as consent. Didn't except anything less of her to be honest. She is just that insecure she thinks any make contact is flattering.

No. 912877

40 y/o crackhead

No. 912878

File: 1578005920805.jpg (611.43 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200102-145539_Ins…)

She's on live with only 10 people watching, according to her. Then she started spouting gems:

"You guys, I turned down $2000 today to clean my house."

Right, because you're such a hot commodity and you're balling… while begging your man to buy you shit and begging your predominantly female followers to give you money to buy sushi.

No. 912885

she still looks exactly like she has the old face she tried to escape with surgery when she’s not using angles and posing lol

No. 912889

File: 1578006670115.png (3.12 MB, 750x1334, EFF7E818-95EE-46F1-8DDF-E5BC96…)

She’s out here talking about “intermediate fasting” … it’s intermittent, Ari. She’s clearly done her research.

No. 912898

File: 1578007724222.png (2.24 MB, 1242x2208, 220BCFC9-54CE-41B7-AC69-AC25F8…)

No. 912900

all monroe piercings leave those ugly holes bc they’re done with a 14ga needle and jewelry so it’s hard for it to close once it’s healed, if she didn’t know that before she got them her piercer is a dick for not telling her, but she just adds fake moles to make them look like part of the bunch kek

No. 912902

People were saying fasting isn't healthy, which it ISN'T, and ari locked on to one person saying it was healthy and went on about how it "detoxifies" your body. Ari, that's what your damn liver and kidney's are always doing? Fasting causes starvation mode = bloating and cravings. She claims it doesn't cause you to go into starvation mode. Major massive kek.

No. 912905


Is this not the girl who was either posting about her in a previous thread or was selfposting? though that might of been different one of her “Friends”

No. 912907

File: 1578009562879.jpg (678.34 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200102-155000_Ins…)

Her live was hilariously bad. From the comments, no one cares about her shitty amateur porn or second hand clothing that's been all over her dirty floor. She should really try to appeal to her actual demographic and just focus on beauty shit. She's all over the map. No, I didn't want to record like 45 minutes of her talking to herself, but here's some of the great things she said:

I just have my phone, I don't have any cool filming equipment.
(Which explains the low quality amateur looking content she calls porn)

I've never had good relationships with women… they scare me.

I think for SURE I'm going through sexual aversion…

I never have clean brushes. I guess I'll use my fingers…

I seriously think I'm asexual. Like I NEVER think about sex. I could go my WHOLE life without having sex and I'd be fine.

I don't get that much hate on here anymore… I think it's because I don't give people ammo. I stopped oversharing…


No. 912909

What's up with Matt's eyes in this pic?!

No. 912910


Telling your man it's a turn on when he fucks you while asleep is vastly different from passing out at a party and getting raped. Come on, you can't really be that inexperienced that you don't understand what consent actually means. Having weird sex with your man is consensual, compared to passing out at a party and some creep has sex with you.

No. 912912


If she wants her man to choke her during sex, it doesn't mean she's inviting every man to do it. That's what consent is. You can call it whatever you want, but it's really what she consented to. Although she admittedly really just fakes that she's into sex.

No. 912917

okay samefag.
also, that's preeetty fucked up either way. when you're sleeping you're unconscious. it has nothing to do with experience.
you probably think a man has the right to fuck his wife whenever he wants just cause they're married, yikes

No. 912924

jesus she looks fucking 60 here

No. 912925

File: 1578012476405.jpeg (179.97 KB, 747x735, 9E731179-66FF-4343-B12F-B5020E…)


Instagram vs Reality realness right here

No. 912953

She is so ugly on the inside and out. I cannot believe she went into massive debt just to look this bad. She looks like a crack head who sucks old dudes off to pay the rent.

No. 912954

Serving Jane Fonda realness, Ari!

No. 912966

lol at all the retards also spouting their mommy issues on her live. birds of a feather

No. 912972


Notice only females with low self esteem and bad makeup comment on her shit. Never any dudes. I guess no guys want to hear about her fictional psoriasis, constant rambling, "sexual aversion" issues, and her interest in farts, among other unlikable traits.

No. 912974


Hey samefag, a man fucking a woman whenever he wants is not even in the same ballpark as a woman TELLING her man she wants him to fuck him in her sleep. One is consent, the other clearly isn't consent. I'll let you decide which is which since this infighting is useless when there's a milky af cow.

Speaking of milky cows, her live was full of so many contradictions: first she says she sits home alone all day, but she loves her life and claims to be "privileged", then she has no friends, but oh wait! She does have sooooo many friends that say hi and give her hugs when they see her! As if that was an indicator they're all friends and not acquaintances. She really isn't all there mentally and has no clue, which what makes her crazy. It all makes so much sense to her I bet.

No. 912979

File: 1578023782339.jpg (797.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200102-195101_Ins…)

For someone who claims they don't care about trying to look good, she clearly hangs her whole existence on conventional beauty standards. Case in point, the quote for this picture is "Today I am thriving! (Checks reflection in mirror). My hair lookth cute!… I don't have to do anything, I jutht wake up and it'th like a shag."

No. 912981


She didn't get the memo that piling makeup on for a low resolution photo doesn't translate well in real life. She isn't familiar with stage makeup I'm sure, but performers and models only do heavy makeup so it photographs well. This self hating idiot thinks she looks good with her shakily applied eyeliner and highlighter on her bubbled out cupid's bow, driving around in dingy clothes and makeup smeared on her hands. It's like wearing nice pants and ratty shoes. We can all see you're trash, Karen.

No. 912984

File: 1578025574652.jpeg (232.12 KB, 515x774, C831BDE7-51C2-45EF-BE19-E59FF5…)

Bro her eyes look like the paintings in old horror movies where they follow u ahahahahah

No. 912985

File: 1578025626492.jpeg (759.1 KB, 828x1315, 08E57FE9-A587-4140-8AB0-DAAF0A…)

Not good based on your outfit

No. 912987

Haaa, that question doesn't even make sense, unless she meant "tall?"

No. 912988

iphones correct tall to y’all

No. 912998

She’s been editing heavily lately her eyes look so messed up in every photo. She looks like a MTF going through aids treatment

No. 913003

File: 1578028296460.jpg (400.48 KB, 810x1828, Screenshot_20200103-001058_Twi…)

She's so toxic towards matt omg. Get yourself your own phone you gremlin. Just because she got matt an apple watch for christmas doesn't mean he owes you a new phone. I bet she can't get one in her name with her "great" credit.(repost)

No. 913031


I'm honestly amazed she's not wearing those same three tarnished to fuck Souvenir Jewelry necklaces she never seems to take off or clean.

No. 913068

File: 1578043611950.jpeg (166.39 KB, 828x1439, 2CD491A4-45C0-413F-ACD9-5FCAF5…)

No. 913071

Not to be rude but I’m so fucking sick of people white knighting Matt, he deserves everything he gets because he’s a mentally slow plaque ridden pencil dicked fat ass trailer park cuck. I mean yes he can do a lot better than her and I’d love to see him cheat on her or something like that but I just feel so annoyed when people are like ~uWu sHeS sO MeAn To mAtT~

No. 913085

She looks like a homeless crackhead who threw on a bunch of assorted donated clothes.

No. 913115

File: 1578067719973.png (117.34 KB, 226x268, Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 11.0…)

her garish nose contour and highlight looks absolutely abysmal from any angle that isn't dead straight-on. this is some ugly Mickey Deer-tier dirty nose makeup.

No. 913137

File: 1578071135740.jpeg (670.61 KB, 750x1059, 335E4FBF-7939-4628-A653-568E42…)

Quality content kek

No. 913138

she really couldn’t have washed her hair before taking nudes that people are actually paying for kek

No. 913145

She is staring like right at her own face and it is so fucking creepy. She must have sexual aversion because she's so deeply in love with her own plastic ass face.

No. 913153

This is really fucking scary, a spoiler is required here.

No. 913154

File: 1578076044065.jpeg (159.97 KB, 750x407, 00126A7F-F379-4D7A-9AEB-C7A6DF…)

I can smell this picture. She looks like literal trailer trash. Couldn't even use some dry shampoo for that gross stringy grease mop??

Sage for non milk but hilarious how this narcissist finds a way to make everything about herself. Besides Aaron and Cotte, I don't think she has any other actual friends, and Cotte lives in AZ now kek

No. 913160

Lmfao so loyal to her friends. Made cotted live in a basement last second. Stole lm’s bf when she was on vacation. Sure ari

No. 913187


She has a huge circle of foundation from the middle of her forehead to her eyes, to her chin. Her weird blush/ cheek paint is just accentuating the stark contrast between her foundation cake face and the smeared orange on the sides of her face. She really thinks looking like an out of practice tranny is great.

She said in her live how much she doesn't like wearing makeup at home and is going to wash it off once she films her amateur content. But she's posted multiple pictures of her walking and driving around in her costume makeup. I'm sure that looks hilarious and poorly overdone in person, considering it's this bad in a low resolution picture. Kek

No. 913200

Yet cotted white knights her any chance that she gets

I’m sure ari only hangs out with cotted because she’s narc enough to think that blodcotte makes her look good in comparison, despite the fact that cotted is fairly pretty with half decent tattoos, she’s a chubster compared to ari and that’s enough

They’re both basic bitches and annoy the fuck out of me

No. 913253

Her boob job scars are horrific WTF she’s so botched

No. 913261

She’s on live saying she doesn’t consume dairy once again only to state she went to the melting pot for dinner last night kek. Sage because medfag rant but her new restrictive diet actually cuts out the foods that aid in healing skin disease symptoms and she’s loading up on foods that are going to induce and aggravate that next flare up. It’s what she deserves for being so stupid tbh.

No. 913265

File: 1578093603973.jpeg (605.95 KB, 828x937, 41994908-80C7-4C33-A507-AA735A…)

Imagine thinking this is a glow up. She went from looking 18-20 to 42.

No. 913266

File: 1578093736978.jpeg (137.99 KB, 771x535, 42C755BA-7F1F-4CCE-ADFB-9650BC…)

No. 913268

File: 1578094026349.jpeg (673.86 KB, 828x846, D1D9F81D-1EF5-47AB-9240-2B317C…)

If she looks this rough at 25, God knows what she’s going to look like in the future.

No. 913270

In her stories she says that after doing research, she realized she'd die if she continued trying to mostly drink bone broth. So she has another idea:
"I'm just going to lean towards keto, which is basically when you train your body to use fat as energy."

The only constant about McMillan is that she'll always complain, always get defensive over nothing, always comes up with ideas she never follows through with, and is constantly trying to fit conventional beauty standards. She's getting pretty boring. Same shit, day in, day out.

No. 913273

lmao how is she going to do keto while claiming she’s not eating dairy? just stop eating take out and getting starbucks every day and see a fucking doctor and move on with your life lol. she honestly has no identity outside of surgery and “psoriasis”.

No. 913274

File: 1578095682167.jpg (667.57 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200103-155034_Ins…)

"[Keto] helps you lose weight… and it's really good for gut health. "

Another pathetic excuse to try to convince herself her fad diets are beneficial to her health. Matt must really not give a fuck about her, considering he doesn't make her take her meds and doesn't say shit about her obnoxious behavior we see everyday on her stories. She'll be such a trainwreck once he finds the balls to leave.

No. 913275

File: 1578096303305.jpg (745.43 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200103-155908_Ins…)

Update from the greasy haired Dumb and Dumber hairdo bitch: She thinks leaky gut is causing her "psoriasis", she now decided her new fad diet will allow her to eat fat but no carbs, but she wants everyone and their mothers to know she's just going to eat dinner and only drinking bone broth throughout the day. And then she tells everyone she had "salmon, 2 different kinds of steak, and broccoli." She really has more issues than National Geographic, including this weird try hard victim complex. She really is looking for sympathy, but it just makes her look more pathetic, especially with her stringy hair sticking out from all the grease built up.

No. 913280

File: 1578096542334.jpeg (109.87 KB, 828x240, 913A4A9F-C214-42A4-8A95-167A84…)

Nobody likes you or wants to be friends with you because you are a horrible person.

No. 913281


She said she doesn't eat dairy… but then talks about how she just went to the Melting Pot and ate cheese, but she never has any dairy at home. She really has no clue how dumb her and her ideas are. Someone needs to bring this bitch back down to Earth and I'm sure it won't be MattCuck.

No. 913283

File: 1578096718605.jpeg (153.98 KB, 828x292, 8F9D0773-48B9-4308-BCEE-DCD395…)

Imagine being this stupid and deluded.

No. 913287


She says this new fad diet will help her lose weight, then she says it'll help with her bloating, then she says she's just trying to make herself feel better despite her fictional disease. The contradictions are getting more frequent.

No. 913290

Why does she want to lose weight? She already has no shape to her body with her long ass torso and general aids patient look she has going on.

No. 913296


Mop Head McMillan really needs to pay attention to why people are following her. It's only women posting any comments and it's ALWAYS about makeup and surgeries. Why is she trying so hard to push her fake sex worker shit? She has to know that her look isn't exactly popular with most males. She has to know how scarred her face and body are becoming yet she wants more surgery. If something affects your finances, work, and relationships, yet you keep on doing it, you have an addiction. But sure, pile on more makeup to try to hide your bad skin and angry boob scars under that bad tattoo that looks like something an 18 year old into the power of crystals would want. Continue botching your appearance in an attempt to make your face shaped like Tarte, the cat you constantly bitch about. You can't fix her hideous personality.

No. 913298

The comment sections of her posts are hilarious, always comments from insecure girls who think botching themselves with surgery and fillers will solve their issues. The more work Ariana Mcmillan has done, the uglier and more mentally unstable she becomes.

No. 913300


Tf is "intermediate bone broth"? Maybe she's trying to work hard so one day she can have the advanced bone broth. She clearly does everything to just get attention. I'm sorry your mommy and daddy weren't perfect and now you beg for attention, even if that means lying to try to get sympathy. She's an unlikable person. Just stick with makeup videos and stfu.

No. 913301

I don’t believe she ever knows what she is talking about. She is very slow and dim. There is a reason why all she is capable of doing is staring at her own face obsessively and having sex with old men.

No. 913303


I read those comments for my daily dose of comedy! It's always shit like asking what she got done and where because they want to fix their boobs/lips/nasolabial folds. It's always young women wanting to do their makeup better and they ask her about her products and makeup routine. She's just a bitch with a heavy hand at makeup on the internet. And while her makeup can sometimes be good in a theatrical way, she isn't even the best at it. If you click the profiles of everyone who comments on her pictures now, you'll quickly see a pattern with how badly these girls want to change something they hate about their appearance. Good job passing on your self-hatred to the next generation of trash fires.

No. 913307

She’s like the anti role model. She encourages young, mentally unstable girls to mutilate their faces. If they change their appearance maybe they too can be as rich and successful as Ari kek.

No. 913313

If you look at Matt’s Instagram the less surgery and fillers she had, the more he gushed about her and posted photos of her. I think deep down he’s embarrassed.

No. 913317

File: 1578100075446.jpeg (131.81 KB, 420x617, BA973AA7-12BE-4DA3-92A8-B195E1…)

No. 913321

She really said intermediate………
She’s definitely one of those people who reads things online she can’t comprehend, doesn’t check if the source is credible, thinks she knows what’s best for her body other than a professional (oof x1000) and then spews whatever she thinks she learned onto social media but in a super delusional slow learning disability way

No. 913327

anon please there’s tears in my eyes

No. 913348

File: 1578104571811.jpeg (Spoiler Image,703.4 KB, 828x1458, E852E3C8-3CBA-4792-A65C-C8A12F…)

No. 913351

File: 1578104686067.png (Spoiler Image,4.43 MB, 828x1792, 96D0C3F2-2736-4EED-854E-9737B1…)

Love that this came hours after her post about wanting to make her family particularly her grandpa proud.

No. 913352

File: 1578104782128.png (Spoiler Image,3.93 MB, 828x1792, 246DA6C4-70A6-4163-B8EF-93E2A3…)

No. 913354

File: 1578104883391.jpeg (122.34 KB, 828x195, A560FBE9-C418-46C9-9A71-B72DDD…)

No. 913356

File: 1578105132552.jpeg (Spoiler Image,769.85 KB, 828x1053, E656970B-DE03-46D5-90E7-0D293F…)

No. 913374

lmao i love that she doesn't know the difference between the words "intermediate" and "intermittent" she's so brain dead it's actually insane

No. 913385

Whoa there, she is hitting peak Shayna levels shoving that big thing up her ass like that. Literally so bleak.

No. 913388

File: 1578108808312.jpeg (257.55 KB, 665x546, 4E059A23-EB8F-4165-99D8-B67534…)

These posts of elderly women turning themselves into freakish versions of themselves that she constantly shares to her story are so depressing. It’s also hilarious because she was a third or a quarter of their age when she had the same procedures. She’s sending out a message that growing old gracefully or having any flaws should be fixed and that this mess is an improvement. Imagine the break downs she will have as she moves into her 30s and 40s.

No. 913427

File: 1578113856951.jpg (1.47 MB, 2358x1722, 20200103_205519.jpg)

No. 913431


No. 913438

File: 1578115311476.png (3.2 MB, 750x1334, 2EAB834A-4A3C-4C2B-B211-B6A80E…)

“been eating keto/intermediate bone broth fasting for 3 days”

she’s posted herself eating cream filled cake twice now. ok bitch.

No. 913451

living off a diet of cream filled cakes and the melting pot but remember she doesn’t eat any dairy!!!

No. 913452

That haircut makes her look extra haggard and washed up.

No. 913499

This bitch says she's so sex repulsed and would rather live without it but still shoves dildos up her ass.. ok. I don't think she knows what she wants honestly.

No. 913510


she seems to read words and then use them without knowing what they mean then gets defensive when someone asks her about it kinda like a kid

No. 913512

She says she has an aversion purely because she needs as many disorders and diseases possible to feel sorry for herself. She’s out here sucking old dudes dicks and shoving things up her genitals for the internet. She’s just a nut job.

No. 913514

Imagine all the people from her past who have googled her name to see what’s she up to now kek. How is she going to have any sort of reputable future.

No. 913546

I know nitpick but she only has that one retarded looking dildo?

No. 913569

File: 1578154785737.jpg (522.35 KB, 1059x1605, Screenshot_20200104-081737_Ins…)

Cry me a river

No. 913577

this is just speculation but she probably associates sex with sex work because she’s deluded and the lines between reality are hella blurred for her. the fact that she genuinely is bad at sex work and makes no money off of it and doesn’t seem to enjoy it at all but tries to keep up the image and illusion that she does is probably causing her to just be turned off from sex all together because she can’t disconnect the sex from the work like she claims she does and like real, successful sex workers do. she’s in no place to be a sex worker with her emotional codependency and unstable mental state yet she tries so hard to prove to everyone else she can do it rather than just…. doing something for herself, learning to validate herself (which doesn’t mean broadcasting it to the internet so everyone knows how much you validate yourself dummy) and idk heal from her trauma or something.

No. 913580

yikes why do you sympathize with her

No. 913581

She doesn't consider how this shit could effect an actual fat person. Has she even met a fat person, like Ari. You aren't the center of the world and your "mental illness" can't be that deluded. Maybe get out of the fucking house for once so you can't obsess over your physical appearance 24/7

No. 913597

Someone please tell this man to stop with the ED baiting for attention

No. 913598

What a boring pointless life she leads.

No. 913602

File: 1578159945072.jpeg (591.22 KB, 669x1245, ED4248A5-219F-4349-A2EE-623E29…)

No. 913605

You were also an awkward lanky 13 year old, ya know, before your body fills out. BUT GUYS SHES OBVI THE BIGGEST ANA RECOVERY WARRIOR. I'm getting such pro ana vibes since her skin cleared up, it's so cringey. She is 25, I just can not. It should go without saying she is triggering a lot of people right now, while simultaneously doing the whole posting cake on IG thing.

And the whole "I'm fasting now guyzzzzz" ARI stop telling your young female followers they shouldn't eat!

No. 913607

can her self diagnosed psoriasis come back so she can chill with the pretend eating disorder spurging, jfc. not eating for several hours and then proceeding to eat all sorts of cakes/restaurant food is not an eating disorder, ariana. plus she’s said multiple times to not comment on people’s weight because it’s ~triggering~ and yet she can post constant old pictures to showcase how skinny she was?

she wants the attention that an ed gets you while continuing to eat normal amounts of food, i truly cannot believe she is 25 years old.

No. 913609

File: 1578161478154.jpeg (Spoiler Image,970.2 KB, 828x1685, F53D2497-94A1-4355-BDA9-7985EB…)

Those sores on her shoulder… I’m actually in shock

No. 913614

She’s a stunted child who will do anything for attention. She has no identity and nothing going on in her life so she latches on to whatever illness she woke up and decided to try on for size.

No. 913616

i don’t know how that was sympathy saying she’s a garbage sex worker who is repulsed by sex because she tries to keep an image of loving something she hates. it’s an objective speculation, not sympathy, i don’t feel sorry she continues to destroy her mental state.

No. 913620

Are they sores or scars? My boyfriend has white scars like that on his shoulder from cystic acne as a teen. He’s had them for years so I’m guessing hers won’t go away either. Once scars turn white, that’s about as healed as they’re gonna get

No. 913624

probably scars. she’s going to end up with permanent scarring because she refuses to seek real medical treatment for her rashes.

No. 913642

I think that’s just sun damage. I get that if I get burnt and it starts to turn into a tan. Wasn’t she going to tanning salons?

No. 913649

I don’t think she went to salons, but she was sitting in the sun all summer trying to get a tan.

Maybe you’re right who knows. I personally think it’s scarring from the rashes. Looks like white spots exactly where the rash used to be.

No. 913657

yea those aren’t sores. just white marks left over from where she had rash spots during her last outbreak. she’s posted pictures before of her legs after they “cleared up” and they were covered in the exact same marks

No. 913754

I can't find the post in the thread but did she say she feels herself going into ketosis after only 1-2 days on the diet? First of all that's not how ketosis works, especially for some be with her body type. Second of all, your body falls out of ketosis after anywhere from 25-40g of carbs, and all the fucking pastries she's been posting would have definitely knocked her body out of ketosis, which I am 100% sure it was now. Sorry for sperg just wanted to shed a bit more light on just how full of shit this bitch is

No. 913819

She needs blood work. I hope she went through with that at some point and actually knows what she’s talking about when she rants about health. This constant diet change could be damaging if she isn’t educated fully. Doctors are not as scary as what she’s putting herself through.

No. 913887

silly anon, she wasn't getting a tan, she was curing her psoriasis dont you know? /s

No. 913918

She truly should go to a doctor and get a full screen. With all the yoyo dieting and disordered eating she allegedly does she's probably on the road to numerous vitamin deficiencies. She won't though, she clearly thinks she can manage her health by herself like a moron.

No. 913954

File: 1578245296839.jpeg (Spoiler Image,394.54 KB, 750x1036, 666E4050-D112-4E2F-8089-4BF9FF…)


No. 913955

File: 1578245323883.jpeg (Spoiler Image,424.69 KB, 750x1049, EFD546E6-C4F3-495B-8AF1-7A62CB…)

No. 913959

Imagine thinking this is a good thing to post, even for a sex worker….. I'm speechless

No. 913976


She does not have a single ounce of class or awareness. This is humiliating.

No. 914026

File: 1578261863073.jpeg (157.79 KB, 828x440, 8D58B5A2-6D7E-4ADC-BDA5-C682D5…)

She still does this

No. 914041

she is and looks too old to be doing the ahegao shit. not that it looks good on anyone.

No. 914111

She looks like she’s nearing 40

No. 914139

Doesn't look like she lubed up that dildo kek ouch

No. 914172

File: 1578288373572.png (415.34 KB, 750x1334, 2A17530E-CAAB-4F61-9692-276A1C…)


No. 914173

File: 1578288670387.jpeg (278.58 KB, 750x755, E5821A81-487B-42A6-B586-330A65…)

No. 914175

"but let me post about it on twitter first, i need the attention"

No. 914178

File: 1578290065802.png (438.41 KB, 750x1334, C25B57C7-29F4-40BE-95B5-068705…)

immediately followed by a retweet of her promoting her onlyfans

No. 914245

Round the time she was posting how much it messed her up to see the koala on fire. I will put money on it that her disgusting sick ass was an animal abuser as a child.

No. 914255

My first thought too. She probably set an animal on fire or something to try and impress a boy when she was young. Doubt she will actually get therapy though, or she will go once and give up like last time.

No. 914259

Generally there will be some people in threads sticking up for cows or giving them the benefit of the doubt but there is a reason so many people hate this bitch. She truly has no redeeming qualities and is rotten to the core. I can this see this psychopath torching animals.

No. 914260

There is a reason why she likes cutting up and stuffing dead animals as an adult.

No. 914291

Maybe it’s the anniversary of that post she made in bed with Aaron where she said “i made the biggest mistake of my life”. Does anyone remember when that was?

No. 914308

exactly what i thought. if that isn't it, then what does it say about her that peoples first assumption is that she abused animals? her constant having to remind people that she is a good and emphatic person isn't normal either, she is so obviously trying to compensate for shit she did in the past

No. 914319

honestly, i could see it being something to do with animals. if it had anything to do with her rape, she would have mentioned it for sympathy like she always does. if it were something with animals though, people would tear her apart for it.

No. 914339

File: 1578333118131.jpeg (508.52 KB, 1200x1687, ABBEFF24-7156-49FA-BEE5-A7EDCE…)

“I have absolutely no fillers left! It’s just posing and makeup! I know my body!”

No. 914352

funny thing is she already has a bunch of filler on the left. her original lips are a literal paper cut

No. 914372

Can’t wait to see her face all deflated and fresh. She won’t be able to hide and I’m curious to see how it’ll turn out for her.

No. 914405

I mean just look at the way she talks about her cat, that's not sane

No. 914409

File: 1578340895120.png (344.38 KB, 750x1334, 66E1FCCA-CC85-4FF6-81C3-93BA3D…)

a “creature of routine?!” bitch what!! your only consistent routine is sitting on your ass lisping into a camera, impulse spending and cheating on matt

No. 914422

File: 1578342752936.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 698B7B4A-3EE1-4A9B-9E1F-D3843A…)

“we love a healthy lifestyle ma’am”
I laughed out loud. She was listing off things she did for the day like, deep cleaning, feeding her dog, etc. her followers hype her up over nothing

No. 914427

File: 1578343028619.jpeg (157.13 KB, 750x1334, 9449456C-EE3D-4FDE-AD9B-0E239D…)

I got my username in the screenshot, but thought this photo was too cringey not to share

No. 914430

File: 1578343331933.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 85C7D285-02DE-45AA-B2A1-A07C45…)

Sorry for the spam, but how does she think those fake freckles look okay? She actually looks like she drew those one with a crayola brown marker

No. 914435

they look like skin tags lmfao

No. 914438

File: 1578344660737.png (3.26 MB, 750x1334, 6836FA44-BA07-4217-A12B-9AE10D…)

Ari on live with the god-awful freckles looking especially ridiculous today.

She started talking about all the animal hoarding her mom did when Ari was little and “she doesn’t know happened to all of them”. Apparently they had a ton of reptiles. She began talking about the gecko she used to own, I started screen recording and Was going to post it here but I fucking didn’t hit record and missed it all like an asshole. Sorry. But if you’ve been following Ari for a long time, you know about the gecko drama. For those of you who don’t know, I’ll post a link below to catch you up to speed. In the live she claims she didnt do anything wrong and that she did all the things in her power expect to take the obviously dying gecko to the goddamn vet when everyone was telling her to. She is 100% an animal abuser in my eyes. We were suspicious of it today Bc of her cryptic tweet, but we Already know its true and have proof.

If someone recorded the live, please post. She got real stupid towards the second half.


No. 914441

Ari’s old tumblr name was “inippleny” btw

No. 914449

lol kind of funny that she refused to take her animal to a medical professional for a serious illness just the same way she does with her "psoriasis"

No. 914460

That’s because she doesn’t care about animals. I honestly believe she may have been to the doctors but is hiding the results all along.

No. 914461

File: 1578348171513.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, 516AC14A-CE7C-462C-BCD7-E15E96…)

Idk what compelled her to do this but she’s singing Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you”

What the fuck? Get a job.

No. 914463

imagine having such an insane victim complex and lack of self awareness that YOU need therapy because YOU abused and ultimately killed an animal. then saying you did nothing wrong. good lord

No. 914464

File: 1578348350311.jpeg (500.59 KB, 750x1334, F85DABAE-82D4-47AB-9941-6302B2…)


No. 914465


I wonder if it was the dog fucking incident that she's full of regret over. Kek

No. 914472

File: 1578349327932.png (2.55 MB, 750x1334, 8758958C-6F14-4F71-97BF-CBF508…)

I was joking but not rly bc I’m a good singer

No. 914483

Ive only seen that one screenshot of one of her high school acquaintances saying she supposedly fucked a dog is there any confirmation on that

No. 914484

Oh my GODDDD what a fragile ego! She def rewatched it and realized how dumb it made her look.

No. 914489

File: 1578353097768.jpeg (71.06 KB, 750x282, B8C2A1B6-07A3-4A28-AB97-B07833…)


Damn anon, thanks for sharing, I didn’t even know about this. Reading through this stood out to me. She hasn’t changed a bit. Still googling for help while in dire straits instead of just going to a fucking doctor.

No. 914493

I love how even 19 y/o Ariana is a defensive , ignorant cunt. Nothing’s changed. I laughed at how defensive she got when people were calling her out when SHE was wrong and SHE the one asking for help in the first place.

No. 914494

File: 1578353742230.jpeg (Spoiler Image,131.86 KB, 750x747, 5C5F4B11-358A-4C96-8827-49A615…)

We need to add her inippleny username to the thread header next time. Some good shit down that rabbit hole. Attached is pre-boob job Ari.

No. 914498

File: 1578354045481.jpg (540.49 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200106-152705_Ins…)

STDsButMakeItUnsexy couldn't hold out for her lame fat grafting bullshit. Apparently she's now decided to get all of her remaining fillers removed (the same remaining fillers she always says aren't there anymore) which of course she'll record and share with the internet (although she says she doesn't post her whole life on the internet anymore and stopped oversharing). Then, she says she'll get them all put back in "correctly" this time by her new injector. Indecisive delusional idiot fills face full of substances in an attempt to like herself. McMillan, your followers can gas you up all day, but you're still a friendless loser with a love-handled bf, self-hatred, and no future. Facts.

No. 914499

i WaS aLwAyS a SeX wOrKeR~~~~~

No. 914500


Kek at those mandala tattoos in an attempt to make her non-existent tits better… Then she just said fuck it and filled her tits with lopsided silicone. A half off boob job that ended up with more disgusting scars than the one under her nose.

She could've been pretty. She fucked up.

No. 914501


Her feed is full of these 3/4 face shots. The only angle she looks decent in is her head turned slightly to the left or right. Hides her wide af nose and giant jaw. That makeup reminds me of Halloween.

No. 914504


So she's always been a narcissistic idiot that pretends she loves her face and body, which she tries to alter constantly. Way to show that self-love.

No. 914507

File: 1578354907998.jpg (113.99 KB, 1080x340, Screenshot_20200106-155244_Ins…)

The only comment ever seen from a male on her posts and he nicely comments how her heavy handed makeup is unnecessary. Topkek. She's a wannabe sex worker who can't appeal to men. She'd be better off trying to find female clients. Although she'd get fired quickly once she does her fake muff dive.

No. 914513

File: 1578355213498.jpeg (42.88 KB, 750x446, B03CF9B0-B5E6-4A00-9B7D-A195FA…)

Didn’t take long to find the old racist tumblr posts

No. 914514

File: 1578355229711.jpg (354.45 KB, 886x686, Screenshot_20200106-155940_Ins…)

I don't think she realizes that her incredibly arched back to fake a round ass is going to fuck her up in the future. She'll regret her intentional lordosis once the lower back pain kicks in within a few more years.

No. 914516

tinfoil but maybe in those cryptic tweets she was talking about having an incestuous relationship with her brother. that def qualifies for deep shame, and her family is hillbilly and so deeply dysfunctional that it wouldnt be too much of a surprise. i mean, she has his name tattooed under her tit. ive always found that to be reeaallyyy fucking weird.

No. 914517


That's a stretch… A white person saying nigga isn't racist these days. It's purposefully everywhere in song lyrics that white people listen to. Dropping the a to add an -er would be racist. It's more ignorant that she thinks she's sounding cool and "hood".(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 914523


Who is stupid enough to post that in 2015 next to a bunch of selfies, though? Our girl Ari. Wouldn’t shock me one bit if that is still how she talks amongst friends. She is absolutely trailer trash and this only solidifies it further.

No. 914524

jesus christ - never really understood why she got a boob job until i saw this. she should have definitely gone a cup size smaller than she ended up with though because she’s out of proportion (unless her next impulse plastic surgery is a kim k ass lol)

No. 914526

File: 1578355806938.jpeg (59.59 KB, 750x282, 0DB61F7D-65C7-4D7A-96B2-26EAD5…)

Spreading her spread asshole on the internet even further

No. 914528


>>>A white person saying nigga isn't racist these days

do you live under a rock lmao?

and black artists don't use the word to cater to white people wtf they can't control if white people will listen to their music or not

i've seen a bunch of black artists speak against this, one example being amine who has said several times, even on stage, that he doesn't want white people to sing along to that word

i'll take my ban now, thanks(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 914543

That thread has been posted here : >>914438

No. 914562

File: 1578357706453.jpeg (157.39 KB, 750x1019, F2E38D55-4DA9-42A6-91B5-85D154…)

Maybe this is why she uses the defense “google it” so often?

No. 914564

File: 1578358014191.jpeg (226.12 KB, 750x1062, 7A7C698E-C5FF-42F5-B003-FC6EA0…)

Relevant to her own doctor situation now.

No. 914567

File: 1578358077862.jpg (Spoiler Image,409.54 KB, 800x2866, ZomboDroid 06012020164802.jpg)

Damn I jumped thw gun and deleted my pics but the post you quoted doesn't have screenshots as preferred on this imageboard so I'm reposting
Spoilered for slightly upsetting image of injured lizard.

No. 914569

This video is from her Live today talking about the gecko incident. You decide if she’s describing it honestly…
if the link doesn’t work just search the title in Vimeo, I was having issues.

Watch “Ariana Mcmillan aka psoriasisbutmakeitsexy talks about her dead gecko” on #Vimeo https://vimeo.com/383185857?ref=tw-share

No. 914584

"Honestly sometimes shit just happens" strong tnd totes not my fault vibes right here

No. 914595

I don't think she ever went to a vet. I think just like with her rash, she showed a picture to her co-workers at the pet store and that was her "expert advice."

No. 914609

It’s wrong but she would need therapy for that, yeah.

No. 914613

File: 1578361181685.jpeg (940.04 KB, 1125x1717, 4247B703-2EF8-4C6C-A6BA-6EDDC1…)

She used to be so pretty.

No. 914615

This is a very flattering photo. But can we stop saying she used to be beautiful? She still has a fucked face. She’s good with angles.

No. 914631

File: 1578362727322.jpg (517.57 KB, 800x2479, 20200106_180345.jpg)

Did she lose her pet Tarantula in her home and say she would squish it? Is any of this archived? I'm a tech retard kek

No. 914644

That's someone else quoting something she allegedly said and calling her trash, which means she apparently said she would squish a tarantula in some context.

No. 914652

ew. her tweets today and the rehash of how she treated her animals are disgusting. she is so sick in the head. thats not necessarily an awful thing coz some severely mentally ill people are genuinely very sweet and caring people. but not ariana. shes sick in the head and evil, and im not sure she even realizes it. its obvious to a lot of people (hence all the hate) and shes obviously insecure about it based on her constant "im such a good person!!!!" rants. she recognizes she was abusive and manipulative in the past, but i think shes in denial that she still is. i dont shell change either, i think shes just a bad person to the core. with her upbringing, she never had a chance. i cant wait to see how shell deal with her fading looks in the next few years, she may just become one of those plastic surgery freaks like the human ken doll.

No. 914654

samefag but imagine getting a nosejob and this is what you get. it still looks large, just not from the side, but from the front. and those nostrils, they are huuuuge!

No. 914674

File: 1578367552734.jpeg (39 KB, 750x206, 157D83D6-5052-479B-90D7-99866A…)

Don’t think Ari likes all this rehashing of her past

No. 914695

Did anyone else notice she keeps referring to the gecko as a he in the video, but in all of her tumblr replies she calls it a her? Clearly there is a large lapse in her memory…

No. 914701

She looks like someone’s trailor trash grandma

No. 914718

File: 1578379194565.jpeg (477.87 KB, 1242x973, A3E5F5DD-AED5-4FFE-91EA-E754E7…)

No. 914738


I think post nose job, however shitty, is when she peaked. The dark hair and simple makeup was extremely flattering for her. The huge wings and clown cake face she wears every single day do her absolutely no favors.

No. 914756

Tinfoil but if the thing she was tweeting about is the gecko situation.. Wouldn't it be obvious that she had to kill it herself - instead of going to a vet for euthanization? It probably didn't go smoothly hence why it was so traumatic.

No. 914768

I legitimately thought she was hot as hell before all of her surgeries. (And, no, I look nothing like her.)

No. 914773

File: 1578406842998.jpeg (160.85 KB, 640x1057, EBF8E6AC-A14D-4DEE-B6E2-5F22B1…)

I sometimes can't believe how fake confident she is and apparently always has been. Way to go posting on a kind of body positive? tumblr and having it archived for ever - and then she has surgeries to kill the things that make her "hotter than you".

No. 914784

I think the reason why people think she used to look so good is because in comparison she looks like an old trans man now.

No. 914785

It’s not about the gecko. She posted about animals set on fire then followed it up with a memory of something she did. She’s obviously hurt more animals in the past.

No. 914786

File: 1578412255574.jpeg (151.87 KB, 828x310, DF678948-7C4C-4093-AA20-73A698…)

Says the person who has to humiliate her boyfriend because she can’t even afford a new phone despite being such a successful prostitute kek

No. 914788

File: 1578412585213.jpeg (187.46 KB, 828x534, 7C5A5DBB-922F-4FF4-AC10-47617E…)

What a miserable cow. And she wonders why she has no friends. She would be the type of person to hate her own children and any success they had out of jealousy.

No. 914791

File: 1578413302351.jpeg (181.52 KB, 1242x353, F51F329D-035E-4292-AC75-F48CEC…)

sad as fuck

No. 914797

How embarrassing to have a lazy useless girlfriend like her. This is nothing to be proud of. What a sad boring existence she leads. She went into debt to buy a new face just to sit inside all day staring at herself.

No. 914810

Is she still saying she’s keto? Pretty sure cereal isn’t keto lmao

No. 914821

holy shit this is literally trumper rhetoric
rich coming from a broke prostitute

No. 914836

File: 1578424007947.jpg (722.82 KB, 1080x1534, Screenshot_20200107-105559_Ins…)

She opened another account with Many Vids to showcase more cell phone videos of her basic and lackluster sex with her pencil dicked bf. I'm sure it'll be as interesting and high quality as her OF. She has so many accounts she's trying to add to that all of them end up being the same shit quality and content: "Look at my butthole and dragon dildo with no lube and I'm soooo hot and want more surgeries. Now give me sushi money as I update my e-diary entries on one of the many platforms I use to try to make money!"
Bitch thinks she's business savvy because she opened a lot of online accounts on amateur porn sites. She's thoooo thuccesful and loveth her privileged life.

No. 914845

I’m actually excited about this because we’ll be able to see how many people (don’t) buy her vids, as opposed to onlyfans we would only see the lack of tips

No. 914849

Lmao “daddy goes to work”

He’s a fucking mail man. Hahahahahaha

No. 914850

File: 1578425034357.jpeg (430.34 KB, 750x1231, 5194194B-922D-4AE3-9F40-1D41AB…)

She posted this on her 2nd instagram account last night. Pretty ironic how she says she gets free weed because “power of the pussy” yet… didn’t her FATHER give her a ton of weed recently too? Big yikes lol

No. 914856

File: 1578426543524.jpeg (59.09 KB, 587x410, 7BCE2A48-045C-4940-8F47-141B58…)

No. 914864

Her incessant ramblings are so obnoxious. She can barely string cohesive thoughts together in a way that makes sense. I LOLed at the random “Matt owes me money” part. It’s funny how she just got this new apartment and thought that it would be a ~new beginning~ and yet here we go again, got to start fresh somewhere else now! Ari, you’re problems will follow you because you are the problem. You will never have peace or happiness in your life.

No. 914865


Could be tinea versicolor caused by a yeast type of skin fungus that leaks out an acidic bleach. It’s pretty common but not cool enough to share with IG followers for sympathy kek

No. 914866

her weirdly personal hatred of dogs is so fucked up

No. 914868

She doesn’t like untrained dogs. It’s not a hatred. I’m not wking I’m just saying, she is right. Untrained/poorly behaved dogs are very frustrating to deal with in off leash situations like the dog park.

No. 914869

File: 1578428977466.jpg (283.34 KB, 1080x2012, Screenshot_20200107-142932_Chr…)

Here's her manyvids: https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/1003297752/Aliceamorlove/Store/Videos/

Probably should have posted something on it before telling people to hit you up for the link…

No. 914880

wtf is happening with her top lip it looks borderline gangrenous

No. 914889

my god she's pathetic. after seeing all her gecko history, I can't believe she feels like she can say anything at all about other pet owners. also all that talk about how much money she has and she doesn't even have 10k in the bank? what a moron

>here we go again, got to start fresh somewhere else now! Ari, you’re problems will follow you because you are the problem. You will never have peace or happiness in your life.
This! it's seriously unbelievable how delusional she is

No. 914895

File: 1578434369810.jpeg (86.48 KB, 750x392, C662E788-6D28-4127-B4D7-A33962…)

I love how she says “I’ve been flown out” making her family vacations sound like she’s some desirable influencer being paid to model for exclusive brands.

No. 914896

File: 1578434435779.jpeg (87.39 KB, 750x446, 98F84B37-781D-49AE-9327-853DFE…)

You’re personality is spreading your asshole for sushi stfu, Scabby.

No. 914899

“Life experience: when I was raped after blacking out on Island Rum and screaming at Matt for texting another girl while we were broken up on a trip together” an Odyssey.

No. 914900


I notice in the live she says she gave the gecko calcium dusted food since the beginning but years prior when begging for advice she claimed she went out and got lots of calcium and didn't know what vitamins the gecko needed. Which is it ari? Also she fucked a dog? Jesus that sounds like her

No. 914902

She claimed matt agreed to get her one but now she's asking strangers kek

No. 914903

Her bra has little skirts over the cups but she's so effing crusty and useless she left them sticking up. Or maybe it's to hide the aids rash

No. 914905

Lol I guess for a hillbilly like her leaving the country is considered life experience that other hillbillies don’t have.

I would love to see her try and go backpacking on her own in Europe or Asia vs these staying at a resort vacations, the milk would be incredible

No. 914906

She lists a disturbing amount of animals she has owned (meaning animals she has killed because where did they all go then Ariana?!? She listed like 10+ animals! And before that (not recorded) she listed all the animals her crackhead mom owned she Ariana was young. The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, or the animal abuser in this case.

The video starts out with her saying the geck had a calcium deficiency that she was unaware of, but then goes on to say she was giving it calcium dusted food… so she must’ve been aware… then she says that she was doing everything right… but then why did it just suddenly die? Animals don’t just suddenly die Ariana, that is neglect and that is animal abuse. Please don’t buy anymore animals!!!!

No. 914908

File: 1578436037392.jpeg (161.15 KB, 1125x872, B55ACE1B-360B-4CE1-BE9B-F87F1D…)

e-begging for a CHEESE TRAY from starbucks because she's already spent money on 3 this week.

No. 914909


I believe the timeline is she got the gecko without doing proper research on how to care for it and what to feed it. Then the geckos jaw broke, and while asking for advice on Tumblr, she was questioned/instructed on what she should have been feeding the poor thing, but it was too little too late, hence the proper scolding she got. If you dig far back enough there are photos of that poor gecko with its jaw literally hanging off at a 90 degree angle. That's why they ripped her a new one, because at that point it doesn't fucking matter what she was feeding it. She's an animal abuser, asking for advice when her pets jaw was hanging my scraps of skin. I don't suggest looking for those pics btw, they're horrific.

No. 914910

mailman Matt and scabby prostitute Ariana McMillan kek two losers made for each other.

No. 914919


Yep, she straight up lied when there is photographic evidence in this thread that she didn’t give the gecko calcium until after its jaw broke.

I wonder if she broke the jaw by mistake trying to rouse it because its body was so frail from neglect at that point.

Like holy fuck, thats honestly just a really sad and fucked up situation. She definitely is at fault of neglect and should take responsibility for it, but damn. That truly sounds traumatizing

No. 914921


she and many other people are such dumbasses. she’s planning her whole life around this taxidermy thing. which will 100% fall through. why not take a general business class that she can apply to any of her hairbrain squirrely ideas? people like her are so dumb. they get a fancy certificate saying they can do a hobby and just expect success and money to role in. she clearly has no idea how running a business works, so how is just knowing how to do taxidermy gonna bring her in a comparable amount of cash like she makes cashing in on her spare holes?

No. 914927

then…. don’t take your dog to those types of places lol

No. 914929

A photo of the gecko was posted here yesterday so you don’t have to dig far back to find it. It’s sick how she chose to post a photo like that to tumblr asking for advice instead of rushing to the vet when she KNEW the jaw was fucking broken and her animal was in pain.

No. 914934

I don’t see your point? He’s still going to work. Mailmen make decent money. It’s not like she’s bragging about how much he makes lol?

No. 914946

“Matt owes me money” what a weird gross couple. Of course she couldn’t just share money with her partner she expects a return.

No. 914950

No she just hates animals and mistreats them in general

No. 914954

File: 1578442131538.jpg (335.8 KB, 1079x1215, Screenshot_20200107-190852_Twi…)

No. 914956

What personality kek she has to try on other people’s identity for size every other week because she has nothing going for besides STD rashes and staring at her haggard man face day in day out. Imagine how boring it is to meet her and trying to hold a conversation with her. The people from her past must get kicks out of seeing what a train wreck she has become.

No. 914958

i don’t blame Matt for wanting to cheat on her

No. 914959

her trips aren’t glamorous vacations she can pay for herself; they’re for her to spread her holes to old men for a weekend just to buy sushi for dinner. i think it’s hilarious she’s a prostitute just for sushi and botched surgeries. i love watching this dumpster fire.

No. 914960

Apparently the gecko had been getting stiff for days and progressively getting worse. Like the fingers were hard and not moving. At that point, you go to the fucking vet to prevent the jaw from falling off . Probs didn’t want to pay for the vet visit cause she’s a cheap piece of shit that begs for fucking Starbucks.

No. 914964

File: 1578442855428.jpg (139.68 KB, 1080x587, Screenshot_20200107-191653_Ins…)


Looks like pnp found someone with a fox she can comically stuff

No. 914965

Don’t think you can sink lower than being a botched prostitute begging for someone to pay for your cheap cheese.

No. 914967

Matt probably loves going to work, not only does he get away from her but he is able to see/ interact with other women who are actually normal and naturally attractive.

No. 914969

Exactly. She has no idea how much work it would take to start up a business. The Fat Graft Fund would need to go towards any new business endeavors to make taxidermy a viable career path, and I just don’t see her putting any skin in the game . She’s too lazy and vein.

Just imagine her “graduating” from the course. Like, cool. Now what? You have a participation certificate that is so niche and is worth actually nothing.

No. 914971

Probably guilt tripping him for the iPhone

No. 914986

File: 1578445296482.jpeg (166.75 KB, 828x300, DC8F258F-3B94-40CB-B2BE-BC2C7F…)

Imagine hating your own face so much that a week without chemicals injected into your face is going to be a struggle. Surgery never fixed her insecurities.

No. 914987

File: 1578445505651.jpeg (73.24 KB, 828x204, D87AABB1-F0C7-45D4-868E-9C926C…)

Is her grandpa aware that she spreads her asshole for a living. I guess considering her dad discusses doing porn for a living with his own daughter and she had a tit tattoo for her brother it’s entirely possible her grandpa is proud of her being a hooker. That or he’s old and senile and will fortunately never know the truth/ have to be deep ashamed of her.

No. 914988

she keeps saying she quit dairy but clearly can’t stop eating cheese and cake. must be really struggling with that fake ED for attention kek

No. 914989

Tinfoil but she’s kissing her gramps ass cause she’s tryna lock down that inheritance. She’s gotten really weirdly obsessed with him recently.

No. 914991

File: 1578446457532.jpeg (657.98 KB, 828x1422, 8F26B7F0-5FC4-48DA-BD48-487757…)

OT but he kinda looks like her if she had all her filters dissolved. Same body and trans look going on. I don’t know why she insists on publicly humiliating Matt all the time. She should be grateful she found a mentally challenged man to stick by her.

No. 914993


it's a tarp

no, seriously. this is straight up a MTF body. how unfortunate.

No. 914994

Hillbillies love to keep it in the family. Notice how she words things - things she has that “she would never have access to without him” she sees people as opportunities to use/ exploit/ gain from. I wonder if her family or her brother’s friends have come across her online presence. Must fuck them up. I get the creepiest feeling she would enjoy knowing her brother/ family have seen her content though.

No. 915007

File: 1578448092477.jpeg (249.33 KB, 828x578, 39A516C9-FD01-4704-8126-DB3D88…)

Here we go again. She looks nothing like her. Angelina is beautiful. Ariana will never be close to being considered beautiful.

No. 915019

The dude was obviously not famous. Just some random live band making fun of her overly done up face and she thinks it's a huge compliment.

No. 915024

File: 1578450178358.png (938.61 KB, 1080x1706, Screenshot_20200107-084559~2.p…)

Yeah looks just like Angelina. Topkek

No. 915033

File: 1578451549713.jpeg (66.62 KB, 750x291, 775B537D-1B7A-4A91-ABE5-C880B9…)

Repost but Laughing bc no one is responding

No. 915045

File: 1578453170532.jpeg (78.79 KB, 612x728, F9D75984-B370-4169-9423-9E4343…)

Hey Angelina Jolie KEK

No. 915052

Anon I’m dying please tell me you edited this to make her look uglier

No. 915053

he was making fun of her clown lips and botched surgery, it was just banter. it’s very strange how ugly she is yet she clearly sees someone else in the mirror. it’s almost as if she has some form of reverse body dysmorphia..

No. 915061

It’s an unedited clip from her live kek

No. 915066

Holy fuck ,Scorpi-whore looks so barnyard. JESUS those sagging cheeks, the deep tear troughs, the wide as everloving fuck nose, puffy eyelids, the horrendous bangs that are made of actual straw somehow looking covered in grease…. and those blown-out lips that she used to claim was intentional but now she’s socially obligated to want them done “correctly”. And just imagine the smell…

No. 915074

nobody can convince me this isn’t a middle aged gay man with late-stage aids

No. 915082

>i wanna go to lush today but i don't know how because i refuse to park in center city
take the subway, a bus or cab and walk, how is she this stupid.

but she kept saying she didn't have any left lol.

No. 915089

File: 1578461325573.jpeg (159.42 KB, 1099x1148, 98FE1D1D-8135-4DA3-A24C-163028…)


No. 915090

She went mental at any of her followers who stated she clearly still had fillers for the last week or so, now she’s broadcasting she wants to get her fillers dissolved. How does her brain work?

No. 915124

this is pretty snobby of me but i hate when people whove only ever gone to popular beach destinations and stayed in their resorts act like theyre so cultured and well traveled. no, you are not. maybe do something that isnt getting drunk on a beach in a secluded resort before saying youre anything near cultured.

No. 915196

aNd iM sTiLl hOtTeR tHaN yOu

Sure, Granny. Don’t forget to take your medicine and put in your dentures.

No. 915234

File: 1578503026975.jpeg (1.03 MB, 4002x4002, 902D7D56-271A-4BE8-95F4-59B850…)

a nice before and after for our big hearted qween.

No. 915236

File: 1578503361024.png (404.42 KB, 750x1334, D4B5D168-BE29-4175-B110-3790FC…)

She has such a weird trip on vegans. I also hate how people roll over when she responds like the problematic cunt she is. Like why else does she go on these rants ? To instigate and start shit cause this bitch loooooves to fight and loves the drama. Stupidt lil twat.

No. 915246

Imagine e-begging for cheese, cheese from fucking Starbucks.
Fucking cheese hopeful emoji

No. 915248

her nose looks bigger after the nose job just in a different way. how tragic omg 9k down the drain

No. 915252

File: 1578507953953.jpeg (469.07 KB, 1242x1762, AE8E46E5-E629-48F5-9792-667861…)

for when shes spouting off like a good handmaiden about TrAnSPhObiA. i dont think she actually gives a fuck about trans people, she just uses it to get one up over people.

No. 915255

people roll over bc they know if they don’t she’ll go on a narc rage twitter/ig story spree sperging out about them

No. 915267


I like the question mark at the end. Like she's not sure if her family vacations are "life experiences?!" Kek

No. 915268


More like "when I told everyone is was raped to get attention."

Whether it's true or not, she doesn't need to share that attention-seeking info on IG so people will feel sorry for her and give her something.

No. 915286

File: 1578514551100.png (2.4 MB, 750x1334, AF2C1044-3CDC-47C2-9328-234E0A…)

Her hair is so fried. Still can’t believe the amount of bleaching she put it through just to look like what she does now.

No. 915288


Let's be clear, only 1 of those vacations was for an old dude. Usually she's just a 25 year old still going on family vacations.

No. 915290

File: 1578515583169.jpg (875.92 KB, 1438x1395, 20200108_123238.jpg)

The top is purple, middle is yellow / white in some places, and the bottom is dark ass piss yellow with her roots somehow already dark fucking brown. It's so bad I love it. pic related

No. 915292

File: 1578515811888.png (2.57 MB, 750x1334, EF089BA0-EDC1-4082-AABC-B1E400…)

Deserves a spoiler tbh

No. 915296

File: 1578516845135.png (1.4 MB, 1440x2568, Screenshot_20200108-145058~2.p…)

I don't understand why she records herself driving with these hideous angles. Plus she's complaining about not having her glasses and not being able to see fucking signs in a store. Yet she can drive all the way to New Jersey with no glasses???

No. 915300

File: 1578517810035.png (4.91 MB, 1242x2208, B331F564-B540-4506-9AC5-A83419…)

I was thinking the same thing. Literally saying someone is riding her ass and recording it… like this is NOT necessary for you or your followers. You are mentally ill and self absorbed please get off google and get real help. I’m surprised she isn’t on blast on any of the driving while on your phone hate pages on IG

No. 915301

She’s going off about vegans “attacking” her. Idk if she should’ve been attacked for whatever she said about the fires, but she literally said “what are they singlehandedly ending global warming by not eating a hotdog?” (Or something along the lines of that). It’s like, no, not singlehandedly. BUT the second leading contributing factor to co2 emissions in the atmosphere IS agriculture. Right after electricity/transportation. So if more people were vegan, it would definitely help the environment. Less demand = less supply. I’m not a vegan. It’s just annoying that she knows nothing about it but is still spewing bs.

No. 915302


Tbh, when does ScabbyAndUnsexy do anything but spout bullshit? She has mouth diarrhea, just talking to hear the sound of her own voice.

No. 915303

It bothers me soooo much she uses her phone while whining, lisping, singing, and recording while driving. She’s so dangerous.

No. 915304

Maybe her new Lip Bitch can dissolve the womb she has growing under her lip.

No. 915316

the crazy thing is that she bleached it made it purple only to bleach it again and it looks THE EXACT SAME as it did before both bleachings

No. 915329

Not only is she doing all of this but she’s doing it while openly admitting she’s BLIND.

No. 915331

File: 1578522316926.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, 3C9C0D9C-9F02-40FD-9889-395683…)

“Ok last one, this ones the real me”.

I need resuscitation.

No. 915333

“Okay guyth, thime tho record my Many Vidth! Pleath thubthcribe for thexxxxy conthent…” Smiling Devil Emoji

No. 915334

File: 1578522802992.png (319.31 KB, 750x1334, 05611F89-559C-41C0-A4DE-8E24FC…)

Or you’ll what? Stg you’ll beat her…?

No. 915337

I wonder if she regrets changing her semi-notable user to this mouthful. Also, her psoriasis is pretty cleared up, so it’s not really applicable anymore. Is she going to change it when it’s the next identity / disorder du jour? BPDbutmakeitsexy, Friedhairbutmakeitsexy, SpeechImpedimentandproud?

No. 915379

File: 1578532106104.png (3.44 MB, 1125x2436, B8C19D98-693B-447A-AE50-014195…)

No. 915384

god this has to be part of the next thread pic

No. 915385

It bothers me how distracted she is when she drives. She hits pot holes because she’s too busy fucking around filming herself.

No. 915397

its what she deserves ..even those stupid apps can see shes a bad person lmfao. next thread pic seconded.

No. 915418


No. 915457

Sorry if this is sort of off topic, but have any other anons suspected that tarte was weaned/taken from the litter prematurely? Ive seen her post a vid of her wool sucking before and cats that are prematurely weaned can be aggressive. I searched the old threads but i couldnt find anything about where or how she got her, or how old she was

No. 915474

yeah according to this anon >>825678 it was only 6 weeks when she got it

No. 915481

Is this from her main insta? What post is this on?

No. 915487

Thank you anon. I must have missed this somehow. Fucking sickening, what an evil bitch

No. 915488

No. 915519

What a stupid cunt, I hate her so much.

Ari if you see this you’re a useless fucking dumpster fire and your animals look like shit, you’ve ruined a perfectly good kitten, it will be hyperactive and fucked for life after being taken too long to live in your musty dirty ass shithole apartment, never getting a clean breath of air again, and you’ll say it’s the kitten who’s an asshole? Ari if you had a spirit animal it would be a fucking virus, you stupid ass bitch,(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 915521

I love her garbage ramble on her story about struggling to justify $16 sweatpants kek. Not shitting on people who buy cheap clothes because hey you gotta do what you gotta do but it’s funny as fuck when this crusty bitch always tries to flex but in reality is a broke bitch. Thuper successful prostitute living the glam life. What a boss bitch.

No. 915524

Not to armchair psych but she comes across as somewhat mentally retarded and it’s really bizarre how she’s always laughing at herself and pulling psychotic faces as if she’s having a conversation with someone. Perhaps this is the result of isolation from no one wanting to be around her?(armchair)

No. 915530

She’s probably developing schizophrenia from the isolation and all the talking to herself and her phone

No. 915630

File: 1578599145782.png (2.94 MB, 750x1334, B4755422-EE3E-4BAB-9C51-86BAE5…)

No. 915631

File: 1578599167521.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, 37CAD226-958C-44F5-8C64-C62DFC…)

No. 915632

File: 1578599218166.png (2.47 MB, 750x1334, 0688D5CD-1E63-49B8-8492-B7E1CA…)

No. 915634

File: 1578599641955.jpg (531.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200109-114928_Ins…)

Apparently listening to terribly repetitive music makes McMillan pull constipation faces, while she thinks she's grooving.

No. 915636

File: 1578599822121.jpg (992.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200109-115218_Ins…)

What kind of insecure loser wears a full face of spackle and lipstick to get their goofy fillers removed? She really can't cope with life and she's really getting unbearably annoying to even watch. I'd rather come here for milk than to hear it straight from the horse's busted mouth.

No. 915637


That heavy handed makeup was to try to look good on IG. Sad when your life is trying to impress strangers on the internet.

No. 915675

File: 1578605185144.jpeg (367.09 KB, 750x852, D89D096C-6012-4DA7-8336-96600F…)

Wonder why she chose this injector…

No. 915678

kek and my god those lips look terrible

No. 915685

what is with these fucking back alley injectors putting filler along the outside edges of the lips to make them look like literal duck bills? she’s gonna look just as botched as before if not worse if this is the work she’s planning on having done

No. 915688

because she’s not actually concerned with getting good work done. She’s worried about getting FREE shit. Because in reality, she’s just poor white trash.

No. 915694

File: 1578606922806.jpeg (188.16 KB, 750x1067, BDE21425-3CBF-4739-AC1C-E6B00D…)

Who is she fooling? She was a bully then and is a bully now. Oh, and let’s not forget. ShE dOeSnT hAvE LiP fiLlEr

No. 915696

Oh, didn’t you hear? She apparently LIKES the duck lips.

No. 915697

She looks so much better without the fillers, especially in her lips. I hope she leaves them out, it'd be so much cheaper too. But she won't, will get fillers then drop 8k on fucking fat grafts that are gonna look botched as shit

No. 915700

Her lips seem to be over 3x the original size. How is that goals in any way?

No. 915715

her nose looks facetuned as fuck on the right lol

No. 915761

There has to be some sort of medical explanation as to why her lips are still larger than her actual natural born with lips. Because these are obviously still much larger. She said on her IG story "tiny lips"…. no girl they are still full don't worry. I wish she would actually just leave her face like this.

No. 915762

she had a lip lift

No. 915764

Obviously but what about the bottom lip. She got trash fillers that probably had silicone in them and that’s why her lips don’t go back to her original papercut size

No. 915768

they’re probably stretched from overfilling. if she got them all truly dissolved and not refilled they would probably have a saggy look to them.

No. 915783

File: 1578617588038.png (4.07 MB, 1242x2208, 57CB8B64-86B8-474A-B11E-DED3A5…)

For anyone who can’t deal with her long story

No. 915792

Am I blind bc it doesn’t look any different

No. 915793

Fillers don’t “leave your lips saggy” once dissolved. That being said she looks like she still has filler in her lips obvs

No. 915794

The filler doesn't dissolve instantly. There is some initial deflation right away, but it'll continue to lose volume over a week or so. Some people need more than one session to completely dissolve filler as well.

No. 915823

Exactly. I feel like she’s exactly the type to need another dissolver session but she’s too much into instant gratification and will prob just get them filled instead even if she needs more dissolver.

No. 915836

File: 1578623631366.jpeg (859.83 KB, 1242x1047, 53A6AA4F-7A95-43AB-A58F-2171AF…)

Skimming through r/botchedsurgeries on reddit and found this gem posted a few hours ago.

No. 915842

it definitely is. look at the tip - it is much more refined and pointed looking than usual. i guess all of our comments about how big her nose is are getting to her.

No. 915843

I’m surprised that she isn’t a daily topic there

I guess she hides her botched with FaceTuned selfies

No. 915875

File: 1578633097839.png (3.49 MB, 750x1334, 69E00042-0C10-406A-B931-E8013D…)

Why did she put lipstick on only after getting the filler dissolved?

No. 915902

you aren’t supposed to put makeup on lip or skin injection sites for at least 24 hours she really does love botching any form of plastic surgery recovery.

No. 915911

Looks like her lip flap is gone now. Rip

No. 915920

File: 1578647534834.png (3.8 MB, 1242x2208, 1451EED2-25EB-4E78-BD2B-E96FEA…)

Queen of healthy living

No. 915949

I saw someone posted the screen grab from lay thread of her alien double mouth too kek. She's really made the rounds there and on r/instagramreality, so glad people see through this fake vile bitch.

No. 915950

File: 1578663794632.jpeg (636.71 KB, 710x1150, B6E0571D-3263-42C6-AA00-3B2449…)

How did she botch her face so bad in just two years

No. 915952

File: 1578664185783.jpeg (425.67 KB, 1920x1278, D17EE91E-B677-415D-A8CF-1654DC…)

Bullies HATE her now she’s hot she doesn’t make the rules

No. 915953

File: 1578664702515.jpeg (315.11 KB, 1447x2048, 2A8F3440-09E7-49FA-97C1-C9D544…)

No. 915984

Perhaps I'm insane but those lips look filled as fuck, like they're about to explode? How are those lips with all the filler dissolved?

No. 915985


Her new favorite filter. She'll play it off that she uses it bc it's funny and cutesy but she lowkey wants to actually look like this/the lion lady

No. 915987

She will use this filter all week until she gets her new fillers bc she will be so insecure with her “tiny lips”. Even the new Lip Bitch can’t dissolve filler correctly. Here we go again! She will need another round of hyaluronidase for sure.

No. 915994

They don’t dissolve immediately. It can take a week and more than one session.

No. 915997

I think it's the filter making them extra big. She looks so bad with it.

No. 916017

File: 1578679521762.jpeg (413.19 KB, 750x877, A3E1C4D3-72D2-4541-A3C9-54CA6E…)

The girl who can't afford Starbucks cheese boxes or $16 pants flexing her rent money

No. 916018

She said before she doesn’t pay for weed.

No. 916022

Her Daddy’s weed next to her Sugar Daddy’s weed KEK

No. 916030

God she’s such a dork. She acts like a middle schooler that still thinks it’s edgy to have weed on them. Maybe cause it’s not legal in her state idk but that’s like nothing to flex about if you live on the west coast.

No. 916033

File: 1578685326426.jpeg (74.08 KB, 480x683, 2C3B1978-35DF-4EC4-9AA2-287684…)

This is legit how every teenager acts when they get over an ounce or half pound in. She’s even selling it over social media.

No. 916053

File: 1578690070863.png (8.39 MB, 1242x2208, FFF87CDA-4778-42B0-BD78-069EA4…)

The brows to the hairline killing me. Saying her dad has paranoid Schizophrenia, it all makes sense now. The diagnosing herself, the thinking people actually care wtf she does…

No. 916057

why the fuck does her face look like that…?

No. 916070

because it’s a botched optical illusion- if you’re not looking at it from the 3/4 facing angle and pose she always takes pictures at she looks like a slowly deflating sex doll

No. 916073

This might be one of the ugliest pictures of her ever taken

No. 916074

Or coated with several layers of make up and the perfect filter

No. 916077

On live she just said she met aaron on tinder (to become friends) when she was already dating matt

No. 916078

File: 1578694070591.jpg (758.82 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200110-170814_Ins…)

No. 916079

She posted a pic on IG a few hours ago with the caption being “I look like a baby prostitute”….Seriously, just throw the whole human away.

No. 916084

File: 1578694882707.jpeg (387.65 KB, 695x1724, 71F7CBB6-062B-436F-9285-0D6FCA…)

Older posts of hers but just starting to piece together how she talks about animals

No. 916087

When was she posted on Instagramreality?

No. 916089

iirc there is an old gif where shes backed her hamster into a corner and just sprays it in the face with a stream of water for no reason and it looks pretty distressed, she has a track history for being shitty to animals

No. 916130

File: 1578700620475.jpeg (217.16 KB, 750x1069, 1DD59716-3257-44D3-96CF-33A6C5…)

She has really wonky eyes in straight on photos

No. 916134

File: 1578701215375.jpg (381.37 KB, 1079x1666, Screenshot_20200110-190656_Ins…)

You mean this post.

No. 916142

She looks at least 38-42 with surgery trying to reclaim her youth

No. 916155

That story just made my stomach turn. I never knew I could go from hating her for entertainment to actually hating her on a real level. Anyone have the gif?

No. 916196

File: 1578708090422.png (237.44 KB, 768x384, screen-shot-2019-03-18-at-11-1…)

She looks like James Charles in drag.

No. 916206

If there wasn’t proof suggesting otherwise I would not believe anyone who said she isn’t trans

No. 916217

honestly james charles looks more feminine at this point

No. 916255

File: 1578717594015.jpeg (32.77 KB, 565x350, 9B679C83-287D-45A1-AF12-4404A9…)

looks like she has male pattern baldness here kek

No. 916261

why does this look like a mugshot

No. 916262

File: 1578718979483.jpeg (470.6 KB, 750x851, 2DB5FAFC-B275-4E78-B294-34B7BC…)

Her top lip maybe looks a hair smaller, but to me it really just looks like she overlined her top lip a lot more in the first picture…

No. 916265

they look more like real lips now than they did lol so i don’t get why she’s so pressed to get them overfilled again

No. 916269

File: 1578721685115.png (49.31 KB, 1080x212, Screenshot_20200110-234241~2.p…)

A deleted comment from that pic

No. 916284

She didn't get any dissolved in her bottom lip kek

No. 916285

File: 1578728485735.jpeg (105.33 KB, 828x1319, 53913150-FDDC-4A60-A573-892896…)

She’s on Instagram sitting in the dark with her ugly ass filter hiding her botched old tranny face talking about how she thinks her bullies are uglier than she is. Her perception of beauty is so warped she thinks looking like a plastic forty year mtf trailer park prostitute constitutes beauty

No. 916286

File: 1578728637038.jpeg (104.95 KB, 828x1349, F48AB8C3-CD57-4FCF-BACD-11F960…)

Nightmare fuel. The only ugly bully is her. Why doesn’t she go torture or kill some more animals and insects.

No. 916301

you can tell when she doesn’t edit or pose in her pics that she has poorly placed cheek filler too (see >>916053) she should prob get that dissolved as well

No. 916304

File: 1578736596671.jpeg (275.82 KB, 807x515, 4DF3870E-433C-418A-BFBE-D44BB1…)


And now she’s saying she took out only „some filler” lol we can tell

No. 916322

File: 1578744072860.gif (Spoiler Image,1.73 MB, 600x375, 1536286134038.gif)

its from way back on her insta
sage bc not new milk

No. 916326


i've seen a lot of awful stuff having grown up on the internet but this fucks me up. i'm fucking sad about it

why would anyone do this. and… film it, on top of that. she's honestly so demented. she really might be a future killer. she's twisted in a really gross, dark way

No. 916353

Never was a spoiler needed more. Jfc what a sick bitch. I'd say cancel her, but what's the point? She's a botched scabby call girl with one client and a cuck boyfriend. Best life.

No. 916378


This is so obsessive and bizarre how she spends her free time, alone in the dark with her plastic surgery imitating filter, talking about how she's "prettier" than people who probably haven't thought about her once since they graduated (unless she reached out to them to harass and dox them, like she did that one dude she posted all over her story for no reason even after he apologized). She is deranged.


The fact that no brands will touch her is telling in itself anon. This bitch ruined her own life kek

No. 916387

What a fucking piece of shit, this is so horrible to watch. The hamster looks so stressed.

No. 916424

what an evil cunt, the only thing that makes me feel better about this is that her destructive insidious personality will never allow her to find happiness in her life

No. 916433

Bro. This is so wrong and fucked up, how did she have a job with animals. She is fucking evil, honestly my heart hurts seeing this. That poor little baby, there is no reason to fucking squirt a hamster with water that just seems insane and weird.

And to think, she gate keeps animal care SO HARD. I mean she really does that with everything and acts like she is so knowledgable. She has now killed a gecko by breaking it's jaw, abused a little hamster, and repeatedly insists how horrible and awful her fucking KITTEN is. She currently has two cats, a dog, and a snake. But she also wants to do taxidermy and collect dead animals? Can you say psycho?? She should not have animals i'm actually scared for them now.

No. 916435

This made me tear up. I honestly hate her so much, she is such a fucking fake ass bitch saying “if you know me, you know I’m an amazing pet mom and would do anything for my animals”.

Put “animal abuser” in her next thread.

No. 916438

What if she only wants to go into taxidermy so she can stuff her dog and older cat when they die? The thought makes me sick, but she’s always crying about them dying some day. Maybe she has some sick fantasy about keeping them forever…

No. 916443

I also remember her saying when she was a dog walker she took a shit in the owner’s garden/field and then the dog ate it. She took a photo of the dog with her shit all over it’s mouth…if you scroll back far enough I’m pretty sure it’s on her insta

No. 916448

File: 1578763171039.jpeg (201.77 KB, 750x1057, 8A761342-8503-41DE-AD19-7EED90…)

No. 916449

There is so much to hate about her, It’s actually astounding.

No. 916485

Is that from her pet store job?

No. 916493

Seriously, it is an obsession/addiction at this point. Every waking moment she's focusing so much energy on physical attributes and acts like it's totally normal. Ariana, sweetie, no adult in their right mind spends this much time critiquing themself and others. Functional adults wake up, get dressed, look in the mirror, and start their day. Functional adults have real priorities and responsibilities other than "Dear diary, should I inject more shit into my face or get invasive surgery??? Life is so hard!!"

No. 916497

God. She hates herself more than we hate her.

No. 916504

I might be ugly but I don’t look like a tranny who’s going to look even worse in 10 years time when her face caves in on itself. plus my tits aren’t grizzly bolt ons(blog)

No. 916535

File: 1578772724878.jpeg (584.9 KB, 828x1132, 997FE1F4-249C-46C2-A51A-489F0A…)

Arianas goals

No. 916592

Wow. Ariana Mcmillan of Philadelphia is an animal abuser.

No. 916701

I don’t understand why she spends all day sucking her teeth and posing whilst looking at herself dead in the eye. I can’t figure out if it’s because she genuinely thinks people want/ need this or if she is in love with herself which is very strange

No. 916705

What happened to her supposed normie job she “just doesn’t talk about on social media” ? Is she so twisted she believes her own lies about making up imaginary jobs. Her whole entire life is sitting alone in her room staring at herself in an iPhone camera.

No. 916741

a major tinfoil i’ve been thinking about since she first started talking abt taxidermy is that she would practice on her own pets or eventually just “adopt” more specifically for the purpose of killing them to use for her taxidermy.

obviously sage but she seems to get a strange pleasure from torturing animals, came from an abusive family… anyone know if she suffered from excessive bedwetting as a kid or had a head injury or has an obsession with fire?? kek tinfoiling hard on the serial killer triad of traits and seeing the direction her life is taking wouldn’t shock me….

No. 916769

I think she tells herself everyone who hates her are just ugly and angry because she’s delusional enough to not realise many people hate her and for good reason. I wonder if she knew how many natural and good looking people hated her what would her come back be then? People hate her because she is cruel to people and animals and is repulsive looking whilst being self obsessed.

No. 916787

the day she was complaining about needing help carrying up the new snake tank, she claimed during her story that she heard that smaller tanks are actually better for her type of snake; buys bigger tank and uses it anyway, with no further mention of it possibly being incorrect housing.
Her lack of knowledge about her own animals is so sad, considering snakes require very specific care.
All she has to do is google some shit and fucking self educate but who has time for that in between all the self obsession, complaining, and subsubpar "porn?"

No. 916844

File: 1578826953268.jpeg (68.95 KB, 1242x300, F4F78FAC-CF12-4668-B55F-D30E8F…)

No. 916906

She really just sits around all day and wishes for drama. What a messed up thing to say about your boyfriend. He must be extra dumb if he reads this and is not alarmed.

No. 917035

Pewdiepie had her double lips in his video today about the horrors of humanity

No. 917037

No. 917040

File: 1578863607837.jpg (355.89 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20200112-221216_You…)

Diff anon. It's in his 'EVERYTHING IS AWFUL' video & starts at 12:28

No. 917046

I fucking love this so much oh my lord. Will she rage at pewds??? Or just pretend to not know?? WOW I LOVE THIS.

No. 917049

And pewdiepie actually goes like „you look stupid. Girls, no guy really likes when you look like that.“
Jesus i cant this is so wonderful.

No. 917055

she’ll probably do some faux empowerment shit and say “i DoNt dO iT fOr MeN, i Do iT fOr MySeLf”

No. 917063

File: 1578866080613.jpg (575.86 KB, 1079x1521, Screenshot_20200112-165518_Ins…)

No. 917067

they both look like they haven’t showered in a week

No. 917068

Her hair makes her look like a grandma in this

No. 917071

Does she think she's pretty or what?

No. 917074

lol yes she thinks she’s like the hottest woman on the planet

No. 917098

The way Pewdiepie laughs when he first sees it is golden LmaOOO "ladies you look stupid alright. You may amongst your little girly friend group think that that looks good because your other girly friends have it, you look stupid." This is everything. TopKEK

No. 917099

File: 1578872087429.jpg (922.21 KB, 1079x1920, Screenshot_20200112-181730_Ins…)

No. 917107


Damn pencil dick’s hair has started to recede. Lucky for him, Ari doesn’t care about looks as long as the men pay the bills.

No. 917109

File: 1578873104368.jpeg (580.61 KB, 2048x2048, F353B4F5-8D5D-4B90-B801-FE800B…)

No. 917115

Is that the Apple Watch she got Matt that she is already selling?

No. 917117

No. It’s a friend’s post she reposted.

No. 917121

No, it's Mia's she posted it on her story and pnp shared it to help her find someone to buy it.

No. 917122

idk why she’s trying to claim her second set of lips isn’t from filler, when you can clearly see it got better when she got her lips dissolved

No. 917123

File: 1578874255323.jpg (723.73 KB, 1079x1920, Screenshot_20200112-190917_Ins…)

She's talking on her story about pewdiepie saying "the dude with the most subscribers on YouTube did a video on me" kek. Stating her lips were like this since birth and says she hopes he said her handle bc she wants to get followers out of him and claims her friends keep sharing the video screenshots with her. Says she didn't watch the video. Hey ari we see you. we know you got that info from here kek

No. 917131

File: 1578874549106.jpg (970.03 KB, 1078x1921, Screenshot_20200112-190806_Ins…)

Nitpick but the words aren't centered.
she must be sucking up to mattcuck.

No. 917141

no actually angel boy is from tim and eric

No. 917143

>made a video about me
bruh… you were a 5 second anonymous subject in a 20 minute fail video lmao how can you honestly be this delusional?

No. 917144

she definitely saw the video screen grab from here because you can’t even find it on youtube lol

No. 917145

so edgy and totally not tryhard

No. 917147

Say Pewdiepie you dumb bitch, we know you know his name. Every single person in America knows who Pewdiepie is. Why should he @ you if you wanna act like you don't know who he is? He got the pic from reddit not personally from you.

Can't stop cringing at her ratty ass hair sitting there laughing like she doesn't care. 1 mill+ people now think you're ugly and dumb! Your face is botched regardless henny. Now more people think she's dumb, than the amount of followers she has KEK. Think about that Ari

No. 917157

Why is she on that same shit that she was born with that??? No you were not, psoriasis. It came from deeply injected filler and you know it. Your new injector has pictures of that flap on her insta and says it’s from poor work. Are you calling her a liar?? We know her body better than her at this point oy vey

No. 917164

File: 1578877210630.png (447.19 KB, 1080x1379, Screenshot_20200112-195702~2.p…)

Yeah guys it's not from fillers, her lips have been like that 'Forever'.
She's really not keen. This man is roasting her and she thinks ppl would want to follow her?

No. 917177

The pewdiepie video got taken down

No. 917185

probably because of the new youtube tos that now includes “bullying”
i know a lot of yt channels pretty much nuked themselves after they announced that because it’s so limiting content-wise

No. 917187

make it yourself instead of adding nothing to the discussion?

No. 917189

File: 1578879726514.png (276.17 KB, 1242x2688, 69CF55FF-4968-4DAF-9CC5-D7D747…)

No. 917191

She’s such a moron, that picture of her disgusting gummy mouth has been cycling through the internet and reddit recently -not attached to her name- it’s practically a meme that made its way to pewdiepie cause it’s that fucking ridiculous. Fucking @PsoriasisAndDenial isn’t on his radar, don’t flatter yourself sweetie. She is a microinfluencer KEK

No. 917214

Not before 1.9 million saw her nasty face kekekekek

No. 917252

File: 1578887325471.png (4.65 MB, 1125x2436, CEBCCFD7-FA71-4218-9550-62B797…)


No. 917254

she’s really pushing her sw twitter now, yet made fun of people that followed her from ig to there and called them stalkers…(she told us the name back then too)

No. 917256

lol at her posting an ig video saying she doesn’t know how to sign up for manyvids, but got mad during her live at people who ask how to sign up for onlyfans, saying “literally use google”

No. 917257

File: 1578887628920.jpeg (283.6 KB, 828x1355, DE849DB3-7EFF-43FB-ADD5-F72934…)

Literal troon…dont stare too long you canmot unsee her transitional nightmare.

No. 917258

i was scrolling fast and i thought this was someone from rupauls drag race lol

No. 917274

her face just looks so.. doughy and undefined. she looks like she's having an allergic reaction to something.

No. 917318

Although her identity was kept anonymous, I’m sure that loads of people are searching for her account now and giving her a follow. It’s not difficult to come across. Knowing her, she’ll overlook the fact that a majority of said followers are only doing so for entertainment purposes - not because they genuinely admire her. Everyone loves keeping up with a good trainwreck.

No. 917320

She looks so old and haggard

No. 917324

No one is going to even know who she is lmao. He literally talks about her for like 10 seconds. She thinks people are going to be like wondering who lips those are and searching for her.

No. 917325

The way she’s smiling like a weirdo when she’s being made fun of is creepy and sad. She’s only smiling and being so happy because she got 10 actual seconds of being made fun of for a million people plus no body even knows who she is, her face wasn’t even shown

No. 917367

she's giving me erika lipps with her face shape which is…bad considering erika is obese.

No. 917396

her handle/name wasn't mentioned on the reddit post (due to rules of the subreddit it was originally posted on) or the youtube video. there's literally no way for her to capitalize on the 5 seconds of negative attention she received for looking botched.

No. 917399

File: 1578927163302.jpg (898.69 KB, 1055x1620, Screenshot_20200113-085220.jpg)

Oh my god she has never had a unique idea cross her mind. Isn't this a bit reminiscent of latinamilk's tattoo??? How is she not embarrassed

No. 917425

Literally lookin like a swollen Kim Petras.

No. 917428

File: 1578931126521.jpg (397.42 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200113_095828.jpg)

Funny thing is, she lost followers in the last 12 hours. Kek

No. 917518

File: 1578942813041.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, 2A4BC9E7-A3CD-4947-8BA4-FB33B2…)

She’s really going on a rant right now on Instagram about how she cannot FATHOM people belittling others for their appearances…… especially if they had a botched surgery. Ariana I’m sorry but did you forget that ALL you do is bash people who you think are uglier than you? AND didn’t you say yesterday that you lips have always been flabby? The weird skin flap WASNT caused by fillers? Pick a side! How do her followers not call her out on this shit

No. 917522

mfw when >>916448

No. 917526

Her favorite insult is calling people ugly. Pot calling the kettle black. It's not funny when someone with actual fame calls YOU ugly. (Even though you call people with less followers ugly all the time) But when haters are coming at you, you can't fathom how their ugliness equates the right to opinion on your appearance. This is why people hate you Arianna. You're a fucking hypocritical insecure botched IDIOT.

No. 917538

File: 1578944489385.jpg (909.71 KB, 810x1943, Screenshot_20200113-133440_Ins…)

She really thinks tagging that PewDiePie dude on her picture is going to get her followers. Kek this girl legit was just making fun of ugly people, who is she kidding. I hope this backfires and his followers start going after her. All she's going to get from this are trolls digging up dirt and roasting her.

No. 917539

File: 1578944544532.jpeg (521.2 KB, 813x1518, A8F6F8F2-ED7F-4251-ABAB-9CA3CB…)

She’s really hurting kekkkkk

No. 917540

File: 1578944558749.jpeg (193.93 KB, 750x1087, 2DDDB1BD-5353-40DA-9F47-DD125C…)

This chick is having a full blown embarrassing meltdown. And trying to milk clout.

No. 917541

lmao maybe repost this with a pic that's not facetuned to the point of almost not being able to recognize yourself

No. 917543

bitch pewdiepie doesn't even know WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE lmao she is absolutely insane with this shit

No. 917544

She just wants him to mention her so she can leech “fame” because she is useless and lazy.

No. 917552

it just blows my mind that her tiny inbred brain can't comprehend that all she was to him as far as her appearance in that video was an ugly set of lips he saw on reddit. that's it. it could've been some random person off the street lol there was no association made to the individual. she's acting like she was called out because she lurked and saw it here but there's literally been zero reference made to her otherwise.

No. 917558

How angry/upset she is over this just proves how much of her self worth lies in her appearance

No. 917561

AAAAAAHAHSHAHAHA SHE WAS BEING SO COCKY ABOUT IT YESTERDAY AAHHHH HAHAH WHAT AN EMBARRASSING BITCH. Literally her name wasn't connected anywhere to the video THAT'S NOT BULLYING. Who wants to bet she was the first to report his video yesterday?? ARIANNA YOUR A 25 YEAR OLD CAM GIRL WITH AIDS. Don't tag him girl he's gunna find who you are and look up your name like really girl omg. YOUR THREADS ARI

No. 917564

why Is see crying wolf about her botched fucking lips? and to say it wasn’t filler … see constantly post throwback pictures so we know it was the filler arianna ! Also how can she attack someone else when she’s the one constantly talking about how her plastic surgery has made her HOTTER than the ugly kids that use to bully her. I can believe she is an actual developed adult . I was here for the train wreck but this is way more than I bargained for. Full on delusion

No. 917567

File: 1578945789133.png (339.87 KB, 750x1334, 19A6B795-783B-452D-8FF1-C05D39…)


No. 917568

>Don't tag him girl he's gunna find who you are and look up your name like really girl omg. YOUR THREADS ARI
honestly though, does she really think any good can come out of him finding out who she is? especially considering the embarrassing OF content, recent recounting of animal abuse, and the untreated mystery rash.

No. 917569

shes gone from finding it "funny" to breaking down over it in the span of a night hahahaha. obvious coping mechanism. shes so fucking annoying though, all she does is come for other peoples looks, like thats the only insult she ever throws out there because she thinks itll affect others like it does her. now she wants to cry and say insulting people for their looks is sooo bad?? also people make fun of peoplw with plastic surgery because they CHOSE it and its always funny when an idiot willfully ruins their life. i cant think of anyone else who deserves millions of people laughing at her ugly face, now she knows it isnt just us, its … everyone.

No. 917590

Arianna is so hyper focused on her botched surgeries & double lip that she doesn’t even take the time to calm down and realize it’s not really about HER. People ALL OVER the world are idealizing these modifications without any initial knowledge so they fall into stupid cosmetic clinical traps. The lack of research being done before these surgeries puts people into debt and fucks with their self esteem even further. Half the time there is no NEED for change. There is simply a want and doctors will/can prey on that! Arianna is an example. Almost every modification she underwent has had issues or had to be revised at some point. Her insecurities allowed her to be a guinea pig and that shouldn’t be idealized either. Everyone has their own opinions and she sure as hell voices hers so why can’t this YouTuber? She’s so desperate for a bigger following it’s impossible for her to let any conflict like this go without spinning it to her advantage.

No. 917598

File: 1578948048550.jpg (560.88 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20200113-203934.jpg)

x3 sperg about how people shouldn't breed if they 'bully' others.
Also that story is so fucking long, no wonder she's hemorrhaging followers

No. 917601

If she can’t take the heat maybe she should shut the fuck up, she talks about everything shamelessly and this is what she gets

No. 917620

File: 1578949541089.jpg (312.22 KB, 1080x1941, Screenshot_20200113-160447_Ins…)

She's mad after watching the 30 sec clip of pewdiepie laughing at her and it's insane because yesterday she was acting so privileged to know he spoke of her. I guess she's pissed she didn't get that shutout kek

No. 917622

File: 1578949688992.jpg (101.56 KB, 1080x611, Screenshot_20200113_215948.jpg)

but she does the same thing all the time??? i didn't have to scroll far to find an example. she probably thinks it's different because she does it as a response to rude comments, but whenever she points at someone and call specific parts of them ugly, she is calling all people with that same trait ugly. if she wants to be the bigger and better person, she should stop picking people apart for their looks, no matter what they said to her first. otherwise she is just the same, how can she not comprehend this

No. 917624

this was already posted >>917540

No. 917628

File: 1578950068507.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 9C1EA962-7633-4C68-B192-8A4FFE…)

on a video of a white kid calling another student the n word… she’s trying to call the kid autistic.. when he’s clearly not autistic just racist. oh, ariana, never change

No. 917631

File: 1578950224649.jpeg (166.79 KB, 750x981, DE6A2020-86A2-4DED-BA2B-B92993…)

Pick me ass

No. 917635

And so it begans. She's going to have to block a lot of her followers if she doesn't want ppl who like pewps on there. Sorry not sorry, he has a trillion followers. Theres overlap! Plus he legitimately didn't do anything wrong, he makes videos people laugh at and shes taking it so personal. All those beauty mutals she has watch youtube.

No. 917639

Seriously, for someone who loves South Park and intentionally puts it on to ween out sensitive friends, what the fuck is she so worked up about?

No. 917642

File: 1578950823343.jpeg (150.99 KB, 748x716, F6FB07AC-07D9-4A28-95C3-D2AAF7…)

Keep reading, girl! We know we’re your source of entertainment too.

No. 917645

File: 1578951165011.jpeg (121.09 KB, 749x665, 74894CD8-0441-4A53-94C2-A53B49…)

The comments are hilarious on that long ass rant she posted.

No. 917652

File: 1578951390340.jpeg (168.08 KB, 750x958, E6A1401D-E1DB-4769-B1F0-85A471…)

“He was talking shit on me in the video” BITCH, no he wasn’t ! He didn’t even mention her, he just referred to her nauseating gummy mouths.

She’s acting like Sponge Bob when the Krusty Krab commercial aired

No. 917669

Hi I'm @/evrgarden + @/nctrnal on IG. I liked Ari and told her I didnt mean any hate or negativity but she kept deleting my comments. I tried sticking up for Felix because the media already shits on him and then this happens lol.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 917671

File: 1578952632534.jpeg (125.02 KB, 750x1072, F8144DFA-9422-4501-BD77-D78D89…)

why’s she making such a big fuss about this video she appeared in for 3 seconds anonymously but didn’t say anything about the initial reddit post that ended up with over 15k upvotes and who knows how many more thousands of views?

No. 917678

Because there isn’t any possible reward to leech from reddit.

No. 917679

This pewdiepie shit is so funny. Does she know what happened w trisha paytas and h3? This reminds me of that only it was a ten second pic of her mouth and had no association to her whatsoever.

No. 917685

i like to play a game with the shit that ari spews on a daily basis, basically whatever she says, is the opposite of what she means/feels. shes clearly taken a bit hit to her ego with this pewdiepie thing, so shes screaming out to anyone who will listen that shes sooo happy with herself. the opposite of that is that she hates herself.

No. 917688

"targeted harrassment" bitch what? Shut tf up with your "I hope he says my handle so I get more followers" ugly ass kek

No. 917691

ariana literally solely feeds off of male attention, so to see a well known guy with a lot of money and social standing imply she’s botched and ugly is getting to her a lot more than most things do

No. 917712

File: 1578954369730.jpeg (156.48 KB, 750x1014, 472DEB2E-1A0E-474C-93D0-A64314…)

Someones comment on her lame, off centered tattoos

No. 917719

It’s sad that everyone thinks she’s mostly talking about Pewdiepie when the only thing on her mind is probably Lolcow

No. 917737

it’s already been established that it’s a tim and eric reference. not milk

No. 917743


I think that it was milk worth mentioning. She got an extremely similar tattoo that a girl she’s known to skinwalk has? Just hers looks way worse. Hers is the the discount tim and eric version.

Also not saging your complaint about no milk. Kek.

No. 917747

I watched this dumb bitch’s rant about how it’s wrong to bullying people who are botched. Ridiculous.

She has the memory of a carrot. Does she seriously not remember lashing out on people who were kind to her but pointed out the fact she was BOTCHED as hell. Then she continued to BOTCH herself again and again and called anyone who tried to talk sense into her ugly, stupid, and jealous.

If you want CARING people around, you gotta accept sometimes theyre going to tell you things you dont want to hear. But she’s pushed away any normal follower with insults.

Even pewds comments were caring. He was honest in saying they looked gross, and was honest when he said that isnt what guys want. You botched yourself trying to impress other women and it probably hurts to hear but the man ain’t lying or bullying you.

No. 917748

Why the fuck is she bringing up people not saying shit about people with naturally big lips or boobs??
People with big lips or boobs or ass look NORMAL because they were BORN with it.
Ariana naturally has thin white people lips and no boobs at all. You cant go from one extreme to another and think it’s going to look good!? Your botched because your not naturally suppose to have big lips or boobs so they look fucking RIDICULOUS on you. She’s a fucking idiot and has no commonsense. ARIANA YOU WILL NEVER LOOK GOOD WITH BIG LIPS AND BOLT ON TITS. you look like a fucking crazy clown.

No. 917761

She's been really pushing the tim and eric reference thing hard because even she knows it's identical to latinamilk's. If we were to see a side by side of the word "boy" in these tats, we wouldn't be able to tell them apart

No. 917769

she didn’t even pay for her lips lol

No. 917785

I stg latinamilk is in this thread, anon brings up this bitch's name at every turn

No. 917789

It’s probably just someone who follows her and lowkey stans her. She doesn’t seem milky, and never really got involved in the drama beyond vaguing on her instagram stories. I wish she would post though, she probably has a bit of milk on Ari.

No. 917816

She doesn’t realise people love to hate her because she is a shitty person on the inside who mistreats people and animals , it’s just a bonus she has botched her face and body and is ugly as hell.

No. 917819

Ariana literally stole her boyfriend and bought a wig to match her hair, seems relevant

No. 917855

Don't forget now she has also stolen her tattoo idea on top of only jumping into "sex work" after LM inspired her. Never a single original thought with this cow.

No. 917898

She looks like a lisp.

No. 917927

You’re referring to the font? That font is popular for those word type of tattoos lol I wouldn’t call it a copy just bc there are tons of people with that same font

No. 917934

im sure im not the only one with the idea but it would be funny to make a little compilation of all the times shes come for someones else looks/called ugly, and put her little rant about how its soooo mean uwu to insult other peoples appearances. would make a good thread pic. just an idea.

No. 917954

File: 1578990495960.png (650.71 KB, 1080x1072, Screenshot_20200113-231138~2.p…)

The ultimate Photoshop fail. What is this supposed to be. Ppl don't bend like this

No. 918000

File: 1579004057370.png (1.32 MB, 1213x2048, Screenshot_20200114-061411.png)

You can't unconvince me that she isn't retarded

No. 918018

So she claims she hasn’t even watched the video and actually have no idea what he said about her lips, but she still is screaming that he’s ”bullying her” and all that shit…? How….

No. 918019


No. 918020

nta but those tats were soooo popular back in tumblr’s heyday. even luna slater has one like that

No. 918022

Awesome, the point is that ariana copied latinamilk presently, not in "tumblr's heyday"

No. 918023

stop the presses!

No. 918030

This doesn’t look photoshopped at all. She’s just bending down. Maybe it’s a weird angle? Strange nitpick.

No. 918035

Little kid her would be impressed/ happy with the fact that she’s a botched prostitute begging for cheese from Starbucks in exchange of spreading her asshole?

No. 918044

her word salad updates are so bizarre, truly. without knowing who she is and how old she is, her writing comes across as very juvenile… its just all over the place and she seems to be struggling to think of the next subject thats worthy of posting, so in the struggle to think of something, anything… she verbally farts out totally random nonsense about anything she can think of.

its quite sad really, she has an extremely empty life that has no real meaning, neither to the world nor for her self. her only purpose or passion seems to be getting botched surgeries. i cant think of any existence that is more hollow or miserable. her favourite hobby is staring at her self on her phone and lisping into the void of instagram to people who dont give a shit about her, most of the people who follow her are just there to watch the trainwreck and shes too delusional to see it. too delusional to see that shes past her peak by a few years and shes starting to look like a freak. too delusional to see that shes still a bad person and probably always will be.

i honestly think she HAS to stay this delusional or she wouldnt be able to live with her self. shes got no good looks, is objectively a bad person and shes borderline retarded with zero education to boot. just a bottom of the barrel type of person. soz for rant but the sheer amount of delusions this woman child has is, if nothing else, interesting

No. 918051

Its so funny how she keeps on talking and talking and talking about how fucked up it is to make fun of someone "who was fucked up with plastic surgery" but how is this fucked up when she literally sperges on people who just ask her things or tell her truthful things. Why does she think she is entitled to do so? She said in her story something along the lines "you should be nice to people maybe their dad died" but she doesn't apply that to when she sperges to someone else!!! How is she this delusional. Also it's funny how she will tag pewdiepie in her picture like he actually gives a shit. She is soooo hurt by this, but at first she didn't care and now she makes 30 stories and one public post tagging him. didn't she say that her lips were like this since forever and now she keeps on rambling how she was fucked up by her lip bitch. It's hurting my brain I can't fathom what is going on inside her head

No. 918053

Her tagging pewds is so pathetic as if he will ever see it. She is so drama thirsty, she’s just trying to start a beef “with the most subscribed to guy on YouTube” like that will make her famous. It’s honestly sad. Seeking out bad attention for any attention.

No. 918055

God, her endless rants of run-sentances and incomplete thoughts are so hard to follow. And she claims to be a actually “a really talented writer” okay, “Breasts like Daggers” KEK (from her short story a few months ago that she never finished).

No. 918069

I think she is extremely delusional and her tiny following does not help her at all. She honestly feels she has a big following and she is suuuchhh an important influencer. She doesn't even have a fraction of what pewdiepie has, but her brain can't comprehend that very well. She knows he has a lot but she also thinks she has a lot of followers as well. Her followers fuel her narcissism, pewdiepie "omg posting a pic of my face!" fuels her narcissism. She'll go between hating herself and thinking she is the most known person in the US for like a week lol.

No. 918074

>“Breasts like Daggers”
kek i loved that

No. 918077

Anon stop I'm crying from laughter, how can one sentence be so accurate

No. 918082

Even if she gains followers from this “body positive” bullshit, it’ll only take one single day for her to break the illusion and call some commenter ugly and pick them apart.

No. 918085

File: 1579020434914.jpeg (222.21 KB, 750x661, 55C974D8-08A9-4061-B6D4-3350E7…)

After spending last week saying how physically ugly and unattractive all of her bullies happen to be.

No. 918089

it doesn't look shooped though, she is just going to take this as a compliment

No. 918090

She is so condescending! How does anyone follow this miserable troll?! She literally calls all her haterzz ugly and makes fun of specific things. Didn’t she just respond to someone’s comment with something like “How about fix your teeth before saying shit to me”. She has such an ugly personality, she’s down right mean. Evil if you count the animal abuse.

No. 918092

what is this, then? >>917622

No. 918097

Hey pnp since you are not :) understanding this :) , pewdiepie didnt "post your pictures". He reacted to a photo of just your double lips that was posted LONG AGO to a botched surgeries reddit page. Thousands of anonymous users have been making fun of your surgeries for a long time. Saying that he is targeting you is retarded. He doesnt know your name, your screen name isnt on it, and you will not get clout for it. I suggest you actually watch the 10 second clip instead of continually fantasize about what you think happened because you are totally wrong and its so embarrassing to see you post about it still.

No. 918107

I don't think she was even hurt by pewdie's video. She seems angry that she wasn't properly tagged. All her posts about it seem so manipulative. A normal person would have been grateful that the video didn't mention her name. Here's Ari screaming to the world "that's ME"

No. 918110

File: 1579022909524.png (6.22 MB, 1242x2208, 6B3F78AA-44B3-4237-B1E9-5FC3C5…)

No. 918114

this needs a spoiler, i'm gagging

No. 918123

I recorded her rant about pewds, I just wish I thought to record her excitement about it the night before too. What's the best way to upload
She's acting as if she learned about this through her friends, so I guess she sees us as friends now lol.

No. 918161

>>918123 dropbox works the best!

No. 918180

File: 1579031836370.jpeg (851.48 KB, 3264x2176, 23DD8FAC-056D-4A63-BD34-933FD3…)

Just a few examples of the endless times she’s mentioned other peoples looks. And she can say she means their personality is ugly until she’s blue in the face, but we know she always means their physical appearance. Or, sorry, their “misfortunes”.

No. 918184

File: 1579032031382.gif (941.65 KB, 245x219, giphy.gif)

lmao i like how she was @'ing perez hilton just to call him ugly

No. 918186

Love the top left one. She goes in depth to their appearance. Yeah, karma is a bitch Ari! And she bit you right in the fake ass. Not so fun when someone 10× more popular does the same shit to you, huh.

No. 918194

File: 1579033543525.jpg (415.52 KB, 1074x1668, Screenshot_20200114-202512_Ins…)

Apparently isn't familiar with reddit lol she's such a compulsive liar.

No. 918195

File: 1579033870806.png (57.01 KB, 1062x518, 2020-01-14 15_31_30-overview f…)

she's insane

No. 918201

“If you make fun of me for how I look, you’re ugly I don’t make the rules” ok Ariana.

No. 918210

I don’t get how these cows constantly make provable lies. You know about your thread, you know you’ll be caught in the lie, so why?
Mental handicap?

No. 918220

In arianas case I definitely think it’s compulsive lying. I don’t think she keeps track of her lies at all either, probably legit believes each one she says

No. 918265


Yep, and the only reason she’s making all this noise is for clout. Which is funny because she claims pewdiepie made fun of cropped cutout of her botch lips “for clout”. She heavily projects during rants.

No. 918267

File: 1579045156667.jpeg (265.61 KB, 1440x2561, 4F4C0163-55F4-41CD-BA2C-7B661F…)

1 of 2

No. 918268

File: 1579045194916.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, 1A3867E8-EFDC-4B43-98F6-5E889C…)


2 of 2

I wouldn’t call that purple, Ari..

No. 918274

my god what the fuck is wrong with her?? it looks terrible

No. 918275

it's the exact same fucking color it was before she got it re bleached??

No. 918279

File: 1579046932176.jpeg (128.69 KB, 1218x580, E92F2D49-959C-4ED2-B8F6-42041B…)

Omfg. Toner isn’t even that expensive and this particular one has a lot of product that lasts a long time ffs. She’s sooooooooo dummmmmmmb.

No. 918293


I give it two days before she's talking about going back to blonde. This bitch talked all this shit about growing her hair back in healthy and I've already lost track of how many times she's dyed and bleached it since it grew more than two and a half inches off her head. You're gonna go fuckin bald ari kek go take your meds and get a normal fucking job. Some stability and consistency works wonders.

No. 918348

jesus christ this is the same splotchy purple she had before she rebleached her head (for the like 2nd or 3rd time now…) to get rid of it. is there something seriously the matter w her? just pay the money to go to a stylist who actually knows wtf they’re doing and be done w it, i don’t understand why she insists she can do it herself when in the past few months alone she’s tried multiple times and has always been unhappy w the outcome

No. 918444

Yo the trim on the wall next to her ass is definitely messed up, it certainly looks edited.

No. 918461

File: 1579083483348.jpeg (650.73 KB, 1242x1522, 2D48EF08-CEDF-44E3-A7A6-D93347…)

Did she repost or is that just a glitch on anon’s phone?? Looks normal on her IG

No. 918462

File: 1579083696006.png (3.83 MB, 1242x2208, E790B677-6DB9-4C67-BF41-6BE602…)

From a distance this looks cute imo but once you zoom in the lines are so wobbly. Sorry if boring but didn’t she mention wanting to take up tattooing?

No. 918469

ah yeah, someone who draws once every 4 months let alone this shit, thats exactly who i want using a needle gun on human skin.

No. 918498

We stan 2012 drop dead lmao.
Her art of hands is actually decent though. I think she could be good if she tried, especially seeing as she has nothing but time on her hands

No. 918504

File: 1579096951228.jpeg (139.04 KB, 750x1083, E75F2571-0EF8-4737-9844-4BCC0E…)

our queen getting the exposure she deserves kek

No. 918506

it's not bad, honestly. it's surprisingly good.

No. 918514


She's a literal fucking demon. How is she still allowed on Instagram?

No. 918566

Laughing at the black box over the cat thing in the top left corner. I’m assuming that means she fucked up. Lookin good, Ariana!

No. 918573

File: 1579108427491.jpeg (78.76 KB, 750x192, C39AE0B1-1F3D-42A4-9D71-B8EF89…)

Didn't she get her fillers dissolved less than two weeks ago? Bitch couldn't help herself when her injector is probably offering them for free kek

No. 918592

Her old fillers aren’t even fully dissolved. She definitely needs more dissolver. Who cares about quality when your driven by impulse though..

No. 918596

i think it was actually only a week ago

No. 918608

What a liar. So much for fat grafting. The compulsive lying is getting worse but I mean… she’s delusional and delusional people can’t see their own delusions because they genuinely believe themselves

No. 918628

How are people saying the base boards look normal?? If people had basic knowledge they would clearly see the trim on her left doesn’t match up to the right at all.

No. 918629

No. 918630

File: 1579116299655.jpeg (79.58 KB, 740x965, EB24E744-7580-4A74-AEF7-4AE3E8…)

No. 918635

The butt area does look seriously wonky and pulled out. I never thought of Ari editing pics because she leaves her hair a complete mess so why would she care? But than I remember her priorities are fucked! Hmm now I wonder how much she's been shooping this whole time

No. 918636

She probably thinks the messy hair is sexy cute. Lmao

No. 918646

File: 1579119357723.jpg (350.53 KB, 1440x1338, 20200115_121336.jpg)

Pewdiepie's video is actually still up with 4.7 mill views, kek. Just thought it was funny it's not actually taken down. The likes alone are triple the amount of followers she has.

No. 918664

i saw people saying the entity that reported the video and had it taken down initially was a fake company that was striking down tons of videos so yt must have taken care of it

No. 918705

File: 1579127138597.jpeg (248.76 KB, 744x1019, CB93DF92-4B36-4C65-9B58-09212B…)


Another example of how Ari “never edits” her photos.

Sure.. and your eyes are just naturally the giant. If you look closely you can the quality difference between her eyes and the rest of the phase. Looks like snow generic SNOW app type eye enlarging filter.

No. 918706


samefag but zoom in look at the freckles near her right eye and the dot. Kek. Obvious as hell.

No. 918712

File: 1579128289148.jpeg (139.26 KB, 800x1067, 77ACE4EA-A9F0-486E-9C0E-7A2E12…)

I’m sorry but are you stupid? Of course a straight horizontal line won’t line up with the base board when the photo is slightly tilted?? I’m not defending her whatsoever, I know she edits her photos, but at least think a tiny bit before nitpicking om shit like this

No. 918717

File: 1579128598615.jpeg (23.13 KB, 640x685, 4C3C5148-8BF8-4CF2-B143-910D1E…)


The real issue here is her janky leg as posted by someone on reddit

No. 918724

File: 1579129163465.jpeg (188.94 KB, 1242x2208, 1FE77D55-15DF-41FA-AD7E-CF8B86…)

You seem to have missed the point of that reddit comment I’m afraid… They are saying that at first they thought her legs were like that, but then realized they are not

No. 918726

she posted her manyvids link and if you click on the link, you see clips of her videos start playing as you scroll. This is more of a warning than an invite lol, because my god are they awful. poor girl can’t even suck dick right and that’s what she does for a living?? i dunno, maybe practice having sex irl first instead of only doing it when a camera is watching because it shows. especially in her faces and lack of intimacy in the clips. couldn’t be me

No. 918728


thought it was obvious but the knee on the ground is her right leg and the knee that’s bent upwards is her left leg…they aren’t crossed lol

No. 918741

File: 1579129991236.jpeg (Spoiler Image,101.8 KB, 737x749, 2EC81AFC-D822-4564-AF36-79F52F…)


Remember when her dad told her porn would be a great career choice?

No. 918744

File: 1579130329669.jpeg (Spoiler Image,116.28 KB, 740x1061, 6292A9CF-BFCD-49FF-B4E5-263D99…)

Her breaking the 4th wall just to stare at herself in the camera really takes you out of the moment. This is so low grade, you can tell she doesn’t even watch porn herself bc she could really learn a lot from actual professional sexworkers

No. 918746

the thing about many vids is that they show previews and you shouldn’t set your previews to close ups of your genitals, it kind of defeats the purpose of paying. why pay when you have already seen the majority of what youre going to see? it can’t be because you want to enjoy her forced o-faces that she said she can’t do/and can’t do lol

No. 918753

File: 1579130815377.webm (Spoiler Image,3.15 MB, 1080x1080, InShot_20200115_171800813.webm)

For the anons that don't want to look it up. I keked when she was dry shoving the dildo up her ass and was like " I don't know if it'll fit " such a shayna move… Do they SW not know what lube is?

No. 918755

Also sorry for the stupid pause icon, wouldn't go away but you get the point

No. 918770

File: 1579131584015.webm (Spoiler Image,3 MB, 1080x1080, InShot_20200115_173150306.webm)

They have no chemistry

No. 918777

>i dunno if ith gonna go in

No. 918779

File: 1579132550898.gif (1.76 MB, 261x275, BBE7829A-C076-4DBE-AB18-8CB243…)

No. 918831

Oh that's so. . Sad

No. 918851

This is so uncomfortable, no moaning from either of them? No dirty talk, sex talk or any noise besides her heavy breathing and the skin to skin contact. It's like fucking a pillow

No. 918925

same, why not just cross the whole thing out? a lot of the designs look like they were just copied and the rest are so plain.

No. 918971

File: 1579162606835.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1334, Screenshot_20200115-230911~2.p…)

Deleted content

No. 918972

File: 1579162666792.jpeg (Spoiler Image,110.51 KB, 366x381, 5D6458C8-DFAB-40B9-B15E-1808AD…)

she looks like a literal clown

No. 918976

So Matt finally bought her a phone?? Or did she give in and buy it herself lmao

No. 918980

File: 1579164014597.jpeg (125.18 KB, 828x1492, 1AF2DBDF-DD58-4AF9-9E35-CF588B…)

her old goblin face is trying to escape her botched face

No. 918981

File: 1579164311437.jpeg (158.35 KB, 828x1440, 8D9A1DF2-3322-4E81-94E3-D97A3E…)

I’m surprised this boss bitch spreads her asshole yet still can’t afford anything other than a studio on the train tracks where the most exciting thing to happen in her day is the crack heads fighting outside kek

No. 918983

Why does this look like some messed up mtf granny porn? she needs to stop with the attempts to look cute and youthful because she’s far from both.

No. 919108

File: 1579187856464.png (43.84 KB, 139x217, beyond_saving.png)

No. 919117

They literally have 0 chemistry or intimacy or any idea how to actually have sex. Her porn is worse than this viral video of a turtle having sex.

No. 919130

File: 1579191726110.jpeg (395.42 KB, 1122x1674, 98D39AC7-A624-4B01-9A68-5F6EAC…)

Literal clown

No. 919133

She owns like three pieces of clothing that she rotates in hopes of getting reposted by companies. Pathetic.

No. 919179


No. 919221

Yup. Pretty weird how the suuuper nice camera on the new iPhone shows the threads on her sweater and reflections in her eyes in sharp focus but doesn’t pick up her ogre lip lift scar or any pores at all…hmmm

No. 919222

File: 1579205837198.png (2.81 MB, 750x1334, DAA49902-B427-480F-BB3C-D7FD0E…)

Lookin like a real life duck-lipped clown with the new injections

No. 919230

File: 1579207039818.png (1.88 MB, 1175x2048, Screenshot_20200116-143657.png)

I keked so hard when she said she finally has a cupids bow instead of a circle but she in fact still has a circle

No. 919232

Is it just me or do her lips look even bigger than before..?

No. 919233

lurk more retard she got new fillers

No. 919234

I think anon means these are bigger than she's ever gotten them done, which I agree. She must have gotten more than usual because these lips look like the worst ones yet. They are freakin HUGE, they look like those botched ladies now fr. She should have let them be, seriously. She has too much build up still.

No. 919236

She just got them done moments prior, they are still swollen af. I’m not saying they dont look completely clownish, but some of that volume will go down in a few days and she’ll be looking back to her usual sized sausage links

No. 919243

she looks like a goddamn clown wtf. i guess she just couldnt live without filler because i thought she was wanting to get them dissolved and get fat grafts.

No. 919247

File: 1579208878803.jpeg (468.86 KB, 750x1248, 9795B719-07A4-4CFC-8C85-F8EA4C…)

Birth defect looking extra noticeable again.

No. 919250

what the fuck… this just looks scary. it’s definitely bigger and possibly more misshapen/poorly placed than her previous fillers (yes they will settle, but she used to post her freshly injected lips on her stories 24/7 so i’m using that as my frame of reference)

No. 919251

File: 1579209480682.png (3.44 MB, 750x1334, 584772BC-D5F9-46E7-922B-E8DEED…)

No. 919263

Her swollen, unappetizing flaps she calls lips combined with her baby/granny teeth make her mouth look so odd and repulsive. Her body dismorphia must be so bad, she admitted before she loves the swollen look right after she gets filler. I wonder what she sees when she looks in the mirror, because for the rest of the world, we’re bouncing from her caked on whore make up to her clown lips to her unfortunate multicolored hair etc etc it’s all very overwhelming and screams I HAVE MENTAL PROBLEMS

No. 919268

File: 1579211404336.jpeg (150.97 KB, 750x1108, A5893F1D-C182-40DA-ACA5-B5B61B…)

“Hello yesth my lipsth are fat”

No. 919270


god this has made her lip flap even more noticeable. seems like these new fillers have pulled it down to a position where it can be seen all the time when her mouth is open?!

No. 919272

File: 1579212387553.jpeg (200.24 KB, 828x1417, 4287DA40-D163-46A8-AADB-2082B4…)

Botched and proud someone come get their 45 year old Aunt

No. 919276

ive never gotten filler before so idk but do they put some gel/cream on after or is she seriously wearing lipgloss so soon after the injections?

No. 919279

You’re the retard you fucking cow. I meant larger than her other injectors fillers. You stupid fuck.

No. 919280

Omg I can’t believe her lips look worse and even more gummy… I liked her previous lip injector’s work (before she went overboard, in the dog sitting days) I…. just feel so bad for her as somebody who also deals with body dysmorphia I am patiently awaiting her next mental breakdown

No. 919296

File: 1579215507274.jpeg (154.43 KB, 726x746, 9BAD6478-B340-4B33-9404-4F231B…)

No. 919302

nitpick but she has showed her room before, it’s a 1 bedroom

No. 919320

File: 1579218289337.png (2.54 MB, 750x1334, 6014034B-7F2C-44AA-8FA6-6D2A9C…)

Is she literally delusional? Taking credit for clearing up by “psoriasis” by doing absolutely nothing other than weekly bathing and drinking bone broth with sardines plus giving someone the advice of going to the doctor ?!? Say it with me Ariana, hypocrite

No. 919323

Well yea you're gonna go back to normal, no matter what rash you really have neither is just there for the rest of your life!

No. 919324

I was gonna say - she clearly didn’t achieve some sort of miracle recovery if it came back

No. 919332

Sorry Ari, if your rash lasted for 2-3 months, ya didn’t do shit!

No. 919333

Those rly don't look like psoriasis plaques chief

No. 919335

I think they look that shiny cos of how swollen and overfilled they are, gets rid of the natural lines in your lips. She legit looks like a blow up doll

No. 919338

as someone who actually fasts (i have 0% faith that she actually does it because it’s a willpower thing and she doesn’t have that) it really fucks me up that she’s cool with advertising “don’t eat and your problems will go away!!” to her audience of young girls that idolize a girl who gets lip injections every five minutes and constantly posts before and after pics. nice work for the ana community ari!

No. 919353

Her lips are shiny because the injector applies moisturizing product on the lips after fillers.

No. 919354

Ari starring in The Return of the Lip Flap

kekekek but seriously, how unfortunate for her. i wonder if its visible when shes talking? im dying at the thought of her flapping around her duck lips, lip flap hanging out, lisping away.

No. 919380

Her lips probably look even bigger than usual because she probably asked the injector to focus more on her top lip and put just a touch in her bottom because when she got them dissolved she only did the top lip?

No. 919383

File: 1579225429420.png (4.34 MB, 1242x2208, 13C98EDD-E3A2-4276-9AE4-008574…)

More makeup on her hand?? Ew

No. 919384

File: 1579225473089.png (2.62 MB, 750x1334, 5B78C447-C832-43B4-8176-41029D…)

Next level

No. 919389

File: 1579225973623.png (2.59 MB, 1242x2208, C751ED41-1050-4F7D-9C25-3423F6…)

No. 919393

File: 1579226717730.png (866.33 KB, 750x1334, 7D28C8F8-53AD-4A50-A439-6211D0…)

No. 919395

File: 1579226854067.jpeg (115.8 KB, 750x1089, 4238A833-8D2A-4281-88A5-5139A3…)

No. 919396


why are they so downturned in every pic?

No. 919404

I'm honestly frightened for her. They're horrific. It looks like something is wrong fr

No. 919415

She’s got the bubbles looking Cupid’s now all over again and this time the corners of her lips don’t even match up? Her lips look like how drag queens massively overdraw them only this is worse because you can tell their is makeup and she’s just fucking up her actual face.
I really wonder how she actually finds people to do her fillers. Does she search for someone looking for “influencer” collabs or do they maybe seek her out in DMs because they know she can’t help herself and will say yes? These lips are frightening.

No. 919421

If you look at her new injectors page a lot the other clients have severe bruising. I’ve never seen bruising as severe as that injectors clients. It’s kind of scary. Pnp is also saying her lips hurt a lot. They shouldn’t hurt a lot…

No. 919463

what the fuuck this is beyond bad like holy shit

No. 919468

File: 1579234907922.png (895.87 KB, 1080x1426, Screenshot_20200116-231754~2.p…)

The lip injector has a vid of it up now. This is the worse work I've ever seen

No. 919470

lol her face up close without the kylie lip kit filter is pretty gross looking

No. 919471

File: 1579235373247.png (6.03 MB, 1242x2208, 99F55309-B143-4286-A6D0-470192…)

ari got her lips filled lopsided to match her lopsided nose contour and lopsided eye makeup

No. 919474

her makeup looks sooo awful out in the wild

No. 919476

File: 1579235546356.png (5.19 MB, 1242x2208, 035BDDC3-4F94-4EAB-A19A-0F3809…)

Her “freckles” and scar look atrocious

No. 919478

throw the whole thing away. she really talks shit about people being ugly when this is what she actually looks like up close? get real, ariana.

No. 919481

She has the most asymmetrical face I’ve ever seen. Big Miss Steak ari.

No. 919484

This is hilarious she looks horrific I can hear the circus music. The cycle of bleaching and redyeing her hair whilst getting fillers then getting them dissolved then botching her face yet again is hilarious. Her skin is disgusting in real

No. 919505

Mark my words, she's going to have another rash breakout in like a week or two.

Her autoimmune system is going to freak out because she's just injected a bunch of synthesized chemicals into her literal face. Not to mention whatever the fuck she's doing to her hair.

No. 919530

Kek we all know it’s coming can’t wait

No. 919532

File: 1579249437850.png (475.03 KB, 907x584, Screenshot 2020-01-17 at 3.21.…)

Going through this new lip bitch's page and she somehow seems worse than the last.

Also didn't Ariana's last flare up happen after she got a round of fillers? Here we go again, boys.

No. 919533

She doesn’t care about quality, she cares about the cheapest deal because she’s a broke prostitute.

No. 919535

File: 1579249862104.jpeg (150.75 KB, 828x1428, 4C22D7C9-12E1-4B3C-A935-6AEE46…)

I thought she said she had a Cupid’s bow now but it looks like a giant uneven sausage. It looks painful.

No. 919553

only gross fetishists would like this

No. 919555

Oh my god it's so uneven… It's so much worse than it was before.

Also what's up with these?
Her eyes look completely misaligned

No. 919556

File: 1579252975534.jpg (124.07 KB, 1080x1018, Screenshot_20200117_091937.jpg)

How do they just go away like that too

No. 919578

The last ”flare up” came after she got a new tattoo

No. 919597

File: 1579255793539.jpeg (28.79 KB, 502x397, E2EAF93D-DA58-4E5D-B259-258905…)

No. 919630

If she wasn't such a fucking bitch this would be really sad. However, I have no sympathy for her, so this is absolutely hilarious, it looks like she's been stung by several bees.

No. 919642

File: 1579264866347.png (2.72 MB, 828x1792, 578677C1-8430-4983-966E-2B6574…)

Oof, her eyes

No. 919646

File: 1579266233316.jpeg (156.16 KB, 828x1470, 2160862C-82E5-4C0F-882F-45C9BB…)

Mental illness and narcissism come together

No. 919647


No. 919648

File: 1579266335151.jpeg (150.58 KB, 828x1421, 36C9A36C-7A96-4DC2-B3DF-BA8AC3…)

She is looking extra manly with her new lips!

No. 919650

File: 1579267712792.jpeg (881.03 KB, 1920x2560, 2E1015F1-D296-4B68-B849-69738D…)

One month time lapse in order of the blonde to purple to blonde manic saga

No. 919667

File: 1579269126428.jpeg (516.66 KB, 1676x1253, 7764FC8E-5E32-434A-89A4-0A450E…)

No. 919669

Was this pic pre nose job? She looks so cute and that makeup is really flattering

No. 919670

I fucking died when I seen the dark ass room she did this in lmao it can’t even give a proper read

No. 919689

exactly what i was thinking. it can't even register your facial features lol

No. 919690

File: 1579272488612.png (1.3 MB, 1242x2208, 1579235373247~2.png)

Just give me a lip line of a staple

No. 919701

File: 1579274640368.jpg (533.92 KB, 894x1837, Surejan.jpg)

Fully looks 16.

No. 919708

Is she somehow sexually attracted to herself? It’s like an obsession, literally nobody but her finds her anyhow hot or sexy. She’s the most unsexy person I’ve seen, in the same bag as Victoria Bella Morte and Luna Slater. It’s extremely awkward when she posts supposedly sexual content, because she has charisma and sex appeal of a cat turd.

No. 919723

Bruising is normal with any trauma to the skin, she’s putting herself at risk for infection there’s no medical benefit to these fillers. Her lips are going to be permanently stretched out, losing collagen and elasticity with just day to day gravity is going to make her lips worse. The heavier something is (fillers in lips) the worse gravity is going to affect it…. she’s screwed for life

No. 919729

umm i’m really not sure lips being “stretched out” after filler is a real thing? but even if it was, she clearly wouldn’t give a shit. her entire lifestyle and physical image is based around the now with no thought to how she might age. her earlobes are still fucked from the gauges she had in them, her breast implants will inevitably need redoing every decade (if that, since she’s already needed a revision), she’s gotten botox but was at the same time doing hard drugs and drinking constantly… why worry about prevention when she’s just going to get more and more surgeries to “fix” things anyway lol

No. 919739

The way she stares at herself in her phone camera every single day and during her porn she makes is very unnerving. Also the way she talks about herself. It’s creepy and unhealthy

No. 919742

File: 1579280710117.png (Spoiler Image,756.69 KB, 1140x1144, Screenshot_20200117-110303~2.p…)

She posted an old gif on Twitter, couldn't help but laugh at this frame

No. 919744

nta, it’s definitely a legit thing but it’s not gonna be obvious until she’s a lot older. but the same thing is already happening to her breast implants, her boob skin got so stretched that in the previews anon posted from her MV you can see her nipples and skin just hanging down from the rock hard implant. it’s awful

No. 919755

This is an underrated post, thank you Anon. Does Mongoloid not realize she’s literally going from bleach to purple, bleach to purple, bleach to purple and destroying the little hair and brain cells she has left? All she is good for in this world other than pire comedy, is providing a warm hole (and even that is disappointing).

No. 919763

Holy shit this is so bad. I can't believe she's done all of this in a month. Throw in some of her delusional captions, + the new botched fillers and this might be a good contender for next thread pic

No. 919769

>All she is good for in this world other than pire comedy, is providing a warm hole (and even that is disappointing).

Hey nice misogyny, it's a great look, any more woman-hating shit to share or d'ya want to keep it on topic?

No. 919771

File: 1579286310775.jpg (479.55 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200117-193416_Ins…)

I'm sure this is a bit nitpicky but I find it really weird and rude when she posts compliments from her followers without saying thank you or showing what she replied. I think she's kinda ungrateful considering all those compliments are undeserved. Also shows how narcissistic she is, like "look how people compliment me!!"

No. 919774

In her slight defense, it’s just a randomized number.

No. 919778

Well yes, but it's just funny how she takes in to heart. You already know her narcissistic ass felt real good about it

No. 919781

>All she is good for in this world other than pire comedy, is providing a warm hole
Yikes. Please leave this site.

No. 919782

File: 1579288140407.jpg (864.09 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200117_130555.jpg)

She literally posted these two right after? She might not have said thank you, but in her crackhead brain she gave the person some "helpful" advice.

I definitely agree that she only cares about herself and not her followers who try to ask honest questions or give honest advice to her.

No. 919803

Hahahaha bitcoin

No. 919825

File: 1579298270962.jpg (748.52 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20200117-215725.jpg)

'i like them, I like swelling. If it were up to me they'd stay like this forever'

No. 919836

File: 1579299790200.jpeg (205.48 KB, 1125x1068, 3EA3E0C2-06B5-4D69-A3BA-A49341…)

the list of excuses and things she "needs" to make good content is never ending

No. 919837

i do not remember her bruising ever being this bad with her previous injector

No. 919840

What happened to the lighting she bought months ago to "motivate" her???? She's just lazy!

No. 919841

something positive ari did for my life: i used to want lip injections, and then i followed her. and now i don’t want them. thanks ari <3(no1curr)

No. 919851

File: 1579302609756.jpeg (46.34 KB, 540x518, DB2EFD78-732D-4D11-A436-BC3DB6…)

Yikes that reminds me of Skye Purdon. Another filler obsessed cow.

No. 920135

I know you read this, ariana.. pls get tested 4 real it’s scary to think about u destroying real lives…of your clients and other providers cause of your selfish denial over a serious sexually transmitted illness you contracted in an unfortunately traumatizing way. grow up and face reality(namefag)

No. 920202

let’s be real: she only has 1 crusty ass client and then there’s doormatt… it’s their fault if they decide to have unprotected sex with a clearly diseased whore with a full body rash kek

No. 920227

File: 1579390372091.jpg (342.57 KB, 1080x1863, Screenshot_20200118-183319_Ins…)

No. 920231

File: 1579391556806.jpg (726.87 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20200118-230526.jpg)

Have the fillers migrated already?!

No. 920233

are you lost? this is irrelevant.

No. 920236

File: 1579392580664.png (654.3 KB, 741x1113, IMG_8606.PNG)

hmm could it be because she….is?? you ‘feel’ ugly…HAH. this total imbecilic trashy ass fucking narcissist stays fishing for compliments. when is this girl going to realize that it has nothing to do with what she looks like and it’s not going to make a difference how much surgery she gets. when you’re ugly on the inside, that shit EXUDES externally. this has been said time and time again but it’s just not clicking with her. she just goes on these tirades about what a good person she is and that alone should say enough. either she lacks total self awareness or is in complete denial. her 'feelings' here are totally valid

No. 920238

nice fat logic. ofc fasting is controversial and not safe for everyone but the point is that you only do it for a like week max every few months or so, not every day indefinitely like anas. Is exercising pathological too since some anas overexercise to get skinny?

No. 920241

I suppose it's evidence of babytrash referring to her ED that arianna now copies. But there are plenty of images of babytrash pre-recovery, anon just got excited it seems.

No. 920243

I don’t think she cares for the fillers she got

No. 920246

who tf is babytrash

No. 920250

Why does her big toe look like that? I like how she’s covering up any part of her skin that reveals her nasty rash.

No. 920252

I smell newfags

No. 920272

her fillers make her look like she has a mustache

No. 920292

Wow I can’t unsee it

No. 920293

Wild. The filler is fully out and above her vermilion border.

No. 920316

the weird filler moustache coupled with the gnarly lip lift scar… baby no

try lurking more

No. 920492

File: 1579461255311.jpeg (515.88 KB, 1090x1715, F6A0F70F-A983-462B-9655-8EDE83…)

Imagine thinking this is attractive

No. 920510

looks like zits all over her mouth lol what on earth

No. 920724

File: 1579494589172.jpg (565.78 KB, 810x1300, Screenshot_20200119-233008_Ins…)

No. 920731

File: 1579495930682.png (4.86 MB, 1125x2436, 0C0F3BEB-A15C-4E11-A17F-D9105D…)

Not super milky but from her private insta.

No. 920739

she looks like a fakeboi

No. 920753

Jesus that shooped neck

No. 920754

It's what happens when you get fillers, anon.

No. 920773

why do people keep giving the same idiotic responses like we’ve never seen her with fresh fillers before? bruising this bad for this long afterward is not normal and it’s not how she’s ever looked until now

No. 920863

Yes, definitely not normal. All her injectors clients have terrible bruising. Their lips are almost completely purple immediately after injection which is a red flag.

No. 920924

File: 1579544016070.jpeg (584.78 KB, 1125x2091, 18885793-19CE-4D7C-85D4-CA36CF…)

Her facial proportions here look….. strange

No. 920925

File: 1579544036722.jpeg (307.83 KB, 734x1258, A9B9FAAC-D209-4AD7-ACAA-1D0C12…)

I gasped when I saw this…… this doesn’t look like a human. She looks insane. Her twig arm and huge head make me super uncomfortable? Why does it look like she edited the photo to make her face seem longer? KEK

No. 920939

Jesus Christ this looks so fucked up. I feel like her bdd has been extra bad since she got those fillers

No. 920941

yeah let’s just check off the obvious face tuning list here:
eyes enlarged
skin smoothed
jaw shaved
arm thinned
neck thinned

she used one of those filters that makes the bottom of your face look freakishly shrunken so she looks like even more of a circus freak with her giant mouth

No. 920945

File: 1579546794254.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3464x3464, FFDF6A75-E735-40AC-922E-6FA82F…)

she turns around and puts herself on her stories anyway. i mean just look at her real neck.

No. 920955

All that editing and she could fix the fucked up clown lip overlining

No. 920964

File: 1579549105392.jpeg (254.31 KB, 827x1124, 836D2DE5-7E19-4F84-A7D8-A20452…)

Deleted content. Seems she’s been feeling extra insecure about her appearance ever since the new fillers were injected. Her nose looks extra blurry today and those lips haven’t taken up that much space on her face in a while. The backdrop is a nice change.

No. 920966

Probably using a fisheye lens to cause the weird proportioning.

No. 920968

File: 1579549430234.png (4.66 MB, 828x1792, 6DAF96F9-6914-4579-BAEA-519019…)

No. 920971

File: 1579549722771.jpeg (360.29 KB, 1125x1990, B3DA1623-4B2C-4C71-981F-84DA62…)

comments on her most recent post(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 920972

i’m genuinely surprised she THINKS SHE LOOKS GOOD. GIRL YOU DON’T! you look so botched. yikes.

No. 920974


The corners of her mouth are SO horrendously overdrawn what the actual fuck. I mean this legitimately looks like a clown mouth, how could she think it looks good? I guess delusion does that but, damn.

No. 920983

First thing I thought was that nose is HUGE! all that surgery for a bigger/wider nose. What a shame

No. 920985

File: 1579551445580.png (116.41 KB, 750x1334, 26E58591-C8DD-4AAC-8375-8751D6…)

sure! have people google you! they’ll see everything your “fans” have to say. she’s so warped in her head - i’m surprised she is even functional. well, functional is generous

No. 920987

she already deleted this entire comment thread. she knows she’s full of shit

No. 920989

Totally projecting. All she does is talk shit on those “evil kids that bullied her In high school”. Like move on.

No. 920990

nervously wringing hands “can’t let them find out about the gecko”

No. 920995

File: 1579552539396.jpeg (133.7 KB, 743x595, F57BCDB4-ADB4-4977-9D09-C4AA54…)

What. The. Actual. Fuck. Is happening to. Her chin….? Why is it the goddamn size of Texas!

No. 920996

File: 1579552704100.jpeg (901.12 KB, 1242x1273, 9B25706F-CAD0-4AAA-A1FE-BE54DB…)

She is copying the way Blondetaki (the beauty guru) lines her lips

No. 920997

they both look dumb

No. 921002

File: 1579553514280.png (2.39 MB, 750x1334, 6B0F5353-90FB-4D86-99EE-7E28FF…)

No. 921004

She claims on twitter that its flattering to be falsely accused of face tuning but on instagram deleted all comments accusing her of facetune. So transparent ari

No. 921006

wtf at the overdrawn lip corners, that's such an odd choice much like her extending the liner past the inner corner of her eyes. but so skilled at makeup.

maybe they're just pointing it out b/c you claim not to, you're the one bringing up that it's supposedly insulting b/c you have screaming insecurities.

No. 921007

These are 100% edited. Like the anon stated before, how can her new iPhone camera that's "so good" pick up the threads/fibers in her clothes but not her pores, scabies or scares? Doesn't make sense Ari! Stop lying, makes you age horribly

No. 921010

again, overcompensating for her insecurities by pretending to be flattered… it’s embarrassing how clearly she hates herself while hiding behind all this bravado.

No. 921012

things she SAID? wtf? this is clearly in response to the person who called her out for animal abuse, why is she pretending like it’s just a matter of opinion and not the fact that she actually killed her pet

No. 921052

Fucking KEK goddamnit

No. 921053

damn this is a whole new level of BDD

No. 921054

File: 1579560699492.jpeg (68.26 KB, 1125x774, DD1F6551-79CE-4511-A5C4-6D6546…)

non milk but looks like Sophie turner no longer follows the clown

No. 921057

This is recent Iol I checked not to long ago and she was still following her. Wonder what post made her unfollow

No. 921065

the only credit i can give her is for not drawing on those ungodly shit stain freckles for once

No. 921066

This has got to be one of the cringiest things she has ever posted. You can compare this photo with ANY other photo of her, and it is clearly edited to hell and back. She will be deleting these photos as soon as this BPD/dysmorphia episode ends.

No. 921069

File: 15