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File: 1574447057268.jpeg (224.6 KB, 750x1334, 1574434576321.jpeg)

No. 896573

PlasticandProud/PlasticnProud/Alice Amor/Ariana McMillan (pnp, Ariana, scorpioasshoe) is a 25 year old plastic surgery addict, ex Instagram “influencer”, and full service sex worker in philly

>Vapid narcissist and obligatory BPDfag, “doesn’t care wat u think” but will have a defensive spergout and be mad for hours over the slightest rustle of jimmies

>has a botched nose job, lip lift and boob job that all have scarring from improper aftercare, had to have boobs redone and are still wonky

>gets her lips injected to the point of them resembling sausages, posts side by sides showing her progression from normal human being to blow up doll constantly

>quit her steady paying job to be an Instagram influencer, paid for boobs with credit, began prostituting herself shortly after, forces her spineless boyfriend to go along with it, aborts his baby and jokes about it on Snapchat

>shaved her head in a manic episode and regrets it a day later, wears cheap wigs daily

>has a mysterious rash after having unprotected sex in Dominica and calls it psoriasis 

Previous Threads:

Recent milk:

>pnp and doormatt go to dominica as “just friends”, posts pictures of them making out with her anus lips and doormatt’s plaque

>posts pic of her face down in the sand with some random local next to her, later posts ig stories about how she was raped by him and sells her Snapchat with the intention of telling people about it 
>says doormatt was responsible for not babysitting her, breaks up with him, says she’ll never see him again as she slobbers and cries on snap

>literally gets back together with him two days later

>continues being an escort before getting tested, gets tested a month later for HIV and is “clean as a whistle”, doesn’t get retested afterwards at any point

>ig gets deleted, moves to twitter to promote her “sex work” which includes low quality videos of her and her prolapsed lips attempting to be sexy with premade and custom videos

>a mysterious rash appears

>calls doctor, tells her to get off lamicital, pnp refuses and looks up pictures of psoriasis, convinced that she has it. Begs for money to go to the doctor since she makes no money as an escort and doesn’t have insurance

>texts a picture of the rash to the bitch who does her lip injections, who sends it to a dermatologist, and “”confirms”” it’s psoriasis. Pnp never sees a doctor about a formal diagnosis or another test for HIV/other std’s

>uses psoriasis as her identity because bpdfag

>continues to fuck Matt and her clients/other sex workers (one pisses on her while she rides the face of a dirty old man) with open sore rash covering her entire body, concentrated around her pubes
>only has one client currently that puts up with her pus pockets, has to rent out living room to her friend to make rent

>friend moves in to living room and pnp texts her that she needs to move into their shit stained decrepit basement and keep their animals in the basement at all times, friend only needed to stay for 3 months, friend blasts her on ig then removes it to avoid pnp having a sperg out

>adds a snake and a kitten to her animal horde consisting of her roommate’s two cats and her cat and dog, has admitted she doesn’t walk the dog when she’s depressed (always) when she can’t afford 600 dollars in rent and begs online for a literal dollar 

>Ariana’s rash disappears and never mentions her lifelong psoriasis diagnosis ever again

> cuts open a chipmunk and stuffs it, admits she has dead animals in her freezer for years.

>Starts using her escort page again, takes pics of her looking like a MTF

>Only has two clients, admits she “hates working” on snapchat

>Faked eating her friend out when a client paid for her to go down on them

>Is moving with just matt and no roommates, will somehow make rent

> is currently at her family reunion in vermot posting baby pictures and pictures of her grandma next to videos of her slapping her tits and shoving dildos in her ass for sushi money

>Ariana’s IG is back, she posts her sw shit there and loses followers instantly. Does cringe things like tag companies that used to work with her to get them to notice her, however no one does

>Snapchat gets banned, makes private ig account instead, barely updates it like the snap

>Ariana makes an onlyfans that produces horrifyingly bad porn that she makes in her living room while her roommate is home, sells it for 7 bucks

>Bleaches her hair after dying it black, dyes it red, intends on going blonde in a bpd episode

>Barely “works”

>Posts a caption about how her lip injector who she thought was a “friend” used her, most likely cutting Ariana off from free injections in exchange for ig promotion now that pnp is losing followers and posts dirty grimy “sex work” pictures

>Pnp outs her lip injector after no longer receiving free/discounted injections for bringing business in, because Ariana can’t keep a decent image online to save her life

>Talks shit about Dollskill, gets blocked, immediately tries to save face by posting pics of herself modeling for them

>Wants to become a suicide girl, says they ‘reached out to her’, anons confirmed this is not how the process happens

>Got a “normie job” in retail, unconfirmed where

>Promised a “double creampie” in a threesome with two other guys (possible matt and her only client or matt and aaron), still has not happened yet

>”psoriasis” flaring up

>Skinwalks cotted

>Brings up old beef with other philly sw (possibly almondmilkhunni), latinamilk is no longer following pnp either

>Moves into studio apartment where the train goes by literally every 5 minutes, thriving

>Dyes her hair blonde and hates it immediately

>Does molly on live while looking like a toothless grandma

>Rash is Back
>No word on “normie job”, Ariana continues to stay home all day on ig
>Does a shoot for Spencers, looks ridiculous and is mocked, spergs out on twitter
>Says she would give her psoriasis to a fucking BABY >>891310
>Confirms she got her boobs half off from theplasticspa, talks shit about them
>Isn’t posting new content on onlyfans, her only source of income
>In two back to back tweets claims she’s thriving, the other saying she can’t afford her fillers currently >>895883
>Manically dyes her fried blonde hair pink less than a month after getting it done
>Is already planning getting 12k worth of surgeries when she can’t even afford a 200 dollar doctor visit for her rash

Social media:
Ig: plasticandproud

Ig (deleted): Plasticnproud 

Twitter: twitter.com/AliceAmorLove
Reddit: Airkilla321
Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/aliceamorlove

No. 896582

great job anon! shes been supplying so much milk lately i forgot about the suicide girls thing, and of course she is to never mention it again kek

No. 896584

Thank you anon!

No. 896601

Ahhh! You used my fan art hell yeah! Thanks anon, thread is solid.

No. 896608

File: 1574457187004.png (7.57 MB, 1242x2208, 76C0A17C-81CD-4D58-8420-B2BA4B…)

This dumb bitch now thinks she has lupus as well and still doesn’t think she should go to the doctor

No. 896609

File: 1574457424197.png (1.49 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20191122-151609.png)

Delusion at its finest

No. 896610

her shit literally looks nothing like lupus…

No. 896615

File: 1574458043095.jpeg (127.19 KB, 750x709, 364AE613-38B8-43EE-8AA8-40A687…)

She’s such a moron, let’s pretend she does have goddam lupus for a minute, GO TO THE DOCTOR?! She’s so arrogant she thinks she knows better than the doctor , meanwhile she’s bathing in murky water, exfoliating her face off, and sulking. I can’t do the mental gymnastics necessary to understand her mental processes. I find it funny though that her skin was always something she took pride in and now karmas taking a steaming shit on her face, body, and genitals.

No. 896616

Let’s start casting votes on how much longer this chick has to live. Starting to get grim. It’s like she wants to die.

No. 896617

File: 1574458352550.png (2.54 MB, 750x1334, 981D0B5C-BEBC-4FCD-8029-AC0DF6…)

guess she removes her dentures when she bathes

No. 896618

File: 1574458390584.jpg (1.26 MB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20191122-163248_Ins…)

No. 896619

File: 1574458401964.png (2.63 MB, 750x1334, 2050F9D4-671E-4D1E-A5AD-6D31E0…)

That upper lip though… looking more and more like the Joker everyday.

No. 896620

It finally broke her

No. 896621

you know this girl just sits on her ass all day getting high and webMD'ing every little symptom.
also evidence she hasn't gotten a blood test for HIV if she's NOW announcing she's getting a blood test. even though "she doesn't broadcast everything she has done" or whatever she said regarding going to the doctor before.

No. 896622

It's weird that she's slamming her old lip bitch, yet is willing to believe the "psoriasis" diagnosis from Lip Bitch's dermatologist buddy… that diagnosed her by looking at a cell phone photo of her rash. It's fine if she truly believes Lip Bitch does shit work, but then why tf are you trusting the word of her dermatologist buddy that's too lazy to see you in person?!

Btw, Lip Bitch made it onto a list of the 100 best people in her profession. She even got an award for it. Clearly Gollum is the problem, not the multiple other people she claims fucked her face and body up. Right after her surgery, she was saying to not just go to the cheapest place or because they're offering a good deal.

She can add "compulsive liar" to her extremely short list of talents.

No. 896623

Fucking finally she’s fibbing up!

No. 896630

she’s so out of her goddamn mind . You know Ariana, if everyone around you seems to be the problem, maybe you’re just the problem? All the insta-thot claiming Lip Bitch is shady, who are they to be taking the moral high ground? I wouldn’t trust the e-thots as far as I could throw them. They sad cause the Plastics PA couldn’t erase the ugly in them.

No. 896638

If only she could stfu and stop lying about having psoriasis. Bitch you never had this shit up until this year. It's honestly so fukn obvious. She clings to whatever give her attention, oh I pick, oh I have acne, now it's my awful psoriasis. Fukn Stop. Bitch you're so see through

No. 896644

t. A whore who hates doctors. Ugh

No. 896673

She needs to get a skin biopsy while she’s at it.

No. 896674

LUPUS?! this girl is batshit, she is now saying she might have lupus, this shit has me rolling on the floor. claiming Lupus is straight up hilarious. Isn't lupus a disease you get from ticks? i cannot with her. she is literally dying from HIV, she feels so physically ill now that she wants another diagnosis, but cannot for the life of her admit that maybe she put herself at risk doing sex work. she wont even consider it even though she is the most at risk. (i mean if the dominica thing wasnt dangerous enough, she is a SEX WORKER) Wow love that she fucks people for money and just admitted to not getting her blood tested for this past whole fucking year. disgusting. how do her followers or her clients not question her constant lies?

No. 896681

kek that’s lyme disease anon

No. 896684

her old man client bit her and now she has lupus

No. 896685

I fucking cackled at this haha gg anon

No. 896693

can you believe that this cow was almost completely banned as a topic for a decent amount of time? jesus she’s accelerated at light speed in terms of milk production within the last 6 months alone. at this point our girl is basically /pt/ material. 2020 is going to be great.

No. 896696

You know, for someone that loves to rub peoples noses in shit, you would think she would go to the doctor just to prove everyone wrong. Makes me think she knows deep down she in deep shit aka HIV

No. 896712

I’m starting to think her skin rash or whatever might be breast implant related. If it is she would just need to remove her implants and it would clear up.

No. 896719

This girl has so many variables to work into the equation that it could honestly be anything.
Her rape + unprotected sex, breast implants, absolute shit diet, drugs/alcohol, the fact that she seems to rarely shower/bathe until after all this “psoriasis” shit came up, her lack of care about her general health at all. Or it could be any combination of these things. The sad thing is that most, if not all of these things are her doing though and she has the ability to have prevented or try to find a solution for all of it but she’d rather have something to whine about all over social media as if anyone gives a shit and can’t see right through her.

No. 896723

right? thats what i thought too, she LOVES to be the one to say "see i was right and you were wrong". she'd love to be able to shut this shit down but she wont because…? i think shes scared shitless and doesnt want to know if its anything serious, so she can live in denial.

whatever it is, watching it progress is glorious. shes such an absolute cunt to everyone she interacts with its impossible to feel even a little bad for her.

No. 896734

sage for no real contribution but has anyone noticed that after it was mentioned here that her posts only get about 1-2k likes when they used to get 4k easily, they’re now back up to 3-4k despite her follower count dropping to 58k?

No. 896738

>>896712 breast implant illness has been mentioned soooo many times in the previous threads. I'm beyond sick of hearing about it. The rash showed up directly after her rape. It's HIV.

No. 896756

“BrEaSt ImPlAnT iLlNeSs” what’s the scientific name for that? Oh it’s not recognized by the medical community so there isn’t one. and it’s just talked about by women who “self identify” with it. Sure you could have an issue SOON after surgery caused by some fuck up during or your body rejecting it but there is no “breast implant illness.” Pnp would’ve had a reaction fucking sooner not her tits done again and had no issues for how long it’s been. you sound fucking stupid. Honestly. Wish you could be banned forever for being an idiot or reposting the same bs never going to happen tinfoil without stating or saging. Go away.

No. 896771

ntayrt but yes. Someone brings up this “””breast implant illness””” every single thread and it’s so Fucking stupid

No. 896772

If I hear this breast implant bullshit one more time, I will bash my head through a brick wall. Please don’t bring it into the need thread, let’s leave that foolishness behind, thanks.

No. 896777

It’s ok though. She’ll just treat whatever it is all naturally with Dead Sea salt baths mixed with her own grime while she over exfoliates her lizard face

No. 896780

Nta I agree the implant illness sperg is annoying af but her implants could have a small rupture which could possibly be causing the rash and fatigue? Probably not, Idk not a doc but rupturing is pretty common from what I know. Ari needs an invasive full body examination tho tbh cause I doubt that this rash is the only disease she’s carrying these days

No. 896791

It never ceases to amaze me that this bitch will totally own having BPD yet won't actually cop to a single symptom. Splitting, much?

No. 896812

>>896756 Breast implant illness is real it’s called google, ugly

No. 896815

lol but really why are you guys so heated about bReAst imPlanT illness being mentioned it’s not any more absurd then the hiv theory. lol it’s not even brought up as much as the hiv one. Some of you just want it to be something so extreme it seems.

No. 896821

Hiv has similar symptoms to lupus but she worries she has lupus. It's fucking hiv. End of conversation. And anyone bringing up breast implant illness is a god damn retard.

No. 896822

File: 1574491204987.jpg (402.91 KB, 1080x1639, Screenshot_20191123-013921_You…)

She can easily take an hiv test at home if she's concerned about embarrassment and hates doctors but she's a lazy bitch

No. 896829

“It’s HIV. End of conversation.” You sound as delusional as Ariana. No one knows why she is sick, including her and ESPECIALLY US. We can only speculate, to say we know for certain is just insane.

I still can’t believe she said she is going to get a blood test- I have thought she never would. But then again… she’s said she’s going to do a lot she hasn’t done so let’s not hold our breathe.

No. 896838

they sound like ari when someone tells her to go see a real doctor kek

No. 896846

If she goes to a doctor will they even test for HiV if she doesn't ask for it? I can't imagine her laying out the truth about what happened in her life?!

No. 896873

Mods are going to lock the thread again, retards. Stop infighting, and sage your implant illness tinfoiling at the very least. This thread is brand new and it's 50% sperging when there's a very milky cow named Ariana addicted to social media. Christ.

No. 896916

It would be interesting to go back in previous threads from when the time of her trip/assault to now and see how many times she’s claimed she was going to get tested and either didn’t go or didn’t follow up.

No. 896931

My thoughts exactly. Didn't she cop out last time because it was a male doctor? Which is understandable imo, but there's no way she can even be honest enough with herself to lay out her lifestyle and habits honestly. I'd guess doctors get this all the time and are used to it though? Time will tell… wouldn't it be crazy if there was radio silence from her after she gets tested?

No. 896935

File: 1574526488413.jpeg (648.52 KB, 750x4002, 8E8A7AEC-F2AB-4778-BC71-E71C33…)

More on Lip Bitch

No. 896961

File: 1574536306126.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, 9E34D014-410D-41CB-A2C7-0AAF93…)

she tries really hard to have this weird “cute” porn thing going on with her “watch me whimper” head ass but looks like a bimbo and the clash of aesthetics seems really unappealing except to maybe a really specific niche audience into weird ass cute bimbo porn

No. 896965

These are horrible candid shots , wtf are these angles?

No. 896972

File: 1574538052990.jpeg (166.28 KB, 750x935, 8A7D80BE-EDCD-40A6-A19F-523D69…)

No. 896980

This is so crazy she needs to get a normal job already. Who posts this on a ‘sex worker’ account.

No. 896983

nta but how the fuck does she think its okay to post this on her SEX WORKER ACCOUNT

No. 896988


No, you're disgusting and the feeling is probably catching up with you. You clearly never fucking actually wanted to be a sw/camgirl, but didn't think things through, so now you're stuck in this shitty situation you've created.

Literally who fucking posts this on their sw twitter. Something is super fucked with her health, so I wouldn't be surprised if her libido is fucked as well, but she sure as fuck isn't ace.
>inb4 she comes out as "guyz i think I'm grey ace"

No. 896989

pleathe pay me for thexth but altho i rly dont like thexth im athexthual…cathhapp me 5$ im tho deprethed about my full body rath…but i dont need ur money coth im thriving and ur a ugly jealouth hater

No. 896991

File: 1574540710173.png (810.03 KB, 1242x2208, 12D557AC-3CDC-45CA-8934-84027E…)

Why is she even trying to get a new tattoo with the way her newest one looks? I doubt a tattoo artist would be willing to tattoo skin with so many obstacles to avoid.

No. 896992

File: 1574540736510.png (933.83 KB, 1242x2208, 3F8996C4-E6AE-4436-ACB1-63E348…)

No. 896994

This is literally her mentality, “I think I have HIV but I’m too scared to seek the truth”.

Exactly, she’s stuck with this stupid identity she’s created for herself. She admitted this several tweets ago that she looks at other people’s identities and takes them on. Stupid Unoriginal Bitch.

No. 897000

just because you have tattoos doesnt mean you know anything about being a tattoo artist, obviously. her last tattoo is getting eaten alive by her body, why the FUCK is she trying to get another. it is 100% going to end up worse than the current new one because her body is in full breakdown mode right now. she doesnt have a single brain cell. that 100$ could've gone to the doctors dumb bitch. the universe is telling you not to get the tattoo lmao go to the doctors. you have the money idiot

No. 897004

she’s probably just sperging out about something that happened a while ago because she’s bored and insufferable and can’t let go of anything

No. 897005

Watching this bitch trip out over $100 is hilarious. What a hustler. KEK

No. 897010

File: 1574542973747.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1259, Screenshot_20191123-155758~2.p…)

It's telling how she refers to herself as 'we'.
And look at that hair and liner. Tf

No. 897022

She posts things like that on her SW account because she doesnt realize that people who want to see your nudes =/= fans of your personality.

It's sad because she probably could have a small fanbase who followed her for her looks/style but she needs to drop the SW act. Tinfoil but I think she realizes she makes no money from it and is bored/tired of it but knows as soon as she stops her Twitter/Instagram fanbase might get bored of her and leave.

She honestly should just cut her hair and wear a wig for a few months. I know everyone here shits on her face but she honestly doesnt look awful. I think it's the obviously fried / botched hair which really doesnt suit her facial structure exentuating her more masculine facial features. That short of a cut and style of bangs definitely is hard to pull off. A good wig is probably 100 bucks and would probably make her feel less like she had to cake on that instagram/bimbo makeup to feel feminine.

No. 897028

she looked like a man with wigs on too she’s fully botched in the face and looks bad lol

No. 897046

File: 1574550696472.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1654, D4F9ECEB-F9B6-4BC6-801D-85CB7B…)

I know this is 2 days old but her decade ago to now photo.. “now” photo should really be the one she took that day and posted just before it showing her real face.

No. 897049

the concealer on her lips thing she does makes my skin crawl

No. 897067

So is this the only shirt she owns now

No. 897070

I love how she always cherry picks for the shittiest "before" picks. It's not impressive ari when you choose a photo that has terrible lighting, angle, and then you generally hadn't even gotten ready yet. If you've really improved that much, do a comparison between a good old selfie vs now.

No. 897078

She’s a broke ass bitch trying to act like she’s boss with sky high stacks lmao. It’s a very white trash thing to do to act like you’re rich because of x y z

No. 897086

Huh…where have you been? She has like a million wigs and destroys them instantly. There’s no hope for this cow.

Her only effort to staying relevant is getting off her meds and committing to a full manic lifestyle. She needs to realize that the only reason she was almost to 100k followers was bc people loved watching her sweet sweet combination of drug use, fillers, and social media addiction type spiral. People love watching bad people unravel and ruin their lives. She’s so yesterday, no one really cares anymore.

No. 897088

I feel like ariana just needs to… get out more? A lot of these cows are so closed off from the world that they just spend every waking second obsessing over shit that doesn't matter (forgive me, I was just in a deep dive in the lilleejean thread). Do the thoughts of your followers really matter? Does it matter if your nose used to be big and now it's small? Don't you realize that you're gonna die one day and you spent the prime of your life staring at a phone screen and picking apart your appearance??

Ariana, overall I'm rooting against you because your life is entertaining but…girl wtf wake up

No. 897090

some artists take same day walk-ins but will still require a deposit to make sure they don't get fucked over. also some are booked up and you have to make the appointment in advance but ask for the deposit for the same reason, idk why she's acting like he did something out of the ordinary. he dodged a bullet though, if he followed through and did work on that skin i'd avoid him/the shop b/c that's really irresponsible with the state it's currently in.

No. 897094

yeah, she clearly doesnt know what shes talking about. paying a deposit when you book in advance is completely normal. but she is in philly where everything is backwards and dirty.

pretty sure it was confirmed the injector just stopped giving ariana and that other girl free injections for social media exposure. prior to that she had zero issues

No. 897095

File: 1574559148561.png (2.78 MB, 750x1334, BA6855EB-AA5B-4805-9BAA-19ED7C…)

She’s live

No. 897096

Oh you mean Em Bod? KEK

No. 897097

shes just smoking out of a diy 2 liter bong with matt
they talk like children

No. 897106

File: 1574560684170.jpeg (261.41 KB, 1242x1854, IMG_1776.jpeg)

This girl is coughing her lungs out, smoking dirty bong water, and complaining about her lazy eye. She reads this thread for sure and it's just so sad. She needs to get out and do something with her life.

No. 897107

lol philly has some of the higher standards regarding licensing in body mod arts. Besides, she said the shop was in NYC.

No. 897108

I don’t usually watch her lives and I’m glad cause that was an entire train wreck

No. 897109

watched the whole live, highlights:
she didnt mean to dye her hair pink, diluted what she thought was dark purple hair dye with conditioner to tone her hair, turns out it was red oops
showed off her jars of free weed
broke her 7 year old bong!!!! by being retarded and flailing her blanket around
pretended to cry about said bong while also exclaiming she felt nothing, and was also totally in shock
started saying to matt “have you noticed that whenever you break things or hurt me or i break things i dont get angry anymore??”
immediately jumped on him to buy her a new bong for apparently breaking one however long ago
they made and hit a grav, had no idea how to use it and she got super defensive whenever people tried to help
matt made a funny joke whenever she hit it, some girl thirsted about him for it so he repeated it several times later on
they hit the grav a couple more times then end the live abruptly

No. 897112

I wonder if that’s the bottle from the prune juice she drank

No. 897122

God, she’s so creepy about her prune juice tryna lose weight through shitting. That’s some housewife / yoga mom shit.

No. 897124

Lol..that’s eating disorder shit..obviously.

No. 897131

You are an idiot. “HIV. End of conversation” you are not a doctor and you’re ignorant. You’re as bad as pnp if you think you can diagnose her. Sorry. Maybe y’all should be friends.

No. 897133

I meant end of breast implant illness conversation. You guys are just as defensive as ari. Kek

No. 897139

File: 1574571730186.png (593.73 KB, 1650x2550, Project - Drawing 158643945417…)

No. 897171

off topic but for some reason one of the things that bothers me the most about Ari is that this bitch cannot afford one fucking set of nice lingerie!! I live around her and sex workers get discounts at basically every sex store. For $100 she could get like 3 sets of some decent matching underwear/bras. God you would think someone who makes there income off their appearance would at least focus somewhat on what their wearing. She puts all her focus into her makeup and completely neglects her fucked up hair and terrible fashion choices. If she put even a minute of effort into her hair (and no wearing party city wigs doesn't count as doing ur hair) and wore even the most basic lace teddy, it would make her somewhat more profitable compared to the dumpster fire she is rn.

No. 897185


She doesn't know shit about tattoos, clearly. People pay a deposit sometimes 6 months out. I guarantee this artist has told all his friends not to fuck with this phony, cheap ass bitch.

No. 897234

File: 1574606638353.png (3.05 MB, 750x1334, A4A02E47-2FC1-4B8C-9BBE-434EB6…)

Kek ok Ari.

No. 897236

“Looks intentional and cute” kek it looks like a mushroom helmet made out of salon floor trimmings but go off

No. 897238

lmao this is face tuned to hell and back

No. 897241

You forgot to mention that she fucks the weed guy now in return for free weed lmao. She didn’t say it outright exactly but said something along the lines of “the power of pussy” idk why that made me feel bad for her.

No. 897247

She finally figured out how to wear necklaces with a tutleneck

No. 897265

File: 1574615841980.gif (1.07 MB, 250x250, C7E58339-62B8-47E4-B25B-8A98B8…)

livin‘ the dream

No. 897267

This gif still gets me kek, really wish I could use emojis but yall understand

No. 897273

Took me a moment to get this uploaded. For those of you who missed her sperg about the experience she had with her previous injector and breast implant surgeon, here ya go! You’ll even get a good view of her showing off her rash covered body and infected tattoo. Skip to 1:03 to avoid any ‘psoriasis” talk.


No. 897278

She’s looks like a young transgelica Houston in that gif

No. 897284

wow ok way to diss my city like that. she said she was getting the tattoo done in jersey anyway so….

No. 897313

File: 1574623707400.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 5C130554-CDAE-4379-9F3E-CF14B3…)

She somehow still tries to make the connection that psoriasis = healing quickly …? Huh!?

No. 897316

File: 1574623778743.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, E8A800D3-A4DE-4B33-B7EE-BB1682…)

Ari, you don’t look like this anymore.
You were almost pretty a year ago when that photo was taken. Now you look closer to your pre-op face. Better hurry and get that fat fill!

No. 897321

I also recorded her taking those weird ice chest bong hits with Matt, if anyone missed it I can upload it. Not that milky, just kinda pathetic.

No. 897323

Learning to wield your vagina to get what you want is not the same as fucking some John for free weed. Learn that Ari, stop being a cheap piece of ass.

Off topic, but I hate how these SW hoes don’t want to be ostracized, judged or oppressed, yet the talk shit on women that don’t want to do what they do. Always sperging off saying “your pussy cost zero dollars and zero sex but mine pays for my ~lavish lyfe~”. They don’t make the differentiation that yes, non-SWers aren’t charging people for sex, but they’re also fucking people THEY WANT TO FUCK. Periodt.

No. 897334

This sounds like such a hilarious live. Did anyone get it recorded?

No. 897337

Yes pls upload

No. 897364

kek are we supposed to believe this isn't facetuned

No. 897368

File: 1574630719064.jpeg (144.4 KB, 750x728, 2E4120D8-462C-4E35-A0C8-DD40C3…)

Wasn’t she called a simpleton the other day on here? Yay, baby added a new diss to her arsenal. She lurketh on.

No. 897375

she never REALLY looked like the picture on the right anyway…

No. 897376

Ariana, that word doesn’t mean what you think it means

No. 897385

Please do!

No. 897391

Watch “Ariana and Matt take bong rips out of ice chest” on #Vimeo https://vimeo.com/375289634?ref=tw-v-share

No. 897392

Her constant coughing is so disgusting

No. 897408

File: 1574637612768.png (3.91 MB, 750x1334, 5E0BF35D-2837-4942-9907-5B1B0D…)

What in the back woods West Virginia…?

No. 897416

File: 1574638437438.jpeg (94.86 KB, 750x380, 40AD0D53-F889-4278-B2B5-D66018…)

She makes incongruent comparisons all the time. She’s so illogical. Like a nail tech isn’t a self starting career whereas sex work is, so it infact does make sense to reach out to people you look up to. She’s so repellant to her following and doesn’t even see it. I’m too lazy to look back in her twitter, but wasn’t she the one hitting up SWers for help?! And giving that advice to other aspiring SWers? Lmao, loser.

No. 897422

if you were friendly with a nail tech and were an aspiring nail tech why WOULDN'T you ask them how they got to be one as long as you're polite about it? Lots of jobs practically require you to ask around in the field for how to get started because the info isn't always easily found on the internet and plenty of people are happy to give advice because they're not afraid that a young newb is going to suddenly steal their long term skilled job.
a lot of the time people are only this precious about ~no free advice~ when they don't want people to find out that they don't actually have any wisdom to share.

but none of this matters because "don't ask sws for ~FREE~ advice" has been a popular sentiment on tumblr for years and ari would rather regurgitate it verbatim than form her own opinion.

No. 897423

File: 1574639455704.png (1.82 MB, 750x1334, 1BDCD633-72AC-40A0-9B6A-CD09F9…)

ok bully

No. 897427

Did this BPDfag just say everyone else needs mental help?

No. 897428

Awe poor ari. Did we strike a nerve?

No. 897429

I just stumbled on this thread because I randomly googled for her name, and OH MY GOD I am SO fucking glad there is a place i can vent. I’ve been following PlasticandProud for over a year and been utterly disgusted by this wench. She is truly one of the most cunty, shady, delusional piece of shit bitch I’ve ever witnessed. She deserves every word that is said about her on here. When she sits alone in her filthy studio apartment day in and day out scratching her sores, she has to know deep down there is a good goddamn reason there are TEN threads about her. That is not normal. Normal people don’t have ten threads written about them by many people that share the same hatred and disgust.

No. 897430

Why is it so hard for her to just shut up and take her own advice for once? She’s truly perplexing.

No. 897434

lol people arent comfortable with you knowing their identity because you will go out of your way to find photos and personal information such as where they live, and make up malicious lies because it makes you feel better about yourself. you are pathetic ariana, you come from a trash family and youll never be able to be anything but trash. on top of that, you are literally just evil. not a good bone in your body. people like you repulse me, but you are good for one thing, and thats to be an example of everything i dont want to be.

No. 897455

Lulz, this is after LM posted about her SW guide. Why does Ari act like she gets 100s of dms a day about it. It's probably 1 person and she spergs out

No. 897491

Exact same situation anon. She doesn't realize her horrible instagram literally leads multiple people to be so shocked they google her username and find this site. Ari, you bring people here without even mentioning the site! No "bullying", your posts were just so deranged i knew there had to be somewhere people were discussing it.

No. 897520

"Hence" is a classic word dumb people use to make themselves sound smart kek. I think all the digs on her sub par intelligence are getting to her. Did she even finish high school? The way she types is reminiscent of a tween trying to sound clever.

No. 897522

Right?? I knew there had to be people that felt the same way. She really is an ugly
, ugly person.

No. 897550

Has anyone ever seen a HS graduation pic? I don’t recall ever seeing any. I know this is hardcore tinfoiling and I’m sorry, but it’s a little weird?

No. 897561

Oh man, every time she says “hence” I cringe and become even more certain she is the most unaware human. I fucking H A T E when people use that word. Her disses are so lame and cringey. You’d think for such a Professional Bitch she would be better at them, but I guess it’s just the degenerate IQ and lack of social life.

No. 897583

I really don’t understand how this girl is always begging for money when she makes around $2k monthly from her onlyfans, which I also don’t understand but GIRL. Aside from her half of rent (that her one client supposedly pays for) does she really have many other bills?

No. 897631

2k from only fans? Is there proof of this or just word of mouth

No. 897634

File: 1574689306254.png (135.61 KB, 240x256, d19ce52b247281ca1bc77a740897c3…)


>really wish i could use emojis


>image board



No. 897645

her page?

No. 897655

all you have to do is multiply the # of subscribers to the amount she charges to figure this out, OF likely takes a percentage but it’s not that hard to ballpark how much she brings in from it

No. 897657

OF takes 20%

No. 897668

File: 1574694800301.png (3.2 MB, 750x1334, 66C36D77-32FC-4E78-8935-7BF397…)

Her body is trying to do the noble thing and end her

No. 897672

File: 1574694912836.jpeg (187.32 KB, 748x749, 4CAC37F4-2121-4479-BCC5-D64AEF…)

Wow… so much improvement…

No. 897673

sage for sperging but I'm here for milk not willing someone to stop existing just because she's an attention whore. scale it back

No. 897675

File: 1574695259752.jpeg (218.56 KB, 750x1334, 75B0A1BD-43BE-4EE6-AAFA-6F0944…)

Whatever this girl has she needs to stop treating it like it’s on the surface. Her entire immune system is going haywire and all she can seem to care about is the scarring on her face. What if vital organs are being damaged because of this fearful neglect she carries around? It’s okay to admit fault. Face your fears and go to the damn doctor. There is no shame in getting an extensive checkup especially if you’re a respected sex worker. I’m sure doctors have experienced far worse during their lengthy profession and wouldn’t give two shits if you were raped out of country. All they would care about is running the results and seeing you HEALTHY. Aka doing their JOB. It is absolutely ridiculous to see this girl choosing to live in fear and paranoia. Honestly downright depressing.

No. 897678

is it just the lighting or does she look fucking jaundiced?

No. 897681

i think it was just some dark humor anon, chill

No. 897691

I can't get over how ugly she looks like I almost feel bad lol it's like you can't have a big nose and big lips you gotta pick one!

No. 897692

Even after OF 20%, she’s still making around $1600 a month from it. Where is all of that going?

No. 897695

probably rent, weed and paying off her debt she's always talking about. $1600 a month isn't a lot lol it's only like $10/hr.

No. 897710

It’s not a lot, but for someone who is at home in bed all day, it’s a considerable amount when you refuse to get a real job and don’t seem to get out and do much

No. 897721

I love how she didn’t actually get a job like she said she did hahaha. I know we’ve talked about this but it’s just so funny to me. she can’t be spending all her time at home and still claim to have a real job. So hilarious. She’s a dumbass

No. 897723

She’s bringing in around $20k a year from onlyfans. it’s not bad considering she does nothing lol…..but FAR from lavish. I can’t imagine she’s making anything more than $40k in total with all of her other endeavors and old-dude-dick-money. $40k (and that’s being gratuitous) is piss poor for philly. Most of her monthly income seems to go towards her plastic surgery debt, rent, and more fillers/makeup/random expensive clothes.

No. 897735

File: 1574706272574.png (2.35 MB, 750x1334, 2209CF31-2C39-4F65-8C55-D1ED0A…)

It’s not even about the medications though. She has no clue what she is even dealing with. Blood tests and skin biopsies are the ONLY way for her or ANYONE to legitimately know what disease she has. Bitch is playing with fire!

No. 897736

File: 1574706371124.png (409.42 KB, 750x1334, E6EAB1CC-980E-4C66-8524-B5B8BD…)

when will this weirdo understand that people who are actually good with money and have great credit aren’t incessant about letting others know and having their wonderful money and credit skills validated on twitter and instagram? they just… do it. she’s like a teenager, it’s really just weird at 25 to still act like this much of a child.

No. 897740

Her credit is good because her mother stole her identity when she was a child. I don’t doubt she’s been paying off countless debts her whole life too which also adds to it.

No. 897744

I don’t understand this. I use my credit card like my debit (for points) and pay it off literally immediately with my phone banking. Credit score is perfect, how would waiting to pay it off make it better? Genuinely asking. I really don’t get what she means.

No. 897746


She's clearly an idiot. As a former financial adviser fag, I can tell you paying off debt is paying off debt and your credit doesn't care if you do it at once or gradually. You'd think someone begging and fucking her way to make $10/hr wouldn't go bragging about how much money she has. She fucks up her own hustle.

No. 897753


Because she's stupid. It's based on how much of your credit limit your using. As long as she doesn't miss any future payments, she can pay it all off now an her score will go back up. She's probably just saying this because she doesn't have 4k to pay it off.

No. 897754

Not defending her because she’s a fucking idiot and her credit is from her mom using her identity as a child as >>897740 said, but her line of logic (or lack thereof) is about credit HISTORY from showing the ability to pay off a large loan (student loans, car loan etc) but that is different than what she’s doing, which is just paying off her racked up credit card bill. Her car loan, sure, although not sure why she’s still paying off her minivan, I thought it was older for some reason

No. 897755

File: 1574709255626.jpeg (126.96 KB, 750x594, 8BD82B4E-85E9-48B1-81BC-5A6544…)

This tweet just openly displays her financial insecurity. If she has 4K to finish paying off her loans, and was confident that her job would continue to make her enough money to support her, she would just pay it. She knows it’s a bad idea to throw down 4K at once because her career is so inconsistent and shitty that she would risk being shit poor.

No. 897758

Her score is 712 and honestly? That’s not good enough to brag about it.

No. 897761

Wants to do things holistically for “health reasons and muh liver” but does drugs lmao okay
logic has left the chat

No. 897765

File: 1574711104202.jpeg (407.89 KB, 2048x2048, A9BA98FD-6D78-4520-910D-EAD5D5…)

Bought her car in 2015 for ~9700, 2016 was her nose job, end of 2017 was lip lift, 2018 boobs and countless fillers in between. Jesus fucking Christ girl, that’s a lot of debt in under 5 years. No wonder all her onlyfans money goes to bills

No. 897768

that's funny then because she is paying interest on something she could supposedly just pay off outright. So ultimately she could actually save money if she wasn't so stupid lol

No. 897769

She admitted the other day her credit was like low-mid 700s. Average.

No. 897770

File: 1574711565671.jpeg (357.51 KB, 750x1856, 8F7C11B9-429F-4CCF-90F6-19634A…)

Also sorry if someone posted this in the last thread already I didn’t see it

No. 897771

What an idiot. 3 days is nowhere near enough time to see any kind of legitimate results from these kinds of changes.

No. 897775


This FL trailer park trash doesn't understand it's not how much you make, it's how much you keep. With her misguided ideas regarding finances on top of her minimum wage sex worker shit and the poor return on her idea of investments, she's the perfect example of a little knowledge being detrimental.

No. 897780

She really referred to fucking that old man as "going to work tommrrow". She dressed up in her usually black hooker turtleneck and necklace combo 2 days ago, she does'nt have any other job

No. 897781

Does she pay income taxes? I assumed she wouldn’t which makes all her posts about money very risky.

No. 897808

File: 1574718286594.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, 30C54833-4C7D-44E5-9CFA-C15648…)


No. 897809

File: 1574718324572.png (257.92 KB, 750x1334, 5A0979D3-4FE5-430A-8C41-C67063…)

(2/2) she is so….. weak.

No. 897817

she could get groceries delivered to her house

No. 897821

>I make a lot of smoothies
Sure you do

No. 897833

File: 1574720691072.jpeg (1.13 MB, 3464x3464, 489C7968-B296-4FB6-B44E-900DFF…)

This bitch needs her issues sorted lol

No. 897836

She should save herself and loved ones from a few years of mental torment and just I don’t know? Go the fuck to therapy when she already knows she needs it.

No. 897842


This bitch is like 25 and still thinks someone is gonna come save her and make her depression go away for her. You dumb fucking cunt. You are the only person who is ever going to make your life different. Nobody on your Instagram or Twitter have the answers to your own fucking problems Arianna. And dont even dare bring up Matt Cuck. Do you really think Matt is actually going to help when youve spent years crying to him about it? He’s not. And its not his job to. It is YOUR job to seek help and it is YOUR job to accept that help and work on YOURSELF to actually create that change.

No. 897846

It's like she's asking to get banned again for self injury

No. 897853

Ariana, since you definitely lurk, please please please go to therapy !!!!
Anons have been begging you to go to therapy for the past 10 threads
It will help

No. 897855

shes not going to go to therapy and not going to go to the dr. i dont understand why anons keep telling her to go. shes such a shitty person anyway, whatever torment shes going through, she deserves.

No. 897888

File: 1574725531092.png (79.45 KB, 804x343, Screenshot_20191125-163434.png)

Tinfoil but Ariana seems like the type of girl to threaten suicide if a man leaves her… She walks all over Matt and he tried to leave for another girl and she ended that as soon as she got wind.

No. 897892

This is insanity. She'd rather completely change her diet and convince herself that it's lupus/psoriasis/a food sensitivity than go to a freaking dr and get tested. Whether or not it's an std or not she could at the very least get a real diagnosis and find out her prognosis and get advice from someone who is actually qualified. then she could get her coveted ~perfect skin back. But no, that's all far too ~scary. It's completely baffling!

No. 897933

uhh with her severity of BPD it’s super likely she’s threatened him with suicide, that’s a hugely common thing for them to do when they feel even slight threats of being abandoned. and her fucking sperg on instagram about being “used and manipulated for years” yeah she definitely has threatened suicide, i’d argue she likely has many times as well. i mean she also just posted on her story about how people kill themselves from “online bullying” clearly talking about lolcow and i have no doubt that was her trying to make people here feel bad for bullying her. she’s super manipulative and it’s super obvious to anyone who can see red flags.

No. 897958

File: 1574733563678.png (1.62 MB, 826x1318, 758F4402-31B0-4E79-ABF3-B45A3C…)

None of the other comments were about the disgusting dandruff-dander snowbank on her shirt. Stop lurking, Ariana, and do your fucking laundry.

No. 897961

>Wants to flex about being able to buy Louis Vuitton boots
>Wears the same shirt 5 out of the last 7 days

No. 897977

Not trying to be dramatic but her dander covered shirt makes me want to throw up . How hard is it to brush it off, or purchase a lint roller? She has 3 animals for Christ’s sake! It almost looks like she boosted the contrast up to make it more noticeable, I think she gets off on being a grody bitch.

No. 897978

~I’m not like other gurls~

No. 897999

File: 1574741918579.jpg (100.68 KB, 1076x730, Screenshot_20191125-201002_Ins…)

This petty skinwalking minimum wage bitch spends too much time trying to badmouth the_plastics_pa, when she's really just mad she's broke af and can't get more Care Credit surgeries.

No. 898000

I’ve never looked at her onlyfans page but what the fuck 1k for a couple pictures and videos. If she also got a real job and did that OF stuff on the side she would be balling the fuck out lmao plus the extra spending money she gets from fucking that old guy. Money would never be a worry for her and she could fix her face (like she wants to) if she just got a normie job

No. 898013

what is this from?

No. 898028

1k is terrible. In Australia you get paid more by the government for being unemployed. She has spread cringe worthy graphic content of herself over the web and she’s done it so poorly that she’s made f all money off it. You see other cam girls buying houses, new cars, travelling and having crazy big weddings vs. Ariana who just eats take away a lot and lies in bed and says she’s thriving having 4K in the bank lol. She has just half assed it.

No. 898042


Anon, please remember that there are conversion rates, lol. Most countries have welfare systems, nothing new there. Maybe Ari should consider it. Not like she'd be paying tax.

No. 898053

A person paying rent you get around AU$1450 per month. That works out at 1k US even with the crappy conversion rate. It’s what is considered bare minimum/ poverty level which is why I can’t imagine posting horrible videos and photos to the world for such a bare minimum. Especially when she had a steady job.

No. 898062

Is this fake or did she delete this?

No. 898090

Not fake. Just looks like the person who posted this went out of their way to message Kaitlyn only to post it here…

No. 898106


I know her personally and we've talked about that broke trashfire. Just thought I'd share that clearly it isn't what Gollum makes it out to be. But we knew that.

No. 898117

File: 1574785520058.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 360.29 KB, 1125x2436, ED7351F9-C84B-4507-B759-536544…)

Her newest only fans video literally makes me want to throw up she looks so bad. She just writhes around grabbing random parts of her body with her disgusting rash all over

No. 898118

File: 1574785550413.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 339.54 KB, 1125x2436, 47DCEA9D-3D7E-4B12-A1C8-2D754A…)

The worst part of it all was her nasty Rashy puss

No. 898125

Fucking gross,sex worker that cant even be bothered to shave

No. 898129

fuck off anon, do you expect her to be hairless like a 12 year old? Some of you need help. I can’t stand this hoe either but what a stupid fucking thing to nitpick.

No. 898130

just report and move on

No. 898135

oh her new tattoo is just some horrible red scaly mess now. ughh jesus girl go to the dr. you can't cure yourself by cutting out gluten occasionally

No. 898136

the tattoo, jfc

No. 898147

Finally bought some new panties
And holy fuck that tattoo looks like it was done in red ink. Actually the subject matter of the tatt is fitting for Ariana's self-destructive ass

No. 898149

Is that psoriasis on her groin?

No. 898157

Why would you willingly put this out there when you’re covered in a rash??? Is there a market for this?

No. 898158

Imagine paying for her OF and getting this trashy content, yikes

No. 898171

Might be a nitpick but honestly as a SW why not clean it up a little. It looks so sloppy and unkempt. Literally busted out laughing when I saw that pic

No. 898176

oh my god, she isnt shaving because her crotch is the worse affected area. Shes using the hair to hid it but you can straight up see that her vulva is lumpy as hell. That looks really scary, her vag is all deformed now. why is her rash centered on her puss my lord

No. 898179

The fucking tattoo man, it makes me cringe so hard! It looks like it's gonna fall off

No. 898181

Those bolt ons have never looked so obviously botched as they are in this photo. This is not her angle either, it makes her shoulders look boxy as fuck and you can tell that she has zero hips or curves.

No. 898189

i would probably cry every morning if my tits looked like that too, ESPECIALLY if i went into debt over it! it’s really awful.

No. 898190

Lol yeah I was gonna say… It's definitely red and inflamed as fuck. She really grew out her hair to post a dirty video like this. No shame.

No. 898193

Lmfao the cat toys and messy kitchen counter in the background…jfc she is so painfully sloppy

No. 898194

Ew it looks like her pubes are growing in between her labia

No. 898206

That’s…totally normal. Some women don’t grow hair on their labia but many do.

I don’t understand the nitpick about her pubic hair when there is a fucking nasty rash all over her body and a tattoo that is infected and/or being rejected.

No. 898209

nitpick but I fucking hate how she begs for money and tries to make it sound more palatable by saying it's a "cyber date" with a "cute boy". Do you have any plans on interacting with the guy who gives you money? If you don't then it's not a date, you dimwit

No. 898212

it's not even a cute bush though, it's all sparse and rashy.

No. 898220

File: 1574802309916.jpeg (295.75 KB, 750x1193, CAEBB4B3-6FA1-4F24-97A8-D9F1BC…)

No. 898222

She deleted the comments kek

No. 898223

Can someone upload the video?

No. 898224

File: 1574802863014.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, D3E6B0F7-9789-4060-A844-C41A61…)

Can’t take any type of advice that isn’t sugar coated in superficial bullshit.

No. 898227

File: 1574803084152.gif (11.71 MB, 383x640, SmartSelect_20191126-151510_St…)

When even a puppy doesn't want to be around Ariana. KEK

She been doing that alot. I think while her account was suspended but still up (she just had no access to her IG account) there were A LOT of people commenting "negative" things on her older pictures. So she turns them off after she gets tht rush of validation.

No. 898228

oh fuck looks like her bolt-ons are bottoming out again

No. 898229

File: 1574803639555.gif (4.21 MB, 480x270, FA84D6C0-CE65-42A2-A830-884169…)

Holy fucking shit. How is she not running to the doctor with her vulva looking so red and inflamed?!?! It’s the reddest, lumpiest part of her entire body. Yes her full body rash is gross but this is on another level. I wonder if her one client really is fucking that

No. 898232

> “sorry for not wanting to be mAnSplAiNeD”
>username is literally “bigtiddywinemom”

No. 898233

Did she try to blur the infected tat in this pic? Lmao

No. 898238

File: 1574804348500.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1451, Screenshot_20191126-163659~2.p…)

Funny how she always talks about other ppl projecting yet never realizes she does it constantly

No. 898239


She doesn't even have to shave, just clean up the mess! This uneven, patchy bush rash doesn't look good at all, especially if she wants to keep pretending she's a sex worker. The whole package she has going on is just grimy and not enticing to anyone. Clean up the edges of your messy af beaver, girl! Clearly, being a degenerate dirtbag is her aesthetic, based on not only her sloppy vag, but her sloppy house.

No. 898241


She keeps the comments on to get some validating praise from cake-faced teenagers, but then turns it off because she can't handle the truth from everyone else. Kek at this uneducated, friendless reject.

No. 898247

Some women grow hair on their inner labia? I'm legit curious, if you spread her outer labia, there will be hair within (not in her vaginal canal but within the outer flaps), and that's normal? What the fuck? In the pic it looks like the hair goes down to her clit jfc

No. 898249

like a child who learned a new curse word.

No. 898250

It looks like she has genital warts

No. 898253

File: 1574806156351.png (2.09 MB, 1859x1814, PicsArt_11-26-05.06.58.png)

She edited the left picture. The right one is a recent screenshot. She looking like a granny with a tummy pouch

No. 898255

yes it can happen, google is your friend. additionally, she may have some longer hairs at the very bottom of her mons pubis stuck down inside the cleft which adds to the dark appearance.

i am willing to bet £5 that tattoo will fucking peel off, jfc

No. 898259

it's perfectly normal to have hair on the inside of the outer labia and everywhere else leading up to the inner labia and clit/hood. Focus on the horrific rash instead which is definitely not normal

No. 898261

now THAT is one bold shoop

No. 898269

>sex workers shave
eww wtf, pedophilia much? not to mention nasty razor burn which must be 4 different stds
>sex workers don't shave

you realize some people like bushes right? how childish must you be to voluntarily look at sex workers and get mad when she has pubes???

No. 898272

>Literally busted out laughing when I saw that pic
all I see is a fat ugly NEET laughing at some girls pubic hair, how old are you? laughing at a strangers public hair is some mental institution shit, do you also laugh at the sky?

No. 898273

All the person did was put something in caps. Like it wasn’t even rude. Ariana is an eternal fragile PMSing bitch.

No. 898274

She may of edited it but it still looks small and flat. Not a great edit job imo

No. 898277

those are old pictures of the “ass” she gained while in dominica

No. 898281

why are you guys sperging the fuck out over pubes when her red, inflamed rash & wart covered vagina is the entire problem, please take your body hair opinions to a place where people actually give a shit

that being said, her vagina looks mega infected and i can’t believe she’s going out and buying clothes and selling clothes on depop (MOST LIKELY without washing them first too) when her body and VAGINA are covered in THAT!! pubes aside, THAT is gross as FUCK!!

No. 898282

the caption she posted is so annoying, she repeats the same "when my hair is (insert), it'll be over for you hoes!" over and over. So unoriginal and boring.
Ari, you have been saying this for what 3ish years now? But you have literally never bested anyone or even gotten better. In fact, you have gotten worse each time you say that.

No. 898283

Shayna is quaking.

No. 898293

File: 1574811877152.png (861.3 KB, 1075x1117, 2CACF731-8FCD-475E-A9C5-D39B25…)

I’m cackling at that one tit that got distracted and is looking off to the side they look just like Squidwards eyes in this pic

No. 898300

We’ve never really discussed her heinous nipple tattoos. Those are so fucking ugly. Her whole life is a goddamn parody. Of course her already wonky, rock-hard rubber tits have THOSE tattooed on them. As if they couldn’t get any more unappealing, let’s slap some mandalas on ur nipples.

Gasping at the whole body rash. She IS a disease. Wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole. Are these pics supposed to be “empowering”? Like maybe don’t post pictures of a full-body rash on ur aspiring SW account, dummy.

No. 898302

she had the nipple tats before the implants, not sure if it was her attempt at the time of making her boobs look bigger or what kek

No. 898307

File: 1574813446134.jpeg (64.23 KB, 750x312, 5EB1E59B-7011-47B7-BA72-D80DB4…)

HAHAHA Can someone make a compilation of how many times she’s said iTs OvEr 4 U hOeS !¡

No. 898308

Let’s worry about your body warts before we even think about fixing your bowl cut made of straw.

No. 898310

File: 1574813631810.jpeg (77.3 KB, 750x351, 8507A902-54C4-4302-8FE6-DC5274…)

I don’t think baby girl know what “sheepish” means lmao. Cute.

No. 898311

Did anyone see her story where she had to lift up her lip to check her teeth? Kek

No. 898315

File: 1574814597803.png (4.78 MB, 1242x2208, 36EA1722-043C-42B0-A293-8BC116…)

No. 898316

I’ll cap it.

No. 898319

File: 1574815117119.png (883.77 KB, 750x1334, 9F46D719-19DD-4767-BCD6-8979EA…)

Talking about how she can’t eat “on the go” because nothing is gluten and dairy free. Man this girl is the definition of pathetic. She’s so… un-empowered . All her efforts to fool people on IG but it’s obvious she is a weak, insecure cry baby wah wah wah :,(

No. 898320

What! She lives in a major city. She can totally find stuff to eat that fits her dietary needs.

No. 898321

“If I drink enough bone broth and celery juice, maybe I can still eat like shit”. This bitch is literally hopeless. Not even a doctor can help her.

No. 898322

File: 1574815465581.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, 3136F8CE-A88A-40A3-9522-35BB25…)

She can’t commit to anything for a fucking second. Remember this list of foods she was going to only eat (capped)..? That was YESTERDAY!!! Already going to go get Boston market?? I wish I could live life a day in her shoes, just to know what it’s like to have her tiny brain and struggle with tiny things.

No. 898323

She was literally AT the grocery and walked out. She is too weak to go to the grocery. Why even kid yourself Ariana. Just allow yourself to eat what you want, get fat, smoke your Juul, do drugs, be covered in “psoriasis”. Why not? At least you’d be happy… we all know you can’t do it, so just let it the fuck go.

No. 898326

File: 1574816311662.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, 616A7ECE-D13D-41B0-AAD2-EB464D…)

She says she will post pone her diet until after the holidays because it’s just too hard (baby voice). Her ability to come up with excuses is astounding. That has to be in the same vein as her mom’s pathological lying. It’s so delusional, she believes her own bullshit.

No. 898329



I cannot believe she’s so dependant on her whore money that she cant quit working for a month until she looks less like a goddamn leper.

Like you whore yourself out and left yourself no savings for times like this??? So you have to immortalize forever how disgusting full body rash looked??

The internet is forever ya dumb cunt!

No. 898330

I just peeped the ’versatile hoe’ tat on her upper thigh and honestly i have no words. none at all. this generation is pure cancer.

No. 898331

Honest to fucking God how is this bitch not in /pt/ yet? Shes by far one of the milkiest cows. A walking, talking, full body (hiv?) rash selling her body and clothing.. Top fucking kek

No. 898332

maybe I'm just a picky eater already but you can make so many affordable meals out of this list… jesus christ this thread depresses me

No. 898340

How… is this generational? You’re begging for an okay boomer.

I agree that this is pt worthy stuff, she’s karma incarnate

No. 898347

lmao everyone who has ever failed at their diet/goals has put them off until “after the holidays” and called them “new year resolutions.” someone on her private please screenshot her 2020 goals

No. 898348

She literally has no idea what she's talking about re: foods that make "it" flare up because she's undiagnosed but that's Ari's personality: self-inflated nonsense

No. 898349

The new OF content is pure disgusting garbage. 0% sexy with 0% effort. She is not sexy. FAR from it. I know she reads here…. you should stop trying to make sex work your main source of income. You look terrible. And more pLaStIc isn't the answer. It's shameful the way you e-panhandle for a few $. Your minuscule, messy apartment in the ghetto is shameful. The way you handle your meager earnings is laughable. Let's keep it real. You have NEVER created a debt that benefits your future. Not ONCE. Keep doing what you're doing and in 10 years you'll still be right here, the milkiest moron. The internet IS forever, darling, just as an fellow anon stated above. It's too late to take any of it back. You'll live in infamy now as the sore and rash covered, lisping retarded trash heap that you are.

No. 898352

File: 1574820771103.jpg (520.91 KB, 1080x1871, 20191126_200302.jpg)

Omg. Look at this goblin! Hahahahahaha. Ugh, so good. Hahaha. WHY would you put this on the internet?!?!??? Kek. And while trying to parade as a sEx WoRkEr?!?!?! Lolololol. She's so gross, man. There are so many beautiful and talented women out there that aren't covered in hiv rash. Give them your money instead. Yikes × 1,000 to this bitch.(Pure autism)

No. 898355

File: 1574821528241.jpg (38.87 KB, 800x213, 20191126_181410.jpg)

No. 898359

“It’s clearing up” ????? Can she really be that high? It’s certainly not lol

No. 898360

that was over two weeks ago and it’s only gotten as severe as it is in the past week so maybe she thought it was a mild “flare up,” continued to neglect herself thinking it would resolve and then when it didn’t she started whining online

No. 898361

File: 1574822410836.png (290.06 KB, 750x1334, 1BE813BE-6D2F-4481-A776-399297…)

tinfoil but i feel like all of her “i’m so cheap i thrift and hate paying for delivery and don’t wanna pay off my debt in full even though i’m rich” act online is her trying to convince everyone who calls her out on here for her reckless spending that she isn’t irresponsible or dirt poor lol. like a month ago she talked about how she was dropping $400 on one outfit and another $150ish on makeup? alright, you’re so cheap and frugal girl.

No. 898362

What the fuck lmao. Order groceries online, pick them up or have them delivered.. literally soooo easy and stress free. Make yourself to-go lunches and snacks for when you’re running around. It’s cold outside so you don’t need to refrigerate shit! Meal prep!! Like these are things people who actually lead busy lives do to make their life easier. I’m sure she can manage with her schedule.

No. 898364

She lives in one of thee most accommodating cities in America EVER for people with self imposed dietary restrictions. She just has absolutely no self control. Literally you could live here in Philly and be like, "I'm a gluten sensitive vegan and can only eat raw purple food with orange spots and only drink the blood of virgins born from ancient Greece" and still find 100's of restaurant options. Sage but for God's sake. Such a dumpster fire, this one.

No. 898366


This bitch will blame anyone and anything to justify her laziness and inability to better her life. She can't work because she's lazy af, she can't maintain her only source of income because of "psoriasis", she can't have sex because she has "sexual aversion", she can't get healthier because her only client likes her skinny… this dirtbag is full of excuses when in reality, she's just a loser with a depressing future. This is so satisfyingly entertaining. I want her to continue her ugly downward spiral.

No. 898370


It really doesn't matter how much she spends on those terribly embarrassing outfits she puts together. It doesn't matter how much she spends on makeup or more surgeries. She's always going to be ugly af with that personality. And clearly she's buying most things on credit. This bitch wants to pretend she's a baller when she's actually broke af.

No. 898375

she's not a real human being anon she can't do shit like that lol

No. 898383

She can literally rationalize anything to herself it’s kind of scary

No. 898385


Agreed. Any food issues she's having are completely made up. Very accommodating in Philly. And I've always been very confused by her inability to fit in somewhere here. There are so many social cultures/sub cultures in Philly. The possibilites are endless here. She's broadcasting herself online all day everyday as a shut in, so that's probably the problem. But honestly you have to go out of your way to be "victimised" here by dietary and social restrictions. She's clearly doing all this on purpose. Self sabotaging.

No. 898389

I'm sure she wasn't referring to sit-down restaurants guys. You know her dumb ass is pissed because she can't drive thru at a fast food place and pick something up. But she's not sticking to any diet anyways so why not just get some McD's and not broadcast it to the world kek

No. 898469

File: 1574858765193.png (1.94 MB, 1226x2048, Screenshot_20191127-064426.png)

The wicked witch wants to move

No. 898470

>place where people actually give a shit
This is one of the dumbest arguments I've ever seen because one, clearly people do give a shit here as you can tell and even you gave a shit enough instead of just ignoring like 90% of people do when they see shit they don't care about and two, expressing opinions is pretty normal on image boards and any public place of discussion

No. 898478

just imagining her in North Carolina thinking people give a shit about her kek

No. 898490

Taxidermy is to my knowledge illegal to sell in NC, at least as it pertains to deer. But pls come on down and join all the other pretentious burnouts in this shitty state.

No. 898493

Why doesn't she move to LA or NY, probably cause she too broke/poor and her ass can only afford NC… Pathetic

No. 898494

or just eat an apple or something lol

No. 898496

For someone who has had an eating disorder, you’d think she would have more restraint. Maybe I just don’t know how it works, but it’s hard to imagine someone that is so weird about food, how they can’t manage to not eat shit. Just bring an apple and a protein bar with you when you’re on the go until you are able to get a healthy meal.

No. 898498

Lmao is she off her meds? She seems so unstable lately. Also I like how she’s just vegan on a whim every other day.


No. 898507

She's never had an eating disorder, pretty sure that is just apart of her babytrash skinwalk. She has never shown any restraint towards food. Ari constantly talks about how she needs more/is currently eating/someone send her more money for food. Than in between she'll post a "i'm starving myself now!" tweet, than post a send me sushi money tweet 5 mins later

No. 898508

>“Glad I started being less selfless”
top kek
remember when she was talking about how she only JUST started acknowledging homeless people the last time her grandparents were in town, and now she’s soOooO empathetic that she’s straight up crying in her car over them being alone for thanksgiving? she’s gotta be off her meds.

No. 898513

Omg let this bitch move to NC I would love to see her in the wild

No. 898515

It’s not NCstate has a wonderful texidermy program. Not that she’d be able to get into that lol

No. 898518

Sf sorry there are couple animals you can’t like black bears or white tail deer but anything you hunt legally or obtain legally beside those animals and 1 or two others is gtg

No. 898524

File: 1574872006854.jpg (613.67 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191127-081805_Ins…)

Kek at this bitch crying because she gives the homeless "everything" she has on her, "but it's not enough (sniffle)". Bitch, how about you buy clothes for the homeless, if you're so bent outta shape. She spent over $100 thrifting these terrible outfits reminiscent of elementary school, when she could have bought a fuckload of socks for the homeless and passed them out. With all her extra time, you'd think someone so "empathetic" would stop being "selfless" for a moment. Top kek that she has no idea what selfless means.

And she says she's hoping to "finish taxidermy school"… This misshapen Franken-Goblin never even started school, so she's certainly not finishing anything. I love how crazy this scaly bitch is.

No. 898528

File: 1574872333401.jpeg (217.02 KB, 750x418, A425494C-6E09-4D1B-9F0E-FDF3BE…)

>mAn MaDe PhArMaCeUtiCalS
>does drugs

No. 898529

also prescribed mood stabilizers lol

No. 898531

She literally has boxes of clothes she could just hand out to the homeless so they’ll at least be warm this season but instead she’s selling them on depop for sushi money.

No. 898533

File: 1574873971142.jpg (137.55 KB, 1067x441, Screenshot_20191127-085622_Sam…)

Her "vegan" friendsgiving is with several equally generic looking bitches and bony faced Aaron. They can all sit around and take selfies together. For someone that supposedly isn't a "normie", this bitch sure wears some basic af clothes.

No. 898537

File: 1574874630116.png (286.52 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20191127-090603.png)

Her thrifted clothes had stains on them and she put the used boots right up on her kitchen counter. Also, does she know that regular chicken/beef/soup broth is "bone broth"?

No. 898539

bitch if your bone broth tastes "nasty", there's something wrong with it. she's probably drinking some shitty storebought broth

No. 898540

Has she lost her mind? She hasn’t cleared it up? It’s most certainly not clearing up..she looks like a goddamn leper

No. 898541

omg when you have an immune disorder its your body attacking itself so the medication lowers your immune system to stop this it doesn't mask the problem, and is it really clearing a flare up if you just wait for it to be over? if she knew anything from maybe uh going to a dr she'd know you have to manage something like psoriasis with medication and diet/lifestyle like she's literally going to be dealing w this forever if she doesn't and get like so scarred in the process. And doesn't it damage your lungs too?

No. 898543

File: 1574875744585.png (21.95 KB, 808x600, 2019-11-27 12_28_49-Guttate ps…)

No. 898558

God this is worse than Shayna… idk if anyone remembers from the tumblr days PNP and shayna were “friends“ and supported each other as SW until shay got into the baby stuff lol and PNP made a post about her being gross and deleted/blocked her

No. 898559

File: 1574878919247.jpeg (114.39 KB, 1171x546, BCC87C0B-2A23-4778-9496-33F767…)

Double post but just searched them both and this pops up, kinda hilarious considering both have no friends bc they talk shot about everyone that comes into their lives lol

No. 898571

She wants to move to finish taxidermy school that she hasn’t even started……

No. 898575

honestly why is she talking about "finishing school" when she never started??? we dont even know if the dumb bitch graduated high school. inb4 she posts a graduation pic or mentions it

No. 898581

File: 1574883429894.jpeg (355.67 KB, 2048x2048, A0BB1246-F603-4A8F-9B4B-7680BF…)

No. 898582

File: 1574883511870.jpeg (132.8 KB, 750x843, 93CCCF5C-FBD5-4140-BCFE-D32269…)

I find the fact they mutually interacted kind of hilarious.

No. 898584

File: 1574883711853.jpeg (167.99 KB, 749x1105, 3C1DF496-0170-4D54-ABC6-F1F301…)

Still the same attention whoring mindset. Also a major KEK at her planning to go blonde in this post. Probably because she felt ugly and couldn’t make content without doing so. She truly never changes.

No. 898594

File: 1574885701557.png (5.8 MB, 1242x2208, 6EC20942-A222-42A6-8F3A-41D02A…)

Oh my god… the flap…

No. 898608

she actually looks really pretty here compared to her current mug. congrats ari you played yaself

No. 898636

Pretty sure by "finishing school", she means finishing high school, than going onto something else

No. 898651

“Darling” lol you sound so fucking bitter and jealous and can tell you typed this with fucking hate pouring out of your fingers. We are here to laugh at Franken-goblin not be jello.

No. 898655

She looked pretty nice here huh bpd is one hell of a drug

No. 898669

God, that took me a while to go through all the threads. I have only one conclusion.

How the hell she chose to be a sex worker if she completely lacks sex appeal. I don’t even where to start with this, she is the most unsexy person I’ve ever seen in my life. And she’s gross and delusional. She’s like a combination of Victoria Bella-Morte and Luna Slater, except somehow she’s more gross, more nasty character-wise, and more unsexy and unappealing than both of those cows combined. Fuck, to have Luna Fucking Slater be sexier than you. That’s just hard to grasp.

Wasn’t she supposed to get a normie job? Or she’s still trying to milk the sex industry to try to see if she succeeds in anything? It’s like she doesn’t realize at all that she has zero sex appeal and no matter what she tries, stripping, sex, cams, she will never be a success. Her boyfriend is the gross Matt and somehow he is the better looking one in this relationship. It’s just insane.

No. 898670

She got her identity based on her weakest quality (sex appeal). It’s like fat Georgia picking being a dainty fragile anorexic as her identity.

Smh cows have no self awareness.

No. 898686

nta but jealous of what? lmfao

No. 898689

the mountain of dirty clothes behind her was a nice touch

No. 898696


Little does she know the homeless people are looking at her scabby skin and feeling the same sympathy.

No. 898698


This is the same chick who forgot "resumes were a thing" and didn't know how to make one; and who was freaking out over having to know basic math to get into school. She's never going to go to school.

No. 898700

She looks like a cheap, busted and overused Walmart version of hime ahri/momo cosplay

No. 898704

File: 1574905471509.jpeg (391.38 KB, 1157x959, B6930D84-EE2C-4409-B828-1B457F…)

Can’t get over how badly she ruined her lips

No. 898705

File: 1574906208871.jpeg (199.69 KB, 750x554, 43129897-7FB4-480D-AB00-59D6B0…)

this is the equivalent of fake edgy fags wearing “normal people scare me” merch. we get it, you’re traumatized. find a real personality trait to identify with.

No. 898709

idk this is just how people of her age talk

No. 898714

So many people don't get along with there moms though, like no one does really. mothers can't be perfect. Moms suck because moms are people. she can't seem to put herself in her mothers shoes, or try and see from someone else's perspective. she probably did the best she could. Being a parent is hard as fuck, especially if you have mental illness and live in poverty. Like move on girl, your an adult stfu about your mommy issues

No. 898715

lol people of her age? what does that even mean?

No. 898720


Top kek at implying that there's anything in this slags life to be jealous of. The term "darling" used in colloquialism is basically just a pat on the head. Similar to the American's using "That's nice, dear." Nice self post though, trash bag. Dont you have vegan scraps to prepare for your fRIeNdS?

No. 898725

The Youth

No. 898727

Are you 80 lol

No. 898743

no anon..are you uh…I just meant that people in their 20s usually talk about their "trauma" in this way

No. 898754

She’s talking about her peers and her mom is more fucked than usual

No. 898843

Okay, boomer.

No. 898854


It doesn't matter what age you currently are, the shit this dirtbag does is actually more immature than the average 20 yr old.

No. 898906

Considering that I am 26 and an LPC- she talks about her trauma like a teenager who is against repairing her traumatic experiences, and would rather discuss them within all opportunities given. That one friend who always talks about their mom in inappropriate settings.

No. 898924

nobody gives a singular fuck about you, your age or your life. stop blogging

No. 899026

ugh you must not use twitter

No. 899066

File: 1575000502193.png (203.02 KB, 750x1334, 31D1AAFA-B220-4A83-A8DF-8C6009…)

Kekekekekek. Wonder if she willingly spent it alone or if she was not/uninvited

No. 899078

I wonder what kind of food he's getting since he can't pick up anything "quick and easy" because of her vegan, gluten free AIDS diet

No. 899109

This is so cringe. She was just posting a couple days ago about her ~Friendsgiving, sitting alone on a holiday while are your friends are together? Is she just pushing everyone away with her bpd or maybe they’ve all called her out on not getting tested/fixing anything with her life?

No. 899178


AKA she couldnt handle the idea of being the ugliest girl in the room. Awe Ari, you jealous your fuck buddy Aaron has moved on to bigger and better things?

No. 899202

she said in that tweet that the friendsgiving was next week

No. 899229

This is about going to see Matt’s family in Vermont not about their Friendsgiving.

No. 899230

Wow that’s so incredibly selfish. Sounds like they went to visit Matt’s family and she couldn’t handle it for ten minutes so she bailed. That’s so insulting and rude. Like they’ve been together for years and she can’t suck it up for one holiday with his family? You’re not a fucking 2 year old Ariana, sometimes you have to talk to people when you don’t want to especially when it’s your fucking boyfriends family on thanksgiving. I wonder what Matt’s family thinks of her. Apparently they’re nOrMiEs so they probably have some opinions on her and her sex work.

No. 899232

can you believe they were planning on getting married and she can’t even be around his family lol. but he ALWAYS goes around hers, which is allegedly far worse than his. poor guy

No. 899258

File: 1575048843734.png (4.8 MB, 750x1334, 46E89DB6-7705-4951-B655-B0D2E8…)

Can't wait to see what kind of sperg out she's going to have later with the guests and all. Also, since when has wearing makeup during a "flare up" been an issue? She's been doing full faces all month.

Also, any word on the blood test she was gonna do? Or another lie? Kek Arianna, even if it's not HIV, whatever you have is clearly ravaging your body inside and out. Did you see the other anon post the risks of letting the kind of "psoriasis" you claim to have go unchecked??? Go to a fucking doctor.

No. 899269

probably didn't wanna have to answer any questions about her leprosy kek

No. 899283

Remember when she got stupid decked out/full makeup to go to a wedding for Matt’s friends and she SAT IN THE CAR THE WHOLE TIME taking selfies? lol

Great/normal girlfriend to have.

No. 899289

File: 1575052566452.jpeg (265.9 KB, 750x1091, E2E1F412-CDE7-4E05-949B-6FFCDD…)

She’s thankful for her pets….

No. 899292

Omg I do remember that, pretty sure she was wearing like a SUPER whore outfit and was like uncomfortable or something. She’s so classless.

No. 899321

Think I must've missed this. Anyone happen to have pics/screenshots of this event?

No. 899326

Pretty sure she wasn’t wearing a bra with her dress and they were supposed to buy one on the way but they just didn’t. That’s why she didn’t go to the wedding.

No. 899329


Friendsgiving is supposed to be today.

No. 899389

I don’t have caps, it was like almost 2 years ago. Probably somewhere in a previous thread . Not super milky, just her being trashy, selfish and stupid.

No. 899428

File: 1575067877588.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, A92A2461-57E3-4BD1-9BB9-124C61…)


she posted this on her story today and said
„Love my life. I love dying.”

maybe finally went to see a doctor??

No. 899430

I doubt she's seen a doctor. Looks like her Lamotrigine, an ibuprofen, and some vitamins.

No. 899432

Damn that's so sad, I can't believe she has to take fish oil, what a tragedy and definitely worth showing online alongside a vague threat of dying.

No. 899456

She needs to wash her hands.

Anyway, I am guessing Friendsgiving didn't take place after all, or maybe she was uninvited.

No. 899501

File: 1575075021846.png (631.54 KB, 792x1170, Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 7.48…)

lmao the blue one is lamotrigine, the rest literally just look like multivitamin capsules and possibly an advil. totally """dying"""

No. 899502

Saged for no milk but this comment wins the thread.

No. 899529

"waahhh i have to take so many vitamins, poor little me"
she is insufferable. like one of those is an actual script. i bet if she went to a dr she'd be taking a lot more than a few vitamins.

No. 899540

File: 1575080744252.png (4.93 MB, 750x1334, A9339757-D70B-4F1C-A0B3-058F2E…)

Thanks for the clarification pnp

No. 899603

Ibuprofen, lamotrigine, fish oil, the amount of lithium capsules she has is a lie, and that’s all that matters

No. 899604

She takes so many pills, I don’t care if they’re multivitamins or shit, all the drugs and alcohol will cancel out any effects in a few hours so fuck her

No. 899622

That looks fucking disgusting. Looks like the kind of Thanksgiving meal you'd get at a Denny's.

No. 899640

this is the whitest meal i've ever seen. big ew(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 899661

I wanted to say this but didn’t want to get banned for race baiting. But seriously, that looks disgusting

No. 899668

Well they’re vegan lol what do you expect

No. 899682

It’s interesting because of the amount of actual shit talking she does about vegans and her friends are vegan and now here we are having a vegan thanksgiving. Anyone gonna call her on that? She’s sure weird about food / what she and others eat.

No. 899683

Yeah fuck white people and their nasty food!

No. 899698

File: 1575130562569.jpeg (119.05 KB, 750x1047, D62792C0-CF7B-4E5C-9246-3A7B53…)

I think she’s on drugs in this video, idk she just seems extra slow

No. 899706

File: 1575131298515.webm (1.5 MB, 640x640, InShot_20191130_102304108.webm)


No. 899722


She looks drunk af.

And the ibuprofen looking pill is an iron supplement.

That meal is shitty even for a vegan Thanksgiving meal. Soup kitchens gave better vegan meal options on Thanksgiving. But you really can't expect too much if this bitch is the cook.

No. 899730

Fish oil, biotin, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, iron, vitamin D, ginger root, milk thistle, and a mood stabilizer.

No. 899732

File: 1575135547038.jpg (94.84 KB, 400x400, watermark-FRESH-START-VITAMINS…)

It's probably one of those vitamin packs that white trash and truckers buy at gas stations

No. 899739

is she drinking brandy when she blamed alcohol triggered her flare up? smart as always.

No. 899744

Why does she need.. an appetite suppressant? She’s a stick. Always needs to leave bread crumbs of her ED to social media every few days so we /know/ and are /concerned/

No. 899747

Which one is an appetite suppressant?

No. 899749

Apple cider vinegar. She specifically said in her story that that’s what she used it for too lmao

No. 899755

Her version of an "ED" is so funny, I didn't know drinking prune juice and taking vinegar vitamins made you Eugenia Cooney. This girl just wants to be sick so bad. I think that's why she doesn't get actual medical attention for her AIDS rash. Notice how Eugenia still won't utter the word anorexia? Because people who suffer from this shit don't want to bring attention to it.

No. 899835

exactly, she loves talking about her ~eating disorder~ but there’s a difference between crash dieting and simply wanting to be thinner vs having an actual ed. she very clearly just wants the attention

No. 899850

File: 1575158556794.jpeg (95.99 KB, 750x533, AD046714-5707-4D14-88AE-76479E…)

She’s such a cringe lord, constantly flexing her poverty level income. Someone tell this scorpi whore that $1,000 a month is nothing to brag about. But hey, I guess that’s a lot of money for her considering where she came from. If you strive for nothing you’re always content.

No. 899851

File: 1575158748097.jpeg (26.19 KB, 320x288, arts_feature-36601.jpeg)

No. 899867

File: 1575161845455.png (3.54 MB, 750x1334, 29DEBC43-7C42-40A7-81FB-D12E2D…)

Not trying to nitpick but I saw these eye wrinkles peaking through and started thinking about the fucking epic downward spiral ahead when she begins to show signs of aging. She is NOT going to be okay with accepting her being an old, washed-up, nobody.(Nitpick)

No. 899894

Oh fuck off, anon. I dont like her either but every human person has some fine lines under the eyes. Get off Instagram.

No. 899928

File: 1575172234990.png (1.2 MB, 968x968, Sera-romance.png)

Kinda sad she missed out on cosplaying as Sera from Dragon Age when she had the blonde hair.

No. 899938

File: 1575174744342.png (114.49 KB, 750x1334, FB647C3B-D1EE-4B94-B6A3-7CCA63…)

just had a vegan friendsgiving but is chugging bone broth now? i really can’t keep up. she’s one of those people who drags vegans through filth but then when she eats vegan food it’s plastered all over her social media how ~vegan~ and good for you it is. pick one already bitch

No. 899951

File: 1575177756713.jpeg (121.66 KB, 1125x874, 35049B5B-C508-417A-8D38-01FFE4…)

cutting out dairy in her diet is going swell!

No. 900073

File: 1575212437912.jpeg (176.69 KB, 1242x342, 8835B327-ED49-4C87-9C29-EEFCBE…)


No. 900097

Aka her pussy game is so weak she can’t make Matt cum.

No. 900122


isn’t that a common thing with male porn addicts? not being able to cum from sex for men probably isn’t normal, ariana up your pussy game kek

No. 900146


I can easily see her just laying there or letting Matt do whatever he wanted aka being a dead fish in bed. Or maybe he's thinking of the old man Arianna let's hit it for money once a month and is just grossed out. Who knows. Either way it's not a good thing lollll

No. 900165

File: 1575229384451.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 167.6 KB, 1125x1423, abscessednproud.jpeg)

I'm impressed he can even get it up knowing that this is what he's about to penetrate. Can you imagine looking down and seeing your (hypothetical) shaft surrounded by these pus covered boils? Truly revolting.

No. 900166

Why is she so stupid and tries to do eveything at 1,000% and then gets overwhelmed and gives up. Just take a shot or two at first you fucking idiot, why make it so unpleasant?
She really has no concept of building skills and habits and being consistant with anything.

No. 900259


In reality:

"I honethly don't know how my man'th dick game ith becauthe I really don't like thex. I jutht do it to look cool, complain about my thexual aversion, and make bad amateur thell phone 'porn'."

No. 900353

File: 1575253079891.png (5.05 MB, 828x1792, 3D70FEC8-B007-430E-A073-49A831…)

No. 900354

File: 1575253108374.png (5.47 MB, 828x1792, 8A47476C-FACB-4B1A-9C92-7D0AC9…)

No. 900360

File: 1575254111631.png (303.03 KB, 750x1334, BA92217E-1909-42A7-94F2-65B1F3…)

pretty sure it’s cause you’re poor but ok

No. 900383

>not bumpy
the horror, there's dry skin flakes and like, ridges all throughout this mess but sure, pretend it's "flat" and your body isn't trying to delete this travesty.

No. 900398

The single most honest thing she's ever admitted.

>he only gets one cos he's spoiled
The single most Doormatt thing she's ever admitted.

She's really on a roll tonight

No. 900437

lol NC sucks. no one young likes living here unless theyre in charlotte or asheville, even then they usually want to move to the west coast or nyc. why NC of all places? i can only imagine it's because it's insanely cheap

No. 900455

Tinfoil: PnP copying Embodoe. embodoe and her fiance Myke Chambers seem to have a second home in Asheville (or nearby) as Chambers is opening a second shop there. Embodoe posts about the beautiful countryside home and PnP might've latched onto some idea about the place without researching into it.

NC would not treat someone like her kindly.

No. 900571

Everyone always accuses her of copying baby trash or embodoe or some other loser but honestly these bitches are all the same, they’re all cows in their own right. Embodoe didn’t invent North Carolina and she didn’t invent hideous nipple tattoos or skinheads either

No. 900580

Ikr? Babytrash is like the epitome of a tumblr cut-out doll. All these girls are the same tbh but it is funny to connect the dots and see who in particular pnp is currently interacting with that she's skinwalking

No. 900593

File: 1575307166995.png (1.98 MB, 828x1792, A75CCD11-C1EC-4ED3-8B9C-FA2C1D…)

No. 900595

File: 1575307492951.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, AFDFEA52-F0ED-46AD-BEC3-3B32F9…)

Slowly turning into a horrorcow

No. 900597

what the fuck…?

No. 900599

Oh not saying they're original or not cows. Just thinking that PnP grabs from the nearest person.

No. 900604

why doesn't she just make a soup so she doesn't have to drink straight broth? I mean it's dumb that she even does this cus then she eats foods and drinks alcohol that trigger her condition, so like what's even the point

No. 900615


But why? Why is she doing this? Some supposed health remedy for her "psoriasis?" Girl, there are better ways, omg.

No. 900616

babytrash and embodoe have been in pnp's real life before, so they're relevant. no one said they're special, but babytrash did for a fact have anorexia that ari now tries to duplicate, or at least insinuate she has. Ari also had that whole lip bitch debacle with embodoe.

No. 900617

File: 1575311018140.png (3.23 MB, 750x1334, BED241CC-9660-464E-9D74-3B1127…)

Or a real mattress maybe? Kekekek

No. 900623

this whacked out bitch. hey ariana, you know what tastes like nothing and is easy to take? HIV medication.

No. 900625

File: 1575312907556.jpeg (355.17 KB, 750x815, 1ACCD4A2-E8E7-419E-B316-17A49E…)

Ah, yes, go buy some of the clothes she modeled in her rash covered body (some without underwear) then threw on the floor so she could take pics with the next items. Anyone have that's screencap of her wearing that blue dress side by side with a photo of it on the ground? Lmao.

This bitch is so grody. Imagine having to sit next to her on a flight and smell her nasty ass unwashed feet for hours. Gag.

No. 900633

literally gagged. the only time it’s acceptable to take off your shoes for a flight is if it’s international/12+ hours and they give you little slippers to wear instead. keep your grody feet to yourself lmao

No. 900634


I guarantee this lazy leper wears slippers on flights, so it isn't much for her to kick them off. Remember those horrible Adidas slides she wears with white socks and mismatched outfits? She's a dirtbag that we really can't and shouldn't expect much from.

No. 900650

File: 1575318449240.jpg (966.63 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20191202_152448.jpg)

7 years later, a more accurate side by side.

No. 900729

Dirtbag because also she “raffled” these pink shoes and never gave them away… now trying to sell them… sus cheap bitch should never be trusted or bought clothes from.

Also, fucking mega EW her feet are so grody, they look all sticky and clamy like frog feet. I picture her picking cloths up off the ground with her toes and then scratching her scaly head with them like a flea-ridden dog. Fucken troglodyte.

No. 900801

Dont compare frogs to this wench!

No. 900812

Bonebroth with sardines?

Why that sounds like a fit ginger vegan original during her sliver of non vegan eating!

Maybe PnP should consult her and get healed through Stevia and dumpster dived mulch tier veg.

No. 900943

File: 1575375023062.jpg (1.84 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoCollage_20191203_06100584…)

From here private insta

No. 900949

Why does she look throughs Matt phone? Insecure much

No. 900952

my hearing is pretty shit so i never know what she is saying in her endless rambling videos. is this wall of text the way she talks in videos too? because then oof, idk how someone could spend time around her and not have their energy completely drained from having to listen to her

No. 900968

>half a grand
lol aka $500… is she trying to make it sound like more of a flex or something?

No. 900974

File: 1575385950693.png (3.04 MB, 750x1334, CC2D926B-3C22-4D85-9ECC-370EC6…)

This bitch, always talking shit on Dollskill. Like move on! She’s so….uncouth.

No. 900975

“Don’t buy their cloths from them, buy last seasons and diseased ones from me!”

No. 900977

Yes, she treats if like a big dumb child

No. 900979

Did anyone see she claims to know h00kerproblemz?

No. 900981

That’s the girl who brought pnp to that piss fetish double during her first flare up. Literally the only escort that helped Ariana get work during that time period.

No. 900982

File: 1575389029656.jpg (364.29 KB, 1896x814, IMG_20191203_170127.jpg)

>my lips aren't nearly as huge as they were consistently for the past two years


No. 900986

It’s called body dysmorphia

No. 900987

The poor girl genuinely doesn’t remember what she looks/looked like.

No. 900988

Sage for lack of milk, but I've gone through the comments on her posts to see what type of people are giving her virtual validation. Of course this delusional bitch deletes all the negative comments, but the comments that are left up are all from women who want plastic surgery and see Ariana as a "knowledgeable" person, even though a lot of her bought features didn't work out. I don't see any comments from men admiring her cake-faced "beauty". It's all insecure women that aren't happy with themselves and want to change things like their nose, lips, and get rid of nasolabial folds, so they're asking someone else that bought their facial features on credit. Despite the fact this bitch has some botched surgeries, a lot of women still see the change and wish they looked like someone else. Some of them are even being told by their plastic surgeons to not get more fillers, all while our favorite scumbag tells people about more surgery she wants to get, even though all of her surgeries had less than desirable results. The poor results are predominantly Dirtbag's fault due to lack of aftercare, but someone buying tits just because they were on sale really shouldn't be giving out any life advice. This is like the plastic surgery blind leading the plastic surgery blind.

No. 900989

”since this account is on his phone”
……sooo she doesn’t get that she can log in on that account on her own phone too wtf…? Is she really that stupid

No. 900990

If anyone’s curious there is an old thread on pull about h00kerpr0blemz


No. 900997

I vaguely remember her saying something about using mats phone for the private account so that she didn’t have to log out of her public account and risk possibly losing it again like last year. I think the thing that makes her more retarded than using her boyfriends phone is thinking that people want to see her incoherent babbling and run on sentences that mean nothing and never have any real substance because her entire personality is surface and wrapped up in her appearance

No. 901003


This is the content she creates for people that paid?! No wonder she keeps slashing the price!

She should just market that account as her diary.

Btw, she uses Matt's phone for her IG journal entries and fake sex work shit since IG can block IP addresses for accounts that don't follow their guidelines. This considerate cunt would rather have DoorMatt's phone and IP address blocked than her own. I'm sure she tells him she can't lose her IG because she "makes money" with it, when she really just wants to pretend that she has internet friends that tell her how good she looks.

No. 901008

File: 1575394807070.jpeg (146.67 KB, 750x1093, 28C15590-DDF7-460E-ACE6-376B63…)

I forgot to post this yesterday. ~Hot new porn coming in?

No. 901010

Isn’t that weird? No engagement from men but just young insecure girls. No doubt she loves it because that’s the only way she’s on a pedestal

No. 901011

~my illness~ give me a fucking break. Go fuck yourself ariana.

No. 901012

File: 1575395373145.jpeg (125.65 KB, 750x720, 1F6DF979-E875-4127-A4F5-5706F3…)

How pathetic are these two tweets? Begging for asspats and follows.

No. 901061

She doesn’t even have to log out of her account to add another one, so if that’s her ”reason” she’s still dumb as hell hahah

No. 901084

I’m sure the excuse to lurk on Matt’s phone is incentive enough.

No. 901109

>models clothing with disgusting rash
>fucks old men with disgusting rash
>parties, drinks, does drugs with disgusting rash
>"uwwuu thanks for giving me time to heal, I just can't work because of my ~illness~, people who paid money that I already spent"

Also re: reselling, I'm sure Depop wouldn't be pleased if she spread her undiagnosed skin disease through their platform.

No. 901113

She should honestly be reported on Depop. But who are we kidding, she ain’t selling shit.

No. 901291

File: 1575425244989.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x1679, 47EB1A53-65D4-49C1-A81B-24A7C0…)

Any of this girls friends going to reach out? They probably realize she is doing it all for attention too.

No. 901309

File: 1575426383401.png (2.93 MB, 750x1334, 4CFF4BE9-C2C5-43BC-9665-B19C7A…)

Does anyone have her only fans? Kek

No. 901312

This is one of the most depressing statements she’s put out there lol jesus

No. 901318

File: 1575427199620.jpeg (199.68 KB, 750x1084, 07CACABF-E1D6-4F49-9F19-30C553…)

Definitely going through withdrawals.

No. 901319

File: 1575427244328.jpeg (149.15 KB, 750x1082, 7128782B-FE7A-49D3-9FE2-D11AFD…)

Deleted this I believe.

No. 901321

She wonders why she's bleeding followers. Put some fucking effort into your content. Plan outfits, hair, makeup, get some decent lighting, use a real camera or self timer on your phone. God her shit is so messy and trashy. Even bbytrash as basic as she is doesn't post three shit tier makeup selfie a day begging for attention.

Are you taking your meds, ari? Because this looks like a manic episode waiting to happen.

No. 901345

File: 1575429182762.jpeg (354.54 KB, 1125x874, BA8902E9-89EF-4A5C-B1B2-E9BBEC…)

Because no one works with psoriasis, right?

No. 901347

So this is confirmation that she never started her "normie" job?

No. 901353

>its crazy how having zero structure in my life, drinking and doing drugs constantly, sleeping with gross old dudes, sacrificing my health for years and refusing medical treatment for the obvious disease I have crawling all over my skin can make it so that it’s hard for me to live like a normie!

No. 901355

yeah, but don't get medical attention or anything you'll be fine

No. 901390

File: 1575433664537.png (233.11 KB, 750x1334, 6F215AA0-5622-4DA9-960C-17BB2B…)

You probably have, they were just on medication like a normal person

No. 901396


If she uses her tears as lube, she'll be saving the planet.

Her pity pleas are really satisfying.

No. 901400

File: 1575434347939.jpg (269.95 KB, 1072x885, Screenshot_20191203-203559_Sam…)

Her response to someone asking her how to price their amateur porn because they see she's "successful" and they admire her. She is really fucking up her relationship with the only demographic that likes her.

No. 901402

File: 1575434586486.jpg (191.31 KB, 1080x535, Screenshot_20191203-204123_Sam…)

Kek at how she words fat grafting as an "investment", then uses her low self esteem to justify going deeper into debt.

No. 901403

Lol does this brain dead bitch really think sticking needles in her scabby lips is a good idea in her current condition…? Her lips will look like that horror show of a tattoo.

No. 901423

File: 1575438876176.jpeg (199.63 KB, 750x1077, B13A9741-96BC-4CB1-B275-61164E…)

Can’t tell if her brain is fried or she’s just lying, but it has not been over two years since she quit her job

No. 901436

File: 1575441365383.jpg (Spoiler Image, 168.31 KB, 597x599, Screenshot_20191204-012835_Twi…)

A video on her twitter promoting her of

No. 901438

File: 1575441556320.jpg (Spoiler Image, 171.64 KB, 603x605, Screenshot_20191204-012921_Twi…)

No. 901440

File: 1575441709114.jpg (Spoiler Image, 170.15 KB, 598x595, Screenshot_20191204-012942_Twi…)

No. 901442

File: 1575441876543.jpg (Spoiler Image, 160.33 KB, 599x590, Screenshot_20191204-013015_Twi…)

No. 901444

File: 1575441995995.jpg (Spoiler Image, 169.75 KB, 594x597, Screenshot_20191204-013031_Twi…)

No. 901446

File: 1575442245485.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.21 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20191204_015031186.jpg)


No. 901447

Legit couldn't tell if that was her bush or part of her top/fishnets

No. 901454

Why are we posting caps of her porn in here with no purpose or milk? Is there a reason? Y’all nasty.

No. 901455

wtf i was not ready for that

also why not share the whole vid anon?

No. 901461

those are old pictures from the house she lived in with Matt prior to the last apartment

No. 901507


We are literally watching a crazy person rationalize their addictions.

“I deserve fillers because my HIV rash makes me self conscious”

How about you INVEST in some blood work and a trip to the doctor?

No. 901508


Well… at least she’s honest enough with herself to know the only way she’ll sell XXX content is by appealing to the bottom of the barrel market - Food fetish, dragon dick and blow up doll aesthetic. She will do absolutely anything for male attention, Jesus.

But ya she aint going to make any $$ doing a classy traditional suicide girls shoot, so hey, guess the girls gotta make her filler money somehow

No. 901509


Well… at least she’s honest enough with herself to know the only way she’ll sell XXX content is by appealing to the bottom of the barrel market - Foot fetish, dragon dick and blow up doll aesthetic. She will do absolutely anything for male attention, Jesus.

But ya she aint going to make any $$ doing a classy traditional suicide girls shoot, so hey, guess the girls gotta make her filler money somehow

No. 901514


Im sure she has manipulated him into thinking she can only use his phone for IGLives so she can also keep tabs on him. She's psycho.

No. 901572

File: 1575475626551.jpg (782.99 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191204-080358_Ins…)

Hey, if you can't get anyone with your beauty, you might as well try to get 'em with pity!

This crazy bitch episode is awesome.

No. 901577

File: 1575476058159.jpg (125.13 KB, 1066x407, Screenshot_20191204-080920_Sam…)

Buying the most useless shit when she has massive debt. Brilliant. And it's cool she's finally going to get new lingerie, but it doesn't matter if she's wearing designer lingerie. If she ever actually cams, she'll still have a shabby mess as her background. You can put a diamond in a brass setting, but it still is always going to be brass.

No. 901581

LMAO. she is gonna cam. It is gonna be a shit show.

No. 901603

File: 1575478673599.jpg (2.56 MB, 3840x1920, inCollage_20191204_085743798.j…)

I'm sorry

No. 901618

this bitch is turning into a more diseased crack-whore version of shayna oh my god. she some how puts less effort in, and creates worse looking porn despite having a better face than shayna. its so god awful. can't wait to make fun of her live cam shows though!

No. 901628

>better face than shayna
anon, shay is busted, but at least she hasn’t completely turned her face into play dough. I will say (without the HIV rash) that Ari has a better body, but… won’t last long when she’s wasting away.

No. 901640

File: 1575484122378.png (469.07 KB, 750x1334, B1B7D519-0854-46BC-B009-90EEE4…)

she’s so self righteous it’s ridiculous. this sounds so manipulative too, saying there’s no choice but to pity people? or.. if you hate bullies so much you could just ignore them instead of giving them your energy still by pitying them? sending your minions to attack your bullies doesn’t make you better than your bullies. this is just such petty middle school type thinking it’s crazy to me that she’s 25 and still acts like this.

No. 901668

File: 1575489610040.jpg (351.74 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191204-115228_Ins…)

When you're trying to get people to interact with you despite being a self-righteous cunt.

No. 901669

File: 1575489689500.jpg (911.21 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191204-115259_Ins…)

Guaranteed she's trying to convince her crazy self that we're all sad people with problems that deserve to be pitied. Riiiight.

No. 901670

File: 1575489759282.jpg (483.64 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191204-115450_Ins…)

Bitter doesn't look good on you, girl!

No. 901672

internetgirl (bella mcfadden, she has a thread here) is the person whose story she’s reposting here and bella is a MASSIVE fucking retard if she thinks she invented the spongebob flower design. bitch please. the 90s called and they want their style back.

No. 901673

says the cunt who calls people ugly in IG comments lmao. she bullies the fuck out of her followers.

No. 901680

It's really funny that she's always talking about people who are hateful when she is probably the most hateful person here. I've never encountered anyone else who takes hate to the next level like this wack ass bitch. But please, convince yourself you're not a wretched cunt some more because you can't handle the truth. Also if anyone should be pitied, its this bitch; she comes from two drug addled pieces of shit who didn't love their children enough to clean up, raised them in shitty motels, never had a stable home, and grew up to be drug addicted mentally ill whore. I mean, it doesn't get more pitiful than that…

No. 901681

lmfao right?? she bullies the shit out of anyone who isn't blowing rainbows up her ass

No. 901683

File: 1575491534228.png (966.04 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191204-133049.png)

"I get no joy from posting on Instagram" as she has a 100 slide story every day kek

No. 901696

File: 1575494021983.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, BF4BC2B6-E144-466E-90E4-3E45F5…)

No. 901707

not to WK but dollskill are notorious for stealing designs and being trash. the owner could honestly have her own thread because she’s problematic as fuck and abuses anyone who speaks up about dollskill.

No. 901726

File: 1575499023065.jpg (537.94 KB, 809x1653, Screenshot_20191204-173631_Ins…)

No. 901729

context please

No. 901758

Maybe ya'll missed it but a day or 2 ago embodoe made a few insta stories doing an unboxing of a PR package from DK. And gushing over how cute all the stuff was and thanking them for including her on their PR mailing list. That's why garbage Ari is going hard at DK currently. Her stories about how DK steals and about how shitty they are, and why she doesn't understand why influencers still support them were IMMEDIATELY posted after Emily's PR unboxing.

No. 901762

File: 1575503746704.png (545.19 KB, 750x1334, 7A1B05E7-548A-47D6-BF27-D783AD…)

Her lying is a fucking problem this is just embarrassing we all know this is far from the truth

No. 901763

I thought she was friendly with her? Like Jesus does she have any friends

No. 901773

No. She has a major problem differentiating between acquaintance/friend. Plus any women she admires or wishes she could be friends with, she skin walks. She stinks of desperation so no well respected person (influencer) with a large following would want their name tied to hers beyond more than just in passing. Especially women in the SW circle that she has tried to attach to. Ari is too retarded to see the difference between what they are/do and what she is/does. She thinks she's the same. Lol.

No. 901788

Girl you have never had a salary in your life. The BEST you did was hourly wage.

No. 901818

File: 1575509904475.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, E03124A9-7968-48DB-9A04-A94C59…)

she skin walks SO hard and it’s so obvious lmfao. pnp posted this in her story after embodoe posted pics in a pink wig on her own page saying “what hair color do you want to see me in next” (1/2)

No. 901819

File: 1575509949794.png (2.73 MB, 750x1334, AA1F6681-54B0-4219-92B7-8778AB…)

embodoe’s post (2/2)

No. 901836

File: 1575512365337.jpg (975.06 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191204-181348_Ins…)


So she can beg people to follow her, e-panhandle, and straight up ask for money, but anyone who asks her to follow them gets a rude no. Makes sense.

No. 901839

File: 1575512641298.jpg (939.56 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191204-181542_Ins…)

This explains why her art doesn't have the right proportions ever. I imagine it's hard to precisely Good thing she's blessed with "natural talent. " kek at her being a 25 yr old with the barely any work experience talking about her nature talent.

No. 901840

File: 1575512750248.jpg (1002.14 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191204-181224_Ins…)

She's taking applications for the person she's going to skinwalk next.

No. 901850

okay but everyone gets an A in art classes, it's not that hard unless you're doing the bare minimum.

No. 901856

Lmao yeah art class in school is basically a completion grade

No. 901881

File: 1575517741881.png (2.24 MB, 750x1334, CD254D6A-5705-45E5-8556-596845…)

Could you imagine if your life was this boring and depressing your list of things to accomplish to make you feel alive included bathing… this is laughable.

No. 901882

File: 1575517914461.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, 562EE055-DB4A-422D-80B5-BBD93C…)

What a raging cunt, Ari, baby, did you take your mood stabilizers ? How do you fucking FORGET to take your crazy pills for days and days? She really self destructs hard. Also this cunty attitude is really bad for her following LOL

No. 901920

We all hate Ari here but use your brain lmao. Are you honestly saying she should give any idiot who messages her the time of day?

No. 901928

Use YOUR brain, and stop WKing. There was absolutely no reason why she should even post a message like that with that cunty aggressive response. And then this cunt will go and bleat about how the Instagram app is personally attacking her “reach” or whatever. Anyone with a following gets these kinds of messages, it takes a truly special kind of subhuman asswipe to pick fights with them. just ignore/block and move on…..

No. 901939

She gives them the time of day by replying and putting them on blast. She just enjoys being rude and feeling superior.

No. 901942

You’re totally right but Ari has no moral compass, she doesn’t actually care about all the shitty things DK has done. She was just saying that it’s cool she got to model for a big company like DK a couple weeks ago and is now bashing them. She probably wanted them to reach out for another shoot or send her free products and got annoyed when they didn’t so decided to jump on the #fuckdollskill bandwagon. It’s like she’s not capable of forming her own opinions on literally anything

No. 902069

Sage for non-milk, but if DoorMatt actually liked this dirtbag with the most annoying, squeal of a laugh, he'd make sure she takes her meds. Whether it's reminding her, or handing it to her everyday like a parent, this dude could really chill her crazy if he doled out her meds like she's a psych ward patient and watched her take it. An entire activity that takes less than 3 min would make both of their days better. But no, he'd rather just buy her toys meant for a 6 yr old from Target on his way home from work. I'm sure it's easier to work a long day if you know you have an infected leech waiting at home.

No. 902074

File: 1575562031454.png (3.57 MB, 750x1334, CDE5F9C7-F38B-49C4-A13F-4D717B…)

How’s that sardine broth tasting Ari ?

No. 902116

Playing fallout is an accomplishment???? FFS, what an unmotivated, lazy shit she is. I also like how she says "start a load of laundry" bc we all know this bitch cant finish a single thing she starts kek

No. 902121

since it seems he has mild retardation, I’m guessing he doesn’t have the capacity to understand that he can do that. that’s probably why he decided to “cheer her up” with toys, and generally why he’s such a Doormatt too and lets ari use his phone. He probably has no idea what’s going on lol if he’s that mentally handicapped

No. 902137

File: 1575573471977.jpg (331.98 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20191205_131154.jpg)

She's so pathetic (lazy) she can't even get a 58 pound box into her apartment. It comes in pieces, take it up stairs in pieces. She's so fucking lazy and helpless. Self proclaimed "badass" can't do the simplest of shit.

I can't wait for the day when Matt leaves her (because we all know it'll eventually happen) and this cow will get a real wake up call.

No. 902159

i’m sure Tarte is so excited to have a cat house that’ll be quickly coated in a thick layer of weed smoke and grime.

No. 902188

File: 1575584067723.png (447.54 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191204-171938.png)

She keeps posting her onlyfans and this one was removed. She's going to get locked out if she keeps posting OF.

No. 902189

File: 1575584173092.png (539.93 KB, 750x1334, 4D3270E0-9FDF-419E-AA6C-8A2569…)


No. 902207

File: 1575586381229.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, 5BA872AD-7536-4689-BF98-183D42…)

What the fuck is a side pocket

No. 902228

File: 1575587374334.jpg (157.98 KB, 800x337, 20191205_150841.jpg)

Seeing as it's listed with a number amount and right before another workout, it's probably a type of workout.

I came here to post that pic too
She's almost figured it out lol Ariana should pay these boards for always teaching her the basic knowledge she's lacking. Shall we instruct her on how to actually use the broth? (Jk pls don't do that)

No. 902239

File: 1575589054811.jpeg (117.32 KB, 750x573, 5CB9A324-AEDA-403C-BE53-B8CB3C…)

She really is a dumbass. She has a “Cheat Day Cuz I’m Sad” every. Fucking. Day. It’s actually laughable. Maybe her days feel longer cause all she does is sit on her ass all day so she forgets that she literally just posted the day before like a list of things she’s going to not eat…

No. 902245

File: 1575589295709.jpeg (61.73 KB, 750x285, F816111F-EF9A-4B2D-AC0F-E715E1…)

Ari don’t realize the only reason these little girls follow her is for the fillers/ plastic surgery thing. Once that goes, no one wants to stick around for a goblin roastie.

No. 902251

This has to be a joke, her lips still look huge. The body dysmorphia is real

No. 902256

>ordered frozen meals
Why is she getting her groceries delivered? Is she avoiding it again because it makes her anxious? Maybe she should work on that before moving on to her 10 other self-improvement schemes

No. 902259

Yeah it’s probably a name she made up for a workout she doesn’t know the name of. Because side pockets are not a name of any exercise

No. 902317

Lol they aren’t totally gone her before lips were little as hell. For someone who gets filler regularly she should know filler never goes away completely.

No. 902345

File: 1575604999076.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 751D1E32-B560-4A99-9BD1-D9D6FA…)

it’s so hard to believe she’s 25 years old….

No. 902346

Unless they are actively bothering her, there is no need for this. Even then… Can't handle a flame war? Disengage. If all the people she calls ugly on the internet decided to message her family, how would she feel? Such a beacon of positivity. I wonder if she posted this to her Twitter. She'd get torn to shreds.

What a pussy. Bitchmade and I bet she can't fight.

No. 902351

File: 1575605909491.jpeg (346.96 KB, 1214x1087, 7F8483A9-B659-4F26-B961-66F974…)

What is this bitchs issue? In what world is this the first thing you think to do? The problem is between you and the "bully" (which I don't even believe, they probably just said something she doesn't like) and not their mother. Even then, you just IGNORE them. Or vent on a certain website wink wink This is the way psycho bitches react…. how did she even find this persons mother??? That is honestly a little scary. Scratch that, its A LOT scary. I could see this crazy bitch being a legit stalker or worse.

Work on your lack of empathy and rotten personality, Ari. Your looks peaked 3 years ago, its all downhill from here. Not too far downhill though, seeing as you're already at the bottom.

No. 902352

File: 1575606034712.png (2.09 MB, 750x1334, 8A5D05E4-0774-4209-B504-72C2AA…)

Her comebacks are so weak too, this bitch is always fronting. Fucking poser. She would never actually engage in a real fight.

If she’s referring to Lolcow, she should be glad we’re not reaching our to HER friends and HER family and HER work exposing how horrible she is. We at least keep it discretely on this sight. The only way normies find this sight is by stumbling upon it googling her name because she’s such an unbelievable raging cunt. Ya played ya self Ari.

No. 902353

She is obviously talking to herself in this story kek. There is no way she's that fucking self unaware that she doesn't see this doesn't apply to her.

No. 902358

there was recently a post going around SW twitter where some girl messaged this dude’s mom after he threatened to release her nudes or shamed her for having them or something, and the mom went off on her son and apologized to the girl. which is definitely what she’s trying to do here.

No. 902361

Lol. Look at this total aDuLt just doing total aDuLt things and messaging other adults about someone's childish behavior. Ugh. So cringe. She's an infantile troglodyte. She should stick to simpler things like making and fulfilling her retarded toddler checklists, like taking a bath, tying her shoes, and eating carrots.

No. 902362

LMAO I hope their mom "bullies" her too.

No. 902364

She is absolutely projecting in that post. Ari is so not self aware, definitely doesn't understand that the rest of the world sees her as the weak and (especially) desperate one. Omg soooo desperate.

No. 902369

File: 1575608654585.png (3.34 MB, 750x1334, 928DF596-7644-46CD-9D1F-29A8FE…)

I think she lurked and got her feefees hurt

No. 902373

Sure ari were all projecting our aids onto you. You caught us. Here’s your daily reminder to go get tested.

No. 902377

Why do some of you call her ari like you’re friends with her…? Wtf

No. 902378

Who fucking cares?

No. 902379

>>902377 you act as if that is the weirdest thing you've seen here, bitch it's quicker to type.

No. 902381

It’s called being factitious…

No. 902392



That's what Ari is.

No. 902393

She looks like she's having an allergic reaction, she looks weirdly puffy? Her lips are still so shapeless

No. 902481

well she's diseased and won't go to the doctor, what do you expect?

No. 902496

Did I miss something? Who's "bullying" her or is she just sperging out as usual

No. 902498

File: 1575645962277.jpeg (181.98 KB, 750x913, 5ED850E2-C3A0-4905-8D14-AEB1E9…)

Nail on the head. Sad she can’t let shit go.

No. 902501

Can’t she simply ignore the messages like she does to all her “fan’s” DMs?

No. 902505

File: 1575646946267.png (2.52 MB, 750x1334, 6DEAB916-36D1-4074-B5C3-065F57…)

Deleted. Wonder why? KEK

No. 902512

this is the most pathetic thing i’ve ever seen. she’s really hitting rock bottom. someone should message matt’s “normie” family all the embarrassing shit she’s done(encouraging cowtipping)

No. 902518

You can see on her face that she's really upset by this

No. 902524

Okay ariana maybe someone should message your mom Effie Bisson about your behavior

No. 902525

How is she calling this girl an ugly ass mf… The girl looks better than her AND doesn't have to draw her freckles on. Maybe it's because she doesn't wear drag makeup

No. 902533

So it's safe to say we all know she didn't message her family because she would be posting screenshots acting so proud

No. 902540

Sage for non milk, but her IG stories are hilarious as hell now. The delusional ranting is daily comedy, on God. In the same pointless speech to herself, she's said celery juice is the "cure all", but says there isn't any scientific evidence supporting the pro-celery rant. Then she contradicts herself again by extolling the healing powers of celery juice on her full body staph infection.

She doesn't buy dairy, but will eat at the Melting Pot, pointing out, "Its really expensive (giggle)."


She legit is a snitch. Bragging about being a snitch doesn't go over to well with most circles. She's so edgy she looks up the family of people that don't like her and tells their mom that they were mean to her. Guaranteed the girl's mom had a good laugh with her daughter about what a Snitch Bitch Baby Huey Ariana.

There's something really satisfying about watching her go crazy over her self-diagnosed patchy infection. Snitch Bitch should just change her name to Patches and be the clown that she aspires to look like.

No. 902541

File: 1575653001029.jpg (814.2 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191206-090515_Ins…)

Patches is at a new level of crazy.

No. 902543


Kek at another example of Patches embarrassing herself without knowing it. She's like the kid that brags about knowing how to tie shoelaces, but is like 30 yes old. We're all laughing at her, not with her. She can't seem to figure out why people have never liked her, no matter how much she goes in debt to try to feel better about her shitty self.

No. 902544

*not endorsing cowtipping

No. 902545

imagine the absolute meltdown this bitch would have if someone managed to contact her grandpa or some shit and tell him all about her bragging about how much money he spends on her. she’d call whoever did it a stalker and a bully when in reality those things define her to a T. (and before anyone gets any ideas, please don’t fucking do that either)

No. 902548

File: 1575653803463.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, 3E6E5A87-BA49-43B0-B488-D670C7…)

Isn’t she low key behind a nameless account as well? She goes to great lengths to hide her name for a reason. Then when someone has the balls to use their real name she exploits that to the fullest extent. She’s worse than any farmer.

No. 902550

Yeah I have a feeling she's going to regret opening this can of worms essentially doxxing people!!

No. 902564

Some accounts are blank because some people don’t want their face plastered on the internet. Lmao you don’t know what the fuck people use your pictures for or who’s seeing you. It’s actually funny she’s puts herself out there enough that people can find out everything about her and her family. A simple google search of “Ariana McMillan” will give you everything. But she definitely knows that because she had to of googled her name.

No. 902568

How long until she responds to this crying about her stalkers on insta?

No. 902570

Her continuing to say her fillers have dissolved is fucking hilarious. I think it’s less her body dysmorphia and more her trying to act like her lips are naturally that large. LMFAO, nah, you had sliver lips, stfu.

No. 902571


I'm squirming with anticipation at the floodgate of milk this probably just opened. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, Arianna!

No. 902574

File: 1575655793990.jpeg (125.65 KB, 1096x385, 77373784-270D-4B23-9465-BBE0C8…)

No. 902575

File: 1575655834299.png (6.3 MB, 1125x2436, CC1D77A2-2C11-4E0B-916E-DE84A3…)


No. 902576

Underrated comment

No. 902578

Matt's normie family can easily be found the same way. Dang, I hope I'm never listed in someone's obituary

No. 902580


How does this even make sense?! Her lips were "never small" so she overlines them and "pouts"? That sounds like someone with small lips trying to overcompensate.

No. 902581


First person to contact Matt's mom and dad and expose this bitch wins.

No. 902582

File: 1575656166088.jpeg (101.32 KB, 750x618, 49E0890B-99C4-4B54-9CBB-2F2D92…)

She’s trying her best to feel justified.

No. 902583

>lips were never small

Explain this >>897265 ???

No. 902584

I’ll never get over this. And… EXACTLY. You had the thinnest lips in the fucking world. It’s been so long since she’s had her paper thin lips she can’t remember reality.

No. 902585

File: 1575656461388.jpg (1.22 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoCollage_20191206_12204678…)

Yeah she definitely lurked here and got hurt

No. 902589

can all the cowtipping autists please chill out? lol

No. 902590

Okay her family is so supportive and loving so it's fine if they're contacted about her behavior/aids/crusty vag because they already know her better than we ever will

No. 902593

> "People will try and insult me for the information I shamelessly share"

I mean yeah. Funny how shes self aware of this fact but still like any other cow refuses to just not share her intimate personal info with internet strangers. In fact she tries to spend the next 3 paragraphs trying to say how not bothered it makes her. If she wasnt bothered by it then why make a whole essay stating all the ways shes wonderful? She wants to say anything she wants but doesnt think anyone else has to right to comment when shes the one who publically shares everything that ever happens to her. She even posts herself having mental breakdowns.

Just stop talking about every detail that happens in your life and maybe people won't be able to nitpick said details? It's not rocket science.

No. 902594

She's "struggling to stay afloat", while claiming to be rich, while going into debt for plastic surgery and fillers, while being a bone-broth drinking "vegan" that eats cheese at the Melting Pot because it's so "expensive".

Patches has no one to blame but herself for being a Snitch Bitch that gets what she gives. She's such a good person for hunting down someone's mother to complain about their 20-something yr old daughter.

Cool, can't wait until your family and DoorMatt's family gets amateur cell phone porn videos of you sticking shit in your scabby vag and crusty butthole for $12 and sees your e-pandhandling.

No. 902595


Karma and cow-tipping are not one and the same.

No. 902596

This exactly. Someone who relies on a following for income shouldn't act like this.
Look at latinamilk for example. What is her name??? Who tf knows!! Do we know every single psychotic thought that crosses her mind? Idk because she's not constantly sharing that shit!!! Oversharing Ariana just needs to shut the hell up and people will have less ammunition against her.

No. 902598

>if I was anyone else I would have killed myself

oh my god there are so many cows on this site (and then with other drama sights even more) they could have their own support group, or start a girl band and show us all.

How about before you try and wrangle a website (that you don't even qualify for the main board of by virtue of both not being famous enough OR an interesting enough of a disaster.) You focus on your interactions with fans and the people you consider yourself better than Arianna? Why does anyone owe you kindness when you don't seem to give it to even your most dedicated ass kisser?

TL;DR: "You are going to go your whole life thinking people hate you because you can afford more plastic surgery than them and because of that one time you modeled for Dollskill but it's really just because you are an asshole."

No. 902602


Kek at this bitch exposing herself with her petty shit. I think she forgot that far more people hate her than support her.

No. 902608


So Grandpa manages his trailer park company AND owns the trailer park?! The trailer park with bad reviews for having old trailers sitting on the property? She family taught her the McMillan legacy of being scummy trailer trash.

There's nothing wrong with living in a trailer or owning a trailer park business. But don't tell me this is millionaire shit.

Compulsive lying runs in her dirtbag family.

No. 902609

Poor Eugene takes her and her nasty boyfriend on a nice vacation where she gets black out drunk and raped

No. 902610

I'd delete all the posts with names and contact info before you get banned anon(s?)

No. 902612

Doxxing and involving family members that are not directly involved in any drama/milk is strictly against the rules. The person who has been posting the doxxes has been banned. Encouraging such behavior will result in future bans as well.

No. 902614

I believe it's just 1 anon going on an autistic sperge

No. 902617

Thank you, farmhand. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Don’t stoop to this cow’s level.

No. 902628

Do we still have a private insta anon in here after that?

No. 902637

That wasn't the private insta anon, that was some random

No. 902638

Idk how many times she's said she a "good person". An actual good person doesn't call themselves a good person every damn day. They just are!

No. 902646

File: 1575665105762.png (598.74 KB, 1080x1755, Screenshot_20191206-153352~2.p…)

She's trying so hard to convince others that she's naturally beautiful when it's very obvious this isn't the case. It's easy to see that she still has tons of filler, especially in the upper portion of her face and her lips. The fact that Patches seems to be denying it is completely fitting bc damn let's be honest, this bitch has lost it. Sounds like she needs to change her name to plastic and embarrassed

No. 902647

This is weird narc babble and all her rants about haters is some real projection. I wonder if she can manage a conversation not talking about herself

No. 902649

next thread pic, PLEASE

No. 902660


In all fairness, she gets what she gives. Nothing to feel bad about. A lot of us don't mind her grandparents being contacted about her behavior. Isn't that just calling out a bully, just like she claims she did? I get why this forum doesn't allow Patches' family to take the heat for the bullshit she does,but it's hard to turn a blind eye to her ugly attitude.

No. 902673


Thank you for involving yourself with every little snitch report. Patches would be proud.(ban evading doxxer)

No. 902674

Proof of Cowtipping is not allowed to be posted on this board…..
Keyword >posted
Not saying anyone should, just saying the anon who went on a rampage earlier needed to simmer down

No. 902685


Her level of entitlement is why I'm sure the anon was angry. Angry enough at Patches being a Takashi69 that they were willing to take the ban over staying silent.

No. 902692

Anyone know what her new part-time normie-like-her-skinwalking-pancake-ass job is? Tinfoil, but it sounds seasonal and she couldn't be putting in more than 4 hours, 3 days a week. There's very few windows of time that she can work, in between her whining in a nasally voice to her phone and taking selfies and pretending she works. Just because a kid sells lemonade on the corner on Sundays doesn't mean he's a businessman.

I'm counting on all of the internet sleuths and people in Philly to do some digging. Or if you're in Philly and see the place you think she works at (I know Ulta is one of the top choices), go in and ask around if anyone that fits her description or goes by that name works there. Then do the right thing and share it with us.(just no)

No. 902696

Not sure why you're trying so hard to make "patches" a thing. It's not even a great insult. Also wouldn't be surprised if you got the ban and you're posting from another device since you're sucking that anons dick so hard for doing nothing but posting screenshots of things we can all Google

No. 902697

My gut feeling is it’s not like a normal minimum wage job (food service or retail) because she is literally ALWAYS on her phone and at home. If she had to go to Ulta 3-4 times a week, I feel like we would of picked up by now. Idk maybe I’m wrong, just seems like she’s working from home perhaps.

No. 902703

there's no way she got the job. she is on instagram or twitter 24/7. she posts 100 stories everyday, without pause. there is no time she has available to work realistically. She would definitely post while at work, she did it with her last job. Same thing with the suicide girls thing. if someone asked her she'll have a perfect excuse as to why they accepted her but SHE rejected there offers.
reminds me of vicky shingles lmao

No. 902715

>go in and ask around if anyone that fits her description or goes by that name works there.

lol nobody do this please, that’s embarrassing and creepy

No. 902718

Holy shit what the fuck?

No. 902725

where did the flood of stalker autists come in from today?

No. 902729

strongly believe it's one anon

No. 902738

>people will try and insult me for the information I shamelessly share
>it's like they have to make shit up to even entertain themselves

Which one is it then?? Are we just repeating her own words back to her or making shit up?

No. 902741

These threads only exist because she’s a fucking asshole. I found the first thread googling to see if anyone else thought she was rude and mean to her followers. Surprise surprise lots of people did.

No. 902749

Idk if the screenshot was posted but a couple days ago she said her ~disease~ didn't allow her to work a normie job. She can't even leave the house to get her own food. I respect her choice to stay home since she has no idea what she has and it could possibly be spread to someone.

No. 902753

File: 1575677059145.png (540.85 KB, 750x1334, 1F53E529-586F-441C-A479-6AC637…)

They didn’t sell out quick..? They were ok her Etsy for a year+ kek.

No. 902754

File: 1575677103546.png (140.69 KB, 750x1334, 894566D4-A032-4F06-AB34-E9AA0F…)

Anyone have her private Instagram?

No. 902767

stop trying to make patches happen and maybe go outside or read a fucking book instead of obsessively looking up ari’s bullshit

No. 902777


In no way supporting the cowtippers but holy fuck that is hilarious that it was revealed her “millionaire” grandpa turned out be a manager at a trailer park. So fucking funny. Bless this mess.

No. 902779

Damn dude it's hard to imagine she looks worse than this now

No. 902783

she grew up itinerant in hotel rooms, it was obvious forever that any claims like this couldn't be true. maybe it's how she saw him as a little kid, a rich guy.

No. 902803

It's already been posted >>902585

No. 902830

I love this good shout

No. 902831


I'd much rather call her patches than ari. She doesn't deserve a name. And just because I agree I don't like someone that we all supposedly don't like doesn't make me a dick sucker chill tf out you don't have to call her whatever you don't want to. Infighting nazis.(ban evasion, once again)

No. 902839

she looks like a mean scary little girl lmao

No. 902840

ari sounds friendly to me. patches is kinda tacky but its better than ari

No. 902841

Patchyandproud, it’s all coming together lmao

No. 902846

I like psoriasis and proud. Patches? meh.

No. 902857

Patches just sounds dumb, plus she hates having her real name associated with these threads. That's why people use it, because it bothers her.

No. 902899

File: 1575718694494.png (198.97 KB, 1080x1330, Screenshot_20191207-045732~4.p…)

Having a lip lift doesn't make ppls lips magically inflate

No. 902902

File: 1575719072724.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1298, Screenshot_20191207-063346~2.p…)

Who does she think she's fooling? No filler?

No. 902908

IMO her natural lip shape actually looks nice but there's no going back for her, she's past her peak

No. 902923

It’s obvious everyone who defends her pre surgery face so hard, are people who have similar faces. It’s not an attractive face. Not then, not now. And her natural lips are non existent …so, what natural shape??

No. 902945

nah, i look closer to what she wishes she looked like naturally and i still think she was cuter before. she looked like someone i'd approach and try to befriend. beauty is subjective and not everyone is projecting or so brainwashed by beauty standards that they think having big noses and small lips equals being ugly

No. 902946

Lmao this girl is the epitome of a bully. She got a fightin mouth too

No. 902951

She was much more interesting looking and less bloated before she puffed herself out.


No. 902952


Then call her whatever you fucking want. You kids are like Ariana Mcmillan, wanting everything your way like it's Burger King. No one currs.

No. 902965

File: 1575735854171.jpeg (301.46 KB, 750x1122, 9124643A-1B74-4FB6-A67C-AC134F…)

Her “treat yourself” mentality is so fucking dumb. No ariana, that’s not just “a nice pick me up cause I’m sad”, it’s having absolutely zero self control. Stop pretending. It’s embarrassing. And newsflash, you’ll always be insecure. No amount of fillers or fucking fat grafts will make you feel beautiful and confident because you’re so hideous on the inside.

Also, what the fuck did she mean in her comment by “it’s all three LOL”?

No. 902971

>Also, what the fuck did she mean in her comment by “it’s all three LOL”?

it's a comment thread with multiple responses

No. 902973

ugh girl use that money you don't have to see a dr or get some therapy

No. 902975

Beauty is subjective. Those lips definitely lost shape. She doesn’t even have a Cupid’s bow anymore and that vermillion border is fucked. I feel like you can even see the filler hovering on the edges of her mouth. I’d laugh if she’d still have to get dissolver injected before the fat grafts.

No. 902983

File: 1575738403400.png (3.14 MB, 750x1334, 6AA8FF7C-080B-4E36-949E-99E17A…)

On the Live doing make up rn

No. 902986

Ariana is on live full on yelling at Tarte, calling her a bitch and saying "I'm gonna kill you"

Pnp is especially aggressive today

No. 902987

Okay cool? I wasn't telling anyone what to call her, I was responding to anon who asked why people call her Ari. >>902377

No. 902989

Why do I get the feeling that doxxer/ban evader/Patches sperg are all just Ariana's "bully" trying to get their shitty insults to catch on as revenge?


No. 902998

She literally loves threatening the cat lol. Then she tries to cover it up by saying she’s so sweet sometimes like… just say you regret the kitten or you’re a crappy pet owner?

No. 903003

she honestly truly thinks she is cute lmao bitch you do not look like dumbass shitting face you do when you checking your makeup. you look like a fucking frog & i HATE that voice/accent she does. Does she think that quirky and cute or something

No. 903008

it seems like she doesnt like to looks at the comments on her lives at all because if someone says something she doesnt like she doesnt want to yell on live infront of the people watching her

No. 903010

She’s on live talking about how “she could make money on twitch because she is ~GOOD at fallout”

No. 903013

File: 1575741772580.jpeg (574.98 KB, 750x1334, 3C492FA9-9C28-4073-9E1A-3768BF…)

Ari don’t forget this is what you really look like ALL OF THE TIME.
You don’t look like your Instagram pictures in real life. Ever.
You had your makeup done and still look like a scary monster + a frog

No. 903014

File: 1575741782112.jpeg (325.82 KB, 1242x1931, FA41E87E-6204-4D02-82E4-895F56…)

The profile killed me

No. 903015

Our girl Ari can’t even figure out to bend over in front of a webcam on chaturbate let alone set up a streaming computer. I wouldnt hold our collective breath on her going to Twitch.

No. 903017


patches knows how to be a webcam model / streamer but her ego would never let her stand more than 10 minutes if interacting with a live chatroom. She would be triggered off any platform after the first stream was over.

No. 903019

her voice is HORRIBLE, her lisp makes me want to stab my ear drums. She'll also drag certain words out while lisping and it honestly makes me want to vomit. imagine >>902646 fucking lisping away at you with her shit attitude. no wonder she was "bullied" (i'd bet she has always acted this way and been horrible to others first). i could not put up with it irl. she thinks she is such hot shit now, but her voice and facial structure give away her witchy sunken in face

No. 903023

What is the goal with "patches"??? I'm seriously wondering. Sounds like a cute way to refer to her rash honestly.

No. 903029

Holy shit. She has that pillowface thing going on where they look all swollen and shit. She also look like 10 years older than she really is. If I were her, I wouldn't be coming for anyones looks because… yikes, like the phrase "who let the dog out" comes to mind when I look at her.

No. 903031

She wants patches to stick so bad but nobody else calls her that. Some of the girls in here are just weird.

No. 903036

stop with patches…patches is not going to happen

just call her ari or pnp

No. 903042

Yeah if you look through the thread the patches nickname first showed up yesterday out of nowhere at the same time as the doxxing, and it's several consecutive posts using the nickname. Like, we're all a little weird for even being here but some anons are a different breed

No. 903062

File: 1575753754342.jpeg (818.49 KB, 1242x1518, F50DA425-D282-4D67-98A2-28FE30…)

“powerful work ethic”

No. 903064

these people just fuel her “y’all are so ObSeSsEd with me!!!!” victimization and it’s fucking annoying having to watch her climb right back onto that pedestal she puts herself on a over her “haters” because of these legit freaks who come on here with some weird ass personal vendetta. leave the rest of us, who stumbled here just trying to figure out her real name from her instagram, post milk in peace.

No. 903066

She’s reaching Shayna levels of eyeliner here since it’s almost extending to her brows.

No. 903067

samefag, you’re exactly the kind of person i was talking about in >>903064 that facebook post is so old and you’re REACHING to make that relevant.

No. 903070


nta but ive started calling her patches too because it triggers both ari and this thread. bonus points.

i personally would love to watch her meltdown on twitch and make it into one of those twitch fails clip. Patches gots one anon ready to sub already.

No. 903074

This has got to be the doxxer/patches freak

Dude it's literally just you calling her this, and no one is triggered it's just super fucking weird that you've latched on to this cutesy nickname for her.
From now on let's all call her "spot" because it triggers her!!! provide proof that ariana dislikes the name patches because this is a brand new thing as of yesterday

No. 903078


Damn anon you’re a real detective over here. I’m not the anon who started the patches shit, and I will also continue to call her patches. Don’t be a dumb bitch and pull the onision “give me the facts” bullshit.

Did yall seriously learn nothing from these threads and PnP? Never let lolcow know what makes you mad and upset or else anons are gonna run with it. Stay triggered.

No. 903080

She can’t figure out how to make a YouTube channel because of the “editing”, have multiple Instagram accounts on one phone, thinks joysticks are called nignogs, and is trying to cure her AIDS warts with celery juice and baths. I don’t think being a twitch bitch is in her future.

No. 903082

File: 1575755868314.jpeg (1.05 MB, 750x1026, BB99748F-8CCF-417F-B081-D53C68…)

She looks like a big fucking idiot lmao
The outfit is atrocious

No. 903084

K it's everyone in the thread saying that you sound stupid. You do you though, ban evader. Keep on encouraging cowtipping, spamming the thread, "triggering" everyone, and digging up ariana's old facebook posts…its super helpful and interesting and totally not going to get our thread autosaged again

No. 903086

And the fat graft will only make her look more pillow facey. And once she gets it done, there’s no undoing it. I’m truly excited. She is going to look so fucking mangled.

No. 903089


And you keep infighting because you want to police what random anons call the cow to the point youre paranoid of any anon who says “patches”. A+ content.


“Please sir, may I have a nodder” or Milhouse’s flood pants come to mind.

No. 903092

I can see the pustules on her kankles from here. at least she figured out how to wear those dumb necklaces with her fav turtle neck!

No. 903093

I don’t think she ever got the job lol I think she just lied about that OR she did get the job but she decided not to pursue it lmao bc too much for her because that sickness she has all. either way she’s not working any “real” job

No. 903094

If it bothers you so much can you maybe just ignore it? Like it’s such a small thing to get your panties in a wad over. Who gives a shit how people refer to the diseased cunt ? It’s irrelevant and you getting all bent out shape sperging on pointlessly is derailing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 903108

If you're going to post nonmilk so much maybe you can just sage?
How tf are you gonna tell that anon to not pointlessly derail while derailing and not saging

No. 903110

All the newfags in this thread are annoying as hell

No. 903111

All the newfags in this thread are annoying as hell

No. 903132

You are never new to this website? Lmao shut the fuck up

No. 903135

Sounds like the newfag feelings are hurt

No. 903136

It’s so funny how people on here assume they know who’s talking based on nothing. Just because someone is sticking up for someone doesn’t mean anything

No. 903139

This board isn't about justice or getting back at people you dumb fucks. It's a gossip website to talk shit and document. We're all just basically rubber-necking slow motion train wrecks. Newfags fuck off and read the rules before getting so emotionally invested in strangers please.

No. 903142

Has anyone noticed her engagement is extremely down? Barely getting 20 comments and had only 50 watchers on her live today. Its pretty obvious patches turns off her comments so people cant see how little people care about her shit-tier content. Literally any time I see her engaging with her 'fans' (i use that term loosely) is when she is starting shit with them or angry at something they said.

No. 903145

Wouldn't mind someone else wearing this outfit, if it wasn't for her clown face and her terrible hair that looks like a $5 wish wig which has been cut and styled by a blind 5-year-old. I don't know how manic you must be to ruin your hair as much as she did, I think it's the worst cut/color combination she EVER had

No. 903149

Why is she so obsessed with having those stupid short bangs? Its not a look ariana

No. 903180

Stop trying to make patches happen. It’s never going to happen

No. 903187

No. 903188

has anyone noticed how a few days ago people mentioned her streaming twitch but people said she doesn't game and since then she's posted about fallout so much lol

No. 903189

has anyone noticed how a few days ago people mentioned her streaming twitch but people said she doesn't game and since then she's posted about fallout so much lol

No. 903191

Tinfoil: ariana is shitting up this thread to intentionally get it autosaged. This is literally the only answer I have for the newfaggotry that has hit us because I refuse to believe that you people are this braindead

No. 903193

were you not here for the early threads because they were absolutely this bad.

No. 903196


No. 903200

Damn you people are just as sensitive as patches(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 903207

Seconding, someone should do a before/after with this picture like she likes to post on IG.

No. 903227

are you suggesting those early threads were banned as part of a complex conspiracy, because lmao

No. 903298

You all are making Ari proud by turning on each other over dumb shit

No. 903354

File: 1575822707759.jpeg (484.12 KB, 750x1047, 84970ED5-4278-4ED0-B35F-8AAE01…)

You can see the aids rash on her stomach fucking kek

No. 903356

File: 1575822849621.jpeg (503.19 KB, 750x1009, FBC4D73B-5E11-4FDB-8331-771AA6…)

She literally looks like a clown with that powder white face and giant blue eyeshadow

No. 903361

sorry but she looks so trans

No. 903379

File: 1575826290817.png (218.82 KB, 408x594, 04FA70CE-435C-4803-BA63-E55459…)

No. 903391

lmao yes! Those rosy cheeks don't help the clownness either. She caked so much makeup on her face to cover her "fading" rash yet it's still visible on the entire rest of her body!

No. 903392

In true Ariana fashion she ignores the visible, festering wounds all over her body in favor of caking makeup on her face. Kinda like how she ignores her aids and other monumental issues in her life and focuses instead on fillers and fleeting moments of superficial change.

No. 903412

File: 1575833015569.jpg (557.12 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191207-211404_Ins…)

This is how big she wants her lips to be before she could even consider being happy with her appearance kek this is from her story yesterday

No. 903414

Did she delete these photos ALREADY?

No. 903415

Lmao anon. This is such a dumb post. But I like your style

No. 903420

File: 1575835179574.jpeg (155.59 KB, 745x841, 9B753885-2856-4742-B8C4-9E39F1…)

I thought the point of makeup was to enhance your features, like make your eyes look bigger. She has somehow made her eye look like a tiny vagina. Those fake lashes are atrocious.

No. 903421

I've noticed that those seem to be the eyelash style of choice of several cows lately and they really don't look good. It looks like it's drooping and about to fall off.

No. 903430

lmao what a clown. I had a feeling I should grab them bc that makeup was WOOF

No. 903433

Cant tell if it’s her nose contour that makes her nose look crooked or if it’s actually just like that.

No. 903449

ew you can see her diseased stomach yuck! looking more MTF everyday yikes

No. 903451

File: 1575842463034.jpeg (154.49 KB, 747x741, 51CACE70-E03E-47D1-AEFF-62C176…)

A different shot posted by her photographer friend.

No. 903452

File: 1575842562843.png (155.17 KB, 1080x821, Screenshot_20191208-165410~4.p…)

She's constantly contradicting herself. She takes pics and vids with a cell phone. Most of them have such low resolution that you really can't see what's actually going on. That's why she looked so bad in her spencers pic. They shot with a real camera and she didn't have the opportunity to edit it

No. 903464

File: 1575843943748.png (285.07 KB, 491x700, 99486547-7706-40FD-9A1B-7F12A7…)

No. 903496

This is truly one of the most MTF trans pictures I’ve seen. Her square facial features, nose, frumpy posture and her lack of any shape screams male to female. I seriously am baffled.

No. 903534

The PILLOWFACE is alive

No. 903535


So where do you all think she really messed up her looks? The lip lift? The filler?

There’s no way her or Aaron looks at these pictures (and the Spencer's disaster) thinks she looks better than ever.

Girl didn’t know when to stop and now she looks busted as hell.

No. 903540

IMO, she definitely went wrong with the lip lift, excess filler, and breast implants. her small boobs were actually so cute. there's nothing wrong with small breasts at all and honestly i think that was way too much. she went from basically no breasts to a lot larger ones and it does not work for her.

No. 903572

So skillful at makeup–so much so that she uses a product that causes flashback to a photoshoot.
I hate wannabe muas

No. 903574

She went wrong by overdoing it a long ass time ago. I think the majority of us anons here will agree that she looked her best during the DK modeling. It's a shame to think what she could have accomplished had she not ruined herself immediately after that. But obviously she never had the proper mindset to thrive in alt modeling, and she could have easily spun that into a very lucrative cam girl income. But no. She went fucking bananas, blew her only real shot at legitimate beauty/e-girl influencing, and she knows it. She knows so hard that she talks about it constantly. Poor thing.

No. 903578

I remember when i first followed her before i knew she’d be this milky, but blonde hair ari who was still walking dogs was the best shes ever look and its crazy how far her body dysmorphia took her

No. 903615


when you google "lamotrigine" the first suggestion is "lamotrigine rash"

could that maybe be what's going on with her skin?? it looks really similar

get yourself to a doctor you nasty boil covered bitch

No. 903617

This has already been discussed extensively

No. 903626

I thought her lil tits were really cute too. They gave her more of a youthful look. The breast implants aged her instantly and they're way too big for her frame. They threw off her proportions making her top heavy. The lip filler is not flattering either although very early on I thought it looked nice, before she got carried away. Those two things, the excessive drug use and her poor diet have taken a toll.

No. 903628

Lamotrigine rash can happen when you start taking it. If you didn't get it when you started taking it you're fine. She's been on it for a long time already.

No. 903648

File: 1575891391963.jpg (656.6 KB, 1080x1239, Screenshot_20191209-113606_Ins…)

lmao she looks like some sort of goblin witch

No. 903650

Doormat looks more and more fed up with her lately.

No. 903652


I mean seriously, he used to atleast get clout from being with her when we was popular. And she actually used to look human and attractive before. What exactly is he getting from the relationship now? Its clear its become a one sided take-take-take situation. His entire life has became coddling her so she doesn’t jump off the edge again. Its probably so miserable in that apartment whenever something online sets her off.

No. 903682

I dunno but I hate him because he is literally such a yes man and just lets her do whatever stupid shit she wants, he’s dull as dishwater and just believes/agrees with everything she says because she states it with conviction. Those two are so much worse for being together, he enables her and she drags him down. She can’t bear to be challenged or disagreed with and sees it as an attack, so “go to the fucking hospital you look like an actual leper” wouldn’t go down so well if he even had the balls to say it.

No. 903689

File: 1575904119695.jpeg (48.41 KB, 1100x618, DE3F1D0D-290F-4F43-B93C-CBEA3D…)

No. 903727

Saged cuz who cares but before I found this thread, I shamefully hit up Doormatt in the dms because I was a fan of his band and he opened the conversation by saying he had a gf even tho I didn’t say anything about it. I dont have screenshots, but it was so defensive I swear it was ari(rule 5.3)

No. 903738

wow, it looks like the years of her bullshit has really aged matt as well. dude must be exhausted and pretty lifeless at this point.

No. 903772

File: 1575918991050.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 366.25 KB, 750x1292, C98C49F5-9CBD-4CC8-888A-80C660…)

Their candids used to be so wholesome. Now a days it seems they’re trying to portray the same thing by forcing it.

No. 903777


Call her whatever tf you want. And there are different anons saying Patches and posting old pictures, it's not the same person. And the fact it makes some of you go on a PatchesnProud sperg over a damn nickname means I'm personally continuing to use it.

No. 903778


Her engagement is around 8% right now. Kek at her inability to even get people on the internet to talk to her.

No. 903782

Tinfoil but maybe there's more infighting than milk because Patches doesn't do shit with her life. She constantly posts and rants about shit while looking like a clown. Her level of delusion is what makes this downward spiral hilarious to watch, but she doesn't actually do anything anymore other than beg for money online. This cow is giving little milk, but her rabies makes the craziness funny to watch.

No. 903799

File: 1575926709318.jpeg (256.45 KB, 727x728, E786BC58-7B5A-43E6-86C6-92A572…)

The fillers went wrong somewhere. That’s when I think she truly lost herself. Even the lip lift was unnecessary but I can see what she wanted out of it. We all know her peak was during the beginning of her plastic surgery journey. She just got addicted to the image and publicity. Now she doesn’t even know what she looks like, poor thing!

No. 903805

Kek on her story right now she’s saying she wishes people didn’t demonize people who do have STD’s cause ‘shit happens’, despite her saying she was ‘clean as a whistle’ earlier this year after getting tested. If you really cared, using language like clean to mean STD free is… further perpetuating negative stigmas.

On top of this, she’s talking about how inconsiderate people are. Her example being someone walking over a freshly mopped floor instead of going around or walking slow when crossing the street and holding up traffic. Like yeah that shits annoying, I know. But.. maybe be considerate of the fact that not everyone can physically take a longer way or walk faster. Sooooo considerate tho!!!!

No. 903806

She’s saying she used South Park to gauge how much she’ll get along with someone. Because if they can’t laugh at it, they don’t have a sense of humor. Edgy.

No. 903808

I love that she’s talking about inconsideration whilst driving on her phone, without glasses, and spitting on other people’s vehicles. The audacity.

No. 903809

Kek she 100% has an STD and it's causing the rash, there is no fucking way she would just talk about it like that for no reason. She is definitely talking from personal persepctive. You probably shouldn't talk about STD positivity when youre a fucking sex worker, no one is going to want your content

No. 903810

samefag but ari cannot talk about anything that doesnt personally effect her, shes trying to make herself feel better about her STD

No. 903811

She also changed her jawline and chin, I think? I think that contributed to make her face so weird.

No. 903812

>this is an image board

No. 903814

File: 1575931603406.png (3 MB, 828x1792, 29B11EE4-267B-446B-AFE0-1E2DB2…)

Someone else can record it if they want but I don’t have that kind of room on my phone lol

No. 903830

The problem is she tried to fix her fucked up bone structure by having more and more fillers injected… which obviously did not work, she still looks like a goblin

Any reasonable person would've maybe gotten fillers once or twice, would've seen that fillers don't fix what they thought and looked into getting that awful over bite and that chin permanently sorted. But I guess for Ariana that's just too much money to 'invest'

No. 903850

This bitch won’t get a Taltz injection for her psoriasis patches but wants to spend money on fat injections? I just don’t get it

No. 903855

god, i cannot get over how she royally fucked over her glow up. she was hot for about 5 minutes before she made herself ugly again

No. 903866

I recorded today’s mindless rant for you all.


No. 903886

File: 1575940676140.png (2.68 MB, 750x1334, 28BCBA78-F237-41E3-A226-4DFEF2…)

Her fillers are clearly not gone. She looks like she got punched in the mouth

No. 903903

File: 1575943504021.jpeg (164.5 KB, 750x664, A76B6BF0-9A26-4B18-AB98-DBD90A…)

Right after her "friendsgiving" she hosted. Newsflash Ariana: those people probably aren't your friends kek just more busted Twitter nude slingers looking for acquaintances that do something similar

No. 903948

File: 1575950311762.png (1.65 MB, 1494x947, Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 10.3…)

it’s hilarious how this person is giving sage advice yet she’s still copping some kind of attitude. they even threw in a compliment but even treading lightly with this bitch gets you some kinda rude jerk off wtf-r-u-talking-about reply. if the person’s been following you for a long time, they obviously saw something about you planning to go vegan or whatever (idk the specifics). your followers just follow what you put out there patheticandproud, just sayin. stop actin a damn fool girl

No. 903989

convinced that neither of you have seen a woman before in your entire lives and think that females only have soft round features and are docile, prim and proper at all moments

No. 903990

I appreciate the recaps because I struggle to listen to her voice. I miss when she was Insta banned and we only had Twitter milk.

No. 904022

Seriously some of these people would have brain aneurysm if they ever saw my square face shape lmao

No. 904027

talking about your own face on lolcow is so beyond pathetic. get a grip

No. 904029

Its also extremly pathetic to spend your time on a gossip site,so we are good

No. 904049

And yet you are doing both. Ari looks mtf because of her overuse of fillers, oversized implants, and drag makeup. The strong jaw just adds to the masculine look.

No. 904085


If PatheticnProud wasn't such a conceited, skinwalking cunt, no one would diss her face. We'd leave her to be happy with her MTF look.

No. 904088


She's having an identity crisis because she's never had an identity. PatchynProud just skin walks every other e-thot because she has no independent thoughts or ideas.

No. 904113

Her face was fine before she ruined it. She had boxy and pointy features that worked together. She was wasnt very good looking before, but at least looked like an actual cis human female lol. Her nose job fixed the honker but threw her face off and since then it’s been way downhill. she’s trying to paste a Kylie Jenner look on top of a face that just doesn’t have the right bone structure. THAT’S why she looks trans & hideous now, so you insecure WK anons can cool it now

No. 904156

File: 1576005915028.jpg (868.37 KB, 1080x1794, Screenshot_20191210-142345_Ins…)

Does anyone think pnp skin walked her pink hair from mia's hairstyle posted in July? Ik ari claims the pink was an accident but idk.

No. 904164

I'm not sure about that… They both look really awful.

No. 904166

I thinks she's started to keep her comments on because she realized she's killed her engagement lol.

No. 904177


Agreed. She still shuts them off once she's had her validation for the day and deletes all comments that she doesn't agree with, but she leaves the comment button up longer than normal. Sometimes I want to comment, then I realize I don't want to help her 8% engagement improve.

No. 904179


Her look is only popular with other self-loathing girls. Not to have an autistic sperg, but if you actually click on the profiles of people who leave her nice comments, you would totally get the type of loser that actually likes PatheticallyPatchyandProud. Most of them over-contour their whole face and walk around with more layers of makeup than Tammy Faye Baker. I'm sure it looks "normal" in a picture, but in person, that cake face is garish and laughable. Yo bitch, this isn't your audition for Vogue. That blue shadow up to your eyebrows and awkward poses just look stupid irl.

No. 904332


The biggest issue with her account is all the fake followers she bought before her big ban, and she’s been going ham trying to buy back all the followers who dropped her when she came back looking haggard as hell. Instagram has made a lot of changes and now inactive followers on your account will mess up your engagement. Basically, they show your posts to like 20% of your audience and if that 20% doesnt engage it wont show it to the rest of your audience. The girl has 50k followers and can barely get 20 comments on a post days old.

Her thinking she “beat the trolls” by turning off comments is just the final nail in her IG coffin.

No. 904339

File: 1576034609271.jpeg (276.57 KB, 750x1121, ADFC147A-4669-4C26-A49D-DFCB8B…)

Oh Jesus

No. 904341

jeeesus noo! she'd only attract more creeps!

No. 904343

How is this fitting for an onlyfans account lmao like she’s wearing a huge gross hoodie and ratty stockings just sitting on her bed…. I’m convinced half of the subscribers are people just watching the train wreck

No. 904430

Full FTM tranny in this one folks

No. 904434

can she even call it blood play when bug chaser is more fititng

No. 904435

File: 1576066811275.jpg (724.57 KB, 1052x1914, 20191211_095716.jpg)

Sage but this made me nauseous.

No. 904436


You can see the skin rash and raised bumps through her stockings. So paying onlyfans must have low standards, just like her sugar daddy.

No. 904451

sage for no contribution but i truly don't get why so many of you continue to talk about her "mannish" face and call her a goblin witch in candid smiling photos with her boyfriend when she looks fine? lol… ari definitely projects but y'all clearly do too. this site's fascination with calling any woman who doesn't look like a kpop star a goblin is funny. but for real, how is posting her side profile for the 100th time milk?

No. 904457

Complaining about lolcow nitpicking someone’s appearance is like moaning about how the sun goes down every night. Her being ugly isn’t milk but it’s funny because she’s obsessed with herself and genuinely thinks she’s hot shit when she actually looks like a witch from some Ukrainian fairy tale. If you think she’s pretty then good for you, but your self-righteous moralfagging won’t work on anyone here.

No. 904459

>looks like a witch from some Ukrainian fairy tale

No. 904463

File: 1576078310976.jpg (692.54 KB, 1074x1773, 20191211_072915.jpg)

Sage cause I'm not sure if this is milk, but what the fuck

No. 904475

You must really look goblin if your getting offended by someone saying that about someone else. Lmao
She truly looks like a transgender goblin

No. 904512

nta but this is why the thread is shit and there’s no milk lol

No. 904515

Probably the newfag(s) who desperately try to call her patches kek

No. 904516

There’s no milk because she’s not giving any except pictures of her ugly mug

No. 904554

not sure how insta works but maybe you get more exposure if you're registered as a business?

No. 904561

you see the analytics by changing it to a business account. you do get slightly more exposure to begin with then instagram basically fucks you over and doesn’t show your posts to most your following because they want you to pay for advertisement.

No. 904572

File: 1576101793441.jpeg (451.73 KB, 750x2720, 8F66FDAD-E7D5-4D52-BBAB-FE7A04…)

Twitter dump

No. 904581

she just can't help but to show her true cunt colors huh.

No. 904591

File: 1576105045027.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 112.48 KB, 667x1015, 906F68FD-9BF6-4809-9E7C-7D094B…)

I’m sorry but LMFAOOO

No. 904596

She really thinks DK and American Apparel are high end kekekek. Her white trash is showing.

No. 904599

File: 1576107429055.jpg (584.75 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20191211-233345.jpg)

Just posted this on her story, getting a haircut like that would literally be the end

No. 904604


At first glance the mirror frame in the background made me think she was pissing.

No. 904609

File: 1576109493015.jpeg (149.61 KB, 749x984, 87B61A9F-541A-4CC1-B32F-261BC9…)

The only reason why she’d bring this up again was to be able to get the sales she couldn’t before. Only half of the tshirt order sold so I’m sure she’s tired of having them sit around with absolutely not a single soul interested in buying. Kylie Jenner “rise and shine” wannabe ass.

No. 904611

Will anyone perform the fat grafts on her with her of unknown cause skin rash? Won’t they require a blood test once they see she looks like a fucking leper? Because syphilis is a differential diagnosis for suspected guttate psoriasis that needs to be ruled out

No. 904622

If they were your stans they wouldn't be insulting you. That's not what that word means.

No. 904624

File: 1576112280153.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1125x1935, FD71B5F1-71BE-4D48-9CDE-C48BC0…)

Private IG post.

No. 904632


"My annoying ass client"
"They're so kind and generous and respectful." "Our dynamic as a whole is really rare."

No. 904633

remember when no one bought one because everyone fucking hates you

No. 904634

She is such a contradictory cunt(samefag)

No. 904641

I see her parents didn't teach her that talking about the money you make, especially the amount, is completely classless and improper. It's totally trashy. Not to mention dangerous. What if someone decided to rob her? Not that they'd have anything to steal because I know this lying bitch speaks nothing but lies.

This cunt is the epitome of trash, she acts with zero tact or grace or class. I am ashamed that humans can be this awful.

No. 904644

i really want her to do this and bleach her brows and immediately regret it.

she should be thankful for having any client with the state of her skin, if she's telling the truth that is. also ew b/c why would you want to be close to someone with that kind of rash.

No. 904648

If this dumb bitch thinks it’s cold in Philly, I have news about Vermont.

No. 904657

I was thinking this too! It’s just trashy! The most successful people don’t talk about it

No. 904660

File: 1576121768361.jpeg (484.41 KB, 1125x1735, 726FA4DC-D7D3-4C62-BAF5-D5DDA7…)

Those implant scars still looking horrendous

No. 904666

ahh the checkered cherry 'psoriasis' aesthetic. groundbreaking

No. 904670

This is horrifying all around

No. 904676

File: 1576125645760.jpeg (47.73 KB, 1242x291, 03C0B342-3EBD-4A7C-9089-D7B0DC…)

$8k in four months translates to making $12.50 per hour assuming a typical 40-hour work week. She makes as much as a janitor at McDonald's degrading herself and posting her diseased crotch and body totally void of sex appeal permanently online. Congrats, you played yourself.

No. 904687

Pubey pits, aids rash, surgery scars, and prison tatts, yeah that’s why she gets paid the big Spencer’s bucks /s

No. 904688

Her boob job scars look really irritated from her skin disease

No. 904713

Nitpick but socks with tights is not a look. Really going all out to hide those feet.

No. 904722

This straight up looks like a man’s body

No. 904742

It's a proud Ari tradition…

No. 904771

File: 1576159761759.png (213.6 KB, 804x1012, Screenshot_20191212-070448.png)

Doormatt could be cheating and keeping it from her. Look at all the shit she has put him through.

No. 904774

I don't like ari but that is a cringey troll comment that holds no value to her or Matt? it's not even putting him through anything, its just a really bad troll. there is no evidence of him cheating on her

No. 904834

File: 1576173932845.jpg (744.02 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191212-094801_Ins…)

PatheticandProud is on live rn making herself look like a clown… with forehead acne like a mf.

No. 904836


When she faces the camera, all the acne and Whitehead bumps disappear. She's not "just good at makeup" like she claims to be, she just uses a good filter. Everyone gets acne sometimes, but don't tell me she hides it sooo well with makeup. PatchyandProud layers on her foundation of spackle and then filters it to make it look like she's good at makeup. Patches, don't piss on my head and tell me it's raining.

No. 904839


She said she did her makeup too dark for the lipstick she wanted. "If I use this, I'll just look like a drag queen. That's asking for it." You already do. Top kek.

No. 904844

File: 1576174942510.jpeg (383.37 KB, 1241x1891, 6C8163ED-88D3-42D4-8320-465C12…)

From her live. Y I K E S.

No. 904845

Jesus christ, putting makeup on such a mess of skin is like gift wrapping a turd. I love to see it

No. 904846

How is she literally saying her skins getting better and making post about when in reality it looks like this and she knows it. Why does she have to straight up lie and say it’s a getting better? what a pathetic phony bitch

No. 904851

She is definitely the type of idiot that if someone refused what she wanted she’d just find some sleazy doctor who would. Then post on IG giving advice, then yelling at people for asking for advice, then claiming she never even got a fat graft 3 years later

No. 904853

she’s sperging about how she’s never bullied anyone because she was bullied growing up but one second later saying she’s been abusive to her bfs in the past, please tell me someone is recording

No. 904859

yea they've never really been settled but they look like fresh ones here.

also who in their right mind would want to buy this after it's been on a body full of spots like that, how is it even allowed to be sold?

No. 904860

I tried to Google this but I have the recording of her live but I'm new and dont know how to post it. Could I get some pointers?

No. 904864

Vimeo or dropbox

No. 904883

File: 1576182923343.jpeg (249 KB, 828x1567, E1964FA3-B4DB-4B46-B661-22E0EF…)

Just scrolling through this tattoo page and look who I found!! Ari you were destined to become diseased

No. 904889

File: 1576184404643.jpeg (240.71 KB, 2048x2048, C0C47706-47E0-4A08-9211-BBA70C…)

Ariana if all of your fillers are dissolved could you please explain the giant lip flap? Ugh Imagining this coupled with >>904844 and her infected tattoo is just fucking disgusting. She's such a repulsive person.

No. 904899

Jesus what the fuck. That is BAD. It almost looks like her tongue?? Hahahaha so hawt though..

No. 904900

How can she think anyone is jealous of her? That’s so fucking funny really.
I wanted to comment on her live so bad because she was being so fucking cocky. Like people are not jealous of a trailer trash white bitch with no good features. No ass or NICE boobs or a good personality (from what she puts out there) & an ugly ass face lmao + from what I can see she has a pretty boring worthless life. She’s honestly a loser
She acts like she always looked like she does now and it’s so funny.
She’s a cocky bitch now because she was/still is ugly as fuck and now that she gets a some attention from strangers she thinks she’s ~soooo hot~

No. 904902

File: 1576188414342.jpeg (634.94 KB, 750x863, A409F230-58AD-47FC-8504-C043EA…)

Gotta say this is probably one of her worst makeup looks yet

No. 904909

File: 1576188898769.png (2.38 MB, 750x1334, 09EA39A4-A771-4D71-9419-5035D5…)

A bully stick is like three dollars.

No. 904912

EW wtf I wish this had a spoiler kek

No. 904914

File: 1576190393474.png (Spoiler Image, 2.76 MB, 750x1334, A0BF7270-5506-431B-8C61-F43D35…)

I love to buy porn of girls covered in open sores that have to make quirky/silly faces like an uncomfortable middle schooler.

No. 904920

She was feeling real confident today wearing it lmao

No. 904941

File: 1576193056782.png (6.97 MB, 1242x2208, 8B14109C-06C3-476E-A215-8376C9…)

“As everyone KNOWZ i hath a condithon”
I cant even watch this cows stories anymore, it’s so sad she just perpetually sits around alone doped out her mind talking to herself. Is sex trafficking/abduction not an issue in Philly??? This is the perfect target, posts when she is alone, and her location is easy to guess if you are a local… like maybe it’s just Florida but you gotta be safer than that as a women which is sad but true

No. 904948

File: 1576195378387.jpg (696.57 KB, 1080x1735, 20191212_175802.jpg)

Lolz to this MAJOR SKIN WALK post. Latinamilk just shared in her stories the other day of her getting the eyebrow thread lift procedure, and showed us the whole thing and even went back for a touch up and filmed that too. This cow is such a fucking loser, man. She needs to get off the damn internet and get a life.

No. 904957

her body positioning in these is extremely unsexy and awkward, girl you’re failing hard at this OnlyFans shit

No. 904963

File: 1576198702948.jpg (3.17 MB, 5189x1920, inCollage_20191212_165512497.j…)

No. 904995

She just parrots the same excuses over and over but packages it differently. “Once I get a ring light I can make YouTube videos, once I move into a house with better lighting I’ll make make-up tutorials, once my psoriasis clears up I’ll make way more content, once my hair is long IS OVER FOR YOU HOES”.

It’s like she believes this weird pathetic make believe lie she has to tell herself everyday that her life has purpose and she’s working towards a goal so she doesn’t have to face the fact that sitting on your ass all day, getting high, gazing into your reflection and having no friends or sex drive is rewwy rewwy dupwessing.

No. 904999

She would rather post an awkward pose than show her potential subscribers that she has the body of a 10 year old boy.

No. 905007

File: 1576204260600.jpeg (550.71 KB, 1080x1844, 583AB7AF-3A24-4D9A-A5E1-7D4944…)


Gonna have to respectfully ask anon to never ever compare the works created or inspired by the brilliant H.R. Giger to this detestable cow ever again


Pic related. She has no figure, it's all smoke and mirrors.

No. 905023

She looks like a bloated, barrel chested Amy winehouse before her demise and she should not be showcasing those nauseating titty pussys (scars)

No. 905027

Lmao omg yes does look bloated

No. 905038

File: 1576210084158.jpg (858.42 KB, 1037x1501, Screenshot_20191212-230726_Ins…)

Nitpick but KEK sqaush.. she meant squash.

No. 905039

it's old

No. 905042

File: 1576210719830.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2053, Screenshot_20191212-231806_Ins…)


She definitely checks this site every second

No. 905044

She still looks the same. No figure whatsoever

No. 905048

bathroom stuff

No. 905054

I can't tell if it's the rash or if they've gotten worse actually.

No. 905061

Lol why does she always write that and what is it supposed to mean?

No. 905067

Laxative use is what I’m guessing

No. 905068

maybe she meant cleaning her bathroom, like the toilet etc, or maybe it means brushing her teeth/showering

No. 905071

File: 1576217377546.jpeg (197.37 KB, 828x1686, 35B006AB-AFF8-43F0-8DAC-4C7763…)

Was scrolling through reddit and came across a familiar pair of double lips. I’ve also seen her posted on r/badMUAs before

No. 905085

File: 1576224505213.jpeg (151.43 KB, 750x1032, 30C48384-2AD8-4D27-AFAA-B3C9FD…)

the comments lmao

No. 905095

At least now she can see that its not just us that think she's gross, everyone that commented has said this image makes them shudder haha.

No. 905125

when a rando reddit thread gets 2x the likes/upvotes of her actual posts. lol.

No. 905136


No. 905176

File: 1576254089281.jpg (683.39 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191213-080141_Ins…)

"Iths getting betterrrr! Thank you celery juice!"

No. 905177

File: 1576254216745.jpg (306.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191213-080155_Ins…)

When you're such a cheap date that making $130 for cheating on your man is big money. Time to sell her butthole for $135 so she can really ball tf out.

No. 905178


She has diar-rear and has to wait it out. Too much prune juice.

Someone called her Ariana McMillan in her live yesterday and she freaked tf out. Her voice and speech patterns and high pitched laugh have been making me nauseous. Kudos to the anons that post milk here so the rest of us don't have to hear her. God's works.

No. 905179

File: 1576254494454.jpeg (503.76 KB, 750x1062, D4DC709B-6D8F-41B1-985F-93B6EE…)

LOL, “how god intended me to be”

You rearranged your face…

No. 905180

File: 1576254667774.jpg (334.3 KB, 1080x835, Screenshot_20191213-082930_Sam…)

Crooked Tits is starting to realized she's botched.

No. 905181

File: 1576254736144.jpg (498.33 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191213-083029_Sam…)

The comments…
"You literally don't know what you're talking about."

Way to be likeable.

No. 905184

File: 1576255093928.jpg (Spoiler Image, 653.04 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191213-082941_Sam…)

I don't know what's worse, the unkempt bush, the staph infection looking rash that she never addresses with a medical professional, the poorly placed and different styled sketch tattoos on her body that she tries to pretend compliment her, or the way she's sucking in trying to fit in with the eating disorder kids, but I can literally smell this picture.

No. 905185


So hot. Sign me up for where I can pay $130 to have sex with scumbitch Ariana Mcmillan.

No. 905187

File: 1576255448235.jpg (Spoiler Image, 558.45 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191213-084332_Sam…)


No. 905189

She has to be trolling. She literally had everything on her face filled.
That’s so crazy she thinks she looks like she does in her instagram pictures all of the time.

No. 905190

The suck in is so blatant, why the fuck would you even put this out, esp on your sw account when people know what your body looks like lmak

No. 905191

File: 1576255719395.jpg (483.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191213-084339_Sam…)


Sorry, I accidentally hit Spoiler on the previous image.

Not saying "vanilla sex" or "violent sex" is the issue, but it's hilarious how getting called a homophobe caused her to correct her insult to fit the target. And she really has a big fit over anyone with a different opinion. She's going to continue having a rough time in life and I can't say she doesn't deserve it, with her shit attitude. You have the worst karma and you deserve it, ariana mcmillan.

No. 905192

File: 1576255804567.jpg (9.82 KB, 210x240, Ccq37gcWIAAG3zS.jpg)

No. 905193

well her only client is into “anorexic” skinny girls so maybe she’s fishing for more of that niche gross kink. either way the photo is horrendous and her bed looks like one that’s been sitting in a crack den since 1992.

No. 905194


She knows aaalll about good sex, with her "sexual aversion" and "asexuality". Maybe saying that shit exposes the fact that you're just throwing around the trendy term of sex worker when you're really a skinwalking plastic surgery nightmare.
Ariana mcmillan liking horror movies makes sense with her horrifically botched body.

No. 905195


She considers sex work the <entertainment industry>. Top kek.

No. 905196

File: 1576256212060.jpg (224.18 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191213-085608_Sam…)

Sounds like she's really having some great sex. Is she now pretending to be a masochist?

No. 905197

File: 1576256626961.jpg (243.41 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191213-085952_Sam…)

The pity beg + bummed out emoji = no one will fly you out so they can get staph infection.

No. 905203

Thelery juthe

No. 905209

They’re literally so far apart and hard looking. It’s the worst tit job ive ever seen, they look so obviously fake. Was the “surgeon” drunk..? Also, she retouched those scars, they still mega red. Big Miss Steak, Ari. Your small boobs were cute and make you interesting.

No. 905210

It’s almost as if getting major surgery that alters your body drastically on a whim is a bad idea. She said she liked her small boobs and didn’t want a boob job then the bpd hit, and she literally got one within 2 weeks of her intrusive thought to get one. Honestly her small breasts were SO cute. They fit her body perfectly.

No. 905213

holy fuckkkkkk whyyyyy would she post about having diarrhea but going to see a client because she’s so desperate for money, anyway?
I feel like she thinks being so open and rank about her every bodily function makes her seem “relatable and honest” but in reality it’s just fucking off putting and no wonder she only has 1, maybe 2 clients that pay her such a small amount. Filthy! As another anon said, I can smell her through the screen! Gross

No. 905214

Does this bitch know what sporadically means? You got your tits done at random intervals?

No. 905215

File: 1576261611026.png (933.87 KB, 1125x2436, AA357879-1FAD-4155-A799-DB284A…)

Forgot to attach screenshot

No. 905217

“Someone pay for my poor choices” seems to be a common thing for this cow

No. 905218

lol she means spontaneously, what a dumbass.

No. 905223

File: 1576262686310.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.48 MB, 1242x2050, D7300252-B9CF-4835-B7C6-1C9662…)

ari must’ve been over

No. 905248

File: 1576267925227.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 21.48 KB, 400x225, 0FF161BA-47F4-4CAE-B27B-A300E0…)

her future

No. 905269

The one thing farmers could agree we liked (small boobs) and days later she starts to have the same opinion hmmmm. Not sus at all.

No. 905276

File: 1576270254406.png (3.55 MB, 750x1334, 94CB090A-9D22-4CF9-9EDA-938A57…)

her new OF content, weird how she buys lingerie that accents her awful boob job when she can’t stop complaining about her awful boob job. poor mailman doormatt’s money going toward ugly lingerie that just makes her figure look even more like a wooden plank with bolt on tits.

No. 905278

Seen that bra and underwear set on shein. Super cheap shitty clothes. Must have been hard for her to scrape together enough money for it.

No. 905285

File: 1576271386982.jpeg (184.11 KB, 750x1033, DF6405A4-35EF-4B46-B1BD-2C020C…)

Then she goes and says this Kek

No. 905286

Did she edit her implant scars? Weren’t they just inflamed and covered in psoriasis?

No. 905304

File: 1576274059712.jpg (986.99 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191213-135049_Ins…)

I almost feel sorry for her that she thinks some shit brand's cupless bra is the cutest "lingerie" she's ever owned. That gold thin chain connected to the bra is really tacky. Pair it with some more of your ratty thongs, then keep begging for people to pay for your shit.

No. 905308

nitpick i guess but what is with that hot pink color for the blush? this girl has no clue how to make a look that is cohesive, especially after seeing some of her outfit choices throughout the threads.

that bra also really, REALLY accentuates how lopsided her boobs are.

No. 905310

I know she uses PicsArt and used the smooth feature. You can tell her sores are way dull compared to what they actually are

No. 905315

>began prostituting herself shortly after, forces her spineless boyfriend to go along with it, aborts his baby and jokes about it on Snapchat
sorry to ask but i’ve been trying to skim various thread for like 2 hours trying to find screenshots of her joking about her abortions. does anybody have them to hand/can direct me to them? she might be my new favourite cow lol

No. 905316

File: 1576275006496.jpg (556.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191213-140244_Sam…)

You can also thank your employed bf for paying rent and working hard while your scummy botched body lays around all day whining to your phone. I guess you can stop e-pandhandling for sushi money now that you think you're living "comfortably."
Autistic sperg, but homeless people in large cities like Philly actually make around $20-$30 an hour panhandling. Maybe it's time Ariana Mcmillan made some real money sitting around and go sit on a busy street in Philly. Sure beats her 4 hr a week (or less), minimum wage "normie" job. No company will pay this bitch decently with a 1 yr gap on her resume. She likes to call it 2 yes, but unlike her, IG dates don't lie.

No. 905318

it's an instagram filter, anon

No. 905319

iirc it’s on Vimeo. Don’t know the name of the account that uploaded it but try searching pnp, plasticandproud, Ariana McMillan, or scorpioasshoe. She literally called the fetus a Gemini demon lmao

No. 905322

I don’t understand why for half a year now this cow has been saying she hasn’t worked for two years. She doesn’t know how to track time. She left her shitty dog walking job last summer. that’s not 2 years your trailer park trash cunt. It’s not cute to brag about how much of a diseased shut-in you are.

No. 905323

You're both dumbasses, what is it with shit anons and social media illiteracy? The bra looks hella cheap though.

No. 905327

File: 1576275925562.jpg (527.61 KB, 1059x1554, Screenshot_20191213-141235_Sam…)

Professional artists listen to their customer's budget and work within it. Someone like ariana McMillan, who copies drawings from the internet, really isn't in the position to call out a potential customer in a Twitter post.

As for the other ridiculous posts below the first ridiculous post… It's sad how she tries to say she has no "female friends", when it's really just that she has no friends. It's delusional to imply females don't like her because they're jealous of being in debt due to botched plastic surgery or because she's <blessed>. Top kek. She has the nerve to trash the attempts of people online trying to talk to her (aka be her "friend") because she thinks she's a celebrity. Being on lolcow and pull isn't being famous, it's being infamous.

No. 905334

seems to be removed - thanks for the suggestion though anon. also calling it a gemini demon is such an indicator of her personality…

No. 905338

File: 1576276725371.jpg (356.55 KB, 1049x1092, Screenshot_20191213-143444_Sam…)

Keep posting on your "SW" Twitter how much you don't like sex and hate touch, then ask for people to fly you somewhere because you're a "fun toy". What a great businesswoman.

No. 905340

She does take a good photo. Ngl

No. 905341

sorry i'm not well-versed in my instagram filters lmao.

something tells me she's terrible in bed–there must be a reason why customers don't return to her (besides the rash).

No. 905345

File: 1576277507475.jpg (450.18 KB, 1056x1370, Screenshot_20191213-145112_Sam…)

When your Twitter posts make so little sense that you can't even explain them.

No. 905346


We've all agreed Ariana Mcmillan is a catfish.

No. 905347

File: 1576277859848.jpg (271.14 KB, 1080x1407, Screenshot_20191213-145610_Ins…)

If she's trying to be funny, it's not translating well. It really sounds like she thinks she's blessed with her physical appearance. Top kek

No. 905349


Underrated Post. Damn Anon, you fucking nailed it.

No. 905380

It’s not that easy as just taking them out. She would need a breast lift after (with more unsightly scarring) or they would be saggy. she should’ve just left her tits Alone.

No. 905381

Anon week or two ago said how it irks them that she’s a sex worker that never takes the time to take photos in cute lingerie and here we are week later with Ari in new lingerie. But she def doesn’t lurk!

No. 905386

Deflect deflect deflect. That’s her move! Also she has shit comebacks so there’s also that.

No. 905392

File: 1576284240701.jpeg (86.76 KB, 750x386, E4D89890-968D-4155-9858-64035E…)

Just Incase you needed some hard evidence this girl is a complete moron. This is some low, low IQ shit. She can’t just think about how someone might do this for 2 seconds and figure it out? Or even just TrY gOoGle like she likes to say to fucking everything. Also Lil Miquela is so old, I’m sorry this cow is so lame.

No. 905396

She's the one who implied god is real when the other person didn't say anything about gods existence. Then she goes and contradicts herself immediately by saying god is fake because it suits her needs. It's too easy to tear this retarded bitches arguments apart, just stop because you're only showing everyone how manipulative you are.

No. 905405

I- uh wow. Just… wow Arianna. Can I please just state the obvious and say; Lil Miquela is a digital avatar, a giant sim… of no one person. This one really hurt me inside.

What is with her and getting into trend conspiracys but hella late

No. 905433

I knew this girl wasn't very bright but after this I think she may be genuinely mentally impaired/retarded. Any person with a brain could look at a photo of "lil miquela" and see she is computer generated.If she just GoOgLeD iT like she tells everyone, every hit would tell her she is indeed fake. Even the wiki will tell you this. I am flabbergasted, truly. This girl is a complete airhead.

No. 905441

This pose with her lack of hips or shape always looks like she’s a pre-op mtf trans doing a tuck

No. 905444

Recording of yesterday's live
Pnp ranting about bullying. Obviously needed a boost from her insecure followers after reading the deep digs on this page.

No. 905446

Ahh, yes, Ari. Don't forget "real feminism" is also paying 1000s trying to make yourself look like a sex doll.

No. 905456

File: 1576296192677.jpg (448.36 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191213-193154_Chr…)

Cant delete comments on Twitter kek

No. 905459

“…..guys, I hate to say this… but I think OJ did it!?!?!? Idk, it’s just like a gut thing!!!”

No. 905462

I…I don’t understand. Is she trying to be ironic or quirky? Does she have the mental maturity of a 5th grader that thinks being an airhead is cute to get attention? I’m really trying to understand how one can truly be so damn stupid. Help me Ari, help me give you the Benefit of the doubt cuz idk, just be better. Just be an ugly bitch Ari, don’t be dumb too, please. It’s just too bleak and depressing.

No. 905471

she says things with such confidence people beleive her.
someone said something similar a couple of days ago and now i notice it so much more & its so annoying lmao

No. 905474

this shit is so annoying.
she literally has a whole new face.
she would definitely not be the cocky narcissistic bitch she is now if she had her old hagard face

No. 905479

she could just be ugly and dumb but she's delusional about being attractive so she thinks she can have that rotten personality and no one will care. usually ugly and dumb girls make up for it by being a nice person but she really thinks she doesn't need to kek. she should work on actually being a good person rather than just trying to convince people of it.

No. 905512

File: 1576325864320.jpg (662.79 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20191214-003208.jpg)

These were the least flattering things, also u can see the fanny sores?? Why do ppl buy this shit

No. 905577

Is she… is she also wearing a twisted thong with these pants? She has zero fashion sense.

No. 905636

File: 1576350508337.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 172.26 KB, 750x819, 9FEDD2E9-8164-4899-8925-E3AC2E…)

These two tweets side by side make me chuckle

No. 905652

Fkin on her stories rn ' my neighbor like orders like a lot of DK,, wonder if they've seen me on the website' as if this wasnt like two faces ago

No. 905669

I browse DK sometimes and I’ve never seen her on there… it’s old news she’s just attached to it because she does nothing else interesting, she’s just a huge cringe lord now

No. 905684

File: 1576360477073.png (343.32 KB, 750x1334, 861A70A5-3F52-4FBC-9C5C-8FC217…)

this is straight up covert incest, most people would be traumatized if their PARENT said this to them. her family really is pure trailer trash. no wonder she wants to fuck her own brother too.

No. 905694

Her dad has got to have autism… what a loser.

No. 905736

Yeah you can’t just take them out and you magically get your old boobs back lmao.

The best she can do at this point is get them redone again in a smaller size + a breast lift.

No. 905748

File: 1576369625720.jpeg (75.93 KB, 749x322, 2A7F2896-DFDC-4FE9-B6C9-42CD8E…)

Did she shop at the goodwill for her grandparents wtf

No. 905763

This makes me really uncomfortable. It's like he's baiting her into a conversation about porn while pretending he doesn't know about her life. He's probably one of her only fans. Wouldn't be surprised if he lurks here. I'm totally creeped out by their relationship

No. 905775

That's such a weird and inappropriate thing to bring up on random, never mind it being her dad who suggested the topic. Eesh.

No. 905793

Omg major tinfoil but could you imagine if he looks at her “porn”, it really isn’t that much of a stretch… all the McMillans have fetal alcohol syndrome.

No. 905820


Not a stretch at all that he’s found her twitter that has her real named tied all over it; where she regularly posts her literal anus and pics of choking herself with a dragon dildo dick. Nice.

No. 905821


Grandparents are the only people who actually support and regularly check in on her and they get.. a wooden turtle. lol. Someone needs to reup that photo of her complaining about having to draw them art for free and take away from her “paid time”.

Guess her fuck buddy Aaron means more.

No. 905825

God what an insufferable narc. She can't let her 2 seconds of z list fame go. Her pics are probably zapped from their site since she can't keep her mouth shut about their company. But she'll go on and on how no one should support them and their a terrible company etc. only to go on and on about the time she modeled for them just because it gives her a dopamine high about being "famuhs". Why don't you go tell your neighbor your long sob story Ari, I'm sure they care. You don't wanna know if anyones seen your spencers pics though kek

No. 905877

At one point, he was showing his friends photos of her and bragging about how “hot” she is. (There are caps of this in one of the older threads.) Their relationship is rather unsettling.

No. 905883

File: 1576412803947.png (3.72 MB, 828x1792, CC6D72E0-BE3F-46B4-B7E4-4DAFEC…)

Going to ruin her hair MORE and then complain about it. Just let it grow!!!! LOL “wHeN I gRoW mY hAiR lOnG iTs OvEr FoR u HoEs” ok ari

No. 905885

Links? I cannot find

No. 906002

File: 1576442269663.png (292.78 KB, 750x1334, FECA449F-57B3-44E2-A308-731451…)

couldn’t just leave it at “christmas present” had to flex how much money she spent by sprinkling in (Apple Watch). and by how much money she spent i mean how much old man dick money she used for it. insufferable.

No. 906021

Merry Christmas Bean!! The strange dick I sucked last night paid for your gift! Love you!

No. 906026


Ah yes the yearly pay out Matt receives for accepting his significant other and partner in life gets fucked and choked by elderly cock so they can both have shiny trinkets. A beautiful love story for the ages.

No. 906028

No. 906029

that’s honestly not even that good of a flex considering she’s always trying to act like she has so much money. it’s less than $200 lol.

No. 906034

didn't she say his present cost "half a grand"?

No. 906038

Apple Watch series 5 starts at $399 and goes up from there. The older ones are like $200ish.

It’s probably a guilt-gift, lmao Matt’s like the gangster wife that’s constantly getting cheated on but sticks around for the occasional fuck and shiny new gifts.

No. 906041

she did, in fact. right here >>900943

No. 906063


Sage for autistic sperg, but if anyone else has seen the movie "68 Kill" on Netflix, it's Ariana McMillan's future: Crazy gf fucks sugar daddy to pay the rent, then tries to get her bf to join her in robbing the SD, only to go on a killing spree. She's like a botched surgery version of the psycho gf obsessed with money in the movie.

No. 906066

File: 1576452800863.jpg (186.66 KB, 1075x619, Screenshot_20191215-152833_Sam…)

She can barely get out of bed for a a few hours to let an old dude put his wrinkly balls on her face for a whopping $130. You have to do something to get "fatigued", Ariana. Let's not get it twisted: Your "fatigue" is really just you being a lazy loser. Now go have fun pretending to be a cheap SW while we all laugh at you.

No. 906071

Wait why do you say $130? I remember the text conversation she posted the other day, wasn’t that someone else saying missing a day of work costed them $130? Sorry just confused, thought she made like roughly $800 per dick appt

No. 906073

File: 1576455002205.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, C687DE59-EAF8-4E7D-B071-EA4577…)

What nightmares are made of

No. 906075

she literally looks like a man here. if someone told me this was a dude i wouldnt question it

No. 906076

File: 1576455998312.jpeg (105.02 KB, 626x969, C690034E-3DD5-4796-8518-57C1A5…)

She’s josh from Mr Meaty

No. 906089

If she's really fatigued like she says, than it must be the untreated HIV eating away at her body making her more weak.

No. 906117

File: 1576467036642.jpeg (71.33 KB, 750x541, D2AE5000-E63E-4B8D-85E9-7AB0D6…)

She is so bipolar, now we like the shaved head ..?

No. 906129

This idiot hasn't been happy with her appearance for a single day in her life. She just romanticizes her meticulously taken selfies so she can convince herself that it hasn't always been this bad. Newsflash Ariana: you shaved your hair off during a manic episode because you wanted to skinwalk someone else. You hoped you could somehow absorb their confidence by looking the same as them, but you regretted it within 2 days and immediately started using wigs and crying about what a terrible decision you had made. Your attitude is destined to poison any "look" you go for because you refuse to take advice from anyone and all that shines through is your crippling insecurity.

But no, you should definitely shave it off again. This time it'll work! Just like your expensive animal book inspired you to make more art. Just how you started creating quality videos after moving to a new apartment. Just how you started a normie job on top of juggling a new gig by Suicide Girls (and definitely not lying about that for the 2-second rush it gave you). Just like your seasalt baths are curing the undiagnosed disease that's currently ravaging your insides. And just how after your fat graft, you will definitely be satisfied with your appearance. You're doing great sweetie, really.

No. 906132

you can see the regret on her face in this photo–she chopped her hair in a bpd fit and fucked up the only thing that was helping to hide her neanderthal brows.

No. 906138

Don’t forget how moving to Vermont will make her want to go outside and get off her phone and how taxidermy will make her rich LMAO she’s such a girl-douche

No. 906187


nitpick but it was definitely a base model she got because it was the silver model (versus all black) with weird white straps. Still a cute gift but the white is a little weird considering he’s a mailman, will scuff quick. Also weird how she acts like this somehow makes her a ballin rich queen and makes up for her questionable lifestyle choices? Hmm.

No. 906189

I wonder why she gave it to him 10 days early? Now she’s going to be all mopey on Christmas day when she has to watch the people she skinwalks giving their boyfriends cool gifts and she can’t participate except share old posts.

Makes you wonder if Matt was feeling a little insecure about her recent outing to “make that dollar”. Unhealthy.

No. 906208

She probably just has no impulse control because she was raised like dog shit. People like that are the type to hide behind a star sign. “I can’t keep a secret because I’m a Scorpio.” Uh, no. You can’t keep a secret because you lack depth.

No. 906216

File: 1576511646950.png (2.66 MB, 750x1334, 1535B801-4F86-46C5-9C1B-F78E8D…)

She posted a long-ass story about moving out of philly.

First of all saying how she is going to move in with her family in Vermont and get dat grafts while in school. Her grandpa cAnT sAy ShIt about it bc she’s going to school soo.. even though his whole purpose of helping her get some education was to “invest in herself” and not her already botched face. What a bitch. Also, what a surprise that moving into her new studio apartment didn’t save her. She was so excited to move in there, and now all she’s talking about is moving to Vermont or somewhere out of philly. Her lease isn’t up until October 2020. If she moves of out Philly, guarantee she will have to stop sex work. I don’t see there being a big market in fucking Vermont and do you really think this lazy bitch is going to fly? Lastly, she admitted she makes 3k a month. That’s peanuts. And after taxes, she’s low income. Honestly hope she moves to Vermont, her BPD will be firing. Also, she didn’t mention anything about Matt moving with her…? Sounds like she’s moving in with her family. Hm..

No. 906222

I doubt Doormat would move to VT. USPS jobs are cushy and not easy to come by. Other delivery work in VT is brutal compared to Philly since it's much more rural there, which means having to be responsible for much larger areas. Maybe they're going to give long distance a try, kek. That'll last a week.

No. 906225

It's not that bad for a gift but the thing is she spends like this all the time. SW money won't last forever.

No. 906263

She's definatly using Matt's income in that figure, she herself does not make 3k. If she made 3k and than lets say Matt makes 2k, that's 5k and they would be able to afford a waaaaaaay better appartment than they have now. And she would be able to finance her fat grafts herself, if her credit is as good as she says. It doesn't add up for her to make that much herself. Unless she hoarding money which hey, that'd be smart. But seriously that 3k number is definitely her and Matts income together.

No. 906268

It’s very possible that she makes 3k a month that can’t be with Matts income incuded

No. 906269

She also mentioned how there’s nothing left for her in Philly. Ok so does that mean Matt doesn’t count and he’s coming with you?

This whole splurge this morning was just the result of a mental breakdown. And her first step was to go to the grocery store to make herself feel better and motivated.
Congrats ari.

Also, anyone notice how she looked around nervously once she parked in Walmart?
That some real crack head shit.
Maybe she doesn’t like going in public because she’s afraid to see one of her followers irl. I can’t imagine living in that kind of unnecessary fear.

No. 906282

I think it’s possible to make that much, thats like having a serving job. It’s really not as much as it sounds. When you figure that’s like netting 28k a year after taxes. She’s in a ton of debt too. She says she makes like 2k a month on only fans alone, that means she just fucks one old guy a month and there ya go kek.

No. 906283

File: 1576524402343.png (2.78 MB, 750x1334, 0A459F79-C8F8-4CDC-B581-6BA24B…)

I love how she never pays for a style or even blow dry when she gets her hair done

No. 906293

Kek fucking thesis of an ig story, shitting on ppl from Vermont cos it's 'a hick town and I won't be the dumbest one' and that 'theres nothing for her in Philly n she moved for her ex' okay but Matt tho so ¿??

No. 906298

I’m guessing she didn’t get it done professionally? Otherwise why is it so orange and basic blow drying + styling is part of the service

No. 906310

Fucking kek she keeps frying her hair.

She must have gone to some crack head alleyway salon bc no self respecting stylist would send her home with a head full of brassy bleached hair. Most decent salons include a blow dry/style with a cut/color service. Just imagine the type of place Ari’s stank ass goes to.

No. 906312

File: 1576526536093.jpg (882.45 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20191216-195330.jpg)


No. 906313

File: 1576526573974.jpg (1007.56 KB, 1390x2540, 20191216_120009.jpg)

ahhhhhh it looks so dead, dry, and stringy. She doesn't understand hair at all, does she because her shit it yellow at the bottom & brassy orange at her roots and so fucking stringy & dead. I'm surprised she still has hair on her head! It's barely grown and she can't stop fucking it up, at this rate she's never going to have long hair

No. 906315

She literally said she likes that fried yellow, untoned blonde

No. 906316


Kek she probably got her hair bleached at Walmart. Pretty sure I’ve seen hair salons in a Walmart before

No. 906318

File: 1576527122582.png (5.64 MB, 1125x2436, FB3F0223-6E11-4285-B669-D8A333…)

She’s on her story talking about how she has ~* no excuse not to cam now (girl, your rash is a fine excuse. And talking about how she doesn’t feel weird on Ig live because she’s talking to real people in real time…. does she know what camming is? She’s already making video content.. camming is live w real people. She’s one of the dumbest people I’ve ever seen on the internet. I love watching her dumpster fire of a life.

No. 906326

Okay true, I know people her age that make 18k a month. Not to mention Haley420 from YouTube made like 40k a month off camming. She's making literal peanuts for embarrassing herself online forever, like girl think about when you're 60!!!!!!! People are living longer and longer and you are going to be so ashamed and embarrassed someday. She some how does a terrible job at something other people are successful at. It's so funny.

No. 906327

She's like a parody of herself at this point

No. 906333

Wait she gets her hair dyed/bleached and they dont blow dry it??

How are they supposed to know what the color looks like dry if they dont dry it? Wet hair color does not look at all the same when its dry and unwanted undertones can appear (which a stylist is supposed to fix). Where is she wasting her money that they just slap some bleach on her head, wash it out and call it a day?

No. 906336

File: 1576529450637.gif (1006.64 KB, 480x270, CompetentUnlawfulBanteng-small…)

They also left her ass brassy as hell.

No. 906338

People who leave it as is usually are afraid of having to pay extra for the blow dry and style.

No. 906340

Saying the stylist was busy and she likes to play with toner. Toner in her head is purple manic panic mixed with white conditioner.

This bitch doesn't know that purple dye, purple shampoo, and a blue/purple based toners are three totally different things. This is basic knowledge of hair processing…