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File: 1644432766515.png (2.28 MB, 809x1187, 7C4D39C4-86DC-4CDE-9A45-3D7960…)

No. 867006

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>860712
Website: momokun.co (new) https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/momokunco
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, mmallad.jpg (formerly btsmomokun, xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscats), momokun.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@xmomokunx
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (Old, deleted)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad (Inactive)
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them
(you need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog)

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/5855
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/174607
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking, armchair analysis/diagnosis, cat sperging and blog posting are against the rules.
Asking if we have media links to her content is also not cash money. Stop.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

Last thread:

>>Still cramming new sets into her tiny studio with each area being inches apart, despite working set design in high school has no visible skill at doing so. Still no opening date!

>>Got her lip fillers dissolved. Prolapsed anus lips are out, turtle lips are back in style
>>Removing her big red Fate tattoo, despite previously arguing with Sensei about not getting impulse tattoos she'll regret later
>>Posts about attending class again, later updates bio claiming to be a tao student and has a minor chinese spirituality kick before forgetting about it
>>Hardcore simping for cosplayer Phil Mizuno, makes several creepy posts about him and travels across the state to attend the same con as him. Gave him her Douma cosplay to wear but not before wearing it herself, likely stretching it out in the process
>>Flexes her $200 anti-aging pills at age 25 when she could just drink water and buy multivitamins at Walmart instead
>>Came to the defense of her skinwalker bestie Sniperwolf after blowing off a child with cancer with incoherent ramblings
>>Looking for some "female only" assistants for her studio
>>MORE car mods, definitely won't regret these in a month
>>Hair is still an unsalvageable rat's nest despite her saying how much healthy growth is coming in. Using a lavender and rosemary "hair rinse" since she's too lazy to just wash and brush it herself
>>My Hero Mt. Lady BRAP cosplay
>>Puts up an absolutely horrific Onlyfans video of her masturbating with a large dildo on her bare kitchen floor. There is a large amount of blood involved. Is it period blood? Stage blood? Do you really want the answer? Even her subscribers hate it, so why she posted this is anyone's guess.
>>Sharing pics and talking like a hunbot, MLM saga potentially soon
>>Selling her broken and boxless anime figures on depop for full price
>>Her Kemono Friends White Tiger cosplay from months ago has resurfaced as her new Original the Character

No. 867011

Based for adding posting rules back in

No. 867012

Nice OP image.

No. 867013

the rules aren't going to do shit. we still have anons claiming she's out of money, doesn't do taxes and now anons need to defend her nasty body to the point of stupidity.

No. 867014

Someone last post in the last thread said she’s finished the studio? We have receipts for that?

No. 867015

Report them for violating post rules. If they don't listen, whatever, just like every thread. If they do, good.

No. 867018

I don't think anons were saying she's out of money yet, but she will be soon because she really can't be making the memed ridiculous sums of money a month from OF with relatively low engagement and shit content for years at this point. The studio is looking more and more like an act of desperation for someone realizing they look like a washed up 40something at 26 and suck at sex work.

No. 867019

Thank you for adding posting rules back in. If I have to ever read the 209403940394th vein-kun or pancake joke these anons have posted it'll be too soon.

Is there conformation on the studio supposedly being finished?

No. 867020

Is Moo going to Katsucon?

No. 867022

ericvegasss posted a walk through on his instagram. He said that Moo paid for a express edit to get the clips done quicker. The rooms seems super close together. I'm not able to post the clips.

No. 867024

File: 1644452360707.jpeg (485.68 KB, 1536x2048, DF8B0210-038F-47FC-8C18-824B21…)

Bitch shut the fuck up, momokunts body is not off limits due to the amount of plastic surgery she’s had and is getting.

I’m surprised she posted cosplay on her totally only for “art” twitter. She gets a measly amount of likes on her posts. She looks like a squat fat child/man here.

No. 867026

Nobody said her body was "off-limits" because you're right, there's no shortage to her surgeries in sight. Not sure why you're so angry, but if you think your vein-kun joke is original and a better contribution to these threads than actual milk, then you're obviously new to these threads.

No. 867027


Capped it for you. Lmk if the link doesn't work, first time using dropbox to share a file


No. 867028

File: 1644452847402.jpeg (407.75 KB, 1242x1360, EC7E1B7C-4CBA-4057-B631-011024…)

Just so people get a sense of how crammed this place is with shitty sets. The fucking breaker closet is right there. She has clips of that Eric guys video on the studio IG stories right now.

No. 867029

File: 1644452903785.png (2.92 MB, 1242x2688, FF9C8A9F-9BCB-4466-95CA-F95C11…)

No. 867030

File: 1644452991057.png (3.87 MB, 1242x2208, E4CB8210-6E37-435C-8194-D57564…)

It still looks like shit. One could only hope this place gets a surprise inspection for any code violations.

No. 867031

LOL she’s been trying desperately to lipo her way back to that I’m sure. Forever laughing at that site listing her as a “graduate” but the section for schools/university is “unknown”.

No. 867032

Jfc does everyone in this fat cunts circle all look like freaks? What the fuck kind of chicklet teeth bullshit is this. The studio looks worse than I anticipated and fatass moo was caught in the video.

No. 867033


No. 867035

Tbh anon I don't know what you expect from a clickbait site named "bollywood fever" Lmao

No. 867036

God I feel like when she has her orbiters use this place for photo shoots they’re only going to be up close almost portrait shots
Because imagine taking a step back you’ll be in the next cramped set and then snapping a photo of the nearby sets
Sets at cons are more evenly spaced

No. 867037

What is weird is that Martin was taking photos of the sets (was pictured in the space set) earlier in the week as well.
I don't know if he said he couldnt edit it as fast as Eric but whatever.

No. 867038

File: 1644455005010.jpg (1.19 MB, 1776x3840, NY5lfrz.jpg)

No. 867039

It’s the top search result for “momokun” on twitter.

No. 867040

File: 1644455132430.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 1776x3840, u8IlD0f.jpg)

Moo is editing her legs to look smaller…on top of other things.


No. 867041

File: 1644455216070.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.59 MB, 1776x3840, qxJzoTW.jpg)

Pushing in her tire boob to make it look seperated

No. 867042

I was at first thinking she had lost some weight but then the janky clothes rack in the back gave away the shoop. Her thigh stretch marks are really angry looking too, I wonder if they itch and she scratches.

No. 867043


words do not describe how funny i find it that she has her pussy out and is presumably rubbing it all over the props in her sets. has she ever posted any kind of plan on how they're gonna sanitize/clean the sets between visitors/shoots? if she even plans on doing that lol

No. 867044

File: 1644455444392.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.49 MB, 1776x3840, DtKAKlV.jpg)


Too late. Akemi had a photoshoot in her squirted on gym set.

No. 867046

File: 1644455587396.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1242x1985, 23556FC4-4261-4FE3-A321-090590…)

These are shot so badly, the lighting is off causing weird shadows on her face and makes her skin look gray. Also even in her own photos you can see the other set. Such great use of space.

No. 867049

I just noticed, but does the garter not fit her? Why aren’t they attacked to the stockings?

No. 867050

Her foundation is the wrong shade too.

No. 867052

She’s wearing it at her rib cage like a tard lol.

No. 867053

I thought she 'loved' her thicc anime thighs did a paypig tell her off kek

No. 867054

Literally every set is going to have horrendous lighting like this because her peanut brain needed to cram every inch of space with useless crap and didn’t take lighting setups into account. So lux and professional Moo lol
She looks like a bloated corpse in 99 cent store lingerie. The leg editing is sending me though, you can tell she did this herself since Squarecuck is out of the picture to draw her a new body.

No. 867055

It looks like the belt is too small to fit around her hips so she pulled it up to her ribs and it’s too far to reach the stockings lol.
This set is so unflattering and the backdrop looks cheap as hell.

No. 867057

Only one of her legs is 121lbs.

No. 867064

Mods have said several times its nitpicking. If its relevant, yeah, talk, but her boobs looking saggy every post isn't new or news. Calm down. Maybe don't nitpick and these rules were around when years ago, so maybe kek harder.

No. 867066

I actually hate that some of these look good. You don't need much room for a cosplay setup and photographer. People do whole scenes in their small bedrooms. The ones she had no hands in look good but her japanese room and her ugly trees, she has refused to show as 'finished'.

No. 867068

File: 1644467054787.jpg (Spoiler Image, 572.55 KB, 1080x1883, Screenshot_20220209-202037_Fir…)

Got a bunch of OF posts. I have messages, like counts/comments. Give me a bit to link all the photos in thread. Tried to get timestamps on comments and posts.

No. 867069

File: 1644467076919.jpg (Spoiler Image, 715.44 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_20220209-202055_Fir…)

No. 867070

File: 1644467100707.jpg (Spoiler Image, 751.23 KB, 1080x1771, Screenshot_20220209-202125_Fir…)

No. 867071

File: 1644467337081.jpg (Spoiler Image, 403.82 KB, 1080x1644, Screenshot_20220209-202146_Fir…)

No. 867073

File: 1644467443860.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.48 MB, 1016x2198, Screenshot_20220209-202206_Fir…)

No. 867074

She looks like she photoshopped someone else’s head on her stump body.

No. 867075

File: 1644467860096.jpg (449.91 KB, 1080x1666, Screenshot_20220209-202226_Fir…)

No. 867076

File: 1644467940007.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.45 MB, 1079x2041, Screenshot_20220209-202249_Fir…)

Last one for now. I can comb though her page if anyone is curious about comments on something she mightve posted that we've shared before from leaks

No. 867077

Who cares about scrote comments??

No. 867081

Not surprised to see that she's still scamming. But they deserve to be scammed.

No. 867086

We rarely see them. It's been years. Calm down when it's not something anons post ever, not to mention some are asking about where sendouts are.

No. 867088

Some people complain about anything. By all means post whatever you got anon- just don’t out yourself doing it. It seriously looks from the comments that some that paid for her nasty dildo video had it disappear from their inbox? Or just the offer disappeared? I’m not expecting we will see a bunch of people complaining on her OF really- but there is something not quite right at that.

No. 867090

With Onlyfans the only way PPV content goes away is when the unsend it, even if you paid for it they can choose to get rid of it. So she made her money on it and deleted it from her PPV rotation. So basically you're within rights of getting your money back. Since it featured content OF says isn't kosher anymore, she likely got warned. (Bodily fluids, aka scat, piss, blood) can no longer be offered on the platform. She knows this, she thought she was above the rules.

No. 867092

The only ones she very clearly had no part in were the spaceship hallway thing and the tatami room, since those were put together and finished by the carpenters. Everything else has Moo and painted gypsy’s fingerprints all over it. They’re tacky, cheap looking and cramped as fuck. She literally has the columns in that one room up into the corner because there’s no place else to fit it lol. That’s why her shots are so close up.

No. 867095

even with the slimming app you can tell she's huge
But more concerning is the insane amount of lipo scars and bruises. It looks like her flesh is dead and lumpy like a corpse. What quack is she going to that is sucking out this much? Isn't this dangerous?

No. 867096

Hilarious that she's back to looking like a turtle

No. 867098

Kek at that one scrap fabric stick in the brick crack.

The two sets cannot be in use at the same time, this is retarded. Then again this studio won't meet the fully booked delusion Moo has in mind so clashing sets will never be a problem.

No. 867099

Is she editing her boobs to look smaller? No way she got the surgery done already.

No. 867100

The tatami room looks like shit though.

No. 867107

Sorry to sperg again but there's no way she didn't get a labiaplasty. I say this as a lesbian. Her tits look like they are melting and she should be obese but somehow there is no fupa or fat in her vaginal area whatsoever that even a slim person could have? I hate that this is what scrotes expect ugh(stop zooming into moos labia)

No. 867111


I still can't believe me and moo are around the same age. She's looking rode hard and put away soaking wet rough. All the money she gets from simps she can't invest in a dermatologist or water?

No. 867112

File: 1644506126741.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1242x2211, 24E0FDB5-6A4F-4BD4-A60D-7D7A44…)

She is having a manic episode over Douma showing up in the next Demon Slayer episode. If he does show up it will be a small teaser at the end of the episode which she mentioned before. Several instastories of her talking in her ghetto voice about if Douma were a real man again. Also she reshared a bunch of pics of Phil cosplaying Douma right after this so she cannot be more transparent

No. 867113


No. 867114

File: 1644506438270.jpeg (437.85 KB, 1241x2169, 880D6014-2362-44C5-833E-8B3FE4…)

>Tries to be spiritual enlightened queen
>Uses a common word for retards

I am crying.

No. 867115

File: 1644506865880.jpeg (363.16 KB, 1241x2185, 382A1106-4EF2-4B9E-8983-33C073…)

No. 867116

You forgot the best part
She referenced Jared Leto and how he apparently sells tickets to a secluded island for women and recruits them for his cult. She said if Douma was real and did the same thing she'd buy the tickets in a heartbeat

No. 867117

File: 1644508430992.jpeg (75.91 KB, 266x275, 1630828491408.jpeg)

Whatever you gotta do to cope Moo. But your shape wear and slimming apps are only fooling yourself.

No. 867118

Anon, shut up. She didn't.

No. 867119

File: 1644508883302.jpg (490.56 KB, 1079x2028, Screenshot_20220210-080111_Fir…)

That perfectly shaped oval erase brush

No. 867120

Jesus Christ, no wonder her skin looks like that of a corpse: imagine if Tammy Slaton, instead of getting to the size she is, had lipo every time she gained fifty pounds. There’s no way that doesn’t do serious damage to the blood supply to the skin, and the skin’s integrity. I wonder if she has any feeling left anywhere on her body?

No. 867121

File: 1644509931118.png (3.27 MB, 750x1334, 1620324276148.png)

Moo has been tickling 300 pounds for nearly a year and has been spending ridiculous amounts on lipo. Her skin has so many new marks and it's so lumpy and gray. It's doing damage. All because Moo hates fat chicks, so the idea she's fat is fucking with her

No. 867122

Labiaplasty is when you reduce the size of the labia minora though.

No. 867123

Anons don't understand lipo, huh?

No. 867124

File: 1644514573436.jpg (822.64 KB, 1959x2340, screenshot for dummies.jpg)

It's almost like you shouldn't take the first sentence you read on google as the gospel truth. She's had everything altered, injected lasered, lipoed, cool sculpted etc. idk why it's a stretch to believe she got lipo or some kind of reduction on her pussy vs her crotch just being magically the only place on her body that doesn't get fat.(stop zooming into moos labia)

No. 867128

She didn't get one. Being fat doesn't suddenly make your pussy bigger and wider. Every girl can do this hidden shit with panties. It's not hard.

No. 867132

I was wrong about labiaplasty only being the reduction of the labia minora, but I literally never said that she hasn't had one or that she hasn't had lipo on her vag.(stop zooming into moos labia)

No. 867133

>Being fat doesn't suddenly make your pussy bigger and wider.
Wtf are you talking about? It definitely does.

No. 867137

I don't feel bad for Moo at all. But if she just accepted her weight she would be so much happier. Instead of larping as a woman who is less than half her size, telling potential partners she's only 150 pounds, she can find someone who likes BBW.
Her pretending she's this thicc fitness queen seems more mentally damaging

No. 867138

It definitely does, and her lipo body causes her fat to appear in terrible places. Whether moo got anything done or not anons ITT don't even know you can remove stretch marks. Simple fucks should lurk more.

No. 867140

While your vag won't get "wider" with fat, all of the flesh surrounding it absolutely does get fatter with weight gain. The mons pubis especially can get big, and is where the acronym FUPA comes from. While your overall weight doesn't necessarily determine the size of your mons pubis, gaining weight definitely makes it bigger. When people have tummy tucks done, one of the things the surgeon does is pull the saggy mons pubis skin up and attach it to the saggy belly skin that's pulled down. This is because you gain fat there, and when you lose the weight you can end up with sagging skin.
Moo getting cosmetic procedures done to her snatch is really not that far outside of the realm of possibilities, given how many other procedures she's had done.

No. 867145

Please for the love of God do research to see why she couldn't have gotten one. Main reason is how often she shows herself out and about and her porn. That area has looked the same since forever and a string covering a slit, isn't exactly difficult.

No. 867146

OF has been having a bug for months where peoples purchased content is disappearing from their gallery.

No. 867152

That's not a bug, it's a feature. Content that's now a no go since the Nov/December policy update got retracted. Creators also can freely delete them.

No. 867154

Care to share with the class why it's "impossible" that a plastic surgery addict got plastic surgery or is it more fun to call people stupid and tell them to "do research"?

No. 867155

Do research? Nona, why the fuck would we? It takes a very special kind of autist to research labiaplasty in order to gain a deeper understanding of why Moo's snatch looks like it belongs on a waterlogged corpse.

I'm assuming you've done this research though? Don't forget to show us your peer-reviewed research article on the subject.

No. 867160

There's been no down time for her to have gotten it considering how often she opens her legs. Don't be fucking retarded.

No. 867163

It's just lipo and editing like usual. This is the Moo who has pushed a breast lift off for years and made porn while her face was half bruise from her botched nose job. Someone would've noticed the stiches if she had gotten her snatch sliced up.(stop zooming into moos labia)

No. 867164

this. everything about Moo is a fabrication. She's a lot bigger and it's a known fact she's a pro at appearing to be thinner. Its always funny when anons say she appears thinner. it's all clever camera angles, apps and photoshop. She gains 50-60 pounds a year. It's just her thing

No. 867165

…but she hasn't always showed her snatch and could have very easily done it before she started showing off her snatch? It's not like she hasn't gone long stretches of time without making content before either. And it's not like scarring would be noticable in her literal folds. I can't even believe I have to spell this out. It's pure speculation on my part but I've never seen a fat woman with no fat in that area.

No. 867169

Who cares what she has done or not done? It isn’t worth the fucking debate every single goddamned thread. We all get she’s a train wreck no matter. That being said

So basically Moo can make content, they pay for it and she can almost immediately delete it? How is this not scammy AF? And I’m willing to bet she’ll find a way to abuse it too.

No. 867171

Another anon stated that the person could request a refund if she does pull the content. Chances are she deleted it when she realized it goes against their TOS and got nervous. She just didn’t sY anything to her subs because she doesn’t want to refund the money… so yes, a scam.

No. 867172

She's been doing penetrative porn and nudes even if she's standing. There hasn't been down time.

No. 867173

File: 1644554244933.jpg (332.36 KB, 1080x1791, Screenshot_20220210-203716_Fir…)

So here's the thing you guys need to understand, there's a time limit to deleting. You can't undo a mass sendout after it's been done. She would have to go through hundreds of messages to delete those videos one by one. The only time you're able to undo a mass sent out is when its sending or in about 2 minutes or so after. The people complaining are probably new subs asking why they can't access it and probably because it was PPV and not a timeline post like they were hoping it would be. They have to request a personal re-send. This isn't uncommon unless you state the sendouts are a time limited and you only send it once, so if they miss out, they miss out. Which looks to be the case. People are joining because of it.

No. 867174

File: 1644554297469.jpg (295.44 KB, 1080x2038, Screenshot_20220210-203535_Fir…)

Description under video

No. 867175

Thanks for the explanation Anon. Also that description of her video…. Just no.

No. 867176

File: 1644555626345.jpeg (849.67 KB, 1079x1937, E3232215-4EB9-4104-B051-24FF1C…)

Sure Moo

No. 867177

No problem. Tried to do art subs though OF before so I understand how the mechanics work because I've used them. It's easier if she just says its a one time sendout, have until midnight pacfic time or some bs, and have that be a limit. She's terrible at marketing, but she'll probably read that now. She hasn't done stuff like that since Patreon, but she's done it before. If anons ever have questions about the site like payouts or activity rules, let me know.

No. 867180

Is it even possible for masturbating/penetration to “start” your period like a car fuse? sorry for the potentially stupid question, i’ve genuinely never heard of this happening to anyone. is this just her attempt at passing off the toy literally causing a microtear or something lol

No. 867181

No it can't. If her period started while she was making that video, it's because she was already starting her cycle anyways

No. 867182

Wouldn't the new OF terms ban her for posting that kind of content?

No. 867184

Yeah periods and blood are banned on OF, the issue is they ban the words tho, I'm not sure if they screen content so I'm not sure her content can be reported unless she says those words

No. 867191

OF does everything by hand(which is why their site is fucked). Some poor fucker will have to watch the video if it's reported by her subs.

No. 867198

Unless you have definite proof that Mariah Mallad/Momokun/Moo had labiaplasty, there is nothing to be gained by speculating is a morbidly obese womans gut engulfing her vagina. We are all aware she is fat, photoshops and has had a lot of liposuction.

No. 867208

Unless she says "period" or "blood" it won't flag, even with reports.

No. 867218

Seems like a terrible system, no wonder people abuse this website

No. 867238

File: 1644658274984.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1073x1782, 6490AA52-6585-4035-896B-514B28…)

Yet another pointless waste of money.

No. 867248

She’s only going to use that ”gym” to only take photos in, waste of money indeed. Didn’t she have some gym set on her studio/vanity project?

No. 867250

Lol! So she gets a McMansion that has no real asthetic value at all; she has herself, a few cats and Maddy. And she didn’t have a single room to do this to except the garage?! And of course it will gather dust from lack of use. Meanwhile she can park her ratchet ghetto wagon of a car in the driveway, because dropping a ton of money on an investment means not taking any care with it. Or maybe she got so lazy she can’t toddle her ass down to harass people at the actual gym?

No. 867252

why is she so obsessed with using cheap wood?

No. 867256

File: 1644681011810.jpeg (417.02 KB, 1241x2199, CDA4BBDE-4B31-4611-B66D-4186FE…)

She'd rather spend her money on buying out Phil's entire store in the hopes he will finally fuck her.

No. 867269

>in this house
>clearly in a car
>actual glass cup with yuck all the way up to the brim, no lid
>aliexpress quality metal straw vs thin glass cup

this is the weirdest flex, hands down.

No. 867271

File: 1644688385933.jpg (261.51 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220212-085007_Ins…)

Got some stupid rules for instant money leveraging from Moo. Forcing freelancers to have a membership but S/O and helpers can freely roam, as if they couldn't have ill intent on other patrons, is extremely nearsighted to her with how strict she wants this to be. No one visiting Vegas wants a fucking membership.

No. 867272

File: 1644688428223.jpg (499.94 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220212-085013_Ins…)

No. 867273

File: 1644688522019.jpg (264.25 KB, 1080x1883, Screenshot_20220212-085016_Ins…)

No. 867274

File: 1644688598090.jpg (134.25 KB, 1080x1903, Screenshot_20220212-085019_Ins…)

she's making people sign up as if this was onlyfans lol and forcing employees to be members, and pay for it, is illegal practices, right?

No. 867277

In order to apply to work there she wants the potential employee to pay for a membership? What the fuck? Pretty sure you can’t do that. Seems illegal.

No. 867280

So she’s basically telling potential employees to fork over money in order to apply? What a greedy fuck. It’s not like some rental application fee, Moo. You can’t just charge people a “membership” when they only want to apply for a job. None of those rules make any fucking sense, which is par the course for someone as stupid as Mariah.

No. 867281

Why does this feel like she’s filtering out undesirables? Like, small time cosplayers who don’t have large fanbases Moo can leech from. “Screening” my ass…

No. 867283

Pretty sure she means work as in shoot. I doubt she’ll hire real employees since she’d have to do payroll etc. She’ll just get the slaves to do it.

The membership is stupid, and I agree that she’s just trying to screen who can use it. I’ve never heard of anything like this at other studios.

No. 867284

Did her video of Lady Dimitrescu come out by any chance?(stop being a thirsty scrote, Alexandre)

No. 867292

So….you get to pay 20 bucks each just to have the option to pay 170 bucks to take photos in a wal mart tier studio? I have a feeling during any shoot moo will be hovering, stealing ideas since she hasn’t had any that weren’t late to the party, and trying to harass whomever with “advice”. And I do love the “pay me to work for me” bullshit. Even if she ran a straight business we can bet she would not practice fair hiring process. Does she even have a business licence for this place?

No. 867295

How is she going to move, clean, or otherwise maintain all 9000+ sets she has had built? And the bathroom and common areas? Maddie can only do so much. All these exclusive members are going to pay twice to use dusty ass sets and to play in the filth of whoever use the facilities last.

After a random potential customer and their photographer and anyone else in their entourage, except for an arbitrary s/o or assistant, pays $85 each for a memberships, they also have to pay to use a studio hourly?

>The membership is some arbitrary loyalty fee to even access the building. Either $85 monthly(?) or $20 one time.

>You need to sign up for a 2 hour minimum even as a member, implying there is an additional hourly fee.

>Limited memberships of an undisclosed amount to screen out anyone who won't give the studio clout.

>""Commercial"" productions are allowed aka her thot friends can shoot their porn there because who shooting a legit music video or something is going to want to shoot in one of her tiny, craft project looking sets?

>No mention of the previous no boys allowed rule.

At least we're finally getting some milk, but if this is her business model, hoooly shit it's so bad.

No. 867299

Would it be a good idea to do a soft open for the public (and not just her friends dicking around for free) before enforcing all this bullshit to see how much popularity there would be? I feel like anyone with an actual interest would click off after having to read through all these rules. Just require advance reservations and an hourly fee before jumping into this membership garbage. I don't know how she expects this place to stay open for more than a few months by throwing in all these fees only a handful of people would be willing to pay.

Also surprised there's no cleaning fee listed, lol

No. 867303

That's if you're approved. Everyone knows moo can't do background checks legally, so her screening is checking online handles.

She discouraging helpers as different from employees. She's is making employees have a membership before applying.

No. 867310

Her "soft opening" only consisted of friends who have their head firmly jammed up her flat ass. God forbid anyone outside her circle give her criticism and insight on how to run this place. You just know the minute someone gives her an honest opinion on how something should work there, she will scream them out of the studio and take to IG to air her grievances about "the haters trying to keep a boss bitch from succeeding".

No. 867316

Can you read?
It’s a one time $20 fee and then $85 an hour with a minimum of 2 hours per booking. A minimum booking time is pretty standard. It is not standard to require people to pay a fee for “membership” or to be so uptight about screening people. Most studios give zero fucks who’s using it as long as they pay and don’t fuck things up.
What are you even talking about? She’s never said anything about actual employees. She said you can bring a helper or significant other if you’re shooting there. There was no mention of employees.

This studio is a mess and Moo is making tons of bad choices, but don’t make shit up, it just looks like we have to make shit up to make her look bad. She does that herself.

No. 867317

She doesn't want to be responsible for paying them/tax forms. Not to mention to open to the public she'd need an inspection anyone walking in there is gonna immediately tell her no.

No. 867319

Its ass backwards Mr. Krabs logic.

No. 867324

Moo is just screening people so she can prevent people who have dragged her on social media from using her photo studio. How is she going to screen people outside of her hobby? Regular joe-schmoes visiting from out of town but are creeps too? This doesn't make sense.

No. 867325

Please, read this: >>867273

>If you're interested in working at the studio, please apply for a membership

No. 867331

Can you not take context clues? She’s talking about working as in shooting/modeling. She never mentioned employees or applications anywhere. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to charge someone to apply to work for you. Moo is dumb, but she’s also cheap and would rather send Maddie there to do work than hire actual employees.

No. 867334

nta but Moo has stated in past IG stories that she wants to hire “only females” to work for the studio, implying that she is going to hire someone other than Maddie. It will most likely be another hanger on because I wouldn’t put it past her to do that but time will tell. Not that this place will be open to the public anytime soon.

No. 867340

Yes I am very literate unlike Mariah. Were you hired by her crack legal team? You can't even mention that her business makes no sense or her fupa looks suspiciously small without the WKs rolling out these days, yikes.

No. 867364

kek at anons like you not being able to take even a shred of criticism to a theory without crying about WKs
accept the fact that Moo is a moron so it should be no surprise that this particular instance is so poorly worded – but is most likely still referring to people wanting to shoot in her cramped space as opposed to an employee application fee

I'm sure enough people are asking about it on IG that a story will come out about it

No. 867366

I think I got too used to the balloon lips. is this a filter, a side effect of the deflation, is this how she used to smile, or is she trying to copy Magibon now?

No. 867371

probably the filters she uses. she's constantly using snow/meitu to warp herself into a shoop monster, she probably thinks this looks good.

No. 867396

anons pls are you being purposely obtuse? What is the context of this post here >>867273 ? Is it "if you want to shoot/WORK here you need to fork out money" or is it "hey I'm hiring but you need to apply for membership, also totally unrelated to being an employee but I'm just going to discuss how you can go about photographic WORK here" ?
You guys are dumb af and clearly not as literate as you think you are. Read more books.

No. 867401


Sounds like she's doing this membership fee because its been registered as a "private club" which exempts it from a lot of regulations and laws that apply to businesses like ADA compliance etc.

No. 867408

Tbh I just assumed it was a way for her to stop people from booking appts to expose how much a shut show this will all be

No. 867410

no way she's smart enough to do this for a legal loophole. it's definitely either to stop people who she knows are haters/farmers from coming in to expose her or so she can dox/track down/cyberbooly anyone who says anything less than positive about it afterward. i can't honestly blame her for being paranoid, considering the majority internet has hated her for years. worries about lolcow and twitter callouts aside, she does have to worry about one of the smooth brain scrotes who buys her gross porn booking there as an excuse to try to meet her.

No. 867418

anon youre dumb as fuck and just as illiterate as mariah. it's $85 per hour + $20 membership fee. It clearly says that. how are some of you so confused by this? how do you manage to pay bills and taxes?

No. 867419

Considering Mariah’s past with doxxing others, i’d feel super cautious to even consider shooting at her sad excuse for a studio. I wonder if people have forgotten about that.

No. 867425

compliance is one thing, but she can't escape being cited for the vast amount of illegal renovations she did.

No. 867436

Also what information is she asking for and how is she going to securely save these things? I wonder if her twitter attorney also does fraud cases.

No. 867540

File: 1644979966524.png (807.95 KB, 1800x955, 76D46209-0473-4DB5-A824-4050FB…)

>Full on pornography is a no no
>But full on genitalia and sex toys are ok!
>Our location is super secret and will only be revealed once you’ve booked and paid the membership

How much do you wanna bet she’ll charge that $150 cleaning fee for the stupidest reasons? Also, fix your fucking site for mobile Moo lol. So luxe my ass.

No. 867541

File: 1644980338402.jpeg (294.27 KB, 1033x782, B55B0652-2851-4DD6-B220-B2C721…)

So this pretty much confirms she will be screening accounts for cosplayers she can leech clout from and absolve herself from criticism for declining memberships from lesser known cosplayers or people who won’t benefit her.

>high volume of clients

Bitch where?

No. 867544

this isn't a business
this is a huge red flag, trap and you're right, a clout chase. But knowing Moo she will not charge her "clients" but offer to fly them in and pay them. This reeks of "I'm desperate to have big names close and prove I'm still in this community"

Also good on her for not allowing full on sex, but she can still get in trouble for shooting full on porn. Stuff like this still is heavily monitored. People will still report this if they found out the address

No. 867546

moo doesn't have permits for any of this shit anyway. she probably doesn't even know what she needs. not to mention you can't do the kind of work she did on a commercial premises without an inspection. anything electrical or built into the building needs permits, inspections and to actually pass. she did the same thing with her house, she doesn't understand that owning property doesn't mean you have free reign to do whatever you like. private property of any kind needs a paper trail essentially of who did what work and their qualifications and when, so if something happens they can trace the problem.

No. 867547

You can't even scroll without it jumping all over the place. With the amount of money she has, she really could've hired someone to do this better. Jesus.

No. 867548

she also should have paid someone to write all of this up. you can tell she wrote all the descriptions and rules because the grammar is barely understandable.

No. 867549

did she even make the site? it looks like a template that someone edited the code in.

No. 867553

That no sex rule is going to change as soon as she finally finds some guy willing to fuck her on camera.

No. 867554

Nah, Moo has always followed the "rules for thee, not for me" mantra lol

No. 867556

moo isn't even going to use this studio. she's too huge to fit in the tiny sets and no real photog will want to shoot there anyway. she doesn't seem to know how these studios actually function.

No. 867557

She's been shooting in them from the beginning with Martin Wong.

No. 867558

Moo should've hired real lawyers and not internet lawyers to draft her rules. Are people allowed to whatever they want? I doubt she has a extensive closet full of cleaning chemicals for her sets to allow these kinds of acts to occur in a public space. She won't allow this once someone takes a shit on set after paying all the fees.

No. 867559

that doesn't mean she knows how they function, if she did her studio wouldn't be such a cluttered mess. moo's knowledge of this is superficial at best.

No. 867561

nah, she has that air purifier that her company is "runned" by, remember? it's all she needs to disinfect everything!

No. 867563

I mentioned when this shitshow started (and as a humorously meant tinfoil) that I would be worried about someone like moo putting “security” cameras hidden everywhere. Now I have to wonder how the fuck is she going to know exactly what’s going on in her place? Is she going to stand there like some creeper and watch everything? If that doesn’t scream neckbeard behavior I dunno what does. I’m still trying to read through her manifesto of rules and lol it’s a shitshow.

No. 867564

I have an idea where moos shit box studio is but Im not 100% sure. There is an area south of the airports landing strip, the street right under has a ton of warehouse weird buildings like that. Anyone have the exact address?

No. 867566

wtf are these studio hours?? I know Moo ain't gonna march her ass to this place by 730am for morning setup.

No. 867567

>$500 fine for being drunk/high
this is probably considered unconscionable. what are her damages if people are drunk? does she think this counts as incidentals? does she think she can charge incidentals? does she realize that these fees need to be proportional to her damages? who did moo talk to about this? not everything written in a contract is suddenly legal.

No. 867569

How is she even going to test them to see if they are? She doesn't even show up at her studio without being under the influence.

No. 867570

that too. i'm really not sure why she even cares, she's not legally responsible for people arriving drunk/high, and she has no recourse legally either other than calling the police, certainly not adding fines as part of her ToS. she'd have to go to court to even enforce this and courts barely enforce these fines if they're reasonable. i bet she thinks she can just charge their payment methods or something.

No. 867571

This is probably how she thinks she’s going to recoup costs. You know, because she probably thinks other cosplayers must be alcoholics and drug abusers like herself. Profit!

No. 867572

I assume they will only open up for appointments. So while it’s possible there will be a booking that early, it’s unlikely. If it happens too much she’ll just change the hours. It’s not like she cares about running a good business. If she ever breaks even on this disaster before she gets tired of paying the rent in it, I’ll be very surprised.

No. 867574

there's a torrent of all her stuff up till about a month ago, would that be useful to post to add to the OP or something? obviously its intended purpose is for coomers but would an archive be useful

No. 867577

I just found out that Nevada allows you to register as an anonymous LLC, which means you don't need to publish your personal name to the registry, but that has nothing to do with her address being disclosed or not. She is probably confused about what that even means so her "lawyer" should explain it to her. As soon as she gets a business license the address will get listed somewhere.
Also the name "peachy collective is already registered to someone else…

No. 867583

How has no one mentioned
>Be mindful that this is a studio people will use and people cleaning up after you if you make messes. Please refer to the studio cleaning fee.

If that even was enforced, it's so arbitrary and nasty. This isn't a hotel with professional cleaning staff or even an Airbnb. Just think of the smell and the fluids.

Unless she has security cameras, which is even more gross but totally in character. She makes it seem like the only content check is running it by the front desk like what does that even mean? Ask Maddie if she thinks that's hot or not?

No. 867584

Dude this studio is shady as fuck. What if she sends 4chan moids her security cam info for a price? Neckbeards gotta stay together after all.

No. 867586

Honestly don't think keeping the address hidden is such a dumb move. I'm sure she's doing it as both a reason to keep cowtippers away as well as her neckbeard fans but at least she's smart enough to not give out her address so creepy paypigs can stalk her. But it's not like the address will be difficult to find once the place actually opens, so it's not like it even matters.

No. 867590

“No tolerance for being under the influence of drugs or a alcohol”

Oh man, Moos gonna owe herself SO much money.

No. 867592


Funny thing I thought about- technically she could try saying you are on drugs if you are prescribed anything- I.E- Xanax. So situation- you somehow make it through the gauntlet of her arbitrary and stupid rule setup. You get there and because you’re tired or whatever she thinks you are high. Now you say you have a prescription for something because you have a legit condition. What’s she gonna do ask you to prove it? That is a violation I’m certain. And if you choose to not prove it what’s she going to do charge you for it based on suspicions? Or just because? And how long before her “Supra sekkrit lair” gets doxxed by accident anyway? Does she plan to check all pictures before they leave? Or make them sign NDAs and then charge them when it happens accidentally? There are so many questions and every answer possible sets off alarm bells and red flags.

No. 867593

Out of curiousity I went through her application process. I didn’t complete it but she wants your name, email, phone number, Instagram, and any other social media. And for you to upload a photo ID. While you do have the option to skip all that I am certain that will lead to a “sorry we cannot accept your app” thing.

No. 867595

She's not allowed to ask for IDs unless she's an official agency of some kind as even THAT is an iffy situation on legal grounds unless its specified you can redact information.

No. 867596

repeating what's already been said, there's no way she did any of this by the book. she's never done anything by the book. she lied about school, stolen people's intellectual property, she's illegally trespassed(and was kicked off property) and these are just legal issues,not to mention all her lying. the studio isn't even legal, her ToS is barely legal and isn't at all in some areas(fines) and she doesn't even have a privacy statement about how she's sharing private information that you use to register, again, illegal. it's obvious she didn't obtain any business licenses or permits or anything because she would have posted about it every chance she got. and what gets me is the name "peachy collective" is already registered to another business (you can't add a "the" to an existing business name) so that proves she's not a registered business, they could go after her. as far as as her address, google will usually put it up automatically until she takes it down herself. the beauty is she's going to get in some kind of trouble from this one way or another, the warehouse is like onions "wetlands" saga and it's amazing. i honestly didn't think she was this stupid though.

No. 867598

I wouldn’t put it past her to put up security cameras but the majority of the sets are out in the open anyway so she can just barge in. There’s only the few tiny rooms by the lobby that can close the door for privacy (probably?) but anyone who wants to do “OF stuff” in her piss poor sets in the warehouse are free game for Moo to lurk since there are no walls. What a shitshow.

No. 867610

I’m still hung up on the fact that you have to pay per session after you have already been made to pay for a membership. Doesn’t that defeat the entire purpose of a membership? Imagine going to a gym you’re a member of and still having to fork out an additional fee each time. The social media request is also bizarre. It’s so obvious the purpose is just to screen out people she doesn’t want there and she’ll waive the fee for people she likes or wants clout from. She really thinks she’s slick, it’s incredible.

>8am - 8pm weekdays

>11am - 10pm weekends
And who will be working these 11 & 12-hour shifts exactly?

No. 867613

I’m sure the legal red tape alone is what’s going to get this bitch shut down. A lazy good for nothing like her would never actually go through the proper channels to actually set up a business with all the proper permits and licensing. All it takes is one call and this whole thing goes down like a stack of cards. And she’ll have no one to blame but herself.

No. 867614

This isn't something she can fine people for. She can remove them from the property. But this seems like a money trap for anyone who shows up. Also, she's always drunk/high. so wtf?
So if someone is acting silly is she going to charge 500 for suspecting they are? She's going to get into a lot of trouble

No. 867615

yes, she's going try to enforce it herself instead of going to court to defend her contract.

No. 867616

I think her lack of business licence and scammy way of doing things is a part of the whole “uwu Supra sekkrit” thing. But it really won’t take long for it to get out anyway. If she had sought ANY legal advice here in Nevada they would have given her an earful on how this isn’t going to work/is illegal. I haven’t looked but I don’t think she can run a private studio in a commercial block without any permits being filed with the city and state. And what would she file anyway? “Pornish studio for thots?”

No. 867620

I'm remembering when she doxxed korean BBQ and people came to his house and fucked it up. You don't need to give any of this info for a simple studio. This seems more like a means for Moo to stalk people
Can you imagen going to a big studio in Japan and they asked for all your personal information, including your socials? You would turn tail for your safety. She says this place is meant to be safe for women but this seems so dangerous

No. 867622

the funny thing about the legal stuff is. Moo is def going to use her onlyfans earnings and state they are earnings from the studio to try to get it off her taxes. However that's going to screw her over if she gets fines or sued. Because they are going to take the money based off the value of the business she herself wrote off. This place is going to ruin her and I'm here for it.

No. 867630

This is just a shitty porn studio, she should just get the paperwork to jump into it already, she just can’t get out of that porn hole.

No. 867633

Jesus, this is terrifying that she’s asking people for all this info. And I know the reason is to deter people from posting shitty reviews online or from cowtippers online. Will be interesting if anyone outside her circle actually goes through the process at all and I can’t wait until this whole thing blows up in her face

No. 867643

businesses are all "private" but they still need to meet inspection standards and she still needs an LLC business license to run this kind of place, none of which she has.

No. 867653

The studio will never do enough business to get her in trouble with the city or the tax man. Don’t you know by now that with moo it’s all about spending huge amounts of money as quickly as possible. That’s the only thing in the world she actually knows how to do.

No. 867657

Looking through Clark county business license online doesn’t show anything but I could be looking at them the wrong way/ wrong names.

No. 867659

she won't get in trouble because no one is going to book this. she will just pretend it's booked for year and then not talk about it until she bitches about how men ruined her dream because her contractor wasn't licensed.

No. 867660

except this is Moo. To get a bigger return she's going to claim the studio is a part of her paetron earnings or vice versa. that alone can get her in big trouble

No. 867667


Business licensing is weird in LV, certain areas license under Clark County, others are under the City of Las Vegas. Its honestly a pain in the ass. But try looking under city licenses.

No. 867673

File: 1645068992153.jpg (74.33 KB, 1332x605, momo.jpg)

"All inclusive" yet everything down to even the lights have a price tag. I wouldn't be surprised if she started charging for bathroom privileges.
Only an idiot would pay for this crap,

No. 867674

at this point just take pics at home and save yourself the trouble, grief, plane ticket and cash

No. 867675

Who tf is going to buy a thong from a photo studio? I know this is Moo but that makes no sense to offer

No. 867677

the entire point of these studios is to have all this available and charge hourly.

No. 867678

She showed off the Polaroid camera she had available at the studio in her stories before and the film it takes. She’s charging fucking double what the film actually costs. $34 lol, jfc Moo. What’s the point of the membership if she’s nickel and diming each and every thing in the studio? Including small props? Is this normal for a studio like this? Because it seriously looks like this is how she plans on getting her money back from this dumpster fire.

No. 867679

it's cheaper to drive to Cali.

No. 867680

She's not going to see much business at all outside of friends. She wants people to pay for literally everything except the air that they breathe, but don't worry, that's coming soon.

No. 867681

Someone has to pay for that god forsaken air purifier she was boasting about lol

>1 breath: 5$

No. 867682

The writing on the website is absolutely atrocious. Mariah, here is a tip for free: hire someone to write your website copy, because good lord, you are fucking retarded.

No. 867683


Remember when she was bragging up her amenities that were totes lux like the water and snacks ? And here we are- wonder how much that bottle of water is now? As thirsty as she is there isn’t any left.
Moo- you are a moron.

No. 867684

I’ve rented lots of photo studios for shoots and never once seen anything like this. Costume rentals I totally understand, but lights, backdrops, etc are always included with the rental, that’s the whole point of renting a fucking studio. The RGB light bars i can maybe see being extra because those are expensive and not a standard studio lighting setup, but basic shit like soft boxes? GTFO with that.

No. 867686

I understand charging for amenities, since (I hope) they are new and people get to keep those things, but the price is really atrocious. I sincerely doubt they'd be like super professional stuff or from Japanese cosplay brands like CosCos or Assist.

And charging US$5 for the ring light…I can just buy one for that price.

No. 867688

Yeah i feel like this is going to happen. She’s already hated in the cosplay community by everyone, only has a few ”friends”, who she pays to be around. I just can’t imagine anyone using her studio in the furst place, unless she keeps paying people to shoot in it.

No. 867694

File: 1645089412482.png (9.92 KB, 462x95, mawmawkun no rights.png)

Thought i'd put this up but apparently she commented this on this public facebook thread: https://www.facebook.com/lostdumplings/posts/6656555521052572

Got me thinking because from OP's pov, they feel similar in their own way you know.

No. 867695


She should look in the mirror first before commenting that, bitch is as shitty as the guy that's being called out.

No. 867709

She’s hoping one or two people outside of her friends will actually book something so she can overcharge them for everything. Since we all know her friends get to use it for free or a discount, especially those she wants to suck clout from.

Also what happened to her saying the studio was just a vanity project? Why the fuck do you need jack up prices on so much if you just did this for fun???

No. 867712

Wonder who’s cycle that is in the Instagram pics of her garage (sorry mobile can’t get the picture) certainly isn’t something moo can ride although if she did her ass would make it look like she’s got saddlebags from the back or a gorilla fucking a football.

No. 867713

Her charges and especially the fines seem like a great way to lose any friends she has, and also great fodder to gossip about for the people in the community who hate her. Anyone who might need a studio would probably have used others, and will compare Moo’s shitshow to them - and having a studio “runned by” an air purifier isn’t going to stop people calling it out for the ludicrous mess that it is.

No. 867715

File: 1645118099354.jpeg (2.66 MB, 1242x2046, C11BB325-F5D7-4174-AE36-9AC11E…)

Brilliant of Moo to put a fucking fake tree right on the border of the set next to it. Master set designer my ass lol
Gotta love that astroturf eyesore.

No. 867716

File: 1645118361095.png (443.53 KB, 1031x2048, photobangbang.png)

For what she's charging, why wouldn't anyone who isn't her friend go to a real studio?

Cap is from Photo Bang Bang where Moo herself has shot. Like why not pay $250 for an actually all inclusive studio with a professional and not have to worry about being harassed and policed by some unkempt smelly troll woman trying to catch you drinking so she can charge you $500?

Also notice how there's a membership discount Mariah? Like how typical membership work?

No. 867719

File: 1645120066929.jpg (Spoiler Image, 981.48 KB, 1079x1743, Screenshot_20220217-094641_Fir…)

No. 867720

File: 1645120208950.jpg (91.16 KB, 1080x963, Screenshot_20220217-094658_Fir…)

No. 867721

She's banking on thots, outside of cosplay, with money to throw around like Trisha Paytas.

No. 867722

is its it just me or does moo's buisness remind of an episode of hotel hell or kitchen nightmares where bosses steal their workers tips and paycheck because she gonna do the exact same thing

No. 867724

I mean in the hotel hell episode his friends called him out for stealing tips but moo and her friends will defend her as always like ABC (amy's baking company)

No. 867725

First- don’t namefag. Second, you assume she’s going to have workers at all- she isn’t. She will have for free slaves (I’m not just a slave IM ALSO A MEMBER! Advertising idea for her shit studio) who do what they do every day high is sit around on their asses and do not a lot. Because there is no way this studio ever has any customers. As anon upthread pointed out you can google a lot of studios that are cheaper, more convenient, and offer more professionalism. And that’s how they have to be- when everyone has a decent camera on their phones you have to go extra miles as a photographer/studio. She never got that memo.

No. 867731

Oh my god her nose, shouldn’t it have fully healed by now? Is this really the end result?

No. 867735

The willingness this absolute sow has to show off her unremarkable buttcrack is awe-inspiring.

No. 867738

the devil works hard, but those filters are working harder

No. 867744

File: 1645135469695.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.31 KB, 782x570, Screenshot 2022-02-17 150343.j…)

The fact that she edited out half of her buttcrack is even fucking weirder. Sorry, Moo, but we all know your ass-crack goes a lot higher, you retard.

No. 867747

A pig out in the wild.

No. 867749

Good luck trying to prove that people were drunk or high, Moo. Are breath and blood tests available too?

No. 867751

people she isn't bribing are going to see Moo charged them for breathing, call her a bitch and walk out. Moo is going to have a harsh awakening when she realizes she can't charge 1000 bucks per person

No. 867753

She thinks that it will work on everyone in the real world just because it works on her paypigs.

No. 867755

i think she is confused about bars and places that serve alcohol. that lines up with the ridiculous fee as well.

No. 867767

I don’t think she’s confused at all- she lives in Vegas and both parents work casinos. What all these rules mean is she wants to lord over everyone and screw them out of money however she can. She wants to tax everything possible and why? Control. Her self image as some bad ass bitch gurlboss or whatever. I can see that if she DOES get any people inquiring about membership or whatever she will toss anyone she doesn’t know or know of. The fact that what she is asking (photo of a photo ID? Social media? Etc) isn’t something any business really has a right to ask (bars can but they don’t keep digital records of the ID and I can see her abusing that shit). TLDR she knows what she’s doing she just thinks she’s above the laws and above everyone else when all she really is is a bottom tier porn thot now.

No. 867795

it's actually against most payment processors ToS for businesses to even request ID from patrons as a business, and probably actually illegal as a rights violation. places like OF that pay you need it legally, but moo isn't allowed to take them. she's doing a lot of things that are probably not even legal, i don't want to think she's that stupid but here we are.

No. 867806

Not to WK the moo but if she's letting people take nudes in her studio she does need to check their ID to confirm that they are over 18. It would be a massive liability if they didn't check IDs and someone shot CP in her studio. But let's be real it's not like anyone that isn't her friend is going to be shooting there anyway much less paying for it. But if it was a real business she would definitely need to.

No. 867807

Yes but she's not a security expert nor does she have a team. This is purely an information farming/stalking scheme. So as you said, a legit business for sure, but her and her shoddy website? i wouldn't even put my real name on it, nevermind my unredacted ID.

No. 867808

She is also asking for this shit BEFORE she even says “yea ok you can join muh sekkrit club”). For age verification sure- but a bar or club doesn’t ask that shit before you ever even get there

No. 867809

All the rules and regulations are supposed to show what a genius international business major she is and how clever and savvy. But like everything she does it just makes it clear that she is an uneducated dumbass.

No. 867824

The quality of writing on the site, too. She's too proud to go on Fiverr and get an editor or someone who could rewrite the whole thing and design a less tacky website. She writes like she's still in high school, but also has a D in English.

No. 867829

File: 1645249647266.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1086x1935, 2754C894-581F-4D96-AB06-3382D0…)

The longer you look, the more bizarre she appears.

No. 867830

she looks like an obese who from the grinch

No. 867832

Builds at home gym, still goes to other gyms pretending to work out. She is literally the worst person alive.

No. 867858

Yes Moo, you’re still ugly, now fuck off and cry about how badly your nose job has turned out, and what an almighty fuckup your totes girl boss profeshanul studio is.

No. 867860

She was not there to work out. Corsets, shape wear, turning on the slimming filter to max
You know Moo instead of all these tricks to appear thinner you could… I dunno, actually diet and work out? I guess she's content with being a 300 pound mess irl. No wonder her trainers give up on her

No. 867870

Oh come the fuck on. Like you’d work out with your saggy ass cow udders on display like that. News flash you retarded bloated bitch. Guys don’t come in built with filters. They see you as some human looking sausage link in a corset waddling in, practically walking AROUND your self to get in and think “damn I smell hot dog water” stop trying to get attention and validation from gym bros. Even the lowest scrote having life forms wouldn’t touch you.

Remember her cross fit saga where she hobbled about like a down syndrome kind at free activity time at the school gym trying to flip tires? Lmao.

No. 867871

File: 1645295582330.jpeg (387.33 KB, 1086x1935, 26E6142C-A687-4008-BA31-6BA929…)

Sure Jan.

No. 867878

the more serious gym bros she wants attention from don't go to the gym to pick up chicks anyway. They get annoyed if you bother them during sets. More so if a fat blob like Moo waddles in expecting attention.
If anything they will just stare at a fit girls ass as they stretch. I'm sure the only interaction Moo gets is when someone tells her to stop sitting on the equipment. Maybe why 90% of her gym selfies are in the locker room. It's a gym, not a photo set

No. 867880

This is Lifetime fitness summerlin, a resort gym that has a strict no photography or cameras in the locker rooms. Before you walk in there’s a big “NO PHOTOGRAPHY of any kind” sign, but you know, Moos above any rule.

No. 867881

File: 1645300260611.png (5.52 MB, 1800x1631, 1DFF278A-4DEE-438B-9445-9F1F11…)

Grimace lookin’ ass

No. 867882

Their website says it’s $200 a month for an adult membership to the facility. So she’s blowing $200 a month just to take selfies there on top of what she already blew on her pathetic home gym (that’ll only collect dust)
The way she just pisses money away…

No. 867883

It would be funny if she cross-referenced lolcow and KF after she got her potential client’s ids.

No. 867884

You can still see her fupa through those compression leggings. The shadow gives it away. Also whose to say she’s just going to the gym to use the sauna or other amenities rather than working out itself. Her black band tattoo is really fading fast >>867881 I wonder if they used the cheap black ink and it’ll turn green soon.

No. 867885

90% of her income isn't to better her life, it's to live a lie. I don't know how she can look in the mirror without her phone and 10 filters over herself. And I know she wheezes with every breath because she's morbidly obese, but it can't help she's constantly in shapeware and corsets to cope.

No. 867886

too late for her to back out on her tattoes now. It's expensive, painful and takes 12 sessions to remove tattoes, and a part of it will always remain. She regrets all her tattoes since none of them were planned out well.

The greasy unbrushed hair is a real look. But the extensions always seem like a waste. They barely last a week with Moo

No. 867891

For all the filters and all her compression she still has a horrid complexion. Maybe she should take a shower.

No. 867904

Weed vape pen in her hand as always. Can’t even go near a gym without getting high

No. 867973

File: 1645401747036.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1078x1925, 7D64EDAA-2E8A-4DDE-B7A9-306857…)

Ironic coming from a known bully who never apologized for anything. Regurgitating shit from from your self-help books doesn’t mean you’re automatically enlightened, Moo.

No. 867977


Lol I think she’s butthurt at us. Poor moo- all she has is a little money, a fucked up body, a bad rep with people she really wants to like her, and high cholesterol. And the money she has isn’t “fuck off im rich” levels of money. She’s going to have to continue degrading herself forever since she won’t be able to stop herself trying to flex. You know who flexes Moo? People that didn’t really work for something and know deep down they are shit. There’s your deep zen thought for the day. And at the end of today you’ll still be no better than the people you made fun of once- a fatty shoving things into her and not respected by anyone.

No. 867980

this quote doesn't even make sense.

No. 867984

so did she already buy all this shit? i haven't seen anything other than the inside of the studio. did she buy lashes and glue and thongs to have on hand?

No. 867985

also samefag, but that's not even what amenities means. did she mean add-ons?

No. 867990

"If you fight your enemies, they win."

No. 867991

she’s also been posting a whole bunch of cryptic manga caps, one was something like “is this really what i wanted?” which makes me question if she’s having some weird conflict either with herself or with one of her “friends”, ofc it won’t amount to any real growth but still

No. 867993

you mean talk shit behind their backs while pretending to be uwu sweet and fake concerned. Then when they find out waddle and cry in the hotel room? Gotcha Moo

No. 868014

The saddest part is that, if she just put some effort in diet & exercise, she would look and feel 10x better. And it's not that hard, just cut the fucking wine/soda, drink more water, doesn't shove food in your food-hole and spend 1~1:30h in gym, 3x a week.

No. 868068

Yall isn't lvl up that con where moo assaulted people there?! Like why in the fuck didn't that con banned her or lifted the
banned because of vamps?!(namefag)

No. 868069

File: 1645494852795.jpg (220.88 KB, 1076x1912, Screenshot_20220221-194637_Ins…)

No. 868071

Of course she’s going to be there. She’s buddies with the showrunner (who ignored complaints from attendees and staff of her being at the convention in 2020 where she took up two booth spaces and put her nude photo books on display for all to see)
Lvl Up never banned her after she grabbed the guy’s ass there. Hopefully some Vegas farmers can document the cow in the wild.

No. 868074

who is that?

No. 868075

she probably just bought the badge but is too chicken to go. you know she doesn't want anyone to see her nasty ass anyway.

No. 868079

Unless people kick up a stink on social media and say they’re not going to go, they’re not going to ban her

No. 868082

Finally some good candids are coming. Well, if she leaves the hotel room ever, def can see her chickening out the second it's time to go to the events.

No. 868084

She was NEVER banned from any cons to begin with. It's something anons wanted to believe, but none ever said that. Someone just randomly claimed to work for one of the cons and said all the bs in thread and anons ran with it. Rumors aren't fact.

No. 868085

You KNOW she will be shilling her studio there. Seems sketchy imo without telling people where it's located because its super secret and they have to be accepted.

There's no way to make this not sound sus when trying to recruit customers.

No. 868087

what's she gonna do when people ask where it is? tell them to join?

No. 868093

First they’ll have to sign an NDA, in blood. Then they have to learn the secret code word hand shake blink pattern and THEN go through the full background check and also give her the numbers of any cute Asians they might know. Only then will they be allowed to pay for membership, and in three months or so she might maybe tell them it’s off highway 50, right next to Billy Bobs honky Tonk sushi and bbq shack. Across from the seedy pawn shop. Also her telling them where it is? That’s an added charge.

No. 868097

>Also her telling them where it is? That’s an added charge.
that's an amenity.

No. 868109

my god, she really looks like MJ here lmao

No. 868113

And the thing is, people just don’t care anymore. It’s been years and the casual fans out there that would kick up a stink have forgotten or just have moved on. It sucks but COVID was a blessing for Mariah in a sense it allowed people to really forget about her assaults and unless some new allegations pop up nothing is going to happen.

The good news is that on the flip side of that, no one really gives a shit about her in general. So she’s going to the cons to orbit around people but she’s basically a nobody in the community now, or at least way more infamous in the regard that people with actual skill/ clout want nothing to do with her.

No. 868114

She should just forget about anime cons and go to the sex one instead.

No. 868127

Moo would never, she's still clinging to the "I'm just a cosplay model that does lewd!"

No. 868128

It just weirds me out how Moo can still shill her porn at cons in front of underage folks. There are lewd cosplayers, but Moo has always done porn.
I believe other anons, she's going to try and push her glorified porn studio. People are going to get poop eye

No. 868130

I would think all it would take to end that BS is one mom of a tween making an actual complaint. The last time she had those stupid books on display without any covering it didn’t seem like she got flagged which surprised me some. Then again someone would have to give a shit she existed to notice.

No. 868138

learn how to post here, Alexisvardaman@yahoo.com

No. 868142

people didn't care before because she's not important. cons rarely enforce bans(mainly because they don't have the staff to do so) and even in an extreme case like a restraining order, it's not up to the con to do anything, it's up to the person with the order. the only time i've seen bans is when some people were caught with coke, because that's a liability for the con.

No. 868145

When the initial shit hit the fan it got some pretty big outreach. She was never banned from a con but she did get some of her partnerships revoked at the time. I think the fact she was able to skate by with the double standard that woman shouldn’t be taken seriously as sexual harassers also helped her a lot with people just forgetting.

No. 868152

File: 1645568655596.png (27.37 KB, 1825x142, Screenshot 2022-02-22 172327.p…)

>she did get some of her partnerships revoked at the time
Which is funny because it's something that she used to make herself seem better than others. Pretty much the same shit that she's doing now with her money. She is the same egotistical, jealous bully that she was when she was in high school, except she's 300lbs heavier now.

No. 868155

This post has aged nicely lol
Hey Moo, when was the last time you were ever invited to anything pre-pandemic? And now no photographer will work with you unless they debase themselves for the paycheck. How’s that working out for ya?
She would still be a nobody at the adult entertainment cons in Vegas. She doesn’t fit in anywhere because she’s irrelevant.

No. 868158

Add to this that if she ever did try setting hooves in any AV convention those women would eat her for breakfast.
Was it lvl up that they called her out over the intercom and were laughing at her in video or am I remembering wrong? Cause that shit was hilarious

No. 868160

That was Evo where they called out Momo in video and on stage. I don’t think they did it over the intercom but I could be wrong.

No. 868161

It's always funny when karma bites her in her flat ass in the ways that she ridicules. She put a megaphone up to a girl's vag and gets ridiculed on mic. She screams ching chong in a megaphone and loses her token asian dude around the same time. She brags about getting promoted and being Nigri's friend, then gets her promotions taken away and Nigri ghosts her for all eternity. Blasts a furry who's in medical school and then gets blasted for lying about being in school. Harasses a cosplayer for saying that porn isn't cosplay when doing her Roadhag cosplay, then shortly after that the cosplayer is paid to be at Blizzcon. It's always nice when she gets a taste of her own medicine.

No. 868192

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnBAGnhFhB8 When she got mocked on stream. I believe there was other clips too but cant remember

No. 868218

This all was extremely funny because Moo had been trying for years at that point to attach herself to FGC dudes at EVO. Imagine being so obnoxious and disgusting that these dudes don't touch you with a ten foot pole, not even Smashtards we're interested outside of Reitka having a severe mental break.

No. 868221

Damn. Must really sting to be considered too toxic for a community that is plagued with sex pests and pedos.
Or she would fit in too well.

No. 868243

File: 1645662934173.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.68 MB, 1931x2576, ocvYFkF.jpg)

No. 868244

File: 1645662997292.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 1930x2576, fDNcSk2.jpg)

No. 868245

What the Pillsbury is going on with her stomach? Her head is looking full hee hee.

No. 868246

Her midsection looks necrotic compared to the rest of her skin being flush from the hot tub. Are the nerves there totally destroyed from lipo? If so, the results are not worth having a "flat" stomach. She looks like she has no belly button.

No. 868247

Lol, the face that screams "suck it in" that neck indent above her clavicle is such a giveaway. Seriously though her nipples have always creeped me out. Not even anime nipples look that cartoonish.

No. 868248

Her nipples were likely stitched back on at some point and guaranteed to have 0 feeling in them.

No. 868249

They’re workout lines, don’t you know?

No. 868250

File: 1645666146723.jpeg (774.99 KB, 1091x1929, 4637AE90-B0E3-43EB-B961-C4C934…)

Puts this out for the paypigs but still wants people to believe she looks like picrel. She had to have pulled something sucking in her stomach this hard and yet still managing to look like a dried out slab of clay. They couldn’t even edit out the bruise on her shin. It’s gotta take a lot of booze to cope with this mess of a body and the fact she needs to show said mess to keep funding her lifestyle.

No. 868252

great cosplay of a melted candle, A+

No. 868253

Lol sure moo, you’d get killed in red light, green light, and if she didn’t, someone else would kill her for being annoying af

No. 868255

Her face looks like she’s doing Sylvester Stallone or something. Or had a stroke

No. 868264

she looks like she has a huge dick.

No. 868265

File: 1645675788444.jpg (18.96 KB, 360x360, Caterpillar_AIW.jpg)

it's spot on, what do you mean?

No. 868269

File: 1645688002178.jpeg (50.94 KB, 300x300, 7E06E4E9-A8D4-4387-BA56-139895…)

She’s got botched plastic surgery or it was too much so now she’s permanently scarred unless she does more plastic surgery. Which kek, won’t matter. It’ll still look wonky. Picrel is Tara Reid’s stomach after surgery to correct it. She also looks super eerie in the face like michael Jackson did after his procedures. She ready has fucked herself over for thousands of dollars.

No. 868272

This is why you don’t use lipo in lieu of a good diet and exercise. Jfc. All you had to do was not be a fucking pig. She may as well have been 350lbs and gotten gastric bypass by the absolute state of her body and skin. Even her face is saggy and has that weird look that obese people have after they lose a ton of weight.

No. 868280

she must have spent atleast 100k to do this. thank fuck moo is so stupid.

No. 868282

File: 1645708454420.jpg (Spoiler Image, 377.3 KB, 960x1642, Screenshot_20220224-081304_Chr…)

I can't unsee this deformed baby foot kek

No. 868288

She straight-up looks like a corpse being posed, à la “Weekend at Bernie’s.”

No. 868291

Jfc how hard is she sucking that gut in. Really uncanny valley.

No. 868292

she's going to have tiny breasts once she does her lift. good lord. these look like socks with sand in them.

No. 868294

"House of Wax" or "The Blob", I'm not sure which movie she would fit better into. You could present men a female shaped piece of meat, stream it on Onlyfans and they would still pay money to see it.

No. 868297

I love how all the branches are warping in all around body. But the blurring and warping is worse around her stomach and back
This belongs in the bad photoshop thread

Taking bets now that during the con she's going to case herself up in corsets and shape wear, realize she's still fat and wear a frumpy kimono or a huge cosplay. Blame her appearance on the clothes and not the fact she's 300 pounds

No. 868298

File: 1645729155914.jpeg (105.86 KB, 828x352, 6C988525-33E6-4CE4-851A-87D1FD…)

>i cosplay things because i enjoy them not because they’re popular


No. 868304

She made plans to do these cosplays around the time the hype was high
but like always she's lazy as fuck

No. 868323

Or she didn’t fit into the cosplay and got lipo

No. 868332

God, her stomach is so screwed up, it looks jaundiced and like the skin is just going to slide off the bones. How did this even happen, do the blood vessels get screwed up from too much lipo? She could photoshop everything else, why didn’t she correct the color there?

No. 868334

she just uses phone apps. i doubt she can actually do it manually. things like snow and beautycam have presets that slim and blur you automatically.

No. 868343

Even if she does get into shapeless clothes she'd still be an absolute hunk of a unit lmao

No. 868345

File: 1645777544715.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1077x1927, 56DE4E4A-3B36-49BE-A415-F4FCAD…)

Did Martin finally quit?

No. 868346

File: 1645777642162.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1427x2048, C36B3A0A-7EA4-4B15-83E6-C160EA…)

Lookin’ rough

No. 868351

it amazes me how she really makes it look like she has a jawline when she’s been pushing 300+ pounds for almost three years now, how does she do it?

No. 868353

She tapes her jowls and face back, but I’m doing so stretches her skin thats why in candies she’s always melting.

No. 868357

rip moo's lebeans nose holy fuck.

No. 868361

She's had coolsculpting and lipo on her jaw multiple times

No. 868362

any photographer that can edit out 150 pounds from her is someone she adores. Good luck to them

No. 868363

The skin around her mouth is as wrinkly as the skin on her stomach in this >>868243

No. 868365

Lol yeah, i wonder if she is trying to look like Michael Jackson on purpose, bc she just looks more like him whenever she posts.

No. 868368

Spoiler: Lipo and sculpting surgeries are how ALL plus size women in fashion can be 200+ pounds yet have dorito chin faces.

No. 868371

post mortem michael jackson maybe.

No. 868372

Hate it but i think she has lost some actual weight guys. Not saying a lot but this isn't like lipo'd chun li Moo. Probably more lipo, but she's very slightly less wide and that doesn't really come from lipo which just removes volume. I mean overall.

No. 868373

Martin has been doing a large shoot with Jessica nigiri and a group of girls in the snow. She was not invited(emoji)

No. 868374

I don't think so. She puts filters on nearly every single photo and video and the only time we get the truth is through candids which she does her best not to let get out.

No. 868376


There’s plenty of candids of showing how fake this is. She has a double chin. If it’s suddenly gone, it’s lipo. As always. Fat sack waste of space.

No. 868378

I was thinking the same. It does look like she managed to lose a BIT of weight on her own, and like you said she does look slightly less wider than usual. But only candids will tell the truth. Unfortunately, she’s ruined her body with lipo so many times even if she does lose a lot of weight naturally, she will still look like an empty, floppy sack.

No. 868382

I don't know if anons are newfags but Moo doesn't "lose weight" she gets lipo, face tapes and edits. She only gains
She looked really thin before her Hawaii trip as well until we saw candids and she admitted she was 290
I'm just hoping for candids when she's at the con. There is no doubt that even with a bunch of jackets and corsets her shape is going to be round

No. 868383

this was the last full bodied candid we got of Moo and she still has shape wear around her waist. And this was from last year (Funny reminder, she said she was a pro tennis player as well)
The other anon is right, Moo hates candids. I'm surprised that wasn't in her list of fines "1000 dollar fine for taking candid of me for defamation"

No. 868384

Oh yeah, i remember when she and Maddie first started hanging out and Maddie posted a few candid photos of Moo, she got mad and we haven’t seen many candids after that sadly.

No. 868385

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Moo hasn't hung out with Annje since the tennis candid right? She must take it as a personal offense. Which shouldn't be the case. Moo is so offended with how she really looks

No. 868387

Oh yeah that’s true, at least neither have posted about hanging out imo either. I hope some anons are going to the convention moo’s attending, i just want to see new candids.

No. 868388

they always turn up on insta or somewhere. she'll try to hide i'm sure, but moo hates that she can't control who takes photos of her.

No. 868390

Are you seriously suggesting this when her recent drop on onlyfans was this >>868243 ?? Goddamn anons I didn't know you were as delusional as Moo. This is with the filters on as well. Hopefully her being at a public con again finally we'll get some decent unedited stuff.

But to suggest she "lost weight" is a fat stretch. Something Moo can't do considering she only steps foot in gyms for mirror selfies.

No. 868391

File: 1645826588634.jpeg (1009.38 KB, 1085x1931, B95DB1AF-DFD7-476B-9F3F-9349CF…)

No clue if she’s showing up today but she’s currently still holed away at ground zero, I mean "the studio".

No. 868392

Calling it now, she's never gonna actually appear at the con. Always just around it maybe flash her badge eating out. But she'll be too chickenshit of photos posted of her.

No. 868394

Don't get me wrong, her fillers were ridiculous, but she has no lips now. It's like they shrunk down past their original size. The wig makes her face look super long too. She looks really bad even if the photo is 85% blur

No. 868395

File: 1645829475418.jpg (Spoiler Image, 109.76 KB, 500x501, FIH_20220225_22494073881729916…)

No. 868396

the unshoop'd photos show that she's got permanent sag around where they migrated as well. i'm sure her face is going to be a saggy mess.

No. 868397

File: 1645837659806.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x1982, 0D27D39D-8766-4818-A415-E3E341…)

She’s at the con

No. 868398

kek at her trying to hide her busted face in the shadows. poor moo, her fans don't all use beautycam, unfortunately for her.

No. 868404

Jesus look at that nose compared to before. Also do we know if she's gone in or hiding outside?

No. 868406

File: 1645843382143.png (2.52 MB, 1242x2208, B0436354-F501-4EBE-BD38-77CC2D…)

She’s been taking videos inside the hall and posting them to her stories. She posted a pic of her and the akemi girl there and… woof.

No. 868407

File: 1645843505312.png (4.05 MB, 1242x2208, 5D6D3966-6735-478B-9CCC-964BC4…)

No. 868408

File: 1645843648911.png (383.27 KB, 416x416, PotofGreed-OW.png)

new cosplay idea?

No. 868409

File: 1645843652726.png (5.13 MB, 1242x2208, 203BFC39-5F0A-4DA8-AF09-6AA2F4…)

No. 868410

"Hoes of Wax"

No. 868415

you can be racist and still be attracted to Asian guys, anon. She fetishizes them anyway, she's not actually concerned with them as a person.

No. 868416

Akemi and sssniperwolf. What a wonderful cesspool of toxic cows
also I don't know what filter Moo's using but it makes all of them look uncanny valley. Even the neckbeard looks smooth
Also, predictable. Lots of layers and a kimono to hide her body. After the con it will be time for her to stress eat and gain her yearly 50 pounds

No. 868417

if she has yellow fever, it would increase her racism towards asian women if anything. she clearly has and wants to be dicked down by asian men.

No. 868418

She toned it down after her racist rant last year. About how no one should care about BLM and she supported a terrorist organization for a week and waved her guns around while sounding urban when she wants to be trashy. Right before that was her creepy phase where she would fantasize about shooting someone to protect de asians and some kpop idol would dick her down right then and there because they owe her and she's amazing.
Moo is a female version of the r/niceguys who want a Japanese girlfriend but they're incredibly racist

Honestly I wonder how high she was during those rants

No. 868420

sage your low quality bait
We're not here to spoon feed you the dozens of problematic shit Moo does

No. 868421

i think it's safe to assume she's high more than she's sober
kek, find out yourself newfag. ask her about kbbq.

No. 868423

imagine thinking anyone needs to make up shit about this pig.

No. 868424

shut up fat

No. 868426

feel bad for you. rip your poor eyes.

No. 868427

Ironically I think she’s cosplaying as the villain from Demon Slayer, who happens to bear a resemblance to Michael Jackson. She might take it as a compliment

No. 868428

when her OF “career” fizzles out, she honestly should just be a fat MJ impersonator on the strip. it’s really uncanny.

No. 868429

just from the neck up. otherwise it would be michael chonkson.

No. 868431

Moo always gripping onto the bar for the easiest difficulty on DDR always cracks me up.

Serving some ManaKnight realness here, good god.

No. 868436

the OP image gets me every time because even the fat baby from spirited away has a bigger ass than moo.

No. 868438

File: 1645879696790.jpg (21.31 KB, 894x480, EMZbOByXYAA-ce3.jpg)

Every time I see her teeth, this is all I can think of.

No. 868440

At this point having unnaturally white too big teeth is part of a way complete idiots signal to the world they have excess cash. It's my favorite thing she's done because this dumb bitch whittled her natural teeth down to pegs in her 20s for no reason,, and now they require constant and expensive upkeep/replacing so she doesn't look like a dolphin. Even my dentist makes fun of people that ask for veneers when there's nothing wrong with their teeth, especially because youre not meant to drink too much red wine or coffee with them (they stain) but no one listens. You can realign and whiten natural teeth but no, these retards want to look like they have dinner plates in their mouth.

No. 868458

File: 1645907273185.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1091x1806, F77E2F1B-D97C-4A0D-AA46-9C253D…)

>it’s amazing what happens when you don’t shame or harm or hate any part of yourself.
And yet she spent tens of thousands of dollars on cosmetic procedures proving otherwise.
She’s a goddamn master at mental gymnastics to believe any of this crap she’s spewing.

No. 868459

i don't think she believes it, that's why she has to post these things.

No. 868460

Using the word "both" when listing more than two things along with "etc and the audience" is driving me mad. She's such a fucking moron and I mean that from the bottom of my "besrt."

No. 868463

"your both"

No. 868465

What app she use that makes her body that skinny

Im asking for a friend(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 868466

Her inner child wants to do porn for creeps on Onlyfans?

No. 868469

either snow or beautycam/meitu.

No. 868471

File: 1645917532851.jpg (611.66 KB, 1079x1362, Screenshot_20220226-181735_Ins…)

Nothing says sexy like a diagram of a uterus

No. 868472

she's posting these as a cope. in reality she feels the exact opposite of everything she's saying here.
>forced to do porn
>hates her body and "fixes it" with surgery
>feels totally out of control and also pissed off that she has to do everything by herself
it's obvious she's posting for validation.

No. 868477

Her hands look like they belong to a corpse

No. 868478

She’s trying to cater to the “X-ray” fetishists but she’s sucking at it because she’s not even holding the diagram properly.

No. 868483

ultrasound fetishists

No. 868485

File: 1645929469491.jpeg (841.17 KB, 1069x1927, A5BCB54D-C79F-43DF-99F5-D224D0…)

No. 868486

File: 1645929534809.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1051x1914, 39DF50D3-3CD2-41D7-A12C-799B55…)

No. 868488

i will never get over the play doh wig

No. 868490

File: 1645932182181.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1077x1938, BDCC7406-5C0F-4811-959D-A33878…)

No. 868491

This was actually an experiment. You see, to try to make her seem less lifeless the photographer actually hung a hot pocket off a string and dangled it in front of her. Unfortunately it had more of a Pavlov effect than they anticipated and the hog in the nurse outfit started to excessively salivate over the trailer trash treat. But a $20 is a $20. Picture taken, no refunds.

No. 868493

How the fuck is doing subpar porn and wiping her ass with simp bucks healing her inner child. That fucks this bitch on.

No. 868497

She's delusional. It's what happens when thots get undeserved money. She isn't a manager or an actor. She does porn. If you tell her she's nothing more than a thot she will have a mental breakdown and tell you a list of things she isn't
"I don't do porn! I was an ex Olympian, I know three languages, I use to translate manga, I was a professional mangaka, pro tennis player-"

No. 868500

File: 1645940181777.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1242x1376, 0588508A-FED9-44AA-B2A9-966667…)

No. 868501

jesus christ those eyebags

No. 868504

holy shit what is going on with her under eyes

No. 868507

well the new fat after getting shit tons of lipo has to migrate somewhere…

No. 868508

Ew, her eyes look like the Brandon Fraser meme.

No. 868510

Holy fucking shit. I read the comments first and I was like "her eyebags can't be too terrible, I know a lot of people with bags under her eyes" but for FUCKS SAKE her eyes are going to pop out of her head. Genuinely? That does not look healthy at all. I don't even know if you can call those bags, they look like they're swelled up. She needs to reevaluate herself but that'll never happen.

No. 868511

I think she has some sort of make up on plus shadows. I’m not familiar with the character but the make up seems to be to create the eye bag look which she DOES NOT NEED

No. 868519

The character she’s cosplaying has one black dot under each eye but it’s barely noticeable in the pic because her eye bags are so pronounced lol.

No. 868526

I assume her make up migrated into the creases of her eye, and the lighting really doesn't help her at all. I'd say I can't believe she posted a photo of her looking that busted, but we're beyond that point lol.

No. 868527

look at her right eye, it's bags. she's a mess. you can even see them here >>868485 despite it being blurry as shit. she looks like melting wax.

No. 868528

Isn't this the senpaisquadnet person from >>868490 and not Moo? Vagina eyebags must be contagious if so.

No. 868529

Anon… it’s her. The veneers were a dead giveaway. Come on. (Not to mention her talons, layers of falsies and the shitty scrunchie that had made appearances before)

No. 868532

reposting because i dropped sage, but are you retarded? the left is moo in >>868490

No. 868533

the fact these pictures are heavily filtered through a beauty app on mac and this is still the best that came out is scary. I don't think we'll be getting candids sadly. Seems Moo is avoiding main con areas like anons predicted
Also the anon who said she would wear big clothes and layers to hide the fat was spot on as well.

No. 868534

I’ve been to Lvl Up in the past, she is absolutely in the "main areas" of the con. It takes place mainly in one big hall. From the videos posted to her IG stories it looks like she was in the vendor hall/artist alley (which are located towards the entrance to the tournament stage) not to mention the parties. I’m actually surprised no Vegas anons have posted candids yet unless her paid goons are just hovering all around her at all times.

No. 868539

she does seem to have a bigger squad than usual. But it isn't unlike her to pay people to "protect" her from candids

No. 868540

the senpaisquad people are just a weeb frat, of course they're with moo, they're a big joke like her who think their poorly run after party full of underage drinking is a big deal.

No. 868548

File: 1646002438727.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1069x1947, 68736C1B-4251-42F5-A5B5-EE4777…)

This was from yesterday. Posting because >>868528 is confused lol (how, I have no idea)

No. 868550

I’m confused, where’s Maddie? Too busy barking of the haturz?

No. 868551

why does moo think this outfit is flattering at all?

No. 868561


No. 868562

File: 1646019943148.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.63 MB, 3840x5760, 3840x5760_92d99e0a2f5401b55d67…)

When you have to blur so much that you remove the belly button entirely.

No. 868564

it's still lumpy too…

No. 868565

No anon you don't understand, she's audtioning for the upcoming edgy HBO Kyle XY reboot

No. 868566

File: 1646022763495.jpg (Spoiler Image, 697.86 KB, 1821x2894, NaVwXtG.jpg)

No. 868567

File: 1646022942622.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.57 MB, 3840x5760, yQMXmph.jpg)

No. 868568

File: 1646023136426.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.33 MB, 3840x5760, rQzGX4G.jpg)

you could have at least erased her grainy foundation and obvious peach fuzz on her body before shooping her 50 pounds lighter?

No. 868569

does she know her boobs shouldn't look like that? she looks like the ugly anatomically unsound women in sloppy milf hentai mangas, so good for her she wanted to look like anime.

No. 868570

because moo like a lot of heavy girls think their floopy stretched out tits are big rather than just loose skin bags.

No. 868571

File: 1646023343293.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.19 MB, 3840x5760, YVwKgm8.jpg)

would pay to see unshooped ass crack and raws in general please Martin these are hilarious

No. 868573

she's so edited the background looks like green screen.

No. 868579

File: 1646030306244.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1284x2191, E3489056-3985-4312-BAE4-9FF134…)


No. 868582

Oof, the fatter she gets, the more her granny tits get closer to her crotch. Poor guy could use her linebacker shoulders cause just one of her thighs is nearly as wide as him. She may as well do fat granny porn and cosplay as Michael Jackson at this point. It'd be so easy for her to do.

No. 868588

I mean, if you can think of something, there’ll be people with a fetish for it, so as Moo becomes an even bigger (heh) candidate for Botched, Michael Jackson-looking Granny Porn might be on the cards for her.

No. 868592

File: 1646050253510.jpg (458.37 KB, 1080x1532, Screenshot_20220228-130824_Goo…)

the character she's cosplaying only has one button of her uniform closed, but moo has to close two because her tits are hanging so low

No. 868594

I hope anons who thought she lost weight can shut up now. She obviously has been gaining if anything. Im just surprised she hasn't had a heart attack yet

No. 868596

this. her organs are probably extremely stressed. she's going to be screwed when she's older, even just a little older. i hope she doesn't die before she hits rock bottom though.

she looks like a sloppy hentai milf, they're always flabby with saggy tits. but the more fetishy she becomes the less fans she will have.

No. 868604

Yep, her arms and legs look cartoonishly huge, not in a good way. I guess that’s what happens when you only lipo your mid-section and keep eating like a hog.

No. 868606

Moo looks like those drag kings or trans women who get a bunch of surgery to try to look more feminine but still look like a bloated man
No wonder she can't get a dude to fuck her irl

No. 868611

The ass crack shoop has me in stitches it’s so bad lmao

No. 868612

Minecraft ass.

No. 868645

File: 1646086555798.jpeg (827.25 KB, 828x1231, 5B734D3D-958F-4EB2-A985-0A10B3…)

No. 868649

There is no god.

No. 868650

She looks as dumpy as unedited shots of Envyus

No. 868651

Her tits look so painful… She had two years to get her shit together and she couldn’t even do that.

No. 868652

Jesus Christ, how fucking terrifying.

No. 868653

Why the fuck did she not attempt to tape those sad sacks up? They look so gross and necrotic.

No. 868654

Note the fact that we can see her stomach roll right underneath her tits.
God, I love con time.

No. 868655

See >>868485 . Our savvy hardworking business kween was too lazy/cheap to go get some more tape. I am sure she thought she would be fine since she only looks at herself through 500 filters on her phone.

No. 868656

No. 868658

File: 1646090867157.jpeg (7.62 KB, 290x193, eyJidWNrZXQiOiJjb250ZW50Lmhzd3…)

Newton's cradle looking tits.

No. 868659

How is she going to wear a costume that exposes her breasts like this and not take care of her skin? Those udders look painful.

No. 868660

Oh hell no, no regular boob tape would hold those up. She’d need duct tape.

No. 868662

the will of jesus cannot hold them up

No. 868667

But why is it shaped like 2 thawed chicken thighs?! Butts aren’t supposed to look like that!

No. 868668

File: 1646096091339.jpeg (274.03 KB, 1124x1797, 8BC3E445-CC6A-4D04-957B-47B2A5…)

Randomly decided to look her up on reddit and most of it’s OF leaks but the comments are saying the same stuff we are half of the time

No. 868669

File: 1646096188171.jpeg (356.3 KB, 1124x1858, 52D7AE30-F181-4E8E-9D3D-F069D8…)

No. 868677

Even that peek of belly roll looks painful, is it squished up because of corset and shapewear? Looks weird af

No. 868684

I like how her face looks like she is a 60 year old who has overused plastic surgery because she is desperate to look 48. And she is in her twenties. Truly beautiful.
Also those necrotic looking sandbags. You truly have eye for the details, Moo.

No. 868689

finally a con photo I was worried we'd get nothing. Living for how the photographer couldn't be bothered to let her know her barely covered areola is hanging out. That black boob tape stands out immediately

No. 868693

The wig looks terrible to begin with, but all those loose hairs make it worse.

No. 868695

From everything that was posted to her stories, that wig has been passed around a LOT. And yet none of them thought to touch it up before slapping it on for photos.

No. 868716

File: 1646149562700.jpeg (282.79 KB, 1099x1695, D7897E30-68BD-4CAF-98A2-B7DC17…)

Probably won’t last long again but lol

No. 868717

She does this after every public appearance, it keeps working because she has too many simps to keep gassing her up. This is why both of them are gone.

No. 868718

stop theorizing this.

No. 868719

It's not a theory, it's been true literally every time. Feel free to prove otherwise.

No. 868720

Her side account is still up.

No. 868721

This. It's been awhile since she pulled this "oh no I got disabled/removed" act because she hasn't been anywhere. Only her tiktok got legit banned for a short while.

No. 868723

She still has her caption, just minus links. That doesn't give me hope its Insta and definitely self hid.

No. 868726

File: 1646154041356.jpg (Spoiler Image, 370.62 KB, 1080x2064, Screenshot_20220301-085547_Fir…)

No. 868727

File: 1646154075922.jpg (297.29 KB, 1080x1887, Screenshot_20220301-085556_Fir…)

Don't know why it spoiled, sorry lol

No. 868729

File: 1646154272320.jpg (Spoiler Image, 951.71 KB, 1079x2031, Screenshot_20220301-085813_Fir…)

She posted some dumpy bts video. Its 3 minutes of her literally just sitting there with her tits or while the photographer tells her to be more gentle and feminine with her pulling on her tits and clothes for the photos.

No. 868731

What weight have you lost, Mariah? Show us without the filters because we saw those con photos that said different.

No. 868732

New editor finished shaving off weight so now she can release it.

No. 868733

bitch is about as feminine as a troll.

No. 868735

i can't believe she stretched her cleavage so fucking high and they're still so low. and she still doesn't clean up the lines. these photo apps are really making her delusional.

No. 868736

i just realized this but did no one who went to this convention (at least that we’ve seen w/ mariah) wear masks? sounds like a classic momo move along w her degenerate e-thot friends.

No. 868737

File: 1646156330474.png (80.49 KB, 206x202, lord.png)

No. 868738

aren't mask mandates gone?

No. 868739

Not everywhere, plus It’s up to the venue

No. 868742

I was there selling, mask were required for panels rooms and other places. but not required in the main hall

No. 868745

Which was ridiculous because the con said all over their social media that they still would be enforcing masks despite the mandate being lifted right before the event. Since businesses can still set their own rules regarding masks. I guess they caved to the babies whining in their posts about masks "ruining their cosplay".

This outfit definitely doesn’t make her look like somebody’s alcoholic aunt. Not at all. /s

No. 868746

All this con proved is Moo is more delusional than we thought
She really needs to look in a mirror and not her filters. She's in her 20's but looks double her age. She needs to get her health in order

No. 868748

the filters can really fuck with your perception when they're over used. most people just don't have the money to get plastic surgery to emulate it…poorly. but those chinese apps warp the fuck out of your nose, so it's probably why she thought her nose job would look nice.

No. 868754

File: 1646165936713.jpg (20.18 KB, 600x510, tumblr_m1hfee3Fg81qjm55w.jpg)

No. 868766

File: 1646171304122.jpeg (139.22 KB, 1125x1832, 5C257962-7DFB-4165-91B9-A48BD0…)

Samefag but I checked again after a few hours and now everything is blank.

No. 868767

saw she just posted on her side instagram account that she’s looking to get a blue check mark again so that’s why her account is down

No. 868768

File: 1646172098473.jpg (704.88 KB, 1079x2082, Screenshot_20220301-140052_Ins…)

When because this is the only thing in 18hrs and nothing on ragdoll or peachy either.

No. 868769

why is she showing off a cheap bic lighter? swapping to flower as part of her ~natural~ phase?

No. 868774

I’ve checked it several times and there’s nothing but the lighter story. Maybe screenshot next time for evidence instead of posting bullshit.

No. 868776

File: 1646174234114.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1085x1932, 2E8CA8D4-9215-4D1F-BDA4-58C2B9…)

First come, first serve? Lol ok, Mariah.

No. 868778

File: 1646175586716.jpeg (242.53 KB, 828x1464, 7E8560BB-8B87-4DC2-B901-C1BB33…)

maybe chill the fuck out, yeah? it’s on her backup.

No. 868779

File: 1646175731220.jpeg (270.17 KB, 828x1475, 3AB1FAF9-63FB-4DEA-AD06-E65780…)

this too, next time do some research before becoming a scrote, yeah?

No. 868780

Maybe lead with screenshots next time dumbass.

No. 868782

NTA but yes you have to provide proof. Her only backup that's known are the main and the "BTS" one she renamed. The "side account" is so long and forgotten you can't assume everyone even remembered that existed.

No. 868784

She used to smoke a lot years ago, she was always high. But then stopped, or ”stopped”, for a while to seem healthier.

No. 868785

She's definitely back into it lately.

No. 868786

Yeah, if she ever truly stopped with it lol. Same with alcohol too, i think she just got more careful what to post to social media, sadly.

No. 868789

she had a vape pen in hand a few days ago.

No. 868790

Maybe it’s because you have so many fucking accounts, moo. She’s so fucking stupid and it’s SO convenient that each time she’s out in public her main insta goes down.

No. 868803

>First come first serve! (After we do a clout check on you to make sure you have a decent following, bc no nobodies or drunk people allowed)

No. 868804

no guys. first come, first serve? she's obviously talking about the employees. first they have to come and then serve the actual members. duh.

No. 868805

File: 1646195649196.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1091x1944, D17724F7-0340-4809-A620-1E0C1E…)

Looks like someone is desperately trying to prove again that they’re more than an amateur porn thot… and failing lol

No. 868810

File: 1646198837447.jpg (665.98 KB, 1080x2185, Screenshot_20220301-232519_Sam…)

What did she sew? I just see cut up fabric with no seams, pinned to a mannequin.

The state of this wig. Great advertising to the used wig room at her studio

No. 868812

i have questions but i really don't care.

No. 868814

>>868805 WOW! this is so horrid, why would you [post this like its some sort of accomplishment. If anything she should have been asking for advice.

No. 868819

Guess being around actual cosplayers made her insecure and she attempted to make an apron

No. 868820

What a gross character design though. I hate everything about it.

No. 868828

It's from a shounen JUMP manga, what'd you expect.

No. 868830

I’ve seen back packs sewn together by an epileptic with more grace than whatever the fuck this is.

No. 868832

cartier ring looking fake and wobbly.

No. 868834

this looks like absolute ass, did she even try?

No. 868839

is this cosplay for a maid character who flashes a boob? Because that top left corner won't float in the air without a strap. Not to sewing alog because she's clearly an amateur but damn, this is like every sewing 101 mistake in one picture.

No. 868843

File: 1646233997630.jpg (123.19 KB, 1001x1001, 3c46d681d442d17c1832ea1932923e…)

i can only hope it's not finished. from the shape and her basic bitch taste it's likely meant to be pic related or something.

No. 868851

She's going to do what she's always done: show a few 'in progress' photos and then SUDDENLY it will be finished and look nothing like what she showed the progress for. Then she'll claim she made it wholesale or then say she got 'a little help' from one of her lackies after they make it for her. Either that or we'll never see this apron again.

No. 868852

File: 1646244577605.png (1.9 MB, 1064x1800, BA2409B4-3E9E-4008-92BB-20A8FC…)

No. 868855

I feel like she’s trying real hard to sell this story. Makes me think it’s something else or she deactivated like she does after she goes to cons to keep the candid photos away.

No. 868856

She is…you LITERALLY DO NOT have to disable or take down your IG, Facebook, Snap, Twitter or Twitch to get verified lol. I don't know why she's so incapable of being honest.

No. 868857

She did post this but it doesn’t say why they’re reviewing it. Could be it legit got banned and she’s playing it off as she’s applying for verification?

No. 868858

Yes, because that's not how the verification process works. She got reported and/or banned or she disabled it herself to make changes that needed them to review changes.

No. 868860

I don’t cosplay so I’m not sure what I’m looking at here but it doesn’t look like anything here is even sewn yet? It looks like she just pinned together? Another misrepresentation of blatant facts by the cow that thinks she’s smarter than everyone else?

No. 868861

File: 1646250645752.jpeg (435.49 KB, 1242x1381, BA57DBCE-7FCE-46FB-B7DA-37A198…)

Exactly, she is absolutely lying about it.
Her previous screenshot says 24 hours to review but it takes 30 days for the verification process according to the IG help center.

No. 868862

It's like her school lies all over again.

No. 868863

i think she got banned and is playing it off.

No. 868864

she should hire me, for a lot of money, that isn't even "sewing", that is pushing pins into a dress form. Even in my first month as a dressmaker apprentice I wasn't that bad. Must be nice to have money but no skills.

No. 868865

That would explain why she gets all manic every time this happens. If there was nothing to worry about, then there wouldn’t be any need to act all impatient on an alt account. She’s probably waiting for her crack team of lawyers to clear up her latest ban.

No. 868868

I'm more inclined to believe >>868855 it hasn't happened in a while and the history of it conveniently happening after cons really sounds like she's trying to avoid being tagged in candids. We already saw her swollen infected tit and butthole eyes on overdrive, she knows she looks bad and wants to keep that from as many people as possible.

No. 868869

It used to be that she would do this during an event or vacation, not so much afterwards. Because then why would she have kept it up the whole weekend while people outside her friends circle was tagging her in stories/posts? In any case, she’s always lying about something so it’s not really a surprise.

No. 868870

it doesn't seem convenient. it seems more like she's getting reported because people remember her. her candids are still floating around the lvl up tags.

No. 868871

also explain >>868778 then. it was clearly reported. every other time she's quiet about it going down and then it silently reappears. she's pretending it's for verification but she's clearly throwing a shit fit.

No. 868881

I didn't know if it was related but all but one photo on her momokun.co account was deleted/archived. I wonder if she was planning something.

No. 868882

It’s kinda funny since that account only exists because her main account was down just like it is now and it wasn’t because of some bullshit "verification" for a check mark lol. At the time, she was begging her friends to spread word of her new account to follow her.

No. 868883

File: 1646274430414.jpg (657.87 KB, 512x913, tpq38lL.jpg)

No. 868884

She could buy ruffle finished piping though…. fucking idiot. The front edges aren't even hidden behind the ruffles!!

No. 868885

And what photo?

No. 868886

Not too bad? I beg to differ.
It looks like it’s made of stretch, which is completely inappropriate material for an apron. Of course it’s hard to ruffle, it’s not meant to be ruffled you dumb bitch. I’m not even going to go into the terrible topstitching that looks like it was done by a blind toddler

No. 868889

she could have also used elastic. this shit is so pathetic.

No. 868893

It looks like my first ever sewing project but worse. “Meh cosplay skills!” Right, moo?! I’m dying looking at just poorly this is done

No. 868894

Tragic. 10 years into cosplay and she cant sew even a little. An apron is a 30 min project. Especially one with no darts or shaping. Change from that god awful cheap stretch fabric and watch a youtube video you idiot.

No. 868895

aprons are what they assign to 12 year olds as their first sewing class project, and this atrocity would get an F

No. 868896

Wtf that is so bad, worse than my first sewing projects i made as a child. I just don’t understand how she has the guts to still call herself a cosplayer. I’m shocked.

No. 868897


She has to say she’s a cosplayer- otherwise she would have to admit she panders to the lowest common denominator online, and can’t get an actual boyfriend. And THEN she’d have to admit she’s at BEST Z-tier feeder porn levels of fail. And living in denial is what she does best. “But but I have money!” Yes moo, but you don’t have respect actual love or friends. Just more stuff and a wrecked body. Your quality of life in ten years is going to be fun to watch.

No. 868898

>Complains she does too much cosplay and thinks her nudes are more "mature"
What a winner

No. 868899

She was most definitely in the con. I saw her and her friends horrid wigs. She wasn't around Vamps booth any of the days so I'm not sure if they were trying to not affiliate with eachother

No. 868900

Yeah true. Also looking at the comments from her neckbeards, they don’t seem to like how she keeps getting new surgeries. I wonder how long it will take until her coomer bucks will drastically drop.

No. 868901

IMO it’s a death spiral and it won’t be anytime soon but the thing is she has to escalate. Her paypigs are waiting for her to hit actual porn levels - she’s been on the continuous downslope since she teased showing her tits and the camversity shitshow. And she can’t really stay at the same level (bating showing shopped nudes) and keep the level of interest to her paypigs. She’s already doing nasty insertion/blood fetishist bullshit- and I don’t need to elaborate on where she goes from there but well they are paypig scrotes- and the OF thing has a glut of younger,prettier. If she doesn’t escalate or keeps trying to crawl back to “only a cosplayer” it will happen faster since nobody is watching her for her retarded late af “cosplays”

No. 868905

All of the leakers for the one with the blood were horrified apparently. All of the comments were about how gross she is for posting it but there’s always at least one big spender into that stuff.

No. 868907

but that will kill her fanbase so quickly. people who don't like that really don't want to see it.

No. 868909

She seriously saw the left strap all twisted, thought ‘that looks right’ and sewed it down like that? And couldn’t even straighten out the waistband for a pic? Has she heard of pressing? It’s not even bad like it’s her first sewing effort, it’s bad because there was NO effort to make anything look even halfway good.

Every time she attempts some new craft it’s obvious she’s been praised for the most mediocre work her whole life. She doesn’t bother to learn how it’s really done, phones it in and presents it like she’s really done something kek

No. 868912

She’s gotten worse, which is a talent in itself. The years of just paying people to do her costumes has really taken a toll on whatever shit skills she was had.

No. 868914

she doesn't even know how to attach pieces together at the seams… she must have been high as a kite while doing this shit.

No. 868917

“Ima pwofeshunal cospwayer uwu be sure to subscribe to my onlyfans where I shove an entire douma inspired subway sandwich up my asshole”

No. 868923

Here I thought the great Moo wouldn't be threatened by the idea of having her real pictures being tagged online. She's pathetic for doing this and pretending it's for a blue checkmark. It's just poor self esteem.

No. 868924

File: 1646332290216.jpg (520.6 KB, 1080x1777, Screenshot_20220303-102943_Ins…)

Was trying to look for tabs under recent for #mariahmallad to see if people had any lvlup ones even while the account is down and oh boy, flashback

No. 868925

she's clearly locked out of the account though.

No. 868928


The name of the account lmfao

No. 868932

My question is with her sewing - why bother? She goes to a con and comes back all the sudden thinking she can create something. We know she can’t and she knows she can’t either. Did her slaves bail? I mean it isn’t like she couldn’t get them to sew her crap for her and then take credit mostly for it as she does. She’s the participation medal of cosplayers. Somewhere I still have the video of her trying to make black widow stuff and doing it horribly. She IS getting worse because up until this recent sperg of trying to walk it back, she didn’t practice any of the basics or hire someone to teach her. All she did was eat, flex, and shove stuff up her cavernous hole.

No. 868933

It’s an ego boost, also a thinly veiled attempt to seem like she’s just a cosplayer, not a full blown sex worker. I’m sure people are patting her ass telling her how great this is. I really don’t think she does know how bad she sews.

No. 868940


Because she’s probably shooting with another cosplayer last minute or stole another cosplayers idea how she’s infamous for doing and none of her slaves are free to take on the commission last minute

No. 868941

doubt it. she keeps trying to back down from porn. she's obsessed with this image of her being cosfamous like jnig or yaya, but she spiraled into porn so quickly.

No. 868946

this is horrible… making ruffles isn't that hard, just watch a video and learn it, she is the laziest person I've ever seen, but that might come with the money she has. My boss would have fired me, even after 1 month of being there, if I would have sewn like that. Big tits must blind people, I can't think of any other reason why someone would follow her.

No. 868947

Is her current body the same or fatter than it is here?its so hard to tell! Her arms here are massive and if I remember she was drinking at cons a lot at the time so maybe that’s why she looks puffier. This is fun it’s like playing detective!

No. 868948

>Big tits must blind people
Careful, the nonas from the last thread will get upset.

No. 868949

She means coomers paying her. Not the same.

No. 868950

I always kek at her gucci flex she had for a minute. The awful banana matching outfit was hideous but the pink Fanny pack, just wow. That shit was stretch to the max, it didn’t even look like it was made of leather with how stretched it got.

No. 868952

she's heavier. She broke 300 this year
it's just she had lipo on her arms. But her legs and flat ass are huge.

No. 868962

File: 1646388141056.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1083x1961, 217C17D6-AC65-4E8F-B3F3-995567…)

No. 868963

File: 1646388255405.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1085x1949, BBA6F881-548E-4A1F-8BCA-7E9120…)

I thought she was a "big stronk boss bitch who don’t need no man"?

No. 868968

Idk how bad the cut is, but it likely didn't need an entire roll of medical tape.
Tfw Douma can't open your jars for you.

No. 868970

How do you cut your hand opening a jar? Did she hit it on the edge of the cointer, it breaks and she plays in the shards? Is she special needs?

No. 868979

Tbh I have seen it happen - you can actually have a lid stick hard enough (pickles) that you can shatter a jar just trying to twist it off. Not defending this idiot in any way just saying it isn’t impossible. The post is fucking hilarious for her thirst fishing though.

No. 868980

this bitch can't open a jar? how high was she?

No. 868986

It’s like someone stuck fake eyelashes on a bullfrog

No. 868987

It's a precise dot, probably fucked up sewing.

No. 868988

File: 1646414695125.jpg (42.15 KB, 1080x1781, Screenshot_20220304-092349_Ins…)

Ngl, I don't remember the page ever, ever doing this. Usually it looks like >>868766 when it goes down. This looks like a real ban.

No. 868992

it seems like it to me. usually she's quiet on all accounts, but she won't shut the fuck up.

No. 868993

Especially when this was posted three days ago and it’s still not back up


Going to hold my excitement just because she always finds away to come back. But if true… girl is done.

No. 868994

She never stays banned on anything because she either gets her account back or evades the ban. So yeah, it's best to hold your excitement.

No. 868995


Maybe it’s because they’re shutting down accounts that bought followers and likes and she’s notorious for that

No. 868996

she's probably just going to swap to this "personal" account. it probably got nuked for all those ""artistic mature"" softcore pics she's been posting.

No. 868997

Makes sense since she only made the “.co” account when her main account was previously down. She was already planning on ban evading to the backup account in the event her main was permanently banned. Which is why she pestered so many people to follow her there.

No. 869003

Yeah but that’s 1mil followers she lost. IG was her main source of social media bragging rights and how she interacted with her followers , and although a huge chunk of that was bought if she did lose her main she’s going to whither away more than she already has as far as being “main stream”

Also she’s going to lose her shit so I’m excited for that

No. 869007

What you do is whack the rim with a butter knife. If you make enough dents it will open.

No. 869015

you can also just run it under hot water to release the pressure. what was she even opening? korean bbq doesn't come in a jar.

No. 869039

This made me snort-laugh, thank you.
When will these morons learn that they don’t look as bad if they don’t piss about with their lashes?

No. 869041

File: 1646467581233.jpeg (923.56 KB, 1102x1729, 154C91CC-076A-4D8B-943B-F0E2EB…)

Aaaaand it’s back. Still no checkmark.

No. 869042

File: 1646474737091.jpeg (587.76 KB, 828x1010, 0AF737D6-A2DD-4291-B89F-F71B31…)

No. 869050

lol of course it's back. But yeah she's just under the illusion people don't know how instagram works.

No. 869054

Living for how she clearly never checked to make sure her tits weren't hanging out.

No. 869055

She knows they were. She always has them on display when possible.

No. 869057

The character has her tits out, probably the only reason Moo even wanted to cosplay her.

No. 869058

it obviously got reported though.

No. 869059

The character is also a drawing. Fat bitches have been letting their tits flop out since the Bleach and Naruto heydays without them looking melted to their bellies and with visible electrical tape pasties.

No. 869064

She didn’t edit her buttcrack, that bump is her tail bone. Her ass is so flat that her tailbone protrudes further out than her nonexistent cheeks

No. 869067

look at your own ass for a second and try to understand. it's still blurred to shit because she has to blur out everything. this is the same set where she blurred out her entire bellybutton. she's as sloppy at editing as she is physically.

No. 869070

Anon there is such a thing as having a short asscrack.

No. 869071

does moo have that in any other pic tho?

No. 869073

lmao yeah that metal is looking rough af and the edge doesn't look straight at all

No. 869077

Yes. That's why she had such a massive hank hill ass. She's always had a low ass crack.

No. 869110

File: 1646544362314.png (3.56 MB, 1059x1800, C48CC5CC-BD73-437A-AFA4-25AEB4…)

It’s done and… yikes.

No. 869125

Wtf it's stuck right next to a completely contrasting set?? How the fuck are people supposed to take pictures there? This is retarded oh my god.

No. 869148

this is the most inaccurate thing i've ever seen. did she even look at references? wisteria "trees" are still sending me though.

No. 869153

I have been trying to figure that out for an hour- does she expect people to shoop out the background? Drop a sheet behind them? Take only narrow straight away shots? I would think debris from her “trees” would fall and fuck up that other set as well.

No. 869159

why did she even build the "pathway" if you can't take pictures on it? it looks like you can barely take photos from straight on towards the "porch".

No. 869168

>Try to take picture on the bench, the trees cover your face
>Try to pose beneath a tree, get a living room in the bg of your shot
>Try to pose on the pathway, it breaks immediately under your feet and Moo adds $500 in damages onto your bill

No. 869169

File: 1646591577655.jpg (165.6 KB, 1080x1198, Screenshot_20220306-103026_Fir…)

Some Shinobu thing, probably after this shoot >>868729

No. 869170

What Moo does is she has these curtains to cover sets. But it makes it so you're in a tiny broom closet box of a set. Also the sets are too short because you see the unfinished ceilings. So these really aren't sets, they're glorified photo booths. You sit and that's basically it
The curtains are not even green screen so shopping it will be a pain in the ass

No. 869171

File: 1646591626495.jpg (Spoiler Image, 720.74 KB, 1080x1346, Screenshot_20220306-103104_Fir…)

Also another shot of whatever this set is supposed to be

No. 869172

is she calling this cosplay?
She's just naked
Whatever helps her sleep at night I guess
"I don't do porn I do cosplay"

No. 869175

she would have been better off just buying those photo backdrops and putting props in front of them to give them a more realistic feel. those honestly i'm glad she wasted so much time and money on this project, it's really showing how stupid she is.

No. 869184

All her sets just look likely a cheaply made fire hazard. My elementary teacher had better set dressing in our reading corner of the classroom.

No. 869188

she has the face of a retarded cow now. fitting I guess

No. 869208

one of them literally is a fire hazard kek. it's astounding how bad it looks despite how often she shoots in these places.

No. 869214

So I'm guessing we're putting green screens between the sets? Or went you rent once space you pretty much much get the others? Cause there's no way they can be used the same time. I cannot wait to see 'sets' coming out of here all facing forward cause they can't do any angles.

No. 869216

You'd have to rent the entire basement to shoot nudes there unless she's going to use prop up duviders that will fuck with the lighting in the space. She's so fucking stupid

No. 869221

She makes it sound like only one client (lmao!) at a time can rent the entire space. That was how it sounded to me anyway. And it won’t matter because somehow I seriously doubt anyone is renting that space. I mean she’s using it and putting her bare ass all over everything and probably not doing more than bare minimum wiping down/cleaning. And I’m betting we are right and anyone that even bothers trying to get scammed errr rent the space from her and ISNT famous or someone she’s trying to skinwalk isn’t going to hear from her. Ever. I doubt we ever see anyone aside from her and her minions take photos there. She’s too afraid of people outside her hugbox giving reviews.

No. 869224

There was one person I didn’t recognize shooting at her studio in the stories dressed as Lio Fotia and I assumed it was some rando who actually booked until I saw they were just friends of the Akemi girl Moo is clinging to. So it’s safe to assume only Moo, Moo’s friends and friends of her friends are the only people shooting there.
Even the "client" gallery on the studio site is a joke. It’s all her friends. You can’t be a client if you’re using the studio for free. They sure as hell didn’t pay Moo so it’s extremely misleading.

No. 869225

the BBB doesn't like shit like that, but this isn't going to go anywhere in the first place.

No. 869227

To be fair, most studios only rent out to one person/group at a time because even if there are separate sets, there’s usually only one dressing room etc. I’m sure she only had porn in mind though, and figured you don’t need diverse angles if you’re zoomed in on the cooch

No. 869245

Stumpyroot, Akemi's sister

No. 869263

the BBB is just Yelp for old people

No. 869265

so not a real client
No one really paid
I feel like the outrageous prices to sit in a dusty, crusty photo booth is ridiculous. Especially when you fly in from Vegas and there are literally thousands of better places to take photos.

No. 869267

it would be cheaper to fly to a nice studio in cali. like the ones moo always shoots in. none of those cost more than $300.

No. 869268

Or, ya know, just take a buncha inappropriate pictures in places that don’t allow that and run away yelling about how famous you are and don’t pay anyone! It’s the Moo way!

No. 869269

The irony is that Akemi also manages her own photo studio

No. 869272

Akemi works at a studio. She’s not the owner.

No. 869289

Interesting. I’m betting moo is gonna wave money in her weird fucked up face and have her join her as a manager instead. Seems very shady if I was akemis boss. She probably got a lot of “insider” info from her so that’s why moo thinks she’s so hot shit as a business owner, she thinks she knows what she’s doing.

No. 869290

except moo doesn't have any business licenses so she can't legally hire anyone.

No. 869291

File: 1646695880025.jpeg (730.56 KB, 828x1438, 6D412BE9-0DD7-4ACD-87E0-960E60…)

No. 869292

My god, because if her nose job her deflated lips when worse than they would have if she didn’t fuck with her nose. It’s like every choice she makes is just always the wrong one

No. 869294

Is one’s cleavage supposed to hang all the way to one’s waist? Asking for a friend.

No. 869296

Why is she pulling her lips down like that? It’s like it’s sliding off her face. I know it’s annoying but she really is starting to resemble that goddamn Momo statue. Her creepy bug eyes aren’t helping either.

I’m never going to get over how she constantly reuses the same ugly stockings that don’t match anything.

No. 869297

If someone wanted to marry the horror momo meme, this would be the look. Her face is fucking scary to look at here, way more than usual. Her boobs are hanging so damn low even in a bra meant to push them up. These are really bad.

No. 869303

her fillers really fucked her shit up.

No. 869309

Having the garter belt at her underbust because it doesn’t fit lower looks a lot worse than just not wearing it. How does she think this looks good?

No. 869317

That garter belt fits up to a 36 inch waist and it's still too small. Why tell on yourself like that by saying where it's from?

No. 869320

File: 1646718343472.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1079x1905, FFB21F17-757F-46DB-9F22-7F79DD…)

No. 869321

i hope moo realizes this looks like an identity theft scam…if you google search uploading ID every site warns of identity theft scams.

No. 869322

Isn’t this a violation anyway? I can see asking for a look at it upon arrival for both age and maybe insurance reasons, but just to fucking be considered for maybe possibly a chance to have her lord over you hover around and steal ideas to try herself? No I don’t think that’s legal somehow. And she wants this for what legit reason? Is there any?

No. 869325

Ya, that’s not gonna lead to anyone get doxxed nope not with Moo
It’s fine though since only she and her friends will be using it

No. 869328

Literally why would this be necessary at any legitimate business?? They're applying to take photos in her den of fire hazards, there is literally no need to run a background check or to otherwise give away sensitive personal information just for the chance to book. She's so goddamn creepy and stupid.

No. 869334

I'm confused as well. Applying for a loan, creating a bank account, purchasing a house, some jobs purchasingalcohol/weed/cigarettes/lottery tickets, sure that requires ID. Using some porn thots studio to take pictures shouldn't. Unless.. do you NEED to be over 18 because you may witness nudity or sex acts?

No. 869335

Unless she's a licensed business, she should not be asking for IDs or anything sensitive like that, even if its for "age verification." Even though you have to be 18+ to go to pornhub, they don't ask you to upload your ID. She's just trying to keep a record of anyone so she can sue people that piss her off or make fun of her etc.

No. 869336

Lmao the photographer telling moo to be more gentle and feminine will never not be funny. She’s a man in a hideous women’s body. Probably she just whips em out with no sensuality or finesse cuz in her mind it’s just “YEAH TITS. I HAVE TITS. MEN LIVE TITS. TITS.”

No. 869341

My family’s business asks potential patrons for their ID because they’re renting a house on our land. It’s needed for the credit check. Why can’t she just verify them in person so it’s less sketchy?

No. 869342

Because it's less obvious that she's trying to keep tabs on people then, since she's shit at lying in person.

No. 869344

the thing that gets me is moo has no legal reason to require id, and in fact she can get in a lot of trouble for retaining the id info period. plus it violates terms with payment processors if she uses it to verify anything payment related to her from patrons.

No. 869350

I'm assuming she plans to make this an 18+ place in general but that's not realistic and she needs to disclose this. Not everyone wants to do porn, Moo. Also really not sure how she's going to know unless she hide cameras in rooms which would be illegal unless she has people sign shit saying they agree there are cameras.

No. 869351


>>process and approve applications faster

How long does it take to process “none”?
Yes I should trust all my personal information to a woman who doxxed her ex and got her phone stolen from her while she was in a car. Also does she even have a business licence?

No. 869352

if she had a business license she'd be plastering it all over social media so i doubt it. does her site even have a privacy agreement? if she's taking id she at the very least needs to tell people what she's doing with their information.

No. 869353


I don’t see ANY privacy statements. Going through the badly worded “business” site I also noticed that her gallery is mostly generic pictures of her friends- and her looking like shit mostly. The only set she has actual pictures of is that “high concept” airlock set. But no- no fake Q&A answers about security. A lot of “uwu luxurious professional” bullshit.

No. 869358

I doubt she has a business license since she doesn't have real employees
If people ask why she needs the ID and she claims it's 18+ only it's another license she needs to get because you can't just produce porn in a building claiming it's a business
I don't know how she's not shitting herself. She can get into a lot of trouble

No. 869359

Yes and I can see ID for legit things like age verification- but she’s also wanting your email, phone number, social media addys, a copy of your drivers license. And that’s JUST to be considered for “super exclussssive membership”- not to even book a time slot. Also I find her entire line about “talking to the staff” about sex toys and such disturbing. You would think paying a “membership” fee would be to afford you some privacy like most places but not moo- she’s going to be right there over your shoulder to “advise” you on which dildos you can use for your OF content. And I bet if someone comes in (lol!) with a concept that is new she will steal it for her own bad attempt at it. I also get the feeling that if you leave behind a hair or something all the sudden you are getting charged 500 for cleanup. She seems the type. Also don’t use her customized TP- she’ll charge 45 a roll

No. 869360

she doesn't even have a secure way to send the id. doesn't she know how dangerous that is for both her and the customer?

No. 869361

she looks like a defalted michael jackson blow up doll(sage)

No. 869397

File: 1646797354519.png (2.33 MB, 1800x599, 8849B4A3-62CF-4B33-B665-B9B78F…)

>“Professional Cosplay Model”
>Only knows one expression

No. 869398

if she does anything else she can't shoop it to fuck.

No. 869401

oof. that filler and nose job combo really fucked up her face, huh?

No. 869403

not true, she has two expressions.
Thousand Yard Stare and Stroke Victim

No. 869404

File: 1646806508030.png (3.26 MB, 1800x900, 57E345DD-672E-471F-9BAC-DEE382…)

My bad nonnie, how could I forget?

No. 869409

she was anime after all!

No. 869424


I know that gym $200 a month for a membership. And for what?

No. 869425

If this ‘business’ stays open for a while without moo getting into legal hot water over something I will be genuinely surprised. There’s so many ways this can and will go wrong.

No. 869426

File: 1646847154227.jpg (Spoiler Image, 855.88 KB, 1079x1887, Screenshot_20220309-093202_Fir…)

Her face is so doughy..

No. 869427

To Moo, grimacing is the most feminine thing she can do with her face, obviously!
Her nose job did not settle well at all. She fucked up her body and her face so bad.

No. 869430

her tits don't even look the same size as in her nude waterfall set. what is this bitch doing?

No. 869431

She looks scared. Wtf is that face?

No. 869432

File: 1646859770869.jpg (Spoiler Image, 713.98 KB, 1042x1350, shimona.jpg)

No. 869434


Next thread pic please.

Also here’s a thought- she knows somehow that she can’t really run a business and probably still lurks here (or has a slave do so) enough to know the pitfalls and such. Since she probably doesn’t have all the licences and inspections done , maybe that is also a part of her “uwu so sekkrit hidden business won’t tell you where it is until you’re a member” bullshit. That way she can keep tabs on and accuse people when bad reviews or surprise inspections happen. If nobody knows where it is it’s harder to report to the city/county.

No. 869436

this is definitely why. she'll been in deep shit if she actually gets clients.

No. 869452

File: 1646877131820.jpg (717.92 KB, 510x909, BHlplV3.jpg)

Holly T Wolf, another friend, renting the space.

No. 869453

File: 1646877254817.jpg (579.77 KB, 510x913, XnZ5zNG.jpg)

While this is not news to anyone else, why is Moo concerned with what she puts in her body?

No. 869454

>keep us weak and sick
Because it's a huge secret Doritos are junk food. "They" have successfully been selling chips as a health food until Moo saw this tiktok. She's such a fucking idiot, just stop eating crap!

No. 869458

Ew, I bet she loves cool ranch stank ass. You can small someone ate those until they brush their teeth

No. 869461


No. 869465

I’ll take the “renting” part with a grain of salt. More like moo begged her to boost advertise. Still, it looks like holly squatting in front of a store at a strip mall.

No. 869467

bet money she's being annoying to all her friends and begging them to shoot at her fire hazard for free

No. 869468

this is what happens when you literally stop looking in the mirror and only looking yourself through filters on phone yikes Moo

No. 869481

Sad sad saggy udders.

No. 869493

File: 1646926848073.png (2.85 MB, 1242x2208, BE204A86-2836-414B-B672-91C6E2…)


One guy told her she was a model, not a cosplayer.

No. 869494

of course they are. moo basically pays people to hang out with her to begin with. even moo's wealthy friends take her money. this whole project was a big money sink, looks terrible and isn't even in the same price point as nicer studios that are relatively near her. her friends will certainly be the only "clients". and i doubt moo will use it very much once it's a flop. she's charging too much money for something only mediocre idiots with no money would even want to use.

No. 869495

File: 1646927063838.png (3.81 MB, 1800x1633, DED0D13D-8663-4B20-A5D4-F5DA58…)

Samefag but he’s right. You’re not a cosplayer, Moo. Just because you hate all living human men who aren’t your anime husbando doesn’t mean they’re all wrong.

No. 869498

i thought moo wanted to be a model.

No. 869501

I mean I see both arguments. Cosplay means costume play, someone can buy a costume if a character on Amazon and still cosplay. The thing is though those people don’t act like they’re out here doing big builds and are Gods gift to the cosplay community.

See, I can’t think of a single big name cosplayer who doesn’t have some sort of hand in the cosplays they do. Sure, some might be more commissioned than others if it’s something out of their skill set. But Mariah’s are all done by different people, hardly anything is done by her. Is it still cosplay? Technically yes, but it’s nowhere on the same level as people who really do kick ass in making costumes. But Mariah wants to act like she’s among those people, and she’s…. Not.

No. 869507

she's just reeing because she hates being associated with porn. she already gross blood fetish porn so there's no walking that back.

No. 869525

What's the difference?

No. 869526

Between a model and a cosplayer I mean

No. 869530

I think the guys argument is that Mariah doesn’t s really craft anything, she’s only really modeling other peoples work and craftsmanship, which they ain’t wrong

No. 869531

Exactly, even after years of making a living off of doing porn, she still hates being considered a sex worker and wants to be seen as an influential figure in the community. But no one who matters cares about her anymore

No. 869533

but a cosplayer isn't actually a crafter. the reason people used to make cosplays is because there weren't passable ones readily available before. now there are tons of ready-made options so the distinction just comes from people being elitist and usually trying to gatekeep women. but moo is also being elitist by treating cosplayer as an exclusive title. she's honestly nothing more than a fetish model now.
also important to note that in japan cosplay includes any and all costumes including just dressing up in a workers uniform or something. cosplay, cosplay porn and fetish costumes are all in the same category.

No. 869534

>so the distinction just comes from people being elitist
Lmao say you only buy amazon and aliexpress cosplays without saying it. No, it's not "elitism", most respected Cosplayers make their own cosplays still. Buying $30-40 cosplays just to get naked does not make you a cosplayer.
>cosplay, cosplay porn and fetish costumes are all in the same category.
No it's not, that's just a distinction for foreign people to not get confused when looking for something to fap to. So what you're correct about, is Moo is just being delusional so she doesn't tag herself as a porn model even though that's LITERALLY all she is.

No. 869536


No. 869539

>the reason people used to make cosplays is because there weren't passable ones readily available before
Or they, y'know, liked being creative and crafting and learning different skills? What kind of stupid zoomer take is this? Plenty of cosplayers still sew, style their own wigs, and make props even when you can now get everything mass produced from Amazon and AliExpress. Cosplay, regardless of what it technically means in glorious Nippon, has always had some implications of craftsmanship and costuming in the west before it turned into wig and panty onlyfans thottery.

No. 869542

if you want to sew and craft good for you, but that's not what cosplay is. only neckbeards think this shit.

No. 869544

lol you sound like the goff kid from snow that rees about having to listen to certain music to be considered ~real goffik~. Cosplayer = someone costume playing a character. Cope.

No. 869549

>only neckbeards think this shit.
Or anyone who cosplayed and went to conventions before 2010. Sorry you never got to experience the golden age.

No. 869550

ya the golden age of shiny satin trash.

No. 869553

Cosplay creating also had that element of pride to it and even done badly if done honestly you wouldn’t get shit for it. Now? The age of thots in Halloween costumes. And calling moo a porn maker is something of a stretch- what she makes is bottom tier shit. Uninspired, bland fat fetishist bullshit. Stop trying to WK her saying she’s a cosplayer- there’s a vast difference. If there wasn’t why would she be trying SOOOO hard (lol) to walk it back? If it’s all the same she wouldn’t be embarrassed

No. 869554

Arent most contest still judged based on craftsmanship? WCS is still a thing as well, its only really been the last 10 or so years its changed to be more thots

No. 869555

Those cosplay contests are full of nepotism anyway. Especially ones at local cons, many allow bought shit in. And thots also craft, it's just people trying to gatekeep who give a fuck what the community is doing. Moo isn't ruining it by not crafting or buying cosplay, it's the lying and thinking she's hot shit. No one care about bought cosplays, they care when you lie about making it.

No. 869559

They are and anyone not being an idiot realizes cosplaying is seen as a serious hobby normally, but:
This anon is too busy trying to white knight mooriah for some odd ass reason when being in these threads you should know she doesn't care about you if you're not gonna increase her reach into communities for more paypigs.

No. 869560

>organizing, planning, putting into production

that’s just three different ways to say ‘yeah I’m the idea guy’

No. 869562

She's mad because she can't even finish sewing an armband. A rectangle.

No. 869563

Just like her black widow she “crafted” That shit was dollar store tier

No. 869564

The other person isn't even calling her a model in a derogatory way. Modeling is seen as an easy job for sexy people by most of the normie population, I'd even guess it's a dream job for many young girls. There are entire casting show empires built on modeling for a reason.
For all intents and purposes Moo could be replaced by a mannequin with "big" tits in 99.999% of her shoots and nothing would change. She doesn't try to act like the characters, she doesn't look like the characters, she doesn't add anything to the scene in a physical way by sewing or decorating - in fact I'd say she detracts from anything she gets her nicotine colored claws on. She's the worst type of model: she's just a mannequin for clothes to hang on.

No. 869565

File: 1646963283112.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1242x2112, 23D43E36-DA95-4D7E-BA67-5ED5A2…)

That apron… big oof.

No. 869566

Lol is this what prompted the awful apron she made? I thought you were a “cosplay model”, moo.

No. 869570

She sees it as derogatory because she wants to pretend she makes money by cosplaying instead of from taking nudes.
I don’t think you have to make your costumes to be a cosplayer, but I also think that people who only do it for clout and/or money can’t really be called a cosplayer. We don’t call the people playing characters at Disneyland cosplayers, so how is it any different for thots to wear costumes for a job?

No. 869577

Cosplay isn't a serious hobby, autist.

No. 869591

>the fat mannequin
She just gave up didn’t she?

No. 869597

She's still delusional if she thinks her body matches that mannequin. But I guess finding a morbidly obese one is hard to find

No. 869599

File: 1647022061802.jpg (Spoiler Image, 255.5 KB, 1080x1764, Screenshot_20220311-100656_Fir…)

$6. Still feels too much lol

No. 869601

I don't understand why she's wearing these shitty contacts. She already doesn't look anything like the character, and they just make her look weird and wall-eyed. Just wear purple circle-lenses, you'll at least look somewhat human and not like a braindead pig monster.

No. 869602

She looks like a fat kid with Down’s syndrome in the face. She can’t emote for shit.

No. 869603

File: 1647023314945.gif (Spoiler Image, 23.18 KB, 300x100, thriving.gif)

Excuse my autism

No. 869605

she's delusional thinking her body matches pochaco too but that didn't stop her.

No. 869633

this is the classic Moo I miss - out of all things, the one simple piece "made by me!" is something she could have easily bought online for cheap that would have looked infinitely better. it's been a while since she's tried to prove she's a not only a Serious Cosplayer, but a Professional Seamstress.

No. 869638

what the hell makes a hobby “serious”? quit baiting each other and infighting.

No. 869640

Did you read the OP? >>869559

No. 869750

File: 1647190790505.png (5.26 MB, 1786x1482, 3C68ECA1-6C82-42B1-AF37-7F35B2…)

No. 869751

fitting, considering toph is indeed blind

No. 869753

"kung fu suit"

No. 869757

Moo pretending people didn't see her without slimming filters at the con
Moo is the only person I know who gains a bunch of weight despite monthly lipo and cool sculpting appointments

No. 869767

File: 1647220063020.jpg (830.6 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220313-200718_Ins…)

Oh yikes

No. 869769

her eyes are terrifying.

No. 869770

File: 1647220880688.jpg (976.82 KB, 1079x1969, Screenshot_20220313-182109_Ins…)

This is so embarrassing. She thinks she's some sage bitch lol

No. 869771

She thinks she's a witch now
Are we sure she isn't just a neck beard?

Her face looks like she had a stroke

No. 869772

moo is two things, the DM, the player, the dice, the rulebook and the bowl of doritos served during the session.

No. 869777

kek, like she knows anything about being light

No. 869795

File: 1647263917510.jpeg (525.98 KB, 828x1121, CBB4277B-4972-4AC0-963F-F67E5A…)

really pushing out angles here huh

No. 869796

who just leaves toilet doors open like that

No. 869797

File: 1647264235721.jpeg (142.39 KB, 1000x1000, 7E30070E-0EA0-4B70-9062-ABFE3C…)

posted like two hours apart from each other

No. 869802

The crooked door frames

No. 869803

File: 1647269356360.jpg (640.26 KB, 1079x1986, Screenshot_20220314-074913_Fir…)

That break right in the middle…

No. 869804

moose knuckle

No. 869814

I don't think I'll ever get over how badly she fucked up her nose. I just genuinely can't understand why she fucked with it when it was fine before and now it looks like this.

No. 869815

Holy shit what is that harsh line in the middle of the bridge of nose?? Imagine paying to be fucking deformed for life. here I thought moo was slightly more grounded then the MTF crowd but the principle is essentially the same.

No. 869816

You are so cringe girl stop it, this is like a weird mix of neckbeard/alpha male culture mixed with just happening to be born female and exploiting that like no one is taking advice from you, you’re a disaster.

No. 869821

she's just like dumb hollywood stars but no one told her to do this. she just did out of her own insecurities. she has no guidance but the money to make bad decisions most people can't afford to. her downward spiral will be really bad.

No. 869824

someone is bothered that they were exposed to be a morbidly obese whale at the con
No wonder she's never happy

No. 869844

she looks so dirty, and it's not even the cat hair. Her hair looks greasy, her eyes look tired but that's just their natural buldge.
Her lips look so weird too, like you can see a weird outline around them. Is that where the filler was?

No. 869845

yep. fillers can do that because they just stretch out the lips. moo has really bad skin because of her diet so it's like that permanently.

No. 869864

She paid thousands and thousands of dollars to look like…this. It's so pathetic. She was already looking like a fool for free.

No. 869872

The fact that the image in the left has an insta story filter on it.. lol Definitely proving its the light, right?

No. 869878

even if it was just the lighting, which is impossible, she's implying she needs good lighting not to look like an old nasty hag.

No. 869887

Exactly, her og nose suited her face way better than this michael jackson atrocity. I personally can’t get over her claim of spending 30k on the botch job. I wonder if she’ll regret it like she ended up doing with her lip fillers, too bad you can’t dissolve a rhinoplasty.

No. 869895

well you're not supposed to get a drastically different nose shape or size otherwise it looks scary. the editing apps really must have convinced her it would look good.

No. 869903

its actually really sad. she shouldve stopped at filler and cool sculpting/lipo, she couldve even gotten filler in her you know whats and marionette lines, and sure she would look like someones rich mom still, but way less botched.

No. 869906

i feel the same about her teeth. she had beautiful teeth then got them all sharpened into nubs for ones she has to replace every decade. it absolutely baffles my mind.

No. 869926

moo is like the living version of "a fool and his money will soon be parted".

No. 869938

Her parents must be a little passed because they paid for her braces and whitening before, then Moo never wore her retainer, got copy clear trays like Vamp, then gave up those maintenances too and went the lazy route like all dumbasses with disposable cash. Every time she smiles it looks like she's wearing someone's dentures like those dogs in those bacon commercials

No. 869962

i'm sure they're fine as long as she's throwing money at them. they live in vegas, they probably only care about money.

No. 870057

It would be sad if it were someone else but she used to bully people for their looks to the point of suicide. Money is also something that she constantly throws in people's faces and she has been doing this for years. So it's pretty much karma finally hitting her.

No. 870058

don't diminish how retarded moo actually is by giving karma all the credit, anon!

No. 870063

File: 1647474723868.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.01 KB, 853x1280, y4dZJrZ.jpg)

No. 870067

File: 1647475201801.jpeg (103.53 KB, 828x828, 5A7B8678-B382-4ECE-B166-2BDA72…)

she just re-posted this video from 2020 on her instagram story and my God do her face wrinkles make her look haggard as fuck, for a cosplayer she really has no idea how to use makeup other than to emphasize the ugliest features about her

No. 870068

This looks almost exactly carbon copy form her Saber set. Of course, Mariah so to OrIgInAL and CReaTive.

No. 870071

Full episode for those who haven't seen it

No. 870072

Her ass starts and ends by her crack and the rest is her banking on her width to create the illusion of having a big ass. The Hank Hill of it all. Flatty

No. 870079

I LOVE THAT THEY USED THE DUMPIEST PHOTOS POSSIBLE! Im laughing so hard and then in the video she can't edit herself and she looks like she was a rejected Labrynth puppet.

No. 870089

she really is stuck in the past. I thought you loved doing porn Moo? Anyway, didn't a bunch of people shit on the youtube video?

No. 870092

Did she get her upper lip plumped up again or is the overlined cupid bow trend?

No. 870093

It’s an older video.

No. 870102

Antonio Banderas looking ass

No. 870110

Nothing mind blowing but just kinda outlining the truth within her lies lol.

No. 870111

File: 1647514640776.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 144.22 KB, 853x1280, 32E19E54-A23C-4F64-AA0F-D34E8B…)

SAMEFAG I forgot to spoiler

No. 870123

kek, even the outline is generous.

No. 870125

File: 1647524505560.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.23 KB, 960x1280, IMG_1553.jpg)

I'm gonna hurl

No. 870126

Kek the drain makes this photo even more grubby

No. 870127

The absolute state of this thread, fucking hell.

No. 870129

Thought this was old milk?

No. 870131

Not the same slinkini she wore 2 years ago. Or that short brown wig. These are new.

No. 870132

File: 1647527630565.jpg (Spoiler Image, 357.42 KB, 1080x1118, Screenshot_20220317-073300_Fir…)

As big as the photo gets lol Idk why she cropped her ass out. Probably illusion for roundness.

No. 870134

Ah ok. So she’s redoing the same pose/setting/stupid tongue thing as before. Much creative! Or when they re-release toys that are the exact same as before but with a new color and expect people to pay for them.

No. 870141

No, it's old. You just haven't read the thread and repost.

No. 870150


Optical illusion time- looking at that extra roll on her leg made it look like another ass.

No. 870155

fucking gross.

No. 870161

I know this is her glorified fire hazard. It looks like a worse version of my apartment. Except people can take a picture in their home for free, don't have to give up their personal information and get harassed by Moo

No. 870175

This photo is old, but god dammit every time I see it. The fucking tongue on the roof of the mouth bothers me SO MUCH.

Bitch looks like some alien in disguise. Makes me fight or flight kick in.

No. 870183

>double cheeked
bitch has enough meat to be quad or even octo cheeked

No. 870186

all I can see now is Moo texting her editor:
"Yes hello? I was wondering if you can shop out two extra rolls on my ass. I only want two showing… Well just smooth out the skin and remove the shadows? No one will notice! Also edit me down so I look around 150 pounds. I don't care if it takes a month! Just do it!"

No. 870191

File: 1647550423752.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1529, Screenshot_2022-03-17-15-41-04…)

Saw this on her IG and thought, "Isn't this the same kitchen floor you fucked yourself and bled on?"
Stay classy Moomookunt

No. 870192

File: 1647550498220.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1530, Screenshot_2022-03-17-15-41-14…)

No. 870193

she lined her whole house with this cheap counter marble.

No. 870195

I see she found a new replacement for Collette. Wonder how long she'll last before we never see her again
Her McMansion has always been a joke. It's an over sized box in the middle of nowhere lined with cheap material that's easy to shop around in.

No. 870198

I couldn't tell who that other chick was at first cause Moo looks so different than her sister. She looks more like her sister's mom with those wrinkles now.

No. 870201

That's her sister? Shoot I confused her for one of Moo's new live in slaves… Same thing though, I'm sure she's only there to help Moo out with something. But funny to remember that her sister came on here years ago saying "My sister would never do something as disgusting as porn!"
Funny how opinions change once money is thrown in their face

No. 870203

Without the genetic butthole eyes you'd never guess they were related.

No. 870218

File: 1647577017116.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1078x1747, 1EB76A39-4A60-44C8-8EBD-A35B89…)

Who is she throwing shade at now?

No. 870219

Most likely loving the fact that Bunny is being dragged by the Vtuber scene and some of the other models who called Moo out during her AX scandal. If you arent following, check up the updates here: >>>/w/201409

unless Moo actually talks about it, it's not worth cluttering up here.

No. 870222

Mariah is dumb as a rock but if she even has an iota of sense, she’ll shut her fat mouth. Attention could easily shift to moo and the shit she’s pulled if she tries to insert her flat ass into any drama.

No. 870223

File: 1647581342769.png (411.71 KB, 588x659, twit.png)

looks like you're correct

No. 870224

she’s so fucking insufferable, talk about having zero self awareness in regards to how a certain community perceives you

No. 870225

File: 1647581613992.jpeg (209.01 KB, 828x595, BB0A788D-578B-47A1-B670-23FBD6…)

rich coming from a 25 year old woman who won’t shut up about a bunch of fake anime dudes and can’t interact with any real men—or women for that matter

No. 870226

Moo just couldn’t resist vagueposting on her ban evading account. Keep at it Moo, I’d love to see you get dragged into this considering all the people you personally hurt because you couldn’t mind your own business. Go fondle a Douma figure or something you degenerate.

No. 870227

rich from moo who is plastered to her phpne.
moo can't live without weed, she's too weak.

No. 870229

Oh this is rich coming from the bitch who also stepped over and abused other women for clout

No. 870238

File: 1647595324616.png (60.59 KB, 597x614, moo.png)

Straight from the cows mouth

No. 870245

Is she serious? You don’t get to act like you’re above it all and wish them well as you vaguepost on twitter while implying they had it coming.

>hope them the best

>it is as it is

No. 870251

this is what happens when you vape too much constantly. moo's high rants are like a truth serum.

No. 870253

File: 1647615870219.jpg (381.72 KB, 1080x1292, Screenshot_20220318-080258_Ins…)

I hope someone @s her alt in all this on twitter and makes it clear what she's doing and tags all the girls involved. Id love the community to remind her she's a pos. She's being so cocky about this

No. 870255

Shes really gotta learn to stop while shes ahead. Shes lucky she even still has somewhat of a career after the allegations against her. Shes waaaaay too cocky for the easily accessible past that she has

No. 870256

she doesn't. that's why she resorted to porn. her subs don't care about the characters anymore, just about her dumpy body being on display. none of the other big name cosplayers had to do the gross porn she's doing because they actually make money from the cosplay itself, even the girls choosing to make more racy content. even jessica never has to do anything other than put cleavage on display. why do you think moo shifted to the porn content she clearly hates making? she basically had to.

No. 870265

File: 1647621192693.jpeg (509.97 KB, 1800x1448, 123FB0F1-ECF6-4706-AF75-80A8D7…)

She just can’t help herself. So much for being “enlightened” lol

No. 870272

What a fucking idiot. She’s acting so high and mighty through all of this but she seems to forget she admitted to everything those people came forward about, so how the hell can she act like this is some sort of karma when it’s shut you did, and there’s evidence of it?

No one will really call her out or get her involved in it thiygh because no one in the actual community cares anymore. Even her trying to self insert herself in the sniper wolf drama got her nothing. Just keep doing your blood fetish porn moo

No. 870273

very surprised she didn’t include how she owns a scam of a photography studio in her summarization of herself, considering she loves to act like she’s come calculated business woman

No. 870275

Also at the end of the day shitty people like Bunny/ Susu can have shitty things done to them. Doesn’t somehow discredit the multiple other people that came forward or the fact Mariah blamed her ADHD on her sexual harassing people. Mariah is still trash, Bunny is still trash, the entire costhot community is trash. We been known this.

No. 870277

File: 1647624419503.jpg (654.23 KB, 1080x2020, Screenshot_20220318-102406_Twi…)

It's not going to matter because since Bunny was involved, her slaves are trying to discredit all allegations to make Moo look good compared to what's happening right now. This is fucking stupid. This community is a joke. No one keeps to their guns regarding awful people in the scene and its a big reason why me and a lot of girls just don't want to cosplay or deal with social media at all.


No. 870278

File: 1647624474644.jpg (654.88 KB, 1080x2090, Screenshot_20220318-102416_Twi…)

Wasnt going to post these as Moo wasnt directly involved but her cronies and her are making it so she is. Anymore and I'll post them to the cow thread

No. 870281

except there's video proof of Moo being a grabber. Like are they forgetting the video where she grabs some guy's ass and he backs away visibly disturbed? Kinpatsu is a moron and just wants the porn bux Moo's rolling in without spreading her own legs.

No. 870282

I hate kelly jean so much but she's right here. You can't deny moo literally ADMITTING to the assault and apologizing like it didn't happen.

No. 870286

But she's still hated and not seen as a cosplayer, isn't invited as a guest to cons and lost all her sponsorships. So petty

No. 870287

How can Moo dig on people who are "chronically online" when she's on social media and reading lolcow all the time? Doesn't add up.
If she "didn't care" she wouldn't have even know Bunny was involved in drama lol

No. 870288

File: 1647627601588.jpg (595.3 KB, 1180x883, skrt.jpg)

No. 870290

The day I’m agreeing with Kelly Jean. These idiots have such a ridiculous selective memory Yes bunny and susu were the first to come out, even if they’re reasoning was clout, it allowed a lot of other people come forward too. And Mariah ADMITTED TO IT AND APOLOGIZED. after blaming her adhd of course.
Again, bunny and susu might be shit people and maybe the cane forward for pity and to have people feel bad for them, but the butch still did it.

No. 870291

File: 1647627844622.jpg (108.55 KB, 596x366, moo.jpg)

No. 870292

What kind of shut came to light Mariah? No one has once came forward saying what they said about you was a lie. All your friends you had back then are basically gone.

No. 870293

File: 1647627886743.jpg (370.37 KB, 594x917, skrt.jpg)

No. 870294

so is she esl or what? and why is she obsessed with this duality?

No. 870295

This bitch literally is lurking (as usual) and comments about others being chronically online.

No. 870296

File: 1647628298273.png (385.51 KB, 1186x848, drama.png)

loving this drama. She just can't keep quiet, can she?

No. 870297

she's so far up her asshole she doesn't realize how people see her. she's not going to back down either. she can't shut up for 2 minutes and lay low.

No. 870298

Goddamn Mariah you’re already backtracking after just a few hours of gloating. If there was anything that somehow proved all those allegations she would have already posted them years ago. Or even now since it’s a prime time to do it with everyone else coming forward. But she has nothing, maybe a few “mean” messages of Bunny but nothing that proves all the sexual harassment as false or some kind of vendetta against her. She’s so embarrassing.

No. 870299

That's a lot of talk for someone who is running a "business"
What's she gunna say when it gets shut down? What is she going to say now when people realize the legality of her studio and how she wants private info she has no right in asking. The fact it's a fire hazard that has 0 legit customers. Busier my ass. She's just looking for more croonies. That and it's been proven in the past she's the WORST shit talker. She's shitting on Bunny for shit she does daily

No. 870301

for the people she can't buy people either see her as
1. that one hoe who does porn
2. that chick who molests people and blamed it on ADHD
She is delusional. She just thinks money talks. Just like you're not morbidly obese right Moo?

No. 870303

File: 1647629383314.png (79.11 KB, 401x179, finallysomedrama.png)

she just cannot stop herself from playing the victim every fucking time. I love this. I simultaneously can't and absolutely can believe that she and her friends are just out here pretending like she didn't fucking admit to the shit bunny et al. accused her of doing. talking about karmic justice, for what? telling the truth about you lmao like sure they're all cows too but they weren't fucking wrong.

No. 870305

From the top of my head here's the shitty things Moo has done

Body shaming, bullying someone to the point of suicide, lying about lipo/plastic surgery, art theft, art tracing, character design theft, charity fraud, using donations to buy a kitten (Guzma), couture design theft, shit talking behind people's backs, suicide baiting, doxxing an ex, sexual harassment, stalking and harassing, harassment of men who already had girlfriends, breaking cosplayers costumes, selling porn at a sfw con with children, taking pictures of children, indecent public exposure, taking photoshoots in private property without permission, lied about going to collage, lied about being bi lingual, lied about her religion, faked being lgbt for clout, several accounts of being racist, shits on other cosplayers for being fake fans of fandoms but does the exact same shit, flirting with minors on tiktok while posting nudes on the site, gaslighting, threatening people with firearms, drug use
I'm sure there is a list of things I forgot

No. 870306

you forgot her lying about lipo multiple times and pretending the scars were just moles. and her trying to steal vamp's fuckbuddy.

No. 870307

Says she accepts criticism but deletes any comments criticizing her on IG or instead claps back. Not to mention going manic at 2am and posting videos of herself getting worked up over insignificant comments on her posts. But sure… so insightful lol

No. 870308

File: 1647631239259.jpeg (324.25 KB, 1242x695, C4DF5CC4-F137-4B81-AA0F-A7F70E…)

Wait, I thought she turned 26 last September? Am I stupid or was she lying about her age?

No. 870309

Yup she is definitely born in -95. Idk why would she lie being a year older now?

No. 870310

She also had a few male friends she was more than rough with. Didn't she lash one guy in the legs with a stick or piece of metal and he had a nasty wound from it? But she played it off as "Hehe I get pretty rough"
Also her trying to get clout from that youtuber who killed himself (Wont say his name out of respect), talking about sexual fantasies with minors (Even if she was joking, it's still fucked up), harassment of a cosplay judge for years just because she lost(Steffvontweetz), not crediting photogs, lies about making her cosplays and giving no credit/exaggerating what she did, talking shit behind her friends and convincing others to not talk to them, stealing another persons catch phrase "Lewds before nudes" and making a line of failed clothing from it, anti BLM rants, using her BS race card when she's called out for racism, pretending she's asain for a time, "Ching chong ching chong" event, lying about photoshop, slut shaming cam girls/sex workers, harassing other people's pets and rough handling them (corgi incident being the best example)

Now add on the list of scams tied to her photo studio

No. 870317

Yea Kevin, he stayed with her for a while before moving in with his new GF. She 'play' fought with him and he had some pretty bad cuts. Pretty sure she was getting off on it since she knows no man will be with her without being paid

But I gotta say Bunny getting canceled like this is hilarious. It's the same as when they canceled Moo. It was a private group that we only got the details on because Moochlette was invited in because they thought she had a fallout with Moo.

No. 870318

File: 1647635491404.jpeg (436.61 KB, 1074x872, 4FA310D5-98E7-4373-ADD8-E27FC1…)

>I sit in my zengarden and cope by looking at a fictional man

Isn’t a big flex as you think it is moo

No. 870322

File: 1647635866269.jpeg (707.4 KB, 750x1087, 1583452171213.jpeg)

The list of shit she has done goes on. But looking down memory road is hilarious. And since Moo reads these threads I like reminding her what a POS she is
Ah her anti lgbt rant about "Don't put your gay agenda on straight characters" when talking about two characters who canonically have feelings for one another.
That's a golden memory. The whole "Lipo suction doesn't make you lose weight, it makes you gain weight" while holding a 10 pound jug. She also had cool sculpting done the same month, and proceeds to do this monthly

No. 870327

File: 1647638529642.jpeg (869.95 KB, 1346x1824, E490910F-7E4F-44AF-B250-6D5A84…)

She couldn’t leave well enough alone.
Now that the focus is off her for once, she feels the need to chime in for no goddamn reason other than to play the victim.

No. 870328

File: 1647638615169.jpeg (678.99 KB, 750x1168, 1567720964921.jpeg)

Yeah she was oddly violent with Kevin and kept making these weird, overly romantic posts as if they were a couple despite him having a girl friend. It was like she was punishing the dude for not picking her/refusing to fuck.

No. 870329

she's asking for a fight
just because the people who called her out are POS they're still not as bad as you Moo. Not in a long shot. At least they aren't a danger to the general public

No. 870332

she literally just wanted an excuse to be a cunt and ree about drama unrelated to her and now she's upset that people are telling her off. what a weak bitch. she always writes those touchy-feely self help posts because she's an awful person and she probably thinks saying positive things will make them reality.

No. 870334

File: 1647640554243.jpeg (161.54 KB, 750x1207, 1563243852395.jpeg)

thinks her name isn't tarnished and she has a good reputation

No. 870335

This is another thing that makes her showing her true colors right now so funny. Girl, you just opened a business and the first thing you did was start trouble.

There is also video evidence as well as her own confession to the sexual assaults and molestation that she did. Even if Bunny did lie, the dozens of other women and men didn't. Let's not forget that Nanabear and Gabby also faced death threats because of her too. She can keep saying she changed but here she is, same ol' Mariah as she has always been.

No. 870337

File: 1647640978548.jpg (155.4 KB, 548x900, DiLn6XMVMAAT2m3.jpg)

Double-posting to repost old milk cause I know that Moo is here and wants to rewrite history.

No. 870338

Oh she 100% was, Moo hated that he even in her pocket wouldn't fuck her.

I seriously hope people start pulling the evidence of all the shit she's pulled. Watch her and the lackeys squirm.

No. 870342

Love it when a peace warrior indulges in drama and doesn't stay in her own lane

No. 870343

nta but thanks for the link, i didn't know about this

No. 870344

My sig other has 10 years and a kid on Moo and Moo has milage and then reset the odo…

No. 870345

kinpatsu you are basically the next kamui please shut up and keep the facade instead of getting involved in drama

No. 870346

I would think that since bunny has the larger following and clout that Moo is gonna get fucked up worse for sticking her fake nose into it all. Also HI MOMOKUNT! Since it’s 100% she’s reading our reactions to this crap. Trying to steal any ideas we have.

No. 870347

The first idea she should have taken from here was to keep out of it. But she didn’t and it will eventually bite Moo in her flat ass. Randos on twitter are already referring to Bunny as “Momokun 2.0” so Moo really should have known her shit reputation wasn’t forgotten by everyone.
Not very zen of you Mariah lol

No. 870348

A LOT of people are keeping their mouths shut about things Moo did to them. I hope people get tired of her BS and go after her

No. 870349

May as well post it here for posterity. This you, Moo?

No. 870354


“Hope people go outside”

Entire life is online. Ok Mariah.

No. 870356


She literally found out about the drama the moment it dropped, commented on it immediately, then said people need to go outside and then proceeded to argue about it online for hours after. Idiot lmao

No. 870357

we all know this fat cow would glue grass to the walls and say she spent all day out in the sun, come on now, she obviously takes care of herself.

No. 870363

Didn’t she basically bully nana sushibear and Gabrielle cook out of the community simply because she saw them as “thick thot cosplayer” competitors

No. 870365

File: 1647659151520.jpg (294.91 KB, 1080x1841, 1531345802411.jpg)

Yep, Gabrielle did a statement back then too. Now that we know Moo for who she is, I have no doubt that she used that cancer treatment as a way to keep her loyal.

No. 870366

“i forgive them”? literally what gives her the right to act as if she wasn’t the cause of her own downfall lmao

No. 870367


The funniest part of this video is her talking like she would EVER “take it outside” . As she is online so she is IRL- a total fucking coward, a loser, and spineless. I love watching her spin trying to make herself look better and like always failing.

No. 870368

Samefag but even hours later, not one of the people tagged (her "friends") have responded to her. Lol sad.

No. 870391

She had an entire pinned saved story section of her wrestling with Kevin. It was up for months and suddenly disappeared when he moved out. Aggressive is an understatement

No. 870393

File: 1647713827521.jpg (186.38 KB, 1080x2201, Screenshot_20220319-111547_Ins…)

You can literally just keep hitting "Okay" and it just bypasses everything its asking for lol

No. 870394

File: 1647713871933.jpg (130.67 KB, 1080x2201, Screenshot_20220319-111554_Ins…)

So I guess technically you don't have to supply an ID?

No. 870395

You DO, the website is just dog shit, meaning nothing you submit is secure (obviously.)

No. 870397

none of these are required then. i guarantee this is a subscription domain sites that she dolled up. that means none of it is encrypted at all. what's wrong with her? does she know how much trouble she can get into? her site probably has no security for anything, so it has a ton of exploits anyone could get into and everything being sent through the site is vulnerable.

No. 870409

Technically you can submit nothing- and chances are good she will just ignore it. Unless you have like a name she wants to steal from the chances any random person gets accepted is zero. She’s a scumbag running insecure scammy shit and hoping someone falls for it. The problem she has is that outside of her paypigs and a few people that hate her already there isn’t a single person outside her hugbox that gives a shit she exists. She certainly can’t have any of her “fans” knowing where her shithole is- most of them are probably bought engagement anyway. I wonder what the legal ramifications are of her website/email getting hacked and all that private information leaked?

No. 870411

for IDs it's a huge deal, especially since she has no reason to take them upfront. all the info plus ID scans can be used for identity theft easily for things that don't require ssns. www.kxnet.com/news/local-news/new-twist-on-old-scam-scammers-now-asking-for-id-photos/amp/

No. 870412

This form is made with Typeform, so your data is just sitting there unscrambled, and Moo can export it into a Google sheet and… Whops! A leak of your personal information.

Not to mention she does not explain how she plans to store or use your data (or for how long) I am a EU fag but over here that is a big legal no-no.

No. 870413

File: 1647724408048.png (200.62 KB, 750x1334, 2174EB86-CAD5-4F06-91F6-E53850…)

So is she saying that not only do you have to pay her stupid “sooper exclusive uwu” membership fee but she also expects you to have a profile on her site as well? For clout and free advertising? What a business model. “Pay me so I can flaunt myself at your expense!”. Never change moo.

No. 870414

You'd think after her old website got easily hacked by that Fancybear guy she would learn. Would love for him to come back!

No. 870416

didn't her discord also get hacked?

No. 870417

Oh man, I remember that! It’d be a great time to see them return for this mess. It would also be pretty funny if one of the cucks she fucked over with not delivering rewards hacked into it out of pure spite. It’s almost impossible for it to not happen at this point.

No. 870418

she'll need actual applicants for it to even be funny.

No. 870419

wait, does this post a little thumbnail of the ID after you upload it? that means the pictures get uploaded directly to the site…what?

No. 870420

They get uploaded to Typeform. Where she can view them, export them, do whatever the fuck she wants with them.

Hell, she can sell your identity lol.

No. 870421

that's a terrible idea. also this site could be raided really easily too. moo could wake up to dick pics or gore one day if someone wanted to fuck with her.

No. 870422

Typeform can also only accept so many responses before she needs to pay for the more expensive tier.

If you wanted to fuck with her, all you need to do is keyboard mash and press submit enough times.

Not that I am saying that you should. But someone could. It's a hella unprofessional survey tool to use for this kinda purpose.

No. 870423

nothing is better than when moo busts out the AAVE to appear tough lmfao

No. 870424

not to mention someone could just upload all their info and pay to have it hacked and sue the hell out of her. we know she has no business insurance so she'd be fucked. all she did with this entire project is put a bunch of legal liability on herself.

No. 870425

She clearly did not consult a lawyer OR a infosec person when planning how to open or run this business. A casual, 30 mintue chat with either of these would be enough to come up with better solutions for storing and using people's personal info.

Wild how idiots like this can just open businesses and hope nothing bad happens to their patron's personal info.

No. 870426

File: 1647727654232.jpeg (640.17 KB, 828x1467, EDB0AA44-70A7-4D8D-BE6C-5355E8…)

moo just posted a long rant along with this image in regards to the bunny situation

No. 870427

File: 1647727677449.png (350.52 KB, 465x843, gothinkaboutdoumaloser.png)

Not really sure what she's trying to say here by highlighting this part. Like… okay, yeah, it's fucked up that Bunny did that shit too and her taking part in cancelling Moo for the same is obviously hypocritical. But like… you still did it too, Mariah. Congratulations, you're both shitty gross people who don't respect boundaries.

No. 870428

>hope nothing bad happens to their patron's personal info.
While true, this doesn't pertain to mooriah, she just wants to keep tabs on people or use large creators for clout.

No. 870429

File: 1647727766793.jpeg (756.17 KB, 1278x1658, 3DE0A041-EE25-4C43-A699-BEE6C1…)


No. 870430

File: 1647727877179.jpeg (263.08 KB, 1274x678, C595014D-9BD6-40FF-A977-A896AB…)


No. 870431

the issue is that using something like typeform means anyone can hack the site and ID hacking is a huge issue right now. american IDs and drivers licenses have all your personal information on them, they'd be unencrypted and could easily be used for tons of fraud.

No. 870432

File: 1647727995854.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1247x1827, F96712C7-41C7-4732-8382-391882…)


No. 870433

File: 1647728124130.jpeg (379.6 KB, 1304x804, E84DE7CD-2E33-4E6A-9F5C-32A21F…)


No. 870434

moo trying to smear anyone is going to blow up in her face…

No. 870435

File: 1647728236831.jpeg (744.35 KB, 1303x1578, 16914AE0-0B4B-4A2F-8CDF-6ADC93…)


No. 870436

File: 1647728734757.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1261x1714, 50E81D88-43B4-4A24-B261-B4753D…)


No. 870437

File: 1647728875004.jpeg (167.06 KB, 947x2048, 7F9B47AD-F2B6-4134-9A7E-45ACD2…)


No. 870438

also sorta ot for the bunny/momo discussion but she has effectively deleted any tagged images of her from lvlup on her main account

No. 870439

Tbh this whole momo idea that she was groped by ANYONE seems suspicious. Like she wishes. I only say that because moo is a lying sack of fat and thirst.

No. 870440

she's just trying to get sympathy because of the current drama. all this is going to do is rehash old accusations against her.

No. 870441

I have unfortunately sat through the whole 8 minute unhinged rant, will try to upload later. She, of course, takes no responsibility for anything she did and instead rails on about how SHE was affected. Moo and self awareness do not go hand in hand.

No. 870442

File: 1647731355718.jpg (26.96 KB, 590x181, 7415456.jpg)

kinpatsu you can't eat the cake and have it too. choose a side.

No. 870443

I don't understand why nobody is dragging her down with Susu and Bunny. She did the same exact things and made an apology video for it. Like Mariah??? You're so much worse than these girls and the rant stories are projection at its finest.

No. 870444

pot calling the kettle black
except Moo has a long ass list of other shit she's done. So by comparison Bunny is a saint. Sit down Moo
the only thing you haven't done is club a baby seal to death

No. 870445

MOo we've been through this. You "accidently" taking off your pants and having regret sex isn't rape

No. 870446

just give it time. these cunts always pick sides and then argue with eachother all over social media until one of them gets sick of being called out. more people hate moo than she realizes…

No. 870447

It's 100% because she's hiding her account and being careful with who she interacts with so she doesn't get dragged around, notice how she deleted anything tagged recently as an anon pointed out.

No. 870449

there is blood in the water. I'm sure fellow cos thots are gathering all the dirt on Moo as well. The fact she deleted the tags off her main from her accusations plus doing this on her side account speaks volumes. Why not go on main and say all this shit Moo you coward.

No. 870450

Ah I see Moo is in the costhot thread, I stated the bit about the timing being perfect for Su being able to blame Bunny for anything done in their fake relationship.

No. 870452

I will bet you DOLLARS she will think we all are Bunny/Su alts that post about her for YEARS, FOR 126 THREADS, just to push her narrative.
I don't understand this whole "teehee LOOK LOOK BUNNY IS A PERVERT TOO" reaction like congrats you're both shit people. Put up the evidence or shut up. Moo saying she has evidence then never posting about it is really lame. The whole Nathan Deluca debacle seems fake and any normal person would've opposed this situation.

No. 870453

File: 1647734673653.png (1.19 MB, 1304x1800, 42B287BA-4603-4036-8FC6-41D6DA…)

No. 870454

holy fuck damage control anyone?

No. 870455

HAHA I was WONDERING when kayyybear would bring up this:
Fuck Momokunt thinking she can escape and get off scott free.(imageboard)

No. 870456

Mariah really needs to shut the fuck up with the “I KNOW THINGS YOU GUYS DONT BUT I WONT TELL BECAUSE IM BETTER THAN THOSE OTHER GIRLS!!!1!” Every other post she makes is the same bullshit.
How much do you want to bet the so-called “tea” she has is just stuff that would incriminate her more but she’s playing it off as things that would be damaging to others and therefore feels like a bad bitch just dangling it out there. Put up or shut up, Moo.

No. 870457

so here's the timeline
>moo gets involved in drama that has nothing to do with her
>gets called out for being involved with drama
>makes up some shit after getting chewed out so she can continue to be involved in drama
how does she do it.

No. 870458

this is from 2018 you dumbass

No. 870459

File: 1647735193305.jpeg (634.3 KB, 1242x1300, BFD8BBB5-EF47-4C91-B7A4-3D4FA0…)

It begins

No. 870460

This is literally what she's speaking up about, dumbass.

No. 870461

File: 1647735373650.png (66.62 KB, 726x507, kaybear.png)

No. 870462

These girls are eating each other alive and I'm here for it. It went on for too long that they faked being cordial for the sake of neckbeard bucks. I wonder how long the bickering will continue before a "resolution" is made? Moo is so desperate to be a Nigri again she's willing to push random people under the bus for a crumb. She's bringing up "old drama" instead of forgive and forget like she wanted us to do when all this shit went down. Pathetic.

No. 870463

File: 1647735476086.png (79.35 KB, 723x630, kaybear2.png)

No. 870464

she's also dumb as a rock and misunderstood what was being said.

No. 870465

Well she does have the comprehension skills of a rock

No. 870466

Even this backtrack sounds scummy. She’s using the “you know my intentions!” Bullshit line, she should have kept her deflated mouth shut and kept to her nasty porn.

No. 870467

File: 1647735919195.jpeg (759.62 KB, 1242x1451, 044D3BCC-3806-46AE-A96D-F5A118…)

No. 870468

she literally inadvertently took back her apology to kaybear too. such an idiot.

No. 870469

File: 1647736126215.jpeg (727.32 KB, 1212x1558, 3EFEF389-7249-4DE2-9469-6BC24E…)

No. 870470

Mariah, saying "you knew!!" is fucking gross. If she knew she wouldn't have said anything and would be your bestie right now

No. 870471

she's abysmally stupid. she doesn't even know the phrase "tip of the iceberg" and she's just digging herself a deeper hole.

No. 870472

File: 1647736545439.jpeg (667.98 KB, 1242x1537, 15664E6C-D484-47D7-AE6C-61C329…)

No. 870473

It's great isn't it? With luck we'll get a rehash of the Moo accusation era and watch her backtrack and try to waddle away.

No. 870474

File: 1647736663332.png (83.44 KB, 735x636, momokay.png)

No. 870475

File: 1647736752883.jpeg (632.18 KB, 1242x1170, B60D3CED-0133-47DC-9C64-55199F…)

Goddamn finally. I was waiting for someone to call her on that lol

No. 870476

File: 1647736775353.png (59.12 KB, 732x441, momokay2.png)

No. 870477

File: 1647736832887.png (19.92 KB, 598x160, Rich.png)

This…coming from the girl that does just this.

No. 870478

File: 1647736992309.jpeg (595.56 KB, 1242x1116, 8A361426-7260-40CB-870C-9DB216…)

STFU Mariah, you’re not a martyr.

No. 870480

File: 1647737042476.png (98.96 KB, 729x786, momokay3.png)

she's so full of shit

No. 870481

lol she doesn't care she wants her old cosplay life back so she can cling to it rather than just face facts that she's a gross fat SW

No. 870482

The rant she has after this is so stupid I don't even feel like transcripting it or doing a tl;dr.
Mariah hasn't changed. If something happened, post about it. I don't get why now? Why bitch about it now? If it was so traumatizing for her, why didn't she post about it? She's expecting people like Bunny and kayybear to become prime examples of her pain when she's done nothing but "zen this/zen that, put the haturz aside, focus on yourself". Never change, Moo.

No. 870484

File: 1647737572045.png (360.28 KB, 462x837, pettty.png)

this doesn't sound very enlightened, mariah. almost as if you haven't changed at all and you're still just as petty and vindictive and ready to jump at the chance to throw people under the bus as the rest of them

No. 870487

She’s claiming she was being groomed now? Damn, I guess Moo just wants to make sure she checks off all the boxes on the victim list. She can toss out all those dumbass zen books now because it’s obviously not helping lol

No. 870488

Someone should remind kaybear Moo took back her apology, made fun of the accusations and called them all clout chasing attention whores.

Moo is clearly trying to gaslight in true narcissist fashion and getting away with it

No. 870489


did she delete this tweet?

No. 870490

No. 870491

still up for me

No. 870492

File: 1647738233747.jpeg (935.31 KB, 1242x1466, 711AD748-C9D7-42CA-B3D6-4DAF4B…)


No. 870494

File: 1647738348554.png (2.4 MB, 1800x1800, 305F13D6-5DCE-4205-BE0E-19D23D…)


Mighty convenient of Mariah to leave out parts of the convo.

No. 870495

File: 1647738587756.jpeg (815.08 KB, 1242x1499, 82900AA6-F295-4A26-A61D-B855BC…)

No. 870496

Jesus Christ moo you’re a fucking idiot. You could have skated by with no one even bringing this shit up. Now it’s all getting rehashed and people are dumping receipts, and just because you want to try and spin the narrative doesn’t negate how Krissy gent during the moment. She’s making this di nyxg worse for herself.

No. 870497

She keeps saying this shit but also won't stop inserting herself into the drama over and over again

No. 870498

i can only pray for that

No. 870499

if there's anything krissy can use to drag moo, she'll post it herself. kek. moo is such an idiot.

No. 870500

So basically moo saying it’s totally ok she did all this shit because “we were all fwiends and fwiends can assault each other!” Plus “you knew my intentions!”…. No offense but she really DOES sound like some guy trying to justify date rape.
Also she isn’t even a SW- that would imply she actually has sex and doesn’t bate to imaginary people while humping a pillow.
I’m betting now she’s got hidden cams around that stupid excuse for a studio. Just like a neckbeard.
I can’t wait til someone posts all the fucking receipts from here from back then.

No. 870501

Didn't Moo admit to lying about the rape LOL

No. 870502

File: 1647740210324.png (452.78 KB, 732x546, roseandlotus.png)

And like clockwork comes the self-soothing with pseudo-philosophical bullshit. So tired of her larping as some enlightened sage rife with ancient wisdom when she just parrots the same overused cliches and platitudes repeatedly.

No. 870503

That's what I thought! Glad someone else remembers her saying as such. But it's just like Mariah to try and rewrite history when it suits her and just hope enough people forget what was said.

No. 870504

she probably forgot. that's what happens when you're a liar. moo isn't even a good liar either.

No. 870513

File: 1647745106240.jpeg (759.73 KB, 1073x1930, C6AA1483-5FD9-4BDB-A7C7-7C1AEC…)

No. 870514


Lol so deep. We know her face. And her wrecked botched face.
Here Moo since we know you lurk here - “actions speak louder than words. Never take anything at face value”
Sorry I just can’t with this bitch. Her bullshit is right next to “live laugh love” for depth.

No. 870515

This is great. She is so despite, and it's sad that she always feels the need to defend herself online. No one is interested in your social media rants. Instead, share more of your gross veiny tits to your weird neckbeards. That's all your fan base is anymore, gross dudes that want to huff over her large body.

No. 870516

Pigs play in their own shit, after all. Delete them coward

No. 870517

File: 1647747453983.png (334.45 KB, 500x1250, momokun-cosplay-is-an-art-thie…)

Would hate for this to tend or get updated with the "OC" Snow leopard

No. 870518

File: 1647747490619.png (144.48 KB, 750x741, 1523381838564.png)

And here we go

No. 870519

That's all i can find though. I can't find anything of her admitting to lying though.

No. 870522

File: 1647751134449.jpg (517.31 KB, 592x1920, momores.jpg)

hey anon here is slightly better resolution

No. 870523

Much better, thank you

No. 870524

File: 1647751450527.png (79.04 KB, 654x162, momo has been.png)

Jenna is doing a stream and someone mentioned Moo

No. 870525

File: 1647751902401.png (249.32 KB, 730x482, moo in chat.png)

Also hanging in chat somewhere

No. 870526

File: 1647752381277.png (28.2 KB, 777x278, don't wear that.png)

Blaming Kay for the fact that Moo touched her clothes and pulled down her top to begin with. She's an adult. She should know better, but that's just her quirky ADHD.

No. 870528

a normal, sane person would know not to do that in the first place. is she really that retarded? loving all her crazed, weed induced rantings though.

No. 870529

Funny how she now blames it on her (and everyone including Kay) being drunk. So what was her excuse for pulling down the top of the other girl? Groping the guy at Lvl Up? All the other people that came forward about Moo touching them inappropriately? Either you’re drunk 24/7 or full of bullshit, which is it Moo?

Lol of course she’s lurking. "Letting it go" was just code for "I need to obsessively watch for any mention of me so I can blow it out of proportion and make it about ME!"

No. 870530

"My pants accidently came off"
I remember this. It was either regret sex because she was mad he didn't want a relationship. Or knowing Moo and her wanting to flip the narrative
SHE tried to take HIS pants off and he told her no. Which tbh seems more likely

Moo has a bad habit of stealing her victims stories as her own. She did the same thing in high school before a few people spoke up. About how she was being bullied but turned out she was the one being an asshole

No. 870532

File: 1647754449952.jpeg (725.72 KB, 1333x1978, 0D4656CE-C764-4452-8124-DD83C4…)

Like… you are extremely guilty of this "I need to be number one" mentality. Literally everything she is accusing others of doing to her is what she has done many times over! She has used tons of people over the years to advance her career and she only has herself to blame for it all coming down and becoming an internet punchline.

Also getting really tired of her fucking Obi-Wan "you were my brother (insert cosplayer name here) I loved you!" speech when referring to the others involved.

No. 870533

if she blames booze and drugs on her behavior she just labeled herself as a dangerous alcoholic

No. 870534

She sounds like such a stupid bitch. It’s a surprise she can breathe and walk at the same time.

No. 870535

I don't know what her end goal is. No one believes her. Is it so she feels better even if she's just damaging her reputation even more? If anything people are just reminded what a POS she is.
She's literally blaming every bad thing she did on them and then some. Grooming? Shut the fuck up Moo, you're an adult. And the false rape allegations came AFTER they met you. They were making fun of you because they knew you confessed it was all fake

No. 870536

File: 1647755995807.png (83.56 KB, 749x718, 1.png)

Hopefully this starts backfiring

No. 870537


Why does she have an issue with black SW cosplayers? Weird. She has an issue with Krissy and Kay and she has no black friends. Smelling more racism after the “Ching Chong” incident.

No. 870538

I’m willing to bet money she’ll accuse KBBQ of grooming since he’s a convenient target that can’t defend himself since leaving social media. That or her dad judging from her stories tonight and her past accusations of him "abusing" her.

No. 870539

she thought she could gaslight a group of narcs so she can come back to cosplay.
Moo, you're stuck doing porn and having to pay tens of thousands for fake friends and yes men.

Moo is blatantly racist, even to muslims. Anyone who isn't her. She's like Kanadanjin. But her using the N word in the past and her using a fake ghetto accent for whenever she wants to be trashy is disgusting as well.

No. 870540

Long ago, I was in a facebook group where she was posted constantly to troll saberfags, and was hated by all for this reason.
In light of recent drama, I looked her up and found out she was 26 NOW, when all these years I had her pegged for pushing 30 at the time she was relevant. Can any of you tell me when she started all this?(lurk more)

No. 870542

File: 1647764166903.jpg (43.47 KB, 587x322, lol.jpg)

lol, she's changed her bio

No. 870545

Ha! What art? The art supplies she dumped hundreds on are languishing in her shitty studio as props.
She also gained over 100 followers today and her dumb ass probably thinks they’re all fans.

No. 870548

isnt she ban evading right now? though you werent allowed to be on twitter after being banned from it it.

also, love how she comments at first that shes going to stay out of the drama. then opens like a fucking flood gate and complains

No. 870551

The irony of this tweet specifically because she did this to so many other people. So many smaller creators who aren't even being brought up and she never apologized to them either. She's the same as bunny and her freaking out trying to prove she's not is so ironic

No. 870553

Jfc moo is so emotionally manipulative holy shit. It would be exhausting being a “friend” of hers. She’s like a moid in more ways than I thought, she sounds exactly like guys who get called out for sexual assault. “You knew my intentions!” “You should have told me not to touch your clothes!” “You know I loved you!!!!!”

No. 870560

As someone who has been around her with mutual friends/ at cons recently, this is exactly how she is irl. It’s actually terrifying how abusive and manipulative she is to people she knows and is why no one ever goes against the grain. It’s just constantly her trying to manipulate words and intentions to fit what she wants and just ridiculous amounts of gaslighting. I was exhausted after a few hours, I’m not sure how people like umbran deal with it 24/7. It’s literally just what Mariah wants all the time. It’s FRIGHTENING.

No. 870562

Wait so not only do the people using the studio for photoshoots have to pay for a membership, their photographers do too?

No. 870570

Ugh I can’t imagine being friends with this hog. Let alone a relationship.

No. 870571

Nope, just shitty, cant stick to their guns, thots like Yureta.

No. 870572

Holy rapist! This woman actually exposed a woman's breasts in public and blames her because she didn't put up boundaries?!?!!?!?! I was starting to forget why I hate her because of her tragic botched face. She's here laughing and posting about drama and saying to go out and touch grass. Now she's trying to say she was the one being touched or that she was destroyed, when Bunny just started the chain events that made other women speak up. This is insane….I mean absolutely male psychopath sexual predator behavior.

Any interesting specific story, anon?

No. 870576

Is there any milk on Yureta?(asking to be spoonfed)

No. 870577

File: 1647790635591.jpg (669.07 KB, 1080x1913, Screenshot_20220320-083549_Twi…)

I really really how this gains traction. All of Moo's posts have zero or 1 like from simps or clout chasing from a hungry low number costhot. I hope to Good Moo keeps trying to make shit up and it goes really bad for her

No. 870579

She sounds like a complete incel throughout all this

No. 870580

File: 1647791348132.jpg (314.77 KB, 1309x1076, Screenshot_20220320-084709_You…)

Where's the case, Moo? Also no way in hell she be sitting in that nugget when she knows she's always been quick to callout, so she would've used that in her defense, the same way she scrambled to do a 'real' apology after Everyone called her out for the 1st one she did and then she wound up deleting the 2nd 1. She is literally did everything that Bynny is doing.

No. 870581

I’ve been around her one time, very recently with a group of mutual friends. Basically my Friend is friends with one of her Cronies. We were all just hanging out and shooting the breeze and the topic about someone (not cos famous just a random person Mariah knows) came up. She started mimicking their mannerisms but it was… very problematic. Making really offensive sounds like you would make fun of someone who is mentally disabled.

It clearly made everyone at the table uncomfortable and there was just a collective “oh no.” Mariah just tried to laugh it off. My Friend spoke up, she has a family member who is autistic so she just tried to tell
Mariah that sort of thing makes her feel uncomfortable. Mariah basically told her to shut up, she was just joking and she didn’t have any Ill intent. “Stop being so sensitive, it was just a joke. I can’t stand people who don’t get a joke”

Then Crony tried to defend my Friend, saying that since she has a family member with autism she doesn’t take that sort of thing lightly or as a joke and to just be more mindful.

Mariah went OFF. Telling Crony “you know the kind of person I am, it was just a joke. How can you say something that would make people think of me like that? We do jokes like this all the time and you’ve never had an issue before, but now you just want to act superior around Friend.”

Crony shut down, and I mean it when I say it was scary how fast she tried to smooth things over with Mariah, you could tell she was scared that Mariah was mad at her. Everyone else didn’t say anything, and eventually people started laughing it off and changed the subject.

It was so fucking uncomfortable.

No. 870582

Moo isn’t worth sucking dick for. The cosplay “fame” she has isn’t what it used to be. She’s a has-been flinging her bloody dildos at others cause she thinks that highly of herself. She needs to pack up the cosplay dreams and get back to working at Starbucks before her necrotic stomach falls off.

No. 870583

This is nice and all but do you have any proof like the name of the group of who else was in it to back any of this up? I don't know about other anons, but anyone can come in and just make some sort of story. You gotta post something to prove this happened even in the slightest anon. Not credible otherwise.

No. 870584

Dropping names wouldn’t prove anything tbh, everyone knows the people Mariah clings to. It would be easy enough to say the friend is umbran or something.

No. 870585

If it was a man saying these things he’d be dead and buried. It’s actually disgusting.

No. 870586

So an incredibly vague story is believable though? Not even where they went, was it in LV, was she high.. It is true she'd probably do this stuff, but thats not helpful

No. 870588

Not sure how to prove something that happened IRL and not in texts/ messages.

It was lvl up weekend if that helps any? I’m not dropping peoples names without their permission, if they want to come forward they can.

No. 870590

what a coward. She says all this stuff on the side, gets scared and hides. At least these girls were having their internet slap fight on their main account. Grow a pair of ovaries Moo

No. 870591

it does line up with past proven incidents Moo has at cons. Like when she crashed a closed dinner party and was loud and obnoxious. Making her pokemon group steal someone else's paid time slot for a photoshoot. Taking pictures of a private cos groups paid photoshoot and making the whole group uneasy when they told her to leave, but she wouldn't and said it's fine (The group were wearing red school uniforms. Forgot the anime)
Moo gaslighting people is a classic narcissistic move and highly believable.
And with her current actions, it's also a lil psycotic
"It's not my fault I assaulted you! It was your own fault! You were playing grab ass with your PERSONAL close friends. I just met you, but I think you deserved to have your breasts exposed just for that! You can hold me accountable I was drunk"

No. 870594


Maybe punch her in the mouth a few times. I’m joking but I’m seriously also surprised nobody has. She talks tough. She isn’t. And that whole talking from the side of her mouth thing I wonder who does that shit.

No. 870595

i personally know a few big name cosplayers who would if she went to the cons they go to, but no one cares about the vegas scene enough to go there.

No. 870597

That’s the thing I don’t get. In the video upthread she’s talking like “let’s take it outside”. We know of course she wouldn’t but if some guy pulled my top down or pulled the shit she does he’s getting the best I can give. On top of having the cops involved. Sometimes beating their asses works. Not this cat fighting online crap. She wants to act like an incel she should be treated as such. I don’t see why her friends are scared of her. Maybe if she sat on them she’d crush them but if it’s just her “good graces” whatever. Or it’s about money and that’s sad.

No. 870598

Not sure who Moo would've been talking about but this sort of story doesn't surprise me considering one of her ex-calves/victims is an advocate for their mental disability
Wouldn't surprise me one bit if Moo was still obsessing over them years later, which she clearly still does to others

No. 870599

File: 1647798074079.jpeg (155.29 KB, 640x602, 1531631339304.jpeg)

Except Moo never said sorry to you but instead was talking mad shit. People keep forgetting Moo is a major POS. She's just mad no one sees her as a victim atm

No. 870600

File: 1647798779324.jpeg (290.24 KB, 750x1161, 1531641109669.jpeg)

Moo's old apology before she deleted it and said everyone is lying. She does feel she's above criticism and she does truly believe she can do and say what she wants with zero consequence. She's back to blaming her victims again. She hasn't grown at all. She's still the same vile, dangerous cunt she always was

No. 870601

File: 1647798788133.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.76 KB, 1320x726, moolester.jpg)

Don't forget this shady gross shit she would do in public during photoshoots and embarrass the girls. This is why Sabrina outted her, as retaliation, for humiliating her constantly.

No. 870602

File: 1647798846965.jpg (162.22 KB, 1440x1902, Mooliar.jpg)

No. 870603

File: 1647799022118.png (513.1 KB, 660x380, live stream touch.png)

Or when she groped this girl on livestream because she thought it would be quirky? Like no. Even if this was something she did amongst friends, she specifically did this stuff in public, not behind closed doors to be uwu silly goofy time. She's trying to paint all these istances as something they did alone, but all the times Moo is shown, it is in front of other people and in situations where it isn't appropriate.

No. 870604

Well Moo you were obviously not drunk then. So what's your excuse? This was also your first photoshoot with this person
Moo is the living version of "Grab them by the pussy"
But with Moo's current statement, she's saying if you're friends with her she has the right to touch you. If Moo thinks you want it, she has the right. She has the mindset of a rapist
I remember this. So for context Moo was jealous for some petty reason when other cos girls were sharing their stories of being molested/raped in the con scene. So she was like me too and decided to throw the dude under the bus when he did nothing despite Moo trying her hardest.

No. 870605

For anyone wondering, Moo is questioning her about why this account has screenshots.