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File: 1436142854421.png (1.59 MB, 890x1472, Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 5.39…)

No. 132833

Sup ladies? Is Peter Coffin paying a new girl to fake as his wife or is this the original horsemaw with heavy plastic surgery?

I'll be including pics where she forgot to stuff her bra. We're over at /cow/ if you need us.

No. 132834

File: 1436142945694.png (1.05 MB, 1062x836, forgottostuffbra.png)


Posted this photo 2 days prior to this.

No. 132837

Previous /pt/ Thread: >>83467

No. 132860

File: 1436146132352.png (252.68 KB, 600x240, horsemaw.png)


Horsemaw is so fucking homely.

No. 132862

I'm late as fuck on this cow. Have we determined she is, in fact, a real person and not a sex doll or not?

No. 132867

Such a fucked saga. We're all thinking some sort of weird mixture or a doll, horsemaw who has appeared on video with him and these post recent photos posted at the top of this thread.

No. 132869

Other video. Prior to the supposed "surgery" 16K baby!

No. 132905

I'm honestly flabbergasted that there are people believing the current "Ashleigh" isn't an entirely different person than we saw a few months ago.

No. 133359

File: 1436225510813.png (1.31 MB, 1106x1098, Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 7.40…)


Look at that lumpy, shittily stuffed bra.

No. 133369

File: 1436226733313.jpg (39.01 KB, 640x648, e543158851594f22c1c6c09ff77067…)

FUCK my boobs hurt just looking at this.

No. 133370

File: 1436226828413.jpg (12.75 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

Looks like she contoured cleavage on too

No. 133372

So are pics in OP a doll or a person? Is he still using that doll he was before?

No. 133373


well she wont fall flat on her face will she lol

No. 137679

Person is gay

No. 783512

File: 1593812612233.jpg (671.12 KB, 1917x2555, EV7kJW6XQAE8lHQ.jpg)

From what people have gathered from checking her timeline and jokes. Ashleigh styles herself a communist despite the fact she'd probably be killed or put in the gulag under such a regime.(necro)

No. 783514

File: 1593813136711.jpg (160.43 KB, 595x843, troops.jpg)

She also seems a be fan of bimboification, or looking like a realdoll, i don't know if thats a specific fetish.

No. 783538

You hit the nail on the head anon, she's got a bimbofication fetish

No. 783552

My vote is 100% sex doll.

No. 783554

File: 1593827665265.jpg (39.46 KB, 612x612, t2NhH.jpg)

well you look at her old pics, its like she was trying to be a realdoll, it looks like she even tried to make her skin not look real as well.

No. 783559

File: 1593828345801.png (7.87 MB, 1242x2208, 87D117C4-DFC3-4BB0-8DD3-FE9362…)

When I look at pictures like this, it just doesn’t look like a real person to me. Also all of the things she says on Twitter sound like the personality a man would make up for his girlfriend. Could also just be a pathetic pick me who is addicted to photoshop, but I lean towards doll.

No. 783586

File: 1593833142123.jpeg (Spoiler Image,346.9 KB, 960x1280, godno.jpeg)

What about her youtube videos? I think she's real, but just looks completely different in motion. That's why she sits so rigid in her videos, so she keeps her angle right.

Her nude from the last thread makes me lol still

No. 783599

File: 1593836757665.png (6.45 MB, 1242x2208, 9B0266E4-4DC5-45C2-A428-D9D21B…)

I don’t think it’s the same person. If you compare the width of her shoulders and arms to the picture above they look totally different. If she were shooping herself that extremely you would notice some distortion or something off about the picture.

No. 783620

I heard a rumor that Ashleigh was Kimi and catfished Peter? Then Ashleigh just kinda took them place of Kimi. Do you think that's true?

Ashleigh only came on my radar after Peter had beef with Xiaxue and she went nuclear on him.

No. 783622

File: 1593849004010.gif (966.37 KB, 353x265, tumblr_md5889gsCN1r270l9.gif)

if you look at her old gifs, it doesn't look like anything a normal person would do.

No. 783623

look at how warped the background is, it looks like shes using some sort of fisheye lens to make her boobs look bigger

No. 783624

File: 1593849380358.gif (608.9 KB, 275x206, 1429238727001.gif)

No. 783625

Oof that looks kinda painful to do

No. 783626

She's literally just a normal woman with a bimbofication fetish. She tries her hardest to look like a sex doll because it turns her on and in motion that doesn't work because she can't Photoshop herself.
"Mystery" solved

No. 783627

File: 1593850046066.jpg (169.75 KB, 901x600, tumblr_naq7hgIUKu1r5ygdco1_128…)

yeah even after she had the baby she still did "doll" poses

No. 783630

I think this is the truth behind the fake girlfriend saga. She posted something on her tumblr years ago about regretting doing something and how a loved one still suffers because of her actions. She also had reasons to catfish being a poor underaged fat girl with a busted jaw.

No. 783634

Is there a single picture, where her face is seen from a different angle?

No. 783636

Are we really necroing this 4yo thread to discuss old milk? Or is there an actual update I missed somewhere?

No. 783638

File: 1593857531671.jpg (213.15 KB, 1536x2048, EYWKqFdWoAApMtw.jpg)

Yeah I think so as well, it lines up with her being a massive weeb

Ashleigh divorced Peter and now is thirstposting on Twitter to promote her own channel

No. 783654

No. 783668

I love how this thotticus has a kid and still acts like an autistic egirl. What is she gonna do in 5 years?

No. 783669

File: 1593877626534.jpg (511.81 KB, 1080x1380, Screenshot_20200704-174537_Chr…)

I'm glad someone necroed this thread because she's so fucking weord and I'm still convinced it' Peter Coffin actually posting.

No. 783687

oh shit, didn't even remember toilet nigga until now

No. 783688

I think she had two kids with him

No. 783705

that picture scared me

No. 783709

File: 1593885597459.jpg (Spoiler Image,38.87 KB, 640x480, Ashleigh-Coffin-Nude-Leaked-Fa…)

No. 783730

wtf kek

I feel like she has no personality at all. Like I know she does the "I'm a oommunist while holding completely liberal values" shit, but she's so dull. Which makes me think she does have a bimbofication fetish and is doing it on purpose.

She gives me such creepy/bad vibes. Like there's something really mentally wrong with her.

No. 783741

god that's disgusting and scary

I used to stalk her tumblr when it was mildly famous and be fascinated by the uncanny valley of her pics, I'm a fan of horror and she looked like some kind of creepy weirdo out of very bad horror movie. Then I discovered the whole Coffin saga and was blown away.
How's Peter btw? Hasn't been milky for a while?

No. 783746


Very true anon, she definitely has a bimboifcation fettish, you can tell by all the pictures with her tits out.

She is still a cow in my book, I hope we are able to keep this thread around.

No. 783759

>I'm a oommunist while holding completely liberal values

Welcome to bernie lefthots

No. 783771

File: 1593900007693.png (1.92 MB, 1849x1554, Screenshot (79).png)

How the fuck is this funny?

No. 783894

It's hard to tell if it's surgery or not cause some boobs do look big propped up like that but she defintley filters and maybe touches up her photos a little.

Makeup doesn't help either.

No. 783907

It’s hard for me to imagine someone doing >>783709 to real boobs without some kind of nerve damage from surgery.

No. 790795

File: 1597629891197.jpg (129.61 KB, 591x832, aash.jpg)

I came across her stuff while looking at shoeonheads timeline.

I really think people I've heard are right about her catfishing as Kimi when she was underage and a shut in, since you could see she had a obvious complex about her teeth. Then later she came clean and she was legal and moved over for the operation.

Now that she has more confidence, she's willing to speak about her interests in anime and giant boobs, and they align with a low-self esteem shut in. Also she probably sounds a lot like Peter Coffin because is probably the only extended interaction she had with someone else outside her family.

Looking at her feed just seems to confirm things for me.

No. 790797

File: 1597630930888.jpg (140.57 KB, 1026x501, 1463029129735.jpg)

It's 70% fake, most of it is stuffing, sometimes she draws in cleavage with makeup.

Considering the work she did on her old photos and gifs shes quite handy with photoshop

No. 790897


Does she claim she only came over to the US relatively recently? No way. Her accent is incredibly Americanised and I've never seen her use non-American spelling or phrasing.

I'd bet money she hasn't lived in Scotland since at least early childhood.

No. 790898

Not to mention that surgery would have been FREE in Scotland!

No. 790921

File: 1597692409576.jpg (197.54 KB, 1315x528, ashl.jpg)

Cosmetic procedures aren't covered under NHS, why do you think Peter was raising funds for "life saving" procedure?

Shes apparently back in Scotland now with her mom

No. 790941

damnnnnnn her filters are insane just looking at the difference between her mom on the right and left.

No. 790950

File: 1597707406908.jpg (413.84 KB, 1470x1475, 109826857_2157875714359036_501…)


This is the most recent picture, the others were from last year.>>790921

No. 790952


Didnt she have one of those jaw surgeries for people with overbites? My friend had that, it's free. If you can prove a medical necessity (or even just convincingly argue that it's harming you mentally) you can get cosmetic-type surgeries on the NHS. Braces too.

Either way tho private care in general is cheaper in the UK than in the US. I also don't understand why she wouldn't get that sort of thing done in Scotland,if she is in fact from there (I don't believe she is)

No. 790954

Has she ever even talked about British politics?

No. 790957


I always thought it's weird how much she talks about American politics but never mentions UK politics.

No. 790970

Braces aren't covered unless you're a child, disabled, unemployed or on a pension. If you have to pay it's in a band system. I think braces are band 4 which would make them like $250 USD. If she didn't get them as a kid she didn't need them. UK dentistry isn't about looks. They won't fix her having ugly looking teeth for free, she'd have to go private for that.

She didn't medically need her jaw surgery. That's why she didn't get it. It was purely for vanity reasons because she looks weird when she speaks. (and no you can't get surgery just because you argue it can help you mentally. That is a very small number of surgeries and you need to get several Doctors to sign off on it).

She didn't have any money in Scotland as a teenager. Peter dangled what she wanted in front of her and she upped and moved for it because she's a dumbass.

No. 790986

> Braces aren't covered unless you're a child,

She was literally a child lol

No. 790996

File: 1597721544701.png (700.71 KB, 1167x610, gfm.png)

She said that the surgery was necessary because of TMJ, but her entire face changed. Pretty sure shee lied about it for donations, it was paid for with a gofundme. https://www.gofundme.com/f/coffin

No. 790997

She was 17 which isn't a child in the UK. And the point is if she didn't get them as a child she doesn't need them. Keep up.

yeah the money went on cosmetic shit for sure. also the pic is so funny to me because she's more concerned about getting her body in the shot than her fucking husband kek

No. 791159


> She was 17 which isn't a child in the UK.

What's it like being so confident but so completely incorrect? That's probably the most retarded single sentence I've seen written down in a while.

NHS dental care is covered until you are 18, 19 if you're in full time education, or any age if you're on benefits. Literally if you don't know something try googling it at least.

Anyone saying it wouldn't have been covered is retarded too. If your teeth are more than 4mm misaligned it's covered. If they're less, it's negotiable. She had giant horse teeth, no way that she wouldn't get at least braces for free.

Jaw realignment is a multi step process, the first step is to get fucking braces. Then they see how that goes and if they can recommend further treatment.

The NHS is pretty modular. If you make an effort and shop around a bit you can usually get at least some bits of a multi stage procedure covered, even if it’s largely cosmetic. Most specialist doctors work both privately and on the NHS as well, so you can even keep the same doctor.

Oh yeah, btw completely private healthcare/cosmetic surgery exists in the UK too. It's very high quality and almost always cheaper than in the US.

It's pretty much a moot point to argue whether or not the jaw surgery would have been cheaper in the UK. It would have been.

Personally I think she got braces on the NHS, moved to America for dick, and figured it was easier to just get idiots to pay for expensive American surgery than to save money.

No. 791176

She spent her teen life larping as kimi and talking to probably no one but Peter Coffin. So her entire head is just filled with what Coffin thinks.

No. 791178

File: 1597806588553.png (705.73 KB, 1205x460, ZHl5Z9m.png)

looks more than a simple realignment to me. I'd wager is veneers and jaw surgery.

No. 791192

i didn't even read this but you need help anon

No. 791193

You are absolutely wrong and are shitting up the thread at this point with essays sperging about literally nothing. Scotland =/= England you fucking moron. Stay in your lane. No one wants to read your fucking blogs.

No. 791194

File: 1597815280138.jpg (125.91 KB, 408x408, Britney-Spears-Does-Not-Approv…)


> looks more than a simple realignment to me. I'd wager is veneers and jaw surgery.

> more than a simple realignment

> veneers

> jaw surgery

Bitch what do you think veneers are? WHAT DO YOU THINK JAW SURGERY IS

No. 791195


Cool debunk, nice to get some accurate info

No. 791197

why are you so mad over nothing and wrong anyway??

they don't give out free surgery for dumb reasons.
You can't Doctor shop in Scotland because you HAVE to see the Doctor in your area closest to your registered address you dumbass. if her local GP said no she can ask for a second opinion but you can't just keep doing that until a doctor says yes this isnt the US.

I lived in Scotland for the first 20 years of my life. If the nhs wouldn't cover it it would be easier for her to get peter to leech money for her obviously which is the point being made??

idk if you're the same anon that is convinced she's not Scottish but you seem obsessed with her.

yeah probably all of that and more. It's weird in some pictures she looks super skinny on ana level and in others she looks normal

No. 791274


I'm not talking about your gp, I'm talking about specialists. I literally live here and have been through a similar mixed private/NHS treatment but go off I guess.

I was just trying to clarify some shit because this thread is full of people talking completely out of their arse, and I'm pretty sure the point is that she scammed people out of money for a treatment she could have easily got much cheaper.

Honestly though at this point I'm not even sure why she's supposed to be a cow. Has she actually done anything recently that's funny?


If a comment longer than a couple of sentences frustrates and confuses you, maybe you should stick to Twitter or something. I don't see how that's my problem though.

No. 791309


No wonder she is Shuwu's friend, she's trying so hard to be one of the cool girls.

No. 791329

File: 1597861389042.jpg (363.59 KB, 1967x1361, twatter.jpg)

It's been discussed before if her surgery was covered under the NHS, it's pointless to fight over it.

What makes Ashleigh such a cow is that she most likely tricked Peter into bringing her over to the US. Then they both scammed people so she could get cosmetic surgery. She is so damn insecure she still photoshops her photos. She is a shell of a women without her own personality and just mimics Peter's humor.

No. 791345

"her whole face changed" uhhh are we looking at the same person right now anons? In >>791178 it looks like she just gained weight like everyone does as they get older. She has a sucked in almost anorexic look on the left then slowly she gained weight. Her teeth look exactly the same and so does her jaw, aside from being more fat and her teeth being more white. Stop sperging over nothing.

Her boobs in pics where you can see nipples seem deflated, like she lost a bunch of weight. That would make them much easier to push up.

She is definitely real. She's just the left version of all the trad-thots. Addicted to male attention and negative attention in general. Grown ass woman being an edgy loser for attention. Just like her husband. Not that hard to figure out. No idea how anons here can't wrap their heads around it kek.

this video is such cringe and the perfect evidence that she is an edgy attention whore. Watched this on a twitch stream with other lefties and couldn't believe people liked it. Knuckle draggers see big boobies and hear the big boobies say edgy things and they start going nuts.

No. 791395

File: 1597891217344.gif (584.5 KB, 275x207, 1421894030519.gif)

Still can't wrap my mind around what the fuck was going on between Kimi, her, Peter, the weird looking baby they had that she held like a football…all that from the first thread looked SO much like she was a doll, or a complete shut-in mental case. Now she seems lame as fuck, but kind of normal?

And that's not even getting into the fact that those earliest images that were purported to be her look nothing like any of the women in >>791178 , pic related because who is this? I agree the three in the linked post are the same woman, just at different stages of weight gain, but that original cam girl with the glasses, that has got to be someone else Peter claimed was Ashleigh. Too bad we'll probably never know.

No. 791396

File: 1597891506274.jpg (358.87 KB, 1280x1280, 1429308384587.jpg)

samefag but here is she is either right before or after delivering a premature baby, or so she says. Fun sexy selfie time, also barely looks like any of the other women pictured here.

No. 791397

you have to see a gp to get a referral. then you're sent to the one connected to your gp clinic. as another anon pointed out, this is scotland not england. Stop shitting up the thread.

putting your extensions on to go give birth lmao

No. 791521

I feel like there is a sure way to clock girls who grew up ugly and nerdy - every 3/10 fuggo who became more or less normal with plastic surgery starts acting like a gigastacy whom everyone is jealous of, Ash being a great example. The difference is so drastic they get extremely hyped up about their now average looks, it's kind of endearing.

No. 791708

Are you trolling right now or..? Because legit I don't understand how you can't tell the two pictures you posted are the same person. The gif is just super low res so it's hard to tell, also in the gif she has glasses and eyeliner. All of which combined make her look very different. idk. In the picture of the hospital room she probably doesn't have a bra on so she's pulling out her gown and leaning forward so we can't see how tiny her breasts are without 3 push-up bras on. Don't even believe she's actually had work done, maybe some injections but nothing serious. Changing your hair color, eyebrow color, makeup, gaining/losing weight…all of that can make a person look very different. Don't want to sound like I'm defending this cunt because she's a disgusting loser but this is kind of ridiculous.

No. 792644

File: 1598654171428.jpeg (129.08 KB, 750x841, 5E21ECAC-D77F-427A-AE47-82CC4D…)

lmfao so edgy!!!! xD

No. 792648

Liberals have being swearing off breakfast at tiffany's for years because of the landlord character. She's so fucking behind and comes across as so incredibly try hard and ill-informed.

Also the bechdel test recognizes it's limitations. This girl is straight up a moron.

> A work may pass the test and still contain sexist content, and a work with prominent female characters may fail the test.

>Although the test is not perfect, it can still help to determine whether women will be properly represented in a film. The test simply indicates whether there is adequate female presence within the film.


No. 792670

File: 1598662673329.jpg (Spoiler Image,226.14 KB, 1194x1616, jsadfgnkjeng;kjanweog.jpg)

What is wrong with her…

No. 792736

She is the textbook definition of a pickme. "Hello boys, I have porn on my phone, am I a cool girl yet?"

No. 792766

I feel like anyone who'd fuck Peter Coffin, much less marry him and have a child with him, has all ready debased herself so much no amount of pick-me-ism could possibly do any more damage.

No. 792876

The guys she appeals to have no standards. They pretend to be conservative traditional men but the second a tranny wears a nazi uniform and pretends to be "based and redpilled" they would even suck a dick.

You can be the biggest most useless whore, just repeat their opinions back at them while having big tits and you are their queen.

No. 794978

File: 1599866490325.png (32.2 KB, 731x292, 1FDCECC9-3CFF-43B0-B069-DDE080…)

Ashleigh commemorating 9/11 in a way that only she can

No. 795325

File: 1600017602045.png (847.72 KB, 586x958, faaaaaaake.png)

Why are men so retarded? In the replies there's actually dudes who think her boobs are "natural".

No. 795326

File: 1600018023329.png (1.66 MB, 1189x944, lmao.png)

No. 795327

Most men can't spot fake boobs unless they're obvious looking "bolt-ons"

No. 795330

They can't spot obvious photoshop either.

No. 795333

Don't you girls ever think "man, if I didn't have this stupid self-respect I could earn so much money from retarded men on the internet"?

Like you literally dont even have to look good anymore nowadays, just take a photoshop course or hell, use one of those filters that turn you into an anime girl. It's so easy.

No. 795392

Leaving the hanger string out like a retard

No. 795399

Looking at all pictures past and present, you'd think she would have a kota-esque collage by now.

No. 795520

my thought exactly. i guess scrotes don't care tho kek

No. 795547

File: 1600101898741.jpg (435.12 KB, 1072x1513, 20200914_124300.jpg)


Am I remembering correctly, after she had surgery to fix her jaw she had to be "rushed back to the hospital" because she was having issues but truthfully she got her tits done?

No. 795617

File: 1600121885972.png (494.92 KB, 604x489, gib attension.png)

She left it out in every fucking picture kek

From the amount of blur she has going on in the full body pic + the awkward pose she seems to be putting on weight


No. 795619

she can't be fucking serious. Is someone holding a gun to her head and making her wearing a pushup bra + padding to look like >>795325 ? I totally get women getting sexual attention for having large breasts no matter what they do but she literally used her tits to build an audience and now she's mad she gets treated like a thot?

I can't with this idiot.

No. 795620

hi i love lolcow.farm waht a cool website :DDDDDDDD(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 795745

big naturals? are you kidding me? really. does this chick think there exist no photos (and nudes) of her before surgery? not even mentioning the obvious padding and pushing up to the point her tits are about to spill out. the only reason why they aren't clocked as bolt ons immediately is the layer of fat on top of the implants

No. 795746

to be fair your breasts can grow a lot after childbirth

No. 795978

File: 1600282588992.jpg (13.85 KB, 275x275, 1463242291354.jpg)

In these highly fucked up pregnancy photos she is wearing a couple bras. Middle school level big-tit fakery. I don't doubt that she has fairly big boobs for her frame, but she either got implants at some point or has just continued to wear multiple bras at a time and contour in cleavage.

Regardless she's a weird woman to have taken these photos while pregnant. I don't really get her psychology except she seems to want to be a bimbo or sex doll. All the weird shit with Coffin and looking like she was a posed sex doll at the beginning of their relationship, she must just be into it.

No. 796245

who the fuck shoops their waist for pregnancy pics? that's some mentally ill right there.

No. 798116

File: 1601472968070.png (799.4 KB, 891x1371, Screenshot_212.png)

Dick Masterson is flirting this girl and I wanna know for the sake of research: is she trans? How old is she?

No. 798379

> is she trans

Her pregnancy photos are only two posts above this. Make at least a minimal effort.

No. 798408

She's not trans, just ugly. And Dick Masterson is the worst scrote to ever exist, Ashleigh literally has the worst taste in men. He also has a girlfriend, so him flirting with her like this is beyond disgusting.

I saw someone post her pictures in the Dick Masterson KF thread and then someone posted her real nudes and all the scrotes were repulsed. kek.

No. 804963

Did she end up divorcing Peter or was Peter who divorced her? Haven't got caught up with her lore, from what i've seen she's still posting left memes and fake horny posting for the male audience of her followers(necro)

No. 805380

this post (http://archive.md/tmpeF) makes it sounds like it was mutual, but it's so full of generic platitudes like "we'll always be family" and "we're still best friends" that that's basically meaningless

tbh I'm of the opinion that Ash was the one who instigated the breakup. I think she genuinely has no real ambitions or personality beyond wanting male attention at any cost. So as soon as she figured out she could get more of that by being a single big-titty coomunist than by being peter coffin's disproportionately hot MILF wife it was bye bye petey and bye bye to their kids too. after they split her entire tl went from starwars stuff/ pictures of their kids/ posts defending peter to tit pics, hentai and coomer memes.

tbh the kids thing worries me most bc she used to post about them or just generally about being a mom all the time, but now she seems like she's trying to give off the impression that she's completely unattached. like basically larping as a teenager with nothing to do in life except take pics of her boobs for queens cleavage and play vidya, when she's actually a divorced mom of two in her late 20s.
I cant decide whats more depressing, the idea that the kids are living with her or that they're living with peter

No. 805382

also samefag but her boobs have gotta be fake bc there's no way you could take >>783586 (cute and above average, but tube-shaped) and turn them into >>783514 (bigger than her head and perfectly spherical without any padding or support) without an implant. the 16k they raised for ashleigh's "jaw surgery" ended up in her tits, no question

No. 805470

File: 1605828385585.png (130.34 KB, 680x587, 3.png)

Pretty sure this leaked dm from the leftcow thread means she has custody, or at least partial. Though if she's based in Scotland now I'm not sure how that would work

Also her saying she's "pretty sure her son is autistic lol", keep it classy Ash

No. 805544

File: 1605877366748.png (45.92 KB, 736x530, wut.png)

>I think she genuinely has no real ambitions or personality beyond wanting male attention at any cost

picrel from shoe thread today. She's so insecure.

Damn. I feel really bad for her son if he is autistic and she's treating it like a joke to her simps.

No. 805556

File: 1605885863014.jpg (683.82 KB, 1867x938, 20201120_101955.jpg)

I'm surprised more people aren't talking about how Peter has replaced Ashleigh with another girl. He had her one of his YouTube videos.

https://youtu.be/uQdwiOvbtR0 (around the 12:08 mark)

No. 805566

god he's gross. She's an upgrade on Ashley though. I hope she runs soon.

No. 805584

tbh it's probably better if Ashleigh has custody since iirc she lives with her mum now. We can all rest easy knowing granny is watching the kids while Ash wonders drunk into the forest a 5am to gash her face open (?)

No. 805591

I don’t buy it. The scratches are too clean, are on opposite sides of her face, and there’s no scraping or bruising anywhere else. Bitch got bored and cut her cheek with a razor.

No. 805593

File: 1605909632711.png (515.96 KB, 596x550, sureash.png)

I really dont wanna believe that someone in charge of two young children would actually slice up her own face for attention but the pics she posted of it when it was "fresh" look fake af

blood that's dry enough to flake up like that should be dark red/ brown, not bright red like that. also if you fell over onto a tree or even a rock you would likely get a messy graze and some bruising, not a clean cut like that

No. 805595

File: 1605910185441.png (93.65 KB, 152x225, wut.png)

Does she have filler or is that overlining? Either way, yikes.

That cut doesn't even look real though. There's no depth.

No. 805598

I'm shocked she actually admitted to being 28 and having two kids. Her method for attracting beta men is to push the idea that she's some NEET with no responsibilities who does nothing but play video games and jerk off to hentai all day, so low tier idiots will think "wow shes a super hot girl but shes just like me" so gross

what a contrast to the way she used to talk about her kids, when she was with Peter she was always gushing about how adorable they were now its "the boy is autistic lol"

No. 805629

The fuck, that does look fake.
What does she do besides fish for attention on twitter? Like, is this her..content?

No. 805732

bit of both, it makes her lips look like raw chicken. its that classic BDD thing where they get surgery, then keep emphasizing the body part as though they didnt, so she has lip fillers and implants but keeps on overlining and stuffing her bra til she looks like a clown (picrel)
KF also pointed out that the "blood" conspicuously stops right above the collar of her shirt, like she was trying to avoid ruining it lol
the blood in that picture is obviously fake and there's no way she could have gotten it falling down in the woods, there are two things that might have happened, either way she comes off as a fucking psycho, either there's no scar, she draws it on in the exact same place every time she wants to take a selfie or the more disturbing option, she cut her own face on purpose, then did the whole "fell over in the woods" thing for attention

No. 805733

File: 1605999327041.jpg (366.42 KB, 1536x2048, Em90IFAXMA4sGOp.jpg)

lmao dropped my pic, dont drink and cow kids

No. 805736

File: 1606000543709.jpg (67.21 KB, 596x380, s.jpg)


She seems like she has a personality and some intelligence, which automatically makes her too good for Peter.

Obviously she did it so she could humble brag about people thinking she looks like a hot video game girl

If peter was smart he would go ahead and say "Yeah, I made Kimi up. I was young, sad and lonely and I wanted a girlfriend". Most of his audience are terminally online losers, so they would probably empathise, and he would loose a little face, but a lot less than he is at the moment from having people think that upon finding out he was being catfished by a mentally ill 17 year old, he not only continued the relationship, but brought her over to America and put a baby in her the moment she turned 21

No. 805746

Eugh those lips..
Also I love how all these pics have the telltale signs of snow/meitu filters. They're always grainy like that

No. 805757

why do I feel like the scars keep moving from the initial picture seen >>805593. It could just be she has flipped the image. Even then the smaller scar seems to disappear.

No. 805784


Well, in the "this totally just happened" pic, it's going from her ear to her lip.

But in this one >>805733 it's going from her nose to her jaw.

No. 805789

Holy shit are you blind? Of course it's fake, it literally changes angle from running along her cheekbone to running against it

No. 805793

omg she drew her scar on going the wrong direction KEK this girl is fucking insane

No. 805804

File: 1606057951107.jpg (20.11 KB, 280x498, 127189292_747374392790999_8405…)

Ash just posted this a fleet (lol i hate that I have to use that word) she must be checking the thread bc there's literally nothing this could be except a "no my scar is totally real u guize :((" post

It looks so bad I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she made it look fake on purpose to bait people. I mean what is that, red lipliner and some craft glue to make it look crusty? at least this is probably a guarantee that she didn't cut her own face up, that would be a dark twist even for my taste

No. 805806

Oh my fuck you're right it looks like rigid collodion and lip liner.
Also a conveniently very low res pic again

No. 805811

File: 1606063861155.png (345.9 KB, 592x417, te.png)

I really hope the other anon was right and Grandma is doing the bulk of raising these kids. She is desperate to be seen as a young, free, very online e-girl rather than the overstuffed potato sack she really is.

No. 805812

File: 1606064358756.png (389.95 KB, 598x403, te.png)

samefag and sorry for sperg, but her kids are quite young, right? Her whole twitter is like this. Bragging about not working and getting high every night. From her twitter she's back in Scotland because her mom is there which means there's no Peter to watch the kids when she's drunk and high off her tits every night.

I scrolled back 3 days and she was bragging about being too wasted to function on 3 separate occasions. Get help Ashleigh. It's not cute.

No. 805813


No. 805815

Wtf the cut changed again between these 2 pics

No. 805816

I'm dying, she can't even keep it consistent on how long it is or the angle of the cut.
Besides, if this was even more than a day old, it would have already started to scab and dry up, but that's not easy to fake with lipstick.

No. 805818

This is such a weird and unhinged thing to fake. What a crazy bitch

No. 805820

iirc they're both under five, so yeah, kids who need a lot of care and attention (especially if her son is showing the kind of developmental issues that indicate he might be autistic)

I'm not one of those people who has a stick up their ass about how a mother should behave or w/e but I seriously find the way Ash acts so weird and lowkey concerning. why even have them if she's just going to try her hardest to act like she isn't a mum?

Also, didn't she hardcore starve herself and barely gain any weight during her first pregnancy, is that kind of fetal malnutrition something that could lead to a baby being developmentally stunted?

No. 805821

samefag but this is the timeline from her first pregnancy, even though it's probably posed/ shooped to high hell she still must have been very very skinny

that kid was a preemie too I think, no way he doesn't have some physical issues from such a fucked up pregnancy

No. 805822

File: 1606070181718.jpg (212.3 KB, 1080x1576, 20201122_103140.jpg)

This isn't even a believable story, why not say she fell on a jagged rock or something? Her simps are barely buying it

No. 805823

If she's up until 4am every night (I saw 6am on her feed) she's not the one looking after her kids. It's sad.

When i fall I too make no attempt to break my fall and let my face hit the glass covered ground.

No. 805824

has she ever had a job? she was a shut-in teenager, then she moved to the US with peter to be a stay at home mom, now she's back living with her family in Scotland and doesn't seem to be working? it's not even like she has any productive hobbies either, she quit the podcast she was on, her youtube has like 6 videos, and now it doesn't even look like shes even caring for her own kids? this woman is 28 years old, what the fuck does she do with all that free time?

bit weird to call yourself a communist when you've never worked a day in your life Ash


Also even if she did fall that hard onto broken glass it would be much, much worse, probably a jagged, deep scar that would need stitches/ medical attention

No. 805825

File: 1606072222635.jpg (876.92 KB, 1391x971, ac.jpg)

She's the type of communist that thinks not working and being paid to sit at home is communism. She's a commie like all the trannies are commies, that is until they have to do any class analysis relating to sex.

I really think she's the ultimate pick me. She doesn't do anything at all in her day to day life that isn't targeted at gaining male attention. Then she posts MRA shit like >>805544

Kiwifarms was posting screenshots showing she was thirsting over Sam Hyde a month or so ago, too. Great praxis. I also stole the pic from the farms because it really shows how heavily she abuses whatever face editing app she uses.

No. 805827

File: 1606072718627.jpg (68.57 KB, 750x998, 126606413_3478479678926569_803…)

I have no idea who Sam Hyde is or what his politics are, but is it possible he's the guy she's referring to here?

Either way, I think it's only a matter of time before Ash pulls a Laci Green and flip-flops to the right. Doesn't actually seem like she cares about leftism in the slightest, and the kind of attention she would get from being the super hot leftist chick who got red pilled would be so intense she'd probably never need to post another thirst trap again. plus its not like her fans atm actually care about her opinion, so she probably wouldn't even lose face with them

No. 805830

File: 1606073400376.png (444.96 KB, 478x609, sam.png)

Possibly? I genuinely feel that he would be trolling her though if this was him. Sam Hyde hates women and she's a complete attention whore.

No. 805834

imho that's the worst thing about Ashleigh, she spends basically all her time building and maintaining a very large (100k+ on twitter) following, but she's either too stupid or unwilling to actually get any money out of it.

no patreon, only fans, monetized YouTube channel, not even a venmo or cashapp. A following like that could easily net her thousands a month on only fans, even posting basically the same kind of lewds she does on her twitter. Or a patreon for her YT channel could be really fucking lucrative if she actually bothered to make videos.

her level of thottery and attention seeking would still be really fucking lulzy, but at least you could say she was turning that into money to support herself and her family. but instead she sits around all day leaching of her elderly mom, spending all her time on the internet with nothing worthwhile to actually show for it

No. 805835

samefag but i looked it up and she does actually have a patreon for her videos, which gets her $63 a month, probably because she never promotes it or makes any videos. It has one post and hasnt been updated since march. $63 probably doesn't even cover her filler top-ups

No. 805841

I’m >>805591 and I ended up going to her twitter and noticed immediately that the stupid bitch made the ‘scratch’ in an entirely different direction on her face in all her ~thuper badass selfies~ but didn’t want to samefag. She’s insane.

No. 805843

File: 1606087739382.jpg (40.68 KB, 750x605, 126552265_2693944500865509_542…)

so they both hate women? sounds like a perfect match, Ash even said that she likes her men to be 4/10s (that explains peter lol)

she posted a video of her blowing out weed smoke on twitter, moving her head all stiff to avoid showing her "bad angels". one of her simps noticed how fucking weird it looked, but of course he ended up doing some mental gymnastics to explain how her moving awkwardly like some BDD addled sicko was actually just another sign of how ~ totally perfect~ she is

I swear only a coomer could make "you move like a robot" into a compliment

No. 805846

File: 1606089153328.jpg (169.1 KB, 1440x740, Screenshot_20201122-155103__01…)

Jfc Ash, do you ever talk about anything else besides sex?

No. 805847

She really doesn't understand shit all

No. 805850

Hey ash maybe you could stop masturbating and tweeting for a few minutes and check on your kids

No. 805855

Okay, now I 100% believe she really catfished Peter as Kimi. Only the sex doll question remains now.

No. 805862

Let’s not go that far.

No. 805863

The men she tries to pander to probably despise mothers who behave like this.

No. 805921

i s2g you could boil basically all of her tweets down into one formula;
"Yes, I'm [hot girl trait], but I also do [coomer thing]"

No. 805960

File: 1606155524995.jpeg (266.26 KB, 750x616, B8A2FA99-581A-4B01-90BA-E8D9F1…)

Ash is having her weekly meltdown over how she just can’t seem to find a good man on twitter no matter how many gratituous titty pics she posts

Also didn’t the leaked dms from the leftcow thread show the opposite of this? She was telling a guy she loved him and wanted to be with him and then a few weeks later it was all “my feelings have changed”

No. 805986

How did she type that second tweet ("Unleash your chad" lol) without feeling embarrassed in herself?>>805960

No. 805997

How is negging a feminine trait? This bitch just says words. she doesn't understand a single thing. Its amazing.

No. 805998

File: 1606170216648.jpeg (266.31 KB, 750x615, 2D736A8D-F779-4F03-BAE6-CF32BF…)

It’s a feminine trait? I know she’s trying to parody the way these guys talk, but she really can’t just admit that some bad things are predominantly done by men

Like in this tweet it seems like she’s trying to shame women for not complimenting men’s appearance more. That’s bc men aren’t judged on their looks as much, and if you compliment a man without trying to sleep with him he’ll probably accuse you of “leading him on”

No. 806001

I think it's a meme. It originally started on Twitter with homophobic people saying stuff like ordering dessert is a "female trait." Ashleigh's doing it ironically, but it still shows how hurt she actually is, so the irony falls flat.

No. 806015

She's saying its feminine as a bad thing like as in its not manly to do. She's clearly making a joke but it's still a pick me ass joke

No. 806058

File: 1606196833310.jpg (149.43 KB, 1080x817, 20201124_064702.jpg)


No. 806068

I just went to her page and she also retweeted borderline hentai. She is so trashy and has no shame about it. Not everything needs to be shared online. I wonder what her kids will think of her.

No. 806070

Men are shocked when they are being complimented because OTHER MEN DON’T COMPLIMENT THEM EITHER.

Men don’t even compliment women for no reason! Women hype up other women. Men don’t even really care about average or ugly women complimenting them. They certainly don’t remember older women giving them compliments because they’re not fuckable in their mind.

I swear to god all of these hoes pickmes just keep gassing up average dudes with overinflated ego. Dudes dress like they woke up in a dumpster, can barely groom themselves and still expect handout compliments.

Get lost Ash, fucking parent your kids once in a while for a change, that will keep you busy.

She hates being braless cause her titties are droopy without proper support, which would be cool and normal for any woman (especially after kids), but no she has to be an ethereal porn addict. Even the reddit dedicated to her are thirsting over her making an OF but it’s not going to happen cause the tits are fake as. It’s actually hilarious how they keep saying it’s because she had 3 pregnancies, like women breasts just progressively get bigger and bigger with each passing pregnancy and don’t slowly go down in size too.

No. 806072

>It’s actually hilarious how they keep saying it’s because she had 3 pregnancies, like women breasts just progressively get bigger and bigger with each passing pregnancy and don’t slowly go down in size too.

When you fanbase is hentai coomers…
This deranged woman is even a bigger pickme than wig0nhead. No wonder they pretend to be friends.

No. 806076

lmao i love this post. It's all so true, She's raising 2 sons too so you know they're going to grow up entitled as fuck. If this dumb plastic bitch wants to wander around the forest at night complimenting random men good luck to her, but most women have had enough life experience to know that's a bad idea.

These pick-mes that are trying to wear down the precautions women have taken in life to keep themselves from having to deal with male entitlement are the worst. I agree Ash is worse than shoe.

She genuinely believes she's a super hot yet super relatable girl when she's just another 3/10 thot under it all. She can't make an OF because she has to spend so long carefully posing and editing every picture to make herself look as inflated as possible.

No. 806078


her second is a girl actually, you can just imagine the kind of body issues that are getting passed down


her calling herself a communist is hilarious bc it shows how much she only sees politics through an American lens. you can be called a communist over there for believing state healthcare or whatever, in the UK, and in Scotland especially, left-wing/ socialist politics are a lot more normalised. when she actually does talk about specific political views (very rarely) there not radical at all, but pretty typical for a working class/ lower middle scottish person.

basically she only ever talks about US politics bc that's the only way she would ever seem like a radical enlightened communist goddess, in the UK she just comes of like a normal leftist/ SNP supporter

No. 806080

File: 1606220317770.jpeg (64.8 KB, 731x314, 3F07A9AE-9C8D-4867-BFCA-90AFF3…)

I noticed that Ash’s mum filters her selfies pretty intensely too, like her skin goes from baby’s bottom to leather handbag between two pics. I know a lot of middle aged women like to filter their selfies, and most don’t care to be subtle about it, but given how Ashleigh turned out…
I won’t post bc she’s a family member, but we could have a foreverkailyn situation here; three generations of body issues, neglect, substance abuse and birth defects

When I went to check out >>805960 on her twitter I noticed pic related was posted right after it…

No. 806082

File: 1606220428490.jpeg (265.36 KB, 750x494, 9037416A-D937-4936-A363-441A08…)

Which made me remember this (now deleted) tweet she posted right after Peter posted that video with his new girl…

No. 806083

File: 1606220497398.jpeg (133.53 KB, 750x832, 17BAF83E-8C7D-4B0F-8C1D-2F2ED5…)

And this which she posted a few days later. Seems like “heartbreak” is a major catalyst for her relapsing (and energy drinks are her favourite method of restricting, which is patriotic at least) I feel bad for her, but slightly less bad knowing that it’s an entirely self inflicted problem. No one is forcing you to look for love amongst the incels in your DMs Ashleigh.

No. 806084

>do pickmes dream of rattling bones

No. 806098

She genuinely seems like she's in the middle of a breakdown in every tweet that gets posted here.

No. 806100

I don't pity her at all cause she revels in this shit, she would 100% choose being a tragic waif constantly on the edge of self-destruction over being a stable, well-adjusted good parent who has her life together

No. 806108

Agree. The self sabotaging is just another form of seeking attention. She loves victimizing herself

No. 806342


Well this is worrying, I wonder if her incel fanbase supported her in starving herself

No. 806343

Honestly I find her brand and her posts kind of funny up until I remember that she is a single mom. Like why are you getting drunk and high, and stumbling around the woods getting hurt by yourself, and tweeting nonstop about The Elder Scrolls when you have children to care for…? Go read a book to your child or something.

No. 806345

File: 1606398994123.jpg (78.27 KB, 1270x659, pcoffin.JPG)

Coffin's new gf

No. 806375

Wtf I hate skyrim now

No. 806382

I wonder how much he paid her kek.

No. 806424

File: 1606436134019.jpg (120.98 KB, 768x1024, Ashleigh-Coffin.jpg)

I haven't seen her pre-surgey candids mentioned here, but I just get more confused every time I see her many faces. I wonder what kind of plastic surgeries she had aside from fixing her overbite.

No. 806425

File: 1606436214273.jpg (106.47 KB, 768x1024, coffin2.jpg)

No. 806429

File: 1606436895579.jpg (17.99 KB, 320x568, pregnancycandid2.jpg)

No. 806513

File: 1606485109503.jpg (105.54 KB, 1080x625, 20201127_145129.jpg)

No. 806545

File: 1606497166985.jpeg (32.33 KB, 320x280, 3BCB0B42-581C-4C4D-B5C1-38D116…)

Jaw surgery can change your face a lot I think (pic related). Probably just that, the boobs, and lip fillers. The rest of the changes look like they came gradually from changing her makeup/ how she takes pictures and styles herself. Weird that she didn’t have those weird joker cut dimples before her jaw surgery, the ones in the candid look way cuter imho

No. 806546

File: 1606497318202.jpeg (127.39 KB, 750x905, 9CA5AE84-81B2-4A42-A917-BA9A28…)

my bf mentioned she’d been tweeting about having lost 50lbs in the last year. went to check if out and looks like she’s deleted it. guess she got all the ass pats she needed from it so there was no reason to keep it around

No. 806549

“not horse faced”

>> mfw her nickname in the last thread was literally “horse maw”

No. 806557

File: 1606503414767.jpg (32.84 KB, 640x480, horsemaw2.jpg)

I had been wondering if it was that, or possibly a chin/cheek implants or fillers along with the jaw surgery. Also along with changes as the person ages. The candids were probably from around 2011 or so around the time toilet nigga was born, so she was probably really young then like 19 or 20. She does seem to have some dimples there, that got more pronounced after plastic surgery. It is always uncanny to me to see how much her face changed, plus with all the filters she uses who even knows what she even looks like these days.

No. 806560

File: 1606504397503.png (474.25 KB, 228x1396, ash.png)

It's true, she was getting pretty chubby for a bit. She did have another toilet nigga at some point so could have been baby weight.

I don't really understand the wordsalad at the top tweet. Her recent tweets seem like a weird cry for help. It was confirmed Peter got a new girlfriend, maybe it's related.

No. 806563

File: 1606506176476.jpeg (265.18 KB, 750x554, 4955C6B7-27C0-47AD-82CD-F6B285…)

Her dog is definitely replacing her kids as “thing I will take pictures of for clout and use to make myself look good, until I get bored of looking after it and then you will never hear about it again”

Contrasting even just the first and last thumbnails, which seem like they were within a year of each other, is such a trip. You can see they’re the same person but they also look so incredibly different? She made a joke tweet about changing her appearance like video game sliders every day, but that’s actually how she acts, she has no fixed identity.

No. 806570

I don't think she really ever posted with her kids for social media. She probably doesn't talk about them because they're kids/hurt the illusion of being a young single pickme, when she is really a single mother of two young children. I don't really follow her or care about her content, but it seems like she spends a lot of time online. I hope someone is looking after the kids.

No. 806575

Kek did her totally real, not fake lip liner scar flip directions again?

No. 806580

File: 1606513374318.jpg (202.08 KB, 1080x1644, 20201127_224309.jpg)


No. 806581

Imagine having only ever fucked one person in your life and it’s Peter Coffin.

No. 806585

Why would she admit to this lmao this is genuinely kind of embarrassing

No. 806587

Well the guy is wrong, she was married to Peter Coffin who was supposedly a poorfag. He had to do a gofundme for her new grill and new breasts lol

No. 806589

did she tweet and delete already? went to go check out her simps reactions but couldn't find the post

kek at her pickme attitude, thinking she can deflect any criticism from a man with "but I'm basically a pure little virgin UwU"

men are gonna hate you no matter how hard you try to appeal to them Ash

No. 806598

Correct response was to block and delete, not respond like this and then post it to 120,000 people as if it's something to be proud of. She really just can't stop publicly posting about all of her personal failures.

No. 806618

It's very much like having never fucked at all, I expect. Actually being a genuine virgin would be preferable; at least then you wouldn't be perpetuating the dregs of the gene pool.

No. 806629

File: 1606564080737.jpg (19.31 KB, 499x161, Capture.JPG)

No. 806634

This picture is so bad I'm shocked she posted it. Her lips look goofy as fuck. cant imagine how bad the 300 she takes and doesn't post are.

It's so obvious she gets 0 male attention irl when she says shit like this. Her lips, busted jaw and stuffed bra must look ridiculous irl

No. 806636

what's a toilet nigga?

No. 806639

That lip overlining is horrid

No. 806640

This bitch really needs a hobby, jesus.
If you're so bored Ashleigh you could try interacting with your kids for once?

No. 806642

File: 1606577692586.jpeg (154.63 KB, 735x945, 1767D68B-372B-4AE5-A1ED-8D6051…)

Anyone else severely confused by her attempts to cuddle up to Count Dankula? He’s that guy who got arrested for training his dog to heil hitler, then confirmed his stupidity by joining UKIP (the UK’s nationalist party) while it was in its death throes.

She‘s so hungry for male attention, she’ll suck up to a conservative idiot as long as he can give her the tiniest crumb of clout

It’s a nickname for their son, when ppl in the OG thread reversed image-searched a picture of him it turned up a bunch of toilets

I’m 90% sure she overlined her lips and drew on the scar using the same shade of lipliner.

No. 806643

File: 1606577717752.jpeg (137.79 KB, 750x710, 3B50DCD8-F354-4421-B3BC-0829D6…)

No. 806647

So she nicknamed her kid "toilet"? Great and mature parenting right there.

No. 806649

File: 1606582321688.jpg (278.72 KB, 1021x1286, Screenshot_20201128-175047_Chr…)

She's endorsing men fapping at her even though they have girlfriends, but got a nervous breakdown when her ex husband found a new girlfriend.

No. 806650

Why do i imagine this like, "I let my husbands girlfriend look at Ashleigh Coffins bewbs too. Im not like the other girls"

No. 806653

Nooooo to be clear the TN nickname was only ever used here and probably on KF too.

No. 806654

no, it originated on 8chan

No. 806655

Thanks for clearing it up, I misunderstood.

No. 806666

File: 1606587156380.jpg (173.66 KB, 959x539, dankula.jpg)

Ahhh so now we have the answer to this >>805827

She wants to fuck dankula (picrel) lmao he lives in Scotland too. What the actual fuck is with this girls standards. She has a major thing for alt right guys because she was crushing on Sam Hyde, too >>805830

No. 806671

Because retarded shoe0nhead tier pickmes are the only women who would show a guy they liked Ashleigh's tits, so you're right

No. 806695

does she publicly thirst after these guys bc the uglier the guys she likes are the more her simps will think they have a chance? or is her self esteem that low she genuinely thinks it’s the best she could do?

sure she’s no oil painting, but Dank? really?

No. 806696

I can't help but look at women who show off other women to their partners as really desperate and sad.

No. 806730

I wish I was this new

It moves around on her face like clockwork

No. 806754

File: 1606644987915.jpeg (106.02 KB, 750x659, 9F360931-C237-4526-B47C-DE6DC7…)

her basically admitting she’s only ever fucked one person before and it’s peter makes tweets like this even more hilarious

what are you gonna do to their wives Ashleigh? lie there awkwardly bc you’ve never actually touched another vagina before in your life?

(also calling Peter a ‘dude’? that’s not very respectful of ~~their totally legit agender identity UwU~~)

No. 806776

Honestly the fact that she posts her tits and can't even get paid for it, preferring to leech off her mom instead… bruh. Wonder what toilet ninja is gonna think when he finds his mom's online presence.

No. 806777

File: 1606683044411.jpg (114.71 KB, 686x802, 1586482957093.jpg)

Serving that "Elizabeth Warren horse girl" lewk

No. 806780

Rejection is often mens reason to hate women, most women hate men because of their violence, cumbrainery and lack of disregard for others. Men will even molest and rape their own family members, even their own kids

No. 806781

How long til we can move her to tradthots?

No. 806782

I guarantee she feels superior to girls who have onlyfans, even though a lot of them show pretty much the same amount of skin. At least girls on OF are;
A) Self aware enough to know they would loose 90% of their followers if they stopped posting lewds.
B) Actually getting paid for it.

No. 806783

she’s projecting the fact she also had a crush on a guy who only wanted to fuck hot girls, but instead of making her a based man-hater it just gave her a bimbofication fetish

No. 806784

In reality pick-mes have a lower opinion of men than the average woman. They think all men are babies who need constantly positive reinforcement because even the slightest bit of teasing will make their egos crumble completely. That and they think they can be manipulated by tits and dumb sexist jokes. That’s why the only men they can attract are bottom of the barrel betas or idiots.

No. 806788

Personally I find it funny because she's clearly describing her own experience. Wasn't Ash-neigh into performative tumlr muh sandree when she had a horse maw?

No. 806789

She's so insecure about other women kek

No. 806797

Pickmes measuring sexual success based on how much men want to fuck them instead of how much men are willing to do for them will never not be funny. Non-fugly pickmes seethe the most because they have to watch their homelier peers get everything a pickme can't get despite spending her entire life cupping bottom of the barrel nutsacks.

Even if ashneigh does get picked by some literallywho alt right coomer who'll be okay with her being a 30 year old single mom, she'll probably be buxing him like Lauren Southern et al.

No. 806806

They think we can't see that they overdrew their lips

Ngl that one is actually kinda funny

No. 806810

to be fair the dudes she likes have no idea she overdrew her lips, don’t care, or love/hate them and show her the same amount of attention. i wish she kept the political stuff out of it and just let men who want to pay for her lifestyle just come to her, and they would if she chilled tf out it’s not difficult. being groomed by peter obviously fucked her up and she’s stuck as this person until she realizes she can exist however she wants, even still like the same things but do it for herself.

i agree with the anon who said her drunk and high forest walking and tweeting about elder scrolls is fucking hilarious though, it’s the political shit for me. i have a soft spot for her idk.

No. 806823

No it's not hilarious for a single mom of 2 to leave her Kids to someone else while she gets drunk and high every night. If she was getting a check from this it would be different, but she obviously has a drinking problem as according to her Twitter she gets drunk everyday and her kids will suffer for it.

This girl is shoe but with kids and an addiction

No. 806828

sorry you’re right, i actually do forget completely she has kids, i barely remember reading the initial thread when she had them and it all looked so fake. i just skimmed most of this thread today and she really doesn’t act like it or mention anything related to motherhood so i had no idea.

No. 806833

Tbh i also think she exaggerates the drinking to begin with. She thinks being messy is cute and endearing so she goes so far as to fake a face injury over it. She's trying to play into some kind of dumb uncaring cool girl stereotype she thinks appeals to men. It's just that that's not at all cute when you're 30 and have young kids.

No. 806834

It would make most sense for somebody else to take the kids and she pays child support. She can choose to get high and drink, but keep the kids away from that shit.

No. 806836

This is a pathetic attempt to LARP as a hot chick.

No. 806839

tbf if you just read her tweets at face they can be pretty funny if a bit obnoxious. it’s only when you take her tweets in context you realise how sad/ kinda fucked up it all is. like she’s clearly well aware of her issues but chooses to ignore/ milk them for clout, all while spouting misogynist bullshit and ignoring her kids so she can LARP as a pick-me e-girl.
it’s kinda hilarious how she’d probably make fun of female comedians like Amy Schumer for being “cringy libfems”, but they have the exact same kind of humor. It’s all about glorifying being messy, off the rails and not like the other girls.

No. 806841

>men paying for her lifestyle

Good one

No. 806842

do you think she even gets alimony from Peter or is she too much of a pick-me? I can just see her simps accusing her of being a bitchy ex-wife sucking poor Petey dry

No. 806843

Seeing that she's leeching off her mom, I highly doubt it. Peter is too busy buxing her replacement.

No. 806848

that’s what I figured, but tbh since it seems like she’s making her mum do the majority of childcare as well as presumably living with her rent free, the thought she might also be giving Ashleigh (a twenty-fucking-eight year old) pocket money for weed/ fillers/ AliExpress dresses was almost too much to bear

No. 806876

Maybe this is a tinfoil but I actually think Ashleigh does have a job. From the photos of her mom's house it doesn't seem like they're a particularly wealthy family, and I can't imagine any working-class mother being OK with her adult daughter dumping two kids on her so she can sit around the house all day. Even if she didn't mind, I still don't think she'd have the money to support three extra mouths and also be able to give Ash all the money she needs for non-essentials.

I think the reason she's up late all the time is she works the graveyard shift in some shitty retail/ service job. Probably tweets from the back room while her supervisor isn't looking, get's home at 2am, spends an hour or two playing video games, smokes a joint and posts a couple selfies while doing it so she can pretend that's what she's been up to all night. Or maybe she works from home for a call centre or something, that's a pretty popular job for former-NEETS with no skills or experience.

Either way I 100% think that she's got some shitty job that she purposefully hides so she can play-pretend that she's an unattached young adult without a care in the world, same way she hides her kids.

No. 806897

Did she move back to Scotland/her mom's though? From the pictures I thought she was just visiting.

No. 806927

She thinks it's different for her compared to Amy Schumer because she's convinced herself the fillers and socks in her bra make her a hot chick.

An anon in the tradthot thread said pickmes measure male attention by sexual interest rather than how much a man is willing to do for a woman and Ashleigh is a great example of that. Men wanting to fuck you means absolutely nothing.

Maybe she got the Tesco night shift kek. She doesn't have an education or any real work experience as she wad a child bride so idk what else she could do

No. 806944

Maybe? But it seems like she’s been back there since at least July, so I’m thinking it’s permanent. Given that she and Peter only broke up around March I think she probably weighed up having to strike out on her own for the first time ever, in a foreign country, with no one to help but her loser ex, and decided it was probably easier to go running back to mommy so she could continue her eternal teenage years. I guess she might move back to the US after the pandemic, but it seems like being looked after suits her too well for that.
Ironically, I think being a young single mom having to work a minimum wage night shift to support two kids would actually make her “socialist” views more sympathetic to the average person. But she’s fixed on the idea that being a “wage slave” makes you a bad communist, rather than exactly the kind of person communism is in theory designed to liberate.

No. 806946

>child bride
Can someone fill me in on this lore? I swear I tried to look it up but I couldn't find anything on when they got together. How old was she?

No. 806978

she’s 28, Peter is 36, and they got married in 2012, when Ashleigh was 20 (here’s a reddit post with some links if you’re interested in the ancient lore; https://amp.reddit.com/r/WTF/comments/z1p0b/remember_peter_coffin_loser_with_fake_gf_he_got/) which is pretty skeevy. Some also believe that Ashleigh catfished Peter as “Kimi Kobayashi” the fake gf referred to in the post, while she was possibly underage, but that’s unconfirmed.

No. 806984

Given that Kimi was exposed in March 2011 and they got married in May 2012, either Peter was able to move on from public humiliation, find a girl and convince her to cross continents to marry him in 14 months, or Ashleigh was involved in the Kimi situation somehow.

No. 807006

File: 1606856942457.jpeg (Spoiler Image,29.88 KB, 295x295, 4C0AE3EF-59DA-47B6-BD25-E143C8…)

Right? She thinks we’ve all forgotten this

No. 807028

I know it would probably count as cow-tipping so I wont, but I'm always so tempted to make a throwaway account so I can post this picture to her subreddit

No. 807034

Holy shit that looks painful as hell

No. 807062

lol i've been tempted to post >>806425 under her hot girl larp tweets but resist

No. 807128

No. 807148

sage your shit

someone did post one of crunchy pre-surgery nudes on her subreddit. I should have taken caps at the time, looks like one of the mods deleted it. Most of her simps were either denying it was her, or going on about “muh pregnancy boobs”, like birthing and breastfeeding two kids doesn’t usually make your boobs look significantly worse, not better.

OT but I don’t understand why they’re so in denial about her boobs being fake, if they like the way they look why does it matter if they’re real all not? what value is gained from that?

No. 807203

Kek I saw this post too anon! Tried to go back to screenshot it but couldn’t. People were either asking if it was true or saying it wasn’t her. Or the rest was saying “Yeah it’s her but before her 3 pregnancies” like tits somehow keep inflating pregnancy after pregnancy and somehow get magically perkier. It’s the same people who think Nigri had a late puberty at 21.

I’m not sure why people are so hellbent on proving their body is natural or not photoshopped. I think maybe they like it better if someone was just born with massive tits rather than intentionally go for that look, so they can say “Oh no she’s just a cool girl doing her own thing, it’s really not her fault if her chest is huge like that, she might as well be comfortable with her own body!”

No. 807219

you’re right, in these guys minds women can only be either a Cool Girl(tm) or an Attention Seeking Whore. getting huge breast implants is ASW behaviour, so of course if they want to continue simping for Cool Girl Ashleigh without re-examining their medieval attitudes towards women, they can’t possibly accept the fact that she chose to have 500ccs of silicone inserted into each of her boobs.

(also did she and peter have a third? I know the second was born around 2016ish so they’d have had time, I just didn’t see anyone mentioning more than two?)

No. 807250

File: 1606955735940.jpg (156.73 KB, 891x1450, same birthday.jpg)

Ashleigh and "Kimi" did have the same birthday.

No. 807251

File: 1606955800783.png (123.26 KB, 518x281, catfished.png)

According to Peter he met a girl in Scotland back then. I'm inclined to believe this tinfoil.

No. 807261

nayrt but the focus of that screenshot is the post above, which is an archived tweet from "Kimi's" account, saying her birthday is July 16th, which is apparently the same as Ashleigh's. Meaning that within 2 years, peter dated two Scottish women, both with jaw issues and both born on July 16th, which is kinda sus, though not definitive proof at all.

here's the archive they got the kimi tweet from ( https://web.archive.org/web/20110306225042/twitter.com/kimi_kobayashi ). imho her writing style sounds similar to Ash's, but again it's too generic to be proof. this tweet is very 2011 but tbh it sounds very similar to something she would post

>>"The Tea Party" is a weird name for people who only drink Sarah Palin's ass juice.

also kek at

>>Breast implants can actually look really natural, under a large coat.

that sounds a lot like cope Ashleigh

No. 807453

>They will have fun with it for a while, then go away.
Lol poor Peter. The internet never forgets

No. 807585

Scrotes being tricked by badly stuffed socks in a bra is hilariously pathetic. The bottom of her tits look square but sure, they're real. She doesn't even have huge tits in her nudes yet they still get tricked.

No. 807608

The desperation is honestly embarrassing. Why did I even use to follow this broad?

Nah, it's still hilarious. Not like she's the only unqualified mother in the world.

No. 807655

this thread can definitely get a little moralfaggy when her kids are brought up, but if you think we're all here wringing our hands over Ashleigh being a bad mom you're wrong. like you said, bad moms are a dime a dozen.

what we find pathetically funny about Ash is the fact that she's so fucking in denial about who she is and her circumstances in life. she tries so hard to project the image that she's some cute communist e-girl without a care in the world, and that all her faults are just quirky characteristics that make her even more loveable.

literally none of the key elements she sells herself on are genuine, her "big naturals" are implants, her "communist politics" are barely left-wing, and her "cool girl" personality is just something she invented to attract simps and mask her substance addiction and eating disorder.

if you don't think a woman ignoring everything good in her life to chase after the attention of beta males is funny then that's up to you, but to most of us it's more hilarious than anything Ash could ever tweet.

(also coming onto a thread to act all smug without knowing how to sage just makes you look like an idiot)

No. 807667

File: 1607125721883.jpg (181.76 KB, 768x1024, EoVADLTXIAETKEL.jpg)

Why does it look like she always photoshops her head onto her body.

No. 807699

Imagine taking your tits out for attention on twitter in your moms' house at the ripe age of 28

No. 807730

Did she just get her nipples surgically removed with her boob job, or are they still lurking at the bottom of her tits? Idk how she can have her boobs so prominently featured without a nip slip.

No. 807741

Kek I had the same thought, something about her pushing her tits out so far with no visible nipple is freaking me out.

No. 807749

File: 1607166759361.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, 331A1BE9-BAFD-46D8-BF64-DE7D7C…)

you can’t tell me this isn’t a weird ass cope for having to work the night shift as a shelf-stocker or something. also I’m sure plenty of people do it but the thought of her getting into bed with all her makeup still on just to take a “totally going to sleep now guize!” selfie before getting out again to actually get ready for bed is hilarious to me

imagine raising a child for 18 years only for her to be back in your house 10 years later sitting around with her tits hanging out, ignoring her kids all day

No. 807750

unless she really does sleep in her makeup bc she’s lazy/ in denial that that’s not what she really looks like

No. 807772

You don't go to bed with overdrawn lips and lashes on anon?

No. 807794

Is she putting blush on her “scar”? It just makes it look infected and inflamed

No. 807851

nah, cows stop being funny when children or animals are involved in their bullshit. Either she's lying about staying up until 7am every night, which is pathetic, or she's actually doing it and palming her kids off onto her Mother.

There are plenty of unqualified Mothers that still make some type of effort. Putting males you don't even interact with irl before your children is supreme pickme behaviour.

kek thanks for this. her tits are turning inwards they're so squished.

No. 807878

her face is so fuzzy from being fucked with in Facetune it looks like it comes from a totally different picture

ew her whole cheek looks inflamed
shouldn’t a scratch as shallow as that be mostly healed up by now anyway? is she gonna make it a permanent thing? she must have a lot of free time if she’s planning to draw it on every day

No. 807981

File: 1607326990127.jpg (44.66 KB, 542x380, fake.jpg)

pretty sure she wears one of these and photoshops out the edges.

No. 807993

lol isn't that for crossdressers

No. 808005

File: 1607351229543.png (714.67 KB, 688x674, Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 6.26…)

That would make sense lmao.
Boobs job boobs can't smush together because of how the implants are placed (picrel)
and hers look a lot more like these ridiculous tranny tits

No. 808044

Anon that's flat out wrong.
You can absolutely move breasts around after implants, lifts, and reductions.
She's got saggy breasts that she can hike up with bras and padding. Her nipples sit low on the breast, so that's how she can hide them in tops with the rest of them out. That, and photo shop.

No. 808058

shes also never posted a vid, only photos.

No. 808098

She had her YouTube channel but after watching a couple of them she seems very stiff lol

No. 808957

File: 1607762461201.jpg (191.44 KB, 1080x696, Screenshot_20201212-094128_Chr…)


No. 808963

"It's not REAL hatred if it stems from rejection"

Does this autistic whore understand men at all?

No. 808987

What the fuck? This is like… Advanced Pickme

No. 808994

This is bad enough on its own, but when you remember she's a mother it just becomes grim as hell. Gimpgirl levels.

No. 808997

She changed her @ i see

No. 809180

File: 1607878559243.jpg (84.1 KB, 499x793, 123.jpg)


Incel charity girl!

No. 809216

I guess misogyny doesn't exist for you if you spend everyday hiding in your bedroom objectifying yourself and taking men's sexual interest as a defining personality trait.

No. 809314

What Ash is doing is the female incel equivalent of boys bands aimed at teenager girls. “Even though you’re super average or even straight up ugly, this hottie will want to date you” except Ash is not even capitalising on it.

Exactly. It’s not like she’s say, a professional working in a male dominated field with people being condescending to her. She plays the dumb bimbo because she feels safe behind her monitor screen and it hardly affects her day to day life. A complete joke and farce when millions of women have to be objectified everywhere they go.

No. 809330

she’s worse than some of the tradthots like Lauren southern etc. atleast the dumb shit they said actually got them paid decently and some amount of irl recognition/ respect. Ashleigh does all this (under her full government name) and gets nothing out of it. if it was all a grift I could muster some grudging respect, but she’s honest to god just stupid/ deranged
everyone knows that wanting to have sex with women immediately disqualifies men from being misogynistic

No. 809446

File: 1608057297638.jpeg (67.81 KB, 750x398, F30EF1E1-9EE5-4CD5-A945-4D3DE1…)

She also changed her display name to reflect her “greatest credentials”. She’s so obsessed with the idea that she has nothing to offer but being a vehicle for a pair of tits. It’s honestly really sad, I can only imagine what kind of issues she’s projecting onto her daughter.

If she were actually a SW it would be kinda funny, but it just emphasises how she’s doing all the work you would put into an OnlyFans without actually getting paid for it.

No. 809452

File: 1608060881927.png (827.85 KB, 941x478, sc.png)

i feel like ashleigh would look down on onlyfans girls and think she's above them by doing it for free on twitter while mixing it with shallow politics.

The fact she's replying to a woman with a master's in science is so sad. She thinks she's funny but you scratch the surface even slightly it's all really depressing lol. Good job pushing your tits together so men talk to you online Ash. what an achievement. Let's completely ignore the part of Marxism that says hyper-sexualization of women is just capitalist bullshit and there can be no equal society in which sex work exists but ok. Believing in socialized medicine is the default view where she lives.

Also, I don't believe she's 34H at all. She uses the Blaire White trick of stretching her extensions over her shoulders to hide how broad she is but you can see it in her videos. There's no way that's her correct bra size. Her videos really show how slow she is mentally, too.

No. 809461

File: 1608063412281.jpg (760.57 KB, 3040x1440, Screenshot_20201216-034924_You…)

Such ~big, juicy naturals~
Man, what a fraud. It's genuinely tragic that the one thing about herself that she seems to be most proud of and chooses to define her whole being is not even real.
You can really see how deflated and average they are in her videos, exactly the same as >>783586
Damn, maybe she does wear a fake tranny chest. How else does she get that huge cleavage line? >>805812

No. 809487

You can tell by the way they collapse and aren’t full at the top that they’re some major saggers. We already know that, but idk how people fall for them when chests that look like this even with three push up bras and like four socks stuffed underneath are guaranteed droopy saddlebags.

No. 809494

Its funny to think about her doing an onlyfans, but she wouldn't. She's waaay too insecure and she'd have to provide more content than just edited selfies. I think she sticks to twitter because she can get attention while doing very little lol

No. 809501

“H-hey guys! These bitches wanna be respected for the qualifications they earned with their blood sweat and tears, what a bunch of feminist kill-joys. I would never say something like that, I’m cool. My greatest achievement is having big tits. Don’t you agree guys? Guys?”

Her cleavage looks the way my MIL’s does when she puts on a push-up bra. My MIL is 53 and has five kids kek. Big juicy naturals indeed

No. 809505

hey ash, did you know that some women are capable of having big tits and a personality that doesn’t revolve around having big tits. some even manage to get degrees! astonishing right?

being as aggressively online as she is takes up a lot of time tho, knowing everything about all the e-drama that goes down and tweeting dozens of times a day. even just getting dressed, taking a selfie, and editing it probably takes hours for someone with BDD as bad as hers.

No. 809510

you can see her boob literally folding in on itself where she stuffed the side of her bra lmao. men remain stupid as fuck.

She looks so different in her videos.She needs to layer her extensions too, they look awful.

No. 809609

When you see her actually making a facial expression the transition from >>806425 to how she looks now seems a lot less dramatic. She’s kinda like PnP in that despite the surgery she’s gotten her old face still comes shining through as soon as she’s not carefully posing.

No. 809665

When you have breasts that are saggy, it's mainly just the skin that sags. her nipples are also on the bottom of her breast.
If you can imagine taking a stress ball and squeezing it so all the insides go into the top and all you're left with is the casing, it's like that. It's how she can hide her nipples while having her tits out so far. It's a saggy tit trick. She can shove her breasts up quite far and give herself a long cleavage line by squishing her arms into her breasts and wearing massive pushups or bras with thick padding that retain the round shape despite what's in them.
Also photoshop.

No. 809733

No. 809748

File: 1608213027127.jpg (46.89 KB, 467x790, Capture.JPG)


No. 809755

how long is she going to keep milking this stupid ass fake scar? we get it, you’re ~not like other girls~, you’re an alcoholic weed-addicted slob who goes wandering around at night instead of taking care of your kids and you have to make yourself more interesting by lying about shit to coomers on Twitter to cope with your poor life decisions. if it’s real, it’s still even a scar either, it’s a wound that’s still healing but i guess then she couldn’t larp as a character from the Witcher to all the guys with their dicks in their hands on her page.

No. 809758

>that ridiculous fake bright red blood
>the scar that is magically bigger than the original """wound"""
Here you go Ashleigh, here's what real blood looks like when you faceplant on the ground while drunk. This photo was taken within a minute of the incident happening, after I'd had time to recover from my impromptu makeout session with the footpath. Note that the blood is not a vibrant lipstick red but is already a dark maroon.(no1curr)

No. 809759

File: 1608218663914.jpg (218.21 KB, 1920x1080, 131925230_2442131596080868_816…)

shit I should refrain from drunkposting at 2 in the morning

No. 809761

I chipped a tooth when this happened. I very rarely talk about it (with the exception of this post) and generally try not to remember it because hey, guess what? Getting injured and disfigured because you're an alcoholic and have a problem isn't fun and it isn't cutesy and it isn't a fucking endearing personality trait.

She's as bad as teen goths who wear their 'depression' like a badge of pride, because being 'dark' and edgy makes them appear interesting and helps fill in for their total lack of a personality.

No. 809767

It's going the wrong way again. It used to be on the apple of her cheek lol

No. 809774

kind of like how she keeps pretending like she’s a ginger? She got a tweet of hers semi-famous on reddit a few weeks ago bc a kid in her old nursery made fun of her for being a “ginger” and she got mad apparently and threatened to fuck his dad.

Ash… we all see your shitty ass roots. you’re not a ginger. what a weird lie to uphold. no ginger has that gross ass hair.

No. 809775


How long do you think it takes for her to dye, curl or straighten that mop. It was a lot thinner a few years back, do we think she uses extensions to make it so "luscious"

No. 809784

lmao look at her face scar here, it's literally amateur halloween makeup made with toiler paper and glue

No. 809799

File: 1608234225096.jpeg (642.49 KB, 2048x1598, A1DF87C8-3C90-4172-9360-2F21B8…)

Her ego is so pathetically fragile. I think the idea that there might be men out there who don’t find her attractive is honestly tormenting to her. Why go out of your way to reply to a shit talking comment with 12 likes that you weren’t even tagged in? He already thinks you look mentally unstable, that’s just confirming his suspicion.

For someone who likes to look artificial she sure has issues with people pointing out how fake she is. But don’t worry Ash, we here at the farms will always remember how your lips really look >>791178

No. 809803

File: 1608234991596.jpeg (127.29 KB, 750x1334, 27FA5BB0-B8A5-460D-87C1-F10986…)

how does she not understand that when you overdraw your lips like this, some people are going to think you look like an escaped mental patient. Either get used to it or stop (or get more filler, bc that’s definitely the best treatment for raging BDD. It would be kinda hilarious to see her become as botched as Ariana/ pnp)

No. 809816

File: 1608236939771.jpeg (516.75 KB, 750x1271, 1DF18055-AFC4-4197-8365-61E411…)

she’s probably already botched. just hides it better than plastic n pathetic does. >>809784
it’s even more low effort than that. rigid collodion, a little lipliner and a potato tier camera works wonders

No. 809821

surely she's not trying to pass off those lumpy, hard looking lips as natural lmao this woman is a mess

No. 809833

kek you're right the bottom edge of her top lip is so wonky it's bizarre

wonder if that's from filler or just fucking around with them in facetune? not a good comparison bc the angle, but it looks like she just stretched them out so they're the same size as when she draws them on. the pixels do look warped, but its hard to tell bc of the shit quality photos, shes been catfishing for at least 10 years now so i guess she knows how to hide her sh00p

No. 809850

She does seem mental, this guy didn't even say she has thin lips and her overlining skills are terrible. And what's that picture on the right, it doesn't look like her not even remotely.

No. 809851

It's editing, look at the wobbly chin.

No. 810016

File: 1608322540148.jpg (39.84 KB, 511x404, Capture.JPG)

No. 810054

She calls herself a PAWG
My sides are in orbit

No. 810060

Jesus christ she's a tryhard

No. 810070

File: 1608338958513.jpg (518.99 KB, 1192x728, ash.JPG)

I know "men are stupid" is an old comment, but come on. Can they seriously not see this is all stuffing and photoshop? If for no other reason than what shirt would ever fit like that? The sizes on the site are just basic S/M/L. She also hasn't been anywhere near that skinny since she was a teenager and hadn't moved to the US yet.

If you zoom in on the right picture you can see the blurring around her hand. The text is pixelated on the shirt in places too. This is ridiculous kek

No. 810079

File: 1608344953909.jpeg (192.39 KB, 827x1081, C00F7C20-2F7C-45B8-84FF-405195…)

What’s going on with the lips

No. 810090

it looks like the filler is migrating above her lips and giving her the duck look moo has been rocking for the last year. If you zoom in the whole area is enflamed. Her bottom lip is a whole other issue.

No. 810091

Literally 1 person who didn't even tag this crazy horse bitch said her makeup looked bad and now she's posting "makeup free" pictures en masse like we can't see the fucking concealer. mascara and snow filter kek. these pictures must take her all day to pose for.

No. 810095

The real sexism is when people font find her hot, remember?

No. 810117

she’s putting concealer on overfilled lips.

what’s going on with those fake ass freckles tho lmao. she used every egirl makeup trick in the book. concealer on the outside on the lips, fake freckles, blush on the bridge of the nose. bitch, you’re a MOM. go read a book to your kid or something, good god. this is 2007 britney spears sad.

No. 810145

she's trying to look ~~natural~~ because a male wasn't sexually attracted to her. She has some serious mental health issues and I feel so so bad for her daughter.

No. 810147

Looks like she sucked on that stuff that’d give you Kylie Jenner lips a few years back.

It’s honestly not hard to do this for one pic, just suck on a water bottle or something. I doubt she spent money on real filler but who knows. I know it’s pretty common now in England, not sure if it’s the same in Scotland. Always look terrible and duck lip-ish anyway.

No. 810154

she started getting them in the US where it's super common. I wonder if they look bad because they're dissolving and she can't find anywhere close to get them touched up?

No. 810175

Tbh it looks like a lot of shoop to me

No. 810332

File: 1608504115547.jpg (151.5 KB, 1046x542, Screenshot_20201220-233840_Chr…)


No. 810338

Fillers are actually more common in the U.K. and Scotland than the US because they are less regulated, not required to be done by an RN, cheaper, and they aren’t required to use FDA approved fillers so they have hundreds or random weird fillere

No. 810341

Lol at you thinking a lot of these rhots aren't getting unregulated injections in the US. Nikita dragun gets his fillers from someone unlicensed.

No. 810344

iirc there's like 2 or 3 substances that can be legally used for fillers in the US, whereas in the UK there are hundreds bc it's almost completely unregulated
I hope she's busy cooking up a new gimmick for when the novelty of her "gash" wears off. scar's gotta heal some time Ashleigh

No. 810359

Can't believe how dumb and autistic this whore is

No. 810360

i’ve never seen someone milk an injury so much. if ash was 12, she’d be the girl in the halls with crutches she doesn’t need and a leg brace that magically disappears three days later when she goes to the beach.

No. 810427

True, they also have Profhilo, teosyal and other shit like that whereas in the US you only get juvederm, restylane and belotero.

No. 810444

File: 1608586975347.jpg (45.91 KB, 518x427, Capture.JPG)

No. 810548

I'm very glad hasan doesn't acknowledge these dumb hoes

No. 810571

File: 1608659181845.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, D2D1CC93-17C6-4258-9BEC-E60985…)

She’s been posting mostly selfies with her hair covering half of her face; she must have lost her rigid collodion bottle kek
ot but it’s so weird to watch pick mes lust after these guys. Idk much about Hasan, he is pretty good looking but to me “hasn’t talked to a girl in months” is such a red flag. He doesn’t have any female friends, colleagues, family members he’s close with? Seems like such a catch

No. 810684

File: 1608743320287.jpg (126.08 KB, 720x927, 20201223_120221.jpg)

And then everyone clapped, right?

No. 810688

And that guy? Well he was Albert Einstein

No. 810691

Cool fanfiction ash

No. 810698

What the fuck is an "anti lib sticker"

No. 810721

Why would someone in Scotland be wearing "anti-lib" stickers?

No. 810729

think she's back in the US now, she's been posting about airports and WalMart etc.
makes you wonder whats up with her kids (and her "direwolf" for that matter) did she just leave them with her mom for good?

No. 810748

do we have proof she's in the US? because she's been pretending she was for a while on twitter while posting pics with her mom elsewhere. I don't think she can afford to support herself in the US.

No. 810749

she has some weird story like this every week. probably only 5% of them are real but highly exaggerated

No. 810750

samefag but isn’t her hair fake also? lol

No. 810772

File: 1608806408749.jpg (20.19 KB, 481x169, Capture.JPG)

>It's me! I have the best p!!!

No. 810779

I'd argue a pussy that's only seen Peter coffin's little weewee is far from the best

No. 810788


Have either of them ever mentioned why they broke up? It's so weird to me that she went through all the trouble of divorcing and being a single mom but hasn't bothered to get some new dick.

No. 810796

I mean, she kinda can't get new dick anon. She's more or less an incel masquerading as a hot girl

No. 810805

because most men avoid women who neglect their kids and seek attention on twitter all day

No. 810811

did she really lie about where she was before? i must have missed that.

no "proof" she's in the US now, but i do think if she was lying about being in the US she'd do it more blatantly than just making vague allusions to it. although you're right in that I don't know how she could support herself if she honest to god has no job or family there. she probably isn't even getting alimony from peter considering he's a poorfag too.

if I was being really cynical I'd say Ash got frustrated with the fact that Peter kept constantly tripping over his own balls and basically ruining his, and by extension her, reputation on lefttwitt. when they were together people were always commenting how Ash seemed more balanced and likeable than him. (shes obviously not, she's just better at hiding her crazy)

No. 810821

The reason she seems less unhinged than Peter, on the surface at least, is more because of the tone they use. Peter desperately wants to be the "adult in the room", and makes a conscious effort to come off as mature, earnest and reasoned, so when he starts melting down and accusing everyone around him of being libs/terfs/chuds etc. it's very noticeable. Whereas Ashleigh's brand is irony posting and deliberate degenerate NEET persona, so when she starts posting about constantly getting high, having mental health breakdowns, generally unhinged bullshit, she has the plausible deniablility of her whole account being kind of a joke/ pastiche to cover up her genuine derangement.

No. 810823

iirc there were some leaked voicemails where she accused him on cheating on her and was crying

No. 810824

File: 1608841276135.jpg (168.91 KB, 554x988, cringe.jpg)

>come out outside for the first time in a week to take out trash

>it's freezing, snow everywhere

>Prepare with full makeup on, three pushup bras, tits out

>Don't forget your epic meme snapback

>a man that you just made up in your head shouts meme back at you

>teehee this is going to be such an epic tweet

No. 810826

File: 1608841696198.jpg (32.75 KB, 509x235, Capture.JPG)

Also she is supposedly in US

No. 810831

Think this pic is proof she’s in the us, since it hasn’t snowed in Scotland yet, and the houses in the background look nothing like the ones in her moms village >>810750 Yup she claims her hair is naturally red and curly kek

No. 810833

File: 1608846148815.jpeg (267.4 KB, 1168x1448, 2B022495-146E-4269-AB69-2B1A21…)

Constantly comparing herself to Merida is so weird, I thought the only thing commies hated more than Amazon is Disney. Plus I’m pretty sure a 28 year old, naturally brunette, SNOW addicted, NEET single mum is the furthest thing away from a cute, feisty, badass, teenage ginger princess. The ONLY similarity is that they’re both Scottish.

So she posted proof she’s in the states less than a full day after it was brought up in the thread? Tinfoil but I really wouldn’t be surprised if she reads here, she’s definitely attention starved enough.

I also noticed that after this anon >>810571 brought up her taking loads of selfies with her face and scar covered, she almost immediately posted one with her full face and scar on show

No. 810839

File: 1608847603911.jpg (50.58 KB, 828x808, ETrOGtBXgAMFoTQ.jpg)

No. 810843

if she wants these made up stories to be believable then she can wait at least a month in between posting them. but thatd mean less attention and twitter impressions. even real celebrities don’t have these many crazy stories.

No. 810844

i just checked her twitter, there’s no full face pic? either i missed it or she deleted it which is funny because it further proves that she lurks here

No. 810847

Ayrt it was in her story, I didn’t bother to screenshot at the time bc I thought it was just a coincidence

No. 810866

So I was hoping she was in Scotland because that means someone is there to take care of the kids since Ash stays up until 6am on twitter every night getting high. Guess that's not true. No chance the kids are with Peter? She's dumb as fuck because he could easily screenshot this shit and use it against her in court. I scrolled back less than a week and saw her talking about being high and drunk at 6am 4 separate times.

No. 810878

then why reply at all lmao

No. 810889

File: 1608879542034.jpeg (163.75 KB, 1125x1885, EqCdMNcXIAAW1zP.jpeg)


No. 810891

how is a man as ugly as peter coffin pulling these solid 6’s?

No. 810897

Idk if that's even her natural hair texture. To me and judging from past photos it looks curled from braids or curlers.

No. 810901

it’s safe to assume that anything she uses as a personality trait is fake (ex. hair colour, tits, most likely the scar). not a stretch to assume the texture is fake too.

No. 810908

"your tits make me insecure"
"Let me fix that by posting a picture of my tits"

holy shit she's insufferable

No. 810940

I wonder if she is at Peter's house for the holidays. That carpet looks like the ones in those weird selfies she would take like this:

No. 810962

tinfoil but do you think these dms might be fake? she doesn’t show the profile picture or display name and they don’t look like actual things that normal people would say

No. 810970

her nips point down

No. 810988

File: 1608940922916.jpg (248.41 KB, 1080x955, Screenshot_20201226-010057_Chr…)

No. 811019

Somehow this makes me so annoyed. Men already feel important when they achieve the most mediocre shit, don’t add fuel to the fire goddamnit.

> King

Where’s his masters degree? Where’s his PhD ash?
Why am I surprised by a woman who married and had kids with Peter Coffin.

No. 811024

File: 1608966445633.png (889.91 KB, 828x1792, 3A273D3D-9CAC-4AEC-AB60-A3A557…)

She’s getting called out for being immature in this thread kek

No. 811063

of course the same girl who was making fun of other women for putting their credentials in their twitter handles is tripping over herself to congratulate a man on getting an undergraduate degree

No. 811067

File: 1609014561146.jpeg (139.49 KB, 750x776, 3149AC6C-FACC-42FD-AAF3-DBDCF8…)

lol she defined her sexuality as being “men” and now her simps are commenting “but what about shoe??”

The fact they genuinely think there is anything going on between those two beyond desperate grabs for male attention is hilarious

No. 811072

Most qualified economists are "neoliberal". Do you find it sexy when men tell you that free trade is based and communism is retarded?

No. 811074

can you not bring your own political retardation into the thread? Dealing with Ash's is enough

No. 811079

>being this assblasted because someone pointed out that a self proclaimed commie is fawning over neoliberalism when it's from scrotes
go tweet about helthcare pls or whatever

No. 811116

File: 1609076948229.jpg (270.49 KB, 1080x911, Screenshot_20201227-144826_Chr…)

Who are these people, Gashley?

No. 811152

she seems like the absolute worst person to be friends with. every single tweet she’s ever made is about her and how sexy and smart and based she is. how tf do you have a conversation with a narcissist like her? listen to her brag about how big her titties are until she decides to leave and sit on twitter in the darkness of her bedroom, as her kid cries for some attention?

No. 811156

not to wk but i actually find her posts like this to be the least offensive. seeing her geek out over something she seems to genuinely like is way more endearing than when she tries talking politics. just kinda shows she actually has a personality/ interests under all the ironyposting and facetune.

that being said, anyone else find it weird that she ran one of the better known star wars blogs on tumblr (was nihileigh now holocrons) for like 7 years, but now she never posts about it anymore? just a really weird about-face bc in the early days of the thread when she was still with peter every other selfie was her wearing star wars merch (see >>193367), now she seems to have completely deleted that part of her personality

No. 811167

In my experience those kind of people are very uncomfortable/quiet when they’re around normies, especially socially successful or naturally beautiful people.

Her tits are as fake as it gets so she probably can’t be like her online persona IRL.
I get the feeling that Ash is very unassuming, quiet or normal to anyone she meets IRL. I doubt that she has a lot of close friends though.

No. 811183

Star Wars is probably too tainted by liberal feminism and identity politics (read: female and POC leads) to appeal to someone as based as Ashleigh.

People here are literally speculating that she abandoned her husband and kids because they got in the way of online clout, not too much of stretch to assume she would do the same to one of her main interests.

No. 811222

She doesn't have any friends anon that's why she posts shit like that

No. 811767

File: 1609358989225.jpeg (757.46 KB, 2048x2048, 2176D9C1-1B8F-47C0-89D5-7DA887…)

~ just natural redhead things ~

No. 811861

Look at how unevenly she lines her lips too, it isn’t cute

No. 811862

File: 1609378630917.png (1.19 MB, 828x1792, 12E807F6-ACAF-4F5F-9F82-430363…)

using your big chest as a personality doesn’t work when they’re fake. same with your “naturally” red hair

No. 811942

All her YouTube videos are gone for some reason.

No. 812324

im a retard but what does even mean? that big boobs are like the evolutionary endpoint?

No. 812390

she's not making any fucking money from this. like she could get a sugar daddy and just say she has a fetish for whatever this is and they would pay her, and she could very likely get to be discreet. or just have an onlyfans like everyone else mentions. it's just so weird to me, i really think she just has the internet and nothing else. i highly doubt her father was ever present, and since she has peter's kids at such a young age she probably grew within his thinking. he was likely so pathetic and insecure he shamed her out of monetizing her efforts and appearance, even though what she's doing is a full time job attached to her name that most women even in sex work wouldn't do.

No. 812801

File: 1609687792454.jpeg (419.81 KB, 2048x2048, 3716A0F8-4B13-42E1-A315-C3EEF7…)

he’s fucking with you Ashleigh oh my god

No. 812820

She knows he's fucking with her, anon. She constantly posts these private, probably fake DMs because she like the attention and wants to remind people how HUMONGOUS HER BOOBIES ARE.

No. 812832

so she makes an effort to specifically surround herself with poorly-socialised very online men, strokes their egos by telling them they’re kings for knowing how to wipe their own asses and then gets salty when they approach her with jokes of the non-asslicking variety? that guy is dumb af but honestly what does she expect? this is the audience that she herself has cultivated

No. 812839

It’s the dictionary definition of reaping what you sow. She posts everyday about how it’s actually fine and very desirable to be a porn addled NEET who gets all their social interaction from twitter/ video games, and that anyone who criticises you for that is a normie. Yet one joke in poor taste makes her blood boil?
It’s such a contrast to her usual emotionally detached, too cool to care persona, the guy must really have gotten under her skin.

No. 812920

she had a tweet saying that she'd fuck a kid's dad for screaming that she's a ginger (she wants so badly to be a ginger lmao) but a guy says "reduce your breast size" and her only reply is "tHAt'S nOT nIcE"

No. 812997

it's funny cause the dm is complementing another woman that's not her and probably why she is upset.

No. 813095

You wanted your kings to speak, ash

No. 813480

it seems like comments about her appearance really cut deep lol (unlike her fakeass scar), it's basically the only time she drops her ironic shtick and actually lets on that shes pissed.

most women who are into the bimbo thing are actually pretty chill about it, and acknowledge that its a niche thing and most people aren't going to like it, but she gets soooo defensive as soon as anyone points out that shes fake af and its not a good look. I think shes honestly so brainwashed from having spent so much time around coomers and hentai that she genuinely thinks all men want a bizarrely proportioned blow-up doll, so any time someone makes a joke about her not being 100% desirable it kinda breaks her brain.

her and wig are eventually going to have a massive falling out when one of them decides that theres only room for one pick-me in this corner of the internet, and when it happens the milk will be plentiful

No. 813819

File: 1609968363873.png (474.54 KB, 595x379, ash screenshot.png)

granted, she is wearing a baggy, oversized sweater, but her tits are almost not noticeable at all in this pic. more evidence that she's clearly stuffing + shooping the hell out of her "big naturals".

No. 813821

Agree, if she even had at least two braincells she would be milking all the coomers into giving her money by subbing to an onlyfans or whatever all while she can still pretend she's that single hot girl with no responsabilities on her twitter

But for real.. if i get on the place of it's kids it's.. honestly really sad.

And she fucking owns an AR Rifle jesus

No. 813827

again… this is a mom…

someone dreamed of being Stacy’s Mom as a kid and it shows.

No. 813835

I hate this woman. She's angry at some twitter rando for being socially awkward but "actual mean shit" doesn't bother her? This is the kind of person who would defend abusers/rapists/criminals if they were smart enough to not get caught. This is how she must think if intentional mean shit doesn't bother her.

No. 813855

Stunned she'd actually post a photo that isn't 90% tit frankly

No. 814523

probably because someone told her to reduce her breast size

No. 814693

File: 1610318333849.png (1.34 MB, 1079x1767, 1609987893168.png)

cross-posting from the shoe thread, these two really only have one joke

No. 814758

lol at her not being able to stand not showing tit so hiking her leg up into frame with her thigh highs on. She's truly fucking pathetic. It's like Moo levels of delusion but without the money.

that shaman dude is unemployed and lives with his Mom so at least they're both batting on their level.

No. 814831

File: 1610378194224.png (Spoiler Image,1.55 MB, 1847x2048, Screenshot_20210111-151709.png)


No. 814840

Apparently he is a failed actor and lives off his mom, so that's a match made in heaven right there.

No. 814911

File: 1610402676280.jpeg (409.96 KB, 2048x2048, 8C416643-B7AB-4255-93C1-515751…)

The normie test correctly labelled her as a pickme (since that’s basically the female version of a simp) kek

No. 814926

no milk, who care

No. 814931

It's milk. Damn funny too. Of course Ashleigh lacks the awareness to realize she's a simp.

No. 815102

File: 1610443085321.png (14.74 KB, 437x55, fsf.png)

She's such a pickme and so unaware of it at the same time it's hilarious.

You can tell she doesn't get hit on irl because who says shit like this to randoms on twitter if they're a super hot natural redhead with big natural tits irl?

No. 815296

File: 1610480756983.png (428.8 KB, 587x539, uwubi.PNG)

They're going hard on baiting themselves as a potential couple lately

No. 815339

June calling herself a milf while even her toon version looks like a little boy kek

No. 815342

where is that screenshot from?

No. 815352

it's the pickme equivalent of straight girls getting "married" on facebook, such teenager behaviour
it's from the left-thots thread >>>/snow/1060669 most of the farmers on there were sympathetic to Ash but tbh they both come off like complete idiots


No. 815555

ew what? i hate to defend a scrote but it feels like Ashleigh was definitely in the wrong here? who tells someone they love them and expects them not to take that a little bit seriously? if your feelings actually change that's one thing, but acting like the other person was wrong to catch feelings or think that it might be going somewhere is just cruel

(although the guy was definitely stupid for dramatically posting all these screenshots trying to cancel her or something. one look at her twitter would tell you she's a childish attention whore)

No. 815628

it's so funny watching her talk about being scared to be a fantasy to him. What she actually means is "I don't look anything like my pics and I'm scared you'll reject me". It's extremely telling that she doesn't post full body shots where she's not half off frame and cutting her head off like she used to here >>132834 She may not be fat but she's abusing the angles

The guy is a fucking nightmare but that's why you don't tell guys like that you love them over twitter lol

No. 815632

File: 1610575569324.png (96 KB, 937x175, Screenshot 2021-01-13 220221.p…)

i almost feel bad for her lol… it's like she's so close to having a crumb of self-awareness but she can't quite reach it

her issue is basically that she can identify the issues in her life but she just wont connect them back to her behaviour or do anything about it

No. 815636

woah ash that's dangerously close to liberal feminist rhetoric, better post tits again before your dirt bag left simps take note!

No. 815653

It's not even showing her body that's the problem, there are women posting literal porn of themselves who still command respect and have people who are genuinely interested in them. It's her attitude, the fact that when someone objectifies her she just encourages them, throwing other women under the bus at the same time. Yes the way her simps treat her is shitty, but if she has a problem with it then she should stand up for herself instead of egging them on by trying to be "not like the other girls".

(Unless that whole thing is just a humblebrag about how everyone thinks she's sooooo hot and there isn't anyone who couldn't possibly be interested in her body, which I honestly wouldn't put past her.

No. 815665

i honestly read the whole thing as a humble brag. she could just stop posting her tits lol

No. 815701

She's right tho. She is unremarkable and boring, which is why she's into the whole bimbo thing in the first place. She's not confident about her ability to maintain people's interest otherwise.

No. 815941

Her toon render really picked up on the fucked-up lip fillers lmao

No. 816003

If the Q shaman guy gets arrested she should become his prison pen pal. It would be the perfect situation from her, she would get to hot girl LARP with a right-wing bad boy without worrying about him ever coming to see her irl.

No. 816174

Qbacca is arrested and in jail already, but at least he’s getting his organic food

No. 818437

the men she panders to aren't capable of seeing and listening to a woman. i actually think her nerdy bimbo style is cool, it's such a larp but it makes her happy and i don't have any problem with that. she's just wasting it on the lowest dudes out there but im not part of nerd culture, i don't know if they're all like that and she can't really escape it.

No. 822575

File: 1613670692283.jpeg (868.95 KB, 2048x2048, B577B9FE-B5F9-4545-ACCB-ABDC79…)

Does this freak anyone else out? It’s the exact same pose and angle but her cleavage looks so drastically different, like she literally inflated her boobs with a pump between the two pictures (plus seems like she blurred the background in the second to hide bad sh00p)

They were posted like 8 hours apart though so maybe that’s just how long it takes her to photoshop her boobs lol

No. 822577

definitely wearing a too small bra and puffing out her chest. probably some photoshop too. I sincerely don’t understand how men can’t see how incredibly fake her entire online persona is.

No. 822633

aww i almost feel bad for her, the cheerful caption in the first one makes me feel like she was feeling good so she posted a selfie with her regular boobs, then a few hours later her confidence plummeted so she re-posted one with them edited bigger

No. 822698

she's so insecure it seeps out her pics.

No. 822759

more like she posted the second bc the first one didn't get enough attention

No. 831477

I realized that suddenly i wasn't seeing any of her stuff and thought i unfollowed her but apparently she deactivated, Anyone know what happened? Inb4 a fresh start?

No. 831483

she has a private acc now before it was @/maindencel now it's @OnlineSelkie

No. 831931

Hm, i wonder what made her go into priv only, perhaps she couldn't handle all the newcomers that came after one of her tweets went viral on reddit(or 9gag can't remember)

Anyone's inside her priv twitter to share info?

No. 832136

She claims she wanted to be able to have a smaller circle of “friends” who didn’t bring up her boobs in every tweet. But I’m pretty sure it’s because she’s dating someone and instead of deleting all the thirsty/embarrassing tweets she just decided to delete her whole twitter. She continues to shitpost as usual and talks about her new boyfriend a lot and famous people who used to slide into her dms. She’s also still photoshopping her pics, so nothing’s changed really..

No. 832405

imo all the threads about ashleigh here and on KF fundamentally misunderstand her character.
excuse the tinfoil, but this is the only way it makes sense to me

Ashley grows up poor locked in her room on the computer for the most part. her teeth are fucked. self-esteem issues, depression yada yada yada

Is Ash Kimi?
Ash continually showes that she is incapable of showing a real unobscured version of herself.

>photoshops near every picture, fakes scar, fakes being a ginger, fakes being an promiscious e-girl, makes up stories etc.

running a sock imo is the logical extension of the kind behavior she displayed. In addition their birthdays match, their locations match.
Kimis odd peter-like behaviour also makes more sense through this lense, since Ash is at this time as much an pathetic loser as peter is. Both are poor, both spend way too much time online jerkin off.
But if all this is the case
>Peter didn't lie.
This is what happened i think.

>Peter actually thinks he has a relationship with an asian woman namen Kimi (he is pathetic mind you)

>Xiaxue and Peter beef, Xiaxue breaks the fake girlfriend story.
>at this point ash probably comes forward, im so sorry yaya yaya yaya and because peter is pathetic he accepts that apology.
>In comments made at the time peter says that Kimi is a real person, just not the one he thought they were, nobody believes him.
>he can't come forward and say who Kimi really is, because that would entail that he was in a relationship with a minor from across the atlantic
>two options, either bite the bullet or fuck over ash
>he bites


Ash has good reasons to want to flee her home.
As much as videogames and socialmedia can be escapism,
moving to the US, starting a new life with new people must have been incredibly compelling to her.
Peter is desperate, poor and lonely but so is she, a match made in heaven.
they have kids, she fades into the background, they live their lifes.


First and foremost, i don't buy that "we are all still friends" bullshit. this was messy.
I think most people assume that the breakup was initiated by ash, that she was the one who "had enough" of peter or that it was done for "leftist clout"
This has to be categorically wrong. Imaging loosing your husband your children and your home of 9 years and having to go back to where you started 10 years ago with nothing.
What happened? Either he cheated or broke up with her. Either way, he took the exit not her.
Peter carried on pretty much as usual, she didn't.
This is also substantiated by how she reacted to peter having a new gf. (worst day of her life)

>risen from the ashes

As many have pointed out, Ash never gained something from her hypersexuality, from her political grift or her fake stories or scars , which led many to believe that she didn't persue financial gain as
a way of putting herself above other women, that she isn't like the other girls so to say.
After the brakeup she started to use twitter more regularly, and being in a very unstable place the positive reinforcement she got from leftist-twitters favorite sex pests
probably felt pretty good. She started off acting like this scottish bigtit drugy teenager for whatever reason. Maybe because this is who she wants to be, maybe because it is the polar opposite
of her lived reality over the past 10 years,maybe as an attempt to throw rocks at peter, only god knows. What is clear though is that she simply isn't that person.
Like so often before she is pretending to be someone else and has no fucking idea how to break out of that cycle
I think when she complains about only being seen
as a pair of tits, that is genuine. She doesn't post titpics as a way to get male attention, she thinks that if she stops acting in the way that people on twitter know her,
that then those people will see her for the little pathetic lonely piece of dirt that she really is, and that they will subsequently abandon her, like her husband did.
The fake scar shit almost comes off as if it was a cry for help. thats some bpd shit dude. Is she a bad mom? i don't have a fucking clue dude. She seems to be really fucked the
head and thats always a bad start, i'd say she should go to therapy but honestly she has reached a level that will be very hard to cure.
idk guys this was all way funnier in 2015 well atleast shes gone for now.

No. 832943

i think that's more or less an accurate read tbh. I go back and forth on feeling sympathetic for her, on the one hand it does seem like she has a pretty shitty life and was taken advantage of by peter, but her constant need to shit on other women, along with her self-destructive attention seeking makes her pretty difficult to stomach.

I was hoping that her moving to priv was bc she wanted to spend time working on things that actually matter in her life instead of clout farming on twitter, but idk.

I went on her subreddit to see what was up and it's literally just reposts of her selfies and weird overly sexual comments. either someone she trusts (enough to let them on her priv) is leaking her selfies, in which case I do feel bad for her, or (more likely) she puts them on reddit herself for attention

No. 832944

samefag but her subreddit is literally just a spank bank, nothing about her tweets or her "politics", even the shoe0nhead subreddit has more normal content

No. 832957

File: 1619216721710.jpg (17.34 KB, 250x375, petey.jpg)

It is weird that they're all posted by the same user and all have her original photo captions as the title, but the user putting them up has a reddit post history dating back quite a while and linked to a few other social media accounts, so unlikely it's actually her doing it. Probably just doesn't actually care about being "private" that much.
Definitely funny that for a "leftist" account that just went private the only thing being leaked on her subreddit is her selfies, not any biting political commentary.

Slightly OT but does anyone find it odd how similar Peter's new girlfriend looks to pre-surgery Ash? Both mousy, not hideous but certainly unfortunate looking, with weird teeth to boot. Do you think she's going to get a bunch of surgeries too? Peter was always vocal about being a tit-man and she doesn't seem to be packing much in that department.

I can definitely see why that would make Ash seethe though, all that work to look like a blow-up doll and Peter rebounds with a someone who looks just like the "before" of her before-and-after photos.

No. 832972

I'm not really following this, I just noticed this post when contributing to another thread, but the girl in this pic definitely isn't "unfortunate-looking." She may not be a model, but she's like a 7 or 8 out of 10. I find the way people on this site attack random people's looks really fucking annoying. When it's warranted, go for it, but these are just normal-looking people.

No. 832986

Hes ugly and would never be able to land someone on her level again, what would she need to be jealous of?

No. 832987

Shes like a 5, super average in all ways. Hes slightly below though.

No. 832988

Slightly? He's a fat, gay, greek Santa at best. His new girl looks fine, definitely not ugly but also not very pretty. What's mostly garbage is Coffin being as old as he is and posting a picture post-coitus with a partner.

I think >>832405 has it all right when it comes to Ashleigh though. I also vacillate between pity and disgust for her. Some lonely teenage girl with a very bad jaw thinks her bimbo dreams can come true and they kind of do, I guess. Really wonder what's up with the kids. Still remember the tinfoil that her first son was a fake baby. Still think her pregnancy photos are fucked up in some way, whether shopped or faked or something, I don't know. Either way they show a woman with severe mental problems imo

No. 832995

turns out she actually kinda is a better person than ash on every level. shes a doctorate, researching racial inequality in the US health system, publishes tons of work, does a ton of charity work too and has done so for years.

i really don't like peter so i was trying to find dirt, but her credentials are honestly impressive, idk what she sees in peter.

No. 833011

Paradoxically that list of accomplishments just makes her seem more like a weirdo. Like if she was also a loser with a terrible reputation like peter then being in a relationship with a deadbeat dad who puts all his energy into the internet and is still widely despised would make sense. logically it seems like she myst have some huge personal flaw if she’s willing to hitch her wagon to that shit show and actually seem excited about it (/she/ posted that picture of them in bed with some lovey-dovey caption, not him). But then again she could be a totally normal person and just have shit taste in men, it doesn’t make sense but it does happen

I don’t know, but given the leaked recordings of her crying to Peter over texting some girl, and all the posts she made when he first posted his new girlfriend (“heart irrevocably broken” “not eating until my ribs show” etc.) she clearly is jealous, or at least still hung up on peter in a major way. If they actually did start dating when she was a teenager then I guess it makes sense.

No. 833252

File: 1619431939698.jpeg (63.34 KB, 365x923, 3414025D-70C2-4439-B660-11074F…)

so she’s definitely still fat and shooping/wearing corsets yeah? I can only imagine if she wasn’t there’d have been an OF a while ago
was the new bf ever revealed

No. 833651

She looks so different here than in her carefully crafted & posed shit. I think she's lost weight since then but she is still definitely wearing spanx, editing, taking fat girl angle shots, and abusing padded bras. I agree with you that otherwise we'd have seen an OF by now, not to say it isn't going to come anyway.

No. 837711

I follow Ash on her private account and honestly she seems to be doing much better now than her whole meltdown back in early 2021, she mostly just makes lame jokes and claims that deactivating her main account was a good idea.

No. 837730

yikes. But yes, she's definitely still fat

No. 838047


If you are going to bump the thread, at least provide milk.

No. 838292

Just going to say, y'all are stupid if you think the "heart irrevocably broken” “not eating until my ribs show” was about peter. Like to a stunning degree. But I understand. I thought so too, until, well…

To quote MGS2,

"you'll figure it out sooner or later–but I wonder if you'll handle the truth?"

No. 838302

Let me guess, it was about whatever alt-right eceleb she was crushing on, speculated to be Sam Hyde or Count Dankula? >>805830

No. 840012

so do you wanna provide some milk to go with that unsaged post? bc otherwise people will probably just continue to think it's about peter, given the timing and everything

also "handle the truth" lol i don't think anyone really cares that much

No. 843179

I should rape this stupid slut(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 843182

fucking weirdo. seek help

No. 843287


No. 843887

i think now its @InfowarsFan

No. 848036

File: 1628114064024.png (118.07 KB, 480x307, image_2021-08-04_175431.png)


No. 848053

Which means she has less than the majority of people….

No. 848116

I think she meant that she thought she had more. Apparently, in some circles, having a lot of neanderthal DNA is desired because apparently white people usually are closer to Neanderthals than POC. Conversely, she may be an idiot and doesnt understand percentiles.

No. 859201

9/10 loses one for fake bobs(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 859298

Asians have the most so that doesnt even make sense

No. 859460

Is that why they eat dogs

No. 859951

asians have mainly denisovan dna

No. 869891

Funny this thread is being bumped as it's coming out that Peter was spotted at the Communist Party International meeting.

No. 870031

of course he would have been spotted there…

No. 873597

nobody gives a shit about this dead thread stop bumping it every day

No. 874535

kill yourself retard scrote this isn't for people to compile your wank fodder. follow her private account if you cannot handle not seeing a badly stuffed bra for 2 minutes.

No. 874673

My assumption is that whoever's bumping this thread is doing so in the hopes of getting it locked

No. 875478


No. 882573

I hadn't followed this sad saga since 2014… it just got so much worse and pathetic. Honestly wish Ashleigh had been a doll and not an ethot.(necro)

No. 919407

This girl is now Shaun's (the "breadtube" youtuber) live-in girlfriend and they've started streaming together on twitch.

Didn't she have kids with Peter Coffin? I wonder where they are, hopefully not with him.(necro)

No. 927060

File: 1705956854726.png (302.47 KB, 768x630, 1705880076037.png)

It was long overdue I guess.

No. 927157

I seriously wonder who is looking after the kids.

No. 927307

OMG is it gonna be doll saga part 2?(sage your shit)

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