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File: 1436142854421.png (1.59 MB, 890x1472, Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 5.39…)

No. 132833

Sup ladies? Is Peter Coffin paying a new girl to fake as his wife or is this the original horsemaw with heavy plastic surgery?

I'll be including pics where she forgot to stuff her bra. We're over at /cow/ if you need us.

No. 132834

File: 1436142945694.png (1.05 MB, 1062x836, forgottostuffbra.png)


Posted this photo 2 days prior to this.

No. 132837

Previous /pt/ Thread: >>83467

No. 132860

File: 1436146132352.png (252.68 KB, 600x240, horsemaw.png)


Horsemaw is so fucking homely.

No. 132862

I'm late as fuck on this cow. Have we determined she is, in fact, a real person and not a sex doll or not?

No. 132867

Such a fucked saga. We're all thinking some sort of weird mixture or a doll, horsemaw who has appeared on video with him and these post recent photos posted at the top of this thread.

No. 132869

Other video. Prior to the supposed "surgery" 16K baby!

No. 132905

I'm honestly flabbergasted that there are people believing the current "Ashleigh" isn't an entirely different person than we saw a few months ago.

No. 133359

File: 1436225510813.png (1.31 MB, 1106x1098, Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 7.40…)


Look at that lumpy, shittily stuffed bra.

No. 133369

File: 1436226733313.jpg (39.01 KB, 640x648, e543158851594f22c1c6c09ff77067…)

FUCK my boobs hurt just looking at this.

No. 133370

File: 1436226828413.jpg (12.75 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

Looks like she contoured cleavage on too

No. 133372

So are pics in OP a doll or a person? Is he still using that doll he was before?

No. 133373


well she wont fall flat on her face will she lol

No. 137679

Person is gay

No. 783512

File: 1593812612233.jpg (671.12 KB, 1917x2555, EV7kJW6XQAE8lHQ.jpg)

From what people have gathered from checking her timeline and jokes. Ashleigh styles herself a communist despite the fact she'd probably be killed or put in the gulag under such a regime.(necro)

No. 783514

File: 1593813136711.jpg (160.43 KB, 595x843, troops.jpg)

She also seems a be fan of bimboification, or looking like a realdoll, i don't know if thats a specific fetish.

No. 783538

You hit the nail on the head anon, she's got a bimbofication fetish

No. 783552

My vote is 100% sex doll.

No. 783554

File: 1593827665265.jpg (39.46 KB, 612x612, t2NhH.jpg)

well you look at her old pics, its like she was trying to be a realdoll, it looks like she even tried to make her skin not look real as well.

No. 783559

File: 1593828345801.png (7.87 MB, 1242x2208, 87D117C4-DFC3-4BB0-8DD3-FE9362…)

When I look at pictures like this, it just doesn’t look like a real person to me. Also all of the things she says on Twitter sound like the personality a man would make up for his girlfriend. Could also just be a pathetic pick me who is addicted to photoshop, but I lean towards doll.

No. 783586

File: 1593833142123.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 346.9 KB, 960x1280, godno.jpeg)

What about her youtube videos? I think she's real, but just looks completely different in motion. That's why she sits so rigid in her videos, so she keeps her angle right.

Her nude from the last thread makes me lol still

No. 783599

File: 1593836757665.png (6.45 MB, 1242x2208, 9B0266E4-4DC5-45C2-A428-D9D21B…)

I don’t think it’s the same person. If you compare the width of her shoulders and arms to the picture above they look totally different. If she were shooping herself that extremely you would notice some distortion or something off about the picture.

No. 783620

I heard a rumor that Ashleigh was Kimi and catfished Peter? Then Ashleigh just kinda took them place of Kimi. Do you think that's true?

Ashleigh only came on my radar after Peter had beef with Xiaxue and she went nuclear on him.

No. 783622

File: 1593849004010.gif (966.37 KB, 353x265, tumblr_md5889gsCN1r270l9.gif)

if you look at her old gifs, it doesn't look like anything a normal person would do.

No. 783623

look at how warped the background is, it looks like shes using some sort of fisheye lens to make her boobs look bigger

No. 783624

File: 1593849380358.gif (608.9 KB, 275x206, 1429238727001.gif)

No. 783625

Oof that looks kinda painful to do

No. 783626

She's literally just a normal woman with a bimbofication fetish. She tries her hardest to look like a sex doll because it turns her on and in motion that doesn't work because she can't Photoshop herself.
"Mystery" solved

No. 783627

File: 1593850046066.jpg (169.75 KB, 901x600, tumblr_naq7hgIUKu1r5ygdco1_128…)

yeah even after she had the baby she still did "doll" poses

No. 783630

I think this is the truth behind the fake girlfriend saga. She posted something on her tumblr years ago about regretting doing something and how a loved one still suffers because of her actions. She also had reasons to catfish being a poor underaged fat girl with a busted jaw.

No. 783634

Is there a single picture, where her face is seen from a different angle?

No. 783636

Are we really necroing this 4yo thread to discuss old milk? Or is there an actual update I missed somewhere?

No. 783638

File: 1593857531671.jpg (213.15 KB, 1536x2048, EYWKqFdWoAApMtw.jpg)

Yeah I think so as well, it lines up with her being a massive weeb

Ashleigh divorced Peter and now is thirstposting on Twitter to promote her own channel

No. 783654

No. 783668

I love how this thotticus has a kid and still acts like an autistic egirl. What is she gonna do in 5 years?

No. 783669

File: 1593877626534.jpg (511.81 KB, 1080x1380, Screenshot_20200704-174537_Chr…)

I'm glad someone necroed this thread because she's so fucking weord and I'm still convinced it' Peter Coffin actually posting.

No. 783687

oh shit, didn't even remember toilet nigga until now

No. 783688

I think she had two kids with him

No. 783705

that picture scared me

No. 783709

File: 1593885597459.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.87 KB, 640x480, Ashleigh-Coffin-Nude-Leaked-Fa…)

No. 783730

wtf kek

I feel like she has no personality at all. Like I know she does the "I'm a oommunist while holding completely liberal values" shit, but she's so dull. Which makes me think she does have a bimbofication fetish and is doing it on purpose.

She gives me such creepy/bad vibes. Like there's something really mentally wrong with her.

No. 783741

god that's disgusting and scary

I used to stalk her tumblr when it was mildly famous and be fascinated by the uncanny valley of her pics, I'm a fan of horror and she looked like some kind of creepy weirdo out of very bad horror movie. Then I discovered the whole Coffin saga and was blown away.
How's Peter btw? Hasn't been milky for a while?

No. 783746


Very true anon, she definitely has a bimboifcation fettish, you can tell by all the pictures with her tits out.

She is still a cow in my book, I hope we are able to keep this thread around.

No. 783759

>I'm a oommunist while holding completely liberal values

Welcome to bernie lefthots

No. 783771

File: 1593900007693.png (1.92 MB, 1849x1554, Screenshot (79).png)

How the fuck is this funny?

No. 783894

It's hard to tell if it's surgery or not cause some boobs do look big propped up like that but she defintley filters and maybe touches up her photos a little.

Makeup doesn't help either.

No. 783907

It’s hard for me to imagine someone doing >>783709 to real boobs without some kind of nerve damage from surgery.

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