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File: 1609769355010.jpg (56.07 KB, 500x598, documentary.jpg)

No. 813147

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Onision Drama Crash

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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/Gregory Daniel/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 from one viral video and he's been beating that horse's corpse ever since. His peak milk came from his grooming of successive underaged and borerline-underaged girls, as well as his grooming of the local landscape and too many crossover episodes with other lolcows to list here.

papa was a rollin' stone edition

Last time on Cuckory Duck:

> nothing

> not much at all
> more greasy ass shit and shoving dildo's up his ass for shekels on onlyfans
> reposting old videos trying to get attention
> Greg's balding and aging continues
> Greg becomes even less relatable to the kiddies he craves
> Greg is busted sock puppetting on twitter, here and on kiwifarms
> Onision documentary goes ahead as planned, people start to care
> Greg rages about documentary, threatens to sue
> Repzion makes more videos about Greg for shekels

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No. 813148

thank you for the thread, op!
Can someone please link the documentary leak once it drops? I'm so salty about being unable to watch it due to being an eurofag

No. 813150

I wouldn't describe this documentary as award-winning or anything, and I'd say at some points it's even borderline incompetent. However, it definitely pokes at Greg in all the right ways, which will inevitably get him raging.
It might risk being unfocused, but I really do hope they touch on his other issues like tax fraud, the Wetlands, and his hypocrisy surrounding the law. Most of this episode relies on Shiloh's word, which has been established to be shaky at times. It'd just be nice to have a solid expose on Greg that isn't filled with shadiness behind the scenes.

No. 813152

This is literally a copy paste of the last thread recap and it wasn't even a recap. Lazy asses. I guess the mods don't curr anymore. Fair enough. I like the title tho.

No. 813158


>Shiloh's word, which has been established to be shaky at times

No. 813159

hi OP here, I get why you would think that but not really, I edited it slightly to reflect what has happened, which is literally zero. nothing has happened, unless I missed it and you are more than welcome to correct me.

No. 813160

I think the target audience are normies and boomers who have very little previous knowledge about the situation.
Hansen has worn out his welcome online, but most people are unaware of the drama and still associate him with his old show. Having a sheriff and a former TV show host that confronted pedos seems to serve their narrative well (if the audience doesn’t know about all the fallout).
Honestly, I have very little hope of actual consequences coming from the doc. But narcs loath humiliation and at least Greg will be squirming for a while.

No. 813162

Damn Greg really looks like his dad but with creepy eyes

No. 813163

This is gonna sound positively retarded but on 4chan they once willed something to happen en masse, and it did. So maybe if we will this enough Greg will finally get booted off of Youtube.
Just a thought, didn't mean to sound like crazy Tami here.
I noticed that too. Look out Greg, its the big 40 that comes to us all!

No. 813167

look, the least that will come from the show is that Greg will be incandescent with rage and make a fool of himself online, and that will be fucking hilarious
anything beyond that is gravy

No. 813168

Then let us hope for lots of gravy my friend, let us hope for the gravy train.

No. 813170

>I think the target audience are normies and boomers who have very little previous knowledge about the situation

Exactly. It's like the Lisa Remini Scientology series. I followed the Scientology weirdness for years. Nothing they covered in that was anything new to me. And there's tons of stuff they haven't covered. But the amount of attention it brought was amazing.

Now, obviously, this doc won't reach that level. (No big named star, no well know organizations that has lots of other big named stars with it.) But it will definitely bring more attention to it than previous.

And Greg shitting himself is just hilarious.

No. 813171

There could also just be the right person paying attention to it, someone who can do more to solve the Greg dilemma than even Hansen has.
Someone with more power and influence, like a Google exec or some shit.
You never know.

No. 813173

anti os and the particularly retarded section of lolcow users were the only ones believing greg would get arrested as a result of hansen. now you guys are all pissed cus he was treated like a god but didnt give what you guys wanted. pretty sure the bulk of the chris shit is from people coming in thru gregs discord playing on all that unrest. chris still carries more weight than you guys are fooling yourselves re: this documentary
so now instead of chris only wanted money and sold their stories uwu its well he got the docu but itll be normie-core and lame uwu

but yea, its a discovery doc of course its made for people outside of the farms and twitter. its not like greg did all of this for just us to make fun of

No. 813177

I remember how hyped people were when Hansen showed up last Jan. saying Greg was going to be arrested, that he was speaking with the FBI etc. He lied about turning in Sarah's laptop to the FBI because he didn't know anyone in the fucking FBI, he interviewed a girl high on Xanax who said she knew Greg literally killed people and he didn't even bother to verify it, I could go on but I won't. I see the current situation as being very similar to the last where people are getting unnecessarily hyped up over nothing much. The only difference is most of the people getting hyped up now weren't around last year.

Greg's been mia for the last few days. He might upload something to yt, maybe. I don't see him saying much on twitter anytime soon.

No. 813178

Those eyes are all Crazy Tami. Randy, however, has aged more gracefully. I'm sure he's not going out getting chemical peels and botox then fucking up the after care with two hour jersey off sessions under a hot shower.

No. 813180

>anti os and the particularly retarded section of lolcow users were the only ones believing greg would get arrested as a result of hansen
I don't blame some of the people who believed in Hansen back then because they didn't know his history. Now there's no excuse for not knowing.

No. 813181

I believed Greg would get arrested because of Hansen. I believed that right up until the point where he started scamming people with phones, pyramid schemes and a fake corona cure.
true, we probably shouldn't get our hopes up and you may call me retarded but i'm more of a glass half full kinda girl

No. 813186

>like a Google exec
I'm sure those idiots are more than aware, it's been all over the msm and youtube trending. The only time they remove people is when there's a conviction and even then it's not always guaranteed. Convicted pedos like LionMaker weren't removed after getting convicted, he was removed for ban evading.

No. 813187


No. 813188

File: 1609778752157.png (20.81 KB, 270x280, 122-1228233.png)

twitterfags, greg and his sycophants are the only ones crying about hansens past. seems almost like a greg tactic being employed.
people at discovery and the police dept working with him have all the same info we do and have undoubtedly browsed both here and kiwifarms but still saw fit to work with him. krai more pls

No. 813189

You never know, i mean it doesn't even need to be a google exec, just someone with a lot of influence and power.
that being said I kept wondering about one thing I always pondered about:
How come Chris Hansen never went with what he knew? Which was stings? He had the biggest ace in the hole in the very beginning which was the element of surprise. When Hansen just started this and didn't talk about it publicly yet no one knew he was gonna go after Greg. So why didn't he just contact his old buddies at Perverted Justice to try and lure Greg and Lainey out? We all know he has the habit of flying girls in, they could have used a decoy and met up in a hotel. Had he gone for a less obvious age and for in example a 17 year old its technically still illegal and they could have recorded a whole catch on hidden camera.
It doesn't take that much to run a sting, amateur TCAP channels on Youtube do it all the time. I often wonder about that.
Personally I'm not anti-Hansen per se. But the dude, you have to admit, is kind of a carny now. The things he did like that pyramid scheme, the phones and the corona thing were shady as fuck. But that being said, with this documentary right now, i'm glad he's still fighting the good fight.

No. 813190

>The only time they remove people is when there's a conviction
Any hopes for them demonitizing all of his main channels like they did with Shane? I know he's not making much money now, but still it will produce a nice Greg meltdown.

No. 813191

I remain conservative in any reaction from gurg. Aside from going "I'll sue youuuuuuu" to everything that dares breathe at him the wrong way and milking the infamy it will bring thinking it's clout.

"working" with someone and helping them dig themselves deeper into a whole are two seperate things.

No. 813192

Kai is getting her ass handed to her again on the next episode. Oh how the smug have fallen

No. 813193


I think Kai getting dragged on TV is the big nuke. She will be crying.

No. 813195

File: 1609779471172.gif (302.64 KB, 608x256, -what-did-hansen-do-kai-fe.gif)

No. 813196

File: 1609779827630.png (928.62 KB, 946x4096, Luxy.png)

>police dept working with him
Getting an interview doesn't mean they're "working with" him newfag. Hansen's shit was documented here and elsewhere. Pic related was written on behalf of all the girls Hansen said he'd help and didn't (clearly you weren't around then). Disney/Discovery can eat shit.

Also >>813177
>Hansen lied about turning in Sarah's laptop to the FBI because he didn't know anyone in the fucking FBI
>interviewed a girl high on Xanax who said she knew Greg literally killed people and he didn't bother to verify it

No. 813198

>How come Chris Hansen never went with what he knew? Which was stings?
You'd have to look into his past to find the answer to that.Plenty info on that, easily found.

No. 813200

Wrong anon. See according to retards, anyone critical of Hansen is either a greg stan or some random twitterfag. Obviously the girls Hansen lied to are greg stans. Problem solved.Case closed.

No. 813201

He also interviewed that wannabe hacker slug retard like 15 times even though he had zero to offer. That's what made me lose all respect for him if I didn't already.

No. 813202

If you are referring to the suicide you'd be wrong, since he's doing stings again on youtube right as we speak.
And if you are referring to perverted justice they where already working with another group called "tetracore" or something.

No. 813203

Good. I hope Footface crying and panicking around the house because of this is gonna make Grease sperg hard.

No. 813204

Oh there's youtube vids all about his past. In fact the ss here >>813196 mentions some youtubers who made pretty decent vids on the topic. kek

No. 813205

In regards to the suicide Chris took a way bigger risk in going to Greg's house. It took him going to a perp's house for that predator to then kill himself. Now Greg would never commit suicide in a million years but technically Hansen did not know that.
So why he never lured in Greg for a nice sting is beyond me, it would have made a lot of sense for him to do that.
I am very well aware of his past and even tipped some of the youtubers you mentioned filling them in on Hansen's background since next to a Greggy poo aficionado i'm a huge TCAPper. So to me when Greg and Chris collided it was the coming together of two of my personal hobbies.
I still enjoy it.

No. 813206

She's earned every bit of it. Nobody gives a crap if "Kai is crying"

No. 813207

File: 1609781576938.jpg (49 KB, 768x747, tdHGZJ3.jpg)

these uwu yas queens need to learn how the world works. Chris Hansen doesn't owe them jack shit, they came to him to tell their stories and yes Hansen uses those stories. That's what a reporter does.
When a town blows up in Iraq and they film that shit the reporters don't take the consideration of the war victims in mind. They just report on what happens, and yes, its how they make their money. Newsflash, pun intended.

No. 813208

>Disney/Discovery can eat shit.

Yes, you said that last thread. Are you going to post about how you're not going to watch the documentary every 15 mins again? Because everyone might forget your Hansen hate boner and that you aren't going to watch.

No. 813210

Not every anon is the same person, newfag.

No. 813211

The one's whining 'Hansen sold their story without permission' Nope. He pitched a story for a show. That's how it works. He's not their personal savior.

No. 813213

Whats would be the best bet for watching this outside of US/UK?

VPN works to access the site but then it won't accept my mastercard or paypal.

How do people watch shit nowadays? Are torrents still a thing or where would it get uploaded?

No. 813214

Thats the whole problem with the world today, everyone feels so fucking entitled. The world doesn't owe you jack shit and in reality no one cares about your feelings.

No. 813215

I get it. You're ok with the fact Hansen sold a story to ID without telling the girls he said he'd help and didn't, lied about what he did with a victims evidence, and you're also ok with the fact that he lied about having FBI contacts. Cool.

No. 813217

reporters lie?

noooo say it ain't so. jesus christ, get a grip. again, he's a fucking reporter. a journalist. they're the scum of the earth and they will sell your story.

No. 813218

Sensationalism isn't a journalism. Anyone can LARP as a journalist.

No. 813219

you must have been born on Jupiter.

No. 813220

Is there a mirror up? Or have you all been watching it on discovery plus?

No. 813221

Go ahead and google this: Journalism along with Wall Street, CEO's and cops are the highest rated jobs in regards to jobs psychopaths like to do.
Why do you think that is?

No. 813223

thats why most people ask for money up front when they talk to a reporter with a good story. thats the most you'll ever get out of a reporter. lets be frank Hansen isn't a cop, I don't know what they expected from him, he's been pretty up front with them right away. "Sure, I can talk to the cops" of course he can, everyone can. Had they been smart they would have already talked to the cops before they had ever talked to him.
I'm not white knighting Hansen here, but he's a reporter, he just does his job and thats it.
Gas, grass or ass, nobody rides for free.

No. 813225

nta but your type act like this is the first time something like this has happened. the whole of discovery/tlc/a&e shit like that wouldnt exist without people like chris.

No. 813226

File: 1609782906658.png (460.34 KB, 586x389, Debbie.PNG)

There were two parts of Randy and Debbie's interview that stuck with me.

Debbie said that when Greg was in front of the judge it was the first time anyone had heard of the choking accusation.
>When he was in front of the judge that's when he came up with the accusation that Randy tried to choke him and I was like what is he talking about.
So Greg sat in jail stewing about getting arrested and spent that time thinking up a way to spin the story so that he would be the victim. And the first time he tried out his new fabrication was in front of the judge. That reminds me so much of the Sarah saga. When Sarah came out with all the nasty details Greg was silent for a very long time (because Lainey would divorce him or so he says) And he spent that time trying to figure out a story where he was the victim. And lo and behold Greg comes up with "I was blackmailed, sexually extorted and raped."

The second thing was Randy talking about how his kids changed after the divorce.
>after the divorce their personalities all changed. These were happy go lucky just delightful kids, and they all became very uncertain and insecure and emotional.
And there's a clip of Greg saying
>Men came in and out of my life repeatedly. My mom dated a lot of people, married three times I think.
I'm not using this as an excuse for Greg's behavior but once those kids were put in Crazy Tami's custody and she was the main parental figure I think she fucked them up big time. And it just got worse when Tami made the sexual abuse allegations to poison their minds and restrict Randy's visitation rights.

No. 813229

Lets not forget this was the stepmother Greg wanted to fuck.
Take a minute to let that sink in.

Also, if I had to guess I'd say Shiloh is probably the only one that got actual payment for the Discovery documentary. She has a manager and if that manager is any good he woulda gotten her a nice pay day for it.

No. 813230

maybe i'm wrong but looking over old court records it always seemed to me that randy fought for what was best of the kids (especially greg) and tami resisted.

No. 813231

Exactly. They decided to blast Greg on social media and only really wanted it to stay there, they didn't want to go to the police. They pussyfooted for too long and tried to put the responsibility in someone else's hands, Chris' in this case. He fucked them over like a journalist does, but Sarah should have immediately handed her evidence over to the law instead of through him. Chris isn't a cop. Now there's a documentary and everybody's clutching pearls cause a shady journalist acted like a shady journalist. We're here for milk and the documentary is bringing that. Greg was having meltdowns for days before the first one even came out. Enjoy seeing him narc rage about it while it lasts.

No. 813232

I don't even know if Chris truly fucked them over. He just did what a reporter did, he reports on stories. If you tell a book writer an interesting story there's always a chance that it ends up in one of their books one way or the other. It's the same with a reporter. They get a good lead they follow it and tell their audience a story.
Chris Hansen is a reporter, he isn't a police detective. Even the laptop thing why oh why did they hand that over to Hansen? Why not the police? Then again I blame them being very young and naive. Hansen has this very trust worthy face and voice, and he's older, I think they sort of bought in to him as kinda like a father figure. That's all I can figure about it. It also explains why they feel angry and betrayed.

No. 813233

tbh i don't even understand why they have an issue with Chris Hansen making money with this. Look at Repzion, Edwin, all the other Youtubers making adsense money with their stories. With the exception of steveree who doesn't make a dime on it. When you go to the cops and Greg and Lain would go to prison, guess what? All of them also make money with that, its how they make a living by being a cop. In regards to Chris Hansen offering them justice it depends on how you look at it. This documentary any way you look at it will actually hurt him. He can't show his face anywhere anymore. They could have appeared on the show and made it worse for Greg, they didn't. I think they will very soon regret their decision to not appear on it.
Hell, they could have even made their own money with that doing more interviews for maybe other TV shows inviting them in. Now they won't since they haven't seen those on the Discovery documentary.
Not defending Chris Hansen here, it just is what it is. The dream scenario would have been Greg and Lain in prison, that didn't happen, and so far he hasn't been banned from any other platform than Patreon. C'est la vie, live & learn.

No. 813235

He said he will help, and he tried. Sometimes things don't work out how we want them to. You'd know that if you ever left your house, anon.

No. 813236

Been awhile since I've followed the onions, but Greg and Lainey's reaction to this will be hilarious. I hate Hansen too, but this is exactly what Greg deserves for trying to "win one over" on Chris Hansen with his constant video responses trying to clear his name and make Hansen look bad. Play long enough in the mud, and you'll both get dirty. And it's gonna be hard to scrub this one away for awhile Greggy.

No. 813237

Even as a reporter he fucked up and handled things poorly. He didn’t have to tell Sarah he was giving her laptop to the cops if he was just going to have it sit around in an office and do nothing.

I also saw a clip of the doc where it seems like Hansen framed the story to make it look like no one cared about Greg as a threat until Hansen got involved and cracked the whole thing open.

I think it’s understandable why everyone put a lot of trust in him to really dig and investigate (not even get a conviction or arrest) but he made it a money and attention grab. That’s not good journalism.

No. 813238

>He can't show his face anywhere anymore.

This is the biggest point. Footface won't be able to show her face anymore either and we know that she won't be able to handle the humiliation, especially when her family sees it. Greg won't give a shit about her feeling that way, but maybe she'll finally put her face down and leave him for good.

No. 813239

File: 1609784401162.jpg (186.79 KB, 1398x785, images (4).jpg)

I said the same thing when her pic leaked in the previous thread. But she didn't always look like a female Jabba the Hutt. The photos of her when Greg was a horny teenager aren't terrible. But I still cant understand him praying to God to make her come down to his bedroom and suck his dick.

No. 813240

This whole time she’s dug her heels in because she didn’t want to look stupid but it just keeps getting worse and worse. How much further can she bury her head in the sand and pretend things aren’t the way they are?

No. 813241

It's more that it's not the thing to be talking about right now in this thread.

No. 813242

It’s not about her at all though. It’s about Greg’s mind that makes every single thing that involves women about sex.

He also seems to try dominating women through sex so it could be that he wanted to reduce her from an authority figure to just some sextoy.

All I’m saying is it doesn’t matter how attractive the step mom is, she shouldn’t be picked apart for how she looks.

No. 813243

He's an Emmy award winner. He's not some hack calling himself a journalist. It's bratty YouTubers who don't understand how the real world works.

No. 813244

I can still see him fawning over her even though she wasnt the best looking lady. He can't help but sexualize every female he's been around.
Even his own aunt Kelly if I recall. Probably his mother. Definitely his sisters.

No. 813245

Thats true, I agree with you on that one fully. >>813238
I always theorized she will have to at some point.
He's a sex addict, plain and simple. Also I think sex to him is a form of dominance. Hence why he made an Andy Biersack doll and fucked it, it was a make shift disciplinary rape. "How dare you be more popular with tweens than I am? I'll show you, I'll take you down to my level."
Yes and no, personally I feel that even a pulitzer prize winner journalist is still the scum of the earth.
I have a strong suspicion he has had sex with his mother crazy Tami.
They are unnaturally close, and what kind of mother in their right mind gives their son full naked body massages?

No. 813247

I'm actually looking more forward to Taylor's segment than I was Greg's. She pulled identical crap that Austin Jones did. Time she gets that smug look wiped off her face.

No. 813249

File: 1609785978142.gif (113.86 KB, 220x164, tenor.gif)

ohh yes. hope they tear her a new one.

No. 813250

Let's not forget the fact that she's the mother of a daughter herself. How would she like it if two perverted freaks did those things to her little girl?
If we are to believe the stories she cried when she knew her second child was gonna be a girl, so how would she feel about someone treating her daughter like they did Sarah?
Such an easy but logical question and I would like to hear an answer to that.
power-level, but as a mother myself I would tear their god damn heads off Jihadi style if they did that to one of my kids. just sayin'.(Nobody cares)

No. 813253

I really hope they mention the fact that she cried when they learned it was a girl, and then Segway into letting the kids stay in the bedroom while they have sex and try to chain another girl in the basement for smoking weed at a concert

No. 813255

She has threesomes while pregnant and later with her toddler daughter next to them sleeping in the same bed. She's a horrible mom who puts her shitty creep husband above her children

No. 813258

Sarah did the exact same thing.

No. 813259

The victims lied too when they said they were going to do everything to get justice but then didn't even get in contact with the pierce county sheriff's department when they asked them to send information. When the emails leaked they showed Billie was the only one who contacted them, Sarah, Shiloh, Regina, etc were nowhere to be seen.

No. 813260

File: 1609789006511.png (1.34 MB, 1258x946, gerglyfartface.png)

Is anyone planning on reuploading the documentary for those of us who can't access it?

No. 813261

seconded. please dump it somewhere so we can watch.

No. 813263

I’m at the point where I can understand that Chris didn’t handle things correctly and was motivated by self-serving purposes, while also acknowledging that he at least brought the situation out of the YouTube commentary sphere and into the mainstream.
I don’t really care who is being paid as long as the end justifies the means, but I know that’s not the best

No. 813265

Those details would help remove the facade that she’s totally harmless.
That situation wasn’t Sarah’s fault and it’s not the same thing at all.
The best thing that can come out of this is that it puts public pressure on YouTube to take him off the platform.

No. 813266

Sarah's not the children"s mother. It's not the same. Wrong place to start that. Footface exposes her children to so much unhealthy shit. She's selfish garbage

No. 813267

It's pretty degenerate to have a threesome in any proximity to a child, sleeping or not. Especially if you took care of them since birth.

No. 813268

Lainey does have a breaking point, she reached it last time. I wouldn’t be surprised if after what happened with Sarah and then being publicly painted as a groomer pedophile all in such a short span that she reaches it again. If her family intervened like shiloh’s mom did back in the day, maybe she would finally stay away.

I know it’s unlikely but I really hope she leaves at some point. She would still be a pariah generally but I think that would pain Greg more than he thinks.

He so used to throwing her away again and again and her loyally crawling through shit to beg for him back. I don’t think he would handle it well if he was finally rejected from the person he’s taken for granted the most over the years. He’s kind of sperging out now because of the docuseries but I think abandonment would cause something spectacular.

No. 813269

Shut up.

No. 813270


Well, it's just going over old ground but the worst thing Chris did was getting Sarah to send the laptop to Vince and completely tainting it beyond any use. That's serious fuckery.

No. 813271

She took care of them because their lazy, useless piece of shit mother was too busy taking selfies and playing fuckboi online. Their mother is so useless in taking care of them she let her boys teeth rot and her girl break her skull on the pavement, and God knows for how long the little girl laid there in pain before she was found.

No. 813272

Nobody said she didn't do any of those things but it's pretty disgusting to have threesomes around children, especially when they're sleeping in the room. It's nasty.

No. 813274

I remember sus-anons trying to twist the story when Sarah first revealed that 3 way with C in the bed.
>Sarah is more at fault for having a 3 way than the two parents.
Yeah, it didn't work back then and its not working now.

No. 813276

The threesome with Clot in the bed is definitely a fucked up thing to do for all parties involved but Sarah has mitigating circumstances, as opposed to greg and Lainey.

Mainly, Sarah was young, she had been groomed, she wasn't the initiator and she has since realised that it was fucked up and regrets it. None of those things apply to the Onions.

No. 813277

Do you really think that they can't all three be at fault for such vile behavior? Greg and footface especially for being the parents but Sarah is an adult.

No. 813278

It seems more like you're twisting words. That anon said that Sarah is fucked up for it and she is, but she most likely regrets it unlike the parents involved.

No. 813279

Yeah it's really annoying when people bring it up like it's all her fault when it's already been explained that she tried to put clothes on and Greg took them and threw them across the room.

No. 813280

I'm really starting to think that little girl was laying out there longer than Lainey or Greg told the cops. He even let it slip in the Killstream interview >>>/pt/810793
>I'm looking at something on the ground and its kind of like it doesn't look like an animal its covered in debris or whatever from the driveway like the grass and stuff surrounding it.

Debris takes time to gather around an object.

No. 813284

>Debris takes time to gather around an object.
Not at that place. They put garbage fucking everywhere.

No. 813285

>they didn't contact LE when I think they should've
We don't actually know what the girls are doing or have done behind the scenes. Nice try tho newfag.

No. 813286

I get it but why take this position.

It’s weird to try to spread the blame for what happened to the kids evenly when clearly two parties shoulder the heavy majority of the blame.

No. 813287

I used to feel the same way about Sarah and her having had a threeway in the same bed as the kid. However, not to condone it, but there are circumstances. For one people seem to forget what it was like to be 18, sure some are a lot more confident and able to say no. But Sarah comes from a fucked up background where Greg and Lainey have made use from since day one since she was 14.
I do think they sort of groomed her in to normalizing behavior and I even theorize they are trying to normalize fucked up shit for C.
When you are that young, freshly 18, and you have 2 people a lot older than you, there is a power dynamic at play. I am convinced she felt wrong, she even told the story of how she couldn't sleep that night and stared at the ceiling all night long. They fucked her up, and if you ask me it was a traumatizing experience for her. There's been a lot of mind fuckery going on regarding Sarah and I don't think you should ever take that lightly.
She also said she isn't even dating. She's 18 and she isn't even dating. They completely fucked her up and she will have problems with this, also sexually, for the rest of her life.
Hate to sound like i'm white knighting here, but if anything just take what I just posted here in to consideration. Try to imagine yourself at that age and in that situation, try to put yourself in her shoes that day.
Should she have said no? absolutely, no argument. could she? I highly doubt it.

No. 813288

It's why he and Greg have so much in common personality-wise lol.

No. 813290

You said it better than I could. And still to this day Greg doesn't think what they did was wrong. I cant remember what stream it was but he brushed it off as nothing. Kids don't remember things at that age and such. I guess he hopes C wont remember everything leading up to her flying out the window and the exactly how long she laid there with a cracked skull while her father jerked off in his cum-cave and her mother microwaved some potato based meal and scrolled through her phone.

No. 813291

>he's been pretty up front with them
If that were true they wouldn't have issued a lengthy joint statement explaining that he lied to their faces for months >>813196. You can take your bullshit back to twitter.

No. 813293

>take your bullshit back to twitter
..the twitter anti-o raged, as she slammed her shitty macbook pro shut..

no thanks, haven't been on twitter in all my life, never will. go report back to your yas queens what a magnificent job you did. you sure showed me..

No. 813294

Remember when victims incorporated were told that Hansen was bad news and that they should actually handle the situation with legal professionals but they decided to take the advice of twitter, Hansen and footfaces spiteful exes over actual law enforcement? You reap what you sow.

No. 813296

Sarah publicly expressed remorse over that. It sounds like you're not taking into account the fact that she was groomed, nor do you understand what grooming is. Knowing the very little that you do your take isn't surprising.

No. 813298

>were told that Hansen was bad news
Yes a lot of people ignored it then, just like the retards that are ignoring it now. The girls probably wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and I don't fault them for that. Once they got burned all but two of them cut ties with him.

No. 813299

Nice deflection hon.

No. 813302


It's all moot because in true Onision style it wasn't breaking any local laws when they rutted in their degenerate pit.

Sarah did at least show some remorse for it unlike the Epsteinaroes.

No. 813303

Apparently all the commentary channels were sent an email encouraging them to speak about the new documentary as a way to promote it. Creepshow made a video on it where she stupidly does what she's complaining about, whiteknights Edwin and is generally obnoxious.
She also mentions she dislikes Repizion, not sure why.

I know it's not Creepshow's thread, I just found the default email to be interesting. I wonder if Steveree got one too.

No. 813309

yeah? you like that? just wait till you see the regret in your yas queens once they realize they gave up the opportunity for tons of attention and being on TV.
It will be a laugh riot!

No. 813312

shut the fuck up, no one cares

No. 813313

no no no just picture it right: they talk to someone and go "yes you saw that documentary? i'm an Onision victim too, you know?"
"what, you're Regina or Shiloh?"
"no i am so-and-so, im a Greg victim!"
"I didn't see you on the documentary?"
"i'm a victim too, damnit!!"
Hilarity prevails.

No. 813315

Your stupid trolling is boring.

No. 813317

oh come on now you know i'm not trolling, its exactly what will happen!

No. 813321

>framed the story to make it look like no one cared about Greg as a threat until Hansen got involved
Easily one of the biggest ego strokes I've ever seen. Dude couldn't be more full of himself with his non-existent LE contacts. It's pathetic.

No. 813322

if i had been a yas queen, and missed out on this extraordinary opportunity to go on the Discovery channel, i'd be bummed.
I'm just sayin'. I'd be waving to my mom on TV and everything.

No. 813323

This specifically looks like it's about his preoccupation with incest.

No. 813324

I'm sure it'll be floating around within the next couple weeks.

No. 813326

They fucked in front of Troy when Sarah wasn't envolved in the sex yet, it's obvious they already had a habit of fucking in front of their kids way before the Sarah threesome with Cloey in bed happened.

No. 813329

>This documentary will actually hurt him.
If there is any affect at all, we won't see it until the series ends. I see a lot of the same wishfull thinking that I saw last year so, idk.

No. 813333

lol he's the very definition of a hack. If he weren't he wouldn't have tried to sell a fake covid cure, among several other ridiculous things.

No. 813334

>I think they sort of bought in to him as kinda like a father figure.
He literally referred to some of them as "daughters". I don't remember if it was Regina or the girl from the Dahvie case (Ashlee) who mentioned it.

No. 813337

File: 1609799073654.png (49.92 KB, 1001x256, stillapedo.png)

Some kiwifag is listening in on Greg's voice chat. If anyone is wondering what Greg is up to while he's hiding away like a coward. They didn't capture the actual audio.

No. 813345

>I'll be able to fuck 16 year olds if I move to the UK
Good luck with that waterhead.

No. 813346

Eww what a freak

No. 813348

Aside from his stint in S. Korea, has Greg ever traveled that much overseas? The only times I remember him leaving Washington were specifically to meet girls. For some reason he seems like he wouldn't function that well in an unfamiliar place

No. 813350

Lol as if he even knows how to give anyone an orgasm.

No. 813359

Just Canada to live with underage Shiloh for a moment.

Edit - “Canadian”

No. 813363

if he gets his stupid ass banned from all platforms and goes to prison than I think that might do it for me. I might.

No. 813368

It has a lot to do with Grug's sex addiction and sadism. Sometime after Randy and his wife's interview was published, Grug went on and on about how he'd watch his step-mom's boobs jiggle. I guarantee he said all that to humiliate her and emasculate Randy.

No. 813371

File: 1609805748254.jpg (35.56 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


or someone make a discord where we can stream and watch pls(Do not advertise.)

No. 813376

My god, look into how yazidi women who were captured and raped by ISIS got treated by NYT and BBC journalists. Nobody's saying Hansen is a good person, but this moral outrage from anons who apparently have no idea how the real world works is getting tiring. You sound like a bunch of idealistic edgy teenagers or sheltered tweens. The girls had the exact same attitude and that's how they got fucked over.

>>cAn'T bElieve A jOurNalIst wOuLd lIe aNd dO hiS j0b for moNey$$
(Actually integrate )

No. 813388

File: 1609812498475.png (158.44 KB, 1190x648, Screen Shot 2021-01-04 at 21.4…)

Wasn't this guy sucking the docu's dick a week ago?

No. 813392

Boo red text

No. 813394

translation: I'm upset this documentary takes attention away from my drama channel that relies on reading anon forum posts from anons who do the actual posting, lurking, and recording for no money or clout

he's not the only one either

No. 813397

Yeah I don't get people's outrage over that either. Hansen is an old school day time tv host. It's not unusual to sell stories in that biz without consulting previous people you interviewed depending on what the signed off on. The outrage around that just seems like teens getting pissed over something they don't get.

Not sure if this is going to bring ol onion to justice or not but hey it's a good shot. I do think this might get more exposure than the youtube interviews.

No. 813401

Yep, but other irrelevant commentary channels are crying about it so now he is. Their timing makes them look retarded since Greg will probably say that they agree with him about the documentary.

No. 813402

These Youtubers shitting on the documentary think they're more important than they really are in the real world. Greg is a middle age man. Hansen brought this to an entirely different demographic and raised the stakes. Hansen actually did more to bring down Taylor and Greg than a dozen of these channels together. Hansen is the one who got Greg's Patreon removed. He is the only one who could chase Kai off the internet. He completely brought them down. For some reason everyone's pissed he's not a saint to boot. Hansen was the catalyst to finally putting and end to this. Grown adults don't give a shit that Chris is an angel. Look at his freaking results.

No. 813405

That's what I've been trying to say too. Hansen is in a different league. You're also right not other youtuber who has gone after Greg and footface have made any difference. For over a year now Greg and foot have been fucked and this being mainstream now they're never going to have a life. If nothing else Greg has his whiney call to 911 saying 'it's chris Hansen". That's gold right there. This doc was actually good and next week's focus is on foot. Greg's fake printed cease and desist letters will phase the shows producers. They have attorneys who already cleared it. These two idiots aren't getting out of this.

No. 813410

File: 1609818899028.jpg (66.36 KB, 720x587, 20210104_215324.jpg)

He's trying to play it off as if he's not freaking the fuck out kek Yeah, he and Lainey aren't happy with it.

No. 813414

File: 1609820260720.jpeg (609.61 KB, 1594x1093, 22A32F2A-FA5A-4FAD-A3B2-C0AABE…)

Remember when she joked about how they will get a show on Netflix or something when Sarah spoke out?

The jokes write themselves kek

No. 813415

File: 1609820316049.jpeg (71.34 KB, 356x512, 50C93939-0950-499C-B48C-6114D7…)

No. 813416

Commentary channels who've been making money from all of the awful shit Greg has done are suddenly upset that other people are doing the same thing on a larger platform. If they were really altruistic and only cared about getting justice, why are they so pissed about who gets credit? And it will probably end up benefiting them in the end when curious viewers look up Greg and find all of the commentary videos

No. 813417

According to someone on kf, Greg was carrying on about suing Discovery (toppest kek) on his Discord voice chat.
Also, he said he was leaving Twitter yesterday, but as usual didn’t.

No. 813419

File: 1609821526922.jpg (35.67 KB, 800x450, 92cdb-16024327211308-800.jpg)

No. 813421

Two clowns meeting their demise together so poetic The one about Lainey being so cute makes my skin crawl even if it's for laughs. That smug bitch fell from grace hard af . Lol

No. 813423

I believe it. He's so embarrassing. The documentary was actually really good. Better than the same old crap on YT. Next epi is about Lainey and that's glorious

No. 813424

For the aussies, eurofags and people who don’t want to give Discovery their hard-earned money, here you go!

https://m.twitch.tv/videos/861440925 Sure there’s a commentator but get it while it’s hot before DMCA strikes!

No. 813425

File: 1609824461275.webm (1.12 MB, OnissionDiscord142021.webm)

No matter what day you peek into his discord you can count on Onision discussing age of consent laws or when a girl is considered ready to have sex in his eyes. This is just a snippet of todays discord.
>twelve year old's are women
>seventeen year old's should be allowed consensual orgasms
>you are an adult at 16 overseas

No. 813427

I'll believe it when I see the papers. Until then he's just flapping his gums. Maybe he won't sue the wrong person/company this time.

No. 813428

>Hansen actually did more to bring down Taylor and Greg than anyone
lol ok.
>Hansen is the one who got Greg's Patreon removed.
Greg's Patreon was removed because he doxxed his ex gf, which violated their TOS. In other words, Greg was the one responsible for removing his patreon kek stop trying to rewrite history it won't work here.

Hansen's "results" are that he's a serial liar who's lied on multiple fronts. Funny how those who keep defending him continue ignoring that.

No. 813430

>He's in a different league
He sure is >>813196.

No. 813431

ugh the commentator is literally so unbearable

No. 813433

Didn't he say he liked the first episode but was waiting to see the rest of the series before calling it? From what I've seen so far the first ep is shit anyway.

No. 813434

>I told you
You didn't have to tell anyone for most of them to figure out on their own how garbage it turned out. Very not-up-your-own-ass for taking credit for it tho, as per usual.

No. 813435

It's a proven fact that Hansen doesn't do his own research, you'd know that if you actually looked into practically anything he's done in the last year or two. His credibility's in the toilet and it's only boomers who haven't caught up with that fact.

No. 813436

If Sarah "extorted" him then why hasn't he taken her to court? Oh that's right, because he can't prove anything and if he brought his "evidence" in front of a judge he'd be laughed out of the fucking courtroom.

Many of Greg's lies rely on ignoring context. Anyone who knows the story knows he's twisting Sarah's words in his lies of omission. And my god his stans sound like brainlets but what else is new.

No. 813437

When was this?

Anyone keeping track of how many of orbiters he has now? Never heard the ones in this vc. I don't even hear McRetard.

No. 813439

>he's a serial liar
He and greg have a lot in common then kek.

No. 813441

They're not scared of Greg. What's he going to sue for? This is a legit show. It had to clear so many attorneys upon production. Greg can't do anything but take it. That's the beauty of it. He has no outlet for his referee. Next week's will be even better about Taylor

No. 813442

Everyone wants to feel like they're the main character and they need to have their individual story told and their entire life glamorized which as you two have said, just isnt possible at all. I'm always confused when I see anons cry on behalf of those girls about having their story "stolen". They had their story for years and who did it save? No one, so let the media handle it since all of them are too stupid and too useless and too obsessed with trying to get followings of their own.
Boomers dont care, they just wanna tune into the latest wild story. The disconnect between farmers/anti O's and reality is going a little too far isnt it? Surely you all understand that this documentary wasnt made for all of you specifically? As others have said, this is a rehashing for normies who dont spend hours on imageboards or even hours watching youtube. There's still a large chunk of Americans who dont live on the internet and this is who these types of shows are for. For the people who've never heard of it.

No. 813444

He had sex with his rapist/extortionist at least a dozen times after the fact and bragged about it in graphic detail on the internet. Waterhead logic.

No. 813445

Not trying to Stan any of the onion bitches but I did feel bad for Shiloh during the doc; there were times she was on the verge of tears or angry at herself for letting things get this far.

Yeah, she should’ve never gotten involved with a married man right away and was a stupid kid but looking back with an older perspective, it seemed to finally catch up with her and one can feel the regret coming out of her.

shes’s still mental and an attention whore but this is just sad.

No. 813446

>Boomers dont care about his credibility
That's over generalizing. There will always be a segment of the population irl or online that won't care, that's a fact. Having seen the first ep it's obvious the series was made for mouth breathers. Don't know what that's going to accomplish.

As for the girls Hansen lied to, they made it pretty clear they weren't trying to make money off of their stories or sell them to the highest bidder. That's primarily why they chose not to participate in this series. They won't be missing out on something that they didn't even want in the first place.

No. 813447

There are plenty sad moments in her past that I'm sure the series didn't even cover. I have no doubt she was abused by greg, that's indisputable. She doesn't get a pass for any of the shit she's pulled tho, using her victimhood as a shield to hide behind. She's as nutty as Greg is.

No. 813448

lol I remember when he showed the release forms for the show on twitter while virtue signaling about greedy people. The contract expressly denied compensation or residuals for interviewees. He would've done the show if they'd paid him, he told Repzion as much >>809963.

No. 813453

Such a shame this audio wasn't recorded. It really adds to his advanced creepiness

No. 813454

That's what's pissing him off about this more than anything else, he can't make any money from it/claim it. LOL

No. 813456


Scroll up, Queen. It's right here >>813425

No. 813458


It's Scotland where you're essentially considered an adult at 16, not the UK in total.

No. 813460

Thank you queen
The person asking about him moving to the UK sounds like a child?

No. 813465

>It's a proven fact that Hansen doesn't do his own research, you'd know that if you actually looked into practically anything he's done in the last year or two

It's a proven fact that nearly no host of a show like that or even shows like "Dateline", "20/20", "60 minutes" etc. don't do their own research. That's been common industry practice since about the 1950's So, since the birth of television. Well done finally catching up to the rest of the world, honey.

They hire researchers for that part. How many and how good the researchers are depends on the budget of the show.

Just like the "Hansen sold the show for money". Bunch of teenagers or morons finally figuring out how things work in the real world. (Here's a newsflash to those kiddies. Even the reporters and stuff on PBS get paid to do it. Shocking, I know)

No. 813467


Vince didn’t “fuck up the laptop” beyond use. I stg this is said multiple times every thread. Hansen and Co holding onto it just wasted tons of time, it wouldn’t have an actual effect on admissibility.

Changing your mind and backing down isn’t really “lying.” I can’t blame them for getting fed up and just dropping it, especially with all the discord and drama amongst themselves.

No. 813468

Sue them with what money? Did McFuckface suck a lot of cocks in the back of an alley already to have enough money to pay for his lawyer like she promised she would?

No. 813470

If he wasn't racist I bet he would want to move to Nigeria, the world's lowest age of consent.

No. 813472


Nobody mentioned chain of custody. They sent the laptop to Chris' "TeCh GuY" Vince and from that point on any evidence would have been tainted. The fact that the laptop was apparently a nothingburger anyway doesn't change the fact that Hansen FUCKED it up.

No. 813474

File: 1609858863922.jpg (77.22 KB, 960x540, captain-hindsight.jpg)

Hate to be captain hindsight here, but there are a couple of things I never understood. Why didn't the victims go to the police first and why did Hansen never do a sting operation to catch Gregory Poo.

No. 813475

The sting operations in TCAP were coordinated between producers and law enforcement. They rented houses, had large camera crews, and hired paid actors with money from a huge network TV channel. It’s not that easy.
And how exactly would they even lure him out of his shitty house? Greg is a degenerate, but he’s also paranoid and most of his abusive behavior isn’t overt like the desperate pedos on TCAP.

No. 813476

Not that easy? Look on youtube theres a LOT of TCAP clones. Its very easy, all you need to do is catfish a pedo and have them meet somewhere, bring a camera.
It's literally that easy.

No. 813478

>no one said anything about chain of custody
>Any evidence would’ve been tainted

wtf does that even mean lmao. This is what I mean, Vince’s dumbass has no effect on if the evidence is usable. Whatever, hopefully you’re wrong about nothing being on their anyway, but I have little faith.

No. 813479

Anon please tell me you're joking and know that those YT ones are all staged.

No. 813482

Of course he’s not actually going to sue them, but it’s delightful to know he’s raging impotently about it. Rage on, Greg! Rage and rage!

No. 813483

I mean, Vix and macncheese trolled him very easily.

No. 813484

Just finished it. The commentator is annoying at times but at least he doesn't speak over the documentary too much.

I tried watching it with no expectations, like I was just some rando who happened to catch it on tv, and I thought it was well made. Obviously there is no new information for us farmers but it's entertaining and compelling for a new audience.

No. 813485

Lurve ya nonny

No. 813486

Sad truth is the police really don't give a shit.

As for Hansen not doing a sting, no idea. Probably assumed he would never sign a release.

No. 813488

the actors are very dedicated theyre even on the sex offender list and the news.

No. 813489


It would be up to the jury to decide if whatever turned up on the laptop was from Lainey/Greg and couldn't have, beyond a reasonable doubt, been planted by Vinny in the months he had the laptop.

No. 813490


you're joking right? i mean it would actually take more effort in to faking these then it does doing them for real. go check out predator poachers and the other channels, they do this shit nation wide and you can check criminal records and news items to see its absolutely 100% real. only a complete autist would think these are fake.
one of them i think it was jersey even caught a state official and a sheriff, it was blasted all over the news do some google searches and you can find it.

No. 813491


Anon must've been trolling because there are more pedos to sting than people to sting them. Greg has just enough functioning waterbrain and self-control to not get busted that way.

No. 813492

>Hate to be captain hindsight here, but there are a couple of things I never understood. Why didn't the victims go to the police first and why did Hansen never do a sting operation to catch Gregory Poo.

I always wondered about the Law enforcement. The only thing I can come up with is youthful inexperience, naivety.

As for the sting, Paranoid Greg never leaves his house hardly. If they set him up, he would want them to come to his house (just like all the others). Plus a real sting would need to involve LE or you expose yourself to all kinds of liability.

That's one reason I agree with the other anon that the youtube stings are staged. If they were real they could be sued to oblivion. Not to mention if you get a real crazy, hurt and/or killed.

No. 813494


From your own article (the third one)
> Regardless of its success, police had a message for the public: Don’t try this at home.

>“Investigations into alleged criminal activity must be conducted by trained law enforcement officials – with the assistance of members of the public when and where appropriate,” Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer said. “Private citizens who take it upon themselves to investigate what they believe to be criminal conduct may compromise the potential investigation. They can also find themselves in a very dangerous situation. Please leave criminal investigations to the professionals. We are very fortunate that no one got hurt today and we were able to take a child predator off the street.”

No. 813496

what aspiring actor wouldn't want to play pretend pedophile on some dumbasses TCAP clone youtube channel? come on, thats the golden part every actor wishes they could play, specially since they so clearly say you're a real pedophile, that isn't possibly dangerous at all.
and hiring cops to come arrest them at the end of the video, heck its easy to hire cops and their cop cars with sirens for a youtube video. very easy to pay with a 50 dollar a week adsense revenue and a couple of 10 dollar donations per stream.

No. 813497

yeah sure they're completely fake. they just do a lot of effort to keep the lie alive, kinda like how the world is flat, corona is fake and we never landed on the moon.
you jackass.

No. 813498


Moron, the article posted says plainly how fucking stupid it is to do. If you think is such a stellar idea, go for it. Let us all know how it works out. Post the vids.

No. 813501

isn't this what that channel luxurypranks does? i remember watching a leon lush video on them like a year ago.

No. 813504

This sting topic is overdone. It didn't happen and it's not going to happen. If you really think it's that easy and there are no potential consequences, go for it. Or maybe contact one of the totally real YouTube channels to do it for you

No. 813506

are you kidding me? i'm chatting with you undercover right now. see you at wal-mart later

No. 813507

never said there are no consequences or that its a good idea. i'm saying that Chris Hansen has done this for years, and that i dont understand why he never tried to sting Greg and Lainey.
Or are you trying to claim that you wouldn't have enjoyed a video where they caught the both of them in some restaurant in Washington?

No. 813508

Yeah but if this goes to court (and that's a big "if") Foot's lawyer can claim the evidence in the laptop was tampered with and ask it to be thrown out.

No. 813510

Everything has consequences. You can go to the store right now and catch Corona, but you'd still need to get your groceries.
The point isn't for a TCAP clone to do a Greg sting, the point is that Hansen has never tried this. Lainey was cruising for underage poon on twitter 24/7, it would have been dead easy to catch them in a sting and then Greg and Lainey would have been in prison now.
tl;dr Hansen fucked up.

No. 813513

Since 2019 sexting laws in WA carry higher sentences
So had Taylor talked to what she thought was a minor about Greg's baby carrot again like she did with Sarah, that would have been a massive win for Hansen in a sting operation. Straight to prison, do not pass Go, do not collect a 100 dollars. Chris dropped the ball.

No. 813514

Absolutely not. Chain of Custody doesn't begin until LE has processed it. Rarely is evidence handed over in pristine condition. Forensics can restore deleted files. What you're saying is simply not true. Not even a little. Bu

No. 813516


You keep using "chain of custody" but you're the only one.

No. 813517

In a sting operation the confrontation is not even necessary. The chat logs are. Chat logs are your friend. They would have given the cops something to go on other than just witness statements. Even in the silly youtube stings it is always the chatlogs that get the perps convicted. Same as what Perverted Justice does and they have a very high prosecution rate. They get the pedophiles off the street, if even just for a few years. Had Hansen done a sting my guess is Greg and Lainey would have been long gone by now.

No. 813518

That wasn’t me, but that’s not how any of this works.

The evidence would be examined by an expert and would have to be attested to regardless of whether or not Vince put his grubby paws on it. I work in AML and have been called to testify in court to speak to financial records before.You’re making my head hurt fr fr, let’s just drop it(Nobody cares )

No. 813519

What consequences? In theory you can bait a pedophile online acting like you are underage, then hand all the chat logs over to the cops and they will get arrested. Heck you can even confront them and make it a citizen arrest, then call the police.
I am in no way suggesting that you or anyone else should, but all of that would be perfectly legal. As long as you don't take a baseball bat to the pedophile or hurt them in any way it's all good.

No. 813520


>as a student nurse

Nobody cares about your anon credentials.

So you're conceding that vince fucking with it brings in a completely unecessary angle of experts arguing over the laptop evidence. Thank you.

No. 813521


It's funniest when the pedo has been using someone else's photo and identity so the cops keep them locked up for 36 hours until they realise it's a huge fuck up. Google 'scorpion hunters' for that one.

No. 813522

You'd expect Chris Hansen to be smarter than tha… wait nvm.

No. 813523

What consequences?

From one of the articles an anon posted >>813494
Read it moron

No. 813526

You keep saying that without actually understanding what I am trying to tell you: There are no consequences. Not legal ones.
This is the last time I'm trying to explain this to you.

No. 813527

Again, if you think it's easy and there will be no issues, go for it. But trying to bait Greg into a fake online relationship seems pointless when he's actually done real, horrible things that should be focused on. It just distracts from his actual shit. Not to mention most of the abuse and grooming took place offline, so it's not like it will be an easy chat log like some shows.

No. 813528


Law Enforcement disagrees with you. That's good enough for me.

No. 813531

I don't keep using anything. I used it once in response some dumbassery. Lainey's lawyer can't get the lap top thrown out. That's absurd.

No. 813532

Yeah that's awesome. Proud of you, hon. Never change.

No. 813533


From the first link off the same post:
> Citing Ohio’s Importuning Statute, Bliss made very clear that, according to state law, the only persons that could legally arrest and prosecute creeps pursuing underaged sex are members of the force—not a duo of iPhone-wielding “vigilantes.” “Believe me, I want these people prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Bliss said, flanked by the Sheriff and County Prosecutor. “However, I want the investigations to be done correctly.”

So, yes, there are legal consequences

No. 813534

>trusting the word of cops over the actual law.
>my sides.
catfishing a pedo isn't illegal.
lying and saying you are underage is not illegal.
sending the chat logs to the police after basically doing their job for them? not illegal.
just tryin' to get what anon tried to explain to your autistic brain in toddler speak.
do you understand what she means now? i bet not, but hey, never hurts to try. stay mad though and keep yelling and hurling insults at people for not agreeing with you, because its entertaining.

No. 813535

Not every anon is the same person, newfag

No. 813537

could you tell us again how catfishing pedo's is illegal? i never get tired of hearing that one

No. 813539


>(2) The other person is a law enforcement officer posing as a person who is less than thirteen years of age, and the offender believes that the other person is less than thirteen years of age or is reckless in that regard.

Per Ohio law, it has to be a law enforcement officer for an arrest to be made. Other states may vary, but Ohio is quite clear.

No. 813540

yes reckless maybe, not illegal. you do realize they use this tactic themselves often too, right?
you're a real champ, keep going, this is hilarious. you're like an autistic energizer bunny, very proud of you.
posted that twice, assume you're banned her for other similar autistic reasons and now using a proxy, no?

No. 813542

You ever hear of taking the L and moving on? last I checked its not illegal. Being as autistic as you and quoting vague bumfuck Ohio articles may be illegal though. Might wanna check there, judge Judy.

No. 813543

>you do realize they use this tactic themselves often too, right?

Yes, and the Ohio law says it has to be done by law enforcement, right from their only laws.

>posted that twice, assume you're banned her for other similar autistic reasons and now using a proxy, no

Nope, had to add something to it

No. 813544


It's straight from their laws on the books dumbass.

No. 813546

Just curious: If someone like Alex Rosen from predator poachers would hold one of their stings, and get a pedophile off the streets that would in the very near future hurt one of your loved ones, would you still scream autistically in to this void about it "being illegal" (even though its not, despite your claims)
maybe it is illegal in bumfuck ohio or whatever inbred hick village you hail from, i'll grant you that, but who cares about your trailer park?

No. 813549


Yes, I would, because as shown, in some states if it is not done by law enforcement it's illegal. So, the arrest could send them off scott free. Arrest does not equal conviction.

So these morons could guarantee the freedom of a child predator.

That's why it's stupid..(Infighting)

No. 813551

There's just no debating you because you only wanna be right. I know someone else like that that always takes this veined "moral high ground" and refuses to admit when he's wrong. But hey, lets not go there. This is my final reply to you and actually its just for other people to read same as my replies to your other brain farts:
I actually agree with you that amateur stings are greasy. Its a shady grey where really it borderlines on still being legal. And sure, theres a big possibility of it going wrong. If a pedo takes a weapon with him or what have you who knows what could go wrong? But like a sheriff (hey lookie there!) on TCAP once said: Cops often lack the funds to hold stings like that, which is why every town in the world is littered with pedophiles preying on your kids. And lets be real here, look at what the shit does to kids after they are molested. Just look at the classic documentary child of rage and tell me again how you are against vigilante justice against pedophiles. I'm being frank, I wouldn't even mind it if there were some bikers beating them to death in their spare time. I don't give a shit, fuck pedophiles. I don't even like Alex Rosen, I think he's a racist fat piece of shit, and yet still God bless him for the shit he does. Same as all these other silly youtube channels with fame and money hungry narcissists in charge. Because they help keep your town just a little bit safer for kids.
But hey, as your replies have shown time and time again, get your little last word in, tell me how i'm wrong. I literally couldn't give a shit less, and like I mentioned earlier this is my very last response to you.
Go fuck yourself. Sincerely.(Infighting)

No. 813552

File: 1609879277923.png (464.34 KB, 680x376, e85.png)

No. 813553

Hah- neat prediction. anon said you need to get that last word in, even if its a shitty reaction image. do you feel better now despite being proven wrong & looking like a jackass?(Infighting)

No. 813555

I'm not the anon you've been responding to. Are you done? Can we get back to the actual topic here instead of you derailing this thread with your pointless tangent?

No. 813556

"I am a nonce and I do not like stings like these."(ban evasion)

No. 813589

holy fuck this gross scrote's pauses for hot takes like "don't hook up with a cheater cuz he'll cheat on you" is so unbearable i'm about to buy discovery+

No. 813592

It’s free for 6 months if you have a Verizon unlimited account, just sayin.

No. 813595

I took the plunge and got discovery+ all thanks to gregoyle. Don’t care what other salty anons gotta say, $4.99 is pocket money and a very small price to pay to witness cow history.

No. 813597

okay the commentary is subpar, but it's actually a p good first episode.

we know all that shit, but for someone who doesn't know gurg at all/normies it's definitely a solid introduction into how many fucked up things he's done and how he needs to be taken off youtube.

No. 813601

It was a little annoying but not too bad for me lol. I'd rather watch that than pay for it.

No. 813602

The time he wastes talking about this makes me not care until he actually files suit.1

No. 813605

>most of his abusive behavior isn’t overt
Yep. And he's constantly skirting the law. But as someone else pointed out, all these years spent skirting the law he's bound to have fucked up somewhere.

No. 813608

To catch you up, Hansen always likes to come off like he does his own research or "investigation", that's the issue snarky anon. Anyone who doesn't live under a rock already knows how full of shit people like him are.

No. 813609

File: 1609893513316.png (759.88 KB, 587x591, 1452234556012.png)

Thank you! The commentator isn't optimal but it's better than nothing

No. 813610


Yes, just like every news show like his since TV began. Nothing about that is new. What’s your point?

No. 813611


The commentary is bearable. Man, Randy and his wife's interviews just broke my heart.

No. 813615

Believe it or not some people are stupid enough to believe Hansen actually does research (a few of them were in this thread earlier). They're not all as caught up on TV history as you are apparently.

No. 813617


Well, they will be graduating middle school soon.

No. 813636

I fell asleep halfway through. Speaking purely as a filmfag, the editing was weirdly abrupt, most of the segues were awkward and Edwin's parts were unnecessary. The rest of it was just ok. I don't know how they're going to pad this out because Sarah's an integral part of the story and she refused to take part in it.

No. 813640

I find it absolutely hilarious that their house is now on national tv. How vain their attempts have been.

No. 813645

What are the chances that Sarah, after seeing this first part, will be like " hey its not bad at all, I want to tell my story too" and call them? I think her story is a MUST to finish the story since it shows how low him and his pedo wife has gone. Billie's would help too but tbh shes dumb as a rock (what is blackmail?? ) and it would just make her look bad.

No. 813647

Probably zero thanks to Shiloh treating her like shit.

No. 813651

They will also probably have to go through another name change. I wonder if this time around they will try to change the kid’s names too. It must be so confusing to have your parents constantly shifting identities when you’re growing up.

No. 813656

I wonder what names they'll try this time.
I imagine Greg will name himself after some fictional villain, probably Arthur after the joker.
Lainey will go with another typical transtrender snowflake name like Blaze or Eli.

No. 813661

^^^ the real Jokers name is Jack Napier

No. 813662

Didn't Hansen get kicked out of his apartment and owes a massive amount? I wonder if Onision knows about it and commented on it at all.

No. 813666

File: 1609916961964.jpg (16.46 KB, 373x263, gt55.JPG)

You're new here aren't you?
check out the rules page https://lolcow.farm/rules

No. 813671

I noticed several threads have been getting an influx of newfags lately. I heard the farms are mentioned at some point in the Onion series, and I can take a good guess about who it is that mentions it.

No. 813672

File: 1609924925478.jpeg (175.48 KB, 828x462, FBFED9D7-52D1-4A66-ADC5-15D569…)

Unlikely. Most of the girls xnayed on this project for a reason. I'm pretty sure parts 2 and 3 have already finished filming anyway, the rest of the series is airing this month I think.
Kek I'm pretty sure she's already tried Eli, no joke.

No. 813673

I personally wouldn't waste any money on it. The only segments worth watching for me were Shiloh's and Randy's. There were certain parts of Shiloh's interview that felt super rehearsed and not at all genuine, but then it is Shiloh after all.

No. 813674

Well duh, it's a tv show.

No. 813675

You must be new here. I said it was only certain parts of Shiloh's interview but then I don't expect mouth breathers to be discerning. Notice I didn't say Randy's interview seemed rehearsed or disingenuous at any point, or his wife's for that matter.

No. 813676

Nope. Was poking fun at you, anon.

No. 813678

File: 1609929316200.png (810.81 KB, 1080x4486, Shiloh never lies.png)

No anon I won't stand for this. How could you imply Shiloh lied or embellished any part of her story?

Is anyone really wondering why the other girls (minus Regina) refused to take part in this? Hope the natgeo trip you sucked a dick for was worth it, you perpetual cow you. I'm glad father onion got to say his piece, I'll say that much.

No. 813680

File: 1609930809876.jpg (28.7 KB, 737x195, 1GQTyvj0QL._AC_SL15.jpg)

Looks like Greg's number one ass kisser couldn't take the heat and took a page out of the Onision Handbook. He hasn't even released his video reviewing the Discovery documentary that he's been pushing all last week. He was so proud that he got an advance screener of it so he could shit on it and now fatboy is going MIA to cry.

No. 813684


If I had a story to tell I wouldn't give a fuck what other people -who have their own stories- do. This is why I cannot understand why she's not doing it. Its her story with gorg, not shiloh's story.

No. 813685

File: 1609931154945.jpeg (130.55 KB, 1603x898, Loli.jpeg)

>I personally wouldn't waste any money on it
I was gonna say they should fire their editor but it's probably too late for that.

No. 813686

Oof you obviously don't know the backstory then.

No. 813687

samefag. this is ss from the first ep.

No. 813688

I know the scrotes over at the kiwi Onion thread don't like Oreo and his friends but Oreo doesn't eat Greg's cock. He's criticized him plenty and his 20min interview with Greg was actually pretty good and has been praised here. Greg finally got hung up on in the middle of a spergout and it's recorded for posterity.

No. 813692

Go back to Twitter. Anon has a point. Shiloh did lie about her involvement with the documentary but why does it matter if she decides to act fool on discovery? They already did it for free last year. This goes for Regina too although I'm certain that she faked her entire story to gain relevancy and everybody knows it.

No. 813694

Yeah I see a lot of newfags that don't know the context.
DeOrio was the one shiloh went full retard on last year. She's kept her sm private since then because she embarrassed herself.

No. 813695

>why does it matter that Shiloh lied

No. 813696

The only people who didn't expect Shiloh to lie are braindead. It's consistent with her behavior, if she hadn't lied why would it matter whether or not she decided to go on the show? It is her story, not anyone else's. There is no real friendship pact between anyone other than Billie and Ayalla's simps. So Shiloh owes them nothing.

No. 813697

What are they even going to say about it anyway, ‘ oh Chris Hansen blah blah ‘ all these idiotic videos coming out now just detract from the real issue and that is: Anus is a predatory pos, all I’ve heard so far is how they are pissed that the documentary doesn’t revolve around them and their videos.

I mean legit they all sound like a bunch of disgruntled narcs sad they don’t have the spotlight. Not one of them has even mentioned how disgusting the abuse and predatory behaviour that is showcased in the documentary which is legit that alone tells me where their interest truly lies.

No. 813699

File: 1609937119315.png (145.03 KB, 531x640, f23209fafwf.png)

>if she hadn't lied why would it matter

No. 813700

>how they're going to pad this out because Sarah's an integral part of the story and she refused to take part in it.

It could be quite possible they use Sarah's interviews with Hansen on YouTube. Like him or not, Hansen has been doing this stuff for decades, he or his crew probably had them sign a release when they did his YouTube giving him full rights to do whatever he wants with that interview.

Their "refusal to participate" is probably mostly meaningless if that happened. They just won't be retelling their stories in front of the Documentary cameras. The show could probably replay the entire Youtube thing if they felt like it.

Admittedly, just speculation. But those kinds of releases are pretty standard in TV. We'll find out when the next episodes air.

No. 813701

It doesn't matter point blank, they're mad that Shiloh didn't keep an agreement she never meant to keep. It's time to get over it, so far she's only told her story and experiences with Greg.

No. 813702

That's possible but who signs release forms before doing a youtube interview? Some people fell (still fall) for his con artistry but if he'd asked them to sign anything I doubt they'd have done so.

No. 813703

>It doesn't matter
Anon you already said it doesn't matter to you that she lied. We get it.

No. 813705


Just a regular Youtube interview, I would agree. But people who worked in the TV industry, especially if they had designs to use their Youtube stuff to get back on TV would do that.

Deleted, my response to add this. Sarah signed Greg's printed off of google NDA's. She would sign something from Hansen.

No. 813706

Since you're clearly a newfag I'll let you in on a little something: It's possible to dislike Hansen and also dislike Onision. You know who else said that? The girl that wrote pic related >>813196.

No. 813707

Anon you're assuming Hansen would give them something to sign. Maybe I missed it but they never mentioned this once. You also seem to be assuming he's some kind of professional.

No. 813708

>>813703 It would only upset you of you felt personally spited.
I don't think they need anything signed to use some clips as fair use as in Repzion's case. I do agree Sarah is naive as hell though.

No. 813709

Who said I was upset? I think it's funny that anyone comes here to whiteknight her for her lying.

No. 813711

The criticism about the documentary isn't criticism about Hansen, it really is about youtubers wanting the spotlight and wanting credit for their e-obsession with onision. If they wanted to actually criticize Hansen it should have been before they decided to entrust fictitious investigations under him. In fact I remember when all the Hansen whiteknights would label criticism as onion stans.
Why does it matter what Haylee says or thinks about Hansen? She wrote that with her tail between her legs on behalf of the group and all they reiterated was stuff we already knew. The tension between Shiloh and everyone else was obvious at that point.
Nobody is whiteknighting her. Shiloh lying was predictable and it doesn't change anything that happened between her and Greg. If you're so mad about Shiloh giving onion bad exposure have the same exact energy for everyone who went on Hansen's livestreams without the consent of Skye, Alicia, and Maya.

No. 813712

I don't remember anyone here praising DeOrio, and the interview didn't bring any milk. A good interviewer gives the interviewee enough rope to hang himself and all Greg did was talk over him the whole time much like the Keemstar interview. I will agree that Nic hanging up on Greg was funny as fuck. But if you listened carefully Nic only got pissed when Greg started making fun of Shilohs weight.
>she says oh I was knocked out while training because of course her record label wanted her to lose weight because they hate fat people or some stupid shit like record labe… CLICK

I'm guessing DeOrio started having high school flashbacks of the cool kids poking him in the tummy and disconnected.

No. 813715

>Nobody is whiteknighting her.
If you say so >>813699.
>it doesn't change anything that happened between her and Greg.
I don't think you're getting the implications here >>813678 but that's fine. I can give Shiloh shit for lying just as much as I give greg shit for lying. Some of us are actually capable of nuance here.

No. 813716

You can actually think Shiloh lying is cow behavior while also acknowledging that it has zero effect on the content of her interviews. We don't all think in black and white.

No. 813717

DeOrio's interview was posted here and most farmers liked it. Go back to that thread if you don't believe it.

No. 813718

So according to you, Shiloh wouldn't lie at all in any of her interviews? Her pretense is pretty obvious but you're free to believe what you like.

No. 813720

>If they wanted to actually criticize Hansen it should have been before they decided to entrust fictitious investigations under him.
>Why does it matter what Haylee says or thinks about Hansen?
Why does it matter that Hansen lied to those girls and most of them want nothing to do with him anymore? You tell me.

No. 813721

I don't know if you're new anon but that post was written months after a good chunk of people spoke out against Hansen and his history. They chose to die on that hill and they all recorded interviews with him, they even haggled other girls to participate when they wanted nothing to do with onision or anti-o drama. So tell me why it matters what Shiloh does with her dying career and her autonomy? Her lies are just icing on the cake.

No. 813723

I was in the thread when it happened. If your take was overwhelming approval then I cant change your opinion. People see and hear what they want.

No. 813724

They have all lied for the most part. You think Shiloh's first YouTube interview was 100% honest? There is also Rag Reynolds, the barred out chick from Twitter, Sarah on twitter.

No. 813726

>that post
I don't know what post you're referring to.

Some of your point was already addressed >>813298. They recorded interviews with him before they found out he was hiding from them that he'd sold the "Onision story" to tv (Shiloh hid it from them too apparently). The only girl I know that was "haggling" trying to get other people on Hansen's show was Regina.

Shiloh's always publicly claimed to want some sort of legal consequences for Greg. Sperging out, having meltdowns on twitter, being publicly outed as a serial liar won't help her win in a court case, quite the opposite, but then she already knew that.

No. 813727

I don't lump them all in with Shiloh. They've cut ties with her anyway. She's had her own thread for a reason.

No. 813728

This is the same dumb-ass answering with one word and not explaining why they think that way.
I am >>813684. I think Sarah just needs some motivation to go and tell her story. Even tho the documentary is already "done" , I am sure if she came at last minute they will try to fit her in somehow or even do a part 4. She is an =essential= part to this story, I think even more than shiloh because IMO what they did with her was worse than what he did with shiloh AND she's not batshit crazy like her.

No. 813729

She's not going on tv anon. She made her decision. Discovery's just going to have to interview more irrelevant people kek.

No. 813731

File: 1609943214653.png (231.92 KB, 776x2365, Shiloh not involved with Regin…)

>I'm not doing the show
>I have no involvement or association with Regina or anything she's involved with
>Regina's an evil person
That project tho.

No. 813732

Am I the only one thinking that when Regina said "he", she meant lainey? (and her bullshit pronoun-of-the-day?)

No. 813733

Yeah she always refers to Lainey as "he". I doubt she talks about Onision other than maybe what Lainey might've told her.

No. 813741

File: 1609947367906.jpg (142.79 KB, 602x424, jackogreg.jpg)


No. 813742

File: 1609947537572.jpg (46.77 KB, 225x334, uglyregina.jpg)

oh my god and she looked so fucking ugly in that documentary too
and her make-up god damn how many layers, she's like an onion herself. she looks like a hooker found in the trunk of an old abandoned buick in that fucking thing jesus
why does she do these things!?
she talked to lainey on twitter twice nobody fucking cares

No. 813745

She can't really help her looks though, and in all fairness she's not the first person to dm onion or lainey twice and claim victimhood. People just hate her more because she's a dumbass who happens to be ugly.

No. 813746

We already had that convo in this thread >>805168, it was more than just a few interactions with Lainey on twitter. Same pic too. You're like the laziest troll ever.

No. 813748

File: 1609948474480.jpg (160.89 KB, 1024x691, istockphoto-1222937696-1024x10…)

They should have draped a cloth over her head or put an anonymous mask on her face or something. They can forget about their PG rating for this show now because this is sheer horror.
I was exaggerating, but she is completely irrelevant though. Specially compared to Shiho or Sarah.
I bet viewers will yell and agonize about how ugly she is. It's only fair, they don't deserve this.

No. 813750

It's comments like this that probably are what's stopping some of the other girls involved from not going on TV. Bullshitting on YouTube is wholly different than international TV.

No. 813751

File: 1609949244812.jpg (284.87 KB, 1200x1638, 1200px-Emily_Osment_(250361943…)

Look, i'm just being a realist here. I feel that they should have gotten Emily Osment to act out the part of Regina.
No one is ready to be confronted with some sort of nightmarish mix between Fred Kruger and Ronald McDonald.

No. 813753

It wasn't something most of them wanted. That's why they didn't do it, it's not that deep. It's not like they haven't had ad homs hurled at them by trolls before.

No. 813754

You meant "projection" anon. Get some sleep.

No. 813756

File: 1609949566947.jpg (40.83 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I am not a troll alright. I just feel that Regina's face is uncalled for. But maybe someone can superimpose Barbra Streisants face over hers in the documentary. I mean they've gotten pretty far with deepfake's I'm sure they can make it work.

No. 813762

File: 1609950395551.png (310.52 KB, 555x612, pathological.png)

lol the newfags in this thread - it's like 2020 all over again. The likelihood of a reality tv show >>813685 bringing any significant change, is zero.

Realistically, at most a few more boomers might end up disliking Greg. Not saying it will or won't happen, but he hasn't been charged with anything. Contrary to Hansen's bloviating about muh justice, a tv show isn't going to expedite this process. It won't affect a LE investigation.

Some people are taking this sub par tv series way too seriously. The only difference between now and last year is it's not on youtube, and even fewer relevant people are involved except for Greg's dad, who legit seems like a nice down to earth dude lol.

No. 813764

>It won't affect a LE investigation.
It won't affect a LE investigation because there is no investigation.

No. 813766

Last we heard anything about it was from this guy >>813120. If you think he's a liar, so be it.

No. 813767

I never trusted a cop in my life nor will I ever trust a cop, so it won't change much to me no.

No. 813768

>The likelihood of a reality tv show >>813685 bringing any significant change, is zero.
Interesting you mention that since last year twitterfags were parroting that Hansen would would bring the almighty justice to Onionboi and footface, and believed that inconsistent YouTube interviews would bring any significant change.

No. 813769

Hansen just has this very trustworthy face and voice, but then everyone learned of his scams so all that went kaput. Plus on his old shows with the stings we saw people get arrested all the time.
If you ask me Hansen is a matchstick man, a pan-handler.

No. 813770

A quick search into TCAP would show that a good amount of alleged offenders would get out due to technicalities. Hansen was not even the wheel of that operation. From the very beginning he behaved very unprofessional with Vince.

No. 813772

Hansen never tried to sting the Onion's because he doesn't have the resources or the backing after getting booted by NBC and even if he could, he wouldn't do it anyway because the shekels don't come from the catch they come from dragging it out, which is exactly what he did/has done (the laptop he lied about delivering to the FBI, etc. etc.).

No. 813773

Putting Regina in the show is inhumane.
It is almost sinking as low as Greg and they should not be doing it.

No. 813775

File: 1609953546387.png (66.81 KB, 652x614, 1000IQ.png)

>even fewer relevant people are involved
It's certainly shaping up like another Hansen-esque venture. Maybe they'll get Xanax girl on, I'm sure Hansen's still in touch with her.

The brainlet in pic related said "nobody got paid", no, HE didn't get paid and probably most of the interviewees weren't paid. The Executive Producer has multiple segments in ep 1 ffs, Asarch. Hansen already made a profit since he's the one who signed the deal with the Network. Only an imbecile would think no money exchanged hands after a deal was made.

No. 813776

Shilo was paid 20 thousand.

No. 813778

Do you have any receipts?

No. 813780

Lotta offtopic hateboner sperging going on, seems sus. Anyways, has it ever been brought up before where/why Greg changed his name to James? In the docu his dad said his name was “Gregory James”, so that means he just dropped his first name and kept his middle name was his first.

No. 813781

Sauce or gtfo.

No. 813782

So is she the blonde lady that speaks after Reggie the clown?

No. 813783

I hope they really get Saras story across well and point out the whole grooming thing as clearly as possible. Sara be damned, sick of her crying for attention and free laptops on the internet but then digging her head in the sand when it matters. Billies story too-the grooming and the wanting to cage a young girl in the basement/shave her head and tattoo liar on her thing should covered well and not skipped over all because those two leeches were cowards whod rather link their onlyfans than warn the public of what a genuine nutjob he is.

No. 813784

Well then they'd have to mention that Hansen bungled his "investigation". I really don't see the big deal if Sarah etc. didn't want to be on a reality tv show they never planned on being a part of in the first place.

No. 813793

I’m with other anon in that I hope they portray both those stories in the docu, as far as Hansen fucking shit up, I bet there’s a way they can skirt around the issue. They could blur the girls faces out that didn’t want to be part of it or just use YouTube videos. I hope they play the videos grease uploaded around the billie saga and how he tried to manipulate the narrative that HE didn’t cheat

No. 813795

File: 1609959492721.jpeg (671.01 KB, 1838x1125, CED44758-0E7C-48FA-95BA-AB61C3…)

Greg’s portrayal needs more caveman brow

Btw here’s the documentary by itself: https://www.bitchute.com/video/PF8fCpy5j5uE/

No. 813796

File: 1609959666640.png (2.42 MB, 2436x1125, C1DD4EE2-138D-46B5-B58A-BA344B…)

Dude looks toned as well, they’re being too kind to Greg’s appearance

No. 813797

I got a hearty chuckle in when I saw they got an older looking guy to portray him. Look at them wrinkles.

No. 813798

It's no secret around here that Shiloh has massive credibility issues. The parts of her story I find containing the most validity are what correlates with what the other women have said, and also the parts that have remained consistent over the years. One thing she mentioned was that all her sm was monitored by Greg. We know that this has happened with Lainey, Greg running her sm, and a few others noticing how Greg would take over >>812784, >>812884. There's also the video where Greg tells Shiloh "everything you put online goes through me first."

No. 813799

Thanks anon. I think others should DL and mirror just in case.

No. 813800

Does anyone remember the video in which Greg lived out his murder fantasies and "brutally killed" his sex doll? I really hope they have parts of that added to one of the upcoming episodes, or in a follow up. I'm not sure whether is was a Patreon exclusive but I'm pretty sure it's been archived.

No. 813802

Sarah said he changed his name so the allegations wouldn't come up when someone searched his name on Google.

No. 813813

He's embarrassingly stupid. Nobody else thinks that shit works in 2020. Greg and footface can run but they can't hide

No. 813815

File: 1609963548779.jpg (63.97 KB, 720x464, 20210106_140444.jpg)

Sure jan

No. 813817

Honest men don't have junk to rear with their wife's best friend behind their wife's back

No. 813820

File: 1609969764596.jpeg (1.42 MB, 2007x1125, AFDF47B6-2D8B-451D-9A54-14E47E…)

Cucky McFucky’s has resorted to blaming Shiloh for wrecking his first marriage.


No. 813822

Most of these videos you can tell he doesn't even give af, he's just doing it to partake in the shitshow. It's why Skye and her sister had the sense to disappear and never return. Between the two narcs (Hansen and Greg) it's just a circus of mental illness, seeing who will out retard the other.

No. 813823

Lmao “the married man” rather than “me” as if she was doing this in a vacuum rather than he was that married man carrying on what he admitted to be an emotional affair with a minor.

No. 813825

BigMoney is a guy, he showed his face in a "debate" with Grease.

No. 813830

Of course, Shiloh forced him to fuck her 8 times a day while fapping in between and fuck up her entire career. Just to ruin his marriage.
Makes sense.
Thank you so much man, will the other two parts be posted there too?

No. 813839

Man, I hope so!

No. 813844

Blessed be, sister!

No. 813847


No. 813848

You're awesome!
All the Shiloh vs. the other girls drama aside, I actually liked this. Laughed at some parts, cringed at others ( like Hansen implying he kick started this whole thing ).
It was nice to see his dad and stepmom.
Well, I hope Jimmy is satisfied. He didn't manage to become a household name by the time he's 40, but he did get his very own docu talking about how he's a predator pos.

No. 813849

File: 1609981076043.png (898.38 KB, 2623x845, 1609980207172.png)

Its a lot to mention but Greg is spergin' out tremendously hard. Its just wonderful to see, theres good mirrors on KL

No. 813850

Greg’s going live again apparently. Anyone willing to jump on and give cliff notes or record?

No. 813852

It's more telling that she left out making up the seizure and "I wanna make a rainbow." Kek

No. 813861

Wait, he used to say he divorced skye because she was greedy and only wanted him for his money, but now it's because a 17 year old told him she loved him? He can never keep his stories straight kek, so much for being honest

No. 813863

He uploaded these to his "Reacts" channel instead of his speaks channel where he's been putting most of these vids? If he wanted it to get seen he would've put it on Speaks. His views are tanking on all his channels anyway but his main 3 still get a modicum of viewership.

No. 813864

I thought he was also saying that they were only friends and not real lovers lmao

No. 813866

Yeah, he even admitted he married her just for the military benefits. But the 17 year old is a monster for ruining his marriage lmao

No. 813888

I've been listening to this "debate me" stream for almost 3 hours. Boring and nothing new. Same stories over and over.
He just said that after the whole Sarah grooming thing happened Lainey wanted to kill herself, had to go on antidepressants and started seeing a therapist. New to me. At least the wanting to kill herself part.

No. 813895

By Greg logic, he admitted he loved his wife but went after teen puss because “I love u uwu” and now regrets everything kek

Sure, karma got them by the balls but everything is Shiloh’s fault. /s

No. 813899

Greg confirmed the naked massages with crazy Tami were real, they were both naked with only their bottom underwear on.

That’s right folks, he nonchalantly admitted to being molested by his own mother.

No. 813906

> Lainey wanted to kill herself
New but not surprising. Did he say if it was before or after it was made public? That would be telling if she was upset by the thing itself or being caught.

I remember going back and you can see videos after it happened where she seems the same and I think there was a video where Greg and she were laughing about something that could be assumed to be about the virginity argument.

I still don’t get why she hasn’t taken all her videos with Sarah down.

No. 813910

File: 1609999722169.jpg (Spoiler Image,116.17 KB, 700x935, 2020-12-29_23_13_25-Window_116…)

That's why the topless massages with Billie were platonic, Anon. How can they possibly be sexual when your own mother gave them to you? kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 813913

The bitch needed therapy way before Sarah. Hell, she needed therapy even before she met Grease.

No. 813915

Part 1 of "Onision, in real life"


google "you tube downloader", pretty easy to save the first part to your device, when parts 2 and 3 come out they will also be posted here. Your app store also has an app for downloading youtube videos.

Watch it or download it from youtube before its gone !!

No. 813916

I could smell that picture

No. 813917

Yep especially when she proudly stated in a video once that in hs she dated a whole friend group and destroyed their friendships

No. 813935

>he even admitted he married her just for the military benefits
Yeah and so he could live off base if I remember correctly. Imagine being someone with not one but TWO sham marriages.
If Lainey was having suicidal ideations then the Rx makes more sense now - wasn't sure if CPS was involved and maybe some sort of court mandated thing or if this voluntary on her part. Greg talks a lot of shit so it could be either/or. Likely she's on some kind of govt assistance now.

No. 813936

I remember that right after she supposedly "quit social media" she had a dowlow facebook and as soon as a farmer exposed it, she deleted it. Is she still there though? I just don't see an attention whore like her completely quitting.

No. 813941

File: 1610019356599.jpg (41.56 KB, 582x436, KZa15Qh.jpg)

A fans asks what's in his future. Acting maybe? He says there is no employer that would ever hire him. Even though they may know the allegations are untrue they wouldn't want the HR hassle.

His words
>I'm fucked, Sarah won.
It made me feel uneasy. He seemed melancholy talking about his lack of a future. Greg is a fan of Attitude Era wrestling isn't he?

No. 813943

Wasn't he thinking about working as a security guard not too long ago? Whilst bragging about his military cop background

No. 813944

I sent this link to my sister (she has no clue who onision is) and asked for her thoughts.
She basically said that Greg is absolutely unhinged, dangerous, and an abusive predator. She says he belongs in jail, let alone to be deplatformed from social media.

I know people who follow the drama closely feel the doc may not be the best, or that Shiloh is a liar, but I think it’s pretty positive that these are first impressions from an average member of the public, especially as it’s only episode one!

No. 813945

File: 1610023288104.png (317.26 KB, 762x394, vimeoonision.PNG)

That's a new one, but I'm not surprised. He just has to think about going into a profession and it somehow ends up on his resume. Billy the Fridge said Greg was thinking of becoming an Uber driver too. In a discord chat he tried to insinuate he was trying to become a day trader but when pressed by a fan who knew his shit about investments it turns out it was just a regular Stock & Bond portfolio you can find at any bank when looking to invest. Two years ago a farmer had found a Vimeo account that had short clips of Greg showing off his horrible acting. They surmised it was his attempt at a demo reel that he was sending out to talent agents or production companies in his hopes to become the next Johnny Depp. Then the grooming Sarah thing happened and he's been falling down the shithole ever since. His acting reminds me of something you'd see at a high school play.

No. 813947

Lainey has always been an attention seeking psycho. The only reason she has suicidal ideations is that she got exposed and her entire uWu victim fakeboi fake victim persona got exposed. Everyone hates her fucking guts. It's not because Sarah "betrayed" her.

No. 813949

Granted I don't know the first thing about acting but these are so cringey to watch. Also don't know why he cited his sisters puking into his lap when they were kids as one of his most embarrassing moments?

No. 813952

Holy fucking shit those were awful. I wouldn't be surprised if they are featured at some agents place to show his clients what not to do at auditions.
I love the header of animated "successful* greg on a boat with tits. Also love how he dubbed himself a director and such.
He's so full of shit his eyes turned brown.
How stupid of them not to hire Greg, well they will come to regret that, amirite, Greg?
Sure, don't call us, we'll call you!
Thats easy. He's a narcissist. He doesn't go and embarrass himself, in his mind he has no embarrassing moments. So he much rather embarrasses his sister so he can keep up the facade that he has no flaws himself. "Oh how stupid of my sister that she barfed in to my lap, I was so ashamed.. of her!"

No. 813953

>It made me feel uneasy. He seemed melancholy talking about his lack of a future

Why did it make you feel uneasy? He did this to himself.

Seriously, he could be living comfortably the rest of his life on the money he made. But he pissed it all away on stupid shit, flying in teen poon, and his on idiocy regarding laws and taxes. Not to mention his shitty behavior and generally being a despicable human being.

I feel no sympathy for him at all.

No. 813954

anon's probably worried he will murder his whole family before he offs himself

No. 813971

>Seriously, he could be living comfortably the rest of his life on the money he made. But he pissed it all away on stupid shit, flying in teen poon, and his on idiocy regarding laws and taxes. Not to mention his shitty behavior and generally being a despicable human being.
Exactly. Greg is his own worst enemy. When you look at the Paul brothers, despite them being complete and utter douchebags, even they had a plan. They now manage other "new talent" and help them break trough, while earning 30% of what they make for the first few years. Flaky and obnoxious as they are they still have long term plans since they know fame is fleeting. Greg is unable to do something like that because its always all about him, he couldn't "feature a new artist" because he needs that spotlight on him 24/7.
Even now with this bad documentary and everybody shitting all over him deep down he has all the narcissistic supply he'll ever need. Hell, he's OD'ing on that right now. The scumbag.

No. 813974

I feel like the Paul brothers are unapologetic douche bags like Greg but the difference is that they usually go quiet around scandals whereas Greg doesn't know when to shut the fuck up. They also invest in shit and are smarter with their money.

No. 813976

Looks like he uploaded this to his speaks channel a few hours ago. He brought in some randos to ask questions.

>He mentioned the "three way FOR Lainey" bullshit again, being careful not to mention the fact that Lainey's said the exact opposite of what he always claims.

>He said all his exes can't stand each other, avoiding the fact that it was only Shiloh that went apeshit on the others and estranged herself from the rest of them.
>He talked about Sarah's "magical laptop that was never sent to the police", leaving out the fact that Hansen lied to her so she delivered the laptop to the FBI herself.
>He claims Sarah denies anything "inappropriate" happened before she turned 18, ignoring the sexual/romantic convos between her and Lainey before that time + all the ss backing that up.

>Someone asked him about Sarah's claim that her first time having sex with the Onion's was when Greg invited her to have sex with him and his wife with Greg's child sleeping in the bed. Greg denied knowing/remembering anything about this, saying he refused to do anything sexual with or around Sarah until after she blackmailed him.

I didn't listen to the entire thing it's 2 1/2 hours. He loves to lie by omission and leave out key details inconvenient to his narrative. If anyone thinks Lainey's smug, she's got nothing on Greg.

No. 813977

Maybe he'll start suicide baiting like Shiloh did last year lol. He's too much of a narc to actually an hero.

No. 813980

Someone asked him why he never reported to the police that Sarah raped him. He danced around the subject until he finally settled on something about his accusation not being taken seriously. "Officer, the teenager my wife and I groomed since she was 14 years old raped us as soon as she turned 18, I DEMAND JUSTICE."

He also said a lot of the relationships after Billie were just trying to compensate for the loss of Billie and that no one could fill the "void" Billie left. kek Billie's his white whale.

No. 813981

McRetard's in this. Somewhere in the last 46mins she tries to insinuate that Sarah was the predator. Anything to please her cucklord.

No. 813983

Around 2:18:00 he denies ever wanting to run off with Billie, LOL he's constantly trying to rewrite history. I guess those text messages Billie showed where he kept begging her to come back didn't exist. He said that his exes were just trying to pin all their past traumas on him and calls his father a child rapist/molester to the 6 or so people in the call.

I wonder why he didn't tell them all why his entire family's disowned him, refuses to talk to him anymore and apparently side with his dad?

No. 813986

the whole "sarah extorted us to force us to have sex with her" story is so ridiculous. greg must think we are as dumb as he is.
plus if that where true why the hell did he have sex with her a couple of more times later on.
the man that is willing to stick his dick in to anything with a pulse, "blackmailed" in to having sex over her not wanting to sign his google NDA. sure.
fucking dumbass.

No. 813987

He knows his orbiters are that stupid. Basically he's trying to rally anyone who's dumb enough to believe most of what he says, or anyone that can't catch him on the details he purposely leaves out or claims not to remember.

No. 813988

The narc thought he would be rich and "successful" for the rest of his life. With his stupid choices he fucked up not only his future but also his kids futures

No. 813989

I'm listening to that one video where he "sets the record straight" on discord right now and I burst out laughing and then literally took a shit after one of his fans said "you're an honorable man."

If Greg is a honorable man.. then so is Kim Jong-Un.

No. 813990

>He also said a lot of the relationships after Billie were just trying to compensate for the loss of Billie and that no one could fill the "void" Billie left.

Didn't he call Billie a smelly pothead, liar, mentally unstable etc many times? If she's all of those things why does he miss her so much?

No. 813992

who is this weirdo subbed to billie's OF that keeps posting her nudes to shame her. no one cares

No. 813994

She doesn't look very ashamed with that dildo up her ass.

No. 813995

What I notice, a trick Greg does when he debates something; When he talks to someone and kinda feels out what hard question is coming up, he'll quickly prod the person asking with a counter question usually a detail they have to remember right on the spot.
An example is someone in this stream asking about them fucking in the bed with the toddler there, he'll interrupt and ask "was it a bed or a couch?" its completely irrelevant but he claims he asks so "he can remember the fax better".

He does this a lot. He'll interrupt the question and then ask for some stupid detail on the spot.

No. 813997

it's a butt plug

No. 813999

It’s probably Greg.

No. 814000

poor girl having to wear that, she has nothing to be embarrassed about many people need to wear a buttplug for various reasons.
its good that she's so candid about it.

No. 814002

lmao what???

No. 814004

well i mean the fake plastic red diamond does give it flair so she doesn't need to embarrass herself when she goes swimming. plus it would serve as a good beacon for the life guard should she get in trouble.

No. 814005

I wonder how she does it when she has her period, personally I think if she also needs to wear a tampon it would make me feel like a bowling ball.

No. 814007

Kinda reminds me of my dog when he needs to poop and his butthole is turning red.
I'm guessing Tamara likes Billie's buttplug.
Hmmm Buttplug Billie, sounds like a country song.

No. 814008

File: 1610044811652.jpeg (4.91 KB, 206x245, pobrane.jpeg)

…but seriously, leave billbo alone. she has suffered enough because of greggums

No. 814009

who cares about your sister

No. 814010

File: 1610044924134.png (35.09 KB, 315x155, 1548694501237.png)

"billie dawn ingle, go ahead and pop her buttplug like a pringle'

No. 814011

Who cares. Why is Billie even being brought up.

No. 814013

can't speak for the others but personally i wonder how she poops.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 814014

She's gonna have even more reasons to want to kill herself after part 2 of the documentary airs and a lot more people will learn she's a fucked up creep who groomed minors.

No. 814015

I'm living for Lainey getting dragged on the 11th. Greg is an embarrassing loser but she is too. She tries to hide behind her uWu victim of Billie and Greg nonsense…now a victim of Sarah. So many used to be supporters of footface are excited to see her being dragged and exposed.

No. 814017

After cuddlegate she made a video with Grease mocking the people who offered her and her kid help, she's scum. She deserves every bad thing that happened and will happen to her.

No. 814019

This isn't the anti-o thread, take your vendettas to the containment zone. And stop ruminating over shit that's been discussed to death, there's actually milk now.

No. 814022

wow are you ill informed. are you sure you should be moderating the Onision thread?
first of all an anti-o would sooner die than to ever joke about any of the victim yas queens.
second of a couple of bad jokes does not equal a "vendetta", a word might I add I am sick of hearing around here.
no one hates anyone involved with this except for maybe greg and lainey. learn to read before you take on a moderating gig.
kinda need to get this one off my chest after having posted here for many years but you mods here make for some of the worst mods i ever seen on the entire internet except maybe for twitch.
yeah you go ahead and press that ban button with your cheeto stained sausage fingers because we all know how you hate criticism.

No. 814026

File: 1610050121995.jpg (57.24 KB, 1080x566, Image1.jpg)

but Greg wasn't alimony slavery?

you'd sell your own dad in that slavery?

No. 814032

You closed the other thread in /meta/ but I have one more question. Is the anti-joke policy is that global on the entire site, or are other people than myself just not allowed to joke about Billie's asshole?
And should we report jokes from now on?(take it to meta )

No. 814034

But Grease's sisters don't talk to him either and Joanna didn't even invite him to her marriage lol

No. 814035

File: 1610054074080.jpg (38.91 KB, 720x186, cpskaitherapy.jpg)

>He just said that after the whole Sarah grooming thing happened Lainey wanted to kill herself, had to go on antidepressants and started seeing a therapist.

Greg is lying as usual. Lainey started seeing a therapist and took antidepressants because she needed to prove to CPS that Cloey's fall was an accident.

Lainey took the blame for the neglect that occurred. I knew this the moment Greg said she was skrinked and drugged up because from there CPS requires parents who admit to such atrocious neglect to prove over the course of 12 months that they are fit to keep or reunify with their kids. CPS assigned therapy is a part of that.
If neither of them admitted to neglect they'd have lost the kids and would've probably gone to jail.

Keep in mind that the incident happened just around the same time Sarah exposed Lainey so of course Greg would paint this narrative making Sarah the scapegoat. He's always trying to cover shit up.

No. 814037

Also didn’t he get banned from the Christmas gathering and that’s why he chimped out on all his family members?

The fag who keeps bringing up Billie sure is salty they can’t talk about Billie.

No. 814040

>admin posts
>are you sure you should be moderating
gg autist

No. 814041

thank you.

No. 814042

>CPS requires parents who admit to such atrocious neglect to prove over the course of 12 months that they are fit to keep or reunify with their kids.

CPS therapy and involvement usually last 12 months in extreme cases but can go on for much longer than that.

No. 814046


This is tinfoil stop talking like it's milk.

No. 814047

Why didn't they put Greg in therapy too then? Specially after the sexual tweets he made while he was with Cloey in the hospital about making someone pass out in front of a window. Not to mention he neglected her as much as Lainey did.

No. 814050

Joanna invited him to her first few wedding, Skye blogged about it in some old weeb site back in ‘06 and Greg has old pics in one of his old ass sites. Sadly, idr where to locate them aside the wayback machine.

No. 814058

Some scrote jumped in and said "Hey Onision you're a fat nigger, fuck you nigger." Obviously just someone memeing but of course Mensa IQ greg unironically called him a horrible racist, this coming from the same retard who's done blackface on several occasions and has at least one video where he says nigger over and over.

No. 814059

wouldn't put it past him to ask someone to do that, it seemed really convenient i heard that stream and the first thing he went to was "this is the anti-o's for you, they're all racist!"
not to mention the fact that the guy came back about 2 or 3 times just for greg to repeat that.

No. 814062

I was just thinking it was some random kid, like the kids that egged his house last winter. He's so mentally stunted he thinks everyone that dislikes him or criticizes him fits the same psychological profile.

No. 814066

Or some brainlet orbiters.
Kek. Bet Greg secretly agonizes over the image of Billie fucking her cute bf. He's tard angry that she actually found someone her own age who doesn't look like he's missing chromosomes and showers in lard everyday.

No. 814071

Yeah he was also asking "what movie was it" because that might "jolt his memory". Bullshit as always. I think he wasn't expecting to hear someone asking him that so it caught him off guard and didn't have anything better to say than " can't remember".

Also when that monotone-voice guy was talking with him about threesomes he said maybe gorg just always had bad luck with them and maybe he shouldn't try to have one anymore, to which onion answered something like "but I've had good luck with one before". This wasn't the exact phrasing he used but it sounded like there WAS someone there (besides the exes- cause we all know how those ended) and that that one did work out. Tinfoil time: what if that third was mcfly? I mean I cannot for the life of me find a good reason why she would still be his fan, after all the shit she has done/said to her. Maybe shes getting dicked by her hero and that's why she's fine with all the abuse and mistreatment? Girl, love yourself.

No. 814078

Greg's "beliefs" change according the situation. He'll say whatever's most convenient for whatever narrative he's currently trying to spin. Notice he fails to mention all of his family's disowned him after finding out about Sarah, and that his father paid for his own psych evaluation after the fake pedo accusations started by Greg's unhinged mother.

No. 814084

>he wasn't expecting that question
He was obviously trying to stall for time asking about a trivial detail and finally decided to go with muh memory lapse. Claiming not to remember the first time he had the threesome with Sarah that HE initiated is peak 'tism. He's a retard who surrounds himself with other retards like McRetard.

No. 814086

That was a kiwifag, they like saying “nigger” a lot.

No. 814095

Greg's going to do the same thing to her that he's done to all the other stans he tossed. If she thinks she won't end up like Tamara, she's more autistic than she looks.
Or he'll ramble over them and go on a tangent for 5+ minutes completely derailing from the point, hoping the questioner forgot what they asked.Most honest yootoober.

No. 814099

He's losing his shit on Twitter as usual. He's posted a ton of stuff about Shilo the "homewrecker" and more. Same old thing we've all heard 10,000,000 times. Cannot wait until Foot's documentary on the 11th. That's when the most hilarious insanity is gonna happen

No. 814100

In the livestream with killstream he said cloey wasn't in bed with them, she was in a crib besides the bed. But there wasn't a crib in their bedroom, Footface recorded dozens of videos there and there was never a crib in sight, and in one of the videos she accidentally showed cloey sleeping in their bed

No. 814101

>Bet Greg secretly agonizes over the image of Billie fucking her cute bf.
His jizz/vomit stained carpet also soiled in narc tears.

No. 814102

Wait Greg's changing his story meaning he lied about not remembering? I'm devastated anon, simply devastated.

No. 814103

He knows how bad what happened with Lainey makes him look, that's the only reason he cares about it.

No. 814104

It's going to be epic. Lamp is going to be crying and vomiting and Greg will be spinning it that the documentary raped her kek

No. 814105

Yeah the only thing Greg cares about at the end of the day is Greg.

No. 814106

I wish he'd throw her under the bus after it airs. Totally blame it all on her. She'd be forced to show her coward ass and the milk would be epic. He's embarrassed of her. He doesn't truly care to defend her.

No. 814107

Having to admit neglect when it was probably Greg who left the window open, or trot who opened it, would have been gut wrenching and along with all the stuff going on online, I wouldn’t be surprised if she really was suicidal at that time, especially fearing she might lose the kids.

I don’t think Greg would have let her seen a therapist if it wasn’t mandatory so that makes sense, it probably was mandatory and she finally broke down and admitted how much she’s struggling to the therapist. I hope she’s still getting therapy. She has carried a load on her shoulders. I’m surprised anyone is questioning her being suicidal. Take a step back and look at everything she’s gone through and the fact that she’s still with that abusive piece of shit. Her life is rough and it’s never going to change. It’ll be one thing after the other until she leaves him.

No. 814108

Just saw a commercial for the documentary on TLC. It seems like they're really pushing the streaming services on all of their channels, so it's getting out to mainstream media.

No. 814109

If she openly threatened suicide around Greg he wouldn't keep that to himself, not because he cares about Lainey but because he's afraid what people might think if she went through with it. Just like when Shiloh threatened suicide, he only called the cops so they wouldn't think he killed her.

I don't sympathize with Lainey but I do acknowledge what she's been through, same with Shiloh. I feel sorry for the kids, that's the only reason I'm still hoping Lainey gets out of there.

No. 814111

I agree with >>814047. If CPS were involved it would make sense that Greg would also be in a mandated program. If he were in therapy and on meds I think he'd mention it for the same reason he mentions Lainey's situation, for sympathy points and to play the victim card.

No. 814112

Greg said on his latest speaks video around 1:11:00 that the laptop was from when lainey was a teenager.

But didnt he say at one point that Sarah must have gotten the lainey nudes from laineys old laptop?

No. 814119

Lainey posted the exact same pics on IG but cropped out her Arby's #1 and saggy udders on the same day she sent those uncropped pics to Sarah. Sarah showed a side by side. Lainey is a creepy predator. No way anyone can spin it otherwise

No. 814120

Shiloh didn't solicit nudes from underage girls tho. Foot face is just vile. She brought other girls in to be abused by Greg and "tattled" on them and basked in being Grease's "chosen one" she's a sick bitch

No. 814123

File: 1610081029324.png (997.13 KB, 980x569, Nic Onision.PNG)

That right there destroys one of Greg's excuses. I think it was in the FatOreo shitshow that Greg said hypothetically what if Lainey had an "accidental nip slip" and didn't catch it when she sent the photos. He does his usual analogy bs-
>it's ridiculous like for instance if I have an Instagram or something like that and my dick slips out the bottom of my shorts or something and I don't notice it or something and you're gonna send someone to jail for 25 years.

Lainey didn't notice her tit and puss hanging out when she sent the photos to Sarah. But she sure as hell noticed when she uploaded that set to IG a little while later and omitted the two offending pics. Okay sure.

No. 814126

lol no one said Shiloh groomed kids, just that she lies and is mentally unstable, which is true >>813678. She's had her own thread, newfag. I don't doubt Greg abused her. How much of what she says is true or untrue is debatable except for what can be backed up with receipts.

No. 814127

>Having to admit neglect when it was probably Greg who left the window open, or trot who opened it, would have been gut wrenching

She was still the one who left Cloey alone in her room knowing the child was active and liked to climb on forniture. She could have checked if the window was open you know, or just not left her toddler unsupervised. I guess she was too busy microwaving shitty frozen dinners and playing on her phone instead of paying attention to her daughter.

No. 814134

Let’s also not forget that she talked to Sarah about Greg’s dick size when she was in her care as a minor.

Plus I recall Sarah saying in her interview that she had phone sex with ghislainey. I wonder how anus will spin that tidbit into a rape scenario.

No. 814136

Everyone who doesn't agree with you isn't a newfag anon. Not how it works. I hate Shiloh & agree with their post. Lainey was heinous to the other girls and wanted them to be the dumping ground for her desperation.

No. 814138

They said "Shiloh didn't solicit nudes from underage girls tho", making an argument no one was making, deviating from the original point >>814109. Shiloh was abused and so was Lainey.

No. 814139

He's sperging about the documentary. If his evidence of slander is so airtight he should have no problem launching a lawsuit against Discovery. If he's hard pressed for cash he can always ask McFly for her lunch money. Everyone knows that's the only reason he keeps her around. While he's at it, he can sue Sarah for "blackmailing" him kek.

No. 814143

File: 1610088208091.png (659.31 KB, 799x497, muse.PNG)

I hung out in Greg's VC discord yesterday after he had left just to see what his fans would be talking about when daddy is gone. Someone named Muse was there saying she really needed to get Greg's attention because she is also suing Hansen/Discovery because of what's been said about her on Hanses YT channel. I guess its a case of "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." I looked her up with things she said in the discord and holy shit! She goes by Muse/Recovering Doll/Plurality Doll, and a quick Google search brought up so much drama with this girl. She claims to be autistic a "vulnerable adult" kidnapped as a child and raised by a cult, almost kidnapped by Human Trafficker's and forced into sexual slavery. She has self diagnosed borderline personality disorder, anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, dissociative identity disorder, a terminal illness that requires she uses a feeding tube (the feeding tube only shows up when she's in public or doing a YT video, other than that its Flamin Hot Cheetos and candy) She has every mental or physical illness that is popular this month. Anyone that has had contact with Muse/Recovering Doll/Plurality Doll says she is a grifter and scam artist.

This is the type of people Greg attracts. This is Greg's fanbase.

No. 814151


Can anyone remember when did Sarah and foot recorded that one cringy video of them hanging out together that ends up with sarah massaging lainey's feet? I wonder if that video was done before or after having sex

No. 814154

>"Officer, the teenager my wife and I groomed since she was 14 years old raped us as soon as she turned 18, I DEMAND JUSTICE."
Isn't Greg's justification for having Sarah sign the NDA that she'd threatened to blackmail him before that? If she allegedly threatened him before the NDA, he could've just refused to have sex with her but I guess making such a simple decision was too complicated for a waterbrain to handle.

No. 814166

File: 1610100002221.webm (2.22 MB, Recording (57).webm)

As his discord chat was winding down his fans were growing tired of the "she ADMITTED she raped me" and over use of metaphors.

No. 814171

Honestly, that sounds as if they have too much time on their hands, are bored to death and now need someone dumb to make fun of, that one being Greg.
And Greg just falls for it because, well, he's Greg.

No. 814174

Obviously he didn't ask Sarah to sign the NDA for threatening him because as >>814154 said, if he'd felt threatened by anything Sarah had said before signing the NDA he wouldn't have chosen to fuck her anyway. He can twist this shit around as much as he likes it's never going to make sense to anyone that knows the story. Dude loves to spin his wheels.

No. 814175

uh-oh.. looks like we're looking at a cow crossover.
please dear God make Muse the new third in the holy poly.. considering what she did to Wes Moast it would be EPIC.

No. 814176

>Wes Moast
Hansen simp. He tried to get an interview with Onision outside the courtroom. There's a pic of them standing across from each other with Onision looking down at his phone.

No. 814179

File: 1610105796324.png (290.99 KB, 575x270, 4355644561223.PNG)

I never even thought of that. I'll say a little prayer along with you that it comes to fruition. A few years ago when Greg and Lainey were going hard to find someone to replace that Billie sized hole in their hearts with Maya, Sam, PoopBeck, Vix, and Macncheese I was really hoping they would find a crazy one, like Swimfan crazy. They'd bring in a third, fuck her over then dump her and that's when the crazy would kick in. Then you can imagine every "insane-ex" story you've ever heard about being dealt to the Onions. I doubt its possible now tho. Greg is way to gun shy to bring another girl in at the moment. But he's such a sex addict and fucking degenerate I'm sure that need for new teen puss is to hard to resist.

No. 814181

Wasn't that the guy Greg said followed him to the bathroom? Black guy, bald. I think he's in marketing or some other noble profession.
Why do some farmers insist on saying certain things out loud when we know he lurks here lol. We thought maybe Heezy would be next at the swamp shack but alas.

No. 814185

>Hansen simp.
Not to white knight Wes Moast but he has actually been pretty critical of Hansen. He was one of the original TCAP crowd that was sorely disappointed in Hansen's (youtube) comeback. He backed Hansen much like the other TCAP'pers did and then it turned out to be a giant nothing burger.
I mean it is true that he still has an affinity with Hansen and TCAP but definitely not a simp.
You are the first person I ever hear mention Swimfan, its one of my all time favorite movies. If you like movies like that go see 1993 "The Crush" with Cary Elwes and Alicia Silverstone. I wish Greg and Lainey would run in to someone like her in that movie. A sexed out way too smart for her age teenager who's deadly.
>But he's such a sex addict and fucking degenerate I'm sure that need for new teen puss is to hard to resist.
Hey, he wouldn't be the first guy to think with the wrong head.
>when we know he lurks here lol.
That did cross my mind but then I thought if Greg does one Google for Muse (which we know he would) he'd find that whole great big can of worms. Besides which I don't think he'd be attracted to her.
Not saying Muse is ugly, just not his type, you know.. above the age of 12.

No. 814188

Every other post could be farmers warning Greg that any future trinity candidate could be an even worse incarnation of Shiloh. It still wouldn't stop him from trying to stick his dick in something other than his ugly manwife. As long as the girl doesn't immediately start throwing up redflags they'll bring her into the home. Even Lainey could be warning him and he'd still say
>do it for love Kai, dont you want me to be happy too?
The only reason they aren't auditioning new girls at the moment is because its too hot with the Discovery documentary, and COVID has curbed flying anyone out to them. Greg's little head controls the household and any decisions made.

No. 814189

And Kai is still missing in action.
We're all wondering about that.
personally i'm one of the people that theorize Greg won't allow her online anymore because she says stupid shit that gets him in trouble. We all know how she loved to stream and just bask in the attention and sympathy points. "ohh u should leave Greg uwu" "you don't know Greg like I doooooo.."

No. 814190

Anyone think that Kai's facebook profile that she deleted after someone posted it on here was her attempt at having an account without Greg knowing? Considering his track record of having access to his partners' social media accounts

No. 814192

yes, personally I think that a 100%.
greg is a control freak we all know that. he doesn't like surprises.

No. 814193

File: 1610112316175.jpg (360.86 KB, 2009x2048, 39m5wplq35d41.jpg)

That was Wes Moast?

No. 814195

And maybe that's the restroom he supposedly followed Greg to?

No. 814196

Maybe I'm autistic in not finding it sooner, but finally I found this video again because it serves a great point:
In Greg's rebuttal to the documentary he is trying to say he's not abusive. Now look at this video again his natural reaction to when Jaclyn Glenn and Social Repose broke up. Forget who Jaclyn is for a second, know she's not perfect, but this reaction is golden because it shows exactly the type of person Greg is. Calling women "dumb bitch" over and over again. Thats abusive, Greg. Thats super abusive. You don't do shit like that.
And he's always trying to portray himself as some sort of women / feminist ally. He's just another scrote pretending to be that just in order to try poon.
It doesn't work for Chris-chan and it does not work for you, Greg.
This reaction to this is a perfect example of his constant abusive behavior towards women and people in general.
I rest my case.

No. 814200

Where's Shiloh's thread?

No. 814202

I forget how massive his head is until I see this picture.

No. 814204

File: 1610119934695.jpg (1.2 MB, 2009x2048, GregHead.jpg)

Dunno if this been done yet (probably has) but you inspired me to make this shitty photoshop.

No. 814207

No-one needs (or wants) to hear about your kink. This isn't FetLife.

No. 814214

That’s his whole thing. The only reason he so obsessed with being ~brutally honest~ is because it allows him to call women stupid, idiot, fat, ugly, cnts but under the pretense that he’s doing it to “help” and “uplift” them.

He always chooses to deliver his message through tearing a girl down.

It’s never “I understand you’re insecure about your body but that’s okay, lots of people feel that way sometimes, but I want to let you know it’s okay and you should feel comfortable and good in your body” it’s always “you’re a dumb retard for thinking you look bad. Look at your juicy tits, they’re great. Maybe lose some weight around your thighs but other than that you’re just being crazy.”

It’s about sex and deriding girls.

No. 814217

You can be pissed about it but this is the way television works. The girls don’t ‘own’ their stories and anyone could have pitched the show idea to show runners if we had connections or worked in the industry. There is a huge misunderstanding about the way these things work, which is okay, but continually arguing the point after it’s been explained is pointless imo.

No. 814218

this outfit always fucking kills me. how could he possibly think this was okay? i loved this part of the timeline.

No. 814220

That period of time where he and his court outfit were getting ripped apart on Twitter was glorious

No. 814230

he looks like a toddler at a wedding.

No. 814235

The build a bear person said Footface went there with another girl. It could have been Lauren but no one knows for sure

No. 814248

I pray onision offs himself or someone else does(a-log)

No. 814253

It's frustrating that he's annoying and has gotten away with a lot of shit so far but it makes me feel a bit better it to know he is not a happy person. You can just tell he and Kai are miserable people

No. 814272

File: 1610146755044.jpg (69.78 KB, 640x359, 3fd74e321d6ce33230cc0c55fc7250…)

No. 814283

Yeah. A lot of people want them to get a divorce but I want them to stay together because their life with each other is absolute hell and that's what they deserve. I just hope the kids get taken away, they're the only innocent ones and never chose to be part of the that mess.

No. 814290

Yeah. People can debate the motives of almost every character in Greg’s story, but the kids are ultimately the ones who are worse off and deserve some normalcy. I don’t imagine they’re ever going to get it at this point.
Greg truly deserves Lainey in the end. An empty marriage with no emotional depth and nothing in particular to look forward to

No. 814293

>he has actually been pretty critical
He was critical initially and then started kissing his ass regularly. He was on Hansen's show a few months ago.

No. 814294

>Even Lainey could be warning him
lmao since when does he care about what Lainey has to say?
>Greg's little head controls the household and any decisions made.

No. 814301

Possibly. I still wonder how anyone found that account in the first place.

No. 814307

You're talking about Lane. Put down the crack pipe and your same old photoshopped image you always post and get your fax in order. Regina was "besties" with Lainey for years and was the one who introduced her to Sarah in the first place.

No. 814308

File: 1610154734984.jpg (94.6 KB, 1280x720, RHuFUFkgEYDCSrN-1600x900-noPad…)

thumbnails of this very angry Onision video are often used, but does anyone know where I can find the original one or the title of it?
Thank you in advance.

No. 814309

>He was critical initially and then started kissing his ass regularly. He was on Hansen's show a few months ago.
Fine, I don't care either way.

No. 814315


god the fact they had to downgrade to this still cracks me up

No. 814319

>I know how tv works
Don't care and that's beside the point. He made a lot of empty promises and never told them about what he'd been planning from the start (except for Shiloh from the looks of it). For obvious reasons, the dude that lauded himself as a hero felt the need to deliberately hide from them what he was doing until after he'd signed the deal. You can call that muh journalism or whatever you like. Bottom line, it was a very purposeful lack of transparency on his part, all so he could cash out on the stories of the girls he said he'd help. They only found out about his "deal" after an interview with him was published online.

I think someone who's not a dipshit drama-tuber larping as a journalist would've handled things differently, just sayin'.

No. 814322

He said in one of his recent vc's that the only reason no one listens to him is because he's disliked. kek. It shows the way he thinks. I dislike Shiloh immensely but I don't discount everything she says, particularly what can be backed up with receipts and what I've personally pieced together. Greg acts like he doesn't have a history of discrediting himself lol.

No. 814323

The window wasn't locked

No. 814328

Was that mentioned in the police report? I don't remember. They definitely didn't have child locks on the windows anyway. I just remember Lainey telling the detectives that C's bed didn't overlap with the window, hence she didn't know how C could've climbed up to the windowsill.

No. 814335

Speaking of Jaclyn, I agree with most of her take here.

No. 814341

>the kids are ultimately the ones who are worse off
The media circus just makes things worse. Because the parents are under scrutiny their kids come under scrutiny by default. Taking this off of youtube and into other media creates its own set of issues that should be obvious to most people with a brain.

ID agreed to make this show hoping to capitalize (money grab) off of the popularity of the subject on youtube - Hansen himself admitted in that MEL magazine article that this was his motive for starting a youtube channel in the first place, money grab. There's a good reason why most shows in this category aren't made until after a conviction, or at the very least until LE's finished doing what they need to do. I don't fault most of people who chose to be interviewed, it's not like they were paid anything anyway.

No. 814352

I’m pretty sure this was right after Billie left him and he went nuts on drewissharing. Pretty sure he deleted it. But it was calling them both pothead losers and how ugly drew is and how Billie is a dropout loser junkie criminal.

No. 814360

Watch "Onision in real life" Part 1 Free right here.

https://bitchute.com/video/PF8fCpy5j5uE/(stop )

No. 814375

>>814352 Nah, this was his 'how many swears can I fit in this video' tirade against Blaire White.

No. 814378

File: 1610195030567.jpg (11.23 KB, 300x168, raeg.jpg)

The only one I could find in that hoodie where he's somewhat raging is "Blaire White Was NOT Honest About Onision", but I'm wondering if theres more since its so short.
I assumed it woulda been one of his epic long ass narcissistic rage rants.

No. 814381

File: 1610196543776.png (186.57 KB, 787x1297, Corey Crasher Chase #RIPBrodie…)

Ononceion abusing youtube's copyright system (again).

No. 814382

samefag. This was the vid parodied. kek these are all over youtube and he's malding because he can't remove them all.

No. 814386

File: 1610200249997.jpeg (77.02 KB, 1200x800, REC_ASA_CM18-20180212-200106-9…)

Why Youtube doesn't just ban Onision is the biggest mystery of the 22th century.
He is the most hated, he abuses the copyright rules, abuses women, has a whole discovery+ documentary about how he's the most hated youtuber, causes nothing but grief on their platform and yet they won't ban him.
Same with twitter, even the president of the United States gets banned off of Twitter, and yet Greg seems to be untouchable.
And yet, they even decline to comment as to why. Maybe Greg fucks Susan for privilege or something with his baby carrot. I dunno..

No. 814388

Lmfao anon

No. 814392

See here's the flaw to your idea, besides the wrong century.
The president is a consequential person. Onision is not. He simply doesn't garner the static, views or attention to be silenced. Outside of people either hating him, or making fun of him, he is irrelevant.

No. 814393

yeah well i'm sure he won't be banned in the 22th century either.

No. 814404

He never once lauded himself a hero. Never.

No. 814405

Then he must be the villain. Because as Greg likes to quote a 115 times a day from that stupid Christopher Nolan Batman movie:
"You either die an hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." - Harvey Treeface
Hansen has lived long enough to see himself become the villain.

No. 814420

He probably deleted it. It was a rant of epic proportions. Never have I heard somebody so out of control (even for Onion boy). I had a copy of that video, it's buried in my Onionboy archive.

No. 814422

maybe she is a fan

No. 814436

Would you mind dumping it somewhere online for me?
I would love to have it, I also have a whole Greg archive on my hard disk so anything you need maybe I can also help you out?

Thanks in advance!

No. 814439

where can i find the documentary? can somebody tell me?

No. 814459

No. 814463

>Lainey has always been an attention seeking psycho.

God this. She is a creepy weirdo just like her twat of a husband. She loved the attention from her lil underage orbiters who obsessed over her fake ~uwu gay aesthetic~. Even if it was Gruglet who planted the trans/nonbinary/gay Tumblerina seeds, she was the one who took off running with it and never looked back. She was always bragging about sliding in their DM's and acting like a fuckboi kek, doesn't really fit the constant victim narrative she tried to spin where she was just an innocent bystander and had no part or say in his fuckery.

>it’s always “you’re a dumb retard for thinking you look bad. Look at your juicy tits, they’re great. Maybe lose some weight around your thighs but other than that you’re just being crazy.”

This is so spot on lol. "You're a baby factory gurl don't you know everybody wants to impregnate you ya dumb whore?! NOW ACKNOWLEDGE HOW BEAUTIFUL I MADE YOU FEEEEEEEEELLLL!!!"

No. 814464

I'm watching these old videos I had downloaded for years and just noticed this in a stream. Its probably well known by a lot of people, but fuck it, at 22 minutes and 12 seconds in he tells how his ex wife tried to sue him for half his business. And that trial, the costs, the lawyer and such he had declared too which was an added reason for the audit.
My sides are on the sun and the moon. And Greg is claiming to be smart? You just can't make this shit up if you tried.
It's comedy gold.

No. 814476

nah it was from this video, of which i can not find the entire thing. maybe he deleted it?

No. 814479

Nah Susan's just the pr lady. She's about as integral to the workings of the website as the janitor that cleans her office but far less useful and intelligent.
>doesn't garner the attention
So the people who make vids on him that get six figure plus and sometimes millions of views isn't enough attention? I don't think so. YT selectively and unevenly enforces their TOS, which has gradually become more and more draconian.

No. 814494

Why was there a ban for this?

Yeah, it's a shit quality leak but you can't act like piracy isn't a core part of how chan imageboards function and how the rules are different to a lot of other communities. I don't recall anything in it the site rules saying pirating or distributing shit thats relevant to our community from rich streaming services is a bannable offense.
may as well start enforcing all DMCA strikes the site receives while you're at it if you're giving in to trying not to break cloudflare or google TOS.

No. 814499

It's probably cause they were spamming. Assuming they were the same anon from yesterday, they posted and deleted that same post 3 or 4 times over and over.

No. 814500


iirc he streamed this on Lainey's younow shortly after drew let everyone know greg was still recently (at the time) emailing billie, never uploaded it to youtube

No. 814503

And he's trying to scam the IRS AGAIN, he put the swamp house in his kids names to try to hide it from the IRS. As if getting caught twice wasn't enough. But he's super smert guys!

No. 814505

He's deleting a lot of videos on his main channel.

No. 814507

Sage but it sucks how much these threads have died out, there used to be so much milk and up to twenty comments in mere minutes, but at least he's dwindling out into obscurity and will soon be forgotten, as he deserves. I just hope he gets his comeuppance, Greg and Taylor. Fuck both of them

No. 814508

Once something has been posted you're not supposed to keep posting it over and over again, anyone who comes here regularly knows this. Lurk the fucking thread before asking stupid questions, retards.

No. 814528

File: 1610275217688.jpg (197.76 KB, 470x759, kek.jpg)

Oh well that's a relief because otherwise he would've looked like a self important asshole who loves smoking his own cock in front of everyone.

No. 814530

The worst thing is that sooner or later there will be another Onision. It's only a matter of time for another creep to skinwalk as the type of guy young teens like to abuse his power over them.
Personally I'm so glad that Onion and Krai are done for. It was unbearable to witness their teen fans drinking the koolaid despite those two being clearly shit human beings. I hated seeing confused kids posting how everyone hates poor Onion cause he is so honest and how he saved their lives by shitting on them. Not to mention all the teens giving their parents' money to Lainey, hoping she pays attention to them on a stream.

No. 814532

>In Greg's rebuttal to the documentary he is trying to say he's not abusive.
There are canyon sized gaps in most of his explanations/justifications - takes seconds to debunk. He is tragically retarded.

No. 814533

It's so obvious he was jealous of Billie's bf and malding over her rejecting him after trying to run off with her and ditch his family.
>rumors like I emailed that person, saying we wanted her back
>I wanted her back just for my spouse?
He was just crying in this vc >>807482 last month saying how "stuck" he was on Billie, he always throws his wife in there in a pathetic attempt at deflecting from his transparent desperation. Lainey admitted several times she never loved Billie and never wanted a third.

No. 814535

File: 1610279375466.png (99.66 KB, 292x257, Most Honest YooToober.png)

In the face of all the lies he's told and been exposed for he continues running with this delusional narrative that he's some paragon of honesty. Peak narc.

No. 814536

I like this edit and it made me feel nostalgic for aldlii's contributions.

No. 814547

>I wanted her back just for my spouse?
The funniest thing is how much he's willing to look stupid if it helps somehow. I bet other men make fun of him for saying that.

No. 814552

File: 1610290195373.jpg (7.65 KB, 196x313, redhat.jpg)

You crazy kids ready for the new episode tomorrow?
followed by its inevitable spergin' afterwards

No. 814561

No. 814564

File: 1610291922589.jpg (74.56 KB, 1121x1121, zb2vijs8bsf41.jpg)

Thank you so much! You are awesome!

No. 814585

File: 1610296155917.jpg (201.07 KB, 554x543, dumb_bitch.jpg)

*"you dumb bitch"
"you dumb cunt"
"you are so fucking stupid."*
How many times you guess Lainey has to hear that on a daily basis?
I'm sorry Greg I see only one dumb bitch and thats you. Blaire didn't try to declare some ex their lawsuit.. you did, you galaxy brain.. >>814464
Tell us again how you're totally not abusive, literally as you so often use that word.

No. 814630

Lainey is just fine with Greg being verbally abusive to other girls. She "tattles" on them hoping Greg will berate them. Greg and Footface are definitely two peas in a pod

No. 814632

This next episode is going after foot face. Can't wait for that smug bitch to be exposed even more than she already has been. Hilarious

No. 814642

The funny thing is a little later Blaire and Greg have this stream which was dubbed "the trainwreck debate" at which Greg at one point says "as you might have noticed I did not call you names once."
Yeah no, but what about this video >>814561 where you fucking called her every name in the book?
See this is what narcissists like they do. They give you like these little needle pricks, a whole lot of them, until you get angry. Then when you do get angry they will point at you and go "why are you yelling at meeeeee? i am only trying to talk this over in a civil way!"
Thus making you look like the nutcase. Its a classic psychopathic narcissist technique.
Its textbook. Don't fall for their shit. Instead call them out on it and back them in to a corner with no way out. Thats how you catch a narcissist. Show them their own fucking lies and bullshit and ruin the with their own words.

No. 814647

What was his deal for smearing fake blood on his face? I noticed he also dressed up for his 'debate' with joysparkle

No. 814649


It's got to be one hell of a shitshow at the swamp shack right now.

No. 814650

He says he just shot a video and couldn't be bothered to take that shit off of his face. No doubt one of his many, many, many video's where he shoots a woman to death.
It's his favorite subject.
For all we know Lainey has been buried under the patio all this time we haven't seen her.
It wouldn't surprise me one bit.

No. 814652

There's not much new to say. Grease is greasy, he has a greasy wife and they live a greasy life. It would be fun to be a newfag these days, there's so much dirt on Onision to go through lol

No. 814653

Billie ran away from the Onions and had thousands of Grease's dirty money. I love that she went to Europe with a stoner YouTuber. It was the biggest fuck you to Greg. And then he cried about it.

No. 814657

I never realized how much he tried to look like Shane Dawson.

No. 814661

I bet she's panicking. She can't calm herself with her fidget spinners because she threw them away after they stopped being trendy lol. She can't vape either because that stopped being trendy too… I guess the only thing left is look at her lavender tattoo

No. 814668

I suspect that compLaino has long been dead. Care bear or not. I bet Greg moved a new bitch in and can't show us her because then we know Lainey is dead and buried in the wetlands. Thats also why he fucked them wetlands up burying her body. Sheriff Alcoholic nose thrombosis needs to go over there and do his god damn job and check her next to a picture ID to see if its really her and not some other fucktoy greg brought in to play the part of compLaino.

No. 814669

File: 1610310824398.jpg (163.42 KB, 1280x720, sarah onision lainey NDA.jpg)

I was cleaning out some of my folders and found this. I dont think I downloaded it from here. Rate me late but Im posting it for posterity. I remember some anons asking what kind of NDA Greg made Sarah sign. Of course it looks like the first thing that comes up when you Google "NDA."

No. 814674

But anon, those aren't their LEGAL names anymore. Who even IS Greg? His name is literally James, and his husband's name is Kai. So wrong name = no NDA. #facts #mosthonest

No. 814675

that was a common knowledge at the time

No. 814685


Kek. Y'know, seeing Greg's red face should have been a red flag for Taylor when they first met in person. Anyone else might have been shocked enough to ask, "Hey, what the fuck is wrong with your face?". But maybe the reason Taylor didn't say anything was because Greg was keeping her busy by forcing himself onto her.

No. 814696

The most logical explanation for his red face and greasy hair is that he showers and washes his hair every day. Sure, to shower every day is to be super duper clean, but not every skin was built for that. And washing your hair daily is also a bad idea. I also think he probably has that fucker turned up way hot.

No. 814699

File: 1610320108275.jpg (89.82 KB, 863x469, timeline.JPG)

Interesting… if the onision abuse timeline is correct, then this NDA was signed the day AFTER they had already had sex.
If that is true, wouldn't that pretty much put the nail in the coffin about his retarded extortion story? You don't sleep with a person BEFORE the NDA is signed if you're being extorted.

No. 814700

File: 1610320234455.png (569.07 KB, 738x485, Sarah-Twitter-Hickey.png)

No. 814703

>>814696 This. Sage for skincare sperg but his over-washing is absolutely fucking up his skin. Just like licking your lips a lot will dry them out, washing your skin too much damages the moisture barrier, which can cause a rebound effect where it starts over-producing grease. People moving from temperate climates to very cold, dry climates or high altitudes often experience the same thing.

God now I'm just thinking about that time he got schooled by a dermatologist when he said there was nothing he could do about his ""incurable"" skin condition. I don't have caps but I remember it was around the time of the whole black girl hair controversy where he said not washing your hair every day makes you dirty and got his ass handed to him by WOC on twitter and YT.

No. 814705

kek other men already make fun of him, this just adds to the list.
Yeah I can't wait to not pay for this one too.

No. 814708

File: 1610322014381.jpeg (131.23 KB, 1080x795, ErGhrZGW4AczfIx.jpeg)

>Sheriff Alcoholic nose thrombosis
lmao. If Greg's actually told the truth (tall order I know), she's in therapy and on meds. I don't think she's going to be showing up on sm any time soon. The last the internet saw of her she was looking kinda rough.

No. 814709

I suggest uploading archives to places like bitchute instead. It's only a matter of time before he DMCA's this. It's happened in previous threads.

No. 814711

Daily remember in the ways greasy’s waterbrain might understand:

NO ONE escapes the IRS

No. 814713

exactly. your body has natural sort of oils (lack of a better words) for skin and hair that protects it, like a layer. if you wash too often, too hot, etc it will start producing that more and faster.
I seriously wonder. Whatever it is wherever she is, it can't be good.

No. 814714

Wonder if she got any fatter, meds will do that to you.
Anyone know what time her episode goes up tomorrow?

No. 814715

It's up already in the UK. Just finished watching it. If Kai wasn't crying before, she sure as hell will be now.

No. 814716

I'll believe it when I see it. The first ep was pretty lame, minus Randall's interview.

No. 814722

The NDA is dated Jan. 18th, so Greg had Sarah sign it the day after he initiated the threesome.

No. 814723

No doubt Lainey sucks but I'll never understand how anyone thinks she reaches the catastrophic levels of shit that Greg does. Even Ayalla didn't see them as being on the same level. tbh I think the more visceral hate she gets comes from people who only feel that way because Greg acts like he actually wants to defend her when what he's really doing is defending himself.

No. 814725

How was it? Did they paint her as a victim or a Karla Homolka?

can you please provide spoilers?

Edit - wrong post number

No. 814726

File: 1610329074695.png (760.31 KB, 884x582, Norton.png)

kek I remember that Jim Norton tweet and how asshurt Greg was when Norton found out he was a groomer.

No. 814727

I've always wondered if the reason why his hair is greasy is due to having hard water. Usually when you wash with it a film of minerals stick to your strands thus giving the greasy look.

No. 814728

>even the president of the United States gets banned
He could've passed preemptive legislation to avoid getting cucked by Big Tech but all he did was run his fucking mouth for 4 years. womp womp

No. 814733

File: 1610331275593.jpg (330.97 KB, 1125x938, sarah onision timeline 1-2.jpg)

>>814669 >>814700
These two SS are damning. This destroys Greg's whole blackmail, sexual extortion claim. Does any farmer know if Sarah mentions Jan 17 in her YouNow Q&A stream and at what time? This is the only SS I have of her saying when it started and it doesn't give the day, just the month.

When do you think Greg concocted the "SHE RAPED US" story? You'd think that he would of mentioned it in that Hansen 911 call when he brought up Sarah
>there's an eighteen, no I think, I think they're nineteen. A nineteen year old who I didn't want to hang out with, I didn't want to be around them. They have BPD and their mental disorder was like really affecting my life in a negative way so I said I didn't want them in my life anymore and they went to this person and said a bunch of mean things about me.
First words out of my mouth to the 911 operator would of been the rape, blackmail and sexual extortion this 18 and a half year old had committed against me and my spouse. Not that she has BPD and said "mean things" about me.

No. 814738

@6:03 Greg talks about the NDA, his version of the sequence of events. Naturally he leaves out loads of context.

Nick says "What if [Sarah] doesn't sign the NDA? You end up exactly where you are right now" which is true, Greg responds "If she didn't sign the NDA we wouldn't have had sex." So according to Greg, he only agreed to have sex with Sarah because she signed the NDA but they actually had sex the day before she signed the NDA >>814699, >>814669 yet somehow she blackmailed him into having sex LMAO. He also claimed Lainey didn't have any consensual relationship with Sarah because of muh rape/blackmail.

When his NDA bullshit falls flat, he rambles on about how Sarah beat up her dad somehow and dealt drugs then says that Sarah tries to frame everyone in the worst way possible without telling the full story. This is how fucking pathological he is, he takes what he is literally doing and projects it onto someone else.

@9:11 Greg takes Nick's lack of knowledge of what grooming actually is and uses that to twist the narrative. He'll take advantage of the slightest ignorance and use it to frame the narrative the way he wants. The nude beach analogy will forever be one of the dumbest fucking things I've ever heard. The entire 20min convo is Greg trying to run circles around someone that wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Most of Greg's explanations are so nonsensical you'd have to be drooling pants on head retarded to fall for them. That's why his sperging on the series >>814196 fails too. He's a retard.

No. 814743

So Sarah ‘raped’ Ghislainey and Anus says she was so traumatized yet there’s tons of videos that she made with Sarah during this time on her YouTube channel and she doesn’t appear upset at all

No. 814747

> ex." So according to Greg, he only agreed to have sex with Sarah because she signed the NDA but they actually had sex the day before she signed the NDA

Like any seasoned liar he mixes in truth with lies to make them seem more believable.

That timeline makes sense for why he said Sarah said she could “ruin his life.” He said it was before they slept together and he had no idea what dirt she had on them so he had to have sex with her (makes no sense) but she probably jokingly said it after they had sex. That triggered him to make her sign an NDA to make sure she didn’t talk and ruin his life by putting he had actually done what everyone online had been accusing him of despite his protestations.

No. 814753

Do you think he believes these lies and fabrications he's dreamed up? It pisses me off every time he says
>she admitted she raped us, she told me twice "sorry for raping you guys" she admitted to being a rapist.
Is he purposefully misconstruing what Sarah said, or is he an autist and doesn't understand sarcasm? Anyone hearing the full story and understanding they were arguing and it was the last thing Sarah said as she slammed the door and walked out realizes it was a sarcastic remark.

He missed his chance using the same type of defense with AJ. I could see them arguing about how many sexual partners she's had and her saying "I'm sorry I'm such a whore!" Then Greg would recount the story months later to his fans
>then she said "I'm sorry I'm such a whore" She admitted to being a prostitute. That's a misdemeanor, might even be a felony. She's a felon.

No. 814756

You can tell he can pick up content because when he was recalling sarah saying sorry for raping you when she was leaving, he mimicked it with the sarcastic tone she used. I think he knew she was mocking him/being sarcastic but because she said the words he can say she technically said it so it could be taken at face value.

I can’t explain it but i think he knows he’s lying but at the same time he can buy into his own bullshit and convince himself he’s right. I think it’s some weird kind of cog dissonance.

No. 814766

File: 1610343543338.png (90.93 KB, 636x668, 1102021_575109.PNG)

This is the type of thing I was hoping for. Im not clinging to the belief that the documentary is going to get Onision prison time, I just want more eyes on him. This boomer never heard of him till the docu and hopefully she starts talking to her boomer friends about Onision during their COVID safe book clubs.

No. 814774

What a wholesome lady! sad she felt the need to state she is not a Karen, even tongue in cheek
Normies finding out about Onion gives me life.

No. 814781

He doesn't believe that any more than he believes that Lainey loved Billie lol. He deliberately leaves out context when it suits whatever narrative he wants to spin. This was discussed in the last thread. He'll take any little thing out of context if he can use it to bolster his fiction to appear truthful and honest but it's an extremely thin veneer. Same goes for Hansen.

No. 814782

>ID watchers known as Karens
Why am I not surprised kek.

Someone said a few more boomers will probably end up disliking him - I don't see much happening beyond that. Time will tell the effect the series will have on the whole. Considering the reason it was made in the first place I doubt it'll amount to much but we have 2 more eps to go, the final verdict is still out for the long term, bleak though it may be.

No. 814788

File: 1610363119155.jpg (22.41 KB, 628x419, rubber_anus.jpg)

He thought he had it bad before making videos saying shit like "if you see me in real life, do not approach me" and wearing a bulletproof vest to court but where is this heading? Some angry parent might see him at the supermarket tomorrow and all hell will break loose.
You think storming the capital is bad, wait till they grab their torches and pitchforks to storm the swamp shack.
It won't be pretty.

No. 814789

File: 1610363408751.png (209.99 KB, 600x336, hide_the_pain.png)

Plus, one more thing, but we're used to all the shenanigans Greg and compLainey did over many years of it sort of dripping in to our collective galaxy brain. These boomers they don't have that, they get all their tomfoolery pretty much at once within 3 weeks.
It's a lot to take in. Can they handle it?
Baptism by fire.

No. 814791

What is it with Greg and Scottish people? Somehow he always attracts people from Scotland. From Fat Reynolds to Tallvideos, he has a ton of Scottish people noticing his silly antics.
Scotland has to be boring as shit, just like in Trainspotting. All there is to do there is either get stoned or watch Greg shit.

No. 814792

File: 1610364212369.png (393.32 KB, 777x622, Troyer.PNG)

Episode 2 is called You've Destroyed Me.
Shiloh talks about the ending of their relationship, her coming back and the final break up. Adrienne is mentioned. She's not interviewed they just read from her letter about the "not rape." Then its how Greg used Eugenia for views and the abuse he and his fans reigned down on her. They interview EC.

The remaining 30 minutes is all about Lainey. They touch quickly on how she was an underage star-struck fan that Greg manipulated. Then go hard into the fact that Lainey is now a sexual predator on her own and is also "recruiting victims for Greg." Alicia Kozakiewicz speaks in detail about how grooming happens online and oddly enough spends like 5 minutes telling her own grooming and abduction story. Regina is interviewed and tells her story. Then Sarah's saga is told but Shiloh and Regina are the ones telling it. They never mention Billies name. You see her in some of the video clips (face censored) but she's lumped in with "the dozen of women that visit them." Clip after clip of different girls who have been at the house or collabed with him. Even though her face is blurred I can tell they used a bunch of PoopBecks videos with Greg. I'm surprised they didn't spend more time on the Billie saga, maybe next episode. There was no real teaser for what episode three is going to be about. They did end with our buddy Deputy Fife so maybe it'll be about the criminal case the Pierce County Sheriff's are trying to build against both of them.

No. 814793

File: 1610364327788.png (679.81 KB, 719x809, Regina.png)


There was nothing new revealed that most farmers don't already know. But one thing surprised me. Regina recounts a story where her and Lainey were doing their usual nightly Skype call, chatting and sending photos back and forth. I'm assuming these were the half naked "thirst traps" they were exchanging. And Lainey tells Regina she thinks Onision is monitoring what they're doing. I've always suspected Greg was spying on all the conversations Lainey had and maybe even pretended to be Lainey while texting. If that's true then Greg may be more involved than we think when it comes to the CP sent to Lainey and the nudes Lainey sent to these underage girls.

No. 814794

A bit of a shame if they end up lumping Billie together with everyone else that visited them, since cuddlegate is what got me interested in Onion drama. But including Adrienne's story, exposing Lainey and the fact that Greg is monitoring her conversations is pretty juicy info for the newcomers tho

No. 814795

>Lainey tells Regina she thinks Onision is monitoring what they're doing.
I don't remember Regina explicitly confirming this before but she most likely did mention it in one of her previous interviews.
>Greg may be more involved than we think
Oldfags already knew this.

No. 814797

I think he's reveling in knowing that he "destroyed" them. Narcs love power.

I don't know when or who said it, but one of the girls said Greg texted her pretending to be Lainey

No. 814799

Glad that pedo cunt is finally getting what she deserves! oh to be a fly on her parents' wall right now.

How was the telling of Sarah's story? Did they go through all the details?

No. 814800

File: 1610368067246.jpg (19.44 KB, 680x383, tea.jpg)

>wait till they grab their torches
>It won't be pretty.
lol this same talking point was parroted last year. At most, some precocious lads might egg his house again or something for keks.

As a realist, I've never had expectations with this so I've not been disappointed in the slightest. I won't be surprised if nothing comes of this, just like Hansen's last little foray into autism. Greg will sperg to the 10 people that still watch his vids and "Sheriff Alcoholic nose thrombosis" >>814792 will continue contributing nothing to the conversation, pointlessly taking up space because Blackfin needed someone to fill up the dead air after all the other girls refused to take part in Bozo the journalists latest grift.

No. 814801

File: 1610368313019.png (1.06 MB, 577x973, The Swamp.PNG)

>wait till they grab their torches and pitchforks to storm the swamp shack.

They purposefully keep showing the outside of his house. Its like they're saying "Look everyone THIS is the place those pedos live!"
If you saw the first episode they have these long shots of Hansen walking to the house, standing at the front door, then walking back up to the street. In this episode they use it as a backdrop to the audio of when Greg called the cops on Shiloh. And obviously the swamp shack wasn't even the house they lived in at the time. Then there's a slow push in shot of the front of the house while Troyer is talking. If the people of Gig Harbor didn't know where Greg and Lainey lived, NOW they do. That paranoia Greg has may be well deserved in the next few weeks.

No. 814802

Most of the people getting hyped up either weren't here last year or are functionally retarded.

No. 814803

File: 1610368814192.png (261.46 KB, 1964x1032, Chipotle.png)

>Sarah's saga is told but Shiloh and Regina are the ones telling it.
So Luxy was partially correct. Shiloh is also "reacting" to Sarah's story. No wonder Shiloh bitched her out on the phone >>811380 kek. I remember hearing that both Hansen and Shiloh were pressuring the other girls to sign the release forms. Well this will certainly help them in any future legal kerfuffles.

No. 814804

File: 1610369181349.jpg (11.08 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

man I love that you guys are so blasé about it all. i mean, you are also here right, but you're just sitting here sipping tea with your eyes closed, probably typing with your eyes closed and like all chill about it. that's so fucking cool, can I hang out with you guys?
i want to be part of your cool clique, i really need this. please?

No. 814805

Glad you learned something from 2020 anon. You're welcome to repeat it while us realists sip our tea.

No. 814806

File: 1610369542366.jpg (137.98 KB, 866x1300, 73615199-little-girl-drinking-…)

ok here goes, please go easy on me because its my first try:

"you guys, I don't give a flying fuck about the greg shit at all. nothing is gonna happen, i just hang back and sip my latte and i don't even give a shit. fuck you. go eat a dick."

No. 814808

No. 814809

I wonder how this lady would feel if she found out Hansen deliberately stalled his "investigation" and concealed from most of the victims that he was going to pitch this show. I imagine she wouldn't take it very well if she does in fact, work with victims like she claims.

No. 814810

File: 1610370372141.jpg (389.45 KB, 1368x702, replaced.jpg)

I had a thought that I think Sheriff Verne needs to look in to right away: What if the real Greg Onision was replaced by an evil swamp dweller? Think about it: Greg, this teenage heartthrob, makes an innocent music video "I'm a banana" and gets featured on tosh.O, but then this guy called James sees it and is like "well i sorta look like him, I can just murder him and take over" and thus left Greg dead in the woods. Then he took over, divorced Skye and all this misery began.
And no one is none the wiser. Just compare Banana Greg to the vile, disgusting, deplorable, pedophile dirt-bag we see now.
No really, just think about this logically.
Maybe this scumbag has the real Greg locked in his basement and he's still alive, then we need to save him.(Nobody cares )

No. 814812

Lol I really enjoy this intriguing theory, anon

No. 814813

Thank you! Just imagine it, the real Greg in a banana costume chained in to this evil James his basement since 1996.
Oh the humanity

No. 814815

File: 1610372720978.png (1.42 MB, 1376x819, Capture.PNG)

Greg is going to have a complete meltdown. Even though it's brief, she still chose to be interviewed.

No. 814818

she sucks but you know greg is flooding his basement

No. 814820

File: 1610373583517.png (801.79 KB, 1033x712, sarah.PNG)

They don't say her name or show her face and they don't go into great detail about everything we already know. But they do talk about them cuddling in bed when she was underage and Greg and Lainey fucking next to her and then asking her to join in. They seemed to want to focus on how young she was when Lainey first started talking to Sarah and her age when they moved her in and how Sarah was groomed for sex at a later date. I wish they had brought up the incident where Greg and Lainey were fucking while Troy leaned against the bed playing with his tablet. And the 3-way while Cloey was just inches away in the same bed. Those stories would raise some eyebrows.

No. 814821

maybe this will get the idiots screaming about chris and discovery selling their story to shut up.

No. 814824

I know you are joking but he had videos out proving he was a douche even before the banana shit.
Good idea for a movie though.

No. 814825


It will be even more fun on the 15th when they start showing it on regular ID. (10pm EST).

So anyone with basic cable will now see it.

No. 814826

File: 1610376314676.jpg (40.05 KB, 528x316, 4ac264c81729f44246.jpg)

Its a given that Greg is going to focus all his rage on Regina this week because of Ep-2. But why hasn't he made an "expose" video on Steven Asarch yet? This dudes furry little face is all over this docu. He seems to be the main narrator for this episode. I predict a onision com/stevenasarch page before the end of this week dedicated to all the horrible things Greg can dig up.

Steven had 24 items in the 20 items or less check-out line - Criminal
Steven stepped on his dogs paw while walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night - Animal Abuser
Steven dated a girl who was 14 (he was also 14 at the time but that'll be conveniently left out) - Pedophile

No. 814827

Honestly, I don't really care who is interviewed, because I'm not super interested in the docuseries itself. She didn't contribute that much - but the fact that will make greg rage is enough entertainment for me.
Also I wonder if greg will slosh over them using "she" pronouns for Lainey (they have a disclaimer that they do this, and are using pronouns she used at the time the events took place), or if he'll avoid it because it would mean acknowledging she exists at all?

No. 814829

If some kind soul could reupload part 2 for us eurofags that'd be fantastic.

No. 814830

That would be kind. Please.

No. 814832

seconded. please just dump part 2 on the same bitchute channel as were part 1 was dumped on. i was kinda expecting that.

No. 814833

File: 1610378890029.png (457.61 KB, 528x526, joanna.PNG)

I think he'll jump on the pronouns thing quick and try to say they're transphobic the same way her fans would on Twitter. You could say some of the nastiest shit about her and that's what they would zero in on.
'Lainey's a fucking grooming, pedophile piece of shit and she should rot in hell."
"HIS name is Kai, and Kai's pronouns are He/Him."

>he'll avoid it because it would mean acknowledging she exists at all

He cant ignore that they dragged the fuck out of Lainey. She's the main focus of this episode. I love that she is now at the same level of human garbage as he is. He can no longer say "but Kai is an amazing, beautiful human being. And if she loves me that must mean I'm not that bad."

>I don't really care who is interviewed, but the fact that it will make greg rage is enough entertainment for me.

Same. I'm only hoping for tidbits of info I've never heard before. And that whoever they interview is someone that makes him blow his top. The perfect ending to this 3 part series would be his sister Joanna showing up at the end of episode 3 and just lays out some crazy ass dirt about Greg. Its not that far fetched. She has to be pissed at him. He told the world that she had multiple abortions and humiliated her over it. Shamed her over her divorces. And conveniently remembered during a Twitch stream that Joanna tried to sexually abuse him as a child but luckily their mother walked in.

No. 814834

This, please.

No. 814841

It should be uploaded later tonight.

No. 814846

File: 1610384399651.jpg (99.87 KB, 400x313, tombstone.jpg)

No. 814848

File: 1610386573908.png (265.35 KB, 362x389, cool guy dick.png)

man, Greg does a number on his childbrides. I know it's a meme, but he's slowly turning her into Andy dick

No. 814849

I don't understand either of them. They keep whining about "exes" and shit but they do realize they're married right? to like, eachother?
So just fuck each others genitals like normal people do.

No. 814851

I’m really glad she said this on the documentary because it chips away at his story that he didn’t know anything that was going on with Lainey and her picture exchanges.

While I do think that lainey was beginning to graduate to a point where she was taking an active role in having inappropriate relationships with minors, I don’t believe that Greg was ignorant or uninvolved.

EVERY relationship we’ve heard of where they were trying to get a third, greg was deeply involved. He had been either texting/emailing as Lainey or else pushing each party towards a sexual relationship. For every single one.

No. 814854

File: 1610388669467.png (207.1 KB, 314x328, butthead.PNG)

sage for nitpicking, but damn is his bizarre body on display in his old videos before he started wearing makeup and cranking the white balance way up (ss from the documentary)

A lot is said about his caveman brow, but what the hell is going on with his forehead? It looks like a miniature ass.

No. 814856

He explained that ass scar was due to some kid shoving him into a church pew when he was a mere toddler.

No. 814868

kudos for that kid for attempting to finish what Tami's doctor started.

No. 814873

Do you think the producers forced Eugenia to wear this baggy sweatshirt so that her skelly body wouldn't trigger anyone and derail the conversation away from Onision?

No. 814881

Imagine ruining you whole life for this ugly thing. Footface is pathetic for letting a man ruin her life let alone an ugly aberration like this. Her ex David was ugly too but at least he looked human.

No. 814884

I wish Eugenia said Grease's harassment made her disorder worse (Jaclyn confirmed it did), that would be the end of him playing hero and pretending he was just trying to help her.

No. 814887

Samefag, I remembered he rated himself in a video and gave himself an 8.5 or something like that. Imagine the levels of narcissism to think your The Hills Have Eyes mutant looking ass is attractive. He and Footface need to be studied, they're great examples of how far the human delusion can go.

No. 814889

that's what I was thinking, it's for the better honestly

No. 814895

Even in his absolutely best manipulated photos with makeup and strong lighting where he doesn't look like: >>813609
He's a 6 at best if 5 is plain

And that's before you get to his weird as fuck body proportions, the oddly fat yet grotesque scrawny and pasty flesh vessel he calls a body, the balding, the various skin issues and fatty tumors, and of course the grease. Which brings him down to a 3, then the personality which makes him a -99999.

What do you expect from a narc who thought people would pay to see him dry hump a sex doll and shove dildos up his ass

No. 814896

Back in the day like with Shiloh he was at his most attractive, not that he's my type, but I can see how some people dug him. Personally I think his former friend Cyr was way more attractive. But between the both of them no personality except for narcissism and definitely no Jared Leto or Zach Efron.
Plus both Greg and Cyr are dwarfs which I find a huge turn-off.

No. 814903

Must be nice for Greg to know that he peaked 10 years ago and its been long over now.

No. 814916

File: 1610404734558.png (102.62 KB, 699x794, greasy caveman is very smert.p…)

Lol the retard doesn't know "You've" is the contraction of "You have". It takes just 2 seconds to look it up on Google:

you have.
"you've changed"

I love it when he tries to look smart and ends up exposing what an absolute dumbass he is.

No. 814920

I can't find it but there was once this post on KF about how they spotted this "tile of truth" in like the kitchen on the wall or whatever, where Lainey had put this shit on a little tile about how great Greg is. I spit milk trough my nose reading it, since one of the words said "intellectual."
Much like Chris-chan, this tile is one of the Greg relics of fail.

No. 814922

>it's "You" not "You've"
It's official. Jimmy's last brain cell exploded.

No. 814923

slosh, slosh.

No. 814925


Good emergency watch of the second part, yeah its with the fat guy again talking with it. Personally I don't mind him that much, but if you do guess we have to wait for the bitchute autist to post the second part.
In any case, enjoy.

No. 814927

What the hell is this about?

No. 814928

"Intellectual", the guy admitted he hasn't read a book in decades besides his own shitty books, his GPA in high school was laughable, he never went to college despite using to have the money to do so, his grammar is embarrassing (he spelled "bear hands" in one of his books just as an example lol), and the list goes on and on.
What exactly makes him an intellectual? I mean besides knowing the age of consent of every state and apparently every country.

No. 814929

By the way it says Episode 1 at the end, but it is Episode 2.
Just so you know.

No. 814932

To me, personally, before I would ever call someone an intellectual they'd have to truly be that. They need to wow me intellectually. Like even Bill Maher to me is just a pseudo-intellectual. He parrots a lot of shit. I don't hate him personally, but I don't feel he's nearly as smart as he seems to believe he is.
I could drop some names of people who I do consider to be intellectuals but the realist in me says that me saying so does not make them that. An intellectual, in any case, is a tall order if you catch my drift. They have to be incredibly smart, well versed in whatever subjects they have chosen, creative and able to look outside the box. But there's even more to that, really.
Greg however is about as intellectual as I am Chinese. I am not Chinese, I'm not even remotely Asian.

No. 814934

Nobody cares, aside from Shiloh and Sarah none of them are victims and the other relevant parties were never involved in the shitshow to begin with. Move on and enjoy the milk.

No. 814937

I'm 30 minutes in and unlike episode 1 this fat attention whore talks in this one way, way too much, even about other unrelated people no one cares about.
Sure you can technically see it and i'm glad he's watching it subbed but I sincerely hope bitchute guy will now post the episode without this garbage. Please.

No. 814938

I tried, but I can't handle this guy's constant interruptions to talk about irrelevant discord drama, and he keeps talking over the narration.

bitchute anon pls

No. 814939

With you all the way buddy. I'm only watching it trough Fatty McFathead (and posted it for you guys also) trough an act of sheer desperation.
I'm strung out on needing to technically watch it. Takes me back to the days where I would watch a really new movie and it was a cinema rip and people wouldn't shut up or stop walking past the screen.

No. 814940

Yes, but they flat-out state Eugenia is fighting an eating disorder and show her body-checking. Of course, she's still saying "I'm better now I'm just naturally skinny uwu"

I am glad they obliterate all claims that Gurg just wants to help with his own words.

No. 814942

File: 1610409462938.jpg (393.63 KB, 706x1005, eugenia.jpg)

No. 814947

I'm sure the added attention she'll get from this will help her, just like all the hundreds of comments on her videos telling her to go to rehab.

No. 814949

>Sheriff Verne needs to look in to
That'll probably be a better use of his time than openly shilling for a grifter, but I hear he's "friends" with grifter so maybe he really doesn't have anything better to do after all.

No. 814950

Looks like he narrates the entire series. He's the Executive Producer. He was a critic of Hansen before getting fired from Newsweek - guess he's on Hansen's payroll now.

No. 814961

They had to get a bunch filler in there since the most relevant girl didn't want to be part of it. If only I could remember what her reason was >>814803.

No. 814962

It reminds me of when those smartass kids think that they've found loopholes in things people said. For example, a mom tells her kid to make his bed. 2 hours later, she goes upstairs to see that the kid's bed still isn't made. When she asks him why his bed isn't made, the kid replies with, "Well, when you said 'make your bed,' you didn't say, 'make your bed right now,' so I didn't make it right then." My point is, Grug in his stunted ,ond still operates om this logic, only a more autistic version of it.

No. 814967

File: 1610412871011.jpg (179.39 KB, 789x720, ugly_regina_documentary.jpg)

oh dear sweet jesus and baby jesus why

No. 814969

She looks like someone jumped out of a painting by Pablo Picasso.

No. 814971

this… this isn't edited?????

No. 814973

Nope, a screenshot from that streamer.

No. 814974

I don't believe this isn't shooped. Timestamp or gfto.

No. 814975

How the fuck do I timestamp a screenshot, champ? Just take some screenshots for yourself when she's on, you'll see they come out weird.
Its like the bitch played the Ring tape and now she can't be captured on camera normally, I don't know.

No. 814977

I am unable to believe this isn't edited

No. 814978

how the fuck does this even happen, what the fuck

No. 814979

Watched the whole thing, this is 100% an edit.

No. 814980

>Its like the bitch played the Ring tape and now she can't be captured on camera
Thanks I almost hurt myself laughing.

No. 814982

Can you upload it to the bitchute please and thank you.

No. 814983

Same. Her makeup definitely doesn't flatter her, but this is a really obvious edit.

No. 814987

Wait did you get any caps of this guy >>814826 or Hansen? Maybe this show is cursed like the Exorcist.

No. 814989

File: 1610415746111.png (1.38 MB, 1242x2688, 27A83B49-383B-4EE5-B044-E93425…)

How do I upload? Also I bet my last sheckle that grunt is gonna hone in on them “misgendering” his faggot wife

No. 814990

File: 1610415827186.jpg (44.7 KB, 579x435, idiot.JPG)

he already has

No. 814991

Thanks faggot.

No. 814992

Greg is absolutely as brain dead as a trump supporter, no wonder he hates trump because he wants to be trump. They believe in a completely unreal reality where everything is nonsensical. He’s never going to change, I bet he’ll murder+suicide any day now because one day he’ll hit that point where he he can’t change reality to fit his narrative and that will be his only way out.

No. 814994

lol he's not even trying.
Get going with that lawsuit big boi.

No. 814996

Anon I don't think she gave you permission to share this personal photo. Very rude.

No. 814997

File: 1610416718409.jpeg (609.99 KB, 1242x1181, 0340A365-51BF-41C8-8D01-036DFD…)

This is the first time I’ve seen him refer to Regina as a pedo enabler. He seems desperate to point the finger elsewhere.

No. 814998

>muh proper pronouns
Not even the SJW retards who usually give af about that sort of thing is going to back him up there.
>pedo enabler
He's referring to Eugenia. Something to do with her old discord. There was a whole dramu about it months ago.

No. 815002

Yeah, there's accusations of pedos in her Discord preying on young girls and said pedos encouraging eating disorders. Supposedly she was told about it and dismissed it.

Funny he would try to call Eugenia out on that, since his old forums have the exact same accusations against him.

No. 815004

kek. Maybe her discord will be part of Hansen's next sham investigation? Whoever chose Eugenia for this is a mong. Hansen probably personally invited her himself.

No. 815005

No. 815006

I thought maybe Tami would agree to go on considering she and her son share roughly the same mental capacity. I don't think the rest of Greg's family understandably wants to participate in the circus, though I don't begrudge Randy getting his side of the story out. He's the only interviewee I'm not able to meme on. Too chill.

No. 815007

File: 1610419856459.png (885.44 KB, 1554x662, chrome_n3RthDTbjP.png)

he is so mad

No. 815008

File: 1610419904922.png (247.49 KB, 1391x268, chrome_RPm2TckXiV.png)

he just posted this as well

No. 815010

Unpopular opinion- I don't think the streaming scrote was that bad except when he tried to justify dating a fan. He only really annoyed me twice with his interruptions, but its the only place i could watch, so not really a big deal.

I feel like they skimmed way too much over Billie's stuff. Regina got more screen time than Billie's segment. Billie got lumped in with the other girls that got flown out.

Also not to nitpick, but Omfg the makeup choices on the girls was fucking awful. Shiloh's look wasn't too bad if she'd chosen brown instead of the crazy orange cut crease. I didn't even mind her blonde wig, but in that makeup…just no.
Regina looked a hot mess. She put so much fucking highlight on that she looked like she was greasy and melting and the purple tranny makeup was insane.

No. 815011

I don’t think he’s mad, he’s doing what he always does and milking his fuck ups for money.

It honestly hasn’t changed anything for him. His community already hated him. Lainey’s family already didn’t like him. Lainey is still with him.

This has been a net benefit for him.

No. 815012

>the purple tranny makeup was insane.
I suspect their drag queen make up choices were on purpose, makes them look less recognizable from their day to day.

No. 815013

Bless bless bless

No. 815014

Views in the hundreds? Toppest kek.

No. 815016

Does he perhaps love the new wave of attention? He must feel like a cockroach by now, unkillable, after surviving so many controversies even with the IRS and EPA.

Might be mad at those views but. I'm guessing the yt algorithm isn't favouring him much these days.

No. 815017

Sister, you are a blessing. Thank you!!

No. 815019

File: 1610421541798.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1834x977, 54677797-142D-4AD1-B3A4-BB4BBB…)

He looks so miserable lol

No. 815022

What else could they do? Billie didn't want to participate. She's important because Grug's obsessed over her the most. Greg flew several young women to the Grease Mansion under false pretenses. The documentary made a fairly decent highlight reel, all things considered.

No. 815023

No. 815024

No way! I could totally see Regina and Shiloh thinking it was a hot lewk. I'm sure if they wanted to, they could have been blurred with their voices changed. Or if you wanted to go down the 'disguise' route, a pair of glasses or a different wig or something instead of looking like a 10 year old girl trying to do her makeup like a rupaul's contestant.
Not white knighting for Shiloh, but her makeup was somewhat understandable since she's a washed up pop star, but Regina's just looked extremely distracting and weird. I get the vibe she's trying to pull off a Billie vibe but looking real tranny instead.

No. 815025

There are cheap weddings done tastefully, but this is shotgun ghetto level. I feel so sorry for Taylor's parents.

No. 815026

Exactly this. She's "one of the girls" they flew, which makes her less important than Shiloh and Sarah. Both of their cases show how dangerous he is to society and minors while Billie's case just shows what a pos he was with her and with his own wife.

I have a feeling that soon onion will say something like " Kai just tried to commit suicide, thank you Discovery and everybody that didn't believe us " ( but of course it will be a lie just to make people feel sorry for them ).

No. 815027

It was interesting that they got an internet safety expert on there. Like I know it's unrelated to the drama but it's saying something that this woman who was abducted, raped and tortured thinks that Greg is a predator.

No. 815028

Yeah he will suicide bait for sure. Try to paint everyone else as 'scumbags' but he'll just end up making himself look retarded.

No. 815029

File: 1610423725620.png (556.33 KB, 617x993, Asarch magikarp shirt.png)

Holy shit this man child is legit wearing a shirt with Pokemon on it. Who made him executive producer?

No. 815031

It's funny, I never noticed the magikarp shirt until this episode. I thought last episode it was meant to be autumn leaves or a random pattern. It's ridiculous the wardrobe and makeup choices on this entire series.

No. 815033

File: 1610424953408.png (1.76 MB, 2952x3047, my serious docu series.png)

I'm wondering if they discussed their appearances with someone beforehand and went with what they did in the hopes it would give them more credibility or something.
Just more to laugh at really.

No. 815034

Those shirts are a bit expensive too, about $100. Meanwhile Kri and co get children's shirts from Target.

No. 815037

I don't know how much that shirt costs but then I also don't know other adults that wear pokemon clothing.

No. 815040

Why did Onision, in his reaction video, refer to Sarah in Kai's "My Secret Lifestyle" as a "dude,"a trans guy who is Kai's best friend, hates Chris Hansen and is the same age as Foot? I was so fucking confused because the image was blurred and it was obviously Sarah in a hat, so I looked up the vid and yes its Sarah?? Not a trans man? Onion, get your facts straight..
Time stamp: 41:00

No. 815049

Why do the producers/makeup artists give them that clownish eye makeup with the bright colors?

No. 815051

File: 1610427572509.jpg (258.52 KB, 810x810, e9ytC3q.jpg)

>pedos in Eugenia's Discord preying on young girls
No don't discourage this, let it play out. Maybe Hansen will procure another series to kek at.

No. 815052

>it's saying something
Theoretically maybe. Realistically the only thing that matters is what can be used and proven in a courtroom. Looks like she was put in to add more drama to the story. As far as we know (lol), he's never abducted or tortured anyone. Muh sensationalism fuels the clown narrative, Onision's favorite kind.

No. 815054

I don't know if it's because the wardrobe people are speds or if it's to keep people with short attention spans watching? Maybe both. It looks fucking terrible either way. You have a man who looks to be hitting 40 in a pokemon shirt >>815029 and a girl in her late 20s dressed like a 12 year old with a teddy bear applique >>814815.

No. 815056

neat can you take it to the anti-o thread

thanks anon

No. 815057

This thread has been talking about the show for the last several hours, unsaged retard. If you don't like that it's getting meme'd on this isn't the place for you.

No. 815058

Nope, he hasn't abducted anyone. Chased them down as they were trying to leave, but not straight up kidnapping. I'd say he mentally tortured Skye and somewhat Plainey since she flinched a lot around him but physically it seems like he only tortured his sex doll. I wonder if they'll mention that doll in part three.

No. 815061

>I wonder if they'll mention that doll in part three.
Well he did dress up as a clown in that video, so they may as well include it to keep with the overall tone of the series.

No. 815065

i know, but they shouldn't leave out the "shave head and get a tattoo that says I'm a liar" part, they also left out the best bits from Adrienne's letter

No. 815066

I’m surprised they haven’t mentioned that there are children involved.

No. 815070

I agree. They didn't have to have a full on interview if she didn't want, but cuddlegate caused a big decline in his fanbase. The head shaving and public shaming of Billie was super important to the narrative imo.
I wish they had focused on her more or equally than Regina.

No. 815072

I'm guessing they might be included next episode. I hope they mention the tweets after Cloey cracked her head

No. 815074

File: 1610433083646.jpeg (119.44 KB, 1216x267, Onision's ex gf.jpeg)

The reacts channel doesn't get views so idk why he bothers putting anything on there.
This has 1k views now. His most viewed vids are of Shiloh. If she wanted to be known as anything other than Onision's ex for the rest of her life she's done a great job.

No. 815077

Yeah maybe dumbasses like these >>814788 should think about that before making those kinds of posts.

No. 815079

File: 1610435124275.jpg (768.55 KB, 1880x1256, FaceApp_1610424371065.jpg)

The second she left the house she was known as Onision's ex.
He sperged out about her every other video before she started the hansen mess.
With Shiloh and Billie, it didn't matter how quiet they kept, people were always going to bring it up because he wouldn't shut the fuck up about them. Billie was better than Shiloh at keeping quiet but it didnt matter in the end.

What I don't understand is people like Regina. It's good that the documentary is explaining the grooming process between footwife and her, but if she hadn't been ghosted by Lainey for Billie, I feel like she would still gone there for foot. She probably would have even fucked Greg. I sense a saltiness there. She's also a dumbass because her face is now out there and it sucks because there are girls still trying to get rid of the onion stigma and she doesn't give a fuck if this follows her. Like you can tell Billie is actively trying to avoid it since the Hansen interview especially.

On the makeup sperging, pic related. I know Regina looks like a dog's breakfast but she could have looked slightly better without the purple tranny eyeshadow.

No. 815080

Shiloh is actually pretty smart to be part of the documentary, if she didn’t they easily could have exposed the worst things she’s done that there is countless documentation of. The other girls don’t have much dirt online other than their own sad secrets, not really much disgusting behaviour. But shiloh full on did some horrible things, all on video. I would have panicked and wanted to be part of it to. I cannot believe the things they left out. She got lucky. I mean, they probably would have painted it that shiloh went crazy from abuse, but still. She looked pretty bad. Least she could paint the narrative this way but god it must have been awkward for her to talk about seizures and the “miscarriage” where majority of evidence points to it all being bullshit.

No. 815081

I know it's not a Eugenia thread but it really pissed me off when she said she's always been naturally skinny before her eating disorder and also claimed 'she went and got help'
Bullshit. Jaclyn made her get help.
I am glad she went on there though, it really showcased how obsessed Greg was about her.

No. 815085

>a dog's breakfast
Damn lol. That shoop on the right looks so much better. You would've made a better stylist.

The thing with Shiloh is she has nothing else going for her. Her last album flopped and most people know her as the liar who betrayed her "sisters", girls who want as much to do with her as they do Chris Hansen. It's a shitshow.

No. 815087

Not really. There's so many videos on her behaviour being exposed by anti o's during the Hansen debacle, so anyone curious after the documentary that wanted to look her up can see all the bullshit on her.
I also don't think she felt awkward talking about the seizure stuff because I think she's just decided to stick to the narrative that it was all real.
I feel sorry for her and don't doubt she suffered under Greg, but I will never believe the make a rainbow forgot my memory shit.
Some videos definitely show her being over his shit, but this grand mal seizure stuff is phoney.

No. 815089

>exposed by anti o's
Dunno about that. I remember some rando youtubers and people like this dude >>814738 that Shiloh sperged out on. She was pretending to protect Sarah from the big meanies asking questions.

No. 815091

Anon, Billie is not actively avoiding anything, she's posting her pussy and asshole online for fucks sake .

I think it was smart of Shiloh to appear in this docu because she will definitely get new fans due to being a "victim" and probsbly more positive PR out of it . Sloth, sorry I mean Regina, I don't know much about what she generally does.

I'm disappointed that they didn't show those old caps from onion 's forum when he was talking about not liking African-Americans. This would have been the last nail in his coffin especially with all the shit going on right now

No. 815092

>Anon, Billie is not actively avoiding anything, she's posting her pussy and asshole online for fucks sake .

Every girl and her dog has an onlyfans now. With or without the drama she would have ended up there. She's avoiding shit in regards to Greg. She initially made that one video where she called him a salty mf but soon deleted it.
She stopped talking and tweeting about him until the Hansen shit.
I'd say she was trying to avoid it.

No. 815093

>she's posting her pussy and asshole online
Don't move the goalposts. The point is she's not associating herself with Onision anymore.

No. 815096

File: 1610439291208.jpeg (490.5 KB, 1616x858, muh culture.jpeg)

>Pokemon wearing man child

I guess "Internet Culture Reporter" is a real fancy way of saying he was unemployed until Hansen hired him for this mokumentary.

No. 815098

>This has been a net benefit for him.
In the short term? No. I doubt it'll make a difference in the long term either if last year is anything to go by, unless he goes through with that lolsuit.

No. 815100

cry more >>815033
Dude is so up his own ass he praises himself on his own show that he "sold" at the expense of a group of vulnerable people he exploited for his own personal gain. Couldn't be me.

No. 815101

Agreed. He'll make a bunch of videos and probably make some fake meltdown shit after to garner attention but he's not going to get any money from the new found attention.

No. 815103

File: 1610443125565.png (105.22 KB, 898x666, Screenshot_2021-01-12.png)

Wait, hold everything guys. Chris Hansen and a mega corporation lied. I never thought I'd live see this day.

No. 815105

File: 1610443412049.png (59 KB, 886x240, Screenshot_2021-01-12-.png)

No. 815106

I still don't see what the big deal is on using their stories for the doc when they were ok with going on YouTube

No. 815107

Same. These dumbasses are salty as fuck NOT because of the girls' sake but because they didn't get offered money to be on the docu. "BUT TEH VICTIMS!!" Fake assholes.
Nevermind them, fellow anons. Lets sit back, relax, and watch how onion's world goes down in flames, finally. It's almost bringing a tear to my eye

No. 815108

File: 1610444813893.png (2.57 MB, 2048x2048, Chris Clownsen.png)

But Onision's still going to jail tho right? Consequences etcetera? Daddy Hansen and Sheriff Cirrhosis said so. No don't tell me cops lie too! Muh hopes n' dreams…

No. 815109

Just the fact that Discovery and Hansen equally went in on the grift is just icing on the clown show cake. I never saw the girls saying any of these youtubers lied to their faces however. I hope Hansen enjoyed his 15mins.

No. 815111

File: 1610446612960.png (833.34 KB, 861x758, 526375675112.PNG)

Am I hoping Greg goes to jail over this documentary? Nope.
But my wish came true. Its bringing me entertainment. Greg is spending every hour of ever day looking through his old hard drives for old videos to prop up his narrative and then sperging out on Twitter and YouTube making dozens of videos that aren't monetized and no ones watching. My personal take on this is that this is better than jail. If he went to prison it would be radio silence for years. But this way we get to watch his slow descent into hell and obscurity. Its fucking beautiful.

No. 815112

Maybe to you jaded biddy's it's not a big deal but Sarah - a teenager at the time - trusted Hansen and he abused that trust, Shiloh did too, which makes them no better than Onision. It's no more amusing to me than C falling out of the window.

No. 815113

I feel kind of bad for them since the whole investigation thing was a lie in the end, so I can see why they were annoyed by it, but to be honest if I was in their shoes I would have either gone offline and lawyered up when Greg started making sperg videos OR I would have just agreed to do the documentary so at least my narrative was out.

Like I said, I feel bad for them though.

No. 815114

I'm surprised Eugenia agreed to be on the show considering she hates controversy and is copping criticism at the moment.

No. 815115

Honestly I think why some people aren't going on the show because of the shitshow around anything related to Greg.

Look at this thread. It's about Greg, but we have to read posts about how stupid people's styling are in a documentary about what a piece of shit Greg is. Things unrelated to Greg get brought up to discredit their humanity, like leaking Billie's onlyfans itt about her obsessive ex that stalks the thread.

Cloutchasers like Regina sucking up attention when she represents one of the many girls they put feelers out to, to see if she would have threesomes with them. Then she got ghosted for a more attractive prospect.

The selfposting drama channels are even more annoying, going on a crusade against a 'grifter' because he's making money and getting more clout for his commentary on the drama. Like no one cares that Hansen lied to the victims about selling their stories. Thank god someone is providing milk because Onision is boring af these days.

No. 815116

You're full of shit. Hansen is definitely better than Onision.

Hansen and LE have repeatedly said to the victims that they need to come forward and deal with the situation personally. Sarah and her friend have since claimed to have handed over the laptop on twitter.

Hansen is a tv personality and Shiloh doesn't owe Onision's victims anything, she's probably been the butt of their jokes. Shiloh at least had the gall to get her own back on Greg and take charge of her own narrative. Hansen gave the other victims a platform to give their narrative. Yes, his interviews on Youtube weren't great, and the biggest criticism of them could be that guests didn't have a preinterview with Hansen to get a better idea of how to structure what they want to say. However with it being off the couth we got Sarah confirming about having sex in the bed with Cloey. Some people have tried to spin this against Sarah, which is a reason I think why she has been reluctant to bring this to a wider audience. I think a few of the victims have been apprehensive of having their online lives looked into by a wider audience too, which is why they have been reluctant to go on TV.

Greg is obviously abusive to his wife. He's negligent to his children. The girls that have lived with him and had romantic relationships have spoke at length about how dysfunctional Onision and his home life are. He skirts the laws and there's still a wider rape culture in society that tries to downplay grown men preying on teenagers. You see it everywhere. Some people will write this off as a infamous man fucking fans and others will be outraged.

I'm just waiting for Onion to have his ultimate breakdown.

No. 815125

>Hansen is a tv personality
He sure is >>815108.

Sarah gave her laptop to the FBI after Hansen lied to her telling her he gave her evidence to them, while rambling about getting justice or some shit. Betrayal of trust, no better than Onision or Shiloh.
>Shiloh doesn't owe Onision's victims anything
I thought Shiloh was a victim of Onision? Do you know something we don't? Do tell.

No. 815126

Someone should really message Eugenia that the camera adds 20 pounds.

No. 815127

Maybe blame the guy who sold the hyped up docu for it being so shite and so easy to make fun of. No one here is to blame that most of the content is old milk. If you don't like jokes you can always scroll past them.
>no one cares that Hansen lied to the victims about selling their stories.
This post >>815103 on twitter got 400 likes and counting, I'd say quite a few people care. Hansen lied to that girl too.

No. 815129

Personally I think Chris is better than Greg but only a small small fraction. He's still a grifting piece of shit, but none of these clowns, Shiloh and Regina included are as bad as Greg himself.

No. 815131

File: 1610459068281.jpg (35.08 KB, 568x748, diemad.jpg)

>I hope Hansen enjoyed his 15mins.

He's already Exec producing a few more shows for Discover, so it's worked out pretty good.

> It's no more amusing to me than C falling out of the window.

Pic related.

No. 815132

>Shiloh doesn't owe Onision's victims anything
Hey anon when you get the chance, since you have a line to Shiloh ask her why she was pressuring Sarah to sign the release forms for the show >>811380? Thx. Look forward to your response.

No. 815133

You know he's producing more shows and aren't even saying what they are. We have a lot of liars come here with no sauce.

No. 815134

Why is documentary being shortened to docu, it sounds retarded af

No. 815135

Probably so Onision would face a bigger backlash if the girl he got his wife to groom from 14 went on the show.

No. 815137

The thing is, if Sarah had just said fuck this and went offline or sued I could understand it. But she did interviews with Blaire White and joked about fucking Greg on Twitter saying she had a 'clown card' ect. She was totally fine with shit until Hansen fucked it up. It wasn't Shiloh's fault or pressuring of Shiloh. I'm sure if Ayallah or Billie had told her to do the documentary, she would have.
It's a stupid little clique and although I feel sorry for her being fucked over by the onions, her attitude is exactly how she was acting when she was standing up for them. She would sit on live streams and pretend to cry and tell Lainey all the stuff that was said about her.

No. 815138

Oh ok. Just so we're clear, is Shiloh doing this for backlash or justice?

No. 815139

Petty drama aside. Regina did surprise me a little bit. The receipts she brought were better than I thought they would be. Taylor sending pics of herself in her underwear with that stupid "27" tattoo on her hip? Top fucking kek. Gg, Taylor, gg.

No. 815141

>The limited series was directed and executive produced for Blackfin by Geno McDermott and Stephanie Nanes, with Chris Hansen as executive producer and Emily M. Bernstein as showrunner.


No. 815142

>She was totally fine with shit until Hansen fucked it up.
Wasn't everyone? In fairness to her, I don't think she was even considering legal options at first, let alone knew what her legal options were until Hansen showed up and started making all kinds of promises he never delivered on. I cut her some slack for being a teen acting like a teen, some don't. From the bits I've pieced together, Shiloh is a two faced back stabber who also hid her involvement with Hansen from the other girls.

Anyone could say in hindsight what Sarah should've done. Had actual professionals been advising her from the start, I'm sure things would've gone differently.

No. 815143

The way Sarah (and others) was treated was appalling. Sure, she got lots of asspats and yass queens, but she STILL had to deal with Onion spilling embarrassing and irrelevant details (weirdly that contradicted his own narrative), have people like that DeOrio asshole questioning her, demanding proof, etc. I prob would’ve chimped out on people like Shiloh did too, that shit cuts deep (hence why I wouldn’t take this to twitter court if it were me). Regina keeps getting written off as an attention whore and I don’t understand why bc her story is relevant. Lainey lures her in as a minor, pushes sexual boundaries, and then later discards her. Why does it matter if she’s a salty ex or they never met in person? It’s still creepy af what she did, and showcases a predatory pattern.

After all that, it makes sense for them to not want to be involved any longer. I think they made the wrong choice, but I can see their reasoning. The doc really barely mentioned them, so I don’t know WHY they chose to be so shady about it when it seems like they respected their wishes for the most part. Cats outta the bag, they already get shittalked and picked apart by ppl, they should’ve just gone balls to the wall.

I’m curious to hear others opinions about how much the doc used from the non participants

No. 815144

I've watched Edwin's excuses in a video and honestly can someone tell me why this little rat got off with everything? People are mad with Shiloh and Regina yet I have seen so many people defending Edwin.
That Ashlee chick on Twitter, creepshow, repzion.
I don't get it.

No. 815149

>That Ashlee chick I don't get it.

No. 815151

>The way Sarah (and others) was treated was appalling
A lot of people know Hansen treated them like shit.
>I prob would’ve chimped out on people like Shiloh did
Who was Shiloh trying to protect Sarah from exactly? If she wanted to protect Sarah why didn't she call out Hansen for lying about delivering Sarah's laptop to the FBI? Did she pressure Sarah to sign the release forms for justice >>811380?

The other girls (minus Regina) chose not to participate because Hansen never told them he was making a fucking tv show until it was time to deliver papers for them to sign. How professional.

No. 815152

Literally who cares, lolcow isn't a personal army, farmers are here to laugh at drama cows not fight justice. If Shiloh wants to put her story out there fair play to her. If the other girls don't want to fair enough, it hardly makes Hansen a fucking groomer like Greg.

No. 815153


Exactly! Just too many salty bitches madly flicking their bean over their hate of Hansen.

No. 815155

What was the point in posting this? She mentioned Edwin for a split second and said he apparently talked down about Chris in his interview and is interested to see if they will show it.
Of course they aren't going to show it. That doesn't answer my question as to why Edwin is being defended.
Just because Edwin says he spoke out about Chris doesn't mean shit and it's not even going to be shown so where's the proof?

No. 815156

>Who was Shiloh trying to protect Sarah from exactly? If she wanted to protect Sarah why didn't she call out Hansen for lying about delivering Sarah's laptop to the FBI?

I had a stupid tinfoil for a while that Shiloh fucked Chris.

No. 815157


Are we sure the investigation is a lie? Couldn't it be going on on the downlow and we just don't know about it? Cops aren't exactly fast when it comes to stings.

No. 815164

I meant the way some of the general public (DeOrio, Keem, anons, etc) treated the girls was appalling, and I would’ve lost my cool too.

Shiloh only told HER story, which is her right, the issue was her lying and shadiness about it. Same with Hansen; why lie? The doc barely touched on them. His betrayal was so unnecessary, blatant, and gross.

No. 815166

I know things like this can take a while but it's been a year since the Sarah drama.

No. 815171

>fighting for justice
Literally trying to clarify something Shiloh said isn't "fighting for justice" anon lol. The question obviously wasn't addressed to you.

No. 815172

File: 1610464241645.jpg (519.86 KB, 1689x946, regina_documentary_blair_witch…)

I don't know what to tell you, I bought the subscription to see if it was any better but no. When I told the guys on Discovery over the phone that I was afraid this bitch would come crawling out my TV at me they told me "that only happens in movies."
I'm not so sure.

No. 815178

With the all the stupidity and overall lack of competence, nothing would surprise me at this point.

No. 815179

File: 1610464991586.jpg (102.57 KB, 673x900, uglyfootbeef.jpg)

I just wanna throw this out, this thought I had about Hansen and the victim yass queens and you are welcome to get angry at me:
I feel that the girls let Hansen down. Think about this rationally, when you look at some of the arguments:
But he sold my story!
He already did, the minute you appeared on his live stream. Why? Donations, ad revenue, etc.
So did every other youtuber.
So did Repzion, Blaire White, Jaclyn Glenn, and all the rest of them. Making money on your story by selling shitty ear pods, adam and eve subscriptions and Raid Shadow Legends.
Hansen needs money, not just for himself, but to produce this shit and get your story out there.
Production costs of a documentary like this are vast, just the montage stuff costs a lot of money. Take in to account the Corona pandemic and you got a lot of phone calls, skype calls, trying to find the right people, advertisement costs. Sure not all of it comes out of Hansen's pocket, but Discovery+ won't float all of the bill. And just like youtubers need money to live, so does Hansen and so does whoever produced this documentary.
You not only failed Hansen, but also yourself as well as (future) victims.
Think about it, here was your chance to REALLY get your message out there and you left him hanging. If it wasn't for the people that DID appear in the documentary like Greg's dad, Shiloh, Edwin and ugly Regina, there would pretty much not be a documentary. You left Hansen hanging out to dry, you left your victim sisters out to dry, and you let down the audience, anti-o's and future victims like Greg and Lainey's kids.
I realize that my opinion is a deeply unpopular one. I'm of the mind that actually everybody involved with this "case" is a scumbag except for maybe Sarah, Skye and Adrienne who do not seem to be that. I don't condone Hansen's scamming, I don't condone how Shiloh behaved, but the bottom line is they flaked out when it really counted. This documentary would have been so much better had they all appeared in it and more powerful too. Who cares who makes money on this, don't you want to be heard? You all have trauma regardless, and you could have made this count. I have a feeling all who didn't appear in it will come to regret their decision in the future. Because they failed harder than Greg fails at doing comedy.
Think about it. Just my 2cts.

No. 815180

You can ask her about it on twitter, she has an account.
The last I heard (with the exception of Keem for obvious reasons) none of the girls but Shiloh have a problem with any of the youtubers, including Edwin.

No. 815185

File: 1610466270383.webm (2.19 MB, 321x180, Onisions name changes.webm)

He's had 5 different names over his lifetime. That doesn't sound sketchy at all.

Gregory James Daniel —Given name at birth.
Gregory James Latcha —Took stepfathers name. This was not a legal name change.
Greg Jackson —Took mothers last name when he started YT. This was not a legal name change.
Gregory James Avaroe —Greg & Lainey legally changed their last names when they got married.
James Jackson —Greg & Lainey legally changed their first & last names along with last names of their children.

No. 815188

Everyone knows Regina is ugly. You aren't funny. Quit shit posting.

I had a similar opinion.
I get that they were disappointed about certain things like the fbi nonsense, but it seems weird they directed all the hate at Hansen and didn't want to cooperate with a documentary that would expose Greg, but were chill with all the commentary people you mentioned talking about it and carrying on Twitter like porkchops. They were complaining about their story not being told correctly but then starting infighting with each other about who would go on the show and that they were traitors if they did.

No. 815191

Uh it's an anonymous board, I'm not asking her shit. Likely her excuse is the same as Creepshow's defence of him.
but he haddd no choice! He haddd to make sure the story was told right!

No. 815192

>Who cares who makes money on this
That was never the issue, it was how the whole thing was conducted.
>The other girls (minus Regina) chose not to participate because Hansen never told them he was making a fucking tv show until it was time to deliver papers for them to sign.

You'd have to be brain dead to sign legal papers sprung up on you out of the blue like that. They were unaware what Hansen was doing behind the scenes, he was never upfront, Shiloh was never upfront, Discovery also lied >>815103. Instead of being upfront, they veiled their intentions so they could pull a bait and switch.

If they choose not to participate in something, who cares?

As for Shiloh, she didn't just tell her story, she told another girls story despite knowing that the other girl wasn't okay with it. She's a snake.

No. 815193

File: 1610467001030.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

>Everyone knows Regina is ugly. You aren't funny. Quit shit posting.
People here don't handle comedy very well, do they? I mean you just can't joke on this message board its forbidden to have any fun.

No. 815196

Anon you're a weirdo but I don't mind it.

No. 815197

>If they choose not to participate in something, who cares?
I care, and if you don't care you haven't been following this thing we call Greg. We all crave for something to happen.
>That was never the issue, it was how the whole thing was conducted.
Hansen should have communicated with them better because they're obviously a little too autistic to see how this sort of thing works. Then again, considering how they uwu'd Greg and Lainey and fell for their shenanigans, they're obviously not that smart.
>They were complaining about their story not being told correctly
And that is their own fault, had they worked with Hansen and appeared on the documentary, they could have told their own story themselves.
They have no one to blame in this but themselves.

No. 815198

Nah I chuckled.

No. 815199

Its really kind of sad because I enjoy a good joke now and again.
To, you know, lighten the mood a little bit. Specially during this pandemic we can use a little laughter.
Not trying to claim i'm super duper funny, mind you.
Thank you, you're very kind.

No. 815200

File: 1610467394641.png (343.92 KB, 746x750, waaaaahhh.png)

Go cry about it in /meta again.
Im sure Admin will give you the same swift kick in the ass as last time.

No. 815203

Something has happened lol, it's just mostly old milk. I wasn't expecting new milk from a reality tv show. We've known for months that the other girls weren't going to participate in this because they were shanghaied by Shiloh and Clownsen.

No. 815205

File: 1610467578341.jpg (97.62 KB, 640x960, fattiessword.jpg)

>Go cry about it in /meta again.
>Im sure Admin will give you the same swift >kick in the ass as last time.

proud of you, you edgy mcedgeedge

No. 815207

File: 1610467663558.jpg (67.98 KB, 640x640, fattytruck.jpg)

You should apply to become a farmhand, you sound perfect for it.
just perfect.
no sense of humor what so ever and angry 24/7

No. 815210

File: 1610467875842.jpg (18.97 KB, 220x220, jew_basic.jpg)

Oh I know they where all butthurt about it, and now the major youtubers are butthurt too since discovery+ asked them to review the documentary without paying shekels for it.
That is so not done specially people like Repzion and Jaclyn Glenn will never do anything without getting paid.
I mean how the fuck dare they? So now they're gonna say its shit since they didn't get paid, had Discovery+_not made this grievous error of not paying them to say its great like say Raid Shadow Legends, Adam & Eve and shitty ear plugs do, they would have said it was a really great documentary.
Ah well, live and learn. Take out your wallets, people.
Major youtubers do nothing for FREE.

No. 815211

Anon pls, this is fine >>815172 but you've gone and derailed with deathfats. They're not in the documentary. Take care anon.

No. 815213

File: 1610468009920.jpg (44.65 KB, 450x600, fattystreetbra.jpg)

Good, well I love you too.
Don't forget to wear a mask when you go outside.

No. 815214

I mean, you can believe what you want. Edwin went into it knowing he wasn't going to get paid. He made a vid explaining why he went on the show.

No. 815216

Did I mention Edwin? No I didn't. Edwin has been a good boy, he's been on the documentary.

No. 815222

I can handle humor but they made the Picasso shopped Regina joke twice.
Like it was funny the first time when people were asking if it was really a screenshot and then they posted it again later on. Had I not bitched about it, I'm sure they would have continued posting like 7 more pEaK CoMeDy Photoshop bullshit pictures.

Also what's with all the Edwin dick sucking around here? Just because he knew he wasn't going to get paid, doesn't mean he's any better than any of the other shills like repzion, Jaclyn, Blaire ect.
He only jumped on the onision shit after Billie gate and any interview or debate he's done with Greg has been shit. Creepshow sounds like she wants his dick so bad the way she'll defend him over everything.

No. 815225

File: 1610470491937.jpg (90.51 KB, 1000x1291, 4170601057841001.jpg)

tl;dr but no one is "sucking Ewdins dick" specially not "lots of people" you need to like seriously get some reading comprehension.
And maybe learn something about comedy too. like mentioned before no one is claiming these are top tier jokes. its just fucking about, and there is no need to cry real tears about it.
i wish you the best, and I do mean that sincerely, you could do with a little break from the looks of it.
i'm so sorry about all of thats happened to you.

No. 815226

They were hardly shanghaied. Like this is the most boring thing to read these days in the Onion thread. Those poor dumb girls speaking to the guy that hosted to catch a predator on youtube about their mental ex boyfriend and his wife. Oh no! Imagine if other people hear about it from the interviews they all did. How terrible. Obviously they only wanted a couple hundred thousand people to watch, but taking it to TV where they would have had more access to professionals and had help to make a bigger impact with their stories was a disgusting step too far. They are all very bright young women for turning down money for a story they are happy to tell for free on youtube. The GFM's were much more credible…

No. 815227

they made the same joke twice!? how dare they?! quick, report them to the mods now! now! now! hurry! hurry!
those fucking bastards!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 815230

File: 1610471148001.jpg (63.39 KB, 828x1330, stj7cn6dxvp51.jpg)

Why tf are you typing like a discord dom

No. 815232

Oh i'm sorry, i don't speak autism.
Maybe have a friend explain my posts to you, or caretaker.

No. 815235

Because it's some retard who like Greg, thinks people need to learn comedy if an anon doesn't find them funny. I find it weird how some people get bans for posting cow art once, yet this comedic genius is allowed to shit up the thread and infight because one anon found them unfunny.
And now they've decided to infight because they are a retard basically.
Funny how the Regina edits are comedy omggg but when someone points out they type like a retard they get pissed >>815232

No. 815237

thats right people who don't agree with you are always scrotes and greg.
good for you. you solved the case, nancy drew.
give yourself a gold sticker.

No. 815238

Yeah it's weird that they wouldn't want a larger audience but were okay with YouTube. I get they lost trust in Hansen by that point, but they had nothing to lose.

No. 815239

I didn't say you were a scrote or Greg. I said it's Greg behaviour to think people should learn comedy because they don't laugh at your joke. I'm going to stop replying now because you are just trying to infight.

No. 815240

you guys realize that for months now there have been 2 people working in tandem to shit up this thread, right? and you guys have been falling for it over and over? you guys realize this, don't you?

No. 815241

why aren't you working the onision case instead of verne troyer? we would have solved this case and they would have been in prison by now, kojak.

No. 815242

Anyway, I'm interested to know what will be covered in episode 3 and who else they may feature.

No. 815243


they also fight with each other. i am fairly certain one of them is gene.

No. 815245

File: 1610473041616.png (718.05 KB, 1000x563, Onision In Real Life S1 E3 Lai…)

I'm hoping the final episode has a surprise ending.

No. 815246

you cracked it, buddy! you solved the code!
wait i thought it was greg?

No. 815248

File: 1610473275934.png (116.86 KB, 304x278, howdareugerke.png)

is anyone going to reupload any of this grease meltdown?

No. 815250

I'm trying to think who else they would feature. It may be just the same people throughout like Shiloh, Edwin, ect.
>>815248 I sense there is going to be some more meltdowns in the coming weeks.

No. 815251

File: 1610473584142.png (7.36 KB, 318x183, noRp76z.png)

is this screenshot real?

No. 815254

It's so annoying in his rebuttal videos how he just screeches about people deadnaming his tranny wife.

No. 815255

i think its greg arguing with kai and vince nicotra about whos anonymous gene all the while pretending to be shiloh.
while deity, steveree and fran are doing the laundry and shopping for groceries without wearing a mask.

No. 815261

Isn't Gene just a fake name for fat fuck Vince? The guy who would have a real vendetta against Hansen.

No. 815263


No Gene is Jesse.

No. 815264

who the fuck is Jesse?

No. 815265

you are correct, anonymous gene is vince nicotra.
while also pretending to be shiloh, greg and kai.
jesse jackson? yes he's also that.

No. 815266


Not Vince

No. 815267

jesse pinkman, he's a meth head
he cooks meth in this stupid RV with lainey's father

No. 815269

Funny how much faster the derailing becomes when you point out the obvious about Vince.

No. 815271

its because i am vince, keep poling the bear buddy. know that i come heavy, you nigger

and then my sister will sue you after you're DEAD

No. 815272

Remember when Vince kept trying to flirt with the victims and then got butthurt when people got sick of him on the livestreams and started trolling the thread and then threatening Hansen then blaming it on his drunk relatives. And this man is old af!! Crazy

No. 815273

i fucked regina

in the mouth


No. 815274

That's the funny thing, even Regina wasn't into Vince. That's cold.

No. 815275

thats right, i was in her instead. and her natural retard contorted neck muscles made it feel like i was fucking a plucked chicken. it was so nice.
how do you think she got the moderator gig?
i am vince btw, and also anonymous gene

No. 815278

Vince should have got a guest spot on the drunken peasants podcast. A bunch of males happy to suck Greg's dick if they can use his proximity to orbit a couple of minors.

No. 815279

color me amazed i mean i post a few photoshops of regina and made fun of her and yet no one has accused me, vince, of having a vendetta against her.
that is the magic word here right, i mean as soon as you joke about anything you have a personal beef against them, right?
i'm expecting that whole song and dance next..
oh i would LOVE to suck gregs dick btw, i would suck him off so hard his shit would turn white.

No. 815281

I mean, it's obvious Regina turned him down.

No. 815282

not in my fantasies. i fap to her every night, every night. because she reminds me of my sister. sometimes i'll ask fran to put on clown make-up and then she sucks me off.
feels good, man.

No. 815291



No. 815332

Just starting watching. Damn in this a real ss?

No. 815349

fuck off and take your meds schitzo-chan

No. 815364

He probably got her confused with that other friend of lainey’s that used to go over there sometimes. I can’t remember her name but she also turned into a they/them/he/whatever & wore similar clothing to what Sarah did in that “joke” video (colourful shirt etc).

No. 815365

File: 1610502776929.png (423.88 KB, 772x489, 867431.png)

Anon is right. That fakeboi Ryan liked to wear beanies and in the video Sarah is purposefully lowering her voice to mimic a "fuckboy." I can see Greg not paying attention and thinking it was Ryan.

No. 815367

He sounds so done and pissed off in these videos it's hilarious

No. 815384


Bless be anon

No. 815386

Just a heads up - the vids you're seeing here >>815007 aren't different from the one he uploaded to his Speaks channel.
He uploaded "Onision Documentary Reaction by Onision - Full Episode 2" to Speaks ( 40 something minutes long ), and then sliced it into different videos for his Reacts channel.
The less clicks he gets the better.

No. 815414

people be fucking him up on gigharbor reddit and craigslist. epic scale bruh

No. 815426

screencaps or gtfo

No. 815431

Might just be super old? Or that part of it hasn't been updated even though her wife status had. Why?

No. 815432


No, Anonymous Gene is sperging out on Reddit and CL like the demented little Hansen cocksucker that he is. And no-one is biting because no-one is obsessed as he is.

No. 815433

We love comedy, you are just not funny.

No. 815434

File: 1610529456245.jpg (60.56 KB, 1142x504, 20210113_200703.jpg)

Picrel of B-roll from episode 2, I kek'd.

No. 815440

He's literally putting in zero effort.

No. 815441


No. 815442

He's been posting short clips of these vids on twitter. I still don't know why he uploads to the reaction channel when it gets no views. Might be in case his main goes down.

No. 815445

File: 1610535047967.jpg (81.14 KB, 499x604, 52a2.jpg)

>They were hardly shanghaied
>taking it to TV
>turning down money

Sure, and this >>813762, >>813196, >>813678 never happened lol. But keep putting effort into feigning ignorance and failing to move the goalposts when your non-point has been refuted all over this thread >>815192.

No. 815452

File: 1610537271332.jpg (305.97 KB, 2048x1150, U7SNGVFTGII6NO3WLUCROIKBCM.jpg)

They even ban the president of the USA off of youtube, but not Greg.
Never Greg.
He's their golden boy.

No. 815453

Well it's nice if he can give some insight into Lainey but will Special Agent Skye's Last Name tell us why Hansen held on to Sarah's laptop and lied about sending it to the FBI?

No. 815454

Trump's still on yt actually: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAql2DyGU2un1Ei2nMYsqOA

It's his twitter that's gone. I know no1curr, just wanted to clear up retardation.

No. 815455

She also went on twitter to brag about how she fucked onion in Laineys's chair along with laneclone. It's pathetic. Anyone who is against the documentary, because of "but the victims consent" need to keep that energy with everything that's been documented in these threads, especially Maya. Looking at their little clique, hypocrites.

No. 815456

>Special Agent Skye's Last Name

No. 815459

File: 1610541239654.png (621.64 KB, 735x450, real black man.png)

Of course it is. The FBI always make appearances on chintzy cable tv documentaries to discuss current/active investigations. Literally happens all the time.

No. 815461

I am posting this trembling with fear of being lynched here, hyperventilating, but I just checked out Greg's rebuttal videos to the documentary and he does make valid counter arguments.
In the very least in regard to the women it would make a reasonable doubt case.
That being said Greg is still an unfunny piece of shit scumbag. If they do wanna catch him i'd recommend going for what happened on the forums as well as fraud and him owning a bunch of very shady companies.
For the love of fuck please do not murder me, and no I am definitely not white knighting Greg.

No. 815462

Samefriend, fuck never mind, I'm retarded, i didn't realise Skye's old user name was her actual surname, that is surprisingly dumb for her

No. 815463

You sure aren't white knighting Greg because you've offered none of these supposed valid counterarguments up to defend him, and it looks suspiciously like a way of baiting people into watching his godforsaken videos that needs more views on so badly.

No. 815464

>he does make valid counter arguments
If you don't put any thought into what he's saying, then yeah lol. I dubunked some of his spergs on Shiloh in a few minutes fuck Shiloh btw. I watched a few of the clips he uploaded to twitter - I won't be losing brain cells watching the full vids. His Sarah sperging was dubunked up thread.

If he's that confident he's got this all figured out he'd be getting that lolsuit ready.

No. 815465

yeah see thats what i expected. and trust me i get it, i really do. anything i end up saying here about it right now will only end up making me look worse. so i'll just leave it at what i said. i get it, i get why you would say that. so no harm done. feel free to just butcher me, i expected it. and no not playing the victim here, because trust me i do fully understand where you are coming from.
i leave you with one question though:
should somebody go to prison over being a scumfuck boyfriend, father and husband? he mindfucked the shit out of them, and mentally abused them to be sure. but last i checked that shit isn't illegal.
does he deserve to go to prison for the shit he's done? absolutely. but was it technically illegal? anyway i'll stop now because i definitely do not wanna sound like a greg.
go ahead and just tell me what a stupid cunt i am, in a way i guess i deserve that. i'll just take this F and walk.

No. 815466

What a loser.

No. 815472

like i said I am taking the L. I really don't care. But I'm not gonna hide from the fact that he's making some good solid counter arguments.
you're more than welcome to disprove them to me, hell i'd welcome that because then I can admit to being an asshole here and being wrong. I'd love to see it, because I much rather just hate Greg.

No. 815475

no one cares, go be a martyr for onion somewhere else

No. 815476

File: 1610545351909.png (181.36 KB, 757x580, hello cow.png)

No. 815480

dude who is being a martyr? you guys need to get some serious perspective on shit. if not sticking my head in the sand and going LALALALALA just because someone i absolutely despise is making a good counter argument, then fine, i welcome martyrdom.

i'm done with this, but go ahead because we all know you gotta get your little last word in there, so have at it, champ.

No. 815481

No one is really arguing about the legality. He’s just horrible scum and his rebuttals make no sense and are all easily deconstructed. I’ll admit, one thing he does well is bounce around SO much, and say shit that’s SO inaccurate, it’s difficult to keep up with each dumb thing he says.

There are only a few things I think he could POSSIBLY go down for imo.
1. Fucking in the same bed as Cloey and/or Troy (sleeping or not).
2. IRS shit.
3. Being host to some kinda pedo shit in his forums (regardless of whether or not he participated).
4. Underage pics he viewed on Lainey’s devices.

No. 815483

I already mentioned the IRS and his forums too and hoping Greg goes down for those, but apparently i'm being a martyr for Greg now. So you know, best get two big ass pieces of wood and three nails to crucify me for Gregory Poo and Lainey spaceboi.

Because he made some good counter points, shame on me, how dare I? I'm getting flashbacks from when talking shit about the yass queens was absolutely verboten.

No. 815485

File: 1610546157731.jpg (252.35 KB, 869x490, 8911535ab3956b9f853bfba4c0bf3-…)

>you're more than welcome to disprove them to me

No. 815490

>we all know you gotta get your little last word in there, so have at it, champ.
and there it is, people with balls for heads and weird quotes that make no god damn sense.
you still didn't disprove gregs counter arguments even though its a great response you gave there and i'm very proud of you.
i still want you to prove them wrong, not just saying that, i actually want you to. because i'm just about as happy with my conclusion as you are, but you don't seem to get that.
all you see is like a red cape to a bull, OH SHIT- someone said something sorta positive about greg, i must put them on blast.
realize I don't give a shit, i always speak my mind on whatever i'm thinking. and right now it all condenses to this: i feel greg makes some good counter arguments. does that make him not a shit person, an awful father, a piece of shit and a suck ass youtuber i would love to see get banned everywhere? HELL NO i still feel all of that, so curb your autism.(ban evasion)

No. 815491

This bitch just discovered reverse psychology, lmao.

No. 815494

>people with balls for heads

No. 815496

docu narration " she was freshly 18 when she married Greg"
gorg: " did they just dead-named and misgendered a transperson????? fucking scumbag piece of SHIT!"

valid points indeed. go back to the gorg discord to keep sucking his dick.

No. 815499

in her defense she does know how to sage and isn't being autistic jumping up and down like an angry toddler over someone disagreeing with them.
so there's at least that.>
great, now counter point all of his other points in those videos, for instance how lainey was 21 and regina 19 when she sent a belly picture.
or his points about shiloh being absolutely insane, something we ourselves actually experienced online. and how she betrayed her own uwu sisters.
stay mad.
you guys are seriously being pathetic right now, and just as bad as the twitter anti-o's. god forbid someone says something contrary that needs to be looked in to.
i said 20 times prove me wrong, so prove me wrong. for the millionth time i actually want you to, im not even saying that you cant, im asking you to prove wrong all his points.
i hope that you will, and then we can put it to rest.
keep being pathetic about it.

No. 815501

uwu not a zoomer doesn't know what my le ebin meme is referencing. get your dumb ass back to 9gag you amazing faggot, reaction images are actually against the rules here and so is shit posting.

No. 815504

>for the millionth time i actually want you to, im not even saying that you cant, im asking you to prove wrong all his points.
i hope that you will, and then we can put it to rest.

So, what is the point that you would like refuted. You keep talking about these "solid counter arguments" he has but you have yet to list even one.

Why don't you try doing that? You might get a little further.

No. 815505

What reaction image? Did you not realize this >>815485 was literally referencing this >>814854? lol relax. Jesus.

No. 815507

I give up. I just fucking gave some examples, go watch the videos on a mirror or whatever.
you faggots have been dogpiling me for over an hour and yet I'm the one that got mad? really?
And sure I did get mad, after you piled on me for over an hour saying I sucked gregs greasy dick and shit.
but i am truly done with this now. i said what I needed to say and now you all can go suck a fucking dick for all i care. you guys got me so fucked up i dont even know how to explain it to you anymore. congratulations.

you know who else thinks this black and white? yes, greg does. its either one or the other. no shades of fucking grey.

fuck off. seriously. you guys are just as bad as those twitter autists. never again claim to be any better.

No. 815509

did you not see how quiet it was before they got new ips? jesus christ you guys are a lost cause.

No. 815510

It's literally the same shit from the last thread >>815476. I don't understand how anyone keeps getting sucked into the obvious whirlpool of autism.

No. 815513

> I just fucking gave some examples, go watch the videos on a mirror or whatever.

Vague babbling.

Give me one specific "solid counter argument" that he supposedly has? Just one. has to be specific.

If you can't do that, you're just shit talking and have nothing. (as usual)

No. 815514

>i am truly done with this now.

Yeah, you're "done with this" about as frequently as Greg "leaves twitter forever".

See you in a few minutes

No. 815522

File: 1610549721133.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

No. 815530

I only watched one clip, but in that one, here were his “counterpoints”:

Shiloh: when I met Greg he was living in Seattle
Greg: No! I lived in Tacoma! You liar!


Show shows a benign dramatized email exchange between Shiloh and Greg
Greg: what even is this email? This email doesn’t even EXIST! They’re lying again!!

You’d think the guy had never watched a documentary in his life

No. 815532

>I only watched one clip
Watch the two 45 minutes ones fully.

No. 815533

I watched both. The second one was just more of the first.
>I don't even know who regina is
>This email might not exist, show me the FACTS
>They are BAD PEOPLE which makes me a GOOD PEOPLE
>Shiloh is smiling in this video which means it's impossible that I abused her
>Do your research. Here's a link to something that I wrote that proves you all wrong.

No. 815534

you must have seen another video than i have, because the one i saw had a bunch of good counter arguments and none of what you just said.

No. 815537

please go ahead and list the good arguments that were made

No. 815538

I'll say that greg makes a fair point about Regina. According to the documentary's own timeline, Regina would have been 15 and Lainey would be 17 when they first started talking, and her sending those pictures would have made Lainey 21 and Regina 19. I don't really see that as grooming. I do think it's retarded that Greg tries to downplay the nature of the pictures though, lmao
give me a break lol.

No. 815540

I'll just list the points here that I think hold some merit. just a tad, so I still don't get all the fanny flusteration.

1. Shiloh is fucking nuts.
2. None of the chicks they banged where underage.
3. Lainey sent Regina pics of her belly when Regina was 19, proof is in the background because of the house.

If you only read till here go ahead and flail your arms around again and go RRRRRREEEEEEEEE as a reply. I'm used to it by now and also kinda over it, no offense.

Now things I am behind are these:
1. I feel they did groom Sarah, however she was 18 when they banged her, so legally they can't do jack shit, unfortunately.
2. I suspect Lainey has sent underage girls shit she shouldn't have. A good example would be Sarah, she talked about Gregs dick size and what not while Sarah was underage. So again failure on Sarah's part for not being in the god damn documentary.
3. Greg has a bunch of shady companies, maybe look in to those.
4. In regards to Shiloh, I think the MANN act would still hold up.
5. The wetlands, are they still gonna act on that shit?
6. They need to somehow prove that Lainey did all the shit for Greg. This might be tougher than it looks.

But I guess I'm sucking Greg's tiny baby carrot, huh? Look at me I'm a martyr. Allah Ackbar motherfuckers.

No. 815541

File: 1610554759514.jpg (62.12 KB, 744x792, Eqq2vk7W8AA8WOg.jpg)

Ok so from the information I can find it seems like Regina is 23 right now. Lainey was sending her pics in Jan 2015, which is 6 years ago, which would make Regina 17.

I don't think it really matters her age anyway, the point in Regina coming forward is to show the creepy behavior from a grown ass married couple.

No. 815542

>1. Shiloh is fucking nuts.

Ok, doesn't mean she isn't telling the truth.

>2. None of the chicks they banged where underage.

Flying or driving a chick from one state to another where the age of consent is younger is still illegal. So is grooming.

>3. Lainey sent Regina pics of her belly when Regina was 19, proof is in the background because of the house.

Ok, Sarah was still underage

No. 815543

alright, so thats one down. thank you for that. i feel it actually does matter that Regina was 17 since that technically made her underage at the time.
Proving that she skyped with Taylor topless will be hard to prove though.

One more thing since I'm at it, I am still wondering about the Sarah wand thing. Personally I speculate that they where doing things with Sarah while she was underage. But only she herself could confirm that.

No. 815544

>But I guess I'm sucking Greg's tiny baby carrot,

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery

No. 815545

I agree with everything, and also mentioned the MANN act in my post so thats a double. However, disagree slightly with the Shiloh thing since as you might have noticed she lies.. a lot. Like for instance the scratches on her door, shit like that.
Now am I discrediting everything she says? Absolutely not, but she is fucking nuts and I am sure we can all agree on that.
What if I bit it off, would that redeem me?

No. 815553

> Shiloh thing since as you might have noticed she lies.. a lot.

Evidence that she is lying about this? Greg says so? As you might have noticed, he lies.. a lot.

No. 815554

It’s not even just that Greg lies, he also runs with conspiracy theories he is fed from randos on the internet without fact checking himself.
Remember when he ran with the whole “Sarah stole the nudes from Lainey’s laptop” story? It was easily disproven, he just wanted to believe it, so as soon someone said it on his Twitter feed or whatever, he rushed off to make a video about it. He does that kind of shit all the time.
Everything he says should be taken with a grain of salt

No. 815556

This is Greg when defending himself.

No. 815558

>failure on Sarah's part for not being in the god damn documentary.
Ah yes, Sarah took a massive L for not participating in a clown show after she was lied to. If only she continued listening to people that lied to her I'm sure she'd be so much better off now kek.

No. 815559

do you always misread what people write or is it just something you do for me?
and have you read any of my posts here fully, i mean you do realize i'm actually of the same mind as you are right?
i never said that greg doesn't lie in example. quite the contrary.

wait are you trying to claim shiloh is always truthful? is she the most honest youtuber?

see what i did there? that would be a similar reply as the ones you give me that last part. anyway maybe stop replying to me because i'm kinda getting idiot ex-bf vibes here and you're creeping me out something fierce.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 815560

there u did it again, great job! are you saying its a good thing she didn't appear on there? like what is it you want, do you want greg to get in trouble or not? do you want more people to be aware or nah?

what is it you want specifically regarding greg, because you're not making a whole lot of sense.

also what did hansen lie about specifically? the fact that he's making money? of course he is newsflash thats what a reporter does, he presents a story thats how they make money. should he have communicated shit better to the victim queens? apparently, because they seem to be about as bright as you are.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 815561

>wait are you trying to claim shiloh is always truthful?

No, I'm asking for any evidence that you have that she is lying in this case. Do you have any?

>there u did it again, great job

Different anon, dude.

No. 815562

>victim queens?
Well judging by your tone there, I'd say you feel a bit of a grudge. Come back when you figure out who you're angry at.

No. 815563

different anon? i seriously doubt that. and if it is true then we have several people here that type the way Walter White Junior speaks, peppered with a lot of twitter Anti-O autism on top.

Let me just please your asperges ridden brain:


Now leave me the fuck alone.

No. 815565


Getting strong Tamara vibes too, next you'll claim people are having a vendetta.
I'm done here, I'll come back when the autists have fucked off.

No. 815567

>Now leave me the fuck alone.

No one is making you post. You've already said that you were "done with this" about 6 times now. Do you mean it this time? For realz?

No. 815569

until they pop back up again tomorrow kek, they've been here for awhile. it's getting sad.

No. 815570

can you go one thread without mentioning her or bringing her up im amazed by how much of an impact this chick has on nearly every other anon here even when she isnt or hasnt even been active anywhere yikes no wonder she went around saying "vendetta" in the first place. I'm amazed by how much you let her live rent free in all your heads. Claim shes a bad troll but she pisses people off without even trying, it's fantastic(Tamara)

No. 815571

Didn't he already toss her out? How cucked do you have to be to continue defending a pedo that looks like Frankenstein and calls you "Dog Fucker"

No. 815572

tamara does nothing but trash on greg what the hell are you talking about you spastic not everyone who posts here is her I love how paranoid she got everyone wow(Tamara)

No. 815574

leave me the fuck alone, you fucking mongoloid. fuck off here. go the hell back to twitter(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 815577

i believe youre thinking of mcretard shes still so far up his ass i dont know where she ends and he begins all she does is defend him even after he trashed her openly all over twitch(Tamara)

No. 815582

The funniest thing is that Shiloh and Edwin where the only ones that got paid for this documentary.
Sarah could have bought herself a nice new laptop with 20.000

No. 815585

>leave me the fuck alone, you fucking mongoloid. fuck off here. go the hell back to twitter

No one forced you to respond to that either. You just can't stay away. You love us.

No. 815587

I can't deny that. I do love you, you stupid nigger.

No. 815588

File: 1610564400345.png (46.91 KB, 583x503, main-qimg-a3fffdddf1501b9dac44…)

Ive been thinking about this since watching some of Gregs rebuttal videos.
Does Greg understand that a state can have a low age of consent law but federal law trumps that when it comes to video or photos. Like you can fuck a 16 year old in Washington state, but you take a photo of the act and you're going to prison for CP. I hope he doesn't understand and he fucks up like he did with the IRS and the wetlands because he doesn't read the fine print.

No. 815590

It wasn't cute the first time >>813776 and most of the people interviewed said they weren't paid, though I'm sure Hansen got a nice payout for his skullduggery with Discovery >>813762, >>815108.

No. 815594

> go the hell back to twitter

>you stupid nigger.

Yep, You're same retard from the last time. Can't even come up with new shtick, same old 12 year old on xbox live level.. Pathetic.

No. 815595

onion man throws tantrums just like this on his various sock accounts on twitter before he deletes them after kiwi farms outs them kek

No. 815597

Listening to Greg's refutations is like listening to someone with a lobotomy trying explain advanced mathematics - you drop IQ points if you stick around long enough.

No. 815599

So thats that? The love is over? Oh well lasted longer than my other relationship.
Maybe now you can bother somebody else. That would be nice.

No. 815603

I've seen a lot of the so called sock accounts. I don't think he shows up here nearly as often as he does Kiwi. His writing is fairly easy to tell apart if you've had the misfortune of reading things he's written and heard him speak over the years.

No. 815604

File: 1610567689749.jpg (244.36 KB, 1080x2220, oopsy.jpg)

No. 815605

>Maybe now you can bother somebody else

I thought you were "done"? Like you claimed so many times. Guess you lie as much as you claim Shiloh does. A bit of projection going on..

No. 815606

"that was someone else", as you would put it!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 815609

The dumb fuck didn't even bother watching the video to see who it was, it was obviously Sarah and you can see her without the beanie in many scenes too so theres no way someone could mistake her for the fakeboi if they actually saw the video. Just keep showing everyone how "credible" you are, Grease.

No. 815612

File: 1610569380575.png (593.89 KB, 720x1280, Grease is an idiot.png)

Does this look like Ryan fakeboi to anyone? God, Grease is so dumb it's embarrassing. And someone here said he made good arguments, lol ok

No. 815615

>"that was someone else",

Your schizophrenia doesn't count.

No. 815616

>And someone here said he made good arguments, lol ok

Well, the person claiming that is a 12 year old homeschooler. So, grain of salt.

No. 815620

Shannon posted another video talking about the documentary. What a grifter.

No. 815626

not everyone who posts about tamara is tamara calm down farmhand(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 815630

>The dumb fuck didn't even bother watching the video to see who it was
>Grease is so dumb it's embarrassing
It's so easy to debunk most of the shit he says it's hardly worth the effort most of the time.

He talks in circles, deliberately leaves out details/context if it doesn't agree with whatever narrative he's going with at the time (so honest), can't have a discussion without trying to manipulate and connive, etc., then insults people for not wanting to talk to him or get "his side". Not worth the time.

No. 815646

File: 1610578812330.png (2.5 MB, 2191x2063, on her dad tho.png)

>Shiloh doesn't owe Onision's victims anything

After denying any involvement >>813678 and even going as far as to swear on her fucking dead dad, she ends up doing the show but not before reeeeing at Sarah for not signing the release forms. What was her real end goal here? I can't help but wonder what she got in return for putting on "muh sisterhood" act for months only to turn around and throw the other girls under the bus.

I know she didn't do any of this to put Onision in jail because if that were the case, she never would've single handedly ruined her own credibility. Any semi competent defense could demolish her in a courtroom. Good thing the others distanced themselves from her.

No. 815648

No one cares about that fat bitch's boring videos.

No. 815650

Thank you farmshands, and sorry there's always so much derailing in the Onion thread.

No. 815655

Shiloh got paid 20 thousand, Edwin got paid (way) less.

No. 815657

None if this means she owes them shit. They were stupid to trust a TV personality because they took online legal advice from Twitter or discord, they were stupid to trust a well known bpdette like Shiloh who had threatened to cut a woman a year before.
Who cares? Is this a self post?

No. 815658


No. 815664

And lose my job? No thanks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 815668


So you have nothing..