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File: 1675913586034.jpg (120.69 KB, 867x564, 6456677784981.jpg)

No. 909346

Previous Thread: >>>/pt/866578
Onision Thread Archives: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/Gregory Daniel/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. He also likes to distract from controversy by faking mental breakdowns and suicide baiting. After over a decade of this pattern of behaviour, he eventually came to mainstream attention through a documentary, and YouTube subsequently demonetised his channel. He is currently uploading content to YouTube Kids and OnlyFans. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a trans man who has abandoned her Youtube channel and locked down her social media presence to hide away from allegations of sending nudes to underaged girls and helping to lure in new targets of Onisions' abuse.

~~http://www.instagram.com/onision~~ [gone]
~~patreon.com/onision~~ [deplatformed]

>Self-published a children's book with 69 pages. The Stinky Duck >>866584
>Kai and her fakeboi friend Ryan get a job working with developmentally challenged children >>866772 Kai is let go once the internet finds out >>869037
>Greg makes a Made For Kids YouTube channel. YouTube immediately bans it >>867228
>Onision abandons yet another forum and demands his fans migrate to his newly created one >>866884
>Greg continues to harass Sarah by calling nonstop >>867689
>Sarah and Regina threaten to sue Greg in civil court >>868876
>Kai legally changes name to Lucas Jackson >>876179 >>876165
>Multiple TikTok girls accuse Greg of being sexually inappropriate when they were underage >>877377
>Onision flirts with the idea of going on a road trip with Captain Content and Andy Dick >>882629 >>882627 Everyone hopes that IP2 eats him alive
>Greg takes a polygraph test for a security job (he never got) and uses it to proclaim his innocence against the grooming accusations >>885353
>Onision makes his final video. Leaves YouTube forever >>892411
>Lainey sneaks back onto social media using multiple new names >>895706 >>895710
>Greg begins spamming replies to popular tweets and makes a return to his Onision, Speaks and UhOhBro channels.

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No. 909347

File: 1675913845005.png (479.93 KB, 652x764, gj577ugtgg.PNG)

Onision and Lainey/Kai/Luca are being sued.

No. 909348

Holy lolcow. It's about time.

No. 909349

File: 1675913902478.png (753.87 KB, 723x661, Capture6758845.PNG)

No. 909350

File: 1675913936944.png (133.44 KB, 815x731, Capture775844.PNG)

No. 909351

File: 1675913962988.jpg (131.66 KB, 1080x1208, FodjNz2XEAsIXJb.jpg)

No. 909353

Jfc anon, that picture scared the crap out of me.

No. 909354

No. 909356

beautiful. i love to see it

No. 909358

wow no new news. wtf was the point of making this thread

No. 909361

File: 1675919019158.jpeg (134.38 KB, 810x717, 1668531106584.jpeg)

Was Greg, Lainey, YouTube and Google sued by Regina in the recent past and I didn't hear about it?
This Federal lawsuit was filed and announced today February 8 2023. Id say that's "new news."

My personal opinion is that Lainey is way more fucked than Onision. I can hear the crying from here.

No. 909366

I know Americans are sue happy but suing YouTube and Google? Do the people in these cases actually think they’ll win or do the lawyers just hope it’ll put their name out there or something

No. 909367

File: 1675923791627.png (16.23 KB, 677x134, cap372511.PNG)

I've heard that some larger companies will settle out of court because its an annoyance. They have the plaintiff sign an NDA, shell out a few thousand dollars and move on. Is YT and Google known for doing this? If so then it could just be a quick payday. They know that getting money from Onision is like getting blood from a stone so they include YouTube and Google and know that those companies don't want their brand associated with a groomer/pedophile and will settle out of court to avoid the publicity.

No. 909373

File: 1675930421160.png (85.12 KB, 615x752, Screenshot_7853-142142.png)

He's stopped replying to popular tweets and is now tweeting out things that sound like the last sentence in a suicide note.
He's said in the past that he didn't sue Sarah for raping him because he doesn't have the money for lawyers. Keep an eye out for the Cow Barn on Zillow because he's going to need legal representation soon.

No. 909386

Kai is crying.

No. 909387

An Australian politician included Youtube in a defamation case against a youtuber, and won.

No. 909390

Youtube kept onion's channels up despite all the evidence of harm, sec 230 isn't going to help in civil court and especially not the court of public opinion.

No. 909392

It’s a shame it’s not focused on Sarah as much but she rightfully probably doesn’t trust CH after he fumbled the laptop so hard.

I think it would be amazing if it could get into court so they had to testify under oath and Greg would be kept in check from trying to warp the truth by grown up lawyers rather than teens.

At this point, while I think Greg bares the majority of the responsibility in everything, I think the heat needs to be turned up on lainey/kai/lucas because they’ll have an actual breaking point unlike Greg. Their son turns 10 this year so it’s only t-5 or so years until Greg and Lainey start grooming their classmates and friends. Damage has been done but it’s not too late to turn things around.

They will be much less successful if it’s just Greg alone and no “sympathetic” partner to lure girls in.

No. 909393

> He's said in the past that he didn't sue Sarah for raping him because he doesn't have the money for lawyers.

Please say someone has archived all the videos and tweets of him accusing Sarah of rape. There’s no way they doesn’t come back to bite home later. This lawsuit alleges the raped Sarah so that will be interesting if it comes to a court appearance.

Maybe he uses the 150$ request to say he needs to raise money by collaborating with (having sex with) girls from OF. No way Lainey is giving him a girlfriend at this point so maybe that’s his route. He’s been liking a lot of OF girls on Twitter.

No. 909397

File: 1675957415619.jpeg (351.74 KB, 1672x734, 2F2CB9-C93A-447D-82A8-42F2C61.…)

Lainey is fucked. I read thru the Complaint and they keep bringing up over and over that she received nudes from underage girls (Regina & Sarah) I counted at least 10 times they mention it. If the lawyers are confident enough to keep saying that in the court documents they must have proof of it. I know this is a civil case but I wonder if some gung-ho prosecutor might see the evidence and try to make a name for themselves by flipping this into a criminal case.
>YouTuber guilty of receiving Child Sexual Abuse Material.
Everyone was freaking out that Lainey sent photos of her tits and vag to an underage Sarah. I think her requesting & collecting nudes of these girls is going to be her undoing.

No. 909399

File: 1675958834560.jpeg (99.86 KB, 842x585, E646217-7AAC-48C2-AC36-3A916.j…)

>It’s a shame it’s not focused on Sarah as much but she rightfully probably doesn’t trust CH
Do you think Hansen has his finger in this pie? I know he tweeted about it but I felt like he was just as much of a spectator as the rest of us. I assumed Regina was put in contact with those 2 law firms by Discovery. As for Sarah, she seems more of a toady. She watches what others do and follows suit. When the documentary came out she went along with her circle of friends and bitched and moaned about it. But once she saw that people were getting paid and the 3rd episode actually got results by getting Onision demonetized she was more than happy to hop on the Discovery+ bandwagon and appear on episode 4. I have a feeling we're going to see a Sarah vs Onision/Laineybot/YouTube civil case before the end of the year.

>This lawsuit alleges he raped Sarah
I was shocked to see that too. No play on words or use of "allegedly." It just outright says Greg raped her.

No. 909404

this should be a working link to the complaint: https://www.habalaw.com/s/20230208-Complaint-Regina-FILED.pdf

archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20230209181444/https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5a932d57d274cbc78c58ebdc/t/63e3bcf398585c17d6f70537/1675869429532/2023.02.08+Complaint+-+Regina+%5BFILED%5D.pdf


>18 U.S.C. §§ 1591(A)(1) AND 1595
>(Defendants Onision and Lainey)


>18 U.S.C. §§ 1591(a)(2) AND 1595
>(All Defendants)


>18 U.S.C. §§ 2255 AND 2252A
>(Defendant Lainey)


>18 U.S.C. §§ 2255 AND 1591(a)
>(All Defendant)


>18 U.S.C. §§ 2255 AND 2422
>(All Defendant)

No. 909405

>It's a shame it's not focused on Sarah

Law fag, but I work similar cases to this, and her not being first to sue is strategic. Well it could be. In these cases with multiple victims and deep pockets (google), you file the case that has the victim with the lesser claims, this sets the tone, gives you expectations of what the court expects and can be used to drive up the settlement with the victim that has more claims, aggravated offenses or better evidence. Even if the first one FAILS, the second being the stronger case can be filed and you can also correct the things that went wrong in the first.

No. 909406

File: 1675968292037.jpg (940.15 KB, 945x1344, 4ILD9XG.jpg)

This is the third time I have stumbled on this creep in the wild in the last week or two and I didn't know where to post. Saging because it's nonfat milk, imo.

No. 909407

Does anyone with a law background have insight on if this will get both of them out on a sex offender registry? From just googling it looks like having CP images would land you on it.

I think that would be a huge win because what parent would allow their teen to visit with people on the sex registry list. What does it mean if you’re a parent yourself and on the list?

No. 909408

Leo and Greg both are creepy groomers and they’re both aging like milk, so this tracks

No. 909409

Sarah isn't going to do shit. She never moved on from swooning over onion (see the 8 hour phone call) and got her payout from the 'documentary'. If she was going to sue she would have done it long before this.

No. 909410

The fat lady hasn’t sung yet.

She might not but I hope she does. She was willing to try once, why not try again?

Greg/James/Onision is STILL slandering her by calling her a rapist to this day. That doesn’t stop until he’s forced to tbh.

No. 909411

File: 1675969472582.png (904.69 KB, 1184x946, Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 2.04.…)

he is of course still reeing into the wind https://twitter.com/OnisionInnocent

lol be mad

No. 909414

I think the older Sarah gets, the farther removed from the situation she gets, the more she can actually SEE.
From what I’ve seen and read, she cared for those children like a sister or second mother, I think that would largely be a deterrent for her to sue because she actually considers the consequences of meddling with the children’s life.

As she grows up she’ll realize the children are better off ANYWHERE else than under their thumb. I’m sure Lainey’s crazy mom would take them in in a heart beat.

It takes a long time to recover from that kind of brainwashing and abuse, hopefully this suit furthers that recovery and puts the greaseballs on a registry at the very least.

No. 909415

> As she grows up she’ll realize the children are better off ANYWHERE else

I hope she is able to see the damage that might be ahead for them because Greg is already trying to pull at people’s heartstrings using the kids.

The tweet he made about watching a movie about a father and son in a concentration camp is clearly how he views or wants other people to view his situation. He want people to think he’s being unfairly prosecuted and is doing his best to shield his kids in hard times.

He’s not shielding his kids from unfair prosecution, he’s using them as a shield against valid criticism of his own actions.

I think we’re going to see much more “think of the children” as this moves forward. Lainey is no longer the ~angel~ he can point to say don’t hurt me because you’re hurting her too so it has to be the kids now that he uses.

The kids are in a tough spot though…hard when you can’t pick your parents.

No. 909416

the plineq

No. 909418

>Keep an eye out for the Cow Barn on Zillow because he's going to need legal representation soon.
Or maybe he'll see if he can get that AI lawyer to help him, lmao

No. 909423

It's pretty obvious Footface is way more fucked than Grease in the lawsuit since there's actual proof she was having sexual conversations with minors and admittance in a tweet that she "totes" sent nudes to Regina when Regina was a minor at the time. I wonder if Grease will throw her under the bus or if he will continue with the "my husband is innocent, he doesn't even watch porn!!!" bs

No. 909425

wasn’t there proof that they shared devices? Sarah said some of the texts from “Lainey” didn’t even sound like her. if Lainey’s smart (she’s not), she could flip it on him

No. 909428

She could, but I doubt she will. She puts Grease before her own kids, remember?

No. 909429

There’s lots of video evidence for their couple tag videos saying they use each other’s phones but Greg tended to say she looked at his phone but he didn’t really look at hers.

I don’t doubt he has seen the photos but as far as a paper trail goes, less sticks to him.

She would be smart to flip on him and get her side of the story out but it will never happen. I think she sees it as love to suffer for him and has said she would never “tell on Greg” even if they got divorced or he betrayed her again.

She was laughing with him in videos about Sarah stuff after it happened but before the public knew. Somehow that didn’t shake her love for Greg so yeah, she’s a little too far gone.

No. 909431

>She was laughing with him in videos about Sarah stuff after it happened but before the public knew. Somehow that didn’t shake her love for Greg so yeah, she’s a little too far gone.
She's just as bad as he is. She only decided to disappear from the internet because Sarah exposed her ass and she was humiliated, if Sarah stayed quiet she'd still be a smug cunt dressing up in boy's clothes in front of the camera to attract more young girls to be abused by that ogre she calls a husband.

No. 909433

Sorry for the spoonfeeding request but does anyone have an archive of the series of videos greg put out when the Sarah news first broke?

It was like 100 videos but…

No. 909434

File: 1675992083451.jpg (40.33 KB, 640x540, sw3zdv7hxap91.jpg)

don't know if they're together anywhere but there are a few of the livestreams and his breakdown videos spread over. not helpful. Kym has some iirc. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0zUxeR8jMDs

No. 909435

Not sure about direct video links, but the Fandom site has a substantial number of them made into pages: https://onision.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Videos
I'm sure there are a lot of them scattered across archive.org, Vimeo, YouTube reuploads, DailyMotion, and some other sites, too.

No. 909436

File: 1676002045048.png (270.09 KB, 782x806, 06875665267565.PNG)

This site has 2533 Onision Speaks videos. Starting at video 2446-a lot oNBF5zsAMvA to video 2530-woop are some of those videos he made about the Sarah grooming situation. You'll have to scan through those yourself to find them all. I did a quick search and found a few for you.
2530 woop
2528 woah
2526 whelp
2525 what's up
2518 the past.
2517 the known
2525 the did nots
2504 ok


No. 909437

One thing I'm confused about: the lawsuit says Taylor asked for and received nudes from a minor (Regina), and I'm pretty sure that's a crime in all states, so why is this a civil lawsuit and not a criminal one? I know it's not the lawyers job to charge someone with a crime, but if they have evidence that Taylor asked minors for nudes, can't they take it to authorities and potentially get her criminally charged?

No. 909438

The R Kelly situation came to mind. There were accusations and alleged proof of him grooming children, possessing and producing CP and it seemed like the cops didn't care. It went on for years. Then the civil court cases started happening, and the documentary Surviving R Kelly came out. It's like the media needed to get involved to get the federal authorities to actually get involved and see what was happening. Only when there was public outcry did the the feds start doing something and he was prosecuted and jailed.

No. 909458

File: 1676023838250.png (90.21 KB, 871x440, rolling stone.PNG)

Id link the article but its behind a paywall. The larger media outlets are picking up the story.

No. 909460

File: 1676024919348.jpeg (Spoiler Image,763.08 KB, 1565x959, 1676018956688.jpeg)

No. 909471

it’s not paywalled for me. here’s the link if anyone’s interested: https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/youtube-onision-lawsuit-grooming-1234676502/

No. 909485

No. 909487

I really cannot overstate how happy I am to hear this news. Looking forward to his rotten head exploding from sheer rage. Get his ass!!

No. 909496

Lol I love how they're exposing Footface's new fakeboy name. I wonder how long it'll take for her to change it AGAIN. Also, Lainey is crying

No. 909503

tbh though, onision was way more careful with his pedo shit so i don't think much will happen to him. he didn't fuck anyone until it was legal or just drove to another state, his website said you couldn't send photos if you were a minor, etc. and the lawsuit isn't with sarah who has the best evidence, it's with someone lainey talked to. i kind of get the feeling nothing much will come of this and if it does, only lainey will be implicated. and that's only if regina has their texts still

No. 909506

Oh man, imagine how Greg feels finally in a huge publication like Rolling Stone but it's laying his shit bare. I wonder if he will ever respond to comment or claim they wouldn't pay him what he asked.

No. 909507

I wonder if the "disgraced" and "former" part of "YouTube star" is a punch in the gut to his ego. I bet that bothers him more than anything, fucking narcissist

No. 909512

afaik driving to another state to have sex with a person who is under the legal age in your own is still illegal

No. 909514

They mention Sarah in the lawsuit so I wonder if that means she will be called to testify. They made Kate Moss testify in the Johnny Depp lawsuit just because Amber Turd mentioned her name

No. 909515

File: 1676071808054.jpeg (434.49 KB, 1170x1822, CAC47EFE-749E-4F8F-8AA1-1C6224…)

It very much is but Lainey would never testify against him and Shiloh is, well, Shiloh. I found something interesting a few months ago though. Lainey’s new #1 best friend Ryan is following Shiloh’s tiktok.

No. 909516

Didn't Sarah and Regina say that Lainey had them be her little snooping minions and keep tabs on anything about her and Greg online? I guess Ryan has taken over that job. I wonder if Ryan is still visiting or living there. Lainey has always needed someone to be a live in babysitter and maid.

No. 909519

>day six - Thirty-seventh video
Holy fuck!

Thank you for the link. I had forgotten how many days and how many videos he had actually made when it happened.

No. 909520

File: 1676073380862.png (22.26 KB, 600x243, 6784.PNG)

Awwww, poor guy. He's sad and looking for his five remaining fans to stroke his ego. I missed the tweet when it originally came out, did anyone watch?

No. 909525

He's sad he's gonna have to sell the cow barn to have money to pay the lawyers?

No. 909537

File: 1676096641300.jpeg (436.4 KB, 1170x1175, CF560083-4169-452C-9D21-955B58…)

It was a discord call and I’m pretty sure no farmer is paying to listen to him bitch, whine, and ask for validation.

No. 909542

>Do you think Hansen has his finger in this pie?
I remember he and Regina were about as friendly as he was with Shiloh, although I think the bridge between Regina and Shiloh burned awhile back. Regina posted a pic with Hansen about a year ago on her twitter, it's likely they're still in regular contact.
>people were getting paid
Were they? To my knowledge none of the people who gave interviews were paid, nor did I ever see evidence to the contrary. There was some douchefag loser who came through here posting obviously fake/doctored screenshots about it though.

No. 909543

My best guess is because the potential for criminal charges were fubar'd ages ago by the actions of various incompetent actors i.e., Chris Hansen and his buddies at the time. Hansen said repeatedly for months on end that an active FBI investigation was happening, which turned out to be a big fat fucking lie. FBI never even had the evidence until Sarah herself went and turned it in to them in person (this after Hansen lied about turning it in for her). This is all documented here in old threads.

No. 909544

Chris with/because of Vince fucked up the laptop and whatever other hard evidence.

There's no 'reasonable doubt' burden of proof in civil cases, and this is where Greg fucked up the most: he's relied on how hard it is to prove criminal cases up till now.

No. 909545

>i kind of get the feeling nothing much will come of this
The pragmatist in me says you're probably right. The cautious optimist thinks maybe Regina might have a case and her lawyers are confident about it otherwise it wouldn't be moving forward. Lawfag >>909405 made a good point.

If Regina's for real and this isn't just another giant, attention whore grift with an old washed up grifter, then I wish her luck. lol
>his website said you couldn't send photos if you were a minor
Except we know from online archives and what former mods confirmed that minors did in fact upload pics of themselves in their underwear to his forum, and at least one convicted pedo actively trolled there.

No. 909546

>There's no 'reasonable doubt' burden of proof in civil cases
I thought the same thing. The criminal case against OJ Simpson was very hard to prove and he was found not guilty. But the Goldman's won their $33 million civil case against OJ no trouble at all.

No. 909547

File: 1676113324047.png (259.73 KB, 598x642, Screenshot 2023-02-11 (Not wha…)

>he's tweeting out things that sound like the last sentence in a suicide note
>Whining on twitter dot com
Cry me a river. I remember when he told Billie she had no right to have an opinion about anything because she'd had an abortion (he reee'd about muh baby murder etc.). Recent vid from picrel is him basically saying he's pro-choice now, obviously trying to hop on the bandwagon. This has been a pattern of his since he's been on sm, the examples would fill volumes. Dude's one of the fakest, phoniest bitches on yt, which is saying a lot in a pool full of fake, phony ass bitches. Onision says and does whatever's most convenient for him in the moment. The only people I've seen with more malleable beliefs and principles are politicians. he fits right in with his child grooming habits kek

No. 909548

File: 1676113671317.png (48.11 KB, 842x98, Screenshot 2023-02-11 at 10-18…)

lmaooo. I wonder if it's going to come up the shit he'd said on video about Sarah being "like a sister/foster daughter" to him, and that the people calling him out thinking he'd had sex with her were degenerates?

No. 909549

True BUT, the Goldman's never saw a cent? Not from what I recall anyway. That's the thing with civil suits, you can win, and I hope they do, but even if the ruling's in their favor that doesn't mean they'll see any of the money - this happens all the time. If Regina's lawyers are worth a fuck they'd have told her this.

No. 909551

So here's the thing right: even if the court rules in Regina's favor, what does it matter?? Onision isn't going to pay up and he won't be going to jail because this isn't a criminal trial, so what's the point?

What happened to OJ after he lost his civil suit to the Goldman's? Yeah he's still dicking around in public and on twitter like nothing happened, and he never paid a goddamn dime to them. I suspect another Clownshow grift is in the works like >>909545 said. For anyone NOT interested in that, this is all a pointless nothing burger because nothing of consequence will come of it. Onision could only be put on a sex offender registry if criminal charges were filed and that's never going to happen.

tl;dr: It's all a waste of time. Peace out farmers.

No. 909553

>nothing burger
kek, I remember you

Its not like any of us are going to get a cut of the money she's asking. So if Regina never gets a dime is no big deal to me. I just want him to be found guilty and Greg has to forever admit he was found guilty of >>909404 >SEX TRAFFICKING-POSSESSION AND DISTRIBUTION OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY-COERCION AND ENTICEMENT OF MINORS I think some of the people that visit this site have the wrong idea behind it. We're not here to right wrongs, fight for the victims, or get guilty men put in jail. We're here to laugh at the cows. And once Greg is found guilty of all that shit it will only make that belly laugh louder.

No. 909555

This is a civil trial so the public is allowed in court. I'm sure there's going to be plenty of wannabe Dramatubers and SJW's in the gallery covertly recording the proceedings. Once those videos and audio recordings hit YT, Reddit and Twitter, that is going to be the most scrumdiddlyumptious "nothing burger" I've ever had.

No. 909556

>I just want him to be found guilty
And OJ was found guilty of murder in a civil suit, what's he been up to? Golfing and goofing around on twitter, so what's your point?

Theoretically they could take what few assets Onison has, and this is assuming he doesn't have all kinds of hidden investments somewhere they'd be lucky to find. Unless they find out he's been hiding major assets, there's no way whatever he currently owns is worth very much. It's still a mystery how he's been paying for his windowless traphouse.

It's just awfully funny that within a few months of Onision's thread finally being put to sleep like the diseased, rabid racoon that it is and Onision fading into obscurity where he belongs, Regina and her grifting, lying boomer bff come out about a civil lolsuit. Even if the suit is successful the amount they get back won't be anywhere near the amount spent paying for lawyers, court fees and whatnot, so the point is the Clownshow as we've established.

No. 909557

Hansen deliberately or otherwise ruined their chances for a criminal trial - guessing it's more difficult to grift on someone who's incarcerated. Onision and virtually everyone around him including Hansen are major grifters. Can't grift if no one's paying attention.

No. 909559

File: 1676120656854.jpg (72.24 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (9).jpg)

I really hope they make Lainey take the stand and talk about her sexual conversations and sharing nudes with minors. Or there's a Law & Order moment where they bring out Exhibit A. a huge blow up poster of her tits-vag pics. She gets so frazzled with any kind of social interaction. Can you imagine her up on the witness stand in her little boy suit, short haircut, having an absolute fucking mental breakdown.

No. 909560

Much like the OJ case civil action is the only way the victims (and their families) are getting any semblance of closure or justice, because the police are incompetent. Before the OJ civil trial a lot of people thought he was innocent, now OJ will forever be branded a murderer and it will always impact his life even if he's not in prison. onision will forever be branded a child molester and if he fails to pay damages his life will be ruined. Onision isnt Alex Jones kek, the vast majority of his assets are tied to the house he lives in, which they will take off him if he tries to evade paying. Even if he gets out of paying the victims, he will be bankrupt which will devastate his ability to live a normal life.
If you wanted onision in jail for 40 years you were always going to be disappointed and it's shitty undermining the victims efforts because it's not a 'good result' in your eyes. It's closure. It's a court telling the victims that their side of the story is the truth. Justice is not vengeance, and they won't get revenge, but they will get something.

No. 909561

My tinfoil about this is because Sarah spilled the beans about the threesome with a forth person in the bed: the toddler. I think she's going to claim (not unreasonably) that Onion and footface forced her to take part against her will.

No. 909562

They're suing the Onions and also one of the wealthiest corporations in America in this suit.

No. 909563

>suing Google
If Regina legit thinks she's going to win a lolsuit against Google she's delusional. If she's still letting Hansen in her ear and taking cues from him then she's truly a pure bred moron.

No. 909564

>now OJ will forever be branded a murderer
How's that affected his life anon? He's retired somewhere comfy and the victims families won't be getting what they were awarded. You seem to be unfamiliar with how civil suits work. You also seem a bit naive thinking that Greg won't be retiring somewhere comfy like our fren OJ.
>vast majority of his assets are tied to the house he lives in
Evidence, I haven't seen it. We know he's hid assets before but this was years ago. It's archived anyway.

No. 909566

Meh. Onision's thread died for a reason. Doubtful any new info will come out of all this. Old dried up milk from an old dried up cow. Sounds riveting.

No. 909567

File: 1676122608743.png (77.03 KB, 612x618, 34663-455.PNG)

>onision will forever be branded a child molester

Tbh that's already the publics perception of Greg. Just read thru the replies of any tweet he makes. People call him "pedophile" "kiddy diddler" "rapist" "you like little boys & girls"
Ask anyone in real life or online "who is Onision?" No one says "is that the banana guy?" anymore. Its either they don't know who that is or they say "isn't that the pedophile who locks up little girls in his basement?" Greg is all about the law and it will be so satisfying having him on file as being found guilty as sexual predator of underage girls.

No. 909568

>Can't grift if no one's paying attention.

No. 909569

File: 1676123819249.png (114.95 KB, 815x374, Cap2112023.PNG)

>Onision's thread died for a reason. Doubtful any new info will come out of all this.

>It's just awfully funny that within a few months of Onision's thread finally being put to sleep like the diseased, rabid racoon that it is

>this is all a pointless nothing burger because nothing of consequence will come of it.

I noticed these same type of posts at the end of the last thread. Seems odd that this person really does not want anyone talking about Onision or making threads about him and hides it behind "let Onision fade into obsurity" The majority of people here want to discuss Onision even if its mundane. If seeing us talk about Greg and Lainey causes you such pain then don't visit. We're going to continue talking about Greg, and we're going to continue making threads about him. Its been happening since 2014. Sorry.

No. 909572

It's the perception of the majority but he only needs enough retards like Realstream News who believe his crap about Sarah and the other victims being liars to built up a new network of enablers to make money. Other men who did horrible things continue to make money too because people don't care.

nta but OJ being branded a murderer has a lot of impact on his social life and career. Just because he's rich enough to live off his money until he dies doesn't mean these wins are meaningless. Seriously some posts in this thread are suspicious. It also reads like the system is fucked so don't even try.

It would be very satisfying if it's written black on white that he's a groomer. He always spergs about how the police never investigated, how they never found anything, how he's innocent etc. At least he'd have to become more creative to claim his innocence.

No. 909573

Kek, no he didn't. Onision's deliberate grooming of Sarah is very much prosecutable. I mean Hanson did fuck Sarah's legitimate claims of going through proper channels at a timely rate, but he just postponed anything. And Sarah wasn't likely to do anything anyways with all that grooming that was done to her. If anything, CH, for the bungling dumbass he is, put this into enough light it accelerated Onision's demise and made sure there was no echo chamber other than "groomer" in his discord. Everyone keeps talking about chain of evidence for the laptop, but CH was never part of the chain of evidence since he's now law enforcement. Whatever analysis they can do on the lap top is still viable evidence, even if defense comes up and says "well Chris's team had it for awhile." Forensics should get some decent opinions of what could have been messed with and what couldn't have. Either way, Onision and Taylor have enough publicly released that you don't really need the laptop. Now that a lawfirm sees deep pockets, google, they're going to put a lot of cost into this. This is some real milk, anons. And as anon said earlier in the thread, it's not rare that civil trials bring about criminal charges. Makes it easy for prosecutors because the civil attorney's spent all the money in fact finding.

No. 909574

not* law enforcement.

No. 909577

File: 1676138419332.jpeg (167.23 KB, 595x877, 50A1DA.jpeg)

Whenever he tweets like this I think two things
1. What in his real life caused this fake kind and understanding bs.
2. How long until he explodes and acts even worse. Its like holding back a sneeze for him.

No. 909580

knowing onision this just comes off him mocking therapy him and lainey are probably going through or some self help book/article lainey tried to get him to read

No. 909584

A big reason why OJ hasn't paid much at all over the years is because they can't go after his pension and social security. He gets something like 300k a year via his pension, and they can't touch it. I think he just rents wherever he lives and doesn't bother doing anything that will receive payment or else he'd have liens on his property or shit would be garnished. He'll unfortunately live a comfy life until he dies.

No. 909588

They might just settle to avoid the terrible PR disaster they deserve.

No. 909589

Regina is a fucking hideous inbred retard, so is Sarah, they’re worthless literal whores who signed up for this shit by willingly associating with Gerg and Draino. They all deserve each other.

No. 909593

File: 1676153875678.jpg (502.56 KB, 1280x1280, OrangeisthenewGreg.jpg)

Greg's so-called "career", if you can call it that, is over and done with. Even without all the shit he done he comes across as a pedophile trying to relate to kids because now he's old. Times have also changed, you can be on top of your game as a streamer these days, and it can all be gone the next day. His 15 minutes of fame are over. Nobody cares. This isn't exactly the 2010's "lol so randumb" times anymore. But yeah, specially in today's cancel culture he's doubly done.
I hope something comes out of this trial, i really do, if only so they can finally ban his dumb ass from youtube and all other platforms. I sincerely hope he'll be Austin Jones 2.0, but judging by the complaints document I'm just not sure. They will gonna need to try their hardest to actually prove Lainey did all this for Greg.
If they got that, its in the bag, because they do have several smoking guns regarding Lainey's grooming.
Personally I'm also hoping Greg will get a hefty punitive damages slapped on him that will take longer to pay off than his Skye alimony, just because I think that would be hilarious. Buy yourself something nice with that if that happens, Regina. And then maybe Shiloh, Sarah and Billie will also feel inspired to follow suit.

No. 909594

File: 1676154740624.png (280.12 KB, 598x618, Screenshot 2023-02-11 O.J. Si…)

Someone who gets it.

>OJ being branded a murderer has a lot of impact on his social life and career.
Oh my god his SOCIAL life was impacted? You can clearly see him crying about it on the golf course here in the vid he uploaded to twitter in January (picrel).
>Just because he's rich enough to live off his money until he dies doesn't mean these wins are meaningless.
I can't tell if you're serious or trolling at being a halfwit. Either way, nothing you said invalidates any of the arguments refuting whatever the fuck your point is. OJ's still chillin' relaxin' retired, playing golf an shit. He literally made a twitter post last month from a golf course and you're insisting the civil suit impacted his life somehow. It didn't. Nothing significant happened to OJ after he lost his civil suit and I'm willing to bet nothing significant will happen to Onision either. The process you're witnessing here is what's known as deductive reasoning. Give it try after you learn to tie your shoes.

No. 909597

> His 15 minutes of fame are over. Nobody cares. This isn't exactly the 2010's "lol so randumb" times anymore.

I don’t think many people followed him for his ~comedy~ after he started sharing his insane personal life. That’s the only thing that’s kept him going for the majority of his time online and that’s why he’s stuck in a hard place right now.

He needs drama/controversy to stay relevant and at this point, his lifestyle can’t support that. He’s in a relationship with someone who won’t exploit themselves online or even be talked about anymore so there’s no content there. He can’t bring in a new girlfriend to liven things up because his fan pool has dried up, he has no firehose of cash from early YouTube to impress teenagers, and his kids are getting older so there’s probably pressure not to invite strangers to their family home for sex and abuse when they can actually start remembering this stuff.

I’m a little nervous though if he goes off the internet like Lainey has because there’s no way he stops operating in the same way he has for decades but being able to get away with more because the public can’t see it.

If something comes of this case though, it’ll be a deterrent for that somewhat.

No. 909598

>Seems odd that this person really does not want anyone talking about Onision
That's not what they >>909556 said. You must be ESL. Here I'll translate:
>OJ lost a civil suit and nothing happened to him. If Onision loses he'll likely end up like OJ retired in Florida or wherever being the same pos he always was and always will be. Nothing changes. The end.

There ya go ESL anons. btw his thread died because everyone knows Onision's a dead cow. If any NEW milk that we didn't already have and hasn't been rehashed a million times comes out from this lolsuit, I'd be surprised. Won't be holding my breath waiting.

No. 909600

Explain how Hansen lying about the laptop doesn't fuck up their chances for criminal charges? That was evidence that they fucked up. HE hand picked the degenerate who held on to Sarah's laptop after Hansen publicly said the laptop was with the FBI and FBI were investigating. He lied, it's what he does for a living. Grifters gonna grift. If a criminal trial were even possible I doubt they'd be gunning for a civil suit.
Never seen new milk come out of a dead cow.

No. 909601

File: 1676157624683.jpg (329.05 KB, 1280x853, HansenvsGreg.jpg)

He never grew with his audience like other Youtubers have. He's still doing the same jackassy stuff he's doing since 2010. And if it's not that he's talking about personal and edgelord shit no one cares about and giving people too much info causing exactly the kinda shit he's in now.
And then these days he's claiming Sarah raped him, and even going on tiktok right away posting about that, as if those 8 year olds on Tiktok even know what the fuck he's talking about. They just wanted him gone yelling "eww gtfo this platform grampa" its hilarious.

No. 909603

>you're insisting the civil suit impacted his life somehow. It didn't.
I'm hoping some of the people posting here with such low IQ takes like the anon you replied to are kids, because otherwise YIKES. This whole thing reeks of grift.

2019: "Guys Onison's in trouble guys! The FBI's gonna get em' GUYS!"

2023: "Guise, guise he's gonna be soooo screwed from this civil suit guise, just look at OJ! There will be no new milk, and afterwards he'll go back to dicking around on twitter and youtube while people call him a pedophile in his replies! He's sooo screwed guise."

No. 909605

File: 1676161201400.jpg (286.51 KB, 1280x719, kaiiscryingFINb.jpg)

Not the same anon you were debating, but some time ago I was arguing somewhere here not believing any trial would come. I'm glad to say they made me eat crow, when Hansen suddenly posted about Regina suing Greg.
I'm not saying Greg and Lainey are in trouble, but certainly this thing is giving them a lot of stress, and rightfully so.
I'm not saying anything anymore and am asking more what other surprises may be in the works? Sure, that laptop was a huge fuckup. Sure, I wish Shiloh would have been the one suing Greg, because Greg did literally met her in another state where it was legal to have sex with her. Thats the literal definition of human trafficking, and with the MANN act and no statute of limitations on child abuse, it would have been in the bag. I have no idea why Shiloh and Sarah aren't right there next to Regina and have them all go after him in a huge trial, its a let down. But you know, let the chips fall where they may.
Before you might reply to me angrily I'm not saying one or the other, the only thing i'm saying is that I have been pleasantly surprised with this trial. And with me I imagine a lot of other people, its our straw to grasp on right now regarding any kind of justice and yeah I'm hanging on to it for dear life hoping something may come of it.
That is all.

No. 909606

The last onion threads have obviously been full of males, it's probably some fags running drama yt channels hoping to gather enough information for a video. Kek you are so pressed and aggressive, it's very different from regular autism in other threads with the way you berate and insult. Imagine being this mad about possible new milk, who cares, just ignore the thread.

No. 909607

Again not the person you were talking to but I really don't get the seething. Why not just debate without all the rage and hurling insults? Why even mind that other people do enjoy this milk? Who knows what will happen? Can you see in to the future? I can't.

No. 909608

>its our straw to grasp on right now
Oof. Well anon, some of us don't tell ourselves lies or believe the lies of grifters to make ourselves feel better. Not that I feel anything about it as a mostly neutral observer, but when you speak of "justice" all you have to do is look at OJ Simpson to see how the system works, or tends to work more often than not. People can huff copium about it all day long it doesn't change the facts.

As for Shiloh, Sarah and Regina, to my knowledge those bridges were burned years ago because like Hansen, Shiloh publicly lied about an FBI investigation and lied to the other girls to their faces about other things as well. Last I heard, none of the other girls talk to Regina anymore either for similar reasons. Shiloh grifted, Hansen grifted, and Onision's still online jerking off into the void like he's always done. Hence Onision being a dead cow with a dead thread.

No. 909610

Not to simp Regina here, but she's the only one actually keeping her word about pursuing Greg and Lainey in a court of law.
I remember when Shiloh was calling the other girls her sisters and what not, where is she now? As for Sarah, I don't understand her at all. I don't get any of them besides Regina right now tbh. Why do that documentary if you're not gonna pursue legal action?
They let each other down, they let the public down, they let down any victims Greg and Lainey might have made after them (after all, we don't know what they've been up to) and they let every single one of the #IStandWith people down, trying to support them.
Only Regina kept her word, imagine that. You coulda knocked me over with a feather.

No. 909611

I assumed the same thing. Anytime I see "nothingburger" or "grift" in a post I assume its that same scrote. And you can just feel the anger in their words. Why get so worked up about Onision getting sued?

>who cares, just ignore the thread.

He cant. Its the "stop liking what I don't like" syndrome. The counter arguments sound eerily similar to Fatboy DeOrio and his gang of little boys. Anytime something happened to Greg they would wave it away and say it didn't matter. Greg loses his Patreon? Doesn't matter he still makes more money on YouTube. Greg loses his YouTube Partnership? Doesn't matter he can claim any video made about him by other creators and get their money.

No. 909613

>Why do that documentary if you're not gonna pursue legal action?
If you go back into the archived threads you'll probably find the answer. Shiloh and Hansen lied to the other girls and lied to the public because they wanted to grift about an investigation that literally never happened. Sarah, Regina and the other girls were strung along by grifters. Why Regina's still friends with Hansen I can only chalk it up to her being brain dead. If you need info on how this civil suit is likely to unfold you need look no further than >>909594.

No. 909614

That's what I mean, the aggressiveness is of a different kind. Anons complaining about the milk or lack of milk being discussed will only attract conspiracy anons.
It also doesn't matter right now if you legal system expertsTM already know nothing comes out of it. Greg is scared and if anons want to talk about how he spergs about it where is the problem?

That's exactly what I mean. Also the anon calling Regina and Sarah whores for having being infatuated as teenagers with a youtuber giving them attention, either a deranged moid or pickme.

No. 909616

Exactly, I don't get all the hostility. Judging by the anger I think they could be a scrote I dunno.
Like that infamous laptop, I did see it mentioned by the seether here (I think) and they do have a point what the blue hell happened to that infamous laptop?
That sheriff wowie that appeared on Hansen, it must have slipped his mind, or something. I don't get it. Bottom line is we all have questions, lets hope this trial can clear some of it up.

No. 909617

>Anons complaining about the milk or lack of milk being discussed will only attract conspiracy anons.
wtf does that even mean lmao? And who's this imaginary anon that's so angry that you keep talking about? The Onision thread died because he's an old dried up irrelevant cow. If you want to rehash old milk a million times over or soyface over yet another grift/lolsuit, knock yourself out i guess.

No. 909618

There's always been a few anons telling others to let this cow die, even years ago in 2017. And so much has happened since then. He's not going back to relevancy from us talking about him on LC. I haven't seen this strong urge to not let others enjoy milk with any other cow.

No. 909619

File: 1676164888757.jpg (168.33 KB, 996x684, MjAxOTIzMzE4OTY.jpg)



You need a thesaurus NothingBurger-Chan.

No. 909620

File: 1676165190862.png (138.9 KB, 681x209, 956753566.PNG)

Another apology tour. He's sorry for being too honest/truthful and hurting peoples feelings. Sorry for rating bodies and calling people fat and ugly, "beefing with other YouTubers", calling Christianity/religion stupid, kicking people out of his life, demonizing people for doing illegal drugs, and for letting his fans down. It creeps me out when he uses that slow calm voice, sighing every few minutes to show he's truly repentful and how soul crushing this is.

He makes an "Onision Analogy" halfway through. I really enjoy those. This one isn't on par with "what if an oven made a video admitting its hot" but its still stupid as fuck and what you'd expect from Greg.
>You think that the chocolate chips in a cookie are the most important part so to make chocolate chip cookies you put chocolate chips on a cookie tray and cook it but then when you're done you just have a bunch of melted chocolate on a cookie tray.

No. 909621

File: 1676165640374.png (511.09 KB, 828x966, 1676052274170.png)


Someone posted on KF that he deleted his totally not pedophilic defense of Leo Dicaprio after it became public that he's being sued.

No. 909623

>any kind of justice
If you think a civil suit is some of kind of justice you haven't been paying attention to this thread. You've been told to go back through the archives because you clearly know nothing about anything and must be new.
You forgot lolsuit, you know, that thing that some of you are saying is going to put the final nail in the coffin for a dead cow, just like it did with this guy here >>909594 obviously.

No. 909624

Why are you so angry? This almost sounds personal.

No. 909625

Maybe stop comparing le onion to OJ Simpson because it really isn't that similar. But I bet anons are convinced now that you've said it 100 times.

No. 909626

Who cares, even if nothing comes out of it, Grease and the Foot will most likely go homeless in order to have money to pay the legal fees, they're already broke as fuck and this lawsuit will make things much worse. I doubt the Whataburger money McRetard pays him will be enough to pay this nothinburger lawsuit lol.
Also how would he retire "somewhere comfy" like OJ when he's a broke piece of shit who refused to get a real job for years? Don't make me laugh

No. 909627

Regina’s case won’t go very far because she’s suing YouTube as well. Section 230 will protect them and therefore it’s a waste of time to even include them. YouTube is not liable for Greg’s and Taylor’s actions.

No. 909628

File: 1676167487432.jpeg (39.97 KB, 1280x720, nothingburger.jpeg)

You've done a lot of projecting in this thread. gg
This isn't about trying to compare him to OJ Simpson, what? It's spelling out for everyone thinking this is major news what the usual outcome of civil suits is (do any of you even know what a civil suit is). That's precedent. Dictionary anon >>909619 can look up the word for you if you have trouble, unfortunately it seems they don't know what a civil suit is so they can't help you with that one.

No. 909629


Please answer this question.
If watching anons tinfoil, rehash old milk or discuss happenings you feel are inconsequential causes you such grief why not stop watching the thread? You seem dead set against this thread continuing or allowing anons to discuss things that you have deemed "old news" or unimportant.

No. 909630

Nothingburger-chan needs to calm down, he's already a meme at this point.
Tbh this side adventure while we're expecting milk is kind of hilarious. Don't know if it's all the same poster but so far we've got:
>Misogynistic slurs against teenagers
>All grifters
>Illogical comparison of a rich celebrity with a washed up youtuber
>Muh low IQ
>Shames ESL people
>Condescending mansplaining
>Pointless aggression
>Who's aggressive lol?
>Civil lolsuits literally have no outcome even though no one has acted like Greg ends up in jail
>I'm not bothered if you want to waste your time
>Keeps trying to shut anons up
>Keeps insisting on being in the right
>Refuses to admit that being plead guilty of anything by a court would be a huge loss for Greg's narcissistic ego or that a damaged reputation has an impact

No. 909631

I mean who tf sues Google? Who told her that this was a good idea and that she was going to see a payout? The whole thing is a waste.
What you wrote makes no sense and has zero relation to anything I said. If you re-read what I wrote you might comprehend it the 2nd time around. Look up precedent and what it means and how it relates to this case, or don't.whatever lol

No. 909632

Precedent >>909594. You're welcome.

No. 909635

No I do understand what your saying. You're saying that this civil case will do nothing to Greg in the long run. We are all wasting our time talking about it.

My question is why does it bother you so much for us to talk about it. Why do you need this thread to die and for us to stop talking about Greg? Why not move on, stop watching the thread and you will no longer have to endure our rehashing old milk.

No. 909636

>Why do you need this thread to die and for us to stop talking about Greg?
Who said this, other than you just now? You have poor reading comprehension and project like that anon who thinks everyone's mad or something.

No. 909638

You have to put so much time and effort during the past 2 days telling anons they are wasting their time thinking this lawsuit will go anywhere. Why waste your time doing that? Why not stop watching the thread and move on?

No. 909641

He has lots of self-awareness and he's also very very smart. Honestly this will never end because autistic men always need to have the last word so I stop shitting up the thread interacting.

No. 909642

you spelled it out better than I ever could have. NothingBurger Chan should of gone a little lighter with the aggression and 4chan verbage. Any post he makes now has a giant sesame seed bun on top with a HUGE dash of salt.

No. 909643

File: 1676171234034.png (168.71 KB, 834x768, cap574883.PNG)

The Haba Law Firm brings that up in the complaint. It looks like they're trying to set up a new legal precedent. They're saying that the 2018 FOSTA bill trumps Section 230. Will it work, who knows? If it does then most sm are fucked and will have to clamp down on what is allowed on their platforms or end up paying out the nose every time some fuckwit does something sketchy on their site.

No. 909644

I love seeing the good ol fashioned infighting in the onion thread.

Also isn’t it around Greg and Lainey’s 11th anniversary? I feel like they won’t be having a good one this year.

No. 909645

File: 1676173350077.gif (10.79 MB, 600x338, 5-fca6eb1271.gif)

I'm positive that since the news of the lawsuit dropped Greg has been screaming at Lainey every hour on the hour. And I have an idea what he's telling her.
>I didn't even know her, I never spoke to Regina why's my name in the lawsuit!?
>why did you send those photos!?
>why did you send those texts!?
Its going to be all Laineys fault.

No. 909646

>He can’t bring in a new girlfriend to liven things up because his fan pool has dried up
I disagree on this one. The relatively normal fans have grown up and are gone, but there's always these weird trash individuals like Tamara and Jodee hanging round. I think behind the scenes Gurg is milking these last remaining fans hard and continuing to have them over. Also Lainey having some young ftm over in their house a while back just confirmed to me there will probably always be someone willing to go there. It just won't be a normal person in any sense of the word. But I don't think they gave up on their MO of having randoms live with them.

No. 909647

But they're all ugly cat ladies and not the cute alternative teen girls he wants. Granted even the ugly cat ladies probably have firmer tits than Taylor's saggy pancakes, and a tighter pussy than Taylor's blown out cloaca, but still he won't be satisfied fully with them. I bet he still regrets ruining things with Billie just cause she smoked a joint.

No. 909653

File: 1676177765229.png (548.66 KB, 949x571, 862312.PNG)

>I bet he still regrets ruining things with Billie
Just today Greg waxed nostalgic about her in his Speaks video. He didn't mention her by name but we all know who he was talking about. That long pause and pensive look on his face when he wonders "what if?" says it all. He's said before that him and Lainey still dream about Billie. She will always be the blue haired unicorn that got away.

>I don't think they gave up on their MO of having randoms live with them.
I agree with that. Lainey wants someone there to take care of the kids, clean the house and cry to when Greg yells at her. Greg wants someone there so he can figure out a way to get his dick wet. If fakeboi Ryan is still there I'm sure Greg's working on a plan to go junk to rear with her.

No. 909662

so sad with this video and his tweets that he only acts like a half decent person when he’s under the gun. When things are going fine he feels comfortable being the worst. That’s really why Lainey screwed him so much by enabling and emboldening him. No other partner so far or since would have taken that and stayed.

He would have a career still if he had left lainey for billie and I don’t think lainey would have been disgraced because Sarah might not have come into play.

No. 909670

It feels more like someone trying to run defense for grug than infighting. Sorry Lainey you're never living this down.

No. 909678

Off topic, but That thing on his eye is still there? Gross. Imagine not being able to afford basic healthcare after squandering what should have been a small fortune. I hope they’re still seeking the full recommended care and recovery program for their daughter, but seeing as how Greg’s initial reaction was to film her laying on the sidewalk instead of comforting her, I highly doubt it . Anyway I hope his eye falls out

No. 909679

That shit wasn't even really about weed, is was all about control. Like him wanting to chain her in his basement and having her and lainey get a tattoo saying "Lilly" on them to name them as some sort of combined weird fucking object. (Lainey / Billie = Lilly, in his sick mind)
Convenient how he's suddenly sorry about shit named specifically in that complaint, like rating 8 year old girls bodies with his name written on them.

No. 909705

He is middle aged now, lol. Sometimes its better to leave weird lumps on your eyes alone. I had one that annoyed the shit out of me for several years but then it went away by itself. No scar, no doctor bill.

No. 909712

File: 1676243217027.jpg (25.62 KB, 372x380, greg.jpg)

and yet here that pedophile dumb shit still is trying to appeal to stupid little tweenie girls, with emo boycut twink hair that went out of style 15 years ago and trying to be edgy.
great catch you got there, lainey, enjoy the lawsuit.

No. 909719

>great catch you got there, lainey, enjoy the lawsuit.
It makes me laugh that she ruined her life and future because of a narcissistic asshole who doesn't even treat her with basic respect, is not even attracted to her anymore and has to keep fucking random girls to satisfy himself since the boring doormat doesn't do it for him. It's what that smug cunt deserves, she had so many chances to leave him before things got out of control but preferred to continue deluding herself that her marriage was great and that the "haters" were all wrong. I only feel sorry for the children.

No. 909722

File: 1676248950109.jpg (387.13 KB, 1231x714, dumbass.jpg)

she's a stupid dumbass. their relationship will be put to the test nicely if Greg ends up having to pay Regina tons and tons in punitive damages. that would be hilarious.
not keeping my hopes up, though

No. 909741

Use that with the article link and see if you can break through the paywall.

No. 909755

>Lainey screwed him so much by enabling and emboldening him.
Lmao other way round maybe. gurg's been an abusive pos with his exes even before lainey. And while I think she's 100% responsible for what she did, grooming girls is not likely to be what she would have done had she not gotten with gurg in the first place. Certainly him going "yass kai youre so gay, bring your underage friends home for a 3some" didnt help. If she wouldve gotten with a normal man, she wouldve been a normal woman instead of a groomer, maybe just vapid and not particularily clever. But gurg could've kept his abuse regardless of lainey there. Look how many women he fucked over with his wife right there. If he were single he couldve caused just as much if not more chaos.

No. 909758

And Karla Homolka most likely wouldn't have killed her sister if she never met Paul Bernardo, what's your point? She's still a piece of shit who chose to groom those girls and continued doing it even after people noticed it and pointed out how creepy it was. She even made jokes about it with Sarah on Twitter "I'm grooming you nicely"

No. 909760

File: 1676289092789.jpg (145.8 KB, 1151x518, FoyWhy8aAAE4d-x.jpg)

Found on Twitter. Onision’s response to the lawsuit according to someone infiltrating his Discord server

No. 909761

File: 1676289256447.jpg (203.76 KB, 539x1299, Fozaw-hXsAEnsJ7.jpg)

Comment on YouTube about Kai whereabouts in 2023.

No. 909762

File: 1676289535399.png (282.57 KB, 611x732, 357678655566.PNG)

Greg made a tumblr a week ago where he dumped all his evidence that Sarah raped him. It was gone in a day so I'm guessing it got suspended. So he made a new twitter page @OnisionInnocent and put all that "evidence" there. Yesterday he locked it up tight. Keep an eye on his YT channels and Twitter pages for the big purge.

No. 909764

>A US veteran
they really need to tighten the definition for this. Greg was defeated by the bunny army.

No. 909781

File: 1676317264471.jpg (146.44 KB, 1660x929, trialchatgpt.jpg)

I had chatGPT predict the trial outcome, sort of.
if you have it generate something like this and click screenshot quicker than it can claim 'policy violation' then you can generate things like this and save them.

No. 909791

using a picture from like 2011, I'm sure none of those people talk to him anymore.

No. 909792

Not even his mother and sisters want to associate with him anymore, and that says a lot.

No. 909794

File: 1676336749195.png (18.96 KB, 646x253, Screenshot 2023-02-13 200558.p…)

No. 909795

My point is that lainey didnt fuck gurg over by enabling him. Gurg doesnt need enabling, hes a walking shitshow of his own accord.

No. 909803

File: 1676352607719.jpg (37.58 KB, 588x202, 6832893339.jpg)

…aaaaand he's leaving the internet forever again.

No. 909804

File: 1676353738909.jpg (70.11 KB, 693x487, 328933394.jpg)

He get teary eyed talking about watching Life Is Beautiful and how he relates to the father trying to protect his son from seeing the horrors of the concentration camp they're in. There's no real apology. He doesn't realize that he did all this to himself. He cant understand why everyone hates him. But has a small Onision type epiphany
>those issues are so complicated or maybe they're simple don't piss people off like literally maybe it is simple when you piss people off uh they piss back you know like if you piss on others you're gonna get pissed on and um just turns into a pissing contest and everyone's covered in pee by the end of it so I guess that's the summary don't piss people off
At the end of the video he professes his love for the gay men that subscribe to his Onlyfans, does the "boob squeeze" outro and plays I'm A Banana vid for the final time.

No. 909805

I give him 3 weeks max

No. 909806

>He get teary eyed talking about watching Life Is Beautiful and how he relates to the father trying to protect his son from seeing the horrors of the concentration camp they're in
Yet he allows his kids to be in the same room when him and Footface are fucking, remember Sarah said she caught Troy sitting by the edge of the bed while Grease was pounding Footface's busted cloaca. I think witnessing those two disgusting creatures fucking is almost as bad as any concentration camp horror

No. 909808

File: 1676355628253.png (76.25 KB, 994x543, image.png)

lol he's not, he's just hiding behind a paywall again like a coward. (ss from his blog)

No. 909814

How's he even leaving? He's not even around anymore. Besides his weird paywalled shit and the occasional "Onion got raped" spam, he really doesn't have a presence anymore. He gets no engagement on any social media. Even his haters don't bother to dunk on him anymore. He's like these schizophrenics online who post huge word salads in random places that no one ever reads.

No. 909815

File: 1676374985551.jpg (22.74 KB, 460x276, Heino-010.jpg)

Dude's like Heino at this point, always promising to leave and never actually going. Heino is still here, too.

No. 909822

He is but I think a relationship with someone like Lainey has made him worse.

He use to take it as far as he could and then back off when things blew up but now he has this person that will never leave him and always love him so even if he messes up, he never goes through that panicked “I’m sad and alone” phase he used to that would make him reign in the craziness.

It doesn’t really matter but that’s my take. He’s bad and they’re bad together is the takeaway either way.

No. 909823

Normally he’d jump into a new attention grabbing relationship and move the attention there but clearly he can’t this time around.

Whether he decides to leave or not, his content is dead without sharing his personal life. He’s going to keep doing horrible things but people outside of his town won’t know about it. That or he will pop up in ten years having married a new teen but that’s about it.

I hope this trial goes through though so he gets his feet held to the fire for once in his life.

No. 909824

He'll be back in no time when the narc supply from his paypigs isn't enough anymore. He just can't without posting shit about how people wronged him kek.
Also btw, does anyone know if he's still demonetized on all of his Youtube channels? I always assumed he would stop posting when it's not financially beneficial anymore but then again a narc loves attention no matter what.

No. 909836

I’m the case documents it said he was still demonetized. Hell still use it because it’s the biggest platform currently and he needs to get attentions so he can drive people to his paid platforms like his website or OF.

No. 909843

I'm exactly 5 minutes in and psychically ill. the guy is so defensive and insincere it just blows my mind. throwing a bunch of dirt to other people while "saying his goodbyes" and in the meanwhile defending himself and his own racism and pedophelia.
what an absolute dickhole.

No. 909854

Penguinz0 just released a video about him, let's see how long he'll resist the urge to come back to social media now that a big YouTuber is giving him 5 minutes of attention again

No. 909858

He went on in his final video about his son a few times and didn't mention his daughter. Even when he talks about being spotted at Lowe's he can't even say the word daughter and hesitates before saying 'my privacy was breeched'
He went on about how he watches Spongebob with his son before bed each night and how everything he does should be for 'his kid'. Not plural. I feel bad for his daughter.

Also something that made me laugh was when he said 'the girl that played 11 in stranger things was bullied on social media and she's just a kid' and then realises how he can't say that because he fucked Sarah, so he quickly adds 'well she WAS a kid, not anymore'

He is such a creep and knows the things he does are gross but still has to slip in that 18 year olds are okay to fuck somehow in every damn video.

No. 909860

Sarah did say he refused to interact with his daughter because "she couldn't speak yet", but I bet the reason why he ignores her is a lot more dark than that. The incestuous pedo distances himself because he's afraid he won't be able to control his urges and end up breaking the law if you know what I mean. I bet when Cloey turns 16 he will stop ignoring her though.

No. 909862

File: 1676443330912.jpeg (166.66 KB, 750x587, 1574649315265.jpeg)

I think there's a disconnect between Greg and his daughter. A few years ago he asked his fans if it was wrong for a parent to not talk to their child if they were not speaking yet. His excuse was that if a child doesn't understand what you're saying then your wasting your time talking to them. He then made a comedy skit where two of his characters argue that he should speak to their infant child. This was his way of shaming Lainey. People wondered if his daughter may be non-verbal/mental issues because of her age. She wasn't an infant and should be speaking by then. A year later she suffers injuries from a fall from their second story window. Greg mentioned in a Killstream interview that his daughter still has a limp a year and a half after the fall. Along with that information were multiple videos of Greg and Lainey in public at Dairy Queen and trampoline park where Greg is carrying his daughter each time. She's never seen walking on her own. Its well known that Greg has an unnatural aversion to people with mental or physical disabilities (Picrel) I don't think Greg has made that fatherly connection with her. I know this may sound horrible but I wouldn't doubt it if Greg thinks of his daughter the same way he think of his dogs. She's someone he provides food and shelter, gets love from but is also a burden because of her physical problems and he cant make a connection because she's non-verbal. Without the father-daughter bonding she's just some girl living under his roof and I fear how he will look at her when she starts to hit puberty.

No. 909863

I think he's disconnected simply because she's a girl. Remember Taylor cried her eyes out to Billie when she found out she was having a girl because of the way her husband treats women. Although the fact she's mostly likely disable definitely doesn't help, but then again there were always rumors that Troy has a disability too.

No. 909865

>"He wouldn't be close friends with ugly people"
Well that's ironic since now the only person still willing to be her friend is that fugly ass fakeboy Ryan who looks like a drowned rat. I guess she has no other options lol

No. 909866

File: 1676448376243.png (1.02 MB, 1136x651, 1629214454465.png)

Two reasons Ryan is her friend.
Ryan is the only person who doesn't think Lainey is a pariah and will actually associate with her.
Lainey (falsely) thinks that Greg wouldn't try and fuck Ryan because she's a "guy" now.

My money is on them still hiding the fact Ryan is living with them. They hid it well with Sarah a few times. I love the decline of poly partners. Billie, Sarah, and now drowned rat Ryan(possibly) Who's next, Tamara or Blasian?

No. 909871

> Lainey (falsely) thinks that Greg wouldn't try and fuck Ryan because she's a "guy" now.
I don’t think Ryan is Greg’s type even when they were cis because he didn’t push lainey further into a relationship with them at the start.

I think he would try something with Ryan only to remove one of her remaining friendships. Unless his goal is to get lainey to irreversibly transition with top surgery or T the he might encourage the connection because Ryan has begun to transition.

No. 909877

She may not be his type but she still has a pussy, and let's be real he'd fuck anything that moves since he's a sex addict. Also he admitted in videos that he fetishizes "AFAB's", which is what Ryan is

No. 909887

File: 1676478072330.jpg (2.06 MB, 2392x1608, gregmilitary.jpg)

Here is the sad truth about Greg's military career.

the others in this picture were very good and are true heroes, some of them sadly lost in combat.
Greg however did not make the cut.

No. 909892

I never really believed that their daughter was non-verbal. I bet Gurg just didn't think it's worth talking to her if she can't have a conversation with him like an adult because she's a girl.
There's never been proof that any of their kids has a disability. He probably would have milked it for sympathy anyways.

No. 909898

>There's never been proof
There are police reports as proof she cracked her skull open, there was brain swelling and she still limps because of it. Id say that's a disability. All because their mother was too busy swiping on her phone and her father was jerking off in the garage.

No. 909903

Sorry to break it to you, but limping after a traumatic head injury is 100% a sign of brain damage. She may be able to walk normally again after lots, LOTS of physical therapy, but brain damage is irreversible.

No. 909932

File: 1676571593572.png (47.11 KB, 592x494, 5487511.PNG)

I guess I didn't pay close attention to the farewell video the first time. I had to go back and watch it again to catch the part where he actually tried to sign up. How does that gel with his wanting to spend quality time with his family. Lets say he was 25 and they wanted him back so they allowed him to reenlist. Wouldn't he have to spend a large part of his time away from Lainey and the kids? I find it hilarious that he walked into the recruitment office, pushing 40 and hasn't kept his body in shape and he legitimately thought they'd take him back.

No. 909934

I said this in pt but it makes more sense to post here:

I don't get Regina's lawsuit because wasn't her only confirmed contact with Lainey? Even in the documentary didnt she say well, greg was PROBABLY also texting me. And even then she only came out because she was upset Lainey chose Sarah over her. She seems to be the least victimized but has remained the loudest and making the most dumb choices. Like they suck but there are people with more concrete proof against both of them that would be better suited for a lawsuit, at most she could go after Lainey imo but I could be missing something

No. 909935

File: 1676577093291.jpg (168.01 KB, 738x497, 1644679243977 (1)2cfv.jpg)

This anon had a good theory for why Regina was suing first.
>you file the case that has the victim with the lesser claims, this sets the tone, gives you expectations of what the court expects and can be used to drive up the settlement with the victim that has more claims

When Greg was crying about being "extorted for $400,000" he said a lawyer representing both Regina and Sarah were making demands. If Sarah and Regina were working together back in December 2021 I'm assuming they're still in alliance now. Both of them using The Marsh Law Firm and The Haba Law Firm. I wouldn't be surprised that after Regina's civil case is done with there will be another press release by the two law firms announcing Sarah's is now suing Greg & Lainey. I love that the Jacksons will be on edge for the next couple of years, waiting for the second shoe to drop. I wonder if Shiloh or Billie could sue next?

No. 909937

A while ago we were speculating that he tried to get a job in law enforcement due to the polygraph test he kept talking about. I guess the polygraph was for the military job that rejected him

No. 909938

The claim is that he was using Taylor to groom the girls FOR HIM, which is exactly what he was doing. Like when Taylor asked Billie be her girlfriend and said it would be just the two of them without Greg being involved, but then Greg started inserting himself (literally) too. Sarah has also said that if it wasn't for Taylor, she would never have gone to their house.

No. 909939

Word for word happened with Luxymoo too, didn't it?

No. 909940

And Maya. Funny thing with that, the only one that got to kiss Maya was Greg.

No. 909941

File: 1676595208092.png (40.34 KB, 300x221, 65co1qa6q7k_large.png)

Greg learned he had to make Lainey think she was the one making all the decisions. When Greg tried to bring the girls in on his own it never seemed to work. Sam (the camera girl) PoopBeck (the collab talent) Lainey would immediately get jealous and want them gone. You cant tell me Greg didn't try and push those girls on Lainey once he flew them down and had them trapped in the house with no other options.

No. 909944

He removed that video of him calling Sarah a rapist over and over again for like 20 minutes straight, I wonder why. I looked a few days ago and the video was still up, but now it's gone

No. 909952

Hansen video interviewing Regina's lawyer

No. 909953

>I wouldn't be surprised that after Regina's civil case is done with there will be another press release by the two law firms announcing Sarah's is now suing Greg & Lainey.
I'm hoping there will be a really good payout at the end for Regina. The bigger the better, because then I hope all the other girls will feel inspired to sue the fuck out of them as well and they end up living in a box on skid row, hauling a shopping cart and paying out the nostrils.
Probably way too much to hope for, but I like to dream big.

No. 909956

If I buy enough tinfoil can I point out that Susan of Youtube has decided now is a good time to quit?

No. 909958

File: 1676638406386.jpg (448.06 KB, 572x750, 4f38dcec252e0c12ee987.jpg)

>I know Americans are sue happy but suing YouTube and Google? Do the people in these cases actually think they’ll win

I have to admit that thought passed my mind. Google is huge. How do you put big tech in its place or hurt it enough that it changes its practices. It'll never happen because they're so big and have been running this playbook for so long.

But then you have to remember what happened to Big Tobacco. The major tobacco companies conspired and managed the US perception of them and their products for decades. They were so powerful no one dared take them on. Then in 1998 they lost a $206 billion settlement. Did it destroy Big Tobacco? No, but it changed how they worked. They were no longer able to put ads on TV or magazines, forced to admit the harm their cigarettes were doing to the consumers and so many more concessions. And we can see the fruits of those penalties. How often do you see someone smoking a cigarette in 2023?

It would be priceless if this lawsuit is what forces YouTube to change how they monitor their partnerships. All because some pedophile from Washington state was allowed to lurk their platform enticing new victims and getting paid for it.

No. 909959

File: 1676638816342.png (75.55 KB, 1011x729, Cap77811.PNG)

you're not the only one wearing that tinfoil hat. i have to say the timing of her leaving is suspect

No. 909963

Nonnas we could be in for some legendary, frosty milk. Let's pray to Mother Moo these lawyers are worth their salt, onion will be punished and YouTube held accountable. I'm already kekking at the idea of onion trying to shirk off all the convictions.

No. 909970

If Footface was so "gay", like she used to call herself in every single video at least 5 times, she would be mad at Grease for ruining all the relationships she had with a girl simply because he couldn't keep his tiny dick inside his pants and wanted to fuck the girl too, but no, she either didn't care or got mad at the girl instead. So much for being "gay"

No. 909973

Unreal that Regina,, who never met them irl is the only one at least attempting to take them down.
Even if it means relying on fail Hansen, it's better than nothing. The other girls could've at least waited to burn bridges over a bitchy catfight, they could've ended gurg. I guess, despite everything, they couldn't get over their jealousy of each other over Greg. If greg wasn't an even bigger bumbling retard, he had this in the bag.

No. 909978

Sarah was always using Luxymoo, Ayala or that former Lainey clone whose name I forgot to speak for her on Twitter, so I'm not surprised she's not suing him. And she probably would go back in a heartbeat to have anal sex in the shower with him if he asked her nicely enough

No. 909983

I'm not saying you aren't right, it would explain a lot but then why participate in that documentary? Same goes for Shiloh and Billie. Why participate in that documentary if you aren't going to seek justice? They'd have to know that people are going to ask them why they aren't.
Makes no sense to me. Its almost surreal that it happens to be Regina who actually has the courage of her conviction.
I won't even bring up the mystery of Sarah's "laptop full of evidence" because seriously, that thing must be stuck in another dimension or something.
I feel like i've taken crazy pills, none of them besides Regina are making any kind of sense.

No. 909993


the reason oj hasn't lost his money is because he's living off his nfl pension, and in florida pensions cannot be taken as a result of lawsuits. it's a very special circumstance for him that he lucked out on. Most people don't have 25k per month pensions.

No. 909994


maybe lainey revenge cheated on him and got knocked up and we should take greg at face value when he says the girl isn't his kid

No. 909995

She did temporarily live separate from him after cuddlegate happened,and Cloey was conceived around that same timeframe. Honestly, I buy this tinfoil.

No. 910002

File: 1676723758546.jpg (48.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

That would explain why Greg threw it out the window.

No. 910021

Maybe but onion is the type to tell on himself in the long run. Look how he still cant get over billie with random allusions. If he suspected he got cheated on and the child wasn't his, he'd have vague posted and made videos about this kinda topic many times by now. I think he's being passive aggressive the videos in some way either against lainey or her family. Maybe she bonded with her daughter so he's trying to spite her, or her family wants to take the kid in due to health concerns. Or the medical costs after the fall are biting him in the ass, so he's angry at everything. There has to be a tell.

No. 910023

What scrote would have sex with an ugly, saggy-tittied wannabe femboi? They have to be really desperate kek

No. 910024

The way he tries to deny the girl exists is pretty telling. He openly talks about his son like he did in that video, but he acts like "his" daughter doesn't even exist. That's pretty weird.

No. 910025

>but the kid is not my son

No. 910038

>billie dawn is not my lover

No. 910039

You're all idiots then. Do you know how many law suits youtube is currently involved in, let alone past ones? There are ones involving governments rn that will set precedents for the interpretation of law and have huge implications for youtube's business model. I'd be surprised if Susan even knows about this suit in particular.

No. 910044

Catching up on thread after months and so weird we still have jealous anons about Sarah or people shutting down discussion. Uh this is a gossip site, anything that stokes the fire is good.

Onision is so boring now tho. He's what like 40 now and still tweets like a dyslexic 14 year old emo.

No. 910049

Why appear in the doco? Money. Attention. Revenge. But no real consequences compared to a legal judgement. And also worth remembering this is the retard who didn't understand how people could be upset about having a sleeping child in the bed while they had a threesome.
Billie moved on, Shiloh is a psycho and Sarah never got over the onions. So it makes sense that if anyone is going to go through with it, it's Regina. Still feels crazy to see it though, it's not just you.

No. 910054

That was one of the few things about this whole drama that actually shocked me. How morally corrupt can you be that you think its okay to have your own toddler child be in the same bed while your having sex with your spouse and teenage poly partner. And its not an isolated instance, they had the young boy laying against their bed while they were fucking. We've only heard about these two times. How many more instances are there where they have sex with their kids in bed with them or able to watch. Pedos usually make seeing adults naked or sexual activity seem normal to kids when trying to groom them. I'm so worried for those two children.

No. 910055

Who's jealous of Sarah? Yeah I bet there's lots of people jealous that she got fucked in the ass by a ugly greasy goblin and millions of people on the internet know about that now.

No. 910056

Who let nothingburger-chan back in?
The moid seems aggrieved now.

No. 910065

Yes but his daughter wasnt born yesterday, so why is he doing this video nonsense now of all times? What changed in his situation, that's the question. I think there's something going on.

No. 910072

Troy is 9 or 10 I think. Maybe he's being bullied at school because his classmates found out who his dad is. I remember at that age I was more conscious of what was going on in the adult world like gossip and drama. Or their parents are treating the Jacksons like lepers.
>my mom said your dad is a pedophile and we aren't allowed to play with you anymore.

I see homeschooling in their future.

No. 910075

C is a bandaid baby that Foot got pregnant with thinking it would prevent Grog from trying to leave her for a teen girl again. Foot let it slip in a livestream once that the second pregnancy was planned
despite in her pregnancy related videos on YouTube she was acting like it was a total accident and that she was surprised and blah blah blah. That kid was no accident, Foot knew exactly what she was doing when she got pregnant and the only accident is that she wanted a boy but instead had a girl, she even had the boy named picked out according to the screenshots from that mom group on Facebook that got leaked, the boy's name would be Preston if I remember correctly . I think that's one of the reasons why Grog resents the child so much and acts like it doesn't exist, she's a bandaid he didn't want.

No. 910076

Exactly! Grease definitely wasn’t planning on having another child, at least not at the time, and not with her, presumably. Plus, the kid turned out to be a girl, and for the massive misogynist that he is, it must be infuriating to live with that day in and day out. Foot cried for a reason once she found out the gender.
And moreover, now that C has a disability / special needs, to Grease, that’s yet another reason to resent her. Add in all the costs to take care of her (even if she’s on benefits, he’s still a greedy arse bastard that won’t spend an extra penny on even the basic stuff like keeping his family warm during colder seasons) – this totals up to 4x the reason for wishing she didn’t even exist in the first place.

No. 910080

I can’t believe any of the farmers think that something is actually going to happen with this lawsuit. It’s going absolutely ridiculous. Ps has it ever been confirmed that C has a disability?? If we can’t trust farmers as reliable sources who can we trust?(sage your shit)

No. 910081

When Foot told him she was pregnant, his response was "congratulations, do you want a hug?". That says it all.

No. 910086

It was rumored that she had additional needs BEFORE she got dropped on her head from the upstairs window. So it's safe to assume she has now.

No. 910091

File: 1676898072972.jpeg (38.12 KB, 395x649, 1568604577755.jpeg)

>I can’t believe any of the farmers think that something is actually going to happen with this lawsuit.
The majority of farmers are not hoping for some grand conclusion e.g. Greg & Lainey go to jail or having to pay out $500,000. We're enjoying the rollercoaster ride. You and some of the other whiners are pissed because you ended up in the same place you got on when the ride ends. Just chill and have fun with it.

>has it ever been confirmed that C has a disability?

Are you asking if we have medical records for Cloey? Of course not. All we have is conjecture with the limited info Greg has given us or that farmers have scraped up.
1. Greg asked his fans if it was ok for a parent not to talk to their child if they were not speaking yet. He's done this before so he can show Lainey that this huge majority agree with him and she's wrong. Then he makes a skit about one parent being upset that the other doesn't speak to their child. This was his way of shaming Lainey. From that farmers assumed that Cloey had a delay in speech development because of her age at that time.
2.Then Cloey falls from a second story window. Her skull is cracked and she has brain swelling. There are police reports confirming that. A year later when Greg is doing interviews with every dramatuber that will have him, he is asked about his child that fell and he says she is okay but has a limp. A whole year later and that poor child is still limping. That information gels with the videos and photos people take of the family after the fall occurred. Every time they are seen in public Greg is carrying Cloey. She doesn't walk.

If she didn't have a disability before (delayed speech) then she sure has one after the fall (traumatic brain injury)

No. 910119

And we can't believe why you care.

No. 910140

Did he drop her on her head because he wasn’t satisfied with the product? I mean, she’s a girl, she doesn’t speak… I don’t think onision would like her all that much.

No. 910142

he didn't like Sarah much either

No. 910143

File: 1676987897261.jpg (40.16 KB, 744x323, top_gregory.jpg)

its a family thing. greg's mother tami dropped greg on his head as a baby, and now greg did the same thing.

No. 910150

>I was often beaten up by other kids

No. 910155

He said he fell and hit his head like 3 times as a child. One time at the church when another kid pushed him, one time when he fell from a boat, and one time at a playground. No wonder his brain is so fucked lol

No. 910159

I don't know if you knew this but two things about when Tami was pregnant of Greg, things told by Greg in videos by himself:
1. They wanted to do a down syndrome test on pregnant Tami when she was pregnant of Greg.
2. The doctor told her to abort Greg.
So Greg was pretty much fucked since before day 1 even. And he has a weird big fat watermelon head.
In any other case i'd disagree on you with that, but in this case.. naw!

No. 910163

I forgot to add with number 1 is that the doctor wanted to do a down syndrome test, but since Greg's mother crazy Tami is a new age holistic weirdo she did not want that. That is also the same reason she did not heed the advice of her doctor to abort Greg.

No. 910165

Those kids were doing God’s work

No. 910166

A doctor said the same thing about his first kid when Foot was pregnant with him. I wonder if the kid inherited whatever Grease had going on in Crazy Tami's womb

No. 910167

And now the same will happen to Troy when the other kids find out his father is Onision.

No. 910168

He will start liking her when she turns the age of consent in any state where incest is still legal. I wish I was joking but unfortunately I'm not, I wouldn't put anything past this freak.

No. 910169

File: 1677025380145.png (58.66 KB, 755x385, cap2212023.PNG)

I saw an article about these parents suing YouTube & Google and it was being heard by the Supreme Court today. If these people win the case and Section 230 is pushed aside it could help Regina and her lawyers.

No. 910177

his nose said (

No. 910178

My immediate assumption was that there are no states where incest is legal but apparently Rhode Island and New Jersey don’t care if they’re both of age…fucked up.

No. 910191

File: 1677086180929.png (16.15 KB, 568x153, 693426.png)

Rawbyjane is Repzions current girlfriend (the tattoo artist with kids) When Greg moved into the Cow Barn Repzion said Onision now lives just a few miles from him. Regina is coming to Puyallup Washington. I'm not familiar with what happens or is needed when a federal lawsuit is filed but does Regina need to come to Greg's city for some legal reason?

No. 910197

>Explain how Hansen lying about the laptop doesn't fuck up their chances for criminal charges.
I did, but you ignored everything I said. You simply don't agree. Forensic cpu data is usually permanent. Attempts at altering or Vince attempting to create falsified convos, etc would leave signatures in raw data. As I said, counsel could make claims that the laptop is inadmissible, but that would be an evidence issue that's entirely based on the arguments and ability of attorneys. And we beat a dead horse on the issue of the laptop when we don't even know what the fuck is on it? Is their like cp on there or something? We don't even know if anything on there is even usable and sat in a bag on retard Vince's desk until Sarah got it back.
>…I doubt they'd be gunning for a civil suit.
What? Civil suits happen with or without criminal charges because it's lower standard of guilt. They have google to sue. This case is interesting even if it wasn't because we all want milk. Grooming in this context seems hard to prove, but the documentation of Onision's life might be what fucks him in the end. And anons, just to let you know, this case has a high probability for being dismissed early on or a private settlement to save for attorney fees. So I'm not here to milk a dead cow, I just think we all deserve the shitty epilogue.

No. 910199

I remember Sarah lying on Twitter when people urged her to take it to the police, suddenly claiming she took it to a court house and that she had delivered it there. Of course it would never be delivered to a court house but to a police station. She also never had receipts, which you always get when you deliver a thing like a laptop to the police so they know its yours in the future. It gets tagged and bagged, and taken to a special digital forensics team. Its one of the things I think make her shady. Yeah, I know, devils advocate. Trust me, not on the pedophiles side. But like that video too, that so-called "blooper reel" in which she was preparing to make a video saying greg didnt groom her or some shit. Hate to admit it but yeah that room looked different, and her beanie hat whatever the fuck was on entirely different.
I don't get any of these girls and I wonder if they (maybe falsely) believe Greg "has something on them." Like when Greg says oh she apologized twice for raping us. What does he mean by that? I always imagine that maybe Sarah made a joke about that or whatever and that he's using that against her. I don't know. The entire thing is just super shady.
If her, Shiloh and Billie never wanted to seek justice against Greg thats all fine and dandy, but then don't go getting our hopes up for no reason. I remember Shiloh too, what a cunt, she's saying all this shit in the documentary and does absolutely nothing. Doesn't go to the police nothing. While the evidence that Greg trafficked her is there. He took her to another state to a motel and fucked her there, because in that state it was legal to fuck her at that age. Now under the MANN act thats human trafficking and with child rape theres no statute of limitation. Why not use that? She's even met with Chris Scamson and they never did anything with it. I, like many other people, have so many unanswered questions but I feel that even if Hansen did a stream about that shit to "answer all questions" they'd just talk circles around it with mental gymnastics again.
With the Shiloh shit Greg would be in prison already.

No. 910202

To be fair she never said she delivered the laptop, just that she went to the court house to "look at her options". It's a mystery though why she didn't do shit with the laptop and sat on it for about 5 months until Hansen came along and asked her to give the laptop to him so he would deliver it to the FBI himself. She absolutely had enough time to take the laptop to authorities much before Hansen had a chance to potentially fuck it up and make it useless. I guess she was too busy attention whoring on Twitter and posting cringy memes to be a relatable kween.

No. 910207

File: 1677113540388.png (1.02 MB, 706x791, wftv.com.PNG)

No. 910208

"It's not grooming unless you meet them in person."
"It's not grooming if you fuck them when they're 18 and a half."
"Nudist beaches exist, that means sending nudes to underage girls is not wrong."

I wonder when he'll run out of retarded excuses, probably never.

No. 910211

>making such a huge deal out of something that you have nothing to do with
So he's setting the stage to throw Lainey under the bus, getting his story right. His whole defense will be "I never even spoke to Regina, it was my husband that sent those photos and said those things, not me."

I like the after thought
>and it also never happened
"umm uhh yeah and that thing I had nothing to do with… it never happened."

No. 910212

His voice sounds exactly like it did in the 911 "it's Chris Hansen" call lmao. He's shitting his pants

No. 910214

I hope the lawyers use that interview he did with Nicholas Deorio as proof that Taylor sent nudes to children and that he knew about it. On that interview Greg admits that Taylor sent nudes, but tried to use nudist beaches as an excuse for that. Well, I doubt judge will buy that stupid excuse.

No. 910221

File: 1677120366211.jpeg (49.05 KB, 522x357, d18ff662fd44fd9392ef46ab91a9ca…)

I was laughing hearing Greg's voice tremble. I can only imagine what Lainey is doing.
Its no longer "Lainey is crying" its "Lainey is having a fucking mental breakdown."

No. 910223

File: 1677121097644.png (437.73 KB, 1348x388, wftv9.png)

Full unedited WFTV Channel 9 interview with Onision. 10 minutes long. Greg sounds like he's on the verge of tears the whole time.


No. 910224

Interesting that he didn't try to defend Footface nor deny she's a groomer when the interviewer asked about her, he just said Regina has no proof of anything (and that's debatable). Also he had to pay half a million dollars to the IRS lmaooooooo, that's the milkiest part about this interview

No. 910229

It's a shame the IRS settled and didn't send his ass to prison for tax evasion, but him losing 500k dollars is still a pretty satisfying outcome.

No. 910234

He’s about to cry. But why does he keep saying his former spouse? Same as his book he says slouch at the time? Divorced finally??

No. 910235

listening to him on the verge of tears is fucking hilarious. he knows he's fucked.
i caught that too. i wouldn't believe taylor has left him unless there's any documents stating that she has.

No. 910236

File: 1677142039379.jpeg (13.03 KB, 157x244, 5BC9F313-04F4-4776-9B35-F5DF83…)

This is hilarious, he is so fucked. What I don’t understand is why that fucking hideous Quasimodo looking hambeast Regina is going after him instead of Footface. I mean she’s clearly looking for easy money because she’s too fugly to make anything with her onlyfats account but if she truly never interacted with Gurg but is trying to sue him she’s even more retarded than I thought. Foot’s rich ass parents would probably offer to settle out of court if she went after her instead, she’ll probably get nothing out of Gurg. Which is what she deserves tbh, she’s a grifting fucktard just like everyone else who has ever been involved with the Onions

No. 910238

>To be fair she never said she delivered the laptop
OH YES SHE DID. You're kinda acting like I wasn't there at the time. I'm sure the evidence of that is still out there somewhere.

No. 910239

I find it silly she's going after him and not Sarah or Billie or someone more relevant but I'm more annoyed she didn't at least try to look less like a bad Harley Quinn cosplayer with down's syndrome.
Like even when Shiloh dressed all girlboss with the terrible highlight and the suit with her tits hanging out to go on Chris Hansen, she looked ten times more professional.
The terf bangs, coloured pigtails and clown makeup are doing no favours. She better dress better than that for court, my God.

No. 910245

File: 1677155787984.png (61.14 KB, 748x373, 645566.PNG)

>Regina is going after him instead of Footface.
She is going after Lainey. If you read the first page of the complaint her name is right there as a defendant. And if you continued reading, Lainey is mentioned again and again and some of the evidence is messages and tweets from Lainey.

No. 910247

I don't know about you nonnies but I'm prepping for full fat, creamy milk. Onion is already cracking based off that interview and surely the legal team is prepping for something bigger down the pipe. I totally see why Gurg didn't go after Regina, not his blue-haired uwu altgirl type. Although I'd bet a thousand doll hairs if Regina had shown up at the onion lair he would have tried to stick his shriveled carrot in her.

No. 910251

He knows he's being recorded and it's hard for me to believe the tearfulness is genuine, more like a desperate effort to gain pity. He has no convincing defense, claiming Regina is looking for a payout and admitting he's broke in the same breath was practically an admission there is substance to her claims, that's the same bullshit that was used against Bill Cosby's and Harvey Weinstein's victims

No. 910256

AFAIK, no one's dug up any documents about divorce or separation. If that TikTok from a while ago is to be believed, they were at the very least probably visiting Taylor's parents in New Mexico in November last year. These two idiots are going to take each other out.

No. 910258

You're probably that same anon who every once in a while says Footface divorced him, with zero proof that happened. You have been saying the same shit for years, just to be proven wrong over and over again. She's never going to leave him, stop pushing this tinfoil as if it's a fact.

No. 910260

Part of me honestly wonders if Regina’s going after Onision because she was the only girl that got invited to their house who did not get offered a ride on the greasy onion pole. Like, Regina’s clearly mentally unhinged, given her outlandish appearance, her gender identity issues, and the fact that she wanted to interact with Onision and Lamey in the first place. The fact that she’s suing for emotional damages, unlike Billie and Sarah - the girls who were actually physically violated - makes me wonder if she’s attempting some kind of petty revenge/notice me senpai bullshit. Maybe Regina is truly the unhinged queen that Greg deserves.

No. 910261

Thats bullshit, she was only ever interested in lainey.
If anything the chat logs and documentary pretty much prove that, she was never interested in Greg. Maybe thats why Greg hates her too.

No. 910263

Oh shut up. Regina is the only one who has slightly kept her eye on the ball and hasn’t gotten swayed by Greg’s bullshit because she clearly isn’t interested in him. She wanted to save Lame and now she wants revenge against both of them for being nasty creeps. Who gives a fuck how she styles herself. She’s trying to keep them accountable and keep the grooming shit relevant.

No. 910264

That anon never said they divorced. They said they will throw each other under the bus. The last news we got on Lainey was that she and Greg were in New Mexico during the holidays. No one here believes they divorced.

No. 910268

>why does he keep saying his former spouse

I thought I missed something so I listened to the interview again. Greg never says "FORMER SPOUSE." If Im losing it and its actually there please provide a timestamp of when he says it. Until then I have to go with what I heard. Greg and Lainey are still married.

No. 910269

Sarah used to act like she wasn't interested in him either and that ended up with her having junk to rear with him on Lainey's chair, so idk about that

No. 910271

I don't want to get a hi cow ban, but this post was hilariously obvious.

Regina will be the first lawsuit, and right on the heels of that will be Sarah's lawsuit. I hope the next few years are filled with girls coming out of the woodwork suing both of them and they never get a days rest.

No. 910272

Fucking mega kek. He's talking to a grown up with a grown up audience and he's shaking. I don't think he's faking it. He's obviously nervous. It's also funny how he tries to be smart or wise, but sounds like a stunted teen girl. Also, why is no one talking about how he goes on and on, even mentioning his tax fraud by using deceptive language (i.e. "we worked it out with the IRS…"). I mean, the man has a lawsuit and he's running his mouth on a news program. The reporter doesn't even ask questions. It's hilarious.

No. 910273

He really thought bringing up his tax fraud in an attempt to victimize himself would make him look better lol. That just shows he already has a history of being involved in shady practices, and if he was innocent as he claims, he wouldn't have lost half a million dollars to the IRS. He's so fucking dumb.

No. 910274

Imo all the girls were pretending to be into Lainey but were actually 100% into Greg the whole time. I mean, Greg set up the whole poly with Lainey thing so maybe it was so they wouldn't look like homewreckers. And probably shame too. Who wouldn't be ashamed of craving the grease pole in your guts.

No. 910277

The reporter asks something along "what about your spouse at the time?" about 47 seconds in. He doesn't correct her. Just refers to Lainey as the other person involved.

No. 910278

I think the only ones who weren't into him were Maya and Luxymoo, and they were also the only ones smart enough to run the fuck away before his crusty dick gave them an UTI

No. 910280

You might want to look in to everything again, because you are seriously getting your "fax" wrong. Sarah was taken in my Lamey because her mother was bad. When she was 14. She didn't go to live there to fuck Greg, she went there to try and have somewhat of a normal life. Because she was already damaged she made a very easy target for Lamey and Grenge to groom her. And so they did. In the documentary she even tells they where all on the bed, Grenge, Lamey, toddler daughter Clot and Sarah watching TV and suddenly Grenge started fucking Lamey, then he pulled Sarah in like "here, have some of my parsnip too!" and thats what happened.
I sincerely don't believe Regina was ever interested in Grenge, to her it was all about Lamey.

No. 910281

Oh and might I add Grenge used to insult Sarah and degrade her ever since she was 14 just for that reason: Get her self esteem down to 0 so she's very insecure and thus easier to groom.
Grenge also once mentioned something about using a "wand" on her when she was still growing up, and then suddenly he wouldn't do that anymore. I tried and tried to find that video again, but I could not find it. I also tried to determine with other people here what that wand might have been, but it doesn't leave much to the imagination. Yes, it was sexual. These are the things Hanson should have looked in to, and inquired about, because I think its another smoking gun.

No. 910283

Gurg has a knack for picking out the most stupid low self esteem intra-competitive bottom feeder girls who relish in clawing each other's eyes out for him, which is exactly what they did in the end and fucked this whole thing up for themselves. This lolsuit isn't going anywhere.

No. 910284

She wanted greasy dick much before the threesome in bed with a sleeping toddler happened. Lame clone spilled the beans on Twitter once and said Sarah threw a tantrum in the bathtub and called her in tears when the grease couple started talking to Luxymoo, because she thought she'd the next in line after Billie left.

No. 910285

wasn't sarah 16 when she moved in with the onions? she started talking to Lainey at 14.

No. 910286

I love it because I think Greg hates her because he really didn’t have any interaction with her.

So that means he has nothing on her with no things to hurt her with like he does with Billie or Sarah. He can’t drag her embarrassments or traumas out and it leaves him pretty toothless. All he has is making fun of look and that’s pretty lame.

Plus, Regina never had his emotional hooks in her so he can’t use those old tools.

He’s basically off his playbook and out of his element.

I think he’s also frustrated that he’s getting “caught” by someone he legitimately didn’t do much wrong to when there are people out there that he has.

> I sincerely don't believe Regina was ever interested in Grenge, to her it was all about Lamey.

I think this also bothers him. It’s also someone he doesn’t deem as worth of his attraction and because he only sees women for sex, he hates her more than the average woman.

I didn’t really follow Regina as much but whatever, glad she’s doing this.

> why does he keep saying his former spouse?

I also don’t get this. It also seemed like he was taking the flack for it and keeping Lainey (and her new names) away from this. I wonder what’s that about.

No. 910287

> This lolsuit isn't going anywhere.

Who knows where it’s going but for right now it’s keeping their story in the spotlight and highlighting them as a dangerous couple to get to know. That’s a net positive in my book.

Greg and Lainey together thrive in secrets. If Sarah had never come forward they would still be following old patterns. Sarah coming out made that harder and all the coverage on them since has made it even harder.

No. 910290

I don’t know if Regina was ever interested in Gurg but even if she was Gurg has said he thinks she’s really fucking ugly numerous times. Which is true, but imagine being so busted that not even someone as hideous as Onion wants anything to do with you. Even his footfaced wife wasn’t interested in her beyond the attention she was getting, as evidenced by how quickly she ghosted her.

No. 910297

Sorry that’s what I meant the reporter says, “ spouse at that time”. The reporter may have information we don’t have. When repizon was reading from greases new “book” apparently Greg says “wife at the time”. I don’t know if they have spit and gotten a divorce but maybe? I don’t see it happening unless Lainey’s parents seriously get involved and step in, in a huge way like taking the kids or financially

No. 910298

I don’t think Regina was ever really interested in Lainey in a romantic way either just a weird teenager. She didn’t have a lot of friends and was sorta an outcast so found an online community to “relate” to and talk with. I think Regina convinced herself she was gay to get attention and may still believe it. But I dont think she was actually ever interested in either of the cows. Just a friendless awkward teen the cows prayed on. It’s big that deep.(sage your shit)

No. 910302

They must have divorced or are in the process. Idk why that's so hard to believe.

Greg is taking the opportunity of this lawsuit to pin everything on Lainey since it was her who groomed Regina.

He's going to say it was all her, she was the mastermind the whole time and he realized Lainey groomed him too so that's why he's divorcing now.

No. 910303

that makes me wonder if maybe Lamey was grooming bunches of girls at the same time. Like how they took in Sarah.
I theorize she did and then every once in a while would show Crenge the "prospects" so to speak and Crenge would either like them or not. Regina was one of those that didn't make the cut. Regardless if they liked Crenge or not, they'd groom them in to believing they wanted Crenge little parsnip regardless.

No. 910304

Theoretically entirely possible, should Greg have become so scared that he's trying to distance himself of her further. That way he could also claim that she lies a lot and that he divorced her for doing the things she did.
All speculation of course, dunno if there's any way to confirm if they have gotten divorced.

No. 910311

File: 1677251885814.jpg (33.13 KB, 583x233, 45374985930.jpg)

Is he hiding in his house not answering the door when they come knocking? I can totally see him calling 911 on the process server.
>Hi uhh there's this person named Regina that I've never met whos sending scary men to my house to knock on my door and yell things through the door.

No. 910312

File: 1677252137347.png (92.13 KB, 538x370, Cap9567100.PNG)

Someone in YT comments said the kids were with relatives for a while. Maybe that was a dry run to finally get the kids away for good.

No. 910313

>he did served the wrong Chris Hansan, so how hard is it?
About as hard as it is to write Chris Hansen, I suppose.

No. 910320

If they divorced there would be public documents of the divorce. Where are they?

No. 910324

I am assuming he used "wife at the time" in his book as during the timeframe he was referencing, Lame was his wife, but is now his "husband." Haven't read the book, though, and not sure why the reporter would use "spouse at the time" during the interview. Could be she knows something, could be misinformation fed to her by the onion, could be that she was making it clear that during the timeframe they were referencing, theirs was a legally binding partnership and not casual dating. Divorce feels like way too big of a tinfoil.

No. 910336

I tried looking them up but James Jackson is an extremely common name there. I bet thats why Greg chose that name. I haven't looked under the other million aliases, like Kai, Luka, Bill whatever the fuck she goes under now.
Maybe someone has more luck with it than I do.

No. 910338

I can believe this, in the interview he sounded like he was shitting his pants and about to cry. He probably hides under the bed like a scared little bitch when someone knocks on the door.

No. 910340

Not divorced YET

No. 910341

I checked the domestic records a couple of days ago and got nothing. The only other place they could be is maybe some county in New Mexico, given previously known travel plans.

You can technically be separated and not have it legally documented, but who the hell knows what's going on right now.

I don't think I've ever heard him sound genuinely scared like this before. Normally he's all smug and annoying and trying his hardest to shout down and defame whoever he can. Eat shit, Grug.

No. 910342

>I don't think I've ever heard him sound genuinely scared like this before. Normally he's all smug and annoying and trying his hardest to shout down and defame whoever he can. Eat shit, Grug.
Even if this "nothingburger" lawsuit ends up in nothing, it's still worth all the stress it's causing them. I bet Foot is pulling her hair out and getting even more bald than she already was before kek

No. 910345

Usually when rumors about Greg are this persistent they turn out to be true. I remember the rumors back in the day too like Regina, Sarah, Shiloh. Yeah, been here a while. But those usually turned out to be true.
It would be nice to get it confirmed though. Ah well, we'll see. At least its nice to see Greg is in complete agony right now. Plus he'll need to pay for a lawyer, unless he's dumb and narcissistic enough to defend himself like his idol Ted Bundy. Now that i'd like to see. If we're truly lucky the trial will be streamed online. Some judges do stream live.

No. 910346

Oh, and i'd also like to add that I hope and pray the judge is a woman and a mother of daughters around the age Greg and Lamey target.

No. 910347

File: 1677285185051.png (224.98 KB, 973x645, Untitled.png)

"Couples can only file for a divorce in the state and county that has jurisdiction to hear the case."

They where married in Bernalillo County, NM so that's where it would have to be filed.

No. 910348

Apologies, I was wrong. Apparently you can file in any state/county.

Despite my error this information may still be useful if Lucas has moved back with family in NM and is the one filing.

No. 910349

The rumors are usually true but you're forgetting Taylor is a massive doormat who is stuck to him like the herpes they both have. She will never leave him by her own choice, he could rape Cloey in front of her and she still wouldn't leave. When Sarah exposed them everyone was saying Taylor packed the bags and left, but when police knocked on the door to do a welfare check she was the one who answered, while Grease was in the hospital tweeting creepy shit about their daughter.

No. 910355

He is not a good actor. Listen to his inflection. It's the same whine a kid gives you when they're tattling.

No. 910356

Generally you have to separate for a time before a divorce can be finalized no? Especially when kids are involved

No. 910366

yeah but what if Greg decided to leave Lamey and there isn't anything she can do about it?

No. 910372

even though this lawsuit is bullshit, it's still good because greg is going to have to burn his time, energy, resources and money defending it. You still often need lawyers to fight bullshit lawsuits, and greg doesn't have any money. The alternative is he represents hiimself like he did with repzion, except this time he'll be doing it up against an actual law firm with unlimited resources to smoke him.

After all of this is behind him, win or lose he'll probably be down more money, and THEN sarah comes in and just nukes him from orbit, because she actually has a legit case of being groomed and sexually assaulted.

This might tie him up for years, and he's already broke. I think this could finally make him break.

No. 910385

It depends on the state. Washington has no separation requirement.

No. 910400

His latest videos were recorded inside a closet (there's a bunch of clothes behind him), if Taylor and the kids weren't with him anymore he would have the house all for himself and wouldn't be recording videos inside a closet

No. 910401

ah, thank God.
I want them to suffer together.

No. 910416

File: 1677373150656.webm (368.54 KB, wftv_edit_combined (mp3cut.net…)

The only proof we have that Lainey is still in the household is that you hear a child talking and screaming during the wftv9 interview. If Lainey left she would take the kids.

I had to listen with headphones to properly hear the child. When Greg says "please uh take my pennies" you hear muffled yelling and screaming of a child. Then at a different point in the interview Greg says "what they were pursuing me for" and you hear a child talking in the background. The interview abruptly ends after these so I wonder if Greg said he had to go because the kids were getting louder.

One other thing I noticed when listening closely with headphones is there were multiple edits. Things were cut out. The reporter only asked a few questions and just let Greg drone on without interruption. I'm sure he rambled on and made stupid "an oven makes a video that its hot" type analogies and the reported edited those out. But I wish the reporter had uploaded the true unedited interview because when you let Greg jabber on and he doesn't have the ability to edit it he accidently says things he doesn't want the public to know.

No. 910419

He sounds like he's about to burst into tears. Good.

No. 910421

> I am assuming he used "wife at the time" in his book as during the timeframe he was referencing, Lame was his wife, but is now his "husband."
This is exactly the reason he referred to Foot like that, and it wasn’t the first time such "terminology" was being used. I might be mistaken, but if I remember correctly, even Sarah used a phrase of the kind during her exposés.
The reporter probably got the term from one of those instances, but misinterpreted what the onions were on about, as she isn’t used to speaking in retard. And in the normal world, "wife at the time" would essentially mean "spouse at the time" or "former spouse", so can’t blame her for that.
Grease didn’t correct her probably because he didn’t care to (his goals / thoughts were elsewhere), or he was consciously ("strategically") being vague.

This whole "divorce" discourse is just wishful thinking. Grease won’t be divorcing Foot, at least not any time soon, as in that case he will be forced to pay child support for 2 kids, one of which has a disability. Plus, perhaps some type of initial spousal support for Foot on top of that. Grease is a greedy cheapskate and broke af, he’d rather live in infinite torture next to Foot than pay a penny.

And like >>910349 said, and as it was discussed before ad infinitum, and confirmed to be true, Foot will never leave Grease no matter what circumstance.

No. 910452

Honestly, they should’ve reinstated Grease back in the military. He would’ve been used as canon fodder when we inevitably go to war with China or North Korea. Sure he’d get nuked but at least he’ll be remembered as an American hero rather than a nonce.

No. 910455

Implying he wouldn't strip naked in front of his superior again after the first minor inconvenience he encountered

No. 910459

His biggest mistake was ditching the chair force for YouTube fame, a rather costly one at that. Dude could’ve been a General by this time, still had a female wife in his age range and a cushy lifestyle paid by the government if he just stfu and complied with his military obligations.

I hope it bites him in the ass knowing what he should’ve done in the first place.

No. 910461

File: 1677468732819.jpeg (186.87 KB, 1125x277, 83130B56-3CD1-423B-80EC-D3A4B9…)

Late milk but we may have a “come to Jesus” saga looming in the midst of the lawsuit. Grugly’s no longer spitting vitriolic statements against Christians and our beliefs but rather coming to defend said beliefs and feels safe knowing that God has a seat reserved for him in heaven despite his sins.

Grugly, you have to actually repent for your past sins, admit that you were wrong and ask/pray for forgiveness and wanting to actually change your wicked ways. He’s only turning to God because he knows he fucked up but it’s totally not his fault

No. 910465


closets have good acoustics and they minimize echo. they are actually good default recording booths

No. 910471

Not very sound proof if you can hear your undisciplined kids screaming at the top their lungs while you defend yourself against grooming/sex-trafficking & child pornography charges to some rando FL TV reporter. >>910416

No. 910476

As if he cares enough about the sound quality of his videos to record inside a closet for that reason lmao. Just let this tinfoil go, dude

No. 910481

File: 1677506377991.jpg (183.7 KB, 1600x1150, Good-Fellas-Hilarious.jpg)

Greg?! a General?! Greg was a shitbird then and he's a shitbird now!

No. 910491

Still better than sisesca or whatever where he was the messianic figure himself lol.

No. 910511

Do you guys honestly think he's suddenly a Christian? His dad is a minister or some shit in a weirdo Christian cult. Greg is way too narcissistic to ever give himself to some sort of higher power. In his mind yes, he does believe he's Christ-like, same as Chris-chan and any other narcissist out there.
I don't think he ever truly gave up on "his own religion" that was directly lifted off of Final Fantasy 7. He still believes that shit, hell he's made videos about how you can create weird tulpa like creatures in your head and have them protect you and shit.
I keep trying to tell people how incredibly similar Greg and Chris-chan truly are, I suggest you look in to it, its really quite remarkable even down to having fucked their own mother. I mean theres no way in hell that bitch crazy Tami gave Greg full naked body massages and did not fuck him too.

No. 910514

File: 1677542077009.jpg (43.44 KB, 1280x720, we-are-human.jpg)

This Greg moment always reminds me of this scene.

No. 910516

Maybe he reached his breaking point. I'll believe it when he makes Lainey detrans and gets baptized

No. 910527

He compared himself so much to Johnny Depp and now he's gonna go through a civil lawsuit trial, just like Johnny did. Be careful with what you wish for lol

No. 910528

File: 1677559313851.png (50.31 KB, 602x478, 2272023.PNG)

Why am I not surprised that none of his family wants anything to do with him.

No. 910529

What I want to know is what will be Onisions "turd in the bed" moment during the trial?

No. 910530

Yeah, when his sister Joanna got married she didn't invite him to her wedding kek. She was super disgusted when she found out he fucked Sarah, he used to act like Sarah was his foster daughter in front of his sister and mother. Crazy Tammi even called Sarah her foster granddaughter.

No. 910536

But Joanna and onion fell out over something else, not sarah. A long time back he was on a really weird anti-abortion kick, insulting women who have them, and he randomly brought that she, his sister, had one. I dont remember if she dropped him over it or if he dropped her. He dropped Tami because she wouldnt give him back the house he signed over to her to protect it from the IRS kek.

No. 910537

You're wrong, he exposed her abortion exactly because he was mad that he didn't get invited to her wedding, and he didn't "randomly bring it up", he made several tweets and videos about it to publicly humiliate his sister just like he did to Billie previously. The abortion exposing thing was retaliation for her not inviting him, not the other way around.

No. 910545

Kinda wondering if she's Cyr's cousin or something.

Whats their to "expose" exactly? Her body, her choice. Its deplorable for someone else to even mention, even when someone is super duper "against abortion".
Then again wunder-retard Greg is against it since his mothers doctor wanted to abort his big fat watermelon head. And really, can we blame that doctor?

No. 910550

By expose they mean humiliate. Noone wants people to share that info.

No. 910553

He has a cousin who appeared in videos around 2013-2014 iirc, good to know he’s another woman-abusing scrote too.

No. 910569

File: 1677613832760.jpg (87.54 KB, 960x617, 9878768086781.jpg)

I think the cousin this girl is tweeting about is Roddy. He appeared in quite a few videos around this time frame (2013-2014) Greg has had no contact with his father or that side of the family since he was a teenager. So he only had his mothers side of the family that he interacted with during holidays. Now both the Daniel and Jackson clans think he's a pedo and don't want their kids around him or his wife. No friends, no family, what a sad isolated life they have now. Just Greg, Lainey and 2 screaming kids in their tiny house 24/7.

No. 910570

It runs in the family. Also kek at his number being blocked, not even this guy wanted to talk to him.

No. 910571

I find it particularly piquant that said cousin looks like Steveree Wolf

No. 910573

File: 1677619358369.png (274.95 KB, 918x353, 8A5AD0EEF9E1AFB8.png)

The final falling out with Greg and Joanna wasn't the abortion. It was her not inviting him to the wedding because Joanna thought his relationship with Sarah was inappropriate and told him his morals were questionable. Right after Greg found out he was forbidden from attending he made a song for Joanna titled "Pretend Your Morals Are the Best" The lyrics laid out all the grievances he had with his sister over the years. Her abortion(s), cheating on her husband, having her child circumcised (mutilated in Greg's eyes), and repeatedly beating up Greg when they were kids.
>dig dig dig till its all dead
>cut off its screaming head
>take take take till its all gone
>then say you did nothing wrong
>suck suck suck away the blood
>then pretend you could ever love
>eat it till the maggots take the rest
>pretend that your morals are the best
>rip the child you asked for from your womb
>facing the unloving mothers doom
>go behind your husbands back
>with another man in sack
>mutilate your child with a grin
>then proclaim another is full of sin
>beat the weaker down laughing as you do
>then play victim when its done to you
adding to the sanctimonious vibe he clipped Martin Luther King Jr. saying "INJUSTICE!" throughout the song.

I guess all that dirt wasn't enough because a few weeks after the wedding Greg "conveniently remembers" that his sister tried to molest him. He never told this story before. It was an obvious lie but I wonder if he some how makes himself believe these things happened so he can play victim or feel superior.

No. 910576

"Abortion bad, but leaving children unattended to fall off window and get brain damage good"
I bet Cloey will wish she was aborted when she grows up, if she doesn't already

No. 910581

>cheating on her husband
As if he didn't cheat on Footface too, several times and with different girls, one of which was her own "best friend". Oh I forgot Footface didn't specify they weren't allowed to do anal, so him putting his greasy Vienna sausage inside his wife's best friend's asshole dozens of times was not cheating, my bad /s

No. 910582

>Refuses to be a incubator, has child on own terms
>Cheats on useless scrote
>Removes a useless piece of skin because they're too gross to wash their dicks. Only non-circumcised men complain about it because they hate when women call their penises ugly.

I see no problem with her.

No. 910586

Jaclyn has made a video about the sex trafficking and child pornography federal lawsuit. I think this might bring Onision out of hiding to argue against her "slander and lies." He keeps tabs on her and probably knew immediately when it was uploaded. He's always had a weird obsession with her ever since they collabed. He acts like Jaclyn belongs to him.

No. 910591

After he's done violently masturbating to her video, he's gonna send her a bunch of manic, creepy emails lmao

No. 910595

This video is really funny, she makes fun of him a bunch of times and mocks his "career" as a model, musician etc. I bet it's gonna make him mad mad, he can't stand a woman making fun of him

No. 910603

To be fair he kept tabs on almost everyone he knew at some point. If he's still mourning billie openly it wouldn't surprise me if behind the scenes he was still actively lurking the profiles of side characters like ayala, social repose, billy the fridge, maybe cyr, etc

No. 910608

Yeah but when Jaclyn got married he went nuts over it and started spamming her with weird ass tweets, and he did the same thing later when she announced she was having a baby, he definitely thinks he has some type of ownership over her. I don't even need to mention his spergout when she had a boobjob.

No. 910622

Of course she needs to grift on this yet again, as she always does. All her other videos are boring and stupid. And isn't it ironic how she married a jewish man, despite her being an "outspoken atheist". Yeah, Greg wanted to fuck her, and she once told how when she met Greg to collab Greg scolded her for wearing high heels since its "bad for women" (translation: "waaaahhhh you're already taller than me and this makes you even taller! i'm a tiny little manlet with a big fat watermelon head waaaahhh"
She even once made a video with her ex Social Repulse on how Greg wanted to fuck her, not that Social Repulse or any youtuber is any better. Their all narcissistic scum imho.
Super funny to post that video here now, oh the irony of it all.

No. 910623

Just one more for the road.

No. 910625

I kek'd audibly at the potato clip. Gerg is so fucking pathetic it must be a distraction from his predatory nature. I honestly believe he does all this stupid shit intentionally to disarm future victims. Fucking creep.
Quit distracting from the subject at hand. Glenn is actually helping bring all this shit to light and even redirecting to another youtuber who has more detailed info. At this point the more who know, the better. Gerg and Foot must be sweating bullets right about now. Can't wait for more interviews and these two to hopefully face some proper consequences. Screaming and mooing the whole damn way.

No. 910626

I posted two videos about Glenn and you're spergin out about it? Don't tell me what to do. No one tells me what to do.
In any case, I was done after those two anyway. And I only posted them because I think in hindsight they're hilarious.

No. 910630

Just telling you to keep the thread on topic instead of trying to discredit Glenn. No1curr if she's a grifter, she's exposing the onions which may result in more milk.
>don't tell me what to do. No one tells me what to do.
Jeeze I'm almost tempted to get a (hi cow) redtext for that line.

No. 910633

kek, I thought the same thing. I was waiting for Grift-Nonnie's chest thumping to mutate into the Navy Seal Copypasta.

No. 910634

File: 1677698964817.png (279.43 KB, 500x432, e62.png)

ayrt KEK absolutely. Definitely giving pic related vibes. Guess I'm fuckin' dead, kiddo.

No. 910637

My post was one post, yet now you are here ranting about it in 3 posts. Thats not filling up the thread with garbage, because….?
I know better, no more replies from me about this after this post.
Learn 2 integrate, newfriend.

No. 910655


Ryan lives in Tacoma now with his long term girlfriend according to voting records and is living in a shitty apartment based off pictures from his Mercari account.

No. 910657

File: 1677770993018.jpg (166.16 KB, 1079x1202, RyanVoter.jpg)

Same fagging but forgot the screenshot

No. 910658

So does that mean Reyna’s no longer living with the onions?

No. 910659

Yeah, he moved 15 minutes down the road from them tho

No. 910665

No. 910667

File: 1677798268313.png (102.87 KB, 1582x794, 1629986420472.png)

Years ago during one of Laineys streams she asked her fans opinion about a hypothetical scenario.
>You're visiting a friend in another state and plan on staying at that friends home but your significant other is uncomfortable with that and wants you to stay in a hotel or Airbnb which would only worsen your anxiety. Isn't this persons significant other acting silly?

At the time people thought it was about Lainey wanting to visit someone and Greg being upset. It turns out that it was Ryans girlfriend that didn't want Ryan staying at Laineys house because she was afraid Greg would try to fuck Ryan. Are we sure Ryan is living in Tacoma with a gf? When Ryan moved in with them back in June 2021 she had broken up with this girlfriend. I just cant see this gf being cool with moving all the way to WA and living a few miles away from the man she was afraid was going to fuck her "boyfriend" Ryan. Now Ryan on the other hand, I can see her following Lainey to hell and back because she's been trying to fuck Lainey for years - picrel

Haven't you seen the dozen or so "proof of voice" videos Ryan has uploaded after injecting T?
>this is my voice after 2 months on T. forced vocal fry
Very manly. Ryan and Chad Thundercock could be twins.

No. 910668

File: 1677800048536.jpg (507.08 KB, 1079x1389, Screenshot_20230302-181821_Chr…)

Just took this screenshot of Ryan's FB right now. They're both clearly in a Washington national park. San Diego doesn't have that kind of scenery. Yes they're living together now. They were broken up when Ryan initially moved but made up later on. Ryan is also selling her clothes on Mercari too.

I don't want to make this thread all about some pedo sympathizer. Just clearing up that Ryan moved a while ago and made up with the girlfriend but still lives close enough to Footface.

No. 910669

I wonder who is being a live-in maid and babysitting the kids for Footface now, that useless cunt needs someone to watch her kids 24/7 since she's too lazy to take care of her own kids properly

No. 910670

File: 1677804267897.gif (3.63 MB, 360x294, oops_but_not_really.gif)

Sorry if my post sounded confrontational or accusatory. I just couldn't understand why those two (especially Liz) would move so close to Greg. Thank you for the ss and confirmation. Ryan was/is so obsessed with Lainey she'll keep trying figure out a way to get Lainey to herself without Greg being involved. And if Lainey gives her any hint of being open to it Ryan is going to dump Liz as fast as she dumped her female persona.

No. 910672

Footface is just stringing her along like she did to all the idiots who were "in love" with her (remember Madison?). Also the only reason Jess is still in Foot's life is because she probably hasn't done anything that pissed Grease off yet, because if she did Grease would make Foot drop their friendship and she would do it without a second thought.

No. 910673

inabber uploaded a video about onision today
not new milk but a good 3 hour deep dive into the onision lore for those who are late to the game and ask to be spoonfed.

No. 910675

>And if Lainey gives her any hint of being open to it Ryan is going to dump Liz as fast as she dumped her female persona.
Agree. This Liz is just a consolation prize since Ryan obviously loves Taylor and pines for her, proof: >>910667
She's been pinning for Taylor for almost a decade already, damn, that video they did together is from like 2014 or 2015. Poor Liz.

No. 910696

File: 1677843111178.png (274.25 KB, 1015x571, Capture332023_276.PNG)

I skipped around the video hoping to be surprised by some weird shit Greg did before I got hooked on the drama. Then I see that Greg posted photos of his dad in diapers on discord back in 2017. I have no memory of that. I checked the archived threads around that time (Sept 2017)
and saw nothing mentioned. Was it a troll that was debunked? iNabber says he saw the photos
>its very clearly gregory's dad papa onision wearing diapers in all the multitudes of different angles and situations and scenarios and it wasn't like it was a one off thing and Greg took it out of context.
iNabber seems confident they're real. Why don't I remember this? Its like one of those Mandela effect things.

No. 910697

I don't think that post was made by Grease, the writing style is different. Plus he never mentioned this fetish in any of the videos he made attacking his father, if it was true he would have milked it to death.

No. 910700

Ugh, she even thinks like a scrote

No. 910703

File: 1677859098991.png (17.29 KB, 545x180, opera_OygBes2hKz.png)

guess sarah decided to sue too

No. 910704

File: 1677861950880.jpg (49.15 KB, 480x720, d8578a7c90c9944169a16241ca3920…)

Here we go.

No. 910707


Ah yes, the nonnies saying that Regina’s lawsuit was just the beginning were right and the “nothingburger” fag can stfu. Even if it’s not Sarah doing this lawsuit it’s still another rusted nail in Greg’s greasy coffin.

No. 910708

Let’s go!!!

No. 910709

It's not. Based on a video from someone who was lurking in his Discord, Greg made a "joke" that his dad had a diaper fetish, then supposedly uploaded a Google Drive link with a bunch of content on it. The guy in the video turned out to be some random dude with a diaper fetish, and he eventually came forward and said he wants nothing to do with Greg.

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMeDhCcq-ek

Debunked video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzHlYxSIgn8

No. 910712

Yes. If it is proven that they solicited CSAM, they will be on a registry. That and… all the other shit they've done.

No. 910714

That's cool and all but I wanna see a criminal lawsuit, not just a civil one. If there's evidence of a "sexual assault on a minor", they definitely could get a criminal charge since that's obviously a crime.

No. 910715

I hope it's Sarah, or maybe Shiloh even, and not some rando who never even met them in person trying to be a victim

No. 910716


civil lawsuit = discovery

discovery = fodder for criminal investigation

And all the while greg has to find money to pay lawyers, which he apparently doesn't have.

No. 910719


Plainey sending nudes is enough to make anyone a victim.

No. 910720

I thought they would wait for Regina's lawsuit to have concluded so they could figure out how to fix anything that didn't pan out and then file the 2nd lawsuit with gained insight.

Im just going by what this anon said >>909405
>you file the case that has the victim with the lesser claims, this sets the tone, gives you expectations of what the court expects and can be used to drive up the settlement with the victim that has more claims
>the second being the stronger case can be filed and you can also correct the things that went wrong in the first.

No. 910721

Thanks anon. I thought I was losing my mind because I couldn't remember this happening back then.

No. 910722

File: 1677879103282.png (133.36 KB, 815x728, 58748222.PNG)


Its Sarah suing.

No. 910723

No. 910726

Fuck yeah. I really have no hope of anything coming from this but I want it to so bad.

No. 910728

They might have blocked her last name out before sharing the image here?

No. 910729

Oh, damn. If this is real, they're going after Gurg for grooming, sex trafficking, and raping Sarah.

No. 910730

File: 1677880328484.png (116.74 KB, 716x665, Case 123_cv_00223 (42).PNG)

>Sarah was raped by Onision at the age of eighteen (18).

No. 910731

Sorry for double-post, documentation is saying that Sarah is requesting partial anonymity out of protection as she is a victim, because she only ever commented on this with her first name, and fear of retaliation.

No. 910732

File: 1677880461442.png (145.09 KB, 747x717, Case 123_cv_00223 (222).PNG)

>Onision deliberately pressed his erect penis up against Sarah’s buttocks
this was when she was under 16-17?

No. 910733

File: 1677880547662.png (150.59 KB, 752x733, Case 123_cv_00223 (229).PNG)

>Onision would find reasons to touch or brush up against Sarah’s breasts,
buttocks, or body and would cause his hand to linger, touching her continually until
Sarah stepped back.
again Im assuming this happened when she was underage

No. 910734

I’m almost done reading it and decided to delete my previous post after reaching that part. The motion is very well-written and convincing enough to criminally doom the onions, I can hear Greg’s screams as he’s being pounded by Bubba’s massive cock.

No. 910735

fake tweet is fake.
Only 42 minutes old at time of anon posting that. I hope its Shiloh, with Shiloh they truly have a case, greg human trafficked her and theres TONS of evidence, even a police report from when her mother called the hotel Greg gave Shiloh his parsnip in. Camera set up and all.
Should also be good. Hope Shiloh will follow.

No. 910736

File: 1677881651509.png (173.29 KB, 750x916, 45DFE6HHD23.PNG)

Witness tampering is a felony.

I can just hear Gregs shaky voice on the phone begging Sarah not to sue them, while Lainey is crying in the background.

No. 910737

I have seen that video. I remember it so clearly, Lainey also mentioned using the same wand with Billie. All 4 of them were sitting on that gooey black leather couch in their basement when it was said. Probably deleted but ugh

No. 910738

Reading into this, they're referring to the rape as the incident where Sarah was coerced into a threesome while Greg and Lainey's infant daughter was sleeping beside them. The report doesn't involve the infant daughter at all and sort of bends the story to that.

The story originally, Sarah rushed to put her shorts back on after the daughter awoke in the middle of their threesome but Greg noticed, took them, and threw the shorts across the room. Now, the story is that he ripped them off of her and threw them across the room when she tried to put them back on in protest?

I'm rooting for anyone who's got the balls to crush this creep, but this is super contradictory?

No. 910739

Why aren't they using legal names though?

No. 910742

If you'd bother to actually read the document, you would see that they were addressed as their many legal names in the first few pages.

No. 910743

I saw that, it just seems odd to primarily use their pseudo names to address them in the document.

No. 910745

read the whole complaint and brush up on how these are compiled. The way they address the plaintiff and defendants is customary. Your no sage hints at how you operate.

No. 910746

they are online personalities and it probably helps to highlight that power dynamic in the court files. that and the fact that they have very common names otherwise. it is customary for ''celebrities'' to be mentioned by their pseudonyms.

No. 910750

Oof this milk is going to be GOOD, Lucas Jackson and Gregory Jackson are crying. Oh to be a fly on the wall in the cow barn, I bet they're both screaming their heads off at each other.

No. 910752

why is this complaint written so terribly? and where's any mention of the alleged nudes taylor sent to sarah? and at best, taylor only ever was sarah's attorney-in-fact, not her guardian. it's pretty complicated to transfer guardianship of a child in the way they try to claim it was, which would've had to be filed with the court. she would've had to be a guardian ad litem and i can almost guarantee she was not one for sarah. really poorly written complaint, not impressed with this attorney at all. seems like your standard ambulance chaser for SA cases and that's disappointing in and of itself. google/youtube will not be settling for this, imho, but let's see. we all know greg and foot have nothing to their names and assloads of state/federal debt, and honestly at this point, these lawsuits are just fucking their doomed children over harder, really. their kids are so beyond fucked.

as far as greg and taylor grooming by playing video games and consistently talking about stupid/sexual topics, really, that's just them imho. they're seriously developmentally arrested, they have no actual interests and are fucking retarded.

No. 910757

I wonder if Sarah went to the cops telling them she got raped by Onion, or if she's accusing him of rape just in this civil lawsuit that is asking for money. I hope she isn't using literal rape just to get rich and tries to get actual justice too.

No. 910758

File: 1677895964611.webm (921.87 KB, in_the_same_bed.webm)

There seems to be three stories. I wouldn't say they are "contradictory" It differs by who's retelling the story or how much detail is being given.

The first time the story was told on the Chris Hansen interview straight from Sarah's mouth. To me it sounds like it happened twice
>a couple of the times when we all three were intimate with each other
C was asleep on the bed while they were having sex (two separate incidents.) C would wake up and they'd have to stop.

No. 910759

File: 1677896065591.jpg (285.26 KB, 1498x815, ope_haylee.jpg)

The second story was by proxy. Sarah had Haylee tweet out more detail to the story after the backlash.
They were getting ready to have sex, C walks into the room, Lainey gets up and takes C back to her bed. While Lainey is gone Greg takes Sarah's shorts which were already removed and threw them across the room to keep her on the bed. Lainey returns and they resume. Like the game of telephone did Haylee relay the story correctly after Sarah told her about it?

And now we have the lawsuit complaint story that never mentions the daughter and does seem to be more violent on Gregs part. I would think the lawyers would want to include the fact their child was in the same bed, or maybe they think it puts Sarah in a bad light because she let it happen twice.

No. 910760

File: 1677896236539.webm (189.84 KB, they're_going_to_get_sued.webm)

Just an interesting side note. While going through the Hansen-Sarah interview I heard her say this at the end. It prophetic.

No. 910762

Does Greg still owns those guns that were mentioned in a police report? I'm not saying he's going to blow Taylor's brains out and then blow his own brains out, but I'm also not saying this isn't a possibility.

No. 910770

Greg has always denied he owns a gun. On the 911 call he says "no I don't" when asked if he has any weapons in the home. Was that a lie?
The police report says
>from prior there are firearms in the home. A SKS gun or AR15
I'm assuming the officer that responded saw the rifle in the home during one of the many welfare checks and wasn't sure what type it was so he described which 2 it could be. The officer only saw one rifle. My family members that own pistols and rifles always have them secured and away from prying eyes. Its frightening that this rifle was out in the open for this officer to see while walking through the living room. You could argue that its one of the fake guns Greg uses for his skits. Id hope that the Pierce County Sheriff's know the difference between real steel and airsoft.

No. 910775

He’s gonna Chris Watts his family if the consequences from the lawsuit get too severe, just watch.

No. 910778

File: 1677910679658.png (56.19 KB, 935x754, mlive.com-news-2023-03.PNG)

Local MI news sites have gotten ahold of it. I hope there's a local TV news station in Michigan that gets Greg to do another phone interview. Better yet a zoom call. His voice trembling wasn't enough. I want to see the terror in his face.

No. 910779

>as far as greg and taylor grooming by playing video games and consistently talking about stupid/sexual topics, really, that's just them imho
nona its literally mentioned because its part of the grooming process. making a crude joke in front of a teenager is not lawsuit of course. but the context is grooming someone underage for years so yes it would be important to mention all of it as it correlates to the bigger picture just like having loud sex around her and fondling a teenager is also mentioned.
not really a gotcha moment considering the document is explaining the whole environment was sexually from the start not just "jokes" and onion had sex with her as soon as she was 18 so yes its related to a grooming allegation ffs

No. 910780

>Onision deliberately pressed his erect penis up against Sarah’s buttocks
Foreshadowing to all the anal sex they would do later being Foot's back kek

No. 910781

If I'm being honest I don't believe Sarah was raped, there's so many indications that she wanted to be part of their threeway relationship since when Billie was still around, and then she went back and kept having anal sex with him on her own choice without Taylor even being involved. She always wanted his greasy chode and no one can change my mind about it.

No. 910782

No one will try to change your mind. Its like encountering a flat-earther. Those types are usually set in their ways and attempting to show them the truth only gets you frustrated.

No. 910783

Interesting that the lawsuit didn't mention the anal sex they had all over the house while Taylor was in another state, why is that?

No. 910784

File: 1677917370433.png (825.27 KB, 699x595, checkmate.PNG)

No. 910785

As much as I want to kek at Greg going to jail, these are both civil cases, so no jail, just money. Now, since it crossed state lines that would make it a federal crime. So maybe he will get double wammied. Both civil and federal?

No. 910786

File: 1677917888392.jpg (99.41 KB, 603x565, 9664710010639.jpg)

I hope this is true. I cant believe they haven't served Greg for Regina's case yet. How long is it going to take to hand him Sarah's papers? I like to imagine Greg is peeking through the curtains of his Travelodge motel room sweating out because that same white car has driven by twice and someone pretending to be housekeeping keeps knocking.

No. 910788

File: 1677919206502.png (286.2 KB, 1116x272, image (2).png)

Absolutely right. No jail time with these two cases. But this anon was concise and dead on >>910716
>civil lawsuit = discovery
>discovery = fodder for criminal investigation

I've heard talk about the "crossing state lines" charges, and I really hope that happens but wouldn't it be ironic if Greg and Lainey end up going to jail for witness tampering & intimidation. Literally Al Capone'd into prison. I understand that's not one of the counts in either lawsuits but the complaint states that both Greg & Lainey called Sarah and tried to threaten her. That's a felony.

No. 910793

This is exactly the kind of water-brained move onision would pull. Maybe they bought a van and put the kids with the parents.

No. 910794

Sarah has rewritten her story of the three-way in the bed when the kid was present to no longer mention the kid at all and say it was rape. She kept the shorts being thrown, though. I can see why: it wasn't a good look for her.

No. 910796

If my recollection is right. Those were two separate incidents. The rape would be the first time she had relations with Greg. The child on the bed was a later event.

No. 910798

I went back through the sarah/hansen sit down on archive org (because it's missing from youtube) and she does say the first time was a threesome. Someone off camera was prompting her then to say she hadn't actually given clear consent. Also I had to look at Vince's stupid fucking potato face again to do this.

No. 910799

Based on sarah's timeline (can be found on tumblr). there seems to be multiple times she had a three way with greg and kai. So could be separate events. All in all reading the court documents on her events made me a bit queasy. I am really curious what if anything will come from the court dase.

No. 910800

Yea they were separate I think. Kai really was the trojan horseface used for greg to rape teens.

No. 910801

When the police interviewed her she told them it was all consensual and that she never felt coerced to do anything though. If this lawsuit goes forward, her police statement definitely will be brought up in court by Grease and Footface's defense during trial to put Sarah's story in doubt, and unfortunately it won't look good for her.

No. 910803

File: 1677964287185.png (191.78 KB, 551x309, How_Shiloh_Met_Greg.png)

If thats true than Shiloh could be the final nail in Greg's coffin. With Shiloh they have human trafficking of a minor under the MANN act and a nice police report from when Shiloh's mother called the cops. There's tons of evidence of it.
I hope Shiloh will follow suit and not let us down. She did once say she would destroy Greg, don't let us down, Shiloh. Time to put your money where your mouth is.

No. 910810

File: 1677972898915.png (594.33 KB, 1186x702, dcoirl.PNG)

The throwing of the shorts/pajama bottoms to keep Sarah on the bed was never part of Sarah's first three-way story. Even when she told the story in the Discovery documentary it was just Lainey and Greg having sex and Greg pulling her in. Its odd that the "throwing of the shorts" thing is being added to multiple stories now. Even worse the pajama bottoms are now forcibly being pulled down by Greg which she never said before.

No. 910821

It could be possible that she only lied in order to have Greg get off her back since we all know how much he loves to contact her and manipulate her into not exposing them. In seriousness though why does she allow them to call her despite trying to get away from them? Can’t she just change phone numbers or emails?

No. 910825

Probably to keep records if anything happens, like this lawsuit.

No. 910830

I hope some chronically online tiktoker goes to court and films the whole thing like last time. I can't wait to see the getup he wears this time.

No. 910832

What's the expiry date for getting served, is there even one? The idea of him hopping from motel to motel for years is kinda amusing. If he's really missing though, he's burned all his bridges. He has no one to stay with long-term. If foot's relatives don't let him crash, he's fucked. Actually is she also missing to avoid the lawsuit?

No. 910851

I think there is, thats going on with David Miscavige right now, at a certain point they just say well you got served and proceed.

No. 910853

File: 1678019629045.png (143.09 KB, 937x1454, farwell-1.png)

He's leaving his fans and forum.

No. 910854

File: 1678019865940.png (131.9 KB, 929x1450, farewell (2).png)

It looks like all the user names have been wiped and anyone posting is tagged as "unknown member" now with no pfp. I'm not a paying member so Im not 100% sure. But what I could see yesterday is now gone.

No. 910857

What a weird self-righteous ramble. I suppose that's to be expected. God he's such a punk ass creep, I hope he does somehow face prison time.

No. 910858

Maybe it was inevitable that he would lose it all in the end but it is funny to me that staying with Taylor really sealed the deal for him. Without Lainey he would never have met Regina or Sarah and would have likely continued cycling through young girls who were 17/18 and keep farming out their breakups and makeups for YouTube content.

It’s obviously his own fault too for doing the things he did but it’s just funny how without her it’s very possible that he would still have a career and at least not be facing several damning lawsuits.

No. 910860

His videos were utter trash. He insulted a girl bullied to the point of suicide, he humiliated people and loved calling young girls fat. His whole success was based off the wild west of the 2000s, where revenge porn sites were incredibly popular. But now that you can be held accountable, he suddenly thinks the internet is immoral? The absolute hoops Onision jumps through to prove he's not a bad person always blows my mind. I mean nothing is worse than "Sarah actually raped me!" but his coping is so saturated in bullshit, I'm surprised he can stand the smell. This guy forced young women into sexual situations, used their rape and trauma against them then brags about saving lives. Onision needs a video compilation of all the terrible shit he's said online.

No. 910864

This and so much. He fucking unicorned a few million and spent it on getting his dick wet with underage girls. Could have been smart, but waterheads gonna waterhead.

No. 910868

Leaving again i see. as he said 10 million times before. look, if this entire thing is true (and i think it is) then you raped Sarah, Greg.
Seriously, I have no sympathy for fucking pedophiles. So fuck you Greg. Fuck you.
Apologies if that was a bit too much, but seriously, fuck that guy.

No. 910869

I'm sure he screams that to her several times a day, while calling her a dumb cunt

No. 910870

It's funny that with Skye he made his most successful video ever and became YouTube famous, but with Footface he's being accused of being a rapist and getting sued. Amazing life choices he made there.

No. 910871

The complaint is fairly comprehensive being 67 pages long. And while, some of the allegations could have been written in a better context, it covers a lot. I work in Civil law and I've never seen such a huge complaint. Usually they're 6 pages. A lot of what's mentioned in the complaint looks like discovery questions to prove the grooming took place, but being too specific in a complaint is never a bad thing unless it comes off as petty or wastes the court's time. What I find interesting is how thorough the complaint is in describing jurisdiction over google. I can't tell you how many cases like this get dismissed because the court the complaint is filed in doesn't have jurisdiction over the entity being sued. Big corporations love to file motions to dismiss based on jurisdiction or simply not knowing who in the company to address their summons to.

Kek. This is a common tactic and the courts know the game. It's going to fuck them in the end. If greg thinks he can't be sued if they don't properly serve him, he's wrong. As long as the plaintiff does it's due diligence in trying to locate and properly serve defendant, then the summons will be seen as legitimate and the case can proceed. Eventually a certified letter will be served to the address listed on their driver's license the courts will see that as acknowledgment since you need your ID to be updated with your current address. Wasting all that money for absolutely nothing. It's not that Greg's not smart enough to handle finances, he's not smart enough to engage in fraud successfully. Judge is already going to be pissed he tried dodging his summons and leniency with the judge is worth a lot more than putting off a summons.

No. 910872

That whole video was her idea. So imagine that, its "his" best work, yet someone else came up with it.
He really is like Chris-chan. Isn't it ironic how he screamed at his kids to "TAKE SOME RRRRREEEESPONSIBILITY!!!!" and yet he never ever does. He should be screaming that at himself. He's his own worst enemy. Its nothing short of a miracle he had his 15 minutes of fame in the first place, then waterhead went and fucked it all up. He has no one to blame but himself, and yet he feels its all "other peoples fault".
He's a stupid manbaby and he always will be. Like someone once mentioned with women too, he's an incel who got lucky otherwise he'd be humping a rubber woman all day. Piece of shit.
He deserves everything thats coming to him and a whole lot more. He raped Sarah and he's a pedophile, there's no coming back from that.
That whole letter reads like a video I once seen from Austin Jones "explaining it all", even down to mentioning "someone famous" who "agreed with him and said he dindu nuffin'"
I posted it with this post, just take a listen, its the same horseshit and I hope one day Greg's fate will be the same.

No. 910873

>That whole video was her idea. So imagine that, its "his" best work, yet someone else came up with it.
Exactly, and Footface was never creative or talented enough to help him with video ideas like Skye was. All she had to offer him was her young teenager body (which is all that creep cares about in a girl), but that went to shit too after she got pregnant.

No. 910874

File: 1678053244829.jpg (136.6 KB, 991x913, Screenshot 2023-03-05 155242.j…)

The users are all still there. McFly even posted a comment. He may have just changed the settings to only show it to paid or logged in members.

The Discord server hasn't been active since yesterday.

No. 910875

If he never met and married Lainey he would still have rape accusations somewhere down the line. That's just Greg's MO. Look at every relationship he's ever had. When describing their first sexual encounter with Greg they'll say something to the effect of "it wasn't rape… BUT!"

Shiloh - He flew out to PA to fuck her in some motel at 17, and in the CH interview she mentioned how she had to sleep next to Greg's desk as he edited so when he got the urge she would be "easy access". Getting UTI's because of the frequency and violent nature. He would pull her hair and yank her head back so hard she couldn't breathe.

Adrienne - There's that letter she wrote
>I want to reiterate that he did not rape me – but there is a fine line between being forced to do something and being pressured to do something
They had planned to wait a month before they had sex, but within hours of their first meetup Greg is throwing her on the bed, trying to get her undressed and grabbing at her, she's saying "no, no, no" Greg starts kissing her harder to shut her up, so she just lets it happen.

Lainey - If she ever got away from Greg I'm sure her stories of their first sexual encounters would not be that romantic. The first night he visited her in New Mexico he immediately brought her back to his hotel room and couldn't even wait to get to the bed and fucked her on the desk. He has her brainwashed her into thinking the rough sex and bondage they have each night is "kinky S&M play"

Billie - She talked about her intimate encounters with Greg in the Hansen interview. She goes downstairs to talk, Greg immediately starts maneuvering her to the bed to fuck her, she protests because Lainey doesn't want them to have sex but Greg pushes forward and Billie gives in. Afterwards Billie runs upstairs and cries to Ayalla. Breaking down in tears after sex is not a good sign.

And of course we all know what he's done to Sarah.

Even the girls that he brought into the house and had started the slow manipulation but never had sex with talk about how inappropriate he was. Madison said he would get erect when they did skits together if she was in a swimsuit or underwear. Sam said he had an erection when he would hug her or have her sit on his lap. Beck said she felt uneasy during some of the skits they did in their underwear smeared with shaving cream. And Maya says he kissed her and attempted to make out with her without her consent causing her to leave immediately after. If Greg had had more time with these other girls I'm sure he would have tried to manipulate or pressure them into sex.

No. 910878

I'm glad you brought up Adrienne, I respect that she says that it wasn't rape, but let me put it this way: To me it sure sounded / read like rape. Let's just call a spade a spade.
Shiloh I think still makes a very good case. I pray to God Shiloh will also file a civil suit against Greg. The evidence in the Shiloh case is overwhelming it would be a slam dunk for human trafficking. And with minors there is no statute of limitations. If Shiloh decides to go ahead with it Greg will definitely go to prison for the next 100 years.
Christ on a cracker, that McFly girl. I remember this video of a stream of Greg in which it was shown how he treats her; like dogshit. That girl has no self-respect. She must be like a really sad, depressing, pathetic human being. I can not believe she's still there, I thought she left a long time ago. Have some God damn dignity.

No. 910884

And then he said Adrienne couldn't be raped because she slept with a lot of people. Makes me wonder how he knew the number of people she slept with in the first place, because there's no way that conversation came up randomly in the short amount of time they talked to each other. It's like Maya said, he makes a bunch of questions about their personal lives to use the information against them later.

No. 910886

Is McFly onion's longest standing orbiter at this point?

No. 910898

That would be Taylor. She's delusional enough to think the haturz are all wrong and that her and Greg are perfect, and that Sarah is just a jealous bitch who wants to ruin their marriage. I remember that cringy future board video she made with Greg after Sarah left, the video was obviously a jab at Sarah and Taylor was acting like she and Greg never did anything wrong to her.

No. 910899

File: 1678077821789.jpg (80.33 KB, 1185x337, Screenshot 2023-03-05 223752.j…)

Samefagging. Looks like he's pulled the forums down completely as of a few hours ago. This was taken from his Discord. I can't access anything anymore.

There wasn't anything really of interest on the forums (mostly just people talking about TV shows, music, or things they were making) from what I saw. Greg would maybe like or respond to people every once in a while.

His blogs have been archived, though. https://web.archive.org/web//https://www.onision.com/post/

No. 910901

Good so much of their stuff is archived.

That’s another revenue stream cut for them. I wonder how they’re generating income now…

No. 910904

File: 1678091071060.jpg (135.38 KB, 1048x673, uhohbro banana tattoo mcfly.jp…)

I've seen someone named Bones in the forums and donor lists. Was Bones also Spooky from the Onision's Patreon Snowflakes days back in 2017 with FatBecca, Bootyslayer, Blasian and the rest of those fuckwits? If that's Bones then she's been around the longest.

But I do feel McFly is the most dedicated fan. Greg has admitted that she's given him thousands of dollars in donations and gifts. She's met him irl numerous times and is still a fan which is rare. Usually Greg's fans become disillusioned after meeting him and eventually leave or get kicked out because they aren't as devoted anymore. And lets not forget that fucking tattoo she got.

Kaitlind is a close second. She came around just a few years ago. She's never met him in person but I bet you the amount of money she's spent on Greg rivals McFly.

No. 910906

File: 1678094450715.jpg (316.16 KB, 1495x851, FRX324IXGD.jpg)

and hes still has the "schedule an appointment" and Amazon wishlist links still up. So McFly and Kaitlind can buy him clothes, movies, videogames and $3,000 camera equipment.

No. 910907

He was hiding in a hotel too for a while when he was scared of the Mafia aka Shiloh's father kek

No. 910912

File: 1678118790023.jpg (63.86 KB, 1024x576, 1024x576a.jpg)

O rly? Is Greg 100% sure of that? Because Ron Jeremy might tell you otherwise, having raped several porn stars and all..
I don't want to come across as a bitch but just that look on her face spells mild autism. Its like the light is on but no one is home when you look in to those eyes. Something tells me that she gets just as excited about the prospect of pudding as she does about a new video from Greg.

No. 910913

Oh and also I rather schedule an appointment with my gynecologist than I would with Greg, at least a gynecologist knows their way around a vagina.

No. 910914

My tinfoil is that McFly is Greg’s mistress, why else would she stick around for?

No. 910915

File: 1678120178940.webm (3.84 MB, 197x180, 6722430.webm)

If you think she gets excited about pudding. She's absolutely euphoric at the prospect of flipping burgers.

Same. I think McFly was the "mysterious Filipino girl" people saw with Greg at the movie theater. I think it was 2 threads ago.

No. 910919

He'll be back in two minutes just like every other time.

It's one of the funniest cases of reaping what you sow.

No. 910925

A couple of years back it was mentioned that after Gurg convinced McRetard to stop taking her psych meds he fucked her at one of this day trip from the group home meetups and one of his other sped orbiters walked in on them, so this isn’t entirely implausible

No. 910926

I wonder what happened to candy_savvy or whatever her name was, the high schooler who used to have openly graphic sexual conversations with him on his “forum” until age got run off the internet by “anti-o” retards, I’ll see if I can find the screen caps

No. 910931

Doesn't she live in Texas? Grease is too broke now to afford her plane tickets to Washington, so he must be making her pay for her own plane tickets with her Whataburger money. Wow, imagine not only being a side chick but also spending your own money on plane tickets to fuck a married guy, get some self respect McRetard.

No. 910933

>She's never met him in person but I bet you the amount of money she's spent on Greg rivals McFly.
How do you figure? Does she gift him stuff regularly? I dont keep up with his orbiters but this is interesting. Also does he still have any men orbiting or did they all leave when he stopped posting on his OF?

No. 910935

File: 1678145965482.png (656.75 KB, 984x602, 8232988.PNG)

Greg would post photos of the gifts and sometimes he would either thank Kaitlind directly or you could see the little slip Amazon will put in if you opt to leave message to the recipient of the gift and her name would be visible, or she would comment "your welcome."

I never had access to his OF so I not not sure about the men that subscribed but my tinfoil is the majority of them were trolls trying to see how far they could Greg to go. Stroking his ego and talking him into shoving dildos in his ass and suck off the same dildo covered in honey and ass juice.

As for men in his forums… they don't last long. Greg gets weird and territorial. He doesn't like male competition with his female fans. He eventually finds a reason to ban them.

No. 910936

Jesus Christ. Well, she gotta make Greg's money somewhere I guess! Also yeah, I'm convinced that if they met, Greg has fucked her. I mean she's half decent looking and Greg will fuck anything half decent looking and with a working vagina.
Someone needs to count all the times Greg has said that he would leave. I bet that score would knock all of our socks off. I think over the time since I followed him I counted about 8 times in total. Its probably more though.
I just, I can't even. Cringe doesn't really encapsulate how I feel about that type of behavior. I feel I need a much stronger word for it but I can't think of anything. Maybe someone can help and come up with a good work to describe it.

No. 910942

File: 1678151956970.jpg (148.6 KB, 688x559, 1567716690072.jpg)

They had a Patreon meetup in Boston at the home of one of the Patrons Dev Cildra (DieBluma) Dev said that Greg and McFly were acting shady and trying to sneak off the whole time. In a text to Greg she says
>people are plotting to have sex together.
And during that meetup McFly bragged that Greg had slept at her Airbnb when she visited him in Washington because he was too tipsy to drive home. Greg alone with McFly in some house with Lainey no where around. Who wants to bet he did some weird work around to fuck McFly?
>have you heard of soaking? The Mormons don't consider that actual sex so technically I wouldn't be cheating on Kai.

No. 910951

Grease doesn't even need to create loopholes to fuck other women, what's the point? Footface is never going to leave him anyway, the max she's gonna do is cry. He could fuck literally anyone and she still wouldn't leave.

No. 910953

File: 1678160682501.png (460.34 KB, 586x389, 1609782906658.png)

>Greg will fuck anything half decent looking and with a working vagina.

Have you seen his stepmom? He's told the story of when he was living with his dad and he would pray to God that she would come downstairs and suck his dick. You don't have to be "decent looking" you just need a vagina. Or at the bare minimum, a mouth.

No. 910964

Oh shit I completely forgot about fatbecca!!! Any updates from or about her?? It’s been years

No. 910967

Greg has a huge incest fetish. Which is why everybody has been trying to tell footface to take Clot and Trot and gtfo out of there for many years now. Because Greg will fuck them at a certain point, hell he already threw Clot out the window once.
I hope everyone here realizes that we will see Gregs kids on the internet one day, with their own threads here, and it won't be pretty.
That does not surprise me at all. Hell, i'd be more surprised if he hadn't put his greasy little parsnip in her.

No. 910968

We could say Greg would fuck anything with a pulse, but that too would be a lie. We all seen him with those creepy sex dolls. At this point we could just say that Greg would fuck anything with a hole. You could just cut a hole in to a watermelon or drill a hole in the wall and Greg would fuck it. It doesn't even need to be a big hole, could just be the removal of a thumb tack from the wall and Greg will fuck it. We all seen that Greg isn't very shall we say.. well endowed?.. down there.

No. 910980

The loopholes are for himself, he doesn't give a shit how Foot feels. He has to still convince himself and his few remaining orbiters that he's this super honest guy but that's hard to do when you're blatantly cheating on your wife. Hence his convoluted loopholes.

No. 910982

I always believed simps where men.
Apparently I was wrong.
Thanks so much, McFly, you retard.

No. 910990

Exactly, he said when he was in the chair force he wanted to fuck the airplane he was guarding. That's why I think he definitely fucked "Ryan" at some point, no way he had someone with a vagina in his house and didn't want to fuck her, doesn't matter how much she looks like a greasy rat.

No. 910991

That is one of the most painful and annoying things I've ever experienced.

No. 910995

You know him being a confirmed pedophile explains so much now why he didn't want to change that babies diapers. He just knew that would he see that babies vagina he would want to push his tiny parsnip in there same as how he rubbed it against Sarah's asshole when she was 11.

No. 911001

Do you guys think Sarah and Regina’s attorneys will use these threads for Discovery? Because we have a lot of screenshots and pictures from these criminals dating back to 2016 that would seal the deal, so much so for footface who would take borderline softcore porn pics for her young fans in social media.

No. 911002

File: 1678225897832.jpeg (283.07 KB, 1622x878, 2A9AC143-46C9-4EA1-86C4-46EF50…)

Chomonision’s out here destroying evidence of his wrongdoings thinking he’ll be in the clear kek

No. 911004

I'll stop popping in with "lawfag here" but fucking kek at him getting a request for production on videos and him saying "those have been deleted." Failing to maintain records when you know a lawsuit is pending is grounds for sanctions. Meaning a penalty or even default judgment. If he tries deleting text messages, it'll be even worse.

No. 911006

I heard social media platforms keep an archive of all user's posts even if they were deleted for a few years in case something legal happens and law enforcement needs to access the posts, so deleting evidence is basically useless.

No. 911007

There's more evidence on him than you can shake a stick at. Its a god damn miracle he's lasted as long as he did. And still they're working on that shit. If Sheriff wowie and Grift Scamson had done their god damn job he would have already been locked away for the next 100 years.
His shit ass forums too, I have no doubt that they're on the wayback machine.

No. 911008

And that isn't even to be mean at Scamson and Sheriff Dewie but come on now. What I will never ever understand is why Grift didn't just hold a sting operation. It would have been so easy it wouldn't even have been luring. Had a decoy posted on Greg and Lainey's twitters for a while as a super duper fan with a cute picture, posing as a 15 year old, they would have contacted her and talked greasy to her. Then they coulda set up a meeting to come pick her up at the airport (after all, Greg loved to fly them in and send them tickets) and this whole thing would have been wrapped up by now.
And sting operations where Hansen's thing for crying out loud, why he didn't just go for the very obvious route is beyond me.

No. 911054

Hanson was just the host. The staff at NBC(?) were the real brains, along with an actual law enforcement TASK FORCE (different than some dumbass sheriff or retard police officer). I wish To Catch a Predator wasn't pulled. I mean who cares if a pedo offs himself? It saved tax money and prosecutor's time. Hanson was a good host, but he's a mess of a person and a boomer without any strategic ability. Remember when he asked every damn guest "is this a cult?" because he still hadn't gotten over the Satanic Panic of the 90s. No, Hanson, it wasn't a cult, it's very common for sex pests to abuse their power to lure in young girls.

No. 911057

To be fair, Greg did try to start a cult with his pleasure squad.

No. 911059

I wouldn't be against the idea of sending a list of these threads about onion to Regina/Sarah just in case they're unaware of them. They're a fucking gold mine of evidence.

No. 911062

Sarah is already aware of them. There was a whole thing about plainey sending her here to read and pass information along to the onions.

No. 911077

Yeah but still, setting up a sting is incredibly easy when its pedophile rapists like Greg and Lainey. There's a lot of TCAP knockoffs on the internet who even do it live, these retards always show up, always. All he needed basically was a girl. He's with a young woman she coulda acted as the bait over the phone. They would have bought it hook line and sinker since they're just as stupid as every other pedophile out there.
True, and he still believes in his own retarded knock-off Final Fantasy 7 make believe story. Not too long ago he made a whole video about how you can create your own schizophrenic characters and have them protect you or some shit. It was absolutely autistic and stupid. Just like Greg and Lainey.
Theres tons of evidence online of Grugly and Krai's shenanigans. The problem is you never want to get overzealous like they did in the Michael Jackson case. Stick to the facts only. I already feel they're overdoing it trying to sue Youtube and Google with it. Had they been smart they would have first went for Greg and Lainey, and then if they win that case go after Youtube. As for Google, asides from owning Youtube God only knows what they would have to do with it.

No. 911087

File: 1678325263354.png (717.38 KB, 1080x420, 3429873334.png)

The happiest time in Gregs life was when he had Lainey, Sarah, Billie and Ayalla in the house. He was only fucking 2 of them but he had absolute control over all of them. If he could of talked them into bringing in more friends he would have been in heaven. He wanted to be a little Keith Raniere and could have manipulated them into branding themselves with a little banana. He already got McRetard to do it.

But those days are gone. There's no way in hell he's getting teenage alt pixie girls to fly down and live with him now that everyone knows Greg and Lainey are grooming pedophiles. He's stuck in his little cow barn, with a horse faced wife who's crying 24/7 since the law suits were revealed, and 2 kids screaming day & night because they don't properly care for them or pay them any attention.

No. 911089

Lol I just remembered he tried to include Hey There I'm Shannon and Jessie Paege in his sex slave harem too, he really thought he could pull even somewhat popular YouTubers too. That's what I call narcissism.

No. 911092

File: 1678327803817.jpeg (21.18 KB, 289x174, CFFD3A01-32D2-49DA-B7DF-54F4A0…)

And to think Gregma once lived this life, should’ve dumped footface when he had the chance.

No. 911094

imo they went after google and youtube because the concept of that lawsuit alone will bring more eyes onto the grug suit

No. 911101

Honestly, you'd have to be an idiot knowing Grug's past and not immediately grab anything he's put online, especially if you intend to file a lawsuit. I would be more horrified if their legal team didn't have the majority of relevant evidence on file already… probably including things even the public doesn't know about yet.

I'd bet money they've got their hands on Life of Onion, the timelines from 2019, and a bunch of forums by now.

No. 911102

All this "Onision cult" talk
iNabber seems to have infiltrated it

No. 911107

No. 99% of gregs stans would grow up and turn on him, he wanted a true cult believer so he put a ring on the footface.

No. 911108

anyone else tired of these grifting youtube douchebags?

No. 911115

I was browsing the old threads (Onision: Pedogate 2: Electric Boogaloo) and man they have so much evidence it's not even funny. Here is one video posted at the time and I gotta say we had the timeline and happenings right.

No. 911118

But he also wanted a harem who would do everything he said, too bad some of them had enough brain cells and noped tf out

No. 911133


I have a feeling he's so distant from her similar to the way he was mean to Sarah, then changed up when he had sex with her.

They need to get his daughter away from him, Lainey as a mother you should be fucking disgraced for staying with him, just for your children's sake alone.

No. 911139

Its a part of the grooming. Getting her conditioned to being abused, lowering her self esteem to 0.

No. 911140

File: 1678402318414.jpg (33.2 KB, 1223x277, Fqz_XagXsAEehjE.jpg)

Grug's put out feelers for info from his followers. Guess he never took the threat of being sued seriously.

No. 911146

Fucking idiot. And what could they have?

No. 911147

So why is he running away like the pussy he is? I blame some of the anons here and the scrotes on kiwi farms for saying this lawsuit ain’t going nowhere and he probably took that shit to heart as a sign of hope.

No. 911151

Does anyone know the title of or knows where i can find that one classic Greg video where he complains to his audience that Lainey wouldn't finger his asshole? (No really, there was such a video) I am looking for that one.
Also looking for the video where he raged and seethed against Blaire White, he was wearing a white and black striped shirt.
Thanks in advance.

No. 911154

I guess his lawyers made him look for evidence that could help him in court, but he's too much of a lazy piece of shit to do that himself so he's making his ass lickers do it for him. I thought he'd have mounds and mounds of evidence at hand if he's so innocent like he claims he is, I guess not lol

No. 911155

Right? Why not just reference one of his dozens of videos or hundreds of posts he made containing his pRoOf that he's innocent? Or tell Sarah and Regina's lawyers to call the FBI because the FBI totes cleared him already according to Shreg.

No. 911157

What happened to the “polygraph evidence”, the “police report”, etc.? Moron. What could they gather that would benefit him? You’d think he’d already have it himself. Sounds hopeless.

No. 911158

I think this is the Blaire White video you’re talking about: https://youtu.be/tAv80Hq7whY

No. 911162

He's already admitted that the polygraph was for a job, and not about Sarah in any way.


No. 911173

>text data
wtf is that suppose to be? I know greg likes to use words that he thinks makes him look smart, like saying "humans" all the time. But I dont understand what he's requesting from his fans.

No. 911178

Thank you! I think the ass-video will be slightly harder to find. I did find posts of people online who've seen it but I haven't been able to find the video itself yet.

No. 911179

I saw that video too but have also never been able to find it

No. 911187

Someone out there knows, have faith! We'll find it eventually!

No. 911190

File: 1678460122224.webm (1.45 MB, 853x480, Produce.webm)

Its so fucking funny. All that rage and it all boils down to what he says at 16:20 in, thats what triggered him so hard he didn't even wanna mention Blaire. Looking back though thats the video that truly blew the lid off the whole thing for a bigger audience. Sure a lot of people already knew, but that video Blaire made 7 years ago really fucked him up.
not that i'm sucking Robbie White's cock, mind you. but after that video shit truly started to hit the fan for Greg.

No. 911193

File: 1678461061605.webm (770.37 KB, 853x480, Produce.webm)

samefag, but just noticed this in the video he responded to, apparently he's send his personal tween army after Blaire once too. Kinda deeply ironic that a guy who's always used his own personal army to ruin his enemies is now being lynched by the entire world.

No. 911196

I can only imagine that it means any message he's had with any of his tens of fans that says something like
>Im not even attracted to sarah
>I would never have sex with a child

I feel like this waterhead will use anything he can get his hands on as 'evidence'

No. 911198

onisiondrama.tumblr.com MIGHT be able to find it. That Tumblr has been around for over 10 years and is still going strong. @onion_critic on Twitter might be able to find it as well. I think we can find it.

No. 911200

Or something about how much they love him and think he’s such a great person, as if it matters what they think.

No. 911205

Do you have a best-guess time frame for it or know if it was mentioned in a livestream or not? That would help narrow it down considerably.

No. 911207

I don’t, sorry. Someone else here might have a good guess of when it was.

No. 911210

Based on what I found looking through the Onisondrama tumblr, it was from early 2016 and is from a video titled RE: RE: I BETRAYED MY WIFE
I can't seem to find any archived copies of it anywhere though and Onion has long-since deleted it himself

No. 911212


I found a shitty reaction video of it, but that's all Ive been able to find

No. 911213

I found these on https://archive.org/details/OnisionSpeaks/

1636 - Re - I Betrayed My Spouse

I didn't watch them to see if he mentions "asshole fingering" but I do have a vague memory of a video with him talking about that and trying to be serious. I'm positive it was a skit same as the one where he talked about his dog fucking him as a kid. Basically it was him being cringey to get people talking about him, it didn't really happen.

No. 911215

I listened to both of those in my search, it wasn't either of those. Those are him pretending to be the victim for cuddling and dating Billie.

No. 911216

Onion Critic's got it. Guess he lurks here lol https://archive.org/details/re-re-i-betrayed-my-wife-you-tube

No. 911236

KEK this dude is such a fucking weirdo.

No. 911237

File: 1678487863719.png (1.29 MB, 1652x1124, discordonision.png)

He was accustomed to his most loyal fans doing the detective work. Heezy and her whale friend Trisha were the last two suckups that did all the leg work to find dirt. But Heezy and McRetard had a falling out and Greg sided with Miss Whataburger so Hezzy got kicked to the gutter. His last remaining fans on the forum & discord are more preoccupied with the newest IG filter than scouring the internet for their pedophile lord.

found on r/Onision
Someone didn't fall in line and got banned. They didn't hide her pfp well enough. The fan defending Onision and threatening to delete the messages is Kaitlind.

No. 911238

File: 1678488640831.jpeg (9.39 KB, 938x92, gD7tVbv.jpeg)

Kaitlind also had this to say.

No. 911240

File: 1678490224855.png (350.18 KB, 609x648, cap563223.PNG)

>can't find any evidence to back him up
She knows he's fucked legally. She might even, deep down understand he's guilty but would never admit this to him.

And I cant believe she said
>He's not dragging anyone.
Well what do you call making dedicated Tumblr & Twitter pages calling Sarah a rapist. Not to mention the numerous videos, forum blogs and tweets on his main.

I went to check @OnisionInnocent to see if he deleted it since he's been going on a deleting frenzy on YouTube the past couple of days. The page is still there but locked up private. I did notice this
>a proven honest person (via polygraph) who was framed by two malicious people he dumped.
Dumped? But Greg said he doesn't even know Regina. How do you dump a total stranger? And don't you use the word "dumped" when speaking about a romantic partner you left? Did Greg subconsciously make a big slip up writing out this Twitter bio?

No. 911248

And people wonder why Hansen asked if its a cult.

What was that you said again?

No. 911256

Kaitlind is the same type of crazy bitch who idolizes serial killers and ignores all the awful things they did simply because they make her pussy wet. She probably has hopes that Grease will wake up one day and realize he's been in love with her all this time and then invite her for sex while Footface cries in another room. Sorry but that will never happen, Kaitlind, you're way too old for his taste, if he really wanted you he would have invited you to his house for sex a loooooong time ago already. The only thing he wants from you is your money.

No. 911259

Right. Everyone assumes she believes he’s innocent. What if the truth is even if she knew he was guilty, she doesn’t even care and that’s why she’ll continue to support him.

No. 911263

Lmfao at that cover photo. Looks like it was taken back in 2011 and Onion is creeping from the sides to appear like he has friends. Also lol at his brain going "let me put pictures with me being with groups of people that are not just teenage girl, that will make me appear innocent"

No. 911279

I always lol when he reposts his group photos because he's not in contact with literally anyone from there. Like that one time he reposted some family picture with him, his mother and sister well after he's burned all bridges with them.
How old is Kaitlin? I ask because gurg is happy to have literally anyone come to his house. If she really hasn't visited him at least once, and she's been a fan since 2009, I'll be very surprised. After all he's even had women over he wasn't attracted to just so they could work for him, like poopbeck, or do house chores.

No. 911284

Paying members can see usernames, pfp’s, and their profiles if they’re logged in. People can still post on the forums if they access them through the Spaces app.

No. 911285

Kaitlind is 32 years old. She seems like a very shy person with social anxiety from what I’ve observed. She has said she doesn’t participate in voice chats because of shyness and claims to have been a fan for a decade, at least. I highly doubt she’s ever visited him.

No. 911286

I wonder what type of person enjoyed that content. He still had fans back then. It baffles me who would like those videos and why.

No. 911289

I have a feeling the only company she has in her life are her cats and her vibrators, that's why she latches on to Onision so hard, a "celebrity" who will interact with her and be her "friend" if she gives him money. All his remaining fans are socially inept weirdos, normal people wouldn't be paying a washed up has-been who is also an accused predator to be their "friend".

No. 911290

You’re most likely right. This is exactly what I think too about her and probably others in his Discord.

No. 911291

complete dumbasses. i remember there was a time when he had hordes of tweens foaming at the mouth over him. you couldn't say anything even remotely bad about Greg without them attacking you in hordes. It was ridiculous. I bet a lot of them are looking back in embarrassment over their behavior back then now.

No. 911293

Oh god I remember Heezy, she was so fucking annoying. I'm glad Onion kicked her annoying ass to the gutter

No. 911294

Of course they are, only a mentally stunted person wouldn’t. They grew up and have lives, jobs, partners, and maybe even kids of their own now.

No. 911297

File: 1678582607361.jpg (95.26 KB, 1048x673, 1678091071060.jpg)

this one never grew out of it.

No. 911298

They said he asked everyone that got caught on the show if it was a cult. It's a hot buzzword to spice up the drama.
In this case, it doesn't tick even half the boxes to be a cult. Anything else you need help with today?

No. 911299

Well no, but she seems like kind of a loser, IMO.

No. 911302

Anyone else think this is going to end up being a Regina, Sarah, Shiloh trifecta with federal cases?(learn to sage)

No. 911306

Yes, I think you need to look up on wikipedia what a cult is and how it can take on many forms. I happen to know a lot about cults, and I totally understand why Hansen brought this up several times. Then again, Greg did try to make it in to an actual cult.
Sure, you don't seem to agree with it, and thats your prerogative, but it doesn't mean he's wrong.

No. 911308


No. 911315

Im pretty sure both suits were filed in federal courts not state.
Do you mean a trifecta with criminal cases in the end? Lawanons explanation is the best when it comes to that. These civil cases could be to gather information for a criminal case against Greg and Lainey in the near future.

No. 911325

I'd like that very much.

No. 911457

iNabber talks about Sarahs lawsuit

No. 911463

Nabber must be absolutely buzzin

No. 911467

File: 1678848283264.png (50.21 KB, 1009x907, 11856584967.PNG)

We can all agree that the actual reason for Greg's most recent leave of absence is because a lawyer advised him its the most prudent thing to do after being sued by two different women, accused of grooming and rape. Either he's hired counsel (doubtful) or they're asking Lainey's dad (a lawyer in Albuquerque) for help. Of course big brain Greg has figured out a work around for "leaving the internet forever."

The top SS is the original video description. The bottom is what Greg changed it to recently. He's still screaming into the void
>they don't respect reality, they don't care about "facts"
I think this might be his new way of blowing off steam. I wouldn't be surprised if the video description on his farewell video changes ever few weeks with some new deranged ramblings. Best part of the new description is he must be furious that people get so tired of his whining they click off after 2 minutes.

No. 911472

Imagine how humiliating it must be for Footface to ask her dad for help, and basically give him confirmation that he was right all along about being against her marriage to Grease. Looks like she should have listened to her dad…

No. 911474

How did they get Lainey’s dad of all people to advise them after Greg insulted him and literally told him he will never see his daughter or grandkids a few years back? Are the Anderson family just weak-willed cucks like that?

Damn autocorrect

No. 911475

I mean probably, Foot's dad was still sending her expensive gifts for her birthday, after she threw him under the bus and told Grease a bunch of personal things about his life, which Grease made videos about humiliating him. Will is definitely a cuck.

No. 911477

and how much do you wanna bet she played up
>Im still daddies little girl
when she begged Pops for legal help. That transgender shit went right out the door when shit got real.

No. 911482

File: 1678868495640.webm (5.79 MB, 480x360, Into the Night.webm)

Back when everyone found out that Taylors dad had told Onision to fuck off, someone was spamming him with this song. I still dont understand who thought it was a good idea to make a music video like this. A man who looks like he's in his late 30's pining for a 16 year old girl outside her bedroom window. But it did fit the situation perfectly.

No. 911484

KEK. This is so aggressively onion energy too.

No. 911489

That second description, it looks like he's about to crack and make another video calling Sarah a rapist kek

No. 911492

Onision and His wife have been served in both cases. They will now attend the cases or warrants will be sworn for their arrests.

No. 911501


As I mentioned before I was working on a case where the same damn situation happened. It wasn't grooming, but rape and sexual assault. First was some dude grabbing a woman's breast and it settled pretty high, next was the victim of the same predator a more aggravated incident, third lawsuit was the victim that had the most interaction with the perpetrator. My firm was wondering why the hell the guy had no criminal charges and sure enough they popped up during the civil charges. Too many articles were popping up the DA made their move. Then again, different cases, more tweets, proof in Greg's case, but blurred lines of consent and grooming is always pretty difficult to prove. Btw, I'm in Albuquerque so I'm going to keep up on the attorney they get. I might even know them. Kek. I was trying to see if Greg and Lainey would be provided defense by Google, but seems like there's nothing that requires them to do. I'm guessing that Google might ask for their cases to be split which would be extra hilarious. They'd definitely have separate trials since their interest do match. In fact, a defense strategy of Google might include throwing Greg under the bus and even show how he intentionally misled and worked around policy to fuck with the platform. Acknowledgement by co-defendants could definitely help google and help a criminal trial proceed as well. I don't really have time or know the area of law well enough to make these assertions, but I'm just dreaming big.

No. 911502

File: 1678899868066.gif (1.32 MB, 498x298, 551F9465-4470-42FA-A319-51170B…)

No. 911503

Sorry for the grammar errors, I'm working on project right now and posting at the same time. I should stop.

No. 911505

This was honestly something I was thinking about a lot recently. Like, despite everything, Greg would often pull his videos down before they would become a huge problem. It technically follows the TOS because the content was removed, but the damage would have been done for some of those videos if it was up for even an hour. YouTube could just say "well, he followed the terms of service", at least in that regard and wash their hands of some of the complaints.

Though, I think the fact that they were endorsing him as a partner for so long and giving him the money that allowed him to do all of this might make for a compelling legal argument. Especially since he's still on the platform making him money. I'm so curious to see what arguments get made in court, if they make it that far.

I'm not a lawyer, though, so I'm curious what other anons with legal experience think.

No. 911509

Of course knowing that people only watch for 2 minutes pisses him off or else he wouldn’t have brought it up. And I doubt Greg even knows how to hire counsel. He doesn’t even know how to make sure he sues the right person.

No. 911511

I'm not a lawyer either, but I do all the heavy lifting. You are right with monetization and their responsibility as "employers" or I guess youtube would be structured as a company who uses independent contractors. That area of law is really murky and unless your attorneys know how to sort out contract claims, terms and responsibilities, they could potentially push all the blame to Greg and Lainey, acting outside of the organization's purview. It can't just be an employee abusing his fame, it has to show that laws have mandated that youtube had a responsibility to restrict his actions. This sounds simple enough, but there has to be specific legislation outlining exactly what Greg did, whether he did it or not, and that youtube had a responsibility for Greg's actions that refers to specific statutes. That's a lot. Digital law is shit. I'd look up case law and maybe some legislation but I'm not a Kiwi autist and really don't want to devote myself to this for potential low grade milk. Plus it depends on the attorneys ability to navigate administration duties. States use a lot of contractors and lawsuits are often dropped because the attorney can't find grounds to sue the State or independent contractor. Or at least, they sue the wrong one and fail to amend their complaints accordingly. Here's something that's really fun that's more in line with my expertise - if we get to the point of depositions, both defense and plaintiff measure the likability first and foremost. It's not common knowledge but that's first thing included in any analysis after a deposition. Imagine the dollar signs in the Plaintiff's eyes when they see how "honest," "trustworthy," and "moral" Greg claims to be. I hope he gets a good lawyer, because he'll be spending the entire time tard wrangling Greg during the deposition. Usually it's Defense that measures likability of the Plaintiff, but I think it'll be a few instances where Plaintiff's counsel will depose Greg and realize to drive up settlement. That's a long ways away and might not get to that point, but I sure hope it does.

No. 911512

You can’t just drop this information without any kind of proof, nonny.

No. 911514

Personally, I would have told him to go fuck himself, but his daughter is also involved. Not sure if he disowned her or not.

No. 911515

File: 1678907247280.png (58.78 KB, 604x1186, 3152023_436.PNG)

Whenever I see a non-saged post that makes unsubstantiated claims I assume its Eugene trying to swing dick.

Onion Critic has done the legwork and dug up info with ss as proof.

No. 911516

File: 1678907286741.png (66.26 KB, 632x908, 3152023_437.PNG)

No. 911521

>They will now attend the cases or warrants will be sworn for their arrests.

This is a civil case, not criminal. If they avoid being served and do not show up to court it is considered a default meaning they're not contesting the claims and the court awards the plaintiff damages. No warrants are being written up and no arrests are going to be made.

No. 911523

File: 1678910286335.png (11.49 KB, 644x125, lawsuitprediction.png)

Non-contribution I suppose but I found this was tweeted back in 2019 via the thread archives. Makes this moment in time all the more funnier.

No. 911525

File: 1678911397062.jpg (97.85 KB, 1078x1011, FrJ3GglX0AARQuN.jpg)

I've seen a lot of people on Twitter taking a walk down memory lane and sharing tweets that Greg made years ago about being sued. I love the dramatic change in attitude. Arrogant and prideful years ago, and now a scared little man trembling and about to cry while being interviewed by TV reporters.

No. 911526

But what happens if it turns out to be 100% then?

No. 911531

Feel free to post more of these, anons. Sweet fucking onion tears.

>what this implies?
Google and youtube are giant corporations with their own legal departments so they're fine with a lawsuit, which they probably receive plenty of a year. They waived service to get more time to respond to the complaint. >>911516 Here they also filed for an extension as well. Just giving the attorneys more time. Having a great response to complaint is one of the most important initiating documents that exists. If you do it right you can set up some grounds for dismissal.

No. 911532

Will Grease and the Foot be judged separately from Google/YouTube, or will they all be judged together and receive the same sentence since they're in the same lawsuit? I think suing Google was a really stupid decision (and made purely for money because they know the onions are broke), there's no way to prove it's Google's fault Sarah got abused so Google will probably win the case. But Grease and the Foot seem pretty fucked since Sarah actually has some evidence of what they did so there's a big chance they will lose. I hope Google throws Foot and Grease under the bus during trial, that would be the cherry on the cake

No. 911539

I'm putting this here so dipshit anons like this won't get any attention over unsubstantiated rumors. Here's the public docket for both cases:



We'll probably only know about a week after they've been served. That's about how long it took for the docket to update in Regina's case when they served Google and YouTube.

No. 911540

File: 1678942926423.jpeg (135.42 KB, 763x783, 8167832780317.jpeg)

they've also made a TL that tries to answer some of the frequent questions people have about these lawsuits. Its a long read but informative.

My personal feelings on this is that Greg and Lainey are going to ignore or avoid the summons and not show up to court for Regina or Sarah's complaint. Laineys dad may have told them there are no criminal consequences for not showing up to court other than having to pay damages but no jail time. Greg has a history of this type of behavior. A problem pops up like the IRS situation or the wetlands and he is threatened with fines. As long as its not prison he thinks he can ignore it and it will go away. That never works out as we have all witnesses. He eventually had to pay the IRS half a million dollars and Pierce County put a lean on his house so he couldn't sell it until he spent thousands of dollars on new plants, a split rail fence and signage. I know how his mind works and the excuses he makes to himself and the world.
>I don't have a quarter million dollars in the bank so even if she wins there's no way I can pay. She cant take what I don't have.
>they cant make me sell my house or garnish my paychecks because where will my children live and how will I feed them. Think of my poor children.

No. 911541

See this why I think Sarah should have sued then way sooner when they still had some money left, now they have almost nothing. But can they actually take his house and other possessions from him if he loses the case?

No. 911542


All litigants have to show up for "jury demanded cases" And both cases are "jury demanded" They don't show up there will be arrest warrants issued.

No. 911543

File: 1678946549310.png (492.71 KB, 752x699, redfincomhome299281.PNG)

Even if Sarah sued Greg a week after she claims he raped her the situation would be the same. The Onions moved into the Swamp Shack because of the IRS problem. They were going broke. He was lamenting having to work for Uber to make ends meet. The richest Greg has ever been is when they initially moved into the McMansion. He even bought that second house strictly for comedy sketches.

Regina & Sarah can absolutely garnish his wages. But the federal government puts a limit on that
>federal law limits the amount that can be taken to 25% of your disposable earnings or the amount by which your weekly disposable income exceeds 30 times the federal minimum wage, whichever is lower.

Greg's current house is worth over half a million dollars. Its hard to claim poverty with that kind of asset. The lawyers may be able to press that Greg downgrade again to a smaller home to pay the damages. Greg thought that paying alimony to Skye was bad. This is going to be a thorn in his ass for many, many years to come.

No. 911544


And if the court awards damages for any of these? compensatory, incidental, consequential, nominal, liquidated, and (sometimes) punitive.

They could award Sarah millions upon millions in punitive damages alone.

No. 911545

File: 1678946983643.jpg (53.33 KB, 539x586, FrSueF4XoAAOmZy.jpg)

I don't know which tweets are better. Greg's hubris about never being sued or him puffing out his chest and threatening to sue Discovery, Chris Hansen and everyone connected to the documentary.

Yes Greg, it does look like someone's getting sued. Twice!

No. 911546

KEK the hair, the eyeliner, the BLACK AND WHITE STRIPED SHIRT it's all too perfect

No. 911548

Oh that's good. William better tell his foot faced daughter to show up then.

No. 911549

That's not how civil cases work, idiot. Stop telling people wrong information.

If they can't serve you in person, then an alternate method can be authorized like publishing the summons in a newspaper, which counts as you being served. If you still don't show up, then you've forfeited your right to contest the suit. It doesn't matter if it's a bench trial or by jury. The government isn't the one filing the case, so no one has jurisdiction to arrest you or force you to attend court. State or federal, jury or bench, this is literally a constant among all civil cases.

If those two chucklefucks don't go, then it is quite literally their loss. The suits will continue without them. We don't even know if the cases will go all the way to a trial. A lot of cases against major corporations usually result in a settlement.

No. 911556

Like most of the answers to the questions here: depends. Definitely, if google is able to drop themselves from the lawsuit and Greg and "lucas" are left. Google might settle and that settlement might or might cover Greg and all other entities named if they so choose. There are so many ways this trial can go and as I mentioned before Greg was not directly employed by Youtube soo…I have no idea. It's not necessarily a stupid idea. Maybe they've found case research that shows precedent? Going after the deep pockets is standard procedure and if they're left with Greg and Lainey. There's no money there, but it'll give the firm some free advertising and notoriety, which is why some places like to take these type of cases. I see it all the time, especially if there's a chance it'll make the news. A big settlement is worth the gamble. I mean that's a contingency of AT LEAST 20% and if they win they can make google pay all of the attorney fees. Worst case is that google is dropped, the lawsuit is scaled down, lawyers know Greg won't have great lawyers and constantly be a ghost over his shoulder even if he claims he's indigent and can't pay. Even if Greg wins, i.e. entire suit and claims are dropped, this case will take years and the stress will lead to hair loss. Even now, google is stalling, which is what big corps love to do.

No. 911558

Can you prove me wrong, or are you just saying I am wrong? Either way super suspect.

No. 911559

Sage you absolute tard. NTA, but since YOU made the claim, you should be able to "prove" it. State a god damn statute or Rule. Use google, jackass. I know the answer, but I'd like to see why the hell YOU'RE making this claim.

No. 911563

Why are you raging? Does it really piss you off that much?

No. 911564

File: 1678989768227.jpg (67.91 KB, 800x732, anonymousgene.jpg)

we all know who this retard is and my advice is like greg's tattoo: do not engage. thats truly my friendly advice.

just smile and not at him and pretend to care. before they shut down this thread again.

No. 911565


So you can't? cool.(sage your shit)

No. 911566

File: 1678989933489.jpg (8.12 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

No. 911567

File: 1678990168833.gif (2.02 MB, 420x280, fake-smile-smile-nod.gif)

No. 911568

You’re the one that got super hostile and enraged just because someone said an arrest warrant could be issued. Calm down.

No. 911569

Not the same anon, numb nuts!

No. 911571

Like I’m supposed to know that. You need to calm down too anyway.

No. 911572

File: 1678991851933.gif (286.57 KB, 112x112, okay-champing-smile.gif)

No. 911573

File: 1678992434751.gif (509.83 KB, 500x250, AA426090-2FCC-4B98-AEE9-18CD61…)

No. 911574

File: 1678992793567.jpg (49.56 KB, 800x857, 1nhqil.jpg)

"You guys need to calm down!" btw..

Enough now, G..you know who, before they close this fucking thread again you retard.

No. 911575

I think you’re projecting. Take your own advice and stop replying if you don’t want the thread shut down.

No. 911576

Go through any court docket in civil matters and see rulings or results when someone doesn't appear. It results in a default judgment. In certain cases, there can be jail time, but not likely in a civil suit. Sorry for raging, but you sound so painfully male and ignorant. >>911564 Sorry for responding, anon, but we gotta avoid the wetlands saga. You had the autists who started claiming that Greg was definitely going to environment jail or getting 10 years in a fed prison. As a lawfag, don't take any claims of "Greg is going to jail! Greg is fucked! Greg is xyz!" seriously because there's tons of variables. We just don't know shit. Even if you read the actual legislation and penalties that's not how the courts work. It's based off of specific court rules, presiding judge, federal mandatory rules,and case precedent. Let's just continue to read the ruling. This will take a few years.

No. 911577

This is the right way to respond, thank you.

No. 911579


[citation needed]

Not just a "trust me bro"(sage your non milk shit)

No. 911587

File: 1679016731187.png (13.55 KB, 771x561, 0673.PNG)

Greg must have truly abandoned his forum and removed mod powers from Kaitlind & McFly. These kind of comments would never have stayed up for more than a couple hours. I'm surprised there are likes below them.

No. 911590

He just made Kaitlind a mod in his Discord server, after years of her being in it.. lol

No. 911614

File: 1679094346538.jpg (19.06 KB, 991x197, Screenshot 2023-03-17 180447.j…)

His sycophants are still buying him shit.

No. 911615

Ew. And it’s Hollow, not Hallow Greg. You fucking idiot.

No. 911616


2.19 GPA

No. 911617

I heard it was lower than that even.

No. 911621

File: 1679101437112.jpg (81.21 KB, 1300x956, downy.jpg)

There will always be retards like that, always. Just look at Chris-chan, in jail for fucking his elderly mother, still gets financial support. Why? I have no earthly idea. People are just stupid like that. I'd tell them to give it to some worthy, noble causes instead if they have money burning a hole in their pocket. But they don't and they won't, so fuck em.
Don't be surprised if Greg does one day miraculously gets hauled off to prison and mongoloids like McFly and such still support him. It wouldn't surprise me at all.

No. 911624

It wouldn’t surprise me and it’s just due to low IQ, that’s all.

No. 911644

What are the odds he's lying about the amount of gifts he receives to pretend he's still "popular"? Because most of his followers these days are either unemployed or in min wage positions.

No. 911652

Those discs are 12-15 dollars a piece. Not going to break the bank. But you have to remember that the really die hard fans are willing to suffer for their pedo god. Example - PoopBeck was willing to eat dog food so she could continue to pay for Onisions Patreon. That's true dedication and insanity. His last remaining fans seem to be isolated, no real friends, family or romantic partners. They don't go out for entertainment. The money that would be used towards those things now go to Greg.

No. 911653

It’s hard for me to believe that happened. And he knows that his messages on Discord get reposted, so you might be on to something. Unless one person got him all that.

No. 911654

No. 911657

>PoopBeck was willing to eat dog food so she could continue to pay for Onisions Patreon.

She did all that and he still kicked her to the curb over such a petty reason such as her offering to fix his books grammar for free, I bet she felt like a real idiot lol. This shows how much he cares about his fans (and how fucking retarded they are)

No. 911658

File: 1679199399715.png (33.11 KB, 766x301, thehorror.PNG)

The offer to proof read his books was one of the final nails. But it all started unraveling when she visited Greg. When he first met her online and started chatting her up he thought she might be a prospective poly for him and Lainey (in truth she would be someone for him to fuck while Lainey laid on the bed and watched much like what happened with Billie and Sarah) Her photos got him hard and he even suspected she was a catfish until they actually spoke. But once she came out to Washington it was all downhill. She wasn't as attractive in real life. In Greg's words she was dorky and not that intelligent. And Lainey was pissed that she was there and wanted her gone as soon as possible. Then she clogged their toilet with one of her huge shits, hence the nick name. Greg soured on PoopBeck from that moment on. Then she dared to insult his book, and made the final mistake of taking Madison Decambra's side when all that drama between Maddy and Greg happened.

No. 911659

Any fans he has left know what to say and what not to say. That’s why they’re still there. Imagine the eggshells they have to walk on.

No. 911661

This is why I said anyone still fucking with him must have a low IQ, because what other explanation could there be? Then again, I think maybe even his remaining fans deep down know not to trust him and if that’s the case, I don’t know why they stick around. How did you find out about this story, btw?

No. 911662

I feel like if Lainey was down he would have been fine with her. He doesn't mind the plain dorky type. He would have kept Sam too. The only reason he was obsessed with finding little blue haired alt girls was because of Lainey. And Lainey only really agreed to Luxymoo. Every other person she got bitchy about.

No. 911663

She agreed to Maya too and that ended up with Grease almost raping the poor girl

No. 911666

File: 1679207756765.png (22.82 KB, 480x854, 1512461418398.png)

Greg's patreon pigs had their own thread in snow 5 years ago. You can find mention of the incident throughout it. The funniest part of that toilet story is PoopBeck frantically live posting about it with her so called friends (who backstabbed her of course) She didn't know what to do and was desperately asking for their help. The most nauseating part for me was when Greg described opening the bathroom door and the overpowering stench of spoiled stew hit him.

No. 911671

File: 1679215123535.jpg (44.03 KB, 629x273, wikipedia.orgwikiJared_Fogle.j…)

I just finished watching the Jared from Subway documentary and it reminded me of Onision. There were accusations of over 14 victims, boys and girls in the United States and Thailand but Jared was only convicted on two counts. Receiving and distributing CP, and traveling to have sex with a 17 year old girl in NYC. The age of consent in New York is 17 so I thought he would be in the clear. But it seems that once you travel from one state to the other and have sex the federal age of consent is applied and that is 18. Greg did the same thing Jared Fogle did, twice. He traveled to PA to have sex with a 17 year old Shiloh. He traveled to NM to have sex with a 17 year old Taylor. I know its been many years since both of these events. Is there a statute of limitations for this type of crime? I wonder if Regina or Sarah's lawyers would want this information?

No. 911673

Maia fits into Billie clones even though she didn't have blue hair.
He was so impatient. Had he not tried to stick his dick into his wife's new girlfriends on day one, he probably could have gotten further. Although I did notice that with the exception of Billie and to some degree Sarah, the girls Lainey chose always claimed that they weren't into greg or men in general. Didn't stop him trying of course. Makes me wonder if this was the reason Lainey always chose more lesbian inclined types.

No. 911674

Was it really true that Gregma had a “actress” play with his butthole or was he just fucking with us?

No. 911675

File: 1679221583315.png (10.34 KB, 400x224, 400px-Relationships2019.png)

The "actress playing with his asshole" was as true as the story he told about his family dog trying to fuck him when he was a kid. He does it to get people talking and usually to divert attention away from whatever controversy is going on at the time. The actress story popped up when Billiegate happened and he almost got divorced. The dog story was told around the time Sarah was leaking all their dirty laundry on Twitter. If there really was an "actress" she would have come up again and again when he describes all the different women he has been with. The relation timeline farmers have come up with doesn't show where this actress could have wedged in.

No. 911677

This time line video is helpful if you're new. If you've been here for a while then its just a rehash. The only girl they miss is Maya but to be truthful Maya was only in the picture for a few weeks.

No. 911681

>PoopBeck was willing to eat dog food so she could continue to pay for Onisions Patreon. That's true dedication and insanity.
I'm glad you brought her up, I was actually wondering who that was again that ate the dogfood. Some nice retro-cringe, sometimes you just need to experience that all over again. My God, poopbeck has to be completely nuts.
>She did all that and he still kicked her to the curb over such a petty reason such as her offering to fix his books grammar for free, I bet she felt like a real idiot lol.
Thats fucking hilarious, I didn't even know that.
>This is why I said anyone still fucking with him must have a low IQ,
Low IQ, even lower self esteem. God only knows what background they have, and what shit lives.

No. 911683

You think Lainey was ever okay with Greg fucking other girls? No. That’s why.

No. 911690

Greg wanted a pleasure squad from the getgo. When he “divorced” Skye, he still wanted her to continue living in his house while he brought Shiloh over and would’ve continued bringing more girls into their relationship as sister-wives if Skye was a doormat like Taylor. Maybe Greasy should’ve pulled the same manipulative tactics like he did with lame instead of telling her he doesn’t love her anymore and wants a new bitch. Dude would’ve had his orgies a long time ago.

No. 911692


I think though with Akye and greg both going to Lakewood High, Skye kinda knew what a punk ass bitch greg was, and I think he knew that. That is the main reason he sought out a easily manipulated fangirl. That is how we got footface. Shes just someone who greg knew could be manipulated… Think bout how much more dumb Taylor must be than greg. I mean we are talking about the same guy who tells people me was almost "a war hero" when all he did was guard empty planes on a base… And couldnt even do that without fucking up.

No. 911696

How did he manage to get her to stay for 7 years (2003-2010) though?

No. 911701

Cringe. How old was she? Unless she was still a teenager, she was too old to be that big of an idiot.

No. 911702

She’s also ugly, that might have something to do with it (Lainey). If she was actually hot she’d have too much confidence to put up with and fall for Greg. Just a theory, I could be wrong. Billie was super pretty, she didn’t need to stick around for Greg, she could get any guy she wanted.

No. 911703

We'll never know what Greg was thinking but outwardly all those years before Billiegate he was adamantly against poly relationships. I remember him talking about it in videos saying it was a form of cheating or that it meant your partner was not enough. Then suddenly he was all for polyamory. Ive always thought that he saw that Cyr was having a three way with Dasha and Mina and felt some sort of jealousy. Why does Cyr get to have two girls and not me?

No. 911704

Iirc, Lainey was also just the rebound girl because things were very rocky between Greg and Shiloh (or Greg and AJ?), and then later when Billie left him. That must sting.
I still think they deserve each other and should never get a divorce.

No. 911706

That's true, Billie dated at least 5 guys after Grease "dumped her" and posted videos on onlyfans sucking a guy's dick and getting fucked, she definitely has options. Taylor looks odd, her face proportions are shit specially her long nose that takes over 1/3 of her face and makes her look like those statues from the Easter Islands, she ain't pretty and she knows it, that's why she's such an insecure doormat.

No. 911707

File: 1679277956087.png (1.1 KB, 751x137, 977343.PNG)

Greg got a whiff of the treachery. All negative posts have been removed and commenting restricted.

No. 911709

>be Billie
>have onlyfans and make amateur pr0nz
>gives other guys suk mi
>is fucked by other guys
Grease is big mad and is violently jerking his meat as we speak.

No. 911710

He was always a huge hypocrite, him saying he was against poly relationships doesn't mean anything, if anything it means he always wanted them. Remember how he said he was disgusted by anal sex, but he did it with Sarah in the first opportunity he got.

No. 911712

I'm surprised he didn't have an aneurysm when Billie released those videos. The guy she was sucking had a much bigger dick than him too, I bet he got jealous

No. 911729

How do I say this kinda PC… Greg has only ever managed to get with girls that are, how shall i put it, easy. (and damaged) Except for Skye, I bet Skye maybe wasn't. I could be wrong of course.

No. 911730

Speaking of Skye, and Shiloh too perhaps, how happy do you think they are they never had kids with this idiot manchild?
On a scale from 1 to 10?

No. 911732

Skye was a painfully shy introvert by her own admission and easily manipulated throughout the years. Apparently he controlled many aspects of her life including when she could talk to her family. That's all in a previous thread just don't remember which one. When he started on the whole "harem quest" she noped the fuck out, which she alluded to him persuing said quest after watching loads of trashy harem anime. Works just like in the anime, eh Grease?
I imagine they thank whatever and any entity that may be out there for not permitting such a thing. Although my heart breaks for Shiloh and her miscarriage, then later stillborn. Extremely traumatic events.

No. 911734

No. 911735

Greg asking for a divorce was the biggest blessing to her. I’d like to think she would have divorced him anyway, but she had already been putting up with him for years.. he was probably bound to leave her for another girl anyway if it weren’t for Shiloh, it would have been someone else since he was getting his 15 minutes of fame from YouTube and the banana video and ended up growing a fanbase from that which equated to a bunch of teenaged girls wanting to fuck him. He was taking advantage of that.

No. 911738


Of course he wanted Skye to go away. She wasn't into 3 way underage rape cucks, in front of children.

No. 911741

I’m surprised she lasted so long without getting knocked up. Surely he’d want to “implant” his seed for the sole purpose to remind her of him, and for those juicy military benefits $$$$.

No. 911742

She was too smart to let him do that.

No. 911747

True, but she was very much expected to perform her “wifely duties” for him whenever he wanted it. A silver lining to say the least.

No. 911752

I'm not sure how much of a lesbian Luxymoo is since she's in a relationship with a man and got pregnant by him twice, and Maya has said she's pansexual which means she's attracted to men too. I imagine Grease likes to convince himself that they're are totally lesbians and that's the reason why they didn't want to fuck him, that's easier than to admit they just weren't attracted to him and found him physically repulsive.

No. 911758

File: 1679386880406.png (15.36 KB, 859x316, regina3202023.PNG)

Greg and Lainey were served in connection with Regina's case. The update on Sarah's case seems to say that they were also served but I'm unsure. The wording seems confusing to me.

No. 911760

File: 1679394050753.jpg (80.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

We're all waiting on you, Shiloh.

No. 911776

It begins.

No. 911778

Certificate of Service - just proof they've been served.
Acknowledgment of Service - Defendant tells the court they know they've been served, but the name says Margaret Mabie?

No. 911780


filed by Margret for Sarah.

No. 911785

Margaret Mabie is the attorney.

No. 911786

They are happy and so is the rest of the world, the less kids with fucked up brains that will most likely become serial killers in the future, the better. The 2 he had with the Foot are already too much.

No. 911795

File: 1679438612574.jpg (122.66 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I sincerely hope Shiloh is the next person to start a civil suit against Greg. She's the missing big piece of the puzzle. She could hit the home run.

No. 911797

Yeah, since her attempt at a music career comeback failed so hard, that would be the best way for her to get back the money Greg took from her by ruining her career when it was starting to get big. Do it, Shiloh!

No. 911799

I am cringing in horror thinking about what would end up in that complaint. If what was included about Sarah is anything to go off of, it would be fucking disgusting and awful.

No. 911800

File: 1679440655462.jpg (9.19 KB, 506x287, 6451.JPG)

So in 10 days we'll know if the Onions intend to fight the charges or default?

I pray to god that Onision tries to represent himself and footface.

No. 911802

File: 1679442690959.png (27.44 KB, 1142x531, Fru7glxXsAIJtV_.png)

No. 911818

File: 1679479595090.png (194.42 KB, 641x996, tumblr_pkx6bxfQTR1tdyo2n_1280.…)

Of course he will! He's a narcissist and he feels he's totes innocent. He knows more about the law because remember: He guarded a fence in korea once.

No. 911819

File: 1679480512829.jpg (72.26 KB, 739x646, UtUUAEPGC7A-Jl9 (7877.jpg)

I think shiloh could sue over the physical abuse she endured during the relationship like when he slammed her into the door frame and caused her miscarriage. Not to go off topic but Repzion is doing the exact same thing. It came out yesterday that daniel is suing his ex-girlfriend for beating him.

No. 911826

>daniel is suing his ex-girlfriend for beating him.
Lmfao what a faggot. Fight back, pussy!

No. 911832

Getting my popcorn ready for the show.

No. 911835

God he is just so fucking ugly. He looks subhuman. Having to be patient for this court shit is killing me kek. I seriously hope there's audio or footage. Somehow.

No. 911837

I think with Shiloh it would be in the bag, because technically he sex trafficked Shiloh to another state to fuck her "legally", that is the very definition of human trafficking and very illegal under the MANN act. Now considering there is no statute of limitations on child abuse he could technically still be convicted over that and go to prison for a long, long time. Before he trafficked Shiloh, years before, then president Bush actually signed some new laws regarding that, that were very much in effect when Greg was trafficking Shiloh. Plus, Shiloh's mother actually called the cops on him and they came to the hotel where Greg was staying in, where he already had a video camera set up. Maybe he even filmed the sex, who knows, but the cops had been there. The fact that Greg bullshitted his way out of it then, doesn't make it any less illegal and makes that case nice and solid.
I pretty much pray to the heavens above every single day that Shiloh will follow with a brand new Civil suit for Greg. Because with Sarah, Regina and Shiloh it would be the perfect trifecta of doom for Greg.

No. 911851

She was 17, she wasn’t American, and they met up in PA to have sex in a hotel room. It was the first thing he did as soon as they were in said room according to her. Just watch her interview with Hansen. IIRC, she basically said she knocked on the door, he answered and just immediately started making out with her and taking off her clothes. They also had not met each other in person anywhere else beforehand.

No. 911862

I'm not saying you're wrong, but doesn't that mean that technically she was underage though? And doesn't that still mean he sex trafficked her? I'm not saying, i'm just asking mind you. Kinda wondering about a few things here that will sound very demented but I'm just trying to figure this out - trigger warning - :

like say in example a man takes a girl from africa, and there its like 13 is the age of consent. (in some areas) now say he takes her to france and the man is 19 and fucks her, well in france the age of consent would be what? 18? wouldn't it then still be illegal? now in the same scenario say a man does it the other way around and he takes a 13 year old girl from france, and the man who's like 19 or so fucks her, thats still illegal and that technically would be human trafficking right?
apologies in advance, but i'm trying to figure out if it was or was not trafficking now. personally i think both my examples would be human trafficking. hell, i think its the very definition of what human trafficking is.

No. 911867


there is a second report from Cumru Twp. 3 day later on Dec 30th 2010. That means he fucked Shiloh for 3 days, while married, ging cross country to fuck a underage Candian minor. International age of consent is 18, anything less is statutory rape. So yes Onision not only raped Sarah, he had Rap[ed Shiloh before that. Because he is a rapist of children.


No. 911868

ah alright, slight miscommunication there on my part. Still, interesting dialog though, because I'm trying to figure this thing out.
Thats very interesting, and also good that they have a law like that internationally. That means Greg is fucked either way.
God, I hope Shiloh will follow suit. Quite literally. That would just be wonderful. Shiloh if you happen to read this, I hope you go for it, girl.

No. 911869

>very illegal under the MANN act
The MANN act states
>transport or cause to be transported, or aid to assist in obtaining transportation for or to persuade, induce, entice or coerce a woman to travel
I don't think Onision did any of those. He didn't physically transport her by car, bus, train or plane. He didn't financially help her to go to PA by buying her a plane/train ticket or giving her gas money. Onision didn't coerce her into going to PA specifically to meet up and have sex. She was in PA, in that hotel with her mother because of some music thing. I'm not 100% sure but I think it was the weight loss program her music label wanted her to complete. I'm not siding with Onision Im just trying to explain that every time someone brings up the MANN act its easily disregarded because Greg did not physically transport Shiloh, coerce or provide her with some kind of financial means to travel.

Now the law I do think Greg broke is he traveled to have sex with someone under the age of 18. I said this in an earlier post about Jared Fogle. Once you travel from one state to another the federal age of consent is applied, it doesn't matter if the state you had sex in has an AOC of 16.

I hope its clear I'm not trying to be an Onision apologist or some kind of contrarian. Its just that I cringe every time someone brings up "the MANN act" because its hard to apply that law to the event in PA with Shiloh.

No. 911870

I get it, no worries. You're kinda playing devils advocate here. Which I think is needed if we wanna dissect this entire thing and get to the truth and the legal nitty gritty. In this file posted by that anon:
You are right, it does mention the whole weight loss thing. Still though like you hint at too, he traveled there. Didn't he technically lure her to that hotel? If you read the file then Shiloh's mother was very much against her meeting Greg, or lied to (?) Again, not sure. But lets look in to this further, i'm excited to see what everybody thinks about this here.
Was it human trafficking? was it luring? were laws broken? Personally, if this entire thing was my painting then Shiloh would be the final brush stroke to make this a masterpiece. I feel very strongly that she holds all the aces to just give this entire thing the final nudge and be Greg's final nail in the coffin.
Of course, I could be wrong, and I welcome your debate / arguments / comments. I'm just thinking out loud here.

No. 911875


Lets also remember he crashed his wifes car on the way to fuck Shiloh

No. 911876

Well, I'd like to think that Greg and Lainey going to prison is Chris Hansen's end goal. And how it is right now I'd wanna make absolutely 100% sure that happens. Without Shiloh, I fear that Greg might get away with it like the slippery fellow he is. So we might as well bring out the big guns, to me, the big guns would be Shiloh. Hell, she'd be the nuclear submarine.
Her story, tragic as it is, would be just what we need to bring home the World Cup.

No. 911878

File: 1679518016515.png (4.53 KB, 742x97, sarah3222023.PNG)

The newest happening in Sarah's case is the judge has asked for a "ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE" I'm unsure what that means but some people watching this closely on Twitter say it may be that the judge wants her to show why she's withholding her full name. Maybe the lawanons could shed more light on this?

No. 911887

I'm not a lawanon but i googled it and it says the judge wants more information? the other anon may be right if she didn't give her full name, i'm not even sure if you can file any type of suit without giving your full name. I also don't understand why she wouldn't just give them that considering the whole world already knows who she is, what her name is and what she looks like. Not trying to be mean, but I don't think theres a single soul out there aware of the Greg story who not knows who Sarah is.

No. 911889

I have a story about Onion but I'm not sure anyone will believe me so I've never shared it. It's nothing huge or anything ground breaking- just weird.

No. 911890

Go ahead, but realize that we've had people here before that tried to tell hoaxes and false information and people just don't fall for it.
So if it happens to be true, go ahead, if not well people will know.

No. 911891

What Greg did was still illegal (pretty sure) regardless of if it was trafficking or not because she was underage, regardless of what the age of consent was or is in PA where they had sex.

No. 911892

This is speculation on my part but maybe they (meaning the lawfirm and / or Hansen) haven't laid all their cards on the table yet and that Shiloh is already that ace in the hole. Which would be a smart move, considering well they don't call Greg Grease for nothing. He's more slippery than a snake in an oil drum and you kinda have to play "dirty" to finally take him down.
I'm not saying they have, but it would make sense and I hope I'm right.

No. 911893

Right. It doesn’t have to even be trafficking. Just the fact that she was 17 and he was 25 is enough.

No. 911894

This is gonna sound major league autistic and personally i'm not a real believer, but on 4chan they claimed to have sort of mass "willed" Trump in to office back in the day.
Maybe if we mass will Shiloh to also file a suit (just by mindpower alone mind you, since we never tip the cows) so just like, mentally, it will happen. Mind you, I say this mostly jokingly.

No. 911896

I'm about the same age as him and back in the day, I used to make cringey amvs. He messaged me (or it could have been someone saying they were him, really don't know for sure) trying to flirt by linking one of his videos. I guess he thought I would be impressed? I never responded because I thought it was absolute faggotry. I think it was a Death Note video. It's been ages.

No. 911897

I believe it. Thats the kinda shit he does, hes done that to other women too among which this some celebs / camgirls too who were thoroughly grossed out by him.
The funniest thing about that is that this youtuber Strange Aeons I think her name is on there once send him a picture to rate right, just to see what he would say (she doesn't like him and actually doesn't swing that way either if you catch my drift) and he gave her an 8. Now she was already making videos mocking Greg at the time, but he did not know that. Then she made a video mocking one of his books and he actually made a video making it "about her looks" like oh her eyebrows and blabla even making himself "look like her" not realizing he once rated her a solid 8. She actually called him on that as well.
It was hilarious.

No. 911900

I never posted a picture of myself online. I know it was probably obvious because of comments I made or because of content I made that I'm a girl but he didn't know what I looked like. He just threw a line out there. I wonder how many times he did that. Like a cold call.

No. 911901

File: 1679528902000.jpg (117.42 KB, 1125x1240, courtkek.jpeg.jpg)

Found another of Greg putting his foot in his mouth.

No. 911902

File: 1679529174941.jpg (43.64 KB, 978x368, judgekek.jpeg.jpg)

Such fucking cringe.

No. 911903

File: 1679529277902.png (21.78 KB, 854x163, jailtimeprediction.png)

Another one.

No. 911904

File: 1679529493040.jpg (72.92 KB, 1080x727, Groomingtweet1.jpg)

>I believe it. Thats the kinda shit he does, hes done that to other women too among which this some celebs / camgirls too who were thoroughly grossed out by him.

>He just threw a line out there. I wonder how many times he did that. Like a cold call.

He was hunting more than we think it seems. Came across this on Twitter. Mere speculation I suppose, but I 100% believe it.

No. 911905

File: 1679529590822.jpg (61.44 KB, 1080x647, Groomingtweet2.jpg)

No. 911906

Didn’t he meet Lainey through his forums/website?

No. 911907

Twitter. But she was also aggressively going after Shane Dawson and everyone who had connections with Shane Dawson at the same time. Onision was the only one who replied.

No. 911908

This thread keeps getting more interesting by the day. I think I'm gonna watch that documentary again tomorrow just to fact check a few things I seem to remember from it that are pretty much related to this. For instance I also remember thus guy, I don't know if it was in that particular documentary, talking about how Greg was on myspace "networking" but also pretending to be teenage girl fans of his and bombing anyone with comments he perceived as a threat. He's always been nothing more than a grifter, think about it, Shane made him as well as some other people. But mostly Shane Dawson. If it hadn't been for Shane, Tosh.0 and his ex-wife Skye he would have never been anything online.

No. 911912

He still does the sock account thing to this day.

No. 911920

Haha Onision has to live with that fact!



No. 911929

File: 1679557206228.jpg (82.53 KB, 1050x810, 1644480691545.jpg)

I actually witnessed Greg using a sockpuppet in real time and he ended up having to admit it because he fucked up about switching accounts. Greg was having a conversation with two of his fans in a thread, then suddenly this other account named Haiku jumps in out of the blue and is talking the same way Greg was and acting like the owner in regards to the technicalities of the site. Greg realized he fucked up and edited the Haiku post by adding at the end-
>btw Im Onision
I couldn't understand why if he could edit the post why not just delete the Haiku post and pretend it never happened. But I think too much time had passed and he's the owner/admin so he can see how many people have viewed a particular post (and screenshot it) so he played into it with "haha I was Onision all this time GOTCHA!" Of course the resident retard Kaitlind jumped in to say she knew all along.
When that particular version of his forum died I figured out that at least 4 regular posters were actually Greg.

No. 911930

File: 1679565201492.png (221.24 KB, 599x706, Screenshot_20230322-995021.png)

I saw this on Twitter and at first it was funny and cringe. But after watching the video a couple of times it sort of scared me. Greg truly is that stalker boyfriend type that if you ghost him he will call you 100 times a day, show up at your home or work and basically make his life's work figuring out a way to get you back.
I had thought the same thing this girl did that it was automated messages. But no, Greg wrote each one out. That is terrifying. I wonder if much like the Adrienne voicemails they go from lovebomb to threatening.
>97 messages just from him asking me why Im not answering him or asking me why he lost me as a fan.
>like at first I thought they were automated but then he was like mentioning stuff I'd said.

No. 911931

>Greg truly is that stalker boyfriend type that if you ghost him he will call you 100 times a day, show up at your home or work and basically make his life's work figuring out a way to get you back.
HE IS. Lets not forget the infamous Adrienne calls!! I posted it with this post just so we can all sit and laugh at Greg and his misfortune again.
I've noticed that a lot too, just these accounts here and there and you know I don't wanna be that girl who claims everyone is Greg, its just sometimes you stumble on to a weird account on youtube, or twitter, or wherever the hell you may be reading and its Greg-related and you think "hmmm, i wonder if.." they're usually sneaky and underhanded, they sound like Greg since he isn't exactly the master of sock puppets, and they just make you go "hmmm". I never call them on it, or post them here, I just don't wanna be that batshit insane person claiming everybody is Greg. But yeah, there are those instances where I just genuinely wonder if its him.
I genuinely believe Greg never posts here, but he does definitely read here, being the narcissist he is. (or maybe he has, who the hell knows!) I check the Greg thread on the other farms daily too and I think he has posted there on a few occasions and people there called him out on it. But again, his posts are usually pretty obvious even though waterhead tries to make it so that people won't notice it. Anyway, yeah. Sorry for my rant there, you catch my drift i'm sure.

No. 911932

Jesus Christ that's creepy. Footface must be so proud that her husband spends hours stalking random girls online instead of paying basic attention to her and their kids kek

No. 911939

Oh but i'm always willing to drag up more old shit from the Greg trashbin (or should I say entire trashheap, because we're hoarding here!) Unfortunately i could only find this shameful Lainey video on dailymotion but lets not let that get us down, here it is:


Greg was so ready to just leave Lainey for Billie. So very ready, and lets not forget: She was also ready to leave him for Billie! And she's also talked to Sarah about leaving Greg with her! Lainey seems to be very codependent on relationships, afraid to just leave Greg on her own. Its funny how to the both of them ANY other person immediately becomes more important than each other, thats some relationship these guys have. Wonderful, great that meanwhile theres also two kids lodged in between those two's misery, falling out of windows and suffering permanent brain injuries in the process. So thats pretty awesome. Yeah, I mean that cynically.
Sometimes its just good going back, you know? The golden oldies, while we await all those trials they're about to suffer.
I wish Sarah and Regina the best in those, and I mean that very sincerely. Hope they both get some nice money out of it. Even though well lets be honest, Greg has no money, but who cares. Its the principle of the thing that counts, and they deserve it.

No. 911940

I remember seeing this screenshot and I thought it was interesting that she picked up on it before he confirmed it was him, so she’s maybe not as dumb as I thought. I don’t know. It just makes me wonder if some of his fans are just in denial.

No. 911945

He is a stalker. Another example of his stalker-ish behavior is the way he e-mails his exes over and over again even though they’ve never replied to any of them (also doing the same thing to YouTubers - and remember the fake lawsuit threat he sent to them? Remember the e-mail he sent to Social Repose pretending to be someone else defending Onision? I could go on and on..). And this is just what we KNOW, we don’t know everything, imagine what we don’t know about. I’d bet money he still does this to this day.

No. 911948

Let's not forget all the videos he made about exes, slandering the fuck out of them and sending his hordes of tweeny bopper fans after them deliberately.
From what I seen in that documentary too he was making his exes life completely miserable with that, i seen girls on camera cry begging him to stop, and he wouldn't. I mean what the fuck is that, really? Normal people fume angrily over an ex talking to some friends, eat some Häagen-Dazs and get the fuck over it in maybe half a year. Greg brings these women up 10, 20 years after the fact. And he will not stop.
I'm amazed he's never been arrested or charged for any of that shit. I do know that that kind of shit should not be legal.

No. 911949

Well, he actually admitted to it on at least one Twitter account. I’ll just say that..

No. 911950

It goes on for years too. As recent as this year, he’s still been throwing out accusations when it comes to Sarah. The e-mails also go on for years which is why I said I’d bet money he’s still doing it.

No. 911951

He's a narcissist. It isn't that hard to analyze Greg. I once seen this documentary where I think it was about Elliot Rodger, Elliot Rodger always felt like the victim. They explained that for Elliot Rodger he had this narcissistic disorder where in the end there is nothing left of that person personality wise, and its just the narcissism. I genuinely believe Greg has that.
Greg is always the victim, everything is always other peoples fault and he never ever takes any responsibility for his own actions. In cases where the girl walks away and denies him its on, that girl can expect nothing less but fire and brimstone from Greg. Because of the simple fact that that woman hurt him in his narcissism. How dare you deny Greg? To him thats the ultimate insult, total betrayal, and he will make sure you will suffer for it and think about him 24/7. So he will keep making his dumb videos about you, calling you, and yeah stalking you forever. A lot of stalkers are also narcissists. Maybe its even so that every stalker is also a narcissist. They can not and will not accept you leaving them.

No. 911953

Could be an explanation why Kai has stayed so long, possibly due to fear.. at least partially, consciously or unconsciously. The same could even be said for some of his fans that have been around for years that managed to become mods and/or actual friends with Greg, such as McFly.

No. 911954

The only thing she's afraid of is losing her "Greek God". She admitted in a livestream that he asked her for a divorce but she denied

No. 911955

That might be yes. What I do know is that when you have a narcissist like Greg, right, when someone leaves them the first thing they think is well its not their fault. How can it be their fault? They themselves (Greg) are perfect, so its impossible that its their fault or they did anything wrong. So automatically its their fault, and leaving a wonderful, perfect man like Greg to them is literally a crime. So that person needs to be punished for such a heinous crime. Hence the stalking, making videos, slandering the fuck out of them.
Sarah and Billie they're perfect examples of that, or Adrienne or Shiloh. They will humiliate them, stalk and harass them till the end of days. Since they never feel they balanced the scales in terms of revenge. There is no bigger crime to a narcissist than to deny them anything, that hurts them in the very core of their being. They can't even understand why you did such an awful thing. Its definitely not them, of that they are sure.
Thats how Greg operates. Just go ahead and check out one of the many articles or videos about narcissism. I'm sure that at a certain point you feel like you're reading or hearing about Greg. Everything Greg says or does is to feed his massive ego and for narcissistic supply. Be it good narcissistic supply (praise) or bad narcissistic supple (grief and anger from the other person)
Just look at how many people sort of just gave up and got lost along the way, people like Stevie Wolf and "don'tstandsoclosetome" my guess is they just couldn't stand it any more in the end. Which is perfectly reasonable, narcissists drain the energy out of normal people. They really do.
Greek god? If Greg is that he would definitely be Narcissus.

No. 911964

Going by stories Taylor herself has told about her past, I think she's a covert narcissist. Maybe if she hadn't gotten trapped in a marriage with her worst abuser while still a teenager, she could have grown out of her self-centered personality. She's too invested in being a martyr now.

No. 911970

I'm no psychiatrist but what I seen in her behavior is that she's very dependent on relationships, shes definitely missing something like a piece, she's trying to fill that void with another person namely Greg. I also strongly suspect her to be a sociopath or at least have sociopathic tendencies. she's also sadistic. I once heard someone tell her that in school all the other girls hated her since she had this habit of trying to steal their boyfriends.

No. 911971

I still want confirmation on whether they’re even still together or not.

No. 911975

Pretty much. Dependent Personality Disorder? I didn't realize it was a real thing. Not diagnosing, but realistically speaking she's probably this more than a sociopath. We often used Karla Holmoka when describing Lainey, but it's not off from the truth. These women tend to take on their partners desires and do anything to please them. You never see female sexual sadist serial killers unless they act with a partner. Like Monique Oliver. DPD can be onset by trauma. We know that Lainey dated a psycho before Greg. Not saying these women or Lainey are victims of men they're with or even that they have DPD (none of them were ever diagnosed?), but they definitely show traits. And they probably have other traits of personality disorders in the first place to go around hunting women and allowing them to be abused while they're either passive or active in the sexual abuse. I totally love that the Civil Complaint specifically says Greg raped Sarah. He did. He raped a lot of women. He's a serial rapist. He emotionally intimidates and manipulates women into sex rather than physically. He's too afraid of the law to be a physically manipulative. I'm sick of men getting away with raping women just because they didn't punch her in the face.

No. 911976

I'd like to know that for sure too.
I theorize they're still together though, since misery loves company. If they are no longer together then I think Greg did that to try and distance himself from her and be able to say in court they split up, maybe even "because she's grooming people" lol. Which really he wouldn't be able to get away with the evidence is very strong in both cases that she did that for him.

No. 911977

Yeah, its purely speculation on my part I mean i'm definitely not a shrink nor trying to diagnose her. I just think she's ruthless towards these other girls. She truly is a user and just victimizes them, then feels sorry for herself. That would be a strong indicator of her also being a narcissist. Its hard to say though, I'm one of those people that truly can't read her. I do remember this one video I tried to look up some time ago when she was very nonchalant about the accusations that where already flying around back in the day. Not sure if Hansen was already involved back then. It was just flippant, she didn't care at all and just sorta shrugged it off and then minimized it as if it was nothing. I bet most people would be stressed out and petrified if people where going after them in large numbers like they did with them, but she just didn't seem to give a fuck. It was very weird.

No. 911978

Totally. I was looking at a thread from 3 years ago and someone brought that same thing up even back then (him trying to distance himself from her). He refuses to answer the question on whether or not he’s still married and from what I’ve seen, seems to prefer people believing they aren’t together anymore as opposed to them still being married.

No. 911979

I've heard those rumors too and if I had to rate them on a persistence level, i'd give them a rating of a good, solid 65&. Usually, having followed Greg drama since even slightly before the whole Shiloh thing, when rumors about Greg are this persistent they turn out to be absolutely true. In example I heard mad rumors about Sarah at the time, turned out to be true. I heard rumors about Shiloh back in the day, true. Same thing for some other people in his life I heard rumors about, and the rumors were persistent enough, they all turned out to be true. I'd give this rumor about them having split up about a 65& chance of being true so far. But if I hear that rumor even more in the future that number will go up for me. Absolutely.
(That's just my indicator though inside my own head, so really its not that important, mind you.)

No. 911984

File: 1679610977532.jpeg (113.97 KB, 1242x875, 090B4323-F553-473D-8D54-274A39…)

This is the post I was referring to from 3 years ago, it wasn’t really speculating they had split necessarily, but that he was possibly trying to distance himself from her.

No. 911986

Just to clarify I was trying to put "%" but its dark here, i'm old and blind as a bat so I accidentally posted it with "&", and I only noticed after posting this. I'm sorry, I'm a retard. I actually held a little flashlight to my keyboard now to find the % key.
I think its a very strong rumor. Lets not forget he already threw her under the bus about all this several times in videos and even interviews. Like Stevie Wolf said back in the day he will shitcan her faster than you can say "narcissist" if he thinks it is to save his own droopy pasty white vegan ass.
What I also always find really suspicious is how long we have not seen or heard from Lainey in many years now. Its like these grooming accusations started and suddenly she was gone, just like that. And she liked running her own shitty channel and doing live streams on younow. But people hardly ever mention it, I often feel like i've taken crazy pills when I think about that. But Lainey has been gone for many years now, and sure some people claim to have seen her, sometimes they find something about her (I think, I've never really seen any like true evidence) and the bottom line is she isn't posting anymore or live streaming. She just vanished one day, you'd think she'd want to keep running her shitty channel and at least post I dunno on instagram or something.
I find it weird and i've always thought it is suspicious.

No. 911988

They might be separated. If they did divorce, it would be a matter of public record.

I would love to know what one would have to say or do to make Greg shut the ever-loving fuck up about Taylor. The whole reason the rumors about Sarah got confirmed was because Greg thought he found a cute and sneaky way to keep talking shit without specifically naming her.

No. 911989

That’s because he murdered her and is buried somewhere in the back of the barn.

Okay seriously, last time we’ve heard about her was when she was incognito working as a tard-wrangler along with Ryan the shemale. Someone snitched on her to her workplace and got shitcanned. I wanna say this happened last year or the year prior, it’s been awhile. She’s probably still making sock accounts but she’s either discovered by Greg, us or any other onion sleuth. She’s gonna have to continue online hiding because of the girls are successful with this case, this bitch and her onion are done for.

No. 911991

She's a jealous insecure cunt who hates women who are prettier than her, that's why she takes pleasure in seeing her Greasy husband abusing those women and helps him do it, it makes her feel superior over them for once. But in the end of the day she's still a doormat loser stuck in a marriage with an asshole who cheats on her and with 2 kids she obviously doesn't care about who will grow up hating her, her life is still shit doesn't matter how much she tries to be better than those girls she helps her husband abuse.

No. 911992

>What I also always find really suspicious is how long we have not seen or heard from Lainey in many years now. Its like these grooming accusations started and suddenly she was gone

She was caught several times making new social media profiles, which she immediately deletes when people find out

No. 911994

If this were actually true and he dropped Foot, that'd be his COMPLETE undoing. All she has to do is come clean about helping Grease find and groom girls, claim he abused/manipulated her (which he likely did) into doing so. She, of ALL people, would have the most dirt and he knows it. If he leaves then she would likely retaliate in such a fashion. No way she'll go down alone.

No. 911998

>She's too invested in being a martyr now.

Taylor? A martyr? For Greg? Barely. Now don't get me wrong. It's very clear she doesn't want to leave Greg. Like. At all. She's co-dependent. She is a criminal, sick and a sexual predator too. From a predatory/narcissistic perspective. Greg is her person. Leaving doesn't benefit her if she's not facing any serious consequences other than disappearing from the internet. Which isn't much of a consequence.

I reckon she's holding out on betraying him until she absolutely NEEDS to confess all the crimes she committed alongside/for Greg. And that's most likely if or when she's facing jailtime. If that doesn't happen. As a predator and criminal. She can live with what is.

No. 912001

File: 1679636990698.png (22.1 KB, 500x504, Laineythrowinggreg1.png)


You're absolutely right. But I think she's gonna be his undoing regardless, now with these lawsuits on their hands. Taylor has a tactic of not exposing the truth until the situation no longer serves her. Take for example- when Greg decided to divorce her and run away with Billie, leaving her behind with two kids.

Divorced. Single mom. Two kids. Her uwu soulmate used her to get Billie then dumped her because she was no longer useful.

Whatever relationship she'd have with Greg thereafter, even for the kids, would no longer serve her. She'd be left with the humiliation, heartbreak and the "I told you so's". So what did Taylor do?

She took to Twitter IMMEDIATELY and exposed the truth- that Greg was the ring leader of their exploits with Billie because he got something out of it. She outright admitted that he pressured her into the relationship.

However, when Greg decided to stay with her thereafter, everything was recanted and it was business as usual. So, Greg leaves = she exposes him, makes herself out to be a victim. Greg stays = she stays, and remains his partner in crime. She grooms and exploits for him because she's manipulative and sadistic. She likes that shit too.

No. 912002

File: 1679637034643.png (36.49 KB, 500x335, Laineythrowinggreg.png)

No. 912003

File: 1679638025125.jpg (94.72 KB, 1080x1218, Civilturnedcriminal.jpg)


And that begs the question. What happens when even staying with Greg no longer serves Taylor? What happens when her deeds are brought into question in court? What's she gonna do now that she's faced with a dire consequence beyond losing Greg?

What then?

How is she, as an individual, gonna defend or disprove her relationship with the underage Regina, and all the sexually charged tweets/messages she sent to her?

How is she, as an individual, gonna defend or disprove those nudes she sent to an underage Sarah?

How is she, as an individual, gonna defend or disprove watching her husband rape the young woman she once had guardianship over?

How is she, as an individual, gonna defend, disprove or deny knowledge of her husband massaging the butt and molesting the breasts of the 16 year old that was under her guardianship at the time? Rubbing his dick up against her butt and what-not.

She'll eventually have to defend herself or disprove HER wrongdoings. Account for her involvement. Even if through a lawyer. And whether it be via these lawsuits, or the criminal prosecution that could follow thereafter.

She can't possibly self-victimize or feign innocence without exposing the many sick, twisted and criminal truths about Greg and what he put her through and "made her do".

TL;DR: Only when criminal prosecution is involved will Taylor expose the truth and make Greg her scapegoat. Until then. That's her husband and partner in crime.

Her soulmate.

No. 912006

Honestly, I hope she gets her comeuppance as well, fuck her and her victim complex.

No. 912012

ayrt holy shit you did a great job of putting all that together in cohesive fashion. Well done! 100% agree with you on all points you've made, and truthfully THIS is the outcome I'm waiting for. For Foot to break and epically chuck Grease under the bus. Once the reality and pressure is on, once she starts dealing with prosecution she will absolutely crack. She's a manipulative sack of shit just like her husband who will do anything to keep from going to prison. Shiloh will REALLY help this case of course, and create the perfect foundation for Foot to start spouting how Grease abused and manipulated her into all the horrible things she did. Establishing the pattern of abusive behavior and showing the judge/jury he's always been like this, HE'S the REAL monster. Fucking textbook play right there. All this speculation though is killing me, I hate how long this will likely take kek.

No. 912013

If it were me, I'd only stay in the marriage until the statute of limitations ran out for any possible crimes committed. Spouses can't be compelled to testify against each other in a criminal trial. I'm not a lawfag, so I don't know how bulletproof that strategy is. I only know it wouldn't help them at all in a civil trial.

No. 912014

Definitely not tl;dr, really great post. You condensed this all very nicely.
I agree, it answers a lot of questions.
With one thing though: When a couple is technically still married they can't force the partner to testify against her spouse. However, if she's facing serious prison time and can make a deal, we all know she will. After all, in prison she'll be "Greg-less" regardless.

No. 912015

File: 1679666123742.png (24.53 KB, 891x328, CBH56Df89HG.PNG)

Its been a while since I've listened to those voicemails and it still makes me laugh hearing him be fake lovey dovey and then try his hardest to be some kind of intimidating tough guy at the end. After finishing the video I needed more of that whole drama. I searched for and re·read "The Letter" that Adrienne wrote.
My question or request is if there happens to be an unredacted version of that latter. I'm very curious what Greg said about Skye. Or maybe a farmer could give a cliff notes version of what they remember reading when it was very first leaked before her request that the Skye portion be removed.

No. 912017

I remember when that letter was leaked, and iirc it wasn’t actually “leaked”, she just let a select few people read it before she gave permission to Stephanie (the person who ran the Onision Drama tumblr, permission post it redacted). I know she was in contact with Stevie Wolfe at that time and he’s one of the few, along with Stephanie that had read the unredacted version.

No. 912020

File: 1679675924922.jpg (77.77 KB, 1080x922, LaineyDisposition2019.jpg)

>ayrt holy shit you did a great job of putting all that together in cohesive fashion. Well done!

>Definitely not tl;dr, really great post. You condensed this all very nicely.

Thank you.
It's always good to keep in mind that Taylor is a sexual predator. And purely off of her own strength and merit. It sounds eerie to say at first, given that she was seen as a victim for so long, but it's true. It NEEDS to be stressed that she's sick and sadistic.

And most importantly.

She is a pedophile.

Her YouNow disposition back in 2019, when "rumors" about her and Sarah started surfacing. In it, she reiterated again and again and again how she knew that having anything romantic or sexual with a child was wrong, predatory etc:

>Lainey/CoolGuyKai Livestream About Sarah 01/05/2019


She denied preying on children.

While preying on children.

And REGARDLESS of Greg's influence. She did this over and over again (never forget Adam/@iamsopoppunk).

Which kinda shows just how much she liked preying on children.

So she knows. She 100% knows what she was doing and how fucked up it is. And Taylor getting guardianship of Sarah is highly significant in all of this. It shows just how predatory and methodical her thought process in preying on children is. And even if it was Greg's idea- you know- another thing he "forced her to do." It still shows how far Taylor was willing to go, not only to please Greg but to sexually prey on a child, again, as an individual. Taylor didn't just fly Sarah out to spend time with her like the other legal (and still vulnerable) young women (Billie/Maya). She strategically accessed a minor through legal guardianship for her and her husband to have physical, intimate and sexual access to. It was most likely Taylor's goal to fly under the radar as her guardian to ward off suspicion from the authorities (if need be).

Picture the scenario:
>What's a 16 year old from out of state doing in your home?
>I'm her legal guardian. She comes from a troubled home. She's abused there. I'm trying to help her. She's like my foster daughter. Here's proof.
And case closed.

Not TL;DR: Taylor is a sexual predator and pedophile. Sexually pursuing minors and luring in young women never once made her sick or disgusted with herself.


She liked that shit too.

Fucking LOVED IT.

No. 912024

Oh absolutely agree, she's a real nasty monster. A perfect example of a predator. I seriously hope everything you just put up here is used by Sarah's legal team.
Poor Skye… of all of then she's the one I connected with the most. She went through such shit with Greg, then reached out and tried to help his victims after the fact. Didn't have ill feelings towards Shiloh, just saw her as a she was, a kid too naive to know better. I really hope she's doing well these days.

No. 912027

I'm beginning to wonder if Taylor is a female pedophile.

No. 912028

File: 1679686754098.jpeg (181.28 KB, 1124x1827, A73EC927-F33C-42FE-93B8-F139F5…)

You’re just now thinking this? lmao.
Old but I don’t see this mentioned much, even Sarah’s family (this is her cousin) thought they were waiting for Sarah to turn 18 to start dating her.

No. 912030

I'm surprised he wasn't even more obsessed with Adrienne than he already was with those creepy voicemails, she's really beautiful and "alternative", even more so than Billie. I guess she was already too old for his taste, if she was a barely legal teen girl he would have gone bonkers.

No. 912031

She was born the same year as Greg, technically was older than him by a few months (I believe), so yeah. What I found interesting was that both her and Shiloh were connected to the music industry as Adrienne is the daughter of the frontman of Ministry. I don’t even know how they met.

No. 912036

I like her dad’s pop music better

No. 912044

Footface is a nasty person, Sarah and the other girls mentioned having to walk on egg shells constantly when they were around her. She's an entitled narcissist as much as her husband is, how some people think she's a manipulated innocent little victim is beyond me

No. 912068

Would she have preyed on girls/groomed them/sent pics to minors independently? Not defending her, she's definitely guilty. I just wonder if she would actively do this without Gerg. She seems super straight to me.

No. 912073

Thats a very difficult question. They asked the same questions about Karla Homolka and Rose West. Would she? I have no idea. Sometimes people like her need someone else like that to bring it out in them, but it was already there.

No. 912074

File: 1679748913722.png (7.4 KB, 613x226, 28674345.PNG)

I don't know if any of you visit the crazydaysandnight celeb gossip site but there was a Blind Item a few weeks ago that sounded a lot like Onision. This Friday they revealed who they were hinting at (or tallied the top guesses, Im not sure) Im confused because I would never say Eugenia ever defended him. Maybe when they said "food challenged" they meant this person cant stop shoveling the food into their mouth. Foodie Beauty would be my guess. A couple of months ago she was on a YT podcast with other cows including Onision and she was hitting on him and after he logged off she was so giddy thinking that she might have a chance with the Onion.

No. 912079

File: 1679755623459.png (339.65 KB, 880x310, CAPTURE_3_25_2023_563.png)

That got me thinking about the Jared Fogle docu again. Jared's business partner Russell Taylor and wife Angela were also sent to prison because of sexual exploitation of children. Angela Taylors two daughters said their mother was
>a strict Christian woman, going to church every Sunday. But after she met Russel she became this partying carefree person I had never met before.
Their mother seemed pretty straight laced until she started dating this man. But once they were together she was having threesomes with him, in their words "tag teaming" 15 and 16 year old girls. Having text conversations with her husband about sex with her own daughters. She was filming herself having sex with dogs and sending it to other men and trying to find other women who were into bestiality. That's actually how everyone got caught. The woman that Russel and Angela were trying to talk into having a threesome owned a horse and they hinted at allowing Angela to have sex with it and Russel film it. The woman immediately contacted the FBI and the rest is history.

I don't think Lainey would have done all the disgusting things she has if Greg hadn't pushed her along. But she had it in her already before she met Greg. It didn't take that hard of a push for her go with it. If she hadn't met Greg she would be married to some scumbag in Podunkville New Mexico and if the guy was a sex pest he'd be talking her into doing weird shit and Lainey would be ready and willing.
That's why I'm scared for C and her friends. Greg either gets bored of Lainey or disgusted by her body after the pregnancies and wants someone new and young. Greg and Lainey can no longer bring in new meat. They're outcasts online and in real life, everyone knows they're predators. We've heard how strong his sexual urges are so Greg is going to some how justify having sex with his daughter or her friends. And knowing how well he can manipulate Lainey he's going to talk her into joining him abusing their daughter and/or friends.

No. 912083

I’m pretty sure that would be a no. She wouldn’t have done any of this if she weren’t with Greg.

No. 912084

The longer answer would be
Lainey would never do this kind of thing by herself. She needs someone to help instigate it. but the thought and feelings are inside her and have always been there. I think she's so weak she knows that she could never do it alone. The catalyst could be Greg or some other predator that she started dating or married. I have to wonder if her past is part of the reason. She's said that an elementary school teacher sexually molested her and other students and it was a big deal in her small town. She had to go to court over it. Then her step brother raped her but none of her family believed her. Predators usually have a history of being molested at a young age.

No. 912086

It reminds me of how rare female mass shooters are (just to use another example), but when you do hear of them, many of them have a male partner in crime.

No. 912095

Late 80s-mid 90s Al when Ministry was peak and Al was absolute batshit crazy on drugs - would've murdered Grug with his faggy mall goth poser aesthetic.

No. 912110

I agree that it's hard to say. I do think she has shown us that she's a manipulative and insecure person, who takes delight in using these young girls for validation before bullying them to regain control when greg ultimately gets involved. I have a feeling if she did live a different life, she most likely wouldn't have offended, but if she did, it would most likely be some of those teacher-student situations because those women are always attention or validation seeking and looking to relive their youth. Roughly only 5% of all sex offenders are women and of that 5%, an estimated 30-40% do so with involvement with a male partner.

No. 912111

File: 1679817385195.png (143.33 KB, 617x214, kek.png)

They have that same general look and smile

No. 912119

I know it doesn’t matter given she did what she did but it really is fascinating to speculate about what drives her.

She does seem self-aware in some of her videos, aware that she’s codependent, that Greg has cheated on her repeatedly, that he loved Billie more than her, that having her daughter around greg is a risk and yet it doesn’t change anything. It’s so strange to know all that but stay. I do think Greg probably has some dirt on her at the point but I don’t think that’s the only reason she stays.

I don’t agree with anons that think she’s a pedophile outright, I do think she will go along with whatever Greg says and is emotionally stunted so probably feels like she’s still 17/18 so connects with younger people and loves flirting and getting positive attention because she probably doesn’t from Greg most of the time. We don’t see them in private but from all we’ve seen that seems to be the case. I do agree with people that she gets a thrill from Greg tearing down and destroying other girls while still “picking her”.

If she wasn’t with Greg, I do think she would find another domineering man to please but I don’t think she would have done all of this. It doesn't matter though because she’s gone down this path and that’s that.

I can’t wait to follow this lawsuit and see where it leads.

No. 912121

File: 1679863250262.jpg (22.64 KB, 386x482, np9usucepdsz.jpg)

I'm just gonna go out and say it..
I don't believe Lainey is truly bi-sexual
I don't believe Lainey is trans
I do believe Lainey is sick in the head and has some pretty severe mental issues.

No. 912123

Greg didn’t tell her to send nudes to underaged girls, she did that all herself just like she decided to throw her own family under the bus for him. It was a match made in hell.

Why are the Lainey sympathizers back?

No. 912125

I don’t believe she is trans, yeah I also said it.. Not sure about the bisexual part.

No. 912126


those are "not" Lainey sock accounts pretending that making comments on an internet forum is going to save her from years in prison and having to register as a sex offender forever. It won't.

No. 912127

Theres one video, a very old one, where Greg takes Taylor out to dinner and basically talks her in to her being bi. There are several girls like Billie who said she was never really in to it. The kiss they showed in the first video, well you seen that in the documentary, was staged by Greg.
Taylor isn't bi-sexual. I'm pretty sure Greg could talk her in to fucking dogs. In fact there's a rumor he did that with Shiloh, but I don't know if that rumor is true. But that that was how she contracted the sepsis

No. 912128

Oh and thats another one of Greg's kinks (which isn't a kink of Greg, really?) sex with animals. He's had porn of Harley Quinn getting fucked by hyenas and told people about that.

No. 912129

Negative. The story with Shiloh was that Shiloh was bit on the crotch by a dog, and Greg suspected it was because she was trying to get the dog to, you know. Shiloh has never commented on this as far as I know, only Gurg. The sepsis story had to do with her alleged failed pregnancy with Greg, the one where she posted stolen photos of someone else's unborn child.

No. 912131


Careful where you go with the dog fucking, some of gregs followers have been known.(sage your autism)

No. 912132


A story? Out of greg mouth? About a female and sex of any kind? You don't say.

No. 912133

she has never been anything but an insecure straight woman. Another nona hit it on the head, she’s miserable and liked manipulating women who her husband was attracted to into being as miserable as she was as a way to get back at them for making her feel insecure, and to get Greg to be fleetingly nicer to her. She was fine with all of this while she believed she was doing to to please him and secure her spot as the head of the harem, and his second in command. It was the closest thing she got to control and respect from him in their relationship.

No. 912144

Nobody's sympathizing with Taylor. Nobody. All the shit she's done doesn't make any sense to normies and it's natural to want to understand why.

Taylor is a victim of abuse.

Taylor is a piece of shit abuser.

Two things can be true at the same time.

I think of this scene whenever I think about Taylor. It humanized Mary and made you see how horrible she really was at the same time.

No. 912145

That breaks my heart. I've never seen this movie. This scares the hell out of me. We already know that C is just inches away from them in the same bed while they have sex. I can see Greg trying some kind of fucked up shit like this and trying to persuade Kai to agree to it, or threaten her to obey. And with the history of how she has treated the girls Greg abused in the past we can bet that Kai will blame her daughter "she was flirting with him, she was asking for it"

No. 912146

Greg is so cum-brained, he ain't about to let a small thing like his own children being awake in the room get in the way of his right to be pleasured by his wife.

No. 912147

Agree no one thinks she’s strictly a victim anymore.

That video is tough to watch and hopefully doesn’t have any real parallels in their lives. It does make me nervous that she seems to be okay to do anything to stay with him and could even become jealous of her own child in that way if Greg finds no other outlets for his depravity.

I really don’t think so because that’s a big line to cross and for all the abuse they have put strangers though, it would take true monsters to do that.

No. 912150

File: 1679893218061.jpeg (224.93 KB, 1170x2028, kaikidwranglerjob.jpeg)

>And Taylor getting guardianship of Sarah is highly significant in all of this. It shows just how predatory and methodical her thought process in preying on children is.
>She strategically accessed a minor through legal guardianship for her and her husband to have physical, intimate and sexual access to. It was most likely Taylor's goal to fly under the radar as her guardian to ward off suspicion from the authorities (if need be).

I have a tinfoil (that I don't think is a tinfoil given pattern evidence) about Kai's last known job- Behavioral Technician/Tard Wrangler.
If their pattern of preying on children shows anything, it's that they had no intention to stop. As long as they were with Greg that was the MO. A way of life for them even.
But. "The Bait" aka Kai, got cut off from her online hunting ground- through Sarah and Regina severely exposing her across social medias.
So picture it. Kai, a child predator. Somehow starts working at an in real life facility for children after leaving the online community she used to prey on children.
And who and what she is isn't speculation. She's 100% a proven child predator.
So to me. It would be dumb insolence to believe she didn't take up a job in child care to continue preying on children.
I'd always thought that Kai (and Greg) would try to continue their shenanigans discreetly once the public 100% had proof they broke the law. But they were not criminally prosecuted.
It would be convenient too. To prey on children in their state. No need to fly out any minors with money dwindling. Or hide behind legal guardianship. Or take to social media to deny accusations. Just change their names (which they did), move to another area/county (which they did). Have Kai get a job in child care and boom. They'd have a fresh batch of unsuspecting employers, and children to choose from via childcare jobs. They, specifically Kai, whether or not Greg demands it, can prey on children more privately that way.

TL;DR: I believe Kai got a job as a tard wrangler to continue to prey on children. In real life places became the new hunting ground. There's no way she wasn't gonna prey on the children at her workplace.

No. 912152

Originally before she got lazy and called it quits on the prospect of going to med school, she planned on becoming a pediatrician…yeah.

>gender: female

Even she knows her gender-speshulness was bullshit. I hope Sarah and Regina’s attorneys are looking at this thread and look into lame’s job history, it’s gonna be a hoot!

No. 912153

I still don't believe Shitloh had sepsis, no way in hell someone with sepsis would be able to travel to another country to get treatment there, sepsis is extremely dangerous and can kill you in a matter of hours. Before she went to Canada "with sepsis" she recorded a video sitting on Greg's lap hugging him and looking perfectly fine, cause that's totally something someone who is dying would do.

No. 912155

iirc there was never actual sepsis, just the threat of it. like the doctor said "you miscarried, get help NOW or you could develop sepsis" and she ignored medical advice and traveled home instead.

No. 912156

There's a reason why she cried her eyes out when she found out she was having a girl, she knows exactly what he's capable of doing. Yet she still chose to stay and keeps her daughter around him knowing she's in danger, that makes her even worse for knowingly doing that to her own daughter. She only cares about herself and her uwu Greek god. And I don't think she cried because she was worried about the girl's wellbeing, she was worried about HERSELF in fear that her daughter will become competition for her pedo husband's sexual attention.

No. 912157

Yes, anyone with a minimum of common sense knows there was no sepsis, but both her and Grease pretended there was (a lie). They made a video together announcing to the world that poor Shiloh totally had "shepsis". We're talking about the same chick who stole a premature baby's photo and pretended it was her own dead child, lying about having sepsis is nothing to her.

No. 912158

>Originally before she got lazy and called it quits on the prospect of going to med school, she planned on becoming a pediatrician…yeah.

I remember her saying that. You know what else she was doing around the time she said that? Grooming Regina with her topless skype sessions. So. Her saying she wanted to work in childcare however long ago doesn't counter the highly likely argument that she found a job in childcare to prey on children. Again, this is a proven child predator seeking out work in childcare after (not before) being booted from her usual hunting ground.

A sexual predator choosing to work in childcare. That's a clear enough indication of malevolent motives to me. Not sure if you're trying to disprove something with that reply anon. But it doesn't change anything.

No. 912159

>A sexual predator choosing to work in childcare. That's a clear enough indication of malevolent motives to me.

Kai would also have the opportunity to start the grooming process at even younger ages. Prepubesents/children. She could garner more foul proof compliance and indoctrination that way. Grooming them into perfect discardable victims.

No. 912160

File: 1679907574658.png (180.83 KB, 738x858, kaigross.png)

Kai has always been icky.

No. 912161

>We already know that C is just inches away from them in the same bed while they have sex.

>I can see Greg trying some kind of fucked up shit like this and trying to persuade Kai to agree to it, or threaten her to obey.

>There's a reason why she cried her eyes out when she found out she was having a girl, she knows exactly what he's capable of doing.

This is gonna sound super fucked up. But.
If Greg, at 31, massaging Sarah's butt, rubbing his dick up against it, and molesting her breasts at 16 is anything to go off of. I'd say Greg having Cloey next to him while he's having sex is the closest he could get to touching her. He avoided penetrating Sarah (as a minor). He didn't touch Cloey as far as we know. But his patterns show clear indications of trying to satisfy pedophilic perversions. I think he had Cloey next to them so he could look at her while fucking Sarah and or Kai. As fucked as it sounds. I don't think he was ignoring her presence at all.

No. 912162

File: 1679914218937.jpg (229.93 KB, 1080x2053, coolguykaiyt.jpg)

Was browsing through Greg's channels to see what videos he might have deleted recently and surprise surprise. He made 4 of Kai's videos with Sarah in it accessible again!

And he runs the CoolGuyKai channel. And made only those videos accessible to the public (go to the playlist). If that ain't proof he's preparing to toss her under the bus I don't know what it.

He's your soulmate Kai. Now keep crying.

No. 912164

You really nailed it there, right on the head.

No. 912165

God this is so vile it makes me sick. I hate that this is more than merely plausible. Just hate it. Someone get those poor kids away from them.

No. 912173

Um I wonder why, perhaps he made them public to give Sarah's lawyers ammunition against Foot? Those specific videos with Sarah have some VERY inappropriate moments between Foot and her. Everything he does has an ulterior motive, this is the first time I'm inclined to believe the tinfoil that they're getting separated

No. 912183

File: 1679939147054.png (167.81 KB, 1029x582, koolpedokai.PNG)

That is extremely creepy, coupling it with those videos where she tried to wear her child's clothes it seems worse. She deserves what is happening to her and her pervert husband.

No. 912188

Totally forgot about this shit. But the internet will always remember. Here's hoping they finally rot in jail. There is no way their own kids are safe with them either.

No. 912192

File: 1679942993344.jpg (5.13 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

Hope I don't get in to trouble for saying this here, but I think Lainey is putrid in every sense of the word, applying to everything about her down to her very core, everything she has said and done and to her soul. If she even has such a thing.

No. 912194

The fact that they were trying to prey on children that have special needs makes this even worse..

No. 912195

I wouldn't put it past Greg to be doing this as a means of threatening her. Jokes on him. More than enough "haters" have archived some of his more incriminating videos over the years.

No. 912219

Wasn’t trying to disprove anything, I just remembered what her original career goal was after reading your analysis and realized she’s been wanting to work with children for nefarious purposes. IIRC she also wanted to become a youth counselor and a lactating consultant, totally not predatory amirite?

No. 912223

I think he could think these videos are a defense because it shows they had a normal and friendly relationship with Sarah or maybe to show that Sarah was the instigator (the leg touching in that one video).

> perhaps he made them public to give Sarah's lawyers ammunition against Foot?
I wouldn’t bet on it but if he reuploaded the livestream where she’s defending herself and saying she’s Sarah’s legal guardian but will never have a relationship with her ever, then I’d believe it. Unless he gets some kind of out, I don’t see him rolling on her because it doesn’t benefit him.

No. 912231

it really is amazing how greg is his own worst enemy. It's very possible sarah wouldn't have been doing any of this if greg didn't sperg out after the last time she left with videos about crazy women and how they all seem to have bipolar disorder. He was threatening to bury sarah like he tried to do with all his other exes and instead this 18 year old girl turned it around and fucked his whole world up and she's not even done yet.

You literally raise a girl from 15 years old, you make sexual comments about her when she's 16, you know already it's a problem, you invite her back, you rape her as soon as she turns 18, she finally leaves, and your solution is to bring as much attention to the situation as possible. That's how retarded greg is.

No. 912235

If you look up what sepsis is, it doesn’t make sense. So I agree with you.

No. 912262

Shiloh did say in I think an interview she did with Chris Hansen that she was mistaken, since she was a teenager at the time and didn't fully understand what her care team was telling her. I think she mentioned explicitly trying to google "septic pregnancy" or something similar and got confused.

A nurse told her that she was "going to go septic" but she didn't understand the difference between sepsis and a septic miscarriage. The latter happens when a miscarriage becomes infected.

They're both pretty serious, but given what she's said recently, I think she straight up just didn't understand the information being told to her outside of "your baby died, you need to get it removed."

No. 912289

File: 1679986498241.jpg (78.45 KB, 1080x919, kaispubliclife1.jpg)

>I think he could think these videos are a defense because it shows they had a normal and friendly relationship with Sarah or maybe to show that Sarah was the instigator (the leg touching in that one video).

Lmao hell no.
If you look at Kai's "My Secret Lifestyle" video, at 9:00, you can see Kai sending Sarah flirty texts about showering with her. Sarah was 17 at the time and presumably still under Kai's guardianship. Why they put that in the video is beyond me but ain't no way Greg has those videos up to defend Kai.
Title needs to be changed to "Digging My Own Grave".

>Unless he gets some kind of out, I don’t see him rolling on her because it doesn’t benefit him.

Nah anon.
Kai probably knows he made those videos public again to incriminate her. But she's got her guns too. So what's the rush? It's not like they're in police custody.
Greg's a dumbass for that because Kai could easily flip it on him as proof he controlled her channel and is trying to frame her as acting alone.
If I were her I'd hope he does leaves those videos up for when it's time for her to shank him.

No. 912291

File: 1679986541018.jpg (64.58 KB, 836x1600, kaispubliclife2.jpg)

No. 912363

>I think he could think these videos are a defense because it shows they had a normal and friendly relationship with Sarah or maybe to show that Sarah was the instigator (the leg touching in that one video).
Sarah was still a minor in those videos, so even if he tries to pull that shit Footface will still look bad for allowing a minor to touch her

No. 912364

Yeah and when she stole the premature baby's photo she was mistaken too and thought that little girl in the photo was her own son who died. Please.

No. 912366

Can we please stop referring to female pedophile Taylor Jackson as "them" and "Kai"? Jesus.

Do you know where you are? It reeks of newfags in here. "Putrid" is tame as fuck compared to the other, more colorful (and accurate) descriptions people have given of Taylor on this site. Stop being so fucking precious, if you want to insult the pedophile, go for it. Like, is this your first time here?

"uh ok" god, Taylor's just as good at ignoring obvious disinterest as Gurg is. What a fucking creep.

No. 912367

That moment when your thumb is more attractive than your face

No. 912368

kek nonna

No. 912375

Whats wrong with the word putrid? I see you learned gas-lighting from the best though. Don't reply to me.

No. 912387

To be fair, with the amount of name changes Taylor/Lainey/Kai/Lucas Jackson has gone through, it's important to use her most current name so anyone searching her currently can find information about her.

No. 912397

> Kai could easily flip it on him as proof he controlled her channel and is trying to frame her as acting alone.

Maybe this will be his final test of loyalty for Taylor. Will she take the fall for him and not fight back.

Even if he was able to throw her under the bus isn’t it too late at this point? He already tried to frame what he and Sarah did to Taylor as forcing or pressuring Taylor into sex when she didn’t want it. So it would be hard to pivot at this point. If he hadn’t, he could probably have cut her lose before replacing her with another young girl like Billie to draw an audience back in.

No. 912421

>Will she take the fall for him and not fight back.

I doubt it. She's been done with him for a while. She hasn't left 'cause she doesn't want to admit her dad was right about Onion all along but she's not going to jail while Greg jumps into the sack with his next teen victim.

No. 912426

If you want to refer to this pedo as her fake gender and apologize for accurately describing her with a word that's far from offensive, that's your right. It's my right to tell you it makes you sound like a retarded newfag. Nothing wrong with "putrid," just dumb to apologize for using a non-slur against a literal pedo who isn't even participating in the conversation.

Back on topic: I kind of feel like Shiloh's a lost cause. Sure, she could potentially put him away, but the defense would also have shitloads of video and screenshot evidence of her lying about crazy shit, so it could also hurt the case. Onion's an abusive fuckface, but that video of her "forgetting who he is" and having "seizures" is all I'd need as a judge or jury member to be like, "Uh, not sure I trust this version of events."

Then again, if it did become a criminal trial and Onion represented himself, watching him attempt to cross-examine Shiloh (or anyone else tbh) would cause a milk tsunami, so I'm here for it.

No. 912429

There’s a reason they both decided to use common names on purpose.. “James” “Lucas” and then with a very common last name. It’s just a way to hide and bury themselves in search results. As if nobody would notice that’s what they’re trying to do..

No. 912430

I would have done the same thing as her. He fucked around and found out.

No. 912432

Did anyone not expect this? I’d be shocked, SHOCKED, if he wasn’t preparing to throw her under the bus as much as possible. He’s going to do everything he can to try and save his own ass.

No. 912434

It’s not a coincidence, so I wouldn’t even call it tinfoil.

No. 912436

Just a while ago he was trying to convince the public that Foot is such an amazing person who never did anything wrong, I wonder what happened now kek

No. 912438

When was this? It had to have been years ago. I can’t even recall him even mentioning her in at least the past almost 2 years now.

No. 912443

This is a dumb question, but I had a thought that what if it was Greg sending some of these messages pretending to be Kai? (NOT that she isn’t guilty, we know she is) I mean, he most likely had access to her phone, knowing him.

No. 912446

Agreed. I don’t think she is willing to go to jail for Greg, hell no. That may be the one thing that breaks her loyalty.

No. 912458

Probably around the time Greg posted a picture of the shitty birthday pumpkin pie he got for Taylor. You could tell it was frozen because there was a pool of water on top. This was sometime after Sarah exposed what they had done to her.

No. 912466

I remember some of the girls saying that they thought Greg was sending some of the texts when they were suppose to be talking to Lainey. Jessica and widebottom (Im sorry I cant remember her real name or even her online name but it was something like that) Jessica and this girl found out after Sarah exposed the Onions that Lainey was stringing both girls along at the same time. They did a YouNow together and dished all they knew. That's when Jessica told EVERYTHING about the kids and Sarah showed up and told her to chill and stop talking. But yeah, I'm positive I've heard other girls say they had suspicions that Greg was pretending to be Lainey in texts. The tone and word usage would suddenly change.

No. 912477

File: 1680100920088.jpg (96.42 KB, 1600x741, proofgreguseslucasphone1.jpg)

>This is a dumb question, but I had a thought that what if it was Greg sending some of these messages pretending to be Kai? (NOT that she isn’t guilty, we know she is) I mean, he most likely had access to her phone, knowing him.

>I remember some of the girls saying that they thought Greg was sending some of the texts when they were suppose to be talking to Lainey.
>But yeah, I'm positive I've heard other girls say they had suspicions that Greg was pretending to be Lainey in texts. The tone and word usage would suddenly change.

Lucas (Taylor/Lainey/Kai) posted her own proof of that on her YT channel. Showed two videos of her with her phone (yellow case) then posted a video of Greg using it.

(April 3rd 2018)
(March 20th 2018)

No. 912478

File: 1680101019453.jpg (91.66 KB, 1600x747, proofgreguseslucasphone2.jpg)

(April 10th 2018)

In it Greg was like:
>I wasn't texting anyone.
>Lucas: On my phone?
>You'll never find out.
>It's the best place to do it!
> You (Lucas) would never check your own phone.
>While I'm telling you all this right now that's a problem.

Pretty sure she knew these days would come. Gotta "commend" her for dotting her I's and crossing her T's.

No. 912480

File: 1680101479524.png (8.8 KB, 816x210, 3282025_2651.PNG)

Sarah and her lawyers have responded by the deadline. They have also filed a protective order against Greg (and Lainey?) Unsure if the judge has allowed her to continue on without using her full name.

No. 912481

I remember reading the texts Maya leaked at the time and thinking that the language used was so manipulative that Greg had to be the one behind it but I couldn't be sure.

Good work, anon

No. 912482

File: 1680102535757.jpg (108.52 KB, 494x582, onion.jpg)

That's kind of poetic justice. Both of them, especially Lainey, wanted to stand out from the crowd and be xtra speshul. Now they have to go by John/Jane-Doe-names.

No. 912484

lol, of course I was right..

No. 912485

It was probably him. It’s not past him to do that. It’s kind of like how he uses sock accounts hiding his identity pretending to be some random person online. You think he’s not going to take the opportunity to do that in text messages on her phone, pretending to be Lainey? Yeah, right.

No. 912487

>mass reckognition
"Intellectual" btw.
as for "everlasting freedom" well that kinda depends now innit? but mass RECOGNITION you got that down alright, champ.

No. 912489

Did he make that? How was he not in remedial classes in school with spelling errors like that?

No. 912490

Yeah that's Skye right? Where'd you get this from >>912482 ?

No. 912491

Yes, it's Skye on the right.
That was his first future board and I still think it's hilarious. Got it from ED or LoO, I don't really remember. It should be still floating around the internet, tho.

No. 912493

It’s so cringe.

No. 912502

File: 1680133273964.jpg (173.19 KB, 1080x1170,