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No. 837043

Previous Thread: >>>/pt/828285
Onision Thread Archives: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/Gregory Daniel/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. He also likes to distract from controversy by faking mental breakdowns and suicide baiting. After over a decade of this pattern of behaviour, he eventually came to mainstream attention through a documentary, and Youtube subsequently demonetised his channel. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a trans man who has abandoned her Youtube channel and locked down her social media presence to hide away from allegations of sending nudes to underaged girls and helping to lure in new targets of Onisions' abuse.

~~patreon.com/onision~~ [deplatformed]

Last time on Shrek:
> Everyone remembered to sage and integrate and we all had a grand old time
> Before moving, Greg put in minimal effort and expense into meeting conditions for wetlands restoration, notably less so than the effort and expense he put into destroying it in the first place: >>828489, >>828490
> Greg keeps spamming emails at Jaclyn Glen's inbox because it's the only box of hers he'll ever fill: >>828546
> And he's very much not mad at her for complaining about it: >>829217
> He also spammed Creepshowart: >>831801, >>831802, >>831803, >>831805
> Greg drags up a nearly decade-old email from Shiloh wishing him luck, just to show us all that he's totally moved on, guys: >>828900
> Andy Dick confirms that not even he wants to be associated with Onion, despite the uncanny physical resemblance with the only person who hasn't yeeted themselves out of his life: >>829513
> Speaking of Lainey/Kai, have we ever seen her in the same room as Social Repose?
> Onision fundraises a whopping $200 towards building his own video platform: >>829954
> In another fit of nostalgia (because there's no new milk), the anti-O who shall not be named allegedly made an FOI request for the police report for that time Greg enticed a minor to cross state lines for the purposes of sex (Shiloh): >>830222, >>830248
> and allegedly received/found said police report: >>832598, >>832783
> In a discord leak, Greg threatened to become self aware by expressing moral outrage at Elvis having married a teenager, but then explained that it was only bad because they got divorced: >>830726
> Greg believes netflix will eventually contact him to make a documentary: >>830730
> Tiktok bans Onision's freshly minted account: >>832015
> But then reinstated it: >>833232
> In a new low, Greg challenged Jake Paul to a boxing match, which is promptly ignored, despite Keemstar's valiant efforts: >>832350
> Swamp Shack finally sold: >>832611
> Every week this dude comes out with a new forum or discord server in a desperate attempt to maintain an audience as tiny as his suspicious trouser package.
> Onion appeared on Kermit and Friends with Andy Dick's wife, Elisa, where he was owned by an anti-vax Karen and completely disregarded by Elisa >>836157
> Greg reuploads the song he did with Shane Dawson (has he told you yet about the time he kissed Shane Dawson?) because just like these threads, there's nothing left in his life but old stale milk >>836703, >>836735
> Next doco ep out 27th May, the only hope for milk left: >>833537

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable and avoiding bans, please follow these rules:

Do not derail the thread about the onion flakes/orbiters unless their posts have some connection to Greg. Attempts to discuss the onion flakes that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban. The flakes thread can be found at >>>/snow/691458

Don't post anti-o caps unless they contain direct milk we don't already have. A separate thread has been created for anti-o's >>>/snow/ 1081173

- REPORT AND IGNORE BAIT, just don't respond. Responding to blatant bait will result in a ban.
- No nitpicking.
- Do not liveblog streams.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.
- Do not post nudes of any exes.

No. 837050

I fucked up: dropped the J from James Jackson, and the anti-O thread's link is cut up, should be >>>/snow/1081173

No. 837055

Thanks for the informative summary. The last 3 thread OP's seemed like they were hastily made just to be first or get the thread pic they wanted at the top. Cant wait for the 27th and the freak out that will follow. Greg already admitted that he had a panic attack just hearing Sarah was going to be interviewed. I can only imagine what's going to happen when he hears what she has to say. I really hope episode 4 really digs into Lainey and the shit she's done. Hiding from the internet is not going to keep Laineys friends, family and neighbors from knowing she's as fucked up as Greg.

No. 837057

Sage bc no milk and slightly ot but I cant believe this hag brings up his pregnancy fetish now that she's pregnant?? what kind of sick freak. she definitely trhives off this attention. anyways watch the vid if you want but nothing new, just trying to make them sweet onion buxx and talks about the docuseries/the episode coming up on the 27th. always hilarious to me how these bootubers complain about much consent and story rights but then jaclyn basically promotes it for free? hypocrite but funny to watch

No. 837083

Not sure if it’s because I watched the previous eps on the app, but discovery plus just dropped a minute long teaser trailer for the doc and sent it on push notifications…

No. 837084

Minute long teaser trailer for "Sarah Speaks?"
Or just a general trailer for the whole series, meaning the past 3 eps?
And if it was a teaser for ep 4 can you share or give us a summary?

No. 837087

Correction, wasn’t a minute, just shows that for anything under a minute on the app:
Just clips of people talking about him being a predator, clips of him licking Shiloh’s head, and the tag like “onisions story continues”

No. 837107

Any of those clips Sarah?

No. 837116

File: 1621698935298.jpg (294.11 KB, 1030x585, omg1.jpg)

I can't believe he had Muse on, of all people. He was actually trying to avoid her not responding to her emails and such. She complained about that before.
Hope it goes all wrong and she'll stalk him too. That would be awesome.

No. 837131

I think he only messaging her cause he has a pregnancy fetish he probably getting off to her

No. 837132

who is muse? they look like a meth head or possibly an alien in human clothing?

No. 837133

Methhead it looks like.

No. 837143

No. 837144

>who is muse?

search her names and the names of the people she accused of trying to sex traffic her on YouTube and there are a bunch of videos about her.
Muse, The Muse, Muse Talks, Wes Moast, Brittany Simon

Muse tries to be the ultimate victim and with Gregs hero complex I can see him bringing her in like he did Sarah and Sam and some of those other girls who were having issues with their family or just needed a place because they didn't have a stable living situation.

And if Greg brings Muse into his home, holy fuck will there be milk. Fingers crossed!

No. 837152

definitely not. he's been avoiding Muse like the plague and I bet he's even bummed he fell for letting her on the stream. She's been angry about that a bunch of times, yet I don't even think Greg knows that. He knows she's already completely fucked up, where's the fun in that? She's already broken. And too old too. Way too old.
He likes them young and just broken in enough by a bad family life so he can take them in and then fuck them up completely. He won't give Muse the time of day. Besides that I think she's probably too ugly for Greg.

No. 837275

I'm gonna get shit for this take, but I feel like the Sarah stuff was blown out of proportion. Yes, it's gross that they slept with her after turning 18. Yes, Onion is a creep, but everyone warned Sarah. Hasn't she even admitted to lurking their threads for them? So was she really that surprised? Everyone did beat this dead horse. Jaclyn is still milking it. I mean, she made a video this week that shared nothing new. Just regurgitating the same old shit. And after watching repzions new video (lil Tay) the bit with his cat has made me realize that he is a really strange guy.

No. 837283

I was wondering if the thread would be left inactive for a day as it should be and then you come and post a shit take about Sarah. Disappointed but not surprised.

No. 837289

>left inactive for a day
>a day

Yeah, after all the milk that has sustained it over the last month or so a break for a day was definitely needed /s
They even saged lmao

No. 837291

A mind-blowing insight into what isn't even the current milk. Worried about how the next documentary episode is going to go?

Sage isn't a license to be as dumb as you like without reproach. Between milk it's not meant to fill up with shit, and I too had optimistically thought maybe the morons had run out of sperging.

No. 837294

its been aired already 4 and 5 i mean but still nothing anywhere online. i wanna see it dangit.

No. 837307

Doesn’t add any relevance to the thread but with Greases obsession with anti culture emo characters geared towards Hot Topic Tweens. I’m surprised he doesn’t do more Depp characters. Forget about Johnny’s shit show of a personal life, depp has become absolutely insufferable over the past decade.
Absolutely Cartoonish, over the top, almost Garish film portrayals depp almost boarder lines of self obsession and parody. I’m not here to argue as a film critic or about deposit personal life, just found it interesting Greg doesn’t do more depp characters like his obsession with the joker and Japanese animation. Greg’s just as about as self aware as depps edgy hats and Over the top accessories. Very dark and oh so cool guy persona.
Clearly the thread post brought this to mind

No. 837337


Yet here you are. Keeping the post active. Makes you claim of hoping for inactivity disingenuous at best.

You completely fail to see the irony of you shitting up a thread with irrelevant complaints of people shitting a thread.

You do realize that you could go a few days without reading or posting yourself? It's not a requirement.

No. 837339

We now have Gen Z Karens that are slightly more tech savvy than their Boomer counterparts moving in to the internet world to try and shit on anyone and anything not or catering to their whims.

>Sage isn't a license to be as dumb as you like without reproach. Between milk it's not meant to fill up with shit, and I too had optimistically thought maybe the morons had run out of sperging

"I want to speaking to the lolcow manager.."

No. 837372

Holy meltdown bat man, not really new milk per se as greg is sperging over and over again about sarah raping him through nda, but oh boy stayed up late to watch the maniac meltdown, gregs jimmies are rustled definitely because of the documentary, only a matter of time before he really implodes and either commits die or get arrested for a public freak out.

No. 837374

More like Onision can't handle being irrelevant.

No. 837377

He is so bitter. He invites people with absolute hate in his heart. He has no idea what to do with this life without attention. Hahahaha. I love this.

No. 837382

File: 1621878059015.jpg (134.79 KB, 1592x903, mrodd.jpg)

don't expect too much, but a "mr odd" was in playmatetessi's stream asking questions about her. he was acting sus as heck.
i don't know if it was greg, i just found it… odd.

No. 837387

"I do anti-x videos"
As though he had anything of value in those videos. Any time I've bothered to even watch a clip of those videos, they're always harmful towards their "intended audience" because of his giant water headed ignorance on every subject he tries to talk about.

No. 837388

The only two comments visible are telling him to lawyer up and sue. As if he hadn't had ample time to do that before

No. 837394

There was a video of a fat guy asking him about those NDA's in a stream, asking a real hard question. I bet thats why he's feeling insecure about that now:


No. 837397

Ugh if anyone was able to stomach the whole thing congrats. This is such garbage and just him talking over his sycophants and regurgitating the same story over and over.

I did think it was interesting that he did try to say sarah was poor because she works at a soup kitchen and is trying to go pre-med. he’s got balls to try to make her look bad for either of those.

I also thought it was interesting that he misspoke when retelling all the other bad stories people should be focusing on rather than attacking him. He goes on about stabbings but then brings up a “father that molested his 11 year old daughter for falling…” and then corrected himself to “failing exams…” I don’t think he’s molesting his daughter to be clear but it stuck out to me.

I’m ready for this blister on the ass of the internet can finally fade away after all these years.

No. 837398

Samefagging but I wish colossaliscrazy would jump on one of these streams and surprise him. I would love to see greg try and grapple with someone as patient and smart as colossal. Lionmaker 2.0

No. 837399

All anyone needs to ask the dumb cunt is if he was the one who printed out the NDA and discussed with Sarah the terms. Not that it literally matters but because he's so fixated on it someone just needs to end the agony of him talking about this nda as if it's his get out of jail card. In fact it would hold as much standing in front of a judge as the fucking monopoly get out of jail card. Dude's a retard.

No. 837400

The NDA isn’t the fault in his story, it’s the bad trade off of terms.

By his own account he accepted a bad deal by submitting to Sarah’s demands because choice A was that sarah tries to ruin his life by spreading baseless rumors because he didn’t groom her or have sex with her after constantly reassuring his audience she was just a friend, less even. Choice B was to get raped alongside Lainey in order to have the slight chance that she wouldn’t try to ruin his life (even though it takes a pretty unstable and unreliable person to blackmail you into sex but whatever) but also give her something that would be legitimately staining to his reputation aka having sex with her.

I’ve never seen him give a legitimate reason why choice A isn’t 10x a better option than the other.

Someone should take him out of the equation and ask him why he would prefer the guaranteed rape of his angel husband over the risk of a crazy person spreading rumors about them. That’s harder to defend.

Everyone’s covered it a million times but it’s the core of why his story makes no sense, especially when you take his history and the context into account alongside it.

No. 837401

if you ask me at this point it would have even been better had he just been honest "yeah, lainey and i wanted to fuck her."

No. 837402

What demands did Sarah make? Onion printed out the NDA to start their relationship like he has done with other girls. By all of his cringe accounts, him and Sarah wouldn't have fucked unless she signed it. What rapist agrees terms with their victim and then signs a contract? If anything that's implied consent lol. The entire thing is retarded.

No. 837404

It also conflicts with his constant message of "people who have crimes committed against them call the cops and let the courts decide." Blackmail is illegal, so why didn't he call the cops the moment she allegedly tried to blackmail them? And then after she allegedly raped them, why didn't he call the cops then either? By his own logic if all of these girls are liars because they didn't call the cops he must be too.

No. 837405

its like the guy asked, say that it had been Billy the Fridge making this "demand", "yeah im not going to sign it unless you have sex with me"

would greg have had sex with billy the fridge then?

so the whole rape story is complete and utter bullshit.

No. 837426

It’s a two hour video so
We have a time stamp for
Where his meltdown and rage begins. Any highlights?
Saged obviously.

No. 837432

I thought the new ep wasn't due out until the 27th. Did it come out earlier than that?

No. 837449

No. 837452

I think op misspoke. The fourth episode is supposed to air May 27th.

No. 837456

File: 1621915327123.png (37.81 KB, 836x507, FD19B15A-D468-4AB6-9D37-65CC67…)

Welp Greggys not gonna like this one. Apparently there’s suppose to be a new allegation from Sarah that’s gonna be revealed.

No. 837457

File: 1621915377413.png (42.58 KB, 854x562, 5562EFDF-8F9A-493D-8A7A-D60A8E…)

No. 837460

>interviews with online experts, Greg's family, and with Sarah herself.
Greg's family? Randy and step mom again? Or could it be the sister he fucked over by telling the internet about her numerous abortions and failed marriages. Or maybe Crazy Tami is finally over his bullshit with trying to take away the house he gave her.

>and turned the tables, insisting Sarah had raped both him and Kai

I hope they really dig into that and show how absurd that claim is. Greg hangs on to that bullshit story every time he streams and Id love to see him watch his rape allegation be torn to bits by professionals.

Greg said he had a panic attack when he heard Sarah was being interviewed and that was the reason for "the 9 hour call." I think he's scared because for so long he thought he was untouchable. He could do and say whatever he wanted online and face no consequences. Then episode 3 dropped and YouTube told him to fuck off. He saw that the the Discovery documentary got his biggest paycheck yanked out of his hands. I think he's now afraid that episode 4 may get him in some legal troubles.

Episode 3 pushed YouTube to demonetize him. Episode 4 could push the authorities to fast track criminal charges.

No. 837465

Whatever happens, it will result in the biggest Sloshing since the days of Noah and I am here for it.

No. 837467

File: 1621920210177.webm (2.45 MB, Tami ruined Gregs house.webm)

He spent a good portion of last nights manic livestream sperging about Tami. Maybe he has an inkling she's going to rat him out on Discovery so he's doing a pre-emptive strike.
>she's a shitty person so you can't believe anything she says about me.

No. 837482

Yeah I think you're right, he's poisoning the well in anticipation of the next episode. "She ruined the house" "the Sarah thing isn't a big deal" etc anything he says this week is a clue to what he's expecting to feature in it. I wonder if he's right, if Tami and her house will rate a mention or if he's just paranoid and taking a stab in the dark.

Did he bring anything else up that might hint at what he's expecting?

No. 837483

>Episode 4 could push the authorities to fast track criminal charges.
Eh, I wouldn't get your hopes up too high. Bringing media attention doesn't make a case viable, especially if evidence is lost or inadmissible, like OJ Simpson, or if it's timed out on the statute of limitations or if he's deliberately made sure to stay within the law with his immorality.

Like maybe but if he survived the IRS and the EPA, I'm not putting money on it.

No. 837484

File: 1621932340597.jpg (179.37 KB, 600x600, d764592e.jpg)

No. 837486

i'm really interested to hear her speak on her experiences - hopefully the format of a 1 on 1 interview, that will be edited, helped her feel like less overwhelmed and helped structure her answers.

my biggest hope is this interview gets everything out that she needs to say, then she can leave this whole stupid mess behind. get into trauma therapy & focus on good shit, like work & school. she's still so young. in a few years hopefully all this will feel like one long, bad dream.

my 2nd biggest hope is it'll make gerg sperg & he commits hara-kiri live on twitch.

milk's sooo fucking dry the past few months. he really is washed up. he's barely even amusing as a punching bag anymore, which is arguably all he is good for

No. 837487

>my offspring.. like who says that?

No. 837494

God please let Crazy Tami tell us everything on the doc. It would be so fucking hilarious. He lost his god damn mind when his Father was on it and this would make him go nuclear.

No. 837495

I think the most interesting part of this is the 'new allegations' and 'interview with his family' but I'm also afraid it's going to turn out to be a big ol' nothing burger.

No. 837497

If I remember correctly that is the house that had mice and I can clearly remember trash piled up around the place. He would of been perfectly fine with everything his mom did as long as she moved out the moment Greg demanded the house back. That's the problem with Greg's 'generosity', it's all conditional and he'll want everything back with interest the moment they say/do something he doesn't agree with.

No. 837505

>and turned the tables, insisting Sarah had raped both him and Kai
>I hope they really dig into that and show how absurd that claim is. Greg hangs on to that bullshit story every time he streams and Id love to see him watch his rape allegation be torn to bits by professionals.

I wish they would go further and serve him with something legal to punish him for slander or at least force him to stop parroting it over and over.

Ultimately the show exists for entertainment only and not to find any kind of justice for people involved though so I doubt they will take that step however it would do a good thing as well as provide interesting content.

No. 837506

I hope she also recorded the whole thing on her end to make sure she can’t get edited out of context or whatever. It would be great to see the whole uncut interview in addition to the discovery version.

No. 837508

I hope the alleged nine hour phone call thing is touched upon

No. 837512

Greg could film Shiloh when she threatened suicide and to end his career and he could film his baby girl after she had fallen out of the window.
But he couldn't get a hold of any of the cameras, including smart phones, in their house to film Sarah while she threatened him?

Try again, Greg.

>I think he's now afraid that episode 4 may get him in some legal troubles.

While I wouldn't count on that, I secretly hope that twitter will finally yeet him off of the platform. He'd be stuck on his boring forums 24/7.

No. 837517

he has no emotional attachment to them what so ever, and neither does Kai.

No. 837560


holy shit, it's a fucking parade of sad pick-me girls

No. 837561

I don't wanna tinfoil, however I do wanna say look at his eyes in those latest talking with people streams. I know that look very well, its hard to translate but I feel that he's burnt out. overwrought.
I feel he's very close to just snapping and I wouldn't be surprised if pretty soon he will have to take like a month long break, or something.
Just that redness and wildness in his eyes, combined with the eyelids looking kinda tired. I know that look, I've seen that look, and and its always resulted with people just breaking down completely. And no, not talking fake meltdowns here, I'm talking breaking down and not being able to stop crying.

No. 837568

>Episode 4 could push the authorities to fast track criminal charges.

lmao the daydreaming that goes on in this thread. What authorities? What charges? Thanks to Sarah fucking around and the boomer squad contaminating key evidence, there is no investigation and thus no charges.
Also, how is it that everything Greg says is obviously bullshit but when he cries for pity about muh panic attacks, suddenly his word is gospel? Oh right … the imagination thing again.

Why can't people just take the milk for what it is and stop with the wild fanfics.

No. 837575

That was surprising to me. I thought most of the comments or emails he got defending/praising him were self-authored but see these people on video proved there are still some real fans out there.

No. 837581

at 1:27:00 he talks about sh being chained in a basement and "raped for one or two weeks"

he asked billie to do the same thing as a punishment.

No. 837597

Who keeps trying to get on a call with him and getting banned? She got a guy to call in and pass the phone to her and he shut her down immediately.

No. 837598

> who the fuck tries to cheat on his wife, who also has kids

Onision said this about Hansen. I think onion actually has a faulty memory of the past. Some narcs like him seem to cope by actually editing their past memories so their actions are always justifiable but no one else's are.

>why won't a lawyer take on this case
Why won't you start a gofundme to launch an anti defamation case, Greg? He thinks lawyers just go around picking up cases on their own. Has he tried to get legal advice on this? I'll bet not given his aversion to engaging trained professionals.

No. 837599

They're pathetic. That Kira Yagami one especially, but they all get yelled over by him sperging about FAX even when they're being total sycophants. He said to one chick about how he hates women and she was like "oh yeah totally, women always hold a grudge". Grow a spine already.

I just realised it must have been Muse he was blocking from the stream.

No. 837619

"Women hold a grudge". I would hope it's being told as a dig to Greg, who still bitches about Skys alimony and Shilo. But no, some people are are that desperate for attention from a man.

No. 837629

>Has he tried to get legal advice on this? I'll bet not given his aversion to engaging trained professionals.

Of course he hasn't, that would ruin his line of bitching about being a victim. If he actually went to any lawyer, he'd be laughed out the office. On the off-chance he finds a lawyer dumb/desperate enough to represent him, he would be laughed out of court.

Kind of flips it from his "I'm a poor, pitiful, victim" spiel to "No, you're just stupid." Which is well known, but have it stated by a judge/legal professional makes it worse.

Plus the fact that he's probably too broke to try.

No. 837634

its true women do hold a grudge, thats why men like Greg should take a lesson from it: don't fuck women over, treat them well, and they won't destroy you.

No. 837687

Some women do, some women don't. Some men do, some men don't. Humans gonna human.

No. 837689

All his exes only "destroyed" him by telling everyone the ways he tried to destroy them. I dont like most of them and am of the thorough opinion that shit attracts flies, and sure they made mistakes and associated with a piece of shit, but at the end of the day, Sarah was a teen, Shiloh was a teen, Billie was a teen, teens are dumb but they're teens and he's the grown ass pervert who took advantage of vulnerable teen fans (pretty much all of them have been victims of sexual abuse even before meeting him) and lo and behold gets what he fucking deserves. Vengeance or not there's too much proof that it happened, even in his own recordings, so if they have a grudge they got a damn good reason

No. 837693

Exactly, some people do, some people don't.

I've seen men hold a wicked grudge against their exes (Onision included) and I've seen women shrug off some really terrible people. Just depends.

In this case it's not so much of a 'grudge' but making sure this guy gets held responsible for his shitty actions.

No. 837700

File: 1622078034616.png (1.04 MB, 1000x568, 276.PNG)

While watching his latest meltdown stream I think I may have an answer to a question that's been bothering me. Even before he lost his partnership with Youtube how was he surviving financially? I suspect he has 3 or 4 fans who keep giving him huge amounts of money on a monthly basis.

Ester has been sending him thousands of dollars! How often? I know I've joked that McFly has a mental deficiency but how can you send a huge chunk of your Whataburger check to a man who will treat you like shit every other week in front of his other fans?

Has McFly entered PoopBeck territory where she's eating dog biscuits so she can keep sending Greg money every money?

No. 837709

Besides being teens, another important distinction to make between onion and the flakes is that if you Mandela Effected onision out of this timeline, we wouldn't know any of them except for Shiloh. Even as lolcows only Shiloh would be worth a thread that would be dead by now ​and without Onision maybe she wouldn't have turned out like that.

Best milk was Billie. Erase Billie from the timeline and you still have: screwing over Skye, the Shiloh saga, the voicemail harassment of Adrienne, teen bride Taylor, dumping Cyr for vague political reasons, his head canon about Hannah Minx, the milking of Eugenia Cooney, his ongoing obsession with Jaclyn Glenn, the Blair White debates, family beef, constantly reliving the Shane Dawson kiss, arse fucking Sarah, and his Eric Clapton moment when his daughter fell out of a window only instead of a touching song he wrote creepy bdsm tweets.

If onision had lived alone all this time and had no friends at all, he'd still have produced his cult shit, his pre-youtube forum and blog shenanigans, neglect of several animals, underaged body rating forum and videos, curing the world of self harm by telling kids to knock it off, tax evasion, suicide baiting, and wetlands destruction.

His ability to believe he's not the source of all his problems is an impressive feat of persistence in the face of reality. He is the Michael Phelps of fucking up.

No. 837726

File: 1622113134622.png (447.14 KB, 652x866, Screenshot 2021-05-27 at 12.59…)

seems like the new episode is out. does anyone have a mirror?

No. 837732

File: 1622115381841.png (603.6 KB, 890x604, 3dhimk.png)

I'll be watching once I get home from work.(no1curr)

No. 837733

It's not something you can fix in a box as a whole. It depends on how was one invested in another and how they were hurt by them afterwards.

I wouldn't blame the girls that went through gurg's swamp shack to hold a nasty grudge toward the guy for not only what he did to them there but also afterwards.

Greg would add the insult to injury by humiliating his exes and sharing all his secrets online while singing his gospel of the "woe is me" victimhood. I've had experience in the past of being taken advantage of emotionally and financially by someone I deeply loved. I've held a grudge ever since I realized what actually happened. I can only imagine how bad sh must be fucked up deep down inside after everything gurg did to her.

No. 837734

looking forward to it. hope someone shares asap

No. 837741

Someone on the farms watched and summarized it. Here are the worst bits.
11. In 2015 the friendship between Sarah, Regina and Laimey evolves and their convos become more intimate. They had a group chat that was sexual in nature.

12. They would exchange underwear pics. Brings up the "I'm grooming you nicely" tweets. Laimey reveals details of her sex life with Greg to Sarah. Sarah claims she thought this was normal behaviour due to lack of other normal relationships. Laimey comes out as bi. Sarah says she thought she was in love with Laimey.

13. 2016 - Greg and Laimey invite 15 yo Sarah to come visit them at their home. Laimey asks Sarah if she'd be ok with them kissing, even though she is aware it is not legal for them to have a sexual relationship. "It's not illegal for me to make out with you or kiss you, right?"
18. Almost immediately after signing over PoA to Laimey, Sarah senses a dramatic shift in her relationship with the couple. Sexual elements introduced into their convos. Sexual jokes and innuendos. "At one point Greg reached his hand out and caressed the side of my face and smiled at me. Something about it just felt kinda off. There was definitely a part of him that, in a sick kinda twisted way, was into me.. I think it was the fact that I was so much younger. It was the taboo thing of it all, I think. I think he likes really young girls. I really do."

19. Laimey was also pushing the boundries with Sarah. Laimey said "Hey if me and Greg ever get divorced, can we get married?" When Greg and Laimey fought, Laimey would say "zillow time", and they would go look at houses together and fantasise about running away together. Sarah says Laimey does not know the boundries between romance and friendship. "The grooming was very subtle to someone who was 16". People online became suspicious of Greg's motives and expressed concern publicly.
25. Nov 2017 - Sarah finally tells Greg that his comments, which he claims are jokes, are making her feel uncomfortable.

26. "Greg was so, SO angry. He was like 'I can't be living in a house where someone is so uncomfortable around me.' He kicked me out, and I didn't see them again for another 8 months."
>Gerg got assmad that she didn't like his "jokes"

Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing about the supposed 9hr call

No. 837748

Who’s got a link ?

No. 837751

She admitted that she spoke to him but refused to tell him anything about the interview. He asked her to recant and she said no. I don't know why she would talk to him at all.

No. 837757

Trauma bonding? Who knows. I still doubt that it was a 9 hour phone call.

No. 837764


Honestly there wasn't any real new news. But there were a few highlights:

>Lainey controlled Sarah's bank account until she was 18 y/o

>when they first met in person Onision told Sarah she looks like "orange soda feels going down your throat"
>Lainey knew about their 'hookups' and told Greg to stop porking Sarah while she was in NM

Also, Lainey is still on-brand, only threatening Sarah instead of her adonis husband when she got upset.

An even bigger disappointment than the first few, but it's the closest thing to fresh milk.

Randy makes another appearance and fully supports Sarah. He's definitely not father of the year (obviously was never invested enough in his kids, even now) but he seems infinitely more credible than Crazy Tami.

If anything the Discovery+ series just shone some light on that dynamic.

If I had to put money on it, I'd believe Randy's story over Tami's.

No. 837766

sage for double-post

A few more notable bits:

>Lainey wanted to "just makeout" when Sarah was underage

>No 9 hour phone call referenced
>Discovery+ is obviously pushing hard to get all Greg's channels banned from YouTube

No. 837775

Enoying episode four with some homemade kvass that babushka gave me last night. this is better that way comrades.

No. 837776

Please share it online comrade

No. 837777

No. 837778

I think Sarah was still partly conditioned to respond when Greg called her. It hard to uninstall all those buttons an abuser puts in you. And who said Sarah didn't ignore Grugly when he called the first time? He probably called over and over and over until Sarah answered in order to yell at Greg to knock it off. I'm sure that went on for nine hours. They definitely did not have a nine hour long conversation. Can you imagine a nine hour phone call of

Grugly: You have to tell them you're making it all up!

Sarah: No! It's all true!

Grugly: You know it's not, you stupid cunt!

Well, shit. On second thought…

No. 837781

>"It's not illegal for me to make out with you or kiss you, right?"

Holy shit that's damning. Hopefully now the people that constantly whiteknight Lainey will shut up.

No. 837783

I'm the one you're replying to and I doubt it was for nine hours too. It's hard to say with Sarah. I thought she would be too smart to talk to him after everything, but she did. She should know better by now and hopefully she does.

She also said, "At one point Greg reached his hand out and caressed the side of my face and smiled at me." I think everyone who read or heard that part cringed out of their skin.

No. 837784

yay for communism!

No. 837785

>>when they first met in person Onision told Sarah she looks like "orange soda feels going down your throat"

What did he mean by that kek? What kind of thirst comment(Integrate )

No. 837786

Acktually it's "cream soda" implying that he's just chugging cum.

No. 837787

It's clearly a neg, but one that doesn't make much sense.

No. 837795

File: 1622134772088.png (1.23 MB, 1318x950, Capture.PNG)

thank you!

lol they got def noodles for his useless commentary

No. 837796

It was to imply Sarah was sweet and refreshing, like a cream soda. Still a weird-ass compliment, though.

No. 837799

Yeah I don’t think it was a weird but sweet compliment I think it was a sexual innuendo masked as a compliment.

He constantly infuses everything with a sexual undertone (or overtone) around young girls. He does it on a mass scale in his videos and on a micro scale with girls he’s interested in. It’s a component of grooming to constantly turn things in a sexual direction.

> Greg was so, SO angry. He was like 'I can't be living in a house where someone is so uncomfortable around me.' He kicked me out.

It’s so funny and sad that this man cannot take an ounce of rejection from girls, especially teenage girls.

Lainey’s pathological worship of him has clearly lowered his tolerance for any rejection not that he had a particularly high tolerance before.

No. 837801

I didn't say the compliment itself was sweet, I'm saying cream soda is sweet, like instant diabetes sweet. The compliment is fucking bizarre and I'm sure we all made the same "wtf…?" face when we heard it.

No. 837804

I think the most interesting part was the "Actual Text"s they shared.

It proved Greg was telling Sarah he loved her and wanted to be with her.
It also showed the whole "get what i want" blackmail joke. It did not go down like greg said at all, but through a text conversation between lainey and sarah. And sarah points out everyone knew it was a joke because they didn't add in the sex clause she joked about.

No. 837818

Do you have a screenshot of these? I know Greg said he loved having sex with Sarah but didn’t know he ever said he loved her.

No. 837826

File: 1622140455259.png (355.21 KB, 845x472, screenshot.png)

No. 837827

Cheers anon I'm going to roll a blunt and watch now.

Sorry I'm only 8 minutes in but I think it's great so far. Sarah looks great, and I just wish her the best. I feel emotional kek

No. 837832

Very little Hansen. I liked it.

No. 837836

File: 1622142005017.png (48.79 KB, 845x480, screenshot.png)

I guess this is referencing the alleged nine hour phone call that happened back in january?

No. 837839

Onision only sleeps with people he loves. He has ethics despite what Sarah says.(pedos have no ethics)

No. 837841

File: 1622142393278.jpg (471.47 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20210527-200622.jpg)

Uh oh there goes Greg's rape defence

No. 837844

so your saying then the rape could of never happened because he boinks only people he loves? there fore he wasn't raped.

No. 837846

Hearing that Greg wasn’t even the room when she made that joke was a shock.

His dad speaking up and supporting sarah was a big highlight. With Greg’s daddy issues that’s got to cut deep.

No. 837847

I thought this was very well done. Have to admit I didn't watch the other episodes and relied just on recaps but I think I'll go back and watch those.

Sarah is a gorgeous woman and I'm so happy she spoke for herself in this. I didn't realise her first kiss with Greg was the moment he pulled her into a threesome with Lainey. They didn't warm her up at all so to speak. They started making out and fucking each other while her back was turned then Greg pulled her down into it and she said her stomach dropped. That's coercion and rape, Greg. Unbelievable. And the NDA wasn't signed until the next day and while it is bogus and redundant, even in Greg's false reality where it matters he fucked the minor he had groomed before anyone put pen to paper. Lainey is a greasy bitch too I hope her parents are utterly ashamed of her at least we know Greg's dad hates him.

Overall I hope social media does get governed so predators can all gtfo

No. 837854

File: 1622145690295.png (697.82 KB, 541x632, Capture.PNG)

>Hearing that Greg wasn’t even the room when she made that joke was a shock.

yeah i was surprised i didn't hear that before. he repeated his lie so often about sarah wanting to sleep with both of them.

No. 837869

It's not surprising at all. Taking a grain of truth and building a whole sandcastle with it is what Greg does best.

No. 837871

> he repeated his lie so often
He relies on the repetition to make his lies seem like truth. That’s why he never says shiloh’s name without adding “the girl who got pregnant with someone else’s baby” after it.

Even people who are critical can get sucked into it but the teen girls that still watch him totally fall for it. He wears people down.

No. 837872

Maybe that's why he had a panic attack. He knew there were texts and knew that Sarah would frame is coherently instead of his "yeah…we were in the bed then we said "sign this" and she was like only for sex and we all had sex because we were scared and already in bed." He's so god damn mother fucking stupid and I wish people that debated him in his tard videos weren't dead brain teens and some old cig hag.

No. 837880

I do love that Sarah pointed out that the NDA was just printed from a Google search and no lawyer made it.

Obviously, everyone already knew that, but hearing it on the documentary just drives the point home what an idiot Greg is.

No. 837886

On a side note, I wonder if Sarah now has the good sense to change her damn number.

No. 837887

Can't post atm but KF are documenting his tweetin n deletin spergs and I can't help but tinfoil he's the sad cunt that's been the scrote instigating infighting in /ot/, he sure do be having a lot of free time on his hands.

No. 837888

File: 1622154725340.jpeg (242.78 KB, 747x1415, B5581EA0-4C6C-4CA9-82FE-45FFD5…)

No. 837890

to be honest he could've just avoided all this issue, if only he just went ahead and groomed mcfly and not even toy with sarah, but too late now, just waiting for the eventual narc melt down that will verifiblely send him somewhere UWU

No. 837899

File: 1622160191403.gif (3.82 MB, 356x200, 200.gif)

You really need to get some new material. Then again you've been riding the same tired old banana joke for 12 years so no, i won't get my hopes up.

No. 837907

This is some great bait, mate.

Try to be less obvious next time, maybe. or just fuck off back to twitter.

No. 837925

To me this is proof of his decline. This is something he would normally use to try and rocket himself further into relevance with something crazy. This is just the same old thing.

No. 837926

Everybody knew it but damn it's funny to have it confirmed that he just downloaded NDAs off of google without any kind of notary or attorney involved. Exactly the same way he fucked up his taxes. I've known adults with downs syndrome who displayed more intelligence than onion.

No. 837927

Ngl, the lack of interest in this thread (pretty much the last bastion that follows his idiocy) on what would amount to a nuclear milk bomb is encouraging

Onion is officially to the point no one cares, which is the worst possible outcome in his eyes

No. 837949

this 4th part was really good imo. Sarah comes off really composed and well put together. All the more amazing given she had to educate herself growing up with these clowns.

Greg is gonna sperg so hard at this. she flat called him a pedophile. (which he is)

It's also great for those that dont know every detail unlike our pathetic trainwreck watching selves

No. 837963

The 4th part was good. If this is not the last nail on his coffin then nothing will be it.

Do you guys think yt will finally deplatform him? I freaking hope so.

No. 837967

File: 1622206676369.png (3.12 MB, 2344x1554, 1_oePXowvNtzgXfU5CfkOjqw.png)

I do not mean to sidetrack here, but heres a comparison:
Playmatetessi is also a streamer, here are some of the things she does daily: harass, slander and stalk her ex. she's a racist and she often jokes about george floyd and shits on the BLM movement. she harasses and bullies people on omegle, just for views, including kids. and last but most certainly not least she abuses her cat Molly, ties her up, holds her against her will, the cat screaming in agony. now she was banned before, for about a week, and they gave her her account back.
so in answer to you saying that maybe they will ban greg: no, no they will not. don't hold your breath. like, seriously. don't count on it. picture absolutely related. its youtube susan. everybody say thanks susan wojcicki.(derailing )

No. 837969

oh, lest i forget: she also hates gays, makes fun of cancer patients to their face, and says cancer and AIDS are for poor people.
so there you go. people report her daily and this has been going on for roughly a year now.
and like i said they banned her before and then gave her back her platform.(No1curr)

No. 837983

Agreed - I think the fourth part was probably the best compared to the other three.
The bit how Kai had power of attorney and control over her bank account while growing up was also telling.

No. 838003

Then make a thread for this cunt

No. 838005

Agreed. It went over all the things I'd hoped. The only thing I wish they'd touched on was the Billie tattoo basement saga. I can understand her not wanting to be in the doco, but they could have talked about cuddlegate/basement gate. They already showed clips of her Ayallah with blurred faces.
Plus Billie not participating in the documentary probably makes Greg think she still respects or has love for him and Lainey

No. 838006

File: 1622222056890.jpg (9.03 KB, 275x183, download.jpg)

>I do not mean to sidetrack here, but heres a comparison:
Congratulations, you've earned it.

No. 838008

It makes me more afraid for Cloey. Taylor wasn't crying over being pregnant with a girl because she was sad and afraid for her daughter. She was crying because she knew her daughter would be competition.

I really, really hope both those kids are far away from Onion and Taylor before that happens.

No. 838009

Only a matter of time before he fucks C.

No. 838019

I disagree on this one. It was Sarah's place to tell her story.
Even though Billie's story is no less important, especially since Greg still pines over her, it wouldn't have been wise or respectful to either of the girls to squish her story in the episode.

Hopefully Billie will get her own episode in the future, so Greg has something to look forward to. Haha.

No. 838027

File: 1622227604884.jpg (786.29 KB, 1184x680, Billie and Sarah.jpg)

She was shown in the beginning of the episode with Sarah helping her do her makeup for the documentary.

No. 838034

Imagine telling Greg's thread during the Billie saga that years from now a major television network would drop a documentary about Greg and nobody would give a shit. Not a single soul would believe you. We have truly come a long way.

No. 838043

Bc I’m fucking deaf, I watch everything w closed captioning.

In one of the blurred clips with Billie in the docu, Billie’s dialogue was captioned with her name. It was just a second, but I was surprised to see it since she’s supposed to be “anonymous.”

Wish they’d touched on the Billie shit too, but maybe they’ll milk it for an episode 5. I can’t say anyone gives much of a shit at this point though.

No. 838050

I give a shit, if only to laugh thinking about the notion that if Greg had learned a single thing from the Billie situation (especially not being a public shithead to people who have lots and lots of dirt on him) he would not be going through this again.

No. 838052

I really hope for her own sake that C grows up dumpy and ugly. Hopefully that will be enough to keep Greg away from her.

TBH this is why Lainey is arguably worse than Greg. Greg is the scum of the earth, but he’s so narcissistic and retarded that he’s literally delusional. He’s so disconnected from reality that he doesn’t ACTUALLY know/understand why everyone hates him.

Lainey on the other hand knows she fucked up with the Teen Harem Situation, knows that Greg is terrible, and knows that her innocent fucking daughter is going to grow up unloved by her father and probably diddled, and that’s not enough to make her leave. I mean, she won’t even send the kids away to live with her parents. If she’s so determined to “win” and stay with Ogre, at least let the kids have a shot at not being irrevocably traumatized?

Sarah sort of has an excuse for having sex with the pedocouple while one of the kids was in the room, because she was groomed since she was 15, but Lainey has to know that it wasn’t right.

I genuinely don’t understand how someone could be so selfish.

No. 838056

This story keeps on spreading to the point where Now This news is covering the story.

No. 838058

And he thought he was untouchable.

Also, "27" will never have the same meaning for Greg ever again. I still think it's just a lucky coincidence, but he married his ball and chain on the 27th which kind of led to the documentary being broadcast on the 27th - good that Greg and Lainey both have that number carved into their skin. What they wanted for Billie, they unknowingly did to themselves.

No. 838060

File: 1622246516039.png (233.19 KB, 1370x269, 2021-05-28_19-53-05.png)

if that's true then is this scheduled live stream with the two of them not happening? If so then that's a bummer. On second thought, I wouldn't want Muse's penchant for crying "wolf" to potentially diminish validation for those that were actually hurt by Gurg. They both would be using TF out of each other. One would use it as vindication when he's still a disgusting groomer while the other is just a clout-thirsty nutbag.

No. 838062


No. 838064

> I really hope for her own sake that C grows up dumpy and ugly. Hopefully that will be enough to keep Greg away from her.
This is your brain on porn.

No. 838088

No one cares what crystal turd has to say.

No. 838101

Take a second to appreciate how much his fake meltdown videos have backfired. Of course tabloid media is going to use that footage as B-roll when introducing him as a psycho creep. It's so satisfying that he made himself look worse than anyone else could, voluntarily, and at the time he thought it the 4d chess of troll moves.

No. 838124

Anons from /ot/ who like to manifest shit by thinking about it better start manifesting Part 5: Billie's Story Feat. Skye because this was way better than the other episodes. The show did well to avoid featuring controversial side figures.

Sarah did a good job conveying why girls wanted to go to the onion mcmansion, why they were so enchanted by such a gross man.

No. 838135

I don't think Billie wants to be a part of this docu series , mainly because even tho what happened to her was bad, she was willing to destroy a family at the same time so it will make her look like a home wrecker in front of everyone .

No. 838136

I thought it was more because Onion tried to demonize her for smoking weed and she doesn't want to go on tv and talk about it because Greg is cringe.

No. 838137

Hmmmm yea but don't forget she was a teenager. And only way someone can be a home wrecker or "steal your man" is if the man wants that shit. It doesn't excuse her part but there was a lot more to the story. For example there was a lot of weird manipulation and coercion going on, as far as Billie has said, she did intend to date Lainey but apparently Lainey was cold and rejected her from the get-go. Ofc gug capitalised on this by love bombing Billie and making her feel like he wanted and understood her (Still don't understand how anyone could see past the layers of grease and acne and fall in love with that creature but hey ho) similar in a way to what happened with Sarah in the end. The fuckboi wannabe Lainey turned spiteful cold and sour and rejected them so they sought out closeness in gug. Who ofc probably aimed for that to happen all along.

No. 838138


Tbh I think B doesn't want one of the cringiest periods in her life to be immortalised on a more mainstream platform with a much wider audience.

Also not talking about it never gives grug anything to misconstrue or paraphrase to suit his narrative. GG Billie.

No. 838172

The weed thing was such horse shit. What Greg really wanted was control. To start his own little cult thing. Like how he wanted to name both Billie and Lainey with one word "Lilly" and wanted them to get that shit tattooed. The guy is a total narcissistic Megalomaniac. Most guys would be happy to have an in-house threeway but not Greg. Greg wants to mindfuck and control them. I am absolutely convinced has Billie drank two glasses of wine every night, that would have been a problem. Had she eaten a lot of peanuts that would have been a problem. Had she talked too much to her friend Ayalla that would have been a problem. Greg wants his little harem fantasy, his little cult, and have complete and utter control over these people because he's a sadistic weirdo freak. Hell, he had a whole website about wanting a cult back in the day, that whole weirdo Siscesca thing or whatever the fuck its called.
And try as he might to claim he does not want that cult anymore, he does. Sure he no longer wants the whole Final Fantasy 7 weirdo religion around it anymore, he just wants a sex cult. A private harm he can stick his rancid little prick in whenever he wants, and for them to worship him.
Thats always been his deal and always will be his deal. Greg the mindfucker.
Complete and total control.
It was never about the weed. The weed only gave him something to nag about trying to break Billie, thats all.

No. 838183

Iirc, Billie also had some prescriptions for depression or anxiety and Onion was trying to convince her to stop taking them cold turkey. Or was that someone else?

No. 838229

I wonder how he felt when his dad openly gave his support for the victims after years of being wrongfully accused as a kid-fucker?


No. 838237

I think I remember something about that too. Wouldn't surprise me neither. He thinks he knows better than a doctor, which is something he learned from his mother crazy Tami. Narcissists / psycho's often want to force / coach people in to quitting psychiatric drugs. I remember Shmorky did that to his gf too who had schizophrenia, and then as she was having psychosis he was trying "to be the voice of reason" on this really awful recording to try and show to his friends how she was the bad guy and him the good guy.
Think of it as a cautionary tale, don't have people talk you out of taking your meds. If you wanna try and stop yourself (and discussed it with your doctor) thats fine, but don't have some schmuck try and talk you in to it. After all, its your body, not theirs.

No. 838239

Billie was taking medication for a mental illness. He tried or did convince her to stop taking it because he like the 'natural' her. He made videos claiming that it was the right thing to do because no one should take medication if their personality changes on it. Big brain.

No. 838249

For all that edgy atheism, all those years of being Seventh Day Adventist along with Crazy Tami has stuck with Greg like glue.

Oh and I haven't forgotten the narc aspect of it either.

No. 838257


Didn't either Greg or Crazy Tami also claim that he was an "Indigo Child"? People who believe in that tend to be pretty anti-medicine too.

No. 838262

File: 1622336546100.webm (10.34 MB, 640x360, meds.webm)

He sure did but he deleted all his old videos in order to make himself look better.

No. 838264

jesus christ he's literally fucking insane. I can actually agree with the pot smoking thing, but if she was already smoking when he met her, he can fuck entirely off. and I don't actually approve of how easily SRIs are dealt out, either, but fuck him for that too.

absolute lunacy the way he compares both to a 'bike' or 'juice' LMFAOOO imagine your s/o telling you not to drink apple juice because they just don't want you to. wtf is he even saying

god i hate him lmfaooo

No. 838269

yeah I don't the whole pot smoking hate, its legit helped my mom with her appetite when she was terminally ill as well her pain management. out of all the drugs that should be deal breakers, weed should be on the low end. the whole pot smoking straight edge was just his narc shit, the way his face has been redder I betcha he's been hitting the bottle.(Blogpost)

No. 838276

Billie also said she smoked to help her anxiety since grease made her stop taking her medication, but she also said she got the okay from laimey to smoke discreetly. I think she said it in the goodbye vid where she threw the ring. Which is still my favorite banner.

No. 838282

>She was crying because she knew her daughter would be competition.

For me that's not surprising at all and I even called it a while ago but got dismissed by some whiteknight. After Sarah said Footface puts Grease before her own kids, it was obvious she has no love for those kids and only had them to fulfill Grease's pregnancy fetish and to trap him since she knows he'd rather die than pay child support. I just really hope CPS is still keeping an eye on them and does something before it's too late.

No. 838284

You're correct. He went on a retarded tirade against coffee because Footface was "addicted" to it since she drank it every morning. After that she stopped drinking coffee everyday and said in a video that she only drank it as a treat on her birthdays, I assume with his permission. For him it's all about control. Also he asked Sarah to bake him pot brownies so he obviously doesn't believe weed is that bad or else he wouldn't be willing to try it. He's just a control freak and a hypocrite

No. 838289

He loves to make stupid analogies to describe people, I remember he compared Vix to a cake in the text messages he was sending her, also let's not forget the "what if an oven made a video" one, that was turbo cringe. He's an absolute retard with no social skills whatsoever

No. 838300

Ugh, it's all about how he wants someone to be, not how they want to feel.

Another example of him overriding the judgement of professionals for his uninformed opinion, this time on mental health diagnoses.

No. 838320

Greg's sockpuppet accounts on twitter are so cringe. They would be more believable if he would pretend to be some middle aged single mother who was on disability. Teenagers do not simp for Greg anymore. He's ugly and past it. He's got the weirdest fucking proportions ever. His face only gets larger with all the filler he injects. His features and spacing make him look special ed. His teeth have to be the most unpleasant attempt at assembling a nice smile. He looks as unhinged as his teeth.

There are so many attractive guys on tiktok to simp for these days. Mental that he tries to maintain any young girl would come across his content and want him. Most of his pictures are old af and filtered tf. Little girls will probably get a sinking feeling in their guts when they seem him in his true repulsive old man glory. He's completely out of touch.

No. 838326

File: 1622382008372.jpg (27.02 KB, 500x281, c85c981968e4c492de0c65bceb7091…)

>If you ever wonder why I'm scared of women, why I refuse to be alone in a room with one
Omg Onision is so brave for saying that despite all he went through. Let's not forget that James is also traumatized due to almost being raped by a bunch of 10 year old girls (!). They literally tried to rip clothes of from Onision in order to have their way with him. And yet people call Onision a 'rapist' and a 'groomer'. Sexual abuse of men by women, including underage ones, is seriously Not Okay, and we should talk about it more often. Onision is Brave And Stunning for speaking out about this horrendous crime that so many men face nowadays. Thank you James for being a HERO and saying what most all people are afraid to say.
Look at this fucking clown aping actual victims of sexual abuse aka WOMEN RAPED BY MEN, who are often overpowered and therefore have an actual reason to be afraid of being alone with them. I'm so fucking happy his career is fucking dead and the internet doesn't consider him even worthy of spitting at

No. 838330

File: 1622384095115.jpg (606.96 KB, 1961x980, thief.jpg)

Greg is resorting to nickname stealing now, in a desperate attempt to stay relevant.

No. 838379

File: 1622410238358.png (291.54 KB, 574x546, uh.png)

just watched the livestream.
same old same old. it was just onion boy whining about how haters aren't brave enough to come on, and then proceeds to troll and dodge questions when one actually does show up. she asked some questions and he would spam rdj in blackface calling people retarded.
he made this face when asked about whether or not he has plastic surgery.

No. 838382

Has anyone seen the debate yet? He was attacking this chick with gaslighting, insulting and mental gymnastics when asked the hard questions and critiques then boots her off thinking he won.

No. 838421

File: 1622428896134.jpg (51.52 KB, 1080x252, Screenshot_20210531-123815_You…)

No it appears to only be the OnisionSpeaks channels maybe he did that himself? Is that an option? Seems like a way to disguise suspicious subscription stats.

No. 838422

File: 1622429006350.jpg (340 KB, 1076x787, Screenshot_20210531-123855_You…)

His desperation is palpable. He might actually love the attention that the documentary has garnered.

No. 838426

… This seems pretty desperate in itself.

Yeah it's an option. He's done this before.

No. 838431

Did this gross greasy bitch have cheek implants? Why does his waterhead look like it gained so much damn width here

DAMN he's ugly

No. 838442

I saw an archived version in the other farms. I don't think he's trying to be funny. It was too hateful. He's straight up retaliating against anyone he can. Onion clearly thinks he'll up his engagement by playing the "then let me be evil" trope.

Too bad it's just part of his cycle of narc rage and most people are long over it.

No. 838456

Hmmm how long until he gets banned for harassment? YouTube is pretty strict with that nowadays and he's already in hot water since they already demonetized him. If enough people report this video, his channel might get banned like Leafy's, just a thought…

No. 838481

He looks like what I image the Pied Piper of Hamelin looked like…

No. 838485

Some time ago a clip from a stream was posted on the other farms where Greg drinks from two different bottles straight after each other.
Ever since people started speculating that his bloating is due to him being on the bottle.

No. 838489

yeah well Greg is desperate. now he's stealing peoples names. nothing surprises me at this point.

No. 838515


Tinfoil but i think it was purposely done to lend credibility to "all they do is speculate" argument he has. Especially because it's already been established that his paypigs would come in and muddy up the farms with rumors.

Of course he's fucking retarded because how else do you explain that behavior but it may definitely be something he did on purpose.

No. 838516

It's literally just his face filler, caked on make up and camera filters.

No. 838526

Hard agree, not saying all the blame is on Billie but her behavior was embarrassing and she did choose to persue and sleep with a married man knowing pregnant Lainey wasn't cool with it. I think it's good she kept her story out of it for her sake and everyone else's.

No. 838536

ok yeah so he's definitely had work done. it's a simple yes or no question, and the world's most honest youtuber won't answer

No. 838537

File: 1622501174439.png (130.64 KB, 1488x780, 6758233.PNG)

Maybe he does his own plastic surgery?

Last thread had a photo showing his eye had a huge bump on it. >>833842
It seems that he's getting styes and Chalazia on both eyelids. When I read that he's jamming needles into them I was shocked and disgusted but not surprised. Greg of course is smarter than any doctor, and is able to do minor surgery to his eyelids at home. I hope both eyes gets a horrible staph infection, flesh eating bacteria and we have a "Im going blind saga."

I find it funny that he calls Lainey "his buddy" Is he trying to keep her name out of his social media? Or is he trying to make it look like he actually has a friend that visits his home? We all know that the only people he sees in the flesh are Lainey and the two kids.

No. 838539

god he is so fucking disgusting

No. 838540

He gets filler it's very obvious and I wouldn't be surprised if his fucked up eyelid is the filler migrating out of his brow. They're studying the chemicals now in filler and finding that it stays in the cells years longer than expected and can migrate and shift, and most people getting fillers go back too soon for refills etc fucking with their skin more and causing more issues. He always phrases it as plastic surgery because it's a cope for uglies who don't want to admit to getting non surgical procedures, because somehow that's natural, like Romona on RHONY wouldn't admit to surgeries or botox, just having skin care "procedures".

No. 838551

File: 1622509284853.png (175.01 KB, 1321x846, censored words.png)

I was going through his forums looking for more talk about his eye herpes and I realized he has a huge list of censored words. These are just a few examples of the ones I found. I had to make guesses as to the words by the context and letters before or after the censor.

It seems pretty fucking creepy and gross to have "child, kids, rape, fuck, sex" in the same list.

No. 838554

That's so odd. The other words I could understand, it seems like something someone overly sensitive would do to avoid triggering someone by seeing the full word spelled out (I know, it's Onision, but for the sake of argument). But why the words child and kids? Who would be upset by those words? Is he trying to stop people from searching for messages from him about children? It obviously didn't work if so.

No. 838557

what the fuck is 'sexual ADD' even supposed to mean

No. 838564

This is one of the most insane things I’ve read. How did he not get an infection??? Who shares this w randoms as if it’s a kooky fun story? It’s not. He’s weird as hell.

Does anyone know
1) what he possibly had
2) possible cause?

No. 838565


I've never heard of a whitehead inside the eyelid, he's probably lying as usual.

No. 838566

No, they definitely happen. He's an absolute retard diy'ng it though

No. 838567

He took a page out of Momo's book.

No. 838568

It's just Grugly's way of making the fact that he's a lying, cheating POS sound cute. The poly BS was supposed to legitimize it, but no one fell for it.

No. 838569

File: 1622517902828.png (881.51 KB, 955x567, 0116758.PNG)

>Does anyone know
>1) what he possibly had
>2) possible cause?

Sounds like he had a stye in the left eye first. Those are common. Its a clogged gland or follicle that gets infected on the very edge of your eyelid where your eyelashes run.

The right eye had a chalazion which is a blocked oil gland in the middle of the eyelid. Those are more problematic.

Anons had noticed his eye was getting droopy and there was a visible bump in the middle of the eyelid.

No. 838571

that is disgusting. why post about it. why make someone else touch it. just why

No. 838576

File: 1622521922724.png (164.15 KB, 477x447, nurse lainey.png)

He did exactly what doctors say not to do, popped it with a dirty needle and squeezed it. And who did he have help him? His "buddy" which is code for Lainey. And we've all seen the herpes sores she has all over her lips. I hope she was wiping her mouth minutes before he asked her to touch his eyelid and squeeze and poke at an exposed wound.

No. 838583

How greasy is he? He keeps growing greasy cysts all over his body. I remember there was a story about him making Shiloh squeeze a cyst the size of a golf ball on his ass

No. 838590

He's an edgelord and the word dildo isn't a unique creation. Trying to tie it down to 'theft' is diluted skim milk.

Not really? It's a word filter list ffs. Obviously people were calling him out for being a pedo, rapist, whatever so he censors those words. Christ this thread is getting desperate.

No. 838592

ntayrt, filtering out "pedo", "rapist", "abuse", etc seems reasonable but censoring "child" and "kids" is weird. The examples show how it affects people talking about things that aren't controversial at all, like childhood memories.

It's pretty typical for waterhead to think it's just normal to asterix the word "child", just like he thinks being mean to teenage girls is what totally normal non-pedos do to show they're not attracted to teen girls.

No. 838602

These types of cysts can actually be a sign of cancer. But waterbrain here decided the best treatment would be to shove needles in his eyelids.

No. 838605


He has rosacea so he's predisposed to get these styes and chalazion. He's likely to develop more.

No. 838607

So he's genetically ugly. Makes sense.

No. 838611

He's so smug about popping some whiteheads lol, is his life really that boring lately that he had to make a big post announcing he popped whiteheads? Wow. I bet that was the most exciting thing that has happened to him in the last 2 years, how sad.

No. 838615

he spoke to Dr. Dildo bout a week ago, now he calls himself Dildo James. yeah i'm sure its just coincidence. the dildo's he sticks in his dirty ass inspired him.

No. 838617

He also uses an eyelash growth serum like latisse. It could either clog up the oil gland or if he didn't keep the applicator clean, introduce bacteria to the eyelid and cause styes.

No. 838661

Cool, maybe he'll go blind and that's how he gets off the internet.

No. 838693

File: 1622591126881.jpg (294.14 KB, 1080x1575, IMG_20210602_004313.jpg)

If you were featured as a villianious pedophile on the television would this be your twitter profile? Strange weird twitter header with evil luigi character, a young looking person (I know it's suppose to be leafy) and digital Greg who looks creepy and definitely like an old man pedo. Then his profile pic looks like fucking willy wonka. He's so fucking dumb.

No. 838704

It's funny that leafy called him a pedophile on Twitter yet he's still kissing Leafy's ass. He's such a little bitch

No. 838706

He uses eyelash growth serum?! Gawd, what an ugly mangina

No. 838713

I think that "buddy" was probably his son because let's be realistic here, he has NO friends at all and if it was lainey who did it he would say it since he loves to speak about how his "husband" is still with him .

This nasty fucker and his styes remind me of Junji Ito's Grease.

No. 838717

File: 1622604605449.png (24.08 KB, 479x239, 612021gp.PNG)

Have to agree with this anon. Censoring out anything that has to do with children kids etc. is fucking weird. Why isn't he censoring out grooming & pedo since those are the biggest accusations against him. Tbh why is he censoring words at all? Aren't his sites "18 only" Everyone is suppose to be adults on there or at least that's what he says EVERY FUCKING TIME he mentions his forums or discord.

And why is he censoring "shit" Does he have some freaky scat fetish and he's worried that someone who knows his kinks IRL is going to spill the beans? That whole censored word list is a giant red flag.

No. 838729

>And why is he censoring "shit" Does he have some freaky scat fetish
Probably. He had anal with Sarah dozens of times after all and anal in real life is not like in porn movies if you know what I mean.

No. 838740

File: 1622626332115.jpg (151.6 KB, 1033x1296, 4dd65.jpg)

cuckboy really can't handle getting older. it will be amazing when he hits 40.

No. 838746


Getting fillers is a form of plastic surgery Greg… I swear he grows more retarded by the day.

No. 838766

Well, let's see…Your hairline has clearly receded, you've lost muscle mass and collagen in your face and your skin is not a good color. If not for the shitty "vegetarian" diet and botox, he might be aging more gracefully. His dad, Randy, looks good all things considered. The most Randy needs to do is lose some weight.

No. 838767

File: 1622652456498.jpeg (658.42 KB, 1084x1106, 54A00093-85B5-4204-B6EC-0E1699…)

Being a horrible person aside, Greg is such a fascinating-looking “art” subject.

His waxy, messed-up skin, his caveman brow and boney face; his razor-thin lizard upper lip compared to his huge bottom one; his nose is simultaneously fat/bulbous AND angular, his bushy eyebrows and indented forehead, and his ‘butterfly’ front teeth.

Even the poor guys’ strongest feature (his eyes/eyelashes) are accompanied by Tami’s crazy eyes.

I’m not even surprised he’s so hyper focused on people’s physical appearance. Waking up to that monstrous noggin in the mirror every morning has to take its toll.

No. 838768

His fucking jagged teeth make me want to vomit. Wonder why he didn’t post a side by side profile pic instead of these. One is obscuring his face and the other hes being autistic.

No. 838771

Anon you are spot on - Gurgles life is basically a Kmart version of a Junji Ito Manga.

If I had the skill I'd edit his face on that famous whole-face-pimple-squeezing image from Ito's grease…squeezing onto Homolkai.


No. 838792

File: 1622664716601.png (1.04 MB, 1013x569, onision muse rsn.PNG)

The big interview with Muse happened a few hours ago. This is the depths that Greg has sunk. The only people that will interact with him is some mentally ill munchie with DID and a goofy looking clout chasing rapist. Greg has burned bridges with most of the YT commentators and the only one that will talk to him is RapeStream News. I find that hilarious.

No. 838798

Muse is such a non thing. The details don't even register because they're so inconsequential. Greg's done at this point.

No. 838836

His eyebrows always looked like fucked up caterpillars, huh? Also does he think he looks good in the second image? He looks like Chucky and a neanderthal had a son.

No. 838854

I'm willing to bet Rape Stream News was sucking Greg off and cradling his balls the whole time. All the while Greg "comparing" literally everything to "his own situation".
Then they all sucked eachother off slightly too, telling eachother how they're all victims.
Yet all of them are the perpetrators/
Greg - Well, obvious.
Muse - Tried to get an innocent man she was living with (without any relationship, just out of the goodness of his heart) in to prison for human trafficking (maximum sentence 20 years)
Rape Stream News - Raped Amber, scammed a cancer patient, scammed his own followers, the list goes on.
Cue any of them pretending to totes not be them coming here to defend themselves.

No. 838904

File: 1622724313022.jpg (409.45 KB, 1280x718, Onisionce.jpg)

As expected a lot of self-sucking and self gratification. A hugbox of fail, unwarranted self-importance and them trying to explain away their behavior since nothing is ever their fault, because other people.
Kinda wondering why Cucky the Clown had complete nutbag Muse on again. Is there a further interest? He had to giggle when fans begged him to please never fly her out.
Personally I would love to see him hit it off with Gozer the Gozerian. She's definitely his type, broken and a complete psychopath. Maybe it can blossom in to a true and honest Fred & Rose West, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka type relationship where Greg finally can live out his fantasy of just kidnapping tweens with her and then dumping their bodies in to the swamp.

No. 838907

>I really hope for her own sake that C grows up dumpy and ugly. Hopefully that will be enough to keep Greg away from her.

Physical appearance has nothing to do with predation of minors or people in general. Especially against women/children.

No. 839107

Friendly reminder: his dick is still ugly.

No. 839143

You are the only one who needs it

No. 839148

This comparison has convinced me that filler-anon is right, thanks Greg.

No. 839308

File: 1622846880965.png (927.08 KB, 756x526, mrodd 398.PNG)

I'm positive he's gotten Botox or some kind of work done on his forehead because it doesn't move or wrinkle no matter what expression he makes. There are some really old videos being uploaded by someone named Sid Vicious (I think that's the channel) that are from Greg's MrOdd time. So he was late teens at the time. And when he does all his weird facial expressions his forehead wrinkles up pretty bad. Compare that to now in his streams and he can move his eyebrows around and that forehead is waxy smooth the whole time.

No. 839341

They also uploaded one of Alicia

No. 839349

Even friendlier reminder
greg is fat and i wont have sex with him not even with andy's dick.>>839308
also a really weird nose job. like i think he got work done on his nose too.

No. 839354


for comparison, here he is making almost the same expression except with a shitload of filler in his face lmfao

No. 839369

The fact that he ever got big on youtube is proof that the internet was a mistake.

No. 839370

Big thanks to the anon who just updated the onion thread archive with all the missing thread summaries.

No. 839453

File: 1622925880299.jpg (348.39 KB, 822x1938, Screenshot_20210605_214234.jpg)

sage for no new milk but he's finally shutting down kais' patreon

No. 839470

File: 1622934621299.png (13.48 KB, 544x499, Untitled.png)

what kind of sad idiot was still paying for her patreon? it did take a dip after the last discovery show

No. 839474

The only people I can think of are people that don't even notice it leaving their accounts or the last Lainey simps. I got the email even though I subbed once years ago to download all the content lmao

No. 839477

are we really sure Kai isn't dead? or hasn't left?

No. 839478

that is fucking creepy
him shutting down “kai’s” patreon is gross af

No. 839484


Shutting it down and redirecting to his own socials. "Community" yeah right. Kai will have nothing to do with that. Just shows Gurgs delusions. I mean obviously if they were there for Kai it was because of him in his mind.

No. 839506

Since he was banned from Patreon, and then revealed he was still controlling laineys account for many months. (He sent out mass email months ago telling people to sub to his onlyfans.)

Is there anyway they can force refund everyone who was paying for kais content considering Greg was controlling it and he was banned from that platform?

No. 839511

File: 1622960465038.png (887.61 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210606-021944-259…)

He seems to be mass deleting all of her social media. This is all that's on coolguykai and beautybot has been completely scrubbed of content.

No. 839519

I wonder if Footface made him delete them? She probably got hella paranoid after the Sarah episode aired

No. 839523

Blows my mind Taylor was bait for girls. She looks so strange.

No. 839524

My sentiments exactly. The last time we ever had a sign of life from her was with that report when C had fallen out the window.
This is all very bizarre.

No. 839525

File: 1622981727789.png (823.03 KB, 2466x1402, 1622920425733.png)

Hold the phone everybody, Greg was abducted by aliens.

Well, beam me up, scotty!

No. 839528

She looks like a The Sims character and not in a good way. There's something uncanny valley about her

No. 839542

de-transing maybe? the only videos they left are femme lainey ones …

No. 839543

lol as if you can call dressing up as girly boy transing.

No. 839551

Yeah this is what I thought. That or the tinfoil she is dead lol. Can't imagine her ever leaving him, she's the epitome of doormat.

No. 839553

If she died there would be an obituary online, nowadays it's not hard to find out if someone died

No. 839557

i wonder if they did an anal probe on old greg.

No. 839558


Nah, he'd absolutely be the type to mummify her and wrap her in Christmas lights, then hire a 13 year old boy to dress like her and drop the kids off at school

No. 839559

obituaries in the US only go online if the family or the funeral home submits them to a newspaper or memorial site like legacy.com

No. 839560

File: 1623018144024.png (946.03 KB, 1015x570, 67665567.PNG)

SierraFivehead-BigtitsMcGee had her nose rubbed into the carpet for daring to backtalk Greg.


Greg went on a rant about abortion and how women are all pieces of shit.
>Here's another hard truth. Men, rarely say they dislike men yet women, CONSTANTLY say they dislike women - you ever wonder why?

The only truly dedicated fans Greg has at the moment are McRetard and SierraFiveHead, and Im getting the feeling Sierra is going to join the ranks of LizardQueen, Dev, Tamara and Blasian seeing the way Greg slapped her in the face on his forum in front of the other fans.

No. 839562

How dare she question the master?! Such blasphemy shall not be forgiven!!!


No. 839564

It's not like this dumb alien looking bitch didn't know Grease is a misogynist, he's been demonstrating that behavior for years yet she still chose to continue supporting him. Also she's half black and we all know Grease hates black people

>Im getting the feeling Sierra is going to join the ranks of LizardQueen, Dev, Tamara and Blasian

Blasian is back to sucking his dick though, even after he accused her of sexually harassing him and his ugly wife. Like how low can someone's self respect be? His fans are all pathetic doormats

No. 839568

you don't watch/read true crime stuff eh?

No. 839573

How curious that she leaves the one where she says she'd date Billie though. All while she's in the thumbnail.

No. 839575

>she leaves the one where

Lainey didn't do any of this. Greg controls all her social media now and probably has since she yeeted off the internet because she got caught sending her floppy tits and blown out vagina to underage girls and getting nudes in return. You have to ask yourself why Greg left those videos up. He's the one who's deleting everything.

No. 839577

Didn't one of his shit novels have some weird segment out of nowhere about aliens?

Old gurg is recycling ideas for clout. Shocked. /s

that's implying gurgle can overpower a woman.

No. 839578

Someone on kf suggested that it was a move to delete any videos implicating him.

No. 839580

File: 1623029555418.png (53.63 KB, 728x546, 2881.PNG)

You are WRONG ONCE AGAIN Sierra! Greg is allowed to tell women what their body should look like so its attractive to him. How black women should style their hair and how often they need to wash their hair so he's not grossed out by it. And he has every right to condemn women for having an abortion unless it was because of a rape.

No. 839581

Gregs alien abduction story was when he was living in Albuquerque trying to get his hooks into Lainey. The apartment he lived in had a huge picture window in the bedroom. There were multiple instances him and Lainey woke up in the morning with what he described as looking like bruises on their body but with no pain. Almost like someone had wipe or blotted iodine on them. He felt that him and Lainey had been transported through the glass window and taken to the alien ship.

No. 839582

I mean Grease could take some inspiration from Josh Powell. Because even though Josh was a suspect, the police could never actually prove he killed Susan. Also they both seem like retards, if Josh could get away with killing someone then so can Grog

No. 839583

File: 1623032264822.png (34.88 KB, 692x206, lady.PNG)

I love how hard Greg tries not to look like a pedo. He calls some girl he met in high school a "lady" because he's so afraid of how it will look if he said
>I had a date with a girl
This coupled with his censoring out "kids, child" in his forums is very telling. He's like that creepy dude at the pool trying his hardest not to look at the little girls in their swimsuits because he assumes (rightly so) that all the moms are watching him like a hawk and he wants to show the world he's really not a pedo.

No. 839585

It sounds like he's talking about Footface, but changed the timeline so it wouldn't be too obvious. He admitted in a video that he didn't find her attractive when he saw her in person

No. 839589

Like the dipshit hasn't drastically altered his pics to hell with filters and shit.

No. 839591

File: 1623036601547.png (206.38 KB, 959x434, VrQw1uaatm0_1280.png)

When I wonder what Greg really looks like IRL without the filters and angles I remember what Maya said.

No. 839614

Looks like the recent episode got the coolguykai channel demonetised. I could be wrong and that happened ages ago but I feel like it was never discussed here if so.

No. 839630

I'll gladly take the pasture but
it's Frankenstein's monster or Adam, read a fucking book Maya

No. 839638

Yup his dumbass book "rapists asscrack" or no wait reapers creak thats it. in which he hilariously describes one of the aliens as "looking like agent smith but with a bigger head." hell of a way to describe a character just assuming the reader seen the Matrix. I can imagine his obsession with big heads though since he has that big fat watermelon head. then the aliens gave him super duper God powers of imagination, you know, much like his moms batshit insane home made religion of weird tulpa headmates and forcing yourself to become schizophrenic to gain imaginative superpowers.

literally everybody has weird bruises from time to time. it can be because greg doesn't know how to bone to save his life and probably sperges out in bed a lot, or just bumping in to shit and not remembering. to think you've been kidnapped by space aliens just over that is literally retarded. plus they could thus transport you trough windows and walls and shit yet have you bumping in to shit? he's probably seen that movie "Communion" with Christopher Walken on cable at the time and used it as yet another "interesting selling point" about himself. What a dumbass.

No. 839731

deleted the post because it was wrong.

No. 839847

Despite being ignorant about book characters, Maya was still the smartest girl who went to the Grease house since she noped the fuck out of there before Grog had the chance to stick his deformed Vienna sausage in her. She's BY FAR the smartest one.

No. 839853

File: 1623233776234.png (366.73 KB, 973x729, this time its forever right.PN…)

Greg has quit YouTube again.

There's a lot of manic behavior and forced laughter. I don't know what the fuck happened for this reaction from him. Likes/dislikes and comments have been enabled.

No. 839854

I think he just wanted to pretend to quit youtube to plug his forums again. He will return soon enough probably. His forums must be so empty and he is looking for new teens or paypigs

No. 839862

>Greg has quit YouTube again.

But since Greg has the attention span and memory of a toast, he's probably already working on his next "video".

No. 839863

technically by that logic Luxxy would have been the smartest because she noped the fuck out before she even flew over.

No. 839924

He always comes with this "I quit" bullshit when he's desperate for attention. This is like the 200th time he does this, and I'm not even exaggerating.

No. 839931

I liked that he mentioned Mitchell Davis (one of Footface's "celebrity" crushes) for no reason at all in this video. I wonder if Footface has been ranting a lot to him lately about how she wishes she married Mitchell instead of him.

No. 839933

good catch! he's really fucking stuck in the 00's

No. 839934

File: 1623282994588.jpg (339.35 KB, 927x601, long_lost_brother.jpg)

I had to look that up, no idea who Mitchell Davis was, but it amazed me how much that guy looks like Mr. Repzion.

No. 839943

He was much cuter back in the day. Also he aged much better than Grease, but that's not hard since Grease was ugly since day 1

No. 839952

He's out of ideas, no surprise. It's disappointing that he's not hatching a more creative plan for attention. Dude should build a killdozer, go out with a bang.

All this to avoid getting a real job. Cleaning toilets would have more dignity.

No. 839996

>go out with a bang
I sincerely don't wish it would happen but I fully expect Onion to go full Chris Benoit for attention as a desperation move to remain in the spotlight. Going on a video posting spree crying something about ending his family's suffering "cause you trolls are meanies" and he is a hero and even his family is against him and bla bla bla yawn. All this because he can't help himself not being the source of drama and his mortal fear of holding a job.

>gets rejected by someone he wants to bang

>is baffled

He definitely had facial surgery. I'd bet my bottom dollar on it. He's too vain to not do it. My estimation is that he got it done around the time he was wearing a facemask in all of his videos for a while, late 2019-ish. He tries in vain to maintain a youthful appearance to woo some teens but in the end, time will do it's work and he will lose his shit and he fails further and further to find a way to replace footwife. I mean, he's almost 40. Nobody young would like to settle with him.

No. 839999

Holy shit, livelavalive. Haven’t heard about him in years. He does favor Repzion kek

No. 840015

File: 1623345075165.jpg (122.43 KB, 611x307, doormat.jpg)

Not only are the videos only the pre-trans phase, but also the names on the video are the "deadname". maybe she actually left this time?

No. 840034

No. It’s probably just because she is pretty much unrecognisable in the videos they left up vs what she looks like now.
Maybe they’re just the higher earners of the old appearance phase videos. They’re probably also hoping that if anyone online uses clips of lainey, they’ll use from those videos instead of more recent ones.

No. 840035

Chris Benoit's crime was primarily a result of his brain being turned to mush from dedicating himself to his career in a time before CTE was a known thing.

Greg is just retarded and failing at life. Chris Watts is a more appt comparison even if Greg is uglier and even less skilled.

No. 840046

Chris Benoit and his family were killed under the orders of Kevin Sullivan, it was framed to look like a murder-suicide. This is an open secret in the wrestling world.

No. 840084

do you have a source for that, or any further reading? i'm not being a dick i'm genuinely curious

No. 840086

The doormat pic is perfect. Sadly, Footface will never leave. Even on livestreams after she and Greg got exposed she would say Greg is her twin flame and everyone was jealous so they're trying to destroy their marriage. She told Sarah she will always put Greg before the kids.

No. 840095

File: 1623389245818.png (164.35 KB, 759x647, hmm.PNG)

I suspect Greg was lurking the farms and saw your post.

No. 840100

Pffttt. He's too cowardly and narcissistic to do anything of the sort. His daughter could shake her fist at him and he'd shit himself. Where do people come up with this shit.

source: alex jones. Benoit did it.

No. 840104

It's been long suspected that grug lurks lolcow and KF. He's too much of a narc to resist not googling about himself. I guess it's more obvious by his constant sock puppeteering on KF than another message board. His hubris usually let's his mask slip (no pun intended) and tends to write as he talks, going on long tirades about how he "keeps smiling at life" and he's a victim down to using almost the same exact buzzwords he spouts about himself. I wonder though, for how long does he browses the internet daily to maintain his simp harem and his narrative versus the time he actually spends taking care of his kids and checking if footwife is still alive in the backyard shed?

No. 840105

Lol is this a edit? his lips they look like this :3

No. 840106

File: 1623400672440.jpg (130.41 KB, 1200x1200, 5a555ddbed7f6.image.jpg)

it doesn't matter what he looks like now. when Lainey had a crush on him he looked like Repzion.
But hey, nice narc mental gymnastics from little Greg.
pic related, what Greg will look like in only 5 years when he hits 40, including the ever slimming receding hairline.

No. 840107

Yeah he’s gotten older and doesn’t look like a preteen boy anymore…which is weird Greg prefers the young heavily filtered emo version. He is incredibly stuck in the early 2000s

No. 840136

It seems the sources I found years ago were either deleted or hidden pages and pages away, and I used DuckDuckGo instead of Google.

However, I found an archived discussion about it.


No. 840172


is it any surprise? that's when his life was humming on all cylinders. He's basically the classic trope of like the jock the peaked in highschool, always thinking about the glory days. Remember when everyone had moppy hair, talked in an effeminate voice, wore skinny jeans and shopped at hot topic and all you had to do was be sO rANdOm and pour salsa on your head to get hundreds of thousands of views? Greg remembers.

No. 840201

File: 1623466292038.png (205.71 KB, 596x409, 6112021.PNG)

Did Onision have to kick the dog fucker out of the clubhouse again for attempting to share her zoophile fetish?

No. 840206

Hope this hasn’t been mentioned. (I’m planning to scroll through after work) but I noticed lamey deleted all her videos on the “coolguykai” channel except 5? Odd.

No. 840210

it has been. Read the thread

No. 840224

Just like how Greg is censoring words related to kids and proclaiming that no underaged people shall ever be around him ever again!! He's also publicly shaming the dogfucker and distancing her from him when Pepperidge Farm clearly remembers the multiple accounts and his own confession that he watches animated dogfucking porn.

No. 840266

He pushed that fetish onto Shiloh at one point, too. Of course, Onion twisted it to sound like Shiloh acted of her own free will when he told AJ about what he did.

No. 840295

File: 1623560466781.jpg (226.11 KB, 1000x980, High on the Hog (2019).jpg)

I'm positive Greg isn't making enough money with his Immortal/Elite discord membership grift or the nickels he gets when some idiot clicks on the wall of ads that assault you when visiting his newest forum. If the rumors are correct he hates his current gig at Uber so that wont last for long.

Maybe Sierra can hook him up with her B-movie connections(casting couch.) Schlocky horror movies are where washed up entertainers go to die. This would be a perfect fit for Greg.

No. 840313

Has it been confirmed he drives for uber? Taxi men in my town are known for propositioning drunk women, what a suitable gig for Greg.

No. 840399

She could play an alien. They wouldn't even need to put any makeup or prosthetics on her.

No. 840423

I wonder how hard Grease is beating his tiny meat over the pregnancy photos Jaclyn posted on Twitter. I bet he's saving them all too like he saved the Alicia photos

No. 840567

It brings me endless joy knowing that Gurg is irrelevant enough that even his lolcow thread isn't interested in following him anymore. I hope he does something extra milky to regain his most loyal following back (us).

No. 840590

Since Greg likes Jim Carey so much I will quote Carey from Liar Liar:
"He's a desperate fool at the end of his pitiful road."

No. 840591

At this point the only thing that can make him relevant again is killing Footface and livestreaming it lmao

No. 840601

If he wants attention he needs to put footface in front of the camera. Her younows were way more captivating than whatever shit he's up to these days.

No. 840622

She's too much of a coward to show her face also she must be looking terrible due to all the stress of being exposed. She probably lost even more hair (she already had a receding hairline before) and her face must be all covered in herpes break outs and scabs (she kept picking at her chin scabs in Livestreams due to uwu anxiety and her scabs became huge and never healed, they must look 10 times worse now)

No. 840634

I still believe Lainey is buried under the patio.

No. 840672


Oh 100%. The only thing that will change my mind about doormat being murked and buried in the swamp is her showing off that herpes addled footface on live with a current newspaper for proof of date lmfao.

No. 840697

File: 1623888111215.gif (2.23 MB, 320x180, MlTCZV.gif)

I'd love love to be a fly on the wall at Casa de Greaseball. I can only imagine the epic fights, misery and asshattery going on through all this, and it couldn't have happened to a more deserving pair of fucktards.

No. 840709

I wish because that would be one less pedophile/pedophile enabler in the world, but Grease is too much of a pussy to kill anyone

No. 840715

File: 1623903767950.png (624.18 KB, 1066x2011, Screenshot_20210617-001208.png)

Randomly saw this on tiktok and had a small chuckle

No. 840749

She's triggered because it almost happened to her? Grease was hella trying to impregnate her, she's so lucky it didn't happen

No. 840856

lol andy dick is friends with onion boy they dont even hide anymore(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 840887

File: 1624000775204.png (257.83 KB, 756x1230, 567223.png)

Greg tried to get a reaction out of Repzion by spam emailing him about that girl that Billy the Fridge said
>she made a face when I mentioned Repzions name"
Which obviously means Repzion raped her. All he got from Daniel was a meme of him ass fucking Greg as a turtle.

He didn't get the attention he wanted from Rep so he moves on to his echo chamber and randomly posts a screenshot of the emails he sent to Repzion in his discord. I think he was hoping that his fans would be shocked and start a discussion about how Daniel is a sexual predator/rapist, and maybe even start a Twitter hashtag to cancel Repzion. All he got was one person saying that Repzion still supports Creepshow. Even his fans don't give a shit about his petty vendettas. His fans then continued on about vanishing ghost DM's and trying to sneak into paypig status because they're besties with a mod and dont want to pay Onision. I was surprised Greg didn't get upset they ignored his email screen-shot and start trying to steer the topic back to "Rapist Repzion"
>hey guys, so what do you think about that girl Repzion allegedly raped? That's gross isn't it?

No. 840888

File: 1624000859939.png (243.25 KB, 1033x717, 567383.PNG)

No. 840894

File: 1624008397624.png (699.65 KB, 1565x567, onision koikatsu party.png)

I think I accidentally stumbled onto Gregs preferred jerk off time. I was lurking around his discord and I saw he was online but not actively shining up the turd that is his new forum or posting on his discord. Then it said he was playing a game, I had never heard of it so I went back to my lurking and reading boring posts by his fans. I check back on his status a half hour later and he's still playing this game. It made me curious so I Googled it and WoW! Its a hentai game where you get to design and dress up what look like school girls and then have them act out your fantasies. I wanted to see what the "game play' was like so I searched for videos of Koikatsu Party and holy hell that's some graphic stuff.

So now I know that Greg likes to wait until 2am for Lainey and the kids to be sound asleep so he can creep around that tiny house, get online and create his perfect little high school girl and then probably act out some disgusting sex scene with a dolphin. I felt dirty staring at his discord status and knowing that he was probably jerking off to a little hentai girl at that very moment.

No. 840912

As gross as it is to hear about Onision's fapping habits… could have been worse. I looked it up and the game doesn't feature bestiality or rape, so there's that. That dolphin thing was probably his fantasy, which is even worse, in a way.

No. 840919

If foot face was buried in the yard somewhere, Greg would totally be posting as her. Foot is just a coward who scurried off the internet just like rats scurried off the Titanic when in was sinking. I do miss the cringe fest livestreams of hers though. It was so bad that it is was actually glorious in an ironic way.(unsaged autism)

No. 840938


This scrote never learns. Cum brained disabled.

No. 840971

Illusion has a very similar game that has realistic 3D models (or more realistic), and yet onion went for the 100% anime one

No. 840984

Everything is sex with this guy. Day and night, sex sex sex. His only existence is for sex.

No. 840992

File: 1624055775346.png (49.65 KB, 742x387, onision billie.PNG)

I think it was a interview stream or just a regular fan stream earlier this year where Greg admitted that both him and Lainey are still not over Billie. He still dreams of her and emails Billie not expecting a response but just to let her know he hopes she's doing well and living her best life. Both Greg and Lainey haven't moved on from Billie so I guess they're not each others true loves if you listen to Onisions relationship advice.

No. 840996

File: 1624058100238.png (39.3 KB, 687x254, 6182021.PNG)

If he was lucky each tweet got 5 likes and 10 replies. I guess Greg got upset that 9 out of those 10 replies were trolls calling him pedo and groomer. He's really trying to drive traffic to his new site. Does he really think he can survive on the pennies he gets from the ads on his shit site? I love watching him scramble to make money since YT dumped him. And then the inevitable blow up when it all falls apart. Patreon was going to save him from his financial crisis, until they shitcanned him. He was going to become the next big Twitch streamer. How long did that last?

Is he really that lazy or scared to go out into the real world and get a job? Or has he actually tried and the infamy of being a sexual predator ruins every job interview. Im sure Gregs spirts rise when the interviewer says Greg looks familiar and has he seen him somewhere.
>yes I was a YouTube star for over 10 years
And that rising spirt plummets into a knot in his stomach when the interviewer says
>no that's not it, it was some crime show on cable tv.

No. 841003

File: 1624061567613.jpeg (759.94 KB, 2024x1218, C85B9E2-8A72-41E4-A7AF.jpeg)

Something triggered Greg big time this afternoon. I don't understand why he posts these tirades to his fan discord. He's screaming at the last 5 or 6 people who support him.

No. 841014

File: 1624065845099.jpeg (438.02 KB, 1242x1286, D1EB4AD7-ECD6-4CB8-95E7-9356C0…)

He threw a tantrum

No. 841017

The main focus of his career seems to be the adverts all over his site and he needs to direct as much traffic as he can muster to them. Who knew the end of Onision would be so boring.

No. 841024


Twitter probably gave him a warning about his retard tweet.

No. 841027

That top tweet is pretty ironic coming from the retard with a "Do Not Engage" tattoo. Mental to think he's nearly 40 and that was his most recent tattoo. He's a certified spastic.

No. 841033

File: 1624076856182.png (37.59 KB, 616x279, Capture45362.PNG)

Creepy and stalkerish?
Isn't Greg the one who kept emailing her repeatedly even after she asked him nicely to stop contacting her. And his response wasn't to respect her request but to send her step by step directions on how to block him.

No. 841035

File: 1624077135348.jpg (54.09 KB, 1066x476, 2021-06-18_.jpg)

He's been at it all day.

No. 841036


Oh he's big mad. Wonder what triggered him to make him this manic.

No. 841037

File: 1624082590657.png (931.02 KB, 998x1738, 10F43-8E37-44A1-A7E7.png)

I think there was a major spam bomb this morning and he got pissed because he got woken up much to early with a couple hundred notifications. Don't these trolls understand he was up really late jerking it to little hentai girls and needs his sleep. Not sure what caused his sperg to veer off onto Jaclyn and Repzion.

No. 841063

Jaclyn and Repzion are the only ones who still pay attention to him / talk about him so they'd be on his mind a lot.

No. 841070

Oh the irony in that top post.
If you don't like it Greg, then stay away from it, but you are insanely dumb.

No. 841071

And from what we've heard from his exes and Lainey, he's not even good at it. Additionally, most of the time someone talks about sex 24/7 it usually means they ain't getting any.

I 100% per cent doubt that Lainey isn't over Billie yet, it's Greg, anon. It's Greg alone.
Lainey just wants the emotional support, someone who looks up to her and deals with the chores and children.

This, tbh.
It's no wonder he has no friends, and the last people sticking to him like flies to poop are only there for clout, because of some weird inferiority complex or because they think they can change him. Taking peeks into Greg'S life is like watching an incredibly bad movie which is also excessively long.

No. 841075

Greg doesn't even understand what "canceled" means..

No. 841094

He was friends with Vincent Zyr since they where in kindergarten, even lived together. And he broke that friendship off over Zyr not voting for whom he wanted to vote for. (Hillary I think) Vincent Zyr wasn't even sure, it was just a tiny disagreement. And he just dropped Vincent Zyr and "kicked him out of his life" as Greg always puts it like he was nothing.
I often wonder about it, Greg is so narcissistic he must be one of the loneliest people on earth.

>And from what we've heard from his exes and Lainey, he's not even good at it. Additionally, most of the time someone talks about sex 24/7 it usually means they ain't getting any.

He's obsessed with it and I always wondered why he owned several houses. Yeah some "just to film youtube videos in", again, why? People often compare him and Lainey to Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka and judging from how he is, and the things he did like with Sarah, well lets just say Paul Bernardo was not only a serial killer but also the Scarsborough Rapist. Have that sink in for a minute there. Not tinfoiling, not saying that Greg has done things, but I am saying that if it ever turned out that he did weird shit in those other houses I wouldn't be surprised at all.
Then of course how things with Adrienne went, some people still say that that was rape too. Again, I ain't saying anything, I'm leaving it up to the reader to decide. Just some thoughts I had about it.

No. 841101

Do you mean Cyr, anon? I'm not sure they knew each other that long. Met In Kindergarten reads like one of the fanfics from one of Gurg's old websites, or something a drama channel would regurgitate for 20 views.

No. 841102

I wouldn’t put it past greg to have coerced / verbally berated Lainey into sex when she didn’t want to. She’s his cumrag/punching bag.

No. 841132


> him / talk

> coerced / verbally


No. 841135

Cyr is originally from Hawaii and was born in late 1989, so them together in kindergarten would be impossible. He also didn’t meet greasy until 2009. Just cleaning things up!

No. 841137

What a creepy weirdo. I just hope he doesn't try to live any of those fantasies with Cloey

No. 841138

>I 100% per cent doubt that Lainey isn't over Billie yet

She definitely isn't and never will be. Not because she "loves" Billie, but because she wants to be her. She'd skin Billie alive and wear her skin if she could, Billie is everything she wishes she was

No. 841140

His tiny carrot is so angry that Jaclyn is pregnant and the baby isn't his. Also didn't Footface make "me too" videos as well? Did she donate the money she got from them?

No. 841142

Apparently Footface's on antidepressants now, and most antidepressants have the side effect of killing the libido. I wonder how she's dealing with being married to a sex addict during these times…

No. 841144

Seems like the creepshow drama has made him manic about anti-o scandals. Enough to make him backflip on his "real victims to to the police" spiel.

He's right though: retard is his culture.

No. 841145

>wants to say the word retard without objection
>censors the word "child" on his forum


No. 841147

The first linked post from a year ago references Glorg's anti-depressant claim, the second linked post from 4 months ago references Grub's claim and has a link to a video of a livestream where Grot apparently makes the claim.
But it's a 4-hour vid, I'm not gonna search through it.

No. 841150

Lainey has always done things she doesn't want to do in hopes she will gain Gregs praise and approval. Im sure she's okay with laying there as he jackhammers her for 3 minutes. The alternative would be her saying she doesn't feel like it tonight and having to endure hours of him whining, cursing at her and banging doors because she isn't performing her wifely duties. Greg probably enjoys it better now that her libidos dead. We all know Greg hates a wet pussy and I'm sure it's super dry down there now.

No. 841152

File: 1624169394666.png (391.27 KB, 882x412, 83635_856_86126.PNG)

You're right. I assume Greg saw these videos pop up recently on his daily search for his name and he's been stewing.

No. 841184

I will never not find that tattoo to be the most hilarious thing he's ever produced. He got it done. He "designed" it that way. All completely unironically.

No. 841216

File: 1624221500335.png (218.3 KB, 398x398, greg.png)

his rage is pretty funny. he starts cursing a lot because he has the emotional expression of a teenager.

also i love how he said that anti-o's are usually youtubers and not people who have actual jobs.. did he forget that he's also insulting himself there?

No. 841225

So onision is trying hard to promote his website on YouTube.. (I think he's posting them on his TikTok given the format).. that man is really trying hard to bring traffic to his website.


If anything they should ddos attack his forum.

No. 841226


>If anything they should ddos attack his forum.

don't do any of this. especially giving the fool even a lil bit of your money.
follow the tattoo advice: DO.NUT.ENGRAME~

No. 841238


Gotcha Anon. I just wish he lost all of his platforms to contact anyone.. But most definitely I dont want him to be pulling money from farmers.. Money going into his pocket (through any means) is always a win for him.. He already has found hi tiny cult of paypigs and bootlickers

No. 841253

… what?

No. 841277

File: 1624270742524.jpeg (434.58 KB, 1242x1539, 5DF48F76-230D-4BA2-B779-51B1F4…)

No. 841280

File: 1624275381707.png (284.85 KB, 909x847, VinCyr.png)

No. 841361

Damn this dude looks identical to Steve Vai. Since he's adopted perhaps Steve is his real dad? He should request a DNA test lmao

No. 841380

File: 1624322813446.jpeg (784.24 KB, 1242x2092, 023A6EF5-E6B3-460B-93A2-FE95C8…)

He’s so fucking out of touch. He’s starting to sound like a boomer posting

No. 841399

File: 1624331682185.png (372.98 KB, 840x900, reality.png)


No. 841428

Yeah I could buy into that theory, SoCal was crazy back in the day. C’mon Cyr, get your millions!

No. 841485

Certainly you’re not that retarded. I was making a joke about the anon (which I replied to) calling him Zyr.
Hence the lolcow screenshot cut as his name.
He will be screaming forever about being held accountable for his own actions.
What a sad burnout for him. Go from a mansion with a Tesla to a farmhouse that probably stinks like mildew with your man-wife and everyone knows you’re a pedo.

No. 841488

so all the discovery and sarah+girls stuff seems to finally be over. onision is basically done with youtube now, just hanging out on his shitty site. I would usually say this is finally how it ends, but if there is one truism I've known watching this train wreck over the last decade, greg fucking up is a constant.

So how long until the next dramabomb and what do you think it will be? Will he lose his kids? Will lainey divorce him? Will he kill himself? Many options on the table.

No. 841504

>Will he kill himself?

Which part of 'narcs don't do that' is so hard to grasp? And of course he's going to keep fucking up but look around. It's been over for a while. Even the discovery show generated fuck all interest and response. Greg's going to keep screaming into the void forever and only a handful of people are going to care.

No. 841528

>narcs don't do that
Very very wrong. Tons of narcs an hero, its just they do it when there is no more way out and they're about to receive punishment. as their final "fuck you" to the world.

No. 841530

If anything maybe he'd stage his death to see if it brings more traffic to his site.

No. 841608

You need to move on from the "narcs do this/don't do that" meme from the 2010s. Anyone can sudoku if they're convinced they'll never have what they believe will make them happy, and he's definitely in that territory now.

No. 841788

As his history repeats itself constantly, he would feel he is taking away something wonderful from the world, Alan his email to Skye stating he chose not to kill himself before so she wouldnt suffer, saving her (so now save me by getting rid of muh alimony). Hes too important in his head to hero. He just likes the attention muh depression/suicidal ideation gets in his forums, you know water head is salivating every time a tween asks him "are u rly ok?" In his forums. 10/10 would not hero.

No. 841820

I wonder how annoyed the people posting on his forums really are by his constant antics and just outwardly try to calm him down but inwardly are all like, "Ugh, not this again…"

Dev's "You have a beer gut." comment still lingers on my mind and she was a high tier paying patron, hence she participated in the meet up.

No. 842052

It must be emotionally exhausting and his paypigs absolutely have to be codependent masochists. I'm amazed they dont notice his patterns, or make a choice to ignore it. I was hoping the fourth episode would have given us a more exciting finale than his echo chamber IP grabbing website.

No. 842222

Why? greg hasn't been relevant since the 2010s and yet here we are.

No. 842307

File: 1624923862016.png (118.85 KB, 720x1417, Screenshot_20210628-174604.png)

Super sus. I clicked a link he posted on Twitter. This came up. His site is .net not .com and he linked it to .com? Then this comes up? Pissed at myself for not using VPN.

No. 842317

File: 1624936184848.png (104.92 KB, 1205x545, onision.PNG)

Greg made another page on his site dedicated to Sarah, where he doxes her full name and personal social media profiles. 30 faxx about Sarah.

No. 842323

I try to limit my gurg exposure for my sanity but my god he writes like a fucking inept psychopath. Is this his list of proofs? Those have nothing to do with one another lol

No. 842334


Definitely wouldn't click anything Greg posts he's probably trying to dox anyone that is against him.

No. 842337

File: 1624950346902.png (141.76 KB, 1022x904, 9834523.PNG)

He's left Twitter forever (again.)

I guess he was lurking lolcow and reading the hidden posts he has to approve on his forum before they go public and it all hurt his feelings.

No. 842338

i love how he's only ever "heard" of this site and totes doesn't actually read it. Also I guess he is figuring out who to ban if anyone actually says yes to coming here?

No. 842339

File: 1624953853587.png (44.92 KB, 439x450, 067854.PNG)

He must have the memory of a goldfish. Does he forget that he's let it slip many times that he comes here. Most notably when he did that interview with Crows of Judgement >>817332 and said
>I was browsing over at lolcow and they're fucking brutal to her, like they really go savage against Regina.
He wanted those men to know that Regina was being ridiculed for her looks but didn't realize he'd end up confirming what people knew all along. He lurks lolcow on the daily.

His "Onision Is Suffering, Deeply" blog is a boring read. Just a rehash of his usual whining
>why wont anyone listen to me? I was raped. They got paid so that means they lied.
But the best part of this is that he is so proud of his 1500 members (most are trolls that have been spamming and disrupting his forums and discord) and almost 70 people have read this particular blog, but he only got 5 comments. And even the comments from his most loyal paypigs are just half-hearted pats on the back "it'll be okay buddy" and basic bitch gifs of support.

No. 842341

see >>841820
What a loser.

No. 842342

Imagine thinking talking in third person makes your shit more believable and valid

No. 842344

It's his "most anyone" and "most everything" for me.

Also I hate how often he uses "dumped". This is coming from the fucker who still screeches about Shiloh. By all means he has never been capable of moving on in his life. I'm sure he still yanks it to his mom screaming "Greg"

No. 842379

Most of these people he "dumped" in a panic cause he knew they wanted to or planned ultimately on detaching themselves from HIM, Billie left first, Shiloh left first, AJ left first, Maya left first with him screaming that he dumped them the moment he realised he no longer had control over them

No. 842381

Agree 100%.
Thats also the reason why afterwards he lashes out so viciously: He knows they're finally over him and his narc brain can't have that. Except for Shiloh maybe, she was still hung up on him but couldn't relapse into his poisonous grasp thanks to her mother.

No. 842387

Why does he have the constant need to tell us he's always been the one to dump people in a relationship?

No. 842389

Narc injury. He's a grown ass man who is in denial of his arrested development, with no self awareness of how people gauge others. He thinks by asserting that he dumped them, that from here on out their behavior can be written off as retaliation. But Gurg has been choking his baby carrot in the garage too long and just doesn't get that "I DuMp EvErYoNe" is a "point and laugh" sort of excuse. No developed adult talks like this, which is exactly why he pursues the youngins - they're exactly on his level.

No. 842401

My personal fave from is exposing sarah pages ate the glittering of "sarah shows onision haters are lying when they say hes not tall"
And all the little mentions of "she said onision haters are insane guyyyyz" "she 'smelled' my crotch" and of course "she admitted she heard my three minute hate fuck sessions with my spouse" and "she faked orgasms bc she learned it from porn who does that?( oh I dont know, teenage girls groomed whose first sexual experience is your misshapen baby carrot)"

And iirc when sarah went to kiss lainey for the first time, Greg had told her to. Like he said that in the video he made describing rapkng her anally in detail, that he told sarah kiss krai but now he conveniently changed that already cringe story to be cringe and all Sarah's master plan.
That page is a goldmine and I need to archive it for when it inevitably is changed again so it can be compared to his next changed story.

No. 842408

it still blows my mind that this grown ass man thinks his bungled attempt at character assassination will work. His list of grievances sounds like petulant whining and produces so much second-hand embarrassment. How all of this makes sense in his mind is beyond me.

Well, actually, no. We've all seen his attempts at making an analogy. I'm really curious which wires were crossed to make him think this way lol.

No. 842423

File: 1624997388628.png (76.17 KB, 760x814, Screenshot_20210629-140832.png)

Hansen is a moron, but I cannot wait for the five alarm meltdown next monday.

No. 842426

File: 1625000110036.png (287.87 KB, 1248x956, lolcow.png)

Greg has an opinion on us

No. 842427

cope harder kek. I can't speak for any ladies here but I carry the same energy offline as online, anonymous or no. Not everyone needs their name attached to shit for gibmeattention. It 'aint that serious, waterhead.

No. 842428


oh he mad lol

No. 842429

File: 1625000970974.png (982.33 KB, 402x4000, onision1.png)

No. 842430

All I read is: Boo-hoo my fee-fees have been hurt. sadfaceemoji Pwease agree with me and tell me how right I am, cunts.

Fast forward a few months, just to find out that half of his forum's members are posting here. kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 842432

ok i'm still reading but with #7 didn't grease say he'd only speak to hansen if he paid him a ridiculous amount of money?

even if all of this is true to word (which of course it isn't, it's all twisted around), a mid 30s TALL MAN was raped and extorted by a young 19 y/o that he cared for in his home since she was 14. kek. is it the vegetarian bodaayyyy that prevented him from protecting himself, his spouse, and two young children?

No. 842465

Yes gurgle asked for 350k for an interview with Hansen, and 10k for anyone else "to subject himself" to the insanity of cancel culture. He changed his mind after how bad he continued to make himself look and then offered a live debate only with hansen, all last moment and not according to anyones working schedule but gurgles, chris didnt cater to that whim.
I'm not sure how he is blaming sarah for that but he's constantly reaching on the things he's blaming her for, obvs. Its almost like he's trying to make the girl he groomed for years that spoke out after he antagonized her look hysterical and unreasonable so no one believes her.

No. 842471

He hyper focuses on Sarah because her situation is the most damning. If she did the same shit to him, but didn't have a compelling story of being groomed at 14, he would have chosen another target.

I'm still impressed he says he's kicked everyone out of his life, yet knows that we've all seen Billie's leaked emails she doesn't respond to begging for her to come back years after she's moved on. Billie ran away in the middle of the night with a friend as Frankenstein's monster came running after her uber in the rain. That's qualifies as him kicking her out of his life?

No. 842478

>" be proud of themselves after posting behind a mask" this is RICH coming from the same cunt that made a billion socks on kiwifarms to defend himself, and even tho all the users there kept asking him to make an account and post as himself, he always denied it.

Does anyone here frequents his subreddit? I wonder if there's been any sighting of him as an Uber/Ubereats driver since he's supposedly doing that now

No. 842494

-that spoke out after she got paid.


No. 842499

File: 1625030624189.png (1.6 KB, 392x104, 8967566.PNG)

Almost 24 hours later I had to check back on Onision's pity party blog to see if his myriad of Elite & Immortal fans showed their love and support. I was expecting at least double digits.
He got ONE extra comment for a grand total of 6 fans who felt sorry for the pedo. Fucking pitiful. I can see him returning to Twitter by the end of the week if this is the kind of interaction he's getting in his shitty hugbox.

How can he have over a thousand members on his forum and only get six comments on a post where he's obviously begging his paypigs for asspats?

No. 842504

You just made me think mentioning about how he chases his victims lol. Poor Greg… wants a house full of young teenage poon but is so mediocre in every way that he can’t even get them to stay. I mean he’s THAT unbearable to be around that money can only persuade them for a little while. That’s how unbearable Greg is to be around…

No. 842509

Could also be that no one wants to be associated publicly with Greg anymore.
Hence they're willing to give him asspats on Discord but not on his forums.

Or they just don't care. Wasn't it quite well known that people in his earlier forums liked to chat among each other but weren't really fond of Greg himself? For obvious reasons, of course.

No. 842515

#27 who is this guy she "praised publicly"? By publicly he means online or in real life? If she praised him online there would be evidence, no?

No. 842526

I mean get that coin queen

No. 842532

File: 1625059246802.webm (7.52 MB, 854x480, pressuring kai.webm)

No 6. Did he forget that he was the one who encouraging that kiss?

Also No. 10 shows how unexperienced she was. What the hell did he think was gonna happen when he was getting together with a girl who's only intimate encounter was being sexually assaulted?

No. 842533

Reminds me of Greg trying to kiss Maya.
Maybe that situation did happen indeed, but it was Greg who tried to kiss Maya while Maya jumped backwards, being upset.

No. 842544

where is ep 4? also I have noticed ep 4 is not listed on imdb

No. 842547

when will this retard understand him just typing and makinig up paragraphs aren't "receipts?"

also I notice he never uses her last name. If I was raped, and naming the person that raped me, I would use their full name. Ever realize how greg never does this? It's because if he did he'd open himself to a libel suit which he'd easily lose

No. 842549

lots of people came from tik tok to troll him but greg manually approves all comments. His 1k+ members are mostly people that either hate him or are spam bots

No. 842555

Yes, Greg. That was a real, grown-up, legally binding NDA which was drawn up by real, grown-up lawyers and notarized by real, grown-up notaries. It was nothing like that Google docs bullshit you printed off the internet.

No. 842560

File: 1625072975455.png (965.72 KB, 1066x656, ONISION_IN_REAL_LIFE.PNG)

I found Episode 4 "Sarah Speaks" on my first search.

You need a Discovery+ sub or Discovery ID on your cable package to watch all 4 episodes. Do some searching around and you may find some twitch streamers who react to the episodes on their channels so you get to watch the full episodes for free you just have to put up with their annoying commentary.

Interesting side note- when Greg interviewed Muse and Rape Stream News >>838792 Craig mentioned that he had heard "from his sources" that Discovery was beginning production of Season Two of Onision: In Real Life for 2022. I don't put much weight in anything Rape Stream says but I loved seeing the panic in Greg's face as he realized this may not be the end of it and another 4 episodes about him and his pedo-wife are in production for next year.

No. 842589

Might be tinfoil but when Sarah went to record her episode she did do a meet-up with Billie. Billie being on it would make Greg go absolutely nuclear.

No. 842593

Speaking of tinfoils.

There's something fishy about this random doxxing. The Sarah situation's been on going for two years now and her documentary appearance was a whole month ago. Why doxx her now?

It's a stretch but this reminds me of the random sex tweets Greg made to distract the public from what was taking place with Cloey at the hospital.

This doxxing seems just as random and aimed to garner attention in the worst way. As with the sex tweets.

He might be using the same pattern of distraction and if I am correct it would work for the time being but as with all Greg's "cover ups". He doesn't think about what might be found out or exposed in the future (as with the sex tweets linking to Cloey's fall).

There might be something horrible abrewing irl that caused this manic doxxing.

No. 842596

I love the vindictive little details he throws into his own self-defense that make him look like a total psycho to anybody who might still be on the fence. "Onision regularly stated Sarah reminded him of Meg from Family Guy". Clearly he was absolutely scared shitless of her lmao

No. 842602

File: 1625095381084.jpg (71.94 KB, 1018x570, Sarah Billie (2).jpg)

It would be epic to have Billie on the next episode. Every girl that had their face blurred out in the first three should come forward in future episodes and tell their stories. Plus Id love for it to "accidentally leak" that they all got huge checks for their appearance just so it twists the knife and makes Greg rage.

Rapestream-news is an unreliable source but I can see Discovery doing another season because each episode made them a lot of money. When a movie does good there is inevitably a sequel to milk that cow. As much as people bitched and moaned about the first 3 episodes it must of made everyone at Discovery and Blackfin big bucks because they jumped at the opportunity to make an episode 4.

No. 842628

Agreed, this does look like a distraction tactic. Where's that guy who finds and leaks Grease's legal information on Twitter? I hope he didn't lose interest on Grease and finds whatever might be going on

No. 842635

File: 1625107903433.png (398.97 KB, 1280x1861, screen.png)

Greg chimpout

No. 842642

File: 1625110703522.jpeg (52.48 KB, 792x410, 1D2DE25C-C25B-4D9A-A40D-229E8C…)

I can’t believe I used to care about this redundant scrote’s drama, holy shit. Literally the only time this dumb waste of space was ever interesting was when other more attractive or talented people were involved with him.Toss Greg (not James) in prison and throw away the key. Nobody would love or miss his presence after like a week. Get him away from the kids while they still have a slight chance of turning out normal.

No. 842649

Tl;dr same shit different day
>Wouldn't real victims stay silent if they were hurt or traumatized? Clearly lying.
>But also, as a real victim myself, sperging about this on social media is the right thing to do.
>The people I dumped had mental illness, they're so crazy I literally kicked them out of my life!
>Also I am seeing a therapist for my mental illness, but it's not a bad thing when it's me!
>But I'm living the good life, just chilling like a normal person, hugging my family etc.
>why everybody hate me? Why nobody pay me for my story?
>I didn't do nothing, the evil teen villains just want to hurt me for money and sex
>The teens I groomed destroyed my life. Maybe I should of [sic] just let them do illegal crimes to me
>Anyway be glad you aren't me, and never date or dump someone or you could end up just like me, an innocent victim who isn't a sperg or a sex pest, getting cancelled for money even though I didn't do nothing and was super chill and normal as always
Sorry for retardation but
>…chilling, like a normal person in most instances (when I'm not m——-e/super down)
What word is he censoring?

No. 842650

Obviously nothing new, but hot damn - Greg’s really so morally bankrupt he bases everything off “what’s legal”

Imagine what a monster he would be in Nazi Germany. At the Nuremberg Trials “your honor, the neighbor shopkeeper LIED and said she wasn’t Jewish. And then she broke the law by (illegally) hiding her Jewish family. Now I’m being crucified for being a law-abiding citizen and being BRUTALLY honest.”

No. 842651

There are also text receipts where Greg is describing how much he loved watching Sarah and Lainey kiss. But obviously no one believes his blatant mental gymnastics anymore, so it’s all a moot point.

No. 842671

>What word is he censoring?
I have 2 guesses.

Nine letter word begins with M ends with E = miserable. It fits in with the feeling he's trying to get across about being "super down" He must of self censored this word tho because I know when a filtered word like "cum" or "kid" is within a larger word it still gets censored. Example "documentary" or "kidding" But "iserabl" is not a word. I have no idea why he would censor miserable.

Second guess is that he meant melancholy and misspelled it like the illiterate tard he is. He tried to sound it out and spelled it "melonkole" That's nine letters and starts with an M and ends with an E. He self censored the majority of the word because he knew he fucked it up then added the "/super down" so he'd still get his idea across to the reader about his depression.

No. 842694

I couldn’t sift through this shit if someone paid me. I start reading and immediately drift off after a sentence or two.

Ty for your sacrifice anon. I’ve grown bored of this man’s repetitive bullshit, but I’m kinda curious about this supposed “therapy.” Sometimes the autistic ways he transparently twists things (“talking to my friend is therapeutic so therefore it is by definition therapy!!”) is creative, so I’d love to know the ACTUAL therapy situation.

No. 842704

Footface has her bachelors for psychology or s/t. It's widely speculated that his rage sessions witnessed by her is his "therapy".

No. 842741

Thanks anon, both make a lot of sense. I'm terrible at crossword puzzles. It was confusing because if censored m-word and super down are the same then why not just delete m-word and say 'super down?' But the answer of course is that Greg is stupid.
More details for you. He claims he was diagnosed
>Severely depressed
>With a depressive illness, before any of this happened
>Major depressive episode
>Chronic depression
>Adjustment disorder
>Major depressive disorder (but thinks he may have gotten the wording wrong)
>Extremely depressed on the regular
He also claims to
>Have a therapist but people with depression, therapy is just often not enough
I agree that Foot is most likely the current "therapist" who isn't cutting it because she's not a therapist. It's also worth nothing that although he claims
>it hurts, so deeply and badly to live like this, every day
and claims he's barely surviving mentally and physically, and despite his claims of being blackmailed and raped by Sarah's scary criminal butthole and crazy people who do illegal things targeting him for no reason, he doesn't consider himself to have a "significant mental issue" like any of the teens he's groomed and abused over the years. Should give you an idea about the validity of his diagnoses and therapy claims.

No. 842780


it appears all the episodes are available on piratebay

No. 842782

File: 1625193468271.png (598.13 KB, 1000x580, 0895674321.png)

Desperation at its finest. This isn't going to go over well. The last time Greg started throwing around freebie memberships the fans who had already paid for those perks got pissed that they had to pay for something he was now giving away for free. He's now only allowing people who pay (Immortals & Elites) to post on his forums. I think he realized that its going to plateau his membership growth. So this is his new idea to pad those numbers. I've skimmed through the forum and its a very small group that post. 1,564 total members and its just 9 fans burying their nose in his asshole.

No. 842789

File: 1625200926585.png (405.91 KB, 868x693, 6457128374.PNG)

10 to 1 that Greg breaks his promise and returns to Twitter so he can gloat and give his 2 cents about Hansen.

No. 842823

File: 1625224153536.png (34.2 KB, 600x379, ch.png)

No. 842835

The funny thing is that this also creates and increses rivalries (funny for us, not funny for his """Immor(t)als""" and """Elites"""). So, telling them to bring in new people also indirectly tells them, that he's not interested in any of them and is looking for new poon.

I honestly don't know what's sadder here, Greg being smort enough to take advantage of his members or his members being dumb-dumbs and pulling in new people that will inevitably push them out of Greg's focus.

No. 842848

They've literally all got dumb names and filtered photos, I wonder how many of them are doing a lot of larping and carefully crafted fabricated photos/stories. It's a sad club of losers.

No. 842878

File: 1625256276762.png (329.02 KB, 1026x725, OnisionSpeaks Copyright.PNG)

I'm hoping someone smarter than me or more savvy concerning YouTube's Partnership & AdSense can explain this.

Greg uploaded a video to his Speaks channel today complaining that Discovery put in a copyright claim against one of his videos. The video in question was uploaded to OnisionSpeaks on Jan 7, 2021, the title is Onision: In Real Life Documentary - Full Episode 1 Response. The section of the video they are claiming is 30:56-31:27 which was Greg commenting while watching a part of the documentary. The screenshot I grabbed shows that Greg is still able to monetize videos? Why would he still have access to the YT creator tools if YT dumped him from their partnership and demonetized him. Did Greg get reinstated and is(was) keeping it quiet because he knows the internet will try to get him dumped again? He figured out that letting the internet know Sarah was visiting causes problems so they started bringing her around in secret. He learned how to keep things on the down low when he knew the internet could fuck him over if they caught wind he was being shady.

No. 842906


Greg can't monetize.

But if he uses someones copyrighted content, THEY can monetize HIS video for themselves.

I once uploaded a video using copyrighted music. I have like 0 subscribers, it was just a random vid. Sony or w/e makes a couple of cents off it.

They get the money from licensing fees (presumably), not from ads.

No. 842928

Lol what a bunch of insecure ugly bitches. Their photos are so filtered they look nothing like they do in real life. We've all seen what McFly really looks like and it couldn't be more different from that filtered photo

No. 842961

Thanks for the explanation and real world example that you experienced. This makes it so much better. He gets so pissed when people make money off his drama or content. I'm sure he's pulling out whatever hair he still has on his thinning head.

No. 842969

I think what happened is that D+ basically makes money from Greg's original video: Greg himself made a song or video which D+ featured in their documentary. Apparently YT's algorythm attributes Greg's original content to D+ now. lmao
It's not fair, like at all, and is kind of another problem D+ could make a ducomentary on, but it servers Greg and his habit of striking anyone and everyone right.
Just because D+ is being a dick, doesn't mean that Greg is absolved of all the BS he has done.
Still, lmao.

No. 843024

Probably not, Hanson didn't really commit any crime. He just missed a court date (was asked to show up in court to turn over some "to catch a predator" footage that was relevant to an ongoing case against the pedo in the footage). Isn't much to say.

No. 843065

File: 1625428959277.png (695.17 KB, 508x874, fucking up the garage.PNG)

What the fuck has he done to his new cum-cave? The dry wall has been pulled down and now the electrical conduit, framing studs and wall insulation are all exposed. I hope he's trying to do this work himself. We've all seen the mess he makes when he tries to be Mr. Handyman. With any luck he'll try to take down a pony wall in the garage so he has more space and it turns out to be a load bearing wall and the whole fucking Cow Barn collapses on top of him.

No. 843075

File: 1625430604701.png (57.38 KB, 752x351, they_do_it_for_free.PNG)

So his fans pay him $40.00 to be able to join his forums and discord (where he rarely interacts with them) and now he wants them to work for free captioning the lyrics to his shitty songs. Sad thing is there will be at least 3 or 4 paypiggies clambering over each other to be the first to do the job and hope Greg gives 'em a pat on the head.

No. 843091

Honestly it's on them when they waste their money AND time on Greg.
No pity for fools.

No. 843133


I love how his profile picture is an OLD photo. He can't even upload a recent photo without heavy use of filters. The man is hopelessly trying to relive his old "glory days" so hard.. Fucking sad.

I wonder how much he truly makes now that he is heavily relying on his makeshift pedo haven site.

No. 843184

I give it till tomorrow then he'll have all his social media back.

No. 843205

File: 1625525480149.png (55.78 KB, 824x411, 752154678.PNG)

He says he's trying to cut down on spam. In reality I think he's trying to get any lurkers out of his forums. What is he doing on there that he's nervous that people are screenshotting and documenting?

No. 843208

i'm guessing that it has something to do with the amount of money he has to pay for the website. if a lot of users are on at the same time, he'd be bumped up to a more expensive hosting fee bracket>>843205

No. 843230

File: 1625541002871.png (565.93 KB, 1407x675, 4837533.PNG)

He's deleting the lurkers so they have to buy a 2 dollar monthly membership. Who does he think is going to buy that?

No. 843231

tbh they charge for how many people visit. He cant control how many people are visiting his site by setting up paywalls since you can still go on the his forums and read through all the threads (minus the Elite and Immortal specific areas) If trolls kept refreshing his site it would bump him up to the higher price.

No. 843242

File: 1625552253090.png (23.19 KB, 661x320, firefox_80x0vDn1mw.png)

this poor guy

No. 843243

File: 1625552964287.jpeg (23.72 KB, 525x134, 2198382F-6DFB-4B72-959F-0E70BE…)


No. 843244

Hm, that's pretty sus. Isn't her father a lawyer? What's all this about?

No. 843245

File: 1625553528366.jpeg (187.22 KB, 827x1054, 759A1CF7-FA53-43B7-8DA8-70CFF5…)

Not too sure that it’s legit, judging by the way they post. Specifically, the way they talk about Kai seems off.

No. 843246

Bill Anderson = Anonymous Gene

No. 843247

File: 1625555198207.jpeg (37.12 KB, 592x468, ABFAB37C-2BD0-4A4B-B72B-7F5931…)

Why doxx Kai’s dad? I googled it and this appears to be his actual law office. Not sure what the point of it is if he’s after Greg. Am I missing something?

No. 843250

It’s just Gene being Gene for attention again.

Unsaged because the reason he’s trending might be because the doc had just aired on TV, on the ID channel kek, right on time as per >>842423

No. 843252

He deserves it for being a shit father. Also lol

No. 843253

Now we know who Footface got her squinty eyes and retarded smile/underbite from lmao. Also judging by grandpa's hair, poor Troy is probably going to be a balding motherfucker when he grows up, poor kid. If having Footface's Jay Leno chin and Grease's droopy eyes wasn't enough.

No. 843254

kek ik i am late but this made me laugh so hard thank u anon

No. 843262

File: 1625574344327.png (26.27 KB, 288x347, E5lsVK7WQAIjNaw.png)

He's still trending. Someone posted this as well and there are jokes that the Grand Theft Auto people are using him as inspiration for their criminals in the next games.

No. 843270

imagine being so retarded that you think it’s a hoot to impersonate an actual attorney on Twitter
yeah, he’s an insurance attorney, but he has to have friends or classmates who do civil damages litigation
Gene may be the dumbest fuck in this whole cluster of fucks

No. 843273

Greg and Gene are on the same level, for different reasons.
Bottom of the barrel.

No. 843276

I would kill to be a fly on the wall right now at the house. He's probably freaking the fuck out right now.

No. 843277

Aren't they from Taos, New Mexico. This is in Albuquerque.

No. 843370


you do realize people can work in a town that is not where they live right? that said it's prob bs

No. 843430

I like Gene. He is the only person who gets right under gregs skin. The more Gene does the more Onision chimps out. I am sure Gene is not worried about being sued by anyone. I tried to find out who he was once. I got nothing but dead ends. It is like he is a ghost.

No. 843435

File: 1625668058631.png (626.82 KB, 903x381, 46548486486684863354.PNG)

It's definitely not actually him.

Damn I feel bad for the guy. Can you imagine your HS-aged daughter makes a typical teenage mistake by dating an older loser - only this loser is a prodigious internet whore with an impregnation fetish?

No sympathy for Taylor since she definitely made her own bed at this point, but I'm sure she would've just been typical suburban woman like her sister (only exponentially more bland and basic) if it weren't for Grease.

Discovery+ would easily get enough narc content for an episode 5 if they could somehow get him and Randy in the same room together. After all, they know what's LEGAL and HONEST being men of the cloth and the law

No. 843451

Taos is 2 1/2 hours away from Albuquerque. NMfag here.


Taylor thought she was marrying into money and fame. Now she's been driven off the internet, labeled as a pedo and downgrading a house every few years.

No. 843464

hush, little one, grownups are talking

No. 843471


Well, she got the fame. Maybe not the kind of fame she was hoping for..

No. 843482

lmao fuck off Gene. "like a ghost" my fucking sides

No. 843493

For real. no one gives a shit about Gene enough to try and find out his identity. Only Gene thinks of himself as this mysterious genius. We all think you're a sperg.

No. 843494

Chris Hansen is going to be discussed on The Young Turks today. Betting it has something todo with Onision In Real Life

No. 843507


i would delete the post but its too late. he didn't talk about onision at all.

No. 843516

Lainey's mother and stepfather currently live in Las Cruces.
Lainey's biological father William lives in Albuquerque.

No. 843535

The only interesting thing Greg could do at this point is admit to everything, put Lainey in front of a camera or get attacked by a neighbor for being a sex pest.

No. 843558

File: 1625731292586.png (22.65 KB, 343x175, current members.PNG)

He's a man of his word. >>843205

Greg deleted all the lurkers and trolls today. His membership count was at 1.600 yesterday. Now its 376. That says so much. And I'm positive that the really dedicated trolls just made sure they had 4 posts to keep themselves active and alive on the forum. How many out of that 376 are real fans? Id say maybe 50, and I'm being generous.

This is the man who had over 2 million subs on 3 YouTube channels. And now he can barely get a few hundred.

No. 843561

File: 1625734573048.png (184.38 KB, 1414x1062, 864500.PNG)

Greg uploaded another "woe is me" blog before he went to bed tonight. He goes on and on about how your family name can be tarnished forever by rumors and false opinions. And how you shouldn't trust anyone
>the only people who should be your priority is you, your offspring, your spouse (if they love you like you do them)
I think him and Lainey are truly isolated now. His mom and sisters hate him. He's obviously an outcast with his extended family because he's no longer invited to holiday get-togethers with the cousins, aunts & uncles. This is pure speculation but I feel Lainey's family now look at her with a bit of suspicion. All those "rumors" and documentaries about her being a groomer and sexual predator has to give them pause. I'm sure Lainey is not allowed alone with any of her younger relatives when she visits them in New Mexico. Did he write this new blog because Discovery did a marathon of all 3 episodes on their main cable channel Investigation Discovery which caused #Onision to be trending for a day on Twitter.

He's fond of the word "offspring" now. Every time he has to talk about his kids he uses this word instead. Is it similar to the way he overuses "human" because he thinks it makes him sound smart? Or is he so triggered by the words "kids & children" because people always put "fucker & diddler" after them when talking about Onision.

If I didn't know any better Id say these last two blogs read like a suicide note.

No. 843563

File: 1625736687087.jpg (1.05 MB, 5312x2988, IMG_20210115_133641.jpg)

name one instance where Greg has even mentioned Gene, ever. and that one thing Gene tried to take credit for the fake invoices which Greg did respond to weren't his.
Gene is probably one of the most fail trolls to ever try to troll anyone. Greg barely even knows he exist. Does he even know Gene exists?
Doubt it.

No. 843573

>Taylor thought she was marrying into money and fame. Now she's been driven off the internet, labeled as a pedo and downgrading a house every few years.

This fills me with delight. That smug cunt got what she deserved

No. 843580

Funny, Greg crying "The only thing you have is your name". How many times has he changed it now?

No. 843583

Gregory James Daniel Birth name
Gregory James Latcha For a short time went by his stepfathers last name
Gregory James Jackson He didn't want any connection to his father so he used his mothers last name
Gregory James Avaroe Legally changed last name when he married Lainey
James ? Jackson Legally changed 5/2/2019

No. 843594


Obviously you don't remember the video series Onision made on Anon Gene. I would say greg making videos on gene means he knows exactly who Gene is. Stop making shit up to fit your narrative.

No. 843595

File: 1625764722751.jpg (62.43 KB, 1388x565, a.jpg)

Shit this video greg just made proves he knows who Anon Gene is.

No. 843620



No. 843621

FFS no one gives a shit about Gene. let it go.

No. 843622

this is particularly funny since he made that video bragging about his forum having over 1000 members. Less than half of those were real.
He is truly dead on the internet.

No. 843637

So anonymous gene is…himself?

No. 843639

The burden of proof lies with anonymous gene to disprove that he is Vincent Nicotra

No. 843650

>This is the man who had over 2 million subs on 3 YouTube channels.

I really question how many of those subs were ever really authentic. After all the shit he's done, the sub count of his main channel is STILL listed as 2.04 million. Both Jim Sterling & Blaire White, who were hovering just under the 1 million sub count saw sizable drops in their subs this year for far pettier reasons than anything Gurg has done.Sterling came out as NB/femme presenting & Blaire likes to post dishonest, clickbaity titles. Not in the same ball park as grooming teenage girls but both took huge sub hits). Yet Gurg is still listed as having over 2 million subs. with most of his vid views hovering at a few thousand &YT no longer promoting his shit due to his demonetization. It's simply not possible that every single subscriber simply forgot to unsub from him once they realised he was a piece of shit. Imagine being such a waterhead narc that you still spend money on subs to pretend you're still popular.

No. 843652

I just checked his forums to see if the membership numbers had gone up or down and Greg removed the ability to see how many members he has lol. Going from 1600 to 300 must of been a huge hit to his ego. I remember when he told Heezy and Trisha to remove all trolls from his discord and he lost his shit when he found out that they had to remove hundreds of people. He enjoyed that high membership count.
Im sure the option to view how many members he has will return once he gets the time and money to bot the fuck out of it.

No. 843653

Greg was on national news again. Hansen was being interviewed and the reporter was laughing that Greg acted like a little bitch and called 911 when Hansen came knocking. They even talk about Cloey falling out of the window and Onision taking a video of her as she lay on the concrete driveway. I hope Greg sees the interview. Knowing that this will never go away and he will forever be known as a predator pedophile is priceless and having the female reporter Ashleigh Banfield laugh at him will cause a meltdown.

Onision part starts at 27:27 or click the link https://youtu.be/6KBrdsvumsA?t=1647

No. 843655

File: 1625804239926.jpg (418.21 KB, 1611x1001, Screenshot_20210708-1431537_Gm…)

found on the other farms
someone trolled onision by emailing him and pretending to be a lawyer who wants to help him
there are 27 screenshots of the email back and forth but there is one interesting part of the conversation when he goes from
>I never traveled state lines to meet anyone
and when greg realizes the person knows the lore and has proof of what he did greg says
>traveling to meet someone doesn't mean youre going to sleep with them

yeah greg we believe that you drove hundreds of miles, hit a deer, but were so intent on meeting shiloh you then booked a flight to get to her
and when you arrived at her hotel room you just ate pizza, made a pillow-blanket fort and watched wholesome family friendly movies the rest of the night.
having him first deny every traveling across state lines, then saying visiting someone in another state doesnt mean they had sex makes me think hes worried and hoping denying they had sex means he wont get in trouble

No. 843660

I know he's dumb as a rock and easily triggered but watching him falling for this … How did he never get himself arrested for all his shit over the years?

No. 843667

File: 1625821682661.png (19.13 KB, 96x94, 27.PNG)

>27:27. Nice

No. 843671

1. there has never been a video series like that.
2. gene did not make those receipts. the proof is literally in that image itself.
but this is getting stupid now, no more responses to gene because its exactly what he wants and just sidetracking this thread.

No. 843672


Reminder: >>843273
Cope harder.

My best guess is that he still secretly hopes to get sponsored or show his """vast amount of""" subscribers in order to gain any benefits, e.g. partnership with Twitch back in the day. And obviously for narc reasons as well.

With his forums, he might have hit a dead end. If he fluffs up his numbers he has to pay more, so he loses twice the money. If he keeps his member count low, his fragile little ego will suffer. And no teenage alt pixie girl will like him when the numbers aren't right! Awww, poor, old Greg. So sad.

No. 843673

Where is Greg falling for any of this?
He keeps deflecting everything in his one-sentence statements and tries to get as much info on the person as possible, only to use it against him later.
The only thing worth mentioning is that the dude keeps the mail exchange up for an extended time. He feeds Greg bits and pieces of new (and partially fake) info and pretends to be sympathetic which seems to fuel Greg's narc ego.

No. 843676

Responding to an unsolicited email and trying to convince a random stranger that you're innocent is the first example of falling pretty hard.

This reminds me of the time Greg got trolled by fake PETA. They strung him along for weeks promising him media exposure and a big paycheck. Greg was chomping at the bit to speak to them on Skype to set up the details with their media department to get him his money. All Greg got was a big "CUCK" and hung up on.

No. 843707

the only mildly interesting thing about this is that he is trying to imply he did not sleep with Shiloh when he visited her in PA that first time. Which means he 100% knows that shit is sketchy. Usually he will double down if he believes he is on the right side of the law. So now all he can do is not directly admit he slept with Shiloh when he traveled across the country to see her.

No. 843725


It's because of the fact he knows he violated federal law:

(b) Travel With Intent To Engage in Illicit Sexual Conduct.— A person who travels in interstate commerce or travels into the United States, or a United States citizen or an alien admitted for permanent residence in the United States who travels in foreign commerce, with a motivating purpose of engaging in any illicit sexual conduct with another person shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 30 years, or both.

(f) Definition.—As used in this section, the term “illicit sexual conduct” means— (1) a sexual act (as defined in section 2246) with a person under 18 years of age that would be in violation of chapter 109A if the sexual act occurred in the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States;


TLDR: if you cross state borders and have sex with someone under 18, you have broken federal law, which is a felony, punishable by up to 30 years in prison, and you are seen as a sex predator by the federal government.

Greg thinks he can weasel his way out of it saying he didn't specifically cross state lines for sex (even though he threw himself at shiloh within 5 minutes of meeting her) - but that doesn't matter. If he's not a resident of PA, he's under federal jurisdiction for these acts.

The fact that greg alludes to this shows he's all too aware of it.

No. 843744

File: 1625878256272.jpg (149.68 KB, 479x917, 2021-07-09 11389635.jpg)

I was reading through his How Well Do You Know Onision? quiz and most of it is him taking pot-shots at the "haters & anti-o's"
There were the usual rants
>Social Repose is a cheater
>Jaclyn is a fraud
>Repzion is a rapist

But there were some new claims Id never heard before. Did Tamara the dogfucker get busted naked at her local dog park? And I hope this paintball drive-by incident was Billy the Fridge adding some new color to the front of Greg's house.

No. 843756

File: 1625885468226.png (917.38 KB, 1114x988, onisiontiktok (2).PNG)

Greg is crying in his forums and discord because he's gotten multiple community strikes on TikTok and videos taken down. How many strikes does he need to get to be suspended? Gotta love that one of the strikes was for
>predatory or grooming behavior towards minors.

No. 843761

At this point it's sus how much he's going on about being raped. Sounds like a goddamn fetish at this point. Sarah making a joke not even directed at Gurg over an NDA he pressured her, a groomed teenager, into signing does not equate rape. Especially when that NDA was supposed to keep her from speaking about the current relationship. Like I'm sorry what.

She's been coming to his house since she was 14 and Gurg, with a track record of going after the youngins, claim that she raped him? Lucky she waited until she was over 18 to do so otherwise that would've been statutory rape. /Gurg logic

No. 843781

>TheRightOpinion, marrying cousin (self-admitted)

kek where did that come from? Most likely bs coming from Greg ofc

I have to appreciate the fact that after all these years Greg is no closer to wrapping his mind around the concept that two things can be true at once; that these people who spoke negatively about him have done bad things and also he is still a miserable person who's done awful things to people.

No. 843790

oohh even going after RagReynolds now..
that must hurt the fatty.

No. 843886

Also hilarious the parenthetical "receipts" little gurgles provides for Mr. Hansen is "multiple news articles"
Uuummmmmmm Google your own various shady ass legal and youtube names you fucking mong. So does waterhead Jimmy thing "multiple news articles" count as evidence now? Got some bad news for you, narc bitch

No. 843892

Rag will be so excited, no-one ever remembers he exists usually.
You're like Greg junior.

No. 843918


I can't find a single mention of this TRO cousin shit anywhere else on the internet. Is Gurg really just resorting to completely baseless accusations now? … I don't know why I'm surprised, but he normally steeps his bullshit in something vaguely plausible or fact-adjacent, if he's just pulling complete falsehoods out of his ass now then perhaps (clearly) we're in a new and unprecedented era of desperation, where he's going to say the wrong thing about the wrong person and actually get served some fucking papers.

No. 843930

Considering he made up the Repzion is a rapist fantasy more than likely he's making that up too.

No. 843935

File: 1626037668024.png (117.47 KB, 640x307, 95753452199.PNG)

youre absolutely right eventually someones going to get the phone number of their fathers lawyer and shits going to get real hot soon

No. 843936

File: 1626038667026.png (78.32 KB, 488x678, 4E55-9F43-F2F54F.png)

Greg's TikTok account has been banned. I've checked his discord and forums and haven't seen a post or blog about it yet.

No. 843937

Heh, as much as I hate to admit it, seems like TikTok is more prone to shutting shit down than YT is. Didn't he get one account from TikTok banned already or is it the first time? If it's not, I'd be willing to bet water head doesn't understand that ban evasion is a ban worthy offense or he will just REEEEEE and ignore it while making another account thinking he's too smurt for TikTok

No. 843938

File: 1626040948033.png (554.6 KB, 651x729, Capture7112021_402088.PNG)

He may know that he's not getting onisionprime back by appeal. He dumped all the videos he had on there to his back up TT channel onisionarchive 5 hours ago. Isn't that ban evasion?

No. 843942

File: 1626042972973.png (67.28 KB, 533x563, 678768.PNG)

Checked his forums. He's promoting OnisionArchive as his new TikTok channel and hoping everyone migrates over there. This is blatant ban evasion and I hope he gets fucked for it.

No. 843949

Funny that the pic he used for his "archive" channel is the same exact pic he uses when he trolls on /x/ asking how to become a vampire. Just a friendly reminder that's a thing he does unironically.

you know gurg, the extreme cringe that you sincerely believe it's a possibility would make Bela Lugosi spin so hard in his grave that he could power a small third-world country on his own. He can deny it all he wants, only a narc like himself would post a pic of himself asking how to become the blood-sucking undead. I'll give him that he's an emotional and mental vampire but that's not the same thing.

No. 843984

>he's an emotional and mental vampire
Shut up shut up shut up, stop giving him ideas!

No. 843985

Idk if anyone spotted this.. But I glanced upon his website.. He has joined in the cryptocurrency train.. It's deplorable lol. He is trying EVERY MEANS other than getting an actual job to earn cash.

No. 843986

File: 1626068426346.png (122.21 KB, 1792x681, Screenshot 2021-07-12 133632.p…)

same anon.

pic for clarity

No. 843987

Reported the account. wont be long before it gets banned again. EAT SHIT GREG/JAMES

No. 844002

Two trailer park girls go 'round the outside
'Round the outside, 'round the outside
Two trailer park girls go 'round the outside
'Round the outside, 'round the outside
Guess who's back, back again
Tamara's back, tell a friend

No. 844003

the funniest thing about it is that he has to let people know about any new shitty account he has anywhere, yet people will continue to report the ever lasting shit out of it.
Pretty soon he won't need to pretend to get rid of social media, the public and moderators will just do it for him.
God I wish youtube banned his ass already instead of just a demonetization.

No. 844086

File: 1626135456494.png (1.13 MB, 1216x1565, 1626122247369.png)

aaaand he's back.
how long did this social media "delete" last?
few days right?

No. 844122

Who would have guessed! /s

On another note, I wonder when (not if) he starts age-baiting and slaps baby filters over his grandpa face, like that kitty woman on tiktok did.

No. 844205

kek, just got an ad for the Onision documentary on YouTube. it was really melodramatic and guaranteed to appeal to moral panic moms.

No. 844215

File: 1626232057785.png (843.5 KB, 1207x1493, 42E8BC0F-EB0F-438E-9BC2-BE4B67…)

He’s probably getting warmed up right now

No. 844229

lmao That looks as if he had slapped a wig on his mom and took a photo of her. Loving the lazy eye btw!

No. 844230

Chucky doll
Was only a few weeks ago he did the MAKEUP IS DISHONEST sperg and now he posts this Waxwork looking shit

No. 844234

>Onision wants to talk to you
Greg is on the prowl for new underage poon again.
Mom's lock up your daughters. Take their internet away. Oh wait he's old and irrelevant now never mind. Time to order another doll it seems, Greg, a cheap one from china i'm guessing since you're not doing too hot financially these days.
How are things with your new neighbor Mr. Repzion?

No. 844279

File: 1626314535193.jpg (87.89 KB, 787x316, Why OnlyFans Creators Are Succ…)

>Greg is on the prowl for new underage poon again.
you are absolutely WRONG Ma'am. In Greg's latest blog "Why OnlyFans Creators Are Succeeding" he distinctly mentions multiple times that he finds women in their 40's sexual attractive and would rather have a relationship with an older woman.

I laugh every time I see him do this. He overcompensates by pushing this whole
>I LOVE women in their forties and older. They're much better than those sugar tits teenyboppers.
You're known all over the internet as a pedophile do you really think saying that you're hot for middle age ladies a few times is going to change everyone's mind about you?

No. 844281

File: 1626315494398.png (780.85 KB, 1371x652, Why OnlyFans Creators Are Succ…)

and of course he cant help but have his true nature show through. Peppered throughout his rambling blog he pastes pictures of women who I assume he chose and uploaded because his baby carrot gets hard looking at them. Unless they all have some incredible skin-care routine none of them are in their 40's. At least he restrained himself and didn't upload anime looking 13 year old little girls like those VR video games he enjoys so much >>840894

No. 844303

>do you really think saying that you're hot for middle age ladies a few times is going to change everyone's mind about you?

Well, if he doubles down on it a couple more times, it might be his own demise. In that case he won't attract even less teens and even more 30+ women with self-esteem issues. And honestly, who wants to hang out with their mom's friends.
I really hope he publicly declares his preference for middle aged women over and over again.

No. 844309

Look at TCAP or literally any rip-off pred catching show on youtube, literally every pedophile claims that. And that they "hate kids."
Yeah right, you're still there to meet up with an 8 year old.

No. 844326


There are probably multiple layers to this part of onion.
His creepy mother.
The trying to deflect from being a pedo.
Being so broke that Ratso wife has sent him out, Midnight Cowboy style.

No. 844334

It's kind of a door way into Onion's delusions too. He's ALMOST 40. Dating a woman that's 40+ isn't even an age gap. It's his age group and he shouldn't have to announce it. A lot of men are normally attracted to women in their age group and are definitely more likely to date a woman close to their age. Onion thinks he's still in his 20s. It's sad.

No. 844351

File: 1626377864781.png (614.19 KB, 594x756, quiz.PNG)

Another Onision quiz. And the multiple choices made my eyes roll into the back of my head.

No. 844359

He also seems to think that child predators are only attracted to children. In fact most of them are attracted to a range of ages, including age appropriate ones.

But we already know how retarded Greg is. I can't think of a single subject that he's actually knowledgeable in. He's shallow in every facet of his being.

No. 844364

nice how he always has these self-serving answers without any real negative what so ever.
"am i an asshole? (n/N)"
gg greg.

No. 844365

never can tell if he's badly trolling or badly trawling for new pussy

No. 844366

Ah another narc style quiz with answers that only revolve around him and won't bruise his fragile ego

Hey faggot - why don't you just let people fill out there own answers for once? It's funny how much emphasis he puts on first impressions when most of his are terrible -

Adrienne, Shiloh and Taylor all had surprise sex the second he saw them in person. He always asks invasive questions whenever he meets a women, and we all know what Maya said about him lmfaooo

>WhAt WoUlD yOu Do If YoU MeT mE?

Scream waterhead and baby carrot until you have a full autistic meltdown kek. There's my answer to your sooper speshul quiz Gruglet

No. 844367

always badly trolling, always badly looking for teen poon

No. 844369

40 is barely older than him, he's nearly 40 himself lmaooo

No. 844385


Almost 36 11/11/1985

No. 844386

The point is that Greg is extra speshul for telling on himself. Why are women within his age group "older women"? Because he's only attracted to teen poon.

No. 844403

anfisa (90 day fiancé) is the girl in the very top and she’s 25, probably the oldest out of everyone else he picked out.

No. 844404

Most of the women have fake boobs, thought he was so against a woman having fake tits?

No. 844410

>the amazing atheist banging himself with a banana
…greg aren't you on onlyfans spreading your asshole open like right now?

No. 844411

He says he's "confused how to feel" when men message him on OF and enjoy his content because he's not gay.
Grug you fucking moron OF isn't a dating site, ofc though he can only date huge fans of his because then there's the power imbalance. He's probably seething his balls off that not a single attractive under 20 yr old has hit him up on there or even followed him

No. 844418

But how ISN'T he gay? I thought he was totally 100% married to and in love with someone who says they're a man. Wasn't he even identifying himself as "gay" at one point?

No. 844424

>be Greg and post OF content featuring taking a dildo up the pooper.

>gay men responded to this.


do faggy things attract faggy attention, Greg. Make it make sense.

No. 844425

Isn't this almost exactly what he posted and hooked lainey with? He really is on the search for the next victim lul
Right? He should actually be saying "(older) women my age" instead of just "older". Geezer can't even remember his own age, alzheimer's already must be settling in. Either that or just a hard case of greatly forced denial.

No. 844510

File: 1626499477433.png (431.74 KB, 924x555, 7162021_1425221.PNG)

I actually laughed when I read this. I know he thinks all women are the devil now but I hope his paranoia kicks into overdrive and he starts looking at Lainey with a suspicious eye.

No. 844512

Ben Affleck's character is also a shitty person in the movie but that doesn't fit with Greg's narrative kek

No. 844520

File: 1626521726118.jpg (412.61 KB, 949x882, self_sucking_101.jpg)

oh shit i'm sorry..
bit of an upset stomach there.

No. 844526

Exactly, isn't he married to a """man"""? Therefore he's sooper gay? He basically admitted Footface ain't a man, after they both spent so many years pushing that trans bullshit online for sympathy and attention. I wonder if she finally stopped pretending she's trans irl, let her hair grow out and stopped smashing her saggy tits with pink flower binders lmao

No. 844527

Your point? 36 is pretty close to 40. Definitely way closer than to the age he thinks he is (18)

No. 844543

File: 1626535282196.jpg (88.97 KB, 1271x440, E6gdYFgXMAMm5Oi.jpg)

No. 844544

Kek he's one to talk about moving on. Pretty sure he still furiously beats his meat over having to pay alimony.

Also jfc. Someone show him that bit that Donald Glover did about crazy ex boyfriends. For caring so much about "facts" he sure uses his personal experience as a slosher to dictate reality. "In my extensive experience" jfc.

No. 844545

>I’m at the point where I’m generally terrified of most all women. They’re out to get me
Holy fuck! If he actually believes this and isn't being overly dramatic then I cant tell you how happy I am. One of my biggest fears was him destroying another teenage girls life and this means that he's too afraid to bring another girl into their home because he thinks they're going to kill him. But can he really control himself from dipping his hand into the cookie jar? He seems so bored with his ugly wife and oversexed that even the fear of getting fucked over by another "psycho bitch" will not stop him from trying to stick his dick into new teen poon.

No. 844547

File: 1626539353160.png (94.17 KB, 1389x370, one third of women.PNG)

Do you hear that ladies? 1.3 billion women are psycho con artists. If you're ever in a room with two of your best girlfriends you better figure out which one of you is the psycho before that girl tries to kill the other two.

No. 844548

“is so common they made a movie about it”
my dude, movies are not made about ordinary, everyday things
“giant radioactive dinosaurs destroying Tokyo is so common they made a movie about it”

No. 844549

File: 1626540163528.png (539.83 KB, 1000x415, 16253193468271.png)

I wish someone would start a topic and ask Greg which 3 of the top 9 contributors on his forums is a "psycho con-artist"

No. 844554

I love how he specifically preys on mentally ill girls and then complains about the way they behave after he fucks them over. It's not like he had no idea Sarah was mentally ill due to being neglected by her mother amongst other things when he decided to do junk to rear with her in the bathtub behind Foot's back. He knew what he was getting into, he has no one else to blame but himself

No. 844587

File: 1626565431825.png (209.85 KB, 828x758, 2685257098.png)

This is the first time I've seen him acknowledge his most recent TikTok suspension. I was hoping for a huge public spergout online but I guess only Lainey and the kids had to deal with him screaming and banging around the house when he got banned.

And no Greg your account wasn't deleted by spammers. You got multiple community strikes for harassing your ex's and talking about pedophilia and rape.

No. 844612

>This is the first time I've seen him acknowledge his most recent TikTok suspension
He made a video bitching about it too not long after he got suspended

No. 844630

File: 1626580174782.png (61.61 KB, 744x414, date yourself.png)

He's going hard on this "I'm attracted to older women." Who's he trying to convince? If you look at his relationship history all the women he's been with were teenagers. Except for one woman (who was the same age not older) he raped in a hotel room and stalked when she didn't drop everything in her life to be at his beck and call.

No. 844652

When greg was 29, lainey was 20. Imagine being 29 years old and your wife is still below the legal drinking age.

No. 844658

yes thats what a kiddie video site you were spamming your shitty site on lacked, depth.
so insightful.

No. 844700

At 20 she was already getting too old for him

No. 844711

Onision married Kai 29 days after her 18th birthday. That is the facts.

No. 844712

When was T born again?

No. 844744

January of 2014 I think

No. 844796

It's hilarious that his 'our relationships were legal' chart is not the flex he thinks it is. He's like Matthew Mcconaughey in Dazed & Confused. He gets older & they stay the same age.

No. 844837

This just screams 'VALLIDATE ME'

No. 844900

Everything the grease monster does is for people to validate him. I can't think of a single positive or negative action he's taken that isn't a direct result of deep seated insecurity and narcissism.

No. 844994

File: 1626768208540.png (62.39 KB, 884x374, half a million.PNG)

I was reading his newest blog about how "all hoomuns are selfish" and he's crying about how Crazy Tami didn't give back the house when he was having financial problems. He says he had a bill for half a million dollars. This must of been the IRS penalty that happened years ago. I was sure the penalty was $150,000? Ive been looking online for confirmation but I cant find it. 150,000 dollars to 500,000? That's a huge jump. Greg doesn't lie, he just embellishes the truth.

No. 845005

Ah yes cause Greg truly cares about his offspring and doing right by them. That's why when they were babies he was more focused on bringing teenage girls into the home so mommy and daddy could fuck them in front of the kids. That's why he didn't speak to Cloey until she had miraculously picked up speaking from her mom and brother only. That's why he made weird sexual tweets when his daughter was in hospital after a near fatal fall on their property.

No. 845010

Yeah so for the past 14 hours he's been posting on his stupid forum site and I don't see a long enough break to where he reasonably slept at all.

Like fuck dude you're someone's Dad. What are you doing acting like a 13 year old in 2004?

No. 845014

He's not a father to those children. He got lainey pregnant and has his name on the birth certificate but thats it. His excuse for not interacting with Lainey and the kids was because he was busy "working." But what does he do all day now? He doesnt make YT videos, he hasnt updated his 2 Onlyfans in months, his TikTok got suspended so hes not able to make shitty vids there either. What's his excuse to Lainey for locking himself away in his cum-cave all day and night?

No. 845035

I remember Billy the Faggot said in that podcast it was 500k. He was pretty close to Grease so I think he knows, unless Grease lied to him as well but I don't see why he would. I'm glad Grease got fucked in the ass by the IRS, although he deserved to be left with nothing, losing 500k is still pretty satisfactory and must have hurt his narc brain since it was a confirmation Mr "I never broke the law" did something wrong AND got punished for it

No. 845057


350k to the IRS

90k to skye for alimony that he was always bitching about

So combine both of those and you are pretty close to half mil. Add the wetland fines and there you go

No. 845067

He also chose to pout in the car instead of enjoying a rare family appropriate activity because didNEH wouldn't let him bring his knife wallet thing in

these poor kids lose even if they end up just like him and don't notice how fucked up he is

No. 845089

File: 1626839672048.png (259.52 KB, 909x731, onisionforums.PNG)

Lets see if Greg learned his lesson and doesnt give some paki scammers his password. He started his new FB a week ago and still only has 3 followers. All the comments and reviews are trolls calling him pedo, predator and groomer.

No. 845093

File: 1626841873781.png (503.92 KB, 800x400, I Bought The WORST Youtuber On…)

Blaire is a way late to the game but she reviewed Onisions Onlyfans along with some other notorious YouTubers (Gabbie Hanna, Tana Mongeau, Nikocado Avocado)
Some memorable quotes-
>that's what you call a chode right?
>what are those bumps, does that look like an STD?
>it looks like a botched circumcision.
>ewww why is it shaped like that? It looks like the alien that comes out of your chest.

Placing my bets now that Greg will be talking shit about Blaire this week because of it.


No. 845095

> >that's what you call a chode right?
>what are those bumps, does that look like an STD?
>it looks like a botched circumcision.
>ewww why is it shaped like that? It looks like the alien that comes out of your chest.

All of these comments also apply to Blaire’s mock pussy wounds. Both of them are insufferable e-celebs.

No. 845096

>All of these comments also apply to Blaire’s mock pussy wounds.

Blaire hasn't had bottom surgery, AFAIK.

No. 845099


Not a Blaire fan but that last post was right, her dick is intact and no doubt a mightier oak than Gurg's could ever be

No. 845111

I'm cracking up at a botched catfish troon laughing at ANYONE's body, sitting next to his gay boyfriend who would love Onion's chode if it was attached to a troon.
A bunch of idiots picking at other idiots.

No. 845114

File: 1626875424579.gif (319.17 KB, 165x165, 8a524bd6.gif)

>Greg will be talking shit about Blaire this week because of it

>>845095 >>845111
>Blaire’s mock pussy wounds
>botched catfish troon
>sitting next to his gay boyfriend

No. 845123

>implying we haven't had a thread for Blaire for years and hating on trannies isn't a popular farmer pastime

No. 845126

Even if Blaire got the chop, it would still look better than Greg's alien dick.

No. 845129

Being mighty generous “nonny” by calling greg a e-celeb.

No. 845147

>what are those bumps, does that look like an STD?
He pumped his micro dick to death to make it look bigger that's where those bumps come from, pumping causes bumps and red dots due to the blood vessels breaking. Also his dick was already starting to look like an egg a la Epstein because he pumped too much, perhaps that's the reason why he stopped posting onlyfans content lmao

No. 845174

And better than Footface's cloaca

No. 845206

Blair is more woman than Greg can ever get, and more of a man than Greg can ever be.

No. 845207

ahahhaaa broke ass tiny dick man. his of spiderman set is hilarious

No. 845477

File: 1627086066766.jpg (336.21 KB, 1260x968, eabef366-4c46-4dc3-a559-1eccgr…)

No. 845485

File: 1627093850831.jpg (170.79 KB, 946x2048, E6_9WxgWEAIYrcD.jpg)

I checked the reviews on all 4 sites and it seems only 5 fans left recent reviews bringing up the Pierce County Sheriff Dept report. I remember the old days when Greg would point his "Banana Nation" at someone or something and they could destroy it or run it off the internet in just weeks. Now its a ragtag army of sad women looking to gain ass pats from their delusional cult leader.

Looks like when Greg found out about the police report last night he started emailing the usual suspects. I hope Repzion, Blaire and the rest release their emails. Those always give me a chuckle.

No. 845492

all of this is a strawman. the issue is he fucked a person he considered a little sister/foster daughter right after turning 18. He also violated federal law when he went to PA to have sex with shiloh. He's a manipulative abusive gaslighting lighter. No one has ever cared about retard reginas 'investigation'

No. 845524

File: 1627114849834.png (316.06 KB, 1325x1191, Onision In Real Life online re…)

Greg rallied the troops and this is the best they could do. These are the most recent reviews (July 23) on all 4 sites RottenTomato's- IMDB - Letterboxd - AmazonPrime

If you've lurked his discord and forum you'll recognize the names of his new group of paypigs.

No. 845526

>Most of what Shiloh said was lies, there's proof of that
Then they proceed to call Randy a child molester without proof, just cuz Greg said so kek

Of course Greg is going to have a field day with the police being unable to determine that any crime took place, the fact remains he is a miserable cunt who spends most of his waking hours scouring the internet reading about himself and baiting people into giving him any sort of attention

No. 845536


Discovery+ should sue him for trying to damage its reputation.

No. 845537


A police report saying that they were unable to determine that any crime took place is not proof of innocence Greggypoo.

Many times in investigations of all kinds (even murder, rape, etc). Initial searches etc turn up nothing.

No. 845538

File: 1627126120016.png (86.59 KB, 951x314, 5757888.PNG)

I thought that was odd too. I've seen his fans go after Shiloh, Hansen, Billie and Sarah, but I've never really seen them have it in for his dad. Now Greg on the other hand has to bring up his father being a sexual predator every other video. This Izarallia person has just popped up in his forums. I know its tinfoil but its well documented that when Greg makes sockpuppets they seem to divulge a lot about themselves to flesh the fake profile out. Your first post and you're giving your age, marital status and how many children you have? Seems sus. Makes me wonder how many of these other members on his forums are just Greg.

No. 845541

and yet he once RREEE'd telling people if they followed OJ Simpson then he demanded they unfollow him.

OJ was found innocent in a court of law at the time, Greg. Doesn't that make him totes innocent?

No. 845545

How retarded is Greg to realise his decade long reputation on YouTube has been plagued with accusations that he's a pedo from the start. He makes immature shite content, he lazer focuses in on teenage girls to rate their bodies, he spoke for years like a cult leader talking about having a trinity with his wife so he could fuck the blue haired teenager who was his current obsession and when she dumped him he went on various rebounds by slewing through his fans to see who would be an easy target for manipulation. He fostered a 16 year old to groom her for a relationship.

He then made an OF and his needledick saga and making 3d porn etc etc. He's damaged his own reputation and he's ugly af so it's very easy to also make a monster out of him. Perhaps he should just die.

No. 845546


>32 year old

>mom of seven

No. 845547

Samefag to also mention his entire relationship with shiloh he monetised because she had a bit of fame behind her being a pop star in Canada. He cheated on his wife to be with a 17 year old. His reputation is entirely his fault. He was also a self righteous militant vegetarian at this time and harassing others for their views even though the stupid cunt always ate gelatin and other non vegetarian foods.

No. 845558

File: 1627141191633.png (18.17 KB, 601x139, 72.PNG)

Greg thought that once everyone read the police summary people would put him on their shoulders and parade him down the streets as the innocent man wronged by a bunch of evil women. Instead everyone is saying he's still a piece of shit and the police summary means nothing. He's big mad. Watching the "Onision Rant: Police Vindicate Onision, YouTubers Crying" video was hilarious. If you listen to his voice at the very beginning and then jump to the last 30 seconds, he goes from fairly calm to literally screaming nonstop obscenities' into the mic a mile a minute.

Also, wasn't he a jobless YouTuber? How can he use that as an insult?

No. 845581

Can someone post this police report he's screeching about? I don't wanna watch the retard's video

No. 845582

No. 845588


So he's excited to know the FBI were/are trying to nail Kai for the nudes to minors.

I notice that the kid being in the bed for the threesome didn't make it into the report. It's not a crime in that state along with sex tweeting from the hospital after the same kid falls out of an upstairs window onto it's head. Vindication!

No. 845625

File: 1627166704149.jpg (157.83 KB, 1680x1050, 22222.jpg)

Now Gene is sending random people to Onisions house.

No. 845634

File: 1627180440175.png (53.81 KB, 525x500, 7242021_3452.PNG)

Tab said It takes a village Puyallup so I searched that on FB to see if this is real. I can just imagine what's happening at Greg's home right now. Some man is yelling outside Gregs house "CHRIS HANSEN SENT ME!" Poor Sam is going to get 911 called on him.

No. 845647

No accusations anon but uhhh some of these screenshots are p recent and any interest in onision has died down… did you just happen to see these or…?

No. 845649

File: 1627186615564.png (56.62 KB, 557x131, 774611.PNG)

I saw the screenshot posted by unsaged anon >>845625 and was skeptical thinking it may be an edit for laughs. You could see the open tabs on top and it was just a quick search on Facebook and I found 3 pages that had similar names. I found the lost dog thread in minutes and posted my screenshot of the ending to the conversation. In not sure how this anon >>845625 originally found the FB page & thread. Seeing as they don't know how to sage I think it may give hints.

No. 845652

The pfps are the same on Facebook so I think we have our answer.

No. 845657

So what I am seeing is Anon Gene gave the internet a blueprint for how to harass Onision.


No. 845658

Can tell these are Gene - unsaged posts and a search tab for Onision on Twitter. Try harder, failtroll.

No. 845660

File: 1627196981179.png (1.54 MB, 1080x720, 98EC2-0A7-E8C-9B3-A558.png)

>they seem to have a lock on their gate
>Yea hes got cameras and mics

After Hansen's visit and his house & Tesla getting egged we all saw how Greg made the exterior of the Swamp-Shack look like a prison with the ghetto chain-link fence, trespassing signs, motion detectors, flood lights and security cameras. I'm sure he's done the same thing with his new downgraded barn seeing how close they are to the public street and how paranoid he's become. I'm curious if his neighbors appreciate how much he's brought down their property values and made it look like they live next to San Quentin.

No. 845661

Gawddamn, it really does look like a prison…

No. 845666

It's fully unfair to involve some random innocent unrelated party in this spergery. Grow some balls and go visit the onion yourself.
We don't like you and we don't care about you gene, you're a poop touching retard. stop grasping for relevance by self posting

No. 845669

I agree… it could be dangerous the poor guy doesn’t know what he could be getting into. Greg is so unstable, I can never trust that waterhead would do anything rational.

No. 845676

I thought of that too. Like when he came out of his house with the prop gun. But I think the only reason he did come out into the front yard that night is because he saw on his security cameras it was Billy the Fridge and there was no real danger. Any time he's confronted he gets scared and shuts down. You can hear it in his voice on the 911 call. His voice was trembling, he was scared shitless that men were outside his house. He really thought he was getting taken down in some Dateline pedo sting. Or how he acted in court. That West Moast guy tried to talk to him outside the courtroom and Greg just ran off to the bathroom to hide. Or the girl that talked shit to him in the elevator and took his photo, he didn't say one word to her, just stood there like a frightened turtle trying to figure out how to sink into its shell. The only thing people have to fear is what the cops might do when Greg calls 911 because they came knocking on his door selling Girl Scout cookies or to tell him about the Good Word of Jesus Christ. I think the only people that have to fear Greg's wrath are his ugly manwife and the two small children.

No. 845678

You fucking retard lmao

No. 845689

the gayest of gayops
this is absolute shit-tier high school bullshit
what an embarrassing pile of cringe gene is

No. 845694

Agreed. Gene or whoever this >>845625
is needs to find some IRL friends or something. Nobody will praise you for being a complete idiot. I don't necessarily mean the anon who posted the ss but the idiot who can't stop sticking their arm up to the shoulder into poop. If you're the same, get lost.

No. 845722

imagine your only claim to fame and senpai noticing you wasn't made by you but someone else, after pretending it was you that made it.
those shitty invoices.

No. 845733

File: 1627255277990.png (920.61 KB, 651x727, tta.PNG)

When Greg's main TikTok account got suspended he dumped all his videos into his back up account. I've been watching to see if he tried to become active on it or if TikTok figures out he's ban evading and suspends the back up acct also. Its been inactive, no uploads since July 11th the day he moved all his videos there. On his old account he would get a few thousand views in the first couple hours. Some of his TikToks got got over half a million views and a couple stand outs garnered a million+ in just a week. Yesterday he uploaded a new video. This new video has been up for a day and it hasn't even gotten to 50. Someone said they think Onision is shadow banned on TT. By the look of the low views it sure seems like it.

No. 845749

Dude this Gene guy needs to stop. This is just getting weird and mean. Don't send strangers to have the misfortune of interacting with Onion.

No. 845771

File: 1627294727464.png (982.92 KB, 1273x663, fasdfasdfafr.png)

hes wearing a mask in his latest video.

No. 845772

he also blames the shitty audio quality on his mic, not the mask clearly muffling his voice

No. 845773

File: 1627294915532.png (856.28 KB, 1072x650, asdfrrr.png)

No. 845779

His ‘future board’ lol. I can make out Disney world and the word ‘he’. I always enjoy seeing little specs of Greg’s personal life when we get them

No. 845780

And a chest. Tinfoil but is Kai getting top surgery?

No. 845781

Wonder if at this point she's getting it instead of going into witness protection lol, girl must hate her life. Wonder if we'll ever see her again or the next photo we get is her as a man lol

No. 845783

My guess is it’s Greg’s fitness goals. He wants to turn his doughy lil beer belly body into something decent. I’m sure he seethes over the hot tiktok eboys and their tween fans.

No. 845784

Looks like he had a chemical peel. Gross.

No. 845790

File: 1627314214745.png (1.1 MB, 1362x562, The Problem With Documentary B…)

He linked to a blog by Fiona Dodwell. No idea who that is, seems like a glorified tumblr.
She talks about the injustice of men like Michael Jackson, Woody Allen and Onision being tried in the court of public opinion with a documentary instead of a court of law.

What great company to be in. Onision being compared to 2 kiddie diddlers.

No. 845791

In the police report, Lainey was interviewed and was specially asked about Greg traveling to NM to meet her. She said no sex occurred. She's said repeatedly on videos and tweets that they had sex the first time they met. How is that lawful, Greg? Your fucking scum bag manwife LIED TO POLICE ABOUT A POTENTIAL CRIME. Police would have investigated it if she said they did have sex and she knew it. She lied to police and that's how Greg was "vindicated." Certainly that's no way to prove you're innocent of a federal sex crime, greg?

No. 845792

>In the police report, Lainey was interviewed and was specially asked about Greg traveling to NM to meet her. She said no sex occurred.
What police report was this? I didn't see anything in the Pierce County Sheriffs Department Incident Report about them interviewing Lainey. If this is a different police report please post a screenshot here. Id be interested in reading it.

No. 845793


MJ and Woody Allen had/have enough functioning brain cells to not continually tweet how they've been 'vindicated'. Greg should quietly praise jesus he isn't in jail.

No. 845795

Ah shit I must have misread it. For some reason I thought I had read that Lainey was interviewed but I got some wires crossed.

No. 845796

File: 1627318649403.png (285.81 KB, 1011x571, Capture342311.PNG)

While he's reacting to Repzilla's video about the police report its quite telling that when this excerpt comes up on screen Greg says
>This part is kind of boring and doesn't really say much to me. I got no comment.

Is it "boring" because it brings up you trying to convince Lainey and Sarah to have a threesome and Lainey being "hurt" that you were fucking Sarah while Lainey was in New Mexico?

He glosses over the FBI having the laptop and examining it. I hope Lainey is on pins and needles about the nudes she sent and the nudes she got back in return. She's downing her meds by the handful.

No. 845799

File: 1627319907629.png (508.42 KB, 621x744, future board.PNG)

I wish I could find the video of them changing their future board (we didn't realize it was right after they had fucked Sarah and it all blew up) Id like to see how its changed since then. One memorable part of the video (that I cant currently find) was Lainey getting visibly upset with the picture of two women on the board and yanking it off and crumbling it up. I think the Our Future Board video was one of the vids Onision made private/deleted off Lainey's channel.

No. 845806

the idea of a grown man having a future board like he’s a 15-year-old girl is the toppest kek

No. 845807

File: 1627321444578.png (368.82 KB, 731x530, U2R3XHF.png)

trisha mentioned pedonion in her title. nothing milky at all but i wonder if he will respond in a desperate attempt to get some attention.

No. 845811

Too bad the mask didn't hide his fucked up eyelid and the hole on his forehead. Perhaps he should get a mask that hides his entire face instead of just the lower part

No. 845814

File: 1627325848903.png (148.29 KB, 727x472, 845611.PNG)

He just did. He tweeted out thanking Trisha for her apology and made his own vid saying he didn't actually watch her video but since he's not David Dobrick she must be saying she's sorry to him.

Since that police report came out he must be desperately searching online every day for any YouTuber saying they apologize for thinking he was a pedo groomer. And this is the best he could find. Trisha doesn't even apologize to him. She fucking tears into him and even talks about Shane telling her that Greg has mental issues.

>and onision i know he's not relevant and i think he's getting his karma for the past you know 14 years of being an absolute just parasite on youtube and i finally think there's like repercussions coming

>when i met shane in like 2009 2010 he was pretty pretty clear like this person's actually like psychotic and we actually can't ever bring him up or talk about him or joke about him like he actually has problems he was like chaining girls out to their basement having them like the only way they could get back is tattooing their names and branding them like he's he's been messed up

>and onision especially because he had a 15 year old girl move in with him and kai took legal like guardianship sent her back and forth about seven or eight times when she turned 18 had sex with her

>but yeah onision his channel has been demonetized but really he needs to be deplatformed and i actually wouldn't say that about anyone else unless they're harming minors

>and onision is now creeping back onto youtube he did like an i'm back thing and because the thing is money drives people to post on youtube but for people who are actually sick in the head like onision and preying on new young girls and fans because there will always be another fan that wants to come up and be that person

I'm sure he watched the Trisha's video but he's hoping he can get her to react by saying "I accept your apology Trisha."

No. 845827

File: 1627333531373.jpg (148.5 KB, 1024x1024, ECqRY0UXkAAe5UD.jpg)

yeah and both Michael Jackson and Woody Allen were guilty as FUCK.
But you know this is the internet so lets take a little look at the author, Fiona Dodwell.
looking for work:
Believes in ghosts, so has that in common with Greg:
More paranormal horseshit:
books she self published I'm guessing:
(she seems to have a thing for Morrissey, some sub-par britfag band no one cares about)
Accusations against said band here:
She seems to be a rabid fan of said aging band:

If I had to guess she's your classic example of a self inserting fan, you know, starting fan clubs and then having unwarranted self-importance over being a shitty band's "fan club" boss or whatever. now butthurt over morissey getting canceled she found other people no one cares about, like Greg, and used that to write a shit article without doing good research first and just accepting Greg's own words as incredible FAX of his innocence. So in a sense she's using Greg to try and get her shitty favorite band "uncanceled."
I don't know, I'm sure people here can do better research in to this aging hipster than I can.
Just figured it would be fun to look in to her lest we perhaps have another whats her face, Jodee or whatever.

No. 845833

File: 1627337785441.jpg (125.17 KB, 720x671, fboard then and now.jpg)


Found it: https://archive.org/details/CoolGuyKai/Reconsidering+Our+Future+Together.mp4

The picture of Woodstock and Snoopy is gone and that was supposed to represent them being together/spending time together.

The picture of Super Mario being chased by other characters is gone and that (ironically) was supposed to represent them playing video games together.

The only thing that's there is the "Healthy Relationship" picture. They are still legally married with children.

With that being said, I'm almost pretty certain Greg wanted to show off the futureboard for speculation purposes.

No. 845836

>talks about Shane telling her that Greg has mental issues
LMAO. I can't wait for his meltdown about this. Senpai Shane was talking shit about him behind his back, that's gotta hurt. We all know how obsessed he is with the guy

No. 845839

well then, that will mean at least 478 more videos about Shane.

No. 845864

I forgot she actually said she wanted top surgery in this updated video. It would help her hide from her past a little bit but not by that much.

Huge risk given how unsure she seems and waffles between labels and that it would likely push greg to find a girlfriend so he could be with a cis woman (more realistically a cos girl). I think she will either say no to him pursuing that and get cheated on again or let him have a totally separate girlfriend on the side like he basically had with Sarah.

I can’t believe she’s managed to fully hide from the internet for this long though.

It’s a shame she never was confronted with how she betrayed sarah and also reneged on her promise to leave onision if she ever had proof that he cheated on her again.

No. 845876

I agree it was featured to stir speculation. Yawn. Typical Grug - he's been open about doing shit to feel like he's in control of the "narrative" or w/e. I do think he's pretty close to losing it though. He's cracking.

No. 845884

>let him have a totally separate girlfriend on the side like he basically had with Sarah.
It wouldn't last long though, Footface is extremely jealous, insecure and paranoid that Grease will leave her, she'd find a way to ruin the relationship. Besides, who wants to date Grease anyway? He only wants to date cute young girls but they're not into him anymore (that's why he had to use Foot as bait to attrac Billie, Maya and Sarah) and they generally find him disgusting specially after Sarah came forward, the only people still willing to date him are his 5 remaining fans who are unattractive, desperate lonely women who are way too old for his taste

No. 845886

File: 1627355062362.png (957.54 KB, 761x569, Onision LIVE Response.PNG)

>the only people still willing to date him are his 5 remaining fans who are unattractive, desperate lonely women who are way too old for his taste
It's sad how true that statement is.
screenshot from todays livestream

No. 845889

I wouldn't doubt Lame has body dysmorphia to a degree, but I've never really bought that she feels dysphoria and that's why she wants surgery.
Or says she does.
Not that I care either way.

No. 845897

File: 1627356899004.png (54.59 KB, 1039x475, 5751254.PNG)

Greg left a comment on Social Reposes latest video. This is further proof Greg does watch and read everything he can find about himself when he does his daily/hourly Google search for Onision.

Every time he says "I didn't watch the video but someone told me what they said" it means he searched for it, watched it, and then watched it again because he didn't understand most of the big words used.

No. 845901

anyone else believe creepshow? i mean think about it, its so unbelieveable and i believe that she couldnt have done this.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 845922


Abigail, please lurk more

No. 845939

Well, McFly, you finally did it. After waiting everyone else out you finally are the most attractive between all of these.
How do you feel now that you finally have a chance?

No. 845971

Yikes, they're even uglier than I remembered. No wonder all their photos have Snapchat filters on and make they look unrecognizable

No. 845972

She just hates that her boobs got saggy, I bet if her boobs were perky and smol like Billie's or if she had Sarah's "candy tits" she wouldn't have a single problem with them and this "dysphoria" wouldn't exist

No. 845977

File: 1627404392533.jpg (80.65 KB, 577x796, dennis_the_menace.jpg)

he keeps claiming his "innocence has been proven" but what has been proven exactly? the stupid NDA "we were raped by Sarah"-thing? Nothing has been proven, he hasn't been proven innocent, he's a dumbass retard who keeps flailing, parading around preening his feathers like a pigeon while there is no victory. His "career" is done and his innocence has not been proven.

No. 845981

Urks me to no ends that he refers to himself in third person. He's so full of shit lmao. Who does that? I'd love to see him try to argue to the feds that "nuh-uh Onision did it. I'm James gargle Jackson. I'm INNOCENT."

No. 845983

It's cringe and I don't know how that 3rd person shit wasn't teen girl repellent back in the day? I still can't believe he was as popular as he was.

I'm still excited that you don't have to A-log, Greg. He often says that the death of his social and financial life is worse than him dying. That's so wonderful.

No. 846019

Whenever he posts shit like this, it makes me think of Dennis from always sunny but dumpier. No self-awareness and thinks if he keeps repeating shit, people will think it's true.
Waterhead doesn't seem to get that even if everyone were to suddenly believe him and he had fans, he's not getting famous, he's not getting rich, and no one would work with him.
I can't decide how much of his dedication to making things worse for himself is more narc delusion or narc tantrum.

No. 846020

It was because of Shane and his early collabs. Even if his content is shit even by early Youtube standards, the collabs and emo schtick making 2deep4u and """edgy""" humor content was the big thing. So you have people following him just because he puts it out and collabed with other people they liked.
Once you get the numbers and any sort or recognition, teeny boppers will swarm and swoon even if the person looks like a skinny fat Neanderthal (not that they could get a good look with the contrast settings on his videos and photoshopped pics)

No. 846022

“anti-O” always makes me laugh, like he’s that important

No. 846023

This is the guy who thought he could start a religion
teen poon sex cult for himself

No. 846024

File: 1627427882166.jpg (192.9 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20210727-181310_Chr…)

Saged for being a bit behind but unshockingly the "police investigation report" anusion is referring to literally states it has not been established a crime took place, that the report is ONLY for informational purposes due to the high media interest, and there is nothing to add "at this time".

I'm not a criminal justice anon but it sure does seem that this is worded to say its basically unproven he committed a punishable crime, that the investigator has not interviewed other potential victims and the "nothing more to add this time" has an implication that there could be further information on this investigation, like this is just a media release based on the demand for information on the case.

How the fuck does that vindicate him in any way? It does not say he did not groom Sarah. It says he didnt rape her.

No. 846025


It does prove that his “Sarah raped us” claim is bullshit and that Greggy was too chicken shit to try and tell the cops that. Sarah was the one that told the cops.

No. 846026

Exactly, if anything it seems to hold up Sarah's side of the story even more and makes him look a bit worse. I get the fucking egomaniac tries to spin anything in his favor but parading a police investigation update that does not exonerate him of anything except raping Sarah (and not even fully, as she says she is still confused but feels like everything was consensual), just makes him look bad. It literally says he wants the other potential victims reach out about things they have alleged. It once again shows him tk be a liar and fraud, but all hes focusing on is that it says "no crime has been shown to be have been committed at this time"..=total vindication.

No. 846027

No talk of rape here.

No. 846028

File: 1627430738588.jpg (343.09 KB, 1218x1600, Adolf-Hitler-1933.jpg)

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” - Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.

Not comparing Greg to Hitler, but Hitler did say that.
That being said, too bad it isn't working for Greg.

No. 846029

I don't understand retards that feel the need to apologize to Greg thinking he's been vindicated.
He hasn't. He just keeps lying over and over again. Thats also why he keeps e-mailing his shit website word salads to all his fellow tubers, and the stupid ones like Trisha actually fall for it. Because they're stupid and too lazy to look in to it.

No. 846030

Who the fuck has apologized to Onision besides his paypigs? Trisha apologized? Im guessing you're taking Gregs word for it and not looking into it yourself. If you had just scrolled up on this thread you'd see the video Greg says she apologized to him in is anything but an apology. >>845814

No. 846074

Lurk moar. Trisha did not apologize to him, quite the opposite. He's saying that in watershed sarcasm and to frankly lie and mislead people who see his tweets and comments to believe that she did and that he has been vindicated. When called out he'll either block, say he didnt watch the video just heard it for someone or say it was a character's joke. Hes not especially bright and it's a dumb tactic to get people who dont know what's going on tk believe people saw that police investigation report and decided it somehow negated his wrongdoing when it didn't. Greg James Avaroe Daniel Jackson did groom S for years with his space prince wife Kai Lainey Taylor Jackson Avaroe Anderson, and no one should be apologizing to him. He just hopes that people equate "not enough evidence" of a "punishable crime" with "totally vindicated ".

No. 846091

my bad. i never watch her and thought she was stupid enough to apologize.

No. 846127

The unfortunate thing is that grooming itself isn't illegal, because it can always be excused or is so under the radar. And so much of it is normalized. People can easily be like "I don't intend to have a sexual relationship with them, I am just close to them and we do xyz platonically."
It is sad, really.

No. 846131

File: 1627504949046.png (556.43 KB, 1013x570, rsnonision.PNG)

Onision is being interviewed by the only YouTuber that will still talk to him. Rape Stream News.
Still wearing the mask. He must of really fucked up his face.

No. 846133

The thing is Trisha would absolutely destroy Onion if he was ever lucky enough to share a platform with her. Note how he won't try to approach her to "correct" anything she says. He'll be shit scared of her.

No. 846136

There are things like enticement of a minor and similar, but it's one of those things that never gets charged on it's own or is used for a plea deal

No. 846144

He even apologized to Rape Stream News which had to have been rock bottom for him. Because Rape actually managed to convince Amber "nothing happened". The guy barely has viewers and literally nobody cares, being on Rape Stream News has to be the lowest point Greg has ever been. Rape Stream News is the bottom of the barrel, Greg has hit rock bottom.
He must be running on fumes, really the only reason he keeps going is his narcissism and desperate financial situation.
There is no coming back from this, its over. There's barely even people in this thread or the one on KF. Nobody cares. Greg is washed up, a has been.

No. 846150

creeps of a feather flock together

No. 846155


The next level of hell down is Rapestream and Onion onlyfans collab

No. 846172

File: 1627514202473.webm (1.44 MB, its ruined my life.webm)

Nothing really milky during this interview but there were a few things that interested me.

Discovery is suppose to do a total of 6 episodes. They're unsure if there will be an Ep5 & 6.

After Billie lied the first time they made up and she returned to Washington. Immediately after her plane landed and she was in his car Greg spanked her bare ass before they got to his house as punishment for lying. Sounds like he didn't want Lainey to know so he did it in the car.

Greg talks about Billie for a bit, Craig says it sounds like Greg is still carrying a torch for Billie and Greg spends a full 5 minutes talking about how Billie never washed her hair, was a "dirty, greasy, stinky person her armpits smelled" when he would hold her from the back of the neck it was just sweat and grease. And then adds
>but she wasn't stinky downstairs, her crotch was the best
I'm positive I watched a video where Greg and Lainey discussed Gregs hesitancy for oral with Lainey and he said because it was "bitter." So Billie's was "the best" and Lainey's tastes like vinegar.

He spoke to a lawyer this week and they requested a $250 consultation fee and he nixed the idea. He must really be hurting for money if he cant afford that.

The toy review video he did dressed as a clown with the little boy arresting him. The father was a home inspector they had hired. The father found out Greg was a YouTuber and asked for a collab. Greg warned him about the mob out to get him but the father didn't care. Once the video came out the negative feedback hit and the father removed the video and apologized for not knowing about the allegations against Onision.

Not a single family member reached out to him when the allegations and Discovery documentary came out.
>there were two family members I've known my whole life who went straight up Anti-O
My guess would be his two sisters.

Talks about the false rumor that Billy the Fridge did a paintball drive-by on his house. >>843744 Also says that Tamara the dogfucker emailed him enraged that he was now spreading rumors she was arrested for public indecency.

Joy Sparkles has been emailing him nonstop since she returned to YouTube saying she is sympathetic about his current situation and "cares about his family."

I know this is pure schadenfreude but I had a smile on my face when he talked about how this has ruined his life, it lives rent free in his head and he doesn't leave the house because of it.

No. 846176

so satisfying to hear

No. 846181

>After Billie lied the first time they made up and she returned to Washington. Immediately after her plane landed and she was in his car Greg spanked her bare ass before they got to his house as punishment for lying. Sounds like he didn't want Lainey to know so he did it in the car.

So much for his "I don't hit women" bullshit

No. 846184


oh god, is he trying to be corpse husband?

No. 846197

>I know this is pure schadenfreude

Nothing wrong with enjoying a bit of it. Gargle is a walking talking contradiction. He claims everyone know better than him when he has a god complex and needs a cult to satisfy his ego the size on Mt. Fuji. I don't know what got him that mad but I did enjoy hearing him REEE for almost 10 minutes.

His latest attempt to hide his face is reminiscent when he wore a balaclava for a while a few years back. I suspected he resorts to surgery to try and keep his uwu sadboy looks or he fucked up his face somehow, twice, for each time he wore a facial cover / not show his face on camera. I don't know if he either tries to skinwalk Corpse Husband at this point cause he is running out of ideas to make people talk of him or, and i know this is tinfoil, he got a mark on his face from domestic violence from his background furniture that also serves as a wife if she didn't leave him already.

Funny how he stopped talking about being gay after his husbando moved away / was locked in his dungeon instead of Billie to attract future potential underage poon. He'd take it up the ass on camera from Shane Dawson if it made him relevant again. He always wanted to suck his dick from the get-go just to leach off him. Either way, I'm still positive he is a turbovirgin. He talks of himself as this great Adonis of a sex god but i'm willing to bet he is a "pump and dump" kind of a sex god.

No. 846210

File: 1627536429237.png (711.08 KB, 1129x536, 7282021_34532.PNG)

I just saw an ad for Discovery True Crime and they have Onision and Ed Gein in the same promo. Gotta love it.

No. 846212

He said he's covering his face because he got a sex injury from giving someone oral for 8 hours.

No. 846215


>He spoke to a lawyer this week and they requested a $250 consultation fee and he nixed the idea. He must really be hurting for money if he cant afford that.

250 is peanuts to how much he jizzed away with the wetland problem. It's just an excuse for not suing because he knows he'd lose.

No. 846216

Kek but according to >>846172 Greg doesnt go for oral with Lainey because she tastes bitter? He's so full of shit. And how is he giving oral for eight hours with kids running around his house

No. 846228

8 hours of oral from a dude with his gnashers. Christ the night! Lainey's vag must be a freakshow.

No. 846232

File: 1627565960577.png (19 KB, 601x192, Greg.png)

Batten down the hatches everyone.

No. 846234

This guy is kind of cringe tbh. With that being said I would hate for yet another person to get hurt but at this point with all the information out there about Greg and Lainey's exploits whoever is willingly getting involved with them is beyond help or a troll like Vix or whatever her name was (in which case let them troll)

No. 846237

He has them laying in the same bed or leaning against the bed while playing on an ipad, duh

No. 846239

And Sarah also confirmed he never goes down on Footface. He's so full of shit

No. 846242

He was fumbling for an excuse. He was too embarrassed to tell the truth that his skin looks like shit. When Rapestream asked about the mask Greg had a long pause and said
>when you're good at something never do it for free. I'm really good at being sexy so I cant give it away for free anymore.

Then his mind goes to sex because that's just how his pervy brain works.
>I got in a horrible sex accident
because to be honest what other activities does he do? Sits in front of a computer screen for 16 hours a day and occasionally jackhammers Lainey's blown out hole for 3 minutes.

No. 846243

Or Lainey and the kids are gone and he's managed to get some new vulnerable girl. We know he can't stand being alone for more than a few weeks.

I do think it would be for the best of the kids where no longer living with old water head but to be honest I think >>846242 is right about this one. Grug probably just didn't want to admit that his face is fucked up due to all the sloshing he's been doing lately.

No. 846255

Not again with the "Lainey and the kids left" tinfoil

No. 846256

>when you're good at something never do it for free. I'm really good at being sexy so I cant give it away for free anymore
I would think this is sarcasm, but Grease's autistic ass is incapable of comprehending or using sarcasm effectively as he's shown many times. So slight tinfoil here but maybe he started prostituting himself for money. Probably sucking dick in the back of an alley or at truck stops for 5 dollars, because let's be real that's the best he can do

No. 846261

File: 1627575517933.gif (1.5 MB, 498x208, tenor.gif)

>>when you're good at something never do it for free.

God, more of his pathetic Joker shit..

No. 846278

>when you're good at something never do it for free. I'm really good at being sexy so I cant give it away for free anymore

I cringed so hard I think I know what it feels like to leap off a building falling straight down and feel your spine go through the back of your head on impact. Jesus H. Christ that hurts to read. Gurg, it's not a sex injury, it's herpes.

No. 846295

Remembering the giant sores that Lainey always pranced around with, I don't doubt Greg caught herpes as well.
Would make sense since it's an STD that mostly flares up around the nose or mouth. kek

No. 846305

File: 1627608489597.png (241.05 KB, 635x777, Capture.PNG)

major milk @ bigmoneyonision's twitter.

greg is basically confirmed grooming yet another minor.

signs point to him watching Old with her in cinemas yesterday.

she is believed to be a past patreon who started replying to greg's hornytweets from the age of 15.

she is now newly 18, and greg likely immediately pounced to fly her from texas to washington.

never change, greg.


No. 846306


highlight tweet for me is the one dug up from 2019, "I will have everything I want in 2 years". greg tweeted this after he'd already met her (candy_savvy), 2 years before she'd turn 18 in 2021.

last dark thought of the day: the recent face mask may be to hide hickeys. the moronic "8 hour sex accident" excuse may have more of a grain of truth than originally thought.

remember, greg is a retarded creature of habit and his MO has always been to fuck the groomed teen girl AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after meeting her.

No. 846310

That's where my mind went honestly.

No. 846311

You have to wonder how mental these girls are or are they just wanting to hit and quit and have a story to tell.

Kai is such a loser if she's still hanging around and having her kids live with him. I do wonder how they function in that considerably smaller home.

I wonder after his only fans got leaked those low self esteem girls thought Greg couldn't possible do that much damage since his winky is so small. Like no matter what they have the upper hand they've already saw his tiny goods. He's like an ugly safe bet. Ngl feels weird to try and enter the mind of a delusional fan girl

No. 846312


No. 846314

The cow barn is so small Foot can probably hear all the sex noises her husband and the new girl make. How long until she finally necks herself?

No. 846319

There seems to be a pattern here.

When Greg cuddled with Billie he helped Kai pack to leave the house (Kai took the kids too) promising that he "wouldn't do anything he wouldn't do with a friend". That lead to the topless body massage and Kai being nasty towards Billie.

Sarah confirmed that in July 2019 Kai flew back home to visit her parents in New Mexico, it should be assumed she took the kids too. That's when only Sarah and Greg had sex. Sarah confirmed they went to the movies. The situation lead to Kai blaming Sarah and being nasty towards her like she was to Billie during Cuddlegate.

It's July 2021 and this girl is allegedly there having sex with Greg. She was groomed since she was 15. She went to the movies with Greg, who also took Sarah to the movies during their sexcapades.

Common denominators:

Kai leaves (with the kids) then Greg has his sexcapades.

Takes place in July (convenient since Kai would be gone with the kids as schools close/summer vacation starts).

Greg takes his groomed teens to the movies when it's just the two of them.

Victims are 18 when it happens, some are groomed first.

Kai is nasty towards them, blames them and then takes Greg back after he "cheats" on her with them.

Rinse and repeat.

These series of events, coupled with the futureboard tinfoil >>845833 and the fact that schools closed June 17th in WA leads me to believe Kai really isn't there. She's probably in NM with the kids waiting until he's done using up Candy_Savvy, or maybe they even split for good and are just staying married for spousal privileges sake.

Either way, get cucked Krai.

No. 846321

Someone on the other farms posted a screen of the newest onion video talking about 10 things he hates abou t the movie "Old" so I guess this confirms the sighting.

Do you guys think mcfly will explode after she learns that, yet again, she is back to being an asswipe?

No. 846325

File: 1627620037750.jpg (124.19 KB, 828x1792, E7gdNvIX0AUWNiI.jpg)

No. 846326

File: 1627620137973.jpg (171.13 KB, 1080x1688, E7gqBVXX0AEk_7Y.jpg)

I remember how hard he used to defend why he was allowing a 15yo to be in his 18+ discord server. Here we go again.

No. 846327

File: 1627620247029.jpg (89.71 KB, 1079x1007, E7gWvQTX0AYUNg0.jpg)

The Onision sighting was posted nearly a day before he made this post too.

No. 846328

File: 1627621451253.jpg (68.7 KB, 936x563, r767844657.JPG)

recent activity

No. 846331

Oh great, now he's smug as all hell knowing he has at least some form of actual asian pussy. This girl is a true fucking retard, groomed or not. He's going to knock her up and ruin her life reducing her to nothing but yet another half bald drugged up humiliated whore selling her nudes and story desperate for ways to cope with all the abuse she willingly endured. It never pays to tell young girls to stay away because all it does is make them want to take a couple punches to the face even faster which unfortunately he knows.

On the bright side, lainey is once again getting exactly what she deserves. but on the other hand, there's no such thing as a sexual situation that lainey is left out of no matter how much she doesnt actually want it to happen. So they're probably both dipping into her-greg with his carrot and lainey with her gender affirming strap on I'm sure, finally feeling like the fuckboi she wanted to be before shit hit the fan. Both of them pedophiles clear as day, but laying so low that they dont even have to bother denying it.

Oh well, looking forward to this new victims meltdown twitter tell all inaction a year from now!

No. 846332

I thought pedo-saga was finished… he isn’t even rich, famous for ALL the wrong reasons and ugly. I can’t imagine what sort of home the new girl has come from to think at 18 this is a better life for her. Sooo incredibly sad.

No. 846333

Relax, farmers. This is nothing but a tinfoil. There's no guarantee that it's candy_savvy.

Even Greg is not stupid enough to go on a public outing with an 18 year old girl at this point.

No. 846335

File: 1627627218222.jpg (39.9 KB, 578x313, suckmyass.JPG)

>>846333 thought it was confirmed >>846234
agree. he is king fool of the anti Os. i trust him as much as i trust grease himself.

No. 846352

Idk, I remember anons in this thread might have mentioned savvy candy a while back and it got ignored because it just didn't seem believable with the Hansen situation, but his delusional fans know no bounds.

The girl on twitter gave permission for her dms to be posted. Someone asked her if her brother could describe the girl before showing a photo of savvy and the brother said she looked Filipino which matches candy's IG.

No. 846353

File: 1627641981696.jpg (130.53 KB, 1055x1677, IMG_20210730_114550.jpg)

No. 846356

> Even Greg is not stupid enough to go on a public outing with an 18 year old girl at this point.

I think you’re overestimating him by leaps and bounds.
I didn’t think he would ever actually try and sleep with Sarah because she was the one person that would truly make him look like a pedophile and monster but sex won in that equation for him.

But you’re right, it’s still tinfoil and isn’t proven yet.

No. 846359

He's absolutely stupid enough. Dumbass thinks he could wear a mask and not be recognized and he's brazen enough to do just about anything at the chance for barely legal sex.

Even if it's not this specific girl, it's another girl that isn't Lainey which means there's once again people moving into the swamp shack.

No. 846360


It's probably all Lainey can do to stop him moving to a state where the aoc is 16. He likes teenaged girls and his reputation is long dead - what motivation has he got to stop?

No. 846362

>Dumbass thinks he could wear a mask and not be recognized and he's brazen enough to do just about anything at the chance for barely legal sex.

This. In his mind as long as shes 18 , it is legal and so its fine and he has proven he does not feel ashamed of the age difference at all.

I am wondering tho, after the twitter girl said her brother said he was with a phillipino looking girl(maybe latino?)…..what if its mcfly?

No. 846366

Yup. Onision always fucks himself. He's going to get a charge eventually. He needs teen women. His spergs about hating women and young women were definitely compensation. So much for honesty! Well he's a huge liar. We know. He knows. He just says differently.

I'm surprised these young girls are so unloved they get caught up with a broke, small dicked, ugly old guy. I don't get it. If any of us have young women in our lives, give them extra love and confidence. So they don't end up like this…

No. 846368

How long until he accuses this new girl of "raping" him?

No. 846374

Here's the thing:
If you see Greg at a movie theater, with another woman and you happen to know who he is, why not snap a picture?

obvious question is obvious.
this is tv man, no pictures, no story. and everybody has a phone with a camera these days, everybody.

No. 846377


Because waterheaded people freak out and you get thrown out and banned from the movie theater. Let's not overthink the tinfoil it's not a ufo sighting.

No. 846378

The retard called the cops because someone took a picture of him with his disabled daughter at Lowes, did you forget that? THE FUCKING COPS, all because of a photo. Also people probably don't wanna risk losing their jobs

No. 846379

honestly I’d be so horrified to see him irl I wouldn’t even have the presence of mind to reach for my phone

No. 846419

File: 1627678184550.jpg (41.36 KB, 588x344, bruianig.JPG)

No. 846420

File: 1627678187080.jpg (448.72 KB, 1654x856, emily onision lainey.jpg)

So Greg was seen at the movies with someone that looked Filipino. That's fact. It obviously wasn't Lainey because there's no way she would be mistaken for a POC. It's still hard for me to believe Greg would be stupid enough to hook up with a freshly turned 18 year old girl that he's known and interacted with "I want to decimate you" since she was 15. But he's surprised me before, especially with the Sarah saga.

I do want to put this out there. There was a girl named Emily (online names - Hanako, Papi_Hana) who he made a bunch of videos with Greg in 2019 before COVID lockdown. Some were those collabs at AirBnbs with Joe, Billy the Fridge, Jessica, Mcfly and Eugene. And he did a few at his swamp shack with just her and him. She was a ghost, another with him & Emily using a Ouija board. Lainey even collab'd with Emily on her failed makeup channel. She emailed Greg in January to say she felt Greg was wronged for being demonetized on YT. So that's proof they are back in contact and she sides with him, plus she lives near him since she was readily available for all those collabs. I'm unsure of her race, I think she may be Mexican. But if you put a mask on her which I'm sure everyone had to be wearing in the movie theater she could pass for Filipino I guess. I can see Greg trying to fuck with Emily on the down low. And because Lainey already knows her he thinks he can get away with it.

No. 846430

dude you can easily do it from a safe distance and zoom in.
as long as theres no picture i simply don't believe it. not unless waterhead himself confirms it.

No. 846438

File: 1627681921538.png (1.32 MB, 1162x654, onision-hanako.PNG)

No. 846626

How long until we hear a leaked audio confession of onion raping crazy Tami out of tard rage?

No. 846660

he doesn't need to rape her, she was already giving him naked full body massages. and yeah, he told the stories. oh god, did he ever.

No. 846718

IDK why you are under the assumption that >>846626 isn't aware of that

No. 846754

I hope this new whore realizes she's gonna be used and discarded like a wet tissue just like Sarah was. On the bright side at least she can make a lot of money from idiots if she decides to share her story online

No. 846871

and I don't know how you'd be able to rape the willing.
any woman that goes to him now, thats on them. they'll get everything they deserve.

No. 846919

this is the only evidence I've seen of the sister recounting what her brother told her >>846353
>my brother didn't recognize the lady he was with but he described her as short filipino woman

short - Filipino - woman - lady

Nothing about young. If she had been 18 Id expect he would of said girl, not woman or lady.

No. 846942

File: 1627782927332.png (263.63 KB, 575x327, 000 (1).png)

There's no way Greg will be able to pull in young teenage poon ever again. Not even Lainey can help him lure a new girl since they're both known as sex pests nation wide. Maybe he's taken the No Neck Ed approach. Got himself a Filipina mail order bride from some rural shanty town that has no internet.

Everyone in the Onion household gets something they want. Greg gets a new subservient fucktoy to dip his baby carrot in, Lainey gets an indentured servant to babysit, do all the household chores, and the kids get someone new to spit on and throw their toys at.

No. 847012

They said the woman looked to be early 20's >>846305

No. 847116

File: 1627845324455.jpeg (39.38 KB, 252x450, 778908A0-FB58-4750-B01F-B47449…)

Nostradingus here.

As someone who’s stupid enough to have followed the Greg show since he first started recruiting Billie - there are a couple constants: Greg never learning and Lainey never growing

Up till now, it’s been a bigger inconvenience to leave the McMansion/swamp shack/barn than it has been to stay.

Now that the dream team doesn’t have the money for Lainey to sit around all day, it’s a game changer. Not because she learned, but because she doesn’t want to work/change.

Plus, Greg also is only involved with his kids to satisfy his hero complex. If Lainey was willing to take them away - it would give him an excuse to play a martyr and say he’s sacrificing for the kids’ best interest. He’s tried it before.

Plus he’s probably realized child support is cheaper than maintaining Laineys couch life

With that in mind, and knowing Greg won’t let any of his family watch his kids anymore, there’s no way it’s Lainey as the recipient of a hellish “8 hours of oral”. Despite being a terrible mother, she would at least put out vegan crackers or something for the kids over the course of a day.

Also for as sexually deviant as he is, Greg isn’t close to being sexually attracted enough to Lainey for that.

-Lainey/kids are moving to NM (or will be soon)
-Greg has found his newest twin flame. He won’t be picky at this point.

No. 847172

File: 1627857987908.png (263.55 KB, 611x796, 812021.png)

If you've been following Onision for a few years you know who LizardQueen is. She was a hardcore paypig and Greg trusted her enough to have control over 2 of his YouTube channels to clean up the comments, plus all the free work she said she did as a mod on any of the sites & forums he created.

I think she's having some kind of mental breakdown on Twitter. She's dumping a shit load of screenshots from her time running his channels and as a patron. Onision and McFly seem to be the focus of her rage. Hopefully she reveals something milky.

No. 847199


lol she claims she's "hexed" him

No. 847215

File: 1627862246242.png (1.86 MB, 1704x965, E7vU20dXIAUUt2L (2).png)

Chris Chan has been arrested.
We can only hope the same happens to Greg soon.

No. 847329


really is amazing that there is someone out there worse than greg, as hard as that is to believe (but who's keeping score?)

This might really help greg, I bet the drama tubers flock to chrischan with him being back in the news.

No. 847352

How long until he starts sperging about why Chris -Chan is getting more attention than he is while simultaneously defending him for having “consensual relations” with Barb?

No. 847370

This is the moment where Greg comes to Chris-Chan’s defense and mentions the totally normal massages his mom gave him as a reason why it’s totally normal for Chris to rub his demented old mother’s vagina. Perfect time for him to bring up the whole Billie massage situation too and use it as an excuse to send Billie another desperate email.

No. 847520

File: 1627920595650.png (26.56 KB, 589x235, 36612.PNG)

Oh oh, I think we have a "Tamara the dogfucker version 2.0" Maybe lizard queen does have behind the scenes information. Seems like Greg liked lizard more than the dogfucker since he let lizard mod his forums and run his youtube channels for a while. Do you think Hansen will do another "Onision victim interview?" Or has the money dried up and they all moved on.

No. 847545

Aren't they doing part 5 and 6 of the documentary or whatever?

No. 847578

another big fat nothingburger i'm sure.
actually they aren't too sure about that anymore, from what i read.

No. 847597

Considering the only people who stay around him are insecure attention whores with narc qualities (like himself), place your bets:
>he was mean to me and manipulative
>rehash of information that is widely known by now
>yeah inappropriate content and interactions on the discord full of underage children….but about how he was mean to me
I don't get why they keep doing this same cycle. If they just want attention/validation about their holy onion being a dick to them, they should stick to drama channels.

Short of proof that Onion was asking for inappropriate content from children, encouraging/normalizing sexual interactions from minors, or anything evidence towards illegal activity beyond her "personal experience" of him being shitty nothing they share is of value even to Chris Hansen.
Considering she hasn't been a mod for that long, 100% this is just going to be her venting that she was "enamored by the image he portrayed and was too 'scared' to speak out before even she was totally disgusted when she got to know him more and the girls came out but him being an asshole to her specifically was the straw that let her 'escape'"

I absolutely believe that Onion at some point had a trove of pictures with underage girls in various states of undress including his video solicitations for "rate me" videos that he either wiped or has hiding around somewhere, and that he creeped on girls we don't know about

But since the start of anything official, I doubt he's doing anything obvious since he wised up to troll Billie clone attempts.
Ex: allowing a "don't ask, don't tell" situation with sex weirdos and underage kids interact inappropriately because he thinks it gives him plausible deniability until someone makes a deal out of it and he knows he's on too tight of a leash to let it slip.

No. 847633

Its not like ten years ago when Shiloh walked in on this wide puppy eyes babe in the woods type thing. By now everybody knows he's a scumbag. So anybody willing to associate themselves with him unironically (so in a non-troll capacity) is just really fucking stupid and deserve every bit of what he gives them.

I don't know how other people feel about it, but Greg newfags simping him will not get my sympathy if they come out that shithole bawling their eyes out. Kai me a river, hon.

No. 847640

where did you read anything about the Discovery ID Onision documentary? would love a sauce

No. 847657

File: 1627946788532.jpeg (194.41 KB, 849x663, 1626402641002.jpeg)

I watched a younow stream that lizardqueen made when she originally got kicked out. Im not trying to be insensitive or knock her down but if you had seen it Im sure you'd agree. The way she spoke, her body movements and fantasies about the true nature of her relationship with Greg gave me the idea she may be on the spectrum. When I talked about that stream many many threads ago I joked that she reminded me of a more feminine version of Chris Chan. I still stand by that now. Just in the way she talked, facial expressions and body movements. She also seemed to have this idea that Greg was trying to start a sexual relationship with her. I'm sure there's someone out there for her, but knowing Greg's proclivity for thin teenagers I don't think he was grooming her.

No. 847681

While anyone that follows onion like these people are definitely missing eggs from their carton, none of those are really indicatiors of autism and things like weird body movements and such that you've listed are common with other conditions.
So I would just call her a reatarded attention whore and not medfag like an actual retard. Especially when you have no authority on the subject and this is a Grug thread.

No. 847691

Well he did fuck Shiloh and she was far from thin. But yeah, I don't see him being attracted to lizard queen or wanting to fuck her at all

No. 847692

True I have no medical degree to be diagnosing autism. Let me leave my description as such. If you've seen video of Chris Chan talking to the camera, imagine a more feminine and heavier version of that and that's how lizardqueen acts. She also had delusions that Greg was trying to start a sexual relationship w/her. Whatever is the cause of all that I have no idea and I wont assign a specific mental defect to it, but it was shocking to see and hear. With all her talk on Twitter recently about doing YouTube janitor work for free and pointing out very expensive gifts she bought for him, I feel Onision took advantage of someone that is very gullible and doesn't have the same mental capacity we all possess.

No. 847723

Shiloh also had a bit of mainstream fame before she made that very bad choice. Lizard Queen has high blood pressure and an overactive Discord account.

No. 847759

Let's not forget he supposedly bang mcfly and I think she is 49034509 times uglier than lizardqueen. So obvi his taste in women is lacking.

tamara had no behind the scenes information dude, at least none that we didn't know already.

No. 847814

>I feel Onision took advantage of someone that is very gullible and doesn't have the same mental capacity we all possess.

Rinse and repeat, Ladies and Gentlemen, rinse and repeat.
He has set up his online life to exactly draw in these kinds of people, so it's no surprise.
If there's really another Lainey / Sarah in the making, I don't have words for it, nor sympathy.

No. 847848

>tamara had no behind the scenes information dude, at least none that we didn't know already.

That's what I was alluding to. Im afraid if lizard queen gets an interview with Hansen we'll just get the same thing we got with dogfuckers interview. Crying and snotty blubbering as she explains
>Greg was mean to me. He made fun of my videogame skills and said I fucked dogs WAAAAHHH!

I'm hopeful that because lizard had more access (was able to log into his YT channels as an admin, same with his forums) she saw things no one else did.

No. 847910

File: 1628032310871.jpg (80.9 KB, 1704x562, dontevenknowher.jpg)

From the other farms.
Greg pretends not to know who candysavvy is.

But he pretty much admitted it wasn't Mcfly, as the post he's responding to here asked him if it was. He can try to hide behind "muh personal life!", but if it really was just a normal outing with a friend, he would say so. It's not like he doesn't usually foam at the mouth to prove the haturz wrong.

No. 847916

that profile picture is fucking hilarious
he filtered it until he looked like one of the hansons singing mmmbop

No. 847918

Just read the thread. So, it seems Kaitlind and brittnii are quite well-versed regarding the drama that revolves around Greg. Guess we'll have much more milk to come when Greg inevitably is going to "kick all people out of his life" who say something he doesn't like tell lies and smoke weed.

No. 847925

Smoke weed? You must mean illegal drug users - that's a felony you know! /s

No. 848018

File: 1628105537931.png (354.45 KB, 1054x1326, Untitled.png)

old news but funny nonetheless. back in june onision tried to get compensation from the SEC from the fund robin hood (stock trading company) had to set up for bad practices.

in his comments he attached pictures of the losses he made trading stonks, which is worth a laugh.

No. 848019

samefag, the page where you can find commenters on the case:

he's there under avaroe.

No. 848027

What happened to “James Jackson”? Thought that was his legal name now.

No. 848042

File: 1628116320013.png (168.47 KB, 976x944, discord84.PNG)

Is he having a mental breakdown?

No. 848045

File: 1628117677376.png (894.81 KB, 1141x800, 352445_767_233.PNG)

Greg is now judging & rating (celebrity)teenagers. He does a Chris Chan impression on the Aniston one.

No. 848078

He must be desperate for attention again

No. 848081

File: 1628131583182.png (266.72 KB, 598x588, Pedo Recognizes Pedo.PNG)

No. 848090

I know its been a tinfoil recently that he's a drunk but posts like these really solidify those theories. I can't think of any other reason why a person would post such cringy manic shit like this?

No. 848091

he's a retard. don't overthink it

No. 848093

File: 1628135828416.png (61.66 KB, 924x273, 56382421.PNG)

What work? Does he have a real job now or is his idea of "working" tweaking the layout and changing the background colors & fonts for his shitty website. He doesn't even make videos for YouTube or TikTok anymore so it cant be that.

No. 848097

His “work” had always been doing videos. He always claims to work like 15 hours a day but based on the level of content he produces I am pretty sure 10 of those hours is browsing social media

No. 848101

Maybe he's larping as a day trader. This info >>848018 that anon found seems like he's dipping his fat head into stock trading and losing it all. Im sure he tells Lainey the same thing. He's working really hard that's why he's in his cum cave for 12 hours a day. Doesn't see her or the kids all day and only comes out of the garage to grab some food and immediately goes back in and locks the door.

No. 848118

man, to use your own image and quote yourself as an "inspirational quote". well if that isn't the very epitome of narcissism I don't know what is.
plus what exactly has he been trough? he's been a complete douchebag psychopath with a bunch of women, and a borderline pedophile, so now they're all after him.
other people should be so lucky as to choose our own strife. seriously greg, stop being a little baby and man the fuck up. maybe own up to the shit you did, get your ass off the internet and do something with your pathetic life. good grief.

No. 848126

>seriously greg, stop being a little baby and man the fuck up.

Maybe that's the reason why he has still remaining orbiters. They're all women in their 30s who want a baby but can't get a man to have an own one, so they take Greg. /jk

No. 848156

I remember when the IRS came knocking and he made a video crying about it. If I had been Lainey Complainey I woulda told him "what the fuck are you doing? making a video? close the computer, shut the fuck up and get it fixed or i'm outta here."
Seriously. He isn't a man, he's a stupid dumb little crybaby kid. And he's always playing the victim. I hate guys like that, be a man for fucks sake.
I honestly don't even get what kind of woman would ever fuck a toddler like Greg.
Big man wanting threesomes, really big mouth on the internet but when push comes to shove he breaks down and tears up.
What a bitch.
I seen 8 year old girls that had more balls and were a whole lot braver than Greg. No really.

No. 848157

File: 1628189426851.png (72.18 KB, 755x443, 5376980.PNG)

One question I've seen brought up again and again in these threads is what kind of person would still be an Onision fan.
These posts from his forum say a lot. They are sad broken human beings looking for love and acceptance anywhere they can find it. And if they cant find it they will buy it or create it out of duct tape and a heated blanket.

No. 848159

I'm starting to wonder if these female fans that want to fuck him are maybe pedophiles themselves, since they're willing to fuck a little kid like Greg.
Most of us prefer to fuck a MAN, not a baby.

No. 848208

Oof, I'd be mortally ashamed to share such a story publically, and even more so about having sewn my own boyfriend replacement. I get that you're heart-broken after a breakup, but that sounds equally as childish as Greg's behavior. He says his forums is 18+, all I see is kindergarten.

Great ss, anon, thanks for sharing.

No. 848237

File: 1628201487154.png (662.09 KB, 1333x593, DYP7DWYP7DW.PNG)

This brings me joy. He probably sent them the PCSD incident report and demanded to have his partnership reinstated. YT told him to fuck off.

No. 848247

Hahaha, cry more you ugly manlet

No. 848249

So someone finally starts to realize that being a shitty person has real life consequences.
I feel really sorry for Greg's kids who do and will continue to suffer from their parents' imbecile antics and actions, and I hope they'll grow up stronger than their dad and mom-dad and turn their lives around for the better.

No. 848269

File: 1628218433541.png (818.67 KB, 2056x734, 7612.PNG)

Just skimmed through Greg's new Speaks video. He spends the first 10 minutes scrolling through Binkie Princess thread in snow. Yet more proof he lurks here. How many hours a day does Greg sit in his cum cave garage lurking his own thread while telling Lainey he's "working."

No. 848280

this is great. it means he at one point had actual hope. Now it's been crushed again! hahaha

No. 848287

At least we can all rest easy knowing detective "Big Money" is on the case. Another Hansen asslicker and infamous brainlet.

No. 848288

>I spoke with SA Mendoza…to follow up on their investigation. Mendoza told me the examination had not yet been completed…
I don't understand why they use the word "examination" instead of investigation? At this point I'm doubtful there's been any new leads a whole year later but ofc we don't know if it's been officially closed or not. imo what's unusual is the report was released for "informational purposes"? Since when does a PD publish official reports (rather than a spokesperson's statement) in response to a "high volume of third party and social media interest"? I think it was 2019 that same twitterfag uploaded documents showing there was at least one active LE investigation open but the name of the detective was different.
Imagine being so delusional you wake up everyday telling yourself that the underage girl you groomed, raped you? That's stratospheric levels of delusion. He 100% believes his own lies, which is why he is where he's at right now (deplatformed everywhere lol) while blaming everyone else.

No. 848344

what so now he's gonna try to be a new Deadwing Dork? good luck with that Greg, i suppose.

No. 848443

File: 1628282627132.png (396.84 KB, 983x671, 862021_35634.PNG)

I sincerely hope this is a troll or some kind of Gay Ops.

No. 848444

File: 1628282652314.png (797.11 KB, 589x1235, 862021_35638.PNG)

No. 848472

that drawing is pretty spot on.

No. 848527

Definitely a troll

No. 848609

File: 1628367860457.jpg (290.51 KB, 861x973, E8NRU1yWUAcPF5I.jpg)

Greg has emailed this cease and desist letter to CecilMcfly, Repzion, iNabber, OrdinaryGamers and Im assuming anyone he can think of that has made a video about him.

No. 848611

File: 1628371209092.png (22.99 KB, 596x240, 365661.PNG)

>CecilMcfly, Repzion, iNabber, OrdinaryGamers
Now add Social Repose

How many more got this email this afternoon? My guess.
Jaclyn Glenn
Creepshow Art
Chris Hansen
Blaire White
The Right Opinion
Edwins Generation
Realstream News
Trisha Paytas
Joy Sparkles
Mike Morse
Strange Æons
Philip DeFranco

No. 848632

Lmao the majority of them aren’t saying he broke the law and is a criminal, they’re saying it’s creepy he had sex with Sarah which he’s admitted to already so ???

No. 848634

File: 1628390638912.png (59.91 KB, 563x525, 4346741.PNG)

Its not like any of these people have made recent videos about the allegations either. I can only think of 2 reasons why he sent all these emails out today.

1. He has a habit of just randomly getting riled up with no real catalyst and sperging out. There have been times he's woken up and suddenly does 3 videos in a row about whatever's bothering him. One time he was in the shower and got an epiphany that 8 years ago his Texas-Ex had told him that her father raped her so he immediately had to make a 10 minute video about it.

2. He's hoping that the recipients of the emails all make videos about him. He gets some exposure, his name is back on peoples lips and he'll try to claim the video. I've heard he's still doing that even though he's demonetized.

No. 848645

Hes threatening to sue people again? LMAO, he has no money to sue anyone, he's broke and he even admitted that himself. I hope no one is dumb enough to fall for this shit

No. 848675

File: 1628409576024.jpg (115.63 KB, 1103x500, The Church of Onion.jpg)

Onision started a thread about Chris Chan today. Nothing really interesting. Just the usual Greg putting his 2 cents in about a widely publicized event. All the while condemning other YTubers as clout chasers and money hungry because they're talking about it the same as him. The last part of his post made me pause. I don't know if he went down some Chris Chan rabbit hole and the CWC's "dimensional merge" got stuck in his head but Greg was talking about multiple lives (reincarnation?) Earth being between Heaven and Hell and multiple realities. I would love if the next chapter in the Onision Saga is Greg going full blown religious fanatic. I could see him preaching that this world is so unjust and vicious. And the righteous and truthful (like himself) are persecuted and falsely accused of crimes they never committed. There must be another life or spiritual plane that follows this one where you get your reward for being a good honest human being. If he setup his own religion he wouldn't have to worry about those pesky IRS audits ever again.

No. 848676


>slander/defamation is a serious crime.

I am fucking stunned. All he does is sit and ruminate on how he thinks people have slandered him. He Googles around the topic 24/7. How the literal fuck has he not learned the difference between crime and tort yet? Is he that fucking dense?

No. 848687

Cinnpie tier lolsuit threats.

No. 848700

> Is he that fucking dense?

Yes. He also doesn’t realize how difficult defamation suits are to win. Especially when you are a “public figure”. (Yes, Greg is an incredibly minor public figure, but a public figure as far as a lolsuit would matter)

Plus, he just said the other day he didn’t have the $250 for a legal consultation. And that he would have to sue each person, individually in their home state. (I.e. where the defamation occurred)

That police report does not say what he thinks it does. But it would give Sarah some good evidence of slander/defamation against his “she raped us” bullshit.

Doubtful that would happen, but it would be hilarious to see him get sued using the very thing he things proves his innocence

No. 848705

I knew he was gonna talk about that, because he'll try and attach himself to anything that is now to try and stay relevant. Even though he's very much not relevant anymore. Just look at this thread. We used to need a new thread almost every few weeks, now look at it. Its barely going.
Which is a good thing, mind you. Its very good that even this thread is dying, no one cares about Greg anymore. And its great, really.

No. 848716

I'm getting some poor man's NXIVM vibes from this image. Didn't you say you were an atheist gurg? What's up with the religious imagery then? God-complex much?

No. 848744

She didn't make his face red enough, but other than that 10/10. The forehead wrinkles sent me

No. 848770

It's just not nearly enough to make a video about considering it's about the 100th time he's cried wolf on lolsuits. Nobody cares greg.>>848634

No. 848801

>the very thing he things proves his innocence
I think it's more that he's ignoring what's actually there - like he always does - and instead gloms on to any sliver that he can twist to use in his favor - like he always does. Sad, pathetic. No wonder his entire family's disowned him. When his kids get old enough to think for themselves I'm sure they'll have nothing to do with him either.

No. 848802

More wasted time writing pointless word salads as per usual.

The police report doesn't say anything about the case being closed. I can't tell if he's that desperate to cover up his grooming and predation or if like >>848634 said, he's desperate for shekels and wants to do more false DMCA's.

Still holding out hope Lainey will leave with the kids if she hasn't already. It's only been over a year since there's been proof of life.

No. 848803

>Its very good that even this thread is dying
Totally agree.
>no one cares about Greg anymore. And its great, really.
Who ever "cared" about Greg? I come here just to read the comments and laugh at farmers' shittakes more than anything.

No. 848849

File: 1628544767318.png (810.16 KB, 1298x776, lets bully meg griffin.PNG)

Maybe I'm reading to much into it but it seems like he's trying to have his fans insult Sarah under the guise of insulting a fictional character. How many times has Greg described how he couldn't have groomed Sarah because he was mean to her and called her Meg Griffin and Drew Carey. It just seems weird to start a topic out of the blue where he wants everyone to shit talk a cartoon character. Seems like an attempt to get Sarah's attention.

No. 848851

Jesus fucking Christ, this is a 36-year-old man

No. 848852

>Maybe I'm reading to much into it but it seems like he's trying to have his fans insult Sarah under the guise of insulting a fictional character.

Trust me, you're not. If Greg could drag Sarah through the mud like he did with Billie after Billiegate he would. Seems like he's trying to do it more lowkey after doxxing her recently.

My guess is that Greg's taking out his lolsuit frustrations on her now that everyone's just laughing in his face at the nonsensical bluff.

No. 848853

File: 1628548546200.jpg (121.33 KB, 717x516, Greg accused list.jpg)

Not really worth a mention I guess but with seeing the archived list of "false accusations" Greg made on his malware site I gotta ask… Who exactly is accusing him of murder and abduction and why is the murder accusation so high on the list?

The human trafficking accusation, sure, everyone brings up the MANN ACT and PROTECT ACT he clearly violated but murder and abduction? Who's talking about that? Is he so desperate to seem like a victim he's willing to outright lie about what he's being accused of to such a degree?

No. 848854

Pathetic, he needs to keep seething though.
Its funny to watch.

No. 848875

I speak fluent Gurg, end my suffering.

1) Traveling across states for teenage poon, likely.
2) One or multiple of the girls screamed "you ruined my life" because he plastered their relationship drama all over the internet for millions to view. That's a lot of pressure for anyone, let alone a young adult.
3) We all know this one.
4) hentai mentions, his tendency to choose 'em young. Maybe those weird spergs who speculated that he diddles his kids.
5) Equates his narc twisting as "dishonest". Can't accept valid and founded criticisms.
6) That one sperg that said there was a registered weapon at his house (wasn't that according to police reports btw? That's a hazy memory.)
7) Billie-basement-chain saga. His dumb slosher would equate that as "abduction" according to his personal brand of Gurg Legalese.
8) anons noting his physical deterioration/"do a flip" commentary.
9) his constant tell-alls to the internet, then person x does something unrelated yet subjectively bad and he says it's proof that he was telling the truth.
10) targeting vulnerable audiences for a paycheck: young, mentally ill, socially stunted, etc.

No. 848886

agreed, except #2 is probably mentioning the jokes/comments about Footface. No one saying he actually killed her, just that they wouldn't be surprised if it happened. Waterhead then blowing it out of proportion.

No. 848925

I still dream of the day you kys, tbh

No. 848926

The need for new threads was mostly down to sperging from farmers. This, moo and TND for a while were truly exceptional in the amount of bullshit posts inflating threads. Also, after the ermagherd greg's going to be sued for 10 million dollars and go to jail because <insert whichever saga here, add commentary from the brains trust of experts at the other farms> that kept happening over and over, most people just burnt out. This thread could've died off a while ago, but people keep obsessing over him. The irony of him desperately wanting attention and autists keeping the flame alive here seems to be lost.

No. 848931

Has he commented on the Bella situation yet? We all know he can’t resist a qt nlog college teen with uber l33t 1337 h4x0r skillz

No. 848959

It was all worth it to see greg's pathetic homemade 'wetland boundary' signs. He must've been seething blood out of his eyes.

No. 848966

I'm just glad farmers were able to spread his onlyfans content and we all got to make fun of his small dick. Chris Hansen really did put the final nail in the coffin for Greg.

All the threads on lolcow are full of info, but for discovery to come along and do a TV show lead to him finally no longer getting money from YouTube for his shite unfunny content.

There's no more milk. If he dates anyone they're most likely mentally deficient and probably not even up to Greg's standards. He will die before he gets over Billie. The only thing that would generate a bit of hype would be if Laineybot came back in some form. And the fact that even Greg can't get his wife on camera shows just how beta he really fucking is.

No. 848972

Bella from tiktok? She is like 25.

No. 848975

no anon, the chris chan bella

No. 848998

He apparently emailed Trisha that he's suing her because of her videos about him (~30 min mark to those interested). lol. as if he has any money to go through with that lawsuit.

No. 849010

i never thought i'd say it but i sort of miss the days of lainey's godawful younow streams. they weren't usually particularly milky or interesting, but even just seeing what sort of ridiculous ugly outfit she was wearing and the trash makeup she did was entertaining enough. hell, sometimes i think about that bitch scowling at chat all day, fidget spinner in hand, and laugh a little to myself. i'd definitely care more about these threads if she made a reappearance, she's so awful in a truly underrated way that it sounds refreshing in comparison to greg's shit, which has gotten totally stale at this point.

No. 849212

>>848998 Blaire White also posted a video today that Onion is suing her.>>848998

No. 849215


She makes fun of it for 11 minutes. That’s going to make his tiny, misshapen penis very limp.

No. 849219

I love that his broke ass is threatening to sue millionaires. Yeah go on, I'm dying to see him being destroyed in court and losing even more money

No. 849259

I don't get why he bothers if he isn't going to back it up.
I really doubt having his name brought up when it happens actually drives any significant (for him) traffic to his site and stuff at this point

No. 849298

bad attention is probably better than irrelevance. and maybe in his delusional rage he thinks he might actually intimidate someone.

No. 849346

he made yet another fucking "i quit yt forever ;_____;" video lmao

dropping lots of wise words and selfless admissions of fault…..fault that his acting and trolling was too good for people of course

wish aldlii still made videos so we could get a mega compilation of all his 'quitting forever' videos. it could easily stretch over an hour long at this point

No. 849369

File: 1629006067006.png (452.62 KB, 722x530, 454622.PNG)

We've all watched this rerun before. But there's usually an ulterior motive. Listening to him preach about how "you shouldn't shit talk other people to the general public" make me wonder if he's doing this as a pre-emptive strike. This is just tinfoil but what if Lainey has been hinting to him that she may tell what she knows. He wants to make sure she gets the clear message that she better not tell secrets about him or Greg may start spilling the beans about her.

No. 849376

It's ok, anon; they're soulmates

No. 849377

This is the most ironic quote from him ever. The audacity is unreal since most of his career focussed on that (as well as the shitty skits and characters that he literally stole from other people, that absolutely entertained no one past 2012) He has made SO MUCH MONEY from publically humiliating and slandering people in the most disgusting ways. Even going so far to expose their private matters like abortion or accusing them out of spite of having bad hygiene, said in the most disgusting vulgar ways he could manage (AJ)
You know what they call this onion?
Getting what you fucking deserve.

No. 849445

You know, I actually like onision.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 849455

No1curr. I’d tell you to sage but you’re better off just fucking off.

No. 849469

gib him monies for shitting on you then

No. 849594

File: 1629213783075.png (955.36 KB, 1598x790, 267657765986.PNG)

I think I may have found Lainey on someone else's social media. Ryan the fakeboi friend made a TikTok saying she was moving away from her(his) hometown and the final shot is Ryan arriving in Washington state June 17th.

No. 849595

File: 1629214014465.png (1.41 MB, 1598x786, 16745474644.PNG)

On July 23rd Ryan makes a TikTok outdoors documenting her voice after 7 weeks on testosterone. The wall behind her looks very much like the back side of Onisions new house.

No. 849596

No you didn't. I did. I made a thread on Twitter already last night. Nobody knew shit until I posted.

No. 849597

File: 1629214306472.webm (730.34 KB, Lainey filming Ryan T shot.web…)

This TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@allcapboy/video/6977604553847966981 someone is filming Ryan giving herself a shot of testosterone and it sounds a lot like Lainey. I grabbed the audio and uploaded it here. So is Ryan living with Onision and Lainey now?

No. 849598

File: 1629215119922.jpg (39.42 KB, 911x504, Screenshot_20210817-073536.jpg)

Goodbye Kai. Hello Luke.

No. 849615

The account seems to have been nuked already. We're onto sth?

No. 849629

Is Luke the name she originally was thinking about at the beginning of her fakeboi journey before Greg pressured her into picking Kai? Interesting, if so.

No. 849630

Yeah that sounds like Lainey lol sorry Luke! Lol what a faggot. She's probably cucking Greg now. He doesn't want to pay child support I doubt she's still attracted to Grease after his only fans stint, because no matter how cool Taylor pretends to be, she would be way too jealous and insecure to have her husband be nude online. As much as I hate Taylor it's sort of nice if she's getting to have a real friend and Grease just has his lame messageboard

No. 849636

Is "Ryan" gonna have her butthole fucked without lube by Greaseboi too? Remember guys, anal is not cheating

No. 849637

Samefag, Footface better sleep with her eyes open and never leave "Ryan" alone at home with Grease.
"Ryan" may be ugly as fuck, but Grease already showed he'd stick his deformed dick in anything that moves, also he admitted he fetishizes trans people who were born with female genitalia

No. 849640

No, it was Eli

No. 849649


do they really not think the online autusts will find out what they are up to in no time at all?

No. 849656

I wonder if he's gonna fuck her on Lainey's favorite chair like he did with Sarah hahahahaha

No. 849660

File: 1629260072580.png (44.79 KB, 760x374, 6AFF-40FB-B22D-BFA3A7.png)

I remember Lainey testing the names Lucas and Spencer back when she figured out she was a fakeboi. From what Ive seen on twitter she's been using Luke, Lucas, Spencer, Spence for her social media. Im guessing that Luke is now the name she uses instead of Kai. I assume the name change was because of the last documentary episode. They highlighted her legal name change and used "Kai" quite a bit when speaking about Lainey. I checked the WA online court website and I dont see any record of a recent name change so I dont think "Luke" is Laineys new legal name. Im sure Lainey is going to think up a new name now that she's been found out. What are the popular fakeboi names these days.

No. 849662

Do you think Lainey's emotional support fakeboi is going to sleep in her bed or they are shoving trot n' clot into one bedroom to make space for their glorious ~third~?

No. 849675

File: 1629273097847.jpg (52.31 KB, 665x1200, E9A4wkSWQAIlNlK.jpg)

The new house is a 3 bedroom 2 bath. When they lived in the old swamp shack each child had their own bedroom and the master bedroom was Greg and Lainey's. Jessica mentioned that Lainey co-slept with Cloey and Greg did the same with Troy. Maybe they're doing the same thing and allowing Ryan to have her own bedroom but I doubt it. This whole situation is giving me Sarah vibes all over again. Family and friends sometimes turn their back on a person when they come out as trans and they end up with no support system and living on the streets. By the look of Lainey's (Luke's) Venmo, Ryan was worried she would have to sleep in her car. They're taking someone who is vulnerable and offering this person "safe haven" in their home. They did the same thing with Sarah because of her abusive mother.

No. 849676

File: 1629273420472.png (102.87 KB, 1582x794, 8182021_3656.png)

one more thing
Twitter detectives found a 5 year old Reddit post that Ryan made about the dysfunctional relationship she was having with Lainey (its now been deleted of course) https://www.removeddit.com/r/relationship_advice/comments/3vs9en/im_19f_pathetically_in_love_with_a_married_21f

I would say I have no sympathy for Ryan because she was 19 when she got involved with these predators but she may be blinded and in desperate need of a friend during her transition. I can already see how this is going to play out. Ryan is trapped in their house with no other friends or family support. Greg will start giving hints that maybe Ryan should try to have a relationship with Lainey. Greg will then pressure them both to allow him to join in because
>its unfair for you to have a girlfriend without me involved
and shit will hit the fan. By the looks of Ryan's TikToks she still looks very feminine. The voice is a little deeper and she's stopped shaving her legs and pits but other than that I know Greg will try to fuck her. She still has a vagina, still looks feminine and is living in his house. Ryan is in danger of being the next Billie/Sarah.

No. 849680

We have to keep an eye for when Grease starts making a bunch of videos indirectly attacking Ryan like he did with Sarah after they broke up, that's how we'll know things went to shit since Grease can't keep his big mouth shut.

No. 849681

I have no sympathy for her, she had enough time to realize getting involved with the grease couple always ends in disaster. She deserves to get fucked in the ass both literally and figuratively, which is what's going to happen.

No. 849683

Literally a "prepare your anus" situation.

No. 849688

> Greg will start giving hints that maybe Ryan should try to have a relationship with Lainey. Greg will then pressure them both to allow him to join in

I know Greg is desperate right now but I don’t think he would go for someone who is midtransition. He likes the taboo when it comes to age and incest but hasn’t shown any real interest in legitimately masculine afabs (not people who just change their wardrobe and pronouns like lainey).

It is interesting that Ryan’s there though especially since they share so much in gender journey as lainey. They both became non-binary and then identified as trans men around the same time. I wonder if this means lainey might be considering transitioning medically soon…

She was still playing up her fear of needles in the tiktok but at points did sound like she was trying to do some voice training to make hers lower.

My tinfoil is Greg blames her for everything that’s gone wrong and wants revenge so he’s really playing up how much he wants to support her transition so she does it and then is permanently changed.

No. 849693

>He likes the taboo when it comes to age and incest but hasn’t shown any real interest in legitimately masculine afabs

Im sure the video Im thinking about was one of the videos Greg deleted or privated on Lainey's channel so Im not even going to try and find it. I don't remember the topic of the video but Lainey and Greg are vaguely talking about what they do in bed and she says to Greg
>well you do call me faggot
faggot was obviously bleeped out but you could tell what she said by reading her lips. Greg got anxious and they laughed that it would be edited out. Im sure Greg has all kinds of weird kinks he attempts to live out with Lainey and the girls he lures in. I can see him fleshing out his homo-erotic fantasy using Lainey as the "twink faggot" he fucks. Greg gets to safely role play his queer kink using his doormat wife. And now there's this FtM in their house and she's even more twinkish than his wife. Greg's a fucking deviant, he's going to try to fuck anyone new that's in that house.

No. 849696

File: 1629293191250.png (167.49 KB, 562x495, Ill Miss You.PNG)

I think we've already seen one of those "indirectly attacking" videos. "I'll Miss You… (my mistakes & a farewell of sorts)" was suppose to be him making an apology and saying farewell but when I listened to it it sounded more like him trying to tell someone in a round about way that talking shit about him on social media would be a bad idea and good people don't do that. These excerpts are suppose to be him realizing he was a shitty person and apologizing for it. But to me it sounds like he's indirectly telling someone to watch their step and be careful what they say about him.

>when you break up with someone or when you kick someone out of your life that's not an excuse to go on social media and talk about how crappy they are that's not an excuse to to talk about their personal details even if you do think that they're bad there's a certain level of respect that you're supposed to give people when you break up with them you're supposed to be the bigger person and not just drag every little detail of their personal life for social media to see and dissect and blindly rip apart

>this is personal shit this is shit that doesn't need to be expressed to the general public in attempts to defend yourself you're not gonna look like the bigger person by ripping someone else apart even if it is like uh hey i know they're saying terrible things about me but they're worse for this reason like nobody wins in that situation it's like literally a shit-throwing contest and everyone's covered in shit by the end of it which is why you don't go on social media and say these things and it's why you be a fucking adult and you don't run around trashing people because that's the most immature unproductive thing you can do

>it's also a big red flag would you want to date somebody who has dated people in the past and every time they break up with them they shit all over those people they broke up with probably not you probably think that person's really fucking immature that person's really really disgusting the way they treat people that they they break up with it's terrible i wouldn't date me if i thought that i was going to get dumped and treated that way you know

>that doesn't give you a free right to just try and fucking destroy their image or whatever because you're mad or because they're saying something petty about you being the bigger person which i rarely have been it means that you actually move on with your life and you don't act like a goddamn loser on social media because you're not supposed to feel good hurting people that you once loved or that you once cared about

>that doesn't make you a good person for attacking them you're supposed to be a fucking human being not a merciless i want to destroy your life because you're hurting my feelings type person you know that's disgusting behavior

Ryan arrived at their house on June 17th. It wouldn't surprise me if he tried to fuck Ryan or attempted to convince Lainey that they should give a poly relationship a go one more time and it all went to shit 2 months later. Now he's doing damage control in case Ryan starts talking.

No. 849712

The thumbnail reeks of unearned superiority. Even this detail is crying out that he's trying to bully someone into silence because in the past he's always used a sad/serous face for 'I'm sorry' 'I'm quitting youtube for good' thumbnails. As far as what was quoted, it really comes off as a message to someone. Hopefully he's pushed the right buttons and they come out soon to dish out some details of what happened.

No. 849727

As much as people want new drama and this to be about Ryan…I think it’s not.

I think this babble of self-flagellation is more about Billie. I think the walls are closing in and he’s still reminiscing back to the “good days.” It probably doesn’t hurt that she recently posted a death note cosplay recently and he’s probably stalking her OF like a creep.

All the details of the apology are about feeling bad about hurting “someone you said you loved” even if they lied and did illegal drugs. He did throw blackmailing in once which would tie into sarah but the rest of it is the old song and dance about Billie.

It’s hard to follow sometimes because he keeps trying to blame the people and point out the bad they did to him while pseudoapologizing but still.

Maybe not but I really don’t think Ryan is his type but I’m sure he’s doing his best to find and groom a new girl sometime soon.

No. 849738

>teenager crushes on lainey, convinced its tr00 luv
>alternately lovebombed then cold-shouldered to destroy self-confidence and engender trauma bond over a period of years (aka grooming)
>others trying to warn them just pushes them closer to their groomer because it's uS Vs tHe WoRlD
>once an adult, and found in a particularly vulnerable situation such as a broken family and potential homelessness, gets flown out to live in the onion shack. wow so selfless much saint
>once fully isolated and under the control of the onions, the relationship turns explicitly sexual but with a sprinkle of extra fucked up power dynamics

where have i heard this before

No. 849772

Anon please. He's is a sex addict and like the other anon said he's a deviant. He said he used to jerk off to airplanes when he was in the army for fucks sake, you're naive as hell if you think he won't try to fuck Ryan