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File: 1693541448376.jpg (16.94 KB, 366x206, 371521021_813889130428035_8444…)

No. 1891965

Dillan Matthew Morgan (Plagued Moth) is an Edgy Youtuber in his 30s known for making reviews of NSFL content mostly gore videos and infamous violent cp where he mocks and blames the unfortunate victims and comes off as total deplorable piece of shit.

He has recently come under heavy scrutiny and rage for selling videos of underage victims being brutalised on patreon along to uncencored reviews for his fanbase after another creator called 'Creepy reading' reported his content to patreon and got his account nuked this made Dillan go on multiple unhinged twitter rants bragging about 'profiting off of dead people' and telling the haters to 'deal with it'.
Unable to take criticism our Edgelord used his LGBTQ identity as 'gender fluid' as a reason for the hate he recieved and frequently uses his kids health issues for sympathy points and E-begging when things don't go his way.

Social Media Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheGoreGod?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Creepy Reading's video of Plagued Moth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbpcX4A7jxA

No. 1891966


No. 1891967

My favourite part about the Plagued Moth drama is that everyone who is trying to call him out is a complete autist. He's like a vortex of milk. Lazy Bedhead is so terminally online that she handles this really serious topic by dressing up as a fucking gnome for her they/them uwu goblin aesthetic and at one point says something to the effect of "it's weird that his entire fanbase didn't immediately turn on him the second his allegations came out" as if normal people aren't going to handle allegations with an ounce of thought or skepticism(sage your shit)

No. 1891968

agree. they all moralfag about him "selling" gore that can easily found on the clearnet instead of mocking him for being a tasteless, money hungry, trailer trash edge lord.

No. 1891969

File: 1693595495015.png (220.63 KB, 996x405, andrea.png)

His wife is just as much of an unhinged lolcow as he is tweeting this to a 17 year old.Kek at her username she must have lost brain cells due to being with a retard scrote that flirts with younger girls on discord 24/7 and taking care of his 7 kids lol

No. 1891971

It's super fucking annoying how these losers pull out their kids as some kinda pathetic cop out
>Noooo you can't criticize me i have seven kiiiids feel bad for me and give me your money
>Brags about making lots of money off of mocking the death and pain of children
Classic breeder bs.

No. 1891990

She's unironically exactly the kind of woman who would be with Plague- poly fat wiccan who is only 1 Jack Skellington tattoo away from being a complete stereotype

No. 1892006

Remember anons, never ever trust a man that's this obsessed with gore and shock videos (not to mention the cp).

No. 1892008

>burzum hoodie
like clockwork

No. 1892083

Dear god finally a thread about this retard. The whole true crime 'community' is scum but he's the worst of them all.

No. 1892144

File: 1693625107623.jpeg (328.04 KB, 828x1049, IMG_5373.jpeg)

archive of the thread from the other farm


No. 1892148

breeders are just complete and utter narcissists. they don't care about children in general, they just want their genes to proliferate through their own spawn. they are always more depraved than any people I've known without kids. living in this world and knowing how horrible it is yet still choosing to pump out 7 kids is the most evil act possible.

No. 1892156

Shit thread, you could bring up way more shit than this. Try again nona

No. 1892181

This thing has kids???

No. 1892182

thanks for making this thread OP! I'd been reading up on him on kf but i really prefer spending time here.

No. 1892251

>burzum shirt
>the most plastic braid-in dreadlocks ever
imagine being such a low form of human that obsessing over gore and cp is your most "interesting" trait, what a retard

No. 1892279

>unironically using the term breeder

No. 1892281

They're not his but his wife's from a previous marriage he just uses them for clout

No. 1892287

He gives off major Varg vibes tbh the lack of empathy,the delusions of grandeur,the snark,the unhinged rants and acting like an Edgelord despite being a grown ass man with seven kids and can't forget thirsting over younger girls they're so similar it's uncanny.

No. 1892291

There's so much more that can be mentionned but i tried to summarize as much as possible and i lack the autism to write a whole article on this moid and what he did.There are some autistic creators that made 2 hours long videos compiling all his shit or most of it. Here's one:

No. 1892294

Ok breeder.(retardation)

No. 1892296

>Mention of him lying about watching DD while he actually watched it on 4chan 'on accident'
I don't believe the 'accident' part one bit.This deranged scrote was totally digging for that video he should have been in jail.(learn to sage)

No. 1892299

Can't believe he has the nerv to call his haters 'cucks' while paying for another man's dozen kids lmfao

No. 1892302

File: 1693658753521.jpg (20.63 KB, 250x422, 2ada3b0a063715081da933d62a74db…)

>Stay poor and miserable
Said he proudly boasting about making money off of selling videos of his crusty greasy haired self laughing at third world children dying and suffering.

No. 1892304

File: 1693658943921.jpg (19.08 KB, 250x351, fc79ced7635d5caa25bcca548c520d…)

OMG lmao she's totally unhinged

No. 1892311

File: 1693659887390.jpg (13.66 KB, 250x341, e41ee62d18e4f1685ba49a4b5cd04f…)

They look like mom and son

No. 1892314

File: 1693660534409.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.45 KB, 250x337, 361a695fd6b4632ee31ae65c4582d0…)

No. 1892380

>Oh I'm definitely a whore, whore for moth's dick
I wish I could unread this

No. 1892395

No shit

No. 1892403

>Varg vibes
Hm I think pakichan will love this guy.

No. 1892450

File: 1693680697199.png (223.6 KB, 225x323, Screenshot_5365.png)

Stolen from kf but this allegedly what andrea looked like

No. 1892460

No. 1892480

The hair line is so different tho, did she get so fat she grew a widows peak?

No. 1892526

That's his wife, keep up

No. 1892580

File: 1693691529291.png (48 KB, 328x235, image_2023-09-03_075340367.png)

Good to know she hasn't changed since 2013.
It's fully the Twits "ugly thoughts" effect in action.

No. 1892612

This greasy cuck is the most insufferable moid on youtube.He calls anyone that remotely criticizes him poor and sends his retarded underage fans after them while he can't even keep his kid alive without E-begging every week.

No. 1892626

So happy to see a thread on him! He always struck me as an edgy snowflake, watching cp mix tapes and showing that death by brick video and then e-begging for her daughter’s medical bills or some shit I can’t remember.

No. 1892628

>Unable to take criticism our Edgelord used his LGBTQ identity as 'gender fluid' as a reason for the hate he recieved

Ah so hes pulling a jim sterling, who likes to blame supposed transphobia for the hate he gets and not the content of his videos.

Yeah this was why I was on the fence about this because it was hard to know the truth of the situation. Glad he at least got his own thread now.

No. 1892682

How can he review cp and not end up in jail?

No. 1892696

He reviews it based on descriptions of the videos available on the clearnet without actually watching them.He straight up lied about not watching Daisy's destruction tho and was exposed after his discord got leaked and screenshots of him admitting to watching it 'on accident' which is also a fucking lie as you really need to dig for it, he played the trailer/intro to that video on his own content and used pics of that deranged scrote scully on multiple thumbnails to get views.

No. 1892845

File: 1693744660532.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 221.36 KB, 1513x739, thumbnail.jpeg)

[warning, spoilered image is Junko Furuta in plagued moths thumbnails]
Ty for linking the video, I watched it, a couple of points

>lazy bedhead is wrong about plagued moth changing the thumbnail of his video of Junko. He has another video of her corpse in the thumbnail and, fucking jumpscare, this video was recommended to me after I watched your linked video although this one looks like its from a horror film. Im only posting here for evidence, I get really touchy about the Junko case so seeing another fucker exploit her in death makes me rage.

>I looked into the comments on this video and a few people point out the video where he is being flippant about a woman being stomped to death is actually that of a 15yr old girl. I wouldnt be surprised if the reason he came out as nonbinary was to dodge the accusations of misogyny as this seems to be a pattern lately.

>I dont know what daisies destruction is apart from its a gore video but given all the previous evidence I really dont believe he saw it on accident and totally that he would search something like this out.

No. 1892849

The photo on the left is the real photo of Junku's corpse.
Daisy is a super illegal violent child porn video you would go to jail and have to register as a sex offender if you view it or get caught looking for it PM is a fucking pedo at this point even his discord mods were underage one of them was 14 and he was flirting with girls there and getting nudes until his ugly ass turtle neck wife found out and got big mad it's rich how he calls people 'cucks' and 'pedos' when he is a mix of both.

No. 1892854

Yes I should have been clearer the one in the short appears to be from a horror movie, its been confirmed the one on the left is indeed real.
Also youtube is recommending him a bit too much, I ended up coming across his channel last year because I viewed one of those iceberg videos on another. The fucking nerve of him to have a video complaining about youtube selling gore to minors when thats clearly projection is unreal.

No. 1892856

He's a master of projection.
>Digs for chid porn online and watches a part of it
>Let's underage fans join his discord where he cooms and flirts
>Calls those who oppose him pedos
>Sends his retarded fanbase after creators and tells them to better 'watch out' while mentionning where they live
>Moans about how the meanie haters are targetting his family
>Is paying for another man's kids
>Calls people who don't agree with him cucks
>Uses his bullshit LGTBQ identity as a shield
>Says creepy reading is using his autism as a shield
>Sells gore videos on patreon for minors
>Waaaahhhh youtube is selling gore to kids i'm such a good person for calling them out

Notice a pettern?

No. 1892860

i always found him super weird! i didnt know about this stuff, very akin to discord-admin edgelord pedos ive stumbled across online. his videos are shit at best and the only draw is the shock factor. his editing and storytelling is all over the place and his videos are difficult to watch, its just him going on unhinged deepdives as he hides his boner

No. 1892873

>I dont know what daisies destruction is apart from its a gore video but given all the previous evidence I really dont believe he saw it on accident and totally that he would search something like this out.

I wouldn’t be surprised.
People here keep bringing up Daisy’s destruction, but I’m surprised that no one brings up Amber Alert. Sure, it’s not as notorious, but it’s a disgusting ‘mixtape’ of actual CA and CSA, and it apparently had a scene from DD. He did a whole “react” to it, that I think you can watch full on his Patreon.

It’s like, I get that he’s edgy, but for a guy who has kids, at least taking care of them, or being bothered by CA, claiming that he’s been through it- he would be a little more tactful about the topic or avoid it all together

No. 1892876

even if you started watching it without knowing what it was, you would immediately realize when they literally start raping a baby and shut it off. total bullshit.

No. 1892883

>moid claims to have been abused
>moid watches CP and gore to “make content”
Why do the biggest pedo creeps always try to hide behind fake “I was abused!!!!!1!!” Claims? Every fucking time. I rarely believe it when a scrote claims to have experienced CSA tbh. This fucking disgusting man makes me want to alog so bad he needs to be permabanned from YouTube and other platforms. I’m sure it will come out soon that he’s been abusing his step kids and his fat creep pickme wife prob willingly allows it. Sage for rage sperging ig

No. 1892894

I don't know how there's people who defend this retard. You can see by his videos alone that he's a dumpster truck on fire. He thinks he's so edgy by laughing while watching gore and acknowledging it's fucked up to laugh at gore but he doesn't care, but i'm pretty sure that if this same thing was done by a person that is truly respectful and truly knows what they are doing, it would be much much better than whatever the fuck this fat misogynistic retarded fuck is doing.

He says he's gender fluid JUST BECAUSE HE'S EXTREMELLY MISOGYNISTIC EVERY SINGLE MOMENT HE'S ABLE TO. There's a woman dying? This piece of shit will say she somehow deserved, did something to deserve, did something wrong, "why she was in this place?", all those types of victim blaming phrases that really only this disgusting ass whale could use. His wickedness shows through the fact that he's unable to use such a strong theme like gore and everything that is most disturbing and disgusting in the world to make something truly interesting. Can you see he has the mind of a 12 year old boy? With the body of an old disgusting hairy fat metalhead that probably cooms to scat hentai.

And let's not talk about how him being "genderfluid" only because he has seem too much porn and is semi-autogynephilic. Genderfluid my fucking ass.

No. 1892896

>picture on the left is a real picture of her corpse
No it’s not. Its a still from a movie.

No. 1892901

You can find the intro to it easily, its not illegal and there is no nudity or physical abuse involved in it, there are also a bunch of censored stills from it that got released in the Philippines media and again they’re not hard to find or illegal. But yeah I don’t doubt he’s an edgy 4chan user and legit pedophile who regularly watches gore and CP.

No. 1892908

Nope it's her real photo on the right not the left.The one on the left is from a movie called concrete.
I hate this mf for making me save this shit but here's the real pic he used a black and white version to avoid youtube demonitize it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1892964

Lazy Bedhead is so hard to watch. She literally censors the word "kiwifarms" in the same way she censors words like "murder" and "rape", she literally puts kiwifarms on the same level as snuff (but of course she has no problem using screenshots from his thread to make content and using it for all her research)

No. 1892972

She's ugly and cringe af but she's the only one autistic enough to document all this moid's milky behaviour aside from Kiwifarms

No. 1892983

Curious, do the scrotes on kiwifarms try to defend him/mitigate his nastiness bc they relate? I know it happens all the time over there with other disgusting male cows, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they did it for him too. Don’t visit those farms myself tho, i tried once when lolcow was down and it was just a cesspool. I legit don’t believe for a second he doesn’t have a hard drive full of the vilest shit on earth that he jerks it to. Also him being a GamerSupps partner says it all. Their products are trash kek

No. 1892998

his kiwifarms thread hates him. Everything Lazy Bedhead says is all from kiwiscrotes putting together evidence of what's going on with Moth, plus I actually don't think I've seen a kf thread spawn that many a-logs in a long time

No. 1893003

If you check out the archive of the kiwifarms thread >>1892144
All the comments are against him the only ones retarded enough to support him are his edgy kids fanbase paypigs and some deranged neckbreads who get off to the shit he posts.

No. 1893004

kek and only after tweeting @ GFuel over and over again with no response

No. 1893007

he really tried to blame a 17 year old girl (bianca devins) for getting her throat slit by some disgusting obsessed moid by going off of the killers mugshot, saying “geez ladies have some common sense, if a guy looks like this, don’t go out with him!”, if he had done his research he would’ve known that the mugshot wasn’t recent and the dude did not look like that when he murdered bianca, as if it even fucking mattered. his “commentary” is bullshit. oh, and plagued faggot has a daughter, too. god help her.

No. 1893009

>He E-begged so much by making a subscribeStar account and a buy me a coffee page
>After months of E-begging he made a half assed thank you post to his retarded fanbase of teens
Why do these spastics keep giving this loser money ? where are their parents?

No. 1893019

File: 1693771938825.jpeg (287.74 KB, 828x1472, B348FC7C-7D25-41D6-9CA2-43F4A2…)

one of his retard fans wrote this fanfic about him and Mutahar, I guess to try and draw his attention to plagued moth

sage cause it’s not even funny to read, it just exists to be bait and SEO

No. 1893023

Why did you show this to me ugh there is nothing worse than RPF fanfic but this is another level kek

No. 1893223

Being obsessed with csam and gore is fine but being an evil transphobe is way too far

No. 1893253

No. 1893255

File: 1693837118300.jpg (6.76 KB, 194x259, ement.jpg)

Greasy 30 year old trailer trash cuck with soulless blank eyes wants to sell your kid merch about a video of a man with his face flayed, hands cut off, and eyes gouged out being tortured by a Mexican cartel while having adrenaline injected into him so he feels the pain kek

No. 1893277

That's part of the problem why Lazy Bedhead was probably the worst person to be the only one to cover Moth extensively. When someone puts transphobia and kiwifarms on the same level as very illegal very evil material he allegedly has, they are objectively too stupid to be involved with actual serious matters

No. 1893352

I think she might just be playing it safe with keeping her videos monetized. Kiwifarms is considered quite controversial on mainstream social media, so I wouldn't be surprised if YouTube is strict about creators discussing it. She said in one of the PM videos that you can get the uncensored version on her Patreon or something, so it's clear she's not censoring out of her own preference.

No. 1893361

Her censoring kiwifarms like its a form of violent crime was the most retarded thing I had seen today honestly.

No. 1893366

They act as if not pandering to troons is the most horrible thing a human can do lmfao how come they don't censor 4chan ? that site is full of scrotes who legit hate women and is responsible for many murders and cp leaks the whole thing is so fucking retarded as if a bunch of unhinged perverted moids larping as women are more imporant than actual women

No. 1893369

Ayrt I'd be inclined to agree with you if not for exactly what >>1893366 said. She's more than happy to leave 4chan uncensored despite all the actual irl shit that has happened with 4chan in the past, but kiwifarms is notorious specifically for being transphobic. She's just retarded

No. 1893371

File: 1693869983353.jpg (93.5 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>She's retarded
No shit she has they/she as her pronouns and wears fucking elf ears.
Too bad the only popular content creator that covered this shit show was that fugly incel Turkey Tom and he did a shit job at it too by hosting a debate between Dillan and creepy reading instead of doing a commentary video on the situation

No. 1893446

At least the debate was funny. It was like watching two kids try to murder eachother with foam swords, haven't had a good dose of lolcow cringe like that in a long time

No. 1893461

Wtf is this real? I know he would react to mixtapes that were proven to actually involve audio from CP but I never knew he straight up admitted to watching fucking Daisy's destruction? Do you have the discord screenshot btw, I would honestly not be surprised though because he's such a nasty pedo faggot.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1893494

It's 100% real lazy shows the screenshots in this video >>1892291 of him saying he watched it on his discord

No. 1893701

about time this fag got a thread. weren't there allegations of his discord server being a cesspit, with minors able to easily access nsfw channels of his fans posting nudes?
ok nona this got a chuckle out of me

No. 1893854

File: 1694000393099.png (1.04 MB, 1457x752, deletedvideos.png)

His wife deleted all of her retarded witchcraft videos on youtube

No. 1893856

File: 1694000715274.png (637.64 KB, 966x682, uggo.png)

His wife is so fucking ugly and unfortunate looking i legit thought she was a tranny before i knew she had kids lmao i know Dillan looks like a trailer park metalhead junkie that never showers but this bitch is just so damn ugly my eyes hurt not to mention how unhinged she is chimping out on underage people on twitter and tiktok kek

No. 1893859

File: 1694001324099.png (Spoiler Image, 799.59 KB, 1091x761, deranged).png)

I love how he's talking about youtube removing a video that has a thumbnail of an injured person about to get murdered as if they're trying to " uwu silence me " and not because it's a distressing disrespectul thumbnail not suitable for a mainstream platform.He's so fucking scummy and shameless

No. 1893860

Shave that dog and teach it to hunt.

No. 1893861

i hate her nostalgia critic-tier skits thrown in a serious videous about a sick fuck watching cp and proffiting off children and women dying in horrible ways. I had to click off when she started with that cringy spiderverse bullshit that was completly unnecessary and genuinely off-putting considering it was right after the DD stuff. She's not as bad as moth but she's as attention whoreish and annoying, i hate her.

No. 1893862

This dude's commitment to free speech absolutism and spreading shock content is so upsetting, I hope his kids never see or find out about his YouTube channel but I know that's wistful thinking

No. 1893863

Right?? what sane person whould include those cringe worthy unfunny skits talking about such morbid shit ? she's as autistic and retarded as one gets

No. 1893866

>I hope his kids never see or find out about his YouTube channel
Take a long hard look at that retard and his unhinged uggo wife do you really think their spawn isn't going to turn out as bad or worse? they even home school them ffs i bet their troon passing mum teaches them about wiccan witchcraft when she's not on her keyboard harrassing people half her age on twitter and ~ defending her huwsbaaand ~

No. 1893869

The thought of those two shagging is nightmare fuel yikes

No. 1893871

I seriously believe this guy is going to lead to Youtube implementing more censorship. Once it hits big news that some edgy guy in a maid outfit is allowed to proffit off torture videos the big mainstream corporations are going to start pulling off ads again. All thanks to this fucker and his greed.

No. 1893897

It already did vice made an article about the deranged gore watchers and mentionned him only he couldn't pull the 'you're just jealous of how much money i make' or the transphobia card like he usually does.One of the most cowish things about him have to be how he brags about making 10k on patreon even tho it's not even stable and 10k is nothing when you're supporting 7 damn kids with one special needs one and a beach whale his lack of self awareness is fucking hilarious lol

No. 1894122


He's not even a free speech absolutist, unless it pertains to him. Another Youtuber said he looked "weird" in his maid outfit and Moth chimped out and accused him of being 'transphobic".

No. 1894168

Tom Kaulitz lookin ass

No. 1894189

Take that ugly thing out back and shoot it

No. 1894217

Funniest and most humiliating thing this retard did was come out as genderfluid or whatever the fuck he identifies as. Totally not a way to shield himself from the multiple serious allegations kek
And the bad thing is that the retards that follow him ate this shit up and nobody questioned any of this.

No. 1895751

File: 1694300937165.png (55.69 KB, 565x348, image (1).png)

Sir you are not fit for Taco Bell

No. 1895758

>calls people fat and ugly and old
i don't know which is more tragic and funny the fact that the person who wrote this unhinged rant looks like this >>1893856 or the fact that plagued moth got banned from taco bell kek

No. 1895882

What the fuck is going on here? What did Jack Sparrow do when he was 9? Why is Plagued Moth banned from Taco Bell? Who is a whore with a retarded dad?

No. 1895932

Reads like something from that internet ramblings thread in /ot/, what is she on kek. She is so much more entertaining though, Dillan is just gross but at least she's funny in a tard way.

No. 1897922

His wife has proven she's definitely a cow at this point

No. 1897990

Does she have a mental disability? She talks so strange, either illegible or monotone.

No. 1898018


these fucking losers have 5 children? one that sits on his ass all day making depraved gore reactions on the internet and… this one who just by looking at her, I'd wager doesn't have a respectable job, either?

No. 1898034

>I'd wager doesn't have a respectable job
Her job is lighting a green candle with sigils for money carved into it judging by her appearance and demeanor

No. 1898083

They have 7 kids lmao most from andrea's previous relationships which is not a surprise as the lower a woman's IQ is the more kids she has not to mention her unhinged rants and the kind of scrote she's with.She's a total retard

No. 1898284

She claims to be diagnosed bipolar but doesn't believe in the diagnosis. So she does yoga and manifests.

No. 1898342

File: 1694735470795.jpeg (226.69 KB, 828x551, IMG_5412.jpeg)

No. 1898346

lmao exact reason I came here

Andrea marries twice by 26 and has a bunch of kids. Salvages it by picking up a 17 year old and molding him into their dad.

No. 1898353

idk you need some level of intelligence to manipulate a teenage boy into raising your kids from like 5 different babydaddies kek

No. 1898357

good looks Nona! thank you for the video link

No. 1898390

in that case probably undiagnosed aspergers/autistic. super common for undiagnosed autistic people to have massive highs and lows that are misinterpreted as bipolar. with the odd, monotone speech pattern and being dx'd bipolar at some point but having doubts it was the right fit because the meds made them even more crazy, there's a good chance they're just on the spectrum or something.

autism is a hell of a lot more common than actual bipolar. obv most aspergers women from her generation never got diagnosed as kids and just become super unstable. and when you don't know the mood swings are coming stuff like sensory overload, autistic rage, burn out, special interest euphoria, weird cyclical sleeping patterns, obsessive behaviors and all the rest are just coming from autism, it can seem like the mood swings are "random" and be mistaken for actual bipolar episodes. plus usually untreated autism just gets more extreme as you age so more difficulties appear in your 20s-30s. that's the onset for actual bipolar so it's easily mixed.

some psychiatrists don't understand how aspergers women mask a lot of their autism so if the chick is fairly polite and sociable they convince themselves it has to be bipolar, unfortunately. once had a male psychiatrist claim that if a woman has been married or in a committed relationship for 10 years, it's very doubtful she's autistic. which is just insane. you see this with undiagnosed adhd women as well, a lot of doctors push the bipolar thing and get it wrong tbh. all this medical sperg is for you girls to be aware since most of us are probably at least a little spectrumy. i genuinely want to spread the advice: ask your doctor to really look into adhd or autism combined with processed trauma, before diving head first into lithium pills that shit is brutal when you don't actually need it and antipsychotics when you don't need them can MAKE you experience psychosis instead(medfagging)

No. 1898407

17 isn’t legal sure but it is old enough for common sense. Just what was this woman doing talking to a 17 year old and how did he think it was a good idea to go out with her? She seems so unwell

No. 1898430

all this blogging and you're probably self-diagnosed

No. 1898524

There's so much e-begging in her post history.

https://www.reddit.com/user/knullemora666/(this is an imageboard. post caps)

No. 1898559

I hate bringing this up in a thread because I don't consider this kind of information to be gossip, but Moth has been pretty open in several videos that he was abused throughout his childhood. It's not totally out of the realm of possibility that a teenager with that kind of background will form unusual relationships like this. It's well documented behaviour in victims of abuse and it's quite upsetting to think about

No. 1898580

I thought they only had one kid, the one with diabetes that was hospitalized a while back. He only talks about this one kid every time he's being "harassed" because "they're attacking my family" so I had no idea they had more. Probably using the poor girl for pity. This is bleak kek taking care of 7 kids with a retarded wife is just a punishment for being an edgelord.

No. 1898598

An ugly ass haggard wife too. I legit thought she was a troon at first kek but yeah i can almost feel sorry for Dillan having to deal with that ugly unhinged bitch and her retarded kids even a greasy edglord moid like him can do much better than that

No. 1898601

He's really insecure and has self image issues cause even the ugliest oldest moids say hell no to dating single moms especially one as ugly and insane as andrea. I think she's the master mind behind his money horny behavior and e-begging cause she's lazy and fat and won't get a job so she uses him to support her many crotch goblins.

No. 1898813

As much as their behaviour is deplorable, at the heart of this drama is a little girl who needs medical support to survive, and I kinda hate that the drama took a turn where they're no longer getting that stable income from their patreon anymore. Ebegging is annoying yes but it's better than a child dying

No. 1898814


If they cared about their child they would get sustainable and reliable work.(sage your shit)

No. 1898832

Kys pos scrote

Two pos deserve each other only feel bad for the kids.

No. 1898836

ayrt and while I agree I also understand that a job isn't just going to fall in this mfers lap. Realistically speaking, with his doxxx attached to all the weird shit, what reliable job is he getting? Every factory, Starbucks, office job, or whatever, is going to see some very sus shit the moment they run a background check on him. The medical treatment apparently costs thousands. Don't have ill will for the kid just because her parents are a car crash, she's a little girl

No. 1898877

He's still E-begging on other platforms.Their FEMALE kids need to be taken away from them cause they sure as hell can't afford them and i doubt they get any education since they're being homeschooled by a full blown retard

>>1898836 You have no idea wtf you're talking about even meth heads and felons can find work as construction workers or something along the lines him and his wife just don't want to get real jobs and enjoy E-begging and selling kids gore videos instead.Like the other anon said they would get jobs if they gave a shit about the kids instead they just use them for petty points when they get into hot water you should be glad their patreon was nuked and they can no longer profit off of children's pain and women getting brutally murdered but that takes rational thingking and a lot of people are incaple of that.Their constant bragging about money and calling people broke was super cringe and annoying too so they can get fucked

No. 1898881

These ebegging creeps do use “poor” as an insult pretty often, don’t they? I feel terrible for the girls.

No. 1898885

It's the saddest thing about this shitshow.Seems like the worst kinds of people breed the most.

No. 1898915

he's a moid, he can work in the mines 23 hours a day and send the money back to his family. That would both fix the issue of the money for treatment and bears us all from his disgusting retarded videos

No. 1899273

Meth heads and felons aren't usually well known as child snuff enthusiasts who attract a-log shenanigans wherever they go. A construction company isn't going to keep Moth if they're getting a dozen phonecalls a day from rogue twitter retards and TCR discord gayops

No. 1899462


Sounds like you should offer him a job since you understand the chomo's plight.(unsaged non-contribution)

No. 1899501

I care very little about Moth himself, nobody does. I care about the potential for a kid to die if there's no income to support medical bills. Never punish kids for having retard parents, this isn't a difficult thing to wrap your head around no matter how bad either of them are

No. 1899571

It wont let me embed the YouTube link but here is the condensed milk from this 2 hour stream Plague Moth just did addressing recent allegations and drama
>slimebeast made gun threats against Andrea, says later in stream that he gave evidence to the police
>Plague Moth was groomed by a girlfriend he had prior to his wife when he was 13
>Plague Moth met his wife at work, denies grooming, claims the grooming allegations against Andrea is because she has older kids from a previous relationship
>Lazy Bedhead has a boyfriend that had to leave the internet
does anybody know what the drama is there? She seems to have a boyfriend going by RylakonKing online who was in one of her videos in January 2023. His Twitter is private and judging by posts interacting with him there hasn't been any engagement since 2018. At 1:24:39 claims the boyfriend had to delete all his internet presence very abruptly and implies he might be a sexual predator
>claims Scaretheatre has accused Plague Moth of predicting the Ronnie McNut suicide
>Plague 'criticism against me is transphobia' Moth says using autism as an excuse is essentially snowflake behaviour, moments later claiming the Starfield gender drama is "queerphobic"
>Slimebeast is accusing Andrea of trying to be a black woman
>Lazy Bedhead is apparently a Kiwifarms user (I am sceptical that this is just referencing her using his thread as a source of info about him or if she is a CreepshowArt case waiting to happen)
>Savox is racist or something idk

No. 1899578

>implies he might be a sexual predator
huh, what did he mean by this? he called CR a pedo for liking the photo of a grown woman who looked vaguely underage and was completly clothed, so it seems his defense mechanism is calling everyone a pedo/sex pest, minus his groomer wife ofcourse

No. 1899614


>slimebeast made gun threats against Andrea, says later in stream that he gave evidence to the police

Did he show it?

>Plague Moth was groomed by a girlfriend he had prior to his wife when he was 13

So he's diverting and trying to confuse his viewers about Andrea grooming him at 17.

>Plague Moth met his wife at work, denies grooming, claims the grooming allegations against Andrea is because she has older kids from a previous relationship

Sounds stupid as fuck. The evidence is clear that she started dating him in her 20s when he wasn't 18 yet.

>Lazy Bedhead has a boyfriend that had to leave the internet

Bedhead's video said he had no internet presence to begin with and didn't use his accounts. Any proof shown?

>Slimebeast is accusing Andrea of trying to be a black woman

Slimebeast showed another AndreaM38, which is a username she used once, and asked if all Andrea Morgans are her because they've claimed other people named Chris are Slimebeast. Again sounds like he's trying to confuse his viewers.

>Lazy Bedhead is apparently a Kiwifarms user

He uses KiwiFarms user as a slur so no surprise there.

>Savox is racist or something idk

Edgelords cannibalizing edgelords. You love to see it.

No. 1899635

>Bedhead's video said he had no internet presence to begin with and didn't use his accounts. Any proof shown?
He didn't seem to delve into it. Lazy Bedhead is a relatively small creator, I imagine if there was some kind of scandal with Rylakonking then it's probably not documented on somewhere like LCF or the farms. A handful of people are saying that he had to one day up, delete everything, and stay off the internet. I'm not a fan of Dillon but everyone involved in this seems to have pedo or loli sketchy shit going on plus never put it past a genderspecial to be hiding a degenerate boyfriend

No. 1899855


> A handful of people are saying

Who and where?

No. 1899860

Their kid isn't going to die if they stopped E-begging and being human trash online you fucking retard stop pulling excuses out of your ass to defend these lolcows their child needs to be taken away so if you care about her call their local CPS on them. Those two can get regular jobs they just need to get offline and not dox their work place.

No. 1899865

>slimebeast made gun threats against Andrea, says later in stream that he gave evidence to the police
Refuses to share evidence and from his ugly ass wife's super unhinged behavior i wouldn't blame someone for wanting to shoot her point blank she's been harrassing anyone that remotely says anything negative about him and calling them poor including literal underage teens.
>Plague Moth met his wife at work, denies grooming, claims the grooming allegations against Andrea is because she has older kids from a previous relationship
Except people are calling her a groomer cause she hooked up with an underage boy while being a grown ass adult with kids.
>Lazy Bedhead has a boyfriend that had to leave the internet
>Lazy Bedhead is apparently a Kiwifarms user (I am sceptical that this is just referencing her using his thread as a source of info about him or if she is a CreepshowArt case waiting to happen)
Is fucking irrelevant since she was right about everything she said about him. He won't address anything she said cause he knows it's true so he had to distract by spreading baseless accusations.

>Lazy Bedhead is apparently a Kiwifarms user (I am sceptical that this is just referencing her using his thread as a source of info about him or if she is a CreepshowArt case waiting to happen)

Most of his milk was documented on kiwi farms so no shit she had to go there to collect info. I don't even like her but he's so full of shit his fans must be all retarded kids to be eating up his bs and lies.

No. 1900454

> Refuses to share evidence
Moth gave slimebeast's twitter at the end of his stream so lo and behold its suspended now funny how that also hides the proof there were no threats on his account

No. 1900494

He said in his stream he gave the evidence over to the police. Kinda curious what he handed over

No. 1900604

Slimebeast is still free and posting videos so I guess it wasn't that damning.(sage)

No. 1900635

Eh I don't believe he actually did this. Probably posturing to sound badass

No. 1901409

People go outside to record when their house is too much of a mess to show publicly. Bad look. She would've been better off sitting in Moth's gamer chair for this.(sage your shit)

No. 1901436

File: 1695240138283.jpg (142.29 KB, 1098x338, 20230920_212847.jpg)

>She would've been better off sitting in Moth's gamer chair for this
Yeah, they fortified the walls of the gamer chair room with giant boxes for extra protection. The moth bunker

No. 1901682


Can guarantee he didn't hand over anything. Moth and Andrea constantly just makes shit up. They have pretty much never provided any proof to any of the claims they've made about anything.
Andrea said she didn't want to show proof because then she would "give away her sources", but that goes out the window if they have a police report filed. And yet still, nothing.

No. 1901686

nigger butts tbqhfam(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1901819

I can smell the photo on the left. These two losers have no jobs yet still can't clean their house they're super mentally ill.

No. 1902010

File: 1695331502923.png (296.6 KB, 1080x2005, Screenshot_20230921-162322.png)

No. 1902257

Is this definitely him? If he really has been with Andrea since he was 17 (or 18 as he claims), then he would have been charged with domestic violence as a minor

No. 1902370

File: 1695397665090.jpg (647.48 KB, 1170x1580, IMG_5439.jpg)

I was pretty skeptical it was him, until his dumbass wife basically all but confirmed it

No. 1902371

File: 1695397796938.jpeg (209.78 KB, 1290x410, F906F014-FA11-4A91-AB45-96557D…)

Their poor fucking kids, I can't imagine how damaging growing up with these two losers must be.

No. 1902376

Wife also has a YouTube channel with plenty of embarrassing videos
As well as an Etsy where she used to sell Tarot readings (nothing for sale currently)

No. 1902387

This man's ego knows no bounds. It's hard to fathom a grown man with multiple children behaving this way with no sense of shame or humility. I feel so sorry for those kids. It doesn't take a lot of effort to dig disgusting videos up and react to them on yt with very little editing done in the process. Calling it right now. One day we'll hear about this pos getting arrested for having cp and grooming minors. He'll get his channel terminated and we'll have to hear his fat wife defend him on her own cringe channel

No. 1902504

File: 1695413995086.png (29.87 KB, 599x240, xPo8yNxm.png)

He's currently being accused of grooming already. Children on his discord being allowed to post nudes the second they turn 18 and moth himself talking sexually with an underaged moderator of his.

No. 1902619

File: 1695427781287.png (47.86 KB, 1581x509, Screenshot_9967.png)

From the other farms, the man is so much like Onision

No. 1902711

File: 1695441248799.png (19.89 KB, 604x225, umm.png)

I hope no one minds if I post a few more images from the other farms. I just can't believe how cowish this moid is

No. 1902714

File: 1695441429586.png (25.2 KB, 600x401, 16176794d48a175af17aba22df8296…)

Can't parent or work for a living, but can spend all their time being jackasses online

No. 1902715

File: 1695441571926.png (104.7 KB, 598x989, 1686579780304.png)

Too broke for daughter's insulin but sending cease & desists to other YouTubers.

No. 1902723

File: 1695443069677.png (155.72 KB, 678x842, 150_2.png)

Falls for an MLM scheme and ebegs to recover from the lesson.

No. 1902725

File: 1695443356812.png (334.38 KB, 683x519, 148_1.png)

A now deleted post from his subreddit.

No. 1903949

My favorite part about the discord drama is how his wife got mad when she found out he was flirting with underage girls on there and told him to stop instead of dumping him like a woman with self worth would cause she needs him to pay for all them kids.Lmfao talk about pathetic

No. 1904283

I'm calling that Slimebeast is an FBI plant. He comes up with shit out of seemingly nowhere and it never comes up as forged and always gets backed up as real. Where is he getting it? If he's researching everything himself himself that's even more telling. He says he's lived in the southern USA for 30 years but he has a New York accent. He has hundreds of thousands of dollars off of two unpopular YouTube channels and Amazon books with few reviews? It doesn't add up. I call government Agent Provocateur.

No. 1910559

>I'm calling that Slimebeast is an FBI plant
I recall Mr Metokur saying a while back that breadtubers are probably fed plants since most of their content is lackluster and very artificial in terms of how it came about. That the anti skeptic push was organic when they came up but the explosion that follower was completely astroturfed

>inb4 sage your shit

No. 1910583

Why the fuck are you watch Metokur? Are you a man?

No. 1910595


Not the same anon and not a man but I'd watch Metokur back in the day precisely because of his breadtube videos and other ones about certain parts of internet culture that no one else seemed to be criticizing, at least not in a funny way (my sense of humor is quite moid-like so political incorrectness and even a degree of misogyny don't bother me as long as it tickles my funny bone). I used to like his voice too.

No. 1910600


Whatever a man complains of suffering from in the past should always be understood as a confession of shady at best, criminal at worst things that he is or will do. From cucked guys becoming cheaters even after they find a loyal woman, to diddled boys becoming molester themselves. Men don't have the empathy or inteligence to think, "hm, what I went through was bad enough that I don't want anyone to suffer like I did", or even "I'll make others suffer, but only the ones who hurt others the way I've been hurt". No, they go after innocent people who had NOTHING to do with what they went through. Which is yet one more reason to despise motifs.

No. 1910601


Samefag, "moids" not ”motifs" kek stupid autocorrect

No. 1910989

>Are you a man?

No. 1911014

Moids aren't allowed here.

No. 1911016

Abs and forearms or GTFO(samefagging/responding to bait)

No. 1913288

No. 1913290

also, assuming the mods are females, they probably ugly in a cute way :3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1916450

Dillan has disappeared from the internet for a while. Andrea was talking about him having manic fits. Think he's in jail or the loony bin?

No. 1917206

File: 1697913409097.jpg (203.57 KB, 720x607, Screenshot_20231021_193658_You…)

Lolcow won't let me embed the fucking link
>trafficked a lot to drug dealers by the time he was 3
>his mum tried to murder him by smothering him with a pillow as a toddler
>recently developed an eating disorder, talks about his irl job outside of YouTube
>mentions not being really being able to afford his own medications
>probably not going to be uploading much for the time being
I'm not saying people should never talk about trauma online, but when you're in a position where you have so many a-logs it's unwise to show this kind of vulnerability. It'll be used against him inevitably

No. 1917221

It's always the smug online figures throwing a petty party after they get exposed for the horrible human beings they are.We already knew he had some major issues from his behaviour online.

No. 1917223

He's lying.

No. 1917225

He's lucky af Kiwi farms got shut down they would tear his ass part with this new info.

No. 1917296

For context multiple people are talking about suing him so he's saying he's suffering and has no money now.

No. 1917312

tf are you talking about lol? Kiwifarms been up for months now. The current link is .st and I believe it now works with .net too.

No. 1917360

This. It’s convenient timing for such a lie.

No. 1917415

sounds fake and gay, he's known to lie about watching child snuff why wouldnt he lie about having a sad childhood for sympathy?

No. 1917476

it sound like the typical fake backstory pedos invent to justify their actions when they come out. most pedos lie about being sexually abused as kids

No. 1917584

Suing him for what lmao calling them broke on reddit? the guy is a shady pos but he didn't do anything wrong according to the law.

No. 1917588

>posts trauma story to justify obsession with child abuse material
It's giving Soren vibes

No. 1917595

Fun fact him and his wife are "Poly" KEK they look like your typical poly couple.Fat ugly ass white trash with a bunch of mental illness.

No. 1917606

File: 1697973941573.png (695.82 KB, 824x743, 1697045113558.png)

It's a sob story for E-begging as usual they posted a go fund me seconds later kek the lack of shame

No. 1917632

I gotcha nonna, and for anyone who doesn't want to sit through his greasy pity party:
>lifelong CPTSD, will be on medication for life, mother abused his family
>"by the time i was 3 years old i was trafficked an unknown amount of times to people she (his mother) was associated with for drugs", also trafficked for an unknown reason to a husband
>"my mother tried to get me addicted to drugs and would drug me regularly including with codeine as a child to keep me asleep for an extremely long period of time"
>"i developed a form of stockholm syndrome at that point and was a victim of munchausen's by proxy"
>mother admitted to trying to smother him at 3 years old with a couch pillow
>has nervous breakdowns and manic episodes
>"my wife made a go fund me, i'm not trying to shill that. i would like it to just be shared and make it known because it does add a relief to our finances, after having our income attacked by the fucking usual people, which are still pushing harassment"
>his in person job isn't enough, medications are over 100$ a month, locked into an expensive lease due to his family's size. used to be able to afford these things
>right after talking about the gofundme "i would like to be here for as long as possible if that makes sense. i've just not been able to rest or heal"
>"my whole goal throughout this was to take care of my family and give them a life they deserve" your kids also deserve to live a life without a fathers who entire legacy and personality is revolved around gore but ok
>"i need to heal and i'm scared of the consequences of me not able able to do that"
>shills his subscribe star and buy me a coffee
>more vague suibaiting, more saying he can't quit due to his family and costs of medication/therapy
>"i'm not just nexpoing it up and giving you a video every 6 months i'm really struggling right now "

are you talking about slime?

No. 1917634

File: 1697979693339.png (582.46 KB, 945x958, gofundme.png)

No. 1917638

It’s always people who you can’t understand how they even get laid by one person who are “poly”, isn’t it?

No. 1917642

I knew it. Sociopathic moids never show vulnerability unless it’s a sympathy ploy to distract people or get out of trouble for something. Classic Ted Bundy broken armmaxxing tactic. Except in his case it’s a stupid strategy since he deliberately cultivated an audience with no empathy for human suffering, so idk why he thinks they’d care about his (probably fake) tragic childhood.

No. 1917704

How many kids does he have? He makes it seem like there's a lot of them
And who is TCR mentioned in the gofundme?

No. 1917726

TCR is ThatCreepyReading, another YouTuber

No. 1917739

I believe there are 7 kids, though I think they are biologically only Andrea's and he's their step father (?).

No. 1917746

I think they has 5 kids, I know at least the youngest (the one with diabetes) is his biologically, the second youngest might be his, but definitely the oldest 3 are Andrea's from a previous marriage (since she's a good 10 years older than him and got with him when he was barely 18).

No. 1917790

THIS lmao never seen an attractive non neurodivergent person who's "poly"

No. 1917793

Dead eyes af.Reminder that this thing asked other women for nudes to "enjoy" with his butt ugly crazy wife and moral fagged about using the respecting chris chan's pronouns as a troon cause of muh can't devalue a whole community uwu kek he's such a delusional scrote imagine claiming to be the edgiest youtuber while being this much of a thin skinned snowflake

No. 1917830

You're right defamation doesn't exist.

No. 1917900

lmao he expects us to believe all that bullshit? as if moids dont rape, murder and are heinous human beings in general even though they had perfectly normal average childhoods.

No. 1918145

File: 1698066746079.jpg (53.83 KB, 428x250, 5425489-f4b7883fff5341f7164a19…)

Spastics donated 1k bucks to this scrote instead of telling him to get a real job lmao i can't.

No. 1918147

Thing is he's the one sending C&D to bigger youtubers like savox and lazy masquerade he asked for this shit and the funny part is this mf has beef with savox over him commenting on his maid costume saying it looked weird and he took it as transphobic like the fragile snow flake her truly is kek

No. 1918150

File: 1698068177273.gif (406.55 KB, 498x474, pepe-laugh.gif)

They're Poly yet she chimped out on him for following E-thots on twitter and interacting with them LOL

No. 1918153

File: 1698068874395.mp4 (8.36 MB, 1920x1080, 5075001-e5f7a52e149b525bac93b9…)

>Is unhappy cause he's taking care of another scrote's kids

Did nobody tell this retard that he could choose to be childfree or at least not get with an ugly fat single mom of 5? couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

No. 1918805

>get a job
He mentioned his irl job a handful of times, including in his most recent video. He's smart enough not to accidentally doxx his workplace but I really do wonder what his offline job actually is

No. 1918811

Let me guess, he returns carts left in the parking lot of Walmart?

No. 1920455

No way it's manual outdoor labor. Fry cook or janitor.

No. 1920830

Pretty sure he mentioned being a bug exterminator at one point? But I think that was in reference to past work.

No. 1921609

Who wants his current work address and info?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1921627

No one. We dont dox here

No. 1921639

>fry cook
He said something about being a chef in his steak video. If he's a full on chef that's probably the most unexpected career choice I can think of for him, I assumed it would have been something music related or at least in that sphere

No. 1921674

That would be fucking gross i feel bad for people eating his burgers if he was a fry cook.Scrote is greasy looking af and probably has dick cheese.

No. 1921713

>something music related

Like scalping tickets in front of a venue?

No. 1921780

He used to work at Taco Bell so he probably misrepresents that as a chef job.

No. 1923173

And now Andrea has a new pricing too
How are people this fucking stupid(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1923836

All the donations he got were sent to that ugly fat bitch she seems to be the master mind behind his E-begging and patreon she groomed him to be her paypig and pay for her retarded kids.
>Spent his prime years supporting a crazy ugly fat woman and her kids from a previous marriage and is stuck paying for them
kek some fates are worse than death

No. 1923994

She had two kids when they met at Taco Bell and started dating. They had a son and then she got pregnant again with twins shortly after.

The most interesting thing about that is any time someone criticizes the amount of children they have they always say they had them when they were “financially stable” but judging by their Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook history they have never had a stable living environment and post a GoFundMe once or twice a year.

Really makes you question what they think success and stability is. Probably just not having a negative bank account.

No. 1923995

County clerk records show it was a restraining order only. Paperwork says he kept showing up at her house and threatened to stab her. Not surprised tbh.

No. 1924098

Did you find this online?

No. 1924534

crying about having to take meds for the rest of his life while simultaneously crying and ebegging because his child needs meds for the rest of her life

No. 1924581

I don't know what't more disgusting the fact that these two fucked or the fact that they kept popping out kids they can't afford.They're white trash failures neetbux and think they're too good to actually earn a living kek it's only depressing cause kids are involved these two losers deserve the shit show that is their lives.

No. 1924583

Surprised him and his wife didn't start an onlyfans kek it would be soul destroying to look at those two uggo bang but also hilarious

No. 1924584

wtf this moid is more unhinged than i thought

No. 1942785

dillan morgan is just butthurt from being butt raped(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1943247

File: 1702608564514.jpeg (587.17 KB, 1536x2048, lmJSPrR.jpeg)

could have been a normal dude before Andrea groomed him into taking care of her kids

No. 1943273

File: 1702610598758.jpg (18.74 KB, 360x480, XI5CWEa.jpg)

more from facebook

No. 1943275

File: 1702610727767.jpg (35.66 KB, 540x539, NU6iVY4.jpg)

No. 1943388

Manatee county clerk

No. 1943389

He did have a job at Starbucks but as usual he was victimized in some way per his Reddit history. He shortly joined an MLM after

No. 1952547

Sorry to newfag, but is it true he’s selling CP vids on his patreon? I’m a fan of his, but open to criticism and changing my view(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1952589

>I'm a fan of his
lmao, fuck off

No. 1952591

no where does it anywhere say that he sells or sold cp on patreon, retard

No. 1952635

don't expect farmers to change your views and spoonfeed you, retard. read the thread and learn to think for yourself.

No. 1952662

>I'm not sure this guy isn't selling child porn
>I'm a huge fan of his

No. 1953138

oh this ones easy. of course he's a worthless parasite. look at his content dude(sage your shit)

No. 1959649

No. 1959662

Turkey Tom made a video about Dilan's fake privacy complaints against creators who called him out. He's been schizo messaging him accusing him of being on that creepy reading side and refusing to show evidence of Slimebeat being a pedo lol

No. 1959964

his myspace if photos ever work again


No. 1960957

Video summary:
>Plagued faggot is exposed with evidence in discord talking to a 14 year old about porn when coldraven tells him to boot her out for being a minor plagued faggot instead makes her a mod out of spite
>video clip of plagued faggot saying he would talk about porn and necrophilia with a 5 year old
>screenshots of him admitting to watching an infamous torture cp video "on accident" in 4 chan

No. 1960963

Oh and this faggot and his ogre wife have been spamming any youtuber that talks about them with gore

No. 1961369

File: 1706749397632.jpeg (285.56 KB, 1284x2259, IMG_5357.jpeg)

This edgelord's wife is so deranged lmao Coldraven is puerto rican and she's out there calling him italian slurs it's confirmed that she doesn't have a job at this point with how much times she spends on making unhinged videos defending her faggot husband

No. 1961370

File: 1706749785220.jpg (175.98 KB, 1080x503, 1000006012.jpg)

Forgot to add screenshot.
Btw this piece of shit was moaning about haterz sending him violent threats against his kids turns out he was doing that to anyone that made videos about him

No. 1961473

File: 1706785087812.png (235.21 KB, 600x476, 1706754982638.png)

He sent Lazy Behead stuff like this but with actual gore of women


No. 1961474

I have never wanted someone more cancelled in my life than that faggot.

No. 1961475

File: 1706785404448.jpg (28.2 KB, 750x481, GCKv6KYWEAAn318.jpg)

No. 1961477

he's finally losing it and its fantastic to witness

No. 1961492

>she's a pig
Moth, she is literally the same genre of fat warrior cats fan in a wolf shirt who loves witch larping woman as your wife

No. 1961521

Yeah she's fat but so is his wife kek I hope he realizes it's over for him now.

No. 1961524

Lazy Bedhead is way cuter than his wife lol his wife is troon level ugly

No. 1961586

"I talk to 5 year Olds like that"
That stream was deleted and so was his response video to this video where instead of addressing the accusation he pussy footed around it and made fun of coldravens accent instead

No. 1962080

What a disgusting Y chromosome subhumane someone call cps on this thing and get those girls taken away. Men are the scum of the earth

No. 1963275

File: 1707253795946.png (1.48 MB, 1227x2154, www.youtube.com_@PlaguedMoth_c…)

He's now E-begging to buy a birthday gift for his uggo crazy wife and calling people who report his disgusting videos the "pedo brigade"

No. 1963773

Lazy Bed Head made an appearance on a Luhrix stream last night and made a complete ass out of herself
>immediate long winded rant about how Moth breaks TOS
>when wrangled in and asked about what is morally wrong with Moth does, she launches into a speech about social justice issues in Mexico regarding cartel videos
>"I can't speak on behalf of Mexicans-"
>Luhrix attempts to wrangle her towards talking about the allegations with minors multiple times
>has to force her to make relevant points in the middle of her speeches
>when directly asked about the minors to make her cut to the chase, she literally still doesn't bring up the pedo stuff and is still talking about him showing gore in a Discord
>Luhrix has to force her to say if she is accusing him of watching nonce porn and she literally does everything except answer "yes" or "no", backtracks a huge section of her rant because she wants to avoid answering that question directly
>conversation is steered into the Slimebeast accusations about Moth and DD
>Luhrix is now actively cutting her tangents off
>she summarises that Moth and his fanbase is like a cult
>once interview ends, Luhrix let's out an exasperated "mother of god"

No. 1963972


Another bad reply, it took days for him to come up with this. Days.(newfaggotry)

No. 1963974

No. 1964807

Luhrix, after giving Moth the benefit of the doubt, is now being accused of being a pedophile by Moth following a one on one conversation yesterday going over the slimebeast/lazybedhead/TCR allegations

No. 1965223

He did the same thing to Turkey Tom kek him and his retarded fans will attack anybody that talks about his drama even if they're not biased. He even send the only female youtuber that talked about him gore edited with her videos for someone that claims to be edgy he sure is thin skinned

No. 1966586

Luhrix released a video of a livestream he did with cold raven's nest, that creepy reading and slime beast in a group call.
>That creepy reading talks about how the drama starded
>PM was charging people 5$ to join his discord server a lot of them were minors
>Did reviews of uncencored gore videos a lot of them had infants being beated, killed or in agony
>Minors were able to access them too
>That creepy reading payed for his patreon only to report it and get it nuked shortly after
>PM lies about the reason his patreon got nuked saying it was an attack from kiwifarm users who hate him cause he's gender fluid
>Creepy reading calls him on the real reason he was banned
>Gets harrassed and called a pedo
>Lazy bedhead made an unbiased video on the beef
>Gets harassed and had her bf called a pedo by PM and his fans
>Cold raven's nest joins the call talks about his friendship with PM and how he talked shit about him for no reason only to call and say sorry later multiple times
>brings screenshots of an underaged girl that was made into a mod in PM discord saying he talked sexually often there and had a total of two underaged mods
>Shows screenshots of PM talking about porn in the discord
>PM is a confirmed woman beater his ex filed a restraining order against him for repeated violence
>PM was kicked out of taco bill over threatening to kill some woman (could be this ex) andrea posted about it on fb in 2013
>PM had an arrest warrant against him for theft wasn't arrested cause the cops never found him
>Tinfoil on his criminal record being the reason he can't find a job
>Cold raven's nest shows screenshots of PM saying he's in an open relationship but likes to call people cucks (lol)
>PM called raven multiple times bitching about his wife being pissed at him for flirting with women (possibly underage) in the discord and keeps acusing him of cheating on her
>They cut to a video of PM's wife ranting about how slime beast is going to kill her and her kids as she sits in the middle of the woods like a schizo
>PM wore burzum shirts only to say that he doesn't support Varg
>His wife posted several varg pics thirsting over him kek
>PM keeps sending privacy complaints during the stream
>PM made jokes about Junko Furuta's death
>Unhinged video with PM on his kitchen floor eating dog food with eyeliner tears and his greasy hair in a bun to mock Trisha Paytas apology video ? comes off totally unhinged
>Tiktoks of PM dressed as a maid are showed turns out he's been calling youtubers troon phobic for saying he looked fucking weird in them
>PM is obsessed with a brutal cartel execution video called "funky town" made unhinged videos of him being happy to watch it in his maid costume
Luhrix is a retard that knows nothing about how much of a piece of shit PM is and is getting spoonfed by the other creators only went against him after PM called him a pedo for making an ubiased video with cold raven and PM in it.

No. 1966613

File: 1708092935981.png (694.1 KB, 1081x809, gross.png)

This guy has daughters

No. 1966614

… Is he talking about murder victim Junko Furuta?? Or is there an anime character with the same name?

No. 1966617

He's talking about that 15 year old victim from japan that was murdered in a terrible way.

No. 1966618

he probably thought he was hilarious and giggling to himself while hitting send. What a disgusting sack of shit.
no, he's disgusting and was talking about junko furuta

No. 1966645

He brags about how sensitive and respectful he is to victims and then posts shit like that? kek He's such a fucking loser. Hope he has fun finding a fast food job to pay for all his kids

No. 1966676

can't wait for this broke faggot to fade into obscurity forever

No. 1966694

even ignoring the disgusting nature of this tweet, the joke is shit too. she wasn't just beaten to death, and even if she were, suddenly bringing up dragon ball/goku in reference to it makes no sense and just feels lolsorandom. it's just edge for the sake of it. if he were beaten to death, would anyone think, "lol goku could have taken it"? what a disgusting - more subhuman than normal - specimen of moid
the fact that he dares claim he cares about the victims when making money showing off their deaths is absolute lunacy. serial killer documentaries are deemed shit if they just focus on the victim's pain and suffering, let alone get too graphic with crime photos. meanwhile this shitbag will monetize baby death watch parties. if you make content that would titilate serial killers, you're doing it wrong. there is a reason there are guidlines for how to cover these things, i wouldn't be surprised if the next BTK gets inspired due to videos like PMs

No. 1966696

He'll joke about this for Junko Faruta who is fetishized by edgy troons constantly (let's not forget Sewerslvt) but if someone said the same about Brianna Ghey he would go on the warpath

No. 1966709

men get away with literally everything. It's been proven over and over and even confessed by him that he watched daisy's(horrifying cp) and even that fucking pickme cunt 'ladybeadhead' excused him saying ''he's not a pedo guyzzz he's just desensitized thanks to all the gore he watches'

No. 1966711

So nobody is gonna talk about how this moid is a literal criminal who beat up his gf until she got a restraining order on him and had a theft warrant for his ass ?

No. 1966723


every moid that claims that have gone through tRaUmA always ends up becoming a bigger abuser in the end kek its like hitting bingo at this point

No. 1966733

the desensitization argument also makes no sense, people who work in combatting cp and online moderation of the stuff get ptsd and/or have to retire from the job quite early to something else. the best case scenario is being able to compartmentalize and disassociate. nobody actually just "gets used to it", let alone gets enjoyment from the content.

No. 1966769

I know his fans are teens but I’m still confused on how older people can still defend him. We already saw that other psycho film a dead child for content so when are people going to realize that covering horrible stuff as a reaction and hosting a place so other people can watch people die does nothing except exploit the victim? I’m so tired of this.

No. 1966973

any adult that defends him is either a braindead pickme or a moid that is just as depraved and retarded as he is

No. 1967087

I watched one of the news reports when Peter Scully was arrested and even the federal agents who saw the CP to identify the adults in it were traumatized and had nightmares for years. People who watch gore or legal snuff enjoy it, I don't buy the "it's for true crime" excuse PM's fans pull.

No. 1968142

File: 1708472010928.jpg (60.28 KB, 1666x569, 2Q2hd7X.jpg)

I guess they weren't lying but they are really that dumb that they spent every dime of his Pateron earnings despite years of poverty they learned nothing

No. 1968144

File: 1708472105789.jpg (165.48 KB, 4633x813, 3R0e2WF.jpg)

No. 1970717

I get people have trauma, but I have a feeling most moids that act out in violence or commit heinous acts of rape use the “I was abused as a child, and raped.” Excuse. It’s frustrating to real assault victims that couldn’t imagine being what broke them to begin with.

No. 1970733

I'm sorry but what you said is dumb and unsubstantiated. Victims of violent sexual abuse can and do victimize other people, not all of course. Quite literally what the cycle of abuse IS and we see that with parents all the time, even mothers. Women are not meek and weak creatures incapable of causing harm, that's misogynistic. Anyways I don't care if this guy was victimized or not, he seems like a genuine psychopath with skeletons in the closet. Can't wait for him to be further exposed he seems dangerous, I'm guessing it'll be straight up cp or grooming the way he's so comfortable screaming "pedo" at anyone that calls him out. Feel bad for his daughters

No. 1971030

lazy bedhead uploaded the third part to her plagued moth documentary. She's a pickme so she ends up putting all the blame of moth's action on his fat wife, and also doesn't bring up his domestic abuse chargers.

No. 1971161

His wife is the one in control tho she got with her when he was 17 and she was in her late 20 with kids

No. 1971199

Moth Wife is a few sandwiches short of a picnic tbh so it's difficult to gauge what "control" is in this instance

No. 1971645

a 17yo scrote can beat the living shit out of a 25yo woman, specially one as fat as moth

No. 1971652

All donations made to Moth go to her paypal account and he has said she's his channel manager.

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